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File: 1500902975206.png (365.33 KB, 640x360, D070000C-D733-4BBC-97B6-1E98CD…)

No. 415476

It's our incumbent top lolcow, YouTube """"comedian"""" Onision, and his Agender Space Prince Lainey, better known for his rampant ephebophilia, harassment of anyone he comes into contact with, and malignant narcissism.

Last time, on As The Fidget Spinner Turns:

- Onion finally gets senpai to notice him, and "debates" Blaire White while looking like Patrick Bateman; the result is a shitshow in which Gerg showcases all his famous narc manipulation techniques, including reductio ad dictionary: "let me just check the dictionary definition of the word 'collection'"

- Lainey reckons she's losing weight so fast that by the time I finish this post she'll be weigh a negative number of pounds and be able to float away to Fiji like a helium balloon

- Greg had spotted a new potential trinity victim, Vix, until he was cockblocked by her boyfriend. He has a lot of feelings about this difficult situation, all of which are totally platonic of course

- Lainey is really relating to today's youth on her livestream #blessed #yassqueen #slay #notgroomingchildreniswear

- The IRS popped around for tea and biscuits. We look forward to future updates on how the visit went.

- Onion M.D. continues to make great strides in the fight against eating disorders by trying to trigger Shane Dawson's body dysmorphic disorder, using bogus made up measurements and advice

- Onion M.D. doesn't apply the same body-shaming techniques on his buddy Billy The Fridge, despite Billy being literally the same size as an actual fridge

- Instead, he collabs with the human Fridge and TomatoAsslickette, to create a macabre skit about armed intruders killing a bunch of his characters off for no reason. Comedy for the whole family.

- Onion also gets ignored by Kalel, shat on by danisnotonfire, and shade from Trisha Paytas. All deserved, of course.

- even Lainey is visibly sick of his shit, although still trying very hard to imitate Billie in a creepy Dasha-esque way

Last thread: >>>/pt/410906





No. 415485

File: 1500904491245.png (1.12 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4257.PNG)

Nothing too exciting but Omission has done a video asking for donations for a YouTuber (stepanka) who needs a bone marrow transplant, and has let Lainey do makeup on him again.

But what about the toddlers with aplastic anaemia, Greg? There are literally toddlers dying right now and you just talk about someone you know personally because it makes you look good.

No. 415486

Quality OP, everyone take notes.

No. 415487

Choice fucking OP. Good job.

No. 415488

Jaclyn and Richie discussed the debate on Younow and at 2:37 Richie makes the unequivocal claim that the copyright claims made against video use of Onision's content would have to be manually done; only music is done automatically.

Not sure how to verify if this is true; maybe it's changed recently?

No. 415493

Aw thanks, it's my first go and I was worried I fucked it up big time.

No. 415496

File: 1500905647612.png (48.14 KB, 702x196, Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 10.1…)

It's not quite true. Onision might qualify because he's mostly using images and not video clips in his videos.

No. 415501

kinda off topic but I just watched this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HggAd1VjHSM and figured some of you would appreciate it (animated video mocking greg)

No. 415503


The vegetarian body part killed me.

No. 415506

File: 1500908236186.png (563.63 KB, 1258x630, peach.png)

It's getting really creepy now

No. 415511


omg EW that Onion has a "We Can Do It" poster framed in the background. That is enraging.

No. 415512

I noticed her banner on twitter randomly became a flower too after billie has constantly been posting flower pictures on instagram and onion even made a instagram post copying billie's post of flowers. And her last set of selfies was her posing in front of some flowers. Both lameo and onion are creepy as fuck.

Also like how her choices of hair color were "silver" or "pink". Billie both had white hair (which is pretty damn close to silver hair) but then she went with pink, billie's hair color now. And all the wigs she has been wearing lately are billie-esque wigs. Billie needs to never go near lameo or she will murder her and wear her skin just so onion will love her again.

No. 415521

I'm starting to get Dasha vibes from Lainey.

No. 415535

Great OP!

Youtube detects both audio and video, so that's not true.

No. 415542

I bet Lainey will just explain that it's coincidental because they are ~kindred spirits~ or some shit

No. 415564

Laineys MO is to feign ignorance.

"I can't control Greg" is how she distances herself from being culpable for something.

With this, I bet she'll say something like "Billie doesnt own the color "peach". Billie doesn't have a monopoly on flower pics or videos of her boyfriend dying her hair" etc.

She will absolutely deflect. Greg has taught her all about deflection. She will ignore the convenient timing of everything she does being right after Billie doing it first.

No. 415567


she realized that onision clearly liked billie more than her so now she does this creepy shit to get his attention. sad sad sad

No. 415568

What does one call it when they do something like that, Onion is notorious for this the whole
'I'm indirectly doing something I saw you directly doing/saying but im gonna pretend im not (If that makes any sense how I put that.) Another example would be Konstigo's emails trying to be his friend and the chronological how he'd make videos pertaining to w/e her email was about but not respond? It's a confusing thing to wrap my head around.

No. 415572

At this point it seems that it can be called a 'fact' that Onion only shows appeal to Lainey when he
A. Fucks up proverbially to the point he's gonna lose his family.
B. Wants to try and forget billie to make Lainey feel secure (Tho when is her feeling secure gonna be an actual thing because you apparently have to jump through hoops and constantly prove yourself and her definition of commitment is a tattoo.)
C. When Lainey looks like one of his 'cute'crazy colored hair anime girls.
Plainey tried to rock that JG hair color because onion was wanting up in JG and she can deny it all day, plainey can keep thinkin she's something special no matter how many 'photoshoots' onion gives her sitting on their living room floor she won't even hold a candle to JG.

No. 415573

Which means it most likely works. So creepy.

No. 415598

shes just trying to emulate his taste in general. tbh billie has had basically every hair colour anyway.

I think the pink looks okay but needs to be faded out. she looks better with lighter longer hair.

No. 415601

File: 1500924710178.png (524.46 KB, 702x430, Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 3.29…)

Screenshot from his latest video. Hmm, I wonder who inspired this character?

No. 415602


Oh my god what a fucking creep. I don't like Billie at all so i'm not whiteknighting for her, but jfc, he's so obvious.

Also, kek at the eagle in the background.

No. 415609

this is so creepy, that's Billie's shirt AND wig?? why can these people never move on? I thought they were just complaining about how Billie was using them for views

No. 415611


Not only is he dressed like her, he is also playing the role of a "slutty" chick, too. HMM WONDER WHY.

No. 415613

File: 1500926061283.jpg (1.11 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170724_135034.jpg)

Even the same shorts. And he fails to grasp why people think he's a creepy asshole

No. 415616

Uploaded https://vid.me/0Ezzu : Goodbye Chibi

No. 415619

File: 1500926342282.jpg (9.06 KB, 236x236, 2b3eb85780358401ec3766adc62aa6…)

Looks like a bad David Bowie tribute.

No. 415622

This is that passive aggressive thing I was posting about before, it's constant almost unrelenting whole vid felt uncomfortable to sit through I don't get the 'plot' if there is one. Billie isn't perfect but Jesus.

No. 415638

This scrub has some catching up to do. Axel did a better pregnant Aoba tbh.

No. 415645

It wouldn't matter what kind of person Billie is, this still reflects negatively on the person doing it, and in this case it's both Greg and Lainey.

Why do people do this? I don't think it's as simple as Taylor wanting to emulate her husband's object of desire. When people like Dasha and Onion and Lainey do this, is it aimed at creeping the victim out? Do they even know why they do it?

No. 415646

They probably think Billie looks at their social media as often as they look at hers and are trying to piss her off/get a reaction
In reality she probably hasn't checked up on them in months and/or doesn't give a fuck

No. 415647


Damn, Billie has a nice, curvy figure and makes the clothes look good meanwhile Lamey looks like a plank in them.

No. 415649

What the Jesus fuck…

Is he trying to be arty? Is this a reference to an anime?

No. 415650

this. also, it's clear that they have the worst opinion of her so making fun of her style while simultaneously copying it is kind of like saying, "I can be a cute alt pastel princess too, it's not hard. You're not special."

No. 415652

Poor Aoba didn't take it up the ass a billion times for some gross onion to wear his hair. I'm extremely triggered by this.

No. 415658

bille is more feminine in general than mrs space prince breastfeeding wife

No. 415668

This just confirms that Lainey wearing that outfit and posing for instagram on 4th of July just as Billie was on purpose and not a coincidence. These people are psycho.

No. 415670

I'm most disgusted by the fact he can squeeze into Billie's clothes. Just reiterates how scrawny he really is.

No. 415680

I thought that he was trying to be like Filthy Frank with that body suit. Like his character "Chin Chin".

No. 415682


yeah now there is absolutely no way to deny that Lainey is just as fucked up as Onion. Glad she's finally part of the threads and receiving the criticism she deserves.

No. 415700


It's been awhile since we've seen Grease attempt to be artsy. I actually sort of missed pretentious Greg a little.

No. 415704

Oh fuck, I think you're right. It's like he's trying to rip off Joji's style with the saga about Chin Chin and the fake Franku and all that stuff.

I bet he watches more successful Youtubers with a clipboard out while he make notes. "Needs more Lycra bodysuits"

No. 415705


Or how little his dick is.
Legs spread and absolutely nothing to show.

I wonder if he's hoping to trigger Billie or her BF, so he has reason to talk about Billie again and sperge about her needing to let go.

No. 415711

Oh what the hell. Billie even mentioned that her hair was the exact shade of some makeup I think that's called "just peachy". Lainey is such a fucking creep.

No. 415714


How funny! It appears that Greg's dick has been lopped off! Don't have too much going on down there, Gretch.

No. 415715

it's slightly baggy on billie and lainey, look how tight it is on him. dad bod gergles.

No. 415717

I wanna see billie make a video on lainey and onion copying her and being creepy as hell

No. 415719

First -I regret watching that so so much…second- the fuck is wrong with him? Is this what his "comedy" looks like? I never watched his "skits" before, that's trash…and it is unsettling…

No. 415722

File: 1500939879298.jpg (42.1 KB, 600x461, ChTAVSeW0AAjg33.jpg)


He is trying so hard to keep up with the popular makers of YouTube and stay relevant. Only to look like this guy.

No. 415727

"she almost split up an entire fucking family"
talk about a stretch onision, this is billies upgrade from pedo and space prince

sorry if this is old btw

No. 415740

No. 415742


these shitty shorts he's making as content lately suck. they don't act as good short film, they're not funny, they're just giving me a look at the way his brain works and frankly i'm not interested in that because he's scary.

No. 415744


Yeah. It's really old. So why the fuck are you posting this?

No. 415747


Check the dates on the uploads, anon. They're really old and has been discussed.

No. 415749

don't think anyone brought attention to it

No. 415751

Lainey's going live on YouNow if anyone's interested.

No. 415752


She's just talking about her hair at the moment

No. 415753

space prince decided to tag herself under "girls" this time

No. 415754


Going silver or lavender next, bless!

No. 415756


Well. That's not copying Billie at all. Plain is a fucking serial killer in disguise.

No. 415757


Her entire stream is basically just her saying "Yaaass, bless uppp" and talking about completely mediocre shit. Oh, and her spinner is named Horatio. Wtf, autist.

No. 415758

lainey is pretty much irl single white female

No. 415763


Actually the past 3-4 times Lainey has been tagged as "girls". Lainey said it was accidental.
I think it's just because Lainey is always in top 5 in the girls tag.

No. 415767

Lainey called herself a 'mom' kek. What happened to being agender? Is she only agender while not parenting? Hm.

No. 415768


She says she still goes by mom and feminine parental pronouns, which kind of baffles me because if she were agender, then I'd think she wouldn't allow their kids to call her mommy.

No. 415774

File: 1500944270739.png (775.32 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0221.PNG)


I finally got around to watch this piece of shit soap opera and…fuck me for watching this pos sketch! Is this what it's like to watch someone descend into madness before the killings begin?! Because I'm scared now…

No. 415778

File: 1500944485985.png (1.8 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0222.PNG)

Additional posts:
They are seriously taking dd/lg to the next level here…

No. 415779

File: 1500944576782.png (865.49 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0224.PNG)


Nice body Greg, better than Shane's.

No. 415782

she only cares about pronouns when someone is debating

No. 415784

yep just brought it up to her and she just rolled her eyes/squinted.

she doesn't mind using the "girl" privilege when it means she can gain more popularity on younow and thus gain more monetary benefits.

then she can go on to use her "trans" privilege whenever convenient.

No. 415788

>i want a girlfriend so bad
>i really, really want a girlfriend

oh boi

No. 415790


What actually tripped me out about this bit was that this is the only time I think I've seen Gretchen genuinely smiling. Like, a real smile. But he's smiling at -nothing-. I mean, he's not even looking at anything. He's looking at the wall of his garage.

I'm not going to give him credit for being a good actor so I'll say that he's a freakishly soulless husk of a human being and leave it at that.

No. 415792

Lainey def had a crush on Vix, she admitted to having a crush a week ago and beating around the bush about it but it fell through. Hence why Greg was going after her so hard.

No. 415793

Someone asked her that and she said "no I barely talked to vix"

No. 415794

Do people really find this garbage scary? It's just like any 14 year olds attempt at being ~freaky~ and unique. Cryptic = clever, right?!

Don't be fooled by the mysterious tone. This is just as thoughtless and childish as anything that comes out of Gregs mouth. The high pitched voice, the screaming, the outfits, the entire concept is as juvenile as ever.

The creepiest part of these videos isn't the silly outfits or killing characters, it is that instead of spending time with his two young children, Greg dressed as an ex, in a big empty beige room, set up the camera, nodded to himself, laid back on the dining room table and imagined what it would be like to be fucked by himself with a moustache.

No. 415795

she said a few weeks ago, anon.

No. 415798

I thought that too at first, but someone asked if it was Vix and she said she barely ever talked to Vix and seemed annoyed at the question. I don't think she liked her much

No. 415800

>my heart is still broken

How is she still not over Billie? Its been like 7 months since Billie left, I don't get it. She never even seemed that into her in the first place. Good lord, can you imagine what she'd be like if Greg ever left her?

No. 415802

Lainey said she currently has a crush on Ash. Who is currently in college in another state. And she says they haven't make anything official because Lainey is not sure if Ash is down for commitment. Also, shes not sure is shes down to do distance because "when she falls for someone, she falls for someone hard" -_-

No. 415803

And when you combine the days they spent together in person, doesn't it only amount to like 2 months?

No. 415804

Gerg mentioned in a video recently (when he was in the hotel) that his dick size is "painfully average" or something. So, he's likely 5.1-5.5". Nothing to brag about, and definitely why he's salty. Even Leafy's is bigger.

No. 415807

that explains why he's insecure about his masculinity and fails the christian grey act

No. 415810

File: 1500947575201.png (740.94 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0223.PNG)


Is this why he stuffed his pants again and not his actual peepee?

No. 415811

Unless his balls are comically huge.

No. 415816

File: 1500949092015.png (592.9 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_7118.PNG)

You predicted it, anon

No. 415822

Pathetic as ever. It doesn't matter how hard she copies Billie, she'll still always be an ugly manface space prince and Onion's love well has been run dry. It's sad that she can't succeed on her own so she's resorted to failing as a Billie clone.

No. 415823

File: 1500950413207.jpg (1.92 MB, 480x270, c8pCNz3.jpg)

Fuck, I think I know why Billie said she had never heard kids cry so much until she met Grease's kin. I'd be clutching the nearest weapon with the doors locked if I knew this was how my father made his money.

No. 415828

It'd be more effective if Greg was showing his horrifying face.

No. 415833


Lol the poor bitch couldn't even succeed the first wife, what makes her stubborn ass think she'll be able to beat Billie for dat Onion-love?

No. 415836


At least…he's not completely naked -shudders-

No. 415858

So Grease got partnered on YouNow (according to his most recent livestream re-uploaded to Archive) and revealed to have worked in Chick-fil-A only earni 5 bucks an hour.

That's only what I got from the stream, everyone was bitching about playing/losing/winning the games and Onion's annoyance with his patrons putting dick jokes on a t-shirt game. Nothing of value there, not worth really watching.

No. 415860

"I don't want anything to do with her"

"I wish she'd talk to me for closure"

No. 415864

File: 1500957251668.jpg (94.4 KB, 1080x341, Screenshot_20170724-233245.jpg)

Sounds like a person that wants nothing to do with Billie.

No. 415875

shutout to deep cover anons reporting any insight from deep within the patreon perks. #BLESSUP

No. 415878

She doesn't realize herself and onion boy are the ones who haven't moved the fuck on. Billie never mentions them and probably just laughs at their psycho asses with drew and her friends. lameo and onion even have dressed up like Billie, mentioned her several times, worn probably her wigs and gotten similar ones. Like you move the fuck on you weirdo. And who would want to resolve things with someone who constantly shit talks her, whose husband constantly insults her and her boyfriend, who is trying to copy her and wear her skin? I can't tell if she's this moronic and so in her own psycho selfish self or just a flat out bitch. Probably both.

No. 415879

Someone please upload the Lainey helix eyeliner vid, wanna cringe but not give her watch time revenue.

No. 415891

https://vid.me/xZRHU - Helix Eyeliner Tutorial (Lainey Attempts Makeup)

No. 415899

billie told them she literally wants nothing to do with them, what do they even need to move on from lmao

No. 415910

File: 1500972846276.jpg (595.35 KB, 1600x1600, dumpyspaceprince.jpg)


>tfw unlimited free time and infinite e-money but still no creativity or personality

No. 415911

Painful to watch Plainey fuck up her right eye then just cover white liner then just goes over it again with black.
Plainey just stop give it up

No. 415912

I'll never get over the eyebrows. It somehow looks even worse with the pink/blonde hair. Why.

No. 415914

maybe greg should have saved the money he was "gonna use for billies cosmetology school" and use it to send lainey to it, I would say she needs it, but billie would have actually had a career instead of depending on teens for money

No. 415920

As a young child a lot of things ( that years later I found to be dumb/funny or simply cringy ) scared me as shit if I saw them on TV or something. We can only hope they're not seeing him when he's filming, because with the content he makes and even some of the 'costumes' he can actually traumatise his children.

No. 415937

Which is hilarious because they both fail at it spectacularly. I'm not a fan of Billie's 'aesthetic' but even I can tell she pulls it off much better than Mr and Mrs Greasy Creep. Gerg is just doing it to get a reaction but I'm sure Laundry is actually trying to look cute in Billie's skin, and it's not working.

Nah, the best thing to do is to ignore them completely and let them stew in their desperate lunacy.

What happened to not ever wanting to be in a poly relationship again and girls being horrible? Greg must have his hand up her ass again.

No. 415939

File: 1500988072915.jpg (67.64 KB, 1280x720, back in the day.jpg)


oh god make it stop. she keeps insisting in doing makeup vids when she sucks at it. she wants to be like billie so bad but its not working. please lainey, its just not for you.

also, doesn't onision hate girls who wear tons of makeup? she calls them fake and ugly insecure bitches etc. he would make billie wear no makeup in the greasemansion, which is bullshit, considering billie actually liked/was good at makeup. but onision thinks plastic surgery and makeup are both for "bad women".

why is onision not saying shit? lainey is doing weird things to her hair and trying to use tons of makeup now. is it okay when lainey does it?

like, all of laineys videos are "my gender is so complex" and "look at my bad makeup". which is weird cause onision has complained about "those damn SJWS!!" and "those damn FAKE girls" more than once.

No. 415944

are they even considered together anymore? they both act completely single and separated from each other except when it comes to that good ol revenue

I also noticed girls get their ugliest when they are with onision, clear skin goes to acne, bright eyes goes to dark circles and bags,well groomed hair goes to greasy, unkept messes, (or in shilohs case shaved) they age easier, etc etc, greg realizes he's ugly as hell and needs to bring good looking girls down with him, I pity the woman going in lainey and gregs pedo ring next

No. 415946

because this only matters with women and girls he has feelings for.

No. 415947

that explains why he flipped shit on jaclyn because she wanted to give herself tits

No. 415948

Lainey also said she never washes her face or does a skin care routine. She just "washes it in the shower" which explains why her skin can look really dry sometimes.

Lainey didn't have a real chance at making mature college-aged girl friends that could have some sort of influence over her life. Girls learn a lot through seeing other girls do things. All she has/had was Onion breathing down her neck telling her makeup was stupid and pointless I'm sure, so he sure as heck wouldn't be able to help a sister out with some makeup remover or quality face wash.

Honestly Greg could really benefit from a good skin care routine but we all know he'd never go to an actual dermatoligist

No. 415949

true, and greg makes fun of women who are "high maintenance" aka actually giving a shit about how they look, and someone said he use to make fun of women doing anti aging stuff
lainey looked so much better before grease contaminated her, gregs house might as well be a mental institution

convincing you it is going to improve you, ends up only doing the opposite all while making you look like shit

No. 415954

Yeah Billie has been over these assholes for a while now, she has no want to "resolve" anything. What is there to resolve? Lainey manipulated Billie, and then Greg manipulated her, and then Greg wanted to chain her up in the basement. Any normal person would not want to get sucked back into that

No. 415956


The way you make it sound, it sounds as though within Onision's home he's running a "religion" that has values similar to others regarding not wearing flashy clothing or doing things to your face or hair to look pretty or draw attention.

No. 415957

I think Onion just doesn't want his women (the ones he wants to keep) to look good so they will attract another more handsome man.

Like with Billie he did not want her to wear makeup, but he clearly could careless if Lainey does because he WANTS her to be able to attract her Tumblr girls. He was salivating at the mouth over the thought of her and Vix. I can't wait until she finds a SJW girl that won't go near Greg and Greg will be floundering to break them up mwahahah

No. 415959

I think Onion has come to terms with the idea that she will leave, though I don't get how you sleep next to a person who just didn't leave you because it was 'morally wrong'
I'm starting to view them as together for the revenue
People tend not to view lainey whispering an billies ear as not manipulative but I do find it to be you don't agree to shit as a thruple then go to one party and complain about your discomfort because you have some sort of girl code over the man you're with.

No. 415961

That's assuming onion is capable of true affection. No, its because onion aint worried about Lainey being with another man. With girls like Billie, he is. What man would want to be with special snowflake Lainey? Lol

He doesn't want his women to be viewed as attractive by men and have a chance of cheating on him leaving him. He cuts girls off from family and friends and makes sure they cant find anyone romantically either.

No. 415962

Totally agree, except I think it's just Lainey in it for the money. I think Greg stays because he does hate to be alone. Like the dude cannot function by himself. So if he has a backup girl I think he'd leave.

As for the Lainey thing YES. She didn't have the guts to say it to both of them so she just kind of relied on her pact with Billie. Although as much as I completely agree with what you said, I do find it kinda sad in a way that she was terrified to face them both together. Like you could really feel the power dynamic was shifted against her. It was a two on one situation and they ganged up on her a lot. That being said it is one hundred percent her own fault for PUTTING HERSELF in that situation to play at being "sooo gay"

No. 415963


This might sound stupid but are moles contagious? I'm asking because I noticed one of his women had them around her left shoulder area and Onion has multiple that same area. I thought it was just coincidental but now I'm not sure.

>well groomed hair goes to greasy, unkept messes

That's what happens when you have mandatory showers/baths with the Grease man

No. 415964

File: 1500995410463.jpg (835.08 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170725_090145.jpg)

Its so obvious Lainey was never meant to be long term. She had nothing in common with him except her thinking hes God basically, and she was not only not his type, he hates girls like her. Pic related.

There's a video of him and Billie talking about high school stereotypes and he goes on a rant about "preps" and popular kids like athletes and cheerleaders.

Lainey was some decent young tail throwing herself at him and fawning over him after he felt low about Shiloh leaving him. He even admits that he "needed love" at the time they were talking, basically saying his need to be loved was indiscriminate. It didn't matter who it was, he just wanted to jump into another codependent relationship.

