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File: 1476217516357.jpg (85.15 KB, 630x630, 194975ab-s.jpg)

No. 181983

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dakotakoti
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koti.rose/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dakotakoti
Line blog: http://lineblog.me/dakotakoti/
Ameblo (seems to be inactive, hasn't been updated in a while): http://ameblo.jp/dakotakoti/
Personal site: http://dakotarose.com/
BRAVO Models profile: http://www.bravomodels.net/detail/?mid=677
Tumblr (inactive): http://kotakoti.tumblr.com/

New thread since the last one finally bit the dust.
Things are still as boring as ever in Kooter-ville.

No. 181990

File: 1476218918789.jpeg (70.34 KB, 480x552, image.jpeg)

Somebody used her photo lmao

No. 181993

the juxtaposition of her lips in this picture versus the one in the op is hilarious.

No. 182055

Old thread >>161532

No. 182452

File: 1476286518298.jpg (35.9 KB, 540x535, koots is that you.jpg)

I've been ready.

No. 182473

Pictures of Suzy should go in the Game Grumps thread, please stay on topic

No. 182474

Holy shit, anon.

No. 182477

fckin savage

No. 182478


No. 182504

She actually looks okay in that picture (if one didn't know how she looks irl, that is)

No. 182505

agree to disagree anon, she still looks like a fetal alien to me. Her eyes are disturbing

No. 182548

File: 1476330071699.png (520.81 KB, 630x630, dako.png)

dakota this could have been us if you didn't have so bad dysmorphia

No. 182574

lord this really highlights what a boring and mediocre person she actually is. you can tell she's lazy just from looking at this video lol. like i feel like this is her true disposition.

No. 182576

File: 1476334299962.png (19.93 KB, 814x119, 1j.png)

i guess this is what's left of her fans

No. 182577


LMFAO of course

No. 182590

And she sounds just like Kiki too

No. 182592

File: 1476337067378.png (518.43 KB, 549x322, aite.png)

No. 182599

that pic on the left…….

No. 182606

ew somebody shoot that guy

No. 182613

ugh, i think she's cute without her shoops; the chubby face is endearing. besides, tanukigao is preferred over kitsunegao in her line of work, even if she's trying to get into darker larme.

No. 182616

too bad she's an idiot and would rather shoop herself into looking like she's missing a chromosone than alter herself in a way that will actually benefit her flopping career.

No. 182624

No. 182634

Ah, back when her editing was actually beautiful. Good times.

No. 182635

Actually, she sounded much less obnoxious than Kiki.

No. 182636

She looks like she's got fetal alcohol syndrome now lol

No. 182686

File: 1476372587380.jpg (286.11 KB, 1200x1200, Cup8ghSVUAAas2G.jpg)

No. 182697

someone please make a comparison photo this is one of the worst ones yet

No. 182698

i mean it's not an ugly face but like… it's so obviously fake and not her face that it looks bad lol

No. 182702

The face that got her noticed by Bravo was soft, sweet, and cute. Now she tries to force her face to look more angular and mature, but with bugged out baby eyes and blown out inflamed sphincter lips and it looks like a hot mess. She's even shopping her nose to be thinner, pointier and slightly sloped than just straight. It's like she's trying to paste features into herself that she thinks she needs to look better, but with her wide, chubby face they just look like a bag of rotten assholes. It's almost sad, but then I remember she's never had to actually work for anything in her life and has always been a stuck up twat just like her sister and mother and I kek.

No. 182707

File: 1476381361304.jpg (512.43 KB, 2048x2048, C028B8CA-AD2A-4B5E-913C-601A90…)

No. 182708

are you kidding? it's horrendous!

No. 182711

I found that salon's Twitter. Scrolling through their photos, Dako-chin isn't on there. She probably doesn't allow them to post pics she hasn't retouched herself.


No. 182723

You forgot to shoop your thighs, Koti

No. 182732


Love that "Dako-chan" my fucking sides

No. 182738


>American/Japanese model

>the BIGGEST, most beautiful eyes
>The most amazing woman in the world

Ok, "STALKinu2".

lol her fan base is 50% creepy men, 50% pedo lesbians.

No. 182761

giant oversized sweaters bc she's too lazy to shoop her body anymore lmao

No. 182767


Remember when she took down the pic f her sitting on the couch in the Bravo office building? Anons compared it to another pic of her by that same couch where she shopped her entire body so small in comparison to the couch that it went from being a decorative little 2 seater to the size of a full sofa compared to her body. Of course, it was deleted once anons pointed out that she forgot to shop her leg thinner below the glass on the table and how much smaller the couch was in the other pic. Both of which were originally posted by her on her IG.

No. 182770

wait what photos i don't remember

No. 182772

File: 1476403450220.png (86.91 KB, 640x821, IMG_2111.PNG)

She used to have two photos of her in the Bravo main room, there's a small 2 person couch with a low glass table in front of it and pictures on the wall behind it. In one, it's just her sitting on it posing, and in another she's standing in front of it beside a Japanese guy in maybe his early 30's, and the couch was noticably smaller in the pic with her and the other guy than it was in the solo pic, which means she shopped her entire body smaller. Also, she thinned out her legs but forgot the part below the glass on the table. And I just double checked her IG, the one with the guy is gone but this one is still here. IIRC the caption on the one with the guy was something about him being her senpai that she met in LA when she signed with Bravo. I don't speak much Moon and that was all I could eat out of the mangled IG built in translator.

No. 182780

File: 1476407378708.jpg (135.94 KB, 1080x1080, ネイルサロンRaviy(ラビィ) • 2016.0801@0…)

Here's Dako-chan back in July at Raviy Nail Salon: (https://www.instagram.com/p/BIjVBK9jVWC/) (or see pic attached). This is what Kooter pooter posted on her IG: (https://www.instagram.com/p/BIfMOp7jAKj/)

The Raviy Nail Salon instagram: (https://www.instagram.com/raviy31/)

→ Enjoy the comparisons ←

No. 182788

Wow, her hair really looks light brown here.

No. 182789

File: 1476410697992.png (82.59 KB, 640x824, IMG_2118.PNG)

She shopped her knuckles off

No. 182790

File: 1476410818357.png (88.76 KB, 640x804, IMG_2119.PNG)

This one is even better, from August

No. 182791


I was wondering why they looked like penis with nail art glued on.

No. 182792

File: 1476412156730.jpg (891.17 KB, 2560x1920, IMG_2122.JPG)

I made a side-by-side for better comparison.

No. 182793

Huh? Was she this much of a weeaboo?

No. 182795

If she is she keeps it on the DL, the only references to any anime besides Sailor Moon (token kawaii shoujou animu) she makes are with her nails (she's had some Puella Madoka name-I-can't-remember nails, also some other anime nails as well, and has posted snaps of some manga too.

No. 182797

Jesus christ. I'm actually feeling annoyed by her and how she thinks anyone can be so fucking stupid to believe her shoops.

No. 182799

I'm sorry, but these are fugly. I would have thought she designed them for babyfang, they remind me of all her tacky pieces in nail form. Cats, rhinestones, crosses, ombré… it's like she's trying to go viral again by slapping every remotely popular trend together, except this time, she will be the queen of the hashtag nail art trend. Pretty soon you'll see sad little weebs leaving comments on her pics saying they wished their fingers were naturally as slim, dewy and absent of any joints as hers!

No. 182800

I'm amazed she still calls herself a blonde. Japan has heard of light brown hair Dakota, you're not fooling anyone. Maybe that's another reason he hasn't been getting as much work lately.

No. 182802

She took the time to shop her knuckles off, but not shop her jagged cuticles.

No. 182812

Wait, is right unshopped? She looks rather lovely.

No. 182815

File: 1476416371412.jpg (5.14 KB, 213x236, images.jpg)

lol no, it's an older shoop i'm pretty sure
that looks nothing like her real face

No. 182818

The fucking noodle finger shoops that Koots does are as bad as her thinned out cankle-legs. She just doesn't get anatomy.

No. 182824

It is actually, it's a candid from Risel's insta, posted a few months before Dakota's IG shoop on the left.

No. 182826


I meant *Raviy, my bad.

No. 182827

Yes! I think it says a lot about how much of her body she is actually shaving off. Also that one photo of her standing up and her backpack looks huge on her because she liquefied it .I'm really surprised she didn't do anything to her thighs in this one. You can't just change your face in real life without surgery obviously but why doesn't she just lose some weight? Sometimes I have to agree with those annoying anons calling her fat all the time.

No. 182830

It is medium blonde imo. It's not like Elle's fanning super light blonde, but still inside the blonde shades.

>>182812 both pictures are shoped.

Ugh I never liked the way she used to do that wing with eyeliner, Kiki still does it like that, it makes them look like they have downturned eyes.

No. 182834

File: 1476419980990.png (104.11 KB, 640x729, IMG_2132.PNG)

She always shoops her entire body smaller, like pic related. Look at how huge the hat and computer tower are compared to her entire head and upper body.

No. 182838

I can't stop laughing shit…. how did I not notice that

No. 182844

I really want someone to attempt unshooping this.

No. 182845

Haha and you know she used that dark shadow under her leg to her advantage.
I can't imagine how she must look in those clothes in real life. She wears this oversized stuff to make herself look smaller in pictures but she has to look like a frumpy mess.

No. 182847

File: 1476422772491.png (70.08 KB, 602x631, IMG_2140.PNG)

The #ダコタローズ tag on Instagram is filled with a ton of stuff I haven't seen before. Mostly older stuff, but there are some gems.

No. 182849

File: 1476423345901.png (150.73 KB, 640x1091, IMG_2142.PNG)

The Tiara Milly cold sore strikes again!

No. 182850

>20 pounds and she'd look like her old (nicer) shops. what a shame

No. 182851

No. 182852

This time it actually does look like a cold sore. huh

No. 182853

She looks wonderful and human here. The right picture is especially cute.
A shame she chooses to go with downsy-alien-bobble-head look so much.

No. 182856

No. 182858

File: 1476426655302.jpg (148.39 KB, 1080x1080, 13414238_561366487371238_18366…)

I bet this is the most real photo of her in recent years.
She's not ugly. Just average.

No. 182859

File: 1476426854900.jpg (70.77 KB, 1080x1080, 917279_465634173647347_3938571…)

Such a strange one, but worth sharing again.

No. 182860

Woah, this is actually a super cute look on her. I like this.

No. 182905

She reminds me of Gaya here.

No. 182913

File: 1476450066205.jpg (88.01 KB, 1078x1066, Screenshot_20161014-140023_1.j…)

No. 182918

No. 182924

That was a fashion show she did where she compared herself to Twiggy. Also I can't help but notice, every time she's in a fashion show, they always put her in huge/baggy clothes. It's kinda funny.

No. 182926

It's insane how different she looks here. I kind of like it tbh. Better than what she normally does with her makeup I think.

No. 182942

it's like they don't know how big she's going to actually be since they know she lies about her measurements lmfao

No. 182970

Bravo and Popteen both have lied about all her measurements. In the last bikini shot of her that put in Popteen, they listed her height the same as before, but her weight was like, 15 pounds heavier (after kg->lb conversion). Sooooo yeah, a company willing to lie and say you're taller and thinner than you are saying you gained that much weight is a bad sign.

No. 183012

So what I'm curious about is how the hell is she coming up with rent? Does she have a part time job, live with a guy? I have a feeling that she lives in a apartment with another model under bravo trying to pass it off like she can afford a lavish apartment and furniture.

No. 183020

I always assumed it was shared, I was surprised to hear it was just hers? I was impressed too like well damn, good for you then koots.
But now I'm not so sure?

No. 183021

She either has a sugar daddy or worked the apartment into her new contract when she renewed it the last time she went home to FL to reset her visa when she was still getting lots of gigs with Candydoll, Popteen, Tiara Milly, etc. I think it's the latter, since now she says and obviously acts like she doesn't care for modeling anymore yet keeps doing it. She must have a minimum amount of work she has to keep getting to keep her contract and this her apartment. If she has a roommate, it's either another female model, or her apartment is bigger than the video makes it out to be (since all she showed was 2 bedrooms, the entry, her bathroom counter, TV and her stove) and she's living with a guy and hides his stuff when she wants to take pictures.

No. 183030

Yeah a while back she had a deco phone case with Madoka on it, and apparently when questioned about it she had no idea who it was. (she could've feigned ignorance though)
Wasn't Osomatsusan stupid popular for a minute when the new season came out? I think she just wants to stay hip and seem in the loop with what she thinks jap teens may like. Same with why she posts occasional horror manga caps, just tryna seem edgy and cool to teenagers.
People mentioned before she may have been into anime/manga as a kid and Kiki mocked her for it but I have no idea if that's true or not. I don't think she's a weeb who can keep shit on the DL, more likely just latching onto current trends. That would explain why we've only seen mainstream popular stuff like horror manga caps, osomatsu bros, madoka and sailor moon junk.

No. 183031

And her thighs or whatever it was, was suddenly like 5 CM thicker in the second Popteen measurement. kek

No. 183113

If Dakota's commuting by taxi to Bravo HQ, then she has to be living nearby and within the vicinity of Shibuya-proper. Rental prices for a 2-bedroom apt in Shibuya on average is above ¥500k/month ≈ $4,800+ (USD) and these don't even include monthly expenses like utilities, food, clothing/hygiene products, storage rentals, garbage/waste disposal, insurance and so on. No to mention the one time key-deposit fee and broker's fee. Some rental contracts even have these penalties for late payment and early lease termination in their clauses. So for Bravo, they need to have their model/talent earn ¥1M+/month to keep up with the cost and keep their books in the black ← this is the "miracle" that puzzles me with this agency, even when she's doing very little modeling work per month. You don't have to be an accountant to figure out that Dakota needs to model at least 4 times a month just to break even with the cost, add profit and prevent the company from financially bleed to death…

No. 183118

Uh, living in Shibuya can be cheap as fuck too. Just a FYI.

No. 183122

This just proves how much better she looks with heavier make up.

No. 183123

I never thought of the idea that the apartment is in her contract. If she isn't living with someone/ has a sugar daddy then I can see this most likely being the case.

Anxiously waiting for her to have to downgrade.

No. 183131

Former Shibuya dweller here.

If you look all the places Dakota goes like Risel, Raviy, where babyfang was, Bravo, and some of the other places she's been like EAT ME and Parco, with only a couple of exceptions they're all more or less in the same neighborhood. The area between Shibuya 109, Tower Records and Don Quijote. According to google maps, Bravo is just a few blocks outside of that parameter, as well as TV Asahi's studio where Abema Prime is filmed. But aside from those, she stays in the same neighborhood- my old neighborhood.

No. 183143

How do you know that it's your old neighborhood

No. 183146

Likely it's a property of Bravo

No. 183151

If they lived there they would be familiar with the places

No. 183158

Because Shibuya isn't really that big. The Tokyo tower, which both Dakota and Kiki have posted pics of, is in Minato-ku, which is next to Shibuya. You can get anywhere from Shibuya station because it's on the Yamanote line which is a main line. The park Dakota and Kiki went to for the cherry blossom picnic event last year is also right there, north of Shibuya station. It makes sense not to travel too far if you live in the middle of the fashion district as a model. Lots of shops, studios, hotels and venues to get jobs at or do events for.

No. 183181

File: 1476503890020.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0006.PNG)


No. 183185

File: 1476504871994.png (680.05 KB, 570x542, dakochin.png)

It's almost like she she shooped everything around the glasses smaller AND shooped the inside of the glasses bigger. Also sorry about the black dot i used it to measure her sweater so it was at least close to the size and I saved it by accident

No. 183190

File: 1476505369348.gif (985.78 KB, 500x271, zpKfxIX.gif)

Honestly, I don't get it, it's pretty horrendous with the orange. To each his own I guess…

No. 183192

The art on the thumb is cute but it doesn't go with the chrome at all. Makes no gd sense.

No. 183193

Does she shoop her sweaters baggier or something? It doesn't look so big in the candid photo. Maybe its all the shoop she does that ends up making it look the way it does in her photos.

No. 183195

File: 1476506202224.gif (1.98 MB, 271x276, Dwight-Schrute-Shakes-Head-and…)

Also, I just realised this unshooped picture gives me Dwight Shrute vibes. Unpopular opinion but I never thought these glasses looked cute on anybody.

No. 183197

I just noticed she shrunk her entire head >>183185
The sign appears much smaller in the image on the left.
smaller head makes her sweater look bigger.

No. 183201

Is that button on the right pic shooped on?
And she clearly shooped her head smaller and her hand area bigger.
This shouldnt be an easy and fast thing no matter how many years Kota has under het belt to get that degree it would have taken a couple of hours.

No. 183206

Tacky ass press ons aside, she shooped her knuckles out again.

No. 183207

Dakota's features are already grouped in the middle of her face with a massive chin and forehead to compensate, shrinking both does her no favors lol

No. 183208

I really don't understand her shoops, she always looks worse in them. All she really needs is some bangs and a better way of lining her upper lip and she'd be fairly cute again. The alien baby look is horrible.

No. 183209

IMO she looks cute enough without a ton of shop, just the normal "instagram filtered look" is fine. Why does she go to such lengths?

No. 183211

>Why does she go to such lengths?
because she's average jane irl and has a special snowflake complex

No. 183227

Maybe I'm blinded by the long hair.. But I'd say she looks better than average here, I'd even call her pretty.

Her current shoop style ruins everything for me, though. I hate how she's trying to turn herself into a giant alien baby. Girl needs some bangs and to lose a little weight, and she'd be much more marketable.

No. 183228

The black dot? Anon said they made it while making the comparison and saved the pic with it by accident.

No. 183238

File: 1476522648901.jpg (16.51 KB, 351x319, 1475202174374.jpg)

The thumb nails look like cigarettes.

IMO she's girl-next-door pretty. Unfortunately he's got weird cheeks that give her a Glasgow smile whenever the bottom half of her face isn't totally slack.

No. 183240

File: 1476525421949.png (1.05 MB, 1334x541, The Three Kotas 2016Aug01(Ravi…)

Thank You. I was in a hurry & didn't have the time to make a side-by-side comparo. How about a Dakota triplet? (see pic) Her shooping style now appears like she shrinks her forehead using her brow as baseline and then shrinking her jaws using her cheek bones as reference. Pretty impressive I think, but still anatomically unreal for a 20 year-old woman.

No. 183242

File: 1476525719833.png (327.17 KB, 941x361, Raviy_tagged_another_kooter_ig…)

Raviy tagged the wrong Dako-chan IG. Ooops. lol
I wonder if that account gets taken down by Dakota & O's…

No. 183250

File: 1476532762893.jpg (280.37 KB, 1001x536, fb.jpg)

hard to tell the before one was 6 years ago

No. 183252


Cheers for the info anon, future Tokyo visiter here and this shit is so handy.

No. 183260

Her nails look infected

No. 183261

Shit, that has to be a novelty over-sized hat or something, right? Christ.

Most of her recent images look so ridiculous that I can't imagine how she thinks they look OK or remotely realistic.

I wonder what her rejected shoops look like.

No. 183262

Looks like she shoops her head and body smaller but leaves the clothes big to make hersel appear ~smol~.

No. 183263

Nope, it's a normal sized hat that she's worn before in pics, she just shrank herself for this one. If you look at the curtain, you can see she's leaning against it and it's touching the table in front of the computer tower. The hat is on the table directly beside the computer tower, yet looks massive compared to her.

No. 183265

I guess tone never did translate online…

No. 183275

Kek. Some farmers are just too autistic.

No. 183323

File: 1476565884154.png (32.96 KB, 633x361, IMG_2173.PNG)

Isn't sneezing considered rude in Japan? Because I was scrolling through her insta and saw the old "house tour" video, except it's just her talking for a few seconds and then she sneezes on camera, sighs and starts playing with her hair. Idk, it just struck me as weird.

No. 183326

File: 1476566350651.jpg (302.89 KB, 640x960, IMG_0827.JPG)

This is where dakota's edits are headed

No. 183331

File: 1476567899560.jpg (73.75 KB, 421x316, IMG_2174.JPG)


Can't unsee

No. 183332

i wonder why she hates herself now more than ever

No. 183336

Might be because she isn't as popular as she used to be
She rarely gets any jobs and no once really cares about her anyway so she tries to be """beautiful""" again

No. 183340

She's just trying to be cute.

No. 183351


Japanese have caught on to her ass thats why. On Girls Channel there is so many of her old pictures thrown in the threads about her and constant ugly new shoops on IG. They know its lies.

Plus she's older now and teen girls care more about Nicole Fujita than Dakota or some living foreign barbie doll.

No. 183365

It is bad etiquette actually, you should at least cover your mouth. If it was "kawaii", more Japanese girls/wannabe weebs would be doing it.

No. 183435

File: 1476600595120.jpg (116.35 KB, 1080x1080, 14693910_194471304322821_12590…)

So much jaw shoop

No. 183524

That wig is awful

No. 183556

File: 1476629938617.jpg (25.76 KB, 152x173, 20161016_103812.jpg)

this looks like a bad de-shoop LMAO

No. 183599


Yeah holy shit, I haven't really been paying attention to the Disney photos and when I scrolled past this thread earlier and saw >>183435 I thought it was someone posting the results after they edited a candid photo onto her face.

No. 183619

they photoshopped away the harsh shadows of her cheekbones and made a 2-dimensional dumpling out of her face akdefle;riaew

No. 183630

Is it just me or does she look a bit like taylor in the one on the right?

No. 183758

Jeez, when did her face get so wide? No wonder she shaves half of it off with shoop. And it looks like her wig slipped a bit down on the left pic.

Isn't it interesting how whenever she gets gigs now, she nearly always has on a wig or a hat/bonnet? I though Japan loved your kawaii golden blonde elf hair, dako?

No. 183764

No even i thought that just now


No. 183776

File: 1476644586434.jpg (62.29 KB, 474x352, IMG_2203.JPG)

She looks exactly like Cathy here. But less busted ofc.

No. 183783

I actually don't think her face is that wide. It's an illusion created by the fact that that whoever shooped her cut off her chin. And then they also removed all evidence of her bone structure. The problem with koot's face is that it's harsh and big (first Secret Honey shoot). I guess the editor thought round and soft but wide was preferable.

