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File: 1440485065194.jpg (40.85 KB, 600x600, CNKWa7ZUwAAbrVz.jpg)

No. 168999

No. 169000

File: 1440485366707.jpg (59.26 KB, 600x800, dakotits.jpg)

This is old (sorry) but I somehow haven't seen it before.
For all you pedo lesbians out there, enjoy.

No. 169004

Yeah, that one's from last summer I think

No. 169009

>oiled tits

No. 169010

ill fap to this later

No. 169012

Her tits look soft. As a lesbian-pedo, I shall enjoy this.

No. 169013

No. 169033

I'm also a pedo-lesbo for Kota

No. 169057

File: 1440496131024.png (127.61 KB, 1220x490, uh.png)


It happened

She's no longer afraid of public negative comments? I wonder if she'll go on delete sprees if people start posting shit there


No. 169059

Also there are photos tagging the account from years and years back

She probably already had the account (and deleted her dakotanyan one, unless this is the same, she just changed the username)

No. 169089


Jfc her lips bother me so bad

No. 169090

Her tits look a lil droopy

No. 169098

it's just her bra that ends way below her tits. see that empty space at the bottom?

No. 169103

I miss her videos so bad. Miss me that Kooter booty.

No. 169109


Lol I just followed her for lulz

No. 169147

She left up some negative comments both english and japanese on her recent alien baby photo on twitter. Odd.

No. 169151

You can't delete other people's tweets

No. 169164

File: 1440516157823.png (543.79 KB, 340x340, image1.png)

Lol, she looks like a young Michael Cera here.

No. 169223

File: 1440522899829.jpg (24.71 KB, 480x480, 11330783_700488033417993_17526…)

She went from having small lips to this?

No. 169224

File: 1440522946196.jpg (49.6 KB, 750x750, 11910332_1645751245709428_6364…)

No. 169225

File: 1440522980508.jpg (82.12 KB, 1080x1080, 11821080_889423147780239_20203…)

her lips remind me of gigi gorgeous and its not a compliment

No. 169226

File: 1440523002254.jpg (181.68 KB, 1080x1080, 11264756_1651253988451275_9197…)

No. 169274

why in the world would the stylist want bubble-gum pink lips with this red-accented outfit? Stuff shouldn't be matchy-matchy but ugh this color clashes so much. like fingers on a chalkboard.

No. 169289

When doesn't edit her pictures as much she actually looks okay but she keeps taking it to more and more extreme levels. She makes herself look like a retarded toddler now

No. 169290

File: 1440528216745.jpg (55.18 KB, 640x426, kota.jpg)

No. 169327

gigi is beautiful as fuck tho

No. 169351

File: 1440532115462.png (432.52 KB, 593x581, alien bby.png)

She straight up looks like a child here.

No. 169352

Her apartment looks really cozy tbh. I'd be so afraid of spilling something tho I would never eat in that living room.

No. 169355

who is she following??
i'm not following her because fuck that ego shit

No. 169356

kiki, yula, tsubasa

No. 169363

She seriously has a blow-up doll mouth in the first photo.
I guess it's technically a doll, kek.

No. 169370

I'm disappointed, she just put a bunch of old photos we already know

No. 169371

i need this bitch's fame to end now omfg.

No. 169375

is it you kiki?

No. 169388

Kaka are you jelly of your sweet innocent lil sister??

No. 169392

Kaka are you jelly of your sweet innocent lil sister??

No. 169415

Gigi looks like a weird version of barbie and she has a terrible personality
i'm still sad she became superficial to be honest

No. 169417

people who look like children are qt tho

No. 169422

holy shit that hair is so grey gardens

literally it looks like she lives in a dilapidated shoe and is suffering from mental illness

No. 169430

>literally it looks like she lives in a dilapidated shoe and is suffering from mental illness
that could be cute

No. 169442

Me too. And hello to all the dumbasses who assume everyone who doesn't kiss Kota's ass on here is Kiki or some other sort of a jealous creature.

No. 169540

Top kek @ her putting her fake age and DOB on her insta. She must be sensing that her "popularity" is going down the shitter. But why follow Kiki with all her drama?? Unless she wants to use some of the drama Kiki naturally attracts to help boost her back into the limelight, tbf that's what got here there anyway.

No. 169542

Anon said he NEEDS kotas fame to end.
Youre jealous lol
I dont like kota but if she bothers you this much then something is wrong with you

No. 169543


I sorta agree, it's a bit much lol. She's noticed but I wouldn't say famous. Well known/popular but not famous famous. Not yet anyway or w/e

You all do realize she's are just minor shows and odd appearances right? In comparison to Jmodels like Tsuplastic and Rola who have been around longer…

@jellyanon I wouldn't worry about it. Kota isn't really hurting anyone, she's just idk there I guess? Living life and shooping.

No. 169545


I don't think Kota even wants to follow kaka tbh. If I was kota, I wouldn't follower her. I think maybe if they follow each other, fans see who she's following aside from yulayulaboring and tsuplastic then maybe they'll also follow kaka :')

It's a bit better than Twitter because you have a gallery and some of the fans probs can't speak english well. So if they see kaka in Japan, see kawaii clothes, cute bug eyed egg head sister selfies, sailor moon and tokyo tower… then they're BOUND to want to get to know the mysterious infamous kiki kannibal…

No. 169555

No. 169580

She uploaded a pic with Michopa but doesn't follow her nor tagged her. And why not follow other popteen models? That'd boost her ig, if she follows them they could like her photos or tag her and people would go to her account.I know maybe she's not really liked between popteen models and they act fake in front of a camera or could be that Kota doesn't even try to socialize. She should make friends and explore Japan, make vlogs about trips or curious things in Japan, make a vlog about how is a popteen shoot… idk that'd be interesting. But instead she's sitting in her bedroom buying fake Vivienne and playing video games. I don't really care about her appearance, Idgaf if she edits her pics, she's not hurting people nor causing a global crisis, but I dislike her laziness and boring "doll" persona.

No. 169583

She seems so bored and uninterested in pretty much everything. I wonder if she is depressed.

No. 169584


no. i'm some random weeb in a flyover state.
i just find her irrelevant and pointless i don't need to be jealous. harsher words have been exchanged on these threads lmao

No. 169587

"youre jealous"

you must be 16, 18 tops.

No. 169588

we all know this it's been stated time and time again what she could be doing to actually be valid but she doesn't listen. or do it. i wonder if she has any positive influences on her life whatsoever. her manager must be stupid

No. 169589

Anytime you criticize some tween's favorite celebrity like Ariana Grande or a youtuber in a hostile way or not, they always spam "JEALOUS BITCH" I can kinda understand that since they are famous, but Kota is pretty D-list? How could anyone be jealous of her lol.

No. 169591


Agreed, I lectured some butthurt fuck the other day because we said she wasn't successful and that her career is just luck. It's a mixture. But it's annoying how we're all deemed as jealous when we're actually not (maybe some of u are) but yh.

No. 169593

precisely, i think the kawaii stuff is cute but that's pretty much the extent of it. i have 0 desire for her career. i don't know japanese. i did editorial modeling once and it was the most self conscious experience ever. being on TV sounds just as bad. being on tv in a bath tub with an oldman sounds EXTREMELY bad. i hate 95% of people so being forced to constantly communicate in a language and culture i barely understand sounds like purgatory. and her home life is a joke.


not everyone wants to be "kotakoti: gaijin in japan" i'm sorry. i rather like, do a sold-out tour around europe or something.

No. 169595

>being on tv in a bath tub with an oldman
Waitwaitwait, I've been sorta out of the dakota loop, what's all this about?

No. 169598


She was on some show briefly and got into a bath (onsen) with an old man who draws manga

idk it was gross

No. 169602

I was like 15 during her tumblr phase back when she was actually e-famous. Back then I was so jelly because she looked so perfect in every possible way to a young and stupid weaboo.

But literally no one is jealous of her now like cmon. She is a basic looking white girl with thinning hair and deep laughlines. Covered in makeup/circle lenses she can look cute, but not enough to envy. Also like you said her career is shit. Popteen was cool but now she is barely featured in it.

Seriously not hating here but when I think about it her life is just…pathetic. She spent years editing photos and videos frame by frame to look nothing like herself in hopes of achieving fame. She still shoops herself just now it looks like shit. But you must have to really hate yourself if you think you need to edit every part of your face and make yourself look 30lbs skinnier.

No. 169615


In a way… I sorta agree. People argue "Well she marketed herself" but at the same time I often think about her mental health and kaka's too. They've both always wanted to be somebody's, models, stars. Even though she marketed herself I do also think "It's a new life… but is she truly happy? Is it worth it?" I mean we'll never know… maybe in 20 years we'll look her up and she's back in America or elsewhere doing whatever. But I guess the doll thing was fun while it lasted.

No. 169641

Her and her fake VW shit.

No. 169651


What is it with mediocre wannabe "model" white girls and Vivienne Westwood? Idgi

No. 169652

File: 1440563192803.jpg (19.28 KB, 497x373, snzxnc.jpg)

No. 169655

I blame it on that stupid Sex and the City series for making it some sort of holy grail label. That's how they treated it in the show, anyway.

No. 169656

File: 1440563748649.jpg (153.7 KB, 1278x702, 1437508794450.jpg)

No. 169657

File: 1440563831827.png (140.11 KB, 366x297, 1437512875357.png)

No. 169660

File: 1440564034290.png (266.23 KB, 604x387, 1437513208514.png)

No. 169661

Oops. Meant to post as a youtube embed.

No. 169662

File: 1440564630808.png (2.37 MB, 1920x1080, savasdgeasd.png)

Starts around 20:30

No. 169688

Ugh, why is Japan so fucking gross

No. 169689

>Interview a young girl in a hottub

fucking inappropriate.

No. 169690

If you think Dakota's fame NEEDS to stop and hate her that much then you are jealous.
seriously, why the fuck do you care so much?
you remind me of those jealous bitches on the berry thread
i think kota is shit but if her existence bothers you then yes, you are jealous lol

No. 169691

nobody is saying her life is something to be jealous of.

No. 169692

>young girl
Kota is a grown ass woman lol theres nothing inappropriate nor gross

No. 169693

lol I've never heard of someone being jealous of berry, kota -yes, since she's on tv and such, but berry is just another fat neet pretending to be wapanese

that guy is gross

No. 169695

most of the people in the berry thread hate berry so much, it's pathetic as fuck.
shes just some girl who lies about being rich and ps yet these dumbasses made 10 threads about it lmao

No. 169696

because people are bored, when there's nothing interesting to do they start gossip, hate on others etc
webs are better than celebs because they directly respond to haters so their fight never ends and threads go on and on

No. 169697


No. 169698

Ok, she's over 18 and that man is old enough to be her father. He is disgusting.

No. 169699

I thought you meant grandfather

No. 169700

Just because you have daddy issues, doesn't mean that shit is okay.

No. 169721

What is with her face here? She suddenly has no chin and a hook nose?

No. 169739

her chin has melted into the background, it has the same colour as the light stripe on the wood
I cannot explain the nose though…

No. 169764

actually onsens ("hot tubs") arent regarded the same in japan… getting in one w/ an older man isn't that scandalous, more of a gesture of friendliness/familiarity in japan

likely just a producer's desperate idea to get more buzz

No. 169772


True, I knew this but I even checked with my male Japanese friend and he said its normal. But to westerners it's considered a bit… weird.

I know she's over 18 and all but it still grosses me out thinking of a cute girl getting in a bath with a grown old man who isn't even related to her.

No. 169773


Anon, I'm not any of those you're responding to but not everyone is jealous. Some are just either sick of people licking kota's liar ass or bored of the drama revolving her even though there is NO drama.

Using the "you're jealous" tactic is getting old. Some may be jealous and there is people who aren't.

No. 169774


Don't forget there is people out there who knew the Ostrengas and didn't like them but know about kota's presence in Japan atm. Those people knew them personally and weren't random fucks from the internet anon. We can't always know what was said or who did what because we weren't there.

No. 169775


Thing is, not everyone likes celebrities either. It's the same thing. I think because compared to actual idols/celebs who are known all over the globe, it's easier to get defensive over someone like tay/kota/venus ect who aren't that big and get hate.

No. 169776


I do think the hate myself is annoying and people who still actually post pictures of her shoop on here, we all know she shoops jfc.

But the ostrengas DID bring this on themselves. They wanted to be noticed and should be prepared for what was to come their way. A part of myself feels bad for them but the other just thinks "it serves themselves right tbh."


No. 169780

Coming soon: Kota's gravure photobook

No. 169792

Do not want

No. 169793

I wonder what Kiki and Dakota will be doing in the next 10 years

No. 169800

File: 1440600832484.png (374.84 KB, 1080x1556, Screenshot_2015-08-26-07-51-58…)

I'm so confused. Did she have an insta this entire time. Why am I just seeing this for the first time?

No. 169802

Nevermind I'm an idiot haha

No. 169806

What picture is this all about?

No. 169807

brightness 100%
blur 1,000%
kawaii ugu level
over 9000

No. 169809

File: 1440603201358.jpg (72.52 KB, 514x551, Untitled.jpg)

her cleavage is weird af, especially in >>169000's photo. it's like the bra is flattening her bewbs to her body, but the padding is still creating cleavage.

No. 169811

Newfag here , what happened to kontrakoti ??

No. 169819


OT but what's that from? The girl kinda looks like amalthea from the last unicorn

No. 169824

Looks like Galaxy Express 999

No. 169825

well japan is all about friendliness to old greasy men

No. 169831

Copyright claims.

No. 169863

Well she shopped her cleavage in both of those, and being an A cup I doubt she has any idea what natural cleavage is supposed to even look like, hence her wonky tit shoops.

No. 169864


You know, I've just read some old article about a British teacher who was killed by some crazy guy in Japan a few years ago.

I hope kota is careful you know given her position and all thus being kawaii gaijin. All these creepy old men, not just Japanese ones but any. I mean I'm not fond of kota but I wouldn't like anything horrible to happen to her ;/ or any kawaii idol tbh

No. 169916

Ughhh dat nostrils

No. 169992

And? People are killed everywhere for a variety of reasons. We're talking about something extremely unlikely. Pointless. I'm sure she deals with creeps but come on…

No. 170001


I was just saying is all, god. You never know what could happen. But I meant if something WERE to I wouldn't wish that on her.

No. 170004

I know what you're talking about, that was years ago. Japan, and especially Tokyo is actually one of the top safest places to live these days. There were even laws passed for foreigners that doesn't allow them to work jobs that might put them in danger like that, such as host clubs.

Dakota isn't in danger of being raped, murdered and eaten just because she's ~white~ in Japan. This stupid "white girls are the holy grail, worth their weight in gold and will be sought after and treated like princesses" idea foreigners have about Japan is getting annoying. Yes, Japanese like pale skin and light hair+eyes, but that doesn't mean they'll lose their shit as soon as they see a white girl and try to abduct her.

No. 170023


Good god… I was only saying.

I think you need to pull the stick out your ass and calm down anon. No where is actually very safe in this world. Japan is probably no doubt safer than MOST countries but no where is TRULY safe.

Stop making a show about it.

No. 170036

>>you must have to really hate yourself if you think you need to edit every part of your face and make yourself look 30lbs skinnier.

why she is still a cow

>>Covered in makeup/circle lenses she can look cute

you spelled meitu wrong

No. 170038

Uhm you didn't lecture anyone reading through. All you said was "I'm not jealous! Oh laff I'm not jealous! "Oh yeah well not everyone get's jealous!"
Honestly anon you are pathetic. If you dgaf you wouldn't be responding to every comment that claims jealousy whether it's towards you or not.
No one cares that you are mad she's on tv and quite frankly you should get off this forum since it's so triggering for you.
Most people do not take her that seriously. and those who do can't be taken seriously either.

No. 170039

its possible…
sharla said she moves every few months or so because people find out where she lives (by watching her get off the train and whatnot).. i dont she faced any harm in japan but it would still be creepy

No. 170041

>> hate her that much

but i don't hate her

>>why the fuck do you care so much?

i don't but you're very hardcore about making it out that i do

>>nobody is saying her life is something to be jealous of. But you have some issues if you're like "KOTAS FAME NEEDS TO END NOW HER LIFE IS SHIT HAHAHA UGLY PIECE OF SHIT"

i don't have any issues. and the fact you capslocked it and added a bunch of extra crap just shows how poor your reading comprehension is

it wasn't that aggressive. stop reading into shit and trying to be the jealousy police

>>you remind me of those jealous bitches on the berry thread. i think kota is shit but if her existence bothers you then yes, you are jealous lol

but i'm not jealous. lmao. why are you even on this site?

you CLEARLY don't understand how jealousy works. i have to actually want what she has and her life.

No. 170043

>>you didn't lecture anyone reading through

what am i a professor now? you need a course on how not everyone wants to wear dakota's skin?

>>Honestly anon you are pathetic.

and you're pathetic for responding as well. happy now?

>>If you dgaf you wouldn't be responding to every comment that…

nothing better to do. the reply button exists for a reason

>> frankly you should get off this forum since it's so triggering for you.

it's really not. sorry. maybe you should though? since you can't handle people not putting up with your bullshit

No. 170044

We're two different people. And like you said, no where is truly safe, so what's the point of even jumping to that conclusion?

Your thought process…
>some white girl was murdered years ago in Japan
>Dakota is white and in Japan
>stay safe for me baby girl

Anyone who's in the spotlight has to deal with creeps.

No. 170045

lol insecure much?
ouch. It must kill you inside everytime kota gets a job. sad

No. 170046

also, dear anon, lecture-chan wasn't me. believe it or not, other people dislike dakota and aren't jealous. i'm not special or lying.

No. 170047

nice bait. try harder.

No. 170048

No. 170049

lecture chan wasn't you whilst I responded to a post where you said you just lectured someone… Keep trying to be witty dear you are showing your true try hard colors.

No. 170050

i didn't understand the reference. and well the only way to show it wasn't is for a mod to literally show you the different IP addresses and that's a waste of time. but, you know, keep trolling me. nobody is being witty, only miscorrecting your dumb logic.

No. 170070

Calm your own shit kid, you're the one making a show out of it. Stop reading into things when you're in a pissy mood just to start shit.

Adminsama please ban this inflammatory shitlord.

No. 170087

take your feefees and your shitty insults back to tumblr/pull.

No. 170098

Where did Sharla say this? I wasn't aware that would be necessary

No. 170117

>writing this much
>taking this time to write this
Yes, you care too much. you are jealous and it's hilarious

No. 170119

How do I have daddy issues?
You're fucked up.
Kota is a grown ass woman, she's not a young girl.
There's nothing inappropriate with her being in an onsen with "OMGGGGGGGG" an old man lmao get over it.
its not like he was cuddling or raping her

No. 170130


your logic:

dislikes a person = jealous
dislikes hitler = must be jealous of hitler
dislikes bieber = must be jealous of biebs clearly
dislikes tomatoes = must be jealous of tomatoes

let me ask you anon, why the jealousy rebuttal? honestly? are you just trying to defend your kawaii elf goddess who you love and worship? or are you trying to validate your own inner jealousy which is why you browse sites like this and simultaneous rag on/white knight her and NEED to make others admit it? is it possible you can only read things in aggressive hostile tones and impossible to admit that you could actually be wrong? you sound kind of obsessed with people being jealous of dakota. just like an ostrenga.

if you weren’t you would’ve just accepted somebody said, in plain english, “no”. but instead you needed to respond to try and prove they are this way. i think only children do that.

No. 170135

My guess is the person who said that is just tired of hearing about her. "fame" was a poor choice of words because she ain't famous. I have to wonder why people fans or not put so much effort into stalking her. Like following all her accounts and reposting her pics…seems like you need a life. I'm a bit sick of it too honestly.

But anyway you must be retarded to think being annoyed by someone makes you jealous rofl.

No. 170140

Can you read at all? This whole thread is filled with "OMG JEALOUS" comments

No. 170143

must be Cathy

No. 170146

>being so offended
you're jealous.
holy shit all of you are hilarious

No. 170148

Kooter go away

No. 170153

nice samefagging. stop assuming everyone who doesnt agree with your "OMG I HATE KOTA STOP CALLING ME JEALOUS HER EXISTENCE ANNOYS ME ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRG" is cathy or kota. youre sad as hell

No. 170193


Well it's also getting boring people using "omg ur jelly".

All of you, grow the fuck up.

No. 170195


True, she is 22 next month lolin'

But idk I think it's the concept of her playing out she's actually "19 kawaii delicate ugu" and he was some old fart she barely knew. It's common in Japan but some of us just find it gross?

Our opinions, deal with it. That's the issue on this site, people cannot take an opinion and use any old bs they can think of to big themselves up in a text box.


No. 170214

It's common in Japan to bathe with strangers, however it's unusual to bathe in towels and with someone much older, of the opposite gender, and on camera. That video took something normal and acceptable and put a weird spin on it for ratings. If it were so "normal" and "perfectly acceptable" then it wouldn't have been on TV in the first place, and especially not with the creepy innuendo ("she's his type!" Flash across the screen when they first meet). That was almost gravure level.

No. 170224

Why are you so sure she's 22?

No. 170233

Oh fuck off

No. 170253

Police reports and maybe because she's always reminding people her age? Like… everywher? Twitter, insta, ameblo, website….? I'm 19 and I'm not "screaming" it everywhere. Maybe because I'm really 19 and I look my age?