I dont know how he fucked that up by getting her pregnant and marrying her. He got caught up in his fetish and had to marry her so he wouldn't look bad to his fans? He liked feeling powerful, taking a young girl away from her family who hated him?

No. 415965

On the mandatory shower topic, that's just so tragic because it's bad to wash your hair every day. You won't notice for a long time, but long term, it makes hair way less healthy. Lainey will never put two and two together though.

I want her to grow her hair out and dye it a soft auburn or a light color. She claims to want lavender. I think that would be an improvement over the peach hair look she "accidentally" copied from Billie bc Oh look! her pink faded…

No. 415966

I personally think Greg "hates" those kind of girls because he could never GET them. So when Lainey came long and worshipped him it was almost like he could get the last laugh on those mean girls in high school who probably never gave him the time of day.

It was just a huge bonus that he got to "save" Lainey from her oh so horrible situation… I hope Greg realized throughout the years that Lainey's family is mundane and he didn't save her from some horrible monster of a dad. She greatly exaggerated in her teen angst and desire to come off as a damsel in distress for Greg to whisk away. I hope he feels so jipped in the long run with his choice of child bride..(and no Lainey I'm not claiming you STILL are a child bride because that would fit your dd/lg kink too well. I'm saying you WERE one.)

No. 415975

>I dont know how he fucked that up by getting her pregnant and marrying her. He got caught up in his fetish and had to marry her so he wouldn't look bad to his fans? He liked feeling powerful, taking a young girl away from her family who hated him?

Spot on imo. It started as a fling, then Onionboy got her pregnant because he never uses protection and has a pregnancy fetish. Then after all the controversy over the age-gap, combined with Lainey's family not agreeing with the relationship, Onion kept it going to prove everyone else wrong. Now nobody finds Lainey & Onision controversial/notorious, he doesn't give a shit.

No. 415976

Yeah, I think you could make that argument about Shiloh as well. Greg knew the relationship was creepy age wise and shocking and immoral and I think he thrived off of the bad boy image while pretending to try to dispell it. Guys like him love to be the "bad guy" that wins the girl over and takes her away from everyone and everything. It's the CHASE he loves. But I genuinely think he doesn't realize that himself yet, he thinks he loves being in love, but he really just loves that high he gets when FALLING in love. And I say "love" loosely bc obvi Greg doesn't know true unconditional love.

No. 415987

File: 1501001666306.jpg (288.2 KB, 1200x911, 7.jpg)

No. 415989

File: 1501002466955.png (165.79 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0225.PNG)

Onion tweets of the day:

Dunno what the last tweet means and now he's harassing one of Shane's friends

No. 415995

Leave to onion to take something as pure as Yonder and sexualize it in some way.

No. 416013

>"this wing is so BLESSED"

no, it's bad. lainey, you're bad. ESPECIALLY at liquid eyeliner.

No. 416017

wasn't lainey a cheerleader? kek

No. 416042

Jesus Christ, having that fucking fun sponge as a cheerleader makes me wonder whether her old school wanted the students to off themselves.

No. 416043

I don't get people who go to all the effort of doing their eyebrows with makeup but don't shape them. Either do a natural, makeup free brow or shape them properly. Filling in unkempt eyebrows and trying to do the instagram arch with makeup alone just looks sloppy.

No. 416050

File: 1501016535634.png (766.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-07-25-15-59-54…)

I wouldn't even doubt if she joined the team because it was ~trendy~ to be a cheerleader

Scrolling there her insta, it was pretty interesting watching her go from basic Starbucks drinking teenage cheerleader to trendy genderfluid space binary prince poly lesbian fidgetspinnerkin

No. 416051

Tumblr: not even once.

No. 416061

tumblr really did fuck her up…it's so weird seeing her be a normal person god

No. 416064

File: 1501018885858.png (612.15 KB, 939x572, gurgspride.png)

I wonder if this hurt his pride knowing she had a higher gpa than him.

No. 416077

tumblr and onision*

No. 416089

She definitely was a cheerleader probably because her friend group were cheerleaders and she just copies other people to try to fit in. Now shes copying all these speshul snowflakes because she wants to be one and befriend those people. I can't wait till this transtrending trend dies and all these fake transtrenders will have to decide how to secretly pretend it never happened so they can go back to being their actual gender.

I like how she tried to justify the "just peachy" (billie said in her video the color she wanted to base her hair off of was 'just peachy') with her shirt saying "just peachy", but she even got that part wrong. Bitch can't even lie right. Also wouldn't you take a picture with the supposed shirt that says "just peachy" if you were going to caption it with that? None of her photos showed the shirt.

And shes so triggered she got caught being an obsessed stalker she changed her caption to "feelin' peachy" on instagram LOL.

No. 416092

File: 1501020880786.png (547.14 KB, 600x595, Screenshot 2017-07-25 at 6.13.…)

Here we can observe how illiterate Gergles truly is.

No. 416095

her shirt didn't even say/show "feelin peachy"

thats one hell of an excuse

No. 416107

"white trash pregnant married couple from high school on your facebook timeline" tier

No. 416108


I've seen a few people I know irl change because of tumblr. I saw a friend last week whom I haven't seen in 5 years and the first thing she brought up was problematic issues in the black and lgbt community… it wasn't fun to see her again to say the least. It's like tumblr sucks out all the fun in normal human beings.

No. 416135

File: 1501030349206.png (372.48 KB, 836x536, Screenshot 2017-07-25 at 6.20.…)

Greg very well knows he's a narc/sociopath. He even uses the colloquialism.

No. 416152

did lainey get her teeth done?

No. 416153

File: 1501033213500.gif (969.89 KB, 500x281, no-want.gif)



No. 416154

This showed up in my suggestions feed ..

I cackled at them struggling to separate his brows from his eyes. Still ugly though.

No. 416158


she was too ugly to be one of the cool kids so she became one of the "outcasts"™. lainey has no personality, its no surprise that she used to be such a basic bitch. she still has no personality to this day, she just grabs from the trendy girls in her circle.

its not tumblr's fault, its just that lainey still has the brain of a 13 year old girl who still doesn't know who she is.

No. 416160

Keep in mind anon, she was 15.

No. 416163

she shouldn't look that awful at 22 though

No. 416166


this doesn't even fit to lainey. lainey doesn't talk about social issues at all, she just pretended to be trans/have body dysmorphia/etc for attention. onision clearly doesn't care about those things either and doesn't mention them at all. racial issues are complex and controversial, that's why these idiots don't get anywhere near them. lainey is a different tumblr crowd.

lainey is too much of a coward to defend things like that, and onision is too ignorant to get those sort of things.

i think your friend was clearly trying to sound smart for no reason, but she doesn't seem like an asshole. onision and lainey are assholes, and they think they are the smartest people ever. theres a difference imo.

No. 416175

Hail Sicesca!

No. 416182

Tofurky and veganaise don't help. That and she's got to be stressed as shit.
The only reason she's still married is because Billie said "no" at the airport.

No. 416197

>Thank you for completing me.
Hot tip: if anyone ever says that to you, run!

No. 416204

File: 1501046708792.png (776.32 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0226.PNG)

Today, Grease talked about Dan taking advantage of his fans (kek), Shane not responding much even though dey still talk u gaiz!

One asslicker asked if he still talked to his exes, Gregma replies with a hard 'no' , he then continues his bitching about the alimony while low-key admits to fucking up whatever friendship they had afterwards because of said bitching.

He always brings her up nowadays on his streams whether it's about when they were married or divorced, usually when nobody really askes about her either. It must pain him to not ever see or hear from her again after the last payment is over. lol stay mad/sad!

Claims to neither stalk his exes nor former friends (lol k), admits to wanting Cyr as a prop for his videos.

Talked about Joy and her racism (lol) and how evil she is for it.

Stream was short.

No. 416206

Uploaded stream to not give onion foot traffic.
https://vid.me/eMgIl - I'm LIVE on YouNow July 25, 2017
If requested can upload: Why Do People Suffer From Anorexia? (Pictures) - Guess it's a reupload

No. 416207

Oh and Gretchen made new gifs, dat second-hand embarrassment tho…


No. 416208


Ah, thanks anon! Yeah, I too think the anorexia one is a reupload

No. 416209

Shaking my head at some of these people sharing how Onion helped them over come their issues, he's not asking because he cares he's asking to boast his ego and make him look good, his reasoning is even poor. Back to girl made me nauseated because she claims ONION telling her girls weren't fat made her feel more secure, so because the person you idolize tells you that's what makes you change your mind? That sounds very trender to me what happens when Onions opinion changes on what he believes is not fat, does she go back to trying to appease him. Sad.
+1 to the guy/people who constantly make noise in the midst of Onion speaking makes him lose his mind.
Love when Onion is fishing for compliments doesn't care to hear the story interrupts and moves to the next person even when the person was trying to tell him how he's helped.

No. 416211

File: 1501049879548.png (123.53 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0228.PNG)

Onion's iq is actually 75, dunno if the score was standardized or by web.

…can we laff nao?

No. 416218

I don't think people with IQ 75 can usually write much and everyone under 85 is usually not admitted into the military.

Isn't he talking about someone else?

No. 416219

Pretty sure buh buh is like a grandfather name like I called my grandfather 'pap pap'

No. 416221

File: 1501053683020.jpg (25.71 KB, 457x329, Capture.JPG)

Imagine spending a couple of hours making reaction gifs of yourself

No. 416223


I seriously thought "buh buh" was "but…but…", what the hell? Then again he does call Crazy Tami "ma"

No. 416224


So Onion's grandfather is…stupid?

No. 416225

File: 1501055741696.png (856.75 KB, 1398x566, 4.png)

Screen caps taken from his new super edgy super unfunny bandwagon "I'm Jake Paul" video

No. 416226

File: 1501055798552.png (283.5 KB, 505x515, 1501046708792.png)

Quick edit

No. 416228

Remember how we are all lying to ourselves when we say he's unattractive, and how we should stick to critiquing his content, not his obviously great appearance.


No. 416230

Wow…he seriously looks old here. No wonder he's freaking out so much lately. His age is clearly catching up to him

No. 416231


Ew wtf is wrong with his face?! It looks so leathery and shit! Also his eyes have sunk into his face kekk

No. 416232


Yeah, there's no way he's gonna get dat fresh young pussy now.

No. 416234



gotta love dem old onion fans in denial, dude has always been creepy and gross looking

in 2009 before his skin got bad and he aged a lot he was a 5 at best. now he's like a 3 naturally and with filters maybe a 5. his personality is a -100

No. 416235


oh god

No. 416236

now we wait for someone to sarcastically mock him and he will come up with some crazy excuse and have him go around and scream "it's just FACTS!!!!"

No. 416239

shocker onion boy is going to age badly

bad diet
constantly stressed/screaming/straining his body
his emotional state
bad hygiene
lack of exercise

chemical face masks and botox will only inflate these problem areas if he has no desire to lead a healthy lifestyle.

he's going to be haggard as fuck by 40

No. 416240

also makes sense he has a dumb af granddad and his family are all mental.

he physically looks like there is something wrong with his physiology. perhaps why he makes fun of spastics and retards so much because he is one.

No. 416241


the names of these videos are hilarious as fuck

No. 416242

https://vloggest.com/watch/people-aging-horribly-before-after-1070162563/ (couldn't find on vidme)

I keep running into videos of him mocking aging and mocking people who use anti aging stuff, looking at him now it's kinda hilarious, dunno how anyone takes him seriously

No. 416243


I'm curious. What's his diet like?

No. 416244

processed meat substitutes and condiments.
restaurant meals
anything he can wack in the oven.
i have never saw a reference to him enjoying any fresh fruits and vegetables.
he's a gaslighting veggie

No. 416245

yeah, i hate how he thinks being a vegetarian automatically makes his diet healthy.

As a vegan, you can either eat really fucking healthy or really fucking shitty just like any other kind of diet lifestyle.

No. 416246

he's simply not a smart man, thems the facts

No. 416266

He did a tour of his cupboards/ fridges a few months back and it was literally all frozen meat substitutes and junk food. I think the only kind of fresh fruit/ veggies they had were like some bananas.

No. 416267

It's kind of stupid how angry she is at Billie considering how Billie could have annhiliated her marriage with so little effort, and even with money and fame as temptations and Onion's manipulation, never did it. Sure she caused damage, but tbh she could have done so much more, it's not like Onion wasn't willing.

Sage for no real contribution.

No. 416271

I have always had a feeling that the incident(s) with Billie are what made it click for Lainey deep down that onion is a) a creep, and b) not actually committed to or in love with her. I think she's projecting all of that onto Billie because she refuses to accept either fact.

No. 416272


AND that it made her realize how easily replaceable she is, considering that we haven't heard Greg ever said the doesn't want to be without Lainey, just that he doesn't do well as single. He even said so in one of his love-gushing videos over his "marriage", that one of the reasons why he loves Lainey is because he does so shit without a partner.

God, he's despicable. And so is she, for crawling back to her McMansion living, small dicked Splenda-daddy.

No. 416274

fuck sake would someone creative make a fucking video of that body website greg uses to guess people's weights and do it to him.

but keep the facts.
i'm sick of this short cunt claiming he is 5'11. he also claimed shiloh was 5' just so it would correlate. she is 5'4.
lainey is 5'3. there is their wedding photo and she 's near level with him, pregnant in ~ 2" wedges.
he deducted from shane's height etc etc.
he is a short angry man.

also if he was tall, when he sat he would be shoulder's above all the lil girls he gathers. fuck sake.

No. 416275

File: 1501079045437.png (1.72 MB, 1622x1194, Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 16.2…)


There is a picture of him on his insta next to one of those amusement park rides. It looks like he's 6ft or something, although I kind of doubt it.

No. 416276

fuck off onision, i knew someone would pull this photo up straight away.

it's wrong!!! it's a fake! what about all the thousands of images and video footage of him being a small twat!

No. 416277

File: 1501079200831.jpg (109.5 KB, 439x810, tumblr_np0zq73iPV1rgyhcpo1_540…)

No. 416278

File: 1501079234713.png (377.99 KB, 862x549, lesbian.png)


Who is this cute lesbian and how tight is her pussy?

No. 416281

lainey has admitted her height during her various proana delusions. she is 5'3. she was pregnant here, her wedges look about 2", any higher wouldn't be recommended.

No. 416282

He's wearing huge ass boots as well, and height things like those often can start shorter than just the usual 0 feet 0 inches to 8 feet or whatever, telling from the pic greg looks about 5'6 or 5'7 MAYBE 5'8, like the manlet he is, isn't there an old pic of him and eugiena? She's 5'6

No. 416283

Which video is this? I'm curious.

No. 416284

why do you think this ugly cuck has such big dumb featured? because he is short, short people always have bigger looking features, as they've less space to work with.

also why lainey and greg look so soft on their awful meat free diet and lethargic lifestyles. their little frames can't hide the slob

No. 416285

also why it was easier for him to look ripped when younger, because if you're small the muscles will show easier if there's no fat over them.
age has softened him physically the droopy looking cunt

No. 416286

look here, he fits in small girls clothes!

like jesus fucking christ, he is a fucking shrimp

No. 416287

File: 1501080171065.jpg (27.86 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nxvu3f2aST1qbnxbno1_500…)

Found this
Jaclynglenn is about 5'9 and a half
Granted he is probably wearing the huge boots like the insecure manlet he is

I'm 5 foot when i wear steel toe combat boots for work im probably 5'4 or 5'5

No. 416288

he never stands shoulder to shoulder, always in front angeled or behind on toes.

so sorry if we are to believe he's 5'11, that makes lainey without her wedges about 5'8-9

y'all know that's bullshit.

what height is billie

No. 416289

For real. After the cuddle cheating, billie rejected gerg and said she wanted them to resolve their marriage and all that shit even with lameo solely attacking her for the shit her HUSBAND did. She wasn't secretly talking to gerg and telling him to leave lameo for her, which he would have in a heartbeat.

Billie doesn't seem like an evil bad person, just someone who made stupidly bad decisions that I think will get better with age/life experience. Whereas onion just is straight up an evil bad person who is past the point in life to be able to redeem himself, but somehow lameo blames billie for everything and makes it out that what she did was soooo much worse than her husband.

I feel like lameo is forcing herself to believe it is all billie's fault, so she can believe she fixed the problem by getting rid of her. She will never admit greg is the problem. She thinks she can just get a girlfriend who will commit to being in her weirdo marriage where she can get emotional/compassionate affection from and do fun stuff with that she doesn't get from gerg and that she can keep her lifestyle/not have to deal with gerg replacing her. Also why i dont believe for a second shes into girls. She just thinks she can find the parts she doesn't have in gerg in a girl because gerg keeps telling her guys are different than girls and only girls are capable of being compassionate/giving her things he cant give her.

No. 416290

There's no way he's that tall
Also if you look to the right there's a picture of a moose and a plaque that seems to be describing them
I feel it's more likely that the measuring stick thing is to demonstrate how big moose are, not as a way to accurately measure yourself lol
(regardless, he's wearing big boots and isn't standing with his back against the wall)

No. 416292

If he's wearing that tank top to imitate Drew's style, he's failing miserably. It works on Drew bc he looks like a skinny twink, and all it does is age Greg really badly.

No. 416293

https://vid.me/xZBLU - Youtuber calls fan fat.
Also if there's videos you particularly want just give the name of the video.

No. 416295

do the death metal one with billie and ayalla or w/e.

he creeps behind them both at one point and can see their heights, billie looks on the short side.

also he's wearing a ridiculous large top hat, prob to give him inches lol

No. 416296


No. 416297

Well Greg can have gfs so I wonder if it's ok for her to being another guy into the marriage.

No. 416298

I do like how in this video he blatantly was unkind about some ones stretch marks then at the end of the video skips over how the girl gained weight from birth control and she goes on to tell him how he's made her feel comfortable about her stretch marks and that because she views him as attractive now she values herself.
What even is this.
We aren't samefag, not sure why they tagged my post as a response.

No. 416299

not samefaggin, i have my browser opened and replied to the deleted post, so deleted mine and replied to the non-deleted one.

saging for redundancy

No. 416303

File: 1501082467099.png (420.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-07-26-10-20-25…)

>Them tip toes

No. 416304

File: 1501082587054.png (177 KB, 452x317, 2017-07-26 17.14.08.png)

I did a bit of research and the average lenght of the male head is 9,1inch and 10inch is the biggest, 8,3inch the smallest. (Wikipedia)
His head looks like its almost 1feet long.
The shitty labels have the same lenght

No. 416305

No. 416306

That means the rest of onions body is 5 feet? Triple kek

No. 416307

What is with all the autistics about greg's height. Who cares if he lies about it, the dude does worse shit.

No. 416308

shut up greg, he actively lies and goes to great lengths to make sure he is lying correctly about everyone else's height.

how is that not hilarious. he's an insecure short mess and i want him to sperg out about it and debunk the rumours

No. 416309

Because it's funny he's lying about his height while in the same breath make fun of women being tall

No. 416310

No. 416311

He's an insecure little bully manlet, Knowing he's lying about his height due to that insecurity will cause him to sperg.

lol no wonder tall women threaten him.

No. 416312

It mean, its one thing to laugh but some of these anons are a little ott with it.

No. 416313

Where do you think you are anon?

No. 416314

You were the only one being off topic.

No. 416315

shut up short stack

No. 416316

>ott = over the top

No. 416317

jesus fuck someone edit his face onto it and make this the next thread image
(ot but can a gif be used for that? i've been around since first ashley thread and i've never seen it done)

No. 416318

Off topic from what exactly (even though another anon stated OTT means over the top) We're discussing Greasemanlets height for keks, Why are you so eager to move the discussion away from it? Hmmmm?

No. 416319

File: 1501085401252.png (666.43 KB, 861x532, shortstack.png)

can someone reupload this video?

No. 416320


Even if he's not talking about his own IQ here he still proves what a huge fucking moron he is with assuming IQ is in any way related for physiological functions to work.

No. 416325

No. 416328

thank you so much anon.

i think this video shows how short he is. the stupidly large props. that damn hat! he says nigga !

No. 416335


Peep dat camel-toe tho

No. 416347

File: 1501092401686.png (173.66 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0231.PNG)

I wonder how much more of this is bullshit? We know the Joker one's true…

TBH Greg writes like a neckbeard and should've stuck to plumbing.

No. 416350

File: 1501093046382.png (186.46 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0233.PNG)


I was curious about her, she writes just like Onion. (grooming process much?)

No. 416365

I wonder if this is his Ebay account


It seems like some of the items that the user has sold could have been his shit. Namely the Panasonic LUMIX G lense, but also Until Dawn: Rush of Blood because he played that on his channel when Billie was still around.

No. 416366

File: 1501097939198.png (16.38 KB, 945x213, Untitled.png)

… He's sold off a lot of PC components. Are these the ones he wrote off as a tax expense? Those 3 items = like $1000 new lol

No. 416367

IF it is him, it might not be him. Though the camera equipment, anime merch, and computer parts and laptops seem like shit he would sell.

No. 416368

I was just thinking that as I saw the prices on all the computer stuff.

No. 416370

File: 1501098307820.png (190.78 KB, 1455x1013, greg.png)

Has this been posted before?


No. 416371

File: 1501098380602.png (67.95 KB, 574x908, Untitled.png)

samefag with more of his feedback, he's been selling A LOT of PC components. From my count, he's sold:

At least 3 monitors, 2 of them 4k.
At least 3 Titan graphics cards.
At least 1 top-end processor that would cost at least $300 new.
at least 64gb (8x8gb) Corsair Vengeance RAM (stupid gamer RAM that's massively overpriced).
An Alienware laptop.
Countless random parts of his camera equipment/mics. that was definitely written off as a business expense.
That's A LOT of shit to be selling off. Has he been buying things, writing them off, then selling them? That sounds illegal as shit tbh.

It's definitely him. 2006 is too early for someone to make a copycat account and it's his old username. The fact that all the shit he's selling is camera equipment and anime just cements it.

No. 416372

For everyone asking how tall Billie is, she's 5'3". She says so around the 4:00 mark in this video.

No. 416373

>$4.00 For simple questions $30.00 If extensive research is conducted.

yep its him

No. 416374

File: 1501098596658.png (963.16 KB, 1863x927, cyr.png)

Was this video ever posted on his youtube channel?

5 years ago with Cye. If it hasn't ben backed up will another kind anon do so?

video link: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xrnn8e

No. 416376

File: 1501098724840.png (481.67 KB, 1220x924, steam.png)

possibly his steam account but not 100% sure


No. 416377


Yes, it's still on his Archive channel; video titled "Money song" (Compact 82)

No. 416378

File: 1501099078170.png (128.42 KB, 827x885, yahoo.png)

I wonder if this is legit Gregs Yahoo answers: https://answers.yahoo.com/activity/questions?show=A7LEKPYGWUFDXZMXZE7TU6EV5A

It seems way too old to be a fake account and the questions seem exactly like something he would ask.

No. 416379

No. 416381

File: 1501099926956.jpg (65.96 KB, 675x1200, DAuTJjCU0AAx7Zb.jpg)

what does vighkel even mean

No. 416382


thats onision alright, by his logic most people in the UK and who lives in the 1900s-1990s were suicidal, what about greg not washing correctly and eating like shit? does that make him suicidal ?

No. 416383


this video was linked from the yahoo answer


I tried using the wayback machine but it couldnt find it lul

No. 416385

File: 1501100873277.jpg (186.5 KB, 1280x526, tumblr_osp9ab0ZcU1wu8t3ho4_128…)

Absolutely nothin apparently.

No. 416387

"Only spend what you have or your future you will hate"

if only he ever applied his logic to himself. lmao good luck with your mortgages gergles

No. 416389

Onion haters have been around since 2003, damn! And Grease never changed his evil ways…


Just keep making them enemies, Greg.

