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File: 1483539960061.png (111.16 KB, 275x243, image.png)

No. 332828

-Onion's still being called out for the dirty old man that he is.
-Cyr reveals his robotic nature with definitions and meanings in a podcast.
-Ontion attacks lovable tranny Blaire White with well…what we already know about him.
-Greg tries to revive his old school comedy…and fails (seriously dude, it's not 2009-2010 anymore; just stop).
-Behind the scenes, Grinch and Skye 2.0-I mean Sarah are sharing feelings with one another.
-Blaire reveals next plan for moar Onion rage (pic shown above).

It's time to du-du-du-duel!

Previous thread: >>>/pt/330321

No. 332832

File: 1483543746807.png (483.04 KB, 843x442, lel.png)

No. 332833

File: 1483543823243.png (507.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170104-112302.png)

Last night's stream is making success. I think they should have streamed it in a bigger channel (Repzion? I don't follow any of them, so not sure). I'm sure gargoyle already watched it though.

Surprisingly you can't find many bananas in the comment section …yet

Couldn't crop the pic, sorry about that

No. 332834

I'm watching it atm, its very good

No. 332835

I like how they added his signature gray socks lmao but isn't his ass a little bigger than that?

No. 332836

Damn, 40k+ views already? I'm surprised by how many people hate Onision but how little I see mention of his creepiness outside of lolcow.

No. 332837

It is so good I don't really know what Greg is going to say or do to fight them. Maybe he's going to try to be the bigger person and not respond? Kek
I kinda want him to go out in the cold again… Total cringe. He's always an ass when he doesn't know how to react

No. 332839

No. 332840

File: 1483545771821.jpg (271.73 KB, 2000x1285, gerg.jpg)

feel free to tweet this to blaire, I have a feeling onision would block too quickly

No. 332843

File: 1483545995182.jpg (21.3 KB, 564x564, 53fe6849c624d83c321d5bf7b5dd84…)

>Greg and Sarah sharing feelings with one another

Ok…. I am not a bigoted person. I celebrate relationships all the time. If its straight, gay, lesbian, interracial, whatever the fuck it is. I am all for it as long as its consensual and not pedophelic or incestuous.

However, we need to stop this relationship before Sarah gets hurt by Onionfucker because, he might manipulate her and walk all over her like he did to his other girlfriends (including plain).

What do you think we should do? Does anyone have any ideas?

No. 332845

File: 1483546051012.gif (3.91 MB, 174x256, 1477817481649.gif)

That collar. Great stuff.

No. 332846

p e r f e c t

No. 332847

File: 1483546452511.jpg (81.53 KB, 720x1047, C1Ua0tCWQAA7Wuj.jpg)

saw this one on twitter lol

No. 332848


Make him less muscular and more flabby, then it'll be great!

Just a suggestion!

No. 332853

File: 1483548188747.jpg (80.44 KB, 620x686, image.jpg)

No. 332855

>fax machine
>fact machine

also if you go through Onion's liked tweets it's mostly Billie + fans claiming he "saved" them lmao what an egomaniac

No. 332856

op's pic is amazing. i know that its not possible but it would be so cool to have it as a banner

No. 332857


this is fucking amazing anon, i hope its the next thread pic

No. 332858


OMFG. If I weren't so worried about karma I'd repeatedly tweet this to him, but I'm sure he's already seen it by now since you know he be lurkin'…


No. 332859

File: 1483549230103.jpg (156.87 KB, 702x402, IMG_9596.JPG)

Yet he places wealth on his friendships

No. 332861

File: 1483549237052.jpg (148.01 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20170104_125733.jpg)

Hallo. I am enjoying lunchtime and this silly sketch is all I could come up with in 5 min using my phone. If anyone wants to tweet this, pls do because i dont have an account.

No. 332862


HAHAHAH !! Is that the cheap necklace he bought Plainey around his neck.. You should of made his face orange and zitty.

No. 332863


That's far too cute… YOU NEED TO REPULSE US.

No. 332864

Simple, we kill the onision

No. 332865

Samefag and not too sure how Twitter works
But now I can't find this tweet.

No. 332866

Ugh I am going to draw something more grotesque when I get home

No. 332868


No. 332869

Everyone needs to stop letting Repzion be this anti Onion white knight. He's a bit of a worm in this situation because he has no real use for it other than personal gain from his own words. He's a scumbag who was doing body ratings as well on his own Tumblr not even three years ago for girls the same age as Gurggles is and has admitted time after time in his own streams he only talks about subjects that will get him views solely because he is a greedy fuck who wants nothing but money. He's just taking advantage of the fact Andy nor Blaire know about this.

He also tried to leg hump on AJ just because his channel is big, he went against Onion, and they happened to live in the same state. When she turned him down he acted like a bitter faggot about it. Frankly I've wondered why he's never had a thread, he also one time asked his fans how to obtain Ricin (a lethal chemical) whilst blogging about the "beauty of suicide". Repzion is Onion going against himself just for the sake of having an enemy.

No. 332870

File: 1483551235114.jpg (Spoiler Image, 449.22 KB, 702x853, IMG_9599.JPG)


No. 332874

Not saying you're lieing but proof?

No. 332875

why does onion look like anthony padilla here?

No. 332876


He has a thread on Kiwi Farms, go there. Now it's not the time and place to discuss how evil Rep is, our main focus is Greaselord Onion: public enemy #1.

No. 332877


He was cashing on the emo hairsty for the ladies, even if he was too old for it then.

No. 332878



No. 332880

Well Repzion did actually lie about debating Onion during one of Onion's streams. It comes up in Google's history bot and has been exposed repeatedly in the past.
Repzion is as greasy as Onion from my perspective but however anyone else views him is entirely their own.
Just my 10 cents on the matter.

No. 332881

this gif is literally the best thing ever

No. 332882


I think Repulzion is just as bad as onion, if not worse. At least onision isn't pro bestiality.

No. 332883

>At least onision isn't pro bestiality.

He still fucks plainey though…

No. 332884

Whoever you are, noone cares. Of all of the youtubers out there, no one can out-scum greg. Last time I checked Mr Repzion doesn't have a 22 child-bride wife who he met at 17 (when he was 26) and waited a year to marry out-of-state, along with a 20 year old mistress he groomed from age 16(?) using his childbride (since she's too old), and a 16 year old mistress he is currently grooming using his childbride. This is a 31 year old man with a house full of teenage girls that he groomed off of the internet. Fuck that shit, make another thread if you want to draw false equivalencies and talk about something someone did three years ago.

No. 332893

Hi Dan.

No. 332895

Ew… At least now I have a logical reason to dislike Repzion since I couldn't stand him but wasn't sure why.

I think that picking heroes is a tough thing. None of the people from last night's stream is super likeable imo but I'm still so glad for the what they did.

Let's be honest, one of the few people who could DESTROY Greg for good and maybe even make YT do something about his channels and videos would be someone like PewDiePie or Markiplier, I suppose.
And those two won't do anything because no one wants to associate with the onion cuck king.

I still think that with all their flaws together don't even mean a thing to the public: people already dislike Greg. No one probably cares that much if the people dragging him are a tranny and a dog fucker (lol).

No. 332898

File: 1483561461248.gif (10.02 MB, 517x335, labelop.gif)

No. 332899

Yeah there are a lot of Onion enemies who are pretty ew but I think for the most part we shouldn't talk about them here because I can imagine that Greg gets a little boost of self validation every time he reads here and someone talks shit about someone he has gone up against.

No. 332900

I'm just here waiting for the epic melt down.

Should we create some kind of game of things he brings out in his new video. I'll guess there will be at least

- A screenshot of a word definition
- Bad Blaire impression
- "Haters"
- "Cunt"
- "Idiot"
- "Literally"
- "Ugly"
- Lying and liars
- Him being honest
- Facts
- Bad "hater" impression with "Hurr durr ima hater" voice

No. 332901

Fuck yeah, it's bingo time.

No. 332902




ohh it would be nice to have a onision bingo template or a "take a shot everytime onision says xxx" kind of game

No. 332903

Billie is no longer vegan. I guess they are as bad as each when it comes to diet.

No. 332905

Did people try to message Pewds about this? He does care about youtube as a platform. He made several videos addressing problems regarding youtube policies.
If people asked him to make a video explaining why it's a problem that ya 31-old guy is allowed to publish pictures of teens in their underwear and why flagging these videos doesn't seem to do anything while videos Onision complains about get taken down he might do it.

Simply asking him to pick a fight with Onion won't work though.

No. 332906

huh, it's almost like it's easier to live off of dairy products instead of peanut butter and tofu.

No. 332907

she was only became vegan to impress onion, and you have to be really dedicated to maintain a vegan lifestyle

No. 332908

Exactly this. Make a thread about it but don't post it here. He lurks and will just end up using it as ammo to direct the heat off of him and onto his critics. It's dumb.

No. 332910

File: 1483564181655.jpg (40.57 KB, 440x436, Onion Bingo.jpg)

No. 332911

lmao of course that's the free space

No. 332912

should have said "age is just a number", but I'm too lazy to fix it


No. 332914

I hope Sarah isn't losing weight to impress onion

No. 332915


damn i hear his voice when i read these words in my head

No. 332916

or even just talking about internet safety in general, and why you should be careful posting pictures of yourself online when you are under 18. onion wouldn't be able to do anything about it if he isn't mentioned by name.

No. 332918

Watching the stream from last night right now, and I love that they all just DISMANTLE any leg Greg was leaning on to defend himself for this shit.

Really hope his next video is Chris-chan levels of rage, Vid related

No. 332919

I think contacting him would be a good idea but how? Twitter?

It's clear he doesn't like Greg but idk if he'd really address this issue..

No. 332922

yes that's even better.
I think a bunch of people would have to contact him on different channels to gain his attention. Twitter, Youtube, Mail…
One single tweet won't be enough since he probably gets 1000s of those every day.

Do you guys think Greg has some sort of old youtuber "power"? He doesn't get that many views but it's weird his videos never get taken down even though people flag them.

No. 332923



No. 332924


whats with all the nutriologists in lolcow? its just easier to not be vegan, who cares.

No. 332926

Onion has been very quiet lately…

No. 332928

Meeting with his legal representative

No. 332930

File: 1483570070160.jpeg (112.21 KB, 621x766, image.jpeg)

Sarah has really lost a lot of weight… Her nickname potato-face is not so applicable now. New one? Also, who wants to bet cheapo Onion eggs on her dieting to save on food in the mansion?0

No. 332931

meh I phrased it awkwardly. Not a native speaker etc.

But when the Freelee thing went down last year some people noticed videos she flagged got taken down rather quickly while her own videos stayed up. So I thought maybe youtube gives youtubers that were there from the beginning special treatment? But honestly I have no idea how youtube works.

You mean busy writing letters from his imaginary legal representative.

No. 332932

he's got a new video up where he's playing fuck, marry, kill and is trying to make fun of the fact he's a creepy pedo
hard to watch

No. 332933

i imagine lainey and sarah are getting a lot of angry sex righht now. or he's been in the shower this entire time

No. 332935

A while ago I've have said that's total BS, c'mon… Special treatment, lel. But nowadays, i really don't know. I mean Greg has been involved in so many scandals. The most recent ones being Eugenia and the whole teen thing. And not even ONE video taken down? Fishy.

I flagged him and sent a long comment asking YT why they weren't doing anything to stop a man who was obviously bullying his own teen audience and then trying to turn said teen audience against the poeole who said there was nothing wrong with sending him pictures in their underwear. How many people do you think have flagged the video(s) where he white on eugenia or tells his fans to go after Blaire?
Yes, I do think YT is protecting his ass.

I really wish PDP would do something about this… YT bends over to him

No. 332936

I would've said*

No. 332937

Fuck, hates on Eugenia*. tf is wrong with me. Gargoyle is probably triggering the fuck out of me

No. 332939

this is now my desktop background

No. 332941

They definitely cater to top YouTubers. I used to think it depended on their content management companies and maybe it does for some, but Onion represents himself doesn't he? No one could manage Gurg's needs better than Gurg.

And a teenager or two.

No. 332944

>The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

No. 332946

Actually that is a thing. High end YT people like him and others have options available to them that anyone else on YT does not. YT doesn't have any sort of a fair playing field whatsoever. A lot of them know this too but risk being sued by their networks for huge sums if they breach certain confidentiality agreements.

No. 332947


Ew, plastic-faced Lainey and Skye's idgaf bitch-face plastered on Sarah. What a beautiful portrait! <3

No. 332948


All is forgiven, English is not my native language either. a spic from narco-land living in a free country.


Like Shane Dawson, he's partners with Fullscreen.


Meh, I don't consider him high-end but that's just me.

No. 332950

Lainey is looking more and more like a cheap Miley Cyrus and Miley already looks pretty cheap.

No. 332951

Lainey has no idea what to do with makeup on her face at all, does she? She'd be better off with a simple barefaced look for now and doing some simple tuts about how to shape her brows. I normally don't comment on these matters but she really looks a mess.

No. 332952

Interesting thumbnail… (I ain't watching that shit, feel free to to transcribe!)

No. 332955

I feel like it's more that Greg is really astute about rules and definitions, and he works out how to engage in the behaviour without breaking an overt rule. YouTube really don't give a fuck about bullying reports unless they come from the victim themselves. Even then, his video encouraging supporters to send hate to Blaire, he never names her so technically, he didn't do anything wrong by Youtube's measure.

No. 332956

File: 1483576502484.png (258.37 KB, 900x1075, darn it.png)

Aw man, I started working on one too without scrolling down.
Yours is spot on as fuck though.

No. 332957

She was vegan before they all officially got together, it was on her Twitter and Instagram profiles for ages.

No. 332958

>>332673 (last thread)
They talk about how he could abuse his power by responding to adoring fans in his forum or twitter, and exploit their admiration. Someone needs to let these four know that's how he met his wife and his ex gf to Shiloh. This isn't a position of power he could potentially abuse like some new to the drama seem to think - it's already been abused repeatedly and now Sarah is living with them.

No. 332959


He sounds like Patrick Bateman talking about feeding the poor and equal rights for women before going out and stabbing a homeless guy.

No. 332961

Drunken Peasants just responded live to his blaire white video, pretty funny

No. 332964

This made me lol so fucking hard my cat woke up in terror

No. 332965


That's not We getting at anon. Greg clearly doesn't want to live with meat eaters. Sarah will be next

No. 332967

Lainybot dig at the start?

No. 332969

File: 1483579749308.png (67.49 KB, 814x550, kek.png)


Gold comment from Cyr in response to a rabid Onion fangirl

No. 332978

File: 1483582639348.jpg (167.54 KB, 1011x638, gerp.jpg)

No. 332979



No. 332980

File: 1483582787391.png (784.61 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

He's looking more demented every day, looking more and more like a fucking serial killer!

Still fat tho!

No. 332981


I have to say he reminds me of an axe murderer. Not the movie type designed to be intriguing one, but the "welp, if he axes all of his family tonight I won't be surprised."

No. 332982

Notice the girl who looks like a cross between Billie and Sarah at the gets over the top praise but the girl that look like lainey only had "oh nice chin" at the beginning.

No. 332984


Don't forget the ears anon

No. 332985


No. 332986

I like how he changes his voice to suit his "current style", but you know when he was swearing up a storm at Blaire, that was his actual voice

No. 332987

he's incapable of dressing like an adult. he's wearing his douchey frayed jeans, a tucked in tshirt with a stretched out neckwhich is clinging to his dad belly and has the sleeve rolled up (to show those
vegitarian gunz?), the suspenders just look fucking stupid especially with that white stripe. are these his wedding suspenders or something? Can someone check LMAO?those pants are so low waisted (also accentuating the gut) making the suspenders look even more ridiculous. the patches of pubic hair styled beard made darker and more noticeable by the ig filter is the cherry on top. throw him a stupid fedora or something while he's at it.

he just makes me so mad. you know he's walking around that house thinking he looks so fucking hot and disheveled and daddy issues 1 and 2 are fawning.

No. 332988


You should add the "MKKKKAEY!?" I hate the way he says "okay".

No. 332990

That laugh at the end made me cringe so bad, where did his leafy voice go??

No. 332991

this voice is especially bad and I hate how he changes his voice for the video like another anon mentioned. "I'm rating chicks in this one gotta play it like in the cool dude who doesn't give a fuck" maybe he's watched newsies. I feel a 1920s street kid vibe with this outfit and voice.

No. 332992

he's so boring. how does anyone find this at all interesting?

No. 332995


I do agree that his "current" voice isn't his, however, this is probably his original voice. Minus the smugness.

No. 332996


Young Grease was kind of cute. Where did he go so wrong?

No. 332997

That's disgusting, anon. He was never cute, get some sleep or something.

No. 332998


he's always looked like he wrote angrily about teaching the popular kids a lesson in his diary everyday while sitting alone at lunch.

No. 332999

Is he slurring his words a little bit? Or is that part of the voice he's putting on? I can't tell and it's driving me nuts.

No. 333000

Go home, anon. You're drunk.

No. 333001

File: 1483585532262.gif (1.5 MB, 480x270, vexxed make em bounce.gif)

No. 333002


Different anon (op for the Onion video actually) I agree, Gretchen was…sexy, and that's painful to admit! Why Grease? Why?!


I'm sorry anon, I really am but… Onion was hot!

No. 333003

He looks like a carny you'd see at a run-down fair passing out flier about the attractions, but the real kicker is that he himself is the real attraction since he makes a fool of himself, and has the hygien capacity of a water buffalo, and even they can manage themselves better than he can.

No. 333004

i was thinking the same thing, he sounds drunk

No. 333005

oh my god stop with the fake deep voice you piece of garbage. and his beard is at least two shades lighter than his hair, it looks like smeared uneven shit

No. 333007

Please seek help.

No. 333008

File: 1483586507136.jpg (30.68 KB, 600x338, uglu.jpg)

are you the same anon saying that gurg was hot with long hair?
can you leave the goddamn thread already. gurg is not hot, he never was. he's always been objectively below a 5/10 and super immature + manipulative.

No. 333009

plainey looks so old here… can't believe she's only 22

No. 333010

Remember that she's had 2 kids and has to live with greb

No. 333012


Ew emo Grease!

No. 333018


People (regardless (trigger word) of what their guy types) are just wondering what made Onion go from >>332995 to >>332980 , calm the fuck down.

No. 333019

Onion must not be paying billie enough, she's advertising that infernal flattummytea on her IG. Is she gonna retutn to grease mountain?

No. 333020

Age and plastic surgery, wtf is the mystery?

No. 333024


The mystery is how the fuck did he get that way. Age and plastic surgery are beside the point.

What man in their 30's looks that old compared to Grease?

Look at Ian Somerhalder, dude's almost 40, has aged and he's still hot af.

Of course, young Onion looks like a poor man's Damon (Vampire Diaries).

No. 333025

ian somerhalder is a hollywood actor anon. get real. gregs degradation is just nature and poor diet at play, although i'd wager that his mental state has some effect on how he portrays himself.

No. 333026

He started out with a heavy brow, he fucked with shit to try to look young and less Neanderthal, and voila…

Why is this even a topic of discussion? It's fun to shit on his looks casually because he's so superficial and it matters so much to him, but its not like he would be more or less cancerous depending on his looks.

Ok you think he was hot before… people age differently according to genetics, lifestyle and quality of surgeon, get over it

No. 333029

I follow both Jeff and Blaire. That scream was gold.

No. 333030

You can really see how plain and boring Lainey is next to Sarah. Also, those lines.

No. 333031


Yeah, I agree. His mental state has been deteriorating along with his looks. Guess what they say is true that hate takes a toll on your body.


>He started out with a heavy brow, he fucked with shit to try to look young and less Neanderthal, and voila…

Dumbass should've left his browbone alone.

No one's shitting on you for making fun of Grease. Besides, we were talking about Onion's voice changes, some mourned the loss of his "hotness" and some anon got major butthurt over it. Is that a better explanation?

I am over it, are you?

No. 333046

So I just found out that my best friend's cousin is Sarah.
She had mentioned off-hand that her young cousin had dropped out of high school to go nanny for a famous youtuber, and I didn't connect the dots until she linked me to an Onion video with her cousin in it.
I don't follow Onion's drama (more of a /snow gal myself), how worried should she be? I've seen the amount of threads he gets but I have no idea how serious it is, scrolling through some past threads makes it seem pretty grim.
I'm happy to relay any comments/questions to my friend in the hopes that they get to Sarah.

No. 333047


You better be legit!

No. 333048

I promise I am - not sure how to prove it and I'm not going to ask admin to CHECK MY IP!!!!1!!!111
Like I said, feel free to ask any questions and I'll try my best to get answers. Though the previous threads seem to have the story straight as to how Sarah got into the whole mess.

No. 333051

put it this way if you're not a troll.
onion has a history of driving minors across state lines so that he can fuck them in a state where they're above the age of consent.
sarah is above the age of consent in washington.
she's lost a fuckton of weight in the short time she's been living with them.
at this point, everyone in this thread is waiting for the 'when', rather than the 'if', onion boy finally decides she's ripe for the pickin'.
your friend should be fucking worried.

also, what the fuck is sarahs parents deal?? find that out for us.

No. 333057

I figured as much, jesus christ. I wish I had figured this out when Sarah first moved - the one time a lolcow intervention would have helped!

re: sarah's parents:
- her mom is the wreck the previous threads think she is. terrible parent, totally cool with Sarah running off to live with creepers.
- her dad is in the picture but he's human garbage. Typical angry trump supporting old white guy, he missed his own son's wedding because he didn't want to leave town
- her grandma was literally the only good influence in her life but friend is p sure Sarah has fallen out of close contact with her

My friend is trying to graduate right now and get an apartment so she can ask Sarah to move in and get away from the creepfest that is the Onion brothel.

