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File: 1537315564276.png (643.4 KB, 1042x648, 8UtIkKV.png)

No. 691458

In the third installment of this thread series, we follow the news of Becca and Sylar leaving the Onion next. Will it be for good this time?

Summary of the last 2 threads:

> Onion creates a new community on Patreon and Discord for his most loyal followers, almost all of them are found to be human train wrecks

> cliques are formed, minors are hit on, nudes are exchanged and eventually leaked by multiple people involved
> a chaotic shitstorm of self posting and suicide baiting erupts
> patrons are dropping like flies due to Greg’s increasingly erratic behavior and pushing away even his most loyal followers

Why do these people need a thread? / This is a vendetta / No milk REEEE
Everyone in this thread falls under at least one, but usually much more than one of the following categories of shady or deceptive online behavior

> e-begging

> Gofundme scams
> ProAna fuckery
> sharing their own and each other’s nudes
> Münchhausen via Internet
> public internet fights and backstabbing
> delusions of grandeur and internet fame

There’s a mentally ill hillbilly emo chick who compulsively harasses strangers with nudes and gets tattoos of each current obsession, a serial cheater who doxxed her own mother and had her family post on LC and who now makes a living taking photos of pacifiers in her vagina, a delusional cunt that larps as a drag super star, willingly believing Greg wouldn’t make a cringe video about her if not for her patreon bucks, her 30-something-ex “daddy”, and not one but two anorexic single mothers of two children (each with two dads) who have formed sexual relationships with men they met through this Onision fan club. And those are only the ones still remaining who haven’t been chased off by other Onision fans or farmers.

This thread will keep track of these people and their ridiculousness. Some of these patrons (patreon customers) spend up to 250 USD a month on getting in Onision's good graces, even though he barely interacts with them outside of their paid perks. His highest-paying patrons are listed in each video.

No. 691459

Last thread and summary:


No. 691462

File: 1537315872610.jpg (128.63 KB, 743x1240, Gi304Ba.jpg)

Rebecca Copper
BeccaCopsicle / Becca Makeovers

> Greg’s most faithful paypig and loyal supporter

> by far the loudest and most obnoxious presence in all of his streams
> believes Greg to be her friend, even though he constantly calls her out for being annoying
> self-proclaimed makeup artist
> e-dated Sylar, known for hitting on underage girls, until recently. >>>/snow/634101
> one of Greg’s highest-paying patrons
> close friends with GingerBeck, despite Greg’s frequent mistreatment of her
> one time Gingerbeck cried on younow with Becca only for Becca to angrily attack her for trying to voice her opinion on Greg
> once threatened an ex-patron
> joined a BDSM server with Sylar, became part of the mod team there as BeccaBiBrat (with Daddy-Sylar) >>>/snow/571632
> has recently undergone an emotional rebranding and now spends most of her time crying on Twitter and liking BDSM porn >>>/snow/665466
> represents everything Greg hates, yet deludes herself into believing they’re actual friends
> once told Greg about her suicidal feelings, to which he replied “DRAMA = NOT INTERESTED.”
> resident brute squad, known for policing and blackmailing other users in the onioncord >>>/snow/482326
> has not dropped nudes yet, but is rumored to be the original source of the nude leaks
> as of Sept 18th, Onision has kicked both her and Sylar from the onioncord team This is the second time Sylar has left as well as the second time a major demodding event has occurred. The question is on whose grounds and why?


No. 691465

File: 1537316015405.jpg (113.58 KB, 743x1240, BboPYbt.jpg)

Megan Rose Ellingson
rxBootySlayer / rxNovaslayer / squaddlepuss / Lady Flatass / DarthVaderSenpai / XerinaNova

> 27, mother of 2, deadbeat at odds with the dads of her children

> loyal supporter of Onision since at least 2011
> Admin of his Discord
> paid over 250 USD per month for Onision’s companionship for a while >>>/snow/434843
> when she isn’t orbiting onion she works selling home insurance
> used to get banned from the original Onision forums a lot for feuding with Shiloh, ban evading, and being a mess
> threatened to sue Shiloh for slander >>>/snow/667249
> joined the anti-o side until Greg dumped Shiloh, then quickly ran back to him
> one of Greg’s highest paying patrons, yet only receives minimal attention from him
> posts troubling and dimwitted threads on Reddit, asking for help with abusing benzos to lose weight or her uncontrollable aggression towards loud noises, while having children
> posts thinspo on Twitter to bait Greg into saving her from her ED
> dated Lt Lassie, owner of the first nude Discord, who hit on underage girls and received their nudes, then faked his suicide via lolcow >>>/snow/415697
> was notorious on GaiaOnline for being overly generous about sending nudes and posting risque photos in random attentionwhoring threads >>>/snow/687863
> bragged on GaiaOnline about bullying “a fat ginger” on 4chan >>>/snow/687970
> most of her GaiaOnline profile comments are from people complaining about her showing her tits everywhere and being full of herself
> admitted that she used to post nudes to 4chan /b/ and used to secretly be a camgirl and would do it again if she didn’t have kids >>>/snow/688089
> was never liked by other mods because of her association with Lassie, as seen in their personal moderator Discord server >>>/snow/501060

No. 691469

File: 1537316349375.png (992.77 KB, 735x1240, UHypJr7.png)

Amber Clements

> model/actress/singer/sex worker with nothing to show for any of her "talents"

> unstable fangirl who has a history of idolizing and cyberstalking minor e-celebs like Greg and Titanic Sinclair >>>/snow/419740
> rebuked by Greg several times for sending him and Lainey unsolicited nudes >>>/snow/558936
> was banned at some point, privately, but not before Becca told everyone about how Amber’s nudes annoyed Greg and Spaceprince. This lead to a milky sperg on LC and discord >>>/snow/454634 >>>/snow/441305
> now tweeting compliments and support at Greg again >>>/snow/686037
> was allegedly raped by Craig Silva of RealStream News, now both of them threaten to sue each other on a regular basis
>flew to London right after the incident, meeting another cow in person (Megan Cooper who) >>>/snow/599619
> got back together with another unstable twitter thot who does nothing but shill her nudes and beg for money while threatening suicide, whom she previously tried to e-beg a plane ticket for

No. 691471

File: 1537316445494.jpg (113.79 KB, 743x1240, WaML0n5.jpg)

The following users are ex-supporters who still deserve a spot in this thread due to ongoing affiliation with Onision drama.

Aileen Susanmary Adams
AllieLovesLainey / AllieLovesPain / AllieLovesKai / FanAnaLow / FantasticAna

> formerly went by AllieLovesLainey, trying her hardest to get into the trinity

> hid her fiancé until her nudes and conversations about her relationship status were leaked from an offshoot Discord with other onion supporters
> finally swore off the Onion after his public fallout with Madison, because they both enjoy degenerate kiddy larping, but mostly because Onion told her to fuck off >>>/snow/633638
> currently caring for her boyfriend’s children full-time, bragging about her questionable parenting, corporal punishment, and posting photos of kids in her care while simultaneously trying to suck up to sugar daddies with shadman art >>>/snow/655774
> allegedly got a name change to escape her online footprint, specifically slapping her legal name onto sex work images of herself riding a dildo and shoving pacifiers into her vagina
> usually accompanied by Megan Cooper, who doxxed her and unironically hangs out with her allegedly abusive ex in London.
> last thread saw screenshots of an amateur porn movie allegedly showing Allie >>>/snow/577473
> loves to go on twitter rants about lolcow, doxed herself in a tweet >>>/snow/552978

No. 691490

File: 1537317718452.jpg (117.63 KB, 743x1112, fCKIE6d.jpg)

Megan Cooper

Megan Nyan / ElectroConfuser / CherryDiscos / AngelenexDream

> long-time PULL/4chan/lolcow user

> posted Allie’s nudes in the first thread to avenge Allie’s ex-bf, whom Megan knows IRL. >>>/snow/399611
> now close friends with Allie >>>/snow/454498
> has plenty of nudes that were posted to anon-ib and other sites years ago
> failed sex worker
> had her post history exposed as a result of her rapid back and forth and begging farmhands to remove posts she made after the thread went “too far”. >>>/snow/462409
> recently met up with Amber IRL, after previously calling her a doughy mongoloid. >>>/snow/599619
> dropped out of art school because tracing her own nudes wasn’t cutting it

No. 691501

File: 1537318833979.jpg (118.05 KB, 743x1240, X230S3Z.jpg)

Rebecca Guertin
Gingerbeck, GingerBeckGirl

> wrote cringy songs for Lainey and Greg to apologize for using weed, even though in private she brags about using experimental drugs

> went to the Onion Mansion for a trinity trial
> clogged the toilet and liveblogged it on discord with other patrons
> was ignored by Lainey the entire time because her DMs to Greg and Lainey were leaked because of her own dumb ass
> proceeded to make a video with Greg in which they smear their near-naked bodies in shaving cream and horse around
> offered to edit Onision’s novel (for free and desperately needed), was kicked to the curb with a swift “Grammar Nazis should be sent to death camps”, yet returned begging for acceptance and attention >>>/snow/501179
> chose to eat dog biscuits instead of buying actual food so her money could be put towards Greg and Lainey’s patreons
> had various autistic breakdowns on discord out of fear of “losing Greg and Lainey”
> usually can be found virtue signaling on Twitter or making racist blunders >>>/snow/630811
> recently had drama with a makeup brand because she felt like she put too much energy into a giveaway raffle not to win it
> started a makeup instagram rivaling Lainey’s skills >>>/snow/662150
> now calls herself a “cripple” because she’s healing from a broken ankle
> finally got sick of being constantly publicly humiliated by Greg and stopped supporting him
> will likely be back before long

No. 691528

File: 1537321185378.jpg (Spoiler Image,422.39 KB, 2000x2000, SOgEXUQ.jpg)

Eireann Mannion

> 26, mother of 2

> used to be a high tier patreon with high paying perks despite only ever paying $1 or nothing at all
> would tweet at Eugenia Cooney for “triggering” her, even though Harley herself would plaster her pathetic ribcage on MyProAna >>>/snow/650604
> had phone sex with Papa Mikey, another autistic patron who was banned after Harley claimed sexual harassment ??? >>>/snow/440112
> sperged out on Greg’s public younow stream after Greg was questioned for his treatment of Eugenia, but support for Harleys shekels. She even made a video about it.
> used to whiteknight Greg until he started going at her over differences on the limits of humor
> currently posts food binges on twitter >>>/snow/650576
> plasters nudes all over Discord and Fetlife in an attempt to get attention from neckbeard orbiters
> rumored to selfpost, has been caught posting on lolcow threads and on tempcow >>>/snow/448114
> attempted to go into hiding after being called out on lolcow too often, but is addicted to the drama and keeps coming back
> was recorded saying “Lainey so boring”, and that her voice made her want to punch herself in the face (with Becca laughing along)

No. 691540

File: 1537321881682.png (242.75 KB, 630x315, the truth comes out.png)

It was Booty and Greg's plan all along.

No. 692890

File: 1537473953793.png (92.77 KB, 2384x576, Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 21.0…)

Yikes I thought you were joking but I guess not. Looks like they really are all there for themselves and the change to suck on that grug dick.

No. 693300

File: 1537510922288.png (1.23 MB, 1779x1500, girl you thirsty.png)

Cali Robinson
>Is currently a patron on Lainey's but often retweets shit from Greg to let Lainey know she's down with the smeg.
>Claims she's not thirsting for Lainey but her tweets and comments on her private streams say otherwise.
>Just your typical emo instathot.
>Is currently e-begging for her mother.
>Recently broke up with her bf. Probably because of her obsession with Lainey.

Social Media accounts:

No. 693795

File: 1537568411790.png (91.61 KB, 956x427, Screenshot at Aug 28 01-12-06.…)

>Im on mobile with low battery so didn’t have time to look for milk on her old tumblr but if some kind anon would, I’d appreciate it.

No real milk, just a lot of cringe. Dumping some caps

No. 693796

Add: had a sexual relationship with a 14 year old child online to Eireannes list.

No. 693797

File: 1537568458748.png (580.51 KB, 975x630, Screenshot at Aug 28 00-22-39.…)

Her tags are delightful

No. 693798

File: 1537568527975.png (85.97 KB, 989x201, Screenshot at Aug 28 01-17-30.…)



No. 693801

Kid's name is Ryan she follows him on Twitter @cloud_floof, this happened in the fetish server that Becca was also in.

No. 693804

I knew they had something, they have a lot of schmoozy tweets between each other and use the same bio, but Ryan isn't 14.

No. 693805

That was actually Amber Clements who dated a 14-15 year old trans boy.

No. 693809

File: 1537568932718.png (34.55 KB, 1027x110, Screenshot at Aug 28 01-17-47.…)

No. 693811

File: 1537568973880.png (604.13 KB, 983x687, Screenshot at Aug 28 00-26-14.…)

No. 693812

>body pos
>flabby arms

No. 693813

File: 1537569186688.png (60.05 KB, 1432x325, uqY5K6Q.png)

I guess that's how you end up a single mom with two baby daddies

No. 693815

File: 1537569289194.png (35.61 KB, 471x215, bOh5gbn.png)

She sounds like such an immature brat you'd think she was 13-15 in these, but she was already 18 and on the way to being a mother.

No. 693821

There's no "actually" about it. I know for a fact he was/is under age at the time of the sexual relationship. If you're wking for Eireanne I'd have inclination to believe you're one of the people who knows and is subsequently trying to cover up the aforementioned illegal act.

No. 693829

where's your proof?

No. 693852

File: 1537572595484.png (190.57 KB, 599x746, rrrrrr.png)

sounds like something a guilty person would say(emoji)

No. 693854

File: 1537572706429.png (46.64 KB, 611x326, irony.png)

make better choices! like
if you don't want to be doxxed
Don't use your full name on a gronk worship twitter account

No. 693859

File: 1537572882176.jpg (Spoiler Image,34.88 KB, 750x707, 8926b4878f25a1f91716c77d34c50e…)

another better choice
stop sharing your skanky nudes
10 years of leaks are more than enough
youre gross

No. 693863

Ryan wasn't 14 you idiot. Also he was never in a sexual relationship with harley.
Lassie however was creepy with 15 year old Katy and some other 17 year old along with sylar.

