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File: 1538992580110.jpg (519.77 KB, 1004x584, freakshowfamily.jpg)

No. 586025

Thread Image Credit: >>585645
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/579610
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregma/Gurgles/Lainey's Gay Husband (abbreviated to LGH)/Shreg/Ogreg/Anusion/Anus/Gregory Avaroe is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Taylor/Lainey/Plainey/Doormat/Greg's Straight Wife (abbreviated to GSW)/Lame/Taylor Avaroe, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

On the last episode:

>Still no public updates on the swamp trailer’s case, still active as of October 8th.

>Gregma has started reporting parody accounts for “impersonation” >>579689
>Greg makes a stupid “apology” (with half-washed makeup) on video for Billie, AJ and Shiloh. Reuploads the video detailing his “relationship” with Maya around the same time. >>579920
>Greg continues to whiteknight Jessie Paege (aka shitting on SR’s horseface), probably to get in her barely legal pants >>580135
>Makes yet another video challenging Shane to fight him. >>580342
>Lainey makes a video of Greg reacting to her “secret” tumblr account, calls her perfect since she’s totally into girls. >>580515
>Lainey takes offence at Shane’s Jake Paul series because she feels like he’s calling her husband a sociopath because people on the internet believe he is one. >>580951
>Greg confirms that Billie was the ex he sent the apology to. >>580973 Lainey probably cried about it. >>580992
>Sarah and Lainey have stopped following each other publicly on twitter, >>581060 Instagram, discord >>581078 and facebook >>581081. She does, however, follow Greg. >582369
>Lainey releases a Mask and Ask video that details a bit about their relationship. >>582987
>Gurg spergs about weed a few times. >>583420 >>583579
>Greg posts uncensored tits on youtube. >>584057
>Still acting as if he is a savior for sexual assault survivors, despite his history with sexually assaulting women. >>585186
>Still trying to start beef with youtubers far more relevant than he is. >>585316 >>585738
>Lainey posts “Am I A Transtrender” >>585354 and Kalvin Garrah releases a (respectful) reaction video. >>585483
>Greg, of course, bitches about Kalvin on twitter >>585744 and on youtube. >>585765 Kalvin gives no fucks about Greg and ends up getting blocked by Onion. >>585927
>Greg is currently trying to get his teen fans to validate his appearance. >>586013

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No. 586031

File: 1538997017159.jpg (164.46 KB, 1080x1079, IMG_4653.jpg)

Just checked his website to see what's going on over there.
What is he even doing anymore?
No one's going to buy this crap, and sure as hell not for $7.

No. 586032

File: 1538997246152.jpg (78.4 KB, 574x436, no more character.jpg)

I just realized hes not calling himself Character anymore.
He changed his Twitter handle to Gregory.
He did the Goodbye video for his character vlogs channel a couple of weeks ago.
He hasnt uploaded a new video to his Character "New Channel" in over 3 weeks, actually this upcoming Thursday will make it a whole month.

Is this whole stupid ass Character thing finished?

No. 586033

lol how pathetic

No. 586034

what's even more pathetic is that there are a couple people who HAVE bought them.

No. 586042

I'm almost positive that he was uploading on his Character channel in order for his community strikes to expire on his other channel.

No. 586046

File: 1539004254878.jpg (57.3 KB, 326x558, bitter.jpg)

No. 586050

They all say 20 in stock, last update on them there were only around 7 left of him, with 4 or so of Lainey. And that took months to sell from I think 12? What on earth posessed him to make and try to sell more? Why top up to 20 when he barely made a dent in selling 10 over the summer? That's just such a stupid business decision, especially because I don't think he's advertised the restock. Not to mention these were supposed to be limited edition but clearly that didn't help sell them and also isn't the case
At least he managed to finally sell those rediculous Hawaiian polaroids it seems, though there were only 5 each I believe and that also took months to sell

No. 586051

File: 1539007642977.jpg (107.96 KB, 500x500, leprasy.jpg)

Since he changed his profile pic immediately after clowning his photo - here is a token edit

No. 586052

I bought one before I learnt what kind of guy he truly is

No. 586055

Sweet Jesus, we've got a live one here anons.

No. 586057

I’m sorry you’re a retard, anon, but thanks for sharing.

No. 586058

File: 1539009437691.png (49.79 KB, 1550x280, respectfulonisionfans.png)


Because your fans are sooooo respectful, right onionboy? This is one of many comments like it underneath Kalvin's video. If Kalvin is responsible for the views and comments of every fan of his, then so are you and Lainey

No. 586060

Just more proof that LGH's and GSW's fans are missing a few brain cells. Kalvin didn't even go off on her and tried to be as polite as possible (even though, if you watch the video carefully you can tell he was desperately trying not to call her a transtrender). They are legitimately as stupid as Anus.

No. 586067

File: 1539012557207.png (45.46 KB, 224x186, whineybot pt 2.png)

he's so triggered that kalvin has no interest in responding lmao

No. 586071

He's going to start sperging more cause everyone who he wants attention from is ignoring him. Shane, Jeffrey, Billie and now Kalvin.

No. 586072

He’s so starved for content. Lainey won’t let him have another girlfriend that would actually give him actual content so he has to grasp at straws to stir up fake and boring ““ drama”” like this.

No. 586074

I am b-e-g-g-ing for him to do more with Jeffree. Jeffree doesn’t suffer fools and won’t diplomatically ignore him like Shane does. Please Greg, go afer Jeffree a little more.

No. 586075

>>586067 does anyone have a mirror? I am not giving this cum stain views.

No. 586077

File: 1539014440473.jpg (208.42 KB, 1073x606, Screenshot_20181008-180101_Gal…)


Reupload of "A Message For Kalvin Garrah"


No. 586078

I hate how he uses examples of himself wanting to fuck Andy Biersack and random celebrities in there that divert from the point. I got lost trying to even understand what he was going on about.

No. 586080

Tin foily but does anyone think the reason Greg told her about the video and what’s in it is to control the message and prevent her from seeing the actual video? Kalvin is pretty supportive of her personally and mainly argues with some of the things she says rather than saying she’s an idiot or is personally bad. He’s also veeeery critical of Greg. I could see why he wouldn’t want her to see the video and instead tell her selective parts of it to hurt her and make her think the whole video was just Kalvin shitting on her and calling her a transtrender. Making her cry is probably just a bonus for him.

No. 586081

Did he seriously say he had a better place to talk about being trans than Kalvin?? lol

No. 586082

I don't think anything will happen. Jefree didn't respond to his sexual harassment claims, I think he'll just get ignored.

No. 586083

File: 1539014939765.png (101.09 KB, 1118x794, Screenshot_2018-10-08 A Messag…)

I don't have to say anything. These comments sums it all up.

No. 586084

oh i don't think it's tinfoily i think that was definitely his intention

No. 586086


It's pretty much "how to completely miss a point in nearly 9 minutes".
He's going on and on about Kalvin saying he hates having dysphoria.
Greg says he's transphobic because of that and that he can't accept his issues and that he's putting every trans person under normal people.
He also keeps on "forgetting his name" while giggling about it.
Peep that "you clearly don't care because you didn't cut out how you misgendered Taylor" when you could've cut out disrespecting him by calling him 'Kevin'.

No. 586087

Ty. His ability to talk down to literally anyone on issues he has no business even weighing in on is staggering. Telling trans people he knows better. Telling doctors he knows better.

No. 586088

It would be nice if Jeffrey's response to Greg was a lawsuit instead of words.

No. 586090

Greg is now a gay man all. We totally have to back off because he would probably sucks Jensen Ackle’s dick in front of WBC.

No. 586093

He's part of the elite lgbt club now

No. 586096

Lainey did convince him to admit he was gay becuase she isn’t a girl but he’s sexually attracted to her lol.

No. 586105

If Greg is gay then she is meant to be straight. She can't even keep up with her bullshit.

No. 586106

I am seething that he thinks that it’s kosher to bully this kid into silence.
Fight your own battles, Plainey.
Stop letting Greg co-opt every single part of your identity. He’s just using you to cling to some kind of relevenancy since he’s been literally shunned by everyone on YouTube.

No. 586108

Tinfoil, but not that much of a stretch, I reckon Shane has told people he collabs with frequently who would know Onion to just ignore him. Also that he did the first Jake Paul with iNabber and supporting JSB, he's clearly aware of Onionboy cringe.

I want to believe that Jeffree has been high af with Shane and made fun of Onion how could you not? J* met Shiloh I don't think Shane did so I'm sure he would have asked about the meeting how could you not?

No. 586109

taylor is too much of a doormat. of course the only person she has to rely on to fight for her is this flailing flip flopping man child she is gay married to. shes too sensitive to be anything big on the internet and isnt tough enough to look at a comment and brush it off. her life is crafted around comfort. not trying, doing whatever greg says and living in her weird hugspace of a mind. shes so developmentally stunted its almost embarassing.

No. 586110

but anon, she can't control what her husband does! even when it relates directly to her and is hurting someone else!

No. 586111

Overall it's not pretty gay to let your husband fuck you in your vagina.

No. 586116

Anyone else notice he accidentally used copy paste this time when making comments with his fake accounts?

No. 586117

No. 586119

He looks like Rocky Dennis from the movie Mask, but uglier.

No. 586120

File: 1539023014258.jpg (1.51 MB, 975x4437, KTxkjww.jpg)

No. 586121

File: 1539023064372.jpg (978.5 KB, 1126x4001, q1WiKbD.jpg)

No. 586122

File: 1539023113550.jpg (761.62 KB, 2243x3999, if3J7DN.jpg)

No. 586124

File: 1539023154175.png (929.69 KB, 1126x1334, FABb6yW.png)

No. 586125

File: 1539023290915.png (488.49 KB, 1498x2668, eAqXwbR.png)

No. 586126

File: 1539023489935.gif (1.43 MB, 320x180, milk.gif)


No. 586129

Is this why sarah left or is this mildanxiety?>>586120

No. 586130

He uses the word "gaslighting" in this video…god, he's evolving. Before long he'll be using all kinds of psych jargon he picked up from the internet (incorrectly) and his dumbass viewers will think he's a goddamn genius.
He also still has the tag fastener attached to his jacket. You'd think he stares at himself enough to notice.

No. 586131

File: 1539023904392.jpg (19.49 KB, 370x398, 1489040582763.jpg)

>and he automatically grabbed me and kissed me
And that chick puke? At all? That's some constitution.

No. 586134

It looks like these caps are from Maya, the girl Greg tried to carry around and creeped out.

No. 586137

File: 1539024244195.gif (3.59 MB, 400x253, hehehehe.gif)

>he automatically grabbed me and kissed me
>they didn't get me anything so they gave me the extra presents that they had
>he said something about proving the IRS wrong and that he was able to make a ton of money to afford it all

No. 586138

File: 1539024277697.jpg (10.43 KB, 325x319, AzYiNDU.jpg)

>i miss you i wanna run away with you

holy shit THE MILK

No. 586140

They've flown out a bunch of patreons too though.

No. 586141

Man these text dumps make Greasy look even creepier and clingy than he originally was. I guess when it looks like Satan's shit took a shit on your face and personality, you're going to cling to whatever attention you can get from a pretty girl.

No. 586143

This is a stone-cold atrocity, between Lainey not even greeting their guest, Greg assaulting her, treating her like a nanny fucktoy while she's grieving, gaslighting her, and then guilting her for not buying Lainey's bullshit… wow

No. 586145

File: 1539024625908.png (164.03 KB, 750x1334, sa7sqiZ.png)

Bonus sperg

No. 586146

Anon accidentally left her name in one of the caps. Plus it all lines up with someone trying to be with only Lainey and then Grundle inserting himself.
Man, this is fuckin' WILD. Poor Maya. She really comes across as being pretty sweet and innocent in these, and just horrifically creeped out by an old Frankenstein-looking man who wouldn't take "I'm not attracted to you" for an answer…

No. 586147

File: 1539024704472.png (22.17 KB, 582x221, unknown.png)

meanwhile, greg is sperging at trans people.
ooh honey you got a big storm coming, Gregma.

No. 586148

Damn she was smart enough to know his tactics, but dumb enough to go see Blamey.

No. 586150

File: 1539024839988.gif (518.15 KB, 237x157, 76876354.gif)

>started listing all these hate blogs
oh but he totally doesn't pay attention to the haters

No. 586151

>I didn't say that!
>You did, I still have to convo
>Well, I didn't mean it like that then!

Peep that gaslighting, Taylor.

No. 586152

The best part is that finally Lainey had a gf who wanted only her, and her sour attitude and loyalty to her rapist husband fucked it up.

No. 586153

This sounds like Greg with the threatening tone and trying to use teen lingo but using it not right. People say “v” for very a lot but not “p” for pretty…

Also getting offended when she says she likes Lainey but not Greg? It looks like him taking it personally.

Not based on much but a hunch.

No. 586154

holy shit… Greg sexually assaulted that poor girl.

No. 586155

No. 586156

peep laineys victim complex gottdamn. thank you anon lmao

No. 586157

Look at Lainey just expecting, no, DEMANDING this poor girl accept her "apology." No consideration or care for her feelings. She and Greg really deserve each other, they're BOTH gaslighters, abusive cunts.

No. 586158

Just in time for Lainey's big girl birthday!

No. 586160

may it be milky and full of totally everyone elses blame but her own. pt bless

No. 586161

In Lainey's stream at >>578005 she talks about how Maya sends her love songs and "flirtatious" texts about how they were so cute together, but sometimes acts disinterested.
In >>586122 Maya says Lainey constantly sends her messages saying she misses her, wants to run away with her, and sends her love songs, and Maya responds just to be nice and has never wanted Lainey back.
So…Lainey is reading way too much into Maya's responses to her, in other words? Totally romanticizing and idealizing the conversations in her head? Forgetting entirely that the poor girl wanted nothing to do with her freakish sexually abusive husband who is mean to children and looks like a monster? Ohhhhh the hilarity!

No. 586162

I can't believe Onion can't even carry his son in a Mario game and blames him for losing. He's fucking 4 years old Greg you fucking suck at video games and you do fuck all else, your son is going to be so embarrassed by you in a few short years.

No. 586163

The saddest thing about this milk is that it confirms our worst fears. The kids will not be exempt from his rage.

No. 586164

File: 1539026206323.gif (694.17 KB, 450x327, milk.gif)

Since Gregma will try to delete his video, here's his video about their "relationship:"

Here's him showing their texts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtEV8Eofo24 (sorry for not embedding)

No. 586165

Good thinking anon!!

No. 586166

Trot will most likely be able to retain pretty vivid memories at 4 years old like the Christmas Eve Dad drove to the airport while Mom put us to bed and waking up to another random haired girl for Christmas morning and then later learning the reason they can't remember much of their Dad in the morning was because he was harassing Maya to get ready quicker after forcing himself on her.

Just another Perfect Onion Xmas

No. 586167

But at the same time Lainey was super creepy and weird like ????? Hello Lainey can you act like a normal human being that at least says hi to people? And then all those text and photos … take a hint laineythot

No. 586168

Lainey is literally fuckboy tier


>check out my ink lol
>(collarbone selfie)
>wanna b friends ;)
>is that a yes
>you don't want me? DUMB BITCH

No. 586169

>no response
>is that a yes?
his grease has rubbed off on her

No. 586170

File: 1539027232182.jpeg (191.77 KB, 750x801, 31EC721C-11A0-4DDC-B150-6CF9DA…)

Wanted to update y’all

No. 586171

Lmao him showing texts to prove Maya liked him are the times Lainey was using his phone to text her. Such a smol ego for such a smol man uwu

No. 586172

>He like dissects you tries to go deep into your past and then tried to use it against you

That explains how he got Billie to tell him she was raped and forced to get an abortion

>Whenever you're talking about something bad that's happened to you he starts to smirk

Jesus Christ that's pure sadism. This guy is scum, even worse than I imagined

No. 586175

holy shit!!!! scum of the earth spin doctor, thats the one from his vid

No. 586176

Would bet an arm that Lainey made up the past relationship feel completely when she saw an opportunity with a young naive girl. Pretending she felt the same when she probably was texting a bunch of girls at the same time…

No. 586177

>Clearly you don't know him at all. If he did insane shit like that I probably wouldn't still be here that's p abusive


No. 586179

Praise the milk gods…this is amazing. Thank you anon, thank you.

No. 586181

I'm guessing that's how Greg obtains consent during sex too.

No. 586183

She talks like a niceguy. I didn't know how MUCH dislikable Lainey actually is.

And I'm happy for the milk but… poor Maya's probably gonna get harassed again because of it.

No. 586184

That has to be grease posing as Lainey. He always uses her to pretend he isn’t as crazy or abusive as he actually is irl. Lainey would stay with him despite the abuse and wouldn’t phrase a defense like that.

No. 586185


Here's the rest of the texts

No. 586186

>even if i threatened to leave him he wouldn't take the video about you down

marriage goals everyone

No. 586188

nothing says solid marriage like "im with him because if i left he'd have ammunition to ruin my life with"

No. 586189

File: 1539028521206.jpg (38.56 KB, 745x857, creep.jpg)

No. 586190

fucking barffff
i dont buy for a second lainey "borrowed greg's phone" and then had a conversation with maya on it. all of that was greg i reckon

No. 586193

So, he showed no signs of romantic intentions to her, then one morning suddenly asked her if she wants to be poly with them and instantly kissed her out of nowhere. Who does that?
I feel so bad for Maya. First she got harrassed by this creep when he was forcing himself onto her and now he will make 500 videos about her and never leave her alone again. The onions are fucking predatory as hell, I have no words how fucked up they are. Lainey is as bad as him.

No. 586195

Everyone's saying that was obv Grease but we all forget Lame is molding into Grease 2.0. Their facial expressions are identical by now, they both are creepy narc fucks, and they both enjoy preying on girls. Lame, probably less for herself, more for her greaselord husband. You don't give Shreg attention, he throws a bitchfit, same with spoilt Ms Space Prince uwu.

No. 586197

13 tweets and a half dozen retweets in the last hour alone, he is sperging today..

No. 586198

No romantic, only sexual. He views people as objects.

Tbh I think he was used to Billie and was like well it worked with her so lets just get back to the setup where I get to sleep with everyone without consequences. He forgot that it took a lot of manipulation and time to get to the “trinity” they had last time.

No. 586199

I REALLY hope Sarah leaks. She can leave the kids out of it but she’s really seen some stuff with those two.

No. 586202

How did all those screens got leaked ?

No. 586205

Just checked KF … Legend goes an anon has talked to her. Haven't read this here, though.

No. 586207

Holy shit, his lgbt sperging is out of control. He has legit lost it. Also the lovebombing of his wife who we all know he hates, he is 100 fucking percent using the shit with kalvin to distract everyone from him assortment of fucked up behaviours. We see you, Grot.

No. 586208

File: 1539030270893.jpg (97.39 KB, 645x729, LVnuH0S.jpg)

No. 586209

File: 1539030462761.jpeg (34.79 KB, 1125x419, DoNfonkU8AA0HJb.jpeg)

Lol I might be reaching but that "goodnight" in the end gave it away that it's grease posing as lainey That's something he always does, sometimes he says "have a nice life" or "goodbye" as variations. The email he sent Billie as an example, he did the same in the dms he sent Madison after he dumped her as a friend

No. 586210

5:05 in first video.
>there's more details but I don't think they need to be revealed, um, because they're kind of boring and irrelevant. like, it's more just stuff about like, hugging a person and them saying you know, 'I don't like you hugging me' or whatever. and it's like, ugh, ugh, I hug guys, you guys. I hug guys and it's great, you know. I mean, wow that was kinda gay [HYUCK HYUCK laugh]

No. 586211

Nice catch anon. I wonder how many messages were actually lainey.

No. 586212

I thought the same thing, anon. Lainey doesn’t like conflict and isn’t direct in the same way. He does a hallow threat of “goodbye” when he doesn’t get his way when trying to pressure someone into doing something.

No. 586214

File: 1539030655723.jpg (19.45 KB, 458x131, TLsbg7K.jpg)


No. 586216

Fucking frankenstien Neanderthal looking ass

No. 586217

Without Sarah to keep watch and report back to them, I wonder how long it will take for them to hear about these leaks?

No. 586219

they've been awfully quiet for a bit.

No. 586220

lainey 100% reads lolcow, i do not for a second believe they have the self control to just rely on sarah to give them the info

No. 586222

I’m sure one of his patreons will tell him. He also doesn’t have the British girl anymore right? I think she had a thread in snow or something so she might see it if she’s reading up on herself but I’m pretty sure he burnt that bridge months ago.

No. 586223

>when I didn't want to kiss him back he screamed at me for a solid half hour

Wow Greg… you are pure scum.

No. 586224

>I didn't tell Lainey Greg told me he loves me

Wow, Maya is too nice for them. I wonder if Lainey even knows

No. 586225

They are gonna be so pissed when they see these lol, but at the same time it's so glorious. He doesn't have as large of a fanbse as he did around the B time so literally barely anyone is gonna side with him. And this time, not only do the leaks out that he treated another girl like shit, they also out that he treats the children like shit too.

Damn, the land bullshit, Kalvin's video, and now this. It's like an early Christmas up in the swamp.

No. 586226

He probably snapped when Lainey was bragging about the kiss. He lay awake all night on Christmas Eve seething that he didn’t get a kiss. Then he snuck away from Lainey and the kids right at dawn to get in a quick bit of sexual assault.

No. 586227

File: 1539031532047.jpeg (132 KB, 640x383, CDB21138-1836-4CDC-85E7-27C6C3…)

Love bomb lainey? Check.
Try to solicit young bi girl? Check.
Feel smug and superior to Kavin? Check.

No. 586230

I'd wish everyone would come forward rn, like B, Sh, A, Sam, Shane, Blair and whoever else has been abused or slandered by Gregory Avaroe. I bet he'd have a heart attack for working overtime (well, once in his life, kek) and trying to make videos in reply to all of these whilst shooting himself in the foot for confusing details, only to expose himself even more.
Well, Christmas would be mighty milky and mighty early.

No. 586231

Huge wall of text incoming, but here is a chat excerpt with her


i told lainey that i was hit by a drunk driver
which effects my memory
and makes me more anxious
and he used it against me
thats the moment i lefy
he tried gaslighting me
he tried being like " you dont remember what happened here"
and im like are u dumb
he like was preteneding to be concerened
he asked me to tell him about what happened
and inturruprted me when i was explaining
and was like " is this why youre mixing up events that happened here??" "and youre accusing me of doing things wrong"
and im like wtf
if anything its him that was mixing things up constantly
cause he cant keep up with his lies

i didnt even break up with lainey
and they turned it into this whole thing
like seeking for attention
accused me of forcing them to "take down the video of us"
i msgd lainey trying to reach out cause i got really depressed
cause a lot of things were coming down on me
and they made it all about them
i had to work and i couldnt respond
i was at work
and they kept calling me
and i finally went to the bathroom
to answer
but i bartend i cant just leave u know its really busy and im a main bartender
so i answered and im like "hey can i talk to you in a bit i want to explain everythign but im at work rn"
and they were like "stop dragging this on just break up with me already"
and im like im not trying to break up with you
and they kept being like do you want me to take the video down
and i kept saying no
and then finally they asked me so many times
i was like
do whatever you want with it
it was fully their decision
and when i tried explainig everything they just turned on me and was like
''stop accusing me of being a bad person''
and im like im not dude im just trying to reach out
then when i tried explaining it to greg because lainey was mad i didnt message greg
he literally said
"have a good life, bye"
and i was just like wow
theyre both so fucking heartless

i just dont want their name connected to me
my mom fonud out about it on her own
just by looking up my website
and i was watching lainey stream one time cause someone told me they were talking about me
and she was like

i remembered that i forgot to mention i spent christmas at gregs familys house
one of his cousins was shocked by the fact that its illegal to have a gun in canada
and i was so confused
full on being like "how are u gunna protect yourself"
im like what??
he was full on convinced you need to kill someone to protect yourself
i was shocked
greg was on his side
huge red flag to me
like his "comedy videos"
theyres always truth to that shit
he tries to play it off

hes a god in his own eyes
but i have never felt more threatened by a person in my whole life
just being in his presence scared me
he tries to disect you
thats why i wouldnt tell him anything
i was full on like "yo thats really personal and i dont feel comfortorble sharing that"
and he turned on me being like
relationships dont have secrets

another argument he had was how i should know his stance on his relationship cause he makes videos
but i havent watch his videos
since he said lainey wanted a girlfriend
and that he was ok to being in a vee
as long as lainey was happy
and still he didnt make videos about that till i was already there….
he called ,me prude too
cause i dont get w people right away
lainey was there
thy didnt say anything

i think the only time lainey defended me in front of greg
was when we had that long discussion
in their bedroom before the whole him picking me up and texting lainey incident
which is why i thought they were going to defend me when i texted them
but it was all an act
i was explaining how i cant feel that way towards someone right away
and hes like oh so you think im ugly
and lainey was like
no she feels soul connection
she needs to feel a soul connection to be with someone
and i was like thankyou lainey (finally)

and i also wanted to show greg how to show proper love towards someone
in hopes to change how he acts towards them and others
and lainey did say that since i came he has been better at dealing with their anxiety
because lainey had an anxiety attack while i was there
and greg woke me up in the middle of the night cause he literally didnt know what to do
he just like stood there being like
stop crying
and i came and held them tight until they felt better

did i mention he said i love you to me
the night i got there
i was like ….. ok?
didnt say it back obvi
i dont think he understands the concept of love
i find it kind of repulsive when people do that tbh
like ive been in long term relationships
and i know from experience
you cant love someone that fucking fast lmao
i never told [Lainey about him saying that]
i didnt think it was my place to say that
but we did have an argument about it
causei was explaining to him how i dont get physical with anyone right away
and i was like laineys the same way
im pretty sure you guys didnt move that fast
and he was all like
we fucked the first day we met

idk if REDACTED told you but when i was there my grandma died and i needed to be alone for a bit
so i went to the room they let me sleep in and i closed the door to take a nap
and just like be alone to cry and stuff
cause i didnt want to tell them or stress them out about it
i didnt want it to be their problem you know
so i just wanted to be alone
and so he came in
with troy in his arms
screaming at me
slammed the door open
slammed the door closed
i woke up all like confused
he came back started screaming something else
i dont remember what he was saying cause i was still confused
slammed the door again
came back again
and i started crying
i was like
omg no i didnt mean to hurt your feelings
i just need to be alone for a bit
and hes like
and i was just like
ok ok sorry ill help you set up your vr
thats another time he picked me up
sat me on his lap
and wanted me to help him set up his vive
so i started helping
and i couldnt figure it out
right away
and he was gettting angry
then i realized he didnt have it plugged in….
and im like really greg

the funny thing is he was saying the reason he needs to show my texts is because people were making rumours that i didnt like him
when hes the one that said it in his video in the first place

i didnt understand the whole time why he thought i would be ok with going strait into a relationship with him aswell
because i was ONLY talking to lainey
the only time he talked to me was through their phone
and like it wasnt even like i wanted to
i remeemeber lainey and i were supposed to have a facetime date thing
and then instead of lainey, greg answered the phone
and i had an anxiety attack

No. 586232

File: 1539031820257.jpeg (59.05 KB, 750x204, 77AA2B73-DD4F-486E-A296-C11C18…)

I don’t think you’ll be luring young girls anytime soon, Grease

No. 586233

I hope Maya’s okay in all of this. She did everything right and doesn’t deserve any harassment from Greg or his withering following.