No. 170272

File: 1440647101562.png (1.9 MB, 1070x951, waitwut.png)

this will probably be removed and deleted once she sees her goof-up. But wtf happened to the chin of the girl on the left? Did she seriously fuck up the other girl's chin, in order to shoop her own? No matter how I turn the photo, it still looks really weird, like she liquified her own jawline down, but as a result, messed up the girl's chin next to her. (btw, I grabbed this off of her instagram)

No. 170280

I actually think she is pretty flippin' cute in this. She needs to work on not being so timid/shy though. It makes her seem boring. Also, was that some kind of cooked bug that she ate on the rice? That isn't very vegan.

No. 170282

Wut indeed. Also pretty amazing how her ~all natural~ eyes are nearly double the size of the other girl who is also obviously wearing circle lenses.

No. 170318

File: 1440652430947.png (523.82 KB, 595x475, sdfdsf.png)

I think that's actually a bit of her hair sticking out, but holy fuck, her nose shoop is absolutely horrid.
So is her jaw line and eyes. Is she actually getting worse at shooping?

No. 170349

that girl is so much cuter than her lol

No. 170350

Its not a samefag you retard. Try again.

No. 170359

Wow she made her eye that's open about the same size as her lips…. That's disturbing.

No. 170402

It's just liner drawn over her real lip

No. 170407

This thread is seriously horrible; no new information or anything interesting just arguing over stupid things.
Cannot admin ban that anon who is accusing everyone of being jealous? They're obviously trolling already.

No. 170612


No. 170616

Nobody is accusing everyone to be jealous.
stop being so salty

No. 170623

Anyone else think kota is gonna stick to Instagram?

No. 170625

I bet her agency probably pushed her to get one. She'll probs keep it but rarely update it like always

No. 170629


clearly some asshole is or the thread wouldn't be so shitty. nobody is "salty" stfu

No. 170649


I agree tbh

No. 170651


Another reason why I think she's trying to slowly fade away. Rarely update, still have jobs to keep up her doll thing. I wonder if she's just gonna take the money in the end and flee Japan…

No. 170659

Go back to school, anon.
You need it.

No. 170661

Don't be a crybaby now. She's 19.

No. 170664

Maybe she wants to.
Which is fine and all, but I wonder what she will do if this happens.

No. 170666

File: 1440707176073.jpg (47.54 KB, 495x703, 914455_304482629733142_2097752…)

Am I the only one who thinks she should stick to a style like this?

At the moment kota doesn't really have a style anymore

No. 170685

She looks good but she didn't style this herself did she? If she just had someone else pick her coords at all times she'd be golden.

No. 170693

It looks good because it's edited.

No. 170697


Not sure if this one is edited as much. But she was styled… she should stick to this kind of style. Then again it's too Risa isn't it?

No. 170705


she looks good like that yeah.
Referring to the instagram thing, it's probably something her management told her to do like someone mentioned earlier. An online presence is important nowadays. She could only hide away from it all for so long.

No. 170706

Sauce on that jumper/romper please?

No. 170709

It's alright, but no waist and the skirt is clearly made for some short Asian girl.

Still, it's way better than anything she picks out herself, yeah.

No. 170713

Photo is from Shimamura

No. 170730


What? She's as short as the avarage japanese girl

No. 170756

File: 1440721503238.png (33.11 KB, 285x271, cringe.png)

No. 170759

kota was so so skinny

No. 170769

File: 1440722765966.gif (2.3 MB, 572x463, Kota (3).gif)

Someone should make a video and put Kota's nasty voice over her kawaii uguu face now. Haha.


And UGH Kiki:

"If you're ugly, people don't want to hear what you have to say."

I'd just love to hear her rebuttal to that kind of shit now that she's so perfect.

No. 170782

Lol what a dick they're making fun of a girl and calling her creepy for being excited that she met Kiki Kannibal?

No. 170784


Now people would be like "the fuck is that?"

No. 170785


I feel like making another few instagram accounts and spamming the shit out the tags/their accounts with these videos

No. 170824

do it dude

No. 170826

how old is kota now, though, like, for real?

No. 170835

No. 170838

Meh it looks really edited to me. Her skin is way too smooth.

No. 170855

Seriously. Going to a public bath house or onsen and this interview are all completely different things. This interview was inappropriate and definitely done for ratings.

No. 170859

This looks really nice.
Her hair colour and skin tone really suit the colour of the outfit and it's just obviously styled well.
She would look nice in stuff like this, but then again any well put together outfit would probably look better than the clashing messes of colours and patterns that she throws on at the moment.
She has no sense of coordination which is really terrible considering she's a 'model'.

No. 170868

her legs gross me out for some reason

it's a shame she doesn't know how to style herself better. she looks fine when other people style her usually

No. 170965

God, what terrible people. I'm glad Kooter's losing relevance.

No. 170968

i don't know, it would look awesome if the skirt was a little bit longer. i don't think super short skirts suit her that well. other than that, the style is perf

No. 170978


Really? I think they look quite nice on her you know. I think the idea of this outfit is a babydoll look and it looks nice. Probably one of the nicest outfits I've ever seen her wear.

No. 170979


She's 22 next month

No. 170980


Yeah, I can tell her popularity is slowly going down. Not completely but slightly.

No. 171078

File: 1440779613874.jpg (762.09 KB, 1764x2204, image.jpg)

No. 171099

It may sound weird to say but Dakota looked better in this (I mean around 00:20) imho. She looks totally like a different person from the OP picture, "kawaii" style doesn't suit her at all

No. 171221

She deleted the comments on her instagram saying shes not 19. Somebody asked her age and someone said "she's turning 22", she deleted it and someone said "she 19, 20 in September "

No. 171228

the boxy silhouette makes her look alot heavier

No. 171230

its so sad that she tries to hide her age. personalities like becky do the whole 'eternally 13 years old' as a joke..

what does she think shes gonna do in 2 years time?? when her 'fake' age turns 22??

No. 171233


It's retarded, I dunno why she lies.

No. 171234


Go back to 16 obv

No. 171240

i really dont get why shes still doing the alien baby shooping when for example, she posts one of her own shoops and then retweeted an unshooped pic of her from the same day
you can see the difference and it makes no fucking sense whyd she even do it

No. 171244


it's because her and kaka are both mental

No. 171279

File: 1440814296660.jpg (89.35 KB, 600x701, image.jpg)

No. 171294

>>170272 is she trying to jump on that kylie jenner train now?

No. 171299

meh, i don't see anything wrong with it.
honestly, i'm surprised people are upset when girls do this.
The younger you are, the better it is (at least in Japan)
Youth is very valued in Japan.
Just like how in america, tons of teens pretend to be 18 to go to nightclubs and stuff like that

No. 171300

big lips were a thing before kylie jenenr

No. 171304

Oh I'm fully aware. But since race discussions aren't allowed in /pt/, I'll just say she's copying kylie jenner for now :)

No. 171321

It doesn't even have to be a race discussion, thin lips are ug no matter what your race.

She looks worse with no lips. Thin lips make philtrums look miles along and faces look huge.

No. 171326

Heh, himezawa has NO upper lip and is a prime example of what you mean

No. 171370

>no1currs what you'll just say for now

No. 171382

She looks fucking 10 here, jfc STOP IT KOTA.

No. 171413

She must have a hard time going anywhere without those lenses. I feel sorry for her.

No. 171433

I wondered what she would do if they were discontinued, but then quickly realized kota alone probably helps the sale business a lot since she wears them every fucking day for 3 years

No. 171481


I don't get how she can wear them everyday ergh

No. 171482


Thing is, she doesn't look 19 in her OP picture at all. She looks older. much older ;/

No. 171493

I thought I was the only one. Something about her thighs irk me, but I can't pin point it

No. 171503

File: 1440864130661.jpg (36.28 KB, 600x450, CNktM9VUYAIWJMY.jpg)

Is this old?

No. 171504

Do you really think her fame in Japan is going to last this long? In two years she won't be any relevant anymore lmao

No. 171505

File: 1440864267340.jpg (58.04 KB, 600x751, CNionuBUwAEDdr1.jpg)

No. 171506

Is that a price tag that I see under Kota's ribbon?

No. 171508

File: 1440864355260.jpg (55.36 KB, 600x751, CNiont-UYAAIG5f.jpg)

No. 171509

File: 1440864421896.jpg (46.2 KB, 600x479, CNiont5UEAALHmU.jpg)

Yes, but it's from a Popteen shoot so not her clothes

No. 171510

File: 1440864442293.jpg (46.08 KB, 600x479, CNiont5UcAEBrF-.jpg)

No. 171511

File: 1440864509844.jpg (35.56 KB, 599x450, CNinfY-UAAA7ZE5.jpg)

No. 171512

File: 1440864543111.jpg (36.01 KB, 599x450, CNinfblUEAAjo8q.jpg)

6/? ]

She looks pretty in these two
Fortunate lightning, I guess

No. 171513

File: 1440864582902.jpg (29.98 KB, 600x450, CNf2FzNUYAA03U0.jpg)

No. 171515

File: 1440864619566.jpg (29.52 KB, 600x450, CNf2FzQUYAAhkMU.jpg)

No. 171517

File: 1440864653086.jpg (29.4 KB, 600x450, CNf2FzSUkAA4vR0.jpg)

No. 171518

Nah, just shoop.

No. 171521

It was posted by a fan
And that fan doesn't seem to have shopped herself, why would she shop Kota only?

No. 171523


No. 171526

No. 171528

Not a fan then, sorry
Some obscure Popteen girl

No. 171536


Well, Japanese consider you an adult at 20 which she will be next month. Despite her actually being 22. Tsuplastic face is 30 and she still dresses kawaii/is successful but she looks washed up due to all the surgery she had.

I think it depends how long kota can keep up her popularity. We all know it's dropped since her debut couple of years ago now. We all know the Japanese accept her shoop because half of the jmodels shoop themselves and the amount of filter Risa Nakamura uses in her selfies is ridiculous. That's why she's gotten away with it for so long plus they're too polite to say anything about it anyway.

I do think it'll only be a matter of time until there is new faces on the scene. How long have most of those Popteen models been in that magazine? I notice kota is in it here and there, she isn't all over the place. Only ever featured in minor shots or pages.

I still do think Japan does concentrate more on their own. Taylor R isn't even that big nevermind kota and she was/is a professional model over in Hong Kong before giving it up to look like a alien baby retard.

The more I look at the foreigner girls who have modelled in Japan the more I notice they all shoop themselves ridiculously. Have you noticed it's always circle lenses, shooped eyes, filter over filter over filter, played around with their face on Meitu? None of them look natural? Whereas the Japanese models sort of accept their natural face even though they wear circle lenses and filter? Like they don't fuck around trying to make themselves look like a baby alien? That's what I've noticed. I know Japan likes kawaii and youth but christ. There is a difference.

I think in two/three years kota will still be in Japan, still there appearing here and there. She wouldn't just flee after this long. But I don't think she'll be as big anymore. Wasn't it the same with Lena Fuiji? She was pretty big and then she just sorta died down?

No. 171546

File: 1440868955097.jpg (243.84 KB, 635x619, 1437571826739.jpg)

They do do that though.
Foreigner girls like Kota are literally just copying what a lot of Japanese/East Asian girls do with Meitu apps and shit; enlarging eyes, shrinking chin/jaw/nose,thinning body, etc., but it often looks freakish and overdone on non-asians the same way circle lenses often look scary on them but always suit Asians because of their eye shape.
Have you ever noticed how fucked up and baby alien-esque most non-asians look in purikura? Yet they don't look quite as ridiculous with Japanese.
Pic related, Mira in a purikura machine looking even more horrifying from the effects of Asian style editing and circle lenses.

No. 171552

We're waiting

No. 171565

fucking dying

No. 171578


True, but that hairstyle is doing wonders for her faceshape. She needs big hair more often.

No. 171583

I've always wondered why foreign girls in purikura photos looked more freakish and weird than their Asian friends. They don't seem to realize that Meitu and other beauty apps were made with East Asian features in mind. The pic is giving me nightmares.

No. 171585


It suits asians better though, it doesn't look good on foreigners. It just looks better on asians, not all but most of the time it suits them more.

Purikura is terrible, I would never try it. I've seen plenty of people use it but I would never try it. Fucking awful!

No. 171586


Agreed, fuller hair looks nicer on her. But kaka and kota were blessed with limp thin hair.

No. 171594

File: 1440874575599.jpg (31.83 KB, 599x587, CNlbNSYU8AAj0_j.jpg)

it looks like she has a small stash above her lip..

No. 171657

looks like a dirty sanchez

No. 171659

Anybody have a link to the TV appearance where they see her house and she shows a couple of drawings? I can't find it for some reason.

No. 171691

it looks like her hand is holding a mask , freaky!

No. 171694

There's something really off about her nose in this.

No. 171697

I think that's just the filter making it look weird. The lips however are unfortunately intentional.

No. 171752

File: 1440895614368.jpg (298.21 KB, 1024x1474, image.jpg)

I dunno why I keep hoping this bitch will take good advice and improve but OP pic just confirms all hope is lost and I'm beating an already decomposed corpse.

Are there any vids from whatever event OP is from? Linkz?

No. 171753

Taylor R is a nobody in Japan. Kota isn't as big as she seems either. The talk on the internet is what makes them appear "famous"

No. 171839

I'm shocked people found them interesting

No. 171844

I just don't understood why she changed her shooping so much, she used to make herself look cute as fuck, that's what got got her famous in the first place. Why fuck it up when it worked?
Now it's just… eugh.
Taylor R, same story just more extreme. From gorgeous to whatever the hell is going in with her face now.

No. 171847

yeah, those girls all Meitu or LINE Camera (whatever the name is now) the shit out of their pics. It's so easy and there are even auto settings.

No. 171849

at least with Taylor, she looks nice in real life…even if it doesn't match her shoops.

No. 171853

Her nose looks huge one moment then non-existent the next.

No. 171924


True, there is a new video with Taylor in Ginza shopping and it was uploaded yesterday. She looked lovely you know? Even though she's abit big for the kawaii ugu style she looked fairly cute. Actually looked like the shoops… whereas kota doesn't.

No. 172063

Netflix event

No. 172064

she looks embarrassed at the start "real barbie doll?"

"no no… im embarrassed"


No. 172073


People have been saying that for 4 years now to be fair.

No. 172075

The whole no eye makeup thing… Does not work for her. Why is she dressed like a grandmother? My god she's truly given up.

No. 172079

File: 1440971446604.jpg (29.05 KB, 640x351, image.jpg)

The face of someone whose illusion is crumbling while aimultaneously having to put up with Kiki fucking Ostrenga.

No. 172080

File: 1440971478764.jpg (27.14 KB, 640x347, image.jpg)

No. 172085


I think more people said she would collapse when she first started and that the Japanese would find out then get pissed. But I meant as in she may fade away more, still in Japan but not as big as she was.

No. 172087


I know, she looks fed up to fuck. Kota never looks interested at these events but tbh nor would I. They're boring.

No. 172094

I think her chin sticks out farther then her nose…

No. 172099

I read that as she "looks fed" and was nodding my head because she looks really fat lately.

No. 172103

File: 1440974253314.jpg (172.39 KB, 718x842, wtf.jpg)

Has anyone figured out why she draws over her lip line yet?

No. 172122

Yeah, the no makeup thing just doesn't work for her.
Of course, this is because she has overdone it for years now, and made impossible standards for herself with her photoshopped images.

No. 172123

YIKES. That looks terrible.
My skin would break out so bad if I did that.

No. 172125

File: 1440977065040.png (611.88 KB, 861x433, bahbeedes.png)

You're getting paid to be there. You could at least look like you enjoy it.

No. 172128


my guess is, she wants to ride the k-whatsherface jenner "huge overlined lips" vagon because it appeals to the white trash trend whore inside her, but she doesn't want to sacrifice her kawaii white idoru image either, so she somehow tries to make them blend.

with unsavory results, imho.

No. 172129

Can someone translate this one?

No. 172134


lol i thought that too, she looks bored but then again she looks bored in everything

No. 172135


She doesn't look fat at all jfc

No. 172136


i don't know, while she obviously doesn't look as "perfect" as her shopped images, she doesn't seem too ugly or unattractive either. just an average girl with a few unfortunate features and makeup too understated for TV.

No. 172153

>I think it depends how long kota can keep up her popularity. We all know it's dropped since her debut couple of years ago now.

And it depends on how long Bravo wants to deal with her. Once they drop her she's pretty much screwed since they do all the work for her. Getting gigs is up to the agency.

No. 172158

??? You're very off the mark.
She used to conceal the corners of her lips to make her lips look like a button "doll" shape. Now she ops to overdraw the button part rather than conceal her lips edges.

A normal full lipshape would suit her anyways. Help balance out her facial fat.

No. 172162

File: 1440988726538.jpg (36.8 KB, 593x356, image.jpg)

This is the same girl

No. 172165

File: 1440988831411.jpg (25.37 KB, 379x438, image.jpg)

*Reply failed on me and it won't let me delete unfinished post but continuing what I was saying

This is the same girl that's too retarded to wear her shirt right on television. I don't expect anything good from her.

No. 172166


omg that clown makeup.
she's such an idiot
i do believe people change, but not THAT much. i think she's still the same girl as she was before. she looks fed up and pissed off on those shows sometimes. sometimes she keeps her act up and acts interested. but sometimes who she truly is still shines through. same with kiki.

No. 172169

Proof enough she's still bitchy here
Just 38 weeks ago? I'm assuming the photo in question is edited to hell and back as usual.

No. 172171

good point. what a fake bitch.
someone mentioned her blog being boring cause she doesn't share anything
but "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" right?
i'm sure she'd lose a lot of jobs if she showed her actual personality. also she's probably a more shy speaking a different language/being in a different country.

No. 172175

You guys KNOW that if she's close to Kiki she's still horrible. They think being awful and shallow together privately somehow makes them better people but they haven't actually changed at all. I'm sure all they do is look down on others and make fun of everyone because they have that shitty "is against the world" mentality that is going to leave them retarded forever.

No. 172177

*"us against the world"

No. 172184

File: 1440991453820.jpg (145.05 KB, 1048x1150, image.jpg)

Her under eye wrinkles

No. 172186

File: 1440991669116.jpg (21.97 KB, 207x280, image.jpg)

No. 172188

holy shit. and i thought mine were bad. these people never fail to make me feel better about myself

No. 172190

This doesnt look natural.. I wonder if she tried putting tape under her eyes to make it look like she has aegyo sal. That bigger under eye bags trend.

No. 172192

to me it looks like she put tons of powder under her eyes and made it look worse

No. 172193

The creases themselves are natural, as you can see in the photo it was replying to. I think she just uses darker eyeshadow for the eye bag thing that ends up accentuating her creases and making them worse.

No. 172195

As someone with terrible "natural eyebags", I can attest to this. Powder makes you look haggard and old.

No. 172214

File: 1440995677681.jpg (37.88 KB, 540x393, QNlv3EUk0pk.jpg)

No. 172224

That photo perfectly summons up kota's career

No. 172227

File: 1441000013354.jpg (10.3 KB, 171x182, image.jpg)

Pls make this the photo for the next thread

No. 172261


>Can someone translate this one?

Got into Japanese culture around age 12/13 from horror movies. Her interest deepened when she found out about lolita fashion from blogs, which she enjoyed looking at but not really dressing up in. She thought it was cool because American fashion is so casual compared to lolita.

Being homeschooled from middle to high school she had a lot of time on her hands so she started her own blog out of boredom and kept up with it because she had an interest in fashion and beauty. Unexpectedly that then turned into a work opportunity by which a model agency invited her to work in Japan through an e-mail link she left on her blog. She came to Japan in an instant at the age of 16 because she "wanted to leave home as soon as possible and support herself with work".

At first she lived alone around Shibuya in an apartment rented by her agency. It took her about half a year to start speaking Japanese, and it improved quickly as she is always in a Japanese-only environment.

She's a homebody and doesn't like leaving the house unless she is invited somewhere by friends. There is no where in particular she wants to go or try do do by herself. At home she plays games like Biohazard and draws pictures of people, cats, and robots (think Gundam). In the rare chance that she is out she finds it awkward to talk to people who ask for photos.

Got bored & skipped till the last part. Her favorite song atm is "words" by Aimer.

No. 172263

She was smiling a lot during the interview.
You take one bad screenshot and claim she's bored. lol ok.

No. 172287


She seems likable. I wonder if she has changed a lot.

No. 172290

She looks like a legit retard here, holy shit

No. 172294


Slowpoke but YES. From "cuz she's such an ugly bitch", "this fat girl who can't walk and uses a wheelchair, that puts a smile on my face" and onto the"pretty" quotes

No. 172301


I approve that she likes Aimer tho

No. 172302


Nah, if you look at some of her other interviews she does look bored to fuck. She's pretty quiet tbh or comes across as it. I think kota looks as if she needs to be in the mood for an interview, sometimes she is happy in them and other times she just looks like she wants to go back to bed. Meh I'd say she's normal tbh but if you're going to merge yourself into that glam lifestyle, try to smile more kota or idk just look happy to be there.


No. 172303


We'll never know. I think she's always been this way tbh, kaka was the obv reason for the shitty side of her. But she seems like anyone else who prefers staying at home. I'm a homebody aswell and I can relate to what kota is saying. I'd probably only leave the house for an event or something if it was me.

