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File: 1573517348396.jpeg (26.68 KB, 247x350, 3F5D84B9-DB67-46B0-962F-0CCA7D…)

No. 892011

They are everywhere, on social media including our backyard!

Always infighting about stupid shit or doxxing other anti-O’s, lurking on lolcow and always looking for asspats when doing the “extremes”; not to mention praising and/or rimming the Onion Goddesses for validation

>A few prominent ones:

Bad Banana (private)
Onision Unprivated
Sarah DeArmour
Big Money Onision
>And last but not least…drumroll
Stevie Wolfethorne/Someguy827/The Original A-Log

This thread may suck so please feel free to edit/update or whatever(shit op)

No. 892019

Eh I feel like it's kinda pointless to be gawking at these guys. Like yeah they're stupid by continuing to give him attention but it's taking away from the true milk.

No. 892023

No it isn't. They're in a separate thread in snow and are becoming cows themselves by trying to "be the one to take him down". They aren't the police nor are they lawyers, there isn't shit that they can do. They're too much like Joy Sparkles.

No. 892031

Fair enough. I just hope the main thread can be focused on the real shit.

No. 892039

This is dumb .. Stevie already has his own thread. The other people except for aldii don’t even have a Youtube, Banana hasn’t even been as active as he use to be so how are they trying to be the ones to take down Anus.

Sounds like a vendetta thread

No. 892043

File: 1573520673284.jpg (22.37 KB, 879x91, 2019-11-11_20-05-13.jpg)

Not the one who made the thread, but it's not a vendetta thread, it was requested by multiple in the thread request thread. It's mostly to complain about twitterfags that have been coming here or causing shit (cowtipping and bragging about it).

No. 892049

>This thread may suck so please feel free to edit/update or whatever
>feel free to edit/update
Yikes, how newfag are you? Also I don't understand what the milk is here. They're cows because….they're doing what this entire website has been obsessed with doing for years now?
>We all hate Onionboy
>We also hate people who hate Onionboy
Really, is this what the site is now? If they're not whiteknights or pro-Onion who gives a fuck.

>Stop posting anti-o flakes.
>They do not get to come here for validation
So you did literally the opposite of what you were told to do by mods? And made an entire thread to validate them? Stop posting about them doesn't mean "go post about them over there", it means….stop posting about them.

No. 892053

The mods said stop posting them or go make a thread in snow. So a thread was made in snow. It helps to read the whole message.

No. 892055

Work on your reading skills. I didn't make the thread and the admin gave the okay to make one.

No. 892056

can we talk about onision unprivated, at least? she acts like she runs the whole community and it's weird

No. 892057

File: 1573522041899.jpeg (138.4 KB, 640x912, E01B3183-DD08-4653-AF8D-45ADEE…)

Drop coming

No. 892058

I agree with that. They lost the plot and now thinks that there should be no other information besides theirs. I get compiling it all in one place, but they act like a cow about it.

No. 892059

File: 1573522154238.png (403.53 KB, 640x1136, 9E05B905-7E4C-4B33-B149-F53CEC…)

No. 892061

File: 1573522238630.png (324.41 KB, 640x1136, BC7B5657-6819-48F5-95AD-5B6999…)

No. 892062

File: 1573522331239.png (365.34 KB, 640x1136, 29E97162-E5B5-4679-AD07-95AD1F…)

No. 892063

File: 1573522357196.png (399.75 KB, 640x1136, 89C721C3-8E78-4FD6-A7FF-3959EE…)

No. 892065

File: 1573522418324.png (469.04 KB, 640x1136, E016B901-BF2B-4F37-8424-EEFB41…)

No. 892066

File: 1573522463822.png (573.74 KB, 640x1136, 0DB32F89-42A7-4FDB-B1C4-0F4F0D…)

No. 892067

File: 1573522487289.png (91.37 KB, 640x1136, E00F0AE6-62E3-407E-836D-9A32D5…)

No. 892070

File: 1573522983463.png (18.85 KB, 699x194, w1AM5Y1tIL.png)

she sounds totally insane and obsessed. contacting a cow's parents is not okay. wow.

anyone who claims themselves to be the "mole queen" of lolcow is definitely a cow themselves.

No. 892075

Are you joking or something? There's a fuckton of milk. Anything greg adjacent is milky as hell. Some anti-os have had their own dedicated threads before because they were that fucking crazy.

No. 892086

File: 1573523874912.jpg (103.91 KB, 580x845, 2019-11-11_20-58-08.jpg)

Which is funny since it shows how much of a hypocrite they are.

No. 892087

File: 1573524041363.png (38.39 KB, 736x360, FYLh5EvWHx.png)

yOu GuYs ArE fUcKiNg EvErYtHiNg Up JeSuS cHrIsT

No. 892093

Oh yay, a bullying thread.

No. 892097

You don’t understand! It’s only okay if I do it privately but publicly denounce it so I can get all the ass pats from the celebrity victims. I’m doing the lords work….. for attention.

No. 892104

File: 1573525872575.jpg (91.21 KB, 673x900, EIo4l9OX0AEhKbK.jpg)

seems like badbanana and onisionunprivated are not on good terms?

No. 892108

It always starts the same way. The Onion milks dries a bit and they start attacking each other. It happened first with Repzion, Stevie, Zierota, Emily (?) and whoever else was in that group.
It continued in the OTL group, etc. I'd say Joy ( rip cow ) was the most milky.

Advice for the OP - explain why we should care about these people and why they're milky if you want anons to be on board. I for example only know Aldlii for her videos and nothing else and I'm sure I'm far from being the only one.

No. 892111

>you guys are fucking it up
Sarah did that on her own imo, seeing as she ruined her own case.
Also I don't blame Sarah entirely for what happened, anti-Os took advantage of her in an emotional state and encouraged this retarded twitter crusade

No. 892117

>I for example only know Aldlii for her videos

Same here. I wasn't aware that she was displaying cow qualities and mentioning what those qualities were in the OP would have helped.

Regina is in the same boat. She keeps doing interviews with cows and not doing her research on them. Some of these "interviewers" have sided with Pedonision in the past and shouldn't be trusted. Thankfully Shiloh didn't involve herself in that.

I don't think Lucidia has done anything either, but people raise her to "queen" status for calling out Greg.

No. 892128

agreed.. she’s an attention whore and a cow.

Aldii seems fine to me, I like her videos.

Stevie is okay but his temper makes him look like an idiot when he goes on his rants.

Repzion is a misogynistic asshole who’s ego is getting too big. Him and Joy are a lot alike not sure why he hated her probably to take over the Anus video hate train.

Lucidia use to be a cunt on Twitter but she’s mellowed out a lot, same with banana. Both use to be very vocal antio’s on Twitter.

It’s odd to make a thread about people that hate Anus.

No. 892131

Sarah hasn’t ruined anything, in regards to getting one of the avaroes behind some bars or on a sex offender list. If she has evidence that nudes were sent to her while she was a minor (and phone records show the year/dates), her talking about it angrily on twitter won’t change the fact that kainey committed a felony. Being angry publicly won’t ruin a case like this for fucks sake.

No. 892132

It's not because they hate the neanderthal but because some of them take things too far and end up becoming just like the cows on snow. They want the fame of being the one to take him down while using the victims as excuses. It's self-righteous bullshit.

No. 892133

It’s too bad the victims don’t see their

No. 892134

No. 892195

File: 1573537053636.png (462.16 KB, 665x1623, Screenshot_2019-11-11 Jesse on…)

With the exception of maybe one on that list, I don't see the point in making a dedicated thread. I know there was in fighting where Bad Banana, Jesse, Arim and MissHeezy got upset at Unprivated (and some others) for who knows what.

I've seen these screen caps and don't know the point Arim(?) was trying to make. Jesse also released something similar (didn't cap those bc didn't see the point).

No. 892198

File: 1573537250242.png (220.58 KB, 636x854, Screenshot_2019-11-08 Arim (al…)


All I saw before all this went down was some pointless infighting caused by what looks like a big nothingburger. Having a vague, personal dislike of someone really isn't a reason to make a thread on them. And unless they're doing something to actively harm the investigation, giving this kind of thing attention only takes away from the Onion's child grooming/harming of minors.

Anyway, I won't be replying to this thread, I'm out.

No. 892201

The screencap that you posted is exactly why their flakey asses get a thread. All this drama and bickering is what really "distracts" from the grooming, not a thread they don't have to read or the law will even give a single damn about.

You also don't have to announce when you leave the thread.

No. 892206

lol anon this is a gossip site, not a grooming site. regardless of his sex offender status onion would not even be on /pt/ if he wasn’t also a huge drama queen and attention whore.

No. 892211

Apparently we’re not allowed to laugh at cows on the internet anymore.

No. 892212

It's literally just people whining on twitter about their hurt feefees but off I guess.

No. 892215

Yes, and they are fun to laugh at. It’s not that deep.

No. 892223

>All this drama and bickering is what really "distracts" from the grooming,
They didn't even @ any of the people they were referring to. How does it distract if no one pays attention to it? It's silly and uneventful. Hardly worth its own thread.

No. 892229

File: 1573543884180.jpeg (556.4 KB, 1125x1205, 9E94C055-6C3A-4CB5-BEB6-661A58…)

Feeling like some of the farmers who don’t want this thread to exist are twitterfags themselves

In other news…

No. 892230

Oh yeah and we’re now blamed for their infighting lel

No. 892232

Some of us only want to know what the actual milk is. To simplify:
- Who tf is Sarah?
- Why is it milky?

With no context that tweet is meaningless.

No. 892239

Kek she shows cow potential for sure, her youtube is fucking embarrassing as well. Onion-tier regurgitating of popular commentary content.

No. 892243

There's so many on twitter you can't keep up.
Most have "onion" in their name, call Taylor "Kai/he" and get angry if you don't.

Another one called @sewergrandma has been nonstop hashtagging OnisionBlackout

No. 892250

> Say we don’t need this thread
> Complains about thread being made
> Seeks out thread in /snow/
> “I hate this”

a lot of effort for hating something, farmers!
Lucidia gives me the creeps! She’s an old looking witch who spends 100% of her time trying to suck up to Sarah for some reason

No. 892252

SarahDefuckingArmond loves jesus

No. 892254

I'm certain these faggots are trembling because we're not hesitating to call them out on their shit lmao

No. 892258

She said herself isn't pursuing this legally in the Hansen stream. You are extremely naive if you think or thought this was ever going to go anywhere.
This is Sarah post breakup, not sarah post onision/ onision related drama. She probably wouldn't have tried pulling off Melanie Martinez clownery if she wasn't pushed into this by the various cowtippers.
By the way, tweeting case details, making thinly veiled threats, and giving randos account passwords that don't even belong to you will hurt your case.

No. 892264

Her FaceApp profile pictures are sad lol

No. 892271

File: 1573561010855.jpg (21.55 KB, 590x120, screencap4.jpg)

sarah cheating on her husband.
someone should fill the poor guy in.

No. 892273

her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. poor guy. has to listen to that all day, forced to be in her youtube videos, over a 100 years old and getting cheated on as a reward.

No. 892278

Cowtipping isn’t allowed anon

No. 892281

She sounds like Kristen Wiig doing the Target lady on SNL.

No. 892283

My thoughts as well. Cows usually show up in threads about them.

They were dumb as fuck to make that Twitter Blackout thing. If you can't control yourself from giving Grog attention, then you have problems other than spamming pedos to work out.

Pure cringe. We don't "feature" people here. Twitterfags are their own biggest fans.

This. One of the reasons why people wanted a thread is because of all the cowtipping.

No. 892285

File: 1573564282272.jpg (59.56 KB, 540x960, sdf.jpg)

Lucidia used to be a fucking cunt but she’s ok now. my favorite though is this fucking loser @ChasevsOnision

No. 892289

Michelle Dominick has cow potential

No. 892290

where can you buy this plugsuit dress? It's horrible but also compelling. Could not find it on Aliexpress kek

No. 892291

She looks like Plainey's long lost foot.

No. 892300


Well which is it


Do you, or don´t you `feature people here` i mean whats the point of having this thread if you can´t talk about the actual cows?

No. 892301

`there is someone against onision and they are very hilarious, i can´t mention them though since they are not featured here`

No. 892304

Will you stop samefagging and sage your shit, retard.

No. 892314

File: 1573570383190.jpg (28.6 KB, 588x409, 6656.jpg)

how nice, they´re both cheating.

No. 892319

File: 1573570731507.jpg (177.17 KB, 1084x1072, cuck.jpg)

she´s always looking for attention for anything with a cock, featured in the image more cheating, her and her cuck husband who´s a 103.

No. 892321

File: 1573570812557.jpg (10.48 KB, 259x195, images.jpg)

she used to be a fatty, has borderline, and lost the weight. her poor husband stood by her for all that, and now as a thank you she´s cheating on him. a lot.(not milk, autistic nitpicking)

No. 892322


Bad Banana is 17 years old and she's like a married adult, that's so inappropriate. She's like just like taylor using minors as therapists. She also posts like topless photos on her twitter.

No. 892323


She´s 33!

No. 892324


Great, another pedo.

No. 892326

File: 1573571335801.jpg (49.17 KB, 594x480, stevie_spergalot.jpg)

you´d be right about that, stevie, my dear boy!

No. 892327

name please

No. 892329

Sarah DeArmond/@SarahDearmond on twitter

No. 892331

No. 892332

No. 892334

Who's Bad Banana?

No. 892335

File: 1573572049270.jpg (211.72 KB, 884x1084, owow.jpg)

Gee whiz
i wonder why sarah
maybe because you flirt with anything with a cock?

No. 892336

can anyone explain what is @drowsylane a victim of?

No. 892337


he's a cow on twitter who attacks other users and then plays the victim when he's outed. he's involved with a group of crazy anti-os who spout tinfoil bs. all he does is bitch now a days so he's losing followers

No. 892343

These screenshots can be summed up:

Jesse kept going on about his ASM theory, unprivated and kittensaurus being the leaders of the antio movement and ruling with an iron fist told him to gtfo and decided that nobody is allowed to speculate or talk about possible things going on with Anus. Others got involved and upped the drama, friends defending friends and so on.

Screenshots were posted which show unprivated and kittensaurus as being the haggard hypocrites they are.

The Neglected Banana stuff happened because he wasn’t respectful of Laineys pronouns and being a transphobe much butthurt ensued between the secret Lainey Stan’s and Neglected. He has since gone private

everything else has just been collateral damage and friends autistically defending friends

No. 892345


banana got butthurt because he was upset Shiloh's interview couldn't be about him and his feelings. he's a selfish little bitch and his friends are psychotic. chris hansens team apparently told his mods to ban people who were transphobic to lainey

No. 892353

isn't @drowsylane a woman? faggots everywhere (facepalm)

No. 892354


It looks like she's just looking for clout and starting fights. Who cares if she leaves twitter? All she does is attack other twitter users like what's the point bitch?

No. 892357

that was about bad banana not drowsylane

No. 892359

Just checked their twitter, They're completely nuts, Nobody is interacting with them and they're bitching about the same very people posted.

This thread smells like vendetta lol Arim seems like a huge cow ranting to herself, 25 posts of pure rage, Even posting her own screenshots on this very thread.

Not very smart this one.

No. 892364

She is. She's one of Sarah's clsoest friends but used to be Plainey's buttplug before she came out to get some fresh air and has been an anti-o since then.

Seems that way. 90% of the twitterfags associated with them seem autistic as hell and have clearly found out about the thread. You can always tell who the real cows are that way though cause they'll throw a tantrum about the thread.

Ffs it was requested by more than one person. Get over it.

No. 892365

This has been said already. It was requested by multiple people in thread requests and in the onion thread, it’s obviously not a vendetta thread. The antis have been acting extra crazy lately and people wanted a place to talk about it without derailing.

No. 892367


Lol hi Arim, how's life outside of twitter(hi cow)

No. 892369

And now this one is getting derailed by them. Other sites are laughing at the Twitterfags too though, it's not just us. They need to learn to chill before they make the victims uncomfortable again.

Not even close, but keep being mad.

No. 892376

File: 1573576929189.jpg (320.3 KB, 1080x1176, Screenshot_20191112-174039_Twi…)

I can't with them.
Hashtagging Jimmy sure as hell doesn't do anything.
Them talking about deplatforming him won't deplatform him and doesn't help the victims.
They really are as delusional as his fans.

Bonus: special they/them snowflake!

No. 892377

They can't even get a hashtag to trend, so how are they going to deplatform anyone? They're just as delusional as Greg and neither of them seem to know the proper way to go about doing things. Just like Greg, they think their opinion is the best one.

No. 892378

what does this use to being fat have to do with any of this anti-o bullshit? ffs this is just nitpicking and irrelevant jfc this thread is just nitpicking and posting personal info. I know the anti-o are a bunch of retarded cows but come on man

No. 892380


its their back story you absolute spastic mongoloid. you want to know their background.

No. 892385

not really the only relevant thing should be the drama itself, these people are a bunch of nobodies that try to get some clout points by trying to get big grease onion man out. btw sage your shit dumbass >>892380

No. 892391


ah I see you are new here, welcome!

No. 892395

>calling someone new
>not knowing how to sage
oki doki!

No. 892406

Someone needs to give them a crash course in how social media works. Those tweets they read where they say "fuck this guy" and then respond in kind? That's interacting and telling Twitter that it's content more people should see based on the volume of response. The videos they dislike on YouTube, same thing. The best thing to do to deplatform Onion is to not interact with him and escalate all of the vile shit he does to appropriate people. It's getting big enough with Hansen on the case. He's posted on Mom FB Groups, and he has very few Patreon fags left. Eventually YouTube won't be able to ignore this. It's going to take time. If that time doesn't come, sure it's shitty, but at least you're not interacting with a predator and telling algorithms you want his content out there. What a bunch of retards.

No. 892409

Exactly. They lack the patience to actually see the bigger results that would happen without them trying to speed up the process. Someone with more influence than them is literally handling it. They seem to think that if they scream louder and get more bossy that people will start listening, but in reality, the opposite happens.

No. 892410

Esp twitters algorithm where you dont need to tag a word for people to find it in a search.. meaning twitter will read the term "onision" within the "onisionblackout" tag indiscriminatly and therefore you are feeding algorithms his name which boost his name & notoriety. I dont know the solution, greg has been able to silence and use people for a long fucking time so i am glad people are loud about it but theres a point where your message is derailed when its oversaturated. Let the man, Chris Hansen, take care of this, he's on the right trail, don't do anything that would effect that investigation as this is the best hope SO FAR of actually de-platforming this psycho. Let the investigation roll and be patient.

No. 892422

There is no investigation anon. Hansen isn’t a cop .. the most he has said he is doing is giving these girls a place to tell their stories. If there was anything illegal implicated he would have no choice but to tell authorities or he is culpable.

Anyone who believes that Anus or Kai is going to jail is dense not sorry to say, it surrounds a false narrative to the victims and when nothing in that respect happens it will only benefit Greg’s ‘innocence because I wasn’t convicted’ story.

The Twitter antio’s going with that narrative are only going to hurt the girls

No. 892432

Ill give 2000 bitcoins to the person who can point out-

which posts above are Tamara
which posts above are bootyslayer AKA Megan AKA @MedwingSong

No. 892511

She isn't a victim of anything. People like to kiss her ass now because they're newfags who think having onion say mean things to you on twitter gives you ptsd.
Ever since falling out with Taylor she's been in anti o circles with other scorned Exes of Taylor obsessing over their every move and cowtipping.

No. 892522

File: 1573597077234.jpg (113.6 KB, 1251x254, 2019-11-12_17-05-37.jpg)

Couldn't have said it any better. The twitterfags wanted attention and now they have it.

Agreed. They take a bit of information, change it up a bit, and then pass it around like gospel. They did that retarded shit when Sarah first started speaking about this. They twisted her words and changed it into the Onions having sex with her while she was underage. Sarah has flat out said that there is no ongoing case because she's in school and can't handle a court case. She said that she spoke to pro-bono lawyers but that's it. She hasn't accepted anything and if she did want to, she would ask Chris Hansen for help because of his reputation and experience. It doesn't fit their narrative though so they changed her words around and now it's "There is an on-going case, guys!". That kind of word of mouth is damaging to Sarah and makes her look like she isn't credible.

No. 892527

Drowsylane is Lane who was attacked by Shmeg and Krainey when she had the absolute nerve to say that what Greg did to Billie was wrong. Lane was just a very young girl at the time and they sent followers after her and publicly attacked her and turned everyone against her.

No. 892589

still not worried, anti-o's?
hi sarah.(do not doxx subjects)

No. 892671

Yikes, what is this mate?

No. 892675

is this why she's a victim? LMAO

No. 892676

Yeah, I have the same question. Why are you posting caps of someone's house, anon? With still no explanation behind any of this. I understand that about three anons rEqUeStEd it, but some context would be great.
It's the bare minimum required for any thread.

No. 892684

She's not really a "victim" in the way the other girls are. She was friends with Sarah and through her leaking their texts it was revealed that Sarah and Lainey had flirted when Sarah was underage, Lainey bathed in front of Sarah and would walk around naked, and she believed she was next in line after Billie. After this was revealed Sarah got sent home, Greg and Lainey attacked Lane along with their asslickers, and Greg and Lainey called her several times anonymously. I think she did a stream with JoySparkleBS about what was going on as well. She's been supportive of Sarah this whole time. After the other girls started coming forward and talking about their experiences she backed off.

No. 892723

The context is: a group of antio’s are mad at a couple antio’s and I assume they are making a thread about them and posting pictures of their homes to intimidate them because they dislike them of course
Some of those twitter antio’s act like it’s their investigation.. it’s all going to come back and bite them in the ass

No. 892730

File: 1573630520597.png (59.26 KB, 592x595, ok.png)

>unprivated and kittensaurus being the leaders of the antio movement and ruling with an iron fist told him to gtfo
>The Neglected Banana stuff happened because he wasn’t respectful of Laineys pronouns

"Laineys pronouns" fucking LOL.

Looks like a lot of he said/she said and overreaction on both sides. womp womp.

No. 892731

I always found it funny how some anons think they know who's posting. Not everything's a self post etc., but do go on my dudes.
>The context is: a group of antio’s are mad at a couple antio’s and I assume they are making a thread about them
That's what I thought from the very start. But beware anon, being critical or having a dissenting opinion might mean you're in fact a self posting cow. lol

No. 892762

Being called a hater isn't being attacked. you also seem to forget that it was Sarah herself harassing laneclone for the most part. Greg publicly addressed Sarah's actions as retarded because it outed him.
She hasn't been a friend for years either, in the gap between basement gate and now she stuck around dramu circles to cowtip with her buddies.

No. 892771

"wrong house" right, i keke'd

No. 892773

File: 1573644305008.jpg (104.12 KB, 605x368, CA46R.jpg)

I hope Anti-O clique A, and Anti-O clique B, along with a few of Onisions Patrons get all their hurt feelings worked out here and this thread can die within a week like every Onision's Patreon Flakes thread eventually does.
Insignificant cows fighting inconsequential cows.

No. 892778


why? its hysterical(ban evasion)

No. 892788

Files removed.

No. 892988

I suspect a whole lot of these "anti o's" are onion stans anyway.
They form groups of raging,free bleeding bitch packs on twitter and mercilessly attack creators who actually show proof of what the cuck is and does.
Self righteous onion hoes pretending to uphold some self created moral standard.
Post every last one of them I say.
And the spergs that follow.

No. 892996

Ive personally witnessed Blasian, McFly, Tamara and Anna in 2 of Billy the Fridges live streams attempting to defend Onision, Lainey and Billys decision (at the time) to side with Greg. They would gang up on and try to spam the chat to push out any detractors. Are those specific stans here now, who knows. Are there Onionstans throwing rocks at both side in hopes that they fight among themselves and cause chaos? Im almost positive of that.

No. 893100

File: 1573687379139.jpg (355.7 KB, 1067x746, Spergchan.jpg)

Sure spergchan. They even made a thread for your Chernobyl levels of sperg. No one cares.

No. 893126


Aren't you the batshit crazy ASM guy who won't shut up about how Anus is running a pedo ring?

No. 893192

Didn’t Stevie make a video on it?

No. 893214

Chris Hansen brought it up too but in this case, I do think it's that same psycho.

No. 893260

This guy took it way too far and drew these super bare conclusions based on coincidence. And he gets angry when people are skeptical, he's fucking insane.

No. 893264

File: 1573699380939.png (38.19 KB, 233x502, EG9IOzUX4AASGZz.png)

No. 893266

No. 893297

The thumbnail alone makes him look fucking insane.

No. 893335

This thread is for anti os not patreon flakes.

No. 893341

> Search for the term 'Cylints' on Twitter, and he appears to
> have a history of doing this - offering information,
> delaying it with excuses, then offering people tutorials or
> services for money, which he then reneges on and doesn't
> refund. So it would seem that this is in part a scam.
> People on the Discord server have been warned that if they
> keep asking why he hasn't given the information promised,
> they will be banned and he will then dox them as well.

I've been looking into Cylints too and he says he's a legendary hacker with a history going back to 2008 but there's no mention of him before the deadmoth thing. he's also probably not even old enough to be a "cyber security expert" snicker. Obviously no legit expert is going to fuck around with petty online gaming accounts since they probably have a fucking career.

Also, he's a liar. I've been combing through archives of his now deleted Twitter and he's taken credit for taking down websites he didn't (not "Gran's Recipe Site", but like Facebook) .. saying that he said that he was going to do that.. when really all he said was something very vague and it probably referred to something he heard somewhere else but counted on the fact that his followers hadn't so it would look like he did it. He also did it in the discord saying he said something was going to happen when he never even said that.

