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File: 1429169238962.png (333.6 KB, 511x446, neato.PNG)

No. 29149

so Leda's back and in full force, big fucking surprise. tf was the point of her sobbing on camera for ten minutes bidding us all goodbye like she was gonna off herself, then, huh??




ugh she's so fucking cute, though, someone give me a reason to not hate her, it'd be so much easier just to, you know. not hate her.

No. 29150

File: 1429170208061.jpg (67.74 KB, 600x800, CCmD8o0UIAAKzaA.jpg)


She was havin' hallucinations of her friends and family dying horrible bloody murders becuz she got PTSD from deleting her youtube account, so that's why she came back. duh.

No. 29151

OP she's so try hard it's not even funny.

>Ohhi just me in the bathtub with my hair wet but clearly have a crap ton of make up on

>me in the car with just enough cleavage using mietu to make my eyes look soookawaii big
>cat ears in public places
>fake pink hair extensions
>dat sympathy 'feeling sad so pictures'
>taking pics when she's 'hella' running a fever and conveniently without a bra

She is cute, but only because she abuses mietu, makeup and PS but she's an unfunny cringe worthy weeb. Now I hate her too, OP, thanks.

No. 29152

i got it guys

bitch got a boob job in the interim – only left to get her titties done

look at how big them fuckers are now

do you guys remember how flat this bitch was

she was practically inverted and now theyre perky as all fuck and all up in your face

No. 29153

Her skin is really bad, she shouldn't be using so much foundation. When she zooms in, it looks really gross.

No. 29154

I think I've seen a few vids of her in the past. She's adorable and even pretty. Not beautiful or anything, but her looks almost excuse the cat ears in public

No. 29155

she looks like a 12 year old boy who is experimenting in his sexuality by dying his hair randumb XD colours and dressing up like a ~dork~

No. 29156


Nah it's just her bra, There are padded bras that can make you 2 sizes bigger and give you cleavage. She's also gained quite a bit of weight in those months she was away.

No. 29157

There was a video of her getting ready at vidcon last year, actually put up around the time she left. She had big tits there, so probably just a big ass pushup bra she wears often.

She has nipple piercings now. You can kinda see them poking out now and then in pics.

No. 29158

ew she looks like a guy

No. 29159

File: 1429232428942.jpg (26.28 KB, 375x375, 574ru7yg.jpg)

from one fake ass personality to the next, just add obnoxious tumblr anime references

No. 29160

Still waiting on nudes to show up online.

No. 29161

idk man there are a few pictures on her instagram where she's not wearing a bra and they look pretty damn big. way bigger than they used to look when she did wear a bra. i don't think it's weight gain.

No. 29162

idk who the fuck this girl is but
>scene hair
>random bow
>uglydoll plush
>that pose

tell me this picture is from 2006?

No. 29163

imo shes adorable. Scene kids are normally very attention whore like and annoying. Don't care all too much about her though. Never thought she was as terrible as people make her out to be

No. 29164

lol yes its old

No. 29165


i didn't want to like her but then i watched one of her videos and she has a really cute voice/mannerisms. she looks best from a straight-on angle though.

how old is she? she yelled at her dad during the end of one of her videos.

No. 29166

>yuno gasaii

literally the basic-est of basic, man.

No. 29167

20, she will be 21 in a few months. Atm she is living with her dad (her parents have split long ago) because her mom moved and she needs to figure out her shit.

No. 29168

Yeah, no kidding.

No. 29169

She's supposed to be moving in with one of her equally deadbeat friends.

No. 29170

shes moving in ( i think she may have already moved in) with 3 other girls and one dude who is dating one of the girls.

No. 29171

shes moving in ( i think she may have already moved in) with 3 other girls and one dude who is dating one of the girls.

No. 29172

that plan lasted for about a week
she never speaks to any of them on twitter now lol
pretty sure its because leda was upset she couldnt get in between frank and eva

No. 29173

Yes, that's how I felt with that entire situation. She was so desperate for an animu boyfriend.

Which she probably dodged a bullet, guy reminds me of the Ghost Town creeps. The kind who maybe are into something a little bit, but play it up with a fake persona cause they know desperate tumblry girls will crawl all over them.

No. 29174

So where is she living now/ who with?

No. 29175

Aww I think Leda's cute

No. 29176

File: 1430141418578.jpg (61.85 KB, 600x800, CDjbb9pVAAA8CGu[1].jpg)

It looks to be her dad until she finds a place.

It looks like the cam whore option isnt that far off.

No. 29177

i imagined her hotter, but at least she still has a really cute face

No. 29178

mmm shes going through that phase now…

No. 29179


it looks like she is prepping for whoredom

No. 29180

File: 1430194029725.jpg (460.12 KB, 1199x1400, 19736834.jpg)

What I find funny is that she slowly took her clothes off and showed more skin over a three day period.

No. 29181

she's cute.

No. 29182

to be honest she would probably make bank considering she already has camera/vlogging skills and something of a fanbase, there's gotta be a few creeps in there who would pay her well

No. 29183

Does anyone else feel she is starting to go down the road of fetish/porn star? She sure has been milking her lingerie posts lately… Makes me sad cuz I was a huge fan of hers for years, and now she is so tryhard.

No. 29184

Oh wow I came here and just posted that, then just finished catching up with the thread. Okay nvm she is already posting her wearing this stuff, wow, guess I called it.

No. 29185

She and Emily Crocker have the same face to me.

No. 29186

her hair looks so greasy and gross.

No. 29187

she is looking rough.. her skin is pretty shitty too. Probably because she wears make up everyday to try cover it up

No. 29188

She didn't do anything special, why did want to see this mess?

No. 29189

She needs to wash her hair

No. 29190

File: 1431457228031.jpg (69.54 KB, 960x640, tumblr_no80fx4jqX1rk8ea5o1_128…)

No. 29191

No. 29192

Her hair would look way better without the extensions

No. 29193

Fucking hell, her skin is even worse than mine and I suffer daily because I look so bad.
How does she live like this?

No. 29194

jesus fucking christ

No. 29195

my skin was this bad at some point except i didn't have these kinda pimples on my cheeks/mostly forehead and chin with huge cysts. so horrible, so painful, suffered so much from self esteem problems (stilldo)
i cant imagine how she must feel. jesus. i had to go on accutane (starting this week) she looks like severe enough to do this too

No. 29196

She used to have far clearer skin, so I wonder how much of it is because she decided to stop caring about her hygiene. Little sleep, excessive makeup daily, plus her shitty diet caught up to her.

You can really see how mismatched her extensions are to her hair.

No. 29197

This video was almost a month ago, and hardly any brightness that would hide any blemishes, and her skin looks fine. If this was something she'd always struggle with wouldn't people have noticed it? Either she is taking shit care of herself all of a sudden, or maybe she's been put on some medication that makes her breakout (ie birth control).

No. 29198

jesus christ, but its funny
she bragged in alot of her vlogs that "she totally doesnt wear any makeup besides when she uses it for her tutorial videos" and "i'm totally natural 100%" lol. It is gonna get harder and harder to keep up the lie

No. 29199

File: 1431517836705.png (373.96 KB, 334x514, LedaMuir.png)

she used to have really nice skin. i doubt she would still try and say she doesn't wear makeup all the time anymore, she has to be using a fuck ton now. she had like..incredibly nice skin before and now it's just terrible

No. 29200

Bc actually is supposed to help you with acne, lol. She did recently say she stopped taking her meds, which I assume are from her break down.

No. 29201

File: 1431528716740.jpg (36.68 KB, 600x800, CE2rM9WUEAA8fk_[1].jpg)

She has a snk bikini now. Also she admits to having Line camera to edit her photos and even her fans are noticing how much she shops herself. Besides the acne she slims her face and chin, it seems she edits her waist and her boobs with it.

No. 29202

She also sleeps with her makeup on every now and again

No. 29203

She gone really heavy with that blur tool to mask the cellulite on her ass and thighs.

No. 29204

You sound jealous anon dear.
You have cellulite too flash news wimmin got cellulite wowzer right?

No. 29205

Hi leda.

No. 29206

Confused… anon is jealous because they're not using Photoshop to blur the skin of their ass and thighs?

No. 29207

Not all of it does. Anything progesterone only (Implant, depo injection, mirena coil, mini pill) will make acne worse in most people. Only the combined pill and the nuvaring help, because the oestrogen is what makes your skin nice.

No. 29208

depression and that shit can cause it
as she 'quit the internet' because of her reasons, that could be why her skin is bad

No. 29209


Where the hell are people getting these underwear pictures?
does she post them on her IG for a split second then delete them or what?

No. 29210

No. 29211

No. 29212

why couldn't leda stay off the internet and we get keke back???? i rather see fake photos of japan then some bitch who CNAT LET THE SCENE GO (its been 7 years since it died ledaderp move on)

hey leda how will you mask all da acne on a camgirlz site?

No. 29213

>hey leda how will you mask all da acne on a camgirlz site?
Webcam setting can do wonders.

No. 29214

Wow. She is becoming such fucking white trash

No. 29215

Is she dating someone else now?

No. 29216

File: 1433310824767.jpg (62.24 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

No. 29217

Ha, she actually deleted her youtube /again/

No. 29218

No. 29219

o shit. the fuck happened? drugs? and i thought i had bad acne

No. 29220

looks like a cute butt

No. 29221

File: 1434231254237.png (1.76 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-06-14-07-29-39…)

Some leda imposter has been taking her old photos. Even the gross ones. Even the imposter's followers are starting to get grossed out (note the chest)

No. 29222

I'm not really following this thread but…
>those roots
>those poorly matched extensions
>that acne
>that cakey makeup

It makes me cringe because this is what I looked like from 18-20, except my hair was platinum and my acne wasn't that terrible. Hers looks cystic, she better get it checked stat.

No. 29223


My skin looked a lot like this when i hit my lowest point. (Depression, lots of shit food, hair in thr face all the time)

Did something happen to her when she quit teh internets or something? Stress really can cause a breakout.

I dunno if I'd recommend Accutane to her, because that shit is no joke, and will make her break out even more the first month or 2.

No. 29224

No. 29225

File: 1438461700548.jpg (58.07 KB, 640x640, saywe.jpg)

Leda had a boyfriend for a second, and turned 21. No idea if she is still with the boyfriend, but hes touring with warped tour right now under the name SayWeCanFly

No. 29226

Looks like an autistic Sonny Moore/Skrillex.

No. 29227

she's so pretty.

No. 29228

Sonny Moore already looks autistic

No. 29229


No. 29230

Omg didn't this girl like start really getting into cosplay and say that she was like bffs with jnigs or something?

No. 29231

File: 1438478949108.jpg (28.43 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_nfsc7bnuOx1sbhfv…)

Autistic shoes for cosplay

No. 29232

File: 1438479057347.jpg (16.42 KB, 236x314, 53cbeee9ec862ad099b6fcfc569172…)

remember when

No. 29233

Kinda gross letting your dress drag on the filthy sidewalk like that, but okay.

