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File: 1424419433550.jpg (96.91 KB, 800x960, 1424119990319.jpg)

No. 51992

New thread.



No. 52009

Shit thread OP. I could of done better. Delete this and I'll do it in the morning.

No. 52038

Can we not make PULL-ish comments about hiw "concerned" we are about her eating disorder this time around? lol

No. 52085

Why do we need a new one?

No. 52179

When i saw them on that purikura machine i thought " why do they choose such ugly foreigners?"

No. 57663

File: 1425592148326.jpg (291.04 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20120421_094438.jpg)

She just posted a new cover of "Habits" on soundcloud aka the "i gotta stay high all the time" song. Very different from her old stuff.

No. 57668

She's not a bad singer but nothing special. I don't know if she does soundcloud for fun or what. She needs to drop the loli thing if she wants to build a career. It doesn't match the kinds of songs she's doing now.

No. 57669

She is in some videos with keekihime from february. is this the most recent activity? keeki went back to her country right? and yuka is still in jpn?

No. 57689

She sounds a bit like Cocorosie, I actually really like this cover. If she made an album in this style I would buy it in a heartbeat.

No. 57722

What's her soundcloud?

No. 57723

nvm I'm blind.

No. 57735

She has a decent voice, she just doesn't sound like she knows how to use/control it very well. She would benifit from lessons and could probably even get somewhere with it.

No. 57742

Yeah, Yukapon just updated her IG about her job in a Japanese cafe. She should still be in Japan.

No. 58156

Who is Karaagehime? Is that one of Yuka's net handles?

No. 58176

File: 1425732113528.jpg (7.14 KB, 300x199, th.jpg)

People keep saying she was raped on da MDMA and didn't report it because she liked it while her boyfriend was being a pussy about it. Now she dicloses to her close friends about rape fantasies.

Can anyone confirm this? It's funny.

No. 58177

Right she does videos with keeki in which she calls herself karaagehime. but all the commenters call her yukapon. she'll never live it down

No. 58178


That's fucked up. Karma for the people she fucked over I guess. But why would she go back to a country she was gang raped in? That's ludcrious. Poor girl must really hurt inside.

No. 58189

Considering the raves she visits these days this could have happend anywhere.

No. 58257

But is it still karma if she says she liked it? We know that bitch has some hella serious problems.

No. 58278

No. 58279

Another one

No. 58361

she really does have a beautiful voice imo

No. 58365

Her voice is really cute. I can't help but like it a lot.

No. 58372

damn, she does sound pretty good.

No. 59744

I really wanna see her IG, is there any way to?

No. 59750

No. 59752


It's private…

No. 59757

File: 1426006381561.png (315.52 KB, 332x640, 55634673.png)

we need more yukapees dirty deets then we lose purpose of what makes a lolcow

No. 59767

I'm in Talli aka Yukapon's Japan friend circle. I hate when people say "there will never be another idol like her!!! She was perfect."

She's far from perfect. I'm tired of people excusing the shit she does or has done because she has a cute face. She's has serious mental issues. She's in Japan running away from her problems back home. Her stepdad molested her and her parents isolated her by keeping her in private school. They were okay with her being engaged to a 40 something year old man. In Japan she still goes to idol events hoping some old man recognizes her. She's only friends with Keekihime for fame. Albeit Keeki is a terrible person too, but that's another issue. Talli is a language school student. Not university like said and her visa expires in one month. She has no future goals. She has a boyfriend 12 years older than her and still cams with even older pedophiles. She either harasses girls in the idol scene like she did Kelsey Parnigoni and Abipop or uses them like Aminyan or Keekihime. I could write so much on her from what I've seen her do at raves…she's fucked up in the head.

No. 59768

Sorry English is not my first language so excuse my mistake.

No. 59769

she always blaming Japan for any problem she has instead of realizing she puts herself in dumb situations. we call those people "Weaboo whiner"

No. 59770

Does she talk about her stepdad openly? Iwould like to know what she does at the raves but at the same time I imagine is something lame

No. 59771

File: 1426007374860.jpg (383.73 KB, 1536x2048, SBSH0012.JPG)

I still want to know who this guy really is. A random old dude she fucked then got a std? calling bullshit that its akira.

No. 59778

don't bring this back it gives me nightmares

No. 59780

go on

No. 59790


Tali sure is on the roll of meeting ugly dudes in japan to smooch off. She abuses, uses, and maniuapltes men for gain. She's the practically Rosamund pike persona of Gone Girl but far more less intelligent/attarctive at her current state. Lock her up before she kills somebody innocent! I went to school with this bitch lol

No. 59793

She got him added to her ageplay Google+ account.

No. 59803


I think it explains the dent in her right leg. One of her friends on facebook told me he phyically abused her but that could be a lie.

No. 59811

File: 1426011671424.png (1.04 MB, 1903x5842, lol.png)

old PULL stuff

No. 59912

Any caps for new things? Or has she cleaned up?

No. 59917

She uses her new Twitter mainly for ageplay.

No. 59939

Everything is private. Proof?

No. 59946

Would you be so kind and tell us more about Keekihime. I sometimes watched her at niconico and she seemed a bit delusional. Afaik she's now working at a hotel in Switzerland as a maid.

No. 59969

You seem to confuse something, she works as reception trainee in a hotel in Austria.

No. 59971

And she is about to go bankrupt from always spending all her money to fly back to Japan short after she is back to Austria.

No. 59978

Oh sorry, I messed up. Thanks a lot for the correction. It's getting late here and I'm a bit tired I guess.

I remember seeing a stream, in which her mother mentioned, that she (her mother) didn't even mention to her friends that she returned to Austria. It really seemed strange to me.

No. 59981

All she seems to care about these days is her friends in Japan.

No. 59984

Hmmm to me it seems like she's really missing being a star. Like when she plays old videos her eyes kinda light up.

No. 59999

Well, it was her dream to become an idol and now she isn't anymore. it's basicly like loosing your dreamjob.

No. 60000

Hello so yea. Keekihime is nicer in person than she is online but she's kind of bitchy. She is extremely arrogant and her and Talli were super rude to this Canadian girl who became an idol. Keeki blames Jrcach for getting fired and while that contributed the bigger issue was she already had an existing scandal, she did not watch her words on SNS something like that. Her and Yuka's dynamic is simply so they can hate on other girls. Talli though is kind of the "queen bee" in their friendship though.

No. 60003

Yes this is Akira skyhigh. The clothes and hairstyle indicate it's him. The only reason people still refuse to believe this is because weebs still think he's some hot music producer going to make them into an idol.

No. 60006

No, it is because in the last thread some anon posted billion photos of different guys that were with Yuka ever since she exists claimed all of them to be Akira.

No. 60007

Thanks alot for the information. She seems to act really insecure. By sticking to the popular girl, she's able to look down on the rest, and abuse her virtual power.

I think this really fits into the image I have of her in my head…

No. 60010

Keekihime has always been arrogant though. Sometime I wonder if it's a language barrier between her German and English and she's never malicious just a bitch and kind of rude.

No. 60011

German is my native tongue…ummm…it's the same in German.

No. 60012

Happy 60000 :)

No. 60021

File: 1426031630975.gif (2.82 MB, 300x205, congrats.gif)

No. 60026

I thought I was on 4chan for a minute. This gif caught me off guard.

>Congrats Shinji

No. 60028

File: 1426033072741.jpg (25.15 KB, 500x375, hereforever_by_fartprincess-d5…)

The url doesn't matter after all.

No. 60032

akira's hair is lighter. with the circle she associates with, it wouldn't surprise me if a lot of the older men were trying to look younger by dressing like this. a lot of people do dress like this.

No. 60048

>a lot of people do dress like this.
In Japan?

No. 60057

If she loves japan so much idg why she wont at least try to become a university student there

No. 60065

If she got her Abitur/Matura/High School Diploma she wouldn't try to become a receptionist, I think.

No. 60066

No. 60069

Therefore she must have a matura for a kind of technican job, meaning she could only study something in that direction and that sure ain't the kawaii dream.

No. 60073

I just looked at the article in German and you don't need your high school Diploma ( in Austria it's called Matura, you get it after 13 years of school9 to do it.

>Die Normalform der Höheren Abteilungen wird ebenfalls in der Regel nach der achten Schulstufe besucht. Die fünfjährige Ausbildung schließt mit der Reife- und Diplomprüfung ab.

Shitty translation: Normally you go to the HTL after 8 years of school, if you manage to pass you get your diploma.
There are also forms you are able to visit if you got your Matura. In that case you don't have to visit all the semesters.

If you ask me, according to the time she spend in Japan she doesn't have it. Like I mentioned earlier I'm German, and here, unless you're a fucking braniac you can't get the required diploma unless you are (now it's a year less, for younger people) at least 19.

No. 60076

I speak german, no worried and she was in HTL Salzburg until 2011.

No. 60078

Tschuldige, ich glaub ich hab heute ein Bierchen zu viel gezischt aber wir hatten Klausur und naja…

Do you have any more information about her? It seems like you know her quite well.

No. 60081

She doesn't seem to like learning, she was in a Gymnasium for 3 years, quit it and switched to a Hauptschule for one year and then went to the HTL but quit that for her idol career.

No. 60083

Jesus…ain't there no Gesamt- or Realschule in Austria? Directly dropping to a Hauptschule seems quite harsh…You can quit at 16 as well over there?

No. 60088

Hauptschule in Austria is different than in Germany tho but they replaced it with the "Neue Mittelschule" starting from fall 2012.

Hauptschule usually was visited by those who rather wanted to get a Lehrstelle than going to uni. You are done with school after 9 years.

No. 60092

Thanks for the explanation. We had the same idea in Germany, but frankly, if you go to a Hauptschule these days you're kinda fucked for life. But well besides that it's the same, basicly:
Hauptschule- Done after 8 years (manual labour)
Realschule - Done after 9 years (bit better manual labour)
Gymnasium - Done after 12/13 years( depending on the state- university)
Gesammtschule - Varies depending on your grades.

Anyway based on the theme of this site..got a bit more smut for us?

No. 60100

File: 1426040774444.png (9.5 KB, 547x127, 4234.png)

Not much, only things I mentioned here before.

No. 60101

Still, thanks alot!

No. 60204

there wont be any idol like yukapon.
We're not talking about her ugly true self. She started the imouto akihabara aidoru weeaboos wanna follow. she made her own path. She had a lot of influence tbh she was qt, had a slim body, spoke japanese, had jap songs, did skitches, she made it more fan than all the others youve made lol they meant her idol image.

No. 60206

Plus, you cant put all then blame on yuka. Yuka had a fucking insane family. she must have had it bad. Her mother wanted her to leave the house asap. Her parents dont give a shit about her. I hate to sound likes a whiteknigh but its unfair to not take into consideration that her life was already fucked up, hence why she did tons of dunb stuff and why shes a whiny. Its because of bad parenting. Parents can really fuck up their child.

No. 60212

This is the kind of posts I'm talking about. Yukapon wasn't unique and she stole her entire act from Himeko sakuragawa. There are weebs who emulate her but Yukapon wasn't some fucking top idol.

No. 60213

>she's had more fans than all other idols!!!

No. This isn't true by a long shot. She was well known in the weeb con going circle but in Japan she wasn't even fairly known. Keekihime was a ton more popular. Even Kelsey Parnigoni was more popular. Can weebs who don't know shit about idols stop saying "I hate Yukapon but she was the best idol ever!" Just. stop. Comparing her to copycats like Abipop she seems like a diamond but within the idol world there are literally hundreds of girls exactly like her. Being an idol isn't rocket science, and she didn't do much.

No. 60217

>imouto aidoru
So many girls in Japan so this, she didn't start anything. At the time she started making videos the whole "imouto" thing caught like fire with weebs.
>spoke Japanese
Ally & Sally, Keekihime and a few other people speak at her level or better.
>had original songs
>slim body
Beckii Cruel
>did Sketches
This was creative but all of them were written and directed by Akira. Don't give her that much credit. Mami Morinaga who she also copied is known for sketches like this.

Yukapon didn't create Akiba idols, and as much as I know weebs copy her I'm tired of people acting like Yuka was some revolutionary lol.

No. 60220

I'm pretty sure I once read on one of Yuka's blogs years ago that when she went to Japan, someone mistook her for Beckii Cruel.
Plus Beckii actually made it to Japanese TV, was in various "professional" photoshoots in Nipland, and may actually have had a future in this aidoru shit if it weren't for either her arrogance or her manager being a shady fuck, depending on how you look at things.

No. 60232

Beckii could have had more than 15 minutes of fame but the main problem was that she knew no Japanese and pronounciation was horrid. She could appeal to otaku which she did, but being mainstream would've been a challenge.

Yukapon's Japanese was pretty ok, she was skinny, and had a decent face. These aren't unique feats. I don't know why people consider her appealing to pedophiles as an "accomplishment".

No. 60234

And Yukapon isn't famous in Japan. Keekihime isn't famous in Japan. Aminyan and Kelsey P were both on TV so they could be recognized but definitely not famous. Light browned haired white girls in Japan are kind of fucked because they will always just be "Beckii Cruel".

No. 60250

I thought Beckii left Japan to focus on her schooling?? What happened?

No. 60253

Say what you want, but yuka has the best voice out of all of them. I hope she keeps releasing music, both cutsey stuff and the more mature things, because I can't get enough of it.

No. 60268

File: 1426058800009.png (117.49 KB, 300x329, 1324020891992.png)

No. 60303

File: 1426068371168.jpg (61.8 KB, 700x421, 1340873724400.jpg)

Meh, this thread sucks. Looks like a shitty attempt to give Keeki a little bit of fame with the help of Yukapee's drama. Even the image used shows Keeki more than our beloved Yukapee. Stop asking what she's doing, we don't give a fuck about Keeki's miserable life. One slut for thread pls.

No. 60376

Yes in one of their videos together, they did a live survey - who is cuter. Yuka won 70-30 and keeki was bawling.

No. 60515

I would love to see this..

No. 60521

No. 60605

So much secondhand embarrassment watching that. Idk why Keeki would even wanna do a poll if she was gonna freak out THAT much if Yuka was voted cuter.

No. 60609

That's hilarious. If course Yukapon is cuter.

No. 60611

Of^ Damn it, phone.

No. 60617

Dumb bitch. She wanted the self satisfaction that people would think she is cuter than Yuka and rub it in her face. But it back fired. Instead of being happy for Yuka she is sad that she finally realized people thought she was cuter. But it wasn't that bad either. 30 votes. That means 30 people think you are cuter. Is she 12? Or just that starved for attention and validation?

No. 60843

Both of them are terrible people. They're only friends out of bitterness of being failed idols and their "friendship" is so competitive it's toxic.

No. 60869

I've always had the hunch they had that type of friendship. Dint yukapon and kerukkuma make up? Or is keekihime and yuka still anti Kelsey.

No. 60874

They're both super anti Kelsey simply out of jealousy. I agree Kelsey Parnigoni was a bit lucky but she's more successful than both of them. At least Kelsey is a genuine person and isn't shitty. Keeki and Yuka are truly rude, hateful and spiteful but none of the weeb idols hold them accountable. in that community you can be a shitty person but get away with it if you're popular enough.

No. 60875

what happened between them anyways?

No. 60937

File: 1426164406725.jpg (706.69 KB, 800x1067, 1410626043479.jpg)

Admin should delete this thread, now it's all about Keeki.

No. 61039

Here's a crazy idea, why not make a Keeki thread?

No. 61058

Not enough drama, belongs to the idol thread.

No. 67437

File: 1427158446827.jpg (128.57 KB, 640x640, 10956642_1597170090569624_1245…)

Where did she get the money from for this…

No. 67459

Is that chin hair?

No. 67717

oh my god gross

No. 67726

No. 67746

they are not idols

No. 67750

Yuka usually only hangs out with idols, so.

No. 67754

yeah but they are not idols, they are just bar workers. they usually hire cute girls, but then I remember I saw ugly maids in maidreamin too, so it seems that it is not always an obligation.

No. 67828

Shes not the best idol ever. She never made hese concepts. but yuka made aidorus extremely more popular. get over it for fucks sake, she was better than all these fail aidoru wannabes, lmao

No. 67834

Yuka came before most of them. and beckii looks like a skeleton, even yuka is not skinny like that wtf

No. 67842

Also im talking about aidoru. Why the fuck bring beckii, ally &ally in this?
90% of girls that want to be aidoru have heard of yukas story and want a randoseru like her. Denying she was very popular and influenced the gaijin aidoru thing is dumb.
Nobody claimed yuka made idols

No. 67851

How do you know they're jealous of kelsey? Kelsey is a huge weeab and she sounds extremely stupid for her age. Plus she makes shitty songs. I doubt yuka or anyone could be jealous of kelsey lol

No. 67869

File: 1427236977267.jpg (98.04 KB, 640x640, 11018350_504817326391518_52135…)

"It's happening!!!! Extensions♥
#shibuya #salon #gaijingyaru #tokyolife #blondie"
And no Yuka, you aren't blonde.

No. 67930

Kelsey Parnigoni is who they're jealous of. Keekihime and Yukapon both made extremely bitchy posts about her. Kelsey ellison is shit so obviously I'm not talking about her.

No. 67939

Isn't she that skinny fat girl who did gravure not too long ago and has nice skin but an ugly face?

No. 67943

Yeah, Kerukkuma.

No. 68159

Is there a story behind this pic?

No. 68854

I'm not sure why I wanted to point this out….but I spotted Barbie in one of the pictures here.

No. 68867

Did anyone ever see that video of her and some guy singing together?

No. 73279

File: 1427901634594.png (1.6 MB, 1296x845, uhmh.PNG)

those pictures look… kinda terrible what is she doing

No. 73300

She is a poor man's version of Evan Rachel Wood in that Marilyn Manson video from 2007…

No. 73308

lmfao was just thinking that, even got that shit song in my head. manson is remarkably terrible at making music.

No. 73329

Agreed. Great aesthetic, though, especially in his music videos.

No. 75696

No. 75698

To be fair, she had one thing that Himeko didn't; she was cute.

>Implying anyone in Japan still knows or cares about Beckii

No, she was terrible at singing (have you heard "You Can't Kiss me"?), her dancing was subpar, and her looks were nothing special. The only things she had going for her was her viral video and the fact that she was a gaijin.

No. 75700

is it gross if i want them to kiss because they are my otp? that way they'll shut up.

No. 75707

ughhhh yukapee just tries TOO hard its so fucking annoying.
also maybe cuz its im a weeb and asian fetishist but girl beside her is a lot cuter

No. 75709


No. 75712

Best part was the "we love dakota" comment. Not sure if it was a troll or not.

Also, Yukapon's eyebrows make her look kinda like a chola. She needs to get them redone if she wants to look like a kawaii imouto.

No. 76924

girl veside her isn't even asian poser

No. 77909

File: 1428518016750.png (462.36 KB, 563x975, pinkly1.png)

Her friend Robin seems kind of obsessed with her.
Robin used to have a bunch of jpop dance covers on her youtube, but deleted them all and left only the yukapon vids

No. 77912

Oops, chose the wrong picture, but the way she talks about her is a bit creepy too, took that screenshot from Pinkly Ever After tumblr

No. 77913

File: 1428518131628.png (265.8 KB, 1284x478, pinkly2.png)

Fuck,dropped pic.

No. 77925

Is this the chick that was behind that weird Idol group a few years back, full of crappy YT weeaboos? Whatever happened with that

No. 77934

>her looks were nothing special
She's a gaijin, anon. She looks alien-like to Japanese people.
Most aidorus can't sing anyway, and her shitty, awkward dancing actually made her more endearing (the whole Cruel Angels thing was about white girls being cute, not good dancers lmao). Her popularity actually started waning after she got more serious with her dancing.

No. 78002

I only just got the Evangelion reference in Cruel Angels. I'm slow.

No. 81888

File: 1429042224495.jpg (398.09 KB, 1366x2048, FB_IMG_1429041623904.jpg)

This is kinda cool

No. 81922

File: 1429044547976.jpg (99.25 KB, 928x792, AbusingKeeki.jpg)

I've been wondering for a while now- what exactly is the story with the friendship between Robin and Yuka? They seem like a bit off an odd pair (I don't really know much about Robin, but she always struck me as being sort of wholesome and kind to be friends with Yuka), but they seem to talk about/interact with each other like they're really good friends.