No. 333058

she'd better move fast. once they get their claws in, there's no hope for sarah unless she's #LITERALLY dragged away kicking and screaming.

No. 333060

You should be very worried. He can and will take advantage of her. There is almost 15 years worth of documentation, of the manipulation, of the emotional abuse, of the grooming. The guy legitimately tried to start a cult. He is in no place to be the father figure and/or the "boyfriend" (shudder) of a 16 year old girl. I have been in an almost identical situation, so I'm biased but I'm not bullshitting, either. Somebody needs to get this girl away from these people. He ruined Shiloh's life and career by the time she was 18. The guy is an abusive psycho. I only wish I could speak to Sarah personally because I'm terrified for her. She seems just as naive, oblivious, and emotional as the next 16 y/o.

No. 333061

He's been verbally abusing her about being "too fat" since the day she moved it. She's lost 25 pounds, rapidily, in the past two months, apparently to please him. Things are looking VERY creeptastic for her. She's also been making tumblr posts that imply she's working to gain his favor against his abuse, which is how these kind of guys operate (neg a very young teen and make her work for his "forgiveness" over imaginary crimes and offenses, like her weight.)

I hope your cousin can reach out to her. She needs real friends.

No. 333062

File: 1483595230316.png (765.07 KB, 1136x640, image.png)


Please, you gotta help your friend get Sarah out of there! Lord knows how much danger and grief it would cost her living with the Onion clan. She's already beginning to feel worthless and shit for the sake of grease attention!

Y'all gotta do what you can to keep her from becoming this chick: Onion's ex-wife.

No. 333064

Does your friend know if Greg's already been inappropriate with Sarah? I'm hoping so hard that it won't happen, but with his track record…

No. 333065

File: 1483595597261.jpg (12.33 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)

Or Shiloh. His abuse of her is even documented.

OT but I wonder just how many eating disorders he's inflicted on young girls. Jesus.

No. 333066

as much as I want to believe, you're gonna need to prove yourself somehow to the farmhands/admin before I'm willing to accept this. you popping up in the middle of Onion getting his asshole shredded is a little too coincidental for me.

No. 333067

Has Shiloh ever said anything about his shit?

No. 333068

she's said some stuff in the past but she just wants to move on

No. 333069

Honestly, if I figured it out earlier, I would have been here from Day 1 tryna figure out how to get her away from the creeper compound. I've been friends with "Friend" since freshman year of college, and she's always loved Sarah so much - so second hand I always heard about how sweet she was, when she started going through her baby gay phase, how she was doing in school… it's so sad knowing that someone my friend really cherishes is getting used like this.

Friend says Sarah hasn't mentioned it. Sarah claims to be bi to her family but Friend is pretty sure she's about 98% gay. She had a lot of girl crushes in HS but I don't remember ever hearing about a BF, so I think that sort of thing would be a big deal…

No. 333071

Doubleposting, sorry! I'd be happy to drop an email here if a lolcow mod/admin wants to contact me and see if we can work out a way to provide proof. I'll be the first to say I've never met Sarah in person, as I mentioned she's my best friend's cousin so I've only had second hand access to her story.
I totally understand the skepticism, I always hated it when some troll would claim to know PT and never cough up caps/interesting info.

No. 333072

I'm with you, man. we've had our asses handed to us by trolls the last couple of months, with the twitter troll and milk-anon. I'm not willing to blindly believe it this time.

No. 333073

Is she the one that Sarah convinced to name her newborn Lainey?

No. 333074

Use the lolcow email address to email admin and privately show proof of who you are. It's the best way to be believed. There have been several troll attempts in these threads already.

No. 333075


No, that's her older sister.

No. 333076

Hi all, I've reached out to the Lolcow admin email and I'll be waiting to hear back. I'll refrain from posting until I can get in-thread confirmation about my identity. Hope to chat with everyone soon.

No. 333077

File: 1483599352317.jpg (94.62 KB, 580x273, bilbo.jpg)

Somewhere in the last thread someone mentioned how Bilbo was complaining about her sudden acne since staying there. Suddenly it occurred to me…

No. 333078

File: 1483599539184.png (128.53 KB, 574x274, greasybot.png)

No. 333079

ugh… please don't remind me of Glyceride

beautiful. needs more zits tho

No. 333080

I didn't want to draw any on to keep it legit, but had a hard time finding pics of billie without a lot of caked on makeup that were decent quality. Lainey though…

No. 333081

I may be blind but the girl in the thumbnail and at around 3:41 looks like Sharla with short and dark hair.
sage for ot

No. 333083

File: 1483602679219.jpg (17.54 KB, 887x193, IMG_20170105_084637_641.jpg)

No. 333084

Is she following this thread..?

No. 333085

lmao, keep telling yourself that

No. 333086

so she's the new child bride. thanks for clearing that up kek

No. 333087

So then why the fuck are you living in their house, you dense Gollum looking child?

No. 333088

You're talking about Courtney aren't you? You used my private information that my cousin told you against me in a fucking drama thread? Low. I'll be giving her a call about this tomorrow morning. -S(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 333089

wtf is happening

No. 333090

No. 333091

yeaaah, this seems like bullshit to me. unless admin can confirm i'm not buying it

No. 333092

You're boring. Go away.

No. 333093

Of course she is, Grease watches it like a hawk as well.

No. 333094

File: 1483604024596.jpg (13.01 KB, 245x245, 15095601_1359206170778558_7767…)

I want to believe, but the milk has soured too often.

No. 333096

File: 1483604087169.png (63.8 KB, 214x206, meh.png)


No. 333097

You need to go back home, finish school, hang out with people your own age and stop sucking on that greasy aging ephebophile's pimply micropenis.

No. 333098

she just deleted this omg

No. 333099

File: 1483604248924.gif (1.56 MB, 400x225, gone.gif)

No. 333100

Doesn't she do that a bit? Post a mini-outburst then delete it?

No. 333101

Yes, she does that..a lot.

No. 333102

yep. she just tweeted and deleted something about not being able to trust her family now. maybe this is actually legit.

No. 333103

"I'm not the nanny, I just coincidentally take care of the kids when I'm not sucking greasy cock."

No. 333104

Anyone have screencaps???

No. 333105

If it is her, then she's just given the admins the Mcmansion's IP address for future reference.

If it isn't her, then they'll be put out to pasture all the same and it's one less attention-seeking troll to worry about…

It's past the 30 minute mark now and the post can't be deleted, so it's all gravy - so either way this still works out in our favor.

No. 333106

Now a "you make me sick" photo on tumblr. This is starting to check out. If she reads this thread and still ends up with Grogg then I swear to god…

No. 333107

Somebodu turn on notifs so you can get any screencaps if something's deleted

No. 333108

lol, not trust her family? Not trust her family to what, not confide in their best friend that their neglected teenage cousin has dropped out of school to live with a known lecher and appear in his videos?

How about some thought to the embarrassment and worry you cause your extended family by doing that shit, Sarah? Just because you live cloistered up in Castle Stockholm Syndrome cut off by Greg from any good influences doesn't mean everyone should live in self-imposed social isolation.

No. 333109

holy shit pass the popcorn, shit's getting real

No. 333110

I ain't making popcorn until I see some screencaps

No. 333111

File: 1483606736173.jpg (96.91 KB, 1169x645, dragon.jpg)

I'm going to make popcorn with cayenne and garlic and share it with my fellow farmers while Sarah might realize that her mother is stupid and she shouldn't settle for #3 in the cult and that Grease has microdick.

Sage cause I don't want to upset anachan.

No. 333112

kek @ Sarah's tumblr posts

get out of there while you still can, or are you a lost cause already?

No. 333113

What "personal information"? What that anon told us is technically shit we already know about you; that your immediate family neglects/neglected you, that you're still very new to interpersonal/sexual/romantic relationships because of your young age, and that you dropped out of high school so you can feel "special and wanted" by an (well-documented) unstable, lecherous married couple.

The only new "personal information" we've been given is that you DO have family who cares about you and will take you in as soon as they can, and you should take up that offer as soon as it becomes available if you're scared of returning home to your parents.

If anything, it should please you to know that you have a cousin who adores you and wants you to live with them, instead you see all this as an attack on you because you're already being brainwashed by that creepy greasestain.

No. 333114

File: 1483607359917.png (75.78 KB, 1242x745, IMG_3925.PNG)

No. 333115

Yeah, she's upset right now. I think she feels like we're attacking her, but in reality most people here are worried about her.

No. 333116

Isn't she already pretty isolated from her family? Isn't that Grogs M.O. basically lol

No. 333117

She's making it sound much worse than it actually is, that anon hasn't shared anything with us that we didn't already know except that she has a cousin who wants to take her in when they have their own place.

You're isolating yourself, Sarah… and that's exactly what Gerg wants you to do - prove you're the strongest of that household and leave them to their miserable shitty existence, you're nothing but an object/a toy to them to mould into their own designs.


No. 333118

At least she hasn't claimed that her little sister is a whore because she likes dude with decent dicks.

No. 333119

File: 1483607919463.png (190.87 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170105-031506.png)

No. 333120

sarah, listen to what everyone here is saying. i know you don't think so, but 16 is a very young age. and with the internet, stuff sticks with you. you obviously read the drama, the people involved with greg will never escape scrutiny. do yourself a favor and get out while you can. it's not that bad for you yet. it will be very hard for you to do anything without your name plastered online. from getting a job, to getting into a relationship.. people will find out stuff about you easily.

don't fuck your life up for two people who don't truly care about you.

No. 333121

man i come back from a good feed and see theres like +50 new posts in the thread i know shit is going the fuck down.

I don't wanna believe this is legit because we been burned before but man is it milky either way.

No. 333122

Just look at any of his exes and where they were and where they are now. Shiloh's headshaving psyschosis fit should be enough to prove that something isn't right

No. 333123

I don't see the point in trying to talk sense into her. If it really is her here then she's obviously seen all of the evidence and videos of greasy onion's ex-lovers and how miserable they looked. Hell she's seen how miserable Lainey is there and doesn't give one shit about her own well-being. We can't force her to care about herself. Only a hard lesson from life is going to teach her that. Maybe Onion has to treat her like he treated Shiloh and she has her own Shiloh-breakdown before she wakes up and realizes that she deserves better and it's time to leave.

No. 333124

youre a god damn moron if you think anyone here is only out to get you. most of us are fucking concerned for your welfare you child.

No. 333125

Damn I feel like knowing they browse this place like a fucking hawk. They got the posts so fast. It almost ruins the thread for me.

No. 333126

Yep, brainwashed.

She's basically saying that her life ambition is to become Doormat 2.0 regardless of an offer to live with someone who can actually give her legitimate stability in life.

No. 333127

We suspected Sarah has a crush on lainey or billie, right?

Well what are teens more stubborn about than their personal romeo & juliet perception?

I bet she doesn't want to leave or 'be saved' because it separates her from her lesbo crush

No. 333128

File: 1483608656480.png (381.62 KB, 525x544, Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 8.28…)

Confirmed for following the thread.
Hey Sarah. You're a god damn idiot. Go and live with your cousin instead of a pedo and his trailer trash wife who will only ruin your life before it's even begun.

No. 333129

Maybe that's Sarah's job in the mansion. Browsing "hate forums" to get all the details she then can tell the rest of the harem in their cult meetings or w/e

No. 333131

Haha, oh shit… I remember that detil now specifically.

He went on a massive rant and dragged Lainey's sister under a bus because she likes guys with big dicks.

No. 333133

File: 1483608882387.jpg (1.55 MB, 1080x5051, Screenshot_20170105-033055.jpg)

I bet the money he pays them to manage his social media is actually just lurking all day and reporting back.

No. 333134

That's why we have the Discord chat, a lot of farmers migrated there when they realized that whole household can't look away from this site, these threads are not exactly the most private place to discuss them.

No. 333135

how do i join the discord chat?

No. 333136

Well, either way they've gone and fucked up by posting in here and exposing themselves in the first place, the admins are going to find that very interesting.

No. 333137

You'll have to get the admins to verify you.

No. 333138

It most likely is, he's probably given her some kind of made-up title like "social media manager" or some shit, when all that entails is her scouring the internet for relevant drama for him to be updated on.

No. 333140

yeah nah im a complete noob at discord. im in the general chat but cant find admin on there to add me to the hidden one. cheers anyway buddy

No. 333142

There's so many anti-o things though. Numerous channels, blogs, reddit posts, forums, not including the one off posts.

I just wonder how much they keep up with, and what priority it's in(lolcow seems up there with their reaction times)

No. 333143

I'd say the anti-o blogs make short work of it themselves in all honesty because they can't stop reblogging each other, so that alone would cut down a lot of her searching time and effort.

They probably spend the most time on here considering this place is akin to a live relay-chat, and probably on Twitter's live feed with an "onision" search bar open.

No. 333144

Amusing thought: the anon claiming to be sarah was more pissed off about the fact that she was called the nanny than she was about cousin-chan saying her parents are generally fuckwits.

Priorities, they are in order.

No. 333149

I think Onion is keeping a close watch on lolcow after luxymoo drama

No. 333150

i wouldnt be surprised if he is. he knows about this thread and since luxy he'd be ultra paranoid that someone else could jump on to spill the beans on him. which means he probably sat in yesterdays stream with a face like a squashed tomato screaming about his FAX!!!!

No. 333151

Why is there randomly a pillow in that open closet? Is that where Lainey sleeps when Billie's over?

Also, Sarah, if you're still lurking here.. get out of that house.
You saw what they did to Billie, didn't you? Turned on her the moment they didn't like something she did and blasted her on media and even tried to get her to tattoo herself to come back. Greg will do that to you too. He will suck the life out of you and leave you when you've stopped being useful.
If you're doing this for the money or the freedom of being away from your parents, it's not worth. Save every penny and get yourself a place and never look back before he ruins you too.

No. 333152

Until Admin/farmhands can confirm the identity of Sarah's cousin's friend, I'm going to tinfoil hat and say that it was Onion posing as a family friend in order to make Sarah feel alone/like she's got no-one to talk to. I mean it's ended up with her now isolating herself, I don't think it's that big a reach.

Sage for tinfoil hatting.

No. 333155


Yeah, she especially did this a lot when DSSCTM notified the cops about her and Lainey. There were a few tweets and tumblr posts that said "fuck you keith!!" but then she deleted them.

No. 333156

So sad that Sarah thinks that everyone here is a 'hater'. No doubt Lainey & Onion have put that into her mind. In actuality many people here care far more about her well-being.

Greg and Lainey are using a vulnerable teen for their own ends. That's the truth of the matter. Lainey wants someone to whine to and Greg wants someone else to faun over him.

The fact they encouraged a 16 year old to drop out of school is very revealing. Doesn't matter if she's doing it online, it's still a poor life choice that they've no doubt orchestrated.

No. 333157


Sarah, nobody is against you. We literally want out of that house and away from those toxic as hell people. You're only 16, you should be in school and experiencing life in the manner of a 16 year old, not as a nanny of the children of a man and his wife who think that posting pictures of teens in their underwear in his videos is perfectly normal.

No. 333158

Can one of the farmhands confirm if that was really Sarah and if it was, does that mean we might have Onion's IP? I wonder if anyone in the McMansion has posted here before.

No. 333159

Crazy that two people who never leave the house require a nanny. Surely that's a red light even if you aren't on baby duty Sarah?

They're both clearly too self-absorbed to devote themselves to their baby.

Greg claims to 'work' a lot but c'mon. He's already a millionaire and his vidoes aren't exactly high quality… its trashy clickbait and random-access humour. It's not like he's some artist dedicated to his craft.

Lainey's career consists of taking selfies and posting on twitter.

Yet they still need a nanny. It's madness.

If they're that ambivalent about their kids why do you think you're any different? They're using you, simple as that. And they will publicly shame you as soon as you're no longer any use (just like they did with Billie before she came back and every other person that has passed through Greg's life)

The longer you stay, the more damage you're doing to yourself in the long run. Being associated with Greg will legitimately affect any future career you might want to have.

No. 333160

holy shit you're right, this could potentially expose any Greg posting!!

The fact she tweeted about it makes it appear fairly legit

No. 333161

@Sarah There's a reason that Greg is one of the most unpopular guys on youtube. It's not because of 'HATERZ', it's because he's done genuinely awful things and then done serious mental gymnastics to convince his audience that he's a decent guy.

Anyone with a little life experience can see through him though which is why his audience is made up of teenage girls.

His talk about having a viewership over 18 is bullshit. Can guarantee that the youtube analytics Gerg goes on about are just people teens lying about their age to watch 18+ videos. Bet our BROOTALY HONEST hero knows that too, though he'd never admit it.

No. 333162

File: 1483623057855.jpg (42.47 KB, 590x350, Ray-Mears-720747.jpg)

I haven't really followed this onision because he is repulsive and produces nothing of any noteworthy value, but I've got a serious question for people that have been following his antics:-

Does this nigga legit think he's able to keep some kind of harem of women/girls with no negative repercussions? How can a grown man be so retarded?

No. 333163

oops wrong pic ray mears pls go

No. 333165

short answer is yes. yes he does.

No. 333166

This is a fairly new venture for him, he started this idealistic sisterwives bullshit around February last year and it keeps biting him in the ass, but he still continues to push for it even though he has zero experience with the sociological implications of polyamory.

He used character assassination tactics to keep his mistress coming back to him and his wife is completely docile to his demands, going so far to enable and support his actions because she can't imagine her life without his money or the attention it brings her…

He purposely picks up damaged and mistreated teenagers under the pretense that he's a better "father figure" for them, when the fact is… they're too inexperienced and naive to know any better. He also uses the one woman and girls in the household to spread his gospel to keep the flow of neglected underage girls coming in, YouTube is nothing but a soapbox for him, he lacks the talent to create decent content.

That's the basic gist of it, there's a lot more detail but if you read the threads there's more to this shitshow of a circus than meets the eye.

No. 333167


In true narcissistic fashion, he loves negative attention as much as positive attention (as long as it doesn't damage his idea of his ego). So to him, it doesn't matter if there's negative backlash - it's just one more 'injustice' against him, one more thing for him to be a 'victim' in, more drama/views = more $$

It's not a matter of just thinking he can get away with something - it's knowing either outcome is a positive from his PoV.

No. 333168

So it's tomorrow morning…

I think it's so funny/sad that these people keep pretending this site doesn't exist, but constantly lurk and make subtweets so we notice them reading. They just want to get their snappy lil comments in. Everyone in the McMansion is a c o w a r d for real.

No wonder they don't ever go outside - they need to constantly be lurking social media to see what we're saying.

No. 333169

Heh… do you guys remember during Cuddlegate 1.0 and 2.0 when Lainey made dozens of Tweets ranting about how she's more than aware that he trapped her into marriage when she was a teenager?

She knows exactly what he's like, moreso than any of us actually do… she knows exactly how he feels about her too and how much of a wreck their marriage is.

Of course she deletes it all later on and goes back to her usual robotic posting of emo lyrics and fakeboi bullshit, I actually wonder what it is he threatens/bribes/blackmails her with to get her to start sucking his microcock again and pretend as though nothing has happened.

No. 333170

She tweeted about it AND posted about it on her Tumblr as it was happening, unless someone's hijacked both of those accounts - it's definitely her.

inb4 "They're lying, it was all photoshopped!" - La casa de la Grasa.

No. 333173

lol wtf. I don't get why she's so angry her cousin was concerned about her. She probably likes the fact she's unhealthily losing weight and getting "fame" at gergles. She's ignoring all the bad shit that happens just like Lainey does. Like your little crush laineybot is a doormat. Don't make that the role model in your life. You don't want to be 22, cheated on, with two kids living with an asshole who will just call you a stupid cunt when he's mad at you and ignore your feelings so all you can do is post how you want to die on your twitter/Tumblr. Like sheesh. I get these people come from shit families but that's not how most people act. Move onto better things. Everything seems super shitty when you're a teen and like you need to "escape". That doesn't mean you run to a 31 year olds house. There's a reason most 16 year olds dont do that and the ones who do, it never turns out well. Just cause gergles buys you things doesn't make all the bad shit he does invisible.

No. 333174

Pre funny how she dismisses this as a 'drama' thread. There's a few tin-foil conspiracies but most of this shit is Greg's doing.

He's a bad human being.

No. 333175

Sarah, Is that you? If it is, then I just wanted to say that I genuinely worry about you because Greg is a sociopath and he is known for exploiting women and treating them like shit.

I hope that you at least give us 'haters' a chance to see why we are worried about you because of your mental state on how you should lose more weight for him even though you were fit at the start. You are beautiful, no matter what Onion fucker or anyone says. I hope you find your way out.

Love, Shitlord.

No. 333176

She tried growing a backbone but then decided she can't live without internet fame and free money (it's not so free when you exchange your freedom to be a doormat slave to the pudgy microdick acne man)

No. 333178

She could be more popular by uploading to her youtube account. And then, the money should roll in from there!

No. 333180

Just reading an article about Trump having Narcasistic Personality Disorder. So funny that you could literally replace his name with Onion… literally the same tactics.

Bet Onion has a secret respect for him. Or maybe he hates him because he seems himself?

No. 333181

>I actually wonder what it is he threatens/bribes/blackmails her with to get her to start sucking his microcock again and pretend as though nothing has happened.

Me too anon. My abusive ex cleared out a savings account I inherited from my brother after his death and then used the bank statements to blackmail me into staying - I was fifteen/sixteen and they convinced me I'd be disowned if my parents found out I'd spent all of the money.

