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File: 1449204424928.jpg (44.77 KB, 491x604, nA_-9ZvH3dQ.jpg)

No. 210557

No. 210558

She's so lulzy, yet I'm not sure what's left to say about her.

No. 210567

I feel like kota has been milked all that shes worth.

No. 210573

Yeah 90% of the content is dissecting her hair and makeup choices in IG photos. If she wasn't considered a "classic" lolcow she would be in /snow/

No. 210589


might get some shit from this but I've kinda just forgotten about the shit she did when she was younger and don't really care about that anymore, nowadays she's just a cute girl that shoops too much but I actually often like her looks

No. 210594

She's only considered "cute" because she lives in Japan.

If she were still back in FL everyone would still be calling her and ugly, racist basic bitch. You weebs are so goddamn transparent. Asslicking Dakota isn't gonna make Japan-senpai notice you.

No. 210596

ah, rage-chan, i knew you would show up sometime~!

Kota is cute. How is Florida treating you, Kaka? Still upset that your little sister is in precious Nipporu, and not you?

No. 210598


idk I haven't seen her being that racist since the emoscene shit so not really sure what you mean. if she lived in US and had a blog or something and looked like she does now I'd still think she's cute, don't really care that she lives in Japan since she doesn't even post pics from there or anything so it's kinda irrelevant lol

No. 210600


I'm >>210598 and also wanted to add that I'm by no means a Kota fan lmao I just don't think much shit about her anymore, she's just a pretty face and nothing more

No. 210606

Been a long time since I checked in with Kota but I'm glad to see she's still keeping up with the extreme Photoshop!!

Dem titties, lol!!

No. 210607



No. 210611

File: 1449219414600.jpeg (111.84 KB, 750x804, image.jpeg)

Again with the goddamn VW purse

No. 210624

File: 1449224861600.jpg (39.62 KB, 640x426, downs-syndrome-baby-boy-child-…)

Why does she think the downs baby look is a good idea?

No. 210630


OMG babys with downs are so cute
I hope I hace one in the future

No. 210631

No. 210632


You can get VW wallets for less than 4,000yen second hand. I wonder why she thinks we are gonna be impressed?

No. 210635

Fuck you. Never reproduce, you fucking idiot.

No. 210636

Well no, if she ever does anything more fucked up and stupid these threads will be useful.

No. 210639

i.e. the price of peace is eternal vigilance.

No. 210669

Besides, wasn't it a fake? I remember the logo being very different from the real one. Some anons busted her on it somw years ago.

No. 210671

Yeah, it's all fake. I'm not sure about her shit now but she's always wore fake vw.

No. 210672

just make sure you smother it before it gets too big

No. 210683

Op pic looks like she has a gauze wrapped neck brace or some shit

No. 210688

File: 1449246605021.png (291.72 KB, 491x604, gurl.png)

Hey gurl ur photoshop is showing

No. 210690

fuk. You'd think she'd be a photoshop pro by now.

No. 210701

File: 1449250376806.png (125.36 KB, 641x651, mdoelburnbook.png)

No. 210706

It's not common to lie about it tho, nor is After Effects.

No. 210734

It's true though. A lot of people in Japan and Korea use photoshop, pile on makeup and circle lens, and even lie about it too. Everybody knows who's doing it, but nobody acts the way people act in the West about people using Photoshop and other things to alter their appearance.

Dakota only gets shit for what she does because she's a westerner and other westerners get on her back even more so than people over here would.

No. 210752


Okay, but what was her excuse BEFORE she moved to Japan?? She's was PSing her images for years before.

No. 210761

I'm thinking she night actually be suffering from BDD.

No. 210763

Oh my god the girls in US who knock on using photoshop and effects are so sad to me. Your selfies, my selfies, kota's selfies, regardless of how "authentic" our beauty is, are all going in the same spank bank anyway.

No. 210773

Yep, us 'muricans – we're the epitome of ignorance, gluttony and evil. Bad, evil, oh we are!!

Way to be original.

No. 210779

Aw, did I rub you the wrong way?

No. 210789

there are plenty of eurofags who dislike kota's lying, photoshop, and AE tricks.

No. 210846

No. 210850


Its true, Risa Nakamura barely even looks like her when she does an interview and THAT is WHY Dakota gets away with it. They all use it so she gets away with it too.

It's standard over there, it's the norm. But the thing is>> >>210752

That's why the west doesn't like her because of the lies and shit like photoshopping years before. But because now she resides in Japan it's alright to do that, so basically kota got off safe plus she's no longer viral so she got off nicely.

We live in an age now where even if you don't look like your pictures, as long as they're good, companies can market you and shit then it's fine. It's pretty sad to be honest though, all the world cares about is appearance and that's it. Appearance gets you places.

Kota did the doll look at the right time, had the right tools (soft box, reflector, cheap tat off taobao to give off a barbie vibe, basic jap for her videos to give off the "animu girl" vibe, caucasian ect. It was all at the right time and sheer luck. Now she's there, where they don't give two shits about photoshop and it's fine.

I mean it's not really fine because many of them slag her off over on Girls Channel anyway so people DO have opinions.

But >>210701 is probably just licking Dakota's ass because they're at the same company, it'd be "rude" to say shit about Dakota. Bullshit, women are ALWAYS going to shit on each other. Dakota shat on people with her sister back then too and they were old enough to know what they were doing was shitty. None of this "teenager tho so so yung poor babies". Balls to that, they knew and where you act up is where you get shown up. People have accepted Dakota now, they know she's a fraud and because she plays along to the Nihongo card so well, tarento and all this cultural bollocks she's absorbed herself into. Majority of us think she has changed and plus the fact that she doesn't let us into her mind anymore? It's just kota koti which is a bland shooped barbie doll in pictures. We have no idea if kota has changed or not. She looks happier I will say that but changed? No idea, possibly and matured? Again, probably. She won't blow this chance guys, she'll continue this act and milk it up until she's 50.

"Kota Koti" gave her a nice life. She'd be stupid to throw it away.

No. 210860

lel you're right, i just checked girls channel and a thread about her is currently #77


No. 210861

shit anon. and I didn't even notice, that's embarrassing.

No. 210871

Not everyone who overshoops has BDD

What is with lolcow and their shit tier arm chair psychology lately

More unqualified diagnosises than a tumblr about me page

No. 210875

It's been assumed she has BDD because of the many ways she's shooped herself (and for how long & to the extent). Yeah, she has many styles to appeal to people, but it's crazy how far she went/goes, I guess. It also doesn't help that she and her sister were supposedly anorexic and Cathy stressed image over character.

No. 210894

As always, moon rune translations for some of the top comments would be greatly appreciated!

No. 210909

This is a genuine question what do people who like/follow her actually see in her? She has like no personality whatsoever? Just looking at her "blog" and in her videos she is so lifeless and dull. In terms of materialism and narcissism I honestly don't think she's much more different than kiki. She's just not as crazy.

I don't even give a shit about her past lying and racist stuff, its just the fact that shes so fucking boring/plain yet I still see her everywhere it kinda annoys me lol.

No. 210912

File: 1449296259753.png (9.67 KB, 846x179, b910e6760b7944be3849802dec5aa1…)

Google translate gave me this kek

No. 210927

Risa looks really tired without all that shoop. Her unshooped lips look really nice though. I don't understand why her photo editors insist on making her lips huge and puffy like she had an allergic reaction to some lip product.

I had a classmate who looked up to Kota's super shooped body as thinspo and the whole living in the glorious Nippon schtick. Said classmate was very materialistic and narcissistic as well. Basically she wanted to live Kota's life.

No. 210930

she has bags under her eyes sure but I still think she is really pretty. She has very doll like features and I also think her lips are nice.

Plus she still looks like her photos, they're just airbrushed etc? Kota makes her self look like an alien fetus nothing like her real face at all. Lol

No. 210963

Thread Topic:
The "Real Barbie Ningyo's real face is horror level"

Some comments:
"I never thought she was cute. I'm ugly, but I don't envy her face" <- lol

"She's not a real barbie"

"Her speech is really vulgar. Pls go"

"She looks kinda ugly"

"I think she's the American version of zawachin"

"I thought she was unrealistically cute, until I saw her on TV"

"She does NOT look like a livingdoll!"

"something something old hag dislike"

"She's not cute at all. Go back to your own country. Her personality is too vile for TV, and I hate it."

"Was she always fat, or just after the started appearing on TV? Because her videos gave me a really slim feeling, now I just feel they are completely different."

"She's cute enough without editing, and her blog photo is scary."

"If she's Real Barbie, I'm real Rika (dunno who that is)!"

"She's no longer getting media exposure for some reason"

"She appeals to teens though"

"The real her isn't cute, but her photoshopped self is"

"Her skin is too edited"

"American Zawachin"

"I was so disappointed about her real chin after seeing her on TV."

No. 210965


I googled Zawachin and she has a real talent for makeup, and to me she looks at least average without it. Dakota isn't even any good at shooping herself anymore.

No. 210972

File: 1449317691270.jpg (248.99 KB, 397x500, DSCF1276.jpg)

Given the context, I'm pretty sure the rika comment is referring to Licca-chan dolls.

No. 210980

She's known to be really ugly under her mask/makeup

No. 210992


Really? Fuck, maybe my standards are just really low

No. 211011

nice tits
although it's just shoop.her upper lips are weird.
is she trying to pull a tsubasa masuwaka here?

No. 211013

I think she's cute and i'm not her fan.
And she's not racist. what she said a lot of years ago dont fucking matter.
i'm pretty sure you said autistic shit when you were young. you seem pretty jealous to be this mad about people finding her cute lol

No. 211015

isnt it more acceptable in Japan because most of pictures of kawaii girls look very different irl and without makeup, most women also look different?

No. 211016

I think she looks pretty.
i have bad under circles liek her and it sucks.
i think minus her bags, she look pretty cute

No. 211017

I think older people hate her speech (it's kinda boyish and very informal) but teens like it

No. 211043


Not same anon but idk everyone has different opinions on kota. She's cute because she;s cute and that's it, most anons here are probably cute (course we have no idea knowing what they look like). People can be attractive. I think people are still pissed cos she's in Japan and got off nicely blagging to the Japanese that she was animu material in the flesh. Don't think people realize that it probably isn't all what it seems, catalogue modelling and having to shoop your pictures to keep up a gimmick from 5 years ago almost.

If people want to be models in Japan, if you've got the look guys and you have the body (if not loose some weight ect) then fucking GO for it. Just apply to some agency and try getting work.

Remember kota only went viral because of shoop and barbie gimmick. She could have applied for an agency if you wanted to but instead they emailed her thinking she looked like her shoops and plus Japan likes to shoop their models/models like Risa ect shoop/filter themselves to fuck. So obv she got away with it.

I'm just saying because I do sometimes sense some people are still jelly over this shit. Himezawa, Venus, Kate ect are good examples of try hard weebs who want the kind of life kota has with a gook fanbase. Whereas I can also tell some people just do not find kota that attractive idk there is a difference.

No. 211044


Her fanbase is probably school girls at the most and old men

No. 211045


Yeah, I do think Risa is pretty and I can see why she has a doll appearance. I find Risa more dollier than Dakota, by a long shit. It's the features.

That's how things in Japan is done, it's all filter and lightening. They still think Risa is cute in person even without the shoop. Hence why kota got off lightly, it doesn't matter over there.

But I will say Risa could do with some more sleep lol

No. 211048

File: 1449337532351.jpg (142.81 KB, 704x400, uuuu.jpg)


Yep, basically yeah. Just look at Koreans and Chinese instagrams too, they're all shooped. All you can see is eyes, hair and mouths while their skin is white as fuck. So it doesn't matter, it's just how things over there is. I think it's sort of sad though because even though it looks better and yeah in the west girls brighten/filter their pictures too but we do live in a generation where it's all about looking good in pictures but yet in person you can look like shit. We may as well just live in a virtual world… ever seen that Simpsons (don't laugh) episode where it's like 2050 and they're all walking and talking in their minds through some sort of computer devices? It'll probably be like that in years to come. Cept we can shoop/filter and blur ourselves so we look good.

No. 211068

what the fuck is this intro narrator's voice holy shit is it always like this

No. 211073

Magazine models or just fashion models are extremely liked by women or teens.
men prefer idols because they're "pure" and their makeup are more natural. it's weird that irl she tries to appeal teen girls but on her twitter she tries to appeal old men

No. 211074

it's pretty sad.
man, i feel bad for people living in east asia. their standards are pretty high and you see flawless girls and boys (ps of course) everywhere.

No. 211075

File: 1449343856063.png (1.69 MB, 1324x752, Screenshot_1.png)

I wish kota would stop the baby anus shoop.
I think she looks pretty cute here. she she has a chubby face but i don't mind it.

No. 211076

Risa is pretty but she gets a lot of comments similar to kota, that her eyes are scary and her face is creepy and all that.

No. 211077

Oh, i know anon!
Not everyone find her cute. I find her meh.
but anons who get very mad and talk about her past and say things like "OMG SHES RACIST!!! UGLY!!!! YOU LIKE HER? WEEABOO! WAHH!" seem kinda jelly because they're over-exaggerating idk
there's not much drama about kota nowadays

No. 211078

i think it's because of her lens.
hnng i love her full lips

No. 211079

Risa to me is staggeringly gorgeous and unique, when i first saw her it took several days to sink in that she wasn't 100% CGI. A real model, whose appearance irl is comparable to her photos. Dakota on the other hand is in real life rather bland, if somewhat pretty and could never dream of looking anything like her pictures. Her whole career is a sham. There's literally like a million other people there's more reason to be jealous of.

No. 211081

i know the voice-over is cringe-worthy but she's very cute irl
but i wonder how are her lips so full if she's 100% japanese?

No. 211093

Lots of full Japanese have thick lips (i.e. Kitahara Rie).

But yeah I'm in love with her lips. She made me seriously consider getting lip injections but I'd probably end up closer to Kylie Jenner than Risa.

No. 211103

True, as far as I have seen. I'd say those huge eyes are much rarer. Very striking, especially with the green lenses.

No. 211124


Same here, she DOES have a certain dolly dark aura look. Whereas kota plays anime girl. There is a difference between them and I think they both met at the tokyo girls collection… but i dont think they've modelled together

No. 211130

File: 1449350442834.jpg (73.96 KB, 280x381, daddy-grunge-money-pale-Favim.…)

Usuda Asami is another good example

No. 211146

Exactly, risa may not look as perfect has her pictures irl but you can still recognize her…

No. 211157

Sorry for OT, bu what's with that female announcer's voice? So fucking annoying.

No. 211302

File: 1449411958719.jpg (360.51 KB, 1600x1200, Alexis-alexis-bledel-1244949_1…)

Now that she tries to make her forehead bigger and her eyes bluer than they really are, she's starting to remind me a bit of Alexis Bledel.

No. 211340

File: 1449423854910.jpg (98.29 KB, 500x675, daddy-grunge-money-pale-Favim.…)


But she naturally has that though where as…

No. 211341


Kota DOES have a big forehead naturally but the way she photoshops herself doesn't play it right. She should just lighten and blur if that's the case, meitu isn't needed. She looks fine with just her normal face.

No. 211342

Why the hell do people shoop eyebags under their eyes it's ugly as sin and make you look tired. it's not cute at all seriously this aegyo sal trend is terrible..

No. 211459

Kota is very cute irl. Her shoops are so scary, both the older and the new ones.

No. 211513

Her wonky right eye though. She's always going to look like a Picasso painting.

No. 211589

Until lolcow brought it up, I seriously never noticed how fucking utterly insane her eyes are. Now I can't unsee it and it's just shocking.

I don't find it an ugly trait on her, though, just fascinating.

No. 211607

Dakota doing a Elemental Story promotional talk in lolita.

Starts at 34:00

No. 211662

Ok not gonna lie.. I think she looks and acts adorable here. I think she does TV really well now. Much more personable when you see her laughing and smiling a lot.

No. 211700

File: 1449518480319.jpg (133.23 KB, 583x427, licca.jpg)

didn't read further yet if someone else mentioned it but licca "リカちゃん” is a doll in japan equivalent to barbie that little girls play with or are collector items

No. 211726


i prefer to shit on kiki so i haven't been up on kota drama, but she seems genuinely happy and engaging here. i know it's acting for the job, but she's the type of person that when she fakes being nice it's obvious.

i'm really happy for her that she seems to be doing work she enjoys, away from her toxic family.

No. 211729


Her personalty she shows here and after this point is actually pretty cute. She's almost a little sassy.

No. 211747

File: 1449527116490.png (992.15 KB, 580x3017, patronsaintofps.png)

>What hasn't this been posted yet?

No. 211748

So if kota is so amazing now and good on tv

why is she still relevant here on lolcow?

No. 211749


She still looks weird though, just the bangs and lips.

No. 211754


It has in an earlier thread.

(my friend drew this :> )

No. 211787

Because it's old as fuck

No. 211789


Dakota is interesting to me Because I started out liking her, until I realised her YouTube tutorials are useless. Then I read the comments section and found out about her past. How she's a liar and a bitch and her sister Is crazy. Then I hated her. But then years went by and one day, When googleing her I stumbled on lolcow. And in reading her threads, ive come to realize she escaped her shit family, and is mellowing out lulz-wise. I think I'm starting to turn To liking her. Photoshop or not. She's cute to me either way. I don't know why.

I guess I'm waiting to see if there really is a reason to hate her anymore.. Is there?

No. 211796

Amazing, just realized on her head is that blanket all the people copying her style got.

No. 211873

well, she could move to /snow/ or idk
because theres a lot of people who hate her because despite the ps, she still have a life, man. there's no drama about her

No. 211899

Maybe she hates faggots and niggers, but that doesnt make her a bad person

No. 211901


I don't see the "doll look" at all.
Just a regular/kinda cute jap girl with saggy face and droopy eyes

No. 211941

>this was made like almost 5 years ago, keep up

No. 212131

So this girl looks literally JUST like Dakota, except this girl is better looking because she actually doesn't use photoshop in her pics and videos. Also, she doesn't seem to have a shit personality.

It's literally freaking me out how alike they look though. Found her through her collaborations with Sharla in Japan and freaked out at first because I thought it was Kota.

No. 212136

Are you new…to life?

No. 212139


No. 212140

Nope, just haven't kept up with the thread. My bad.

No. 212141

taylor r has her own thread in snow. she's not really got any drama though.

No. 212142

Ah, okay. Sorry!

No. 212146


lol, I know you didn't know but this posts still made me kek

No. 212260

Writing with a male popteen model.
Asked him about dakota
"She is a doll"
Yeah sure

No. 212997

File: 1449843917652.jpeg (137.71 KB, 750x929, image.jpeg)

So japaneezu, she forgot engulishu

No. 213036

is she hinting she vegan again

No. 213046

Thought that was more her being vegan not being too Japanese.

No. 213066

s…since when does mac and cheese have an egg?

No. 213085

are you retarded
pasta dough is made with eggs

No. 213090

Getting real sick of all the hyper-aggression on lolcow these days.

No. 213105

Same. It's like posters just can't wait to rip the heads off of other posters for any innocuous offense they deem worthy of ridicule. Liking a certain music, liking a certain aspect of a cow (i.e. charms' tits), basically saying anything that another person doesn't agree with will get you torn apart mercilessly by people who sit on threads all day furiously f5ing until they win their little internet argument.

It feels like people are using lolcow as a way to take out their anger– and not on cows, but other posters. I understand that self-policing a board is important to ensure quality post content, but the hyper-aggressiveness makes me not want to post nor engage in any sort of discussion anymore. It's just not fun to go farming and milk the cows anymore; not when the other farmers can't wait to sink their pitchforks into you as well.

inb4 cry harder newfag fatty

No. 213117

I think it's just the nature of places built upon gossip. When there's no new milk, you just turn on your own…

No. 213129

Where did you get that info? Not all pasta contains egg

No. 213132

I disagree.
This bitch doesnt look like kota. She just looks like a typical weeab who wants to look japanese.