He also "doxed" a guy on twitter and got it totally wrong. Like embarrassingly wrong. Not even in the same fucking continent wrong. It is, indeed, a clown world.

he lives in salem, massachusetts. His profile pictures are of some soundcloud rapper guy.

he's just a petty thief who uses password lists. he's not even a skript kiddie, he's a scene whore trying to make himself famous off a "hacker" persona. the discord is a ruse to gain a following. so, unless you like being a stooge, you should probably leave the discord.

No. 893586

File: 1573775651213.jpg (24.61 KB, 702x478, 20191114_.jpg)

No. 893645

I have seen a handful attack creators and it's the same bunch over and over.
They claim to be antis but they berate and humiliate creators.
I'll post names and screenies when i get a few minutes.

No. 893655

Stop derailing they belong in the patreon flakes thread

No. 893660

File: 1573787445871.png (514.9 KB, 1049x1339, 2019-11-15 14.05.08.png)

This one and her followers constantly attack mikenactor
Her whole twitter is obsessive haye towards him and her followers/friends have all brigagded to the point of doxxing him.
They are relentless.
Is he a potential cow?
But why the targeted hate against someone exposing the cuck they claim to hate?

No. 893677

He hesitated and said that there should be more information before he makes a video on it and twitter attention whores, including this one, rushed to have a go at his throat and continue. They need to move on. Mike has a small channel and isn't even all that relevant. To give him as much attention as they have only makes them look more pathetic. I see that twitter fag everywhere and she's just as annoying as Unprivated Onision.

No. 893688

The attack was unwarranted and relentless.
There is a group of about 6 that have done this to another anti o creator as well.
i will not name them because of other controversy-however that same controversy started with this self righteous cunt and the same group that are still attacking Mikenactor.
He has had the good sense to block and not react any further but still they go on after him,screenshots and even a video by one of them.
Some slow guy they openly manipulated on twitter and who was stupid enough to make a comment about their 'secret plans' .
Firmly believe there is a large group of Onion stans banding together to silence people and they revolve/are connected to this munted female.

No. 893709

Zizz is batshit crazy
the people harassing that faggot are @ShesOnlySarah this cunt has changed twitter handle

@mommaplaysmagic a noone

@Opal14947633 is now Mike alleged victim

@knitmonlee is trying to terminate his account

@Monchhichis is a virgin fat frump

these are all twitter cunts he blocked most of them.

No. 893718

kiwifarms is already aware of these cows LMFAO

No. 893724

File: 1573807557282.jpeg (210.8 KB, 828x393, F59D61B9-BC02-4E15-AA56-1C4EB9…)

Imagine being so interested in drama that you fuck over your own mental health and think people give a shit about constant ‘anti-o posting’. Bitch has no life

No. 893728

These shadowfans seriously think the world of themselves just because they hate Onion? No one cares about your mental health.

And Lizard Queen tries to fit in wherever she can. She didn't give a shit when Greg and Plainey were hurting all those girls, it was only after they turned on her that she started shoving her tongue into the anti-os' asses.

No. 893736

File: 1573810883459.jpg (694.62 KB, 1051x1835, 2019-11-15 20.38.59.jpg)

Even more dramatic nonsense.
Truly pathetic

No. 893737

File: 1573811012504.png (332.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-11-15-20-37-07…)

No. 893740

File: 1573811739526.jpeg (350.71 KB, 1125x795, CB55740D-337C-4750-B289-7A4922…)

Again with the pronouns? You people are fuckin’ stupid, I swear…

No. 893748

The trans community welcomes pedos apparently too after all the Lainey bullshit

No. 893749

File: 1573814053883.png (33.88 KB, 591x232, MunchieMichiko.png)

she tried to dismiss this thread uh? she deserves to be doxxed( Dox threat)

No. 893751

File: 1573814218299.jpg (106.33 KB, 654x872, 03.jpg)

>>893660 holy fucking shit she's ugly(nitpick)

No. 893752

File: 1573814400508.jpg (294.74 KB, 2048x1152, munchiemichiko spellbook lol.j…)

No. 893754

So these are the autistic newfags who have been policing and ahitting up onions thread… makes sense

No. 893766

Isn't Lucidia a farmer anyway? Why are they making it out to be lolcow vs. Lucidia?

No. 893767

because of this you fucking moron https://twitter.com/djinngimlet/status/1193138504441593861

No. 893770

Excuse my mini modding but I don't want this thread to get locked because it reeks of vendetta.
Please don't doxx people and sage useless nitpicks.

No. 893772

KF here interesting thread(autism)

No. 893775

You do know that mikenactor is a cow too and has his own thread.

No. 893792

>>893775 if mikenactor has his own thread then these spergs deserve one too

No. 893793

Who was doxxed?
No one.

No. 893801

It takes a big cat to weigh a ton.

No. 893843

Shouldn't you be waiting for Elvis to come home?

No. 893877

>>893767 shes some kind of arab so the parents are probably first cousins. Explains the malformation and behavior anyway.
She claims to be have studied medicine,also that she was a psychiatrist and/or lawyer but is now in a "successful" band that no one has ever heard of.
Reality is it lives with its mother amd smokes weed all day.(racebaiting)

No. 893886

Regina's a victim and all, but no one gives a shit about those pronouns.

>Collectively have respect for
And people in this thread said she simmered down and is cool now. Selective reading seems to be all these attention whores know how to do. And you don't have to dox someone to talk shit about them.

No. 893887

Greg is right about one thing, so many of you are stuck in a high school mentality.

No. 893893

File: 1573842050651.png (48.64 KB, 659x472, firefox_3nMo9l80HW.png)

oof.. who is she talking about?

No. 893915

Aaaand this is why the anti-o crowd is psychotic.

No. 893927

>(shit op)

Thank you for the containment board, its keeping the Onision thread free of spergs. Half of these crybabies are Onision Patrons.

No. 893933

@Username_Kno should be added to the list. He’s insane, he thinks he’s some big man who’s going to catch Onision because he “is friends with people in the police” or whatever. He’s just severely mentally ill and paranoid.

No. 894001

…. this thread doesn’t smell like vendetta… nope, not at all lol

No. 894019

File: 1573858464679.png (225.1 KB, 1080x688, Screenshot_20191114-114448_2.p…)

I'm really surprised people aren't talking about the legendary hack0r Cylints lol. I'm a little disappointed that I got kicked out of the shitshow discord, but I got to the point where I couldn't not say anything after he tried to take credit for things he had nothing to do with it. People were sucking his dick pretty hard despite him doing absolutely nothing. His mods jump on any slightly critical comment and threaten to dox anyone just for being 'annoying'. No evidence of any doxxing so far.

No. 894096

Kek what a loser. He must either be Sarah or Regina cause they're the only ones who gave Chris and his team evidence.

No. 894098

File: 1573865230061.gif (1.58 MB, 360x202, tf.gif)

I think you're right. But its probably Kai and James pretending to be Sarah and Regina pretending to be this haxor.

No. 894211

That anon, I don't think it's any of the four I was just being sarcastic. The "hacker" is just a troll who wanted attention and got it. He lost it when he started faking the emails and not releasing anything real.

No. 894230

File: 1573883574142.jpeg (509.39 KB, 1125x1144, 3FB5BCDA-B782-48A0-A137-C8B46A…)

I don’t trust Stevie, he seems to always interject, err…butt in when the onion girls are distressed or in trouble. Always wanting to be their savior yet using them for personal gain as another attempt to beat the evil onion man.


No. 894274

When has he done this other than send a supportive tweet you autist

No. 894288

File: 1573899546876.jpg (201.19 KB, 769x1512, Snapchat-1610945760.jpg)


Some "screenies" for you Tammy

No. 894302

this is insane they humiliate and dox creators? for fun?
I see them harassing people on twitter all the time I keep them at a distance I don't want to get involved with this stuff.

No. 894304

File: 1573902979150.jpeg (183.33 KB, 720x1512, 9DE078FB-B622-45B1-98CD-45D6D5…)


No one was humiliated or doxxed, this person admits they are a gullible retard

No. 894309

I don't understand this thread at all, all these anti os seem mental. I remember when it was a respected site wide rule to not share screen caps of lolcow on other platforms and try to keep the site more contained. I hated seeing farmers postings being screen capped and posted by some deranged doxxing troll creep as evidence they've went to lengths to find. The amount of my own thoughts that have been passed around to crusade against people is nuts. I don't even have a fucking twitter. Some of you need to step away from social media, you clearly are all mentally ill and seem to take real anguish from the trolling. Like there's gossiping, but you lot are crazy and getting far to vindictive over shit most of you have no first hand experience in.

No. 894312


It is because there is overlap between people who post about Gurgles on here and those who post on twitter. I highly doubt the farmers who are also twitterfags are posting caps but they probably alerted the other autists mentioned in this thread as to what was being posted. What did you expect would happen? I get that this is a containment thread to keep the sperging about twitter separate from the sperging about Greg and his wife but it’s 90 per cent vendettachans/pointless nitpicking.

No. 894322

File: 1573906887526.jpg (163.69 KB, 996x2047, IMG_20190923_201029.jpg)

Let's clear shut up hold on

Elvis and learning to fly are the same person. Elvis is a twitterfag and whiteknight anti o who admitted someone lied to them about Mike being doxxed

No. 894327

File: 1573908363026.jpg (130.95 KB, 720x1512, Snapchat-560499426.jpg)


The phone number is public on Mikes Instagram anyone can see it

No. 894330

File: 1573909019661.jpeg (222.64 KB, 718x1263, FC89BDE9-515B-43BF-B3FC-43BF83…)

not content with twitter she takes it to YouTube as well

No. 894332

Waitingonelvis just further exposes herself as the lunatic she's always been. I don't know how old this bitch is but something around 50 and I can't imagine having nothing better to do at that age than whiteknight a mediocre youtuber just because he's Australian too.

Yeah some are truly mental, that's why this thread exists. It's all personal vendetta. There's literally no milk, at least not worth a thread. I'm just waiting for this to be locked because it's nothing but doxxing attempts or threats

No. 894336

File: 1573911112540.jpeg (173.21 KB, 1034x791, 2F35596F-C2FA-4864-A951-1A6857…)

Yeah she has a kid and she is known for being an absolute Karen on other forums under a screen name that was her old twitter handle before she changed it to waitingonelvis. In a gross twist of irony, she is also a rape apologist. Here is her charming reply to this reddit post about a girl who was raped (full post for context: https://rareddit.com/r/relationship_advice/comments/8q0egl/myf19_boyfriendm23_raped_me_last_night_while_i/)

No. 894339


>now you have good reason to be afraid

Holy mother of god, imagine threatening someone in the yt comments because you are a pick me bitch for an obese middle aged queen who stans joysparkles and hates black people and women

No. 894342

File: 1573913569731.png (87.94 KB, 548x560, Doxxing Children.png)

The twitter anti onision community is utterly insane they dox creators and children

No. 894344

I love how there are anons here calling other anons newfags when they can’t even sage a post.

Anyway I’m glad this thread exists. I’ve followed the onion trainwreck off and on since right after skye and the people who seem to be on a moral crusade against him are always massive cows. They are however, nobodies so this is perfect. The most high profile one listed is Stevie and the fact that he likes to go on a moral crusade against onion for being abusive is just hilarious. All you have to do is catch him on a bad day or off his meds and he starts losing his mind and verbally abusing the other anti o’s.

Anyway all of these hashtags are ridiculous but I love watching them complain about how their slacktivism isn’t accomplishing anything. I can’t wait to see how they act in a month or two when Lainey & Greg are still walking free and probably making videos again like nothing ever happened. Then again I’m sure they will still claim that the hammer will drop “any day now”. I’ve got news for you anti o’s. It’s not going to happen. I’m convinced that Greg could literally kill someone and get away with it at this point and part of that is because you idiots cry wolf over fucking everything so when something actually happens the authorities think you’re full of shit.

No. 894345

"I’m convinced that Greg could literally kill someone and get away with it at this point and part of that is because you idiots cry wolf over fucking everything so when something actually happens the authorities think you’re full of shit."


No. 894348

Any chance that this is also Elvis? Had your fun doxxing people on this board huh? Maybe people in glass houses shouldn't throw Stones, huh.

Remember the golden rule of Reddit: always troll with a throwaway.
But you're too much of a Boomer to understand that.

No. 894352

File: 1573915590924.jpeg (206.29 KB, 1080x1559, D8220A8B-3585-4272-A2F7-F1117A…)

Holy shit she is deranged

No. 894359

I have been saying this for months. Lainey is more likely to get into strife than her greaseball husband because she solicited nudes but I wouldn’t be surprised if nothing eventuates there either. Everyone assumes that just because Chris Hansen in involved it guarantees prosecution. I will be genuinely surprised if anything comes of it. And when if it does it probably won’t be for quite some time. Having said all that, I assume a good portion of the twitterfags @ or about the pedonions for the same reason we do; they are both a raging dumpster fire

No. 894367

twitter anti-o are all cows

No. 894368

LOL. Wow. These people want attention so badly. They would probably email Greg themselves and try to be the next Sarah just to get the twitter followers and sweet sweet victim status.

No. 894371

The desperation for attention is fucking palpable. Between this shit and alternating between treating the victims like celebrities and bullets for their own vengeance because Grugly blocked them from patreon these autistic fucks are definitely deserving of their own thread

No. 894379

they're all victims now wait and see
sadly Sarah's slowly becoming like these retards

No. 894384

She's also a huge TheJosh stan. I'd wager money he was the one going around telling Elvis her precious Mike was being doxxed.

No. 894385

Elvis is mental but so are all of these other little psychos
I've seen these people in action on discord they'd use any trick in the book to win whatever battle they're in.

No. 894387

Screenies Anon? This is an image board. Please share.

No. 894394

It’s not just that unfortunately, anon… a couple of these idiots are actually pretending to be law enforcement and one of them @kittensaurus. Yep, we have fake lawyers and online internet cops guys.

Sarah and the girls are in good hands

No. 894403

ha I remember the person who goes by Lucidia from way back in the day when I lurked on the Onision forums. This was around 2011 I think. iirc she was a massive cow even then. She started off trying really hard to get Onions attention then when that didnt work she started a bunch of drama and got all of the forum retards at eachothers throats. I guess this is what she's up to now. Hopefully she's mellowed out a bit.

No. 894490

>I highly doubt the farmers who are also twitterfags are posting caps
I'm pretty sure Unprivated Onision is a lurker here and hails herself as the "mole queen". She posts and links screencaps from here all the time like a dumb fucking cowtipper.

We've all seen how fucking mental Joy Sparkle stans are. I wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of anti-os also followed her.

>Greg could literally kill someone and get away with it at this point and part of that is because you idiots cry wolf over fucking everything
Also throwing in an amen to that. They're only making things worse. CPS and the local police don't take the reports seriously now because the anti-os keep calling them for the "small" things that they do (like living in filth). Chris Hansen is helping with proper evidence of the more important stuff and has more connections and reputation than they ever will. The anti-o idiots need to take a backseat and be passive supporters so they don't ruin anything else.

No. 894583


What antis on twitter are playing law enforcement? From what I’ve seen on twitter it’s the opposite, the majority are against random internet strangers calling the police or child services. It’s just a select few like @Username_Kno or that weird hacker guy who brag about calling the police or working with law enforcement to shut Onision down

No. 894742

Are you serious? Most of them are. Many of them even started spamming the Pierce COunty police when all of this started and made Sarah go into hiding. The anti-o crowd is split with crazies and mature people with most of them being crazy.

No. 894791

Sarah needs to get far away from them. If she doesn’t do the victim thing the exact way they want her to I could see them turning on her or at the very least causing her to lose credibility.

No. 894816

I agree that she and Regina are starting to play into their hands. Sarah needs to start saying no to things like she did in the beginning. Regina has always kept her spine, she just needs to be less naive when it comes to people trying to get information out of her and doing interviews. Most of the people who are trying to get them to talk just want to use them.

No. 894829

I'm a 'friend' she switched accounts @patsystoneswig is @Djinngimlet(autism)

No. 894842

It could possibly be the Dylan kid though. He/she whatever the fuck he is has taken on this whole Sarah stuff as effort to get attention from it.

No. 894848

No one cares, sage your autism

No. 894849


On the 'hacker' again. I do believe he may have been the original @cylints who got banned from Twitter - it wasn't Greg or anybody else - but it seems he was only trouble on that account as well. He started selling hacking tips and jacked accounts for payment or retweets, also set up a Discord server, which all got banned.

Think I also found some of his other old/dormant Twitter tags. There was @returnables and I think @SilentSquadron may also be him, as it's followed by his pals. 'Silent Squad' might be what he calls his 'hacking group'. (By calling it that name, he may have been trying to associate himself with an earlier group of that name from 2008. But I think dude might be in his early twenties.)

Someone said of him in February "He's not even a hacker lol. He just got clout off that streamer and scammed thousands of dollars out of kids…" He also reportedly threatened to 'expose' everyone calling him out. People accused him of photoshopping his image files. Sounds just like the guy we're dealing with now.

He got banned of course on @Tekashied. He still has the other account which was @cylintstho but changed the name of it and deleted all the tweets. Repzion was following him for awhile but has now dropped him.


Don't be sorry you got kicked out, they was only talking twaddle and sooner or later he'll start wanting money from people and guess what he'll provide in return? Zilch. In the end when the server gets banned like his other one, all the other people still in it will likely get banned too and he'll once again disappear from the web for a period, until trying a new scam.

People pulling this kind of stunt and just being clout chasers are really just a distraction from the main objective here, which is a shame. But I think that's all it really was. And probably all I should put here about this dodgy dude.

No. 894858

No, I’m not crazy. I’m active on twitter and have seen this all unfold first hand. Just because the loudest on twitter are crazy and taking justice in their hands doesn’t mean the majority are crazy. Maybe at the start a lot of them were scared for Sarah and acted out of fear but things have changed since then. Lots of people on twitter talk out against going to the police or to CPS now, but there’s still a minority of loud crazies who thinks them being told to stop means their being denied “muh freedom of speech” or that everyone who says not to is secretly protecting the onions. Despite them being loud, their a minority within the community.

No. 894859

*they’re lol

No. 894882


I think that the social media backlash (in the absence of any action from the platforms) has had some effect on Greg, whether or not he gets legally prosecuted. His income and following has been reduced drastically, with little means of salvaging his reputation because everyone now knows. That's something to be grateful for I reckon. Unfortunately though there are usually those who take it too far or who want to grandstand.

I've seen some insisting that responding in any way to Greg's tweets - by insulting or reporting him - is really just giving him the attention he wants. When people report him and his tweets, while distasteful, are not considered to be against their T&C, it gives him a chance to boast and say people are accusing him wrongly of nothing. More or less on Twitter, if you don't like someone's content, you're expected to just unfollow and/or block them.

Part of me would like to think there's a lesson to be learned from this on social media, but my cynical side doesn't expect too significant a change. I believe the bottom line is revenue rather than protecting users of these platforms.

No. 894932

A lot of people in the antio community are rightly pissed, hence why there seems to be a lot of sperging on Twitter. Most have watched him get away with shit for ten years and have wanted something done, I’m not trying to preach but I can understand to some degree why there have been people calling cops and what not … but there are some Twitter people not necessarily people involved so long that are no doubt doing Sarah and the girls a lot of bad by being idiots and that is the small circle of clout chasers that seem to know little about Anus history and screenshot shit from here.

No. 894982

As far as I recall, it was only a small group of "mandatory reporters," and their asses were rightly chewed out by the Anti-O community as soon as Sarah said they called the police without her approval.

No. 895478

Two people that haven’t really been addressed at that much:
Lane, and Dylan. Those two both singlehandedly make me want to kill myself.
The amount of attention whoring they’ve done since all of this came out is horrendous.

No. 895596

Isn't Dylan the same "non-binary" girl who was with Sarah on the Livestream with JoySparkleBS? She seemed very cunty.

No. 895635

She needs to encourage Sarah to speak up for herself instead of speaking for her.

No. 896325

This is not surprising but seems like some new people are faking being victims, there are also several probable scams including the hacker. Contemptible but not unusual with any case that may have some publicity - attention seekers and opportunists. I'm glad that they appear to be screening new claims carefully and calling these things out. While the parties closely involved are trying to reach out and be helpful, making fake claims can screw up an investigation, just makes it tougher for the real victims. Smh.

No. 897226

Does anyone remember the video of stevie that came out a few years ago where he completely loses his shit on his fiance? It was something about some fan page that they made for a doll and I guess she said she didn't want to run it anymore and Stevie just screams at her for 4 minutes and has a total emotional breakdown.

No. 897250

No one cares about this old milk and your hateboner for Stevie. He also addressed it ages ago. He even compared himself to onision which I think is a bit much but this is just to show you that he really isn't trying to pretend he's a good guy

No. 897259

That happened in early 2013 and he openly addressed it multiple times. He has admitted to having been diagnosed with BPD and to getting treatment for it. Sage your autism because if you're the same anon bringing him up in the onion threads this is getting more than annoying.

I think what he said was he was able to recognize what onion was by seeing similar symptoms in himself, minus the grooming. Emotional meltdowns etc. He doesn't claim to be a perfect or even all that decent of a person so despite his at times cowish behavior there's at least that level of self recognition.

No. 897441

File: 1574643842479.jpeg (432.42 KB, 1125x797, B73172BA-56D0-4237-8ED0-73EC47…)

Billie NOOOO

No. 897489

Yeah and he promised to stop talking about Onion and move on but I guess not kek

WKs gtfo

No. 897565

Wow… now they’ve leaked his number after Billie made that comment about leaking it herself. I really hope she didn’t give it to whoever leaked it because that will not help anyone’s case at all. Tbh if onision actually goes down for any of this it will be a miracle with how hard the anti os are working to sabatoge everything. I feel for his victims. Onision isn’t the only massive ego they are dealing with.

No. 897883


It's not exactly unheard of for this kind of thing to happen. Twitter users seek out just about every community (activist, religious, whatever) just to throw lowest common denominator insults around. Apparently, Twitter bans a-logging accounts a lot more than they used to, though. (The top tag is for reference, the second tag is the post I'm responding to.) Disregard if you were accusing the anti-o crowd of a-logging her. Although, cringey as they are, that seems out of character for them.

I don't think that this thread started for-antis-by-antis. It came up organically in the Onion threads. However, I do think that antis moved in and have all but taken over the thread. All the red text bans are for shit one rarely sees on LC with this level of frequency. Even posts that seem like normal LC users are taking it a little far, though. Like >>893724 seems totally normal, so


>No one cares about your mental health.

Is a little harsh, and presumably some of her followers do care. And, throwing "psycho" around reeks of armchair psychologists that were laughed out of the Onion threads.

Can anyone with even a little knowledge of Twitter anti-Os make an alternate OP with some background info? People who didn't pay attention to these cows before have so little background that it's impossible to follow actual milk.

No. 898070

File: 1574773491915.jpeg (264.19 KB, 828x654, E44D8AAE-D7EA-4A8B-9148-D64954…)

I know this has already been discussed in the onion thread, but I’m bringing this here to the anti-o flakes thread.

Repzion claims someone told him it was posted, but I wouldn’t put it past him to be reading here and finding it himself. For someone who is a Patreon creator he sure doesn’t know how Patreon works. I didn’t waste a single cent getting this video from his Patreon. There was no motive to leaking it other than this is a drama site and his shitty video was so hyped.

Anti-o twitter saying it was onision, who would do such a thing. They’re dense as fuck with no self awareness. If repzion cared about the victims he wouldn’t care so much about monetization like Chris Hansen who says he will continue covering the story regardless.

Repzion didn’t work hard on that video at all, the only “new” info (to him) that he dug up were the old tweets lainey sent to Greg. As someone in the onision thread said he focused more on the age gap shit than her being a pedo. And he still had information wrong about her age.

He’s so worried about the sponsor part, he could have easily uploaded the video to another platform without the sponsor. 300 views is still relatively low. I get the whole sponsorship thing is a jab at Greg, but his true colors really showed. He only cares about making money off the victims.

No. 898211

I just think it's cute how the anti-os will moralfag all day long about people making kai is crying t shirts but don't say a word about people like repzion and mikenactor who openly exploit the drama to cash in on the victim's stories. I have to think that they're just mad that they didn't come up with the idea of "kai is crying" t-shirts themselves.

No. 898278

I was thinking about the same thing but Mikenactor is much worse. At least Repzion always asks the victims to give their approval. Mike first made it about himself when Sarah came forward and now he's milking the situation for money.
I have to say Repzion's sperging about the potentially lost sponsor rubbed me the wrong way too.

No. 898280

Fucking exactly this anon! Also that kai is crying shit comes from here, anons use to joke about it… Anus has said it a few times, once in the you-now stream where he narc raged over Billie and Drew and the stream Sarah did and he interrupted her to block Billie

No. 898336

They're all circle jerking about getting his patreon taken down.

No. 898402

File: 1574828248832.jpeg (648.78 KB, 1125x1290, C754959B-1CB7-44C8-B518-614DA7…)


No. 898413

welp lads…. I guess we can all thank mikenactor for getting him banned on Patreon. According to Mike it was his video that did it lol

No. 898415

apparently Vincent and Chris did it. Mike would like to credit himself though I'm sure.

No. 898482

Lmfao what a faggot

No. 898502

ow…that's embarrassing. I wonder if this is enough to bring JSBS back to take credit. I hope so. She's one of my all time favorite cows and her presence always sends the rest of the anti-o's into a frenzy.

No. 898505

I'm not prepared to give anyone other than Greg credit at this point. Patreon has been banning people left and right for shit they've done on twitter for months now. His own stupidity did this… just like if/when he actually gets into some sort of trouble it will be his own doing. All of the other players are far too incompetent to get anything accomplished and I'm including Chris Hansen in this. Didn't a bunch of the pedos from TCAP end up getting off?