No. 172338

ach, as an art fag, i would love to see some of her drawings. i hope she shares some of them on instagram or something

No. 172339


same here

they were ugly but it's still interesting to see what our kota likes to draw

No. 172369

Am I the only one that's noticed that these Dakota threads are slowly becoming very "PULL" in terms of posting content…

>pffft this bitch never knows how to have fun she never smiles or anything she always looks bored

>lol look at this picture of her pulling a face and being silly, this photo perfectly sums up her career!

Sometimes I feel sorry for Dakota on here, she can never win with some of you guys.

No. 172370

I find it interesting too.
I don't plan on critiquing them, that's way to excessive like who cares lol, but I think it's cool and would generate a lot of interests from her followers.

No. 172371


Cos that's how she portrays herself SOMETIMES in interviews. Not always, there is times where she is lively and happy. If it's a boring ass interview then she's gonna look bored, anyone would.

No. 172374


I wonder that too… like why not post up your drawings? Her style hasn't changed. In that apartment interview, we saw a glimpse of her work and it was still the same odd looking girls she likes to draw. It's just her style I guess.

I still think she should have made a little dako-tako-chan octopus mascot for herself… oh kota.

No. 172385


Because PULLtards have invaded here after their own shitty site died.
I've noticed it too Anon, they're generally the really petty ones who nitpick on insignificant shit.


No. 172427

MTE, the snark on Kota is really weak. "She looks bored"' I mean, really? It's like some people are grasping at straws for stuff to pick apart. She hasn't done anything lulzy for years, apart from terrible photo editing, which almost every "kawaii" girl Is guilty of, western, Japanese or otherwise.

I'm not white knighting her, I'm all for milking her if she actually does anything deserving of it, but at the moment it's just coming across as kind of sad and bitter tbh.

No. 172429

I don't want to sound salty but also as an art fag I don't think she got a good grasp at anatomy and rather focus too much on drawing sort of manga-esque characters with a doll face.
It's not surprising though as people usually don't like drawing things like full posture people, nudes, skeletons, muscles etc…

No. 172430

Her story always changes.
First, it was "I got into Japan through anime tee hee". Then it was "I got into Japan through fashion and I used to dress in Japanese fashion but people thought it looked strange so I stopped". Now, it's "I got into Japan through horror movies and then I started liking Lolita fashion".

No. 172432


It is literally all PULLtards.
They didn't learn at all from the fact that their weak ass snark and pitiable convictions resulted in the destruction of their own site and have migrated here and continued to exhibit the same behaviours.

Take >>172430 for example, you really tell that they've come from PULL because typically farmers only select the choicest cuts of drama whereas PULLtards will literally bitch about anything and everything from chipped nails to flat hair.

It's sad and it's pathetic and it's ruining lolcow.

No. 172445


Oh christ, this again? Seriously, why does it matter how she portrays herself in interviews? Sometimes she looks bored and other times she doesn't. End of.

I think it's SADDER how people keep nitpicking her shoops. We all know she shoops, fucking hell shoop is what got her to where she is today. We all know they're alien and weird looking. So why is that STILL a surprise to half of you guys?

It's a fact that she looks bored in interviews, we've seen it. It's a fact that she shoops. None of it matters. Please move on and stop using the "jelly h8ers" to back yourselves up. It's boring.

No. 172448


At first it was "I liked sailor moon when i was 6, my mom got it me on dvd-"

On dvd? When did dvds first come out tho? She's 22 and that means she would have been 6 in 1999 then.

I never understood that in the first interview… If anything she would have gotten a VIDEO but not a dvd. I mean most people had videos right? Maybe she said it heat of the moment idk

No. 172449

I want PULL users to leave and go remake their shitty forum again.

No. 172461

She probably mindlessly said DVD without thinking jfc, >>172432 another good example.

No. 172473

Are you fucking retarded? >>172430 is me and I've been on Lolcow since its conception.
I rarely post in the Kota threads precisely because there's nothing new or interesting on her. I just find it dumb that every time she does an interview and is asked that question, she has a new story.
Sorry I'm not posting new info on her fucking 8000 old Japanese guys in exchange for shitty TV appearances and selling used panties on ebay, Jesus fuck.

No. 172475

Lol uh, that's not her instagram.

No. 172479

Does she buy likes or something? Her pics have 200-1400 ish likes and only 3-50 comments. I could be wrong since I'm not very familiar with instagram and it's like/comment ratio

No. 172481


>I've been on Lolcow since its conception

Not Maxfag, Staminarose or even /cgl/ then? You really are a newfag…

Don't post shitty, irrelevant opinions with no purpose arbitrarily to these threads, it's only contributing to the degradation of lolcow.

No. 172489

>hurr ur not from maxfag or staminarose u newfag xDDD
Try again.
I was on Maxfag until the "It's literally flan running the site" rumors started up and left, was on Staminarose until the shitstorm that arose from the PT Fucker whiteknight/admin going full autist because someone called the authorities on PT/accused PT of molesting a child to appease that one britfag troll, and before that I used to lurk /cgl/ constantly, starting from around 2011 or 2012 (which I admit is not that long ago).
Stop assuming shit just because my post about Dakota being a shitty liar triggered you, retard. Kill yourself and/or stop posting forever, you're not adding shit to the thread by showing everyone how much sand is embedded in your cunt.

No. 172516


Hahahaahaha look a how fucking mad you are you little faggot just top making shitty posts with virtually no relevant content apart from "muh opinion" that was all I was asking and you chose to get defensive instead hahahahaha

No. 172522

When did I defend my post by calling it "my opinion"? I don't care whether or not you think it's "relevant". Provided it's related to the topic at hand, I'll post whatever the fuck I want.
>"waah stop making shitty posts"
>makes shittier posts with even less content because you want to bitch about people saying things that make you upset for no reason other than "I-It's not relevant!"
At least my post was actually related to Dakota. You wanted to complain about PULL newfags, fingered the wrong person, got BTFO and now you're trying to play it off like you don't have egg on your face.
It's no one's fault but your own if you shit yourself because you read something you don't like on an anonymous forum, dumbfuck.
Don't low functioning autists have minders to supervise their internet use? Are you normally allowed to call people faggots online?

No. 172525

Was that wall of text really necessary.

No. 172527

>Make it stop

No. 172528

File: 1441053782921.jpg (135.16 KB, 800x450, 00000209.jpg)


Holy shit just stop what is wrong with you.

No. 172529

About as necessary as yours. Why?

No. 172530

Right, as soon as you tell the autist to stop.

No. 172531

Not the person you're replying to Anon but even I'm starting to cringe now.

No. 172532

No. 172535

>wall of text
Are you retarded or is this the standard nowadays?

No. 172537

i want a divorce

No. 172538


Nice samefag.

No. 172539


Nice deleting one of your samefags.

No. 172540

Except it wasn't :>) Get out.

No. 172546

Dunno if you guys are aware but this is the Kooter thread not the Autistic Squabble thread.
Keep it relevant or leave.

No. 172552

I was the second post (>>172536) but I realized if I kept making posts it'd just get even more autistic so I deleted it.
Congrats on (probably) samefagging while incorrectly complaining about samefags, though. Fits in perfectly well with you incorrectly calling "PULLfag". Your radar's broken.

No. 172556

tbh you have only yourselves to blame

No. 172563



No. 172565

You do realize your "omg STAHP" posts are even cringier, right?

No. 172566

:( i killed myself because of this thread. i hope you guys are happy.

No. 172567

I feel like since it's lolcow people feel the need to say something negative about kota every time. You don't fucking HAVE to. You can just discuss what you think about stuff she does. Jesus christ.

No. 172568

File: 1441055532113.jpg (88.23 KB, 500x667, Icba2Tp.jpg)

No. 172569

The fuckin' autism in this thread tho


No. 172570

>Why can't we be nice on Lolcow?! ;-;
Fuck off, you don't even go here.

No. 172571

Blame the PULL boogeyman brigade

No. 172574

You're one of the autists.

No. 172576


I'm two of those posts tho.

No. 172578

:^J How does it feel to be epically pwned by the meme lord supreme? I got you noobs good! XD

No. 172580

I'm not saying you have to be nice, just don't feel like you have to act a certain way because it's anonymous

No. 172583

File: 1441056356251.jpg (7.44 KB, 185x199, image.jpg)

I'm noticing a trend in the kooter thread where it periodically gets sperged up and clogged full of shit and. Please guys. I thought we were better than this.

No. 172592

Jesus Christ stop. You're not making yourself look any less retarded or autistic by shitting up the thread after complaining it was being shitted up to begin with.

It happens. People get bored and sperg out over literally nothing, especially when the cows aren't producing decent milk. The good thing is it's not permanent.

No. 172595

File: 1441057182427.jpg (24.74 KB, 236x358, image.jpg)

May the blessings of based kotex sage and purify this thread of all cancerous cells :^)
#love and #light my indigo shimmer sisters!
May your moon cycles not upset your autism too much.

No. 172604


I would concur with you but literally none of those posts you linked are actually me.
Obviously I'm not the only one seeing a recurring problem here. I am sick of the pettiness.

No. 172626

But…as a true farmer…wouldn't you know to ignore the flies buzzing around the udders and persevere in milking to your leisure? You're screaming directly into deaf ears. The OT is pointless and more importantly fruitless.

No. 172628

Girl has good taste in music.
Which makes it hard to hate on her too much.

No. 172629

File: 1441060280615.gif (3.09 MB, 844x433, Koti (1).gif)

Same, anon.
I can relate most definitely. I prefer to stay home and live dat cozy life.

No. 172630

She is absolutely terrified of criticism, I think.
That's why she avoided IG. She saw her sister get "hated on" all of her adolescent years. And the victim mentality was strong in her home, to the degree that it seems to have shaped her as a person.

That's what it looks like from the outside, anyway.

No. 172634

japan loves undereye bags tho. they even get injections now to get them.

No. 172647

You'd think so but I'm getting annoyed now at the degradation in post quality lately.

People shouldn't be posting at all if all they have to say is some pointless snark about how stupid her overdrawn top-lip is for the 216387216398 time or how thin her hair is.
It just leads to threads being filled up with pointless commentary and they're a fucking bitch to have to sift through at a later date in order to find a particular comment.

No. 172653


I think it's because there isn't a great deal left to talk about kota so it's easier to nitpick. She isn't really much of a lolcow anymore tbh.

No. 172654


WEll we have /snow/ now???

No. 172911

File: 1441127086916.jpg (117.64 KB, 600x600, image.jpg)

No. 172912

File: 1441127138654.jpg (75.54 KB, 599x594, image.jpg)

No. 172917

The reason this thread is decaying is because God has undoubtedly shone His light of relevation on our beloved chubby aidoru.

I think Kota-chan-nyan has finally wizened up and realized that her anger and bitchiness at "haters" is best channeled thru punching her Rilakkuma pillow or something else, not making stupid public responses. I wish girlschannel was more dedicated to publicizing the juicy shit they found out, cause that seems like the only way to derail her aidoru-moderu track.

No. 172921

I don't even mind it.

It's so bizarre to me that anyone who isn't an Ostrenga would dedicate time to bawwing because she's in /pt/. Once an Ostrenga always an Ostrenga, who cares?

Be patient my children. There will be more milk. Oh yes. Give it time. I know some major milk is coming, just not in the immediate future. Brace your stomachs.

No. 172927

This looks delicious as fuck. 10/10 would gobble down.

No. 172929


Lol she's actually 22 but oh okay, you're 20 if you say so dako-chan, we'll let you off today. ONLY for today because it's ur tanjoubi of course.

So when's this clothing line coming out?

No. 172930

No. 172931

File: 1441129330895.jpeg (19.9 KB, 346x470, a.aaa-lady-bear.jpeg)


the choker killed it

No. 172949

Now now you know the clothing line doesn't exist, hint-chan.

No. 172953


It does tho

its kota fuckin koti

kota-chan will get anything fgs its her birthday! so defo gettin dat line

No. 172954

>Dakota Rose
HEIGHT :162cm
BUST :74cm
WAIST :55cm
HIPS :78cm
SHOES :22.5cm
HAIR :Dk.blonde
EYES :Blue

162? But before it was 163? Well they started saying she was 165 lmao I think she's 160 and they wanted to add height to get her jobs. The minimum for bravo is 168

No. 172965

WAAAAH Nitpicking! Obviously a PULL member

No. 172968

She looks cute.

Isn't it kinda a big deal that she's doing a promo for Disney over there, or am I missing something.

No. 172987

File: 1441137858815.jpeg (23.98 KB, 373x470, a4a1f026456e0dcf97c269d74b41b4…)

No. 172989

No. 172990


pedo lesbians

No. 172995

goddamn she's looking really cute in this costume.
can't wait to see what she shows up in for halloween this year.

No. 172997

No of course not, it's not like she's the focus of the event… You think they interviewed her on her favorite part of the movie? They're literally mannequins placed there just to get more human traffic to whatever event this is.

No. 173009

File: 1441141972430.jpg (339.83 KB, 640x835, 174354.jpg)

>adjective, shriveled or wrinkled with age
i know what you mean tho

No. 173011

she looks cute but that makeup is done pretty shittily. wouldnt a real makeup artist know about how to do makeup appropriate for whatever kind of bright lighting is going on at this gig

No. 173043

HD Setting powders appear under flash all the time. I guess the only ways to avoid it is to either set with a powder foundation or to buy setting powders that are specifically made to not appear under flash & bright lights

No. 173060

dakota topics on girls channel brighten my day.. i wonder if she reads japanese gossip sites as well??

No. 173062



No. 173086

File: 1441154866100.jpg (211.72 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

I agree. Make up is pretty shitty.

No. 173088

Makeup and especially lip shape looks like a mess.

No. 173092


Who'd have thought photoshop, adobe after effects, sister's coattails and tumblr could get you this far lol

No. 173113

File: 1441159632896.jpg (32.29 KB, 297x450, image.jpg)

Can someone explain girlschannel to me? I don't comprehend moonspeak. But lol @ this.

No. 173117

Ivan is a dude that crossdresses and models in Japan
Not sure if he changed his sex or is still a man.

No. 173118

Dakota actually looks cute for once. This photo is pretty awkward because of the other model though.

No. 173120

No. 173121

Pretty sure they're trans. They look very feminized now, provably on estrogen and have had slight FFS. Any links to them? Can't find em with a quick google search myself.

No. 173122

File: 1441160822395.jpg (75.82 KB, 600x450, image.jpg)

No. 173123

File: 1441160854424.jpg (68.49 KB, 600x450, image.jpg)

No. 173124

File: 1441160886173.jpg (60.43 KB, 600x450, image.jpg)

No. 173126


The dude/lady person scares me. Their mouth looks big enough to bite someone's head off.

No. 173128

File: 1441161319354.jpg (29.34 KB, 320x240, image.jpg)

They look better than in the past ;/

No. 173129

File: 1441161532936.jpg (98.3 KB, 450x675, image.jpg)

Confirmed for grill

No. 173132

File: 1441161735711.jpg (320.95 KB, 724x1024, IMG_20150902_043307.jpg)

Popteen cafe?

No. 173133

File: 1441161765042.jpg (157.87 KB, 810x606, IMG_20150902_043354.jpg)

No. 173135

She's given up on makeup wow

No. 173142

she probably did her makeup herself. it always looks like this with the flash and she still has her stupid upper lip over lined. no makeup artist would do her makeup like this, they had to have known there would be photos taken.

she sucks at makeup anyway

No. 173144

File: 1441163164635.jpg (114.84 KB, 600x600, image.jpg)

I've never seen this video what the fuck man…

No. 173148

Dakota is so much older than everyone else here

No. 173150

Actually she isn't.

No. 173188

Ok, Kota

No. 173202

Not even funny, you probably would say Tsubasa is younger than her too.

No. 173204

for fucks sake anon, nobody cares. Stop with the predictable "Hi X" shit when someone says something you disagree with. Getting sooo old.

No. 173205

I wasn't that anon

No. 173206

It's funny because it gives people like you ants in your pants

No. 173209

Just stop embarrassing yourself while you're ahead. Nobody thinks it's funny, not even you. Sorry I hurt your fees tho.

No. 173219

lol ok, kota

No. 173222

hmm..that sounds like something KOTA would say.

No. 173223

File: 1441171933015.jpg (112.7 KB, 600x800, image.jpg)

Oh Jesus fuck you guys summer is almost over you belligerent children.

No. 173224

File: 1441171933148.gif (871.25 KB, 300x182, sideye.gif)

Come on guys, the ruse is up. Every poster on lolcow is actually Kota.

Every. Single. One.

No. 173261

File: 1441187705299.gif (279.56 KB, 450x338, original.gif)

i. want. find. this. fucking. video

No. 173269

its like an anonymous topic board . not much discussion, just people throwing out opinions since i dont think there's much of a 'reply' feature . theres a plus minus feature for people to 'like' and 'dislike' peoples comments.

It's refreshing to see how japanese react to dakota when theyre anonymous

No. 173276

Does anyone else find it extremely perplexing that Kota says she's a homebody, clearly has no interest in people, etc. but chose to pursue this aidoru-moderu thing? She's constantly required by mgmt to do the thing she hates most - socialize and look happy lol.

Would she do anything just to get away from Cathy and Kaka?

No. 173279

cuz $$

Argue all you want but she makes decent money

No. 173280

adoration/attention seeking?

No. 173289

You'd find it difficult to find anybody her age who has been given the opportunity to live and work abroad, only to turn it down.
It's a bonus that she's away from her awful family.

No. 173320


Anyone reckon kota is gonna also marry for visa too or not?

No. 173339

I would look for a permanent stay if I were her. Her Japanese isn't bad, she could study to learn Business Level Japanese and get a job that would support her once the modelling gig is over.

No. 173345


If she has the brains (which I think she does and probably the only one out of that family who does) then she will.

No. 173355

File: 1441202800546.jpg (61.21 KB, 600x450, image.jpg)

ME TOO. I've apparently missed a handful of TV appearances.

No. 173356

File: 1441202869643.jpg (80.82 KB, 600x450, image.jpg)

No. 173357

File: 1441202905036.jpg (52.71 KB, 598x336, image.jpg)

No. 173358

File: 1441202941741.jpg (84.8 KB, 600x450, image.jpg)

No. 173367


We kinda all know she would just stand, smile, talk a little and laugh like she always does. I doubt we've missed a lot.

No. 173417

I am Kota

No. 173437

>>she makes decent money
does she?

No. 173449

she may be a homebody but that seems partly bred into her by kathy and scott who took her out of school
if you saw her 'about me' from ancient times, she has wanted to be a model for a long time

No. 173450

and it seems kathy instilled in her daughters the idea that physical appearance alone = self-worth

No. 173453

ugh that donut eating one. the matcha literally looks like puke coming out of her mouth

No. 173491

File: 1441214666930.jpg (355.85 KB, 752x573, kontrachan.jpg)

No. 173496

Her eyebrows area is so…bulgy? I don't know the right word to describe it lol.

No. 173499

File: 1441215215523.jpg (195.94 KB, 686x551, 13744329.jpg)

No. 173503

File: 1441215516176.jpg (216.71 KB, 600x450, 14412028600546.jpg)

No. 173509

It's because her forehead doesn't have a feminine slope. She has a prominent brow ridge, which wouldn't be so bad if her forehead weren't so wonky paired with that projecting chin.
Sorry I'm your friendly neighborhood anatomy fag so it's kind of just in my nature to immediately notice what throws of facial balance and harmony.

No. 173510

No offense anon chan but these aren't funny. Maybe next time.

No. 173511

You can totally be a homebody and want attention simultaneously. Kind of like introverts who want to go out with people and then pretty much wanna go home immediately to recharge. I don't think it's weird at all that she prefers to stay home when she's not working. Japan isn't new to her anymore anyway.

No. 173514

Okay. I was trying to cheer you up, guys.

No. 173515

You know, I never noticed the protruding forehead before, now I can't unsee

No. 173523

File: 1441216696189.jpg (128.55 KB, 880x634, features.jpg)

No. 173567

File: 1441221534629.jpg (1.31 MB, 2560x1673, maybe.jpg)

No. 173589

Does Kota have any "secret" personal social media accounts? I refuse to believe that this bitch isn't pounding away at her keyboard about gross gay-looking Japs and their gross oriental food. I mean, she doesn't post much on her official accounts and she must be home, what, 15 hours a day?

No. 173590

>Bust 74cm
>Waist 55cm
I kinda doubt that. She's slim, but not that skinny.

No. 173592

She's not even skinny. Assuming she's around 160cm, her waist has to be AT LEAST 64 cm – probably closer to 69.

No. 173598

She seems to fit all the brands she's modelling for, and not everything is shirred. I think 84/65 would still be pretty realistic, they probably just subtracted 10cm to get her more jobs.

No. 173602

her eyes do a look a bit dead
wait what i thought ivan is an ugly girl trying to be a man? its a man? mtf?

No. 173604

the things that can be done to this pic… rubs hands evily

No. 173607

Oh my lord, she looks like a neanderthal. I can't stop laughing, why have you done this to me?

No. 173663

It's a trans woman, yes. Not that outlandish.