No. 693868

If you're going to make such a bold claim why significantly alter the age… he's 17.
As someone who leaked a good chunk of YOU and your friends' autistic endeavours, sit the fuck down and think about the next thing you post becca.

No. 693881

>sit the fuck down and think about the next thing you post becca.

Think about it. The thread was silent for 16 hours until an anon posted about Booty and immediately, someone posts a drastic accusation towards Harley with no proof and multiple anons confidently denying the legitimacy even though Harley is not exactly our favorite. Someone has been watching the thread like a hawk and impulsively derailed to bring attention away from herself.

No. 693904

This is Harley, or am I misremembering?

No. 693906

Yeah harleycatpoison

No. 693907

You're correct, see >>>/snow/399649

No. 693908

This is just how retards who wanted to be cool in CB/GD talked on Gaia at the time.

No. 693913

File: 1537577772258.png (645.66 KB, 1436x747, EKH7HyS.png)

What adult and mother wants to be cool on Gaia Online? Even for back then, that's embarrassing, and she was doing this up until 2016 when she was 25 and a mom of two. Despite that, her post history is 90% attentionwhoring and starting drama, poop jokes or edgy shitposting, complaining about a dead-end job, bullying people on 4chan and posting nudes there, and talking about the many many many other times her nudes were posted. That's just sad, man.

No. 693928

… lol, OK, my context was only for ~09, but jesus christ she was still there 2016. What a fucking loser.

No. 693934

File: 1537579955368.png (229.04 KB, 920x749, jfnLplQ.png)

No. 693939

File: 1537580482967.jpg (586.75 KB, 1440x7134, WLxOkhR.jpg)

This shit's embarrassing yo

No. 693943

File: 1537580841338.jpg (425.53 KB, 1440x4963, IMZncLS.jpg)

This actually explains why Booty is so starved for attention. She's used to having a willing audience to play the class clown with her retarded poop xD boobz humor. But she's not the cool girl in Onioncord so she spams her ugly selfies every single time someone attractive posts and gets compliments.

No. 693947

File: 1537581691989.png (165.95 KB, 606x628, 5IXJdy3.png)

so deep

No. 693952

I don't know anything about Gaia Online, is it supposed to be this difficult to read? I'm having a lot of trouble understanding what's going on in these screenshots and who's who.

No. 693953

Yup, anon didn't do anything, that's just how the site looks.

No. 693978

File: 1537589365625.jpg (460.16 KB, 1440x5219, NdZZxae.jpg)

Gaia discussing Booty's pregnancy

No. 693981

File: 1537589454182.jpg (578.84 KB, 1440x6867, lnioxGj.jpg)

one of Booty's baby daddies is some dude she picked up on Gaia Online. Here he is talking about her jealousy issues

No. 693983

Avatars alternate between left and right. So the first post has the user info on the left, second post on the right, third on the left again

No. 693986

File: 1537589618166.gif (3.59 MB, 400x253, hehehehe.gif)

>when you meet your first baby daddy on gaia online

No. 694876

File: 1537702525949.png (203.87 KB, 371x325, 85654.PNG)

Has anyone ever seen a photo of Megan Potato-Nose Ellingson where she has a full tooth grin?
I never got any pics or evidence of this, but my request was late in the previous thread.
The only reason I brought it up was she was shaming that redhead girl about her teeth, and when I went snooping around her social media I found a video of her using a Face-Warp app and you can tell she has some pretty fucked up teeth, one tooth in particular is jutting out and crooked as fuck. I wonder if thats why she judges people about their teeth, and also a reason she never opens her lips when she smiles in photos.

No. 694877

File: 1537702633811.webm (1.79 MB, 405x720, Fucked Up Tooth.webm)


video the capture was taken from

No. 694937

There's really no milk coming from fatbecca or pedosylar after they were given the banhammer from onioncord?

No. 694988

They're probably trying to plead muh loyalty for a bit. Wonder if Becca is getting pent up seeing Greg find Booty fuckable.

No. 701258

File: 1538345496411.png (834.01 KB, 1435x198, dljDKi6.png)

too bad booty can't go to the mctrailer because she's a literal criminal.

No. 701259

File: 1538345533056.jpg (28 KB, 1388x438, 9e234t3.jpg)

how do you fuck up this bad financially while living with your parents in your 20s?

No. 701261

File: 1538345616314.jpg (92.12 KB, 1394x564, oTyctP1.jpg)

No. 701262

File: 1538345673645.png (980.99 KB, 1381x242, RACVbww.png)

No. 701264

File: 1538345712337.jpg (56.43 KB, 1264x739, qvWheST.jpg)

No. 701265

File: 1538345747434.jpg (60.04 KB, 1265x736, yexRp97.jpg)

No. 701267

File: 1538345766763.png (826.16 KB, 1436x196, kwIjuIj.png)

No. 701268

File: 1538345784254.jpg (49.04 KB, 1356x334, DjR3l5q.jpg)

No. 701269

File: 1538345807401.jpg (56.03 KB, 1193x733, 4n26EYE.jpg)

>operation without registration

booty you absolute retard

No. 701271

File: 1538345830271.jpg (31.76 KB, 1393x441, sV0FKfv.jpg)

No. 701272

File: 1538345846795.jpg (40.77 KB, 1437x253, POOgvLN.jpg)

No. 701273

if it happened in a server then surely you have proof even if it's just anyone talking about both of them ?

No. 701362

File: 1538353642200.png (69.33 KB, 492x81, lol liar.png)

lmao is this bitch talking about Becca? We all know Booty hates Becca's fucking guts. As soon as Greg got rid of Becca she dropped her.

No. 702013

File: 1538433983875.webm (5.69 MB, 123x60, Dec_6_2017_9_04_PM.webm-1Q0h5Q…)

Sylar and Maxie talking about

>Booty being kicked out of Onion's circles before for being creepy

>Booty dating Sylar
>"she likes getting knocked up"
>"i hope she doesn't expect Lassie to be faithful"
>Booty complaining about Lassie creeping her out before they dated
>Lassie dated a 17yo before dating Booty
>Maxie repeatedly brings up Booty's other identities and past drama
>"she could be potentially selfposting"

No. 702018

>Booty dating Lassie

not sylar

No. 702022

This is old milk, why've you been holding onto this for a year? pls go Maxie/Audiofag/both

No. 702142

File: 1538444830861.png (131.51 KB, 604x729, foUaHDV.png)

Let me guess, she logged into the account with another phone and when the email came up she realized she could use it to make herself look important.

No. 702178

File: 1538447698250.webm (3.48 MB, 480x360, videoplayback (2).webm)

you can tell how hollow her boobs are from this video, and she talks about her body and pulls up her shirt before the minute is up.

No. 702180

File: 1538447852778.webm (10.78 MB, 480x360, videoplayback (3).webm)

No. 702420

I don't know, I think her boobs are okay-ish. Then again, I couldn't care less.
Her face seems unfortunate in the clips (I mean we don't need to talk about the nose), or at least her makeup: With liner all around her eyes they look really small in comparison to her face, which looks incredibly long and horsey.
Maybe bushier brows would also do her wonders.

In general I don't think she's particularly ugly, though, she's just average and no looker. What I dislike about her a lot more is her dependence on Gregory Avaroe who hasn't reciprocated anything throughout all those years she's been haunting him.
That's bad enough and and makes me think she has (a lot of mental?) issues. I don't feel like it's adding anything to drag her for her appearance. I'm not trying to wk, those two are just separate aspects to me.

No. 702430

The users on Gaia where she used to make threads just to post her nudes frequently called her tits saggy and flapjacks,that's why I noticed it in the first place. Plus her tits are pushed all the way up but you can tell where there's nothing filling the skin. And you're right about the makeup, who the fuck does their eyeliner like this in their 20s?

Fully agree that she needs help for her LGH stalking

No. 703280

File: 1538582879491.png (188.8 KB, 644x650, MVC7kx2.png)

Booty is cleaning up. If you google her from the UK, a lot of search results are hidden due to privacy laws, but you have to explicitly request it. Unfortunately, her name is still so well connected to her nicknames due to the amount of times she dropped her real name, even on her Gaia profile.

Don't even try, Booty. It follows.

No. 703282

File: 1538583115862.png (73.04 KB, 550x571, vz8RUxL.png)

Here is Booty back in 2011 (I know, old milk, just to show how long she's been absolutely obsessed with Greg) making an apology video

No. 703283

File: 1538583213330.png (60.97 KB, 1030x360, 6REVWLD.png)

And here is Booty bragging in Ragreynold's forum to pretend she was the reason the original Onision Forums died, KEK

Booty you wish


No. 703284

File: 1538583339407.png (31.62 KB, 1192x146, 0oWdjlN.png)

Does "Geoff" know how hurt you are when he insults you, Megan? If you told him, maybe he'd throw you a bone.

No. 705704

File: 1538879765660.png (144.83 KB, 1011x485, mewnlight.png)

Sorry for all the old Gaia posts, I needed them to make this point. After this post I'll shut up about it, pinky promise.

Here is Booty's last and current profile, made this year and last used in July:


To summarize
>Booty has been banned from GaiaOnline at least 4 times for inappropriate behavior
>Booty is notorious for making threads just to post nudes, and for having a video floating around
>Every mention of her name leads to at least a few users mentioning how sleazy and desperate for attention she was
>Gaia is a community for users from age 13 and up

Why would a mother of 2 insist on being overtly sexual in a place mainly populated by children? That's disgusting.

All her accounts:


If you want to lurk, you'll need an account. http://bugmenot.com has available fake accounts.

No. 705708

File: 1538879974908.png (120.24 KB, 1230x764, sJl8eKC.png)

>when you're obsessed with being famous on gaia online

No. 705823

Ugh Becca, can you stop spamming the thread with your personal vendetta?

No. 707087

Someone in /pt/ is tinfoiling that Becca is vendettaposting ITT, and Greg just went live on stream and out of the blue started talking about nude leaks on Patreon and that it's the fault of the person who shared the photos.

New drama? Is a new drop coming?

No. 707184

This was already in thread 2

No. 708131

While following up on some reports of vendettaposting in this thread, we have found that many unflattering posts about rxBootyslayer were made by herself.

I don't know why this is still happening ITT after so many outings, but I have two pieces of advice for you:

1 - if you contact us about your thread, make sure we won't find your own selfposting in there.
2 - at least use a VPN. It doesn't usually help you, but we appreciate the effort.

Here is her post history. As usual, this is probably not exhaustive. Don't make us dig further.

No. 708143

>So they probably had sex, she didn't clean out his nasty white devil's liquid out of her smelly taco and now we've got to stare at the stuff leaking through her man panties?

Lovely. Lainey is gonna be so happy.

No. 708150

File: 1539128122497.gif (3.23 MB, 445x247, laff.gif)

Isn't this the third time someone here has been outted god damn

godspeed admin

No. 708158

File: 1539128327476.gif (1.1 MB, 244x280, beyonceshade.gif)

I knew the dumb bitch was selfposting. Good job other Megan. Let's see how long you have until onion and lame find out you're a "farmer."

No. 708172

File: 1539128651720.gif (2.75 MB, 500x284, Ilovethissomuch.gif)

Ahahaha ohh booty booty booty booty rocking everywhere!

No. 708173

>slamming "Fatbecca and Pedosylar"
>calling all the other onionfans pedos
>mocking Lainey's looks and hygiene
>brings attention to her ugly selfies being liked by Greg as if it means anything

this will go over well.
Can't wait for Becca and the Onions to find this.

No. 708179

File: 1539128786900.gif (2.99 MB, 480x320, 1399548228435.gif)

She came here looking for validation that she was spoopy and got replies calling her fat. Thankyou admin.

No. 708184


No. 708204

Haha this sad witch looking saggy titted fatty dissing anyones appearance with such unfortunate looks, and kek at her being obsessed with Onionboi wanting her when hes obviously not interested

No. 708206

I missed 9 posts from another post history also by Megan. I added them to the full post history link in >>708131.

No. 708223

She really is though, she's been posting in various threads and using the lingo. Bitch was enjoying her time here lmao

No. 708454

Sad! Chasing after gregma dick while slamming his amazing space prince on lolcow and shitting on your “friends.” I can’t wait to see the fall out.

No. 708459

I bet there's some upset people right now kek

If you wanna get rid of any dirt on Booty or Becca, just use a free browser extension like Tunnelbear. You're welcome

No. 708510

File: 1539144264752.jpg (43.95 KB, 540x696, madman.jpg)


No. 708574

Based Admin, thank you <3

No. 708601

File: 1539151845292.jpg (32.2 KB, 244x377, CRUpDXd.jpg)

Demodded already kek

No. 708737

File: 1539170903656.gif (133.55 KB, 340x340, cwsCI43.gif)

I love you so much admin.

No. 708809

Booty is mental. What type of mind games between her and FatBecca are going on, did they see an endgame with meeting onision lmao I can't

No. 708811

obviously they all wanted to get married to him and be on a reality tv show forever.

No. 708821

They're fighting to come out on top in the Greasy cocktail weiner Olympics, I don't think I've ever seen something so sad

No. 708836

File: 1539182809516.jpeg (104.68 KB, 709x716, 0FD67BE6-4C6D-4A8E-8443-C9EF9D…)

Thanks, Becca, for the obvious advice

No. 708868

File: 1539186816366.png (529.08 KB, 426x882, irony.png)

Can I point out how hilarious this is considering the circumstances?

No. 708948

File: 1539189677964.png (82.94 KB, 581x898, Untitled.png)

the word is spreading

No. 708968

They are all shady bitches who post about each other here.

No. 708979

Poopbeck's complete lack of self awareness is absolutely astonishing.

>I can't imagine posting about people like that dude. It's just sad.

Whilst ACTIVELY doing the exact same fucking thing by posting that tweet.

No. 709985

File: 1539264789014.png (74.11 KB, 615x373, Screenshot at Oct 11 15-30-50.…)

Update for the lurking flakes: Yes, she is still in the servers. She was demodded but Greg still follows and likes her tweets. Someone (probably a troll tbh) complained in Onioncord and Lizard called them a cunt.

Looks like Booty paid enough to be kept around, but I can't see Lainey tolerating it.
Also, since Greg doesn't believe anything on lolcow, they might just be playing it cool so they don't give the haters any satisfaction.