No. 213133

I agree, anon.

No. 213134

I think she looks like a qt doll.

No. 213136

File: 1449877698636.jpeg (106.5 KB, 750x838, image.jpeg)

I was pointing out her English, not her meal, that's why the screenshot doesn't show the entire photo. But since farmers have their heads up their asses about her pasta, here's the full image. And it says ベジタリアン/vegetarian. Now can you all stop derping?

No. 213139

File: 1449878275436.jpg (63.27 KB, 480x480, tumblr_m96n1ir9fB1r64iepo1_500…)

Aegyo sal makes you look youthful and cute.
Dark circles /=/ aegyo sal
Good drawn ones look cute.
Badly drawn ones look ugly and make you look tired

No. 213150

aegyo sal makes you look like a psycopath who hasn't slept for days. Please stop this trend. It's not youthful, it's the opposite.

No. 213151

Are you new here?

No. 213154


Makes you look older, actually.

No. 213177

Never thought it made people look youthful, to me they look like they are tired or have really bad allergies.

No. 213211

What are non-weebs even doing in this thread.

No. 213215

lol, I'm a weeb and I agree with them

What does that even have to do with anything tho, people can hate/love a makeup style regardless of their interests

No. 213257


Most mac and cheese recipes include an egg in the cheese sauce. /drive-by cooking advice

No. 213307

Is this the first time you're here?

No. 213318

aegyo sal looks ok on ASIAN eyes. And even then most ulzzang are over excessive with them. They look absolutely ridiculous on white girls.

No. 213320

Looks just as stupid on Asian eyes.

No. 213457

Meh, I like the eye bag thing. If it's done well it looks good. Just like everything else.

No. 213462

No. 213829

it's ok, we've all been newfags once in our lives

lurk more

looks bad on most people

No. 213996


It's cute how her makeup is 3 shades whiter than her teeth/hands, kek

No. 214005


Thats so japanese, she's just trying to fit in

No. 214018

At least Japanese girls know how to whiten their teeth.

No. 214027

Lol, teeth whitening in Japan. Are you serious? Teeth whitening is really not a thing here.

No. 214032


Are you trolling? Japanese girls have horrible teeth, even aidorus

No. 214045

Braces aren't really a thing, but making sure your teeth aren't piss yellow is kind of a no brainer. Just because you don't see kawaii fashion bloggers doing reviews for teeth whitening gels/strips doesn't mean they don't do it. Most celebrities have pearly white teeth, and it seems the lower you go in the game ranking the yellower they get.

No. 214066

>I t seems the lower you go in the game ranking the yellower they get.

kek, this is true for kooter. And she should know better, as an American, I mean aren't literally all American celebrities obsessed with having perfect, white teeth? Smh the harder she tries to become Japanesu the worse she gets.

No. 214069

It's not a common thing to do, but it's a super common offer/option in dental clinics everywhere.

Source: I did it once in tokyo

But even the girls working there had extremely yellow teeth, kek

No. 214095

Yellow teeth and purple genitalia are common on every jap ever

No. 214101

Purple genitalia?? wat

No. 214103


Probably because they prefer healthy, functional teeth over teeth that are eventually going to crumble after years of whitening and bleaching.

No. 214107


That's all you see when the pixels in japanese porn go away and show what's underneath

their cocks and vags are purple/grey

No. 214109

If they really preferred functional teeth, they would get braces at a much higher rate.

No. 214111


A lot of them find crocked teeth attractive, they call it yaeba. Looks like their mothers banged a wild boar

No. 214117

File: 1450093651857.jpg (166.84 KB, 800x450, friends-s6e8-800x450.jpg)


What makes you believe crooked teeth are non-functional?

What the hell did you think ancient man did before orthdontics? That everybody just ran around with their teeth dropping out?

Man Americans really are brainwashed by this whole dental health thing. You guys don't believe teeth can be healthy unless they're all perfectly lined up like bricks glued to your gums and glow under UV.

No. 214126

i think the obsession with ~perfect~ and ~sparkly white~ teeth as something EVERYONE HAS TO HAVE is ridiculous and vapid to the max (but good job dentists fucking people out of their money) so seeing any good-looking person with natural teeth gives me delight.

No. 214127

it may be "functional" but it's unattractive

your skin will still be "functional" if you barely wash it and never use skincare but it will look like shit
wearing a tshirt and jeans from walmart every day is "functional" but you'll look like shit

sorry you're too lazy to take care of your teeth / your parents were poor lol

No. 214128

holy shit, could you be more of a spoiled brat?

No. 214129

why don't you brush your teeth?

No. 214132

You can brush your teeth and have them perfectly healthy and also a little dark/yellow

Teeth are not white naturally

No. 214135

>Teeth are not white naturally
Uhhh do people actually believe this?

No. 214138

you can consider many shades white if you want but often if something is not snow white it's called cream or some shit.

No. 214140

File: 1450097662212.jpg (17.54 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


I mean teeth are not naturally like pic related. It's impossible to have them like this without bleaching them (via some types of toothpaste, dentist or wathever)

No. 214141

File: 1450097662606.jpg (Spoiler Image, 106.12 KB, 540x306, Y4LxI4c.jpg)

How I imagine the posters that are always like OMG YOU'RE SO POOR AND FAT AND YOUR TEETH ARE YELLOW AND YOU HAVE A BMI OF 20

No. 214143

Qt tits, but you should've used a picture of Paris Hilton or someone similar.

No. 214145

Does that make you feel better about yourself?

No. 214214

File: 1450112689648.jpg (93.45 KB, 900x900, category5_species_4087_large_5…)


…. teeth are naturally a cream colour, i.e. the exact same colour as the rest of the bones in your body.

How can you be this stupid?
See these bones? Oooooh so sparkling white.

Bitch needs to go to Specsavers.

No. 214215


Well we're successfully ridiculing you for your astounding ignorance of the human body, so for me actually yes, I feel very smug.

No. 214235

Spoiler pls

No. 214340

Damn you people stop deleting posts, i wanna see the whole story kek

No. 214348

Thats just like your opinion lol i think aegyo sal are youthful and cute as fuck.

No. 214349

I think they look better on white girls imo you do realize tons of black and white people have natural aegyo sal, right?

No. 214351

I think japanese teeth are cute.

No. 214352

Sorry you're brainwashed into thinking having the same teeth is pretty and anything else is ugly.
Reminds me of korean beauty standards lmao could you be more shallow?

No. 214354

those anons "shame" others teeth but that logic could be applied to body, hair, skin, etc and i doubt these anons have a tiny waist, white teeth, hourglass figure, flawless skin, etc lmao

No. 214355

Can we go back to kota pls

No. 214356

you know theres no lulzyness anymore about kota when the discussion went from mac n cheese to aegyo sal and teeth

No. 214359

i used to think "aegyo sal" was adorable then imo the fucking mania and that poor bastard airi really ruined it.

No. 214360

we should all just move into a clinic for plastic surgery and become flawless desu.

No. 214414

Someone please tell me what is going on here. Why are lolitas promoting "Elemental Story"?

No. 214502

It's called Down's syndrome.

No. 214614

and why do they use this ancient picture of dakoo

No. 214738

>look better on white girls
LOL OKAY(>>>/b/)

No. 214745

why are you so upset by white people existing lmfao you're the most butthurt nigger i've ever seen. go to tumblr if you cant handle being here dude(>>>/b/)

No. 214777

>>214745 you're projecting, racist-chan.

No. 214790

What other pics could they use? Her Popteen pics are so small and blurry, her own uploads are, well godawful to say the very least, and since she started doing variety tv she doesn't care as much about modeling anymore. Those are the only clear pics of her that aren't blurred almost completely out.

No. 214819

scary how somebody can actually disagree with a blanket racist statement huh?

"why are you so upset by white people existing" like where did anybody read that? only some self absorbed cunt who's probably jealous of non-whites. you're like tumblr-levels of defensive and projecting.

No. 214833

File: 1450261366710.jpg (7.36 KB, 165x115, 56c.jpg)

No. 214990

Ehh i actually find her young looking and pretty cute there she should wear lolita more and fucking stop shooping her pics in that baby alien foetus bullshit seriously. Besides her hair thinning peeking under the bonnet i have nothing to bitch about.
Seriously Dakota is dry now. She has provided milk for several years but it's done now. Eh. I just wish we had more interesting cows…i miss 2011 with Charms,her,Kiki,Venus,PT,…at their best

No. 215420

New Appearance on TV coming soon.

No. 215421

File: 1450470746543.jpg (127.76 KB, 750x923, image.jpg)

Screen cap from the vid

No. 215446


Face looks strange… I don't know it's the cheek bones and lips. The fringe does her no favours… but whatever I guess. No milk = not relevant.

No. 215449

I-I think she looks cute here

Also am I the only one that first saw those flowers in the background as dude on the right's ears…

No. 215458

Agreed, this is the first time I actually think she looks good

No. 215480

Lol, I saw the ears too xD

No. 215484


Fuck off.

No. 215485

Who gives a shit if some people use XD?

No. 215488

you're retarded. Many girls have aegyo sals without having down syndrome

No. 215544

>has never been to an imageboard before

No. 215805

No. 215884

Shut up

No. 216021

File: 1450634075737.jpg (48.28 KB, 600x600, CWkJYinUsAAstnk.jpg)

happy New Year =)

No. 216026

She looks adorable here… but those lips…
She should really stop with those.lips

No. 216031

What.. What she does with her lips?

No. 216032

I meant the ridiculously overdrawn cupids bow

No. 216033

this is ridiculous. yes but I wouldn't call her a model.

No. 216034

No. 216054



No. 216058

doesnt homeschooling raise eyebrows?

No. 216070

Her Japanese is impressive. The interviewers were cute.

No. 216195

File: 1450681824740.jpg (411.18 KB, 1500x1202, dark-crystal.jpg)


She kind of looks like a gelfling here.

No. 216218

>quit school when she was eight

I wouldn't really want to admit that on TV. Quitting high school is kind of embarrassing, but quitting elementary school? Come on.

No. 216222

It's another one of her lies, like how she "has a degree in sound engineering" when in fact it's inly the same certificate of completion Kiki got.

No. 216232

She's lacking really bad on vocabulary though, you can easily tell by the words she chooses. Or maybe she's just nervous to be on tv?

No. 216235

That's why it's even more nonsensical. Why lie about quitting school at 8?

No. 216244

yea i agree. she's not exactly impressive. just… conversational (which is all you really need) but after 3 years its kind of a bare minimum

No. 216281

File: 1450722528911.jpg (41.66 KB, 600x800, CV4yE5sWcAAXACX.jpg)

No. 216282

File: 1450722550548.jpg (73.64 KB, 600x800, CWbzF6OVAAAazmp.jpg)

No. 216288

This is super unflattering for her shoulders.

Her hair looks pretty good here though.

No. 216292

awkward stripper shoes

No. 216352


No you're wrong anon, those are totemo living barbie doll stripper shoes!

how could you be so misleading

No. 216368

I wonder what these pics look like before shoop.

No. 216392

Something is really disproportionate in this one, like her head was shopped onto someone else's body. Also kek at the weird blur line under her chin.
Yet, >>216282 looks great. It's probably Photoshop, but her body looks really good for once.

No. 216502

File: 1450767027525.jpg (79.51 KB, 600x473, CVBnc1fUAAA4OBx.jpg)

No. 216503

File: 1450767070236.jpg (58.77 KB, 600x400, CVMoficU8AITPgM.jpg)


No. 216505

File: 1450767262536.jpg (94.64 KB, 600x800, CVDShNSUsAEhlJL.jpg)

Hi, I seized the city =)

No. 216507

File: 1450767416890.jpg (53.24 KB, 599x463, CSztDptUwAAcHHX.jpg)

No. 216508

File: 1450767534129.jpg (71.31 KB, 600x450, CSJOVRdUAAErU36.jpg)

No. 216510

No. 216530

She looks so much like kaka here.

No. 216534

I think she just looks more like her scene days self tbqh

No. 216624

File: 1450814413297.jpg (14.15 KB, 250x285, types-of-cerebral-palsy1.jpg)


No. 216684

File: 1450828207541.jpg (70.29 KB, 495x703, phpTVh2Cv.jpg)

No. 216686

She looks cute here blah blah blah, but barf. That outfit. Looks like something a kid would wear on Easter Sunday.

No. 216689

I feel like she looks aged if you stare at her face enough. There's plenty of soft lines all over her face. It's honestly kind of refreshing.

No. 216691

File: 1450829535621.jpg (78.79 KB, 736x552, phpTVh2Cv.jpg)


It's a piece from the liz melo collection

No. 216693

File: 1450829705052.png (264.34 KB, 400x362, lkk.png)

No. 216694

Lol modelling for Shimamura. She's gotten so far in her modelling career…

No. 216706

File: 1450834041763.jpeg (150.96 KB, 736x1181, image.jpeg)

This pic is new to me so im posting it kekekek

No. 216709

No. 216712



Don't die kooter


No. 216807

That hat is so ugly. I remember it from one of her early Japan photos where she was sitting on a wall in jeans and some shoes. And her face was shopped to hell

No. 216838

Why do I see white model Kota clones everywhere in Japan. This sure isn't her modeling, right?

No. 216841

That girl really doesn't look like Kota at all…

No. 216847

Looks like her shootings for Milk and Peach John.

No. 216892

wow i thought that detachable cattail was something else…

No. 217038

jfc these are unflattering
i'm still baffled that she's STILL a model.
you'd think they would've been over this shit by now. her 15 minutes have been awfully damn long just saying

No. 217039

samefagging but its pictures like those that make all these delusional weebs think they can make it as a kawaii desu living model in nippon

No. 217044

File: 1450932051681.jpg (33.79 KB, 333x500, kotex.jpg)

This is pretty random but I don't really like how she does her eyes these days. The contacts aren't doing her any favors, her eyes look soulless now, idk maybe it's not even just the eyes but like everything together.

I much prefer the way she looks in pic rel, I wish she stuck to this look instead the shit she has going on now.

No. 217051

File: 1450934116801.jpg (148.57 KB, 600x800, 1450722550548.jpg)

Did they cut a piece out of her back?

No. 217055


i completely agree. she's beautiful and interesting here (suspending that i know about her/her awful family), her current edits make her look overly edited in an want you can't relate to. i hate this weird trend over editing out/smoothing/blurring EVERY SINGLE perceived flaw in someone.

she's like a smudge now. it' reeks of low self esteem and being ashamed of how you really look all so some idiot won't pick you apart. that and the obvious age obsession to pander to a pedi audience. gross.

No. 217074

File: 1450944377039.jpg (28.39 KB, 500x500, Instasize_1025185045.thumb.jpg…)

I know, right? She didn't look doll-like before, not the way she does now, but she did look good. I agree, the smudging sucks, and her make-up now is just so bland, like she's unidentifiable. I found a comparison pic on pull from a while ago, she's so ugly now. It shouldn't bother me this much but it does, like Dakota could be 100x prettier if she went for makeup that actually suits her face instead of that fucking generic look.

No. 217076

that grown-up yet youthful look with a sultry gaze really suited her. Now it looks like an overexposed blurry blob.

No. 217096

Wow, she looks so gorgeous here. I used to love this Kota back in the day; stopped paying attention. If she kept this sultry look I'd have a girl crush on her. She could have modeled in the US easily with that look.

No. 217114

> She could have modeled in the US easily with that look.
yea if it wasnt all shoop and if her body wasnt a marshmallow

No. 217127

agree agree agree
i think she's getting worse and worse (or just more lazy?) with her makeup and shoops. she must think she is so secure with her job that she's getting lazy and not working out or even trying anymore? that's not being a good model at all. or maybe she wants to be fired? i don't know. it just doesn't make any sense to me. why wouldn't you at least… try? to be pretty?

No. 217148

This whole set of photos looks like an ad for a sexy Christmas costume from Lover's Lane. So tacky and low quality.

No. 217178

File: 1450995210979.jpg (51.79 KB, 500x750, il_570xN.572003844_p379.jpg)


probably her best era

No. 217179

File: 1450995259244.jpg (115.4 KB, 552x735, il_570xN.572003844_p379.jpg)

No. 217180

File: 1450995359134.jpg (41.7 KB, 458x643, il_570xN.572003844_p379.jpg)

I reckon this was at the beginning of the doll thing. She was going out from trying to be edgy model into kawaii babydoll.

No. 217181

File: 1450995434221.jpg (31.12 KB, 620x350, il_570xN.572003844_p379.jpg)

No. 217182

In every Kota thread there's always a newfag posting the same exact old photos we've seen a million times talking about how they miss that era. We get it.

No. 217184

imo it's because her agency probably pressured her into changing her look to appeal to the japanese market.
japanese beauty is all about looking youthful, natural, fresh-faced. the dark eye makeup from her original photos makes her look more grown-up. that was fine when she was sixteen, but now that she's nearing her twenties, she's changed her look to try to appear younger/kawaii~ so that she stays in the market for longer.

No. 217191

i laughed so hard, thank you

No. 217197


Thing is, she looks okay in interviews with natural make up. But in pictures she is very bare and with make up in pictures, she definitely looks better.

No. 217198

No. 217199


Aw deleted videos

No. 217200


I wonder what happened to those chinese lessons…

No. 217207

Why did she delete so many videos? Like what was wrong with them? This one looks fine

No. 217208

Chinese was too hard for her kek

No. 217243

God, she was pretty here. What happened?

No. 217246

She stopped using AE as much on her vids.

No. 217251

Ummm it's sad that she's modeling ~$8 t-shirts clearly targeted towards elementary/middle schoolers…

No. 217262

Such success, she truly is Japan's top moderu desho~!

It's funny because with her passable Japanese speaking skills and her being Anglo, she could drop the kawaii baby desu act and stop being a pudge lord and probably get gigs in higher fashion type magazines like vogue Japan and shit. She has the face for it & she looks decent when styled by others, but instead she chooses to be a low tier extra for Popteen and a random variety guest in shit barely anybody watches. If I had the chance she got I would have made it much farther than her, she could do so much better but she won't because she's lazy. What a damn shame.

No. 217267

Where does she have a high fashion face exactly? She's not ugly, but she's not really interesting enough for high fashion.

No. 217268

File: 1451021499478.jpg (153.64 KB, 400x329, 217255-z119535965.jpg)

She looks like an Ice climber in the blue. Cute as fuck.

No. 217269


No. 217281

Well it's Tiara Mily, known for laughable shoops

No. 217282

File: 1451032442100.jpeg (49.71 KB, 400x400, image.jpeg)


Higher, as in better than the stuff she does now. And I mean, she does look a LOT better in the face than a lot of burando models in Japan.

No. 217291

File: 1451044044051.jpg (63.52 KB, 600x750, CW9rPo6UwAAXMpW.jpg)

No. 217292

File: 1451044361537.png (836.46 KB, 714x714, tumblr_static_73o9qt5pu3gg48oc…)

just compare

No. 217293

File: 1451044562472.png (511.67 KB, 483x401, キャプチャ6.png)

I can compare the infinitely

No. 217294

I was talking to one of the girls that work at the Baby office and she asked me why do foreigners hate kooters so much and then she literary said "because she's so pretty? When I saw her in real life she looked almost exactly like her pictures so it can't just be the photoshop"
I now think japanese people are truly blind to the real life Dakota and just see the baby alien fetus.

No. 217305

Honestly, a lot of Japanese people think all white people look the same, so it makes sense they don't notice she looks like a completely different person. I think it also has to do with the Japanese tendency to over exaggerate shit too though and be fake nice about stuff.

