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File: 1517332712896.png (325.7 KB, 545x512, HERESLAINEY.png)

No. 486109

>Greg makes a very special video where he imitates his wife by dressing up in Lainey's clothes, screaming and rolling around in garbage. Soulmates!

>Maya breaks up with Lainey after about a day because Greg wanted in on the relationship and she was physically repulsed by him because he's physically repulsive

>Greg attempts to 'debate' nutrition with VeganGains on YouNow by claiming soy products give you stomach cancer (which isn't even true) and his voice gets higher and higher until only dogs can hear him

>Greg attempts to recuperate from the VeganGains massacre by debating feminism with Ragreynolds, who somehow loses due to immediately dropping every single point he makes, making him the only person on the planet dumber than Greg himself

>Lainey gets a trashy thigh tattoo of some baby elephants to represent her children because she doesn't know how to be a parent without making it a constant, unending performance. Greg's new camera bitch Sam apparently drew it.

>Someone in the Onion discord plays one of Greg's many narc rages during his stream

>Lainey accidentally streams part of a conversation between her and Sam, where Sam says "I think he had a crush on me in October" and the stream ends

>Greg 'outs' Lainey as a smol space prince to his family and Mother Onion tells her that if she wants to be trans she should "start acting like it"

>Tempcow shares transcripts from a recorded conversation where Greg admits to having a micropenis and buying a $200 prostate massager

>Sam starts streaming video games with Greg and takes Lainey's desk, saying "we will get you a better desk" when the smol bean complains about it on YouNow

>Greg begins to set up shop on Steemit and D.Tube, possibly to avoid taxes since they use cryptocurrency (which isn't currently taxed)

>Greg releases chapter one of his new hit novel Reaper's Creek, complete with his own dramatic reading that has all the passion of a Microsoft Sam with dysthymia

I probably missed some things since this month has been a dumpster fire.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/480019

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- No nitpicking. /pt/ no longer has the sage function.
- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- TempCow will be used for live blogging, sperging and nitpicking.
- Important streams will get their own threads with loosened rules.



No. 486118

>Lainey accidentally streams part of a conversation between her and Sam, where Sam says "I think he had a crush on me in October" and the stream ends

just fyi it being Sam who said this is tinfoil. as far as anyone knows, no one is certain whose voice that was on the test stream

No. 486119

oh okay, my bad! i reread the thread twice and must have assumed it was her

No. 486143

File: 1517354696606.png (58.89 KB, 587x235, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 3.24…)

Sam and Onion are live streaming on Twitch right now

No. 486144

File: 1517354729121.png (31.92 KB, 145x83, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 3.25…)

Still gots Lainey's desk

No. 486148

When onision came into lainey's stream, he basically implied that his mom screamed at lainey in their kitchen 'you look pretty, oh sorry handsomeeee, was that transphobic'..

Also, his mom texted Lainey to ask her to stop talking about her on the internet..

No. 486151

New thread is beautiful, good job anon.

No. 486153

wait, Greg admitted to having a microdick? anyone have that particular transcript on hand? cbf to read through all the shitposting on tempcow

No. 486155

I think farmers are referencing Greg bragging about having sex with Shiloh once and he claimed he slid his entire dick in her ass "accidentally" and neither of them even noticed for a good while.

No. 486158

>camera bitch
Aw c’mon anon! She has the ‘tism, remember? We gotta be nice!

((Sarcasm jic))

No. 486159

in the last thread on main someone posted the transcripts, there are about 3 i think and they're long and cringy haha. they're not too far up from the bottom on the last thread, you'll spot them, background of image is purple because it was a screenshot from temp

No. 486161

File: 1517370935033.jpg (52.67 KB, 1044x221, mother onion.jpg)

No. 486162

Did Greg just become a sim? Now everyone in his videos talks like they are a dog that just learned how to communicate.

No. 486163

he mimics long-dead jokes hoping his younger audience doesnt recognize that he didnt make it up. he's doing the "i can has chesburger" thing right now.

for a long time he was doing the ace ventura thing, which most youngins today wouldn't recognize

No. 486165

I'm genuinely surprised this hasn't been spun into a "she's a slut (that I dumped pls understand) so her butthole was loose" or something totally in line with Greg's middle school tier sexual knowledge.

Have I missed it, maybe? Seems almost too good/obvious to be true.

No. 486166

I don't keep up 100% with temp, but so fat he hasn't seemed to say she's a slut with a loose ass.

Probably because fatbecca backed him up on his claim.

No. 486167

You have to read the transcripts, I was there, it was very real. A girl, i think rachel or wednesday, was basically like dude how was she not screaming crying so it went on and on in a very gross way that pretty much confirmed he must have a baby peen

No. 486168

Either that or he’s just lying about the whole thing? He’s proven time and time again that he really has no idea how we’d works.

No. 486169

maybe he'd heard Sh was doing well and just wanted to degrade her to some stupid kids by telling them how he put it in her ass idfk

No. 486172

I think he was trying to spin it as the sex was so good that it was a completely natural thing to happen if you are as good at sex as Greg.

No. 486178

File: 1517378895950.jpg (35.65 KB, 600x532, lmao12.jpg)

11/10 thread pic by the way, gj op

No. 486183

"she was absolutely SOAKED" -Greg
"if you're not absolutely drenched your man ain't doin it right, bitch" -Becca


No. 486184

She actually says "drenched down to your thighs" which is even more gag worthy

No. 486192

What I don't get is - it Lainey is so desperate to keep Greg interested in her (becoming a Billie skinwalker etc) then why does she insist on this agender fakeboi shit? It's super obvious Greg doesn't like it, since he keeps going after girls who are considerably more feminine - Lainey and Sam are like night and day.

Is she really this much in denial?

No. 486193

File: 1517389597182.png (818.26 KB, 750x1334, fanart winner.png)

No. 486195

thats a skilled artist tbh, it's prettier than lainey but what I'm REALLY looking at is that thumbnail below. she looks like she's about to burst into tears, why would she pick that to be the thumbnail!? was she hearing gronk and slam do it on her desk or something?

No. 486202

what's this from?

also bless to OP for this thread, and bless to lolcow for image previews when you hoover. i loved that feature from temp

No. 486207

File: 1517399362269.png (1.87 MB, 1796x1010, onion.png)

sometimes i think onion gets stoned. he looks like he has red eyes here.

im too stoned myself right now to go into it, but i tinfoil that they both have smoked the reefer since billie left. they caved and drank for us on screen.

i feel it in my bones they take the edge off these days.

No. 486208

I wouldn't complain about seeing her naked.

No. 486210

File: 1517399979309.jpg (290.85 KB, 1000x666, 16ab1febfb3bc0213538ea553791d9…)

sometimes i wish we could do polls here.

i've always been a softie, so recently with all the bullshit greg has pulled recently with patrons, maya, his ma, etc, I am firmly of the opinion #teamlainey

i think she's wising up a bit. she's taking more freedom having drinks with madison. she prob lets loose and enjoys her company because she'll be allowed to talk about her children and stuff.

and with that fun younow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yBLEBfqB9o (shout out to jeff!) she seems more content to laugh at greg like how we do. like her saying, "i guess i never earned it ;p snortlol" in regards to her not being told about his super cool cult skye and alicia were in. and laughing about "how dare he take my desk tho"

gosh darn it, i just feel like she's close to peaceing out to NM

No. 486215

File: 1517400691271.png (441.85 KB, 857x569, onionhurtherneckCONFIRMED.png)


has this been discussed yet? blargh captured lainey's younow and this clip is the entire part with greg.

it's pretty milky imo

No. 486216

It was just people trolling on her yn stream yesterday, it wasn't crazy tami.

No. 486217

She is in so much denial that she really does believes that everything in her life is amazing and Onionboi is an angel. She probably believes that the farmers are the ones that make everything look bad.

She really believes that she is in control and Onion is just helping her 'explore her sexuality'; when in reality we know he is using her to get some teenage pussy

No. 486218

I found this article about unicorn hunting.
It is so fucking creepy how this article perfectly describes Onion and Lainey modus operandi.


No. 486220

>Gurg: something about Tami being transphobic
>Lainey: stoooopp you're gonna get me in trouble, she's gonna yell at me
>also Greg constantly "joking" (I guess?) about her viewers abusing her and how she deserves better, blocks BaddieDaddy or how was his name
>Gurg just talking and talking and Lainey looking slightly amused into the camera like she's winking to her viewers "can you hear him pfft"
>fun to notice, when he's talking he has eyes glued on her but she's not looking at him at all
>"just making sure no one abuses you in the comments. Guys when I'm gone be nice to Lainey here" (Lainey: "stoppp")
jfc he constantly brings up Transphobic Tami. Is it just me or he looks and acts intoxicated?

No. 486223

He's so triggered here.
I think that Lainey actually messages him to come to her rescue sometimes. Maybe she complained enough the day before that he decided to come up and interfere this time. It's so reminiscent of that stream where he comes in when Sarah's on YouNow and he forces her to block Billie. It's creepy how he constantly hones in on whatever people in his house are doing. Narcissism at it's finest.

I added the Sarah/Billie video for posterity.

No. 486225

i agree lainey has often text him to come help her, but im pretty sure in the younow lainey was ignoring his text. she was more engaged with the audience that day, and i'm 100% sure greg was annoyed she texted jeff and he replied and he barged in unannounced

lainey isn't allowed in his studio, i bet she doesn't even dare to knock, he's always interfering in her life. yet she doesn't know wtf he gets up to day to day

No. 486226

also just to mention that sam was in chat the whole time. and posting some comments that could come off as passive-aggressive.

greg never came into the stream to spam stickers and his free spin. i'm sure he was sitting next to sam and encouraging her comments and was able to know what was going on.

No. 486234

Kek you can see his chin-fat underneath

No. 486270

>Is it just me or he looks and acts intoxicated?

speculation he got sammys sukmi

No. 486271

File: 1517435923403.png (12.6 KB, 576x104, lainey fetish.png)


No. 486272

As much as I agree with the initial statement being ridiculous, I have no idea how he reached that conclusion

No. 486274

But Greg! You ARE a pedophile!

No. 486277


Dan Schneider had a foot fetish yet got the gig for iCarly on Nickelodeon

It's only fair you own up now, Gurggles
Most already know you're a paedophile

No. 486279

I honestly don't think he's a pedophile since he likes feminine looking women, not children. BUT he also prefers younger women which I guess is due to him needing the feeling of superiority which will never happen if he dates a woman his age:
- he's uneducated
- he won't have an easy time pushing a fully grown up person around.

Labeling him a pedophile is probably comparable to him labeling Shane, though.

Did anyone MAYBE call him a "podophile", making a typo there, and he's blowing that out of proportion?!

No. 486281

I only plant that there due to his involvement with doing that shit Barbie sex scene crap with a 14 year old girl manning another doll while she was drunk

Though that does bring up the funnies
1) Does he mean to imply Lainey's foot face doesn't mean he has a foot fetish?
2)Did someone actually accuse him of having a foot fetish regardless of having proof?

No. 486284

File: 1517443466198.png (107.89 KB, 750x1334, jan31.png)

No. 486292

File: 1517449864301.png (73.02 KB, 420x226, Capture.PNG)

Im sure that the user base has gotten to be in the teens and 20ish range now for most of lolcow (yes I know that there are older anons here, we're going to discuss you soon enough, no need to reply with "IM NOT A FUCKING TEEN!")
I'm address you twentysomethings first. Im sure your mother is middle aged now. The oldfags and mods of lolcow are middle aged women, you can tell that by the rules page *pic related
>Male posters: Do not announce your gender or post in a "male here" way.
It just has that "bitter middle aged woman" vibe about it
You've had to deal with you middle aged mother obviously, so you should understand whats happening here on lolcow. Has your mother ever given you a gift and then she suddenly feels left out of your life or thinks that you're not using the gift in the way she feels it should be? Mommy takes the gift back or puts limitations or stipulations on the gifts use from then on.
Im guessing the mods, admins, and oldfags felt left out when all the "cool kids" and "fun people" didn't visit them on the main page anymore. It did seem that any milk was being left in temp and not transferred to the main.
Hopefully mom doesnt ruin temp.lolcow.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 486303

It's called an ephebophile.

No. 486304

It's called an ephebophile and it's not any different or better than a pedophile.

No. 486305

He travelled across state lines just to fuck an underage girl where it would be legal, because it wasn't legal in his own state. That's a predatory pedophile.

No. 486306

When ppl brought this up he made a video saying he didn't "do any human trafficking," and then a patron told him chap 117 was about sex tourism (traveling state lines/borders to have sex w/ minors regardless of legal age in your state) he made another video and tried to deny that too, but in a very roundabout way that still made it unclear… pretty sure he def broke this law with Sh

No. 486307

It's different because it's legal. There's also a difference between literal children and teenagers that might already engage in consensual sex. Also, if you call Greg a paedophile he will just say no and he's right.

No. 486308

It's called an ephebophile.>>486304

Not saying that lusting after young teens is okay, but you can't compare it to lusting after toddlers.

No. 486309

I’m actually thinking of…disappearing from the Onion drama for awhile, it pains me to say this but I feel like I need a break from all of this. I’ve been following this dude (as a hater) since mid-late 2015 with the feeling that he will change and ask for forgiveness/reconciliation from former loved ones but that’s no longer the case. I once thought there was good left inside him but I digress, I’ve seen how low he can stoop and how cruel he can be. This is very overwhelming to me to follow and this drama is starting to repeat itself to the point of boredom.

I apologize to everyone for not holding long enough and for berating other farmers for leaving in the past, it’s very hypocritical from me now but, I’m too bored and too overwhelmed - I probably should’ve left during the Billie saga because this was getting depressing for me tbh. I’m glad I didn’t and I’m glad I stuck around long enough to.

I hope to come back sometime soon but right now, I have to get my head cleared and my life in check. I hope new improvements occur in this shitshow of this man’s life but for now, I will slowly refrain from posting and lurking. Please take care, for your own sake and those around you. Thank you.(blogposting)

No. 486316

Crossing state lines to specifically fuck girls who are under the age of consent for your home state is illegal. See the Mann Act. This is a law Onision has broken at least twice.

No. 486319

File: 1517469212916.jpg (333.72 KB, 750x901, haha just joking lainey.jpg)

No. 486320


No. 486322

Divorcegate incoming! Can't wait the next time Lamey streams

No. 486323

LMAO how is Lainey not having a bitch fit about this (yet) ?

Its so obvious Onion wants someone new. idc if he says its a sketch. Probably his fantasy in a sketch

No. 486326

yeah this part confused me

we still don't know what the test stream was about

No. 486328

So his patreon "exclusives" are slowly becoming old/deleted videos that are freely available with a simple search? Iirc this was painful enough to watch for free, can any farmers remember what the aporoximate views were, I'm curious as to what gurg classes as a "hit" in comparison to SD.

No. 486329

tinfoil but lainey said it wasnt her, i thought it was sam preparing to share a big secret DUNDUNDUN but yeah now that weve heard more of sam it does sound like her….

No. 486331

He wants Sam, if anyone watched his twitch livestream last night, Sam broke the chair and Onion was like "aww omg Sam! SAM R U ALRIGHT!" and he baby talks to her, and in the games she does fuck all and Onion boy just whiteknights her the whole round.

it must be how he impresses ladies. Like, I can protect you in the fake gaming world Sam!! I'm a real boy!!!!!!!

Sam stayed on her Twitch last night after the stream was over and chatted with people, whilst being cryptic. She said something like she needs a boy without a girlfriend. Like, da fuck Sam, you thought Onion would be a hassle free sugar daddy. c'mon girl. get them lasik eyes checked

No. 486332

well i could see someone pulling the technicality card… "lainey's not a girl!"

No. 486333



they're doin it, or they're gonna do it

No. 486334

File: 1517482109199.jpg (24.5 KB, 524x417, sukmi sammy.jpg)

No. 486335

File: 1517482221496.jpg (24.25 KB, 535x428, what.JPG)

that eye contact…. he's her daddy now

omg barf im sorry

No. 486338

Actually hoping Sam gets into the Grease bed and him and her don't even bother hiding it from Lainey. At this point I despise them both and want the worst for them. Onion, being broke and fading into obscurity a'la Margaret with 300 views per video. Lainey, by getting kicked to the curb for another woman.

No. 486339

That would be the best possible thing to happen to Lainey. Ik most here don't have sympathy for her but every day spent with Onion is another layer of toxicity added

Also Sam just may be his perfect match bc she seems emotionally… off. Like another low-empathy type.

No. 486341

i think u mean "girlfriend free boy" kek

No. 486342

Notice she didn't say "wife" free boy.

No. 486343

Friendly reminder that despite breasts dripping with milk and pussy stretched by double childbirth lamo is an agender preop trans poly space prince, so it's fair game to date gorg

No. 486345

My eyes are shit but I don't need to get Lasik done to see how this is going to end. If anyone knows about Greg's past (Which I'm sure you all do) then you know these lil skits with his "fake" Girlfriends have always led to divorce. So my question is, is everyone going to do a 180 and start whiteknighting Lainey once this happens?

No. 486346

He looks like he has hepatitis. Or liver cirrhosis. Eyes shouldn't normally have that colour, his sclerae are grey-red, not white…

No. 486347

"a very funny….. comedy….. sketch….. obviously not real…… i like the ending……. comedy…….. not real…. but i like the ending…….."

No. 486348


That was a CWC ref, wasn't it? From that one comic.

No. 486349

I was eating, anon. Thanks. Also the "birthing kids stretches your vagina" shit is an urban myth. Do your kegels and you'll be fine.
I don't think them doing skits will automatically cause a divorce. More of a correlation thing. Not that divorce gate wouldn't be milky…

No. 486350

File: 1517488152818.jpg (133.86 KB, 1200x871, DUbKdF_U8AEwSHK.jpg)

Have fun, everyone! We'll compare bingos next week or so.

No. 486351

Never read lolcow while eating unless barfing is the point.
IDGAF if it' s a myth or not tbh, point is that I hope lamo's transtrending bites her in the ass. Think plain does kegel exercises tho?

No. 486353

Imagine walking this earth having a fucking head like an achondroplastic dwarf

No. 486355

This looks like a still from a white nationalist traditionalist porn fsr
Same, though you just know a divorce would mean an uptick in views. At least for a short while.
CWC just used to say it in general, I think he held up a sign with it at some point. Sam's definitely in the lolcow-tracking community.
I hope not, but we all know how this place can get when somebody publicly opposes Greg. Willing to overlook massive flaws.

No. 486358

Nah. Her selfcare includes buying make up, not actually doing something for her body.

No. 486360

she is so lazy and cares so little about her body she can't even manage to drink enough water, let alone fucking kegel exercises lmaoo

No. 486364

he could be casting her as anything, a friend, a sister, a mentor, a coworker, and the last sketches she's been pregnant, and now, his fiancee/soon to be wife, kek. god, plain really is a giga-cuck.

No. 486369

The proposal video was probably purposely made to cause controversy and to have us all talking about it as we are, unfortunately

No. 486373

Has Onion had cheek fillers? In his latest vid he really looks like it

No. 486382

Based anon from temp, ad verbatim
Alright anons

Here's a full stream from his live gaming convo (and a little more), featuring the suicide convos, china ignorance, minecraft racism, calling women who disagree hideous cunts, all kinds of shit. maybe if people wanna call out time stamps for juicy bits, pls do. i may not keep this public for too long.


No. 486383

some time stamps
23 mins mikenactor
27 ad hominem me
53 mins- send us off in a rocket
47 mins hipster girl cunt
29 Blaire white child
30, 34 mins young kids online
36:20 slipping up

No. 486385

Sorry I deleted original due to stupidity anon, it's now >>486382

No. 486386

I get that sense too, given we know he lurks here and loves the attention and wants to stir shit. But I still get the sense that it's self-serving. Gurg is not that clever.

No. 486387

Many thanks to temp. This is awesome haha

No. 486388


they are totally doing it omg fucking kek
a new Billie has arisen, keep up Plain, you have two chicks to skinwalk now lol

No. 486392

File: 1517520308542.png (138.97 KB, 750x946, IMG_0226.PNG)

Nice caption lol

Lainey if you're so sure he's gonna "let you go" have some self respect and be the one to leave first. For the love of god.

No. 486393

She is absolutely the biggest cuck in the world, my god. How do you go through life being this fucking passive? Sometimes I feel like strangling her, fuck.

No. 486394

>implying you'd ever walk away from your lap of luxury

Lainey may be regretting her marriage and ungrateful spouse but she'd happily sukmi every time he asked rather than go get a job and support herself and her kids.

No. 486395

"When my husband fucks other women, I take action by sharing selfies and vagueposting passive aggressively."

–Lainey, 2018

No. 486399

She also probably regrets her kids.

No. 486409

pffft he's probably caught wind half tempcow are paying his patronage.

has anyone got reuploads of onion/lainey recent videos? the amount of rule breaking by posting their youtubes is astounding. i miss archive anon

No. 486412

Greg actually admitted that Lainey is the bread winner atm. I think Lainey is just that stupid that she's stuck to him

No. 486415


I can't believe she used to be a gymnast. It's weird imaging Plainey as a popular cheerleader, fit and in shape doing flips and splits. Life at the McMansion has really sucked the life out of her.

No. 486417

LOL tempthread anons getting hurt people are telling them how to troll onion on their dime in his discord.

i swear temp is overrun with freaks. i also can't believe one anon swears down there's over 30 people on his discord and not one person has tried to troll becca or fuck her off.

y'all paying to watch videos early?? fuck me.

No. 486418

i bet onion was lowkey worried about how flexible she was and stopped her doing stunts in videos and showing off too much because he can't have his partners being fantasised about once he ensnares them.

No. 486419

File: 1517535045443.png (9.87 KB, 513x95, onion.png)

No. 486420

She is mostly afraid to have to admit that everything with Onision was a mistake, that everyone was right; and that now she has kids with a crazy man.
As well as that after the divorce, idk how much of her audience will still watch her after all the dirt greg will throw online.

No. 486423

Yeah, she likes Sonic and I think she follows CWC drama.

No. 486424

im pretty sure you can fill the entire board within two days

No. 486425

she apparently called them and onion baggage on a recent younow

No. 486428

File: 1517540199593.png (1.67 MB, 1334x750, lames lame cosplay winner.png)


No. 486430

Here is Cheerleader Lainey for you, she used to have life and hobbies before Onion turned her into a husk

No. 486431

she is so smol and tiny and fragile, it is weird that she's the base of every pyramid??!?!?!

No. 486432

The anxiety and body dysmorphia tho

No. 486434


is the the blonde one with the gut right at the front?

No. 486436

you know you're irrelevant when you tweet something racist in 2018 and no one gives a flying fuck

No. 486449

File: 1517544179117.jpg (247.28 KB, 1932x1294, image.jpg)

Posted recently

No. 486453


I'm laughing because she's the largest one there. She's not fat by any means, she's got some muscle on her and a little bit of chub on her belly, but she looks healthy, but I'm laughing that if anyone there, she's the furthest from being a fragile, smol, weak bean.

No. 486472

starting to think Lainey legit has body dysmorphia rather than dysphoria lol.

No. 486473

lots of gymnasts/dancers/cheerleaders do.

probably doesn't help that she's with onion. as much as people hate her here, she's a victim of poor parenting and abuse. i'd like to watch her rise above and speak out against it, personally. i hope she does.

No. 486476

Has anyone heard from Sarah? Did she and Lainey have a fight?

No. 486477

Sarah and Lainey are still friends, I believe.

Sarah pops into Lainey's streams to do her free spin and sometimes give Lainey makeup advice if she is doing her makeup on stream.

No. 486480

It's weird to me how Sam has no likes on most photos and 27 followers even though she's been on insta for years it seems. Does she have no friends? I'm not really popular either but I get at least 40 likes on photos I post. Anyone else find this weird?

No. 486481

I really think it makes sense with the assumption that she has something "wrong" with her, like on the autism spectrum

No. 486482

File: 1517558713299.jpeg (114.42 KB, 640x890, 8A6A7403-6519-4E08-B233-D8280E…)

He just posted this.

No. 486483

but while athletes might perceive themselves to be fatter than they are, Lainey seems to be convinced she's skinnier.

No. 486484

She def used to be a lil plump but in her bad day video she definitely seemed a bit thinner and more fragile. idk. she also gets zero exercise and her husband is lusting after a new young potential fucktoy, playing house with her and shit, so i believe that shed be getting skinny

No. 486485

Yep. It's gotta be hard having a younger, more attractive girl going after your husband right in front of you. She has no self-respect and refuses to leave him so I guess the next best solution to her is starving.

No. 486486

Anon, she's the base of the pyramid alongside all the other older girls. The girls being lifted are several years younger than the ones doing the lifting.

No. 486487

That, and she's the tallest and fattest one.

No. 486488

In fairness, she does look really manly here too. The way she stands and runs isn't very graceful lmao. I wonder if this is where the whole trans thing came from?

No. 486489

it was a joke, because she is always on about how smol and weak she is. but okay, thank you for the explanation, i think i just about understand it.