No. 898641

he hasn't really talked about onion in years in comparison to how much he posted before
I know it's hard to believe, but humanity isn't black and white.

No. 898642

I'm pretty sure the Lainey is crying meme came from tempcow. Is some fat bastard making money off it? Men always steal the shine from women. What a faggot

No. 898646

File: 1574895071679.png (303.91 KB, 1123x470, temp.png)

already. wow.

No. 898658

do you think an anti o will pocket the money or shiloh? both are cows in my book

No. 898662

File: 1574898208839.png (41.91 KB, 590x266, IIdUGeq.png)

why didn't she cover it up years before? yikes

No. 898690


Yes I saw Mikenactor's tweet which I think he has since deleted, it was quite arrogant. And yeah he did seem to think it was his video that generated a response that could've got Greg's Patreon taken down.

He wasn't the only one who did a video about it, Deity did one before him that also reached quite a lot of viewers. It was also Deity who broke the news directly from Vincent that he and Chris got it taken down. Billie contacted them when she saw she'd been doxxed and started getting calls from strangers. They had a prompt meeting and went into action. Deity also got the exclusive interview with Vincent which was quite enlightening (Vince probably has a bit more freedom to speak openly about things than Chris does).

Deity doesn't get as many views/subs as some others in on this. He has a Patreon as well of course that he's promoting. But he was quite gracious about Vincent agreeing to talk with him and maybe this could be a lesson to some of the others in this.

Anyhow, it shouldn't be a big competition between all these people, seeking attention for themselves rather than letting the focus be the main issue i.e. getting rid of a predator.

Sorry Mike - I don't know if it was a bit of bad judgment but I'm a bit concerned the direction your content is going lately, on this issue. Being honest.

No. 898692

I was just about to hide this thread but saw this - 2,500 to cover a tattoo? I've had a few done and a coverup but the price is no fuckin way near this much, ever, unless it's some elaborate Onision-themed back piece.

Did they not mean "remove" or "laser off" ?? Or is it a scammer taking advantage of underage Onision ex-fans who don't know better?

No. 898706

That and Shiloh isn't exactly destitute is she? Isn't her career supposed to be going great or something? I dont know I don't really keep up with Canadian pop stars. If they absolutely must make a gofundme why don't they make one to send Sarah on a vacation or something? It would still be really weird and suspect but it would at least be better optics than this.

No. 898707

The thing is, Patreon are not sitting around watching Mikeactor videos - it's incredibly narcissistic for him to think so.

They were directly contacted with the information put in front of them in a way the could act on, and it's been said Chris and Vincent are responsible for that.

Tl/dr Mike has no leg to stand on and can go fap to his own "power" somewhere else.

No. 898734


I think this is so easy to happen to youtubers who aspire to some following, even if they think they're immune - curse of the ego taking over. I don't know that much about Mike, but I've seen it happen to so many other youtubers who seemed to start out okay, then over time become increasingly disconnected from and condescending to their audience and even in the end - nasty and abusive. It may happen bit by bit in ways they're not even that aware of.

Okay everyone probably needs some amount of ego to survive on youtube and the platform makes it possible now to make a bit of revenue, which there's nothing wrong with per se. But we've seen with Onion how bad it can get, when it's entirely out of control.

Rant over - sry folks. This was just a downer, s'all.

No. 898747

>>898646 the user who made the GoFundMe is a huge cow on Twitter.kittensaurs something.basically kiss ass and attack everyone on twitter

No. 898755

So.. this kittensaurus who calls herself a dom lol starts a gofundme for Shiloh without her consent, yikes.

For all we know maybe Shiloh wants to keep the tattoo she’s had years to do it and even if she wants to remove it just seems like a really awkward situation to be put into, why wasn’t she asked

These Twitter antio’s are desperate for attention and I’m getting sick of it

No. 898757

Mikenactor is an idiot. He’s basically a passive aggressive shit starter and plays victim when hes the one insulting people.

No. 898846

kittensaurus, that's the user! Was not sure of the handle. I just noticed that they constantly act like they advocate for the victims and said they're in law enforcement. But turns out they are a 911 operator. They belittle everyone on twitter and that's just from lurking.A lot of these "anti-o's" are encouraging the girls to do stuff that makes them look bad.And they attacked a bunch of people after Sarah made that post about flashbacks. I didn't know they were a "Dom". KEK.

No. 898909

Definitely noticed that. She's a lot like OnisionUnprivated and thinks they have the authority to tell people what to do and say, especially about the women. The women also retweet her when they shouldn't cause it just blows up kittensaurus' and OnisionUnprivated's egos which just encourages them to act like cows even more. They need to stop licking their own assholes before they become as big-headed as Greg.

No. 898932

What annoys me most about Onisionunprivated is that she came out of nowhere, started this account commenting on onision's tweets that wasn't needed because bigmoneyonision already basically did the same thing for years. And she lacks so much knowledge about onion because she's new yet she and the others in that group act like the leaders of a new movement kek. They unironically call what they do on twitter "working". They are so desperate to be able to say they helped bring Greg down. I assume most of the newer ones were onion stans not long ago.

>A lot of these "anti-o's" are encouraging the girls to do stuff that makes them look bad.
Exactly, like doxxing onion back was NOT a smart move but so many of them were cheering them when they did it. Even tho it wasn't Billie who did it, it can backfire on her or Sarah when all this stuff ends up in court.

No. 898938

>They are so desperate to be able to say they helped bring Greg down.
They're pretty much the non-Youtube version of Joy Sparkles.

No. 898945

>>898909 yeah, I'd say she's worse than unprivated. Definitely a cow.

No. 898953

Of course she has. And has changed it again since. The 'anti Os' that were called out here for being pro onion have all changed their twitter handles like the cowardly bitches they are yet still continue to attack the creators calling Onion out. Busted bitches. Hide in shame.

No. 898954

Victim shaming?

No. 898955

Kittensaurus is the most annoying anti-o in my opinion, she's incredibly self righteous and acts like everything Hansen accomplishes against Grug is partially cause of her stupid clout-chasing tweets.

No. 898976

God help us all if this ever goes to trial. If there are pictures (which I don't doubt) they better hope that everyone has been squeaky clean this entire time. Unless there is something that hasn't come out yet Onion is only guilty of being a creep and as far as any of us know the only person who has any chance of getting in any sort of trouble is Kai. And if Kai goes back to being Lainey she will come across as a sympathetic character especially with a good lawyer… which she will have. Unfortunately reality isn't like an episode of law & order SVU and these people don't get that. Everything theyre doing now…any good attorney will have a field day with including the Chris Hansen shit. It's frustrating because I really want to see him go down and they deserve that but I'm worried that they are young and naive and listening to cows.

No. 898988

>chris hansen shit
what are you talking about? chris has gotten so many convictions for predators in his career. you have no idea what you're talking about. chris has done nothing but bring the situation to public attention and provide witness statements to form the grounds of the case. he isn't emailing onision abuse or encouraging others to do it. chris knows what he's doing.

No. 898994

Those same women also follow/Stan Shane and Jeffree. They’re cows themselves tbh

I mean come on, you gotta be a little mental to get with ~big daddy Onion~ uwu

No. 898995

He also allowed a lot of predators to evade justice because the DAs wouldn't take the cases. He's encouraging the circus which is encouraging people to act like clowns. I want to believe that he has pure motives but considering how much he complains about being demonetized it's hard not to question it.

No. 899007

Someone in the main thread is scolding anons for not respecting kraineys pronouns. Going of into full tumblr wk mode for a pedophile. This kind of shit makes me nostalgic for the days of jsbs. She wasnt the first anti-o cow but imo she was the milkiest.

No. 899009

a handful of DAs threw out cases because they didn't agree with putting men on tv for "just" sexually talking to children. this is an entirely different situation. onision NEEDS someone like chris hansen to bring it to the public for anything to happen. onision is a public figure, not a civilian. the rules are different.

No. 899011

I hope you’re right anon. I’m just so used to him doing shit and never facing proportional consequences that it’s hard to believe that this time it’s really going to go somewhere.

No. 899021

It must be one of those retarded anti-o's who think whiteknighting, using the "correct" pronouns for Kainey, a predator, is some sort of crusade for "trans" rights.

No. 899022

I have been waiting to see her in this thread. Self-righteous as all get-out. Turns on Twitter users faster than onision does when a girl turns 19. Brags about how close she is with the victims to the point that it's embarrassing. Bullies people and blackmails them. Also runs a discord server like a Nazi. There was one user in there who was basically bullied off I'm pretty sure. Also pretty sure there are others. Changed her Twitter because she was convinced people were going to dox her. But she talks about Regina/Sarah all the time. I went through her Twitter and it is all just one big ball of kiss ass and self-righteousness.

Anon on here said she's a 9*11 operator? On her Twitter it just says she's in law enforcement of you scroll deep. I thought she was a cop. What a cow.

No. 899036

Impersonation of law enforcement is a crime… I hope she knows that. It’s gross that she is using that to gain trust in these girls if they are close… but crazy she doesn’t even ask Shilohs consent to ask people for money.

There’s a group of them that are all toxic like that

No. 899039

She claims she did ask her but it seems suspect considering shilohs response to it. She definitely didn’t act like someone who knew it was coming.

No. 899040

She's toxic to the victim's. Most of the "anti-o" community is. I've been following her and others for a long time. She's by far the worse. Apparently is fat and made multiple people leave her server due to being an insufferable twat. I'm still in the server just to lurk. She only posts discord emotes of her sipping a big gulp and comes in to yell at people or gaslight. Lots of nice people left so now it's her own echo chamber. She just talks shit about people in the server and makes fun of them for wanting to be mods or makes fun of them for their trauma. Server is supposed to be about victim's but she makes it seem like she did everything and not them.

No. 899047

It was most likely sarahs friend dylan who was on Twitter earlier saying the same thing.

No. 899048

i’m surprised she hasnt been brought up before. she’s a huge cow who has gone under the radar for so long, too. i’m laughing my ass off knowing her own emoticon. she’s posted bogus legal advice on twitter that could have ruined the victims’ cases. i wish i had gotten screen caps before she deleted it, someone called her out on it and she got paranoid and purged. i think she should be talked about WAY more.

No. 899049

It's just as much these retards faults though. Regina is the shortest fuse on that list and publicly asked if she could post revenge porn and doxx.
People need to stop taking legal advice on twitter period.

No. 899050

omg i forgot about the legal bullshit! KittenNazi does that all the time. basically she back tracks on everything. she is horrible in her discord like she begs for asspats and server is total circlejerk.she made her husband a mod and all her friends and their s/o.she also deleted channels so called for "safety" like selfies etc but it was because she is insecure and won't own up to it.insults other girls if they are pretty in backhanded ways.bullied off every interesting/pretty/active users.everyonebin server begs for her approval but the second they get attention or followers on Twitter she patronizes them.she even has people's very personal information then she purged channel she claimed she needed it for.i gave fake info to get in.

No. 899052

the twitter shit was hysterical. i love that this cunt needs constant affirmation. you can tell she wants to feel validated so badly bcs of the gfm she made for Shiloh. she wants to seem like a hero talking abt giving regina money. no one cares about that autistic bullshit. i wanna know how a fat ass like her gets someone to fuck her. i bet they fuck with the lights off and a bag over her head. if she has personal information on discord users i wonder what she plans to do with it. i feel bad for the tyranny in that server.

No. 899053

Just as I suspected, the only thing kittensaurus ‘dominates’ is a Big Mac and a triple cheese pizza

No. 899056

She is fat as fuck.her husband posted a photo in discord but then other girls who were actually pretty posted so she went full on autism on them and then deleted the channel for our "safety" TOPKEK.

She has people's info so she can blackmail if they piss her off.she constantly runs people out of the server.over the last the last few days very active and some not not as active people have left server and people have been private messaging me on server complaining about her. I'm only there to watch the dumpster fire and the end of the discord. Ive just been waiting to see if/when the victims get fed up with her bullshit because she is only using them and ass kissing for clout and it is obvious.

No. 899058

Is she the one who runs a discord that first demanded members send their pictures to be let in and then doubled down and asked everyone to show a picture of their IDs because that apparently proves they are not "moles"?

No. 899060

Yup.i sent a fake id. She wanted full DLs. Lol hell no.she literally went off on someone for talking about animals in chat.i messaged that girl to say how fucked up it was.they talked so much about that girl.and then kitten's fatass literally has a full emote set as do rest of mods in a server that is supposed to support the victims. The victims have emotes but not like mods. Also kittens emotes all involve food.

No. 899061

damn. now i see why someone called her “iron fist” on twitter. for a 9*1-1 operator shes unprofessional as fuck to people online. she seems like the type of person to be in the body “”positivity”” movement when shes morbidly obese. i wouldnt be surprised if she tried to doxx someone. do the mods not even care? ive never heard of a discord server being so restricted. theres no way any of the victims are going to do anything about her until they bleed her bank account dry. regina’s e-begging has hit an all time high, and if KittenNazi keeps giving money to her then it actually might be soon. clout chasing during such a serious case is fucking disgusting.

No. 899062

lol that sounds like a really good way to get your discord axed

No. 899063

i never knew that toast could be so salty.

No. 899067

I'm there to watch the discord crash and burn.and yes she rules with an iron fist.also cottage cheese thighs.heavy filter photos.and I could see her doxxing someone.she literally laughs at other peoples problems if it doesn't concern her.

No. 899068

Also someone brought this up in the main thread but it's not really relevant so I'm bringing it up here. So Dylan was that person who went on stream with Sarah and jsbs and kept being all high and mighty about pronouns. This all makes so much more sense now.

No. 899080

Is the video still up?

No. 899084

From the blargh. She’s going by Ellie still in this video but now goes by Dylan.

No. 899087

Thank you, anon! Going to watch because I don't remember this one. On a similar note, don't crucify me, but I actually miss Joy. It was milk blasting 24/7, lol.

No. 899088

I don't know why, but it creeps me out that Sarah has blue hair there. I imagine Grug or Plainey "encouraged" her to do so.

No. 899090

Yeah, I was creeped out by that as well. I somehow forgot she had blue hair, huh.
Dylan is hilarious in this video though, the cringe is severe.

No. 899092

Oh for sure. Regina, Sarah and now Shiloh need to stop responding to people on twitter if they plan to go to trial because listening to those self-righteous airheads will get them questioned to hell and back. If they have questions, they should go to Chris. He has far more experience and enough connections to get the answers that they're looking for than twitterturds.

It's really no surprise. Normally the ones who want to lead the crusades against Greg are just as bad as he is. They end up being as insane as Joy Sparkles.

Sounds like she's already Joy Sparkles' level of paranoid.

If it looks like a girl, talks like a girl, it's a fucking girl. She's also one of the ones who keeps listening to twitterturds which can make things bad for Sarah.

No. 899093

Kek that's the same Dylan?! She claimed not to be a girl lmao

No. 899095

File: 1575006374228.jpeg (169.38 KB, 613x820, 448657BC-667C-4102-A039-D8FE0C…)

Dylan 3 days ago. Definitely not a girl though.

No. 899096

File: 1575006423789.jpeg (161.51 KB, 607x813, 03F07945-00EA-4B9B-B238-25F34D…)

Totally trans

No. 899099

She is a huge fucking cow. I honestly got over the “I’m not a girl” shtick she pulled back in the day since she helped sarah allot but she is a attention whore who somehow wears the I’m holier than thou crown. Calling anti-o’s transphobes and retard and justifying it because she is trans and autistic is stupid as fuck.Lol cry about it but throws up because she feels second hand invalidation when people are calling Krainey a girl. She tries to act so marginalized but always talks about her lawyer mother and how life is so hard. They all act like they are the perfect anti-o’s because they have direct connections to sarah. Sarah’s situation is fucking despicable but the onions have allot more dirt to their name then just the sarah situation. Geez

No. 899100

File: 1575008201165.jpeg (64.1 KB, 640x810, 525DF0FE-9671-47F4-819D-9CB51C…)

Profiting off of her friendship with Sarah is more than a little gross.

No. 899101

File: 1575008227914.jpeg (60.12 KB, 596x580, 11F5C949-AB8C-4F20-989B-300528…)


No. 899103

It's really no wonder Sarah got so manipulated. Everyone she has in her life wants something from her. The onions wanted her virginity, Dylan wants to fuel her hate boner, Lane wants the clout, and her mother has been useless at keeping her safe. She's going to be in therapy for a long time.

No. 899152

imagine thinking that anyone cares about your made up gender, especially anyone from lc. the only reason her page gets any #engagement is bc of her connection to sarah and yeah, it's fucked up that she's milking her friend's public tribulations for rent money.

No. 899153

No crap. I feel bad for Sarah, some of the things her so called friends have blurted out on Twitter since she came out is terrible.. like when Ayalla started all this with her tweet ‘Greg fucked Sarah’ … or these friends tweeting about the chair Greg had sex with her on.

And yet they mad at a stupid T-shirt with kai is crying on it, which we’ve been saying for a long time

No. 899157

I’ve always been under the impression that those people have had the okay from Sarah to tweet those things. She often lets other people speak for her. I think it’s easier for her with certain things.

But Dylan getting paid to be a good friend is disgusting. I would never accept that from someone. My friendship is free. I would be so embarrassed if I were her. She should have politely refused that money.

No. 899162

File: 1575026278864.png (415.57 KB, 811x617, 1.PNG)

There's some shit going on because of the postings here (incoming picdump). Anti o twitter has never been such a dumpsterfire until they formed this group and ironically they're always the ones complaining about infighting.

No. 899163

File: 1575026306168.jpg (787.08 KB, 2000x1437, note.jpg)

No. 899164

File: 1575026358106.png (78.92 KB, 826x498, 2.PNG)

They're all so melodramatic

No. 899165

File: 1575026393471.png (69.13 KB, 805x335, 3.PNG)

No. 899167

File: 1575026521586.png (49.14 KB, 818x274, 4.PNG)

No. 899168

What a dramatic cow. They all need to have a nap and chill and get the hell over themselves. It ain't that deep and they aren't victims of anything but ego. It's always easy to tell who is genuinely there for the women involved and who just wants to use them to boost themselves up.

ohhoneybee blaming this one person for their shitty ass bullshit makes her look like a cow too. They're all a bunch of idiotic drama queens.

Exactly. It's like the only real "friends" that Sarah has are the other girls that had to deal with the Onions relationship-wise. She should really consider taking a break from Twitter to keep from being used any further.

No. 899169

This is too funny. Who wants to tell them that it’s not Toasty or OhNoOnision? What a pack of rabid bitches.

No. 899170

I don't believe it was them either. I'd love to see proof of it. It seems like they kicked them out of their discord without an explanation, that's already fishy. If anyone is in that discord and could provide some more info that would be great.

No. 899172

File: 1575027431592.jpeg (100.96 KB, 640x720, 0B4F449A-0624-4F02-82A8-27E944…)

No. 899184

Oh, is that what this 'tism is about? >>899063

No. 899191

honeybee is just another clout chaser and likes to start shit just like kittensaurus.

No. 899198

I'm looking at @toastyxc now. They're being really quiet. Honestly they don't seem milky. Seems like just another pathetic anti-o who licks ass.

They got called out by @o_honeybee and they haven't said anything. The anti-o group is pathetic. Seems like that @OhNoOnision person is mental.

Anymore milk?

No. 899199

File: 1575036507002.jpeg (73.23 KB, 640x684, 24B4A0E6-4059-447D-AC21-EAB3A9…)

It looks like this is now deleted. The dramatics are strong with all of them.

No. 899204


Holy shit the cringe, someone should tell her to tone it down. Sarah got publicly groomed and abused and she decides to profit off of. it because she is ~Sarah friend~

Dylan, go ask your lawyer parents to give you rent money instead of trying to profit off of your friend's misfortune.

No. 899206

>~my role in this community~

JFC you posted few "onision is pedo" tweets, what "role"?

Are these people gonna start demanding a payment too? Oh wait, dylan is already doing that.

No. 899210

File: 1575040246789.png (122.14 KB, 1080x861, Screenshot_20191129-160414.png)

Dylan is still sperging like the biggest cow and wishing death on the evil transphobes. Funny that no one from Sarah's circle is openly calling her out. I hope Sarah finds some mentally stable friends one day.

No. 899213

As I said, they consider it work. They're all delusional. All this stuff would be happening without them because all that matters is the victims speaking out, Patreon (and hopefully others) deplatforming him and the legal investigations in the background.

No. 899214

Dylan has always really rubbed me the wrong way, I really think he's thoroughly enjoying all the attention and clout he gets by being Sarah's friend, rather than just supporting her for the sake of supporting her like an actual friend.

No. 899218

It's really not that serious. It's just a bunch of whiny pissbabies that she can easily ignore with a break from twitter.

Yeah her mother is a lawyer but can't afford to help her daughter pay rent? She was so smug about it, though.

Can't forget kittensaurus' gofundme for Shiloh to get a new tattoo. They're making things worse for the women for a "yeess queen" moment.

>I am not a nice person

Well you're using your abused and groomed friend for money and clout so… correct.

No. 899220

Can y’all post some caps from kittens server please? I want to see it in all its lolcow glory

No. 899224

Dylan is as much of a "he" as Kainey is. Another mentally unstable Tumblr snowflake. Pretty sure she'll go back to being a she when she's 20-something. Can't she get a job to pay rent, why does she have to leech off Sarah who has to work iirc two jobs?

No. 899248

Holy crappola…

No. 899253

I actually hadn't seen what Dylan looked like until after writing that so yeah I agree she's absolutely a girl

No. 899277

File: 1575051361654.jpeg (123.23 KB, 627x853, 721D5C50-B622-4294-B266-EAB058…)


No. 899279

File: 1575051468904.jpeg (170.76 KB, 640x904, FBF9F2D0-6C1C-4362-964A-81107C…)


No. 899281

File: 1575051572873.jpeg (72.87 KB, 633x391, 4E361B43-C7A6-40CF-89E6-E10799…)


No. 899284

File: 1575051873973.jpeg (98.97 KB, 640x630, 26CAA6BA-9E6A-4E48-8BDA-0BE6E9…)

Ha! At least this person knows what’s up. All the Anti-Os come here for info but act like they’re so much better than lolcow.

No. 899293

The way they act like it's a massive crime to post here just tells me that they're guilty of posting here too. It's too exaggerated and also too public. Oh and there's no way they didn't start shit talking these two people in their discord as soon as they got kicked out. They're all just a bunch of snakes. Now they can act like everything has been solved professionally when all this shitshow could have been avoided in the first place.

No. 899295

File: 1575053236641.jpeg (153.43 KB, 640x799, C3376F0D-07DB-47EE-A9C0-092DD0…)

Be more high and mighty, Bee. What “privilege” did they abuse? They didn’t do anything to the victims. They talked shit about how you and fatass Kitten are power hungry. Don’t pretend this is about the victims.

No. 899296

Apparently all of Toasty's family is dead and she has to tell that to everyone everyday for sympathy points

No. 899297

That’s really sad. I feel bad for her. Too bad she has to deal with these bitches now.

No. 899300

It's all lies. I saw her snapchat with her mom

No. 899302

But Bee, Kitten or other anti’s don’t post here, right? Clearly you’re trying to get revenge on toasty who is also a cow but you’re making yourself look worse than her.

No. 899306

Bee posts here.

No. 899313

Oh for sure. Wonder when they will turn on her for abusing her anti-o privilege?

No. 899315

If I were to guess about the time they figure out that she is doing the doxxing on here.

No. 899336

Dylan always was a shady attention whore cunt ever since the Sarah livestream with Joy Sparkle when she would speak over Sarah as if the livestream was about her

No. 899340

File: 1575059269269.jpeg (312.86 KB, 750x809, 8DC968FC-510A-495B-9455-6F73A0…)


She is such a dumb cunt, the irony of calling someone a retard. She claims she is autistic so at least she is self aware, kek

No. 899341

File: 1575059431713.jpeg (338.41 KB, 750x1001, 132D15A8-CD9C-42D3-977E-A2C04D…)

She’s a fucking cow herself, she deserves her own thread

No. 899354

I'll post caps in a bit. They wiped the entire server earlier this morning.

Bee is mental. Basically they want to kill the toasty girl but her Twitter is gone. They are talking about her age, appearance,and about her dead family. Kitten has said stop. It's bad if even Kitten is saying drop it kek.

These people need to smoke some weed or something. Chill TF out.(toasty self posting)

No. 899358

Toasty said they have a channel on the server dedicated to stalking Jesse and Banana and archiving their every tweet.

Those girls need a life or a dick or something.

No. 899359

What the hell is "d-word?" She sounds like a ten year old.

No. 899369

die. saying d-word instead to get around the potential twitter suspension.

No. 899370

Was toasty a mod? Like what is this discord server? All I can find about them is more pathetic than milky. Like sounds like they are mentally ill. Bean sounds like a psycho.(toasty self posting)

No. 899376

File: 1575064016408.png (2.23 KB, 441x81, lolcow 3.PNG)

Apparently Bean was, Jesse shared this privately with someone who shared it.

No. 899378

Sarah needs to surround herself with better people and make new friends. This is making her look so bad. Holy shit this Dylan person should have just kept her mouth shut.

No. 899379

Toasty why are you still posting here. Just leave the internet. We know it's you.

No. 899380

Sounds like someone is nervous about caps from the discord coming out. I say Toasty burns these bitches.

No. 899382

Yeah Bee, what's your problem are you nervous about people getting the buzz about you?

No. 899385

Join the server there are links on twitter and see it for yourself.

No. 899387

File: 1575064668103.png (393.97 KB, 505x771, lolcow 4.PNG)

No. 899388

File: 1575064742443.png (192.35 KB, 426x719, lolcow 2.PNG)

Seems like someone has been trying to turn the others into a paraiah to cover her own ass… Must be shitty Honey coming out of that azz…

No. 899391

File: 1575064810417.png (10.86 KB, 429x206, lolcow 1.PNG)

Here's the kicker apparently she thought that we were her personal army?