No. 29234

if those are baby pink vans, I'm super jelly.

No. 29235

is she crying in this pic??

No. 29236

Looks more like those circle lenses are irritating the fuck out of her eyes.

No. 29237

Holy fuck people make jokes on this site all the time about people looking "haggard" at young ages but holy shit. She looks so genuinely unhealthy here

No. 29238

She does smoke a lot, does drugs, and talks about drinking/being drunk literally all the time. She also talked about having anorexia and starving herself. I wouldn't be surprised if her body was as fucked up as her skin is with all that acne.

No. 29239

File: 1438652596287.jpg (59.45 KB, 500x478, tumblr_nj3uxpZXvG1t6hh3jo1_500…)

I really liked her short hair

No. 29240

File: 1438652654429.jpg (97.61 KB, 1024x1024, 1400378_451299818315769_157889…)

she genuinely looks sick without makeup. Like, really, really sick.

No. 29241

omg wtf those nails

No. 29242

File: 1438655530714.png (45.27 KB, 620x269, 0cc141bf07fe17070973cb02b92c22…)

Apparently she stalks opinion blogs about her. Maybe she stalks this thread too?

No. 29243

It's literally all editing, she has never had nice skin. She has a lot of piercing scars and acne/acne scars.

No. 29244

Same, she's actually one of those girls who really suit short, pixie cut hair. She should cherish that. Then it would grow out nicely too. But nope, instead she wants to stay a scene faggot forever and fuck her hair over with bleach/dyes/extensions/straighteners continuously.

No. 29245

She looks like she has some kind of hormonal imbalance going on with that kind of acne. It would also explain the rest of her issues.

No. 29246

File: 1438659070187.jpg (34.16 KB, 312x323, Swan_fucker-0.jpg)

She got this tattoo when she was going through that "I MUST TATTOO EVERY PART OF MY BODY" phase. Apparently she got it removed though. I always liked her edgier tattoos, unlike the anime/video game ones.

No. 29247

I actually kind of want an SNK bikini.

No. 29248


>posting links on an imageboard.

No. 29249


IMO tattoos like this are stupid and childish but I spose people can do whatever they want to their bodies

No. 29250

archmage? so shes back to her elf fantasy gaming phase? i thought this might happen when she dyed hair hair green.

No. 29251

This angle makes her arm look broken and it's giving me the heebie jeebies.

No. 29252

She goes through cycles of like being really into gaming/fantasy stuff and liking weeb shit. A lot of her fans always talk on the opinions blogs about how they hate her phases and how she always changes her personality based on who she's dating, e.t.c.

No. 29253

File: 1438673471178.png (2.76 MB, 1142x1147, ledacollage.png)

I made a shit-tier collage to show how much leda changes between phases

No. 29254

Too bad she's such a loser like that. She's pretty cute with blue or brown hair.

No. 29255

Her hair is so damaged and looks so bad with all those extensions.

No. 29256

File: 1438673876022.png (1.63 MB, 968x702, leda2.png)

another for shits and giggles

No. 29257

what kills me about all of these is that none of her hair in these photos is a wig. shes dying and changing her hair color that often. if you're that picky with your haircolor, why not just invest with some wigs?

No. 29258

I can't help but love that blue hair pic.

No. 29259

Aw, I like her Yuno. And is the one with the teeth supposed to be a genderbent Sebastian Michaelis?
idk she's cute, it's hard to hate her

No. 29260

But anon! You left out the scene - I mean - raver phase!

No. 29261

Why would sebastian have shark teeth? Also, it's just her shitty hand tattoo that she will regret when she is attempting to have a career and isnt in full on weeb mode anymore. She's cute, but that doesnt justify her stupidity any less.

No. 29262

I'm honestly just waiting for the day for her to come out as an ageplayer or having a dd/lg kink.

No. 29263

File: 1438678421612.jpg (66.87 KB, 640x640, 1741591_1428632174043616_11752…)

But she's already trying to remove them lol.
This happened when she dyed her hair brown and said she was going to try find a career in acting.

No. 29264

File: 1438678659852.png (36.98 KB, 471x357, eef7218cdb7b2c4d684d00a4f062ce…)

Even her fans know "it's just another phase she's going through"

No. 29265

i tried to find pictures that were from the last 3 or so years. i dont think shes been a scene/raver recently?

No. 29266

I wonder what ended up happening to her acting lessons

No. 29267

No. 29268

This question she asked is so fucking stupid. It's like asking "Hey guys, should I become a singer?" without even letting people know what her singing voice is like. It's so obvious she asked just to get asslicked and more "LEDA U CAN DO ANYTHING UR A GODDESS" compliments.

No. 29269

She stopped going, like everything else shes ever done. She can't even stick to consistently making youtube videos

No. 29270

I think it's funny that when she makes a video after being off youtube it's always like "sorry guys I was really sad and I played wow a lot :(((( I'm back now and I'll be making lots of vids!!!1!!1!"
THen she'll make videos for like 3 weeks and then the cycle repeats.

No. 29271

No. 29272

I think this is her fan page. So thats not really leda asking.

No. 29273

File: 1439725663390.jpg (122.78 KB, 404x404, 89IQfW5.jpg)

So, did she get a boobjob or..?

No. 29274

Big boobs make her look chunky.

No. 29275

I do not think so, she got chubbier/older and got a padded bra. Left seems to be from 2 or so years ago, and a good bra can do a lot.

No. 29276

a good bra isnt going to take you from flat chested to C cup though. she as flat as a board in the left photo

No. 29277

>that mustache
>those under eye circles
>that dull skin
>that damaged hair
holy shit

No. 29278

i dont think so.
i mean im very pale like her.
i think its because of her eye bags

No. 29279


No. 29280

Does anyone know how far apart those photos were taken though? Ita possible to grow fairly large in a year or two. I have many friends who jumped cup sizes super fast. Unfortunately sag happens too.

No. 29281

>tfw this bitch is mentioned in one of Isaki's videos, seemingly as someone she idolizes

No. 29282

Maybe I'm an old lady, but I remember when one of the unspoken tattoo rules were basically only get hand and neck tattoos once you were out of back/arm and leg space … These teenagers get hand and finger tattoos first and wonder why they are getting shit for it or regret it a few years later.

No. 29283

She looks a million times better with normal/small bust
I dont know what the hell is going on in the right photo. I'm sick of these fake women.

No. 29284

Tbh I think she looks a lot better with jugs lol. I think she got fat again when she was depressed. When was the photo on the left taken?

No. 29285

It's possible. Even before and on the left she wasn't very thin, so I don't think it's from chubbiness.

No. 29286

Now she just looks like any other whore online with fake tits.

No. 29287


Its still a rule. I know for a fact most artist do not like doing hands first. In fact some reject people asking for hand tattoos. Personally I find ot stupid if you dont get full sleeves or your whole bosy done before that. I guess there are some exceptions. Depends qhat kins of work youre going into and if it doesnt look stupid

No. 29288

left pic was from 2013

No. 29289

ah yes now i remember her. for the horde tattoo. why do people do this.

No. 29290

>I got it because Horde was the first faction I played on
That was her excuse.
She doesn't even prefer Horde at all. I'm even fairly sure she said she leans more towards Alliance because nelfs are her favourite race (she got the nelf crest tattooed on her as well).
It was just so people will think she's a ~cool gamur gurl~, tbh.

No. 29291

File: 1439818887790.jpg (85.26 KB, 960x720, cXyUcvl.jpg)

her hair has literally always been damaged because she ~dyes it to match her mood~ aka every like week or so, her natural hair is fucking short too.
No amount of deep conditioning or masks can salvage her dead hair.
>> fried dyed and pushed aside

No. 29292

These two pics are only 6 months apart though? or like, maximum a year. The right one is from when she posted that video crying and deleted all her shit online.

No. 29293

LOL remember how she got those pause and play youtube tattoos for her fans/dedication to YT and then like got them removed as soon as she wanted to go into acting AHAHHA

No. 29294


yeah she didn't really appear "horde" to me then either, just an average attention gurl with weird hair and ooh loook at mee i'm so speshul and quirky-attitude.

nothing wrong with video game tattoos or lotr tattoos or whatever, anyhow being sensible or having a good taste (in anything) has probably never been her cup of tea.

No. 29295


Damn, she really needs to just chop her hair off. I don't understand why Leda doesn't just wear wigs. She honestly needs to shave her head/get a super short cut. There is NOTHING that'll save that hair.

I wonder if anyone IRL has ever told her how unhealthy her hair looks.

No. 29296

nigga what
the left pic was from september 2013
pink hair pic was from april 2015

No. 29297

File: 1442245889491.png (1.02 MB, 684x892, ledacontacts.png)

i ctrl+f'd to see if anyone mentioned what kind of circle lenses. could anyone help me out? i think she's usually wearing this pair

No. 29298

Princess Pinky Eclipse in brown

No. 38767

File: 1443924633631.jpeg (546.83 KB, 375x500, 48a449a00b57dbbd6cc54e085e1d20…)

bumperino, pic unrelated

No. 38768

File: 1443924928452.jpg (162.17 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

Her hair is so fried and ugly, jesus

No. 38770

File: 1443925554787.gif (731.48 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_nb8p203KMW1rhp0x…)


ye, her cats are cute tho

No. 38787

That is the definitive expression of "help me" I have ever seen lol.

No. 38799

her face is so pretty. wish she would put her efame to good use instead of trying to be a scene queen again like shes 16 all over again and let her hair get healthy. she could've modeled if not for those shit tattoos.

No. 39039

nah she couldn't model. she's only like 5'7 and has really short limbs. maybe in a niche way I guess… like her cosplaying stuff… sorta?

No. 39040

Who is this? Clearly not Leda. did you post the wrong pic?

No. 39047

hence the

> pic unrelated

you nigger

No. 39071

I'm fucking sorry okay my brain read it as pic related

No. 39099

File: 1444035641233.jpeg (87.14 KB, 426x757, IMG_13035613184472.jpeg)


besides, Its just some random grill with one qt pic, not that hot

No. 39107

Please stay in your containment board.

No. 39343

File: 1444100335499.jpg (98.46 KB, 640x960, 977175108879f949fac2b81b20a9ec…)

>that thing
we tear apart actually pretty girls much less this bitch

she may have not been able to model, but she wanted to remove all of her tattoos to pursue acting or something. idk she's pretty enough in the face to do it, these were the headshots she had taken for it but like everything else she does she doesn't really pursue it or take it seriously

No. 42231

Does she still play WoW? I want to gank her.

No. 88999

Is it me or did she lose a lot of popularity ? Ofc deleting all her vids doesn't help but I don't think she's nearly as popular as she was in the day. Though she has a lot of followers on Instagram so I could be wrong? Idk I used to like her as a young teen but now she just doesn't have the same feel. Bland

No. 89001

She was very popular when she came back, but I think dating her current boyfriend caused her to lose her personality and her fans.

