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No. 289662

thats what theyre doing, you just have to turn on the ability to view R rated videos… you can still make them, they just won't be monetized/advertised.

you're aware this is normal? porn isn't monetized through mainstream ads and makes lots of money.

No. 289591

oh i understand that, lots of kids watch youtube. i dont know any adults that use it but so many kids.

No. 289277

wait did youtube remove monetization from her video because of swearing?
they do that now?

No. 288941

they are even crappier looking in person? at least online they look high quality. this just looks cheap…

No. 288890

she is so cute here

No. 288735

is this bag real?

No. 288666

you'd be surprised. some old men have no taste and too much money. especially the kind that would go for himeka in the first place. im not being racist but at my old job, i would often see old white guys come by with rachet looking 20-something year old girls who were loud and obnoxious. these guys are borderline senile at this point, i dont think they really care about intelligence, just sex stuff and (obviously) raceplay. very sad situation for her anyway

No. 288662

If it's so easy then why don't you fuck someone for a contract? Seems like you're jealous.

No. 288659

they look better than this girl, she just looks old and weird. >>288265 look like normal, young and healthy girls

No. 288236

is she actually doing sexwork tho? i thought she just had a rich bf

No. 288086

They have a very old-granny like shape to them, intricate heel aside. There were a couple of ones that were initially cute for pastel/j-fashion coords, but the rest of their stuff is a clusterfuck of… bright OTT coloured shit. When louboutins do intricate colours/patterns/details that are "out there" and OTT no one cries because the shape of the heel is usually cute. IC shoes just always look like they came from a flea market.

I don't like how they look in person either, like >>288080 said. The fact that you can see thru the heel and see the metal heelrod… ugh.

Where is she going to wear them…?

>Why doesn't Colin and her make plans to move in together?

This would be a disaster. Can you imagine Jill doing any level of cleaning, cooking or housework, in addition to full time work? And Colin will be needing to work hard on studying, I don't see it going well when she constantly treats him like a slave. Plus I imagine that he won't be working the school year and his parents will be paying his way thru college since he's wealthy(?), do you think that Colin's parents would want to pay for Jill's living arrangements?

No. 287905

unnecessary salt and that doesn't change the original point anyway

No. 287334

oh weird, because toronto the prices all start at 1650 unless you wanna live in north york. in vancouver its impossible to find something near UBC under 1500 aswell

No. 57829


I'm Russian. I've never seen a Russian girl dressed like this unless she was a model.

No. 286812

>1 bedroom apartments average 1k/month in the cities she's eyeing and she'll barely have any retail hours while in school. I'm already laughing at what's to come.

if she's looking at toronto/vancouver/montreal its more like almost 2k for a 1 bedroom… she could get a studio/bachelor apt (no bedrooms) for 1500 in those cities, or live with a roommate in a 2 bedroom for 1000.

this is if she wants to be in a semi-decent "safe" area, of course. i assume she isn't gonna settle for being in a sketchy low income area, where you will indeed find 1k/month apartments. living in a dorm might be cheaper (1k/month) but chances are she will have to live with someone.

everything else i assume is also more expensive, groceries in the city, transporations, even regular things like coffee.

its a waste of money. 10k for school per year + at least 2k a month to live like a princess? no way she will afford that.

but yeah she really needs to stay in PEI, get a degree and then try and get a job in TO/montreal… that way she can afford to pay rent on her own instead of leeching off of her parents. but the kind of degree she is going for (fashion or whatever) LOL she will never get a job that pays enough to live in a big city.

of course she will never do any of this. it would just be way smarter for her to go get a degree at least in anything. but i guess she is going to be a NEET.

No. 286720


gigi hadid worked out a lot tho. i used to have her added on snap chat and she would post snaps from the gym like every other day

No. 285939

the design is pretty cute but for gel nails, the shape is really shitty. she should go to a diff girl who at least gives her a natural, seamless look

No. 284246

he's an adult. he's choosing this fuckery

No. 283005

File: 1491190272832.png (200.3 KB, 319x376, Screenshot 2017-04-02 23.27.35…)

i accidentally paused it on this.


No. 282814


Look, I find it creepy as fuck and it makes me uncomfortable too, but you're being delusional and need to leave your house. The average dudebro at college cracks jokes about Angie Verona being hot at 14, will talk about how howbowda girl "looks like an adult so it's okay", teen porn is the most popular porn genre with all that "barely legal" shit etc. If you think it's abnormal for men in their 20s to be attracted to overly made up, pubescent teenagers then you're probably incredibly insecure.

I find it reprehensible, and maybe I'm nitpicking, but I find something really "off" about painting these guys as "a tiny minority abnormal pedophiles who are just the exception to the rule" - I think it's important to be honest with ourselves and admit that this is reality. You can plug your ears and cry about how it's not "representative" of the real world but that doesn't change what is actually gong on.

Do you think if the AoC for porn was changed to 16 or even 14, that porn producers would still overwhelmingly use 18 year olds in porn? No, they'd go lower and lower because that's what men have been conditioned to find acceptable, via either Manaki's culture or our own.

>that around 40% of the population has internet access

Do you think we're talking about Africans living in the bumfuck middle of no where with no internet access? No, we're talking about guys who have grown up with internet access and who have been inundated with this shit since prepubescence. This is the new generation of men, acting like Manaki is unique in his "creepiness" is delusional.

No. 282800

there are 14 year old instahos with like… millions of followers, mostly presumably adult men? that cash me outside howbowda girl is 13 and has troves of adult men "interested" in her. are you implying that a plurality of men are "not normal" people?

No. 282338

I wish thsi wasn't an April fools joke. fucking kill me

No. 281196

This is cute. She needs to wear her hair down 24/7

No. 280838

lol no

I hate tumblr/sjws.


I don't like legal immigrants or border hoppers, and I certainly don't like it when immigrants like Jon Tron try to speak for people who have been here for generations. I don't like it when non-whites speak for white people and act like they know what we want. Jon Tron's family has been here for not even one generation, his opinions on what "real America" is/should be is absolutely unnecessary, he's not a "real American" and his own parents are just economic opportunists.

No. 280720

White apologists annoy you, but Iranians who cry about how oppressed white people are annoy me. I don't think that someone non-white should be trying to fight a fight for white people, especially since Jon Tron is an immigrant himself. It's patronizing as well.

No. 280265

>muh mommy didnt let me play vidya gaemus 24/7 and wanted me to study
>SO ABUSED!!!!!!!

literal sjw-tier whining

No. 280154

the whole vid sounded directed at us.

No. 280148

I think theres like a couple thousand ABDL people in English-speaking society max…

No. 280032

>I never had in my life a problem with an asian in any kind, I never was followed home by them or threatened. But just guess who did that multiple time ? It's a reality it's time to face, how can some of you be so blind ?

White guys? Because for me it is always angry overweight white guys. Scary stuff.

No. 279736

It actually doesn't though. CSA goes underreported and underprosecuted in JP. Not saying Western countries don't have a problem, but at least they deal with it.

Can't wait to see how horrible she looks in this. She's way too old looking and fat to cosplay a little girl.

No. 279517

its lewd–goddess with two hyphens

and some of the shit she "Writes" is cringy af.

No. 278649

File: 1490651189701.png (1.61 MB, 1064x1068, lotte1.png)

she doesnt even look like the same person anymore, it makes me sad.

No. 278138

its her not brushing her teeth, anon…

No. 278096

i've seen cuter nighties are victoria's secret for $40 a pop

No. 277849

is it just me or is she 500 times more annoying than usual? i'm super irritable today which is why i'm asking. i don't even think i can finish this video, in 30 seconds in

No. 277847

You sound crazy. This is the definition of a-logging. Perhaps you're the cow here, not GeneTron.

No. 277774

>I'm sure the Japanese would just lie down and let themselves get invaded by China, Korea, and the Philippines because they deserve it for past atrocities

They won't have to, in hundred years their population won't even exist LOL!

>None of that I agree with and you can thank neocons and neoliberals for war mongering and "nation building".

Your side supported the Ukranian invasion and Syrian invasion, you don't get to blame neolibs/neocons right now. Go ask Papa Putin what he expected would happen when you try to commit genocide.

No. 277769

ok jon genepool tron, let's back up for a minute. everything you say is bullshit because chinese and slavs have a higher IQ than you ameripigs, and chinese people are definitely NOT considered white.

No. 277762

Who said it's about progressiveness? It's about reaping what you sow.

>ignore Ukrainian invasion, ignore their cries for help, let Russia literally rape and pillage a sovereign country

>cry when Ukrainians move to your Western European countries illegally to escape literal murder
>fund Syrian terrorism, fund the revolution, then withdraw once Assad starts committing acts of genocide and Russia starts bombing the shit out of innocent people
>cry when Syrians move to your Western European countries legally to escape literal murder
>repeat with Romania, Belarus, Kosovo, Libya, Egypt, Iran, etc.
>keep citing Russian propaganda anyway because you're too stupid to realize you've been scammed

it's almost as if you reap what you sow.

No. 277755

wtf is even this map? you won't post actual study links because you know you're lying. propaganda.

No. 277724

okay, okay. you've proven to be nothing more than a /pol/ shill. multiple people have asked you for citations for your claims and you ignore them because you get all your talking points fed to you.

i bet you are so brainwashed that you think Ukraine belongs to Russia. i guess that is "different" because it is white people invading other white people, LOL.

No. 277717

>Recent immigration has been lowering the average IQ of every western nation.
[citation needed]

>The only nations getting an IQ boost from immigration are Saudi Arabia and some other Gulf states.

Funny how you support the real terrorist regimes, the ones who stone random liberal poets and women who act out. Actually, it's not funny. It falls in line with your alt-right belikefs.

>Do you think that the Japanese would protest if the same policies were going on there? What if the majority of children being born in Japan were now North Africans? Would the Japanese have the right to resist or would that be too racist?

Do you think Japanese children are happy, being born into a country with an eternal recession, forced to grow up and work 80 hours a week, forced to grow up in an economy where they can't have kids or families because people REEEE at even South Korean immigrants? I'm sure Japanese children are fucking ecstatic, they live in a country with the second highest suicide rate, after all. Nothing says happiness like hanging yourself at work because your entire life consists of being a corporate monkey from 6 am to 8 pm so that you can afford your grossly overpriced consumer goods. Definitely not a failed state! Perfect utopia!

No. 277715

The funniest thing is that this "alt-right" (and regular right and left, but to a lesser extent) will sponsor terrorism in countries like Syria, wait for them to be destroyed, and then rape the country for everything it is worth to enrich themselves and their own leaders.

They destroy the country absolutely so that it is nothing but rubble, leave millions of people literally homeless in some sort of post-apocalyptic war zone with no safe food or drinking water, in negative degree weather, and fuck those people, right? Americans are better than those people, much more deserving of having a roof over their head and food. /s

No. 277711

>Okay, I think you're stuck on semantics.

It is not semantics, it is important distinction to anyone who is not a racist.

>media and government pretends they are.

I'm not a batshit crazy conspiracy theorist, so yeah I believe the Swedish government and journalists over random anons from /pol/ and Putin's state sponsored media.

>"Refugees" are a grab bag of young male from the third world pouring in to Europe looking for benefits. Most people claiming to be refugees aren't even Syrian.

[citation needed]

Where did you get this statement from? My own country took over 20k Syrian refugees, and 13k were children and the rest family. The government-sponsored refugees are vetted much more closely than "privately" sponsored ones.

>But no brown people deserve to live freely in Europe. I don't care if there are a million starving Syrians, none of them deserve to come into my nation and live off of my money and change the demographics so badly my children's children will soon be minorities.

Which country are you from? You don't sound like a swedish person with how little you know about sweden, you sound like a racist American who spends too much time on /pol/. Destroy a country so you can take its riches for yourself, and then let the people die out because fuck them, right? Colonialism never died.

No. 277708

Wow, you're an idiot. Refugees apply for refugee status. They don't have money to come in like North African, Paki migrants do on a visa. Nor are they illegal immigrants like the people from Ukraine/Belarus.

Half of the load of Syrian refugees were children, and the remaining half split evenly between women and men. it's almost like children and their mothers need men to accompany them and work.

>There isn't much difference between Sweden's normal 3rd world migrant and your recent "refugee"

Citation needed? Syrian refugees are escaping a genocide - a genocide partially caused by YOUR people, "normal 3rd world migrants" are people that had enough money to come in on a visa, or illegally immigrate, they aren't escaping anything, they are just coming in to make money.

>none of the Arab/African men

Syrians are not Arabs or Africans. Again, brown people (if you could even call Syrian nationals "brown") are not all the same. I bet you think Indians are Arabs too, lol.

>Swedes should be allowed to say they want no migrants since if this continues, Swedes will be a minority very soon.

Swedes already had a say - they live in a democracy, it's almost like they don't want amerifats like Jon Tron speaking for them.

If Swedish people want to remain a majority, they should have children. It's that simple.

No. 277703

they changed the law in 2005 and the numbers went up in 2006. in 2005 syria was still a prosperous country, no migration was coming from syria. it's almost like you use syrian migration as a scapegoat to try and fulfill someone else's agenda - erdogan, putin, assad, le pen? where were you 5-10 years ago crying about the africans coming into europe en masse, who have actually been proven to cause crime? no where.

but suddenly it is politically expedient for you to blame Syrian refugees, you do it. nevermind the fact that the UK had many rape scandals that had NOTHING to do with refugees, only economic migrants from pakistan, north africa, etc. no one cared then. specifically Rotherham, which again, was not Syrian refugees, but Pakistanians nearly a decade ago.

How many Syrians have committed terrorist attacks or rape and sweden, provide me a statistic.

it's almost like all brown people are not the same!

No. 277700

sorry it was 2005. here is an article.

its not a bad thing and not only refugees fail to have social security numbers… before the refugee crisis the #1 immigration problem was from eastern european migrants, from former soviet satellite states, and north african migrants.

it's a bad thing because people misconstrue facts to suit their own narrative. like russia recently passed a new law on the decriminalization of domestic abuse, and people (usually stupid americans) shout about how it means theyre suddenly legalizing domestic abuse… false. americans cry about how the domestic abuse numbers have gone up… false. all that happened was that they made it decriminalized so that reporting would be easier & punishment would be easier to give… and lo and behold, because it is much easier to report and prosecute now, more people are actually reporting DV, the actual numbers haven't gone up.

in 2014, there was around 6000 rapes in sweden, in 2015 that number went down by a couple hundred, in 2015 it went back up to 6000. its almost like these things fluctuate. it has stayed around the 6k mark for TEN YEARS. a decade. and in 2006 was the first time it saw an increase, due to the law cited passed in 2005.

even with all your fearmongering, it seems as though the actual numbers have not changed in a decade. i wonder why. there was no syrian revolution a decade ago?

it's almost as if maybe syrian refugees are just a scapegoat, and the 80% of men raping without a social security number (citation needed) are north african economic migrants and illegal immigrants from poorer eastern european countries like belarus? lol? how convenient!

No. 277685

It's risen because of a Swedish law passed in 2015 that broadened the definition of "rape" so more rapes are being reported.

No. 277682

You're crazy if you think Jon Tron and the alt right is right of centre. His alt right beliefs are further right than the political norm for the US, which is already very right relative to other countries. Even in this thread people posted massive studies that prove you wrong.

So yeah, it is very bad PR to be retweeting Richard Spencer's friends. It's bad PR to associate with Armoured Skeptic and shoe0nhead, who are just retarded anti-SJWs. When you're in the public eye, you shouldn't associate yourself with retards. Notice how no one successful associates with Zoe Quinn or Brianna Wu, people watch from afar and mock them. Allison whatever her last name got fired from Nintendo for SJW shit. Left or right, if you spout shit that makes the moderate majority uncomfortable, you're done.

If you want any level of a professional career, you're basically required to remain centrist and moderate. Extremism - regardless of what you label it as - gets you fired. It's time to grow up and realize that adults don't want to work around assholes.

I know, expecting people to act like professionals, it's really unfair! /s

No. 277659

poor babby has to see anonymous comments they disagree with on the internet boohoo :(((((((( praying4u

No. 277658

I find it funny how people itt think that companies shouldn't be allowed to make their own decisions.

They didn't want JonTron. For whatever reason. Well within their right to do so. And no, they don't have to give his supporters their money back, they were funding the game, not JT himself. That's how kickstarters work.

JonTron should stop doubling down on stupid shit. The "skeptic" community is a bunch of self fellating dumbasses who get destroyed on a daily basis. It's very bad PR to keep pandering to these people if you want to make it in the mainstream since functioning adults aren't interested in this stuff.

No. 277133

Not everyone is a huge sell out who only cares about $$$ though, some people have principles and would rather create a game with people they get along with and can stand by, then create something that will be hyped up and net them big bucks.

As for him being funny and lovable at one point, that's what happens when you try so hard to be unique.

No. 277132

I don't buy the whole eating disorder/anxiety thing. She just has bad taste. Bad taste in clothes, bad taste in anime, bad taste in food.

No. 277130

shit thats so depressing, its true though. why listen to these dysfunctional people?

No. 276857

kek same. i wonder how well they'd roast him. he just compared himself to JAMES FUCKING DEEN on twitter

No. 276737

fugly sweater, and she looks like shes in her mid-30s.

girls lining up seem so cute and normal, she looks awful

No. 276734

shes not doing the dumb eyebrow raising thing here, and so her face looks a lot less stupid.

No. 276668

Honestly just don't bother trying to explain to people like that. They care more than Jon Tron and his sponsors do, combined.

They're antiSJWs, they'll throw a ragefit no matter what

No. 276601

No. 276573

kek seems like you're the real cow here.

No. 275867

Can we please shut the fuck up about pet adopting? Holy shit, it's like the least cow-y thing about Jill, who is currently spending her life as a NEET who collects pink plastic shit and wears nighties outside. Fuck.

No. 275863

Same tbh. She's pretty and rich, I honestly had no idea what she was doing before these threads took off, thought she was just a Dakota clone, but I subbed to her after a couple of these threads because her vlogs are fun and she is pretty. No idea why these threads are a thing other than to gawk at how perfect her life is. The fact that she's in her late 20s and still looks as good as she does just makes it even better. Seriously what's the problem here?

No. 275397

who has time to do this lol

No. 275259

the thing she does with her mouth around 7:50 while she's talking about food makes me want to vomit

No. 275250

>7/11 haul
Does she not have asian supermarkets at home?

Why does she always look so smug?

Why doesn't she edit her videos and add a face filter to them to hide wrinkles?

Why did she barely buy anything except for cheap Claire's garbage? If this was a shopping trip, she failed at that too. So many cute clothes and she missed out on them in exchange for cheap plastic crap and illfitting garbage.

Not that anon, but can you stop? This thread isn't about your hateboner.

No. 184447


My parents have a pure bred dog and I have a dog of the same breed, also pure bred. My parent's dog is really riddled with health problems, yet mine is pretty much incredibly healthy. We had a mixed breed from a shelter before and the parallels between my own dog and the mixed one we had in terms of health, activity are very similar. I feel like it can be very hit and miss.

My parents' dog was bred for "looks" and has the classic posture expected for the breed, which happens to be shorter legs and a more stocky "round" appearance. This in turn might be why he is constantly dealing with health problems. He has a lot of allergies like >>184366 said. My parents have probably spent thousands of dollars on his health already.

My dog never was bred for "looks" and both of his parents were very fit and agile. He doesn't look anything like the breed is "supposed" to, and so my parents would make fun of him a lot growing up, calling him mutt, etc. But as a result, he has very little health problems I've had to deal with. Behaviour-wise, he is a lot better than my parent's dog as well, and a lot more docile.

tl;dr you might want to do research. if you REALLY want a shiba inu, look into breeders who are responsible and look for health and behaviour as oppose to "looks" and "colors" - I know a lot of shibu breeders in specific will try and cross breed to get certain colours like red, grey, etc. as well as face and facial features and I would stay far away from those types of people.

Another example, in german shepherds they breed the banana leg things, and in chihuahuas they breed for apple head types. Or pugs. Stay away from these people, it is evil what they do. If you look at any Shiba Inu that is healthy and fit, you'll see that most of them don't like the classic caricature of the "doge" type of shiba.

Also I wouldn't recommend a Shiba Inu as a first dog. They're very aggressive and bullheaded. If you want a dog, look for breeds that are more docile. My family's first dog was a mixed breed and one of the breeds was very aggressive like Shibas are, and my parents always had difficulty with training. Also don't get two dogs at the same time.

No. 56871

While I don't have this specific serum, I use the blue and pink serum from this line. I have mixed feelings about it. The first month it made my skin feel super moisturized and smoother and I was in love with it. But lately I feel like it might be what has been breaking me out in certain places. I can't tell. It is good, but in comparison to other lines I've used, I'm iffy about the results.

I'm not sure if I'm going repurchase. I definitely don't regret purchasing the serums the first time, because they were amazing and made a huge difference in the first month or so, but I feel like in the long-term it is something that my skin has adapted to? It's gotten to the point where I'm looking to replace it and I haven't even finished half the bottle.

For vitamin C serum, I use Dr Dennis Grossman serum. I've been using it on and off for about two years now. Sometimes it will break me out and I'll take a couple weeks break, but usually it is good. I'm hesitant to switch to another serum like the Drunk Elephant one because of how hit-and-miss the products have been for me.

tl;dr would probably skip this stuff if you don't have the money to burn, the entire brand seems hyped up at the moment. there are countless vitamin C serums on the market so none of these products are special enough to warrant the price tag.

No. 275222

let's be realistic, when a shelter kills off cats, yes it is sad and unethical. but it doesn't affect society nearly as much as the amount of orphaned kids growing up in the foster system. you even said yourself, animals are just animals.

personally i reserve my anger towards people who abandon animals, like felice fawn or little lotte, for example.

i don't think i'd ever do what jillian and her mom do, but at the same time it's ultimately their choice and they aren't abusing their own cats. is it shitty? yeah. but so is taking a trip to japan that costs thousands of dollars and wasting it by just shopping in harajuku and stuffing your face with donuts.

No. 275186

they won't be killed, just spend a life time of poverty and abuse, wishing they were. lmao

No. 275178

this is so weird. i feel like because she applies makeup under her eyes to do those dumb eyebags, it makes it look worse and exaggerates it, i mean a frosted eyeshadow and super dry skin would give that effect. i mean even some old women don't have it this bad.

No. 275176

why do people have kids instead of adopting when theres hundreds of kids in shelters?

No. 275146

well ironically she loves the third wave and hates the second wave, like most alt-righters who rally against "sjws" but are really just sjws themselves, just with different identity politics.

the hypocrisy is confusing

shoe is the type of girl to make an okcupid or tinnder profile listed as "bi woman seeking woman" only to find some girl to have a threesome with her and her ugly bf

No. 274905

doesn't it seem like someone in this thread has a little bit too much passion for defending shoe0nhead?

No. 274786

it's not super short? yes, it's below average but if you go outside and leave your basement you'll see lots of women are 5'1" and don't walk around with huge plastic boltons.

it's like acting like a guy who is 5'10" is super tall just because he is two inches above the average lmaoooo, yeah they're taller than average but if they're in a crowd they won't stand out at all.

No. 274782

You're surprised? Lots of camgirls get them done at 18-19. Clara on twitch/youtube is like 19 and has a pair.

No. 274751

are you dumb? many of them are. 5'3" is the average height for a woman, 5'1" isn't super short or anything lmao

No. 274749

I don't think Jill's work could even pass in a Chinese sweat shop…

No. 361916


this looks like the same person…

No. 274713

real big tits don't look rock solid like hers. have you ever watched porn? they are soft. hers look rigid and she has a "refund gap"

No. 274709

what a sad life. at least she managed to find skeptic, without him she'd be a no body.

No. 274705

ok so you're lazy and want a man to slave away for you while you sit on your ass and homemake, good for you, you can stop blogging now.

>i don't get why she feels the need to post about her bdsm sex life on twitter so often.

it gets her more followers and she's a desperate hypocrite.

No. 361884

File: 1490143485348.jpg (456.6 KB, 1706x542, deleted.jpg)

screenshot of deleted post

No. 361883

1) this image file name is from tumblr, wtf?

2) confirmed to be kat, lol

No. 274636

welcome to 2017 where you not only have to deal with sjws but also have to deal with crazy alt righters :-)

No. 274630

he looks like a cheap fat old guido or something wtf? girls need to get higher standards.

No. 274513

File: 1490137074734.jpg (114.02 KB, 1252x1252, 34ELfgR9.jpg)

she's 25 and doesn't have any kids? "traditional"?

No. 274501

careful, you'll trigger the fattychans.

how old is she?

No. 274491

i agree, he's so ugly and she's way out of her league. she must be really insecure and selfhating…

No. 274490


tradeeeshuunal womynnnnn~~~!~!~~!!!

No. 274481

she's a freeloader. all women who want to be a trophy wife are just that. nothing "traditional" about it.

and yeah she is super ignorant.

No. 274435


why do people do this? why doesn't she just tell him to his face.

No. 274346

i dont understand this one…

No. 274345


fucking disgusting

No. 184331

You're basically just using ADD as a new crutch tho.

No. 184330

Or that person can just buy a puppy instead. Stay mad lol.

No. 274049

>"too ghetto"? "bad part of town"??? do those even exist in canada?

uh… yes?

No. 361658


This, it's gross how people are excusing a verified pedo and making him out to be the victim. Okay, Yuki is a shit, that doesn't suddenly change the things he did to other girls or even the things he said in his videos. And one has to wonder if there are still credible parts to Yuki's story because of that.

But nah, people are quick to defend the guy that is an admitted scummy pedo just to milk this further.

No. 361653

dude jokes about lolis constantly in this video. not sure why people itt are sperging about yuki and trying to scapegoat her. he's clearly a pedo. he called a straight male bbc reporter "gay homosexual" as an insult for saying japan has a pedo problem lol

No. 273876

yes but most of her followers are americans or canadians. girls that usually get hired of PR have largely jap followings

No. 273875

it's not too hard if you speak the language, iirc venus and yukapon managed to do it. as long as you're cute and speak the language its doable. the same as "trendy" stores in the US.

No. 273847

all she does is post memes and try to call people out, then deletes her tweets when they embarrass her, and calls her bf daddy and other ddlg shit in public, yuck. she recycles memes that haven't been funny for years now.

imagine having your entire life's success be due to the fact that you sucked off the right youtubers. how can she complain about "traditional women being marginalized" when she's the stereotype of your avg liberal ho. the level of self hate.

No. 273808

I think Kat is a horrible person but she's been growing on me lately for some reason. She's so much less insufferable when she's ranking well. Acts like less of a drama queen.

People really gotta stop getting offended by comments about weight. Let people comment ffs. These are cows, they're putting themselves out there. If they didn't want people to criticize their weight they'd stick to radio.

No. 273796

looooool you are reaching so hard with this. poor whitey has to see brown people at the supermarket.

but in all seriousness. i have white skin. i rather work and live next to a hard working person with darker skin who is from syria, than have to deal with the lazy borderline psychotic ""white americans"" that i do on a daily basis.

tribalism is retarded. the world runs on productivity and profit, not on family. it's not 8000 BC where your family is everything. we live in a CIVILIZED society. this is a CIVILIZATION. you clearly don't understand what that means, so look into it. the way a civilization remains strong is through economic and social PROGRESS.

in the past, that progress was done by white americans and brits.

now, it's changed and east and middle asian countries have started pumping out intelligent, hard working people. most americans have stagnated and are fine working down in the coal mine like their uncle jim bob, even if it means slowly ruining their country's place in the world.

so what do the intelligent americans do? the ones who run the top universities on the planet, the ones that have discovered so many things in math, science, etc? the ones who are the forefront of law? the ones who have rapidly built the world of technology? they would rather invite and collaborate with random middle and east asians, people from india, people from iraq, who are smart and hardworking, than settle for an average american who will half ass the job and request double the pay.

this whole "countries belong to skin colour and race" is bullshit. america is the #1 country in the world because of its economy - which "corporations" are largely responsible for. whether or not you like it, they are the ones that largely fund your infrastructure, contribute to the military financially, etc. if you don't like it, and living in an all white country is more important to you than living in a first world country, maybe try moving to khazakstan or something.

No. 273503

When I was describing him I was thinking about that video too. It left me feeling like I need to shower. It was so nasty… fuck.

He's a lolcow through and through. I didn't know about his obsession with pizzagate, why is it that people obsessed with pizzagate are always massively projecting? I know a girl obsessed with it and she's also shady af. Pizzagaters are some weird miserable people.

No. 273494

People are just looking for any excuse to be offended these days. Like the whole "social justice" shit with SJWs and anti-SJWs is just retarded.

It's an excuse to feel like unique special snowflakes. You say one thing and people go crazy and treat you like you're literally Hitler. I'm not talking about guys like Jon Tron who consistently fuck up (and then cry and act like the victim, just own it dude), I'm talking about people who use the word "retarded" once or tell someone to kill themselves, and suddenly they should be drawn and quartered.

No. 273488

are you talking about sam hyde or jon tron?

either way, assuming you're talking about hyde. fuck. i know. hyde is yet another unoriginal youtube loser who only edgy teens fawn over. i think if he was a girl, he would definitely be a cow because he's physically gross and unhygienic… but because he's a guy he gets a pass. i mean half of his videos he has pit stains and sauce stains and his teeth are crusty and he has acne all over and it looks like his lips are going to crumble off of his face based on how chapped they are. fuck. and his stint with pedophilia too.