No. 173722

File: 1441236258345.jpg (79.82 KB, 600x426, image.jpg)

No. 173724

File: 1441236330427.jpg (96.96 KB, 421x640, image.jpg)

No. 173725

File: 1441236362165.jpg (182.11 KB, 600x704, image.jpg)

No. 173726


I wonder what kota is thinking… "trans man dyke no ty" kek

No. 173729

I thought the same thing. I'm still pretty sure she's a rude bitch through and through. Regardless of your stance on being transgender or whatever, it really isn't necessary to be anything but casual in that sort of situation because it really isn't that big of a deal. But I just imagine her going home and making fun to Kiki. Even if that person is nice and had that cake for her. Jesus who gives a fuck? Kota. God forbid anyone approach the elf goddessu. Faggots are disgusting.

No. 173734


Yeah, I know some other farmers are gonna roll their eyes at this and be like "guyz pls stop bein jelly n salty" but I do wonder, I know "ppl change" kek (do they?) and I know kota isn't lulzy anymore. She keeps herself to herself. But I CANNOT help but thinking "c'mon kota what are you REALLY thinking when you look at this shemale fucker pretending to be your prince?"

If kaka had met her after this event, they'd pair up together and have a bitch fest.

"I so knew you were a lesbian all along"

"I'm not a lesbian!"

"But you areee oneee"

and it'd just be a repeat of that video.

No. 173735


I mean imma be honest tho I do think this drag act is horrendous anyway. I know kota is thinkin' the same lol

No. 173740

Here's the thing: Kota is even more horrendous. Kota is chunky, has a witch chin, and looks nothing like her shoops. She's a liar by proxy no matter how you look at it. She's a condescending hypocrite.

No. 173741

It's not like Ivan chose to be stuck with her. They was probably more uncomfortable than Kota. If I were Ivan I'd be laughing at Kota for being the laughing stock she is. But in the Ostrenga mind, everyone is against and below them.

No. 173765

Kota looks gorgeous here…No homo

No. 173767

Pedophile lesbian

No. 173790

she'll do it for money and fame.

No. 173822

the milk is so dry.

No. 174000

I don't get why people call her fat. Chubby yes but hardly fat

No. 174002

I don't get why people call her fat. Chubby yes but hardly fat

No. 174018


Them? Dakota isn't transgender lol

No. 174019


The cafe isn't new

No. 174025


Exactly, it annoys me when people keep saying she's fat. I'm no fan of her but I WILL say compared to NOW and that video with her making fun of lesbians with kaka. Kota HAS put a LITTLE bit of weight on but torso area. Still she ISN'T fat though. She's as SMALL in height as the other models, as petite but she isn't as slender/lean as them. Kota isn't fat, she just looks soft at the most and is slim. But she isn't as lean/slender if that makes sense? I can see the difference between her and them though. But Japan doesn't seem to care either. She's foreign so maybe it's expected? Plus she is doing modelling for cutesy brands and it's not runway modelling where she'd be expected to take the role more serious. But she's by no means fat though and even if she wanted, kota could EASILY work the extra weight on her top half off anyway. But she's too into video games, being a homebody and busy that she probably can't be fucked. So yeah…

No. 174031

No. 174041


Yeah it's kota and that was an interesting tale. I kinda liked it actually. Better not show it Disney tho.

No. 174043

>that neck
Damn Kota looking strong

No. 174044

Dakota has been up and down with her weight for years

No. 174047

This is pretty great.
I see CC claims coming his way soon though.

No. 174055


This made my sides HURT! I thought the same you know! Like, fuckin' hell kota. Looks like she's just come back from pumpin' iron let alone coming to an event dressed as Cinderella!

No. 174069

File: 1441291435811.jpg (70.89 KB, 404x720, image.jpg)

Kootz doesn't look very good with weight on her, and her weight is all untoned fat, which doesn't help. She's created this small dolly persona and doesn't even attempt to live up to it. She's lazy and doesn't put any effort into these great opportunities she has had. For a model, especially in Japan, she's chunky. She carries a lot of weight in her face. The facial bloat doesn't go down unless she's pretty thin. She can't look like her shoops unless she were pretty thin. She's done this to herself.
These are expectations she has set for herself in her own volition.
It's so fucking tired to whine about people calling her fat when she isn't even skinny. She's nothing but lies, chin, and blubber ffs.

Pic not related just Kotex before she started aging even worse.

No. 174098

Hoo boy, she looks old there.
Those lines and creases…so unfortunate.
She should start moisturizing religiously if she doesn't already; that shit's going to get way worse way fast.

No. 174120

Is there anyone who isn't fat according to lolcow?

No. 174123

File: 1441296852403.jpg (96.76 KB, 500x667, 1408795205938.jpg)

Pic related.

Kota isn't fat by normal standards, but she is pretty flabby and it doesn't suit the ~living doll~ look

No. 174124

File: 1441297173262.jpg (6.68 KB, 300x168, images (1).jpg)

This so fucking much
Nah but everyone here thinks that everyone else is fat or chubby at least/has a flat ass if not fat or chub/old/has bad
eyebrows/bad skin/is an old hag/…

More seriously Kota is normal even by japanese standards (except for japanese model standards, just like idoru standards they are preeeetty harsh, just look at the so called "chubbiness" group, like seriously, the green one for example, this is slim, totally fine, but by japanese IDOL standards this is chub, an average japanese woman would be considered totally fine if she was such a size)
i saw japanese people the same size as koti, people also need to stop thinking that japanese are all kawaii petite dolls, japanese girls are real girls too they aren't stick thin kawaii animu characters. It always annoys me a lot that some people with yellow fever think so. That's like if they expected all of us to be blonde with blue eyes and pale skin…Whiiiich is sort of the case. We are both foolish i guess. Eh.

No. 174125

But being skinny fat seems to be the Japanese/living doll ideal

No. 174126

>everyone here thinks that everyone else is fat
This isn't true at all but this comments like this normally comes from fatties.

She's a fucking model. She shoops herself into an entirely different body shape. Of course people are going to call her chubby? Wtf

No. 174128

Yes, because it's "softer" and so, considered "cuter" than a fit ripped body and all. I kinda think it's cuter too because it looks more soft but i think a "fit" body isn't all that bad.

No. 174131

She's a model. Nobody is comparing her to average Japanese citizens. They're comparing her to the standard she's created herself by photoshopping herself into a tiny petite ~doll~ for years. How thick is your skull? You're making these assumptions and generalizations all on your own.

No. 174132

Some farmers here are secret fatties just like on /cgl/ or they are insecure and try to project their insecurities on other.
Most of the cow here are definitely not as pretty as they think but they aren't as horrifyingly ugly as people here say they are either.

No. 174134

File: 1441297840145.jpg (462.75 KB, 1369x913, img_chubbiness.jpg)

???? she's not slim… these girls are obviously chubby even by american standards. they just aren't massive hambeasts and they have all the cellulite shopped out

No. 174135

DUH. That goes without saying. People are aware. But that doesn't stop the small handful that go around calling people exaggeratory names. It's a given. There isn't any point in whining about it on lolcow of all places.

No. 174137

Dude the green one in the middle is not chubby? She's average sized at worst?? Like healthy slim? Idk but this is not chub to me same for the yellow one. The other ones are chub though.
(the light blue one is a total cutie)

No. 174141

uhh, average sized for an american maybe. look at their legs and waist. and keep in mind that these pics are shopped, too – on the really chubby ones you would expect to see arm flab, double chins, etc. but that's all shopped out

No. 174142

i think the purple one is totally fine and not chubby at all or maybe i am a delusionnal fatty chan

No. 174143

Gurl needs to tone that arms. Not cute.

No. 174145

I thought they didn't look that big there tbh.
They usually look a lot chubbier.

No. 174147

idk brah the purple and yellow ones are not chubby in my book their legs are really fine and nice. Seriously i can't see how are they chubby unless maybe they have a little tummy poking out?

No. 174148

if they had placed the choker at least at the slimmest part of her neck, it wouldn't look so bad.

No. 174150

File: 1441298556730.gif (19.05 KB, 300x214, 615.gif)

But her arms are fine there???
This is why i don't come on lolcow much anymore there is always some idiot that makes the thread about stupid shit like weight or stupid shit that all the girls in the world has (stretch marks,bit of cellulite,bit of flab there or there, a pimple or two,facial lines,…). I want drama, not insecure farmers that try to put their self esteem issues on cows
>inb4 i'm an insecure fatty
If that can help you feel any better ok then, i'm just tired of seeing that kind of crap instead of real milk.

No. 174152

Don't worry, anon; there's no use arguing with a spoopy ana-chan.

No. 174153

Is Kota even worth talking about anymore? She's so boring, she does nothing lulz worthy since years and is slowly fading, at this point it's just like "good for you" she has a job,friends,a home,…that's really cool but there is no milk anymore, and her ridiculous shoops are nothing new i even think that at this point she's fucking around with us sometimes

Not this anon but i imagined a skeletton with a bow angrily typing on their keyboard about how we are just "lol fatties"

No. 174156

lol is this a joke

No. 174157


Yes becouse fat people are the only ones who gets cellulite right? Do you even know what it is?

No. 174159

are you literally mentally retarded? how did you get that from my post? i feel so sorry for you

do you disagree that fat people have more cellulite than an average person?

No. 174160


Thin, fat, old, young, healthy and I'll people can have cellulite and even some babies wtf

No. 174161

I wonder what your definition of skinny or healthy is then if you think theses girls are chubby

No. 174163

Go back to fucking PULl fat cunt

No. 174164

You all are seriously upset that people are pointing out that Kota is chubby and summer is almost over. Amazing.

No. 174165

And once again the Kooter thread spirals down into a cesspit of OT nonsensical bickering.

No. 174166

That because some of the twats on here think being pro ann size is healthy.

Kotas doing good and they can't find anything to bitch about so they always rag on her looks and ps. Which she's perfectly normal looking. Shes all dried up, until the day she calls out her sister for being a fucking psycho this cow is dead.

No. 174167

You forgot the big noses

No. 174171

And the outrageously humongous chins.

No. 174173

File: 1441300116608.gif (889.12 KB, 500x376, 54cd33d003960ff87b064875330898…)

On lolcow everyone is
>fat or chubby (except for spooky skellingtons like Ashley)
>has a ugly big nose
>has a ugly jaw/chin
>is an old hag and looks sooooo old u guise

Don't really think much about that anon, most farmers here are insecure girls themselves as said previously. And if you point that they sound insecure they'll call you a fatty hag with a big nose anyway. So yeah don't listen too much.

No. 174177

It's gone pulltard in this thread because people are upset that Kooter is chunky in comparison to the image she tries to put out…summer it never ends…

No. 174179

The fat weeaboos in shitty false eyelashes and circle lenses that migrated from pull are making their presence known :^)

No. 174182

Fat or not I guess the Japanese don't care because it's been 3 years and she's still there working

No. 174183

We aren't upset you calling her chubby. We are upset you called her fat.

No. 174184


Cry a river

No. 174185

How about go flick your bean and fondle your fat cunt to the thought of putting your tongue between Kooter's voluptuous thighs somewhere else you fucking pulltard

No. 174186

File: 1441301616594.jpg (37.44 KB, 600x450, image.jpg)


No. 174187

File: 1441301635988.jpg (52.17 KB, 600x450, image.jpg)


No. 174188

Being chubby is having an excess amount of fat you moronic 13 year old. God forbid you be FAAAAT, OR SOMEONE SAYS THE WORD FAAAT. Faaaaaat.

Jeez these PULL migrants must be dieting and their blood sugar is dropping for them to be this triggered by calling Koots fat. She should lose a few pounds for the clothes she models.

Just because you don't have your own orbitals doesn't mean you're not fat.

No. 174192

Kota looks so adorable with her chubby cheeks though.

No. 174193

File: 1441302071415.jpg (95.51 KB, 600x767, image.jpg)

It isn't even paranoid to assume these are pulltards. I get annoyed by people constantly saying PULL but this is definitely warranted and obvious.

She's chunky. She shoops herself much skinnier. She isn't the "Japanese average," people are twisting everything to suit their whining. Fucking baw. You really want to defend her when she goes from this (1/2) …………

No. 174195

File: 1441302135879.jpg (115.02 KB, 600x600, image.jpg)

…..to this (2/2.)

No. 174196

She looks like a bulldog

No. 174198

I think with her features, losing weight in the face area would make it all worse.

No. 174200


No thanks I don't want to suffocate.

No. 174201

It's really annoying when people are like "you guys are being so harsh on these girls' appearances!!!11!!!!1!"
Idk, maybe people are so harsh due to the fact all of them are trying to make money off of their looks???

No. 174202


Calling someone fat when they not is different though. Fat and chubby are two completely different things. When people think of fat they automatically think overweight

No. 174203

Depends. If her chubby cheeks are contributing to the folds in her bulldog face than it will help, but if it's muscles and sagging than it'll get worse.

I have a slight bulldog face and it'll get better with weight loss because I have a chubby face, but my roommate's face gets saggy and gaunt looking. Looking at rail thin Kaka…it doesn't look for Kota. She should stay fat.

No. 174204

Hers would look better with weight loss. The swelling and buccal fat put together is what worsens her nasolabial folds.

No. 174205

If you don't want people judging by your looks then don't become a fucking model. It's as simple as that.

If she lost waight now her cheeks would be so fucking saggy

No. 174206

Oh my god this is fucking lolcow shut the fuck up no one here is worrying about being politically correct and pushing your agenda here isn't going to give you results. Stop.

No. 174207

No they wouldn't lol

No. 174209

Her face looks like this at every weight though

No. 174210

No it doesn't?

No. 174211

Show me a non photoshopped picture of her smiling where it doesn't look like that

No. 174212

File: 1441303158660.jpg (13.01 KB, 254x300, image.jpg)


She will end up looking like this guy

No. 174213

I think it's funny as fuck that people get so angry over a few lines of text.

No. 174214

I'm hoping this is for humor otherwise I really worry about the average posters lack of understand of their own bodies…ummm

No. 174215

she kinda reminds me of megan marie here

No. 174216

File: 1441303512038.jpg (43.38 KB, 640x480, image.jpg)

If Kota actually looked like this I'd want to go to town on that pussy too and wouldn't have much criticism but here's the thing: she doesn't. And I'm not going to pretend I want to finger fuck the chunky (gasp! shock horror! I'm so insecure!) witch chinned liar she really is. So. Now that that's out of the way.

No. 174218

Um, good for you?

No. 174219

Um, has the entire sense of humor of this board just like, um, like, dissipated with the infestation of pullfags? Jesus.

No. 174220

I want to know how extreme you are, what if…

1) …she looked just like the picture, but she was an evil witch and kicked seals on Saturdays just for fun?

2) …she looked as she does, but she was the most adorable person ever, feeding seals on Saturdays, talking to birds and all friendly?

3) … she was OK, kind of like her pictures, but actually a man?

No. 174221

Oh, my post was a very lighthearted pedophile lesbian response to the influx of angry pulltards that want to suck the ecoli off of Dakota's taint.
I meant I wouldn't have much criticism for her appearance if she weren't deceitful.

Also even better if she were a trap, would probably give her a personality that isn't entirely abhorrent. 10/10 would suck the dick.

No. 174222

File: 1441304484893.jpg (21.81 KB, 308x330, 1414194974834.jpg)

>she was OK, kind of like her pictures, but actually a man?

No. 174224

I'd be obsessed probably. I feel so teased.

No. 174227

Just take one look at the mental problems thread in /g/and youll see how most people on lolcow are depressed, insecure recluses with weight issues

No. 174228

>dakota is chubbier in real life than she photoshops herself to be

true statement

>dakota is a fat chubby cow

false statement

No. 174229

That's the answer I was hoping for.

No. 174279

And yet you're here :^)

No. 174329

Dude. Who ever says that unless it's to troll? Shut the fuck up

No. 174394

lmao what? loads of people have said that without being a troll. just read the threads.

No. 174395

"Dakota is a fat chubby cow" nobody says this. Shut up.

No. 174402


Wow, haha. Slow down there champ.

No. 174465

she looks worse than her debut thats for sure. 3 years does a lot..

No. 174467

File: 1441338924023.jpg (24.28 KB, 500x422, image.jpg)

No. 174528

Dakota is skinny fat, bordering on chubby.

There. Stop arguing about it.

No. 174538

jesus christ everytime i check this thread you cunts are sperging it the fuck up

No. 174561

It was very poetic imo. You should write romance novels.

No. 174746

File: 1441386577179.jpg (63.49 KB, 600x450, image.jpg)

No. 174756

purikura machines with dako on it are always so bad

No. 174889

No. 174892

No. 174893


holding kooters hand at the start tho

No. 174896

Helping her down the stairs

No. 174897


what a big lesbian peadophile

No. 174899

She looks happy there it's actually heartwarming to see how she has progressed.
>inb4 hurr u pulltard
Nah but i just have a soft spot for kota you know,all the shit she did was years ago, i used to be a hater but i kinda have a spot for her in my heart now

No. 174900


She seems more at peace now I think though. That guy's (whatever it is) Japanese is really good, kota never says much in interviews. She speaks but not tons, I just think that's how she is as a person to be honest.

I don't have a soft spot for her, I think she's more likable now though. But I still think her career was based on luck. Let's not go into that though.

Well done kota, well done.

No. 174902

Same also i really like her voice there i love when she isn't forcing a kawaii young loli alien foetus head persona with a "kawaii" voice to be "cute" she's so cute this way already. I don't care about her "chubby face" or the fact that she has some lines on her face, like, she's human you know? Well she marketed herself as a doll so that's dumb, but i still think she is a cute girl, not extraordinary but cute. She has some charm.
But again i'm just a pedo lesbian so what do i know?

No. 174907

I'm a pedo lesbo too I guess and I used to be on a somewhat similar boat but I've changed my mind. She's still shooping herself into an entire different person, and after Kiki said her and Kota are close and sit inside laughing at people, I really don't think she's changed at all. I feel like there's no way she can be a decent person but be so close to Kiki. No way.

No. 174910


Hmm… it's very hard to tell. Whether it's an act or you know, genuine. But she can't be a cunt on tv otherwise she wouldn't make dolla.

BUT if this was kaka… christ it'd be "look at meeeeeeeeeeee omg im white worship meeeeeeeeeeee" lol. At least kota is just… civil and normal I guess even if she is thinking "get the fuck off my hand peado".

No. 174938

Man I am actually jealous of her Japanese
It's way better than my English

No. 174949


Well she has been there THREE years anon. If you go to any country, study and talk to natives all day then obv your language skill would improve. Anyone can do it.


No. 174962


the fuck is wrong with you, go back to r9k you sperg

Anybody know this guy's name?? I think I may have gone to school with him, but I can't tell if it's who I'm thinking.. Dakota looks really short in comparison. I kinda like that.

No. 174973

Man, I think Dakota is really cute and always have. She doesn't quite look like her shops, and there are plenty of more beautiful girls out there, but I think she is kind of sweet looking . I also don't think she's fat, I think she's pretty average, but I'm just a jelly insecure fatty. Being a model, she should probably work on her body more.

Anyway, j really don't think kiki and kota spend as much time together as kaka claims they do. Kiki is a compulsive liar and Dakota obviously isn't interested in being involved in drama anymore.

I'm happy for the thin-haired, skinnyfat, apple shaped shop monster. She has got to spend the last three years of her life in a different country, and spent most of it modeling and appearing on TV (even if a lot of jobs weren't the best.) I'm glad she got away from her family and is doing remarkably better than her witch nosed sister.

But I'm just a jelly pedi lesbian with a soft spot for kota , don't mind me.

No. 174975

I feel the exact same way as you do.

I also don't think Kota is really hanging out/talking with Kaka as much as she says she is, if that were the case, Kaka would most likely brag about it on ig. Remember how she used to always post screenshots of their conversations?

No. 174977


Nah I don't think kota spends time with kaka either. They probably stay in touch obv but I doubt they hang out. Kaka probably fucks around with #pray4taku and kota probably does her job, goes home to chill and sleep tbh. It's probably just a normal everyday thing for her now I guess.

I will admit tho… I wish there was some milk sometimes tbh.

No. 174989

File: 1441419057647.jpg (62.5 KB, 519x531, 6Q-zSh-kCEw.jpg)


No. 174990

File: 1441419093680.jpg (85.48 KB, 530x534, 62TWwIsx1LQ.jpg)

2 of 2

No. 174992

File: 1441419192469.png (610.42 KB, 640x687, Screenshot (223).png)

No. 174993

she looks vibrant.

No. 174996

Why does everyone think she had some kind of horrible abusive homelife? She and her sister were spoiled rotten and never had to work a day in their lives. I think she's ok looking because japan has way lower standards for their low tier print models.

And she's not a sweet person lol. She is just as mean and nasty as she was before nippon picked her up she just has to hide it to protect her career.

No. 175002

Just because their parents didn't hit them it doesn't mean it is any less abusive, bleaching your infants hair since they were like 6, making half-naked photos of them so they gain fame, having to manage online "companies" and copyright bullshit from a young ages, etc.

It's just as abusive as Venus's moms.

No. 175016

I think its bad parenting but not abuse. Like real abuse warrants getting your kids taken away. But I guess being taught that the only value you have is your looks fucks you up. I doubt she'll grow out of that too.