Maybe I'm just jaded though kek

No. 217321

dat lip…

No. 217329

Maybe, in life she is really pretty, but do such different faces in the photos is a talent :D

No. 217345

Japanese people are literally blind to non-Asian faces, although how they can't see her face IRL is 3x bigger than in her shoops is beyond me. Just because "everyone does it" regarding the shoop doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to see the difference at all.

Although, the one good thing that came from Kota's Japan adventures is, it cured my yellow fever watching them drool over her and eat her shit so hard just because she's ~waito anguro baabi dorry desu~. It just goes to show that Japanese people really only see white foreigners as gimmicky token entertainment pieces.

No. 217351

Yeah, even if you live there and learn the language well, you're still just an accessory or a pet at best. "Alien" gets used a lot to describe foreigners in Japan.

No. 217362

I think a previous anon mentioned that shooping in the style kota does is fairly common among girls/idols/models there, so I doubt they care too much.

No. 217392

She looks like a potato but I love that shirt on the right. My Melody is cute

No. 217419

>doing such different faces in the photos is a talent
uh… its photoshop. and if she has such discrepancy between photos, its actually not talent. its bs

No. 217420

sometimes people say "i look like a potato" or "that girl looks like a potato"
this is one of those times

No. 217421

right looks like a bloated constipated abbipop

No. 217445

File: 1451106201758.jpg (549.49 KB, 500x749, large (9).jpg)

After an hour of searching i finally found it back and holy fuck you're right

No. 217450

Her face is literally plastic. Damn

I want those boots though

No. 217452

Those boots are a taobao knockoff of some designer boots from several years ago. They should still be on taobao somewhere.

No. 217481

Is that really the same hat? cause it looks p nice in the sitting on wall pic, but fucking tragic in the earlier instagram pic.

No. 217488

i don't think this is targeted at elementary/middle schoolers. it seems way too big. dakota isn't the size of an elementary/middle schooler

No. 217499

you are literally blind if you think that's the same hat. in >>216706 it's a cloth hat, note the woolly-looking ridges in the cap/dome part and the thicker brim. it's also a darker shade than >>217445. plus, that hat looks like it's made out some kind of thin, stiff denim material. the shape is puffier and it has a 'band' around the edge that's missing in the instagram picture.

No. 217507

disgusting white trash lmaooooo(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 217515

No you shut up. If aegyo sal were as ugly as you say, why are they so popular? Lmao

No. 217516

I do. Its just stupid lol

No. 217517

I think she looks fucking ugly on the right. seriously, her doll phase wasnt cjte nor pretty, she just looked ugly and creepy. She looks much cuter nowadays

No. 217518

Her body is fine. lol are you ana or?

No. 217519

They see a difference but theyre used to it. Most of people in ads in korea and jspsn are shooped so much you cant recognize them irl.
Its sad but theyre just used to it

No. 217523

Uh yeah. Lots of things that are popular look ridiculous. LMAO.

No. 217525

To you because you're a foreigner. You guys act like your country's style is the be all/end all of proper fashionable trends.

No. 217538


Nah, she looked more realistic back then. She looked like a doll but her style now is weird and she's gotten lazy with her editing. Looks awful.

No. 217540

Well, most Japanese ppl (normal Japanese ppl not the kawaii uguu ones some of you think are the only Japanese ppl existing out there) buy there clothes and other stuff at shimamura and compared to all the burando the quality of shimamura stuff is pretty high. So yes, she got pretty far

No. 217573


like those drawn-on cheekbones that all americans do

everything is good until it's just accentuating the features that you have, but when you draw on your face something that you don't have - cheekbones, lips or aegyo sal on a flat eye it just looks ridiculous irl

back to kota - i prefer her now, her make up is lighter and more youthful, not perfect but much better than that avril lavigne phase >>217445

No. 217635


If it ain't a big global brand, it isn't far and no one cares.

No. 217636


Her make up now is too bare, but she looks better for it in interviews/tv than heavy make up. But in her pictures she looks BETTER with more make up, she just does. Her eyes look like piss holes in the snow, you can't see eye lash and it's bare.

Her old style was a hell of a lot better.

She should just stick to more make up in pictures and natural on tv.

Asians get away with the natural look better because of their eyes I think. Kota, not so much. Doesn't work. Too bare.

No. 217680

>Her make up now is too bare, but she looks better for it in interviews/tv than heavy make up. But in her pictures she looks BETTER with more make up, she just does.

the thing is - on tv it's her own face we see, on her pictures it's just some "artistic" creation that doesn't exist in real life

her asian friends are just better at deluding peole with kawaii photoshop, she still has a lot to learn

so in the end - she does look better in the natural makeup

No. 217681

> If she kept this sultry look I'd have a girl crush on her.

So what you're saying is, you're a pedophile lesbian

No. 217710

File: 1451209865480.jpg (34.77 KB, 468x648, a_real_life_barbie_Kotakoti_01…)

Shit, was she really that young? Like is my memory foggy or something? I thought she was 18 in like 2012. I do kinda like girls in an admiring way but if she was around 18/19 at the time, I'd be in her age range, so.

Old Kota for shitty diary post; would have come with an update if I had one.

No. 217722

I hope that's a joke
she had less childish features back then compared to now.
I'd rather feel like a pedo if I had a girl crush on current baby alien face kota

No. 217725

really guys.. way to miss the joke

No. 217731


That went right over your head didn't it.

No. 217762

The left side (our right) of her jaw looks melty thats why

No. 217883

So has anyone noticed that Dakota doesn't seem to be in the US for xmas? She just posted a tweet of playing vidya in her apartment?

No. 217884


Lol why would she want to go back to the US? Nippon is her home now ~

US is fulla lesbian peados xo

No. 217886

you're right anonon

I'm a little surprised she wouldn't go to see her family though, even if they're nuts. I always wonder what her relationship with them is like.

No. 217889

I feel like she can't stand being around her family. I mean, Kaka's most likely having a mental breakdown right now and if they were as close as Kaka says they are, you'd think Kota would come visit and try to comfort her, especially since Kota is literally Kaka's only friend.

No. 217891

Does Kota have a boyfriend? I know Kaka had some bf drama, found it weird that Kota doesn't

No. 217906

Not surprising to me at all, actually. I think dakota has a dramatically better head on her shoulders than kiki, and knows how to tread carefully, especially considering her job as a kawaii moderu in japan where that shit can literally destroy your career. I don't doubt that she has had some personal drama with her love life at some point, like the best of us, but I think she knows better than to put it on the internet.

No. 217922

I dunno, I figured since she used to rag a lot on lesbians when younger, she'd be happy to show off her boyfriend or something

No. 217925

This photo wouldn't be so bad if they hadn't edited her nose to look flat like an asian…yikes.

No. 217931



Dakota just posted photos with Dakota's sister y'all

No. 217937

lolol thats not her!

No. 217939

I can see where it might look like Kaka but pretty sure it's not her haha

No. 217940

Isn't she that Russian model that was talking shit about Dakota?

No. 217943

Damn! I was hoping kaka was back. I just kinda thought it was the weird purikura thing that was making her look like that haha

No. 217944

Looks like it's for a new iPhone photo app. I have an Android, so I can't see what it's like. Anyone?

No. 217945

are you new

No. 217947

haha yeah, it is that model who blogged about Dakota and Cathy threatened her so she put her blog on private.

This is a suuuuper old shoot.

No. 217948

You're right, that was old as fuck, like 2+ years old. That's just lazy, Dakota, dress up and take a cute selfie & purikura it through your phone or something, jeez.

No. 218012

I missed this, can someone find what she said?

No. 218042

File: 1451338892901.jpg (40.93 KB, 527x372, fgg.JPG)

yeah, it looks like she mentioned she wouldn't return home for christmas back in november, from what little this non-student of moon runes can decipher through the built-in twitter translator

No. 218044

same does anyone have a cap or know what she said?

No. 218046

File: 1451340456447.png (443.02 KB, 573x580, dako0.png)

No. 218051


Holy cow. She has a cupids' bow and her eyes look like they might be possible in the size of her skull. Is she done with alien baby shoop?

No. 218053

I like when she wears hats. Covers her forehead without those boring bangs

No. 218058

Man, this whole picture is weirding me out. Her face makes me uncomfortable.

No. 218068

Her expression is strange but this is by far one of her best photos.

I still wonder why she didn't make an instagram til now.

No. 218073


It's ancient and it'll be in one of the older threads.

No. 218078

File: 1451351842482.jpg (32.97 KB, 480x640, FB_IMG_1451351764994.jpg)

No. 218079

File: 1451351857467.jpg (29.76 KB, 640x480, FB_IMG_1451351767515.jpg)

No. 218081

File: 1451351874823.jpg (33.92 KB, 480x640, FB_IMG_1451351770273.jpg)

No. 218082

File: 1451351940759.jpg (30.54 KB, 480x640, FB_IMG_1451351772683.jpg)

No. 218083

File: 1451351962406.jpg (41.06 KB, 480x640, FB_IMG_1451351775091.jpg)

No. 218084

File: 1451351981342.jpg (29.4 KB, 480x640, FB_IMG_1451351777645.jpg)

No. 218085

i like it

No. 218086

Wow, she looks great here.

No. 218117

dat pose

No. 218118

Hiding the chin like a pro

No. 218120

she looks like she's being slowly drowned by that collar

No. 218125

how come kota isn't in "snow" she really isn't a lolcow

No. 218127


>Threads about well-known figures who have been discussed heavily in the past but may not currently be considered lolcows, such as Dakota, may be posted in some cases. This typically only applies to people near-universally known to communities like ours.

No. 218163


Has she had a lip injection? Looks a bit more than just the usual overdrawing

No. 218177

This was the golden age of Kota. Damn, she was so beautiful even if it was shoop, even her shoop was better looking
I'm assuming you guys are new; she used to call women who said she was cute/pretty/whatever pedophile lesbians. There's a video of it somewhere.

No. 218184

Your newfag is beyond showing. wow

No. 218189

She should really keep her ears covered, the look like warped playdoh.

No. 218202

File: 1451381949839.jpeg (93.8 KB, 750x836, image.jpeg)

No. 218204

File: 1451382134988.jpeg (57.33 KB, 521x640, image.jpeg)

Wtf @ her eye and lips

No. 218206

LOL do t tell me she got lip AND eyebag injections??

No. 218226

I think it's been well over two years now since she last visited her family in Florida.

No. 218227

Oh my fuck, I'm an idiot and completely forgot about that. I really haven't paid attention to her in so long; I remember that video though.

No. 218236

yea thats a pretty bad pose for a 'model'
im suprised they went with this pic. she looks like a floating head

No. 218239

You can see where she did her own makeup and put lipstick above her lip.

No. 218254

She's probably much happier that way.

No. 218259

File: 1451411870891.jpg (74.86 KB, 550x825, 50ce205106f017fc3683324f639f55…)


She was dating some Japanese guy called Nao, even went to the dudes house, his mother gifted her some fluffy pink socks, but I think they broke up a as she hasn't mentioned him in ages/taken a photograph with him in a while.

That Russian model she did a puri shoot with confirmed they were dating and in a magazine interview when queried what her favourite kanji was she responded "Nao", but this was like 2 years ago now.

No. 218260

He's actually pretty cute, unlike masked faced Manaki.

No. 218261

Do you not realize they're both photoshopped to hell and back?

No. 218262

You can tell where she did a shitty job with the burn tool on the outer corners of his eyes, expecially his right eye.

No. 218269

File: 1451413049605.png (896.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-29-18-15-56…)

I wanted to ask, does anybody know where the overlayed dress is from our the name of the style?
It's kind of like a pinafore dress but kind of not. Either way it's lovely and I want one.

No. 218276

File: 1451413714178.png (394.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-29-18-26-18…)


Oh nevermind, I found it on Forever 21.
Didn't even know they had that in Japan, it's not really a thing in the UK… I hope shipping isn't too expensive.

No. 218282

girl there are forever 21 shops everywhere in the south east and London. get down to Westfield Stratford if you can cause there are three floors of F21 stuff

No. 218284



Ah that makes sense, I'm a barbaric Northerner. Y'know, that part of England everybody forgets about kek

>muh storm Desmond relief aid

No. 218291

Nah, there's a massive one in the Trafford Centre.

No. 218297

There was. Don't think it's there anymore.

No. 218301


I live about 2 miles away from the Trafford Centre, always weirds me out when I find other Britfags on her since I assume everyone is American for some reason. But yeah, Forever 21 is being turned into a Zara, I wanted to go 2 weeks ago and was shocked to see boards around it.

Sorry for shitposting

No. 218303

Oh weird, I swear it was still there when I last went a few weeks ago. It doesn't surprise me tbh, it was huge and almost always empty.

No. 218312


Both are shooped to fuck

No. 218313


Jesus, so you're both from Manchester area too? Scary knowing farmers are also near me kek

No. 218314

>comparing this to candid photos/videos

No. 218316


Forever 21 is shit I think tbh. Been there a few times lancashire-anon and it was like a cross between New Look and Urban Outfitters. Both are not worth going to and thank lord they're turning it into Zara.

No. 218317


Can't say I blame her doe

No. 218318


The fact that gooks find this kawaii and uguu beauty makes me question life and it's purpose

No. 218322


Nah fam', Lake District/Cumbria reporting in, usually based in Newcastle though.

I was last in Manchester for Manchester MCM Expo 2014 though; do you attend?

No. 218323

sometimes when i lurk here i remember that kiki is probably deeply resentful that kota "made it" and she didn't.

the vegan karma is sweet.

No. 218326


Yes anon…. I attend

No. 218327


Yeah but even tho kota has something stable in her life

she looks weird and her modelling isnt cute ;(

well sometimes it is but…


im envious of neither

No. 218328

No. 218330



we better stop shitposting

No. 218331


Until next time, old chum.

No. 218338


I'm >>218301 and attend Manchester MCM every year. Small world.

No. 218339


I just liked F21 because it was cheap and there was a shit ton of choice. Not any more :(

No. 218340


That's very nice brit-north-chans but if we keep talking we'll get banned by the farm police do gooder that keeps sniffing out the threads for any derailing.

Btw… what do you guys think Northerners would think if kota was famous here kek?

No. 218347


Gods knows.
I think that if she maintained her style in >>217044 then it would prove exceptionally popular, but her current style? Yeh neh, she'd be laughed at.

No. 218350


Northerners are generally matter-of-fact and say what they think. They don't really like things flowered up. That's my opinion anyway, I think if Kota were on TV here, north-britfags would roll their eyes. There was a girl who dressed like a doll around here who was in the news the other year who had white hair and piercings and crazy make up and everyone was horrible about it, kek.

No. 218358


But her style wouldn't be popular. In the UK eye bags and crazy doll eyes aren't popular though? It's all about tanning, looking like Kim K and dressing from Missguided. That's what the majority of girls here in the north are like.

No. 218381

Not even a kota fan but british women have the style of jersey shore but even trashier and premature aging inducing. I doubt kota gives a shit about what the nation of inbred ugly slags thinks of her.

No. 218382


u sound rustled m8 :^)

No. 218385

Chill. Kota won't photoshop your frown lines out, ya know.

No. 218386

How would you explain to your boyfriend that you needed to photoshop him? Seems awkward af.

No. 218398

Smart move though, people will never know who he is in real life because don't know what he really looks like!

No. 218400


Yep, she had to show off her asian arm candy and he's shooped into a perf kawaii morph <3

No. 218401


Lol kota's old style with her haggard sister was not far short similar to trashy UK girls anyway during their scene era.

No. 218405

File: 1451438261211.jpg (29.43 KB, 263x400, 10960171_10204001920114382_533…)

No. 218406

File: 1451438280733.jpg (44 KB, 213x320, 10960171_10204001920114382_533…)

No. 218407

File: 1451438309544.jpg (16.63 KB, 214x320, 10960171_10204001920114382_533…)

No. 218408

File: 1451438341972.jpg (229.05 KB, 500x753, 10960171_10204001920114382_533…)

neva foget xo

No. 218411

An unfortunate pose and angle, but whoever designed this garment needs to be released from employment immediately

No. 218412

File: 1451438871410.jpg (32.54 KB, 400x300, clip_image00728.jpg)

These are some rare dakos, but i will raise u one 13 y/o dako with random friend

No. 218425

u got a shiny kota

No. 218426

she looks like a baby lol that random friend is hilary haywire

No. 218454

when will my lord dakota start a twitch channel. she games enough.

also lel @ 90% of her japanese followers responding to recent god eater tweet with "eh!? ge-mu desu ka!?"

No. 218456

File: 1451449318834.png (327.12 KB, 530x462, Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 11.2…)

I missed this. First English tweet since when

No. 218458

Damn, Kota woulda been so cute here f she didn't have te trash bleached hair and raccoon eyes.
Keks for days

No. 218517

File: 1451474840801.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 302.37 KB, 1400x1094, image.jpeg)

It's nsfw but it's the text that's nsfw. Jfc the weird shit do people come up with…

No. 218519


No words.

No. 218532

Awkward, off color humor. This just goes to show you, the second she drops her persona, there's a crass, stupid girl who has no sense of PR underneath it all that's hardly a kawaii dolly.

No. 218533


Nigga chill, did you attend finishing school or some shit?
Her crass, brash humour is the best thing about her. Where the fuck do you think you are?

No. 218534

So basically she hasn't grown at all since her emo scenester days.

No. 218546

File: 1451487217083.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-30-09-51-07…)

Look who updated their website. Does anyone else find it kind of weird that she keeps making blogs but stops using them and goes to a new one really quickly? First it was Tumblr, then her website, then ameblo, now her line blog, and possibly her website again. The only thing she's been consistent on is twitter.

No. 218550

I just figure it's laziness. Tweets are short and simple while more thought has to be put into blogs.

No. 218563

It's a lot of work to setup a photoshoot alone in your apartment then shoop it just for your website. She needs to go easy on the over exposed too bright stuff though.

No. 218570

This cover photo…wtf? She looks like a severe case of down syndrome

No. 218575

I kind of had the idea that the Line blog was a partnership thing, Line might have asked her to start one. The ameblo is just a more optimal platform than her first blog for reaching a japanese fanbase.

God, maybe don't… post this shit… like…. even if I hated Dakota, I wouldn't wish this garbage on anyone…

No. 218582

I didn't make the image/write the caption. It was something I found while digging around looking for photos of Kooter. All I can say is that Kooter either has some batshit insane fans or attracts this kind of crazy.

No. 218586


If you're posting borderline child porn of yourself spreading your legs, it's your own fault getting horny old creeps writing shit like that lol

No. 218599

What are you, 14? It is and has always been the worst part about her. She gives off gross comments, is probably still racist, and is just generally grating and stupid acting outside her kawsii larme princess image.

No. 218602

lol, *kawaii

No. 218605

File: 1451498322216.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.85 KB, 349x476, Cross-legged_sitting_woman.jpg)

definitely agree.
pic related, look at this asian slut, legs spread wide open, she's practically begging to be raped. she's even going further than dakota, shirt all unbuttoned and shit. if you're going to pose so suggestively, you deserve every creepy old horndog fan that you get, imo.

No. 218618


She's toned down a lot with the animu girl look now instead is probably trying to be the kawaii white girl next door who's slowly slipping into larme fashion cos it's the "new" thing.

No. 218619


ty kota

i hope you had a very kawaii christmasu too

No. 218624


That woman obviously isn't catering to pervs. If you're trying to tell me that sitting on a bed with your legs open while wearing a schoolgirl skirt and fetishy garters is as innocent as a girl sitting cross legged in jeans then you're retarded.

No. 218641

I know it's gross but am I the only person that doesn't find this so outrageous and "wouldn't wish it on anyone"? Everyone knows kota didn't write this herself and is not promoting or associating with this, so who cares? Some retard has a creepy sexual fantasy, what's new in the world? People act traumatized when it's not even them in the picture… maybe if you have a background of abuse then I get it, but you're a pussy if not

No. 218642

Perhaps she wasn't intentionally pandering to pedophiles, but she certainly created images that pedophiles and lolicon liked. I mean, c'mon. She shoops her face into a toddler's, then she poses provocatively while wearing fetish wear (BDSM-type garters) and playing up the school girl schtick. So many of her images have a sexual undertone that is especially creepy when she chooses to have this loli persona.