It’s SO important that she shared this, hopefully it will save other girls from falling into his trap.

No. 586234

>they also out that he treats the children like shit too

He's probably gonna accuse her of being a terrible person because she mentioned the kids. He's gonna sperg for hours about how "you should never bring someone's children into this!!!" even though he had no problem talking shit about Madison's and Shiloh's babies

No. 586235

Grease's nasty, dumb ass using Maya's family and financial struggles against her during Christmas time to persuade her into visiting was really fucking low. I hope someone punches him in his croc mouth for that shit.

No. 586236

Fuck, AND he screamed at her with Trot in his arms? Jesus, he really does know no boundaries and needs those kids taken from him.

No. 586238

Holy shit if this is true…it’s worse than people thought.

Get the kids and get OUT.

No. 586239

I agree anon maya is a saint and a sweetheart, hopefully everyone here can be respectful to her.

No. 586241

File: 1539032382000.jpg (36.15 KB, 420x365, Screenshot_20181008-155632.jpg)

No. 586243

No photos of this chat?

No. 586245

Anons say this a lot but think of all the information she has on him. He’s probably done way more shady and horrible shit. Like he might say she was making the gender thing up and was a victim of sexual assault or something but I imagine anything she would have to share would be where he is the active villain being abusive and horrible.

No. 586246

I can't even decide what's my favorite milk of the year so far. It's hard to choose between the wetland destruction which is causing him to lose a lot of money and the Maya screenshots showing us again very detailed what a creep he is. Usually the milkiest things around the onions happen in winter so I wonder what's coming next.

No. 586247

Lainey, we all know you lurk here. You only have so much time before this effects and destroys your children FOREVER. They will grow to hate you and will never visit when they're older if your husband is still there. You're even walking on eggshells right now with T being 4/almost 5(?). If you're going to do something do it now or at least very soon. Please, holy shit.

No. 586248

>>586246 the wetlands thing is just being dumb but this stuff is actually revealing milk and shows how horrible and abusive he actually is. It also adds to a record of treating girls badly that hopefully will follow him when he tries to pick up new teen girls. I’ll pick sparing a young girl from him over some trees and bushes any day.

No. 586249

File: 1539032847642.png (195.99 KB, 599x451, GET HIM QUEEN.png)

someone already did it

No. 586250

You can also support yourself financially through your videos, child support, family support. Don’t let that stop you. You know the truth of who he is and no amount of you trying to fill his void with love with save him. He will continue to hurt you and your children. It’s painful to admit but you know deep down.

No. 586251

She's NEVER going to leave Greg. She believes that their relationship is normal because she's never been in a normal relationship that wasn't ruined by her psycho husband. I don't doubt that she cares about her children but I also don't think she understands how being around greg will impact them.

It really is unfortunate but it's very clear that she won't listen to anyone on the subject. If she wanted to leave greg she'd probably have to quit youtube too, find a real job, move back with her family. She isn't going to do any of that.

No. 586252

Idk anon, I think she's so far deluded (and shitty herself), that she sees his worst aspects as just being annoying quirks, not the blatant abuse that it is.

More proof that her "degree" isn't worth the paper it' printed on.

No. 586253

There is some credibility to this even though there aren't any screenshots.

In Blamey's "Ten Things I Love About Onision" video, Madison(as Onion) kept coming back repeatedly just to say "fuck you". That seems like what happened with Maya too.

No. 586257

This. And hopefully his patrons will finally realize that he will never ever be with any of them because he wants girls quickly. If you've been around him for 3 years and he's never been after you actively, it's not going to change. kek.

Tinfoil: M and Kalvin are in kahoots to rip him a new one.

No. 586261


She might not. There was that woman whose abuser scalded her with water and she died from it without telling anyone he had done anything but there are also cases where people have a moment where something clicks and the leave. Idk.i don’t see her leaving anytime soon but I don’t want to say she never will especially for the kids sake….

No. 586262

File: 1539034178885.jpg (14.48 KB, 236x314, 129e2bfc8c992ffea9dba0555a10df…)

No. 586263

File: 1539034257127.jpeg (240.25 KB, 640x767, 5AD6233A-0AD3-4641-963D-D6E53D…)

No. 586265

>he looks like a FUCKING MONSTER
>like I don't find him attractive WHAT SO EVER

Imagine his fragile ego shattering as he reads this, he already got super offended when she rejected his kiss but here she's straight up saying she finds him ugly. His narc rage is gonna be juicy

No. 586266

Hold up, Fullscreen claimed it? What? Lainey and Greg have some sort of thing with them??

No. 586267

Do you remember how hilarious it was when he got depressed and fake suicidal because she didn't find him attractive?

No. 586268

What I don't understand, it says claimant = fullscreen, inc. Isn't that a huge network? Or can Greg make a claim in their name when he detects copyrighted music?

No. 586269

I don't think M and Kalvin are in kahoots but I think she could've seen Kalvin respectfully disagree with Lainey but tearing Obesion a new one, so she thought she was ready to share. I mean after all the screenies seem old, maybe she told someone she was ready to share them or something?

No. 586270


No. 586271

One of them is likely repped by Fullscreen.

No. 586272

i thought grease got dropped from fullscreen?

No. 586274

I just want to clarify that Maya didn't intend to share her story with the public. She shared her story and the screenshots in a small group chat and I decided that it was too important to sweep under the rug, she wasn't going to say anything out of respect for Lainey.

No. 586275

I'm so tired of everyone trying to protect Blamey. She didn't and doesn't care about any of them enough to defend them when her husband attacks, so why even bother trying to protect her bland ass?

No. 586277

Same, she outright refused to protect Maya from Greg and has shown time and time again how 2-faced she is. What has Lainey ever done to deserve anyones respect?

No. 586279

Lainey manipulates people into thinking they should protect her since she's being abused. I can understand why M didn't want to come out about it.

No. 586280

You've seen the messages. She's just very sweet.
And remember Greg had to wake Maya up to calm Lainey down during an anxiety attack. She was even hoping to help Lainey stand up for herself more. She clearly pities her.

No. 586281

File: 1539035179315.jpg (740.05 KB, 1564x1564, creepy.jpg)


Here's him showing the kissy face cap.

No. 586282

Why does the kissy emoji show as not delivered?

No. 586283

File: 1539035290580.jpg (864.85 KB, 1564x1564, dupersdelight.jpg)

Another cap for posterity

No. 586284

I don't just mean Maya. I mean every girl who goes there and doesn't speak out because they feel like protecting a sorry piece of shit like Blamey.

No. 586285

Oh my fucking god, Kalvin went OFF.

No. 586286

Jesus that fucking smile. He's enjoying this shit. Scumbag.
It means it wasn't sent to her lol

No. 586287

Looks like he tried to send one back, then maybe realized it was for Lainey and somehow stopped the text from delivering?

No. 586296


Lainey is repped by them, iirc

No. 586298

He looks so fat and ugly in these screens how the fuck Maya didn't barf into his mouth when he kissed her I don't know. He looks like a fat 40 something year old drunk

No. 586299


No. 586302

File: 1539036301237.jpg (453 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181008-230453.jpg)

He must be telling the patrons the milk is fake

No. 586306

File: 1539036566873.png (101.03 KB, 324x346, babycarrot copy.png)

Small dick energy Greg.

No. 586309

Wow! This guy is really a sociopath.This is insane,can you imagine what Sarah has to say about them as well? Come out girl,we have your back!

No. 586311

Foot is as predatory and manipulative as her husband, she just hides it a little better. She doesn't deserve to be protected, if anything she deserves the same type of criticism he does

No. 586318

I agree. Her language is just like his. A chapter out of NPD playbook.

You're special, I love you, noone understands me like you do. Pay attention to me. It's not my fault. Why is EVERYONE against me. I'm not wrong. You don't like me anymore? Well fuck you it's your fault. You're the bad one, I'm the victim,I never liked you.
Hey, bae, I miss you kissy emoji

Fucking repulsive.
Hurry up November. I want him dirt fucking poor, she will leave him and go back to her parents because she has no credit or finances and be forced to own up for being a piece of shit and raise her poor innocent abused children.

No. 586321

Wow, she never actually cared about Maya. It's obvious when recently she was saying how she missed Billie. Was she even upset over Maya?

Does she just not believe that Gerg forced himself on Maya or something? And that she is lying?

She got that upset over those supposed emails, remember anons? Said to send her proof of it, but him literally forcing himself on this girl was nothing? What?
She can leave with her children whenever she wants. She deserves whatever is coming to her at this point. She's toiling with young girls with mental illnesses just as badly.

No. 586325

The fact that he calls it "anti-onion" gets me the most

Kek, he's accepted it

No. 586328

"im pretty sure you guys didnt move that fast
and he was all like
we fucked the first day we met"

This gives me the creeps. How can you be so out of touch with how romantism works. Its also kind of sad for lainey

No. 586332

Also, calling her prude for not wanting to have sex immediately is the same tactic he used against Billie when he tried to "convince" her to let him chain her up in his basement by calling her boring. Manipulative scumbag.

No. 586336

Didn't Onion call Luxymoo sexually repressed for not being interested in a 3way relationship with him and Lainey?

No. 586337

he called luxy “sexually dormant” too. im sensing a pattern

No. 586338

But at the same time he gives people shit for booking up?

No. 586339

File: 1539039978656.jpg (723.41 KB, 770x2021, Dormant.jpg)

Heres a cap of her post

No. 586343

Literally an outing belly button

No. 586351

jesus, the tone of these messages is so fucking manipulative. "you really think so low of me", this shit is manipulative as hell. disgusting. greg really has rubbed off on her in the worst possible way.

No. 586354

>I don't think you realize how abusive he is to you, Lainey

Another nail in the coffin of "Greg is totally different in real life! You don't know him!"

No. 586358


>>is met with silence

"is that a yes?"
>>continues messaging a person who obviously no longer wants to talk
>>messages them naked selfies showing off a tattoo

This bitch is creepy as hell, what the fuck.

No. 586359

I think maybe the person deleted their responses. not sure. it seemed like the conversation was a little one-sided around there

No. 586360

Oh come on, Maya is an idiot too. She didn't deserve this, few deserve spending time with Grease and his doormat, but who the hell develops a crush on Lainey? She saw into her soul? I mean I guess where else are you gonna look for anything positive on her. Greg clearly uses Laineys phone to converse and Lainey doesn't give a shit. What young person sees a mom with a 1 and 4 year old, hanging out most likely between them in the back of car and thinks, what a cute time to kiss?

Anyone who gets involved with them gets a huge side eye from me. What were you gonna because 20 year old stepmom Maya?

And tinfoil, Greg and/or Lainey set up the late night panic attack to try and get something going with Maya….

No. 586361

The desperation. This girl was lucky to get away.

No. 586362


No. 586363

Lainey must be the emo lesbian version of what Greg was to social awkward teens in 2010. We'll never see the face time recordings between her and her conquests, and she seems to evoke this weird empathy from her prey that they stay weirdly loyal to their 'early days'.

Like I never understand how anyone would be attracted to either of these cunts but weird things happen everyday. Maya got out of that mess anyway, let's just indulge in the milk

No. 586367

you have to remember that people who pursue/are pursued by the Grease fam are usually a mixture of naive and troubled bg

No. 586368

This. Grot and Thot literally prey on those who have 1. Mental problems. 2. are extremely naive. or 3. Both

No. 586371

Not to distract from the topic at hand, but I'm watching Shane's newest Jake Paul video release, and in the beginning where he's showing a montage of feedback from other youtubers on the series, he shows like a two second clip of Joy Sparkles. The tiiiiniest little "fuck you" to Onion, which I'm sure will cause much narc rage.

No. 586372

The fact that he never seemed to give a shit about laineys speshul gender identity until it became a way to attack someone on the internet to look good makes my skin crawl. Like, I'm not surprised, but it's just so obvious.

No. 586378

File: 1539043677774.jpg (49.74 KB, 600x442, tme3co1qa6q7k_large.jpg)

I thought the "Now Kiss" meme was just a joke.
Guess not.

No. 586380

idk if i can keep reading this its just going to get worse isnt it

lainey needs to gtfo and run to her parents

No. 586385

File: 1539044392164.png (425.33 KB, 587x662, chrome_2018-10-08_19-19-49.png)

No. 586386

File: 1539044414040.jpg (58.05 KB, 561x164, ZZLRo81.jpg)

what the fuck Greg

No. 586388

lmao he stole that sun joke

No. 586390

I know this is so OT, but lol at them being excited for iPhone features that are just the norm for Android.

I don't even know what to say. He's legit insane.

No. 586391

File: 1539044862482.png (169.2 KB, 650x266, apology my ass greg.png)

No. 586392

Really Greg? Since Maya said yes to being poly with you isn't she an ex then too? Seems like she has, like many others have said before that you are abusive.

No. 586394

I'm thinking the same. Taylor doesn't have much of an identity (that we see) so it's hard to tell what would actually be her.

No. 586395

shes whatever tumblr tells her to be

No. 586397

honestly, few things get me as angry at this jackass as him referring to AJ in this way. implying that she apologized and took back everything she said in her letter and wanted to reconcile etc. that didn't fucking happen, he just narcissistically misinterpreted her message of goodwill to him. it really gets me heated every time he talks about it and uses it as some kind of defense of why he thinks he's not a piece of shit.

No. 586398

big bruiser horse face becca got tossed aside, but he has tons of dense girls to read things for him.

i doubt he browses here himself because it requires reading more than one sentence.

No. 586400

Fatbecca has been shitting up that onionflakes thread with her vendetta against booty since she got kicked from onioncord. She's definitely lurking but no one cares about her enough to post about her. She's a sad idiot. Kek

No. 586401


And she pretty much revealed that she drips like niagra falls while she has Skype sex with that sylar discordfag

No. 586403

The resemblance to Chucky here is absolutely unreal. He really is the most disgusting piece of shit, inside and out. The thought of him doing the things M describes is simultaneously revolting and enraging. He is so fucking UGLY I'm triggered

What kind of a 30-something year old FATHER constantly posts uwu selfies and caters to social media? He can't use the "career" or "entertainer" excuse anymore, he'd be much better off getting an actual job. He does it because he literally never grew up past 13 and thinks anyone gives a fuck about the stupid bullshit that spews from his crocodile bitch mouth. Pathetic

No. 586404

no one cares, stop attempting to derail.

No. 586405

Remember how Lainey was so secretive to never reveal her network name? Kalvin did it for her. Now, I'm not saying to seek out the emails of FS higher ups and send them a note about why Lainey shouldn't be repped by them anymore and how bad it makes the company look. But if you did, she may be in deeper shit. Esp since her views have dropped so dramatically anyhow thus not even making them more anymore

No. 586410

what doesnt he do for himself

not literally, obv, since taylor is basically his mother only with sex involved

No. 586412

Wow, this gives some insight into the onions' recruiting process. From here on out I have no more sympathy with anyone who knows about Greg's exes and still makes the trip. Those poor kids.

no1curr onionfag, go pledge some shekels to king cuck

No. 586413


Blaire White
2 hours ago
"you have a very punchable face, homie"
i screamed

No. 586414

A lot of people hated Booty. Dating Pedolassie didn't exactly make her more popular and then to top it off Maxie blabbed on her feud with Shiloh to the others. Now off to the flake thread with you.

No. 586415

File: 1539047719753.png (339.56 KB, 750x452, gross.png)

No. 586420

Holy SHIT I love that this dropped right after the glorious outpouring of milk just a little bit ago. Beautiful.

No. 586423

M is a goddamn saint. Fuck Greg.

No. 586424

1) they're not likely to be entirely privy to it, mostly hear-say
2) gergles always tells them it's just the 'haters' so they're not likely to listen

again, remember the types of people he goes after

No. 586425

Look at that giant ass Frankfuck head and teeny tiny little slouchy shoulders. He's literally the physical embodiment of a classic kid stick figure drawing, but one with a freakish simian face smeared on it.

The M shit better blow back on him because fuck it's actually as bad and worse than we thought. Skin crawlingly bad. I still wonder how much he realizes though, like is this all rationalized away in his stunted Narc brain? And Lamey - let's be real she was room temp IQ at best to begin with, but has she been groomed/abused into pure mindless predatory retardation? Does she ever consciously realize what is going on? It's so weird

No. 586428

At this point Greg isn't likely to recruit any of the girls he's attracted to unless a crazy alt girl stumbles across his videos and doesn't give a shit about his well-documented history of predation.

No. 586434


omg,he takes a break from talking about men being falsely accused of rape to talk about his KINKS.

Greg, you're a transparent moron.

No. 586442

This is so fucking disgusting I don’t know where to begin. He is such a delusional fucktard. Whew.

No. 586443

>2 inch micro dick

I think you’re being a bit too generous there anon

No. 586444

Maya is lucky she got out before she had to sit on Anusion's greasy face while Foot sucked his 2 inch micro dick

No. 586445

Shit I had to delete and repost because of a typo but yeah, 2 inch is way too generous lmao

No. 586448

I'd love if that past lovers soul mate bullshit was something Lainey spun on Sarah too and for Sarah o read these since she lurks the threads and wake up to how Lainey manipulated her and spill some milk.

No. 586449

Lainey has kids and is married anon. None of this was/is realistic. They keep selling this abnormal setup to vulnerable young women.

No. 586451

Yeah- even if Taylor actually does want a sexual relationship with a woman (which probably isn't the case), there's absolutely no way that this could work without Greg getting involved. And even if Greg somehow didn't get involved, the relationship would still be doomed because nobody without serious problems is interested in a dysfunctional, lazy predator like Taylor.

No. 586452

lol, anon, you don't know about the romance of the hotel table, huh?

No. 586453

Excuse you anon! That's fake news! It was a desk.

No. 586454

It sounds like Maya didn't follow social media much. I dunno.

No. 586456

I apologize for my misspeaking. You are correct.

No. 586457

the amount of mental gymnastics this fuckhead has to do to come up with "a apologized to me and said they want my friendship blah blah blah" is astounding. fucking olympian over here.

No. 586458


I heard about the hotel desk lovemaking but I didn't know they did it the first time they met. Now I'm even more disgusted

No. 586459

File: 1539055205072.jpeg (367.79 KB, 750x930, 82772CF1-4215-4473-A682-08A302…)

Grot must be on the verge of a stroke

No. 586460

Picked her up from outside her highschool, she lied and told her parents she was going to be hanging out with friends, took her to a cheap motel, immediately had her do "sukmi" and fucked her on the desk.
This sounds like something you'd see on Dateline: To Catch A Predator

No. 586463

Wew lad literal child predator Greg Jackson.
>officer she gave me her number and sent me smiley faces it’s fine, be human!

No. 586464

Greg always fucks the first time he meets someone. That is why he always tells them he loves them immediately before meeting them.

No. 586465

>women I've dated
>gave me their number

No. 586467

this is real creepy when you read about her interactions with maya and it seemed like she wanted to go slow even if obesion wasn't there. he rushed her into everything so damn fast.

No. 586469

Maya's experience is nightmare fuel holy shit. I think the only part I found amusing was when he said she must be "star struck" by his presence - hoooooooooly delusions of grandeur Batman. Everything else was horrifying because Grugly is a fucking monster. Lame is a piece of fucking work too.

Do they really believe this is a safe, healthy environment for their children? Because I think getting a swat on the butt once and awhile is better than witnessing the verbal, emotional (and physical for all we know) abuse that those poor babies have to witness on a regular basis. I witnessed all that shit with my parents and it left me with anxiety, depression, and BPD. These assholes are so fucking toxic and evil - Yes you too Taylor. I held onto a shred of sympathy for you but it's gone. You have no issue with luring young women to be assaulted by your disgusting greaselord and make them out to be the bad guy when it blows up in your face. You both need some serious mental help but you block your ears and call it hate, well guess what bitch? ALL of your potential "girlfriends" thought Grundle was a narcissistic creep, but they just wanna hurt YOU right? Fucking hell I hate these twats.

No. 586471

File: 1539059076521.jpeg (332.08 KB, 640x1002, 4960E2E3-918E-4097-AD95-C2A428…)

Yes he is. He uses character in the discribion of his videos well bragging about collaborations with people he literally claims to be Paedophiles

No. 586472

I'm starting to think the only way young vulnerable girls will stop being baited by SpaceFoot is if someone (a known youtuber) takes her on and exposes all her shit like Smegma's has been. She has this weird wall of invisible protection because everyone just finds her pathetic.

She is, but shes also dangerous and the only thing in the Grease equation still reeling in victims. She needs to be fucking dragged so she cancels all her social media. No more sympathy bitch

Though it's scary to imagine how Gergle will treat her once shes lost that last bit of usefulness

No. 586479

Agreed, looked like she deleted some responses.I wonder what she said that she thought wasn't good to show others. Still good ass milk though.

It's sickening to me that YT doesn't just ban him. Groomers like him should have no place on a platform that primarily caters to minors.

No. 586480

File: 1539062875527.png (417.19 KB, 605x587, lurking lainey.png)

Looks like Lainey has been lurking.

No. 586481


god at the beginning of Maya's story I almost felt bad for Lainey because its obvious she is completely controlled by her psychopath of a husband. But then her messages to Maya making herself out to be the victim made me lose all that sympathy.

Now in the light of more info coming out about what a cess pool of a human being Gurg is and she wants to brag about him? GROSS. No one is jealous of you, Lainey. We think you are pathetic.

No. 586482

I’m gagging In disgust. In Canada this is known as the Rez engagement ring. It’s disgusting and childish! Wtf you’re a mother bitch

No. 586484

are you sure that isn't local to you? cuz between BC and PEI I've never heard that term before.

whatever you want to call it, who shows them off with pride past grade 10 or so?

No. 586485

Unless you're near somewhere with a rez, you won't have heard it. That anon is clearly from the prairies.

Can someone tell me what her gross video is cause I don't wanna watch this shit.

No. 586486

Bitch, why? Why are you proud of this? Your children are going to know what those are one day. You know that, right?

No. 586487

Looks dirty too, just gross

Seriously how disconnected from reality is she? That is so gross and not sexy whatsoever, in any way. It looks filthy and trashy af. Lames new pronouns are "trash" "pedo" and "trashself"

No. 586488

Wow that definitely proves that haters wrong that he still loves you bc he leaves hickeys what a grand gesture of love that is. Since some of your fam watches it I bet they are so proud of where you are today … showing of hickeys to bunch of hormonal teenagers in hope of getting validation for your unromantic, uninspiring and boring relationship

No. 586489

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hPPHYfPjJlxVdxdfKF1Jf1XwcVR6AVZa (WHAT HAPPENED TO MY NECK mirror)
To all the girls that still have hope, Lainey is never going to leave Greg. There's no point in trying to saving her. She only plays victim to manipulate you.

No. 586492

I’m assuming the kids went with but also fuck if greg and Taylor are literal child so who knows maybe this is a romantic holiday for them… hotel desk fucking and all

No. 586501


Would sage, but I'm in Alberta and I've heard it.

No. 586502

Their kids were probably in the back seat while they filmed this

No. 586504

yeg/Etown and Rez rings is what hickies are called. Way to shame teenagers for lacking self awareness. You seem on natives or teenagers. Which makes sense since lame was a literal child when the hotel desk fucking took place. Probably how she got her latest set of rings

No. 586506

we get it you narcissist desperate piece of shit, your husband gnaws on your neck like a rodent because he has all the sexual prowess of a virginal high schooler

No. 586511

When the therapist arrives at Shane's house they are discussing how sociopaths are rarely violent, mostly they are business minded and work hard to "be the best" and then, the therapist smirks like she knows she needs to be careful with what she reveals and then says…"and they also form their own religions…"
That was CLEARLY about Greg. I feel like this Jake paul docu is actually entirely about Greg, Jake is just the example they have to use instead of giving greg to publicity. I think the whole thing is a sly attack on gurg. And having Joy dipshit in the intro just makes it more obvious.

No. 586513

this seems completely genuine to me, it sounds just like previous chats

and it is honestly so, so, SO BAD. i knew he pressured girls into things, but this is on a whole another level? i've never seen a man behave like this

No. 586514

the way they insist on making vlogs while they're in the shower or bath will never cease to disgust me.

No. 586515

Adrienne is so strong. She has always spoken out and been open about everything, she deals with Greg's shit in a very sophisticated manner. If Greg treated me how he treats her my replies to him would be so angry I'd be unintelligible kek.
M too, is handling things with class and honesty. I'm so pleased she finally spoke out.

No. 586517

but is she okay with this being shared? i would be pissed, because this thread links her name to them more and she said she didn't want that, she wants NOTHING to do with them. and you know smegma will start pumping out videos harassing her

No. 586518

>I have no shame

We know, and you should be ashamed, you disgusting piece of shit. Taylor, since you’re obviously lurking, I hope that these threads really hammer home how much of an abusive, predatory, manipulative, disingenuous, selfish, filthy, ugly cunt we all think you (and your psycho narc husband) are. I hope you both get dragged to hell for the shit you’ve done and continue to do. Kalvin was too easy on you, he should have torn you a new asshole because you fucking deserve it.

No. 586519

File: 1539073244303.png (964.65 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-09-01-17-31…)

No. 586521

It's called a "shagger" in my part of England and only horny and idiotic teenagers do it to each other as a badge/proof of sexual activity.

It's completely pathetic and disturbing that her children see these marks on her. If he HAS to do it then why somewhere so visible? Fucking creep.

No. 586522

jfc sitting like this in public is so obnoxious. Good thing she doesn’t have any friends, imagine having to be seen with this cringe festival

No. 586523

On the return journey I heard their daughter. Y'know, when Gurg and Lame were swearing and discussing sex. Yeah. Then.

No. 586524

I fucking love it. I refuse to watch any of Shane’s videos because he is an insufferable twat but knowing that he is doing this makes me cackle with delight. Sadly I think Grot’s giant head is way too far up his own fat ass to even realise what Shane is doing.

No. 586526

The markings on the left side of her neck look like finger nail digs. Not scratches but like Greg dug his nails in deep, deep and hard enough to leave those crescent shaped marks. So not only is he biting her neck like a feral cat fucking some other gutter cat, but hes choking her and doing so with such force his nails are digging into her flesh.