No. 416391

woah what is this and how do you know its onion boy

No. 416392

lurk more

No. 416393


"Let's stick it to Webster!" LOL how times have changed since he now uses the dictionary to justify every single fucking thing he does.

No. 416394



Just a bunch of basement dwellers conspiring against Grease, this was based on the whole Metal Gear drama from back in the day. Little did they know how right they were about him.

Check the YouTube channel Revolver Adam for moar details.

No. 416395

File: 1501102860456.png (447.74 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0235.PNG)


Kek he also gave gambling advice, nigga "gambled" all his savings away just to prove how better he is than us peasants

No. 416401

>The whole "I'll change" is an act, he's done it before on his MGS board.

>He acts so high and mighty about his sites, when every site is the same. It's just a code he knows. He has hardly any creative skills, such an ass.

>Its not that I hate Greg, its that i strongly dislike him. Well I suppose he shouldn't s* on peoples heads and then expect them to say thanks for the hat. Well at least people are starting to see he is an asshole.

so he was the same exact shithead back in 2003

No. 416402

Also a fun fact

During the times those posts were made:
Lainey was 8
Billie was 6

No. 416403

greg would have been 17 or 18 then too

No. 416414

And none of his fanbase would exist.

No. 416415

wow, it's no wonder he's completely desensitized to criticism. he's been getting it practically his whole life and for the same things too. normal people would stop to think about why all these completely different people say the same things about you but he just..refuses to think.

No. 416420

This has all been posted before, for a quick source check out onisiondrama [Tumbler]. Wayback machine for Mr Odd/siseca(?). Or begin at thread #1 and work through…. tryst me your lives will NEVER be the same again…

No. 416435

His recent antics are really bringing out his insecurities to a hilarious degree. His penis size, his height, his skin, MUH VEGETARIAN BODY. And his "stoner character" is clear projection of a guy he's insanely jealous of while claiming not to be.

No wonder he makes so many vids criticizing the appearance of others.

Maybe it's time to buy into big lotion, Greg?

No. 416440

>big lotion

No. 416441

File: 1501115476184.png (239.56 KB, 498x396, Screenshot 2017-07-26 at 8.20.…)


Add losing his hair to that list as well.

He's soon to be 32 years old, father of two.

Chances of luring more manic pixie teen girls into his narc nest with his boyish charms are fading. The light is dimming and Gregory knows it. He must be so scared.

No. 416443

Like the only chances he will have soon are if he makes more daughters and relies on them bringing friends over but we all know he does not have the intelligence or patience for that kind of pervy long con.

No. 416444

sage for being petty but i hate him talking about Game of Thrones but not knowing shit about it. Is he only watching the show so he can relate to his 'nerdy' fans? Because he seems not all that into the show when he doesn't even know names of some important characters.

No. 416445

Addendum. Or babysittets. Manic pixie baby sitters

No. 416446

He looks 32 going on 49

No. 416448

ot but shit, billie looked great here. dark blue fits her better than the lighter shades

>he's completely desensitized to criticism

not exactly, i think it's more that he's learned to deflect it to delusional levels, like "i know you are but what am i?" turned up to 11, and his honesty and logic

No. 416451

Welp, lainey is going to start binding her feeders when she's done breastfeeding. She's on YouNow, and a "friend" got her one of the binders she liked on Twitter.

No. 416452

Lainey flat out admitted she streams under the #girl tag on younow because she gets much more traffic that way. No longer pretending it's accidental.

She sees no issue with selling out her ~**agender space prinxe**~ identity for that cash flow and notoriety.

No. 416453


She didn't though, she quoted someone saying she was appropriating her gender by streaming in #girls and said she streamed in both guys and girls?

No. 416455


hahaha what the fuck?

No. 416456

She said that? wow cause she lied the other day when she said she "wasn't paying attention" and "didn't mean to choose the girl tag"

Also can someone explain what happens when you bind your breasts? Wouldn't that make them saggie by squishing the skin up against you?

Binding can't be healthy for you. It has to harm the tissue if done daily.

No. 416457

wouldn't that just be the darndest thing? if he cheated on lainey with the babysitter?

No. 416458


Hold me, lolcow, I can't

No. 416459

Someone was nice enough to upload old Mr. Odd videos on YouTube.


Even DSSCTM was nice enough to reupload more of these (along with the deleted drama videos)


No. 416460


She did! Hence the surprised post. Called her past-self out just like that.

Girl ain't cut out for the e-fame and will crash and burn spectacularly.

No. 416463

Yeah it does over time (and it isn't good for you, it can cause shortness of breathe etc, depending on your size)
But they're usually used by people who are saving up/waiting for top surgery so that doesn't matter so much
I can't see lainey ever transitioning though

No. 416467

She's gonna end up fucking up her breasts, Greg will knock her up once again because of his impregnation fetish, and then she'll have to start breastfeeding again with her sagging, ironed out boobs. Either that or she'll eventually realize that she's not actually transgender and she's never gonna get top surgery but she will have fucked her tissues up so badly her breasts will be disformed.

No. 416468

its dangerous to bind with ace bandages because it can cause some serious health risks. But with a binder, it evenly distributes the fat in the breast in a 'safer' way. Still, not that good for you but a better option than the alternative.
Her breasts will start to sag >>416463 is right. The sagging is crazy bad. A binder can also cause dislocated ribs and back problems. You should be able to breathe fine but too much binding or if you exercise or move too much in it(you sometimes need to take breaks throughout the day) can cause lung problems.

No. 416482

it sags? I've been wearing sports bras a lot lately, which is similar to binding and my boobs seem perkier if anything
sage for ot

No. 416488

>I can't see lainey ever transitioning though

It would be fucking hilarious if she ever actually did get top surgery. You just know that she'd regret it once she moved on to a different phase.

No. 416498

I'm so fucking confused.
Please tell me that she's not binding AND breastfeeding.
Girl needs a fucking intervention.

No. 416499


she's binding after she's done breastfeeding

No. 416500

File: 1501124039466.jpg (15.14 KB, 206x166, Capture.JPG)

Onion's so jealous. This gives me second hand embarrassment.


No. 416501

File: 1501124239346.gif (954.29 KB, 285x235, mr_chang_senor_chang_laugh_spi…)

>If I wanted to lick a toilet, I'd kissed my wife

Okay, that did make me laugh lmao

No. 416503

I guess his nazi-like anti pedophillia video's gone forever, I was so hoping it's on this list.

No. 416524

File: 1501127893206.png (699.25 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0236.PNG)

In today's livestream; he accused Jeffree Star and everyone of being a racist as well as justifying himself for using the n-word, accused others of drama-mongering (lol), blatantly stated he hates Richie, admits to having mommy issues and that Crazy Tami is a weirdo, stated that he and Joanna are her least favorite probably because they mostly look like her (nah, just the crazy eyes; y'all look like your dad), and admits that after the recent bf/gf q&a video, Lainey plunked out of being eaten on (haha).

No. 416525


I saw a video playlist on his Speaks channel in the way back machine, said playlist was about pedophelia if that helps. I wish I knew how to retrieve videos from there 'cause I really want to see them from the 2009-2010 era.

No. 416527

No. 416529

File: 1501129865578.png (1.03 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0240.PNG)


Well he did lick a toilet…

No. 416532

File: 1501129963154.png (1.55 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0238.PNG)


Greg needs new shoes tbh

No. 416533

Thank you for looking, anon. I can't tell if this is the exact same video only from thumbnail ( or some edited re-upload ), but I really-really wish it could be retrieved, because I think many anons who are "new-ish" to this drama have never seen it and it did paint him in an exceptionally crazy light ( and yes, he was serious with it ).

No. 416536


Glad to somewhat help! I haven't seen it either (been into the drama since '15) but am interested to see it now since it's been brought up over the last few threads. What year did it came out?

Oh and I also remember seeing a video from back then, during his long-hair era where he was acting like a sex-crazed cat chasing his wife around like a retard (no, not the '08 Korean videos btw, this happened in 2010). I might've dreamt it but I could've sworn I saw it 2 years ago on Archive or the main channel).

No. 416538

It must have been pre 2010, anon. I wonder if he still has it on his pc. If he does, the reason why he's not whipped it out already ( to say "see, I was anti this shit 7 years ago" ) when people were calling him a pedo is because he looked utterly insane in it ( you would think no anti pedo video can make you cringe, nope, this one did that and more ).
I searched for it a few times in the past and didn't come up with anything. If they're mirrored, they must be under a completely different name. I also had trouble finding the black and white AJ video.

No. 416540

Also, to add: I think that video would be great for anons to see for two reasons. 1) To witness how insane he was/is 2) To see that Gergle actually thought he was going to become some prominent figure in the world, a huge deal. In that aspect it's funny how the "mighty" have fallen. Now "the life's" his ultra special space prince with fidget spinners, basements and obsessing over ex's.

No. 416541

She will wear it for some pics and younow occasionally, then take it off for the rest of the day. Thats what she did with binding before. She just wants to prove how "trans" she is.

When is she not lying? lmao

No. 416546


I looked through his old videos from the start to pre-2010 and found nothing on pedophelia, all I found were anti-meat/military/guns/Christianity/tobacco, "I'm being attacked for saving the world from those meat-eating devils!!!" and child-custody.

I wish he'd just kept all of the videos intact tbh, I just wanna see the garden video from 2010

Shouldn't dssctm have most of the AJ saga though? I do know he has the dirty vagina video

No. 416555

File: 1501133612512.png (567.6 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0241.PNG)


Grease also has videos on slut-shaming (he also changed the original titles, i.e: "sex with strangers" and "suckers for sex" for dat sweet ad revenue) way before AJ was in the picture.

No. 416566

File: 1501134018011.png (546.59 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0242.PNG)


And this was before the fucking Billie saga even began! Especially with the money issues.

No. 416570

For anyone curious or need a good Onion-cringe:


He was close to sperging about the shaycarl drama bc trolls.

Hey ReuploaderAnon, would you mind reuploading these so we can have easy access while on mobile and to not give him views/ad-rev? Thank you!

No. 416597

thanks anon, i'm 99% greg height is between 5'6 - 5'8

No. 416605

https://vid.me/nKWTr (Newest Younow)
https://vid.me/QN3PM - 7-8-10 Onision & Tantaga

https://vid.me/6tV81 - Onision joker vid requested.

No. 416612

Wait… is this seriously how his "skit/musical" content usually looks? And sounds? This is really bad. Like high school project you don't really care about type bad. The fact thay Ayalla and Billie joined in on this only proves just how juvenile they were, and it's honestly creepy. Sage for no other contribution than serving as a cautionary tale to my fellow anons who have just assumed his "content" is shit. It really, really is.

No. 416619

Sports bras are not similar to binding, the material of the fabric and tension is completely different. It can take 15 minutes trying to pull on a brand new binder as opposed to just being able to slip on a sports bra

She's going to end up ruining her already lacking figure

No. 416621

wait gergles thinks he's nearly 6 foot? lol

in the video in >>416325 he's very clearly not that much taller than either Billie or Ayalla, who are both 5'3. he's 5'7 at the most imo.
also Jaclyn looks like she is leaning over in >>416287 so don't think it's accurate.

it's not super important or anywhere close to the worst thing he's done, it's just so fucking funny that he's so insecure and pathetic when he's all about FAX and HONESTY and telling people what's wrong with their bodies.

No. 416629

>That sounds illegal as shit tbh.
It is, because writeoffs work over several years (depending on the category of equipment written off). Sold business equipment has to be mentioned on taxes too, so the IRS might be interested in this account.

Also, the camera he sold goes for ~2k USD new and needs a assortment of lenses in the same ballpark to be useable. He definitely has been blowing those sweet Jewtube shekels on fucktons of crap.

No. 416633

It's such a Greg move to blow through all that money like the Youtube cash would last forever. Even if the Adpocolypse hadn't happened, what did Greg imagine he would do when he hits late 30s/early 40s and no young teenybopper girls watch his channel anymore? He refuses to grow with his audience.. As anons have pointed out many times, his skits fit the humor of teens in highschool in the early 2000's, they do not work in this Instragram "comedian" run social media these days. Lainey jumped on the fidget spinner trend, so it shows she knows what is relevant but those things are for 12 year old boys/grade school kids. (I mean I could excuse having ONE maybe, but collecting them is just a whole other level)

I am going to go out on a limb and say I'm very positive that Greg hasn't set aside ANY money for his kid's college funds one day. In fact, I bet Greg's insecurity will prevent those kids from ever going sadly :/

All that to say, Greg should have saved up a pretty sweet nest egg, but probably didn't. PLUS if he DID, it's going straight back to the IRS anyway.

No. 416643


Thx fam but why won't the videos play besides the YouNow stream? Or maybe that's on my end…

No. 416646

Your end, they load slow for me but work.

No. 416650

This upload failed, here's the new link that works (sorry):


No. 416652

I reuploaded them FLV'S seem to not agree with vidme had to convert.
https://vid.me/75o65- Onion Joker (reup)
https://vid.me/Z32kT - 7-8-10 Onision & Tantaga

No. 416654

Ayalla is 5'6".

I doubt he saves money at all. Seeing how he was easily willing to throw his money at any new teen he can find, paying for their flights, promising them a car, paying for all their expenses, schooling, etc. After he already did that shit with lameo. He never goes anywhere so you'd think he could easily save a lot of money, but he splurges it on stupid shit like getting a whole entire other house for filming. Maybe he is hoping his kids grow up, become rich and take care of him once his career dies. It'd be funny if they grow up to hate him and call him a child molester, like he does to his own dad.

No. 416661

File: 1501172332607.png (592.98 KB, 860x538, download.png)

hey anons

the screencap of the video i've uploaded is the moment this photo of a 13yr old prompts onion boy to admit losing his virginity at 14 to a 13 yr old girl (but she looked much older than the girl in the video he states..)

> onion boy will forever be stuck in the mind of a horny 14 yr old

No. 416666

Jesus christ, extreme Humbert Humbert vibes from the situation you just described anon.

No. 416668

File: 1501173706026.jpg (53.18 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

that explains why onion thinks she's ugly, she's almost his height kek

No. 416672

File: 1501173994079.jpg (1.19 MB, 1562x1481, 20170727_103122.jpg)

I love how this bitch claims she is nonbinary when she dresses feminine and with makeup 99% of the time and allows all the people in her real life to call her: she, her, wife, sister, mommy, woman, etc.

Mercedes has fucked up her pronouns, Greg has (until he caught flack and so he does it for show, online), and other people I cant recall. Lainey LITERALLY only corrects people she doesnt like, just to deflect the focus from someome criticizing her behavior. When its people she likes, she never says shit. The only one in her life who religiously follows her preferred pronouns is the tumblerina Sarah, who does it because she wanted Lainey's non binary, so gay™, totally-not-into-teenagers, post pregnancy pussy.

Its such a joke. She presents as female in her daily life so by her tumblr logic, shes female passing and therefore has cis ~privilege. Lets see her video tape herself at a super market correcting a cashier for calling her "ma'am". She wont, because her so called identity exists online only for 3 reasons: appealing to her young fanbase, deflecting criticism, and whining to Greg for asspats and white knighting.

She will never stop wearing makeup, have SRS, change her name or get top surgery. She'll never take hormones. Nonbinary are the epitome of transtrenders because they can change 0% of themselves and still ask to be called trans. Well honey, you cant transition into nothing. You wear gender noncomforming clothing once in a blue moon. Congratulations, you're just like 99% of the average, straight, biological woman.

No. 416678



Oh! >>416503 he does joke about being a child-fucker in his old livestreams and the most interesting part, he stated he would never collaborate with minors on YouTube (which he did with Sarah)

No. 416680

Also, per Lainey's nonbinary video from April 30, 2017, she says

"I prefer they/them pronouns but she and he pronouns are okay too."

But you threw bitchfits at all your opponents for "misgendering" you, when you say female pronouns are ok to use for you? Next time she complains about this shit, I wish someone who show her her own video stating calling her "she" is fine.

No. 416681

File: 1501176050721.jpg (18.41 KB, 293x196, long pig.JPG)

Here's some more old-onion cringe. I've been slowly going through his old stuff, and this one has some serious serial killer vibes. Greg's scary af.


There are quite a few more on that channel, I just haven't bothered to link them all. There are just too many fucked up old Onion videos to list.

No. 416684

What if he trains his kids to make their own youtube channels once they are of age?

No. 416685

lol what the fuck
and why are all the kids he "trains" pretty white girls him and his wife flirt with

No. 416688

It bugs me more that she has said some nonbinary people aren't comfortable identifying as "trans", but that she is comfortable with it and considers herself "trans". If she had to live life as a trans person and didn't have some youtube job, actually faced discrimination and oppression in the real world, she would immediately stop her "trans-trending" days.

Almost all these trans-trenders are college-aged white girls who want to act like they are oppressed to justify their screeching complaints and act like you can't dare insult them for anything, so they identify as "nonbinary" since you don't have to commit to surgery or hormones or anything, and get to say "it's how i identify myself, so you have to respect it! I am part of a minority now!!!" They are also not in the real world yet where no one will care or think its speshul anymore. Lameo has never been in the real world since shes gone straight from high school to onion/youtube and even went to online college.

No. 416704

Dude, it's not unusual to have sex at 14.

No. 416706

it's not super rare no but it's bad and wrong

No. 416708

I think the unusual part is that he looked at some young looking 13 year old's picture and thought of the time he had sex with a 13 year old.

No. 416720

fuck well it can't be healthy for the psyche.
i played doctor with my male best friend when i was about 11 and saw a dick for the first time. still took me years from that moment to have a kiss with tongues.
guess my mental development was focused elsewhere than trying to replicate porn or whatever the fuck possess a child to fuck another child(no1curr)

No. 416721

Not the fact he had sex at 14, but the fact a 13 year old girl caused him reminisce about his own past sexual experiences.

No. 416724

Sage your blogging, or better yet, don't blog.

No. 416727

not sure what I read but it was disturbing

No. 416752

File: 1501190594525.png (389.51 KB, 1026x353, Untitled.png)

Plainboy posted a new video "How to make a vegan sushi"

Here's the mirror

TL;DR for anyone who has no time to waste on her video:
-Plainey decided to make vegan sushi
-Seems more energetic but talks like a teenage tumblr bot, spewing tumblr phrases
-Didn't even check how to make it, browses instruction during video
-Sushi roll will contain carrots, cucumbers, avocado and vegan cream cheese
-Adds no rice vinegar to the sushi rice
-Has no sushi rolling mat, Onion told her to roll it with a tortilla wrap instead and she does it
-Doesn't know how to cut cucumber lenght-wise
-Constantly drops ingredients
-Did I already mention how she sounds like an annoying teenager?
-Sushi looks like shit at the end
-Judging by the ingredients, it probably tastes like shit too

No. 416757

Shit, how can you fuck something like this up? Making vegan sushi is incredibly easy. Why didn't she look up how to make it without a rolling mat? Just use a tea towel, works like a charm. And who puts cream cheese in sushi. Sage for rant.

But you summarized it perfectly, thank you.

No. 416758

I love cream cheese in my sushi

No. 416760


Lol, a lot of people eat cream cheese in their sushi. Not so much the chopped cucumber though.

No. 416761

>I don't have the money to buy sushi as much as I'd like to.
What bullshit is this? LOL. Vegetarian sushi is the cheapest kind too.

She googled how to make sushi, knows you need a sushi mat thing, but completely misses the part where you are suppose to keep the ingredients long since you slice it in the end. Is she pretending to do things wrong in an attempt to be funny/entertaining? It honestly looks like shes attempting to be shane in his food videos. And she wants to make a food cooking series.

And how do they not have saran wrap in that giant house full of food?

No. 416762

cucumber in sushi is extremely common in california. Its everywhere, even in actual Japanese sushi places.

This video enraged me because she just half asses everything. Jesus.

No. 416763

Sorry, seems to be a trend that started in the US. You do you.

One thing you forgot is that she says how much she hates cucumbers like 10 times and later states that the sushi tastes good except for the cucumber. Why did you put it in there, then?!

I honestly thinks that's just how she is

No. 416765


Yeah, but not the way it's chopped. They're cut lengthwise to avoid the watery core.

Also, why does she talk so damn fucking slow? Her vocal fry is bad enough, but she talks 10 words per minute, and they're all memes.

No. 416770

She knew she had to cut it lengthwise but somehow was too stupid to figure out how to cut a cucumber that way, and said she only knows one way to cut a cucumber. ??? Can someone be that stupid? Didn't she use to want to be a doctor? I guess you become a complete idiot once you live with onion. Either that or shes trying to be "funny".

No. 416774

Just putting plain rice instead adding some rice vinegar (+ some salt and sugar) to the rice triggered me
also what the fuck, can't she check how to cut cucumber lenghtwise?

damn why is she so dumb

No. 416776

Oh god their new Boyfriend Girlfriend Tag is so obnoxious fuck i hate them both

No. 416777

Lol wtf I can't tell if you're joking or just plain high

No. 416780



What I meant is that the cucumber chopped like that is not common in sushi. There literally is a california roll with cream cheese and imitation crab, if not the cali roll then you have the alaska roll with cream cheese and salmon. Not that uncommon, not that weird.

No. 416791

I think it's a white American thing. I used to work in a sushi restaurant and all the white people would ask to add cream cheese to their rolls. Personally I think it's disgusting, the owners of the restaurant did too, but to each his own.

I don't know how you fuck up cucumber like that though, way to go Plainey.

No. 416794

>cucumber, cream cheese, avocado, carrot

I don't have a problem with these ingredients on their own, but mixing them up in a sushi roll probably tastes shitty

No. 416796


let me guess, both talking in dead robotic voices, lainey gets anxious when she realizes greg doesnt love her, greg isnt into the video at all which leads lainey to be distressed and uncomfortable (see: camera shy)

No. 416800

File: 1501194801190.jpg (18.21 KB, 209x154, bfgf 8.JPG)

No. 416806

I think Lainey is far less stupid than she acts. I think she knows that if she shows any sort of competence in anything Greg will notice it and begin the slow, grinding, miserable process of taking her back down a peg or two. Best to make shitty sushi, pretend to be incapable of all basic social interactions and break her pot lids in cooking videos.

Greg likes to get attractive, talented girls (not women, girls, with AJ as the sole exception) and turn them into neurotic, fearful basket cases. I know people like to dissect Lainey's looks - I personally think she is cuter with now with short hair and without the baby chub - but she's a perfectly attractive woman who showed every sign of being the sort of person who could go to college, get a career, follow a recipe and make it through the day without crying and playing with some goddamned toy meant for autistic children to stim with. Two more years with Greg and she'll be lucky if she has the emotional stability to drive a car or bathe without drowning.

No. 416808

Great post, anon!

No. 416810

File: 1501196768455.png (147.72 KB, 333x348, Screenshot 2017-07-27 at 7.04.…)

More obvious proof of Greg hair thinning getting progressively worse.

No. 416812

what a dumb video. nothing happened

No. 416816

File: 1501197306214.jpg (163.05 KB, 564x1961, healthyeats.jpg)

greg lets her drive? she would do so much better without him, she should start by making her hair look nice, ditch the fake ass special snowflake personality, learning to do makeup, follow a healthy diet plan and work out every other day, get a better wardrobe, then get a job, has she ever even had a real job before? she should get one, save up money, find a new man, and leave his ass

No. 416817

Doesn't he have that one skin condition?? why is he putting stickers on his face when they will react badly to his skin.

No. 416819

he looks like he has 3 bent needles coming out of his hairline ew gurg use shampoo

No. 416824

Those are hair plugs

No. 416831

I fucking laughed when she said that the stickers were sticking to her face but not his. Then she tried to fix it by saying it's his bone structure. It's just cause he's greasy

No. 416832


I seriously thought he was gonna come out of the screen and hit me. omg


Those sticky-looking hairs look like they're about to fall off!