No. 273486

no I'm white I find it funny. A lot of the stereotypes about white people are true. Stereotypes are usually true (to an extent). I find the white people parenting memes to be the funniest because it's exactly what it's like, it's not even a stereotype, but a scientific fact.

No. 184211

Yes, but I'm not in control of the things people do or say. I can't stop people, and it is unfair to judge me for their actions.

Yeah, fine, judge me for my response. But before I respond - before I am even aware of the actions that people are taking - why judge me for what they do? I am not God, I don't control them. I don't oversee their actions. Why should I be railed for shit that I'm not even aware of?

Or when someone says something I disagree with, all I can do is tell them to stop.

And as far as abuse goes, sometimes it is harder for some people to leave abusive situations. I was raped as a kid so I struggle to leave abusive situations. I'm not sure why I should be judged for something that I struggle with, especially when I take a proactive approach and am always trying to do better.

But at the end of the day, if I ditched every single person in my life for doing shit that is disagreeable, I would be alone. And homeless. I choose a roof over my head and a quick meal over principals.

No. 184209

I hate it when people try to hold be accountable for someone else's actions. I'm not in control of what other people do, most of the time I'm not even aware. And if I am aware, they usually don't take my advice.

So I wish people would stop trying to make me feel accountable for the stupid shit other people do, that I don't agree with. 99% of the time if I'm associating with someone, it's not because I have a fantastic choice in the matter.

No. 273455

I think he's probably scared he won't get as much positive attention anymore. Everyone who is self-employed is scared of losing their audience/clientbase, even though usually the fears are unfounded. People usually just get over it and do the work because they need money, not Jon though. It has to do with work ethic, he doesn't have any. From his wiki page it seems he grew up in a rich family/neighbourhood, so he's probably just your average spoiled SoCal kid.

No. 273438

He's probably living off of money he made in his hype. There are a lot of lolcows that seem to be doing this. It is funny when they get strapped for cash and start acting desperate and pimping themselves out, this whole /pol/ thing might be a part of that.

No. 273435

Will we have to feel sorry for him when the youtube bubble bursts and he's forced to move back in with mommy and daddy?

If onion can escape being a pedo, jon tronny will keep on being an unfunny retard. And people (impressionable teen girls) will love them for it.

No. 273423

there are entire cows dedicated to shitting on people because they're lazy and overweight, like dakota. why not police that thread?

No. 273417

Gullible idiots will worship other gullible idiots so kek. It's been established he's not funny, so why people are subbing is beyond me

No. 273416

autist, you've devoted multiple posts itt defending a literal fatass who makes unfunny jokes. get over yourself lol

No. 273334

>you sound like you need therapy tbh, you're fucking obsessed with this guy's weight and it has little bearing on his current drama.

You sound like you need therapy because you can't find the "hide" button on a thread. It's at the top. It's a simple button.

It makes sense why people would make fun of him being fat. Fat people are lazy. What he said in Destiny's debate thing was lazy. I could have argued his points better than he did and I don't even agree with him. Everything he said, it was lazy and disingenuous and very low-effort. He puts zero time and work into his body, into his politics, into his work-work (videos)… it's a valid criticism.

Even his recent "statement" video is lazy and low effort. The thing about Samantha Bee? What? She's a comedian. Only SJWs get triggered by jokes like that. It's just all lazy.

His content, his persona, his politics all appeal to the lowest denominator. Like you said, you miss when he said thngs like "retarded" - the fuck? Have you seen reddit? 4chan? Facebook? The comments section on any article? People use that language all the time, yet here you are, giving him """credit""" for using a word that the majority of the internet uses, and only SJWs are butthurt about. This guy literally spends his entire shtick trying to irritate SJWs by acting like an SJW himself. It's not really funny.

No. 273296

You'd be surprised at how many fangirls are vehemently defending him right now after that video. It worked and ""corrected the record"" in their mind.

It's weird how e-celebs have cult-like followings, people who are capable of defending racism and stupid behaviour just because he's good at picking which regurgitated jokes to say.

In some social settings, saying what you just did would devolve into people talking shit about you behind your back, as if you're worse than Jon Tron himself. The cult-like idolization of idiots by other idiots really is something.

No. 273261

no it isn't, because he's just as fat as the last video

>when ppl dickride cows

if you don't like this thread, you can easily hide it instead of defending him.

No. 273253

>also cut the hate boner for fatties, it's fucking weird? no one here is trying to asslick them, but it's a tired as fuck insult.

how is stating that someone has poor impulse control "a tired as fuck insult"? Its a fact.

No. 273231

You're still butthurt that not everyone wants to asslick fat people? Get over it.

>what else is he supposed to do.

apologize on twitter and shut up? he even said that it was against better judgment, lol no surprise, these types of people continuously make bad decisions. if he's shit at politics (he is) the thing to do is shut the fuck up, admit you're wrong and admit you have no idea what you're talking about. instead he doubled in.

No. 273133

Fat people should be shamed, I see no problem with it. He's fat, if he wants to be taken more seriously he should stop making poor life choices.

Psychicpebble, are you ever going to hop off his dick?

No. 273122


Can y'all take this circlejerk back to youtube and twitter? I know your ""community"" loves JonTron to the point where you'd give him a rusty trombone while he whined about black people, but this is lolcow, not your safespace.

No. 273068

This fat fuck should spend less time worrying about white people and more time at the gym. It is 2017, there is no excuse to look like this. People like this are a huge strain on the healthcare budget in every country in the world, and I'd argue that the "fat epidemic" and the side effects of it come with a higher cost for countries than immigrants do.

Seriously, it boggles my mind how anyone can take him seriously when he talks about anything other than his lame comedy shit. Just look at him. This is someone who is incapable of taking care of themselves, does not have the discipline to care about his health, thinks his toxic life decision is perfectly fine.

How can he get away with bitching about how the media handled him? The debate was a shit show, he made it abundantly clear that he is as stupid, unintelligent and undisciplined as he looks.

No. 273064

You realize I know artists who make 6 figures easily off of commission, youtube and patreon combined? If "animators" don't want to work then they should honestly find another job. I know a girl who works 6 days a week and is constantly either streaming, making videos, or trying to acquire more sponsors.

>b-but then i wouldn't be animating!!!!!!!!

You realize that a job (especially self-employment) is more than just one word, psychicpebbles? For example, dentists don't spend their entire workweek looking at teeth, only a small portion of it goes towards that - the rest is customer service, retail, and business/finance-related work.

If you can't make a living off of 1 mill youtube subs as an artist/animator/whatever, I don't know what to tell you other than you suck, psychicpebbles. You picked such a niche "career" path as an artist instead of branching out and adapting, and that is your fault and no one else's. Maybe if you played your cards right you would have been hired full-time by some sort of animation company or sponsored in the very least, but alas, it's easier to spend your time bitching on twitter. The funniest part in all of this is that art is such a subjective thing, and there are PLENTY of artists and animators who make 250k/year… so if you don't, maybe that says more about you than anyone else? I mean I love playing volleyball, but if I attempted to turn that into a career and fell flat on my face, I wouldn't spend weeks harassing people who call professional athletes lucky/blessed/wealthy.

No. 273047

Jill is a literal sociopath lmao

No. 273046

that's not japanese curry ffs. it's indian curry. have you ever seen the two side by side? god damn it.

No. 273045

she doesn't have a seafood allergy, her mom already said she's just a picky child

she had tendies instead of katsudon. indian curry instead of japanese curry. bitch is just uncultured af.

No. 273030

Except Destiny has changed and apologized for all of that and atoned for his sins once realizing how deep the rabbit hole goes, but nice smear tactic.

No. 273028

Nah, Destiny is right. If you have 1 million subs on youtube but you're struggling to make 6 figures you must really fucking suck. At the very least you could pump out some shitty low-effort content and how-to tutorials to pander to your audience and attain sponsorships instead of complaining on twitter 24/7.

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

No. 272819

still isn't "white" by neonazi standards - the people that considered the irish, italian and hungarians to be non-whites. consider that that is who he is suckiing up to, not anthropologists with a concept of history and geography, neonazis who lump his general geographic region is as "sandniggers"

No. 272816

who tf goes to japan and eats tgi friday tendies and indian curry

No. 272697

lmaoooo salty triggered youtube animator tears

No. 272426

>He probably doesn't identify as nonwhite

this isn't some trans-ethnic shit. no one really cares what he identifies as.

No. 272227

That was literally the argument Destiny made, that your jobs are cushy (if you are a successful animator, that is) in comparison to someone who has to work manual labour 80 hour weeks making jackshit.

The only reason we are having this discussion is because you and your friends started acting liker tumblrinas and crying about "oh no, our labour really IS hard work!" which wasn't the original argument. The original argument is that it is a better job than blue collar labour.

I'm angry because you are intentionally misrepresenting someone's point so that you can feel good about yourself and your career path. The people who took offence to what Destiny said did so out of bias and just want asspats, apparently.

Right here, you agree with him:
>Where did I state that being in animation was worse than being in a blue collar job? No animator is out there claiming that it's the opposite

Yet you call him a "shmuck" a few posts before, because you are butthurt he brought this up. It's literally SJW tactics, he made you feel less ~*~SPESHUL~*~ so now your community is triggered.

> Animators in general just want better rights and to be recognised in the same vein that many blue collar workers do

And no where did Destiny argue for the opposite. Where did he say that animators/workers in general don't deserve wortker's rights? He did not. You're just moving the goal posts because your original argument was indefensible.

Destiny wasn't being "ignorant" - he did not call your job a cake walk, or easy. He said it was easy relative to manual labour and other unskilled blue collar work. Which it is. If you disagree, I'm not sure why you don't quit animation and go get a job in construction.

The best part of all of this is that ALL OF THESE PEOPLE, were either silent or defended Jon "the Gene Pool" Tron when he made racist comments about black people and retweeted literal nazis. But Destiny makes some passing commentary about animators having it pretty good (they do) and you all got so triggered. The narcissism in your "community" is so unbelievable.

Your community went on a witch hunt over a guy that made "ignorant" (depending on who you ask) comments about successful animators, yet outright defended or kept quiet about a man who was retweeting nazis about "white genocide". Just let that sink in. It is unbelievable.

I wouldn't be surprised if you're psychicpebble himself. Dude has been literally obsessing over this for days now. Someone needs to get him some therapy for NPD if this is what he does whenever someone makes snide passing comments about his life choices.

>An animator working 80 hours a week have it worst than the average blue collar. What's the point?

This is literally a quote on reddit from GamerGhazi. You people are so deluded. The reason that we (white collar workers) work 80 hours a week at a desk job IS SO THAT WE DON'T HAVE TO DO BLUE COLLAR LABOUR TO SURVIVE. No one is forcing you to choose animation over "easier" (lol) work.

No. 272211

I don't work blue collar work, I work in law. I know a lot of people look at my work and think it's easy because it is a desk job, and I know the feeling of "hand and wrist injuries" and potential carpal tunnel problems. It's not easy. No job is easy, but at the end of the day being animation and having an actual career IS FAR BETTER than being a blue collar worker. You likely get paid more than min wage, which unskilled blue collar workers struggle to ever see in their lifetime. Blue collar workers usually don't last in the industry longer than 10-20 years, whereas someone can stay in white collar work for decades.

You are acting like a special snowflake by harping on what Destiny said. There was nothing dishonest about his comparison. There is no realm where blue collar work is "easier" or "better" than a white collar job. You don't think that blue collar workers have to work with bad conditions, outsourcing and ambiguous contracts? Seriously? How self-involved and narcissistic do you have to be?

There is absolutely no way you can genuinely, in good faith, argue that blue collar work is easier/better/more fulfilling than animation or any other desk job. This is almost as ridiculous as when people try to say prostitution is better than white collar work.

This entire debate reeks of narcissism and "animators" being butthurt that their buddy JonTron was made out to be an idiot, so now they're latching onto one thing like special little snowflakes in an attempt to smear a guy. You can call mine/his stances "pure ignorance" but that doesn't change the facts.

Literally the ONLY reason that you are arguing these batshit insane points is because you and your buds are animators. That's it. No one in the real world sees your job as being tougher than a coal miner's. Fuck's sake.

No. 272183

File: 1489856854900.jpg (145.29 KB, 892x1200, C7KVRmCU4AEPu74.jpg)

lmao I watched this argument and psychicpebbles is acting like an SJW vagina

All Destiny said was that he thinks blue collar workers have it tougher than youtube animators. Surprise, surprise, they do. Now the entire art community is acting like they are some sort of slaves because egoraptor worked a summer job ONCE (gasp) and said it was easy.

I heard someone compared psychicpebbles to a "starving artist" LMAO? yeah someone with a billion youtube subs is definitely a starving artist, gtfo here

shoe0nhead tried to dogpile on destiny too. watching people try to smear this guy just because they don't like how he BTFOed jon tron and nakedautist is fucking hilarious.

but yeah keep crying about how your hands and wrists hurting from drawing cartoons all day is the same thing as laying cement 80 hours a week. fucking tumblrinas.

No. 272179

The study showed that outside college echo chambers and tumblr, there is no such thing as the "far left" - it showed that unless you specifically go looking for "far left" extremism, chances are you won't find it.

Every idea that you label as communist or socialist or "far left" was accepted by the right-leaning politicians in the US ten years ago, and the current ones all over Europe. Stop bullshitting, if people are assuming you are far-right it's because you're adopting far-right policies. The center hasn't changed, it's people like you (alt-right cucks) who think that it's gotten "more left leaning" (it hasn't)

The examples I gave with Romneycare, Bush's immigration policy and international funding policies, etc. When Angela Merkel was first elected this was seen as a shift towards the right and towards a more religious Germany. In the UK, the Tories have always been seen as the quintessental right wing and yet to cucks like you, they seem "left". In Canada, the CPC has always nominated politicians like Harper, and yet now this seems too "leftist" just because they believe in basic human rights, the existence of NATO, and humanitarian work.

People like you, and Jon "the Gene Pool" Tron are intellectually dishonest and arguing in ridiculously bad faith. The data has been crunched. It's the alt-right that has polarized, no one else. It is suspected to be due to the fact that Facebook sold data that wasn't collected with explicit authorization to many different conservative groups which then invested it into far-right propaganda - guys like Ailes, Murdoch, Mercer. It is no shock that the same data analytics company that worked on Brexit propaganda was involved in the US 2016 election and is involved all over Europe (NL, France). Really makes you think.

No. 272165

>literally threads about venus and taylor where the milk has been dry for like half a decade and they have to make like 50 thousand "assumptions" in order to get even the tiniest morsel of dairy out of them

this is fine according to /pol/

>some boxxy wannabe slut who panders to neckbeards online and says cringy shit 24/7, very easily triggered (check her twitter she's constantly bitching), and can probably be milked heavily

this is not fine according to /pol/

No. 271809

ummm excuse me anon i am a TRADEESHUNAL WOMYN even though i spend all my time playing video games and pandering to otaku pedophiles online

No. 271761

Canada is not an ethnic group, anon. I am "Canadian" but ethnically I am slavic (not historically considered white, only recently.)

I hate to be "that" person, but traditionally Irish people have light eyes, light skin, and light hair.

No. 271756

evalion literally has a video of her white /pol/cuck bf filming her fucking a black guy and him cumming inside her.

i agree /pol/ should have its own thread but they'd probably brigade it, because they get so easily triggered

we say this literally every thread… jontron (iranian), communismkills (jew), this bitch (spic?)

its hilarious. you know when trans shit was starting out people were fearmongering about "trans-race" people? these are them lmao, bunch of weird muds who rally behind "WHITE POWER!!!!!!"

No. 271731

No. 271730

you think pedos can be cured with anime? lmao retard

No. 271565

How hard is it to find western-style sushi in japan though? I know in the west we have like chicken teriyaki rolls and sushi w/ yam and egg and lots of other veggies, but in japan isn't fresh fish more popular and the other stuff harder to find? like i know vegan places in the west who do yummy yam/avocado/spicy rolls but i find it hard to believe that japanese sushi would come anywhere close to that but idk.

either way its insane since fresh raw fish is fucking delicious. but have they even tried any other foods like ramen or yakitori or tonkatsu or udon or soba? or curry? all that shit is like entry level wtf is wrong with them

No. 271558

how tf do you wear a size 9 at 5'1"? she needs to get re-measured i seriously doubt she's 5'1", she looks like a behemoth next to normal people and her feet don't look big relative to her body. she must be taller than that come on

No. 270864

That's what I meant.

We all know here, honestly, that if he was an average person who was a non-youtuber and raised right and he got blasted this hard for his "debate" - I think he'd genuinely walk away questioning himself and his reasoning.

But he's ever been told that he's not the smartest, wittiest guy in the world. He's never been told he can be wrong. It sounds stupid but I don't think he's capable of introspection in that sense. It's kind of like the dunning-krueger effect, where some of the dumbest people believe they know everything.

I still have his smug laughter from the debate echoing in my head. So fucking smug.

No. 270841

>lol u maed xD

Okay enough to refrain from autistically screeching for 2 hours about politics on twitch.

No. 270837

What do you (and the rest of the people itt) expect?

He's literally been treated like a god his entire life, faced no adversary despite being a fat (and fairly stupid) piece of shit who just plays vidya and does comedy for a "career".

His entire life, his formitive years, people were telling him that his shit don't stink, that's he's ~~YOONIQUE~~ and smart and an inquisitive unlike "other people"

So what do people expect? This is someone who has never had to face hardship, has never had to face consequences for their actions, doesn't really understand what "hard" work is like (I'm talking about the 12 hours a day laying concrete physical labour type work, or getting a PhD w/o financial support - not making a million bucks for memes)

This is someone who has been upheld and treated like a golden boy his entire life. Why do people think he'd act any differently? He is not "relatable" regardless of what people imply, he is not someone grounded in the real world, the people around him are all likely yes-men who kiss his ass. This is someone who has likely never had the words "no" said to them, has never faced rejection up until now.

His ass has been coddled for his entire existence and this thread is just filled with more people going "omg im so shocked that the coddled spoiled rotten shut-in with zero discipline turned out to be a /pol/tard"

I'm not saying he should lose his job or his sponsors or any of that shit (although I would kek heartily at that) but he is a piece of shit and not everyone is going to like him or wait for him to come around. A lot of people straight up don't like him based on his unfunny recycled regurgitated "content" and he needs to get used to that, especially if he wants to air his opinions out. He's being a little drama queen and a huge little bitch, throwing a temper tantrum just because people disagree with him. He honestly must live in a bubble.

No. 270508

The guy in this video looks like he has FAS

No. 270506

>He will sell out Mexican and African Americans in favor of white nationalists who wouldn't even consider him anything more than a sand nigger.

He's selling out white people who don't buy into this crazy neonazi crap either. Normal, regular white people are being sold out by a fucking non-white persian guy.

No. 270505


had no idea, she looks like a mammoth. i guess she must be really overweight then. either way its disgusting.

No. 270503

MIT recently did a study about how most of the polarization/radicalization in politics is coming from the right-wing, they are moving further and further right.

which you dont necessarily "see" if you're just an average person, you feel like the left if moving further and further left too. but they showed that in the last decade the left has stayed relatively moderate (of course fringe groups will exist and tumblr will always be a loud minority) while the right is going further and further and further into radicalization.

i guess you can see that in the basic things that the US left wing wants. universal health care for example. 10 years ago that WAS a republican idea, romney pioneered with romneycare in mass. now, in 2017, the "right" treats universal healthcare like its the equivalent of communism. it's not.

we (being the people who are centre-right, centre-left, moderate) are not the ones who are radical or extremists. we are normal. it's them.

sometimes i look at news in my home country which a lot of alt-righters idolize (russia) and i swear to you that some of it is exactly the same as saudi arabia. if you want proof i can post it, but recently a guy is in jail facing prison for 7 years for playing pokemon go in a church for 5 min (thats seriously all he did, he walked in, talked to no one, played for five min, caught a pokemon and left, its on camera). and all of his government officials from his city (my hometown) are saying he needs to be locked up for as long as possible. IT'S LIKE FUCKING SAUDI ARABIA EXCEPT FOR CHRISTIANS. THIS IS WHAT THE ALT-RIGHT ASPIRES TO BE. i felt like i was taking crazy pills watching his court cases.

sorry for the long rant, but yeah. i'm just tired of these fucking radicals. fuck them.

No. 270382

yes but japanese girls are usually slim and short, jillian is tall with thunder thighs. things will look sluttier on her than ur average japanese girl.

like a v-neck shirt can look conservative on a slim girl, but slutty on a girl with huge tits. a short skirt on a slim girl looks normal, a short skirt on a girl with thick thighs looks lewd

jillian doesn't look good. the thought of her cellulite ridden thighs jiggling as she hops around with her plastic toy wand… like fuck bitch cover that up

No. 270365

its not that common, japanese people are fairly conservative

no one walks around dressed like this autistic fatty

No. 270281

File: 1489612900225.png (328.86 KB, 1160x1092, Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 5.21…)

rolling my eyes

No. 270280

this honestly smells like a selfpost…

No. 270217

she straight up does nothing all day, why doesnt she clean up?

No. 359875

lainey has turned into onision 2.0 in attempt to keep up with him lol

No. 270033

File: 1489546723830.png (Spoiler Image, 746.75 KB, 832x624, Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 10.5…)

ashe looks like she gained some weight, good for her.

No. 269959

literally my thoughts on this entire thread

her mom prob wanted to go eat sushi and jill was like

No. 269781

Mister Metokur didn't "annihilate him" if you ask anyone that doesn't spend all day jerking off to /pol/

No. 269739

i mean, i guess, but her taste sucks and she's shopping at places like the precure merch store that isnt for adults or collectors, its just crap for kids… it makes her look retarded

No. 269707

are you retarded? non-whites are not a monochromatic group, regardless of what white people think. they are often even more hateful to each other than they are to white people. have you ever seen two people from JP and SK interact? it's often far worse than the way white people interact with either race. do you know in the middle east people kill thousands of other people on the basis of minor religious differences? yeah, and ask a black person how they feel about the jews.

the only person who feels "consistently villainized" by "everyone else" is you, probably because of your own victim complex.

No. 269694

This peanutbuttergamer is kind of cute.

I said this in the communismkills thread but…
why are cute people more-or-less sane, while fat/ugly losers are always unhappy and have to take it out on other people? Why do they always have to drone on about "WHITE MASTURRRACE" when in most cases they aren't even white (Jewish in the case of CK, half-Persian in the case of JT) or any where near the "genetic perfection" that they drone on about?

Is this a coping mechanism for them?

No. 269689

He fell too far into the joke to the point where he didn't know where to stop, now on twitter he's tweeting back and forth with white supremacists who advocate for ethnic cleansing and genocide with 100% seriousness. He's like the kid in the back of class who keeps the joke going long after every one else has stopped and found it unfunny.

Dude isn't even white, but I am. Yet his Persian ass is offended on my behalf? How is he any different from an sjw?

He shouldn't be allowed to speak for me or my people. If he wanted to subscribe to some reddit bullshit, why didn't he choose fatpeoplehate instead of the_donald? Would've benefitted him far more.

No. 269678

File: 1489520174867.png (64.35 KB, 1166x190, Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 3.33…)

guys, she's taking our advice!!!

No. 269677

File: 1489520064999.png (64.35 KB, 1166x190, Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 3.33…)

guys, shes taking our advice!!!!!

No. 269673

lmao so many jillian stans out here calling people jealous for disliking her trip.

probably jillian stanning for herself. anyone can see that this trip looks like a nightmare… just like everything else she does

No. 269580

I do the same when I buy clothing (and lolita) so that its easier to make sure the pieces I'm buying are varied but not too different. If I bought a dress every month I'd end up with 12 dresses that all look the same at the end of the year no-doubt.

No. 269571

I love venus' new video, so cute she looks adorable in lolita

No. 269247

also an entire trip to the caribbean can cost like $2000 for one person, with flight/hotel/food/alcohol

jill and her mom probably spent more than that per person on flights + hotel, not to mention food and shopping

its stupid to waste so much money going to japan (flights from where she lives are like 1500) if ur just gonna sit around and eat burgers like lmao go to america instead

No. 269243

her kebab bf

No. 269127

this is disgusting, i've had a ramen craving all week i wanna slap them

No. 269112

im hella jealous and could go but i have no one to go with

No. 269095

File: 1489446684068.png (1.61 MB, 1678x994, Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 7.10…)

No. 269094

File: 1489446591648.png (239.96 KB, 1210x660, Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 7.08…)

her kebab bf is back and wants a mff threesome

No. 269093

File: 1489446558151.png (63.89 KB, 924x220, Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 7.07…)

"I lose 10 pounds a meal"

No. 269090

File: 1489446403829.png (223.06 KB, 1160x782, Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 7.06…)

shes 68 pounds holy sheet

No. 269089

File: 1489446359173.png (150.82 KB, 1160x494, Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 7.05…)

code for bulimia

No. 268573

no i don't hate her, you got me wrong.

i don't understand the point in shopping the entire trip because you can do that online for much cheaper than an entire trip, and she's just buying useless junk like $30 puzzles for a shitty anime. the fact that her mum is paying for like 90% of this makes ppl feel naturally bitter

i don't think the anons itt disliking her life choices want to be her… she's just an annoying person who is very easy to criticize.

No. 268561

this trip makes me wanna go to japan so bad but i have no one to go with and my parents wouldn't want to do fun stuff (they're lazy) and my bf is too broke and i don't have any close friends who want to go

even if i could scrape together a few grand i'm never going

i resent jill so much, sorry for the blog

No. 267796

Why did she even go on this trip? She could have gone to a asian grocery, stalked up on food, ordered some things via an SS and then opened up youtube videos of city scenery

No. 267791

the face of an autistic womanchild

No. 267697

File: 1489270522375.png (104.77 KB, 904x380, Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 5.14…)

her kebab mooselamb bf broke up with her lolol

No. 267694

i dont think any responsible doctor will operate on her, bc they will look awful and may even be dangerous

so she'll settle for a crook and look butchered af

No. 267230

i still cant believe i live in a world where charms is uglier and fatter than i am. mind blowing.

No. 267229

ewww her skin looks so dry and flakey. she looks so flawless on cam due to the ring light, in person she looks painfully avg

No. 266556

No. 266535

File: 1489116240852.jpg (25.73 KB, 321x368, C6XwBSOUsAE24iQ.jpg)

No. 266526

File: 1489116065589.jpg (119.69 KB, 675x1200, C6gb_p8VQAAcLG3.jpg)

pumpy stop

No. 266517

File: 1489115817246.png (395.74 KB, 1164x1254, Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.1…)

another day another kat rage

No. 265881

how are people in western countries this stupid? it blows my mind. this is worse than some third world shitholes

No. 265465

File: 1488992766394.png (69.41 KB, 490x88, Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 12.0…)

she's ranting about feminism now

she and her goons sound very unintelligent. she has no idea what a regular job is like

No. 265461

File: 1488992135766.png (116.98 KB, 1272x288, Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 11.5…)

How shitty of a person is she that she enjoys homewrecking? How do you even enjoy hurting a complete stranger with your actions

No. 265459


looks like something out of a horror movie.

No. 265023

like evalion who is also an open and proud neonazi but has videos of her fucking black guys (which her bf filmed)

what is wrong with all these "alt right" neonazis

No. 265018

token people on the alt right are always so annoying, just like milo is the token gay guy


No. 264917

wtf this is disgusting…. not safe for life

No. 264864

File: 1488913009607.jpg (120.47 KB, 768x1024, IMG_5982.JPG)


No. 264476

File: 1488843730538.png (788.41 KB, 1160x1100, Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 6.40…)


No. 264386

File: 1488835832206.png (100.63 KB, 1266x246, sushi.png)

I don't see other cam girls doing this… they probably make enough money to not have to beg for their members to pay for meals for no reason.

No. 264323

File: 1488827853343.png (670.21 KB, 788x618, Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 2.17…)


"i brought back my tip menu as a privilege for you guys. it's only a privilege so don't abuse it. i don't want anyone tipping for something too many times, like spanks"

bitch it's called work. how can she expect to just sit there and paid for no reason

No. 264322

she started the day she turned 18 and before that was slutting it up on twitch, she built a huge pedo following and looks like a skeleton.

she pretends to be in relationships with guys to milk them even more. see: barnzey, who she led on for like a year. or kaldune, who went into $80,000 debt for her because he thought he had a chance.

its a combination of everything. her gamergirl-y shtick. her dd/lg shit. her anorexia. the drama she fuels with other models.

but its all coming to an end, as we see. its abundantly clear she'll never make top 20 again.

No. 264320

she started the day she turned 18 and before that was slutting it up on twitch, she built a huge pedo following and looks like a skeleton.

she pretends to be in relationships with guys to milk them even more. see: barnzey, who she led on for like a year.

No. 264243

File: 1488813323846.png (77.73 KB, 1152x258, kickaz.png)

She is legit obsessed with kickaz.

No. 264242

File: 1488813240678.png (115.76 KB, 1192x640, Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 10.1…)

What does she think people are on MYFREECAMS and CHATURBATE for? Philosophical conversation? Charity? Academic pursuits? Being talked down to and abused by a spooky skeleton?

No. 264241

File: 1488813146919.png (235.17 KB, 1164x750, Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 10.1…)

She didn't care about it being dehumanizing when she was pandering to pedos and pretending to be 12 on cam, because it was making her money.

Now the money dried up and she can't abuse people and still make tokens so now she cares lol

She's still blaming everyone but herself - I don't see Kati3kat, arianina, missalice, lanarain or alexis complaining about how slow it is. Maybe it's because they actually work? All she does is sit around on her ass and do nothing… whereas Lana Rain literally works 16 hour days sometimes. You get what you give and she's lazy and spoiled. Like the other anon said, she doesn't even do her hair and makeup on cam. That's the bare minimum. No one is going to pay her for existing.