No. 183810

File: 1476651885068.jpg (1.1 MB, 2560x2560, IMG_2206.JPG)

Looking at her old pics and gig shoots compared to what she looks like and what jobs she gets now is just… depressing. Even worse since she claims to be only ~21~, which would mean she peaked before age 20. And I don't see her making some huge comeback unless she does something about her weight and finds another gimmick that isn't fugly or pedobait. She's too old and her face isn't young enough to pull that off again without severe editing.

No. 183814

i thought it was already established she's been copying her with the ugly eyebags, overlining her lips, ditching her bangs, trying to vlog etc.

No. 183817


Anon you are aware kooter is edited to fuck on the pic in the left right? she barely ever looked that innocent even in the candid pictures of her first shoots with that awful eye make up

No. 183818


She wont make a huge comeback and nor will kiki

There is many new people out nowadays with a better look, better personality. The pair of them are old trash with too much baggage. No one would care anymore and we all know what kooter looks like and what kaka is like as a person.

No. 183883

…you know that she only looks better than the left photo because her hair is framing her huge jaw, and much better editing, right? it has nothing to do with her age at all.

No. 184009


Obviously, autists. The point is, even edited she looked much better with bangs, thinner, and without the puffy anus lips and eye bags. The shoop isn't the only difference, she let herself go.

No. 184111

It's rude if you sneeze in the direction of someone because that's fucking gross.
It's not a Japan only thing, and the reasoning is all the same. No one give a shit if she sneezes by herself on a video.
Maybe if it was in her hands

No. 184160

File: 1476709463120.jpg (195.18 KB, 1200x1200, Cu9w5F7UkAAd5VC.jpg)

More product shilling.

No. 184162

File: 1476709597366.jpg (184.33 KB, 1200x1200, Cu9u6Z2UsAAG8l2.jpg)

No. 184193

her upper lip liner is actually very nicely edited. I wonder if she has a graphic tablet just to photoshop with.

No. 184203

I wonder if she ever gets worried about her future at this point. She is really starting to look like a washed up has been.

No. 184206

File: 1476714643233.png (297.25 KB, 522x318, Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 10.2…)


That animal bracelet is suppose to be Chanel ?? Did she rip the chain off of a bag and call it a bracelet … I can't fin the bracelet.

No. 184226

Let's be honest… it's a rip-off from Taobao like all her other "designer" stuff.

No. 184230

It's from Chanel's Baby Animals Collection going off of the caption she put on instagram

No. 184249

It's a knockoff of something from like 10 years ago. The chain quality is the giveaway.

No. 184269

How is she not embarrassed to wear something so tarnished?

No. 184331

File: 1476723891169.jpeg (24.7 KB, 450x338, eb17d82c.jpeg)


The charms are not placed in the right order, so it's probably a knock off

No. 184347

Not to mention the chain is different in Kota's pic.

No. 184446

Is it supposed to be a necklace? Why is it wrapped around her wrist twice?

No. 184482

It's the chain to the clutch pictured in >>184206

Except Dakota's is a knockoff and looks pretty aged too.

No. 184973

File: 1476797732388.jpg (157.68 KB, 1200x1200, CvCeNJVUAAAV5JR.jpg)

No. 184976

>dat brown shooped on hair

I love how because she got her nails done for the month, we're going to get a ton of crazy selfies with her hammy hands shooped thinner and without knuckles.

No. 184980

Lol, so she can afford to get her nails done once a month (instead of every 2 weeks like she used to) and can't get her phone fixed? So rich, much moderu.

Though it is kind of sad how lately the only things she has to show off are her old ass knockoff trinkets, selfies in her bedroom/living room, and brand stuff she buys to take pics of hoping for sponsorships. There are chubby alt Instagram models who are doing better than her right now.

No. 184985

I don't understand what she's trying to promote here? Does she feel special that her face is on a keyboard? I mean you can upload any picture on your keyboard with the Google keyboard app so I don't get it??

No. 184986

>hoping for sponsorships

That's what's more sad. Looks like she wasn't paid for the Occitane one. I think she's just showing off that she bought something kek.

No. 184994

so anyone notice that she might have already fucked up her pinky nail? there's discoloration that I dont see on any of the other nails nor in any other picture.

No. 185005

File: 1476804460596.png (Spoiler Image, 75.87 KB, 640x970, IMG_2226.PNG)


I'm surprised she smoothed every wrinkle and crease off of her fingers, yet left all these under her eyes. What's worse, her lips and eyebrows look like a CG Line stamp, like those eye makeup stamps some weebs try to pass off as real makeup.

No. 185026


How does one wipe their bum with such nails… ?


Maybe that pinky nail went where no pinky nail should ever go..

No. 185030

maybe she uses a bidet. That's what I do and my ass is squeaky clean

No. 185032


Are those common in Japan apartments though ?

No. 185040

Every toilet in Japan has one (at least they did when I went) the toilets usually have a button on the side to do the cleaning.

No. 185045

File: 1476809992530.jpg (94.24 KB, 1078x1079, Screenshot_20161018-175756_1.j…)

They haven't been done very well… can anyone else see the red by her cuticle? Is it dried blood?

No. 185054

I think it was from some app she was featured in, someone please correct me if I'm wrong

No. 185056

My favorite part of this is the overshopped alien toddler Dakota and the regular shopped picture on the phone.

No. 185059

so how the chroming powder works is that it's all p much 'silver' chrome but the color your put it on top of is what dictates the color the chrome ends up being.

If you skip to 2 minutes in you can see it going on a hot pink nail. So the base on kota's was probably a deep orange.

No. 185063

My favorite too. She's either trolling or thinks everyone is dumb as fuck.

No. 185130


It's for a Japanese IME keyboard app called Simeji, but Dakota using her face on it isn't anything special because literally anyone can put their face as a keyboard background. You can even share links to keyboards you make with your friends.

So in other words, Dakota is changing the background image on a Japanese IME keyboard (for a phone that already has a JPIME installed) and sharing the link so she can pretend it's some Simeji X Dakota Roozu collaboration. Kiki could do literally the same thing.

No. 185136

if i remember correctly there was a simeji Dakota collab thing not long ago,

No. 185138

i seen ads for the simeji collab, it was an actual thing.

No. 185154

Shes falling and failing awfully.

Instagram has ruined any chances for koot and kaka to ever regain fame. Why? Its exposed how attractive and doll like other girls around the world are. 2006 is over and kaka/koot cannot keep up.

No. 185182

File: 1476826302053.jpg (243.26 KB, 475x700, IMG_2227.JPG)

This. Kiki jumped on the Instagram bandwagon but by then she was already ruined by the Danny drama, stealing music and just being boring. Dakota avoided Instagram until her popularity started to drop and she started losing her deals with Etude, Candydoll, etc.

She's been doing this from the beginning, pic related.

No. 185183

When you've got girls like @sheidlina (Russian model in Tokyo, known for her doll-like look) and other users on Instagram making $$$$$ per post, there's no room for kiki's vapid selfies and kota's bad manicures. No one but us on lolcow are paying them any attention.

No. 185186

she's legit blogged twice

that sad pokemon go bandwagon attempt and the apartment

if she wants viewers, she should do another outfit post.

No. 185189

Koot should go back to her beginning weeb phase if she needs fame and hop on a current jap trend.

No. 185193

Plus there is too many doll face apps and editors now despite when she went viral they werent as common.

No. 185198


God, she use to have such lovely style… wtf happened ?

No. 185202

I don't know if it's just me but her wink looks weird, as if her eye was swollen. Isn't she using eyelid tape to lift her eyelids to make her eyes look bigger?

No. 185205


You might be mistaking her for Taylor. Taylor uses tape but I don't recall koots ever doing so.

No. 185290

I feel like Dakota is just going to go into irrelevancy again and pop up in a few years doing something much more different than her "Kotakoti" persona. Maybe she'll try and appeal to the Kpop audience, or the tumblr kid who likes dr who and believes nonbinary is a gender audience

No. 185300

Nah. Unfortunately, I have a feeling she is going to weasel her way into acting in Japan. That seems to be her next move (according to that pachinko magazine interview). I expect Bravo to land her a drama relatively soon. It won't matter that she is talent-less, has a horrible personality, and looks harsh and older without shoop.

No. 185303


and when acting doesn't work out she'll end up doing gravure like everyone else

No. 185307

She's too old for the KPop audience, plus they're less likely to tolerate her lies about her appearance(like last time she made an appearance in Korea). She'd have to get plastic surgery and get into shape if she wanted to go that route.

No. 185310

Yeah apparently shes after becoming an actress. Wasnt that what the monstrenga daughters after in the first place? Remember that gofund me video? With kaka and koot saying how they wanted to be actresses in LA or something.

Bravo ofc licks koots muff all the time so no doubt she will get that handed to her. Kota already has a book, done modelling, tv work so far. Drama is next since her moon is so good… or they could always do a Taylor and voice over.

Has anyone seen that my darling foreigner drama? That was awkward enough. Taylor in her drama was awk too. Kota looks awkward as fuck in general. Those popteen videos speak for its self. She just lingers.

Itll be some awful romcom I bet. Most japanese ive spoke to about dakota dont like her due to the way she speaks. Most said shes rude or sounds rude. Not sure if a drama is going to boost her popularity… i dont think people care about her much now.

Most japanese teen girls like Nicole Fujita more these days.

No. 185311

I would love to see Dakota in a drama because I just know she'd be terrible at it. She has no personality to begin with, and I can't see her acting.

Unless this entire time she hasn't been working she's been training/ taking classes. But she still seems dull as fuck.

Also all of those wonderful camera angles showing her real face.

No. 185313

KPOP wont work for her.

It just wont. Shes insecure enough with Japanese standards let alone Koreans who butcher their faces and strieve to be perfect. Dakota is too lazy to bother paying for surgery or excercise. Why bother? When you have meitu on your phone for free… its easier.

Plus her hopping to Korea would be like a big fuck you to the Japanese who have put up with her bullshit for years now. Also after the kimchi shit… nope. She fucked that up in the beginning. She knows that.

Venus tried to milk the koreaboo thing and they werent interested. So now she resides in Japan where those are still not assed if shes a living doll and been on tv either.

Drama would probably be better and healither for koot tbh. But she just seem awkward and false listening to her properly on tv shows… maybe her lover Taiko Katano will pull a few strings. Get her some huge fucking role that an actual talented actresse in Japan could do but Bravo and him will be in the end let koot have it.

Shes deserving, foreign and special. Thats how they see it.

No. 185316


A sad scene and kooter shedding tears… god help her circle lenses.

Would be interesting to see her act. I mean she bullshit her way into an agency and her first interview was an act. The whole persona is an act tbh.

No. 185318

I kind of feel bad for saying it but…
Who is she fucking that keeps pulling these strings for her?

No. 185328


I thought that Kota was just a fan of Taiko Katano. That she bought stuff he owned in order for people to make theories.

No. 185333

His name is Hiroshi Takawaki. Also, he's married. To a white former BRAVO model. His FB used to be public until it got posted here and then I think admin removed all the pics of his wife and relatives that got posted by some sperg.

No. 185349

Huh, I wonder if Kaka and Koots was also triggered by the fact that Taylor got a role in dramas ( crappy ones in which she was voiced over ). Would be surprised if that was a add on to Kaka's rage.

No. 185360

The Cupid's bow is like the most attractive part of the lips and she just completely blurs hers out with a weird matte upper lip. It looks so bad! I wonder when she's not going out she doesn't bother using lip liner and just clumsily paints it on in PS, 'cause that's what it looks like to me here.

No. 185364

Ugh she fucking knows how bad her lips look if she's purposefully blending them together like that.
I wonder if she's still dating that one guy. Kissing would completely wipe her lips off.

No. 185385

File: 1476851573184.jpg (124.94 KB, 1080x1080, 14676555_1206833426046294_5142…)

literally everyone has gotten better at photoshopping except her. anyone remember johanna herrstedt?

No. 185386

off topic.

No. 185387

>The Cupid's bow is like the most attractive part of the lips
that's opinion, i personally think lips with deep cupid's bow look ugly, but love flat/rounded tops like Gemma Ward. even Taylor copied her on that.

No. 185392

not quite lol. i'm pointing out how it's fucking bizarre all the other photoshopping queens out there have improved on their craft so much while dakota's lip is looking like it was stamped from a gag beauty app. like, it's bizarre. she's been doing this for how many years?? there's nothing stopping her from doing realistic edits like she used to. if she's going for a western style, why make yourself look like an ugly alien baby? johanna photoshops a lot but it's subtle and realistic enough that people can't tell the difference when they see her photoshoots. and it's like. that comes from experience. kooter seems to not care at all. either that or she's a complete idiot.

No. 185394

this >>183776 is her mom and her sister is the notorious sperg-chan. i'm done expecting her to do anything but something stupid. she's a trainwreck at this point.

No. 185550

File: 1476900151093.jpg (49.54 KB, 630x630, 5c85cb1e-s.jpg)

New shoop. Better than anything recently but it looks nothing like her. Give me a break Koots.

No. 185551

If she toned down the anime eyes this shoop could actually be believable.

No. 185552


that shadow


No. 185554

is it just me or does she look like Kaka here? it might just be the lifeless eyes and 5head but idk

No. 185557

It would be believable if we didn't already know what she looks like.
It looks nothing like her or even Kaka really. Both of them have longer harsher faces.

No. 185645

Look at how far apart her legs are compared to the shadow, wow. She gave herself an extra 2" of gap.

No. 185646

File: 1476905786824.jpg (508.05 KB, 737x461, simeji.jpg)

oh dear

No. 185647

Looks like se might be going the Larme route after all. She's wearing Fint, used the brand's tag and toned down the aborted baby shoop. Someone must be trying to get serious work again.

No. 185648

What's going on with her lenses? On the left pi they look dark gray or green, not blue. Is she wearing darker lenses now and shoops them lighter?

No. 185652

I'm so sick of her. Go away Koots. You fucked up.

No. 185697


It's not going to work. Sure, Bravo and Tsubasa might help her get jobs modeling for Larme, but they can't force her to be popular again or go viral again. She's too antisocial and she's been doing nearly nothing for too long now, not to mention she let herself go completely. I she wanted to stay relevant she should have jumped to Larme as soon as her living doll shit started dying out, when she still had deals with Candydoll and Popteen. Hell, she could have even moved on to Popsugar with Larme and done well if she hadn't shot herself in the foot by being a lazy slob for the better part of a year.

No. 185703



You think Dakota is going to overthrow Risa? Someone who actually looks like a doll and has big beauty eyes? Rita shoops but most Japanese girls into that cutesy bullshit actually LIKE Risa. Plus rich and famous parents too already also money. Dakota has met Risa and they follow each other on Twitter. But it will be hard work to overpower Risa who practically owns Larme.

Plus not many of the girls in the Larme community like Dakota at all. Someone put up an article of Larme where Dakota modelled for it in the early Larme days and on the Facebook group they slammed Dakota down.

Chieko hates Dakota's guts and that Sara Mari who is the leader of gaijin Larmeistas isn't fond of her either.

But Dakota should have gotten into Larme ages back. Its her own fault. Plus a lot of the fashion is Larme themed at the moment in Tokyo and its also nearly Halloween. She might not even be getting into Larme… I hope she doesn't. I don't want a return of Dakota.

No. 185711


Can we talk about Sara Mari real quick? She looks like a linebacker in larme. It's a shame, because she could look great if she'd just choose necklines and sleeves that suited her.

No. 185713


She is quite a sweet girl don't get me wrong. I just think some of her outfits are… they don't suit her. Lets just be real.

Then again if koot started dressing Larme too she would look as frumpy as fuck too and would shoop to high heavens.

No. 185723


Agree, she is super sweet. Just making some clothing commentary. Back to Kota- sorry for going OT, guys.

No. 185736

Where in my post did I say she was going to overtake anyone? I said she might be able to get her toe in the door for Larme because of her connections, but nobody is going to care because she's already washed up and old news.

Nowhere did I say she was goin to be well received. You literally just wrote 3 paragraphs agreeing with what I already said.

No. 185748

this is just sad. (you could unshoop this by making the right face longer and adding nasolabial folds)

No. 185752

You do know there are other models in Larme besides Risa, right?

Either way I think Dakota is too washed up for Larme. They're looking for fresh faces.

No. 185759

Are they actually fucking or is this just a theory?

No. 185771

Risa owns larme anon

No. 185772

I bet they are fucking

Wouldnt surprise me

No. 185773

Is she trying to warp herself into Gemma Ward

No. 185802

No. 185804


How else is she still there? She hasn't been getting steady, consistent work that gets a lot of exposure/coverage for about a year now, and Bravo has shown that they would rather lower their standards as a company (a world renowned company, at that) than let her go, and there's no way a rude, salty brat who gained 15 pounds and age 5 years in only 2 is still in their roster unless she's doing someone some kind of favor.

No. 185828

File: 1476931717201.jpg (77.1 KB, 704x960, IMG_2275.JPG)


Here's the pic of the actual size of that sofa in the Bravo main room.

No. 185833

File: 1476932506468.jpg (402.9 KB, 1374x2560, IMG_2284.JPG)

For reference

No. 185835

Someone gotta overlap both couch images together.

No. 185846

File: 1476935939664.jpg (950.46 KB, 2682x2000, drlarmemain.jpg)

I was waiting for a segue to share photos from the first issue, I recently moved and found the first issue with her in it in my magazine pile. Her eye is the cover I just realized.

No. 185847

File: 1476935981798.jpg (1.11 MB, 2682x2000, drlarme2.jpg)

No. 185848

File: 1476936014230.jpg (1.19 MB, 2682x2000, drlarme.jpg)

interview or something

No. 185851


I honestly think she looks cute here. She must be delusional to think that her FAS shoops are better than how she actually looks.

No. 185860

She should just keep this look and edit herself exactly as they do here. She looks nice and believable. I'd go so far to even call her cute. Could someone translate the interview? Unless it's boring.

No. 185866


She looks good here tbh and not so different from how she actually looks

I feel like Dakota would have had more of an impact if she kept her initial style/shoop. It's that look that got her popular after all but she decided to go for a kawaii barefaced anime fetus that she assumed Japan would like more. It just made the difference between her photos and other appearances even more drastic.

She really fucked herself over which is sad

No. 185868

I honestly don't know about that. She never really looked like the shoops that made her famous and she always had a terrible attitude. Now, she isn't really aging well at all. She doesn't seem to naturally have a baby-face and now that she is in her twenties she just looks kind of of used up and hard. And judging by Kiki, that pattern seems to be genetic.

No. 185871

You have a point. Her personality was always dull/uninteresting on shows, etc. At this point it's most likely too late for her but I meant back when she first started out. If she had lost weight and learned how to work with what she had she could have done better than she's doing now. Not like their standards for white print models are too high.

That being said I feel like Kaka's appearance would benefit from a cheek reduction surgery over in Korea

No. 185934

I noticed that Bravo also represents the Russian child model sensation Kristina Pimenova. No wonder Kooter suddenly started to emulate Kristina's look… probably everybody at Bravo's office was gushing about Kristina.

No. 185935

Probably. Kristina has had a lot more success too and is under multiple agencies. She'll get a lot more years of mileage out of her career for obvious reasons. Kooters just looks stupid trying to emulate a 12 year old girl.

No. 185968


She probably thought Larme magazine was a pile of shit at the time tbh. Being the first issue I think Dakota didnt care much for it. Now that Risa and Yui have overran that shit the style is popular as fuck now.

Too bad koots

No. 185969


She's a kid though they're bound to fawn over her. But give a few years she could look different when puberty begins. Agencies are always after new faces anyway. That kid is more of a natural? While most Japanese models including Kooter are average and just shoop to fuck/lenses and angles to look delicate and cute.

No. 186033


I'm sorry, but everyone who said she would suit Larme sooo much better we're wrong imho. She looks just as stiff and out of place in Larme as she does in Lolita and whatever fashion she's trying to do currently.

No. 186281

Lol, she warped the hands and face of the watch trying to shoop her wrists thinner.

No. 186286

I think it's one of her better shoots/styles. Of course she's not GREAT. It is Kooter. And basically you're saying she doesn't really suit a wide variety of styles and isn't flexible and I completely agree lol. She should not be a model.

No. 186288

The stuff on the wall is different and there is no window in one image. There are probably two similar sofas in that room.

No. 186293

Are you blind? The window frame is right there, on the top left. And the sofa is the same, you can even count the same amount of lines in the front.

No. 186300

Naw son, it's the same room. They rotate what frames are up.

No. 186320

I wondered if that was the case.

No. 186569

She really shouldn't, she always looks the same because only has 4 facial expressions:

-puckered lips
-tongue poking out

And she can't do any of those unless she gets to smooth&blur the shot afterwards because she's scared of her own facial lines.

No. 186639

tbh that's all japanese models in that kawaii scene. none of them can model. they're hired for their cuteness and street style. ayumi seto legit has like 3 poses and 2 faces. but she's been consistent at what is expected of her in zipper, has kept a good style, and built up her own fashion line. for this kind of modelling, it all depends on your brand. amo, risa, fumiko and ayumi are all known for their trademark styles. what is dakota's? honestly i think it was her tumblr taobao thing. but along the way her style went to shit, her personality kept changing, her voice kept changing, her hair kept changing, her shoops kept changing, etc. it was a mess. if she were consistent and not lazy she would still have a career today.

No. 186737

Spot on anon

She has NEVER had a style apart from
Scene and that animu school girl style

No. 186746

File: 1477141311470.png (114.36 KB, 323x266, Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 9.00…)

Anyone see this video yet? kek


No. 186749

Is the right one how she looks with make up and minimal photoshopping? Why does she do this, she looks fairly pretty on the right and monstrous on the left…

No. 186761

File: 1477150241175.jpg (84.31 KB, 600x800, tumblr_n6um3dTdjl1qznnmeo1_128…)

it's unfortunate because had this been the face she always presented and had an actual kind, hardworking personality, i'd find her cute. she really does have the face of those oldschool victorian porcelain dolls with the fat faces.

honestly her ~edgy~ clash of kawaii with gore and a rude deep voice killed her. it's just not something that works outside of tumblr. imagine watching her cute hair tutorials with her high pitched voice and 2012 shoops? you invite this dolly white girl and what do you get? a broad jawed average sized white woman with a deep voice who speaks rudely. she is so!!! stupid!!!!! oh my god.