No. 486490

File: 1517573633447.png (259.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-02-01-23-48-52…)

Onions deleted tweets from yesterday 1/2

No. 486492

File: 1517573682000.png (227.87 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-02-01-23-48-37…)

Onions deleted tweets from yesterday 2/2

No. 486493

What the fuck?

just… everything about hum gets less and less rational… he's finally completely unraveling…. i'm intrigued by, but almost scared of, what happens next..

No. 486495

you can see the full on narc in him because he doesn't have any actual values or morals about anything. his values change constantly based on what he thinks will get him the most support or attention.

he can't decide if being an sjw or a racist asshat will make him more popular, so he swings between the two. he realised that people weren't happy when he said he hated all stoners and wished they would die, so suddenly he just believes in the LAW GUYS, THAT'S WHAT IT WAS ABOUT ALL ALONG!

he has zero actual feelings about the issues he pretends to stand for. his morals change with his whims and need for attention.

No. 486496

she looks rly slavic, little like melania trump missing a chromosome. grease really doesn't care if his cumrag's a "2" or "high 9" at this point.

No. 486497

god i got banned from temp for suggesting the anons paying greg money to fund his lifestyle should troll becca more.

getting banned for suggesting others should troll a troll well i neva

No. 486498

didnt u say they should make her "suicidal" doe fam or was that someone else?

onion is the true enemy we mustn't forget

No. 486499

i honestly think lainey has grown up way hotter. it is a shame greg knocked her up so young, she had some real potential.

No. 486500


yeah he is so desperate for attention at this point. He doesnt care about black history month, yet he MUST tweet about it.

No. 486502

tbf i think if you're paying greg to be your friend you are already lowkey suicidal

No. 486503

Woah wait I'm legitimately impressed by this. A little taken aback bc these costumes are way more revealing than I remember them being back in my day, but yo for real She could have done cheerleading in college. Which would have been great socially! Her dad was gonna foot the bill, she could have met a nice normal guy and had friends and traveled and done so much with her life… I don't think she's particularly smart but she could have had suuuuuuch a better liiife ugh WHYYYY

No. 486505

Since I only see pictures and not the actual video, here is the proposal video with sam.


No. 486507

i thought his "comedy" hadnt changed since 2009, but it has - it's got a lot worse. this was unwatchable and unintelligible for the most part.

No. 486508

True! What bothers me the most: why are they talkin like retards? Is it suposed to be funny? It makes the bad video even worse.

No. 486509

i think he genuinely thinks it's funny. he's always had the sense of humor of a developmentally delayed toddler, but this is a new low. and he lives in a giant circle jerk of lainey and sam telling him he's soooo funny and such a comedian and that people only don't think that because they are jealous haters. he actually thinks this shit is entertaining. hard to believe.

No. 486510

well, yeah. the only people he associates with are those who either literally or figuratively suck his dick (we all know what happens to those that stand up to him) so even though it's bizarre to witness such a stupid, unfunny person see himself as so smart and hilarious, it makes sense when it comes to greg.

although it seems even his discorders are offering fewer and fewer pity chuckles…

No. 486513


>can't figure out why his videos aren't doing well.

>produces shit-tier videos like this
>must be Youtube's fault

No. 486514

you have some strange standards if you think she's anywhere near a 2 :)

No. 486525

And you some even stranger if you think she's near a 9. She's a 6 at best.

No. 486527

File: 1517595025709.png (169.9 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-02-02-19-02-15…)

I hope patron anons are ready to infiltrate and leak!

No. 486530

I'd give her a 7 tbh. I think she's cute. Of course, doesn't take much to be considered cute next to the husk of a person that is Lainey.

No. 486531

i'm praying for the day onion hurts himself seriously for a sketch. i think it'd be funny af. like if he electrocuted himself or broke something. or a heavy objective fell on his face and got rid of his botox like moe in the simpsons.

No. 486532

https://hooktube.com/watch?v=j8BcqXhXXyY around 2:33.

Hooktube of the proposal video, if you use the settings on hooktube and slow the video right down you can see Lainey peeping on them and then collapsing from sight. She's like a ghost.

No. 486533

File: 1517598590224.png (719.82 KB, 775x712, hair.PNG)

It's just Sam's hair

No. 486535

yes it is, i guess i wanted to believe too much. FALSE ALARM lol

No. 486536

I thought it was Lame when I first read it at temp, but after I slowed it down and watched, it actually is just Sam's hair. I wanted it to be true, but Lame could be creepin' from somewhere else.

No. 486537

File: 1517598978351.png (224.71 KB, 540x283, 54d4428abc9d900a42c4e12e35864b…)

actually anon i'm pretty sure that's her wrapped in a blanket and then ducking from sight when the camera pans back to sam lmao

No. 486538

i thought that too, but if you slow it down you can follow the shape to be sam's hair. we all want to believe

No. 486540

File: 1517602078492.gif (14.43 MB, 1280x720, Untitled1.gif)

It's hair

No. 486543


Thanks for the gift from 2005 onion

No. 486544

slavic women are usually very beautiful she just looks plain. not ugly just average… maybe with more volumous hair though!

No. 486546

Someone, or multiple people, have kept trying to push that this is hair on both Temp and here. Sarah, dat u visiting the farm again to do damage control?

Thinking about perspective, the other side of her hair would also have to be flapping around obviously for that to be hair. It's a blanket moving aka PLAINEY. Another thing to ask her about on steam lol

No. 486547

Oh yeah, it's me Sarah, coming to save the day because you all cracked the code that Lainey was looking out her window. Can you see that those are REFLECTIVE WINDOWS, you can't even see into them. Yeah, ask her, it's just going to show how ridiculous you all are looking for something where there is nothing. Are you that pigheaded?

No. 486549

There is no saging anymore. See >>483871

No. 486550

No one really seems to care as much as you, it's just speculation (like the majority of talk about the new girl).

No. 486552

File: 1517613711194.png (963.48 KB, 1170x752, image.png)

No. 486553

File: 1517613738181.png (833.32 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 486556

Ah, more vaugebooking. Surely that will improve your situation, Taylor. Not leaving your husband who could give a shit about your feelings, no better make sad posts on the internet for his attention.

No. 486558

Ahhhhhhhhh… sam sam the hentai yaoi man.

Kek she even wins agendering.

No. 486559

You know Taylor, you could just kick the bitch out of your house instead of whining like a baby piss-ant. But no, of course you won't stand up for yourself. Why would you ever do a silly thing like that?

No. 486560

You were temporarily banned for repeatedly trying to push users to harass an Onision fan into committing suicide. Basic Lolcow rules still apply to Tempcow and what other Farmers do is not for you to decide.

No. 486561

light x l video from gurg incoming

No. 486562

File: 1517616674763.jpg (4.91 KB, 168x94, hqdefault.jpg)

she looks vaguely like skye to me. where everything is in balance, but there's nothing unique to focus on. i think she's vaguely pretty.

No. 486563

File: 1517616779558.png (40.48 KB, 960x525, image.png)

Taylor's getting sued…
She used the 'it's a song lyric relax' defense for the 3495437th time

No. 486564


No. 486565

fuck me it was a joke admin i already emailed yall

No. 486566

maybe an artist is going to finally sue her over her shitty merch

No. 486567


you need to be at least 18 to post here anon.
telling someone to kill themselves is a move 12 year olds make.

No. 486568

i didn't tell anyone to kill themselves, plz learn to read.(plz learn to read the rules)

No. 486569

Nobody knows yet. Unless someone can get her to spill deets on stream, one of us will have to contact the Washington court of record for more info.

No. 486570

Do you have any case details? I assume an artist's work she ripped off and sold on t-shirts or phone cases is the cause, but who knows.

No. 486571

The only information has been posted in the screenshot, I couldn't find anything else. But I think it could be something as simple as a speeding ticket. I found the info here https://dw.courts.wa.gov/ I'm not sure about Washington, but in my state you can get public record info for free.

No. 486574

File: 1517620093109.png (44.8 KB, 941x594, Capture.PNG)

I'm not sure, because I looked up onion's name too and there was no judgement record on any of his stuff either. He actually had quite a few charges, I feel like at least one must be a ticket.

No. 486575

How do you go about getting public record info? Is it one of those things where you have to fill out a form and mail it in?

No. 486576

someone in temp just looked it up and found that You may request case record information by mail, fax or email, and it's free.

No. 486577

This is just soooo bad. :(
The dialogue is gruesome,
the acting is just terrible screaming,
the continuity ESPECIALLY is a catastrophe,
the jokes are incredibly unfunny;
really everything about it is extremely bad. :(((

It's not even that I don't like Onion, I feel second hand embarrassment from watching the video…

It's like putting poop on a plate and trying to serve it as Swiss chocolate. :C

No. 486578

Saw it and just sent out a request. Hopefully we will see the documents and it'll be something interesting inshallah

No. 486580

File: 1517622885788.png (150.14 KB, 750x1334, DABD1EC3-215A-4351-B0A2-9316B0…)


This is what I put into the search pic 1/2

No. 486581

File: 1517622943287.png (194.95 KB, 750x1334, 609A15F0-A96C-4464-BE8A-B4670D…)

And this is the results pic 2/2
So it was a traffic infraction

No. 486582


I don't think she's a 9, nor are many people a 9. I think she is above average, however.

No. 486583

says the overgrown womanchild whose own life sucks solely because of how pathetic she is

No. 486584

no one's life will ever suck as bad as hers, except maybe her kids that she brought into this fucked up situation.

No. 486586

I mean, it's clearly hair. If after looking at the gif version you honestly think it's anything other than hair, you're onision level lying to yourself.

No. 486603

File: 1517643712862.jpg (61.5 KB, 540x777, retards.jpg)

No. 486604

File: 1517643835288.png (180.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-02-02-19-02-33…)

That forum tweet and pic related are the newest deleted tweets.

No. 486605

Honestly, thanks for the common sense.

No. 486606

Whenever Greg pontificates about "we, as a society" or humankind in general I both want to strange him and laugh in his face. He doesn't know shit about "society," he thought Elon Musk came from poverty because he was born in South Africa, he thinks black people wouldn't spend their money on video games, he thinks every attractive female must be a dumb cunt, he thinks wealthy white people are incapable of having "legitimate" depression or pain of any kind.

The only people he interacts with are people who suck his dick either literally or figuratively, the majority of whom are younger than him and/or have some type of disorder.

No. 486608

dat wig

No. 486613

lol she was a fat cheerleader

these screenshots, out of context, look like porn

really strange how he's holding on to the 2009 style of ~omg so random and homemade~ sketch videos. i guess that's all he knows.

No. 486616

This is video made me so uncomfortable wtf

No. 486617

Such a “smol bean” when she’s the biggest girl there is on her squad. It makes me wonder if her insecurity with her size is left over from being a fat cheerleader. Lol

It’s too bad because she clearly had talent here. She could’ve done so much if she went to a normal college instead of settling down with the greasy teen fucker.

No. 486622

The figure in the window pops up and moves away out of sync with the cameras movement, it is definitely Plainey spying on them.

No. 486639

The only other person he’s done Death Note sketches with…was Skye, I think he’s trying to go back to the good ol’ days with best waifu.

I’m getting single white female-vibes from this…

No. 486640

The "figure" moves out of sync because those are strands of hair moving with wind. if you look closely at the gif you can faintly see them moving with Sam's head.

No. 486641

I don't want this to drag on forever but her hair doesn't seem to be moving at all? I agree with the other anon, it doesn't seem like hair. Also, the angle of the reflection wouldn't really make sense based on the location of camera and windows. But I guess we won't find out for sure anyway.

No. 486643


It's just a few stray strands on the back of her head. Watch the movement and you'll see the hair falls out past the window frame, which Lame wouldn't be able to do.

I thought it was Lame at first watching the video too, but when you look closely, it's hair. I wanted it to be Lame and was disappointed when it wasn't, but it really is just some of Sam's hair.

No. 486644

What a dumb thing to say… there are ugly and goodlooking slavic woman, just like with any other race/ethnicity. Also Sam has said she is polish.

No. 486645

Skye looks Irish

No. 486654

She's much prettier than Skye imo. I'd say Sam's the best-looking girl Greg has attempted to groom other than Billie.

No. 486659

This. It goes outside of the window frame. I get that you all are desperate for it to be Lame, but its definitely just hair. Its the same color as her hair, it floats like hair. I seriously don't understand how people think its a person in a blanket.

No. 486660

I love how Sam's hair vs. Lainey's blanket is now lolcow's dress, blue & black vs white & gold

No. 486661

File: 1517680358264.png (382.41 KB, 824x671, kekekeke 2.png)

LMAO I know we've talked about this somewhat in the past but his Patreon perks are soooo laughably grandiose when you think about this "man's" lifestyle

>Remain a patron of this level for 12 months and you'll be invited to a fun 2 day retreat/gathering with Onision/other patrons!

So he's prob had his Patreon for over a year now, I wonder how the fun weekend at the Onion mansion went?? Do you think FatBecca ate all the cereal and screamed over the other special needs edgelords??

7 people have this perk, I wonder if we already know who they are :^)

Also it's probably Grease himself posing as his top $250 patron, right?

>Guaranteed invite to annual theme park gathering.


Highest rank on Discord granted.
>WhatAmI? gonna rise up :^)

No. 486667

File: 1517685088937.png (639.78 KB, 750x1334, 67B43071-436B-4DA3-864D-353F80…)

Coupled with this ~nostalgiahhhh~ tweet from onion, sam is swf(ing) lame right out of the [closet] door.

No. 486714

Sam has confirmed herself vua twitter that she's not autustic, nor does she have aspergers. She interacts with a number of known lolcows and I still firmly believe that she's an avid follower of the farms. I think I like her.

No. 486728

if sam is a troll than she spent far too long to get into that mcmansion. i think her replying to the haters is her "not caring" sense of humour and probably to show greg that she doesnt care what they say - like billie had once proclaimed to greg "i have thick skin i dont care what they say" (or whatever)
I know so many people wanna believe shes a troll but …. im not sure… too many things make me think she could be genuine.

No. 486738

maybe onion can see the resemblance to best wife too

No. 486740

>all asian regions look the same, just like asian people

thats all i got from this tweet

No. 486747

File: 1517712534685.jpg (48.43 KB, 425x476, 4b69680a97ce99a160b5bcdb7149fd…)

lainey looking like a damn corpse on younow
+ she has been streaming at inconsistent times

something is up

No. 486748

yep, she isn't wearing cakey foundation and brows either. She said shes stressed and talked about greg ruining her kitchen table. Something is up.I'm guessing its post-billie anxiety about sam.

No. 486749

They put sugar water all over the table and didn't clean it up. Also, Greg lied and said it was just water.

From Lainey's Younow.

No. 486750

Yeah, betting it's from his death note video with sam. She is also upset that youtube didn't send out a notification about her new video "it's stressing me out".
amerifags know what time of the year it is- tax time. Together with the IRS closing in on greg and the amount of debt they can possibly be in how fucked are they with the lack of views? Gregs videos haven't been doing great either

No. 486751

And no Valentines plans, soooo probably shit gonna happen before then or by then 100%

No. 486757

Kinda ot, but Poll for best Waifu! (During possible cuddlegate)

No. 486758

oh christ plain just do something already you pass agg little shit, I'm so over this

omfg lain nooooo see how she's not wearing makeup oh no she is DYING INSIDE, go take care of your fucking children, you retard, no sympathy.

No. 486759

Okay seriously if Gruck burns the house down the kids could die I'm not voting for that shit lol

No. 486770

He's got like 3 houses though lol

No. 486771

No, he only has the one they're currently in. He sold one and gave the other one to his mother.

No. 486772

File: 1517727134230.jpg (66.05 KB, 572x698, i hate my wifes hobby.jpg)

No. 486773

If she doesn't watch this and get the fuck out, she's doomed. How can she just sit there? He is straight up laughing in her face and everyone knows it.

wtf, man, he is psychotic but she seriously needs to go. Like does she even give two shits about her children, the fuck.

No. 486774


Are there fidget spinners in evidence or is she truly pressed?

No. 486776

it's got to the point where he is desperately trying to make Lainey leave by just outright insulting her publicly (we know he already did it in private) and praising another girl he brought into their home. he's so sick of her and she refuses to leave him. he can't leave her because it would be much harder to spin that as her fault ("Lainey just gave up on our love, I thought our marriage was for better or for worse, but she thought different" etc. playing the victim), but she just will not go away, so he's getting more and more extreme in his abuse. the level of public humiliation is insane.

No. 486777

Sam commented on the death note video "That boiled sugar took ages to clean xD"
but Lainey was the one who cleaned it right?

No. 486778

can someone photoshop grugs face and put wrinkles

No. 486779

maybe they were waxing

No. 486780

she has such nice skin, wonder how longer it will be until greg fucks it up

No. 486788

>greg ruining her kitchen table
Maybe that's where he and Sam re-inacted his first night with Lainey in the hotel

No. 486789

they poured boiling sugar water on it.

No. 486790

I know, it was a joke.

No. 486791

sperm warps wood, FAXX

No. 486792

sperm causes wood to expand and bust. FAAAAAXX

No. 486793

i couldnt tell if it was only a joke lol

No. 486794

File: 1517745208353.png (1.7 MB, 1920x1081, bye bye table.png)

Oh wow…they really did ruin the table. What kind of idiots don't realise that something that hot will destroy a wooden table? Look at the steam…

No. 486795

looks like it was a really a nice table.

No. 486796

It's fine. Onion will buy a new one with his tax refund.

No. 486799

No, he will make Plainey buy it with her younow bux. Because she will complain about it, he will say something to the effect of, "it's just a table. If you want another be my guest but it's fine like this for me"

No. 486804

Gregory Jackson is well on his way to being a deadbeat dad. What happened to all the "lets make it through this together" bullshit?

I'm just triggered that he blatantly LIED to his wife as the MOST HONEST YOUTUBER. It's not "just water" you fucking tard. He probably says "no it's just xxx" without batting an eye at everything Plain asks him about.

Learning tricks from Papa Onion, eh Grease?

No. 486806

I hate when people talk shit about Onions Dad, do we even know he was a bad person?

No. 486809

File: 1517755643832.jpg (142.45 KB, 1024x1024, 20180204_143948-COLLAGE.jpg)

Lainey is fine guize. Sam is just a cameraman… The medium has moved from twitter as per gregs instruction 2k16 to snapchat 2k18…

No. 486810

He’s not even a fucking child molester, jebus!

Papa-Onion tried to discipline Gregma but failed, Gregma was lied by Crazy Tami and her relatives, his sisters still talk to the man.

If he was a convicted sex offender like Greg claims, then you wouldn’t see fb pics of Randy (or Randal) with his kids/grandkids.

I thought we were over this already, most of the time he lies about the past.

No. 486811

I was being sarcastic. Since Grease either reads here all the time or gets someone else to when he's triggered, I wanted to remind him that he's turning into the deadbeat he so often demonized in public for money.

No. 486815

does she still have a snap? because I cant find her

No. 486818

Can only imagine what's going on in laineys noggin

No. 486819


Laineyybot, 2 "y's"

No. 486820

File: 1517757090644.jpg (276.07 KB, 1023x1167, Screenshot_20180204-090511.jpg)

Pls play music w image

No. 486823

Sorry, I’m a bit slow in the mornings. Wish I could delete my post now…

No. 486827


Greg has a pattern of ending friendships with people then crapping on them with a long video series of how horrible they are. He's already shown that thats what he's going to do to Lainey when the whole Billie thing happened, and he claimed Lainey was being incredibly negative and verbally attacking everyone.

I hope she's secretly collecting evidence of him being a cheating cunt and verbally abusive. Like she videos or records audio when ever he's verbally putting her down, and if he does divorce her and try any shit. She'll have her own evidence and ammo against him. Her videos/audio vs his flimsy words. The biggest difference this time is that Lainey actually has a decent sized following.

He's always screeching about wanting evidence from people that claim he's horrible.

No. 486842

Do you think she's that conniving?

No. 486844

Different anon here,


No. 486846

Might be slightly OT but I can't get over the difference in the lainey in that cheerleading video and the person we're talking about on here. Genuinely felt a bit sad seeing how talented she was and how much she was doing with herself. Was genuinely impressed by it and seems such a shame that she has reduced herself to all of this. Either way this all ends, she is going to be living with a lot of regret. Crazy.

No. 486847

You would think that Gregma would be more cautious seeing as how the IRS is going to come knocking again soon.

No. 486849

It’s hard to say,
That “test” stream brought out a different side of her imo… she knew what she was doing, she knew Greg was watching. She played that audio that you can only assume was something her and Greg talked/argued about before. His comment “every time?” Made it seem like she obviously intentionally did this to get under his skin even though everyone else watching was like “wtf is going on?”.
Not sure if I’d say conniving, but I think she does have potential to fight back once she gets out of that delusion she’s stuck in…

No. 486851

Not that anon but I do think she can play dirty when she needs to, she made certain bilie didn't come back, Sarah was shipped off after her collabs with onion coupled with public support of billie, the JG debacle and the rest (luxy/erin/maya). If she truly wanted to divorce greg she both could and would, despite her transtrendering a woman scorned and all that…

No. 486858


Do we really believe she's that spineless and incapable ?

I personally believe she's a snake behind the scenes. Likes to play victim, and pretend to be utterly helpless and weak infront of the camera/people. Lainey is obsessed with appearing "smol", weak, defenceless, child like, innocent and a victim of all things occurring in the world ( sexism,homophobia,rape,abuse,bullying,anorexia,neglect, assault, cheating, heart break, gender confusion, woman's issues,mens issues ect )

I think she is very well capable of being shady, and with the fact that she already got a taste of what Greg has in mind for her. I wouldn't be surprised if she learned from him to secretly compile things against him ( tweets, videos, audio ) I wouldn't even be surprised if she groomed the children to say Greg is mean or abusive. She's been with him for so long who knows what learned behaviours she's gotten from him. Gregma always says she laughs at us "haters" when we say shit. I can't count how many times people say she's smug, or she's laughing at someone else's pain. ( JG, Greg's exs, her ex's )

In short : She's a cunt who indulges in other peoples suffering, and hell yes ! if Greg crosses her (divorces her for a younger girl ) she'll burn him. She'll pull her usual sob symphony and play the ultimate victim card, except unlike Greg she wont have to fabricate bullshit.

No. 486859

it was already scratched up and gross iirc

No. 486860

I'd be sad if I was a weird snapchat creature too.

Aren't all convicteds google-able?

No. 486871

File: 1517793713141.png (115.91 KB, 644x398, sammy.png)

No. 486872

Dropping the new Chapter of Gregma's book

Reaper's Creek - Chapter 2

and for those who can't stand his voice:

No. 486873

Did she respond?

No. 486874

She’s smiling, she wants to be locked in the basement.

No. 486875


OMG, the run-on sentences.

No. 486876

File: 1517801104236.jpg (523.81 KB, 1067x802, dark vs light.jpg)

No. 486877

lmao new thread pic

No. 486878

I missed when it was originally posted, but the name was "Santa Leelu, Dios, y el Pecador.jpg" this time if someone wants to resave with that.

No. 486879

File: 1517802636075.jpg (5.24 KB, 279x31, HXmhvwM.jpg)

No. 486883

File: 1517803361814.png (863.23 KB, 989x1077, height.png)

No. 486884

He looks and acts just as psychotic as his mother.

No. 486885

File: 1517804100190.png (129.02 KB, 529x596, lainey patreon.png)

No. 486886

oh my fuck, just reading the first sentence was like reading stephanie meyer

No. 486889

>>$10 to make a playlist of songs and talk to me/people about it
>>$25 to be in a Google hang out with other annoying people including myself

How does he sit down and thing to charge for these types of services??? He's not a godly celeb whom you can't touch or even talk to. Plenty of people talk to him during the you now streams for free.

No. 486891

It's Lainey's, though Greg already basically does the 25$ one

No. 486895



So she actually took a recommendation from one of her tween stream chatters

Does huggles do this too already?

No. 486897

i think ghreg is going to release a calendar……..

No. 486898

Youtuber sips tea as he listens to discorders trying to explain to a very pompous Greg why he wasn't debating him right away. Greg insists to his child followers that Mike missed a "big opportunity"


No. 486900

i thought Lainey hated gaming? is this her attempt at trying to be more like Sam?

No. 486902

My bad, misread that. Still though, why charge for that shit to spend time with her.. sadly her teen followers will probably flock to it even more to spend with previous Golum

No. 486905

It ain't racist tho…

No. 486907

That tweet in itself is not racist, but considering all the other racist stuff Gurg has said about black people it seems like he's just another white person who has issues with black history month and feels the need to make fun of it.

No. 486910


"Thanks again for all of your support :) If you have any questions let me know!"
Does anyone else find it creepy how nice he always is at the end of his messages? It screams fake to me and I don't get why he pretends to be so kind when we all know he's a jerk

No. 486911

That's Lainey's message not Greg's

No. 486912


Oh nvm that explains it lol

No. 486918


Probably. She can't make her husband like her on her own, so she has to mimic every girl he ACTUALLY wants.

No. 486921


Does Lainey just try to absorb the style and look of what ever current girl Greg is into ? I mean I guess we'll know if suddenly she returns to natural looking ( minimal makeup, natural hair colour, basic fashion ) as well as suddenly starts to grow her hair out. Sam's very plain jane and simple.