Before she met him she was pandering to the weeaboo/bdsm/kitten play demographic, now she is boring.

No. 89028

I have never seen anyone that famous (Internet-wise) who are supposed to be into ~beauty~ have such a fucking ruined hair.

The stainless steel sponge I have in my kitchen is softer than her hair. The most ridiculous part is how people white knighting her hair in the YouTube section keep saying "How do YOU know it's damaged? You don't know her!" and "It's not damaged, what are you talking about!!!"

Check out the hilarious comments here:

No. 89040

There is nothing for her to be popular on. She doesnt post videos much and the few she does is hair dying. She doesnt post much either on insta since she is actually out fucking her new bf who has a band and shit.

She copies the personality of the guy she dates, and tries to be more like them.

No. 89754

THANK YOU. her hair is rekt as fuck and none of her fans will believe it. I mean, they're all like 13-16 and have zero grasp on the complex chemical processes involved with lifting and coloring hair, but how fucking retarded can these bitches be? I mentioned that in a comment, it made it to the top somewhere, and then children are STILL replying to it once every so often so they can defend the goddamn mop on her head.

I wonder what her hair smells like because she says she won't wash it for a week after she's bleached it. awesome. nice. great. so clean Leda.

No. 89849

actually though, not washing your hair for a week after it goes through something like bleaching is a good idea. i did it when i bleached my hair and went pink so i could get the natural oils back in my hair, plus since your hair is so dry it doesn't get dirty/oily as quickly as usual. however, it probably does depend on the person. in leda's case her hair is so fucked that no natural oils or treatments can help it. i wish she'd just stop with all the dying..

No. 89916

well I suppose leaving it for a week wouldn't be that bad depending on the individuals personal hygiene. leda's hair always looks greasy at the roots and like hay at the ends and I agree, only way for her to fix what has already grown is to cut it and leave it alone.

both Leda and her fans will eventually grow out of the need to dye their hair every week to a different color. some of them may go on to understand that you simply can't completely reverse the amount of damage she's done to the hair already on her head.

No. 89985

she's almost 22 and still dyes her hair like a scene queen in 2008, i don't get it.
she looks SO pretty with natural brown hair in this photo >>29199
and even here >>29239 but she just insists on ruining her hair by bleaching it every 2 weeks because she's spontaneous XD and dyes it a different color every other fucking day.

No. 119934

Her social media and youtube have been dead for a bit now, on top of that the last mention of her and saywecanfly together was valentines day. My guess is she gave up on youtube again because they broke up.

No. 120140


Nah. He confirmed they were still together, she just needed a break from the internet. She's been talking to a few fans randomly on Instagram. Pretty much saying the same thing.

No. 127208

File: 1462293197762.jpg (89.15 KB, 600x800, CheTNaeXEAAs-A7.jpg)

No. 127233

her legs are so stumpy. how oddly proportioned.

No. 154925

File: 1468428206865.jpg (267.22 KB, 1200x1200, dsfaads.jpg)

Her arm..

No. 154978

nit picking

No. 155020

Used to like her and was subbed until I noticed that she jumps on every fucking trend imaginable, not every so often, but every month it's something new. Then there was the whole crying incident, instead of building a normal life she came back trying to fit in with the hardcore weebs. Now she seems to be trying to go back to her WOW/gamer gurl scenster phase when she seemed to be somewhat relevant/"original"

No. 155023

Why do her legs look so out of proportion here? She looks like one of these fat people that gains 80% of their weight below the belt.

No. 155054

nit picking

No. 155557

nit picking

No. 155599

Pretty. Is she wearing a wig? Her hair doesn't look that fried here.

No. 343437

Has anyone been keeping up on Leda or the novel she's going to put out?

No. 343439

I'm p sure that she isn't dating Braden from SayWeCanFly anymore

No. 343445

She has an opinion blog on Tumblr and apparently she was scamming fans out of shirts. One fan mentioned there that Leda has been blowing them off which is why she possibly went offline (?) not sure tho. She also is probably dating this guy on instagram (his profile is private, but the url is sithtrash) I followed him for a bit before he deleted me when a bunch of Leda's fans started attacking him. She's possibly dating that guy.

No. 343447

File: 1498757482655.jpg (Spoiler Image,37.99 KB, 678x407, ew.JPG)

samefag– she also made a new video where she has a giant hicky on her tit lmao. She also has a bunch of chest acne all over. Spoiler the image just in case no one wants to see.

No. 343450

I'm pretty sure that's just a rash due to the acne, it's pretty common to have a cluster or rash like that

No. 343473

File: 1498761569076.png (Spoiler Image,4.57 MB, 2880x1800, Leda, why.png)


Yeah, the lighting isn't helping at all in this video, especially for her face. I know she didn't have it earlier, so maybe she developed acne rosacea? Doesn't explain why she's not treating it though..

No. 343527

She has had chest acne before in pics. I wouldn't be surprised if she is treating it on and off.

This video is so transparently about attention. She disappears for months and instead of posting real content as promised (even a hair dye video would be content st this point) she makes a slutty cosplay video? And it's a OC too. For a book that you know will be shit because she was never a good writer nor did well in school.

No. 343528


She probably came back so she can scam people out of her shitty book too lmao

No. 343530

File: 1498766441080.png (344.46 KB, 456x810, tumblr_orlrhegYLT1rjose1o1_540…)

Apparently this is a bit of her book that she posted on her twitter awhile back

No. 343548

>a sputter of silent breath from her deflating lungs whispers past her parted lips

God this is painful

No. 343578

She needs to learn how to stick to a tense.

No. 343736

She was very out of breathe just from talking in her new video. And she's gained quite a bit of weight. She should watch her health.

No. 343749

Typical purple prose bullshit. Putting more adjectives into a sentence does not make the sentence better.

No. 343769

File: 1498788331232.png (69.74 KB, 620x473, tumblr_o6ktrt3Oae1rjose1o1_128…)

This was one of the tweets Leda answered concerning "complications" about her shirts. I did remember seeing people complaining about never getting their shirts (big surprise! those tweets are gone now)

No. 343782

I don't think Leda really had any proper people her own age to grow and develop with hence her childish attitude
That mixed with constant adoration and attention kills any development in a person

No. 343809

How do you know she didn't have people her age to grow up with? I doubt that..

No. 343819

She DID have friends around her age (Serena mostly) but she has admitted to completely blowing people off.She has been extremely spoiled by her parents to the point where she has done nothing with her life.

No. 344292

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand she's back to being gone again! I swear that girl is leaving her fans hanging so she can come back months later like 'lelelelel here is my book!'

No. 344905

i watched her videos for a few years. She was homeschooled and didn't really seem to have many friends other than boyfriends she met over the internet and the occasional female friends that also seemed to live far away

No. 344916


Ah I see, from all the patterns she was displaying I figured it was a mixture of a narcissistic or egocentric personality mixed with not having aged properly with a lack of individuals around her own age.

I thought it was obvious since her whole life revolved around the internet and social media along with the attention it provided her with.

Speculation Sage.

No. 344921

Uh, you sure? Because she graduated from a regular high school.

No. 344988

diff anon, but I recall her talking about taking her classes online, maybe she got that mixed up with home schooling.

No. 345084

To clear things up: Leda was doing online classes and would have to go in every once in awhile to turn in work (In one of her older videos she would talk about it) so I assume she was online schooling.

No. 345825

She's at anime expo, hoping to see candids soon. She really looked rough in her new video, I wonder if she's depressed

No. 345884

I love leda. But she needs to get out of her protected world. She hasnt had a real friend since serenia. These new girls are trying to undercover use her for fame and leda is so use to f up stituatiins she doesnt see it. Leda needs a real job in a real place. Like an office. She is too sheltered. Panzer treated her like garbage and I dont think she noticed.

No. 345898

what happened to leda and serena anyway? never caught up with her after that.

No. 345913

File: 1499144721926.jpg (173.72 KB, 675x1200, IMG_20170702_070232.jpg)

No. 345915

No. 345916

How did Panzer treat her like garb?

No. 345919


I remember Serena saying that Leda just stopped talking to her randomly. Like Leda would flat out ignore Serena's text messages / never told Serena why she stopped talking to her

No. 345922

Kinda sounds like Leda was the one treating people poorly

No. 345924

She even admitted to basically just dropping people in her 'my flaws' video (I'm posting the reuploads here so please excuse this post and the next because 2 parts)

No. 345925

samefag pt 2

No. 345929

File: 1499146095348.png (58.29 KB, 350x695, IMG_7258.PNG)

Did she use the money she scammed from her fans to get a boob job or…

No. 346268

I thought Serena stopped being friends with Leda because Serena flew to stay with leda and her mom (back when they lived in the one bedroom apartment) but then Leda left Serena there while she went and stayed with one of her boyfriends at the time (I think it was Nate not sure)

No. 346355

I thought it was something that happened when they were in Vegas together (with Matt). Too lazy to dig up caps, but it was the last time they showed up in vids together (in the trip vlogs), and on twitter she stopped calling Serena her best friend and instead said Sami was her best friend a few months later at Sami's bridal shower (awkward since Sami is Serena's sister). She was diving into a new personality hardcore when she was with Matt, plus hanging out with a bunch of Matt's youtube friends while she was there to so I think she just kinda flaked on Serena during the trip.

No. 346357

Double posting to add: I get the impression that Leda blew her off multiple times over the years, whenever she found someone more shiny and new to pay attention to, I think Vegas was just the last straw.

No. 346364

Leda flakes on ALL of her friends. My favorite was when she ditched Kat because Kat secretly gathered her fans together (Leda's fans. This was around the time she left) and had them all draw Leda fan art so Kat could give it to Leda as a 'goodbye' gift from her fans. Leda completely stopped talking to Kat (Kat even deleted her youtube / the videos) and Kat probably threw away all the fan art.

No. 346642

she denies getting a boob job, but you don't go from a literal flat chest to perky DD's in a few months because of "growth spurts" especially not when you're already a grown adult whose height hasn't changed in years

No. 346908

File: 1499297124738.jpg (432.72 KB, 2000x2000, Untitled collage.jpg)

On the left is a pic I pulled from around when Leda first came back to the internet (2015 / age 20) You can visibly see how flat chested she appears in the picture. The pic on the right is Leda in 2017 (age 22) Is it really possible she really grew in chest size that quick? She's always been extremely flat up until her kitten play phase where she sexualized boobs like no other.

No. 347580

A lot of little things. She got mad at leda for playing a video game instead of running through it. She tricked her into doing most of the work/dangerous stuff on a few vids. She just used her for views. Than panzer caused some fan drama. I know panzer was desparate at the time but she never treated leda like a friend. And leda was a complete oaf about it.
You forget leda used to be fat. Leda has always had boobs. They deflate when straving/partying then fill out when eating/drying out. I think she edited them smaller. There is a starbucks vid of her and she had boobs back then.
I thought leda flaked on serene(leda didnt see it that way), serene tried, the serena quit leda, then leda tried to get her back. But it was too late. Plus some of leda other friends were trying to ice out serena. But serena was getting mad that her media "personality" wasnt taking off. They did a vid about it.