No. 175017

Agreed. Those are things they WANTED to do anyway

No. 175018

Idk what you considered 'spoiled rotten'.
Yeah, Kiki got her parents to buy her a lot of shit, but that doesn't mean that Dakota got the same treatment. Kiki was obviously always the favored child. Heck, you never even hear about their brother.
And again, these are also the parents that were encouraging Kiki to post pictures in her underwear and skimpy bikinis in order to attain e-fame. That reeks of abuse.
As a younger sister to someone who was a total bitch to me growing up, I can understand how that can warp your personality.
For the longest time, I thought of my older sister as an ideal, the kind of person that I aspired to be.
Whenever she insulted me (as we've witnessed Kiki do many times on Stickam) I thought, 'she's right', and I laughed and went along with it because I admired my sister.
My parents praised her, and she had lots of friends in high school because she was thin and pretty.
I don't think the relationships in that family are as black and white as you would like them to be.
Since leaving the house, we have no evidence that Dakota's 'bitchy' personality has remained the same. We don't have evidence to support the supposition that she's changed, either, aside from her apology.
Hating her for the things that she did in the past seems pointless. She's not doing them anymore. Maybe she's changed, or maybe she's just learned to hide that part of herself.
The only thing lulzworthy about her these days are her 'kawaii' selfies and the amount of shoop that goes into them.
Otherwise, you're grasping at straws.

No. 175024

It sounds like you are just projecting your personal experiences and assuming kotas was the same way.

For all we know keekz posing in her bikinis could of been all her idea. For all we know her parents were just too pussy to discipline their children. I highly doubt they forced her or were pushing her to do it but to each their own. Yea kiki got whatever she wanted but so did kota? Like look at all the clothes she had, her macbook, recording equipment, programs etc.

Kek her apology? Did you actually read it? It was basically "guys, get over it i was 14 (actually 16) and then goes on about how she dosent shoop and it is actually da haterz shooping her pics. And no im not one of those people who always talk about her shooped pics because i just dont care.

As for why i think shes still a bitch she has shown it. Like the rude ass comment she made on her youtube because people asked for eng subs, cursing at one of her japanese fans because he said its not ladylike… its pretty obvious she hasn't changed. Shes just a lot smarter about how to present herself in public.

I dont hate her lol or think shes evil just not a very nice person yet a lot of people seem to think she's a cute innocent angel. Still to each their own i guess.

No. 175028

see, and that is why they are so spoiled. The parents never knew when to say "No". I wanted a lot of ridiculous shit when I was a kid, but my parents knew how to be proper parents and I learned how to appreciate what I had. For example: I wasn't even allowed to get my ears pierced until middle school.

No. 175032

Yup I said something similar ^. People seem to be mistaking push-over parenting as abuse. Being spoiled is not good and can fuck you up just look at kiki jfc. At least dakota is doing something. But its not nearly on the same level as real abuse like pls.

No. 175045

So where did I say that she had a n abusive home life? Where did I ever say that at all?

Also , I said she is sweet looking to me. Not that she was sweet. Lrn 2 reading comprehension, u seem mad.

Still k
Like Kota a lot better than her flesh shaped sack of flesh piloted by bugs sister.

No. 175048

The only who seems mad is you by the way you are acting so defensive over a post. Grow up k. Nobody cares about you think she is "sweet looking" kek. You sound creepy and obsessed man. Go outside…

No. 175083

Nah bro, sorry but you are the one who seems to be mad. I'm just wondering why you replied to my post claiming i said shit i didn't. Nobody cares about how you think she's an evil cunt either~
Btw, I'm a 20 year old girl (inb4 'pics or it didn't happen') I spent the day at my campus' library. Maybe you need to go outside, you seem to care an awful lot about how terrible Kooter 'really' is :^)

No. 175088

I still think kota and kiki spend time together, I mean in their scene days they spent time with each other alot and since they were home-schooled they're probably closest to one another. Besides just because they don't post pics of them hanging out doesn't mean they don't.

No. 175092

Stop shitting up the thread.
People are entitled to their opinions, don't be such a sperg about it.

No. 175129


>Btw, I'm a 20 year old girl (inb4 'pics or it didn't happen')

>lol I'm a girl btw!!!!

I always find it hilarious when people go full GOTIS on /pt/ of all places

No. 175177


Holy shit, she kinda looks old here..Maybe the make up?

No. 175195

Yeah thats a great story lol i didnt say anything bout kota but you just need to get a life and stop over analyzing some nobody catalog model because it makes you look retarded.

cute samefag :D

No. 175196

Don't forget "I have a life!!!" "I spend all day at the library!!" I guess the people who start arguments on here really have nothing else better to do.

No. 175206



No. 175224

I agree that she's probably just as big of a shithead, and the people who think she doesn't spend her time being a POS with Kaka are very naive and thinking what they want to.

However, I don't like to look at it as "they were spoiled rotten who cares?" Their parents fucking ruined them and groomed them into the monsters they are.
They literally pimped their children out on the Internet before they were even in their early teens.

No. 175227

Mega OT but. For some reason this is very eerie to me because I was driving past a library on the day these posts were made and out came this angry looking sperg fakeboi weeb girl that looked bred straight from cgl and dumblr and I thought to myself "I need to stop posting on lolcow it's making me see people in a light I don't want to think about…"
Was dat u anon?

No. 175236

File: 1441471697086.jpg (166.25 KB, 640x925, image.jpg)

Weird seeing her upload something close to her real face on her IG. It looks so out of place next to all the mega shooped photos.

No. 175238


Maybe she just doesn't care anymore anon, it's pointless trying to keep up with the doll facade.

No. 175288

Perhaps she uploaded that picture because you can hardly see her facial features, all you can see is her mouth and eyes.

No. 175296

Oh man, it's really great to be systematically attacked and accused of samefag just for defending myself.. teaches you a lesson to never put your opinion out there and never respond to any comments about it.

Sage again for OT, but even though this is just an obvious jab at me, I'll bite. I try to dress as normal as possible. Yesterday, I was wearing a blue shirt and jeans. My hair is naturally blonde and in a ponytail. I try to look as muggle as possible.
Also, if you weren't in the western U.S., again that wasn't me.

Anyway, I'll go back to lurking since everyone is such a cunt whenever I do say something. Later.

No. 175336

File: 1441485209211.jpg (28.77 KB, 479x192, 8545326695_b6626d2f4c.jpg)

Her overdrawn lips remind me of
princess peach's lips.

No. 175357

Nah man, if you're going to act like a cunt people will call you out on it so don't get butt hurt when that happens.

I was thinking more of a blow up doll.

No. 175358

Speaking of blow up doll, I still wonder how the Dakota one looks irl.

No. 175364

File: 1441495208954.jpg (121.03 KB, 1280x1280, wormie rose.jpg)

>My first thought

No. 175367

Lolol thanks for making me laugh, anon.

No. 175373

Stop drawing it out, you fucking faggoys.

No. 175375

wow autocorrect

No. 175376

I guess I get my 'projections' from watching Dakota in the background of Kiki's early stickam videos. She's always quick to agree with and supplement whatever Kiki says, whatever nasty jokes she makes, etc.
She was the one who shooped many of Kiki's early pictures, and based her own online persona and photography heavily upon Kiki's.
I think it's undeniable that she looked up to Kiki, and her associated e-fame, as something to aspire to. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.
But if you notice in their early videos, Kiki was never exactly nice to Dakota. When she wasn't being flat-out ignored, she was usually being mocked.
Kiki's the older one, but she still can't keep herself from spewing evidence of her shitty personality all over the internet. I genuinely think Dakota was just trying to act like Kiki at the time, in order to impress her sister. She saw Kiki praised for her looks, and based her own online persona off the same qualities–just aimed at a different audience.
Also, the stuff about the equipment they had–to my understanding, that was all bought for Kiki, to further her career as an e-celebrity–and I guess for the 'college courses' that both of them took on film & editing–but Dakota got to use it, too. They have the same shoe size, as demonstrated from when Kiki filmed her outfit videos and borrowed Kota's floral heels. It's hard to tell how much was wardrobe swapping and how much was actually bought for Dakota

And yeah, I read her apology. I was actually the one who first pointed out the blog post to /cgl/ in their kota threads. So I read the original, and then I read the edits, which Cathy was speculated to have a hand in. Not sure which you're referring to, but the original seemed genuine. It was at that point that I thought, 'ok, she's not irredeemable, she recognizes that what she did was wrong', and I stopped hating her. People grow and change.
Nobody here thinks she's 'a cute innocent angel'–you're projecting way hard–but she's not some kind of deceitful, narcissistic cunt like you seem to think. She has her faults like everybody else, I don't think her 'gruff' public image is well-managed, but her mistakes are not prominent enough to deserve the amount of venom that /cgl/ and the PULLtards produce over a single candid image of her.
That's all.

No. 175379

File: 1441498412992.jpg (36.64 KB, 443x332, image.jpg)

She actually didn't look so bad from the beginning minus the sort of aftershock of seeing her true face. At least, she looked better than now.

No. 175385

I like "faggoys" better.

No. 175392

pls forgive my faggoyness

No. 175398


Non-Jewish homosexuals

No. 175483

File: 1441515777817.png (318.77 KB, 600x428, Cathy_ostrenga_begging.png)

fix this thread with some cathy throwback drama

No. 175485

File: 1441515948000.png (331.86 KB, 1280x666, Fake_kotakoti_comment.png)

No. 175498

My sides. rofl

No. 175510

File: 1441519977929.jpg (16.07 KB, 456x346, 01-4.jpg)

it still cracks me up that she thought I was 5 different people. Like, there COULDN'T possible be more than one person angry at her special little snowflake children.

I used to have screencaps of when their IP would visit the original PULL tumblr, but sadly, those were lost when the tumblr got taken down.

No. 175527

I wish we could track their IP's when they come here, kek.
But I'm just a dummy, idk nothin bout that fancy computer stuff.

No. 175570

How do you know that's Cathy though? It could have been Kiki, Dakota, scot, fan or even a special spam software

No. 175598

Because it is Cathy's writting style.

No. 175609


how do we know what her writing style is like if she hasn't post anything publicly online?

No. 175615

Kek they vandalized their own home with "regal slut" (the hidden compliment that nobody uses what a retard). Kiki claimed she was blackmailed by a guy who hacked into her webcam and threatened to harm her family and give out footage from the cam if she didn't sent him nudes (also didn't happen.) And then mama Ostrenga made up a story of a hater killing their cat. Dear god, I hope she didn't actually kill the cat but I wouldn't put it past that crazy bitch.

No. 175617

Um. She has.

No. 175653

File: 1441558909957.png (285.28 KB, 800x435, 280mnvq.jpg.png)

Yeah, her shitstorms online, like her famous one on Twitter, made themself alone.

No. 175879

Because she had bulimia. Seriously she looked bad there IMO. But the more "scene" look and "gyaru" loook (liz liza,ank rouge,…) suited her really nicely, kawaiidesoo is just not really her thing though. Not so flatteringon her.

No. 175886

How do japanese people react anonymously on kota? I wonder? They must be pretty mean

No. 175902

Is this.. recent? Girl, those cat tights arent in style anymore. Next she'll be wearing eyeball bows again.

No. 175915

Tbh they are leave comments on everyone as it is mainly teenage girls posting there, also much vendetta there.

No. 175958

Fuck you. I still wear them

No. 175970

Corny bitch! Lol

No. 175984


>keeks posting in her bikini could have been her idea

That doesn't make it any better. A good parent would say "hell no". What Cathy and her husband did was find a way to capitalize on it. To me that shows that they put money over the safety of their children.

This isn't good parenting at all

No. 175994

anon cats will always be in style…….awkward

No. 176021

this is literally just what white people look like when they smile

the nitpicking in these threads is cringeworthy. criticize dakoto for like, meituing herself into a newborn baby, not for failing to have dimensional eyelids like some kind of silicon android

No. 176024

She look cute and her outfit is on point.

No. 176026

well, you're just wearing shit that's out of style. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

No. 176043

>out of style
I'm sorry but who gives a shit other than fucking basic bitches.

No. 176057

Not that anon but it is out of style by some years now. Kota should be wearing things that are not from taobao if she's so successful.

No. 176060


I've noticed that recently too. Dakota doesn't seem to have much of a style anymore… in comparison to when she first came on the scene, it's kinda dried up? Like she'll throw on any old shit.

liked how back when she was viral that she had nicer outfits. Even though kaka probably matched them up for her, they looked alright? Like better pieces? Now I think kota is slowly moving kawaii from totes kawaii and getting into a more… toned down look but its shit?

Idk. I can't figure it out. Kota isn't making an effort and kaka is wearing bdsm on a daily basis

No. 176198

Its a good thing I don't care about uppity weeb bitches like you and can wear whatever I want then, huh?

No. 176216

How dare you not be a sheep like the rest of us and submit yourself to trends! Heathen!

No. 176340

No. 176502

Yeah I always wondered like why didn't she bring any of her old cute clothes with her? I wonder if kaka wouldn't let her lol. Think about it she was wearing kooter's pink wing shoes and she also has the white ones so kaka being a greedy bitch keeping all their clothes wouldn't surprise me.

No. 176527

she was probably limited on luggage space.

No. 176533

But you can fit a lot of clothes in a suitcase? She never wears any of her old, nicer clothes.

No. 176541

kek okay debbie, have fun wearing your super unique cat tights from ebay.

No. 176602

Is she a high class escort?

No. 176615

>high class

Don't make me lol, anon. Dakota's white trash just like her sister and her redneck mother.

No. 176618

Does she pick these dresses herself? All the formal shit she wears looks so fucking tacky and downright ugly.

No. 176628

What? As far as I know, those cat tights are still "in style," just not as big as they were before.

No. 176650

When something's 'not as big as it was before' it's because it's over. It's done. People are sick of it and the more fashion conscious people who are generally more ahead of trends have already abandoned ship while the more slow ones are just picking it up/still hanging on.

It's just how fashion works. They're not completely dead yet but I (different anon) would agree that they're over.

No. 176656

Those cat tights were never in style with anyone besides fat tunblr girls.

No. 176658


Pretty much this.
Are people seriously trying to talk about how ~style conscious~ and ~fashion forward~ they are for being sick of tights that were only ever "in" on the internet or a niche like jfashion? Christ.

No. 176700


Lol why does it matter tho?

No. 176703

These threads are getting kind of tiresome

No. 176707

File: 1441719259864.jpg (164.37 KB, 369x1920, image.jpg)

There's so much sperg particularly in the Kota and Kiki thread. Usually I'm good at ignoring the obsessed weebs but they make themselves pretty fucking known just by getting Muh Feelz hurt over ugly cat tights. I'm writing it off as obsessive weeaboos, at least, since I've seen talk of circle lenses and "dolly" makeup as well as ugly j-brands. The icing on top being threads on getting famous on ameba or modeling in Japan. It's hard to take a lot of comments seriously when they sound like they come from weeb morons who secretly have pictures of Kota taped up in their closet.

No. 176717

>that comic

ah..those were the golden days

No. 176745


This. Fair enough if you're a closet weeb but when you're derailing threads to talk about circle lenses and how you wish you were a kawaii Japanese girl, getting mad because a cow has some more/better weeb shit than you do, or because someone doesn't like weeb shit you like, you really need to chill the fuck out and get some other hobbies.

No. 176799

Haha, that comic is amazing.

No. 176830


Agreed. It's kinda sad, I like Jfashion myself and normal fashion. Guys you CAN mix it up a little and not look like a total weeb but still work it? Calm down.

I swear half of you guys are kota's secret fans really

No. 176999

The idiots criticizing the tights,circle lenses, and outfits are the wannabe edgy try hards that end up shitting up these threads more than the defensive ones. And it's most likely people from Pull doing this. Aka catty bitch central.
I can't believe anyone is still so lame as to care about what is considered "in style" When you grow up little teeny boppers you'll find out that literally no one gives a shit.
And to the defensive whiners that say "I wear that too!" and "but I weigh that much too!" "But my hair is thin too!!" etc…
No one gives a fuck.
no wonder her sisters thread is blowing up more. Kota is boring as hell so much to the point where the majority of convo is nit picky shit like this.
One thing is for certain though, Kota brings out all the types of basic brats.

No. 177009

Just get over it already.
You're continuing to shit up the thread with stupid OT.

No. 177045

Erm in inverse, the weeaboos from pull are the ones that usually gush over circle lense brands and ugly j fashion, typically. They often add in their jealousy with humblebragging, or crying about Muh J-Brandos!
However I don't see the point in analyzing pulltards to the point if just continues dropping a fat load on an already many times over bombed thread.

No. 177079

You guys always act like you're better than pull but I see just as many catty bitches and off topic arguments here, if not more. I don't use pull but the obsessive hate of their site is retarded especially since this one isn't much better and most of the pics and updates come from there.

No. 177095


>it's most likely people from Pull doing this. Aka catty bitch central.

I'm not that big a fan of PULL, but if you really think it's only PULLtards that are catty bitches, you're just as newfaggy as all the PULLtards that come here and shit up the threads.


Exactly. There's been a ton of catty weeby bitches on here since the Staminarose/Maxfag days.

Have you ever seen how /cow/ and kiwifarms hate each other even though they're pretty much the same thing except one is a forum and one is an image board?? That's us.

No. 177097

Nice broad generalization and using a few continuous spergs to help suit your agenda. "You guys." Who, exactly, is you guys? There are many users on this board dumbass. If you don't like this site so much, why are you here and better yet, continually posting about it?
Most of the content comes from the source of milk themselves. Maybe a few old jackotass memes or comics thrown in for nostalgic purposes? What are you on about.

No. 177105


In fairness 'you guys' might've been referring to the posts they were replying to, but I guess the 'always' doesn't really fit in if that's it

sage for acting like a legit sperg

No. 177110

Are you fucking blind? Look everywhere you see people bringing up pull. You're definitely one of them by the way you're freaking out.

When did I say I didn't like the site you stupid cunt? I love how you're whining about me generalizing when you're just pulling shit out of your ass and spewing it like an autist.

Jfc see what I mean. You're a prime example of how there are dumb bitches everywhere not just on pull.

No. 177125

sure, there are catty bitches here, but let's not act like pulltards aren't infinitely more annoying

why don't you fuck off back to pull?

No. 177130


No. 177131

> hurr go back to pull!!!@#11one!!!
Oh u 2edgy4me

Nobody on here says "hey guys im from pull!!" So how are "pulltards" more annoying? The only annoying ones are idiots like you who always bring up pull. Your pathetic vendetta against their site is lame.

No. 177135

You done yet m8?

No. 177136

You don't see the massive irony here?

No. 177140

You're the one who started spergin out m8. Are you done?

No. 177142

What the hell are you talking about?
When was the last time you took a shit? You're so angry…

No. 177144

Keep shitposting to relieve your built up anger m8. The thread is fucked already.

No. 177150

File: 1441767311644.jpg (61.2 KB, 600x600, image.jpg)

I call upon "archangel" St. Francis
To release soothing energies
And pure, crystalline moonbeams
To enter the heart and souls of our disciples
And our retards
To give our posters soft, regular shits
And new and exciting hobbies
To keep them full of thy milk
And help keep them off the path of temptation
To project their ass burgers on the threads of thy shepards, Kira Kira and Dakota
May these crystal light energies
Shine on all of us
Except all fat jelly haters
Who can rot in the ground and become the soil for our crops that keep our cows strong and healthy
Love and light

No. 177152

I bet Kiki and Kota are cackling at us over vegan pizza.

No. 177153

And ft. bae's popcorn

No. 177154

No Kota is sucking that bravo d to keep her job and Kaka only cares about screencapping the mean things we say about them.

No. 177157

File: 1441768117985.jpg (18.55 KB, 318x335, image.jpg)

No. 177158

Uh, you might as well use that picture for yourself…

No. 177161

Do you even

No. 177166

I was also replying with a joke and you didn't pick up on the obvious sarcasm?…

No. 177171

Someone needs to make a banner of Kiki and Dakota laughing with a pizza between them

No. 177195


everything was magical and nothing was sacred

No. 177439

File: 1441824091309.jpg (51.66 KB, 470x350, 1fa70918-e706-443f-a66c-46b556…)

A recent photo of Dakota with a young fan.

No. 177532

File: 1441837433142.jpg (94.99 KB, 577x1024, image.jpg)

"Very cute princess" kek

No. 177534

File: 1441837565366.jpg (91.57 KB, 577x1024, image.jpg)

"Beautiful princess"
I love the way creepy Hispanic men tweet at Kooter.

No. 177739

I feel like she got some work done to hide her nasolabial folds and that's why the joker lines like Taytay. Or is she just pursing her lips way too much lately?

No. 177746


yo did she get extensions again? sorry, out of the kota loop and noticed this. she's looking a lot better as she gets older, good for her.

she prob got fillers, i know theres probably so much pressure to look younger and its a good solution if you can afford it.

also where is her shirt from, i want

No. 177754


No. 177755

Hispanic men are disgusting overall tbh

No. 177760

File: 1441855809013.jpg (13.35 KB, 251x302, image.jpg)

Must just be a flattering angle. Koots been looking a little rough.
I know fatsu chans are mad when this is said but I really do thing she'd look QT if she lost weight…

No. 177782

She looks like she's about to start crying in this pic. Her eyes are so squinty and… Idk?

No. 178404

File: 1441986237203.jpg (65.11 KB, 600x748, COoCvOZVEAAS-_e.jpg)

No. 178407

Sigh, that fucking alien forehead shoop just keep expanding and getting more ridiculous.
In what world does this look good? Maybe on a planet far, far away inhabited by greys but not on our Earth.