No. 486922

i mean she was pretty natural and simple looking before cuddlegate happened. then Greg cheated on her with Billie and suddenly Lainey takes up an ~alt girl MUA~ personality. i wouldn't be surprised if she tries to suddenly be more like Sam soon, the whole gaming with patrons thing seems like a step in that direction when she's been so open about how much she hates gaming

No. 486926


I'ma die from laughter if she suddenly also takes an interest in Hentai. Seeing as Sam loves hentai.

No. 486932

File: 1517859203913.png (31.62 KB, 378x206, Skärmavbild 2018-02-05 kl. 20.…)

To the anon commenting on this video. Stop it's embarrassing. This is just some cheerleading mom's youtube.

No. 486933

File: 1517860026644.jpg (138.05 KB, 1074x519, Screenshot_20180205-114508.jpg)

So does this mean Greg will nevwr bother Shane or Andy ever again? Since they both "stood him up" for imaginary meetings that Greg demanded of them, but were never agreed to?

No. 486934

If he's going to write a book, could he at least look up how grammar works when writing? This is god awful. I hope it gets shitty reviews when it comes out.

No. 486935

Haven't you heard anon? Grugly uses his own grammar rules, he doesn't ascribe to the grammar rules that we peasants do.

No. 486936

I wonder if he watches so much hentai to forget how badly he wants to fuck Shane and how frustrated he is that Shane will never acknowledge his existence again.

No. 486937


i love how he feels the need to shove how straight edge he is into every orifice of his pathetic online presence.

No. 486938

sam isnt on gregs twitch stream 2day

No. 486942

she prob said she would make him a disgusting pickle wrap for him and then forgot to or some shit and now he's narc raging lmao

No. 486954

ooooooooooo what happened

No. 486957


you could spend $300 a year to get a sad handful of shopped photos of a dusty-looking depressed foot, lurking in a fly-blown, trash-strewn basement…

or you could spend that $300 on a new camera and take photos of your own feet, doing cool things like going outside (and not being cucked)


No. 486958

File: 1517896132315.jpg (16.84 KB, 300x300, just-the-tips.jpg)

"disgusting pickle wrap" is a great euphemism for Grugcock

pic related: Gregma's lil gherkin

No. 486959

File: 1517896495336.png (Spoiler Image,530.44 KB, 788x666, brzzersbot.png)

No. 486960

File: 1517896720999.jpeg (118.06 KB, 1694x951, 7AD11C1B-4921-4826-A227-A82C49…)

No. 486961

File: 1517896752728.jpeg (134.62 KB, 1701x954, FC3B214B-13EF-4471-9B7D-036CB3…)

No. 486967

File: 1517907381062.png (1.01 MB, 1334x750, decline.png)

No. 486968

File: 1517907721755.jpg (421.38 KB, 750x918, cage.jpg)

No. 486970

Spoilers, Lainey lost. But she's lost so many of her years to greg that she will never get back, that i guess she's already kinda used to it.

No. 486971

i mean, she kind of gave it away in the title.

No. 486972


He's turning into his mother.

No. 486975

She really is pandering to the abuse accusations isn’t she? Looking smug as usual

No. 486982

fairplay to wee lainey. i hope they start poking more fun at themselves. it will eventually lead to hatred lmao

No. 486983


Let's be honest though, Grug had it easy. Lame has no personality or actual interests so it's not like he has to remember much about her.

No. 486985

She has Fiji, and in previous videos Grug couldn't even remember that much. I'm actually surprised she """lost""" this time because in previous videos like this she's the one who answers the questions semi-seriously while he just sits there acting like an annoying manchild.

No. 486986


True, she probably faked it so she could be put in the cage. Since, you know, abuse is funny and all.

No. 486990

Maybe that’s why Gregma hates God, he wasn’t blessed with a big thicc cock

No. 486992


you know who they remind me of? evils and priscilla presley. they met when she was a young girl, he was already famous and took her with him, she ended up unhappy with him because there was no space left for her next to him - she wasn't supposed to have her own opinions and/or hobbies, only the stuff he approved - she changed her looks completely to fit his standards.

obviously, onion is nowhere NEAR elvis level famous, but her not having a personality and having given up all her hobbies (cheerleading etc.) reminds me of that whole situation, her trying to be more like billie to fit into what onion thinks would be the perfect woman, trying to get his attention etc.

i wonder if she'll ever have the guts that priscilla had, leaving him even though there was a child involved.

she barely manages to disagree with him openly.


she probably faked it to try and kid both her audience and herself into believing that he knows her better then what we've seen in previous videos, hoping the kinky-cage-thing would serve as a plus.

No. 486995

It was the 50’s-60’s anon, most women were like that. The only difference is that we’re not longer like that and is now deemed unacceptable by society unlike the good ol’ days.

No. 486996

If you are at "boyfriend girlfriend tag" number 11(!) you probably should stop and think for a second if maybe you are lacking the ideas to make youtube as a job.

No. 487025

Getting a real job and giving up the youtube dream is below Gregma and Lamey, didn't you know?

No. 487048

In this video, they show that they're still so triggered by the foot size/height thing.
>"Show them that you're not wearing special shoes!"

It also annoys me that they can't even dress well for their videos. I mean, it's their job and the two of them are always hunting for new teens to prey on, so you'd think they'd want to look their best right? No, Onion is wearing old man PJs and they both show off their dirty socks.

No. 487051

File: 1517949581364.png (788.35 KB, 974x459, not.png)

taylor is still def so triggered abotu her shoe size. look at the spacing tho when they go foot to foot. pls bitch, the difference is barely there and either your hubs has tiny toddler feet, or you've got some troll feet on ya

No. 487052

Her feet are lower than his

No. 487054

yep thats why i put the red line. if her feet were actually even, there'd be like practically distance between their sizes.

No. 487057

File: 1517950844945.jpg (264.09 KB, 751x1923, laineycord.jpg)

Lainey's Discord going in on Greg

No. 487058

File: 1517950922248.jpg (192.32 KB, 751x1003, laineycord2.jpg)

Lainey only pops in when she needs input for video ideas or selfies. People pay for this

No. 487072

Her lips are far too small for her to be making that really smug expression.

No. 487085

>production quality
>car selfie
I’m just screamed into my pillow

No. 487090

She was talking about the second photo

No. 487093

which is in the backyard

No. 487094

exactly, so wasn't a car selfie?

No. 487107

Greg got triggered BIG time on twitch today bc he made a shane Dawson joke and someone asked him to stop so he raged and went on and on and on and on

No. 487109

despite anon missing that detail, the production quality comment still works? one is the car, one is the backyard. lainey's living the dream.

No. 487110

Oh yeah I totally agree with the point the anon maid, just wanted to clarify that incase I was misunderstanding

No. 487118

onion narc raging about shane on stream today


No. 487119

part 2 of gregs narc rage


No. 487121

File: 1517969829168.png (1.32 MB, 1514x848, d7a1213b201590c700de456177f52f…)

there's a lot going on in this cap

No. 487128

So many things to laugh at, it's too much..

He must hate having to play a public game like this where he gets royally trolled, but le kids love le Twitch!

No. 487133

holy shit his laugh, it genuinely fucking scared me
he's achieving incredible levels of crazy

No. 487142

File: 1517978624090.png (952.08 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 487154

What is he 15? What happened, did Lainey kick sam out?

No. 487157

File: 1517988534110.jpg (401.65 KB, 664x206, OC3Y8Ve.jpg)

They took a loan out in october.

No. 487159

Where is this from?

No. 487164

wouldn't she want to have big feet though since she's a transtrender?

anyway why are they still together? greg doesn't want her and is constantly cheating, wouldn't if lainey wanted to get greg's attention or whatever she would at least try to be something he like and not the antithesis ?
he seemed to like her a lot and be loyal to her (as far as we know but we all knows its onision) when she was more feminine, dresses, flowers, feminine makeup, natural colored hair then when she switched to dyke level he grew away and thats when all the problems begun

No. 487166

File: 1517991118189.jpg (16.23 KB, 348x325, yW6IN5r.jpg)

No. 487167

I mean, to me, it looks like Lainey saw how Billie got all the attention from Greg and then decided to wear makeup, start up a makeup channel, dye her hair, etc. to try to get back his attention again.

Cause if you notice, when Lainey and Billie was together, Lainey hardly wore makeup (I think she only wore like foundation and eyeliner, not really eyeshadow etc.), didn't have any piercings, her hair was natural and didn't have her makeup channel.

Then here comes Billie with basically all those features and then Lainey saw her husband try to get with Billie and leave her (Lainey).

So afterwards, Lainey tried to change her appearance to (try to) look like Billie so hopefully Greg would love her again (and we see that it obviously didn't work lmao).

No. 487169

again with implying lainey abuses him with a baseball bat

No. 487173

File: 1517995875041.jpg (90.91 KB, 540x987, f2cfb9c51564dc3c28df7884de4cb5…)

No. 487175

File: 1517996047238.jpg (56.31 KB, 900x496, 958550e4df44addad2aaef103e1d8b…)

No. 487176


he's embarrassed because he raged at them for about 10 mins for asking him to "please stop" tryna get them to hop aboard the shane's-a-pedo express

No. 487178

Anyone who answers this last question with "no" should get a liar liar pants on fire screen. Everyone takes out their frustrations on their surrounding people sometimes. It's a natural thing. He's just making shit up.

No. 487186

What video is this from?
He's done all four things listed there. He publicly mocks Taylor's appearance and tastes and takes out his frustrations on her all the time on twitter, in videos and on stream. Who knows how much worse he is behind closed doors. He's also accused her of cheating with the whole Billie/Maya shit and flips out when Taylor interacts with men online, like with that band guy who had him blocked on twitter. He's also done all four things to Billie, Shiloh and probably the others as well. He should have gotten a "liar liar pants on fire" screen for every single question.

No. 487191

how does she not realise there is something wrong with the positioning of her bottom lip? or is it her jaw? idk but every photo I see of her it looks like she permanently has those cotton rolls dentists put in your mouth after a tooth extraction.

No. 487197

She has an underbite iirc. If she were smart she'd take some of her patreon money to get braces

No. 487198

She doesn't need braces, her teeth are straight. Fixing an underbite would be jaw surgery which is incredibly invasive and takes a long ass time to heal. I don't blame her for not wanting to leave Gurg responsible for the kids that long.

No. 487200

I personally think she just has to shake her front teeth down a little, they make the rest of her mouth paired with her wormy smirk look wonky. Just evening them out a tiny bit would make a big difference

No. 487205

I hate to say it, but Onion's make up looks better than Lamey's.

No. 487207

an orthodontist can easily fix jaw placement with rubber bands/strings that most people get when they get braces

No. 487220

>we should totally annoy the trolls with accents

Lol does she really think that’ll be what gets to us?

No. 487225

>we should totally annoy the trolls with accents

i have an accent that's barely noticeable - and if i were to talk to one of those people and they where to mimic my accent but worsen it on purpose, like completely ridicule it and take it out of proportion - i guess it would anger me to a certain degree…

i wonder if they actually find accents annoying - i get it's hard to deal with someone you barely understand, but outright saying accents are annoying sounds so childish and ignorant. as if the worst thing you could do to someone you think is annoying, is faking an accent in a really obnoxious manner.

i wanna punch 'em.

No. 487226

I think it's more them enabling Greg's racist accents, like his stupid mock asian thing he likes to do. Them saying "oh but we all do accents!" in their little noggins makes him not look as racist.

No. 487227

ikr! ~most honest youtuber~

like yeah there’s obviously a difference between infrequently just snapping at your SO because you had a shit day (then apologizing later) and treating your SO like a human punching bag… but everyone’s done the former. he’s not a buddhist monk.

No. 487271

File: 1518052726578.jpg (41.7 KB, 453x363, sw.jpg)

No. 487272

that isnt a troll?

No. 487273

she doesnt have an underbite. her lower dental arch is slightly protrusive, but it's not an underbite. either way, it's not hot, and it looks bulldoggy. if she wants to keep greg, she REALLY should do something about it

straightness isnt the only thing corrected by braces. she needs them. her dental arches need to be expanded.

No. 487277

i thought underbites were corrected by retainers? (at least mine was) correct me if im wrong

No. 487278

File: 1518058647997.png (361.86 KB, 750x1334, shitting on eugenia again.png)

No. 487284

that account is a troll but it was triggering lainey like crazy. after that comment her and sarah froze for a minute before sarah burst out in laughter and lainey was like" doooonnnt…" every comment that accound made she'd squint and purse her lips or freeze for a minute. i think she blocked them eventually cause more obvious troll accounts started posting instead of that one

No. 487285

also sarah confirmed her and greg have the same sized feet and that she fits into a size 8.5-9 womans shoe. and lainey confirmed that greg will "fight to the death" about women wearing heels so…..manlet CONFIRMED

No. 487291

File: 1518061832814.jpg (33.24 KB, 618x386, Jaw_expansion_3.jpg)

Some underbites can be corrected by appliances like bionators or riconators, but those only work well when the bones are still forming (i.e. in children). And children are notoriously noncompliant, since those appliances suck. They don't allow you to open your mouth unless you remove them.

In Lainey's case she'd need surgery, and it would be a long, painful recovery. Her underbite doesn't look THAT bad to me though. It's subtle. I agree with >>487273 that her bigger problem is a narrow dental arch, and braces could correct that. It would need to be braces though, not invisalign, and would probably require a lot of ligature (those elastic bands that attach to the brackets). The narrowness of her dental arch is what's causing those weird pouches beneath her lower lip. Widening her arch would probably go a long way towards balancing out the length of her chin too. It looks to me like she has a weird tongue posture going on due to the narrowness of her arch as well.

Having a proper bite is important for general dental health - it allows you to chew your food properly, eliminates unnecessary wear/breakage of teeth, and prevents things like salivary stones/ear problems down the line. I bet you anything though, Gurg would sperg about it being cosmetic surgery and he "luvs Plainey jus the way they is" and she'd be guilted into not doing it. I wish she would though. From a cosmetic standpoint it would make a world of difference, and it's not even terribly invasive.

Underbites/narrow or wide arches can be hereditary too. Pray for Cloey and Troy, please. Both Plain and Grease have absolutely disgusting dentition.(off topic)

No. 487295

File: 1518065676141.png (227.43 KB, 563x273, 1500394361380.png)

Was Sarah throwing shade at Gregs Disney villian eyebrows?

No. 487299

Is he ever going to shut the fuck up about her? For years all he ever talks about, screeching loudly is how EC is killing herself, and when she dies everyone is going to turn to Onion how right he was about her choices of denying help!! And now he's saying oh turns out it's physically possibly to look deathly but be ok sorry guis

No. 487304


backpaddeling because his patreons are sick of him talking about her i suppose. maybe he's granting small victories to his audience now, but that won't last long lmao

No. 487306


Someone tweet this to Greg and see if he flips out

No. 487310

Holy shit, does anyone have any video or transcript of this? If she's a size 9 women's shoe that would make him a YOUTH size 7.5

No. 487313

No. In all honesty, she shouldn't. She shouldn't get any plastic surgery whatsoever. Don't get me wrong, but she's fine the way she is, even though she's not a looker. Telling her to get herself fixed doesn't make us any better than the gargoyle himself.

She should just leave the gargoyle and find somebody who loves her for being herself. Given her choice in men she'll have a hell of a bumpy road in front of her anyway, worst case scenario, for the rest of her life (with or without the gargoyle).

I don't feel sorry for her and the situation she has gotten herself in, but I don't agree on calling her out on physical features, either. Her shitty choice of hairstyles and colors as well as her poor make up skills are a different story, though.

No. 487337

I agree with this anon, and I'll take it even further and say that I don't even think Lainey is ugly. I dislike her as a person but she's plain at the worst, not the hideous ogre people on this site try to claims she is. Anyway, Onion is hardly a looker himself so why should she change - out of the two, Lainey is definitely the less repulsive.

No. 487343

Plainey just uploaded a video where she cleans out her kids toy room. It's ungodly cluttered, but what's really upsetting is she was throwing out so much stuff, without even for one second considering donating all those books and toys to other children. Though I suppose to donate something would mean she'd have to a) leave the house and b) think of others, both of which she has a hard time doing.

No. 487349

Dental realignment and arch widening aren't surgeries, anon.

No. 487357

u triggered me reading this
im a poorfag who donates anything i cant sell (but i worked at a thrift store, so i know they still throw stuff away haha)

No. 487363

dental arch expansion isn't surgical. mandibular or maxillary expansion is, but she doesn't need either of those, and i said directly that she didn't need surgery. 2 years in braces and she'd have a normal, attractive occlusion that would balance the rest of her face out.

No. 487382

File: 1518136479692.png (300.33 KB, 427x423, we are very poor.png)

No. 487384

File: 1518139074363.jpg (67.77 KB, 571x716, sm love stry.jpg)

No. 487390

Does this date with Lainey mean Sam has been relegated to babysitter too?

No. 487391

Greg rage quit his Twitch stream because of fatbecca.
Lainey is supposed to do a private stream + younow.
Sam is supposedly going home.

So basically waiting on Lainey to find out about this "date".

No. 487410

Lainey has given up on Fiji.

No. 487415

File: 1518159391216.jpg (121.87 KB, 860x835, laineys dinner.jpg)

Their "date" was going to fucking Red Robin. Again.
Still no Valentines plans.
Some discordfag(s) threw a hissy fit in temp.

Dat's about it.

No. 487416

No. 487422

>Some discordfag(s) threw a hissy fit in temp.

Can we get some details/highlights? TY
Was it about Becca getting the belt from Greg?

No. 487423

Ur nasty old man age spot is showing, Gurg

So love is over for onion (again)? why is Sam leaving?

No. 487426

No, there's nothing to say. Someone/s was drunk/high and spamming lol.

But it might be related to Gurg freaking out during Twitch earlier.

No. 487430

>It is a parody of how society treats women

I don't want to watch the video, could someone who's seen it describe what it's about?

No. 487431

he's basically trying to show that women are hysterical abusers who call the cops on their innocent partners with crazy allegations. and he thinks "society" lets women get away with this because they're women

No. 487435

And some people still think he's a SJW feminist. Ha!
I hope Taylor is archiving this shit for their impending divorce along with the video where he defends domestic violence. You know, the one where he says that "you wouldn't hit an angel" and implies that when someone hits their wife it can only be because she did something wrong and had it coming.

No. 487436


Which is false, because it's illegal to misuse the emergency services

No. 487450

I mean people have done situations like that before such as some cases where a girl said that someone else raped her but did it to ruin the other guy's life even though he didn't. But obviously onion is blowing cases like that out of proportion because he wants to be the center of attention

No. 487462


the initial accusation usually really hurts the accused, but it's not like there'll be no investigation at all before anyone is convicted.

what's happening in america right now, the entire #metoo movement and stars suddenly all being the victims of rape in one form or another, must have triggered this response from him -

i'm pretty sure he's fearing the day of one of his exes posting one of those #metoo posts somewhere on social media, especially shilo and billie. so he's making sure ahead of time - just in case - that his audience thinks of these accusations as lies and cries for attention.

he doesn't have much of his actual audience to loose, but there's evidently enough people who still know who he is and certainly will make his life living hell as soon as headlines such as "#metoo onion-ex now opens up, /brave/ act of defiance towards former internet sensation" surface online.

adrienne basically did just that, sadly, she just did it ahead of this movement that would've gladly destroyed onion for her.
i'm hoping for a comeback tbh, since these days even coercion counts and i'm pretty sure he can't get laid without that.

also, since his audience seems to be made up of former abuse victims, cutters and depressed or anorexic young girls, i don't think they're going to be to happy about that, they're probably right on board with that movement.

No. 487464


Kinda makes me chuckle, because wasn't he always the one to call the cops on his girlfriends/spouse when they're just having a mental breakdown from his abuse. He's always extra about shit :

>Someone gets shot at a con - Wears a bullet proof vest

>Wife/gf has mental break down and cries - calls cops
>People find out his house address - sits on roof top with gun/ installs security cameras.
>Someone calls him creepy - makes video series about how dare they say he's a pedo

I could probably go on, but honestly now that I think about it. Gregma is just about extra and melodramatic about EVERYTHING, and once again is just projecting. He basically is the crazy bitch in the relationship, so wonder Lainey's trying to grow a dick.

No. 487469

I removed the screenshot because it shows a Patron's child in an avatar. Please remember to censor sensitive information, thank you

No. 487470

What a surprise, someone like Onision being scared that women are becoming less scared to reveal and stand up to their abusers, expose him lainey.

No. 487472

File: 1518207321709.jpg (86.04 KB, 275x275, 1467998748873.jpg)

>mfw they probably never disinfect or wash any of these toys
You think they even got their kids vaccinated or is Onion one of those vaxxtism believers?

No. 487474


Lainey is pro vaccines (thank fuck), and has said her kids are vaccinated

No. 487482

File: 1518213522232.png (46.14 KB, 585x212, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 1.56…)

Everything you eat turns into popp, genius. "Why pay all that money for organic vegetables and frozen meat substitutes from Whole Food s when you're just gonna poop it back out again, huh?" See? It's a stupid, senseless and banal 'observation', Greg.

No. 487483

*turns into poop. fuck this keyboard

No. 487484

File: 1518213679431.png (38.97 KB, 586x128, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 1.56…)

I wasn't soliciting nudes and semi nudes from teens and tweens, I was saving people with my honesty.

Does he realize how retarded he sounds to anyone older than 15? Probably not, narcs are known for arrested development, both emotionally and intellectually. He's too dumb to know that he's dumb.

No. 487486

Sorry farmfam, I just was re-sharing someone else's post in temp. So I prob won't bother if there's comments visible from now on, cheers.

No. 487487

and in what world is telling young kids that they should change their diet/that they look like shrek/laughing at how they look "helping them"? it' the eugenia cooney argument all over again.

he's so obsessed with this image he has of himself being a saint, but he can't actually keep up the persona because he's too nasty of a person to not say mean things for two seconds (even in an edited and curated video).

No. 487489

If he was more self-aware he could fake his personality all the way to the bank, but no, he just continues to lack all sense of awareness while everyone laughs at him.

No. 487492

File: 1518218204253.png (730.03 KB, 853x478, guys i'm in debt.png)

Sharing the new Onision Speaks vid:

Life after wealth

No. 487493

dont link to his yt

No. 487494

It's not his

No. 487497

By the new guidelines this is all grounds to get his Twitch channel suspended once it's in effect. I can't wait for the massive meltdown he'll have because you know it's going to happen. He just can't control himself.

No. 487498

I have a feeling that the ex grease lord won't ever talk about his sister wives again if he can help it (aka until they betray him somehow). Besides playing dumb games, fantasies of going to grease mansion are the only thing keeping his patrons there.

No. 487501


Here’s laineys patreon stream rant.

No. 487509

Link doesnt work for me.. Am I the lonely one?

No. 487510

File: 1518228106752.jpg (44.94 KB, 450x236, surejan.jpg)


kek I always love lainey's desperate "I'm not triggered" arguments as she sits there with this obviously pained expression on her face obviously very bothered by what people are saying. "I just think it's dumb" lol, okay girl.

No. 487514

>If he cheats on me then there's nothing that I can do about it. If it happens, then it happens. No reason for me to fret! I'll cross that bridge when it comes.

Is this retarded, brain-dead mom serious? There is PLENTY that she can do about it! Gregma could toss their kids out of a window and she would say, "Welp shit happens."

I swear some people shouldn't be parents or reproduce. She and Onion are a prime example. Here's to hoping that they get their kids taken away. They really shouldn't be in an environment where their mother doesn't care how their father treats them. That's going to teach them bad habits and probably teach their daughter to let guys do whatever they want to her.

No. 487515

Well like you said, she's retarded. Aside from stupid teenage high school relationships that barely count she's only known Gerg. She doesn't know how normal, healthy relationships function or how to set boundaries for herself. But she's smug and thinks she knows everything so she's not worth anyone's concern or pity. Keep making those sour faces bitch!

No. 487516

>I don't watch the debates.
Says the girl who called Grease during the JoyBS shit show to tell him Jeff Holiday was a hater

No. 487544

SO Sam was streaming late at night, and it was pretty obvious to all of us farmers watching that she has a huge crush on Onion. She also spilled a couple of secrets, y'all need to go to the latest temp thread to check them out.

No. 487545

well if there is anything worth sending people over to temp for, you might as well start just compiling the secrets then and posting here..

No. 487546

Well dont mind if I do. I have to leave soon so I dont have a lot of time but these are some of the things she said:

-Gorg's mom massaged her hands.
- Confirmed shes living there now.
- " i lowkey like shilohs music"
- shes ""pansexual ""

Hopefully someone recorded the whole thing. The temp anons are being stupid and think they should hide Sam's stream

No. 487552

hide her stream from whom? this thread and it's farmers or anyone/any discord fags lurking this thread?