No. 81948

those thick eyebrows look bad on her wtf

No. 86386

I am just curious, does anyone know why she chose the name "Yuka"? I always wondered…

No. 86480

I always thought back on this whenever I saw pictures of keeki and yuuka together since they are now supposedly best friends.

No. 86481

Whoops **Yuka.

No. 88535

Didn't know there are still so many people dressing ganguro and mamba in Japan.

No. 88572

Not really

No. 88617

Judging by goggle searching that event, there are.

No. 88618


No. 91481

bump for updates

No. 91489

If you want updates go to her IG and done, there isn't much going on right now besides parties.

No. 91527

holy shit that's fucked up

No. 91528


No. 91529

Keeki always was austrian.

No. 91569

let's ship them together, anon! all aboard!

No. 91571

keeki reminds me of myself…when i was awkwardly in love with my friend back in high school lol

No. 91651


Doesnt work

No. 91689

From that thumbnail she looks like that lame sidekick anime character that's in love with the main character and wants to be them.

No. 91695


Stop shitting up the thread whiteknighs. Someone post her X videos already.

No. 91707

Yukapon tries too god damn hard to be kawaii desu. I couldn't watch the whole thing.

No. 93756

Aren't some of them supposedly around the Darknet? The ones from way back?

No. 93764

That's what they say, and as easy as they say it is to find them, I've tried my damndest to find them and no luck. The curiosity is killing me slowly.

No. 93771


Nope, not those. They never existed. There's a video when she was 18/19 touching herself with a phone and laughing. It looked like somehwere was going down on her. Why isn't anyone posting that shit lol

No. 93859

Someone post dat shit!!

No. 94153

Now wait I thought there was videos of her sucking some guys dick or something, among others. Just for example, I'm probably wrong but yeah.

But what anon said, someone post that video!

No. 99934

No. 100044


How does one transition themselves from watching her touch herself and getting gang banged then watching this?

No. 100050

why aren't you? this is literally the first time i'm hearing about this

No. 100072

Why is Yukapon with one of my favorite former morning musume?

No. 100128

They are friends.

No. 100135

I can't open this. I tried 2 computers to no avail. If this is Yuka porn I need to know. I've been searching the milky seas forfor years that.

No. 100142

You are going to be disappointed. It's just her briefly speaking Japanese with and dancing with someone from Morning Musume.

No. 100845

is she STILL doing the whole loli thing
she is 21, no lolicon are going to go for this anymore, why bother
this is really sad

No. 100928

Her lolicon act is part of her ageplay fetish and there are lots of dudes that are into that.

No. 100932

She is going to be doing this up to her 50s I bet

No. 101006

Lol no they aren't friends. Konno has been doing this segment lately with a lot of models (foreign too).

But wow her Japanese has gotten so good.

No. 101010

Didn't see this before, but yeah that's not illegal, so why not post it if it supposedly exists?

No. 102310

oh so she got a work visa?

No. 102312

Pics/video or it didn't happen.

No. 102326

She's still a huge cunt whore. Take dat biotch down.

No. 102336

Then post proof instead of spamming the thread.

No. 102355

so, what do you guys think. Is yuka's age starting to show?
i feel like she is gonna age horrible and still be in denial

No. 102368

Actually, quite the opposite. I think she looks adorable (I love her current style and hair it's cute) and her speaking/singing is lovely now, plus her dancing looks super polished.

I actually am kind of dreaming that she will make a CD sometime because I would buy the heck of it, I love her singing/covers. She also has really great stage presence and tbh looks amazing, I think she should get some recognition soon to do something more in the spotlight again because let's be real, she is a good performer.

No. 102428

She isn't very old yet, you don't start to show "aging" until your mid-tweenties unless you fuck up your skin or got some illness.

No. 102433

I can see her putting out a CD and maybe getting some TV spots, but tbh I think she screwed herself over too much by being so careless with her fetishes and seual exploits and having all the evidence leaked doesn't help either. Also doesn't help that she has several Japanese guys who hate her guts and want to ruin her.

No. 102444

File: 1431711066922.png (594.86 KB, 539x565, Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 1.28…)

No. 102451

quite the oppasite?
ok i get if you meant aging well, but she definitely doesn't look younger

No. 102454

File: 1431711384334.gif (1.41 MB, 280x210, nope.gif)

wait.. buy her CD..
are you being unironic, anon?
are you.. a fan?

No. 102481

I agree it will be pretty difficult for her considering a lot of people are out to get her. Hopefully she will start to be more careful. But tbh if that korean girl can become a famous lolita model for baby or ap/start her own brand after such a shady past, anyone can.

Sorry that is what I meant, that she is aging really well and looks great for her age. Isn't she like 20-21? She looks about 18-19, but that is basically the same thing. A year or so ago she definitely didn't look good though, especially when she weighed a lot more/candids with bad lighting like ^. But presently she looks really good.

Idk what I am, I love her drama and shady past, have had a lot of laughs about it, but I think she sings super well and is adorable.

No. 103410


i want this top :( does anyone know where to get a similar one with wide straps like that?

No. 103426

she cannot sing super well and isnt adorable
stop being a kiss ass
or maybe you ARE yuka..

No. 103427

no, she looks 30. stop being in denial

No. 103430

No. 103500

>or maybe you ARE yuka..

Oh wow you are soooooo original anon.

Nope not yuka, nor a friend. I'm sorry that is simply impossible for you to comprehend.

No. 103507

Yuka is actually really cute.

No. 103509

She's really cute here, but is that her entire apartment? I just can't handle living in a literal box.

No. 103510

Isn't she like 20yo now? If so, then she looks her age. Idk if that's good or bad for her, but I'm so sick of 20~23yo women who act like it's some travesty to look their age, and want to look 'younger'.

No. 103511

She's 20 and looks 20 and there's nothing wrong with that. I never got the age thing either. It's only bad if you're 25 and look 40 (pre-mature wrinkles etc.) Yuka looks pretty youthful in her attitude.

No. 104882

File: 1432066582501.jpg (71.49 KB, 640x640, 11242509_1578262609117570_3352…)

Yuka starts to look like Venus.

No. 104883

File: 1432066676137.jpg (77.59 KB, 640x640, 11269608_1643891955839931_1399…)

No. 104918

File: 1432068678825.png (129.48 KB, 1920x1356, 920012.png)

Bruh. This thread has gone soft.

No. 104924

my son is stand up

No. 104928


Keep in mind this was months after she claim she was raped. Very professional relationship to keep with a 15 year old.

No. 104941

Nobody is interested in her old shit everyone knows already anyways.

No. 104958

Yeah. I've been along for the whole ride and when people drag up stuff she did years ago I have to yawn. She's boring now, guess she learned her lesson. Inb4 "rave gangbang drugs wahhh" whatever, she's 20.

No. 105013

i want deets on the "rave gangbang drugs wahhh"

no one provided so far

No. 105206

Because it's a load of bs. She isn't doing anything atm, it's the same few people who are trying to make up stories about her.

No. 105216

pretty much this >>105206
all anyone has to say is that she goes to raves and does drugs and got gangbanged while high. regardless of if it's true or not…honestly so many people go through a party phase at her age that i have to think the people who are offended by that are prudes or 14 years old.

No. 105236

File: 1432085250922.png (24.34 KB, 520x237, 2rniyj8.png)

She does drugs on raves tho, she was talking about it a lot on her singingprin3ss tumblr.

No. 105281

Doing drugs /=/ getting gangbanged.

I mean, come on.

No. 105288

Never said so.

No. 112760

It looks like her mother visited her in Japan. I thought they are not on good conditions?

No. 112785

Without her mom she wouldn't be abel to study in Japan in the first place.

No. 112803

How do you know? Also how is she able to travel to places and buy stuff? what does she do to bring in money?

No. 112906

Doesn't she work at some kind of maid cafe besides studying?

No. 112935

Lol studying for what?

No. 112948

Language school.

No. 112973

File: 1432861830103.jpg (244.63 KB, 500x700, visual.jpg)


This… this is so horrible. She looks like a sweaty soccer mom.

No. 113031

She doesn't work at a maid cafe. She goes to a language school and has a sugar daddy.

No. 113033

Try harder.

No. 113045

There's normal fucking cafés in japan you dumb whores. She has a part time job in like a coffee type cafe. Not a maid cafe. She still has a sugar daddy.

No. 113064

Curious about what this website is, just a portal for herself? Or will she start getting more work/opportunities in the spotlight? Kinda rooting for her to keep going and get a bit of fame again and see what she does with it. But I agree, pic is horrible, she looks so much cuter than that pic.

Really curious as to who her sugar daddy is.

No. 113078

a sweaty soccer mom trying to be kawaii

No. 113225

File: 1432903666064.jpg (96.19 KB, 640x640, 11084750_766317356769717_92740…)

It's not a normal cafe but you seem to be a newfag troll in this thread, there have been photos of her work posted.

No. 113233

um you cant legally work in japan if you are on a student visa

No. 113234

yea she's actually rather slim but this pic does her no justice

No. 113319

Then Himezawa has a working visa?

No. 113440

No. 113446

Are there more chatlogs? I've never seen this before.

No. 113448

"I went to an anime bar with my friends and everyone! It's really interesting! There's not anything like this in America!"

She works at yaneura.

No. 113485

did anyone ever think she has an ED?
i get it, not everyone posts all their foods, but she only posts diet foods

No. 113503

Back when she had her singingprinc3ss tumblr she reblogged a lot of proana blogs so it wouldn't be surprising.

No. 113516

File: 1432933566783.jpg (30.45 KB, 450x360, 532643_102382456601873_1115276…)

And back when she was going for a loli aidoru i Remember something about her on the cabbage soup diet(pic is from the blog entry where she said it) and how on her old tumblr she said she would eat super small portions. There was also a point where she went on a 500 calorie for 3 day kinda diet

No. 113524

I think she looks really thin now

No. 113602

Lol didn't she post DDlg sort of lolicon pics that were more sexual on singing princess too?

No. 113614

Do people actually think Yukapon is cute, because she's fucking ugly. She has a huge nose, sunken-in under eyes, fat cheeks that accentuate her nose and laugh lines

No. 113629

Well, she even claimed to be 13 or 14 at that one.

No. 113641

No. 113893


She's not aging well to me anon. No one will ever truly love her, which is sad. She's not cute anymore imo. She looks anorexic and disgusting. I mean come on man. Big nose, symtermical granny aging genes much showing and she has a personality of a bar skank. Treats people poorly, too.

As to where she's getting the money, probably cam whoring or making use of her pussy to japanese business men. Girls like her would fuck her way to the top even if it's a shitty career. Djing…. LOL, her IQ is so low I can't even.

But if people still like her than that's your thing.

No. 113997

I actually think she is super cute now, way cuter than a few years ago. She really doesn't have a big nose. If you think that is big, then damn, you must think the entire western idol and lolita community are identical to nigel thornberry.

Her snaps on instagram don't always catch her best angles, but she looked super cute in that morning dance video and her recent pics have actually been pretty cute.

>anorexic and disgusting

You sound like a jealous fatty, she doesn't look anorexic, she actually looks petite and thin. Anorexic would mean she looks sickly, has sunken features, thinning hair, and bones poking out everywhere. She looks thin yes, but it still fits her height and actually has a pretty ideal body type.

You also sound like one of the handful of people who keep beating the "SHE'S A WHORE" crap to death. Her parents clearly have money, are you blind? And it is quite normal for parents to pay for college/university and living expenses like rent and such.

Idk, I can't judge about how she has recently been treating people since things have been pretty quiet regarding her, but even though I love her drama there is a difference between loling at something actually worth laughing about and being thirsty, which is how posts like yours come across.

No. 114025

her legs so slim and adorable.
she has a kind of round face so i wonder if she gains weight easily hence the dieting OR if she is just really unhealthy and causing the bloated face
she cute tho

No. 114337

File: 1433034331862.jpg (89.24 KB, 640x640, 11380886_1590039067918384_8172…)

Damn, she looks pretty cute with dark hair again. I think her figure is really cute too, not disgusting at all.

No. 114480

Omg yassssss she looks good :D

No. 114488

Why do people on cow worship her?

No. 114490

>her parents clearly have money

Not true. They went into debt sending her to japan all those times. Only financed it via loans.

No. 114492

How do you know? also that sounds kind of dumb for them to do. Like Cathy and Scott Ostrenga dumb

No. 114506

I wonder if Yukapon is acting this way since her father passed 10 years ago. When did she start acting this way? I know her step father owns a company but is it doing bad that they have to take out loans?

Their house looks like a decent middle class one. She is actually near me and her step-relatives are mutual friends with my friends.

No. 114524

she looks healthy to me. buncha jealous amerifats in here.

No. 114540

Didn't her mom have some gambling depts? Because this is something I remember Akira talking about.

No. 114560

I know her irl, she is very skinny yet keeps "dieting". For sure has an ED.
Her family is toxic. Nobody would send their teen daughter to be with a strange man on the other side of the world. Akira actually was in his 40s as Yuka said, but even if he was in his mid 20s like he claimed why would her parents be so eager?

Also Yuka was never famous in Japan. Ever. She had a big following but she wasn't even an e celeb. Yuka isn't necessarily a bad person, but she has major mental issues because of he family. Her step dad also touched her which is where her obsession of pedos comes from. A lot of you are willing to look past her mental issues because she's totes kawaii.

No. 114574

File: 1433073955348.jpg (54.88 KB, 810x467, YukaMom002.jpg)

So she could earn money to pay of debts of course.

No. 114581

The last time I saw a thread about Yuka, people were saying the baby_nacchan Instagram wasn't her…?

No. 114585

That was before the confirmed name change she did.

No. 114587

If you're trying to censor names, couldn't you at least blur better or put black boxes over the names? I can still see the names. Her mom's name isn't Courtney.

Do you have anything that backs up the claim her stepdad touched her?

No. 114597

I didn't censor that, it's from the Yukapon Truth site and one of the many mails that were sent to Akira by her parents.

No. 114599

…wasn't it Courtney Schneider, just like how Yuka was Schneider once too?

No. 114600

why did she change her name and how do you know?

No. 114602

Schneider is her stepdad's last name.

So Mr. Schneider didn't get a new spouse?

Their house is almost upper middle class. I would've thought they had more money to burn. The house belonged to Schneider for 20 years.

No. 114605

…because if you look at her last thread, her IG name was lolitababydoll12 first.

No. 114608

I thought you were talking about her mom's name being changed from Courtney to what it is now or vice versa. I didn't see what you were responding to so I didn't know you were talking about Yukapon's username.

So her name really is not Courtney. I know it isn't.

No. 114645


>Do you have anything that backs up the claim her stepdad touched her?

You must be new here. Her step dad phydsically abused her and gave her a big nasty dent in her right leg. It was in her chat transcripts with akira.

No. 114690

>A lot of you are willing to look past her mental issues because she's totes kawaii.

Um, reading about how awful her family is actually makes me more understanding of her mental issues though? It makes me feel bad for her and also kinda root for her, toxic families can fuck you up will into adulthood, or for life.

>and she is totes kawaii actually

No. 114895

Nobody defends Chris chan or Pt even though they had just as fucked up families. But here we go again, the PULL rejects worshipping cows.

No. 114901

Because they aren't cute and/or somewhat talented.

No. 114902

Petty ass hoe

No. 114903

So you think it's okay that she caters to a pedos fantasy you sick fuck.

No. 114945

Never said that. That is the PULL mentality. If they are cute, they have to be talented somewhat. If they are ugly and untalented, they are treated worse and they don't care if they have a terrible background

No. 115059

Looks like her mom untagged her from instagram photos and/or deleted her own instagram profile. Or changed the name.

No. 115088

File: 1433157649253.jpg (103.72 KB, 640x640, 10724596_551950228238932_13442…)

This thread it's getting so full of "omgshessssooocuuute" that now it's clear that Yuka, a friend or Keeki are here. And the one who said that people don't care about her old drama etc made it even more obvious. Congrats.

I'm pretty sure she's in the pro-ana shit. Nick said that getting fat was one of her worst nightmares and that she was obsessed from that.

Anyway do you really think she's earning all that money for brand, kawaii stuff, parties and shit just working in a crappy maid cafè? Seriously… and who's that japboy she calls oniichan?

A fucked up family it's so common in 2015 that it's not the best excuse to use in cases like this. She's just a sick manipulative whore with pedophiliac fantasies.

No. 115106

of all people i dont think keeki would be here WKing yuka.
she cried in a niconiconama where people voted yuka to be cuter than keeki. keeki resents yuka a lot

No. 115139

I agree with you.

No. 115153

Nobody here is her or Keeki, you sound paranoid and if you think she is doing that for pedos and not for herself you are the problemn, not her because only somebody disgusting would see something sexual in stupid jfashion.

No. 115272

Shut up PULLtard there are non friends who do think Yuka is good in some ways but don't appreciate the other things she did

No. 115586

File: 1433226379253.jpg (122.2 KB, 1065x639, lol.jpg)

I've never heard of a lolitesque harajuku fashion style where you should use nicknames like "daddyslittlegirl" , claim you're an ephebophile, "casually" show your panties for old men on webcam, open up a tumblr reblogging lolicon stuff and those creepy pics with mens and little girls etc.
Did you forgot what she used to do with Nick?

Sorry anon for muh paranoid PULL self, I should spam this whole thread with how cute, loli and kawaii desu Yuka is. Our beloved real life 2D waifu will never age like ugly humans do.
Forgive our jelly soul, we know that everything she does it's because of bad parents. Even earthquakes are caused by bad parenting.
Oh, and I forgot to say that I'd like to see her having some hardcore sex with Keeki. Cross your fingers ladies, maybe one day someone will publish a YukaXKeeki doujinshi. Hooray.

It's ok now, dear anon?

No. 115600

That collar is disgusting. I dont understand these women who want to be sexualized children. ugh vomiting.

No. 115601

Is it really that hard to believe people do think she is cute and somewhat talented? We're not saying it excuses her behavior though. Also your joke is stupid unfunny.

No. 115606

…..I only said she looks good rn how is that worshipping? Is she not aloud to get on with her life? Damn.

No. 115624

Not same anon, but judging from her IG updates, she's still stick on the whole 'kawaii imouto-chan!' phase of her life even though she's 20 and it's pathetic.

No. 115634

>I've never heard of a lolitesque harajuku fashion style where you should use nicknames like "daddyslittlegirl" , claim you're an ephebophile, "casually" show your panties for old men on webcam, open up a tumblr reblogging lolicon stuff and those creepy pics with mens and little girls etc.
Did you forgot what she used to do with Nick?
You seem to forget how many years ago that was and her style isn't like that anymore since ages anyways so idk what you are talking about and yes, nymphet fashion DOES exist in Japan, it's called Neo Lolita and even the popular model Amo calls herself the No1 fan of the book Lolita (she even wears badges she is in the book's fanclub), yet nobody makes a drama out of it.

No. 115642

What's her instagram?

No. 115663

Not the same anon but
Can't see anything loli tho, most of the stuff is gyaru.

No. 115676

File: 1433249308807.jpg (149.25 KB, 403x403, 869934.jpg)


I haven't. Ephebophile tumblr was clearly nick's because I followed both singprincess and him. People forget that he was obviously her daddy all along for a short time before she left for japan then got a new daddy. He did not want anything to do with her when he found out and hated the whole DDlg and wanted a normal relationship she couldn't give so he discarded her and ended up tapping some new under age pussy. That nigga was too stupid to see all she was ever after was his money.

Nick said to me months ago that he got out of the lolicon stuff but yukapee kept forcing it on him and calling him daddy or "pedo daddy" and sending him naughty pictures. He spent almost 5k on her for the last 6 years of knowing her when he knew she cheated on him multipe times. Like wtf. Nick these days hasn't changed either, dating a underage LoL 16 year old girl that does youtube dancing and twitch streams. They supposedly met irl last month. She is 100% kotes kawaii than yuka when she was younger.



No. 115680

i just want my thighs to be that tiny ;-;

No. 115681


She's probably taking pictures from angles where they look tinier. Don't get upset over it. A lot of girls do it.