Lainey has a kids with onion, signed a prenup with who knows what it in, and he controls all of their finances and probably at least has access to all of her social media accounts. The amount of shit he has at his disposal to manipulate her is fucking terrifying. Even if he had just one of these things he'd be more than equipped to blackmail her sufficiently.

Greg is worse than my ex. Way, way worse. To put that in perspective, my ex is institutionalised and has been sectioned several times because he presents such a danger to himself and others. Mostly others though.

/sage for blog

No. 333183

Do you think Onion demands the money from Lainey's channel? Could def see him claiming that. Dude is obsessed with cash… which he subsequently spends on pointless novelty shit designed for 16 yr olds

No. 333184

For real. She already built up a following and a lot of her fans are only fans of her and don't like gerg. Or would side with her over him if she exposed all the shit he put her through. She could just make her own actual channel if she wants to continue her fame. If greaseball kept attacking her, he would just look bad and he'd be trying to bring down the mother of his kids. unlike the skye/Shiloh days he's a lot less popular now and he's done more fucked up shit where even many of his fans are starting to get annoyed. When he tried to turn people against Billie it failed miserably lmao.

No. 333186

I feel like onion saw trump won after being an asshole and saying whatever was on his mind and lying, and now onion boy keeps posting about political things more and saying he should be president. That beard post where he's like "WRONG once again" and implying there was a mass of people even saying anything about his facial hair was so trump-sequel. I really think he thinks he could become president LOL. I just don't understand how Lainey despises trump but doesn't see the same characteristics in her own husband. They are pretty similar in a lot of aspects because they are both narcissists.

No. 333187

Trump-esque. Not sequel. Haha.

No. 333188

I think it's like he just gives her money to buy things whenever she wants and he handles all the money. I'm sure he reminds her he edits and posts her videos so it's all prettt much his money. I doubt he considers her contributing anything to it just like how he took all the credit for skye's work in his videos. And he will make sure if they divorce that he owns her channel and that she gets nothing from it. Or that's probably his plan at least.

No. 333189

From the Trump NPD article -

'People with NPD often recruit helpers, referred to in the literature as “enablers”' - Sounds an awful lot like Lainey

'People with NPD often foster competition for sport in people they control.' - Billie vs Lainey

'He will say whatever feels most comfortable or good to him at any given time.' - Classic Bunion hypocricy.

'Entitlement is a key aspect of the disorder' - Onions entire life is centred around a sense of entitlement

Tbf its a fairly shit article but still funny how relevant it was to our boi Onion.

No. 333193

Garg would probably take over her account and delete it when she leaves.

No. 333194

And then find a way to justify it to his fans. 'I do the editing, came up with the ideas ect'.

When in reality it would just be another way to control her. It's sad that someone can be so predictable.

No. 333195

Anyone else just feel like this was totally a troll move?

Random anon comes in saying the sort of know Sarah, didn't release any new info. Then claims they're leaving the thread and then Sarah just happens to come by? I don't believe any screenshots anymore, and the "Me when I'm lurking" tweet is from Jan. 3rd.

I'm skeptical, we seriously need a farmhand in here to confirm.

No. 333198


Maybe if she didn't waste her money on hair dye and Jeffrey star make every week then she wouldn't have to ever go back

No. 333199

I'm honestly surprised there hasn't been more comparisons to trump.

>>333195 I agree anon. I don't trust it tbh.

No. 333203

Greg is more like Bill Clinton, anon.
>cheats on his wife all the time
>convinces her that she has a decent personality
>rapes and sexually harasses a few women
>makes his wife do things so he can live vicariously through her

No. 333204

Onion's personality is more like Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Charles Manson, and Warren Jeffs.

No. 333205

File: 1483632762876.gif (1.21 MB, 480x287, giphy.gif)

I think Greg genuinely hates Trump. we usually dislike people who have the same flaws as we do. This applies even more to narcissists. Look at Bill Maher. He's way more intelligent than Trump and Onion but he also has similar character traits (can dish out but can't take it, tells-it-like-it-is-attitude, manchild. He fiercely hates Trump.

Wrong… kek.

sage cause I don't want to trigger anons who hate the Trump-talk

No. 333206


>sage cause I don't want to trigger anons who hate the Trump-talk

too late.

>voting for a meme

No. 333207

I feel like this shit is an elaborate troll (Greg and Sarah). Interesting how this drama happened not long after the stream.

No. 333208


>We suspected Sarah has a crush on lainey or billie, right?

what are you talking about, everyone agreed that theres something weird going on between her and onion, lainey has even unfollowed her before.

No. 333211


kek, bitch does look like Gollum. and she's friends with billie bilbo now

No. 333213

Yeah I agree the timing is too perfect.

Lets wait for the admins to confirm, I dont wanna be trolled like with what happened with the fake tweet from Lainey.

No. 333214

File: 1483634479046.gif (1.95 MB, 300x201, images.washingtonpost.com.gif)

Sure, you can compare Grug to everyone because he has almost every negative quality on earth. Two of the four things you listed for Clinton also apply to Trump.. The Trump-comparison is spot on because they have the same communication tactics and self image and their fans love them for the same reasons.

>> I know words, I know the best words

>> He tells it like it is
>> Loves to slap his name on things/girls
>> Pretends to be his own spokesperson
>> Thinks it’s funny to make bad impressions of their opponents (IT’S RUBIO/ HI I'M BLAIRE)
>> Permanent red face
>> Calls everyone who opposes them a hater
>> Ages horribly
>> Ignorant while thinking they know more than anybody else
>> Constantly picking fights on twitter
>> It was only a joke guys!

I could go on and on and on…

Yep. Wish admin would grace us with her presence. Report the posts.

No. 333215

File: 1483634768587.gif (2.21 MB, 480x266, co.gif)

Onion and Cyr when they were still friends.

I'll stop now.

No. 333218

Go away commie

No. 333219

in regards to the lurking tweet, when you retweet, it shows the date the person who made that tweet made it which was jan 3rd, but you can see her tweet right before that retweet was today, so she retweeted it today.

No. 333220

File: 1483636332224.gif (5.84 MB, 417x425, bait.gif)

No. 333222

I feel like you are a troll. I want confirmation.

No. 333223

If the person claiming to be best friends with Sarah's cousin was REALLY legit, then she's going to have many posts in /snow/ since that's what she said, that she doesn't follow onion's drama and posts more often in /snow/… Hopefully admin will confirm the truth soon.

No. 333224

'How worried should she be?' Acts like Sarah's cousin has never really heard of Onision.

Two posts later:'She's trying to get sarah to move in with her away from the creepy lair'

Unless you spoke to sarah's cousin in that short amount of time that you posted about moving in, then you are an obvious troll. There are also a few other things you said that don't add up to me. I apologize if you are not a troll…but I feel like you are.

No. 333225

We're looking into it.

please discuss the chat and verification info in its own thread: >>>/ot/121003

No. 333226

File: 1483638172124.gif (1.28 MB, 500x281, tumblr_nxz3rhVCRg1sk1rjvo1_500…)

I know, I am just as nervous as you are. The results are making me nervous. I hope she isn't a troll.

No. 333228

aside from what you posted, that poster also said this only a few minutes after their initial post ITT:
>Though the previous threads seem to have the story straight as to how Sarah got into the whole mess.

That's pretty quick lurking…

No. 333233

File: 1483638900447.jpg (442.36 KB, 424x536, 096578.jpg)

So while we're waiting…
someone needs to tell Lamo that red lipstick doesn't work for her.

No. 333235

god damn anon that's too fucking realistic, i think i just spit up some of my coffee.

I wouldn't even consider him to be high end YouTuber as he doesn't even make the top 100. I would assume that those channels would be the ones to be given special treatment, not people like him. He has 2M subscribers, and oddly enough, that number is kind of normal on YouTube. A lot of channels are hitting 1M subs, and all the big YouTubers have over five times that.

I feel as though this was a ploy to confirm if Sarah lurked here. idk, it's just weird.

No. 333237

I don't think it's that bad it's just that she keeps drawing her lips too small and leaving a big obvious concealer mark under her bottom lip. It doesn't look right and it really annoys me. Just line them properly or stop wearing dark colours altogether, Lamo.

No. 333238

idk i think the color makes her look washed out and old.

No. 333239

The dark red combined with the heavy eyeliner is too much for someone with her skin/hair colour.

No. 333240

File: 1483640303443.png (62.8 KB, 578x547, 1442200282892.png)

please stop spoiling the milk
i'm not sure how much more of this I can take

No. 333241

Maybe this drama is just a ruse to distract us from the current picture; Onion's still collecting kiddie porn-esque pictures for views and to get his rocks off!

And from the recent livestream!

No. 333242

The middle of her bottom lip looks weird. Like a bump but I can't see any discoloration. Maybe it's cause as anon said here >>333237 there may be concealer covering it

No. 333245

Why does she draw her lips so small? Thin lips make her look old and kind of crappy.

No. 333247

File: 1483642459328.png (172.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-05-13-51-48…)

I know we're all about that Sarah drama right now, but gergles made it to the front page of Reddit on the /r/iamverysmart. Many comments are telling of his antics, the pedophilia, wife abuse, etc.

I am glad word is getting around that greeeeeg is scummy af.

No. 333248

brb, upvoting everything

No. 333249

This is how onion reacts when he sees hate comments about him

No. 333250

I disagree. It makes her look more alive.

No. 333251

It's probably another cold sore. She gets them alarmingly often. Sage for blogpost but I've gotten coldsores since I was little but never at the rate she does. Stress or being sick can cause them most often but usually some abreva can clear them up before they really turn into sores so you think onion would invest in some.

Also just to add cold sores are different than genital herpies but can be transmitted as herpies if it comes in contact with genitals. So usually you just want to stay away from oral or kissing from the moment you feel a tingle till it is completely gone (contrary to most beliefs it's at its most contagious when it's scabing) and since we all know onion demands sex 24/7 and has so many AWSOME threesomes whenever Billie visits it's probably safe to say at least one of them does have herpies

Also you never want to use lipstick or really any lip product other than a cold sore treatment when you have a break out. That's fucking nasty and probably the reason she's having so many breakouts

No. 333252

She looks like a penis in lipstick.

No. 333253

Why did she make a big deal about chopping even more of her hair off, just to wear beanies 24/7 afterwards?

Logic just doesn't exist in that household.

No. 333256

Her make up is bad because she possesses average skill and an unfortunate face.

Can we stop talking about it now?

No. 333258

someone make a gif out of this with greg's face over lemongrab's and replace dog buns with grease

No. 333259

Yep. They seemed way too educated on Greg for a short time lurker. That's what I meant about other things not adding up in their story. I can't wait for the results. I need the calcium.

No. 333260

I don't want to give you attention about this, but I must. HSV-1 (cold sores) is the same fucking virus as genital herpes, it just lays dormant in a different part of your body.

You and lainey have herpes, any doctor will say the same. You're not any less gross than anyone else.

No. 333261

I think misinformation stems from the fact that herpes on your mouth is called a cold sore rather than what it actually is, herpes. I think calling them cold sores make some people feel better.

No. 333262

True that, I've always found hilarious how some people don't know it is actually herpes, the same genital herpes. Smh.

No. 333263

Cold sores are indeed HSV-1 yes but herpies is the virus HSV-2. Different areas, different sore type, less contagious, less likely to contract when the virus is dormant.
They are pretty much the same but different strains. Also why oral herpies and cold sores are not the same thing.
Not wanting to derail the thread with herpies talk just wanting to point out how gross she's being by not taking care of her outbreaks

No. 333264

You're almost correct except HSV-1 is oral herpes. And for fuck's sake it's spelled herpes.

Saged, we all know the McMansion is riddled with disease.

No. 333265

What I'm wondering is who the hell hires a 16 year old to be a nanny.

No. 333266


Shut the fuck up! You are wrong and it's spelt herpes not herpies! Argh!

No. 333269

I feel the anon who posted as "Sarah" is legit, but the "cousin-anon" may be a troll and is possibly in cahoots with her to distract attention away from Grease's current situation, and was possibly directed to do so by Grease himself.

Like previously mentioned; we didn't get any new information out of them except Sarah has extended family who will offer help to her and that's hardly a revolutionary idea, and well… stating the obvious that she actually does have someone who cares about her.

He's absolutely desperate for anything to help take attention away from what's been happening since Xmas, I honestly feel that this is the reason why he's been contradicting/backpedalling on his words more than usual lately, because he knows people will take notice and focus on that instead of the horrible, offensive shit he says on a daily basis… all this patchy stubble growing and magically changing his view from "feminist" to "egalitarian" is his way of trying to "re-invent" himself in hopes that everyone will forget about all his bullshit before 2017.

It's probably Grease trying to create fake drama, "cousin-anon" has not delivered us any fresh milk and La Casa De La Grasa are trying to make it sound much worse than it actually is; hoping that their overreaction to it will make us focus on it.

No. 333272

everyone shut the fuck up HSV-1 is different than HSV-2. HSV-1 oral outbreaks are different than HSV-2 oral outbreaks this is coming from someone with fucking herpes. so can we please shut the fuck up now and stop derailing the goddamn thread with herpes talk

No. 333274

The user who posted the following comments
is a real Farmer and we have been able to confirm who she is and that she is indeed friends with Sarah's cousin.

was most likely posted by Sarah.

(I hope this also marks the end of the herpes derail.)

No. 333275

File: 1483648393888.png (8.37 KB, 110x98, IMG_9199.PNG)

I'm ready

No. 333276

File: 1483648412432.gif (1 MB, 340x250, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.gif)


No. 333277

File: 1483648443657.jpg (90.51 KB, 1280x843, 15902785_1338751126175176_3067…)

No. 333278

Thank you, admin!!

No. 333279

File: 1483648477592.gif (652.63 KB, 500x275, giphy.gif)

The milk is real?

No. 333280

Yaaaas thank you for this! How pathetic that Sarah legit couldn't hold back when we really didn't get any new info. Thanks for the McMansion IP, potato!

No. 333281

interesting.. does the ip sarah used have any other posts? did she use a vpn?

No. 333282

Brilliant, thank you Admin.

Hey "cousin-anon" if you're still around, do you think you can share any information with us that we're not privvy to? Like, if she hasn't already managed to sever your friendship with her cousin - has Sarah ever discussed what actually goes on in that household and what it is she's exactly doing there?

No. 333284

File: 1483648669698.gif (2.18 MB, 480x270, 1367849927706.gif)

No. 333285

She already said she was the nanny

No. 333286

Sarah I know you're still here so

got u lel

No. 333287

You can get HSV-1 in the genital region too, and if super unlucky HSV-2 orally. The latter is more virulent and tends to cause worse outbreaks. Both are herpes. I mean, there's quite a lot of herpes viruses, but those are the two involved when you get spots around your dick and your doctor says "you have herpes". Sorry that half the population including probably your grandma has herpes.

The virus lays dormant in nerve cells but occasionally can shed and cause blisters/lesions. Stress can contribute to your body being unable to hold it back and cause outbreaks. It's plausible to say that very frequent outbreaks could be due to chronic stress, although it can also be just the difference between people's immune systems.

Transmission rates are surprisingly low, even without prophylactic use, so while herpes is ridiculously common, you can be in a relationship with someone for a long time and still not get it. So we can't conclude that it came from or has been given to Greg just because Taylor has it.

Herpes is rampant in nursing homes. Just felt like mentioning that for lulz

Like the repetitive makeup comments, I feel focussing on cold sores instead of people's voluntary character flaws and moral transgressions is besides the point and undermines the noble work we're doing here at lolcow

sage to avoid infection(stop)

No. 333288


seconding this

No. 333289

I wanna know too!

No. 333290

I bet the same ip also started the Hannah Minx and Skye threads

No. 333291

Ah, okay.. I sort of overlooked it as Sarah seemed really offended and denied it, then I realized she's been caught lying before (owning a Tumblr account) and the fact that is the only thing that actually made her fly off the handle.

When Grease finds out she's exposed the household's IP to the public, he is gonna throw an almighty shitfit.

No. 333292

Sarah has not (yet) broken any global rules so we can't confirm or deny that, sorry.

No. 333293

hasn't she? she's 16 and one rule is you must be 18 to browse or post here

No. 333294

File: 1483649148466.gif (480.85 KB, 500x275, ariel-cry-cute-cute-gif-eyes-F…)

I will take that as a "she posts all the time"

No. 333295

Oh yeah,true that admin-sama!

No. 333296

New video. Let onision name you!!!!!

No. 333297

So funny how Onion always says, he has the 'facts'. Bitch, where? You have no facts. You have no scientifical statistics or resources. All you have, are those dumb ass word 'definitions' from the internet. Dude, Wikipedia is no scientifical source. Your 14 year old fan girls who claim that they are 18 years old are also no reliable source. Bitch please. You have no statistics, bitch. Are your 'facts' valid? Are they traceable to third parties? Will anyone who analyzes your 'facts' come to the same conclusion? Are they replicable? Are they objective and transparent? You are a fucking powerless, lying moron.

No. 333298

Admin-sama, i just checked our rules just to make sure and number 10 says you have to be 18 to post. So Sarah really broke one of our rules.

No. 333300

No. 333301


True. She is now banned. However, losing anonymity privileges is really intended as a penalty for the first 9 global rules, and is not guaranteed even then. Outing people just for being under 18 conflicts with the idea of an anonymous imageboard and the spirit of the rules. (TL;DR It's more of a don't ask, don't tell)

Also, we're not going to punish Sarah for spilling the milk many people in the Onision threads have been begging for by specifically asking members of the household to post.

No. 333302

Welp Sarah if you're reading please don't isolate yourself further from your family. I don't know what happened in your immediate family but what I do know from that cousin-anon is that you clearly still have extended family members who care about you.

You don't seem like you're in a good place if your Tumblr/Twitter posts are anything to go by. I'd take up on that accommodation your cousin is offering if I were you, it might be your only ticket out of that hell-hole. Take a look through our threads at what Greg has done to his previous wives/girlfriends, friends and his manipulation tactics. Everyone who has escaped from Greg did so MISERABLE. Not to mention they were broke, suffered from mental illnesses and had no job prospects or future after years of being financially dependent on him, emotionally (and sometimes physically) abused by him and being isolated from friends/family. Even if there is a tiny doubt in your mind, look up the signs of an abuser and gtfo of there.

You are NOT our target, Greg is. I know this might feel like an attack on you because we're talking about Greg (and you happen to live with him) but it's not, people here have shown genuine concern for you because you're underage and you seem nice. I'm sure if you needed advice on how to escape quietly or how to deal with the aftermath, the girls here would be more than happy to give it to you. Multiple anons above even admitted to being in similar situations to you before which means that they escaped and overcame their trauma, you can too.

It's not too late.

No. 333303



No. 333304

Aah ;; Roger, ma'am

No. 333305

I wouldn't get too excited, it's not like "cousin-chan" has delivered us any new miik yet.

And if Sarah has contacted her cousin to whine about her friend, we won't be getting any new milk or information again if they break off the friendship with her over this.

No. 333306

Do you guys actually think Sarah will listen to you? Onion daddy pays for her everything, provides her with entertainment and possibly ~more~. She's naive and young and won't realize that he is abusive and actively controlling her. The only way she can become safe is if someone in her life steps in and possibly fights the law. Otherwise she will not budge and will continue to see us as the crazies no matter how much evidence we provide. He has brainwashed her.

No. 333307

I wonder how much trouble with Gurg she's going to be for this. Poor kid.

No. 333308

lmao fuck I just saw this

No. 333310

Why would the relative need to fight the law? Their underage relative is living in a dysfunctional household with strangers she met on the internet.

No. 333311

Not really likely, a 16 year old threw an "I'm telling on you!" style tantrum. I'm sure she's off getting a tattoo to prove how sorry she is right now.

No. 333312

File: 1483650681166.jpg (47.17 KB, 325x488, the-x-files-i-want-to-believe-…)

No. 333313

I'm saying this because people have reported the situation before and the police did absolutely nothing and clearly her parents don't give a fuck about her

No. 333314

At least it's not fake like Milk Anon.

BTW, where is cousin-chan? I hope she comes back tonight so we can ask her about anything that she knows about the whole situation involving Sarah.

No. 333315

people keep forgetting this. her parents have given permission for her to stay there, there's no evidence (actual police worthy evidence) that she's being abused or neglected, cops won't do shit. best thing people can do is keep focused on Onion.

No. 333317

File: 1483651661582.png (22.83 KB, 405x261, the day.PNG)

No. 333318

someone tweet this to everyone in the mcmansion, kek

No. 333320

I think what turns my stomach the most about this living arrangement of Sarah living there; is how ADAMANT Lainey was that there's nothing sexually questionable going on in that household and they're strictly friends… not that I believed her in the first place, but it's the fact that they are so deep into their deception games it's legitimately creepy and sickening.

All you have to do is browse the first couple of pages of Sarah's Tumblr to find that she's reblogging borderline DDlg memes and making posts alluding to crushing on a guy (note there's no agender pronouns on there that would point to a crush on Lainey - the posts in question allude to her crushing on a male) and as far as I know, there's only one male in that household who she socializes with on a daily basis; unless she's into little toddler boys, but let's be serious here.

Who wants to bet that Lainey "broke her heart" by showing no romantic interest in her, and Grease has "taken her under his wing"?

No. 333321

Such a laughable picture… It has it all: man boobs, visible gut, outfit catering to Hot Topic 12-year-olds…

Oh yeah, and that micropenis! You'd think the bottom half of that outfit belonged to a woman, there's no sign of a penis anywhere.