No. 487554

temp wanted to keep the stream a secret because they don’t want lame or onion to find out about it and get angry with sam and prevent sam from being willing to say anymore shit about them on her stream. sam deleted the video of the stream immediately after she ended so there is no proof of her saying any of that stuff

something like that

No. 487555

File: 1518275953171.jpeg (241.01 KB, 1241x1057, 6DA8556A-4DB1-4B83-80D2-1240D1…)

Sam designed some onion merch

No. 487556

Also didn’t deny having a crush on him

No. 487557

ty love. i hope so too. seems stupid. but there seems to be a split between farmers on mainsite and tempcow.. shame..

but that is entirely sensible

No. 487558


I would genuinely rather make out with a dog than Onion

No. 487559


Gotta say that's a good design but I can't help but think that's Onision/Sam or Onision/Plainey in disguise.

No. 487565

File: 1518285550234.png (23.85 KB, 586x85, lovebomb.png)

the lovebombing begins

No. 487568

San mentioned on her stream last night that the blonde was her in a wig

No. 487571

Can't he try to be a little bit creative at least?

No. 487572

So did she queef in front of him?

No. 487575

AHHAHA FOR REAL??? holy fuck

No. 487576

Haha yeah when she said that I was shocked at how brazen she was about it. Even though Lainey is a dickbag I can't help but feel like thats a dickhead move when you're staying in the mans house with his wife but…….guess that's what they all signed up for….

No. 487577

Pretty much. Doormat already said that if Gregma cheated on her then she won't fret.

But everyone who knows that she exists knows that she will cry like a baby and write emo lyrics 24/7. The opposite of "not fretting".

No. 487578

literally 0 surprise

No. 487593

It's just two of Onion's shitty characters. Emo Charlie and Rod Danger.

No. 487598

File: 1518325834076.png (206.87 KB, 622x296, becca_and_sylar.png)

These are the knobs Greg plays with on Twitch. Why are so many of his fans so damn ugly?

No. 487603

>birds of a feather flock together

No. 487604

Because their outsides match their insides

No. 487613

becca looks E X A C T L Y how i imagined

No. 487614


Laundry is pretty much just as over Onion as he is over her. She just doesn't want to leave her big house and Tesla. She spends all her time looking for a gf so that she can have an actual fulfilling relationship without having to give up the shit she has suk mi'd so long to earn.

No. 487617




No. 487625

anons, i just finished this video!

No. 487627

That was amazing.

No. 487628

No. 487629

this is BRILLIANT, has it been tweeted to onion?

No. 487634

i would but he blocked me

No. 487644

I cried laughing at the ending with onion getting redder and redder

No. 487646

File: 1518377091822.png (220.08 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-02-11-20-23-58…)

Guys I think it happened.

No. 487647

I cannot WAIT to see how this turns out…

No. 487648


No. 487650

Dude this is amazing. Totally accurate, great animation and hilarious. Thank you.

No. 487652

"Welcome to Olive Garden. I'm Sonia an-"
"Hello, I'm gay."
That took me OUT

No. 487655

tinfoil but what if onion tried to talk sam into it and she refused knowing lainey wouldn't be okay with it

No. 487656

Becca looks like Philip Seymour Hoffman lol

No. 487657


I feel this might be referring to when he slept with Billie, Lame probably brought it up again (probably with Onion trying to pitch Sam into their "relationship")

Is poly inherently cheating? No. Did you use manipulative language to get your partner to consent when you knew they otherwise wouldn't? Yes.

No. 487659

lol I agree, it's either about Billie or history is repeating itself. Shocking.

No. 487660

screaming because i cant tell what is spliced together and what is full quotes

No. 487661

File: 1518390408853.jpg (90.47 KB, 960x742, luFtsW2.jpg)

discord drama in laineys server

No. 487662

File: 1518390432253.jpg (88.17 KB, 1005x743, p39Jv0d.jpg)

No. 487663

It always amazes me how their patreons are terrified of Grease and Lame. Whenever they have (valid) critic they are like "but i am worried they will be mad ;u; " :Like why are they supporting people who they know don't even flinch to shit on them if they speak their mind?

No. 487664

Well, with Greg, I think some people might feel trapped. Like, maybe they didn't know he shits on people who leave. Or maybe they think Taylor will tell him, and he'll shame hers as well.

It's super fucked up.

No. 487665

File: 1518391023312.jpg (63.89 KB, 952x771, jS8Dbkn.jpg)

No. 487666


what gets me is they never seem to have any real appreciation or respect for their own patrons. Yeah Lainey might be busy (surejan.jpg) but the cold and uncaring manner she tells them to pull their pledge gives real insight into their real views of their patrons. To them they are all OBLIGED to give them money, and it is not a PRIVILEGE offered to them by THOSE people.

No. 487667

File: 1518391090582.jpg (53.07 KB, 1003x727, iKHYnbR.jpg)

No. 487668

File: 1518391107879.jpg (63.44 KB, 1011x750, CYC8OvD.jpg)

No. 487669

File: 1518391128739.jpg (52.2 KB, 1014x704, rBI7uVw.jpg)

No. 487670

File: 1518391146579.jpg (65.45 KB, 1017x704, nX5B5bH.jpg)

No. 487671

File: 1518391383948.jpg (63.64 KB, 1020x717, Uv2GHb3.jpg)

No. 487672

File: 1518391400238.jpg (63.63 KB, 1013x708, rf00Byf.jpg)

No. 487673

File: 1518391417802.jpg (74.74 KB, 992x738, 4RRXZPA.jpg)

No. 487674

File: 1518391440848.jpg (56.59 KB, 1017x727, 6j17fNq.jpg)

No. 487675

File: 1518391466214.jpg (68.44 KB, 1032x704, ZKTuNXe.jpg)

No. 487676

File: 1518391481625.jpg (57.86 KB, 1018x697, XZKpDb5.jpg)

No. 487677

LOL wow those other patrons are snakes! First they stayed quiet and when Lame came in they all started stabbing the Gucci girl in the back to get a chance to lick Laimey's ass in the few minutes she actually pays attention to them, cause she probably never does when it's not for playing the victim and needing asspats.

No. 487679

File: 1518391526506.jpg (53.95 KB, 1020x677, NjOL61T.jpg)

No. 487680

File: 1518391535747.jpg (61.98 KB, 992x722, XN6FdQk.jpg)

No. 487683

Thank you so much for posting these.

Lainey is such a bitch. One of them even said that she should just write "as available" or something so people don't get the wrong idea and she still feels attacked and gets defensive. Like, it's one of the perks, deliver it or don't have it in there.

Or, you know, don't add new perks if you can't fulfill the ones you already offer. I always sympathize with her and then something like this pops up and I remember why she's a terrible person.

No. 487684

>That was condescending lainey
>Ok then you're reading it wrong
Oh the irony in that statement..She turns more and more into a female Onision.

No. 487685

>Ok well that's Beck not me
Throwing Beck under the bus again. But she totally doesn't hate her guys.

No. 487687

File: 1518392856380.jpg (171.96 KB, 750x1334, URYXVL0.jpg)

>I don't care about money guys I would never ask so much of any of you :(
This is how she treated her highest paying patreon at the time maxieboxie the same discordfag that maxed out their creditcard on younow stream

No. 487692


>if you believe that my patreon is about "having spending money" then you're wrong

this bitch literally wrote "financial independence" as a patreon goal. you lying piece of shit, Lainey. I hate to say this but grag was right about you.

lainey is nothing but a money grubbing, selfish, predatory, condescending, thief of children's pocket money.

can't wait for this pair of jock-stains to finally have their lifestyle match up with their output into the world. shit out, shit in.

No. 487693

>Lainey: I bust my ass
>Also Lainey: I have enough time for a girlfriend, a husband and two kids
>P.S. Also Lainey: Help me pick out a selfie I'm sad

Bitch has never seen a busy day in her life.

No. 487694

Just to add, Lainey streamed on younow tonight and completely trashed the person and even lied stating the person called her an asshole. Kittensplice also called the person rude af.

Fucking, Yikes.

No. 487695

Lainey: "I'm basically done trying to make that relationship happen"
Lainey is done with Tami guys! Looks like Greases mom will never love her, HERE'S YOUR CHANCE SAM. Wonder if Tami loves Sam…

No. 487696

>Lame's parent hate Gurg
>Gurgs mother hates Lame
Relationship Goals!

No. 487697

File: 1518405561151.png (171.26 KB, 750x1334, beck is not impressed.png)

Dropping the links to the new chapter of Reaper's Creek:

Chapter 3


No. 487700


Classic Lamp.

> dismissive, condescending asshole

> gets called on it, plays victim
> omg nothing i do is ever enough for you people!
> reduces patron’s genuine concerns to “oh it’s not worth it lol”.
> that’s beck being rude, not me! (the owner of the discord)

Lainey is just as manipulative and self-centered as Greg. I feel like this hasn’t really come out until the last year? Her “coming into her own” looks a lot like Grease narc behaviour. She's just a spoiled princess who ended up with someone more self-entitled than her.

No. 487701


the amount of grammatical errors in the first two sentences alone are stunning. Nevermind how completely inept he is at storytelling - this shit is literally terrible.

It's so terrible it's almost a talent? Jesus christ

No. 487706

Your work is better than some of the stuff that entire teams put together and air on Adult Swim, anon. Absolutely hilarious and really well made.

No. 487711

i can't even read it, i just want to edit it with a red pen

No. 487713

33:38 timestamp where greg loses his after becca shoots him for being a mad small man

No. 487714

Beck is so painfully right here, and she said it in the nicest way possible. I hate to be on her side, cause usually she's a garbage person, but this is all spot on and I'm surprised she went this hard on him. Too bad Gurgles thinks he's some sort of genius and will never accept anything else.

No. 487716

File: 1518418084800.png (2.52 MB, 2048x1536, E0935DFE-06F5-46AB-A08B-4093EE…)

Sam is still at the McMansion

No. 487717

she mentioned stealing one of his smart waters, didn't recognize that was the mansion though

No. 487718

File: 1518418804041.jpg (194.04 KB, 750x516, shut up beck.jpg)

No. 487719

when u don't know how to take criticism

No. 487720

File: 1518418950652.png (93.83 KB, 604x586, greasewishesforpoopbeckdeath.p…)

Just adding this, He quickly removed it but LC never forgets.

He actually wished death on beck.

No. 487721

did he seriously fucking rt his old ass tweets whining before posting that new whiny shit?!

No. 487723

File: 1518419133003.jpg (103.48 KB, 750x1190, D0ld8gM.jpg)

No. 487724

File: 1518419167183.jpg (105.07 KB, 750x1203, dr3856J.jpg)

in laineycord, beck is mad at the patreons for giving lainey criticism

No. 487725

File: 1518419177680.jpg (183.65 KB, 750x1193, l9PSrgZ.jpg)

No. 487726

File: 1518419182967.jpg (217.17 KB, 750x1141, MLWRc8i.jpg)

No. 487727

Too bad he's too big of a pussy to actually title his books that way and make an anthology. He knows if he does his bad grammar, unedited, shitty self-published "work" won't get the Amazon pennies it barely made to begin with.

No. 487728

he doesn't want to even bother trying to make people take him seriously because he knows no one ever will.

No. 487729

Sam is streaming. She also admitted that she has thought about being part of the trinity and that she just gets anxious about everything that comes with that. The person who asked about if she would be in the trinity clarified and asked "do you like them though?" and she said "yes"
She did say that neither Greg nor Lainey has brought up the topic of her joining the trinity.

Anons have trouble believing this was said, but I heard it, and some anon is recording the stream so we'll have proof when they upload it. Shrugs

No. 487730

I misread this as "Reeker's Creep" like thirty times. It seems more fitting tbh.

For some reason, I read all of "Daniel's" lines in a Napoleon Dynamite voice.

He gets triggered when someone calls his sister 'hot' (wonder why?), and the way he describes "Joanna" sounds exactly like himself. He calls her superficial, but the only descriptions he bothers to give his characters, especially side characters, involve shitting on the way they look.

I almost can't believe how fucking terrible this is, and then I remember it's Gurg.

Same, anon. That's all I can think about while reading this pile of shit. I'm seriously considering marking it up in red, schoolteacher-style, and sending it to him, just for keks. I worried before that it would actually help him improve, but clearly Gregma himself will never let that happen.

I bet he smelled like canned beans and piss when he was in school.

No. 487731

The greatest OC lolcow has ever witnessed. Thank you.

No. 487733

Isn’t Daniel his middle name? And IIRC he also has a real relative (sister?) named Joanna…

No. 487735

"Greg told Lainey about how his mom kept complimenting me and I felt really bad about it"
Direct quote from Sam. Hilarious.

No. 487736

Live posting goes in temp, unless you have caps or proof of what was said please stop blogging on main.

No. 487737

Gurg deleted the polyamory posts on his twitter because literally everybody was replying with heat and criticism toward him.

No. 487740

the amount of shit these people are not only willing to take, but to pay for is - i don't even know.
i could see people doing that for certain celebrities, but onion? he hasn't made anyone seriously laugh in years, he's not evolving as a person or creator - and now he doesn't even have his money going for him - what happened to these people that makes them think he's worthwhile?

No. 487742

Becks desperation is completely baffling. She was in the onions light for about 10 minutes, now that’s changed and she sees it, why can’t she move on? She could fade away and look for confirmation elsewhere and yet she keeps getting in deeper there instead and becomes more repellant by the minute. Completely baffling.

No. 487746

Gronk always gets pissy when people don't use words "correctly" and goes to search up the definition and says blablabla you dont respect the english language. funny how he gets mad when people correct him for not respecting the language himself

No. 487747

File: 1518442558704.jpg (115 KB, 510x1140, prideoftheonion.JPG)

No. 487748

Honestly, if she continues to be a fan after this then she is a lost cause

No. 487749

if that's not helpful , what is helpful to you gronk? when people asslick you telling how they love it? i guess it's helpful for his ego

No. 487750

This is Gurgly's attitude towards criticism in a fucking nutshell.
"If you think ONE bad thing about something, you don't like anything about it and hate it really."

Guy has no sense of grey areas or moral ambiguity at all.

No. 487751

only when it comes to him fucking barely legal girls.

No. 487752

And people call him out on this; instead of responding to it, he accuses other people of doing it to save face.

Lately he tries to fake humility by saying "it's dishonest to only say a person is all bad, you have to acknowledge the good too." If he really thinks this, then he'd admit it's "honest" to give him criticism. He's the most insufferable hypocritical little bitch around.

No. 487753


It also goes against his "haters are actually fans" theory. Which one is it Grug? Can you like something overall and not like certain aspects? Can you hate something and still get enjoyment out of it? Or is it all or nothing?

It's easier to remain consistent when you don't lie or make things up as you go along, Grunk.

No. 487754

According to his logic, he owes it to us to admit that he is what he calls a "shadow fan" of Shane's.

sux 2 suck grundle

No. 487755

lmao why would you pay money to this person after they so explicitly PROVE to you that they

a) think nothing of you
b) are incapable of thinking of themselves as anything but perfect

No. 487760

inb4 twitter poll about the importance of grammar in conjunction to story immersion.

Gronk should take PoopBeck up on her offer. His work reads worse than bad fanfiction.

No. 487761

Picture Gurg in a creative writing class with this attitude.

Mr. Teacher: hands back a D graded story. Gurg you should really have your work peer-edited before you submit it so you can pass the class. Writing is rewriting you know.
Gurg: Implying my work is sloppy? Please stop reading my stories. I don't want you to read them if you think I didn't work hard on them. This is the best way for me to properly express myself. Now give me the A I deserve.

Which would slowly devolve into a shouting match with this retard looking up definitions to try to prove himself right. I'm glad this narc never changes so we can relive these golden moments year after year.

No. 487765

File: 1518452859437.jpeg (324.88 KB, 1202x777, 9C0C8E35-413C-48A1-8DFC-AAE906…)


No. 487767


“Daniel” is his former last name before he changed it to “Avaroe”, Joanna is his sister’s name irl too.

No. 487770


It must’ve been nice fucking a clone of your former wife, huh Greg? Too bad it ain’t the real thing.

Probably. Tami liked Skye and was kinda sad that she left Onion, Sam looks like Skye and is the geeky artistic type as well sooo….

No. 487773

File: 1518460156352.png (126.29 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2267.PNG)


No. 487774

But Gurg… she's just being HONEST!!!!!!

No. 487779


Doesn't he have a sister called Christine too?

No. 487780

Classic gergums, can dish it out but can’t take it even in the slightest form..seriously this is so mild and he sounds so hurt lol. But he can “rate” teenager bodies and that’s ok because BrUtAl HoNestY. He seriously doesn’t like when other people use his stupid narc tactics in him

No. 487788

File: 1518465085903.jpg (71.33 KB, 520x718, weetodd.JPG)

for someone who says his patrons are his "REASON FOR LIVING," he sure doesnt seem to give two fucks about them or their opinions. you'd think he'd try to hide that fact better

No. 487790

Is he for real? “Don’t read my books unless you think they are complete perfection, an absolute masterpiece”

No. 487791

I'm sorry I just really can't get over the audacity and hypocrisy of the highlighted task and the fact he TELLS PEOPLE HOW TO IMPROVE THEIR BODIES by giving them """HONESTY"""

No. 487793

holy shit this is absolute proof of his narcissism. I bet he’s narc raged and obsessively tried to report the reviews on goodreads

No. 487794

sams twitch stream
31:01 "what's your valentines days plans bro?"
>it's greg and lainey day, why would I be apart of valentines day?

33:48 "what about greg and lainey made you want to move in?"
>they offered my work, they offered me a job

I don't recall her ever mentioning wanting to be apart of the trinity. Both streams are backed up on google drive and you can go on twitch and watch to check for yourselves.

No. 487795

she also said greg isn't paying her, just letting her live there

No. 487796

Timestamps or it didn't happen. Sorry anon just want it to be 100% factual.

No. 487800

she said it on the last stream i'll find it… or i'll ask her right now, she's streaming.

No. 487801

"expose yourself," is the name of the video, right now on stream, about 5 mins in, she just said "no (not getting paid), it's why I'm streaming because I have bills too, a lot, and I'm not making any money"

No. 487803

No. 487804

No. 487805

Damn why doesn't Beck just go joing Scientology if she just wants to throw money at someone for the privilege of being a part of their bullshit?

No. 487806

Kind of hilarious that "Avaro" means greedy/stingy in spanish lol

No. 487807



No. 487809

File: 1518467738372.jpg (125.92 KB, 1080x611, Screenshot_20180213-072602.jpg)

Exactly this. Thanks for realising, Greg.

No. 487813

KEK! His ass is so chapped over being corrected but he always wants to correct other people. It's nice to see the fucker get a taste of his own medicine.

No. 487814

Sam streaming with some interesting info https://www.twitch.tv/videos/228406615

No. 487816

Around 50:00, she says that she isn't getting any money from them and that she has quite a lot of bills to pay. I wonder what kind of bills she has and if she has any debt.

Sam is actually kinda nice, I don't really want her to end with Greg.

No. 487818

If she really wants him, let her go for him.
But if everything falls apart, let's make sure we'll be there for her to soften the repercussions.

No. 487821

Wow, so someone commented "You can't have a relationship and be gregs bff?" And she says "I guess not"….

No. 487822

That is the most whiteknight thing I've heard in some time, you disgust me.
also onion is streaming

No. 487823

As of now, other than some speculation on her possible crush on Gurg, I haven't heard anything bad about Sam.
Rereading my statement it may come off as a bit weird. What I meant is, I rather hope she'll be treated like Billy and not so much like Vix.

No. 487825

only bad thing about her seems to be her acting skills, but seeing as that's gurgs humour - i guess it's "purposely bad" … -
(like his grammar lmao)

No. 487828

Someone needs to tell plantainey that going to bed at 2am isn't as meaningful when you wake up at 6pm

No. 487831

Sam is a lot more similar to Vix or Lainey than to Billie.

No. 487834

File: 1518494435692.png (182.01 KB, 790x467, preggo.png)

Also, Greg told Lainey she looks pregnant in his latest video.
Which is sick considering how obsessed she is about being smol.

No. 487835

I wonder why she's got this obsession. Girls would go for her more if she tried to be a proper fakeboi and be masculine and tough.

No. 487838

File: 1518560064935.jpeg (40.61 KB, 750x437, WhatsApp Image 2018-02-13 at 1…)

stfu, greg.

now he has to love bomb both lainey AND his patreons after acting like a narc lmao

No. 487850

just wanted to bring this up since I noticed this issue but some people are taking the trolling too far, especially the temp fags that enjoy giving lainey free spins everyday of the week for little to no reaction. Let's be real guys how many fans do they actually have on in comparison to the dedicated trolls. it's not that different than giving smegma views on youtube

No. 487851

he's actually referring to his haters as his "shadow fans"

No. 487855

File: 1518564010258.png (129.25 KB, 915x593, Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 6.11…)

Grease has likely gotten his discordfags to make more sockpuppets, or he's just doing this himself as "work." The profile says it's a backup of "multiple other accounts"… Who the hell would need more accounts to retweet him?

To the pro-Grease lurkers: Everyone knows that he hasn't gained a fan since 2009, it's so obvious whenever these "fan" accounts get made. Like those bought followers and retweets will change anything, lol.

No. 487863

there's no way to prove his patreons are sock puppeting for him but I can bet it's bots

No. 487869

>all those numbers in that username

No. 487873

File: 1518569445588.png (901.58 KB, 750x1334, tw sloppy.png)

No. 487876

Beck sounds like she's leaving his patreon.

No. 487877

File: 1518570517013.png (281.08 KB, 584x650, please don't.png)

Here is a mirror of the video he made about Becks comment.

Don't Buy My Books

No. 487879

now we have another word to trigger him with :)

can grease please stop using make-up or filters so we can view his content with all HIS imperfections??

No. 487882

Lainey made a breastfeeding video and said that the average age to stop is 4-7, which sounds really weird to me.

Other than that, I don't know anything about the topic but it might interest some of you.

Also, this is a direct link to her channel, I don't really know where to reupload it since vid.me is gone.(reupload)

No. 487883


fucking SEVEN?

No. 487884

Did she give any source for where she heard that the average age was 4-7? Cause that's the first time that I've ever heard that.

No. 487885

Maybe she meant 4 to 7 months. 4 is a year off going to school…it's a bit weird. I mean, Lainey is weird but I imagine she would try to stop breast feeding asap so she has more time by herself to take selfies and play with fidget spinners.

No. 487887

No, years. Sorry, should have given a timestamp: 6:50

Also, at 7:11 she says "no matter your age, it can be good for you. You can literally add breast milk to a smoothie that you drink and it'd be good for you."

No. 487888

the aap recommends til three anons

No. 487890


>It's not about if I use the right there/they're/their. It's not about if I use the right your/you're. It's about the story.

There's a lot of misunderstandings that can come up in a story if you are using the wrong words…

They're over there with their dog.

There's a big difference between too, to, and two.

>People have told me that my books are awesome.

Ho-kay, Trump. You show proof of someone saying that your poor grammar takes away from the story, but you show no proof of people praising your books.

>I don't write books to sell to the masses.

Then give them out for free and don't sell them.

So writing can be an art, and you can throw grammar out the window. If the book is written from a child's perspective, I would be ok with poor grammar or a different style of writing. Look at the book "Room" for example. Poetry doesn't follow grammatical rules and is a form of art. Greg's book isn't art. It's not even interesting and there is no story or purpose within the story.

No. 487893

one of the earlier vc andrews books has chapters (or maybe the whole book?) written from a kids view. shit was weird. even for her.

No. 487895

check the boob nazi thread, the whole "4-7" thing has been debunked
lainey is disgusting

No. 487896

File: 1518576065172.png (383.2 KB, 698x317, 1-Shadoop.png)

>shadow fans
What a dumb term.

No. 487897


That kids gonna get bullied if the kids at their school find out he's still hanging off his mommies tit.

No. 487899

Shes been liking anti-onision tweets lately so I think she is

No. 487906

File: 1518583109144.jpg (49.87 KB, 923x446, 75674678.JPG)

Greg has admitted to a general discharge, but its been proven to actually be a dishonorable discharge. I've seen in the news recently that the military has rushed to add all the dishonorable discharged they have on their lists to the "gun ban list" because of people like Devin Patrick Kelley, who was dishonorably discharged but because he wasn't added to the gun ban list quickly enough he was able to buy and own a gun and then killed 2 dozen people in a Texas church because he was angry with his ex wife.

I know Greg owns a gun because in a video he made with one of his sisters he takes his 22 pistol to the gun-range to shoot holes in paper targets.

Could Greg get charged with a felony because he is ex military who was given a dishonorable discharge and now owns a firearm?
I hope the authorities in Washington state don't find out about this.



No. 487908

>Could Greg get charged with a felony because he is ex military who was given a dishonorable discharge and now owns a firearm?

He wasn't dishonorably discharged, but discharged originally under "other than honorable" conditions. There's a clear distinction between OTH discharge (which is an administrative discharge, pretty much) and a dishonorable discharge (which is seen as somewhat criminal.)

So short answer: unfortunately, no.

No. 487912

File: 1518586028540.png (441.77 KB, 478x556, Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 12.2…)

sage for vaguely OT but I saw this and thought sabrina the teenage witch looking like billie

No. 487913

File: 1518586299091.png (393.98 KB, 478x456, Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 12.2…)

No. 487914

There's a thread in /snow/ for Billie discussion. Don't derail.