No. 347604

Bruh, Leda admitted in a vid she didn't get tits until she was 20 which is funny because the pic in >>346908 was done in 2015 and you see she is flat chested. She does wear those VS bombshell bras so maybe that is it?

No. 347606

samefag but it starts around 4:24

No. 347694

She's stated before that she wears push up bras/it's been proven she wears them.

No. 347749

Those over described run on sentences make me want to kill myself

No. 347758

Ok.. but she's fat again, and you can't say that pushup bras help compeltely flat chests to turn into this: https://youtu.be/LDHSkSevDrg

No. 347794

Where did I say they did?
Forgot to leave out thay being fat helps as well. When she gained weight in past her boons grew with her. The book job theory was long disproven on that tumblr confession blog I think.

Sage your shit and learn how to properly use youtube links next time.

No. 347796

File: 1499434545088.png (2.62 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_9694.PNG)

She's one chunky monkey

No. 347797

File: 1499434583519.png (3.3 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_9695.PNG)

She's got no shape at all

No. 347835

File: 1499442307035.jpg (100.36 KB, 892x843, 1.JPG)

These are the only 2 fans that took pictures with Leda (and tagged her) I wonder if she's embarrassed because it was obvious she only came back to get people to meet her. She looks super bad without the photoshop. I'm posting the 2 photos. (the guy on the left is her friend not a fan)

No. 347836

File: 1499442320918.jpg (116.56 KB, 883x778, 2.JPG)


No. 347842

It's not like anyone would recognize her when she's covered up that much and wearing a wig. I don't think any of her fans that went to AX would even recognize her.

No. 347843


It was just funny cause she announced on every social media she was going.

No. 348028

That guy is ridiculously handsome

No. 359886

I could be wrong, but she actually did do kinda well in school, prolly mostly because her parents made her study for tests and all that.

No. 359911

She's not wearing a wig /sage

No. 359921

haha i thought that too

No. 360091

not just that but her fanbase dwindled after she deleted her youtube channel, she doesn't do much now either to attract new fans.

she doesnt seem dedicated to youtube.. or for that matter, anything.

No. 360527

File: 1501036184084.jpg (50.49 KB, 813x327, Capture.JPG)

Of course she's back days before her birthday. She only wants attention because it is so close to her birthday.

No. 361582

Honestly, I would be so embarrassed if I was her. Disappearing for months constantly, only to occasionally post selfies or to promote her book. It's pretty obvious she could care less about her fans at this point.

No. 361701

Lol Leda has always been very cringe and careless. It's nothing new. She just has a really ass kissing obsessive fan base lucky bitch. What I want to know is what is up with all the chest acne and weight gain? She looks really unhealthy to me.

No. 361880

File: 1501198574390.jpg (80.83 KB, 720x960, leda.jpg)

She's had chest acne since she came back 2 years ago, no idea why though. Medication maybe? I feel like it used to be even worse than it is now.
And judging from her videos she's been about the same weight for like a year now.
It looks like she gained a lot from 2015-2016

No. 361952

Leda makes herself seem fragile and needs space. So fans give her space. Now that she wants back in fans arent posting her on tags. People took pictutes but no one is posting. Lol. Leda how will you get outta this!
I may buy her book because she has entertained me for years but she needs to take a really class on writing. Maybe do a mooc. If she has time for boys she has time to write a better book.

No. 361996


This picture was when she really started gaining weight, and had bad skin. The reason was because she was legit drinking coffee for EVERYTHING while sleeping all the time. The rash on her chest was from drinking a lot (she admitted to it) so maybe she's allergic to alcohol? but is too dumb to stop drinking it.

No. 362028

I suspect Dermatillomania. Explains her chest scars and marks too, I have the same but to a much lesser degree and suffer from this condition.

No. 362107

whats wrong with her complexion and face here? it looks nothing like her and her skin looks like she pulled an ed gein and glued someone else's face onto hers. she also looks like shes in mild pain here… is she okay?

No. 362259

Any picture she posts is photoshopped. The one pic where you can see her acne was taken by a fan so she never got the chance to photoshop it.

No. 367320

>posts for the first time in a month so everyone can wish her a happy birthday
>leaves again immediately after
you could at least try to make it less obvious, leda

No. 367566

File: 1502022925169.png (515.28 KB, 1167x871, 060617.png)

Looks like they didn't end on good terms.

No. 367595

not washing hair for a week after bleaching is a good idea!! i would never wash freshly bleached hair, so bad for it.

No. 367665

shes an average weight. fuck off ana chan

No. 367672

Leda is with that Kylo Ren guy from her cosplay pictures or at least has a crush. She posted a pic of him with her head on his awhile back (but quick was to delete it once fans questioned. He even privated his insta with the picture). She always has had a habit of dumping guys the second she finds anyone better. Matt (her ex bf who lives in Canada) once was gonna fly to Cali to see her in which she bailed on him, never spoke of him again, and then he went on a mini rage tweets (accusing her of being fingered by the band singer from Ghost Town) But she went from Matt to Zach, and then Zach to Braden. She hardly stays single that long.

No. 367777


No. 367778

she literally is. how is she fat. come on(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 367783

I wonder what she's gonna do when her parents won't support her anymore and her looks fade (or gets fatter) and she can't find a man to financially support her. Working three fast food jobs? Disability? Not like she can count on her fans to support her, haven't most of them moved on by now because of her inactivity.

No. 367843

omg shes not fat!! what do you guys consider to be fat?? she looks about 180lbs max - which for 5'7 is not fat.

No. 368090

Not even just fingered, finger banged brutal in her own mans hallway. iirc before zach didn't she speak briefly to Nathan on twitter? Idr for sure though, but definitely a man hopper, to help her feed a personality she's yet to find

No. 368251

I didn't mean that she's fat now. I'd consider her average currently. But she IS fatter than she used to be. And if she continues to get fatter, she'll be.. well.. fat.

No. 368268

Online schooling is made easy because they want you to get it done. The bar is low if she did do well there. She never did well enough to go farther than that, and from the book stuff she never did well in English too.

I assume her parents want her to be happy and will let her coast for a few years more. At this point she has destroyed her income by deleting her channel, messed up her hands with tattoos then removals and gave up on any schooling that would lead to a useful skill. Her parents clearly don't keep her in check so they either coddle or let her do whatever.

No. 368300

File: 1502118862482.jpeg (89.23 KB, 960x640, image.jpeg)

back when Leda met up with some fans in Portland. This is when her skin was at its worst.

No. 368333

He could have his own thread. He is a legit user. I guess we will hear about all the free work leda did for. Cause all his girls have user stories. Honestly he is on bandomen/host levels.

No. 368335

Well you know the old saying, " ledas never single".
Although branden did get a music video and artwork outta her.

No. 368379

Idk why people even go for him or think he's attractive. He's so ugly and he has a insta photo of him where he's pretty much fully nude and he has a following of young, teenage girls. Like that in itself is just fucking creepy.

No. 368381

here is the youtube video Leda was in. A lottttttt of her fans are in the comments.

No. 368440

Her hair is so fried.

No. 368630

File: 1502154061189.jpg (61.91 KB, 796x463, 111.JPG)

of course she's only tweeting to promote her book or arctic fox

No. 368689

Despite her hair being fried, her style of almost gothic Wiccan?? (Maybe a reach) is really cute imo and suits her with that hair shade and all. Him however is lookintnlike social repose in those lenses, all those emo youtubwrs are the same she just wants to backrode off music like she did ghost town

No. 370382

Low grade Skrillex said on a insta live that he and Leda have been broken up for a year now.

No. 371320

Doesn't match up. She toured with him late 2016. It was likely sometime this year, his most recent song is called Shallow (breakup song 2017) which is likely about her.

No. 372778

File: 1502825097278.jpg (82.74 KB, 750x750, tumblr_ocmrueWZ081uzrij5o1_128…)


They were together until last february? Posted a lot of pictures together and all that

This picture was posted a year ago, with a text saying they were going on a date. So yeah, definitely were together back then still.

No. 372817

that girl looks like moo

No. 372868

File: 1502833178172.jpg (186.73 KB, 1024x1024, tumblr_o7e4jmockX1uzrij5o1_128…)

In that image a little, but I feel like Leda has very attractive facial features while moo's are really… unfortunate

Sage for ot

No. 372869

File: 1502833283870.jpg (71.21 KB, 540x405, tumblr_o6kk1iGegb1uzrij5o2_540…)

Also her boyfriend took some unedited photos of her last year

No. 376589

File: 1503334521128.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170821-113916.png)

Most recent snapchat… her chest my god

No. 376752

holy fuck that's nasty
also not a huge fan of the pink eyebrows but at least she tried

No. 376817

wow she got really big. i didnt even realize that was her in the face

No. 377055

Yeah, she did.

Although I've always kinda felt like she was naturally meant to be on the bigger side.

No. 377242

Tell us more

No. 377726

Not surprised considering her taste in men. The only one that seemed decent was Zach, but he's the one who was the least public so who knows. He seemed sweet and shy though, and only really did youtube and shit to make her happy and deleted it after. He also supported her through her acting phase, which didn't pan out but she was taking classes and shit and had some direction and motivation, however short lived.

Panser is definitely at least flake material based on her thinly veiled pity/attention mongering and willfully ignorant opinions, but if there is drama between her and others it might finally be worthwhile to make a thread.

No. 377802

Agreed but why nitpick at that? Let's just be happy that she isn't an ana-chan anymore

No. 377804

Zach did seem very genuine, outspoken, and like one of her best boyfriends I agree. But am I the only one who finds it odd that she dated her friends baby daddy? And ceased to be friends with her after hooking up with said baby daddy?

No. 378236

wot? Sorry I'm obviously behind on this, which one was her friend's baby daddy? And to which friend?

No. 378404

Zach, she dated him in 2013-2014
He was the baby daddy to her friend Mary (she was in a lot of Leda's old videos)

Zach is also claiming he is a woman named Losse now, fun fact

No. 378592

Zach is a woman now? It's not that surprising he did give me a fem vibe kek but more so in the way Nathan could look feminine and still like a hot man

No. 378597

whatever happened with her and nathan? i know this is OLD stuff to bring up but i never looked into it

No. 378626

I know this is old milk but in her wish video is about the time they broke up if you didn't know prior. She really wasn't feeling her self or acting like herself and he randomly left her in the middle of the night? I feel there's more behind it and I feel like I have read more about it, but that was years ago. But after that, Leda started to copy Nathan's now ex Georgina, and even Georgina spoke up about it. It was all a milky mess. Even then before zach or emo boy idr his name she was speaking to Nathan publically making her fans at the time speculate them getting back together. It was either those boys or Matt, but she lead Nathan on and went for the latter.