No. 416847

Very well put anon. Classic case of having your cake and eating it too.

No. 416849

File: 1501202724458.jpg (279.63 KB, 517x769, Untitled.jpg)


>there once was an old lady who looked like a shoe

No. 416850

File: 1501202932814.jpg (3.75 KB, 169x132, download.jpg)

She looks like a foot, not a shoe.

No. 416856

>I hate cucumber
>I hate avocado
>just added my cucumber and avocado
>the cucumber was a shock to my brain because I don't like cucumber

Is the real reason she stays with grease the same reason she purposely makes food with ingredients she hates? Is she some kind of masochist? Is she punishing herself for past sins?

Seriously though, why doesn't she make recipes she actually likes? It would have been easy to say she hated cucumbers and avocado and that she was going to use peppers or something instead.

No. 416859

File: 1501204066926.jpg (17.71 KB, 291x195, how2dress byOnion.JPG)

More old Onion. In this one he instructs the ladies on how to dress.

>Please, put a layer in between you and all the sexual predators in this world. Wear shorts underneath your skirt. Otherwise, don't complain when you find your panties on the internet.


No. 416869

Blaire White discussing Oneedyone on Louder with Crowder at around 5 minutes in

No. 416871


If you don't want to watch, this is a summary, not always word for word but just about:

They roll the clip where Blaire is point-blank asking Onion "did you or did you not collect photos of underage girls to rate in your videos? Did you or did you not?" and his response being "let me look up the definition of collect". They were laughing about it, was a good moment.

Steve says he watched the debate, and calls Onion a "pseudo-emo social justice warrior liberal who is telling (Blaire) that (she) is intolerant" and is baffled by it (about Lainey and her fucking pronouns I'm guessing).

She talks about how Gerg is a male feminist and his behavior is contradictory in that the way he's treated women and underage girls is "absolutely effed".

Later (after and when talking about Trump issues), Steve says that having a conversation with a social justice warrior, i.e. Onision, is exhausting because of having to deal with pronouns etc.

No. 416873


>he then proceedes to look and judge little girls in their underwear in front of a live audience.

No but seriously, I felt really uncomfortable (violated) watching this, he should've never picked up this subject.


That's really offensive to shoes, anon. How dare you?

No. 416874


For a second I thought you were talking about Stevie Wolfe

No. 416878


Are they fake plugs? Keep telling us your don't want to wear billies skin kek

No. 416880

But he's not a male feminist. It's not that there aren't weird creepy shitty male feminists, but in Omission's case he doesn't even believe himself he is one, so no one else should be mistaken about it either.

With the passive aggressive rage and obsession he has over women, I think he's actually a closet misogynist who overcompensates by saying women are wonderful.

No. 416881


yes lul she got them for her punk edits video

No. 416885

File: 1501208559296.png (484.52 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0244.PNG)

In his recent Speaks video, he makes the whole Stepanka dying about himself, brings up Jad once more (dude, let the man rip!) more e-begging "for the cause". Oh and this little gem:

No. 416886


Apparently on one of his live streams he mentioned his messages with Shane, does anyone know what they talked about prior?

No. 416887

File: 1501208809585.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170401-160344.png)


Mfw I'm on Ambien, starting affects make her face look multidimensional, Seriously I never knew those people can exist. I feel as if the Ambien to me to another level. Greg and Lainey look atrocious, age bad

Sage/because I'm fucked up. But Lainey is looking Haggard.

Ho at fault for this? It all started with Mercedes, beautiful girl who seems maybe a little ritzy towards baby boo Laine and fucked up on purpose, Laine hS panic attack and so she cut it. Then boom her beautiful hair GONE. She gotta do that hun. So fuck Mercedes and anyone else who are friends with laindrainno lain Aiken


No. 416888

what the fuck???

No. 416889

>>416887 This is the shit that Luna does. Also go the fuck to sleep.
>>416824 I'm one to believe that Greg goes out of his way to get procedures done, but I'm highly doubting this. It just looks like thinning, greasy hair.

No. 416891

her skin looks fine
she's not haggard level yet but her skin is awfully aged for her age (she's also scrunching her face while smiling so wrinkles are more obvious)

she should leave gerg while she can and take better care of herself, then she can look her age maybe

No. 416898

>vegan sushi
So gimbap/kimbap basically. Now they've got a shitty kimbap and a seaweed smelling tortilla wrap. It's a wonder their kids don't starve now that Plainey has them off the milk with her "No." tit warning.

No. 416899


Lainey, please brush your teeth. Thanks.

No. 416900

Shane literally just gave him courtesy responses.

No. 416904

>now that Plainey has them off the milk
she stopped breast feeding?
what about the kid she was supposedly preggo with?

No. 416905

File: 1501211851674.jpg (110.89 KB, 560x371, fingerGUNZzZ.jpg)


>80s office finger guns at ur bo$$

LOL, Nonnie, it's past your bedtime.

No. 416906


I found it funny because Greg's delusional and tries to show off that he and Shane still have this wonderful friendship.

No. 416913

Underrated post

No. 416915

>(User has been put to bed) *fify

No. 416922

File: 1501217445787.jpg (18.69 KB, 293x196, pcp.JPG)


I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but it's from 2010. It's messed up either way.


No. 416928

omg high anon made me giggle a little too much.

That video about creeps doing up-skirt shots pissed me off.
Onion is the kind of creep that if you told him you got sexually assaulted he'd make it your fault for drinking a beer an hour before that.

No. 416930


I think I tried to watch an Onion video on acid and it was terrifying lmao he looked so ugly and scary though like an alien kek

No. 416931

Remember the days when Gergles tried to be likeable all the time on OnisionSpeaks and copied Shane Dawson and his hair and voice?


Then that only lasted til 2012 and then he showed how much of a true cunt he is and now barely anyone likes him cause he's human shit though now he's back in his "LOL IM A NICE GUY LIKEABLE" phase, Gerg we all see through it. In a month when vix won't come over and fuck you you'll be mad and depressed and douchey again attacking everyone.

No. 416932

In the Onion-Tantaga livestream (Joker one doesn't load again, something about the page non-existing), did anyone happened to catch what he said @ 28:26-31:00 ? I heard something along the lines of "pretending to say stuff" then Skye replied incoherently before coming back.

Dude seemed somewhat likeable there too, it's strange. It's not like the YouNow streams where it's always "me me me" or a ticking time-bombe effect while watching them. Just a lot of cringe.

No. 416933


Don't post videos directly from the Onion channels.

No. 416934


Oh my God, he would be so horrifying on acid… :(

No. 416938

It seems like Gerg alters the filters in videos of the two of them to make him look better and Lainey look worse. Could he be doing it on purpose? Probably.

No. 416939

I wouldn't doubt it but it seems pretty counter-intuitive. Who's going to lure in his teenage waifus?

No. 416943

The joker url was re-upped https://vid.me/75o65 should work

No. 416945

File: 1501226157289.png (306.23 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7898.PNG)

sage for potentially stale milk
But saw onion-boy on r/iamverysmart

No. 416949


Thx again fam!



No. 416958

File: 1501231499901.jpg (21.86 KB, 999x248, Clipboard01.jpg)

No. 416959

>combat armor

this fuckin guy

No. 416963

Great idea Gerg! Everybody knows "superfanz" are well adjusted individuals, and tbh for a $1 I'd sign up.. You may finally become twitter #famous.

No. 416967

Time to get on the prowl again.

No. 416973

If you act and look underage enough, you might become his next child bride!

No. 416983

Fucking child predator hosting a school shooting

No. 416987

How fucking self entitled can you be? does he seriously think he is that important that anyone would risk their freedoms to attack him?

No. 416991


Hands down its probably only for the patrons paying X amount ( 100$ + ) Though knowing how hungry for cash this twat is, I wouldn't be surprised if he charged them separately as a " Well meeting me wasn't included in the Patron package, and I need reimbursement for food,gas,safety and loss of pay".

No. 416998


Nice way of calling the people paying for your shit psychos, Gurg.

Also, I've been kind of obsessed with "To catch a predator" videos lately, and I'm so fucking convinced Greg would be caught immediately. Would love to see him giving some kind of shitty pseudo-intellectual speech to Chris Hansen and trying to talk his way out of there.

Sage for rambling.

No. 417000

I think im gonna be more irritated at the parents who are gonna be complicit and drop their kid off to meet a 30 year old man who judges their bodies on the internet.

No. 417002


They are?

No. 417005

Bile hair is grey and pink now. Lets see if lane the pain goes silver after all.

No. 417019


How do we know he didn't edit that picture?
What if Lainey approached Shane in the past and he actually replied on Lainey, but Greg took a screenshot from Lainey 's email and later edited his email to Shane to make it seem real.

No. 417021

Considering Onions past of being able to completely shit on a person then expect normal conversation and Blaire even said she knew of emails between them so, I don't doubt Shane just gave him the most business response.

No. 417031

I'm probably a bit late with this but what is up with onion following 5 people on instagram? I thought he made a point of only following lainey (and billie when he was interested)

No. 417035

I believe it's a patron perk

No. 417036

Honestly I feel it would be more effective if he followed everyone and then demanded money for him to unfollow

No. 417037

Bleurghh $1 to watch him flinch everytime somebody moved would be worth it, $2 and I'm out… Hoping a rich farmer goes and live streams (gotta get those mobile devices past plainey in a genderless ambiguous security vest tho… #boys)
Saged for gender appropriation and dreams

No. 417044

File: 1501263763863.jpg (325.07 KB, 1200x698, -Collage.jpg)

fantasy vs reality

No. 417053

Still lol'ing at him listing patrons as proof of having close friends. Onion, they aren't your friends anymore than a prostitute is someone's girlfriend. When money is involved, its not genuine, its a business transaction. Lol and he calls Shane fake for saying "love you guys" at the end of his videos. The hypocrisy is glaring.

No. 417058

File: 1501265778810.png (53.42 KB, 631x357, Screenshot 2017-07-28 at 2.15.…)

Youtuber with 2 million subs and almost 1 million twitter followers dissing Grag.

No. 417062


I see some white/grey hair on dem eyebrows, would y'all think his pubes are grey as well?

No. 417063

File: 1501266869576.png (1.26 MB, 962x722, Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 2.28…)

He's mad that people are making fun of his tongue. But look at that monstrosity.

No. 417066


>why hello, fellow emo kids! How bout that my chemical romance, huh?

No. 417071


Look at the dates, Anon. Shane replied to something else a long time ago, and then Greg sent a message about Stepanka. New messages are on the bottom in Gmail - so Shane hasn't responded to the stepanka thing. Although I bet he'll just say something generic to appease Gruggles.

No. 417074

NOOOOOO hes wearing a dunder mifflin shirt. TT-TT

No. 417076

>I thought you were older than you are

lol onion
can't wait when he is 40

No. 417077

File: 1501269012268.jpg (31.16 KB, 571x214, Capture.JPG)

You forgot to post the caption

No. 417082

How long til this midlife crisis is over? !9 year old emo boy isn't a good look for a 31 year old with 2 kids.

No. 417097

Greg, the internet equivalent of Foul Ole Ron.

No. 417101


What a cunt. He doesn't even get it, he's literally Micahel Scott mixed with Dwight but way cringier in every way

No. 417109

that's kind of a big question, isn't it? she seems incredibly juvenile ("they're the seaweeds you put on sushi i guess") but she's also shown near-intelligence and awareness before, like during cuddlegate.

which is it….

No. 417112

I know, I get how Gmail works. but I was still skeptical. Greg is delusional liar, I take everything he shows a evidence with a grain of salt

No. 417113

I think it's a bit of both. She is more mature than she lets on, but she KNOWS Greg is into young girls, so she trys to play the part as best she can: fidget spinners, tumblr talk, pokemon-go etc. She is lacking in maturity for sure, but I don't think she's QUITE as immature as she pretends to be.

She puts on a persona for Greg and for viewers. I have no doubt that she was perfectly cabable of making sushi without the "bumbling idiot" act, but then she wouldn't get so many "awww you're cute" comments and people babying her. Which is what she likes. She enjoys being babied and she enjoys feeling youthful, like a little girl who is taken care of by daddy Greg. She even seemed weirdly proud of the phrase "child bride" but no one thinks she still IS a child bride, we always say she WAS one.

She's going to have a very difficult time maturing into a more womanly person. While I do believe you can like whatever you want to like at any age, Greg and Lainey take that to the extreme. Greg won't keep Lainey forever, because she can only stuff herself into the teenage relevancy stage she's in for so long. Eventually she'll look too old to be fidget spinning without coming off at least a little awkward. It also stops being endearing that you can't learn how to cook after a while. Drop the act Lainey, viewers would like you better without it.

No. 417115

>While I do believe you can like whatever you want to like at any age, Greg and Lainey take that to the extreme.

Absolutely, but Gregg and Egg don't seem to get that most adults will fold their interests - whatever that may be - into their otherwise adult life. The issue comes when they don't have an otherwise adult life with work, friends, goals, commitments, personal independence. Do the Avaroes have any of these things, really?

No. 417122

Onion and his sister are live on YouNow/Archive

No. 417123

didn't greg admit they're into ddlg? I know he said the whole daddy thing was hot, but most """"""littles""""""" will often play the part of a child in and out of the bedroom , also didn't anons find princess bikes at gregs house? I know it could be for their ~gender non conforming son~ but I think they might do ddlg

No. 417126

They are definitley into dd/lg especially because Lainey is friends with Binkieprincess (a girl named Jessie who is on insta and is a MAJOR dd/lg / ageplayer) Lainey drinks out of sippy cups and calls Greg daddy. The fact that she admires Jessica and her gross bf tells me everything I need to know.

No. 417128

Someone asked "do you think it's weird that Greg is poly?" and she whispered the question to Greg (I still heard it) and he whispered back and didn't answer

No. 417131


Dude - we've been through this. She isn't in a DDLG relationship with Greg, she just calls him daddy for edgelord points. She said she doesn't live the lifestyle but doesn't mind the ones who do.

No. 417133

Sigh. I'd always hoped Greg's sister was secretly looking down on his bad behavior but she is severely lacking in maturity as well :( There's no hope for an intervention from anyone… All she cared about was hearing how young she looks. (No girl, you look 35)
His whole family sucks.

No. 417134

But you can not say for sure she isn't. So it's fine to speculate. Anons can think she is and some can think she's not. Personally I am not ruling it out.

No. 417135

File: 1501281264924.png (1.1 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0245.PNG)

Remember when we used to make fun of Grease hanging/creeping around in schools? Yeah, well it happened.

Oh and Dobbs pissed in Onion's presence

No. 417136


Isn't she the one who got a box of pills and razors for christmas from the Onons as a joke? She found it hilarious, too.

No. 417137


Her talking about the rumors, saying she doesn't kink shame it and she understands it but she doesn't live it? She's talked about it several times, even brought up the fact that she drank from a sippy cup etc. The woman has kids, so it's not that strange that she did drink from his bottle once or twice.

But yeah sure anon, let's believe she is this good at lying and is living a 24/7 DDLG dungeon life.

No. 417139

lol same girl has lied about a crap ton of stuff. I'm not going to pretend Greg CAN'T be into that kink or even that it's farfetched. Because it's not.

No. 417140

we're not saying she is in it 24/7 but there's clearly some ddlg involved whether it is done only during sex or 8 hours a day

they know if they flat out admit they're into ddlg everyone is going to think they're pedos and stop watching him, but you can clearly tell they're into ageplay from how it rubs off onto them irl

No. 417141

Greg says he's aiming to shock people with the video he releases tomorrow, he says it's going to be the most disturbing one they've seen yet.

Let's cross our fingers for his imminent suicide.

No. 417143


yes, she has said several times that she calls him daddy and that she has a daddy kink, but she doesn't live the DDLG lifestyle with him, which I honestly find believable - I think she would protest more if she did live the 24/7 thing.

They are going to make a BDSM-tag video, too. Someone asked her to make a daddy-kink video but she wanted to do a BDSM vid. (Lainey said so in a YouNow stream a few days ago)

I think his persona fits a classical BDSM lifestyle with ropes and collars more than the DDLG, he's said he loves biting during sex, tying people down or being tied down, slapping and spanking. His emotionless sadist side must love that shit.

Anyway, this is old news and has been talked about in several threads.

No. 417147

File: 1501282835983.png (210.46 KB, 749x1105, IMG_1301.PNG)

Grainey is desperately trying to stay young enough to suit her grease husband's tastes kek

No. 417148


He also likes doing chicks from behind and I've seen him using handcuffs in his videos before along with the sparking and provocatively licking things on the ex's end.

I'm surprised we never heard stories about being locked up in the shed or attic while he was living in his old house tbh.

sick fuck

No. 417149


>"I'm soooo skinny you guys - I'm losing like a lb a day, I don't like myself at this weight, it's just not a good look for me, I'm legit worried"

>posts more selfies displaying her entire body, focuses on her skinny arms in videos (she keeps reaching her arms over her head etc in the vids)

No. 417150

She so obviously purposefully doesn't eat to be thinner. I remember one stream she was like "I forgot to eat all day! I was just so busy!" Like what does she do to be busy and she just forgets to eat while feeding her kids? Lmao. Do you forget to feed them? Everyone around onion always has disordered eating but he thinks he's the cure for eating disorders. Ha ha ha.

No. 417151

Lainey's husband uses zip ties they shouldn't even be talking about bdsm

No. 417155

He definitely encourages it too. His obsession with weight, BMI, and judging women's bodies would make most people at least a little insecure. Add to that the fact that he only dates/marries young, already insecure women, and you have a recipe for disordered eating and obsession with weight loss.

And let's not forget that part of his "contract" with first wife was that neither of them was allowed to gain a certain amount of weight (I believe it was 10kg, but I could be wrong, haven't seen those posts in a long time). He's unhealthily obsessed with body image and weight as well, and passes it on to everyone.

No. 417159

File: 1501285588141.png (1.14 MB, 1334x750, IMG_1165.PNG)


Speaking of our ana-prince, she posted a vid of her sis turning her from "emo" to "preppy", and she looks at herself and says

>oooh, my collarbones look fleeky!

Yeah sure, Lamp. Not the least happy with losing weight.

No. 417160

Now in all fairness, her body is looking good for a mother of two even though she only had a baby a few months ago shes looking great.

No. 417161


taylor and grease are both skinnyfat from their processed vegetarian diets

No. 417166


Her lipstick is ew.

No. 417167

She had a baby almost 9 months ago. Just correcting

No. 417175

on her stream she claimed she wanted to lose weight because of "gender dysphoria" about her "hips" and tits, but later tries to highlight her hips and tits? yeah lainey, thats why

No. 417178

newfag here.

so basically she is a basic bitch that somehow got on tumblr?
i'm also pretty sure her IQ is in two digits, just sayin.

No. 417182


But anon, what about her bachelors degree from edubirdy-I mean Washington state university-online???

She dum-dum

No. 417184


Looking very feminine.
She should invest in a pushup bra though. Her titties are looking like deflated air sacks.


Isn't half of her job being in the kitchen, while the other half is being milked ?

No. 417194


Completely dead eyes.

No. 417200

>her body is looking good
Too bad her face looks like Luna's in the way of how greasy and broken out it is under all that makeup. I wonder if she's ever had clear skin after the honeymoon.

No. 417206

>Fetch me more teenage pussy!

No. 417209


Yeah, before she met Gregma.

No. 417210

A psych grad who confuses BPD and bipolar disorder tells me all I need to know about her intellect and the standards of the institution she graduated from.

Shit, lurking long enough on this board would teach people those terms.

No. 417211

Goddamn! She looks old and busted. None of her choices were good ideas.

No. 417213

I thought it was Crazy Eyes momma onion with brown hair, at first.
Isn't that the sister he made a vid about, who used to beat his ass as a kid?

No. 417215


Yep, Joanna

No. 417238

Wait did he actually put his dog down or is this clickbait as in he put his dog on the floor?

I feel so sorry for those poor doggies :(

No. 417246

he sets the dog down and says "see… I put the dog down, this isnt click bait"
then shows the ejection port of the pistol to prove its a BB gun

No. 417250

She looks good here but it's obvious her edgy style is kinda forced and lame :/

No. 417252

She looks cute here lol I hope she gains the confidence to leave Greg

No. 417253

File: 1501304992709.jpeg (148.15 KB, 750x733, 1501304706010.jpeg)

No. 417268

Her teeth are the same colour as her eyes.

No. 417270

omg this pic HAS to be the OP pic for next thread! onion would get so PISSED he might have an aneurism just from looking at it

No. 417271

not only did she confuse a mood disorder with a personality disorder, she disclosed confidential information about a minors mental health.

By the way Sarah self diagnosed herself with bpd, minors will not be diagnosed with any PD.

No. 417274

is she doing a peel off mask with a full face of makeup on :( i'm breaking out just looking at this

No. 417290

File: 1501319673941.png (1011.06 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0246.PNG)

I understand this narc loves his own shitty music but this is just sad.

Rewatching the Blaire debate with the makeup brought me back again.

No. 417292

>she disclosed confidential information about a minors mental health.

It may be a shitty thing to do, but it's not like she has to follow HIPAA guidelines.

No. 417306


Looks like she's rubbing watered down turds on her face…..

No. 417311

Latepost, but what video is this?
In her you now awhile ago, when she was addressing Joy's accusations about pro-Ana/thinspo, Lainey said she posted a picture of her collarbone for the thinspo tag on Tumblr. But then said it was stupid/doesn't do that anymore.

Stop doing it now. Patterns of behavior are patterns, and if you thought it was stupid before, why do it again?

No. 417334


It's from her Emo to Preppy video on Patreon, it goes live on Youtube today.

No. 417368

File: 1501350121659.png (302.21 KB, 844x430, Screenshot 2017-07-29 at 1.40.…)

she literally looks like a gangly man in drag omg

No. 417370

I love how this bitch claims she is nonbinary when she dresses feminine and with makeup 99% of the time and allows all the people in her real life to call her: she, her, wife, sister, mommy, woman, etc.

Mercedes has fucked up her pronouns, Greg has (until he caught flack and so he does it for show, online), and other people I cant recall. Lainey LITERALLY only corrects people she doesnt like, just to deflect the focus from someome criticizing her behavior. When its people she likes, she never says shit. The only one in her life who religiously follows her preferred pronouns is the tumblerina Sarah, who does it because she wanted Lainey's non binary, so gay™, totally-not-into-teenagers, post pregnancy pussy.

Its such a joke. She presents as female in her daily life so by her tumblr logic, shes female passing and therefore has cis ~privilege. Lets see her video tape herself at a super market correcting a cashier for calling her "ma'am". She wont, because her so called identity exists online only for 3 reasons: appealing to her young fanbase, deflecting criticism, and whining to Greg for asspats and white knighting.

She will never stop wearing makeup, have SRS, change her name or get top surgery. She'll never take hormones. Nonbinary are the epitome of transtrenders because they can change 0% of themselves and still ask to be called trans. Well honey, you cant transition into nothing. You wear gender noncomforming clothing once in a blue moon. Congratulations, you're just like 99% of the average, straight, biological woman.

No. 417374

leave the name field empty newfag

No. 417375


Wasn't this already posted above?

No. 417376


Why is she standing like a trucker?

No. 417377

File: 1501351832727.png (17.63 KB, 836x158, Screenshot 2017-07-29 at 2.06.…)

Creepy fuck referring to himself no longer as "Onision" but Oni. New name is OniChan.

Keeping in mind "chan" is an endearing suffix usually reserved for babies, young children, and adolescents.

Jumping on the daily vlogger bandwagon. Jumping on the weaboo bandwagon.

No. 417378

her stomach looks so good for two kids, wtf.
but what happened to "MUH DYSPHORIA"?

No. 417379

that's pretty tame?

No. 417381

ooooh noooo. she legimetly is dressed like a hooker from the 90s. And ughhh, that pose. Did she already get her dick installed?