No. 115682

File: 1433250372477.jpg (87.73 KB, 640x640, 10724229_841530859225662_30421…)

That dude isn't neither japanese nor is he her boyfriend, why do you even post old photos anyways.

No. 115683

*is neither

No. 115720

Her mouth looks so weird. Her face reminds me of Rebecca black but I can't pinpoint why

No. 115724

The shitty think is I would love to wear that style of choker daily, it is really cute, but of course without the gross charm. However they are just super fetishy now. I hate how so many things that are cute like this become sex related.

No. 115727

yeah no sorry but collars like this, charm or no, have always been fetishy and sex related.

No. 115735


You mean sexualized…cats? Children never wear stuff like that. It's petplay, not age play (not saying she doesn't do ageplay, because holy shit, this is yukapon we're talking about).

No. 115736


OMF FUCK ME I JUST SAW THE DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL ignore me holy shit that's gross

No. 115746

File: 1433267798480.jpg (56.55 KB, 600x440, FullSizeRender.jpg)

tbh I like those chokers because 1)they remind me of Tokyo Mew Mew and 2)they look """punk""" while still being very girly and hyperfeminine.
The "daddy" thing really fucks me off though. I love stuff like that otherwise.
It's more of an aesthetic thing to me than a sexual one, and I imagine it's like that for other people who aren't actually part of the fetish crowd. Like I seriously doubt EVERYONE who dresses like that and/or likes creepyyeha's lingerie or "neo lolita" is seriously into BDSM/ddlg shit and aren't just following trends.

No. 115749

i agree w/ this tho. tattoo chokers became known as a bdsm accessory and i'm just here like… no? it makes my neck look nice? i don't want your dick in my anal cavity?

same goes for my garters, people just think you're a certain kind of person and it makes for some reaaally weird interactions

No. 115755


lol no. tattoo chokers are not a bdsm accessory and i'm not sure who thinks that? pet-style collars have always been a bdsm thing. just because creepyyeha and tumblr trends and they're cool now doesn't make them not a bdsm thing.

anyway, i'm not trying to take this off topic or whatever, and the daddy's little girl charm is creepy, but it's not like it's not fetishy without it lol.

No. 115757

When did she even post that? I can't find it anywhere on her IG and you censored the posting date.

No. 116163

File: 1433310246089.jpg (199.22 KB, 1075x656, august 2014.jpg)

August 2014 on her IG. If she doesn't delete them.

No. 116170

File: 1433311264707.jpg (221.87 KB, 1040x849, daddyslittlegirl.jpg)

…and don't forget this, approved from her step dad. She changed the G+ name but thanks to google search you can find the original one anyway.

No. 116207

So Yukapon chose the name Emily Haze? Why?

No. 116210

pretty sure the 'Haze' part refers to Dolores Haze

No. 116211

WHO CARES shit. She's not doing anything that 500 girls her same age aren't doing. Ageplay shit imst new and I'd rather an adult do it than an actual fucking child. Do you people have any fun? Do you think 20 is old or something, time to settle down and have kids life is over or some shit? You're insane. Its like some of you bitches peak at 15. Might as well do this shit while she's still young before she's Margo.

No. 116216

Haha, I feel the same way. I think most of the people who make comments like "OMG SHE'S 20 GROW THE FUCK UP!!" are like 15 and think 20 is old. They're probably into the same kinda shit but think it's OK because they're younger.

No. 116217

Can't wait till they hit 20 and realize that they don't magically have it all figured out and know what the fuck they're doing and they're still fucking babies who've only lived on this earth for 20 measly years. Bitch pls.

No. 116218

Yeah, how sad to think you should become a boring adult once you're no longer a teenager.

No. 116220

I think as long as it doesn't harm anyone, people can dress and fantasize all they want as long as it doesn't get in the way of a stable future. They could keep it to themselves so employers don't know

No. 116221

File: 1433323103736.jpg (56.72 KB, 320x240, 54193.jpg)

Meh, this thread it's so boring it looks like PULL. It's just a giant hug-place.
I'm tired of those dd/lg, nymphets, aspiring aidorus and lolita-themed-tumblr-shit who worships Yukapon.

Where did you get that pic?

No. 116226

I mean I guess, but the reality is that she hasn't really done anything lolcow-worthy since she tried to be an aidoru. She's just an annoying imouto weeb now but we'd be here all day if we made a thread for everyone like that.

No. 116315

Did anyone else save any of her younow streams? I saw the one that was posted above but it was only part of it and I wanna see more lolz.

No. 116332

File: 1433349888385.png (1.84 MB, 1920x1080, 456.png)

No. 116348

Ty, I already saw this one before. Are there any others?

No. 116419

ah. the related videos… made me head to…

haven't even seen all of them whoa!

No. 118690

are there anymore younow videos? and does anyone know if she has a tumblr?

No. 118710

She still does niconico streams anyways.

No. 118711

File: 1433807987038.jpg (89.25 KB, 640x640, 11335844_1621379968146051_6988…)

Again modeling for BTSSB.

No. 118894

No. 122017

I've got a question. When Talli was still Yukapon, did anyone get an email from her, or heard that she sent emails to various girls on yt, warning about akira?

No. 122022

Don't think so, the only thing she ever did was the rape claims on Twitter.

No. 122050

She did send them to other girls. Can't remember which ones but probably the aidoru wannabes at the time with any potential at all who associated with Akira.

No. 122118


Wasn't abipop one? And then when she stayed friends with Akira, Yuka started hating her? (Although Abi was probably easy to hate anyway because she's so thirsty.)

No. 122120

yeah, I think so.

clearly being friends with akira didn't do anything for her idol career though.

No. 139862

File: 1437256629276.jpg (92.77 KB, 1080x1080, 10358363_417017025167031_11789…)

Back to her old self, just with the difference that she is a "loli EDM DJ" now.

No. 139868

And she will model for BTSSB again at http://www.babyssb.co.jp/info/teaparty2015/ , seems like she is one of their regular models now.

No. 139878

Cute! Does she still only use Facebook now? I hate Facebook. Wish she had tumblr or insta.

No. 139892

Did you even read the thread or?

No. 139897

And Dakota is one of their models there too as well as few other weeb cows, way to go BTSSB.

No. 139898

When did Dakota model for BTSSB?

No. 139900

Nah haven't really been keeping up with it since there's no drama. But I'd you have an answer to my original question that'd be great.

No. 139901

Yuka looks cur in baby's clothes. Don't know about kota tho. Need to lose some chub.

No. 139902

No. 139903

No. 139905

No. 139906

It's not like if it was hard to type instagram into your browser's search and there still is drama, only thing is that her sugar daddy and drug abuse are always the same boring repeating stuff.

No. 139908


What the fuck BTSSB…they actually see these twats as guest worthy?

No. 139926

The designer is known to have some major white fever.

No. 140346

these are from Kokokim and the nymphette, lolitaish style is really trendy in Japan right now

No. 140350

Baby doesn't give a fuck about drama, or internet bullshit, they only care that their clothes sell and that their models are cute, as much as ppl hate Dakota and Yukapon, we are not their demographic, especially since most of the people who talk about them on forums are hambeasts who can't wear Baby's clothes. Baby only cares first and foremost about their Japanese clientele and the Japs love white girls.

No. 140358

mmm i really dont understand why theyd choose yuka or dakota, when there are prettier and thinner japanese girls they could have used.

No. 140688

and tbh whether you like Yuka or not, she's pretty cute and pretty thin, being white is a plus to them and if you watch their fashion shows with her in it she is pretty good at modeling for them. It's not any different than Innocent World hiring sameface white modelchan for several years.

No. 140689

File: 1437358260505.jpg (57.45 KB, 482x720, tumblr_mawyg0RnRd1rzt45fo2_500…)

No. 140727

Aw she looks like a dolly. I actually like white people and other races in these clothes. I don't see why people think it would be weird? Its more unfitting/strange looking when Asians wear it tbh…….its English/French styles right? Idk.

No. 140729

So can anyone tell me her accounts? Thx.

No. 140737

well it is based off Victorian/aristocrat clothing
but i don't think its a race thing
its the body types
lots of asians in japan are skinny because of the food thats more popular there
and the obesity problem in america
so i think it is more or less what pictures you are seeing and what body type it fits for (faces dont really make a difference for clothing)
>i pray to the heavens that this wont end in a race war

No. 140739

There are eating disorders in japan. Asians can and do get fat in Japan. Obesity isn't a problem only in USA and Victorian and aristocrat clothing shouldn't be limited to whites and japs. Ok?

No. 140749

if a white person dressed up in whatever tribal African bush gear people would be muh cultural appropriation. So niggers can stay out of our historical garments and wear their equivalent which is clothes made of grass or whatever.(race discussion is no longer allowed in /pt/)

No. 140758

No one respond to this bait

No. 140764

I never said it should be limited to them. Just saw some people saying "why would lolita brand hire white models" when it kind of fits. Everyone can look nice in these fashions though. It'd be cool to live somewhere where everyone dressed lolita/Victorian! Lol. Bring it back.

No. 140806

Lolita is super dead, though.

No. 140808

She looks like shit

No. 140813

For some reason I thought she was latina??? Like more on the white side latina.

No. 140816

I know…doesn't change what I think.

No. 140859

File: 1437379926366.jpg (264.47 KB, 800x1048, gameoflolcows.jpg)

Whenever our lolcows are meeting I get that special GOT-season-5-feeling.

No. 140879

File: 1437391433038.jpg (889.68 KB, 700x1012, 04.jpg)

Sorry for OT but I always liked sameface-chan of Innocent World. Just looked it up and she changed so much. Or is it a complete different blonde now? I don't get it. The sameface I remember was so clean and had an aristocrat aura about her.

No. 140881


srsly tho

how do all these lulzy girls end up modelling for cutesy brands like this?

No. 140892

I remember people debating about this before, it's a different girl who looks extremely similar.

No. 140900

They are all linked on her new self-promotion website:

No. 140901

File: 1437398105827.jpg (41.31 KB, 480x640, 11692575_610921129010197_26077…)

She looks better at the latest modeling photos for BTSSB new reserve christmas series.

No. 140949

I srsly live her modeling jfash things. She would look cute in a gyaru mag.

No. 140950

No. 140951

They try.

No. 140994

she could be, I know a bunch of latinas who are very white european looking

No. 140995

gosh damnit this is hella cute

No. 140996

That's probably because they ARE european?
You can belong to all kinds of racial phenotypes and be latina. US education sucks so I cant blame you.

No. 140997

Also forgot to finish my post but…
Isnt her name Nathalia Castro? That's a spanish/portugese name so it's likely that she is latina OR a long time immigrant from spain/portugal to the USA. Regardless, she is white and basic.

No. 140998

her last name is castro isnt it? i also had a feeling she was latina

No. 140999

cant unsee loli forever
even when she did videos with keeki a few months ago, all the comments were asking about yuka, loli, her randoseru etc

No. 141002

I dont think she is latino, i think she is hispanic.

No. 141007

Her father is spanish if I remember right but dunno if born there or not.

No. 141008

I thought so because I dont think that she is from South America.

No. 141220

Does anyone remember how she was trying to make a fashion brand and how quickly that dropped?

No. 141240

Keeki is probably dying of jealousy

No. 141244

You mean when she scammed tons of people with preorders for products that never got made? Yeah, we do.

No. 141247


What happend?

No. 141456

Are her and kiki still friends? Or are they done using each other to make themselves feel better about their past?

No. 141457

Seriously. If there's one thing I learned from the internet, it's not to buy anything from girls who are popular internet personalities for being pretty, having Tumblr blogs, making YouTube videos, etc. Massive flakes/scams.

No. 141565

Exactly what I wrote?

Btw it seems like she finally deleted Milky-Pop's Tumblr a while ago.

No. 146899

Did she delete her IG again or changed her name? Funny how that suddenly happend right after she got posted at /cgl/ again.

No. 146900

Ah, she changed all her usernames to fit her new stagename.

No. 146901

File: 1438224591695.jpg (90.42 KB, 1080x1080, 10932569_666787283455753_12730…)

She looks like a boy in drag here.

No. 146902


No. 146907

She has passed the chola-clown love child when it comes to dem 'bows….

No. 146909

Lots of posts about diet food and being skinny, looks like she has an ED now.

No. 146913

I bet it has something to do with her getting older (she is in her twenties now) and still wants that kawaii loli body
she is probably aging and thinks that starving will help. but its really the other way around, EDs age you faster than most drugs

No. 146946


She's only half (whatever she is), and she's from America. On her passport ages ago, her last name was hyphenated Castro-(something else idr). I've only seen pics of her with her brother, not her parents.

No. 146947

File: 1438231162739.jpg (278.54 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Her mom is white.

No. 146957

She looks nothing like her.

No. 146961

Do you even know how genetics work, nigger? Are you gonna tell me she's adopted now? Lol.

No. 146967

What? I definitely see a resemblance

No. 146977

all i know is that she definitely isn't asian

No. 147016

she's super cute to me. but the eyebrows……pls fix yuka.

No. 147018

is it that hard to believe some girls are just small? jfc. and how is in her twenties "aging". you bitches are insane.

No. 147020

So now if you want to be skinny you have an ED? Uh…..tf.

No. 147022

Those brows are horrendous. They're like a perfect arch with no definition.

No. 147025

Ikr shes only 20

No. 147027

I follow her IG and she eats fine. she just eats healthy and does work outs at home or the gym (or both.)

But seriously. sick of these fatties who say "OMG SHE MUST HAVE AN ED CUZ SHE'S THIN" No, she's just young, doesnt eat crap and works out.

No. 147028

The people who say shit like that are probably 16/17 . It's pathetic. turning 20/21 doesnt mean you cant like cute shit or dress a certain way. She has a petite frame and can pull that style off. Better than the fat asses I see trying to.

No. 147036

Most people here are underageb&.
Just go look at the Berry thread.

No. 147038

she is actually 23, but okay
no, it isnt old, but her obsession with being a loli would make her feel old because she isnt forever 12
sheesh, the whiteknighting in here is strong

No. 147040

are you some sort of fan or something?
there is a difference between dressing in cute shit and dressing up like a japanese elementary schooler
if you aren't a japanese elementary school child and you wear their clothes, its pathetic as fuck

No. 147264

I can't think she's cute? Fuck off u bitchy cunt.

No. 147269

Why the fuck are you so mad? Its not white knighting if there is literally no drama and people are just hating her for stupid ass reasons now. she's not too thin. She's not ugly. She has a job and is going along with her life. What is the big deal here.

No. 147271

Thought she was 20 though. And on her girls collection audition page where you can vote it says 20……

No. 147273

Ikr. And there's nothing wrong with preferring to be thin anyway. But butches would much rather you look like them.

No. 147274


No. 147308

while i agree that she is boring you can just let the thread die instead of whining about "omg haters!!!1" and saying how cute she is

No. 147317

How about his the thread if you are so hurt by it not being a hate fest. I cant move the thread to /b/ soooooo not my problem.

No. 147318

No. 147324

i am not hurt, i'm just saying don't be a crybaby

No. 147325

>still crying about haters
this is what i'm talking about, you can let this thread die, but no, you have to come back and be the whiteknight and cry about how mean people are

No. 147336

dude they literally look EXACTLY the same

No. 147337

Yuka is a few years younger than me she is not 23.

No. 147375

And what thefuck are you doing? THE SAME SHIT.

No. 147376

She's 20

No. 147377

You're the whining and shitting up the thread fuck off

No. 148873

She said she got molested.
Fucked up families are NOT common.
Having a mom you dislike because bawww doesnt make your family fucked up.
90% of people (especially teenagers) who say their families are fucked up aren't, but yuka truly has a fucked up family.
I mean her stepdad molested her and they wanted her to leave the house asap. seriously what the fuck? They just wanted the money. they didnt give a shit that she was dating a 40 years old men.

No. 148902

File: 1438470193451.jpg (52.51 KB, 400x533, tumblr_ns5whlBQGk1t0ij5do3_400…)

yukapon with aminyan

No. 148906

i think it's because she has a flat-chest

No. 148910

If you have a babyface, "loli" clothing style is good for you. i dont see the problem.
who gives a shit if they wear randoseru or look like children. As long as they have a babyface, it fits them tbh

No. 148915

File: 1438470713786.png (189.52 KB, 844x587, Screenshot_1.png)

she's 20.
I'm tired of people accusing anyone that doesnt hate yuka so much as "whte knights" like in the berry thread.
Yuka was a lolcow. It was hilarious. She may or may not still be a lolcow but it's been ages.
Her entire drama shit is golden (no pun intended) but because it's old and she's obviously growing up, people just forgot about her or stopped hating her

No. 148918

Does anyone know why she deleted her FB?

No. 148921

File: 1438470941764.png (2.52 MB, 1577x852, Screenshot_2.png)

I'm glad she stopped wearing heavy/gyaru eye makeup (which made her look much older)

No. 148938

File: 1438472094571.png (409.17 KB, 403x748, 1438470941764.png)

i still HATE her fucking eyebrows
they enrage me more than they should

No. 148943

Me too. If she wants to appear youthful, she should do those cute korean eyebrows

No. 148952

yukapon truth has been deleted

No. 148953

Akira has also deleted his fb

No. 148955

Never noticed before, but you're right. She'd look good with korean straight brows.

No. 148997

She's obviously trying to clean up her dirty past since she's been back. Everyone needs to start posting her dirty deets.

No. 149005

Or we could just let it go?

No. 149006

Or you could see a doctor about that salty vagina of yours

No. 149034

>letting things go

are we on the same website or

No. 149040


Why do you always end your sentences with "or" anon?

No. 149045

i dont. its almost like there are several different people here. crazy concept

No. 149122

That shit is old news and was already put out there. There was a whole website which is deleted now apparently. She's not trying to be an imouto idol anymore because that stuff ruined it. Srsly, you're reallly fucking late.

No. 149135

File: 1438495480055.jpg (35.96 KB, 740x609, toplel.jpg)


Anon could be referring to the videos of her touching herself or to what it seemed, her being eaten out by someone. Very recent stuff if you ask me.

The video was cut in half so who knows what was really going on down there but she was using both hands on her vaginal area and occasionally holding her hands up against the wall. Vibrator maybe? Vid was about 3 minutes long. There was no audio so practically a tease video.

>tfw you guys will never see yukapee's sex face

not orangecitrus tier but lol… she wasn't nude in it.

>inb4 post video

I cant post it right now but if someone else does be my guess. Refer/reply to this post number and thank me later whoever post it and proves me wrong.

No. 149148

File: 1438498351141.jpg (16.99 KB, 259x215, ss (2015-08-02 at 02.52.00).jp…)

>Very recent stuff if you ask me.
>tfw you guys will never see yukapee's sex face

You mean this recent face from 2012 or earlier? :^)

No. 149170

Pic that got me banned from 4chan

No. 149609

Does someone know why Akira deleted his fb and yukapon truth?

No. 149612

I dont know but I'm glad, Akira is a pedophile

No. 149622

I agree. I use to defend Akira but i realized how fucked up he was and he was NOT innocent at all. Him and Nick fucked up yuka and they both wanted to fuck her (which is illegal)

No. 149729

File: 1438562111506.jpg (142.35 KB, 450x360, 1349567475718.jpg)

I miss yuka. she was so cute

No. 149740

I want to angry rape yuka, but I'm a girl.

No. 149743

but she already got molested so wtf dude

No. 149756

He didn't delete his FB, he got hit by the real name policy (that bans your account until you provide your real name for the account) and it was always written on the yuka site that he would delete it once yuka stops spreading lies and she still called herself a rape-victim for a long time.

No. 149761

No. 149768

File: 1438564036392.jpg (129.45 KB, 1169x1948, 49_1.jpg)

She is at a model audition now:

No. 149773

wow…she is pretty in that pic

No. 149783


This is not the video I have. The walls are different and she has different clothes on and blonde hair.

No. 149833

do you have the link of her fb anon?

No. 149858

Of course but got hit by the FB's real name policy too after going for her new stagename, when you don't want to supply FB with your real name they cange your profile to a site:

No. 149900

Thank you anon!

No. 149932

i want her to win but shes not going to :(

No. 149952


not with her nudes and XX videos everywhere but u never know anon. make ur dreams come true.

No. 149959

she's cuter than half those Japanese girls too .