We should all thank Lainey to be honest. Greg is allowed to play out his S&M fantasies with her in the bedroom, instead of abducting women and assaulting them.

No. 586530

Is anyone else here really hoping that more prominent trans youtubers make videos eviscerating Grugly for giving ~spiritual counsel~ to the LGBT community like the all knowing wise one that he is? Because this shit is on par with white people policing the word “nigga”. Gregory, stay in your lane you dumb fuck.

No. 586531

File: 1539075324886.jpg (61.39 KB, 1010x584, 786901232.JPG)

I grossed out when they were griping back and forth, indirectly complaining about oral sex and Lainey was whining
"well maybe if you did it more often"

Shreg confirmed for not liking to put his mouth on Plaineys sour vagina.

No. 586534

File: 1539075750501.jpg (192.92 KB, 597x608, all chin and smug.jpg)

i fuckin hate her smug face

No. 586535

Her smug repugnant mug is just as punchable as his #twinflamez

No. 586536

File: 1539076276097.jpeg (161.62 KB, 750x638, E94B3CA0-6BD1-475E-8C7D-D74C9A…)

Won’t go near Thot’s soggy, saggy clam and clearly lamenting the absence of Billie whose muff he was so desperate to chow down on (a muff she mercifully spared the trauma of coming into contact with his putrid face). No wonder he is crying.

No. 586537

File: 1539076452174.jpg (39.41 KB, 782x283, choker.jpg)

This 10 hours ago on his twitter! I've said it before, future Fred and Rose West in the making. These two are beyond sinister. I bet they play things out like a script, both as bad as eachother.

No. 586541

File: 1539077249553.jpg (10.72 KB, 238x178, rosewest1.jpg)

No. 586542

Shrug being unselfish in the bedroom? Yeah right. Not unless it's for fresh teen poon. Otherwise it's all Sukmi and rage fucking. Taylor needs to stay away from the cute young Tumblrina's and find a big butch lesbian with a 9 inch strap on so she can actually feel something down there for once. She can get her carpet munched too, and Grugly will be too threatened and repulsed to try anything while a real fish monger is staying at the swamp. Win win for Lame.

No. 586544

File: 1539077555939.png (862.8 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-09-02-28-30…)


Gurg at dinner, "This is my salad. That is a neck wound" as Lainey wiggles in her seat and stuffs her face.

No. 586547

File: 1539078137379.jpg (11.94 KB, 300x300, dahmer.jpg)

lamey out here lookin' like multiple different psychopaths

No. 586548

File: 1539078273924.png (844.06 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-09-02-37-06…)

No. 586549

File: 1539078412055.png (723.09 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-09-02-37-39…)

And she's sporting layers of weeks of bruising.

No. 586550

Their whole relationship is a win win for me. Either she has to admit that getting fucked in her vagina by her husbands micro cock feels good (and blows her "I'm a boi" persona out of the water) or say she hates it and faces his narc rage (and has to continue finding teen girls for him to sexually assult).

No. 586551

File: 1539078502053.png (897.82 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-09-02-38-17…)

"It's gotten to a point where we turn into demons sometimes."

No. 586553

I’m wheezing, top kek anon. Not that serial killers are a laughing matter but this is legit hilarious.
>inb4 someone tweets these pics at Grot and/or Thot and gets blocked.

No. 586555

God lainey talking about how shes 'hispanic' is so annoying. Anything to be seen as more a minority.

No. 586556

File: 1539078955449.jpeg (38.08 KB, 800x450, 84482F07-6B4B-4993-B5A5-35C942…)

No. 586557

Okay I really don’t want to be mean but how can Lainey be 24 and be a “vegetarian” and still have such shit skin? For people that brag about their diet and being healthy they sure have very shitty skin both of them and roseca can be treated if you’re just good to your diet, body and skin. And laineys outbreaks are just from pure nastiness, the bad caring of their brushes, the weird sharing and the lack of a skin care routine. It’s kinda necessary if you’re gonna cake your face every other day. That these two people think that have any high horse to sit on is beyond me when they are this lazy that they can’t eveb take care of the one thing that really drives them - their vanity.

No. 586558

Too bad she will always be white trash. Being 1/16 Mexican doesn’t make her Latina. Stupid bitch.

No. 586560

Every time they talk about their sex life it's so disturbing to me because there's absolutely no chemistry between them. It feels like I'm watching a kidnapping victim and their kidnapper talk about their kinky basement sex. Barf.

No. 586563

File: 1539080257438.jpg (96.34 KB, 493x626, Gregenstein_.jpg)

I dont know why I didnt notice the similarities before.
Maya was spot on.

No. 586564

maybe she keeps a tiny penis (but still bigger than gregs actual penis) in her inner mouth and thats the weird bump on her chin

part of me is hoping this is an edit because wtf

i feel ill

No. 586565

tammi's lil monster

No. 586567

May's mistake was giving too much ammo in her first message to Pedobot. Saying she felt a soul connection or that she was familiar to her. Lainey just mirrored her compliments back to her, she probably had Greg beside her vetting the initial hook.

The fact that Onion got involved and a plane ticket for her arrival the next day, and then Lainey doesn't even greet her until Onion's questioned her. Lainey has not intention of seeking a 'soul connection' her and her husband are grooming dumb girls to bed and nanny their kids.

No. 586568

And as a note to lurking patrons here's your proof how fast the Greasy Pedro's will move if they think you're a viable match. Someone tell Booty her love money to the pedos would be better invested towards her children's future.

No. 586569

The whole thing is so disturbing. WHy didn't Lainey pick her up andGreg put the kids to bed? Why didn't Lainey come out of her room and welcome M, clearly she was awake because she texted Greg. Then thenext morning, Not even saying Hi and just standing there staring in the kitchen until Greg shoved them into a forced hug…WTFFFFF?
The whole ordeal sounds like a horrific nightmare. I'm so glad M left after four days.

No. 586570

They're playing a game with the girls, that's why Lainey didn't bother to come and say "Hi" etc. There's a pattern, they (both of the sick fucks) come on strong and then reject. The young lady they have chosen will be anxious, out of their comfort zone and confused. Make them feel unnearved. And maybe they feel like they have done something wrong and need to make up for it.
Creepy as fuck!

No. 586572


they're obviously at a place where they took their kids, but like not even a mention of them? making it seem like two adults just go to great wolf lodge is uhhhh weird.

No. 586578

What's even weirder is that it's just them and the kids on the trip so this is the stuff they talk about in front of their children. Sex commentary and sex jokes and kinks and more sex talk. But like us haters commenting even on the existence of their children will impact them more negatively.. I don't think these two retards understand that a 4 year old is fucking conscious and aware.

No. 586579

They would say its because they're protecting the children from the haters.
But I see it more as them wanting to project a young couple vibe. And showing Lainey yanking their kids around the slides and pool, while Greg screams at the kids for running or making too much noise would ruin the visual they are attempting.
>just a happy boyfriend and theyfriend splashing in the waterpark and having a gay ole time

No. 586580

She looks like Rose West in this.

No. 586581

If Greg wasn't there it wouldn't have just been slow, but nonexistant. Lainey wants a friend. And there's no way in hell that Greg doesn't use Lainey's phone often to converse with the bait. I wouldn't be surprised if more than 50 percent of Lainey/Maya convos were actually Greg. Lainey can't be arsed to do shit that's not basic child rearing (read playing on her phone).

All M's talk about soul's sounds a lot like Greg and his soulmate BS. Im sure he loved pretending to be Lainey and talking about that.

No. 586583

Either they didn't bring the kids or there was someone to take care of them while they were showering, fucking and eating in the restaurant. Their kids are visible/audible near the end while the two are cursing and talking about having sex, so they have no problem discussing that in front of their kids. Nice. How are they not embarrassed for their kids to see this in the future? I also bet Taylor had to beg Greg for months to get this two day holiday to a…hotel and waterslide. I can't stand Taylor's talk about how she's "hispanic" either. You can't speak Spanish, you've never been to a country in South America and the closest you've gotten to hispanic food is Taco Bell. At best, she has a Mexican relative who she uses to clean her house, buy her things and take care of her kids but who she has otherwise excommunicated in favour of her Z-list YouTube cult leader.

No. 586584

File: 1539085553640.jpg (62.71 KB, 468x286, muckbang.jpg)

Both of them do, bwahaha.

No. 586587

Well, most women get bouquets, nice vacation and dinners in fancy restaurants as gifts because their partners love them, and Lainey gets … ummm… hickeys, Fiji water and frozen burritos. #couplesGoals

But hey, at least it makes her kind of specul!

No. 586588

Am I missing a cap? Where does it say he sexually assaulted her? An awkward kiss isn't sexual assault

No. 586589


Would sage, but I'm from Newfoundland and heard this. Just depends on if you live near a reservation or not.

No. 586590

Uh anon a forced kiss is sexual assault, She didn't consent to that.

No. 586591

Well if he has acne scars and botox injection marks, it's only fair Lainey has some scars as well. What else screams happy couple more than adding some scars (and bruises) to your partner?

No. 586592

I hate that this is making me side with Greg, but it sounds like a bit of confusion. She had just agreed to go poly with them, she didn't understand what he meant which is fair. However he thought she was agreeing to him. That doesn't sound like sexual assault, it sounds like an awkward kiss.

No. 586594

Agreeing to go poly =/= consenting to a sexual act.

You can sexually assault someone within a relationship. Just because you're with someone, doesn't mean you're entitled to their body. Your excusing him forcibly kissing someone as being okay, because they're "dating". It's not okay.

No. 586595

Ah-ha ha ha ha ha!!

He does have a Frankenstein shaped head.


And Maya called him ugly (to see) in person lol lol

>The markings on the left side of her neck look like finger nail digs. >Not scratches but like Greg dug his nails in deep, deep and hard enough to leave those crescent shaped marks.
>So not only is he biting her neck…
>but hes choking her and doing so with such force his nails are digging into her flesh.

See, with Domestic Violence, once the abuser begins strangling or choking the victim, it instantly increases your chances of being killed/murdered by your abusive partner….. by x10!!!!

Just sayin

See https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2573025/

Holy shit, is it Spooktober already, because these are some bomb ass treats!!!!!

Greg is such an abusive shit, he's legit psychopathic insane.

Of course your face is hideous Greg, its an abomination of pustules.

Those poor kids. Those poor dogs. Those poor neighbors.

No. 586597

Lainey likes to come off as uwu subby widdle princess uwu but 10 bucks she doesn't even like that shit. shes just desperate to please her abusive husband while thinking anyone would be jealous of knowing she is fucked/"marked" by onion.

spoilers, Lameo, literally no one but 13 year olds and maladjusted broken adults want to fuck that walking zit you call a spouse. the vast majority of adults have sex. you boning a never was who still leaves hickeys on your neck like he's 16 is not impressive.

No. 586599

At the end of their trip they showered together, so… either they showered with their kids (which is creepy considering they were both naked) or they made them wait somewhere

No. 586601

1) She never agreed to be with Greg, she thought she was exclusively with Lame and had no interest in Gergs, did you not read the many times she states this?

2) She had also told them she wanted move very slowly

3) Even ignoring the top two; consenting to being in a relationship isn't the same as consenting to a sexual act, much less when it's from someone you're not romantically involved with

Again even her account of it she states she was extremely uncomfortable with the kiss and with the other two instances of him being physical and manhandling her

No. 586602

Her grandma is Mexican. And she indeed came visit them only to do laundry, clean and organize their cereal…

No. 586603

I think she’s proud of the marks too but it also might ward off potential girlfriends for Greg so that’s good for her too. Not a lot of people would look at a bruised up neck and think yeah I want that to be me…..

No. 586604

Instead of calling the kiss sexual assault let's just use the literal phrasing of when he forced himself on her

No. 586606


No. 586608

He also got agressive and screamed at her for "a solid half an hour" according to her words when she rejected the kiss, he definitely felt he was entitled her body, that creepy fuck.
It's funny how he claims he respects women's consent but verbally abused a girl he barely knew cause she felt uncomfortable kissing him

No. 586609

>Okay I really don’t want to be mean but how can Lainey be 24 and be a “vegetarian” and still have such shit skin?
Eating Shreg's ass or sucking his tiny peen does that to her face probably. That and living in filth. I mean we all have seen how downhill it went with Billie's skin as well when she stayed over at the mac mansion. I think that's just a thing that happens to whoever gets too close and stays too long in their house. I mean Billie looks so much healthier with gorgeous skin since she left. And Lame even had skin that was a lot better when she was only gone from the swamp for like a week or so. But her skin turned back to bad just moments after she was back home.

No. 586610

She had hardly spoken or spent anytime with him. Yes she agreed to go poly and even if that meant in Greg's mind a "triad" it's still not ok to just grab someone and kiss them.

No. 586612

I'm personally reluctant to say that the mark is caused from Grot It looks like one of the dogs might have scratched her. Or fuck, with how lazy these two are, they probably suck at clipping their children's nails. Children with long nails use those suckers like claws.
Parents often shower with their children when they're young. It's not that big of a deal, anon.

No. 586614

OT but they eat nothing but shitty premade meals which are full of bad shit that messes with your skin. Also, soy can cause breakouts. She needs to eat actual food and cut down on soy but she gags at the sight of a carrot (not greg the vegetable).

No. 586616

for normal people parents showering with their kids wouldn't be weird. with greasy and grimey over here, though, shower time is generally understood to be suk mi time. its weird to know they have their kids in whats usually their gross intimate time.

No. 586618

Ughhhh have .3 % Hispanic or whatever on your 23andMe does NOT make u Hispanic. Yeaa go to Taco Bell for your tacos. Cuz it’s such a white washed version of mexicanfood that you can handle. You are straight up trying to like.. idek racetrend? Is that even a thing? Cuz it looks like you’re starting it you stupid white girl.

No. 586619

File: 1539094175534.png (678.04 KB, 848x586, honest.png)

I did a more ahnest comparison for you Greg.

No. 586620

Kek. It's funny to me because I'm Mexican and from New Mexico and here, you earn zero points for being POC. We have the largest Hispanic population in the U.S. And the fact that she's from Taos and knows so little about Mexican food must be impossible. You can be easily vegetarian if you eat Mexican/New Mexican food like beans, rice, and chile. How sheltered was this bitch?

No. 586621


Jesus her chin is bigger than her forehead.

No. 586623

File: 1539095232119.png (1.13 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20181009-091644.png)

Fucking ew. This whole video was uncomfortable as hell to watch. Bless you anon for making a mirror.

No. 586624

Wow you can actually tell from his face when he doesn't manage to get the toys with the crane that he doesn't take it well when things don't go his way.

No. 586626

Peep that massive chin implant. Why is it so big? Bigger than Greg's peen. Bet it makes him jealouse during his suk mi

Had just forgotten all about her sour tasting puss. That video she did showing off her coozy underwear just makes it all disgusting.


He looks so old and fat in these pics. Why does he look so old? News flash, livestream is not your friend.

Barf. That hideous face. No wonder Maya was repulsed. It's so ugly. It's so red and bumpy. Faces are not supposed to be red and bumpy and covered with oozing scabs.

No. 586627

hes never gone near her puss, it was brought up back in the Billie days that he thinks Laimey has a smelly puss or gross taste i forget which but gargles actually mentioned it to defend himself when lainey outed him as never reciprocating in a video or stream. He tried to play it off and put the blame on her, and then it was just he doesn't like it in general. but then when Billie came around he was all "sit on my face!" and all us anons kinda lost it laughing at plainey since it pretty much confirmed she had stink puss and that hers was the only one gergles didnt want to put his face in. hell he even put his nose in poopbecks snatch

No. 586628

Wait… this is NOT edited? I thought it had been shooped to distort her face and make her chin appear larger, holy heck if not

No. 586629

Can't really blame Shreg not wanting to put his face on her cooch if that's a smug face she does.

No. 586630

Amazing. Top kek anon.Vote for next thread pic. Now all you need is Sarah as Heather & have Onion/Fred threaten to bury her under the patio/basement of the Swamp trailer.

No. 586631

How can anyone be dumb enough to believe she really is sexually attracted to girls is beyond me. All she cares about is Shreg. And Shreg likes every other young girl that passes by, anyone but Lame.

No. 586632

>Of course your face is hideous Greg, its an abomination of pustules.

To quote Coco Channel:"Nature gives you the face you have at twenty. Life shapes the face you have at thirty. But at fifty you get the face you deserve.”

Gerg already has his 50 year old face now. And he deserves it.

No. 586634

>Lainey likes to come off as uwu subby widdle princess uwu but 10 bucks she doesn't even like that shit. shes just desperate to please her abusive husband while thinking anyone would be jealous of knowing she is fucked/"marked" by onion.

THIS. Taylor is such a basic bitch.A cis girl who likes vanilla sex in the missionary pos with her cis husband. If only she'd realise there is nothing wrong with that.But no she is never going to tell Gurg what she wants in bed & will let him selfishly stick her from behind for 90 seconds before returning to his Twitter feed. No wonder he likes to fuck dry unaroused girls. It's his normal. He wouldn't know the first thing to get a girl off and Lainey is too much a doormat to ask.He probably thinks Clitoris is a Tumbler sexual orientation or an island in Greece where folks don't wash their hair.

No. 586636

I wear this tinfoil. Even in Maya's messages, Lainey denies saying something and Maya says she has proof and then Lainey says "I didn't mean it that way". I bet it was Greg that said it and that's why Lainey had no recollection of it and had to admit to it later. Also, remember Lainey saying Sam has her number and can call but Greg's the one who took over the conversation? Lainey is the puppet and Greg is the puppet master.

No. 586638

I'm disgusted. they say in the video "no kink shaming" when they are both so proud of those hickies. the idea of not king shaming is to make people comfortable with their sexuality- screaming at someone because she isn't interested in you sexually, does not make you sex positive it makes you a manipulative sexual predator. he's done this with maya, he's done this to billie when he said she's "boring" for not doing what he wants, he's called luxymoo sexually dormant because she didnt want him, pressured Adrienne into sex, and shamed lainey for not being ready for a threesome back inn the billie era. lainey is too deep in denial to care about this but this is painfully disguting to watch

No. 586639

File: 1539098720829.jpeg (88.72 KB, 750x701, 3F296428-8FEC-4652-B150-CEA86D…)


Lainey used to flaunt hickies as far back as pre-Billie days, granted they weren’t nearly as noticeable.

Peep those views though.

No. 586641

this is what happens when you ride gurgle's fame train of infamy

No. 586645

That's 100% creep behavior, I've had similar experiences too.
>creep starts being a creep with you
>"Oh so you don't like me talking about the ways I used to fuck my ex out of the blue? Ur a prude xd"

Milk after milk, Onion always turns out to be even more disgusting than the time before. I don't know what to expect anymore.

She's still a child, brain wise. I've never seen anyone openly displaying hickeys after the age of 16, unless they were desperate for attention. Like… you have sex? Wow, who would've expected it from a couple with kids. Want a slow clap?

>find a big butch lesbian
Bold of you to assume that Lainey is actually into women… lmao

No. 586648


It's not uncommon for vegetarians/vegans to have thyroid issues because they eat so much gluten and processed food. Poor skin/hair/nails is one of the most obvious symptoms of hypothyroidism.

No. 586649

File: 1539101606143.jpeg (167.32 KB, 640x454, 07B55204-9B13-4D0C-B87F-B5FBDD…)

This is uncharacteristic of him? Is he hedging against trans people coming after him? Even though he prob won’t stick to this it’s better than what he normally does which is plugging his ears and humming at any criticism….

No. 586652


I think the issue with Lainey thinking she's bisexual is just that since she's so insecure and has such an unstable identity (hence why she jumps on cultural trends that inform her of how she should behave in order to mimic the latest teen behavior), whenever she sees an attractive, young, cute girl with traits that she aspires to have (pretty, good at makeup, alternative, uwu smol helpless sensitive girl stereotype), her obsession/preoccupation with them and desire to adopt their features for herself leads to her believing that she's attracted to them, when really she just wants to BE them. I also think this identity issue is at the root of her thinking she's transgender - because she's always questioning her identity and trying on different personalities to figure out what feels right to her, she doesn't even want to settle on a gender identity.

No. 586654

He does this all the time, anon. He won't stick to it, it's all bullshit.

No. 586656

He's just trying to act clueless about they/them pronouns because people are calling him out for misgendering Kalvin and that's the option that makes him look less shitty. It's hard to prove that he did it on purpose so he acts like he didn't know.

No. 586663

why are pedonion and pedobot the keith ranier and allison mack of youtube?

No. 586665

but… Kalvin said in his second video that he misgendered Lainey because he saw her "girlfriend" tags and also witnessed Greg himself call Lainey a she. So yeah, he also "didn't know"

No. 586667

A kiss is barely something you can consent to or not. Do you explicitly say yes every time your partner goes in for one? He wasn't entitled to her body, it sounds more like a moment of confusion and lack of communication rather than Greg forcing himself on her. I'm all for seeing his downfall however this just isn't it. It's not enough.

No. 586668

It's been so quiet on Twitter since the Maya screenshots got leaked. I saw maybe two people trying to bring attention to it. I know a big part of it is due to the fact that he must have blocked 99% of his haters by now. Apart from that we've really reached a point where no one cares anymore, which is a bit a relief. But it's still important that people know how insane and sociopathic he is because he will continue to have his cult-like group of people no matter how irrelevant he becomes. He remains dangerous and it's frustrating to see that he managed to clean his Twitter from negative comments so that naive kids who follow him have no chance of seeing the truth. They are now only exposed to his manipulation.

No. 586669

I know AJ. She's a sweetheart and genuine as hell. I really wish Gurg would stop talking about her. She deserves a lot better than him bringing her up. She even made a post about how she wishes he'd quit mentioning her on fb. She's just trying to move on from the shitty things that happened to her in the past. She's in a healthy relationship with a great guy now.

I know it'll never happen, but lgh needs to stfu about her along with his exes.
Idk my boyfriend leaves hickeys on me and we're in our mid twenties. I don't think she needed a fucking video explaining their greasy sex life though. Onion isn't into bdsm, taylor. He's an abusive misogynist.
This is really uninformed. Taylor just has shitty genetics and doesnt take care of her skin. I'm a vegan who's had really oily, acne prone skin since puberty. When i get lazy and dont take off my makeup or moisturize is when my skin breaks out and looks the worst. I also had to figure out that only really gentle, oil-free products work for me.

It's been mentioned before that she doesn't use the right makeup for her skin type.(blogposting)

No. 586671

You do understand how many men have recently lost their high profile jobs for attempting to just touch women without the womens consent.
Touching or kissing someone without their consent is an arrestable offense.

No. 586673

They hadn't even previously flirted and all previous flirtatious conversations to her knowledge were between her and Lainey. Poly doesn't mean threesomes no matter how many times Onion wants to conflate it. Greg woke up on Christmas morning and wanted his Christmas gift, getting to fuck another girl, but it back fired. He's a fucking creep.

She was facetiming Lamey and conversing frequently and they were shy meeting in person, that Greg got impatient and physically put them together. Read a fucking room Greg, a shy girl probably doesn't want blindsided by your Frankenstein head sticking it's tongue down her throat first thing in the morning.

No. 586674

I fucking hate people (men or women) who feel that their verbal or mental abuse is no big thing, that everythings okay because "at least I dont hit them, Ive never put one finger on them so Im good"
Ive never been physically or sexually abused, so I dont say this to downplay that. I feel that the hateful words from someone you think loves you, leaves deep mental scars that you're never able to shake.

No. 586675


No. 586676

god i hope he does another 20 minute meltdown rant on speaks about it. been too long since he's done one of those & they're always unintentionally his funniest content

No. 586677

File: 1539110731463.webm (1.38 MB, 232x180, the vulvus.webm)

>He probably thinks Clitoris is a Tumbler sexual orientation or an island in Greece where folks don't wash their hair.

He has no idea how the female body works. Women are basically something to put his dick in, clean his house and birth & raise his children.

No. 586678

>She's still a child, brain wise. I've never seen anyone openly displaying hickeys after the age of 16, unless they were desperate for attention. Like… you have sex? Wow, who would've expected it from a couple with kids. Want a slow clap?

Makes me think that that's the only kind of affection and love she gets from Gregory Avaroe, therefore she's so eager to show it. Which is sad.

No. 586679

Yup. Just went to Taos for a festival and every restaurant there serves Mexican food. Has Taylor ever mentioned cooking Mexican food or anything else "cultural" about being Mexican? It wouldn't be hard identifying as Hispanic if you come from New Mexico, so I'm really surprised that Taylor is from Taos. She doesn't even have a New Mexican accent…

No. 586680

>Has Taylor ever mentioned cooking Mexican food or anything else "cultural" about being Mexican?
Yeah dude vegan burritos duh!!

No. 586681

I think she was born in Taos but spent most of her life in Las Cruces. In which case, her family is pretty upper class and white washed.

No. 586682

In this case it was.
First of all he just came into the room without knocking. She could've been naked.
Then he straight asks her if she wants to be poly.
She assumed that what he meant was her being exclusive with Taylor without him having a problem with it. Not that she's going to sukmi. She came the for Taylor, not for him.
When she agreed to it he immediately grabbed and kissed her.
Who does that instead of taking about it first. Also he probably did that behind Taylors back, I'm sure she didn't know about the three of them being another trinity. Clearly he was just waiting for another "we're poly, I can do whatever I want" excuse to why he's kissing Taylors girlfriend and to justify his disgusting predator behavior.

No. 586683

Stop trying to make Rose West happen. It isn't going to happen.

No. 586684

What's going on with her two front teeth lmao

No. 586687

I believe so too, I think the reason Lainey didn't signal or tell Maya that Greg would be involved in the relationship is because she didn't know. He probably told her something like "we'll see where it goes" to stay as vague as possible and to imply that maybe later it could develop into a trinity. I'm pretty sure Lainey thought it would be a V and he managed to gaslight her enough to later say it was all clear from the beginning. She probably didn't know he would make a move right away.

No. 586689

For a man who thinks he knows everything, he sure doesn't know shit.

No. 586693

She was smart to leave when he tried to pretend he was okay if it was a v later on. He would have just done the same thing he did with Billie and slowly tried to insert himself over time.

No. 586694

i'm starting to think there is something really fucked up about Billie that she willingly stayed with this abusive and disgusting man and was openly affectionate towards him.

part of me also wonders if he treated billie much differently than anyone else as he seemed as infatuated with her as he thinks everyone else is with him.

No. 586695

she was a teen, don't be like that

No. 586697

Billie was a starstruck, naive teenager with a troubled past.
Taylor never spent time with her and Greg was glued to her, being all goofy and loving towards her.
He bought her all kinds of stuff and wanted to pay for her teeth and buy her a car.
On one hand it's obvious why she fell in love with him instead of Lamp, on the other hand it's sad that she put all this above her family and her dignity.

