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File: 1531672400498.png (645.2 KB, 1238x541, 1531567243285.png)

No. 549111

Thread Image Credit: >>548316
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/543740
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregma/Gurgles/Lainey's Gay Husband (abbreviated to LGH)/Shreg/Ogreg is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Taylor/Lainey/Plainey/Doormat/Greg's Straight Wife (abbreviated to GSW), is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

On the last episode:
>Sarah's back and might possibly be staying at the Onion trailer
>Greg continues to say that he and Maddie were never friends and how he was uncomfortable around her for years. Maddie cries to instagram. Summary: >>544090
>It's still shaky whether Maddie has actually undrank the koolaid due to consistently going back and forth to seeking their forgiveness >>544550 and knowing better >>544720
>Onion posts screenshots of a long message he sent to Maddie on twitter >>544991
>Lainey gets on YouNow and rants about "not wanting to talk about Maddie" but also talks about Maddie >>545101 (backup >>545194 )
>Onion attacks both his flakes GingerBecks >>545420 and AllieLovesLain >>545957 for supporting Maddie
>Onion continues to vouch for trans people, as a cis white man >>546349
>Onion makes an unnecessarily graphic retelling of all his relationships >>546473
>Onion flew up a new $100 patron to do videos with him >>548304 She seems to have a crush on Lainey and is better at makeup than her >>548316
>To no one's surprise, Onion attacks Shane Dawson yet again ..this time with back-and-forth emails >>548918

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- No nitpicking. /pt/ no longer has the sage function.
- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.



No. 549141

If Lainey doesn't say anything, Maddi should spill the milk about their children.

Nothing compromising to the children themselves. Simply swamp people's treatment of them. Their shit diet, yelling, neglect.

Anusion made the rearing of his kids fair game the moment he had the gall of talking about here and the atrocious things he said.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 549175

>no greg in the thumbnail

holy shit

No. 549180

thread image could've been more inspired…

No. 549202

File: 1531679519041.jpeg (210.02 KB, 640x501, 09BCD1D3-DEE6-463E-B77B-E086C7…)

Maybe Grease should t be spuring to 18 year old children how shitty condoms are now we have a baby entering the world who wasn’t planned or wanted

No. 549214

File: 1531681197937.png (19.75 KB, 735x137, Screenshot_2018-07-15 Onision …)

No. 549218

File: 1531681675760.png (72.93 KB, 800x466, Screenshot_2018-07-15 Onision …)

No. 549220

Is he actually going insane? Shane warned him that that was what he'd have to do? Is he being intentionally stupid or is he really this deluded?

No. 549224

File: 1531682077788.png (1.31 MB, 978x740, Screenshot_2018-07-15 Laineybo…)

No. 549226

kek Shane warned him this would happen so he proceeded to provoke him so that Shane would react and then he could make this whiny tweet in a half-assed attempt to criminalize him. God, how embarrassing.

No. 549228

I know shane has been the bigger man by avoiding him for a long time… but at this point i just want to see him rip Greg to shreds. Greg's reputation is so low now and his content is so poor that there's no chance of the attention bringing on a comeback.

No. 549229

Gurg, you harassed Jaclyn incessantly when you had a problem with social repose…

No. 549230


As could the thread name.

No. 549231

Tbh it seems like he’s okay to the kids themselves (we haven’t seen any proof otherwise) but he is damaging them by being abusive to Lainey and bringing girls in to have sex with. Like THATS going to be damaging even if he isn’t neglectful directly to the kids. Idk.

No. 549232


Does this mean Shane reached out to Lainey about her psycho husband?

No. 549233


Are you shitting me? He admitted that he doesn’t even talk to Clot because she’s not able to speak yet. This fucking moron expects his daughter to just magically be able to carry on a conversation without him, the father, having to do anything at all, like I don’t know, TEACH HER HOW TO SPEAK.

No. 549235

i wouldnt be surprised if shane or his friends lurked here to keep up with the youtube drama

No. 549236


I doubt it. With Anusion, the best thing to do is ignore him. His screeching is an embarrassment, and most rational adults would avoid trying to engage him. Shane only reached out to Plain literally because he probably felt sorry for her and the kids.

No. 549237

It’s just so obvious this is projection. He clearly mistreats his kids and is a pedophile himself which is why he’s so crazy about Shane. I wish someone would just spill already about the fucked up shit he does because for the most “honest” person shouldn’t he have nothing to hide? He loves outing other people for their secrets under the guise of being honest. He’s such an irrelevant loser at this point the 40+ videos he’d make about that person don’t even matter

No. 549238


As of right now, they're still following each other on twitter

No. 549240

File: 1531683399557.jpeg (183.85 KB, 750x357, F60488A0-3E76-421B-AB97-830328…)

Did we miss this?

No. 549248

I feel bad for Shane but tbh I hope shreg keeps this up because at this point I think the only way he’s going to be dragged down for his shit behaviour is if someone finally sues him. I also am so fed up with people defending Lainey when it’s clear that she is also in support of his negativity. Someone posted a livestream on twitter where Sarah and her laughed about Shane being a pedo. She’s a snake

No. 549249

Someone else said the same thing about Lainey contacting Shane. When did that happen? I think I missed it?

No. 549251

It's annoying that Shane hasn't sued him yet tbh… Who cares about Lainey does Shane not know her family is wealthy? Please put this idiot in the hole for good.

No. 549252

The fact that Shane says in the email "leave me alone. and stop emailing me" makes it really seem like LGH emails him frequently, which i don't doubt. I'm willing to bet that he emails Shane multiple times a week about mundane things like reminiscing about vidcon and losing views.

What a fucking creep.

No. 549255

They are the last people that need to be shown mercy. I'd love to see Shane sue the pants off the onions. Who cares if Shane brings him attention by doing so; it'll all be dislikes and nasty comments.

No. 549256

He really is obsessed with him. Lame has been such a huge fan of Shane for like what, a decade now? I mean that's the only reason she knows who onion is. I wonder if she's really going to unfollow and cut off contact.

No. 549258

I hope Lainey is seriously humiliated by her husband right now. Might just be the thing that makes or breaks things.

No. 549260


My bets are on Lainey stating to Gregma that it was Shane that contacted her, and jumbling up the information for some pity. TBH it was probably mentioned before in the past threads about her contacting him ( these threads go fast ) but no one thought much of it because Lame is a fan of Shane and would like his booty hole in a instance.

Lame seems like the type who makes the first move, but than later tells everyone it was the other person. Like she sends vague msgs ( ie : likes pictures,retweets, basic one word comment) that way when they msg her it comes off as them reaching out.

No. 549262

I agree, I think she totally disagrees with onion and has messaged shane saying so as well as thanking him for not wanting to include her. But of course, she can't tell onion that.

No. 549265

Greg is definitely brewing a video run featuring the email caps and pushing the whole 'THReAtENg MY FaMiLY' angle. Boi is so predictable

No. 549266


Lainey thought that by getting with Shreg she would live a YouTuber lifestyle with tours, wealth, and being friends with famous people like Shane.

Instead she is stuck in a trailer that she never gets to leave, with 2 kids that are entirely her responsibility, and every vlogger she was ever a fan of won't go near her or her husband. I wonder if she ever thinks about what her life would have been if she didn't throw her youth away for an abusive asshole just because he had 2 million subscribers on an online video platform.

No. 549268

yup, I can't imagine how she must feel watching Shanes videos and seeing what a warm and friendly environment it is and how much fun they seem to have.

No. 549269

Wasn’t Lainey making a joke about Shane being a pedo with Sarah? I’m surprised no one made a clip of that

No. 549271


Gurg also seems to not realize that Shane most likely has a very good legal team on his side. A YouTuber of his status has to at least have one on retainer. Gurg would be the type to show up and act as his own attorney and, to be honest…I'd love that. I just want him to not have a way out of whatever hole he's dug himself into and have to pay actual, real life consequences for his actions.

No. 549274

I would pay good money to see that, he should make it a patreon perk

No. 549275


Which Shane & his lawyer's most likely will use as evidence if they decide to pursue legal action. Shane isn't stupid, I'm sure someone screencaps & saves every little thing Gurg posts about him.

No. 549281

When? I missed this. I need a link!

No. 549282

Shane also has the views/money to legally pursue Greg and even though we know Greg isn’t actually “struggling to survive” he has taken a big pay cut and has had a lot of trouble keeping up views now. Greg has to realize slandering people has consequences.

No. 549285

Dude, I'm going to hazard a guess she does not wish she aborted her own child. Gross accusation.

No. 549287

File: 1531686592744.jpg (523.3 KB, 910x1200, der_onision.jpg)

I can certainly see why he would delete it.

No. 549297


This this this. He gets away with WAY too much bullshit, worse than other Youtubers because everyone expects that sort of behavior from him. It's gotten out of hand because nobody has taken legal action against him or held him accountable for his actions. I don't think the dude has ever been held accountable for anything in his life.

I've always praised Shane for being wise to Greg's antics but after seeing those emails, it has gone too far and I bet there is a LOT more that he isn't showing us, which is far worse. He took these few snippets that he thinks makes him look good, and he looks like an idiot. So I wonder what the rest of the emails look like where Greg think he doesn't look good.

Shane 100% needs to take legal action or deal with this shit forever. It's been 10 years, it's not going to stop now.

No. 549302



Around the 33.22 minute mark I think. Pair of bitches.

No. 549304

File: 1531688235934.png (422.55 KB, 1440x2360, Everyone hates Anusion.png)

No worries, Anus. Almost everyone hates you.

No. 549305

OnisionTranslation: Look at me while I try to prove how much I dislike teens.

Wew its gettin sad at this point

No. 549306

File: 1531688394288.webm (3.9 MB, 320x180, 55-27.webm)

Sarah says "it rhymes with pawson (Dawson) and metaphile (pedophile)"
Foot seemed to really enjoy the pedophile joke because she repeated "metaphile"

No. 549307

God bless you anon

No. 549316

File: 1531689493566.png (39.44 KB, 747x621, Untitled.png)

Thursday to Friday, it seems that Twitter got rid of fake or inactive or fake followers. (see also https://socialblade.com/twitter/user/jack https://socialblade.com/twitter/user/cnn https://socialblade.com/twitter/user/foxnews)

No. 549324

Was just about to say the same, it’s not like we’ve had any shortage of hilarious imagery courtesy of our shop anons…

No. 549328

Probably as Shane has had LC screencaps in vids before.

No. 549332


Just because people expect it of him doesn't make it right. This may be a bad analogy, but I'm half deep in a glass of sangria, but: just because someone's the 'creepy uncle' type doesn't make it okay if he touches a kid.

I hope Shane takes legal action. Shane has had his share of scandals over the years, but always owns up to it, admits he did wrong, moves on and improves himself. Gurg never does. And his continued defamation could be viewed as a something like detrimental to Shane's career, livelihood & income. What is Gurg going to have to do in order for someone to take action? Shit on Shane's lawn?

No. 549334

File: 1531692149139.png (38.69 KB, 770x359, truck.png)

No. 549336

i'm just gonna leave this here in case /someone/ needs it http://archive.is/https://twitter.com/Onision/status/*

No. 549341

Jesus what a moron.
I really hope he is selling his truck though, he needs to buy another car!

No. 549343

Who knew! When things slam into fragile delicate made to shatter for safety glass it breaks! Why am I not surprised gurg doesn't know how to properly and safely load a vehicle.

Teenage girls don't even make this mistake. Your retardation puts your spawn in danger onion.

No. 549344

No. 549346

I'm American and I dont have the slighest idea. Anyone here speak Shreggish?

No. 549348


My guess is it was an instance of the box (holding who knows what) slammed into the window. To me, 'flush' implies it's flat against a surface, so the flat side of the box against the window. But who knows if that's what it means to Gurg. Also, pretty sure you're suppose to secure anything you put into the bed of a trunk….

No. 549352

File: 1531694546980.png (62.64 KB, 580x703, Untitled.png)

No. 549359

File: 1531696245516.png (41.56 KB, 518x383, Untitled.png)

sry for doubleposting but THE MOST HONEST YOUTUBER deleted evidence of a tweet he made after threatened with legal action. (lol. such a deluded phony) (I'm presuming he posted the screenshots after they happened so they are new.)

Archive from when it was live: http://archive.is/9L8bf
Archive from cache: http://archive.is/CJURE
Archive showing it was deleted: http://archive.is/EuKlA
Google archive: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:vcExjxmPUugJ:https://twitter.com/Onision/status/1018372853371002881+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

And heres another random one:

Last year, he was sucking up to shane so hard. lol.

No. 549360

Underrated post, this has me at my toppest of keks

No. 549361

Kek I'm actually surprised that it was only 15.5k tbh. I peeked at his followers a couple months ago and at least 1/4 looked like they were obviously fake/purchased (accounts with very little to no activity/friends other than support of Shreg.)
Now if only YouTube would also clean out all their fake profiles, Shreg's sub count would be cut down by half.
2 mil subscribers but only manages 20-30k views per video? I'd love to see what his monthly budget for buying fake subs is (that his gullible patrons pay for ofc).

No. 549366


Some from the recent Shane Sperg:




Not deleted (but downloaded and archived :) ) video Onision made re: Shane





Onision on Twitter: "People saying Sally Gunderson copied Shane's …
Apr 25, 2012 - … @laineybot ED: 1-800-931-2237 Suicide: 1-800-273-8255 Anxiety: 1-800-448-3000. Seattle, WA. youtube.com/onisionspeaks. Joined April …




No. 549368

Ffs. Ofc nothing is ever Anusion's fault, and his default reaction is to run straight to Twitter to attempt to publicly shame them.
What does he expect them to do? Ram isn't responsible for Anus being a dumbshit and breaking his window with an unsecured box. Does he think they're going to replace it because he screeches on YT to a dozen teen twats?
Such a fucking victim. Newsflash, Anus: Glass is breakable. People like Anus are the reason we have warning stickers on everything.

No. 549369

Lmao “fragile machine” in the end I think Shane is gonna get pissed off and proceed to sue. Shit’s gonna be crazy.

No. 549370

I’d pay money to see Lainey’s reaction! She must have been S H O O K

No. 549373

File: 1531699985114.png (64.03 KB, 585x583, Untitled.png)

LGH cancelled a discord session because his windshield broke lol

No. 549374

So LGH goes beyond full retard spergmode since his wheel of drama is stuck at Shane AND he breaks a window in his truck in a matter of hours? What a fucking loser, it's unreal. topkek. Never change and be mad, Grease.

No. 549377

Great work, anon. It's good to have this compiled in one place as not only does Shreg have a bad habit of deleting this stuff, but I wouldn't be surprised if people were reporting his recent sperg as harrassment so it might not be around for long. I noticed at least one has been removed but I'm not sure by who.

Like we all know he's a vile, attention-seeking, angry little creep, but holy shit seeing it all laid out like this is genuinely disturbing.
Shreg is so bitter and jealous, and knowing that this garbage has been stewing in his swampy brain even while making all those "I've changed and grown guise, I'm super humble and mellow now!" is unsettling.
He's truly a stupid sick fuck who thinks pointing his fingers at everyone else will distract us from the grossness that seeps out of his few unclogged pores. It's not working, Anusion.

No. 549378

>the type of person who takes risks
KEK you mean "the type of person" who rarely leaves the house and spergs on Twitter all day? Or the type who wears bulletproof vests everywhere?
Oh, I know! The type who refuses to wear condoms because you don't like how they feel! What a fun, adventurous dude!

No. 549381

this whole thing with shane is actually another way of keeping taylor isolated from guys she idolizes, because she's still a shane fan and it probably makes anusion go nuts with jealousy
by saying "stay away from my family" he keeps shane from talking to taylor and can guilt trip her into not idolizing shane anymore because hE ThReAtEnEd oUr fAmIlY

No. 549385

Instant Karma lol.

No. 549386

>Education is absolutely brilliant
1. This is absolutely hilarious coming from such an uneducated dimwit.
2. I can't count the number of times he's sperged about how "book learnin" is inferior to real life experience. He shames secondary education constantly, and even claimed to be smarter than doctors.
3. Is..is this tweet just a shout-out to Google? Because KEK
4. "I can't believe we access to so much information for free". I love that he managed to fuck up his grammar on a tweet talking about how "brilliant" education is. Never change, Anusion.

No. 549387

Gregles really is the male embodiment of the “I’d like to speak to the manager” meme

No. 549397

People Onision has accused of being a sexual predator THIS YEAR in his desperate attempts at relevancy in the grand scheme of YouTube:

1. His father
2. A's father
3. Shane Dawson
4. (Didn't he say something about Pewds? I can't remember.)

Who am I missing?

No. 549417


No. 549418

Binkie princess and anyone who does DDLG

No. 549423

and not from last year lol.

No. 549430

I pray that his pathetic attempts to "go viral" at other people's expense are his undoing when someone inevitably sues this fuckwit for what's left of his money.

No. 549431

Yup, called Pewds one too for a joke from like 2 years ago?? I believe he did do one of his BS "I apologize, BUT, it seems like a joke a pedo would make" type apologies.

No. 549432

So Gerg’s latest video is pathetically racist and ignorant. In it, he states that a black woman’s hair must smell like a dead rat because he’s too stupid to realize you can wash braids.


No. 549437

File: 1531711824789.png (35.78 KB, 568x448, Untitled.png)


this what I was thinking of. I couldn't remember exactly what he said

No. 549440

File: 1531711908136.jpeg (797.66 KB, 1271x1463, AFE90EC1-AEB9-495A-A5EA-B12C50…)

No. 549443


COSTCO Bunkbeds vs Ram Truck.


No. 549445

so it's a heavy box, this is his fucking fault LOL

No. 549448

Is he claiming that the box is empty or is he really dumb enough to think that when a heavy box hits glass that it's not supposed to break??

No. 549451

So, the kids are getting bunk beds and having to share a room so that Sarah gets her own room? Great priorities there Shregory.

No. 549454


How old is the boy now? Isn't he kind of young to be top on a bunk bed?

No. 549457

Almost 5, so no.

No. 549459

Lol does he not understand when boxes are too long for the bed you’re supposed to open the bed and tie them down?? Not lean it on the window. Jesus he’s so fucking stupid. Also “a cardboard box hit the window” you mean a fucking bunk bed you dense mother fucker.

No. 549461

I just had the dumbest yet funniest thought of him buying a bunk bed for Sarah and Lainey just so he can have the new teenage bait sleeping with him.

No. 549464

He should have noticed you're not meant to lean things against the rear window or else you can't see, that's like the first major red flag. Any car anoms know how much it'd cost to fix/replace the windshield/window?

No. 549465

Few hundred. Nothing insane but still frustrating.

No. 549466

It’s on OnisionPrime it’s deductible

No. 549468

Wow. Isn't he required to fix the window before selling it? Seems like he's losing more money since he's gonna end up buying another car that's cost way more than it should for someone who's struggling financially.

No. 549476

~business expense~!

No. 549478

File: 1531714839235.png (2.11 MB, 1459x1440, Risk-Taking Anus!.png)

>Really happy to be the type of person who takes risks
>I'm lucky my life has a pulse
I don't know what has spurred on these "I'm an edgy risk-taker guise" tweets, but he sounds like a retarded 12 year-old who just got his very first tactical wallet from a mall kiosk.

No. 549482

he loaded his truck like a retard.. wow.. much IQ, which he claims is high.

No. 549484

It’s not even a super frustrating ordeal. Just take it to a dealership. They probably won’t even have to order the part it’s a popular truck. it’ll only take a day or two to fix. Now unless he bought the truck brand new and bought a super expensive super inclusive warranty then it’s not covered and he’ll either have to pay it out of pocket or report it on the insurance so that’s probably what he’s really complaining about. But I don’t know of any kind of car or truck he could get that would be able to handle a bunk bed to the window (I mean most can’t even handle a pebble on the highway sooo) but by all means if he wants to go through the actual frustrating process of selling a used truck that gets shit mileage be my guest.

No. 549487

omg for a man who when to the Univeristy of Google, you'd think he could have spent five minutes learning how black women maintain braids, and how it's super healthy and clean??? They wash their braids regularly.

Kinky/coily hair will literally snap/break if you shampoo it more than twice a week.

No. 549488

You know, this kind of makes me think that he is that type of person who just buys another item when they break. Such as if their phone breaks or cracks, then they'll probably just either trade it in or just buy another phone instead of trying to get the problem fixed.

Like, why even think about getting a whole another vehicle if the only thing thats wrong with it, is that the window broke??

No. 549508

He's a dumbass that has no real life skills and that can't be responsible with money.

No. 549513

Meh, he's just buttonpushing. "This frizzy crap", "smells like dead rat" unpleasant to touch" "doesn't get washed" shows girl with cute fro "she obviously doesn't give a fuck" - he wasn't trying to communicate any real idea, just get under people's skin.

I don't need the Shregs of the world to understand my hair, I'm good.

He's really starving, and I'm not mad at all. Let him starve.

No. 549525

File: 1531721893446.png (1.07 MB, 1440x2626, IgnorANUS.png)

A lot of pissed off people in the comments. Shreg either hasn't gotten around to deleting them yet or realized that if he does, he'll be left with only a few bot comments.
This video is incredibly ignorant even for his standards. He either fetishizes POC or tells them what they should be doing. He's amazingly obtuse and arrogant.

No. 549539

Pretty sure this video is verrrry close to veering into “violates YouTube’s T&Cs” territory on the basis of racism too.

No. 549540

File: 1531727652843.png (230.58 KB, 502x800, 61500.png)

No. 549542

How can someone be as stupid as Anusion and make it to adulthood? So much for natural selection.

No. 549543

File: 1531729288510.jpg (11.02 KB, 246x205, SayersTwinOverBunk.jpg)

It seems like it's suited for three people. Kids could be on bottom, and Lainey or Sarah on top (or Lainey co-sleeping with C, gives Greg plenty of alone time with Sarah that way.) I don't think i'd trust a five year old with that sort of bunk though, it's feels like broken bones waiting to happen.

No. 549545

File: 1531730286982.jpg (688.77 KB, 2377x2092, IMG_7953.JPG)

No. 549547

Taylor probably makes Sarah sleep on the top bunk thinking that it’ll make it more difficult for Grugly to slip her his greasy cocktail weiner in the middle of the night. Seriously though, it’s fucking odd that Draino thinks it’s normal to breastfeed and cosleep when the spawn are the age they are yet potentially allows one of them to sleep in a top bunk. Between that and one of the little turds throwing the other off the couch, the whole thing is a disaster waiting to happen.

No. 549548

This is a fucking masterpiece, anon!

No. 549558

He is that type of person. He also buys new stuff when he’s sick of the old, or when something new is released — hence why Lainey for the longest time whined about wanting a new phone but would come on Younow with different ones she found around the house because Greg bought new ones. She went from iPhone 6plus to 6S, to red iPhone 7 and now to iPhone X, all within 1.5 years.

Also Greg literally threw their dryer on the ground when moving, cracked the door and instead of fixing it, got a new washer and dryer for their Swamp mansion. He’s a reckless cunt with money.

No. 549572

Too cheap to just leave the washer and dryer at the old place like most normal people. I bet they took all the appliances they could.

No. 549574


And he probably doesn't understand that windshields and windows in cars are designed to break on impact. Same with cars, that's why it's so freakin' easy to get a dent or a ding. It's for safety. But I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that Gurg's truck is more important than his family's safety.

No. 549576

Well lets just pray for the people at the dealership who will have to deal with him being an idiot and he'll probably get some money off his next vehicle just so they get rid of him but he'll take it as he's right that Ram has shitty glass in their trucks.