No. 149975

I am morbidly curious.

No. 149978

no not because of that because no one gives a flying fuck anymore. i think she won't win because idk if she's known enough to get enough votes.

No. 150190

>lel I cant post it right now but I totes have it you guys

Here we go again… you are not the first to say your have xxx vids of her that don't really exist.

Funny how lots of anons claim this but they can never provide proof, like not even a screen cap that doesn't show anything parts or something.

I love yukadrama but this particular BS really needs to stop.

No. 150191

Whoa but why did Akira's website get deleted when she hasn't made any public announcement to clear his rep?

Also she is striving for fame again… wouldn't that be an incentive to keep it up?

(I agree it is also sick, but him taking it down makes no sense. Plus, PULL got deleted recently… a lot of her past drama is gone now. Maybe she is getting someone to take it down?)

No. 150205

I already explained it, it was never about an public announcement but her not spreading more bullshit.

No. 150269

That makes no sense to me though… if someone slanders you, why would you take down the dirt you already put up of them unless they made a statement to clear your name? (Unless he realized he already made an ass of himself and there is no other way. Besides, I'm sure she still shit talks him since he is creepy af.)

No. 150275

Whatever I don't think she should apologize that guy is a creep Anyways.

No. 150282

File: 1438625567935.jpg (51.56 KB, 600x800, YukaEroDrowing001.jpg)

I'm pretty sure someone threatened Akira because she needed to delete her bullshits in order to realize her weaboo dreams.

She's still that little fucked up slut we used to laugh at, but you know…"private shows".

Anyway I still got all of her vids of the Yukapon Truth page, including the one where she's crying.

No. 150288

Do you have the one of her doing the performance she didn't win? The avex one or something? I always wanted to see it but it never worked on the site.

No. 150299

Same here, he took it down after a while for a reason I forgot, he wrote it in that post

No. 150306

>I'm pretty sure someone threatened Akira because she needed to delete her bullshits in order to realize her weaboo dreams.

She already archived those before the site got deleted, hence she got a modeling contract with BTSSB for two years already.

No. 150310

File: 1438627043542.jpg (122.98 KB, 1080x1080, 11427468_895632783837303_58991…)

He is less creepy than the grandpas she hangs out with at clubs.

No. 150312

File: 1438627062190.jpg (86.31 KB, 1080x1080, 11378941_441954822631839_52300…)

No. 150314

File: 1438627148102.jpg (102.43 KB, 640x640, 10890762_361417417399528_14310…)

No. 150321

He deleted it because it has nothing to do with the drama.
As said before, he only wanted her to stop spreading bullshit which she did, he will upload the site again when he notices she still does it, it has been too long that he for him still giving a fuck.

No. 150323

*too long for him still giving a fuck

No. 150326

Ew, jfc.
I can't understand how girls who are so preoccupied with being cute are so okay with dating hideous fucks like these guys and Junnyan.

No. 150338

look at you jelly fatties sitting in your basement judging her while she lives her life in japan. a place u guys never been before lol

No. 150339

Damn Adidas guy is orange af.

No. 150348

What makes you think she's dating all those guys? She just took pictures with them jfc.

No. 150351

She works at a bar thats probably where she meets these folks.

No. 150352

THIS. why are people acting like they still want him after her? Wtf.

No. 150355


Agreed, I thought she's been working as a hostess? It just looks like it's all part of the job.

No. 150357

Yuka has a boyfriend but she's reaaaally thirsty for attention. It's really sad.

No. 150369

Whose her bf again? And What happened to bff kikihime

No. 150371

File: 1438630886640.jpg (149.57 KB, 716x403, 4863784678.jpg)

No. 150401

I pee every day, anon. gonna mock everyone who pees? Yes, she made a mistake, but she was a really young teen here. Some people want to forget their past and move on.

No. 150424

Yeah, if you made a video of it.

No. 150441

Unrelated but there's a disgusting amount of child porn on Youku. Jesus Christ, that site needs to be shut down.

No. 150446

Nothing happend to Keeki, different than Yuka she actually has to work for her money.

No. 150450

Because he is a ganguro leftover, he makes parties in Shibuya for other leftovers.

No. 150579

He looks oraora to me

Also i hope she won't go to my favourite club

No. 150599

Idk anon maybe they have nice personalities????

You know if she did happen to date someone that was equally into primping as she is, people would Comment on that, too
> baww shes just with him for show

No. 150602

No. 150763

Akira is a pedophile, who gives a shit about him and his feelings? He was still messing with underage girls giving tips on how to become idols on his tumblr and fb smh

No. 150803

How? She wants a boyfriend but so do most of girls.
Those pictures with the old man are not her boyfriends lol

No. 150815

Keekihime is the queen of butthurt. She used to bitch on her tumblr about how these girls have no talent and blah blah blah why won#t anyone pay attention to meeee

No. 150825

I meant are they still friends?

No. 150833

File: 1438662990600.png (42.07 KB, 818x306, Screenshot_1.png)

I googled yukapon drugs and this shit came out?
Margaret is such a shady bitch

No. 150834

Users on PULL were the worst. All they did was defend Akira. it was awful to lurk that thread.

No. 150836

I agree. It was so cringe-worthy.
They portrayed Akira as a poor innocent man wtf

No. 152228

File: 1438812318711.jpg (7.61 KB, 222x227, download.jpg)

I found akira's myspace.
You can listen to yuka's You can't kiss me (by becky)'s version and the demo of her album rabu rabu oniichan

No. 152524

Whoa thanks, I never heard the first two before.

I actually really want to hear some of her older songs. Does anyone have the full of love love oniichan or any other songs that aren't currently on her soundcloud?

No. 152527

(One I always wanted to hear was magical sister yukapon if anyone has it? I only heard the demos on akiras soundcloud.)

No. 152778

And everyone here did the same for Nick and he was the worst in the whole drama, yet everyone always blames Akira.

Hence, without Nick Yuka wouldn't be a pedo-pandering whore in the first place.

No. 152779

They are "waifus".

No. 152792

The lyrics for Oniichan are fucking creepy.

No. 152882


nick is not bad of a guy after I talked to him. he was a little less than I expected him to be in fact. pretty humble and straightforward guy.

i listened to a whole skype conversation of him getting akira to admit everything that everyone doesnt believe yuka of happening. Plus hes not a hacker. Akira and him were sharing yukas passwords lol

i admit what he did was wrong but he didnt molest her like akira did. nick and her met a few times in the past which probably is the reason he hasnt done anything in years or her. this was when she was 18-19. he did not hit it once he said but she wanted too. they were never in any sort of 'relationship' either. nick also made sure document every email, text of their meeting just in case she screams rape because she has a vengeful mentality if she doesnt get what she wants.

if anything he wanted to marry her but to me, she was manipulating and using him lol

he found out afterwards they met she was meeting up with older guys than him on craiglist before she left for japan. nick said it was more of a therapeutic meet up for her than it was a vanilla date for him so he figured she wanted to meet old guys similar to his problems or just maybe she was just disappointed in meeting him since he didn't make any advances on her. after that he ditched her because he didnt trust her in japan. i went on and believed him since he showed me some stuff of him and her.

No. 152890

File: 1438884393213.gif (199.34 KB, 500x750, tumblr_mhkuw6SZd61rwtjlxo4_500…)

NOT a bad guy? Seems like you are another dumb girl that got manipulated by him, it's not like if Yuka was his first underage victim. He is very well known for getting them to make nudes for him, collecting them and spreading them all over CP sites

Quotes from his akiba-online.com account Darkforest:

“I love real girls - it’s the closes thing to ever having the sense/joy of talking to sweet little girls. It’s not like you’ll have the chance to ever meet an Junior/U-15 idol. So why not converse with them on networking sites and such.
Incidentally, myspace has treasure-trove of them if you look in the right places (Very cute ones - that is to say, Kawaii house). It’s funny, i have over 1470 links via notepad to girls i stalked over the years (Myspace, bebo, friendster, etc.) and saved damn near 4,000 pictures; all organized with info - nothing but Asian girls.”

“Ahahaha. I have other sources then wretch (which I rather not reveal). I’ve been archiving girls since 04; mainly asians, of course. Most of these girls I actually know! I always save the source and their info in notepad. You know, whatever is on the user profile I find vital I’ll put in the notepad.

Yeah, I guess you can I stalk them. It’s hard to keep track at times. I’m hoping I can find a new way to categorize my camwhores LOL. So lazy. orz…”

No. 152897

Plus the 18-19 part doesn't match as she is 20 right now plus he said himself they never met at all while the drama.

No. 152908

Nick is gross af and should be jailed. Wtf. The guy is a damb pedophile. Why hasn't he been caught.

No. 152920

Can you be anymore of a piece of shit? Stop defending these vile and disgusting men.

No. 152922

Stop being that 'not like other girls~~~" person where you want to actually victim blame and say these guys are 'totes innocent.'

Just stop.

No. 152942


im not here to take sides anon. i talked to him and akira a few times. going by what nick showed me its hard to say what everyone says about akira or her.

the only reason he doesnt interfere in this endless drama is because yuka told him not to do anything so he listened. im quite sure he has no interest in her anymore either.


>18-19 part doesn't match as she is 20 right now plus he said himself they never met at all while the drama.

not during the jun and akira days. before she left from japan at the end of 2013 i think. they were still talking. she flat out drove to his house and he did not want anything to do with her at the time but they still met several times afterwards.

No. 152943

>Defending grown ass pedophiles

Come on now.

No. 152954

File: 1438889653047.png (76.09 KB, 632x284, tumblr_n7tyomVo6H1rwtjlxo4_128…)

>the only reason he doesnt interfere in this endless drama is because yuka told him not to do anything so he listened. im quite sure he has no interest in her anymore either.
Yeah, that's sure why he leaked her underage wannabe CP everywhere to start the drama in the first place, righto.

No. 152961

File: 1438889827227.png (83.92 KB, 1186x329, tumblr_mmtrcq6Dmd1rwtjlxo7_128…)

And even leaked her number way before the Akira drama.

No. 152963


I never thought nick to be a genuine pedophile after reading all the drama. He appears to be more of a troll while akira clearly continually harasses yuka. I'm not quick to label someone a pedophile unless he's on some offender list just because he fancies some lolicon.

Akira himself is still talking to desperate inspired idol weebs who are underage on his tumblr while nick has been gone forever.

No. 152968

File: 1438889985092.png (36.48 KB, 487x143, tumblr_mmyauznRYP1rwtjlxo1_500…)

Or his attempt to ruin her idol career in July 2011 with posting every single guy she made photos with as "boyfriend she sleeps with" in the hopes it would make her more attached to him.

No. 152971

File: 1438890132580.png (166.33 KB, 1280x487, tumblr_mmkazu9kBG1rwtjlxo7_128…)

Akira hasn't even logged into his Tumblr for ages so stop trying to witheknight that sick fuck Nick.

No. 152973


I'm sure he was fear mongering /cgl/ back in those days and succeeded. I mean, have we yet to see any of her nudes since that was posted? This thread keeps bringing up nudes but no one is delivering.

No. 152975

File: 1438890254252.png (55.35 KB, 980x240, tumblr_mm1qn89S501rwtjlxo1_128…)

No. 152976

Because CP is not allowed here you sick fuck.

No. 152980

File: 1438890362160.png (154.97 KB, 1280x266, tumblr_mhkuw6SZd61rwtjlxo1_128…)

No. 152989

lol I am in no way white knighting anyone anon. All this is old stuff. I want to see some recent stuff. Does he still talk to underage girls? People do change. I'm sure akira changed and regrets talking to yuka at such a young age.

I never liked yukapon tbh. I had a friend who got accused of having CP as a joke and it was pretty fucked up but no charges were made since he never had any in the first place.

No. 152991

But there is no proof that he changed either so calling him "not a bad guy" IS stupid whiteknighting.

No. 152994


No. Some anons here are saying they have chaturbate videos of her and you have to be 18 to sign up on that site. I'm more curious than the next anon.

No. 152997

But the post was about Nick's stuff which IS CP.

No. 153006

You're either a whiteknight or a nymphette. Either way, you need to fucking leave.

No. 153008

So according to your logic, we should forgive all murders and rapists because lol people change!! it's cool to forget their past mistakes.


No. 153602

Isn't he dating some teen right now? I remember reading that here. Anyways he is gross end of story.

No. 153800


You can post censored caps from each of these supposed videos so nothing inappropriate is shown but show it's clearly her. (Like that bear one, where the supposed bad ones are censored.)

But instead everyanon goes on and on about all these vids she made but can't even do that, proving it's all lies and BS.

No. 154021

you mean this?

No. 154022

Yes because a fucking 16 years old can manipulate pedophiles.
come on guys, she was 16. stop feeling sorry to pedophiles

No. 154025

When he had his fb activated, yes.
He was still talking to underage girls who want to be idols. I remember him sharing an underage girl's videos because she wanted to be an idol, etc.

No. 154026

I think he's dating a woman(?)
I have no idea
I think the person he's dating is 17 or 18

No. 154038

File: 1438991089431.png (366.19 KB, 1636x573, Screenshot_1.png)

So Akira groped Yuka? wtf? isnt that sexual assault?

No. 154064

Oh sorry I meant the studio recorded version, not the live. It was in a pinkly ever after video or something so I know it exists but I couldn't ever find it.

No. 154104

Perhaps it was deleted?

No. 154105

Does anyone has the japanese version of magical journey? There's only the demo

No. 154106

Since Akira made the melody I think it was, but I would still like it if anyone has it~ It's weird but I really like listening to her old songs. (Except the oniichanloli ones.)

No. 154108

I like to listen to yuka's songs and watching her videos too anon, although i really loved her oniichan era.

No. 154137

File: 1438999679750.png (29.66 KB, 1594x146, sc2.png)

Does anyone know what happened? Perhaps we could try to contact her?
I mean this was never solved at all and i'm curious as fuck. What did he said to break their friendship?

No. 154164

Was that this girl? http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjU1OTQ3NDgw.html?from=s1.8-1-1.2
I think I remember that and then Dansa kept pinning them against each other and would always compare them to each other

No. 154230

Nick didn't want Yuka to have any friends so she gets even more overattached to him.

No. 154233

That post was by Nick and he is far away from somebody who's posts should be believed, without him we wouldn't have her pee video.

No. 154236

I've known Yuka / Talli in real life and this girl is not sane. She gets a pass for it because she's pretty but she's missing a few in the head. She's also anorexic and has a ton of shit wrong with her. She acts like an annoying middle schooler for attention.

No. 154251


No. 154258

File: 1439004741089.png (13.68 KB, 537x323, 1349634315977.png)

No. 154265

I'm not that anon but Yuka got manipulated by older men, got blackmailed, has a deep need for attention, got molested (by her stepdad or something like that) and got sexually assaulted by Akira. Of course Yuka would have issues, honestly who would be sane after all the shit she went through? She needs to go seek a therapist.
I like older men and probably would have done some of the things she did but i have tons of issues. I mean not only yuka has daddy issues, she probably has some mental illnesses. Instead of getting help, she uses drugs or go to raves. it's just sad

No. 154267

At what age did Yuka started doing youtube videos?
I'm jelly as fuck. My parents didnt allow me to make videos online when I was a minor

No. 154271

theres so much child pornography on youku v
it disgusts me

No. 154284

Your parents were good then. Minors shouldn't be online making videos that will never go away.

No. 154291

Japan is sick… they love to sexualize children.

No. 154300

Someone always pops in her threads says this exact statement.

I'm all for drama but at least have some real stories instead of stirring the rumor pot, because honestly your post sounds like the same cookie cutter statement all the other bullshitters said.


No. 154301

Youku v is chinese, not japanese.

No. 154305

What is yukapon age?
I remember Baby Pink from pinku project saying yuka was an adult in 2012 but according to akira shes 21 now
im confused

No. 154307

She was probably 18 in 2012

No. 154314

File: 1439010865117.png (102.87 KB, 839x355, Screenshot_2.png)

I laughed so hard

No. 154321

Yeah, she's 20 or 21.

No. 154333

I think they're very good friends and talk a lot. Robin is extremely nice to everyone.
thing is im wondering if yuka pretends to be robins friend because she is kinda popular and she made her model. idk seems like shes using robin

No. 154334

Yuka was homeschooled you shitty liar

No. 154341

File: 1439013191580.png (268.86 KB, 1245x820, Screenshot_3.png)

Now I know how yuka stayed thin: she used diet pills.

No. 154343

File: 1439013310513.png (182.73 KB, 1222x566, Screenshot_4.png)

I remember some of her friends saying she was anorexic and I must agree.
I mean she was never fat, wtf

No. 154348

I'm this anon.

I don't think she abuses drugs at raves and I don't know where anyone got that from. The facts I'll say are this
>she has very few friends
Which is why I refrain from saying too much. She doesn't have many friends online or not. Still a lot of wanna be Loli girls love her.
>she's on a student visa
>her current management aka AVEX is aware of her past and bad image which is why she will never be an idol in Japan again
>she's really starved for attention which she can get easily in Japan.
>she has some mental disorder

I feel bad for her because lots of older men fucked her up but at the same time she's kind of a bitch. Instead of fucking her life away in Japan Natalia needs to be in therapy or something. Her mental issues are overlooked because Japanese are too preoccupied with a cute white girl.

No. 154349

Natalia turned 20 this year.

No. 154352

>I don't think she abuses drugs at raves and I don't know where anyone got that from.
There was once a screencap on her tumblr with her best friend (like 4 years ago) saying they loved drugs and raves so thats why.
Also anon, is she nice to her friends?
I now shes a bitch but i just can't help but feel very sorry for her. i want to be her friend

No. 154355

File: 1439014958607.png (1.35 MB, 744x753, Screenshot_5.png)

this was 10 months ago

No. 154356

I found her twitter:

No. 154364

According to her tweets, she works at Shibuya 109
holy shit i'm jealous.

No. 154365

File: 1439016622320.jpg (70.99 KB, 576x1024, CK1ZOdQUEAIQYD8.jpg)

She looks so cute here

No. 154366

File: 1439016634819.jpg (60.09 KB, 581x1032, CK1d7W2VEAAonpg.jpg)

No. 154367

File: 1439016736800.png (190.61 KB, 1543x474, woa.png)

She also still do niconico lives!
i feel like a detective or some sort

No. 154372

File: 1439017368873.png (52.19 KB, 1076x281, Screenshot_6.png)

No. 154376


Yukapon looks cute here, however that dude next to her is seriously repulsive looking.

No. 154377

Nice! I would still watch her stuff tbh

No. 154392

Maybe baito? I was 109 just a few days ago and I didn't see her. Maybe just coincidence.

No. 154415

I wonder if he's dressed like that just to troll.

I thought Venus and her mom were rude to Yukapon…

No. 154417

Her face is much lighter than the rest of her body. Unless if that was what she was going for, I think she failed.

No. 154421

think it was only Margo because she got mad that Yukapon said that it was innaprpriate for Venus to be dancing in a swimsuit at 14(or 13?).
Probably it's the fact that Yukapon hasn't seen Venus in a long time, or that it's because they are both in Japan.
I cod be wrong though.

No. 154475

I can see her snakily talking about friends. keekihine is probably her only friend. Also it bothers me the way some of you guys and pull idolize her. She has a mental illness and she really wants to be a child so she can be raped by an older man. She's not someone to be revered.

No. 154482

hint: no one goes to raves sober. and yuka seems like of those cheerful bubbly girls who would definitely do E at a club.

No. 154485

i dont think diet pills actually work. the ones that do work are strong stimulants and illegal in the US.
it amazes me how dense people can be. there is a disclaimer on every diet pill ad saying 'results not typical. the pill is effective when combined with diet and exercise' (duh anyone that diets and exercises would lose weight). the FDA doesnt even regulate the pills.

No. 154500

She's turning 21 this year.

No. 154513

She started making videos with 13 but dance videos not so much, that's also the age when she started a gyaru forum.

No. 154514

It's not like if all that stuff wasn't listed on her homepage.

No. 154516

Margo was the one who spread her pee video everywhere saying she is an prostitute.

No. 154579

I still love her. You cant like someone if she has mental illnesses? You want us to treat her like shit as if it was good? I dont get your point. People can idiolize her

No. 154581

I took diet pills and they worked.
Some diet pills are safe and they work

No. 154643

Which ones did you take anon? I kept hearing that the CLA pill works.