No. 711421

File: 1539384634583.jpg (28.94 KB, 318x419, 8769.JPG)

Megan bootyslayer has changed her twitter handle.
Does she think that it will stop people from figuring out its her?
You search for "rxbootyslayer" and you still get her old tweets which direct you to this new spicyyynuggets- booty's mcnuggies twitter.

So this must be proof the hate she was getting in replies and DMs must of been HC.

No. 711426

File: 1539384927727.jpg (35.9 KB, 564x560, 67499.JPG)

I love that she thinks her digital photos are degrading like a Polaroid left in the sun.
Isnt she going to school for computer programming? Fuck shes kinda stupid.

Your big ole potato nose is still easy to make out, so its not that blurry Megan.

No. 716564

File: 1539920053963.png (25.46 KB, 225x307, chrome_2018-10-18_22-32-52.png)

Booty's new discord handle.

No. 716726

is Megan taking a page out of the Onision/Character playbook?
She got caught and roasted for samefagging and talking shit about Pedobot, so she thinks changing names will erase it all?
The internet doesnt forget dummy.

No. 716766

it's so weird to me that onion isn't sperging about the becca/booty drama. does he even bother with the discordfags anymore? it used to be so involved.

No. 716778

It shows you how little Gurg thinks about either of those two try-hards.

Hes way too busy trying to gaslight Plainey into thinking she wants to bring Jessie into their sex life. He has no time for a flabby skinned, post-fatty with two kids (with different baby daddies) or a mental case who looks like Rebel Wilsons ugly sister and sounds like shes always got a biscuit stuck in her throat.

No. 716785

I really don't think he's ever cared about them beyond enjoying the ego boost and cash they give him. They're not talking shit about him or leaking his info so he probably sees no reason to get involved.

No. 717481

File: 1540031862170.webm (6.29 MB, 640x360, Im Coming For You Lainey.webm)

Megan got the good shit while at the dentist yesterday.
That stuff is like truth serum.
Now we know why Megan was anonymously talking shit on Lainey.
Its unrequited love. Megan is like the bros at the bar who get shot down by the girl and suddenly that girl is a "fucking bitch"

The sad part is even if Lainey was to be interested, I doubt Greg wants to play around in that doughy mess. If he was into Megan he would of reeled her in during the Sh years.

No. 717499

It sounds like she says "I'm coming for you ladies" to me. Anyone else?

No. 717518

Hang on.. she didn't have a sedative or a light anesthesia only a topical anasthetic for a tooth clean on one side of her mouth. Why is she pretending to be fucked up??

Ans; obvious attention seeking is obvious.

Wtf is wrong with these people?

No. 717526

Im sure you knew those girls in HS who would have one beer and act like they were totally fucked up. Gives 'em free reign to act silly, talk shit, and get gang banged in the shitter without repercussions. They blame it on the (one) beer when shit eventually goes sideways.

No. 717604

File: 1540049403227.png (20.39 KB, 749x189, cringe.png)

This is completely irrelevant to anything but I was catching up on threads, checked Megan's ThisCrush from her Gaia days (linked at >>687970) and noticed that I sent her a (p cringey) rude message back in 2010. She must have been a total nightmare since I never do that kind of thing.

Also it seems she made a new Gaia account this July, but stopped posting pretty soon after making a "HEY GUYS, REMEMBER MEEEEE?" thread.


No. 718166

File: 1540141816886.png (287.96 KB, 1423x659, Screenshot at Oct 20 19-04-26.…)

Either she's still active there with yet another account or she's lurking hardcore. I'm the person who posted all the Gaia caps by doing a global search for Flatass on the forums. There was one thread about Megan's lolcow adventures, I bookmarked it to do a full screencap later, and 2 days later it was gone and the user deleted. But there are still threads upon threads upon threads sharing her old nudes (all image links broken, don't bother), so she must've reported it.

No. 718168

File: 1540142009682.png (110.01 KB, 513x501, 7eRoz0a.png)

This is what it looks like when you do a search for her. Mostly hate and thirsting. Hard to believe she was already in her 20s when all this went down, and she has consistently been making the same dumb mistakes.

No. 718455

As of Onion's latest video, Booty is still among his top donators.

No. 719019

Wow anon, you totally nailed it. Megan has been chasing that greasey baby carrot for over a decade because it was really Lainey she was in love with all this time.

No. 719159

New ig username for lainey's thirsty "friend."

No. 719165

File: 1540267918982.png (205.84 KB, 576x730, chrome_2018-10-22_23-07-29.png)

crosspost from the main onion thread, but looks like Booty is still trying to kiss Taylor's raw chicken ass.

No. 719182

i snickered when i saw her

No. 719246

Too bad you have to kiss Taylor's herpes ass in order to get the Grease's carrotdick.
I'm sure it's not easy to overcome your inner urge to vomit to make her a compliment.

No. 719254

File: 1540277340629.png (676.15 KB, 865x527, 98121.png)

Is it just me or does this Cali chick look a lot like Taylors younger sister Lauren?

If Taylor finds Cali sexually attractive then maybe Grugly isnt the only one in that relationship that has incestuous predilections.

No. 719259

File: 1540277670764.png (94.11 KB, 541x349, somethings wrong with mommu.pn…)

I guess that Potato Noses thirsty nature and mildly psychotic behavior is a case of
>the apple doesn't fall from the tree

No. 719263

File: 1540278256515.png (732.7 KB, 733x695, wiiiiiiide.PNG)

More like shes tried everything else, so now shes feigning romantic intrest in Laineybot. She couldnt even turn Onisions head once Sk was out of the picture. And even after the train wreck relationship that he had with Sh was kaput, he didnt want Megans used up ass and then have to raise another mans(men) child.
So Megans going for what has seemed to work for other girls when trying to get into the Onion house. If Lainey likes you, you get a turn at being in the trinty.

sidenote: I know that Megan is really tall, but are her shoulder really this broad or is it just the angle. No wonder Greg only takes her cash but wont let her visit them. Shes kinda manly.

No. 719403

I really thought it was the same person from your picture. Weird

No. 722318

File: 1540656297152.png (524.62 KB, 374x657, Fatty Megan Rose Ellingson.png)

I never knew she was so fat.
Good for you Megan on losing that weight.
Now show us your teeth. Im sure the enamel took a hard hit with the daily stomach acid washes.

No. 722366

File: 1540664755363.png (675.45 KB, 548x732, QBfp0TF.png)

Where'd you get that? Could've fooled me, I thought it was Busted Becca.

No. 727385

File: 1541484361664.png (286.63 KB, 580x411, lolololol.png)

Big Becca is busy calling Booty two-faced but says this shit about Sylar kek https://clyp.it/bdzsk42s

No. 727395

Could you make yourself anymore obvious, Nova?

No. 727418

I'm not going to complain about the source of milk as long as it's milk. Thanks based ladyflatass!

No. 727458

Lol Sylar is 5'5 and acts like a fucking 2 year old. Greg really surrounds himself with Kings among Men. That weird German a 12 year old Ruplican and manchild Sylar

No. 727495

good to know Sylar rocks autistically in his chair while reigning over Onision's dominion with his First Lady Beccer by his side. Thank you igotsquaresinmypants, now please let us know why Becca got the Boot but not you

No. 727647

File: 1541534467619.jpg (40.29 KB, 600x450, DqjQ8GMXgAEBOm2.jpg)

Booty really reminds me of a fat, ugly version of Skye. Is that why Greg has been tolerating her? She reminds him of her first bride?

No. 727650

File: 1541534782233.jpeg (721.84 KB, 1125x1619, CA9B25BB-4392-428D-BF75-46CDCB…)

Man, Other Megan is bad at hiding her tracks.

No. 727708

File: 1541542760850.png (37.5 KB, 479x259, bs.png)

If only Fatbecca knew how many other slags Daddy Sylar has been talking to while she's clinging to every interaction they have

No. 727758

No. 727841

She gives him money and is a sycophant.

No. 727842

She gives him money and is a sycophant.

No. 728124

Saged but I hope this thread finally gets the nuke when the new admin is taking over.

No. 728131

Who is the new admin?

No. 728138

nobody yet but they're hardcore understaffed and looking for more janitors, mods and a new admin >>>/meta/6965

No. 728294

File: 1541628611800.gif (3.66 MB, 800x700, sin.gif)

How great, I hope Fatbecca and Pedosylar will run the farm. Fitting enough for a fat horse girl and a redneck looking manlet with a fetish for cow-shaped humans. Yee fucking haw

No. 728341

File: 1541633478421.png (197.23 KB, 580x788, bcbc.png)

Uh oh Becca got mad about the thread again!

No. 728342

File: 1541633529813.png (22.54 KB, 422x77, bc.png)

Honey if you think I'm bullshitting you got a big storm coming

No. 728346

File: 1541633991459.png (730.75 KB, 759x591, t54534455345.png)

I know it was suppose to be Fatbecca, but I got Poopbeck vibes from the end result.
I think its the small beady eyes that are too far apart. The shoop at least has a smaller nose than Poopy.

No. 728388

File: 1541636888616.png (134.03 KB, 632x1076, 098_76_454_8.PNG)

Megan Rose Ellingson did not have a good day on twitter

No. 728389

File: 1541636910047.png (119.6 KB, 628x934, 15_98_3212.PNG)

No. 728390

File: 1541636934635.png (169.88 KB, 630x1342, 276_8709_80.PNG)

No. 728972

File: 1541724934297.png (283.69 KB, 656x598, twitters gone bye bye.png)

Maybe she'll stop talking out her ass and stay off any type of social media.

No. 729174

File: 1541735618264.png (30.05 KB, 237x343, boooooty.png)

Crossposting from /pt/ but looks like Gregma is still dumb enough to trust potatonose.

No. 729261

Personally I think it's fun seeing the train wrecks go at each other in real time.

No. 729310

File: 1541741403792.png (222.75 KB, 590x285, whatthefuck.png)

What kind of witchcraft is being used that turns the woman in the left picture into the woman in the right picture.
And dont say facetune, that shit can only do so much.

No. 729433

Wow, it's Julia's level of shooping herself. Megan just needs to copy someone and actively try to destroy that persons life and they can become bffs.

No. 729786

File: 1541814798680.png (152.79 KB, 502x409, Megan FuckBoi.png)

I was looking back at the selfposting Megan did earlier in this thread and tried to figure out who she hates the most and would want to skinwalk.

She could stop her binge and purging, gain back 100 lbs, learn to do shitty drag queen makeup and become FatBecca.

Sperg on Twitter that pedophilia is just another type of sexuality, then increase the amount of fiber in her diet and start taking MASSIVE, toilet clogging dumps like PoopBeck.

Or ramp up her puking schedule, loose 40-50 lbs, get a tomboy haircut and usurp Laineybot.

No. 730373

File: 1541917929455.jpeg (164.63 KB, 1125x766, 32F0FD63-4F36-40C1-8D63-F7F645…)

Looks like Madison started following a certain someone.

No. 731551

File: 1542131127022.png (459.63 KB, 770x694, disgustingpedos.png)

I don't see this posted anywhere, but Lassie made his less than glorious return at the start of September, and going through his post history it seems he's not changed one bit. He talks constantly about sex in a server full of underaged girls, what a real classy guy.

I wonder if Booty convinced him to return because she needed a friend in there.

No. 731757

File: 1542154069097.png (105.64 KB, 1200x418, sylar.png)

Dumping some updates from the main thread

Onion is shittalking Daddy-Sylar on his secret acc

No. 731759

File: 1542154166183.png (21.21 KB, 962x374, 1542079836773.png)

Becca and Greg finally unfollowed each other >>>/pt/598532

No. 731766

File: 1542154392839.png (66.81 KB, 579x263, twitter.png)

So that's what Becca was sadtweeting about kek

No. 731772

File: 1542155082310.jpg (94.91 KB, 1199x740, Dq-gPFwVsAA8mCP.jpg)

I thought this would fit more in this thread than the /pt/ one and I don't want to give this loon more visibility than necessary. Here's some Twitter user who's tagging Onion and Lamey in their tweets trying to advertise another HSAnon's contents to Anti-Os, but you can see that the screenshot was taken 1 second after it was posted and shows the same profile icon as the comment box, so someone is selfposting and attentionwhoring HARD.


No. 731773

File: 1542155110732.png (198.53 KB, 582x657, Screenshot at Nov 13 16-24-38.…)

No. 731777

File: 1542155362111.png (745.9 KB, 1439x785, Screenshot at Nov 13 16-28-52.…)

>inb4 another JSBS level sperg

No. 731782

File: 1542155998726.png (297.1 KB, 580x708, Screenshot at Nov 13 16-40-38.…)

No. 731934

This person already came to /pt/ once offering pictures of high school gerg for money but luckily nobody fell for this bait

No. 732177

File: 1542230428269.png (289.04 KB, 525x695, beccafb1.png)

gg becca

No. 732178

File: 1542230465399.png (55.38 KB, 512x248, beccafb2.png)

Hi Sylar!

No. 732182

>Edward Xavier
Of course this creepy fuck has a pretentious name like that.

No. 732220

Real name is Edward but goes by Sylar.
He looks like a hick.
Big Becca has no fucking standards.

No. 732260

File: 1542244195816.png (744.88 KB, 1351x553, FB1.png)

I'm wheezing at this creepy fuck's facebook orbiting KEK

No. 732261

File: 1542244220923.png (659.54 KB, 973x603, FB2.png)

No. 732272

File: 1542244804118.png (411.95 KB, 1001x488, FB4.png)

No. 732335

File: 1542251082383.png (Spoiler Image,3.46 MB, 1920x5314, lurkin.png)

looks like becca's been lurking the threads

No. 732412

File: 1542266611674.jpeg (634.74 KB, 1125x1710, 285FC35F-221B-4FB7-887F-9D65CD…)

This bitch is so overdramatic.

No. 732413

File: 1542266643232.jpeg (80.77 KB, 1125x241, FC507C57-FB13-40FF-A8D9-27087C…)

No. 732610

File: 1542304492202.png (36.3 KB, 1138x312, ded.png)

Did some digging and found this.

No. 732624

File: 1542306057942.jpg (62.22 KB, 580x795, 4Trg7sd.jpg)

>Dissolution with Minor Child
>"Dissolution with children" refers simply to a divorce case in which the divorcing spouses have minor children.


No. 732634

The fact that this creep has a child, let alone was married astonishes me.