Maybe Shreg buy a reasonable asian vehicle that isn't expensive to fix and fill with gas.

No. 549580

File: 1531746187841.jpeg (35.28 KB, 439x241, A5DA18F2-E078-4048-BBEA-10746F…)

gave plain a quick, shooped makeover. all of this she could do herself and look better, idk why she won’t.

No. 549581

File: 1531746582981.png (69.64 KB, 500x557, tumblr_onx1fjTeYp1w6i75fo1_500…)


Accidentally found this fuckin gem on Google, enjoy.

No. 549582

But anon that is not masc and Lame is sooo masculine and gay and likes women tho lol.

No. 549583


Issa no from me, dawg. Lainey can’t pull off that look.

No. 549587


her gender identity is so fragile that the second she dressed/looked like this no one would buy for a second that she's nonbynary, not even herself

No. 549598


Better, but nothing can fix that foot chin.

No. 549607

Onision is so predictable. Shane gets to meet his celebrity hero on his channel and Greg pretends to rape Andy who he met on the back of a truck at a tour. Now the man publicly has to distance himself from LGH.

And he got to meet Kathy cause she respected hoe Shane handles backlash and rumours such as the one Greg keeps screaming about.

Onion is never getting that shout out from Shane lol

No. 549608

So trot and clot have to share the same bedroom for mummy and daddy's teenage servant. Isn't Trot like 5?

No. 549613

Has it ever been proven that the video you're referring to has has a real life event as a base?
No hate anon, we both know he's an uneducated, narcissistic, insecure control freak but I'd rather have some more proven info on his parenting.

If he was willing to call Adrienne 13 times in one night (!) I'd bet my left foot on it!

Topkek at 0:04 / 0:05 when Sarah says "Greg asked me when you were in the other room" and Lainey's mood like completely changes to sulky.

This. I wonder if he's kinda jealous about Lainey pretending to be a boy in order to appeal to Shane. Which won't happen. /tinfoil

He's just incredibly bad with money. So much about Lainey's dream of being a trophy wife with lots of free time to bum around, money to spend on whatever etc. What a dream life! #SuchGoalsGuise!
But hey, his patreons are always willing to share a dime or two because their Lord and master is too stupid to handle real life.

I think that's just the way he sells himself on the internet. I can clearly picture him as one of those insecure beta-males who run and whine about how mean people are and how unfairly life treats him as soon as someone tells him to "either buy it for the set amount of money or leave it". Reminds me of the discussion with Lucidia.

No. 549620

File: 1531756631161.jpg (82.67 KB, 1080x565, PicsArt_07-16-11.54.23.jpg)

Saw this this morning, liked by both Gurg and Door Maddi. But after looking at the responses where Maddi tells Billy she loves him and he says it back, I noticed Gurg I liked it at some point. Guess that's another lost friend since Billy "chooses to be friends with a hater"

No. 549621

File: 1531756691919.jpg (517.55 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180716-115205_Twi…)

Must be hard on Greg's ego when his friends support each other and not solely him.

No. 549622

Sorry, I noticed Gurg UNLIKED** the post at some point

No. 549628

File: 1531757947079.png (41.52 KB, 728x369, Screenshot_2018-07-16 Onision …)

No. 549635

File: 1531759014071.png (154.32 KB, 520x374, celebsmatch.png)

Even with the best photoshop work to make her attractive, her celebrity match is a footish looking woman in her mid 50's.

No. 549639

Nah there's a special level of hell, I mean ugly for people just like you, Onion. Stop trying to drag everyone else down with you.

No. 549642

Someone please shop a picture with Greg next to hot manly men. Remember, he's rated himself a 9, and Lainey a 10.

No. 549644


Hey, JK Rowling isn’t a foot, at least she’s creative, successful, and was/is actually generous with her money, unlike Anusion.

No. 549647

OT but can we start including Laineythot and Anusion in the thread descriptions to add to their never ending nicknames/pseudonyms?

No. 549650

God please no. It's cringy as fuck. Do you really want everyone to think there's only 12-year-olds on here?

No. 549656

File: 1531762681505.png (144.48 KB, 732x327, ntgsq.png)



Is that you G?

No. 549659

File: 1531762756025.jpg (Spoiler Image, 234.73 KB, 473x540, 136.jpg)

I still have this gem

No. 549661

So… When's the video about obese people being wastes of space and Billy The Fridge being a traitor and hatuuuuur?

No. 549663

You're right, that was sort of shit talking Miss Rowling.
My point was that Lames closest celeb match was JK. And even though JK Rowling is a wonderful person… no woman in her early twenties wants to put on her best makeup, do up her hair and get compliments that compare her to a 50 year old woman.

No. 549675

File: 1531764526368.png (758.44 KB, 1000x652, whenuorder.png)

No. 549679

File: 1531765138945.jpg (101.97 KB, 720x464, Hairstyles_1.jpg)

I think i made her cute(ish)lots of work,couldnt do anything about the mouth tho

No. 549682

Lainey would look borderline hot with long hair. Sadly for Onion she insists on the lesbian cut for Tumblr points

No. 549687

thats just the photoshop anon. She still has an ugly face and an even uglier personality.

No. 549689

File: 1531766195991.png (626.95 KB, 1137x640, snekbot.png)

Lainey in her natural habitat.

No. 549691

File: 1531766456295.png (739.94 KB, 666x601, 05644.PNG)

I did my best.
I think she looks 100% better.

No. 549692

amazing, suits her perfectly

No. 549708

File: 1531768174446.png (336.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180716-210848.png)


No. 549709

File: 1531768335180.png (70.26 KB, 800x626, Screenshot_2018-07-16 Onision …)

No. 549714

This is something he might actually be right about.


No. 549717

File: 1531768782725.png (38.96 KB, 798x316, hooktube.png)

OT but if I understand this correctly it now gives the Onions clicks even if watching with hooktube

No. 549726

Maybe someone just wanted to degrade you cause you're a filthy little man.

No. 549730

Before it even starts can we not get into a debate about what squirt actually is? It really doesn't matter and either way Anusion has probably never made a girl actually do it. Also the best kinda guys don't care either way, which as always is not Anusion

No. 549734

I like how he has to randomly spout out about how disgusting it is, while also bragging that he mentioned to make a woman do it. Because he knows if he hadn't thrown that in at the end he'd just be ridiculed by people saying "why do you care you suck in bed anyway and it wouldn't happen"
Like how he thinks anal is disgusting but he also "accidentally" fell into Sh's asshole so people can't tell him not to knock it before he tries it

No. 549740

lol the debate on here would be priceless. I swear 90% of anons here are single dudes.

No. 549741


Anyone else feel like LGH only released this because he recently worked with this new girl on mixed decent? I feel like he either did this so he can:

1. Claim he has a mixed friend therefore is allowed to make a video like this


2. Is making it because of some hidden agenda or message to either the new girl or lainey.

No. 549747

File: 1531770830528.png (23.3 KB, 735x212, Screenshot_2018-07-16 Onision …)

LGH won't apologize for being a racist piece of shit. No news there.

No. 549748

"real world experience and real people"

i.e. Things that only apply to Onion and so it must be true.

No. 549750

>makes a video making fun of Onision
LOL he wished pewdiepie would make a video about him. What he actually meant was, he was meme'd in a pewds vid where Felix was showing a 3 second clip of Anusion in a 10 minute video that was about something completely different.

No. 549765

He dated a black chick he can't be racist

No. 549773

File: 1531773859848.jpeg (64.33 KB, 383x680, 92064F5F-A7BA-44F8-BE32-B358D8…)

A few months ago a Lainey patron mentioned to Sarah “Dat booty tho” and she flipped the fuck out. I’m pretty sure it was something Greg said to Sarah while she was on a yoga ball.

No. 549774

File: 1531773880752.jpeg (35.67 KB, 254x451, 5C9750CB-12A6-4236-8E41-2A800F…)

No. 549776

File: 1531773971259.jpeg (60.22 KB, 383x680, 4BB3BA08-FDB6-46BE-AB9F-71A994…)

No. 549777

File: 1531773994334.jpeg (59.68 KB, 383x680, 1950457D-DCA6-40B9-A15B-084734…)

No. 549778

File: 1531774089252.jpeg (73.31 KB, 383x680, A480597D-065D-4881-AFC1-5ADA84…)

Oh, I forgot to mention. Lainey was there when he made the comment to Sarah. These are just caps of her freaking out about the fact people know about it.

No. 549783

Damn, she lost her mind on someone who had no idea what the fuck was going on and continued to act like an ass even after the person said that they had no idea what was going on. I bet she didn't even apologize to them.

No. 549800

Makes more and more sense she's friends with Lame they are both absolutely nuts freaking out on people without a real reason. Everyone in the swamp trailer right now just really loves to get triggered huh?

No. 549801

Nice caps. Anyone have the video or reference that shows it was something’s Greg said about Sarah?

No. 549804

It’s not a video. It’s something that happened off camera.

No. 549806

Then how do we know he said it? Just wondering.

Also Sarah is SUCH a drama queen and I wish Onion boy would find out she takes his comments to heart like that and I with the world would find out he said that to a minor.

No. 549807

Her reaction makes it clear as day that one of the onions said it to her

No. 549808

Couldn’t be Lainey bc she wouldn’t have been so dramatic about it. Must have been Greg which is why she’s all up in arms. Sarah has always clearly had a crush on Grease and he probably encourages it off cam. He likes for his ego to be fed by anyone.

No. 549824

File: 1531780188965.png (41.59 KB, 577x599, wat.png)

LGH off the deep end again.

No. 549832

What’s so bad about being Russian, grease?

No. 549834

I have a feeling he’s trying to ignore people calling him a racist and a pedo in his replies by talking about politics. All his actions recently seem like a distraction.

No. 549848

Her reaction is weird sure but doesn’t prove something so specific as Greg saying that to her when she was on a exercise ball or even as general as one of the onions said it to her. I’m not saying it’s not true but I was just asking for reference. I wouldn’t be surprised but some anons do make wilder claims than that based on absolutely nothing lmao.

No. 549885

that's how I feel, and how would one of the discord people know about the comment? Makes me wonder if it was said during an exclusive stream, and not just off camera? tinfoilin

No. 549894

File: 1531783795296.png (59.33 KB, 618x293, surejan.png)

You still fucked two minors tho.

No. 549902

not to mention he (allegedly) hit on his wife's teen bestie.

No. 549907

Ah shucks.
Scarce just reported on Gerg's "leaked" emails to Shane.
Please don't let that get him any attention.
Please have Shane be enough annoyed to finally sue him.


No. 549912

Didn't you mean "yes I prefer teenagers"
Makes more sense.

No. 549920

Did anything come from the 'AI molested his ex' tweet?
Did she comment, did AI comment? Did onion further elaborate etc?
Just seems random that he would remember something like that years later and not make a video about it considering he turns any minor thing that happens in his life into a video.
It's suspicious to me that it just disappeared and was never spoken of again, unless he was contacted by AIs lawyer and knew he better stfu.
As much as it pains me to say, there usually is some truth to the sh*t he claims, even if it is twisted, exaggerated, played down or dressed up. There's always that little twinkle of truth in there.
Then again, I think he's pretty angry about the letter so maybe it was just an attempt to destroy AIs relationship with Adrienne all that time after. It wouldn't surprise me. It's the sort of sociopathic shit he does.

Just like how he waited months to unleash on Madi when we all knew as soon as she made the '10 things I love about onision' video, she was dead to him, but he had to wait so his ego wouldn't look so fragile.

What makes you think Sarah has a crush on Anus? I always got the vibe she thought he was an infant manchild.

No. 549942

>What makes you think Sarah has a crush on Anus? I always got the vibe she thought he was an infant manchild.
I recommend going to the archives >>>/pt/511709 and reading up on the early threads anon.

No. 549951

What a moron. Yes a cardboard box with a metal bed in it that he didn’t tie down! Why doesn’t he know how to be a man?

No. 549956

Are you stupid? Slave owners had sex with black females but they were still racist.

No. 549960

Damn, well I guess we'll end up giving him a few clicks unless someone downloads his videos and uploads them elsewhere. At least until then Adblock on, no engagement (including dislikes), and potentially in incognito mode so it doesn't mess with your own suggestions
Now, not to get into the whole debate on what squirting actually is made of, but it's supposed to happen as a girl climaxes/orgasms, not "gets aroused". Is he thinking of a girl actually getting wet? Or does he not understand orgasms and thinks women can only be aroused? Because people who believe in squirting don't think a girl just randomly does it when aroused, and nobody thinks a girl being wet is made of piss (unless they're really dumb). God the fact that any of this could be it is just insane

No. 549965

I think anon was being sarcastic.

No. 549966

what is sarcasm?

No. 549968


Yeah, it’s pretty clear from how he treats most women and girls that he has someone kind of hatred of women and doesn’t see them as equal or maybe even people. He sleeps with them but is also willing to discard them/emotionally abuse them/manipulate and control them.

No. 550001

Wonderful we already have our next thread pic

No. 550004


Hooktube is now casual Youtube.
If you don't want something to get clicks either don't share or reupload it.

No. 550024

No. 550037

I Want Teenagers to Hate me is the most obvious bait to date.

Can we pull back the outrage machine so he doesn't gain the momentum he's trying for.


You're the best. Thanks anon.

No. 550061

Elementary school students have a better grasp on grammar (and the English language as a whole) than he does. The run on sentences and comma obsession is like 4th grade level. Who knows if the story is actually interesting or not - the grammatical errors make it literally unreadable.

"I'm here to forward my species" - onision in reapers wtfever

Good god let's hope not.

No. 550069

Everyone needs to see this. Mods too. We don’t want to give Onion views

No. 550080

can we maybe start re-uploading them, but make small changes to the files?

No. 550084

This is the third or fourth time Ive heard Shreg talk about the daycare incident and other underage girls attempting to force-ably remove his clothes.

Is this just another example of his alternative reality where all girls, even those that are 12 years and under want to have sex with him. Shreg is just so damn attractive, what is the poor guy suppose to do.
I know its not exactly the same thing but it reminds me of when a pedophile will justify assaulting a child because they misinterpreted social cues with juveniles and were sure that the little kid was flirting with them
"…but Jenny made the first move, she wanted it"

No. 550096

-I Want Teenagers To Hate Me-
>society has forced me to hate teens and be mean to them so that those teens do not find me charming and then want to have sex with me
>I want to be my own person and not a slave to societal values

Greg said that he had this epiphany just today. Is he slowly trying to talk himself into being ok with fucking Sarah?
Hes always been mean to her, now hes figuring out that he was mean to her to keep her at a distance because society says its bad to fuck teens.
Greg will now start being nicer to Sarah, maybe even complimenting her
Dat booty doe Sarah

No. 550105

I completely agree and not far off the mark, had the same thoughts after watching. It was kind of disturbing to watch

No. 550117

Nah, IMO this was good. First off, no Shreg in the title( not like that would gain Scarce any views mind you) and also it's only for a couple minutes, as well as Scarce to coming to the complete defense of Shane but the best part is ending it with him telling Anusion to chill out and stop being creepy.

No. 550126


As with any creepy piece of shit, negging is one of his big "go to's". He's always been ok with fucking teenage girls. I think he's making Sarah feel the need to prove herself to him.

No. 550133

File: 1531805167275.png (62.19 KB, 618x293, 1531783795296.png)

We all know what he really meant…

No. 550157

why didnt greg just carry it home on his back since hes strong enough to move that pool table.

No. 550163

They were basically quoting something Greg himself said.

No. 550165

File: 1531810756112.png (62.05 KB, 606x54, ma.PNG)

No. 550166

File: 1531811023267.png (211.09 KB, 624x199, Capture.PNG)

No. 550167

Only someone with a sad shrivelled little cocktail weiner could “accidentally” get in through the back door and there’s no way the same comically tiny peen could make a girl squirt. Nice try, Grugly.

No. 550168

This is him just uploading old middleschool fanfiction right? A grown man didn’t write this?

No. 550169

in the next chapter he kills all the aliens or whatever and makes the girl come back to life
i dont even know which is worthy of capping seprate

No. 550172

A lot of people were uploading them as unlisted but not sure that will work for long. A few people have been dropboxing them. Going to have to collaboratively do something differently. No wonder he still gets a decent amount of views. His real views are likely barely breaking 1k.

No. 550199

File: 1531813699235.png (1.27 MB, 1334x750, EBFBAD06-B307-43B4-BF7D-6CD8FF…)

Get you a girl to blow dry your hair for you

No. 550201

File: 1531813742967.png (1.26 MB, 1334x750, E064898F-DBF8-42D5-9D07-77190F…)

Also new hair

No. 550202


It's like she's TRYING to look frumpy and 45.

No. 550223

File: 1531815410063.png (508.39 KB, 661x466, granma.PNG)

No. 550224

File: 1531815442343.jpeg (49.1 KB, 594x397, F0BC576D-C990-42A4-AD99-DFD4D3…)

No. 550226

Unlike Lainey, Tyler Oakley doesn't look like a creepy grandpa.

No. 550230

Christ alive, this should be spoilered! I am convinced that she is trying to make herself as ugly as possible. There’s no way anyone can see this in the mirror and think “yep, on fleek/lit/bomb af rn”.

No. 550231

Not really??
Sometimes y’all really stretch things.

No. 550232


Ngl she's starting to look really mannish which I feel like she wasn't truly going for.

No. 550238

Ugly as a chick, ugly as a dude. There’s no hope for Taylor.

No. 550243

File: 1531817546869.jpg (186.2 KB, 1200x960, DiPWLwcU0AE5nVJ.jpg)

a mix of Billie's two new hair colours.

No. 550244

>Flips out on user for saying "dat booty doe"
>Dramatically asks who told said user to say that
>Only calms down when others are asking her what's wrong, never explains why the phrase bothers her

Yeah, it's a stretch to assume that phrase has nothing to do with the Onions.

No. 550246

File: 1531817907059.png (2.25 MB, 2208x1242, E889B244-4690-4CE3-AB4D-0AC09B…)

mY hAiR dYe MiSgEnDurRrEd Me


No. 550247

It could mean literally anything.
Maybe she was assaulted by someone that said that to her.
Fucking dumb to assume everything in Sarah’s world completely revolves around the Onions though, honestly.

No. 550251

File: 1531818938715.jpg (433.96 KB, 709x1136, Screenshot_20180717-094224.jpg)

Shregg has contacted da police over eugenia cooney STILL not listening to him.
Outcome is (predictably) as follows

>Shreg: oh hai police, a youtuber that I've harrassed for a number of years may or may not have an eating disorder, can you throw them into a maximum security prison for life plz?

>The police: ok sir, you're mental, leave the poor girl the fuck alone.

Actual conversation

>Greg: Hi just wanted to ask, if there is a person you know is suffering from an eating disorder, is there anything that can be done about it or do you just have to wait for them to get help themselves?

>Police officer: well its not a police matter and it's not against the law so I would probably say more it is that person who needs to seek help

Shreg: ok that's all I had to ask, thank you.

No. 550252

In that white hair vs black hair video anusion said people with vibrantly colored hair don't wash it and that their hair smells bad, does that apply to plaineyfoot too?

No. 550254

He can't even help his own wife who used to post thinspo on Tumblr and admittedly has an "unhealthy relationship with food" lmao he's pathetic

No. 550255

Are you new?
It’s silly to assume that the people who have been grooming her since she was 14 don’t have anything to do with this.

No. 550259

if gregs a cop why did he need to call tho

No. 550261

I'm pretty sure that's just another jab at the one who got away. Everytime he's reminded of her, he says something about her smelling but we all know he would leave his beloved swamp in an instant for her.

No. 550264

assaulted? sounds more like sexual harassment from a 31 year old man.
People who've stayed with the onions have confirmed similar things before anon. Why do you think they shipped sarah off the first time?

No. 550266

Yeah it was pretty obvious it was a jab at Billie but apparently he forgot the foot had blue hair for almost a year, so that insult backfired

No. 550268


My god. Can't he leave this poor girl alone.
What did he expect? The police coming to her house, putting her in their car and then in a cell, forcing her to eat until she's a normal weight? Then the police can send Onion a medal for being so brave and brutally honest and Eugenia can make her "I was wrong, Onision cured my eating disorder. Thank you" video.

No. 550269

File: 1531822661731.jpeg (240.1 KB, 750x418, E0F3DE0A-CA45-4880-BFED-5FB165…)

No. 550271

File: 1531823007223.jpeg (213.89 KB, 750x417, 22A57F15-C2BD-4C0F-A9EE-7C8300…)

Look at the very bottom email lol

No. 550272

She seemed to ask so politely too. This makes me so sad

No. 550274

>anusion said people with vibrantly colored hair don't wash it and that their hair smells bad, does that apply to plaineyfoot too?

Oh yeah, Onision and his daily 4 showers a day routine. How could anyone forget?

(Somebody sometime must have called Greggypoo stinky and smelly once to be this hung up about it, talk about projection. Who, who? Oh right, his entire high school experience, when he refused to shower after gym class because he didn't want to expose his baby micropeen to the other boys, so he smelled up the rest of his day basting in his giant leather trenchcoat. Every person in high school knew Greg smelled bad and called him out for his stank and avoided him.)

Their bathroom is gonna get real moldy real fast at that rate, no exhaust fan or nothing.

Remember when Onision was ranting about how his hair wasn't oily because he washed it everyday, because if not, he himself said it would get oily??? Then his fans kept trying to tell him washing hair every day is what males it super oily super fast, and he didn't believe them, so he went to Google, and read that yeah, washing hair everyday isn't good for it, and Greg said, " oh, your right. Huh. Hmm. Well, I'm gonna keep doing it anyways!!"

If he took the time to google something, discover the truth, and still chose to do things wrong and incorrectly, how is he ever supposed to even discipline those kids? They gonna see he don't care about correct answers or the truth. How will the t&c react being screamed at by him for being wrong when they know they were right??

His kids are going to turn into horrible people.

No. 550278

As if he really has four showers a day, he probably a) repeatedly claims he does because everyone can see how filthy and crusty he looks, compounded by the allegations of him being a festering unhygienic greaseball who didn’t shower after gym class, and b) hides out in the bathroom with the shower running while he whacks off to hentai on his phone in an attempt to conceal his porn addiction from Lameythot.

No. 550280

Don’t forget he thinks he doesn’t have to put on deodorant because he’s vegetarian. I bet he and Lainey smell musty 24/7.

No. 550282

Guys,I think I know why Greg was sperging about squirters. Shane was in No Jumper Adam's podcast talking and debating on it. Shane specifically says he fapped to porn of it.

No. 550284

You can also see in the emails where he is fucking harassing Shane just because he had her on his podcast and was nice to her.
>>'Like how Eugenia Cooney is clearly killing herself & all you did about it > is smile and take a picture'
Firstly, what did he expect Shane to do? Turn the podcast into an intervention? That she didn't deserve to be treated like a human being because she is ill? Also, who the fuck uses the greater than symbol in that context? 'all you did about it is greater than is smile and take a picture' makes no sense moron.

No. 550285

quoting an email in response on some desktop email clients adds a quote (>) symbol instead of adding an inline quote (|) symbol like web-based email clients use

No. 550289

Let's be positive here, anon.
His kids might have suffered more or less because of their parents' behavior but when the day comes they're able to make their own decisions, they might -hopefully- actually distance themselves from the Onions. I honestly and truly wish T&C nothing but the best and that they'll have great friends one day who'll open their eyes IF the parenting is really as bad as everyone assumes.

(re-posting for ambiguous phrasing, sorry)

No. 550291

>>550251 I am officially convinced that he is retarded

No. 550300


there's also a chat with shane about eugenia in there. looks fairly recent and it is after the whole joysparkle debacle based on the positioning of the emails relative to each other.