No. 218646

I find this to be the most disturbing thing in that entire text.

No. 218648

>implying any girl deserves to be fetishized like >>218517 based on the way they're sitting or their choice of outfit

even if she was wearing fucking lingerie, nobody 'deserves' to have their pictures harvested for that kind of gross shit.

No. 218649

Agreed. The people here saying she was asking for it really disturb me.

You sound like a robot.

No. 218650

right, but this is actually a risk you take. i'm more disgusted at them actually calling her japanese.

No. 218655


Are you new to the internet? There's a lot of depraved people out there. There is porn of The Simpsons and men who wank over women's pregnant bellies. Gross people will fetishise anything and it just fucking happens. Especially if a decent looking girl spreads her legs on a pic and looks like she wants it. get over it.

No. 218664

Nahhhhhh stop normalizing this shit. Yes it happens all the time– but it's still gross and fucked up. Lets all do the world favor by fervently #KinkShaming this garbage trash together

No. 218677


At the end of the day idiots, kota wanted jap gook male attention to boost up her status. Girls like her will do anything to grab fame.


Take your feminist ass back to tumblr, it's gross end of.


She looks no where near Japanese? Jesus even Yumi Lambert holds some chink to her despite being mixed. Kota is no where near azn looking. They probably WISH she was tho lmfao.

No. 218683

not to mention

No. 218685

tumblr pls
Not caring about random gross shit isn't normalizing it, and you complaining about how offended you are won't make it disappear anytime soon.

No. 218686

the difference between people drawing porn of the simpsons and wanking to pregnant chicks is that
a) the simpsons are fucking cartoon characters, not real people.
b) the actors/models who make pregnant pornos or whatever are consenting. adults. who are also usually being paid for the fetish content they're providing.

to use a picture of an underage girl, no matter how 'provocatively' she's dressed, add a caption describing her as a brain-damaged, drugged-up fantasy fuckdoll, and then throw it up on the internet for people to wank over? fucking gross. if you think that's justified by someone's outfit, there's something seriously wrong with you.

No. 218687

sure, because what kota really wanted when she started making hair and makeup tutorials was to become the subject of stories like >>218517
please. nobody ~asks~ for that kind of attention unless they are literally aiming for a career in porn.

No. 218689

Can tumblr gtfo of this thread please. When people are horny their minds come up with all kinds of depraved shit, it was just a fantasy. Appealing to mens fantasies will do that. Get a grip.

No. 218697

>'people shouldn't use photos of underage girls to illustrate their psychotic abuse & rape fantasies'

sorry we can't all be edgy shitlords like you?
if you really think there's nothing wrong with it, maybe you should submit some of your own personal pictures to these creeps for the same treatment. at least that way it would be consensual.

No. 218699

Kota wasn't asking for it but unfortunately that's the kind of thing that comes with fame of any kind. Nobody's saying it's justified that it's Kota's picture used but seriously, who cares? It's like going on 4chan /b/ and getting shocked at gore threads

No. 218701

Not a Northener but go to MCM Manchester. There's a lot of Britfags on here.

No. 218710

stop kink shaming me

No. 218719

Didn't Kota supposedly tag her videos with shit like "sex doll," though? The caption things are not necessarily justified, but they shouldn't come at a suprise when someone purposely appeals to these type of perverts.

No. 218722

never heard of it if she did. I think /cgl/ would have made a big deal about it if they'd found that… the most ludicrous tags she used were along the lines of 'elf doll goddess' etc.
I know her pics got harvested for literal rubber sex doll products on like aliexpress and shit, though, so maybe that's where it came from?

No. 218740

Tumblr pls go

No. 218744

She used to tag her videos with blow-up doll, I know that one for sure.

No. 218759

File: 1451525008335.jpg (562.74 KB, 1078x1060, res_1451524811397-1.jpg)

Does anyone else feel like kota would be happier and prettier if she got to dress in a more dark fashion style? She's said before that she likes it a lot, so I badly edited her new pic to look more dark. It's pretty shitty of an edit, but I think she actually looks nice like this.

No. 218765


She used "sex doll" "blow up doll" "hafu" and "Japanese girl" as tags. Although there's no telling which ones she used herself a which ones Cathy added in for more views. I don't think even Dakota is trashy enough to call herself a blow up doll. Her mom? Definitely so.

No. 218767

I'd love to see her in proper gothic lolita or visual kei

No. 218769

Too bad both of those fashions are pretty dead these days.

No. 218770

I think she'd find this hilarious tbh

No. 218771


I remember when I was on Aliexpress once about a year ago and I actually did come across kota's pic advertised as "living sex doll"…

No. 218773

File: 1451527360419.jpg (135.74 KB, 1270x375, kota.jpg)

>Haha okay you better click on this picture to see it in a bigger size. Those are actually the original tags in different Asian languages that she regularly puts under her videos. There you get how systemathically she tries to attract the Asian audience by using keywords like 'Inflatable doll' (wtf), 'barbie', 'Korean girl' (wtf2), 'elf goddes', 'mixed blood' (once again trying to fool the Asians ^^) , 'cute girl' (modesty seems to be her weak point) and so much more in Chinese, Japanese and Korean only. Are there actually Asian dudes looking youtube up with keywords like that? Wah…

Originally from elivahellena.blogspot.com, which is now removed (GEE, I wonder why). I got it off Wayback Machine.

No. 218777

Then I wonder what product exactly you'd get if you ordered that lol

No. 218780

I clearly remember people on cgl calling her out on having "blow up doll" "mixed race" along with more disturbing things in various languages.

That seems to be the tags I remember. I really don't think her mum is the one who did it, I think it was Koots.

No. 218781

yes, love it. gothic lolita is best

No. 218787

Really? Looks the opposite of her usual downs shoops as of late. I think this is very beautiful, too bad it'd take a chin shaving and -30 lbs for her to actually look like this lol

No. 218803

I wholeheartedly disagree with this statement and think that you are wrong. Why do I think you are wrong? Well you're in for a treat bitch, because I happen to be an expert on this and I am about to give you an extremely eloquent, detailed reply debunking all of your reasoning. First of all, where are your sources? Everybody knows that for an argument to even be mildly in some form considered in some way valid, you need to have a statement accredited to a third party source, which in turn can be reviewed and assessed by others who are capable of researching the argument which you are implying. I have read your statement 10 times, and every time, unless in some bizarre turn of events it is evident that I somehow (but unlikely) missed the source accredited to your argument, I in fact did not see any sources for your argument. Also I believe that what you are saying and what you are not saying are in fact two completely different facts, which I shall now prove by assessing the semantics of your argument. Now I'm very sure that this is accurate (so accurate that I do not need to source the argument, as what I am about to say is common knowledge known to everybody except for stupid cunts like yourself) but there is no source thing as a wall made up of text. With what possible material could you applicably make a wall out of text? Of course you could by all means make a wall made out of materials that resemble shapes which when looked at from a distance resemble text, but even if this was possible, what does a wall of text have to do with the validity of an argument? That's completely right, I have spotted that you are moving the fence posts, a logical fallacy that even the most simple of life forms could search for on the internet. How stupid are you? Wait, there's yet more of your completely incorrect statement that I have to deconstruct. Especially at the end, where you have to resort to calling your opposition "a dick", which can be seen in my source quote which this argument references at the beginning. Seriously, you have to resort to ad hominem to win an argument? You really are a fucking retarded beta cuck who probably contracted autism after your mother stabbed your cranium with a coat hanger during a failed abortion attempt. Also your phrasing "in the right"; how can someone be "in the right"? As far as I remember, there are two things you can be in an argument; right and wrong. Correct and incorrect. True and false. Smart and utterly fucking thick, just like you. Is this your way of avoiding responsibility of the eventual certainty that someone will prove you wrong, by saying that I was "in the right" instead of actually right? Because you are not "in the wrong", you are wrong. Incorrect. False. Utterly fucking thick. Jesus, even Hitler made better, more coherent and better worded arguments than you. Now look at your argument, completely and utterly debunked for the pile of fictitious horeshit that it is. Do you really think that someone has the metal capacity to deconstruct, analyse and critique every argument that I made here to retort your statement? Of course not, besides they wouldn't need to, knowing intuitively and not even needing to reason their argument that they instantly know that I am in the right anyway, so trying to criticise what I have just written would not only be a waste of mental capacity but also a monumental waste of time. There's a reason why I'm considered an expert of arguments here, and that's because people can already see by the amount of content in my posts that I am an incredibly astute, intelligent and intellectual writer who has a clear wealth of knowledge to provide an in-depth analysis of the subject which I am writing about. Next time I really would think about the sort of things that you write and post on the internet, or even better, never make your insipid thoughts ever known again, because they are a waste of time to read and provide no educational purpose whatsoever.

No. 218804

Is there such thing as a big picture gallery or photodump of Dakota pictures somewhere?

No. 218807


gtfo sperglord

No. 218816

Nice copypasta, faggot.

No. 218817

If there was Cathy would DMCA claim the shit out of it. I'm pretty sure that's all she does all day, prowl the Internet trying to erase her daughters' internet past before 2012.

No. 218819

10/10 would read again

No. 218820


I might be wrong but seems like Cathy don't care anymore/Kota told her to fuck off. Haven't seen any massive DMCA sprees since they took down their respective PULL boards.

No. 218821

10/10 made me like hitler
pls kill urself

No. 218823

this made this laugh.
idk i just can't take this shit seriously.

No. 218824

Maybe she had a falling out with her family. She never mentions them or talks about them, honestly I'm surprised Kota still follows Kiki on IG and Twitter.

No. 218825

Man she looks so ugly.
I'm sorry but she looked ugly as fuck in her "golden youtube phase"
she looks much better imo i don't see whats so attractive about a weird-looking sad doll?

No. 218829


>ew so ugly

>lol look at her nose
>fugly eyebrows!
>nasolabial folds!


No. 218831

My kink is being shamed.

Didn't she at one point dress up in gothic clothing pre-scene era? Because Kiki did that with the ~sensual graveyard posing at 13~

No. 218842

underrated post desu

No. 218890

File: 1451577727077.jpg (243.92 KB, 1024x823, IMG_20151231_110048.jpg)

No. 218892

Cute. Heavily edited to fuck but cute.

No. 218893

cute but she looks 11 in this photo, and she's, what, 20, 21, 22 (??) now.

i really wonder how much yen she's pulling in. eventually the jobs are gonna stop coming in, and i wonder if she's saved up enough to continue living comfortably in japan. does she have the skills to do any other jobs besides modelling in japan? perhaps she will move back to the U.S. when that happens. i always wondered what her and her sister had against being normal people. there's nothing wrong with working a plain old 9-5.

No. 218895

They were both raised to believe they're better than everyone else simply for existing. Scott and Cathy are truly shitty human beings and they raised their daughters to think they deserve fame and fortune to be handed to them, hoping it would work and make them right so they don't have to work. Scott used to be in a band that was gaining popularity until he met Cathy who got knocked up and quit school, they both pretty much ruined each others hopes of fame and fortune. Cathy wanted to be a hotshot lawyer until she got prego, but she thought Scott was her meal ticket instead. Now they're both just white trash living in their dead mother's house in FL with two adult children at home and another in Japan who probably hates them.

No. 218898

you guys have kept saying "the jobs are gonna stop coming in" for what seems to be years, it doesn't seem like that. She'll probably get a sugar daddy or something for all we know she already has a sugar daddy she's probably married

No. 218899


It's 2016, why is kota even a lolcow still tho?

No. 218900


She's 22

I think they'll still continue to use her until someone else bobs up on the scene. She'll still get jobs I think. Idk until kota gets bored of Japan i guess?

No. 218902

>Threads about well-known figures who have been discussed heavily in the past but may not currently be considered lolcows, such as Dakota, may be posted in some cases.
Look up the rules.

No. 218912

I also think she's with someone, there's no way that Kiki's sudden want to get married came out of nowhere.

No. 218916

I doubt she's going to leave Japan, even after her model career is over. Probably get desk job at bravo or something like that. Kota would be stupid if she goes back with her white trash family.

No. 218937

>two adult children at home

Kaka and who?

No. 218939

In another thread, I think it was mentioned that they had a disabled brother.

No. 218940


Their son. He's special needs, though. He has an excuse, unlike Kiki.

No. 219015

File: 1451658118092.jpg (87.19 KB, 600x600, CXSRITVUsAAcvZX.jpg)

Since it's been a slow news week in kooterland, I bring you her most recent twitter monstrosity! Don't tap the glass, it scares the fish.

No. 219027

what kind of b8 is this

No. 219029

Nah, she's trashy enough. I remember she made a hairstyle tutorial once and literally described it as "How to look like Grade A pedo bait".
That's just her sense of humor tbh, probably added that tag as a joke or something.

No. 219030

kek dakota called him an ikemen in one of her interviews

No. 219037

you have to give it to her - she's actually funny, I wish she would show that side of her more often

No. 219038

didn't she post a photo with him on her twitter once?

No. 219042

>that pic
>english tweet
Glad to see her sense of humor hasn't changed
I is happy

No. 219044

File: 1451667989644.png (67.1 KB, 265x273, wtflolitas.PNG)

Holy fuck

No. 219049

She did back when she lived with Kiki/her MySpace days, tbh. There was also that time she tweeted a picture of vomit on a train. I just think she's an annoying edgelord, but I can understand why people would like that type of humor.

No. 219057

That's actually pretty funny and self aware.

No. 219059


It's amusing because she presents herself externally as this innocent, pure, fun-loving uguu~ gurl whilst uploading pics of some randoms' regurgitated stomach contents.

This is exactly my kind of humour tbh.

No. 219076

same here

and that pedo bait joke was so good it made me think she's actually cool (unlike her sister)

No. 219357

How does Kota get her hair looking so silky without it looking dry?

No. 219359

It probably is? I mean she used to have REALLY damaged hair. But she cut off a loot last year, and let it grow out, so I think at this point most of her hair is "new" if that makes any sense.

It is super thin though.. And for what it's worth, if you blowdry with a round brush, it looks way more silky than if you just blowdry with/without a normal brush.

Also I think she straightens it too? That probably helps too, since it flattens the edges.

No. 219470


Kek at the caption. Why did they shoop a gap between her teeth? Weird.

No. 219472

Kawaii hick-kei.

No. 219503


She's normal I bet with sense of humour but probably too anti-social to bother loling with other girls about it.

No. 219521

this is what my face looks like when I wear CLs and normal makeup. Spooky ghost demon kei

No. 219525

File: 1451851504354.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.71 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 219526

no one asked

No. 219528

No. 219550

What the actual fuck is this photo?

No. 219551

It's from a creepypasta called The Expressionless

No. 219585

I'm not from PULL you fucking dumbass.
I just think her golden youtube phase was ugly as fuck. she looked like a doll not in a good way.

No. 219586

File: 1451866213157.jpg (94.93 KB, 500x354, tumblr_nv71op6IZn1s0s3nuo1_500…)

No. 219587

File: 1451866221795.jpg (99.81 KB, 500x354, tumblr_nv71op6IZn1s0s3nuo3_500…)

No. 219588

File: 1451866231253.jpg (70.99 KB, 500x354, tumblr_nv71op6IZn1s0s3nuo4_500…)

No. 219589

>implying saying your opinion is b8

No. 219590

File: 1451866259512.jpg (91.33 KB, 500x354, tumblr_nv71op6IZn1s0s3nuo6_500…)

No. 219598

File: 1451867121139.jpg (63.61 KB, 600x700, CXd9dD-UAAAeIZG.jpg)


No. 219599

She looks a bit cute but to be honest, without the ps and shitty filters she'd look like a cute human being.
it makes me wonder if she has BDD. she's pretty without ps. i know she always used photoshop but sometimes it makes me worry

No. 219607

i know this is kind of OT, but does anyone know the music she used for the actual tour part?

No. 219618

File: 1451874627881.jpg (42.17 KB, 720x480, 10996149_10204001926394539_220…)


I prefer her like this tbh. She looks more normal and actually cute.

Kota pls pls for 2016 keep looking human and kawaii like this. No moar shoop and ugly fetus kota.

We just want genuine kota pls

we dont hate you

we forgive you (but not ur ugly sister)

pls be the cinderella that you are

No. 219619

I don't HATE kota, I guess I'm kinda indifferent about her now since she's run out of milk.
But I think I would actually like her as a person if she did as you say. And updated more in english.

No. 219621

>>Like this

The only difference is that she isn't the one who edited+posted this online. There's a reason she only looks like an alien in her own photos.

No. 219629

I just want to understand why she shoops herself like an alien baby. WHY WHY WHY. Does she actually believe it makes her look pretty? Or is there something mentally going on with her? I just don't get it.

No. 219635

File: 1451881385721.png (301.76 KB, 245x573, Screenshot_1.png)

qtest dakota ever

No. 219636


No. 219643

File: 1451882282587.jpeg (54.5 KB, 495x703, image.jpeg)

My fav kota

No. 219645

File: 1451882361619.jpeg (149.76 KB, 599x432, image.jpeg)

And fav kota candid

No. 219665

She looks like a real person here UGH
Sometimes I forget that she's not as painful to look at as her shoops

No. 219666

she still looks kinda stupid

No. 219667

Wow she looks super cute here. She definitely should tone down the PS in the pictures she uploads herself since she's looking less and less human.

No. 219677

I'm pretty sure it's the makeup. She's wearing winged eyeliner here (most definitely done by someone else), and it suits her so well imo

No. 219678

File: 1451889313719.jpeg (91.69 KB, 1500x500, image.jpeg)

Her new Twitter banner is cute

No. 219682

File: 1451890351764.jpeg (182.75 KB, 1024x823, image.jpeg)

No. 219683

No. 219694

why are we calling these cute, honestly they both look unsettling to me

No. 219705

her face reminds me of eikkibunny's candids

No. 219720

File: 1451904588006.jpeg (102.44 KB, 960x960, image.jpeg)

Because they look much better than shit like this

No. 219722

She looks so washed out these days. Her face is quite a few shades lighter and her nose keeps getting blurred almost out of existence.

No. 219723


All these heavily edited photos of her makes her look scary as heck. Not one pixel is any of her natural features… the near perfect symmetry is freaky as fuck, not to mention shooping irises as big as dinner plates.

Does she have followers who really believe she looks like that?

No. 219725

This has been said many times before, but heavy editing is VERY common in Japan. It doesn't matter what she looks like in real life, they are all obsessed with having nice photos (that's why most normal girls in Japan have purikura as their Twitter avatar/Facebook profile picture).

So while they see each other in real life, they don't really think that "wow, she looks ugly IRL", but more like "wow, that's a nice photo". It probably doesn't make much sense to us who are less gullible.. but hey, it's Japan.

No. 219727

Wow, I didn't know about that… I sometimes read up now and then about Japanese fashion but it's casual and not something I really have much of an interest in, so thanks for explaining this to me.

Is this purikura thing related to gyaru at all? I'm looking it up now and a lot of the photos posted in relation reminds me of that. I didn't know gyaru was still a thing these days, even though everything has branched out since then.

No. 219728

It's not really a "gyaru thing", because purikura is for every kind of people (I mean it's not more popular to gyaru, but they do go there).

If I see one kind of people the most there, I would say high school girls, and normal girls in groups.

But either way, Japanese are obsessed with how they look in photos, so to them it doesn't matter. And also, most of Dakota's fans are like.. 14-18 years old, the kind of girl who edit their photos to hell and back.