No. 586698

I think that's the premise of any new girl they try to pull in is that it's so Lainey can have a girlfriend and Shreg plans to slowly gaslight his way into the situation but he's so grimy retard horny from not having any new girls around that he can't hold himself back from the potential new pussy. It's pretty gross.

No. 586701

File: 1539116605326.jpg (106.6 KB, 865x681, 38200.jpg)

>Lainey is the puppet and Greg is the puppet master.

I like this visual.

No. 586702

What's funny (read:sad) is Lainey is Greg's puppet but Sarah was Lainey's. It became a cycle of control and manipulation.

Ps. I love this image

No. 586704

File: 1539116911079.png (34.3 KB, 244x193, onionREEEE.png)

He uploaded ANOTHER ONE two hours ago. This one is a full twenty minutes long.

No. 586705

Didn't she date a child sodomizer who (thankfully) killed himself? It's safe to assume there's something fucked up with her

No. 586708

I think he tries to treat different people differently. There is no "real" Greg to be found, just ever-changing layers of bullshit he puts on intentionally. He probably did this to Billie during that time and as such, since she was a teen she didn't know any better.

No. 586709

File: 1539117679795.png (25.49 KB, 733x218, Capture.PNG)


No. 586711

And the derailing started.

I wonder if Greg’s career is over, these screenshots will cut money off laney

No. 586712


Also, Lainey, there's no guarantee he's thinking of YOU when giving you those & doing god knows what else to you. He's probably thinking of Billie.

No. 586713

more like greg wanting to look young and like he doesnt have children

No. 586715


That’s also the issue with calling the kiss sexual assault vs manipulation/forcing himself on her. He’s going to defend himself by saying people are blowing it out of proportion and if they’re exaggerating on that the whole thing is untrue which isn’t the case.

Does someone have all the messages saved and backed up?

No. 586716

It would be more useful for someone to send the screens to some gossip youtuber who would cover it. Gergle is probably manic mode deleting, hes probably greasily obsessively monitoring all their social feeds

No. 586717


This confirms that Greg groomed Taylor into a complacent lump of shit and that he sexually assaulted Maya. I'm fucking livid, this is disgusting. Why the fuck is he allowed to do this? Why don't Taylor leave? It only took Maya 4 days to see how insane he was. He yelled at his four year old son over losing a game…. I hope what Maya says about Taylor is true. That she's fighting back. But I feel like Greg has plenty of opportunities to keep her under his thumb. I know a lot of anons hate Taylor, but I can't imagine how much he probably screams at her, beats her down, keeps things from her (since he controls 90% of the finances) unless she does things he wants. I'm not defending her, because she's become an absolute piece of shit, but she's going to need years of therapy.


She's turned into mini-Greg. She shouldn't have let her emotions control her and lose one of the only two genuine friends she had seemed to make. She also doesn't seem to know how to interact with someone without making it ~romantic~, but then gets so possessive and jealous on Gurggle's behalf. What the fuck?

No. 586721

>Does someone have all the messages saved and backed up?


I hope Maya feels triumphant for getting under Grease's skin and calling him ugly. Bruising his ego creates the best milk.

No. 586722

Grug if there is one thing that has been proven over and over in your twisted adult life is that you can't handle being told no. You proved it with Adrienne, Billie, Luxy, and now Maya. You sit there with that cocky smirk because you are convinced that all of these women owed it to you to endure your abuse in exchange for subs, money, or gifts. None of these women left without scars from you and you know it, but you don't care because as long you can convince another victim that you're really a great guy, you'll keep doing the same shit.

You deserve to rot in prison with Weinstein and Cosby. And when that day comes, and Bubba creeps up on you from behind for repayment for protection in the klink, just lay back and take it like a good bitch.

No. 586724

In this video they talk about how they had sex earlier in the day, show Lainey's hickeys and talk about how she got them from Greg being a "demon" in bed, talk about how Lainey probably has scratch marks on her back for the same reason, talk about how Greg doesn't eat Lainey out enough (while at a restaurant), show themselves showering together, and end the video with a "cum" joke. All this on youtube being promoted to an audience of primarily children. Literally what the fuck.

No. 586725

File: 1539120911597.png (1.79 MB, 1920x1080, fat greg.png)

He looks like someone he would tell to lose a couple of pounds in his body criticism videos.

No. 586728

lmao he's a proper little porker now. Nobodys gonna fuck you now fatty.

No. 586729

pedophiles generally expose their targets to more and more sexual situations/aspects in order to normalize it. it's also probably for gergasmell to watch back and get excited about the compliments lamp gave him too.

No. 586744

File: 1539123612261.jpeg (49.76 KB, 640x300, 197FFDCC-BA94-4F59-962D-F9ABCC…)

These people look exactly like this.

No. 586745

Imagine most of your sexual life experience being linked to Onion and his small penis. Geez, I almost feel sorry for her.

No. 586749

Stop feeling sorry for her. She has lured young (underaged) girls to the greasemansion for Greg to prey on. She's disgusting.

No. 586750

She's so freakin ugly. Where does she even get off being smug?

No. 586756

Lainey is definitely Glenn/Glenda.

No. 586758

Cut Glenda out of the picture and its just greasy Greg with his red face and Plainey with brown hair and identity crisis

No. 586759

Wearing makeup even when going to the pool, such dysphoria

No. 586763

Maya said Lainey had a panic attack. I bet it was because Greg told her he was going t have sex with Maya and she had to deal with it

No. 586766

Sorry for borderline OT but Booty, Greg's biggest fangirl, just got outed for posting dozens of comments in Onision threads and the flakes threads, including this one

>So they probably had sex, she didn't clean out his nasty white devil's liquid out of her smelly taco and now we've got to stare at the stuff leaking through her man panties?

>That's so nasty, besides for good vaginal care you should clean up right after and change your underwear. But it's lainey so I don't know what I expect. Kek



No. 586769

File: 1539128425108.jpg (116.84 KB, 1218x648, C6Vh6SU.jpg)

Another patreon has been outted for self posting in the flakes thread, none other than his $250 paying patreon nova/booty

Happy birthday lainey, your husbands fans are aware of your nasty hygiene

No. 586780

Holy shit, can we make her fess up more shit?

No. 586781

I can appreciate the brief cross posts when there’s real milk so thanks anons

No. 586788

I wish I screenshotted it but right after that screen cap, you can tell people were looking at Anus and Lainey weird.

No. 586790

File: 1539129941408.jpg (21.59 KB, 904x349, lainey.jpg)

More from booty's post history, I hope the swamp is reading this.

No. 586793

>>586790 too bad Smegal blocked anyone who would ever have the energy to tweet this at him

Lol maybe the another onion paypig can use this to move up the ranks!

This is good shit. Onions threads "b lit" and that's "the tea." Is it too greedy to hope Sarah becomes internet batman savior of vulnerable girls and goes full disclosure?

No. 586794

Damn, she had it out for Lainey. Hmm, I'm kinda conflicted about her posting being exposed because maybe her comments held some truth? Like some sort of personal knowledge she has on the Onions

No. 586796

You're giving her too much credit. She's been posting for so long and there's nothing of value, only surface-level nitpicking, pure "hater" style. No insight whatsoever.

No. 586800

She spent her time shitting on Lainey and herself. Lainey out of jealousy and herself for attention and to throw off her scent. Notice she never nitpicked the grease man, because she is and always has been obsessed with him. She really thought she had a chance all this time and Lainey was just a roadblock.

No. 586821

The most Booty said was that Greg was a creep lul. Can't be too mean if you want the microdick! As of now she's still a mod in Lainey's server, the little snake.

No. 586822

Christ almighty, SHE was the one posting that he was liking her photos and that he "supposedly had a crush on her"? Congrats Greg, the only people who are into you are crazy desperate idiots. Have fun with those slim pickins.

No. 586824

Crazy attracts crazy indeed. Thanks for bringing this over anon, reading through the posts was hilarious.

No. 586829

File: 1539135235870.jpg (82.99 KB, 824x751, discoveringtheonions.JPG)

Oh shit Kalvin's tweeting aged cheese - I wonder if he's seen the fresh M milk?? That would be seen by a lot of potential victims…

No. 586830

>It's public honesty. Grow up.

Having flashbacks of this grown ass man thinking humiliation is honesty. I hope Kalvin mentions that Grease tried to cover his ass by saying, "I'd want someone to do it to me! So kinky!"

No. 586840

File: 1539137506411.jpg (79.14 KB, 275x275, 1535316453277.jpg)

The milk is overflowing!!!!!

No. 586844

this was cringe when the messages were first released but re-reading them now, especially after all the maya stuff, is even worse. how does he not see how creepy, abusive, and fucked up his requests are?

No. 586845

You're just mega boring, anon. Don't be such a prude! Being changed up to a basement wall with a bald head because Frankenstein said so is such a kinky, honest thing to do.

No. 586852

Is this anon Greg tryna justify his sexual harassment?

Bro, he asked a girl he barely knew and talked to if she wanted to be in a poly rs with him and his wife.

Only a fucking autist would assume that hesitant and confused yes is a green light to cop a feel.

No. 586854

Totally agree. Re-reading it made me legit uncomfortable. Like or dislike Billie, props to her for not going along with his pure abusive insanity.

No. 586861

I can’t stop thinking about the part of the M texts where she says lainey wasn’t there when she arrived. That is so fucking scary, like even if she doesn’t talk much about it, just fucking imagine! With this creepy frankenstein looking, “you must be so starstruck” greasy ass old man, and when you get there your teen trap twin flame isn’t even there. I swear this fucking dildo is gonna kill someone someday. Man, fuck you greg.

No. 586865

Be some sort of serial rapist hostage scenario where Lainey lures in girls with promises of being their girlfriend and sends Greg to pick them up and he just escorts them down in the basement claiming it's the guest room and they're never seen again. Lainey is definitely the type to turn a blind eye to it as long as Greg lovebombs her.

No. 586866

You sound like the kind of person who thinks a wife can't be raped.

Taylor cut her hair short for a reason, and that's because Greg likes to pull it. No one can convince me the reason she did was anything but.

No. 586871

Bride of Cucky

No. 586872

No. 586884

Not to mention using her poor memory to try and manipulate her (you don't remember?).

I know there's that video with Sh, I wonder if he tries it on all his girls.

He seemed to treat her well enough at the start, but it's not fair to compare her to M.

Also, it sounds like M might be ESL??

No. 586886

Oh Billie went a long with it. She left when she realized that she wasn't allowed to live a double life. She reaped the benefits of Gurg's desperate attempts to woo her with gifts and money (and micro cock), but failed to realize it comes with a price of not enjoying her youth. The Avaroe's wanted to chain her down (literally) so she could be their tissue, sex toy, babysitter, and maid. I'm glad Billie woke up and realized that it was bullshit for them to expect that from her, unlike Lainey who got knocked up and tied down when she was still a fucking teenager. But I believe if they allowed her to smoke weed and party with her friends she would probably still be there for the benefits.

No. 586888

Lainey is alone with Greg again. As long as she's secluded, she'll def stay. I feel like she doesn't even talk to her fans anymore vs just a few months ago.

There's no denying we all hate Taylor for her actions, but her situation isn't exactly enviable (except by psycho fangirls). Hence why sometimes she gains pity.

A person who became even more shit from the life she almost literally chose, but the result is that life quickly became a nightmare.

The only reason I lean to her side is because even if she would probably put Greg above her children, she cares way more, and would be able to shift them to her family for them to be safer.

No. 586889

> I know a lot of anons hate Taylor, but I can't imagine how much he probably screams at her, beats her down, keeps things from her (since he controls 90% of the finances) unless she does things he wants. I'm not defending her, because she's become an absolute piece of shit, but she's going to need years of therapy.

Maya saw it because abuse only works if you're slowly brought into it, that's why the analogy of boiled frogs gets used so often. She was also never interested in greg in the first place so he didn't benefit from her wanting to please him. You can still see him trying to manipulate her though; destroying someone's boundaries is one of the most important tools an abuser employs because it erodes a persons sense of self and their agency. When Maya enforced her boundaries gerg had a full blown tantrum. Same with A. Imagine living with that 24/7 and having two actual toddlers to deal with.

Being in an abusive relationship is like playing a game of "Would you rather" for every decision in your life. Every "option" you have absolutely blows, you can't focus on the long term and constantly have to make choices that cripple you in the long run to keep the peace short term. Lots of questions anons ask about lainey are answered by this
>Why does she let greg in her videos when her fans hate him
>Why doesn't she just leave
>Why did she agree to share his irs debt
It's simple, because she thinks the alternative will be worse. Why? Because that's what she's learned from past experience.

I get that it's frustrating to watch as an outsider, but anons need to go and read some statistics and actually learn about domestic abuse. God help some of you guys if someone you love gets into one. Just one that I think is particularly relevant - on average it takes an abusive woman seven tries to leave. We've seen one serious attempt so far from Lainey, during the billie saga. It is going to take her a long time and a lot more tries to actually leave.

It honestly wouldn't surprise me in the slightest, in fact I'd be willing to put money on Greg having threatened lainey with suicide, financial ruin, never seeing her kids again/never getting any support from her kids, legal action via his bogus NDAs, debt forever, leaking her nudes/intimate personal information… or all of the above plus a few more. She 100% believes that leaving greg would trigger the apocalypse. Unless you've lived through it you can't really understand how gaslighting effects you.

I don't think she's an innocent angel either, before people accuse me of wking. I just hate the attitude towards abuse victims in these threads. Her being a shit and the effects of abuse aren't mutually exclusive.

No. 586891

File: 1539144312559.png (102.4 KB, 275x260, 1513805882296.png)

Perhaps she would have lasted longer but Lainey would have done some backhanded shit to turn Greg against her eventually. She already complained to him that Billie smelled because she didn't wear deodorant and didn't wash her hair every day (to preserve color). Lainey also tattled to Greg about Billie sitting on a guys shoulders at a concert. Lainey was DESPERATELY seeking info on Billie to get rid of her with the hope something would stick

>I had my out

No. 586892

The karma bit of this now though is that Greg's starting to not care what Lainey thinks. His desperation means the moment someone he likes and gets his claws into he's going to bring them in and tell Lainey to just shut up and put up with it.

No. 586893

File: 1539144703472.jpg (34.07 KB, 600x600, 1300044776986.jpg)

This is what Onion's next Speaks video should be about.


No. 586895

It's one of those "why not both" situations. Lainey can be a manipulative piece of shit and a victim of a manipulative piece of shit at the same time. While we can argue how much of an affect Greg had on her personality and how she was probably a shitty human being to start with, we see the results. Lainey is on a ride and she's bringing down others. We can just watch this shit show. Some sad, some rage inducing and enough to bask in schadenfreude. It's like some retarded, big-headed, should-have-been-aborted Shakespearean tragedy.

No. 586896

This bitch has been chasing greaseydick since Sh, Anon. Of course she'll kiss ass to their face.

No. 586897

Yeah but let's not forget the fact that he was willing to dump his wife and kids for her in the short time they spent together. He also turned Lainey's insecurities against her and said they were the cause of the issues in the Trinity. If Billie really wanted to she could have snatched Gurg up easy, no matter how much Lame kicked and screamed. He didn't give a fuck how she felt, he told her right to her face that he would do what he wanted with Billie. I dont think Lainey gave a shit what Billie did, it was Greg who was jealous of her free lifestyle. He just used Lainey's butthurt to paint her as a bitch when things didn't go the way he wanted them too.

No. 586898

>tattled to Greg about Billie sitting on a guys shoulders at a concert.
I love how he’s basically a middle school boy

No. 586900

I think for a young, immature, naive girl like Billie, the appeal of an at-the-time fairly "big" youtuber and older man with a lot of money taking an interest in you and being willing to choose you over his own wife and family was probably a pretty exciting and sexy idea. To a troubled girl like her, I can imagine the constant chaos wherein he continuously favored her over Lainey boosted her ego through the roof in a really fucked up way. Not to mention he was willing to give her all sorts of money and gifts for doing practically nothing except enduring his presence. Subconsciously, she had more self-esteem and stability in her life from being with him. Eventually she wizened up and realized this whole mess wasn't a fulfilling idea anymore, and luckily she split.
I think lots of young girls go through that phase of thinking an older man (especially a married one) liking them is a really special thing, and it makes them feel better about themselves. Luckily most realize what a fucked up situation they're in and grow out of feeling like they need that kind of validation. The others…well, they end up like our lovely Space Prince.

No. 586903

File: 1539146164585.jpg (32.5 KB, 644x429, pri_60974474.jpg)

Lainey serving us swollen dog LEWKS

No. 586905

File: 1539146903423.jpeg (2.35 MB, 4123x3280, f81c4b30-5af7-4877-8720-a9c2c2…)

She is nailing what I like to call the Britney Spears painful smile. They look about the same age too.

No. 586906

Have the discords gotten the memo yet? I figure Lainey's discord members wouldn't be too happy knowing what the server admin really thinks of their prince and tranners in general.

No. 586907

These screenshots just prove what a compliant cunt cake Taylor is. But then she has the nerve to sit and cry in a corner when she's held accountable for his actions. God just live in the basement already and let him fuck whoever he wants, she's way past doormat at this point. At least the doormat trips you up everyone once in a while.

God I wish I still lived in Seattle so I could suplex the little manlet.

No. 586911

I was going to go into a big sperg about them going to Great Wolf Lodge without taking their kids (swearing, sex talk, two plates on the table, playing games alone).
But then NOPE, the kids were there during all the swearing and sex talk.
I know we shouldn't talk about the kids but do you think Greg and Lainey pretend to film the kids? I just imagine it would be tremendously confusing if daddy films mommy while she plays the games but completely ignore the kids while they do the same.

No. 586924

I don't think they're smart enough to do that. They probably say "only mommy and daddy are allowed to" and leave their kids feeling left out. Stupid on their part because it will just lead to their kids rebelling later in life.

No. 586927

>and so he came in
>with troy in his arms
>screaming at me
>slammed the door open
>slammed the door closed
>i woke up all like confused
>he came back started screaming >something else
>i dont remember what he was saying >cause i was still confused
>slammed the door again
>came back again

sorry but this part struck me because didn't lainey parody Greg's habit of doing this in her "things I hate about onision" video or something? I forget the title.

No. 586928

oops meant to reply to this >>586231

No. 586930

>God lainey talking about how shes 'hispanic' is so annoying. Anything to be seen as more a minority.
Agreed, anon.I hate tumblrina bullshit terms ' but Lainey seems to actually have a case of internalized heterophobia.She HATES being a white, cis straight married to a white cis straight dude. God forbid she develops a personality unrelated to her gender or her skin colour.

No. 586933

File: 1539155045176.jpeg (279.17 KB, 1242x1017, DA69C98C-BFCE-40DC-A7BF-13122A…)

enjoy your nightmares

No. 586935

File: 1539155177614.png (415.45 KB, 655x653, kek.png)

No. 586936

ok but this is amazing

yeah it was like 10 things i hate about onision, with madison or w/e

No. 586939

What are my sides even, holy kek

As an aside, I am painfully curious as to how Grot and Thot are going about damage control in the wake of these milky developments, are they deleting/blocking/ignoring/deflecting or screeching autistically and alleging REEEE FAKE TEXTZ!!!11!!11! in the echo chamber that is their respective patreon accounts and discord servers. Surely there must be some covert patronfags around to give us an update

No. 586940

Anyone who abuses slashes in writing like you have makes me tinfoil they're Onision. It's such a specific trait.

Trying to determine if all the coocoos are out of your nest, hmm?

No. 586941

Yeah honestly I’m surprised people aren’t talking more about that! That’s genuine hardproof that onioncunt manipulates and gaslights people in his life. Only a sick fuck would try to take advantage of someone that they know has memory issues. It’s such a low blow and truly disgusting thing to do but at least now it’s not speculations but fact that Greg is an abuser. Gaslighting and usage of peoples disabilities against them is psychological abuse.

No. 586944

"Greg and Lainey are different in real life!"

>falling out with Cyr

>nasty breakup with Billie
>falling out with Maya
>falling out with Sam
>falling out with Madison
>falling out with Sarah
>falling out with Tomato
>Selena nowhere to be seen
>Mercades nowhere to be seen
>creepy behavior with Luxy and Vix
>Shane avoids Greg like the plague
>no one wants to collab with Greg
>Greg's exes do not want to be publically associated with him

Only Jaclyn Glenn with her exceptional wisdom and critical thinking bothers having anything to do with Greg after being treated like shit.

No. 586945

File: 1539157201546.png (321.98 KB, 934x768, gerg.png)

I don't think anyone has taken notice of the M stuff yet

No. 586946

booty got demodded from discord, i think theyre too busy with her

No. 586948

File: 1539158263023.png (360.36 KB, 490x520, RV2rE5X.png)

God that mannish chin.If she ever does on T(which I doubt) she'll look like the dude in LazyTown.

No. 586955

File: 1539162474426.jpeg (234.11 KB, 750x536, 81678F30-6844-4AF9-8B39-13475D…)

Lainey is having a tough week guise! Feel bad for her!

No. 586961

File: 1539163607076.jpg (44.94 KB, 450x236, surejan.w1200.h630.jpg)


I'm late to the party but am I the only one who thinks this entire convo was Gerpes? I don't think any of it was Lainey at all except aybe the clingy 'i miss u.'

No. 586963

As if anus would ever let her go to an actual therapist

No. 586964

as if she would ever go to a therapist because that means she would get treated and she can't be a smol bean space anxiety prinxe if she actually helps herself

No. 586971

This would all be relevant if Lainey didn't have the funds and her parents. She has her out forever, no one in her family would turn her and her kids away if she up and left Onion. She doesn't. She's turning 24, she's past excuses.

No. 586972

She’s as bad as him and they deserve each other. I don’t think there’s any chance of redemption for her, even if she was self aware enough to realise that she’s a monumental thundercunt.

No. 586973

The Maya milk confirmation took 9 months, don't worry. Anons on lolcow have a better memory than Ole Fat Greg

No. 586974

Welp, too bad Gaylor can't be arsed to make an appointment.

No. 586975

I wonder why Greg is so afraid of being forgotten that he feels the need to document and make public just about everything in his life? Even the things that put him in a bad light, he documents and screencaps. He seems to care more about proving that he exists to strangers over proving his love to his family and beig there them.

No. 586978

Have to agree with you anon. Abuse starts slowly, so slowly, that the victim, once they start to realise the situation, they feel stuck.

Crazily, the abused victim begins to think that they deserve the abuse, because the abuser has them believing that they are the only ones that can ever love the victim.

Look up reddit and domestic violence. Read the threads of victims of DV. It's eye opening, and there are many, many parallels to Frankenstein and Foot.

She's a bored white girl who obvi suffered through years of oppression in her wealthy upper class suburban lifestyle. Sarcasm.

She wants to latch on to anything interesting.

Because she has no real personality.

That's why she 'likes' girls. She wants to be like the girl, she wants to look like the girl.

Why else would Taylor Elaine dye her holocaust stubble over and over again when she lacks the necessary hair for a Billie do?

No. 586979

And it's mostly because Jaclyn is dumb as a rock and has terrible judgment of character.

No. 586980


Because if people forgot who he was or just stopping engaging with him at all online and straight up ignored his existence he would have nothing. He believes he's a god among men and that gets validated when people pay attention, negative or not he thrives on it. In his head he has constructed a reality that solely revolves around him. Foot and the kids, his fans, his 'haterz', IRS, everything is just play things in his world. That's why he flies off the handle and flames someone if they don't 'conform', both online and by yelling and throwing a fit. They don't fit into his narrative. I'm not even armcharing, this is his repeated behavior. The Greg Cycle resets every few months and it starts again. He needs online or he has nothing but Foot and two kids he doesn't even seem to like.

No. 586981

See her therapist? Does she mean, when she gets to FaceTime Sarah and complain to her??

Because their ain't no way that Greg lets her see, let alone pays for a professional, currently licenced therapist in good moral standing with the board. He hates all doctors (except his botox and dermatologist doctor).

This part of the set exchange HAS to be Greg.

Why? Lainey is an anxious smol scared bean. She does the small baiting thing.

These texts are aggressive, angry, forceful, dismissive, defensive, and are typical of black and white thinking. It's a resentful exchange. So quick to discard M and say goodbye forever.

That's Greg. The Frankenstein Manlet of Gig Harbor.

No. 586983

Why does Taylor let her Monster Mash of a husband talk to people through her phone? Does he have complete access to her phone? Cause you're right, the way that exchange went is 100% Greg. Plainey doesn't talk like that at all, despite his attempts to imitate her typing patterns. I feel even worse for Maya… Greg violated her trust in multiple ways and purposely ruined any chance of Taylor reconnecting with Maya, probably because if he can't have her, Taylor sure as hell doesn't get her.

No. 586984

"Lainey" being triggered like "u imply i am dishonest??" in these texts points to Gerg too

No. 586985

I don't know how iPhones work, not an apple fag, but they have so many fucking old phones lying around the house that I wouldn't be surprised if Greg is using one. I remember hearing about people accidentally facetiming their friend's dad because the friend and her friend's dad's accounts are linked. Does iMessage work the same way?

No. 586987


He could just access it from any number of the macbooks, imacs or ipads they have.

No. 586988


He probably does… remember when he demanded full access to Billie's phone and demanded to look through her texts?

No. 586990

Yeah, I don't see how demanding that much control is not abusive. Got some Stockholm Syndrome there, Lamey?

No. 586998


We're saying that we think Lainey didn't send those messages at all, anon.

No. 586999

He's one reason I wouldn't mind an EMP fucking the internet up. Too bad it'd also mean we wouldn't get to see the glorious meltdown to follow.

No. 587003

Ever notice how when there’s real milk there’s also a flurry of posts about comparatively trivial shit, like chin size, hickeys, Kalvins, omg what a lame video, their skin is so bad, what a massive head etc?

Tinfoil it’s a patreon perk to be a lolcow distracter, to water down the milk with shit that people outside of these sites would just roll their eyes at.

Maya’s milk is the best confirmation seen of Obesion being actually as abusive as suspected since that video of calling the cops on Sh!loh. The chin and hickey posts are like a stamp of authenticity. The McMansion would be intense right now, moreso than usual.

No. 587004

I second this but then wonder whether laundry knew about it, and when she knew. It’d be spectacular if she only just found out.

Leaving the autocorrected version of her name in because it seems kinda apt.

No. 587006


It doesn't matter anyway, even if she just found out she'll tell the internet otherwise and make Maya look like the bad guy, like the Billie era.

No. 587009


I'd also like to point out "Laineys" liberal use of the word "literally". 100% Greg, no doubt in my mind.