No. 186766

heck, i miss 2012 dakota. i miss myself being jealous and thinking of her as the ideal. now her shoops are inconsistent and shit and there's too many "pretty" internet girls to choose which one to be jealous at

No. 186767

I bet I'm not the only one who thinks this, but her clothes, albeit nice and having nothing SPECIFIC wrong with them that I can point out (besides how cheap they dress her in some of her photoshoots ex. >>186746)
I mean, she dresses "ok" but she just looks so BORING. I thought she was an artist? Even her instagram feed is boring, her style is boring, her makeup is boring her twitter IS BORING. Her whole personality is just blah, if she even has a personality at all. Honestly the only reason I liked her was because I thought she was pretty and looked like a porcelain doll but I had high hopes for her and she fell so, so short

No. 186768

Yep, I agree, her natural face is so gorgeous and baby-like on it's own, but she shoops herself to these extreme levels where she doesn't even look human and her eyes are the size of golf balls, she must have some serious body image issues if she honesty thinks she looks ok. I thought it was a joke at first but nope, a year later and she's still looking like an alien fetus

No. 186769

Oh, girl, you just KNOW it's gonna be boring lmao it's probably just the same old "my family has a dog blah blah blah they're nice so supportive shoutout to mom dad kiki and the other dude blah blah I'm a normal girl people tell me I look like a dog i like sushi" or whatever. But yeah, that makeup look was SOOOOOO much better back then, I bet people weren't ragging on her for looking like a photoshop monster back then, EVEN HER HAIR WAS BETTER. SHE HAD BANGS. SHE HAD HOPE.

No. 186770

I wonder what she does in her free time to be do devoid of personality and substance. I think she likes south park or something? But of course she doesn't ever talk about that, it might be too rude and vulgar to talk about and she has to be a ~*flawless dolly princess baby*~. Is her image to blame for her not being able to properly explain herself? Maybe she's actually really interesting and smart and just can't speak up because her pr says "YOU ONLY JOB TO MAKE MONEY, YOU NO TALK ABOUT SELF OTHER THAN BARE MINIMUM! YOU BE PERFECT NIPPON BABY ALIEN DOLL SO THAT MEN WILL FIND YOU FUCKABLE" or something.But my point is, what does she do in her free time? Does she like movies or shows? Does she ever tell jokes? Does she have friends? Does she read? Does she gossip? Does she ever make mistakes? The world can never know

No. 186772


No. 186773

From the short-lived Korea saga. Someone tweeted her in Korean asking if she liked kimchi and I guess her Korean was bad so she said something like "I strongly hate kimchi" when she probably just meant "I'm not fond of kimchi". Pissed off Koreans. It was around the same time as her being mocked on the Korean tv show so it kinda sealed the door that Korea doesn't want anything to do with her.

No. 186783

oh lmao well, that's pretty stupid, I actually do feel bad for her now lol. She went to Asialand to make a name for herself the only way she knew how and it was her meal ticket, and she managed to fuck it all up for herself over a matter of like 3 years. She's living off of the expectation that they like her and they don't, that must suck a lot. And tbh a lot of asians are really mean, they take a dislike to you just because of one trait or some stupid tradition you weren't aware of.

No. 186785

The problem is nowadays is that Instagram is full of the "perfectionists" and they dont lie about how they live, what they own, ect and if you are rich and pretty its an instant ticket to any kind of fame. The things kaka and kota lied about and wanted for years. Its diffcult for any pretty face these days to get noticed because there is so many.

I suggest dakota found herself a style. Appearance is just unobtainable these days but perhaps a niche, if she could go back to that beginning shoop and find a style or start something off… maybe she could get a bit of attention back.

No. 186788

I also remember her Tweeting (in Japanese, no less) something about hotels in Korea being cold/uncomfortable and getting told off for publicly complaining like a badly-behaved child and generalising Korea so negatively.

No. 186794

Koreans dont fuck around and blast the fuck out of you. Kota doesnt understand the act nice for a goid first impression.

No. 186796


This is how she looks with minimal shoop.

No. 186799


I love this thank you anon

No. 186804


She could have say "Not yet, but could you suggest me a good restaurant?" or something vague like that lol.

No. 186824

Itwas in Japanese, not Korean. The twitter user asking her was Korean.

No. 186847

Opinion on Kinashen over on Instagram. She is like a combo of Dakota and Felice fawn

No. 186849

Literally who?

No. 186852

File: 1477171008790.jpg (159.9 KB, 1080x1349, IMG_9728.JPG)



She has that 2012 kota shoop and felice goth style

No. 186854

her shoops are SO fucking obvious, it pisses me off that everyone loves her because you know she looks nothing like that irl

No. 186855

Stop derailing the thread

No. 186860

shut your damn mouth bitch

No. 186866


Stop derailing, feel free to make a thread about this person in /snow/ if there's any milk.

No. 186867


Anyone else want a thread for this girl? But any milk? If not then no point

No. 186886

File: 1477178156885.png (83.11 KB, 227x275, trainer.png)

smells like newfag

No. 186912

Can you stop self posting because no one gives a fuck. I remember you from cgl

No. 186916


>selfposting on lolcow

>comparing yourself to Dakota despite how ugly and irrelevant she's been for the last ~3 years
>still selfposting after being called out by a farmhand

Girl how sad is your life? Get a therapist.

No. 187075

File: 1477234252572.jpg (997.62 KB, 2560x1920, IMG_2277.JPG)

> there's no way a rude, salty brat who gained 15 pounds and age 5 years in only 2 is still in their roster unless she's doing someone some kind of favor.

Literally any other model would have been shitcanned at 5 pounds, or even less. In the documentary Girl Model a 15 year old Russian girl got sent home because she gained something like ~2cm on her waist and lost her contract with her agency.

It could have been even more than 15pounds she gained (and probaby was). Bravo and Popteen have been lying about her measurements from the start, so if they have to print that she gained 15 pounds she probably put even more on irl.

I went back in the catalog and found the two Popteen scans that listed her measurements.

No. 187076

There is no way she has a 60cm waist… I have 63cm and look pretty tiny.

No. 187078

Its hilarious because in the first scan it says her waist is 54cm and in the other 60
Im just gonna assume the first measurments were provided by her agency because the difference is too big

No. 187084

Here are those measurements in case the image is ant-sized:


>40kg (88.1lbs)
>45.5kg (100.3lbs)

>80cm (31.5in)
>81.1cm (31.9)

>54cm (21in)
>60.7cm (23in)

>81cm (31in)
>88cm (34.6in)

>37cm (14.5in)
>41cm (16in)

No. 187085

I…always thought kooter was tall?? She's super tiny!! Wtf? Why does she always look so tall?

No. 187086


The fuck?

What is with people and assuming everyone is self posting on this site?

Fuck off and get your head out of your delusional swarm of clouds.

No. 187089

>believing that any of these measurements are accurate
Come on, man.

No. 187091

I don't actually care for the other measurements there tbh. I'm just really confused that she's tiny? Like she always looks tall aside of other asian models

No. 187095

For a model she sure is chubby…

No. 187097

And remember, that second picture is still heavily shooped.
She was never 40kg and 45 kg is still too low… I would guess that she's around 58kg.

No. 187101

sage for OT but can you post the entire eye tutorial.. lmao I'm kind of interested in trying it out

No. 187102

She looks as fat as I am and I weight 59kg, so I guess you're right

No. 187106

There is no way in hell she is 88 lbs in that pic.

No. 187107

I don't think any of these measurements are accurate or have been accurate.
Here is my guesstimate for her measurements.

Thinnest(first year in Japan) ->Now
Height: 158cm ->160cm
Weight: 44-45kg ->52-53kg
Bust:82cm ->84cm
Waist:62cm ->68cm
Hips:84cm ->90cm
Thighs:41cm ->45cm

Basically I don't think her measurements ever matched her comp card and that probably screwed her pretty badly because clients get pissed when the model they hire is 5-6cm larger than they expected.

No. 187124

Her height is 163cm so if she were 58kg I'm pretty sure she'd look different, she's not 45.5 kg in my opinion but not 58kg. I think her main problem is she looks like she never exercises.

No. 187125

Her weight is what freaks me out, 40/45kg is way too low for someone who is 162/163cm, I want to believe they are lying about this. (Not Dakota's fault, tho)

No. 187126

File: 1477248520639.png (366.28 KB, 550x327, popteen.PNG)

>40/45kg is way too low for someone who is 162/163cm
It isn't. But Dakota obviously weighs a lot more than that.

No. 187131

Haha this, bitch is delusional. She never was under 110 pounds or slim with that body. Especially when she first went to Japan and we saw candids.

Dem workout lines.

No. 187139

>kota ever weighing 100lbs
Bullshit i may be a few inches taller but at my lowest i weighed 112 and i was way skinner then her.
Plus im surprised they didnt fire her on the spot for that belly.
Whos fucking her? Because there isno way Bravo kept her this long to save face when a year is more then enough.

No. 187145

It's considered underweight, so yes, it is.

Tbh no matter what weight she is, it'll look bad because she doesn't exercise. She'll just be skinny fat.

No. 187151

File: 1477253580571.jpg (838.04 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_1488.JPG)

No. 187167


>Dem workout lines.

LMAO! Thank you anon. I almost spat my coffee because of that…

Besides, who needs a six-pack ab when you can have a keg?

No. 187172

thank you :)

No. 187175

She looks like she never exercises, and those measurements are definitely a lie. I don't think there's anything wrong with her body for an average person, but a model?

No. 187177

163cm is hardly "super tiny", it's average for most western and above average for many asian countries.

No. 187220


>100 pounds at 5'4

>thighs touching

lol is there anyone on the planet that believes that?

No. 187230


Its even sadder because this is old and she's def gained since then …

No. 187239

Thigh gaps are largely determined by your bone structure and how wide your hips are, so even at 100 pounds it's very possible for thighs to touch. But that doesn't detract from Dakota being doughy and clearly not 100 pounds.

No. 187240

File: 1477268907615.jpg (63.38 KB, 477x598, IMG_2272.JPG)

Here's the candid of a pic she posted (and heavily edited her waist) on insta.

Her midsection is almost wider than her bust…

No. 187242

I believe that the second ones are more accurate, and the first one were done during her Popteen debut so they obviously altered them like shit, to match her with the Japanese models they have. They wanted young girls to fawn over her to buy their magazine.

No. 187246

No the first ones we're the ones that Bravo provided them with. Even the second set are considerably smaller than she actually is.

No. 187247


She's standing a half a foot behind him and slouching down, how tall is that guy?

No. 187251

idk what I'm seeing but this photo in particular is super unflattering, her face is extra swollen up??

No. 187263

No. 187264

>dat wonky eyeliner
>dem clumpy lashes

Does Japan not have any standards when it comes to makeup or does Kooter just get a free pass over there

No. 187268

His name is Yutaka Nakano, he's 175cm.
Sooo she's not as short as she claims to be maybe? If she has to stand behind him to look close to his height, that would make her taller yes? Even with her platform shoes, she couldn't be even with him at 164cm. Her shoes would have to be 10cm at least for them to be just about even. So, she must be taller than 163cm right?

No. 187269

Dakota has a special pass, because of her hookup in Bravo who must be either very rich or have very rich parents. She wouldn't be a model still under normal circumstances, even if she did look like her shoops. You don't gain 15 pounds, ignore everyone and be rude on TV and keep your contract.

No. 187274

What? The man in the picture with Koots is Nakano Hiromichi, fashion designer. Nakano Yutaka is an actor. Koots isn't even a true 162cm so the guy is probably short too.

No. 187290

maybe kooter grew and inch or so but charms said that kooters was about 5'2-5'3 ish back when they met. charms is 5'5 or 5'6

No. 187293

Go away nobody cares

No. 187298

File: 1477276734201.png (807.69 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2344.PNG)


She wouldn't be a model under normal circumstances. This fashion show was one of the more legit jobs she's had since going to Japan, it got a lot of press coverage and yet she didn't link herself to it at all, the one selfie she posted from it was heavily edited in her own style and she doesn't name the event or link to it at all.

No. 187299

>redundancy is redundant

Sorry, I'm baked. I mean she should have been dropped a while ago and yet she keeps popping back up like a greasy zit whenever people start wondering what happened to her and how she's still in Japan without working.

No. 187301

Blah. she got into that because they cast a whole shitload of other Bravo models in it including Pasha (who's also walked for Balenciaga). She didn't make a thing about it because even she could tell that she was ridiculously outclassed by every other model in the show.

No. 187319

Looks like her mother. Her body is terrible proportions and her head is huge, but the facial structure alone is just not at all model-like.

No. 187325

I mean for a model and for how tall she tries to make herself look like. Yet I think she must be taller than that, because whenever she wear jap brand like lizlisa and so on shit never properly covers her bum and usually you have to be at least around 168-170 to have that happen (speaking from own experience)

No. 187327

No she just has apple proportions. Short waist and torso and long legs. She's short.

No. 187470


Or she folds clothing/skirts up to make them shorter like the girls from high schools that wear uniforms.

No. 187892

Pretty average makeup skill level from what magazines I buy (i.e.; popteen, ageha, larme, mooks). Most of those usually have the models do their own makeup, I assume because it promotes that it can be easily achieved by average girls and what products the magazine can highlight with multiple girls plugging many different items.
Sage for irrelevant blogpost.

No. 188092

File: 1477397860034.jpg (238.15 KB, 1200x1200, CvmJEQ9VUAAhSax.jpg)

No. 188120


What even the fuck is her style anymore? its so boring

No. 188125

Basically what ever she can scrape up out of her wardrobe and wear over again.

No. 188128

I used to love most of the clothes she wore, even if they were Taobao knockoffs, but now her style is so… hobo-chic now. There is nothing to covet anymore.

No. 188136

It looks like she squashed her head together. It's so…football head shaped kek

No. 188146


Same here even though it was all fake shit it was still cute. Now its just… ordinary…

old vid for old times

No. 188147


What I dont get is… where does her money go apart from hair extensions and nails? I get rent is pricey. But if she's shagging some rich guy from Bravo can't he give her some pocket money to buy some new on trend threads?

Remember that visit to Bon Bon and she wore that ugly sweater with those high waist jeans meeting Risa? Everyone else looked good. Dakota was a sore thumb.

No. 188148

And whatever covers her fat stomach…

No. 188155

Probably not much that will flatter that growing figure of her's.

No. 188157

Did the music in this change? I don't remember her using classical music, usually it was 8bit shit.

No. 188160


I feel like she's very aware of her weight gain and thats why everything is baggy af because she looks even more like a living potato sack. Sadly she's also too fucking lazy to do anything about it.

No. 188172

probably copyrighted. A load of j-pop dancer videos now have really out of place classical.

No. 188182

Koots forgot to shoop her legs again. kek. They are the size of her head.

No. 188184


Oh, thats her leg ? I was under the impression it was a over cooked sausage ..

No. 188186

Triple kek. They do look like overcooked sausage in cling wrap! Ahahaha

No. 188191

She shooped it, she just didn't do it right. Look at how the leg is bends concave at the right side of it.

No. 188204

this is the most natural look she's been forced to appear in, and she still wore circle lenses to it.

No. 188207

i just noticed her eyebrows aren't colored here and they're sparse AS FUCK

No. 188209

So… New nails already?

Never thought I'd actually miss this

No. 188221


Well anon, she did lie on TV and say they were her natural eyes. I guess she fucked herself over and can't take them out now.

No. 188241

She fucked up her leg shoop, the thigh is too large for the rest of her proportions.
I know we've mentioned her dreadful lips a billion times already but damn it looks bad when they're the largest part of the shrunken head. If you aren't gonna try to shoop the lips realistically then don't have them be the largest focal point on your face Kooter.

No. 188254

I don't think she can fit into Japanese clothes anymore, that's why we're seeing sweaters. Her real self >>187240
is yikes.

She was already stretching out of the poorly made knockoffs and barely fitting into them in these videos. And even back then she was padding her bra and sucking in her gut, all before applying after effects.

No. 188300

File: 1477426941184.png (1.36 MB, 1047x723, Screenshot_2016-10-25-15-18-31…)

No. 188493

How does a girl who used to care sooo much about her weight to have an ED and shoops herself to be thinner let herself get this big? It's not like she's being forced to gain weight, and even if she refuses to exercise she can just stop eating, or eat those zero calorie flavored konnyaku jelly pouches or zero calorie shirataki noodles like Yuka does to stay skinny.

No. 188496

it's very common for people with EDs to swing from one end of the spectrum to the other even if they're not receiving treatment or being forced to eat or gain weight.

No. 188499

I don't mean to blow your mind anon, but not everyone in Japan is a perfectly spoopy skeleton ana goddess. Kota is heavier than she shoops herself to be, but she's far from not being able to fit all of the clothes offered in Japan.

No. 188567


I arrived late on the koots train and missed this whole ED crap. Did she really have a ED ? or was that something she started because thigh gaps got popular …

No. 188586

>even if she refuses to exercise she can just stop eating
That's probably what she was doing before, you can tell because of that doughy stomach she had. If her stomach is her primary fat storing area, she'll never have a flat one unless she gains some muscle, or starves herself to within an inch of her life.

No. 188588

File: 1477450153487.png (493.08 KB, 496x604, tumblr_m07v1tI3f61qzy8r9.png)

It was speculated mostly because one of shoop eras she made herself appear super skinny with a big alien head.

No. 188589

Oh man that's a bad shoop

No. 188591

I'm actually surprised the door frame isn't squiggly or anything. She's probably sucking in a lot too.

No. 188592

File: 1477450358903.jpg (112.15 KB, 500x738, tumblr_l5wwu9JPg81qarimyo1_500…)

Yes, but then there were photos like this genuinely did look like she lost a shit ton of weight, so we'll probably never really know.

No. 188594

I mean, with her being "the fat sister" I can definitely see what would motivate her to get really skinny.

No. 188597

Uhh you know that pic is shooped to hell and back, right?

No. 188598

File: 1477451329646.jpg (37.11 KB, 625x353, a001f8f481a6592311fc204e2d3fe5…)

No. 188604

Ah the wannabe Vlada Roslyakova shoop era.

No. 188687

She was hardly "stretching out" her clothes back then. I owned many of the dresses and skirts she had and I'm way curvier and i still fit them without "stretching" anything. She fit her clothes fine. Stop reaching.

No. 188694

Yeahhhhhhh, clothes never come in more than one size! Even Japan has more sizes than "free size" in tons of places.

You sound like you used to copy her a lot. Do you still?

No. 188696

At least this time she used her jacket as an easy way to avoid spending too much time shooping

No. 188720


She seems to be using clothing to cover her stomach a lot lately. Must've really developed some jelly rolls.

No. 188728

The shit she used to buy, mostly liz lisa taobao knock offs are one size and often smaller than actual liz lisa. I loved her 2012 style and was inspired by it, its been years since I wore anything in that style though. Off topic though, idk if you've ever been to Japan but it's mostly one size especially for the 109 brands.

No. 188732

There was a short period where she was appearing on Stickam with Keeks and looked pretty skinny so I think she did, once upon a time.
Can't be arsed to dig up the vids right now though.

No. 188759

File: 1477498777234.png (73.09 KB, 640x742, IMG_2378.PNG)

She got these done at Nail Expo 2016


Tbqh her Raviy Halloween nails were better.

No. 188764

I personally like this color scheme better but in general kinda meh

No. 188783

And that's exactly why she isn't even wearing those brands for the past years. There's no way she'd fit into them.

No. 188801

That would also explain why Kiki is wearing more and more of her old clothes, like her adidas jacket.

No. 188905

Well she's modelled plenty of brands that only have one size in the last few years a she can't be THAT big. Idk why some of you want to believe she's obese or something.

No. 188931

Seems like she's been steadily gaining weight since she got there so maybe eventually she will be

No. 189282

lol, she followed Steven Yeun and Norman Reedus on Instagram. I guess now we can expect more TWD bandwaggoning now that the new episode is causing such a stir on social media.

No. 189295


Walking dead has turn to shit imo. Its the same shit every season just different actors. Haven't watched the last 2-3 seasons.

No. 189307

did this magically turn into a fucking walking dead thread and i was unaware?

No. 189323

It was two posts, third with your stupid one. Jesus

No. 189564

Is she still with popteen?

No. 189572

No. 189643

I wasn't expecting much, but her new video was so dull to me. It would have been cool to see more of the show, or at least get better quality shots. I feel like that show was ages ago too, no?

No. 189648

I like the BTS concept, but the video was terribly boring. A vlog with some talking would have made it more interesting.

No. 189666

how does she make her face look small when the people is doing her makeup and hair wtf

also when she's just posing she looks older like really old for her age

why the lady just did everything except her goddamn ugly lips

No. 189687

her face in the beginning looked like her shoops but then when she was actually on the runway her head looked so big and wide

No. 189695

Kootz is honestly trying way too hard to emulate the features of an underage Slavic model. I feel kinda sorry for her. She wasn't blessed with good bone structure, facial symmetry or a delicate physique. Well, she could diet and try hitting the gym but guess that's too much effort.

No. 189699

Kota-chin. This was the most boring video ever. No talking, no subtitles no nothing. Does she seriously think she's so interesting or pretty that she doesn't have to put in any effort with her videos? That a YT audience would simply be satisfied watching her pretty little face (lol) sit around making cringey faces? This was the most boring fucking video she's ever posted.

No. 189706


what's the point of this video? And her face looks so strange damn

No. 189709

>goes in to get makeup done already wearing a full face of makeup
>that cleft palate lip

No. 189713

Wow, not even of grain of personality in this """vlog"""

No. 189716

What's the first music used ? It was the only enjoyable thing in this boring ass video

No. 189717

Why the fuck did they do her hair and make up while she was wearing that turtle neck? Wouldn't taking it off to change into her wardrobe just totally fuck with her hair, wtf.

No. 189718

What song is this? I hate that she never gives credit

No. 189724

I would like to point out that MOST of the other people are wearing short sleeves or even sleeveless so it's not like the building is cold. It's so sad how hard she hides her body.

No. 189773

I love that the blue cabinet and clothes rack behind her are wobbly and shit when you can see in the reflection that it's straight af.

No. 189803

Her whole video looks like she filmed it with the snow App. Also who is recording for her ? Is Koots gonna pull a Tay and make a " I have a boyfriend" video after enough people keep asking whose holding the camera.