But even so, she's a blonde gaijin in Japan. They will love her real face regardless. That's why the Japanese farmers (on 2ch/Girls Channels) are older people in their 20s (probably much like us) who don't buy her shit.

No. 219732

I wouldn't go so far to think of her as ugly even without the shooping, just average really.

It just amazes me how people can be comfortable with this level of editing without having some sort of breakdown due to seeing themselves much different than they actually are.

But like you guys say, their parents are pretty fucking messed up anyway and act no different than pagent moms in Tiaras and Toddlers or some shiz, I guess it was just instilled into them from an early age to accept it.

No. 219776

Actually, selfies and shooping your face's structure with an app were the main topic of NHK's Kawaii International episode #42 named "Kawaii Online Revolution" but even there the girls only did minor tweaks to their cheeks, nothing as bad as Dakota's shoop.

No. 219781

Yeah, this is so true. I remember reading about some American girl who worked in Japan and they edited her work ID picture without asking her. Not to be horrible, it's just assumed that people want to look "their best".

No. 219820

File: 1451939232348.jpg (163.25 KB, 750x1166, image.jpg)

A Twitter user from Japan snapped a photo of Dakota walking through the streets. She seems to match the guy next to her.

No. 219821

Is that really HER? looks like some weeb who clashed together some clothes to look harajoookoooo

No. 219827

File: 1451939580706.jpg (142.51 KB, 750x912, image.jpg)

Taken from Twitter. I think the person who took the photo assumed it was Dakota, but it does look like her based on the nose and chin.

No. 219832

I took a closer look and yes, on the second look you'll also see 'the lips' and stuff.
But why does she wear sth like that? It's a whole mismatch of everything!!

No. 219835

File: 1451940507206.jpg (59.09 KB, 634x472, dr.jpg)

No. 219842


It's from a shoot. I found other pictures earlier that showed her up close getting her clothes fixed. I can't find them anymore, they've probably been deleted.

No. 219847


I know it wouldn't be "kawaii" but she'd look sooooo much better with a gentle side parting and waves. It's refreshing to see what she really looks like in good quality video either way. kind of average. I wonder if she's had lip fillers now since her lips aren't looking as chubby as they do in her recent TV appearances.

No. 219849


If you're a model and potential clients want to check out your body, why would you wear a dress that makes you look pregnant?

No. 219851

File: 1451941909126.jpg (95.94 KB, 600x800, CXNPDj2U0AAnwQd.jpg)

Nevermind, found them.

No. 219852

File: 1451941934119.jpg (92.42 KB, 600x800, CXNPDj3UQAAEh_o.jpg)

No. 219853

File: 1451941953919.jpg (80.44 KB, 577x1024, CXUvxXpUsAAqRYB.jpg)

No. 219854

This looks like misha from kawaii international dressed her up. What a hot mess of stuff

No. 219857

6%DOKIDOKI I think?

No. 219869

holy hell….her eyes are so wonky and lopsided…even with all of that makeup.

No. 219873

Misha should honestly have her own thread in snow. What a damn clusterfuck of mismatched trash

No. 219877

I like this one

No. 219891

i've snooped around twitter before but never found any dakoo candids
good job

No. 219892

File: 1451946167672.png (255.09 KB, 617x358, dakoko.png)

getting manhandled

No. 219893

No. 219898

File: 1451946622929.jpg (94.79 KB, 945x533, dakoko.jpg)

oh my god
that comparison

No. 219910

Her face during the massage just looks like "Why did I say anything about my shoulders… Why couldn't I get the cute face massage?"
I felt a bit bad for her when they put that shoulder brace on though, she looked so embarrassed about it.

No. 219913

she looks really cute here ngl

No. 219922

she does look pretty cute but I wish she'd do more with her hair. It looks kinda nasty all flat like that.

No. 219930

Sometimes it's hard to make things work with thin hair. My hair is pretty fine but thankfully not has bad as hers and I have to try and poof mine up like crazy to look "normal."

No. 219933

She looks like a scary clown doll on the left.

No. 219937

shes waving sayonara to da kawaii lyfe as ghost of ugu real barbie lingers on

No. 219954

She must've felt sooo bad wearing those clothes in Takeshita Dori.

No. 219958

How they cut her shape out of her head is making her hair look even thinner.
Sometimes I don't think japanese people take care to or know how to style dakota with makeup or clothes that flatter her. I guess because she's opposite. Flat hair as opposed to thick hair, different eye shape, not as petite? etc

No. 219971

File: 1451965064338.jpg (117.68 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nbbafbLck21sq4va7o1_500…)

I am glad she was honest about what her problems were though. She obviously had some pretty bad posture problems, so it doesn't surprise me that her shoulders bother her. Her photos for Tiara Mily show just how bad her slouching problem is, since a lot of the photos are of outfits with bare shoulders.

Her shoulders are rolled forward which then pushes her neck and head more forward. If she corrects her posture, she won't look as broad and blocky.

No. 219984

Underrated post.

No. 219990

With the exception of two ads I saw, most of the models I've seen in ads, tv, etc. look average. The people on the street were pretty attractive like 80% of the time, but j think that's cause they bother with their appearance

No. 219999

lol does she even cook in her kitchen i can't imagine keeping any of my personal belongings where i prepare food (but then again if i could afford to eat out frequently, i probably would)

No. 220001

File: 1451972804824.png (437.32 KB, 737x385, smthnaboutcandy.png)

oh theres some japanese that probably explains

No. 220007

Me too. I have to wear a couple extensions to thicken up my hair, I hate it

No. 220009

No, this is just as abnormal in Japan

No. 220010

It says "I put sweets I don't want to eat and my inhaler in there (lol) I have asthma"
Eating out in Japan is a lot cheaper than one might expect btw, so maybe she really just doesn't cook.

No. 220012

I don't think she cooks, probably just prepares some food on the bench at most.

Kettle and microwave is all you need here tbh

No. 220045

Purses on the stove and pillows in the bathroom were there just to display her kawaii garbage, let's be real.

No. 220070


I actually had this same problem and began developing kyphosis from it and for people in this age bracket it is almost exclusively caused by excessive computer use from slouching in chairs and leaning over keyboards whilst not properly supporting your neck.

I think when you slouch and allow your neck to hang forward not being properly supported by your spine it adds something like 20+lbs of pressure or something mad like that.

No. 220076

This. How can you even tell what her body looks like with those clothes on. Seems pretty clueless. But she is "17" in the video.

No. 220078

I appreciate this post.

No. 220091


I would have died

No. 220139

thank you anon

No. 220252

File: 1452045516358.jpg (213.79 KB, 1082x1500, image.jpg)

I found the unedited photo of that time she wore a black bob wig and made a comparison to the photo she edited and uploaded to Instagram. The unedited photo is taken from Twitter.

No. 220253

The unedited looks better. Why do you do this to yourself Kota?

No. 220254

File: 1452045745733.jpg (142.28 KB, 600x830, tumblr_o0fy8h1FpE1r0bykto1_128…)

fffff i don't know. the photoshop is cute in this one so it doesn't bother me as much. also >>219971 you all want to talk about weird bodies, look at this photo of kpp i saw today. same shoulder issue, or is it genetic?

No. 220256

Has anyone noticed how Real Housewives she is looking in that clip of her on her Instagram? With the lips and cheekbones and everything I was half expecting her to be holding a glass of Pinot Grigio in her hand

No. 220259


Kiss me, dark and short haired unedited Dakota.

No. 220268

File: 1452048916835.gif (633.57 KB, 500x334, tumblr_mueu8qzVJV1sc7m2yo1_500…)


Gonna be honest here and say that I can't see that much of a difference between both.
She's obviously holding the camera at a higher angle and tilting it forward.

Everybody's eyes look enormous and their chin appears smaller when photographed from this angle.

It's edited for sure but probably not as much as you guys think.

No. 220273

Please, her nose and eyes swapped sizes.

No. 220278

The cleavage is what gets me the most and how obsessed she is with pretending her boobs are so big hahahaha! Same in >>210557

Can't she at least shoop her horribly overlined lips to make them look better too?

No. 220285


Well yeah, ones a candid taken by another person and the other is a selfie taken by herself at a very disinct angle.

How old are you again?

No. 220288

Ew back off you pedophile lazy bin.

No. 220302

Yes, clearly those angles gave her tits.

No. 220303


Uhhhh, Anon do you know what happens to breasts situated on the front of your chest when you hold out an arm or two arms in front of you to take a selfie?

C'mon little salt-goblin, you can do it!

Just a little more effort, make the connection!

That's right! You did it! Breasts DO in fact create a cleavage line when compressed on one or either side as a result of the fat tissues being pressed from their resting state and into each other!
Very well done little salt-goblin! Bravo indeed!

No. 220304

This is some PULL-tier nitpicking.

No. 220308

You are the only person who thinks Koots doesn't edit her pics. Just stop.

No. 220310

She looks so sad and washed out

No. 220312


Blind fool where did I state that I didn't believe she edits her pictures.

Admit you were wrong about the cleavage thing and move on jeez.

No. 220317

not that anon but your first post was 'it's not that edited' but her cleavage is visibly shoop'd in the OP pic and it looks the same in the pic in question as well.

No. 220343

File: 1452082217874.jpg (103.22 KB, 599x798, CWrM4PwUkAA4FQQ.jpg)

No. 220344

File: 1452082259645.jpg (49.99 KB, 599x798, CWrM4WbVAAASLYL.jpg)

No. 220346


I actually like these pictures of her, she looks semi-normal just blasted with a shit ton of lighting that's all.

No. 220379

Yeah, I don't mind them, either. Dakota never really has an aesthetic I find personally appealing, but I would say these are decent edits of her as far as her shoots go.

No. 220385

>implying kota doesn't shoop her tits


No. 220390

also theyre not even using her name anything about her here, no mention of real barbie or any of the bs. just using her as a model

No. 220391

looks like a mediocre selfie used as a magazine cover. fucking what

No. 220404

Isn't that a leaflet for a Japanese beauty school?

No. 220438

That anon probably shoops her face and tits and got triggered.

No. 220440


…do you seriously not understand how holding your arms in front of you creates a larger cleavage?
Any woman should be able to understand this.

No. 220463

>Belebel Osaka
>Enjoy school life!
>hair, esthetic, & nail
>Belebel support

Looks like it. I haven't studied Japanese in like 3-4 years so I can't read shit for kanji anymore but the kana all sounds like basic stuff you would see on a school booklet.

No. 220472

look at OP pic and tell me they don't look 100% the same size, she's clearly not smooshing her arms together there. it's very obviously shoop'd.

No. 220473

I love this post

btw she would be a pefect real housewive

No. 220483


I think the OP is shooped but I believe that >>220252 is her squeezing her arms together out of shot to create a cleavage because shadows and depth are a lot more realistic whereas OP is literally just a line.

Even in the candid you can see a hint of cleavage so it's not that unrealistic that she just squooshed her arms together for this shot given that you can't see them and that it'd be easier than shoopin' titties later.

No. 220527


the changes in her voice and everything are unfuckingreal. she was so good way back when.

No. 220529


Kinda OT but lawd I just found this again. I alwsyss intended to make a part 2 but sadly never got round to it.

Of all the Dakota vids that got DMCA'd off YouTube this one never did. I never received one message for it and it used to perplex me as to why.

I have this theory that it actually appealed to Dakota's black sense of humour and that she enjoyed the fact that I was actively mocking her creepy Hispanic fanbase so she decided to leave it up lel

No. 220537

Lol. Oh god, I remember this. I almost forgot how disgusting and creepy her Mexican fan base is. And that one Italian guy. Psychotic as fuck.

No. 220549


Maybe I'm hallucinating but she reminds me of Angelina Jolie in that clip

No. 220643

File: 1452190584194.jpg (170.41 KB, 960x960, CYG4o5uUEAA_O_n.jpg)

from twitter

No. 220646

Why does she make herself look so sick?

No. 220657

File: 1452193737116.jpg (17.36 KB, 420x286, ac0.jpg)

damn even with shoop and filters, her eyes look so tired.

No. 220666

honestly like it even when she has full-blown dakotaids.

No. 220676

how is she getting worse at shooping

No. 220678

She looks tired af

A candid from that event must be pretty bad

No. 220681

I think its just laziness or lack of time. How long has it even been since we've gotten a, dare I say it, "properly" photoshopped picture from her and not just some quicky done on line camera or meitu?

No. 220687

not since before japan, right?

No. 220689

File: 1452200012438.jpg (219.55 KB, 1600x900, unset.jpg)

She's looking like the corpse bride with those grey circles

No. 220739

The videos on this channel were copyrighted by Fullscreen Inc.


No. 220745


I noticed this yesterday but didn't mention anything.
I suspect Dakota must have signed with them to enforce her copyright, but god knows why since she doesn't produce any regular content and these sort of partnerships are usually reserved for the bigger named Youtubers like GG or Markiplier.

If ads start appearing on her vids we'll know I guess.

No. 220746


Damn look at the employee benefits for Fullscreen.

Creators. Producers. Designers. Managers. Thinkers. Doers. Relationship builders. United by a common passion for new possibilities in media and a common mission to empower today’s creators.

Medical, dental, vision, and voluntary long-term disability

Both paid maternity time and paid paternity time

Annual employee awards with cash and stock bonuses

401(k) program with compelling matching options

Public transit cashout program and paid parking

Dress for your day—not to a dress code

Competitive paid time off and floating holidays

Happy hours, holiday party, annual Fullscreen Cup, and more

Stock plan participation for employees

Regular hackathons that lead to real, innovative products

Conferences, YouTube certifications, and beyond

Both healthy options and endless candy, plus catered Friday meals

No. 220754

what bothers me the most are the irises, or rather her lenses. her pupils look extremely small and the color difference between the iris and the outer ring is just too much. i like light colored eyes but this color in this size doesn't work. it gives her this zombie, unaware look…similar to a vibe i get from zooey deschannel oddly enough. i could deal with the damaged hair and overdrawn top lip if only she fixed the eyes

No. 220760

File: 1452216490377.jpeg (35.14 KB, 313x470, image.jpeg)

She looks like Macaulay Culkin in drag

No. 220766

Do you guys not remember her Belebel commercial with the weird singing? Also when the students drew all over her pictures for a project or some crap lol.

No. 220770

I liked it better when she would wear the more natural looking circle lenses to try to pull them off as "all natural"
She looks dumb in the thick black circle lenses like all americans do

No. 220772

That was dumb of me, I meant white people, sorry hahaha

No. 220773


Yeah because niggers look so kawaii perfect with this lenses

No. 220776

Tbh I'm not a big fan of circle lenses either. And I think it's really weird when Asians wear a normal color in a very unnatural shade.

No. 220777

good save as if your second post wasnt any more idiotic. ur a dirty welfare mongrel that deserves to be put in the brazen bull. no amount of purple drank will cool u down then, love

No. 220778


Me neither, most of times it looks like shit at close.

I can understand circle lenses like a trick for girls with really tiny or squinty eyes, but thats it

No. 220782

These are…. Pretty average benefits if you have a real job

No. 220783

They're average startup benefits for a company that sounds like it will ultimately be bought up anyway.

No. 220786


Oh, I'm in the UK and we have the whole socialised medicine thing so I wasn't sure if these were considered for for Americans or not.

Jobs here don't really come with a massive list of perks and stuff like that.

No. 220816

File: 1452241852178.jpeg (52.86 KB, 313x470, image.jpeg)


I tried to meitu him the way Dakota does her pics and this is what I got, lol. I stopped before I started taking it too seriously.

No. 220846

So she still modeling for baby? After all the chinese complaining I'm very surprised they hired her again.

No. 220856

File: 1452261559218.jpg (44.98 KB, 600x600, CV4XnHKUkAAKBxZ.jpg)

this is old but here she isnt full blown alien baby. however she did shoop only one side of her jaw, leaving the side facing us looking oddly… odd.

No. 220864

You didn't make his eyes like dinner plates, if you had, I think you would of got it.

No. 220868

As bad as it sounds, I doubt Baby cares about the Chinese lolitas outside their opinions on what releases they like and how they can give them money.

If I understand it right, Dakota is part of a Japanese modeling agency and she's easy to hire, along with being a prominent figure in the j-fashion industry over there. Baby loves collabs, so it's like Dakota fans x Baby and that's why they probably keep hiring her. We've all given BtSSB way more attention than we ever would've just because Dakota has worn her clothes.

No. 220901


She's off down the Larme route

No. 220902

tbh she could at least be a good example for Jillian and Kate. At least she has a grasp of what Larme is suppose to look like.

No. 220928

I tried, this is as big as they would go before they were just blurry circles.

No. 220933

File: 1452301890056.jpeg (81 KB, 425x640, image.jpeg)

i tried to give him alien baby eyes, im laughing so hard right now

No. 220935

her lips are ridiculous.
She's starting to look like a furby.

No. 220944

File: 1452309661669.jpg (146.36 KB, 620x960, 2016-01-08-20-19-25-716.jpg)


I wanted to try my own

No. 220960

File: 1452313358131.jpeg (233.15 KB, 313x470, image.jpeg)

I have been gentle with him

No. 220965

File: 1452321152717.jpeg (71.04 KB, 451x752, image.jpeg)

Face swap + a little make-up

No. 220967

File: 1452323070677.jpg (199.97 KB, 313x470, 1452216490377_meitu_2.jpg)

No. 220974

File: 1452334679397.jpeg (2.38 MB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)


No. 220982

No. 220985

No. 220987

You're killing me, anon. Dakota's new Photoshops style is Macaulay-kei.

No. 220997

Not into blondes or japanese styles but gotta say she looks cute. Dont know who she exactlg is either or what this board is about.

No. 221000

spot on

No. 221544

Why is kooter modeling fatty fashion Punyu? Skip to 2:45

No. 221558

File: 1452612548512.png (193.22 KB, 428x362, fry.png)

are…are those french fries?

No. 221560

Probably. Shit like this is slowly growing in popularity as far as I know

No. 221570

their clothes are for everyone, they have both fatty and skinny size

No. 221576


Looks a little like matches to me

No. 221645

Thems be yeasty tampons

No. 221661

Holy shit seeing kota again makes me nostalgic
>tfw little weeb me in 2011-2012 wished hard to be a kawaii living doll
>pretended to make cute tutorials or outfit videos by doing my hairstyles or trying on cute clothes in front of the mirror with nice music
>took cute pics and shooped a bit to be super kawaii but never really posted any
>would sometimes go on omegle and such,get called a doll and it would make my day
Thankfully i never tried to be famous. But i had my own little world. Full of insecurities though.

My blogpost appart, what makes a kota copycat from your opinion?
And what is creeper level?
Talking about creepy copycats, is Kittyphina still around?

No. 221697

Because she's a chubber and she's too lazy to keep up with her own image to make sure her popularity stays up. She wants her manager to do all her work for her and get all the praise.

No. 221701

Kittyphina (Sarah Elizabeth) is b4by.jpg on Instagram

There's a thread in /snow/ with some candids in them too

No. 222001

File: 1452767386006.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-14-10-28-42…)

No. 222009

I wish she would tone down the over exposure and filters. She looks a lot prettier without them. This is just creepy all her features are lost and noone looks that plastic

No. 222011

That hat looks kind of familiar. I feel like she might have worn it in a picture from her scene phase, but maybe I'm mistaken.

No. 222015

would be cute without the eyes. wtf
how does she even do this shoop?
can anyone do a realistic example on a pic of a random person?
she whitens the fuck out of the skin, smooths, but wtf the eyes

No. 222016

>seeing kota again makes me nostalgic
>little weeb me in 2011-2012
damn im old.
when i put 'kota' and 'nostalgic' in the same sentence, it usually involves the year 2005-2006

No. 222020


Haha whoa, she still has that hat? I always thought it was a knockoff.