No. 587014

YES another meltdown video its been too long

No. 587015

I don't think this is a good indicator, Lame has definitely picked up Grunk's habit of saying "literally" for everything.
I agree that the convo's are too aggressive and forceful to be Lame though. And if Grunk is using one of her old phones, he can get away with his favorite technicality - not lying. He didn't TAKE Lame's phone, he's just using an old one.

No. 587017

People who have lived together for a long time pick up on each other's speech patterns. So it really could have been Lainey talking. But how often does she say "hella"? That looked awkwardly placed, like a old parent trying to sound hip to their teenage kid.

No. 587018

They do check each other phones and Lainey have seen he grabs her (there is video of him in the table with Lainey’s phone in the Gudatama case)

Also it has been confirmed Lainey checks Grug messenger like when she made that reacting to Instagram messages or when she supposedly was awarded of Grug talking to Vix

No. 587019

No shit I realize that, but I'm saying that Lainey still says that their relationship is "loving" and not abusive in videos. So how is demanding this much control not abusive? I understand that those texts definitely sound like Greg. And that's fucking weird as shit that he's controlling Lainey's life that much if he is actually pretending to be her.

No. 587029

She might not see the lack of boundaries as abusive. To her they might read as trust. She stays when he does actual shitty things like calling her crazy or a cunt so accessing her phone whenever doesn’t seem as bad in comparison. There’s a lot of cognitive dissonance that gets people to stay in horrible conditions. The intermittent love bombing doesn’t hurt.

No. 587030

This conversation, specifically the moment she goes “well I didn’t mean it like that” when maya references an exact quote is proof that she was the one snap chatting her in >>586122 because she’s referencing the conversation, and Lainey accepts that she’s said stuff over snap. If Greg was the one who was talking to maya through Lainey’s account on Snapchat, then Lame would have noticed when maya referenced shit, in order to double check her own phrasing.

It’s wild, but I think she genuinely has just adopted such abusive tactics and rhetoric to her own advantage. It’s scary seeing how much she sounded like Greg.

Remember in one of her Instagram live streams where she was with Sarah, and Sarah detailed how Lainey got upset about something minor (not being supportive enOugh) and didn’t speak to Sarah for two weeks ?? And wanted Sarah to apologize!?? Yeah, she’s been pulling abusive shit for awhile now.

No. 587031

Am i the only one who thinks most of those messages were actually lame herself? Shes proven she talks bitchy before and pretty much about herself only. Reminds me how everyone was acting like onion was the one speaking for her during the billie thing, but then she came out with her infamous "WHERES MY SYMPATHY?" shit. She is just as awful as greg and treats people like garbage. Theres a reason she has no friends left.

No. 587033

“we read each others texts because we trust each other ok?” That’s not trust. That’s the opposite of trust

Lamie brining young teens to the house to be harassed by creepy old gurgamel is so royally fucked And she should be held accountable for it just like gurgles should be.

with my experience with people in abusive relationships The person being abused can (not always) become a real fucking asshole. And over protective to the abuser and thinks what they say is gold. This doesn’t excuse their actions but does give some insight into Them. I do hope lame leaves mainly for the children’s sake.

No. 587036

I think the texts could be her but I don’t think the snaps are. The snaps are too confrontational and aggressive. Lainey is more likely to play the victim, ghost people, or plead ignorance with bad behavior.

No. 587038

I agree. Lame might have adopted some Onion traits but she will never be as aggressive as Shreg is to young girls who try to think for themselves lol.

No. 587045

Do they still not know about the booty leak? Greg liked her tweet that she made a few hours ago.

No. 587046

They do. I'm sure they'll end up dropping her completely by the end of the month or Greg just does not give a shit about Lainey or they knew about her posting here before she was officially outed.

No. 587047

I just went back to re-read them and think you are right.

In the snapchat conversation she just keeps bringing up Greg just to defend him and insist he "doesn't care" and "would never do that". Not to mention the "You're saying I'm dishonest!!!111" sperg out when M said absolutely nothing to indicate that lainey was dishonest.

The kicker is the end bit of "if he was really that bad, why would I stay?"

That's definitely Gurg himself's reasoning for why he's a good person. Cause he has a wife who has been with him for 5+ years. Pretty sure he has used this defense before when trying to defend against people saying he's abusive or psychotic or whatever. "B-B-but Lainey is still with me, I can't possibly be abusive!!!"

No. 587048

File: 1539189723794.jpg (36.51 KB, 600x653, u havin a giggle m8.jpg)

>Why does the malignant narcissist with a eloborate system to groom barely legal poon not see he's abusive?

No. 587049

>It would be more useful for someone to send the screens to some gossip youtuber who would cover it. Gergle is probably manic mode deleting, hes probably greasily obsessively monitoring all their social feeds

Send it to Drama Alert. Keemstar loves that shit. Or Philip de Franco who probably has a wider reach but usually likes to verify from several sources. Worth a try.

No. 587050


Yeah, this is way, way beneath Phil. Plus, Phil hates his guts and doesn't want to give him attention like Shane.

No. 587051

File: 1539190202758.png (144.18 KB, 602x652, Capture.PNG)


samefag but here.

No. 587053

Same fagging but it’s also suspicious if M thought it might be Greg messaging her rather than Lainey too.

Also the stuff that she mentioned about “Lainey” trying to get her back behind Greg’s back and saying they should run away together sounds more like Greg posing as Lainey rather than Lainey herself.

Lainey doesn’t want to run away from Greg and her kids she doesn’t even really want a girlfriend so why would she say that? Greg is much more likely and combined with what he said to Billie about running away, it fits.

Lainey’s motivation seemed to be not losing a friendship/source of attention and Greg’s seemed to be about not losing a trinity member (and doesn’t care if there’s a friendship or not bc he doesn’t benefit from that).

She has been a huuuge asset as a defense for him. He claims he’s “different in real life” and not actually crazy or abusive even though it’s so clear that he’s not secretly a good person when the cameras turn off. She bends over backwards to defend him and say that he is normal and other people don’t know him like she does (even though in her things I hate about on onision video she confirms he’s abusive and exactly as horrible as he appears online??).

I do wonder if Lainey knows about the snaps if he wrote them or how much she knows about Greg trying to get Maya back as a trinity member.

No. 587054

>how much she knows about Greg trying to get Maya back

Well we know that Blamey lurks here and probably saw the caps. Whatever she didn't know, she's probably asking him about, not like much will come out of it. They're probably quiet to try and see how that can pin this on Maya.

No. 587055

File: 1539191099805.jpg (6.57 KB, 260x194, YbMd3Hx.jpg)

Top Kek anon. Lainey also looks exactly like Angela Anaconda.

No. 587058

>Lainey’s motivation seemed to be not losing a friendship/source of attention and Greg’s seemed to be about not losing a trinity member (and doesn’t care if there’s a friendship or not bc he doesn’t benefit from that).

This. Lainey knows she has no support system, and it shows, but she would never leave her husband as she is now. I also wonder the same thing.

But more importantly, I wish M knew that it was GREG she was talking to the whole time, not Lainey. That her suspicions were right (and you can tell that, given its her first response, she's had more than one correspondence where she knew she wasn't talking with Lainey). She probably doesn't even care anymore, but I feel like if this shit happened to me, I would want to know why the person I fell for seemed to suddenly wanted me out of their life out of nowhere. You can even tell Lainey realizes that Greg must have been messaging Maya when she doubles back and goes from, "I never said that" to "I didn't mean it like that". She immediately realized, "Oh, shit, that must have been Greg" and covered for him. I have no doubt that she knows Greg talks to Maya through her phone and I have no doubt that DoorMat just accepts it as a part of their "trusting" relationship. I just wonder if she realizes exactly how much Greg fucked over their friendship.

No. 587059

How do we know Lainy lurks? I figured Onion would beat her if he found her on any of those "anti-onion" sites.

No. 587060


Still more of a 3D personality and character than Lamey.

No. 587061


They both lurk because they both need to know exactly what's being said about them and when. That's why the milk that's brought to light here gets addressed so quickly.

No. 587062

They all lurk here, anon. Especially after booting Sarah out of their lives so now they have to do the lurking themselves.

No. 587063

She said that she used to be obsessed with checking hate sites, then she probably used Sarah to look at the shit for her and report back to her, but now that Sarah has been dumped Lainey's probably lurking again.

No. 587066

I reread them aswell, and it's 100% Gurg.
It's exactly like every conversation he had with every person he ~dumped~

No. 587067

File: 1539193005517.png (147.85 KB, 582x599, 208891f636e86f5ac569cc4f3ce43c…)

It feels like Greg poses as Lainey or speaks for Lainey when he's acting desperate for a new girl. I feel like it definitely shows how disordered he is. He's not willing to be open about his desperation. He will act needy and pathetic as Lainey but then confident and malicious as himself.

Example: pic related

No. 587068

One more thing I realized about this cap: he says Lainey had dreams in this email but recently sent Billie an email admitting he STILL has dreams about her.

Things that make you think.

No. 587069

I continue to be surprised at how retarded his grasp of the English language is.

No. 587070

He’s also following the same pattern of saying if they really love Lainey, they’ll come back, and that doesn’t need to be a part of their relationship.

His end game is clearly to insert himself back into the relationship once he can get his hooks more firmly in them (by either slowly manipulating them over time/love bombing or collecting secrets about them the pressure them to stay with him).

Both Billie and Maya were very smart not to take the bait.

No. 587071

File: 1539194088262.gif (3.09 MB, 435x250, EminentImmaterialAfricanporcup…)

Holy shit I was gone for 2 days and the thread exploded. Bless you for the milk anon!!!!

Also >>587067 that actually would also explain why the exes that spoke to sparklebs described Taylor as needy AF person and then when she later responded to that she was like "i am not needy i shut down on people wtf?!!!"

like maybe she was being truthful and it was just greg messaging on her behalf the whole time. EW

No. 587075

>Does she mean, when she gets to FaceTime Sarah and complain to her??

She doesn't even have Sarah anymore to vent to after she sent her away. She's probably ranting to the walls now.

No. 587078

He always observes her phone. Remember when she texted with Luxy and suddenly Gerg wrote her, asking of shes real with Taylor and if she's ready for a trinity.
He wants to control everything she does and probably explains it to her as "but Lamp, everyone hurt you in the past. I'm just making sure this person's real with you and won't hurt you"

No. 587082

File: 1539197502980.jpg (470.39 KB, 1060x1622, bemad.jpg)

Check this out. Lainey whining on her Twitter and Younow after Maya stopped responding to her.

I highly doubt these caps are faked because the timeline fits perfectly and Greg showed one cap in his video

No. 587084

File: 1539197791487.jpg (377.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181010-195402.jpg)

E-dating hannah minx doesn't count. Lainey has aged to her mid 20s,but you've been actively pursuing younger girls to be 'poly' with. Just because Shiloh and Skye are older now doesn't count you dated them when they were young. You dated Adrienne for 3 weeks and she dumped you. 1/??

No. 587087

Dating an older person also doesn’t erase the fact that he did take advantage of more than one minor. I’m not going to call Onision a pedophile, but I would definitely consider him a non-exclusive hebephile with a preference for naivety and broken homes. Can he be conditionally attracted to older women? Sure. Does he have a strong preference for teenage looking girls? Absolutely.

No. 587088

I honestly don't think he can get a normal adult, and he knows that. The way he talks in relationships where he tries to rush things and be dramatic and over the top, women in their mid 20s would see him for what he is. It's not necessarily the young looks he's after as much as the mentally handicapped

No. 587093

Notice how in the email he admitted HE was the problem in an attempt to get her back, but kept making a shit ton of tweets and videos calling her a druggie criminal liar and saying it was her fault they broke up. He's such a manipulative piece of shit

No. 587094

Fucking liar.
Ok let's check:
Skye: 16
Shiloh: 17
AJ: mid 20s
Taylor: 17
Billie: 17

So…. you dated one "older" woman and she dumped you. You tried with Hannah and she ghosted you because you're a fucking creep.

No. 587095

That's some Psycho shit right there. One day we'll find him dressed as Lame lol

No. 587096

File: 1539199809592.png (90.69 KB, 617x495, chrome_2018-10-10_14-28-53.png)

wew lad
send your fans to the site that exposes you
10/10 logic Gerg

No. 587097

I love the person that made a chart that tracks his age and the age of his partners. It really helps visualize it.

No. 587098

File: 1539199958131.png (333.53 KB, 889x788, totallydoesntrgoomyounggirls.P…)

andddd the gifts have started to roll in for the space prince's birthday.

No. 587101

He took the tweet literally even though that person said they were joking, this is a new level of autism

No. 587104


Billie was 18, but yeah pretty much anon.

Let’s add Vix, who was in her mid twenties, MacnCheese fairy/Vix: 18
CloggerBeck: 20
Sam: 20/21
And wasn’t Maya 18?

No. 587105


So basically even the ones he tries to fuck are typically high school/early college aged, no shit. Vix never wanted him and Adrienne was an exception. She was there three weeks and they were the same age. Luxymoo doesn’t count Anus, and neither does jacking off on Skype to Hannah Minx’s tits.

No. 587118

File: 1539203433771.jpg (25.35 KB, 326x302, 500552163-612x612~2.jpg)

Those sea turtle beak looking lips though

No. 587125


after these he stars and conversation and maya is like "i have traning sorry ttyl" and Frankie boy literally says "okie dokie" >>586164

No. 587128

Another video of Greg talking about the texts he sent M.

No. 587130

IIRC vix never revealed her age to Greg. He likely just assumed younger based on her pics and interests

No. 587131

I'll just put it out there: Sarah if you have something to tell us about your experience with these horrible people, this is the perfect time to do so. As you can see, you are not alone.

No. 587146

Psssh. Sarah is probably still pining for Lameo and remaining quiet until her true love will forgive her for… whatever the hell she did.. be human? I dunno.

Point is, I don't think sarah will spill any time soon. She still likes Lainey for some odd reason

No. 587152

Let's just keep in mind Onion is turning 33 in November I wonderwhwn he's 50 will he start deeming women in their 30s as slightly younger lol

No. 587153

His ego really is as small as his dick, how's he going to deny Maya thinks he looks like a fucking monster. We all know you're a lying piece of shit Greggory

No. 587158

File: 1539207235319.jpg (64.6 KB, 320x240, 17358-28615.jpg)


She looks like the pedo from The Lovely Bones but less masculine.

No. 587160

Almost no lighting and she still looks ugly

No. 587165

File: 1539207932423.png (611.46 KB, 740x895, bitchtits.png)

No anon, everyone wants smegs sexy vegitarian boday

No. 587166


Yeah yeah, she also strongly reminds me of my old 40-something RE teacher without the filters and the caked on make-up. But let's not nitpick on her looks again.

No. 587172


We have spoilers for a reason, anon. My poor eyes.

Why is he covering his nipple like that? It's fucking weird.

No. 587173

He's covering his little boi boobies uwu

No. 587174

Pretty much everything about that picture is weird and uncomfortable
>coverin those nips
>pasty white dough body
>stupid attempt at childlike smile
>raising eyebrow so much his eyes beg for mercy

No. 587177

File: 1539209383609.png (538.9 KB, 1275x529, vlc_2018-10-10_16-58-20.png)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WOY7zFLQ9iCYhQe0VV3S7yV2g4HDzef0 (INVALIDATED mirror)
tl;dw: equates being trans to being an amputee/deaf/blind. Continues to stir shit up in the trans community to deflect from the sexually harassment allegations against him.

No. 587178

JFC, his head literally looks like it was photoshopped onto his body

No. 587179

He’s gambling on thread being stuck on “ew his skin” and “ew her chin” when they show up, and his tween fans never having the attention span to read back further.

So for any visiting onionettes: your daddy impersonates his “spouse” to lure her girlfriends in so he can then kiss them and trick them into having sex with him. He forced himself on Maya. He yelled at her for half an hour for rejecting him - while she was stuck in his house, in her pjs - and he has a pattern of doing this over and over again. He treats lainey like shit, he treats his son like shit. That’s the latest milk.

No. 587180

He has no room to talk about anyone, looking like an unwanted deformed tomato.

No. 587188

He didn't even bother to look up the actual signs for the deaf character. What he did there is basically the equivalent of saying that ching chong wong = Chinese. To me that doesn't really seem embracing or loving.

No. 587189

I just looked for the "original" picture cuz I thought it must be shooped, but no, that's really what he posted to his IG.
If he wasn't such a terrible person, I'd feel sorry for his urge to feel / stay / appear young.

No. 587191

Wow he’s going to be so happy when he finally finds out about the leak of additional proof that he’s an abusive p.o.s and he doesn’t have to keep making videos about issues he has literally no business talking about. As much as he loves getting on his high horse to defend Lainey, he looooves defending himself way more.

No. 587194

goes full redtomato face hitler there…

No. 587195

He's so simple minded, of course he doesn't understand complex issues. He may as well just hit his head over and over and say hurr durr if you think happy thoughts you will be a fulfilled and happy person.

Hilarious how he can portray a blind, deaf and amputated person as happy with external forces but he can't handle a teenager not wanting to be kissed or touched by him. Just be happy Lainey will never leave Greg!

No. 587199

Lainey "wants to chop her breasts off" she's "triggered" by her high voice. Whatever other shit she hates about her body and criess* about because she hates it/hersef and describes as dysphoria.

jesus lainey, be thankful for the fucking life you have, grow the fuck up, get over youself, and go lure in more minors for me to assault.

No. 587208

And let's not forget he can't be bothered to interact with his daughter because she's a baby and can't talk yet. What a great dad!

No. 587210

I don’t think she has gender based dysphoria (I think it’s a more general discomfort with parts of her body) but if Greg thinks she’s actually considering transition at all this video has a clear message “mind over matter, you can be happy without changing so don’t do anything that would make you really not look physically like a girl.”

No. 587214

If L ever did top surgery, G would leave. I wonder if all of these videos are suppose to sway Lainey somehow.

No. 587222


Lainey would never go through with full on top surgery. A) because Anus would leave her for transitioning and B) she doesn’t actually want to be a man. She just wants to look like a feminine boy.

She would want breast reduction surgery, which Anus would allow since he’s prefers “underdeveloped girls” as evidenced by the OG Blaine White debate. Lame said she has literally no dysphoria about her boobs before breastfeeding, so it’s not boobs that are the problem, it’s having huge, vainy, saggy, busted udders from breastfeeding for five years straight.

No. 587223

The d/Deaf community just recently brought some pretty critical attention to a TV show in which somebody faked signing, and I believe a YouTuber that also faked some signing for a video. This could get him some serious negative (and probably fairly effective negative) attention but it probably won't get enough attention overall.

No. 587224

File: 1539214654674.png (392.16 KB, 597x782, Screenshot (2654).png)


He mad.

No. 587226


this is so uncomfortably red. his head looks like one big pustule about to burst.

No. 587239

That's probaby what his faced looked like while screaming at Maya for half an hour cause she didn't want to suck his half hot-dog

No. 587243

Aside from the repeated cycle he shows, what M says also shows this (you must feel star struck with me, etc)

No. 587250

They still need her money lol

No. 587253

um excuse me he is a published author

like he doesnt know. hes doing it to get his defense force in action.

or to try and bait us into signing up to his forum

this is cheap shit from wish or w/e
source: amberlynn has it and i showed it to my catfag friend saying i wanted one too

her foundation is too spooky for me

the only girls that were the same age were sk and a, i think? but i remember people saying even his shit with sk was kind of sketch – and im not talking about her little sister

god hes so fucking boring and predictable when he tries to manipulate the girls ages to his not a predator narrative.

No. 587256

but lainey is trans

No. 587265

This is the same face maya had to see before she left when she rejected onion.

No. 587266

the one think he gets credit for is he knows just as well as we do that she's not trans.

No. 587277

I'm sure when Lainey asks him to explain anything, it just turns into an "us vs. them" conversation about how everyone else is an idiot hater who's just obsessed with them and wants to break them up, but they're stronger than that and they "fight for love" and bla bla fucking bla. I genuinely think that as far as Lainey is concerned, no matter how much proof comes out, everything anyone who isn't Greg says might as well be completely made up just to fuck with her. He has her believing everyone is out to get her, everyone hates her, they want to see her downfall, and she can't trust anyone but him. And that's a big part of the reason he has such a hold on her (and why she ignores all help offered to her).

No. 587302

Maybe she'd leave him for another YT shill.

No. 587309

didn't lainey shill betterhelp last year? i wonder if she'll react to the drama that's unfolding

No. 587328

She did, and I doubt she cares since her involvement was so long ago. The URL isn't even the same.

No. 587344

I used to have a bf who was a narc just like Onision. He did have threesomes before us and tried to do the same shit with me, always triangulating even with random people in the street, never trusted the guy though. 2 of his exes got in an argument with him at the same time LOL.

One day Onision will end beaten up just like in this movie scene LOL.

No. 587356

File: 1539231173693.png (605.56 KB, 1325x607, fuck you lainey.png)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=16oTWcquQgKIX6Mo127OzCRKy90UN2MSR (Why I’ll Never Date Someone Again Mirror)

The sly digs and the lies.

No. 587363


I love the immediate disclaimer at the beginning about nothing be set in stone and she might change her mind, like, no shit, I don't even know how many times by now you've said the same thing, made the same video, tweet etc. and then immediately turned around and lured in some other victim. I really can't stand her ass.

No. 587364


Pack your bags, Lambo. Anus is only sticking around so you can watch the kids and he can fuck a B tier alt Billie wannabe.

No. 587365

People coming out and talking about how you and greg treated them like garbage during the relationship isn't them talking to you to just get information to share to the internet. Dont treat people like garbage and they wouldn't have things to say. What a hard concept.

No. 587366


Pack your bags, Lambo. Anus is only sticking around so you can watch the kids and he can fuck a B tier alt Billie wannabe.

No. 587367

>privacy is something I take very seriously

im fuckin ded

No. 587368


with that husband? good luck sweety

No. 587369


with that husband? good luck sweety

No. 587370


with that husband? good luck sweety

No. 587371


"try to talk to me, or pretend that they care about me, just to tell people on the internet more personal things in my life"

This part specifically is definitely about Vix, not Maya, but this video is 100% targeted toward the leaked stuff about maya, she's being pretty swift on responding lmao.

No. 587372

"try to talk to me, or pretend that they care about me, just to tell people on the internet more personal things in my life"

This part specifically is definitely about Vix, not Maya, but this video is 100% targeted toward the leaked stuff about maya, she's being pretty swift on responding lmao.

No. 587373

I like how greg can air all her personal stuff, her own family's personal stuff, everyone they date's personal stuff, everyone he remotely knows personal stuff. But the second an ex comes out with texts that show they are awful people just based on her and onions own actions, she acts like they are awful and that sharing personal stuff is awful. What a joke. Hold your own husband accountable before going off on other people.

No. 587376


with that husband? good luck sweety

No. 587380


This lmao.

Hey Lainey, remember when ypur husband aired Billie's secret as another manipulation tactic and ypo didn't say shit but "where's my sympathy"

No. 587381

Oh nooo Lainey won't date ever again oh nooo what will the world do now that a married mother of two isn't dating barely legal girls.

No. 587382

Lol her hubby gonna snap if he doesn’t get his winky dink wet with some lil girl puss , she gone end up “dating” someone sooner or later

No. 587390

or when he outed what a pendantic crybaby she is when billie was around? or the whole rape thing? or literally everything damning or personal that we know about her was released by her zit of a husband?

No. 587405

How old is Maya?

No. 587416

19, iirc

No. 587422

whats up with this brotherhood/racist thing, lainey mentioned?
Is this what he told her?

No. 587423

She’s reading off a damn script, fam.

>I’m a boring person

If the giant fucking shoe fits, footface

No. 587425

The cognitive dissonance is astounding. People who are private don’t air their literal and figurative dirty laundry on the internet (not to mention the fact that you and the giant suppurating boil you’re married to do so for fucking money in lieu of getting a real job). Taylor, you are a smug, disingenuous, dupilicitous, lazy, selfish piece of garbage and I hope more of your manipulative abusive shit gets leaked and whatever remaining fan base you have gets blown to smithereens

No. 587426

Did anyone notice in the first few secs of her video her chin suddenly snaps back to become smaller? She's using one of those sliming feminisation filters lol.

So much for muh dysphoria I wanna look more like a man.

No. 587427

Probably because she’s been lurking here and seen us comparing that ugly plantar mug of hers to Robbie Rotten

No. 587431

File: 1539241880382.gif (3.56 MB, 359x202, 065AC5F3-B8B0-4CD7-941F-6F63A9…)


>I feel content in my life


No. 587432


Yeah, but if she were really trans or wanting to present in a masculine way, she'd take it as a compliment. The fact that it obviously bothers her to be compared to men shows once again she's full of fucking shit.

No. 587434

Of course! She only wants to be compared to a 12 year old boy. Who wears makeup. And breastfeeds. And anyone who questions her trans authenticity is a gatekeeper and a transphobe.

No. 587436

lol fuck, i wish someone made this comparison where she was still sporting sperm brows. They would have been twins back then

No. 587437

Kek. I rolled my eyes at that too. Denial is a helluva drug. They have both said they aren't going to be poly anymore, but as soon as some Billie clone starts sliding into the Foot's DM's it's awwwwright.

No. 587439

lol, she's even holding a pen, isn't she?

I wonder of Ogreg wrote it for her.

No. 587441

It would also tie her name to him and involve her in his drama. Why are some anons this sensless? She said she doesn't want that and as if the leaks weren't enough, you want people to run around tipping. This is using M too, you know.

No. 587442

"My experiences with polyamory haven't been positive"
And whose fault is that, Plainey? There's a big, fat, common denominator in all of these "relationships".
Maybe if you don't want people to talk shit about you and your husband you should stop manipulating them and treating them like garbage. I know this is going to sound really wild, but people don't tend to feel loyalty towards others who play mind games with them and then publicly humilate them when they don't tow the line. You want a peaceful life with no drama? Then stop making it you greasy cow.

No. 587443

>It honestly wouldn't surprise me in the slightest, in fact I'd be willing to put money on Greg having threatened lainey with suicide, financial ruin, never seeing her kids again/never getting any support from her kids, legal action via his bogus NDAs, debt forever, leaking her nudes/intimate personal information… or all of the above plus a few more. She 100% believes that leaving greg would trigger the apocalypse. Unless you've lived through it you can't really understand how gaslighting effects you.

for sure and this isn't something you can just wave off when it's happening to you and you've seen him done it to other girls

No. 587446

Oh Lainey Lainey Lainey

You should know better than anyone else that to demand or expect privacy in your world is ludicrous and hypocritical.

When your Zitty FreakenGrease violates other's privacy and secrets, all you quibble is that he is his own person and you don't control him or what he says.

So guess what?? The mutual respect highway goes both ways, it's not a one way street.