No. 178431

Japan fag here.
Can't read the new Popteen without paying for it, but they had a special book with all of the models with makeup in it, but Dakota is nowhere to be found. So I wonder if she is done with Popteen at this point.

No. 178457

She doesn't even remotely look believable anymore. I guess she's given up trying to fool anyone.

No. 178459

>kaka's fivehead
>shitty brows
>fucked up jaw and face

Kootz is BDD as fuck

No. 178463

personal preferece, but this is the best i've see her look in candid. i dig the squinty eyes and fuller face

No. 178465


Weird eh? I still reckon she'll fade away soon. Idk kota should go into… uh… idk tbh

No. 178466


She reminds me of Audrey H here

No. 178475

Keep hiding your ugly jaw
It'll never go away on it's own

No. 178486


There's a small, nagging part of me that thinks Kota secretly got married. It would explain how she's getting less and less work, and maybe even Kiki's sudden obsession with getting a spouse visa. For Dakota's first 3 years in Japan all Kiki cared about was trying to be a model or a DJ/musician in Japan, then suddenly about 6 months ago she meets Taku and drops everything. Dakota has been in Japan for 4 years working, all she has to do it stick it out for one more year and she can become a permanent resident, but if this trend keeps up pretty soon she'll drop off entirely.

No. 178494

Maybe they realized their readers cant relate to makeup guides using waito gaijin facial features.

No. 178498


That's exactly what my suspicions were too. I think she's secretly hitched as well. Kinda adds up, doesn't it?

No. 178499

What gets me is that people actually believe she is 19 still.

Remember those pictures taken when they were kids? Two floating around on the internet, one where kota had a hat on pigging out and the other with their dad in the living room?

There is HARDLY age difference between them. Like a year or two at the most. Kaka is 23, Popteen even stated her age in tiny print in the July 2015 issue. Wouldn't kota have looked a lot younger than kaka is she is supposed to be 19? Like babier in those old pictures when they were kids? They look in the same age range kek.

No. 178501

That's why it was stupid for her to be a catalogue model in the first place. There's plenty of work in Japan for white models, but Dakota shot herself in the foot by being a lazy slob so she couldn't et any of it even if she got her shit together now, she's too old looking even with her connections at Bravo.

Funny, she's been with Bravo all this time but she's never modeled for any of their big events. They just keep shoving her at Popteen and variety shows.

It's just funny to me, how Dakota ales said she wanted to be a model but then when she gets the chance, and one hell of a chance at that, she can't even be bothered to take care of herself or put any effort into building a career on it. Instead she just takes what Bravo gives her and sits in her room all day. I don't care what anyone else says, she's a fucking loser.

No. 178502


I wonder that too. It's like if Dakota is this wonderful barbie doll, how come she is never modelling for brands like Jill Stuart, Snidel, Titty & Co ect all those BIG brands which are popular as fuck right now amongst young Japanese women/teenage girls. I mean it's more mature, it's cute and it's dolly like brands. More grown up than the shit she's been modelling.

Those brands use white models so I've noticed. All these big blue eyed typical aryan type of girls, all pretty. All similar.

I mean… wouldn't it make sense for her to try getting work with these types of brands? It'd give her ego more of a boost too. They're loving those mature ass dolly larme kei brands at the moment.

No. 178503

This makes a whole lot of sense. I think last year or 2 years ago Kota talked about having a boyfriend now it doesn't seem like she talks about relationships at all. I remember Kaka mentioned Kota brought back a Japanese friend to Florida, that friend could've been her husband.
Plus Kaka has this weird need to be like Kota in every single way, so if Kota gets married she'd have to get married too.

No. 178505

They wouldn't use her, even with her connection to Bravo because she's too (dare I say it) fat compared to what white models are expected to be. Not only that, she never takes out her circle lenses and can't pose or walk like a proper model, he'll she cat even pull her shoulders back and stand upright and that's just good posture in general. Dakota being signed with bravo was a fluke and a joke, her being there as long as she has been reeks of shady business or bribery. Contrary to what so many white weebs believe, just being white, blonde and blue eyed isn't enough to be a career model in Japan. They'll forgive a weird nose or a slightly large jaw, but the stuff you can fix like your weight and posture they actually care about. Well, other agencies care about. Dakota wouldn't have made it past 3 months without Bravo pulling all the strings and handing her everything, and no company as big and prestigious as Bravo is gonna do all that for a flabby foreigner just because she's white and has some cute pics and videos on YouTube that she looks nothing like. She's either married to or just boning someone there to stay in contract.

>inb4 ur just jelly!!!

There is no amount of money, trips to Japan or apprarances on TV or magazines that would make me jealous of a lazy ignorant slob like Dakota Ostrenga.

No. 178512

This conspiracy is ridiculous to me.
I was sentient and scene throughout their whole period of scenester fame. Because I was also super young and lied about my age pretending to be older (because that's what everyone in the scene did when they were kids) I thought it was obvious she was doing the same thing.

No. 178514

She can't work for those brands. Because she doesn't look like her shoops. She is fat by model standards.

No. 178515

She's going to be in the TGC on the 27th…they posted this on their twitter: >>https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video/COnipngUcAABK6c.mp4 She looks plain to me.

No. 178516


Yeah I get the whole "people lie about their age all da time tho" thing. But it's obvious they're within the same age range. Even those childhood pictures, kota would have looked so much younger (yh i get there is growth spurts) but c'monnnnnnnnn that picture with their dad in the living room, kota and kaka look the SAME AGE. Kaka would've looked a hell of a lot older and kota would've been so much younger. She's defo in her 20s, idc what anyone says either. She ain't 19 and yh people lie about their age, but no way is she 19.

No. 178517


Ah… how fun.


No. 178527

I wish reina triendl was still the white girl flavor of the month in japan.

No. 178534


She's kind of kawaii, just WOW kawaii just "aw yh cute" kind of kawaii.

No. 178536


Does anyone else feel like nippon is trying to FORCE kota on everyone/us all? Like "look at her ffs shes so cute just FUCKIN LOOK HOW CUTE SHE IS!"

or not?

someone i feel like bravo is really trying to force us

No. 178537

No. 178540

I feel like they do it by constantly asserting how much of a doll she looks like. No one wants to be the person to dissent when all you hear is 'ohh she looks so dolly! so cute!' She really don't seem to get much press when it comes to mainstream brands and I don't think she's in popteen a lot, and that is the magazine that contracted her.

No. 178541

She's 20 now tho. That's a 3 year age difference isn't it? Not that much. Do you not have younger siblings? I have 3 sisters, one a year younger, one three, the other five years younger. The sister who is 3 years younger is now 18. I look younger than her. It's just a matter of chance really.

No. 178542


She's 22 this month anon, she's no going to be 20 because she was already 20 2 years ago lol.

No. 178544

I think this was the last time she was in a popteen video, a month ago. She kinda looks trollish while the girl next to her looks cute.

No. 178545

File: 1442007542551.jpg (162.42 KB, 640x845, image.jpg)


No. 178546


Yeah, probably. It bewilders me how the Japanese believe it.

No. 178547

File: 1442007573112.jpg (146.7 KB, 640x845, image.jpg)


No. 178548

File: 1442007608261.jpg (146.56 KB, 640x849, image.jpg)


No. 178549


Still don't get aside from "she might have split ends tho" why she cut her hair and still wears extensions… Idk

She looks alright I guess. But I do miss and prefer her old style she was back in 2012.

No. 178550

Love conspiracy theorists. So cute.

No. 178551

File: 1442007685851.jpg (141.25 KB, 640x846, image.jpg)


No. 178552


Dat hand placement.
She really working overtime on hiding that chin and jaw of hers.

No. 178553


Still ain't 19 or gonna be 20 tho anon get over it

No. 178556

File: 1442008444290.jpg (78.93 KB, 612x612, 26347_10151768836043447_495080…)


girl i know looks a bit like kota

No. 178557

You're nuts

No. 178558

No. 178560

File: 1442008526609.jpg (82.05 KB, 612x612, Blogging.jpg)

Like from the side mostly

No. 178561

MFW the japanese are eating this up.
Is this what's cute now? Am I out of touch?

No. 178562


Apparently? Looking weird and alien like is kawaii

No. 178563

No she doesn't.

If this isn't a self post don't you think it's creepy to post someone you know on lolcow like this? They're just some random pedestrian, you're a dick.

No. 178564


I said from "the side" non

and nah, I know them and it's not a self post either lol

No. 178565

You're a dick

No. 178566

File: 1442008827587.jpg (24.35 KB, 360x480, lies.jpg)

>it's not a self post either lol

No. 178568



No. 178570


Tbh kota looks cuter than the other model

The japanese one looks like a fucking rabbit

No. 178575

File: 1442009303403.jpg (59.14 KB, 600x800, COJPu2XUkAAqGys.jpg)

Implying rabbits aren't cute as hell. Besides Nicole Fujita seems to be the it girl when it comes to popteen these days. I think Dako looks too haggard next to her.

No. 178578

I agree, the other models teeth are off putting.

Kotas face looks really pretty in that video actually.

No. 178588

File: 1442009842069.jpg (39.22 KB, 357x358, image.jpg)

Haggard? She may look haggard now in general but she looks just fine in that video.

No. 178592

I still think she looks haggard in that photo and video,especially in motion. Good thing this is all subjective though.

No. 178595

File: 1442010292048.jpg (38.95 KB, 343x356, image.jpg)

No. 178615

Maybe haggard isn't the word, but she def looks too old compared to everyone else.

No. 178633

That's not what conspiracy theory means, goofus. Of course since no Ostrenga has ever actually finished school I wouldn't expect them to know any better.

No. 178634

I'd still go with "haggard", her nasolabial folds are so prominent and her eyes sans shoop are so squinty, plus her skin looks dull and she always looks sleep deprived. Poor girl's aging like milk, almost as bad as her sister.

No. 178635

kota looks about…15.
she has cheeks, anon. she is a human after all.

No. 178636


15?! She looks 19/20 at the most. Her and her sister look tired and worn out most of the time.

No. 178645

how are you guys even judging these things over a blurry photo?
she looks worn out an older in the tv appearance higher quality photos, which is as close to real life as you're gonna get
she looks like a baby in her shoops only

No. 178651


We're discussing her candids, not her carefully edited IG and ameblo pics.
Oh wait, you're serious? Jfc.

She in no way looks 15. If you think she does then you must be used to seeing some rough, ugly teenagers. I'd hate to see what you think a 22 year old looks like, probably a shriveled up chainsmoker granny.

No. 178652

yeah that anon sounds like a jelly underaged whale. i think kota is pretty young looking still bc of the chubby cheeks

No. 178653

Cheeks? What are you talking about? You can have chubby cheeks and still not have nasolabial folds as deep and long as hers.

No. 178654


Ostrenga/Kotastan spotted

Dakota doesn't have chubby cheeks btw. She has a wide jaw and a square face which might be what you're misinterpreting as chubby cheeks. Yukapon has chubby cheeks, Dakota doesn't.

No. 178658

or they think her deep nasolabial folds are just "chubby cheeks"

No. 178660

this may surprise you anon but not everyone here obsesses and hates over dakota. I like to see her new pictures and know how she is doing. There's no reason to expect everyone to feel the same as you do just like I don't expect you to agree with me.

No. 178661

> girl i know that looks like kota
> hey guys don't i look like kota???

No. 178662

lmao not everyone who thinks shes cute is ostrenga or a stan. im just jealous of her face. i think its cute.

yukapon is ugly. so is the asian girl in the video next to her. they look like blobfaces. are all of you landwhales or something, thats why you have to prop up girls with flat, fat face like yuka and this popteen asian? they look like they have moon faces. kota just looks like she has chubby cheeks. like a teenager. stay mad

No. 178663

File: 1442018230469.png (569.34 KB, 533x535, 1441609800359.png)

you can keep going on about nasolabial folds like a moron, but at the end of the day at least kota doesn't look like this flat-faced troll. she weighs less than kota but looks like she has a fatter face, if thats what you think chubby cheeks are, you must be a landwhale trying to make urself feel better

No. 178664

Dakota, we see you.

No. 178666

Please stop thinking that just because YOU guys are aware of Kota that all of Japan knows and loves her. Her Popteen videos don't get very many views, and she's microscopic compared to other models.

No. 178668

In Japan she is just like every other white catalog model. But chubbier.

No. 178669

File: 1442018563671.png (194.03 KB, 302x414, Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 8.42…)

still not dakota, lmao. i wish i looked like dakota, she's a qt.

but it is weird how you brought up yuka. we all know yukapon is OBSESSED with talking shit about other weebs. i bet the most flagrant kota hater ITT is yukapon. it doesn't make sense to me how yuka's thread is full of nothing but praise, people bring her up in other threads as an example of youthful/cute, and then turn around and call dakota ugly. both girls are very plain and average looking but dakota is definitely not as ugly as this landtroll. natalia already looks like shes pushing 25.

No. 178670

Yukapon looks cuter than dakota in my opinion. Im not really a fan of her current style but at least she takes care of herself.

No. 178674

>but it is weird how you brought up yuka.
You're the one… who brought her up. Are you brain damaged?

No. 178675

Im not the one who mentioned yukapon, I was wondering who the fuck that girl in the pic was lol.

> I wish I looked like dakota, she's a qt.

> both girls are very plain and average looking

If you're going to troll at least try to be consistent, jesus.

No. 178676

takes care of herself? i swear to god this entire website must be moderated by yukapon 24/7. yuka has so many wrinkles already, around her mouth, around her eyes, nasolabial folds that are so deep and yet no one ever brings them up (they aren't natural either, obvious aging).

im so sick of this basic ass bitch being brought up in every thread while people diss ordinary looking chicks. if i was yukapon i wouldn't be able to face a mirror until got some fillers and a nosejob STAT.

No. 178677

this is the first mention of her, are you blind? this wasnt me. >>178654

well im ugly so i wish i looked as cute as dakota. she's no supermodel but she's def not as ugly as y'all make her out to be (in fact everyone that has selfposted on this board before is uglier than her which makes me lol at how high ur self esteems must be)

No. 178678

She's got bad skin and deep dark eye bags too. These bitches must be willfully blind.

No. 178679


dakota stop being jealous

No. 178680

can we pls ban yukapon off this website?

No. 178681

Kota you are aging like milk and out of shape. Hit the gym and get better quality extensions.

No. 178682

kota may be fat but she still has a decent face. that's more than i can say for your hook-nosed moonfaced idoru.

No. 178684

the "well at least she isn't as ugly as ___" argument really doesn't invalidate my point.

No. 178685

i wasnt trying to invalidate your point. i wholeheartedly agree with you. i was just sperging out because this board has such a massive boner for yukapon and i think its because they try to make up for their own inadequacies

No. 178693

Okay you fucking autistic jackasses.

I'm the one who mentioned Yukapon, and I only did so because she's the only cow I thought of off the top of my head who has chubby cheeks. I considered using Taylor at but her cheeks are fake.

Yuka is a train wreck, she's a wannarexic drugged out attentionwhore. But yes, she has chubby cheeks.

Dakota does not have chubby cheeks. She is chubby, that's a fact. But she has normal cheeks, a wide face and deep nasolabial folds. Not the same as chubby cheeks.

No. 178699

why is everyone arguing about kota's face AGAIN

jfc we had this discussion last week and week before it was her body

No. 178700


there's fuck all else to do.

No. 178704

Badum tsk

No. 178716

I love fighting with you guys

No. 178777

I find the petty bickering more entertaining than discussing yet another filler tv show appearance or that page or two she was featured in on popteen

No. 178861


Pop teen never stated she was 23. Proof?

No. 178896

Did she have some work done on her face? She looks really different from before.

No. 178900


July issue 2015, there was that picture of kota/scott/kaka when they were tiny. There was a SMALL passage of text next to it and it mentioned how kaka was kota's nee-chan and she is 23. I no longer have the issue, have a look for Popteen July 2015 online you'll find it. It's like 12 pages in.

No. 178901


It's just the missing bangs and that her eyes look very dark/ brown.

No. 178929


Are you 100% that the right month? There's only one picture in that issue of her

No. 178965

its photoshopped

No. 178976


Yep, definitely. Lilac popteen title and all pink on the cover with kissy face model. Yep.

No. 178977


No she's in that issue anon, keep looking.

No. 178981

File: 1442073018718.jpg (118.45 KB, 320x480, 0001.jpg)

No. 178982


it's the "kyodai" section you can see kaka/kota with scott in a tiny ass pic and the text DOES state kaka is 23

No. 178995

>states kaka is 23
KEK the shaaade

No. 179002

So annoyed that this bitch scanned these to upload just to resize them to a quarter of the original size and render most of the text unreadable.

No. 179012


aint my fault its small! i was just showing which page it was and what issue plus i did say it was small af

but yh it does state it in the text, if you can make out basic jap then yeh

kaka's haggard mug doesnt deserve to be in something so much as shitty as popteen tbh

No. 179013

Hahah no! I wasn't blaming you, sorry, I should've clarified I meant the girl who uploaded them on that blog.
I agree, I bet she was thrilled when/if she found out about it. Or maybe not considering it tells of her real age. But then again, she probably can't even read it since her Japanese is so basic (contrary to what she says).

No. 179027

File: 1442081587408.jpg (253.38 KB, 800x1128, 059.jpg)

I hope this one is a little bigger.

No. 179032

Doesn't that say her brother is 23 and Kaka is 22?
Correct me if I'm wrong; my Japanese is shit.

No. 179036

File: 1442082259011.jpg (12.41 KB, 314x162, 1438726727672.jpg)

In the magazine it says the one in the middle is her brother, but on the TV it says it's Cathy.

No. 179039

Well the translation would be:

>(Dakota) has a 23 year old brother and 22 year old sister. She doesn't have a recent picture of them together. These two (her siblings) can't speak Japanese.

lmao kota stealthily shat on kaka's nihongo skillz

No. 179041

Wow it took me too long to spot the kooter, is that bear supposed to be ted? lol

No. 179045

Lmao, I wonder if Kaka's gonna be salty and unfollow Kota or tweet something about her after she sees that like she did when Kota posted when she was leaving Japan on her blog.

No. 179048

File: 1442083273355.jpg (100.79 KB, 800x413, 800px-Kotakoti_changing_faces.…)

Yeah, the fact it mentioned her brother was kind of weird to me considering he's not in that picture.
That's definitely Cathy and not Kyler though, lol.
>She doesn't have a recent picture of them together
A blatant lie.
What about all those lovely photos of you and Kaka together during the scene era, Koots?
With your fried hair and shaved eyebrows?
Or even the slightly more recent ones where you were shooping yourself like a (even more hideous than now) alien and Kaka like Valeria Lukyanova?
Forget about those?
I suppose they're just not ~kawaii uguu~ enough.

No. 179049

>>Yeah, the fact it mentioned her brother was kind of weird
There was another photo with him on TV, they might have mixed it up

No. 179070

File: 1442085720776.jpg (29.89 KB, 586x216, Capture.JPG)

Someone asked her…since she quit middle school, what did she do with her time back then?

She replied that after she during middle school (after she quit), she went to a "music school" and when she graduated she realized she lost interest in making music. Her sound engineer degree was rendered futile.

Uh…I don't remember Kota going to study as sound engineer, especially in middle school lol. Only Kaka got some bullshit degree from some bullshit college.

No. 179073

>>179070 I remember reading somewhere that she and Kiki went to study sound engineering - someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 179077


Yeah she did, like anon said kota did drop out. Fuck knows what she did during all that time apart from shoop all day. I know kaka had a part time job at a store not sure about kota though. But it wouldn't surprise me if she did too.

No. 179080

Perhaps why they unfollowed each other and Kaka had a mini meltdown recently? Along with saying Kaka is 23?

No. 179085

i can only imagine how derpy kota must've looked in these photos without shoop

No. 179087

wait so kooter doesn't even have a high school diploma? Jfc

No. 179099

i wonder if she just took a picture of her asscrack and pasted it onto her chest

No. 179105

Did Kiki tweet about being sota mentioned in pop-teen? I be surprised if she didn't

No. 179107


nope and i doubt she even knows shes in there or too bitchy enough to even mention it either

kaka and kota are on bad terms atm

No. 179113

They aren't on bad terms
That's a lolcow fantasy that I wish I could entertain, but you know they aren't on bad terms.
Like I would want to believe that oh so badly too but it just isn't true.

No. 179114


idk anon someone said they were

calm down buttlicker-chan

No. 179115

So… when's she getting this clothing line then?

No. 179120

Was this actually even happening or just something she wished for?

Either way I wonder what tacky, two years behind trend items she'll come up with.

No. 179122

No. It's not happening. On one of those crappy tv shows she said she wanted one and that was months ago. And some people are still thinking it's actually gonna happen. The Ostrengas are used to getting things handed to them and starting a clothing line is too much work for the nippon princess. And she is nowhere near famous enough to just be the "face" of a brand (all the designs and actual work are done by a company but it is labeled as the celebrities collection)

No. 179125

Yeah I agree. If they were on bad terms, we'd know for sure.
They seem to be just average siblings who get into arguments sometimes.

No. 179126


She's getting a clothing line anon, like it or not. It's going to happen. Cos she's white and kawaii, so it'll happen.

No. 179127

Hint-chan is back trying to play pretend and stir a rumor that has always been false, yet again.