No. 899392

Wow Toasty you are so sneaky.

No. 899393

Yeah it would be nice if they quit blowing up my phone trying to make it look like it's people from lolcow.

No. 899394

If Bee can slam Toasty and Bean all over Twitter for posting here ( something that Bee does herself) then there should be nothing stopping them from posting about Bee, Kitten and the rotten discord here.

No. 899396

Bee slammed Toasty and Bean after they slammed Kitten here.

No. 899399

Which Kitten totally deserved.

No. 899400

Going after her weight was scummy. Question her actions or behaviour but her body and appearance is pathetic and low.

No. 899401

Nah. She’s a fat ass bitch.

No. 899402

File: 1575065662668.png (15.08 KB, 484x169, lolcow 5.PNG)

Yeah like how she passed herself off as law enforcement and tried to direct the narrative in a way that could interfere with the case and cause Greg to go free on a technicality bc as it turns out she is peripherally employed by a law enforcement agency. What a moron.

How did any of these people become mods in the Hansen stream?

No. 899403

Toasty post screenshots. I Know you know more. Don't let these clowns scare you!! I know you know more than you are letting on!

No. 899404

Jesse, Toasty and Heezy love chilling together on lolcow because everyone on twitter knows they're batshit crazy.

No. 899406

What do you guys think of the RSN drama? He was posting merch of the victims. He's a total cow.

No. 899407

If anyone sounds batshit crazy then it's you kek. No one's buying it idiot

No. 899410

RSN is the worst of them all. He also talked to that person that made dm's with Shiloh public without her permission, one of them showing her deceased baby. He talked to her again on stream after Shiloh called her out on twitter. His viewers are braindead.

No. 899411

Conspiratard much? "The antis they comin for me". Maybe those people don't give a damn about you, why are you so obsessed with them?

No. 899413

Is true he raped a girl? He uses Onision and the drama for clout, you're right his fans are blind

No. 899414

Taa daah, twitterfags turned this thread right back into a dumpster fire. This isn't your personal venting thread, drop some actual milk already or piss off.

Whoa, what a bitch.

No. 899415

Toasty deleted their main Twitter. It's on private now. I'm following them. The only thing they had posted so far is please stop doxxing me and stop talking about their family. Nothing milky so far.

Toasty don't be scared of these people. They have made it crystal clear they hate you and will do whatever they can to you. If you know anything then speak up. These people will make your life hell.

No. 899416

Yea unlike the some of the other girls who have been posted about here who are actually pretty and don’t hide behind uwu profile pics and arent even cows, the vendetta and jealousy in this thread is off the charts. All these fat fuck female incels should get out of their basements and stop using the victims of onion and his wife for clout. The victims look like fools for aligning themselves with these cows, I hope that entire server gets nuked

No. 899419

He coerced her into sex, yes. She was one of onision's fans and he wanted to "interview" her but it was all just in order to take advantage of her. The whole story is covered by ragreynolds or medium rare. There is so much he has done so far that proves what a horrible person he is but he has his own thread so I don't know if it's the best idea to talk about him here

No. 899422

It was also covered on the Onision flakes thread.

No. 899423

You'd think that an sjw like her (and an autistic one at that) wouldn't throw "retard" out so generously kek.

No. 899424

File: 1575067203929.jpeg (152.49 KB, 635x821, 49CCDE90-5CAF-4136-82CE-F39E2E…)

Bee went private too. Seems she can dish it but can’t take it.

No. 899426

File: 1575067452243.jpeg (129.91 KB, 625x826, EC145B2B-D129-4B1C-A4F8-AF7F30…)

All things aside, at least Kitten handles things better publicly. Bee was an idiot to publicly name names.

No. 899427

Bee's been doing this from the start. she is very eager to publicly shame people

No. 899429

I want more details on this. What exactly did she do?

No. 899431

Bee doxxed toasty earlier.

No. 899434

proof, or is this another one of jesses batshit conspiracy theories?

No. 899438

Her phone number and Snapchat were in here for maybe 5 minutes? On her Twitter the post literally says please stop doxxing me. If I repost the cap doesn't that just doxx her again?

No. 899439

Does Bee even know her phone number, snapchat or whatever else was doxxed?

No. 899446

It could have been either of them. Bean seems more likely but bee really hates toasty.

No. 899448

All of these people are horrible, and I have to keep reminding myself they are literal teenagers.

No. 899451

Bee doesn’t dox people. She calls people out and starts drama sometimes but she doesn’t dox. She focuses on talking to Onision’s fans and trying to educate them with kindness and retweets a lot about the victims. She’s new to the twitter onision sphere it seems. She seems okay, a bit strong headed about her opinions on right and wrong. I think she was just sticking up for her friend.

No. 899452

Toasty is a 30 year-old woman. I wouldn’t be surprised if she doxxed herself kek. She’s going after everyone like a rabid dog and seems like a mental case just like the rest.

No. 899460

I'm usually all for tinfoiling but no one's that stupid

No. 899470

I am also all for a good tinfoil. But the girl deleted her Twitter and made her new account private. And a bunch of the anti-os are in their thirties. I think this is some rando with no milk. This all reeks of vendetta to me.

Dylan gets on my nerves with that pronoun bullshit. Is Dylan a they/them or he/him??

No. 899471

They/them. They claim to be non binary.

No. 899473

That's it I'm changing my pronouns to Xenu…

No. 899474

There is 0 proof she was actually raped and this girl is a known attentionwhore in the patreon flakes thread.
She sent onion and foot nudes so that's why she was initially banned from patreon.

No. 899478

This whole thread is vendetta, whether it was requested or not. Whether it was Bean, Bee, Toasty herself, or any of the other twitterfags that doxxed her we’ll never know. Bean deleted their twitter, too. I hope they’re in a paych ward for all this shit.

No. 899486

File: 1575072881710.png (420.47 KB, 1577x1720, New Tab - Google Chrome 11_29_…)

No. 899494


No one cares, this is not the place to wk these autistic attention whoring l snowflakes. These retards all think they are special because groomin’ onion’s celebrity victims are dumb enough to associate with them

No. 899495

Being an attentionwhore doesn't prove she wasn't coerced. If you consider what a massive creep he is (asking for nudes so he can "trust" people, getting off on verbally abusing women, hitting on everything that's female) I think it's very believable. Things like coercion are very hard to prove anyways and he's so defensive about it that he's been talking about her for two years while she didn't say a word about him. It's very telling

No. 899498

Both of their stories confirm that she did make out with him willingly but when he asked to fuck she said no multiple times while he kept pressuring her until she said "fine, I don't care, do whatever" and basically laid back. This has been covered a million times and they both agree this is how it went, they just disagree on whether or not it was scummy. Just lurk the RSN thread and argue over there instead of filling up this already shit thread

No. 899503

These people are not milky. More than anything it is just sad. What a pitiful community. They should just watch from afar like everyone else instead of thinking they are grade A activists. They complain and yell at everyone about releasing gurg and laineys PUBLIC information yet they have no problem with attacking random people on Twitter without actual evidence except for one psychopaths word. I hate a containment thread even had to be made for this type of autism.

Shiloh should have covered that tattoo up years ago. She had the money to get all of her other tattoos yet did not cover up her abusers name?

No. 899524


No. 899526

File: 1575079554752.jpeg (209.12 KB, 1242x814, 2324432A-7760-45F8-A3CC-B1450A…)

No. 899528

File: 1575079660752.jpeg (92.59 KB, 628x709, 7A2B7A3F-3AFC-4867-ACDD-7900B8…)

Oh for fucks sake. She made herself a victim.

No. 899530


She is an insult to the real victims here. What a narcissist. Just as bad as onion boy herself

No. 899531

But you still associate with fucking cringelords like that Dylan retard and Lane the dramawhore who both have no relevance. Get some better friends

No. 899533

imagine thinking Sarah is gonna listen to some rando on lolcow

No. 899534

People are telling her to be safe and to call the police on lolcow.

No. 899535

This little circle jerk of idiots who call themselves The Onion Chefs are just terrible. They’ve gone after several people on Twitter and when that drama is dried up they start going after each other…. not surprised at all

The victims should distance themselves from this group or at least don’t involve themselves with their discord (I know Regina does) or let them be mods.

No. 899537

Lane and some of the other girls she's stuck around with harassed sarah and lainey on tumblr and twitter for years. You can probably deduce who some of the other girls were. But yeah they haven't moved on, notice why Sam Maya and aj aren't really around or interested enough anymore? But minor dramawhores like lane are still around?

No. 899539

File: 1575080638010.gif (924.97 KB, 498x286, HEYTOASTY.gif)

lolcow hates fatties and cows. These anti O's manage to be both.
We know Sarah lurks so I trust her to not be a dumb ass. Maybe she's keeping her distance with these freaks. Good god can you imagine if she goes full fakeboi a la Dylan kek
The audacity of this bitch.

No. 899541

Regina is active in that discord. Constantly. Everyone starts kissing her ass the second she comes in.
Maya is coming forward according to onion chef discord.

No. 899542

She actually has a thread

No. 899543

Lets be honest, if onion hadnt given sarah the heave-ho she would probably still be in the grease trailer. Lets not forget that she was basically a cow herself before ayalla tweeted that she fucked onion (classy move, announcing it on twitter.) I dont understand why everyone kisses the victims asses, let alone these spastic fatties who think they are special just because they have been noticed by the uwu senpai heroes. They are all losers regardless oh their victim status

No. 899545

File: 1575081207665.jpeg (15.95 KB, 225x225, D64FE162-4FDC-4371-B59E-C361DD…)

>muH pRoNoUnz u TrAnsPhobe

This fat bitch

No. 899547

Sarah is one of the only legitimate victims you retard. Nobody else was groomed since the age of fucking 14.

No. 899548

I find it kind of hilarious that some of these girls are competing who's the biggest victim. Sarah and Regina are legitimate victims. Haylee, Lane, and the rest of the orbiters aren't.

No. 899549

Doesnt change the fact that she was still on the verge of becoming a fully fledged cow in her own right as soon as she turned 18, newfag

No. 899554

Yeah no shit but she was fucked in the head due to having methhead parents and living with the onions.
Meanwhile we see billie selling nudes on her twitter and a few lookalike calfs crying over being rejected by footface

No. 899556

File: 1575083715454.jpeg (340.15 KB, 750x990, ADF4655A-474A-4DB5-A1FB-905894…)

For real. Luxymoo (good name for a cow, kek) isn’t a victim in the slightest. Billie is a victim of her own naivety and stupidity but that’s about it (not that it justifies Greg doxxing her though.) I don’t understand why Chris Hansen had them on stream tbh, and all the twitterfags posting shit like this is so fucking cringey. What exactly was “awesome” about it?

No. 899557

I share that exact same opinion, but about Billie. What happened to Sarah is super fucked up.

No. 899558

Billie is a cow. I’m sure if she was more vocal on socials she would be extremely milky, she’s dumb as fuck and has proved herself to be a shitty person, I’m surprised she’s not part of that “onion chef” shit show

No. 899559

Yeah … they have your back until you’re being doxed in their discord or you don’t use the right pronouns >>899557 Sarah’s situation is really fucked up, Skye too. I think those two are the real victims.

No. 899561

Yeah, I was more than a little confused by her latest narrative ( not that she said much of anything ). Also worth noting that the 'chained to the wall' thing was extreme to us, she said she'd be okay with it if she were sure it's not going public.
She was very clearly into Jimmy, so…I do believe she'd keep returning.

Also, some of the "home wrecker" comments the anons made in the last few threads, how it's also super fucked up that she got treated like that…? She literally called herself a home wrecker and laughed about it on stream with her friends? Why the outrage, lol?

I thought her Hansen show was terrible, especially for a new viewer. But she did get Jimmy to sperg, so props for that one.

No. 899562

Sarah is the victim tbf. Luxy is boring. Regina wants to be the one in charge. Sarah should run. Poor Sarah. In Onion cucks server Regina brags anytime she talks to Sarah and posts on Twitter. Hate she got doxxed but cow potential. I am excited to see Maya reappear According to server.

No. 899568

File: 1575085862629.jpg (83.9 KB, 537x399, 1486513419852.jpg)

>She had the money to get all of her other tattoos yet did not cover up her abusers name?
Yeah it doesn't make sense.

I mean, good for her but they're still throwing her name around and she's not saying anything to them about it.

So up her own ass like the other onion shadowfans.

Kek and tell them what? "People are being mean to me on the internet cause I couldn't shut the fuck up."

She loved having people talk about her in that thread.

No. 899569

And shiloh as well. She exhibited a lot of cowish behavior (like the “dutty vajayjay” comments and whatever other dumb shit she did for attention) but the mental and physical abuse she suffered was horrifying. Her stream with CH was the least cringey of them all.

No. 899574

Doesn't help that she kept retweeting the cringy fanart. A lot of the women who were subjected to the onions are letting themselves get manipulated even further by the shadowfans.

No. 899576

File: 1575086398895.jpg (140.93 KB, 1280x960, 0rxbrsp1t7041.jpg)

Humans are complex creatures and nothing is really black or white. Victims are not perfect either but it doesn't mean they can't be cows. Overall I'm delighted with the milk flow. It really is pure cream.

Pic unrelated.

No. 899577

I honestly believe she’d have her own thread here, or at least be a permanent fixture in the main Onion thread if the greasy cuck hadn’t “rejected” her. It’s a blessing that he did because she was undeniably groomed but then look as Footface, Greg preyed on her when she was a teenager but she stuck around and became a cow AND a predator herself

No. 899578

File: 1575087102062.png (110.74 KB, 618x754, 1481195359663.png)

OT I don't hate clone but remember the time she dyed her hair back to it's natural color during a meltdown?
Pepperidge farms remembers.

No. 899590

I think Billie is sweet but it came out from his text messages that she cheated on them with some guy and Anus actually took her back. I’m not saying that it was an excuse for any abuse but she’s not innocent either. It’s clear the issue with most of them is their age, young people are dumb and Anus expects them to have the maturity of someone older

No. 899606

Something tells me it wont's happen now if it didn't happen all these years. Holy crap, ist took her almost a decade?

No. 899626

File: 1575108903166.jpeg (314.84 KB, 1242x532, 84C68B4B-D9D1-4AC6-BC19-ECF7C4…)

kek, he’s the biggest „anti o“ cow there is

No. 899628

File: 1575110368484.jpeg (342.35 KB, 750x692, EC73B7BE-2E38-4809-A87B-5A1719…)

The replies, lmao. I wish these twitterfags would stop bringing us up, there are enough newfags shitting up the threads as it is

No. 899633

lmfao these narcs think anons are the narcissists. good laugh.

No. 899634

Fucking newfags jfc, can you retards atleast try to be aware of the details?? Billie sat on a dudes shoulders at a concert, that was the “cheating”

No. 899635


Can someone please link or post the pic that he is referrring to, that sounds hillarious.

No. 899636

File: 1575116710978.png (443.16 KB, 908x1172, billie thot.png)

No, Grease released screenshots where she admitted she slept with someone else when drunk? Lurk more.

No. 899637

who cares? she didn't owe them any loyalty.
this is the anti-o thread not the "rate the exes" thread.

No. 899638

They were broken up?

No. 899639

File: 1575117807666.jpg (97.28 KB, 599x594, mikenactor.jpg)

No. 899641

Good for you, Billie!

No. 899644

File: 1575119647910.png (643.44 KB, 480x590, Untitled.png)

>she didn't owe them any loyalty
she was in a relationshit with them and she's a thot, not saying that she deserves to shave her head and be tied up in grease's baseement, but she's an egirl cow

No. 899645

They had kicked her to the curb when she fucked someone else, she wasnt even with them. You sound like Onionboi “SHILOH CHEATED EVEN THOUGH I HAD DUMPED HER HURR”

No. 899646

File: 1575120112104.png (666.62 KB, 584x432, c19dbcb890aa60b7426e47a87237b6…)

she sells her nudes and is a high school drop out that doesnt know what "blackmail" is, dated a child sodimizer and defended him, and is a starfucker - only dates "scene bois" with internet fame and cant keep her tongue in her mouth

No. 899647


And onion is a greasy pedo. You misogynists can’t even hide your hate for women in text posts.if you wanna rip on Billie take it to snow, otherwise shut up and quit clogging the thread with this shit(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 899649

this is snow lmao bitch what

No. 899650

You do know its possible to hate more than one perspn at a time,right. Calling Billie a stupid thot, which she is, doesn't make Greg no longer an abusive pedophile

No. 899651

Realized that after I hit send but still shut the fuck up about your Billie hate boner

No. 899652

What does that have to do with your initial uwu she cheated on poor greggu chan

No. 899655

Show us on the doll where Billie touched you.

No. 899680

Wtf is this thread? Huurr why is Chris Hanson interviewing girls that have a personal history with the predator he's investigating? What's a character witness idk in my Onion Scoreboard they score minus 69 points for not being committed to a married couple that can't even define the boundaries of their marriage.

You are all cringe as fuck. These girls are relevant to the Onion saga because he used several abuse tactics to coerce these girls to live with him so they can fuck and look after his kids. Why are some of you so butthurt one of the girls interviewed didn't actually date them or whatever. She's entitled to feel disdain towards them, she's had more interaction with them than most farmers and we fucking hate Onion and I'm sure some of us wouldn't mind being given a platform to go into the most evident shite he's done but we're not fucking involved. This point scoring is ridiculous and autism at its finest.

No. 899701

Anon she was 17. We all did dumb shit at that age and she was under the influence of that caveman. I agree victims can be cows too but I don't feel like any of the girls are cows anymore.

No. 899710

I bet it’s the anti O’s causing infight to take attention off themselves. Oniongirls need to realize these types lurk amongst their supporters.
Obviously they were all dumb bitches to repeatedly get involved with a moid with red flag for a face. Nothing is stopping them from going to therapy and changing their ways.
ANYWAY, someone post discord caps so we have something to laugh at on the shitter today.

No. 899719

Couldn’t have said it better myself, this whole thing is blowing my mind.

No. 899720

Couldn’t have said it better myself, this whole thing is blowing my mind.

No. 899748

He is right-wing so he shouldn't complain about the Swastika. Also fucking hell, he couldn't say that without mentioning his own thread that has been dead for ages (he's lucky considering what a massive cow he is). Always playing the victim, always drawing attention to himself.

No. 899795

Finally someone said it!

No. 899802

They were not broken up at this time.

No. 899804

File: 1575150873137.jpeg (124.43 KB, 750x366, D87D1A8B-5DEB-4BEE-883B-5AD82C…)


Psychotic Tammy the 50 year old rape apologist and his number one ‘pick me’ bitch is back to perpetuate his delusions that the only people who are critical of him are Gerg fans

No. 899806

There is a thread for billie and laneclone. Stop derailing the thread with whiteknighting and infighting.
If you want to continue self posting against each other keep it here.

No. 899809

File: 1575151082033.jpeg (91.48 KB, 750x422, F8F65028-30CD-41D4-B69E-AAA72F…)

She is telling people she hopes they die and Mike is condoning it

No. 899812

File: 1575151215542.jpeg (189.62 KB, 750x342, 3612A526-4531-4F5B-B254-A7B063…)


Since deleted, but kek

No. 899836

He still likes her comments on Youtube, he doesn't care that she's a lunatic attacking people this way. As long as she whiteknights for him.

No. 899839

File: 1575156668345.jpeg (708.52 KB, 1242x1414, EBEAE295-C1F0-4CF7-A209-46844E…)

KEK he is trying to bring Shiloh into it now, he is so fucking milky I cannot wait to see him get flayed for this

No. 899842

File: 1575157522107.png (119.03 KB, 1080x824, Screenshot_20191201-004229.png)

No. 899846

What a piece of crap. She is whiteknighting that obese fuck in his thread too, she doesnt even try to hide the fact that its her, she is as much of a cow as he is, she needs her own thread lmao >>>/snow/899780

No. 899858

File: 1575160309611.jpeg (306.05 KB, 750x762, AE088FB6-16CA-4FA2-860C-15FA32…)

Wow, what a cunt, using the victims to support his narrative. I hope Shiloh sees this horse shit and distances herself from him (but then she has always been problematic in her own right so I will not hold my breath)

No. 899862

Skye and Alicia follow Shane and Jeffree who are both scumbags

Alicia, I can sort of understand but Skye? Just because they are more successful than your greasy ex-husband and hate his guts doesn’t mean they’re not on the same level as he is.(Nitpicking)

No. 899892

File: 1575164843646.jpeg (630.12 KB, 1242x1510, CF686C27-C0E9-4ACC-9863-6E7975…)

Pretty much all the twitterfags follow them too. Except the ones that haggard bitter old sack of ugly Waitingforelvis has a hate boner for (prob because just like the other fat cows ITT she is triggered by pretty girls, kek) they are vocal about hating them, esp. Jeffree for the same reason they hate Mike (because they are angry radfems, as others have pointed out they are not even Anti Os, they go after anyone who posts retarded shit) and that is why Mike is so butthurt. He cannot handle people with a brain calling him out so he blocks them and sends his fans after them and likes their misogynistic comments

No. 899895


Anti-Os are spamming the Discord and abusing fans to cowtip the server and make it more likely to get it taken down(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 899922

File: 1575170022169.jpeg (81.21 KB, 750x423, 4D93741F-6810-4D55-949C-3A8CE0…)

Someone is triggered, lmfao. Lets see how he tries to talk his way out of this

No. 899930

File: 1575172626034.jpeg (425.77 KB, 1242x1196, E59A392E-7F2F-4B1C-AA0E-F5EB47…)



No. 899935

File: 1575173905431.jpeg (285.29 KB, 750x787, A429E39E-8216-4491-90B3-4445C5…)

…and the irony of one of Mike’s autistic calves not realizing this tweet is about him, my sides

No. 899943

Mike really pushed his name dropping hard and now Shiloh is fed up with him. Way to go, dipshit.

No. 899964

I love fatties, speak for yourself anon.
>sarah was a cow
Sure Jan.

No. 899965

Did Mike direct that comment at River? What's his problem?

No. 899967

If this was issued in part to Mikenactor, then it finally makes sense to me why he's friends with JoySparkles (could never figure that one out). I don't know much about Mike but I have on occasion
watched and enjoyed his content.

No. 899968

>This point scoring is ridiculous and autism at its finest.
It is over done and I'm glad someone's finally said it.

Someone comes here just to shit on Onion's exes >>899646 like they did in Onion's thread right after Billie spoke with Hansen. They even used the exact same "but she's a high school drop out/dated a pedo when she was 16!" spiel.
Nice try failing to discredit her. Pick your brain up off the floor dude, ya dropped it.

No. 899969

File: 1575183721971.jpeg (822.04 KB, 1242x1239, 17B0FC8A-91F1-4A35-B725-05CCF5…)

>sure jan

You must be new, this was discussed ad nauseam in previous threads


Yeah and now it looks like she has deleted her account. Meanwhile Mike‘s racist fans continue to be cows. This mongoloid has protected their tweets now, which is a shame because they are very milky with their hot takes on Anti O twittertards being Gerg stans

No. 899971

File: 1575184811853.jpeg (458.93 KB, 750x1111, 2C2345E4-3429-4FBE-8E7C-5DCA78…)


jfc first Joy Sparkle and now this illiterate clown, racist anti onion cows really do herd together

No. 899973

File: 1575185771609.jpeg (358.73 KB, 1242x672, B875147A-C4CB-4D9D-87D6-24AE97…)

>cant be a misogynist because I am a woman and he doesnt hate me

Wow so cool and not like other girls, gtfo with your pick me internalized misogyny you autistic fuck

No. 899978

I'd love to have more context for this.
>it looks like she has deleted her account.
Was it because of Mike? He's made videos alluding to people on twitter criticizing him, mostly for attention whoring, but he always blanked out their sn's. Of course he never showed any comments where he was being a troll. The whole thing is weird.

No. 899981

File: 1575188809073.jpeg (263.46 KB, 750x750, B5470651-5381-4B09-8313-E88188…)

Why is a 50 year old mother of two spending 24/7 whiteknighting a 35 year old obese faggot youtuber who clearly wants Gargoyle’s micropeen against a couple of sassy girls on twitter? Is she hoping she’ll get a ride on whatever is under his fupa instead?

No. 899982

File: 1575188987105.jpeg (293.85 KB, 750x871, C7B502BB-72E7-4158-83DF-D81DC5…)

TOP FUCKING KEK she is a Maurice stan as well

No. 899991

I wonder how many of these Twitter accounts obsessively lurk in this thread

No. 899996


No idea. Mike makes those videos knowing full well his mong fans will figure out whose tweets he is using and bombard them with delightful comments such as telling them their „crotch reeks“ and their „veejay stinks“ (imagine being a grandmother and saying this to random girls on the internet). He also posted an awful poem about them to YouTube which has since been deleted because it was full of misogyny and assorted gross shit (I’ll see if I can find it to post here, it’s lulzy but not the way he intended it to be.) He also made this 45 minute video being disgusting sex pesr towards a small German Anti-O YouTuber who is fucking 19. Mike is pushing 40. I was going to say that he is basically mini-Grease but maxi-Grease is more apt, kek

No. 900018

Mike's thread, the poem would be good to put there >>>/snow/610098

No. 900036

File: 1575203836203.jpeg (218.45 KB, 750x747, B677D380-67B7-435A-89EC-79678E…)

No. 900039

File: 1575204003958.jpeg (257.28 KB, 750x702, 776D819D-D219-4D57-A728-A2C754…)

He is implying Shiloh’s tweets aren’t about him but about his critics

No. 900041

File: 1575204836036.jpeg (127.01 KB, 1122x442, CB89FD90-1693-4217-B5D0-EF1E05…)


So apparently Shilohs tweet was about River, which is probably why she deleted her account. Which means….