Sage for old milk/OT/longpost

No. 378685

IIRC Nathan was trying to move in with her in an apartment or house near her hometown. I think there was like 1 or 2 videos with them together that was cringy and awkward like neither of them wanted to be there.

Pretty sure around her birthday Destery came down and basically told Nathan to fuck that shit and they left together. Don't know if he even told her he was leaving. But that was the end of that.

No. 379374

File: 1503660285592.png (257.46 KB, 480x356, Screenshot_2017-08-25-07-13-53…)

Hasn't been officially confirmed but it seems like leda's dating this guy (given the fact they went to anime expo together >>347835
, and she had a visible hickey on her boob in her last video). What an upgrade from Braden. He looks like the type of dude you'd see in LotR or Game of Thrones. So up her alley.

No. 379401

>looks like the type of dude you'd see in LotR or Game of Thrones
yeah, maybe as an orc. he almost had the hair down but hes parting it like skrillex and who knows what's going on with that face. its much better than braden's metrosexual scene looking ass though.

No. 379518

>>379374 I know we know his height from the anime expo pics but he looks like the type of person to be a lowkey midget

No. 379544

thats what i was thinking. its his wonky down syndrome face

No. 380179

tbh if you wanna laugh at her shitty white knight fans leda-confessions-and-opinions on tumblr has all of these people defending her actions even though she's a 23 year old woman who should be held accountable (i.e constantly leaving and coming back to only promote her book, etc).

No. 380223

I use to go on that tumblr to see her juicy mattg gossip when people were more bold to give constructive criticism sad to see that's all changed now

No. 380266

i feel bad for her parents, they're both social workers for troubled teens or some shit. kinda says a lot when your daughter doesn't go to school or have a real job and can't even maintain a 'freelance' type job online. she's essentially a NEET. i'd be depressed too if i was her age and not able to support myself.

No. 380749

Well, I guess Leda is always just too busy fussing with her appearance and constantly changing it to even think about going to school or getting a job.

People have been considering she might have a job, but she doesn't talk about it online. I highly doubt it, even though it's true she doesn't really share much with us at all.

No. 380753

File: 1503837292064.jpg (103.26 KB, 802x898, 2.JPG)

When will her mindless fans realize she's only coming back to either mention her stupid book or to continue getting money from arctic fox with her constant promos.

No. 380799

Why has she tried to do her eyebrows the same shade as her hair again tho ugh it's like after a while she runs out of muses to follow and now she's repeating her old looks again (since it's fresh to drawf knight new bf)

No. 380800

File: 1503846395040.jpg (70.02 KB, 612x612, IMG_0257.JPG)

No. 381431

This is really embarrassing

No. 381714

shes really learning a made up language?! what a waste of bloody time. why doesnt she just get a job

No. 381752

>that sinking feeling when you see someone's tattoo and go "wow how pretty! what language is that? is that tibetic?" and it's always fucking elvish.

No. 382359

I think it's pretty cool to have tattoos in made up fictional languages, but that's just me.

No. 382556

File: 1504023751771.jpg (563.24 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170829_121349.jpg)

I present to you Leda's skinwalker, Alex Dorame.
>silver hair
>pink eye makeup
>denim jacket
I swear there could be an entire thread dedicated to all the times this girl has copied Leda. They've actually met (on tour with their musician bfs) and are "friends" but Alex seems so damn obsessed with replicating her. And she would go out of her way to delete comments and even block people for saying leda's name in her instagram comments.

No. 382565

Alex brought up the fact they're friends bc she got called out if I recall haha, she took a lot of inspiration from her as a lil sceenie we can tell but to just completely want to be someone else appearance wise is fuckingn creepy as shit. Imagine Johnny wants her that way and he can roleplay he was Braden

No. 382602

Her copying is so extensive that people constantly get them mixed up and tag their photos as the other one

No. 382664

File: 1504030597647.png (243.8 KB, 356x445, Screenshot_2017-08-29-12-52-56…)

Hahaha so there's this other gallon of milk I've been keeping on the thing between johnnie, leda, and alex. Hoo boy.

So around the time leda made her big return to the internet, johnnie commented on leda's videos and they tweeted back and forth a bunch. Looking back on those tweets, it COULD be suggested that leda was flirting with him. Around the time she met up with him in LA, they went out to eat sushi together which may or may not have been a date. This was not too long before she met Braden.
Now, Alex had been interested in johnnie (but not yet publicly dating johnnie) previous to leda meeting up with him. And Alex had also been a fan of leda for a while at that point already (she said she had made a YouTube account just to subscribe to her back before leda deleted all her accounts). My guess is that she developed some level of jealousy of leda while watching all this go down.
In one video johnnie and Alex made a while ago ( https://youtu.be/Q4652OvQL5Y ) it was mentioned that they were dating for a while, which I believe was BEFORE johnnie and leda met.
>Johnnie: "We were dating through Skype but we never met, and…"
>Alex: "and then he dumped me"
And they hadn't really talked until they actually met in real life when their collab channel (MyDigitalEscape) members got together. Some time after that, Alex and Johnnie dated again, and eventually got an apartment together.
Something I noticed in Alex when she was with Johnnie, was that she gradually started adapting leda's style, interests, and even instagram feed. Part of me thinks that she's trying to replicate leda as a sort of defense mechanism to keep her boyfriend from being deterred again by leda's appeal or something. And/or its just jealousy that never died from watching leda and johnnie interact in a lowkey flirty way over twitter and then hang in real life, possibly being the reason johnnie dumped Alex at that supposed time.

I may or may not be wrong, but stringing all of this shit together, it all just makes so much sense to me.

(Pic 1/2 of Leda hanging out with Johnnie in his and Bryan Stars' apartment the first time they met.)

No. 382674

Oh good lord.

Wasn't there also some kinda thing about Leda getting an appartment with Johnnie and some chick? I can't really remember though.

No. 382678

tbh it wasn't johnnie I don't think? It was with frank who she kept flirting with while he had a pretty steady girlfriend and one day they just all stopped talking to each other.

No. 382687

It was crankthatfrank and his girl. Leda tried to flirt and get between them from what I recall, Eva (Frank's gf) got mad, then Leda dropped them kek

No. 382692

File: 1504032641835.png (284 KB, 480x472, Screenshot_2017-08-29-13-28-39…)

(Pic 2/2)

Side note:
Alex and Johnnie were both following leda on Twitter and instagram when she came back to the internet, and Leda followed them back, too. But something I noticed some time after Alex and Johnnie were dating was that none of them were following each other anymore. I don't know the exact time period Alex unfollowed Leda, but my guess is that it's probably around the time Leda met up with johnnie and entailed all the possible jealousy. But the thing is, Leda really isn't the type to unfollow people on social media, I mean, she didn't even unfollow her ex, Braden, after the breakup. Leda wouldn't go out of her way to unfollow Alex or anyone for no apparent reason. My theory is that Alex blocked her, lmao. She was that upset. Probably made Johnnie block her, too. (Another reason for Alex unfollowing her might be because a lot of people were saying Alex was copying her, but that just seems like a dumb singular reason to unfollow someone.)

Some time later, when Leda had the cotton candy hair, she actually reached out to Alex in the dm's (Leda said this in response to someone in her instagram comments) because she saw a bunch of people on her own page arguing about Alex copying leda, and she felt bad that Alex was being "targeted" or accused for copying. So after that, they followed each other again and became "friends".
From my perspective it just looks like leda was being the really friendly one and Alex was just went with it because she didn't want to seem like a mean or resentful person or something. But even after that, Alex still copies her in such obvious ways LOL.

No. 383152

Ugh, I really don't get Alex.

I'm glad Leda was very mature about this though!

No. 383696

File: 1504184088678.jpg (432.51 KB, 537x1080, IMG_20170831_085203-1.jpg)

Adding another one cuz why not.
>purple hair with blue bangs
>mouth, lol

No. 383716

So fucking obvious ugh

No. 383787

I've never known too much about Alex but after seeing her instagram, it definitely resembles Leda's. Pretty creepy.

No. 384073

Some interesting info is Leda is dating the Kylo Ren cosplayer as seen with her at the anime con. Someone on Leda's tumblr confession page (I didn't grab the screenshot before they deleted it off the blog) but a fan asked him if he was dating Leda (which he confirmed) then out of no where he deleted any pics of Leda off of his Instagram.

No. 384310

I saw that, too. He had said that Leda was living in Seattle (or California? I can't remember tbh) and how he lived in Florida and she was busy with her book or whatever. Everyone on the tumblr was losing their shit saying they invaded his privacy even though that's not invading since he openly replied he was dating her.

No. 384441

I think he actually lives in california, because they were there together when she visited. And she lives in Portland, not Seattle.

No. 385020

Welp I guess I read it wrong. Either way everyone was butt hurt over being able to see the messages.

No. 385037

Everyone copies leda. Then gets upset if someone says something. They steal her ideas constantly.
Leda is always the one to apologize. Her fanbase use to be really mean so she tries to make up for it. But alex is aggressive with the copying. Another girl is aswell. Leda is trying to salvage the friendship but if leda is the only one giving it isnt worth it.
Leda can be slightly toxic but her friends since she dated her friends childs father have all been toxic.

No. 385082

Do you remember her friend in Canada taryn? Oh lord so toxic trying to leech off her vibe

No. 385197

taryn tragedy was a nightmare.i stopped looking at her cause she became pathetic. It got sad cause i think she really needed the money. Getting a real job wouldve been better for her. Now, She is partnered with twitch and still copying leda. I think girls like taryn and alex would do better if e-fame was a side hobby. They arent onision they dont have a lot to offer so why spend all your money keeping up appearances. Like use this to get a real job. They could work in marketing somewhere instead of being low effort online.

No. 385411

You know it's funny that Alex copies Leda but Alex has the larger fan base and regularly uploads while Leda keeps slowly losing her fan base due to the lack of inactivity that it seems like if you didn't know the two girls you would think Leda copied Alex.

No. 386490

Another copier is screamkiwi. When leda left her subs went up. It was so sad when leda came back. Kiwi gave ger a half-hearted shout out like "party over". It was really like " guess you guys are leaving".
I never considered them competition.
Its like how sly stalion(sp) finally came clean that he made up the richard gere story cause he felt he was his competition and he wouldve got american gigolo and pretty woman" if richard gere wasnt there. Two different catagories.
Funnier is richard gere wouldnt have a career if john travolta hadnt turned down all of rg starting roles. I guess ss didnt want to tangled with travolta. Lol.

No. 387504

File: 1505551883894.jpg (131.24 KB, 791x1197, DJ0p_r0WkAEI1Bs.jpg)

God, even with all the shoop and blur you can still tell how much makeup she has caked onto her face.

No. 387515

Fucking HELL wrong thread, sorry guys. And it's too late to delete orz

No. 387689

omg I thought I was on the berry thread for a second until I saw it was still Leda's. No worries my dude. ~

No. 389773

Does anyone else feel like Leda is actually a pretty intelligent young woman, but intentionally comes off really dizzy in her videos?