By not being more proactive in keeping your shitty husband in line, you now reap what you sowed karmically and rhetorically.

If others now choose to expose you or your husbands secrets, you must now grin and bear it, and cluck that you simply don't control other people and that they can do what they want.

Of course, the Foot is being made to "react" to the text release. You can tell Greg lost his shit and raged at his Left Foot until she did the video. We know she hates the hate blogs, but that Greg reads them all day every day.

(Of course she put the addendum that she can change her mind. If she doesn't keep her 15 year old fans hope alive that she might date them, then who else is going to send her gifts and makeup pallets? Greg? HA! He hates her, and hates to spend money on her. He ain't buying her shit.)

No. 587450

I was actually going to add “who wants to bet that Grot wrote it for her?” but then I thought “wait, he is using her to lure in teen chocha, this video is going to make him have a stroke”. I don’t think he is smart enough to have forced her to make it specifically to throw everyone off the scent of his predatory poon wrangling.

No. 587451

Lake crying about privacy and trust actually disgusts me. She makes so many statuses whining and pissing on and makes videos about them being awful (Where's my sympathy) allows her husband to fucking betray all of their secrets and messages, it's fucking rich for her to make a self pitying video complaining about people not respecting privacy and how she has no trust. No one should trust YOU, lame. You are beyond untrustworthy and you'll sell anyone out to get on your filthy husbands good side. She looks for anything she possibly can to help her husband slander her exes (calling billie dirty, creeping on their twitters and instagrams, sharing her messages with him, relaying things they told HER to him) like what the fuck. How can she sit there and be such a fucking hypocrite? Learned from the best I suppose, being married to onion. Lainey is not innocent. Lainey is as toxic manipulative self pitying and vengeful as onion

No. 587454

It's ironic the wife of a man who has history of girls literally making videos crying and begging him to just stop talking about them and leaking their info and just LEAVE THEM ALONE is now whining about privacy and trust lmao

No. 587455

Maybe no one would leak your shit if you weren't affiliated with a gross predator and adopting his tactics that would warrant warning people about you, Lainey.

No. 587462

It fits the "boo hoo lainey is sad" narrative. maybe she had to write something he approved of. its sketchy either way. but then, what from them isnt?

No. 587464

Indeed. Either way, it was 100 per cent triggered by the recent leaks and is a piss poor attempt at damage control, because Grugly and Gruglier are both transparent conniving vindictive pieces of shit and no one outside their circle jerk of mentally handicapped hambeast patronfags is buying their nonsense.

No. 587466

We only use victims initials so they don't come up in google searches and if someone ctrl+f's the thread. You're welcomed to use Greg and Laineys full name as much as possible.

No. 587468

This is giving me a thought. If Greg is a "character" then Lainey must be too. SO her "persona" and sexual/gender delusions are all just a character.
Transtrender confirmed. Onision Logic used.

No. 587470

Lmao I remember on YouNow sometimes Turkish men would come on the chat and be like 'are you boy?' and she'd be pissed. She doesn't want her family or the real world actually thinking she's a fuckig man. e

No. 587472

The brotherhood is most likely some gay af bro gang for the men of Onioncord like Sylar and probably the 12 year old jew altho I don't think he likes Onion anymore. Essentially sylar always had to get Intel on the who is a leak and also share grooming tips. Think the brotherhood was also a Greg sock puppet account on twitter this was all discussed back in temp days but a lot didn't get saved.

No. 587477

Nah, this whole thing is the teen pussy version of claiming you're going to private your Instagram account soon. I can gurantee that they're hoping a bunch of pick-mes will flood their inboxes lamenting that they've lost the chance to be Greg and Laineys little pet and pleading for the chance. Lainey getting to cry once again about how people are so mean and disrespectful to her is just icing on the cake I'm sure.

No. 587478

Wow, around the 4:00 minute mark in the video, you can actually hear from Taylor herself to what extent her husband, Gregory Avaroe, has broken her:

- jealousy issues (pretty comprehensible after the B fiasco and after S, the "camera person")

- self esteem issues and anxiety disorder (who would not, being called a "cunt" and being yelled at multiple times a day - we all remember Lainey's "10 things I hate about Onision" video)

- afraid of being used and that nobody is honestly interested in her (which might stem from the fact that this is the exact same way she treats girls who are willing to join the Avaroes' attempt of creating a "trinity" or just her inner gut feeling from being caught in a loveless marriage)

Hmm, is this video really about M or is she, on another level, cucking Gregory and telling him that she won't have another girl in her life, and therefore he can forget about the trinity he so clearly yearns for?

All and all, that relationship's a hot mess. I can't wrap my head head around it why anyone would want to join (except for the fact that the Avaroes are the only "better-known" Youtubers who offer their fanbase to become part of the "family" … maybe apart from Team 10 without the sex).

No. 587486

It's the same as when she acted like a bitch when she beat a girl in a cheerleading competition and people gave that girl sympathy and attention.
The same Taylor that would lock her sister in a closet and destroy her sister's clothes.

No. 587488

I didn’t know this but it makes a lot of sense and protects people that need it! I’ll do this from now on.

No. 587502

>Hmm, is this video really about M or is she, on another level, cucking Gregory and telling him that she won't have another girl in her life, and therefore he can forget about the trinity he so clearly yearns for?

Allow me to shelter under your tinfoil, anon. I think this is extremely likely. Taylor isn’t as much of a dumb fuck as her gay husband is. She’s no rocket scientist but she has a lot more self awareness than he does and has no hesitation in using it to mock him (exhibit a: the ten things video) so the idea of her using the leaks to make it publicly known that she won’t be complicit in Grot’s pussy prowling anymore is by no means a stretch.

No. 587503

Idk if m’s stuff triggered this but good. If Greg isn’t able to weasel his way around this then no new girls will be brought in and hurt. She’s been more vocal lately about not wanting or being ready for a girlfriend while Greg is but this is a more definitive stance.

No. 587505

Wonder how soon Greg will make an appearance on Pedobots channel talking about poly. I mean, is she allowed to disrespect their future board!?

No. 587507

Pretty much 100%. Most of her issues with her body stem from changes from pregnancy. Wider hips, fat distribution changes, doorknocker sock titties. She misses her teen body.

In her "Why I'm not Agender Anymore" August 7, 2018

She talks about not shaving, bitch, growing your leg and armpit hair out doesn't mean you're masculine. You just sound like an adult woman who realizes that shaving everyday isn't a priority or the end of the world. So I guess good on you for maturing past the body hair is disgusting phase, still not proof of your transness.

She mentions her chest being her worst "dysphoria". "I hate my chest." Breast feeding doesn't giver her "dysphoria". She doesn't experience bottom "dysphoria" at all. She does experience hip "dysphoria". She mentions being a teen and when her hips began to develop she didn't know what she was feeling and then she says she realized it was "dysphoria". She says she felt too heavy and too big and started counting calories and restricting food (that's called body dysmorphia in extreme cases you psych degree fuckhead). Footfuck, all teen girls are /usually/ uncomfortable with the changes their body goes through, same with boys. It's a weird crazy time everyone has issues with their bodies.Also voice "dysphoria", you're always gonna sound like a whiney bitch, accept it Lamey.

In her "Am I Going To Transition Video" May 3, 2018:

She mentions wanting to wear "boy" clothes as a kid, wanting to be a "fireman", and get a short haircut (newsflash Lainey there's tons of very cis men with longer hair than me and very cis women with hair shorter than you, hair doesn't define gender) as proof that she's non-binary or whatever the fuck she says she is. No Lainey, kids have very little concept of gender (gender is learned) and just because you like the way clothes or haircut look or a certain profession, or a certain hair cut as a child doesn't mean you have gender dysphoria. I am sorry that your parents had such a strict gender outline for you, but that isn't proof. My parents just called me a tomboy. I honestly feel like she's trying to use this as the nail in the coffin proof that she's always been trans when all her other "symptoms" just sound like you said, general body discomfort.

She also mentions going to see a gender therapist and there has been zero follow up on that in 5 months so I doubt anything came of that.

I honestly feel like if Lainey stops trying to collect all the minority labels she would feel a lot fucking better. Just fucking be you, do what you want, you're an adult. If you want smaller titties then fine, a lot of women complain about the shape and size of their breasts, it doesn't have to define your gender.

The trinity applications are closed until Lainey needs to rope Shreg in again. I bet whenever she feels she's losing Shreg she toys with the idea of a girlfriend again to get him excited and reinvested in their shit marriage for the hope that he won't have to deal with child support payments and get some fresh teen puss. He wants his cake and eat it too. Basically >>587364.

Also this is totally pointed at M, she talks about people saying "I never go online." In the screenshots M mentioned how she doesn't go online because she wants to avoid drama. Lainey, did you ever stop to think that you probably really hurt this person, your husband too, and so the only people that she felt like she could talk to about this might be on the internet because people in real life would probably think she's fucking crazy for flying to a strangers house that she met on the internet. You should be mad at your husband, not mad at the girl you fucked over and just wanted to vent about her experiences with someone that might have a bit of understanding about what's going on in your fucked up house. Stop being such a swamp ass soaked diaper worn by your greasy ass husband, swamp hag.

No. 587514


Laundrythot responds to negativity. She has always thrives on defending herself (or rather having Anus defend her) and doing the exact opposite of what people want. If the hayturz called her a lovely person, she’d insist she’s terrible, she’s literally that brain dead.

I’ve toyed around with the idea of only referring to her in masculine terms in the comments section of her videos and seeing her get triggered. She’ll either lie and say she loves that people think she’s a boy or angrily insist “I’m not a man, guys, being non-binary is a thing, fuck being cis.” This bitch will never win and she knows it.

No. 587516

File: 1539267860886.png (6.89 MB, 1242x2208, 1D356143-8F8B-4DEA-966E-064818…)

No. 587517

Maya posted that on her insta story yesterday btw ^

No. 587520

Whats her insta?

No. 587522

It’s on private so you won’t be able to see anything unless you request a follow, I’ve just had her followed for awhile that’s how I could grab that

No. 587523

I think if you refer to her like she's an adult man she will get triggered. She calls herself fuckboy. She also likes to call herself dad and daddy but she's the least dad person ever. She is fucking submissive as hell, which is why she hasn't gotten the daddy balls to get her children and herself out of a fucked up household. I can't wait for the day when Trot calls "daddy" Lainey a cunt too.

No. 587524

File: 1539268892544.jpeg (72.55 KB, 640x358, 6B410FC6-1903-4553-BDDC-DD5285…)

No. 587528

Still baffled at how Lambo gets these kind of gorgeous girls to fall for her to the point of them coming to the swamp trailer.. I mean she keeps on dating 8-10's while she herself is like a 5 on good days.

No. 587529

That's internet popularity + young and impressionable girls

No. 587531

Wow was this one pretty.

Bwahaha Gronklestein, you came on too strong and too fast. Could have trapped that, if only you had left your LameFoot alone with her.

Enjoy your loose sour puss Lame, because now everybody sees through her too.

You blew it Greg. Lainey was your last chance at redemption and relatiablility through association.

Now everybody knows that both you and your wife are scummy pedophilic trash that uses young girls for their ego strokes and their lunch money.

Have fun trying to nail down a new underaged girl, because you will never find another one that will live up to your standards. Kek.

No. 587533

Whoa whoa this is old milk I am unaware of, anybody have deets?

No. 587543

File: 1539272652082.jpeg (297.99 KB, 750x940, A49A03B5-327C-4217-AD90-7886C5…)

Looks like he’s still taking to booty. Guess he really doesn’t give a shit she got caught shitting on his smol space bean.

No. 587550

How does he think mocking sign language makes him look better than the trans guy who make a video about Lainey?

Honestly I feel like the video where he sang a Five Nights At Freddy's song, imitating a deaf person's speech and trying to hold back his laughter is way more controversial than this video and I'm so shocked that he hasn't received some serious backlash from that.

No. 587554

You misunderstood anon. Taylor wouldn't stop stealing her sister's clothes, so her parents put a lock on her sister's closet.

No. 587562

I wonder what the fee is to shit all over Lainey? Must be so nice for Lainey that the girl who feels like she had a one over on Sh can also talk shit about Onion's actual wife. Marriage goals!

No. 587574

Reading her response really lends to the reasoning as to why Gurggles has such an enormous ego. This lady is so intelligent. I’ll bet he stokes his ego in thinking that he’s somehow as clever as she is, but it’s really just him trying to fill a hole in his heart by trying to mimic her. Damn. He is so stupid. How couldn’t he have been a little more open with someone so considerate…? But that’s just the pattern. Sweet, kind, intelligent women attempt to help this poor stupid man, and he lashed out in idiocy. It’s a common pattern for domestic violence too.

No. 587593

Wait, did Maya not leak the caps?

No. 587595

File: 1539283586418.png (1.23 MB, 1440x1699, hypocrisy thy name is anus.png)

It's unsurprising at this point, but for fuck's sake what a hypocrite. And Plainey is such a doormat.
Remember when Anus lost his shit when she tweeted that a guy from one of her favorite bands tweeted her and accused her of being "disloyal" because that dude had blocked him? Lolcow remembers.

But it's ok to keep taking money and stay in contact with a crazy bitch who shits all over his wife? Jesus, grow a spine, girl.

No. 587596

No, it was a friend.

No. 587603

File: 1539284783910.jpeg (221.53 KB, 640x605, 8BBBB71B-AE6D-4211-8083-99FFDE…)

New twitter display pic

Why does she cling to the trans boi uwu fantasy even AFTER Kalvin ripped her and Greg a new one? You’d think she’d wanna drop this topic into the abyss after the whole fiasco

No. 587607

Man she doesn’t even need testosterone. Tbh she looks like a low quality male-to-female transgender more than a ftm. All she’s missing is an Adam’s apple.

No. 587609

File: 1539285499913.png (17.01 KB, 321x173, Capture.PNG)

LOL NationalComingOutDay, bitch hasn't even come out to the people who created her and what are supposed to be the closest people in her life, her family.She's obviously not that proud.

No. 587617

>”I’m proud to be me!”

Easy to say when you’re straight and cis, I guess.

No. 587623

M didn't leak the caps, she shared her story with someone and they leaked it behind her back.

No. 587627


I'm not saying every idiot who's gone to the swamp trailer with this intention but…next to Lainey, those girls look even better than a 10. If they have it in their dumb heads that being more attractive than Lainey will somehow lure Ogresion to them, why not stand next to her? Why not put up with her if, in the long run, Shreg is their ultimate goal, not Lainey?

No. 587632

Lainey is a shady ass cunt that tattles on them to daddy Shreg.

No. 587639

I hope Kalvin goes after her for this

No. 587640

No wonder these girls don't come forward or just disappear. With friends like these and all that jazz.

No. 587641

File: 1539288549597.png (700.93 KB, 1200x1056, kuk.png)

No. 587642

Keep doubling down on your nonsense, Taylor. Your pedo husband is cucking you by still being “friends” with someone who has been trash talking you. If you’re so desperate to be male grow a fucking pair and stand up for yourself, you doormat

No. 587644

File: 1539289399567.jpeg (50.33 KB, 640x360, 70E35A14-294E-41D8-9ECA-1C983B…)

Can we stay on topic instead worrying of how ethical the screencap are?

Greg and Lainey both treated M like shit. I’m glad it what they did came to light and I hope she distances herself away from the Onion family.

No. 587646

What does his comment mean here?

No. 587649

Getting passive aggressive vibes myself, I bet laimo got a right telling off for that video… "YOU'RE SCARING OFF THE TEEN PUSS YOU CUNT! YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT THIS MARRIAGE OR YOU'D FIGHT FOR LOVE AND PUSS"

No. 587650

It's not a comment, it's just a tweet he made before retweeting her video promotion. Not exactly sure what OP was trying to portray..

No. 587652

Quit moralfagging, no one here really cares how it came out just that it did and proves Greasy is still trying to fuck any girl Lainey talks to.

No. 587653

I wonder if its directed at M for ruining his next poly thing by putting laim off of it (leaks) . he put poly relationship on their future board and mentions it often lately so I bet that vid really shit on his parade. He wants it so much more than laim (who doesn't want it at all)

No. 587655

this was my thinking. It seems like he is blaming M for Lainey's "heartbreak" and decision not to date anyone because shes soooo fragile and gets hurt by all the evil girls she tries to date, boo hoo

No. 587656

Yeah it does seem very passive aggressive just on it's own but the timing makes it suspicious.

Greg fucked himself over. Hey Greg, stop being an abusive rape-y creep and maybe being in a perfect triad won't be a dumb pipe dream.

No. 587657

Didn't greg admit he tried to get jiggity with M anyway?

No. 587658

He admitted that he picked her up/carried her in his arms I think.

No. 587664

That and the #momoftheyear exchange show how much Onion was able to break her down. I wonder how much of a fucking fit he throws when Lainey can be bothered to pay attention to the kids.

No. 587667

So, in RealStreams new video "Laineybot calls RSN a rapist", at 3.07 Lame says Sarah is the one who informed Lame about these apparent "Fake Sarah" tweets going around last week. Apparently they are still friends. So then why are they all unfollowed from each other?

No. 587669

Sarah's probably trying to get back into doormat's swamp.

No. 587675

If that’s the case, even after the Mayaleaks, she’s even more of a fucking idiot than we thought.

No. 587678

File: 1539294387416.jpeg (474 KB, 750x1191, AF3FD074-0027-4C3C-B703-AFE922…)

From YouTube, onion still milking this kalvin drama

No. 587679

Always educating non-white cis folk cause they don't know any better.

What a pathetic, ugly midget you are, Greg.

No. 587687

Nobody cares about what the Oily Angry Inch has to say anymore.

Peep those sad number of views.

No. 587689

File: 1539295290818.png (682.2 KB, 921x771, fire red onion.png)

Kinda irrelevant but I took a screenshot of his fucking fire red face. His skin looks actually burned, I haven't changed anything. And don't forget he likes to adjust the colors of his video to hide his redness.

No. 587695

File: 1539295934778.jpg (46.49 KB, 998x600, maya.jpg)

Who cares about onions trans sperg? He's bouncing around two factual things right now:
>avoiding the topic of leaked messages proving onion assaulted maya and spaceprince did jack shit
> keeping quiet about the patreon who hates on spaceprince because he wants the money

No. 587696

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1T9DMQCPtBf311jNTpLrS6IWeRCQ2E8L2 (Dear Kalvin Garrah (Please Support ALL LGBT!) mirror.)

Let's be real here, he's only milking this because it doesn't make him look like a creepy asshole. Just an asshole.

No. 587697

wonder if he had something done? chemical peel? he always starts hiding his face whenever he gets procedures done.

No. 587700

Could be chemical peel, microdermabrasion, micro needling, etc.

He’s desperate to slow down his obvious skin aging but all it does is irritate his rosacea and make him permanently more red with each treatment. He’s more worried about a few wrinkles than his pizza face kek

No. 587701

File: 1539296937995.jpg (76.58 KB, 726x355, WhenTheStrawmanIsJustRight.jpg)

Jesus this guy is so fucking pathetic. Will he bring up GIFs when he is "fuckin up" teachers at Parent-teacher conferences?

Also, since he loves FAX
>A mental disorder is a behavioral or mental pattern that causes significant distress or impairment of personal functioning.
(not to get into trans politics)

No. 587722

Yeesh. I really misremembered that. Sorry.

No. 587724


Lambo, consider going on T after all. Your fishing hook chin could benefit from a beard.

No. 587727


“Hope you’re so fucking happy scaring away all the teen puss I’d rather be drowning in.”

No. 587728

>She’s been more vocal lately about not wanting or being ready for a girlfriend

I wonder if M really did get through to her then.

No. 587729

Wow, I didn't even recognize her.

dat chin tho

I thought she was getting rid of her flag.

No. 587730

Thanks for reminding me of the dream board and how he wants to impregnate another girl.

No. 587736

No. 587738

lol this is perfect.

No. 587743

File: 1539306541180.png (272.8 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_20181011-204208.png)

I was watching the Joy Sparkle you now stream when I saw this. It's possible it could lead to something interesting, I hope this is alright to post here.

No. 587744

File: 1539306627920.png (256.89 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_20181011-204501.png)

And another

No. 587749

I doubt it's anything new and milky unless she got back in contact again or they contacted her. Joy looks like she ate all of the Onion victims and their families.

No. 587750

Kudos, nice catch anon!
I wonder if it has anything to do with plainey’s messages being posted in pt.

No. 587753

They're talking about the Aryan Brotherhood. Lots of people were accusing Gerg of racism (rightly so) and shopping him in KKK robes, comparing his videos to speeches by confirmed racists etc. I never saw someone claim he was part of the Aryan Brotherhood myself, but that has to be what she means. It's probably a lie regardless.

No. 587755

wtf how did joy get so fat? jesus.

anyway, hope something interesting comes of this, but i doubt it.

No. 587756

OT but these I wish these fucking people would invest in an ironing board, or stop being too lazy to use one. All of the stuff they hang up is always creased to hell like this. It would take a couple of minutes tops to iron it out, and it would make their setup look a thousand times less cheap and thrown together at the last minute, but noooo, can't even put in that much effort.

No. 587769

Don't worry nitpick anon, I noticed it too and cringed.

No. 587779

did you see their laundry room in the old house? they literally just piled clean clothes on top of the machines and on the floor and never put them away. you think they'd take the time to iron anything?

No. 587788

Can't find a single hate comment on Gurgles new Kalvin vid. He's really monitoring the comment section wow

No. 587795

God, I know. It's just so beyond me that they put such little effort into personal hygiene regimens, maintaining their home, cooking food, child-rearing, spending meaningful time together, going places for fun, taking care of their yard, having relationships with friends or family, pretty much fucking everything possible, so you'd think maybe they would take that unused effort and dedicate it towards their channels – ideas, sets, editing, whatever, AND THEY DON'T EVEN DO THAT. Their videos are shitty and uninspired, their sets are just cluttered garages and closets with wrinkled sheets taped to the wall, and the quality of the shooting and editing is usually the bare minimum. What the fuck DO they do all day?! I know, I know, they sit on their phones, but how do these people make money and survive by doing everything in life with the least amount of effort and gusto anyone could ever muster? How are they okay with that being their life? Agh, the internet is a curse…

No. 587802

File: 1539317424499.jpg (37.41 KB, 630x472, 839712b8b2888bc4440ad6dd209e1d…)

Is he wearing masks again because of a badly done skin peel?

No. 587805


She has an autoimmune disorder, so it could be that or her medication. I gained 40 pounds after I developed an autoimmune disorder too, it's really hard to keep it off.

No. 587806

File: 1539318155738.jpg (16.54 KB, 514x488, judiJ6V.jpg)

I was re-reading the leaked chat logs and I'm wondering if spaceprince knows gurg told maya he loved her? I wonder how much she really knows at all. >>586231

>did i mention he said i love you to me

>the night i got there
>i dont think he understands the concept of love
>i never told [Lainey about him saying that]
>i didnt think it was my place to say that
>but we did have an argument about it
>causei was explaining to him how i dont get physical with anyone right away
>and i was like laineys the same way
>and he was all like
>we fucked the first day we met

No. 587819

Still true lmao

No. 587821

File: 1539320974006.png (137.91 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181010-035911.png)

Confirmed(Do not attempt to use lolcow.farm for attention or profit.)

No. 587823

Craig, would you like to give us more context before posting some random girl's dm's with you?

No. 587830

File: 1539322301702.jpg (42 KB, 425x671, 5OMbbpG.jpg)

Are you serious? >>587695
They look nothing alike you autist.

No. 587838

Joy Dipshit has her own thread. Stop derailing.

No. 587841

File: 1539327218078.jpg (236.48 KB, 1078x969, Thirstyonion.jpg)

He's trying so hard.

No. 587844

File: 1539328358738.jpeg (162.91 KB, 750x576, 8A365D68-59C0-4E79-BCF3-8E0306…)

Comparing us to Regina George implies we are attractive and popular, which is more than can be said for you, Grugly. I’d rather be a mean girl than an inbred middle aged caveman who is so uneducated and illiterate he can’t even use apostrophes correctly.

No. 587845

File: 1539328460355.png (160.73 KB, 500x273, whyareyouobsessed.png)


Well, if that's the case…

No. 587849

File: 1539329015173.jpg (88.33 KB, 1200x799, DIHqJupUMAAANBu.jpg)

Pretty sure that flag is the transgender flag. I think she got rid of her agender flag.

No. 587850

Shame no one has come up with a translarper flag yet

No. 587851

Does this aged corn husk of a person every stop relentlessly being a creepy predator?

No. 587853

This is probably the best compliment I've received for the year. Imma wear pink on Wednesdays now.

No. 587856


I love how he thinks it is an insult, kek. Handicapped hambeast Amber even retweeted it saying “yaaaasssss savage” which is hilarious because it just goes to show that the few remaining fans he has are as retarded as he is.

No. 587857

I would become a patron of his if he reacted to videos like this on livestream

No. 587858

You know he's probably incredibly proud of coming up with this, and yet no farmer worth her salt would be offended by being called a Regina George

No. 587860

File: 1539333325756.png (714.07 KB, 530x694, 8F794CEA-44E1-446C-A3C2-99E3E5…)

Can someone with an anon twitter please compare him to the coach who preferred his women young?

No. 587863

Exactly. We’re fully aware of how bitchy we are, that’s the whole fucking purpose of this site. Saying that we are mean girls is like saying water is wet. Nice try, Gargoyle.

No. 587865

>Calling us fit, attractive, popular and rich

So the opposite of himself?

No. 587866

>to feel better about their own reflection

Greg, I hate to break it to you but there are a number of us who, unlike your hideously festering pockmarked ass, actually make money off our looks, or our reflections if you will. This is not about making ourselves feel better, it is about outing you for being the moronic, abusive sack of ugly that you are

No. 587867

It's already been posted to him kek.

No. 587872

File: 1539335666743.jpeg (148.78 KB, 750x397, 0841B49B-A0B7-4882-BE09-16FAF1…)

Good god the peabrain. In a few days he’ll finally get it and make a video against insurance companies.

No. 587873

Hahahha what a shit insult. He could have called us bitter middle aged cat women or nerds that try to act tough online or a number of decent insults and he likens us to Regina George. Not even mad.

He's definitely coach Carr.
Lainey probably thinks she's a damien or janice, but she'd be that ugly girl that made out with a hotdog.


No. 587874

Grug's gonna expose the entire trans population, kids. Shane Dawson's sociopath documentary who?

No. 587875


>bitter middle aged cat women

That’s a synonym for Jaclyn Glenn so he probably equates it with a compliment

No. 587876

You would know all about fraud, insurance or otherwise, eh Gregory?