No. 333325

File broken

No. 333326

File: 1483652610460.jpg (58.43 KB, 810x352, C1bgVYWXEAAPUKi.jpg)

No. 333329

File: 1483652657453.png (205.93 KB, 573x351, Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 21.4…)

This is what I like to call irony

No. 333330

>how ADAMANT Lainey was that there's nothing sexually questionable going on in that household and they're strictly friends… not that I believed her in the first place

I don't think Lainey is a sexual person at all. She probably only got into girls to have a softer, more platonic, less sexual relationship with someone after Mr. "doing splits on his cock" and Greg.

No. 333332

…and yet Steve Buscemi is still a sex-god in comparison to Greaselord.

No. 333333

File: 1483652844826.png (324.05 KB, 1848x1280, Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 21.3…)

Third time posting because I kept using the wrong version of the screenshot.

I was going through Onision topics on Reddit and found a gem. I always thought when Daddy Cuck fell from grace he'd be swept aside, forgotten and he'd crawl into bed with incels but they don't even want him.

Sage because off-topic/spam posting this.

No. 333334

Disagree, I think she's a ho. Just also happens to be everyone in the McMansion's last choice for a fuck.

No. 333335


She's bragged plenty of times before that she's a "freak in the sheets" behind her shy personality… for someone that's not a "sexual person" she sure as heck is obsessed with it as much as her slimy husband is.

No. 333336

>hyper good looks

well if that doesn't confirm incels have fucked up beauty standards I don't think anything will

No. 333337

Lol, Greg's "hyper good looks"? These incels must be #literally deformed if they think Greg is even somewhat good looking.

No. 333338

File: 1483653306842.png (292.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170105-165237.png)

Tinfoiling here but I wonder if omission is trying to get his ip changed after sarah's fuck up.

No. 333339

File: 1483653425575.jpg (24.81 KB, 500x433, gtrf.jpg)

You are the chosen one

Didn't her ex go to some drama tumblr and talk about how they had sex all the time? Granted it could be just another jealous ex that wants to brand her as a whore, but, she also apparently had sex with onion the first day they met. She doesn't strike me as, ahem "sexually dormant" in the words of Grill. Just a 30 year old, rain soaked, dog-shit-and-dirt caked doormat you might find on the stoop of a dilapidated soup kitchen or a Scientology prison camp.

No. 333340

That sounds fucking scary. It heavily reminds me of this one online webseries called Kraina Grzybów (Mushroom Land). Especially the music video Ballada w Rytmie Dżins.

Agatha = Sarah
Karoline = Lainey
Jeansman = Greg

This post would also make more sense if you look at one of the theories of this webshow:The Kidnapping/Rape/Abuse theory: According to this theory, the Jeansman is some sort of pedophile and/or cult leader who has kidnapped Agatha (and probably Caroline as well) and is sexually or mentally abusing her; Smile Guide, therefore, is a symbolic record of her abuse. This particular theory has a lot of different permutations: the Jeansman could be a lone pervert who has kidnapped the girls himself for his own sick pleasure, or he could be a member (or even leader) of a larger cult-like group which Caroline and Agatha have been brainwashed into joining, with the videos perhaps serving as the group’s propaganda.

sage for it does not make sense

No. 333341

It's not because she brags about it that it's true. Plus if she ever enjoys sex, I guess that's when onission would slutshame her. I don't think he can handle women anjoying anything.

No. 333342

Whatever he's referring to, I'm certain Sarah's being punished by him for outing herself. That's not the kind of thing he'll take lightly; unquestioning obedience is demanded by narcs, else they turn their wrath on you for such [imagined, ridiculous, nonsensical] crimes.

No. 333343

There are a few incels from that sub-reddit who are active on this site because of the thread they have in /snow and someone tipped them off to it, it was only a matter of time before they latched onto Greasestain as the Lord of Incels.

Don't be surprised if they start adopting his mannerisms as pick-up tips.

No. 333344

Given that she is banned now, will that not make accessing this site more difficult for the entire onion clan? I imagine his rage will only increase if that's the case.

No. 333345

I want the sweet release of death

No. 333346

They just can't post, they can still see everything.

No. 333347

I'm not a fan of speculation I'm afraid, so I'm not going to attempt to read between the lines that she's bragging about her sex life to somehow hide her true ~innocent, sexless and pure~ personality.

I'm just going by what evidence there already is out there, and she seems obsessed with sex through what she's always posted on both her Tumblr and Twitter.

No. 333348

I might be wrong but if she posted it from her phone there's a chance that the IP is not the IP of the onion house itself. I'm not a super techy person beyond forums, though, so I'm not sure.

No. 333349

She can still read the threads, she just will no longer be able to participate in them - which will cut down on the drama mongering if she was ever involved in it in the past.

The admin will be able to figure it out if she does come back, they were able to keep track of Kiki after all.

No. 333350

They don't want him though - the OP was down voted and a comment calling him scum was upvoted. He's a social pariah and rejected by even the lowest of the low.

Anyone want a bet he'd #literally shoot up a public place when he gets the boot?

He's had problems with comcast in the past, as much as I'd like this to be the case. I don't think he'd have too much bother getting them to change his IP. He's probably over his bill by a pennies worth and he's frothing at the mouth over it down the phone.

No. 333351

Not as much fun to think about, but you're probably right.

Regardless I'm sure everyone in that house is pretty miserable right now.

No. 333352

>>Regardless I'm sure everyone in that house is pretty miserable right now.

They've all been miserable since daddy onion's fingers were caught in the underaged pies just days before Christmas.

No. 333353

File: 1483654454424.png (37.5 KB, 179x181, QSvWpoe.png)

>Thinking you have to ask your ISP to change your IP

No. 333354

Seriously, everyone that uses comcast has problems with comcast. They're a shit-tier megacorporation. Besides, they use dynamic IP (at least in my experience) and changing your IP is as easy as unplugging your modem for a few minutes.
>He's probably over his bill by a pennies worth and he's frothing at the mouth over it down the phone.
Most likely something like that. Picturing Grease screaming WORTHLESS CUNT BITCH at some poor, underpaid, doesn't give a shit Comcast employee working out of Manila gives me the warm fuzzies.

No. 333356

Huh… that's so strange, you'd think they'd look up to him as some kind of PUA Messiah who reinforces their ideas that to get laid; you have to treat girls and women like shit.

Whew Greaselord, even your own kind doesn't want you.

No. 333358

they like to turn on the ones who are able to get laid and find girlfriends, especially if the guy is what they consider attractive.

No. 333363

Ah yes, I did see examples of that when other "incels" entered their domain and confessed to not being virgins and were just currently single.

Back to Greasestain anyway… I'm now waiting for Sarah to start updating her Tumblr with reblogs of uninspirational quotes and memes relating to grovelling, self-depreciation and begging for forgiveness from Daddy Onion.

No. 333365

I feel bad for her. This is why she needs to leave, because she is manipulated by lainey and gurg and they are emotionally abusing her to hell.

That couple makes me sick.

No. 333366

File: 1483656230490.png (142.15 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Someone snitched…

No. 333367

Oh they always fucking do, I've no idea why they keep running to Stevie with new developments though - she's just as fucking insane as Grease is… at least tip someone off on a neutral exposé blog, ffs.

No. 333368

No. 333369


Sigh. Just why would someone run off to "report" to EO as soon as something's posted here?

No. 333370

wonder how jel Lain-Clone is of all this drama

No. 333371


Newfags need to fucking leave.

No. 333372

Unfortunately, this has been going on since the earlier threads… there are quite a few anons here that crosspost back and forth between here and there, I think they feel their "loyalties" still reside with Stevie as their blog is what attracted them here in the first place.

But I agree, this habit should of stopped a long time ago… I can't speak on behalf of all anons here; but I feel some of us really don't want anything to do with her or DSSCTM for that matter.

No. 333376


I get that we're all on the same page when it comes to Onion but why report everything we do here?

Also, our posts have been reported to Kiwi Farms too.

No. 333379


I meant our posts were reported to Tumblr and KF (though they're part of Lolcow too)

No. 333385

Super late response to this video in the last thread, but I haven't checked it in a couple days. Tinfoilhatting, but Blair said that she didn't understand why Onision came at her so hard compared to the other guys and I theorized that Onion was attracted to her initially then found out she's trans and holds a grudge against her for it. In his twisted mind he thought maybe he had a chance with her but she "betrayed" him by having a dick and now he hates her for confusing him.

No. 333386

of course it's comcast's fault, grok. of course.

No. 333387

I'm honestly surprised THIS is what got Sarah shook enough to reveal herself to us. Cousin anon didn't even post any new info, and she freaks. But all the speculation about her being Gregs new plaything doesn't d we get a mention or anything. It's like she doesn't care that people think a 31 year old is plowing her, but oh no at her cousin telling z friend she's worried about her.

No. 333388

Thought the same thing, tbh. he's proven shown his whole feminism schtick is bullshit, and at risk of sounding like a tumblrina I think it has more to do with the fact she's trans than anything else. tho it would be interesting to see how he treats other female youtubers in responses for comparison.

No. 333389

I really wouldn't know, force of habit maybe? My only guess is that they feel anything related to Gerg must be shared at all costs, I can't really think of any other reason.

It's not like the development was worth sharing anyway, it just confirmed shit we already knew and it's just nice to now have their household's IP under lolcow's staffs radar.

Pretty much.

No. 333390

she got pissed that cousin-chan called her the nanny. That's what flipped her switch. nothing else being discussed was so much as mentioned by her, but when cousin-chan said she was the nanny she lost her shit. interesting thought.

No. 333391

Maybe Sarah isn't as innocent as we thought.

No. 333392

Yeah, because being accused of having a job is an awful thing…

No. 333393

hmmm, I wonder if he'll turn her into a Skye or a Shiloh. Will she keep her cool or turn into a miscarriage faking attention whore?

No. 333394

She wants to feel/be more important in the household I think. Sarah's definitely lining herself up to be doormat 3.0. Smegma's only gone and got himself a full harem of young women!

No. 333395

Ah, how naive. They like getting the credit for being the person in the know. That's why they keep doing even though we clearly hate it.

No. 333396

I think she's just naive and brainwashed. Teens tend to be brats across the board, even if just a little bit.

No. 333397

Seems reasonable

No. 333398


I don't get it either. Anons were speculating that she's losing weight because of Gerp, that she's their new sister wife, etc and she gets riled up over being called a nanny and actually having a relative that cares for her enough to consider moving her out of that place?
I thought relatives giving a shit about you was a good thing.

No. 333399

Why would that freak her out so much tho? People have been speculating that for months. Maybe cousin anon confirmed it, so it's totally true. There are laws for minors who work, strict limits on how long they work etc etc. maybe grease employing her with s full time job is actually breaking child labor laws in some way so Sarah has been denying it.

No. 333400

File: 1483659425436.jpg (48.07 KB, 640x640, 10375825_1104857286226311_3476…)

That's juicy bruh

No. 333401

kek, I wouldn't want that job. It's two in one. She's the nanny and their 2nd mistress. Full time too, at least Bilbo's only part time.

No. 333405

Super tinfoil force: she actually wanted to leave, but didn't want Onion to know so they wouldn't kick her out before she has a guaranteed place to go to.

No. 333406

File: 1483659657163.png (48.05 KB, 1335x461, heh.png)

She isn't hiding being employed by him that well if she publically announced in the space of two posts that she received her first debit card and is learning how to edit.

No. 333407

Something might reveal later on. Onion is gonna get fucked one the law gets involved

No. 333408

No. 333409

Ummmm… can you get a debit card at 16 in WA? You have to be 18 in my state or else you need to have a joint account with an adult. I hope to god she doesn't have a joint account with Greg.

No. 333410

File: 1483659993962.png (169.49 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


Does this bitch ring a bell? There are multiple posts they post from us.

No. 333411

Ugh, can you imagine having to deal with him as a customer?

No. 333412

Nanny isn't special enough a job. She wants to believe she's been chosen as part of the very important circle of trust because she's so cool and amazing and not like other people. The grooming process relies on this.

No. 333413

That doesn't prove there is money being exchanged. You can get a debit or a bank without a job, and she could just say she's learning editing for fun.

No. 333414

File: 1483660424184.png (26.8 KB, 698x397, satander.png)

I'm not sure if it changes from bank to bank, but I found that Santander says she can have one on the condition it's a joint account with their parent or guardian.

And this site http://www.newwashbank.com/home/faq/atm says you have to be 18.

No. 333415

File: 1483660674523.jpg (18.41 KB, 403x389, really.jpg)

lmao, I want to know what kind of sane human being can follow a thread like this involving themselves, not put the fucking dots together and get out before their life is ruined. Really Sarah?

No. 333419

As much as I like Sarah, She is fucking dumb sometimes. It makes me sad.

No. 333420

this makes me sad :( wanted that milk. Could have been a kiki part 2.

No. 333421

She's updated her Tumblr, I'm not posting a screenshot though as it seems like a sombre/emotional post.

Go home Sarah, whomever you're missing - I'm sure they're missing you too and if they're no longer with you, connect with your family again and help carry on a legacy that's worthwhile.

No. 333422

File: 1483662513436.png (23.14 KB, 1055x413, records.png)

So I'm in the UK but I just had a five minute Google around Washington state public records. Found this when I searched for Troy Avaroe. (Nothing for Claire Avaroe)

All actual information is behind a paywall. My question is that surely if they actually did have the second baby, wouldn't their birth certificate be easy enough to find?

No. 333424

The name Claire was just a speculation, I think. They've done a few things to try and throw people off, i.e. the "twins" magnet thing, and the name Jacob being thrown around.

No. 333425

Didn't Lainey keep her maiden name after the wedding to hide it from her parents? This could be a "similar results" kind of thing (to account for misspellings) since Troy and Taylor share most letters and Avaroe is an uncommon name.

No. 333426

god she always looks so fucking dry and crusty.

No. 333428

That appears to be info on Taylor aka Lainey, anon.

No. 333429

Probably takes awhile before any info gets updated online. It's only been around 2 months since the birth, maybe shorter

No. 333431

No, I think their marriage records are under Avaroe, that's why I searched it. See 'Possible relations'. Greg has used that name before
I assumed that their records would be linked since she is named on his birth certificate.

No. 333432

Dude, it's just spreading the milk. Credit is given to the source. It's not like folks have a copyright on the drama, calm down.

No. 333434

I really don't think Gergles would allow Lainey to not change her name. She is HIS now after all.

I do agree that it looks more like a "similar results" thing as it doesn't actually say Troy in the results. Possible they are linked but then I'd expect bandaid's info to be linked under the mother as well. All speculation mind you.

No. 333435

it's you, isn't it?

No. 333437

I'm just saying it doesn't matter. Do we want more people to know about Greg's fuckery or not?

No. 333440

well it's pretty quiet right now so as long as newfags don't shit up the thread, I guess it's fine.

No. 333443

that is a tough act to follow

No. 333445


The amount of tumblr/blog/sites talking about how insane Onision is nuts. It's perplexing to think people still defend him.

No. 333446

Huh? wtf? you just randomly posted out of nowhere. Who are you?

No. 333447


they just really love their autistic dad, guys

No. 333448

I think a lot of his fans don't really care to explore his demented persona outside of YouTube because they're too young to understand it. Some of the ones I've encountered are completely oblivious to his personal life and background and only really know of what he's like through his videos… so they think of him as nothing more just an "actor".

The rest are purposely ignorant because they idolize him.

No. 333449


>Gregory James Daniel

So did he revert back to his old name or…?

No. 333450

That person is a very regular poster here. Although has bitched about us in the Onision thread over there too.

No. 333452

No surprise there, hypocrisy is the modus operandi at KWFs.

No. 333453

This particular anon was a farmer first afaik. "Expert on narcissism"

No. 333455

First you say Sarah had a crush on Greg and now it's lainey. Make up your mind

No. 333456

Who are you talking to? Learn to post.

No. 333459


Not you

No. 333460

quality post

Learn to sage, too.

No. 333462

A lot of them sound exactly like Greg. I doubt he has time to post from multiple sock puppets pretending to be young teenage girls so they're just like an army of clones going around repeating what he says, like Onision's own personal hive mind. It's terrifying.

No. 333463

I think the kid's name isn't actually Troy, they've said that somewhere. I don't know the actual name, but I'm p sure they said something about it not being troy

No. 333464

Lurk more or fuck off.

No. 333465


His name is Troy, it's confirmed on Lamo's grandpa's obituary.

No. 333466



No. 333467

That's cold, anon.
I still laughed though.

No. 333469

Seems like the newfags have arrived…

No. 333470

File: 1483669055870.jpg (59.25 KB, 600x770, PRAISEJESUS.jpg)

No. 333472

>She is now banned.
>not going to punish Sarah for spilling the milk many people in the Onision threads have been begging for


No. 333473

She has to be banned because 18 is the minimum age. Revealing potential posts is a far worse punishment.

No. 333475

FUCK I think he'll try to turn Sarah into a YouTube star so he can get more income. It makes sense if you think about her getting so upset about being called the babywatcher!!!!!

No. 333477


She said she's gonna make her first video 2 days ago on twitter.

No. 333484


i do think she's the nanny. but, onion has been known to always give money to his "friends". i wouldn't be surprised if he paid her for appearing so much in his vids, so that could be it too.

No. 333485


no need to be whiteknighting her, dumb girl shouldn't have quit school to be with twitter friends.

No. 333486

>> second girl is black
>> "you need to change your look if you want to be pretty, fix your hair.."

No. 333488

he talks about how putting effort into your appearance makes you pretty, tells one girl to fill in her eyebrows, compliments majority of the girls who have makeup on…
yet he still talks shit about girls who wear makeup?? ok greg

No. 333490

You know that is really something that's always bothered me. Even during his pre-YouTube Myspace days he was changing his name and location like crazy. Why? What's the purpose of it? It's suspicious as hell.

No. 333491

Another recent video he seems grossed out by outie belly; no point trying to make sense of this manchild's preferences, the most important question to ask yourself is: why does he even care?

No. 333492

Right? Clearly he doesn't love "zero effort" as much as he thinks he does

No. 333496

Greg always tears apart the black girls the harshest. But I find it pretty weird that in the videos where he looks at girls with Lainey she always gives weird thirsty compliments to black girls, calling them "blessed" and stuff as if she has something to prove.

No. 333498

can you search just "avaroe" in surname? im sure they gave their latest kid a different first name.

No. 333499


You sure? 'Cause his name was plastered everywhere on his sites and in MySpace (dude even have a site containing his full name as an url). The only reason he changed locations was bc he was in the military at the time.


Lainey isn't as racist as Greg, there's your answer.

No. 333503

i had to do a double take at 1:13 because I thought it was lainey

>this person looks like a young Hank Green, so I'm gonna say 'not pretty'

lmao he's not even trying to hide the fact he isn't even attracted by her anymore

No. 333504

File: 1483676214996.png (3.62 MB, 1427x885, capture_002_05012017_201552.pn…)

fuckin lel thank you for catching this

No. 333505

Oh totally.
I typed in onision in tumblr search and there's many (hilariously titled) anti onion blogs.
Sarah, Lainey, and Billie pop up.

That shit will be forever, they will never not be associated with him. I can't imagine a worse fate in Internet land (I can, but you know what I mean)

No. 333506


"Lainey u ugly" confirmed.

No. 333507

Saged for OT but I found some old Onion poetry. It's…yeah, there you go.

(Advice: scroll from the top first.)


No. 333508

is that plainclone?

No. 333509

KEK. Nope, just a dead ringer. Onion isn't feeling her at all anymore.

No. 333510

File: 1483678015055.png (19.76 KB, 166x200, 697846354635.png)

>If only someone were there to catch me…
>I guess I’d break their arms.

No. 333511


where is that image even from, i surprised he would put anything up looking like hot pavement

No. 333512

File: 1483679016478.png (33.81 KB, 436x953, whatthefuck.png)

Is this for real, anon? Because what the actual fuck is going on here…?

No. 333517

God I hope so, this is exactly the way I pictured his inner thoughts.
He's such a creep.

No. 333518


Dude, I don't fucking know; NONE of his poems make any sense!

Also, Onion thinks he's the sexiest man alive!
Keyword: thinks


No. 333519

File: 1483679923403.gif (1.99 MB, 352x264, dudeno.gif)


No. 333522

Real talk for real. Is it legal and seriously okay Sarah is there?

No. 333523


Oh my fucking kek.

>"(by women) brilliant, weird, fascinating, a genius, jerk, intense, passionate, extreme, interesting, deep, crazy, funny, hilarious, cool

>(by boys) freak, weird, ass, moron, idiot, jackass, ignorant, smartass, deep, crazy, funny, fag, gay, hardcore, cool

No. 333524

I wouldn't call it okay but apparently it's legal.

No. 333526

Is he autistic?

No. 333527

>Shoe Size: 11
>For the longest time I had been wearing size 13's… silly part is I had been listening to everyone say I would grow into them… what eva… I had a reality check and got the right size.

He couldn't have just left it at 11? It really required a fucking story? He's so up his own ass.

No. 333532


>Eyes: Large, Hazel

>They have orange dots… or so I've been told… the eyes are a massive power source to me… yet unfortunately, many only use them as an observation device…

Onion confirmed reptilian with ~hypnotic eyes~

No. 333534

He wanted to make sure people knew he had a big dick. In his mind big feet= big dick, go figure.

No. 333536

bet you anything the only reason his dick size isn't listed it because it's small. you knowwww if he had something to be proud of we would know about it. #releasethedickpicsgreg

No. 333537

>Clothing: Dark, Loose & Calm
>I enjoy, above many things, wearing dark clothing, specifically black. It is so calm to me as I feel solid, untouchable, strong in black ~ I could peer at a wall for an hour as if I was staring right through it, believing the wall was nothing but sand, about to fall… nothing can get to me in black… hair is to Sampson, as long coats, light/loose clothes, and darkness in every thread, is to me.