No. 550309

Why does Shane even reply to his e-mails? He's feeding Onion's obsession with him and no doubt that gives Onion hope for idk, something…

No. 550310

I don't think he does reply

No. 550312

I agree that he is trying to make people forget about Madison drama, because he got a lot of backlash from it, so he spins his wheel of standard topics faster. What will be next? My bets are on 1)rating looks or 2)some dramatic black and white 'i was wrong' bs

No. 550318

File: 1531840396409.png (1.7 MB, 1813x1019, law.png)

Did anyone else notice that he's actually muting the person on the phone unlike Sh's manager. He had to delete that because he broke the law (but he'll never admit to that, and to being A diSgUStiNg CRiMinaL

No. 550320

File: 1531841480008.png (1.27 MB, 1242x2208, 65B40886-73B1-40E8-B306-23C6E5…)

The tweets calling him out on his Shane email tweet has almost 10x as many likes as his tweet does

No. 550336

He doesn’t use heat or A/C to save money so I am sure he doesn’t waste that much water. That is probably why he insists on his spouses showering with him. Conserve that water

No. 550337

He is not a cop. He was an Air Force cop, basically a security guard. He checked IDs at the post gate

No. 550339

Ah I see, i'm a dummy.

No. 550341

It's a joke.

No. 550350

I see this happen more and more.
We need a "sarcasm" flag so the slow witted dont get triggered.

No. 550351

oh god, every time she bleaches her hair I can feel my scalp burning

No. 550355

So Shreg will call the cops because he is convinced Eugenia has a eating disorder. He will however not call the cops when he is convinced that Shane is a child molester who has CP on his computer.


No. 550356

What she should do is let her natural hair grow out and just use temp dyes on it. She doesn't keep her colours long enough to justify her permanent dye and her hair is light enough to dye over so she could spare herself the bleach. She's dyed her hair herself before so it's not like she can't and her hair colours aren't anything special that a professional should do it or a brand like punky colour doesn't have. Plus she'd get #relateable bonus points for using dye her fans could use themselves.

No. 550362

Okay, Elastigirl, you can stop reaching now.

No. 550367

Given that Eugenia has already been swatted, and that literally innocent people have been killed because of phony police calls/swatting, Greg calling the cops on her was abusive and really fucked up

No. 550368

Wait this isn't photoshopped? Holy fuck she's disgustingly ugly. Great job, Shreg, you made your wife uglify herself to a -10.

No. 550370

Arctic Fox is a semi-permanent dye so it won't fuck up her hair alone so technically she's kind of going for being "relatable" but the amount of times she bleaches her hair is insane. It actually triggers me. Can't wait until she is forced to shave it all bald.

No. 550374

Is he retarded? She's an adult, and it's not illegal to starve yourself….

No. 550380

I can't wait for her to start getting bald patches from bleaching too much/poorly. Also, fuck you bitch for making references to Shane's videos after how your gay husband harassed him AGAIN.

No. 550381

I had hope for Sarah but shes becoming just as smug as Lambo. She is constantly checking herself out in the camera.

No. 550382

File: 1531855758004.png (296.63 KB, 661x466, 153181541006c3.png)

are we sure shes not smoking weed?

No. 550388

Well I mean let's be honest, anybody who sees themself in a camera next to Lainey is gonna be like "Damnnnn I look fucking goood" in comparison

No. 550389

File: 1531856649629.jpg (44.09 KB, 552x554, 44595c5189f926da5430ddc116c6b5…)

she looks like pic related.

No. 550394

Don’t do aleks like that

No. 550395

Holy shit. I had my brightness down and was skimming and seriously thought she broke down and shaved her whole fucking head. I remember her saying awhile ago that she might do it, hope she doesn’t

No. 550396

tell me i'm wrong. aleks is a trashy russian hottie, but that's why i thought of it.

No. 550399

Sarah has to learn the old fashion way. She will be throw away like all the others, wondering "why me?!"

Did anyone else feel like lame was trying to put Sarah down in this video? She kept asking Sarah for help but would then turn around and complain/mock her.
Also, lame and shreg bring up wanting to die a lot.
Do they say this crap in front of the kids?

No. 550401

Girl insists on getting the most unflattering hair colors for her skintone, haircut and face. It's always astonishing how she's able to handpick what makes her look even worse than she did before. Also notice how different the hair color looks in the two pics? She must use a shitton of filters on any of them to have the color look as different in one. One is Lavender, one Purple?

That's the most ridiculous thing he ever claimed and guy talks a lot of shit so that's saying something. He also claimed vegetarians shit doesn't stink. As long time vegetarian I can assure you, we sweat and out shit stinks just as much as others. He is just one of those ppl who gets embarrassed over the most normal human things. He actually believes he is a super human of some kind who's shit and sweat always smells of roses.

This Shannon person is a big-sh youtuber, so I am not surprised she gets a lot more likes. But I am kinda glad bigger youtuber start calling him out now. Esp some like Shannon, who belong in the alternative community which Gurg wish he was part of and which girls he thirsts over.

No. 550403

She's already got thinning hair and a receding hairline. She's going bald as quick as her hubby.

No. 550404


As someone who has dyed their hair unnatural colors in the past and currently has silver blonde hair, I can confirm that bleaching even just 2 or 3 times in a short span will KILL your hair. My hair is about shoulder length and I can barely get a comb through it when it’s wet because of the damage from the bleach.

Plaineythot just doesn’t realize how damaged hers is because her hair is so short. If anything, she’s got a bleach burnt, dried out scalp.

No. 550405

that only happens if you're terrible at it, anon. i'm sure plainy is, but there are ways to bleach it and not have it a mess.

No. 550406

They're so different in the two pictures because she dyed it too light the first time so she shampooed her hair to make it lighter so she could dye it the same color she was going for the first time. After she bleached it entirely (not just her roots) twice. I wish I was kidding.

No. 550410

Holy shit, she's going permanently bald isn't she?

No. 550415

Other anon, no sorry but bleaching your hair will damage it, no matter what. (You can lessen the damage) Especially when you bleach your hair numerous times in one sitting as other anon stated. You can bleach your hair slowly over months to help lessen the damage but it’s still going to be damaged. Foot faces hair is destroyed by the constant bleaching of her hair in one sitting and using hair dyes that have ammonia or chloride in them which damages the hair even more (besides Arctic Fox).

No. 550416

I don’t even know why she bleached it, the purple would have toned the orange/yellow in her hair. It was already light enough. Her hair is so short that it doesn’t really matter if she’s damages it though.

No. 550423

We can only hope so. Maybe that would wipe some of the smug off her mug.

No. 550425

>Is he claiming that the box is empty or is he really dumb enough to think that when a heavy box hits glass that it's not supposed to break??

He's' such an idiot. It's called safety glass for a reason. I'm old enough to remember when it wasn't standard in cars, and instead of quickly breaking into tiny little pieces, a mild crack could eventually break into large shards of glass just perfect for slicing an artery or decapitating the driver. But I guess being thankful no one was hurt is asking too much of him. Glass isn't that expensive to replace either.

No. 550495

The Dark Side of DDLG (The ABDL Community) - OnisionSpeaks

Greg being Greg: dragging out the Binkie Princess drama, sharing their personal e-mail exchanges, and calling her boyfriend a pedophile.

No. 550499

Hooktube still gives the onion’s clicks. We’ll have to mirror the videos for now

No. 550500

File: 1531872693381.png (1.35 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2018-07-17-19h09m30s16…)


Here's the mirror. Looks like he had to dig for her photos too. Anything to ruin Lame's remaining friendships I guess lol

No. 550501

Her hairline is already receding

No. 550511


I'm honestly confused about the Olympic-level mental gymnastics he had to perform in order to make this comment. He has to be mean to teenage girls in order to stop them from wanting to fuck him? Uh, Greg, there's not a problem here unless you actually DO fuck them. THAT'S what's illegal and immoral.

This absolutely reeks of Greg trying to cover up his lust for teenage girls.

No. 550523

File: 1531875138226.png (Spoiler Image, 120.93 KB, 750x1116, IMG_4787.PNG)

No. 550525

File: 1531875240586.webm (3.58 MB, 320x180, fucking gross.webm)

No. 550537

I find it so ridiculous hes latching on to Binkie so hard, like didn't Shane do a video with her where they even skyped together.. he literally has no idea of his own.

No. 550539

Hes been shitting on binkie and her bf for awhile now. Yet she still answered lamey's call to teach her how to vape. I cant imagine staying friends with someone who goes "um greg is not me so i cant make him stop insulting you and your partner, can you help me with something though?!"

No. 550541

this is why God has abandoned us

No. 550559

It just amazes me how anybody can still talk to Lainey despite all the shit her husband does. Like doesn't anyone question her or confront her about it? And how can she not stand up for her friends.

No. 550561

File: 1531883325814.png (Spoiler Image, 137.82 KB, 625x927, IMG_4808.PNG)


No. 550566

yeah, i was just mocking him, sorry anon

No. 550567

my tinfoil is he doesn't wipe his ass cause it's "gay"
also he probably jerks off in there. thats hardly a tinfoil tho.

these are the only reasons i believe this multiple showers

No. 550568

File: 1531884199862.jpg (39.77 KB, 758x527, longhairlain.jpg)

excuse the shitty photoshop, but I just love imagining what she could look like with a normal hair style, because it really drives it home that her individuality is solely rooted in her hair color choice of the month.

No. 550570

It'a like an alternate reality. What could have been had she stayed in the dorms and not wasted her daddy's money while she hid away with Greg.

I'm sure she was always a bitch, but I'm also sure her life would have turned out way, way, way better had she never met Greg. But she likes to insist otherwise.

No. 550586

Do y'all think now Shane's mentioned taking legal action that Greg will actually stop, or double down on the harassment? I could see Greg being more slimy about how he presents his pedo accusations (like saying he wouldn't make negative videos about Eugenia) but we all know he's ultimately a coward and will never admit why, but I wouldn't be surprised if he at least eased up for awhile?

No. 550595

No way, she looks like rapestreamnews >>550382

No. 550597

im surprised he bought a new bedset
this seems like sarah is going to be staying longer

No. 550603

Oh my god she actually does.

She resembles the most unattractive men.. SR, Andy Dick, Rapestream

No. 550607

It's the pockmarks/scabs/whatever

No. 550612

File: 1531893469352.png (325.51 KB, 661x512, RSN.png)

When she wears her stupid snapback backwards on YouNow everyone should comment that she looks like CJ from RealStreamNews

I wonder how quick she'll stop wearing baseball caps after that.

No. 550630

File: 1531895464455.png (6.53 KB, 767x103, temp.png)

His twitter stats for the last few days

No. 550638

Gurg just seems to creep most girls out now. He used to hide his disgusting manipulation and insanity behind jokes and mocking the people who exposed him/accusing them of wanting fame, but over the last few years, he's completely exposed himself as a nutcase. It's been really pleasant to watch.

No. 550649

>my tinfoil is he doesn't wipe his ass cause it's "gay"

Omg anon you're right. I remember that he said he showers everytime he's done at the toilet to be ~fresh~ again and that he wants his partners to do it as well. So that they aren't ~disgusting~

No. 550656


No. Gerg won't stop until Shane actually sues him. He never faced consequences and thinks he gets away with everything.
Wity Gerglogic he can kick him as long as he wants but if Shane's going to hold him accountable for it Gerg snaps cause wHy WoUlD hE dO sOmEtHiNg ThAt HuRtS mY fAmIlY
If Gerg actually has to show up in a courtroom he's over.

No. 550666

Nailed it.

No. 550671

If Gerg actually has to show up in a courtroom he's over.

Anyone remember the guy who called the judge a cock under his breath, the judge heard him and gave him 60 days in jail for contempt, the guy then called the judge a cock for a second time and got 120 days.
I see Greg ending up with 300 or 400 days in jail for contempt, and as the bailiff drags him out of the court room he'll be screaming

No. 550674

File: 1531901662976.png (388.05 KB, 542x617, 10min.PNG)


tl;dw Lame and Sarah make vine/youtube meme references through out the video
Sarah continues to be better at makeup than our resident skinwalker.

No. 550679


Sarah is desperate to be B. It's tragic.

No. 550681

>Talks about Lainey dressed up as Harley Quinn
>Talks about how he imagined he was fucking Harley
>Muh dysphoria

No. 550682

why does sarah look almost-pretty in lame's vids but in reality we know she's barely average? then again, one look at billie and you see she's bargain bin version beyond a doubt

No. 550683

I try not to watch his desperate videos but his absurd projecting of his sexual “prowess” and kinks are so hilariously entertaining.

No. 550684

sarah is a cute girl. come on now. she's a baby-douchebag but she's not 'barely average'.

No. 550685

shes gonna get gregs thumb dick

watch yo foot, taylor

No. 550687


Tbh, Lame loves nothing more than being cucked because then she can cry for sympathy online. Onion will prob let her keep some of her money to buy herself shit as an apology.

No. 550689

No, Sarah will buy her shit after that and Lameo will use Greg to deliver her wishlist as middle man

No. 550703

File: 1531915460678.png (535.92 KB, 900x497, mmhmm.png)


i like how footface saw how good Sarah's makeup skills and sabotaged it by snatching the makeup brush mid way doing her eyes

No. 550715

Isn’t Sarah gay? Tbh that’s one of the biggest reasons I’m surprised Greg hasn’t targeted her to ruin a friendship to keep Lainey friendless and dependent on him. He does it with almost everyone else and only doesn’t when he awkwardly trying to make her and another girl friendly so he can have a trinity. If Sarah’s gay she’ll never want some greasy action. Sarah also remains a huge support for Lainey and listens to Lainey complain about Greg when he’s being abusive. Why does he allow it? It just seems strange.

No. 550723


Even if Sarah is gay, Grug would tell her that she would have to deal with him too "for Lainey", and if Sarah "truly cared about Lainey, she'd do anything to be with her", just like what he told Luxy.

No. 550729

File: 1531921469677.png (28.8 KB, 540x188, eugenia.png)


Except he outright lied. NOW he says, "Oh, I said I wouldn't make NEGATIVE videos on Eugenia."

No Grugly, you said you wouldn't make any future videos on her. Full stop.

No. 550731

so lainey whines to her instead to him. more time for hentai that way

No. 550732

Why does this bitch have the worst taste in colours

No. 550734

Sarah acts like a non stoned Sarah Baska which is hilarious because she's as much as a wet blanket as Lainey. I'd love to watch a Sarah Baska blog feat Billie roasting the Onions, get a couple of songs and relevant memes in it.

I've always felt Sarah is in love with Onion. When she talks about him her voice goes childlike and awestruck and she's starting to glare at Lainey on camera and stare at parts of her face. Fixating on the ugly, praying for her 18th birthday when Greg comes knocking.

"Sarah would it be the tea if you sukmi?"

No. 550735

>I was written by someone

Classic Grugly, he can’t even string a sentence together using proper English. Never change, fuckface.

No. 550763

File: 1531926665585.png (3.94 MB, 1334x750, 595B17C4-F243-4DF1-B5AA-1F443B…)

Sarah Does Her Makeup in 10 Minutes featuring Her 40 Year Old Mom!

No. 550765

File: 1531926832964.png (3.9 MB, 1334x750, 3E1D8135-3522-415C-AC61-5A5E6C…)


Caught this in the background. Does Plain try and intentionally make herself as hideous as possible?

No. 550767

File: 1531927030635.png (3.83 MB, 1334x750, 5D585D3D-64D3-4479-AF4E-996FC6…)


Laundry is acting all smug pretending she won, and Sarah even says that her look is better than hers (Sarah’s that is), and Plain gets pissy and says it’s not. She proceeds to check herself out in the viewfinder, take selfies, insists she looks amazing, and then admits she never reads the comments.

That explains why her eyeshadow still looks like trash and is blended out even further than her brow tail

No. 550770

I really do think both lainey and onion have had an inappropriate relationship with Sarah. I think Onion going out of his way to say how he thinks Sarah is plain/unattractive is just to cover himself. I believe Lain that Sarah told her that and I think that is what Ayalla's mother was referring to when she said the Onions should be careful what they're saying about weed as there are illegal things going on in the house. Also it's the only thing that makes sense as to why they panicked when that rumour came out and got her out of there as quick as possible.

No. 550772


I thought the same thing. Not to mention, if they're such "good friends" and know Sarah came from an abusive home, why in the world would they send her back to that home over, what they claim to be, online rumors? Shouldn't Sarah's safety and well-being be more important than some rumors?

As with all of Onion's grandstanding: methinks the lady doth protest too much.

No. 550773

I only noticed now how obnoxious Sarah is. For some reason I had a image of her being more mature. Especially these two together are unbearable. Is their idea of being funny just say 'fuck' 'bitch' and 'shit' as many times as possible in one video and calling each other names? That's what literally 13 year olds do to look 'cool' until they grow out of it and realize its cringy as fuck. Lame already about to wear Sarah's skin too suddenly sounding a whole lot like her hmmm..

No. 550777

They probably didn't send her back. I honestly think Sarah's parents extinction bursted her into guilt and she came back on her own accord both times.

No. 550779

I doubt it because of the livestream sarah did crying about having to go back and how it was going to affect her college plans

No. 550781

They're both just so insufferable, absolutely no real personality at all and they don't realise how obvious it is. There is absolutely nothing likeable about either of them so I guess that's why they're drawn to each other.

No. 550785

I get why Sarah copies people because she's young and impressionable and it's what you do at that age but is Lainey seriously sitting there copying Mina now with that 'haa.. bitch' tongue shit that Mina always does?

It's like everything she sees on youtube she takes in an attempt to stay relevant and because the bitch has no identity of her own.

No. 550812

Sarah also makes subtle references to lolcow threads she must have read. Like almost calling Lainey "Skinnyfat" and in the most recent video with Lainey she says "most hard", then realises and laughs about it. She's a major lurker and I feel like she is signalling that she thinks Gurg and Lame and batshit too. Tinfoil of course.

No. 550818

I'm cringing so hard. Why are you telling your fanbase that you and Lame fuck in cosplay?

Furthermore, yuck. I cannot imagine any type of sexual roleplay imaginable with either. Yuck yuck yuck.

No. 550822

File: 1531933795469.png (41.23 KB, 725x417, Screenshot_2018-07-18 Onision …)

No. 550824

Imagine poor Sarah.
"Lainey why are you dressed like Misty?"
"Oh..no reason, hey- could you watch the kids for five mins…and turn their cartoons up REALLY loud.."

No. 550825


Why do I doubt anyone's reason was "You've never even dated a black woman"?

Is he twisting the more common argument "You shouldn't talk about black woman because you are clearly ignorant about black women"?

No. 550831

Haha, what a shitty straw-man and as always he misses the point.
>"Lainey why are you dressed like Tifa?"

No. 550841

She looks better than she did before, and next to foot she looks amazing. If you put her next to pretty girls, she wouldn't stand out as much.

I think she enjoys getting greg to turn against girls who are prettier than her so she knows he will pick her in the end and she "wins". It's creepy how excitedly happy and smug she gets when she finally runs a girl out of the house.

greg probably thinks every lesbian wants him. That hes the exception because hes so attractive!

that pinned tweet. Is that his ploy to get people to give him money? If you give me money, I will donate it to charity of course!!! LOL im sure hes never donated a dime in his life. And people are better off donating themselves then giving him money to "donate".

No. 550860

Gurg definitely thinks he's the lesbian exception. He tries to say Lame is gay except when it comes to him.

I forgot B had to buy Lame apology flowers and gifts as well as that ridiculous list of basement time and tattoos. I wonder what Sarah's punishment will be? She seems dumb enough to let them chain her up in a closet. Lame would LOVE being able to humiliate her.

No. 550862

The fucking moron said it himself in an older video that he "kinda" dated two black women but they were such minor "relationships" he didn't even mention them in the newest relationshit video. I smell a liar.

No. 550876

this dude says if people are into the “daddy kink” the man thinks they’re having sex with their step daughter because they (the dad) have power over the step daughter. so is he thinking of taylor as his imaginative step daughter?

No. 550879


Not to mention, he himself has admitted, multiple times, to a step-mom kink. The reverse though, how scandalous!

No. 550885

Or sarah

No. 550908

If Shreg is reading this thread, I hope he rages that just because his man boobs are a size A/B and his tiny peen is like a clit on T, that does NOT mean that he is irresistible to lesbians.

No. 550919

This is basically a weaker “I have a black friend” deflection.

No. 550944

File: 1531943771163.jpg (164.59 KB, 811x700, Screenshot_20180718-215116_Ope…)


Don't forget he called Sarah plain, boring and ugly when she looked like pic related.
Now she's older and prettier

No. 550954

I mean he was probably hitting on her then as well. Dat booty doe Sarah.

No. 550956

Has the new girl left yet or is she still there?

No. 550958

What new girl?

No. 550959

I think they were referring to Hana https://www.instagram.com/P.A.P.I.H.A.N.A/ the star of Onion's new 10 Things video.

No. 550963

Yeah I was. Sorry for being vague.

No. 550968

Hey I’m making a picture compilation right now (and for the next 20 minutes)
I have plenty of Greg but I need weird/ugly/monstrous Lainey faces for the other half
(I’ll delete this post soon I just saw this pic and figured you all might have some good ones)

No. 550974

File: 1531951786401.png (72.15 KB, 595x532, IMG_4125.PNG)

I snagged this from one of her younow streams a couple weeks ago anon

No. 550984

File: 1531953591292.png (878.91 KB, 661x1024, TheDevil'sGarden.png)

I've been sitting on this idea for a while, but it seems like it's going to be terribly relevant soon.
Feel free to edit it, I'm sure you guys know what I was going for.

No. 550987

I hope I'm not breaking any rules or have people mad at me but does anyone have the swamp address and Shreg's last name? I feel like he's changed it so many times that I have no idea what it is anymore.

No. 550989

I think it might be against the rules but they moved quite recently Im sure if you go like five threads back or so it'll be there somewhere

No. 550991

File: 1531954159179.png (450 KB, 610x546, busted.PNG)

>>550968 I got this…

>>550984 Im cackling anon!

No. 550992

File: 1531954180856.png (308.71 KB, 594x594, heeeyguysitslaaainey.png)

No. 550993

File: 1531954304320.png (1.45 MB, 1170x967, superscoffsupreme.png)

No. 551012

His legal last name is Avaroe.

No. 551015

and the imgur album with the new house tour is here


No. 551024

File: 1531958154305.jpg (124.56 KB, 455x454, 1508149266187.jpg)

No. 551032

File: 1531959312952.png (498.41 KB, 522x785, Screenshot_2018-04-04-16-37-23…)

No. 551033

Kek I can't stop laughing at this one.

No. 551035

File: 1531959530242.jpg (675.43 KB, 971x1211, Tired looking Jowls.jpg)

Heres another one

No. 551036

File: 1531959589754.png (345.98 KB, 388x413, nastyfoot.png)

No. 551041

File: 1531960435846.png (1.58 MB, 1440x1585, FellowShreg.png)

>"Sarah would it be the tea if you sukmi?"
That made me laugh harder than it should have. He is the ultimate Emo Dad and I will never get why teens aren't horrified by him.

No. 551047

Friendly reminder that this is very likely how Laundry looks when she does suk mi.

No wonder Grug's microdick shrivels up.

No. 551055

Nightmare fuel

No. 551061

Holy shit, all the anons posting fugly caps of Taylor have me screaming, this is some top fucking kek, my dudes.