No. 264238

this is awful.

she would be pretty if she was healthier and lost some weight, and stopped this ugly makeup. and got better hair.

half of what is dragging her down is this god awful makeup

No. 264222

If she was smart she would've used her $$$ from when she was 19 to go to college

Instead she wasted it lol

Wonder when she'll be homeless

No. 264208

File: 1488806948244.png (250.43 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5966.PNG)

cunt getting rekt

No. 264207

File: 1488806810454.png (84.22 KB, 728x573, IMG_5965.PNG)

Radical theory: get a real job

No. 264206

File: 1488806702083.png (123.61 KB, 750x1018, IMG_5964.PNG)

Making excuses for not getting top 20 this month

Nah it's cuz you're an awful person kat

No. 264205

File: 1488806585761.png (94.46 KB, 750x740, IMG_5963.PNG)

Wtf lol get a real job then you leech

No. 264204

File: 1488806557887.png (138 KB, 749x913, IMG_5962.PNG)

Kat is having a twitter breakdown

No. 56117

you are never going to have the result you are looking for without looking silly. your chin and jaw line are weak. your double chin wasnt that abnormal b4 and couldve probably been taken care of with a better diet.>>55129

No. 56116

you are never going to have the result you are looking for without looking silly. your chin and jaw line are weak.

No. 263805

File: 1488737998995.png (131.49 KB, 750x1014, IMG_5957.PNG)

Kats bf looks nonwhite

Also those roses wtf girl throw em out

No. 263487

It works for Aria Nina because she's actually attractive and her bitchiness/spoiledness is actually just an act. She's actually super sweet and down to earth irl and her tippers know that.

With Kat it's the opposite. Her sweetness is fake, and her bitchy attitude is the real her. She's abusive as fuck and the only guys tipping her anymore are stuck in abusive quasi-relationship with her.

No. 263451

she spent $200,000 on MFC tokens to tip herself/buy friends with. not even a joke, she brags about how her members account has 200k rewards points.

also renting a 5k/month mansion

No. 263435

File: 1488670459653.png (283.75 KB, 1222x1092, Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 6.33…)

Surprise, surprise, she's not getting top 20 this month. Or probably even Top 100.

No. 263433

File: 1488670407293.png (155.61 KB, 1166x488, Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 6.30…)

dropped the pic fml

No. 263432

Who the fuck cares you spergs? Post more slenderman, here crying about not being paid $200/hour to sit on her ass and do nothing

"you guys make is so hard to love"

she's blaming guys not paying her 100000s of tokens on her low self esteem. bitch do you own a mirror? oh right you do, you were just bragging about spending $600 on one. go look in it.

why does she expect dudes to pay her bills when there are hundreds of hotter, nicer, funner, more entertaining girls on MFC and chaturbate?

No. 263430

File: 1488670320351.png (155.61 KB, 1166x488, Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 6.30…)

Who the fuck cares you spergs? Post more slenderman crying about now being paid $200/hour to sit on her ass and do nothing

"you guys make is so hard to love"

she's blaming guys not paying her 100000s of tokens on her low self esteem. bitch do you own a mirror? oh right you do, you were just bragging about spending $600 on one. go look in it.

why does she expect dudes to pay her bills when there are hundreds of hotter, nicer, funner, more entertaining girls on MFC and chaturbate?

No. 262925

dude her hairline starts like halfway up her head wtf

No. 262791

File: 1488576658276.png (Spoiler Image, 604.32 KB, 772x586, Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 4.29…)

her genitals look like a ballsack

No. 262784

File: 1488576461391.png (581.51 KB, 770x584, Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 4.27…)

slenderman is online

No. 262745

dude this is NSFL

No. 262729

File: 1488572375052.png (761.63 KB, 1034x1154, Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 3.19…)


she's holding on to the coattails of when she was a successful cam model

No. 262726

tits need to be WAY smaller and face is more fucked up

think slenderman

No. 262363

File: 1488501084626.png (784.4 KB, 584x940, Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 7.30…)


This is one of the guys that spends thousands a month on sophie/katie/mira/kat/all of those super young looking cam girls

what a fucking creep omg

No. 262361


she just looks like an average 5/10 dumpy lady you'd see on the street and be like "meh she looks weird and doesn't take care of her body"

but at least she doesn't look like a walking corpse (spooky stormy) or a fat meth addict (lotte)

No. 262150

her pubic area looks like a deflated dark ballsack

girl bleach that shit ffs

No. 262148

compared to wildebeast lotte and spooky bones itt, this girl is attractive

No. 261879

File: 1488434460233.jpg (96 KB, 675x1200, C54_q7hVUAE13e2.jpg)

this is now little_lotte aka charlotte charms

No. 261651

File: 1488408283849.png (Spoiler Image, 600.85 KB, 642x634, Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 5.44…)

dear god she's repulsive

No. 261649

File: 1488408227336.png (Spoiler Image, 661.39 KB, 772x598, Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 5.43…)

the crypt keeper is online

she has the body of a 60 year old starving corpse

No. 259054

i dont really care? its just petty drama. the only person fueling it at this point is dasha because shes jealous of mina imo… even tho she ended up with cyr… dasha seems like one of those ppl that becomes obsessed with a girl and tries to wear her skin

No. 55852

bc he had no problem when he was earning $15+/hour, but he spent 1/2 the summer waiting for that when he could've cumulatively made more in retail. i remember being jealous that he made more in a week than i did in two but in retrospect it was dumb because i had more hours. i just wish he wouldn't waste time again… i don't want to devalue is "labour" or w/e but i feel like waiting around for a "good" summer job is a waste of time, does that make sense?

No. 259006

this babydash bitch looks like a 30 year old soccer mom w/ too much plastic surgery without the photoshop

and with the photoshop she looks like an aged dakotakoti wannabe.

i'm team mina because at least in the youtube vids she looks like a qt

No. 55843

He works really hard at school though, and I mean summer/part time jobs aren't the biggest deal, he just wants one that will pay a lot. He wants a good job after school.

No. 258834

>liver failure
>health problems
>looks like this

why are the ugliest most broken people always neonazis? you never see attractive healthy supermodels championing the "masterrace" lmao

No. 258829

oh s hit

i remember when this special snowflake bitch used to attention whore on /pol/ and when she got doxxed and cried about someone using her credit card

shes so fucking cringy

No. 258077

File: 1488069655062.png (595.85 KB, 596x593, Screenshot 2017-02-25 19.38.02…)

i found this old pic of jill on some other girl's insta from 2.5 yrs ago at halcon i think? jill on the left. she looked cute :( rip

No. 257904

probably kat herself or her cucks bc around this time last night she was crying about haters on twitter.

No. 256778

I think she's super cute. I don't understand the hate.

No. 181932

i hate my tummy/waist and face. they are so chubby unless i am 90 lbs. i'm 115 lb and 5'2" right now, i gained 15 lbs because of depression and life going to shit and stress eating. i'm trying to lose it all as fast as i can. i'm currently doing 800 cal/day for 3 months and hope i can get back down 100 and then work from there. i just hate how saggy and flabby my body has become. cosplay has become my biggest motivator because i want to look good for a con.

No. 181928

wish we could just ban all men tbh

No. 55514


i like your chin

No. 55513

my bf actually is disturbed by 3d porn, the most he will watch is like, gifs on reddit of jiggly titties or short webms from javs… and that's rarely, most of the time he sticks to h-doujins

hes kind of a normal guy though. he's never come off as super sex obsessed or anything like that.

No. 181756

try an EC stack, look it up on if u dont know what that is

No. 181754

$4000 LV bag, probably. I have two pair of loubs (one I don't wear because too big) and a couple other LV bags as well.

No. 55485

I worked a fast food job all summer for min wage while my bf basically stayed at home "waiting" for something better. It left me feeling mega-salty.

It's just temporary and we're both in skill but if he worked fast food like I did, he would've made at least around 2-3 grand, if not more (I was only working part time in between studying) which would've paid off massive debt.

I'm working full time in fast food this summer too, to pay off school loans. If he sits around doing nothing again I'm probably going to dump him. I get that it's summer vacation and blah blah but seriously. His PC is broken (and he always complains about it), he needs to buy other new shit (which he always complains about), he needs to pay off student debt before it gets insurmountable, etc. etc. It makes no sense to me why he wouldn't just persevere for the sake of it.

It sucks because I don't even care about him buying me stuff or whatever, I just want him to do it for himself. I never get birthday gifts or valentine's day presents or anything like that, and I'm fine with that even though its sometimes awkward to explain to my family when they ask if I got anything for my birthday. But honestly the least he could do is take care of himself. It pisses me off so much.

No. 255442

im mostly talking about SJW anon up there who said that "if it wasn't for western women appropriating japanese trends then men wouldn't have any reason to objectify asian women"


so i guess western women are responsible for the following?

- JAV porn starring japanese men and women

- japanese gravure with young jp females in it

- JK prostitution culture (only consumed by japanese men and some western male sex tourists)

- loli porn/hentai/anime/culture

So I guess all of these things which are consumed by western and japanese men, which stars mostly Japanese women, are the fault of white women? Venus and those like her are the blame for Japan's disgusting pedophile culture?

that anon should go fuck themselves

No. 255435

men never ever ever get criticized for prefering this weeb "pure nippon" JK petite submissive obedient school girl aesthetic for pedophiliac reasons, but women are always railed for trying to play it up to men's desires. disgsusting

No. 353469

Why would someone Stan him opposed to all the kpop and jpop idols that look better than him? There are some that even speak English.

No. 253911

File: 1487440469936.png (235.57 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5867.PNG)

This is pathetic

No. 253175

shes talking about her back pimples so i guess she reads this thread.

hi kat

No. 253173

File: 1487314423218.png (269.53 KB, 458x376, Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 1.53…)

shes online right now bragging about being a model

No. 253033

1. back pimples omg disgusting wash your fucking back

2. she calls herself a weeb but doesnt know the difference between chinese mandarin and japanese????????????

No. 253029

File: 1487296611723.jpg (Spoiler Image, 217.85 KB, 900x1200, IMG_5845.JPG)

Why the fuck

No. 253028

I'm 5'2 and I would look that bad at 120 I think. I look like a bloated whale when I pass 105. Everyone is different and she probably has like 0 muscle mass so that 20 pounds is all fat which is a lot lsss dense

No. 253018

File: 1487295758705.png (998.98 KB, 1576x1116, Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 8.42…)

#wifeymaterial amirite?

No. 252818

i didnt know he was this ugly. wow. his face is absolutely busted and he has an average chubby body with uneven gyno

LOL life must suck

No. 252816

wonder what sophie's is. shes looking worse than kat

No. 352013

Still think shiloh is cuter.

lainey looks like an 20 yr old reformed neckbeard who decided to be a tranny suddenly and is one month through an E cycle.

No. 250687

File: 1487031906327.png (47.97 KB, 616x161, Screenshot 2017-02-13 19.22.52…)

positive angel kat who is always positive and the nicest person ever uwu…. calling a girl named arianina a "cunt"

No. 250681

File: 1487031626545.jpg (189.22 KB, 1200x675, C4hydgTVcAAthLl.jpg)

loooooooool whoever this was

No. 250680

File: 1487031578146.jpg (179.32 KB, 1152x2048, C4h1b1ZVUAAj067.jpg)

pic related she posted on twitter complaining she wont ever be popular again

thats right bitch. you're ugly, your body is ugly and you dont look 12 anymore. you're a nasty person inside and out.

No. 351527

it doesnt matter about their citizenship. he is living in japan, his main residence is there. he can just not get on a plane, and unless japanese police arrest him (they won't, like i said, without 200% proof) then no luck

unless this girl is willing to hire a lawyer that charges $500/hour on retainer to try and get this guy to the US it's not going to happen.

statutory rape crimes are GROSSLY neglected and underpunished. even if you got him into the court room, theres a possibility that he wouldn't even receive probation depending on the judge. a 19 year old fucking a 14 year old isn't the worst case scenario, there are 50 year olds who have walked away after fucking dozens of 13 year old prostitutes with only a year in jail.

the only way to actually get him to stop is to probably get him off of youtube and cut off his supply. if he has no fame or money its gonna be a lot harder for him to get girls. if he has to resort to JK street walkers (underaged prostitutes) he might get killed by yazuka or caught in a sting, at the very least.

No. 351479

youre underestimating what a good lawyer will do… there are guys that are caught red-handed on tape fucking young girls who barely get a fine, especially in japan. i doubt she wants to try only to fail.

plus maybe he has some blackmail on her? or something? didn't she say she was trying to model? maybe she is trying to get into that idol crap and doesnt want a black stain on her career… this kind of stuff RUINED yukapon - the japanese hate it when gaijin come over and accuse "their men" of being pedos/abusers.

another thing is… maybe her parents dont know, and she doesnt want them to. her mom thinks they were just friends. the only way she would be able to take him to court is if she had a good lawyer that her parents paid for - maybe she just doesn't want her parents to know? if they are strict/conservative and dont want her to have sex she might feel alienated by her family. its stupid but you never no someones personal conditions. same thing with kat. the reason why Shine targets these girls is because they have vulnerable home situations…

i was in a similar situation at one point and i didnt report it and i stand by my decision. i didnt have the money, time or energy to do it. the country the guy lived in was far more lax then my own - to the point where i once did tell the police he was preying on underaged girls, and they said it was "creepy" and that they'd look into it - and nothing happened. and having a country like the US extradite the guy is VERY, VERY hard. japan will do anything to stop extradition… even in canada, there is a current case of a guy who was abusing underaged girls online & collecting their nudes, and they have hard evidence and yet still can't extradite him to the US to try him!

you're especially underestimating police forces in japan themselves. the legal process would have to start there. JK pedo culture is very common in japan and police look the other way when japanese girls are getting raped by old men… do you think the japanese police is going to care what some gaijin says? even if she has "proof" they will still say its not definitive enough.

so you're over simplifying a lot. its a lot of stress for a victim to go through, and there is very little guarantee that anything will happen - like a 0.05% chance.

source: law student

No. 351401


E-mail is

Could also try Repzion and Andy Warski and Blair White, who went in hard on Onion, although since Shine is a trump supporter they might not give a fuck like the hypocrites they are

No. 351399

Someone send info about this guy to Onision, act all outraged that "people aren't reporting on the REAL pedophiles" and then watch for keks.

No. 351361


nevermind i'm autistic, that was shindoL

however i was watching youtube the other day and accidentally came across a video of einshine/shinephd defending child prostitution… i was disturbed but i thought he was just being edgy. turns out he's actually just a user.

youtube video where shinePHD defends japanese child prostitution:

I watched a press conference on the issue on youtube, and in the related section was this. I didn't know who he was at the time but I was disturbed, he's mocking a documentary on child prostitution in Japan and then later goes on to try to defend it.

No. 351360

i realize that maybe i got the names mixed up and its someone else, im gonna delete my post until i find proof.

No. 351356

is this the guy that made the fucked up h-doujin with the underaged girl becoming a prostitute? as well as countless other fucked up ones?

yeah no shit he's fucked up. without a doubt einshine/shinephd is a pedo. there are two types of artists that draw loli. one make the proportions comically and inhuman (see: elins in TERA), the other just basically either trace child porn or get the anatomy 100% accurate to a creepy level. he literally draws pictures of little children (actual realistic 8 year old girls)

i remember seeing on /a/ the h-doujin he drew of an 8 yr old girl getting fucked by a german shepherd.

no shit normal people don't do this, regardless of what special snowflakes on the internet say. everything has a limit.

No. 249395

File: 1486874245030.png (271.69 KB, 521x394, Screenshot 2017-02-11 23.35.32…)

these nails are so trashy fucking hell

No. 249394

File: 1486874214766.png (569.85 KB, 877x478, Screenshot 2017-02-11 23.34.46…)

barely any ppl in her room, rachet nails, acne and balding

every day she strays further from top model status

No. 249390

File: 1486873822888.png (306.95 KB, 536x401, Screenshot 2017-02-11 23.28.09…)

the crypt keeper is online on myfreecams right now lol

No. 249267

she keps spamming all over twitter abt how shes SO HIGH

its so obnoxious…

No. 249233

I'm kind of jealous that she is going to Japan. I don't have enough money to buy a flight lol, or the time

No. 248769

I'm wondering if he's just not into 3d women at all, so he sees her more like a "romantic, cool friend" than a sexual interest? I can't imagine anyone (with real prospects) being sexually attracted to this >>248640

He's always had more

No. 248649

File: 1486763438194.jpg (19.26 KB, 200x300, l_d8e6e66aa9cc483e9df5467bfae4…)

slightly off topic but this is what inna clitostrophe looks like today, fucking kek

No. 350730


Yout putting it in video form makes me realize how fucking long it is. Holy shit. She mustve put a solid hour or so into those texts.

No. 248226

File: 1486684911283.png (54.85 KB, 601x353, Screenshot 2017-02-09 18.59.51…)


No. 248222

File: 1486684663254.png (266.59 KB, 525x570, Screenshot 2017-02-09 18.55.11…)

She's so gross and retarded

No. 248205

I like her, she's really down to earth and has a decent personality. I feel like she'd be a cool person to be friends with.

The only thing that pisses me off is how hot her bf is compared to how ugly she is lmao. Just… how?

No. 247782

File: 1486614767210.png (1.21 MB, 1058x818, Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 11.3…)

shes on right now and acting kind of buzzed or high or something

No. 247781

File: 1486614692543.png (1.07 MB, 1058x782, Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 11.2…)

shes so gross omfg

No. 247780

Wow yeah this is some faces of meth shit. dear lord im gonna have nightmares tonight

No. 247779

File: 1486614331651.png (1.15 MB, 1046x794, Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 11.2…)

this is nasty why would you show your face in public like this omfg

No. 349872

4th girl's complete 180 is so fucking fishy.

No. 247539

File: 1486594305292.png (63.7 KB, 1912x370, Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 5.50…)


No. 247528

File: 1486592916345.png (56.28 KB, 1940x362, Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 5.28…)

kek, my thoughts exactly

No. 247526

she should've stayed in korea tbh.

No. 247473

Wait what… I am subscribed to her on youtube and loved her! I'm studying to be a lawyer myself…

are you saying she isn't… a lawyer? wtf? can you give me a tldr summary

No. 348345

A little bit of Internet fame and he uses it to try to get into the pants of underage girl. Smh

No. 246211

is she trying to compete with kat?? dear lord

No. 348178


That stupid line also fits with the content of the pastebin. This is from a different too.

I don't watch his videos but he must really like the word stupid and/or calling others stupid.

No. 348163


If she's not comfortable, she's not comfortable. Let it go.

No. 348160

That guy trying to defend him is trying to any excuse out of his ass.

Not a fan but decides to write lengthy amount of nitpicky details.

No. 246063

i was moreso talking about her torso/arms/thighs. comapred to the other girls her body looks very unhealthy

No. 246047

I don't know what you all are talking about. I think she looks adorable, so are the two girls in the cardigans (grey, beige)

She needs to lose 10 pounds though and debloat and just take care of herself, because she looks really bloated and chubby compared to the other girls. Other than that, the natural look is so cute on her.

No. 245555


I must have really weird taste because I think dakota is a cute! Holy shit this is way better than her stupid butthole lips/fish eye makeup.

Her hair is looking really thin though. poor girl.

No. 245364

First time posting in any idol thread because I don't keep an interest in this kind of stuff - Just know of Beckii Cruel. Glad she's getting called out in this thread, you can tell she's constantly selfposting now that her fame dried up. Unstable gal.

No. 54641

wow you sound really jealous. its kind of sad.

No. 244600

File: 1486223906429.png (102.86 KB, 589x525, Screenshot 2017-02-04 10.55.33…)

will she ever stop being pathetic?? holy shit

No. 244067

File: 1486146852076.png (93.92 KB, 630x528, Screenshot 2017-02-03 13.31.51…)

youre not anemic you stupid bitch, you're anorexic

No. 54544

File: 1486081257627.png (150.41 KB, 512x720, 886idolizedKotori.png)

I'm mostly just looking for a cosplay friend to go to Anime North with this year. I will probably be cosplaying Kotori from Love live! so if you want to cosplay someone from the group with me that'd be awesome~! As it stands I'm just going with my boyfriend.

> Your age


> Preferred age range for friends


> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends

anime, cosplay, lolita, politics, pokemon

> Contact info

Discord: kotori-chan#8136
Skype: uglygirlsclub

No. 243687

File: 1486069753108.png (67.37 KB, 609x357, Screenshot 2017-02-02 16.06.45…)

nice b8 m8

No. 243686

File: 1486069692317.jpg (141.1 KB, 675x1200, C3q2KU3WEAAg-FM.jpg)

she retweeted this

jesus fucking christ

No. 243649

File: 1486064124674.jpg (75.93 KB, 640x1080, C3nnb9IUEAA0acF.jpg)


No. 243301

jesus christ WHAT THE FUCK

looks like a corpse

No. 242510

lol i hope their coworkers/bosses see and mock them for it

No. 242405

what was she like???

No. 242336


jesus christ I used to think Katie's body was ultimate goals, when in reality it is a flabby, mediocre mess without the right angles and a ringlight!

No. 242335

Look at all those fugly betas in the background. If a guy I dated ever went to one of these I'd dump him so fast

No. 242255

Wow, I used to always think some cam girls had great, perfect bodies… but that's kati3kat in the background with the blue hair right? what a sad looking ass. it just goes to show what good lighting and angles does for you

No. 242174

File: 1485805801907.png (622.3 KB, 1154x1142, Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 2.49…)

how can she let everyone know her real name… and then complain when people "leak" it?

No. 240808

File: 1485543654667.png (393.44 KB, 1156x1258, Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 2.00…)

Wew lad she is so pathetic.

No. 240807

kat looks so bad in the new video, even though she doesnt seem to show her face in the entire thing. because she knows shes ugly af. her body looks spooky as well

No. 240336

She may not have gotten cheek fillers but she definitely has had work done, as we've seen her face previously with a bloated, swollen appearance (like you get after fillers)

No. 240331


What is your point?

I still think Taylor is cute regardless and her cheeks make her look younger. You just spent 30 minutes of your life stitching together pictures of two women who are more successful than you will ever be, regardless of their "chubby" cheeks. You also seem to fail to realize that beauty standards are different all over the globe. Regardless, this is excessive as hell even for you, vendetta-chan

No. 240321

Jennifer Lawrence is 26 while Taylor is 28, and Taylor looks younger than Jennifer Lawrence in my opinion.

I think both would look good with shorter, lighter hair. And never smiling.

No. 240320

I think jlaw a cute!

No. 240309

yeah sorry she doesnt look 28 or even close to 30. she looks like shes in her early 20s. i think without the fillers she would look 30 but she has taken good care of herself.

No. 240056

isnt she 26? i dont think she looks like 26. she looks like she could be 18-21… she just kind of has a weird face in the first place

No. 239850

File: 1485382725997.png (242.13 KB, 1240x972, Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 5.17…)

shes so pathetic

No. 239504

where2cop these shorts fam?

No. 238976

You honestly should've kept trying to catfish him and get some real info out of him…

No. 238958

They were on a thread for Oscar, some girl posted them claiming she was catfishing him. She is the blue bubbles and he is the grey ones.

I'm posting them because I think they're interesting

No. 135


No. 238951

File: 1485211549390.png (53.03 KB, 1335x890, 1485117960793.png)

Him admitting he's autistic basically

No. 238949

File: 1485211527293.jpg (93.4 KB, 762x416, 1485117912134.jpg)

A look into his sick mindset

No. 238948

File: 1485211499790.png (82.24 KB, 1335x994, 1485116421395.png)

He is really cringe & so is his obsession with bladee

No. 238947

File: 1485211472561.png (529.64 KB, 1502x1240, Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 5.43…)

Found some chatlogs he's in on /r9k/

No. 238945

He is retarded and ugly.

Did this alice girl take him back?

No. 238914

Stay away from meth!

No. 238912

never get a day off? she hasn't been on cam in two weeks. bitch please

No. 238911

ewwwwww her stomach gross

No. 238910


No. 238909


looks like a curl bro who always skips legday

No. 238410

If you had this unfortunate of a face… you would be a crazy psychopath too!

No. 238409

Wow, he is so ugly. no wonder he does this shit…

He added me on skype before too, and we didn't talk much. i deleted him a week later because i do that when i dont talk to people, and then he kept adding me on different accounts to harass me

i didn't know he was this fugly though, whats wrong with his face…?

No. 237150

File: 1484841965376.jpg (197.46 KB, 900x1200, IMG_5637.JPG)


No. 236951

standard ugly hapa. why are hapas so crazy?

No. 236764

File: 1484773485888.png (1.37 MB, 870x1270, Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 4.02…)


No. 178550

A good diet can also change your face by removing inflammation

No. 178549

I had a nosejob 2 years ago, and I have had fillers in my lips and tear troughs.

Fillers are great. I'd rate my nose job a 5/10. I was expecting my nose to look way different, but I realized that the kind of nose I want (tiny, small, upturned) would look bad on me. My nose looks better now, it was crooked before (slanted to the side because I broke it as a kid with a hump). I like the fact that it doesn't look like I got too much surgery and the difference is barely noticeable (my parents can hardly tell). It just looks like a "straighter" version of my old nose. To be honest, the only reason I feel disappointed is because when I photoshopped myself with my "dream nose", I realized I would have looked like a pig.

Would I get more surgery? No. I'm happy with everything else. Maybe a facelift when I'm 50. Until then, only fillers, which are AWESOME.

No. 236180

The tiles don't line up, too lazy to post pictures of it but they don't.

No. 236173

damn this is so interesting to read

No. 235774

watch her talk about her food here at 2:55

shes def ana

No. 235770

really pissed. but that site is trash. someone rehost it on twitter or tmublr

No. 235765

her body looks like a guys

No. 232051

She looks dumpy IRL and her face looks more autistic than Megan's. No one cares about photoshopped pictures when you look like skinny fat Sid IRL

No. 232050

Yep. Why does Darcy have to samefag every cam girl thread into something about her

No. 231738

Wow. When I first saw her I beat myself up too, because I was so amazed at how pretty and fit/skinny she was. I have really low self esteem and think I'm really ugly and fat… but it turns out this girl can photoshop herself into a goddess when she's even fatter and uglier. Amazing.

This thread has been REALLY eye opening

No. 231666

yeah you really need to be careful because a lot of these girls photoshop their pictures. they look horrible irl. never put it past anyone, even attractive cam girls like sabrina nellie look better in pics than on vids

No. 231529

she's probably the one selfposting herself ITT with the comments about how she's so pretty and skinny

No. 231528

this is shooped. she looks nothing like this on cam. just dumpy and kind of flabby. thats why she had to stand by a white wall, to shoop

No. 231486

yeah… she does shop. on cam and irl she looks dumpy and normal instead of ~skinny and modelesque~

No. 231452

I'm not an anachan but this is not skinny. it's normal/healthy/flabby. she's definitely not skinny or thin.

No. 231093

i dont think its a self post because this guy tries to stay under the radar. but yeah he is fucking mental, but hard to observe because he tries hard not to get caught

he still posts on r9k every day, he will post his skype in almost every thread where he can attempt to contact a female. if he look through the archive under "skype" half of the posts link back to his usernames. he switches between a variety of them, usually random digits like s9484.894 for example. i reckon he probably has dozens of different ones.

honestly hes a creepy fuck and if i had more time i'd use this thread to compile all of his skype/discord shitposts just to spook him

No. 230993

i dont know? i guess it depends how. my bf smokes a lot and his skin is basically perfect

i think she must be doing hard drugs, like coke/meth/opiods, and drinking a lot, as well as smoking tobacco. a lot of tanning+no sunscreen too

but honestly it also looks like she has a lot of acne and caked makeup on, which can give an aged/dirty appearance and accentuate the damage she did to her skin.

No. 230960

well then she has to be doing hard drugs and drinking/smoking like crazy

No. 230935

She's definitely lying about her age to play up the teen-pedo act. She's likely older, like 25 lol

No. 230898

File: 1484076720515.png (82.27 KB, 1138x244, Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 2.31…)

the anorexia is definitely rotting her brain lmao

shes posting like 10 tweets a minute along the lines of this

No. 230897

File: 1484076640310.png (699.51 KB, 1176x1254, Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 2.29…)

How is she not embarrassed to post these screencaps? She writes him long ass rants about love and he replies "ok"

like how does she not realizie shes an embarrassment and a laughing stock and no man is going to ever actually love her outside of her pedo roleplay with beta cucks?

No. 230896

File: 1484076536973.png (191.54 KB, 1214x762, Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 2.27…)

No. 230894

File: 1484076523247.png (802.19 KB, 1142x892, Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 2.27…)

kat is having a breakdown on twitter rn lol

"told me he doesn't have time for a relationship right now. But feels really connected with me and it has me so confused"

yeah girl he doesn't want you, your skin and bones auschwitz AIDs looking self, or your mental problems

No. 230743

She shoops. That's why she's a cam nobody, because on cam she looks dumpy

She tried camming with Lotte … it was cringy

No. 230652

also shes really doing the pedo act like crazy today. "daddy'? and the school girl skirt lol… she knows its the only way she can make money, by pretending to be a preteen

No. 230651

she is botting her views… 500 guests and less than 100 premiums…. give me a break

No. 230394

File: 1483970640483.png (85.48 KB, 734x864, IMG_5550.PNG)

This was so pathetic to read

No. 230155

this is disgusting… before & afteer wtf

No. 230114

File: 1483920593583.jpg (122.32 KB, 675x1200, IMG_5546.JPG)

So apparently one of her last few regulars dumped her, wrote her a big message saying why

She just posted it on her twitter and she literally doesn't understand the situation at all, she was crying "harassment"

No. 332884

Whoever you are, noone cares. Of all of the youtubers out there, no one can out-scum greg. Last time I checked Mr Repzion doesn't have a 22 child-bride wife who he met at 17 (when he was 26) and waited a year to marry out-of-state, along with a 20 year old mistress he groomed from age 16(?) using his childbride (since she's too old), and a 16 year old mistress he is currently grooming using his childbride. This is a 31 year old man with a house full of teenage girls that he groomed off of the internet. Fuck that shit, make another thread if you want to draw false equivalencies and talk about something someone did three years ago.