No. 732651

File: 1542309876677.jpeg (30.22 KB, 500x365, 1381A5EA-B520-4625-A0EA-8C64B1…)

Does Big Becca even know the man she loves has a child and is paying child support?

No. 732655

File: 1542310103245.gif (1.98 MB, 216x150, a8TKcV5.gif)

No. 732747

File: 1542317956112.png (356.28 KB, 991x550, sylarthereaper.png)

Does anyone have access?

No. 732857

File: 1542326713168.png (123.97 KB, 1193x700, Screenshot at Nov 15 14-57-58.…)

nope but I looked up sylarthereaper in some of the known haunts and lookie here

No. 732863

>dating BettyBomBom
Damn he moved on fast.

No. 732895

It says one day ago, this is recent.
Do you guys think becca is dropping all this shit after he left her?

No. 732899

I wouldn't be surprised.
Rumor has it Becca genuinely believes her heart problems are a direct result of the physical damage inflicted by the literal heartbreak she suffered.

No. 732901

File: 1542329033638.png (111.66 KB, 250x250, 1498100090877.png)

What an overdramatic bitch.
I hope she spergs over the fact that her e-bf's moved on.
Well, if she's the leaker, I guess she already did.

No. 732932

File: 1542333250926.png (99.4 KB, 755x664, ohhoho.png)

Wait, his divorce isn't even finalized yet!

No. 732940

betting one OnisionPrime pledge on Sylar still living with his wife

No. 733088

oof. I almost feel sorry for Becca.

No. 733932

File: 1542507520498.jpg (2.3 MB, 1200x12052, patreonp.jpg)

HAHAHAHAA this explains why Becca has to shell out for Sylar's pledge

pic related, enjoy the tea mwaha

No. 733960

Holy shit Becca pays Sylar’s pledge?
Must be because of the child support kek
Bless you anon

No. 734104

holy shit every message onision sends is like hes trying to emulate the joker's monologues

"So i asked myself," bitchhhh

No. 734118

File: 1542536223481.png (117.07 KB, 372x351, tumblr_inline_niiamgxftd1rnnse…)

why did he change his location? i thought he was in america

rip big bruiser

who was trying to push the narrative they split months ago?

No. 734120

Gosh, booty must sure be enjoying Gregory's loyalty to her.

No. 734152

Megan knows her place. Shes like a well-heeled dog that will lick your boots no matter what you do to her. And as a bonus, this dog gives you hundreds of dollars just to be around you.

The big rub was them telling Greg what to do, he pretends it was his patrons complaints, but thats a lie. If FatBecca and PedoSylar had just paid their dues (maybe even bumped up their pledges to Megans thirsty tier) and kept their mouths shut about criticizing Greg and how he runs his stupid little club house, then they'd still be allowed in on the circle jerk.

No. 734168

All Greg's shitty analogies aside, it's unsettling to see him being the rational and intelligent one in a discussion. From Becca's "dragged into it and mad mad" to her "curtosy" and all of the terrible grammar in-between, I find it very difficult to believe she managed to apply for University never mind matriculated. And as for Sylar, no, Edward Aubrey Xavier of Tulare being a father… I'm shocked the dumb hick figured out the peena goes into the warm on his own.

No. 734173

Greg helped him out
>psst, it goes in the vul-vus.

No. 734270

Seeing how Megan got outed for posting here a month ago, she doesn’t know her place at all. She’s lucky Greg is too retarded to face the FAAAAX that she’s a backstabbing bitch. Can’t wait to see if she’ll spill anything else.

No. 734285

Sounding like a Disney villain is rational and intelligent now? News to me.

No. 734358

>who was trying to push the narrative they split months ago?

They did. Beccer tried to flex with an ultimatum for him to be less autistic and left. He was supposed to "wait for her" to get her shit sorted but only led her on whilst she believed they'd get back together.

No. 734535

You can tell how upset she is by her typing. It's fucking pathetic.

No. 734541

Since when was Becca almost homeless? Sounds rough for someone who is literally writing all this big papers people would be showing her as proof.

I guess I need a horse update?

No. 734543

This is so pathetic. She really thought he was her friend. When will any of these retards realise that Greg only cares about the money?

No. 734706

Several people even told her that Greg didn’t give a shit about her.
“You don’t know what goes down in our dms!!!”
We don’t need to know to know that he despised Becca and only kept her around for her money.
We all know you lurk, stop wasting your time chasing and paying ugly ass men who don’t give a single fuck about you. At least Booty’s creepy pedo orbiter/boyfriend (Lassie) cares about her a little.

No. 735645

Has anyone seen that hollied0llie girl on twitter constantly tweeting at gurg? Is she in the disc?

No. 735670

Obvious self post

No. 735869

Her twitter might as well be a fan page.
I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a farmer trying to pull a vix. Too bad Vix fucked that chance up for everyone who wants to attempt to catfish them.

No. 736045

File: 1542849077888.png (27.99 KB, 455x153, Sylar1.png)

Stop bullying my boyfriend

No. 736054

>wang dang doodle

No. 736068

Too bad literal father Sylar "Edward Aubrey Xavier of Tulare" can't use make up and filters to pretty himself up. Maybe he could've been as successful as Onionman.

No. 736071

You have to be 18 to post here.

No. 736123

File: 1542861533884.png (471.87 KB, 764x733, ass.png)

Sylar believes he's e-dating a 19yo kissless virgin who formerly catfished the onioncord and leaked private recordings. He doesn't even care his gf is a known troll and catfish, he's that desperate for a barely legal gf.

No. 736128

File: 1542862356713.png (576.21 KB, 661x1266, sylarbecca.png)


Sylar has been hitting this account up before and during their relationship to roleplay cuddling scenes and beg for voice chats. At some point he pulled the most pathetically transparent "s-so someone told me you like me" move and it was too funny to turn down, so he was added to the "real" account which was really just 4 different people taking turns laughing at him, but he never even noticed.

He vehemently denies ever dating Becca, while preferring to cozy up with someone who caused his heartbroken ex a bunch of grief. Even after he was confronted with the lolcow screenshots, he referred to it as a "thing" and heavily implied it wasn't serious.

He's a sad little man blinded by his horniness who would throw anyone under the bus for naive teen poon and is not worth pining over. I hope this is a wakeup call.

>tfw Sylar is enough of a creep to make you feel sorry for Becca

No. 736129

didn't she fly to america to fuck this creep? yikes

No. 736130

according to both of them, they never actually got to consummate their love because they didn't ever meet.

No. 736138

File: 1542863755652.gif (2.3 MB, 498x280, 1484721388956.gif)

Becca went on and ON about loving Sylar but he never thought their relationship was serious??
You sure know how to choose them Becca. Please learn how to love yourself.

No. 736141

She better be counting her fat stars that shit never panned out, if she's not lying.

No. 736146

every time, without fail, it comes out that onions discord dick suckers are mentally ill morons.

No. 736147

Whoever is running that account, if that retard still talks to you – ask him if what "you have" is any realer than what he and Becca "had".

No. 736150

File: 1542866355768.png (74.57 KB, 550x430, sylarbecca3.png)

I don't think he's seen this yet (which of the lurking flakes will show it to him first? My bet is on Becca; love yourself, girl) so we're not talking atm. Here's some more of his backtracking though.

No. 736151

File: 1542866371009.png (113.38 KB, 486x731, sylarbecca2.png)

No. 736152

I wonder how many girls this type of busted ass sketchy reasoning worked on. Gross.

No. 736153

File: 1542867021917.png (416.41 KB, 695x688, sylardivorce.png)

Another endearing tidbit: He insisted he saw nothing wrong with dating a pure virgin kissless maiden uwu while using his awkward neckbeard persona to appear harmless and omit the fact he's a man who at some point had a wife and child.

No. 736155

How does divorce not make you a father? Not only is he a borderline pedo, he's also a deadbeat dad.

No. 736162

He probably quit being a father, just like his hero onision did! Glad to see those hot pedo tips making their rounds…

No. 736193

Becca and Sylar were supposed to meet up at Disney World when she was in Florida but he bailed on her. How does she not see he doesn’t actually give a shit? Did she even know he had a child, let alone is going through a divorce?

Seems like Sylar is a pathological liar. I feel bad for the girl for emotionally investing into this creepy manlet.

No. 736202

Ive known a few men that once the divorce is in the air, and the wife is pregnant, or the child is still young, the husband will claim the kid isnt his, usually wont push for a DNA test but will do everything else possible to not be financially supportive, and make sure the rumors fly about his wife having another mans kid.

No. 736456

>Did she even know he had a child, let alone is going through a divorce?

She didn't know all of it and whined at him for hours the night >>732610
was posted.

No. 736466

he's probably playing the poor victim "my evil bitch of a wife left me and stole my kids" act, which does happen to some unfortunate people but in his case there was likely a good reason.

No. 736580

File: 1542934825034.png (10.46 KB, 308x77, Screenshot at Nov 22 16-58-48.…)

News travel slowly at the moment. Surprisingly he hasn't been informed yet, but I'm running out of cringe to feed him. Please provide.

No. 736638

File: 1542943561932.png (17.68 KB, 525x149, uh okay booty.png)

sorry to derail, but has anyone questioned why booty is like this?
She's called multiple people pedos (Allie and that one red headed ex-patron), ugly, fake, the list can go on. Is she overcompensating to prove to Greg she's not a hater and is 100% ready to defend him? Bitch is creepy.

No. 736654

This is funny since Greg literally wanted to fuck his cousin, but sure whatever booty kisser.

No. 736692

File: 1542953445234.png (354.56 KB, 734x403, P vs R.png)

Megan hasn't had a real relationship for years (maybe a decade?) So she falls back on that fantasy of eventually getting Onision when Laineys out of the picture. And how better to do that than anonymously stirring up shit about his ugly wife online but being his biggest supporter at the same time.

I feel bad for Megan because getting a man is so hard with all the different hurdles the shallow men she attracts have to get over. All her photos online have either a beauty filter, or those cutesy filters that give you big eyes and hyper feminine features. So when the guy show up for that date they're met with this haggard, plain looking gal with a giant potato nose. That screens out a lot of those fickle men. If she can keep them interested with easy sex, even that gets ruined because of her recent rapid weight loss. Megan was a very big girl and she's never gone to a gym. Megan lost all of it by starving her self or purging. If you lose weight that way with no type of muscle toning exercise your skin sags. So once those tight jeans come off she looks like a shaved Shar-Pei. That runs off a good chunk of the men she's able to pull. The final hurdle for the men who stay is her two kids (by two different daddies) When she introduced her kids to "Mommies new friend" the guys aren't cool with an instant family and bolt.

No. 737090

File: 1543030406648.png (9.93 KB, 234x69, sysy.png)

end this nightmare

No. 737107

File: 1543033118727.jpeg (58.79 KB, 545x363, 47521584-D2FB-4746-A005-BB39BE…)

Becca come get your man

No. 737123

Tell him it’s wang dang over anon

No. 737219

How old does he think you are, anon?

No. 737392

File: 1543088529674.jpg (Spoiler Image,79.21 KB, 1179x776, cY5uzMZ.jpg)

He thinks I'm 19 and have never been kissed.

Forgot to mention he sent me some hilarious pics including a dick pic that he had taken earlier and recycled. sorry for the ugly theme in one of the caps - he deleted his snickerdoodle so i had to use an old cap taken in the moment while messing with Discord themes lol

No. 737410

even becca deserves better, gotdamn

No. 737450

Thats so sad. Just from the height of the censor bar, if thats him erect I pity the dude.

>snicker doodle

>wang dang doodle
lol, its like your blatantly giving him little clues you're a troll and his incredible need for any kind of female attention is blinding him to it.

No. 737483

File: 1543096415962.png (75.06 KB, 1114x586, Xi1Dfux.png)

I tried to add Becca to tell her about this before I post on LC but she rejected my request, not that I blame her because she probably thought I was gonna try and troll her

>lol, its like your blatantly giving him little clues you're a troll and his incredible need for any kind of female attention is blinding him to it.

Tell me about it. I've been giving him the "sry I'm busy studying uwu" for almost a week now and even linked him this thread to confront him about his history, but he still doesn't seem to have caught on? I guess Becca stopped updating him. I prolly should just send him a link and block him.

No. 737494

File: 1543097218116.png (95.04 KB, 1131x782, j4TaVlL.png)

No. 737569

File: 1543103071062.jpg (47.73 KB, 862x580, valeskas.babygirl_44803106_510…)

Amber got some horrifyingly bad scarification work. Incoming pic dump

No. 737570

File: 1543103101352.jpg (38.66 KB, 1080x728, valeskas.babygirl_43330573_508…)

No. 737572

File: 1543103110827.jpg (34.95 KB, 1080x728, valeskas.babygirl_44787206_473…)

No. 737576

File: 1543103222671.jpg (Spoiler Image,117.89 KB, 1080x1349, valeskas.babygirl_43915344_189…)

No. 737577

File: 1543103231671.jpg (Spoiler Image,84.94 KB, 1080x1350, valeskas.babygirl_45267353_574…)

No. 737578

File: 1543103242168.png (Spoiler Image,208.91 KB, 834x403, VDhOkqA.png)

No. 737580

File: 1543103273662.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.56 KB, 1080x1345, valeskas.babygirl_45339785_192…)

her "inspiration"

No. 737609

i would lose my fucking mind if some ugly cunt was on my ass like this. i dont know how you play along without puking, just reading it makes me nauseous

No. 737623

almost looks like she just did it herself lmao

No. 737659

Every time I think she can’t get anymore cringe, she proves me wrong.

No. 737708

The good thing about these kinds of things is it a nice permanent warning sign to any guy interested in her. You dont have to wait a few weeks to realize shes crazy, if you get a peek at her back you can run for the hills way before she gets the chance to boil any of your pets.

No. 737753


That's not scarification in the slightest, it's chickenscratch. Anyone else getting Brer vibes from the Lola Tyrell thread, about this guy?

No. 737762

File: 1543121254117.png (42.43 KB, 834x207, 7856456.PNG)

She getting kicked out of her apartment?

No. 737790

She lives with her parents

No. 737815

Well, then are her parents kicking her out
Are the whole Potato Nose Clan getting the boot?

No. 737820

she lives with her parents in an apt with two kids?!!!