>>899858 Looks like you were right about Shiloh, once a shady bitch always a shady bitch. If I am reading all this correctly she is supporting this moustachioed Grimace looking motherfucker telling people to die. She might be a victim but she is still cunt.

No. 900048

File: 1575206097045.jpeg (159.01 KB, 1242x1065, 0CA24AFA-8CFC-4640-9F06-2FC523…)

LMAO she deleted her account (or more likely changed her sn because lets be real she is a fucking bunny boiler who cannot resist a spergout.) Misogynwanker and his calves are top fucking kek

No. 900049

Love these double standards that he is allowed to tell people to die but the twitterfags who aren't even saying stuff like that are told to stop.
He's soo in for it to help the victims, not to fill his pockets! You need a new video everyday to talk about Grease to make people aware of the situation! He's one of the people who contributed to the widespread opinion that everything onion-related is just drama because he talks about every fucking thing Greg does. He gave him so much attention and traffic over the years.

No. 900055

File: 1575207927313.jpeg (270.13 KB, 1242x522, CFF905A3-41E2-4BD4-83DB-B8BE14…)

And now river has reactivated her account announcing that she has deleted all tweets about the fat cunt because they “hurt the victims”. If this isn’t bullying and intimidation I don’t know what is. All these assholes are huge cows

No. 900064

File: 1575210196731.png (199.59 KB, 1186x676, JH65NB3.png)

Why is every anti-O so pathetic? Crying so hard over a fat man telling them to kill themselves. Bunch of sensitive snowflakes.

No. 900069

I am not pathetic. I hurt someone and took accountability for what I did. My emotional reaction to having hurt someone is because I am mournful and truly sorry for my actions. I am never going to be sorry for feeling and having empathy for others. I have apologized and that is all I can do.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 900107

It's so strange to me that this community exists at all. Everyone hates R Kelly and wants to see justice for his victims but there's no anti R community or people forming a fandom for his victims. I've never seen that before and its very odd to me why Onision specifically attracts this.

No. 900114


It's less about him and more about the hate mob. They're walking on thin ice by blowing things out of proportion. R Kelly is a whole different number.

No. 900125

It's because Greg is an online cow. Other cows have hate communities too, I think it's a rather new phenomenon. Since Grease has spewed his shit on the internet for a decade now he attracted many people that mainly followed him for the trainwreck. Now that his abuse was finally confirmed due to the women coming forward, it all shifted towards a more serious direction. "Anti O's" (I hate that term) were there before and now lots of people joined to support the victims and they like to moralfag when people still want to make fun of his neanderthal looks and other stupid shit. It's all a huge mess because lots of them think they're activists because they call him out on twitter. Whatever, I think he attracts this many people because everything he does is online and he is so abnormally weird and fucked up that people just have to follow him.

No. 900126

They think being an anti-o is a cute personality trait

No. 900157

File: 1575227699955.png (33.36 KB, 817x216, dylansrage.PNG)

You aren't part of the group that's getting murdered in the streets you fucking idiot female that presents as a female. You're just desperately trying to belong to a minority group like Draino to use it as a shield so you can behave like an asshole. You are harming real trans individuals.

No. 900164

>Criticized for being a total bitch that makes everything about herself

>"We are getting murdered on the streets uwu"


Top fucking kek. This thread might be milkier than old man Onion's holy shit. Hey Dylan why dont you did something useful for the trans community for once and shut your retard(tm) mouth instead of sitting on your ass and being a keyboard warrior? Who is threatening you? The cashier at WalMart giving you stank face because you sperged about being misgendered while you're purcashing a jumbo pack of super aborbent tampons?

Jesus just change your name to Taylor at this point, what a fucking cow kek.

No. 900174

Stop giving Greg ideas, now hes gonna change Kai's name to Jesus.

No. 900176

She'll be sacrificed to the under of the great bus for it to bring a great harvest of virgins! We will remember Kai who died so Greg could sin a bit moye. Amen.

No. 900200

File: 1575233755412.gif (491.06 KB, 480x250, 7634589.gif)

No. 900208


i thought these weird ass mental gymnastics died out with tumblr.

it doesn’t matter how many buzzwords Dylan uses, Lainey doesn’t deserve for her fakeboi pronouns to be respected. she’s a pedophile.

No. 900255

File: 1575241917609.jpeg (146.7 KB, 750x344, ACCA255E-C0D1-4B63-BC1E-A83A6A…)

This dumb bitch is another one of mike’s MRA pick me calves, she is a chronic oversharer and loves boasting about how she used to be a massive Greg stan but now loves attention whoring as an “anti” while sperging about how much she hates the community

No. 900257

File: 1575242041828.jpeg (340.22 KB, 750x827, 5E923AC2-190D-4FE8-BDE7-964ABB…)

No. 900279

File: 1575245211527.png (124.66 KB, 507x764, lolcow 6.PNG)


Narrowly mised this. Aparently this whole drama is because Bean was leaking secrets from the investigation to LOLCOW which why did these girls even have case information on an open FBI investigation?

No wonder they are on here trying to distract people by targeting another vulnerable kid.

No. 900280

Well now that's some tea.

No. 900284

Quit throwing people under the bus, that's Gregs move. Right Kai?

No. 900286

What are you talking about. Quit trying to deflect. Why are you interfereing in the case?

No. 900308

I'll bet they have nothing more than what Regina's gleaned about what was sent o them. She's an idiot if she's gossiped to a bunch of twitter whores for the asspats. But there is zero way they have ongoing insight into any case.

No. 900317

Then why is this twitter account acting like the FBI case is “ruined”? They nuked their account after making a sob story for Toasty. There are other twitter accounts who were accused of random shit by the same account (ewstopgross was one of them). The account seems like someone Toasty asked to defend her. If she wants to be heard so badly, why doesn’t she speak out herself?
This makes such little sense and it’s stale. Bean deleted. Toasty is off somewhere in the webverse. A new blackout is being done (like that makes SO much of a difference). It’s not gonna go anywhere at this point, and Chris Hansen isn’t contacting anybody. He’s got more people to interview. What information is so sacred that’s been posted on here? Does anyone REALLY think the police are gonna take time out of their day to arrest a kid? This Twitterfag is so overdramatic.

No. 900333

IDK bee the poster might ahve a point lets see what they peanut gallery has to say?

No. 900343

>they like to moralfag when people still want to make fun of his neanderthal looks and other stupid shit.
Why can't you do both? Most people can afford to be self-righteous in front of pedophiles and predators. No one's perfect but most of us don't go hunting for children every other day. It's why pedo's and sex offenders are the most reviled group in prison, they're the lowest of all the dregs.
Shouldn't Mike stans go in his thread?

No. 900347

I don't even know who this is or how they're relevant to anything. Bean leaked what on lolcow? I've seen a lot of he said/she said for months from a handful of anti-o's, most had little if anything to corroborate it.

No. 900350

You're really comparing Dylan to Lainey? A 19 y/o kid who likes to talk shit, is somehow as bad as the woman that groomed children and had sex with her toddlers in the same bed. Nah.

No. 900379

Who knows people can delete their posts so we probably never will.

No. 900393

NTA, but they're both attention whoring transtrenders who want the title and oppression points. No one said anything about the grooming.

Exactly. They all want to come here to snitch on each other but we haven't seen any proof of anything.

No. 900399

not everyone in here is an anti-o vendetta poster. If you guys could let us know wtf you're talking about that would be great.

No. 900409

If Bean leaked anything on lolcow there would be screenies from all the twitterfags. All I’ve seen is shit talking that Bean was shamed for. Apologies were issued so I don’t see why twitterfags wanna keep bringing it up. I thought lolcow was taboo to all of them because of the constant moralfagging.
Mind.exe has stopped working on twitter.

No. 900418

Because one of them (kittensaurus) is a pretend cop who is obviously going to crack the case

Jokes aside, these people just want their drama and also am I the only one who finds it disturbing that these are legit adult women some in their 30’s and they’ bullying literal teens to be quiet … and doxing them in their discord.

No. 900419

And this Bean person is I think still a teen and chatting to someone on Skype who’s in their 30’s … yikes

No. 900421

This creeps me out, too. Toasty being 30…and reaching out to Bean for advice? For a shoulder to cry on? If Bean is truly 19 then they’re still not 100% mentally developed (pre-frontal cortex-wise), and Bean might have actually been looking for a friend. Seems like some of these a-os are following the manipulation cycle of those they hate the most. Stop talking to people who are 11+ years younger than you, ya creeps.

No. 900422

From what I’ve gathered it wasn’t about the case perse but mostly information about this cliques inner circle such as personal information and just shit talking etc and things they talk about like who to go after on Twitter etc. I guess they have certain people chosen from the antio community that they save tweets from as was referenced by the ss of Rivers

It wasn’t about the case.

No. 900461

Still, Skye, Shiloh and the rest of them should not trust any of the anti-o's. They need to be careful and not give out any information. Anti-O's do anything to gain their trust and get infos.

We get updated weekly by Chris Hansen, there's no need to contact the victims.

No. 900466

You sweet summer child, were you not aware of how many "victims" are covert anti-os? You would be surprised.
Who do you think pushed this spectacle to start via the exploitation of sarah and gregs breakup?

No. 900469

I think Skye keeps to herself for the most part, she’s the only one of the victims who isn’t a cringefest. The way they’re all behaving is probably doing more harm than good, and it’s amplified by retards like Regina and Dylan screeching about pronouns and being huge arseholes to people. And what with Shiloh hopping on Mikenactor’s chode they’re only making themselves look even more immature.

No. 900476

File: 1575277711044.png (108.02 KB, 560x560, 876546.png)

No. 900506

So a fake cop is stalking people? Lol that is rich. Its like Paul Blart on crack.

No. 900511

posts can only be deleted within strict time limits and admin can still see them anyway.

No. 900528

File: 1575288919179.jpg (2.14 MB, 3000x3000, MikenActor.jpg)

No. 900530

File: 1575289530602.png (246.46 KB, 380x239, baby carrot.PNG)

MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retaliatory Onion pose!!!
He's praticing this for when they come to kick his ass in prison.

No. 900636

File: 1575315032055.jpeg (286.16 KB, 1221x1072, 6FC043C3-1919-436A-B55A-969196…)

This fag trying his hardest to get a ride on Mikenactors dick.

No. 900668

What an intellectual

No. 900669

File: 1575322859385.jpeg (293.68 KB, 750x819, BD202300-ED21-44AC-94D8-92855D…)

Have you seen the caps in mike’s thread? Pure cream. This guy is a literal incel. All his tweets are attacking/threatening one girl, sperging about Onion and rimming mike

No. 900673

File: 1575323033435.jpeg (270.51 KB, 750x944, 936490F9-B38D-4709-A329-3912C1…)

He is also pulling his pud to Sarah Defuckingarmond, clash of the cows kek

No. 900680

File: 1575323694358.jpeg (233.83 KB, 1242x1108, 396207BF-0370-4BDE-92D9-7D52E2…)


No. 900694

I love how the vendetta sperg anti o flakes posting itt call cute girls ugly and mock them but then post shit like this on twitter

No. 900704

I know this is common for victim asslickers but there's no need to pretend she's attractive. Just be a decent human being and send some words of support. God.

No. 900705

either this is a selfpost or super fucking vendetta. get a life if you're watching this irrelevant fuck's tweets (which aren't even milky) this closely.

No. 900707

other than the beak she's actually pretty cute

No. 900722

She's ugly, stop kidding yourself mate. Not irredeemably ugly, but definitely not cute.

Started off as a place for valid receipts and ended up being a jerkfest for edgelords to be excited that there's at least 1 person in the world that's worse than them by all stretches of the imagination.

No. 900836

Just a thought though how uggo are these girls with cutesy animated profile pics?

Not really comfortable with people rating Kai's exes given that histopry…

No. 900842

I honestly think onion found Regina to be ugly and the reason why she got dumped by Kai so easily for Billie is because Kai is willing to sacrifice their happiness for him.
Her speaking about her suspecting Greg has been undercover as Kai a few times made me cringe, like an ego boost for her. I felt bad over thinking this but I still couldn't shake that feeling tbh.

No. 900848

This is not the place for moralfagging, anon. Having said that, all these anti o flakes hide behind uwu animu pfps, the ones who don’t and have no issue posting pics of themselves are pretty but get called ugly by these clapped cows with their hands permanently stuck in the cookie jar who resort to pretending theyre cops for attention, kek

No. 900849

I wear this tinfoil, anon. Kraineythot probably would have tried to lure Ayalla into the “trinity” if Garg hadn’t sperged about her being ugly (which she clearly isn’t, especially next to Krai who has a face like a dropped pie)

No. 900850

Yeah who knows, if it were up to greg they'd be fucking in one gross pile around him.

No. 900852

I never knew he considered Ayalla of all people to be ugly too, Jesus she's fucking beautiful imo.

With Regina they literally seem to have only used her to get to Sara. Even in the Chris Hansen interview Regina implied Onion was distant af to her yet she still somehow pulled those mental gymnastics.

No. 900853

He sperged about her looking like one of the characters from the Ants movie. Imagine thinking someone as gorgeous as Ayalla is ugly when you’re married to a veruca covered foot

No. 900861

File: 1575353428939.jpeg (613.44 KB, 750x929, D4DE10F6-1646-4E8A-89CC-ECCF81…)


Speaking of clapped…


No. 900863

All his exes are pretty average white girls with self esteem issues and a history of having at least one emo/ scene phase.
She isn't his type, obviously.

No. 900871

>They all want to come here to snitch on each other
Or just try and stir shit up bc they're shit stirrers from the looks of it.

No. 900872

I second that, I think she's cute too. Anyway, she has Hashimoto's disease. She mentioned it in her interview with Hansen.

No. 900874

I remember him mentioning some people giving him shit for using Lainey's pronouns wrong. Typical twitter.
I'm not sure about the ego boost. A lot of the girls suspect Greg was talking to them through Lainey's account(s) because of the specific way he writes. Don't forget Kainey asked Regina for nudes too.

No. 900875

>they’re only making themselves look even more immature.
Regina and Dylan I can kind of understand. Regina's 21/22, trying to go to school and make a living, Dylan's working and still a teen. Shiloh though should've know better.

No. 900877

I honestly think he secretly wanted to bang Ayalla. It's the same treatment he gave Sarah before she turned 18, pretending that he didn't want to stick his greasy dick in her by being a prick to her most of time so "she'd stay away from him". I think he's pissed that he never got Ayalla tbh. He fucked every other girl who was in that house except for maybe Selena - there's rumors that he did.

No. 900879

>a face like a dropped pie

No. 900884

File: 1575357607089.jpeg (497.62 KB, 1242x974, 5AEF4B81-1217-4BA4-8B6E-DE764A…)

Cannot wait to see how this ends

No. 900885

File: 1575357663859.jpeg (427.85 KB, 1242x823, 26372470-AA62-4563-8B15-2079FD…)

No. 900893

File: 1575359119632.jpg (34.07 KB, 600x600, 1300044776986.jpg)

Oh boy, this guy really wants people to read his furry inflation fanfic.

No. 900904

That was the first thing I said "oh boy". And why did he @Onision? wtf. My hopes aren't high.

No. 900919

I know everyone likes talking shit on the internet but I don't think Regina deserves that. She's a young girl trying to find her way in the world after being preyed upon and taken advantage of by two pedophiles. Ease up a little, anons.

No. 900925

Get your mind out of the rule 34 gutter. I'm sure it's just a nice poem or a script for a video… Oh wait, it's a dick pic.

No. 900926

It's kinda pathetic that they feel they need to go to these people to use anything they have put out in public.

No. 900928

ngl, it pisses me off that they took LAINEY IS CRYING!!!11!!!!1! from us and turned it into KAI IS CRYING because mai pronownz and then get mad when some other cunt sticks it on a tshirt or a buttplug or whatever the fuck else. Not to mention that screen shots of our posts and mentioning the board by name so we get flooded with unintegrated morons who probably think shit that’s posted here will stand up as evidence in a court of law if/when Grunt and Kunt have their day in court

No. 900929

Well they are creepy ass cyber stalkers so lets just add psycho SJW to the mix, because why not?

No. 900960

That too, anon. Them acting like this is a middle/high school is embarrassing and making the women look bad.

They all should have known better.

No doubt he wanted to fuck Ayalla but she clearly wasn't interested. He's always rude to girls that don't want him.

She looked clownish during her interview and she was not blessed at all in the looks department, but I think she makes up for it in backbone. She didn't hesitate as much as Sarah did and doesn't seem to be backing down.

No. 900962

>>have their day in court
That’s very optimistic of you anon. We have to remember that while this all seems convincing on twitter in the real world there is a fair amount of reasonable doubt and I would be shocked if a prosecutor decided to take this case to trial. I know it’s fucked up but people (public figures and otherwise) get away with worse all the time. I know we all want to believe that they’re going to be taken down but I’ll believe it when I see it. Already they’ve lied about weird stuff… like Regina lying about how she randomly met Lainey on Instagram despite admitting to being heavily involved with the onision stuff and being a mod on his forums (where she said Lainey was also a mod). From what medium rare said everyone on those forums kept up with the drama very closely because they all hated him and pretty much wanted to see what thot he would throw into the mix next. No way Regina didn’t know. Not that that excuses anything that happened to her. It’s just a weird thing to lie about and it throws other things into question.

No. 901009


TBH to me it seems like that guy with the ASM theory probably has a better chance of getting charges pressed.

No. 901055

Shilo's doing a patreon now. Three Thousand dollars and counting werent enough. Gotta milk the attention for all it's worth: https://www.patreon.com/_lyltopics

No. 901063

They are talking to media instead of the police. I tend to agree with you the whole thing is a shit show at this point. If he doesnt come out of this free of charges and with a huge payday and new viewer base ill be amazed.

No. 901080

I bet she has never had a job. Too busy being a basic white bitch larping as a black hoodrat on souncloud and defending abusive rappers while making bank of her own abuse narrative. It is cringe af. No wonder Skye is keeping her distance.

No. 901104

File: 1575408307987.jpg (152.21 KB, 1065x1334, phil.jpg)

Oh boy I hope this is about Onision. Then we can have the same shitshow as the thing that happened with Do5 where they all fight eachother and Phillip Defranco over who REALLY brought the situation to the public eye.

No. 901131

Didn't she start her music career really young? She went platinum at one point. She's been working all her life anon. I don't agree with all she's done but I'm not going to be unfair.

No. 901135

It's being kept in the spotlight for a reason. I think keeping Greg's and Lainey's predation fresh in the public awareness serves a purpose. I have respect for people like Jaclyn Glenn who've covered this topic sensibly, without milking it for views and drama, unlike some other people.

No. 901136

>mentioning the board by name so we get flooded with unintegrated morons
It's inevitable either way. I've seen a lot of bans.
Looks like this is just to promote her music more than anything. If people want to pay for it i don't see what the big deal is.

No. 901138

>They all should have known better.
Sure but there's a huge difference developmentally between 19/20 and 25. 25 being roughly the age the brain becomes fully developed. Shiloh's 24-25, plus she's got way more life experience.

Dylan and Regina act typical for their age.

No. 901139

yeah I don't think this is a big deal at all. Lots of artists/musicians have patreons. if i remember correctly one of the biggest patreons on the platform is a musician or was at one time.

No. 901142

Chris and Vincent helped get his Patreon removed, and now he's literally making videos and self posting on petition sites begging for it back. He's not coming out of this on top.

No. 901145

Holy shit so many Skye ass kissers, what did she ever do that made you worship the ground she walks on? And conveniently everytime Shiloh gets shat on Skye gets praised. Suspicious.

No. 901154

I’m guessing it’s because Skye isn’t taking advantage of people. To be fair Shiloh is smart to use the Twitter clout chasers for extra income. Whatever works I guess.

No. 901158

she's always been more likeable than the others. There are no questions about her initial motives and she's never tried to be famous. She comes across as the most normal.

No. 901160

Shiloh's 26 and will turn 27 in April. She should be the more mature person in comparison to the transtrender Dylar or any other orbiters. Skye being the oldest, 32(33?) iirc, coincidentally makes her the wisest imo.

No. 901177

I bet (reeeeally) deep down inside, Skye still misses Greg, or at the very least still worries for him


No. 901181

I seriously doubt it. That post was from 2012 and was polite at best

No. 901198


that post was from when onision was attacking skye for the alimony. she posted a response which was pretty mild and very similar to this post, he replied to her reply and the post you linked was her reply. i'm sure she meant what she said but, in context, she was also trying to appease him so he would leave her alone. much like adrienne's email which he totally misrepresented.

No. 901206

Shiloh has always had some critics and it’s obvious because when she was with Anus she did a lot of terrible things… there’s no denying that. She hurt Adrienne too and Adrienne was being a friend and support to her.

I don’t think it warranted the abuse she went through but I personally don’t think she’s so innocent and even now there are things she said that are not true… even how much I hate Anus I know that she lied in her interview about certain things.

I honestly wish these girls would tell their stories and press charges etc but stop involving themselves in these toxic antio’s and even Shiloh having to make that tweet the other day about people coming to her just was terrible. Sarah herself has had to make tweets too telling people to stop and that she’s not part of a certain group

I don’t think they should be involved with these antio’s

No. 901216

> even how much I hate Anus I know that she lied in her interview about certain things.
You mean like “I wanna make a rainbow!”?

No. 901230

I don’t really like a lot that goes on in this thread, but Regina and Dylan asking for money makes me fucking sick. At least Shi didn’t start the go fund me, but Regina out here asking people for money to pay for school? Fucking despicable.

No. 901257

It just feels dirty. I don’t like it either. I hate sticking up for Twitter fags but a lot of them seem emotionally damaged and Regina and especially Dylan’s e-begging is grossly taking advantage of that.

No. 901302

It's been 7 years since that post was made. More than enough time to move on with someone significantly better.

No. 901306

I understand how Regina went through the trauma of being so close to Kainey and how she felt salty she wasn't pretty enough for her to "date" (instead of Billie) but her trying to milk this is just low. Dylan is a retarded™ transtrender so she doesn't surprise me.

No. 901404

Why do people not bring up the fact Onion killed his turtle a few years ago

No. 901409

That and she did take part in the fabricated drama. She was just as bad as Anus towards Adrienne with the whole dirty vagina crap and std video he made she was part of that whole bs.

Plus she manipulated Adrienne into not getting back with him so that she could.

No. 901411

Because this isn't his thread? If you mean on twitter, a lot of them probably has no idea what he did many years ago outside of the people he abused.

No. 901439

Exactly, anon. When her thread was created here a bunch of anons sperged about it being a vendetta thread when in reality it was warranted. I mean, OP may have been a vendetta chan, but Shiloh has a documented history of being a shitty person. Her performance on Hansen’s stream was precisely that; a performance. It was so smug, self congratulating and rehearsed. She was a child star before Anusion snatched her up, she is well versed in how to craft a public persona. None of this invalidates her trauma but she is playing all these asslicking twittercows like a damn pro. Notice how it all conveniently coincided with her album release too. The “onion chef” retards who get high off the smell of their own farts because they were hand picked up mod the “heroes” on stream made a point of repeatedly telling people to not talk about her music or stage name on stream. It wasn’t just an exercise in futility on their part (you don’t have to be Nancy fucking Drew to deduce that “Lyldoll” is her, it’s literally the very first fucking thing that comes up when you google “Shiloh Hoganson” or “Shiloh onision”) but served as great PR for her career. She’s not stupid, which is more than can be said for these cringeworthy orbiters.

No. 901465

Skye is the only one of them who isn't trying to milk this for attention and being a cringy cow at every opportunity.

No. 901492


Its weird that these were posted after 11-3 when rags said that riplie was in the forums. Is ASM even still relevant after that? Riplie was in the forums, the former mod said so, isn't that what that guy set out to prove?

Why are these girls so buthurt that someone found a crime anus may have comitted that they can't glom onto for attention?

Either way it's hillarous to see them glom onto one victims narrative for attention (Sarah) while trashing another's narraative (Rag). Part of me wonders, if Rag was actually on the rag would they accept him/her as one of their own?

The sexism is strong in these ones.

No. 901495

Is it just me or does the date on this show that the girls were releasing info about the case via DM well before it aired on the hansen program in October?

So confidential info about the case did get posted to lolcow and it was bc of unprivated. ROTFL.

No. 901496

Whoa how much else from the case did they leak?

No. 901504

She was also you know.. 17?

No. 901506

Skye is a huge cow too, stalking Onion bois thereads till this day and her “pwns” on twitter

No. 901515

She came back after the stuff with Sarah came out to show support and back up Sarah’s claims of abusive behavior from Onion by sharing her own experiences with him. She’s not milky at all.

No. 901519

We knew Kai sent pics to Regina and Sarah before Hansen got involved. I don’t see any evidence of leaks.

No. 901524

You seem to not know what a cow is if you think Skye is one for.. Viewing onions threads?

No. 901525

We didnt know Sarah and Kai had sex in front of the kid until the hansen show with sarah in OCT. She didn't even bring it up, it was brought up as a question from viewers.

Someone was clearly blabbing to unprivated about that event, was it regina or sarah? either way she kinda leaked it there.

No. 901527


Referencing this one

No. 901531

These girls seem like great friends not to have.

First, they get close to vicitms to get information about what happened to them.

Then they spread it around setting people on personal errands, trying to manipulate people who have sympathy for the victims to make themselves feel important. Often this involves turning them against other people who support the victims or hate anus.

Then to cover their tracks they dox the same people they asked favors from and harass them.

If all else fails they cyberstalk people they can't manipulate.