No. 487915

File: 1518591545456.png (322.34 KB, 1009x712, wow.png)

No. 487919

His poor kids are going to get bullied anyway as soon as the other children find out that their father's "job" consists of making videos jumping around his backyard in adult diapers. I know multiple 6-year-olds with iPads and access to YouTube. Their kids are doomed.

No. 487920

Because she's a transtrender. She wants to appear like a flamboyant fake boi. Smol with lots of makeup and tomboyish clothes. She doesn't actually want to be a proper man. Also she's obsessed with being smol because onion likes small girls.

No. 487921

oh he does these 'im changing to X now' every couple months, we'll be back to "YOUTUBE HATES ME" videos in a week.

also god i hope he acknowledges that video is infinitely funnier than anything he's put out in years (ever?)

…but i know he won't ;)

No. 487927

Gingerbeck freely admitted she posted this here on beccacopsicle's stream last night, onions wking patreon's rushed in to silence poop becks tears and dissuade her from making a tell-all video, she then decided that farmers are the underbelly of society and ridiculed everybody that uses this site, despite having used the site only hours earlier. The stupidity is strong with this one.

No. 487928

not to mention she is probably lurking constantly. But, at least she's been set straight on Onion. Hope it lasts, just a shame that the years of documented emotional abuse and disgusting behaviour weren't enough for her to not get in that position in the first place. Because of course he will NEVER be that way with you /s

No. 487930

Sad but true. The moment any one of them finds out what their parents do and that it's on youtube, it's going to spread like wildfire.

No. 487932


We all know that Grugly and ComPlainey are gonna homeschool their kids. Cause God knows a man who graduated with a 2.6 GPA in high school and a woman with a useless online degree are great candidates for homeschooling. Gerg will probably make some shit up, like their "too famous" and they don't want their kids to deal with having such well known parents or something. Or he'll just go on a tirade about the education system in general, and how he can teach his kids just fine, and probably even blame it for why he never finished college.

No. 487933

I haven't been keeping up with onion too well and this video is pretty shocking with how clearly it shows that his mind is completely gone. What the fuck is he even trying to say? He doesn't write books to sell, just for a select audience? So he doesn't even have to check his spelling since it's "artistic expression". And when one of the extremely limited group of people who might be interested in his "book" tell him about his grammar mistakes he tells them not to read his books, even though he just said these people are who he is even writing the book for in the first place? I'm actually really sad thinking about his kids asking him for help with school work. Although I'm guessing he is too narcisstic to even be able to send his kids to school where they might be brainwashed with crazy ideas like learning to spell so your work is legible to others.

He would rather no one read his books than allow an editor to fix his grammar and spelling to make it readable? How narcissistic can one onion be?

No. 487934

He's too proud to admit his grammer is shitty and that he was unaware of how shitty it is.
"Im only pretending to be stupiddd!!!!"

No. 487936

File: 1518617342562.png (243.61 KB, 478x265, hyper realistic onion.png)

Dropping Onision Got ANIMATED! (Olive Garden Reaction) Mirror

No. 487938

nah homeschooling is gonna eat into video time too much

No. 487940

lel, that's a myth perpetuated by boob nazis who don't know shit about other cultures.


LONGEST mean for a country is 26.7 months. After a certain point the mother is only doing it for their own weird ass satisfaction.

No. 487941

They said they're going to, but it's probably going to turn out to be ''''''homeschooling''''''' where the parents try to skirt the law and the kids don't learn shit. I imagine Washington's probably one of the better states at enforcing homeschooling practices, though.

No. 487942

Idiot is so self absorbed that he can't even laugh at himself. Embarrassing.

No. 487943

I triggered him lol
Fave part is that he doesn't understand why the oven analogy is terrible.

No. 487945

No anon, the audience he is writing for consists exclusively of people who won't criticise his grammar or anything else about him or his writing. As soon as you even notice that there are grammar mistakes you are no longer part of his audience and need to gtfo. If you don't think Grug is literally flawless then you're not welcome in his presence (except to give him money, keep doing that).

Yeah I can't imagine them sending their kids to a normal school what with Taylor's co-dependency/attachment parenting and Grug's inability to deal with any authority other than himself, but there's no way they're going to do it well. Taylor will probably half-ass it while whining about how she's totally busting her ass, and Grug will neglect it for the most part except for the occasional rant about how there is no such thing as bad grammar and every textbook is wrong.

No. 487946

lol i knew as soon as his video was shorter than the actual clip he was going to edit it to react. so lame greg, i'm such a disappointed shadow fan, at least you shouted out the channel and directed traffic towards it

No. 487948

Why is he wearing a ski mask?

No. 487950


'cause he's ugly

No. 487952

Transcript? I can't listen to his voice.

No. 487956

New Botox treatment?

No. 487967

File: 1518641844398.jpg (163.94 KB, 1876x722, nice brow there gurgles.jpg)

lmfao i keked so fucking hard when he was trying so hard to open his eyes in that side-by-side comparison

No. 487970

File: 1518642506253.jpg (151.8 KB, 1876x356, caveman colorized.jpg)


Samefaging for moar brow action

No. 487971


He wore the mask for a reason. To conceal how hard he was raising them brows,cover wrinkles,cover his ugly skin and lastly conceal them shark teeth.

>Lets do a side by side where you can only see 10% of my face and the brightness it up to the max, and you can't tell that i'm forcing my brows up.

btw, I guess when ever we want Greg to respond or see a video we should just send it to Sam.

No. 487977

File: 1518644484045.png (381.33 KB, 670x331, 1 to1.png)

here's a lainey one someone posted in temp kek

No. 487979

onion was right, he nose is kind of off, but the rest 10/10

No. 487983

I rationally don't understand where he was going with that one. We've all seen >>487970 and so many more examples. He may be getting botox or whatever, but to sit there and deny he has that very….very visible wrinkle is delusional even for him.

No. 487987

File: 1518653269352.jpeg (94.53 KB, 750x394, 79F22E78-DC56-4C00-B02A-4003E2…)

Doesn’t the blue bar imply that he’s watched all of them? LmaoO

No. 487990

nope. that's like to dislikes.

No. 487993

File: 1518655749669.jpeg (493.17 KB, 2048x1144, 0F97892B-47C5-4B5B-BEC1-3EE7C2…)

Sam seems to have moved her desk from Onision’s room to her bedroom

No. 487998

File: 1518656711580.png (655.26 KB, 964x747, garbo.png)

hope u dont get banned for namefagging again even tho its not really namefagging (its the subject bar)

anyway plz enjoy lames amazing valentines make up she did yesterday or whatever

No. 488002

File: 1518660142304.jpg (24.52 KB, 400x267, trot.jpg)

> Lainey is disgusting

agreed, anon. she just gets off on the feeling of SOMEONE sucking her saggy udders

"what do your mommy and daddy do, trot?"

"…. i don't have a mommy, i have a genderspacial parental unit. and my daddy…. he's…. he's the world'smost honest youtuber"

No. 488003

I'd really rather have the sad heart-shaped pancakes back.

No. 488004


nitpicking but lol this really accentuates how blue (and cool colors in general) really do absolutely no favors for her. she looks so washed out.

No. 488005

I know I'm literally a day behind on this but I just saw the breastfeeding stuff. If you do a simple google search the first result is worldwide weaning age RANGES from one month to seven years, four months. The average age world wide is 2.5 years. So she just randomly took the max age of the range (7 years, 4 months) and came up with 4-7 years??? She's been nursing for that long based on her misreading the top result on Google???


No. 488007

someone needs to tell lame she has hooded lids and can't wear thick ass eyeliner like this

No. 488009


love that you can still tell how gross her skin is underneath the makeup. she never takes care of her skin.

No. 488011

the most hilarious thing about this is that it looks identical ayyyyy

No. 488013

She looks just like kati3kat here lol

No. 488014

She’s been nursing for that long because she simply didn’t want to stop and used misinterpreted google results to justify it. I wonder who she learned that from?

No. 488015

so this thot just lives there now? c'mon plainy

No. 488018

Right? His reaction to Lame vs his reaction to himself were in STARK contrast.

No. 488019

Man… some kid is going to find these videos in the future and figure out that troy breastfed until he was 7 fuckin' years old and he's going to get non-stop shit on for it.

No. 488020

It's to keep the weight off and keep her nice and smolbean.

No. 488021

Also, she seems proud of having a large chest which is why she's always showing it off while pretending to be dysphoric

No. 488022


i guess weight was one thing,

but other than that she has been talking about retting rid of her breast altogether, because "trans" etc.
but -

oh! she obviously can't do that or take hormones while she's still breastfeeding.

but she's gonna do it, lads! aaaaaaany day now, she's going to go through with it!
because she really is trans - just you wait.

she's not just going to keep breastfeeding until the whole trans-thingy dies down and everyone forgets about her and onion. s/

troye and chloe will suckle on them saggy tits until that very day.

No. 488023

File: 1518688771333.png (24.2 KB, 614x232, Capture.PNG)

Seems like he's quit Twitter, any bets when he'll be back on his main? I guess it will give him more time to actively sperg on his sockpuppet accounts.

No. 488027

He seems to have forgotten he streams his twitch channel via twitter in the hopes of that elusive partnership. I wonder how he'll navigate that little obstacle. 10/10 onions back on Twitter if not today then tomorrow.

It's all semantics.

No. 488030

File: 1518703483668.jpg (45.82 KB, 720x720, 2018-02-15_14.54.27.jpg)

I would sage if I could. Just felt the need to share my comparison too!

No. 488036

Sorry for samefagging, but since stuff from temp dont really find its way to main, here is the video about us, his haters.

(or did I miss something and you guys dont want to see this stuff?)


No. 488040

File: 1518710920354.png (209.37 KB, 616x510, thejoke.PNG)

Onion is "taking a break" from twitter but he has to let everyone know he's triggered first

No. 488041


Yeah, if his words were trustworthy, I'd say there's a little less trash on the internet, but unfortunately he never keeps his promises…
I bet it's a repetition of what happened to his UHOHPOOP channel: He stopped rating girls but then returned, proudly telling everyone, that it's unimportant what OTHER people think, since it's only important what HE thinks and WHICH intentions HE has (which OBVIOUSLY is helping said peeps to gain self-esteem by calling them Shrek…)

No. 488042

He called aldii a "sadistic sociopath" (peep that projection!) for making videos about him, then at the end of the video acts all cool with it and rates the video 10/10. Totally not triggered

No. 488043

Nah you're doing God's work moving milk from temp to here

No. 488050

aldlii actually went easy on her and gave her a prettier nose … not the other way around

No. 488053

Funny how he chose to react to the one aldii video that didn't really challenge anything about him. It was just pure comedy. He could have reacted to:

>the video that exposed how he's not really "struggling to survive"

>the video that showed him gaslighting others
>the video that showed how he downplayed fucking Billie initially by saying he just "cuddled" her
>the video of him "joking" about leaving Taylor so much that she ended up crying

But nah, he chose the easy one to react to. Fucking pathetic.

No. 488063

So I was going through YouTube videos of old music I used to listen to and Shiloh was someone I admired a lot as a kid (I'm Canadian and loved Avril when I was like 12 so I thought this girl was going places) but she kind of came and went, I googled what happened to her and saw Onisions name and because I'm a long time contributor to the Momokun threads I figured I'd come here and do some research…knowing what he did to her career is so gross, I have a feeling he manipulated her into faking a lot of the stuff they did. He's kind of a sick prick, lol. I saw a lot of threads saying Lainey is sad and lame and faking stuff for attention so I can't really defend her but everything about him screams "get out"

I'm sorry to the mods if this is complete derailment and someone will probably report my blogpost but I am just floored by this information, haha.

I don't understand why he still exists on the internet. I'm happy Youtube is finally demonitizing his stuff, but to be honest he shouldn't be allowed to produce content anymore, especially when he was asking underage girls for pictures of them. What a creep.

No. 488064

Ah I forgot you can't sage on PT anymore but samefag I honestly think his obsession with Eugenia there for awhile was probably fuelled by a creepier desire to take her under his wing and tell her she's beautiful and help her overcome anorexia, just to become another fucked up and crazy relationship he can blog about for drama related attention.

No. 488066

Even Jaclyn Glenn commented under this video, but I can't find her comment anymore… did she delete it?

No. 488072

he still hasnt posted on there, unless he's been deleting. im kind of shocked.

oh well, whatever.

No. 488073

i and another anon on temp confirmed we were at least 8 of the 'shadow fans' that have been banned. hard to get partnered without us 2 trolling him lol.(no1curr)

No. 488074

File: 1518735807455.png (246.89 KB, 750x1334, 21898d8d0b0eab078ea0138d439a77…)

No. 488076

Is she going to stream this? Because I really want to see her suck ass.

No. 488081

pretty suspicious how he says he's going to stop tweeting over the valentine's day weekend where he didn't have anything on his patreon calendar

the slimy greasy prick is up to something

No. 488085

File: 1518742302323.png (64.29 KB, 1306x638, Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 10.4…)

I think there were some misunderstandings over onions schedule, this is what was published via patron I believe.

No. 488093

He's going to be fucking Sam.

No. 488111

It's still there

No. 488113

If it makes you feel better, Shiloh is doing well these days. Releasing new music and she's gone back to writing songs. She doesn't go by the name Shiloh anymore, she's had a total image overhaul.

No. 488157

File: 1518762679216.png (181.58 KB, 640x1136, 0bab412d8f0291698d48e7cbc32d22…)

lainey got noticed by the newly 18yo blue haired girl who shes just tryna SLIDE INTO THOSE DMS

No. 488159

interesting how she illustrates a blonde wig wearer smooching onision and now she's wearing a blonde wig

No. 488160

File: 1518763914387.png (41.95 KB, 181x195, whatisthat.png)

What is that in her nose?

No. 488161

sam is dressed up as cloud from final fantasy advent children

No. 488163

It looks like she's wearing an L shaped stud in there, sometimes when they're too big or the piercing is too low they stick out.

No. 488179

Gurgles Video about why he left Twitter.
Its all about growing up and admitting when you're wrong guys!


No. 488181

Just like that time he quit fapping to hentai!

He hasn't deleted his Twitter account so this is delusional.

No. 488183

File: 1518784442466.png (1.98 MB, 1608x1186, boop.png)

Those moments of "extreme happiness" he mentioned in >>487915? Something tells me those involved Sam.

I'm assuming this is in response to this post of hers, but I can't find Laundry's comment since there are a metric fuckton and my computer gave up on loading them all.

No. 488184

one of the various posts like that on twitter, iirc

No. 488189

That Jessie girl is the one who did a video with Safiya Nygaard… She seems to have a strong fanbase already. She has no reason to be interested in the Onionhouse. Rip Lamo

No. 488198

Lame had a whole stream dedicated to "Jessie hates me" based on nothing other than she'd commented on a tweet from Jessie and the poor girl hadn't responded with an OMG MY KWEEN/DADDY etc etc. Jessie is also friendly with Jacklyn Glenn irl, hopefully she's aware of the onions shenanigans and will take a wide yet polite berth.

No. 488216

File: 1518808595794.jpg (9.11 KB, 189x292, sidescrippled.jpg)

>"I care about Naruto more than I care about God."
I really don't think he was being ironic. Naruto is highest on his pecking order. Sorry Lainey!

No. 488231

File: 1518820534767.jpg (483.62 KB, 1080x1942, Screenshot_20180217-093314.jpg)

Lolololol how salty is onion that no-one gives a fuck that he left Twitter. Has to come back just to point it out again.

No. 488233

File: 1518820901784.png (335.07 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180216-063316.png)

Forgot I had this - good lil jab there from Jaclyn.

No. 488234

File: 1518821446690.jpg (303.8 KB, 1080x936, Screenshot_20180215-070827.jpg)

And I think it's hilarious that aldlii's videos get on average less than 10k views (a crime really), but Greg "reacts" to the latest one, then that vid gets over 20k views. And gets noticed by Nerd City. There will never be a content cop on onions dumb ass, but a nerd city one on the pair of them would be dope.

No. 488237

File: 1518825166546.jpeg (100.23 KB, 750x498, 8E91CE1F-FC6B-4109-819F-0D50AD…)


No. 488239

real subtle there, onion.

No. 488242

lmaooo the obvious sock puppet white knighting onion. its so obvious, why does he continue doing this.

No. 488248

He does things that would fool himself, so he thinks it fools everyone else.

Hes basically the child whos behind the window curtains during a game of hide and seek. We all see him but hes smug in his thought that hes found the best hiding spot.

No. 488249

He thinks if he keeps it up he'll eventually convince others it's not him. Not going to happen, and tbh if someone white knighted for me so hard I'd be concerned their behavior would become stalkerish.

No. 488251

Nerd City also collaborated with idubbbz and a few other well known commentary youtubers all in one video before. So I'm voting for a nerd city video on Onision (and Lame) and have a few other channels joining the fun.

No. 488259

File: 1518841039915.gif (625.42 KB, 320x270, 2842BA17-A685-4F91-9226-C77D7B…)

Bug flying out of Lainey hat during stream

No. 488260

you beat me to it lol

>not renaming it queen of the flies.gif

No. 488261

Time was of the essence

No. 488264

JFC i'm fucking triggered. this bitch is gross. did she not notice it or??

No. 488268

I don’t think she did. She just kept talking and didn’t even look at it.

No. 488273

the bitch dont shower or clean her houe. i bet they have bed bugs.

No. 488275

Remember when Gurg was complaining about the mess drawing flies? This lazy cunt still hasn't dealt with it. Just think about how much laundry she's let pile up since her nasty ass house tour. These people are truly pig disgusting.

No. 488278

yes that's exactly what I wanted to say but couldn't figure out the words. Its not typically normal behavior, so it's more painfully obvious its his sock puppet. LOL.

GROSS. How does a bug get trapped in your hat, let alone a flying one??

No. 488279


"I bust my ass for you people!"

No. 488281

File: 1518863977207.jpg (113.88 KB, 640x1136, jInGTsp.jpg)

sam left the household, most likely because of her streaming and lainey not liking it

No. 488289

Bet you Grease isn't happy about losing her.

No. 488299

File: 1518901818546.png (840.06 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180217-150947.png)

New video! Lainey tries on kids clothes.

No. 488300

She just ruined trot and clots clothes by stretching them out

No. 488301

If she was trying to look smol, she failed.

And she's was probably trying to ruin the clothes so she didn't have to wash them. Just throw them away and buy more. Just trying to survive, you know!

No. 488302

When you have gender/body dysphoria, why would you do stupid shit like this? Goes to show that she just loves showing off her "smol" body to the whole world.

No. 488303

around 2:12 you can see Clot's(?) hand (I assume Trot would look so babyish)

No. 488304

would NOT* (sorry)

No. 488305

Their house(s) are so sad looking. Shit everywhere, rooms that are just empty, random shitty posters just slapped on the walls, and fucking clutter EVERYWHERE!

No. 488306

"trot and clot" HAHAHAHAHA. new farmer here and i'm fucking dying. lmao.(nobody cares)

No. 488307

What did she think would happen? "Person who tries on clothes that are 5 times too small for her can't fit in them, what could possible happen!?!"

No. 488308

What the actual fuck is the shit in the corner of the room? The carpeT is covered in dirt and there are bottles of…food dye(?) carelessly on the floor within reach of Cloey and she's seen playing with them. Could be a choking hazard.

I feel so bad for these kids. Their mother was far too young to be a mother and was so isolated that she had no help from experienced relatives and their father has probably never touched them.

No. 488309

No. 488310

someone in temp said it was dog food

No. 488312

File: 1518915372341.jpg (372.65 KB, 3354x1374, huge head.jpg)

No. 488313

Gerg streamed earlier and said that Sam is in another state now and that complainey was nervous and insecure (totes not jealous). Sam is streaming now confirming that it wasn't her or gerg that wanted her to leave. "It was a slippery slope from the start.. beginning with a desk"

No. 488314

lmao plain is so obvious

no wonder greggy was sad

No. 488315

Sam has left the mansion and is staying with relatives. she says it was too much work for her to stay with Greg and Lainey for everyone to be happy.

>It all started out with a desk…

No. 488318

From Sam's stream:

The situation in the McMansion was so uncomfortable that Sam spent the last two days mostly in her room alone to give them space.

Lainey supposedly hinted on younow at Sam stealing some clothes and make up, when told about it Sam was livid. Pulled out her make up bag and went through everything she uses.

Sam could hear them in another room talking about her. She talked about a dream she had on stream and later heard them be like "oh, she was probably talking about us"

Says (about Lainey) that she can't fight for someone who doesn't like her when they refuse to put in any effort at all.

Sam is beating herself up about things she didn't do to make things better between the three of them (like asking to tag along to hot topic). She was really happy there but also really anxious.

"I got cucked out of something, that's for sure"

Lainey is streaming now and denies saying anything about Sam stealing.

No. 488320

File: 1518921003247.png (165.73 KB, 397x397, chin cancer.png)

My spouses negativity made me lose my best friend
video when, Greg

No. 488321

This is probably exactly how the billie shit went down all while at lameo claimed she "loved" billie. Like how is anyone going to like someone who is constantly glaring at them and talking about them behind their back to their husband probably spouting lies in hopes he will kick her out.

Im surprised onion gave into lameo's demands. He got cucked by a foot yet again lmao.

No. 488322

Lainey confirmed they have a prenup that doesn't reward her alimony if they divorce. She says she doesn't need it and can take care of herself.

She also got very pissed when someone alluded to her needing patreon to stay afloat, according to her she doesn't live off of that money, but her youtube sponsorships and younow stuff lol.

No. 488323

I actually feel bad for Sam. I hope Greg invites her back and/or guilts Lainey into letting her come back. Lainey deserves to be truly miserable for once and Sam is our best hope.

No. 488324

she doesnt live off patreon? But shes so poor and needs money donated to her constantly? But the $1000+ she makes monthly on patreon is just spending money? Okay.

No. 488325

> according to her she doesn't live off of that money
Okay wait a minute. She was super pissed when one of her patrons said her patreon was for "spending money" and said "that's not true". So now she doesn't need that money, basically saying she's just a greedy cunt.

No. 488326


Yup, but she apparently doesn't live off of it or need it soooo… This fucking bitch.

No. 488327

Madison, who has a domestic violence charge, says that it isn't the responsibility of an adult to worry about another adult and to try a shelter. I'm actually ded kek

No. 488328

Context? I'm guessing Madison was in Laineys stream and the comment is towards sam?

No. 488329

Yes, that's the context. Someone was asking about where Sam is now and if she's safe, and Lainey was ignoring it (as usual) and Madison was basically saying not to worry about it.

No. 488330

It'd make Sam miserable long term. Lainey is already miserable; she just has rare times where she feels like she's won and is smug about it.

Anons, you better check the moments for tonight's younow. It's kinda juicy.

No. 488331


People were saying how shitty Lainey is for sending Sam home to an abusive home (much like the Sarah situation), and Madison said she could seek out a shelter for abused women.

Someone pointed out that Madison had DV charges against her lol

No. 488332

Prediction for the next part of the Sam Milk Saga:

1) Greg mopes and acts sad, maybe makes some videos about the importance of platonic friendship/how bad controlling spouses are.

2) Greg starts to throw out bits and pieces about how Lainey's "anxiety" and "depression" are negatively affecting his life and how he isn't allowed to be happy (this will work well, because while she is right to worry about her asshole husband cheating, Lainey's whole brand is about how awful she is to be around and everyone knows it). This part will probably include the video mentioned above - I Lost My Best Friend Because of my Spouse's Jealousy or whatever. He will use it as an "inspirational" message where he says not to let anyone take away what you love/enjoy etc.

3) While he is working on this, he will be trying to earn more money. Since Lainey is the main breadwinner in the household currently, he really needs to up his game. Whether this is more controversial content, or just uploading more often, or begging his tween Patrons to pay him more as he is "struggling to survive", he needs to be more financially stable to leave cashcow Lainey.

4) Once all the groundwork for him as an "abused spouse" and Lainey as a grinch is laid, he will leave her and make a black and white video from a hotel room about how hard he tried, how much he wanted to make it work, but Lainey was negative to the point that he could no longer handle it. He'll say how it started with Billie and Lainey never got over it and would bring it up and hold it over him all the time, and then he wasn't allowed to have any friends (even though he was obviously tryna fuck them) and he couldn't live like that. As everyone has already predicted, and as he tried to do during cuddlegate, Greg will immediately sign away his parental rights and leave the kids with Lainey. I think she will also get the house, but he might make her move back with her parents.

5) As always, Greg will go right to the new girl without even a day's break. Sam will be at the hotel with him and they will both claim it's just as friends and then after a week or two it'll be like "and we just fell in love randomly, wow, how perfect!"

We all know Greg has been looking for a way to leave Lainey where he still gets to play the victim, and this is perfect. Especially since Sam hasn't done anything that they can villainize her for, and since the Onions always need to make someone the villain, I guess it's Lainey!

No. 488333

>no alimony

L O R D i wish lainey luck in the child support department because you know he's trying to hold onto every last one of his shekels.