No. 417385

File: 1501353084883.jpg (62.89 KB, 502x271, ast.jpg)


>pic related

No. 417394


This fucking bitch. Stop pretending to have an eating disorder, plainey. We all know it's for attention and it's insulting to everyone who actually has an ED. No anorexic people actually fucking talk like that.

Sage for sperging

No. 417401


That's true but when you see that shit in action on his videos, it's pretty disturbing

No. 417407

I thought this was Onision dressed up as a woman again at first. She actually looks really good with that hairstyle and color though.

No. 417412

File: 1501359883220.jpg (668.63 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170729_142215.jpg)

>greg calls ayalla ugly
>lainey is gregs wife

Does not compute

Also, no wonder onion thirsts for Billie so hard. Lainey fails at everything, except being a doormat

No. 417414

why she standing like her balls itch

No. 417415

This picture makes it seem like Lainey is a 45 year old soccer mom who is trying to fit in with the "hip" younger girls.

I can't decide if I feel sad or embarrassed for her.

No. 417416

deffs second hand embarrassment. Her breasts look so saggy, no wonder she would want to bind them and hide them away

No. 417417

sage for old news, but it is still so hilarious that Ayalla wasn't interested in Gerg and the only way he could handle that was by calling her ugly publicly and to her best friend, and that also ended up being one of the reasons Billie didn't go back/realized what trash he is.
such a beautiful story. he's so delusional.

No. 417418

kek, because Greg thought he could shatter the friendship of two best friends who had known each other for YEARS, when he knew billie like for a few months. He really does think everyone will bend over backwards for him and that he is some kind of special snowflake with power.

No. 417421

File: 1501362677939.png (260.56 KB, 432x425, Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 6.10…)

for fuck's sake, wear a bra.

No. 417430

…they have a daughter

No. 417431

Their daughter is (almost) 9 months old

No. 417432

and why are they buying a new born toys that 8 yr olds use such as bikes? they even had if before they had a daughter

No. 417436

File: 1501364197881.png (156.81 KB, 500x437, tumblr_inline_onx1u10N381uaatm…)

No. 417437

File: 1501364234879.jpg (43.42 KB, 500x434, tumblr_inline_mydkcvwwOc1r7r6x…)

No. 417439

File: 1501364567893.png (16.77 KB, 421x269, tumblr_inline_n1zw4dSgqm1sn23b…)

found this gem

No. 417441

Ah yes, back when he sicced his audience on Shiloh because she got pregnant and therefore must have cheated, since Grease is "infertile". Such honest. Very facts.

No. 417442

I would assume they just got a princess bike for their son so as not to conform to GeNdEr RoOoLLsS.

But then again I'm pretty sure their son would be too young for a bike that size even today.

No. 417444

thats what I said, they've been having the bike for a while though, unless greg had some niece or whatever, if a little girl that came over a lot (which I would be concerned with) then the bike would have made sense, but the fact lainey likes acting like a kid, has a daddy kink, and is involved with a community that uses that stuff to roleplay with, ddlg part is more believable and and she could have changed her mind about not acting like a kid or whatever

No. 417446

I dob't get why he can't consider lazer treatment for his acne

No. 417447

File: 1501365100063.jpg (46.78 KB, 409x289, tumblr_m28adgECHu1qkynax.jpg)

because he thinks someone taking care of themselves is stupid

did he abuse all his exes?

No. 417448

To varying degrees, yes.

No. 417451

I just had an idea. I really would love a music remix (autotuned? idk how these things work) of Blaire's snarks, remarks, and FAAAAX in the debate against Onion.
I'd totally do it if I had any musical talent or knew anything about music editing or programs but I don't, sadly. (Maybe I'll look into it, though..)

If someone could make this kind of thing it'd be GOLDEN honestly and I think it'd get a fair chunk of youtube popularity maybe as a bonus. Of course, exclude Onion as much as possible (or entirely) because no one wants to hear him in any capacity.
Or maybe just use choice samples like when he literally said he was attracted to underdeveloped bodies. Don't even have to mash up his words for that gem.

Sorry for going on a tangent but thought maybe someone who knows this stuff could throw something together. I know we all love videomaker anon. Anyway, saged to hell.

No. 417452

…was this supposed to look good?

He was so used to lameo shitting on her whole family and friends for him, he expected billie to do the same. But then billie proved to be a better person than lameo.

No. 417453

File: 1501365378959.png (501.08 KB, 851x471, Screenshot 2017-07-29 at 5.54.…)


the bike combined with the my little pony bed is making me wonder

and you can see by the tire treads the bike has only been ridden once.

No. 417454

what about the thousand of black, mixed and latina girls gerg supposedly dated but no pics of evidence anywhere?

No. 417456


Her tits hang lower than mine and I'm three years from fifty.


What in the hell is happening to her breastbone, it looks deformed.

No. 417457

File: 1501366958103.png (311.98 KB, 523x1009, Sept2014InLawShaming1.png)

the fuck… that makes it even more suspicious

No. 417463

Watching his latest video: Who the fuck goes to the gym in jeans? And who the hell doesn't get changed afterwards!?

No. 417465

What the fuck? Imagine the ball stank. Then again, maybe that's why he takes daily showers. What a wreck.

No. 417468

because he claims to date non white women to get brownie points so when someone brings up his racist past he goes and says "see haha I'm not racist" all of course with no proof, no black, mixed girl or latin girl ever claiming to date greg, and not even a selfie together despite him blasting every single aspect of any relationships he's ever had (except when it's illegal) online

I remember he was exposed for having a secret channel with a bunch of kkk videos and some archived videos of his, I can't seem to find the video where the person exposed him though

No. 417473

Most people take daily showers, filthy-chan.

No. 417481

File: 1501373379935.jpg (185 KB, 1039x750, confusion.jpg)

Wait, Onichan as in Onii-chan (big brother) or is this just a fusion between his name and chan?
I'm so confused…

sage to the hills for retarded question

No. 417482

File: 1501373757166.jpg (324 KB, 1078x856, Screenshot_20170729-191507.jpg)

Probably this

No. 417483


investigator detective anons please explain this shit

No. 417486

File: 1501375591581.png (128.59 KB, 393x356, 43.png)

she wanna be billie so bad

No. 417487

SHE DREW ON FRECKLES??? Okay yeah. 100% trying to be Billie, not even trying to hide anymore

No. 417489

Every fucking picture from younow is her squinting.

No. 417495

At this point she literally does nothing but sit at home and play around with different makeup looks and she is STILL. THIS. BAD. How

No. 417501

File: 1501379401881.png (28.55 KB, 781x492, 3630851123.PNG)

Isnt it interesting that his new YT channel Onichan is gaining subscribers in specific numbers.

Its always 80 (81-84) subscribers a day.

This looks like Grugly is buying his subscribers from some shady site. If I was one of his patreons Id be pissed that my money is being used for this.

No. 417505

File: 1501380524203.png (179.11 KB, 904x753, Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 11.0…)

That is really weird. No normal YT stats will look like this - even if you upload every day, the quality/searchability/virality (for want of a better word) will have a huge effect on how many people find and subscribe to your channel each day.

For reference, here's Shane's subscriber stats - he uploads every day, but all videos aren't created equal, so his lowest sub day is around 7000, and his highest is 17000.
There's no way this small a variance is created by real people subscribing.

If you look at the difference on top of the 80, that is a much more comparable difference percentage-wise to Shane's. Between 1 and 5 subs per day.

From this, I think we can conclude that Onision is absolutely buying subscribers. Unsurprising, but interesting to see it illustrated so blatantly. I'm surprised he buys them in the same number every day - if I were him I would stagger it a little to make it less obvious.

No. 417506

File: 1501380598730.jpg (33.27 KB, 500x333, tumblr_lr7pc3UNbc1qg74nho1_500…)

well… if she wanted to audition for a remake of single white female, her practice is spot on

No. 417508

That's the total number of subscribers, anon. Change is seen in the left column in green text.

No. 417511


Jfc how long until she cuts off billies skin and wears it? Holy fucking psychotic freak.

No. 417512

If we're gonna be honest though Plainey does kinda look like Keira Knightley. In an ugly way.
Do I get banned for this?

No. 417513

kierra knightley actually knows how to take care of herself and dress for her face/body shape

plainey just does whatever billie does

No. 417514

right, right… and greg looks just like zac efron

No. 417515

doesn't she already HAVE natural freckles why draw on more, just looks like she has a really bad case of blackheads

No. 417517

kek because without make up taytay has lots of freckles :')

> cover up freckles only to draw them back on

Great logic

No. 417520

can this dumb bitch just fucking wear her glasses or get some contacts? forever squintin, enjoy ur premature eyelines and worsening vision from strain

No. 417528

Wow, for once Grease was pretty normal hanging around Onion-sis. Oh and aren't they supposed to shower after being done with the gym(s)?

No. 417529

File: 1501387846622.jpg (15.33 KB, 350x350, shedoesntlookanythinglikeheryo…)

kek, do you need glasses too, anon?

Not even in KK's worst pictures.

No. 417531

Billie should do a Younow wearing reading glasses so that Taylor does it too.

No. 417536

his sister has more muscle tone than him.

No. 417549

File: 1501396017636.png (168.46 KB, 390x354, lamo.png)

Agreed, squinting like that makes her look high af, that can't be good to her vision. If she can afford a different hair color every week, I'm sure Greggles could afford buying his doormat a pair of contact lenses.
Or idk, she could sell all of her fidget spinners to buy them.

No. 417554

File: 1501398487480.jpg (78.31 KB, 640x640, a1ceaa601630944ca2c438643813d6…)

I always thought she looked strikingly similar to Chloe Sevigny actually

No. 417569

Not a makeupfag, but fuck man I totally see what y'all mean about those eyebrows…Also, Lainey, sweetie…..white eyeliner is not your thing.

No. 417571

I really wish i could adopt their children they dont deserve to be in this drama polysexual relationship bullshit

No. 417572

She could pull it off, but she'd need to accept her own looks instead of aping someone else.
Her current attempts are cringe.

No. 417573

File: 1501405253404.png (296.78 KB, 503x379, Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 10.0…)

>Billy is the size of a fridge

uhhhhhhhhh okay ana chan(wrong Billy, lurk more)

No. 417575


Anon was talking about BillyTheFridge, as in Greg's token fat collaborator/friend.

No. 417576

File: 1501407062023.png (37.81 KB, 313x470, 56FDA0A6-D1A9-45A4-BF55-3CCF0D…)

Can you (two?) stop shitting up the thread?

Are these newfags or what?

No. 417583

okay but what the actual fuck has she done to her hair. Less than a week ago it was bright, vibrant pink, and now it's fucking yellow. Does she was her hair with bleach or something? It looks atrocious.

No. 417586

Daily hot showers with gerg would do it. Hot water is awful for dye staying power.

No. 417592

She said she is "striping" it with head and shoulders because she wants silver hair.

No. 417593


For real? Didn't she JUST dye it peach?

No. 417594

File: 1501419080987.png (530.25 KB, 486x592, 99889.png)

Gotta keep up with Billie

No. 417595

stripping it w/ heavy medicated shampoo, and dying it every week? wew enjoy your thin hair falling out, plainey.

No. 417600

Stop convincing yourself anon, Plainey looks like billies skinwalker

No. 417604

jesus. fake freckles can look cute and natural if you do them right but it looks like she literally just took an eyeliner pencil and smashed it into her nose

No. 417606

Its making me hurt as some one who went through the process of getting 'silver hair' aka Platinum.
This is how you know gurgles doesn't give a shit, what man is gonna let you put your head through that shit they apparently got them funds, why does he not take her to a salon ffs, is he wanting it all to fall out so she can become even more unattractive to him, basically making her Gregs definition of 'Android' (I forgot the word he used with disgust) because I looked at the girl and was like 'Plainey is about 3 steps away from that girl.'

No. 417611

Hasn't she dyed her hair 2-3 times this month alone and now she's trying to go for silver? It's obvious her and greaselord have no idea how this works and I hope she enjoys her hair falling out in clumps.

No. 417619

File: 1501429762721.jpg (50.79 KB, 1400x423, 2.jpg)

fucking cringe

No. 417623

She'll just blame it on being vegan then go back to her eggs and fish.

No. 417628

File: 1501432442362.png (336.26 KB, 842x437, Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 12.2…)

Uh… yeah.

No. 417629

File: 1501432809499.png (1.1 MB, 1366x768, underwear.png)

he's fitting into plainey's agender space prince underwear

No. 417633

This is probably super nitpicky,but aren't freckles supposed to be prominent where the sun hits your face the most? So like, since lains nose sticks out further closer to the tip the freckles should be placed there instead of on the bridge right under her eyes? I'm sorry I just can't get over how shitty this makeup looks.

No. 417635


So now Gurg's copying this guy?

No. 417639

File: 1501435455954.png (776.14 KB, 1280x800, ew.png)

jfc he's so creepy and gross.
(screenshot from the same vid)

No. 417641


Okay, this just fucked me up. Shit needs to stop. Can some one please bring this up to her in a younow? Lainey is disgusting and increasingly pathetic.

sage for rage

No. 417642


vid.me link?

No. 417643


sure I have a smurf account that hasn't been blocked yet feel free to let me know what you'd like to be said

No. 417644

Wait, is this sad old man really trying to go from copying 2008 Shane to copying Jake/Logan Paul or w/e daily vloggers that came over from vine? Who the hell does he think wants to watch the daily life of a creepy 32 year old man with two kids? And just what the fuck is he gonna vlog about? He never leaves the house…

No. 417645

I feel like he's trying to imitate filthy frank and that crowd
particularly because he tried to claim that filthy frank copied him (lol) and seemed obsessed with idubbbz a little while back

No. 417649

File: 1501437563210.jpg (59.66 KB, 1124x418, lainey.jpg)

am i the only one here who thinks she looks way better like this? too bad greg won't ever let her dress attractive

No. 417651


You're not alone, I think the dark bob looks way better than the travesty that is her current hair. She looks older like this but it works soo much better than her desperate attempts to look younger.

No. 417654


Agreed, if you ignore the hooker outfit her hair balances out her face. Should quit trying to be billie, dye her hair blonde and get extensions for thickness. She'd look 1000 times better than her current ugly, "soccer mom trying to be a teenager" look

No. 417655

These look like stills from an amateur porno shot in the early 90s. Empty beige room, awkward chick in a wig, shitty dank green lighting - all that's missing is the time stamp.

No. 417656

Grugs defense of his racist past is literally to the equivalent of "My friend is black so I CAN'T be racist!"
Tho this time he has no black Gf to use that excuse

No. 417659

The bob just makes me think Billie what was this picture even for?

No. 417663

File: 1501439362376.jpg (36.25 KB, 640x350, image.jpg)

pic on the right reminds me of tonetta.

something just seems unnatural/off

No. 417664

File: 1501440593966.jpg (722.95 KB, 809x4712, Screenshot_20170730-134749.jpg)

No. 417667

what app is this? Discord?

No. 417668

Yes it's her discord

No. 417669


She's insane. Like I literally think Greg has actually succeeded in making her develop some sort of mental disorder.
It is 100% obvious that she is copying Billie. And now she deflects and acts like Billie is the one causing shit.
She creeps me out so much. Greg will probably one day wake up to her stabbing him with her eyeliner.

No. 417671

Yup, it's also 100% obvious that billie 'left her the fuck alone' a long time ago

No. 417673

This braindead idiot cant realize that the billie usernames in her broadcasts are trolls. But shes troll bait so it works…

No. 417676


She is so damn venomous and toxic.

How can she ever hope to maintain her "delicate, fragile, sensitive, shy sweet" persona while spewing vitriol like this?

No. 417677

File: 1501442904220.png (218.69 KB, 1238x1082, Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 21.0…)


She is fucking pathetic. She calls Sarah to defend her honor every time, Sarah is a KID, Plainey.

No. 417678

File: 1501442907298.png (579.82 KB, 1053x1348, SmartSelectImage_2017-07-30-14…)

No. 417679

Imagine being a married mother of two and calling a high schooler in hysterics every time someone hurts your feelings. That's just sick. Neither Taylor nor Greg have any grounding in reality.

No. 417681

How does she know billie is "obviously lurking" if she bas her blocked and doesn't look at her social media? Smells like bullshit. Her and Greg really can't stand the fact that Billie is doing her own thing and doesn't give a shit what they do. Lainey's narcissm is showing here. She REALLY thinks Billie's life still revolves around her.

No. 417682

File: 1501443365063.jpg (51.03 KB, 1080x683, image-2017-07-30-14-46-15.jpg)

Sage for samefagging but why does Lainey think she can pull off the not-quite-but-almost avant garde colorful makeup Billie does consistently? It just looks sloppy and half hearted.

No. 417683

Because Lainey is married to Greg.. she's used to things being sloppy and half hearted

No. 417685

Lol my ass she hasn't looked at her social media since 8 months ago. And I've never seen billie in her stream since wayyyyy back when the drama first happened. Shes full of shit. Those are always fake accounts, not "partnered".

Lol she has to call a 16 year old and bother her and have her calm her down every time someone mentions billie? Is she stupid?

No. 417686


Kek, that blocky trail of freckles and the dots underneath her eyes…. Lainey, go back to failing at relationships and cooking, the makeup schtick looks awful.

No. 417689

>Does colorful freckles as if she watched her tutorial

No. 417690

File: 1501443918307.png (2.1 MB, 1592x1108, Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 21.4…)


I see you posted the "cuter" one of her pictures.. imma post the nightmare inducing one.

No. 417692

Not to mention, both Taylor and Greg gave thrown Sarah under the bus multiple times. You'd think she'd get sick of being "used as necessary," but I guess she really is just that pathetic.

No. 417693

Holy shit she is insane. Billie wants nothing to do with her either, all those people are just troll accounts using Billie's name! Does she really think this girl is just lurking the fuck out of her? And if she is, wouldn't she use a fake name and nothing with BILLIE in it???

No. 417694

This confirms it for me, The grooming 2 faced bitch is fucking crazy, Its obvious they're just trolls but she's so damn defensive and projects onto billie whos long since moved on and having a good time. Lainey is Crazy.

No. 417697


No. 417699

Fully believe shes just like Greg and she does all this to get Billies attention. Textbook Greg.

Shes doing to Billie what Greg has done to Shane and Cyr. If she admits those are troll accounts, she cant whine about Billie.

Heck, she probably wants Billie to reach out and deny she goes to the broadcasts. Just like Greg wants Shane to deny theyre friends.

No. 417703

Wow guys she will LITERALLY lose it. I'm tempted to go in her streams now just to troll her. I feel bad for Sarah having to deal with the emotional burden though, you'd think Lainey's "twin flame" would give a fuck for a second.

No. 417711

File: 1501451134467.jpg (45.86 KB, 400x1034, cjhc5gku.jpg)

dat sanpaku tho
3. is plainey
5. is gerg

No. 417712

So Mrs.Jackson has a very close 16 year old friend while Mr. Jackson has a website with the nudes of girls her age on them…sounds pretty sus.

No. 417725

In the left pic she looks actually cute, wow.

…Too bad she's a nutjob who accepts being whiteknighted by a kid

No. 417726

I'm so triggered by the mascara flake in her eye.

No. 417732

File: 1501454454599.png (185.59 KB, 472x374, Screenshot 2017-07-30 at 6.38.…)

lol she is incredibly easy to troll on younow. and it's even more hilarious because she has to stay "live" and bear it because she streams for the money.

since she posted on twitter about someone spam trolling her email address with some sugar daddy site more people have taken to signing her up for shit as well kek

Lainey doesn't know not to feed the trolls.

No. 417733

sarah is a fucking 16 year old and is somehow infinitely more mature than a 22 year old mother of two. unreal. her kids have no hope.

No. 417750

Did anyone reuoad Billie's 'Dear Onision' vid?

No. 417751

No. 417758

sage for irrelevance but what was the 'one bigger secret' of Billie's that she mentioned in the 'Dear Onision' vid that Gurgle told everyone?

No. 417759

Look in the past threads before posting.

No. 417760

Shes like almost 23 and describing herself as "fragile" and no one must hurt this fragile smol bean! She needs her 16 year old best friend and 20 year old sister to be strong for her because shes just so fragile! No one else can ever be as fragile or hurt as her, and her feelings are the most important!!! The world must stop to help her deal with people mentioning billie's name!

I bet she calls sarah and just talks about herself 99% of the time, and overlooks any problems sarah has because she thinks hers are more important and makes sure to always make it about her. "You're sad sarah? that's nice but i am really sad!" I've known many people like her. Sarah will get sick of her in a few years when she has an actual life and problems and can't answer her phone everytime lameo has a "panic attack" over billie's name.

No. 417763

anon pls posting this is messed up. it's annoying that people shit up the thread with that stuff every so often but come on

No. 417765

Wasn't thinking properly, sorry
Probably just because I've been following this for too long

No. 417768

The video were Greg is dress like Billie is in the patreon or in Youtube?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 417771

Didnt she get pregnant of her boyfriend at the time and was "forced" to abort it?

No. 417773

No. 417775

You don't have to put your e-mail in and revealing the personal stuff is just giving Greasemonkey what he wants.

No. 417783

No. 417786

File: 1501465508712.jpg (163.09 KB, 1270x712, creep.jpg)

>pony princess bed their infant saughter is years from being able to use
>taking back sunday poster right above it
> bi flag on the wall
oh look he set up a room for his gross pedo fetish. not suspicious at all after the blaire debate.

No. 417787


>dat self dox

kek I laffed IRL, thanks anon for realsies

No. 417788


Lainey said on stream today that although she and greg go to bed together, they sleep separately.

No. 417792

On the stream, Gretchen claimed the reason for his Norwegian ancestry was because momma-Onion told him he has "Viking blood" and is naturally a strongman.

I call bullshit on that one, mostly because Crazy Tami said so.

No. 417793


Not necessarily. I have sun freckles on the tip of the bridge of my nose. I agree that hers look terrible, though.

No. 417797

File: 1501469197498.png (212.29 KB, 383x429, 4.png)

this 31-year-old's waking hours are literally spent taking guest requests from middle schoolers

s a d

the greaselord thought he'd be world famous by this point, and instead he's playing video games in front of 6 underage fans

No. 417810

I'm not sure I understand. They get ready for bed together, then go to separate beds? Or lay down together to go to bed, then one gets up and goes to another one later? Either way, unhealthy in a marriage

No. 417816

probably lay in bed together/gerg gets his suk mi until they're ready to fall asleep then one of them goes to another bedroom

No. 417817

Not necessarily. Some people can't get good sleep sharing a bed, for instance I need complete darkness and silence to sleep. My partner likes to have the TV on, and our relationship is completely fine sleeping separately. I don't think that them not sleeping together is the unhealthy part. The unhealthy part is probably Taylor's flip flopping pronouns, bandaid baby, baiting teens into joining their fucked up relationship, and Greg's narcissistic bullshit.

No. 417825


jesus fuck i know someone JUST like this and she's going to on like this forever because you know greg loves it and feeds into it

No. 417832

File: 1501486432149.png (364.77 KB, 770x428, FAX.PNG)


sage for nitpicking but I thought it was funny because he always takes such pride in being "muuh so intelligent"

No. 417833

Gurgles stated on YouNow today that the victims of serial murderers deserve to die because they're dumb for getting murdered.

Has to victim blame everything.

No. 417834

He has to be trolling…right? R-right??? becAUSE NO ONE CAN BE THAT FUCKING STUPID.

No. 417835

Just like the mothers are at fault for their children being serial killers. But wait, how can the victims AND the mothers both be at fault? You're contradicting your self, Greggles.

No. 417836


Well, we gotta remember; he praised the Columbine kids who shot up the school cuz they were good bois who dindu nuffin and once told his wife at the time he'd have no problem with killing everyone who got in their way as an "I love you" for her.

I can't wait until I hear of him on national television about his secret bodycount!