No. 737900

I mean, even if it's hard to believe, but if she really lived with her kids in her parents apartment (house?), she must have some really supportive parents, which is always good.
Not so good, in contrast, would be if she just accepted what was handed to her without any drive to improve her situation. I haven't paid attention to how old she is, but instead of spending all her time online and with Mr. Ugly McNarcface, she should rather get a job, or put more work in to become independent.

No. 738124

Those are the ugliest effing hands I've ever seen. Shudder to think what's behind the censor

No. 739208

File: 1543343733472.jpg (195.25 KB, 860x1200, EjXYiw9.jpg)

wew, you truly don't need enemies if you have a friend like Megan Cooper (who took this picture). could've at least told Hamber to straighten her back.

No. 739214

File: 1543343917089.png (456.76 KB, 834x549, Screenshot at Nov 27 10-38-18.…)

the caption……..

No. 739222

File: 1543344203461.png (84.86 KB, 584x392, Screenshot at Nov 27 10-43-00.…)

Beefing with her serially suicide-baiting on and off e-gf again

No. 739225

File: 1543344246670.png (132.43 KB, 580x617, Screenshot at Nov 27 10-43-45.…)

one can see dead people and the other predicts her own death, a match made in heaven!

No. 739844

File: 1543424445119.jpeg (590.27 KB, 1082x1376, 08323F34-2AEC-48FA-AA62-124863…)

Gotta boost onion’s ego before he gives you your daily lashings for disagreeing with him

No. 740031

File: 1543441570949.png (43.01 KB, 590x346, 675.PNG)

LOL! shes really worried.
She saw what happened to Fatbecca and Poopbeck when they disagreed with the Onion King.

I usually dont say this to women, but Megan if you're reading this (I know you are)
You're a pussy.

No. 740039

She's lucky really Greg is a retard but I'm 100% sure Lainey sees right through her. Lainey demodded her for a reason. Lainey knows about the shit she's been saying about her.

Imagine being so thirsty for a washed up e-celebs tiny dick you have to apologize for saying anything you think may rub him the wrong way.

No. 740162

Greg, like Amber, just won't believe anything on lolcow is true, right? Booty is really lucky he's so blind. I really wonder how the conversation with Lainey went.

No. 740291

dying @ those fucking emojis and shit lmao
what a try hard cunt

i wish her and lainey would meet irl for milk tho

No. 741946

File: 1543687834552.jpeg (421.25 KB, 1125x1563, 37C0FFFC-A991-4A48-9FCA-657998…)

This is a woman in her late 20’s with two kids, guys.

No. 742835

File: 1543817691351.png (70.69 KB, 612x651, love yourself.png)

booty is really playing it up today

No. 743274

Delete this, I'm in

No. 743276

File: 1543884888669.jpg (Spoiler Image,312.76 KB, 1835x2448, t9B3U7J.jpg)

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships in the nude off the shoulder of Onion. I watched cute beans glitter in the dark near the CuddleGate. All those moments will be lost in time, like milk down a drain. Time to die.(needs spoiler)

No. 743294

File: 1543886273373.png (17.61 KB, 349x144, HqdnOEY.png)

No. 743295

File: 1543886282299.png (15.53 KB, 606x63, qKOe3hz.png)

No. 743296

File: 1543886290993.png (67.87 KB, 432x528, EcSH3J4.png)

No. 743298

File: 1543886373608.png (22.62 KB, 828x77, cHl5UlO.png)

No. 743300

File: 1543886479368.png (55.12 KB, 607x338, NrJ11Gc.png)

No. 743303

File: 1543886692671.png (12.98 KB, 328x75, KijD2bQ.png)

Fresno is close to Sylar. Wonder how that worked out for her

No. 743304

File: 1543886738077.jpg (Spoiler Image,240.49 KB, 1835x2448, z1eUM7V.jpg)

No. 743305

File: 1543886752728.jpg (Spoiler Image,209.29 KB, 1932x2576, WxHEPY4.jpg)

Thanks for the memeries

/end dump

No. 743320

I love how she looks like a pink bloated pig and you can see the contrast with her yellow foundation

No. 743321

you can put lipstick on a pig, apparently.

No. 743323

>wearing a full face of drag makeup to take nudes

No. 743324

>wearing a full face of drag makeup to take nudes but forgetting to contour your fupa

No. 743425

File: 1543898659694.jpg (4.97 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_2112.JPG)

Jesus fuck, this is GROSS. Wonder if its sylar posting all of these , in revenge. hmmmm


No. 743501

What's with this squashing one tit with her arm pose? Does she have a weird tit she's trying to hide?

No. 743508

File: 1543917212964.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.44 KB, 749x500, Asymmetrical-Breasts.jpg)

it probably hangs disproportionately lower than her other tit. Shes hugging it and pulling it up. Her forearm hides the nipple each time too. Maybe its a twofer, droopy tit plus fucked up nipple that looks like a huge slice of salami.

No. 743511

File: 1543917928206.png (307.4 KB, 570x502, ghgdggf.PNG)

Whatever cam site she was on she must of been in the tranny/crossdresser section looking like that.

No. 743546

File: 1543929975125.gif (4 MB, 320x320, 1520205846003.gif)

I have seen hell. And it was fat.

No. 743641

I can't get over her fupa

No. 743725


She actually doesn't look too bad tbh, she has nice curves and for nudes they're actually nice photos

No. 743783

Is that fat becca

No. 743800

the fupa is hard to ignore but yeah i was expecting her to have more of a round curveless shape. her fat distribution is pretty good for someone of her size so she wouldn't have to lose a huge amount of weight to look decent

No. 743817

she actually has pretty nice distribution
-50lbs and she'd have a super nice shape, natural hourglass

No. 743849

File: 1543968911793.gif (792.52 KB, 498x286, tenor.gif)

>she wouldn't have to lose a huge amount of weight to look decent
>she'd have a super nice shape, natural hourglass
>She actually doesn't look too bad tbh

She looks disgusting, case closed. Can you imagine the smell that comes out of that huge fupa when she lifts it up.

No. 743864

File: 1543970354711.jpg (17.24 KB, 300x300, emilia-fart-5.jpg)

>50lbs and she'd have a super nice shape

You're totally right.
And with a little plastic surgery she could improve her face and stop looking like Emilia Farts ugly older sister.
Include some voice training to help her stop sounding like she has a dry loaf of bread lodged in her throat every time she speaks.

Basically change everything about herself and she could actually look and sound like a non-repulsive human being.
who's going to start the Help Fatbecca Stop Being A Horrible Mess Go-Fund-Me page?

No. 743865

Just no.

No. 743871

She's literally looks postpartum. Has she had a kid recently?

No. 743872

Hmmm what's with all the replies and sperging?
>fatty has a nice shape
Oh…uh oh. That's going to make people mad for sure!

No. 743980

At least her bathroom is clean, I guess.
tbh the others have done so much worse, this one is kind of innocent. every pic gets worse tho lol, I wonder what weird shit she did on video

Megan must be shitting french fries having this to show Greg if Becca rears her horse face again.

No. 744010

File: 1543986709559.png (56.58 KB, 618x337, Capture42311.PNG)

Best thing for Megan is to think of this as a foreshadowing.
Watch your step Ms Ellingson. Playing victim only works for so long.

No. 744097

I bet her vagina smells like piss, sweat and cheese

No. 744098

Fat = curvy godessu
To them, projecting probably as they are most likely fat too

No. 744101

So what's a camsite that has private shows with the customer's name watermarked in the corner, pays out 75% and would accept a lard like Becca? I won't rest until we find those clips

No. 744105

I am surprised by her waist is that what wearing body armour and riding horses does. Sign me up tbh lol

No. 744146

File: 1544016424720.png (23.83 KB, 663x151, t776Yhf.png)

No. 744147

Oh, so she's one of those "I don't get along with girls" girls who's too stupid to realize she's the common factor in these busted friendships.

No. 744251

File: 1544036062132.png (195.16 KB, 579x626, becca.png)

at least she knows what her skills are - e-whoring and gold digging.

No. 744266

File: 1544038486603.png (567.43 KB, 913x440, Screenshot at Dec 05 20-32-56.…)

Shiloh's Instagram page is making me cringe so hard.

>still has her Gregory tattoo and shows it in pics

>look i smoke weed!!!
>look i am alt
>dd/lg uwu

No. 744267

File: 1544038610434.png (178.96 KB, 925x435, lmao.png)


No. 744269

File: 1544038641501.webm (1.15 MB, 640x800, Video_by_lyldoll-BmtHtcEl5w9.w…)

No. 744292

Shiloh stans can fuck off. "Uwu she was a young teen so everything she has done is excusable". She still has Onion's name across her neck and isn't bothered enough to get it removed. Imagine being a new guy in her life having to see some other guy's name while having sex with her. That and her befriending Madi (or vice versa) is obvious she is STILL (after almost 7 years) following Grug and would immediately try to contact him if his marriage with UglyBot fails.

No. 744298

More importantly, I wonder if Alicia is currently lurking as we speak and possibly reporting back to Skye.

No. 744300

I used to WK Shiloh because I saw her as a poor abused teen but I'm sick of seeing her raised up because insecure anons with shitty relationship experience relate to her "glow up" aka losing weight and turning into a vapid instahoe. She did some fucked up shit and it's been how many years since they split up and she's still obsessed with talking to his new hopefuls and his discarded exes. If she moved on I'd probably still be whiteknighting her, but instead I morphed into Alicia/Booty/Insert Grudge Here.

No. 744301

I have no doubts she's still lurking. Some way or another all his ex's check up on him to see his fall from grace. I hope they enjoy tractorgate.

No. 744302

let's not forget she cried on IG live when XXXTentacion died, such abuse warrior, much feminist

No. 744306

I’m not a Shiloh stan or hater but I do find it strange that you can call anyone on this site every name in the book and it’s fine but the moment anyone says something along the lines of “meh she’s not a very good person” suddenly within minutes you’ll have at least 3+ posts defending her screeching “muh escaped abuse victim!!1”

No. 744319

I don't hate her either and I can give credit where it's due - she looks way more fit than she was at the time but some anons go too far and keep forgetting and/or were never present during the Shiloh drama era. She was as crazy as Gargoyle and it seems like she hasn't changed since then. I can almost guarantee that if she hadn't fucked up with getting pregnant from that other guy, she'd be in Lame's exact spot, doing the same exact shit (maybe less boring and translarping though). She just gives off that 'ride or die' vibe while also being very updated on Grug's life. It's almost like Shiloh or someone close to her is refreshing lolcow every day with their morning coffee and ree'ing into oblivion whenever someone doesn't wk her.
She saw him as a fellow Soundcloud idol lol. Really likes the abusive type eh.

No. 744412

Shiloh is messy but she's also completely irrelevant.

No. 744457

sylar has to pay child support and couldn't afford to keep the horse he groomed

No. 744493

Daily reminder to shi-loh wks:
Nobody gives a fuck about you or your exes or your abuse. The projection onto all these girls is ridiculous and pathetic. Seek therapy.
Not if she's willingly wasting her time with a well known flake like madison, who mocked sam before she got put out the door as well.

No. 744615

Jesus calm down, people are allowed to have different opinions okay. You really seem too emotionally invested in this. They're not the best nudes but certainly not the worst. Get over it.

No. 744770

File: 1544120032300.jpg (73.72 KB, 251x428, mad.jpg)

No. 744858

File: 1544130302747.jpg (1.01 MB, 810x3736, 20181206_220437.jpg)

Lol, Megan please.

No. 744860

There's more than the IP address. We have plenty of information that was used to cross-reference her posts:

- her many emails to us
- reports sent by her regarding posts mentioning her
- as well as her application to become a Farmhand some while ago (using one of the email addresses used to contact us)

and some more information we prefer not to disclose so as to not show our hand, but if you read https://lolcow.farm/kiki you can probably figure it out.

No. 744863

Oh booty you DUMB BITCH

No. 744866


For someone who wants a job in IT, she sure is a dimwit lel. Then again nobody truly intelligent would ever choose to associate with Gregenstein.

No. 744867

Ugh, of course she tried to apply as new farmhand. Gerg would marry her if she were in control of the things posted about him

No. 744868

She probably just wanted to delete the posts about her. Still damning though, especially with her post history.

No. 744892

she's beyond fucking retarded if she thinks she would last more than 2 seconds as a farmhand. holy FUCK she's so thirsty to be greg's next waifu, she's really going all out, and he doesnt care about her AT ALLLLL.

No. 744937

laughs in tractor

i cant believe this cunt. damn greg is retarded.

still not retarded enough to hook up with flatass potato megan, but still pretty retarded bro.

No. 744989

File: 1544146360056.jpg (21.72 KB, 275x270, 1529802504818.jpg)

Booty you look real suspicious right now.
How are you gonna lie out of this one?

No. 745010

File: 1544149345448.jpeg (368.08 KB, 640x1101, 5A67309D-9654-4207-B43B-0B26B0…)

>I’m job searching, I have several kids by several dads, I’m so busy, I don’t have time to be posting online!
>posting online
>playing vidya

No. 745032

I'd agree with you if her waist wasn't obviously photoshopped

No. 745069

File: 1544159690035.png (381.15 KB, 490x899, okay madi.png)

No. 745072

File: 1544160108134.png (79.14 KB, 582x567, 2018-12-06_23-18-22.png)

No. 745073

File: 1544160134499.png (90.03 KB, 873x521, unknown (2).png)

No. 745075

i thought she didnt have a job and got kicked out

No. 745076

did she freak out because she got outed?

No. 745082

sounds like it. the timing is too convenient. are you sweating, megan ellingson? i bet she's getting committed so she'll be forced to stay away from shitposting the rest of her mind away.

No. 745086

aw poor megan. greg's gonna be mad at you for not keeping up your end of the bargain aka paying him to care

No. 745091

File: 1544162447063.png (35.39 KB, 1379x286, Screenshot at Dec 07 06-59-50.…)


Lainey unfollowed her.

No. 745093

File: 1544162555189.png (33.01 KB, 1422x303, Screenshot at Dec 07 07-00-21.…)

For good measure here's Booty's "secret account uwu"
It's not very slick, and Captain Chode was among her first followers. It's private as of now, but I may have some old caps from when I first found it. The bio was

>She/her, 27, bi, complete idiot, I love breathing oxygen, games and I sometimes draw

No. 745094

apparently she got kicked from her discord too
oof, no trinity for booty

No. 745099

At least Taylor isn't completely retarded.