No. 488334

lol did they just ignore the comment bringing it up

No. 488335

So the YouNow blabber had a direct effect on how Plain and Grease behaved towards her… It's almost like they banded together at that moment, after weeks of not seeing each other. Sam did say that all they talked about before was YouTube analytics and haters lol.

They really act like middle schoolers, whispering about Sam's stream. They are grown ass people older than her.

No. 488336

to be fair, how is your filthy husband going to pressure you to bring women into you marriage? Lame's only source of power is glaring and trash talking. It's Greg's own fault he created a monster. He cucked himself.

No. 488337

Lainey's Younow:

reads: the truth is going to get back to Greg about what you did.
says: What did I do? What have I done?

reads: How long did the playroom stay clean?
says: It's actually still clean! I can't believe it but it still is.
[Probably because she doesn't let them in or the poor kids are too cold to move.]

reads: Do I miss college?
says: No, I don't.
[I missed the part where someone says that she wasted her college time on Greg and she was like sarcastically "I sure did". You did, bitch. You did. That's why you don't miss college.]

says: That's okay. I actually don't know where my desk is. I switched desks. I feel like switching back would be more of a burden than just keeping it.
[So you don't want the desk that either Greg and Sam fucked on, or Greg jizzed on thinking of Sam?]

reads: Why did I lie about Sam stealing?
says: What did I say she stole? Nobody stole anything from me.

says: Oh is that what pause people are saying happened? Oh my god, no. Y'all are very misinformed. I have never accused anyone of stealing from me.

says: WAIT WAIT I want to hear the story. Hold on. What did I lie about? Because I am more than happy to clear this all up. Nobody said anybody stole anything.
[ignores further questions]

says: A free vanity? Yes, we have a free vanity. It's not set up. And stuff going missing? I never told Greg anything like that.

says: Oh she stole Greg's heart? Okay then why is he here then instead of with her? If that's the truth then he's free to go.

No. 488338

Did she stream on twitch was it captured? No it didn't start of with a desk it started before you even got there Sam.

No. 488339

She did she said she was missing 3 eyeliners, 2 sweaters and a coat! Why lie its on stream.

No. 488340

I get the feeling this is gonna be one of those slimey things where she heavily implied that Sam stole them but didn't ACTUALLY say that so she can plead ignorance. Seems like the kind of weak, passive aggressive sly shit she would do.

No. 488341

Lainey's Younow (cont.):

reads: Greg doesn't want to pay alimony.
says: We have a pre-nup agreement. So even if we split, he won't be paying me alimony. This is public knowledge.

says: I didn't do his work for him so that's kind of his money. I'd ask for child support.But I wouldn't ask for alimony. I don't believe in that. I can take care of myself.

says: This is fucking annoying. I knew I shouldn't have streamed today. I watched a tiny bit of Greg's stream and I was like uhhhhh

says: I've been really high strung today. I don't know why. I feel like my anxiety shakes happening.
[It's the high from kicking Sam out and getting all the sukmi by yourself]

says:What the fuck are you talking about stealing? Explain this to me because that's not a thing.

reads: You came on stream and said they were calling you a bad word. You said it live.
says: mmk but I don't remember doing that. But okay. Nobody called me a bad word. They said my perks weren't worth it.


says: I've made a conscious effort to stop doing it. I don't know if it's an adrenaline rush or something but it almost gets addicting to like look at the hate for some reason. And I had to like every time I went to check I had to be like no, do something else. You're not looking. And it's been years since I've gone out of my way to look at that kind of stuff because it doesn't make me feel good.

No. 488342

She's still streaming, she's holding back out of respect for the onions but occasionally miniscule things slip out. Like a little while ago she talked about how happy she was on valentines day, she kept her costume on after filming/streaming because she likes it so much and was wearing it when gurg handed her a plane ticket and sent her away the very same day. Bummed her out associating the costume with the heartbreak. Made me sad to hear tbh

No. 488343

They didn't even talk to her about leaving before buying her a plane ticket, that's horrible, moving in and out is stressful.

No. 488344

She said her and Onision are probably no longer friends and that he probably won't want to associate with her anymore and she sounded bummed.

No. 488345

Yeah, she's such an angel though, said she was grateful that they paid for the ticket and that they could have gone cheaper and made her trip take 10hours but paid more for it to be more comfortable for her.

I really hope her situation gets better and that she forgets all about the greaseman.

No. 488346

The grease mansion obviously eat a starvation diet, Sam said she lost a lot of weight.

No. 488347

When did she say that? On her stream last week she said she hadn't lost a pound since arriving.

No. 488348

Just now on her stream, she said her mom would be happy because she has lost weight, apparently her mom wanted her to get lipo.

No. 488349

Please provide context, links, or caps.

Tempcow may be down but global rules are in effect. No live blogging about the streams, however you are free to recap and transcribe videos.

No. 488350

Greg can use that against her in the long run. Now he has the opportunity to go "Oh, it's okay if I divorce her, she said she can take care of herself! Facts."

No. 488351

If Lainey is the one making more money, doesn't that mean that Greg wouldn't have to pay child support? So no matter what, he wouldn't have to pay her?

No. 488352

The non-custodial parent pays support, even if the custodial parent makes more. They might not have to pay much if they don't make a lot, but they pay something.

And you can't completely waive your right to alimony in a pre-nup with no legal counsel. This is what her dad was telling her: she was 17-18 when Greg made her promise these things, she had no lawyer to explain her rights to her. The "pre-nup", written by Greg, not approved by a lawyer, and probably not even legal, was not explained to Taylor by her own attorney, which Greg was obligated to provide for her. The whole thing is moot.

No. 488353

Gurg isn’t going to leave her. He can’t be alone.
He won’t leave unti, he has another girl lined up, and though he may have tried with all these other girls he’s brought h9me (even though Plain denies it was anything more than “work”) he hasn’t had another real option since Billie.

If he really wanted a divorce, I feel like he wouldn’t let Plain dictate who stays and who goes.

I just wish we knew the real reason he asked Sam to leave. does Sam even know herself?

No. 488354

Living with Gregg would be a punishment, though…>>488323

No. 488356

You guys are fucking weird. And you wonder why I always delete my streams after I end them? I left, leave me alone now.

No. 488357

It's too bad youtube-dl exists.

No. 488358


Why though? Why was Greg okay with you leaving if you were friends? Why is Lainey dictating who can come to the house now when a few months ago she wasn't even told that Beck was coming?

The control pattern is changing and it doesn't make sense

No. 488359

Go away larper

No. 488360

Lol Sam doesn’t want to be left alone. We are the reason she gets viewers and supporters at all. She feeds into it and it’s pretty obvious.

No. 488361

JK, this isn't Sam. Fuck all of you weird obsessive fuckheads, though. Except you >>488358 I hope you have a nice day :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 488362

File: 1518927218261.png (264.87 KB, 1218x1064, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 04.1…)


No. 488363

Sorry for being slow but how is “spooky” associated with the onions? A discordfag?
Either way, expect an influx of them trying to shit up the threads as long as temp is down atm…

No. 488364

Spooky is a discordfag and admin/mod of gregs discord, She also is a gaming streamer, Perhaps she got jealous that anons flood and support Sams stream and decided to try to take away her viewers out of spite. Kind of sad really.

No. 488365

Madison is a piece of shit herself, has a criminal record and constantly posts snaps of her daughter in the bath tub when most of her followers are horny men.

No. 488366


Anyone know the story behind her DV charges?

No. 488367

She speaks about it here, 48 seconds in

No. 488368

I really hateee how smug Lamp is in her Younow moments I just watched.
Anons, take notice that Lainey had NEVER ONCE said Sam's name out loud, not once, until Sam was out of the Onion household and Complainey felt like she had won and go the upper hand.

I'm watching the capture of Sam's stream now, but it sucks that it's 3 hours. I'll timpstamp any milk I come across.

I hate that Lainey feels like she won.

No. 488369

Madison: I've actually been to jail myself
Guy: Do you mind telling us what for?
Madison: Honestly I went for assault and domestic violence
Madison: I came home, my fiance was with another woman… and I kinda didn't handle it very well so

No. 488370

File: 1518928679066.png (383.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180217-203143.png)

onion was mentioned in Sorrowtv and slazo's new video. I think he was mentioned in one of their r/ imverysmart videos too. Lw wondering if it will get taken down, but YouTubers reporting on his actions don't seem to be getting striked by him lately.

No. 488371

im thinking this was caught in moments..
As she said, she and Greg feel "super close" right now, aka he lovebombed tf outta her to distract her from her anxiety that's telling her that Gronk has an obvious crush on Sam. She also said "feelings aren't truth" when someone said Sam feels she was forced to leave bc of Lame… smells like u been gaslit lame-o

And when someone brought this up lame said it was "silly"

No. 488372

Yeah Lame said "Feelings are different than reality" When referring to sams upset I think. Just to clarify this is the exact quote. Super bitchy considering yesterday on stream she said she was an "empath"

No. 488373

She was so snarky about it too. I don’t get how delusional you have to be to continually make “the other woman” the bad guy over and over instead of YOUR man who keeps bringing girls in.
She’s going to treat Chloe like crap if she’s prettier than Lame (which is very likely)

No. 488375

s n a k e

No. 488377

"Why i quit Twitter" 2/15/18
Hey there, uh… real quick I wanna talk about why I quit twitter. But before I get to that I want to address a few things.
Life is about growing up for me, it's about accepting when you're wrong or when you've done things that are kind of like immature or really just not great.
I have been hiding users comments for a very very long time. I say hiding users comments because thee used to be a block like on youtube you used to be able to block people but now you just hide their comments.
Um, I guess that's so you can continue to get views on youtube but you don't have to put up with people or looking at their comments anymore. But my question is, and I've asked myself this more recently than ever but why am I so afraid of peoples opinions?
Uh, what people have to say in the comments…on twitter I blocked 1600 people laughs If I knew someone else who blocked 1600 people I would say that persons in denial. Uh that person laughs that person needs to look in the mirror and say "hey, maybe it's you. Maybe."
And I've been doing this for along time I've been placing the blame on.. uh alot of other people um… most everyone but myself in alot of cases. Not all cases , alot of times I do accept the blame but in many cases I do put the blame on someone else. And even if the blame is on someone else, that doesn't necessarily help me, to blame other people. Because I can't change other people I can only change myself.
So I've unblocked 1600 people on twitter right now, uh I believe there's zero people blocked right now. And I've also unhidden all the users on onision speaks.
[ he then apologizes for hindering freedom of speech yadayada ]
The reason I am no longer posting on twitter is, I ran a poll. I delete a lot of my tweets just because they don't get alot of likes, and if a tweet doesn't get that many likes I don't see why I'm wasting people's time on twitter when they don't even like my tweets. So the poll didn't get enough likes so I deleted it but when it was active, the poll asked "Is twitter a total waste of time" and the majority of people said that yeah twitter is a total waste of time. So I don't see the point anymore.

No. 488378


peep that manipulation

No. 488379

File: 1518932435870.png (116.39 KB, 1035x504, SmartSelectImage_2018-02-17-23…)

On a real stream news video.

No. 488380

He’ll never get away from her. Everything he normally does that repels normal people (verbal abuse/emotional or physical cheating/manipulating/isolating/emotional roller coaster) she tolerates and she’s managed to kick out all of the possible new girls so far. He’s finished and will die miserable and married to her. He’s not smart enough to get out.

No. 488381

I just can’t get over how bad this is. The concept, her daughter sitting in the corner watching.
It’s sort of creepy how silent her kids are. >>488356
Sam doesn’t talk to us like this.

No. 488382

Onion won't think this is funny and actually say Sam did steal knowing his stupid ass.

No. 488383

I know this is kind of tinfoil but I think Sam genuinely had her best interests in mind too. She didn’t seem “into” Grease that way. She seemed to want to keep things Plato if. I wish these young girls would know before they go, the full details of what they’re actually getting themselves into.

No. 488384

I made a highlights list of Sams steam with all the important things she said, if anyone’s interested in it being posted here. It is pretty long.

No. 488385

Yes please anon that would be great!

No. 488386

Overview of Sams twitch stream:

Note: it was worth watching, holy shit.

Sam streamed while temp is down.
People asked about Greg kicking her out, she basically implied it was all Lainey’s doing.

Some highlights:

> “This is a slippery slope… and it started with a desk.”

> “I missed out on something very good for me. But the more I look at it, the more I think, “how much effort did I need to put in for it to not be a problem?”

> “When I’m at my happiest, I just know something bad is gonna happen.”

> (referring to where she is now) “You guys think that house was unstable, you should see where I am now, I’m glad to be home alone.”

> “I felt like I annoyed Greg so much by just sighing all the time.”

> “I have bills and I’ve been living off of my savings for… four months.”

> “Whats fucked up is I made a Laineybot design, the last thing I made, and it never got submitted..” (Talking about commission work with the gurgles)

> “I was in Gregs stream for 5 minutes and I couldn’t stay. He said something about being happier the last few days, its fine, whatever. I’m glad he’s happier.”

> “Maybe I should become an alcoholic, get tattoos, and become problematic.” (After people tell her Lainey talked shit on stream?)

> “THINGS WERE STOLEN? You guys wanna see what kinda makeup I use?!? EYELINER? Honey, whens the last time I used eyeliner?”

> “I LITERALLY… shit had gone missing?!”

> “The last two days I was there I didn’t even eat, I stayed in my room, I gave them their space (Lame and gurg?).

> “I have literally streamed nothing but nice things.”


I wish temp wasn’t down.

> “No, no. I’m super open about everything and it fucks me every time.”

Y’all she’s pulling out her makeup to show us that she doesn’t have Laineys shit. HA I LOVE HER.

> “I CAN STREAM WITHOUT DOING MAKEUP. If I’m so fucking vain to steal makeup you would know. Yeah?”

> “I could hear them talking about me in the other room, my last stream there, talking about a dream. I could hear them saying ‘Oh she’s probably talking about us.’”

> “I can not fight for somebody who does not want to like me. I can’t.”

She’s crying I think, like genuinely upset at Lainey’s behavior towards her. Greg too honestly.

> “Wanna see what I took with me?” holds up granola bars


> Day 3 she was there, Lainey said they had hot topic cards, sam wanted to hangout at the mall and try to bond but was scared, hoping Lainey would ask her to hangout, thinks things would be different if she had asked.

That's all I really got before I had to go.

No. 488387

It wasn't Sam's problem that onion took laundry's desk.

Sam did talk about a dream on the last stream before she didn't stream again, she talked about having a dream about Lainey and onion at separate times, fucking creepos over hearing. I doubt they could hear I really think they had people report back to them.

No. 488388


Ans he kinda insulted her for wearing it, too. She said something along the lines of: "He asked me… why are you still wearing that?" and she looked hurt.

No. 488389

annnnd this stream is not saved? Anybody got at least a clip?

No. 488390

this makes sense tbh because lainey was particularly smug/manic during her stream on v day :-/

she was glad to see sam go so her smol prince self esteem wasn't affected anymore

No. 488391


https://www.twitch.tv/sonida/videos/all the whole thing is right here. It's the 3 hour one

There were so many subtle jabs made at her by him, he's put her down a few times over the smallest things. The whole talking about her in another room is so weird and creepy to me and just reminds me how abnormal they are. And feeling like she had to stay in her room and not eat to give them space? Way to make a guest feel welcome.

I can't help but compare gerg to shane dawson, who treats his camera man like an actual friend.

No. 488392


Thanks anons! Wasn't sure of the story before.

No. 488393


> “Maybe I should become an alcoholic, get tattoos, and become problematic.” (After people tell her Lainey talked shit on stream?)

That feels like a dig at Lainey to me, she's been openly drinking a lot more lately, getting tattoos and is generally problematic. I mean I'd be bitter too if I was in sams position too. But I wonder if maybe previous tinfoils about Lainey letting loose and drinking more whether Greg likes it or not is true.maybe Lamo drinks at home now.

No. 488394

File: 1518935928314.jpg (304.31 KB, 2388x1196, Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 10.3…)

Uh, what? she still only has 3 videos there. pls upload if you still have access to it.

No. 488395

Can someone provide a link to the video, not a general link to her streams?

No. 488396



this was saved from tonight. I'm not sure what else you're asking for

No. 488397

I think they want you to put the spoon in their mouth, and move their jaw up and down for them

No. 488398

Nah mate. It's called post on the board properly when there is a flow of milk if you're going to bother watching.

No. 488399

If she streamed earlier then I believe anon is saying that stream is not on her twitch to even view, only last night and so on from then.

No. 488400


Shane Dawson is the complete opposite of Grease in every single fucking way. Which is weird because Shane triggers him so much. I wonder if he thinks that he's like Shane… at all.

No. 488401

Watching the stream right now, maybe anon needs to clear their cookies or something, refresh the damn page lol.i had to refresh mine to get it to appear but it did and I've been watching for a good 20 minutes now.

No. 488402

>it’s the 3 hour one
Anon, learn to read and click videos yourself.

No. 488403

Not even a week ago Sam was calling them family and saying she wanted to stay as long as she could. Why these people continue to fall into the grease mansion is very confusing.

No. 488404

File: 1518938728936.png (101.47 KB, 1080x453, SmartSelectImage_2018-02-18-01…)

No. 488405

I'm really curious how Sam even came to actually commit and move into their house, like how'd they initially meet and so on.

No. 488406

A lot of the comments on his channel for this are people think he is thanking his fans rather than Sam

No. 488407

If it wasn't for Sam saying she annoyed him with her sighs, I would think that Grug's tweet towards her was trying to get her back/trying to salvage the relationship. Of course that's not going to happen because Lainey is the cockblocking queen, but that's the vibe I get from the tweet.

No. 488408

Wasn't she a patron/discord fag?

No. 488409

In her defense, Plainey can cockblock cause it's her husband.

However, she needs to make up her mind on if she truly wants to be poly or monogamous. She keeps flip flopping and confusing everyone. She dug her grave and now she doesn't want to lie in it.

No. 488410

No. Sam was never apart of discord/patron. She apparently won an art competition of onions 12 months ago, he sent her a Mac book which she resold for a different computer. Can't provide the receipts from her Twitter as all of the ones I saw were on temp.

No. 488411

From what I'm gathering in the stream, she followed him for along time because she looked up to him. That's all I know.

No. 488413

This is what confuses me most. I think that for the beginning of her stay Greg and Sam were like a team. He spent all his time with her and neglected Lamp which led to (as usual) Lamp feeling insecure and jealous and comparing herself to (naturally gorgeous, not alt) Sam. So Lainey had to do what she does best, and find a way to make Greg hate Sam and view her as the enemy as well. It was simple, all Lainey had to do was tattle about the stream and pander to the distrusting nature in Grease. Grease easily took the bait because he was already starting to hate how Sam got more attention and viewers. And instead of using it to his advantage, he decided he was too threatened by it.

No. 488414

File: 1518944794638.png (3.72 MB, 2208x1242, 22D2BF13-5123-4DA2-933D-FA5615…)

Tinfoiling that Greg is really super heartbroken about her leaving and has been crying about it. His eyes look red, he’s acting OTT and bizarre which leads me to believe that he’s desperate to prove he prefers Plainey instead. He always acts a lot different when it’s not an amicable break up. He’s also been uploading a ton of garbage and putting a bunch of garbage on top of his streams on his gaming channel. I think that he was hoping to slowly convince Plainey that she loved Sam too.

No. 488415

dif anon but I'm watching it rn so figured I'd do some timestamps as I watched for semi-milk and transcripts. Got kinda long:

>05:23 - "what did I do? because it seemed like just me existing was enough… that's what he [greg] said"

>16:01 - "I missed out on …something very good for me, but the more I look at it the more I think, how much did I need to do…how much effort did I need to put in…for it to not be a problem?"
>13:47 - (chat asks if sam is ok) "I am on a countdown right now… I am on a timer and I am freaking out mentally. I need to recount the past month and figure out what I'm gonna do"
>18:33 "lets just say, not even 10 minutes after I met the people here, I was told that I am not welcome. so..my mom did a very stupid thing before I left. I can't say, but she did a very dumb thing before I left."
>20:50 - "I haven't had anything stable my entire life…since I was born I've been bouncing around location after location for a very very long time"
>left home at 18, currently staying with relatives but unstable environment
>24:59 felt nice being with gurg and lame because it was the most stable situation she'd ever lived in
(sidenote thats legit really depressing…the grease mansion seems like anything but stable)
>26:08 "you think that [grug and lame] was unstable, this is unstable. this is like me defusing a bomb with wires type unstable. I'm lucky to be in this house alone right now. I don't have anybody."
>says if she doesn't figure out a living situation she'll have to work 2 jobs to barely afford an apartment
>28:51 original plan was to put a patreon with reward tiers where you would get "a sketch or a drawing" for pledges but now "it doesn't look like I can do that"
[because she left the grease mansion?]
>34:20 "I sighed so much when I was there. I felt like I annoyed greg so much by just sighing all the time."
>40:30 (asked if she's making money from the shirts) "I don't know, I don't own the account so I don't know if I'm making money from anything. What's fucked up is I made a lainybot design like the last thing I made, and it never even got submitted. And I can't even view it because it's in a program that's more updated than what I have. I can't even use it unless I buy the updated program."
>46:11 "I was in his [greg] stream for a couple minutes but I couldn't stay…I don't know…he said something about being happier, either being happier for the past few days, I don't know. Whatever. It's fine."
>49:50 (in response to Lame saying she's been much happier) "I heard…I heard… I don't know what I did. Maybe I should like become like an alcoholic and get some tattoos and become problematic.. Nevermind."
>52:01 "When I was 18 I was so desperate for stability that I was going to join the marine corps[…]because I thought it was the only thing I could do[…]but things led to a point where I couldn't stay long enough to go on my ship date." later problems prevented her from joining the AF or any other branch.
>55:40 gets really triggered about Foot's things being stolen "WHHHAT? Honey, when was the last time I ever used eyeliner? I got a few things to say about that and I don't even want to. That makes me want to like, cry."
>56:58 "The last two days I was there I didn't even want to eat, I spent all day in my room, I wanted to give them as much space as possible. I like, didn't want to eat. Literally, in streams, nothing but nice things."
>58:34 (chat says 4 eyeliners went missing) "I'm about to take out all my makeup, and we're about to go through all of it" gets makeup bag and shows its all drugstore brushes, mascara, free samples, gifts, and a drugstore setting powder/eyeliner from 3 years ago. "this is all my makeup its like free samples and avon, like what the fuck"
>01:04:19 REAL triggered about makeup, says in every stream with greg she wasn't wearing makeup.
tinfoil: this accusation happened before or she's anticipating greg is gonna role with it and twist the facts like he does with all ex-house dwellers to smear her online so she's freaking out
>01:06:18 "I could hear them, talking about me in another room during my stream, the last stream I had with Greg, I had pushed to talk because why not [..] the subject of a dream came up and I wanted to tell it [..] I was laughing, and I could head them saying 'oh, she was probably talking about us' like…oh my god."
>01:08:45 "Let the hate go? There's so many things I'm not saying, out of respect. But saying I've STOLEN SHIT is a good one. Like you guys don't already have a problem with things going missing in your house."
>09:45:40 shows what she "took" from the house with her- a couple of of granola bars. Apologizes for it sarcastically. "Greg gave me two, and I took more. Because I like them a lot. And they taste good. And they remind me of there. I'm so sorry."
>01:11:18 "Day 3 I was back there, they had some hot topic cards and they were like oh they expire today, I wanted to say we should go there and hang out but I didn't say it, I don't know why, like I was too shy to say it" regrets not asking, hoped they would ask for her to go along. Things things would have been different if they would have asked. "There was a time when we were talking, and things were nice, and I was really happy."
[tinfoil: seems like such a trauma victim response- being blamed/gaslight for something she didn't do (stealing makeup and baby clothes) but immediately blaming herself anyway and beating herself up over something she could have done differently when the sad reality is nothing she could have done would have changed their fucked up treatment of her]
>1:12:01 says she put in effort to conversation and to put in her two cents and felt really happy about it, but while she was really happy she was also really anxious
>01:15:25 onision subscriber animation comes up of grug going "boob squeeze" and Sam angry laughs: "Fuck you! Why do I even have that still.."
>01:19:04 "I feel bullied. This feels like highschool, fuck highschool man."
>1:30:20 "he [greg] did make a joke about being able to squeeze cheese out of his face and make a pizza"
>1:34:04 "I almost like want to throw up, the amount of times I drew them. Two years ago, too. For fun. I took time to do this for fun and it makes me want to throw up."
>01:35:05 "Did you get anything for your labor? No."
[Confirmed: Sam was working for free and grug is a cheap asshole]
>01:35:42 "You ever like…I don't even want to make this analogy. You ever like have someone treat you really well when they're around you.. but around other people you're like, the worst?"
>01:37:00 says she had to leave because of a "culmination of things that just added up to: my sense of humor"
>1:42:20 Talking about how its better to be honest than nice and she will laugh at jokes even if they're mean because they're funny. "You know, when someone was recording a video about…something…I could hear them BURST out laughing. Maybe I was in the video. But I just, I don't know if they cut it out? Maybe they did. Maybe it's better to laugh about something in private."
>keeps repeating "is it better to be honest or nice?"
>01:46:00 "I was treated very well, I was treated better than I have been treated in a very long time. I was very happy. I was very very very happy… but the happiness of others, or lack thereof, put me on edge."
>02:04:57 "Sometimes like, when you meet people you admire, they aren't what they're cracked up to be. And they're not going to be how you expect. Sometimes when you meet your idol, you won't get what you want."
>02:09:25 "I was wearing the cosplay and I loved it so much, and in the middle of talking serious he [greg] was like 'why are you wearing that' and I was like, itching to hear what he has to say, I'm like 'what, uh' so I'll like take it off [..] if it bothers you so much [..] I was so bummed out because I had to hear everything wearing that costume but I really liked wearing it [..] I hate associating things I love with horrible things."
>02:19:20 said she thought of so many video ideas she could have done with Lainey, like doing "masculine makeup looks" and stuff like that but footface never wanted to. said she "really wanted to do videos together" just for fun, not even as a business thing
>02:21:20 brings up again that her sense of humor was a point of contention "I just wanted to laugh about things, I just wanted to have fun [..] but, no."

my audio cut out so I couldn't get the last 30 mins or so.

this was really sad to watch and further confirms that greg preys on girls with unhappy home lives and poor/unstable financial situations (Shiloh had a chaotic relationship with her parents, Footface supposedly coming from an "abusive" household, how he "saved" Billie from having to work a min wage job and dead-ass asking if she lived paycheck to paycheck, trying to lure girls out by offering them jobs to film and edit… it's all a pattern)

tl;dr - impression I got from the whole stream was that Sam's leaving was sudden and unexpected, probably on bad terms with footface, and Sam viewed being at the Mcmansion as a way out of being stuck in an unstable living situation & forced to pursue a traditional career (her whole family works in the public sector) that she doesn't want to do. And is beating herself up over thinking she ruined the opportunity, when it wasn't really her fault. Repeatedly hints that her "sense of humor" was the reason for upsetting lainey and getting the boot.