No. 189826

How many weeks did it take for her to apply the after effects to her face on this one?

I remember a picture of her on a trainstation was posted here that was hilariously shooped, too.

No. 189834

File: 1477685762891.png (3.05 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_0117.PNG)

No. 189866

Man she doesn't suit kimono at all.

No. 189867

The best part is you know they didn't have to use many pads or layers to make her body cylindrical.

No. 190069

Because she wants us believe her lipliner mustache is her real lips.

No. 190070



She looks like a doughy uncooked egg roll.

No. 190077

God. She's not even a bad looking girl, it's just that she tries so hard to be something she's not.

No. 190084

instead of doing a makeup tutorial she just filmed herself getting her makeup done for an event lmfao

No. 190146

can somebody point out where the super obvious shoop is at? I can't zoom or slow the video down or anything so I can't really see

No. 190168

She cut off the vid before the hair was done, I'm guessing that she didn't want to show any fake hair being put in.

No. 190189

She looks so much like Cathy here. How did her face get so wide and doughy??

No. 190194


I can't pay attention to anything other than that now. At 2:41 her chin is even lagging behind this is so obvious.

No. 190219

I laughed heartily at the brief clip of her waddling down the runway.

No. 190240

Independent by Uppermost

No. 190262

Man, in two months she's only posted three "vlogs" all of which are so short and kind of boring.

If she wants to jump on that jvlog train then she needs to seriously get better at it.

No. 190273

Usually she looks like a completely different person but even in the beginning of this vid I can totally see her chipmunk cheeked little gremlin tween face badly hidden amongst the shoopage.
That's just lazy.

No. 190275

I feel bad for the hair guy trying to give volume to such a sad mass of limp strings

No. 190321

I wonder what must go through people's minds when they see her irl for the first time, like stylists and photographers. Personally if I hired a model who looks 10 pounds heavier than her pics and has a completely different face, I would ask for a new model.

No. 190369

I don't think vlogging is for her. You can't properly vlog while not moving your face, and editing the shit out of every frame trying to look like an instagram photo. This shit could fly with her old type of videos,but now I guess she needs to hop on what's popular at the moment.

No. 190374

she'd need to commit to some kind of jaw shaping, fillers or whatever so she could have that face in real life. but she comes off as an actual boring person in this video - could she even vlog well even with the face she wants.

No. 190383

The first time she went to Tokyo, she recorded herself muttering blandly at a camera for less than a minute and uploaded it calling it a "vlog". If she couldn't produce an exciting video about travelling halfway across the world to Japan because she'd just been signed as a model, she has no hope now that she spends all her time sat about at home rearranging her Vivienne Westwood trinkets and getting railed by Bravo-sama.

No. 190403

>getting railed by Bravo-sama
At least she's getting some fun I guess.

No. 190420

File: 1477783134412.png (110 KB, 631x1080, IMG_2431.PNG)


Do you consider this guy hot? Because he's her manager, and the guy that takes all her pics.

No. 190421

File: 1477783174992.png (748.31 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2428.PNG)

Here's a more recent pic, kind of.

No. 190423

File: 1477783224912.png (975.65 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2427.PNG)


Bonus: does this pic look familiar?

No. 190425

File: 1477783394158.png (130.44 KB, 640x1088, IMG_2432.PNG)

No. 190438


Earlier I asked who was taking her picture and videos for her…. Now I know.. He was probably at that other convention with her in her other vlogg too..

Two doughy egg rolls . . . .

No. 190440

Now we know how she goes everywhere without taking the train, he must use his car to drive her to gigs.

No. 190443

no wait, I didn't say he was hot!

No. 190455

Ick, I'm so sorry for Koots. I guess when you need a meal ticket, you'll take anything.

No. 190456

I can't judge her too much, I'd pick a fat Japanese guy who can buy me a modeling career over living with Kiki and Cathy for the rest of my life.

No. 190463

Yeah, real talk, maybe I'm a shady bitch but if I were presented with those options I'd hop on that dick without a second thought.

No. 190464

File: 1477795690151.jpeg (245.09 KB, 750x1013, image.jpeg)

Damn, son. And she did say she likes old men.

No. 190465


Did she… shoop herself into this guy's pic? They're both taken from the exact same angle, only Kota's is brighter.

No. 190466

Nah, the light reflections are a bit different.

No. 190468

there are many details that are different… the picture is obviously taken from another angle
work on your eye for detail lol

No. 190477

Same moment, different angle.

Dang, love yaselves.

No. 190514

File: 1477808669324.png (321.01 KB, 577x488, kota.png)

I'm convinced shes balding

No. 190544

what is with the ostrenga hair

No. 190545

She's been balding since she was 14 though

No. 190546

Lmao if you look hard enough you can see she edited herself thinner, no wonder she never took more selfies and isn't a good model, it must take so much time and effort just for one picture. Shame.

No. 190550

No this is pretty normal. I have this too if tying up my hair in a ponytail and I'm not balding at all

No. 190560

Sure, bald-chan

No. 190561

I don't have this at all and my hair is blonde too.

No. 190563

It's common on the temples, but not behind the ears.

No. 190568

I agree it's normal, I think a lot of people do have this

No. 190574

> Does she seriously think she's so interesting or pretty that a YT audience would simply be satisfied watching her pretty little face (lol) sit around making cringey faces
judging by the comments, yes
there are so many weird russians and SEAs and arab men obsessed with her

No. 190575

File: 1477830575196.png (75.83 KB, 171x189, Capture1.PNG)

we all knew that though

No. 190580

It's strange how she has a continuous trout pout throughout the video.

No. 190602

I don't think that there's anything going on there. I think he's her escort to events. Why are people saying they're together? He's got kids that are in kindergarten.

No. 190607

>because married men never cheat on their wives if they have kids.


No. 190619

Sweet summer child

No. 190622

He took his wife off of his FB friends list about a year and a half ago, along with most of the pic of his kids. His page used to say married to (wife) whereas now it just says married.

Plus idk any other models who can lose all their contracts and gain 15 pounds without losing their contract unless they're married or sleeping with their managers. Most of Dakota's fanbase is online, and a company like Bravo isn't gonna keep s potato like Dakota just because they like her. To put it in perspective, they signed Dakota in 2012, right around that time they also signed Andrej Pejic, who was huge at that time (before he became Andreja). Dakotanisnt still signed because she's a good model or because she's cute. Without this guy she'd be back in Orlando with Kiki.

No. 190635

Dear God Dakota, brush your teeth with something other than soy sauce for once.

No. 190638

File: 1477846722580.png (466.09 KB, 940x368, 897654.PNG)

She deleted her apartment tour video?

No. 190647

I guess she got tired of people pointing out how big it is for one person who hardly works.

No. 190660

In Japan most foods have a lot of things that will brown your teeth (soy sauce being one of them) so it's not really dakota's fault. Stained teeth =/= dirty teeth. Also idk what the water situation is like in Japan but there are chances that it has a lower fluoride content than the US.

As a model yes she should put extra care into whitening her teeth but it probably doesnt have anything to do with her not brushing them.

No. 190665

No but it might have to do with her smoking.

No. 190668

That's total BS. Yeah, soy sauce can stain your teeth but toothpaste is also a thing in Japan. And how often would she be eatin it to make them that brown? No wonder she looks so bloated, that's way too much sodium. Plus, most Japanese people, even the ones that don't have pearly white teeth, still don't let them get brown like that.

Tl;dr: bitch needs to brush better/more often or get her teeth whitened, that's not the norm.

No. 190670

File: 1477857165027.png (106.8 KB, 640x874, IMG_2465.PNG)

She edits them whiter, so she must be aware of it, which means she is consciously doing something that is staining her teeth but doesn't care to even use whitening strips. No wonder all her jobs lately are low quality or from a distance.

No. 190677

File: 1477857886405.png (311.95 KB, 815x435, heh.png)


Well… I wonder why.

No. 190678

That pic is horrifying

No. 190684

Dakota's tooth discolouration isn't just on the the presentable enamel surface, it's also underside. So the discolouration has to be progressive and built up overtime, so most likely it's due to some form of tobacco usage, heavy consumption of carbonated sugary beverages and/or insufficient oral hygiene (maybe even a combination of all three). One has to practically marinate their teeth in soy sauce in order to achieve dark-grayish tinge; even then the stain will be temporary if taken cared of within 12 hrs. with adequate oral care. If she was consuming non-fluoridated water (IDK what they have in Chicago or Florida) then the mineral buildup in her teeth would've given hers a dull yellow colour.

Maybe the apartment actually belongs to Hiroshi Takawaki, her manager? Maybe he divorced his wife and then remarried perhaps?

No. 190692

>idk what they have in chicago or florida
lmfao geez. same as any other place which means that depends not only on the area, but especially household.

No. 190694

Chicago city water has fluoridation, pretty sure the surrounding counties (in places without city water) have it fluoridated as well.

No. 190697

Her fucking derp ass Mercari video with the turtleneck will never fail to crack me the fuck up. Good lord Kota, what a look.

No. 190698

? some people do have noticeably uneven eyes

No. 190717

By remarried do you mean married Dakota? That whole situation would be pretty scandalous in Western countries, let alone Japan. If he just kept Dakota as an unofficial girlfriend/side piece he can at least pretend she's just his favorite employee, and she's gotten good at keeping her big mouth shut over the past five years so he would know she's not a liability.

sage for But That's Just A Theory.

No. 190755

>weird russians and SEAs and arab men obsessed
yeah but even in those terms, she's doing fuck all to manage that audience.

No. 190756

Consider the wages budget involved in that anon. What model has a personal guy with her 24/7? Koot's is doing low-end, sporadic work too.

No. 190758

it's like everything else, she edits instead of actually doing the thing.

No. 190763

It's possible this is traction alopecia from wearing heavy hair extensions in that area, and pulling those pieces back so tight and often.

Maybe she has trichotillomania (not sure of correct spelling lol)

The hair line (or edges for some of you autists) is fine and susceptible to breakage.
Sucks but totally normal you dwarf cocks.

No. 190764

>Maybe the apartment belongs to Hiroshi Takawaki?

That would make sense. They very well can't live together (he has kids) but I can see him getting a 2LDR in his name and staying there occasionally with her. She even mentioned how it took so long to find a place because nobody wanted to rent to a foreigner or a "celebrity" (lol) so it wouldn't be surprising if he did that for her.

No. 190767

File: 1477873648596.jpg (4.66 KB, 250x230, tumblr_mt6dmqIJOg1s68qbho1_250…)

lmao ikr she looks so ridiculous

No. 190772

Unless his kids dont live with him, that is

No. 190774


Every time I see this it just makes me think of sparkly swollen foreskin ..

No. 190775


Every time I see this it just makes me think of sparkly swollen foreskin ..

No. 190776

Doubt it. The mom always get custody in Japan, unless there's domestic violence invovled, etc.

No. 190837

Traction alopecia. It's caused by th hair being pulled up too frequently and too tightly. Combine that with naturally thin hair and you get this.

No. 190842

File: 1477893505307.png (78.91 KB, 590x912, IMG_2476.PNG)


She really needs to go back to bangs & a slight curl. This flat, straight middle part is doing her no favors at all.

No. 190849

the fucking dog collar over her turtle neck though jfc

but yeah, her curled hair looks best. I wish she'd stick to the side parted curled hair she has in the instagram photo right before her babyfang video

No. 190851

But this is all speculation. There's no hard evidence. This is one event where she is being escorted. There has to be some kind of representation at some of these events, I'd imagine.
Unless someone knows something and they are trying to anonymously drop hints here because they know her but don't want to be exposed but still want to fuck with her reputation.
I'm not saying she's not fucking someone in the company, I'm just not really ready to believe it with such loose bits of info.

No. 190852

Yeah, I think she wears a lot of extensions, and a lot of her problems with her hairline come from that.

No. 190870

It is totally speculation. However, Bravo is a top tier modeling agency in Asia. It's on models.com best agency list. Look at the talent they have on hand especially in the direct booking section. Does Koots fit in there? Also there is the ham-handed and deceitful way that they have handled her career, fudging her measurements way beyond the normal amount, forcing clients to book her without seeing her in person first, shoehorning her into events that she didn't belong in at all. Why would an agency do all of this for someone who isn't working consistently, can't keep clients, and doesn't have the face or figure for the industry?
It just fits that she's involved with someone there.

No. 190874

She always shoops that other eye down. Can't do it in videos though.

It's her smoking. Also Kaka made a jab at her about that.

No. 190902


Do you goof balls seriously think that having fluoride in water helps to keep your teeth white?

No. 190931

lol all fluoride does is protect your teeth from decay to some extent
if fluoridated water whitened teeth many more people would have pearly whites i'm sure

No. 190933

Exactly, you'd need to be very naive to think they'd treat subpar models so nicely. After all this time they could have dropped her or found a clause to terminate any contracts.
Why would any agency keep a model that doesn't make much money ? Dakota is giving something to Bravo and it's not money or being easy to work with.

I don't see anything reasonable besides being a higher up fucktoy.

No. 191030

File: 1477941911767.png (67.39 KB, 640x742, IMG_2459.PNG)

This. Even Popteen dropped her without so much as a peep, even after using her and lying about her measurements and shooping her for ~3 years. Everyone gets tired of her except Bravo, yet she's never at any of their parties, doesn't get the jobs their other models do, and in fact aside from her model profile she isn't on their website like the other models are.

It's not hard to figure out, there's no such things as a successful model who doesn't get regular jobs. Especially when they refuse to take out their gaudy lenses or wear a little eye makeup.

No. 191032

She's not a model, she's a sugar baby for a Japanese guy who happens to work at a high end modeling agency and has enough pull to get her signed. She's a Bravo model by technicality only.

No. 191053

Or there too embarrassed to say they got conned by a racist tootsie roll, and keep her on and lie about her so their pride doesn't get hurt.

No. 191054


It's a business.

No. 191058

I would say that their pride is hurt more by her still being there.
I mean she has embarrassed them on a major tv program. I would imagine that Bravo probably had to field a bunch of complaints, take responsibility for her assholery, and apologize on her behalf. It's really troublesome for her agency. Major Japanese talents have been skewered for less (hello Erika Sawajiri).

No. 191063

>She's not a model
She's definitely not a high fashion model, she's too short for that, but techincally she is a model.

>she's a sugar baby for a Japanese guy who happens to work at a high end modeling agency and has enough pull to get her signed.

There's a video of the guy who contacted her after she went viral, I don't believe she has a sugar daddy tbh, that's only a theory since people don't believe she earns enough money with the jobs she get, but no one exactly knows how much $$ she earns.

No. 191065

Thanks for this photo, it reminds me she's a normal human being. I needed this after watching that last vlog, she looks really different..

No. 191071

>but techincally she is a model.

Yeah, that's why I said he's only a model by technicality.

As for our other point, yeah, peoplemwonder how she can afford her apartment and new nails every other week and private transportation (since she can't drive) when she has lost all her collabs for makeup, Popteen, Elle, Etude House, Candydoll, etc. Not just a few of them, she lost all of them. The only contract she still has is with Bravo, and she doesn't belong there. She is not a Bravo-tier model, and she's the lowest quality model they have- their standards are consistent throughout all their other models except her. The work she get? Halloween costumes and kimono catalogues, and variety TV.

She isn't paying for that apartment with the jobs she's getting. She isn't still signed with Bravo after gaining 15 pounds, wearing baggy mismatched clothes with 5 year old shoes and no makeup- often not even mascara. She's antisocial, boring and her living doll gimmick is dead. Nobody cares that she went viral anymore because now there are 9 year olds who actually look like her 4 year old shoops to replace her.

No. 191072

It's just a still from her Bravo profile video. You should see the part where she's walking down the street in slow mo, the buttons on her cardigan are screaming and she doesn't even have the last 3 bottom ones buttoned.

No. 191073

you're delusional as fuck if you think shes earning enough from her less than 10 jobs this year to afford her apartment or food.

No. 191074

File: 1477949765207.png (1.32 MB, 640x1136, IMG_2491.PNG)


dropped my pic

No. 191086

she just looks so mature. Her facial structure ages her.

No. 191100

File: 1477953057628.jpg (51.3 KB, 344x500, IMG_0869.JPG)

Dakota would want this in every color

No. 191176

Nice Dakota Ostrenga halloween costume.

No. 191180

No. 191186

It's on her page on Bravo's website. Just click "movie".

No. 191244

This. I have no idea how much models get paid in Japan, does anyone know? But every time she gets a job, there are photos or videos, and these past couple years there have not been many. I don't get it. That's why I'm leaning towards the sugar daddy theory. If not, I would think her parents are helping her pay for rent and food, but they've gone bankrupt before, and I'm under the impression that they haven't had much money since, right? It does not make sense in any way how she is still living in Japan. And boy does she seem like she's getting more than enough to eat!

No. 191257

Cathy is working retail these days so I highly doubt they have enough money to pull that off. Besides, if they could afford to buy a contract for Dakota they would have done so for Kiki two years ago. Besides that, they also have two adult children to take care of who don't work.

No. 191274

How do you know this? Just curious.

No. 191278

Her page on bravo's website lists her waist at 55cm. Are you shitting me? That's smaller than all of the other publications have listed and we all know those are complete bullshit. How the fuck

No. 191279

Public records search. Volusia county clerk of court website.

No. 191287

Exactly. Now imagine that you are client and you want to use Koots and you line up a wardrobe for her with a max waist of 60cm and you think "no problem, she's much smaller" but wait she arrives at 65-68cm, more than 10cm bigger than you expected. You have race around to find her clothing. Unacceptable.

No. 191291

It lists Cathy's job? Huh. I didn't realize something like that is so easy to obtain.

No. 191296

Nah it's just like "Occupation: Retail". No names or locations. Something to do with income tax maybe? But yeah it's there. You can actually find a lot of info about people in public records.

No. 191322

Post a link and/or screen cap anon, to make it legit for the farmers.

Dakota's relationship with the business Bravo has gone far beyond the typical Agency-Model relationship and it's also beyond a typical Agency-Tarento relationship. So what other realistic options could there be since we don't have a copy of Dakota's "modeling" contract with Bravo? In the long run, both model and agency has to earn their shekels to survive…

No. 191449

Cant argue though.

It makes Bravo look like a mockery tbf. Very unprofessional and unfair. I mean I know Gigi and Kendall bought themselves into modelling but at least they can somewhat kind of pass as models in a sense. Dakota is just nothing of the sort.

The problem is back in 2011-12 she created that illusion of looking like this blue eyed blonde hair angel similar to Gemma Ward with striking features and of course Bravo thought they were in for a treat especially seeing that she could speak Japanese.

Shame how its played out.

No. 191450


She's definitely giving Mr Tackywaky a few hand jobs and a good fucking on the side. Thats the only explanation for any of this now because no one else would put up with her.

It wouldn't surprise me back when she was with Popteen and her jobs were lessening that she became worried and kaka told her to start fucking around with Hiroshi. I reckon there is some sister influence there, we all know how fast kaka drops her knickers down like a yo-yo and kooter is antisocial as fuck so no doubt big sister giving her a few pointers on how to stay on his good side was thrown in there.

Basically he gave her opportunities, a bit of pocket money every now and again because obviously she has to stay relevant on Instagram with her dreadful nails. Unlike other models and bloggers who show off their make up, food ect the nails and fake trinkets is the only thing kooter flaunt.

Plus last but not least their shag pad. It wouldn't surprise me if that old greaseball stayed there every couple of days with her whilst lying to his kids and wife. But then again Japanese men work all the time anyway so he can probably get away with it.

Why bother going to some dodgy street corner when you've got a real living and breathing sex doll hauled up in the apartment you're paying for.

No. 191452

While I agree with you, Bravo could have easily turned Kota away, and they didn't.

No. 191465


Unprofessional anon

No. 191498


I sometimes wonder if they were truly the first ones to reach out to her, and it wasn't actually Kooter's reaching out (and grabbing Hiroshi's dick.) Wouldn't put it past her to spam her shooped images to random modelling agencies.

Is it also possible she has multiple roommates ? and thats how she has a place of that size.

No. 191508

I don't just have screenshots of Cathy's public records on my phone anon. Plus I'm at work so I don't have time to dick around lookingnfornit again, just do some basic PI work yourself and you'll find it.

That's the thing though- she didn't speak Japanese until she started going on tv a couple years later. Before that, she had a translator with her everywhere- another perk modelsmdont usually have. You don't really need to speak Japanese to get around Tokyo, but if you sick as a model you need to be able to speak Japanese so the audience has some reason to be interested in you. White girls speaking Japanese is, for some reason, very interesting to Japanese people.

No. 191510

File: 1478015184176.png (888.43 KB, 1103x823, s.png)

They were. And it's not too surprising considering for a couple of months in 2012 she was being featured on international TV and magazines as some newly discovered girl who looked like a living doll (pic related, news from China). She took advantage of the opportunity by opening a "business inquiries" page on her blog asking agencies to send their details. She probably waited and nabbed the best offer. I remember in the comments section of her blog seeing modeling offers from various countries.

No. 191554

Looking back it's kind of understandable that agencies would want her, since she was all over the news. All because of her photoshop. She really dug herself a deep hole. Was she hired before or after those videos where she finally showed her real face?

Soooo Kaka's new photos in a different setting kind of make sense, cause from that it seems more likely that they couldn't afford where they were living anymore and moved.

No. 191576

Koot was hired before Bravo-sama met her but apparently there is a rumour her dad knew someone at Bravo

No. 191590

Damn, I feel so bad for koots because this is likely the real scenario. There honestly is no other explanation. There are literally no pictures of her with friends or a boyfriend.

Even the amount of money she has, pocket money to get nails done once a month. Maybe she stopped putting on lashes all the time because she can't afford more makeup. She also doesn't have enough to eat fancy or go travelling. That says it all.

No. 191609

The house kaka, kooter, and Cathy all lived in was kooter and Kakas grandmas home. iirc it's scotts mothers.

It was a pretty decent newer two story home with a red front door :^)

No. 191612


She met Hiroshi and I think one other Bravo rep in LA to sign her contract before she flew to Japan. So yeah, they saw her before she went there, but that was back when she still cared about her looks enough to try to be cute, so I guess they just went with it because of the hype.