No. 332881

this gif is literally the best thing ever

No. 332664

lash extensions dont look like that (as someone who had them) - those are def strip lashes

No. 227068

File: 1483498165349.png (142.04 KB, 1134x470, Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 9.46…)

Also she is unaware that people (not bonelords) can lift their own body weights.

No. 227067

File: 1483498124992.png (1.21 MB, 962x996, Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 9.46…)

She made a video of her doing…. this… to a snoop dog song

very cringe

No. 227059

if shes honest i think the place shes going is trying to scam her. no way that invisalign will help her mouth, any hones dentist would see that. i wouldnt be surprised if they scam her and just deform her further.

should have gone with regular braces which have a lot more leverage and power to change the smile (headgear can even cause massive jaw realignments)… plus adds to the pedo factor and would be a lot cheaper because it would end up taking less time. what a dumbbitch

No. 227055

absolutely depressing how those girls have lowered my standards so much… wtf how do they have any clients

No. 332653

I hate myself for saying this but all of the comments in here saying "how do guys buy this shit? how low are their standards?" Well. I'm pretty sure this is exactly the kind of stuff my boyfriend used to get off to. Willingly. I don't know how or why… but it just appeals to some.

No. 226935


This looks like some creepy alien shit

No. 332304

K she's 20 and stupid. But that broken acrylic straight up convinced me that she's spending all of the money she earns from patreon funding her patreon, which is how she went from 6k to 14k so quickly. I guess it's all a game to her. Lol.

No. 332293

File: 1483419636073.png (418.62 KB, 650x750, image.png)

I'm triggered please stop

No. 332239

wtf is her private account….

No. 332236

no i mean he literally must have stuffed his underwear. dicks dont look like that in underwear even when theyre big…

No. 332231

wtf did he stuff his underwear?

No. 332192

what the fuck? why didnt she cover the soles of those shoes at least? ive never cosplayed but even i wouldnt do this. she makes 13k/month from this shit? lord have mercy

its not even hard to just buy white sole overlays for all kinds of shoes and stick them on. just holy fucking shit. its the least she could have done to make it look a little less like garbage.

but that skirt hem? jeez.

No. 332190

no, greg would sperg out, make a youtube video calling her hot, tell her to go vegan and then cry about sjws.

No. 226543

File: 1483401420483.jpg (149.92 KB, 1280x960, C1LxUA5XcAEkZxV.jpg)

i dont understand why she posts this

looks like something from a thinspo blog or horror movie

No. 332181

>Come on then? Since you know everything, tell us what you would do if a anorexic girl asked you if she looks fine? ignore her?

might be a hard concept for you to understand, but yes. exactly that. if an underaged underweight girl sent me pictures and asked me what i thought, i would ignore her.


No. 226451

No. 226449

File: 1483389242327.png (70.05 KB, 1148x244, Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 3.32…)

part 4/4

then she quickly deletes everything because she doesnt want him to see her ungrateful sperging. someone should find out who she was talking about and send him these screencaps. im sure he'd prefer to be donating to a much more grateful, sweeter girl, that doesnt talk shit about him on twitter

No. 226445

File: 1483389167491.jpg (78.35 KB, 649x1023, C1MSBjSUUAAEcVM.jpg)

part 3/4, the chat log between her and her tipper… the guy who pays all this ungrateful cunt's bills

No. 226444

File: 1483389114568.png (321.37 KB, 1160x1002, Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 3.31…)

part 2

No. 226443

File: 1483389078449.png (246.22 KB, 1164x844, Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 3.29…)

kat is pissed off about a tipper, saying he is too demanding, apparently he tipped her $50,000 this year and shes complaining about him on twitter. just ranted and posting a private chat between them, then said she was gonna delete

part 1

No. 226440

Pumpy weighs 75 pounds (she's said so on cam). sophie looks almost as skinny so i would say she is probably approaching 80

No. 332011

I'm new to this cow. Two things.

1. This is borderline pixyteri tier. I would go so far as to say that PT's outfits were nicer and she was more entertaining to watch, and even at her fattest she actually had a decent body. What the fuck? How does this girl make 10k/month? She's a cringy obeast… the only thing she has going for her is the fact that she's not 25 yet.

2. I read through the last few threads. What does she spend her money on…? I hope she is saving money but somehow I doubt it.

No. 226348

File: 1483372788608.jpeg (44.11 KB, 750x456, image.jpeg)

hi kat. Trust me no one thinks you look underaged, you have the face of a 35 year old alcoholic and the body of a skeletal alien corpse

No. 226344

She looks like a cancer patient or something. This is freaky as fuck. She's even creepier than Ashe or Pumpy.

No. 225985

its fucking disgusting see >>223982

No. 225950

i dont know what youre talking about… attractive men like that exist, and wake up like that (sometimes they wake up even cuter tbh)

just because incels dont look like that doesnt mean that cute men dont exist wtf lmao

No. 225899

idk those panties are pretty cute

but her body is pretty spook

No. 225018

File: 1483205946542.jpeg (122.45 KB, 675x1200, image.jpeg)

This bitch can't even save enough money to fix her teeth and she pissed through a million in two years, you think she can save money?

No. 174278

Smells like an r9k troll, first of all.

Second of all, please stop posting borderline CP. My poor eyes, yech.

No. 224009

For a twenty year old her laugh lines are SO bad! Wtf! I see old ladies with less mouth wrinkles

No. 223982

File: 1483064675526.jpeg (47.83 KB, 750x399, image.jpeg)


Her now… just wtf

No. 223979

File: 1483064448402.jpeg (120.23 KB, 750x831, image.jpeg)

Sophie used to be so cute, it's a shame what's happened to her

No. 223694

A sofa should last a very long time especially an expensive one, her last one was expensive too. She ruined it in less than a year and is now begging for another one.. she doesn't deserve nice things

No. 223693

Why does this 22 year old brat need a $3500 sofa……?

No. 223411

Same… I never thought I'd find Meg attractive but next to the two walking corpses she is lol

No. 222153

Not gonna lie… even though this is 90% careful angle and lighting this is hot af. Way better than the bonelord a few pics up

No. 218878

is this girl from the US? i am pretty sure this would be illegal as per obscenity laws in any other country but America. if not, it should be.

No. 218802


thats actually disgusting

men and these women are fucking sick

No. 218667

god… when even megan marie looks clean next to you… that's truly impressive

No. 218612

why is her xmas tree wrapped in toilet paper

No. 217643

should ask her pedo members to buy her some

No. 326777






No. 217636

some random, she met him at the con. has a crush on him now

No. 217632

File: 1482200829494.jpg (109.99 KB, 675x1200, C0BqqRDUUAA33VI.jpg)

This is what happens when you go full ana, kids. Never go full ana.

No. 217622

a big ol dose of photoshop

No. 172522

I grew up with a single mom and three siblings in the Midwest, no way I would ever go back to that white trash ever again. Small rural towns are a bubble where everyone is a lazy, drug addicted leach.

And to answer all your questions, no I never got anything from my mom. I worked through high school, got a degree and then moved to a big city and did it all on my own. Whereas everyone I grew up with is still stuck in the same shit town, no jobs, refuses to move, just leech off of welfare from people like me. Nothing but violent drug addicted leeches who blame other people for their problems and think I was born with luck. No, maybe if they got up off their asses and actually stopped making excuses they wouldn't be stuck where they are. Rural towns are absolute fucking inbred shitholes and they have no one to blame but themselves.

No. 172497

Why are people like you always masters of projection?

The reason why I can afford to live in an affluent neighbourhood surrounded by good people instead of meth or crackheads is because I make my own money and don't have to go through life existing as a leech. Hard idea for you to grasp, isn't it?

Oh well, keep blaming niggers and libtards for your own shortcomings. I am sure that one day your dreams will come to fruition and you will live in a nice, peaceful town! Like the midwest? Oh wait… LOL

No. 172495

"le gentrified areas are bad"


You sound poor and dumb. Upscale rich areas are where decent people live.

Scum live in shitty areas, whether it be Camden or the Midwest. Whether they are black or white, they're drug addicts, rapists and high crime.

You call me a terrible person? You are the one sat on your high horse talking about "niggers" as if you're better than them. The reason you live in a high-crime, majority black neighbourhood is because you aren't. Get out of your ivory tower, lol.

No. 217040

i think that her ""IBS"" came after she lost a lot of weight.

maybe she used laxatives to lose weight, and now she really fucked her shit up, so now she can't shit without them and thats what she calls IBS?

No. 217038

this is actually disgusting i want to vomit….wtf…. its just so wrong….

No. 216953

this girl is so fugly

no wonder she never posts her face

No. 172478

It's like saying Jersey city is a part of Manhattan. Only scum live in Jersey city

No. 216939

What the fuck is wrong with her nipples? the one without the piercing is normal, and the one with the piercing is so swollen it almost looks necrotic… oh my god ew

No. 216938


This is not safe for life

also what the fuck is wrong with her armpits. why are they grey

No. 172461

Lol, you sound sheltered and poor.

First of all NYC/Paris/Berlin/London are not on the same level as Camden and Detroit. Stop projecting. NYC has the highest real estate cost in America, living there costs a fuck ton, whereas in Detroit you can buy a house for barely anything.

I spent a summer in DC and it was very, very, very safe. I felt safer walking around at night than I do in the smaller town I am from, which is full of white trash meth addicts. Everyone I would run into while I was there in the evening was a white-collar professional. Never once did I feel like I was in danger. Aside from the occasional homeless person or two. Also spent 4 months in London, it was fine other than congested traffic. Maybe you're just poor?

No. 216846

>She looks like she hasn't eaten in months.

she probably hasn't.

and she is doing it because she's an anorexic… who feels the need to show off her ~bones~

No. 216844

who opened the auschwitz? yikes

you've seen the videos of sophie talking shit about pumpy right? and vice versa?

and it is the "body of a preteen thing" i think. anorexic ashe maree too.

sophie looks like a fucking FREAK though. i'd argue shes as bad as pumpy. this is the shit nightmares are made of >>216649

someone tell me what is wrong with men…….

i mean I like thinness just as much as anyone but my idea of thin is like…. healthy. like a kpop singer… not…. these skin-draped bones.

No. 325574

>this is the ultimate thing she could have done

LOL.. kiki…. if this is the ultimate thing you could do, you're a failuyre at life

No. 324135

>relatively pretty


No. 121304

It's curriculum and parents

The curriculum is so easy compared to China or Russia, and parents are too lazy to discipline their kids for bad grades

No. 323844

It's probably kiki herself defending herself and trying to bury the fact that she is a balding flabby loser with massive premature wrinkling. her fucking eye bags/tear trough wrinkles… did you see them??? WHO even looks like that. they try and bury the fact by calling anyone who posts calling her ugly as "salty" but like….???????? have you seen the video? her fucking face? how do people look so haggard in their 20s…

No. 323841

Dako is cute in that picture. Kiki is hideous, both inside and out.

No. 323839

?? I hardly post in these threads or even contact kiki. how is it "salt"

I just see her face in photoshopped pictures in the OP and then her irl. she's a fugly troll. you sound like the salty one

No. 323807

She is fucking hideous. I mean lots of girls photoshop, like Dakota and Taylor and Felice, but this is the first time I've actually seen someone who looks SIGNIFICANTLY worse than their shoops. Dakota and Taylor look meh, and Felice looked average but not as pretty as her photoshops.

But kiki? Holy shit… she looks… SO fucking bad… she must seriously spend a day photoshopping everything. She looks so old and haggard, and homely. Her hair is so greasy and thin and her receding hair line is practically at the top of her head. Her arms and thighs are so skinny fat and flabby. Her entire face is covered in premature sagging and folds. Her outfits look so cheap.

The illusion has been completely shattered. I guess the white knights want to bury the fact that this bitch is fucking ugly.

I don't know who she is kidding. She probably worked for free in that movie. LA is littered with girls who look like young, fit, teenaged supermodels. Most of them turn to porn or prostitution. The idea that someone would pay this girl to act pretty in a movie is very, very unlikely.

No. 323804

if she actually changed she would get a real job and not live off other people like the leech she is

acting in d-list movies that no one will ever see for barely $100 a gig is not a job. i would have more respect for her if she either went to school or just got a 9-5 job. she is just trying to live easy mode and avoid doing REAL work yet again.

those creepy old men are probably sponsoring her in LA, because she sure as shit didnt make enough money off of this puppet movie. it's fucking disgusting that white knights are actually applauding her for this lol. when people told her to "get a real job" this isnt what they meant lol

No. 323802

Its cancer from pull or nu-cgl

No. 323721

Because look at her self-made videos. Bitch is a cow. If you didn't think she was pretty, or if she looked more blatantly ugly and abused filters less, you would consider he Chris-chan 2.0 or on the same level of pixyteri…

the only reason you are whiteknighting her "errrrmaaaagawdddd shes pretty", which isn't even true. Now that we have real photos of her here, it makes all her crazy antics five times more hilarious too.

No. 323711

She looks SO homely holy fucking shit.. if I saw her walking down the street I wouldn't even glance at her.

No. 323708

Wow… good for her for getting a job but… can we take a second to look at how AWFUL she fucking looks without instagram filters etc?

This girl carries herself as though shes a model and super gorgeous online when in reality she's… fucking average at best, ugly at worst…

No. 214458

i've never seen kiki show interest in wylona personally but they all were sort of popular at around the same time. with felice/wylona/etc. i can see her being obsessed bc wylona isn't a shutin loser and is living a life. everyone who lives a life other than trolling the internet seems to piss kiki off

No. 214452

jesus i stopped paying attention to this thread for a while and kiki rampaged through it? she is actually kind of cringy she has already been caught out once and she still comes here? she needs to get a job and a life… i'm actually really embarrassed for her right now, its like watching a pt-level trainwreck

No. 213876

I agree, she looks like Ashe Maree or Arya stark or something, she's very pretty. but she is not more popular than kat at all. :(

No. 213796

File: 1481689053061.png (647.83 KB, 544x721, Screenshot 2016-12-13 23.16.41…)

also here is a pic of her roommate also a camgirl

No. 213792

File: 1481688756706.png (210.81 KB, 456x691, Screenshot 2016-12-13 23.07.40…)

"She said if MFC doesn't work out for her, she'll kill herself because she doesn't want to go back to a vanilla job. Like… well if you saved money… you never would have to."

No. 213791

File: 1481688716835.png (235.86 KB, 434x664, Screenshot 2016-12-13 23.07.33…)

this is part 4

No. 213790

File: 1481688685382.png (215.2 KB, 370x653, Screenshot 2016-12-13 23.07.27…)

part 3

No. 213789

File: 1481688662598.png (202.27 KB, 377x688, Screenshot 2016-12-13 23.07.24…)


No. 213788

File: 1481688640037.png (181.62 KB, 375x600, Screenshot 2016-12-13 23.07.19…)

Someone leaked a convo where here roommate bitches about her

Grey = her roommate
Blue = person who leaked the convo, her roommates friend

They are talking about her. God damn shes such a bitch

She gets it done once a week, extensions and everything. She spends like prob $4000/month on hair. She doesn't save any money at all, she legit pissed away a million.

No. 213163

Kota can't make many vlogs because she has to photoshop herself into a taylor lookalike

No. 213162

Honestly knowing that Dakota is very very insecure and was isolated most of her life, even though she acts annoyed or pissed off she might not even be. I am the same way, when people meet me they think I'm stuck up. In reality I'm just crippingly shy and overwhelmed with anxiety. It's a coping mechanism. Kota comes off as bored because she's anxious and afraid to make dumb facial expressions and alienate herself out of the culture. She's not aware that it's making her come off as worse. Social anxiety is a hell of a drug.

No. 213001

and she still did it way way way better than kota! this hurts the kiki..

No. 120979

did this on another app but i am NEARLY in the center, just slightly towards the green square.

i used to be in the top-middle… was pretty yikes

No. 212976

this is definitely kiki or kooter herself posting. no one else is retarded enough to defend of this mess. and i'm a dakota stan tbh, i have defended her in past threads, thought she looked fine. but lately she is looking rough. like first-trip-to-japan rough. a bloated, pudgy, ugly mess.

its a shame bc last yr she started looking rly cute.

No. 43010

no, body.

but I had a fucking dermotologist who asked me to do that once. i did for about a week (very gently). i don't even have to tell you the consequences. my mom does it on her face & swears by it… but she dumb

No. 212975

File: 1481610488592.jpg (49.98 KB, 1200x693, lol.jpg)

Lol. he was def lying

No. 212973

sorry for the double post but like EVERYONE in the camming community hates this girl. its hilarious. like shane will come into a room and people will instantly be laughing and going "hey shane, are you still helping pumpy get out of bankrupty" like loooool

also i think its funny how last year she was talking shit about Maggie/WhoreNickels and saying "she has downs syndrome" "she won't have a career anymore" and now Maggie outranks her EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. lol

No. 212972

LOOOOL apparently there is so much milk between these two now.

shane hall is lana rain's friend now. and he has ditched Kat after she tried to copy everything lana does, and tried to beat her in manyvids competitions. so basically when lana is streaming all shane & lana's regs do is talk shit about kat. it's hilarious to watch next time ill screen cap it.

No. 212323

No. 211880

She's showing pics of herself at 15 on cam

Gotta get those pedos

No. 211729

None of her cucks were tipping her last night so she was crying on cam. Like legit crying that no one cares about her.

She is also so vindictive and her entire goal this month is to "beat WhoreNickels"

No. 211353

File: 1481332097801.png (1.02 MB, 1148x868, Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 8.07…)

still milking her fake robbery scam for tokens

No. 211294

As much as I feel sorry for her, the posters ITT are right. She isn't a good person. She's lazy and stupid and doesn't try nearly as hard as she should to be a better person. She just expects everything handed to her, and her attitude is rotten.

Did you see how she told that girl "you're annoying"? She is so uncharismatic and rude. It's hard to feel sorry for her over how ugly she looks.

No. 211251

if she lost weight and de-bloated her face it would be btter. she needs to eat better

No. 211232

also she moved because she got evicted. she was 3 months behind on paying rent. she had to leave behind all of her furniture too

No. 211231

>looks like

she is a meth head. thats why men like her. they have a degradation fetish and they like seeing a girl who looks like shes trailer trash degrade herself for them…

her county in nevada post all of the break in reports by the police, with a map of where each robbery occured. the day she alleges it happened, no robbery in her area at all, let alone in her house. of course it is a lie and these cucks fell for it

No. 211201

Lmao that will be amazing milk! i love milk

No. 210936

File: 1481270800880.jpeg (78.55 KB, 750x666, image.jpeg)

Another cuck who thinks she's "perfectly normal"

No. 210934

File: 1481270761046.jpeg (107.48 KB, 750x831, image.jpeg)

So she got called out being Ana on cam and raged, then started eating chips and her cucks starting defending her. Then she disappeared to the bathroom (to vomit up the chips)

What are these guys smoking they are delusional

No. 210918

Go back to r9k loser

No. 210911

K so you're a cuck who is in love with her? Good for you, waiting for the mods to ban you as men aren't allowed

No. 210906

LOL. Kat please get a life and eat a burger you stupid bitch.

No. 210903

so……. how do u know her

No. 210899

and who r u?

No. 210886

File: 1481265512194.png (413.27 KB, 618x467, Screenshot 2016-12-09 01.37.51…)

sexy cam girl derpaderrr

shes raging on cam rn

No. 210876

File: 1481264468702.png (393.91 KB, 613x468, Screenshot 2016-12-09 01.20.19…)

someone needs to tell her its her job to look good, which means clearing your skin up and brushing your hair lol

i think this is for sure the teeth/face combo of a meth addict

No. 210873

File: 1481264323929.png (390.57 KB, 609x480, Screenshot 2016-12-09 01.17.43…)

"time to beg for money and finger my dirty cooch for cucks online so i can afford drugs!"

No. 210872

face looks bloated again. either bad plastic surgery like fillers or she'd been eating poorly again.

No. 210867

she is 10 pounds away from looking like ashley

No. 210825

yeah she has two. lol

she said this pic has no filter… she was on cam last night and when she got close up it was all red and blotchy. yeah ok

No. 210667

normal girls keep the tips…. kat uses her $$$ to buy more tokens on the site to tip herself.

a guy pays $10 for 100 tokens, 50% of that goes to MFC, 50% of that goes to kat.

so a guy tips kat 100 tokens ($10 for him). so she gets $5.

she can take that $5 and spend it however she wants. most girls just save it and pay taxes.

kat spends it on buying more tokens to tip herself.

so she will take $5 (for example) and pay $2 in taxes. she will have $3 left over to spend on her life style. she tips herself, so she takes $2 and buys 20 tokens with that. she tips herself so she gets 20 tokens on her mfc account again, and only makes $1 (half of which she has to pay for taxes)

so in the end, she makes $3.5 in usable income, but only keeps $1.5 for herself

No. 210578

File: 1481229516420.jpg (149.38 KB, 675x1200, CzIVLp3UUAAJmZ1.jpg)

she made like $300 that night and like $1000 last night… she only looks good with a filter… but barely

No. 210577

File: 1481229460678.jpg (101.57 KB, 1200x675, CzLTWKHUUAENggm.jpg)

kat posted this to twitter
"i regret not fucking your dad"

shes trash

No. 42778

If you fetus cannot survive outside of the womb with or without medical care, then I consider it okay to abort. This usually stops happening around 24-26 weeks. Which is consequently 6-9 months. When the fetus is capable of surviving outside of the womb (with or without medical care) then it stops being abortion, and becomes infanticide. When people talk about abortion, they are talking about abortion. Not infanticide.

However, there are times when infanticide is medically necessary. If the baby is born with a birth defect to the point where it would be suffering for months until it finally dies, then the doctor has a legal, fiduciary duty to euthanize the baby (i.e. commit infanticide). If the mother's health is at risk and she is at risk of dying, then the doctor has a legal, fiduciary duty to euthanize the baby (i.e. commit infanticide). Doesn't matter how you "feel" about the situation at hand, it's legal. Doctors go through 20+ years of hard, competitive education and training, a lot of which is ethical and legal. They are equipped to make the right choices about when it is medically necessary to euthanize the baby. Simple "abortions" don't happen after 6 months, and neither does simple infanticide. No one wakes up at 6 months pregnant and changes their mind, but lots of women wake up at 6 months pregnant and are told their baby has developed severe physical problems that will pretty much destroy its quality of life. Late-term "abortions" (infanticides) become medically necessary in these situations. Doctors have a moral, ethical obligation to protect their patient's dignity, that includes the baby and the mother. They sign a hippocratic oath. They are not going to sidestep this just because some anti-abortion people think they know better.

In most civilized countries, euthanasia is legal and so is assisted suicide, and it is allowed if the patient is terminally ill. "Late-term abortions" are no different. Maybe in the US it is different, they seem to be okay with letting religion govern everyone. The US is the Christian equivalent of Iran, it seems.

No. 210151

Looking at this bitch is so nasty… I don't understand how she lives with herself… like… her fucking face… it looks like a corpse. Her arms and legs and everything, it just looks like someone took a skeleton and wrapped it in skin…

If I was her I would probably kill myself just for the sheer fact I would be too fucking creeped out living in her body. You have to touch your own body all of the time… your limbs touching… ugh thats disgusting. Just thinking about how I would feel if I woke up with my bones rattling against each other makes me want to vomit.

I can't even stand looking at normal anorexic people without just being like ??? but this bitch literally is terrifying. Is it legal for her to go outside??? She scares the fuck out of little kids.

No. 210090

Why the fuck is this skeletor not fucking dead yet, whereas my perfectly healthy aunt accidentally cancered out??? WHAT THE FUCK…

No. 209857

File: 1481088488418.png (371.47 KB, 602x471, Screenshot 2016-12-07 00.27.05…)

how in the fuck does she make any money logging online like this?

No. 42660

i know right? looks like someone is insecure that they cant fit into petite clothing…

No. 209845

File: 1481085249405.png (25.53 KB, 553x75, Screenshot 2016-12-06 23.33.06…)

"trying to find the energy to work my job"

shes so pathetic

also shes on twitter complaining about how shes late on her bills the tweet b4 LOLL

No. 209659

>Physically 15 is apparently the ideal age for a woman to have children according to biology.

what crack are you smoking? pedophile.

the risk of having an autistic kid is basically parabolic. in that, a 15 year old girl has just as high of a risk as a 35 year old woman. ideal age scientifically is 20-22.

No. 209337

Margo go pay your internet bill, lmao, stop shitposting about yer grown ass daughter

No. 209304

File: 1480998279289.jpg (164.42 KB, 1152x2048, Cy9xZudXUAA8haD.jpg)

No. 42576


im overweight and look visibly inbred… :(

No. 209302

with kiki being spergchan in taylor threads i wouldnt be surprised if margo was the spergchan in penus threads

No. 209286

No. 209280

i think me and my bf made the same joke that manaki did once….

really very concerned, are all these anons underaged? chill guys…

No. 209263

wow and they say men age like wine..

No. 209247

how is she dressing like shes 12? youre that sperg anon from earlier who thinks anyone who doesnt dress like a hoodrat is trying to dress like a toddler… LOL

No. 209205

she doesnt, shes legit balding. thats why she keeps getting it done. shes dumb as fuck. if you ever watch her on cam youd notice that her tracks are all visible its sooooooo gross

No. 42565

the white liner draws attention to the inner corners of your eyes and makes people realize they are so closer together. i would try as hard are possible to make that entire area matte, would even avoid mascara in the inner corners/at the nose. and focus only on up-turned wings and longer eyelashes.

also bangs usually draw attention towards the nose/center of the face, so if you did grow out your bangs as a result your eyes might seem wider set. but if you don't want to , thats fine. maybe try a side-sweep instead though.

No. 209087

and you sound butthurt that your precious little snowflake isn't getting the same treatment that everyone else posted on this site gets.

she flashes her vagina for views and goes on weird rants on twitter, as far as im concerned she's got enough crazy in her compared to some other people posted here

No. 209082

this. LOL. "it's no ones business" but for some reason FatPeopleHate is fair game…

these anorexic sluts need to get the fuck off youtube and stop posting pictures of themselves all over the internet if they don't want negative attention… but of course they won't do that because they are narcissistic sluts,

No. 42551

Because you asked "where do you draw the line at abortion? at 6-9 months?" which isn't a legitimate question, because at 6-9 months you're talking about infanticide. it stops becoming about the ethics of abortion and more about infanticide.

No. 42549

the packaging is cute but the actual eye shadow is not as good as individual pallettes, very chalky

No. 209072

"to get back to streaming on twitch and playing LoL"

(She thinks shes going to be the next big twitch streamer LOOOOL)

No. 209051

File: 1480966068438.png (61 KB, 564x304, Screenshot 2016-12-05 14.25.59…)

She wants pity for spending $7,000 on a new computer rather than $10,000…

"Thank you for supporting poor wittle me while Im too sad to cam. BTW, I just dropped more than you make in a month on a new PC! I'm so depressed! My life was better when I was homeless!"

No. 208596

File: 1480902032732.jpg (230.86 KB, 323x601, kat1.jpg)

She is legitimately hideous.

No. 42487

I draw the line when it stops being abortion and starts being infanticide. Which completely invalidates your question!

No. 208586

when she used to do shows every night she would have take out sprawled over the floor. then leave for 15 min to go "to the bathroom"

No. 208573

File: 1480898827100.jpg (104.16 KB, 600x800, CeWGu9qUUAAOzhr.jpg)

A lot of cam girls do that. It's so fucked up. On chaturbate you can actually tell because there was an exploit. This one girl, eeeveee or something (pic related) would tip herself hundreds of dollars.

On MFC you can't really tell, but its pretty obvious. She spent half her money on taxes and then the other half trying to compete with real cam girls like Ginny Potter.

No. 208565

oh also she had to pay like 1/3 of that to taxes.

No. 208563

i think it was mentioned in this thread before. she tipped herself a lot to make the #1, #2 rank like 7 times? she brags about that but she probably made $800k/year and wasted half of it on self-tipping. to her its all a game and she is obsessed with rankings. she definitely did make 800k last year (MFC accidentally published the $ amounts girls made last year to corroborate her story) but how much of that was self-tipping? we don't know

so lets say she had half left… she gets her hair done almost every week (no lie she brags about it on twitter) and apparently it costs like $1000. she buys christian louboutins and YSL and chanel bags. she spent something like $10k on her computer and bought multiple macbooks. now she is asking for another 10k for her computer because "it was stolen". she has a drug habit. she brags about eating takeout every day and she used to have an alcohol problem where she drank every night on cam like crazy. instead of living in a decent sized apartment, she rented a mansion for $5000/month + maintenance, so that alone probably wasted 100k for her. last year she kept getting lip fillers and freaky shit done to her face.

most normal people would have taken that and invested it and lived off of it for like 20 years. gone back to school. etc. but she wasted it all on tipping herself and living alone in a mansion and buying stupid shit. now she legit has less than 100k left.