No. 488418

Someone PLEASE tell me there's video of Lainey saying her makeup is missing.

I feel so fucking bad for Sam. Not only was she treated like shit by her idol, she was sent back into an abusive home. Lainey is such an ugly, contemptible bitch for, once again, blaming anyone except her unfaithful husband.

How many more younger women have to be humiliated on camera before they realize how fucking creepy and predatory Greg and Lainey are?

No. 488419

Thank you for the transcripts.

This one statement stuck out to me.
>You ever like have someone treat you really well when they're around you.. but around other people you're like, the worst?

I can see Greg and Sam laughing and palling around most of the day, but when dinner time came or they all sat around to watch tv together Greg would flip a switch and become cold and pissy to Sam because he knew if he continued to be jokey and happy with Sam, that Lainey would start with that whole (and very well deserved) paranoia she had with Billie and Greg always excluding her. You'd eventually go crazy being treated like that. You're Gregs best friend for part of the day, and then suddenly a repulsive pariah once Lainey sidles up to Greg.

I think the whole attempted relationship/friendship with Lainey and Sam started on the wrong foot. What was the first video Sam did with Greg? It was the 10 Things I Love About Laineybot, which was just him roasting the fuck out of her. Im sure during the filming of it Sam and Greg were laughing their asses off about the Lainey insults, and Lainey just smiled and pretended to go along with it, all the while planning the great stolen eyeliner and sweaters heist.

No. 488420

realstream news or whatever their name is has >>488337 >>488341 parts of this on their channel. lainey says she found her eyeliner or whatever the fuck it was.
>>488339 yeah eyeliner, but didnt mention clothes. no link im going to bed. idk why temp is down but i miss it.

No. 488422

I miss temp too, I wish we had an estimated time of when it might be back.

And watching Sam's stream was super interesting because although she didn't say too much, reading between the lines it's clear that Lainey is the reason she left for sure. What I don't get is why Greg didn't freak out, rant on Twitter, or make 50 videos about Lainey's insecurity getting Sam sent home.

No. 488423

she said alot of shit what are you on about
he's most likely love bombing for his public image

No. 488424

I listened closely to the 1:42:20 mark highlight and I heard her say "Mind you I haven't seen the video." instead of "Maybe I was in the video." Which changes the context of the remark a little.

Does anyone have ideas on what Sam was talking about when she said-
>You know, when somebody was recording a video about …something …I could hear them BURST out laughing. Mind you I haven't seen the video. But I just, I don't know if they cut it out? What if they did? Maybe it's better to laugh about something in private.
Do you think she was talking about Greg? But most of all the recent videos he did were with Sam, why would Sam say she she hadn't seen the video yet? Or was she talking about Lainey laughing inappropriately about something while filming a Laineybot vid. It would make sense because when she's spoken of Lainey in the past she's ambiguous and says things like "someone is trying to get me out of the house"

No. 488426

Yep, irlt was very ill-planned for Gargamel to use her as a vessel to insult Lainey. He fucking goofed.
Both stupid Lainey and Greg use their “friends” as weapons against each other. Can you even begin to imagine what happens if they divorce? They definitely strike me as the types to use their children as weapons against each other too.

No. 488427

She didn't give much milk dude. For a 3 hour stream I expected way more, but she's still pretty tight lipped bc she clearly still cares for the Onions. THATS what I'm on about

No. 488428

File: 1518956746067.jpg (85.8 KB, 883x625, wtf.jpg)

Why does she insist on being so aggressively ugly? What the fuck is that shirt? Why didn't she wear something an actual human would buy to advertise her Poshmark? Is she about to retire in Fort Lauderdale?

No. 488430

That "care" and "love" for Footface sure went out the door once they told her there were accusations she stole make up from Lamo. I swear Sam wanted to call her a cunt at least a couple of times on stream.

No. 488431

What I don't understand about this is why she didn't just lay it all out there? She kinda tip toed around the issue and was pretty vague. Like yeah it's easy to read between the lines- Lainey got her kicked out. But Sam never said the reason she was given. We know that she was told she had to leave while still in costume, etc, I just wish we knew exactly what Grease told her.

Also Grease is so disgusting and annoying. He made Sam feel stupid for staying in her costume all day…Really? When he wears those retarded masks all the time and covers himself in shaving cream, he's really going to make a 20 year old girl feel dumb for cosplaying? I would have laughed in his 32 year old man caked up face.

No. 488432

In the trying on baby clothes video I can't believe when the camera pans back how messy the floor is.
I'm not judging her for having a messy house, but why if she knew she was filming couldn't she have vacuumed just that part of it? Or at least kicked the dog biscuits and clutter out of frame.

No. 488433

You can't understand why she wouldn't shit talk the only people who've provided her a stable environment? It's more telling that Onion isn't saying anything about her because he usually has to tell the internet all about his relationships.

No. 488434

File: 1518958885138.jpg (73.8 KB, 641x429, 29540-1.jpg)

>He made Sam feel stupid for staying in her costume all day
While Gronk does his debates looking like Faggedy Andy, and a used tampon.

No. 488435

We're all shitting on Lai ey for having Sam kicked out but honestly? It's really fucked for her husband to keep inviting women to live with them and appropriating Laineys stuff for them. Lainey is absolutely justified in her. paranoia and wanting Sam out. Lying about her stealing shit is cunted but still. And Lainey can't possibly be responsible for Sam's shitty home life. It sucks, but Lainey didn't even want her there in the first place nor invited her to stay.

The fact that Lainey doesn't seem to give a fuck about talking about leaving Greg and him cheating and shit, I think means she KNOWS and is getting increasingly tired of his careless behavior. But she's such a fucking pussy she won't man up and leave.

To clarify, Lainey is still a shitty awful person. but I don't think the Sam situation is her fault. Greg doesn't need to be playing Captain Save-a-ho when he's married.

No. 488436

Here’s the thing.
Because the Onions are greasy. Both of them have flown girls out for their own agendas. So, fuck Lainey.

No. 488437


"I don't control Greg"

>Makes him kick Sam out

She's being blatantly hypocritical too

No. 488438

I wonder what kind of shit Lainey has on Greg.
They've both admitted that when he attempts to leave her she wont let him. Im sure its not just her saying "nope" and him kicking rocks and coming back into the house. Lainey must have some kind of blackmail trump card that she plays when she really needs to.
I wonder if shes walked in on him watching some very VERY questionable porn, or found some incriminating shit on his computer.

No. 488439

The fact that Gerg and plainey did that to sam on VALENTINES DAY, probably makes it sting even more. Poor Sam.

No. 488441

>what kind of shit Lainey has on Greg

No. 488442

On another note:
I don't get why people seem to be so surprised about what happened, it's always the same with the Taylor Elaine (nee Anderson) and Gregory Daniel Avaroe (nee Jackson?) (← search engine trigger):

- Lainey and Greg fly in girls because they are bored and unhappy with their marriage and with each other

- all girls have had unstable backgrounds so far, so that they don't know (much) about normal and loving relationships, thus can't compare them to what the Avaroes do

- Greg and Lainey usually try to take advantage of the girls to fly in and talk them into working for free, for housing and food in return (Billie -> making videos with Greg; Sarah -> taking care of children, making videos with Greg; Maya -> making videos with Lainey; Sam -> making videos with Greg, creating graphics; not to forget about Adrienne who gave up her job, helped editing the videos and was supposed to never see a dime from Greg when they divorced if I recall correctly)

- the girls usually have to be sexual partners to both (exception was Sarah because she was 15 / 16, at least nothing is known about that) and therefore be in love with / be attracted to both Lainey and Greg, in order to achieve their "holy trinity" (for Maya was sent home because she only cared for Lainey and Greg felt unaccepted by her; Billie and Sam were kicked out because they fell for Greg and Lainey felt threatened by them)

- Sam has now confirmed that Greg and Lainey bonded over making her look bad / being suspicious about her actions, but I do think (tinfoil here!) it was the same for Billie in the end (not sure about Sarah, I didn't follow that drama, but I faintly remember Greg insulting her appearance)

- it almost always results in the same drama:
* the girls either being kicked out or running before they would be kicked out
* most of the girls realizing that Greg's and Lainey's Internet appearance is different from reality
(at least this is known for Sam (her recent stream), but I picture the other girls as equally smart)
* (false) accusations being made on why the girls have been kicked out
* a plethora of videos on why everything fell apart and why it's never Greg's fault in order to show how
people should feel sorry for him and to lure the next girl in


(hopefully many young and vulnerable girls will find this forum to be able to educate themselves before joining the Avaroes and getting taken advatage of and squelched)

(sorry for blogpost, I would sage if I could!)

No. 488443

You can’t say that gave her a stable environment when a) they kicked her out and b) she was so uncomfortable there she didn’t want to eat or leave her room.
Lainey implied she stole and Greg got annoyed by her several times on stream. She herself admitted they aren’t what she thought they’d be, so it’s not crazy to wonder why she wouldn’t just lay the situation out there and give us the full story of her leaving.

No. 488444

Ooooh, I wish I had added that there are rumors that the girls are screened before they can move in with the Avaroes and that they have to sign agreements that are written by Greg…

No. 488445

File: 1518962601692.jpg (453.81 KB, 960x1150, 9xgmf4uys7dy.jpg)

Rejoice farmers!

A new era is upon us.

[[ The Age of Smol Bean ]]

No. 488450

File: 1518965267481.png (717.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-02-18-22-38-29…)

Didn't know whether to post this in the thread mentioning sketchy ASMR artist Karuna satori, or whether to post it here, so forgive me if it's not the right thread to mention it in, but it seems she is a fan of not only Lainey, but also Greg. She aluded to liking Lainey in a video and recently started watching Greg's videos and commenting. She's known to scam people and cuck her husband, it would be interesting to see if she would be in their trinity. I doubt greg would go there though, she's too old and has 2 kids. Again, sorry if this is not milky enough, but I noticed it because I also follow Karuna's drama.

No. 488453

This pattern has been repeated multiple times. I kind of feel bad for Sam, but also cant help but think she was asking for whatever she got. I mean, it's like the old saying: fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. It is no secret at all that Greg and Taylor are actual garbage people.

No. 488454

The problem is the saddest part of the pattern, the home lives of the girls that go to Grug and Lain, it's like two amazing people they think are great are saving them from a shitty situation, until it's too late and the girls are in an equally/similar abusive environment.

No. 488455

Yeah same. As much as I wanna root for Sam or like her…at the end of the day, she was/is an onision fan. Anyone who would still like him or collaborate with him or even live with him must be a fucked unit aye.

No. 488456

I am so excited for this new saga. Finally the control master gets a taste of his own medicine.
Greg had been desperately trying and failing to get a new girl since cuddlegate, and even then Lainey being his wife was the reason Billie didn’t want to do anything with him…
He’s manipulated and gaslighted Lainey for SO long that he’s actually created a monster. She’s never going to leave him, and he’s never going to find anyone else as long as she stays….. hows it feel now greggykins? She’s earned her onion title, she’s the female Greg.

No. 488457

File: 1518967917775.png (2.12 MB, 1610x1354, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 9.31…)

ah yes, anon. what great skin.

No. 488458

…. she does have nice skin.

No. 488459


Two small bumps and a tiny pimple is bad skin?

No. 488462

One thing I genuinely don't understand is her being scared of Lainey? Why would anyone be intimidated by Lainey, of all people? If she starts getting passive aggressive just approach her and raise your voice, she'll go full panic attack and will stay in her corner. I can't imagine feeling "bullied" by Lamo

No. 488463

Greg uploaded a new video (not going to give him views) and based on the thumbnail it's like he really doesn't even try anymore with his catfishing. His natural color does not do him any favors. Girls were drawn to him when he dyed his hair that jet black color and used his crazy filters. That's what got those clicks and views for him. I guess we should be thankful that he stopped catfishing everyone though, at least as bad as he used to anyway.

No. 488464

Nah I understand it. Your method would work with a certain type of personality type. I feel like if someone is being standoffish, even after I try to initiate an interaction, it immediately makes me feel anxious and to some degree bullied. Weak as I know, but I get where she's coming from.

No. 488465

Especially when it is that persons house, it can be extremely intimidating. But, to be fair to Lainey Sam and Onion did fuck about a ridiculous amount at first so it's no wonder things got tense. Especially after the table/sugar incident.

No. 488466

How old is Sam? I thought she was around the same age as Lainey

No. 488469

>She’s going to treat Chloe like crap if she’s prettier than Lame (which is very likely)

I mean… her dad is Gronk so… is it really that likely? She may end up looking like Mama Onion.

No. 488470

Agreed. Cloe is probably going to have a caveman brow like papa and huge chin to rival Jay Leno like mama.

No. 488471

You do realise you are talking about a baby right? And shit like this is why even people who fall out with Onion don't want to post shit here because I mean look…Bringing peoples kids into it and saying ridiculous shit like this.

No. 488472

Yeah I doubt that would ever happen. She looks like too much like an actual woman.

Also, it's creepy how relevant the head picture is now.

No. 488473

Sam turns 22 in July.

No. 488474

Agreed anon.
Those kids deserve sympathy for their cruddy situation.
Imagine having Onion for a dad and not getting the choice to escape Greasemansion.

No. 488475

It's just a joke anon, chill. I wouldn't be as harsh to joke about their kid's appearances if they actually showed them to the world. It was more a hypothetical jab because Lainey and Greg are so ugly.

No. 488476

Purely based on their looks, I find both rather average… but it's their personalities that make them appear so incredibly ugly. At least, that's how it works for me.
Given that, I guess their kids will look average as well.
No offense, Anon! :)

No. 488477

Two hideous parents sometimes make really pretty children, so I think there's hope for both Trot and Clot, much to Gurgle and Plainey's dismay.

No. 488478

I agree with this. Probably wouldn't find Lainey so ugly if she didn't look like a bored scowly cunt all the time.

No. 488479

I have absolutely nothing against the kids. I feel sympathy towards them and hope that their life takes a turn for the better against all odds, but realistically they might not grow up to super good-looking with the genes they have. That's fine though. They don't need to be attractive to be good people.

No. 488480

They probably have low self-esteem as it is, Grog probably has no issue telling his daughter she looks like a 4 out of 10, I mean that's what he does. I'd hate to be those kids, unstable parents, depressing and dirty house, shit genetics, having random teens and women come in and out of their home, mom isn't even "mom" (I wonder if their kids call her "they"), just sounds like a mess. I hope once they are 18 they get the fuck out and never look back

No. 488481

Let's be real; we'd be talking shit if the kids looked like ToiletsNigga.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 488486

It's just that Lainey herself is a non confrontational type, introverted that can only "attack" when shielded by her lackeys behind a phone screen; while Sam seemed more of a louder extrovert type, so it sounded weird to me. I think that since Greg was already on her side, Sam could've easily pulled a Billie and convince him that Lainey was being the ~negative~ one

No. 488487

I can just see Gurg and Plain being assblasted their kids turned out better looking than them when their older. Hope Troy never brings any gfs he gets to meet his trainwreck parents

No. 488488

>not even a week ago sam was calling them family and saying she wanted to stay there forever.

I mean the onions are fuck-ups, but they're fuck-ups with young children, that seems to be a slightly psychotic statement coming from a grown woman, maybe they've realised that bringing random strangers into their home isn't the best idea, whatever happened they bundled samthecameraman onto a plane out of there pretty quickly. Sam gave me swf vibes pretty much the whole time she was there.

No. 488489

I actually saw her comment on Jaclyn Glenn's last video as well telling her how much she loved her, so she clearly has to know the 2 of them don't get along at all.

No. 488490

Be careful Troy, your dad and mom might try to make your future young teen girlfriend their next victim.

No. 488492

And what if Troy turns out gay or non-binary like his momdad? kek. I imagine onion milking this in the future

No. 488493

Onion is definitely going to be the type of parent to kick his kids out if they do something he doesn't approve. Poor clot and trot will end up with Tami or on a flight to New Mexico(best case), plainey probably won't stand up for them.

No. 488494

I'm hoping the Blargh(doubt it they love plainey) or real stream can get the clip where Lainey talks about her 2 missing sweaters and a coat with a smug smile. She did say this clearly implying Sam took them it wasn't just eyeliner.

No. 488496

I feel like someone needs to direct Sam towards Billie and AJ so that she doesn’t feel so alone. I will say this. They prey on women who are already broken in some way and this is what makes them so disgusting to me. I actually loathe Lainey way more than Greg. Greg is just a controlling narc who thinks with his dick. Lainey is a controlling narc who chooses to blame the women that she allows her husband to fly out, to shit on them and shame them, but is SO GAY for girls in general, bitch, you hate them and you hate yourself and it is obvious.

I wish that Sam had had the balls to call Foot out as a passive aggressive cunt and that she was going to spill the beans on everything. There is no way that any of these NDA that Greg makes them sign would hold up in court because he’s retarded and can’t even do turbo tax, what the fuck makes this illiterate think he can into law?

God, I fucking hate them. Lainey makes me think of Myra Hindley. Anything to keep her fuckup happy, including emotionally abusing girls that they both know are coming in.

I hope they fucking neck themselves. I honestly hate both of them and when this happened to Shiloh, AJ and Billie I was just as angry. Lainey, you are a shit person and a shit mother and I hope this causes you some real anxiety that your fucking fidget spinners won’t fix.

I need to step away from the fucking computer. These pieces of shit. Those kids are fucked.

No. 488498

Isn’t this just another case of him grooming Sam? He’s been speaking to her since she was seventeen, correct? So this is the same behavior for him.

No. 488499

I guess that's the standard of good skin these days. If her skin is nice, I must be a goddess.

No. 488502

File: 1518979310559.png (Spoiler Image,532.54 KB, 666x540, TheBrowsStrikeAgain.PNG)

Semi OT as it's another news story? But just hoping that Grunk never ends up like the man in the news recently who knocked up his daughter, I swear it's the caveman's eyebrows - they're pure evil. Greg jumped to mind instantly, let alone Troys potential girlfriends.

No. 488503

Bets on Lainey misplacing her shit in their trashmansion and blaming it on Sam, in reality all her shit is tw feet away from Laineys desk and she is too lazy to look.

No. 488505

Nah, she deliberately made the insinuation that she was "missing" stuff while one of the topics under discussion was Sam. So she deliberately set it up to seem like Sam took her stuff, while giving herself plausible deniability that that was what she meant. It is sneaky and shitty and passive -aggressive, and thus right up her alley

No. 488506

Yeah, Lainey's room is so messy the two missing sweaters and the coat are probably under the trash

No. 488507

Nothing is missing, and I am 100% sure she never thought anything is missing. It was just a ploy to try and make Sam look bad so she could look justified in her shitty, manipulative behavior.

No. 488508


Anyone who watched the vid of her cleaning the toy room would have noticed how many times she said things like "oh what is this doing here" "oh here's that thing i thought i lost" "oh i had been looking for this" etc etc etc.

She's such a dumbass

No. 488509

Lainey should do a little non-emotional shit when triangulation comes around


No. 488512

Sam is almost 22, she started tweeting onion late 2016/early 2017. She's well aware of his past and pseudosympathised with lame over the billie situation. She's not as victimised as she's claiming.

No. 488513

I don't understand why some of you are sticking up for Sam.. I dislike lame as much as the rest of you but seriously? Lainey obviously did not want Sam in her home and I doubt Onion asked beforehand. Sam moved into a married womans house (with an infidel husband + children) who was obviously not a fan of her and is surprised she got kicked out? It's not right for Lainey to imply that she stole from her or for them to make her sign an NDA but its ONISION. It's also annoying how Lainey was very smug last night when people kept asking why Sam left and even said "go ask her" knowing that she can't respond if the whole NDA thing is true. Did everyone forget that Sam likes Onision? She was being so whiney last night talking about how happy she was there but the last few days its been very uncomfortable. Sam said that she felt like "they" took care of her well.

No. 488514

She also mentioned she lowkey likes Shilohs music on stream a couple of weeks ago so I'm sure shes aware of that situation as well.

No. 488515

Simply because Sam is actually likable compared to Lainey and Onision. I’d feel bad for Lainey too if she had a decent personality.

No. 488516

I agree, at this point, we are judging which shit smells the best. They are all terrible clearly. Anyone who willingly associates themselves with gurg and lame is clearly not right in the head.

No. 488517

Attempting to home wreck makes someone likable? Sam seems like a bratty troll on stream. She's spent the last two years fawning over these weirdos and drawing them and was complimenting Onision last night..

No. 488519


ya’ll had the same attitude about Billie too until she left, lol.

if anyone’s to blame, it’s who this thread about which is onion. for inviting these girls and Lainey for allowing it to happen.

No. 488520

That home was wrecked a long time ago. If a new girl came and took Greg away their kids might actually have a chance.

No. 488522

Onion is to blame not Sam he moved her in to his marital home, Sam didn't just show up and ring the door bell. Sam didn't go there for sex if she would have then both of them are at fault but she went to work.

No. 488523

So he can get another girl pregnant and start a new fucked up family? No thanks.

No. 488524

She said on stream in implied that her and onion we're cool and he treated her well until other people (lame) came around, if someone treats you well you tend to like them even if it's the rotten onion I suppose.

No. 488525

File: 1518986750396.jpg (954.83 KB, 1564x1094, onionfamilyhouse.jpg)

It's easier to blame someone else than clean, it takes one minute of your life to stream for a few hours where you insinuate someone is a thief. This is how Lainey sees it.

She's probably misplace all of this shit weeks ago and thought she is "sneaky" by blaming her. From now on when Onion asks her where something is, she can just say Sam stole it. Then she won't have to clean.
#lifehacks, ya know?

Pic related, what I imagine the trashmansions daily routine looks like

No. 488526

You are really buying that cameraman bullshit? He doesn't need someone to film for him and she admitted she had a crush on both of them. If you willingly move into a married couples home when one doesn't want you there then yes you are a weirdo too.

No. 488527

She never admitted to having a crush on them she never answered the question, she talked about a dream but even some anons here talk about their weird dreams.

Anon you kind of sound like you get cheated on blame the other person and stay with your partner.

No. 488528

>>488525 yeah Lainey is a dumb bitch implying Sam stole from her because she can't find a couple of things. The clothes she's missing are probably in one of the 20 laundry piles scattered around the house.

No. 488529

Don't you hate when your wife interferes with your adulterous relationship? Fucking everyone is a retard in this situation all pushing for their own agendas whatever they may be. Unlike Sarah or even Billie, in this situation they are all full grown adults, sam is 22 she knew what she was doing.

No. 488530

Um no I would never stay with the cheater. I"m not saying let's place all the blame on Sam but they're all fucked up. People are acting like she's been victimized she said herself she was treated well up until a few days ago and wanted to stay. Kissing her ass isn't going to get you any milk SHE LIKES THESE PEOPLE.

No. 488531

Seeing how desperate onion is to have a new girl around makes me think he is probably already talking to their next potential camera person, probably a fresh 18 year old.

No. 488532

Sam was probably too old for him.

No. 488533

He's interviewing fetuses as we speak

No. 488534

I say we still boycott his streams clearly they matter to him since he was jealous of Sam's views. If one anon could watch and record it would be cool, i would love to know he rate quit again because he only had 4 viewers.