No. 222021

File: 1452777264918.jpg (18.46 KB, 500x319, large-5.jpg)

Speaking of plastic, reminds me of someone…
Might as well do a @Kotauncensored

No. 222025

File: 1452780002757.png (573.45 KB, 500x750, tumblr_lkl90jeTek1qin8bro1_500…)

No. 222029


She looks better dressed like that tbh. Nice to see her casual.

No. 222030

How much do you think kota makes living and working in Tokyo though?

No. 222051

I think someone's supporting her but judging from her jobs and low maintenance lifestyle I think about 3k US per month.

No. 222061

Her natural unshopped face looks a little like gene tierney http://www.cinemapassion.com/photo-Gene-Tierney-1076.php

No. 222062


You know that's unusual because Cathy's maiden name was Tierney before she married Scott and Dakota looks very much like her mother.

No. 222063

Really? Perhaps they are related?

No. 222065


Hm, potentially.
Googling it reveals that the last name Tierney came from Gene Tierney's father, Howard Tierney who did in fact have a son, also named Howard Tierney.

Perhaps this man married Cathy's mother and had Cathy, who then married Scott and had Dakota.

No. 222082

Are you seriously suggesting that Gene Tierney is kiki and Dakota great aunt?

Come on if thats true then kiki could have mention it back in the scenes days and flaunt it.

No. 222107


No because that would make Gene Tierney Cathy's mother's sister.
It was a suggestion that maybe Cathy's mother's father was brother to Gene Tierney but it wasn't a serious one, relax.

No. 222137

Great great aunt doesn't sound better though

No. 222147


m8 were just having a little fun.

No. 222187

she barely has any dark circle. wtf?

No. 222188

hi ana

No. 222214

I love her makeup so I finally decided to check out her YouTube videos to see if she did any tutorials and the only tutorials she has look fucking awful. Seriously what was she thinking when she made those? Just make an everyday makeup tutorial ffs.

No. 222246

Here's what gets me about this. The caption says she's on her way to a fashion show, but she clearly has makeup on (you can see where her lips are overdrawn, her brows are done and she's wearing mascara). Fashion shows specifically tell you to show up barefaced so the makeup artist has a clean canvas to work on, so now the makeup artist has to take the time to wash her makeup off, all so she could take a cute selfie on the train.

No. 222252


I actually think Dakota is allowed to do her own makeup for these kind of shows.
That's kind of standard for tarento who aren't generic models because their faces are atypical to the standard they're used to, i.e. she's not as pretty as the other models so they let her work her own makeup.

No. 222271

Dakota jams as many clothes as possible into a suitcase to stop Keeks from wearing them

No. 222279

not to mention shes not in any big, expensive fashion shows. just basic bitch, young girl tier clothing brands.

No. 222296


Venus does the same though

"no make up"

and clearly she's got it on

I hate bitches who pull that shit

No. 222298

I think it says tomorrow is fashion show

No. 222384

Not sure if this was said about Dakota or not, but do Japanese people really ask if she is halfu? Because I don't see it at all… or is that something they say just to flatter?

No. 222385

They really did ask her at first, and some people who aren't very familiar with her ask if she's half, but it's mostly because she used to tag her pics as hafu, half blood, half Asian, etc. plus she hides her surname. Lately bravo has been tryin from to edit her to look more half because they think it'll make her more marketable to the Japanese (even though if they manage that she'll still always be a gaijin because he was born and raised in America and not Japan).

No. 222409

File: 1452937951386.jpg (34.19 KB, 300x300, img-thing.jpg)

Damn i am surprised when i see her still having old clothes (that hat in this case) she used to wear in like 2010-2011-2012. Makes me nostalgic from the old time and the funny drama.
I always wanted to see her whole wardrobe circa 2012 i loved her style even though it was mainly knockoffs and stuff.
Now she is so boring and bland and PULL went to shit…i miss 2012

Kek i need to draw Dakota jamming kawaii clothing into an overpacked suitcase and locking her wardrobe so Keekz doesn't sneak in and wear her clothes or anything.

No. 222416

WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FASHION SHOW?!! Is having a weird mouth-syncing concert at the same time a normal thing? Why is she so fuking fat? WHo is she?

And Kooter looked cute, until I saw all the other models lmfao

No. 222419

I think you're right anon, my moon is not very good. How unkawaii of me.

No. 222509


she's a comedian, it's supposed to be funny. I actually really liked the show, I don't even see it as a bad thing that she's fat since she's not huuuge fat and she's like the only famous fat girl in japan. In Japan it's just funny and cool since they don't have the overweight problem like in the usa with all the lardos

No. 222510


oh and her name is Naomi Watanabe

No. 222549

File: 1452994190816.jpg (43.95 KB, 299x427, 55149_900.jpg)


Is this Naomi? (pic)

Why does she have a Western name, do you know?

No. 222550


If Kota wants to pass herself off as halfu, either because she wants to or because her agency wants to, she needs to dye her hair darker and wear brown contacts.

I've just never seen a genuine halfu that didn't have brown eyes and brown hair with a yellow undertone to their skin.

No. 222552

Naomi is a girl's name in Japan and has been for a long time, it's just pronounced different.

No. 222617

I don't think she wants to per se, I think her management wants her to kind of day without sayin she's half, so that it becomes a selling point for her without her actually claiming it herself/denying it. Which is a pretty good indicator of how her numbers are slipping. Her hair is darker since she moved to Japan, and her blonde+blue eyes Barbie thing is all she has going for her so she can't dye her hair or wear brown lenses (she's already infamous for lying about the blue ones anyway). And even if they did manage to convince people she's a hafu, she still won't fit in because she's not from Japan.

No. 222639

Naomi got famous from her lip-synching and dancing to Beyonce songs. Like, it is her schtick.

No. 222640

That makes a lot more sense… now that i understand it's supposed to be funny, I totally get it, haha

No. 222642


It's just Bravo trying to get Dakota some publicity on the down low.

No. 222677

also i think a reason they ask if you are haffu is because there is no possible way a gaijin can learn nihongo!! no way!! their brains cannot possibly grasp such a sophisticated, difficulty language (except mira of course! she is no mere mortal gaijin!)

No. 222686


She was a popular comedian, who started with the whole la farfa magazine publishing, who produced the brand punyus, and now does the lip-singing thing whenever punyus has a stage on the runway. >>222642
That show is old af, it was posted at least a couple of Dakota threads ago. She's not any more popular than before. So it was a failed attempt. That's around the time she wore the F21 outfit.

No. 222894

That hat is the real thing, I love it. Now the ring… easier to find knock offs of those.

No. 223001

Looks like kota is gonna be appearing in another tv show

No. 223003

I miss her eng

No. 226464

Interesting new video of Kota. Seems like some sort of romantic drama.

No. 226466

File: 1453840121309.jpg (71.87 KB, 815x477, image.jpg)

No. 226467

File: 1453840177016.jpg (72.38 KB, 644x357, image.jpg)

No. 226469

Someone please translate for us non-moonspeakers.

Also, Can't believe Taylor managed to get a drama before Kooters.

No. 226473

She's so cute in this. Her outfit actually suits her for once.

No. 226474

File: 1453841135673.gif (28.87 KB, 458x203, Turtle2.gif)

wow, her posture is so incredibly awful….she has the posture of a turtle, lol.

No. 226475

Golden hour film can literally make everyone and their mom's cute. Dat chin though.

No. 226476

kota lacks the dedication and is just lazy. She also sucks at acting/expressing emotions.

No. 226479

She looks really cute

No. 226513

>cute foreign face
>deep ass voice

Is this her schtick?

No. 226518

File: 1453845027243.png (217.37 KB, 340x387, crie.png)

lik dis if u cry evertim

No. 226520

um. yes.
it always has been. are you new

No. 226521

Someone please translate

No. 226522

File: 1453845123445.png (90.81 KB, 516x167, kekallday.png)

i wish this is based on a true story

No. 226523


I kinda expected her to get a drama though. She's already got a book, modelling, tv show ect so drama isn't that surprising. It just means we get to see her actual face despite the circle lenses properly without bad AE and shoop.

No. 226524

> americans dont kiss when greeting. you dont kiss if you dont like them.
> first date with a fellow entertainer
> him: uhh… hi…
> her: nihongo daijoubu
> dakota speaking: when he came, i think he was surprised it was a foreigner (dakota) it was embarassing
> american girl falls in love with nihon jin

No. 226525

File: 1453845377285.jpg (243.33 KB, 846x423, extension.jpg)

What is this? Is that an extension I can see? Or am I just tripping.

No. 226528

is it a drama tho? it looks like a reality show or something.
like the bachelor except the only choice is dakoko

No. 226529

Thank you, anon

No. 226530


If they wanted gaijin and nips to get together then why not just look up those annoying "i married a jap girl/guy" couples on Youtube?

But then again kota needs her break!!! She'll be starring with Haruma Miura next ;)

No. 226531

its not a drama.
there are other episodes of the show featuring other entertainers, meeting, going on a date.
the point of the show is that at the end, if the date went well, you see if they kiss or not
hence "Last kiss" as the title

No. 226532


Ah I see.

But she'll probably be starring in an actual drama pretty soon or some low budget movie. I can smell it.

No. 226540

Damn, I have literally the same thing as Kota. The problem is that even when holding the neck straight, it still looks turtle-y

halp how to fix?

No. 226542

> "i want to meet again"

No. 226561

If you speak more than two words people usually ask if you are; it's half astonishment that anyone non-Japanese can speak the magical moon language, and half (usually insincere) flattery

No. 226574

it caught my eye asap. I was embarrassed for her.

No. 226599

File: 1453855163126.jpg (35.73 KB, 500x751, dakota_rose6.jpg)

dat pointy nose tip

I never really thought she had a nose job, but I definitely am convinced now. Pic related

No. 226600

"Dakota Rose x Aidoru Group M"


No. 226614

Kek so did she actually kiss the guy? That doesn't seem very Dakota-like.

No. 226617

The only thing I can find about アイドルグループM is this video on YT about some gossip show and a shitload of Korean boy band pics on google images. My Japanese sux so idk what's going on in the vid.

No. 226647


I wonder, at what point is she going to have to stop calling herself blonde? Most of the time natural blonde hair darkens with age, it happened with Kiki and it looks like it's happening to Kota since she moved to Japan. She should mix some lemon juice into her conditioner, God knows she's okay with lying about being ~all natural~ already.

No. 226655

she is blonde are you blind anon she has a mousy ash color

No. 226656

In europe this is considered brown

No. 226657


It is not. Her hair is clearly a dark ash blonde. You must be very color blind and have no idea about brown hair

No. 226659

She doesnt appear on new Popteen + there are 3 or 4 new models

No. 226665

File: 1453866449676.jpg (27.01 KB, 500x694, Dark-Ash-Blonde-Hair.jpg)

To me this sint blonde, its like a light-medium brown, i dont care about fancy names

No. 226667

No. 226669

Not the same anon, >>226525 is everything but blonde, ash blonde doesn't have ginger undertones.

No. 226672


Way to speak for the whole of Europe.
I'm in the UK and have the same colour hair as Dakota and I am very much considered a blonde, albeit dirty/mousey blonde.

>>226665 is not even the same colour as Dakota.

No. 226673


That's because that's not dark blonde, it's light brown.

No. 226674

File: 1453866990508.jpg (19.72 KB, 236x438, dac7773ed3204edde17312c2eeb979…)


>what is strawberry blonde

No. 226675

>Most of the time natural blonde hair darkens with age

All light hair colors do as brown eumelanin isn’t expressed from birth, that's nothing exclusive to blonde.

No. 226677

that would require her to show an emotional range greater than Kristen Stewart, and as of right now, the two of them are pretty much the same.

No. 226678

Doesn't look anything like Dakota's hair unless you consider the 80% increased brightness in her shoops as haircolor.

No. 226682

It isn't much darker than hers comparing it to candids like >>221558

No. 226683

File: 1453867301555.jpg (76.45 KB, 500x750, Best-Dark-Blonde-Hair-Color-Pi…)

Shes not blonde, this is like the darkest blonde, to me atleast, amerifags borderline consider almost black hair "medium" brown

No. 226686

That pic looks light brown even to me as an American and so does Kota. Anything browner than dirty blonde is brown. Mousy is brown. The popular Japanese milk tea color is brown. Nothing wrong with it; it's pretty… It just isn't blonde

No. 226691

saying someone's hair is blonde is more to do with the undertones than 'how light' it is.
Brunette's will usually have orange/red undertones.
Blondes have yellow undertones.

No. 226695

are you retarded?
They're in the evening sunlight which is orange.

No. 226696


I didn't say it looked like Dakota's hair but you just stated that it's impossible for blonde hair to have gingery tones to it.

No. 226698

Dakota is a dirty/mousey blonde.
It doesn't matter what your "personal" interpretation is, what you think her hair color is is irrelevant because her colour is categorically listed virtually everywhere as a dirty/mousey blonde.
End of.

No. 226699


Wow, her hair in an orange sunset appears orange! Amazing!

No. 226701

Dakota's hair is a level 7. That's basically the darkest blonde. It's so dark it look brown and it'll just get darker as she ages.

No. 226704

That doesn't really count as proof since she lies about her eye color, age, and weight too. Dakota would never admit to having non-blonde hair because it would lose her points with Japan. But her hair is light brown tho.

No. 226718

It's in other non-filtered pictures too, like >>219645 , try again.

No. 226719


I think they meant listed on things like shade charts, rather than her model info.

Whether her hair is dark blonde or light brown is entirely subjective, honestly. It also depends on what picture you're using as a reference.
Either way, for Japan's standards, it's 'blonde' enough for her to be a kawaii gaijin barbie.

No. 226720

Japan quickly calls something blonde anyways looking at some of their hair dye brands, even some pink colors are considered blonde.

No. 226721

it's the lighting, you can even see the colour tinged on the banner behind them..
I don't know why Dakota being blonde triggers you so much.

No. 226724

But light doesn't make your hair blonde hair look like dark brown as in >>221558

No. 226726

That is not dark brown no matter how many ways you try to slice it.
Stop trying to force it. It's embarassing.

No. 226727

Wow… And what is actual dark brown hair for you? Black? That reference is in no way dark brown!

No. 226729

Natural hair colors change the color with light. It can look different in daylight, lights in a room etc.
Dakotas hair is definitely dark blonde

No. 226734

>implying all "dark brown" anons are one person

No. 226735

Natural hair colors change the color with light. It can look different in daylight, lights in a room etc.
Dakotas hair is definitely brown

No. 226736

this is tumblr tier denial.

No. 226738

Natural hair colors change the color with light. It can look different in daylight, lights in a room etc.
Dakotas hair is definitely red

No. 226796

Her hair is blue, guys. I see it blue. (Jk)

No. 226797

Dakota is dark blonde.
Deal with it cucks.

No. 226807

this!! so guys just drop it -_-
just because its been dry lately doesnt mean you gotta nitpick her hair color. its so petty. get ready for the milk coming february 2!

No. 226819

LRN2 paragraph.

No. 226822

File: 1453912234108.jpg (18.32 KB, 425x404, Joke_over_your_head.jpg)

No. 226922

It isnt blonde, no one outside of americucks and mutt europeans this that.

No. 226924


No. 226932


Pure English girl here.
It's blonde.

No. 226937

Pure German girl here.
It's light brown.

No. 226939

File: 1453934870541.jpg (615.98 KB, 1893x932, fsdfsd.jpg)


No, it's not.

No. 226941

Her hair doesn't look anything as bright as the results in your own screenshot, try again.

No. 226942

File: 1453935571950.jpg (24.74 KB, 333x480, b7fbf3c384b0.jpg)

How is this blonde????

No. 226944


Yes, it is, and posting an image of her hair indoors under poor lighting in an enormous room is proving your desperation bias.

No. 226946

Because her overexposed videos are SO accurate, still doesn't look blonde either way.

No. 226947

why is everyone being idiotic?
there are different shades of blonde.

if you do not want to consider it blonde then fine go ahead.
you can call a dog a cat for all i care.

No. 226949


That's NATURAL light you fucking spaz, it's nothing like overexposure.

No. 226950

Sure, that's why the pink blouse looks white and the bow disappears.

No. 226955

File: 1453938212908.png (178.49 KB, 332x266, kota.png)

No. 226956

Thats totally blonde anon because im insecure and thats my haircolour and i want it to be blonde!! sobs in a corner

No. 226957

I fucking hate PULL.

No. 226958


This is PULL tier arguing. So pity and insignificant. PULL fags really are the worst.

No. 226959

please admin-sama… please kill the PULL infestation.

No. 226975

You know kaka is foaming at the mouth.

No. 226977

I've been saying this from the start.

No. 226980

>taking Kota's videos as anything remotely near reality

No. 226983


Nigga she's obviously not layering a filter across her hair on every single frame if that's what you're implying.

Even in videos published by other people it's the same shade though. She's right on the very cusp of the dirty blonde spectrum, but it stills falls within in. I have no idea why people are getting so triggered by her being blonde, it's not exactly like it's particularly special so why ape out about it.

No. 226997

holy shit whats wrong with her back

No. 227002


Exceedingly poor posture.

No. 227077


Holy shit she needs to stay away from facial close ups like this, her eyes are so visibly crooked… Jeez. Isn't there some kind of surgery for that? I mean I know tons of people have it but I've never noticed it on anyone before…

No. 227129

File: 1453961879288.jpg (36.96 KB, 400x582, articles99-289.jpg)

tbh I haven't even noticed it on Kota. I mean, it only becomes a problem really when it reaches Rosie Huntington levels

No. 227169


I don't know how, there's gotta be an almost 1/4 inch difference, obviously she shoops it and tilts her head when she can't, but when she can't do all that you can really tell in pics like these >>226942 >>226944 >>220529

No. 227170

File: 1453967438058.png (729.21 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Has anyone noticed how all of Dakota's contact emails changed from management@dakotarose.com to pic related? I remember looking at her site about a year ago and it wasn't that way. Maybe she finally did cut off ties with her parents and sister (which would explain Kiki's disappearance).

No. 227171

File: 1453967575706.jpeg (97.99 KB, 640x1084, image.jpeg)

*management at dakotarose dot com

Well that's new to me, huh. Anyway.

Why are almost all of Bravo's male staff married to ugly white women? In a past thread caps were posted of a Bravo guy people thought Dakota was shacked up with and he had an ugly white wife. This guy seems to have one as well. At least it would explain why Beavo shit themselves to sign her and fly her to Japan and give her everything.

No. 227218

i dont remember it ever saying management@dakotarose.com ….
its had her agents email for a long long time

No. 227219

File: 1453993545770.png (241.28 KB, 443x410, aa.png)

what do you mean? this?

No. 227220

File: 1453993584290.png (266.39 KB, 499x429, myspleen.png)

or this

No. 227226


No. 227247

No. 227285

File: 1454005781770.gif (1.46 MB, 344x360, large.gif)

Encyclopedic read, cute.

No. 227293

her shoop is so cute

No. 227302

…are you blind or just reaching

No. 227311

no? im saying wtf is her back

No. 227315

I see it, anon. You can see it in other photos, too. She has a hunchback.

No. 227316

It did over a year ago before she redesigned her website. Basically all her contact emails except one were @dakotatose.com and the one that wasn't was booking@bravomodels. Iirc there are caps of her old layout with the old contacts in an older thread, I remember someone pointing out how weird it was that she still had the accounts owned by Cathy as her professional contacts since she didn't do anything in English anymore.

No. 227381

So I have a classmate that has a friend working for IMG and he told me IMG was interested in her but they did a quick search and all the shit and milk appeared lmao so they told her to forget about it.
Maybe this is not new, but I laughed hard

No. 227394

Woah, she looks cute as hell in this. What happened to ugly kooter?