No. 745105

File: 1544163776903.png (84.22 KB, 1242x289, Screenshot at Dec 07 07-22-19.…)

Old news but I knew Megan Ellingson has an account on MyProAna, I can't believe it took me this long to look for her other usernames

No. 745106

File: 1544163842726.png (109.32 KB, 1059x563, Screenshot at Dec 07 07-23-58.…)

No. 745108

File: 1544163875764.png (67.62 KB, 1062x386, Screenshot at Dec 07 07-24-39.…)

No. 745110

File: 1544163999137.png (39.84 KB, 912x162, Screenshot at Dec 07 07-26-44.…)

No. 745115

I can empathize with EDs and even the lure of ~pro-ana~ communities, but anyone who posts with their real name (or usernames attached to other real accounts) and real face is a fucking idiot and an attention whore, full stop. Especially at 27. But that’s Megan Ellingson in a nutshell, I guess.

I also seriously doubt she’s going to some kind of inpatient facility, or if she is, it’s just for sympathy and to get people off her back.

No. 745116

File: 1544164668001.png (35.98 KB, 582x164, aw.png)

Hearts are heavy all around the Onionsphere tonight.

No. 745118

so overdramatic. we don't want you dead, we just love to laugh at how dumb you thirsty thots are.

No. 745119

it's funny because everything posted here is material they handed out on a silver platter by being idiots online with no regard for their own privacy. we can't post what you keep to yourselves, but your attention-seeking behavior is biting you in the ass.

No. 745121

god, get some much needed therapy for your raging mental illnesses, please.

ps greg will never love you

No. 745129

No. 745131

at least screenshot it, you know how prone to deletion they all are and screenshotting rather than linking is lolcow etiquette 101.

No. 745134

You can't delete or change a PSN account.

No. 745137

File: 1544167016086.png (93.59 KB, 816x454, Screenshot at Dec 07 08-15-29.…)

Yes, you can.
Also, this is an imageboard, emphasis on image.

From the rules and usage guide:
>3. Embedding
>Whenever you want other users to check something out, upload a screenshot. Posting a link is not enough. For example, don't post "she updated her IG" without including the actual post as a screenshot. This is why it's called an imageboard.

No. 745138

File: 1544167205015.png (315.99 KB, 1300x149, boring shit.PNG)

Cool, that's not a PSN account. That's the site I used to see her game list.

I'm actually a trophy whore and even I think it's irrelevant, but whatever.

No. 745140

I think it's only relevant in that she clearly has plenty of free time to game for hours but it's not really milky.

No. 745142

File: 1544167813690.png (567.8 KB, 1566x929, hmmm.png)

interesting that booty follows a few cows here.
she's posted in the luna thread before and the tinyboosteps girl is an anorexic girl Greg featured in a video about Eugenia Cooney. >>>/pt/597221 >>>/pt/597226

No. 745150

so much for
>t-that wasn't me! IPs mean nothing! anyone in my city could've done that!

next up:
>someone else follows the exact same cows
>someone else used my email address to contact lolcow and apply for a moderator position

No. 745152

File: 1544169165269.gif (4.09 MB, 1046x804, 2018-12-07_01-26-13.gif)

No. 745154

another anachan with a popular lolcow thread



top kek. sure you're not a farmer…

No. 745158

She doesn't play enough to point out patterns, but the majority of her games seem to be ones you get for paying for PS+, which is needed to play PS4 online.

I dunno how old her kids are, but she was playing Spyro recently - that could be her child playing. All the other MP shit is probably stuff Greg plays.

Her first trophy is 21st May 2016, so she's had it for a few years.

tl;dr it's safe to assume she bought this just to play games with Greg. Like every choice she makes in her shitty life. I'd be surprised if it was for any other reason, even her child(ren).

No. 745178

IP check on the Booty posts? Booty is so irrelevant that it's weird to see her. Even on a Cyr and Becca thread. Booty did self post on the Onision threads after all.

No. 745179

can you repeat that in English please?

No. 745182

File: 1544175161732.jpeg (499.77 KB, 1125x1513, 5CDC478F-9F04-455F-8973-4A1AF0…)

Aw Megan blocked me for asking if she actually applied for Farmhand. I found where she works, I wonder how her boss would react if he found out she’s been posting on so called hate sites?(cowtipping)

No. 745188

spyro ignited's audience is adults who played the original trilogy, not kids, lbr.

No. 745191

100% truth ha

Don't say this, anon.

No. 745192

File: 1544179186522.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181207-113749.png)

No. 745211

But… shes not even thin kek

No. 745234

Onion's biggest supporters seem to drop like flies. Poopbeck, fatbecca, bootyslayer and others are basically out of the game.
Can someone tell me who are currently his biggest asslickers? It's so hard to keep up since most things remain on patreon or secret accounts. Or are there no snowflakes to replace them?

No. 745237

Booty, Amber, Becca's still trying judging by the leaked DMs, I'm pretty sure Beck would jump back at any time, so would Madison.

Cali >>693300 and Blasian are still asslickers.

No. 745286

File: 1544202543733.jpeg (625.31 KB, 1125x1190, 9B763FD0-3894-469C-B00E-FEB81F…)

Why do the onion flakes always want to broadcast their mental health problems to the world?

No. 745292

because its all they have to offer the world

No. 745297

File: 1544205222715.jpeg (647.29 KB, 1125x1461, 400BFFC0-6EA9-473E-ABCF-BB12DF…)

No. 745313

onision just gave her 6 months' worth of fap material by replying to this tweet

No. 745425

She should keep those covered

No. 745426

so they can use them as excuses later

No. 745518

LMAO @ this cunt throwing around not one, but two vastly different diagnoses after her first appointment.

>"yup Ms Ellingson, sounds like your desperate attentionseeking on the internet is a symptom of…. looks down at smeared writing in their palm BPD… Bipolar… one of those idk who cares"

throwing out potential diagnoses willy-nilly at the first appointment is something that never happens and she's lying to make herself the victim.

No. 745550

File: 1544242552142.jpg (51.16 KB, 514x461, a33.jpg)

>blue hair
>multi color freckles

She got Greggys attention quick with that pic Im sure.
just sayin'

No. 745645

nitpick but I hate the facial expressions she uses in every.selfie.ever.
it's not sexy, you look like a retarded blowup doll.

the fact that she can't take one selfie without 3 different snapchat filters speaks volumes of how she sees herself. i honestly think she comes on lolcow as a form of self-harm while simutanously boosting her ego.
p.s. greg finds you repulsive and will never love you

No. 745778

Everyone with access to Google.com already knows she works as a phone monkey at Wells Fargo, you're not slick for searching her name on LinkedIn. It's all public and aside from that she talks about her callcenter work all the time. Her dead-end job isn't gonna get her anywhere regardless of whether or not you snitch on her.

No. 745869

File: 1544299483230.jpg (333.81 KB, 1200x1240, youtried.jpg)

Dear Megan,
you emailed us multiple times about your information in this thread and we removed your name the first time. But you don't even try to be private, so we're not cleaning up after you anymore. Stop wasting our time with your countless reports. Posting information that has been voluntarily and publicly made available by yourself is not against the rules. Nobody forced you to connect your professional identity to your online shenanigans. The poster who commented about contacting your workplace was visibly banned long before you reported the post.

If your job is so important, maybe don't waste your office hours on lolcow and don't access our shady imageboard from your work connection. That is all.

The attached excerpt is being released under our caveat of "don't try to deceive staff" and "don't hypocritically report others for something you are guilty of." You clearly have no issue with posting about your peers and would have continued to do so if we hadn't caught you.

Note: Our contact information is censored only to avoid misdirected inquiries from other farmers - please use the official channels if you want to reach us.

No. 745874

File: 1544300662105.gif (1.76 MB, 403x554, kek.gif)

Oh shit fucking EXPOSED lmao

If grease keeps befriending her after this you know he's putting booty above his own wife.

Wonder how lainey feels about that kek.

No. 745965

File: 1544316072195.png (2.43 MB, 2513x3049, got milk.png)

No. 745969

File: 1544316294073.png (445.23 KB, 540x750, megan_milk.png)

sorry for samefagging. bless you, farmhands, bless you all.

No. 746060

Wow. That's some horrible backstabbing done by BootySlayer / XerinaNova, whatever she goes by now.
If there's a discord anon around, would you mind updating us whether she's still in Greg's server?

No. 746124

File: 1544337534332.png (42.87 KB, 494x282, kicked question mark.png)

Not sure if she got kicked or left on her own accord. She still follows Greg on his sooper secrit twitter.

No. 746126

File: 1544337685730.png (184.59 KB, 1234x360, hmmm354545.png)

No. 746128

File: 1544338118582.png (54.25 KB, 585x504, booty.png)

It also looks like Greg was alerted by someone but he and his "friends" believe Booty would NEVER do anything. However, the e-mail she applied with as farmhand ( >>745869)
is attached to her Lady Flatass gaia account( >>727650). She's also shit on not only Lainey but Becca and her friends. She's even tried to frame Dani (she was in a video with Greg and Respit) as a farmer as well.
Once again, Megan Ellingson is really fucking lucky Greg is retarded.

No. 746144

>be presented with irrefutable proof that she's two faced

only Grug's sperglets could be this

No. 746179

Remember anons, lolcow is all lies and only seeks to destroy lives. Who cares if there’s proof of her being two faced and was involved with drama with Shiloh because she was (and still is) a thirsty bitch? I actually applaud Lainey for ousting this dumb bitch. She’s after Greg’s affection and attention and Greg is too busy thinking with his Vienna Sausage and money to care about Lainey’s feelings on the matter.

Whenever the drama is calling her shady behavior out she stays silent or blocks people who are confronting her.

No. 746186

Can we stop calling her ‘Booty’ and just call her Megan Ellingson?

Also kek at her pretending she’s from some big city and there are sooo many people there so her posts could be from anyone. Can anyone else here in Bumfuck, Iowa, pls raise your hands?

No. 746196

I think we should use both because casual people won't know who the fuck we're talking about. There's no reason to police her name.

But your idea will piss her off, so I'm personally in the Megan Ellingson camp kek

btw I think she deleted her LinkedIn?

No. 746205

Good thing she took it down before someone else found it. Her address, phone number and work email were right on top of her resume and she's lucky we're honestly just here to laugh at her dumb antics and not actually ruin her life, contrary to popular belief.

No. 746220

I use both. Its Megan when Im trying to make a point. Same way a parent will use your full name when you did something REALLY bad.

No. 746224

File: 1544354283760.png (169.96 KB, 606x767, em.png)

Longtime Farmer here to give a history lesson. To our Flakes & Friends who clearly lurk, you may yell "reeeee they're lying!!! Fake news!!!", but that doesn't change that everyone outed so far has admitted to their posting. I don't agree with the lengths this thread has gone to, but I think it's careless and ignorant to dismiss the outing just because we're the bad guys.

You see, even notorious Onision haters are outed, it's not some grand conspiracy against his fans. Anyone can post without being called out, as long as they don't try to gain attention by anonymously posting about themselves from a 3rd person perspective or shitposting about others and then crying for help when they're brought up in turn.

Lolcow.farm has outed users long before Booty came around. You most likely don't lurk other threads, so you don't know that this is something that happens here regularly. It's not a big challenge for mods.

>Emzotic, a popular animal youtuber, posted countless graphic and cruel posts about fellow animal youtuber Taylor Nicole Dean (and herself). At first she tried to play her outing off as a "social experiment", but later admitted she was writing the posts out of pettiness and insecurity. Confirmed by Emzotic herself. (pic related)


>Mystery.jpg, an infamous 4chan poster and camgirl, fought with users in the lolcow discord and taunted them to make a thread about her, then promptly threatened to sue when they did. Ran away with her tail between her legs when she was outed as a huge shitposter with over 2400 comments.


>Kiki Kannibal, the original scene queen, spent months spamming gore and violent threats towards herself and others on the site until she was caught. It took that long because she used a VPN, but even a VPN malfunctions sometimes. This is the most detailed report on how selfposters are identified.


>Dasha, Cyr's girlfriend and Anti-Onision, leaked intimate photos of Cyr's ex-gf Mina, photos of her passport, and posted insane stalkerish comments and accusations. The very same day she was outed, she announced getting psychotherapy for depression (just like Booty did, how coincidental). I'm sure some of you have seen at least one of the countless videos Edwin and other youtubers have made about this.


>Kelly, a very special individual who posted bags of her own blood on here and still returns despite getting banned at every turn. She's addicted to the site and won't stop posting.


>TheJosh, another Anti-Onision Youtuber, used lolcow to fake his own suicide, then blamed it on fellow Youtuber ReadyToGlare, sending her emails pretending to be a counselor informing her of Josh's death. (???)

He kept continuing after the outing: >>>/snow/454676
(all posts with the signature gif are by him)

And then, of course, we have the people in this thread alone who readily admit that their outing was legitimate, and it keeps happening because you guys don't know how to do this without getting caught.

>Megan Cooper. 1800+ comments, including dox and nudes of Allie/Ana. Readily admitted to it and even came back to post more. Also a prolific user of 4chan and gossip websites PrettyUglyLittleLiar.net and StaminaRose.


>Maxie's Ex Bf, 80+ posts, also went to KiwiFarms to further post about her. Ask Maxie if you need confirmation.


>Lt. Lassie who tried to claim he had committed suicide but didn't get a dedicated link because he had the sense to quit. Ask him and he probably won't deny it either.

And so on and so forth. I left out quite a few outings for the sake of not making this comment even longer.

So I ask you this, why would this time be fake? Do you think Booty matters so much to this site, in a thread that is used by maybe a handful of people, that the admins would build up years of legitimate outings just to have the power to lie about a random Onision fan? Do you honestly think they would risk that reputation just to stick it to this absolute nobody with no relevance or following? To what end?

Continue hating lolcow, I don't judge you, but don't dismiss the evidence just because you don't want to believe an evil hate site.

No. 746229

File: 1544354923429.png (191.04 KB, 529x622, 4345.PNG)

Megan said she got doxxed and someone made a thread on 4chan about her (later revealed she was OP of that 4chan thread, shocker) I think she loves to be the victim, and will make up stories of being harassed or threatened for sympathy. This post about someone wanting to shoot her was from 2011 and sounds like bullshit so she has a history of this type of behavior.