No. 587878

File: 1539336836355.gif (959.63 KB, 500x305, 2DB95C65-1A11-432B-91C0-AAB0D9…)


I swear he is getting more retarded by the day. I wonder if he was dropped on his head by crazy Tami as a child, that would explain a lot

No. 587886

File: 1539339404300.gif (4.53 MB, 720x404, tenor.gif)

Well… big head and micropenis are common symptoms of mental retardation.

No. 587888

He is legitimately retarded. He admitted himself that he was born with water on the brain, and umbilical wrapped around his neck cutting air off to his brain. The later at like age five or something he fell off playground equipment and sustained a serious head injury because of that. His mom's doctors said she should abort him because he was going to come out with tons of issues.

Honestly, these are aspects of his life that don't get enough attention in my opinion. Outside of his sisters, it seems like everyone in his family is a mess upstairs like their gene pool was only a few inches deep or something. His mother is a schizoaffective lunatic, his cousin according to the leak is so stupid he doesn't understand self-defense laws work to any degree, his aunt is also a deluded weirdo and they all seem somewhat okay with this. That's…well really odd. I know, armchairing here but in all seriousness what the fuck ever is wrong with him appears to exist throughout his entire family in different facets.

No. 587891

Id like to follow this beauty on insta

No. 587898

What a moron. He's the last person that needs to be talking about fraud. Wonder if he forgot that he's only got half a month before the government gets him.

No. 587904

this dumbass doesnt realize that being trans isnt really seen as a mental illness anymore- its just written down SO trans people can get the surgeries they need.
lol imagine thinking you support trans people and then calling them out for fraud so they can get surgeries to help themselves. fuckwit

No. 587905

Now we know why he's so obsessed with us!

>he was born with water on the brain, and umbilical wrapped around his neck

Life itself tried to spare us from his ugly face and retarded ego.

No. 587907

Lol This is a compliment, Not an insult.
Thanks grease!

No. 587910

imagine trying to pretend to be an ally while telling trans people they're committing fraud by having their surgeries/medications covered by insurance

The doctors who diagnose gender dysphoria (who are actually qualified to treat and handle trans patients) beg to differ, fuckwit

Most trans people do at least acknowledge that having gender dysphoria is a mental illness. Otherwise they wouldn't be trans and feel the need to transition

It's the same concept as being depressed or having anxiety or any other mental illness. It doesn't have to mean something is /wrong/ with someone being mentally ill, whichever mental illness they may have doesn't have to inheritly a bad thing, just a struggle they learn to cope with

Grum is killing two birds with one stone here. Ableism and transphobic. Great work "ally"

No. 587915

Gender dysphoria is still in the DSM-5, and the WHO reclassified it from mental illness to sexual health in the ICD to reduce stigma, but it’s still there specifically for insurance purposes.


No. 587916

I don't watch Blair and only really watch her shit when she's debating/roasting onion, but honestly, debating whether being trans is a mental illness with this moron would be wayyyy more interesting than the last 'debate' they did.

No. 587917

He probably knows that this is predominantly a female demographic using this site so he likens us to a bitchy fictional cheerleader type character.
It's obvious he can't take ANY criticism from females. He always seems to get way more butt hurt.

I have noticed when he hates something or gets mad at something a woman does, he either mocks them in a valley girl voice, or when he's doing his cringey skits, the horrible characters (use this term loosely because it's all horrible) are always bimbo regina types.

I have a feeling hot girls actually made fun of Shreg in highschool and that's why he has a hate boner for popular girls. He probably thought he was victorious in dating a cheerleader until she became a fake boi.
It's so cringy how he is still stuck in this 'omg preps, goths and emos' mentality.
It's incredibly immature and it's like he learnt everything about life in highschool from bad 90's american films. Yeah there's cliques in schools but he's been out of highschool for how many years now? In the real world and in a real workplace, adults are different. He is so out of touch…

Also he claimed to have dated a 'prep'
I bet she was a smelly wannabe like him…or he made it up.
The fact he is obsessed with sex and always goes on about the 'incredibly awesome' goth chick he lost his virginity to (or took it, I can't fucking remember) makes me think that's where his retarded fetish for alt chicks came from.

No. 587938


It seems poor Greg can't defend himself against women when he can see their faces to yell they are ugly despite his ugly gigantic frankenstein shaped head, depressing skin and crazy eyes.

No. 587939

Kalvin put out a new video. It’s good and he makes good points but he should ignore greg bc otherwise he’s just going to keep going and you can win an argument against him bc he ratchets up the crazy so much.

No. 587940

File: 1539365575965.jpg (25.26 KB, 394x390, the horror.jpg)

this has nothing to do with anything, but it popped up on my youtube notifications just now.

his face IS rather horrifying.

No. 587947

Did Grankenstein delete this tweet? Hes so pathetic

No. 587949

He had so many angry tweets calling him uneducated about this tweet on twitter and youtube from so many actual trans people.
If there wasn't so much backlash from trans people he wouldn't take it down. But he virtue signals trannys and minorities all the time even if he is totally uneducated on the subject to make himself look nice.

Trust me, read thed notification about 'transphobia' and see how many trannys are telling him to stfu.
I'm not even subbed but it randomly popped up, so I read the comments for a laugh

No. 587952

File: 1539370290374.png (559.69 KB, 530x694, 1538260925822.png)

No. 587953


No. 587954


lmao holy shit anon! my vote for next thread pic, this is great.

No. 587961

Every legit transperson I've met openly admits its a mental disorder. The only one's who claim it's not are the fucking transtrenders a.k.a Lainey. Grog, you're not an ally and neither is your cis wife. You're both harmful to the community and dont know shit.

No. 587968

>or is she, on another level, cucking Gregory and telling him that she won't have another girl in her life

Imagine cucking your narc husband with self respect

No. 587981


vote next thread pic

No. 587988

i hate to burst your bubble but it's not even medically classified as a mental disorder anymore. so…

No. 587995

can we just have a normal picture of Greg for the next thread pic?(no, learn board culture)

No. 587998

The terms and requirements have changed. While Gender Identity Disorder is not in the DSM any longer, Gender Dysphoria is it's replacement and is in the current DSM 5. It is no longer a disorder, but now specified as a dysphoria.

No. 587999

Purely because of stigma and political correctness.
It is a mental(hormonal/biological) condition which causes great disorder in the person who has it.

No. 588003


Seriously? Greg throws the ball and you people are running to get it?

Being trans is not a mental illness, gender dysphoria is, because it's understanded that it causes emotional pain that can be treated by doing medical transition. This is all beside the point.

The bizarre thing is to say that is healthcare fraud to utilize the system to minimaze suffering that can and often does lead to death. It just shows how incapable of moral conjecture or even normal understanding of reality Greg is.

No. 588005

All of this. You can bet your bottom dollar that the popular girls teased him in high school (and probably their boyfriends too). He is hideously pimply, illiterate, stupid, unhygienic, stinky and all-round creepy. I find it so hard to believe Thot was ever a cheerleader because she has always been fugly and masculine, even with long hair. Plus those eyebrows she sported until Billie taught her how to do them, holy shit. She would have been teased mercilessly at my school.

No. 588007

Exactly anon, that’s the point. No more derailing about whether we agree or not that gender dysphoria is a mental illness pls

Regardless, this dumbfuck cishet guy has no place talking about trans issues at all. He’s really grasping for straws. It’s like he csnt make up his mind if he wants to support ~lgbt~ or not. I know some other anons mentioned this, but it grinds my gears how he uses lgbt incorrectly

No. 588009

File: 1539380295664.png (965 KB, 966x1080, Screenshot (2729).png)

Shreg showing us how small his dick is.

No. 588011

You must come from an odd place. There’s a reason “cheerleader effect” is a common term.

No. 588021

jfc his face, it legit makes me want to barf. No wonder he has such a hate boner for us mean girls

No. 588022

>He probably thought he was victorious in dating a cheerleader until she became a fake boi.

Aside from the fact she was there, I think you just pinpointed the reason he picked Taylor. Fucking yikes.

No. 588023

Does a normal picture of Greg even exist tho.

No. 588027

File: 1539382672582.jpeg (140.47 KB, 750x427, F5F83BF1-C53D-44A2-A25F-33676C…)

How long till Gurg makes yet another video screeching autistically about Kalvin? Place your bets here, ladies. https://youtu.be/_Msvbm7Ia1I

No. 588030

Nta, but she wasn't a popular cheerleader at school.
Her cheerleading crap was more of an extra curricular activity or hobby. I knew a girl who was a gymnast and was training for the olympics and I also knew a chubby chick who went to after school 'gymnastics'
Totally different things.
Also, not one to slutshame but the onions do it to every other girl, I think Lainey was a bit of a hoe. Being a promiscuous teen is normal,but she admitted to sleeping with a whole friend group and splitting them up.

Along with her vague 'emo' outfits and hair, she's now a trender instead of a real tranny.
I get the vibe she tries to emulate trends or things and never pulls it off.
Going to cheerleading after school and fucking around probably made her feel like one of the cool girls, but I don't think she was actually ever cool.

She also wasn't an awkward uwu unpopular tomboy emo either as she sometimes tries to play off.

She's a boring average girl who tries to mimick people or aesthetics she sees. If she hadn't been with Greg, perhaps she would have grown as a person and become more interesting but even then, judging her sister's personality, she'd probably just become a basic thot.

No. 588053

What about possible guys on this board? I thought he was so pedantic about gendering people the right way…

No. 588070

He doesn't care about misgendering someone or pretending to mispronounce their names while giggling if he hates them.
He pretends to care but the second he's mad, he'll pretend to forget their name or say it weird.

Pretty sure he did the forgetful name thing a few times with other people. I'm trying to remember who, I don't think it was Joy sparkles but it's going to annoy me now because I swear I've seen him do it to other people in debates.

No. 588072


It’s rich coming from a guy who’s called Anus and Obesion.

No. 588073

File: 1539391509736.jpeg (313.37 KB, 750x893, 995116BE-9ED9-4246-8804-54F8F9…)

jfc anus, stay in your motherfucking lane already. You screeched about other youtubers being pedophiles until they presumably slapped you with a cease and desist order, now you’ve hitched your derelict wagon to the trans community. I can’t wait to see how this ends.

No. 588074

he's such a fucking dipshit

No. 588075

He did it to Kalvin (pronounced his last name as “Gurrah, like hurrah”)

No. 588076

File: 1539391704832.gif (717.72 KB, 500x279, stupidpeople.gif)

No. 588083

Still waiting for him to address M's caps.

No. 588084

oh i thought she was one in school, not otherwise. i guess even in that way greg lost lol

No. 588086

>this one dark secret trans people dont want you to know!

he does it to his own goddamn wife.

No. 588095

>he'll pretend to forget their name or say it weird

Yet he got butthurt when Lana Summer called him onion instead of onision

No. 588111

I'm surprised no one in the trans community (from what I've seen could be wrong) is putting Lainey under fire for not standing up to Onion. The "just because we're married doesn't mean we share the same views and problems" excuse is wearing thin as it is.

No. 588112


Ugly ass moobs.

No. 588117

no one pays attention to these losers but farmers and tumblr tweens

No. 588118

File: 1539401719862.jpeg (262.02 KB, 750x844, DBFB70E8-6EA9-457C-BF0D-431411…)

Think he’ll have a tantrum about this too? It popped up on my feed.

No. 588122

He's gone against SR over some crankthatfrank person and now he wants to suck his dick.

Foot should be furious of how much he's loving on jessie and jacklyn. He's never said so many nice things about her.

No. 588128

And let's not forget that they are "nice" things he actually means. Taylor is truly delusional about everything in her life.

No. 588140

Frank is bffs with Jessie, Anus is desperate to weasel his way into that crew. Thankfully none of them even acknowledge him except Jaclyn (and fuck knows why they are friends with her haggard thirsty ass). Watching him pant all over twitter trying to get the attention of other youtubers is fucking hilarious, it’s no different to when he was a festering stinky loser wanting to be in the popular group at school and whose attempts at inclusion were met with justifiable ridicule.

No. 588142


He's an idiot. A fucking idiot.

'Gender incongruence' is being moved from 'mental health disorders' to 'sexual health conditions' in the ICD-11.

This, according to WHO, is to decrease discrimination / stigma of the transgender individuals and increase access to necessary healthcare treatments as a result, like hormone therapies and surgeries.

The trans community peeps who worry about this may not be aware of the re-classification, so they fear for good reason that removal will prevent/end treatment for their very real condition.

But Gerg probably read a headline, confirmation bias took over, he spouted bullshit, as per usual, not realizing that the reality of the new classification will increase the chances of gender-confusedtrenders (his spouse) getting surgery.

No. 588147

He can’t even pronounce “incongruence”, he probably doesn’t know what it means. Fucking retard.

No. 588157

Yikes that face to body color contrast.

You know, I bet he has a humiliation fetish or something. There's no way someone who didn't get off on being humiliated would dress up in women's clothing or strip down and act like a tard with his tiny dick so apparent for the entire internet to see.

As big and bad as Onion thinks he is he's just repressing all his urges to be a sissy or something equally as horrifying.

No. 588173

File: 1539414675283.gif (1.36 MB, 500x281, ENDITPLEASE.gif)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1deQ4-rPjcn_F3Cq2lS6m6EuD-9ZsQhzj(LISTENING TO TWENTY ONE PILOTS WITH A HATER Mirror)

No. 588174

File: 1539414717691.png (317.06 KB, 1142x505, tattoo.png)

We can expect a new ugly origami inspired tattoo on Plainey soon.
All her tattoos have no rhyme or reason, no connectivity. She just slaps whatever the fuck is the flavor of the week on her skin.

Ever see a little kid whos gotten a hold of a sticker book and has plastered half the book on his face and arms. Thats Plaineybots whole tattoo look.

No. 588175


I love the subtle shade. He is something that never should have happened.

No. 588176

As a tattoo fag this shits me no end. These stupid basic white bitches who get meaningless random small tattoos because they can’t commit to big pieces but want to score edge points are a monumental cringe factory. Plus it’s not like Thot needs any more assistance in looking like trailer trash. Go ahead bitch, get more ugly tattoos to match your ugly personality.

No. 588181

The takeaway from this video is a) these two cunts really hate each other, b) they have the worst taste in music on the planet and c) Obesion’s face is looking worse than ever, he is covered in pustules that are visible under his damn make up. I wonder if Taylor intentionally blurred her own dumpster fire of a complexion but left his mostly unedited out of spite or if his supreme pizza with extra cheese ass face is such a disaster no amount of makeup or filters can hide the fact that he looks like an escapee from a leper colony.

No. 588185

File: 1539416636796.jpg (106.9 KB, 846x492, Elders React.jpg)

This could of been on the Fine Bros Channel.

No. 588187

You know they downloaded and pirated that album for free while complaining bitching about people “stealing” their copyrighted patron material reeeeeeeeeeee

No. 588188

>No wonder why stoners are attracted to you.
Nice dig at M cuckboi. Too bad it’s a shitty dig.
All they can do is stay silent and make jabs at M. They know they’re both fucked. M, if you’re reading this, You have them both in the palm in your hands. Give them hell, girl.

No. 588191

Mike off Jersey shore just got 8 months in prison for KNOWING that his brother was committing tax fraud on his behalf.
Mikes Brother got two years for one count of tax fraud.
Greg did his own taxes.
November is going to be interesting.

No. 588193

Anyone else waiting for Greg to troon out? He's always seemed like the type to me.

No. 588194

troon out?

No. 588196

nta but I think they are speculating as to whether Grot will start identifying as a woman without making any attempt to look like one. You know, the way his wife does with her fakeboi nonsense

No. 588197

Hmmm. I wouldn't have thought so, but he does have the screaming narcissism aspect of that group down pat. His while thing with crossdressing is weird too. And since apparently nowadays you don't have tp actually ~transition~ to be a trans person, maybe so.

No. 588198

If he did it’s not like he’d have to worry about bottom surgery anyway, seeing as his tiny wiener is closer to a clit then a dick

No. 588201

How does anyone put up with him? He’s exhaaaaaaaausting.

Him making the “joke” dig at lainey about stoners and then cracking up like it was the funniest thing anyone’s ever said while idiotically clapping for himself is so embarrassing. Her dig at him about him always feeling sorry for himself at least makes sense and is true.

How can someone be so self-centered and negative? She really has to treat him like a child.

No. 588203

The way he always laughs at his own jokes is fucking insufferable, just like everything else about him

No. 588205

File: 1539428536549.png (1.22 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (2754).png)

Oh wow Greg you like Marilyn Manson's Disposable Teens? What special little snowflake you are.

I feel like this cunt only listens to his own shitty music and Marilyn's old music… and he's 33 years old. Also this screenshot embodies their whole relationship.

No. 588206

I LOVE how music is a big part of lames identity and her husband literally DETESTS every single band. Imagine you love something and your partner thinks is the most stupid thing on this planet and rags on you all the time for liking it lmao

you have to be a groomed teen wife to not be able to take a step back and see how fucking destructive that is.

No. 588207

No. 588209

What? What makes you think he means Maya? I thought he meant Billie, but even that would've been strange because she wasn't attracted to Lambo.
Maybe Sarah started smoking and Lamp had Greg ~dump~ her for that

No. 588210

Oh yuck, Onion Boy's face.

Why is it so red? Beet Red?!

Why does his face skin color not match up with the rest of his body????

Is it that his face had so much acne that his head turned into a giant zit?

Did those 3 giys from high school give his face such the beating that its still bruised? Would explain the nose and his eyes pointing in different directions? >>588118

Hey dingle nuts. Even Michael Jackson fixed the whole being two different colors thing.

What? Don't have enough money to fix your face anymore Frankengrease?

No. 588216

File: 1539437716712.png (10.49 MB, 2048x2732, 7FA2AD69-B7ED-4717-8C67-8A645F…)


I name this piece "how do you do fellow kids?"

So fun fact for their skin I used a brush called ‘blotchy’, seemed like fate to me.

I used these as guides, thank you very much for posting them;

The pained expression Greg is sporting was originally supposed to be a jab at his skin, because it looks so painful.
But looking at it then felt kind of empty, so I added Lainey and made her the source of Greg’s suffering as well as of course his constant fear of aging.

So yeah, this is them ‘enjoying’ twenty one pilots (or as the kidz say "TOP ||-//") together.

No. 588220

Fucking kek at how half the shit he says he doesnt like about top can be applied to a lot of old rock eg.'long intro', 'useless intrumentals'blah blah. He fucking hates her so much he'll nitpick anything she likes. Their marriage is already over, they havent divorced bc they dont want to admit the haters are right.

No. 588226

TOP KEK. Brilliant work, Art anon. You're very talented.

No. 588229

Nah. I think however he is gonna really try to weasel his way into the lgbt community by claiming he is actually bi. He already kind of (and out of fucking nowhere) claimed to be bi, just because he fantasized about Andy Biersacks dick now and then. At some point he will have a come out video about being bi and talk about his "agender" wife as proof that he is, mark my words.

No. 588231

File: 1539443152224.jpg (805.78 KB, 2048x1025, prettymuchonion.jpg)

The cringe when he started doing the air guitar shit.

No. 588232

I don't know what's worse. Greg trying to be hip with the kids, or Lainey jumping on the TOP bandwagon, probably to boost her numbers.

Hey Plainey, people click off when they see your abusive husband's in it.

No. 588233


honestly, i'm just glad she's jumping on the TOP train rather than the BTS train everyone and their grandma is on now.

No. 588235

He's already done it during the sh and Cyr years, around the time of the Shane Dawson kiss dare (which Shane absolutely did not want to do). He was queerbaiting the shit out of his viewers by suddenly acting as if he was not phased by gender and would kiss anyone and loved kissing and maybe is totally bisexual. And then all the skits he made with Cyr around then we're about Greg totally being in love with him. It's not new and he does it every once in a while. I'm surprised he doesn't do it more often to try and pull the "well I'm lgbt so I can't be ____phobic" card

No. 588241


I can see him going the non-binary route, and not doing anything to look even a bit feminine but saying he's a real NB anyway and you're a twanzphobe if you disagree. He seems to have a creepy lesbian fetish, I bet he'd love the opportunity to shame underage lesbian teenagers into fucking him because they're "TERFs" if they don't.

No. 588249

Quite hilarious how he critiques tf out of the music and he thinks he's the shit as a song writer and singer

No. 588250

M was a “stoner” and since she’s the most recent gf, I felt like he was trying to poke at her.

No. 588258

Such an odd video.

Greg is unsufferable, causes second hand embarassment and lifts Lainey up because you just pity anyone who would have to be around that - even if it's all fake because she chooses that and her positivity vs. his negativity is really just for clicks.

But then he left and you'd think it would only be able to get better but she bored me so much I just turned it off. Off key singing and no personality.

She really only has a personality when she's slagging him off.

No. 588265

Holy shiznets this is amazing you’ve got some talent anon and fair play for being able to look at the onions long enough to paint their portraits you are a braver soul than I

No. 588284

he's about one more rant away from claiming to be trans-age. Then he'd be able to "justify" his desire to be with younger women. "I identify as 23!! It's not gross!! Be human!!"

Even though that's been proven invalid and he even made videos bashing them. But its very on brand for Gangrene to support something he made videos bashing.

No. 588285


It might be why he's so adamant about the whole " stop the LGBT gatekepeers " so he can slide himself in there somewhere

No. 588290

I think it’s more just about opening up his sexual possibilities.
Kelvin seems like the exact type of person that he wants to bite and call a faggot.

No. 588292

Laughing at his own jokes and then pretending to act cool because he's the coooool one for listening to Marilyn Manson. A lot of people listen to MM. It doesn't make you hip or hardcore onion. I cringed at this.

No. 588299

I don't think he'd ever actually come out as bi.

the whole reason the poly thing started was because Lainey came out as bi and he made her get a girlfriend.

well, I'd be only fair if she made him get a boyfriend then!

I bet Lainey would have the time of her life watching Greg get fucked from behind for a change.

seriously though, I don't think Greg could ever actually put up with another guy.

If he actually came out as bi people would be like "so are you gonna get a boyfriend now?"
and it's not like he can say "oh i would, it's just that i'm married to my s p o u s e " since that's not stopped them before.

No. 588309

His caveman brow just gets lower and lower with every passing year.

No. 588312


And his eyes slope further downward, like they're melting off his face.

No. 588319

does anyone think it was kind of shitty of that person to leak M’s messages to the thread? I know that onisiondrama posted and then later removed the screenshots because they found out someone had gone behind M’s back to leak them. just curious

No. 588321

From what I heard, M is aware of it and was explained the situation and is fine with it.

So if she's cool with it, it's all fine.

No. 588322

Stop moralfagging this isn’t the place friend

No. 588324

Being pressed? About leaks on lolcow?
If anything you should be upset about how Onion and Lainey treated her.

I’d like to say that the tinfoil about Lainey’s messages being sent by Greg is only half true. I’m sure he does larp as her but Lainey is just as manipulative as he is. I mean look at how she treats Sarah.

No. 588329

The Onion's are predators, they go after vulnerable minors and girls barely legal. They should be exposed.

No. 588337

I thought HE was the one that "helped" Lainey """discover""" she was bi (and we know she's not)… Or am I mistaken?

No. 588339

Yeah, he constantly told her that she's totally bi until she believed it

No. 588340

gregory puts way more effort in to looking like a woman than laineybot puts in to being EITHER gender (and last i checked she wanted to be an underage boy)

No. 588341

Good work anon, love it.

No. 588346

But didn't he used to have strong opinions against bi people earlier on, like he thought they were all greedy cheaters at heart? And some anons posted awhile back that Lainey said she was bisexual in highschool or at least put that out online. I know Onion being hypocritical is nothing newsworthy here but I really think he decided it was suddenly alright that Lainey might be bi if it could get him access to new girls. Then he went to work fucking with her head.

I found this old Onion video (uploaded to someone elses channel) and at 35 seconds in he says my wife left me for a woman, so I think there's a little bit of proof that he had fears about bi women in the past. The video as a whole is pretty interesting now since he plays an old creep who hunts for young girls online and that's pretty much his current reality except he's using his wife for bait.

No. 588348


Oof, anon, don’t even give him such ideas! Those poor girls…

No. 588349

Brilliant, anon. You absolutely nailed Plainey's smug face. A+++

No. 588352

You guys keep saying M as if it isn't obvious you're all talking about Maya.
She was already out as bi on some dating profiles, many people pointed it out because onion had issues with AJ being bi. At the time he also said all bisexuals were cheaters.

Behold, years later he uses laineys bisexuality as an excuse for polyamory.

No. 588353

People forget that she used to do younow where she bitched and moan on the daily and was a rudeass bitch to even her fans. She is just that bitchy to people. And shes more confrontational than people keep saying she is. But greg and her try to play up the lainey is so fragile and non-confrontational and you must baby her or she will break and cry you evil monsters bullshit. Those texts sound like her rudeass self.

No. 588355

We use initials so that lolcow doesn’t come up on a google search since they are no longer involved in the drama

No. 588363

I love this, it just needs Pedobot creeping in the background

No. 588388

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if an attractive emo boy approached Lainey. all of her fans are 15-22 year old girls wanting to date her and obviously since she's not gay she doesn't care, but would she leave onion for someone she was actually attracted to?

No. 588399

On YouNow she talked about how she got hit on by the cashier at hot topic and looked pretty smug about it. Then she said since she cut her hair short men haven't hit on her and looked disappointed.

No. 588403

We say m just incase they ctr+f or google search so their names dont immediately come up if they are no longer involved in drama

No. 588423

are there a bunch of newfag discorders in here or something
this keeps coming up

No. 588429

i wouldn't doubt it, the discordfags are preteens

No. 588430

anyone see that greggers uploaded the "patreon" version of I killed social repose? at the end of the video he humps the corpse. HAHA necrophilia is so funny!! he is so sick.

No. 588442


Didn’t she smugly say that she and Sarah got hit on by some dude at the vape shop not too long ago? Shes either such a liar, or more likely than not, the guy was 100% hitting on sarah since sarah’s actually somewhat attractive and doesn’t have an annoying ass voice or a horse face.

No. 588448

which reminds me, he also makes fun of richies horse face in this video too. why does he do this when his wife looks exactly like him?(namefag)

No. 588467

Woah Captain Obvious alert. It's not some big fucking secret who we are referring to by M and we aren't trying to make it a secret. We are respecting that M has distanced herself from this garbagefire of a family. We want to shit on Shreg and Swamp Prince not their victims. Say whatever the fuck you want about Taylor Anderson / Lainey Jackson / Lainey Avaroe and Gregory Daniel / Gregory Jackson / Gregory Avaroe, but there's absolutely no reason to use full names or handles of those who have been victimized by these assholes.

Like my dream is for Bandaid to go to school and ask to have a friend over and then that parent googles Greg or Lainey's name and then they see all the creepy predatorial shit they've done to girls.