No. 227397

File: 1454024591988.jpg (44.16 KB, 600x543, 3b40d25f.jpg)

Couple of pics from her Line blog

No. 227398

File: 1454024614049.jpg (47.91 KB, 600x600, 50d97df2.jpg)

No. 227399

File: 1454024636751.jpg (69.03 KB, 600x600, c168fb55.jpg)

No. 227405

no doubt they saw just how shooped her face really is.

No. 227406

That vid is old as fuck.

No. 227413

yea and japan is just retarded as fuck and only cares that you look good in pics

No. 227417

Her hair is light brown you fucking retards.

No. 227431

File: 1454031058373.png (107.77 KB, 277x205, kooter.png)


Whoever edited that video is a fucking retard. Her back literally separates into a spike at 0:25~

No. 227432

I remember this being debated when it came out.
Is it possible it's a ribbon from the back of the choker?

No. 227433

I don't think creepyyeha ever used ribbons to fasten up her chokers.

No. 227438

I overheard the shopgirls from baby talking about her saying they were so torn between using her as a model or not since they can't share her pictures for their international audience since everybody not japanese hates her so much and it would be such a waste lol poor kooter will never escape her past.

No. 227443

LOL I wouldn't have even bothered using her as a model if that's the case. Oh well.

No. 227456

File: 1454034673262.jpg (9.94 KB, 236x314, 72cef97bd32f563f4612c2f68a7f46…)

pull assumed that it was a cheap or knockoff choker that ties with a ribbon in the back because it looks like the sharp thing on ribbon.

pic related for reference.

No. 227458

I love these outfits so much.

No. 227466

File: 1454035121194.jpg (233.1 KB, 1280x1277, https://41.media.tumblr.com/6e…)

No idea where this is from

No. 227481

she looks like Madison from Bravo LOL

No. 227482

GLB maybe

No. 227484


[muffled kiki's shrieking in the distance]

No. 227512

I'm telling you, Kota shot herself in the foot when she turned her back in everyone except Japan. Maybe dropping her crazy family was a good move, but even so now E doesn't have Cathy obsessively spending her every waking moment trying to copyright claim all of Kota's dirty past out of existence. That, plus how she doesn't give a fuck about anything outside Japan plus her bullshit apology and completely ignoring her non Japanese fanbase has really screwed her. Japan isn't like America, you don't get famous everywhere by being famous there. Yeah, she can pretend she's Japanesu and her life before Japan never happened, but the internet never forgives or forgets. She isn't cute enough in person to pull the kind of jobs she needs to be famous, and it's been said many times that she's too lazy to maintain her social life. Dakota now compared to Dakota when she first got to Japan is sinking. Sure, her moon speak is good but she has no social life and she still sucks as a model without shoop and heavy makeup.

No. 227554

Who cares? She'll get bored of/too old for Japan soon enough, move back in with her family, and not have to work the rest of her life. And/or get some kinda basic office job and be a normal yet extremely bitchy coworker. nbd, I consider this Japan thing an extended vacation with pay for her, and I bet she thinks the same thing, judging by her lazy attitude.

No. 227558

She'll marry for a visa before she willingly moves back into Kiki's shadow. Can you imagine how the Ostrengas would treat her if she couldn't stay in Japan anymore and had to come crawling back home? They treated her like crap before when she was Kiki's fat sidekick, but now they'd mock her to no end

>you thought you were such hot shit, didn't you? Well then what are you doing back here with your boring American family, kawaii living doll moderu??? I thought Japan looooved you! Just goes to show you never were really model material anyway, you were just spank material to old men!

No. 227570

I wonder. At this point I'm not even hating on Kota anymore, the milk is so dry !

Maybe she'll marry with a japanese dude and live off his salary while doing a few jobs here and there. Then have kids (or maybe is she childfree ? Who knows) and push them into modeling.

At least she'll have pretty pictures to show her grandkids so that's pretty sweet to imagine. I guess Japan was the best thing to happen to her, if she hadn't gone anywhere she'd be exactly like Kaka, alone in the US, maybe going to a crappy uni to pass time and working who knows where.

No. 227573

In Scandinavia certainly, possibly Eastern Europe (no idea), but everywhere else this is dark blonde.

No. 227580

>Maybe she'll marry with a japanese dude and live off his salary while doing a few jobs here and there.

That's probably what she's doing now tbh, she barely does anything anymore.

No. 227588


She's going to be in next month's (or this month's? sorry i don't keep track on when they come out!) KERA using BABY & Pirates newest prints, maybe this syrup add will be part of it too ?

No. 227589


Can confirm for nose job, dat pointy tip when compared with her old photos where it wasn't exactly round, but it was no where near as defined.

This just makes me squirm with delight because that means Kiki's massive rant on her tumblr about how you shouldn't get plastic surgery "eg. a nose job" was almost DEFINITELY her throwing shade at kooter indirectly.

Kiki, she's better than you. She's more successful and prettier. She's reaching so badly to be superior to Kota that the only thing she could do is take moral high ground because she hasn't had surgery. But Kaka, you're a nobody, so who's the real winner here?

No. 227601

if she had a nose job, whatever i dont even care. everyone gets it these days. sad but true

No. 227794

>sad but true

Literally what's sad about that? She got a very natural looking nose that compliments her face, I'm not seeing the problem

No. 227800


Kaka also threw shade on her for smoking, not just the nosejob.

No. 227814

Compare her cheekbones to older pics, looks like she had fillers put in.

Also it's really clear where the lipliner goes beyond her lips in this videos.

No. 227816

She looks ugly to me in this video. Don't know what it is.

No. 227817

And the drinking as well. I think is safe to assume that any time Kiki was talking about shit her "friends" do that she doesn't like/thinks is stupid it was her talking about Kota because, let's be real, Kiki has never had any friends but her.

No. 227848

You know, I never understood why Dakota just didn't apologize formally at the beginning/at some point in her debut, make an English and Japanese twitter and just capitalize on her fame.

She acts like we all hate her and ruined her life. If anything, we catapulted her into fame with out chatter. She wanted to be famous, posted on shitty /cgl/, got gossiped about, and was always just fighting and lying over stupid shit. Circle lenses? No, they're real! Photoshop? Never! The world just wanted to know why you edited yourself to be some elf doll. Why deny the obvious? It just made people angry.

Only difference now is she's got some Japanese man in PR yelling at her to stop and pretend we literally do not exist. She's stopped engaging trolls, but we're like a bad omen that haunts her.

She'll always have us, the international community, and stupid petty past lies forever looming over her now.

Honestly, I think most grudges could've been forgiven now if she was just mature. The internet really never forgets, Dakota.

No. 227860

Thanks anon, I was sure she must've had something done to her face because now she looks quite different compared to her first years in Japan/Korea and I couldn't pinpoit what it was (it can't be just makeup).

No. 227874


I think she avoids everyone but Asia because of her internet past. If she didn't have it, I reckon she would talk to us more. So we have to rely on those who can speak/understand Japanese and Japanese friends who know what's going on.

I don't hate Dakota if anything I find it interesting how a foreigner how gotten quite far. I think it's time we stop hating kota. I know not all of you do and some couldn't give two shits about her. It's been almost 5 years since her debut. I think we need to just let it go and leave her be. There is hardly any milk anymore. The only weird thing that happens is kota's constant face changing in pictures but that was never anything new.

No. 227876


Yeah, I think Japan was the best thing that happened to her too. I know some people say she had a shit home life… so I guess maybe it was just her luck? But in the interview, her first one she said she didn't expect all this attention and for things to go so far. We all knew what she was doing, c'mon. You never know, she could have been so desperate to get out of that life and find something for herself.

If she does have kids to some Japanese guy no doubt they'll be thrown into the modelling industry too. Why? Cos hafu and the mother has contracts.

No. 227877


I think she'll just stay in Japan and marry for visa. Like most weebs do.

No. 227891

she did apologize. it was posted to her blog before she was even scouted, probably in anticipation of being picked up by a talent agency.
there was the original post, which was actually pretty humble, and then a second (possibly third? I forget) edit that was presumably made by Cathy that came across as a lot less so.

No. 227903

>Like most weebs do.
Working in Japan ≠ being a weeb. She never really came across as a weeaboo to me.

But that's what I like about her since she is living every actual J-fashion weeb's dream: Being a popular, cute foreign model in Japan.

No. 227910

and thats why everyones so mad lmao

No. 227911

cant blame her tho…
but i dont think she will marry solely for a visa. she's still on a work/entertainment visa and her career doesnt seem to be disappearing any time soon
what good would come from coming back to the US anyway. she has no reason to leave japan

No. 227929


Exactly, I think people just want her out Japan because she beat them to the kawaii ugu goddessu crown and got attention.


Thing is, why don't other foreign girls start modelling and making a niche (different obv) for themselves? Learn Japanese properly, get involved, start SOMETHING. Don't just sit around complaining, cater to the wrong audience and cry about Dakota being there.

No. 227931


I don't think the hardest part of this is signing up to a modelling agency/lang (if you're slim already with a nice face and have got good jap) I think it's the viral issue.

Dakota and Magibon both got free passes to Japan. All on youtube, niche for themselves. I think someone else would need a niche too… done properly, genuine and fit the bill.

You would definitely have to speak Japanese. Slim (cos c'mon), pretty and healthy looking.

I do think another person could easily go viral again. It's just knowing how without going down the dolly route.

No. 227937

i always thought that anon who'd go on and on about lighter colored hair looking better on kooter was full of it, but seeing this pic, this pale white blond looks really fucking good on her. her hair is so thin and fragile though i don't think it'd tolerate bleaching, she's half bald already, but yeah, really liking the color on her. it goes better with her ugu washed out pastel alien baby look.

No. 227967

File: 1454181848634.gif (896.21 KB, 306x304, mmhmmmhm.gif)

i forgave kooter. i like the sense that the community has actively changed from an attitude of takedown to subtle protectiveness, like you'd find in a pt thread. kind of taking credit for successes but also still h8'in.

i kind of want to see some dark ash-brown on her, i think the coolness would have the same effect.

No. 228023

File: 1454189107826.jpg (64.75 KB, 809x679, CZkota.jpg)

No. 228026


Saw that today when I got up. Tbh I like this one, she looks more herself from the old kotakoti days? Not as alien. But jesus, kota lay off the whitening. I'm glad her viral pics made her have some melanin at least. Also… very fancy kota, we can see ya hip bones!

No. 228195

Ew… unattractive. She's got some dead looking eyes, plus her belly is not to die for even after a shoop.

No. 228199

this just looks bad because you cant mix the alien baby face with the sexy pose
if she did normal adult makeup here, ok it would probably look pretty cute. this just looks… wrong

No. 228200

the more i look at it the more its just no….
her eye bags… the shadows on her face.. the dumb mouth
literally looks like she has a hangover or some shit

No. 228201

Why doesn't she do anything about her eyelashes in a lot of her photos lately? Or is this supposed to be a 'no makeup' look?

No. 228270

I almost always laugh my ass off when i read shit like this, how the hell would you know their family dynamics? Sounds like a shitty cinderella fanfic.

No. 228272


I definitely believe that Kiki is low key jealous of Kota because Kiki's a huge fucking narcissist, and judging by the Stickam recordings, Kota WAS treated kind of shit when she was younger, but anything other than that is pretty much fanfiction.

No. 228273

It is a nice photo, but then I compare it to photos like >>226942 or >>226518 , and I become disillusioned.

She is not even bad looking, but like all of the shoop-heavy girls, she makes her natural self look uglier in comparison to her "flawless" edits.

No. 228293

and photoshopping and using CL

basically everything

No. 228367

I feel like she didn't get a nose job. I think she photoshopped her nose rounder in the old photos to look 'cuter'.

Also, another reason I think that she didn't is because, why would the ostrenga's pay for dumpy little dakota to get a nose job over their premium cash cow, Kiki?

No. 228374


iirc they said kooters had deviated septum and their insurance covered it (?)

No. 228376

Yes but this surgery doesn't change your nose's shape. Whatever, noses change from kid > adult anyways.

No. 228391

Some surgeons will do a rhinoplasty along with repairing a deviated septum and just bill is as the latter. It's kind of shady, but it does happen, and especially in places like Orlando.

No. 228404

This is common practice for deviated septum and it's not considered shady nowadays.

No. 228427

It's the ribbon from her choker, mongoloid.

No. 228428

Lmfao. Top Kek anon.

No. 228430

This didn't happen.

No. 228551

Shut up Rosaire, you fat jelly donut piggu. You're just mad BABY fired you for being retarded and Japanese illiterate lel. You'll never be on the same level as flawless Queen Kota.

No. 228561

a shadow?

No. 228593

Nope, as others said that's her choker's ribbon. They even explained it on video (at 1:28).

No. 228604

thats so weird they cared enough to point out in the video….

No. 228729

It's probably because it caused a lot of discussion. I am guessing that popteen want their models to look as natural as possible and so decided to prove they didn't make a photoshop error by pointing out it was a ribbon

No. 228739

>I am guessing that popteen want their models to look as natural as possible

And yet they hired the queen of Photoshop, lol.

No. 228772

Is Japan upset about this? I think Dakota thinks she can run from us and Photoshop to death, but she doesn't understand Japan birthed anon boards and loves gossip sites. I think she's in trouble the longer she stays there. She can't hide there from her Photoshopping.

No. 228780

Her browline sure is strong

No. 228788


Dakota likes to perpetuate the illusion that western, non Japanese-speaking weebs believe- that she's famous and popular and extremely well liked in Japan and that they don't care how she looks, how much she weighs or about her past. The reality is, there are Japanese-speaking foreigners all over the Internet, as well as English speaking Japanese who see right through her illusion. In addition to that, the massive boner Japan has for two-faced bitches and their drama while trying to maintain a public face of politeness and (fake) sincerity really won't help her. The older she gets (and the less she tries to improve herself) the more it'll come to light.

No. 228790

They're probably sick to death of her ~foul mouthed living doll real Barbie~ thing by now. Other than that, what does she do? Play FF? She doesn't even stream, why should anyone care? Because she's white and speaks Japanese?

She really is Kiki's sister- she thinks she believes praise for nothing except being born.

No. 228791



Wtf phone gdi

No. 228798

Imagine how much Twitch whore potential she'd have. Cute grill playing games and speaking great Japanese. Wet nerds everywhere.

No. 228800

you cant ps a webcam tho

No. 228802

So? Nerds be dumb thirsty idiots. If she was asian that'd be the cherry on top for them.

No. 228821

Agreed. She could just wear a mask, claim she has a cold and thirsty fans will lap it up. Gotta support their kawaii elf goddessu

No. 228858

File: 1454399428755.jpeg (97.63 KB, 619x733, image.jpeg)

Oh god it's a monster

No. 228864

File: 1454401062504.jpeg (115.94 KB, 640x1087, image.jpeg)

That dress looks like something a mom from the mid 90's would wear, it's so tacky. And lol she looks like crap compared to the rest of the models on that page.

Also I went clicking around in the #ダコタローズ tag and found this wonderful Japanese truth page, it's not very popular but it's pure gold and some of the comments are pretty lulzy. Apparently it's been around for a few months too which means Cathy isn't running interference for Dakota truth pages anymore.

No. 228883

Lol, I keep seeing people use excessive washing out tonight, but this takes the cake. Dakota doesn't even need to be literally fading into the background. Jewels_dress must think she's insanely ugly and needs to be erased away because the dress looks fine.
I knew Dakota was in trouble. I imagine it's even worse for Cathy because how could she possibly take down Japanese truth sites like this, much less follow them?

No. 228930

File: 1454427785683.jpg (204.31 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20160202_104117.jpg)

No. 228931

File: 1454427809087.jpg (208.63 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20160202_104137.jpg)

No. 228932

File: 1454427826050.jpg (185.68 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20160202_104152.jpg)

No. 228933

File: 1454427840503.jpg (166.91 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20160202_104205.jpg)

No. 228936


So what happened in it anon? Is it some weird matchmaking date game?

No. 228960


They went to the zoo, took a picture together, then they hold hands (Dakota initiated it and everyone was freaking out about it) and then they kissed. First he only pretended to kiss her and stopped half-way saying that her "kissing"-face looks cute and then the real kiss happened.

Her part starts at about 12:45


No. 228965

File: 1454432386711.jpg (78.02 KB, 600x800, CaOMA6OVAAAr4rG.jpg)

No. 228981

I have a question.

Her face was really bloated when she first came to Japan and now its not, its really normal and angular.

Why is that? How did she do that? I am much thinner than her and I've always struggled with a bloated face (to the point where I've had lipo tbh) but haven't managed to fix it yet. I'm really amazed at her makeover…

No. 228982

Oh dog… That dude ain't cute and he looks like an awful kisser.

Also it definitely looks like she got some sort of filler on her lips.

No. 228984

The video says that it's not allowed in my country.
Can someone please upload it somewhere else for people in the states?

No. 228985

No. 228986


Maybe she stopped putting so much soy sauce on her kyuuri. kek

No. 228989

Yeah and I was wondering why her lips look so big, like you can't even notice anything else but those lips

No. 228990

I've thought this exact thing. I figure she started eating better, hydrating and being healthier, maybe figured out how to do her makeup better (she was always edited before so maybe she never bothered learning contour) ..learned how to flatter her face for for actual irl shit. Probably went to a specialist a few times.. maybe got into those asian anti-face bloat serums and stuff.

No. 228991

She looked absolutely adorable in that video.

No. 228992

I don't think she be good at kissing either since she is new to it all anon

No. 228993

File: 1454438003080.png (462.1 KB, 787x477, da3.png.2a376b47053a3de55d8b33…)

Human barbie desu

No. 228994

I thought he looked cute in the very beginning when he first came on but then when he started smiling a lot… ew

Her lips look absolutely retarded. She needs to stop.

They both look like awful kissers.

No. 228995

Lol but did you notice how hungry she was for the kiss? She didn't even seem to listen to the guy when he was speaking

No. 228996

I wonder if she's had a chin implant. It just looks so goddamn pointy.

No. 228997

Maybe that anon that mentioned her looking like PT isn't 100% wrong…

No. 228998

I actually really like her nose. It's super upturned yet doesn't look piggish from the front. But her chin really sets things out of wack.

No. 228999


No. 229010

God that was so fucking cheesy but I loved every second of it.
Also holy shit, the fucking chompers on that dude. His teeth reminded me of a paper shredder.

No. 229033


No. 229034

ohmagawd iknorite?!1 such a slut!

….What are you 14?

No. 229046

You sound like a retard.

No. 229048

Wow, that was actually really cute. And Dakota looked pretty.

>tfw you have no qt asian bf (or any bf) to kiss you and take you to the zoo ;_;

No. 229063

No. 229116

Did she move her "wedding ring" to her middle finger?

No. 229136

Her chin actually isn't that bad. It's the way her teeth are set in her face. They're pushed too far back, almost as if she had some removed. (Or she just has a Drew Barrymore face) Her upper lip is very flat and her nose looks set too far forward. Throws her whole profile off balance.

Video is mad cute though honestly.

No. 229141

this is so cute somehow…
the realness

No. 229143

settle down
he's not kaka's taco

No. 229190

Kek, it looks like kota is side-eyeing her shoopedself.

No. 229191

Dat nose and cheek contouring.

No. 229203

I agree, she seemed to be having an awkward but fun time.

No. 229204

damn, i'm late and the video is down

anyone saved it?

No. 229217

I can't watch the vid since I'm at work. Caps? Because I know she wears that same gold ring on her wedding finger all the time (even when she wears costume jewelry, she wears it too even though it's hella plain) since around the time she did that wedding dress "photoshoot". Even when all the other jewelry she's wearing is silver she still wears it.

No. 229231

Someone posted a recording of it on twitter.


No. 229233


I can imagine Kiki clenching fists and grinding her teeth while replaying this show over and over again

No. 229258

Her lips don't look bad? How salty are some of you that your lips are as thin as paper kek

The lips make her look so much better. Full lips offset that chin. People keep coming up with these bizarre grandoise reasons as to why her face is offset but nah, just that crimson chin.