I always felt like she just acts dumber than she is to please her audience which mostly consists of really young teens.

No. 389785

no. she is mentally and emotionally immature and just likes to pretend she has problems when shes had nothing but a grade a life in a big beautiful house and loving family in california. if she was mature, she wouldve ditched the scene look YEARS ago and wouldnt act like the spoiled, whiny brat she's always been.

No. 389984

File: 1505930817549.jpg (67.4 KB, 640x640, 663459676aeb6985b451c0f8ad523a…)

So some unexpected milk has be delivered by one of Alex's old friends, Kyle David Hall, on his live broadcast last night. Basically reveals that Alex has talked a lot of shit about Leda.

Here's the saved broadcast:


>Kyle: Alex is friends with, uh, Leda. Theledabunny. She talks so much shit about her. Very rude stuff. Saying that "ooh, Leda copies me, I didn't copy her." I don't give a shit who copied who, but she just bashes her to all of us. It's disgusting. (…) I swear to god she has said terrible things about Leda. And they're friends. She has no goddamn clue.

Another one of Alex's friends, Shannon, also had some info, and Kyle reads what Shannon shared through text message.
>Shannon: Ironically, Alex has talked shit about Leda to me. She said she was a cunt and a whore. (…)

Given that Alex makes herself seem like such a ~good~ person online, always telling people to be positive and hates it so much when people are being nasty, it's rich to hear that she has said these things.

I have to admit I was shocked, but not completely. I always had a feeling she really disliked Leda, because of the stuff I noticed and explained in
>>382664 and >>382692

Her now apparent hatred for Leda makes my theories/observations make more sense.

No. 390034


I'm not surprised TBH she seems like a cheap Leda knock off. It doesn't even make sense to hate Leda but want to be her just because her boyfriend dated her in the past ? I'm not gonna dye my hair brown and dress preppy just because my partners ex did so.
This girl needs to be exposed though. I hate when girls do this fake positivity persona and say "ilysm!!!" To girls online but then secretly hate their guts and talk shit to everyone they know about her

No. 390054

File: 1505941165598.png (554.36 KB, 480x683, Screenshot_2017-09-20-16-48-47…)

I made an instagram account @thealexbunny pretty much exposing a shitload of copying Alex has been doing. I'll be posting receipts on there. There's so much.

No. 390465

But is it really possible for a person her age to really be as plain and simple minded as she comes off in her vids?

This one for example is very insufferable.

It's like she literally has nothing going on in her head. That, or then she just doesn't want to share anythig important with the internet

No. 390967

yes. someone who needs constant validation (especially from younger fans, ew, creepy) and craves e-fame instead of growing up, disappearing, and getting a normal life instead of acting like a scene kid in 2017 for views and likes, is 2000% emotionally stunted. she needs to move on like all the other scene kids did. if they didnt disappear and get careers, they at least were smart enough to keep up with current trends and work on developing a fanbase through that instead.

No. 391084

File: 1506102876662.png (240.02 KB, 472x394, Screenshot_2017-09-22-12-42-31…)

Well guys, turns out my theory was right, holy shit.

>Around the time she (Leda) met up with him (Johnnie) in LA, they went out to eat sushi together which may or may not have been a date.
>they (Johnnie and Alex) were dating for a while, which I believe was BEFORE johnnie and leda met.
>(…) just jealousy that never died from watching leda and johnnie interact (…) and then hang in real life, possibly being the reason johnnie dumped Alex at that supposed time.

Kyle from >>389984 brought up some new info in his broadcast last night, again.

Link to video of saved broadcast: https://youtu.be/4I8ecp6moe0


>Kyle: Years ago, when Johnnie and Alex first started dating, they broke up because Johnnie wanted to date the Leda bunny.
>They, Johnnie and Alex, then got back together, Alex hating Leda, and talking mad shit about her saying she's like ugly or disgusting, and Shannon has said that she called her a slut and whore. And I can guarantee that that is true.

Patting myself on the back for making an observation that turned out to be the reality.

Amazing how Alex pretended to be friends with Leda. Amazing.

No. 394225

Does anyone know anything about what happened between her and her ex bff, Serena? They have matching tattoos and all.

I heard Serena and Leda drifted apart after Leda started dating with Matt G.

No. 394604

I believe Leda ditched Serena to hang out with Matt when Serena came to Cali from Ohio just to see Leda
Then later on Leda became best friends with Sami who I believe is Serena's sister which is pretty awkward, I'm not sure if they're still friends either.
Leda also got all the tattoos around her hands/wrists removed including the matching one with Serena

No. 394982

Why is Alex with Johnny if he still likes Leda? I bet he would dump Alex again in a heartbeat if Leda gave him another chance.

No. 395786

Around the time Leda dated MattG her and Selena started to drift apart, iirc Selena was engaged or some shit, but I might be confusing that with her sister who took her spot in ledas life. It was a bad friendship break up similar to her friend breakup with cristy, Selena wanted nothing to do with her and Leda had to live with that tattoo for a bit knowing Selena wanted nothing to do with her

No. 395789

Samefag but I also think the way Matt excluded her when they were all together for vidcon (example like in his dare MattG with both of them) suaded her decision

No. 396601

thats the most insecure pathetic bullshit ever lmao. i don't know who these people are but fuck this alex person. i really hope leda calls her out publicly because it's what she deserves.

how fucking psychotic is it to basically want to become someone, actually physically change yourself and base yourself off of another person, and then try to knock them out of the picture by shit talking them to mutual friends? fuuuuuck this bitch

No. 396605

This video is so uncomfortable. It feels like watching a dumb middleschooler rather than an adult woman

No. 397735

Exactly what I was thinking.

And people actually watch and enjoy this kind of content from her. Why? Because she looks pretty. I literally can't think of any other reason. Yeah I sometimes watch her too, because yes, she looks insanely pleasant. But her videos really always make me wonder how dumb can an educated woman be.

It's also a huge pity that she has such potential but she doesn't use it. She could make videos about literally anything, and people would watch the shit out of them.

If people show interest in these kind of bullshit videos with no point whatsoever, imagine how popular she could get if she ever put the tiniest pit of effort into a video and maybe even had something to talk about.

No. 398178

She is from a time where people got popular for the scene look, and acting very friendly. At her height of popularity she would stream and just talk like this to people and kids felt close to her. The personal vlog style is dated now but it was what content was for her time.

I think she hides a lot, in videos she comes off childish and besides the recent cleavage looks never tried to be more adult. She does the higher pitch thing a lot too. Yet she got a swan fucker tattoo. Wherever that more edgy humour is from she never wants to bring up. Waste of an audience.

No. 403707

I think she's diseappearef again

No. 407504

File: 1508675919530.jpg (158.52 KB, 930x608, newleda2.jpg)

new leda pics from her friend tillyxluna instagram

No. 407505

File: 1508675944876.jpg (175.83 KB, 908x612, newleda4.jpg)

new leda pics from tillyxluna part 2

No. 407508

File: 1508675975771.jpg (187.94 KB, 917x615, newleda1.jpg)

latest leda pic from tillyxluna from 5 days ago. theres a couple more on her friends instagram

No. 407576

Holy shit, she gained a LOT of weight in a short period of time.

No. 408744

She has, yes. But think about how she would always starve herself, and you realize it’s not bad and it’s… okay? Good for her more or less

No. 408914

Also maybe she's on some medication that can cause a weight gain (antidepressants come to mind).

No. 409180

It could very well be that she's taking meds that are making her gain weight, but as I've said before it has always seemed to me that she is naturally supposed to be of heavier build, considering she is very tall amd everything.

So yeah idk, I'm glad if she's been eating healthier and being happy

But I do also think this might be the reason she isn't online posting pics…

No. 409301

she carries the weight really well though imo, she's lucky

No. 409368


>she carries the weight really well though

yeah, all in her neck

No. 409435

not really. her face could look much worse
it's mostly in her legs and tits

No. 409440

Yeah I feel like everyone forgets she was never really supposed to be a super skinny person she was a bigger child for no other reason then it was the body she was meant to have. She was only skinny in the scene queen days because of an eating disorder, it's nice to see her more in the body she's meant to have.

No. 409446

Leda really isn’t that tall. She’s 5’7-5’8, which isn’t much above the American average.

No. 409453

Met her at anime expo and was shocked at her boobs. She has pudge, but it is nicely distributed. If I knew that when I got fat that it'd distribute like that, I'd gladly get fatter. saged for pointless information.

No. 410643

I know leda gets upset when we talk about her friends but oh she hasn't had a decent one since serina(sp). look at these creepshots. I'm glad they took them but goodness. she's too sensitive to critiques so she ends up with starfuckers.

No. 410651

you post this and then someone bashes leda. alex d has been posting all over the internet samefagging and bashing leda. alex has been told to stop in the past. she monitors all of ledas accounts. I am an obsessed fan of ledas as well. I will admit it but alex is scary. most of the childish leda hate is her. a few more people that no leda bash her. I can always tell alex and one more who I wont name.
I would say that alex is doing well. she has streming and the new mde. its time to go your own path, alex. now. watch alex spaz out.

No. 410702

>I am an obsessed fan of ledas as well
I can relate anon
what is it about her that makes me still care about what she's doing after 7+ years?
I check her accounts every few days lmao it's embarrassing
sage for blog

No. 410801

her sense of style and she starts trends. she finds a curtain and a few months later you see it in stores. she has natural taste.

No. 445299

File: 1513443475935.jpg (46.8 KB, 810x1280, tumblr_p11chmrUcl1rjose1o1_128…)

Okay soo…

Did she delete her instagram page or did she just get hacked?

I don't want to believe she would just leave us without saying a wprd, although at this point I would not put it past her

No. 445332

Just searched, looks like she disappeared alright. Did she give no warning or anything? Not a great look while she's working on her books

No. 445413

weird, I just checked and it's there for me.
her twitter and youtube seem fine as well
she deleted just her instagram years ago (before the leaving the internet debacle) so I could see her doing that again, I just hope she doesn't completely disappear again tbh

No. 445482

Shows up fine for me.

No. 445617

Looks like you got blocked. Alex? kek

No. 446704

File: 1513619341906.jpg (513.88 KB, 1280x1709, tumblr_oypzh3gZvP1uzrij5o1_128…)

I for one really love the more elaborate looks she creates, this halloween look she wore is really beautiful. She would really have a shot at being a makeup artist or something like that.

No. 451882

Leda posted a picture of Bradens cat BMO, so either her dumb ass is back in Canada (which explains the absences) or Braden gave her the cat

No. 451911

I checked on Braden's insta, what I gathered was that he gave her to Leda because he is always out touring

No. 451920

Is this some kind of advanced sarcasm?

Are we looking at the same pic?

I don't even know/follow this cow, just read this comment and wtf'd

No. 469938

No, I was serious. I've always lived her makeup skills

No. 474224

File: 1516255205552.png (5.99 MB, 3238x1684, holyshit.png)

Saw these gems on instagram today.
Some of it can be attributed to trash facetime quality and bad angles/expressions, but man. Leda's definitely let herself go.
Everything she posts is photoshopped to hell.