I just.
I hate him so much.

No. 333538


Shoe size.

Flips out on sister-in-law for saying she missed her ex's big d.

Tells fans size doesn't matter.

Goes for teens who don't have much experience with dick and, therefore, probably don't know how his compares relatively to others.


No. 333539


He literally sounds like a 12 year myspace girl.

No. 333540

With all of his self-obsessed drivel I'm surprised he held that fact back.

All the telltale signs of micro-dick.

No. 333542

Was fully expecting another paragraph about how wearing a leather trenchcoat makes him feel like he's in Death Note, he has fedora in his soul. And considering he still dresses like shit (>>332978), his taste hasn't improved since he wrote this.

I'm always so impressed, not only by the extent of Greg's trashery, but by just how long he's managed to remain trash. He's like the worst 13 year old that just kept getting bigger and uglier.

No. 333545

Hey guys… Um… Idk if this shit is real or not so um, can you come take a look?


No. 333546

interestingly, Shiloh goes by holihS on twitter

No. 333547

File: 1483684700971.png (803.39 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5576.PNG)

Just saw this in Lainey's liked on twitter

No. 333548

I'm not sure what you want us to say about it? Shiloh was pretty much a bitch to everyone whilst she was with Grease and he fucked her over, there's nothing really in there that we don't already know about.

She's had that Tweet liked for over a week now, same ol' shit with her.

No. 333550

I just checked out her Twitter, the guy she's with now looks like he has a strong back and a hefty dick.

He's also pretty hot to boot, good for her; a much better upgrade to Microdick McFlabbytits.

No. 333551


god ew

No. 333552


she liked a billie photo yesterday so she's at least still on friendly terms with her

No. 333553

his writings show how narcissistic he is

No. 333554

Had to take a peek after what you said, and damn, Shiloh is doing good. Living in London, cute new dude, looking plenty sane.

No. 333555

it's why i wish people would just leave her alone when it comes to gergle. she's been so much better after getting away from him. minus the furry thing, she seems pretty happy and sane.

No. 333556

And to think, the girls/women under Grease's thumb in that household could have all those things too if they got the fuck away from him.

Instead, every morning they're treated to the sight of a flabby, aging, greasy, spastic, sleazy manchild who screams in everyone's faces all day long on social media and when he's not doing that; he demands "SUK MI!" before getting back online to rate underage girls bodies.

Incredible, such fulfilling lives spent serving a narcissistic sociopath in exchange for Iphones and Nendoroid toys.

No. 333558


He once demanded "suk mi" to his then-wife in an old livestream video (still up).

No. 333559

No. 333562

To be honest, I don't think she's even ~that~ interested in the furry fandom by the looks of it, she'd stand out at a convention or furmeet like a sore thumb… not in a bad way; she just looks like she cares too much about her appearance (more interested in makeup and fashion… and with music, books and movies in general rather than in an obsessive sense) than the average autistic furfag you see hanging around at those places, she probably just thinks the art is cute.

When I last saw photos of the last place she was living at, the decor looked pretty contemporary. semi-classy and normal; usually there's at least a few telltale signs around of a weeaboo/gamer/furry lifestyle if someone was really into those things.

(saged for unimportant ramblings and theories)

No. 333564

>height 5'11
giant lel

No. 333566

File: 1483691087861.gif (37.08 KB, 213x200, 200_s.gif)

>Mental Conditions: None
fucking LOL

No. 333568

it's better with sound

No. 333569

Moar Onion soup… Featuring the essay where he sucks school-shooter cock. Have fun!


No. 333571

File: 1483692774493.png (207.7 KB, 2094x862, whateven.png)

Speaking of Oniscum being the best author ever, I wonder how often he tells him 13 year old fans to go and buy/rate his book for him? I can't handle this, oh my god. Some of the posts are honest, but come the fuck on.

No. 333573

yeah, he made this video reading the short, non-thought out reviews.

most of the one star reviews sound like people who don't even know half of the things gerg has done. all they know is that they read a shit book.

No. 333574

Lol, wut? No, for real, he did that on livestream? Did he use his "asian" voice?

No. 333575

I have to admit , That video where he was doing some cooking show about the anorexic bitch as good.

No. 333576

Lol no he used George Takei's oh my and shoved his fingers down her throat while explaining how seminal fluid is expelled (sorta).


Video only works on computers though, feel free to transcribe tho!

No. 333577


I meant to reply >>333576
to you!

No. 333578

Mmm Hot

No. 333579

Has Greg replied to the stream yet? Or does he resort in -lying- that he doesn't watch hater videos. He just happens to get some supernatural messages every time someone makes a video about him. So when Blaire and Cyr had made digs to him THAT'S why he knew to do a response video.

My guess is that he doesn't know how to answer and defend himself. He's desperately trying to figure out a way how to seem out like the good person in this. But so far he hasn't figured that out hence why the silence. I can bet my teen virginity on the fact that he's throwing temper tantrums right now.

Also, if he lurks this thread he saw that bingo pic. So in order not to give "haters" bingo he must make a video that contains none of those things that are mentioned in the bingo.

I personally would make another game with the bingo.
1 point every time he says fuck or fucking, truth, facts or lie/lies
2 points every time he calls someone names
3 points every time he validates his opinion with screenshot of a word definition or a fan mail/tweet/comment
10 points if he calls himself a #factmachine ever again

No. 333580

Yo, cousin-chan get back here. I'm getting the impression that Sarah is being paid a living wage and maybe wondering through employment from Greg, being 16 and getting a debit card, and not being taxed by the IRS.

She dropped out of high school but she might still beholden to minor tax codes. Anons who understand how income tax works and how an underage girl has been living/working within this household might want to pay attention.

He paid Billie monthly for being a whore into the polylifestyle but how did these young girls file taxes (if they even did that) while Charles Manson gave them monthly wages?

No. 333581

It gives me some hope that Sarah reads this thread. I don't think anyone could lurk for a prolonged time and still think Greg is an honest/decent/stable person. I know he's a charismatic manipulator, but c'mon, there's so much vile behaviour recorded here.

I totally get that she might see us as the enemy but that really isn't the case. Personally, I don't even see this as a 'hater site' or whatever. People aren't creating drama, they literally just report the reprehensible things Greg does and says. If he stopped being awful then this thread would die in a week. But it won't, because he is a scummy dude.

Sarah if you're reading this, get out. By staying there and not speaking out against him you're massively damaging yourself. You're aligning yourself with a guy who mocks Parkinson disease, people with mental disorders and basically anyone who doesn't mirror his life. You might not care now but in 5-10 years, when you've moved on from Onion's mansion these things could come back to haunt you.

No. 333582

If you're 11 and find a guy in drag doing the same joke over and over until puking into a toilet for the sake of his cyber bullying campaign funny then sure, it was a masterpiece.

No. 333583

Never said it was a masterpiece.
I said that it was comedic/Funny if you have not seen many other of his videos.

No. 333584

Yeah that video is nothing but cyber-bullying. Eugenia should have pressed harassment charges at that point but was obviously too nice.

Sad thing is, Greg probably knew she wouldn't fight back… which is why he really let his viciousness show. You can tell he enjoyed ripping into her. There was absolutely no empathy. And his fans still think that's him showing 'tough love'. That shit could have pushed her to suicide. But hey, that would have provided him with more clickbait fodder.

It's sickening.And the fact Lainey didn't make a single comment on it, despite like Eugenia, was pure cowardice.

No. 333585


Your notion of comedy is tragic.

No. 333586

The truth is that people have tried and tried to tell her nicely about her problem and she never seems to listen, It's not health any it is not setting a good example for the people who like to watch her videos. I say the video was "hitting 2 birds with one stone" It was making someone aware of a problem and also a comedic video.(Incessant trolling )

No. 333587

Plain sure is an inspirational figure. Only cause she cares about is her own gender. Says alot

No. 333588

Holy fuck you're an idiot. People suffering from anorexia are well aware they have a problem. Being publicly mocked for a legitimate mental illness isn't going to do shit. Apart from perhaps perpetuate the feelings that led to anorexia in the first place.(Don't take the bait )

No. 333589

~such troll

No. 333590

If they know they have the problem, Why are they letting younger audiences and fans watch them and think that it's okay to be Anorexic?

No. 333591

File: 1483696440726.jpg (42.6 KB, 881x536, IMG_20170106_105023_681.jpg)

No. 333592

What the fuck did I even read.

No. 333593

File: 1483696519012.jpg (38.93 KB, 822x520, IMG_20170106_105054_724.jpg)

No. 333594

File: 1483696549879.jpg (51.58 KB, 530x541, eyeroll.jpg)

get outta here.

No. 333595


This is getting way ot. But someone suffering from an illness shouldn't be made to feel guilty for it and give up their hobbies/job. Get a grip.

If someone is influenced by a youtuber to become anorexic then the problem was already there to begin with and would have manifested anyway.

No. 333596


How was I wrong?

No. 333597


It's not influencing someone to become anorexic, it's only making them think it's okay to be anorexic. Read properly.

If she announced and admitted her problem saying it was unhealthy and wrong to her audience then I wouldn't have as much of a problem.

No. 333600

Not sure if illness is something you're supposed to be ashamed of tbh. Not really anyone else's business either.

No. 333601

this is getting ridic now. no more troll feeding

No. 333602

every fucking thread

No. 333603

You can be ashamed if it if you are influencing others to think that the disease is okay and does not come with any health problems , It's also to be ashamed if you are not getting any help with a illness that she should know that she has.

No. 333604


can you new fags shut the fuck up, and stop bickering? There are plenty of threads about anorexia, take your shit elsewhere. All of this has nothing to do with onion. Stop wasting my time.

No. 333605

Social Repose is a close friend of hers and he confirmed that she's getting help. It's fair enough if she's not comfortable talking about. Go watch some Onision videos and leave this thread alone now.

No. 333606


Where did Social Repose say that?

No. 333607

anyone got a link to the very first Onion thread? wanna see how it began

No. 333608

because the video was not funny at all; it was tacky and clearly meant to cause hurt and embarrassment towards her. and eugenia probably knows quite clearly that she's underweight, but anorexia is a disease and it's not just a case of bullying someone into gaining weight. she doesnt listen because she doesnt have to to trolls on the internet who think this sort of shit is 'beneficial'.

sage for ot and stupidity.

No. 333609

There would be no need of this type of video if she understand the people that were trying to tell her about her problem nicely.

No. 333611

What did she shut down though?

No. 333612

Valid points, anon.

An interesting point Cyr made about himself is that Gerg at any time could of claimed back the money he spent on him as business expenses, but he didn't.

Is he making Billie pay back her debt to him as well? I'm sure as heck he alluded to that when she returned, if that's the case… how can she pay back the debt if she's not employed by him?

She would have to claim taxes (she's over 18) if she was employed by him before he dumped her, she was claiming to be earning about $11 an hour from him which amount to something over a grand a month… as far as I know, even being on minimum wage, you still have to pay taxes.

The lot of the are tax evading under that roof, and it would be helpful if a more financially savvy anon could start putting the numbers together for us, he's basically paying them under the table and not claiming them as his employees.

No. 333613


I think she knows she has a problem without the internet informing her. We aren't allowed to call fatasses out on their shit so why bother the skeletons

No. 333614


please search the catalog next time, anon.

No. 333615

Wow, fucking amazing.

Anons bring up the possibility that him and his harem have been tax dodging for the whole of 2016 and then suddenly; the thread becomes derailed.

No. 333616

I just watched the "I Quit Feminism" video and I'm kind of disgusted with myself for saying this but his videos are much more watchable and he comes off as much more "likable", for lack of a better word, without a jump cut every two seconds. Not sure if that's a good thing. He's still spewing complete bullshit but he almost seems like a human. Just a random observation.

Also why exactly is he growing a beard? Is he actually trying to look like a man? Somehow it's even creepier. "Daddy"

No. 333617

I don't know either, there was no milk given to us in the first place, we knew all about the shit that cousin-chan told us months ago… the only thing that amused us was that Babba Sarah came on here to throw her toys out of the pram about (not) being a nanny and the farmhands have her IP address because she's easily baited.

There's no "milk" to be "spoiled" if there was no milk to begin with; dumb child.

No. 333618


Mind your own business

No. 333620

Sage for salt

No. 333621


She fancies Greg. Deal with it

No. 333622

>>Also why exactly is he growing a beard? Is he actually trying to look like a man?

He's basically "reinventing" himself because he's been caught with underaged photos, the same way he's changed his stance on "feminism" because he couldn't keep up with the lie.

It's guilt, but rather than owning up to it - he'd rather disguise it behind something else that's equally as superficial.

"I can be anything I want to be" - is his motto after all.

No. 333623

Kek… speaking of which; countdown to when he puts the Mcmansion up for sale because the taxman is coming, and moves state (one with the lowest age of consent preferably) and changes his last name again.

No. 333624

what are you, 70? fuck off, granny.

No. 333625

what makes you think lainey has a crush on greg? Could it be that they're fucking married?

No. 333626

Onionboy and Lamey are like two steps away from becoming Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka.

No. 333627

learn to fucking read, dumbass. the post is referring to sarah having a crush on lainey.

No. 333628

…or Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, or Fred West and Rose West, oh the possibilities.

No. 333630

Onion uses Laney to groom new child brides for him while getting off on it herself. If they end up chaining Billie to a basement somewhere I wouldn't be surprised at all.

No. 333631

Just a heads up… but before anyone thinks about getting involved with the bickering derailers, don't bother. You'll just be contributing to it. Just report them, ignore them and leave them to it… they gonna get put out to pasture anyways.

No. 333632

Nah, Billie is gonna be their interstate recruiter for Sicesca.

No. 333633


No. 333634

If you replace the names with Onion, Laney and Sarah this already sounds like a thing that could happen. jfc get out while you can idiot.

>Homolka had befriended a then 15-year-old girl. On June 7, 1991, Homolka invited the teen, referred to as "Jane Doe" in the ensuing trials, for a "girls' night out." After an evening of shopping and dining, Homolka began to ply "Jane Doe" with alcohol laced with Halcion.

After "Jane Doe" lost consciousness, Homolka called Bernardo to tell him his surprise wedding gift was ready. They undressed the girl, and Bernardo videotaped Homolka as she raped the girl before Bernardo vaginally and anally penetrated her. The next morning, the teenager was nauseated. She believed her vomiting was due to having drunk alcohol for the first time. She did not realize she had been violated.

She was invited back to Port Dalhousie in August, this time to "spend the night". In a replay of what had happened to Karla's sister, Tammy Homolka, "Jane Doe," whose identity remains protected by law, stopped breathing after she was drugged and Bernardo had begun to rape her. Homolka called 911 for help but called back a few minutes later to say that "everything is all right." The ambulance was recalled without follow-up.

No. 333636

Yeah anon, I'm very much aware of the Scarborough Rapist case, hahaha.

When I mentioned the other two high profile serial killer couples in this post >>333628 it's interesting to note how all three women (Karla included) completely blamed everything solely on their partners by saying they were manipulated and threatened into the acts… so yes, I agree with you that Greaseball and Doormat share a lot of characteristics between them all.

We can be thankful at least that they're both benign with their mental disorders at this point, though his mental state is deteriorating rapidly as each year goes by.

No. 333637


Ok they are fucking. Happy?

No. 333639


Can't you read? I said lainey and Sarah

No. 333640


Oh no someone has a different opinion to me. Better report them and get them banned hehehe


No. 333641



So… taxes, eh? It'd be funny if that's how he went down. Kinda like getting Al Capone for tax evasion… and also kind of like Ken Hovind the creationist dude who got pinged on taxes too. Cult leaders and mobsters.

No. 333644

I don't think I've heard of Ken Hovind before, I'll have to have a good read of that one.

Thanks anon.

It is interesting how the thread has started derailing pretty much non-stop since >>333580 (this anon) made their post and has been going through the same motions since then. The attempts are pretty futile though if they think that other anons are new to this shit and will magically forget to talk about (or notice) that some very valid questions have come into light.

No. 333646

btw, just in case other anons have missed those posts amidst the sea of derailing.


ur welcum.

(saged for referencing posts)

No. 333649

I'm not American, so I have to ask: is there a way to see if he pays his taxes or not? I think that could be easily verified online

So people can't say the word fancy anymore? Don't be retarded

No. 333650

Out of curiosity; aren't some of Onion's other bastard children old enough to use the web now? I can imagine them pulling a (future) Trunks and try to connect with their daddy. Unfortunately, his past women can't keep them from him forever.

No. 333651


We'd probably be only able to see if he filed last year. I know the laws in VA regarding minors was that they weren't allowed to be given more than 40 hours of work a week.

No. 333652

Don't miss these tax evasion posts anons. We're onto something here, look at all the shit posting.


Sage because repetitive but trying to help catalogue posts that matter.

No. 333654


what kinda advanced john green

No. 333655


it was posted and everyone agreed that it was terrible and even reported back in that thread. get better humor.

No. 333656


are you 12? making someone aware of a problem would be a family doing an intervention for their alcoholic son. making fun of a stranger for their eating disorders is only going to fuck them in the head even more. the girl obviously has something going on and tweeting her non stop, doing videos non stop, and bothering her non stop with messages like "you're anorexic like fix it lol" ain't gonna help shit, only going to make her feel worst.

No. 333657


>I shut that down real quick

but you didn't? nice try tho

No. 333658

This is probably a reach but I remember googling "Taylor avaroe" and seeing a local paper of theirs say Greg registered his blue house as a business expense under the business "Onision" when they moved out. In videos you can see Greg did a lot of work on the house after they moved but then he stopped filming in it. I assumed he fixed it up to sell it but according to the kiwi farms dox from last summer Greg still ownes the house so maybe he rents it out. It could still be registered as a business expense for him.

No. 333659


While I'm certainly not Cousin-Chan or anything, I had a brief look into Washington state's income tax laws.

Lo and behold, there is no income tax in Washington state.
There is however business and occupation and/or public utility tax.
However much Gerg needs to pay is based on his gross income.

Naturally the latter tax does not apply, however the former does in his case as he runs a business.

Going by the taxing for "Entertainers" he is required to file under the "WAC 458-20-224"
Otherwise known as "Service & Other Activities B&O"

Here's the link to the appropriate tax for the aforementioned on the official governmental website; http://apps.leg.wa.gov/WAC/default.aspx?cite=458-20-224

No. 333663

Interesting! I mean he could have reopened it under another name but why go into the hassle?

No. 333665

File: 1483712973203.png (71.44 KB, 525x816, TaxEvasionMaybe.PNG)


My investigations have led me further
Onion appears to have closed an account 8/6/2013 according to the Department of Revenue, Washington.
Forgive me as I'm not an American, but it appears he's dodging his shit.

No. 333668

whenever people tried to report him in the past (animal abuse, transporting sarah underage) grog managed to sweep it under the carpet because he saw it here first, be careful anon.

No. 333671

Yeah we literally just had undeniable proof that they lurk. Discord private chat is probably the place for further info if you are inclined to share. Good hunting though, anon!

No. 333673

I wouldn't be too worried. It's pretty hard to sweep tax evasion under the rug

No. 333675

He called Billie a "contractor" in one of his "we broke up and got back together" type videos. I forgot which one, but I'll find it for you if you want me to, just let me know.

What I take from that is he's hired her as an independent contractor. That absolves him of any responsibility, tax-wise, since he's not required to withhold taxable earnings or report them. Independent contractors have to deduct and file their own taxes quarterly, and that would be 100% Billie or Sarah's responsibility. And that's a lot of bureaucratic slugwork for a 19 or 16 year old to understand, in my opinion.


No. 333676

He's a sole proprietor which doesn't absolve him of regular tax reports.
However since he has "employees", whoever he deems the person responsible as his shield before the IRS would be held accountable. Not him.
Greasy snake.

No. 333677

File: 1483717737913.png (261.12 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Sarah confirmed Sicescan.

No. 333678

I believe this theory now more than ever.

Grease's ideal plan is probably to turn the McMansion into a camp for young wannabe YouTube stars. He "trains" Billie and Sarah by including them in videos, they make him $$$, the cycle continues. Lainey's clearly not charming or hot enough to be part of this, so she's just the lounging housewife figure.

What do you guys think??

No. 333680


When was this tweet?
I don't see it by scrolling through her twitter for the past couple of days.

No. 333682

it was two years ago, apparently. onion liked it.

No. 333684

File: 1483719632353.jpeg (14.89 KB, 275x147, image.jpeg)

Onion is so dead. Being a tax dodger is LITERALLY one of the worst and most dishonest things you can do. Befitting of a micropeen.

No. 333685

that's how they got Al Capone. Let's hope he follows in the same fashion.

No. 333686

Sometimes Onion just lets you down

No. 333687

You just know he's not being 100% BROOTALY HONEST with his taxes. And I'm sorry, but there has to be something against a 16 year old being a full live in nanny.

I wish cousin anon would come back, but I do think Sarah was successful in contacting her cousin about her friend posting here.

No. 333689


Too bad Alcatraz doesn't exist anymore, Onion could sure use that type of prison.

No. 333690

File: 1483722078285.jpg (51.84 KB, 500x500, 9842439.jpg)

Sarah has gone off the deep end and now it's too late…..

It's too fucking late….

No. 333691

why does anyone follow a cult? have they ever heard of Scientology? FLDS? Jonestown? Like, are they actually fucking retarded?

No. 333694

Yeah when you're making as much as onision it's not easy to evade taxes

No. 333696

Yeah i always held out some hope for Sarah, she seemed to stand up to him a bit more. Finding something admirable in Onion's psuedo-intellectual religious shit cements her as a lost cause though. She's just another brainwashed fangirl.