No. 191623


I reckon so too. I doubt they could just hire her without a meet first. Plus she did say in one interview (the one with the puppet) that she got an email off them and shit first. It was most likely the hype because Venus never really went that viral in Asia. There is so many girls that look like Venus (darker hair) she was never anything special. Plus she did not market herself as a "Barbie" and while blondes is popular to Japanese because its "light and oh so beautiful". Many Japanese girls have dolly faces and half the fashion is "dolly" so Venus was never considered. She was more of a western fluke than an Eastern one despite how much she yearned to live in Japan and all the shit she went through with her nutty mother.


At the beginning Dakota was trying to blog with her birthday posts and then she moved to Ameblo which was a popular platform but now Line has taken over. But even then she was giving it a bit of effort with blogging but the Japanese - writing it out and having Japanese correct her must have pissed her off.

Thats the thing. Most bloggers have shit tons of nice ass make up being the best of the best and if Dakota was making that much money she would be able to afford these and show them off.

We have never had that from her apart from her outfit posts at the beginning. Fake brands but at least it was something now we don't even get that.

If she was really doing that well she would be shopping in places like Jill Stuart, Dazzlin, Snidel and big brands there. Expensive ones. Other models seem to there? Dakota doesn't. I mean I know Japan is a big step from back home but christ.

Make some fucking effort Dakota or go back home. I sound harsh but why is she even still there? I would rather at this point Dakota just go into english teaching or give Takawaki-sama a few more fucks and ask for some more pocket money so she can save up for school/college there. At least make a life for herself if she's going to be remaining there.

No. 191630

It's 2142 Laurel Blossom Cir, Ocoee, FL 34761
Can't find any record of it being sold recently.

No. 191689

Dakota isn't likely to o back to the states as long as she can beat the dead horse and be taken care of while pretending to be a model. Her and Kiki were both raised to believe they deserve a luxurious lifestyle and fame for nothing, and no value was placed on their education or planning for their futures. Dakota will be replaced, and se can't stay at Bravo forever even with Hiroshi-san's dick signing her contracts. Unless he owns Bravo (which he doesn't, he just works there) someone is gonna get tired of her, especially if she doesn't stop gaining weight and losing hair. It's only a matter or time before someone who speaks Japanese starts wondering how she's still there, and really it would be great if someone could write out a post with all the evidence we have here in japanese and post it somewhere. It can be called "All about Dakota Rose: the Truth".

No. 191691

File: 1478037295455.jpg (286.15 KB, 749x1226, IMG_0389.JPG)

No. 191696

I wonder if Bravo-san has already started giving her less of an allowance? She's not getting her hair&nails done as much, she doesn't post about her manga/airsoft/video games/makeup anymore really, she's not working as much so she's probably not making much money on her own. Maybe Bravo-san isn't happy with her weight gain and plain face style lately.

No. 191697

File: 1478037454363.jpg (513.85 KB, 749x1162, IMG_0390.JPG)

No. 191699

File: 1478037895360.png (134.53 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0391.PNG)

Dare u

No. 191706

All of this is public knowledge and has been posted a hundred times before. C'mon.

No. 191898

File: 1478059614858.jpg (27.11 KB, 312x323, tumblr_n3kiqeR12v1sq4va7o1_400…)

lol no?? her trip to San Fransisco was completely unrelated to Bravo, it was just some kind of family trip. They DID hire her before meeting her. She sent them a private video from her room that you can see a short clip of on the FujiTV video saying that she accepted the offer and that it was "serious this time". As well as several "no makeup" pics like this one and the ones with the white shirt. By the time the big expose happened with her bloated face on FujiTV, they were already stuck with her.

No. 191901

nah, I remember her making a tumblr post about how she met a modeling agent while she was on her trip. she said something like "the agent was so surprised that my eyes really are that big in real life and my eyelashes are real!"

No. 191902

lmao bruh. she met with an American modeling agent, who she never spoke of again. And that was in mid-late 2011, I was there too.

No. 191905

File: 1478060609927.png (122.91 KB, 1250x623, f.png)

shit anon, your memory is crap. this happened on twitter, not tumblr. here's the tweet. and it was in FL not CA. in Sep. 2011. way before she even started her blog asking for business inquiries, and way before she went viral outside of tumblr.

No. 191913

I like how this unnamed agent didn't sign her, because the story was totally made up. This era of humblebragging combined with her extreme PS and AE videos was great.

No. 191916


Nah, she met with Bravo at their office in LA where she met Hiroshi. They flew her there to sign her contract and then whisk her off to Japan, but they must have agreed to sign her already before LA, or they signed her via email/whatever in FL and flew her to LA to meet Hiroshi. But she's mentioned meeting her "Senpai" in LA. She wrote it on her line blog a long ass time ago.

No. 191919

File: 1478062851068.png (920.46 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2514.PNG)

It would also make sense, considering how often she posts on her Line blog about eating dinner or watching a movie/show/playing games with "a friend" but you only get pics of her or the food, and it's always at her apartment or the friend's house. Not to mention the gifts from her "friend" ($125 bottle of Dior perfume) and the expensive looking traditional style restaurant her "friend" takes her out to. Yet you never see this "friend".

No. 191920

File: 1478062973633.png (600.57 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2516.PNG)


Notice how she wears knockoff VW and posted about going to the Jimmy Choo event and tries to look high fashion, yet covered up the Dior logo.

No. 191921

File: 1478063225280.png (765.14 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2512.PNG)


And for the anons wondering about her diet, according to her food posts on her line blog it's basically:

-cheese/cheese substitute
-combini snacks (chips, veggie crisps)
-soy, tofu, edamame and bean sprouts

So yeah it's no wonder she looks so lumpy. It's all carbs and soy/sodium.

No. 191922

Can you do upload more posts where she's "with a friend"? I don't follow her Line, but man someone can compile this as proof she's with "sempai".

No. 191926

she's called her dad her "friend" before when asked who took her photos lol

No. 191927

File: 1478063801783.png (85.87 KB, 640x1087, IMG_2525.PNG)

She does them sporadically, you have to sit and go back through her blog. But like, her birthday "party" if from this year from her "friends"? But she was the only one in the pic? And when she posted about watching Walking Dead several months ago "with a friend" (not pictured).

Also, this is interesting: Manager-sama started his own modeling agency in 2014

No. 191930

There's something really off about that site. No model listing. He "specializes" in foreign women models and is looking to hire more male managers 25-35 in age for them?

No. 191931

That's suspicious as fuck. It sounds like some sort of trafficking ring type shit. Japanese men looking for desperate foreign girls who want to marry to live in Japan? Come work for Nora models!

No. 191932


>Level 18, Yebisu Garden Place Tower 4-20-3 Ebisu Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-6018

That's way the fuck out in bumfuck Shibuya near the US Air Force base, wtf? A 2-year old modeling agency- with no models- run by a man specializing in "foreign models", recruiting 25-35 year old men near a US Air Force base (gaijin central). That's….. I don't even know.

No. 191933

>office rental space
He can get mail there and use a room occasionally. And he's not the parent agent of the models listed either. Hmm.

No. 191937

File: 1478065441337.jpg (285.11 KB, 1348x571, NORA-MODELS.jpg)

They do have models listed.

No. 191945

Some months ago it was confirmed she was dating Katono Taiko, now you all believe she has a sugar daddy? when or how do you know they are not together anymore? I dont buy that theory.

No. 191952

when was it confirmed I dont think they were ever even seen together?

It's about just as likely she put in the effort of buying the same clothes as him to build the scandal. If they were dating there would be photos of them together or catching him going into her apartment or whatever. The only thing is the matching clothing and the 'rings'.

No. 191954

Even Bravo-sama's seedy side modeling agency has better models than Dakota, lol!

No. 191963

The Hypnotic Poison one isn't sold in Japan. Must be from Kiki

No. 191964

There was a girls channel comment on one of their threads months before the "reveal" that said they saw Dakota with him outside a pachinko place smoking and kissing.
I highly doubt they're still together though.

I've seen a few mentions of seeing her at pachinko though which is pretty lulzy.

No. 191980

Lol are you that gullible to believe one comment some anonymous person wrote on the internet loool ok

No. 192016


It was never "confirmed", plus once people started noticing that she was wearing his clothes and had pics of him next to her KISS ME pillow on her couch, those pics stopped happening. Maybe it was just a casual thing and he ended it because people were starting to associate him and Dakota as a thing.

You can buy it online I'm sure. Plus, I don't see Kiki sending Kota a gift like Dior perfume and her uploading a pic of it saying it's from "a friend" or Kiki would have a fit. Also Hiroshi apparently travels to LA several times a year to the LA office so maybe he got it then.

No. 192018

File: 1478094160023.png (765.65 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2530.PNG)

He posted a pic of himself a few days ago on the swings at Yoyogi park in her neighborhood.

No. 192019

File: 1478094193997.png (777.47 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2529.PNG)


>Yoyogi park playground via Google Images

No. 192020

A Japanese friend of mine confirmed that many girls started to dislike Dakota due to the fact that Taiko gave Dakota that ugly fluffy onesie which was a gift off a fan. They called him cruel and said they were not a fan of her anymore either.

No. 192021


Anything to make her look good and keep his little loli dolly happy

All work and no kawaii makes koot go crazy

No. 192024


That was back when she was being an asshole on tumblr still and when she was still doing the chinese videos for her 'chinese fanbase'.

No. 192029

It's available as a "parallel import" (fake) but not a lot of places. Cheap in duty-free though

No. 192042

That could have split them up. I highly doubt a real celebrity like Taiko would throw his popularity away on some married jimusho's token white sugar baby.

No. 192049

I honestly thought there would be no way I'd be able to find it because its so old, but I went to her tumblr and its still there.


No. 192059

I don't see it, it keeps forcing me to the App Store to download the tumblr app to see more than her last 3 posts. Caps?

No. 192074

File: 1478104121248.png (18.1 KB, 538x123, Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 11.2…)

No. 192077

>It was never "confirmed".
Pictures and her TV interview pretty much confirmed it. It was very obvious.

>those pics stopped happening.

She's wearing that oversized men's jacket AGAIN in her IG.

>That could have split them up. I highly doubt a real celebrity like Taiko would throw his popularity away on some married jimusho's token white sugar baby.

Leave your gf because some random fans complained is not a good theory. Celebrities date no celebrities or smaller celebrities all the time.

No one has enough evidence of a split. My bet is they are still together. I'm not a fan of worst case scenarios or conspiracy theories. If she had a sugar daddy in the industry she'd have even more jobs now but she has the same boring jobs, as usual. Also it has been explained before that you can find affordable nice apartments when you have a visa, Taylor R's old apartment is a good example of that.

No. 192079

That's all pretty interesting since there's no proof/confirmation they're together for were. all of it is just speculation either way.

No. 192083


Sigh. Check previous threads for the evidence, there's enough evidence. It was confirmed, we all agreed they were dating, why are you pretending this never happened? Are you new?

No. 192084

>If she had a sugar daddy in the industry she'd have even more jobs now but she has the same boring jobs, as usual.

Her manager can't force clients to hire her. If they don't like what they see they aren't going to hire her no matter who her agency is.

>you can find affordable nice apartments when you have a visa

Yes you can, but none that big and modern right near the middle of Shibuya for the amount/quality of work she gets. Also if it's so easy, why did she blog about how frustrating and difficult it was to find a new place? Because nobody wants to rent a bigass apartment to a single foreigner on an entertainment visa. She sure as hell isnt making $5,000 a month wearing Halloween costumes and kimonos every 2-3 weeks. And that's pretty lowball based on the 3 rooms we saw in her "apartment tour" video that didn't even show the full apartment. It was just the front door, her bedroom, the big bedroom, her stove and her bathroom sink.

No. 192089

I don't need to check the old threads, I was there when they were the current threads. There are pics of her wearing his clothes and of him at her place, but no proof they were or are still dating. She said she likes someone who is his age, but that's hardly enough to be considered "proof". I'm sure she's met a lot of celebrities because of Hiroshi, Dakota seems to be his lowest class acquaintance after all. If she hadn't been so good at makeup and shoop not only would she not have gone viral, but I'm sure he wouldn't have given her a second glance.

No. 192095

Yeah sure and the many pictures wearing his clothes is not "proof" at all rolls eyes. Yes you need to check threads. Bf discussion starts here: >>257791

No. 192097

Japanese celebrities like to ride the white horse …erm tootsie roll too. She was probably friends with benefits and nothing more. Dakota has a shit personality and a body of a tootsie roll and probably can't even cook mixed with the fact that she's also a HS drop out. Who the fuck would want that as a partner.

No. 192099

File: 1478106111921.jpg (33.39 KB, 275x275, 1460291626155.jpg)

Oh no no no they weren't dating, she just randomly had the same men's clothes… seriously?

No. 192101


I refuse to believe until one of them actually comes out with it. My FWB loans me his sweaters but it don't mean we're fucking dating… Or they're two friends trolling the internet.

No. 192106

File: 1478106556708.jpg (271.29 KB, 666x767, 1460479130415 (1).jpg)

>Japanese celebrities like to ride the white horse
This is disgusting and not real dude stfu. You sound really ignorant saying this.

>She was probably friends with benefits and nothing more.

You wish a friend with benefits give you presents and let you wear his clothes lol.

Katono was 22 back then, then those pictures… get over it they were dating.

No. 192123

What a mess of a comment. How naive are you to think celebrities don't do drugs? No matter what country they're from.

No. 192146

Yes SOME celebrities do drugs, however I don't see how is that related to their relationship.
Your comments are a mess, sugar daddy? drugs? What?

No. 192179

File: 1478108143824.png (Spoiler Image, 306.69 KB, 743x285, 1444600910450.png)

Man, it sure is sounding fucking Ostrenga in this bitch today.

Have some OG fat hog Dakota before she and Kiki sold their souls to scene. It's not the best quality but it's still kekworthy.

No. 192192

Didn't someone check the date on the clothes? And that it was Koots buying each piece after he was pictured with it, then posting that anon post online to start the rumor?

I also remember her deleting tweets to him or something, to try and make it seem they knew each other.

No. 192201

it literally isn't proof. You know what is?

>pics of them together

>the two of them talking to eachother via social media
>them holding hands/kissing

I doubt they were dating. As for that interview you think is so damning where she says she likes someone that is 22 (his age)- she only said she liked someone that age, not that she was dating anyone. And really. Look at her lately. IDK why everyone on this board thinks that being white and speaking Japanese will blind Japs to everything bad/negative/uncute about a girl and immediately raise her to goddess-tier attractiveness. ffs. If this were anyone else you would bescreaming for proof that she Is dating him, that she doesn't have a SD/isn't secretly married, that she is actually living alone and pays for the place herself. It's like lolcow is giving her the same free pass that Bravo is.

No. 192204

Yeah, one time he posted a pic of some spicy ramen and she replied to it with something about how it makes her stomach hurt. He never acknowledged her though.

No. 192239

The only person with something to gain with an age old rumor Kota started is Kota herself. She trying to deflect us cuz we onto her and old sempai.

No. 192252

DUH that Japanese expression is commonly used for "I am dating someone". And yes those pictures are evidence, fucking everyone agreed last time. You just don't want to believe it.

>IDK why everyone on this board thinks that being white and speaking Japanese will blind Japs to everything bad/negative/uncute about a girl and immediately raise her to goddess-tier attractivenes

Lol not my case dude, I believe normal people date people, not races. that's stupid.

Listen the point is that damn crazy theories are almost never true, like she's fucking an old man for money or she's on drugs or some shit like that, it's most likely she has/had a normal boyfriend.

No. 192256

> And yes those pictures are evidence, fucking everyone agreed last time.

I was there last time and you're not looking at things in context. We were under the impression there would be legitimate proof coming.

It never came.

No. 192259

I would more than love it if admin-sama could tell us the IP of posts like these:


Because yeah, literally the only person that would even want to believe they were dating is Dakota herself or her white trash family still trying to cover up her past and whiteknight her to keep her relevant.

No. 192267

lol no, its not. She would have said "my boyfriend". They asked her a specific question and she only said she liked someone who is 22. she didn't say "my boyfriend is 22" or "I'm seeing someone who is 22". Both would be appropriate responses.


>You just don't want to believe it

You type like Kiki when she's off her meds, try harder.

No. 192273

I am not Dakota lol I said her jobs are boring af and you still believe I am her or her family? Not buying your stupid theory of a sugar daddy doesn't mean I am an Ostrenga. That theory makes no sense. Check previous threads, we all agreed they were dating. You are just butthurt because I criticized your theory and mentioned she could be still dating that guy. You say that those pictures are not evidence when it's painfully obvious they are/were in a relationship and you have 0 evidence of a sugar daddy LOL it's all especulation.

No. 192275

I'm actually weirded out now by the fact that Koots went to the malls in Tokyo specifically to grab the same clothes and junk he had on his public facing pics. All of it isn't designer or hard to find. That's some high level stalking.

No. 192280


Everyone knows and agrees that everything posted here is just speculation and gossip unless actual proof is posted. For example, the fact that there's always someone who gets butthurt when those speculations start pointing to Dakota being anything less than a perfect, lucky Japanese princess is proof that Ostrengas lurk and post here. Which Ostrenga(s) has yet to be seen (I'm looking at you, admin-sama. I haven't lost faith in you yet!) but literally nobody else would give two fucks to defend her this hard.

No. 192283

Ugh this is stupid fucking ask a Japanese person how that phrase is interpreted.

No. 192284

Someone in this thread has a bad case of the jelly thinking of Koots dating that average looking asian guy.
b-b-b-but she must have a middle aged old fat sugar daddy she can't date my kawaii kamen rider actor bishi boy.

Seriously guys calm down we don't know for sure if they dated although there is a shitton of coincidences with the clothing, we don't know for sure she is fucking her manager even though he's around her a lot and acts like a man no longer into his wife by changing shit on his facebook profile.

We have no clue and throwing a hissy fit isn't going to work contain your envy and get over it

No. 192286

>That theory makes no sense

But her staying in Tokyo with Bravo after gaining 15 pounds and losing all her collabs does? After making an ass of herself in public multiple times? A high ranking agency that has turned legitimate models with real portfolios away? For a pudgy fat faced white hick from Orlando who hardly wears makeup anymore and almost never leaves her house and hardly works anymore? That's some premium fucking delusion you have there. She hasn't been relevant online for 3 years. She hasn't been relevant in Japan for going on 2 years now. Even Popteen dropped her after graciously lying about her measurements and shooping her face to look more appealing. Why? Are you actually implying she still has her contract because she's good enough to be a Bravo model? Because she's not and to be honest, she never was.

No. 192287

Now that I look back, it was really pathetic how she purposely left cookie crumbs for everyone to follow, I think she wanted everyone to find out so she could catapult herself into the limelight with a scandal or something, but funny enough she just continued to lose popularity. Would have been funny to watch his fangirls rip her apart though, guess they didn't care enough. Now she's stuck sucking grandpa bravo's dick in order to hold on to japan and her previous,but clearly over success. I still like to go back to previous threads and laugh at the comments talking about how she matured and no longer talks to her family. I honestly can't wait until admin reveals which comments were kiki so I can go back to previous threads and see her spazzing out.

No. 192290

>you don't agree with with the ~proof~ I left a year ago, you must be jelly

Kota that you?

No. 192291

I bet you a cookie she's in this one spazzing out right now. The run on sentences and overuse of netspeek and pushing to convince everyone Dakota is still a model because she works for it is hilarious.

Protip for the socially disabled:

The harder you try to convince people that you're right, the less likely they are to believe you. Why? Because people know when shit just doesn't add up.Not everyone lives in a fantasy land where you just get handed a career and a new life in another country just because you're good at makeup and acting kawaii.

No. 192292

Anyone have the screen of him never acknowledging her existence? That's some sad shit.

No. 192293

Guys, we shouldn't rag on Kiki so hard. It's not her fault she's retarded and disabled, it's Scott and Cathy's. Rather than encouraging their girls to have hobbies and make friends, they pushed them to pursue fame and money and a lifestyle they couldn't afford instead of letting them get an education and learn how to socialize with people their own age. She probably never mentally matured past age 11-12 and now that she/s getting older and realizing her prime is past, she'll do anything to keep beleiving she isn't just an unemployed dropout with no friends in podunk, fl.

No. 192294

Yes of course.
I type this while sitting on my fat managers lap and i have Kiki on the phone talking about what to post here.

That is what you want to believe right? Feel better now? i wonder what kind of people are spazzing out in the thread right now kicking and screaming being dedicated to wanting to convince everyone that koots is a drug addicted sugar baby fucking her manager.

No. 192295

>you don't agree with with the ~proof~ I left a year ago, you must be jelly

>Kota that you?

First, I am not the anon who posted the evidence months ago, I only AGREED with anons those days. Don't twist my words.

No. 192297

File: 1478112131237.png (85.66 KB, 648x739, 2016-11-03 03_40_37-sony.png)

Has kotas tv appearances been discussed yet? Has she only had two in total this year or did they just stop updating the website?
(compare 2016 and 2015 lol…)

No. 192298

File: 1478112160941.jpg (25.29 KB, 275x206, 1475865842053.jpg)

This thread and its theories….
Stay paranoid.

Admin is going to mark Kiki's comments when the time is right, Stop sperging in Kiki's threads with that too.

No. 192301

wow if he is her boyfriend kotex is a real piece of shit, makes out with a guy on national television just to progress her career,now she has a sugar daddy at bravo. I really hope they have an open relationship or this guy is beta as fuck, especially with all the white girls in Tokyo that look ten times better than Dakota.

No. 192376

I think she and Katono probably did go out briefly. He gave or let her borrow his stuff and she decided to take advantage of this to boost her own fame. She deliberately posted the shots of her in his clothing to try to create a sensation and connect her to him. When he realized what she was doing, he got pissed and dumped her. That's the scenario that makes the most sense to me.
As for Bravo-sama, I think he's been supporting her for a long time at the agency. I don't know if she's actually giving him anything or just stringing him along, but fundamentally, I think Koots is a user and that is probably why most of her relationships have dissolved.

No. 192417

She was trying to imply that he was sleeping at her place. It wasn't just shirts and toys, it was jacket and pyjamas.

It's obvious she's a fan of his and hoped for people to fall for it, but there is no acknowledgement from his side that he has ever even heard of her.

No. 192499

>fundamentally, I think Koots is a user and that is probably why most of her relationships have dissolved.