No. 154648

>idolizing someone who treats others like shit and is a legitimate pedophile (yes, I said it. her being a girl means nothing) just becuase they're cute/pretty
That's not a good or healthy thing to do.

No. 154747

well dish then, the fuck

No. 154763

she constantly promotes pedophillia but okay
your probably an untalented ugly bitch if you idolize yukapon though.
considering she isn't talented and is average when it comes to beauty

No. 154772

>she promotes pedophilia
>not understanding victims of sexualisation as a child

No. 154794


Requesting diet pill thread in /g/.

No. 154834

She's not a pedophile. lol but nice try

No. 154836

>your probably an untalented ugly bitch if you idolize yukapon though.
you sound jelly lol

No. 154861

i'm just saying you are being a kissass to some nobody
maybe you can idolize someone who is a decent human being
good people don't get threads here, anon
also, stop samefagging lol

No. 154862

why would i be jelly of somebody (you) that i have never seen or met? you are an anon, how and why would i be jealous of you?

No. 155224

>someone who literally masturbates to lolicon, draws it and posts/reblogs it on Tumblr is magically not a pedophile
>someone who sexualizes/fetishizes children and childhood innocence, especially to the point of pretending to be a 13 year old girl with pigtails to attract a certain kind of audience is not a pedophile
>someone who follows (other) pedophiles on Tumblr (idk if any of you followed her back in the day, but she followed and reblogged from this guy who posted lolicon on his blog and talked a lot about being pedo. His URL was "paradox"-something. Can't remember. People questioned her about it on her blog and she just hid behind "I-It's just pictures of cute anime girls. Why wouldn't I follow someone who posts cute girls? xD") is magically not a pedophile
>Shitloads of other stuff
Yeah okay stay delusional lol

No. 155227

Fuck off, you can be a CSA victim without promoting pedophilia and pedophillic tendencies. If anything, she should fucking know better because of what happened to her.
Literally the only reason to be this way after having been sexualized as a child is if you're also incidentally a pedophile and trying to eroticize others taking advantage of you and fucking you up mentally/physically (even as a coping mechanism) to the point of even pandering to pedos long after you've passed the stage of pre-pubescence.

No. 155239

>implying pretending to be 13 sexualizes children (she was a fucking children you dumbass, i guess if i pretend to be 50 then i sexualize old people?)
>implying liking lolicon makes you a pedohile
Nice joke anon
Nobody is kissing her ass and i'm only >>154836
However, you are samefagging and you're all the other anons being butthurt because "OMG YUKA IS A PEDOPHILE WAH WE MUST HATE HER BECAUSE SHES EVIL"
lmao you're hilarious

No. 155241

Liking lolicon literally makes you a pedophile. It stands for "Lolita complex" and the entire appeal is that they look like children, for fuck's sake.
And she'd been pretending to be 13 for sexual reasons since she was 16 and older. If you look at all the shit she's done and said and still try to pretend there's nothing pedophilic about her and her fantasies, I don't know what to tell you except that you're fucking delusional tbh
>Nice joke anon
How about actually proving it wrong instead of being a passive-aggressive faggot? Oh wait, you can't. You're trying to downplay this girl being a pedo because you think she's kawaii or something, but it's just not working.

No. 155243

Nah, I'm
and no one else. Everyone but you realizes Yuka is a pedo, sorry.

No. 155262

Wait, are there vids of her like that?

No. 155263

I'm a diff anon (mods check my IP) and I think she is a pedo. So is OC.

No. 155273

Yikes. Maybe I shouldn't feel too sorry for her (new to Yuka drama, wasn't in this scene when it happened).

No. 155274

you're wrong thoug
Lolicon, is not pedophilia this is like going up to a fujoshi and tell her that she's actually a gay man who likes gay sex, it doesn't work like that. Not for drawn anime shit.

No. 155275

how can someone who is a child be a pedo tho?

No. 155276

Next you're going to tell us that people who wear lolita or other kawaii shit are also pedos.

No. 155281


Yuka is a human garbage.
This thread is guarded by creepy fans like Stupidsexyflanders.

No. 155286

Lolicon is used in Japan as term for pedophila tho, not just the loli hentai mangas.

No. 155287

How is somebody that is about to turn 21 a child?

No. 155290

Yeah, because somebody pretending to be an infant in order to attract old pedo farts is totally the same as wearing jfashion. Try harder next time.

No. 155301

>I was only insisting I was 13 years old, pandering to weeaboo incest fantasies and sending CP to creepy old men in exchange for clothes and childrens' backpacks for the aesthetic~!
Fuck off. It's not the same as wearing alternative Japanese street fashionat all.

No. 155308

You are retarded. Yaoi is gay porn, it's not suddenly not gay porn just because it's drawn.
If you create fictional accounts of small children in sexual situations, it doesn't cease to be what it is just because it's not real. I don't care about lolicon and even I realize this.
Do you fap to stories involving bestiality and snuff, but then insist you're not some gross fetishist because the stories might not really be true?

No. 155391

File: 1439177473386.jpg (21.35 KB, 408x352, 1438565355358.jpg)

No. 155423


You are retarded. Ms. Marple is murder, it's not suddenly not murder just because it's written.
If you create fictional accounts of murder victims in homicidal situations, it doesn't cease to be what it is just because it's not real. I don't care about Agatha Christie and even I realize this.
Do you enjoy stories involving dismemberment and shootings, but then insist you're not some dangerous lunatic because the stories might not really be true?

No. 155433

Sure, because people enjoy lolicon for entertainment purposes like a movie that might be violent or a series of murder mystery books, not as fap fodder.
I really hope you're trolling because what you've said is literally retarded.

No. 155439

Anyone who likes lolicon most likely would watch child porn if they could

No. 155462

Please tell me you do understand the difference between fantasy and reality.

No. 155463

So because I enjoy the Saw movies I must want to go out and secretly murder people in a torture chamber, right?

No. 155478

Having fantasies about sex with children is sick lol. Even in animated form. Yea you might not find actual children attractive or hurt them but you obviously fap to the idea of it. Sick.

No. 155529

I'm pretty sure this is the Yuka stan samefagging, but masturbating to children makes you a pedophile, period. It being a fantasy doesn't divorce it from you having that fetish.
If you jerk off to the Saw movies, yeah you're probably a sick fuck.

No. 155720

considering how many yuka whiteknights are here there is a good chance they are the pathetic chodes that masturbate to her.
anyone that legitimately masturbates to drawings of children is fucking gross,
there is a difference between just thinking little girls are cute, and wanting to fuck them. And these yuka whiteknights have far surpassed thinking little girls are just "cute".
just because she is a CSA doesn't mean you should advocate her sexualizing little girls. Most child molesters were actually molested as children, but it doesn't excuse them for it

No. 155721

and by CSA i mean a child sexual abuse surviver

No. 155724

>Most child molesters were actually molested as children, but it doesn't excuse them for it

Fucking thank you, these fags will defend their precious CP forever. Jesus.

Everybody would lose their fucking minds if this was a guy, but since she's a cute girl it's totally fine. I'm a CSA and this shit pisses me off so much.

No. 155810

No. 155811

I like shotacon and I despise real children, walking meatbags of snot and disease. It's called being able to seperate shit from reality, it's why people can be sexually attracted to cartoon characters but not in real life people. Why people like furry shit but don't want to be with real animals. Why fujoshi can get off on watching two guys do each other but can be disgusted by gay sex in real life.

No. 155819

So what's your blog url you nasty fucking pedophile

No. 155833

>You're not a pedophile like me?! GO BACK TO TUMBLR
And suddenly I remember /pol/ has a lot of pedo threads.

No. 155841

Guess what? You're still masturbating to the idea of little boys in sexual situations.
What happens when you meet a kid who's a clean freak?
And FYI there are lots of furfags who are into bestial shit, and fujoshi who ship real life people like band members. The line isn't as defined as you like to tell yourself.

No. 155846

I don't have one because I'm not a tumblrfag like you
nah all children are gross and even the ones that aren't are mean, children are just mean for the sake of being mean, they have no social graces or filters. Not only that but the majority of them are fat and retarded. What's a character that people who like shota generally like? Ciel from Black Butler, name one fucking child that looks or acts like that?

No. 155857

Great come back, sick fuck. You're so smooth.

You're still a pedophile. You're still nasty. No one is going to take any argument of yours seriously.

No. 155869

yeah okay, instead talking about real issues about real victims of abuse. or talking about actual fucking pedophiles who got away with their disgusting crimes because of their power and money, you're on here arguing with someone who occasionally reads some fucking weeaboo shit doujin.

What can you expect from tumblr, whining about social justice from their bedrooms, policing other people's lives and completely unwilling to make any actual real change on the world.

I hope the mental gymnastics you do help you feel like you're actually accomplishing anything.

No. 155872

So you said you like shotacon and are completely dead set on deciding anyone who isn't telling you that you're so cool and accepted must be from dumblr?
Mental gymnastics? Doesn't take much thought to get alarm bells ringing in your head when someone says they like any sort of pornagraphic depiction of children you fucking weirdo.

No. 155876

>name one fucking child that looks or acts like that
Plenty of children raised in abusive, restrictive atmospheres that don't allow them to be childlike?
Nice job ignoring the part about you being turned on by little kids, by the way.
>"B-But they're just cartoons!"
So why not masturbate to cartoons of adults in adult situations? Because you're a fucking pedo.

No. 155877

who hurt you

No. 155878

Anime characters are not real children, and there is no victim. You may dislike it and you can call me sick or whatever insult you can come up with but it's not real, it's legal and that's the gospel truth, everything I stated above is true, everything about being able disconnect fantasy and fiction from reality is true.

People who engage in rape fantasy do not often condone real rape
People who play violently graphic videogames often do not condone murder.
And people who read lolicon or shotacon material do not often condone pedophilia.

There are tons of other people on lolcow, like Abipop, Pixyteri, those ugly fat black chicks who also like the loli concept, you saw that this thread was too positive and decided to derail it for your own personal reasons. You are beating a dead horse, and you have done nothing but push this into more off topic territory.

No. 155882

im with you on this, anon.

this argument reminds of the people that are like "WEED IS A GATEWAY DRUG" meanwhile all my stoner friends be laughin. if you give stoners weed, they would be happy and not need to move onto harder stuff. same for lolicon

No. 155883

You're comparing weed to lolicon.
Ahem, anyways.

No. 155884

>People who engage in rape fantasy
> people who read lolicon

and, i might add, for these two, these are usually kept very private and sometimes even with some shame involved.


No. 155886

Are you that defensive about having to come to terms that lolicon is CP? Bizarre. I'm more curious as to who hurt you.

No. 155889

How about instead of defending child pron we get back on topic. I thought we were all beyond the whole it tastes like salty milk and coins thing but apparently not, damn.

No. 155893

Saying that lolicon is actual CP is demeaning, especially to the actual victims of CP. CP is a crime because a real child is being abused, hence why rape porn is not a crime because there is no victim. Being a pedo isn't a choice it's mental disorder that cannot be fixed, the only thing health professionals can do is to deter these people from actually hurting a child.
There is no proof that lolicon or shotacon promotes real CP or hurting real children at all, in fact there are many studies that prove the opposite.

So whether you think it's wrong or not,lolicon is not illegal and it's not promoting violence against real children.

Using the term pedo to describe Yuka is reaching, since mostly men are pedophiles and victims of sexual abuse as children like Yuka often revisit their trauma by reading or watching scenarios similar.

No. 155895

>it's not real
The concept is real. Actual children have gone through some of the same things depicted in lolicon/shotacon doujinshi, actual children are often exposed to it by pedophiles in order to normalize sexual abuse, actual children stumble upon it, etc.
>it's legal
In a lot of first-world countries, it's actually illegal. You can even go to jail over Simpsons porn if the kid characters are involved.
>and that's the gospel truth, everything I stated above is true
I just disproved it.
>everything about being able disconnect fantasy and fiction from reality is true.
The examples you mentioned (ie fujoshi and furries) were both BTFO by the fact that there are definitely people of both those groups who are into the same shit IRL.
If the idea of children turns you on in any way, even fictional ones, you are a pedophile. End of story.
>People who engage in rape fantasy do not often condone real rape
That's probably because rape fantasies are often a misnomer. Rough sex with a hot guy you would fuck anyway =/= rape.
>People who play violently graphic videogames often do not condone murder.
They're probably playing those games because they're fun and a good outlet for stress, not because graphic violence is pleasurable to them.
>And people who read lolicon or shotacon material do not often condone pedophilia.
This is bullshit and you know it. There have been a ridiculous amount of cases of child molesters/killers in Japan who also consume lolicon/shotacon.
>There are tons of other people on lolcow, like Abipop, Pixyteri, those ugly fat black chicks who also like the loli concept,
The ugly fat black chicks are most likely pedos too, PT doesn't claim to be 13, and there's yet to be news of Abipop selling nudes to old men for her gross fantasies (though, it wouldn't be surprising
> you saw that this thread was too positive and decided to derail it for your own personal reasons.
No, you're analpained that somebody called your 3D waifu a pedophile (which is what she is).
>You are beating a dead horse, and you have done nothing but push this into more off topic territory.
You're the only beating a dead horse by trying to deny the obvious. The first person who brought up Yuka being a pedo was speaking on-topic, but then the stans sperged out and tried to refute it.

No. 155896

This is why the "she should know better as a victim" claim is a retarded one because victims have different reactions to their trauma. Many revisit it to try to reform it in a more positive light, many therapists encourage this.

No. 155897

File: 1439239786891.gif (443.22 KB, 294x233, 1433213579541.gif)

i can give less of a shit if you look at anime porn of little girls.
but dressing up as a japenese preschooler and sexualizing it is disgusting.
Just because she may have been abused as a child does not excuse people advocating her doing this, nor does it make it right that she does it while being an adult now.
i would feel bad for her if she was still a child like, 14
but she is 20 now, she should know this shit.
i don't care if you look at cartoon child porn, just don't bring it into IRL like madthad or some shit

No. 155898

>mostly men are pedophiles
Opinion discarded.

No. 155899

No. 155900

>Many revisit it to try to reform it in a more positive light
That's not what Yuka did at all, but nice try. There is no excuse for this. She is a pedophile with gross sexual fantasies.

No. 155901

>because victims have different reactions to their trauma
yeah, which leads to child molesters.
just because they react different to their trauma doesn't make it right or even moral.
if someone copes with cutting themselves, it doesn't make it healthy.
like I said, people who sexually abuse children have usually, at one point, been molested when they are a child. And it turns into a vicious cycle

No. 155904

Can you go shit up some of the other threads. We should make a thread for Aminyan too since all of idol culture is steeped in lolicon shit.

No. 155905

hole crap
did you just disregard her valid point that there are female pedophiles?
fuck you, i was abused by a woman as a child.
Maybe you should go fuck yourself

No. 155910

Then why aren't you speaking out about it, why aren't demanding that research and scientific studies be changed. Why are you on lolcow arguing with a samefag troll? Why are you accusing a girl of being a pedophile despite having no proof, because Lolicon doesn't qualify as child porn and there is no victim that has come forward to state that Yukapon hurt them?

No. 155914

Lolicon is shit and all but this really was just a way to derail the thread so that people would hate Yukapon again.
I don't care about the other girls, I just want Yuka's career to tank again.

No. 155918

I'm just curious, but what about the very popular western fetishes of doing it with your mom/sister? On video sites or the chans there are a lot of people requesting/posting incest videos (it is pretend though, they just act like they are a sister/mom). There are also quite a lot of bestiality videos too.

I mean, in the end they are all technically fetishes and ofc some are worse than others, but some of the really taboo ones like incest are really popular yet people don't get in on with their family members as much as the demand for fantasy porn exists. Doesn't that correlate with most dark fetishes? The demand for porn is a lot higher than the cases of it actually existing?

Tbh I find the 18-23 year olds getting it on with really old guys really nasty and… I guess I can't say pedo-like but it has that same nasty thing about it. Even though it's legal, I find older men who are into girls that young just as bad, especially since 18-23 year olds are still pretty uneducated, ignorant, and developing their brains.

No. 155919

Not that anon, but wow you're a faggot.
>makes a bullshit comment, gets called out, then having the nerve to tell an CSA survivor what they "should be doing"
>Why are you accusing a girl of being a pedophile despite having no proof
There's tons of proof in this thread. You're either just pretending not to see or you're retarded and need to read before posting.
>Lolicon doesn't qualify as child porn
It does in the US, Canada, Australia, some parts of Europe, and a lot of the developed world.
Unless you're trying to imply you live in Japan or a third world country that concerns itself with other things, you need to quit with this argument. It's wrong. Deal with it.
>there is no victim that has come forward to state that Yukapon hurt them?
Not all pedophiles are child molesters, and she's produced enough of her own CP I think.

No. 155920

i didn't say she hurt anybody but i'm saying that the actions she is doing can easily turn into full blown pedophillia. I can give less of a shit if you jack off to drawn kiddie porn. But the fact that you are whiteknighting her because you want her to keep doing these unhealthy child sexualization IRL is really disgusting. By the way, i do try and help out. I don't need to prove shit but i can happily say that i have volunteered 50+ hours on helping children with mental health issues. While you are here defending the sexualization of children IRL. again, you can fap to drawn kids, but defending it when it gets into IRL is awful

No. 155923

>The demand for porn is a lot higher than the cases of it actually existing?
When it comes to lolicon, the demand is high because actual CP is difficult to get without connections.
You could write a novel on the autistic lengths pedophiles go to get their porn, to the point of incriminating others to keep their own names safe when trading the real stuff. It's sick.

No. 155934

Ah I was only referring to other dark themes and why those are considered okay when they are strictly fantasy (sort of like how lcon is considered to be fantasy because it's a cartoon, however some are replying here saying you are a pedo if you only watch cartoons about it).

Like I mentioned, incest porn is in really high demand, much higher than the actual amount of siblings/parents and their offspring doing the deed. Incest is not socially acceptable and doing it is considered one of the worst things you can do, however a lot of people obviously fantasize about the concept because the demand for it is so high. I imagine some people who watch it don't actually want to do it with their mom/sister, but the concept of it with other people gets their jollies off so there is some… mental separation? As in, they don't want to actually do the deed but they like the fantasy?

I guess I am mainly wondering because I have unfortunately been exposed to a lot of female littles since tumblr came to be (I didn't even know what they were before) but it seemed to be different than being a pedo.

I always felt yuka was more of a little than anything too, although I do agree doing it in the privacy of your own home is different than showing it off online. However, since anons are arguing about the intent driving these actions, I was just curious about what really draws the lines when it feels like some dark themes are considered okay for fetishes that are not right when others aren't.

No. 155949

are you trying to imply that Yuka is a pedophile and should be arrested for having her own pictures leaked? As in she was her own victim, I'm sorry, do you not understand how dumb that sounds?

No. 155954

But nobody has brought up anything recent of her, everything in this thread that has to do with lolicon is from when she was underage.

No. 155992

but she still does it
no, i didn't say that
also, you just told a CSA survivor what to do, which is horrible.
I know that her leaked nudes aren't her fault, her abuse wasn't her fault, but i'm saying is she is desplaying behavior that is leading to pedophillia because of her hypersexualization of children CURRENTLY. And you have the nerve to defend those actions that can not only hard children but her own mental health.
GTFO pedophile, stop encouraging that yuka should keep this lolicon fetish that is obviously unhealthy for her

No. 155996

>People in this thread who don't know there is a difference between reality where a human being is hurt or abused and fantasy, where there is consent and no victim.

What the fucking shit.. You guys act like you have no fetish or kink.
Maybe this thread needs to get back on topic or be moved to /b/

No. 155997

spellcheck wrote it as hard, sorry..
but my point still stands, nobody here said that her nudes were her fault. We were saying is that she should stop the obviously unhealthy lolicon fetish.
yeah, it may be a way she copes, but it isnt healthy and she should be in a mental ward to help with it

No. 156002

holy shit, i keep saying that you can fap to drawn children all you want. But just leave it out IRL. Is that so hard? are you that autistic that YOU cannot tell the difference?