No. 179128

Buttlicker chan? What? For not believing every single hopeful, deluded Ostrenga thinkpiece on here?
Kiki and Kota are BFF autists. Believing any less is just a pipe dream.
They're laffin' at us right now over their vegan pizza with their nipponese visa husbandos ;)

No. 179131


kota's bringing knd back but only this time… it's gonna b kawaii

No. 179133

lmao so those hideous bat designs will have big animuu eyes this time

No. 179149

File: 1442100708698.jpg (94.62 KB, 485x612, image.jpg)

Anybody in possession of the Charms caps willing to post em here?

No. 179158

I imagine her clothes would be something like:
kawaii gothloli plaid schoolgirl uniform desu
something with a cat on it for sure
choker necklace
and very likely some things ripped off of vivienne westwood

No. 179160

Hm, I don't know why it's so difficult for me to find the thread caps of charms talking about Kota. I didn't used to have a problem finding them.

No. 179168

Kiki can't read Japanese and doesn't care about anyone but herself, so her reading Popteen and finding it is impossible, plus Dakota probably wouldn't even mention it to her because it's not that big a picture, plus it's old as fuck.

>saying that's the most recent pic of her and her sister together

That's not even hardly believable. Is she just trying to pretend her ugly scene era just didn't happen? Or is it some subtle shade at Kiki, not wanting her sister to be in her magazine.

No. 179170

>I got a degree in sound engineering when I was in middle school, but I just decided not to use it, teehee~


No. 179184


Maybe Kiki and Kota really do hang out together, Kota's picking up Kiki's habit of making up fantastic bullshit that never happened to make herself look better.

No. 179199

all that can be found anon just search find "dakota"

ya'll wanted PULL ded and now there's like no "evidence" left on dakota's dramu

No. 179204

Eh? I never cared for pull particularly but I rarely visited it so it didn't bother me to the point I wanted it nuke.

Dunno why lolcow would want pull exterminated when it kept a lot of the weeaboo attention whores away, save spoony and a few others. They're gonna continue to migrate here.

No. 179240

Damn no caps in the charms thread either wtf

No. 179274

File: 1442126132819.png (77.33 KB, 969x330, 1409609592185.png)

I just have this one

No. 179275

Thanks for that; I was trying to search for them in old threads/google for a good 20 or so mins and found nothing.
So do people generally believe her?
Because (judging from this cap) she only copy and pasted the so-called conversation and didn't actually post a screenshot or anything. Or did she eventually at some point?
If she didn't this is pretty flimsy proof imo.

No. 179276

How is it flimsy? Charms posted it herself under her own trip.

No. 179279

I believe it. Tons of teens smoke and drink behind their parents' backs so it's not hard to believe she would do this too.
What would even be the point of lying about this stuff? I get that she was upset with Kota but if she was going to lie about something to get back at her, it would be a lot juicier than this.

No. 179439

Why is Charms such a shitty person?

Wasn't the reason she posted all this because Kota wouldn't tell her where she got her VW replica horns from? What a spoiled child.

No. 179498

No, she posted it on /cgl/ after Dakota went to Japan with Bravo, Dakota stopped talking to charms all together because she wouldn't believe Kota when se said her VW horns were authentic and charms begged her for the taobao shop name she got em from. Dakota shaded her first, then fucked off to Japan and never spoke to her again.

No. 179505

This sounds fishy given Charm's inability to keep female friends. I'm sure something happened on her end too.

No. 179511

She did get mad as fuck that Dakota wouldn't tell her where to get the horns, iirc they had a proper fight about it and that's why Dakota stopped taking to her, then she left for Japan.

There were also rumors that Charms was the "friend" Dakota was planning to move in with before her shoops went viral to get away from Cathy.

No. 179515


That last part isn't a rumour, I'm the one that released that info originally.

No. 179522


So wait, Kota didn't move in with Charms because they fell out or because she went to Japan instead? Did all this stuff happen in the span of like, a month?

No. 179555

>>There were also rumors that Charms was the "friend" Dakota was planning to move in with before her shoops went viral to get away from Cathy.

omfg can you imagine in an alternate universe that's what happened.

dakota ending up doing shitty camgirl things with charms

i'm dead

No. 179557

Pretty sure she would've been more abusive than Cathy.

No. 179560

Nah, as long as Kota ended up being the one who got fat and got all the shitty tats & the bad boob job. I think Kota going to Japan made Charms realize she wasted her life and now she's dead inside.

Btw, doesn't Charms lurk here? I'd love some more old Kota stories but I'm sure that would never happen since she's got her own thread here too.

No. 179742


As far as I remember they were friends on Tumblr and Skype for like 8 months or so.
During that time they hung out once but mostly spoke online on Skype where Dakota would confide in Charlotte about her domestic issues.

Charlotte told me that a piece of information she never ended up releasing on /cgl/ was the fact that Cathy was not only verbally abusive towards Dakota in terms of her appearance, but that she had also been physically abusive (to what extent I don't know, I didn't want to pry at the time), and that whenever Cathy "started" on her, Scott and Kirsten would pretty much walk away and not do anything to prevent it, or would later pretend that nothing had happened at all which flies in the face of Kirsten claiming to be so close to Dakota and speaking with/protecting her all the time.

Eventually it got so bad that Dakota came on crying one night after an incident and since Charlotte had space at her place she offered to let her move in. Dakota very almost did it, but very soon after she struck her deal with Bravo and then like a month or two later flew off to Japan.

I think Japan looked like a preferable means of escape as opposed to moving in with Charlotte. I don't blame her for taking her chance and getting the fuck out of the US.

No. 179763

That thread is how I found Dakota. I remember seeing her photo on /cgl/, and it ended up being the thread where Charms posted the photo of them together (which shr didn't wanna do at first, and apologized for lookinh ugly). It also had logs/screenshots of them talking, including kota saying "brb gonna smoke"

No. 179777

>I think Japan looked like a preferable means of escape as opposed to moving in with Charlotte

It is. Charms is fucking abusive in her own ways, have you seen what happens to people that live with her lol?

No. 179783

File: 1442259663212.png (7.56 MB, 2448x3264, chrms1.png)

Dakota and Charms hanging out. iirc Scott took the pic on the condition she [charms] wouldn't share it online. I'll see what else I can dig up

No. 179784

Holy shit that's Charms? She doesn't even look like the same person…

No. 179785

File: 1442259837109.png (43.4 KB, 1207x317, qaatime.png)

This is Charms' response to some of the questions re: Dakota that /cgl asked

No. 179786

File: 1442260192103.png (22.28 KB, 1220x178, chrs2.png)

all I got for now

No. 179787

that's her! I believe this pic was in 2011 or 2012 but may be mistaken.

No. 179794

File: 1442261002365.png (66.1 KB, 1230x524, chrs3.png)


No. 179797

File: 1442261220053.png (51.84 KB, 1366x372, chrs4.png)

sorry these are so unorganised and not in perfect order, my organisations a mess, just dumping what I have as I know it's been reqested. 1 final final one [I believe this was before the others when she first posted in relation to Dakota, cant find mention of the VW horn replicas that got the ball rolling but this is along the same lines]

No. 179824

I can see the whole "not getting along with her family" thing tbh. I might be reaching, but the whole mutual unfollowing fiasco that went down with her and Kaka might hint at that a little. That wasn't the first time they've done that, yeah?

No. 179847

The first time was when Kiki posted bullshit with her account.

No. 179893

The thing about wanting an asian boyfriend is true and I wonder how much of it was her personal taste or just Kotex being a weeb, or even following kaka. Not sure if kaka followed her in getting an asian bf or the other way around.

No. 179903

Wut? Kaka followed Kota.

No. 179993

So fake

No. 179994

Extremely fake, the only thing really worth screaming about is having to touch and rub against that naked dude constantly.

No. 179999

Welcome to TV.

No. 180003

Where's this from?

No. 180004


I gotta say, if you've never been into one of those Japanese haunted house things, the darkness and not knowing where you are and bumping into random objects and then having screaming people jump out at you really does fry your nerves and start making you act more irrational and fearful.

Usually I'm a total tuff-guy bitch but I flew out of the exit doors of one of those things cause it really engaged those primal flight-or-fight senses and freaked me out.

No. 180005

Just pointing out that her acting sucks, dat tarento.

No. 180007

>too much soy sauce

No. 180009

Ah, Kooter's famous rice, cucumber and soy sauce diet.
How can she consume something with so much soy sauce?
Shit would be salty as fuck, ugh.

No. 180011

unpopular opinion but I like her on tv, She interacts nicely with the weird as fuck men she needs to interact with.

Like the one jumping in the hot tu with her and now this half naked dude.
Situations where other more ''innocent and kawaii desu ne'' girls would be a bit weirded out and keep distance kota doesn't bat an eyelash and acts like it's the most natural shit in the world.

I quite like that.
She interacts better alongside guys/men then other girls in my eyes.

No. 180017

god dammit so annoying. i wanna slap her

No. 180018

I was thinking the same. I also like that she doesn't speak with that silly high pitched voice you sometimes hear and is so forced.

No. 180037

because when she's with other girls she's in the background and when it's all guys she's the center of attention

No. 180039

That looks good as a snack, but not a freakin meal. Holy crap. You get zero nutrition from it.

No. 180044

Is that guy with the black vest and white shirt the Japanese Filthy Frank because holy shit.

Also, naked man is pretty disgusting. Why Japan?

No. 180046

File: 1442331253710.jpg (46.45 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_njtn28nLMk1tltspbo1_128…)


>is that guy with the black vest and white shirt the Japanese Filthy Frank

Filthy Frank already "is" the Japanese Filthy Frank.
His real name is Joji, he's haffu and speaks Japanese fluently.

No. 180048

I can actually understand that. Being around people in a constant state of panic would throw anyone off.

No. 180049

He's half? Confirms I've seen way more ugly half Japanese than attractive ones then. Sheesh.

No. 180050

I learned something new today. Wow. I had no idea.

No. 180055


Yeah, the change in his features is pretty dramatic.
When he's pulling the Filthy Frank face he legit looks like a greasy, American jew.

Otherwise he's actually rather cute.

No. 180063

I wonder if there are any normal videos or photos of him besides >>180046

No. 180066

File: 1442332217640.gif (419.3 KB, 400x225, ff.gif)

>implying ff isnt ultimate husbando

No. 180076

maybe that's why she looks so bloated at some events and then normal at others…?

No. 180080

He actually grosses me out.

No. 180082

Holycrap, he's actually a super qt when he isn't acting like a retard. I'm intrigued.

No. 180114

That's the point! His behavior is purposely off putting. The voice he uses is actually pretty similar to the voice of an autistic guy I know as well lol.

No. 180118

He'd be a good boyfriendo, but not husbando material.

No. 180119

I think it's a salivary gland issue. Would also explain why her teeth are always so yellow.

Wouldn't want to outright accuse her of being a current bulimic, but after you have long term bulimic tendencies, your salivary glands become ultra sensitive. You can be mostly a recovered bulimic and only purge every few months, but your salivary glands can still blow up like a fucking balloon.

Obviously this is speculation but I'm not going off some Wikipedia article. I'm not referring to myself for Diary Points, just to kind of give you guys an idea. I've been a recovered bulimic for a couple years now. This means going from purging multiple times a day to none at all. Maybe I'll have a very short relapse where I purge once or twice in the span of 8 months. But mostly, completely vomit free. Say I get sick with a stomach bug, vomit a couple times even though I haven't purged in 9 months straight. Could even be a year or more. Doesn't matter. My face bloats out like a puffer fish.

No. 180128

That looks so damn clearly like bulemic cheeks.

No. 180134

File: 1442341926077.jpg (149.85 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Where did she get these shoes from?
I been looking for the past hour

No. 180135

The more I learn about Kotis family, I want her to have more success in Japan

No. 180155

probably taobao

No. 180156


She appears to like her soy sauce I give her that. Maybe it's all the sodium

No. 180164

all pics are photoshopped of her lmao

No. 180169

I saw those on Taobao everywhere a couple years ago. Pretty sure they are knock offs of the gyaru brand Dazzlin. I'll keep looking since I am semi-interested too.

No. 180170

Same here.
I mean she isn't blameless, but like man thats gotta fuck with you some what.

No. 180171

Papa franku is a sex god.

No. 180203

Brand is Diable Baiser, they're under DreamV. Been searching for them too, but wasn't successful, on taobao they had similar ones, but they weren't shaped as nicely. But if you find them, let me know; they're quite interesting.

No. 180213


They're sorta tacky tbh

No. 180214


They're sorta tacky tbh>>180203

No. 180215


Why? She can barely model, sing or act? She can market herself well but not to be jelly or salty, I don't see aside from the barbie thing how she's successful. Got where she is, yeah some success. But… she doesn't do anything really :|

No. 180216


I'd rather Aminyan or Taylor R get success tbh

No. 180247

Lol but she has to deal with it or get sent home. I think it's pretty normal to be creeped out by that situation.

No. 180259

Basically, she gets along well being the center of attention, (other girls = competition). This isn't a good trait for a girl to have.

No. 180338

Your reaction to my post was rather unnecessary and irrelevant. I guess you just needed to let some negative emotions out.

No. 180345

Ok what the fuck is going on with Kota's arms in this screen cap?

No. 180346

I have just realized that the chair is covering her arm making it look wonky as hell. I am an idiot pls disregard.

No. 180414

Sometimes I wonder if kota burst out crying once and confessed about shoop, kaka ect and they all cuddled her and said "we lav u dako-chan!"

No. 180419

I don't see her in October Popteen. Odd

No. 180441


She's workin on her clothing line duh

No. 180448

Will you ever give up

No. 180452

I'm p sure that was sarcasm, anon.

Charms is honestly the biggest cunt. "Oh no I don't want to say anything about Dakota but she lied about everything and had a really terrible home life and she trusted me with these secrets about her and her family but I'm going to post them on /cgl/ for everyone to see because I myself am such a perfect blameless person continues to soak nails."

It really reminds me of how much I hate Charms and how happy I am that she's an obese foreveralone camwhore with bad tattoos. Regardless of how shitty Dakota might be for "lying" about her hair and clothes (which tbh who fucking cares,) Dakota trusted Charms with things she probably told no one else. And Charms just pissed it all over the internet. It really shows what an immature cunt she is. I've had an ex-friend that I shared everything with turn on me and talk shit about me behind my back all over the interwebz so maybe I'm just personally butthurt here, but I still think Charms probably hurt Dakota a lot when she didn't need to (even though Dakota isn't blameless, I don't think that pursuing a career in a foreign country is a reason to spill someone's secrets publicly. imo of course)

Dakota isn't perfect, she's not gorgeous nor super talented and comes from a psychotic family, but tbh Charms is a cunt for what she did.

No. 180490

Dakota is terrible but I agree with this. Charms told every tiny secret Dakota had over something really REALLY stupid and not valid.

No. 180508

>It really reminds me of how much I hate Charms and how happy I am that she's an obese foreveralone camwhore with bad tattoos

Same. She is, was, always such a cunt. It really makes me happy seeing her life turn to shit.

No. 180510

Damn she is so pretty

No. 180518

File: 1442458209396.jpg (34.06 KB, 288x511, image.jpg)

No. 180562

I vaguely remember the day charms was spilling chatlogs. What year did she do that? It seems not that long ago and already she's changed so much.

No. 180577

File: 1442466821562.jpg (142.96 KB, 768x932, dakota.jpg)

Not sure if this is new or not, but I thought she looked more like her normal self and not overly shooped in this photo. She looks cute.

No. 180581

No. 180582

She looks like her mom

No. 180588

That's actually not long ago at all!

What year did she get all fat with the tats?

No. 180626

File: 1442489050512.jpg (134.43 KB, 1080x1078, Screenshot_2015-09-17-12-23-09…)

No. 180627

File: 1442489217570.jpg (52.52 KB, 599x602, image.jpg)

No. 180629

Sometimes I wonder if she has pedophile sponsors that pay her to put out those shoops so they have s/t "safe" to jack to.

But that's just my brains inability to comprehend why she continues to shoop like this when everyone knows what she really looks like.

No. 180634

Why would they do that when kiddy gravure with children as young as 4 is a thing in Japan?

No. 180645


I remember watching a documentary by Justin Lee Collins called "Turning Japanese" and he found a factory that made sex dolls that looked like toddlers and children. I suppose Dakota is that kind of "Real Doll"

No. 180647



No. 180648

she looks kawaii af here, not gonna lie

No. 180650


I'd like to see it without all that filter tbh

No. 180658

Is this what she supposedly does to stay thin?
Reminded me of a phrase I read the other day: if you're thin because you eat nothing but lettuce, you're not really thin. You're just a paused fattie.

No. 180664

You could say the same for exercising though. Eating less/eating healthy is way more beneficial than exercising for weight loss

No. 180665

No. 180680

Fuck cutest picture of her yet

No. 180707

Right? Shooped to shit, but still cute. I like how she looks with her bangs out of the way like that.

No. 180709

If you exercise your body will straight up burn calories more naturally when you're not because it gets used to needing to to support the exercise. Eating nothing but cucumbers actually tells her body that she NEEDS to store fat and calories which if anything explains why she's got that hideous stomach she does. Anytime she eats anything that isnt healthy her body will go 'oh damn WE MUST STORE THIS'
Which is why low calorie diets are stupid. Eat balanced meals and get off your ass kooters. Maybe people will actually want to look at you outside of your shoops then.

No. 180720

I went downstairs just now to make the rice and cucumber combo and it actually isn't that bad. Didn't use as much soy sauce though.
Would eat it again.

No. 180725


She looks more like herself here I think? Less alien but more… pre-post kawaii days? Shame she can't keep her selfies this way.

No. 180742

File: 1442517621906.jpg (18.21 KB, 476x318, 8c89f29d7d27700c95a513c4a463c3…)

'Starvation mode' is only an issue when you are super underweight. Kooter has a pudge in her belly because she has like no muscle definition at all, and when you loose weight really quickly without any sort of strength training, your tummy skin will just stay pudgy because of all the excess skin and bloat you get from still eating a shit diet.

She's all flab and no ab.a

No. 180763

Plz dont be /fit/ here fatty. Stop spewing bullshit.

No. 180809

File: 1442523732715.png (15.7 KB, 700x700, 1435177657935.png)

Anyone else that likes her natural face more rather than the shooped one?
I feel like the way she shoops her face makes her look older like in this pic >>169000 whereas her natural face is more cute

No. 180842

I think she shoops herself to look like a hideous alien purposely so when you see her irl you think wow she looks better in person! Makes sense since her old beautiful shoops had the opposite effect.

No. 180849

Seriously. Holocause vistims were able to lose weight. So has POW's. Starvation mode as most people think of it does NOT exist. The Minnesota Starvation Experiments proved that.

No. 181022


Yes and they all got fat in the end

No. 181037

Yep. SWIM recovered from a pretty severe ED and shot up to 160 within 2 years after being between 75-90 since they were really young. Starvation is dumb. If you want to fuck up any chance of you having a normal, healthy relationship with food for the rest of your life it's totally the way to go.

No. 181050

i saw a little PT in her face
maybe it's her nonexistant lips

No. 181093

File: 1442601142440.jpg (55.86 KB, 640x480, 11265450_635189636583346_79679…)

From Baby the Stars Shine Bright's facebook page.

No. 181094

File: 1442601183708.jpg (73.63 KB, 480x640, 12036697_635189629916680_45925…)

No. 181096

File: 1442601231527.jpg (68.52 KB, 640x480, 12032242_635189639916679_74352…)

No. 181099

Why does she always do that face, shit ain't cute.
Plus too many filters on her face.

No. 181100

The top half of her face and her hair (wig?) look great, but I just can't get over those fucking lips.

No. 181102

I see it too. I think it's the cheekbones and nose.

No. 181110

They're so overdrawn they go up to her nose

No. 181124

She looks super cute.

No. 181142


LOL I was so distracted by her retarded lip liner that I at first didn't notice her huge front teeth. Were they always that much bigger than her other teeth? I for some reason thought they were all pretty much even.

Also you can see her age in these BTSSB pics- not "ew omg she looks so ~*haggard*~ and ~*aging like milk*~", she looks like a young adult woman rather than a kawaii teenager like she pretends to be. Maybe someone else styled her for this? Hit them if so why let her keep those retarded overdrawn lips like that? Dakota, stop. Get fillers or don't but either way that shit with the liner ain't cute.

No. 181154

>huge teeth

Really? This thread sometimes..

No. 181155

actually in these photos i think she looks more like a little girl than she usually does. in her candids/normal pics she looks like shes in her 20s.

also you sound rly mad lmao

No. 181160

I think so as well. I still think she looks awkward in these pictures but the hair, outfit, and colors suit her perfectly imo. Especially the wig! She should seriously get a wig like this one and always wear it, it looks a lot better than her natural hair and her hair may even benefit from her wearing a wig as well.

No. 181161

at least shes not doing the tiny butthole lips anymore

No. 181162

Wow, I'm impressed! She should get her hair darker, and volumize it. It looks great like that.

No. 182079

lol the butthole lips are going SO HIGH now

No. 183012


No. 183063

Happy birthday Dakota, take a look at your sister's balding hairline that is you in 3 years

No. 183127

i would NEVER guess this is her . its actually amazing.

No. 183154

Wow. you posted a link to a blogger's bullshit opinion, certainly changed my mind! I'll just ignore the actual scientific/medical community's opinion. The secret to weight loss is eat more, more, more! Got it!