No. 551063

I’m simultaneously crying, barfing and laughing hysterically

No. 551069

Hana lives in Seattle, but yes, she's back at her own place.

No. 551078

She married Greg, she's nothing but bad taste.

No. 551080

All of Lainey's "best" faces are lost to tempcow rip

No. 551084

File: 1531964755326.jpg (212.07 KB, 661x466, 1531815410063.jpg)

No. 551087

No. 551093

She's back there looking like long-faced toad.

No. 551101

She looks like a 90 year old man here, and that's ironic considering how hard she tries to look like a young boy

No. 551106



I was able to back up most of the images from temp cow. I've been trying to keep my archives updated but I tend to fall behind when I'm busy. These cover from the first onision thread to a few back.

No. 551137

Is the person who knows Hanas every move just stalking her or is it selfposting?

I wish I could sage

No. 551151

It may seem that way but given the exponential rate at which she’s getting uglier we’ll have a veritible treasure trove of nightmare fuel

No. 551160

Fuck lame and the “ten minute makeup challenge”! Granted I’m not the most fem of all women but I like to look nice. When you’re up and showered by 5am every morning 10minutss is the maximum amount of time a lot of women have to put on makeup. Full face and hair out of the shower takes about ten minutes for a lot of us. Sadly I don’t have the luxury of being a do nothing cunt that can sleep in until 10am and spend 40minutes getting dressed up to stay in my swamp all day

No. 551169

I am probably stating the obvious in saying that most of us probably do a significantly better job of applying make in the dark at 5am with a ten minute time limit than Lameythot could do in ten hours with professional lighting and the best high end products.

No. 551170

Could just be looking at her social media, tbh.

No. 551171

File: 1531974075495.jpg (162.07 KB, 681x872, HurrdurrImLainey.jpg)

No. 551176

Stop bumping the thread with useless caps, it's annoying.

No. 551181

File: 1531976969887.png (36.74 KB, 615x319, peepee.png)

No. 551190

Quick send this to muslim community and lets see how he squirms out of this one.

No. 551191

i mean he's right though. muslims and jews have been decrying the practice as barbaric lately anyways, times change anon.

No. 551197

File: 1531978515033.png (5.08 MB, 2436x1125, 94C50095-794F-43E3-A661-79C23A…)

youtube’s automatic captions.

No. 551203

He says this like Google has always existed. Same with smart phones. What a retard.

Also, with enough searching you can find exactly what you want to hear to back up your beliefs.

No. 551204

File: 1531979858872.png (328.52 KB, 535x541, an actual mess.PNG)

No. 551206

File: 1531980072535.png (606.32 KB, 800x417, Woof.png)

No. 551209

File: 1531980464818.png (222.94 KB, 558x558, Screenshot (1569).png)

Your age is showing again Shreg.

No. 551216

Look at that hairline. She is seriously losing her hair at this point.

No. 551220

kek they don't even need someone like farmers to call them out on their bad personalities because they do it to each other just fine. Shreg calling Lame basically an annoying SJW, overly jealous and fake poly and a 0 out of 10 for personality. Lame going off about how he would definitely dump her for another person , takes jabs at him for being a shit husband who let her down before and how much of a difficult person he is to be with etc. Also Lame "I hate this video" why did you make it if it only reminds you of your husband cheating on you? They literally hate each other. I wonder how they talk to another off camera if that's how they do on camera.. because usually you hide the ugly truths and only show what you perceive as your good sides to the public. If that's what they are confident to show, jesus, don't wanna know how their rs is in private.

No. 551222

This video was hard to watch. They can’t stop bickering for five minutes to make a video? Can only imagine how insufferable they are together off-screen.

Wondering what her motive for making the vid was. Lainey says their relationship is monogamous at the moment, but would be open to poly if the right person “fell in her lap.” The whole video, she was prodding Greg for his thoughts on things. She asked Greg if he thought their relationship was monogamous and he didn’t directly answer the question. He called it “unshakable” and knocked on wood.

No. 551232

File: 1531988445729.jpg (83.06 KB, 960x720, virgin daddy dom.jpg)

came across this meme and thought of the bunions

No. 551234


It seems like they're only together because they perceive everyone as out to get them. They're both paranoid weirdos who think they're better than everybody. Even though Lame seems to recognize his behavior, it's obvious she writes it off as him just joking for the views.

No. 551237

This IS a public fight

No. 551239

File: 1531992658524.jpg (156.08 KB, 1180x788, fn.jpg)

I don't want anyone to sue him despite him deserving it. He's tried to be relevant to AJ by claiming Ministry front runner molested his daughter. Shane revealed that he's not suing him because he doesn't want to make life bad for Lameo and her herps. He called non-emergency services on Eugenia to seem like a good guy but they turned him down. Now he has a skinwalking wife who groomed a 14 yo who is 18 and now living with them.
Sarah threw Billie under the bus even though Billie said she claimed to make "bomb rice."

No. 551252

I can only laugh along with Greg when he's calling himself a rapist and dragging Lainey.

Also that whole video Lainey is like I don't even know what we're talking about. So let me explain for her, HE'S SAYING HE HASN'T MET ANYONE HE WANTS TO FUCK AS MUCH AS HE DID BILLIE

No. 551261

File: 1532003979488.png (Spoiler Image, 141.58 KB, 622x456, banned4lyf.PNG)

No. 551268

>"I think if you talk about them, or address them or something, you still care about them on some level

You said it, Grease.

No. 551272

That hash brown at the end, why must he accentuate the fact that he's a walking talking aging bobblehead? The lack of music didn't make it funnier, it just rather made it more pitiful.

No. 551292

File: 1532012223692.jpg (53.29 KB, 1323x190, racistonion.jpg)

>"Think of the most civilized place in the world. You know living in dirt huts, constantly at war, typically poor plumbing, not great internet. Often on those commercials living in mud huts and they're saying 'hey we're starving to death'. Do you know the primary place for agreeing with mutilating children? The middle east and Africa!"

LGH is a racist piece of shit who thinks the majority of the middle east and Africa live in mud huts and don't have basic infrastructure. He hasn't changed at all since 2004. Seriously, it baffles me how extremely uneducated and racist he is. Go join your local KKK chapter Shreg! You'll fit right in!

No. 551312

>Onion: You are poly because you are bi.
>Lainey: Oh my god, are you implying that all bi people–
>Onion: Smart people will understand what I've meant!


>Onion: This is why our polyarmory concept is a joke. I love seeing you with a woman but you hate seeing me with a woman

>Lainey: That's not true, I hate seeing you with evil people.

Lmao this video is a goldmine of excuses

No. 551328

File: 1532016720821.png (2.57 MB, 1942x614, lecomparison.png)


No. 551331

Holy crap!
Lame actually looked pretty at 17. The hair is perfect color and length to counter her long face.

No. 551333

The bitch aged BADLY. Holy shit.

Sarah looks seriously young and fresh faced and considering greases recent tweeting about being "comfortable" with himself, Why do I get serious billiegate "I'm going to do what I want when I want" vibes and especially since the big 1 8 is coming up in august. Oof.

No. 551336

File: 1532018075005.png (3.07 MB, 2500x920, whitewitchVevilwitch.png)

Tbf I picked a nice selfie out of the google results to play fair. She's posed and edited, whereas that's a screengrab of Sarah

I gave up trying to give her the courtesy for 21 just went with a dated youtube video to get the age right. All about the facts.

No. 551340

File: 1532018677729.jpg (156.04 KB, 1080x761, Onion says its herpes.jpg)

>It seems like they're only together because they perceive everyone as out to get them.
>They're both paranoid weirdos

No no anon, please, allow me to enlighten you as to why these toxic avengers stay together.

Actually, let GREG tell you himself why to miserable, mismatched people would ever stay together.

Straight from the Greasy peen himself

No. 551344

Lames makeup is actually nice and flattering here…how the feck has she managed to get so bad at makeup now? It gives me physical discomfort to watch Lame apply eye shadow these days but she clearly hasn't always been so shit?

No. 551345

She did simple, everyday styles back then. Now, she's trying to go for a more bold look like Billie does. Problem is, you have to be decent at makeup to pull it off, so she just ends up looks like a mess.

No. 551346

She's too busy trying to skinwalk all the young queens whilst being a boy.

Looks like she was just wearing eyeliner, she only started smearing eyeshadow on her face when Onion told her to start making money from all the makeup she pretended she also liked whilst Billie lived there.

Sarah is only 17 now and Billie just turned 21 in April, it is bizarre that Lainey who turns 24 this year has to copycat younger girls. Well i mean she did marry a pedo lol

No. 551348

Is this why she can't grow her hair long?

No. 551350


Being with Anus ages you 20 years. All Laundrythot needs is a few hours in the sun, a shift in diet, a more flattering haircut, clothes that suit her body, a gym subscription, knowledge of basic makeup application, and a few hobbies. Since Anus doesn’t allow any of that, all she needs is to get away from Anus.

Which is exactly what he wants so he can fuck Sarah as she wears a paper bag with Billie’s face taped on it.

No. 551365

I am actually feeling bad for Plain in this video. Greg is insufferable, he's so annoying.
>Bi people get crushes easily and are always polyamorous
>Look at this liberal outrage, SJW tumblr trash, intelligent people understand me
>Your jealousy is the worst, you hate seeing me with other women why I like seeing you with other women (even though I WILL NEVER let you be with another man, of course, I will just fetishize and drool over you girls, so so tolerant and open-minded)
>useless analogy
>clapping hands laughing at his own horrible jokes (screaming random bad words)

I haven't watched a video with both of them in it for some time and it really is exhausting.

No. 551377

File: 1532022995723.png (322.26 KB, 468x702, kkkuck.png)

No. 551391

no one cares about your life

No. 551394

I think the intelligent people comment was Onion showing his bigotry again. Also the fact she is a transtrender. He always makes off the cuff jokes directing more to haters on Laineybot videos and sticks to the serious slagging of haters on his own channels.

He was probably the anon that derailed with ugly Lainey screencaps for no reason.

No. 551417

dang lainey is getting dragged
maybe i should watch this one. but i hate agreeing with greg…

No. 551418

File: 1532025800963.png (165.87 KB, 296x300, kimmo.png)


Funny for him to pass judgment about the compatibility of couples.

No. 551428

Lame wasn't 17 in that photo, she had blonde hair.

No. 551429

Grease's defeminization of his partners is downright disgusting. Expect a Sarah head-shaving saga sooner or later.

No. 551430

File: 1532027274673.jpg (8.22 KB, 194x259, download.jpg)

ok then she was def uglier than sarah(nitpicking & derailing)

No. 551431

*while I like seeing you with other women

That is a believable tinfoil. Greg is much more of a cow but people tend to just focus on how worn out Plainey looks like lately. But it might be just because Onion can't really shock anyone anymore and his shitty drama/videos get old fast.

No. 551463

File: 1532030208677.png (2.88 MB, 1334x750, 726DFC97-B083-4C9C-9C31-1C1B5B…)

No. 551464

I gotta admit it's kind of entertaining to watch them argue over bullshit and jab at each other. They deserve each other so much.

No. 551465

File: 1532030293666.jpeg (65.98 KB, 749x412, 68CF963A-ED5F-459E-9186-EA314E…)


Pretty much any time she does anything to her lower lash line she makes this face, anon.

No. 551489

It’s pretty suspicious how Lainey thinks about dropping YouNow after Sarah comes over. I have a feeling that she’s finally sinking her claws into her.

No. 551493

Maybe she's worried about Sarah and Greg being alone. I bet she can't wait until she can use her kids as spies.

No. 551509

I pray for a transcript.

She was actually so fresh faced at 21. She still had the kind of boyish look but without making herself look like an embarassing idiot and actually looks her age.

No. 551511

File: 1532037438019.gif (882.36 KB, 500x281, ew.gif)


this is a 9/10 bod, for sure

No. 551512

is this an edit or a video rip

im not joking i cant tell

No. 551513

why do they still talk about billiegate, it’s been a year since the official breakup and 3 years?? since billie first came to mcmansion, taylor is clearly not over her husband cheating on her notice how she mocks about him “being single”

No. 551514

File: 1532038474203.jpeg (113 KB, 827x640, 4580DD08-49F7-45DF-AB93-61E5C2…)

all the comments on lame’s new videos focus on how “attractive” sarah’s become, since LGH deletes negative comments on her content I’m sure a twitter lovebombing is imminent

No. 551526

And she’ll never get over it, no one ever does, especially if someone is insecure like lainey and the relationship was already unstable in the first place. They seriously need to leave each other, there’s no love there

No. 551527


I second your question. My guess is that it is real when I zoomed in on it. He has the most fucked up proportions.

No. 551529

File: 1532040031845.gif (490.7 KB, 500x282, giphy.gif)

No. 551537

ooof can't believe this gremlin used to be hot

No. 551538

Gurgs shaved his hair again?

No. 551539


someone kindly show this anon his unedited ugly boy school shooter pics

No. 551541

he was never hot anon

No. 551548

Did he really mention SJW tumblr trash? If so, that would make me KEK so hard since he's basically the poster boy for tumblr shit.

I remember a video (dk from who) about Male feminist who end up being accused of sexual assault or rape and Onision being one of the examples of someone who screams about feminism and trys to judge others under a feminist lens and then are actually the worst to women themselves.

No. 551550

Does anyone know how tall Sarah is? Is she smol enough for Anus?

No. 551558

She's 5'5" I believe? She mentioned it recently I believe.

No. 551566

File: 1532044508665.png (702.66 KB, 640x1136, 3B81D0EB-B698-4122-BE14-D567EB…)

They’re stealing your shit, fam. It’s the same tard who selfposted awhile ago.

No. 551570

Dude! It’s been a year since bulliegate yet WE still talk about it! They are hung up on the entire incident the sane reason we still are! Don’t virtue Signal! The cows read this thread and us talking about it so of course they bring it up

No. 551574

Nah screw that reasoning, it's the same type of justification LGH uses to never shut the fuck up about Shane.


It's an anon board, who cares. But that person needs to chill they're everywhere

No. 551579

Greg still talks about chicks he fingered in elementary school man.

No. 551581

But you have to realize that we're not the people who dated Billie. The only reason why we bring Billie up is because they're still obviously hung up on her.

No. 551582

We are here for you anon. It was filters and lack of HD that made you feel the way you did.

No. 551585

Does anyone know if any milk will come out of what’s her face’s visit? The young Asian-Hispanic girl who is obsessed with OGreasion and Laundrythot copied her makeup look? Is she even still there?

No. 551586

Also half of his face used to be covered with hair, a style that was "trendy" at the time and made a lot of disgustingly ugly guys passable.

No. 551587

I feel if Billie is fair game for us to farm it’s fair game for the cows to farm too. It only makes sense for the cow cunts to talk about since bringing Billie in was moronic since day one. We know that and lame knows that. We complain and of course she does to.

No. 551594

I remember the days when these threads weren't a support circle for girls who find/found Greg hot.

No. 551597

Obviously there are a lot more ex-fans that have now seen the light than there were at the start. It’s not a big deal, anon.

No. 551615

File: 1532049932579.png (158.15 KB, 516x463, juststop.PNG)


tl;dw: he's just going over dead channels and goes on to say that youtube picks and chooses who to promote on their platform. Which surprises absolutely no one.

No. 551633

We've seen this vid by him countless times already, it's didn't work then and I assure you Anusion, it won't work now. Also peep that Billy the fridge shade 1:35-40. Never change Anusion, you pathetic bitch.

No. 551642

"Leafy wasn't getting money so he walked"
(Leafy's least successful videos had 10 the views Onions has now)

No. 551646

File: 1532052029284.png (100.87 KB, 584x800, anon.png)

this is the only thing i could find on the asian-hispanic girl. dunno if this was the right place to post it however.

No. 551652

>and us talking about it so of course they bring it up

Remember all the times that Greg has raged about Billie, or Sam or just about anyone he hates now, and when his patrons ask why hes still talking about him, his go to is
"the people in chat brought it up so of course Im going to talk about it"
But no one ever brought it up in chat. It all seems sus

No. 551653

File: 1532052594534.png (2.91 KB, 233x80, no bites.PNG)

In case if you were wondering, the McMansion still hasn't been sold yet.

No. 551655

Didn't it orignally sit unsold for 10 years before the onions bought it?

No. 551659

Wait, they moved before it got sold?

Did they buy the new swamp house or are they just renting it?

No. 551660

The trailer is 450k, and apparently bought.

No. 551661

I really don't get the american system. How did they qualify for a home loan while being saddle with heavy debt from the IRS and lack of proof of consistent income?

Seriously, are you guys better not be working on another gfc.

No. 551662


Zillow shows that neighborhood market to be "very cold", and the GreaseMansion is listed at more than 3X what most houses in the same neighborhood go for. It'll sit on the market for years, until Big Daddy Gubbmint seizes it as an asset and auctions it off for pennies on the dollar, while Grug screams about it not being LOGICAL.

No. 551671

VERY high IQ

No. 551678

The answer is no, Lainey is a cuck.

No. 551679

Don't tell me these fools bought a new house and now they're paying double the monthly fees/taxes on both properties because they overpriced.

No. 551717


Holy shit.

In the Is My Relationship Anonymous video, he kept bringing up how insecure she was. Do you think she forgot you cheated on her you fucking meathead?

No. 551719

File: 1532062219910.webm (1.5 MB, 472x300, Be Laineybot For A Night.webm)

If you turn up the volume while hes dancing you can hear him huffing and puffing. It freaked me out, but gave me an idea.

To all you fangirls who wish you could be with Onision, slip on your VR goggles and be Lainey for one romantic night.

No. 551721

Not realistic at all, he’s not yelling “take it you faggot!”

No. 551747

>So maybe in the future when you're jealous, you should just break it off rather than dragging it out
>Why? So you can be mad at me for three weeks?

So she admits she stayed with billie because she didn't want onion to get mad at her or break it off with her. Yet, she always pretended she was so heartbroken afterwards and pretended she loved billie. And she acts like shes NOT the scheming evil snake. Fuck off.

No. 551750

It pretty much confirms the three weeks she "suffered" for Billie were bs and she didnt talked to Billie again to have "closure" was only so Onion wasnt pissed with her anymore.

No. 551778

they juuust made a video explaining how they are poly but are essentially monogamous right now… which means you 100% know greg's on the prowl

No. 551781

The problem is that half of yous don't even try to hide it. Some girl here nitpick Lainey to hell and back and it's transparent why. It's like when your crush gets a gf and she turns out to be uglier than you so you indulge in all kinds of schadenfreude.

No. 551785

After watching the vid this idea popped into my head. We all know Lainey isnt actually gay or bi or whatever the fuck shes calling herself this week. Shes just mentally ill and its manifested itself this way, plus it gives her extra Tumblr points with her fans.

What I do believe is that Lainey has this odd puppy dog love thing for teen girls.

Its like junior high school girls who have crushes on sexually non threatening singers and movie stars. They can daydream about going on romantic dates and hugging and kissing but not worry about the sex. Thinking of sex with Justin Bieber or one of the Jonah brothers is gross and weird at that point in their budding sexuality.

Thats what Lainey is. She wants a cute teen girlfriend that she can cuddle and peck on the lips and have adorable little girl-dates with, but dont touch her vagina or elongated cow tits, thats just plain disgusting in Laineys eyes.

No. 551788

This is tinfoil, the only mental illness we know she has is some type of anxiety. She’s a liar who wants attention.

No. 551795

I was under the impression they were being posted because an anon was making something with them?

No. 551796

We don't need multiple photos of nitpicking nature derailing the thread.

No. 551803

And anxiety my ass, she’s just a jealous, cowardly, socially inept narc trying to win snowflake points for being mentally ill uwu. Legit GAD is not a fun time and requires a lot more attention than a fucking fidget spinner and a human tissue.

No. 551804

I hate that cringe gay banana

No. 551805

People have been discussing the laineybot video are we in a monogamous relationship in which Greg essentially says he hasn't found a girl he wants to fuck as much as Billie and with Lameo calling her evil. It's relevant, maybe read what's posted.

No. 551806

And having GAD does not excuse you from the responsibilities of life. You don't get to walk away & not deal with problems. You still have to deal with LIFE

No. 551807

all of her anxiety comes from her husband, but shes too fucking retarded to realize it. school sure was worth it tho

No. 551810


Indeed. That’s why science has given us benzos. Even if Draino did have GAD Anusion would forbid her from getting treatment because who needs ebil doctors with their edumacation and shit when there’s google, right? But clearly it’s less GAD and more >>551807

No. 551822

This sounds so accurate!!!!!
Tumblr calls it queer platonic relationships.
Im waiting for her to adopt that term.

No. 551826


That would make Lainey an ephebophile, too.

lol. It all makes so much more sense now.

No. 551834

It looks like at the beginning when he’s trying to explain what the video is about and Lainey keeps correcting him, he gets up to leave out of frustration with her. It cuts back to him sitting with her again.

Why did they decide to fully become poly and not give Lainey another try at having her own girlfriend? Greg could have done thing he did with Billie and slowly insert himself into their relationship. They’re crazy if they think they’ll find someone that likes them an “equal” amount.

No. 551838

So true! One of her “requirements” in a girlfriends is someone who will go on ~Pokémon go dates~.

Greg is also exacerbates the problem. By picking her up as a teen and knocking her up, having her be relatively isolated and depend heavily on him for validation, and “”encouraging”” her to come out and get a girlfriend. I’m also guessing that he is trying to manipulate her to get another girlfriend by positively reinforcing her showing interest in girls.

No. 551839

I don’t think she is in the same way as Greg…He will always be chasing 17 year olds and teens but once Lainey turns closer to like 25 we’ll see if she keeps pursuing younger girls. I think she only does it because it’s Greg’s preference.

No. 551841

she's too scared to go to the therapist and get a dx because she knows they will tell her to man up and leave onion. she can't stand the hatur doctors telling her mean things!!!!

No. 551842

That's why they stopped going to couple's therapy. If Plain went to any credible therapist, they would tell her that her husband is abusive and manipulative and to save her children.

No. 551844

They only want a unicorn to fix their relationship. Lainey doesn’t give a shit about dating women, she just wants a girl to hold her emotional baggage and occasionally be affectionate with. She’s not poly or bi.

No. 551849

I'm not even sure she wants to be affectionate either. Shes ignored almost every girl when they visit. Onion spends the most time with the girl. Lamey only makes videos and takes Instagram pics with girls or kisses them to excite Greg's gherkin. She does it for likes and to get points with Greg. Notice how she ghosts girls who like her but not Grease.

No. 551854


She wants a non threatening accessory.

Someone who will give her cred as a true gaytm online and make her more interesting and appealing to Greg without having them take up any of greg’s interest or affection which she wants to keep firmly monopolized. Someone to add interest to her Instagram pictures and do her makeup for beautybot videos. Something to clean the share the burden of housework and childcare. Something to watch a movie with when she’s bored and Greg is ignoring her to make videos or stream with his teens. She doesn’t want a partner or even real a friend she wants an accessory.

No. 551858

ding ding ding we have a winner. I think Sarah needs to remember not all abuse is violence and verbal abuse. It can be manipulation and guilt tripping which are Lainey's two favourite hobbies. Well, at least she's good at something because the whole makeup thing is not working for her.

No. 551863


Sounds an awful lot like Sarah's role.

No. 551875


They were able to get a loan for another house while STILL having to pay their mortgage on their old home because they are lying about their finances to get patreon pity.

Idk if the IRS payments have begun yet (been quite a few threads since we talked about that) and if they have started then they are simply paying the monthly fees and they aren't in as bad a spot as LGH pretended he was. Clearly, if they were that bad off they wouldn't be able to get another loan. House loans are extremely hard to get if you have any huge credit issues. But, their fans are too dumb to realize that it's all BS and they must still have ALOT of money or monthly income to be able to pay 2 mortgage payments.