No. 156003

I just came on this thread after lurking a bit. Do you think I'm another anon?

No. 156005

the thing is she was more than likely molested and partaking and encouraging her pedo fetish could really fuck her up mentally

No. 156010

Yeah, that's really sad if that's the case. The way she's acting really does point to early childhood abuse.

No. 156016

thank you, this is the exact reason why victims specifically shouldn't indulge in a fetish that reminiscent of such a traumatic event. I cannot believe people are actually defending such an unhealthy lifestyle. I wouldn't blame her for doing drugs if people are this adamant in her keeping her fetish

No. 156025

>I cannot believe people are actually defending such an unhealthy lifestyle

Seriously. There's no point in trying to convince these sickos their child-fucking fantasies go beyond a "kink".

No. 156036

I'm pretending they're trolls and ignoring them cuz once you reach a point of defending shotacon and lollicon as "not cp" and saying you're "insulting victims of child abuse by calling it cp" and comparing it to people calling weed a gateway drug…..you're beyond help.

No. 156178

I honestly wish Yukapon would get some help.

No. 156234

The thing is, people who come raging on here about that seem to always scalp over, is the fact that even though she panders to the Pedos, she was a victim of grooming. When she was 13 she was a Gyaru, she even was the one who opened that one Gyaru forum (correct me if I'm wrong on any of this) and then she was groomed by at least one pedophile and I mean the rest must stem from there. And not to forget she was more than likely, as the story goes, sexually abused by her step-father.. I'm not saying the lolicon stuff was right or okay, but victims of grooming often don't know what they're doing is quite so bad, the bad guys make it seem like it's all okay, and that there's nothing wrong with what the victim is doing, and at such an impressionable age… I mean, idk maybe I just feel too sorry for her past, and I'm blinded by the tragic shit she's gone through. But to me, she's got problems that have yet to be professionally resolved and that's not really her fault to begin with.

But please feel free to correct me if anything I said was wrong, I just think it's pointless to fight over her being a pedophile or not.

Also… Can someone explain to me why Talli is the pedophile here if she's just playing the loli part? There's too much arguing that I don't want to pick through to find out why. I mean afaik, she's not touching children, just pretends to be a child, but I don't think that makes her a pedophile…? Can I get a TL;DR of the reason?

No. 156398


Go back to Conservative Soccer Moms for America, fatty chan.

No. 156728

i hate when pedos pull the whole "WELL I WAS ABUSED SO ITS OKAY FOR ME TO FAP TO CHILDREN NOW!!"

kill yourself

No. 156731

> all children are gross and even the ones that aren't are mean


>the children who aren't gross are mean because they don't want to fuck me

No. 156732


lmao who gives a fuck if the children are imaginary, you retards still fap to fucking CHILDREN. you fantasize about killing children. sorry if your cognitive dissonance doesn't allow you to grasp this fact. kill yourselves you disgusting pieces of shit.

No. 156733

Can we start a list of 20+ year old women who are pedos?


>megan marie

No. 156735

in most places incest is illegal and people don't do incest because their family members are usually ugly normies. don't believe for a second that incest fetishists WOULDN'T fuck their mother if she was hot/willing.

No. 156736

The fact that you know that leads me to believe that the yukastan in this thread is actually a pedo. Kek.

No. 156748

Pixyteri may not count age wise but close enough

No. 156754

Calling someone a fatty chan for calling you a pedophile? Nice logic.

I can't believe this thread was derailed by people who jerk off to cartoon children

No. 156755

Megan Marie is only 18/19

No. 156846

File: 1439337545748.png (404.06 KB, 533x400, magical_school_girl_5_5_by_mil…)

Because dressing as a japanese preschooler and acting innocent and dancing sure sexualize children!
anyway, is this Julie?

No. 156852

Because people are retarded.
Yuka is not a pedophile. Akira, nick, guy of michigan groomed on her and were pedophiles.
They think yuka is a pedophile (while she was a child) because she dresses in cute "ageplay" clothes or some shit.
Yuka seriously needs help and honestly, I can understand her. I was abused when i was a child and I had a "pedo fetish" or some thing like that.
she just needs help tbh her friends should make her go seek a therapist or psychiatrist. Everything about her screams child abuse

No. 156897

That's what I am wondering, isn't it more age-play than anything?

No. 157023

It isn't ageplay when you focus your whole life on it AND want to attract actual pedos.

No. 157042

>the yukastan
…there's more than one person that doesn't hate yuka…..

No. 157125

the thing is, its not mentally healthy for someone who was molested as a child to participate to this extent in the sexual ageplay fetish. This could be really fucking her up mentally

No. 157129

dressing as a japanese preschooler and making porn in that attire (Which she has done) is obviously a symptom of her trying to cope with her childhood abuse and is probably affecting her in a REALLY bad way.
if you encourage underaged girls to do the same mistakes that poor yuka did then YOU are part of the problem

No. 157597

I'm thinking it might have something to do with the PEA Dreaming Youth Project. I'm not sure if they knew each other before that, though.

Good point. I wouldn't put it past her but at the same time, as you said, Robin is very nice and obviously Yuka recognizes that, so maybe there's at least something a little bit genuine to it. Even if she is using her, I still think it's nice to believe that she at least has a kind, legitimately caring and supportive friend.

No. 159058

She's back to Youtube!

No. 159061

I dunno why some anons in this thread find it hard to believe people don't hate Yukapon. At this point she is hardly a lolcow anymore.

No. 159172

To be honest yeah. Have any proper sources come out and said she abuses drugs? At this point she's just trying to get her life straight

No. 159343

Her new hair is so cute.

No. 159345

File: 1439580222821.png (21.28 KB, 588x162, yuka.png)

Kinda weird that she's saying it's her first Youtube video.

No. 159499

Ugh no I miss her blonde :'(

No. 159501

tempest page seemed like such a snob in that video omg

No. 159513

I liked the blonde too tbh, but I feel like brown makes her look younger

No. 159532


Wow… she looks SUPER skinny here. Like, the skinniest I've ever seen her, I think. It's kind of spoopy almost.

I think so too, anon!

No. 159661

Damn, she's super cute. I didn't know she was part columbian.

No. 159662

Agreed. It really suits her.

No. 159669

I thinkits partly those huge paltforms making her legs look spoopy long. Shes always had a really cute figure… But she said she dealt with diet pills and starving herself soooo…

No. 159689

It's very normal for most people who move to Japan to lose a lot of weight. tbh she looks fine to me. She's petite naturally, so being that doesn't look skeleton mode on her. she works every day and and does a lot of working out. I dunno. She's very thin but so what?

No. 159692

yaaasss she looks so cute. subbed.

No. 159775

Lolicons are anime girls of any age that have a flat chest and look like they're children.
That doesn't make you a pedophile.
Why are you even comparing anime girls to real life girls you idiot?
TONS of women irl can't help but look like children, whog ives a shit?
She's pretending to be 13 because the younger you are, the more fans you get. It doesnt have anything sexual. That's how idols work. Ever heard of youth? lmao you're so mad holy shit
keep pretending shes a pedophile even when she doesnt like children.
How can she be a pedophile if she was a minor herself?
Are people who ageplay all pedophiles too?

No. 159776

oops i meant lolis

No. 159779

Me too.
I felt like when she was blonde, she gave some gyaru vibes

No. 159781

File: 1439613473625.png (24.06 KB, 797x121, Screenshot_1.png)

Have yuka and micky ever talked?

No. 159782

I remember in her fb page she said she was half-columbian.

No. 159785

Because they're very mad tbh
I disliked all the drama but it seems that she's trying to move on and she's cute so why not. it's sad that anyone in this thread who dont hate her is seen as delusional or w/e lol
it reminds me of the berry thread

No. 159788

I agree with you anon. I think Robin and Yuka's friendship are genuine.

No. 159800

The Berry thread is so boring. i just scroll by it. She's a dumb bitch who photoshops herself to look 100% different? who cares. she's a dumb ass but no milk really comes from her.

No. 159846

File: 1439618446293.jpg (256.89 KB, 882x496, yukaavex.jpg)

Didn't realize until now that I still had this on my hard drive and I know it was mentioned a few weeks ago, so thought I would share. Yuka's avex audition.


No. 159889

I feel like she has done way better but this was pretty good. Makes me wonder what the other contestants were like in comparison.

No. 160082

Oh wow thank you! I am excited to see!

Do you have any other (PG) videos of her you can share that aren't currently on youku or youtube by chance?

No. 160087

Doesn't change the fact that Yuka pretends to a child because it is her fetish to imagine a child getting fucked by some old pedo, hence why all her love interessts are 40+

No. 160595

okay but if she imagines that the child getting fucked……is herself….that doesn't make her a pedophile…fucked up, but not a pedophile. We've already established that people can disconnect fiction from real life in many many many different ways. You already derailed the thread, I'm sorry that you feel the need to try to make this thread into trash but until you come forth with proof that Yukapon raped an actual child in real life people are not going to take your ass serious.

No. 160775

sorry but yukapon is just proof to me that:

a) none of these white american girl "idols" can dance
b) none of these white american girl "idols" can sing
c) none of these white american girl "idols" are attractive in the slightest

that japanese dance video was shuddercow worthy in my opinion. a pale hook-nosed skeletor making spastic hand/leg movement and shaking around all over the place? wtf did i just watch

No. 160783

I'm glad that Yuka is getting into the gyaru aesthetic more again. I think it fits her features much, much better than this kawaii sparkle kei or whatever stuff.

Does anyone have those pictures of her from when she posted on everyday_gyaru?

I'll admit that I'm surprised that she's into partying and stuff like that, now. I want that Anon who dropped hints about the shit she gets up to at raves to come back and share.

No. 160786

Uh.. many, many of the japanese idols cant sing or dance either…. They just have some cute factor or personality that helps them get by. Ive seen akb48 and I was like really wtf…? There was no talent. People just go to see cute girls.
Bonus: a fat smelly girl with neko mimi was dancing front of me the whole time
Extra bonus plot twist: it was actually a guy

No. 160788

File: 1439734110263.jpg (142.89 KB, 1536x944, image.jpg)

Wih, the exception of this pic, yes . She looks so old like a greasy soccer mom here

No. 160790

not trendy. looks like gyaru from 2009

No. 160804

Yeah this is not a well-edited photo, or a good style for her. I miss her harajuku phase, she looked amazing in those Kera (or was it fruits?) street snaps. Even better by comparison since she was standing next to junyan…

No. 160807

I'm excited. For all Yuka's bullshit, she was damn cuter and better at dancing and singing than any of these other "net idols." I'm also wondering how tall she is? She looks extremely tall (or skinny?) in this video.

No. 160810

tempest paige? isn't in that video? uh?

No. 161063

why do people in this thread suck her ass like PULL does to kota?
I know Talli and she isn't a pedophile but she's super obsessed with male attention and acts annoying for it. Like a spoiled kid. Also she IS anorexic so stop saying she's naturally skinny. If you saw her irl you'd see how thin she is. She's a bag of bones yet talks all the time about dieting(starving herself).

No. 161099

Its pretty evident on her IG. Most of her sustantial meals are shirataki noodles (basically 0 calories) and any other food or snack is like "waow cookies only 98 calories" normal people hardly brag about things like that

No. 161146

I think a lot of the japanese idols can sing and dance, even if you think they are bad at it, they pull it off much better. Many appear to be classically trained or at least charismatic, unlike western/white girls who are just attention hungry weeb amateurs.

No. 161153

She has a poor diet and likes men? Does that even make her a lolcow at this point? The sad ones are you trying to milk a cow that is dry.

No. 161178

So she works at 109 now at Fig & Viper. Huh. I didn't know you could do that on a student visa. I wonder what school she's going to.

No. 161289

anon most likely meant this video

No. 161297

Honestly you can do any job on a student visa as long as it's part time and you're not a hostess or something. Even if you break those rules the Japanese government doesn't care 9/10.

No. 161353

You sound so crusty
She looks good and dances reasonably well– that's not ass sucking, that's a fact.

Natalia's attitude isn't bad at all (well, since the incidents catalyzing her infamy…) She actually acknowledges and interacts with her western fanbase instead of pretending that 90% of her followers are nihonjin desu.

No. 161369

That doesnt make her a pedophile.
That means she has very serious issues.
What is your point? One of my friend has a "pedo fetish" because she's been molested like Yuka. rape and "daddy issues" can fuck up someone.
im not a yukastan or anything but come on, yuka has very serious issues.
she needs to go see a therapist

No. 161371

Nobody sucks up her ass.
It's just people like you and like the ones from the berry thread want people to CONSTANTLY hate berry and yuka because "OMG PAST!"
shes moving on
she has serious issues, this is why she acts like this. i feel bad because if she wouldnt have "daddy issues" she wouldnt have actlike this. and in the kota thread, nobody praises her. they just say they find her cute or some shit.
seriously theres nothing to milk anymore, get over it

No. 161372

I think some western wannabe idols are cute.
it's just that i think they dont really understand the whole concept.
idols are stick-thin. they take care of their image. they always look at their best. they never look amateur-ish (even for akiba idols).
western girls tend to think being an idol is applying shitty makeup, using obvious fake lenses because kawaii desu and dancing or singing in a shitty way.
i mean tons of asian idols cant sing nor dance but at least they have a warm (even if its fake) personality.

No. 161373

I hope she'll never go back to this look.
she looks like she's 30

No. 161455

>Natalia's attitude isn't bad at all
Yuka plz but yeah, shittalking even your bff Keeki behind her back is totally the sign of a good attitude!

No. 161467

I honestly like her current look a like more than this mess. She just looks better imo with the brown hair.

No. 161469

So true.

No. 161689


This was a pretty good performance, but kind of cringy because Avex is a pretty mainstream company, and you could obviously tell that the other contestants weren't going for the whole 'idol' angle. Also, she sang a Matsuura Aya (who is under Hello!Project's label) when auditioning under Avex, which is a big no-no.

No. 161708

tbh never heard her shittalking about keeki.. did i miss something?

No. 161858

Akira posted screen shots of their convos where she would bash keeki and say she hated her back when she was still on the rise. Everything has been deleted now though.

No. 161912

She still does that with pretty much all her "friends" tbh, it's not like if her personality changed.

No. 161926

i accidentally clicked on one of her instagram followers and it was a creepy old man with an ugly neckbeard…ew

No. 161939

Considering her IG was first only for ageplay purposes until she changed her name two times…yeah.

No. 161948

How do you know her personality hasnt changed?
I dont believe she talks shit about her close friends.
people should stop saying "i know yuka and she talks shit about everyone" lmao

No. 162049

Because I am friends with Keeki and some others of her friends, as they are all not friends with each other Yuka does shittalk with them about each other, at least that is what I was told.

No. 162074

Plus I should add that most of her friends are dumb, they shittalk with her about some of her other friends in the hopes to get a piece of her leftover "fame" in the form of attention due to her following while being afraid she shittalks about them too which she does.

Dumb cunts.

No. 162192

I feel like even if Yuka shit talks about people, she's very afraid of trusting most people because they use her for fame.
i guess that's why she's very close to Robin: robin doesnt use yuka and is genuine.

No. 162339

Yuka's chances at "fame" are long gone. AVEX isn't making her an idol or even a model because they know about her past. Even with Akira's site gone Yuka will never be clean because Japan cares so much about image. when she did live streams with Keeki, keeki' fans warned her to get away from Yuka. she isn't famous in Japan and she looks too much like Kota to make a name for herself injapan.

No. 162353

This is what everyone said about Kota, but she still ended up being successful in Japan.

No. 168750

Is this yuka's new fb?
I found it in the list of robin's friends

No. 168753

>friends with people from St.louis
>friends with luhx
>friends with robin
>likes yuka's fb page
confirmed for yuka.
congrats anon!

No. 168793

No, that's a fake.

See >>149858

No. 169127

she posted that she and a friend got to the finals or semi-finals or whatever. i go to the page, find out the 'friend' is 15…
which is ok. it doesnt HAVE to be bad or wrong BUT it is yuka so i feel like there is some ulterior motive.

No. 169288

oh my god shutup.

No. 169292

yuka is not a pedo nor ephebe or w/e
she's attracted to older men.
isnt it common for the gaijin aidoru community (abii, kelsey, etc) to befriend younger people anyway?

No. 169293

but maybe she made a new fb?

No. 169340

why would she do that?

No. 169428

When it is Yuka it is usally trying to leech of some fame tho, just like how she did with Keeki before throwing her under the bus as she found someone better.

No. 169627

Kill yourself. I don't even like the bitch and you're fucking retarded if you're trying to imply that Yuka is trying to prey on another girl, bc of weaboo animu shit.
You're a disgrace

No. 169827

File: 1440606079441.jpg (108.23 KB, 1023x682, CNTfQUzVEAEq3st.jpg)

she made the finals

No. 169835

Did somebody photoshop all over their necks longer or is that just the look they're going for?

No. 169868

what is this??? only normal girls`?

No. 170033

> bc of weaboo animu shit
no more like she wants to feel younger herself or something idk

No. 170066

Her head looks so tiny in comparison to her body.

No. 170081

Kek if this a beauty competition, she has a chance because most of those girls are fucking dogs. The one to the left of the tranny looking blonde is fucking beautiful tho.

No. 170094

Fukken saved. Next time someone in the Dakota threads starts their "there's no way she's a model just because of her looks! She's so plain and frumpy! She's sleeping with someone in Bravo!" Shit I'm gonna bust this out. Modeling in Japan is a complete joke, just speak the language and be white, that's all you need.

No. 170111

who said this was a beauty contest?
tbh japan modeling industry is MUCH better than america's imo

No. 170112

>just speak the language and be white
>implying it's not also like this in the united states

No. 170114

kek weeabooo detected.

No. 170125

>you disagree with my opinioN!!!! its a fact that american modeling industry is better!!!
you're hilarious

No. 170306

if anything, japan puts way more emphasis on beauty than america does. America is all about height & looking weird(memorable).

the modelling industries in all countries are just as bad as each other, stop deluding yourself.

No. 170363

There is definitely diversity and standards for models in the US, i dont know what you're talking about. Japanese models are usually really gross without tons of makeup. At least some US models are above average looking, even without makeup.

No. 170365

Yukapon looks really cute here!

No. 170368

How is it better? I actually don't know much about it tbh.

No. 171110

Where do people like you come from?

No. 171121

i wonder what was the process for this TGA thing.
i saw their were two categories, models and talent. obviously talent would perform but what would models do to be judged? i guess just act cute and polite to judges?

No. 171122

ok but none of these girls are butt-ugly hideous, so i wouldnt say modeling in japan is a joke. who knows what they actually go through.

No. 174553

Why does she do this, I am so embarrassed

No. 174620

Wtf how embarrassing

No. 174628

i dont know even know, man.
from her pics it seemed like she calmed down and was starting to be normal but if you read her comments on IG and twitter, she talks like a fool. "omg wut shud i do 2day."

No. 174648


No. 174650

File: 1441377593188.jpg (115.07 KB, 720x717, _20150904_163833.jpg)

>Bitch u ok?

No. 174661

she really needed attention that bad, huh…

No. 174663

File: 1441378713769.gif (2.08 MB, 358x360, ezgif.com-crop.gif)


No. 174694

Jesus fuck, MOST of her vines are so fucking embarassing and cringe worthy and not even funny, pleeeeeasee Yuka, stop, you can do so much better ffs

No. 174696


Seems like she's trying to copy the American jump in on strangers and make them smile vine thing. But like. She's in Japan, so it's just super fucking awkward. Also, all her vines came off as try-hard and annoying. Really, seeing her on vine made me notice her bad angles. No matter how skinny she starves herself, she'll always have huge fat cheeks. Which in some ways do look very cute! but with her hair short/up and her turned to the side it's like…full cheeks. Nose and cheeks.

I used to think she was very cute before her pee scandal came out. Even after I thought, "at least she still has her looks" but now…maybe her age is finally just beginning to show. The cute factor/aura around her is absolutely dead. Now when I see her I just see someone forcing themselves to keep trying. Someone who's obviously not happy, desperately hoping for a big break, and trying to forget what she's done in the past. Probably including fucking several old Japanese men.

No. 174700


Avex has a few anime singer/idol talents so I don't think that angle is awful, but her picking a song by a non avex artist was iffy. I like how they even pointed it out. There were other artists under the label she could have picked that kept within her image.