No. 417837

He's too smart to be told what to think by books, so he doesn't read and therefore his spelling is as bad as a primary school kid's.

No. 417840


So I'm going to guess that's the bed plain sleeps in with the kids whilst greggel spooned/fucked Billie in the next room haha

No. 417853

so by his own logic, his mother is at fault for the way he behaves.

No. 417854



No. 417857

I think if he never did the YouTube thing this would have been a very likely scenario. However Skye kept him grounded and he was able to finally have his own following even after he left her. The fact his little YT stint is pretty much over, and the fact his mental state has deteriorated over the years makes me a wee bit nervous.

No. 417858


If its always the victims fault, and he's always playing victim…

Is this in some sense him admitting that shit that goes sideways is always him and Plainey's fault ?

No. 417864

Did he dye his hair or is it a new camera filter? it looked darker lately
maybe plainey sleeps here with bandaid. looks like a kid's room to me (a kinda sad one) and the posters are all aroung the house, so there's no reason for grease to not put them in the kid's room too. I don't know, it's still odd that they already have a princess bed for bigger kids. Maybe plainey needs that because she's not as agender as she wants to be

No. 417865

Hes dying it. Obviously getting grey hairs and that does not fit his 17 year old 2008 emo aesthetic.

No. 417871


I'm starting to think Skye stopped him from shooting up his school and made it to graduation (with a 2.6 GPA might I add). I also think the divorce fucked him up too.

No. 417875

this would make sense why he has to live out that fantasy in his shitty ass books….

No. 417877


Which may explain his resentment toward her, it wasn't really about the money as much as he likes to bitch about it; she made him feel something and he probably still has feelings for her. Hence why he wants to see the chick again before the final payment is due.

Lainey was never best wife, only surrogate wife.

No. 417879


Lankey is still breast feeding bandaid, so it would make sense that she has to sleep in a separate room to get up with a crying baby multiple times in the night. Pretty sure their son sleeps in the racecar bed in that same room.

Gregory would not stand for the constant sleep interruptions I'm sure.

They put the kids to bed and have a quick fuck in the basement before she goes off to sleep in the princess bed and tend to the kids in the night/morning.

No. 417890

Why a princess bed tho? Sorry for blog but I legit need a queen for just myself, a laptop and a cat (and i'm not even fat, though the cat is), so like why would a grown ass woman elect to sleep on a children's bed that her feet are probably dangling off of? And if she's co-sleeping, which is dangerous in the first place, a smaller bed only makes it more likely that she would either roll over the kid or push it off the bed. They have more than one adult bed in the house per the IRS tour so it's not even an issue of Greg being a cheap fuck.

No. 417893

>Hence why he wants to see the chick again before the final payment is due Hence why he wants to see the chick again before the final payment is due.

He wants to see her?
Fuck, Skye better hide.

No. 417895

I don't think he necessarily wanted to see her, but was seeking some form of contact so he could "verify the address". Seems like bullshit considering he sent every other payment without issue. But he knows after the final one Skye will have no reason to ever acknowledge his existence again.
There are tweets regarding this issue, I believe, a few threads back.

No. 417897

Wanting to see Skye seems like his last ditch attempt to have power over her. Paying alimony, he had a connection with her, and now that's almost over. He can't let go of any of his ex's, so he shit talks them to feel superior to them. It's so obvious.

Plainey's the best fit for him, from his perception, because she's been conditioned to believe his bullshit justifications of his abusive behavior. Skye was actually the best fit because I think she kept some of his abusive shit in check. I don't think she was as dependent as Plainey, despite Grease trying to make her completely reliant upon him. Thankfully, she recognized that it's not her responsibility–she didn't have to sacrifice herself to the emotional vampire that is Grease–to keep Greg from losing control.

No. 417899

When is the last payment due?
He stalks all his ex-gfs social media, but Skye is very private and he's probably mad he can't find out anything new about her.

No. 417901

File: 1501524873881.png (24.11 KB, 200x200, a90.png)

In his newest video Onion is going to his sister's wedding. Then he shares with everyone how his sister didn't invite Lainey to her bachelorette party, nor did she invite her to her wedding.


No. 417902

File: 1501525040184.jpg (407 KB, 900x613, tesla.jpg)

he's actually selling the Tesla, that'll be a good bit of cash if he sells it.

No. 417903


the way lainey laid out the freckles looks like a biore blackhead strip

No. 417904

Also other than that he buys a candle and a candle stand as a gift for his sister's wedding….Idk how it is in USA, but I thought wedding gifts, especially from close family, are supposed to be better?

Then he films himself and his relative acting like 12 year olds, it's cringy as fuck.

Seems like he has started the whole "vlogging my life" style of videos which is trendy rn.

No. 417905


It'll be a good chunk of cash if the car was paid in full, otherwise not so much.

No. 417906

Wedding gifts are supposed to be household items that the couple will actually use. That's why the wedding registry exists, so that your guests know what to get you. Either his sister didn't have one or he didn't care and just got her something from his attic or whatever.

No. 417908


It's just like the fucking Billie situation!


This month coming up.

Wait, didn't Grease bitch about one of his relatives still being FB friends with one of his exes? I wonder if it's Skye since the Onion family loved her and shit. I don't think Shiloh, AJ or one of his previous high school sweethearts would interact w/them nor care to.


Damn, not even her sisters in-law like her? Guess the Onion Clan wants her gone too. Yet they're cool with Onion-wife 1.0


No. 417911

Wedding registries usually have all kinds of things on them, but it's sort of expected that your close relatives are going to pick the bigger items while, like, your boss' niece you met once and invited just to be polite or something will choose the little things like candles and napkin rings.

Yeah, sorry, if my brother - who just so happened to be a millionaire with three houses and two teslas - showed up at my wedding with a candlestick I would be more than lowkey pissed.

No. 417912

File: 1501526965072.jpg (63.16 KB, 872x556, Capture.JPG)

We finally see what Lainey does all day

No. 417914


Which video is this?

No. 417915


Please post mirror!

No. 417916


Here is an album of images from inside the Narc Nest, the basement looks especially creepy.

No. 417917


That's pretty much what we all expected her to do all day anyway

No. 417918

File: 1501528352188.png (87.98 KB, 573x224, 576.png)

His latest (totally not clickbaity) video

No. 417920

You're a year late Greg.

No. 417921

What a beautiful house. Its a real shame they don't take care of that place. It always looks like a pigsty and neither of them have any taste or eye for interior design. They don't deserve that place.

No. 417922

I find it weird they sleep separte now since in their old house the one he gave to his mom. They slept there toghether he did some waiking up vlogs, and they had troy as baby there too and still slept together. Maybe after the whole billie thing she doesn't want him and uses the new baby as an excuse.

No. 417923


The vlog you're talking about, where they're waking up and he sings a song throughout is before they had Troy. Lainey cosleeps with the baby, and she says the basement is her bedroom (big white bed), because that's where Billie and Greg fell asleep cuddling, and she called it her bed. Greg has also said in videos that it's Lainey's bedroom.

That being said, what's so weird about sleeping separately when they have a small baby and she breastfeeds it? surely she must be awake every 3-4 hours.

No. 417924

Sorry anons, I'm currently on my phone and can't upload.
It's a newly uploaded one on his Onichan channel, I hope a kind farmer can help out

No. 417926

File: 1501529521660.png (2.06 MB, 1680x850, Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 21.3…)


I'm on it! Just let it upload.


No. 417927

Man the fact he doesn't care that his own sister didn't even invite his wife of 5 years and mother of his kids to her wedding… Really shows he does not care about Lainey. Even if she didn't want to go because she couldn't get a sitter or because of her ~anxiety, she should have still been invited.

No. 417928

> On July 13, 2016, Tesla introduced its Model X 60D, which carries a starting price tag of $74,000 before incentives, compared to the original Model X's $80,000 starting price.

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesla_Model_X

Omg, is he actually charging 17,000 dollars extra for a used car? People could legit buy a brand new model X and like 3 holidays away with the price he's asking.

No. 417929


On the listing, there's a picture of a document that says he paid just under 115,000

No. 417930

File: 1501530529299.jpg (18.76 KB, 360x480, 43590607303.462236861.IM1.04.1…)

No. 417931


My bad fellow anons.

No. 417932

No. 417935

If you're willing to spend 100k on a car, it doesn't make much sense to buy a used one unless there's a significant price drop
I can't see anyone agreeing to his asking price

No. 417938

There's a long waiting list to get a Tesla, so I think he will eventually find someone.

This house is so ugly. I don't know how anyone can spend so much money to live in a McMansion. But thanks for the pictures, anon! Good for reference.

He said that he's only getting her a candle because she didn't invite Lainey to her bachelorette party. I wouldn't invite my friends wife, but only close friends. Don't know why he thinks Lainey should have been invited, especially because she's super young compared to his sister.

And I didn't hear him say that Lainey is not invited to the wedding, when did he say that?

No. 417940

File: 1501534020588.png (81.87 KB, 307x414, 00082.png)

The waiting list is just for their latest model, not the one that greg has

She probably could have gone to the wedding but didn't because she was bitter about the party

No. 417941


I bet the candle-thing was only mentioned for his audience to feel better about Lainey, he'll probably just get her something grand in private.

No. 417942

the screaming in the end is so unbearable

No. 417945

Are you allowed to sell big assets like this when you're under audit?

No. 417951

File: 1501535728852.png (3.66 MB, 2346x1564, Screenshot 2017-07-31 11.12.06…)

I paused the Gerg's video at a random time and maybe this is a bit too morbid but I can't be the only one who likes the sight of this… can anyone shoop in a noose?
…too far?

No. 417952


A bit too far. They would legit try to sue lolcow.

No. 417965

Yeah but if anyone were to try to explain how depreciation on cars works, he'd insist it shouldn't work like that and refuse to lower the price.

Doesn't matter if it's a Tesla, the second that car was driven by its owner its value dropped way below 90k. Anyone who buys this off him at that price is scamming themselves.

No. 417969

File: 1501539535262.png (202.84 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0248.PNG)


Would this help?

No. 417970

I surprised he was even willing to leave his house. Like serious question has he ever been out of washington when he isn't trying to marry girls he meet?

No. 417971

I guess he only did it because it's his sister wedding, but then again he went without his family and also acted like an obnoxious 12 year old.
So fucking cringy

No. 417972

File: 1501540095886.jpg (38.86 KB, 629x510, Capture.JPG)

Also talking about cringe….

No. 417973

File: 1501540208064.png (195.59 KB, 706x493, _00.png)

No. 417978

File: 1501541110749.png (117.09 KB, 332x298, Screenshot 2017-07-31 at 6.44.…)


No. 417981

what is this from?

No. 417982

File: 1501541586336.jpg (201.89 KB, 1000x750, 43590607308.462236861.IM1.09.1…)


His Tesla listing

No. 417984

fucking kek. Has anyone tried calling the number listed on the post?

No. 417986


I would advise that anons abstain from spooking him, if he knows what's up he won't be as careless with his personal life in the future.

No. 417988

Tbh surprised he actually spends time with his kids alone at all. Good for… uh… Lainey?


No. 417992

I would also agree with this, He will eventually find out about this so not surprising if he has multiple phones, but It would be for the best if no one calls.

No. 417998

Can we please stop it with the Skye fanfics? We dont know shit about her life and i doubt onion never loved anyone so stop projecting

No. 418000

He'll also use it to make 20 shitty clickbait videos

No. 418001

The listing is gregs number btw ;)

No. 418007

File: 1501544638353.png (1.27 MB, 1366x768, screenshot.png)

Billie uploaded a new make up tutorial. I'm predicting that plainey is going to copy the glitter thing very soon.

No. 418008


That video was so fucking painful to watch.

No. 418009


Thanks for telling us asshat, now she definitely will.

No. 418011


Mm true, but it's his stupid ass' fault for posting it in the first place.

No. 418015

Huh, looks like Onion can't deny he has more than one kid 'cause that kid looks a bit younger than a child his son's age.

So, Onion, now that there's proof, explain the shit you put your pregnant wife through last year, and how you tried to exploit/ monotize her hormonal state.

Onion said he only presented FAX in those videos, so viewers can come to reasonable conclusions. Of course, his wife's hormonal state exacerbated by pregnancy wasn't relevant. He'd probably say that he's protecting his kids or some bullshit. He wouldn't want to exploit them like other YTers. No issue exploiting his wife, though.

He's a disgusting human.

No. 418017

Agreed. My kid was born around the same time as theirs, and the silhouette of this one is similar to my kid.

No. 418039

dont cow tip. its in the rules. itll also give reason to lessen the credibility of anything talked about here cause ppl will actually look like stalkers.. so dont

No. 418043


inb4 "she doesn't own glitter makeup!!"

No. 418044

His son also has a full head of hair, Ayalla's picture a few months back showed that

No. 418047

File: 1501549867702.png (589.67 KB, 974x536, Screenshot 2017-07-31 at 9.09.…)

>Lainey Poshmark

that filthy fucking carpet and those fucking prices for her cheap trash kek

No. 418051


No worries, I haven't. I understand where y'all coming from.

Also, didn't they lifted the rules on doxing a few days ago? Or is that still a thing?

No. 418052

File: 1501550997134.gif (2.4 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

greg is so closeted he needs to just come out already

No. 418055

that carpet is givin me axel ash vibes

No. 418057

File: 1501551615637.png (86.49 KB, 750x429, IMG_7324.PNG)

Jamie being a cockblock as usual

No. 418059

??? what is she even bitching about?? the picture that gork himself posted with the vague shape of a human child visible?

my god, he'd better take SWIFT ACTION

No. 418060

Who the heck is going to buy anything that's being shown on that filthy carpet?

No. 418061

Yeah shes making it worse by publicly tweeting him. Anouncer doomsday voice: Prepare for incomming gurgles fans. Ugh the cow has been tipped … i repeat the cow has been tipped.

No. 418062

Holy shit in his curvy, fat, thick, skinny vid, Billie has big gash and blood smeared down her left arm

No. 418063


I think because he's doing it in a "legit" way vs for cash it's fine. He probably owes them money so he's gotta make it somehow.

No. 418064

File: 1501552676103.jpg (12.82 KB, 600x515, 4b6.jpg)


fuck off newfag

fuck off all newfags and kys JamieLeigh

No. 418065


oh my god that is disgusting wHY

No. 418066


>Jaime Leigh Fisher

Who invited this fucking cunt? Gtfo slut!

No. 418067

she looks like the type of bitch to involve herself with random drama so she can get pity points for redirected harassment

girl get your big nose outta here

No. 418068


Jamie the manface is a known lolcow slut, she makes posts about herself in /snow/ and loves to sour the milk in an attempt to suckle up to Dlist e-celebs. Don't feed her please.

In other news, we need mods to clean up the doxxes, right?

No. 418069

Not going to lie, I called out of morbid curiosity. I didn't say a word, he just screamed "PAPA JOHN'S PIZZA, PAPA JOHN'S PIZZA, CAN I TAKE YOUR ORDER" then I hung up(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 418071

Onion on drunk Peasants

No. 418072


Chances are he knew the reflection was there.

Plus what's with this attention whore publicly writing such melodramatic messages about it?

It's like Onion's crazy is contagious, I swear. Zero sympathy if she gets brigaded for this, Its completely self-inflicted. The email was sufficient.

No. 418073

She started following my vid me a few days ago she's desperate for attention.

No. 418075

Damn weres that papa jhons? So i can afford to get a 100000 tesla

No. 418077

That was so pathetic. They fell for his bullshit. 1. They asked if he's a character. He said he is 20-30% of the time. They just accepted it. Dude asked Onion about the Shiloh losing her mind video. He said she admitted it was fake, which we already knew. No one questioned the fact he thought it was real and still released it. Jeff is an attention whore, sucking up to everyone in person and talking shit behind their back. Billy and hannah minx knock off is getting $ from Greg to be his friend. What a shit show. These guys are all idiots.

No. 418078

And people are spamming his number in the chat. He said he's going to change it

No. 418079

Yeah i'm beyond disappointed in DP for being so weak, but even TJ refused to just hang with Onion without meeting him at a coffee shop first, shame they did this. This was like a high for him.

No. 418082

Lol his number is already privatized

No. 418083


Damn that's really disappointing.


I just tried both private and publicly. :(

No. 418084


If TJ & Paul were there it'd be so much Better. Why the fuck aren't they there?

No. 418086

Why is Billy the fat fuck in dp anyway? I thought they hated him due to that piss-stunt he pulled on one of the guys.

No. 418101

File: 1501563691147.jpg (36.55 KB, 585x119, 20170731_225836.jpg)

The foreshadowing in this tweet is delicious.

The proof is in the pudding, Lainey.

No. 418108

File: 1501566463001.gif (977.78 KB, 442x320, bml.gif)

No. 418110

File: 1501567087259.png (104.53 KB, 386x410, 20170801_075612.png)

So I just noticed something odd about one of her pucs. I'm genuinely curious. Is she wearing fake Vampire teeth here?

No. 418115

I don't know what's more depressing - the fact that her carpet is that dirty in the first place or the fact that she doesn't even seem to realise that it's dirty and decide to photograph her stuff elsewhere. The money spent on a bare mcmansion should have gone on a fully furnished, smaller house and, since they're both at home at home all the time, they should have learnt how to clean.

No. 418117

New theory about their children-style rooms.
In this video we see Greg playing Crash Bandicoot while sitting on the carpet of the stereotypical boys room. ( love how there is a pink one for girls and a blue one for boys btw. way to live up to what they/or I should say Lainey claim to be against.) Anyway Greg playing a retro game, probably one he played in his childhood, acting like a kid made me think of this.
So what if they have these rooms so they both, him and Lainey,can pretend to still be kids. Because lbr both have such big fears of growing up/aging. It's not ddlg but more like.. lblg. Disturbing I know, but not as far fetched if you ask me.

No. 418119


Or more like Lamo isn't as gender-neutral with her own kids as she pretends to be in real life. Greg sure has his strict gendee views and I wouldn't be surprised if his mother was an influence there too.

The rooms are probably furnished like that because theyre inpatient and wanted to make the rooms ready because they have a lot of empty rooms and money to spend so why not spend them to kids stuff to seem out like caring parents.

No. 418122

File: 1501579388127.jpg (177 KB, 718x562, gerglyonion2.jpg)

he had to have seen it. i don't believe that this is a pure accident, unless he was in an extreme hurry to put this up, but why would he? is he running out of cash? also he knows people stalk the shit out of him online so it doesn't make sense to be this careless.

No. 418126

So now with selling the filming house and the second tesla, that around quarter of a million he's made. Still need those patreon bucks though.

No. 418127

I know I'm reaching with this but, the way he held his phone, so it censored the kid's face, kinda(?) looks deliberate.
…Or he's just holding it weirdly because he's carrying his kid.

Sage for tinfoil hattery

No. 418128

So despite my better judgement I watched gerg's new videos and like, can one of you esteemed onion psychologists please explain wtf is going on.
it's like, ok, he's trying to do clickbait vlogs and touts his new channel as family friendly because he wants money, yeah whatever. But then at the end of each video he includes some inside the mind of a serial killer type shit in his underwear swinging his tiny dick around. Does he honestly not expect to have this crap demonetized like all his other channels or is he just such a creep he can't help himself but include some weird sex shit in every video? I just don't get his MO with all of this…

No. 418129

Lameo is such a dweeb, i bet Onion family hate her because of her gender bending bullshit (i feel not a girl, not yet a woman, so most def a teen boy, even tho i never seemed to have teen boy friends because i can't relate waaaaahhh…) and that's why she's n0t at family events.

they prob think she's a shite mother and got pregnant to trap greg more since they think the sun shines out of his ass and most likely realise he's gay.

my dad left when i was young and i noticed the influence on my brother having to step up and be the man to all these girls left behind. he's gay af now too

No. 418130

i actually think he stalks the living fuck out of here.
he's doing more videos out in public, interacting with other humans. he's still keeping his onion boy roots whilst trying to give the making of vibes to his shitting videos.

also there's been more emphasis on them both cooking and eating meals since anon pointed out how fucked his diet and lifestyle will make his skin.

i genuinely feel that i have personally influenced the mental man's video. he should be my patreon

No. 418131


It's plain obvious greg lurks here. He gets ideas for his videos, he gets something to be upset about and because for narcs any attention is good attention we're basically his nO 1 narsiccistic source for emotional reactions.

Shame that he's so see-through with that shit. But now as you read this, gurgpups, may I give you an idea to live stream? Go to the official Mensa-site and do the sample IQ test there. It's not the real one they use in the real test but at least it's more reliable than the bullshit Buzzfeed-tests you normally do.

No. 418132

Anon, taking care of one's family wouldn't change someone's entire sexuality… your dad leaving contributes nothing unless you're suggesting that germ's dad leaving is what made him gay/closeted?

No. 418133

Greggels probably went to a actual tax advisor who told him in no uncertain terms that he's in for a rough assfucking courtesy of the IRS.
With his spending habits being those of a drunk sailor (because lmao thinking Grease would pick anything but the gold-plated, platinum-trimmed Caddilac option everytime) he doesn't have real savings to his name, so he's now trying to liquidate everything he can before the IRS seizes his shit and autions it off.


No. 418136


Imo Greg's just incapable of accepting being rejected for having been his mothers golden boy who got everything and beyond - and naked massages after.

He lusts women until he realises he can't have them and then he hates them for that.

No. 418163

File: 1501592952630.png (420.6 KB, 1738x1276, gergaltrightties.png)

did someone actually reupload this?

also the pic related is not really milky but it is a funny coincidence……

No. 418165

>did someone actually reupload this?
Not worth it, its just old clips from the onision channel mushed into a 'goodbye onision channel' video collage. And he only talks a minute or so about why he decided to close the Onision channel which we all heard 100 times before when he "left" any of his other channels, before returning to upload on them again

No. 418175

Smells like summer.
On a side note, I hope DP doesn't bring onion back he enjoyed the high too much I will say watching Onion interact with people out of his element was interesting. Fridge should fuck off if he's trying to help Onion recoup attention.

No. 418179

Transcript of relevant parts of Grease on the Drunken Peasants Podcast.

Jeff & Grease talk about their YouNow exchange/how fake Grease is

Jeff: So, I have to ask you a question, Greg, cuz we didn’t really get a chance to have a talk of just you and me actually conversing like regular people—
> You were on the phone.
Jeff: I was—
> You were busy on the phone.
Jeff: I was trying to—
> And you were busy going, rat-a-tat-tat! [Greg laughs. Others awkward smiling.] No matter how much I disliked you in that moment, the RAT-A-TAT-TAT— I was like—this is pretty hilarious.
Ben: And you liked his hat, too.
[Greg laughs. Everyone awkward.]
Jeff: That was pretty good. That was pretty good. That was so spur of the moment, too. It was like heated and just like popped out and shit. I’ve always wanted to ask you this question, so I’m gonna take the opportunity and I’m gonna do it now. How legit are you in your videos?
> Which one? [laughs. Awkward smiles. Billy laughs.]
Jeff: Uh, let’s go for like an over all ball park percentage. When you’re—and across most of your channels.
> Like, my actual self, across all my videos, I’m probably… 20-30% myself. Yeah.
Jeff: I can understand. Ok.
> The rest of it’s character. Like, if you wanna see me as close to myself as I can get, it’s on discord, but other than that, it would be OnisionSpeaks. I’m somewhat close. At first I was really preachy, and then I kinda calmed down a little bit.
Jeff: So when I sperged out on you, how legit were you were being as Greg, or how much of it was Onision?
> You mean when we were talking on YouNow?
Jeff: Yeah.
> I went into the YouNow thinking, if I come off as controlling, or domineering, or aggressive, then that will establish this Alpha position and people will naturally, emotionally follow. I was obviously wrong. I can be a passive person, like I was with Blaire, or I can be an aggressive person like I was with you and Joy. Either way there, there is no victory. There isn’t, because, because—
Jeff: That’s something most people don’t understand—
> —because people went in having an opinion, and they went out having the same opinion. They didn’t go there to get their opinion changed. They just went there to get their opinion confirmed. So—
Jeff: Oh, yeah. That’s why YouTube debates are complete bullshit. They’re totally bullshit. They always are, they always will be.
> I’m just saying, there was no real point. But yeah, no. I felt like with the Blaire debate, it was a huge victory for me because I was just able to talk shit out with a person that was saying a lot of things that I didn’t agree with. And that was it.