No. 42471

File: 1480893244263.jpg (73.07 KB, 500x507, blairs-jewel-peplum-pleated-sk…)

they need to stop, it looks awful and they all look like they are 30 year old washed up reality tv stars who have overdone their plastic surgery. they dress like strippers… its just a mess. i miss the days of gossip girl and when teenagers tried looking like pic related instead of literal whores.

like yeah maybe some of the outfits were obnoxious but they looked classy for the time and super cute and nice. not like hoodrats

No. 208505

i looked up this guy on reddit

he has been making a post or two EVERY SINGLE MINUTE for the last couple hours

he's fucking crazy

No. 42461

she asked an irrelevant question. of course im not okay with infantacide or ripping a baby out of the womb and killing it, but its a loaded question that has nothing to do with abortion, because "abortion" isn't conducted when you already have a premie baby in the womb. doctors only kill premies NOT at the mothers request, but when something is horribly wrong with them and they need to be euthanized to put themselves out of their misery.

just because she's encountered people who are okay with it means jack shit. lots of people have stupid opinions based in ignorance. like i said, tons of people think its normal to fuck sheep. lots of people think we should kill all men. lots of people think women should be chained to the kitchen. doesn't suddenly make it a popular opinion or anything other than retarded.

No. 208481

because she thinks she's the most beautiful creature to walk this planet as is. see this >>208190

No. 208471

File: 1480888006617.jpg (66.57 KB, 1024x600, so pretty.jpg)


No. 208465

File: 1480887508904.jpg (34.41 KB, 376x424, uQNVxX376p2Md895.jpg)

mfw this is considered on the "pretty side of average"

ana fetishists and pedos will do anything to explain away their wierd fucked up fetish

No. 208460

File: 1480886791616.jpg (47.58 KB, 609x546, CrGLRJXUAAA_H0K.jpg)

what would you consider average if you think this is on the "pretty side of average"

No. 42452

and ive encountered people that fuck sheep, doesn't mean it is a popular opinion worth generalizing an entire group over.

No. 42447

lmao prolifers are literally evil

No. 208400

because men are fucking sick… seriously. the way she made a million was when she just turned 18 and was roleplaying for these guys as a 12 year old. there are videos online. now she looks her age, 20, she's barely making anything and struggling. i think it's starting to hit her that she's not hot shit, so shes flaunting the "depression" shit… because she cant get away with doing nothing for $$

No. 208258

its the difference between a girl having disney princess figures and pillows and decorations all over her apartment and owning a disney princess vibrator and using it during sex

one is just someone who is attracted to the aesthetic because they have tacky taste or just never outgrew their tastes (and i mean, taste is like a butthole everyone has a different one)

the other one is like… overtly sexualizing childish things. that's what pedophilia is. not simply just enjoying the same things kids do?

No. 208254

im not even a weeb like most people on this site but i think that in the US when girls dress like underaged sluts… theyre sexualizing young girls. all of that daddy shit and the crop tops with suggestive phrases like "babygirl" or "im flat chested xD" from dollskill are SO fucking creepy. the western world has adopted this disgusting "prostitot" style.

whereas in japan and other countries yes, sometimes 20-year old girls will dress youthful like the pics posted itt. but they aren't sexualizing youth? they arent even trying to suggest they are young/underaged… theyre just wearing cute fashion and being OTT girly. nothing about it is sexual.

if you think it is sexual to dress like this: >>208247 >>208244 THAT is projection and THAT is indicative of something wrong with you. maybe americans are just obsessed with sexualizing children and thats why they thing a woman wearing an ornamental, modest-looking, poofy princess dress (that children dont even wear these days??? have you been outside???) is sexual. maybe thats indicative of the way you think about children. if you look at those girls and see "sexy" rather than just "oh, she's being cute and princesslike" you're the sick one, not them.

No. 208250

even in wenis's video there was a group shot where they stood with like 5 other girls wearing nanchatte… dead trend my ass….

No. 208246


you do realize that not-so-long ago, this is how all women dressed? or at least slightly like this? fashion changes, but at the same time i dont know any little kids that dress like this

No. 208232

"my tippers have gotten used to not tipping me as much anymore… YOU GUYS… you gotta tip me more!"

"every time you take a break for yourself your tippers get used to not tipping as much…"

No. 208230

That's your opinion I guess. To me she looked fine. I'm sure she looked fine to most people who aren't elitist stuck up weirdos

No. 208228

yeah considering America gives birth to creepy women that actually infantalize themselves, like Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus, I don't see the problem with girls dressed girly…

No. 208226

Now she's making up a sob story about how someone broke into her house??? does she ever stop lmao

No. 208225

She does absolutely nothing but sit there looking ugly and begging to be in the top 20.

No. 208222

they are talking about laxatives now LOL

she has a disgusting chest. boney and two diff sized nips

No. 208219

1. those thighs do not come on women underaged those are fully developed women. they have some big ass thighs

2. they are wearing outfits with a-line skirts? so? a-line skirts are super popular in japan and considered classy. and the socks, idk, youre reading too much into the socks. i wear socks like that on a daily basis and im in my 20s too.

ive never seen a little girl dressed like that to be honest. ive seen a lot of anime characters dressed like that though.

No. 208215

shes eating a quest oreo bar. anorexia staple food

No. 208213

well yeah. plus seifuku stuff has leaked into real fashion in japan and most of asia, with the sailor-type collars and pleated skirts and jumperskirts… its stupid, like saying Lolita (which is a victorian-inspired fashion, not pedo stuff) is pedophilia. its not… its intricate fashion that looks nothing like little girl stuff

its funny because you have western girls going around wearing tiny tiny croptops saying "i have no tits" and necklaces saying daddy and other shit and they look far more sketchy than anything ive seen in japan

No. 208211

she is so freaky looking. is she retarded

No. 208204

File: 1480829262685.jpg (266.52 KB, 631x470, pumpy.jpg)

No. 208203

File: 1480829182132.jpg (8.33 KB, 320x240, oh god help me.jpg)

guys she is on cam right now LMAOOOO

No. 208198

File: 1480828908011.jpg (125.44 KB, 426x331, unspecified.jpg)

she is honestly so gross

No. 208195

ewwww wtf is it so long.

do you have the photos of her on cam showing off her gapped teeth? shes honestly the ugliest cam girl ive ever seen. cant believe she actually made a couple million

No. 208190

File: 1480828031478.jpg (41.25 KB, 668x300, beautiful ps.jpg)

ew…. wtf

this made me laugh.

No. 208185

if you compare her as a camgirl to other camgirls… she ltierally gets paid to do nothing

Kickaz for example, logs on every day for at least 6 hours. she makes interesting content and always smiles. Other camgirls like Lana Rain do the same, they cam for at least 4-5 hours a day and also make high quality videos that honestly rival some porn production companies, as well as unique contests and games for their room.

Pumpy logs on for 2 hours every couple of days and throws a hissyfit when people arent sending her 10k tips. Her videos suck. Like they genuinely suck. A bunch of them got leaked and oh my god they are the worst thing ive ever seen. She sits far away from the camera and just sits there with a blank face dildoing herself. no expression, no movement, just a blank face. no moans. nothing. it's like watching a fucking decrepit zombie. ive seen people asleep act more sexually than she does

and then she wonders WHY the fuck no one tips her/she doesnt make money. because she's boring and all her previous pedo tippers have moved on to new girls like Zia and Mira

No. 208180

also you can tell how it kills her that whorenickels and kickaz have been doing so well and she struggles to make top 250

No. 208179

legit. she sits there with a sour pissed-off face and literally screams her head off at people to tip.

then she gets drunk and starts talking shit about other models or crying about how she never makes top 20 anymore, which is a good thing at least.

shes literally the unhappiest, most ungrateful cunt i've ever seen on MFC. she is worse than parislovely or arianina

No. 208177

File: 1480827113725.png (165.24 KB, 623x758, drugs.png)

The latest drama is that she had her house broken into by her "evil stalkers" (people from myfreecams that call her out on her shit) which is why she had to move. But that was all proven to be a lie… she was evicted and moved to a cheap apartment and pawned all her stuff off (that she still claims was stolen as a way to get pity tips). now shes trying to claim insurance fraud

also she has a huge amphetamine addiction which is why she is so skinny and why she used to stay up for like 72 hours in a row when her tolerance was low

No. 208176

File: 1480826958271.jpg (78.41 KB, 633x934, Cyzl0BvWgAAxFO7.jpg)

btw she made all that money pedo roleplaying (there are videos online) because she started the day she turned 18. now she is almost 21 and an alcoholic so she looks too old and her pedo fanbase left. she couldnt afford to pay her bills anymore so she was evicted and instead of getting a real job and saving money, she spends $1000 a month on ugly hair extensions & grey hair and only eats takeout food

honestly this girl is the biggest cow if youve followed her for a while

No. 208174

File: 1480826852978.jpg (65.07 KB, 613x764, CyzjFNBUsAAA37V.jpg)

This is PumpkinSpice/Morgan Hoffmann/KatsumiChann/Stormy, who made $1 mill last year and like $2mill the year before that or something, and then she lost her fanbase due to being a raging cunt and this year she is basically broke and barely making $3k/month

She wasted all her money on stupid shit and apparently has 0 in her bank account and was evicted from her house

Now she's raging on twitter about how depressed she is and telling ppl she deserved 700k for doing nothing

She's so unstable so she produces the best milk. Also beats her cat. Thats why she changes her name so frequently, because she keeps getting caught doing evil shit and thinks she can get away from it

No. 208173

…how does this look like 5 year olds at a beauty pagent? you're projecting… they look like grown women

No. 208172


I hate dd/lg and I consider myself a puritan but for slim young women, I think nanchatte is really cute. Maybe I spend too much time on /cgl/ and looking at jfashion. I think it is cute to wear for occasions like going to disney world with your friend? It's a uniform but to me it doesnt look school-girl or little-girl-ish because those kinds of outfits have always been popular in mainstream japan fashion. Disclaimer, I don't wear jfashion myself, I find my demeanour is "too old" for it, but for someone like Venus or the other girl it looks cute? Especially since Venus' entire shtick is "I hop on all Japanese trends!"

It's such manufactured outrage tbh. There is so much more important blatant pedo shit to rage over, dont understand why people breathe fire over innocuous shit like this, but let other stuff fly.

No. 42381

This is also something, fucking up your body and also you have to spend so much time going to the hospital and being off of your feet, etc.

But moreso there are just so many kids that no one wants… and people want to bring in more "to propagate their genes"

This isn't the stone ages and it's not all that we have. And usually the people who say stuff like "I want to spread my genes" don't have genes worth spreading in the first place. There are so many kids who suffer and dont get fair chances at life. The more I think about it, the more I think it is a good idea. I mean, if I were to do it, I would adopt a child with the same ethnic background that I have so that we can have a cultural bond.

But seriously, the idea of bringing another human being into this world while hundreds of them are being left for dead, is so irresponsible and disappointing to me. It's like creating a permanent underclass in society. It doesn't feel right.

No. 42358

If there was no stigma attached I would definitely without a doubt probably adopt one or two kids, instead of having my own.

But the stigma is so bad, especially from men. I don't have a problem with adopting but I'd have to do it single and then never get into a relationship probably because men just HATE "raising other people's kids" and have some fucked up narcissistic desire to spread their seed. No long term male partner would want to adopt with me, and then if I did it by myself in most cases guys wouldn't want to date someone with two adoptive children.

I think that's why a lot of men are pro-life, because of this weird fucked up narcissism they have to "spread their seed" and how they value that more than the lives of children and women. They are pretty selfish as a group. Sure, there are individual men who would be okay with adoption, but 99% aren't. I've even heard men talk about how they could never love an adoptive child as their own… sometimes I wonder if they're even capable of love at all.

Sorry for getting a little bitter. What I'm trying to say is that I'd love to adopt, but because of the stigma attached to it (primarily coming from men not wanting to adopt or not wanting to be in relationships with adoptive mothers) that kid wouldn't be able to get the "perfect family" that I'd want to give them.

No. 42311


You're a fucking retard. An "abortion" at 9 months is a c section or the baby was going to die anyway.

At 9 months, no doctor kills the baby themselves. It either dies because it was not healthy and needs the doctor to put itself out of its misery, or the doctor gives it a c-section and it is adopted out.

No one ever fucking kills healthy babies at 9 months you fucking baboon. Or 8 months. Or 7. Why are prolifers so stupid?

No. 42310

I had a pill abortion, it is like getting your period. It wasn't a big deal. They described all sorts of horror stories but literally all that happened was they gave me a shot of something at the dr's office, and then I took the pill at home and a couple days later I was "on my period" so to speak.

Lots of horror stories online but I think like 99% of cases are like mine. If you have severe cramps during your period you'll have severe cramps after you take the pill.

No. 42309

youre the one that sounds like a fucking evil villain. what if someone is poor and their partner is poor? should just stay single and abstinent for life? fuck you

No. 42308

A human being is not clump of cells, fetus is.

A human is a complex arrangement of differentiated and defined cells, that have begun working on cohesion to produce sentient life.

A fetus is just a clump of cells, no more or less sentient than a tumour or cancer. Should we make it illegal to remove tumours as well, then?

No. 42144

like if we found a bacteria on mars it would be just as important, but i don’t see people being anti-antibiotics?

when we found water on mars it was super important, but why isn't the water you flush down the toilet as important as the water on mars?

No. 42143

>but i read something on here or some other website that made me think. if a clump of cells where found on mars, the headlines would say "life found on mars" and it would be very important/precious right? so why isn't a fetus as important.

wow you're an idiot

No. 42121

If anything, having a child when you are too poor to take care of them without the government subsidizing you should be illegal. It should be classified as child abuse.

No. 42120

It's awful because in the US (and Canada) where abortion is legal… it saves lives.

Imagine if you are poor and you're making barely $20k a year. It's the best job you can get right now but you're saving up to try and go to school and get a better life. But you're pregnant…??? Why wouldn't you abort?

If you're that poor, you're likely living in an apartment with 2-5 other roommates if you live in a big city… you likely spend very little money on ANYTHING but the necessities (food, toilet paper, etc) and you're already probably in a very very vulnerable situation. You can't afford to have a kid.

Imagine if you do have a kid… that baby will grow up in literal poverty.

You will have to quit your job to stay with it for at least three years. You will end up on welfare which is often less than $1000/mo. After that time, you'll be unemployable and your savings will dry up so you'll probably have no choice but to stay on welfare.

$1000 month? Most of that will go towards subsidized housing, where most people are disgusting, criminals, drug addicts, all sorts of crazy people. That's who your baby will grow up around. Literally in a ghetto.

It will grow up malnourished, you will be constantly stressed out trying to make ends meet. It will grow up without a crib, toys, etc. You will often find yourself neglecting your child because you'll be looking for under-the-table jobs, etc. You'll be exhausted. The child will be exhausted. The child will have to go to a shitty school in a ghetto, and then it will grow up and the cycle will repeat itself. Do you think that "child" will thank you when they're older? No, they'll resent you and blame you for all of their problems in life. Furthermore, before 2 months there is nothing but a clump of cells in your body. Why are people okay with eating meat (live animals get killed, sentient ones with feelings and intelligence) but not okay with vacuuming up insentient live cells? Those cells are nothing at the moment - only potential, but guess what? Sperm is also live potential, but masturbation isn't illegal.

This could even be the case between two people. Maybe the guy you slept with was a long-term boyfriend who you want to spend the rest of your life with, but he's poor. Birth control isn't 100%. Are you saying that only rich people should have sex? Too fucking bad, I guess.

Not all of us live in fancy middle-class homes and have a family support system. If I were to get pregnant my options would be abortion, or a life of poverty. I'd have to drop out of school and work minimum wage until I had a baby, then go on welfare. Or I could just abort and continue to work towards being a productive member of society. Then when I finish school, maybe I will have a baby whose life I can actually enrich.

No. 42080

>I'm totally pro-choice and I don't think there should ever be a cut off time for it either.

same, the only women who get abortions after 3-5 months are in serious health problems. like theyll die if they have the baby or the baby will die, or there is cancer spreading everywhere etc etc.

no one waits until they are 8 months pregnant and then goes "welp, im gonna have an abortion" for funsies…. thats just ignorant…. why would a woman go through SURGERY under ANESTHESIA for no reason??? especially when under 3 months, you can just take a pill given by your doctor.

no, late-term abortions are for women who are basically dying of birth complications, or the baby is dying, or the baby is going to be born without most of its limbs and a functioning cardiac system. like fuck. 99% doctors dont do late term abortions, the only ones that do accept patients in serious health situations.

No. 42069

Yeah because I'm sure sending a kid through foster care where they get beaten and raped every day and then end up homeless at 18 and drug addicted and selling their bodies is TOTALLY responsible…

No. 42068

I've had an abortion. I'll have more if I ever need to again. I don't care if it's "murder" you're all pussies if you think that. Not ruining my body or my career to have a baby I don't even want. I had mine when it was at 5 weeks since my last period, so the zygote was only about 2 weeks since conception. Cry harder if that offends you.

Even if Roe v Wade is overturned I live in a country which has free and easy abortion so I don't care. It'll be fun to see how many single mothers are going to be in the next generation though.

Most people are only pro-life because they want to punish women for having sex, or they are rich it can have babies without it destroying their entire lives. Too bad women will always have abortions. Even if they are illegal.

Abortion pills are now the common thing. That's how I've had my abortion. I had to take a few pills and thats it. They make it better and better every year. In mexico you can walk into any pharmacy and buy them. Look at how much heroin and meth crosses the mexican border to the US. If abortion becomes illegal, women will either go to states like Cali or NYC, or if they can't afford to do that - they'll buy pills off of the darknet or from some dealer. Women are always going to have abortions under the table if they are illegal and there is nothing you can do about it, and science has just made it easier and easier. You'll just have to cry harder and harder about something that doesn't affect you at all! :)

No. 206264

i can see why this chick hides her face

sad lol

No. 119491

my mom has one of those


No. 206256

why do they look like failing repressed scene kids?

its not 2006 anymore

No. 206255

pretty sure its obvious she has an ED just by looking at her youtube channel lmao

No. 119328

90% of the time (well, in eliza and agatha's case) they sent them to guys they had crushes on or w/e. then these grown men (usually in their 20s and/or 30s) spam them all over these websites even though they get banned over and over again.

>Tempting the sorts of guys who go on that board is asking for trouble.

how about those guys just stop being fucking pedophiles and stop fucking spreading CP all over the place? its very easy NOT to save cp and then NOT to repost it further. fucks sake.

this pizzagate thing is the result of a bunch of pedos drinking the koolaid a little too much, so they start thinking everyoen aorund them is a pedo too

No. 119318


maybe i would entertain this conspiracy theory if their own backyard didn't stink.

they should clean up their own fucking garbage pedophile sharing websites before they start "conspiring".

it's funny if you try talking about it on 4chan/reddit/voat/8ch, you get told that you're lying or "conspiring" and that what you're saying is made up… but a bunch of people talking about pizza in a pizza restaurant is apparently not?

i can't go on /r9k/ anymore without seeing child porn. that's how bad it is. every fucking month they are stalking a new underaged girl. five months ago they were posting erica's nudes from when she was 13, then eliza's from when she was 15, etc. etc. now they're posting agatha's, and i dont know how old that girl is but she can't be older than 14. like fuck. they are the ones stalking children on the internet and trying to sexualize/groom them, and i'm supposed to give a shit about this "pizza theory"??? fuck off

No. 205817

i think a lot of us have similar stories from when we were younger.

when i was 12 my parents were shitty and i was basically allowed a computer in my room and w/e. and i would go on forums and chat sites and tell guys i was 12… they were always so thirsty. fuck i remember being 12 and a 30 year old guy would message me links to some BDSM profile of his and tell me about how he wanted to take me to the playground. im fucking scarred for life just thinking about that LOL. i remember trying to contact the fbi about him but im 99% sure they didnt take me seriously at the time because law enforcement just kind of ignores this kind of stuff largely.

its always been in-your-face. people just deny it, i dont know why. you have tumblr as a textbook example now - 15 year old girls run rampant and hook up with 30 year old "daddies" - barf.

No. 205807

most of our generation is online tho. at least the "education" "intellectuals" are.

they used to consider pedophiles as 3% of the male population. but now i think if you expand that definition to include hebephiles and ephebophiles (basically the men we are talking about ITT), we'd be talking about anywhere from 15-30% of men "of this generation"

that's… a lot.

No. 41947

File: 1480367213773.png (633.14 KB, 1280x689, tumblr_oeyd1dTrpB1qmf2s5o1_128…)

I want to cosplay pic related but I'm so fucking ugly I feel like it's pointless to go to a con. People will probably take pictures of me to post online to make fun of, or sneer and laugh at me in private.

No. 205790


ok thats just as bad. although a lot of them still have big boobs.

either way it seems to be a "male" problem. they are the ones consuming rampant amounts of CP… not women (obviously)

child porn market = 3 billion $

regular porn market = 10 billion $

No. 205788

idk it was a thumbnail from a video on xvideos under "teen"

No. 119310

i would give a shit if the major proponents of this weren't voat (home of /v/preteens), 8chan (home of /pedo/ and /hebe/), 4chan (home of /r9k/ and /b/) and reddit (former home of /r/jailbait)

when i can log onto r9k for one day and NOT see them posting nudes of underaged girls like agatha and erica and eliza, then maybe i will give a shit what they have to say about "global pedo conspiracies". when i can log onto voat and go to /r/all and NOT see questionable pics of "preteens" and "young ladies" then i will give a shit what they have to say. if i can log onto 8chan for one day and not accidentally click and stubble upon what is basically a _real_ child porn sharing board, i will give a shit what they have to say.

really smells to me like a bunch of pedos seeing shit that isn't there. maybe to detract for the own shit that is spewing in their safe spaces? possibly.

No. 205783

its what men are attracted to. all of the top earning cam girls are 18-19 and borderline prepubescent.

i don't know what happened and how we went from big tits and asses being what men want, to men wanting… that shit.

but if you ask men under the age of 35 honestly and unanimously how young they would go, i bet many of them would want girls as young as 11-12. most men online (i.e. reddit etc) talk about wanting to lower the age of consent "if you can bleed you can breed".

it's honestly no surprise to me. the fact that people ignore it in the west is what is so shocking. you get bashed over the head with it constantly.

if we woke up tomorrow and there was no age of consent in the west, i would guarantee you the popularity of child porn would dwarf regular porn.

No. 205774

File: 1480362601108.jpg (Spoiler Image, 203.46 KB, 1024x768, kill me .jpg)

yeah the west definitely has a huge problem w/ it.

look at japanese porn (not the 2d stuff) and tell me how it is even remotely vaguely pedophiliac. the women are all usually sporting bushes and gravure models usually have tits. thats the most popular japanese stuff out right now.

look at the most popular western porn stars right now. stuff like 21naked of nubiles. the girls are all shaved, have innies, are 90 lbs or under, and have barely no tits.

we are just as bad if not worse. i'd say japan has it pretty rough but at least they are not so blatant? in america it seems as though we are TRYING to be as degenerate as possible.

to make the image i googled for "teen porn" in american and japanese ones respectively. and then i looked at streaming websites and porn companies for both.

the american stuff i saw… i need to go bleach my PC. i'm pretty sure if you just google "teen porn" and go through the top links you'll stumble upon real CP. all of the pictures here are 18 year old actresses tho. but they definitely dont hide the availability of CP and remember that most men ARE googling "teen porn" (it is the #1 porn search term)

anyway after doing this little experiment i pretty much hate ALL men for being so fucking attracted to little kids. evil. i need to go bleach my brain out.

WARNING: highly nsfw

No. 205773

File: 1480362558976.jpg (203.46 KB, 1024x768, kill me .jpg)

yeah the west definitely has a huge problem w/ it.

look at japanese porn (not the 2d stuff) and tell me how it is even remotely vaguely pedophiliac. the women are all usually sporting bushes and gravure models usually have tits. thats the most popular japanese stuff out right now.

look at the most popular western porn stars right now. stuff like 21naked of nubiles. the girls are all shaved, have innies, are 90 lbs or under, and have barely no tits.

we are just as bad if not worse. i'd say japan has it pretty rough but at least they are not so blatant? in america it seems as though we are TRYING to be as degenerate as possible.

to make the image i googled for "teen porn" in american and japanese ones respectively. and then i looked at streaming websites and porn companies for both.

the american stuff i saw… i need to go bleach my PC. i'm pretty sure if you just google "teen porn" and go through the top links you'll stumble upon real CP. all of the pictures here are 18 year old actresses tho. but they definitely dont hide the availability of CP and remember that most men ARE googling "teen porn" (it is the #1 porn search term)

anyway after doing this little experiment i pretty much hate ALL men for being so fucking attracted to little kids. evil. i need to go bleach my brain out.

No. 205761

File: 1480359712471.jpg (63.96 KB, 600x830, B49-t7cCQAAh9d1.jpg)

Not really a traditional cow per se but Maggie Whitten aka Kati3kat is sort of a cow. She used to be a major scene girl or whatever on tumblr and had lots of drama with guys on there, and an ED blog. Now she is a chaturbate/MFC cam model who makes over a million dollars a year but she has plenty of drama too.

Mostly with a guy she is dating off of twitch, she has a long term bf that she just moved in with but pretends she is single I guess so she can keep her tippers.

Another thing is that she has paid off reddit and 4chan mods from talking about her. If you try posting her on any of the porn subreddits it will get taken down and you will get banned. If you try posting her pictures or webms on 4chan, you will get an auto-ban. Like, if you tried posting other popular cam model's pics/gifs (like Lana Rain) nothing happens. But if you try posting her shit, it already goes through a filter and you get a one month ban. Same goes for her name and cam name.

It's insane. She honestly thinks she can keep her nudes off of the internet and her name off of the internet even though she makes over $1,000,000 a year masturbating on cam publicly. She spends 5 hours a night with a dildo up her vag while 2k people are watching, and she thinks she can successfully keep her nudes off the internet so she can get a job when she gets too old to cam? She's retarded. The way she whines about it on cam is fucking retarded too.

No. 205757

youre a retard

No. 119189

i thought my bf was sort of like that when i met him. he seems to be not actually like that but im scared he is "hiding" his real true personality from me tbqh

No. 119176

File: 1480291535201.png (874.95 KB, 768x768, yHXxcZewB6SE-gpHCXqPm3sSE3RcTl…)

Best one I've ever fucking seen

No. 204932


No. 204814

If it helps, the comments in response were 'rape them'

No. 204808

>amateur ~~feminist~~ camgirls masturbating with binkies and toys in their bedroom are what porn looks like now.

Which is disgusting.

No. 204807

Some of them definitely were, they had their face as their profile picture (talk about stupid) and they had beards and were obviously older than 25 for sure

I hate how people deny that a lot of older men are closet pedophiles… I was in a relationship with a guy for many years and we broke up because I found CP on his phone. Like, real actual CP not the shit posted in here.

This >>204785 is a good post. We should never forget that a large portion of men (not all men!) are pieces of shit.

No. 204782

Check out the youtube comments (remember this girl is probably not even older than 15)

>This chick needs some dick in her life.

>She kinda hot tho, feelsbad

>u 18 yet?

>(in response) doesn't matter

>listening to her saying harder daddy harder is giving me the most uncomfortable boner, someone send bleach please

>I got hard as granite when she started whispering "Harder daddy, Harder daddy <:O" Damn I'm going to jail, somebody please send me Marlboro packs.

>I can't masturbate to anything else now.

>Weirdest boner ever.

>I'd give her my cummies everyday.

>I got a boner

>It's actually perfectly natural for guys to get off to lolies like this:

>My penis is having a nervous breakdown and does not know what to do.

>I came

>I have the guiltiest boner right now…

>Her whispering "Harder Daddy, harder Daddy" is giving me the most uncomfortable 'Groid Boner of my Life. Please fax me a Gun so I can shoot myself.

>The younger the better dad always said

>If she's 13 I'm 13

>If her age is off the clock she's old enough for the cock

>This is wife material. #goals

>How can I raise my 4 daughters to be like this?

No. 204781

the grossest is when you see camgirls who start camming when they just turned 18, and you can tell they are not through puberty yet because they start and their vagina is still how you described (underdeveloped) and not pigmented. and they're SO popular on the camsites

and then two years later you see them again at 20 and they have dark brown pigment and fully developed labia, and they no longer make as much money as they did when they were 20. makes you think doesnt it?

No. 204771

>I seriously wonder how many of these incels are porn addicts,

literally all of them. you dont even need to question it

No. 204440

Shit i remember this guy from when I had a tumblr

I fucking hate him. hes like 30 and he recruits girls who just turned 18 off of tumblr. sick fuck

No. 41782

have you ever had anyone try and come at you in real life since youve been doxxed? does your family know?

No. 319057

wish ppl would shut up about waist measurements. some people look like boards with 23" waists, some people look tiny as fuck with 26" ones. it depends on your bone structure and the rest of your measurements too.

she could be 23" but it means fucking nothing and looks like crap unless her hips are 35"+

No. 201988

definitely calling it, its a boy

No. 317596

OMG i remember this girl from when i used to tumblr

she always talked shit like she was some sort of bad bitch. wowwwww cringing right now lol

she's a failure at life

No. 316781

Long-time lolcow user here, just checking in.

Shit. It seems like my time on lolcow has been spent arguing with either spoony or kiki the entire time.

Way to go, you crazy bitches.

No. 194745

i remember this girl from when i used to have a tumblr. she was a total cunt.