No. 176042

File: 1441609800359.png (569.34 KB, 533x535, fsfdfs.png)

Her vines are so fucking cringeworthy… stop, you're not funny.

No. 176061


So this is the average weeb in Japan huh?

No. 176301

Yuka's thing she was doing not that long ago was starting to make her seem much more likable. Now, she is turning into such a tryhard. I am really disappointed.

No. 176319

Am I the only one that felt embarrassed when they all looked up? I don't particularly dislike Yuka but she does seem out of place acting like that, wouldn't you think after living there and being obsessed with the country for so long she'd realize the social norms and culture?

No. 176320


it's embarrassing af

No. 176321


Just watched some of her vines and uh, yeah. Weird.

No. 176324

how old is she tho?

No. 176325

I'm >>176301 and yes, they are really cringey.

I thought the streams she was doing when she had long blonde hair and dj'd a bit were cute, because she wasn't super weeb or imouto obnoxious. But ever since she chopped her hair short, her clothing has started to look really sloppy and she is being super tryhard in these vines.

I was still a fan throughout all her other shit, but the result of all these recent things combined is actually too obnoxious even for me.

No. 176326

she knows the norms very well
she's just jumping in this shitty vine bandwagon shit and want to appear funny.

No. 176329

File: 1441656349546.jpg (59.52 KB, 500x670, tumblr_mkno31FGwV1qj0bf6o1_500…)

She should get this hairstyle back.
Short hair doesnt suit her

No. 176330


God she's my age. How sad.

No. 176331

She really should, her bangs look so janky now. Her face is too round for having a short cut flipped in at the ends, it makes her nose, teeth, and chin look huge. Having longer hair balances everything out and really suits her.

Any more older pics of her with nice hair? Maybe she will see how it was a much better look while reading this thread.

No. 176334


Ergh, can't she just grow her hair out long? Pigtails and her weird cut atm are all gross.

No. 176335

Just finished watching the other vines, I feel sorry for the girl she runs up screaming onee-chan too and the station staff she asked outright if she was cute. I think even doing that in America would be considered embarrassing. She really needs to relax a little, she was cuter when she started studying there and was more low-key, I thought she had matured.

No. 176338

*it also makes her cheeks look enormous.

No. 176345

File: 1441658379801.jpg (47.61 KB, 500x375, tumblr_lo91myGQWU1qb7u7wo1_500…)

I think her hair looked better this way, with longer bangs.

No. 176356

This one >>174650 is particularly embarassing because of the deadpan reactions but they'd just think "lol wacky foreigner".

No. 176627

File: 1441697264143.jpg (20.41 KB, 500x348, tumblr_ma9zrqQ4hk1rxhve6o1_500…)

That coconut head haircut suits nobody

No. 176630

She's too old for that shit. holyfuck

No. 176631

her eyes look tired and she looks like a bobblehead.

No. 176632

That's also what I don't get. She's been there long enough to realize only stupid foreigners think that kind of behavior of acceptable and 'cute.' She's embarrassing. I felt embarrassed for her watching that vine.

No. 176641

Sweet jesus shes embarassing! what is she high on?

No. 179950

her cover of goodbye kiss was really good tbh

No. 180359

File: 1442421664491.jpg (79.47 KB, 640x640, 11899646_394418157423968_13513…)


(And she tags herself "livingdoll")

No. 180413

I showed yuka to my japanese friend, he's from a rural town and he said "who does that?"


cos yh its normal

No. 180417

Yeah that look doesn't suit her.

No. 180436

Her head looks enormous.

No. 180440


I know people here throw 'haggard' about all the time, but man, you can really see the effect drugs are starting to have on her. She used to be so cute.

No. 180450

This bitch is so weird.
I love it.

No. 180475

File: 1442448670468.jpg (306.23 KB, 1280x853, yuka.jpg)

She suited pink and slightly wavy hair SO much. I miss that. But I also loved long-ass blonde Yuka. Video related.

Her current hair doesn't suit her at all.

No. 180504

her head is like a perfect square wow

No. 180506

Yeah, she looks really good with light colored or pastel hair.

No. 180507

Junyan's (or however his name is spelled) hair looks so FRIED. I bleach my hair too, but I would never let the ends get that bad. I'd rather chop it off.

No. 180511

He did that when he was in hid midlife crisis in the past 1-2 years and also had it dyed black but went to bleached again later.

No. 180525

Pink hair Yuka is best Yuka.

No. 180540

She may know but probably doesn't give a fuck and does it all anyway

No. 180621

File: 1442487720541.jpg (74.72 KB, 648x333, eeeww.jpg)

"Natural" Yukapee was the best.
She looked younger, healthier and prettier with her real color.

Now she's just a trashy little drug-addicted ana whore aging faster and faster.

No. 180638


Holy shit…she looks terrible now.

No. 180644

I don't think she's a drugs addict. Have you guys ever done drugs? It's not that bad come on.

No. 180651

i think the ana is whats aging her, its taking the fat out of her face. plus she doesnt seem interested in loli fashion anymore.

No. 180666

What drugs? She just looks haggard from her ana

No. 180670

File: 1442503815811.jpg (152.02 KB, 870x572, oniichandrinkmylolipee.jpg)

It depends on the drugs you're using.

Also, If you don't eat certain things you'll end up looking like shit in no time. The secret for a perfect skin and a younger look it's all in the diet, but she's starving herself to look "so japanese desu"…

She's still into lolicon/nymphet shit, it's not a secret since she made some posts about it on IG (she also wears Mezzo Piano stuff which is a kids brand). But I guess it's dangerous to show it more than what she already done, especially after that Yukapon Truth website, the chat logs with Nick and the webcam shows as "Emily Haze - Daddy's little girl".

No. 180672

The ones she always proudly posted about, to take at raves, on her tumblr.

No. 180673

File: 1442504460398.jpg (46.03 KB, 369x364, givedrugstoyukapee.jpg)

No. 180681

Nice piss glass.

No. 180683

It's aging for the 'kawaii rori ereven forever' image that she wants to portray. Looking childlike is a surprisingly common excuse for EDs. Check out the thinspo pose, showing off her flat-chest and thin arms. She certainly doesn't look like an adult woman.

No. 180705

>Have you guys ever done drugs? It's not that bad come on.
Someone hasn't seen Faces Of Meth :^)

No. 180717

Loli, nymphet, aidoru stuff can be destructive to a woman's mental health

No. 181184

Right I bet aging is horrid for them, nobody really likes getting old but I bet for them it's 50x worst. Probably will feel useless and ugly by 25

No. 183220

…and then they become Pixyteri.

No. 183845

There's nothing wrong with looking child-like or wanting to look child-like though.
I don't get it.
I think babyface and child-like people look cute.
Not everyone have a mature face or body like you,anon.

No. 183847

she should gain weight.
her face looks skinny and its weird.
what happened to her chubby cheeks?

No. 183848

File: 1442795003421.jpg (33.28 KB, 300x400, 2012-03-10 15.36.jpg)

r.i.p. yuka's nice hair
u will be missed

No. 183863


Not even that anon, but holy shit are you salty or what
They never said there's anything wrong with wanting to look youthful, I think they're saying it looks like she could have an ED or could develop one because she's so desperate to look like a ~frail loli nymphet desu~
I dunno if I really agree that Yuka would do that, but there's a big difference between naturally looking a certain way or aspiring to look a certain way and doing something unhealthy like starving yourself to try to achieve a certain look

No. 183895

Wanting to look youthful or young is not the same as wanting to look like a literal child. it's creepy and if you dont think it isn't sexualziling children, then that's messed up. Yuka is obsessed with being a 12 year old or something.

No. 183916

Wanting to look like a literal child isn't sexual unless if done in a sexual way (doing naughty things for pedos like Yuka of course)

No. 184024

File: 1442854257065.png (287.45 KB, 517x304, Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 12.5…)


No. 184027

Kota's so much cuter

No. 184028

Those fucking chola lips.

No. 184029

Whoa, this is almost surreal.

No. 184031

Really? Huh, I thought Yuuka looked cuter. Kooter looks like she's getting ready to blow chunks.

No. 184041

Wonder how well they got along and if they'll be hanging out outside of shoots.
Imagine Yuka sperging out and screaming like a weeb in public while Kooter tries to slowly edge away from her.

No. 184042

Kota's mouth looks like a butthole

No. 184043

I agree, Yuka looks cuter here
Kota's lips look gross af

No. 184047


>dat bonnet

>dem lips

wtf that stylist needs to be fired

No. 184048

Can't really blame her, I'd be ready to projectile vomit too if I were standing next to Yukapee

No. 184052

File: 1442858148460.jpg (84.93 KB, 625x479, UpDown-Herry.jpg)

Damn, those Muppet eyebrows…

No. 184063

Theyre both meh but kota has a man jaw so i guess yuka wins

No. 184067

Why does Yuka even still get work tho

No. 184090


No. 184142

bitch, do you have them mixed up? compare their chins
yuka's chin is 2x kotas

No. 184161

No way, yuka´s face is so fat, saggy and huge, also her droopy eyes make her look depressed all the time.. Also big ass man nose haha

No. 184165

Wow i used to be a fan of her in her loli days i was madly jealous of how cute and skinny and small she was but now…Wow. After the pee scandal (usually i would say "whatever she has a sex life too" if she wasnt such a terrible two faced cunt that cheated and fucked many old dudes besides and pulling a kawaii imouto aidoru personality) she turned worse and worse now she is aging badly because she smoked and did drugs and shit. That fucks you up quickly in the appearance. Her haircut is awful and unflattering…
And the fact that she starves to be super skinny wont make her any prettier. It will make her age faster and look like shit. Like yeah k you will be aidoru thin but your hair,skin,teeth,.. will look horrible. I was ana before so i know that (was a 35kg skellington at 5"4)
Yuka fucked big time. She could have achieved so much but she fucked. Karma. Since she was a bitch karma was one to her too.

No. 184168

this i thought she was the prettiest most precious girl ever and now she looks disgusting she's really skinny but still disgusting.
my grandmother would tell me that that bitchy (and desperate to be kawaii and young forever) girls like yuka have their bitchiness showing out on their faces making them uglier as they age. I really belive my mima was right about that.
I just try not to be too bitchy,accept i am going to age and eat healthy.

No. 184370

Jesus, it's like no matter how small her body gets, her head just stays the same bobble-head size. That's really fucking unfortunate.

No. 184371

File: 1442909329329.png (437.02 KB, 422x582, Screenshot 2015-09-22 at 4.45.…)

No. 184372

I want to like this outfit, but something about it is off.

No. 184373

Kota's lips. wtf. why do her lips look like that?

No. 184379

The legs of her pants fit, but the waist is a little bit too big, making her torso look extra small and rectangular. Also the pants are hideous.

No. 184385

She is cute, I just hate her shirt, but the rest of the outfit is kinda cool.

No. 184393

File: 1442912527105.jpg (54.24 KB, 637x467, sluttypon.jpg)


Why does she still feel the need to use a cute animu voice?

Anyway looks like she got a nice apartment for being just a an occasional-model and a saleswoman in a clothing store. Maybe she's sucking the right cocks…? kek.

No. 184398

she makes kota look disgusting by comparison

No. 184399

ugh cringe
this is so embarrassing stop

No. 184448

it's fucking bizarre either way.

No. 184500

File: 1442944007134.jpg (102.13 KB, 450x600, P9119545.jpg)

Yukapon works for Fig&Viper shibuya109 now as of 1 month ago >>184372
>>184371 most of these items are from that store. Also this article - 109news.jp/shibuya/20150922/38228/?detail

No. 184509

I love skinny legs but that makes her look giant and the skinny body with her type of face just look…off?? I don't know. The outfit is meh especially those horribles shoes, come on Yuka you used to dress better as an underage bait.

No. 184513

How tall is Yuka? I just know she's taller than Kota

No. 184514

Isn't she 5'4" 5'5"?

No. 184523

I've heard her speak Japanese in a normal voice before so why is she acting so stupid and cutesy on purpose? it's driving me up a wall. It's freakin annoying.

No. 184524

Socks and sandals will never be cute unless you are 75 years old. Stop trying to make it happen, Yuka.

No. 184525

Yeah, the pants are hideous, but I like the shirt and hat.

No. 184577

File: 1442955056122.jpg (140.21 KB, 600x900, socksandsandals.jpg)

Not defending Yuka or anything but socks and sandals have been a big trend this past summer in Tokyo. I've seen those chunky sandals in a lot of shops too. I don't like it either though, it's tacky

No. 184578

^^what this anon said.
been seeing a shit ton of folks wearing socks and tevas and socks with those suede slide sandals as well

No. 184579

File: 1442955324684.jpg (72.67 KB, 600x978, CPVUXsQVEAANRNG.jpg)

No. 184598

What workout does Yuka do? Does she do nothing and just starve/eat very little?

No. 184600

Wtffffff is up with her eyebrows???
Shes so ugly… I thought she was meh back in the day, but now shes just ugly..

No. 184622

She looks like the female version of that Dave guy who is really popular in Korea

No. 184632

she does yoga, dances and eats japanese diet food

No. 184729

Anyone have the BTSSB fashion show video? I missed it cuz I was at work and really want to see it.

No. 184734

Yoga, dancing, pilates stuff and aerobics, as well as extreme restricting.

No. 184783

File: 1442996067070.png (557.39 KB, 951x553, Screenshot 2015-09-23 at 5.11.…)

she looks so qt here. you think she'll win the model thingy?

No. 184786

she is cute and skinny. Gosh, seiing her like that bring my lesbo crush back to life.
Let's drink each other's pee yuka.

No. 184802

File: 1443002570687.jpg (31.17 KB, 380x347, c28019eb4faebebbfe347e8c9682ac…)

sorry gurl, she's looking for a rich old fart who knows how to treat retarded girls with daddy issues. >>184786

No. 184833

No. 184842

she looks like a below average looking white girl who used fillers too liberally. she has a giant jew nose lmao


No. 184870

she is cute but those fuckin brows mang

No. 184872

> That's really fucking unfortunate.
ok but no ones head shrinks when they lose weight lol
looking like a goofy bobble-head is a typical outcome of being super skinny

No. 184875

I think during her loli phase she was really insecure about her height and apparently lied about it, judging from the girls she danced next to she seemed taller than average, over 5'5". Seeing her next to Dakota, I'm not too sure anymore.

No. 184876

She really is a qt. Such a shame she's straight.

I seriously have no idea what she even thought about those brows. Why did she leave the house like that? it's like they're growing backwards.

No. 184877

Yeah, if you already have a big head, you have to watch your weight even more.

No. 184886

File: 1443029905796.jpg (24.04 KB, 600x600, COrLx98UAAAYM4F.jpg)

more yuka outfits

No. 184888

File: 1443030099511.jpg (31.65 KB, 600x800, CMRo74RVEAAEd5D.jpg)

No. 184903

I don't care for Yuka at all, but man, I'd kill to have her figure. Good on her

No. 184905

Am I the only one who doesn't see the Yuka appeal? Sure she's thin, probably not eating properly and doing some fad diet to get her kawaii place again. But as for looks, just average white girl. Boring.

No. 184918

Same, you're not alone, actually my kawaii friends think she's pretty "meh" too, like she's really thin but as you said..
Also she just looks really average. I used to find her so cute in her weeb period but now she's…boring? i don't feel what i would feel back then when looking at her like "omg she's soooo adorable" i just feel "meh".

No. 184919

I like the high waisted pants with the crop top look on her.

No. 184920


No. 184921

except she's not white, racist-chan.

No. 184922


Style kinda boring, but oh god I wish I could do her. Her craziness + weird kink make her so sexually appealing to me.
Her hair is really cute and she must have a cute thin body.

No. 184923

I don't think it's a bad thing for Yuka to dress simplier. I think she's more comfortable like that and that's good for her.

No. 184924

I don't find her really cute anymore just "yeah she's cute i guess" but nothing else..she lost her appeal for me. She's really skinny but that's it.

No. 184925

Yeah but that's not about that tbh, she had some appeal to her before and she lost it, not saying she should pull her loli oniichan uguu give me the cummies uwu retard act again that would be cringe and at least, i'm gonna give her that, she's "sane" enough to know she can't do this shit anymore without looking like some skinny PT.

No. 184927

Yeah she really isn't "kawaii" anymore, but I think it kinda suit her, idk… She still take care of herself and is attractive, so good for her I guess.

No. 184929

Too bad she couldn't work in a store like swankiss . I wonder why she even applied to F&V, the brand is bland. Now she'll have to dress in their clothes until she leaves or something.

No. 184934

I love Swankiss' clothing.

No. 184955

Why is yuka still a thing tho?

No. 184974

Wow, she's thin. Those collarbones. Think she's got an ED?

No. 184977

She's definitely underweight and restricts calories while over-workingout.

No. 184983

My collarbones are far more prominent and I'm not underweight. If anything it may be indicative of life-long bad posture judging by the way her neck goes outw.

The legs are another story. I can't tell if they're angled or shooped, though.

No. 184986


Not the same anon, but yeah she is..? Just because she has latino background doesn't mean she's not white. She doesn't even sport any "latino"-ish features. I doubt anyone could tell she was part hispanic if she hadn't the "Castro" name.

No. 185002

My family and I were born in PR and look white. There are tons of 'white-passing' hispanics. Just like how some really dark and look black but are still hispanic. Natalia is white passing.

No. 185007


I don't know. I don't understand it. I'm brazilian, but I'm a mixed white brazilian; Would I be labled as "latina" if I went to the US just because of the territory I was born? Makes no sense, I'm white as a ghost. Must be an american thing, I guess. Sage for OT.

No. 185017


all her pics are still shooped to hell and back as always.

No. 185019

Hispanic isn't a race. There are white Hispanics and black hispanics. Literally anyone can "look hispanic". Sorry to be OT

No. 185021

That was from the Fig&Viper twitter, if it's shooped she didn't do it.

No. 185095

Holy shit, another puertorican in lolcow? Color me surprised.

No. 185098

some people have very prominent collarbones. i've met a girl with very prominent ones and she was actually chubby – farmers might call her fat.

though i do think yuka has an ED. doesn't she always mention diet pills?

No. 185123

What figure, lol

No. 185124

Not just this summer
For many years

No. 185212

Hispanic isnt a fucking race, how are people so stupid!?? jesus fucking christ, nuke america.

No. 185226

She actually has an eating disorder, but go off, I guess.

No. 185262

File: 1443112791343.gif (369.1 KB, 500x320, tumblr_mr8o6eMcIz1sek7tzo1_500…)

I really hope it's Yuka herself who posts the whole "she's so cuuute" and "she's so skinny I'm envy" thing, because if that's not the case that would mean we're full of delusional pulltards, 14yo aidoru wannabe, ana-chan or tumblinas.

Yuka was so pretty in her imouto-weeb phase: she was healthy looking, bubbly and more "loli" than any shit who followed this trend ( abipop, kelsey, those FAS-twins and so on).

Now she looks like any other tumblr whore ana-chan who wants to be kawaii, loli, swag and fashionable while starving to death. C'mon, that looks like the neck/shoulder/collarbone of an old granny…it's not sexy or cute in any way.

She also look fucking wasted, with dark circles, fried hair and those silly shinchan eyebrows.

She looks decent in some pics just because they're edited af and you can't see that unfortunate giant head with chubby (and flabby) cheeks. She's not cute anymore and the most idiotic thing it's that she still plays that nymphet/loli/imouto shit while looking like a weird mess.

And Natalia dear, if you're reading this, stop starving yourself and start to eat healthy while doing a good workout. And, of course, STOP TAKING DIET PILLS, DRUGS AND SHIT. You're going to regret EVERYTHING soon.

No. 185559

I really hope it's Yuka herself who posts the whole "she's so cuuute" and "she's so skinny I'm envy" thing, because if that's not the case that would mean we're full of delusional pulltards, 14yo aidoru wannabe, ana-chan or tumblinas.