Grease talking more shit about Shiloh

Ben: So what about the stuff that a lot of people got upset about? Like, the Shiloh meltdown. Like, the mental meltdown, and that kind of stuff?
> You know, she admitted that it was—later on she talked about that being fake.
Ben: No, no, no. No, I don’t.
> Yeah, that was a bizarre world to live in.
Ben: So, she was faking it, but you weren’t in on it? Or you were in one her faking it?
> It’s—Ok, so. There’s a few parts to that mathematical equation that resulted in such a chaotic situation. You have, firstly, a person who has these episodes on a regular basis that you are used to and you don’t freak out about because you expect them to have this because that’s their personality. And then you have wanting to show them what’s going on, depending on the outburst or whatever you’re talking about, and then you also have the wanting to go to bed and not wanting to make a separate video. And having them say, Ok, upload this video of me doing this. So, you combine all those things and you wind up in a totally like, Oh fuck! I did that! Kind of situation. If we’re talking about the seizure, or the memory loss, or whatever, that she later on said was fake or whatever. Like, that’s crazy shit.
Ben: So, like, the video. You were in on the video? Cuz like, the way the shots are set up, it doesn’t look—
Jeff: It doesn’t looks fake.
Ben: Yeah. Well, in some aspects it does.
> There’s—ok, so that person’s an amazing actor to the point where I don’t know what is real and what is false. Like, they had a split personality named Aleana, and I should have bailed on the relationship the moment they showed me that split personality but they were always so convincing me. Like, they told me— when I first got together with them, they told me that in an SUV accident and they busted their head open, and they showed me the thing—the wound, or whatever—and it looked so real, and this person’s really good with makeup. And then, like, a week later it’s gone. And I just fucking ignored that fact. I would regularly try to, like, for instance, when she’s talking about this baby that died that she allegedly had, I would do everything I can to go through mental gymnastics to get myself to defend and agree with that person, so… it was a really weird relationship, when you just—I don’t know. I don’t know how to describe it.
Billy: So, what you’re telling us is that that you’re the victim and the internet needs to apologize to you?
[Everyone laughs.]
> Wow, that’s—
Ben: Yeah, I mean. That’s what it sounded like.
> That’s—
Billy: Damn, guys!
> I’m telling you that I— ok, for instance, if you want to go the more black and white road, we had the cops called multiple times in that relationship. Every single time, the cops are telling her to either get her shit together or they’re taking her away. So, if you wanna go like the literal real world thing. If I was crazy in that situation, I would probably be the one taken away, or I’d be the one told to check myself. So, like it could—

Of course he doesn’t actually answer the question and goes victim-mode. No one follows up to find out: if he thought it was real, why did he post it? Her consent to post it doesn’t count when she’s clearly mentally unstable, especially in the moment

Jeff: That’s gonna happen no matter what. Like, you could have a crazy woman coming at you with a fucking knife. If the cops get called, they’re gonna tell the guy to fucking leave. That’s male privilege right there, man.
> You said they’re going tell the guy to leave?
Jeff: Yeah, that’s usually how it happens. That’s part of male privilege and patriarchy.
> No, no, no. The incident you’re talking about, they took her away for 24 hours to be under suicide watch.
Jeff: Did they? Wow. Crazy.
> Yeah, and that’s when they told me to get away while I could because she was gonna be forcefully removed for 24 hours so she wouldn’t kill herself cuz she admitted that she did in fact say that she was going to kill herself.
Jeff: Well, I have to say, that I do actually have quite a bit of sympathy because I’ve been in some pretty fucked up relationships in the past as well, but you rolled the dice on that one because there are so many times when you’ll have a situation like that. It don’t matter. If you have a fucking cock between your legs, they’re gonna make you leave, even if you’re not the aggressor. It happens all the fucking time. It’s unfortunate. It’s not fair.
> Let me just say one thing: the panic you feel when someone says, or screams at you, when you’re on the phone with your mom and your aunt because you want them to hear to what’s going on so there’s witnesses or whatever, when someone says: I’m going to kill myself and make it look like you did it. Your whole life starts spinning because you’re like, fuck! This chick’s trying to ruin my entire existence just because she’s mad at me right now because I broke up with her a week ago, or whatever. I don’t know what happened exactly. But that’s what I’m remembering. So, I don’t know. It’s just—that whole thing is kind of like a drug. Some relationships are like a drug. You get in and it feels almost like a cult environment, cuz you’re so isolated. For instance, she dumped me. The one time she dumped me was because I looked at cartoon porn. Like, hentai porn. I just told her. I just said: Hey, I look at hentai sometimes. And I’m like, are you cool with that? She’s like—
Billy: Was it like Lisa Simpson, Bart Simpson, or—
> That’s fucking disgusting, bro.
Jeff: Was it like—
> No, it’s like Dead or Alive. DoA chicks fucking and stuff.
Ben: It was the dog from Family Guy.
Jeff: I was thinking this is going to be really interesting, like you rock the doujin and the tentacle porn, or some shit like that. That’d be fucking awesome.
> Yeah, no. That’s not my forte.
Jeff: Well, nobody’s perfect.
[Everyone laughs.]

Talks about being straight edge

> I saw my friends get high—I actually got in a debate with my mom too long ago about it. She didn’t seem to know I was straight edge.

Ben: So, you’re straight edge? You’ve never had a drink before?
Hannah Minx knockoff: Your mom assumed that you smoked weed?
> No, she just assumed that I’d be ok with her talking about getting high and I didn’t wanna hear about it. But, no. I’ve drank before. The most I’ve ever been is buzzed.
Jeff: We should all do DMT right now.
> I don’t even know what that is.
Jeff: Would you do a drug if you knew that it was actually a chemical that’s already existent inside your own brain. Would you consider doing that?
> No, because I wouldn’t want to make it disproportionate, the balance of those chemicals.
Jeff: It really doesn’t, though. It’s just kind of an influx, it doesn’t affect—
> It’s kind of like—ok, so when I was depressed in the air force, they put me on meds for like two weeks, and I started to think about whether or not that was actually my problem. My problem was circumstantial and not based on chemical imbalance.
LOL Ok, Greg
> It’s kind of like if you had an abusive husband or something, and they punch you every time you get home. It’s not because of chemical imbalance, it’s because you get punched every day. So, that’s why I stopped taking that.
he’s comparing being in the military to being beaten by your husband every day. jfc. he couldn’t handle the military because he didn’t sign up to do a good job and work hard, he signed up to feel superior.
>I did take acne meds once, and my vision got inverted. I just have a bad history of pharmaceutical drugs not working right.

People were posting his number in the chat.
Hannah Minx knockoff: Can I have your number, now that everyone else does?
> Oh, I’m gonna change it.

He got off shortly after that. Super tame and boring. Just his basic manipulation and victim-playing.

No. 418182

Seeing Onion out of his element was kinda nice. He looked and sounded so awkward and lowkey defensive as they ripped on him. Nothing he said on DP made him appealing to haters or people who don't know him. He didn't come off as likeable or interesting. He came off as a lowkey defensive and whiny and annoying little bitch. The new era of YT doesn't want boring or dramatic; they want shit Onion clearly can't offer: likeability. His DP appearance was a sign of things to never come.

No. 418184

Thank you much, anon

No. 418189

Agreed body language to me was all over the place, hunched over making himself small, weird.

No. 418198

The only funny moment in the stream was his face when they asked if he'd bang social repose

jeff was really awkwardly nice. it was weird.

No. 418204

It all seemed like when a bunch of high school kids are hanging out and someone brings their emo 12 year old cousin along and the kid tries desperately to look cool but is an insufferable little shit no one likes anyway.

No. 418226

Deleted an OT conversation.

No. 418239

I didn't notice it at first, but dat body language… she actually looks good in that outfit imo, but look at her posture, she looks afraid to wear it. That pic gives the impression of her feeling awkward to be an adult female and look like herself. So I guess if you can't get comfortable in your own skin, might as well start wearing your ex-girlfriend's.

No. 418242

i don't know DP but cringe at jeff guy sperging over male privilege. was he trying to bait onion or is he for real?

>Billy: Was it like Lisa Simpson, Bart Simpson, or—

>Ben: It was the dog from Family Guy.

fuckin kek

No. 418243

He's trolling Onion.

No. 418245

Uploaded Scary Clown youtube vid to vidme
I get onion is trying to keep interest but it makes me largely uncomfortable the shaving cream clown stuff the pogo stick shaving cream very off putting and disturbing to me uncomfortable.

No. 418249

Just to clarify, he said men getting blamed more often in domestic disputes is an example of male privilege not existing. Which is insanely stupid to me, but yeah… he considers Grease an SJW and is probably using that to troll him.

No. 418253

File: 1501618484489.png (451.39 KB, 1067x609, 20170801_220939.png)

His propotions look so weird to me…

No. 418254

He has really narrow shoulders and a large head.
It's unfortunate that he looks like an overgrown child as an adult man.

No. 418259

File: 1501619553656.jpg (119.03 KB, 762x1048, blaire_white_x_onision_by_maha…)

I was trying to find a bad anime drawing via google because that's what he looks like. Then I decided to take to the cesspool that is the 'newest' section of Deviantart and typed in Onision.

No. 418261


Lol he says "I'm so good-looking" on this part. How fucking delusional can you be, Gurg.

No. 418264

I love the internet.

No. 418273


The banana up the ass is a nice touch.

No. 418277

Sounds exactly like Greg, in every single point. It's like this woman knows him.

No. 418278

File: 1501622448547.png (143.71 KB, 968x826, narcissistic_personality_disor…)

This made me look Onision up on DeviantArt. There are some goodies between the cringe

No. 418284

File: 1501623440259.jpg (60.86 KB, 640x423, 1w23fh73g65324.jpg)

Instantly thought of this.

No. 418285

Jesus, spoiler that shit.

No. 418291

Onion has a new video featuring some dude named Logan, Hannah Minx knockoff, someone's baby-mama and Billy the fat fuck. Dude shames anyone outside Seattle and other gibberish I couldn't understand - his rap is atrocious.

No. 418295

He's also trying to Vlog in the style of Jake Paul. Filming himself out and about in 'positive' Onion mode. Complete with lots of pointless long shots ect. Greg really just apes whatever is getting views on youtube atm. First Leafy now this… but it never works because he's so unlikable lol. It's kinda sad how little originality he has.

No. 418296

The most disturbing thing about it is that on his speaks channel he has another "goodbye" video where he says onichan is where he wants his "less dark side" to be featured. Like, if this John Wayne Gacy type of shit is his less dark side, just what the fuck is his actual dark side???

No. 418300


Sicesca…? I always thought his old websites displayed something "dark" about him whether he was trying to come as lighthearted or not. They all just screamed 'psycho!' to me tbh

No. 418304

No. 418309


He also turned one of his asslickers into a mod, just be careful when posting comments there.

Oh and he admitted to hitting Dobbs for tearing up expensive curtains and other shit. Now Dobbs is afraid of him.

No. 418311

He was talking about vix again. It's been like 2 weeks now, dude needs to get over it.

No. 418315


Maybe late, but asked Lainey on youknow and she said they start off in the same bed and then end up in separate beds because they have kids.

No. 418318


So she confirmed what we've speculated then.

No. 418326

What are the likes on YouNow all about? She is begging for 20k and 10k but she says the stream is almost over.

She says she wants to maybe be a lactation consultant as a career.

No. 418328


Likes make her stream more popular and get it more views. Unsure if she gets money for likes at all.

Bars are actual literal money people are giving her.

The more likes she has the more viewership she'll get so she can encourage more people to donate money, join her Pateron, follow her social media, etc.

No. 418330

Are they free to give? Or do people have to pay to use likes?

No. 418331


Likes can also be bought for money, I think it's only the 10 likes that are free. Anything in pink is bought with bars. She also has a subscribe-button on her YouNow, so people can pay $6 a month to be able to send messages that scroll across the screen.

No. 418332


10 likes is free, just bought with coins generated by watching the stream.

Anything more than that is purchased with bars (money).

No. 418333

I think that he's maybe trying to copy Jamie pine (drewisharing friend) with the spoof. They both have billy the fridge in them.

No. 418334


It really bothers me that she is literally begging children for money. The girl she featured looked very young. She was the top fan, so I'm sure she spent money.

No. 418335

File: 1501633534118.png (41.87 KB, 538x393, Screenshot 2017-08-01 at 8.24.…)


You are correct anon, she was "Top #1 Fan" for donating 5,000 bars.

How does Lainey sleep at night?

No. 418336


There used to be a girl named Jenna on her YouNow streams that would SHOWER her in bars. I'm talking 30,000 likes per stream and 10-20k bars total. That's a lot of money, 6k bars costs around $50. Lainey would set a like-goal and Jenna would reach it in seconds.

Turns out the girl was only 15 or 16 and her mom found out she was talking to a 22 year old mother, so she got suspicious and apparently she googled Lainey and probably found hateblogs and el-oh-el-cow, so Jenna wasn't allowed to talk to her ever again because her mom thought Lainey was grooming her.

No. 418339


thank you for the recap, kind anon.

many of us here were brought into the Onision/Lainey drama thanks to the Billie fiasco. Her "My side of the Story" youtube vid has over 1million views so not surprising.

No. 418340

File: 1501634433355.jpg (114.01 KB, 1285x849, MuhDarkSydePhil.JPG)

So the cow decided to make a new channel in hopes of new bound success

"It's where I want my less dark side to wind up"
"Keep a Trinity"

He's gone insane.

See you on the Onion channel again in a week, Grease.

No. 418342


It wasn't the same girl who was guesting on her stream tonight though. Jenna kind of disappeared and was never seen again on her streams, because her mom wouldn't let her talk to an alleged pedophile. When Lainey would set a goal, she would say "that's NOt a challenge for you, Jenna" in almost an embarrassed tone because people caught on to her spamming her with bars and likes. It's been a while since it happened. Just figured I'd mention that she was accused of grooming yet another child.

No. 418343

I've been following this shit since day 1, how have i not heard of this before? How does a 16 year old afford all of that…

No. 418344


Because it was on one of her Patreon only streams. She hasn't talked about it in public because of the backlash, but she did mention it on her Patreon stream.

No. 418345

Do you have any screenshots or logs of this or the fallout? Sounds pretty juicy.

No. 418346

There are clips of that Jenna girl on Lainey's younow moments. Probably have to look far back thought. I'd link but shes a minor so…

No. 418347

Good on the mom for protecting her kid from a creepy fuck like plainey

No. 418350

There are good parents out there. Like the one that caught her daughter sending photos of herself in her underwear to him, which pretty much blew the whistle on his creepy af forums.

No. 418359

i feel like it's all very hush hush how tweens are siphoning their money into the onion's bank accounts, as if that isn't really fucking shady. just because it isn't sexual (yet) doesn't mean it isn't fucking grooming. parental backlash could be the final nail in the onion's coffin, so i hope "onion's wife is begging for his young fan's pocket money" gains more momentum outside of lolcow ygm

No. 418372

tbh i thought this was skye at first, since she was kind of mannish in a charming way – her face SCREAMS skye before divorce.

No. 418399

File: 1501644839169.png (1.15 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0250.PNG)


Fuck I see it too! Kek

No. 418402

What makes me ill too is that she was literally begging.

>"We're almost to 10,000 likes! I'd really like to get to 20k but the stream is ending soon. Let's get to 10k!"

WITAF. Shameless.

No. 418406

This is so gross. And they look like they're not pedophiles because everyone expects them to be the creepy balding old man type. It makes me sick that platforms like YouTube/YouNow have allowed these creeps to thrive.

No. 418421

this photo is so funny to me, first off hes making a smug face for all his little fan girls because of his height but then you look closer and the dude is in huge boots standing on his toes. Insecure much onion?

No. 418432

Wow this was really interesting… thanks for the transcription anon

Honest question, is it pronounced el-oh-el cow, or is it lawl-cow..? I've always said the former

No. 418435

And then there are people like sarah's mom who ships their daughter to them and gives them custody of their kid. No surprise the ones who end up in the onion household always have shit parents or ones that are too leniant.

Shane dawson made a video recently i think it was the movie conspiracy one and at the end he talked about how there are some channels on youtube that cater to pedos while seeming innocent. He didn't mention onion or anything and i dont think he was talking about him, but those little tweens in their underwear videos would definitely fall under that category. Onion kept defending that shit,but you know pedos would love to see all these little girls in their underwear and he fed that all to them.

No. 418450

The photos of 15 year old girls in their underwear are still on his forums. how is the website not shut down for child pornography still?

No. 418451

Haha nice try joy

No. 418454

Oh I'm pretty sure he gets off on seeing Lainey this desperate and insecure. He's a pretty true to form narcissist, and tbh he only appears to be a "functioning" narcissist is because of the ex girlfriends he exploited. Now he's letting Lainey nosedive, maybe so he can break up with her and say she was "crazy". This way the evidence is all over the internet.

I don't think he's smart enough to plan that, but considering post-cuddlegate Lainey lost all this weight and started this tumblr-teen transformation, he's probably encouraging it in some way until he actually wants to act on his impulses and leaves her.

I think this shit is all just gas lighting tbh. He'll encourage her to fuck herself up.

No. 418514

File: 1501694720603.jpg (647.09 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170802_112433.jpg)

Decided on a whim to check out the comment section of Laineys "tutorial". Its full of people saying it sucks and shes copying Billie. She must be seething

No. 418520


She has a "lookbook" coming out today with concert looks, it's a fucking pile of trash where she keeps saying "look at that boiii" and "I just legit want a girl to kiss" over and OVER AND OVER.

She's basically just become a caricature of a person.

No. 418521

I'm still asking myself if lainey has no self-awareness how she looks copying her ex gf (like a fucking creep) or if she's so desperate to get a reaction that she doesn
't care.

No. 418525

Its on her channel now.

20 seconds in and shes saying "The idea I had was to do a concert lookbook but I literally didn't put a lot of thought into this before I came to record."

Sums up her entire channel. And life decisions. Water is wet.

Goddamn. This is as bad as when my professor yelled at a student in class for saying at the beginning of a presentation "I know its not that good because I did it right before class."

Like fuck, take some pride and effort in your content. Don't brag about being shitty at your "job".

No. 418527


lol faggot dat limp wrist

No. 418528


Beautiful reaction .gif. ty anon.

No. 418529

God's work, anon, god's work. Bless you.

No. 418535

She's like a Twitch camwhore except one that isn't attractive and doesn't provide any entertainment.

No. 418555

Her hair is literally a mullet in this + wtf is that ugly ass granny floral shirt in the first outfit

No. 418556


yes! & instead of profiting off of the loneliness of horny neckbeards she's using attention-starved tumblr children.

No. 418560

File: 1501707356086.png (557.05 KB, 777x627, 584234.png)




No. 418563


jesus what udders lol

No. 418564


Dem low hangin' tittays.

No. 418567

all her outfits were girl outfits. Just cause you wear some boy underwear that no one sees, LOL.

Also wow look at this totally shy anxious body conscious person parading in their underwear for half the video!

She always has a ton of makeup on her face, is growing out her hair, dyed it the girliest color, started attempting colorful girly billy-copy makeup and wigs, and all she wears is girl clothes. She thinks wearing a normal shirt and pants makes her a boy or something. Most girls wear tshirts and skinny jeans. That is not agender. The only people who buy her "im trans" shit are other dumbasses who want to feel special and call themselves "trans".

Also love how she said a black low-cut tank top makes her "so much more masculine". What guy would wear that and say hes looking oh so masculine? LOL. The fact she has to pair up all her "masculine" outfits with a full face of makeup is just laughable. That's what I'd do when i wear a messy/comfy outfit and want to feel more girly and pretty.

I'd respect this bitch more if she made a sincere apology video saying how she thought she was agender but realized shes not instead of parading around pretending to be trans and using it for attention. Even she doesnt want to be agender anymore. She wants to grow her hair and be a billie clone now since shes over it lmao.

No. 418569

Lol at Plainey trying to teach people how to do Makeup yet she has no fucking clue. White eyeliner doesn't look good on you, ffs.

I'm a fucking child for saying this but the way Plainey says "Pink" triggers me to no end.

No. 418571


Oh man that's embarrassing…!

No. 418573

File: 1501710231032.png (69.38 KB, 401x226, plainlain.png)

does she even know what dysphoria means

pic unrelated

No. 418574

File: 1501710366607.jpg (349.81 KB, 1400x1299, laimey.jpg)

>from the concert outfit look book video

Laimey doesn't wear socks with her sneakers, anons.

What a slob.

No. 418575

File: 1501710542077.jpg (32.49 KB, 627x173, lbot.JPG)

Mirrors of Lainey's latest:

What To Wear To A Concert (Concert Lookbook 2017) - https://vid.me/FdcqO

Summer Makeup Tutorial - https://vid.me/PXWsQ

Emo to Preppy Transformation - https://vid.me/Br5dX

No. 418577

obviously she doesnt, if her boobs make her disphoric im pretty sure makeup would too

No. 418578

Err.. is she pregnant again?? She looks around 12wks here or is that STILL her post bandaid bump? Does she understand the concept of muscle memory and retraining??

No. 418580

go away ana-chan

No. 418581

didnt she claimed she had dysphoria because she wanted to be ~thin~ with no tits, hips or ass?

No. 418584

how much longer til she gets """""""""anxiety"""""""" over people calling her out for copying billie

No. 418585

File: 1501712617812.png (307.45 KB, 1328x304, Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 3.21…)

sage for no actual contribution but this just made my day

No. 418586

File: 1501712868674.png (308.38 KB, 1304x314, Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 3.26…)

update: it gets better

No. 418587

She already ranted on her discord about it. She apparently has to call sarah and bother her about her anxiety over people mentioning billie and get sarah to defend her.

She covered up her pro-ana tendencies by saying it was actually her gender dysphoria that made her reblog and post thinspo. LOL. Like we all didnt see the convo where she was talking to her friend at the time before she married onion about how she was starving herself to look pretty and be better for him.

No. 418588

That's an actually youtube glitch. When i clicked on it had about 9000 views.

No. 418589

File: 1501713488011.png (339.38 KB, 832x466, laineybot.png)


No she looks a little round in this video.

I feel like all of these outfits are something a tumblrina would wear.

I never got why Lainey wears spots bras and boxers, and her obsession about kissing another girl at a concert, GIRL you aren't fooling anyone.

No. 418593

File: 1501715148173.png (204.78 KB, 709x668, Capture _2017-08-02-19-04-42.p…)


Is her daughter even a year old yet? You skeletons need to go back to the pro-ana threads.


>No she looks a little round in this video

>Screenshot of plainey looking as plank-like as ever

again, you have to go back.


This is a glitch.

No. 418597

has Lainey even been to a concert since high school? lol not trying to copy Billie at allllllll

No. 418598

I just have this idea stuck in my mind, that in 10 years or so we'll see a 'Ask me anything' post on reddit by Troy: "I'm the son of the Onision and Laineybot, those former youtube stars that went to jail for tax fraud and possession of child porn. AMA."

No. 418599

I'll be praying for that thread

No. 418602

I'm a mama-chan not an ana-chan, srsly she looks pregnant, she posted a very similar ig (shorts and crop) around this time last year then sperged out when people questioned whether she was pregnant, and almost like magic a baby dud in fact pop out… and they've both alluded to the fact they want three children on numerous occasions and with the "perfect trinity" being bandied around by gag a lot lately it makes me curious and curiouser…

No. 418604

She's been to a few and uploaded vlogs of them.