This. Even her friendship with charms ended because Dakota didn't want er to have the same knockoff Vivienne Westwood as her. Isn't Charms' family loaded and funded her lolita wardrobe in her teens? I can understand Dakota feeling threatened and jealous of that. She was always the sidekick and never the princess until she met Bravo-sama.

No. 192501

There's a video of Dakota playing with his cat Koni on her Instagram. There's also a pic of him holding Koni on his twitter and you can clearly see it's the same cat.

No. 192523

Have you looked closely at the pics of both cats?

No. 192576

Yes. It has the same folded tiny ears and fur pattern.

No. 192591

So this cat with the brown fur on its mouth >>192099 is supposedly the same as this one with white? https://www.instagram.com/p/9EqHWyy8DG/

No. 192601

File: 1478127592181.jpg (63.87 KB, 600x800, IMG_2538.JPG)

No, that's not Koni in Taiko's pic.

No. 192626

In more recent times you can look at her relationship with Yurayura who seems to be MIA since Popteen dumped Koots. And in this picture >>190842
she is trying to cozy up to Hirose Suzu a film and drama actress who is currently really popular. Remember in that Pachinko magazine Koots said she want to be an actress so…

No. 192661

I don't know why everyone is treating this as a big fucking deal. For starters he's not very attractive, but also… he's a Japanese celeb. Tarento are a dime a dozen. On top of that he's just as talentless as every other j actor who try to do the ~animu come to real~ thing. And he's famous for a kid's show.

Ffs people this isn't some A list celeb. It's not unreasonable to believe they met during one of her shitty little gigs. It's kind of ridiculous that people are saying she bought all the same clothes.

I'm on board for the sugar daddy theory but having a fling with this other fucker doesn't change anything.

No. 192663

Plus she's friends with her, Dakota calls her Suzu-chan.

Celebrities and tarento aren't interchangeable, anon. Dakota is a tarento but not a real celebrity. Taiko is a celebrity. A tarento is someone small time who has a gimmick or act and uses it to get attention.

No. 192676

Dakota calls everyone 'chan even when she barely knows them. All of the models call each other that actually. I doubt they are real friends.

No. 192683

I thought this was Ashley Isaacs when I was scrolling down. Christ.

No. 192690

I mean Dakota refers to her a lot on her line blog and IG even when she isn't pictured.

No. 192694

Where? Post caps.

No. 192695


Taiko isn't a looker. I agree with the other anon. If it was someone like Haruma Miura Id be seething with jealously. But nah, kooter can have Katano.

No. 192702

Go your lazy fucking ass and look. It's not like you have to dig through the catalog to find it, it's right on her IG page. It was even linked already.


No. 192703

Huh. I was looking for caps from Koots talking about Suzu not the cat.

No. 192745

Kota playing with a cat from a commercial he was in = proof they're dating?



No. 192754

Lol the other anon acts like there isn't millions of cats that look like that one. And even If they did date that doesn't mean he didn't dump her ass like hot trash.

No. 192759

The main giveaway is that everything has been one-sided on Koot's part.

If they were really in a relationship, she wouldn't have stopped with pics or videos of him or his own cats at his place. She'd also get some kind of twitter reply from him.

It reminds me of Kaka style and how she makes "claims" on men. I don't underestimate Kota's thirst anymore, not since that show where she tried to make out with a guy.

No. 192793

OR at the very least if (in the very small chance) they were in a relationship he was 100% embarrassed of her. As people have said she was the ONLY person between the two 'dropping hints' meanwhile he's never acknowledges her EXISTENCE once.

No. 192809

>>hardly wears makeup anymore

Are you not aware of her drawn on butthole lips?

No. 192810

why do you care so much? chill

No. 192817

I don't buy into the "they are dating" thing. if they were, him ignoring her would most likely be because he's a celeb and doesn't want a scandal or to scorn his fans

No. 192820

I don't buy it either. This thread has gotten pretty weird. I think if anything they might have just been fuck buddies. Which would explain the one sided thing, and her mentioning she liked someone his age, and probably wanted to pass it off as them dating. Who knows? She could've even taken his clothes or obnoxiously asked for them for all we know.

No. 192826


They've posted pics together before.

Suzus blog from last oct:

No. 192830


is that pic of them together shooped?

koots actually looks pretty cute here wtf

No. 192831

Poor girl thinks she's actually gaining a friend.

No. 192835

Wait which show was that!? Any links?

No. 192840

Wow. One mention more than a year ago. I went over Koots line and instagram about half a year back and I didn't see mention of her. Also, Suzu isn't following her on twitter.
Just filtered and smoothed I think. Erasing her harsh facial lines and covering her chin and forehead makes Kooter more appealing.

No. 192868

This one. But to be fair that was kind of the point of the show.

No. 192878


she looks so pretty here. it's a damn shame she doesn't take care of herself anymore

No. 192885

These girls all look identical. Shit is fucking creepy.

No. 192954

File: 1478162397737.png (697.69 KB, 681x692, Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 3.38…)

this has got to be her worst shoop to date

No. 192959

File: 1478164466482.jpg (107.64 KB, 728x1084, That is some franken fran tier…)

No. 192960

File: 1478165291782.jpg (21.24 KB, 225x225, IMG_1181.JPG)

So has she officially run out of clothes? Can she not buy new clothes that fit properly?

No. 192961

File: 1478165405961.jpg (96.67 KB, 652x869, CwLufJNUsAI9Z3U.jpg)

No. 192962

File: 1478166112666.jpg (81.4 KB, 795x1060, CwLufJMUkAAAN1Y.jpg)

No. 192973

What was the point of the show? Some comments are talking about how sad it is but I don't understand Japanese. Does he reject Kota in the end or what

No. 192981

Looks like it's really time to throw those boots away.

No. 192984

lol, that nose.

No. 192994

Last Kiss = a Kiss at the end of the date, at the last moment of the show, that's the main point of the show. No he didn't reject her, he kissed her and she said she'd like to meet him again in a place with no cameras. But it's just a show, they both got paid.

No. 193001

she looks soooo much like kiki ripriprip

No. 193017

Sorry, I don't consider her model material. I don't consider her a blonde anymore either, her hair looks straight up red-brown.

No. 193028


It makes me mad because I her apartment tour video she has a huge shelf full of all kind of cute shoes by her door, yet she wears these tired ass Taobao boots everywhere. Look at them, the suede has rubbed nearly all the way off of the toe of the shoe and they're even stained. I'd be ashamed to wear those and call myself a model/pretend to be rich.

No. 193078

This looks like a bad yearbook picture from the 90s.

No. 193083

Are her eyebrows balding too now? I don't remember them being that sparse toward her nose.

No. 193131

i guess it's either the brightness or she didn't fill them in properly (or not at all)

No. 193161

This is giving me Lifetouch senior picture vibes

No. 193163

what manga is this?

No. 193166

Franken Fran

No. 193519

File: 1478272710566.png (977.58 KB, 576x768, IMG_2196.PNG)

I'm always amazed at how I keep finding new (to me) pics of Kota from her 2012 viral style. Just how many pics did she take? Thousands?

No. 193520

File: 1478272769688.jpg (97.58 KB, 458x610, IMG_2197.JPG)

No. 193522

File: 1478273041242.jpg (95.37 KB, 500x701, IMG_2202.JPG)

Also, search her name in kana in google images and you'll see a few pics of her from around the time she first went to Japan dressed up in kawaii outfits sitting on a bunch of different beds, and the last of face shoop makes me think she didn't post them.I never saw those when searching her name in English. I don't speak/read Japanese so isk what that's all about.

No. 193524

Actually this one is old af, her hair was still short and it was taken by Kiki most likely, its from like 4 years ago or more, the first time I saw this one was during her first year in Japan but the picture was already old back then.

No. 193530

Also you can see she still had her viper piercings in this one, her hair and bangs are different compared to this one >>193519 ,
she didnt have her piercings when she moved to Japan, someone probably found it and reupload it somewhere else. Dakota and Kiki have a lot of photo sessions in bed rooms, its like their favorite set.

No. 193533

No, this was just her right before the living doll stuff took off online. You seem terribly new.

No. 193541

Ikr? I saw that one YEARS ago and it was already old when I found it. She still had her piercings.

No. 193551


I still think those shoes are cute .. I know someone here asked why she never wears any of her other shoes, and my best bet is because they don't fit. In one of her videos she said something along the lines of her ugly bunny shoes being too small, soo she's probably just hoarding them so it looks like she's living the dream. " Closet full of shoes….that don't fit"

No. 193571

File: 1478283296865.png (612 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2585.PNG)

Holy shit, that's right! She even said on her Line blog her feet grew So she gave them to a friend. That also explains why her white Westwood wing shoes looked so tight when she wore them on Abema Prime.

So then, are the black suede ones the onynones that fit her now?

No. 193575

Wait.. can your feet really grow so much you don't fit in shoes that you bought like a couple years before? Do they expand that much when you gain weight?

No. 193582

Yeah, when people get fat or preg their feet really expand. But mostly it's in width. Kota wouldn't admit it's width, she pretends it's length kek

No. 193626


They probably grew length and width over the last few years. If she was truthfully 16ish when entering Japan then she was still growing. Plus like the other anon said, they can get wider when you gain weight. ( Mine shrunk when I lost weight. width wise anyways )

No. 193680

Remember also she bought these from Taobao almost 5 years ago now, they probably ran small even then.

No. 193704

Is she saying that she has shoe size 6? I don't speak Japanese, but if that's what that says, I don't believe her.

No. 193786

her head height / size here is hilarious

No. 193787

her head height / size here is hilarious

No. 193817

She says that when she bought them she was a size 21.5 (US women's 4.5) - 22cm (US women's 5.5) but that now they're too small because her feet are now 22.5cm (US women's 6). So yeah, those must have run small. A pair of 24cm shoes from China and a pair of similar shoes from the U.K. that are 24cm arentnfoing to have the same fit. Chinese ones from sites like Taobao, eBay as aliexpress are usually tight across the top of the foot, dig into the heels or are too narrow if they aren't true to size and you don't order them a size up. So realistically they were probably tight on her even in 2011-2012 when he bought them.

No. 193825

File: 1478317260407.jpg (28.9 KB, 500x280, IMG_2593.JPG)

She wasn't 16, she was 18.

Remember that beer commercial for Brew-ha beer Kiki and Kota did? That was way back in 2009, which if she was born in 1995 would have made her 13, and she doesn't look 13 in the commercial.

No. 193827

File: 1478317490864.png (1.15 MB, 640x1136, IMG_2594.PNG)

And if she were really only 16 when she went to Japan, then she would have been 17 by the time she did the Etude House deal in Korea.

Except she looks almost the same now at "21". Pic related is from 2013.

No. 193828

File: 1478317668419.jpg (326.41 KB, 700x700, IMG_2596.JPG)

Pic related also from 2013.

No. 193838

Really can't stand the spergs that use "She doesn't look so-so age here!!" as proof that she's lying about her age. There are far more believable sources on whether she's lying or not, her looks prove nothing considering her and Kiki were both into heavy make up, revealing clothes, and crazy hair when they were young.

No. 193839

She never wore her knockoff shoes normally, they were only for photos around the house and that's why they still look new.

Like you, I doubt they ever fit her since they were bought sight unseen without trying them on first.

Nobody thinks it's weird that a 13 year old would be in a beer commercial?

No. 193842

I agree with this

But I also agree with this. There's so many theories and good points about her age that it's super confusing.

Thinking about it now, she never wore those bunny shoes except for photos in her house. They probably never fit her right to begin with. Shame cause they're cute shoes.

No. 193843

that eye makeup must look so bizarre in person

No. 193845

File: 1478320597070.jpg (36.77 KB, 736x552, 5a4780a0ff689f9066b3d15d1bbbd1…)

Where is this from?

No. 193846

File: 1478320805267.png (13.02 KB, 720x146, Screenshot_2016-11-04-22-23-39…)

Ok newbies:
Like 2 months ago in "Kaka has returned to us" thread anons discussed their age, Dakota IS 21, Kiki is 24 now. Dakota was 16 when she went viral, check the thread.

No. 193848

Is that her, or one of her clones? Her face is looking rather fat there.

No. 193849

Koots is honestly so unattractive, even at her "prime". I don't understand why people say she looked good during this era. If anything, only her shooping style was pleasing to the eye. She still looked like a mean potato with a bulky jaw. Not to mention her body has always looked frumpy. Heavy mid-section and flabby calves. It really astounds me as to how far she's made it looking like that. Kooter is a model and she can't even manage her body at the very least. Talk about unprofessional. Why the fuck can't she take care of her body when that's literally her job? Or fix her face with surgical/cosmetic enhancements? I honestly really want to know

No. 193851

*arms not calves

No. 193856

it's Dakota. it's from a nail video she made but deleted. apparently this is all that's left of it.

No. 193858

No. 193860

>mean potato

I keked

I think she stopped putting effort into her job after moving to the bigger apartment, because she already has a visa and what she needs to stay in Japan through other means.

No. 193863

It's from a nail video she did in her tumblr days. The art was AWFUL and the video was hilarious. She deleted it when she started to go viral. I remember seeing it once on one of the Chinese video uploading sites. Very sad it was lost tbh.

No. 193873

Nah that's not a rare pic or anything, she posted it on her blog and /cgl/ decided she finally lost touch on reality and forgot what a human face looks like.
Oh how tame it seems now…

No. 193877

that picture is from 2010.

No. 193878

File: 1478330947706.jpg (32.96 KB, 200x443, IMG_7299.JPG)

No. 193879

christ almighty, what level of autismo. you're really gonna use your shitty age detector on an etude house photo as argument that she wasn't 16? She was born in 1995, it's been proven countless times with solid proof and everything to the contrary has been debunked. Your photo age detector doesn't mean shit. And that "beer commercial" was a local Orlando gig that only aired on buzznet, it's not like it was a legit company on TV. She's younger than you, get over it already.

No. 193880

File: 1478332132957.png (267.34 KB, 1193x384, ok.png)

I like how at the end it says she uses (a bit, yeah right) of photoshop

No. 193898

File: 1478338304281.gif (822.23 KB, 500x298, anigif_enhanced-buzz-16994-133…)

No. 193977

>her age has been proven countless times!!!11

I love how this keeps being said yet nobody ever actually shows this undeniable proof.

No. 194010

damn I remember thinking she was actually pretty in this gif, didn't understand why she took the video down. Then again I don't know shit about nail art.

No. 194138


I wish I could see this video. I remember when she uploaded it I thought, eh, I'll watch it later its not like its going anywhere…

Oh well. By the looks of the gif though, her eyes look small af on her meaty face.

No. 194151

Ohhh, she probably deleted this one because she's not wearing her usual circle lenses in it. Whoops lol

No. 194155

ahhhh the nostalgia

No. 194163

File: 1478384939708.jpg (88.24 KB, 369x604, IMG_2599.JPG)

This pic is apparently from the same people she did the Angry Birds photo shoot for.

No. 194193


Oh god, they forgot to touch up her chin or did but left it long and weird looking.

No. 194201

didn't even notice that. looks very much like a scream mask chin.

I find her pretty here. if she'd stayed like this and kept up with her appearance, she wouldn't have had such a shitty turnout, excluding her personality.

No. 194211

I woudln't even know that's her.

The eyes, lips, teeth and nose don't look like her at all.

No. 194233

ahhh I see yeah, that easily could have been what it was

No. 194243


God, it does look like a scream mask.
Didn't Taylor also model for Bossini ? I love they didn't even use Koots to model their clothing … actually she looks nude ( what you get when you lie about your measurements ).

No. 194275

File: 1478397888515.jpg (45.91 KB, 468x681, 146959hayah.jpg)

I think this is probably her natural lip shape, which if it is she should really stop outlining them to look like a prolapsed anus because back when I was thirsty over her pictures and she still looked like this I thought her lips were the perfect shape and I was so jealous. If she really needs to do the whole Kylie Jenner thing then there ARE lip plumpers, like cinnamon oil, and she could always get fillers too because she obviously wants them bigger. I'm pretty sure she had body dysmorphic disorder though so it doesn't matter what anyone tells her, she's just gonna make herself worse and worse looking

No. 194276

File: 1478397985303.png (204.43 KB, 500x375, tumblr_m4oqz8n5Jn1rx1221o1_500…)

Has* not had. And anyway girl doesn't know what she wants. I would be surprised if she stuck with her current style of photoshopping, she always manages to make herself look a new level of fucked up. She used to be all about them small lips

No. 194278

File: 1478398086994.jpeg (7.05 KB, 225x225, images-30.jpeg)

Then began her descent into madness, when she first discovered how to outline her lips, and little did we all know just what catastrophe lied ahead….

No. 194285

File: 1478398526013.jpg (44.98 KB, 600x600, tumblr_nzf1j4Pnev1s27rh1o1_128…)

Another picture from around the same time, before she started going full ayylmao and having crazy fish lips. But I understand, girl has small lips, she's just trying to fit in with every other thot who does their makeup. I wonder if it ever bothers her that she's so different from all the other girls her age? Slightly outlining her lips looks better than the ridiculousness she has going on now, just compare. She looks so much prettier in this one too, whatever she was doing to her face was clearly working for her, this is probably around the last time she actually looked good.

No. 194289

Anyone possibly have the original video?

No. 194292

File: 1478398833127.jpg (41.5 KB, 512x512, f3HBv_XK.jpg)

She's gained weight too, even though she tries to hide it with the proper angles and the right amount of photoshopping, its really obvious in the shape of her face and the way her face is filled out and hust kinda how her skjn hangs on her face. Also her arms really give her away. The last time I mentioned she lose just about 10 lbs someone got pissed at me and called me an ana and defended dakota and said "she's petite and always has been" for some reason I think it might have been kiki lol. Whats the matter kaka, do you always need to be the thin sister? She's not petite anyway, if she were she would want to show her body off more. Petite would mean she's small and dainty and skinny with narrow hips and a tiny waist. Just lol

No. 194293

File: 1478399051382.jpg (34.52 KB, 599x494, CJE82NqWsAAX5hY.jpg)

Her selfies are the most boring thing ever. We get it kooter, you're pretty, do something with your life now. She just has no friends and no life whatsoever, doesn't she? Does she like books or movies or anime or anything? Doesn't she draw apparently? And kiki too? Also I hate this picture even though it has all the requirements to be cute, it just isn't. She looks plastic ;_;NATURAL BEAUTY, DAKOTA

No. 194307

File: 1478400614805.jpg (62.53 KB, 320x180, IMG_2584.JPG)


No. 194311

She should do something with her hair, its really boring and it makes her look like a balding old lady. I would suggest getting bangs again, and some extentions so its not so godawful thin and mangy. They even make bang wigs lol! I wonder if that would be too fake though? She could do with a prescription of somr lafy rogaine though, or a better diet, and she should work out too and develop a personality. This is just my dream for her though, she could accomplish all this in under a year too. While I am at it mentioning suggestions though, she also needs some damn eyeliner and some dimension to her makeup, like some eyeshadow and some contouring, and less photoshop, and no butthole lips, and she should start waist training too just for the lulz and for maximum barbieness. Idk….

No. 194313

Lafy rogaine? And also she should add some highlights to her hair, that would be fun, she should glam it up a bit, she is 21 after all. And maybe some teeth whitening. And boob implants. And she should be taking hair and nail vitamins, desperately. She isn't open to suggestions is she? I could tell her all this

No. 194314

Except she never looked anywhere near that gif you saw, it's all lighting, angles and after effects.

nasolabials shitene~wa

No. 194323

Her hair looks like a cheap $8 aliexpress schoolgirl cosplay wig + free wig cap free ship

No. 194328

Lol that would be funny if it was, it would explain a lot though. Is her dad balding or something? Either that or both her parents just have ridiculously thin hair, because her and her sister have about 4 hairs between the two of them

No. 194331

File: 1478404205781.png (119.91 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2600.PNG)

I really think Kiki and Kota did most of it to themselves with their shorty diets and hair abuse over the years. Dakota claims he was a vegan since age 8, and she basically only eats pasta, fried mixed veggies, rice and junk food. Kiki likes sweets and mystery Chinese diet pills. Neither of them exercise and probably haven't done much aside from sit at a computer desk for the last 10 years. They've both had anorexic tendencies in the past. It's like that teen girl from the UK who literally only eats instant ramen, and she's so bad off because of malnutrition and lack of exercise that she can't even walk and has the health of the average 80 year old.

Maybe it's not genetics, maybe it's just them.

No. 194475


It's sad that she fucked herself over lyin about those lenses on TV, because now she's stuck wearing them all the time which is part of why she looks like shit now. Bigass circle lenses don't work with nude makeup/no makeup. And everyone knows they're fake anyway, she's done videos and tutorials without them before.

No. 194655

Those bangs look really cute ngl

No. 194843

File: 1478509112305.jpg (97.17 KB, 815x458, PicsArt_10-29-10.14.31.thumb.j…)

I cant believe she actually blured her and the guest's face on the big screen behind them lmaooo

No. 194857

Wow, she completely erased both their faces.

No. 194921

I dunno anon that just looks like a blurry projected image that has had a crappy quality photo taken of it to me. Then again I wouldn't put it past Koots to blur them either.

No. 194941

Maybe if someone is bored enough, they can look online for other videos taken off the show, and see if it's blurred in them as well

No. 194943

That's blurred for sure, their names are legible!

No. 194951

File: 1478531184674.jpg (130.13 KB, 1200x862, CwqoajQUcAAM6Xu.jpg)

No. 194952

when i imagine a pedofile i imagine him in those exact same glasses. why does she always wear them? pedo glasses

No. 194992

Because it makes it easier to shoop her eyes much bigger and blame it on the glasses. Also glasses make facial tracking easier for after effects so your eyes aren't sliding all around your face in the video.

No. 194996

File: 1478538216984.png (1.16 MB, 640x1136, IMG_2623.PNG)


Here's the official website for the event with all her candids on it: https://secure.tulip-tv.co.jp/TKF/

My phone won't let me save photos because it's a slideshow, but he's a screenshot of her and another model on the projector screen without their faces blurred so yes, she did it on purpose.

No. 195015

it makes her eyes big in real life like bubbles from tailer park boys

No. 195025

Well this is just embarrassing

No. 195028

But why did she blur out part of her and the other girl's name out as well?