The doctors trying to figure out if shes borderline or bipolar should maybe look into there being a sprinkling of Histrionic Personality Disorder.

Also- wasn't January 22 2012 around the time Onision was dealing with drama with Ad, Sh and the finalization of his alimony payments?

No. 746262

In all honesty, I totally do understand Greg.
If he ever gave LC credit for good research on pointing out Booty's backstabbing and leaking, he'd also have to admit that the things posted about him on LC are true as well.

And since Gregory Avaroe cannot admit to his telling lies / twisting the narrative and taking advantage of and mentally abusing his "friends", he has to call everthing on here lies.
It would also prove his critics right and make him look dumb, so he rather makes his life and the lives of his discordfags miserable.

I also think that without achknowledging, Booty and Lainey have the same agenda: Getting rid of possible trinity members.

No. 746305

i absolutely love this situation, because no matter what he's screwed. if he admits that lolcow's proof is believable and that booty is a backstabber then he HAS to admit lolcow is right about something (which gives leeway for lc to be right about HIM, and that's a big no-no). but if he insists on associating with booty after the callout then he's also objectively proving he gives jack shit about his wife's feelings and that, as a husband, he's not willing to defend her.

either way he's gonna look like an asshole. i can only hope he ignores the callout, continues associating with thirsty booty and that this becomes the last straw for lainey to finally pack up shop and leave his ass for good. one can only dream, though.

No. 746320

Lainey is not going to leave him over another woman.
Greg and B would hang out with each other constantly, excluding Lainey. Greg admitted to siding with B when Lainey and B would argue. Greg eventually fucked B when Lainey said not to. Greg was going to leave Lainey and the kids and shack up with B, but B shut that shit down so Greg tried to play it off like he had some great epiphany and wanted to save his marriage and came crawling back.
Lainey took him back after all that.

Lainey is not a wife, shes a glorified Star Fucker. Greg can do no wrong in her eyes, and if he does wrong there has to be a reason for it that she will accept.

The only way she would leave Greg is if he did something to the kids. But I fear that even if that happened she may side with Greg and call the kids liars or that they somehow deserved it. Shes the type of woman when given the choice of saving her husband or child from falling off a cliff, she would choose her husband "because we can always have more kids"

No. 746353

“My favorite cow is Luna Slater”
>follows her on Instagram
“I’ve never posted there!”
>admits to lurking the site for 2.5 years on her mod application, post history has been posted, and there’s probably more that hasn’t been outed.

I’m sure she only wanted to be a farmhand to delete stuff about her (and maybe her own posts) and find the other anti-o’s so she can swoop in and be the “hero.” However, Megan Ellingson (rxBootyslayer) has also proven that she enjoys being on this site in her posts. She only hates lolcow when it’s convenient or actually exposing her.

Don’t insert yourself in drama here and then cry wolf when you’re called out.

No. 746357

Why are you following onision and lainey though?

No. 746497

sage for being off topic but never forget princess doll of invetia

No. 746519

Oh dang, how could I. >>>/cream/

>Kenzie ("Princess Doll") is a wannabe aidoru who posted several threads and over 400 posts about herself in /pt/ in an attempt to attain e-fame from this site. Even the negative attention from being considered a lolcow seemed sufficient for her.

>Annie is a formerly prolific /cgl/ tripfag who attempted to convince me to delete a thread that mentioned her. She sent me an email claiming some people in the thread were stalking her, and to further pursuade me that this was serious stalking, she used a proxy to make a post threatening herself with rape.

>If I ever see you at mcm again I can and will rape you

>Annie was also one of the most active lolcow posters about British /cgl/ users up until this incident. >>>/pt/135859

More examples:

But sure, Booty is the first ever selfposter to be wrongly accused, let's go with that.

No. 746750

File: 1544426157028.png (129.74 KB, 601x669, HFXGBrS.png)

From Allie's "aesthetic" Twitter

No. 746753

File: 1544426448307.png (85.84 KB, 580x351, j2cJ1Xy.png)

No. 746754

File: 1544426465297.png (190.57 KB, 582x751, 93qwUqX.png)

It really is a tale as old as time, kek

No. 746864

File: 1544460081283.jpeg (657.37 KB, 1125x1536, 7C3290A0-0DA6-4F97-8B70-39838D…)

What if Greg only has booty around to piss Lainey off? We know the bitch doesn’t like her.
I’m also sure she’s wormed her way back into the discord seeing how Lainey is following her again. You can’t avoid providing paying patrons their perks, even if they strive to ruin your marriage. Lainey is another version of Shiloh to her, an obstacle.

No. 746927

She looks like Lame in a brown wig.. Actually wtf.

No. 746933

>Greg telling women on twitter to smile

I know this is bait on his end, but he's honestly such a piece of shit.

No. 748417

File: 1544678083717.png (201.98 KB, 403x461, Capture.PNG)

She cant smile. It would expose those gnarly teeth she has.
The only time Ive seen her open her mouth really wide is while using one of those cartoony face apps. The app makes your eyes and mouth bigger but doesnt distort so you get a good idea of her teeth placement. Both lateral incisors seem to have come in sideways and jut out really bad. Having to deal with that fat bulbous nose is enough of a hardship. Its best not to show those damaged picket fence teeth and continue doing the closed lip smile.

No. 748422

File: 1544679129504.gif (4.46 MB, 400x350, demfuckedupteef.gif)

No. 748585

File: 1544718667827.png (108.91 KB, 693x785, 3234232.PNG)

This conversation is so revealing.
The person shes talking to is bringing up fictional killers from the movies, and the first serial killer that comes to her mind is one of creepiest rapist/serial killers in California history. What the fuck is swimming in that head of hers?
And does this dumdum really think Stephen King wrote Red Dragon. I wonder if she thinks she pees out of her vulvus.

No. 748685

Oml red dragon is written by Thomas Harris megan you absolute dink. Does she get off on embarrassing herself on social media? Well. Is that even a question

No. 749778

File: 1544934956219.png (176.88 KB, 609x592, isnt it ironic.png)

okay booty.
reminder that her posts have been outed here >>708131

No. 749911

File: 1544981793614.jpeg (302.87 KB, 1125x829, 8C7F94B0-5E20-4A53-A82B-680A07…)

Too bad you’ll never get punished for how two-faced you are. One day you’ll slip though, bitches like you always do.

No. 750682

File: 1545161498273.jpg (139.88 KB, 801x532, 43544545.jpg)

I guess daddy and her psychiatrist dumped her in a funny farm.

No. 750738

Keep her

No. 751473

I swear this is still her bumping the thread

No. 751476

File: 1545282182314.png (26.62 KB, 278x274, ggyur6ytfgl;.png)

she's back in onioncord but she is no longer an admin, just a basic bitch mod.

No. 751876

File: 1545361241403.jpeg (373.94 KB, 640x811, 7FCF6970-97B3-4B73-AF2B-B23488…)

Who is @candy_savvy? She’s all over Grease’s dick and clearly looking to join the trinity.

She also has braces and looks like a literal child, so maybe she has a chance.

More than busted ol’ Megan or Becca, at least.

No idea if she’s a patron though.

No. 754604

File: 1545927185924.jpeg (747.96 KB, 1125x1863, D8E96244-87B1-408B-951B-F35407…)

rip Lizardqueen
Hopefully you realize that Greg isn’t worth it and you can healthily talk about your problems without people trying to one up you or silence you.

No. 754605

File: 1545927222714.jpeg (693.65 KB, 1125x1353, FF8E1ABB-BB60-45AC-A25F-2F26C1…)

No. 754606

File: 1545927256943.jpeg (533.67 KB, 1125x1241, BB2A5796-FB66-4891-AD97-69C58B…)

No. 754631

And another one gets thrown under the bus.
His supply of yes man is dwindling, let's see how long it takes for the others to wake up or get banned.

No. 754679

File: 1545937578922.jpg (92.55 KB, 797x639, underthebus.jpg)

He's going to run out of lackies at this rate.

No. 755102

File: 1545977570308.png (160.14 KB, 598x710, okay sis.png)

this girl is fucking retarded holy shit

No. 755448

Her post history is pretty much arguing, realizing she's losing the argument, blocking whoever she's losing the argument to and then making a post about how she's a bad bitch for blocking people lol. She's honestly so moronic and boring.

No. 755549

She didn't even @ the HATER just onion lmao

No. 755580

File: 1546050875660.png (19.06 KB, 597x215, so.PNG)

idk if this belongs here but I didnt want to shit up the main onion thread for something unimportant. but here's a cap of Billy the Fridge I think confirming he thinks greg is both a narc and a sociopath. But you know, so.

No. 755780

File: 1546098444961.jpeg (732.13 KB, 1125x1733, DA792F7B-E0D3-472E-B99E-149920…)

Water is wet and Madison Decambra is an attention seeking whore.

No. 755782

File: 1546098833227.jpeg (396.76 KB, 1125x722, 327A9EF4-8DA9-483B-AECA-55E768…)

At this point everyone know something inappropriate was going down with teen girls yet she chalks it up to being “overdramatic”. This girl is just as complicit in the Avaroes abusive and pedophilic tendencies and so are the other girls who know about the full extent of Sarah being groomed.

You never had to post it to a drama image board but this shit should have been reported years ago, before Sarah turned 18. You all are actively letting Greg and Lainey get away with pedophilia by not contacting the police.

No. 755788

She's just making herself more important than she is. Imagine something really bad has been going on in the Avaroe's house and she's been silent about it for all those years. She'd be as guilty as Greg and Lainey if anything came to light. Do you really think she'd be running around boasting about knowledge of illegal actions??

She wanted her limelight, she got her limelight, and now that people keep asking her about what she knows she's caving in.
Again, even if there was anything she knew of, she wouldn't spill it since she'd be an accessory and get jailtime as well.

No. 756851

Look who made it to the Pro-Ana Scumbags thread because she posts nudes for pedos and fetishists in a bonespo community. They usually just steal images of other girls to post in their creepy circles, but this one is desperate enough to whore herself out voluntarily.


>talk about being starved for attention

No. 758406

You've been nominated in the Lolcow Awards 2018! Go here to vote: >>>/meta/8011

No. 758683

File: 1546559074609.png (42.7 KB, 581x142, beccer.png)

>cant get free online "therapy" from scams like BetterHelp
>lives in UK where she could get a free REAL therapist
>this is why people kill themselves!!!!!!!!!11111111

I thought you didn't believe in therapy, Becca?

No. 758965

Oh Fatbecca, you happily threw your money after a cheating, lying, ex "youtube star" who didn't respect you. I'm sure you have those $65

No. 759007

Don't forget she paid for Sylar's pledge too.

No. 759946

File: 1546759159584.jpg (19.1 KB, 371x82, allie.jpg)

Allies presence in the Onision stream, so nice of her to help him construct a better narrative!

No. 768429

File: 1547935759210.jpeg (491.93 KB, 750x990, 1547882515215.jpeg)

Coming here from the current Onion thread. A farmer contacted Madison on a freshly new and obviously fake account to see if you would say anything about the drama since she has been teasing and backing off for weeks now. Madison immediately went into a sob story and anon posted caps. Now Madison is claiming they were a 'friend' and betrayed her so she's throwing a tantrum and making herself look like a victim on Twitter. She seems like a potential cow to me but what do you guys think?

>>627926 here is the anon who messaged her and their story on it. I'll update with more caps in a sec.

No. 768437

File: 1547936152888.jpeg (159.46 KB, 640x670, 1547885949999.jpeg)

Sorry for fucking up the link. Here's another screenshot.

No. 768438

Madison is absolutely a cow, but we definitely shouldn’t give her a thread. She desperately wants the attention, kinda like Megan. We should discuss her here though.

Here’s a fixed link: >>>/pt/627926

No. 768487

yes, all people who choose to orbit the Onions deserved to be confined here forevermore.

No. 768820

File: 1548011467265.jpg (380.08 KB, 620x4089, ZFyqqSG.jpg)

Madison is now revealing all of her ex-girlfriends and their respective mental issues to prove how legitimately pansexual she is, including stories of a failed trinity of her own.

No. 768824

File: 1548011577868.png (161.02 KB, 622x749, ZAMREx5.png)

Bonus: Complaining about lolcow not believing her many sob stories after she admitted to "embellishing" details and teasing and canceling her tell-alls multiple times

No. 768904

tfw you doxx your ex gfs just to prove a point to the internet.

>I won't do it again.
Good. She obviously can't handle any form of observation or criticism.

No. 768910

“Trinity” isn’t a thing. It’s a triad or a threesome.

No. 768911

Trinity is Onision's term for a triad because he's an idiot. It's a meme, Anon, lurk more.

No. 769001

Actual sane people shouldn’t be using Onion’s stupid jargon, is my point.

No. 769054

Well then, great opinion, but you better get used to tongue-in-cheek usage of terms favored by cows, whether you like it or not, lest you out yourself as a total newfag who has no idea how this site works.

No. 773575

File: 1548824537417.jpg (118.51 KB, 652x684, Screenshot_20190109-224511.jpg)

madis livestream was posted in the main thread >>>/pt/633893 and again shes backpedaling on shit, either that or she embellished when she talked to me.

No. 773576

File: 1548824639692.jpg (111.95 KB, 656x690, Screenshot_20190109-224652.jpg)

No. 773578

File: 1548824727602.jpg (128.42 KB, 654x692, Screenshot_20190109-225121.jpg)

No. 773579

File: 1548824854489.jpg (116.81 KB, 655x693, Screenshot_20190109-230114.jpg)

No. 773580

File: 1548824914616.jpg (107.06 KB, 658x690, Screenshot_20190109-2300247.jp…)

get your story straight madi x

No. 773581

File: 1548826242622.gif (1.81 MB, 642x480, skeletor.gif)

>I swear he got hard one time
Why is nobody talking about this?!

No. 773584

Would you risk getting a ban posting this in the main Onision thread?
I mean its Madison, but shes talking about what she saw or experienced in connection with Lainey and Greg. The Lainey/Sarah snuggling in bed is very damning and confirms what the other girls said. And Lainey wanting to leave with Madi and get a place is new.
I just feel this is similar to the Maya texts and that was dumped in the main Onision thread.