No. 474308

wow. she really gained. wow.

No. 475384

wow, does she ever exercise

No. 478697

File: 1516706713690.png (353.66 KB, 359x475, 73e1db23d0e6b61a991d1a66b8b0f9…)

Well yeah, she's gained some weight but I honest to god do not feel like she looks bad or overweight. Like, at all.

As I've said before we should all remember she used to be of a bigger size as a kid, and you can definitely tell her body is meant to carry a bit more weight.

We should just be glad she isn't anorexic, like she used to be, pic related.

No. 478828

Same here, I honestly think she looks fine. I'm truly glad she's not anorexic anymore. Even in full body pictures where you can see her size I think she looks great at this weight. Also to the anon above who complimented her makeup I agree, the idea in general I thought was lovely, a butterfly trapped in a spider's web. Her style and in particular her bedroom styling is seriously amazing so I really wish she would do something visual like that, perhaps interior design. I have never shat on leda's looks tbh because fuck she looks great in any weight, style or hair but her attitude and behaviour… I know she's nice and genuine but I truly wish she would step back and properly consider her future and use her following to propel her rather than half ass It. I really hope her books are good since she seems really passionate about writing them. Tbh she's one of like two people on these threads who I just really want to see succeed.

No. 479047

what the fuck any thing over 110 is fat if your under 5'8(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 479275

Not this rabbit hole again…

No. 479840

didn't she say she had PCOS?

No. 490069

Pipe down Ana-chan

No. 490386

I'm glad someone agrees with me.

Leda is far from perfect and can be kinda flakey, but I find it sad when people comment on her weight gain or make fun of her looks. Leda is beyond gorgeous, no matter what size, and if she's learning to accept herself and being ok with her body, I'm super proud of her. We all know she's been struggling with her weight and self-esteem issues for the longest time.

No. 490438

this, for years she starved herself to match her skinny emo bfs when it wasn't a natural look for her at all
she also hasn't really been flakey for a couple years imo just distant with internet stuff which she has made known that she gets overwhelmed with since she was literally like 16 so idk why people still get surprised by it

No. 498637

This is an old video, but I've always disliked how she always feels the need to apologize each time she talks a little bit about WoW or other nerdy things.

No. 503617

File: 1518698506659.jpg (40.64 KB, 600x600, tumblr_nn34rcx0Ee1u2fm6lo7_128…)

Remember when she was drunk off her ass in a video with Bryan Stars, reacting to porn?

No. 503622

Kek, can you find the video anywhere still? Also I wonder what she thinks of him after all that shit went down

No. 512372

The video has been deleted off of youtube, but I found it!


It's very cringe worthy though.

No. 517198

Sorry for samefagging but I rewatched the video and I gotta say seeing her screech, giggle and in general act like that as an adult woman kinda off puts me.

I've always felt like Leda has a lot of potential and is deep down a fairly intelligent girl, she did do well in high school after all.

No. 517281

To be fair she was trying to act ditsy around Johnny guilburt and iirc her ex Brandon

No. 517338

yeah what is she some drunk person reacting to porn for the lulz or something?

No. 538764

File: 1522093498696.jpg (366.11 KB, 1024x1365, PhotoGrid_1522093198227.jpg)

From leda's friend's Instagram story during a video chat. Looks like she's back into smoking.

No. 538778

I don’t think she ever quit lol. i remember her making a video talking about how she was such a heavy smoker that she couldn’t even take a shit in the morning without a cigarette. more likely that she just went back to hiding it to save face with her young fans.

No. 538779

File: 1522095132056.png (63.48 KB, 710x414, cap.PNG)

I wonder if it is the same friend who went to leda's opinion blog on tumblr and straight up dished out that Leda was in a bad relationship with Braden. This "friend" of Leda is so suspicious but ig flakey people stick together obviously.

No. 538787


No. 538882

>she did well in high school
as if that means anything for anybody? are you in middle school lmao

No. 539098

I bet the "friend" is the same one thats on instagram bragging about being Leda's friend. The same one that Leda recently drew a picture for. You can find it in Leda's tags on insta.

No. 539121

at least provide screenshots

No. 539320

maybe anon is referring to the fact that leda herself has said a billion and one times that her grades were ~totes amazing top of da class,~ even though she didn’t physically attend high school 90% of the time, and actually did it online iirc

No. 539336

File: 1522153593713.png (177.53 KB, 1440x1589, 20180327_072415.png)

Screenshots provided

No. 539337

File: 1522153627420.png (1.13 MB, 1440x2273, 20180327_072453.png)

No. 540013

That's a cool drawing.

No. 540024

this looks like a Wikihow illustration.

No. 541876

Wow that looks traced af. Just like nearly all of her other drawings

No. 543680

File: 1522625367720.png (933.71 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180401-174759.png)

Ledas friend confirms her book is coming out "soon".

No. 544448

Idk if tinfoil or not but pretty sure Leda's friend Bree either has been in a relantionship with Brayden or is trying to be. Either way its fucked

No. 552099

File: 1523404126018.png (1.35 MB, 1114x779, leda.PNG)

Looks like Leda is "back" or aka needs money

No. 552134

She looks different to me here but I can't figure out why?

I'm curious what these books are going to be like. The page she put up a long time ago wasn't very good. Too many adjectives. But maybe since shes had time to work on it it will be better.

No. 552411

she’s gained weight, so her face is rounder than before. could also be the darker roots, she used to bleach her hair so frequently that she basically never had any regrowth

No. 552722

She is also moving out of state supposedly. Probably found another boyfriend to mooch off of or mommy got tired of her shit so back to daddy's house in cali.

No. 552807

Damn if she did hs online it must have been easy as fuck then

No. 553486

even with blurring you can see the acne damage

UGH I've always loved her teeth

No. 558713

She's so very pretty, I wish she'd post selfies more often.

No. 558739

File: 1524058234607.jpeg (797.15 KB, 1242x980, 9C2B7153-145D-4619-B56A-418964…)

Angles and make up lol

No. 558740

File: 1524058298902.png (6.18 MB, 1242x2208, AD3EBDE2-D227-40D3-BC72-AAB879…)

This is her story vs her insta

No. 558782

File: 1524061497065.png (323.86 KB, 720x402, Screenshot_2018-04-18-09-22-24…)

I used to be a fan of Leda when I was in hs. I thought she was cute and pretty during this time. Too bad she snowballed into some weird mess, I think it's creepy af how there's a group of girls who try to be exactly like her, take Nicole Davis for example.

No. 564455

Bumping this thread because for some reason there's a new one up people are posting in?

Her book came out this last weekend. Anyone check out le word salad? It's 5.99 on Amazon but I'm not going to buy it.

No. 564462

File: 1524593201895.png (537.53 KB, 1366x728, Untitled.png)

No. 564645

File: 1524606888662.png (970.78 KB, 687x894, book.PNG)

here is a pic she posted on her twitter of chapter 2

No. 564651

The sentences are so short it makes it hard to read. It just doesn’t flow well.

No. 564671

I don't think it's the sentence length, anon. I think it's the fact that her sentences sound like someone chewed up a thesaurus, spit it out, and arranged a book with it. It's like she goes a dozen different directions with a sentence before coming to her point.

For example, "She and Mollah had broken down the silence barrier and found that they got along well" could be easily shortened to, "She and Mollah found they got along well" and have the same effect. She's adding unnecessary wording just for the purpose of sounding intellectual. These are beginner mistakes.

Also, it's written in passive voice, which is pretty grating and unnatural.

No. 564696

Yeah she’s trying to sound as mystical and as pseudo intelligent as she can. She would benefit unbelievably from a creative writing class and or a study of fiction writing class but she won’t do that. What baffles me is that In one of the streams she did to promote this she said that she actually doesn’t read many books (like apparently she has only read the warriors series and the first 3 hp books) and you shouldn’t have to be a reader to write a book and wtf???
And of course ppl are totally pissed cause this apparently means she never read LOTR which she use to always insinuate being such a Tolkien fan

No. 564723

File: 1524612112013.png (815.13 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-04-22-00-12-46…)

So wtf happened to Leda?

No. 564729

She never grew out of her scene phase like everyone else did when they turned 14. All scene kids who don't grow up turn fat as fuck.

No. 564732

Shitty diet and never working out.

No. 564738

File: 1524612714993.png (606.08 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-04-20-16-16-54…)

No. 564745

File: 1524613126811.png (759.6 KB, 622x883, author.PNG)

here is her little about in her book (pulled from her twitter) she's so fucking cringe

No. 564754

She said she’s gained 40lbs

No. 564774

File: 1524614788478.png (1.16 MB, 720x921, Screenshot_2018-04-24-20-03-55…)

People actually bought her book. I don't think her book is the kind you want to read if you want to improve your reading and writing skills. I'm all for books but her's seems like rubbish. She should have studied and practiced writing before making a damn book..

No. 564794

Damn. She had gained weight before she came back in like 2015 but still looked cute then, she looks completely different now. Feel kinda bad for her.
Her book may be bad (just based off of what others are saying) but I’m glad she actually published it instead of just talking about it forever

No. 567911

Honest to god I still think that she looks very cute even with all the weight on. I'm just glad she isn't starving her self as she used to.

No. 568005

Sage for nitpicking, but the way her contour looks in that photo is just… off? Otherwise she looks really gorgeus in that, I like that she's been sporting a middle part.

No. 568570

If this is just a screenshot from a vid i still think shes pretty for most people youll be able to find awkward frames of them from a video
obviously not as perfect as her actual insta posts but far from ugly

No. 568580

I can see she's trying to make the writing seem more ~medieval~ like most fantasy stories but its just done so poorly like someone that has just gotten into fanfiction writing or something its just so robotic and unfeeling though I am happy she stuck with it hopefully she continues writing and improving because if she cared enough to actually write this entire thing she might be willing to really work on this and try to improve idk im proud of her for this because despite how the writing sucks most beginner works usually do

No. 569548

File: 1525046624633.png (29.62 KB, 807x222, classy.PNG)

no wonder she hates you… nasty

No. 702492

Found leda's reddit (tinyespresso) and she was talking about fasting for the whole month of october

No. 702617

How do you know that’s her reddit?
If so that’s really sad. I think she looks fine.

No. 702681

Looked it up and wondering how you know it's her. But it is almost all mythical bits and WPs and fantasy writing and definitely sounds like her. Saw the fasting post too. Really wish Leda knew that she perpetually looks really lovely. Not even trying to WK, I find her writing and everything terrible but it sucks that she is so hung up on her weight when she looks great

No. 702819

Those people planning on fasting for a month need help.

It could be Leda, however some of the language used in the most recent fiction is English slang, so who knows.

No. 705899

File: 1538916137641.gif (1.01 MB, 401x226, Habm.gif)

Did she delete her account? If so, that definitely proves she lurks here.