No. 551886

File: 1532106955864.png (1.25 MB, 1515x1093, Screenshot_2018-07-20 Onision …)

No. 551887

the American system is terrible - you can get a loan with insane debt if you do stupid shit. But the Onions are not in as bad a financial spot as they pretend to be. They’re not bankrupt or anything. I’m thinking he is trying to sell the house at a ridiculous price and use that money to pay off the tax stuff. I’m not sure but that’s probably his best bet. There are so, so many idiotic things people can do with their money. He could have a really shit loan on this new house with fucked interest for all we know. I’m thinking after his reddit fiasco he hired someone to tell him what to do

No. 551897

Wasn't she pretty actively around that Maya girl though? They recorded a video together and seemed pretty into it until Greg tried to weasel in.

No. 551912


>legal in their state

pretty gross if you have to define your romances as such

No. 551913

She wasn't so "actively" into her in that one makeup video where the kiss was so damn awkward. Bitch is faking her gayness. Didn't LGH admit to lifting and throwing Maya onto somewhere? Lol.

No. 551914


He picked her up and carried her, which made her uncomfortable, which she then told Lame. Lame immediately told Onion and he got seriously butthurt. Maya was shipped out right away.

No. 551923

Why does he pretend Lainey's parents were happy with their relationship when he's made videos forbidding her dad from coming over? Why does he pretend anyone thinks Lainey is a hopeless victim and not an enabling cunt who is just as bad as he is? He acts like people point out how old she was when they got together because they want to whiteknight her when they couldn't care less, it's more about how much of a fucking predator he is. Lol 'not even 10% of the facts' His typical defensiveness makes me actually think she was 15 when they were talking and not 17 like he claims. I get the feeling he was still with Shiloh when he started talking to Lame.

No. 551935

I wonder if maybe Lamey was just about to get with LGH and he went back to Shiloh instead, who's alternative if you will. And then years after that cheated on her with Billie, who's also alternative. Maybe that's what fueled her to suddenly be interested in hair dye, tattoos and being "so emo."

No. 551936

It baffles me that no one in Lame's family ever thought to greet Grug at the door with a shotgun or just find some big dudes to surround and beat the ever-loving shit out of him. They clocked him early on as someone who hates a fair fight. They should have never let Grug or Lame have one.

No. 551944

And, according to Greg, didn't her parents pull their support for her college education and he had to cover it? Yeah, sounds like they were totally thrilled and weren't at all trying to control her decisions.

No. 551950

File: 1532119272011.png (610.97 KB, 1205x1874, temp.png)

Trump sperg plus stupidest comment on Twitter ever plus other stuff

No. 551951


"Happy with the results of Onions and Lainey's relationship" likely translates to "they love their grandchildren/niece/nephew.
"In-laws standing by Lainey's decision"? Likely means "her sister doesn't hate me".

No. 551952

>What do you call someone who knows someone committed a crime and then openly supports them?

No. 551953

Someone please edit this to be the dancing clown lol

No. 551956

In one video Greg said he had enough to get by for about three years before he would be in a bad financial position. But he's manipulated his viewers into thinking he's ALREADY in that desperate financial decision.

No. 551975

File: 1532121685931.gif (988.97 KB, 500x263, BEC1E444-30B4-480F-BB20-2612EF…)


No. 551986


I actually feel bad for her in this. She had just given birth and looked so exhausted from being a new mom, while greg was running around making clickbaity videos about his newborn son and posing for funny selfies in costumes while Lainey looked like this in the background. Imagine looking this rough at 19 years old.. woof

No. 551998

File: 1532124960056.png (314.58 KB, 720x920, Screenshot_2018-07-21-00-09-17…)

Shreg is accusing Shane of being a pedo… again.

No. 551999

File: 1532124977114.png (948.28 KB, 1200x835, DilHuiUUwAAtFsH.png)

No. 552000

File: 1532124981101.jpeg (183.77 KB, 1200x563, DilHuiUUwAAtFsH.jpeg)

Onion sent a screencap out of another sperg he emailed Shane

Its on his Twitter

No. 552010

I really really can’t wait until Ryland convinces Shane to sue his ass.

No. 552011

Oh my god, SAME.

And I can't get over Shane telling Ugly he didn't want this to go legal out of CONSIDERATION for Onion's family, and Gayg turning it into "You're disgusting for mentioning them, HOW DARE YOU!" He HAS to have a learning disability, a nail in his brain, SOMETHING.

No. 552012

man he likes to twist things. shane doesn't want to hurt lainey and the kids because of gregs actions and gregs like "you are threatening my family!!!!!"

No. 552013

Hello ladies and gentlemen. This is a situation where an individual is sitting there trying to be insultive by committing plagiary from the handbook of Brett Keane. Goodness gracious!

No. 552021


Imagine writing this wordy essay and all you get in response back is either a sentence or a "leave me alone" response. ( or no response at all )

I'm starting to wonder if Greg wants Shane to sue him, and for whatever reason thinks he'd win the case or prove a point. If someone threatens to sue you while you're still paying off taxes,new home,losing patrons, losing youtube buxs you'd think they'd back off, unless he thinks he has a leg up on Shane and will win. ( Or he thinks Shane wont sue because of his human meat shield "Lame" )

No. 552022

Shane's tone wasn't even "serious" when he said that, he dropped his tone and he was laughing. He knew it wasn't exactly appropriate but he meant it as a joke. Shreg projects so much. He used to be into that DDLG shit with Footwife and we know he prefers younger puss. It sounds like he's trying to project and deny because he doesn't trust his impulses anymore, sick bastard.

No. 552023

>Or he thinks Shane wont sue because of his human meat shield "Lame"
I think that's exactly it. He knows Shane would feel bad if something happened to Lainey and the kids and he's purposely doing this to provoke him. He wants to be able to keep screeing at Shane over what a bad person he is and he knows the pedo thing won't stick.

No. 552025

>Or he thinks Shane wont sue because of his human meat shield "Lame"

Good thing Lainey is making most of the money nowadays (IIRC), so she'll probably be fine, especially with the additional pity bucks. Sue away guilt-free, Shane.

No. 552026

Does anyone else find it weird that grease had all those videos of Shane being "inappropriate" with children downloaded and was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to use them against him? Looks like he was planning doing it for months, maybe years. I wonder if he had something to do with that pop blast video. The person behind the pop blast channel did say someone paid them to make that video, they even showed screenshots if I'm not mistaken. I wonder who could have been…

No. 552028

I know it's tinfoily but when Greg was recently on stream, I think it was during the debate with Lucidia, someone (maybe her can't remember) asked if he was involved with PopBlast in a non-serious way but his voice got small, he looked to the side and said "no" is a weird, quiet way and I remember thinking it was odd. Anyone else remember this?

No. 552035

Yes! I remember that too! I’d find it and upload it if I wasn’t on le phone, someone else feel free to do the honours

No. 552040

jeez, she had such a baby face, she looks 15 here

No. 552041

File: 1532132248437.png (4.06 KB, 324x92, itsgurg.PNG)

Seems like Greg doesn't think people between ages 13-17 can be preyed on by pedophiles.

No. 552045

Exactly. I remember him giving an excuse that teens in their underwear were the same as teens in a swimsuit. Its the same amount of clothing covering the body, and you see teens in swimsuits at a pool all the time. So it would be perfectly fine (and legal) for him to sit at the pool and watch & rate teens at the pool.
He doesnt register in his little autistic brain that its creepy and gross, even if its not against the law.
Im sure that one of those teen dads wouldnt care if its legal for him to be ogling their daughters, and he wouldnt be able to fight off those fathers with his famous martial arts move of laying on his back and kicking in the air like he did with Papa Onion.

No. 552046

Not bloody likely.

No. 552048

Maya locked herself in the bathroom and texted Lainey (who was in the same house) that she was freaked out.
I imagined it was like the Shining bathroom/axe scene.

No. 552051

I wish I could remember the stream he said this on, but some girl brought up that infamous "7th grade boys, thats how I like em" clip, and Gregs response was that pedophiles rarely go after boys, so his joke was a wild flight of fancy that wouldnt happen in the real world.

No. 552054

File: 1532134519237.jpg (412.75 KB, 1536x2048, O.jpg)


I think this tinfoil as well, I saved this from the popblast twitter when they said they were being paid to do it. I never could figure it out but hey maybe?

No. 552055


lmfao leafy walked because he got destroyed in a content cop

No. 552058


It cant be Greg.

Greg thinks theres only one correct spelling of pedophile.

No. 552059

Plot twist Greg had one of his Brit fag patreons like fat becca write and send the email so it wouldn't get traced back to him

No. 552075

"footage we have collected" we know onision was collecting footage too since he used it against Shane after the popblast video came out, that can't be just a coincidence. You can call it tinfoil but I'm 100% convinced it really was onision who paid them and sent the footage to be used in the video. He pretended he was Logan Paul's manager because the suicide forest scandal was trending back then, so Logan was under public scrutiny already anyway.

No. 552086

You guys are giving Greg too much credit

He saw Shane getting shit and cause he’s still salty about Shane’s success he decided to jump on the band wagon cause he thought it was something he could get people behind. Even after the guy who made the video bitched out Greg just kept rolling with it cause he’s fucking Greg and refuses to admit he was wrong.

No. 552087

You're right,another weird thing I noticed in the dabate with Lucidia was that he was very defensive about the pop blast video. She said it was obviously edited and he replied "why hundreds of thousands of people retweeted it if it was obvious?" that sounded suspicious as fuck! Any idiot with more than two brain cells could see that video was edited and taken out of context, why was he even trying to argue against that?

No. 552090

>I get the feeling he was still with Shiloh when he started talking to Lame.

He was lol

No. 552093

basically everything he tweeted about trump there applies to him tbh

No. 552096


It has been hypothesized that the person he can't talk to at that moment because they are at school in the A voicemails (specifically the one where he talks about Shiloh and the pregnancy test) was Taylor.

That was in 2011.

No. 552097

Yup, Lainey waited until he was done with Shiloh and Adrienne, when he finally got single and no other girl would give him any attention, so he decided to give her a chance and she immediately dumped her ex for onion boi. That's why I think she's never going to leave his ass, she has been his doormat for far too long.

No. 552099

File: 1532140332068.png (40.02 KB, 563x383, temp.png)

No. 552101

Barbie said it better than you, fucking dumb cunt.

I was just joking when I harassed you for months my dude. I was just joking when I fucked B while my life was in labor. IT'S JUST A PRANK.

No. 552104

God I’m so tired of seeing this idiot get away with so much shit. I wish Shane would just sue his ass so he can finally disappear from the internet.

No. 552109

File: 1532141837044.jpeg (152.05 KB, 750x333, F6ED3378-5E7F-4870-B5C6-7D4691…)

alrighty boys, who do you think it’s about this time? same person same problems? I think so.

No. 552110

his dad

No. 552111

This. No one he's ever gonna drag mommy, and the only person he's kept an extended period of time is Foot.

No. 552114

Can someone PLEASE make a collection of clips of all the times Greg's made a paedophilia comment. I GUARANTEE it will be much worse and far more than than Shane ever did. I would do it but I'm no good at editing.

No. 552115

Probably a made up friend he will claim was in school with him. He will use this character to form a story to fit whatever agenda he has now. Probably paedophilia.

No. 552116

could it be another convenient showertime revelation????

No. 552117

Shane is gay - why would he be using "little girls" to watch vs boys?

No. 552119

When people were bringing up Sarah and dat booty doe in his stream today, he took down the widget to see his youtube comments on his screen. Seems a little fishy Gurg.

No. 552120

anon, no one has that kind of time or man power kek

No. 552129

If it wasn’t Onion, you know he’s wishing that he knew who it was because he wants to be BFFs.

I agree.
Before the pop last video, he didn’t even make claims that Shane was a pedo. It wasn’t until it came out that he really dug his heels in on that.

No. 552130

File: 1532146989377.png (43.53 KB, 586x539, temp.png)

> says shane broke no law
> tells shane to turn himself into the police

No. 552151

because onions mom, who gave her son a naked massage when he was a kid, is a good judgement of character..

No. 552154


lmao you're almost 40 shut up onion

No. 552157


he couldn't say lainey because we all know she was chasing shane before greg and greg was her second choice so it couldn't be her. who else could he use except his kids or the dogs?

No. 552167

Shane's bisexual iirc, either way we all know Onion only likes to recognize LGBT if it benefits him/his agenda…

No. 552173

I have issues with that. I think his revelation that he was bi during his relationship with Lisabug was so the blow-back wouldnt be so severe.
If he had told the truth and said "Ive known I was gay since I was a teen and used Lisbug as a beard, playing with her emotions for years" people would have been pissed.
If he was bi, and left his long term relationship with Lisbug to explore that bisexuality… why were all the people he dated after Lisa only men?

No. 552174

The real question is, what is going on in the Swampmansion he hasn't sperged about publicly yet that's making him deflect with this Shane shit so hard?

He only does this obsessive shit when cornered or caught doing something fucked up so he can distract people away from whatever it may be.

No. 552176

He started sperging about Shane when the Madison drama popped up. Also Shane's birthday was yesterday.
He was also sperging about Trump around the time the Sarah discord caps were posted.

No. 552177



maybe he wanted to explore that part of his sexuality that he never got to? you can only date a string of men and still be bi.


he's disgusting. wonder what sarah would have to say.

No. 552187

File: 1532156048723.jpg (87.85 KB, 700x568, dbd_.jpg)

>what is going on in the Swampmansion

>making him deflect with this Shane shit so hard?

>caught doing something fucked up

No. 552200

Yet that's exactly what you claimed when you were confronted about those innapropriate doll videos you made with a bunch of underage girls you DUMB CUNT.

No. 552201

AND in his creepy "Regarding the rumors about me today" video (using Shane's title) where he sounded more like a pedo than ever as he said he felt sorry for people if they didn't know his jokes were jokes

No. 552202

I love how he's pouting about shane "lying" and saying they only went out to eat once when in fact they went out to eat TWICE kek. It was a decade ago. he honestly thinks he and shane were best friends and it's hilarious

No. 552205

File: 1532161359470.jpg (472.28 KB, 908x1424, 20180721_182133.jpg)

$15k price cut on the McMansion on the 19th… might wanna add an extra 0 to that Grease.

No. 552206

Does anyone else remember when Smugfoot countered people that were saying they're clearly not struggling if they bought a house for half a mil with: "UM, the way it WORKS is you get money from the OLD house to put towards the NEW one" as if they'd sold it … such a condescending, lying footface. add it to her pile of lies

No. 552212

Greg wants shit instantly not overnight. He is completely unwilling to let Lainey get another partner unless he is guaranteed sex like straight away. He can't handle someone not finding him irresistible and instead of letting people warm up to a new situation, he chucks a tantrum about being rejected or finds a reason why that person is trash in his eyes.

No. 552214

File: 1532167601277.webm (5.82 MB, 480x360, I Thought You Sold Your House.…)

Oh boy do I.

No. 552217

bless u webm anon holy shit

No. 552219

What an ugly cunt. bless you anon kek

No. 552223

God, I don't know how anyone thinks he looked good back then even with that. Dude has a fucked up ugly greasy scumbag face. His teeth, jaw, bug eyes and his forehead when you saw it have always been wack. He was born fucking ugly and has never been anything but.

No. 552224

Except the sad part is they're probably not better looking than Lainey if their standards are that low lmao

Honestly I always thought some of the shitting on Lainey in this thread can get kinda a-loggy but I just assumed it's the new generation of tumblrfags that populate lolcow for the latter half of its life. What you're saying makes a lot of sense, though.

No. 552228

i would but it's gonna take time to find all the moments… if anyone would like to pitch in and add their favorite clips that would be great

but he called the cops to tell them about a girl who has an ED? so sexually harassing a minor isn't a crime but being anorexic is?..

No. 552229

Ahhh… what lying sacks of shit the onions are, truly.

Why the need to dodge the truth and lie… and to the fans themselves directly!!! Not through a 3rd party or hearsay, but right from the foot's lips herself.

They can lie about youtubers, their trinity experiments, gregs penchant for pedophilic behaviours, ect., but the fact remains that it was publicly stated by them that the new house was purchased with money obtained through the sale of the old house.

Huge vat of liars that onion fam.

No. 552232

Has he sold the house he used for recording videos?

No. 552233


yeah a while ago.

No. 552237

my sides have left orbit holy shit
(OT anon but you could go into media design that was incredibly entertaining)

No. 552241

File: 1532188124512.png (155.5 KB, 500x220, temp.png)

No. 552249

What an actual joke.
The amount of people that have told him to quit making videos on them, some even asked politely through email not even videos, and this cunt shows the world those emails and continues talking and mentioning them in every video he can. But he throws a tantrum when someone mentions him.

Eugenia- emailed him to stop
Ayallah- made a cease and desist video
Billie- asked him to stop via video
Shane- asked him to stop in an email
Shiloh's manager-left a voice message
Maya- messaged him about taking down videos

He's such a hypocritical douchebag

No. 552251

File: 1532194559921.png (165.74 KB, 791x646, temp.png)

Onision beats off hobos. Confirmed.

No. 552259

File: 1532198049738.png (341.73 KB, 1136x818, Untitled.png)

double confirmed.

No. 552270

kek apparently lame posted a vid of her reacting to trans cringe. how ironic…

No. 552286

That video was complete shit. Click bait. The only valuable thing that came from it is that Lame thinks that people shamed her for waxing her legs in her boxers because she showed her legs. Not because she had wet boxers and it was gross.

No. 552298

Yeah it was crap. The whole time she either said 'that's the tea' or 'me' whilst trying to relate to the cringey people in the videos.

No. 552299

God this just reflects how much she has to twist reality to sleep at night/take no responsibility/be a perpetual victim. I didn't see ANY comments about her LEGS, it was quite obviously an issue of her shoving the wet (barf) contours of her vagina towards the camera and willingly editing and sharing it. Such a man though right

No. 552301

I have grown to absolutely LOATHE that phrase now.
That’s the fucking tea… she uses it as a catchphrase for EVERYTHING.
She should really peep the irony of how much she can relate with the cringe side of trans. They were clearly targeting the trenders.

No. 552304

Same. Along with any new phrase or lingo that kids use. I have siblings much much younger than me and was never bothered by their millenial jargon, but it's pathetic that this woman in her 20's with 2 children says 'lit' more times than I've ever heard a child say it.
She's not even saying it to be ironic. It's irritating and everytime this bitch says 'tea' I want to stab my ear drums out with a sharp pencil.

Not sure if it's the words themselves, or the dumbass voice in which she drawls.

No. 552307

Victoria rave x or whatever responded to onion's video about her looking like she smells like a goat, and she revealed he wanted to hang out and collab in LA and she turned him down politely apparently because her mutual friends had beef or something and he's been salty ever since. Wish she'd shown screencaps of their conversation. I can see why he'd go for her, she's like a slightly older skankier version of Billie.

No. 552309

Honestly I don’t know what the thing with Sarah and Greg was with him saying dat booty doe but I think Lainey does overuse popular lingo and it’s 10x worse when she’s with Sarah at least 50% of their interactions are quoting memes or repeating that same trending slang. Last time Sarah was there they were saying”that boy tho” a lot so I wonder if Greg was trying to seem hip and young and used it incorrectly or in a way that made Sarah or Lainey weirded out. His asking for clarification on how to use “that’s the tea” makes me think he’s an old out of touch man that wants to relate to the teens with their lingo.

No. 552310

5.47 she starts talking about onion

No. 552312

Looks like foot has to tattoo "I'm a liar" on her ass now

No. 552317

Shreg removed his racist hair video

No. 552320

He’s going back into damage control mode, it seems.
I wonder how bad it hurts his “honest soul” every time he flips and commits hypocrisy. I truly believe that he believes his truth is honest and real.

No. 552322

Maybe he's upset that she'll leak his DM's.
Normally he'd be the opposite, blowing up on twitter and saying 'ewww i never wanted to collab with her. She's gross!' Or poke the bear with a stick to get more views and reactions. It really makes me wonder what he said to her.
Also is she friends with Billie or Ayalla? She said she didn't want to hang out because of a mutual friend or something.

No. 552325

File: 1532211383853.png (420.25 KB, 1267x601, rergfdshetawfs.png)

No. 552328


She says he’s salty that she didn’t want to meet with him in LA, basically. And shows the clip where he’s talking shit about her dreads, lol.

She’s friends with Billie and Ayalla, why the fuck would he think she’d want to hang out with him?

On another note, I occasionally watch hers and Stephie Lee’s videos. They both seem incredibly sweet and down to earth. I doubt Victoria was at all rude to him, so of course he was just being an asshole to be one. And he wonders why no one wants to be within 50 fucking feet of him. Not that they would’ve gotten along anyway? They obviously have very opposing personalities.

No. 552330

Billie follows her I believe? I don’t know if they’re friends though.

No. 552331

She said he got salty and subtweeted her! Kek. I'm looking for these subtweets to see what she's talking about.

He honestly probably wanted to hook up with her. He seems like such a loser. Comes to LA and bitches that it's all fake people because nobody wants to be his friend, yet doesn't understand why ex lovers and friends are upset with him throwing private details about their lives online when he gets mad. He has nothing to offer anyone.

No. 552332

I hope that they're reacting to every single one of Lamey's videos.

No. 552334

They’re quite friendly if not friends, Victoria has videos on her channel featuring Ayallah and Billie and either her ex hair Jordan or social respose was in the video too (or it was multiple videos and boTh males featured in some, but not together iirc)

No. 552335

The only time she's even mentioned Greg was when she played smash or pass in one of her videos and she said pass. I agree, why the fuck would he even try to collab/hang out?

No. 552336

I wonder if it occurred last time he ventured to LA. Just interested to know the timing of when he contacted her and if it was after the Billie saga

No. 552340

Victoria is very open about sexuality and drug use, if the man couldn't handle Billie smoking weed, he sure isn't going to get along with an older version of Billie who dabbles in harder drugs like acid.

I feel like he's chasing the manic pixie dream girl, he wants one, but doesn't like their defiance.
Which is weird because Lainey tries so hard to be this type of girl AND she's a doormat, so you'd think she'd be perfect, but I guess it gets too dull for him and that's why he continues chases alt girl poon.

No. 552346


We all know Greg's only calling other people smelly because he was a horrible smelling kid who got teased for it and thinks it's the most powerful insult ever. Even though we normal humans know BO is a normal human thing with solutions. And that GREG is the one who doesn't use deodorant.

No. 552350

File: 1532215359101.jpg (278.34 KB, 1080x1033, Screenshot_20180721-181910_Tum…)

kinda ot but saw this post on tumblr about how gay trans men should be able to dress like women or whatever and I saw this like y'all talkin bout lainey right lol

No. 552351

He is so childish with his insults and the way he terminates relationships it's actually embarrassing.

>so and so smells badddd

>i dumped so and so FIRST which means I'm the one in the right

>oh yeah? Well so and so is UGLY

It becomes more bizarre and apparent how immature he actually is as he gets older. Like Lainey has reached cringe status with her wannabe teen lingo, but she's still in her 20's, so if you ignore the fact she has kids, it's believable that a youtuber acts that immature, you know, in order to get more views. But Greg has actual tantrums and it's just baffling the way he acts towards people when he's angry. Like in this day and age, block and move on.

No. 552359

Her entire identity online is a cringe compilation.

No. 552360


if that is the case, why don't they hire a prostitute to live with them?