No. 773585

yeah I agree it is technically directly related to onion

No. 773601

She really left her daughter alone with gerg, to be with Lame. Her daughter even bled this is awful. He's awful but come on how the fuck could you trust him?!

No. 773631

yes, wtf. dont know if this is normal, but if my daughter bled after being alone with some creepy guy i would go to a doctor with her.

No. 773671

Nta but her daughter suffered from severe nappy rash as a result of being left sitting in her own shit for a good number of hours, there's not much a dr can do aside from prescribing an emollient cream to ease discomfort/aid healing time.

This mother was sooooo concerned about onions behaviours around his own kids and her daughter that she still took her child there for month's after this terrible incident and even decried over sm how much her daughter 'loved' the onions and was desperately upset at not being able to go back ever again.. tbh they all fucking deserve each other.
Any normal parent would have run the fuck away and never looked back. Why any mother would continously expose their child to the onions' toxicity/stupidity is dumbfounding but to then reeee about it publicly and somehow expect to be viewed as a victim is just fucking mental.

Tl:dr, Madison and the Onions are utter twats.

No. 773677

Honestly, I don't get the dynamics in Madison's life:
She's cheated on her boss to be with her the man who's now the father of her daughter, but goes around looking for a girlfriend?
That's some Gregory-and-Taylor-Avaroe-type of screwed-up, dysfunctional relationship.

No. 773679

Tbh I find it a bit redeemable because she was kinda close to him as in space wise and didn’t expect him to change the diaper nor care for the kid but rather just at least tell her that he doesn’t like the smell of shit but he’s so fucking sadistic he can’t even text her that it smells like shit in the room bc of her kid. Like let’s not pretend it’s not more fucked up on his part than hers

No. 773695

I know Madi is an attention whore but she's the third person to talk about Kainey mentioning running away (Maya being one and one of the girls from twitter). I'm starting to think taylor genuinely does want to get away from greg but stays there either out of dependence/the kids/to prove the haters wrong. >>773576

No. 773696

She is likely also scared to leave cause she knows Greg is insane. If she leaves she will have years of harassment from him.

However, if she were smart - she'd let him run off with some other girl so she has an out.

Which I guess leads me to believe deep down she wants to stay.

No. 773852

I always wondered about that as well. Always thought Gerg's only ammo was that Madi cheated and got pregnant by her ex's boss, which may be tacky, but not a big deal 'cause I thought Madi and him are together or even married.
But then she told the whole world about how she cheated on him with "beg for jay" and she flip floped between "i have a guy" and "i love girls, i want a girlfriend".
With her constant need to cheat she would've been a really good fit for the swamp.

Taylor's had so many chances to leave him e.g. the Billie saga, when Sam was there, everytime she visits her parents, or even if she'd started a relationship with Luxy or Maya (ofc without Gerg). She doesn't want to leave him because being with someone like him is better (in her opionion) than having to work and being a single mom, while having his preteen fans harrass you.

No. 773854

The reason madi doesn't get the sympathy other onion victims got is because she constantly shat on other victims and tried to smugly make out she was better and that she would never leak anything if they dropped her.
She literally still shits on Sam, and it was less than a month or two ago that she shat on billie and ayalla too.
She literally just got jealous of not being in the greasome, got jealous of people sympathising with ayalla, and threw a lainey style "WHERE'S MY SYMPATHY AND ATTENTION" then teased for ages about it in a failed attempt to whip up a frenzy (before her new "song" drops coincidentally)
Even when she made statements she quickly revoked them and said she exaggerated. How the fuck does she expect anyone to believe a word she says if she just makes things up out of spite?
She also has always been hesitant because she thought there was a crumb of a chance of the onions letting her back in.
This is why she's in the Flake thread, this is why people ran out of sympathy, this is why she's in no way comparable to onions exes and ayalla.

No. 774044

File: 1548977940161.webm (4.74 MB, 320x180, temptations.webm)

Has anyone listened to her single? It's really bad. She was teasing it with "How does one survive in a society that begs you to remove your clothes, then shames you when you do?", so I expected some faux-feminist empowerment theme, but it's just a song about fucking a guy too soon. At least it's on topic for her I guess. Everything from the lyrics to the accent is embarrassing.

No. 774048

Is she trying to pull a Shiloh? Madi's been harping on a lot about her BPD, singing career, her whole identity as a constant victim of abuse…

She's paying to have her single published lmfao. This is the service she uses https://cdbaby.com/cd-baby-cost.aspx

No. 774121

It sounds like she's trying to be Lorde.

No. 774146

"I'm just a baby girl fighting through a big bad world" ew STAHP the cringe is unbearable.
Gave it a listen, confirms what we already knew basically, her cockteasing about "spilling the tea" on onion and lame being abusive to her was basically a big fat publicity stunt for her "damaged littol girl uwu" persona.
Being jealous of a married space prinxes relationship with a minor and leaving your baby repeatedly with an incompetent onion, falling out with said crusty couple.. so very damaged.. So much tea. For them, she 'exposed' what we already knew. She mostly exposed herself

No. 774162

Her voice is a bargain bin version of Billie Elish and Melanie Martinez. It's not terrible singing just super fucking generic and the lyrics are trash. Plus she looks so basic. No gimmicks, nothing that sets her apart, she's just some random brunette chipmunk girl with average normal clothes. Not saying she needs a wAckY image but she's just so basic and her style of singing is basic, she needs something that stands out. Even Bulo sounds similar and is an average looking brunette but she has interesting clothes, good lyrics and the album art is good.
Madison is just a white background with her face. No wonder she stans Lameo. She's just as boring as herself.

No. 774205

Dying @ the forced fake English accent, this is so embarrassing that Madison is practically a cringeflake in her own right.

No. 774750

… There's a way to get your single published for free? cdbaby isn't even that expensive.

No. 775065

File: 1549311502112.png (59.9 KB, 607x324, WDj00nX.png)

It's not about the price. Sure, CDBaby isn't expensive, but that's because they want to make themselves available to everyone with no quality control whatsoever. They're a joke, their FB posts get 2 comments, their reviews are terrible, using them just screams "I wanted a shortcut to look professional without putting in the work". There's no need for her single to be on Spotify and iTunes yet before she even attempts to get interest via Soundcloud or even YouTube, which she didn't even link on day 1, only once she uploaded the "lyric video" on her own channel. Zero promotion for the music channel generated by her distribution company. She has no idea what she's doing and didn't even look at competitors (pic related), this is a pure vanity move to be able to say "I'm on Spotify and iTunes" and sound important. CDBaby doesn't do any marketing and doesn't put you in playlists, so really the only people who'll stream her music are those who already know of it via her social media. She's just paying for an ego boost. I'd have more respect for her if she tried it organically like any SoundClout thot. It's just half-assed and the music equivalent of a vanity press. It's on par with Greg's shitty self-published novels.

No. 780155

Hello. And Bye.(namefagging)

No. 784756

File: 1552107460735.png (57.29 KB, 722x434, onision com forum.PNG)

Ive seen this particular forum member begging for books and art supplies from her fellow Onision bootlickers.
If I didnt know she wrote this Id swear it was written by Gronk pleading for money to continue his Youtube career. They use the same passive aggressive speech.
I guess she realizes shes in a group of easily impressionable mental defects who are willing to give money to people to gain their favor so shes attempting to take advantage of that.

No. 786698

File: 1552601206498.png (1.72 MB, 1440x7495, PF.png)

She also pulled a "I'm leaving! You guys are so mean! Ask me to stay! Ok I'll stay" thread the other day.

No. 786701

File: 1552601553550.png (25.86 KB, 500x135, Booty.png)

Interestingly, our friend Megan talked about a suicide attempt which would coincide with her outing on here:

2 days apart, but maybe she purposely said a different date to throw off suspicion. It's too close to not be related.

No. 786761

File: 1552615706380.jpeg (63.41 KB, 1125x765, D0Nf5BsWwAA7zPr.jpeg)

guess who got a job as a stripper guys?
(she's still living with/mooching off her mom though)

No. 786788

File: 1552620246598.jpg (311.74 KB, 1638x2048, ouch.jpg)

Wow, I can't imagine anything more erotic than this fridge undulating around a pole.

Also, the british Megan got a shitton of fillers and feels ~so good~ now

No. 786789

File: 1552620264862.png (68.75 KB, 600x277, yikes.png)

No. 786790

File: 1552620523246.jpg (51.13 KB, 640x640, L6JSE1s.jpg)

Based on how many different faces she has shooped herself throughout her Instagram feed, it's probably safe to say she was never a luminous beauty, but at least her face looked like she was able to move it before.

No. 786926

In what universe is this “subtle”??

No. 787070

File: 1552685126081.jpg (77.63 KB, 961x711, subtle.jpg)

s u b t l e

No. 787927

For fucks sake what state is in? judging by the girl behind her they have no hiring standards at all.

No. 787992

South Carolina, Amber has been my own personal cow before she even appeared as a flake. I believe her "friends" got her a job there…

No. 788669

is she stripping in myrtle beach or somewhere else? a stripper is one thing, a myrtle beach stripper is another

No. 789054

Yeah, she is. It's hard to find something trashier than that.

No. 789844

File: 1553454491655.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1125x1947, 6BFF8655-8645-4E65-9BC3-BE079C…)

No. 801046

What’s the deal with this chick Jessica? She seems to be a top Patron and is filming at his house.

No. 801736

File: 1556771285646.webm (1.92 MB, 720x1280, CherryDiscos-11229068821113651…)

>tfw you have to do each part of the ahegao expression separately because your two braincells aren't enough to emote with your eyes and mouth at the same time

No. 801824

File: 1556819857718.jpg (540.03 KB, 1125x1523, QIiRzlH.jpg)

No. 801825

File: 1556819873648.jpg (651.76 KB, 1125x1874, F2sfY2N.jpg)

No. 801826

File: 1556819995900.jpg (544.85 KB, 1125x1884, StExQeZ.jpg)

Everyone who ever pledged gets these Patreon messages and everything she says is public knowledge and of course it's, again, too little too late, plus ignoring that every other fakeboi goes by Kai… she tried.

No. 801854

File: 1556825882129.jpg (94.95 KB, 675x1200, CW0DQLT.jpg)

No. 801855

File: 1556825899029.jpg (111.19 KB, 675x1200, c7kD2Fb.jpg)

No. 801857

File: 1556825924840.jpg (107.49 KB, 675x1200, MJaUec5.jpg)

No. 801858

File: 1556825967899.jpg (99.82 KB, 675x1200, WUZ9lA4.jpg)

No. 801859

File: 1556826018467.jpg (140.05 KB, 675x1200, 2FGsLU0.jpg)

No. 801901

Lmao at onion "will attack his spouse's parental skills and call HIM a shit MOTHER"
Whilst simultaneously insinuating that onion really always had a hard-on for her. Ffs much support, great friendship.

why don't you call maxie?? You know the girl who a complete psycho and who's opinion is rational and sound…

Lol. They're all fucking mental.

No. 801931

File: 1556849196454.png (1.46 MB, 1200x1000, download.png)

Has this crazy weeb bitch gone manic? I feel like I'm looking at a full-blown episode. Instead of blowing her money on bizarre-looking fillers and cheap Chinese polyester impulse purchases she should invest in therapy. She clearly has some bimbofication thing going on right now after the attention from posting nudes to skelly fetishists ran out.

>Amber has been my own personal cow before she even appeared as a flake

I want to hear this story

No. 806936

File: 1557859026766.png (20.03 KB, 1047x320, hmmm.png)

Looks like Greg and the ever so loyal other Megan unfollowed each other. It's obvious they had a falling out. I'm curious if he'll make a dumb video about it.

No. 806983

Her account on his forum is deleted too.

No. 806992

File: 1557866244449.jpg (367.29 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190514-153702_Chr…)

No. 807089

File: 1557879594920.jpg (302.93 KB, 1074x1667, Screenshot_20190514-191749_Twi…)

It would seem Greg and bootyslayer/xernianova had some kind of falling out, she requested her forum profile be deleted and they no longer follow each other on Twitter, anyone have any idea why?

No. 807136

File: 1557895901437.png (59.64 KB, 480x671, 51419.png)

Greg gave his opinion on all this and it was basically a green light for his ass-lickers and Patrons to shit talk. Im sure there will be more fans of his saying things like "I was cool with her, but never liked her" or "I always knew she was trouble"

No. 807153

This was about LizardQueen, not Booty.

No. 807186

All of Bootys posts and the threads she created are now saying Guest. So didnt she also request her account to be deleted? So I would assume hes directing his comment about "if you want your account deleted you should stay away" to Megan and all those others who left in a huff.

No. 807234


Lizardqueen was a crazy out of control patreon/mod on his speaks channel/twitch streams before she was forcibly removed by onion about 8 mths ago, booty was a mod on his 'forums'.

No. 807238

LizardQueen and some other ex users had to make a thread to get their accounts removed because that's the only way to reach Greg on the forum since his DMs are closed. Booty probably asked him privately to delete her account. She did the vast majority of the modding work on the forum. He's just bitching out because his main mod isn't around anymore to tardwrangle for him, so he has to shade his users for making him work so hard.

No. 870850

So what’s amber up to now? Is she still sucking onions virtual dick, or is she jumping on the hype train hating him like everyone else?

No. 870972

File: 1569003439151.jpg (1.21 MB, 1173x2228, amber.jpg)

You best believe she's still on her shit. These are just the ones from September so far

No. 870977

File: 1569003683961.png (313.88 KB, 591x637, amber2.png)

Bonus: Still begging celebs for exposure

No. 873581

out of all of them, Amber is the only one still orbiting I think, (maybe booty too?) and you can see clearly why, all of these girls were barely 18, with past traumas and abuse, thinking they knew best and were all grown up. Now most of them are roasting onion on a daily

No. 1194073

File: 1616791403855.jpeg (233.65 KB, 828x1792, 46358126-EFD9-42A2-B1E4-63E6DF…)

Look what I found

No. 1194227

Wow, good find. With that bail amount, I would guess possession of a little too much coke or crack but who can say.

No. 1194376

Can’t find anything on her arrest

No. 1196150

So she's a dumb reckless hoe in order to compensate for how ugly she is. Have fun in jail, Ugley Quinn.

No. 1784166

Can we get any updates on fat becca?? If possible? B

No. 1784169

Can we get any updates on fat becca?? If possible? B(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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