No. 488535

Lotta Greg stans in here. Discordfags coming to shit up main while temp is down? If you blame Sam, you’re as stupid as they come. Greg is either the asshole we all know he is, or he’s a poor beleaguered idiot who NEVER deserves to catch blame for the shit he constantly pulls with women.

Just no. As has been stated time and again he goes after girls who ar already lost and fucked up like Manson-lite. Why defend him for any reason? I only started loathing Lainey when it was clear that she doesn’t even care about her children enough to roteect them from this unstable and shitted up environment, and knowingly allows him to continue to bring chicks to the house. Fuck them both and good on any girl who gets lured in, sees the light, and gets the fuck out.

Please don’t make me laugh about the NDA’s. If coercion can be proved, they are barely legally binding and in Greg’s retard case they’re little better than toilet paper.

No. 488536

Everyone knows Greg likes young girls with issues including Sam seeing as she's been a fan long enough to know about Shiloh. Not thinking Sam is a victim doesn't mean anyone is defending Greg. They're all shitty.

No. 488537

No wonder Lambo wasn't bothered they didn't so anything for valentines she hardly complained, she got the best gift she could get, getting Sam out. Lainey is evil.

No. 488538

I don't think she's evil for kicking out someone she never wanted there. She has a right to not have someone in her home. The things she's said afterwards and her behavior are fairly shitty though.

As for Sam, I feel bad for her that she's in a bad situation, but on the other hand, she knew what Taylor and Greg were like before she ever stepped foot in their house. If anything, it's remarkable to me that she's seemingly one of a number of young women who somehow think they're different than all the other girls who came before her.

No. 488539


i don’t care either way about Sam and only ever caught one of her streams, but how is she fucked up?

she got an opportunity to leave an unstable situation for a more (to her) stable living situation where she didn’t have to pay for anything and had a chance to establish herself more as an animator or whatever she said it was she wanted to do. of course she jumped at that chance if it seemed like a better living situation to her, that doesn’t make her fucked up imo.

No. 488540

She's evil for how she went about it, never acknowledge her existence, ignored Sam's attempts to colabs and befriend her, then when she left implying she was missing makeup and clothing and finally acknowledging her just to snuggly tell people to go ask her.

No. 488541

nice one anon. crazy tami starring into the video had be cackling.

But really though, what most infuriates me about their mess in their house is that they have little kids who have to play in that dirt. Like if you are too lazy to properly clean.. then at least pay someone to do it if you really can't handle normal adult responsibilities. Especially as a mother you can't just be 'not bothered' to give your children a nice and cozy place to live..

No. 488542

No I think you have it wrong.

The way I interpreted the stream milk drops was:

>Sam laughed at one of Grease's Lainey jokes while filming the vid, which triggered Plain

>Plain was fake nice while they were hanging out alone, but got triggered whenever the three of them were together

>Plain used Sam's streams to justify her ~meanness~

No. 488543

Maybe she laughed while they watched the aldii video.

No. 488544

I bet crazy Tami will give Sam a room in her house, she must be mad her tranny daughter in law got rid of her future daughter in law.

No. 488545

Sam is fucked up because Lainey didn't want her there in the first place and she was aware of it. She and Greg also moved Laineys desk around without her permission so they could stream together and ruined her counter with sugar water. That seems selfish as fuck to me. That is lames mess mansion where her children live she has every right to tell her to gtfo.

That being said she needs to stop implying shit that didn't happen.

No. 488546

Crazy Tami ~disrespecting Taylor's pronouns~ is hilarious, and I will always think so. It just goes to show that even an awful, crazy, warped, broken clock is right at least twice a day. If Taylor had even a scintilla of introspection she'd ask herself why her special snowflake self-identity is met with scorn by anyone above 30, but no.

No. 488547

Would you befriend a potential mistress who is in the other room gaming or filming all day with your husband while you take care of your kids alone because he's a deadbeat? Be honest.

No. 488548

Why be pissed at the other chick when it's your fucking husband who is being the biggest dick in the situation. This is what Greg does, he invites random girls into their house, treats them better then he treats his own wife, lets them take over and waits for the cat fight to begin.

No. 488549

My husband would never bring another girl in, and if we did I would get to know her of course. Its common courtesy, why give this woman thats around my husband the cold shoulder pushing her on to him more? Sam was already moved in.

No. 488550

if she's going to be paranoid about every girl that associates with greg then the problem is him not the girls. Lainey needs to open her eyes and stop victimizing herself all the damn time

No. 488551

OR why not be pissed at both..? Lainey letting Greg get away with whatever he wants is beyond pathetic but Sam is abnormal too. I would never move into someone elses home that didn't want me there and then take their furniture.

No. 488552

& Who did plaineybot look for help in? Sam, she didn't look at onion to help she looked at Sam, she probably wanted for Sam and Tami to fight. I'm just so nauseated with Plain's attempts to be the victim in every situation grow up at least for your kids.

No. 488553

This is a game for Greg, Lame is either too stupid to realize or too afraid to leave.

No. 488555

Onion doesn't respect Laim's belongings, she's said this multiple times he's destroyed her clothes and wigs. How was sam supposed to know Plain didn't give away the desk? Is it Madison's fault onion destroyed one of plains favorite wigs for one of their videos together?

No. 488557

Sam knew Lainey didn't want her there and she bitched about how her desk was taken several times on stream so how could she not know lol.

No. 488558

The desk had already been moved, Sam didn't know about the desk before they moved it is what I mean. Her husband the man that lives with her should not touch his partners shit and gift them away.

Booty is that you?

No. 488559

Who is booty?
Okay then why didn't she offer to move it back when she realized it was a problem? Unless she did and that never mentioned.
Greg should respect his partner.
Lainey needs to respect herself and stop being a doormat.
Sam shouldn't move into a married couples home /w children when she isn't welcomed by both parties.

Do I need to add Lainey is not a victim in every post so you guys don't think I am defending her? There are no victims in this situation.

No. 488560

REALstream News just posted a video about their conversation with Sam about not living with the Onions anymore.

No. 488561

Damn Lainey is fucking petty kicking her out over Valentines memes. So paranoid too.

No. 488562

Doormat cannot handle jokes; she's become just like Gretchen before he embraced the haterz and called them shadow fans. Self-victimization is one of Doormat's favorite tactics.

No. 488563

that CANT be all that happened. i think sam just doesn't want to expose them for something bigger. she's pretty inconsistent in her stories too…

No. 488564

Conspiracy theory: @Hiiamasociopath is actually Lainey

No. 488565

Sam screwed up her kitchen table by throwing boilin sugar water on it. How’s that for respectful?

No. 488566

Hell yeah its disrespectful but she stated in her stream that she follows a script and onion basically tells her exactly what to do in the videos.

No. 488567

Why did they interview "HiImASociopath" for this, is Greg not hiding that the account is his any longer?

No. 488568

Lainey lets her husband walk all over her like the doormat she is. Lainey lets them in and them blames the girl, NOT her husband, for being a piece of shit.

Fuck her.

No. 488569

San was irresponsible to begin with. Commenting on his videos saying stuff like “I’ve never been with a man who shows so much vulnerability, made me melt” or something like that just a month before moving in with him, his wife and kids. She knew Gregory’s wife was not confortable with her moving in, she knew Gregory’s wife was not comfortable with him taking her desk for her, she should know throwing building sugar water on a married woman’s kitchen table with her husband is irresponsible

No. 488570


>young women who somehow think they’re different

>young women who have been groomed by a predator

pick one, there is a correct answer

No. 488571

Wtf guys…
There's this 'brotherhood' thing going on twitter of people pretending to be WhatAmI…

I was reading into it and it sounds a lot like Sicesca, wtf.

No. 488572

This, plus how would HIAS know about the Valentine's thing? Not sure if I missed it but I didn't see anything about that.

No. 488573

Her fucking ‘boss’, fucking Greg, told her to do it. Just stop.

Gretchen stans are all over right now, go back to Discord for your own sanity, you’re not changing anyone’s mind here.

No. 488576

Honestly I don't understand feeling bad for sam. From what I gather this wasn't a situation where there was any inkling that lain was okay with her being there and mutually walking all over her with greg, like she wasn't under the impression that she would be dating both Lainey and greg she kind of tried to just move in on greg, shit all over Lainey and then act shocked in the aftermath.
Lainey 100% deserves everything that happens to her and she's a dumbass for being more upset with Sam than she is with Greg, but Sam is not a victim and she was not mislead.

No. 488577

So Lainey can date and crush on every girl she sees on twitter, but the moment Greg becomes more friendly with someone, she loses her shit. Sounds fair. Either both of them should be allowed to do stuff with other people, or neither.

No. 488579

not the case with poly relationships at all.

won't go into it too much, but we know that Gronk and Lame are looking for a third who they are both into. Gronk has gone on at length about how V relationships, where one person has multiple partners and the others do not, are shit and stupid. so if Lame isn't interested in someone, Gronk doesn't get to get his dick wet (and Lame will never be interested because she's a straight, monogamous woman who pretends not to be in order to keep her husband interested lol).
since Lame said from the start that she had zero interest in Sam, and seemed pretty unhappy with Sam even staying with them as Gronk's friend and "cameraman" (for real, that is such bs. why are all his "cameramen" always young girls with no filming experience?), she was never an option for Gronk to fuck, which made him sad and mad.
neither of them could convince Lame to change her mind (see above: she doesn't like women), Sam gets the boot.

No. 488580

File: 1518993722715.jpg (55.29 KB, 1015x334, Screenshot_20180218-154035.jpg)

From the Blarghs new video of onions stream

No. 488582

Yeah I don't know why you guys are acting like Lainey is satan for wanting Sam gone. If your sketchy husband and father of your children brought strange women in your house would you really go out of your way to befriend them? Especially after your husband gave her your desk and ruined your table?

Lainey is a dumb, shitty person. We don't have to pretend Sam is some saint to make her look bad. It's disengenuous. Sam knew what she was getting into.

No. 488583

It's mostly because Sam is a hot, funny and generally likeable person. Yeah its a shitty situation to get into but at least she seems like a human.

No. 488584

Are we just forgetting this apparently all started with the same desk Sam claimed with a royal we that would be replaced? Good lord, this aggressive defense was barely warranted for Billie, let alone someone that witnessed Cuddlegate and was totally unfazed by what happened to her and every girl after. Is Greg garbage and ultimately the core of these problems per usual, after planting the seed when she was a teen? Yes. Is Lainey a disgustingly petty, vindictive, woman/self-hating bitch with no faith in her marriage (for several valid reasons)? Yes. No one not blowing smoke up Sam's ass is saying otherwise.

The very same could be said for the childwife, with actual weight? Boo-hoo all about (adult) Sam's rough booting from the mcmansion all you like, she's still a longtime fan of both and only changed her tune once she got fucked over personally. It's well-established associating with these people never, ever goes in a positive direction. How pointing that out makes anyone a discordfag or stan is beyond me.

What I really feel for Sam over is her actual home life. I can't imagine the level of misery one must have to come from to find a romp with the onions preferable. I'm glad she got out anything worse (???) than being properly paid for her work happened.

No. 488585

Sam told Real Stream that Gerg's interactions with her were platonic. She also said in a stream last week or so that neither him or Lame approached her on poly. She doesn't have a reason to lie about it at this point, so I believe her.

She also said she felt tension between her and Lame. I'm guessing Lame probably heard from Sarah, who frequents lolcow, about suspicions that Sam was a troll because she is obviously a farmer. Sam also said some interesting things in her streams about being interested in Gerg, evidently, and entertaining the idea of poly, though they hadn't approached her on it. She was likely trolling, but that would've understandably annoyed Lame. Sam also replied to haters and trolls, etc. Lame probably brought up her suspicions with Gerg.

Gerg got mad at Sam for something that she said on steam last week, though I don't remember what it was. The final straw was probably sharing troll V-Day images.

I'm surprised Sam stayed as long as she did.

This will only increase the paranoia in the Onion household, driving Onion further to isolation and disconnect from society, into his echo chamber of unrealistic ideas because he won't interact with others to gain perspective.

No. 488586

Sam is/was a Greg stan. By that measure alone there is something not right with her.

The writing was on the wall long before Sam showed up and she would've had to truly be an idiot to not realise it.

No. 488587

80% of people here have been Greg stans at some point.

No. 488588

>80% of people here have been Greg stans at some point

source needed

No. 488589

Lainey didn't need to pretend Sam was a troll to be paranoid. Her husband, a cheater, brought a strange woman into their house without permission. That alone is worth the paranoia.

Lainey can posture all she wants on younow and try to rewrite history concerning cuddlegate, but she knows better than all of us that Greg is a cheater. So her paranoia concerning Sam is absolutely, 100% justified.

Should Lainey just fucking leave Greg to save herself the heartache and stop being a pussy? Absolutely. But she is determined to make it work for god knows what reasons so the best she can do is defend her territory.

No. 488590

File: 1518994843632.png (445.86 KB, 813x826, Screenshot_20180218-165754~2.p…)

This is from REALstream news YouTube video about Lameo addressing the stolen goods. Why does her chin muscle migrate upwards?

No. 488591

File: 1518994870426.png (2.36 MB, 1920x1080, yikes.png)

New beautybot video

No. 488592

Years of pouting like a bratty child?

No. 488593

File: 1518994949877.png (532.88 KB, 710x536, wtf.png)


Agreed, her chin is weird AF.

No. 488594

Chin fillers?

Onion is already known to have botox so…

No. 488595

Is it confirmed? For now I thought it's just a theory…

No. 488596

Oh god what is she DOING, she looks like she is made of clay

No. 488597

File: 1518995322322.png (1.26 MB, 1722x913, case_of_the_missing_wrinkles.p…)

This speaks in favor of it, but Anons alluded to being the filters and lighting that cover up his furrows…

No. 488598

Its a theory. Onion wouldn't visit anyone like that. You know what he's like about doctors ect. He would never trust someone to give him botox

No. 488599

Maybe he searched up on google how to do it and bought the botox from online?
You know how he is about google being the magic savior for all his needs.

No. 488600


Its one thing when she says that she isn't a beauty guru, but wtf is that?? Its like she acts clueless on purpose. Her kids probably have nightmares about that face and that's why Billie saw them cry so much

No. 488601


No. 488603

File: 1518996659642.png (7.88 MB, 2208x1242, 66E74887-DF90-48DA-80EA-7E1A94…)

Sweet lord jesus, she really doesn’t look good at all in this video. It’s from her newest «Trying on my Ipsy bag»

She even says «and I got a lip balm - we all know I need that» lol. The amount of foundation caked on her lips is enough to suffocate a toddler.

No. 488605

I've never seen someone so naturally pretty fuck themselves up so badly with makeup and kids. SAD

No. 488606


Yeah its a filter. You can clearly see it in lameys new beautybot video how her wrinkles magicly dissapear and reapear throughout the video

No. 488608

File: 1518997872667.jpeg (38.68 KB, 700x344, smolfrogprince.jpeg)


No. 488609

File: 1518998066870.png (1.24 MB, 1136x640, IMG_7039.PNG)

Old man lainey :)))(Nitpicking)

No. 488610

File: 1518998155658.png (1.26 MB, 1136x640, IMG_7037.PNG)

Omfg :)))

No. 488611

File: 1518998604832.png (281.37 KB, 542x678, exluded.png)

Just noticed that sam renamed her twitter, Also in greases twitch (try not to give him views if you can guys) I noticed some of his sycophants asking for her to be banned such as Hiimasociopath and a couple of regulars even though she wasn't participating in the chats or the discord.

Thought it was interesting anyway.

No. 488612

human bodies, what are they.

No. 488613

Can any temp regs link the temp discord chat, please? I meant to save it last time it went down but I'm dumb.

To compensate for OT - Jaclynn Glenn and Social Repose are having another feud. He wrote a song about her saying "don't try to do to me what we did to Onision" in his recent Truce song, lol.

No. 488614


>naturally pretty


No. 488616

DO NOT use temp discord. Its a clique.

No. 488617

Wow, sounds like she's really broken up about what happened.
Greg fucked up. He had a chance with a pretty girl with the same interests and fucked it up because he's too much of a pussy to divorce his ball and chain.

No. 488619

No one likes you Keith. Go parent your children.

No. 488620

Ew no. This can’t be true.

No. 488621


Wasn't Lainey cleaning her kids toy trunk in a video,
and found her face primer in there ? On top of the stacks upon stacks of clothing in the laundry room that have yet to be cleaned.


>Mail order bride victim

Lol what ???
Was that there before on her info section, or is she implying that Onion basically bought/ordered her ??

No. 488622

how fucking old is she, 13? reminds of angsty tweens changing their msn or skype names whenever they got sulky about their internet bf messaging some other girl.

No. 488623

if things had gone to plan > ffwd six months and Lainey would have been booted with Sam and Greg together > no-one would be praising her.

it's nice to be nice to an information source but anons take it so far~ "oh how could mean lainey kick her out I hope she's ok".

No. 488624

You're forgetting that Grug is the type to not trust doctors just up until he specifically needs something from them, if Lainey wanted anything done he'd be all frowns

No. 488625

Plainey looks like she got the suds

No. 488629

At 4:28 theres a fly

No. 488630

Oh I never thought about that but it's plausible! There must be as reason for the weird face masks he wears from time to time, it's either botox treatments, rosacea/acne treatments or he's too lazy to put on makeup. Idk

No. 488634


Plainey probably fucking lost her own shit and just blamed Sam either out of spite or sheer laziness. The bitch found her fucking face primer in her children's toy box in her cleaning video.

No. 488636

She was before she started focusing on smol beanery and being a space prince.

No. 488637


100% what happened too, she called Greg's aunt (who is now confirmed as their cleaning lady) and asked if she had seen them and later found them in some boxes she had forgotten about. She regularly misplaces her own stuff and finds things she'd forgotten about. Their house is a pigsty.

No. 488638

File: 1519001419492.png (1.09 MB, 1656x908, crustypits.png)

this is probably a nitpick, but I can't believe greg would call billie's pits 'stinky' when this is this state of lainey's…they don't look too fresh if you ask me(nitpicking)

No. 488639

That's SUCH a shit thing to do! Publicly implying that someone might have stolen things without any proof whatsoever. Accusations like that stick to people no matter if they are proven guilty or not cause not everyone will check if the rumors turned out to be true and some will just believe lainey if they are fans. Lainey is such a snake, especially since everyone knows including herself that she loses stuff all the time, even expensive shit like a 3ds.

No. 488640

i think greg tried to make it a triad, and was like "if it doesnt work by valentines well send her home"

valentines was the count down to suk mi twice, which is why lainey was cold until that day

No. 488642

its easy to feel sorry for sam because she was nice. the whole situation is fucked, and if lainey wasnt a huge snake, everyone would be more sympathetic.

"this baby is a 4 out of 10, but shes innocent so i feel compiled to up that to a 6 out of 10."

No. 488643

I'm very confused about Sam.

She would mention in streams that her mother is abusive, and that she left her home to the Grease Mansion when she got the chance.

Now that Sam left the Grease Mansion, where is she now?

No. 488644

the table was already garbage, and it was gregs idea.

sam was scared of lame, so anytime greg could just say "lainey is ok with it" and sam wouldnt go check

No. 488645

She might have only followed Greg, but it’s far from being respectful of Lainey to ruin her shit. Greg does it on a daily basis though - he made a video with Madison where he plays the “character” of an abusive boyfriend who cuts his girlfriends hair and he uses Laineys wig which looked a little expensive. Lainey commented on it later and said she had no idea he used her wigs for that.

No. 488646

that isn't what she said at all, she said she left home at 18 and she's 21 now.

she's with family right now

No. 488647

temp has pondered this for ages, and so far has not come up with an answer

this looks like a character greg would come up with

No. 488650

i think only the metal gear comment was there before

No. 488654

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTecNBRRoCQ dressing theft rumors last night shes soooo smug

patreon stream where he says sam left because lainey has low self esteem at 4:19

No. 488657

its one of the fake whatamis

No. 488660

Fuck. Off. Greg is the classic example of too much filler and too much Botox. Go shill for this asshat somewhere else, like his Discord. You sound like you’re dying to suck his dick, plz go.

No. 488662

Seriously get the fuck out now. You are so blatant and no one here cares.(infighting)

No. 488664

Then take it up with Greg. This pearl clutching over a table that was ready for the dumpster is hilarious. It wasn’t Lainey’s nana’s table, it’s from fucking Target at best.

No. 488665


pretty sure most women would fit into kid's clothes if they were wearing a fucking binder that mashes their tits flat

also, Lainey has HERPES. who the fuck would want her fucking filthy germ infested makeup? fucking gross. she's a grotty bitch.

No. 488666

It was.
kek, who is Keith and why isn't he parenting his kids?

No. 488667


He clearly hates his wife, like dude at this point just leave if you're that unhappy.

No. 488668

Goddamn are those discordfags in the bg? So fucking annoying.

No. 488669

Sam is live on Twitch.

No. 488670



> "how much do I have to give you to bring sam back"

No. 488671

In that video he also says lainey never told him he can't do anything with B without them. Changing history again

No. 488672

They’re so incredibly incredibly toxic for each other. She drags him down because of low self esteem and he makes her feel like a worthless pile of dung regularly by insulting her and bringing in fresh meat. I bet she brought in Maya to teach him a lesson and he threw a huge tantrum because he wouldn’t be able to have fun with the fresh meat. He probably brought in Sam to “punish” her by having a young, attractive girl around and to continually feign ignorance about his true intentions.

If farmers weren’t around to call him on his shit, a cuddlegate would have definitely already occurred.

No. 488673


I agree.
At this point, they're only bringing in fresh meat to spite each other.

No. 488674

Fuck, is she okay?
Is she actually serious I’ll at this point? Now I feel the need to watch because these screens make her look very ill.

No. 488675

Fuck, is she okay?
Is she actually serious I’ll at this point? Now I feel the need to watch because these screens make her look very ill.

No. 488676

They’re the shit version of George and Martha in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? They’ll never destroy each other, but they’ll ruin the lives of anyone who comes into their orbit. Sorry for theatrefagging.

No. 488678

I feel like Greg might delete all Sam videos soon. Probably need to back those puppies up soon.

No. 488679

Every anon that is defending Sam sounds like Chris Crocker when he did that "Leave Britney ALONE" video.

No. 488680

File: 1519009045411.png (1.03 MB, 1448x747, dirty.png)

My skin is literally crawling. You can see (and hear) one of the children in her try on video and in another shot where the child was you just see this shit across the floor. Si that dog food or kibble? Seriously

No. 488681

lol be mad laineystan

No. 488683

Sam's 9 year old relative came in, well he's not in the stream at all, no one can see him.

He pronounced Shane Dawson and Shawn Dayson and said some funny stuff.
Like how he thought Onision was gay because in google images he saw Onision kissing boys, also thinking that Onision is a virgin, that kid is amazing.

No. 488684

Nein. What if I told you that Taylor and Greg are shitty people and that people defending Sam sound like Chris Crocker.

No. 488686

she's sooooper anemic but iron pills give her tummy aches :'( so she will just have to suffer i guess :'(

No. 488687

iron pills do that. you get over it eventually or ask a dr for an alternative that is easier on the stomach - I was recently dx with anemia and this is what a dr told me.

I wonder if she's actually anemic anymore or faking it for smol bean points. hard to say if she's really all that fatigued because she's lazy and does nothing anyway.

No. 488688

Oh my god she is so fucking stupid. There are iron supplements that don't cause tummy ache, but as usual lame gives up after one try. Her anemia will never get better if she doesn't take supplements! This can lead to serious health problems. And even having tummy ache for a few weeks is better than feeling tired all the time… Which makes me think it can't be that bad (yet)

No. 488689

Yeah I was about to say something similar. There are various other products you can use other than iron pills that don't hurt your stomach

No. 488691

But guys don't forget she eats fish again about once a month to get the iron her body needs!

No. 488693

I noticed something from the Blargh video, Greg made a thinly veiled threat against Sam. He said as long as she is not saying anything negative, he feels no need to say negative things about her or talk about why she went home. I feel like something bigger definitely happened than just the “stealing” or the retweeting… I wonder if Sam made a move on Greg but Grease being Mr. Honestyyyy didn’t want to do it bc he does realize that’s cheating if he doesn’t manipulate Lame into being okay with it first. That might not even be it though but whatever it is I think Grease has something he could slander Sam with based on his heavily implied threat. He was basically saying that as long as Sam plays nice and doesn’t talk crap, he won’t either. But what could he really say bad about Sam? He invited HER in.

No. 488694

He doesn't deserve to ruin a nice girl, why are you guys so broken up about Sam escaping? It was the best things that could happen. Her situation might be shitty now but she can plausibly escape it. With Greg she would be submitted to more emotional and possibly sexual abuse.

Lainey and Greg deserve each other, and with any luck they'll grow old and miserable together.

No. 488695

Yeah, I don’t doubt at all she’s anemic, her vegitarian diet from what we’ve seen via “onisioneats” or w/e that short lived Instagram was seems fucking awful. She’s also mentioned in streams before how she “forgot” to eat all day etc.
She does nothing to help her anemia….. if