No. 552361

Wasn't Billie essentially a "prostitute", a sex toy for them to use? They call it a "third" in their relationship. lol

No. 552362

Because they are whores and too experienced. He likes the naivety and he also can't stand the fact someone would only fuck him for money. He wants them to LIKE him.
Plus he has that whole bullshit rule where he only has sex with people he 'loves'

No. 552363


and then they threw a fucking fit because deep down, billie didn't really loved either of them. then again if she did loved them, shreg would throw her out because she'd be a "homewrecker" and lainey would throw her out because.. well, lainey can't love women due to her heterosexuality.

No. 552366

They want some young girl that can idolize Greg while being Lainey’s little lackey. But they’re searching for someone with no faults or human attributes. If Billie would have fallen in line and been a doormat like Lainey, she would have been their perfect fit. But Lainey was so jealous of Billie bc Lainey, as we all know, isn’t actually gay. Lainey is going to wish she never played along with this poly crap bc it’s not something she gets to control. Greg will bully her into having a girl around he can use as a sex toy, and she can’t blame anyone for that disrespect but herself bc she’s chosen not to have any standards for her husband to abide by.

I really think Lainey thinks she can just keep rejecting candidates Greg trots in front of her, but he’s going to get more hostile at each “no” (case in point— his attitude in the poly vid the other day)

No. 552372

>cannot be a whore
>must be young and naive
>available for sex whenever Greg requires it

They're going to end up kidnapping a very young underage girl and lock her in the Beautybot Closet.

No. 552374

That's Sarah's cue

No. 552375

Yeah he basically blamed almost the entire lack of a successful poly relationship on her jealousy.

It was so pathetic also how he and Lainey also made excuses as to why people didn't stay, claiming that they usually either like Greg or Lainey more. I think that they have the most unrealistic expectations of people in a new relationship.

Like you said, they want someone without fault or error or feelings at all. And like another said, they want it overnight. They can't just expect a girl to immediately like them both equally overnight and want to have sex straight away. It takes lots of talking and experience and getting to know each other's boundaries ect.
That's why Greg got butthurt about picking Maya up. She tried to communicate it made her uncomfortable and instead of sitting down as a 3 and talking about comfort zones, Lainey immediately told Greg and he got rid of her.

I feel like if the girl is too aloof or shy, Lainey gets possessive of Greg and jealous, and if the girl is too chummy with Lainey, Greg demands he be in the relationship or else.

No. 552376

Honestly it's best if they don't. Greg thinks someone who has had sex with over 20 people can't be raped and will probably assume that since he's paying her he's paying to be allowed to do anything to her, no matter what she says. I don't want to even think about the terrible shit he'll do and the poor girl couldn't even go to anyone about it because she's technically doing something illegal by accepting money for sex. Not to mention he'd blame the herpes on her to explain away Lainey and his outbreaks

No. 552377

He'd dress the prostitute in a Harley costume and bring in a four footed friend to act out his favorite hentai porn.

No. 552378

To be honest, I think Billie liked the money and views, but I actually do think she liked him until he fucked her over. I don't even think she minded Lainey until Lainey started being all jealous. Like I actually think she was down for being a unicorn if they just hadn't bitched out about the weed thing and been crazy controlling about everything else. It was disturbing that you could tell the exact video when she had sex with Greg the time before. Her expressions toward him was like a little kid with a crush. She wouldn't stop staring at him the entire video and smiling.
Also, not whiteknighting Greg at all, but I feel like Billie didn't actually mind Lainey. In her early streams with Ayallah she was gushing about her new girlfriend. I have no doubt she's probably going through a bi phase, but I reckon she flew over there for Lainey intially, but Lainey was an intimidated cold cunt and obviously Greg was all friendly and predatory you know, 'come with me and we'll watch anime and play games and be in my videos'

No. 552379

And he'd make her sign release forms.

Sometimes I wonder why a patron that gets flown over doesn't try and up the theatrics or get some hidden footage of Greg saying fucked up shit. If I was in Vix's shoes, that's exactly what I would have done. Or even gone further with just the texting and chatting to see what else I could dig up.

No. 552381

I wish that photo shoot with momokun wouldve happened so bad, sigh…

No. 552382

I would have love to been a fly on the wall when it came to the whole Sam sitting on his lap thing. The way he described it in his video was 'it's just easier for a friend to sit in my lap while gaming'
I'd love to know what he actually said to her to try and justify his behaviour.

No. 552383

Because both Greg and Lainey have superior snake radar and can sniff out a fake.
They're like a hot oven who have watched many many magicians and have made videos about how hot they are and cannot be fooled by any magician……… wait I think I fucked up that Onision analogy.

No. 552384

Lambo's main problem with being Grug's dream alt girl is because she tries way WAY too hard with only half assed effort. She thinks faking something and not even genuinely liking it will get Gargoyle to vomit boners for her. She was better off being the preppy or as she would call herself "bootleg emo" who is also a cheerleader girl she was before 2015 when the Tumblr bullshit hit the fan. But he deserves this. A mentally unstable doormat wife who has to support his pimply vegetarian ass. Glorious.

No. 552385

File: 1532224515195.jpg (481.32 KB, 768x960, 04523.jpg)

I know Foot is only 23, but every time I see her with a new hair color, a new (infected) piercing or a new Cracker Jack tattoo, all I really see is one of those middle aged women who are desperately trying to emulate their teenage daughter in hopes that the high school boys that come over to hang with her kid will give them a second glance or at least a "lookin good Mrs Avaroe"

No. 552388

Yet they claim over and over they’re not “unicorn hunting”.
Nothing describes it better.

No. 552391

When did he admit to this??? If it’s true that explains SO, SO much

No. 552392

File: 1532225943996.png (1.01 MB, 596x596, vintage-frames-company-baddiew…)

Hey baddie winkle is awesome, lainey wishes she had an ounce of the style this grandma has.

No. 552397

He's talked about it many times, in videos, on streams… his justification for claiming his massaging a topless billie was "platonic" was because his licensed massage therapist mom gave him a massage where he was in his boxers. You know, because all massage therapists totally give their kids semi-nude body massages. He was even telling stories about being worried he would (or did? it's unclear) get a boner during the massage with his mom. Sooo yeah his mom is fucking gross and yes it does explain plenty

No. 552404

File: 1532229275570.png (338.1 KB, 545x502, okay gurg.PNG)

Greg's still sperging about his father being a rapist and a pedo. Like father like son, huh Greg?


No. 552410

I never post in onion threads but fuck you for dissing Baddie. Plainy wishes she could have an ounce of creativity like Baddie.

No. 552411

File: 1532230550375.jpg (119.57 KB, 977x655, 02251.JPG)

Lainey needs to buy a new camera.
The "Beauty Filter" keeps going in and out through the whole video.

No. 552412

god bless you anon

No. 552413

what the fuck is with the look on sarah's face

it's almost like she's saying to the viewer "lol we all know she looks like shit but she don't ayy"

No. 552415


That's exactly what it looks like. Sarah's definitely loving how good she looks in comparison these days. I doubt she'll be leaving anytime soon.

No. 552417

Sarah looks and acts like Sarah from the Land Before Time and thats all I think every time I see her faces she pulls.

No. 552418

>I'm gonna get that tiny onion dick

No. 552420

what video?

No. 552421

>God, I don't know how anyone thinks he looked good back then even with that. Dude has a fucked up ugly greasy scumbag face. His teeth, jaw, bug eyes and his forehead when you saw it have always been wack.

It's his wide frog-mouth I find most repulsive.Like a grinning toad.

No. 552424


Are you Lainey looking for evidence?

Just kidding, if I had to guess I'd say it's his stupid "High School Cliques" video where she just exists to be a pretty prop next to him… like, she added nothing to the video but her not-Lainey face staring at him. I remember it because she looked especially pretty and Grug looked especially ugly, and smug as FUCK

No. 552429

As much as it would be great for milk purposes, I really doubt they'll ever have a third again. Seriously, where are they going to find a girl in the right age bracket of 18-21 or so who is cool with leaving her life and everyone she knows behind to move into the Swamp Trailer with married parents and their two children, who's skinny and young-looking for her age ("underdeveloped" as LGH would say) and has an alternative style, who is pretty but not pretty enough to trigger Le Foot and cause jealousy with every move she makes, who shows them equal affection in the exact ways they both want, who is into their kinks but not TOO into it because she's totally not slutty, who has had very few relationships and not a one of them healthy so they know they can take advantage of her, who is somehow able to navigate the relationship without doing anything either of them find incriminatory enough to bitch about ceaselessly online, who knows of them and is a fan but doesn't know enough about the shit things they do or doesn't care/doesn't believe it, etc. etc. etc.??? No such girl exists. They really blew their load on B.

No. 552435

One is living with them right now, anon.

No. 552438

File: 1532238477647.webm (4.01 MB, 320x180, postcoitus.webm)

I would say the Dear Onision: Thank You video is a good example of the "we just had sex" gaze.

No. 552439

i feel sick.

No. 552440

I don't believe they'll ever have a serious third again. Lets face it Billie was in it for the money, the makeup and the free trips. I'm sure she did like them at some point but it was 90% about the money. Gronk is now in debt and a joke to YouTube.

No. 552441

Eh, I have no doubt they're inappropriate with Sarah in some way, but I personally don't think she's LGH's type physically and also in that she's not quite as meek and submissive as he likes to go for. Then again, her being a bit more mouthy and energetic than Foot might be a boon, since he doesn't get that kind of personality (whatever little there is) from his bland wife and clearly liked it in the past, like with Sh.

No. 552442

But would Sarah ever really be into Greg? I can see her wanting to be with Lainey, but she makes fun of Greg, sneers when she talks about him and in general seems to just put up with him because hes Laineys hubby.
Or is this a When Harry Met Sally thing, and it'll just take time and familiarity.

No. 552443

The last time Lame streamed with her and Greg came in to give them food she was looking at him with lovey-dovey eyes. I don't doubt she doesn't have some weird crush on him.

No. 552444

Hey anons. I did a thing, please enjoy.

No. 552446

Great point. Billie at least got plenty of monetary perks for putting up with the Greasedick. All their online bawwing about being poor and struggling isn't exactly attractive for a potential new girlfriend.

I've been on this side about things too. I know Sarah has done things in the past to hint at crushing on him or at least desiring his approval, but overall I don't think they seem that into each other. I can't imagine them satisfying each other in any kind of real romantic or sexual setting. They'd just be putting up with each other for Lainey's sake, and fuck me if anyone here cares enough about Lainey's feelings to do that lmao

No. 552447

Yeah and she also talked about how sweet gerg was when he went in her room to check on her… foot remained quiet, I'm sure that bothered her.

No. 552449

based anon

No. 552453

File: 1532242116743.png (454.5 KB, 587x443, i7yhuihyu.PNG)

No. 552457

File: 1532242987157.png (720.87 KB, 780x780, Screenshot (1638).png)

No. 552458

File: 1532243895843.jpg (57.03 KB, 512x589, The_Look.jpg)

>foot remained quiet, I'm sure that bothered her.

I noticed on one of their streams together, right at the end when Sarah starts telling the story about Greg asking her what "that's the tea" means, Lainey gets very uncomfortable as Sarah says
"I didn't tell you this yet, but Greg asked me while you were in the other room…"
Her face drops and she turns away and looks down and I swear she says something under her breath. I couldn't clean the audio up enough to hear if she was telling Sarah not to continue talking, fearing it was a story that should not be shared with the public.
But that look she gets on her face, I cant tell if its fear Sarah is going to accidentally spill the beans about something, or she was upset that Greg and Sarah were having alone time and little conversations without her.


No. 552460

She looks like she's saying shut the fuck up.

No. 552462

How often does this bitch wash her hair? The dyes she uses never last more than a week on her. Why even bother if you’re gonna shampoo your hair every single day.

No. 552463

Imagine being married to Greg who thinks it’s gross not to wash your hair daily. Most people shower daily and wash their hair every other day bc it strips your hair of it’s healthy natural oils to wash super frequently. But Greg doesn’t allow anything other then his opinions to be taken as fact.

No. 552467

And I guarantee she washes it with hot water, with shampoo full of sulfates, and then blow-dries it. Because she somehow, after having her "beauty" channel and hair vids on her main channel for a considerable amount of time and following plenty of people online with hair know-how, knows jack shit about taking care of her colored hair. Or how to dye it properly in the first place, for that matter. For someone who spends all her time online she sure doesn't seem to know how to find simple hair (or makeup, or skin care, or diet) how-to videos.

No. 552468

She can wash her hair daily but not her neck apparently. Does anyone else notice the discoloration around the sides of her neck? Sorry if nitpick, never comment on her appearance really ever; but the dark area around her neck reminds me of either dirt or the discoloration around that part of the neck people get from having diabetes.(yes that is a symptom of diabetes)

No. 552469

>the dark area around her neck

Its a healing hickey (yellowish brown) from when Shreg fucks her doggystyle and bites her neck like an animal so she wont move until he ejaculates.

No. 552470

She literally uploaded a video basically saying as much lmao. If hooktube still worked, I'd find it and share.

No. 552471

i see "bitch my fucking…" but either way hahah this clip… sarah sounds SO stupid and luigi's face drop says so much

No. 552472

Well damn. And you know every other comment on that video was probably fairly friendly advice on how to better take care of it, which she promptly (and smugly) ignored.

No. 552474

File: 1532248314049.jpg (137.86 KB, 668x475, capture22.JPG)

I love that she went from squatting on the floor, with a shitty pink glitter background, and fumbling with her makeup on the ground…
to squatting on a cheap folding chair, in front of a wrinkled bed sheet, with her make up on a flimsy plastic Walmart table.

This screengrab looks like some 12 year old making his first YT video cira 2005.

No. 552475

HAHA you just KNOW she switched to blue because much as she ree's about "x has no gender!" she still thought the pink sequins were too feminine

also she couldn't at least iron the sheet?? that set up blows jfc

No. 552476

No, there is an area at the base of her neck that meets with her shoulders on both sides that is always a gross brown orange color, and it's always present. I know she gets skanky hickeys but this is different, it never goes away.

No. 552477

I've noticed this too, it's weird. I would think it's a poor attempt at covering up hickeys if she didn't love putting that shit on display like a stupid teenager

No. 552479

Fuck me drunk, I do not know where to begin… I guess I will start with this: we all know that Drainythot has way too much makeup (a lot of it pricey makeup, adding insult to injury) for someone who is less interested in makeup technique than they are using their face as a canvas for autistic toddler finger painting, but not knowing that makeup has a short shelf life? No fucking wonder she is always breaking out! She looks like a fucking corpse, right down to the vacant, dead eyes. I would feel bad had she not proved herself to be such a disingenuous abuse-enabling asshole.

No. 552480

This makes me sad. It looks more disturbing when she wasn't wearing makeup here because she looks like a little girl. I'm not saying Billie is an innocent angel uwu but I feel like they really did fuck with that kid's life. And for Lainey to sit smugly by her piece of shit husband in the poly video and call her 'evil' was ridiculous given the things Greg has done to others.

No. 552481

He was never hot.

No. 552482

Sadly for us I think she is just mouthing along to the song in the background

No. 552484

at the 00:25 mark Gronk starts making fun of her voice cracking. I may be overly sensitive but if my SO joked like that with me on a constant basis Id leave.
Whats life like in that house with those two? Gronk making fun of her about everything she says or does, Gronk being pissed at her for something and calling her cunt and every other word that triggers her, and then Gronk ignoring her and telling her to leave him alone. Sprinkle in the occasional love bombing and thats life in the Onion house.
She doesnt even really get to turn the tables. We've seen her get mad at him like in that video where they're driving and hes brake checking on purpose to make her camera fall. Shes screaming at him and hes just giggling, not taking her seriously at all.

No. 552485


this is such a perfect metaphor for her life. an empty, soulless, cheap looking, barren wasteland of embarrassment.

No. 552486

>This screengrab looks like some 12 year old making his first YT video cira 2005.

Her appearance matches Greg's content.

No. 552488

File: 1532254516682.jpg (361.14 KB, 1062x665, Happy Birthday To Me.jpg)

This reminded me of those sad "Birthday Party Of One" memes.

No. 552489

File: 1532255225165.jpg (20.52 KB, 450x450, lol.jpg)


She looks like a young Trevor Moran. She'd prob think that was a compliment though

No. 552490


They've been grooming Sarah for years. She clearly derives her self-worth from how useful she is to them and whether they like her or not.

No. 552492

That was amazing, you shoukd have included the parts where he calls a black woman's hair curly frizzy crap and another's braid dirty.

No. 552497

This is why Grundle will never get to re-live his past "fame and glory". No one will collab with him, no one with a decent following. No significant youtuber will ever give greg the time of day, they all avoid him like the plague. They got each others back warning the uninformed about Onision. The more he attacks Shane, the more subscribers and fan he will lose, and those fans will tell their friends to stop watching Onision (if theu even are).

The runt doesn't fall far from the cunt.

>I feel like he's (Greg) chasing the manic pixie dream girl, he wants one, but doesn't like their defiance.

>Lambo's main problem with being Grug's dream alt girl is because she tries way WAY too hard with only half assed effort.

>She was better off being the preppy or as she would call herself "bootleg emo" who is also a cheerleader girl she was before 2015 when the Tumblr bullshit hit the fan

Greg is ALWAYS going to be searching for the next manic pixie girl to stick his 2 incher inside of, and Lame simply cannot be a manic pixie dream girl ever again.

Lamey is not free spirited, irresponsible, young, and beautifully adorkable, Lamey is a foot who has to corral her kids and clean house and wrangle her husband in, and she's so stressed she's aged a decade in 2 years (thanks to Onion).

There logistically is simply no mystery or challange there with Lamefoot anymore. She can do her hair every color of candy, and extend her eyeliner as far as her ears, and pretend to be a magically agendered space boi prince, but all Onion sees is an old tired nagging wife in the way of his computer screen as he scouts out his next teen targets.

Don't feel too bad for Lamefoot. She dove right in knowing his cheating ways. After all, when a man marries his mistress, all he does is create a vacancy.

No. 552503

Dude, best post I've seen in these threads for a while. If ever. I completely agree.

No. 552508

shes mouthing along with the music

No. 552509

She’s so fucking spoiled.
>getting rid of palettes because she dropped them
>getting rid of gifts people gave her last year and calling things “cheap”
>getting rid of a ton of lipsticks just because

She uses the same ten products over and over. There’s really no need for so much stuff. What a waste.

No. 552512


So her saying 'Im going to replace this' is code for 'if you're really my fan you should buy me this'

Can you imagine the shitty feeling if you're the fan who bought her one of those palettes that she said 'fuck this, Im throwing this one out'

No. 552513

I wonder how do her patreons feel seeing their perfect speshul snowflake transtrending bitch throw away stuff they send for no apparent fucking reason? "Oh I don't feel like I could use this palette lol" I would be fuming. This spoilt good-for-nothing Lamefoot deserves to lose just as many if not more patreons than her greasy tiny peen husbando. Spoilt fucking foot.

No. 552518

The look on her face screams "woooww..I'm jealous that you got to explain that lingo to him and why won't he ever ask me to explain something to him :`( oh! Because I am never good enough for him. Because I am never enough of anything.."
hello darkness my old frieeennd..

No. 552520

oooooof I wonder how many times she gets asked if she's sick. she looks so fucking rough plus sounds like she has a dick up her nostril

No. 552546

File: 1532288133310.jpg (31.19 KB, 731x414, 8443211.JPG)

I just realized that Gronk is using a nasty photoshopped pic of Madison as the thumbnail for his Photoshop FAIL video.
I dont know what I hate more, the subtweeting and passive aggressive douchebaggery, or the outright in your face asshole behavior.

No. 552551

This, Plus perfectly good palettes chucked because she broke a pan? Take care of your shit lainey jesus christ. Absolutely spoilt rotten.

Funny how he has no qualms using her body still

No. 552559

File: 1532292800582.png (60.38 KB, 715x608, Screenshot_2018-07-22 Onision …)

No. 552560

He's STILL sperging the same shit? How is he not sick of himself? lol

No. 552561

Greg is such a piece of shit.
And Lainey is just as shit for never having to answer for her support of him being a piece of shit.

No. 552563

Is he attacking Billy because of his falling out with Madison?
I don’t see how everyone associated with him in any capacity sees this and continues to associate with him.

No. 552564

Narcissists always project and I strongly feel gerg has thoughts about this shit which is why he diverts and sperges so much.

No. 552573

File: 1532294794357.png (1.26 MB, 1468x1271, extinctionburstincoming.png)

Heres more and he's going in on billy the fridge now too.

Also does it seem like he wants legal guardianship over eugenia? Same shit him and lainey did with sarah? Fucking creeps

No. 552574

File: 1532295365018.png (842.77 KB, 732x1197, isheactuallychischanlevelsofau…)

Having a go at billy the fridge then demanding all public people to speak in a tone that he prefers.

No. 552575

Wtf is with his weird obsession with Hank Hill?

No. 552576

File: 1532295687975.png (46.52 KB, 730x474, protesttoomuch.png)

Honestly I have no idea, he thinks he's the funniest man alive for doing impressions of hank and bobby fucking each other. Comedy.

No. 552577

I feel like Sarah has always had eyes for Lainey but she's aware that Lainey is using her. If Lainey keeps up with the emotional manipulation things could change. Sarah could easily change the power dynamic by fucking LGH and we all know how much he loves breaking a women. I don't fell like a 'good' relationship is a possibility between them but there is a possibility of a symbiotic relationship in which both can achieve a goal.

No. 552581

File: 1532296134323.png (559.74 KB, 1288x662, saysthemanthatrpsashisdog.png)

He's going off today folks. Changing his bio and everything.

No. 552583

So he wants 98% of his Patrons to go away?

No. 552584

File: 1532296298151.png (48.8 KB, 732x423, concerntroll.png)

No. 552585

He can't pull 17-18 year old P anymore so he's trying to pretend like he hates them lol.

No. 552586

File: 1532296588363.png (83.32 KB, 780x140, lol spergnision back at it aga…)

Yep. His sperging is commencing, brace yourselves anons!

No. 552588

He's really lost it today. Might be interesting.

No. 552589

He is literally insane. Holy shit.

No. 552593

Wonder if his dad will see it

No. 552594

I reckon it's negging. He's laying the foundation for the next underage girl he chooses to believe she's really exceptional.

>You're not like other girls your age

>You're so mature/advanced
>Only an older male would be able to understand you
>like me

classic abuse ploy.

No. 552595

Maybe its to make sarah feel that much more special "See? You're so fucking mature I'll only talk to you"

I mean they're already spending alone time enough that lainey doesn't even stream anymore because she's too scared to leave them together.

No. 552597

Like father, like son lets not forget Onion kissed his sleeping cousin.

No. 552598

She doesn't stream because she doesn't want to leave Sarah and Onion alone. Before when she had a baby sitter she would stream any chance she got. She even made Onion film her clean her beauty room. I'm almost positive she doesn't want them alone.

No. 552599

File: 1532298134423.png (77.81 KB, 772x646, moron.png)

No. 552601

oof he's entering a manic episode. poor lainey and the kids

No. 552607

File: 1532301200494.gif (858.06 KB, 420x314, C5ADBB8C-26E2-407A-98E6-AE904F…)


Dis gun b good

No. 552608

People are bringing up your past because you can never shut the fuck up about it yourself and never stop making videos directly addressing it, dipshit.

No. 552612

File: 1532302133393.png (25.27 KB, 582x97, allieloveskai.png)

I hope he has another huge meltdown where he screams at his sycophants.

No. 552614

File: 1532302396239.png (15.8 KB, 582x158, eugenia.PNG)

Her response.