No. 333697


Yeah, those seem more plausible than Sicesca. Hell, even the Manson family!

No. 333699

Are we seriously using a two year old tweet as proof of Sarah boning Greasebag and being a member of Sicesca?

keep in mind that two years ago, she was 14 and was piledriving herself up Lainey's ass, therefore probably willing to do whatever it takes to get Lainey's attention.

No. 333702

I honestly would not be surprised if the greasy onion made them all drink the cyanide er, kool-aid to avoid the law.

No. 333703


guys, she's baiting.

No. 333704

Fuck onion and all his braindead bimbos, or rather i love them for the entertainment value

No. 333705

as I'm not taking it as 100% truth, this was tweeted two years ago.

No. 333707

Tis a shame though. Sarah seems fairly intelligent, could definitely have got into college and had a decent life. She done goofed and doesn't even realise it yet.

No. 333709


That's why I'm suddenly suspicious of all the posts saying that she's drunken the kool-aid.

How is a two year old tweet from a 14 year old suddenly evidence?

No. 333711

I'm confused,he admits most of his wrong doings in this video (granted tries to defend some of it) but still, how can anyone watch this and not think he's terrible? how does he have so many subscribers and crazy fans??

also, what kind of man would make light of cheating on his wife? (pay attention to how much he downplays a full body massage)

No. 333712

it's not, I just think it's interesting. And it's already weird that she lives with them so we're just jumping to conclusions.

No. 333715

Um dude it's okay to do awful things as long as you're BROOTALY HONEST about it.

No. 333716

so what if they expose the IP address, we already have their home address?

No. 333717

I wonder if this fucker properly denotes his payments to his underage nanny and if she properly files 1040's on her taxes.

No. 333718


The post was intended to be sarcastic, and rather interesting to say the least.

As far as we know, no one (except Grease) is following Sicesca.

No. 333719

have farmhands checked whether the Sarah IP has posted before?

No. 333720

Hey bank teller anon here. I just wanted to let you guys know for the bank I work for a minor has to have a legal guardian on the account with them. A person who is 15 and older can be added to the account with a parent or guardian. That is just my financial institution but that should be the policy no matter where you go. Maybr Greg gave Sarah his debit card to one of his smaller accounts, not 100% sure

No. 333721


their address for both houses has been on the internet for a while. I don't think anyone has even dared to go near either of them.

they know but they can't share
because the only rule that she's broken is that she's underage.

No. 333722

Don't get why they can't share… when they thought Billie was posting they shared. Don't be dweebs y'all

No. 333723

Could be the fake Billie trolls fault that they don't want to get too into the posting history.

No. 333724

hmm just like the mods of Anti-O forums. Sad.

No. 333725

i wish they'd just confirm whether or not that IP has posted here before..i don't even need to know which specific posts they were

No. 333726

We have info but aren't gonna share it. Like whats the point.

No. 333728

You forgot your tag.
Point is: if it's the same IP that could mean Onion has posted in his own thread which is very milky

No. 333729

No. 333730


No. 333732

This guy is hilarious

No. 333733

No. 333734


Why is Onion wearing the same old clothes?

No. 333737

>The Egocast 1 week ago "I guess physically developed is more important to him than mentally developed."


No. 333740

Lainey is probably not washing them and he can't be bothered. He also wear that stupid coat inside all the time. That thing must be filthy.

No. 333741

His middle aged vegan body outgrew everything else, probably. I mean look at him, he has to stuff his underwear just to fit into them so no doubt all the clothes he buys are for the size he thinks he is, not what he actually is.

No. 333742

So apparently I just read that there is (or was) a livestream of a 12 year old girl committing suicide via webcam on the onision forum? Sage for the off chance that it might be fake, I just heard about it just now.

No. 333743

wtf where tf did you hear that?

No. 333744


If that's true, it's been hidden pretty well. There's lots of recent news about a 12 year old who committed suicide on Facebook Live, but I can't find anything about a suicide connected to the forum.

Sage for useless post.

No. 333745


Yeah the suicide was live on facebook not his forum, unless anon meant that they heard about it via the forum. Tragic. But she has nothing to do with Onion it had to do with her step Father and other factors, sage for off topic and no relevance to Onion drama.

No. 333747

yeah, nothing to do with onision

No. 333748

Bless you, anon

No. 333751

Please stop derailing the thread.

To the new users who've arrived since last night; carry your own weight and lurk more instead of asking about past events that have been discussed many times. Don't reply to obvious bait. Don't discuss topics that don't have anything to do with Onision, there are other threads for that.
This also applies to discussion about Eugenia and anorexia in general. Take it elsewhere.

As for Sarah:
She hasn't broken any global rules so we can't reveal anything, sorry. Please stop asking. If she comes back and breaks a global rule by, say, trying to ban evade or sockpuppet, then that's a different story.
This doesn't imply one thing or the other. It just means we won't talk about it for the time being.

No. 333754


thank you, farmhand.

No. 333758

It's about seeing if they've made other posts here.

No. 333762

No it's not. It's wanting to know if Greg has been posting on here since they have the same IP.

No. 333763

Who are you even talking to?

>>The Egocast 1 week ago "I guess physically developed is more important to him than mentally developed."

He nailed that. So did Onion.

That's what I said, anon.

No. 333771

If Greg is serious about Sicesca as a religion, maybe he's actually using it to avoid filing taxes, as religious organizations are not required to under US law. He tends to seem to like to do things that are morally wrong but legal through ridiculous loopholes- so this would fit his M.O.

I don't know a ton about tax law tho; is this actually a possibility?

No. 333773

No. 333820

He still uses that as a religion? God I haven't heard of that in forever. But nice catch

No. 333843

billie is on younow

No. 333845

amazing thrilling post

No. 333846

she skiped the greg comments but i guess she still home

No. 333848

File: 1483754135093.png (86.04 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Gargoyle 2017

No. 333849


he is such a 14 year old edgelord in his head

No. 333850

They don't give tax exempt status to just anyone. The Scientologists had to hire private investigators to dig dirt on IRS employees before they were granted tax exemption. There is no way Greg and his harem are going to get it.

No. 333852


Is this a response to people saying he secretly likes the people he talks about on his channel, because he claimed that if you're paying so much attention to someone then you must like them or else you wouldn't talk about or watch them.

Because by that logic you really really like teeny boppers, Shane, Cyr and Blare… but mostly teeny boppers.

No. 333853

Eh, scien had that problem because they had a BILLION DOLLAR tax debt already, and dodged it for 20+ years. It's pretty easy to form a new church as use it to hide business operations

No. 333854

Source: my ex husband does this.

No. 333855

New Onion rant video.

No. 333858

I LITERALLY hate how onion pronounces "nazi." He sounds like Hank's dad on King of the Hill.

No. 333859


Speaking of "reality shows", I can't get over the fact that he tried to get TAA on the Steve Wilkos show and Shiloh on Judge Judy.

No. 333861

I'd pay good money to have Greasemonger on Jerry Springer or Dr Phil.

No. 333862


Kek, I'd pay money to see him on Dr. Phil too, anon.

No. 333863


Dr.Phil, PLEASE !

Sadly he's probably to much of a puss and rather hide behind a camera where he can control everything.

No. 333864

Dr Phil would shred him and him and getting roasted by the audience on Jerry Springer would be pretty legit as well.

No. 333865

The pronunciation is already on the screen shot he provided, but he couldn't follow it, kek.

No. 333866


Didn't he mention how he would go on Dr. Phil given the opportunity in one of his videos? Can't remember which one, I just remember going "LOL Gergles, no you wouldn't. No you fucking wouldn't."

No. 333868


Meh, I'd rather have him on the Steve Wilkos show so Onion can shit his pants while being verbally beat the fuck out of on national television.

No. 333870

Him getting yelled at by Jeremy Kyle would also be very entertaining.

No. 333872


yes hahaha GET AWF MY STAGE

No. 333873

Oh man Steve would fuck him up so good.

No. 333876

onion doing a maury intro video would also be great.
let's just have him do a daytime tv circuit.

No. 333879

Honestly with as much attention and controversy as his situation is getting right now I don't see why dr Phil having him on would be such a long shot. Dr Phil would see through all of the bs though and i'm sure call him out on his manipulation, ephebiphilia, among other things so you're right. He loves calling people out and using his loud dr Phil wasn't born yesterday voice. Greg wouldn't be able to control the editing lighting and basically how he is portrayed in general though so i doubt he'd agree to do it.

No. 333881

If any anons can write something good for a submission, I'd be happy to send it out to multiple shows.

No. 333882

Samefag, I didn't mean to sage. Also, this anon has no life. This anon needs no life.

No. 333883

Can you share an example of a successful submission?

No. 333884

Phil is another narc.

No. 333889

I mean at least he's a narc that makes people feel good about themselves. Fuck Onion, I'd like to see Dr. Phil drag him.

No. 333890

Different anon here, but I say we need to send many emails with as much information and links as possible to start. The more they get, the better. Dr. Phil would definitely have him on if his team saw this shit.

And to Onion: show us how right you are in all of this being good and school Dr. Phil. You're just trying to show how brutally honest and helpful you are, right?

No. 333898

I predict Onion storming off set.

No. 333900

lol not really, that's why I asked. But I can probably find some to get an idea of what to say.

This anon speaks wisely.

No. 333901


I predict this happening after Onion has been outed on stage…

No. 333903

Sometimes on Dr. Phil, he reads the emails/letters people sent in for help. Maybe we can try to find a few.

No. 333904

Forgot to say that if anyone is unwilling to give out the personal information forms require, you can just tweet. @DrPhil or @TheDrPhilShow for this show. I just feel like this one is the most likely to take it, particularly because of Sarah.

I do have an idea of what I'll submit, but I'd rather not post it yet, especially when I want to make sure it's all correct and sourced well.

No. 333905

don't post it here. we know he lurks. share it in the discord chat if you want to share.

No. 333910

I've never used Discord but I'll figure that out after I write everything up.

No. 333911

Can you give us the actual email to use if you ever get a reply? I'd like to write something up but I don't want to give my contact info.

No. 333914

You guys are wasting your time trying to send this to Dr Phil. I'll bet anything Onision is seeing this and laughing his ass off. There are more realistic things to aim for, yknow? if we want to get him on a show, think about shows that deal with "youtube celebrities" on the regular.

No. 333917

Onion will never be on any show, youtube celebrity related or otherwise. He's too much of a control freak.

No. 333920

He'd do it if he was low on youtube bucks and desperate for some drama I'd bet, but its true he wouldn't do shows where he ACTUALLY has to come up with logical reasons for his behavior, rather than spouting nonsense ("facts") and sweeping shit under the rug, whilst passive aggressively denying various allegations in unrelated videos.

Dude seems like a micro manager to me, there's always some juicy drama, always a reason to bring it up in all his videos, he just loves the feeling of control over an audience.
Makes sense with the cult-like religion and all.

No. 333921

Yeah because he's really averse to negative attention and the money it brings

The real reason to not do it is because it'll give him more views not less.

The only TV show I want to see this guy appear on is To Catch A Predator… or maybe Air Crash Investigations

No. 333922

Catch a Predator is not on air. Greg would fall for a 12 yo so easy. Let's all of us contribute to Chris Hansen despite him cheating on his wife. The woman was of age and not a 16yo who is using extreme dieting methods to appease the Greg. Onision makes 19 yo his hostage becase he believes in Sicesca and wifey three has two kids by him.

No. 333923

He almost went on Steve Wilkos a few years ago. He asked the Amazing Atheist if he wanted to "debate" AKA fight it out on the show.

No. 333925

That would have been gold to watch. The banana vs the banana fucker.

No. 333926

If anyone has seen the Pyrocynical video about Child Exploitation on Youtube, I think you'll start to realize that there are people out there doing worse stuff than Gerg…….younger kids and it's all monetized…..I'm really losing hope, guys.

No. 333927


I don't think anyone is under the delusion that Greg is the worst thing out there - not by far. But while we can't affect the terrible shit that happens to many kids, we could potentially affect the terrible shit that happens to HIS kids, and the kids he manipulates into meeting/fucking him.

If Greg was the worst in the world, it would be a pretty charmed existence. He's not even a drop in the "awful people" bucket. He's just the shitty person we could actually affect/stop/whatever.

No. 333928

yeah, the benefit to him is he has stuck a face on his lunacy. thank you for being an honest dumbass, Onion.

No. 333933

I fucking knew we were onto something when the flood of shitposting was happening, I'll try to get on the Discord chat sometime tomorrow.

No. 333935

It is though, Chris hansen has a new show called hansen vs predator that's pretty much the exact same show

No. 333936

He would have to actually register his church up for tax exemption, you can't just make up a religion and be like "lolz, I has religion, I automatically exempt" - there would be records online of his church being an actual organisation and we've never seen them.

No. 333938


Can we still get him on tax fraud/evasion?

No. 333940

It's possible, yes.

Thinking about it now, it doesn't matter whether or not we discuss it on here or Discord… he would still be in shit for not declaring those girls as his employees for the whole 2016 fiscal year - he would still have to pay up either way and we all know by now that the real way to hurt him is through his pocket.

He's basically a jew-lord.

No. 333941

Sooooo… he would have to declare back tax if he doesn't want to go to prison and also pay those girls an actual living wage, they'd be free from him holding them in debt, that would really fucking sting him.

No. 333942

Pretty much my spidey senses went off when he made a weird braying noise about how Trump should release his tax records to the public.

We all know how he likes to project.

No. 333949

What is this cyr podcast I see in OP? :3

No. 333950

lurk more

No. 333951

I disagree. Gurgle would jump at the chance to have a larger audience for his crazy. I mean look at how he reacts to people who talk about him. He absolutely cannot resist having the last world so to give him a captive audience and a world-wide platform with as much views as the Dr Phil show gets? It's a narc's dream come true. He'd probably see it as the perfect opportunity to gain more fame/money for himself and rail on all the haters, especially if the topic is about how he's hurting girls, not helping them.

No. 333953

If he wanted to do something like this, he would have done it a long time ago with a submission that includes screenshots/videos that heavily lean in his favour. If he was actually interested in being on tv he'd be living in LA and taking jobs doing game shows and minor roles like a bunch of other youtubers.

But he's not, he generally purchases houses in secluded areas and his only interaction with the public is his youtube channel. Do you honestly think he'd appear on a tv show where he'd be made a fool of, that he's not able to edit carefully, where he has no control on the direction of the conversation or where he'll be forced to appear without his cakey makeup and 10 filters? Absolutely not. Even if he were to do something like this, he certainly wouldn't let a group of people opposed to him write his submission. You need consent before writing one on behalf of someone else and there's no way Grease will give consent to anything any of you have written.

This idea is really childish everyone, jfc please stop.

No. 333956

doesn't dr phil also arrange for abused partners to go straight from his studio to women's refuge centres across the country? his greasewives could be offered something like that.

No. 333957

I garuntee not one of them would take the offer.

No. 333958

Totally agree anon. Even though it would make me weak with happiness to witness Gurg get his ass handed to him by Jeremy Kyle or roasted by Dr Phil, this fuckwit has to rely on what can be called 'the magibon effect' Careful editing and flattering angles are important. If he went on tv it would be like the first time everyone witnessed Koti in the flesh. Shocking and rashy and so aged and different from his photos. His steady flow of teen pussy would dry to a crusty halt.

However…if it were an ideal world where this fucker actually thought he could pull it off and outsmart Dr Phil I could imagine what would happen. He would either storm off stage or be made to look like a total retard, and then he would make a heap of whiny videos on how they 'set him up' or DR PHIL IS NOT AS BROOTALLY HONEST AS ME' to go into damage control and try to salvage the last of his leftover fanbase.

Sage for shitty long post, I don't know why I got so talkative.

No. 333960

I'm just saying, considering that Phil recently had a pedophile incest porn couple on the show who defended themselves and what they did to their daughter to Phil's face.. well, anything is possible on that show. Though we probably would have better luck getting Billie on there to air dirty laundry for the sake of becoming famous.

No. 333965

He actually legit did want to go on Judge Judy when him and Shiloh broke up, because he wanted her to pay him back for the plane tickets.

No. 333966

He did, but the idiot forgot that she was still a minor through out the relationship.

No. 333969

He didn't need as many filters back then.

No. 333971

True, but he seemed pretty serious about it at the time tbh

No. 333975

Woah anon, can you please explain this in more detail?

No. 333978

File: 1483811163961.jpg (14.68 KB, 699x224, laineysarah.jpg)

No. 333980

So lain beat onion to the punch in being utterly disgusting.

No. 333983

This was like forever ago.

No. 333989


It's so scary how slowly but surely pedophilia is becoming so normalized in certain circles. We have Onion fans writing in comment sections saying who's a child and who's an adult who can consent to sexual activity. Lunacy, I tell you.

No. 333995


that tweet is very old, considering Lainey's name and avatar have changed since this.

Can you and >>333677 stop posting screenshots of out of context tweets that aren't on their immediate timeline that also conveniently crops out when they posted the tweet?

It derails and tricks people into thinking it's recent developments when it's actually old, curdled milk.

No. 334007

I wonder if it's the same person doing the derailing. Whoever you are, it's kind of obvious you're trying to stir the pot by cutting off the time stamps.

No. 334024

Yeah and he wanted to go on the steve wilkos show with the amazing atheist and "kayfabe it up for the audience", not understanding that AA actually hates him and doesn't just fake it for youtube. It's not like it would be that out of character for him to do something like go on doctor phil

No. 334027

Calling it now, Onion boy's trying to distract from the tax topic.
Sage for tinfoil hattery.

No. 334028

Then bring it up. It's kinda disturbing that Greg "hires" all these teenagers and gives them money to "edit" his videos but I'm sure that Skye, Billie, and Sarah don't file tax returns.

No. 334034

If he's too cheap to heat his McMansion filled with small children, chances are he cuts corners in other areas of his life.

No. 334036

Grey seems like the type to be odd with his money, not spending it on lovely furniture or quality goods, just shitty $5 items and baby essentials.. until he torches them that is.

No. 334039

It wouldn't surprise me. Poor kids will probably never get a fun vacation and he will never pick up on their interests and hobbies because he's too self absorbed. You just know those kids are going to grow up to be fucked up, possibly awful people with these two as parents. A psychotic emotionally abusive father that's constantly bringing young women home to fuck, and a mother that never stands up for herself… GREAT role models, eh?

I hope Lainey isn't one of those psychos that wants to raise their kid *~agender~*

No. 334041

I could 100% see their little boy growing up and loving things like soccer and other very male orientated sports and Grey being that dad who never goes to his kids games/ doesn't provide what they need like kits and shoes. Lainey being the type to let her child play with barbies while not letting him play with boy toys, it's really upsetting.

No. 334042


She is one of those psychos. She referred to Troy using "they/them" pronouns on Twitter multiple timea a while back and said that she didn't want to gender her child.

No. 334043

Oh my god that makes me so sick, she's probably the type to think it's wrong for doctors to sex the child.

No. 334045

this actually explains why people were so confused by how many kids they had. before the new baby she would refer to troy as they/them and most of us thought that would mean greg had multiple kids. i personally never considered she was just using those pronouns

No. 334049

I was thinking - in a lot of videos/posts people say that "Youtube won't touch him, because popularity". Gerglefuk isn't even in the top 500. So what gives? What is making them apparently hesitant to remove some of his videos?

No. 334050

I mean, his Speaks channel is listed as 2140.
Maybe he's too irrelevant for them to even notice him anymore or to take him seriously.

No. 334053

First 15 seconds. KEK.

No. 334055

Why the fuck did you make me click on a Leafy video?

No. 334059

Because I thought the first few seconds with Onion were funny?

No. 334065

What's funny is that Greg is no longer a youtuber, he is a meme. It's just going to get worse if he continues to make videos. He needs to get a real job and support his harem and crotch fruit.

No. 334070

File: 1483825633126.jpg (964.44 KB, 640x2210, IMG_9610.JPG)

No. 334072

Jeez. & I'd bet money he's going to ignore it.

No. 334073

it'll fucking bite him one day. hopefully soon.

No. 334076

File: 1483827468412.png (438.03 KB, 1206x1152, Screen Shot 14.png)

Well, seems like Lainey has accepted Billie back for now.

No. 334077

Until she comes back.

No. 334079

No need to bring it up - let him or his flying monkeys derail all they like. All the ground work on that is going to take place away from this thread and has already begun. Just because we're not talking about it, doesn't mean we've forgotten. We're not fucking goldfish.

Hi Greg. Feel free to apologise and remove all your creep videos anytime now to save yourself. All it takes is to stop using your influence to exploit teenagers.

No. 334080

Why does she continue lying to herself that she likes dudes?

Also if she's ~agender~ who goes by they/them how is she gay? If she's both genders or neither then wouldn't she not be gay?

No. 334082

She's a young white girl on tumblr. She has to have a speshul gender/sexuality so she can have oppression points. All you have to do to be agender if you're a chick is to cut your hair short, you get to be gay by wearing flannel.

No. 334085

File: 1483829764859.png (289.62 KB, 577x461, ikJY9S1.png)

No. 334087


>tfw you tell your husband you're bi

>he forces you to date a girl
>he then pressures you to get into threesomes
>now you pretend like you actually want to fuck that girl and that you're totally gay just to get your husband's attention
lol hoe

No. 334089

Kek@Cyr, but also holy fucking shit, Gergle.

No. 334092

Lol. Billie comes to house. lain unfollows her posts depressing stuff. Billie leaves. Lainey follows her and tweets at her as if she likes her. okay lainey.