No. 191871

When I first noticed her on /cgl/, they linked me to her MFC and I thought the same. She looked beautiful with grey hair and live motion.

No. 191868

File: 1478053761652.png (251.45 KB, 525x468, Screenshot 2016-11-01 22.28.56…)

she looks worse than she did last year i had no idea that was possible

No. 191026

File: 1477941129685.jpg (334.51 KB, 1152x2048, CwHjkAQXYAAvXJK.jpg)

never thought the day would come where I am better looking than Lotte..

also lol @ that face tattoo wtf

No. 39952

Thank you!

Good luck to you.

Yes. I don't want to post my first choice on here but my first choice isn't the "best" school ever, but it's a school I've wanted to go to for a very long time. Unfortunately they have a particularly holistic process so I'm scared that even though I have the stats for it, they will reject me because I'm not a diverse enough candidate.

No. 187110


No. 39639

Applying to law schools this month.

Wish me luck guys. I'm considered a "competitive" candidate. If I don't get in I'm probably gonna sudoku.

No. 37668

if my bf even ever suggested a ffm i would leave him

i have my own hang ups about this shit but they're boring and its just putting on a show for the guy.

i dont want a mmf either, but i wouldn't be as offended/angry. but i would still refuse because its nasty.

No. 171220

ive literally never even seen her get to use them because her shows are always ended before she even takes her underwear off… i doubt she's made enough money from MFC to pay for even half of her "toys"

No. 170996

its funny bc i bet she never uses any of them. glass dildos are a meme, they are so bad for masturbation they pratically hurt sometimes. its awful. why would you get like a dozen of them, idk

No. 170857

exactly, my parent's dog is a small toy breed mix and he literally doesn't even go on walks, he's so lazy… all he wants to do is sleep/eat/walk around a little to pee. i dont understand why she got the breed that needs the most exercise? fucking retarded Charms

No. 170778

I was in a relationship with a guy like Mike who forced me to take bipolar medication otherwise he'd break up with me.

Fucked up my life really hard. I was lost and took me a year to pull out of it after I dumped him and quit the meds. Just like Charms, I became aimless and gained weight and everything.

Fuck Mike, I genuinely think he's so bad for her. I'm in a much better place now and I know that she can probably be too.

No. 37308

"holding on" to a man doesn't mean shit
lots of shit-tier men will cling to you regardless of whether you get PS or not

No. 37151

I'm actually not spoony. I hate that fatass cunt for having a perfect face and now having to put any effort into it like the anons in this thread say.

"oh, Just put some effort into your looks and it'll be okay!!"

>be spoony
>eat like a fatass every day
>be clinically overweight if not obese
>don't even fill your eyebrows in properly
>still considered attractive by most people's standards

Meanwhile the other half of this board is full of uggos who have to starve themselves and get boatloads of plastic surgery to even pass as "human". If anything, all you salty-chans are Spoony.

No. 37027

yes, me. my nose. i broke it as a kid and even though i've had a nose job it is still slightly tilted left.

it sucks so much. in pictures it looks like someone punched me in the face 5 seconds before.

this so hard. my routine is so fucking intricate ;_; and they usually give me worse advice in the long run

>Mom spent a lot on skincare and makeup for herself, but refused to teach me shit about how to adequately take care of myself (even when I asked multiple times) besides that I should shower regularly.

Me too! Even though she'd blame me for it and make me do horrible shit homemade shit like lemon juice baking soda scrubs. And physical exfoliation when I had real bad cystic acne fml. But it was always out of her realm to recommend some facewash or take me to get a facial or anything, even though she would always be spending money on herself. My mom was somewhat abusive though.

No. 36970

File: 1471645335385.png (1.91 MB, 996x1202, Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 6.21…)

I have light skin with yellow undertones and a generally tan body right now. My skin is combination w/ a lot of acne scars and often really dry in some areas.

>hourglass ambient lighting powder in diffused light (i like this because it is very yellow toned, it totally isn't a meme at all)

>hourglass ambient lighting palette (this is a good palette, three shades and one is a great highlighter but i already hit pan on it, the other two are decent bronzers/contours)
>urban decay naked illuminated (SO MUCH GLITTER, i use on my body in the summer bc its fucking gorgeous)
>nars creamy concealer in chantilly
>ysl touch eclat concealer in the green shade (kind of a meme, leaves my super pale face green unless you put on foundation afterwards)
>stila liquid eyeliner (i think KVD tattoo liner is better but i only have this left)
>anastasia eyebrown pencil in dark brown
>some "crack cream" lip balm in the cherry flavour
>becca illuminator/blush thing in "watermelon/moonstone" (very light and subtle)
>too faced blush in "love hangover"
>random lip glosses that tingle in light pink shades
>random brushes, mostly real techniques but the black ones are from sephora and the pink one is from too faced (it is my favourite brush), yes i know i need to clean them asap ill go do that now

Not pictured: sunscreen and bulky shit that doesn't fit/I never use

No. 3229

Also now that you've killed the website by introducing a shit ton of drama with the admin change and post-change changes, and alienated a large portion of the userbase thus slowing the entire site down, you're looking for advice?

We all know you're going to use this survey to give yourself asspats while writing off any negative criticism as "bitter salty jelly haters" or "robots"

No. 3228

Maybe try making it not a Google survey so that people don't have to be logged into their real accounts so that they don't get datamined by this anonymous website?

No. 36856

I was ugly growing up.

I'm still ugly.

Yeah, I sort of agree with OP. The only plus side is all the girls I grew up with got super fat while I stayed exactly the same size…

No. 36855

this one, the other one has too many warm tones

No. 36818

juvederm is a lot
more natural, but doesnt last as long

might be new injections. mine always swell for 1-2 days after… one time i looked exactly like that and they went back to normal

No. 36677

my bf does not have a derm (or probably never has had to go to one), no skincare routine at all (minus maybe washing it when he showered every few days) and and never wears sunscreen on his face

his skin is like flawless. not a single wrinkle, small pores, smooth like a fucking baby.

meanwhile yeah, i do all of that and mine is shit.

No. 36542

File: 1470873596226.jpg (332.21 KB, 800x533, 61.jpg)

Good light bronzers that aren't too dark and are somewhat sparkly?

I like the Hourglass shade on the right from the ambient lighting palette but fuck, there is too little product and my huge brush doesn't pick up enough of it because its small…

Is the actual Hourglass ALP bronzer good?

No. 36523

Thick doesnt have to do with skin type.

It's just how much skin you have vs how much cartilage/underlying bone you have. If you have more skin than cartilage, that means your skin is thick. He should be able to tell by touching it but idk

No. 36522

Your nose is fine and not even that big, I guarantee you that it's your own insecurities making it seem big. Don't worry people suffer from that all the time. When me and my bf started dating he thought his nose was "too big and humpy" and thought it would look better shaved down. It wouldn't. Neither would yours. If it's symmetrical already, don't touch it.

It isn't a "potato nose", it's just ethnic. A potato nose is something misshapen and deformed, which yours is not. It's just a little big but that isn't a bad thing. It doesn't look out of place and it fits your face perfectly.

And btw the tip will change whether you want it to or not. The entire thing will change with something as simple as shaving the bridge down. In fact, if he doesn't change other features along with the bridge (like nostrils etc), you'll end up with something much weirder.

And btw your cheekbones are very nice, and your jaw is pretty defined. Stop worrying.

No. 36521

Another Canada anon in this thread

usually they ask what exactly it is you want, and then they'll start telling you what their opinion is, what they're going to do, what kind of skin you have, exactly the underlying bone structure, any inner deformities, what they will do with things like nostrils/cartilage/tip/etc

mine basically told me exactly what he was going to perform. and a few risks that i might come into contact with.

No. 36416


I have thick skin and I got closed.

Closed is a lot harder to do than open, which is why a lot of surgeons opt for open. Mine told me he chose closed because my skin is really thick.

Did he outright say that your skin is really thick? Because it might not be, it might actually be thin. :/ For the longest time I thought mine was thin, but my surgeon told me it was thick. Caucasians/Europeans usually have thin skin, for the record.

There is a lot of differences in ethnicity when it comes to noses. A white person will have a different kind of cartilage than a hispanic person or an asian person.

Also recovery of closed takes a lot longer, but a lot of people prefer the results of it.

>Furthermore, if you get a surgeon who takes their job and patients seriously, surely it shouldn't be too difficult to get in contact with them again regarding the issues?

Yeah, you would think. In an ideal world. But once you hand over the money to a clinic in SK you might not get the best customer service after you're beginning to recover.

Obviously in North America it is a different story. But it is usually more expensive. But you get what you pay for in those cases.

No. 36405

if you're white you will have a different skin type and underlying facial features than brown people do, or south koreans do. having thick skin makes it a COMPLETELY different healing procedure than when you have thin skin, and makes it harder to do open rhinoplasty as oppose to closed.

further more, >>36396 is not actually the same nose. it has a similar effect in profile… but it's not the same nose. it's blatantly different, as you can see the nostrils aren't as prominent, the columella hangs a lot lower, etc. not only that but the rest of the girls face is completely different, you can tell that just by where the bridge starts projecting and where it sits. (the picture you posted sits lower)

it is a very complicated procedure and it is honestly better to stay in america/canada if you have any doubts because once you leave, if you have any concerns that's it. you aren't going to take a trip back to SK 5 times for minor problems.

if your swelling persists for months after, you might need steroid injections to calm it down

if you have any sort of asymmetry, your doctor might offer to correct that if you want it corrected

if you have any sort of scar tissue, your doctor might offer to correct that for you if you want it corrected

once you leave whatever country you went to originally, that's it. you are going to have a hard time getting back into contact with these doctors, regardless of how reputable they are. if you end up with any concerns, you'll be fucked.

No. 36354


You need to read a lot of reviews (maybe you will need someone who can read farsi to do this online WITH you) to find someone who is reliable. The best way to proceed would be to find a doctor who someone you know has gone to and been happy with the results.

It also depends on what you want. I think that doctors who are less skilled would be able to remove a hump and maybe fix any minor asymmetry, but someone who is unskilled would probably botch nostril/tip reconstruction, even skilled doctors manage to do this…

If you don't seem to find anyone you trust, just keep saving up money for nose jobs in Toronto. If/when you have a steady income, you can go on medicaid or some other sort of financing and pay in installment.

No. 36352

Honestly go to Iran, they will have worked on hundreds of people with your skin type and nasal structure.

Definitely do not go to Korea, you will definitely get botched there, even white people do. Asian people generally have thicker skin and flatter/wider noses than other races.

Staying in the US or Canada, you might have luck but you might also end up getting fucked over tbh.

My tip deviated too, probably because of a past scar tissue because of a fracture. Really hate it but I'm going to have to wait another few years before I can fix it (I'm thinking of getting it fixed just slightly with some restylane…)

No. 163874

why are they dressing like cringy failed scene kids

No. 163323

File: 1470412348154.png (22.41 KB, 525x84, Screenshot 2016-08-05 11.48.43…)

Charms is planning on going out in public wearing nothing but a thong and pasties… with her current body.

I pity the people who have to see that.

No. 36209

they can do sinus surgery which doesnt touch the nose structure at all

No. 36089

Two weeks to a month, you can usually tell.

I wait two weeks, if no acne I proceed and keep it as a permanent thing.

If I get acne within the first 1-2 weeks, depending on the kind of acne I'll decide whether I stop it or continue. If it looks just like my skin is "purging" from the new stuff, I'll continue for another two weeks and see if it stops. If it looks like the actual product is causing the irritation I'll stop it.

If after a month it's still giving me acne, I stop using it completely.

Using this method I used to have a really good 10-step program going after 6 months.

No. 35958

>slightly overweight

spoony, you're morbidly obese

No. 35957

I have the same problem, my lips are like chronically dry, I apply lipbalm pretty much nonstop all the time and matte liquid lipstick always look like shit on me, BUT I find darker colours are a lot more flattering, and I really like stila's liquid lipstick because it seems to be not sticky at all, kind of chalky in texture.

I've tried a lot of NYX liquid lipstick in the past and its just not as good, kind of sticky like you described the Colourpop and makes them look cracked and caked. Honestly, my Stila liquid lipstick looks like regular matte lipstick.

No. 35570

I'm pretty sure Kota's chin and nose are both unnatural. I think she has a chin implant. A lot of surgeons will offer them alongside a nosejob if you have a slightly "pudgier" face. Mine did. I obviously turned it down because chin implants are irresponsible at best and horrendous at worst.

Yeah the best is just a slightly different nose to what you have, nothing like this >>35552 should honestly ever be performed on anyone whose face is slightly droopy or lumpy…

No. 291535



No. 291534

Looks like a peel or PDT… who knows with greg though

No. 158557

i hope she loses weight and makes a come back (it would be as simple as going to the doctor and getting some drugs for weight loss)

but i doubt she will. sad.

No. 35538

This is a terrible nose job. It's likely she can't fucking breathe. Are you okay with that, anon?

Plus if your tip is like the before that might suit your face better. She has visible nostrils after, which are okay with her face but they might not be okay with yours.

To put into perspective, I had a nose job and I wanted a pixie-like nose too, with lots of visible nostril. The surgeon said he would give me something similar that suited my face. After a month, in my recovery, I had SO much visible nostril and I hated it. I cried every day because I looked like a pig with my nose upturned that much. But the surgeon told me that it would drop eventually. Now, it's fully recovered and the tip has dropped and I look so much better.

So yeah, the point I'm trying to make is, not everyone looks good with visible nostrils. If your nose is too upturned, you might end up looking like miss piggy. It depends on your face. Be careful anon.

No. 104139


no they look good because of photoshop, if you've ever seen uneditted pics of kims ass, its a horror to behold.

No. 35482

i've had my NLF all my life but

you won't look like taylor. i don't know what yours look like but if you get a good doctor you won't look like taylor. i've had them done and so has my mom and it just looks natural and normal.

i dont know why taylor looked so awful. mine has always been only a subtle difference.

No. 104065

when i hit 18 the same thing happened to me. i have 36 inch hips now (waist still 24) and when i was 14-16 i had 30 inch hips (24 inch waist). like i was just straight down like a fridge and now my hip bones genuinely feel further apart so idk

i mean she's in her prime so its not a surprise her body looks its best

might just be puberty.

No. 35386

try microblading

No. 35371

> Extreme innies are literally impossible to have after puberty and without surgery.

I have literally VERY little labia minora. When I spread its just two pink slivers where they "should" be, but aren't. My clitoral hood is more prominent than they are. I agree with your post but this statement is wrong. I haven't had surgery and I'm 22. It's definitely possible. That being said I think I had a lot of androgen exposure throughout puberty so that might be why.

No. 103302

Yes its 99% to do with rent rising in tokyo, because of tourism and multiculturism

so yes it is to do with foreigners, but not us. unless you are the kind of person who can afford to buy an apartment in tokyo for 2 million? lol

the same thing is happening here in toronto/NYC, i dont know about the west coast. but asian people - china, japan and korea - are coming over here in DROVES and driving the market prices up, making it impossible for ordinary people to live in city centers…

No. 35203

No. 35162

>going ass-to-mouth


No. 35153

Clips are good but if you get successful your shit will be out there too.

But the most important part is good lighting/angles/etc. It has to look perfect and really professional, not grainy or anything like that. Whether you're making clips or camming.

No. 3090

Agreed with this once again.

Fucking anachans.

No. 35105

It's a lot of money, I did it for about a month when I was 18 to help pay for my living situation, I made close to 10 grand.

It really is a lot of money but it also takes up a lot of your time if you want to make that much money. Unless you're super attractive, you have to put in a lot of hours. It isn't as simple as showing up. I would be working from 4pm to 2am most days. I'd only cam for 5 hours, but I'd have to put energy into other things like talking to people outside of camming, makeup etc. It was exhausting emotionally and physically.

Just block anyone who is rude, trolling, etc. It wasn't that big of a deal when I was doing it years ago but it might be worse now.

The cons are that your family WILL find out eventually, your future partners might think poorly of you, just assume everyone knows and judges you for it because that's what will happen in reality. It will take up a lot of time. If you're not successful off the bat you might feel like total shit about yourself. It's very competitive so you probably won't make as much money as you could 5 years ago. Honestly? I regret it even though it paid for like 1/2 my student loans and living situation for a long time, I don't like the fact that my family thinks I'm a prostitute and that my boyfriend knows I used to degrade myself on cam. But if you don't care what other people think it probably isn't a big deal.

Pros are that it's a lot of money for very unskilled work that requires virtually no experience. You can basically set your own standards and don't /have/ to get naked, I never did. I think the only thing I did was flash the camera a few times and wear lingerie. So you can stay within some semblance of a comfortzone, I guess. It's still degrading.

No. 154892

those pictures are also probably shopped since spoony always used to shop her pics

im terrified to know what she looks like irl

No. 154280

File: 1468339872012.png (885.25 KB, 1664x817, Screenshot 2016-07-12 12.08.43…)

was browsing /cgl/, found a spoony onceagain

No. 34856


What exactly has been handed to me?

A boyfriend/dating? Why the fuck does it matter if people want to use me for my body and then chuck me away?

You can easily have sex with someone that wants you: find a prostitute. She wants you for your money, maybe, but that is a whole lot more admirable and honest than someone that's just dating you to pump and dump you.

No. 100859

I've never had non-intimate sex before, and intimate sex is overrated too. I could easily live without sex.

No. 34444

The salon is actually a really good one, but the only one in my city that does it.

Anyway I'm the girl that was considering it but I don't think it's healthy at all. I think it's a horrible thing that women are forced to do. My boyfriend's ass is the same colour as mine (even darker tbh) and so is his dick, but I doubt he'd EVER bleach it, or even consider it. I'm only considering it because I'm a broken and insecure person.

I mean I don't care what people do, but let's call a spade a spade. Shit isn't healthy.

No. 100855

File: 1467904940538.png (235.69 KB, 400x479, nico.png)

As an ugly 2/10 girl who has had to fight tooth and nail all her life, suffer and work my ass off, I love this thread.

These type of men always tell me that I could "never understand" how they feel because I was born with a vagina, and therefore can get easy sex on tap. They don't understand that isn't something I want, that I don't even like sex. That my life is hard and lonely anyway. I don't have a mommy and daddy like they all do to coast through life on. Sex isn't the most important thing on the planet, nor is it even in my personal top 10.

20-30 year old losers like the ones described itt have always been the worst to deal with, the biggest abusers, the worst bullies. I take immense pleasure knowing they'll rot alone, never knowing love outside of their flavour-of-the-month waifu.

Sorry for the blogpost. I just hate these type of self-absorbed prats so much. They all go "woe is me, i can't get a 10/10 gf" and act like their lives are the hardest out of everyones. When in reality they're just entitled and stupid and failing life on tutorial mode.

Get rekt robots.

No. 34216

Any sandwich ideas that don't suck?

I don't really want to stick to like the boring classic ham and cheese

No. 34178

>tfw getting it done by professionals at a salon with professional bleach costs $150 for the vulva + asshole


No. 34177

Honestly sometimes I feel like it's too small. Is that dumb?

I was looking at it in the mirror yesterday and it was pretty much nonexistent except for two thin pink slivers. But I'd want it to be more extreme, a brighter and lighter pink, and a cuter shape maybe? I don't know.

I'm an true innie but I have a puffy pussy so it doesn't even matter, because my vulva covers it up.

No. 34176

File: 1467735803056.png (250.1 KB, 493x750, picnic.png)

I want to take my bf out for a picnic.

Food ideas?

No. 34164

I'm also radfem-ish.

No. 34082

>Are there things you actually like about your appearance? Or is everyone here completely consumed by self-loathing?

I'm 99% self-loathing.

Things about myself that I don't hate (but would still change if I could probably):

>my labia minora are very trim, pink and small

>my ears are small sized compared to my skull, and flat

No. 33882

yes i use a bha every other day. i wanna use it every day but i find that when i use it every day my skin gets really irritated

No. 33880

they vanish after about 4 months i'd say. maybe even less. its just a lot of money for me right now to get them done 3-4 times a year.

No. 149756

I don't have an ass either or stretchmarks. Just cellulite all over my thighs which are pretty much the thinnest part of me (I'm an apple like meg).

I hate blogposting about it but even on cam she seems not to have any cellulite. I guess maybe because she's been fat from a very young age?

No. 33718

It might just be general aging anon, but it doesn't look too bad. As we get older, womens hair stars thinning out too. I don't think you will go bald and it's nothing to worry about

No. 33717

I'm getting my fillers redone in a week or two. I've been getting fillers in my tear troughs/lips for about two years ever since I noticed they were lacking volume.

I usually get juvederm.

It's been probably a year since I had the tear troughs done and 6 months for the lips. I'm getting .5 cc in each cheek for the tear troughs (maybe more idk yet) and .3/.2 cc in the upper/lower lip.

Although I'm thinking of also maybe getting my nasolabial folds perked up a bit, since they've started becoming a really obvious facial feature… but I think I'm going to wait until I lose weight.

No. 33716

My skin is really sensitive and when I used an exfoliating cloth that one dermatologist I had gave me + a cleanser, I broke out really badly all the time… non-stop. I kept doing it for two months and it pretty much wrecked my face.

The best results I've had cleansing was with an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup and then a foam one, just gently in the shower… but that still wasn't enough to really "clean" my skin fully (which is why my derm gave me that stupid exfoliating cloth.)

I'm currently just cleansing with my old two cleansers but is there anything else I can do? Are those little clarisonic machines or whatever a meme? I feel like they're all a breeding ground for bacteria tbh.

No. 33714

take some vitamins/supplements, i used to take vit c and glutathione (although im at home so im not taking it anymore) it really lightened my skin and the scars faded quickly over 6 months.

if you have the money go and get a chemical peel or laser therapy done though, it helps with scarring a lot. your skin sheds and basically reveals a new later that's very smooth and supple.

No. 149744

how is she so fat but has no cellulite…
im like half of her and i have so much ;-;

No. 33569

File: 1467234155787.jpg (72.41 KB, 500x376, tumblr_o4ubwnmSYw1qjy5c1o1_500…)

I've always been ugly so other people paying attention to me is never going to be a thing that happens.

The thing I hate about growing old is that I'm less and less able to wear cute clothes. I'll have to become a mega-maxi-dress-wine-lover like said here… >>33504

I mean when I get a job I feel like I'll be 25+ and it'll be too late to experiment in full-on j-fash… I have no money or opportunity to even do it now at 22 to be honest…

No. 149249

spotted the spoony

no one carse spoony stop humblebragging

No. 33468

Nah they wont. Men idolize teens, and even really attractive well taken care of adult women don't look like teens. Look at some of the teenagers 4channers love to circlejerk around, they look like shit, but men will creep on them because they look obviously like children.

You can be the ugliest teenager (like I was) and still get more attention from men than an attractive older woman.

No. 33467

Yeah this is why whenever men complain about how "hard" they have it, I can't help but tune out and roll my eyes internally. They spend their entire lives treating older women (like 60% of the female population) like trash. They literally act like we're doing the world a great disservice by aging (something we can't control).

No. 2683

sure thing, spoonster.

No. 2681

I'll add


>dressing classy (almost always posting in /r9k/ threads on the topic)
>being stalked by evil 4chan neckbeards
>being stalked at all really
>being hit on/cat called
>I take care of myself so so so well! [laundry list of inconsequential stuff she does from either not moving her face to calisthenics[/spoiler]

Also I'm not 100% on this but the girl in the Dakota thread who is eerily obsessed with always insulting her might be spoony as well. I can't imagine anyone hating Kooterchan that much anymore…

No. 33216

I maybe have BDD and my disordered eating used to be really bad (mostly just purging and restricting).

I'm living with my mom until September and she is constantly calling my face ugly (I have really severe emotional problems revolving around feeling my face is deformed/ugly) and calling me fat.

This morning she called me fat, and said that when she was my age she was 10 pounds lighter.

She doesn't really care about my mental health, I've tried to talk to her about it before. Basically I'm in turmoil every day for the last 8 years over the way I look, constantly crying myself to sleep every night over being ugly, went under the knife for a nosejob that was really complicated because I had broken my nose previous and there was a lot of scar tissue, it was hell. My entire life has revolved around BDD-like symptoms and being ugly…

Maybe I am a little fat (literally a meme, 5'2" and 110 lbs, 34-26-34) and I was skinnier before, but it makes me feel bad because I've already lost 5 lbs since I've started dieting last month and am losing more weight. I eventually want to get back to my goal weight of 90 lbs. I'm not really concerned at all with restricting.

It just hurts a lot coming from my mom. Because when I was thin she would make fun of my body and call me too skinny and say that I looked like I was in the auschwitz. Even though I was healthy.

And no matter what she calls me ugly…

I'm just in turmoil, she's causing all my mental problems to thrive. She says stuff like "I look better than anon and I'm 55" (she means her face, because she is 60 lbs heavier than me). It hurts me so much and when I try telling her she doesn't care.

Even when I lived without her, I would cry myself to sleep almost every day because I'm so ugly and unattractive, but being here I've actually considered suicide seriously on multiple occasions because my dad owns shotguns. It's just so fucking difficult to take.

Sorry for the blog.

No. 2679

Can someone redpill me on her feud with mootles?

No. 2659

Yep. She constantly posts on r9k too and lets her guard down and posts pics of her body.

What kind of person who isn't looking to be an attention whore posts body pictures on a male-dominated board?

No. 2654

There are so many threads I go into both on lolcow and /r9k/ and /cgl/ where I see spoony, and I don't say anything pretty much 9/10 times… but the one time I do, a bunch of samefags always harass me telling me I'm paranoid, jelly, obsessed.

She isn't even the type of person that is obviously depressed so they enjoy bitching online. No. She isn't constantly crying "wah I'm fat" (even though she is), she's writing novel-length posts about how she has the body of a goddess and the face of a child. NARCISSISM.

She's obsessed with herself and imageboards. Does she have a job? I recommend she get one and gtfo.

No. 147375

this bitch is fucking crazy

No. 2615

File: 1466692484737.png (13.23 KB, 128x182, Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.3…)

I will personally sell my firstborn to see all her posts marked. New Admin, pls take me up on this offer. You can mark them with this image in pic related.

No. 146043

The guys who pay her on cam must be masochistic enough to be into that shit. Even just watching her is humiliating enough

No. 145950

i mean i agree with her damn. but i also feel bad for anyone that has to pretend to enjoy having sex with her (mike) :/

No. 145946

File: 1466456083869.png (128.65 KB, 314x278, 1464635988495.png)

Uh, are you retarded?

I wasn't saying she was aging in a bad way. She looks better now than she did at 18. Just her face was chubby at 18, she obviously lost some facial fat because that's what happens as you get older, and age, unless you have weird fucked up genetics.

She looks better with less facial fat, her features look more pronounced. Aging has been a good thing in her case to anyone who is normal/not a pedo. When she first came to Japan she looked like an awkward teenager and now she looks like a nice-looking young lady.

Dude you're fucking psychotic and you need to seek help if you automatically assume aging is a bad thing. Talk about projection…

No. 98440

File: 1466441717183.png (1.28 KB, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

No. 145787

idk why but i think she lost weight too because relative to her cheeks, the rest of her features stand out more too. like her chin and eyes and nose are all way more prominent.

maybe she didn't lose weight from the rest of her body. but aging makes you lose facial fat.

she looks older now too.

No. 33003

liquid foundations usually oxidize and make themselves darker even in paler shades

so if you can't get a more expensive pale foundation (i like nars) just buy powder or creme foundations at the drugstore. unless your skin is really dry or blemished, they don't oxidize at all and are usually super pale.

No. 141858

She likes it tho, I spend a lot of time on r9k and she constantly posts "anonymous" pictures of herself.

Like it's been like this for the last year but I sometimes browse the "outfit" threads and 9/10 times Spoony will post a picture of herself with her face blurred out anda blurb about how she "takes care of herself" it's pathetic. Then a bunch of neckbeards comment on "muh curves" and she probably feels good.

No. 141852

I've begun having dreams of my boyfriend cucking me with Spoony and cumming in her vag in front of me.

Help me guys.

No. 32931

Wow, I don't know.

It is REALLY excessive to eat 500 calories as a desert while you're meeting a friend… and super unhealthy.

I'm a normal height weight (not skinny by any means) and that is like half of my days worth of calories. For one slice of cake that probably tastes shitty anyway? (I'm not a huge fan of cake). Idk, maybe it's just me but I'd rather have a huge salad and a bowl of fruits rather than a small piece of cake.

Just ignore your friend and keep ordering lower cal stuff. I'm sure one day she'll realize it's too decadent for every day. It's not healthy.

No. 282523

yeah she harrassed me when I had a tumblr and was camming too. Sent me anonymous death threats.

Bitch is unstable and crazy.

No. 32716

It's going to be fucking hilarious when your bf dumps you for one of those fat loud cows that make you oh-so-insecure.

Rest assured he's definitely fucking them on the side.

No. 32715

Depends on the piece of cake. I know the palce here has small little 200cal 'tarts' which would be okay maybe once or twice a week, maximum, if she is healthy and her BMR is high and she isn't pigging out outside of that.

But every day or like every other day i'd think that was too much for me. but then again idk. is she fat? it really depends if she's fat. I try to aim for around 800/cal a day to maintain my body, but some people who are more average sized can eat up to 2k depending on how tall they are…

No. 280901

shes ugly as shit why do people follow her

No. 280222

File: 1465841207478.png (336.12 KB, 586x629, Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 2.04…)

she cares more about her fucking laptop than she does the fact that her "fiance" just offed himself.

jesus christ priorities

No. 280201

Yeah if I was fighting with my bf and basically ABUSING him and then 4-6 hours later he killed himself, I would blame myself entirely. She seems to not blame herself at all, or have ANY remorse.