No. 195031


No. 195032

actually nvm I just looked at it again and it doesn't make sense

No. 195047


Where was it posted? If it was her Line blog she probably just uploaded it from her phone and rushed it.

No. 195066

File: 1478550108013.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5706.PNG)

She actually looks really pretty in this one. It's sad what she does. Girl definitely has BDD

No. 195069

She does indeed. She's not ugly at all. She's just kind of ordinary. She's the second prettiest girl in your Midwestern high school class, and she wants to be extraordinary like the girls she shoops herself to look like (Gemma, Vlada). Also she is aging like milk.

>Girl definitely has BDD

Don't want to armchair diagnose her but I disagree. To me she hasn't shown signs of that beyond the shooping. I think she's a con-artist like the rest of her family (excluding her brother).

No. 195093

I am not that anon you replied to but I think she does have it, look at how her selfies are always at the same boring tame poses so she doesn't risk looking unkawaii, the way she makes herself look not even human and yet still she thinks it looks good, if she didn't she wouldn't be posting them,she thinks she is fooling people into thinking thats how she actually looks or that she's actually a toddler. She's delusional and cringy but I don't hate her actually, I have always been rooting for her, if only because she was a pretry white girl from America living the kawaii dream in Japan, a girl who used to just be another scene girl. But she has really disappointed me. She can't even be a chaotic trainwreck either, she's just soooooo boring and blah and her shoops are scary

No. 195330

I don't understand why someone who doesn't want to be seen or be around people, and has no sense of fashion would want to be a model?

No. 195332

because she wants attention. the very shallow kind also since that's all she's known to want since she was a child. i'm guessing most people irl in japan fawn over her still. i guess she thinks the only way to keep them is to go on photoshopping herself to cling to e-fame instead of, you know, working hard.

No. 195341

Its from her TAKAOKA BTS video. For someone who has almost 500k subscribers her two newest videos dont even have 60k views, her Ameba vlog was posted one month ago and only has 51k views, her Pokemon vlog did much beter than that with 141k views. the Takaoka bts video seems to be doing better though. I know many subscribed to her when she went viral and probably forgot they were subscribed to her and since she changed her photoshoping style so much they dont even remember her, another factor is that shes not consistent but she really lost a good thing with youtube for being too lazy, her videos were still getting high views a year ago. Part of the reason Taylor managed to stay somewhat relevant despite being a Dakota clone is because of youtube and shes more interactive in social media in general. Dakota is very boring in contrast and doesn't seem to actually try in showing some personality. She was very lucky to have all the opportunities she had and still has but that doesn't seem to cause a reaction in her at all.

No. 195342

File: 1478576043176.jpg (326.72 KB, 1440x960, Takaoka 着物 Festa 2016年10月1日 - …)


Correcting your link Anon for the Takaoka Kimono Fest (2016):

Now dumping 5 (listed) images featuring our Dakota-chan.


No. 195343

File: 1478576145667.jpg (465.98 KB, 1440x1047, Takaoka 着物 Festa 2016年10月1日 - …)

No. 195345

File: 1478576278866.jpg (409.75 KB, 1440x960, Takaoka 着物 Festa 2016年10月1日 - …)


…had to slow down because of flood detection. Sorry Admin-sama…


No. 195346

File: 1478576376924.jpg (405.58 KB, 1440x960, Takaoka 着物 Festa 2016年10月1日 - …)


4/5 Koots with Kumiko Funayama

No. 195349

File: 1478576649463.jpg (452.33 KB, 1440x885, Takaoka 着物 Festa 2016年10月1日 - …)


5/5 Koots, Kumiko et al.

I have 11 other images saved that features Dakota, but they're unlisted on the site page. Let me know if you want them…

No. 195354

Post em dawg!

No. 195366

She buys followers. The amount of likes she gets on all her pics is between 4K~6K, which is consistent since her first posts. Her follower count however goes up steadily, even when she doesn't post for 3-5 days she still rains about 1-1.5K followers a day. She's currently at 89.9K followers, a month ago she had 75K and a month before that she had 65K. This has been steady and consistent for months now despite her infrequent, uninteresting jobs and showing off her trinkets/shooped selfies.

To put that in perspective, Yula has 174K, Tsubasa has 388K, and Rola has 3.7Mil. Dakota isn't as popular as she wants her non-Japanese speaking western fanbase to think she is. It's like her entire identity revolves around tricking everyone who made fun of her online think she's a successful model just because she's so cute and funny and speaks Japanese.

But of course we want them! Bless us dear anon!

No. 195368

File: 1478579205553.png (124.88 KB, 637x753, IMG_2636.PNG)

Oh BTW: Dakota unfollowed Tsubasa on Instagram right around the time people noticed that Popteen dropped her. I wonder if something happened? What's also interesting is that the "former Popteen models" section of their Wikipedia with Dakota in it was last edited 20 April 2016. Does anyone know which issue was the last one she showed up in?

No. 195382

I'm pretty sure she hasn't been in Popteen since December last year. I remember checking Jan->April this year and she was never there anymore.

No. 195392

Tsubasa probably never liked that freak

No. 195394

Her face is just so big. She looks like she's having fun on that first pic though.

>Dakota isn't as popular as she wants her non-Japanese speaking western fanbase to think she is.

So much effort when she should have just tried to be successful in reality.

No. 195454


Meaty jaw.

She doesn't look horrible but does look like she's aging fast.

No. 195499

They changed her hair, maybe to make her face look smaller?

No. 195524

Or to make her whole lead smaller, or st least try. Most of the hair on the back is fake, you can't tell from the stage but in some of the backstage pics you can see it's slightly darker than her hair.

No. 195527

File: 1478621469301.jpg (748.85 KB, 2560x2560, IMG_2649.JPG)

And yet Dako-chin still posted a selfie in her store and a pic wearing the same dress as pic related. Maybe Dako-chin asked Tsu to model for her brand and this is the girl who got the job instead.

No. 195538

She also posted the same Dollywink colored eyeliner box on her LINE blog and IG a week after Tsubasa posted it on her Ameblo (but Dakota deleted hers).

Doesn't Tsubasa also work for Dollywink and Candydoll, two brands that also both dropped Dakota last year?

No. 195541

File: 1478623009316.jpg (495.51 KB, 1440x960, Takaoka 着物 Festa 2016年10月1日 - …)


Okay Anons! I have to pace down the posts but I'll try to get all 11 in this thread. Kooty rain commencing…

Please forgive me Admin-sama if I trigger the flood detection …


No. 195543

File: 1478623264950.jpg (331.24 KB, 1440x960, Takaoka 着物 Festa 2016年10月1日 - …)


I wanted to post all of these last night but I was too tired and fell asleep, plus the cramps and my body wasn't cooperating overall…


No. 195548

File: 1478623536703.jpg (325.27 KB, 1440x960, Takaoka 着物 Festa 2016年10月1日 - …)


…yet here I am on my munchy break snorting a cuban sandwich and a diet coke.

No. 195555

File: 1478623718831.jpg (403.55 KB, 1440x960, Takaoka 着物 Festa 2016年10月1日 - …)




No. 195562

File: 1478623880861.jpg (370.69 KB, 1440x960, Takaoka 着物 Festa 2016年10月1日 - …)


Darn triggered the flood detection. Sorry Admin-sama

5/11 group view

No. 195566

File: 1478624179576.jpg (387.4 KB, 1440x1031, Takaoka 着物 Festa 2016年10月1日 - …)

No. 195573

File: 1478624544192.jpg (471.58 KB, 1440x960, Takaoka 着物 Festa 2016年10月1日 - …)


Activated flood detection again. Post discarded :(


No. 195575

File: 1478624795942.jpg (495.29 KB, 960x1440, Takaoka 着物 Festa 2016年10月1日 - …)


Three images to go. Thank you everyone for your patience.


No. 195578

File: 1478625013007.jpg (491.65 KB, 960x1440, Takaoka 着物 Festa 2016年10月1日 - …)




No. 195579

File: 1478625255366.jpg (334.23 KB, 960x1440, Takaoka 着物 Festa 2016年10月1日 - …)


Winding down…

10/11 Koots and Kumiko again

No. 195581

File: 1478625656363.jpg (460.6 KB, 1440x960, Takaoka 着物 Festa 2016年10月1日 - …)


11/11 Bye bye!

Here you go farmers, Kooty rain is now complete!

Admin-sama, is it possible to get the flood detection settings tweaked to a 60~90 second range/interval?

No. 195665

Thanks for the photos anon, she's actually pretty cute in them.
Seeing her in candids like this make me like her but then I remember her shoops….

No. 195678

File: 1478634755175.png (1.63 MB, 1198x861, k.PNG)

No. 195682

If she smiled more, she'd be way cuter. And wouldn't have to shoop so much.

No. 195702

I don't think I would see her face as so big and meaty if she didn't shoop it so small in all of her photos. Her chin is still awful in some angles, though.

No. 195711

Yep that's why she cut off the hair video before the stylist was done. Didn't want to show the fake hair being put in. However, it is normal to have fake hair added for volume when wearing kimono/etc.

No. 195804

File: 1478647197982.jpg (148.87 KB, 675x776, IMG_2651.JPG)

This. She could just get vline Botox and contour.

No. 195821

free her

No. 195845

She could definitely use surgical v-line contouring. Botox would be good for her masseters, but that chin can't really be fixed without surgery. It's way too big. Anyway, it would make such a huge difference in her looks, and maybe she'd actually look like the same person in her shoops.

No. 195871

maybe she can't afford it because someone else's money is paying for her to live there.

No. 195894

maybe she should get her shit together so she can get more jobs.

No. 195915

giving me drew barrymore vibes

No. 195937

I honestly thought that as well

No. 196036


She really did gain a lot of weight since moving to Japan.

No. 196038

File: 1478706761449.png (435.9 KB, 816x598, Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 10.5…)

Hurray ! return of the drawn on cleavage…

No. 196044


lmao it looks like an asscrack

No. 196048

TBH I don't think she really gives a shit about modeling anymore. Clearly she's comfortable doing almost nothing but posting selfies and going to salons. Girls like Dakota only want to be called "models" because they see it as some weird status symbol that makes them prettier and better than other girls. She doesn't give two shits for the actual job.

No. 196062

Her clothes are looking a little bit more like what she used to wear during her peek

No. 196066


She forgot to add volume to her chest giving the illusion of not only being an asscrack but incredibly flat.

And where the fuck are her collar bones ? I get that not everyone has a very visible one … but she's gone none. She smoothed the shadowing away making her look flat.

No. 196071

Her forearm looks disproportionately skinny compared to her upper arm

No. 196073

I actually like the photo. The hairstyle looks good because it hides how flat her hair is and finally she's not wearing the turtleneck sweater. Also bonus points for no glasses.

No. 196082

Yeah I like it. This is her most appealing look in a long time. I'd like to see her continue this kind of style, maybe it would get her more appeal.

No. 196086

File: 1478717250347.png (3.72 MB, 1600x2000, bfcbfbf.png)

bigger picture

No. 196087

I've just noticed in her more recent photos she's been drawing on that tear drop mole below her eye.

what a weeb

No. 196102

It's sad that she's too flabby to have collarbones but also too flat to have tits.

No. 196115

The last thing she needs to be doing to that hair is put it in a bun. I feel like it just emphasizes how sparse it is.

No. 196178

I think the stringy bangs are worse honestly

No. 196199


omg that nail it either really needs to be filled in or is just gross

No. 196203

She needs bangs so bad. She could just get clip ins!

No. 196222

Great, poop hair style is back.
Also lol at that awful neck shoop

No. 196278

i think it's a 3d decal

No. 196410

File: 1478796866301.jpg (161.21 KB, 1200x1200, Cw6BFoCUQAAKHTe.jpg)

No. 196415

It's amazing how much she hates herself. That hair is a tragedy, the shoop is atrocious, and the post itself is boring and just an excuse to post her over shooped face. There's no way she's still on an entertainment visa, she isn't working enough anymore to hold one. Her being married makes more and more sense, BS also explains the 2 bedroom apartment- to have a marriage visa you have to live together or else it becomes invalid.

No. 196416

irs weird to watch her alternate between editing her entire head to be either super round and small with a big face or super long and big with an even bigger face.

No. 196421

LOL she shopped her two front teeth smaller while she shrunk her chin

No. 196438


did she shoop the screen onto her phone? it looks funny and you can see the phone is cracked on the bottom right corner, and it should go across the screen but it seems to magically disappear

No. 196444

File: 1478804963717.jpg (180.84 KB, 640x1047, IMG_2739.JPG)

omg she did, she shooped the image over the cracks on her screen

No. 196461

she's crazy i hate it when she smiles like that it looks scary, she really think this looks good? wtf

now even photoshoping her phone..

No. 196557


No. 196560

File: 1478821995498.png (99.97 KB, 401x440, 20161110_175209.png)

Gorgeous kawaii living barbie so youthful and fresh ~

No. 196563

File: 1478822130416.png (117.17 KB, 298x291, 20161110_175441.png)


No. 196616

She really needs to get her nails done, I think it was one of her latest photos her nails are clearly growing out ALOT!

No. 196637

>shoops her face
>shoops her phone
>doesn't shoop the month old grotty nails

No. 196679

Bitch looks like motherfuckin Gollum, who she kidding? Fetal alcohol syndrome havin no personality ass hoe

No. 196686

Also, in the way her clothes hang on her. No wonder she only wears baggy shapeless stuff, she looks like a sausage. Her body is clearly an apple shape, and she doesn't work out or anything even though she seems to be good at avoiding junk food. If she had just gone full model hot bitch and actually put in the little efforts to look better from the inside out, she wouldn't have to shoop herself into another dimension. Fuck she makes me so goddamn angry

No. 196698

File: 1478839125600.webm (3.19 MB, 854x480, Dakota ~ Use Your Imagination.…)


That cropped pic reminded me of this webm Anon (see attached) LMAO!

No. 196703

File: 1478840535911.jpg (1.14 MB, 1200x1200, AirBrush_20161110225849.jpg)

Did I make her look to alien? I went and got a free editor app for my phone and I was bored lol

No. 196705

Too* also i want going for a deshoop i just wanted to make her look like how her shoops look

No. 196706

How she wishes her shoops lokked* dsmn it I'm sorry I am a totalfucking idiot, thats what happens when your mom talks to you while your typing like MOM JUST WAIT LIKE 3 SECONDS OKAY(you must be 18 to post here.)

No. 196709

are you old enough to be here

No. 196715

File: 1478842673632.jpg (1.61 MB, 1261x1600, AirBrush_20161110233332.jpg)

I am on a roll haha. I made her mmidface longer, shrunk her chin and forehead, contoured her a bit, made her skin less pasty, added some makeup called "blushed" which I thought suited her best, tried to fix the butthole lips, resized her eyes and moved them and lifter her eyebrows, made the tip of her nose bigger but not the nstriles or bridge, fixed how wonky and crooked everythinf looked, lightened her dark circles, fixed some mild wrinkles, and made her jaw smaller but her cheekbones more prominent. Oh and I tried to thicken her hair somehow.

No. 196723

you actually managed to make her look attractive, congrats

No. 196728

File: 1478844933517.jpg (443.43 KB, 640x874, AirBrush_20161111001026.jpg)

Another one! Dakota, you're supposed to be a "model", what are you DOING? Jesus…. even I'm better at editing than you, and I only had this app for not even an hour -.- this is what shed look like if she took better care of her skin, stopped making herself into an alien baby, stopped making her eyes so unrealistically large, fixed her damn lips and got better and photoshopping herself . Bitch doesn't even try know how to look pretty anymore. Also, why are her teeth so yellow? I understand she smokes but I mean if you brush your teeth shouldn't that take care of it? Weird. When I used the teeth whitening feature I had to keep going over them but they still had a yellowy/greyish tinge to them…ewww…. and her eyes are so dead and soulless, her smile is so obviously fake. Dakota get professional help, this is not normal

No. 196729

She should hire me to edit her pics! I am way better at it then she could hope to be. I could make her look human.

No. 196731

I think I am gonna keep posting my edits if thats okay with everyone? I'm pretty good at it and I'm sure I'm not the only one who was curious about what she would look like if she got better at editing herself. She's definitely not ugly, but the way she shoops herself is. And the overlining her lips is so unnecessary, if she really wants to fool people into thinking she has big lips then just go full jylie jenner and get injections -.- also her features are kinda wonky and she has a fucked up head shape, and her hair is too thin. She's messed up

No. 196734

File: 1478846338681.jpg (1.43 MB, 1200x1225, AirBrush_20161111003725.jpg)

Here is how she would look if dhe got slightly better at editing and didn't hate herself so much.

No. 196735

oh wow, this one's pretty good tbh

No. 196739

Look at how short her head, and as a result, her face is in her edit compared to mine. And she expects us to actually believe she looks like that. It doesn't even look good yet she still does it, it makes her look like she has microcephaly lmao

No. 196740

this is perfect, actually. she should edit like this. realistic.
also, I don't mind the edits, just don't flood them. maybe after she posts a new selfie, post a deshoop?

No. 196741

She looks a bit like Kiki in this one

No. 196792

I know people bitch about her hair, and I know she dyed it a lot as a kid. I'm 24 and I've always had thin hair exactly like hers, just always. I've never done anything to it besides a trim now and then. Any chance she can't do anything for it? Just throwing it out there.

Otherwise, happy she's posting videos, upset they're short, filled with nothing, and don't give two fucks like her old shit.

No. 196815


what app is this??

No. 196834

I had hair like her too. But after two years of leaving it alone (no heat, no dyes, extensions, etc) and taking biotin everyday and using gentle shampoo my hair is much better.
She can fix it, but like she is with everything else she's too lazy.

No. 196844

Its called airbrush, its an orange logo with a white a sorta doohicky thingy

No. 197314

I think what irks me about her shoops is she overdraws her upper lip and edits her philtrum out of reality (space between your upper lip and nose)
It just throws off her face so much, especially when she smiles in pictures

No. 197399


No. 197410

It seems she did the same thing here >>184973
too then

No. 197427

Lack of philtrum makes her look like Cathy drank heavily while kooter was in the womb

No. 197441

File: 1479027985886.png (Spoiler Image, 6.44 MB, 1600x2000, sloppyjoe.png)


I tried….

No. 197566

bitch cant even afford to pay for a new phone apparently.

No. 197720

Of course it's sold in Japan. You can easily buy it in Shinjuku at a French perfume shop near Kabukicho and for very cheap.

No. 197799

A fake one you mean

No. 197844

File: 1479082029808.png (233.91 KB, 369x371, Dagouda.png)

No. 197863


Where was this taken from ?

No. 197869

No. 197874


honest to god she actually looks REALLY cute here

No. 197928

i agree with you she looks really adorable

No. 197935

She looks like she's relaxed and enjoying herself for once. Usually she comes off as bored out of her mind and kind of stuck up.


No. 197963

Totally vegan you guys

No. 198050

But why does she look so young and cute here?

No. 198055

This video is pretty old, and she's younger here and was in her prime during her popteen days

No. 198059

She's not good at avoiding junk food, everything she posts is pasta, konbini food or something fried/covered in soy sauce. She eats like shit.

No. 198065

How could she have been 16 in 2012 if she was in the Beer-Ha commercial in 2009? Besides that, Kiki's Danny-raped-me articles disprove it.



According to these articles, Dako-chin was 11 when Keeks was 14 in 2005. Kiki has linked to them both in the past on her Twitter.

So let's break it down in case any farmers aren't so good at counting:

2006 = 12
2007 = 13
2008 = 14
2009 = 15
2010 = 16
2011 = 17
2012 = 18

No. 198066

Bonus: that would mean Kiki turned 25 this year.

2005 - 14
2006 - 15
2007 - 16
2008 - 17
2009 - 18
2010 - 19
2011 - 20
2012 - 21
2013 - 22
2014 - 23
2015 - 24
2016 - 25

No. 198084

File: 1479126469567.jpg (276.77 KB, 750x966, IMG_5923.JPG)

I hope there's some nicer things in the wrapped presents…

No. 198093

Kinda motivates me to diet/take better care of myself

No. 198094

Whenever I see her doing stuff like that in videos my first thought has always been that she's fake but maybe it's actually a positive thing, and she's simply trying to not act like a stuck-up asshole at her job.

No. 198109

I doubt it. Scott & Cathy can't have a ton of money to throw around with two disabled adult children who need videogames and pricy electronics.

I wonder why Kiki never posted any present pics on her birthday?

No. 198115


The pic where they're toddlers kooter uploaded on ig

they look at least a year apart in age range

No. 198116

File: 1479135565425.png (235.43 KB, 312x661, Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 14.5…)


Seems she likes these because they're on her old amblo account where she got them as a gift for some other bday

No. 198138

If Danny was such a pedo then why did he never go after Kota? If she was supposedly ~11~ during all of that and kaka hardcore sperged everywhere about how he liked girls with no pubes or tits, and he was living in their house as well.

No. 198240

File: 1479150534385.jpg (59.84 KB, 533x800, IMG_3175.JPG)

Probably because she looked like this

No. 198288

Yeah you right. It's funny how her face looks the same here as it does now, just with more hair and less jowls.

No. 198332


Can always tell when kids cut their own hair … I never understood why she shaved her brows off though..

She actually looks like she's reverting back to this body shape going from flabby to pudgy.

No. 199264

File: 1479274750624.jpg (206.55 KB, 1200x850, CxXC5AIVEAAhk3z.jpg)

No. 199281

that's not how it works anon, pedos don't just grab everything they see (except Jimmy Saville). besides, he may have perved on her and who would know?

No. 199285

File: 1479277518083.jpg (93.92 KB, 750x750, CxSQT_wWgAAsvtX.jpg large.jpg)

No. 199342


I would give any amount of money to show these pics to 2012 Dakota and watch her gag.

No. 199348

That's it. This is the worse shoop she's ever done. Holy cow she looks alien and inhuman.

No. 199361

File: 1479293052220.jpg (44.52 KB, 600x521, 1474725023929.jpg)

You sure?

No. 199408

File: 1479300265359.png (268.54 KB, 355x275, ssneusd.PNG)

holy shit her hands, especially the left one

No. 199411

File: 1479300567449.jpg (31.16 KB, 625x415, 4e8367c464846018535ccc1b27d1f8…)

Holy Jesus fuck, this whole shooping her head smaller thing has gotten out of hand.
She looks like one of those boohbah things.