No. 552620

This gonna cause a Fukashima2.0 level meltdown in the Swampmansion.

No. 552621

Greg literally rates kids, he even made a joke about his ~haturz~ in a video going "well what if she's under age" with him saying that he's still allowed the "opinion" that that potentially 16 year old girl was hot. Even if he goes by his legality argument, a 16 year old Allie is too young to pounce on his State. Also I'm quite glad Allie is actually actively going against Greg, sure I'm not certain about her motives but she's still friends with a lot of Patreons and might start turning them away. Now THAT would be an amazing sperg by Greg if his most loyal and paying Patreons left!

No. 552623

Someone needs to trawl greg's old videos for times he's said inappropriate things about kids. He has done it in the exact same manner as Shane (lest we forget that Greg completely copied him).

Pedo jokes have always been a part of Gregs 'comedy'.

No. 552625

I swear someone did this recently! It was a compilation and I remember one of the clips was Greg as a football coach inching towards a kid or something ah fuck I can't remember where it was but there were a lot of clips that were just as bad if not worse than what Shane joked about

No. 552627

File: 1532303308352.png (Spoiler Image, 246.91 KB, 584x352, unknown (4).png)

I also predict a sperg-out at Babygirl Becca when he realizes she stans the shit out of a DDLG chick who posts shit like pic related. I'll go back to the onionflakes thread now >>>/snow/432327 but I thought it was relevant to this thread because of how pressed Greg is to do some hard and heavy virtue signaling at the moment.

No. 552628

dude that's a dick right? Delete and repost with a spoiler.

No. 552629

>I COULD continue making videos about her, getting views off her etc

LOL what? Because making money/views off someones mental illness and exploiting them is helpful? Does he not realize he just admits hes using her for views.

I don't know how people haven't gone in on him happily ADMITTING to sexually assaulting his cousin in her sleep. Hes raging at shane for making joking sexual comments with his cousin in a video, but he actually kissed his own cousin without her knowing while she was sleeping. Every time hes admitted it, it just gets brushed off.

I'm looking forward to lamey blaming sarah for onion trying to "carry" her to her room and shit.

No. 552631

File: 1532304254585.png (51.77 KB, 607x485, Untitled.png)

No. 552632

In the 5 common misconceptions about onision video he said "do you have any hot 10 year old friends or something?" to Lainey. Sure he can excuse it as being just acting, but he literally takes jokes as 100% true so people are allowed to take his acting as true too

No. 552635

Its sad that she even has to write this.

No. 552639

This actually makes me feel sad, he needs to leave that poor girl alone. Going after Shane like a rabid dog is fucking ridiculous but he (Shane) obviously knows how to handle it, Eugenia is a basically a fucking child, mentally/emotionally.

No. 552641

Yeah but he'll just justify it with "yeah but IN MY STATE the age of consent is SIXTEEN therefore it's not creepy at ALL to be in your mid-20s to 30s and think teenage girls are fuckable" lmfao

No. 552650

And "well she had a mature body so it’s not like she’s physically a child"

Man, he’s disgusting.

No. 552662

>Don't feel too bad for Lamefoot. She dove right in knowing his cheating ways. After all, when a man marries his mistress, all he does is create a vacancy.

is this a common saying cause holy shit its amazing

No. 552667

Can’t find Allie’s insta to see said “fax”

No. 552678

File: 1532315834354.webm (914.32 KB, 640x360, onionallie.webm)

She was either 16 or 17 when Gurg posted the rating video she's talking about

No. 552680

found this youtube video of some legal research done about shane vs. grease

No. 552684

File: 1532317463202.jpeg (54.82 KB, 750x700, 02.jpeg)

I hope Sarahs story goes down the same road and conclusion.

No. 552685

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

He's like those christian fundie types who denounce "degenerate behavior" only to get caught jerking off to furry inflation porn. Grundle, being outspoken about pedophilia is not going to convince anyone you aren't a pedophile.

No. 552686

File: 1532319572243.jpeg (288.7 KB, 750x1001, 417736F7-9B76-4D90-B7CC-5254F6…)

No. 552687


No. 552688

Wasn’t it ALL fun and games not too long ago in his Discord when people were asking him nicely not to joke about people killing themselves? Wonder how he’d explain that one.

No. 552689

File: 1532320097742.png (46.74 KB, 907x480, sarahstwitter.PNG)

Looks like Sarah's twitter has been deleted.

No. 552690

Lainey pulling a Dasha?

No. 552694

Probably because of the dat booty doe replies.

No. 552695

probably temporary disabled until this Onion sperg runs its course. If you search the twitter mentions about sarah shes being brought up a lot because of the rumors of inappropriate actions by greg and lainey

No. 552697

Which confirms Greg probably did say it to her.
At least to me.

No. 552698

Along with the fact that the anon posted sarah's spergout to a patreon….

No. 552700

If she hadnt lost her shit on the patron this wouldn’t be happening. A lesson as to why you should think twice before you freak out on someone haha.

No. 552701

That tweet looks like It was written by an angsty 15 year old boy, not by a 32 year old man who's married and father of 2. Beyond embarrassing and pathetic

No. 552702

hahaha oh shit, did you think this is the cause of Anusion's sperg-out?

No. 552703

Greg's too revisionist to realize he's talking about himself in his poll.

No. 552704

We already know you hate your two children, Greg.

No. 552705

in b4 his new eugenia video

this is gross and probably accurate

No. 552706

Did he forget his argument for everything was that he was joking and "It's comedy!!" before or what? Literally every time anyone would try to call him out on something, he screamed it's comedy and it's on his "comedy channel".

Her freakout on what lane said about greg telling sarah she could possibly be in their trinity in the future also gave her away and confirmed it was true, which resulted in onions kicking her out.

I want to know how she thought these random patreons would know what "dat booty tho" meant. Like who is she telling this to that would have told them.

No. 552708

If it was false she would adress it but instead she's been forced to delete her Twitter.

No. 552709

File: 1532323264939.png (298.94 KB, 603x611, deflecting.PNG)

Looks like he's trying to distract people by talking about his shitty taste in Anime.
Sarah's private twitter is still up.

No. 552714

File: 1532327749259.webm (1.71 MB, 480x360, dat booty doe.webm)

No. 552715

I suggested this the other day and some kind anon said they would edit it together but would obviously need help going through his videos. I would be happy to help but I am not eager to give Greg my views. I suppose the video would be worth it though, it would finally shut him up. He has said so many disgusting things. Oh and if we could start the video with black parade by MCR intro, that would kill greg. I remember in a stream once Lamefoot put that song on and Greg got all effected and made her take it off. Daddy issues much??
(Is this considered cow tipping? Hopefully not but I will take the ban if I have to Admin.)

No. 552718


What about that MGSV OST that made him feel alive? Kek
Glad that I can enjoy many albums AND not be Onion's friend.

No. 552721

File: 1532330044785.png (1.01 MB, 612x609, lainey.png)

i think all of our shooped makeovers just prove how much better plain looks with long hair

No. 552729

she'd look like a chill stoner chick.

No. 552735

File: 1532334760230.jpg (70.36 KB, 502x500, 2ej135.jpg)


looks like the Overly Attached Girlfriend meme to me

No. 552748


what the fuck is up with so many cows being into ddlg?

No. 552749

can't handle normal grown up responsibility, fits in with their "everyone pay attention to me and do everything for me" attitude to life.

No. 552754

She looks like a fat Raily Dennis

No. 552755

I'm really happy for Allie. I don't care that she stanned Lainey and her husband some time ago, I'm just glad she's seen their true colors. It never was a fair friendship anyway - IF you can even speak of a friendship and not just plain milking for money.

Not trying to whiteknight, but the more people realize what kind of people Lainey and her husband really are and talk about it openly, the less room the Onions have to (mentally) abuse young girls in the future.

No. 552756

If Allie can wake up then I have hope everyone will open their eyes soon. I can't believe Poopbeck acts like she's smart and even belittled Allie at times but she's still sticking around. Beck has been told off and humiliated more than anyone and she still stays she's dumb.

No. 552759

Ugh they are so disgusting. They are probably behind scenes telling her how it's only their "haters" making everything seem so gross so she has to keep their little secret. They're also isolating her more from public opinion and teaching her to run from accountability so she can be more engrained into the bubble that is the swamp. Fucking creepy

No. 552772


Kek. She almost looks like she has self-esteem.

No. 552787

File: 1532368837068.jpg (664.58 KB, 1029x804, Capetur-1.jpg)

I present this to you with equal parts pride and shame

No. 552789

The more you look at this the better it gets. If this isn't the next thread pic I'm never coming back to this website

No. 552792


Love the detail in this- especially the bandaid icon to the side.

No. 552793

File: 1532369389310.png (313.87 KB, 717x436, LIfq5NV.png)

No. 552797

Love it, my vote for next thread pic too

No. 552801

I vote this for next thread pic. Awesome work anon I love the little details you put in!

No. 552802

File: 1532370392855.jpg (135.34 KB, 600x450, CItAemAVCMM (2).jpg)

A shoop from many many threads ago.

Its funny that if you cut her hair short or long, people always compare her to Rily

No. 552808

File: 1532371644880.jpg (38.09 KB, 616x439, Capture5112.JPG)

Has she really gone 10 days without getting grocery money from her fans, or is she deleting streams?
Whats the reason? Fear of questions about the Sarah situation, or fear of leaving Greg and Sarah alone together?

No. 552814

Yeah after the last stream (And sarah putting on that red lip with lainey seething with jealousy and being very short with her) she hasn't streamed at ALL. Its been very quiet on the lainey streaming front, Grease has been projecting all over his twitter and sarahs went on lockdown.

I think they did something and now they're frantic to hide it.

No. 552828

The Fears bar put the final nail on my coffin. 10/10

No. 552867

As much as I want to believe in incoming milk I don’t anything’s coming. Greg sperges on and off and it never means anything and Lainey is probably overwhelmed with her duties and is slipping on her schedule.

No. 552869

This is pure art.

No. 552870

He's been outed for what he said to sarah, Sarah removing all her tweets also says a lot.
I dunno something is definitely going down in the mcswamp.

No. 552872

>overwhelmed with her duties

She has Sarah doing everything. What do you think Sarahs visits are for? Shes a tissue and a maid/nanny.
When Sarahs there Foot gets to be an even more neglectful and inept housewife and mother.

No. 552873

Just because someone is studying to get a STEM degree, doesn't mean they're smart. I mean look at our beloved psychology major Lambo. LOL.

No. 552874

I’m pretty sure the reason why Greg canceled his drama night stream is because he didn’t want people to ask about Sarah and the day booty doe comment. The timing is too convenient. The tweets referring to the situation started the day before.

No. 552875

Both of them can’t put off streaming forever. It will be interesting to see how the respond to questions about everything….

No. 552877

he also knew he was going to be overran with people defending shane and tearing apart his arguement. Pussy couldn't face it as always. Even when he does agree to debate he changes his tone SO fucking much. Anyone remember how soft spoken he became with people, especially people who could argue with him competently?

No. 552878

Remember when he debated with Lucidia, he was kissing her ass by the end of it. LOL. The second Blaire debate he was also forced to be "nicer". Boy knows his YouTube days are numbered yet he's trying to prolong the inevitable.

No. 552880

Yeah I remember, I still cringe remembering when she called him stupid and he said in the most ass kissing soft pussy boy cuck tone "awww see you just lost there" he is legit greasy even to listen to. It's a yikes from me guys.

No. 552899

I'm doubting the incoming milk only because i believe sarah wouldn't go for onion boy just to get with lamey. But maybe she will pull a lamey and be a huge disappointment so then the milk will flow.

Onion will likely wait for her birthday so he can be "legal" when he tries something. Also might be why they are all going low-key about everything until then. That way they can claim sarah is an "adult" and its all her fault if anything goes wrong.

No. 552909

File: 1532382830894.png (237.9 KB, 352x534, sounds fake but okay.PNG)

No. 552912

Yeah thats a load of bullshit. Why would you need to update your age anyway, You're 18 in two weeks. Nice deflection sarah, learn it from lainey?

No. 552915

location: college


No. 552919

I think Sarah is actually into Greg. I think she likes both of them which is why she tries so hard to be appealing to them both. She started copying Billie— that right there tells me she has to like Grease bc she is close enough to Lainey to have heard all the griping and thinly veiled hatred/jealousy Lainey had for Billie. There’s no way Sarah believed that Lamp was actually genuinely into B. I think Sarah took Greg’s comments about her being plain to heart and did her best to lose weight and be alt and appealing bc she’s got this huge puppy crush on him. I think she is willing to be with Lainey and doesn’t mind it, but I think her biggest crush is def on Greg.
She wants to be in the relationship with them, no doubt about it.
The only question now is, would Greg stoop that low? (She’s cute now but she’s far from a Billie tier unicorn)

No. 552921

Just changed my age on my main twitter and my troll account to test this out.
Nothing happened.
If it gets locked in the next few hours or days Ill post about it.

No. 552922

it is a thing that happens, twitter locks the accounts of individuals if they change their bday and it reflects they were less than a specific age (13, I think?) when the account was created. it's well documented


No. 552924

File: 1532385458798.jpeg (59.23 KB, 600x450, 30a.jpeg)

Why would she change it now out of all times though lol
It seems suspicious that she decided to change it when people started tagging her in Greg's tweets about him saying "Dat booty doe" to her.

No. 552926

Yeah why now, Her birthday is in 2 weeks. The timing says everything, Greg did say that to her, Notice how he hasn't been sperging out about any rumors like the billie emails shit? Also hiding the chat live on stream when shit was brought up.

Nah this timing is fucked. They're all really trying to be super secretive.

No. 552927

File: 1532385565260.png (1.31 MB, 867x773, model material.PNG)

doublepost but

Skip to 3:14 if you want to hear Greg being racist.

No. 552949

File: 1532388506672.png (235.83 KB, 614x534, 67112230.png)

Two different things.
I call bullshit.

No. 552951

>dirt language

Wow… just fucking delete your channel you racist lowlife.

No. 552959

Does lainey stream on younow anymore??

No. 552965

Let's not forget that Shreg sold his set house that he bought outright in full so the Onion's definitely have some reserve cash most likely. That house must have been sold for at least 250k.

No. 552967

File: 1532390128836.webm (2.25 MB, 1920x1080, dom daddy.webm)

No. 552968

File: 1532390506220.png (11.22 KB, 503x85, just a joke.PNG)

According to Grunk logic, Laniey is a pedophile too.

No. 552983

He gave his set house to his mom, he made her put in her will that he gets it when she dies. There’s a video about it but can’t recall which it is. This was before the IRS apocalypse

No. 552990

File: 1532392835227.png (9.57 MB, 2208x1242, 45BA13F3-D052-43CF-B25D-C6534D…)


It’s called I Bought my Mom a New House, and it was right around when the IRS came. He knew what he was doing, he probably got rid of it because he knew they’d take it away.

It wasn’t his set house either — it was the first house he ever had, the little blue one where Shiloh lived with him and Lainey had Troy. You can see him walking around in his set house in the middle of the video, though.

No. 552992

Child predator 101, isolate and get them early enough so they think you're the only one for them (and that you should be proud of yourself for being "mature" enough for an adult to like you). As Lainey herself said, they've groomed her well>>552968

No. 552993

That's not how it works, her account wouldn't be deleted lmao.


No. 553001

File: 1532394386954.jpg (77.86 KB, 537x357, pansexual_pancakes.JPG)


Oh lordy, I hope this doesn't become Sarahs new nicknames/pseudonym. She doesn't even have a nice ass.
Its like someone put a pair of mom jeans and sweater over an ironing board-no curves.
This just goes to show you Grease is thirsty for anything that doesn't look like his wifes droopy elderly Hank Hill butt.

No. 553003

I know, it's not very good (aside from the possible trigger factor).

No. 553006

>Its funny that if you cut her hair short or long, people always compare her to Riley

Riley is prettier,IMO. Yes,she has a terrible froggy voice, is freakishly tall and thin,& doesn't pass super-well, but her actual face is attractive IMO. Also bitch knows her makeup limitations and doesn't overdo the slap.

No. 553007

yes the trigger factor is really the only reason its being used plus it could be like those nicknames that are used as a sarcastic antonym like when you call the fat guy 'tiny'

No. 553008

have you used twitter before? the only way to set your age is by changing your birthdate, which would include the year in this case.

No. 553009

I feel like most of the people he's dated have had small or flat butts, at least when they were with him (Sh is looking good these days). He's really into pretty shapeless girls generally, and we all know why that is. It reminds me of how in his second book, his self-insert character dates a black girl with a huge butt, which he goes on and on and on about. I feel like that was the perfect example of him trying to be like HEY EVERYONE, LOOK AT ME! I'M NOT RACIST AND I LIKE THE BODIES OF ADULT WOMEN!

No. 553016

Sorry, no amount of persuasion, counter arguments or attempts to bolster Sarahs false claims will change anyones mind.

You can continue to try though. But being a stan of a girl who orbits the Avaroes makes you look suspect.

No. 553017

>you realize some white people can be born in asia, its a cultural thing

oh ok shreg, so ur not racist? youre just xenophobic? still not a good look, trashman

No. 553018

He still failed to see that Middle Eastern people are technically Asian.

No. 553020

So glad another person caught on to this shit. Seriously its weird that somehow some anon seems to chime in right on time to deflect and move conversation along. Very suspect indeed.

No. 553021

File: 1532399534726.png (657.83 KB, 1059x680, hey u up.png)

Old but it's obvious that Lainey has been grooming her. And I have no doubts that shady shit isn't going on right now.

No grown woman (who isn't a creep) would tell a 14 year old girl "you look older :p" unless she was up to something. Telling kids that they look or seem mature for their age is a grooming tactic. Gurg even used this line on Lame.

No. 553022

Fucking disgusting behaviour and no way an ADULT should be speaking to a minor. Funny that lainey wishes to guy so much considering how much her vagina is saving her gross ass, Shes worse than momokun, Shes covert as fuck, Hides behind her "anxiety" and also uses her mother status as a shield.

Nah bitch you're a predator nothing more.

No. 553023

If I was in my early twenties, and talking to someone in a chatroom or some other social media platform and they revealed they were 14 Id respectfully and quickly end the conversation and not continue any interaction.
Reason one, Id probably have nothing in common with a 14 year old
and reason two, the optics of it looks REALLY bad.

But not our Lainey, she made this 14 year old her BFF. Could it be Laineys arrested development, that she can only relate to a young teen and have conversations that basically consist of Vine memes and catchphrases?

No. 553026

There’s not even a “oops sorry I thought you were older” thing. It’s confusing though bc doesn’t she not actually like girls? Didn’t they meet prebillie so it wasn’t like she was getting teens for Greg? Idk.

No. 553027

I'm honestly glad too, it goes with saying but this place isn't some secret clubhouse that only we know about. Onion stans lurk and post here just the same, so be on the lookout for derailment and misdirection.

No. 553028

Her twitter would still show up if it was locked. Sarah straight up bahleeted her account.
No one is falling for her shitty lies, the timing is way too convenient.

No. 553029

Can confirm, She deleted.
Oooo sarah your lies aren't adding up this time.

No. 553030

this right here

you get locked out, your profile is still visible but you cant do anything with it, no tweeting , no logging in .
sometimes it will show a warning to people that the account has displayed some questionable activity "do you still want to view it" and you have to click "yes"
But it doesnt automatically delete your account or make it unavailable without a warning page and then eventually a account suspended page.

No. 553032

File: 1532402861058.png (99.4 KB, 698x306, Capture1207.PNG)

I was just doing some snooping on any other twitter profiles and I found this.
Ive never seen this, has it been posted way before I found the drama 3 years ago.

No. 553033

this ties into a weird theory i have that maybe greg uses her account to talk to potential unicorns/candidates for the trinity. imo. i feel like he uses her to get teens to join them and this is just an example of it.

No. 553034

I can buy that, Seems to be a common theme among any of the ladies is that they can't tell if they're actually talking to lainey, Or really talking to greg.

No. 553035

File: 1532403486936.png (110.98 KB, 720x511, tumblr_ok1gasZMLo1u439y6bvo2_1…)

Could she of deleted her public twitter because she knows that during this tense time (not sure what fucked up shit happened in the swamp trailer this week) if she says something wrong on twitter it could get her sent home again.
If she pisses off Greg, no amount of pleading with Lainey to keep her there will work. Lainey tows the line and follows orders like a good little soldier.

No. 553036

More like lainey gives the order anon. She's a sneaky snek

No. 553037

The weird part of this is that they were talking about breastfeeding supposedly at the time. Correct me if I’m wrong. It was either that, or circumcision. I don’t know why Sarah had such strong opinions about it at that age to begin with. Lainey made the comment that she was surprised that Sarah wasn’t a parent.

No. 553040


She looks a lot like B when she tries to. Same face shape.

No. 553046

Something tells me Grease only calls women unclean and stinky (AJ Vaja/Social Retard/Billie's Pits) because he was teased so crazy hard for being a stinky smelling kid throughout school and it really cut him deep, so he uses as the worst possible insult he knows

No. 553047

Hey Does Anybody know why Grease's space cadet mother has a Patron? For what? Do be a do nothing bitch herself? Seriously im asking

No. 553049

Didn't Greg basically ban Lainey from using Twitter for a long period, or am I misremembering?

No. 553050

I remember Onion telling her to stop tweeting about whatever drama was happening in the house. She was allowed to keep her twitter, but was told to stop being dramatic and airing their dirty laundry on Twitter.

No. 553053

File: 1532407518643.png (91.35 KB, 500x220, PredatorLainey.png)

I'd believe it, remember Sarah's tweet asking for 18+ girls to contact her and Lainey saying "do this?" Fucking gross

No. 553054

File: 1532407575737.jpeg (202.3 KB, 640x653, 34874A19-F37F-4D61-9B60-CB523C…)

Yes sounds like Lame’s family adores you, me how couldn’t they? Could you imagine a partner ever speaking about to the ones that raised you like this? Family loyalty knows no bounds for these cunts

No. 553055

Yeah I remember this switch bc it really bummed me out, it was so entertaining being able to use Lainey’s subtweets and emo passive aggressiveness to piece together what fights they were having. She got VERY careful about what she says online and hasn’t gone back to the loose lipped Lainey since. Which is why Vix’s position was so important, unless we hear from someone with inside intel we likely won’t know inside stuff unless they slip.

No. 553056

He was just trying to control the damage. It’s not good when people document abusive events because the robs the ability of the abuser to minimize the incident later and gaslight the person into thinking they’re crazy. If they recorde a lot of incidents then they can go back and see the larger pattern.

It also gives “the haters” more proof of how horrible he really is and things to rub in his face when he tries to pretend he’s the moral backbone of the world.

No. 553057

My theory is still that he says that because it’s the only thing that can’t be disproven over the internet.
Would sage if I could.

No. 553060

For free money. She makes a shitty "comic" or something, doesn't she? idk if it even has any followers outside of Greg.

No. 553061

Yup, that's what I was thinking of.

No. 553063

File: 1532408721456.jpeg (41.1 KB, 529x120, D478D4DB-18EC-4BFC-8D3A-47456A…)

Yep because henti and Anmie are so much cooler! Such a beta cunt

No. 553065

Ugh, can he just go drown in the swamp already. What kind of dickbug hassles someone for watching home movies of their family? Oh wait, this ugly motherfucker does.

No. 553068

There’s usually a little in law rivalry so to speak but most people are smart enough not to post that shit for millions to see.

No. 553069

She has 4 patrons but stopped updating sometime last year.