No. 418607

She's not round, she just has loose skin from having Cloey 6 months ago. Jesus fucking christ, you guys are ruthless.

No. 418608

I hate Lainey so I equally hate you for making me say this, but she looks on the flat side for a mother of two with one born less than a year ago. I've seen skinny nulliparous women with paunches bigger than that.

Everyone's body is different and she could be preggers for all we know, but her abdomen isn't really a tip off right now.

Plus the idea of her having more and more kids, filling up the McMansion, is a really shit start to the day.

No. 418609

Don't blame all of us, it's probably just one anon with weird ideas.

If anything, baring her midriff suggests she isn't pregnant, because I doubt she'd want to give away any clue.

Someone post her some contraceptive pills anyway, just in case.

No. 418613

She's good, she had iud fitted after baby no2… The perks of being a patron..

Saged for tmi

No. 418616


She's skinny fat because all she does is sit around cruising for pussy on Younow and eating processed food while also having has just a bad, just drop it.

No. 418619


Where the heck are their kids when they spend all this time making and editing videos?
MAYBE you can get away with doing this with one kid, but two?
I'm not trying to be a total asshole, but are these kids being taught anything? I have kids around the same ages and they require SO much attention at these ages.

No. 418620

Hate to say it, but I think the kids are just a step above the two dogs.
They feed them, give them shelter and a pat on the head.
Kids need you to bond with them, to spend quality time.
Both parents are too busy with either social media, drama that consumes their life, and failed attempts at bringing other people into their sexual relationship.

No. 418621

I'd be surprised if they did any actual parenting.

No. 418622

Lainey's sister moved in to help with the kids. Lurk moar.

No. 418624

>Lainey's sister moved in to help with the kids
>we got a cheap nanny that lets us pay her in Target cosmetics & room/board, allowing us to play on the internet and groom teen girls

No. 418627

If that were my niece and nephew in that predicament, I'd provide undercompensated nannying too. Maybe her sister is giving those kids their best chance in life.

No. 418628

Thats a sad situation.
Your hoping a girl whos barely out of her teens to be able and raise two children… while the parents are off trying to fuck teen girls and play mean girls on the internet

No. 418629

fuck off Doormat
go put some more "Billie Freckles" on your nose

No. 418634

This is incredibly sad.
It would be nice to have help as a young mother, but I don't understand why they would need her to move in.
Like another anon said, seems like it's just so they can be online. Poor kids. I remember someone eluding to the idea that Troy is developmentally delayed, but I really hope this isn't true. Especially not because of negligence. I'm not exactly sure how old he is, but I know that he's at an age where he could benefit hugely from being around kids his own age. There's no evidence that there is anything special being done for these kids.

No. 418635

File: 1501724542778.jpg (79.43 KB, 480x360, OniChan.jpg)

Well "Oni" is "demon" in Japan so it makes sense.

No. 418638

She's on YouNow.

No. 418643

So onion's obviously on the good behavior part of his cycle again. Has anyone else noticed every time one of those rolls around, he starts doing his hair in this ugly bowl cut with bangs down? Is that his "I'm a nice person" haircut or…? Because lbr it just makes him look like a middle aged faggot with a penchant for young boys.

No. 418645


I'm saying maybe her sister, possibly at their family's encouragement, is trying to compensate for the kids' shitty home life and make sure someone cares for them. How does that make me sound like Lainey?

True, it's a bleak scenario as another anon said and her sister doesn't seem too fantastic either, but it's better than nothing.

No. 418646

File: 1501726734974.jpg (42.27 KB, 453x604, 891-1257438303-107.jpg)

Grugly has literally become this guy

No. 418648

b-but… Emo Dad has WAAAAY better skin

No. 418649

It's kind of like some sort of regressive thing. I can't put my finger on it though.

No. 418651

The girl she featured yesterday kept begging to be guested again, since the guy that donated 5k likes left the stream.

The girl eventually got irritated for being completely ignored and said, "You're welcome for the 5,000 bars yesterday. It was like $50".

I guess she isn't Lainey's type enough to get attention.

No. 418654

Lainey had a pretty lame excuse "I don't wanna guest anybody because then they'll probably start saying how much they hate me.."

What a load.

No. 418655

I kind of have a feeling that they out Troy in a room and just let him be too, tbh. Judging from him just walking in on her stream once

No. 418658

File: 1501727612679.png (835.41 KB, 1070x1093, 20170802_203121.png)

Bitch be looking like she's cosplaying Draco and Harry Potter's ugly lovechild. Those frames look terrible on her.

No. 418662

Just be glad she isn't fucking squinting

No. 418664


She looks like a female Jeffrey Dahmer lmao

No. 418668

Her sister is dumb as fuck from what we've seen. And it seems like her sister is always going out and on dates, so I doubt shes really being the greatest nanny. She obviously moved there to not have to go to her parents for the summer and to travel around WA. Schools are starting up soon, so shes probably leaving around now if she hasn't already.

LOL someone pays her $50 dollars, and she assumes they will say they hate her? I hope she continues to screw over the big donators so they leave.

No. 418670


Her fandom-drama is the best, people keep PAYING her to be semi-friends with her, and when she eventually ignores their asses for not fronting up the cash any more, they flip out.

What do these people expect? To become best friends with Queen Lain? You paid for her to notice you!

No. 418671

File: 1501730554698.png (135.91 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0252.PNG)

Onion tweets of the day:


No. 418672

File: 1501730635211.png (614.67 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0251.PNG)


Well, he is part-Neanderthal so it works!

No. 418676


you fuck off. we tell each other in case there's milk to be had.


No. 418691

Has she even been to a concert? She is so deprived of life i doubt she has gotten to experience anything that she should at her age.

2 fucking kids and married?? SHE FUCKED UP!!! Now she has to live through her makeshift videos pretending to experience things.

No. 418694

Can we not nitpick the frames? She probably put them on because of complaints about her goddamn squinting and my forehead hurts every time I see a screenshot of her squished up face peering into a monitor without specs on. This is easier to cope with.

No. 418696

And at $50 a pop, who cares if they're a hater? Guest them and make money the traditional onion way: from hate views.

No. 418697


I fucking laughed in real life, thank you for the report kind anon.

how frustrating must it be to give $50 to someone as a teenager so they'll notice you only to have them ignore you the next day?

Lainey has no idea how to treat fans, how is she maintaining so much popularity?

No. 418698

Doesn't Billie have a similar pair or hasn't she been pictures in glasses like that? I swear I've seen her in glasses like these.

No. 418700

Just like how your forehead hurts when you see her squinting, many of us get a migraine when we see her wearing those Dahmer eyeglasses.
We wont stop nitpicking because of one persons whining. Please understand the world doesnt revolve around you.

No. 418705

Ayalla did.

No. 418707

Tbh, don't think it will last long, fam. She can ride the popularity train only for so long before she pisses off enough people they won't put up with it. She can't kiss all their asses forever. She made it past 30k likes today in under an hour.

No. 418708

Forgot to post more of the stuff from the YouNow:
>Lainey says that "her type" of girl is the kind that "treats her like shit". She was trying to be self-deprecating and funny about this, clearly eluding to Billie.
>Lainey said she will NEVER dye her hair blue. (Lol, this was yesterday but she said it's obvious why)
>Went on and on about her anxiety every time her stream hit 600 live viewers, messing with her fidget spinner and pointing out that she spins it faster when she gets more viewers.
>Ignored a guy spamming her feed that kept asking "How do you come out to someone that will probably take it badly"
>Ignored most of the questions, honestly. Answered the benign ones.

No. 418709

She looks pretty scrawny here tbh. But wow, having kids really did a number on her breasts and tummy. Her chest is hanging almost as low as crackhead Luna's here.

No. 418710

She looks like white trash with those fucking boxers showing especially with that retarded stance

No. 418712

She'll never dye her hair blue, but she said "Billie doesn't own a color."

Hmm weird.

No. 418713

Is she actually that pale or is it the stupid filters Onion uses to make his skin look better?

Seriously, she looks like someone from Twilight.

No. 418715

I think its a mix of lights used for recording and genuinely being pale.

No. 418716

File: 1501751874428.jpg (98.86 KB, 488x662, pathetic.jpg)

holy shit is he sucking up to jake fucking paul? the cringe physically hurt my face with this one.

No. 418717

She pushed a baby out of her body you weird cunt

No. 418718

Is gurg wearing wet look leggings? Also baggy tops just make him look even worse. It's a weird mix of scrawny & fat belly.

No. 418731

LOL the most hilarious thing is that when compared only to onion, Jake Paul seems like a talented rapper and generally a nice, non annoying person. Also I fucking knew he couldn't keep up with daily vlogs for even a week and would start uploading his shitty google videos instead, tfw the (self proclaimed) "hardest working youtuber" can't even get on the level of Jake Paul's boring, low effort videos.

No. 418734

Probably saw h3h3 getting jakeys attention and thought he'd try too

No. 418739

a migraine? like as in debilitating and 10 on the pain scale stabbing in your brain, eye, teeth, and jaw migraine?

Maybe YOURE the one who shouldn't be so sensitive anon. Reap what you sow, the world doesn't revolve around you, so stop complaining about a pair of glasses that are a non issue.(stop derailing)

No. 418740

I won't take your migraine bullshit unless you turn hemiplegic.

No. 418741

>two kids and married
>21 y.o

The life of a white trash space prince.

ANyways just wanted to say to all the anons here that say shes copying Billie. my dudes shes copying the "fashionable" make up tendencies going on atm, BOTH of them. Y'all talk like billie created these makeup looks when bish doesnt have one creative bone in her body. Come on.

No. 418742

i do actually, it sux, but only 1-2 times a year. Usually in lectures, embarrassing shit. Stroke symptoms are buns.

Migraines aside from hemiplegic ones are terrible anyway, they're nauseating and I get autistic about people appropriating migraine culture.(blogging)

No. 418743

"bish" are you 12?

we aren't saying billie invented these looks, we're saying that it's obvious plainey is copying her because she posts almost the same fucking make-up on instagram or twitter right after billie does. she dyes her hair right after billie (the same color) and greg constantly seems to reference billie in his videos.

No. 418746

Add to that the fact that she wears Billie's clothes (eg. wearing the shirt that billie wore on 4th july 2016 on the 4th july 2017) and has been wearings wigs
And is now saying she wants silver hair after Billie added silver to her hair

(all while claiming billie is obsessed with her/cyber stalking her lol)

No. 418747


>however SEVEN months ago she had no bump/no baby belly/no pooch/whatever the fuck it's called , seven days ago she did

people who have heavily restrictive eating patterns very easily develop pooches/jiggle/bumps on the abdomen, usually after eating a (rare) more substantial meal. it can last a couple of weeks, even after going back to the restrictive habits.

the difference is even more obvious when it happens as the previous 'flat stomach' is also quite the illusion/exaggerated due to the restriction, because of an emptier stomach/digestive system and a low amount of water weight (humans generally carry a healthy amount of water weight, people who restrict do not, and as a result look leaner than they 'should')

the sudden bump/pooch/jiggle is a combination of water retention brought on by sudden increase food intake, food mass (which is more slowly emptied due to a sluggish digestive system caused by undereating), constipation, and gas bloat. it'll go down after a while of her restricting again, if she has gone back to that, which she most likely has done

No. 418748

>Jake Paul seems like a talented rapper and generally a nice, non annoying person

Do you even internet? sage for OT

No. 418752

Watch onion's "parody" of every day bro and tell me rhyming "merch" with "godchurch" doesn't seem like Kendrick Lamar level brilliance in comparison.

No. 418753

It's far more than the rapping nice or non annoying not even debatable on the NO front.
Back OT
Maybe Plainey doesn't even realize Onion is projecting billie onto her if she's not just actually mimicking Billie at this point.

No. 418766

He doesn't do anything all day except record, edit, rage on twitter, and maybe younow. Its boring as fuck and he knows it, maybe if he had friends, or showed his kids and being a parent people would be interested. Or maybe if he was genuinely funny he could pull it off.

No. 418767


you conveniently left out the 'when compared only to onion' bit in re; jake paul.

he just got kicked out of my neighborhood for sucking and being out of hand at all hours. he's definitely an asshole. i'm sure he and onion would get along just fine.

sage for who cares

No. 418768

Seven months ago SHE WAS STILL FUCKING PREGNANT, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ANON. You can also see in the weird gymnastics videos they did in the early winter that she did in fact have a pooch very similar to this one, if not bigger. She's lost weight but she's flabby because she's had two kids in about a year year span.

I know you're probably baiting but jfc

No. 418769

Not that anon, but baby is 9 months old. Just correcting, not agreeing.

Daughter was born 11/16
Troy was born 1/14

No. 418771


Laineystan detected, you're being as retarded as Elaine. No one gives a shit about your precious smol bean.

She's a part of the thread now and we can discuss this ugly, predatorial, skinwalking cow as much as we please, if you don't like that, feel free to get fucked.

No. 418773

Except, you can't because nitpicking is against the rules especially if it derails the entire thread into "is she fat vs nah she ain't" bullshit.

No. 418782

Calm down
No one is talking about it 24/7
The makeup has only been mentioned briefly
When billie is mentioned in the thread people are mostly just commenting on the fact that greg and lainey wear her clothes in videos/posts and still obsess over her etc etc

No. 418791


Stop derailing. Go to KF if you hate nitpicking so much.

No. 418795

File: 1501775758305.png (283.57 KB, 689x444, Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 16.5…)

THAT FILTHY CARPET!!!(old milk, sage needed, no contribution)

No. 418798


We are discussing her makeup as it relates to the way in which she is aping Billie. If Lainey chooses to act like a cow w/r/t makeup, we are allowed to discuss that. It's a part of her cow makeup.

No one cares about your attempts to preserve the dignity of your space prince.

No. 418799

this was already posted way back

No. 418800

He made how much money and her closet is a filthy carpet? Not one pants hanger in the entire mcmansion??

No. 418801


No worries, I was only joking about that anyway.
I have hemiplegic migraines myself and that shit is fucking horrendous when it happens.
Especially in public and your leg starts going limp and you're standing for the bus.

Sage for not contribution

No. 418802


It looks so much more stylish–gray against shades of gray filth, though, don't you think?


No. 418814

I thought you needed to be 18 to use lolcow.

This is a thread about Lainey and Greg, not Billie. If you want to talk shit on Billie being unoriginal, go somewhere else. Greg and Lainey would probably love to talk to you about it!

No. 418822

Faaxxxxx not bait
Fact 1) Chloe (not cloey) was born November 2016
Fact 2) 2 kids in 4 years.
Fact 3) Gossip and speculation is Gossip and speculation.
There you go another perfect "trinity" to add to the "collection".
saged for being baited by baiter without bait and still biting. Pls stop.

No. 418825

And you know this how?
plz give sources when correcting.

No. 418827

Troy is 3 1/2 this month, daughter is correct and born 11/16

No. 418828

Lainey's due date for Troy was New Year's Eve(2013) or New Year's Day (2014), and I believe he came late. Looking for a good source to confirm it

No. 418830

File: 1501782700197.png (392.82 KB, 742x1028, Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 1.50…)

November for daughter

No. 418831


plain's grandmother wished troy a happy birthday on january 5th, 2015 over facebook

No. 418833

File: 1501782773202.png (88.34 KB, 1272x400, Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 1.52…)

No. 418834

File: 1501782846019.png (677.72 KB, 1290x322, Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 1.53…)

No. 418836

File: 1501783058645.png (87.3 KB, 1248x240, Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 1.57…)

Also, November is when Onision accidentally showed Lainey's perineal cleansing bottle in the bathroom, which you get and use the first weeks after childbirth, but it looks like he deleted that video now

No. 418840

File: 1501784094497.png (287.33 KB, 754x420, vacuum.png)

Her entire lookbook gave me so much secondhand embarassment that I had to skip through it. Also that carpet is unnacceptable. It's fucking disgusting. I understand you have kids and pets and both are messy little shits but GAG at the amount of dark hair in all the corners. Seriously.. the baby crawls on that filth.

No. 418844


troy was born 2014

No. 418847

Arghhh feck it!
Cannot be arsed to delete and repost sorry anon!

No. 418848

Daughter is actually named Cloey because Onion made the name, naming her after a character name he gave Shiloh because hhe thought it was a cool spelling.

No. 418851

He just did a short youknow stream, I only caught the first 20 min
>The reason he started the onichan channel was because he was getting sad seeing negative numbers on all of his other channels
>the new `billie` character in his videos is apparently trans, or in his words "they have a dick"
>vix apparently joined his patreon discord, commented a frowny face and then left
>shortly after Greg freaking out over vix, lainey joined but didn't say anything lol

No. 418853


maybe i'm starved for milk but this vix business sounds vaguely milky

does anyone know why or what the frowny face was in relation to? was greg comedically licking toilets or something and she disapproved?

No. 418854

If you're starved for milk, why don't you read the past posts discussing Vix and her cutting off Grease? :^)

No. 418855


If the frowny face thing is true, then it seems like Vix misses everyone in the discord. Who knows if it was aimed directly at Greg or not.

I want more to come from this Vix drama, I'm not going to lie.

No. 418856

That would have been creepy but hilarious, if the dork glasses had been more Billie skinwearing.

Ugh, she really does lack a personality to avoid a question like "how do I come out to someone who will take it badly". Other YTers that go on about being non-binary or have a bisexual flag would jump at a question like that but Plainey just wants to go on about the names of her fidget spinner harem.

No. 418859

Isn't it suspicious that Vix is popping up again right after this new girl shows up?

No. 418860

Do we know for sure it was Vix and not a troll account like the Billie account that spooks Lainey on her younow?

No. 418862

He was talking on his patreon only discord while broadcasting on youknow. I don't know a lot about discord but I'm assuming if it's a patreon only thing that there would have to be a password. Can multiple people claim the same name on a discord?

No. 418863

File: 1501789336573.png (46.18 KB, 265x174, a.png)

If you tardy ass anons don't stop fucking blog posting and arguing I stg.

Shut the fuck up, nobody wants to come read back through the thread for missed milk only to have to wade through 20 posts about your migraines and pregnancies and cancerous faggot posts.

Keep on topic, sage isn't an excuse to shit up a thread.

No. 418864

Maybe the sad emoji was about that?

No. 418865

I believe it is possible for more than one person to have the same name

No. 418866

If you go on youknow, the vix clips are featured as the top 22 and 13 moments respectively on his latest broadcast.

No. 418867

I added her to keep her close in case any milk spilled back when she was originally involved. I can confirm from my alt that she logged on.

No. 418870

*16 not 13. My bad.

No. 418874


same. why was vix even present in there since the 'breakup'? enquiring minds want to know more!


ty anon! that WAS vaguely milky!

No. 418875

I didn't watch the younow. Who is the "new girl"?

No. 418876

Parts of me wonder if the Vix drama is a blatant distraction, Vix has stuff on her twitter about being crypto making people wonder, could be wrong but been so silent and now suddenly?

No. 418877

a girl on the onion discord was suddenly made admin and is on a power trip.

No. 418878

File: 1501791442153.png (580.49 KB, 737x557, b0myyAZ.png)

This is her.


>account made in July 2017

>mainly RTs for filler, barely any original tweets
>interacts only with Onision/Lainey
>follows only internet personalities and people from onion discord, none of her own friends/contacts
Confirmed for dedicated catfish. Wow Greg, this is a new level of idiocy. I wouldn't be surprised if this milk turned sour soon. I can't help but kek though.

No. 418879

Wonder how long it'll take until she ends up at the mcmansion

No. 418880

IDK, she doesn't look like his type at all. But maybe Lainey got to pick this time, kek

No. 418882

Seems like lainey likes to go for nasty trash as well, Look at her bras flung around in the background.

No. 418886

File: 1501792463577.png (272.74 KB, 559x616, sarah 2.0.png)

>Confirmed for dedicated catfish

lol is she already lurking here

No. 418889


most definitely, she is probably a long time lurker here wanting to finally get in on that Onion dick for attention and e-notoriety.

No. 418890

catfish away I need this MILK

No. 418892

Yeah, she posted that picture 10 minutes after the catfish comment
She's probably waiting/desperate for someone to ask why that's her profile picture

No. 418893

She already brought it up during Onion's latest YouNow. She's desperate to play it off.

No. 418894

Fuck off, Ginger Beck. Stop posting about yourself here. You're pathetic.

No. 418897

Yeah she's begging for the attention, so let's keep it at the minimum and only post her if there is good milk flowing. For now she's just s pathetic fan.

No. 418902

All these socially awkward weirdos in his discord probably lurk here. I wouldn't be surprised if that one person who always pops in here to hate on billie and said lameo is not copying her is from his discord.

Anyone who is trying to get with onion and lameo at this point are just loser attention whores who are so desperate for fame and money. He doesn't even get views anymore to justify this ass-licking from anyone remotely normal.

No. 418904

Is anyone else reminded of the Sky girl who tried to catfish him with her real identity? It seems like the catfish have evolved, but they're still too dumb to make believable social media ……. but Greg is the most moronic of them all to actually make her admin

No. 418909

Onion must be so tired of space boy plain, he is now thirsty even for obvious catfishes

No. 418918

Who the fuck names themselves after a vapor rub?

No. 418925

You're thinking Vick's. She probably shortened Vixen.

No. 418929


Because that's what's important. "MY due date" not "Troy's bday" Selfish, self-absorbed cow.

No. 418930

From what I saw, she was scared away.

>Vix says to Greg to creep a little less, her boyfriend is getting weirded out by Greg

>Greg makes WEIRD comments and stares at vix like shes a can of refried beans
>Greg gets triggered and insults Vix's boyfriend for days on twitter, youtube videos and discord
>Calls him smalldicked, insecure, pathetic, abusive etc…
>All because she and her boyfriend want a bit of private time
>Greg spams vix(he spams all his exes, he spammed his social media, so he for sure spammed her dms)
>Vix's private time extends to permanent as she realises Greg is fucking insane
>Vix shows up and Greg goes absolutely BATSHIT INSANE on discord
>Vix leaves

GREG YOU HAD ONE THING, ONE THING ONLY TO DO AND THAT WAS TO ACT NORMAL. No wonder thats all she posted, he was probably already in her dms.

No. 418940

while she is definitely both those things, that isn't troy's bday. due date and birthday are different things in this case.

No. 418959

So basically they are raising their children the same way Greg was raised and in the end they'll end up sociopaths, maybe even psycopaths…

No. 418972

I can't be sure, but it looks like they have a vacuum plugged in in the hallway, that can't even be bothered to be put away.

No. 418983

File: 1501814367607.png (1.36 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Further proof Grease lurks this website and changes his behavior accordingly. This is a close up of his most recent insta… Which is actually OUTSIDE.

No. 419000

that was while he was filming another shitty video outside, go back like 50 posts, screencap: "new patreon content" or something like that

No. 419010

Is this the only pair of shoes he owns? They look like he stole them from a homeless man.

No. 419012

File: 1501824860742.png (1.33 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0254.PNG)


I believe so…

No. 419021


He always wears them, and he looks fucking stupid when he's doing his athleisure look with those dress shoes.
Dude even wore them at the gym with his sister.

No. 419022


I don't understand; he has enough dollah billz to afford many shoes, why stick with one pair? What happened to his crocs?

No. 419025


Gurg doesn't see clothes as a status symbol, therefore he doesn't bother to spend on them. Like he doesn't see Lamo as anything and therefore she isn't getting to travel.

Gurps only spends on things he thinks are high value. Such as Teslas, massaging chairs and other shit.

No. 419027


Yet he wears Calvin Klein boxers and shit from urban outfitters? I'm sure clothes are somewhat important…?

We know you lurk here Gregma, get your dirty ass some new shoes!