No. 199417

I actually thought she might just have really flexible fingers until you showed the close up. Her hands look fucked

No. 199440


The shadowing on her forehead give her a caveman-esq look…

How much do these little events even pay her ?

No. 199446

File: 1479307560815.png (923.47 KB, 595x855, Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 14.4…)

>posting the top photo directly next to the bottom set

I'd say she really doesn't care any more, but why bother shooping the top into infinity?

No. 199447

:( Please no

No. 199450

She looks like Jared Leto's Joker in the second set

No. 199547

Her forehead is so ugly and her hair looks so limp and sad. I can't believe she won't go back to bangs. It's like she's hellbent on actually making herself look worse.

No. 199550

i half think she's doing this to force away her insecurity about her forehead. she started doing the same thing with her jaw around the same time, putting her hair behind her ears and even appearing in public with it (although occasionally backtracks on it and coverings her jaw/chin with her hands)

No. 199564

I actually feel proud of her that she posted the unshooped bottom set

No. 199707

Me, too.
I've always kinda had a soft spot for her and since we assume she is lurking her i sincerelly hope she tries to change some of the things people critize on her.
It just takes some time, not shooping so much being a small but important step.

No. 199957

It's filtered like crazy and she has her face covered 50% of the time. Her face isn't awful there at least.

No. 200027

jesus christ, this is not a good look. kota can't keep touting herself as a living doll and look like this. for the love of god, at least put on some visible mascara. the thick but too light brows with no other visible makeup is a horrible, horrible look.

i feel like the girl to the left of kota is everything she could have and should have been. cute and ~edgy~. it would've worked with her crude true-to-life personality too, but instead she forced the fake kawaii living doll thing. she needs to drop the living doll shit and faux model shit and pick up something she can authentically pull off.

No. 200066

She has to have waaaayyyy too much time on her hands. Just stick a couple harsh filters on and be done with it, she looks decent in the bottom ones. Why care so much? You're in Japan and actually getting a couple jobs. It's better than Kaka sitting at home doing nothing. People will complain about her face EITHER WAY so why even waste time with it?

No. 200075

The best part about this comparison is the head size.
Top photo… potato sized babby head, laughably smaller than the girl on the left
Bottom photo the other girl is just slightly smaller

No. 200658

Is she seriously shooping her fingers longer? what the fuck

No. 200695

She's prettier than she shoops herself to be.

No. 200707

I agree

No. 200792

She's not, really. She could be, but instead she'd rather ruin herself with flaming monkey butt lips and the most unflattering, stringy hairstyle possible. She looks like she really can't see herself anymore and can only see her warped kawaii dream self.

No. 200911

that depends on the shoop. some of them she was much better off not even touching the original photo, and some of them are the entire reason she's not currently a NEET in Florida making shitty CD cover art for Kiki's failed music.

No. 201121


Neither are pretty looking… Koot's in RL is a flabby,stringy haired girl with resting bitch face and swollen pucker baboon poop shoop lips.

No. 201129

she looks…like a hammerhead shark to me. her eyes are so spaced out and unfortunate, and the skin reminds me of the nonporous orca/shark skin.

No. 201213

File: 1479550993170.jpeg (127.2 KB, 747x733, image.jpeg)

Her body is literally shapeless. No hips, and her legs look like lumber.

No. 201214

I mean, to be fair she's wearing a flowy top which is covering any figure outline she might have, but yeah, Kooter never really had much shape anyways.

No. 201286

She only wears baggy/flowy tops anymore. She thinks that pairing those with high waisted skirts and pants hides the fact that she doesn't have a waist or a real bust but it just makes her look like a mess.

No. 201291

Thats hilarious, anon

No. 201296

That top combined with high waisted pants make her torso look so short

No. 201331


She's up to 94.2 on her Instagram now

How the fuck? I know she and her sister are buying them… no way can Dakota be gaining that many. She's hardly relevant anymore.

No. 201354

when you compare the average amount of likes per photo to the follower count it gets pretty obvious
Not that every follower needs to like your every post, but when the gap is so huge…

No. 201372


Best description !

No. 201470

The first photo ffs! serving cleft lip and palate alien
I'm just think how dakota is going to look in 2017.

No. 201604

File: 1479622233392.jpeg (39.75 KB, 300x230, image.jpeg)

Holy god, I just can't take it anymore. This girl has got to be trolling. There is no way on planet earth she thinks this looks normal. And who is taking these photos? Surely she has a manager with more sense to tell her to stop this madness. These photos can only harm her reputation as a "model" no respected agency would allow their models to misrepresent themselves so horribly would they ?

No. 201671

I think she's reverting back to her fat , dumpy little sister mode. Maybe Bravo-sama has really low standards and likes frumpy rude white girls with no education? Enough to marry her at least.

No. 201696

she is really obsessed with having a smaller head. making it the smallest of the group makes her hands gigantic!!

No. 202140

Look at her face compared to the model's faces behind her. Dakota, STOP. You look like a goblin!

No. 202142

Japan has this weird fucking obsession with small faces/heads so it must be getting to her. she's insecure/most likely suffers from BDD in the first place so japan's weird ass standards doesnt help

No. 202143

She's not fat, she is the same height as me and she looks like she is probably about 125 lbs but she tries to shooper herself subtly "smaller" when she posts pictures. I think if she worked out though, and ate proper foods and did something about her ugly hair and her stupid makeup, she could look half decent again. I think the reason her pictures are so weird is she edit like an inch of her jaw away when actually she has a puffy face so it clashes so badly. She's definitely too heavyset to be a model anyway. Does she just not care about being at all pretty or cute?

No. 202144

That voldemort nose though. Maybe she edits her head so tiny is to look short or small? Who knows why she's so weird

No. 202146

File: 1479728738475.jpg (20.29 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

dakota in 10 years

No. 202152

File: 1479730850458.png (574.2 KB, 937x605, Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 7.18…)

Ever since that other anon pointing out her face looks like a hammer head shark… I can't see nothing else.

No. 202157

The lack of hair is what really sells this

No. 202170

More like within 10 months.

No. 202262

10 weeks

No. 202263

Please for the love of god put on some eyeliner. This shit is seriously triggering.

No. 202367

>>199361 is this a meme yet

No. 202439

All these "kawaii " girls and their unnatural eye bags look like vaginas. The no makeup look going on doesn't help this either.

No. 202520

I can't stop going back to this picture and looking at it and getting grossed out. It's comparable to when you come across something weird and creepy on the internet but you can't look away.
God the length of her mouth. This is what nightmares are made of.

No. 202961

Sorry if this has been posted before, I don't really follow this thread but I went to see her apartment tour video and it looks like she deleted it. This might be a reach but I wonder if she was feeling insecure about it because Taylor's new house is so extravagant.

No. 203067


Or because she has realized her obvious lopsided eyes. The video however is still available on that Chinese video website. ( forgot its name… )

No. 203337

you mean weibo?

No. 203360

I think they might mean youku or something but I have no idea either really

No. 203371

Has anyone ever noticed the fake mole under her left eye?
It's in none of her model pictures or tv appearances/real life candid photos or in any of her old photos.
It seems it appeared about 5 or 6 months ago

No. 203373

Right eye* I apparently don't know the difference

No. 203398

This better be the op pic for the next thread, please!!!! let's make that a thing. The selfies she posts are so boring and all the same anyway, and she never posts anymore anyway

No. 203445


Ah, yes sorry ! Its Youku. I don't bother going on it all that much so the name tends to slip my mind sometimes.


No. 203563

she really does have a small mole under one of her eyes. also one above her lip and on one of her cheeks. if it's not in modeling photos it's either because it was edited out or they're so small that foundation/lighting washed them out.

No. 203607

I always found it funny how on her bathroom sink she has some of her kawaii toiletries arranged on what looks like a men's shaving block.

No. 203629


Either she's a fucking yeti or she's giving Mr Takawaki a good shagging every couple of nights in the week so that he's taken to probably half living there at her apartment he's paying for and half at his actual families.

No. 203644

File: 1480032009716.png (683.44 KB, 1440x1211, c.png)

found this on deviantart, it's from 2007. read the description lol

No. 203700

Doesn't seems legit

No. 203957


can someone post the picture it's based on?

No. 203970

File: 1480116995031.jpg (58.56 KB, 389x500, 1201953530_3330205158a46757096…)

No. 204134

~12 years old and dressed like a cheap hooker. This is like discount child porn.

No. 204151

File: 1480162477954.jpg (Spoiler Image, 272.61 KB, 750x623, IMG_1261.JPG)

New pic and this time kaka commented on it

Kooter replies to her sounding retarded

No. 204162

this is so wrong. mature style with a misplaced baby face

No. 204165

So what, she's shooping herself 'thicc' now?
All while keeping the alien fetus face. Terrible.

No. 204167

Anything to stay relevant, why do you think she started doing that retarded enflamed butthole lip? and her weird tiny edited face, rather than working out and losing the 10 lbs from her face naturally. Kiki I know you're here, give your sister some anorexia tips so she can go back to modelling

No. 204177

her hands are creeping me out

No. 204200

Honestly, she looks good here. Giving me russian mail order bride teas.

No. 204204

yah everything looks good except for her vagina eyes. she should gain some weight and dress like this more often.

No. 204206

Minus the skanky top, this hair and style sort of reminds me of a couple of Taylor's recent look book outfits.

Would love to see what this picture looks like with her real face and figure.

No. 204225

At least her hair looks better?

No. 204228

I like how you can tell how stretched everything she's wearing is. Meanwhile her arms are deforming into her waist but at the same time become tiny where she enlarged her boobs.

No. 204239

i thought that too for the moment but just cuz of that weird highlight they both do on their lower lids? it makes their eyes look all puffy..

No. 204241

At least she's not shooping 30 pounds off of her body anymore. Now she just needs to give up the alien baby shoop

No. 204257


Like vaginas. . .


Normally curls make your hair voluminous and thicker looking… Her hair still looks fucking thin as af, and you know she's got extensions in and still doesn't look thicker.

No matter the amount of editing you can still tell Koot's has a fupa. I'm also surprised that she didn't draw on her infamous baby's ass crack cleavage.

No. 204260

I always wondered if Bravo always made it a point to tell places she gets jobs at, especially when she's on T.V. doing interviews to never bring up her photoshops. Like, yeah, it's common for people to photoshop themselves over there and use filters but hers is such an extreme that she doesn't look anything like what she portrays. I guess it's the polite society culture to not bring it up, because you know over in the U.S. it would be scrutinized.

No. 204278


I'm dying at how she shopped her shoulders to be narrower than her hips. That's not even cute, she looks like a caricature or one of those gross cartoon lolis with the giant overinflated thighs.

No. 204279

Agree. I didn't think she would ever stop being in denial about how heavy she is. Now if she could just stop with the weird faces…
There's a niche for those body acceptance people that would let her build a fan base again

No. 204286


If she gives up her baby/dolly editing she'll have nothing. Her editing is what got her popularity and is whats keeping whats left of it afloat.

No. 204293

Rather than that I wonder why they still keep the fake measures on their site if they don't want her to lose the few jobs she gets…

No. 204294

What is your obsession with vaginas?

No. 204295

she doesn't need to give it up, she just needs to learn how to make the face shoop somewhat realistic instead of looking like an aborted alien fetus. she used to be able to

No. 204351

There really isn't in Japan. She's fucked if she wants to ever model anything cute again that isn't 5 sizes too large. Japanese girls were calling her fat even before he ballooned up, now she's stretching her poor clothes to their limits and relying on clevage and face shoop to get likes on Instagram since she's too frumpy to do real modeling anymore. It's sad enough that she obviously buys IG followers (protip koti: 1-1.5K new followers a day VS. an average of ~5K likes on your pics since you made the account = obviously BS) but since losing both Babyfang and Popteen she really doesn't seem like she gives two fucks about her "fame" anymore as long as people call her shoops cute and dolly.

No. 204547

Not those anons but vag eyes is what that style is called because it looks like it obv. Just like anus lips.

No. 204621


"Vagina eyes" is not a thing. And old what kind of messed up pussy you're used to looking at but eye bags and eyelid tape w/ circle lenses doesn't look anything like a vagina to me. It's ugly for sure, it's like that Meitu eye enlarger button but IRL and they went a little too crazy with it.

No. 204641

File: 1480239808904.png (629.57 KB, 745x628, jjjjjjjjj.png)

No. 204660


Lobster claw.

No. 205645

Cute hair, creepy in many other ways though.

No. 205648

I like how you focused on one hand as if the other wasn't fucking weird looking too

No. 205674

Her hands are so veiny and gross, wtf?

No. 205891

Some people just have really thin veiny hands, it's not that big a deal. The way she photoshops her fingers, though, how horrifying.

No. 205950

terrible shoop

No. 205955

Oh my fucking god she's hideous!

No. 205958

They're clearly stretching the photo to make her appear taller and less stocky. No wonder the proportions on her fingers are all fucked up like a beldam.

No. 205960

She looks like shit, rip.
Why does she speak with her teeth clenched?

No. 205962

her head looks so fucking ginormous and its so funny how next to the video it shows the thumbnail to an older one and she looks completely different yet her minions in the comments are still fooled her style used to be so pretty shooped or not… she has gone downhill

No. 205966

I'm so triggered that she would use P4 music. It doesnt suit the video at all either so it's not like it's fitting or anything she's just trying to get more 'nerd points'

it's so that her face lines show up less. if she keeps her face as tensed as possible then she doesnt have to shoop out her wrinkles.

No. 205967

Am I the only one disturbed that she wraps those tiny elastics around like 5 times?? How thin is her hair

No. 205970

Her forehead… Why does she think that looks good? Why would she purposefully shoop her head bigger and have a hair style that accentuates her forehead on top of that?

No. 205974

her head looks so square and bizarre in the beginning what the fuck…

No. 205982

Am I the only one who's noticing the shaky hands?

No. 205985

What is keeping her from doing her videos like her old ones where she looked better?

If this photo is stretched and she still looks heavy, then shit. Her body has to be photoshopped to some extent too, she would never just not do anything to her body. I wonder how huge she is now.

No. 205987

Oops meant to reply to >>205958

No. 205992

jesus most of her head wasn't even in the shot while she was braiding her hair. how fucking incompetent is she.

No. 206024

I thought it was the fact im on mobile vut yeah. You cany even see the shit

No. 206026

I'm just… like… what's the point of even doing it?

No. 206035

She's using extensions, and yet her hair looks so insanely thin.

No. 206044

Hoping YouTube takes her ad revenue for copyright

No. 206050

At 00:16 her hand gets squished vertically along with her jaw and becomes tiny. Where is her neck. What kind of tutorial crops half the interesting stuff.

She is getting worse and worse at the only thing she could kinda do, it's really sad.

No. 206058

gross. she's so over…

No. 206067

holy fuck
poor uggo

No. 206072

What the fuck, it's like she's using some bizarre fish eye lens. How on earth could she possibly think she looks good like this?

No. 206074

And it's so close up, even with all the shoop you can see has tried to hide terrible skin. It looks so bumpy.

No. 206075

all of the Japanese comments look like bots

No. 206083

Her hands are so veiny and looks like she's shacking wtf, her rectangular giant head.. this vid is very disturbing

No. 206084


At the moment im more impressed with taylor

Gonna have to try harder kooter

Ask takawaki to get some yen out because you will have to redo almost everything to top taylor atm

No. 206085

Her camera filter is like an inverted triangle. The screen is so wide at the top but squished at the bottom.

No. 206088

File: 1480420360915.jpg (1.37 MB, 1703x2500, coneheads[1].jpg)

No. 206093

File: 1480422289751.jpg (18.14 KB, 380x380, 8586875868.jpg)


Fuck, she must have hair as thin as Gullum … Her new fucking editing even looks like Gollum.

No. 206095

Oh wow, this only has a little over 8k views in the 8-9 hours that it's been out. And to think, just a few years ago, her shit used to get like 100k hits. She has absolutely given up.

No. 206098


She never showed the top of her head because you'd see where the extensions are put in.

The hair underneath is a totally different color and she cuts whenever it shows.

No. 206102

I also figured it was so we couldn't see any of hr balding spots on her scalp like in past videos.

Its just so fucking lazy, even her older videos had steps edited into the video. She hides most of the stuff she does with her lobster claws and she does it in a minute so the viewer can't even pay attention to whats happening. Its a simple style but you still need to explain something, thats the point of tutorials.

No. 206107

File: 1480425048822.jpg (35.31 KB, 425x395, 6a00d8341c630a53ef0115714ce033…)

Body Dysmorphia is one hell of a drug
Next stop, pic related level

No. 206109

File: 1480426080369.jpg (71.38 KB, 332x415, PAAAIANOIMAHCFKA-ivory-lrg.jpg)


Tfw you recognize the bra Koots's wearing straight away.

No. 206112

Is this your drawing?? Who goes that far back into deviantart just to post shitty computer art…

No. 206122


Its cute, is this a gift from her manager ? Because Koot's seem like she can hardly afford new clothing that fits let alone a spiffy new bra.

No. 206127

So she uploaded a pic in lingerie that shows nips through? Damn she's desperate now.

No. 206157

File: 1480433596452.jpg (11.49 KB, 320x320, chesticles.jpg)


Koot's seems like she's always wanted to be a gravure girl, and this is sadly not the first bra shot she's taken.

No. 206172

Looks like her right tit is deflated wtf

No. 206181

Who knows. Maybe. The bra is about $120.
It could be Bravo-san, or Kiki, or Koots herself.

No. 206195

Its probably a gift from takawaki san

Maybe he bought her a present for her to pose in or give him lap dances is on that shabby white sofa of hers (lol he paid for)

May as well show off the goodies eh koot

No. 206210


Kaka has no job.. or income really. ( maybe disability, but thats not much )

Koot's always buys knock offs because she never could afford the real deal.. ( Maybe it is a knock off of the bra or a cheaper brand thats similar )


Sounds more believable. Though facing that fact she looks nothing like her pictures, maybe he just wanted some "sexy" edited pictures to wakiwaki to.

No. 206218

Actually it's p3.

No. 206252

That cup is so empty

No. 206300

ugh. I hate that she always uses the persona soundtrack.
I doubt she's ever even played it.

No. 206415


They look like pecs ( chesticles ) …
If she doesn't start taking care of her body she's soon to look like a full blown middle aged man. Balding,flabby pecs and a beer gut developing, I'd say she's about already half way there.

No. 206440

Kota pls be careful with how tightly you pull your hair you cant afford to lose any more

No. 206501

Looking at >>206157 and >>204641 you can really tell that she has zero cleavage and the shadows were drawn on.

No. 207394

I wonder how long it'll be before Bravo has to drop Dakota. She isn't getting any consistent work, even when she was "with" Popteen still she was only doing costumes and kimono shoots and barely showing up in the magazines. They can't just keep her on contract/on the website because she still lives in Japan (which I'm sure st this point has nothing to do with Bravo except for Hiroshi keeping her there). Eventually she'll have to stop pretending to be a model or start doing actual work again, even Hiroshi can't just make them leave her up there as a ~Bravo Model~ forever if she can't get work. Honestly ya disgusting that they still allow her to be listed/signed, considering how much she likes to take massive steaming shits all over every opportunity she's had since 2014. She really seems like she's given up and is just another bored, flabby housewife who wants to be cute and popular without putting any effort into it.

No. 207403

she has ripped P4 music off in the past as well. I am surprised no copyright claims were ever filed against her.

No. 207466

WOW if anything perfectly summed up this travesty that was dakota and bravo it's this. like it should be bolded.

She's hilarious like, why not continue doing what works? Doing the photoshoots in her room, the tutorials, the mini j-vlog. It's all anybody cares about from her. Those pictures.

If she kept it up she probably could've improved her life in a more permanent, positive way. Because she's not getting a second chance at this lmao. And we're all waiting for the inevitable event where either some sense of actual logic shows up and she gets "karmatic justice"…or we actually she the ration of "amount of effort put in" over "chances & opportunities" balance out.

That or she fades the fuck out. I think she's going to fade out at this rate tbh. She gets envious and nervous every once in a while and makes some shitty Taylor R wannabe video or promo video, but then she either deletes it later or goes on another long hiatus.

No. 207467

honestly, maybe dakota got what she wanted and that's why we don't see her busting her ass over these chances. shes comfortable, complacent, content.

and she didn't want too much. she wanted the glamor of being a model (but without doing the work), or to go to japan, or to leave her shit town life, or just to outshine kiki, or whatever it is. because at one point she was willing to learn korean, japanese, or chinese and made videos doing so to appeal to whatever group sensationalized her more or offered her more.

No. 207495

She's pretty young to be that jaded or over it.

No. 207521

I'm triggered that you don't even know what game it's from. F-f-fake gamer girl, desu?!?!

In all seriousness, here's the source of the song in her video if anyone wants: https://youtu.be/Ij1OdCwbQ9c

No. 207572


Well I can't imagine it was very easy on her getting that deal, I mean think about it. Flying alone to a foreign country where you don't speak the language, based on pics you look nothing like and with an army of people online willing to drag all your dirty laundry for yourself and our entire family out into the open, and then even when she learned the language she still didn't fit in, she had to pander to older men and variety TV because nobody cares what a basic foreigner has to say. Then when her face started to square out and puff up and she gained all that weight, maybe she has given up? I can't imagine how it must feel to work for a top modeling agency and being the shortest, fattest model they have who doesn't go to their events and does catalogue and costume modeling. I seriously can't imagine anyone else taking her seriously and it probably just wore her down pretending to be all the shit she always pretended to be and realize she's just a flabby dropout from FL who would have never amounted to anything without Hiroshi and Bravo giving it her. Everyone knows she is only there because she was his pretty blonde kawaii fucktoy he could fly to Japan and have all to himself in exchange for trying to make her look like a real model.

No. 207573

Dropped my last bit:

The only reason she ever got any of this was because of YouTube and photoshop, the only thins she was ever really good at and the last things she ever put any real effort into. She went viral because she made cute videos that were aesthetically pleasing, she created a gimmick and rode it to Japan to be a glorified sugar baby for a man who has a reputation he needs to protect by making sure she has a reason to still work for him, despite her looking like a frumpy balding potato with blown out lips.