No. 588474

Ugh anon, people probably just have to greet her or smile at her to make her think "oh boi, that dude just totally hit on me".
Remember when Vix was "flirting" with her by listening to Lambo talk about Matcha?
She probably got that from Gerg. Just be a little nice and he's ready for sukmi. Ew.

No. 588477

It’s not
Forget that during her first day of college at the college open house ordination she was buthurt and offended that people talking to her didn’t notice her ring and that she was “a taken woman and married”. She was extremely upset people were friendly to her during orientation and kept hitting in her, so much so she reeeeeeee about it on Twitter!! She just inept, twisted, immature and autistic she mistakes normal friendly human interaction as coming on to her

No. 588484

File: 1539506322141.jpg (895.99 KB, 2048x1025, prettymuchthepedoclan.jpg)

ok here i fixed it - Just like her husband, she just as creepy

No. 588487

In the video with his sister Joanna when he goes rock claiming with her he starts the truck and his own shitty music is already playing without being edited in postfilmining. It’s just there already okaying and tuned in.

No. 588489

Yeah he listens to his own shitty music. The video in question had his "I'm so emo" song playing.

No. 588495

Perfection, anon!

No. 588497


Actual accomplished musicians don’t even listen to their own music. This is some next level cringe.

No. 588498

This is some top kek, good work anon.

No. 588499

This is some top kek, good work anon.

No. 588500

This is some top kek, good work anon.

No. 588512

File: 1539517493587.jpg (69.67 KB, 1200x900, garth.jpg)

>Actual accomplished musicians don’t even listen to their own music. This is some next level cringe.

Gurg is the Garth Marenghi of Youtube. A mediocre creator who thinks he's a genius.

No. 588519

No. 588523

>>588519 hey go easy, lolcow has been doing this to everybody it’ll get deleted shortly

No. 588533


> mediocre

You're giving him too much credit, anon.

No. 588534


I vaguely remember a post he made in his early internet days about listening to his own music and watching his own videos because "why listen/watch someone else when I know I can do it better?" or something to that effect. I think it's been posted here before, but I don't know where I would look for it.

No. 588539

File: 1539532329655.png (282.3 KB, 1080x1500, Anus Patreon rewards Oct 2018.…)

Gregory Avaroe's new Patreon perks:
(credits for *all pictures and text go to TB from KF, they did all the work, I just thought it was informative to redistribute - sorry for stealing, luv u KF!)

No. 588540

File: 1539532343669.png (156.94 KB, 1259x788, Anus Patreon rewards Oct 2018 …)

No. 588541

Hahaha so after Booty I guess you have to fork out even more money for direct contact with the big Onion, unless him and his wife have already triage you for a plane ticket

No. 588546

So in other words, he's "barely surviving" at 7060$ a month (not counting the Patreon cut or income tax)

No. 588550

"Yes, let me pay $20 just so I know what to send you my Onion master." Wtf, what kind of perk is that? I'm still in awe that's a perk.

No. 588554


>$20 for access to his wishlist to send him something

Well, if that ain't a deal, I don't know what is!
How about you add a $25 "get my Paypal name so you can send me direct money" perk? Or a $100 "I'll let you cover one of my bills" perk?

He also lowered the price to his prime account on twitter. Probably got frustrated no one was willing to pay $50 to read his spergs.

No. 588557


Literally, camwhores do that.
"Adopt a bill"
"Pay to see my wishlist"
"Pay to text with me"

No. 588561


I'm like 95% sure he watches camwhores. He even sold polaroids of himself… literally NO ONE but camwhores do that.

No. 588563

I'm 100% sure that if he ever decides to "transition" to a trender label like transfem or whatever, maybe even actually getting on estrogen (kek his tits already look like on E), he will be an actual camwhore.

No. 588565

After the butt video, the leg-shaving video and the "accidentally" exposed boob video, I was wondering when they were going to descend into actual prostitution.

I'm just sad that one day their kids will find all this.

>250 - Gurg's phone number for texting ADULT THINGS


No. 588566


Meh, I dunno. He likes people that he thinks that he's "better" than, hanging out with people that he thinks are beneath him. He probably thinks camwhores are beneath them so he likes to watch them. It would be fucking hilarious if he ever did try to cam, though.

No. 588573

Like /snow/flake dolly mattell he’d get people to pay him to punch himself in the face or list humiliating shit about himself, no doubt

No. 588576

File: 1539548837981.png (63.43 KB, 294x318, 0064.PNG)

His Patreon page says hes making $2,873 per month.
I added up all the cash and number of patrons and it comes out to $8,120.

What confuses me about this is I thought that when you buy a Level, you get everything in that Level PLUS all the lower Level perks.
But if you look at Level-3 and Level-4 theres only one and two patrons buying in on that. You go down the list and there are 286 patrons buying Level-5. Shouldnt the patrons that bought Level-5 have access to Level-3 & 4?

No. 588578

I think if he was gonna do this, he'd go for something like Mariah does. "Tasteful nudes", "eroticism", no full nudes but very close. That way he gets to simultaneously shit on camwhores while cashing in on any pity points for doing sex work, act like he's a true artist for doing photography or modeling, and he'd be on an ego trip thinking he's hot

I hope he goes crazier and ends up like the Wern

No. 588579

Topkek next thread image

No. 588580

File: 1539549857551.png (906.4 KB, 967x701, GregCamWhore.png)

No. 588582

i thought we agreed to just use a normal picture next thread? :/(learn 2 integrate)

No. 588583

Why are you pushing so hard for a normal picture?
Whats the fun in that?

No. 588585

I’m used to tumblr and I literally can’t keep up with the names and genders

No. 588588

>snowflakes getting triggered by image each time they come to this thread to monitor it for Greg and report back.

No. 588589

Nobody agreed to that actually

No. 588591

>tfw the one girl who escaped

No. 588592

booty would be 1k tier if she had the money. Only a fool would think otherwise.

No. 588593

I legit wonder who would get triggered more, if we called Lainey a man (not a boy) and only used masculine pronouns, or if we told greg he had a husband.

No. 588594

No. 588595

uh yeah anon, why does it matter what picture is used? Such a strange thing to keep sperging about.

No. 588600

uuuh, legit can't tell if he has fake boobs on in this or it's just his man boobs

No. 588603

File: 1539554317683.png (400.92 KB, 840x530, 6755.PNG)

Onision has been whining about all the "dishonest" photos hes been seeing recently.
I think he Googles himself daily and sees all the real unfiltered photos that show up as top results.
It must be infuriating when he tries his hardest to look like an emo teenager, and he keeps getting shown his ugly beet red mug each time he does an image search of himself.

No. 588609

Sorry for nitpick, but no current milk so - how does he not see when he wears suspenders it just brings attention to how small/slight his shoulders are? It's so pathetic and weak looking. Maybe he's trying to look like a little boy though, who knows

No. 588610

File: 1539556256004.png (120.67 KB, 483x231, gog.PNG)

He already manipulated the Google searching.

No. 588611

He still looks like shit in that picture (that forehead dent, caterpillar eyebrows and greasy hair, kek) so what point is he trying to make? Plus rosacea doesn't make your face look red 24/7, it flares up depending on a lot of factors such as climate, eating spicy food etc. Just because his face doesn't look like a tomato in this picture it doesn't mean all the other pictures showing his terrible skin are "dishonest"

No. 588615

File: 1539557883164.png (102.16 KB, 750x1171, IMG_6108.PNG)

Love seeing his patreon numbers on a steady decline.
What is he going to do when they drop to a few hundred per month?
There's no way he could work a normal low wage job, and he doesn't have any skills or education for a high paying job.
I feel like I've seen crime documentaries with stories like these.. and they don't end well.

Ordinarily I wouldn't get joy for seeing someone's finances drop.
But his whole schtick is to bully people and then the haters of the person he's bullying jump on board as a fan, it's really pathetic.
If he got views by actually making decent content I wouldn't have an issue with it.
But this man has been making videos for over a decade and still can't make a decent video for the life of him.

By the way, whatever happened to the onision "high production movie" he was trying to get funded. Kek

No. 588617

He looks like he's had a stoke.

What's with one eyebrow being radically different from the other?
He shouldn't have posted that photo, it actually does him a disservice.
Yes, his skin isn't as red in that photo, but his stone fish melting face, droopy eyelids and eyebrows are horrible.
How does someone even age this badly?
Why is his face migrating?
It makes you wonder if Lainey pegs him, and the reason his face is migrating is because it's often being pushed forcefully into the mattress.

No. 588618

His skin is barf inducing, even when it’s not tomato red it’s still crusty and spotty and gross as fuck. Imagine what it looks like in person (or don’t, unless you want to revisit your last meal)

No. 588619

File: 1539559645922.jpg (202.96 KB, 1032x632, suspenders.jpg)

My guess is that he bought the suspenders to do steampunky/alternative looks with, a la his idol Andy Biersack, but he's far too lazy and thinks that the suspenders alone cut it. Putting your suspenders over your dirty, ill-fitting t-shirts doesn't make you look young or edgy Gerg, it makes you look like a fat old man.

No. 588620

The thing is, he shouldn't upload photos taken with a potato but rather use one of his high quality cameras.
He doesn't need filters, the bad quality of his phone already does wonders and blurs everything.

Who is he trying to fool? I hope no one's falling for this…

Whoever from his posse is reading the thread and reporting back to him, please be so kind and ask him for a high quality 4K photo of his face - in daylight.

No. 588623

If this is him on a good day, I'm honestly confused at what he's trying to prove.
He still looks red too, look at the difference between his neck and his face

No. 588625

File: 1539563678285.png (837.41 KB, 1069x585, 1538304197204.png)

Its this photo that seems to have irked him. People were spamming it on his Twitter and he cried about it to his tween fans during vidyagame time.

No. 588628

He so obsessed with muh honestuh and FAAAXXXX, this should be the top image search result on account of how true to his real form it is

No. 588629

That's pretty bad. I also never want to hear a peep from him about how clean his hair is and how other people should listen to him for how to do all the hair things. I don't think I have seen a recent pic where it doesn't look like you could use it for powering up a furnace. (I know we'll hear lots more from him about that and other subjects, because he clearly knows everything.)

No. 588631

Tinfoil (and I know it has been said before) but for all his sperging about multiple showers and the frequency of hair washing I honestly don’t think he puts any of what he preaches into practice. The showers jack off time, not bathing time. No one who actually has the bare minimum of one shower a day looks this greasy and crusty. You can pretty much smell him through the screen. Every time he has chastised some poor girl about her smell it was more likely him catching a whiff of his own putrid stench.

No. 588633


both grainy AND blurry photo, ok grease

No. 588639


There's a theory that people told him that he stinks in high school so now it's his go-to insult for everyone.

No. 588642

Yeah I know, and how he used to spray himself with body spray instead of showering after gym class. I reckon he still does that too. Both he and his smug cunt of a footfaced wife look like they reek to high heaven.

No. 588649

I like how he has to raise his brows so high to give himself even a semblance of a normal facial expression rather than a forehead that looks like a melting wax sculpture.
He's never going to get a "high production movie" and I doubt he's even trying. He's just pocketing the money and having to use it on his countless idiotic expenses.

No. 588651

it's not even recommended to bathe everyday unless you workout or work/live in humid environments he just wants to be the authority of everything it's fucking weird

No. 588673

File: 1539572752133.jpeg (9.12 KB, 284x177, download (4).jpeg)

Maybe he'd be more keen to wash if we sent him a big crate of this.

No. 588688

Has Laineys past tweets ever been addressed? She's tweeted some pretty controversial before

No. 588699

We know Shreg is creep, but I don't think he meant adult "things". He meant adults only which is a fucking stupid thing to have to clarify when his patreon is already set 18+.

No. 588701

This question is vague and kind of dumb. obv we've shit talked her tweets.

No. 588702

File: 1539579521929.png (37.4 KB, 602x302, 54588.PNG)


No. 588703

she was already whining and reblogging top posts when blurryface came out.
of course she loves the band, she has shit taste and they built their career at being a band for uwu depressed and anxious snowflakes

No. 588706

File: 1539586032805.jpeg (225.48 KB, 750x660, 75B4B8FF-BEB5-41C4-9293-C876F7…)

More brown nosing, I assume?

No. 588710

File: 1539588143501.jpeg (374.87 KB, 750x1030, CFF58558-83B2-4D82-895D-92F921…)

Keep kissing ass, Anus. None of these people besides crusty old Cracklyn want anything to do with you. You will never be one of the cool kids, you stinky loser.

No. 588711

Yikes, so much second hand embarrassment. The thirst is at critical mass.

No. 588713

what is he sperging about? i'm not about to watch that video

No. 588716

Social Repulsive being a cunt. The tl;dw version is that Anus just proved how much of a deluded, desperate, friendless, irrelevant hypocrite he is. Again.

>it’s okay if you make one person cry per year, this guy has made four people cry in the past year

Greg, you fat piece of shit, you’re as bad as Richie, it not worse. Instead of telling him to delete his account, take your own advice.

No. 588717

Social Repose made a video shitting on CrankThatFrank. Onion then made a video whiteknighting Frank even-though Onion has shaded him numerous times before and Onion also shat on Frank for making a coming out video (very classy btw).

He also makes the video all about him and Jaclyn, also kisses Jessie's ass in the video like the creepy old man he is.

No. 588718

I'm under the impression Richie at least admits he is kind of a piece of shit. Whereas Saint Onision manipulated laineybot into believing it was evil B who caused all their strife.

No. 588719

You took the words out of my mouth, anon. Richie doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a prize cunt. Grot is embarrassingly disingenuous. More importantly, I don’t think it’s even conscious on his part, there is some extreme cognitive dissonance going on in that giant head that houses a pea sized brain.

No. 588721

I wonder how Lameythot feels about her gay husband’s obsession with Jaclyn. He is basically lovebombing her. She has always been the world’s worst judge of character so I’m not surprised she fell for Gurgamel’s fauxpology. It’s only a matter of time before they have a public falling out over some stupid shit and then we can all look forward to them milking it dry for the next decade like drama whoring festival of cringe they both are.

No. 588723

He probably lurched at M before his morning wank, he'd have been stewing in his filthy sweaty bed sheets that never get washed

No. 588724

Grease couldn’t care less about Jaclyn, he is using her to get closer to Jessie but he doesn’t realize that’s not going to work.

I have a theory Greg was pushing Taylor to pick a new girlfriend and Taylor probably made some comment about how she doesn’t trust girls and doesn’t want a new girlfriend unless it’s someone like Jessie— Taylor probably focuses on girls like Jessie Bc she knows it will never ever happen (same with Billie and how it’s safe for her to whine about B bc she knows Grease can’t get her back) so then Taylor is free to “pine” after Jessie bc it’s not a real threat. She probably secretly laughs at how thirsty and gross Greg comes off trying to get close to her in any manner possible, knowing it’s never gonna matter.

Still, you would think she’d be jealous he clearly prefers this teenager over her.

No. 588727

I'm new to the forms so excuse my lack of information on topics already discussed. I only brought it up because I saw a lot of comments on Laineys video of fans bringing them up.

No. 588732

I recommend reading through the old threads, anon. There’s even an archive to make it easier >>>/pt/511709

No. 588736


I've never heard of Jessie Paege or seen any of her videos, but when I heard she was Gerg's latest obsession I instantly knew she was a white bisexual teenage girl, probably prone to dying her hair.

Laughed my ass off when I looked her up and bingo.

No. 588737

Lainey's been trying to flirt with Jessie for a while now. For Greg she is the golden goose, finally a Billie replacement and one of the few girls Lainey would accept.

No. 588740

Lets pretend that Jessie did agree to come on down to the Swamp Trailer for a visit.
She would have to walk a fine line or get kicked out.
If she shows too much interest in Lainey (e.g Maya) and not enough in Greg, she'll get yelled at by Greg and then things will get tense and awkward and she'll be asked to leave or bolt of her own accord.
If she shows too much interest in Greg (e.g. Billie) and not enough in Lainey, Lainey will get paranoid and jealous and make life living hell for everyone in the household and eventually she'll be sent home.

No. 588743

And if she walks the middle road and tries to be just friends with both then plainey will cry on her hidden tumblr and Greggles will yell about after all he did for her, that's how she repays him and then makes a series of youtube videos saying he betrayed her.

No. 588749

File: 1539610653844.gif (22.45 KB, 1315x354, 1538244001860.gif)

It's always the same. Lambo should realize that Grog just wants a new girlfriend.
They aren't poly, Lamp is not gay and they'll never have a happy trinity.

No. 588780

Weird to think that the man thst tried to start aareligion would have cult mentality and want a whole load of sister wives to fuck. Think he put it plainly in that video with Lainey he doest want to get her pregnant again but wouldn't mind more kids. Wonder what he has in mind..

No. 588784

No. 588786

Lurk moar. There's been caps in previous threads

No. 588796

Tbf high-res anon stated that they used a filter on his photos to cancel out his use of blur / beauty / whatever filters. Iirc it's some sort of 4k or high res filter.

No. 588797

>>588724 Samefagging
Plottwist: Jaclyn's setting Lainey's husband up only to laugh at him (with Jessie) when they're done with him and, at the same time, she's getting back at Social Rearpose because she's friends with the swampos now.

No. 588798


uh… i wouldn't really call being friends with grease and lamp getting back at repose (or anyone for that matter),
it's not even like he's tried reconciling with him - so i don't think he's interested at all in being friends with them anymore.

he basically get's to watch his ex punish herself so i bet he's enjoying this even more than any of us

No. 588800

yeah, i'm pretty confused on what Jaclyn's motivations are for getting back in with Gurg Maybe she is just so desperate to have anyone she can trash talk SR with and there's definitely no one better than Gurg for that.

But she cant possibly be doing it for any sort of exposure/getting back at someone - no one gives any shits about Gurg and no one is going to be mad she is involved with him. If anything, they'll shake their head and wonder wtf is wrong with her for associating with such trash.

No. 588802

File: 1539627295181.gif (1000.98 KB, 275x151, giphy.gif)


i wanted to add:

reposes whole argument in his original apology video was "everyone warned her, she ignored it"

it's like she's t r y i n g to make him look less stupid for saying that kind of shit by proving him right.

and it's not just everyone warning her about onion, SHE was the one who actively warned people about this guy and now she's back to being friendly with him? what?

right now she's giving repose everything he could ever want from her by making herself look like a complete moron/losing her credibility.

she had both of them by the fucking balls, especially repose
>just one more booty pic


onion barely get's views these days there's no point in being youtube buddies with him unless it's for the sake of true friendship in which case a mercy kill would be in order.

in all honesty there is nothing - NOTHING - to be gained by being friends with him but she just could not take that win and keep it.

No. 588803

Jaclyn's dumb af, but I'm sure Richie's pissed she's associated with Gerg again.
They both really hate each other and Richie loves having control and feeling better than others.
He was super pissed when Ayalla made videos with Gerg and blackmailed her because of it.
He must hate that he lost Jaclyn and Gerg "has" her now.

No. 588804

I 100% doubt this. SR owns being a cunt, I'm sure if he was able to cheat on Jaclyn while having a public relationship he's still able to get laid unlike Onion. This is just cringe for Jaclyn and Onion and won't end well

No. 588823

I agree, anon. The difference between her ending things with caveman narc(again) and emo narc is that she won't have a support system there for her when things go south between her and Onion. Not only did people warn her not to, but it's like a giant finger to all of those who was there to help her get through what happened with SR. She's being fucking retarded right now, trying to cling to anyone who hates SR.

No. 588826

You’re giving her way too much credit. She’s doing this because she thinks it’ll make SR mad, she’s an attention whore, and is desperate for narc validation. She is so fucking stupid. Onion is just trying to profit, she gained a lot more fans during the cheating shit

No. 588827

So its the same skin, its just the difference between looking at someone from across a room, to being a couple of feet away from their face.
The high res filter shows us all his true skin flaws.

No. 588829

File: 1539636092104.jpg (20.04 KB, 290x320, Friend2.jpg)

No. 588837

File: 1539638701655.png (685.78 KB, 1000x563, Screenshot (2773).png)

Onion crying like little bitch.

No. 588838

File: 1539638879520.png (688.32 KB, 1000x563, reality.png)

What he probably was really watching.

No. 588842

lol jaclyn keeps giving him attention by retweeting him and retweeting any video he makes supporting her, so expect 85 videos milking this for views. Shes the biggest idiot if she doesn't realize he literally is doing this so she will do just that and get him views and get her audience to think "onion has changed!!! Hes so kind now!!". He doesn't give a shit that social repose cheated on you or is attacking your friends. He has made the same exact videos, actually WORSE, than social repose is making "Exposing" people he doesn't like?? Like is she a moron? Does jessie or no one around her tell her shes a moron for believing this dipshit? Her friends must hate her.

I think shes literally that stupid and thinks greg is some god for calling out social repose before he cheated on her. (even though we all already knew he cheated on ayalla and was likely an ass? but yeah totally. greg. genius.). She probably thinks oh he was just looking out for my best interest after all but he just shows it in a weird way! Hes not ACTUALLY evil like richie!

Shes a proven idiot who should not be allowed to associate with anyone without at least ten people telling her hes not a psycho.

I hope onion gets into some falling out with jessie after she rejects him, and then jaclyn will get a smack in the face for having exposed her friend that she "oh so wants to protect" to onion boy.

No. 588862

Thot said on Patreon that she’s stopping beautybot for a bit. You think that she realized that the 3,000 people who watch her can’t get her videos monetized anymore?

No. 588865

She has a history of ignoring friends who warn her about toxic cheating men. SR wasn't the first-there were at LEAST 2 others. Look, I love a good redemption story. Some men ARE capable of change(Leah Remini's husband of 20 yrs used to be a cheating dog, for example) but none of the men she has given a pass to gave ANY indication of profound chr growth. Getting cosy with Gurg again is easily the stupidest thing she's ever done. He was LAUGHING WITH GLEE when SR cheated on her. Those tears are as fake as fuck and she is gonna regret this when he shits on her all over again. For an educated woman, she has the emotional intelligence of a fruitfly.

No. 588880

Well, she has like a million tweets. I guess just post the fan comments?

It's been at least a year, hasn't it? I swear we were talking about her on temp, but idk.

No. 588889

onisiondrama on tumblr had a submission post on the 7th titled "Lainey and Greg's Creepy Obsession With Jessie Paege" summarizing (with links) all of Lainey's obsessing over Jessie during streams etc. Apparently it started to get real weird in February of this year. It seems like it's been going on longer than that though.

No. 588891

that video should just be called "watch me try and cry"

No. 588912

Lamey and Gurg are SO unbelievably creepy; Is Plain even aware how fucking weird it is to be "crushing" on a youtube teen as a mid20s married mother of 2? What the fuck? Get a hobby you dumbass boring fucking bitch. Repulsive

No. 588913

How does Lainey feel to know that he's never cried over her like this?

No. 588919

Jaclyn knows that people only watch her for the dramu. Her edgelord atheist shit is stale as fuck and if she had any sense or self respect she’d be ignoring both Richie and Obesion but seeing as she is a geriatric college dropout who has never worked an honest day in her life she needs to find money to pay for her cosmetic surgery and the 45 mangy cats that live in her apartment. You can bet your bottom dollar that when this raging dumpster fire of an attention grab blows up (and you know damn well that it’s only a matter of time) both her and Ogreg are going to milk it dry out of sheer desperation for views. As if he really cares about her or Jessie or Frank or any of them, it’s all just a ploy to make him seem ~uwu positive and spread positivity~ and when the camera stops rolling he is back to screeching his wife for being a cunt, ignoring his kids and having marathon rage wank sessions in a 110 degree shower.

No. 588921

File: 1539655993462.jpeg (125.78 KB, 1280x720, BB6D6274-1076-4E13-9817-C9F4C4…)

Grease and Gross are basically creepy old men on musically, although I think those creeps are more self aware

No. 588940

dem fake ass tears

No. 588946

Thank God! Hopefully nobody sent her some make-up for her birthday because it's gonna go to waste on her lack of skills.

No. 588953

Honestly I'm so ready for the meltdown, we all know Jaclyn will share every receipt she can find. It's going to be like Christmas.

No. 589004

He probably cries like that everyday when he wakes up and realizes he's still married to a boring foot faced Nicolas Cage lookalike and not to a cute blue haired teen girl

No. 589005

I'm not very good at using Tumblr so maybe this isn't the post you're referring to but I'm posting it here in case people want to read it.

No. 589013

The cringey/creepy way both pedothot and anusion are embarrassing themselves with thirst for Jessie is fucking hilarious because besides following taylor back on twitter months she has not acknowledged either of them AT ALL. She has tight management, you can bet your asses they gave her a comprehensive debrief around why she should ignore them (if not outright demanding that she not engage with the swamp monsters, which is not entirely implausible given shreg’s notoriety in the community). It would be incredibly harmful to jessie’s brand. Her relationship with cracklyn must be nearing the end of its shelf life, the expiration of which will no doubt be expedited by her newfound friendship (albeit tenuous) with grot.

No. 589018

File: 1539677673076.png (414.8 KB, 1184x730, embarrassing.png)

No. 589021

kek, what a loser. I’m living for how badly every single damn person in the yt community besides Jaclyn has completely ghosted them tbh. They must be squirming something chronic. We all know that Ogreg has gaslit Draino into thinking she’s gay when she isn’t, he is probably making her life extra hellish rn in his pursuit of fresh cooch

>you’re not flirting enough! don’t you want me to be happy? you know I can’t be happy if you’re not happy and the only way I, I mean you, I mean we can be happy is if we find another cute alt teen to be part of the trinity. flirt harder!

No. 589026

I wish I could sage for astrology crap but no wonder Lainey is such a manipulative fucking mess.

No. 589031

Instead of saying "I wish I could sage" you could just not post your astrology crap

No. 589042

File: 1539690692210.jpeg (268.89 KB, 364x930, 3EE8C31F-BD76-43CF-997C-BC5AA9…)

Hello fellow kids I’m here to rate your underage bodies for my own pleasure it’s not creepy, it’s honesty, and always remember #Im2Hot4U

No. 589047

He only does it because he's the saint of teen's self-esteem.

No. 589048

It's a tough job, Anon, a tough job. But LGH has stepped up to the plate, and it's just FAX he should get credit for it. Lots of credit.

No. 589054

Holy fucking hell, he is his dads son alright, looks like a 40 year old

No. 589056

He's turning into Vic Mignogna's lost son more and more every year.

No. 589084

File: 1539702592296.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, A01C309D-3D55-4896-AFD9-FA7A45…)

Thot is desperate for views so she’s doing even more pregnancy/children video. She’s swallowing her imaginary dysphoria for money.

No. 589091


Postpartum Reupload

She's totally not a woman but she talks about breastfeeding and her vagina tearing. Some people here have said she's more relatable when she talks about her personal e