She's a fucking sociopath.

No. 280196

she was with him for what, 3 or 4 years? i've been with my boyfriend for only 6 months but if i found him after he'd hung himself i'd probably think about killing myself too… i would be so distraught

she's a snake

No. 280190

they're both scumbags, just white trash. funny how ppl like this always act holier than thou when in real life they're nothing

No. 280184

she's an evil person. i have no doubt that in the last 6 hours, when his parents left her alone with Adam/Mike, that she drove him to death. she probably egged him on and spun lies about how she'd get him put in jail and then leave. and he probably thought it was the only way out.

i wouldn't be surprised. when i had a tumblr i caught her sending me messages along the lines of "kill yourself" anonymously (well, no idea if it was her but they were coming from indiana where she lives and not very many people except her were following me…) she's a fucking sociopath.

No. 32368

Dude seek help, you're clearly an autopedo

No. 138908

This but its been getting harder and harder for her to keep working.

the second she takes more than a month off, and her regulars move on to the next ""new"" girl, she's toast. Kati3kat has switched from CB to MFC and I noticed that a lot of PS's old regulars have been in Katie's room.

Kat will never be a GinnyPotter or AspenRae, she's ugly and has a weird body. I want to see the inevitable breakdown .

No. 138906

yeah she's spending 5,000 a month on a house that big. fucking stupid lmao

No. 138905

PS """quits""" every fucking day, she will never quit as long as the money comes running in.

Her new shtick is "femdom" which is disgusting because she just copypastes scripted shit.

No. 138904

Twitter group that revolves around the Guest Lounge is the best way to get involved - the main guy that reports/retweets all the stuff is BruceBingo, but idk its hard

I suggest we make a thread about MFC girls tbh. The milk is SO fucking good especially around the last week every month where they're all going for #1.

No. 138902

Princess Zelda and Lana Rain are my most lolworthy tryhard gamurr girl weeb camwhores tbh

No. 96804


Most men 20+ are ugly as fuck with wrinkles and agespots and bad skin and balding etc. I lucked out on my bf, he's the same age as me but when he shaves he looks like a teenager. He still has a full head of hair and zero wrinkles and perfect skin whereas most men his age look haggard as fuck.

No. 96802

I'm pretty sure this is copypasta where the author reversed the genders, and the original author of this posted on /r9k/ on halfchan or fullchan, as a male ephebophile. It's disgusting.

So technically we are the ones being trolled.

No. 138556

someone pls link the MFC drama thread, im addicted to this shit

No. 137329

imagine how fucked in the head you have to be to do something like this

No. 137328

File: 1465087998842.png (1.33 MB, 1110x808, Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 8.52…)

these sad fucks that orbit this camgirl need their own thread look at this shit

No. 276342

She def will be getting gastric bypass or lapband

I hate people that get that shit. Mostly because the people I've known that got it are exactly like charms. Spent 5 years gorging on food and being undisciplined and shitty, then get an easy quick fix. They were both spoiled NEETs or semi-NEETs who lived on their parents buck and knew no consequeces. Typical spoiled trashy fat rich kids. Charms has become a walking stereotype.

No. 31733


I'm 22 and my hair has thinned out over the last two years due to hormone problems, I went to the doctor and he said it stopped, but that I had minor female pattern baldness. Its a lot thinner near the bangs which makes it impossible to wear bangs, and impossible to cover my gigantic forehead :(

i tried using rogaine BUT!!! I read that rogaine breaks down the collagen in your skin as a side effect, and I used it for 6 months and you know what? I think it was right because I started looking older and more fatigued, even though I wear sunscreen and get enough sleep and eat generally healthy. So I just decided to quit the rogaine (minoxidil) and also stopped taking any hormone supplements, bc, etc

My hair loss has stopped but my hair is still thin. Nothing that really can be done.

No. 275598

definitely was spoony, I'm a spoonyologist

No. 31501

let me stress this again. you DO NOT need a nose job. i can't even see barely the difference you photoshopped in your b&a… so if thats the difference you want on your nose, that subtle… you're not going to get it. nose jobs are rarely subtle.

honestly if thats how subtle you want it, again maybe try a liquid nosejob, or just learn to deal with having a slightly-imperfect profile.

No. 31500

dont need a nose job

for the chin lipo won't do anything, you need a more prominent jaw. try maybe losing weight naturally but it won't help. i would go to a dermatologist that specializes in juvederm for jaw contouring.

No. 31401

as far as guys go, my weeb bf is pretty reasonable as far as bfs go but even he expects me to be a big titted lactating doll with a perfect vagina too

No. 275166

pt needs jaw/nose surgery, and then co2 fractal lasering for your skin on her face, and a lift for her tits/bingo wing arms.

then she will fit the bullshit standards put in place by the Jewish Cabal media, and look closer to this 18 year old pornstar you posted.

…or she could just continue exercising and being healthy and not worrying about unattainable goals like being a kawaii idol or a sexy porn star

No. 95548

File: 1464721619201.jpg (10.01 KB, 207x160, smug.jpg)

no1 cares, attention slut.

No. 95542

is that you [spoiler]spoony?{/spoiler]

No. 95500

well after we broke up I was sexually promiscuous online, like I took nudes for guys, but I was of age so I don't see it as a big deal. I was just curious because I felt like I missed out on that because of him, but it got boring fast. so I'm not well adjusted. At least I never got around to sleeping with strangers or doing stuff like that.

No. 95497

My parents never cared, and then when they finally met him, they liked him.

they still bring him up, say stuff like "oh, anonnette, you couldn't keep a nice guy like him" even though i tell them about the literal child porn i found on his computer/phone.

they don't care about anything. he was able to pay most of the bills so they cared about that more than my well being. i feel like they sold me out to the highest bidder sometimes

No. 95476

I relate to her.

I posted on /b/ and /v/ as a 12 year old back in 2006-7. I met a guy off of there, who was 19 at the time. He basically groomed me into being his childbride. Looking back it was creepy, but I was just a kid stuck in otaku culture so I didn't realize it. By the time I was 14 he was asking me to send him nudes and stuff like that, and we would cam. He acted like my online boyfriend and eventually came to see me when I was 18.

Well. We ended up in a serious relationship, almost moved in together. Until I found out that throughout our entire relationship, from when I was 12 all the way until 20, he was doing the same to other underaged girls. Probably close to a hundred of girls, the youngest one I saw in his logs was 14 or 15 but I'm sure that he went lower. That wasn't the only bad thing about the relationship, and yeah I KNOW, I should've known that the guy that groomed me since I was 12 was a pedophile… but I was a stupid kid who thought she was in "love" (looking back, none of that was love)

Being with him ruined my entire life. I wish my parents gave enough of a shit to stop me from going down that path. Since I've left him, I've basically been developing socially, sexually, mentally because he halted my development and socialization so badly. He didn't fuck up anything like my education or anything like that, but he left me with so many mental problems. On top of being a pedophile he was very abusive, and constantly belittled me as I was getting older for not staying the same "perfect cute loli". When I was 19 and my hips started rounding out he told me that he wasn't attracted to me at all anymore and that he wasn't going to have sex with me anymore.

Being under the care of a pedophile for 8+ years really fucked me up. The way I think is basically disgusting and sickening now.

So yeah, I feel for her and literally everyone else who can relate to this kind of shit.

No. 31258

she's like 5'1"-5'2" and shes under 80 lbs, around 75. her weight fluctuates a lot.

she is bulimic though. she constantly eats on cam and makes a big show of it, then disappears to the bathroom afterwards for 10-15 minutes.

No. 29382

I kissed my bf first…

No. 28957


just end my life please

No. 28943

this if i looked like maisie williams i would be happy for life.

instead i'm like someone ran over maisie williams with a truck and then backed up and did it again

No. 28639

if she thinks her chin is weird and throws off the rest of her attractive face she should've posted in the plastic surgery thread for advice, not the thread for ugly people - which she is not.

>Damn, maybe it's best you don't leave the house if you're this crazy because somebody is more attractive than you.

maybe you shouldn't be such a bitch and taunt people who are less fortunate than you. do you pull up to homeless shelters in your ferarri? do you go to food banks and eat caviar in front of them? no? then why post your ATTRACTIVE pretty face in a thread where people are talking about KILLING THEMSELVES because they don't have that.

No. 28632

lmao stop defending yourself

Ugly people who barely leave the house and can't even face the mirror don't take dolled up pictures and post them on anonymous image boards.

Fuck off to /soc/ if you want compliment fishing, slut.

She even said she realizes she's attractive

No. 28626

>a thread specifically for mentally ill ugly people who talk about wanting to kill themselves
>people flip out at an attractive person trying to fish for compliments

Like seriously this thread is full of people talking about how their lives have been destroyed because they've been bullied all their lives and some bitch comes in with a perfectly fine chin and starts bitching about it. If anything that screams of narcissism

No. 28624

>horrific attitude

It's a thread for ugly people. Stop humblebragging and posting your attractive face.

No. 28594

why was your vagina wrecked anon???

No. 28589

File: 1462727668953.jpg (183.96 KB, 577x684, 1462382009413.jpg)



No. 28586

Because she's an evil bitch who wants to make people feel bad. Like this thread is filled with people talking about how they don't even leave the house because they've been bullied so hard, and she posted two fucking selfies of her normal face

No. 28575

Medical and I was TERRIFIED at first, for a week up to it because of all the horror stories.

All in all it was a 10/10 experience. I was 5 weeks since my last period so only probably 2 weeks "pregnant". I went to the clinic and was there for two hours. They did a blood test and an ultrasound and then injected me with the first drug, and sent me home with oxycodone and 16 mifopristols that i had to put up my vagina.

3 days later I put 4 up my vagina, nothing happened and I got worried that nothing was going to happen and that I was going to have to get a surgical anyway. The next day I put in 4 more, and the bleeding started but very few cramps. Less than a regular period.

I did a blood test 2 weeks later and the results came back perfect. Which I was shocked because I barely bled anyway.

The only downside is not being able to fuck for an entire week, but that would've happened with a surgical I guess.

No. 28574

File: 1462722410673.jpg (374.97 KB, 1280x720, aqua crying .jpg)


legit ruined my day tbqh

No. 28573

File: 1462722177168.jpg (26.57 KB, 400x539, lily cole.jpg)

>ugly thread devolved into staceys posting pictures of themselves

is there no place sacred


i have the face on the right, except i guess my forehead is bigger and im less symmetrical, so basically just fuck my shit up fam basically because SHE doesn't even look good in candids and she's a super model, pic related. basically you're fucked if you have a fat soft face.

No. 27548

This tbh, even if it was written by a man. It's important to be wary and not let your guard down. Even if he promises you the world, even if he marries you, even if he gives you kids, remain suspicious as fuck.

No. 27079

>living off raw veggies and protein shakes

this isn't a healthy diet, in fact this is #1 way to get your kidneys to give out on you

No. 27074

deleted and changed to cocochampange (bitch cant even spell right)

still shooping now that she quit camming again… whats wrong with her

No. 122989

I would say its upper middle class but I'm not trailer trash, my parents live in a far better house (I don't live with them)

but Taylor's family is rich, look at the bags on the counter (louboutin shopping bag and a LV purse), some really nice cars and new furniture everywhere. they definitely have a lot of money to spare.

No. 27061

He denies everything because that's what abusive cheating asshat bfs do.

No. 27060

Same exact situation happened with me.

Was in my first relationship for two years with a guy we knew almost a decade. He cheated on me and acted the same way.

Then he cheated on me again.
Turns out he was cheating on me the entire relationship.

Emotional cheating is worse than physical cheating because it means he doesn't love you at all and doesn't respect you. You are not being crazy. You're being a rational human being.

Dump him, take care of yourself. Seriously, dump him.

No. 27008

File: 1461286850692.jpg (70.78 KB, 400x600, 2016.jpg)

Re: engagement rings
I think the "classic" rings look tacky. I don't want my bf buying me expensive jewelry or an expensive rings and I'd feel so good with something more sentimental that reminds me of him, like a simple silver band engraved with something would be so much more genuine and touching. Something inspired by our relationship rather than a magazine.

Its sad because my ex bf bought me diamonds (which I sold, gg) and he ended up being a cheater. I hate it when people are image-obsessed. Someone that treats you genuinely is so much more important, someone that actually loves you is so much more important.

As for a wedding, I actually do want one but only as an excuse to wear a cute dress like pic related, I'd want it to be small (tbh it would be kinda cute to elope and do something cliche like have it on a beach while the sun is setting or something).

No. 122719

File: 1461284802869.png (396.99 KB, 430x712, Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 8.24…)

like yikes

No. 122718

File: 1461284723541.png (566.5 KB, 468x723, Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 8.24…)

Pumpy is a hot mess tbbh

No. 262081

From age 13-18 I would eat only a salad after school and coffee that's it. I was always 90-100 lbs.

I'm 22 now and only the last three months because of pregnancy and birth control issues have I got to my highest weight, 120. Before that I wasn't restricting but still around 100.

Lotre is fat because she eats too much. She eats BK like three times a day

What do you expect

No. 262077

From age 13-18 I would eat only a salad after school and coffee that's it. I was always 90-100 lbs.

I'm 22 now and only the last three months because of pregnancy and birth control issues have I got to my highest weight, 120. Before that I wasn't restricting but still around 100.

Lotre is fat because she eats too much. She eats BK like three times a day

What do you expect

No. 26909


I'll be working so I'll be leaving the house before they wake up and only coming back for dinner some days so I only really have to worry about dinner but my mom makes like such high calorie shit, likes to buy fucking pastries and serve them at dinner, the whole nine yards. I mean sometimes she'll go as far as making a whole sushi set up which is usually nice but I don't want to offend her.

No. 26908

She makes really fattening shit though and expects me to eat her portion sizes… I don't want to eat 1200 calories for dinner :/

No. 26823

Haven't purged in under a year, since August.

I've gained like almost 20 lbs since then and I wanna start again because I hate myself and want to die.

Problem is I'm moving back in wit my parents. I've never purged living with them… what do I do? How do I do it safely? How do I hide it?

It's easier for me to restrict (just eat one small meal a day and mostly drink fluids) but my mom does everything in her power to make me gain weight even though I'm already hefty right now (115 lb, 5'2"). So I think going back to purging her dinners at least… problem is I have no idea how to stop her from getting suspicious.

No. 121434

you're the one being a drama queen. chill its a gossip forum. you weren't crying like a bitch baby when we were gawking over megan's muffin top. bitch looks weird, like a little boy. instead of vomiting all her food maybe she should gain some weight?

No. 121430

So what? I agree with that anon… that lack of breast tissue is abnormal AND she's really skinny, so it looks even worse. If she's not starving herself then she deifnitely has some sort of birth defect

No. 121420

anachans feeling insecure lmao

No. 121418

File: 1460942951883.jpg (8.64 KB, 300x225, what.jpg)


no i don't see women with the body of 12 year old boys irl on a daily basis because most women look normal. and to be honest she doesnt look too far off from the pic you posted. wish anachans would just go. this isn't normal, thats why we're gawking

No. 121415

File: 1460942677028.jpg (16.68 KB, 640x480, w.jpg)

>Her ass is fine. She's "model" thin.

If you think this is fine you need to go see a psychologist fam. looks like fucking cp.

No. 121412

File: 1460942483686.jpg (Spoiler Image, 121.21 KB, 1000x1500, HEALTHY.jpg)

So healthy and model skinny xD

Kys anachan

No. 121406

she has no ass.. what are you talking about

No. 121393

she's taking longer than she spent eating..

No. 121389

Ash literally belongs in a graveyard. This girl is 6 years younger than her an well on her way.

No. 121387

File: 1460941532222.png (268.43 KB, 500x428, Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 9.03…)


>just ate

>chugged a redbull
>5 minutes late
>"i gotta go pee you guys ill brb"

Lets see how long shes in the bathroom for

No. 121384

File: 1460941370237.png (543.74 KB, 936x500, Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 9.02…)

does she get tips for vomiting it too?>

No. 26469

not that anon but do you have any recommendations?

No. 121355

File: 1460939230978.png (273.28 KB, 579x437, Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 8.21…)

i wonder what she would look like normal

No. 121352

File: 1460939044605.png (31.62 KB, 827x88, Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 8.23…)

Another gem

No. 121341

File: 1460938610059.png (32.11 KB, 869x80, Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 8.16…)

men are literally retarded

No. 121338

She's always drinking full calorie coke etc. How the fuck does she do it? Genetic disorder? Illegal drugs like DNP? I must know…

No. 121337

she didnt buy a mansion, shes renting it for $5,000 a month (basically throwing money into the garbage that she'll never get back)

no responsible real estate company or lawyers would sell a 19 year old camwhore a million dollar house

No. 121334

File: 1460938323239.png (38.41 KB, 922x129, Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 8.11…)

lmao no one, she cut her mom out. probably the same people that give her shit. one of her "Regulars"

Seriously though what is her secret, how is she functioning. if I remember correctly she said she is around 79 pounds and 5'5" or something

look at one of the comments on her profile. her fucking followers are the real cows

No. 121318

yeah seriously all she had to do to get that shit was whore herself out and stay under 70 pounds. like damn her house is nice. :/ however i wonder what shes gonna do when she cant cam anymore… move back to her trailer park i guess

No. 121313

File: 1460937299502.png (307.97 KB, 572x430, Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 7.54…)

No. 121309

File: 1460936771424.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.4 KB, 600x898, what do u think.jpg)


She claims she isnt but… what do you think?

No. 121306

File: 1460936334876.png (543.81 KB, 906x520, Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 7.38…)

LMAO @ at the comment by ceetee and her face

No. 121305

File: 1460936195358.png (282.19 KB, 587x438, Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 7.36…)

she's like every pro anas dream tbh

No. 121303

i think the same thing… like i dont know how people can be aroused or even look at her and feel okay. when i look at her i feel disturbed, she's so close to the other skellies we post about on this site (michelle etc)

No. 121302

File: 1460935730910.png (Spoiler Image, 290.01 KB, 577x438, Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 7.28…)

DAE think she's the successful skellington version of Lotte?

No. 121298

File: 1460934791302.png (403.73 KB, 411x725, Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 7.12…)

this tragic skeletor is online

No. 26403

Her mfc was DaisyFairy and Twitter is cocochampagne. She tried deleting all social media and stopped camming tho

No. 26401

Don't do rogaine unless you're super younger under 20

It breaks down the collagen in your skin, end up with Saggier skin and wrinkles

No. 121023

Wtf is wrong with her body honestly

She should go back to Photoshopping she doesn't cam much anyway Jesus Christ that's offensive. At least photoshop it a little to normal proportions girl

No. 26379

Like seriously girls don't compare yourself to photoshopped impossible unnatural proportions

And shame on her for faking it to be honest

No. 26378

This is all photoshopped. She cams on mfc now and her body is like a fridge

No. 26355

>tfw got a low score


No. 120839

File: 1460852407406.png (282.07 KB, 490x368, pumpkin spice.png)

They call her PedoSpice for a reason… she attracts pedos

Pic related when she first started out

No. 120691

No. 120680

its easy to eat out for every meal if you're only doing it once a day and you eat only a little bit of it. when i used to restrict a lot i'd eat like a mcdouble once a day and that would only be 300-400 calories. its not the most nutritious way of eating obviously, but its easy to lose weight on it.

No. 120673

File: 1460838265780.jpg (204.58 KB, 1024x1820, CfymqA3UIAUz16e.jpg)

i dont want to sound salty but i find it gross that people think this is a good attractive healthy body to aspire to… why would you want to look 12?

but she restricts a lot and probably does some sort of stimulant (probably adderal or the equivalent). when she does eat, she probably throws it up…

No. 260749

also she psoted lolicon on her twitter just now

No. 260748

i wnder if her bf is a pedo… his other gf likes ageplay and posted it all over her tumblr. that would explain a lot

No. 120654

A classic

"I can be twelve if you want to, I can wear pigtails and a loli outfit, that's my shit"

No. 120653


Video with someone making fun of her, and then she screams and threatens to hire a hitman lol

No. 120650

File: 1460836925139.jpg (25.42 KB, 581x431, CfVprKGUkAA3lsg.jpg)

Can we talk about this lil freak? She's basically like MFC's personal lolcow, every other camgirl/member hates her besides her crew of pedos and losers (inb4 vendetta, literally everyone on MFC twitter constantly makes fun of her)

>White trash

>Constantly uses words like nigger, faggot, chink, other slurs and pisses people off, then says stuff like "well i follow a chinese religion so its okay!!"
>Now that she's rich, she's renting a 4 bedroom house (for just her) for $5,000/month, constantly brags about it
>Makes $80,000/month but complains about how she's broke
>The day she made $21,000 she complained it wasn't enough lmao
>Constantly crying if she doesn't make #1 on MFC
>Calls herself a wifey and preaches about "cooking for your man" yet she eats out for every meal (literally doesn't know how to cook)
>Really bad, ratty extensions yet she calls herself a beauty guru lmao
>"Not like the other girls", gaymur gurl xD (yet sucks at vidya apparently)
>Sleeps with all her regular members (proven)
>Cheated on her boyfriend with one of her cuck members named Jefe (proven)
>Jefe is a fucking lolcow in and of itself, he's a 23 year old uni student virginwho has spend $50,000 on MFC and put himself in debt (pretty much all her members have gone into debt over her)
>Funniest part is she called Jefe a loser and a cuckold in private/public
>Has bashed and talked shit about ALL of her competition (literally every girl that does better than her, she talks shit about)
>Went on vacation with two other models (Emily and Someone else, I forgot), ended up getting into a fight with them because they weren't "camming enough" so they left and she invited three of her members (Jefe and two other guys) and pretty much fucked them all week
>Refuses that she's a prostitute/whore
>Does ageplay roleplay as a 12 year old girl
>Watches lolicon
>Has threatened to murder random people for talking shit about her/her members
>Spazzes out at the most random things (this is why she's a lolcow imo, very easy to troll and she'll go ABSOLUTELY crazy)
>Bodyshames girls with way better bodies than her (calls them fat and cellulite ridden lmao)
>Drinks and drives
>Fake cries all the time
>Tips herself all the time (probably half of her income is self-tips)
>When she was first starting out, she'd always bot her room (i.e. she'd have fake members in to boost her room count)
Just example of her attitude pretty much 24/7. Never see this girl with a smile lmao, she's just a spoiled little brat who is fun to watch/troll.

No. 260741

me too. disgusting tbh

No. 26316

honestly the swelling for me was horrible because i have thick skin. it's been a long time and i still have minor amounts of swelling due to my thick skin. he warned me of this so its not his fault, i guess. steroid shots help with this but the way i feel afterwards scares me out of getting them. basically my nose still feels like a frozen chicken.

the way it is with a swollen tip, i hate it. when the tip swelling goes down significantly more i might like it. i like it more every day that it swells less and less. but some days it is more/less swollen depending on what i eat.

and i might get it redone anyway in the future when i have money but the guy i want it done by will probably cost like 30,000+ and have to do a graft. it's slightly asymmetrical from one side because i had it broken as a kid, so it was always asymmetrical and that has stayed a little bit. honestly though he fixed A LOT of the symmetry, especially the nasal symmetry/tip symmetry which was literally massively asymmetrical, but the little bit on the bridge still makes me super insecure.

mine looks better than before but if i didnt have a broken weird nose, i wouldn't have done it. i spent $12,000 btw. if i had a normal nose like this i wouldn't have done it.

my nose was pretty much a black person's nose (i'm white) with massive asymmetry, it was flat, hooked, with a bump on the bridge, veered off to one side. the left side of the bridge jutted out more than the right side. looking at it nostrils-down the asymmetry was very apparent, i had no columella as my tip drooped too much. it was too wide and the bridge started way too low.

he corrected everything by taking cartilage from the tip and narrowing/straightening out the lower bridge as best as he could, and shaping my nostrils/columella.

the only thing he DIDNT do which i thought he would was add a graft so that my bridge would start higher. so now my nose still looks flat but at least it looks fairly normal and caucasian. but honestly it doesn't matter because this part is easily contoured anyway. before i couldn't contour at all because it was too wide, too flat and too humped at the same time.

it also depends on what noses you like. some people like pointy noses, some people like bigger noses, some people like small delicate noses. if you go into the charlotte charms thread a lot of people hate her nose and a lot of people love her nose, personally i love her nose and HATE big long noses. i love the upturned pixie look. so yeah you should tell all of this to your surgeon so he can give you a virtual picture of what the finished product might look like. he did that for me and i have to say that it is close enough (minus the still-swollen tip). a lot of people probably hate my nose but i don't really care because its way better than the crooked shit i had before.

sorry for the tl;dr. its just a huge and difficult decision and i wish more people would be detailed when it comes to the difficulties rather than just brushing it off as "easy". maybe its easy if you have a classic nose with just a hump to start with its easy, but in that case you don't really need surgery.

No. 26314

well i mean i know im ugly so i wasnt trying to fit it, but ive always been self conscious about my eyes/nose/lip ratio, and it fits in the mask just fine… i think those low brows are retarded like >>26296
said though. low brows are often very masculine…

the jawline/chin of that thing is good though. sadly i know thats where my problem lies.

so i'm ugly but at least i'm not ugly demon tier. i care less about symmetry and more about facial proportions.

No. 26292

So I did this and…

all of my features match up except my jaw/cheeks (which are to be expected because i have a weak chin/jaw and chubby cheeks)

but my eyebrows are way higher??? although that might be how i've been shaping them over the last few years

anyway it made me feel not so ugly, knowing that at least my eye-to-nose-to-mouth ratio is somewhat normal… ;_;

No. 26214

>Breasts are disgusting flappy udders, and guys who like them big have shit taste.

chestlets getting mighty defensive itt

No. 26166

not all of us can grow glossy and healthy waist length hair. i had hair down to my butt that i cut off because it grew thin as fuck and just looked pointless. i want extensions for fullness.

and ANY kind of weight placed on hair will cause damage, including growing it out lol. when i had butt-length hair i had a lot of tension stress on it too.

No. 259622

>PIDF has finally arrived

All pedophiles lack empathy. I'm not making shit up. Go to any major "pedophile" group on the internet and do the research, when they're in private and think no one else is looking. Maybe they can write salon articles about how NOBLE they are that they would never touch a child and how they resist, that people like you lap up, but in private they have podcasts (like the ones on /phile/ 8ch) where they talk about grooming 11 year old girls and watching CP.

The entire pedophile community is filled with notorious liars and horrible people and for some reason normal people are hell bent on playing devils advocate, wonder why

No. 26047

He looks like a drag queen, which he is. To say he belongs in a thread with women who look naturally better than you is retarded.

No. 259391

This! I hate when people try to argue for pedophilia to be seen in a good light like "other mental illnesses" (these are the same people who trash people with BPD and the like usually for being female-dominated).

It's all just a game to get pedophile acceptance. People act like this is something new. The pedophiles end goal is to legitimately fuck our kids. That's it. In the 70s child porn in Europe was literally allowed, and it seems that's where these sick fucks want to go back to.

You give them an inch, they'll take an entire mile. Mark my fucking words - just like the trans bullshit did. (Oh hey, did you know that the transsexuality/pedophilia combo are the most common cohabiting paraphilias?)

Do these pedo defenders think that pedophiles actually care about them or something? Pedophiles lack empathy and are sociopathic, that's the nature of their paraphilia, to corrupt youth and innocence. They'll be the first to throw people like Alison Rapp (implying she's not a pedophile) to the dogs once they get their way.

Anyone who publicly writes in defence of pedophiles like she did shouldn't be able to get a job under any professional organization, and certainly not one where you have to deal with kids. Sick fucks.

No. 259386

It's a big company and she was a small fish, chances are they didn't know until it was brought to their attention.

No. 26028

No, she's an ugly man and an uglier woman. Get some fucking taste and stop posting literal trannies guys

No. 25971

File: 1460500340989.png (1.01 MB, 888x869, Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 6.32…)

No. 25970

File: 1460500299015.png (486.63 KB, 593x594, Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 6.31…)

No. 25969

File: 1460500223751.png (576.42 KB, 595x592, Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 6.28…)

Some of these girls are beat af but I find this one pulls it off well… and she's fucking 40.

I can only pray I look as half as good as she does at her age. I love the barbie aesthetic

No. 25928

I have but no one believes me because he's one of those guys that's like "well if they can bleed you can breed" he's gross as fuck. He still goes around saying that he never cheated on me. When the last time I saw him I found a 15 year olds nudes on his phone, he grabbed it and deleted everything and left. He tried blaming me at first but then when the evidence was gone he just started saying "omg your lying nothing ever happened" After that I never saw him again because I broke up with him but he still claims to have been the good guy who worked so hard on our relationship. (We were together for 7 years and he would never compliment me or say anything nice, while he was writing fucking love letters to his teenage affairs.)

He also claims to have gone to a therapist who said its "perfectly normal" for men his age to still be attracted and going after teenagers (who often look younger because he goes for legit pro-ana ones). I say bullshit but honestly the amount of people who find nothing wrong with it… it's surprising.

Thank you so much.