Finalyl when they are exposed they try to appease the victims by offering to set up fundraising drives for them.

I think Anus is choosing from the wrong pool of girls, all of these are just like him, perfect match.

No. 901542

Her and Alicia have been stalking the Onion threads for years trying to take anything off the site that referenced Skye and shitting on Shiloh

This is her old MySpace page btw


No. 901543

that's not 'clear blabbing' at all. the same handwringing comments have been all over the greg threads.

sarah also brought it up spontaneously and didn't think anything of it until everyone freaked. so it wasn't a particular anecdote she'd already been telling or she would have realised the reaction before then.

No. 901544

How do you know what she's been posting when this site is anonymous, number one. Also are you angry that Skye has people defending her because she's the only victim who hasn't been publicly embarrassing herself? Not sure why you're so set on defending Shiloh when she's the most obnoxious.

No. 901545

My vet is Regina… she’s the only one that uses the ‘Onion chefs’ discord regularly

No. 901549

Unprivated has>>901439
People will sperg because they hate Anus but the fact of the matter is, you can hate Anus and still see the wrong things in his exes/victims just because someone is a victim doesn’t mean you have to walk on eggshells when they’re an asshole or not admit they’ve messed up too.

And you can still feel bad for them too for having to experience his shit.

No. 901554

Yeah you should feel bad for them. But the fact is that all teh ahrassing and doxxing they are doing is causing people to stop supporting the victims, with the exception of the victims that are also now getting thrown under the bus by these snow flakes.

No. 901555

It was confirmed by farmhands/admin, newfag

No. 901573

Least embarrasing? Her making the same “clever” potato joke a million times is not embarrasing to you?
I only defend Shiloh because its obvious that atleast some of the anon vitriol against get is from Skye how mature of her to smear Shiloh for acting deranged at 17 in an abusive relationship. Shes just salty Onion wanted Shiloh more than her, pathetic.

No. 901580

Shiloh was 18 when the pregnancy, breaking up and coming back together drama was happening.
I always wondered why couldn't she remove or cover her Gregory tattoo earlier? Why did she need some no life orbiting whiteknight to make a GoFundMe for her? She broke up with Grug in early 2012. It's more than enough time to earn some money for a cover up tattoo even with all the bullshit she went through after Grug. Makes one think.

No. 901587

Okay Skye no1curr(hi cow)

No. 901609

They don't give a shit about the women involved or the children. They all want to be the one to crack the case and get the information out first for an ego trip. They're a bunch of self-righteous, inconsiderate, pearl-clutching tards with no second thought about the position they're putting innocent people in.

No. 901624

Bitch are you Shiloh??

No. 901629

Maybe Grugly was right for once and she does miss the baby carrot.

Skye, it’s okay. Shiloh don’t want him anymore and no1curr if Kai cries. Just hate-fuck him and film it for our delightful horror. Kthx

No. 901631

You can't miss what was never there to begin with…

No. 901641

Lmao true

No. 901645

Yep, just take a look at how many followers these gits have particularly unprivated. There’s no way she has acquired that many since September on her own.

No. 901651

Especially because anus unprivated his own acount in October anyway.

No. 901654

She means Onision Unprivated, anon

No. 901658

yeah her account only initially became popular because she was getting all his tweets and releasing them.

once he unprivated his account there was no reason for her to grow anymore so she started attacking other a-o.

No. 901682

I do not understand how she has over 13K followers. I do not understand how any of the ‘Onion Chefs’ have as many followers as they do, its not like their posts are witty or interesting, they appropriate tidbits of milk from smaller accounts and redistribute it for asspats.

No. 901732

I cannot help but blame that account as well some of the other ones for giving Anus more views and attention. It’s absurd.

There’s no way in hell that over 13k people care enough to see what he is tweeting about.

No. 901735

They screenshot stuff from here and kf. They also tweeted the video mirrors that were posted on the Anus thread… they have their own mirror channel now though

No. 901764

And yet they want to take credit.

No. 901766

I think it’s from a group chat that the fake cop kittensaurus said they all belong to, she said they talk to the girls and that they’re ‘closely working with them’ whatever that means. It’s on her Twitter. So my opinion is that one of his victims must have talked about it in the gc and unprivated just happened to let it slip

No. 901768

Probably Regina. She talks to a lot of the wrong people, including Repzilla. The smart thing to do would be to only talk to people directly involved cause her being naive will backfire. After dealing with manipulative people like the Onions, you'd think she'd be more alert to people trying to manipulate her.

No. 901860

Skye definitely comes across as being the most grounded, she is the oldest as >>901160 pointed out. Shiloh's been touring/involved in showbiz from a very young age. It also doesn't help that she has at times come off as a bit self-aggrandizing. Nevertheless, I think she deserves a little break after everything Pedonision did to her.

No. 901862

What I understood was that one of the anti-o's approached Regina about Mikenactor, and (I'm guessing) Regina for whatever reason went to Shiloh to help her sort it out, since Shiloh's supported Mike here and there, leaving comments on his videos etc. That's when Shiloh issued that tweet essentially supporting Mike despite whatever it was he did, something shitty.

No. 901863

Regina's going to school and she has a job. She just needs some extra cash to help her scrape by, it's not a big deal lol. Dylan's living with Sarah. They're young, trying to live on your own for the first time isn't easy.

One weird issue with Dylan, I know her parents are lawyers (she's said as much), yet she can't ask them for money? I can't make sense of that.

No. 901868

>trying to live on your own for the first time isn't easy.

Then she needs to get a job or two. Asking strangers to pay her rent cause she's too lazy is inexcusable no matter how young an adult is.

No. 901869

>it all conveniently coincided with her album release too.
I've thought about most of your points before. It feeds my tinfoil for why I think Skye's receded into the background. She's really been impressive overall.

I don't want to think the worst of Shiloh, I know Onion put her through hell, but I do recall how initially she did not want to get involved in any of this. She made a public statement about it (I'll post it later if I can find it), saying how she wasn't going to speak out and she wanted to be left alone. I wondered what made her change her mind, then I noticed that she had an album dropping in the near future. I suspected that she spoke with someone in her management that helped change her mind. It is what it is. Hopefully some of the 'orbiters' will wipe the dust from their eyes.

No. 901870

Regina already has a job, anon. Also, she has Hashimoto's disease. I think there's only so many jobs you can hold down when you're chronically ill. I mean really.

No. 901873

Was referring to Dylan who's only disease is being retarded.

No. 901877

What you said doesn't even make sense.

No. 901879

>Then to cover their tracks they dox the same people they asked favors from and harass them.
I've heard a lot of hearsay about anti-o's doxxing other anti-o's with no evidence to back it up. I see a lot of drama on one side, while the other side tries to keep things on track. Most of the drama mongers either left or privated their twitters.

No. 901883

iirc she didn’t approach Regina, she is/was friends with her and she tagged her in a tweet. Fuck knows why Regina went to Shiloh, and tbh Shiloh consistently comes across as an entitled cunt so I doubt she cares about the other girls, this is just a cash grab for her. They all seem to genuinely support each other but she is just like MEMEMEMEMEMEEEEE!!!! all the fucking time. The gofundme was the last straw. Lazy, egotistical bitch.

No. 901885

>I always wondered why couldn't she remove or cover her Gregory tattoo earlier?
Her keeping that tattoo is super weird. Literally no one i know does that. She said she kept it as a "reminder for the mistakes she made" but her explanation never really added up to me. Unless she couldn't afford to cover it up, but I doubt it.
I don't think that's true across the board. Onision Unprivated did say more than once that it's a collaborative effort. Those aren't the words of someone who's trying to take credit for everything.

No. 901887

Shiloh never should've gotten involved in that, but as anon said it looks like she wanted to support Mike because for some bizarre reason that makes no sense, she was eager to kiss his ass.

Her gofundme was started by a twitterfag. Unless Shiloh's super broke, I think she should've just donated most if not all of that money to charity.

No. 901891

They’re all begrudgingly rallying behind Krai ney now because of Ayalla’s Chris Hansen appearance.

No. 901902

And of course mike showcased that comment in the Youtube comments, on twitter and in two videos lmao

No. 901906

It was further up the thread… a couple disgruntled onion chef members had bad experience in the discord and being friends with a couple in particular kittensaurus. There was screenshots posted by river saying that she witnessed them asking people for identification to join and that they collect screenshots of certain antio’s tweets

No. 901917

It really is a big deal to ask strangers on the internet to pay your bills. Especially when you have people fawning all over you. The balance of power is off.

No. 901924

Ordinarily I'd agree with you were it not for their age and circumstances. They're young, employed (minimum wage), and are just trying to get their lives sorted. They're not out to shark the public, they're not Onision lol.

No. 901925

Unprivated is one of the worst credit takers. A lot of her info come from here and KF but she wants to be "the mole queen" for doing something that several people were already doing.

Regina I'd be able to somewhat understand, but not Dylan. She's not a victim of anything but her own cow behavior.

It all seemed sincere in the beginning but it's getting a bit questionable now. If you put a person on a pedestal, they'll start getting entitled.

No. 901929

All these twittercows get their milk from us. A good portion of us have been pulling up onions for fucking (strange) aeons. Anonymously, without cowtipping, without swatting, without trying to get any authorities involved, and most of all, without wanting asspats or credit or attention. Plus look at how many of these tards used to be fans of the festering boil and his foot faced cumrag. How much of a sped does one have to be to have ever found him entertaining much less actually admit to it?

No. 901977

I thought that "mole queen" thing was a tongue in cheek comment. I didn't take it seriously.
>A lot of her info come from here and KF
Ok? I don't follow why that matters. It's not like LC needs credit anyway what with it being anonymous. Sure there's been some attention whoring (in general), some people getting into it for the 'wrong' reasons, or >>901929 cowtipping, swatting, etc., but I think those have been the exception and not the rule. Some of the anti-o's have jumped the gun or made some mistakes, but for the most part they seem ok. Maybe I just don't see the same things you do.

No. 901978

No, Anus does use moles and her account is suspect AF. Plus all the shit they had regina doing to mess up her credibility comes straight out of a case interference guide. They might have been looking for asspats or they might be moles.

No. 901980

Yes he uses moles and socks.

I don't know how they managed to mess up Regina's credibility. Last time I checked she was doing fine. There are a few I've suspected of being moles but Unprivated isn't one of them. Like >>901879 said, some of the more drama focused or questionable people either left twitter or privated their accounts awhile back.

No. 901982

She gave them info on people from DMs which ended up here (lies saying one ao was 19, another was 17). She participated in the cyber stalking. The group got her talking about her case too much and now she has contradicted her original story on SM with some things she said on Hansen. If she takes the stand she will immediately be in a perjury trap.

That aside they had a case with pierce county PD in August. They got Sarah to publicly join in on attacks the mandatory reporter who started the case for starting the case. I would be amazed if her testimony goes any farther than that without being dismissed and struck from the record. Add to that that they decided that instead of talking to the police they would talk to Hansen so he could open an FBI case. BC they took that call away from law enforcement it could actually get the whole case dismissed.

This isn't to blame either of them. They are young and nieve and probably like all the attention.

No. 901984

Don't forget that they have joined in or been behind campaigns to publicly shame him on bigger and bigger channels. Trial by social media can also get the case dismissed.

No. 901988

'anti o flakes' sounds like a cereal.

No. 901989

This is the most sense I’ve seen anyone talk for a long time. Whenever people try to bring it up on twitter they get flamed for attacking the credibility of the victims (which is a fucking straw man if ever there was one) so people have stopped publicly questioning how tenable any alleged criminal investigation is. Someone mentioned that Chris discussing it could be considered contempt sub judice and most of the replies were either people asking what that meant or insisting that because Chris Hansen is involved it is most certainly positively 100 per cent definitely going to end with the onions in jail. As much as we would like to see that, it either won’t happen or it will be a long way off.

No. 901992

You are absolutely correct.

I'm more of the thinking that this will be the end of Chris' Youtube career.

No. 901993

Side note: many of the people on TCAP were actualyl dismissed with no charges bc it was entrapment. There were a few that pleaded guilty.

By comparison the police have a 90%+ success rate with child sexual abuse cases.

No. 901995

Sheppard v. Maxwell, 384 U.S. 333 (1966)

Justice Clark delivered the opinion of the court:

This federal habeas corpus application involves the question whether Sheppard was deprived of a fair trial in his state conviction for the second-degree murder of his wife because of the trial judge's failure to protect Sheppard sufficiently from the massive, pervasive and prejudicial publicity that attended his persecution… We have concluded that Sheppard did not receive a fair trial consistent with the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and, therefore, reverse the judgement.

No. 901998

>She gave them info on people from DMs which ended up here (lies saying one ao was 19, another was 17). She participated in the cyber stalking.
You're talking about Regina? I haven't seen any evidence for that. Maybe I don't follow them as closely as you.

As far as her contradicting her original story, I haven't seen that either. There was one small piece that she mentioned about how she and Kai met that I think was different. This was a long time ago so she may have had an honest mix up. Other than that her story's been pretty consistent, she's able to back up a lot of it with texts from Kai etc.

As for the 'mandatory reporter', if it's the same person I think it is, she went and involved authorities without even having the courtesy to run it by Sarah first, that's why she was pissed about it because she wasn't ready to do that at the time. The reporter was nicknamed Concerned Cunt, and she deleted her twitter. One thing I do hope Sarah and the girls are doing is consulting a good lawyer.

No. 901999

Fair enough, but let's not forget Onision's blasted his own personal life (and the personal details of people in his life without their permission or consent) on the internet for years. Also, if he had any brain cells left he would've walked away from sm by now. He hasn't been doing himself any favors.

No. 902000

No there is evidence that she participated in the cyber stalking.

She has now embelished her story and changed certain details, that is more than enough to get her thrown out as a witness.

MAndatory reporters are REQUIRED TO REPORT PERIOD. If they see child abuse and don't report they go to jail. They were reporting bc there are veulnerable children in teh house.

No. 902001

It actually says in the training to ignore people who ask you not to report it. So why would they even ask?

No. 902002

It was a misdemeanor for White who lives in CA to retalliate against a mandatory reporter for reporting suspected child abuse.

No. 902003

>there is evidence that she participated in the cyber stalking.
I haven't seen it or seen any evidence. I can't take everyone at their word.
>She has now embelished her story and changed certain details
Ok. See my reply to your first comment.

No. 902004

>MAndatory reporters are REQUIRED TO REPORT
Right. And as far as we know, nothing even came of it so she completely wasted her time while pissing off Sarah.

No. 902005

You wouldn't be told. An investigation was in progress and Pierce county sheriffs said they were monitoring the house and no more kids would be going in.

No. 902006

>Pierce county sheriffs said they were monitoring the house and no more kids would be going in.
If no one was told then how did you find out what they said about it? I saw one statement on twitter that I could upload and they never mentioned monitoring anything. If you only have hearsay then there's no point mentioning it.

No. 902008

Actually it was in the post back when the investigation got started Pierce county PD released a statement. When they all attacked that mandatory reporter it was delted. But they clearly said they would be investigating and monitoring. It sounds like from the interviews that that ASM guy had been in contact with the sheriff… There is way more than enough evidence that pierce county PD had launched an investigation.

No. 902009

Again it literally doesn't matter if I convince you. This is what happened and waht will affect the court case once the lawyers go through discovery and get srahs entire social media history along with the other vicitms.

No. 902011

This is also why the youger a-os have been doxxing and attacking anyone near the girls over 25 bc most of them would know this stuff…

No. 902012

Literally anyone can say anything. Without actual evidence or proof to back up what they're saying, it's just hearsay. I don't take hearsay seriously and neither should you.

No. 902013

Riiiiight…. Maybe google around on how court cases work before you start calling court procedure hearsay… You gueninely don't seem to understand that term….

No. 902014


I'm just telling you what greg's defense team will find durring discovery. If you think he will get a shit lawyer too you are mistaken. He sold a house in 2018 for $750,000 he spent a lot bc he is a moron but he is not broke.

No. 902015

I can actually think of a few people who might go to jail over this that aren't Greg depending on how he responds after the discovery findings.(samefagging)

No. 902016

You’re talking out of your ass. What’s going to get or not get the Onions is whether or not the FBI can build a case on what’s on those devices. It has nothing to do with what Twitter fags have said or done.

Just because a case has coverage doesn’t mean a person can’t get a fair trial. That’s even if it goes to trial or gets pled out, which is the most likely. Again that’s if charges are brought.

No. 902017

Wasn't talking about hearsay in reference to court procedures. You're talking about what Regina, Pierce County PD did or didn't do without having anything to back up your assertions, making your statements hearsay.

No. 902018

Yeah its called contempt sub justice and getting hansen involved and attacking the original investigation in favor of a social media trial is more than enough to get the case dismissed.

No. 902020

If you're going to talk shit at least sage your shit newfag.

No. 902028

Agree… not the other nonsense that has been spewing tonight but this is an issue Im have with the girls and the little group of antio’s circling them. They are involving them in needless drama and it’s only going to bite them in the ass. The last incident was involving Mike and my guess is that Regina told the person to stop exposing him for telling someone to kill themselves because they need his outlet too to keep the heat on Anus.

I don’t think it’s a huge deal legally for them to be involved in this drama but I do think it could potentially taint their character if it keeps happening

No. 902034

>mandatory reporter who started the case
you mean"concerned mom", who wasn't a mandatory reporter at all?

No. 902040

Oh, prove that she wasn't then. Just because she called herself concerned mom doesn't mean she's not working in a field where she is a mandatory reporter

No. 902041

I could be missing something I could swear it was a student who worked with kids.

No. 902047

>it could potentially taint their character if it keeps happening

Completely agree. You can already see it happening and it seems to be the ones who are actively engaging with the anti-os (Shiloh, Sarah, and Regina).

Yep. There was no proof to her actually being one and she just spewed a bunch of links and insults as "proof". She constantly came here to defend herself like a cow and was caught each time. Pretty much like the twitterfags here being called out by admin. Kittensaurus is the same way.

No. 902050

Is it relevant? tehre was a case with pierce county PD. They were investigating.

Instead of cooperating with the investigation they turned to Hansen who got the FBI case opened through a friend.
Is correct even if somehow they get a guilty verdict he will appeal and overturn it.

No. 902051

it costs money to appeal. how's he gonna pay a lawyer?

No. 902052

Its evident that there is no proof and you're too much of a faggot to post the proof since you're probbaly of these retards

No. 902054

Probably with some of the money form the sale fo his house in 2018 $750,000 is a lot of cash. Even the profit of $110,000 is a big chunk of cash.

No. 902099

It’s not a lot of money when you buy a new house and owe the IRS.

No. 902128

I don't think that case means what you think it means… That guy argued that his jurors were influenced by news media. Greg's case has not been all over the news in the same manner; most potential jurors have probably never heard of him.

I highly doubt the court would hold the victims in contempt for sharing their stories. If anything, they could claim to be defending themselves against defamation, and list the damages done to their reputation as a result of him talking about them publicly.

Had they been on the television and newspapers, it could be in contempt, but the courts don't take social media very seriously.

If I recall, 'concerned mom' was a legal advocate who offered their services to the girls, was turned down, but still reported for the kids. It really wasn't as big of a deal as everyone made it out to be.

No. 902133

Exactly… people keep building this up to be more than it is. Anus isn’t a celebrity, he’s not even on par with Austin Jones… if this does go to court and I’m very sceptical of that it may hit a few media outlets but it’s highly unlikely to garner any more attention

No. 902138

Many people reported it… not just her. I saw several threads on twitter about calling the police so we can’t just blame her. There were also a couple YouTubers who were doing live-streams and told people they should report it.

No. 902142

They really could have used a legal advocate IMO… Maybe not Concerned Mom, idk, but those people are angels, they literally just give you legal advice and lawyer/attorney connections and moral support for free. They really just want to help.
I thought it was so sad that Concerned Mom was getting torn apart like that while the same twitter anti-o's were posting the phone numbers for police for randoms to call.

No. 902148

>but still reported for the kids.

She came here to shitpost about it which made her look pathetic as hell. If it was "for the kids" she wouldn't have come here to defend herself like a cow. She wanted asspats and got mad when she didn't get it. It was on her twitter too.

>They really could have used a legal advocate
They really should have had one.

No. 902153

This makes me wonder if Gerg has consulted a lawyer about all of this. I imagine that surely he has but at the same time I can't imagine that this is the legal advice he's gotten. Then again he might have done so and just ignored everything the lawyer suggested about how he should conduct himself and decided instead to act like a retard. I think everyone needs to talk to a lawyer (or a legal advocate as anon suggested) at this point and needs to stop talking ESPECIALLY to random twitter fags who are giving awful advice. Don't get me wrong it's entertaining as hell but if they sincerely want him & lainey to go to prison they need to be smart about it.

Actually now that I think about it has anyone noticed a change in Sarah and Regina's behavior over the past week/few days? I was just thinking if the feds are doing a formal investigation surely someone reached out to them and told them that they need to be super careful about who they share things with.

No. 902156

Ah, I must have missed her posting on here. So much was happening at once, lol.

It's a shame none of them even tried to get a restraining order… They can have the person not be allowed to post on the internet about you.

No. 902178

File: 1575582567467.jpeg (100.64 KB, 637x726, 35FC4164-77CA-4E06-AF01-8672CC…)

Regina did leave that discord. So…

No. 902179

File: 1575582591389.jpeg (42.47 KB, 640x257, A53F5B29-E90C-4C43-96F5-1DA94F…)

No. 902286

oh boy Philly D covered it. Maybe if we're lucky we will see a community implosion of people who feel they are not getting enough attention for "bringing the case to light" like we saw with the Do5 shit show.

No. 902290

>they need his outlet too
Pfff I hope that's not true. They don't need Mike. Repzion, Jaclyn Glenn, Blaire White and a few other medium sized channels are more than enough, and now that Defranco's covered it it'll gain more traction. Mike barely gets 10k views a video. Mike is articulate but he doesn't really add much to the conversation that hasn't already been said in another way. If anything he'd be more of a liability unless he can ease up on the dramatic bullshit.

No. 902291

Skye's already said publicly that she's buried the hatchet and forgiven Shiloh, beyond that we don't know what she thinks. We know because of what Shiloh said that they don't talk to each other/aren't close.

No. 902292

>pierce county PD was investigating.
Unless you have actual evidence that this happened, you're just talking shit and hearsay, newfag.

No. 902294

And he owes money to the county for the wetlands. I don't know who these newfags think they are coming here acting like they know something when they don't even know how much Greg is in debt to the feds.
>has anyone noticed a change in Sarah and Regina's behavior over the past week/few days?
Other than being a lot quieter, not really, unless that's what you mean. I don't think they should be posting too much publicly on sm anyway.

No. 902297

File: 1575595930487.png (714.93 KB, 1318x677, Screenshot_2019-12-06 The DIST…)

I don't know how much money Greg owes but I'm sure he owes out of his ass. When Chris Hansen offered to have him on, waterhead asked for 350k. And now with Defranco, he wanted 10k when all Defranco asked for was a statement. Ononcion must be real desperate if he dropped the price down that low.

No. 902300

Shiloh's not above criticism and I don't agree with a few of her recent decisions, but I have to hand it to her for surviving Onision's crucible of psychopathy - he gave her hell. I think she's earned some respect for coming out the other side of that a stronger, better person. If she's using this situation as an opportunity to futher her career, so be it. I don't believe that's her only motive though. I noticed she put up her Patreon right after Onision lost his, almost as a derisive gesture, which makes me lol. She a bad bitch, and I kinda like her.

No. 902301

That’s my impression honestly… it seems as though Shiloh was giving him the green light on his input >>902286
I give it a week or two…

No. 902330

File: 1575602441770.jpeg (59.83 KB, 620x521, 73583CB5-4749-45E2-BE95-60381D…)

Wonder what this is about?

No. 902331

File: 1575602504924.jpeg (83.04 KB, 639x694, 3FCE7E77-3034-4C5C-89E5-E4449A…)

Whatever it is, go figure Twitter fags have to be involved.

No. 902341

As if Eugenia doesn't have enough shit to deal with. Girl is on the verge of death and they want to stress her out some more wtf. If Grog sees this, he's just going to go after her again. Twitterfags need to back the hell off and stop trying to make everyone a part of their retarded crusade.

No. 902347

Chris Hansen wants her to come on his show. Maybe next he will start interviewing random people from the forum or ex patrons. Then he can interview people who claim they knew Onision in 2nd grade. Then he can interview the cashier at the Target they frequent.

No. 902363

Exactly, it would be really silly for Chris to interview her. Is he going to interview black women too because Greg made multiple videos about their hair? I hope it doesn't get that dumb.

No. 902367

Also Social Repose and Shane Dawson. Can't forget them. I do wonder why he hasn't interviewed Jaclyn… you know he must have reached out to her.

There is something really dirty about trying to reach out to Eugenia though. She's dealing with trying not to die and you know Chris would tactlessly try to get her to talk about her ED and just make her super uncomfortable.

No. 902370

Hell, even Andy Biersack and Jaclyn's tits are "victims". Eugenia couldn't even fully talk about it in the documentary on her.

No. 902382

Remember the Andy Biersack effigy Gregma raped on-camera, he’s a victim too!

No. 902399

Given her situation I'm not sure having her on is the best idea, if that's even what they're thinking. Better to have Jacyln. She's talked about Onision's shitty behavior with Eugenia plenty of times. I think she'd be more insightful.
>Chris would tactlessly try to get her to talk about her ED
I don't think so. He was really respectful to Billie when he interviewed her. She was obviously very uncomfortable and Chris didn't step over her boundaries. I'm not easily impressed but I was pleasantly surprised with the way he handled that situation.