Yeah, at this point, I don't give a shit what happens to anyone in that house. I feel bad for their kids, but oh well. Hopefully they find good people in their lives to make up for their terrible parents.

Onion just wants people to watch his videos for being ~controversial~. Too bad this drama became dull and no one cares.

Good luck. Your best hope is him not putting you in yet another video like he did to the other girl. Maybe one day YT will care and actually do something.

No. 334093

That beard is horrible but somehow it accessorizes well for perving on teenagers.

No. 334097


She's practically the very definition of a Tumblrina stereotype at this point, and she's as bad as her husband is when it comes to trying to cover her contradictory ass whenever she's called out on her bullshit.

It's been a ruse since she first chopped her hair off; Grease needs her to lure in the teenagers who are more likely to be involved in threesomes (he thinks all bisexuals are easy) even if they were never initially attracted to him… he's had enough experience in manipulating young girls to have it almost honed into a skill at this point; which is why Sarah isn't safe with them whatever sexual orientation she tells them she is.

Grease is too old for teenagers now, he could try bringing in her straight groupies but Doormat would never allow it, if shes not allowed in on it - then she doesn't want competition on her territory and the last thing Grease probably wants is her handing him some divorce papers over adultery… if they're both cheating on each other with mutual permission, that kind of evens things out and makes them feel that they're both winners.

In other words, doormats gonna keep on doormatting.

No. 334098

File: 1483830679566.jpg (108.67 KB, 851x531, gerp.jpg)

He pretty much looks creepy as fuck.

No. 334100

Yeah. I'd have the sound off too

No. 334101

No. 334102

pretty much me

No. 334110

His looks are really going down hill. I mean he was already fairly ugly but now…

No. 334112


he's evolved from typical teen shooter to the bum that jerks off behind the highschool while the girl's soccer team has practice.

No. 334116

File: 1483835915870.png (351.78 KB, 480x1353, gerg.png)

I found this comic so I shooped it into onion irl

No. 334117

he's starting to look like Lucas Werner.

No. 334121

My ass has a better beard than him. What the hell is he thinking?

No. 334122

Dying at the death note picture in the background

No. 334123

Where's Plain?

No. 334124

meh, I just left her out because there were only two girls in the original pic. Also figured she'd more likely be watching the kids but now I don't know since Sarah is the nanny after all.

No. 334127

Hypocricy, jealousy, body-shaming, etc…

No. 334128

Didn't Dawson post his YT rewind video recently ( reasons he wasn't in it )? Talking about his body image issues, how he feels fat and how he's going to try to be more positive…and this fucking hobo looking grease lord goes and makes a video like this?
I'm pissed and I don't even like Dawson much.

No. 334131


not only do the people that hate him not like the video, but his fans hate it because of him ripping on Shane Dawson's body when he has an eating disorder and bdd.

And good job Grease, you compared two good looking, gut sucking pics to candids of Shane. Stop fucking with peoples' perception.

No. 334132


I find it funny cuz Greg's a tub of lard as well. Also, Freelee looks like a holocaust survivor.

No. 334133

she also looks old as fuck now. I'm not entirely sure those are recent pics of her

No. 334135

Yep, Shane was very open and very HONEST with how bad his body image issues are. The video greg made is fucking disgusting for someone who is supposedly all about body positivity. But then again Greg is only positive about someone's body if its a good body, in his view.

No. 334138


The amount of grease and oil on his face though.

No. 334139

File: 1483840463317.png (149.86 KB, 222x422, image.png)

Yeah Greg, you're much sexier than Shane; I bet your junk's bigger too.

No. 334140

Lol, such egregious shorts stuffing. I can't believe he thought that was subtle.

No. 334141

i guarantee he stuffs his underwear for all those pictures. We all know he's small

No. 334142


I don't think he showered… Shane looks way cleaner and more put than Greasecock side by side.

No. 334145

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA fucking hell this is sooooo funny

No. 334146

He says in that video something along the lines of "everyone knows the cold makes your dick small" Then shows the shot of his obviously stuffed pants. I don't get why so many don't realize this was an obvious joke. There are many good things to criticize Onion for. He lurks here, so I know he's just laughing at this autism.

No. 334148

It's not autistic to make fun of his micropenis, and his bluffing bravado to pretend otherwise. Yes, obviously, he was making a joke about it, as a humblebrag. But he's trying to lure in more young teen with his flabby potbelly and stuffed underwear. I WANT him read about how stupid he looks, personally. The more often, the better.

No. 334150

Hi Grease or related

No. 334151

naw man, just me 16 hours ago losing hope in humanity. it's cool now though.

No. 334152

Exactly. Sage, because he really pissed me off and I'm going to hurl out some cusswords - sorry, anons.

Gergles, you lurk here, right? You're pretty much obsessed with your "haterrrzz" ( everyone with a rational thought who disagrees with you ).
How are you 31 years old and making videos about "guessing girl's ages" - how can you be 31 and refuse to take down a video in which you put a 13 year old child - not to mention other people who have asked you to take down theirs? HOW?
I won't even go into the whole underwear/underage/pool shit again.
How can you be so jealous and such a miserable fuck that you post a video like this >>334127 , knowing what Dawson uploaded - because don't tell me he doesn't obsessively stalk him/his videos.
Possible tax evasion, constant lies, constant BS for years - does he even have 1 % of remorse?

Fuck you and fuck everyone in that hell hole house ( except for those two poor children ), you cringy stupid narcissistic deranged hobo.

No. 334155

You forgot to remind him that his botox sucks. He looks like a neanderthal and he dresses like a moron. Oh, and he will never get rid of his doormat because he groomed her.

No. 334156

And he's pudgy and fat and greasy and has terrible skin and has a small dick. It's the little things.

No. 334157

won't get rid of her for another 16 years or so lmao.

No. 334164

Cyr dished it out on his Snapchat tonight, pretty much saying every YTer knows he's creepy af.

No. 334167

Did you ever learn how to speak with a British accent?

No. 334171

watched out vexxed! gergles is coming for your big titty title :( !

No. 334173

File: 1483846326491.jpg (18.25 KB, 384x487, greenfairie.jpg)

Do you still like comfy sweatpants?

No. 334176


Part of me believes he stuffs his pants to draw the attention away from his bulging gut.


He almost looks like he has a pair of perky small tiddies in that shot.. He should make them giggle for views … Maybe then I'd actually finish one of his videos.

No. 334178

Cyr sent out 20+ snapchat videos going off about Onion and his creepy ass teenager videos

> He can say it's legal all he wants, but just because something is legal doesn't necessarily mean that it's not fucking creepy.

> What he's doing is he's using his standard of beauty as a 31 year old man to "help" increase the self esteem of impressionable teenagers.
> When your only valid argument is "it's legal" and the only people defending him are impressionable young teenagers that's not something I'm willing to associate with.
> Almost every single creator in the community sees him for what it is, every person with their head screwed onto their fucking shoulder sees him for what it is.
> It's fucking weird and it's unnecessary. He makes a lot of money off this, he makes thousands of dollars off of this … and he makes money off the drama as well.
> I mean even I'm fucking weird, I have a - I have a white privilege cooking show, but even I have a sense of morality.
> Anyways, I can't stop any of you from watching him. That's not necessarily my goal, I just wanted to show it for what it was.
> There's no space for argument here. I stand by what I say because it's 100% morally fucking correct.
> Few of you who are saying "oh that's mean he saved my life, he taught me to be beautiful" - to his fucking standard.
> Who the fuck is he, as a 31 year old man, to set the standard … to tell anyone how they should look or feel about themselves?
> You want to hear my standard? You're only going to hear it once: be as healthy as you can possibly be and wear whatever the fuck you want. If anyone doesn't like you for that, then you can actually tell them to fuck off.
> Let me put things into perspective for you real quick, so pay close attention.
> A man that has been on this planet for over 30 years telling a teenager, who is impressionable, how they should look and how they should dress -
> - is the same as a man in his 50s saying, "Hey kiddo, why are you wearing a turtleneck? You look like a pussy. Also you should get some meat on those bones."
> Well hey sir how about you fuck off because you're two generations older than me. Except the teenagers in this circumstance can't defend themselves because they can't think for themselves.
> "Oh but they asked him to do this, they asked him to make these videos about him." That's a fucking pathetic argument. Pathetic.
> And for those of you saying I'm salty - yes, I'm salty. I'm very salty about actually having friends and the majority of the youtube community stand behind me.
> It's amazing the things you can do and the friends you can make when you're not a fucking creepy asshole.
> I just want to make people laugh, I suppose, but sometimes I just get worked up about things.

No. 334180

Wow, what set him off?

No. 334181

Ahhhhhh, I wish there was more to read, but Cyr, you rock.

No. 334182

ty for this anon

No. 334183

beautiful. also thank you for transcribing, anon.

No. 334185

I'm so glad opeople are still talking about this. It's so important it doesn't get pushed to the side. I winder if cyr has any insight in his taxes

No. 334186

What is his name on snapchat?

No. 334187

File: 1483851646936.png (14.47 KB, 701x155, misogyny.png)

Please tell me this is real and not someone from here trolling.

No. 334188


No. 334190

I'm kinda feeling dumb because I don't understand what that person's even trying to really say.

No. 334191

that lolcow is full of misogynist anti-sjws and that's the only reason we don't like EO

No. 334192

Oh. An awkwardly delusional opinion.

No. 334193


Lolcow is offensive to us SJWs, I'm triggered!!!!

Lol fuck off

No. 334194

they're talking about the EO thread in /snow. stevie has been sour ever since she got told to fuck off this thread when lux came up. if you'd like to talk more about her, id suggest moving it over to her thread in /snow.

No. 334195

What's it under? Can't find it in the catalog.

No. 334198

File: 1483856996775.png (77.69 KB, 640x641, IMG_3117.PNG)

Cyr's posts are refreshing.

No. 334214

File: 1483869222617.png (287.61 KB, 592x450, topkek.PNG)

Honestly, the #OnisionFacts was one of the only good things that came out of this shit show (In case you didn't know: Onision is a fact machine that'll rek you)

No. 334216


I'm genuinely wondering what happened to his "VEGETARIAN BODAAAY!!!"

No. 334217


Lol. He made a school shooter fanfic, where the MC was basically that!

No. 334218

Ian Somerhalder? He looks like Michael Shannon

No. 334219

File: 1483872725338.png (2.22 MB, 2435x1964, Blaire vs Onion.png)

reposting from a drawthread where I was asked to draw Blaire "giving it" to Onion

No. 334220

Holy fuck his eyes are staring into my soul…

No. 334221

10/10 you should tweet this to Blaire and Onision

No. 334222

What did Michael Shannon do to you to deserve this?

No. 334223

I don't have an account ahah

No. 334225

File: 1483880770913.jpeg (25.51 KB, 800x450, vanityfair_toronto-internation…)

He's an equally bad beard grower.

No. 334231


>>In this video I do say some negative things, and I also say some positive things… it's about balance, you know? The truth doesn't really pick sides, it just is what it


No. 334239

your art style is too nice to be wasted on anything involving Grease, but i love this nonetheless

No. 334240

I'll never understand how someone who is so incredibly vain about their appearance can treat their body like absolute shit. Yes he's tried botox, but his skin problems and his pudgy midsection could be improved with a clean diet, hydration, minimal exercise, and a basic skincare routine. I would expect him to act more like Patrick from American Psycho but he's too lazy.

No. 334245

No. 334246

Michael shannon is x100 better looking. onision looks like an orangutans (patchy) hairy butt crack.

No. 334260

File: 1483896474882.png (49.17 KB, 948x244, Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 12.1…)

My state puts up Case Information online when you're charged with a crime, so I thought Washington would do the same with their cases so I found Greg's criminal record lol

It doesn't have the charges unfortunately, but he has a long record.

No. 334261

File: 1483896630187.png (34.34 KB, 951x141, Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 12.1…)

Heres the cases he was involved in before he changed his last name as well. One of them is the case for divorcing Skye but thats thats the only one I could find more information about

If anyone can figure out the charges involved with all these cases I would love to know lol

No. 334262

Eurofag here, don't these could also be civil cases? Like his divorce and shit? Would explain the number.

No. 334263



Are those all from Divorce cases ? Seems like alot of fighting he did not to give up anything to Skye.

No. 334266


One of the cases under the last name Daniel is his divorce, I forgot which one but I clicked on one of the links and it brought me to a LINX page about the case. Each case is separate so unless Greg divorced from her like…eight times… only one of them is his divorce, and the rest are unknown.

The one in 1993, however, I think is something involving Domestic Violence because in the docket information it mentioned domestic violence. Let me see if I can get screenshots one second.

No. 334267

Those 'defendant' ones could be her suing because he's not paying the alimony, tho. Seems like something he would do.

No. 334268

didn't he say he punched his dad in the face when he was younger or some shit? maybe its related to that

No. 334269

File: 1483897558226.png (55.53 KB, 629x217, Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 12.4…)

No. 334270

File: 1483897780489.png (76.69 KB, 1008x324, Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 12.4…)


Okay so as far as I can tell this case and the one before it both involve his divorce.

So two of the cases where his last name is still Daniel, involve his divorce.

No. 334271


Welp, no children! Wonder where the other bastard children are

No. 334272

Its just as likely that they involve criminal activity, I just have no clue because all of the ones with his new last name are confidential and I can't find information about the charges or details

No. 334273

He would have been 8 at the time though

No. 334274

Is there a way to figure out what happened in 2016? I feel like that coincides with one of his rages.

No. 334276


(This is regarding the first screenshot for those of you who don't know how to follow threads.)

Defendant, name change, defendant, defendant, defendant, defendant.

Those case numbers suck. Sometimes, they have prefixes which tell you what kind of case it is like TR for traffic or CC for civil or DR for domestic relations…

He also seems to have a lot of problems with different companies whose services he uses (Those landscapers, Comcast, when he leased that car way back when, etc.) Wonder if some of those are civil suits by the companies to collect.

No. 334278


Right after the "I Betrayed My Wife Saga" and this video was posted the day after the case date

So it might be a restraining order?

No. 334280

File: 1483899253702.png (100.12 KB, 755x373, Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 1.13…)

No. 334281

Greg has a criminal case to deal with next month :D

No. 334283


How are you getting that? I don't see anything for next month (were you thinking the 2/16 case?). Also, all the new name cases are municipal/district so hard to tell what the case numbers actually mean.

No. 334284

3rd digit is 0, tho, so nope.
First two are for the year -> 16

No. 334285


Is it possible to put a restraining order on someone where said someone's located in another country (Canada)?

No. 334286

I don't know, they might lack jurisdiction, especially if they don't own property in the US

No. 334291


Then maybe the case wasn't against Shiloh herself.

No. 334294

I doubt it is against Shiloh. She's in the UK and hasn't been involved in his life for four years.

No. 334295

She's not in the UK. I'm not sure where you guys heard that from? She was in the UK for a little bit, but she's in Canada atm, I think. On her snapchat her timezone is at -6 GMT

No. 334297

File: 1483902089130.png (103.56 KB, 255x209, what the hell.PNG)

…after all the shit everyone gave him for doing creepy shit like rating underage bodies he still makes a video about whether or not these girls are jailbait or not.


No. 334299

The fact he's using the term "are they legal" is so gross like guessing their ages along is bad but just adding in the aspect of fucking them just makes it so much worse

No. 334301


He needs to stop before people ACTUALLY start investing his ass.

Is this what you want Greggy? You wanna go to jail? Cool, get the cops rt!

No. 334303

If someone could figure out what the charges are for these… we could really take down his ass. I just know there's something fishy about them.

No. 334305

I just looked up the numbers and this property keeps popping up https://www.coldwellbankerhomes.com/ca/ramona/24563-del-amo-road/pid_12390844/

No. 334306


I second that!

Any lawyers/prosecutors in the house err, farm?

No. 334307


California? Why?

No. 334308

Is that the house Onion lived in with Cyr?

No. 334310

ATR-0001 is about antitrust laws. 'Handles certain violations of antitrust laws that involve patents, copyrights, and trademarks.'

No. 334312


cyr >>>>>>> blaire

No. 334313


didn't shane just admitted to dealing with fucking bulimia? does this motherfucker really need to appear out of nowhere and get $$$$$$ from putting him on his thumbnail and trashing his life choices. still more succesful than you grease

No. 334318

File: 1483906317600.jpg (48.43 KB, 750x551, gross.jpg)

No. 334321

This is an arrogant bastard who thinks he's untouchable by law because of his legal loopholes. I can't wait for his cockiness to bite him in his pimply ass. He'll fuck up.

No. 334322

File: 1483906722450.jpg (61.48 KB, 853x685, Clipboard01.jpg)

No. 334323

haven't watched yet but how many times does he show a girl of a questionable age and say

No. 334325


He doesn't, but he does say 'ASSUMING YOU'RE OF AGE' a lot. And to a heavier girl who submitted a photo: 'I don't know why this was submitted. Obviously not.'

No. 334326

I hope Cyr keeps doing this for a while hehe

No. 334328

I've never seen such a pathetic beard. It looks like his pubes are trying to flee. Why does he have a wrinkle between his eyebrows? Is that from the botox and trying to emote?

No. 334330

Caveman brow and a patchy pube beard. He looks like he smells of semen, onions, grease, and gasoline.

No. 334331

scowl lines from being a miserable fuck

No. 334334

File: 1483907821533.jpg (154.27 KB, 750x931, 56a60044-5fd3-41a0-8822-6c5ab8…)

Billie posted this on tumblr.

No. 334336

if she wants to do any of those things i hope she realizes being with greg will guarantee she never will be able to

No. 334337

Did she get cut off from the onion funds?

No. 334339

maybe she means she just wants to make her own money and not be at the mercy of a psycho.

No. 334340

File: 1483908530451.png (73.76 KB, 750x417, IMG_9362.PNG)

>>daily reminder of how COOL, MATURE, WELL ADJUSTED, and SMART adult onision fans are

No. 334341

File: 1483908567553.png (60.52 KB, 736x431, IMG_9363.PNG)

also ?

No. 334342

I just cannot process this new look of his. At first I thought it was to attract sympathy from his fans, to convince them he's in shambles emotionally. Unshaven and whatnot. Does he seriously think he looks good?

No. 334343

Get called a pedo and grow a beard? Nah he just wanted an excuse to imitate Shane.

No. 334344


I would just like to point out the difference in colour between the top half of his face and the bottom where he can't put makeup on because of his "beard"

No. 334345


Also he must put makeup on his neck, it's like he has a big red strip on his face

No. 334346

No. 334347

these people live in the same area i do which is more than a little terrifying to me

No. 334349

Be sure to tell your neighbors to keep teen girls away from him.

No. 334351

This makes me so sad for Shane. BDD is a horrifying disorder, and making permanent progress takes a lot of strength, hard work, and acceptance. This is just as bad as shitting on someone for being anorexic or severely depressed, but Omission's already done that, so I guess he doesn't care. Let's hope that he chokes on a vegan schnitzel ASAP

No. 334353

Onision's brow wrinkle looks like the back of a larger person's neck.

No. 334356

I'm still waiting for him to grow this thick manly beard he was talking about. ofc it's all pube patches

No. 334357

Treat him like your local Lucas Werner.

No. 334364

HSanon.2 you can actually request all those records if you're so inclined. It'll give you the charges and the judgements. You may need to pay like 5$ for a few older ones but that's it

No. 334365

Anyone wanna contact the court houses Greg appeared at and ask how their case number systems work?

No. 334366


can someone in the area please do this

No. 334367

File: 1483912570060.jpg (137.82 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg)


Dear god that screen shot looks like a criminal suspect amber alert shot …

No. 334368

We need some fake news sources to spread this image kek

No. 334370


does cyr fancy him? he can't move on

No. 334371

Nah, cyr held back for years. Greg only ended their friendship for reals because of the election.

No. 334374

File: 1483913977850.png (165.91 KB, 1139x520, noooooooooooo.png)

I feel like CPS definitely needs to check out Greg's fandom as whole, especially since this grown man-child can't see anything disturbing about any of this

No. 334377

No Greg, he doesn't fancy you.

No. 334380

Go away Omission, no sane person would be attracted to your caveman-like features and your slimy personality

No. 334381

If that's the case, Greg must like Eugenia and Shane A LOT.

No. 334384


Could it be from that shitshow when his wife took the kid and left and he signed away parental rights?

No. 334386

Finally, that shuts down the shitty "love child" rumors that kept derailing previous threads.

No. 334388

Welp, she better start getting used to it because one she's living under that roof, he's not going to let her do anything but serve him.

No. 334391

You lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas Billie.

No. 334392

It clearly says in the divorce section "NO CHILDREN". So lets just assume troy and claire are his only kids, lets not try spread false bullshit unless we have more proof than some anon from a previous thread making claims they never backed up.

No. 334393

they're not talking about that, they're talking about when Lainey left with Troy after Cuddlegate.

No. 334394

Oh boyyyyyyy

No. 334395

I guess"HSAnon" was just someguy roleplaying after all…

No. 334396

File: 1483918953021.png (1.61 MB, 935x602, capture_001_08012017_154200.pn…)

He just can't fucking let go can he.

No. 334397

what happened to i only have sex if i love them?

well greg will make sure you have no job so you can sit at home and wait for him to want to fuck you. This guys self-proclaimed dream vacation is his couch. I never understood why "adventurous" billie went for greg who barely leaves his house.

No. 334398

Does he ever wash that shirt?

No. 334399

Hannah Minx is probably who Gerg thinks about when railing Lainey.

No. 334400

Or just someone associated with him, it did get awfully suspicious when he just randomly popped up in the thread and got exclusively involved with them.

At least now we know in future to always get an admin or farmhand to verify anyone who claims to have any Onion milk.