No. 25896

I win the award for worst ex. I met him when I was an awkward kid and he basically groomed my dumb insecure ass. Fast forward to 7 years into the relationship:

>ex bf (age 28) could only get boners for anorexic teenagers

>was with him for 7 years
>literally would never fuck me, on the rare occasion he did he'd have to jerk off to finish
>caught him cheating on me on like three different occasions with over a dozen teenagers, mostly anorexic although not all, with fucked up "daddy" fetishes
>would always want threesomes, would call me fat and tell me he wasn't attracted to me because of my stomach (at the time I was 105 lb and 5'2" and the same size since I was 13), hated my tits and ass, thought I was ugly
>would say things like "I can't help but be unattracted to you" and "so break up with me, you'll never find anyone else and you'll always be alone"
>so I stayed with him for over 7 years because he was my first and all I knew, even though I practically cried on a daily basis because of him, he would ignore me for weeks sometimes
>btw he was legit obese and a college dropout with no work experience other than working for his dad, at 28 still lived with his parents, basically a fat NEET with porn induced ED and no redeeming qualities idk what I was thinking
>porn addicted, he spent five figures $$ on fucking cam sites and went into debt over them
>oh yeah the cherry on top: he faked having cancer once to avoid talking to me for 2-3 weeks and spent the entire time at home jerking off to camgirls

Fast forward to breaking up
>I broke up with him after I found out he was cheating on me the third time with a 15 year old anorexic girl that I was online friends in a game with (I'm 22, he's 28)
>the fact that it was someone I knew and he used me to get to her is what really opened my eyes to what a slimey pedophile predator he was
>girls before her were usually anorexics he'd find on tumblr, age 14-18

Was friends with a guy, over Christmas break we met up and begun dating by NYE.
>he found out I was in a new relationship in mid-January and proceeded to try to ruin my life
>sent my super conservative parents my nudes, shared a bunch of secrets with me, posted my dox on other websites and shared private pictures with strangers of me
>told me he'd do anything to ruin my life, that I deserved it, that he hoped I'd kill myself, all while posting my name all over the internet and goading people into sending messages to my supervisor and university dean
>parents really mad, pretty much broken relationship with them, dad doesn't even talk to me anymore, mom thinks I'm a useless slut
>they didn't even believe me about him (I had a bad relationship with my mom and dad beforehand and when we first broke up my mom texted my ex and asked him what "his side of the story was" because she didn't believe me) and so I had no support other than my friend (who I basically owe my life to)
>dropped out of school for the semester because of the depression and low self esteem
>he started dating someone 4 days after we broke up, I think that 15 year old girl, while getting mad at me for moving on months later

I literally went through hell. I wish I'd left sooner but for most of this I was in a foreign country all alone and he isolated me from my parents and friends. All I had was him and I believed his lies. I'd spent my days pretty much starving myself and just browsing tumblr or camsites looking at girls that he liked, usually underweight teens. I thought that was literally the only way he'd ever "love" me - now I realize the only person he ever loved was himself. I degraded and debased myself in so many ways that I won't even describe here for him, went completely against my principals. Almost cut my tits off because he liked flat chests and would always bully me about my chest. In the last 6 months of our relationship I didn't realize it at the time but I was really addicted to prescription opiates (codeine, oxys) and I pretty much spent the entire time in a daze.

Typing all this out really helped, I guess. The one thing I always wanted was closure, for someone to believe my version of events, which is the truth. But no one ever did because he always got to them first. I never had proof of his affairs because he'd always delete texts and accounts the second I'd find them (first he'd tie me to the bed so I would stop trying to grab the phone/laptop back). Even my own parents didn't believe the things that happened. That's how good of an abuser he is. I'll never get what I want.

But I can say that life has gotten much better. My current boyfriend is pure, moral, ethical, strong-willed, hardworking and worships me from head to toe. It is like night and day. The way he treats me is unbelievable. I never thought I'd be able to love myself but with his help I'm definitely starting to. It's like every negative thing that was etched into my head is slowly fading away and I'm seeing things in a new light.

No. 25416


I'm the OP of this thread and I saw that thread.

Seeing you post about it makes me really sad. I don't have any advice to offer to you because yeah, it's a very prevalent way of thinking amongst men today. They aren't "normal" though IMO, only flawed/shitty men think like this. Men who are going to think that as a way to cope with their own inadequacy.

A lot of men these days are very mentally ill and hate us. You have to remember that their way of thinking is not normal. Men should seek to pairbond and nurture a woman, not shitpost on a shitty imageboard filled with incelibate beta males about how they'll never be able to pump and dump millions of 10/10 Staceys. That's just vapid.

Do you ever see a normal, well-functioning, attractive guy think like that? Hardly ever, its always people with major flaws (either physical or mental).

tl;dr: it's their way of coping with not getting laid by supermodels

No. 256317

she really is dumb… for someone who talks a lot of shit

No. 25255

oh yeah after 2 months its almost like you got NOTHING done, (1 month for me) but it still looks weird and honestly the difference between 2 months and 6 months is like… almost a completely different nose.

No. 25245

>Something like that anon said which is just a bulbous tip is probably going to take a lot less time to heal and look a lot less bad in the meantime than something major like a large profile that needs your nose broken to fix.

I'm this anon: >>25244
The tip is the part that takes the longest to heal. Go to a different surgeon because yours is lying to you. Most of the swelling I have left is in the tip, and its actually a lot but going down every day by a little.

No. 25244

I had a nose job.

It was hell and it takes up to a 1-2 years to see the final result like >>25222 said. It's been six months and the swelling is not gone but its improving every day a little bit. I don't like it right now though, hope I won't have to get it redone.

No. 255603

File: 1459818178977.jpg (87.67 KB, 423x750, arianina.jpg)

pic related is the girl shes replying to lol

No. 255601

File: 1459817967050.png (50.63 KB, 615x311, Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 8.57…)

Charms is delusional, unless she loses the weight she'll never go back to camming in her prime where she was in the top 100.

Tbh even if she does lose weight she'll never go back to the top 100. Too many gross tattoos, balding, bad skin and makeup.

Charms is literally camgirl equivalent of PT. I hope she gives up sooner rather than later though, and finds a real purpose in life.

No. 24306

I hate being an ugly girl. I want to kill myself.

Yeah everyone around me is average, but I'm far fucking uglier. On top of an ugly, weird face that people have made fun of FOREVER, I have shitty skin, wrinkles, acne and a shitty body. I have thin greasy hair because I've been balding, and it gets greasy too quickly no matter what I do.

I honestly dont know why I haven't killed myself yet.

No. 253612

people are different when it comes to noses. i always thought her nose was one of her best features tbh. its dainty and small and feminine.

No. 252495

>almost 28 inch waist
>pt is creeping up closer and closer to your measurements


No. 24033

Not available in my country, wish it was

The only person being a little bitch here is you, why don't you go try derailing another thread instead?

No. 24007

i have natural lip lines that people only get from smoking 5 packs a day for 10 years, and they make lipstick just look like shit, they're so deep.

skin is shitty but in april im going to be doing hardcore amounts of chemical peels as per my derm's recommendations and hopefully i can at least have nice skin.

foundation cakes on my skin. the only nice feature i have is my eyes but they're very far apart :(

i do

i'm not that anon but i do this:
>double cleanse (first with an oil-based cleanser to take off makeup/oils, then with a foam cleanser), two times a week i'll use an exfoliating cloth around areas that aren't breaking out
>tone, let dry
>BHA/AHA exfoliator
>moisturizer in dry spots only

i've tried prescription stuff like clynomycin(SP?) in the past, but it jsut dries out my skin and does nothing for my breakouts. my breakouts are ONLY on my chin and jaw (they're hormonal), the rest of my skin is usually actually really okay… im just doing this to tide me over until i get real treatment or finally go on accutane.

No. 252136

File: 1458792924322.png (414.92 KB, 706x555, Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.1…)

"i stay on until tipping stops… or when i get real hungry"


No. 252128

File: 1458792183946.png (430.54 KB, 733x538, Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.0…)


No. 252123

she'll just fucking ignore it because she thinks shes perfect

im not wasting a cent on he

No. 252103

File: 1458790917384.png (385.69 KB, 675x538, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.4…)


No. 252098

damn her cam score is around 2k… thats pretty bad i remember when she was 10k+

No. 252094

File: 1458790231071.png (408.53 KB, 670x566, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.3…)

wtf kek

No. 252092

thats mfw i see her

No. 252085

File: 1458790032266.png (236.68 KB, 403x500, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.2…)

No. 252082

File: 1458789915662.png (382.64 KB, 657x541, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.2…)

people are literally paying her to eat.

No. 252080


No. 252079

File: 1458789862861.png (382.5 KB, 705x539, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.2…)

jesus christ… it almost makes me sad how far shes fallen???

No. 252074

File: 1458789777889.png (412.35 KB, 705x568, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.2…)

lol im here too

i wish i had her self confidence to go on cam looking like this

No. 23930

Yeah I definitely do have some sort of facial deformity. Maybe some minor FAS or something, and when I was little I broke my nose and my parents did nothing about it. Also I'm just fucking ugly. How do you explain Eggman being ugly?

They don't say I'm ugly or pretty, the last time I mentioned to a therapist how I felt about myself she took a long pause and changed the subject and asked me what I was doing for the holidays. Usually it's shit like this >>23904 "take care of yourself and there are so much more important things in life"

No. 23903

Lmao mine is noticeable so… my nose literally tilts to the left and one of my eyes is noticeably lower than the other. Not to mention they're far apart and I'm prematurely wrinkling and also balding.

Don't be such a cunt some people are uglier than others

No. 23898

I do that but it doesn't help. My face is super asymmetrical. None of my facial features match and all of them are "weird". I'm not homely or gross or unhygienic, I'm just really weird to look at. Stupid genes.

No. 23890

At least someone shares my feels :( sometimes it feels like I'm the only girl in the world who is unattractive lol

No. 251830

File: 1458720486954.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

I wouldn't be surprised if she quit

But she'll be back, too lazy to do anything else

No. 23042

My hair has drastically thinned out over the years, but I miss it. Fashion wigs always look so fake. I've been thinking about halo extensions but idk

No. 22994

How hard is it for a newbie to make their own hair extensions?

I miss having long hair and currently my hair is boob length. All the extensions I see online available for sale are either shitty quality, too expensive or too heavy. I want to make my own halo extensions because I've tried on good quality halos before and it really looked decent, but I'm scared because I've never sewn extensions before. Anyone have any tutorials to recommend or advice to give me? I'm almost tempted to just get dreamcatchers/micro links but god that's even more expensive and more upkeep :(

No. 105482

top surgery scars could just be self harm scars to corroborate with his story.

No. 105295

I'm like 99% sure that he's faking being a fake boi too, and that he's a real man who is claiming to be F2M so that he can give himself a weird backstory about how he was raped as a girl.

No. 105289

Red rooms are real but don't exist on Tor. A dozen or so guys in Britain got arrested and charged for basically operating a redroom where they molested various kids while streaming over the Internet with other pedos they knew, but that's obviously not something that's publicly available on Tor, you have to be a high ranking pedo to get in on that.

No. 248394

Hormonal acne

No. 248278

She could be on something for binge eating, since I think she was a binge eater before

But honestly she's been working on losing weight for a year now since we last spoke. Not surprised she's finally dropped it

No. 247833

No. 22428

Don't get your nose done, its fine. Just fix your eyebrows. They'll make your nose look more normal trust me, you'd look much better with thicker/natural looking browse.

No. 22424

Yeah I'm sorry but girls like this always look like shit irl unless it's natural, which for 99.99% of these instahoes its not. They are literally wearing 4 layers of makeup and their skin is so shit underneath. I knew a girl like this and all of her pictures always looked perfect, and she looked semi-decent in real life (maybe a little more beat) but I ran into her at the dermatologist without makeup on as I was leaving, and her skin was atrocious and covered in cysts, her face looked bloated from lack of contouring, etc etc. >>22305 is an accurate representation of what they look like in real life, to be honest. Cute but not supermodel-tier pretty like they represent themselves on instagram.

No. 247458

btw according to snapchat she's having a huge plate of 4 brownies (full sized) and a glass of milk for "breakfast"

vomit inducing tbh, i can't even have one without feeling sick.

No. 22420

Shit that I want done:
>forehead reduction
>buccal fat removal
>boob job
>lip fillers
>general fillers/botox

not that much

No. 247446

>people actually worrying about fine lines in their 20s in [current year]

As long as you have a good skin care routine and eat right and have a little cosmetic help on the side (Juvaderm and Botox)

No. 247359

Caras are obvious deep set wrinkles though. The reason why I asked about charms' is because they look like they're obviously the result of her having a bloated, puffy face. They're the result of her cheeks being puffy/heavy/casting a shadow. Kind of like Dakota when she first came to Japan. It's weird because Dakotas face is no longer puffy or bloated, so hers are pretty much gone. Like for example if Charms went to the dr to try and fill them in with juvederm, they'd tell her to lose weight whereas they'd gladly do it for Cara.

I hope Charms doesn't lose weight and then have deep-set nasolabial wrinkles underneath all that bloat.

No. 103813

No. 247137

There is nothing wrong with them, im not memeing like the rest of this board. im like 100 lbs thinner than lotte and mine are that deep too because of how bloated my face is. ive been trying to get it fixed so i was just wondering.

No. 247136

File: 1457582570402.jpg (35.23 KB, 374x442, Untitled.jpg)

she is so far gone. newest before/after pic

No. 247125


She's cuter in the face than Lomeli. It's a shame what happened to her.

No. 247122


I used to say it wasn't that bad a few months ago, but this is literally the worst boob job I've ever seen firsthand on someone I know. Wow.

No. 247120

Did she always have nasolabial folds or is that a side effect of getting fat/poor diet? I guess it is.

I saw her update her snapchat the other day saying she was going to the gym.

No. 246381

Lotte is my favourite cow. I gained 10 lbs due to depression and honestly I come to this thread and it makes me inspired to go run for 90 minutes and eat clean. I can understand why people used to post similar comments.

No. 244624

People like you are the reason she got that obnoxious terrible boob job in the first place

No. 244055

My ex bf went into like $20,000 debt for cam girls back in 2012. Glad I'm done with that loser

No. 244053

I am so sorry for her. These look saggier than most natural E cups… Shit.

No. 243715

Are you Russian? This is true in my culture too, my mom always talks about how you shouldn't brag too much because people will send bad vibes your way.

No. 243410

File: 1456782282812.png (562.79 KB, 904x813, Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 4.44…)

Shes cosplaying Sonico

No. 243405

I lost 10 pounds on lexapro.

Got off it because SSRIs are shit for other reasons (killed my motivation) but the weight loss was pretty nice, I was already small to begin with

No. 243367

>We did it, farmers. Charms is officially fatter than pixyteri. What a time to be alive.

Quoting for emphasis in case it hasn't sunk in yet.

No. 19244

File: 1455071484639.jpg (123.61 KB, 960x960, 995555_600503623341222_1573418…)

Stuff I think it played out


>Those high-waisted skirt/croptop combos (pic related)
>Gradient brows (only look good on like a few people who have natural brows like that)
>Grey hair
>Ombre hair unless it just looks like natural high lights

No. 74240

File: 1455071484639.jpg (123.61 KB, 960x960, 995555_600503623341222_1573418…)

Stuff I think it played out


>Those high-waisted skirt/croptop combos (pic related)
>Gradient brows (only look good on like a few people who have natural brows like that)
>Grey hair
>Ombre hair unless it just looks like natural high lights

No. 90083

She accused me of the same itt when I didn't even think about her for months now. She is very paranoid

No. 88909

i saw her posting in a thread the other day on r9k, wont bother with links because whatever. she posts all the time

No. 88908


my bf still finds her hot though

shit taste in cgl tripfags to be honest

No. 2138

dae wanna be filled in on this delish drama?

No. 229043

if i was cheated on and then my bf made a joke out of it i would probably kill him, not going to lie

No. 18570


I love men with nice jawlines without beards. It is so easy to see when a guy is hiding his shit jaw with a beard.

No. 74118


I love men with nice jawlines without beards. It is so easy to see when a guy is hiding his shit jaw with a beard.

No. 65629

I have $1.67 in my bank account and almost no food but I somehow need to come up with $50 by the end of next week to spend on a bus ticket.

Fuck my shit up.

No. 88794

I honestly can't tell if you're spoony.

Anyone who has actually interacted with Spoony knows that she is a cunt. Notice how everyone here is anonymous? It was like that on /cgl/ too, shit-talking anonymously. Spoony chose not to be anonymous, and therefore reeps what she sows.

You would think that because she has had so much internet "harassment" she would be sympathetic towards other cows, but she bashes them to make herself feel better about her sad, shitty, meaningless life. I gotta say that I haven't posted much in this thread AT ALL, but if you honestly can't see why people hate Spoony more than they hate Kiki, for example, then idk what to tell you.

No. 228981

I have a question.

Her face was really bloated when she first came to Japan and now its not, its really normal and angular.

Why is that? How did she do that? I am much thinner than her and I've always struggled with a bloated face (to the point where I've had lipo tbh) but haven't managed to fix it yet. I'm really amazed at her makeover…

No. 88565

Yeah whatever, I feel like shit knowing that my chicken legs and pancake ass/tits are forever genetically inferior, and I'm not even fucking skinny to boot

She was a cunt on old /cgl/ and /r9k/. When tripfags are cunts they tend to have threads. Drama isn't about how cute someone is, it's about how insufferable they are.

No. 88551

>my bf thinks spoony is hot

why even live at this point?

No. 228646

Maybe it's a sick thing to think, but I hope she stays with him so that he doesn't get his grubby hands on some other poor young girl and then ruin another couple lives as well.

No. 228636

I left a guy like Onision last year (in his 30s, manchild, pedophile, groomed me from when i was 15 or something, cheated on me with lots of jailbait when I hit my 20s until I finally said enough when I caught him with CP) and…

I don't envy Lainey at all. It's hard. They target vulnerable teens and sort of stop our mental development?

Onison, like my ex, will probably wreck her when she leaves. He won't sleep easy knowing she's happy. Mine posted revenge porn with my full name all over the chans, then linked them to my school. He showed it all to my parents. In public they act like "good" "feminist" guys, in private they are evil sociopaths and tormenters. I got married to mine too (stupidest decision ever as he is exactly like Greg and wants to get "married" to every child he meets) and he always threatened to sue me for "everything I am worth" if I ever left. Scare tactics that I took seriously because he isolated me from my family so I had no one to turn to to ask for help.

Lainey is probably scared to leave and scared what he is capable of. I doubt she will EVER leave unless he kicks her to the curb, and he probably won't as long as she's already with his pedo-cheating.

No. 18493

dear you,

you'll probably see this even though you shouldn't be browsing my sekrit gurls club imageboard. so don't read any further if you think this might pertain to you.

i'm so grateful i met you. i'm not kidding when i say it's eerie how similar we are. i feel like we operate on the same level which is why you can understand all of my fuck ups. but you are the good parts of me, not the bad parts. you are the part of me which is completely free.

there is nothing about you that i do not love. i can't explain this to you so i don't even try. nevertheless, you are worth every minute of hell i walked through to get where i am now. i would do it all over again if it meant meeting you. when you look at me, it's like all questions of the why of everything are answered almost instantly.

you are the first person i've cared for. i know that sounds silly considering i've had family, i've had an ex. but it is true, you are the person i've caught myself caring for. i catch myself wanting to make your life as easy and pleasant as possible, i catch myself wanting to make you as happy as you deserve to be. i've never felt like that around anyone else.

No. 18206

I just outlined it for you, you dumb cunt

>go on /r9k/

>add random robots

oh wait no, don't actually do this

No. 227322

i think its the australian OINTB, wentworth

No. 17839

I-I'm actually a girl.

I wouldn't recommend meeting ANY robots off of /r9k/. He's an exception I've made because he's fucking awesome, sweet, amazing.

No. 17835

File: 1453866778036.png (331.59 KB, 640x480, SSQUEE.png)

I met him on /r9k/ which should have been a massive redflag, but I browse /r9k/ a lot too. I added him in a thread because he greentexted a really sad story and stated he lived near me, I felt bad for him and we just struck up conversation.

I'd known him for a while. He was funny and a good listener and kind of shy and not predatory or flirty. We studied the same stuff. We lived near each other so we decided to meet up. He was way more handsome in real life. Like, way more to the point where I was shocked. These sleepy, deep eyes that I literally just drowned in, perfect pale skin, the most perfect jawline ever. The softest light brown hair ever, and curls around his face perfectly. A slight stubble. He dresses so c u t e.

We hit it off right away and have been basically inseparable since. I feel like we are compatible in terms of most things, politics, etc. I feel like I can be myself with him. He's a nerdy weeb boy and submissive and calls me mommy and he's perfect aaaaaaa

No. 226625

Is it weird that I preferred her when she was fat? There was something lewd about her body…

now she's just some weird ugly washed up 40-something average lady.

No. 223920

man she looks dreadful

>those brows

wha the fuck

No. 108266

man she looks dreadful

>those brows

wha the fuck

No. 221656

i have, but i certainly don't keep 30+ books filled with underaged naked kids alongside my "barely legal boys" collection of real pornography

that, and i haven't been accused of being a pedo before. like most people. you're crazy.

No. 221651


>an accused pedo is harbouring nude pictures of boychildren and young male teens in sexually compromised positions amidst borderline ageplayesque porn mags because… ART!!

take it to /b/, you fucking lunatic

No. 221636

No. 221630

The police raided MJ's mansion though and found it littered with child porn of boys and girls though.

So your little conspiracy theory is misled. The documents are out there. Maybe he never diddled anyone but he certainly was a pedophile… who just happened to be in the wrong time and place around a bunch of kids? Yeah right lmao

No. 77390

holy kek someone archive this quickly

No. 215231

File: 1450396241193.png (384.2 KB, 1002x482, Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 6.50…)

The documentary. he is so repuslive

No. 215228

File: 1450396174065.png (195.05 KB, 994x722, Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 6.48…)

Part 2

Sorry this is just so interesting to me because I live near them

No. 215227

File: 1450396086098.png (216.08 KB, 990x762, Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 6.47…)

Part 1

No. 215225

File: 1450395971402.png (266.73 KB, 1004x930, Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 6.45…)

This guys facebook is a gold mine

its sad how much he hates his family

No. 214885

File: 1450278723260.png (91.33 KB, 998x380, Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.1…)

This cow is fucking wild

No. 214884

File: 1450278640696.png (1.35 MB, 1002x950, Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.1…)

Any toronto haters want a piece of her?

No. 214883

File: 1450278390226.png (1.69 MB, 1742x1188, Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.0…)

No. 214882

wtf???? whoever said this was a pedo chamber was right.

also gallusmag is awesome, so fuck stefonknee. but seriously "a bed for Gallusmag to lay her dead upon"? that sounds creepy as fuck. trannies are creepy as fuck

No. 214699

the people crying about how he isn't a "real" trnany and that real trannies are cute innocent angels uwu

like fuck off, this is a prime example of liberal degeneracy lmao

No. 214642

the /cow/ thread is better than this one because there aren't as many tranny-loving whiteknights over there. holy shit what has happened to this community

No. 214309

I love how transfags are always like "ANYONE WHO IDENTIFIES AS A WOMAN IS A WOMAN NO QUESTIONS ASKED" and then when their tranny-of-the-month fucks up they instantly go "ummmmmm no! he isn't a REAL! trans person" and they start picking apart his identity

no true scotsman, etc etc

No. 214302

omg why are you retards SO obsessed with whether or not he's trans? trans people can be sickos too. more often or not they ARE. transsexuality is a mental illness for a reason. this thread is unreadable with the amount of gender-tumblr/PULL bullshit in here.

nah. you have that mindset, not her. 100 years ago we're gonna look back and see that we treated this mental illness almost like lobotomies. they need to be put on antipsychotics not have their delusions fed furhter

No. 214259

found it

its here.

i know the rules of this board say we can't dox people but if anyone wants to report this sick fuck, the dox is on this page.

No. 214258

Trannies are crazy people who cut their dicks off. Stefonknee is a crazy person who refuses to cut his dick off. Know the difference, it could save your life

ugh its in the last 10 pages. i can't find it

No. 214256

Can we stop arguing about sissies and trannys, you fucking autists? Both are degenerate, if not the same. It doesn't really matter. Someone needs to bring down this horrorcow.

No. 214253

i live in DT toronto too, very close to this fuck - kiwifarms released his address.
if you need help i can help you out.

No. 214122

>you clearly have some kind of problem with Trans* people.

Shouldn't everyone have a problem with degeneracy? :^)

No. 214118

His youngest daughter posted on kiwifarms answering questions, she says the "family" that adopted him needs to be investigated for child abuse because their daughter is probably in danger

Also he has a bunch of fetish stuff out there with his "family"


No. 213591

Yeah, he tried committing suicide on his daughter's wedding day.

And his "daddy" fucks his asshole. It's disgusting. I think the family that "adopted" him should get investigated, they have a 9 year old daughter and they're letting this literal pervert pretend that he's her sister?

However I feel like he could give a lot of milk to us tbh

No. 213350

yes, this. the resemblance is UNCANNY. are we sure lotte didn't kill judith butler and use her as mike's skin?

No. 212500

scraps looks like venus's mom

No. 212499

exactly, i know people who are anywhere from bpd to schizo and they are decent, loving, nice people. charms is just a cunt, with or without the bpd.

also they are back on twitch

No. 212470

he looks like my mom
she's 55 and slavic for referenec

No. 211671

wtf???? she looks fucking scary. like a bride of chucky doll

No. 211395

and all dem figures and shit

waste of money for two unemployed peeps

No. 211381

File: 1449433019236.jpg (53 KB, 400x533, tumblr_nyxfdpnAWY1shp2t7o1_400…)

>tfw i posted the picture of her dinner
>tfw i now regret it because you faggots will literally derail anything

No. 68222

Yes she was posting the other day even lol

No. 211134

File: 1449351091323.png (54.2 KB, 606x310, Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 4.30…)

KRTprime is so pathetic jesus christ

No. 211133

Looks like ready-prepared rice. Like that uncle bens shit, frozen corn, deli meat ham?

The amount of sodium on that plate must be enough for an entire family for a month.

No. 211091

File: 1449346086401.png (1009.88 KB, 1032x756, Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 3.07…)

The reason why you retards won't take this to /meta/ is because you derive some sort of sick pleasure from shitting up the Charms thread with your personal bickering, isn't it?

Pic unrelated, haute cuisine courtesy of Big Lottes.

No. 210806

Does every other thread have this much derailing as the charms thread? holy shit

No. 210717

oh and zoella, her old roommate!

No. 210716

Charms was never that salty about Dakota. She is salty about Ashe and probably that tranny looking girl Lomeli.

No. 210074

What? I heard she has a brother who was in music school and a sister who finished a stem degree. i guess that person lied.

if soo then i guess her mother sucks at parenting

No. 210058

Yeah, her siblings are all very normal and successful. Charms is the black sheep of the family.

No. 208718

Dude she is literally a walking skeleton, its a plausible question

No. 208602

why does this atrocity have 500+ likes and why are people calling it beautiful? its borderline gore

No. 208121


I'm 22 and don't have stretch marks, so it's possible. My puberty was very slow though. I think Charms is the same way, she doesn't have many on her body because she gained her weight slowly.

No. 48275

its true. why won't these whores get that tbh? they whore around and the rest of us suffer the consequences. men look at ALL women and see them as for sale because of a small minority. i for one don't want to be seen as for sale. it's insulting. i want someone to earn my affection with respect, not by throwing cash at me and expecting me to open my legs…

No. 13968

its true. why won't these whores get that tbh? they whore around and the rest of us suffer the consequences. men look at ALL women and see them as for sale because of a small minority. i for one don't want to be seen as for sale. it's insulting. i want someone to earn my affection with respect, not by throwing cash at me and expecting me to open my legs…

No. 207599

It's ridiculously difficult to get boobs to be symmetrical even after surgery, yeah. But hers are just TOO asymmetrical. Like even normal boobs don't look as bad as hers. Her tits are one step above megvnmvrie-tier. Christ.

No. 207379


Tragic. Can't believe this girl used to talk mad shit about being attractive.

No. 63921

i dont know but this hime bitch is definitely a pedophile herself i think. she is almost out of her teen years and still fantasizes about little girls, you have to be a pedophile in order to get off to that kind of shit on her blog

No. 207300

File: 1448391913558.png (50.48 KB, 1336x512, Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 2.04…)

lets do it then. isnt it her mum on the lease/owning the house? it cant be that hard

also rip charms hair, pic related

No. 207252

No but I have her mom's name. I guess we could easily find it out if we tried hard enough.

But then again what will happen? Those cats will just go to a shelter and might be put down? But I guess if we contacted the authorities they might prevent her from getting any more animals.


No. 207147

>Ever had to go two weeks without solid food to prep for a surgery by only consuming water or a protein shake?

Actually, yes. It's called real life. Fatties and their food, lmao

No. 207111

I got a puppy because I wanted something to take up 99% of my time because I was a NEET.

Now that I have stuff to do my puppy is grown up, I would adopt a dog from a shelter.

No. 48250

No, it hasn't become to hard to live. Men find a way to live and do just fine. These whores are literally just spoiled and stupid.

No. 13872

No, it hasn't become to hard to live. Men find a way to live and do just fine. These whores are literally just spoiled and stupid.

No. 207096

Oh my god… don't give her any ideas LMAO….

No. 48241

Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel more special. Anyone can be a prostitute. Have you seen some of the girls on twitter with sugar daddies? They look like apes.

Some women don't need to sleep with desperate old men for money and self esteem.

No. 13837

Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel more special. Anyone can be a prostitute. Have you seen some of the girls on twitter with sugar daddies? They look like apes.

Some women don't need to sleep with desperate old men for money and self esteem.

No. 47939

I'm insecure as shit but after reading this thread… holy shit y'all take it to the next level. Damn.

I agree

No. 207000

how do you know?

i hope she does. her lips are great now and one of her best features, and keeping in line with good ol charms fashion, she just HAS to ruin them!