In any case, I wish she wouldn't obsess over her weight so much when she looks really great at any size. Also her bodytype looks like its supposed to carry a little weight, people are different and have different types of bodies, some people are naturally super skinny, some aren't, and that's okay! As Leda her self stated, size does not define beauty.

No. 736592

File: 1542937004745.png (204.87 KB, 720x469, Tier.png)

A little sip of milk. Comments from the Instagram post with bat ears. It seems she is not updating her Patreon, but still silently accepting money for it. Last update was Oct 11th (a text post). She has ten patreons so it isn't the scam of the century, but still Not Great.

No. 736593

File: 1542937057450.png (133.09 KB, 720x730, Leda.png)

No. 736594

File: 1542937091849.png (161.56 KB, 720x806, Leda2.png)

No. 741086

Didn't even realize she had a patreon. Did she launch this after she put out the first book?

No. 743846


Yeah by the looks of it its based around her book but she didn't keep up with posting on it so people are pissed and are calling her out on her Instagram.

No. 861247

File: 1567253746007.jpeg (425.25 KB, 2048x1298, EDRgCTIXkAE8WnF.jpeg)

Glad she got rid of that acne

She admitted to editing the living shit out of her photos before

No. 861283

Oh man, poor girl. No one deserves acne like that.

No. 861356

File: 1567271941758.jpg (410.79 KB, 800x1021, 20190831_101933.jpg)

No. 862955

Does anyone think she's still using a filter or something? Her face looks weirdly tiny and her eyes look unnaturally large … like not just circle lens large.

Getting Dakota Rose YouTube vibes here. Snow, B612? Some other Asian beauty cam app?


No. 863029

Maybe? Honestly to me it mostly looks like weight loss combined with lack of the makeup we're usually used to but yeah something looks way different, can't put my finger on it but it does have an Asian beauty app vibe. I wouldn't have known this was her if it hadn't been pointed out to me.

No. 863064

Shes most definitely using the SNOW app in all new photos shes posted. Which is fine, Im just happy to see her. But kind of dishonest when youre promoting Lush products to an underage audience….

No. 863601

She does look extremely different here but as a certified catfish I can confirm she’s not using Snow, the filters don’t stay on your face like that when you’re moving around and especially not when you run your hands over your face, it would be noticeably glitching out. I’m guessing it’s a combination of extreme weight loss and maybe plastic surgery?

No. 863605

Samefag but does anyone know if she’s still NEET and living with her mom? Or did she move in with her latest boyfriend? I haven’t kept up with her in years and I’m curious how her life turned out.

No. 863615

File: 1567574151364.png (26.82 KB, 524x246, x.PNG)

I'm gonna guess she's currently living with her mom.

still can't figure out why her face looks so different..

No. 863617

File: 1567574459322.png (51.88 KB, 543x391, xx.PNG)

samefagging, probably nitpicking, but why do all "scene" bitches think this is cute and quirky?? just……… use fucking gloves when you're coloring your hair.

No. 863899

Saying she got plastic surgery is a bit extreme, you can tell in the side-by-side her facial structure is the same. Somewhere buried in the replies she says she lost about 50 pounds, which is probably why her face seems slimmer than the before pic.

No. 863941

Thanks anon. Doesn't she live in Nevada? You'd think she'd be able to afford a studio apartment at age 25, it's not exactly expensive to live in the middle of the desert.

Calm down, I said it's probably weight loss and MAYBE plastic surgery. Her parents have been paying for everything her whole life including her expensive nerdy jewelry and her $300 World of Warcraft figmas, it's really not that far-fetched to think she might've had some fillers or a nosejob. I don't think she did, but it's possible.

No. 863953

File: 1567621911824.jpeg (478.15 KB, 1242x795, F5B11504-7790-45F6-9A03-233F11…)

Pics for proof.

She moved in with a friend a bit ago, she does the covers of her book. But the recent pics look like her family home. Who knows what she is doing she did say writing is her job so she is a neet

No. 863992

She'd have to be 6ft tall to be 145lb right now, and she never looked 200lb. Unless she edits her body massively as well.
Looks like her return is accompanied by a series of lies.

Her face looks different because it's edited. Eyes are larger and further apart, head shape looks round when it is really oval.

No. 864016

She obviously edited her pics but go look through this thread like in >>564738 where she was much fatter. I think her diet was part of her acne clearing up, that and the meds

No. 864062


I dont really think you can confirm what face tuning app Leda uses just because you catfish people.

She sure looks like everyone who uses the Snow app filter, and you can shoot video with Snow, and she has said in the past thats the app she uses.

Cant confirm the exact app but her face is definitely tuned in her photos + 50 pound weight loss and you got a Leda selfie

No. 864069

I mean she is like 5 foot 9. And 200lbs does not look like 200lbs on someone 5 foot 9 like it does on someone 5 foot 4 so I would believe it. And 145lbs is a pretty healthy weight for that height

No. 864150

I didn’t confirm what app she used, I said she’s not using Snow. I use the app to remove my undereye circles (hence the catfish comment) so I know how it works. If you don’t believe me go take a video of yourself with a filter that slims your jaw and makes your eyes huge, and put your hand over your face. It will glitch out.

No. 864251

Snow has a lot of 'opacity' settings so those could be fairly low and therefore not as obvious when she moves and they glitch out.

No. 868487

File: 1568442700857.jpeg (207.42 KB, 960x571, 4DA0BC00-DF9A-45C7-809B-3E9928…)

both of these are from april, surprised no one else noticed them and posted about it.

i think shes using those asians filters on her videos and selfies still. legendary

No. 868563


Anon ur dumb. She posted the right pic in April in tweet talking about how much she lost. It was an old photo to show off how much she had gained and lost.

However, she is using SNOW still ontop of her weight loss which is why she looks like an alien in her selfies.

No. 868672

to me it looks like she got the bridge/sides of her nose shaved or something, it just looks not as wide as it used to

No. 868829

it's just the snow app. if you've ever used it, you know it every time you see it. it washes your skin color out and makes you look like an alien, which she looks like in every pic now. her eyes look way wider/further apart and it's creepy, sis needs to fix her sliders. but that's why her nose looks smaller too

No. 868992

I wouldn't doubt for a second her helicopter parents, especially her mom, paid for her to get some sort of plastic surgery to help with her "METUL ILLNESS". She is the most spoiled person ever.


No. 869052

eh I just think she's using a filter or over editting, I don't think she's had plastic surgery. her face also looks a lot less swollen and bloated which can make your nose look narrow, which isn't exactly unusual for most girls who are active on social media

No. 880859

for all of you new people this is how leda got famous. she is not only beutiful but she was always finding new stuff and giving tutorials. your favorites are still copying her. she was a trendsetter because her parents gave her money to try new stuff or maybe she had a job. I cant remember if she started off with a job, then she got modeling jobs and literal spent the money on hobbys. since no sane person would do that she got a huge following. I told myself i would buy her books just to pay her back. cause she was basically a tester for a lot of us. like gravelardgirl is for some.(necro)

No. 881004

>back when people were way more interested in me
because you actually posted back then and didn’t ghost everyone for half a year at a time

No. 907630

Leda is how old now? 25? Still living with her mom. She’s honestly been babied her whole life. And I’m still convinced to this day she had a boob job. She was wearing super padded bras but then one all of sudden her actual boobs were massive. I think she disappears to hide what she’s really doing like getting work done. And I think she had laser treatments on her skin.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 907738

I thought she had been living with her friends? I haven't kept up with her much lately. I agree she's been babied her whole life. at least she's supporting herself (at least somewhat) with her books or at least she was at one point, even though her book is pretty bad from what I've heard.

No. 1291330

Has anyone heard anything about our lord and savor Leda Muir????(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1291358

I'd like to know too tbh. she hasn't posted on her IG since before the pandemic last time I checked, I hope she's doing okay.

No. 1291364

I don’t think she’s coming back tbh. But she has definitely logged on WoW since the pandemic so I’m sure she’s fine

No. 1291365

File: 1628158166661.jpg (42.78 KB, 742x290, leda.jpg)

you're probably right. I did check an opinions blog about her that I didn't think would be active but apparently it still is and saw this.

No. 1969286

Has anyone got any updates on Leda? The only thing I saw was she may have a daughter like 3 years ago and her dad moved to Thailand. She really wiped her self clean of the internet I’m surprised people who she’s friends with/people from her area don’t at least say she’s ok and happy or talk about sightings (which is nice that people respect her decision to go offline). I highly doubt she will ever release her 3rd book I think that was the reason why she left because it was to much pressure. I do wonder what she is doing now and what she looks like. She will never come back but if she did I’m sure she would of loved tiktok videos that would of been right up her ally

No. 1969762

yeah there's really not any new info at all. there was someone on the leda confessions tumblr who had found a youtube channel of hers with an updated pfp at least. but she deleted it shortly after it was talked about on the confessions blog, so i guess maybe she at least lurks? i'm still hopeful she'll come back at some point, i honestly think she would have had deleted all her sm otherwise. who knows if she'll be finishing the books though, i expect if she comes back it'll be just to say bye and delete her stuff. i'm very sad she didn't finish the books, she seemed so hopeful and honestly like she worked hard for it to happen. and even if they sucked she seemed to be super happy and invested in them.

No. 1983538

File: 1712508339457.png (766.78 KB, 692x1049, tumblr_eef4016a578d7faa353b225…)

There were these two photos that an anon posted to the confessions blog but people were wondering if these are photos are AI generated since this one does look kinda fake, but I don't know.

No. 1983539

File: 1712508361867.png (427.56 KB, 641x628, tumblr_2d66746b49390cbc9d5dfa7…)

Here's the second photo(sage your shit)

No. 1983541

defo looks AI generated, the second one is more likely to be her.

No. 1983555

first one does indeed look very edited but i think the second one might be the profile picture on her youtube account sceraline cleland that someone posted on the confessions blog and she then deleted.

No. 1983644

there's no way this is real lol, it looks more like a faceapp filter edit than AI to me though. it's probably a fan who took a selfie of her and put one of the jaw or lip filters over it.

No. 1983729

The hair looks like a hair filter, and if you look at the eye behind the hair on the left, where the pupil and iris should be there are white patches. So I'd say that's fake as shit but I agree with anons that the one with the dog looks real, I wonder how anyone found that Youtube account

No. 1994115

>>1969286 Apparently she’s married too. It makes no sense why she left? she was doing so well with her book and saying she was writing her new one then just vanished… I don’t think the book series will ever get finished which is a shame cause they were pretty good. Maybe she lives in Thailand now it is a beautiful country I would move there in a heartbeat. I do wish she would just come back to say ‘hello I’m ok’ lots of people are worried about her even after all these years

>>1983538 this looks like pure photoshop which she did use a lot of photoshop in her last couple years she was active so it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a real photo she posted but the photo with the dog looks more realistic no editing. How did anyone find these? Also they look like older photos from 2015 I think when she had brown hair for a bit.

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