Some of you guys give terrible advice. It makes me worry for your own appearances.

No. 229380

you guys talking about the ring…
i honestly doubt its a wedding ring just because she wears it all the time. japanese people arent super ritualistic about that.
many dont have wedding rings, or if they do, they dont even wear them.
you may have a coworker for years and not even know they are married with kids, because its not something everyone openly talks about.

No. 229384

No. 229405

uhhh but kota isnt japanese so that means nothing. its not like her husband would force her to not wear the ring because "Thats WhAT JAPANESE PPL DOOOO" She grew up in a culture where people wear their rings pretty much all the time.

No. 229412

Anon you can still have full lips while being flat. Her lips have no projection. They're near-perfect (imo) front the front. Thought I'd explained it better in my earlier post.

No. 229422

if she were married why would she even be on this date show

No. 229423

if she were married, and appeared on this date show… would probably be a big old scandal.
havent you heard about Becky scandal lately? she had an affair and it ruined her career

No. 229464

This video makes me suddenly feel really charmed by her for some reason. She actually looks so adorable here unlike her weird edits or even other real life appearances where they didn't flatter her hair or body…

No. 229483

For the attention.

If it was public info that she was married, yeah. But she lies about nearly everything without a care anyway.

Becky? Do you mean Beckii Cruel? I have no idea…

No. 229484

That's not necessarily a bad thing. It means her fillers were done right.

If her lips were projecting the filler from profile it would more than likely look like sausage lips. Hers look more natural than that.

No. 229495

Becky, the bland as fuck hafu who was everywhere on Japanese tv.


Granted, Japan is being ridiculously fucking stupid (what's new) about handling this.
>girl sleeps with a guy who was secretly married, she may or may not have known
>all tv appearances and commercials are canceled, girl is banished to the 7th layer of hell

In a country where cheating is practically encouraged.
Sorry, this shit just grinds me gears and I don't even like Becky. But overreactions like this make me really question how Dakota is still managing to stay afloat.

No. 229497

They have to be nice to Dakota because she's foreign. If they treat her like shit it'll make them look bad to America-senpai.

No. 229503


honestly i don't think (or care really) that she is married. just saying that dakota isn't japanese so anon shouldnt hold her up to that standard

No. 229528

logic fail
do you think america senpai gives half a shit about some white trash like dakoo

No. 229552

Uh, no. But if they had thrown her out as soon as they saw her bloated, unshooped face then it would have been a completely different story. She would have gone to Tumblr crying about how Japan is full of retarded faggot pedophile chinks who fap to cartoon loli porn. Shattering her weeabooism, especially since it never seemed as strong as with other weebs like Beckii, Yuka, Himezawa, etc. which keeps them crawling back and begging for more.

No. 229569

Stretching much? They might, I dunno, like her as a model? They don't 'have to be nice', because if they wanted a new white girl model they could easily get one.

That's what I don't understand with some people. Sure, her modeling is shitty at times. But the people higher up are obviously digging her work and if she wasn't what they wanted the would drop her like a burning hot potato in a heartbeat and bring in one of her look alikes.

No. 229586

No they wouldn't, not unless they went viral like she did.

No. 229659

you're both right basically.
they 'like' her, as much as they can possibly like a foreigner.
put it this way - they dont totally dislike her but they still hold her at a distance / to different standards because she isn't one of them.

No. 229680

welcome to the life of every foreigner in literally every career path in Japan.

No. 229783

I had to laugh about her veganism. She is really strange with it. She has her date scrape the cheese and meat off of her side of the pizza but she has pancakes with a butt load of whipped cream on top.
I do admire that she's not Kaka 2.0 about it though. She politely eats the crust (though I'm sure it's still got to have some remnants of cheese and what not) as to not offend her date. I'm glad she appears to have learned some humility in these situations and doesn't have to act like a superior being about her choice to be a vegan. (Or vegetarian or whatever it is she claims these days.)

No. 229800

What are you even on about? Life must be really sad for you if you're ranting about kotas pizza.
She's vegetarian, so cheese and cream are fine. Yeah the meat has touched the bread bit whatever, I do similar things because what's the real harm there.

No. 229809

Shes not vegan

No. 229812

It is very unusual for a vegetarian to eat something that meat touched but I guess she did it for politeness. Guessing the TV show just gave the two of them a pizza she had no say in and she didn't want to seem like a diva demanding different food. In America it would be normal but it seems different in Japan especially for a foreigner? I've had east Asian friends say that turning down food is considered pretty rude there but IDK personally.

No. 229836

even if she didn't eat the damn pizza, anon would complain that she was impolite and should have eaten it to be nice.

No. 229958


This is kinda cute but uuuurghh that dude going like "uh u a gaijin will talk slow can u understand moon? ooo nihongo umai"
I hate when japanese people do this.

No. 229985

Not sure that Kooter has ever acted on it on her own because I'm not that far up her ass but her sister pretty much constantly claimed her to be a vegan, so above us normie a that she turned jobs down for her vegan beliefs.

No. 230333

im glad she acted politely tbh

maybe shes not a vegetarian for moral/ethical reasons like her earth moogle sister. maybe she just doesnt like meat but doesnt care if it touches or something. thats possible

No. 230558

she could also be on some sort of "no red meat" diet.

No. 230610

The fact that she doesn't shove it down everyone's throats leads me to believe the same. Which I respect.

No. 230613

File: 1454658980214.jpg (412.02 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160205_005253.jpg)

what's this about?

No. 230616

It doesn't say, but I'm guessing based on the text (I wanna eat delicious food/I wanna clean my room) that it's based on her anaemia.

No. 230617

kek the drama
that's a very small needle for an IV. More like one you give blood through but it is taped down wtf knows
I do love the glitter and everything she added into the pic. Will use that at my next hospital visit.

No. 230624

Wtf is that? Did they wanted to take her blood? Then why did they taped the butterfly there, also there is no blood in the tube.
Did they wanted to give her medication? Nope, because wrong instrument.

No. 230625

see that was my thought. I have to use a butterfly to get my blood drawn and those are tiny. There's no way that's large enough for medicine. I think she's just getting blood drawn and is creating drama

No. 230626

she literally just said she wants to eat food and clean her room. Hardly any 'drama'.

No. 230627

I guess posting pictures of needles in your arm must not be dramatic, or maybe I'm not sharing the right pictures in my life.

No. 230638

lol nearly every celebrity in japan does this people aren't that shy about the fact that doctors shove needles up their arms. you can find a lot of those pics in 'hospital' tagged pictures on insta.

No. 230642

I don't look at Japanese celebrities but thanks for pointing that out
where I come from you're fishing for sympathy

No. 230650

New pics of her posted by BTSSB.
So weird seeing her "real face" so much.

No. 230655

and that unibrow is just gorgeous

No. 230669

that needle is big enough to give saline!

No. 230680

lots of people post stupid photos of them in hospital or getting iv
also in japan, they give iv as the most basic treatment for anything so its nothing unusual

No. 230834

In my country it's completely normal that people post photos like >>230613
It's just as normal as posting a photo of your cat or dinner. You're overreacting.

No. 230839

idk. it may be typical for japanese, but kota is american. no clue how "assimilated" she is but i wouldn't rule out attention whoring.

No. 230904

File: 1454696455899.jpg (24.47 KB, 600x492, 353d526e.jpg)


No. 230908

it looks like there's a snake on her shoulders

No. 230967

File: 1454702296520.gif (79.66 KB, 1131x652, FASkid.gif)

No. 231022

I think IVs are a bit more common practice in Japan, I got them several times when I had to be temporarily hospitalized for the flu there and I was only in the hospital for a few hours at a time. They stick the IV in, person starts feeling better and can leave before the day is over.

No. 231024

Man, fuck it, I'd love to look like this. Her chin does look a little protrudey here but that's a top notch nose.

No. 231027

Nah, I expect Dakota will stay in Japan after her career dries up, she's a grown ass woman with an established career at this point and has no reason to go back to her family. She can probably stay in Japan (by marriage or another method) and get a job. Probably has enough dough to enroll at Bunka and pursue her designer dreams.

No. 231104


Why are we so obsessed with kota's future?

No. 231120

It's honestly a normal thing to discuss, especially because this is Japan and not the UK or something more culturally similar to America. It's hard to stay in Japan thanks to VISA's and marrying is an easy way to anchor there.

She also cannot continue to model forever. Japan already greatly dislikes how aged she looks and we all are basically betting she's living on borrowed time over there.

No. 231131


Japan seems to like her still though anon, c'mon guys. She isn't that bad. She'll probably just continue living there anyway because everything was dished to her from the start.

She'll have a baby to some random band member or rich gook and stay there forever.

No. 231143

I agree she will be just fine. She might even get in to acting or designing like anon said earlier.

I honestly hope she just stays there. It would be terrible for her to come back. I think it's just super funny how jealous kaka probably is, and that's why I'm still following her story.

No. 231270

Tbh the way you speak is just as bad as a racist, if not worse due to your high horse status.

No. 231341

People have been saying "Japan is sick of Kota, her career is coming to an end!!" for years now and it still hasn't happened.

No. 231356


that was more like kaka's self righteous bullshit, trying to promote herself through Kota's fame ( I, THE SUPREME VEGAN, APPROVE MY SIS CAREER ).

No. 231389

Some of the anons here are just salty weebs. I hope Kota's career goes on and on and on.

No. 231399


I don't mind kota. But I hope Japan gives other foreigners a chance too. Honestly, I do. I hope the aryan shit comes to an end and other girls get a chance too.

No. 231400


It's not ending but she isn't viral anymore and she's more quiet than "Omg living doll!". She's just there if anything.

No. 231645

kooter has a pretty noticeable philtrum bro

No. 231682

Does anyone know what her old tumblr theme was ?

No. 231691

You make it sound like foreigners making it in Japan is a big deal in the first place. Who literally cares, besides weebs?

No. 231705

>salty weeb detected
You mean you want to have a chance too.

No. 231722

No. 231810

Yeah, if you never get to be kawaii model in Japan, it isn't because Kota got there first. Trust me.

No. 231899


Same fagging detected? Calm the fuck down guys. Who cares if someone else wants to go to Japan and weeb out? Y'all sound just as angry and salty, like a weeb who never made it.

No. 231944

>several people don't like my post
>must be samefag
So not only are you a butthurt weeb, but you are also new?

No. 231962


No dickhead. I just think it's pathetic how people always claim others as "jelly" when all they said is how it would be nice if other foreigners had a chance at modelling ect too. But instead people jump on the "omg weeb" bandwagon and accuse people for being "salty". It's depressing. Just leave people to do what they want. There is too much of that going on already as it is. Get over it.

No. 231976

>Just leave people to do what they want.
I think you truly overestimate how much a fuck anyone gives about this. It is only funny how mad you are over people calling you a weeb, and how you think Japan is obligated to accept all races as models, or if it really means anything.

But go ahead and continue through your journey to become the first non-white foreign dolly model. Don't let Kota or the Nipponese's fetish for white milky skin stop you from fullfilling your dreams!

No. 232074


No. 232097


No anon, it's just irritating how the same people come on this thread and either get jealous, salty or voice something involving even a hint that they want to go to Japan. Then people get pissed off and you're automatically a "weeb".

Even if that's the case anon, why are people so irritated if someone else wanted go do doll shit? I think people in this thread are that asshurt over the fact that they never got to be kawaii ass weeb dolls and therefore everyone else can't be a kawaii ass weeb doll.

All I am saying is get over it. It's annoying. That's the issue with this site and PULL. Anyone interested in kawaii shit is automatically "trash".

Why do idiots in these threads assume people aren't white anyway? Most of these weeb dolls are all aryan lookalikes. Thrown a ging in or two.

Well done anon for assuming.

No. 232098

File: 1454811719366.gif (1 MB, 245x240, tumblr_ltewk7CiN31qm6oc3o1_500…)

No. 232122

That person right next to her looks so much more natural, gorgeous and professional compared to Kota (esp. with Kota's lazy "V" sign).

No. 233926

Nah, they both look like hideous idiots.

also dat fucking shoop, ugh.

No. 233972

File: 1455017630867.jpg (336.33 KB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_02-09-06.33.26.jpg)

From her new website dakotarose.com

She went through and photoshopped the old pics, especially the Etude ones and ones from her book.

No. 234063

wtf how many websites does she have?

No. 234078

Wow, the jaw line in the middle photo isn't going to fool anyone.

No. 234080

At least 3 that I can think of. Kotakoti.com , kotirose.com , and now dakotarose.com

I don't know why she doesn't just pick one site and stick with it. Same with blogs. First it was Tumblr, kotakoti.com , ameblo, and her line blog. I'm probably missing some, but she's always making something new.

No. 234091

and that's how blogs end up dying

No. 234114

File: 1455025136259.png (1.01 MB, 905x1084, d.png)

sure kooter

No. 234129

File: 1455026014851.png (96.91 KB, 257x236, shoop.png)

holy shit thats spoopy

No. 234131

thats why she left them as tiny images

No. 234132

i wish i had a huge fanbase to adore my bad shoops

No. 234191

KEEEEK the legs and her body being shooped so thin and long

No. 234192

Was her twitter account followers always so bot filled? The level of interactions she gets doesn't match the amount of followers.

No. 234193

Why would she shoop her legs so long and spoopy? H-her real legs are so cute…

No. 234196

She's probably just saving the URL's so no one else can use them.
She goes by so many names, I never know what to search when checking up. Kotakoti? Dakota Rose? Dakotakoti? Her Insta is different again, koti.rose, it's hella confusing.

No. 234287

File: 1455038862503.jpg (56.42 KB, 600x600, 99b61.jpg)

Old but I haven't seen these posted here


No. 234288

File: 1455038882536.jpg (83.3 KB, 395x395, 2016-02-09 12.25.52.jpg)


No. 234289

File: 1455038923302.jpg (80.26 KB, 394x395, 2016-02-09 12.26.15.jpg)


No. 234291

File: 1455038991149.jpg (8 KB, 200x200, 3F.jpg)

Sneak peek of a show she'll be on March 16th, no idea what it's about, I randomly found it.

No. 234292

File: 1455039011776.jpg (70.43 KB, 500x375, 9c82c5a4765eea8be045189272a839…)

looks like

No. 234293

this is old…

No. 234343

Well fuck. I tried.

No. 234567

Did anyone notice that she left her fucking Vogue Japan shoot and MILK campaign out of this? I'm wondering if her management decided that that was too risqué after the fact and doesn't reflect her kawaii young girl branding. You'd be crazy to leave that out of a portfolio but keep fucking Angry Birds apparel in.

No. 234757

she could just buy the domains and redirect/point them to one website. What she is doing is ass backwards.

No. 234758

it actually looks like she is at home and she had a nurse administer the IV treatment there. This is actually pretty common outside of the US.

No. 234768

Can't she get in trouble for editing and re-uploading pics she doesn't own the rights to?

No. 234799

I think she is in the clear just as long as she is not outright making money off of them without the photographer/company getting a share.

No. 234841

I'm really late to the party but I thought the last kiss video was adorable.
I know some basic japanese so if anyone wants I could try to write a really rough translation of it? I understand the gist of whatever they're talking about in each scene.

No. 235021

I made a very very rough translation/short summary of the last kiss video: http://pastebin.com/UeCPeA4F

Disclaimer: I'm not that good at japanese so there are a lot of parts I didn't understand and even the parts that I did might contain mistakes. So if someone more fluent in moonspeak wants to correct my translation, feel free to.

No. 235034

I really appreciate that, thank you.
I watched the whole things with just the most basic baby's first japanese and it was very frustrating, it was really cute to read the gist finally.

No. 235157

Random question: does anyone know what phone she's using? I know that on her ameblo she mentions the Galaxy s6 but wasn't she in a commercial for the s6 edge? Just curious.

No. 235386

File: 1455178056115.jpg (40.41 KB, 480x640, ad.jpg)

No. 235387

File: 1455178077984.jpg (39.38 KB, 480x640, ag.jpg)

No. 235388

File: 1455178087895.jpg (39.83 KB, 480x640, ar.jpg)

No. 235389

Her lips are lined SO terribly here, and wtf did they do to her eyebrows

No. 235411

Her chin at this angle is quite the tragedy.

Could she stop with that lined lip ? Just throw some hoop earrings and she'd look like a chola.

No. 235429

No. 235444

you know how we said she would look great with darker hair?
yea no.
at least not this color >>235386

No. 235455

I don't know why people are so weird about her natural colour anyway, I think it suits her.

No. 235472

did they literally paint her face with shit
what is this i dont even

No. 235477

Holy shit do they just genuinely not know what is unflattering on her face
those brows are terrifying and her lips look like sausage

No. 235482

Holy shit these lips. That wig. I can't imagine how bad it looks in person.

I don't think she should do a darker color simply because her scalp would really show through with her thin hair.

No. 235505

> her lips look like sausage
you made me spit out my drink

No. 235507

yea….. overdrawing lips/brows or any overdone makeup looks horribly irl
its really only suitable for photography, where lighting may wash you out, in which case its necessary. but… irl looks dirty

No. 235562

There is no milk, why cant this be put in /b/ or /snow/?

No. 235566

>there are seriously people who dont like this look

No. 235849

File: 1455236891960.jpg (26.49 KB, 270x260, margo.JPG)

>her lips look like sausage

No. 236597


Kota is the reason this entire site exists. She's pretty much grandfathered in to /pt/ and there she'll stay.

No. 236626

it's pretty funny that on her new website (portfolio section) she photoshopped her Etude House pictures and the pictures from her book. Maybe others too.

No. 236663

No, this board is called PT. As in, pixyteri! There is no purpose, all she is now is a Japanese model, all you do is posting screenshots of her modeling career in japan how is she a cow? This thread is the reason why lolcow gets regularly raided, they see the 13 year olds A-logging the shit out of random bimbos.

No. 236688

>Kota is the reason a website whose main board is titled "PT" exists
Anon pls

No. 236817

>Kota is the reason this entire site exists.
Learn to respect our true queen, newfag.

No. 237181


This site was made when /cgl/ dropped the ban hammer on all cow and snowflake threads. The lolcow main board, the first board, was named /pt/ in honor of the original queen, but with her utter lack of activity/milk at the IME the site was mace, Kota is why brought in the most traffic from /cgl/ and PULL. Yes, PT is the board's namesake but the reason this site is still up and active and not just some abandoned chan knockoff is Dakota Rose. This board website wasn't made for PT, it was made to discuss Dakota. In fact until very recently many people forgot all about PT because there was nothing going on with her for so long.

No. 237182

*at the time the site was made

Anyway don't bother believing me, the proof is right there in the /pt/ catalogue. How many Dakota threads are there vs. PT threads? A hell of a lot more that's for sure.

No. 237229

Saging because this is incredibly ot, but wasn't the website created after StaminaRose or some other PT related forum closed? This form of creation sounds like how PULL came into the picture tbh.

Making a board popular is way different than saying the website is still here. Plus seeingl how low-key Tako-chan here is being, there are other lolcows, snowflakes, and boards in here to kind of challenge those claims.

But as I said, this is incredibly or.

No. 237241

>but wasn't the website created after StaminaRose or some other PT related forum closed?

Yeah, it started after SR went under. Which around the pork of some PT related drama is I'm not mistaken.

No. 237269

File: 1455461047445.png (935.99 KB, 771x1146, kotaaaaaaaaaaa.png)

No. 237280


Yeah, it was after a couple of douchebags claimed our glorious Queen molested a young girl. Shitstorm ensued and several SR anons exiled to lolcow.

No. 237329

Tbh nothing interesting has happened with Dakota either.

No. 237337

underrated post.

No. 237965

File: 1455622419965.jpg (1.48 MB, 1920x2560, 16-02-16-11-32-21-657_deco.jpg)