No. 902408

File: 1575618251423.jpeg (804.63 KB, 1242x1450, D4B8FA3C-2891-4AFC-8990-E7FDEC…)

No. 902410

File: 1575618359591.jpeg (814.91 KB, 1242x1451, 834B8CF1-A803-4654-86E1-09C87D…)

No. 902412

File: 1575618497293.jpeg (813.37 KB, 1242x1541, 77AAE5DC-7F97-42B0-8C58-F6AF07…)

No. 902413

Any rando who isn't authorized to look at people's IDs is a strict as fuck nut. Just to see NSFW stuff in a random discord group? That's fucking crazy. No surprise that sewergrandma is a part of it. The only sane decision is telling the twitterfags not to harass people.

No. 902414

File: 1575618617851.jpeg (319.86 KB, 1242x585, 6450CB09-075A-41FF-9FE1-D9AEE1…)

No. 902416

File: 1575618786159.jpeg (354.59 KB, 750x991, 373F565A-AFE5-4037-9351-F92DA5…)

No. 902422

They’re asking for DOB not the full ID. Ur a fucking moron if u give a bunch of twitterfags your full ID. At least they’re vetting minors unlike Onion Boy.

No. 902423

You don't have to be a twittertard to think the idea was dumb as fuck. There are other ways to prove that without resorting to shit like that.

No. 902424

This is a vendetta thread, these “Onion Chefs” aren’t even milky. Just a bunch of twitterfags hating other twitterfags. Keep it to twitter

No. 902425

They claim it was voluntary and for one chat. Just don’t join the chat then anon. You twitterfags need to get off the boards with your vendetta bs

No. 902428

Again, not from twitter. There are more than vendetta-chans in the thread. Being this paranoid is silly.

No. 902556

ayalla and billie are both have onlyfans accounts now
I guess failing as a musician and youtuber leads to desperate measures?

No. 902640

Or you could do what lots of other online communities do.. keep things "family friendly" in public spaces like discord if you know there is a good chance your community is full of adolescents & teens (like the anti o community/anything onision related)

You don't really NEED an NSFW channel. Your server will indeed survive without one. If you want to send porn to people do it in private messages that way vetting their age/dealing with the consequences is on you and and you alone.

No. 902706

File: 1575672261299.jpeg (135.97 KB, 750x600, 2D4DFEB7-B2CE-4790-92C2-A3883E…)

No. 902707

File: 1575672437506.jpeg (279.91 KB, 750x1008, D64F9794-A936-457B-9091-C8CCB0…)

No. 902709

File: 1575672556963.jpeg (339.1 KB, 750x1001, 43491A33-55A3-4CF5-9FB5-5D035F…)

No. 902713

File: 1575672660737.jpeg (299.6 KB, 750x871, 12CB0CEF-CCA9-4105-B02D-C55E51…)

No. 902720


That whole community seems like everyone is walking on eggshells around each other and whoever fucks up has to publicly flog themselves.

No. 902724

Sounds like such bullshit, who would call a random anti o idiot from twitter even if they had been doxxed. She hasn't been doxxed on this site.

No. 902728

Its because kuntasaurus is butthurt about being exposed as a bitter, fat, cloutschasing, gatekeeping bully and is seeking revenge via doxxing

No. 902842

Am I reading this right: She lost sleep because she "body shamed" and used the word autistic? Was that really worth writing several paragraphs over? I hope she's just a kid and not a grown adult overreacting like this.

No. 902843

It's nice that people want to keep spreading rumors with nothing to back up their claims, but it's a real waste of time. There's been so many accusations about who did what with nothing to substantiate them and it's getting old. If that chick were doxxing people I've no doubt she'd be kicked out by the rest of the group.

No. 902850

She’s 19, anon. She IS a child and she was seemingly talking to a 30 year old woman who got her to talk shit on the farm. There was most definitely a power-dynamic going on during the dumpsterfire of posts. She probably only lost sleep over the followers she knew she was gonna lose. That, or she was guilted to hell and back after it happened. She’s far from a victim, but she was thrown under the bus several times. Her situation is far from milky since stuff like this has happened before in the “””community”””

I could give less of a fuck about her, I just wanna see screenies from the discord before sewer grandma became admin/when drama was going on.

No. 902862

Toasty probably shared OhNoOnision’s number to her friends and they’ve been harassing her as white knights. Toasty is 30 and OhNoOnision is 19.

No. 902865

It's really weird cause that sounds like a normal day on the farms. I don't know who these people are, but if you have to make a text wall apologizing for minor things, then the internet may not be for you.

No. 902883

I Think Toasty Lied About Having Juicy Screenies From That Discord. It’s Been A Week And Nothing, Place Is Probably A Hugbox With No Real Tea

No. 902884

Toasty never posted here you guys were getting trolled by bean.

No. 902895

Scroll up, the mods confirmed it was Toastycat self posting

No. 902911

Their age alone doesn't tell me that any of them is the villain here. It's their actions. Bee and Bean have been trying to paint Toasty as the one who posted here and doxxed people while Toasty has gone private and completely stays out of the drama, and I've only seen Toasty being doxxed (her Snapchat and phone number). Bean could literally be making shit up to look like a victim too so she can come back to twitter. As long as I don't see any kind of proof that she's been doxxed I don't believe her.

It clearly isn't for her lol

excatly, there's no proof whatsoever that she posted here. Yes they redtexted some posts but how would they know? They probably guessed it.

No. 902934

Ohnoonision aka bean admitted it was her who posted her exposing kuntasaurus and their discord. Toasty may have posted too after the fact but the majority of exposing came from bean>>902850 she was dumping her emotional baggage on bean, it was highly inappropriate and not sure how they went from toasty supposedly grieving loss of family members to telling bean to come to lolcow lol

No. 902942

The other members of that group really berated her for doing that… of course she’s going to feel terrible. Kittensaurus even made a three part tweet calling her out which ensued others doing the same and going to beans Twitter. I saw people clearly feeling bad for bean and telling kittensaurus to keep it private. Imo they bullied bean into apologizing, they bullied river also for talking about it and for calling mikenactor out and for spilling the beans on them collecting tweets from a couple of antio’s plus shes since left Twitter too. There’s a few others from that discord that they did the same to for not liking mike or for supporting bean.

No. 902943

I don’t know about that, most of the twitterfag antis seem to hate mike, it’s just that some are more vocal than others. I think a lot of them kept quiet during the shit with shiloh seemingly defending him simply because they don’t want to rock the boat if it detracts from their “cause” of “bringing down onision”

No. 903006

Ok vendetta-chan.

long post
It’s pretty easy to tell that while Bean’s fragile, she was talked into doing stuff on the farms, and then berated for having done so.

My theory is that it started with Toasty grieving to Bean over her family life and discord drama, and then Toasty told Bean about her own vendetta against kittensaurus. Iirc Toasty didn’t fess up most likely because she was “Regina’s friend” and didn’t wanna lose having one of the victims as a friend.

A 19 year-old apologizing for what they did is actually more mature than a lot of 25+ year-old influencers are, who have done far worse.

She obviously felt shame and guilt for what she did, and probably deleted to help her peace-of-mind. If she wants to come back and prove she won’t be “a little shit” anymore, I say let her prove it. I’m holding judgement until she slips up again.

I still think it’s creepy that a 30 year-old woman reached out to a 19 year-old to have a shoulder to cry on. That being said, Bean also should have thought it through about ulterior motives.

I thought it was bee who did most of the call outs? Are there screenies that were never posted of Kittensaurus’ antics?

Overall, though, I agree with you. They went pretty hard for Bean. They also went pretty hard for River, too. They shot their own messenger (since river posted the screenies on twitter about the farm posts) over what? Reaching out to Shiloh? Disliking Mikenactor? It’s all such a facade with them. This group of justice-seekers is sad, and they have the mentality of 17 year-olds.

No. 903038

Toasty does post here and she’s is the worst of them. She was still talking about the drama yesterday on her twitter acting like a victim, boo hoo poor me. She suffers from victimising herself and thinking she can do no wrong. Toasty is poisonous, just as manipulative and emotionally abusive as Onision.

No. 903039

File: 1575747294286.jpg (24.98 KB, 471x120, Capture.JPG)

Kittensaurus made a tweet saying they didn't condone attacking Bean. OHoneybee was the one who attacked.

No. 903056

This was made after the fact… after people were telling her it should have stayed private.

No. 903058

Also, we don’t know all that was said behind the scenes and by the sounds of things with bean calling herself a piece of shit for what…? For calling someone fat, jesus. I think they were scaring her privately too. Don’t forget that kittensaurus calls herself a dom so I’m sure there still is a bad power balance her and bean

No. 903090

Never seen Kittensaurus say they are a dom, post some proof cuz clearly most of this thread has been misinfo.

No. 903226

File: 1575791533497.jpeg (178.93 KB, 750x353, 39C9D46B-0DE5-4E66-8583-F32397…)

If any twitterfag likes to pretend play cop on the case it’s this psycho. What info do you have that’s not public information then?

No. 903228


… latsha is the last name of one of tami's ex husbands. it was her last name for a period of time, too.

No. 903243

Bee is a dumb attention whoring cunt, I wouldn’t be surprised if she is the one bitching about kittensaurus itt. All these bitches are retards with no life who think that being acknowledged by the victims of a washed up pedo youtuber and his ugly pedo wife is some great life achievement.

No. 903297

Just curious does it matter to you that Eugenia said no because she has never and will never want anything to do with greg?

No. 903300

File: 1575812830768.jpeg (230.91 KB, 1125x574, 97B9AFC0-1C43-46BA-8061-7C2DF4…)

No. 903301

File: 1575812864016.jpeg (302.35 KB, 1110x763, F0FEBEF1-5A75-4FF1-AF91-5C667E…)

No. 903304


No. 903307


No. 903327

>She obviously felt shame and guilt for what she did, and probably deleted to help her peace-of-mind.
Sure. That's why she doxxed toasty AFTER her cringey melodramatic "I'm sorry" post >>899162. She only posts this shit >>902707
to gain sympathy

No. 903338

Where’s the proof that it was actually Bean? You seem pretty hellbent on protecting Toasty, anon. Why should we believe a 30 year-old woman who spoke to a 19 year-old to grieve and dump emotional baggage on, seeing how fragile she is? Toasty’s a creep, give it up.

No. 903404

Toasty is just like Onision. She can’t pull her bullshit on people her own age because they see right through her, so she targets teens.

No. 903424

Lets just all agree that these people in this discord are all fucking stupid attention hoes and instead of deflecting their shit behaviour by bullying other antio’s they should be focusing on Anus

No. 903425

File: 1575836551500.jpeg (120.27 KB, 640x230, F13402A4-7A5D-4654-B940-712124…)

Wow looks like they are going to interview jaclyns tits after all

No. 903426

File: 1575836564017.jpeg (157.01 KB, 1125x374, 922D6C27-E835-4327-AED0-2D8750…)

No. 903469

File: 1575844599143.jpeg (333.77 KB, 1242x1592, 0786568A-1BB5-4DC0-A64B-510412…)

We know what Stevie will be talking about during the interview….. himself

No. 903479

"Donald O Latsha" is a wolf in sheeps clothing. So is this thread.

No. 903493

no-one's under the delusion that this thread contains useful information.

No. 903500

This is sad, both that they feel like they have to use the attention from this to sell themselves and how people will inevitably try to use this as a reason to take credibility away from their experiences. I hope the other girls don't try to hop on this too.

No. 903504

>this was manufactured thread made to look organic
>"don ald lat sha" intentions seem good, however they are not
yes we realise this anon

No. 903507

k. sorry. lol.

No. 903517

Lmao do they even vet people? It seems like they will interview literally anyone at this point. Some anon could probably claim to be a former classmate of Greg’s, make up a crazy story, make a video and the next week they would be asked to come on the show.

No. 903522

Exactly. Stevie is a nobody that has more conspiracies than evidence. Interviewing these random ass youtubers is going to hurt their credibility. Interview the relevant and important people ffs.

No. 903538

Everyone mentioned here is anon … what’s new.

No. 903561

File: 1575859164622.jpeg (196.89 KB, 640x597, 7692B85E-BCF9-4D3F-9338-7FF7AF…)

No. 903567

Lane is a nobody too

No. 903568

At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if they announced joy sparkle would be a guest.

No. 903573

Just cackling still at his ‘this day has finally come’

I’m already getting second hand embarrassment.

No. 903575

A complete nobody. Sarah has already said everything so Lane is no longer needed for that. All she'll do is regurgitate what Sarah has already said.

After looking at all the people that they asked to be on the show, it's pretty much expected.

No. 903586

That guy shares the same name as one of Gregma’s former stepdads, the one who forced him and his sisters to chant “I love you Satan” to a TV

No. 903603

nothing ever didn’t happen as intensely as that didn’t happen

No. 903608

It is embarrassing. Just like >>903469 said Stevie is probably going to make this interview revolve around himself. And whenever Stevie has confronted Grug in a debate (or when he jumped on his live) I always get "senpai notice me" vibes.

Stevie has offered insight in some of his videos about Ogreasion, but it's usually marred by weird self comparisons and unfounded speculations.

No. 903609

I didn't know that. I can't find anything to corroborate that.
He recently changed his sm in the last month or two. He used to go by 'Jesse' @Username_kno. Why would someone be LARPing as Greg's step-dad?

No. 903627

Search “Onision.me” on the wayback machine since he probably deleted the site. It’s been discussed previous threads ago

No. 903653

it would be so funny if mikenactor never gets asked, wonder what he would talk about: not believing Sarah because he secretly still wants Greg’s D? The many videos gaslighting? … so many topics

No. 903790

I’ve noticed he claims he has different jobs to different people. Maybe has multiple personalities and they’re all crazy obsessed with being a hero. His friends in these fields could be his other personalities too.

No. 903804

Jesse’s probably the worst of them all, honestly. It’s been said here before, but he attacks anyone who disagrees with his tinfoils. The fact that he tried to use Rag’s story as fire to one of his tinfoils is absolutely disgusting. I still don’t get how Heezy and Neglected Banana interact with him.
You’re probably right, that he runs the accounts and they’re just different personalities of his. He claims to be a troll but he takes things quite seriously. I wonder if he has a life outside of the internet.

No. 903889

Neglected Banana and Heezy are honestly a lot like Jesse. They bully anyone who doesn't agree with their wild conspiracy theories and fuel each other's crazy…

No. 903897


that's interesting. how exactly do you know it was /that/ stepdad since it seems greg has multiple 'step dads' when growing up whether 'official' by marriage or 'not official' when just shacking up.


i'd post proof here but i'd be banned for posting information about family members unrelated to the drama. if a mod allows it, i'll post it.

i've sent rags the proof since i couldn't post it here. he can confirm that don ald lat sha is the name of one of tami's exhusbands.

No. 903905

sorry for doubleposting

No. 903966

File: 1575953760580.png (4.89 KB, 410x292, temp.png)

No. 903969

I believe it was in one of his Speaks videos from late 2018-early 2019, if not 2017 where he admitted to having name change based on Crazy Tami’s man of the week. I’m trying to recall but am not sure of the title

No. 903972

So Rag Reynolds and Masked babe are trying to dox Chaisey Lane that's nice kek! Nice to know some people never change.

No. 903976


From >>903897

> i'd post proof here but i'd be banned for posting information about family members unrelated to the drama. if a mod allows it, i'll post it.

> i've sent rags the proof since i couldn't post it here. he can confirm that don ald lat sha is the name of one of tami's exhusbands.

i guess rags knew you'd accuse him and wrote that into the post preemptively?

more a++ research from rsn.

No. 903996

File: 1575966448498.jpg (737.02 KB, 828x2524, Heezy.jpg)

>Heezy and Neglected Banana interact with him.
I vaguely remember a few months ago Heezy was trying (or said she was) to talk to a FB group called I think 'Gig Harbor Mom's' to tell them about Greg. I don't remember the sequence of events but she ended up lying about Greg's house being swatted and probably some other details too. She privated her account for awhile thereafter.

The other one, Banana, claims to be in close contact with one of Greg's paypigs and privated their account after all the "doxxing" they claimed happened. Banana, Heezy, "Jesse/Latsha" and Arim palled around on twitter in the beginning.

No. 903999

I looked for that in the wayback machine and it comes up blank. It has something saved for the end of Sept. but if you click on it it redirects to 8trackads and comes up blank. I'll check prior threads
I don't doubt Greg had fucked up step dads, all things considered.
And now he's gone. Ok then.

No. 904000

File: 1575967072129.jpeg (352.49 KB, 750x1096, 57B609BD-461E-42CF-A06C-52DD23…)

Heezy is a full blown attention whoring clout chasing bag of fruit loops. Here she is claiming she’s friends with Eugenia

No. 904001

Yeah anons were calling out Heezy months ago. She's always claimed to be friends with EC for some reason. I think EC might have messaged her on twitter once lol.

No. 904002

File: 1575967493358.jpeg (137.42 KB, 750x544, 1A48D33B-5398-4B97-AB93-FDB90A…)

I know, my point is that she’s still going on about it. She seems pretty doxx happy too

No. 904004

File: 1575971388453.png (454.36 KB, 599x1496, Screenshot_2019-11-21 Donald O…)

I think he was the one who started the rumor that Unprivated was doxxing people >>892195 and a few of the others (Arim etc.) ran with that. He was constantly accusing others of working with Greg too. Looks like he had a hate boner for Unprivated, Kittensaurus and whoever the other 3 are of the "5" he mentioned.

Either way, that someone would LARP as one of Greg's step-dad's raises a lot of questions.

No. 904007

File: 1575972247133.png (593.98 KB, 592x3182, Screenshot_2019-11-21 Donald O…)

Samefag. Some of the things he said were true as far as TCAP and Hansen goes (that's all public record, yt vids made on it). He also mentioned here that Pierce county sheriff was investigating before Hansen got involved? I never saw PC sheriffs make any public statements in that regard. So some things he said were true, while others were unsubstantiated.

No. 904008

File: 1575972623777.png (667.05 KB, 1125x2436, CF46547C-A2B7-4E69-A488-F06389…)


They never made a public statement. Heezy released a Tweet where she’d reached out to the Gig’s Harbor PD shortly before that Facebook drama happened and they said Pierce Co was aware of the situation. That was the closest thing anyone got to public confirmation.

No. 904009

File: 1575973105033.png (317.43 KB, 625x2114, Screenshot_2019-11-21 Donald O…)

Last one. He didn't mention names, but apparently he was accusing among others, Unprivated and Kittensaurus of working with Greg because according to him, they were coaching the victims. He suggested "people with assets" like Keemstar only report on Greg if he's convicted because he knows Greg intends to sue everyone for slander if he goes free. His comment about the One Man Band vids was interesting, but again, unsubstantiated.

No. 904010

He claimed to have some connection with LE, giving him background knowledge. That's basically what he said if you read some of his capped tweets. It's just bizarre that he would LARP as Greg's step dad, unless (tinfoil) it is actually Latsha and the guy works with LE. I have no idea.

No. 904015

He said "one of these people backstabbed Sarah by reporting all her case to the cops", I thought that was 'concerned mom' or whatever her name was? If he works with LE and he had evidence that Unprivated doxxed someone then why didn't he report them? Granted that person is in another country, but doxxing isn't legal anywhere.

No. 904016

File: 1575975082279.jpeg (225.98 KB, 1125x520, F3ABF940-DD69-4B54-BA42-75C405…)

Supposedly they are reporting it.

No. 904018

The plot thickens. Hopefully whoever doxxed who will see consequences sooner than later. I hate to think of anyone's actions hurting Sarah's or Regina's case either directly or indirectly, not to mention people pretending to be something they're not.

I do agree with Latsha as far as Regina and Sarah being quiet about their case on sm, but it might be too late for that. Ignoring Greg especially I think is to their benefit.

No. 904024

I think the llc he's referring to here is that Nesiamotu company registered in Greg's name.
Anyone who remembers the actual Latsha, was it ever mentioned what he did for a living?

No. 904028

I recognise this posting style and content from the Onision thread

Wow at these spergs one-upping each other with their imaginary high level connections

No. 904035

Not true… the people who run that twitter account actually tweeted in a thread that tagged them, they confirmed that they were being looked into.

No. 904038

>My dad works for the government!1
Is this person 12 years old?

No. 904043

File: 1575985344798.jpg (951.02 KB, 619x2442, Rag-Donald Latsha-Chaisey Lane…)

Funny he would talk about backstabbing.

Rag mentioned @Username_kno (Latsha) because Latsha contacted him. Latsha used the info he gleaned from Rag and made a vid with it without his knowledge. Knowing that, it's not surprising Latsha deleted their account. And RSN is a cunt, what else is new.

Rag's thread: https://twitter.com/MRragreynolds/status/1203470440632659968

No. 904046

File: 1575986030448.png (31.84 KB, 591x322, Chase( chasevsonision) Twitter…)

I thought "Chaisey Lane" was whoever this (pic related) is? If not, then "Latsha" runs that channel or knows who does. That would be a trip if it was actually Greg's crazy step father - nothing would surprise me. He was an asshole to Rag so at least he has that going for him.

No. 904054


The account isn’t deleted. Smells like a publicity stunt to frame Rags. It was there an hour ago.

No. 904066

If you’ve been around the antio stuff since the beginning you would know who he is, the username isn’t that deep.

It’s obvious a lot of you anons are new and my advice is not to go bursting brain cells on it because the person in question at times was mostly a troll who use to get into debates with Stevie back in the day, he’s not at all that serious.

No. 904070

File: 1575992305248.png (172.06 KB, 1063x769, cpa.png)


The real latsha worked in fishery.

he's also claimed to be a cpa.

ChasevsOnision and Chaisey Lane are not the same person. The Chaisey Lane YouTube channel was linked to from the jesse/latsha/username_kno Twitter. ChaseVsOnision is a longtime anti-o. This latsha person seems to be a newcomer, possibly from the tcap community?

No. 904123

I have yet to see evidence about Kittensaurusss, Unprivated or OHoneyBee or the others mentioned on this thread do anything but call these people out and get attacked on this thread for stuff that hasn’t been proved yet. This is vendetta thread.

No. 904133

I’ve been observing Username_Kno since I started following Sarah’s thread. He’s an odd individual who goes on spouting sprees trying to claim he’s all-knowing. I’d hate to meet the guy irl, he’d freak me out.
I remember this happening. A lot of the twitter a-os didn’t like that she was looking into Julia, and I remember taking a look for myself into this group. She claimed the group was “closed,” and got in through a friend. The group was open as a library when I looked it up. I could see the posts for myself. Some moms thought Kia was the kids’ sibling picking them up, others claimed to have seen the couple at a mall, etc. a lot of the comments have escaped my memory since it’s been so long. The most memorable thing was moms in the group being upset that the Anuses were doing what they were. Lots of angry-face emojis and exclamation points.
I don’t think that what Heezy did was wrong regarding posting the streams to the group, but I don’t know what else she said she did on twitter. Contacting GHP was a little out there. It seems like she jumped into the case head-first, with no prior knowledge.
Banana needs a reality check, because Chase V Onision actually got doxxed and a prior job of theirs had been contacted about them “harassing” people online. Banana isn’t immune to the internet, no matter how “private” they make themself look.
Also, I’m pretty sure Username_kno was the one who posted here saying NB was 17. I vaguely remember a tweet from UK saying “I may have thrown them off by saying you were a teenager” or something of the sort in response to one of NB’s tweets.

No. 904151

I Remember What Happened To Heezy, They Went To Chaos Untold About Information They Claimed To Have Found Out About Julia. Heezy was going on be interviewed by Chaos Untold. People Were Outraged By It On Twitter And Chaos Untold Didn’t Release The Video. Heezy Bragged About “Being The One” To Catch Anus.

No. 904153

I found it! Go as far back as 2013


> There was one point in my youth where I was told to kneel down in front of my Television by my step-father. He then instructed us to say “I love you Satan” to the TV, as he, I suppose, believed it was a device of the devil, or was just high & confused. I am only aware that event took place as my mother found out about it, and logically, a mother would not be expected to forget a moment like that.

He revealed Latsha’s name in one of his videos (iirc it probably was the debunking hsanon video) as the crazy Satan-worshiping ganja-loving stepfather

No. 904160

File: 1576006830581.jpeg (155.54 KB, 803x739, 4A34F22A-CCE5-4A20-A9F1-ACB679…)

No. 904162


nice catch. you're right, it probably was him.

No. 904165

File: 1576007226815.jpeg (264.87 KB, 750x797, 1226D33D-C4AA-4875-BD53-E792E5…)

No. 904174


No. 904181

File: 1576011305172.jpeg (255.95 KB, 750x621, 12299529-D319-4D00-B0BE-4B3674…)

No. 904191

File: 1576012787753.jpeg (63.06 KB, 636x242, 516D8B99-859C-4CFA-9BDD-8E1F3F…)

No. 904352

He’s acting like Billy badass but all he is doing is stating things that are painfully obvious to anyone who isn’t a naive teenager. CH’s primary objective here is finding a way to use this situation to benefit himself. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with that if he also is helping but none of us will know for sure if he’s helping or hurting their case until there is some kind of conclusion to the investigation. Regina and Sarah DO need to stop talking and people who are trying to convince them to keep talking are doing more harm than good.

No. 904383

As far with my observations go I definitely think Regina and Sarah have been talking less about it, Sarah herself said on Twitter that she is keeping some things private that she will only tell the police.

I think it’s the best thing for the victims at this point that they keep distance from all the drama people are making on Twitter and how messed up is that tbh that these girls have been victimized and the people who are supposed to be supporting them act like drama vultures.

No. 904387

File: 1576046676596.jpeg (818.27 KB, 828x2603, 15699680384799.jpeg)

I'm guessing "Latsha's" claim that Pierce County PD was investigating Greg came from Heezy - looks like she was the one who started that unsubstantiated rumor.