No. 334402

Hannah has been off YT for 3 years. Why is he still making videos about her?? No one even talks about her. He probably still stalks her in hopes she will come back to YT. Creepo

No. 334403

Lainey probably bought him 7 so he can wear it everyday of the week.

No. 334404

LMAO, that pullup bar he just had to get in the view… we know you're not using it Grease, you flabby gross motherfucker.

No. 334405

If he can't be bothered to wash his hair, I doubt he'd be bothered to wash his clothes
The shirt looks like the upper half of a kid's onesie anyway so it suits him and the whole situation quite well

No. 334406

File: 1483919971368.png (1.44 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170108-185806.png)


It really accentuates the dad flab.

No. 334407

Does this mean we have lainey to blame for these godawful zip collar shirt things

No. 334408

>he looks like he just washed up on the beach after being in a plane crash

No. 334409

Both of them have really terrible fashion choices in all honesty.

No. 334410

Greg would've been the first one killed if he were on Lost.

No. 334411

An uglier, dumber, creepier version of Boone, since he likes Ian Somerhalder so much. First one to die.

No. 334413

Also I like how Lainey got them for him, which means he paid for his gift because lord knows Lainey doesn't have a job and Greg basically runs her YouTube channel.

No. 334414

I feel like he's testing how far he can go with each new video. If he does "Onision rates your bellybutton" next I'm going to barf.

No. 334417

Serious question (I know we're supposed to drop it already); is it possible to hide the existence of children in divorce documents? It's something "HSAnon" said they did but it's often rare doing so.

No. 334418

i feel like it could be related to when the report was lodged when sarah first went over there to visit. that was in august some time, wasn't it?

No. 334419



No. 334420

the only thing I can think of that could be plausible is if she wasn't very far along in the pregnancy, but iirc they broke up in 2010 so she would've been showing by 2011.

honestly I just don't believe Skye was ever pregnant by him.

No. 334421

I hope she wasn't ever impregnated by him. I wouldn't want a reminder of this shit lord calling me mommy.

No. 334422

Please take it to the Skye thread in /snow if you want to carry on with that rumor.

No. 334423


I understand but would it still be plausible AFTER she "gave birth" since the divorce was finalized in late 2011?

No. 334425

Here, let me help you.


No. 334426

Shit yeah it could be. But depending on how the numbers are read, it could be Feb. 8th or Aug. 2nd. Both of which align with Lainey taking the kid and him signing over his rights and Sarah first arriving there. idk maybe I read the numbers wrong.

No. 334428


Sorry, just red your message after I posted.

Though I wonder, why does she have a thread here when she hasn't been in the public eye for 4 years now? The only snowflake-y about her is she's a weeaboo.

No. 334432

Because we have some very spergy anons in here that just won't let it go; even going to the trouble of creating threads about someone roleplaying her "love child" as if it's proof she does have a child.


(saging because this is the last time I'm saying anything remotely to do with this autistic nonsense.)

But yes, please use the threads in relation to Skye about all this crap, it just clutters and derails these threads otherwise.

No. 334433

Pretty sure my comment pertained mostly to Greg and my personal feelings on what I would feel if I had kids by him.

No. 334434


If it helps any, the American formatting of dates goes mm/dd/yy.

No. 334438

New video by our favorite narcissistic dimwit.

Nah it's because Blaire called him out for trying to look like a 16 year old so now he's going for the "mature" pedo look.
OT: I just listened to the podcast with Blaire and these other guys. They make a pizza gate joke somewhere in the middle. Does she actually believe in this nonsense?

No. 334441

Andy Biersack is such an awful german name. Andy Beerbag.

No. 334444

I think onion has embraced being a cow, people are no longer watching his videos because they enjoy his content, but to watch the freak show that he and all associated with him are.
I'm pissed at YouTube as a platform, money is important I suppose and that's that.

No. 334445

OMG someone please burn the stupid ass zip up shirt. It's seriously some lame ass JC Penny Dad fashion. I thought you wanted to be cool, Onion

No. 334447

I agree, nobody could give less of a fuck if they tried about Gerg's opinions unless they're under the age of 17 or a 36 year old grandma. He's putting his life on display for $$, it's just fucking sick he's dragging literal teenagers into this shit show with him to be immortalized online forever.

No. 334448

Or just that he interviewed someone pulling his leg. He's even stated that afterward he felt that might have been the case.

No. 334449

>36 year old grandma
>when you think "what, this anon thinks 36 is grandma age?" but then you remember Gerg had a video with a 36 year old grandma fantard and you cringe all over again

No. 334450

absolutely horrifying

No. 334451

"Lol I'm a teen mom who raised another teen mom, tee hee! Notice me, creeper-senpai!"

No. 334453

Legit probably his only 30+ fan. Couple of threads ago I posted about some woman on YT commenting she wishes she were 15 years younger so she could date him/them - and it's cringy because she might be the same person, lol.

No. 334454

>>Legit probably his only 30+ fan

You're forgetting Sarah's mom, another "cool mom" who's desperate to get the attention of a YT creeper. That's the kind of adult women who are fans of him.

No. 334456

>You're forgetting Sarah's mom
Oh god, yes. That's an absolute cringe-fest too. You're such a hip kewl momster when you let your underage daughter live with a 31 year old creep, his child bride and "their" lover.

No. 334457


Not to mention, there's an older lady in her 50's who worships him. I've seen her around the forums and social media.

No. 334458

50 year old Gergle fan? Noooo. Cringy images are invading my mind, make it stop.

No. 334459

Don't worry, it's probably just his mom.

No. 334460


Unfortunately it's true and it ain't his momma.


No. 334461

>I love to listen to Poison and watch the Crow 4 : Wicked Prayer and Queen of the Damned.. anything Anne Rice

She's basically a less mobile Raven Sparks.

No. 334462


No. 334464

I don't want to be mean ( cause she's really polite in her tweets ), but one of her pics look like how Gergles would look if he gained 30 pounds, quit botox and got a tan. That between the eyes wrinkle.

No. 334465


From the old forums, it read one of her favorite bands is Black Veil Brides.

No. 334466


he's just calling him out, nothing weird about that. you are on lolcow after all where that's what we do all day…go away onionboy

No. 334467

JFC I was hoping it was his mom or a sock but she's a real person.
Maybe they're related?

No. 334468


Why does he sound so offended?

No. 334469

Yeah i dont think hes even trying to be likeable anymore. Hes so invested in his im the most brutally honest controversial drama youtuber. he gives 0 shits about making good content that his fans would like and just wants to make what will get him the most views.

I watched an older video of his and i could see how some young tweens would find him likeable since he at least tried to be nice then. Idk how anyone who comes across one of his recent videos first would ever find him likeable.

Theres a reason shane is still relevant and has increased his channel a ton since the old days, while onion is slowly dying. Shane is just actually a likeable person where onion is one of the fakest people on youtube.

No. 334471

0:30 wooow, shes not pretty but you would think he would care more about his fans.

No. 334473


Not to mention he throws every opportunity that comes his way to success. Yeah, he ain't gonna last much longer.

Besides the fact he's burnt every bridge with everyone else.

No. 334474

>>334434 Yeah that's what I was thinking, so it would be Feb 8th then. Wouldn't that coincide more with lameass taking troy and gergles signing his rights away?

No. 334476

Why do we not discuss the girl that's always playing Hannah Minx? Sorry for newfag

No. 334478

If you know any information, make a thread for her in /snow

No. 334479

this is the guy who assumed because Lainey wasn't "over" Billie immediately that she desperately wanted her back. he's fully retarded when it comes to emotions.

No. 334482

I don't think he honestly thought that, he was just using it as an excuse to bring her back for his own sake

No. 334483

He probably didnt assume that. he just wanted billie back so thats what he was telling her and lainey is dumb enough to fall for it. I have no hope left for her because shes just a living puppet.

Onion's emotions are so fake. He moves onto the next person with 0 emotion for the person he supposedly "loves/loved"

No. 334484

Exactly. It was for him and him alone. If it weren't for Bilbo it would have been some other girl.

No. 334490

Fun fact: Onion once attacked the incels…

No. 334491


And the incels responded.

No. 334498

File: 1483938241556.png (78.36 KB, 273x232, who.png)

>this looks like someone I care about greatly, so…

Who is he talking about?

No. 334499


The makeup is reminiscent of Billy

No. 334502


Old high school gr or something?

No. 334503

No. 334507

Probably Billie, sans blue hair.

No. 334508

definitely billie, same makeup style + facial features

No. 334510



No. 334516


So is Billie Jean really interested in Onion himself or his money? Ya know, with the 'fuck me' eyes she sometimes gives him.

No. 334520

File: 1483944146663.png (488.17 KB, 580x449, billiereally.PNG)

well, considering Billie ignored this >>334076
from Lainey and liked the following, the only thing I know is I'm pretty sure she likes Onion more than Plain lmao.

No. 334521


Does Billie have 2 accounts; because isn't this her tumblr?

No. 334523


that tumblr isn't used as much as her http://billiedawningle.tumblr.com/ account.

No. 334525

billie reblogs a good amount of weed pics lmao didn't greg rage about her smoking the devil's lettuce at a festival

No. 334526

lots of cigarettes and a reference to acid. lmao, I think this girl is playing them so hard.

No. 334527

"Billie….if you love us…..you'll let us drug test you………on a weekly basis."

No. 334531

http://68.media.tumblr.com/f846d4c074921ea903e0e86304c8fb0e/tumblr_n2o2mdpEBW1s9uujjo1_500.jpg she reblogged this, I guess she watches the hentai porn with "daddy"(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 334532

this is an image board. please upload the images instead of posting links.

No. 334536

Some old ones are billiedawn.tumblr.com and billiedawnxoxo.tumblr.com


No. 334538

thank you hahahha

No. 334541

lmao wtf is billiedawnxoxo? it's like the opposite of everything she is.

No. 334543

billiedawnxoxo probably isn't her, i scrolled through the archive and it's mostly cheerleading images. unless billie was a cheerleader in high school and i missed that..?

No. 334544

On that billiedawn tumblr though, the only post is about Suicide Squad, complaining about having just signed up for tumblr (unless she actually had only just signed up at that time and I missed that) and knowing that people are going to spoil it. There are no posts and the blog doesn't have any likes beyond that. Wasn't she already 19 when that movie came out? That post looks to me like it was written by someone much younger.

No. 334545

File: 1483951420744.jpg (100.79 KB, 598x606, gergler.jpg)

No. 334547

That person said they are getting death threats.

No. 334548

File: 1483951695354.jpg (29.08 KB, 612x162, yes.jpg)

Was just about to post.

No. 334549

That is so fucked up.

No. 334550

File: 1483952161711.jpg (63.71 KB, 606x194, lolohgod.jpg)

This is a comments one of Grease's fantard left under his video. You can only read the section I marked, it gave me a good laugh…and a major cringe.

No. 334551

>most realest honest

No. 334553

Nah, I'm pretty sure he would at least fave her tweets, especially the ones TO him…

No. 334556

The problem with the argument that you would see a person like this at the swimming pool or beach is that it's a public place, not a bedroom.
Believe it or not, most girls don't lounge around in their bra and undies. These girls weren't getting ready to go to the beach or pool. They took off their clothes to take what I would call intimate pictures of themselves. The added writing his name on their body is a baby form of branding.
Girls at pool or beach, public setting.
Girls in their room, private intimate setting. Context is huge.

No. 334557

I'm pretty sure that Greg's mom being in a New Age cult and him never getting banned videos on YT go hand in hand. I don't think Sicesca is a valid religion but I still think there are enough New Age nuts in California who don't care.

He's just a byproduct of it and now he's aging. He has a microdick and neanderthal brow but Mummy's special massage skills get him a free platform.

No. 334561

I wish this was posted around more. This is a perfect explanation to why this isn't okay.

No. 334563


I also don't know any adult who would go to a public pool and invite random teen girls to have their bodies rated and evaluated. Sure, if a minor in a bikini asked me randomly if she was fat or ugly I'd be very uncomfortable but reassure her she looks fine (which seems to be the sort of thing he suggests he's doing), but I'd never show up at a pool yelling that people can have their looks evaluated in front of everyone watching. He's really hung up on the pool thing but it simply doesn't hold up.

No. 334565


I've noticed a trend recently where he'll start off these types of videos with 'People have made a topic' rather than 'I asked you to send in x/y/x' as if that makes him look better in any way.

If there was a group of young girls at a swimming pool (he loves the swimming pool analogy after all) and they were calling out to people and asking for someone to rate their bodies, people would look at you like you were mad if you were all: "I'LL DO IT. I VOLUNTEER."

Shit's creepy, gurg.

No. 334567

sorry guys, i dropped out of onion stuff for a while- can someone please tell me who sarah is?

No. 334568

16 year old currently living in the household. She's their paid nanny. Taking online schooling, all while flirting with Onion. And age of consent is 16 in Washington so he's probably fucking her.

No. 334570

I'm really relieved you guys understand what I'm saying.
There is a huge difference between a couple of teen posting themselves at the beach or pool, saying hey look how great this was I had a lot of fun!
Verses a girl who stripped down to her bra and undies, wrote a 30 year old man's online moniker on them, and asked if he finds their bodies attractive or healthy.
He isn't a doctor of any sort, he has zero credentials.
The children continue to do it because no one has told them it's wrong.
And I get he's a ephebophile, not a pedophile, but these are still closely related to child porn.
The child doesn't have to be nude, have lewd things done to them, etc for it to be child porn. A child dressed up in…adult wear…is considered child pornography.
His logic is seriously flawed and he's spreading false information. Honestly all of these underage girls are victims whether they know it or not.

No. 334571

>what happened to i only have sex if i love them?

Classic manipulation. It's to make the girls feel like sex = love. He wants to seem like a good guy, "not like other men", kinda guy.

No. 334573


He once threatened an anti-o through anonymous asks. Apparently said anti-o was gonna reveal "heavy stuff" about Onion but never came forward and disappeared.

Their name was Cumision…

No. 334574

People need to stop bitching out.

No. 334577

Well, there was "heavy stuff" in the past. A female who went under the username "VenitaSpeaks" claimed to have a lot of info = teenage girls that Gergle had inappropriate conversations with, supposedly approached her with their confessions and it was "under investigation".
Of course nothing came out of it and most people didn't believe it after a while.

No. 334579

File: 1483967331413.png (1.12 MB, 1247x769, animu.png)

Lmao posting animu references to FMA which bilbo is watching. They are prob hardcore messaging each other all the time. Onion nor bilbo were never posting this much about animu until they got together. Hes never once shared an interest in anything lainey likes lmao. And bilbo didn even bother to like lainey's tweet to her, but she obsessively likes onions tweets. Yeah. Lainey is in 2nd/3rd place to onion. And lainey isnt even on bilbo's radar.

No. 334580


No. 334582

Yeah I remember that. I really don't they had anything. They alluded that Greg was sending them threatening messages and then disappeared. It was fucking cheesy as hell.

No. 334583

did cousin friend anon ever come back after being confirmed?

No. 334584

File: 1483968445682.png (725.07 KB, 650x835, onionfogle.png)

If any of you know who Jared Fogle is.

No. 334587

She did but she didn't say much.

No. 334589


He's the dude from the old subway commercials who claimed eating subs helped him lose weight (dunno if that's true or not but whatever).

Though I think this should be next thread's picture, it also has "animal corpses" inside the sub lmao.

No. 334590

pedo tenancies overrode the evil meat for me hehe

No. 334591



He's also a convicted pedo, yeah.

No. 334592

The thing is … what you've said is completely fucking obvious - but that's the point. The phrase "it goes without saying" exists for a reason: no one should have to explain this shit to Greg, or anyone else for that matter, because it's totally fucking obvious to anyone who isn't a) a cunt, or b) a manipulative fucker like Grease who likes to say, "Hey, I'm just being brootalee honest and literal and using definitions, that makes me a fact machine that you can't argue with." Like Cyr says, he's like a robot in that way. And that's great for robots, but we're not robots, we're humans.

The paradox of that is, it can be hard to explain something that "goes without saying," but you did it brilliantly.

There's a reason why sending pictures of yourself, in your underwear (or just various states of undress), in your bedroom (or any private setting, making the context of the photo intimate), is considered SEXTING, whereas sending a photo of yourself in a bikini at a public pool IS NOT. BECAUSE THE TWO ARE DIFFERENT. AND MOST PEOPLE DON'T NEED THAT EXPLAINING TO THEM.

Sorry for sperging, but Jesus Christ I hate this false equivalence bullshit that his fantards have now latched on to like it actually fucking means anything.

No. 334593

Surely there's something that can be done about all this? Just to make the videos Greg has to download all those images sent into him and while I don't know about Washington state, where I'm from just being caught with some of those images can count as possessing CP and I bet Greg has a large number of them stockpiled since he keeps reusing old ones from girls that don't want them used anymore.
I mean if the Margaret farmers could spook that crazy porn lady that stalked Venus by filing reports of her owning/publishing CP from suggestive old Venus videos (this is assuming she was spooked because she knew there was valid reason to bust her) then it might at least get Greg investigated, especially considering there are minors and kids in the household.

No. 334595

The subway diet was/is real if you actually get more than bread, meat, and cheese, but it's also ludicrously expensive and inconvenient to eat subway 3x a day.

Sage for ot

No. 334599


I didn't know he was a convicted pedo, interesting.


Yeah, 6 bucks for a small sub (in a meal) isn't much really.

No. 334601

File: 1483975084630.jpeg (48.02 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

Saged for ot

Onion looks like a female version of Marilyn Monroe

No. 334602


Shit, my bad!

No. 334603

No, not really anon.

No. 334605

… not even a little. Like how could you possibly think that?

No. 334606

File: 1483975849420.png (8.57 KB, 200x200, 5270956.png)

No. 334607

>Watching Brotherhood and not the first glorious FMA animu

No. 334609

File: 1483976905774.png (760.08 KB, 1136x640, image.png)


It was the strong widow's peak and Onion's hairstyle at the time that gave the impression.

No. 334614

New video bashing Brian Molko without even mentioning him by name, probably the first time he's heard about him. If you look at the comments most of his fans have no idea who he is either but that's understandable since they were probably born post 2000.
Also, Andy Biersack is ugly af and I don't get how he's still milking his popularity.

No. 334616

I could see the eyes too. At least in that picture.

No. 334618


It's already been posted, anon: >>334438 but I agree that dude is better looking than Andy Biersack (this coming from an AB fan)

No. 334619

Well, when you put it that way it is kinda hilarious.

No. 334621


Damn, I need to keep better track of this thread.

No. 334622

It's really quite insane that a 31 year old man is even discussing this if we're being brootally honest.

No. 334624


I wonder who he'd have to call ugly for youtube to finally take notice of it and take it down

No. 334625


Their CEO maybe?

No. 334626

She was full of shit. She did all those videos after she had her stomach stapled. She's still around over at http://venitaspeaks.tumblr.com/ She deleted anything having to do with Greg when it passed a few years and was obvious that she was a liar. It was self-promotion and I doubt anyone told her anything.

No. 334627

It's probably because plainly likes placebo (or she has posted their lyrics in the past) and anything she likes he has to make fun of.
Also, fuck you gurg! Brian is a babe. you cave man looking, embodiment of human garbage.

No. 334628

Of course it was all BS. I agree that it was done for self-promotion.
This was also the time when EO was still on FB/group and between moving to Tumblr and I even asked about the situation several times. They either ignored it or wen't "oh we don't know, might kinda be true, best to let officials handle it" - it was embarrassing and showed how full of shit EO can be.

No. 334629


I've read a few posts; even OnisionDrama was supporting her.


That lying cunt.

No. 334630


Let's find their picture and post it to the onision forum with a "rate me" caption.

Hey, it's a shit idea but it's an idea.

No. 334634

EO got called out for the FB group because "the ranting community" thought it was petty. Instead of having a backbone and saying they have a right to be petty they just said FB page had different admins and shut it down.
Sage because I know there's an EO thread in /snow but I can't find it in the catalog.

No. 334636


Should we make another Anti-O thread instead?

No. 334637


Then again, Greg's gonna use it tho his advantage and views…

No. 334638



It's still there, EO got merged with the DSSCTM thread because they're similar.

No. 334644

File: 1483985440241.jpg (149.21 KB, 416x361, 47836785623408.jpg)

He's trying really hard to come across as bi-romantic or whatever he calls himself these days. Talking about wanting to bang leafy, quoting gay guy's compliments on twitter, now this.

He probably wants to deflect from rating-gate

>>How could I find 13-year olds attractive if my only true love is Andy Biersack!!!!?

He posted a gif on twitter that shows a girl running towards a guy and a girl and falling into the girls arms. Don't know how to post the gif so I had to describe it.

Lainey + Bilbo.
Except that's not how their relationship works. At all.

No. 334645


I thought it was relatable to him because he thinks he's the guy in the picture that is watching two small schoolgirls make out.

No. 334646

lol this is hilarious because he makes it seem like bilbo and lainey are so excited to see each other that they ignore him and hes just a third wheel. When its more like onion and bilbo are excited to see each other that they ignore lameo. This gif would only be "relatable" if you had no part in the relationship onion.

No. 334647

This is why I can't stand it when people in all seriousness call him a cuck. It's not an insult to him - he probably enjoys hearing it in some twisted sense, because it deceives people. What a great guy that Gergle is for understanding his wife wanted a GF! NOOOO.
It's Plankton who's the 'cuck' and after Bilbo is long gone, she's going to be the third wheel to some other girl.

No. 334649


No? He hates being called a cuck.

No. 334650


Nah, he doesn't.

No. 334652


no, he loves it.