No. 553070

No just no. You don’t allow your partner to talk shit about the people that clothed, fed and housed you for 18yrs. Errr I mean 16 maybe 17 (?) Years. But seriously not cool.
Everyone bitches about their parents even in your adult years but you shouldn’t be cool with your spouse sharing that info with other people. Family is family period even if just by marriage! Filthy disgusting pigs!

No. 553071

It’s what predators do when they wanna create separation distance and isolation and cut off their prey from those that can help. Make it seem like the family are the bad guys and your the savour.
I still pick lames mom over the space cadet Tammy

No. 553072

File: 1532410214353.png (255.21 KB, 677x467, how young is too young.png)

>too young

for the Onions?
so shes a toddler or something?

No. 553073

You know what I was doing at your age bitch? Going to school! Hey mother fucker read a book go to school! Stop worrying about fucking and get yourself learned

No. 553074

Sort of OT, but sort of on topic with how secretive the Onions are.

Does anyone else remember that underage girl Plain and Sarah used to be friends with? Regina? They were all as close as Sarah and Plain are now and then that girl just disappeared, and they both refuse to talk about what happened.

I remember once they created a fake fight just to trick everyone and it makes me wonder, since Plain obviously isn’t above faking drama, why she won’t do that now with Onion since they obviously need the views.

No. 553075

"Dumb Cunt" OH MY GOODNESS anons you need to give people warning! I laughed so hard i got beer up my noise! Under appreciated! Bless you anon

No. 553078

Anons keep mentioning him being a stinky kid and being teased for it, as if the whole swamp trailer and everything/everyone in it doesn’t reek to high heaven. Grugly and Gruglier are both filthy cunts. We all know his “four showers a day” are just him whacking off to Harley Quinn beastiality with the water running and she doesn’t even know how to wash her face. If Cera the Triceratops wasn’t there to pick up the burrito wrappers and spilled dog food they’d probably be hoarders living in complete squalor.

No. 553079

Maybe everytime he bangs a new victim he hears “you’re a kinky daddy” instead of you’re a stinky fatty

No. 553102


It's been a hot minute, but we still haven't figured out how the person who posted those screenshots knew it was a comment made while sarah was on a exercise ball?? Like how do we know it was specifically while she was doing that? c'mon patronfags, we need the receipts

No. 553103

Yeah. Here's her youtube channel url: https://www.youtube.com/user/Vamchoir

Her vampire "comics" are abysmal.

No. 553104

She's just as insane as he is.

No. 553105

Funny how he just shit on people with dreads/braids saying they stink and aren’t washed, yet his mom has dreads?

No. 553106

He only knows what he has personally experienced.
Im sure mommies hair stinks like patchouli,

No. 553108

File: 1532418142017.gif (884.57 KB, 338x264, Sarah the Triceratops.gif)

>Cera the Triceratops

This is the third time Ive seen some anon make that comparison. I had to Google the show and character, and I have to say there is a resemblance.

No. 553109

File: 1532418808758.png (583.14 KB, 795x444, WE'RE JUST FRIENDS BRO.PNG)


inb4 an anon says nothing is going on between Sarah and the onions and Sarah's life doesn't revolve around the onions. This fucking video gets real uncomfortable torwards the end.

No. 553110

kek, good work anon

No. 553111

can someone summarize the dat booty tho thing? think I missed it

No. 553113

File: 1532420291601.png (1.86 MB, 1920x1080, LaineyGroom.png)

Lainey is a fucking freak.

No. 553114

It went from a horrible Jake Paul impression, to Mommy filming her retarded son at the park.
I wonder how long Lainey has had this little script in her head.
"hey lets joke around about being gay guys and you can massage me and we can touch a lot because its a joke on homophobic guys, plus its a comedy sketch so its not weird."

No. 553117

This is so fucking embarrassing to watch. A mom of two dressed like a little boy at the skatepark. And getting Sarah to massage her legs and feet was creepy as fuck. Grooming much? Taylor you are nauseating. That shit was so bad.

No. 553118

Essentially lainey only ever contacted Sarah because she wanted her in a sexual non platonic way. I mean she's done this with various girls, the creepiest part of it all is that after finding out Sarah was underaged she continued to groom her. Sickening shit.

No. 553122

File: 1532425416750.png (493.77 KB, 854x583, 57395634458704826247586048363.…)

"I might need you to lotion my legs cause my nails are wet"

So is "my nails are wet" a legit con you could use if you wanted someone to help you rub one out?

No. 553125

Yeah I know. It's funny because she just says 'yo stop' on twitter all nonchalantly while he insults her family, but if someone asks her about gender she screeches and actually gets worked up.

No. 553126

Sarah was way funnier than Lame in that. I mean, the whole thing was cringey af but Sarah at least made me chuckle once or twice. It's like they both know the dude act is just that.

No. 553127


Nitpick but Yep those could fit into a kids shoe size. /s

No. 553130

Just like Lainey is onions business manager, she is also his top whore and wrangles the other victims for him. Lainey only started sliding into DMs when Greg announced she was bi and would need a girlfriend for enrichment. Greg just wants a bunch of slutty pets, and resents his children.

No. 553140

I cringed the entire time and fuck them both for ruining mgmt and arctic monkeys.

I know she's partially joking, but even that is terrible. Why would you upload this?

No. 553143


I feel the word cringe is overused, but in the case of this here video, it's so apt.

Sarah didn't balk at all at the suggestion of putting lotion on Lainey's legs. Probably not the first time she's done it.

Lainey at the skatepark is her version of How do you do, fellow kids.

Just some general comments, not about the video…

How does Greg still think he's invincible after the Adpocalypse and IRSgate?

Also being seen as a pedophile (in this case, due to Onion's slander and libel) has unquestionable consequences due to the strong animus held by society in general in the eyes of the law. It's not the same as being called a thief or even a racist. I think it's so self-evident you may not even have to "prove" you suffered consequences for being labeled in such a way.

No. 553146


Lame's abject laziness knows no bounds, she can't even be fucked applying her own moisturizer. I guess trying to moisturize those huge flippers would take fucking forever, though

No. 553151

Allie's Instagram account name is @Allielovespain_

No. 553152

The triceratops in waiting ought to be wearing a hazmat suit when going anywhere near those gargantuan hooves, fuck knows how many mutant strains of fungus she’s cultivating on account of her demonstrated inability to exercise basic cleanliness.

No. 553154

If he doesn't have any good childhood memories, Lainey is not allowed to have any either. Period.
It's sad.

No. 553159

worth noting that back then his flippant replies would get 341 likes and 43 retweets… now his PINNED tweet gets 244 and 19 retweets. How his fanbase has dwindled!

Also funny how the vast majority of replies he gets are negative. Games over Onion boi

No. 553160

And meanwhile Grugly was having hentai breaks instead of watching the kids. lul

No. 553161

File: 1532439546004.jpg (417.05 KB, 1366x768, stainy_lainey.jpg)

Now that Sarah is there, why does this house still look like a mess?

No. 553164


I swear those are the same exact shmudges pointed out the last time someone talked about the mess in the bathroom

also from when greg "cleaned" but really meant he tidied up, never getting his hands dirty.

No. 553165


Lainey’s character is this is less of a “fuckboi” persona and is starting to merge with her transtrending “lane” persona. She mentions that boys can wear makeup too, uses perfume from a cutesy bottle, paints her nails black, and does a self care face mask. How is that different than her normal self or the videos she does on her laineybot channel? It makes it seem like when she’s trying to be a pre teen boy that it’s another character she’s trying on. “Ben” actually sticks to the character.

No. 553166

Original fag of >>553161 here.
Just some benefit of a doubt: Could it be the children, though? Maybe they're still too little to brush their teeth without making a mess.
(Sorry for derailing.)

No. 553167

Is it part of the countertop maybe? Idk.

No. 553168

Tinfoil but imagine if she pulls a greg and just pretends the landon transtrending thing was a fake social experiment once she gets bored of that shtick

No. 553171


The children could very well make a mess, but mommy and daddy are supposed to eventually clean that mess.

No. 553172

Can we stop bringing up Allie(this isn't /snow/)? She was not 16 in that picture, she made it up to milk the situation and gain notoriety for her personal benefit/monetary gain for her own patreon. She's not a patron of Lainey or gorg so she is irrelevant.

No. 553174

Are they just copying Sarah Baska and her best friend doing those guy videos? They love to skin walk stoners.

No. 553177



No. 553182

Lainey needs to study her "peer group" better: Parts really reminded me of what anon said: Mommy Films Son's First Experience at Skateboard Park. She reminded me of my 9yo cousin minus the girl talk, that's more for 13yo who she wants to relate to, I guess.
The idea has potential, but Lainey doesn't seem to be very good at acting, breaking character multiple times. Sarah did a better job at exaggerating things to give it some comedic value.
Too bad Lainey's husband doesn't have any acting skill to help them improve or at least offer help to educate them and pay for classes.

No. 553185

That was his first house that was one story, the one he and Foot moved out of to move into the McMansion. His set house was two stories.

No. 553188

He legitimately hates his mom, I think. He packages it differently than outright disgust but I think deep down he knows she fucked him up and he resents her deeply for it.

No. 553190

File: 1532444679186.png (137.1 KB, 345x714, Thisisntcute.png)

That video gave me big rug sweeping vibes. How does she think this is okay? Even grease said in a joking context talking to MINORS like this isn't okay so…..

Also whats sarahs avatar, I swear they're making it known they lurk.

Sorry but no matter what videos you put out, You're making this worse and worse. Lainey you wanna be a guy so much? What business does a 24 year old man have with a 17 year old girl and why does the man let this minor massage him.

Hmm? Bitch knowingly uses her vagina as a pussy pass for this gross shit.

No. 553193

The only believable thing in that text is Sarah going to shower, we all know lainey doesn't shower- only whore bathes it based on how absolutely trash her greasy skin is.

No. 553194

Is it considered tipping if you watch videos a lot on YouTube to boost view some and encourage types of content?

No. 553200

is Sarah also wearing a binder?? lame must be so jealous cos she looks so much flatter than her

No. 553208

This was gross. Really inappropriate.

No. 553210

Yeah, because gossip forums are the only places where peoplekeep talking about them. The fans are dwindling, no one really wants to collab with them, so throwing out breadcrumbs to keep LC & co interested seems the only way of getting some kind of attention.

I still wonder if many things he does and says are still staged; never really got rid of that thought completely.

No. 553212

All narcs hate their moms for making them the little bitches that they are
That’s why Gurgles wanted a step mommy to punish with his peanut cock TELL ME I’M A GOOD BOY MOMMY

No. 553213

This is really gross when you remember that Sarah is only 17, Lamey is just as much a nasty ass pedo like her husband. I hope Lamey's fans see this shit and call her out on it.

No. 553216

Sorry for nitpick but LOOK AT THOSE FEET no way they fit kids shoes, clown shoes maybe. Why is it OK that a 24 year old 'guy' is asking a 17 year old girl to massage lotion into their legs and feet? Like if she was actually a guy her YouTube and twitter would be under fire. Yet it's still disgusting. The age gap in their 'friendship' is beyond creepy.

No. 553217

abuse victims often replicate the behavior of their abuser dont they? she's only a year and a bit off where anusion was when he groomed her

No. 553218

dude, there's this thing called perspective

No. 553220

That's because it is a known fact that Cera the Extinct Dinosaur aka Grugliest and Gruglier are aware of what is happening in the threads and they did this on purpose, including the inappropriate video. Kind of like reverse cow tipping.

No. 553222

There's this thing called big man feet, which she has regardless of the perspective.

No. 553224

File: 1532455372662.png (35.58 KB, 600x323, laineytag.png)

These tags man.

No. 553225


This is fucking creepy. I would have a problem if this was my 17 year old daughter rubbing some clown feet on camera and living with a known abuser.

No. 553226

Someone is deleting hate comments by the second on the video.

No. 553228

File: 1532456751217.png (49.7 KB, 784x381, obsessed.png)

I don't even know.

No. 553229

Its cute that they think they're being so clever. When they've made themselves look even worse.

No. 553230

Did you catch any good ones before they get filtered out?

No. 553231

File: 1532457427192.png (59.67 KB, 753x258, temp.png)

Greg's favorite "argument"

No. 553232

If i had to translate from vague-bullshit-to-english, I'd assume that Lainey is losing her mind over what's going on, and Onion being a child is saying:

No. 553235

Soooo when is Onion going to start screeching about Dan Harmon, creator of his beloved rick & morty, for making a comedy sketch where he raped a baby? I'm honestly shocked he hasn't said anything about it yet

No. 553240

File: 1532460159163.jpeg (1001.06 KB, 1389x1017, 9365983F-B3CA-4751-A48F-DD230B…)


Lame creepily looking like a 10 yr old learning how to skate.

No. 553243

File: 1532460432052.png (786.72 KB, 1007x636, fakeboi1.png)

That poor Hot Topic worker

No. 553258

He’s too busy doing damage control lol
If he mentioned anything about pedophila Sarah would be brought up.

No. 553262

No. 553270

Nah Onion is thick as shit. Some anons here love to overly speculate that the Onions have a lot of time to form a response. They get a lot of content here because they're all lacking so much, if we just discussed what they post they'd slip up sooner. He could very well use this forum to gauge reaction to videos released early to patron that come here. A lot of his sperges are after he gets a hammering here. Also it's not a coincidence there is a thread dedicated to his patrons since a lot of them migrated to here. You also have twitter accounts constantly cowtipping and namedropping lolcow, we're hardly a sanctuary.

No. 553274

i wonder if greg made his favourite joke about lainey looking like she belongs on the short bus. she looked straight up retarded. was this a punishment from onion?

No. 553277

Even after getting her makeup done by a semi professional who was sensitive enough to tell her how to contour to make her face look more femme and another way to look more masc she keeps doing her “boy makeup” in a way that makes her look more femme. So she’s a girl that wants to be a boy without transitioning and keeps presenting very femininely?

All the comments on her recent videos with Sarah are lavishing praise on Sarah for “glowing up” and being cuter than Lainey. Does she want to categorize herself “not as a girl” so she can’t be unfavorably to other girls?

No. 553279

File: 1532464191952.jpg (15.34 KB, 480x712, getthecross.jpg)

No. 553285

Both lame and onion need to be caught by that 'To Catch a Predator' guy.

No. 553295

Size 4 my ass bitch needs to go back to Hobbiton

No. 553304

I miss Leelu, she hasn't posted all of July. When is Greg's hateboner going to go down so the dog can tweet again…

His dumb avatar and twitter name hasn't been relevant in weeks.

No. 553305

Also am I mistaken in thinking he changed his twitter name to "or his dog Leelu" to "or a dog: Leelu" ?

No. 553306

File: 1532470266222.png (149.43 KB, 626x569, Screenshot(1).png)

looks like he changed it 5 days ago

No. 553307

That small detail says a lot tbh

No. 553308

I find it interesting she's started tagging Shregg in her videos after years of trying to seperate her content and overall brand from his as her fanbase obviously hates him.

I wonder if this is Shregg's influence, or because she's starting to get enough hate on her own merits that she's decided "fuck it, might as well lean into the drama for views".
Definitely noticing Shregg making more videos clearly designed to rile up the haturrz lately (in sharp contrast to his apology tour/ "I'm growing and maturing guize" phase) and GSW is heading that direction with more of this Landon bs.
I would say that a channel can't survive on hate-watching alone, but I've recently discovered Amberlynn Reid who is making a killing off it. But then again, she actually manages to get tons of ads on her awful videos.

No. 553310

File: 1532471852585.png (40.38 KB, 1104x523, 245645654.PNG)

Im guessing the big dip is that beginning of the month adjustment. The only bad thing is that it doesnt fully recover. If it keeps dipping like this each month and then barely leveling out the Patreon manna will soon go away.

No. 553314

I THOUGHT SARAH WAS A PILLOW ugh i cant watch…

No. 553315

GSW having the gall to lecture everyone on feminism is the funniest thing in this whole "comedy" video.
>If you don't defend my right as a grown mother of two to pretend I'm a tween boy who wears mascara and full-coverage foundation then you are NOT a feminist!!
Maybe it's just me, but I feel like being perfectly ok living with an emotionally abusive man who routinely calls you a cunt, degrades and publicly shames every woman who has hurt his feelings, and who peddles you out to young, naive girls so he can take advantage of them while you obsess over what outfit makes you look more like Justin Bieber isn't exactly what Susan B. Anthony had in mind.

No. 553316

>has sex with man with same name as son and screams his name loudly

yeah i cant imagine any reason onion would feel disgust to her…

No. 553319

File: 1532473254502.png (44.32 KB, 602x346, pedojoke.png)

>Dude, you start a twitter & say that fucked up shit, next to your name & avatar, you're done.


No. 553324

This comment has made my day. Gruglier’s understanding of feminism is on par with her understanding of psychology. Which is to say that it’s non-existent.

No. 553327

didn't he jack off to it?

No. 553328

File: 1532474245154.png (56.22 KB, 606x309, pedojoke2.png)

Sorry for spam, last one.

No. 553329

Can someone please run with this and get him to react???

No. 553339

This is literally worse than the pewdiepie tweet, don’t let this die.

No. 553342

This is so much worse than what felix and shane said combined, holy shit. Welp that’s it then, onion boy is a pedo confirmed by his own idiot logic.

No. 553344

Bless anon, doing the lord's work here, this is fucking gold.

No. 553354

File: 1532479162154.png (104.97 KB, 630x697, moral police.PNG)

Here we go again. Greg's using another scandal to deflect.

No. 553355

His past few tweets have been deflecting all over the place and now he's trying to drum up outrage in order to bury his hypocrisy.

No. 553356

File: 1532479244157.png (60.54 KB, 575x270, stop deflecting.PNG)

No. 553359

He is so ridiculous - dead people ain't gonna check twitter. Nor do the general public know of individual people affected by the Greece fire. Whereas fans and most people know of Demi and she (or her family/friends) may appreciate the support of people and help her feel hopeful to get clean and healthy.

I really hope he doesn't dodge his old tweet because it really does just dead off all his harassment towards Shane.

No. 553361

File: 1532479787622.png (68.36 KB, 684x518, christalmighty.png)

Oh he's trying real hard to deflect

No. 553363

File: 1532479872183.jpg (71.92 KB, 671x500, 2en5dd.jpg)


Seriously though, the video is very uncomfortable and it reminds me of one of those awkward conversations where someone sneaks in what they really want as a joke to deflect.

>haha bro let's kiss for a video it's just? a joke it'll be funny right bro

No. 553364

Normal everyday people don’t choose to be public figures and don’t choose the intense personal scrutiny that comes along with it, so rational humans don’t blast it all over social media when they’re supporting supporting Joe Average because it’s a basic part of respecting a private person’s privacy. Besides, there’s a campaign going viral every other day in support of an average person facing difficult circumstances. What a twit. .

No. 553365

File: 1532480175038.png (71.01 KB, 684x548, payattentiontomeeebutnotthoses…)

No. 553371

File: 1532480830351.png (378.81 KB, 1134x1062, dat booty tho.png)

No. 553374

Knowing he makes sexual comments to an actual child none jokingly and then the 2013 tweet. Shit ain't looking good for him.

No. 553375

Greg, your hypocrisy is showing again.
He only post these things when someone relevant gets hurt or some sort of major tragedy happens.
He is so desperate for attention, positive or negative.
Never change, Anusion.

No. 553376

File: 1532481295287.png (43.76 KB, 707x341, small man.png)

No. 553377

Ohhhh grease you've been a bad bad boy

No. 553378

This, paired with >>553371 this, is really disgusting and telling. Don't let Greg try to weasel away from it with this Demi Lovato shit, he's deflecting.

No. 553379

Nobody is heheh

No. 553380

No wonder grease was always mean to Sarah, it probably was driving him nuts that there was a teen pussy practically begging to sleep with him and his wife but wasn't even close to being legal enough for him to screw in his home state.
I personally do think his obsession with the law even extends to his child brides, he's way to crazy paranoid to risk screwing a kid who isn't the age of consent in their state/his

No. 553381

Looks like Lainey pulled what she did to Maya and sent Sarah home because she felt creeped out by her pedo husband. She's his enabler.

No. 553382

Let me get this straight:
>Greg makes an inappropriate sexual comment towards Sarah, a minor
>Sarah confides in her "best friend" Lainey to let her know she was uncomfortable with what he said, rightfully so
>Lainey runs to Grease because how dare Sarah be upset, and instead of getting an apology from Grease, Sarah gets kicked out.

Are you kidding me?? FUCK Greg and FUCK Lainey, Sarah's a smug idiot but she is such an obvious victim of their grooming and manipulation tactics. It's disgusting.

No. 553383

Keep hammering him about Sarah. That's why he's doing this shit. I feel almost tempted to write a bot that just utterly spams his account with tweets related to his Grease harem because he'll probably explode.

No. 553387

This is exactly what happened with Maya as well.

>Maya is under the impression she's gonna be in a relationship with Lainey

>Jokes on her! She has to sleep with Shreg's 40 year old looking ass if she wants to be with Lainey
>Greg makes sexual advances towards Maya
>Maya tells Lainey she's uncomfortable
>Lainey rats out Maya to her predator husband

No. 553390

So he doesn't even need to do anything to pimp out of his wife at all. She's doing it all of her own volition. Christ.

No. 553394

lol her face is forever engraved in my mind while Onion is fiddling with Billie on the blanket and she just sits huffing.

No. 553395

>non white children
>openly racist towards Africans and other POC, also screeches ad infinitum about how he hates kids

okay, anusion

No. 553397

Sarah turned 16 right before the first time she had an extended stay at Grease Mansion, right? The age of consent in Washington is 16, regardless of age difference. Not to tinfoil, but it's entirely possible they've been having sexual relations of whatever degree with Sarah this entire time and just not being public about it, but since she's about to be a legal adult, they're being a bit more open (her massaging and cuddling Foot in a video, etc.) I don't think Grease could weasel out of another relationship with a teenager in the eye of the public, and he knows that which is why they've been dodging the subject, but as far as the law goes, pretty sure they're all covered, right? Or am I missing something? Seems like they're doing a good job currently of laying groundwork for the possible eventual "Sarah was just a friend, but the second she became an adult we realized we had deeper feelings for her" announcement…

No. 553398

I hope people ignore his latest deflection and focus on Sarah. He's done this stupid "don't pray to God because he made this happen" sperg out as well as the "here is some random ethnic kid I'll use as a prop I googled just now" thing about a million times over his career (and this year). It's coming out that he had made direct sexual comments to a minor to her face. Hell, even his making pedo jokes is better material than his deflection. It also brings to light the extent of grooming Sarah recieved. This kid felt uncomfortable recieving sexual comments so she was kicked out and is at a point that she would come back to the adult she felt uncomfortable with and their wife who had routinely been sexual with her. I mean shit, Sarah wanted to be part of the Trinity because she felt left out! Look at the childhood mentality here! Not even because of love or sexual desire, she wanted to be included in the exclusive adult business!

No. 553400

I'm confused about this. So they say Sarah was uncomfortable that Grease made a remark about her butt, and that discomfort essentially got her a time-out, but she also WAS interested in being their third and being involved in their relations with Billie? If she was into them, why would she be uncomfortable if he said anything about her butt? Seems like she'd be thrilled about him noticing her like that. Maybe Lainey was the one upset/jealous about dat booty and got Sarah sent away for a while, and this is a cover-up story?

No. 553401

This is so painful to even look at. This 20 something year old mother of two just now realizing that she’s actually a 12-13 year old boy in the body of grown adult woman. And she’s living her fantasy out in front of us. I’m so sickened and amused