The second ss at the bottom I don't remember where that was taken from but at #15, she wrote there was a police raid on Greg's home which never happened. People gave her shit because she was trying to play cop on top of getting key details wrong.

No. 904389

I checked the url yesterday, it said "doesn't exist".
I've not seen any evidence either after months of rumors.

No. 904390

>He’s acting like Billy badass
On top of LARPing as Greg's step dad.
>drama vultures
I noticed most of these people either go private, leave twitter or in Latsha's case, deletes their account. Watch him come back and make baseless accusations about being doxxed or "bullied" off twitter.

No. 904543

Probably the only relevant and honest post in this entire thread.

No. 904587


shrug everything that was "done" to him was posted here. who he was was incidental, i just wanted to see if there was a connection to greg.

i don't think whoever it was planned on people making the connection with the name don ald lat sha. (wrong middle intital, btw) it was an obscure bit of greg trivia that wasn't talked about much, if at all.

he was a bad actor, constantly advising people against [taking action] because of [reason]. so it kind of worked out in the end.

there's a lot of this kind of thing going on now so be careful who you believe/trust.


(replace the capital X with asterisks. the first time i posted the link, they were stripped for some reason)

No. 904630

File: 1576113644928.jpeg (284.67 KB, 1242x1377, 10772D46-D275-4687-8FB3-8811B2…)

Stevie …

No. 904631

Mad cause he told you to fuck off? Good. What an attention whore.

No. 904635

meh he isnt wrong rags was always a troll. he used to exist in the antio tumblr pages for years taking the piss out of people for saying what hes saying about onion now.

he admitted to raping a girl once sperged out on people with death threats and lots of stupid shit. made a total cow of himself and disappeared for a while because there were allegations he was the guy that leaked shilohs underaged nudes to one of the onision drama tumblrs

No. 904637

Agree.. not the popular opinion it seems

No. 904673

File: 1576123912770.png (40.6 KB, 473x131, Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 9.11…)


No. 904718

Do you have any evidence to back up your claim that rag admitted to raping a girl?

No. 904731

Would be interesting to see that..Especially with his vendetta against RSN.

No. 904781


Could you elaborate on that? rag admitted to raping a girl and threatened people? Do you know who the victim is?

No. 904791

the fact they didn't back their claims here or in the Onision thread should tell you something.

No. 904842

It's been posted in various threads across lolcow, don't ask to be spoonfed. A lot of farmers don't have short memories and being critical of Rags is not a big deal.

It's laughable people are equating him to the actual victims Onision and Kai targetted. Rag got clout on a message board and that constitutes as grooming. He participated in the toxic nature, posted nudes and belittled allegations referring to it as nothing more than drama. It was drama to him because he was an active player in it. Yeah its great when a prior fan wakes up and smells the bullshit but there's loads of fangirls that go on his forums and don't become toxic trolls. Rag is not a victim of grooming by Onision or Kai that is retarded. Maybe he should have mentioned how some adult woman had a relationship with him and they met on the site. Why his interview wasn't as informative as it should have been is that he was aware of his own role on the site and trying to diminish it. Which led him to not talking about all the private forums within forums, how a lot of the moderators and members where the ones orchestrating hate campaigns against girls Onion had dumped. It was all fun and games until their idol kept getting heat for all the shit.

I get some anons think that all victims or people interviewed by Hanson should be given a wide berth because they're helping with the case but let's not become spastics about it and point score and hi cow this and oh this must be rsn or deity or stevie or whoever the fuck else. All these anti os are so cringe I swear to god. Funny on twitter some of the male anti os are trying to throw shade at the bitches on lolcow and make it a gendered thing. Keep profiting off us farmers and getting mad when you can't gatekeep the topic

No. 904868

I never liked rags tbh. I found him to be the same sort of ex fan as that kid Tall Videos. The have a falling out in the fan base then become ‘anti o’ only to start kissing Greg’s ass when he gives them any attention, like when rags said he wasn’t a fan but yet went on Greg’s younow a couple times and they joked around together acting like buddies and the interviews rags did with Greg after the Blair White video.

He’s an attention whore just like Stevie

No. 905012

there was no request for spoonfeeding in my post. anon still needs to cite their claims even if they were posted years ago - this is a new thread. you're not citing those posts either so don't be surprised if people write you off as a vendettaposting. noonecurr who likes rag and who doesn't.

No. 905019

>Maybe he should have mentioned how some adult woman had a relationship with him and they met on the site.
Did you even watch the interview? Because he did mention that. You can have whatever opinion you want about Rags, but at the very least be informed before sperging about it. Otherwise you're just wasting time you twink.

No. 905020

I know this is a fucking brilliant and original insight on my part but have any of you considered that maybe Rag's opinion and perspective has changed over time? That maybe he's not the same person he was mentally/emotionally when he was trolling and defending Greg? You're acting like people are incapable of change or never grow up.

No. 905024

It looks like some people are really stuck on how they remember Rag's, rather than acknowledging who he is now (assuming he's changed for the better). If he's just trolling everyone and pretending to support the victims then he'll get dunked on. As it stands, he's good friends with Regina and he seems sincere with his support. I don't see the point rehashing old shit that's not relevant.

No. 905030

File: 1576208854042.png (89.78 KB, 826x682, Screenshot_2019-12-12 Drawings…)

Rag Reynolds and his thoughts on people who dislike Onision.

No. 905031

File: 1576208887677.png (135.91 KB, 616x926, Screenshot_2019-12-12 Drawings…)

No. 905040

Judging the post purely on its substance he’s not wrong. This is an entire autism containment thread of people saying exactly what he is saying for the most part.

You’re not selling me on much showing me that he was once an edgy teenager with a hard line stance on free speech who recognizes how ridiculous the anti o people were/are.

No. 905056

Was the intent behind posting these supposed to "expose" Rag? I don't know how old these are but I imagine they're not recent. As >>905020 said, it's possible his attitudes have changed somewhat. Although I disagree with a few minor points, his overall summation of the anti-O community isn't entirely inaccurate - there's a very fine line.

Rag comes across as level headed for the most part, which is exactly how he came off in his interview with Hansen.

No. 905058

File: 1576213871593.png (139.43 KB, 642x993, Screenshot_2019-12-13 S Wolfet…)

He apologized.

No. 905066

Rag was still cozy with onion into adulthood. I think he still has a few videos up where they're streaming together.

Are we going to interview bootyslayer now? Since she was also around and used to slut around with grease while he was with Shiloh? How desperate is vincent?

No. 905069

It looks like it was someone with mental issues. However, they knew enough to disappear after being outed so there's that. He did make a lot of factual statements (enough to come off somewhat credible) but sprinkled them with bullshit - psyop style.
>there's a lot of this kind of thing going on now so be careful who you believe/trust.
Yeah no kidding. Most anons were pretty astute and had reasonable suspicions about him from the beginning (tbf so did some of the anti-o's). Props to the anon that remembered the step-dad's name.

No. 905070

>Rag was still cozy with onion into adulthood.
And he's not anymore, you have no point. If you have a problem with whoever Chris and Vincent decide to interview why aren't you taking it up with them? Talking shit on here isn't accomplishing anything, you're just screeching into the void.

No. 905075

Who gives a shit. He was probably the idiot sperging up a storm and mad just because someone told him to fuck off. He should.

No. 905122

"we" aren't going to interview anyone. have you noticed its Chris's choice who he interviews? - or drowning too much in salt to see that.

No. 905134

This is a thread about antio’s, is it not? Nobody should be immune here … js

No. 905167

That's the annoying thing, you're not allowed to discuss other people if they come out against Onision. Rag had flip flopped before, he's not a Saint. He had his own awful forums too because he wanted his own power off the onision ones and all the vendetta sperging against Onision Forum Members. It's all autistic. It's good if he keeps to his new stance and cuts ties with Onision but he's went back a few times and undermined people speaking out against Onision so I won't hold my breath.

No. 905291

He only apologized because he was getting negative comments, having differing opinions is not allowed in the antiO community.

No. 905401

Right, and all the arguments against Rag have had zero substance, that's the problem. Maybe he's changed, idk. It just seems pointless rehashing old shit like we're in 2015-16, especially when the circumstances now couldn't be more different.

Be as skeptical as you want but at least acknowledge that things are different now.

No. 905407

Stevie doesn't really strike me as the type to cave to peer pressure, I've seen his videos. I can't argue with any of the points he made either.

No. 905408

File: 1576288128238.png (20.03 KB, 593x190, Screenshot_2019-12-14 MR ragre…)

No. 905411

File: 1576289031414.jpeg (116.25 KB, 750x439, 45539FE5-F970-4556-BEFE-DB370C…)

Why are all these twitterfags acting like Hansen’s PR team? Of course he is going to interview Cracklyn’s tits, she is as bad as Rag with her flip flopping on Greg. Between twitter and Hansen entertaining these irrelevant retards the whole thing has become a farce

No. 905413

File: 1576289384065.jpeg (216.06 KB, 750x1009, 68F94B4C-8826-44B8-A7A2-3790CE…)

FFS not this shit again

No. 905416

she has flipflopped on greg in the past but that's completely over now. she'll be able to speak on several topics of interest, and liking her is not a requirement for that.

No. 905465

>that's completely over now
I'm wondering why some anons keep failing to comprehend this concept. It's like they're trapped in the past.

No. 905513

File: 1576326219489.jpg (606.06 KB, 1080x1731, 20191214_122142.jpg)

is this the autistic rag vendettachan that was sperging in the onision thread the other day? https://twitter.com/GregDSadWanker

No. 905514

File: 1576326284508.jpg (698.87 KB, 1080x1710, 20191214_122153.jpg)

they're the one posting that retarded fanart too

No. 905614

Haha maybe. I just assumed it was RSN. He loves spamming the boards with retarded shit.

Tbh I don’t think there is anything wrong with going after Rag if he’s acting like a cow or some new fucked up thing comes out that he’s done. The only thing anyone has brought though is ancient milk that nobody cares about or tinfoils presented as fact with zero evidence.

No. 905628


>zero evidence.

nice try, Rag.

No. 905683



You can't hide evidence by flagging it, Rag. Its all archived, documented and ready to be re-uploaded at a moments notice.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 905727

File: 1576366562516.png (38.47 KB, 630x231, Screenshot_2019-12-14 FBI.png)

Hey RSN if you're lurking these boards, fuck off no one wants you here.

No. 905822

If I was screeching into the void then why are you here to whitenight? That's what I thought.
It's pretty obvious that they're desperate to interview people. It's obvious that the anti sperg mods chosen to overlook this shit are insane and have caused damage. This entire thing is a mess and you anti os are too egotistical to admit it.

Its okay though, plenty of anons will be able to come back to this thread a year from now to relive the absolute state of internet autism.

No. 905823

They're not good friends. They literally only started talking because of drama and they had zero interactions before then.

No. 905828

They were on the forums together and friends there when Regina was a chat mod/subforum mod which was around 2012-2013ish. They've been friends for years.

No. 905846

Actually, Rags said in the interview that they never really interacted.

No. 905853

Regina didn't interact with Greg or Rag.
Who Rag did interact with was rxbootyslayer/novaslayer/megan who was caught self posting here various times. She was one of Onion's highest paypigs at $200 a month. They're still close friends and they were both mods.

No. 905884

100%, idk if Vincent and the team are using the anti os to popularise the interviews or if they're just being their usual ott cringe selves and being unofficial mouthpieces for the investigation, but they're making a circus out of it. Yeah it's good to keep pressure on Onion but unless the interviews stay focused with a clear objective it's going to just be seen as a circus.

No. 905886

If Rags was mates with Booty does that mean he was mates with Lt Lassie who doxxed members and posted patron members nudes here and then self posted and suicide baited over being exposed? Now RSN is apparently going to be interviewed because of his involvement with one of the patron snowflakes and that alleged rape. Now they're more focused on getting RSN exposed but I bet they'll keep it quiet that only reason RSN is involved because he orinigally started as a platform for former patrons to speak out about the discord after Lassie, Booty and FatBecca were all falling out over who gets to be moderators. Half of them were bullying Amber and Lassie released her nudes here but now they all hate RSN because him and Amber hooked up at a motel. And also a couple of ex onion patron fags went and joined groups with RSN. It's all autism, the small players in the Onion discord are getting limelight now and trying to be relevant without exposing any of their friends or previous fanarmy crazed behaviour. So cringe.

No. 905927

I don’t think Vincent or Chris is acting like attention whores, I find them to be doing things in a very professional fashion. Both have had opportunity to use things Anus has done since they began all this to attention seek but they’ve kept it to a minimum and have been focusing on the victims.

My thoughts though are the antio’s circling them and there’s no denying it but these folks do engage in a lot of drama and its been embarrassing a few times seeing them try to get Chris or Vincent involved.

No. 905982

>If I was screeching into the void then why are you here to whitenight?
Who's whiteknighting? Anons are trying to tell you you're wasting your time by talking out of your ass about things that aren't relevant anymore. Continue I guess since it's what you enjoy.
Thanks for sharing their dm's and confirming what you don't know about whatever their relationship is actually like. If Regina says they're friends, I'll take her word for it until proven otherwise.

No. 905986

The only one I see trying to make this into a circus, is onion. Chris is interviewing people actually relevant to the story, then some anons make idiot hyperbole's like, "is he going to interview the house plant next?"

To call interviewing relevant people who actually have something substantive to add, a circus, tells me you don't know what you're talking about.(Samefag)

No. 906077

Regina herself said they weren't really that good of friends in a live stream that long ago. This whole board is pointless but it's always the same user, you, who comes on here and starts frothing at the mouth about Regina.

No. 906109

That didn't happen. Lassie was not in contact with any discordfags before RSN came onto the radar. Lassie did date booty in some LDR cringe but he never interacted with Rag and I don't believe rag was a patreon at the time.
Rag is sketch but I'm just clearing up some flakes drama from the thead.

Lassie didn't leak ambers nudes either amber is literal bpdette that posts nudes on twitter.

No. 906172

File: 1576487029475.jpeg (183.61 KB, 750x708, E8E9D9C2-BA4E-406E-B897-43AD53…)

This is so fucking retarded, of course the anti onion twitterfags think it’s a great idea

No. 906191

It doesn't seem like they realize that doing stuff like that can hurt the case. I mean Chris Hansen said the FBI's looking into him and if they give onion any reason to cry victim then he will.

Luxymoo isn't that bad in my opinion. Like not compared to Regina. Don't get me wrong because Regina was a victim of grooming and had some messed up things happened to her. But having her venmo in her bio kek and E begging for money all the time just doesn't make it seem sincere.

I guess that's why everyone respects Sarah so much is because Sarah doesn't have her venmo attached to her Twitter bio and doesn't constantly ask for money or hint about things she wants. definitely do think Regina was a victim of grooming for sure but that doesn't excuse the attention-seeking behavior and all the begging from random people on the internet. Like I wish these people would get it together and I wish Sarah would stay far far away from Regina and a lot of those people. I mean even Lane is better because at least Lane was trying to expose what was going on in the Grease mansion.

No. 906330

That's not true. Lassie had been around with tallguyvideos or whatever and the 13 year old Donald trump fan that tried to harvest lc users ips lol. That was all before RSN. Booty and Lassie were dating when FatBecca and Sylar had their LDR and they all bonded over their cringe fetlife profiles. They all like their sound of their voices and self wank in soliloquys and think they're all oh so intellectuals. RSN came later when drama channels realised they could quickly monetise shit farmers were discussing here.

Glad all their little egos are getting stroked a real celebrity like Chris Hanson notices them!!

No. 906401

>Chris Hanson
Can’t tell if you just don’t know how to spell, or if you’re misspelling his name just to dick around. Either way, Hansen and Vincent are doing this because they know it will keep people watching. The viewers they lose are nothing compared to how many they gain each time a twitter cow sends out a link to the stream. More and more people are deciding to come out with claims of being a “victim” during all of this shit. Once they get cornered they go private and abandon the account.
Whoever they interview is up to them, and the credibility of the case is up to the victims and if they can keep their mouths shut.
Regina’s having lots of fun being buddy-buddy with Vincent, though. That’s the only ego-swelling that I’ve picked up on.

No. 906411

Fuck me Vince it was a typo chill out

No. 906467

I've noticed that Regina likes to go on Twitter and drop weird little emojis and all the Twitterfags go nuts. If I were Vince or Chris then I wouldn't trust her with any information that was supposed to be secret. She tells everyone everything. Above all I wish they'd drop Regina because Regina swooped in and basically acts like the leader which maybe that's what Sarah needs. I don't know. I just wish she hadn't gone Chris Hansen looking like a full ass clown. Also I wish the e begging would stop and her posting photos smoking pot online. There's nothing wrong with pot but if this goes to trial they don't realize this stuff can be used against them to discredit them in some way. I feel Sarah has been really smart as have Skye and Alicia by staying out of this.

I mean ultimately it will keep view count up and it's good that victims are coming forward. I'm not all that excited about lane but Lane did try to get Sarah out of that hellhole and Sarah begged her not to and like Sarah threatened to kill herself and everything. So I am interested in a way of what she has to say. Definitely interested in Jaclyn.

No. 906522

File: 1576553618586.jpeg (717.01 KB, 1125x1003, A980011F-4596-4C51-84E4-2979F2…)

>Onision: my vegetarian body is ready!

No. 906524

File: 1576553670843.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 715.64 KB, 2048x1538, 7968773A-AF95-4F70-B405-772EEF…)

No. 906566

I'm so uncomfortable with this knowing that they've been friends for years and that Billie was a victim of sexual violence/abuse

No. 906568

All the power to them, I suppose. Kinda weird to do this sort of stuff now though.

No. 906589


they might have just lost the case with this. you can bet Greg and Kai's lawyer WILL use these images against them.(bait)

No. 906592

lost what case? they don't have one against Greg.

No. 906593

relax, prude. you can tell they're not even naked in these, you can see the frilly lingerie tops at the edges of the stickers.

No. 906596


this was a very stupid move. but hey, you guys here seem to be experts on the law, right? so lets just wait and see.(bait)

No. 906612

Yeah them selling nudes doesn't suddenly invalidate everything greg and lainey have done in the eyes of the law anon.

You really have no idea how law works but damn thats some incel-tier thinking. How very "Adrienne couldn't be raped because she had sex with 20+ guys"

Like you realize it doesn't work like that right?

No. 906613

For the benefit of anyone thinking of taking this poor-quality bait- these two are not even in a legal case with Greg.

No. 906618

Yeah, it's just sad with all that Billie already went through. And disgustingly enough Grug will probably get his claws on the pics and keep them in his computer forever to show other girls like he has done before.

No. 906639

Oof. They'll end up like Alicia, into the eternal fap folder. At least Billie will.

No. 906641

Seems to be a lost concept of anons that these girls were selling their suggestive photos. Greg probably already wanks at the mere thought of them, he can pay them and get the privellege of seeing the photos they feel confident enough to share with whoever wants them. Look but don't touch Jimmy, maybe lock the bathroom door too so Kai doesn't catch you and start crying. And for the love of God don't boast about it to your discord fanclub, McFly might go in a huff with you for a days again. Uwu

No. 906672

I think it's great that they are making money and selling photos at their proud of. They can't help if if deviants like onision put them in his fap folder. At least they are making money. And earning it instead of begging online.

This board seems to be where all the Twitterfags who are afraid to express their opinion on Twitter come to talk. It's literally like there is a Nazi group that runs Twitter and if you disagree with those twitterfags then you will get run off the platform ROFL.

But get that coin girls. Good for them.

No. 906675

what does this have to do with the case at all?

No. 906718

It’s not bad to sell nudes or whatever. A lot of girls do it to pay for school etc. If you’ve got the looks why not, I say. I personally believe there’s no future in doing that, unless you’re investing the money made. I’d also love to see Billie work more on her channel and do make up tutorials but that’s just my opinion.

No. 906722

The sad fact is these girls aren't in school and they failed at socializing with e celebs as soon as they dropped social repose for onion. Now they have to resort to selling nudes for weed and makeup like the other cows on snow. Billies YouTube channel has always been poor quality despite of her skills.
That being said this is exactly why Greg preyed on them when billie was desperate as fuck working at target. Onion will never go after a girl who's older or doing something worth shit.

No. 906800

More victims of Kai are stepping forward. I'm guessing Regina told them they didn't matter because they weren't pretty. This gets messier by the day.

I don't think Regina has good intentions. I think she's using this for clout and Fame. going through her Twitter she was thanking people for becoming followers. She acts like she's in control of everything. I know that I'm not the only one suspicious of her.

No. 906820

You’re not the only one, not by far.

No. 906837

>More victims of Kai are stepping forward. I'm guessing Regina told them they didn't matter because they weren't pretty.

Any screencaps or proof?

No. 906858

Regina is no oil painting, so she is in no position to determine if Lamey’s victims are pretty or not. I mean Lame dumped her potato looking ass for Billie so..,

No. 906925

So do you have evidence for what you're saying or are you just another one of many spreading baseless rumors?

No. 906926

This isn't a knock to any of them but as with Shiloh, it looks like they're using the attention from this situation to make money, I don't blame them. Will a jury find fault with this and use it to dismiss their testimony is the question, assuming anything they've said will be used in court.
I could see it possibly (big maybe) damaging their credibility as witnesses to the goings on in Greg's house. Obviously it's not going to affect whatever they can back up with solid evidence.

No. 906927

lol it's probably RSN.

No. 906928

>she's using this for clout and Fame.
Eh. Like >>906926 said, a lot of the girls are using the attention to make money which I don't see a problem with.

Anyway, if they were "clout chasing", wouldn't they be selling their stories to the highest bidder?

No. 906929

>Regina swooped in and basically acts like the leader which maybe that's what Sarah needs.
Regina tweeted something a month or so ago after Sarah hinted about feeling suicidal, that she was going to handle this and "make you(Sarah) proud". I'm guessing she's taking the lead here as far as pressing charges. I agree about Alicia, Skye and Sarah being smart with their sm.
Yeah I don't like the onion's but this is not only pointless, it's taking it too far.

No. 906931

Agreed. I actually enjoy Billie's make up tutorials despite not being into make up at all. She's really creative with it, and she was getting sponsors too. She's just not very driven with her channel, it seems.

No. 906935

Because I guess everyone needs to like or kiss Reginas ass and lie about thinking she’s good looking, right? Or we are RSN

Anon was just stating a fact, kai dumped Regina for Billie because she wasn’t attracted to her.

No. 906937

Fr, shes not stupid and she seems like a great friend to Sarah and whoever tf else but lets not pretend she isnt fug. I dont get why all the twitterfags squeal like piglets every time she posts a random fucking emoji.

No. 906941

RSN's mods were shit talking her. RSN is under FBI investigation and he's asshole. No one cares about what she looks like except for a few of you that sperg/nitpick here about it, and that's all besides the point.

Where's the evidence for:
>More victims of Kai are stepping forward
>Regina told them they didn't matter because they weren't pretty.
>she's using this for clout and Fame.
>She acts like she's in control of everything

Oh that's right, there isn't any.

No. 906944

It’s because there’s an kissing contest amongst twitter antio’s and who can kiss ass the best. >>906941
This is an anonymous thread to shit talk about antio’s on Twitter if you don’t like what some anons have to say about your fave don’t read and go back to the Anus thread.

No. 906947

Well, there's shit talking and then there's nitpicking, which is against the rules anon.

No. 906955

Nah lassie wasn't in contact with them by that time, he had already gotten banned and btfo'd and then onion sperged at him on Twitter. Check the flakes thread.

No. 906958

Nitpicking aside its painfully obvious why she was never even considered to be a third. I don't even gotta say it.
It's comparable to someone taking a payout, its nasty and dirty. Then again, I'm not naive enough to expect anything to come of this.

1) the so called nudes were never verified, they were censored as fuck and it relies on the assumption that lainey is exposing her crotch when there is no view to verify it
2) I really feel that if those photos were legit onion would have pulled the revenge porn card. The lack of response or worry is not a great giveaway.
4) we've been told the feds are looking into it, but not that anyone is pressing charges
It seems that this entire federal investigation will rely on whatever will be found on the devices, knowing that regina asked me and other randos for help without knowing what she's looking for, I'm going to assume nobody knows what could or couldn't be on those drives or chatlogs

Anyways the milk has been kino as fuck so there's that

No. 906962

Yeah Lame only ever gave her the time of day because she was desperate for attention, hence Regina getting ghosted as soon as Billie appeared. I can only imagine what Onions opinion of her was/is. All these anti O fags screech autistically about Reginas pronouns, how the fuck can you take that bs seriously when the only shit she posts besides random emojis are selfies with a full face of feminine makeup? Regina herself doesnt even sperg when anyone ((misgenders)) her because she has an entire army to do it on her behalf. At least shes not retarded like that Dylan cunt tho.

No. 906976

File: 1576664864121.jpeg (47.49 KB, 750x279, A8CB6933-6A98-4CEA-8ECC-EE094A…)

The flakes’ replied to this are peak autism, lord these people are fucking spastic. It only took 10 fucking years and thousands of dollars from complete strangers for to do something about Gerg branding her. What an entitled cow. The way the victims have become clout chasers enabled by asslickers who treat them
like celebrities is cringe af https://twitter.com/patient47245143/status/1207189132201455617

No. 906982

Chris isn't paying anyone anything and the onlyfans accounts were already announced. Quit a reach to say any of them are capitalising off this.

No. 906983

Evidence of the male victims is all over Twitter right you dumbfuck. Also so we aren't all RSN. RSN is probably too high to function much less post on this board. Just because a lot of us don't trust her intentions doesn't mean we are him.

I didn't know that. That's why I did give the benefit of the doubt to her. If that's the case then good on her.

Overall the problem with Regina is the constant e begging, having her vemno everywhere, e begging people to pay for her schooling which is her responsibility, and a list of other things th