No. 183157

It looks like she has a herpe on her top lip

No. 183158

File: 1442651482591.png (1.05 MB, 855x644, kooty.png)

No. 183159

File: 1442651790065.png (112.45 KB, 839x709, lel.png)

No. 183160

File: 1442652637027.jpg (172.02 KB, 360x265, kek.jpg)

No. 183163

Even I'm not much a Dakota fan and I'm disappointed they used her. She's just racist, terrible and overall fake, but now she's nihongo as heck because she's some anime queen. I occasionally see Japanese comments akin to this, not quite worded the way we would against her, so it's not just us.

It's just that literally everyone other than Dakota are drama-free and so much better choices, gaijin or not.

Oh well. Like everyone who's a fan of hers, her only redeeming factor is she looks cute with a lot of Photoshop. I enjoy the darker hair color and I'll use this as inspiration.

No. 183173

I honestly don't see what's so bad if BTSSB uses Dakota as a model despite her past. Honestly, if she's not outgoingly talking about them, and is just taking pretty pictures and probably blogged once or twice about them, then I think its fine. Kota apologized(as half added as it may have been, and its something Kiki will never do), drifted herself away from her past, and doesn't mention her family much, but only when needed. If she talks shit or not about the Japanese, that's her personal thing she's obviously doing at home away from cameras. They like her, she likes her job, she gets to live every weeaboos dream, and America doesn't have to deal with her anymore.
Plus, these are one of her cuter shoots, photoshopped to oblivion or not. I think Dakota suits darker hair (I dunno about black), or maybe a warmer brown. And fuller lips, probably she could get fillers (I heard they are temporary but I'm not sure), and see how she likes them? Instead of this ridiculous lip point she's doing.

Damn right these girls are salty a'f lmao

No. 183184

Yeah, lip fillers last 6 months and after the 6 months your lips go back to normal (not saggy lips, but a little more fuller)
I like the shoot. As a fashion design student I'd never hire Dakota (too much shit to shoop) and doesn't suit my style, but I like to see her modelling for Lolita brands. When you're hiring a model it's because of her looks, not past. Idgaf about her past, I'm not marrying her lol she's just modeling. Let's see how she looks at the event

No. 183218

She and Sana are probably best friends lol

No. 183221

her hare lip suits the bunny ears, I think they did it on purpose lol

No. 183222


Well, some people just don't like her anon. Honestly I can't see what the big deal with her is now because she went viral a few years ago and now is just there I guess? But I can't see the barbie obsession they see.

Everyone is salty about everyone. Kota is in the public eye and people are always salty about people in the public eye. It's just opinions, ignore it if you don't like it.

I think those pictures look weird if anything. She does suit volumed hair though but doesn't suit the clothes.

Just opinions.

No. 183223


It annoys me a little how people keep saying "kota and kaka were teens tho and they were young-"

We were all young once yeah. But they weren't 5 years old. They were old enough to know right from wrong and they knew they were making themselves look like twats on the internet. It doesn't excuse the fact that they were cunts.

Kaka will never apologize and Kota made an 'effort' at apologizing. But fuck it, that's the best we'll get from those two. They were fame hungry from the beginning. It's just that one got lucky and the other didn't.

Kota is just like anyone else with a bit of attention. People will like her and other's won't. End of story.

No. 183239

File: 1442678731380.jpg (174.91 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

I finally found the original version of this picture. I just often seen edit versions of this to show people where it's been shopped like circles around her crouch for example.

This was during her crouch photoshopping days to try and make sure look taller by pushing it up wtf

No. 183242


Crotch? Kooch? It took me a minute to figure out what you where saying KEK

No. 183245


Sorry English is not my first language

No. 183255


I remember back in 2010 where kota was blooming and seeing edited ana-chan pics of her floating around. Girls would always comment "omg i wish i looked like this" lol

if only they saw her now

No. 183256

Meh she earned a bad reputation in the western world so people are allowed to not like her.

No. 183260

if it's true that she was abused by her mom, imagine having to look in the mirror and seeing your abuser staring back at you. It would make a little sense as to why her pictures are constantly and dramatically ps'd.

No. 183264

Not liking her isn't the reasonn they were called salty, theyre called salty for saying that she doesn't deserve or belong on BTSSB, or that they are disappointed in BTSSB Lmao.
It's just a picture, unless you are actively following the person's career (like we are with Kota), I doubt (normal)
people would care who's in the photo.

Read above, I fully advocate for different opinions and you could not like people how much you want. However, it's a bit different when you say you are disappointed in a company, or say they've downgraded when they probably don't care about who pose neither, and just post pretty pictures for others to but their lolita stuff. I don't like her as a person neither as she is somewhat boring to me, but that's only because I've separated the person from the job, and the employee from the business. Vice versa.

Oh well, opinions right?

No. 183268


Well there isn't much people can do about it. They hired her for the job and that's about it.

But reading the comments, if you were the manager it looks sorta bad right?

Either way. She's still a "real life barbie" so they'll continue to use her until they find a new real life barbie.

No. 183274

It's so hard for me to imagine her being abused by Cathy. Cathy seems like a big enabler mom who would have treated her kids like they could do no wrong and never called them out on their shit to discipline them. She was always kissing their asses in the background of their Stickams and even though they had disagreements it seemed like she was supportive of her kids. She seems like she really thought they were something special even though the rest of the world doesn't. I don't mean this to say she wasn't abused because I wouldn't even know, it's just shocking to me because Cathy always seemed like one of those parents you'd see on Dr. Phil that lets their kids have anything and everything to the point that they're spoiled and out of control.

No. 183279

Well, the police reports involving Cathy don't show much again of ass kissing but I can imagine she only started to become verbal abusive after Kiki became the spoiled brat she is as Kiki would throw a tantrum over everything.

No. 183287

Which reports? I've only seen the ones involving Danny and the time Kiki wanted to go get a different birth control. In the last one it seemed like Kiki was being a spoiled brat and Kota sided with her so they were acting up. Cathy seems like she was the kind of parent who thought her kids were extra special because they came from her so she was the biggest enabler. But people can have two sides and we won't know what she was like when she wasn't shouting in the back of their web shows. It's just so hard to picture, but maybe that's the most telling because a lot of abusers are good at hiding in plain sight.

No. 183296

Yea but what type of parent phones the police every time their kids are playing up?

No. 183298

Do you still have the report? I'm remembering it was Kaka who called the police from a neighbor's house and was waiting for them in the driveway when they arrived. It's been a while since I've seen it though.

No. 183302

File: 1442692777049.jpg (391.55 KB, 1280x828, 5nodae.jpg)

Never mind, I found it. From the report it sounds like Kaka and Kota were acting up like dramatic teens and then called the cops. It does say Cathy grabbed Kota and that Cathy and Kaka injured each other by fighting over her phone but it sounds more like the girls were the perpetrators.

No. 183307

It appears Kiki had a obsession with calling the police from a very young age. I'm surprised she hasn't gotten into trouble for wasting their time at least once

No. 183314

18 and she couldn't see the doctor herself? Pathetic,

Wait didn't she say she went vegan at 18 and stop drugs/sex/smoking/alcohol? Why would she kick off if about her mother wanting her to go off the pill in that's the case?

No. 183315

Parents with out of control spoiled brats for kids.

No. 183316

They push their own grandmother? Fucking sick

No. 183318

Some people were saying "Poor dakota she had such an abusive homelife" Idk from reading this it seems like her and kaka were entitled brats that probably threw tantrums if their parent's didn't buy them shit.

No. 183319

No wonder they are all about the copyright claims, FBI and the police.

Learnt it from the mother

No. 183320

God, I'd forgotten how much they come across like brats even in their own statements.

That and Dokota, heh. And people still bring up the other police report to 'prove' things, as if the documents are totally perfect.

No. 183322

I bet thats why they are paying for her Japan trips. Basically to get rid of her and have a break from her tantrums.

She still kicks off if she doesn't get what she wants even now at 23.

I wonder if Cathy can't wait for Kikis
Marriage just to get rid of her lol

Maybe they felt that way when Dakota left too

No. 183324

So Dakota was 15.
Was that just before the dolly phase or during?

No. 183325

She went viral at 16 but started at 15

No. 183326

Yes. Breaking stuff is so kawaii
Just like bruises and vomit on trains

No. 183364

This is why it's hard for me to see Cathy as an abuser. In their own statements both girls admit they threw things down the stairs and took pictures off the wall to throw on the floor. They were acting like out of control teens because Cathy wasn't catering to Kiki. They were spoiled kids that got anything they wanted and when they didn't they acted out to get it. Maybe Cathy was the kind of mom who gave them everything material to show her love but then yelled at them and abused them verbally too, but it seems like the kids were real monsters at times.

No. 183367


y'all do realize she's 22 and not 19 now lol

No. 183369

>the autistic brother in the bedroom
he's never mentioned and you forget about him and then bam creepy reminder of his existence sounding like the plot of a horror movie.

No. 183380


She's 20

No. 183381

No. 183382

By this video alone I'd believe they were retarded.

No. 183385

And yet koti still doesn't understand why people think she racist

No. 183391


and 22 today kek

No. 183411

lol Cadney defending her

No. 183439

I wonder if all these people bitching about her will make the company not want to hire her anymore? or na

No. 183463

How the fuck was their brother the only one diagnosed with autism?
Kirsten especially acts like a genuine retard.
Like, I used to act dumb and hyperactive with my friends when I was 13/14 or whatever too, but…not to that extent.

No. 183480

And all this time we thought Dakota was getting away from Cathy's craziness.
I feel stupid for being happy for her thinking she was escaping from something terrible.
Cathy is still insane but it almost seems like it was her bratty, out-of-control daughters that drove her over the edge. Also I don't know Kyler's situation and how he acts but I know having an autistic child is difficult and draining.
I almost feel…sorry for Scott and Cathy now? Wow. Never thought I'd say those words.

No. 183495

lmao japs are some of the worst racist.

Brands only look at how cute they are/white and slap them in a coord that dont give two fucks about their western fanbase and this is fact.

No. 183497

Anyone who thinks Japan gives a shit about racist or homophobic behavior is living in weeb land. They are some of the shittiest people when it comes to this stuff.

I've already said before if Kota tells them she was making fun of Chinese in that video they'll be completely cool with it.

No. 183499

Don't. Remember, these are the parents that pimped their daughters out because it was what they wanted. They photographed them in scantily clad outfits (including the infamous stripper bikini) then let the photos be put up on the internet for perverts to gawk at, allowed a sexual predator access to Kiki and did not protect her from him, and went bankrupt trying to turn their daughters into celebrities. The only people to feel sorry for in this situation are Sandra and Kyle for having to put up with all of it.

No. 183555



>Kiki asks her mom to take her to the doctor because she has a rash she thinks is caused by her BC

>Cathy tells her to call the doctor herself since she's 18
>Kiki and Kota both start screaming, calling her names and throwing shy down the stairs at her
>Cathy takes Kiki's phone away (since she pays for it) takes it to their grandma to have her hold it
>Kiki and Kota continue screaming and throwing shit, Cathy goes up and grabs Kota to get her to stop throwing shit
>Kiki runs next door and calls the cops
>cop observes no visible marks or bruises on either Kiki or Dakota
>grandma's statement mentions Dakota calling Cathy horrible names

And if this is the same story Charms tried to use to prove Dakota was abused by Cathy then I think se was a victim of another one of Dakotas lies. None of that is abusive except for Kiki and Kota's behavior to their mother. What rotten cunts.


>report dated October 2010

>Kiki stated as being 18

That would make Dakota 17 in 2010. She didn't start claiming they were 3 wars apart until she started lying about her age when her dolly shoops picked up. Hell, before that she herself even uploaded a pic of her 18th birthday cake in 2011.

No. 183563


Dakota must have been lying because she had a few fights with her mom. They probably weren't abused but Kiki and Kota always wanted to move out as soon as they could. Now Kiki's just a balding sackbug rotting away in her grandma's house.

No. 183569

Their grandma died a few years ago iirc, after Scott and Cathy declared bankruptcy so Danny's family couldn't sue the shit out of them & they just inherited the house.

No. 183571


It was still their grandma's house. It's not like they moved to their own place.

No. 183573


Isn't that the same house they vandalized in one of Kiki's videos? I wonder if they did that before the grandma died, bet se would have loved that. And you know they weren't gonna clean it off themselves, either.

No. 183577

You're right, anon.
I somehow momentarily forgot how terrible Cathy and Scott really are and that they actively perpetuated and encouraged their daughters' awful behaviour.
I still think Kooter and Kaka were absolute brats, though, and if they themselves admitted to having crazy tantrums over nothing; throwing shit at their parents and pushing/scratching them and their grandmother, at age EIGHTEEN no less, then I really don't feel like I believe or care for Dakota's 'abuse' claims.

No. 183632

Yuka stop posting here to defend yourself

No. 183635


did you really have to reply to a post from over a week ago just to try and start shit you autist

No. 183682

>being that buttblasted
chill it's just a post you just sound like yuka there.
Back to the thread anyway.

No. 183719

File: 1442777073814.jpg (74.22 KB, 480x640, tumblr_nux5z5G58T1sd87t7o3_500…)

get out off my lolita bitch

No. 183720

She looks so smug and cute here. Like she knows she is going to rustle some jimmies just by being in BTSSB

No. 183721

Lolita looks so fucking retarded omg I feel sorry for anyone dumb enough to blow 1000s of dollars on that ugly shit.

No. 183724

She probably does it better than you, get that sand out of your vag

No. 183725

Classic lolita is super pretty though, but I never see any.

No. 183726

And what do you wear?

No. 183727

Hate to pull this card, but you sound pretty jealous. I wonder what it's like being mad because someone you don't like is wearing a fucking dress.

No. 183728

Sounds to me like an ugly ita who got rightfully bullied for being in cute clothes that dont suit her. Let me guess you thought your bodyline was super amazing and you got posted on cgl?

No. 183733

Lolita is a hideous style. Sorry you feel salty bc you spent your entire paycheck on a cheap looking dress just because it has a label slapped on it. These clothes don't look good on anyone, you don't look like a kawaii azn girl you look like a fat weeb srry.

No. 183736

It still looks weird to me though not nearly as bad as the stuff that has like cakes and bright pink puke all over it ugh so ugly.

No. 183737

File: 1442778973861.png (625.4 KB, 480x640, kotafix.png)

I feel like if she was in a nicer dress and put together better this wouldnt be so bad.

The buns distract from the bunny ears because they read as bear ears. The wig itself should have been blonde to white because idk I dont dig the brown with this coord at all.The dress itself isnt that nice??? I hate the underskirt look and the filters make it look dingy because creams dont have such cool shadows. I also feel like the double trim on the shapes makes it look very lazily made. The scepter looks really cheap so shame on you baby I thought you were better than that. It looks TOO handmade and it's too simple in comparison to the coord. There should have been a white trim between the cushion and the frills. Also this would look 100x better with a red blouse instead.
the filters also make the image physically painful to look at imho. it might look better printed but digitally it hurts my eyes.

No. 183738

She is such a bad model and always looks awkward in every photo wtf you have been in this business for like 3 years now and you still suck? Shame kooter, shame.

No. 183739

haha mfw I'm asian and lolita doesnt even dent my paycheck. I dont like brand either so you're really barking up the wrong tree here. The only one salty here is you. Sorry bout it. Maybe learn to stop projecting though cause it's really sad.

No. 183741

Lol not a cute asian then. Stay mad you waste money on such a hideous style. Getting so butt hurt because someone pointed out how retarded your hobby is hahahaha

No. 183746

who fucking cares what other people wear? get a life and worry about yourself, nobody gives a fuck if you don't like lolita

No. 183749

I feel sorry for you, I bet your a manfaced ita who will never look good in lolita.

No. 183750

Seriously. And who cares if someone doesn't like what you like

No. 183778

Don't know if this was posted already, but I'm fuckin' dying

No. 183780

File: 1442784766436.jpg (326.28 KB, 1000x1500, 2012-05-06-DSC2144.jpg)

Lol you are really barking up the wrong tree i dont wear that ugly shit. sorry this is what you look like. ouch.

No. 183781

look at how many people replied in a butt hurt rage including you hahaha. Your fee fees got hurt when i pointed out how your hideous you look in this awful style. Stay mad.

No. 183784


"all japanese are kawaii"


No. 183786

Anyone know the song that plays in the background around 1:32? Kiki had it on another video and people kept asking what it is. She wouldn't tell them because she was trying to pretend like it was her song so it was probably something she stole off Myspace. I've always wanted people to figure it out to piss her off.

No. 183787

and this the kawaii elf goddess lol god.

No. 183788


Holy shit that burn.


No. 183812

No. 183816

Bravo anon, that was good

No. 183818

Not to mention the background is too busy with those bright ass playing cards scattered about. I feel like stuff like this is why Lolita is dying out- instead of being cute and elegant it's turning into tacky kawaii piled on top of tacky kawaii piled on top of token western model/Asuka/Maki/other frequently reoccurring street snap girls. I haven't seen a genuinely creative, inspired coord in so long.

No. 183827

She only gets work at all because of Bravo pulling strings for her. They only do that because of that one creepy older guy who scouts for them and creeps on white girls on YT who signed her (and has probably been boning her all this time). If literally just being white, young, and cute were all it took then there wouldn't be so many Russian/European 13-15 year old models getting sent home from Japan in debt because they couldn't get work. Actual models, who are thin, fit, can pose and look like their candids. Dakota's entire career was and is based in nepotism because one Jap guy popped a boner for her and used his position to get her close to him and in his control. His name was actually dropped in a previous thread I believe.

By the way, I learned something interesting today- in the state of Florida, all you need to change the date on your birth certificate is to fill out some paperwork saying the original is wrong, have it notarized, submit and wait for a new one. You literally don't even have to prove it.

I wouldn't put it past the Ostrengas. And it would make her DOB on her passport in her video make sense without it being fake.

No. 183830

>I wouldn't put it past the Ostrengas. And it would make her DOB on her passport in her video make sense without it being fake.

Well it would still be "fake", but it would pass a background check at an airport because as far as the system knows, the passport matches the birth certificate. Even if there were census or birth records for Dakota dated in 1993, as long as her birth certificate she used to get her passport said 1995 like the passport then no red flags would be raised in the system.

No. 183832

Implying her fake youtube passport is the same she uses to travel with

Come on, anon

No. 183834

If she got that passport with a fake birth certificate it very well could be. When they slide your passport at the airport when you travel abroad, it's to check to see if it's legit, as long as she got it with the "fake" birth certificate (a legit certificate, just with the wrong DOB), it would pass and they would let her through no problem.

No. 183837

that is why I am beginning to love indie brands so much more. A lot of them still have some creativity.

No. 183864


Are there any (actually active) forums/boards for indie Lolita brands? I've been an admirer for years but around the time I stopped being poor everything started getting tacky. Sage for OT

No. 183908

Googled a few lines that I could hear but found absolutely nothing, so yeah, must've been some obscure and unknown band she ripped from on MySpace.

No. 183912

not that I know of.

I usually keep up through tags on tumblr, and the "lolita updates" fb group.

also, I'm not sure how current/updated this list is, but it would be a good starting point for researching specific indie brands: http://indielolita.webs.com/brand-list

No. 183967

Shut up about lolita. It's OT so kindly shut up or gtfo.

No. 183974

When Kota eats the banana MY SIDES.
Kawaii elf goddessu~
I followed Kiki&Kota during their (and my) scene days, on their buzznet profile I remember way more retarded videos. I've always thought that the two of them were funny. Like, retarded funny. The kind of retarded friend we all have.

No. 183978


Idk about u guys but someone posted that asian racism drama on the fb page kota modelled that loli for

No. 183979

http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20150921-00000007-mantan-ent.view-000 <<< it's not letting me grab the picture

But Dakota is now in MORE loli costumes on some runway

No. 183982

File: 1442846244773.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-21-15-36-13…)

It's not that hard to printscreen/screenshot anon

No. 183983


not on my phone and my laptop is weird

No. 183985

Damn she looks good there…really cute. And her legs are so pretty there.

No. 183987


Really? The wig looks weird. But her body looks alright. She looks like Mikyfawn tbh lmao

No. 183988


Infact I hope kota goes into lolita instead. I'd rather her bugger off and get into that tbh kek.

No. 183990

She looks really bloated face-wise though
no, we don't want her here

No. 183991

agree i was just wondering why her face looks so bloated
maybe its the wig

No. 183993

File: 1442849717645.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1078, dooketer.png)

Seeing the show without knowing Kooter's own pics: Wow, she's cute

Seeing the show with knowing Kooter's own pics: Oh god what happened to her face

No. 183994

Her face is always pretty swollen looking in candids but the bonnet she's wearing is definitely accentuating it even more.

No. 183998

File: 1442850418707.png (204.59 KB, 706x378, dooketer2.png)

Shitty shoop based on the BtssB pictures, it was so difficult getting a shape back in her face after her shaving so much off.

No. 184004


Interesting stats on Koot's youtube channel.

No. 184005


No. 184018

>doge meme

No. 184025

she looks like she has downs in the pic, thought a retarded meme suited that.

No. 184026

she looks like a fattychan from her face. maybe they tied the bonnet too tight?

No. 184032

Her head is so large

No. 184055

File: 1442858450405.png (419.5 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-09-21-19-55-22…)

No. 184056

which one is her?