THIS. I think she is so ugly and there are posters on here who say she is cuter than kota and real japanese girls?? bullshit. 99% sure they're yuka herself. yuka is not that attractive. she's fugly. the only reason she got famous is because she used to be young and played up the loli shtick. now she's an old butterface. her jew nose and chubby cheeks are atrocious. sick of hearing how "cute" she is, those are obviously posts made by herself (someone even kept mentioning how much "cuter" yukapon is in the last dakota thread… obviously yuka herself lmao)

No. 185587

Um no? She's not that pretty but still cuter than kooter. It's not really a compliment to be called prettier than someone that is ugly…

No. 185596

sorry yuka, but kooter is way prettier than this jew nosed troll

No. 185597

yuka looks pretty generic 90's girl lately. plus she's really gross with the rape accusations/loli bait/drink my pee bs, but they're both pretty shitty people. at least kota seems to have her shit together for the time being.

No. 185642

This whole thread always looked kinda suspicious to me.

>People talking a lot about Keekihime.

>People fantasizing about YukaxKeekihime.
>People asking why that's still /pt/ stuff. You know, she's "oh, so innocent".
>Tons of generic Yukapee whiteknights.
>Nick's faults forgotten, while Akira is the only bad guy
>tons of "she's not into loli stuff anymore" while it's obvious that's not the case
>an unflattering pic appears. Suddenly someone posts 2-3 super edited shots without any kind of comment or reason

No. 185714

I'd rather have a jew nose than those deep set laugh lines

No. 185718

Most people outside of lolcow and PULL don't give a shit about laugh lines. Everyone hates moon faces and Jew noses. Try harder Yuka.

No. 185729

Just caught up on this thread, gonna have to agree with this anon. The sudden boost of "yukas pretty" "i wish i could sniff yukas prostituted to old Japanese men puss" "yukas cuter than kooter" comments are really out of place and probably posted by Yuka herself.

Yuka, fuck off and get your life together.
You'll never be famous because you're a fuckin idiot who recorded yourself peeing for old men. You killed your entire kawaii career with that. No matter how skinny you are or how quirky you pretend to be, you'll always be the girl who got caught having multiple Japanese sugar daddies and then cried rape to try and hide it. That's it. You're done. Doesn't matter what you do or how many times you change your name and style. You will always be Yukapee.

You're not as pretty as you used to be. You hardly even have actual life behind your eyes. There's something wrong with you and you know it. You look like Toucan Sam with your big gonzo looking nose. The skinnier you are, the uglier you look. It doesn't suit your round face to be that thin. You're not sexy. You were only cute. But now you don't even have that. What I'm saying probably sounds cruel, but it's the truth and you know it. So stop wasting time trying to get famous and get professional help.

No. 185733

File: 1443300393128.gif (483.32 KB, 500x218, tumblr_m3znozIaas1qengl4.gif)

actually, it is the complete opposite. The modeling world is full of girls with goofy looking noses. Wrinkles/laugh lines are frowned upon.

Yuka's nose is fine and fits her face. I don't understand what this board's hangup is on noses. I knew people were insecure, but holy shit. I've even seen people attack Dakota's nose. No one is ever happy.

No. 185740

No Yukapee, no one thinks you'll win the modeling competition. You will never be a model. You're JUST taking a "walking lesson" now, when other famous models are younger and still have years of experience over you.

I agree with other anons that Yuka is trying to make herself look better on here, which is just extremely sad.

No. 185756

because yuka's nose is legit huge. It fits her face because her face is enormous.

No. 185760

Right that's why even the japs think kooter is hideous…. sorry kooter this girl is cuter than you lol

No. 185762

File: 1443309613907.png (177.4 KB, 405x427, Screenshot 2015-09-27 at 8.19.…)

At least Dakota is finding work. What have you done Natalia? Does it hurt to see people becoming more successful than you'll ever be? Does it hurt to know that Dakota doesn't have to resort to shitty vine videos where she makes a complete ass out of herself JUST to get a little attention? I bet you spend all your time whining that "Waaaaaaaaah, but I'm skinnier than she is! I'm SO much prettier than she is!" Have fun finding modeling jobs. You've got limbs like Betty Spaghetti, a head like Mr. potato head, and a nose to rival Nigel Thornberry.

No. 185763

File: 1443310705212.jpg (2.24 MB, 2509x1993, 8ef.jpg)

No. 185766


Oh stoppit.

Kota and Yuka as both as average as each other. Yuka is just basic white girl and Kota is pretty but looks kawaii ugu in certain angles.

They're both as basic, white girl, nothing special but 'exotic cos jpn' as each other.

No. 185767

File: 1443311818867.png (23.92 KB, 114x156, Screenshot 2015-09-27 at 8.21.…)

lol this girl is giving yukapee the death glare in that vine

No. 185769

I'll admit that noses are an easy jab when it comes to white people since they infamously almost always have very big big ones. But. In the case of Yuka, hers is VERY big. Which used to be ok. Back when she was trying to be an idol, she was a very nice average size. Her face was balanced with her body. Now that she is trying to be 80pounds looking it makes her head look that much bigger and rounder, also making her nose look bigger as well. Being stick thin does not suit her. It makes her features that used to look cute suddenly look dopey. Like that ForeverKailyn girl. It does not help that she keeps wearing chokers. The chokers somehow make her large bobblehead even more noticeable.

To me personally, Yuka was very cute in her early days. But those days are over. She kept trying to change her style to run away from her past. Because she knows she can never go back to being Yukapon. Yukapon, who was seemingly doing so well and had so many fans. Now she jumps style to style, personality to personality. She has no identity and looks lost. Her eyes reflect no life, no joy, no happiness. No innocence. Only desperation to fit in and be accepted somewhere despite her seedy past. No matter what disguise she wears or what new image she tries to portray herself as, she will always be dead inside and that will continue to show until she faces reality.

Dakota is average and I don't care about her. No matter what bad things Dakota said, it will never be as bad as being caught with sugar daddies and peeing on video for money and gifts. Because of this, Yuka is worse.

No. 185776


Honestly, I think everyone has nose trouble tbh. From time to time I guess unless you're fortunate to have a cute nose or surgery.

I never followed Yuka back then but I've read and caught up. Yeah, she's pretty much done. All done.

Dakota just has shit history because of her sister, it's mostly all kaka's fault. PS was kota's part obv but oh well.

But Yuka, definitely a trainwreck. All these lulzy girls who get attention in Japan all have bad history or something up with them.

The fact Yuka and Kota met tho… ha that made my day.

No. 185782

Yikes, her Vines.

This is why people dislike foreigners in Japan.

No. 185794

Come off it. Japan hates anyone who isn't full bloodied Japanese anyway.

No. 185800

File: 1443319824392.jpg (299.89 KB, 1024x683, tumblr_maw12jsBm71rt5l2ho1_128…)

I truly miss healthy-looking Yuka.
I wish she could do Nico Nama again with Keekihime, looking preferably like pic related (or really, just healthy looking)

No. 185801

File: 1443320363937.jpg (205.11 KB, 768x1024, tumblr_mcspm25vf51rt5l2ho1_128…)

RIP old Yuka

No. 185803

Tons of japanese girls fake their voice to sound kawaii

No. 185804

how was she a bitch?
She was manipulated by akira and other fucking pedophiles.
akira assaulted her and they all blackmailed her.
what the fuck did you want her to do? they were all obsessed with her it was creepy as fuck.
one even sent her an xbox. wtf? they even had nudes of her when she was really underage.

No. 185805

I think she's cute.
>wasted, with dark circles, fried hair and those silly shinchan eyebrows
you probably have too high standards. she's not ugly

No. 185806

Ignore them.
they're one of those dumbass that defend the pedos because "they're victims!!! YUKA IS A MANIPULATIVE BITCH AND POOR THE OLD MEN" from PULL

No. 185828

She really looks so much better here. I hate how japan likes stick women and Yuka lost so much weight for no reason…

No. 185829

yeah seriously. Probably another "Akira did nothing wrong" PULL cunt.

No. 185838

wait…..I thought Yuka was hispanic?

No. 185842

She is. we established this. Don't start up another argument for no reason.

No. 185843

I'm sorry but how the fuck is she a pedo?
She was clearly taken advantage of, perhaps she was raped, even if she wasn't she is still the victim in that situation.
Yes her dressing like a child is… strange. But let's not pretend that sort of shit isn't common as fuck in Japan lmao. She is to be pitied, not mocked.
Maybe I'm missing something here, but other than being abused/slutty/taking drugs… she doesn't seem like she did anything horrible, she's messed up but she's not hurting anyone.

No. 185848

PULL members will perform so many mental gymnastics against snowflakes, even defend pedophiles. I agree Yuka shouldn't have flirted with pedos but you know the grown men could've said "no" just saying

No. 185854

Yeah, Akira, Nick and the other sacks of shit involved aren't exactly innocent, but she was deliberately pandering to them by lying about being even younger than she was and putting on this fake "innocent imouto" persona for the sake of the illusion. She was catering to pedos, and is probably one herself judging by the lolicon shit she posted on her Tumblr before it was deleted. Abuse or not, she's not the innocent little kid people are making her out to be.
She's exactly like Himeka and Bibi, only less ratchet and aggressive.

No. 185870

File: 1443356019200.jpg (48.8 KB, 600x601, 1359993633349.jpg)

Manipulated? They appeared to be dating IMO after her ordeal with Akira she was seen holding hands with that 30 year old. It's evident She is looking for Japanese arm candy.

No. 185871

I believe she came up with the "akira raped me" claim to cover her prints after being dismantled from her idol status.

No. 185872

Nah her face looked fat as fuck and disgusting. She need to be super small to look good in the face. Now she is way hotter.

No. 185874

File: 1443359573751.png (206.57 KB, 591x425, Screenshot 2015-09-27 at 10.11…)

Crying because you bitches said she'd never make it :')

No. 185876

whatever you have to tell yourself. seems like she manipulated others to get what she wanted. no one involved was innocent, they're all scum bags. she knew exactly what she was doing.
>akira assaulted her and they all blackmailed her.
ya' got proof there?
she's gross, they were gross, people defending and excusing her are gross.

No. 185877

>She was clearly taken advantage of

Accepting gifts and letting people make your websites to get you popular in exchange for sexual acts/pictures is not being taken advantage of. She knew what she was doing. No one can deny that those men she used did a lot for her.

Of course old men shouldnt fuck young women. But it'll always be like that. Thats what sugar daddies are. They offer money and gifts to women. Its up to the woman to say yes or no. If she says yes and has a great time with his money, she cannot look back later and say she is a victim. She happily enjoyed his company when he was giving her everything she wanted. It's not rape. It's only regret for getting caught. She was the one blinded by money and what she perceived as an easy way to the top. It most likely would not have even been that bad had she not had multiple men at once. This is why everything began to spill out. You can't be a victim at the same time you have multiple men that you're using for free things.

She did not have to send a video of herself peeing to anyone. No one flew from Japan to America and held a gun to her head. She did it willingly. Happily. Gleefully. Not one part of that video looked like she was scared. Don't make actual victims look stupid by insisting that a girl who happily exchanged acts for fame is also a victim.

She was not hurt or broken by what she did, only by the backlash she received once everyone else found out.

No. 185879

>Maybe I'm missing something here

No. 185881

This is lolcow. Why do you post here to try to prove us wrong? They have this modeling competition every year and it doesn't mean ANYTHING.

No. 185882

This thread has been invaded by white knights/Yukapee and their delusional thinking. Let's direct the thinking to a different direction…

Will Yukapee join the rest of our weeb lolcows and get that marriage visa? How long before she finally gives up any fantasy of having a career and resorts to being a 主婦?

No. 185884

Yuka has "made it" several times.
It never lasts. Any type of fame she gets will be dampened by her past coming back and taking the main stage. Then once again, she will run away.

No matter what Yuka succeeds in, she will eventually have to run away. And she will change her name and her style and delete her social media hoping everyone forgets. But no one will forget. Her happiness is always temporary…on borrowed time. She knows this.

Her prostitution and false rape accusations will follow her for the rest of her life. This is what happens when you try to get fame the wrong way. She will end up like Leah Dizon, who has nothing. Nothing but a reputation of being a prostitute fucking old men for any type of chance at resurrected fame.

No. 185885

Hold back that jelly anon, bet you just wish you could walk ;)

No. 185894

when did that happen? i checked the page a few days ago and there were only 4 models listed (yuka was not there) so i assumed that was that and she didnt make it?

No. 185896

which is gross AF considering she (or any white chick) could have their choice of many japanese men and yet if she wants arm candy then wtf is she getting with gross old dudes for?

No. 185899


Give it time, I secretly think kota is married to someone too. Yuka will go down that route aswell, if Venus has done it recently Yuka will follow. Taylor R will too probably soon.

No. 185900


Who cares? Most of the foreign models look like shit half the time as do the Japanese ones.

No. 185901


Ah, it'll collapse. If it's been fucking up for her already then it'll happen again. It's like kaka, girls like her don't change. Give it time and Yuka will be doing porno.

No. 185903

File: 1443366970880.jpg (12.98 KB, 296x272, rolleyes.jpg)

I'm tired of the whole "uguu yuka chan is so cute, cuter than kota too uwu!!1!" when she reaaally doesn't look good, she isn't deadly ugly but damn all the shit she did is slowly showing on her. I seriously think she's gonna age badly bc she doesn't seem to even accept she's getting older. And will probably end like Baby Jane.

No. 185905

Kota has to be. She has no college degree and no university. She isn't qualified for any other visa…

No. 185907

The last bit about appearance was harsh and unecessary but i totally agree with the whole thing. She needs help she's not kawaii and she will never be again so she needs to stop and seek help.

No. 185912


Isn't it entertainment visa tho?

I know she has a boyfriend, kai. But idk I think she's married off.

No. 185920

I used to admire Yukapon and be super jealous back in her kawaiiuguu lolidays. I also used to drool over Venus and Dakota and wish i was them so bad. And now:
>Yukapon had all that "slutty bitch" drama, now she's a sad ana trying hard to stay in japan and stay relevant, desperately sucking to "make it" but won't last long.
>Venus is "married" for the sweet japanese visa, her mother is still behind her, her style went to shit and she's pretty boring while trying hard to be relevant, her life seems to be a trainwreck and i doubt she even know what's really happening, she has no diploma and no one except her crazy mother.
>Dakota is moderu, actually the most "stable" and "successful" out of the three, but won't last super long either without some visa, is gonna get married and have to find a job but has no diploma and no experience other than being a model,appearing on tv and being a famous dolly.

It's nearly depressing to even think about that. Not even gonna start on pretty pretty Charms that was a beautiful lolita and end up a gross greasy camgirl. They're all going down the drain, i sigh when i see their old "kawaii" persona and even feel sort of bad for them.

No. 185922

File: 1443368433605.png (568.36 KB, 566x540, Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 11.3…)

nah i think she is ugly.

>hooked jew nose that looks like a beak

>chubby cheeks turning to jowls from the age
>fried hair
>droopy eyes too close together
>non-existant upper lip
>nasolabial folds everyone on this board obsesses over
>weird bobblehead
>generally asymmetric face

she's no beauty queen, maybe in Japan bcause she is white… but in america she is below average. i never found venus angelic that attractive but compared to yukapon she is fucking gorgeous, kek

No. 185924

she's qt

No. 185927

As someone who has this weird "I like Yuka/think she is super cute and good at singing/dancing/being an "imouto" but I lol SUPER hard at some of her decisions and see how she definitely fucked up and am not a big fan of her current personality…"

I think you are being a bit unfair. I agree with your point of view about how she went about becoming an idol. While the guys involved are nasty and at fault, she had to have known what she was doing wasn't good for herself, her reputation, nor the situation. She has a responsibility to the situation too.

She is still really young, only 20, so honestly she probably hasn't matured enough to handle what she did yet and that is why she thought blaming others, then running away for a time, then making a few desperate attempts for attention (strictly speaking about her Vines) were good ideas. They weren't. When she puts out videos like the few recent ones, or shares pictures about her life, does niconico, or hell even if she blogged a little, that is all great. People like it, she gets good feedback, and it feels more like the real her. But right now, it seems like she is trying to squeeze herself into a mold that isn't really her. She had so much more life when she just dressed and acted how she wanted. I agree that now she seems like a different person all together, and I don't really like this new style she is going for (that includes her look, how underweight she is, and also her work focus).

That being said, I think saying her mistakes will follow her for the rest of her life is not true and unfair. Some people KEEP fucking up which is why they can never shake it their mistakes or bad reputation. But if Yuka, when she is older and more mature, acknowledges her mistakes and becomes stronger from them, and hell, maybe even helps others from making similar mistakes as well (like if she becomes an advocate or a resource for some girls who are tempted by the same thing but don't understand what can happen because they are too young), I can see her really becoming an idol. Not in the simple Japan idol sense, but someone people respect and look up to. She kept quiet about the whole thing and is mostly just giving off "I don't care this is my cool new life" fluff now, which is why people who saw what happened way back when can't respect her since she never really showed she understood what she did and grew from the situation. She puts off she is still simple-minded and immature, which I think frustrates people (like me) who see she clearly has potential. I mean fuck, she is cute, sings beautifully, speaks (from what I can tell) Japanese very well, modeled for Baby multiple times, and also has some nerdy interests. In my opinion those are all very likable things. What's not likable is how sometimes she lets this "try-hard" vibe slip through, such as her switching completely to her work's clothing style, or how she made her public interests more bland for the sake of peace.

Sure, she doesn't owe anyone an explanation, but it is hard not to do that eventually if you are looking for any kind of attention or spotlight, even if it is less than before. But I think it is all a matter of time. As she gets older, if she starts reflecting on what kind of person she actually wants to be she may realize what is true to herself and then use everything that happened to her as fuel to become a better person. I hope so, because she really does have the potential to become someone great, but the wrong decisions unfortunately will just make her a lolcow for life.

No. 185928

that visa isn't meant for permanent living. its meant for when beyonce or leonardo dicaprio come to japan for an event and need to leave soon. its not meant for kawaii uguu aidoru and moderu to live in japan on minimum wage salaries. with that said she and almost everyone in the japanese show biz has a spouse visa.

No. 185929

Your description could apply to either girl in the picture

No. 185931

seems like she won a contract for bea's up magazine. Probably for a fall/winter line shoot. Not the main prize which apparently was a model contract and TV spot if I'm understanding it right.

No. 185932


Ah I see! Yeah probs married

No. 185935

Slow down there Charles Dickens

No. 185939

Sorry there are too many words for your simple little mind to read. Feel free to skip it, wouldn't want you to get a hemorrhage.

No. 185940

File: 1443370943550.jpg (11.27 KB, 251x242, exhausted pepe.jpg)

>she gets passive-aggressive when people make fun of her for writing an essay about Yukapon

No. 185941

I find it precious you think my comment is passive aggressive when your reply to my post is just that, and then you greentext.

Also I wasn't being passive aggressive, I was being completely serious. If that much text musing about someone is too much for you, go back to 4chan.

No. 185946

Yes, I'll leave this totally serious and formal discussion venue to sate your buttpain.
Literally calm your tits it was a joke about how much you typed, sperg-chan

No. 185955

I think you both need to shut the fuck up.

No. 185959

So why is everyone so salty towards this chick?

>inb4 r u newfeg m8?

No. 185965

They're jelly landwhales who are sad they'll never be a skinny girl living in Japan basically

No. 185966


"skinneh gurl livin in jpn"

such a dream eyeroll

No. 185967


they're salty cos shes a cunt

end of

No. 185969

what makes her a cunt? All i see is 'weh shes so skinny and has a jew nose'

No. 185972

like im just wondering why people here lick kotas asshole so much but nit pick over this nobody lol

No. 185990

>implying that's not the dream of everyone posting in this thread

None of you would even know who yuka is if you weren't weebs, pls.

No. 185992


I found out about her for the first time over a year ago on PULL. Don't assume such shit.

No. 185993

You sound wise anon and i agree. Even though i dislike yuka i think she was really cute and talented before but she fucked up big time and now i'm kinda laughing at all the crap she's pulling and all the terrible decisions (also her vines, cringe cringe). From what i heard and saw she's a terrible bitch to other girls so i don't even feel sorry for her

Yuka/Yuka's friend, stop posting
>u-u just jelly bc she iz skinny and cute and in JAPAN!!!
Keep telling yourself that i wouldn't trade my place for hers for anything in the world, looking at her situation.
But if that can help you sleep at night dear.

No. 185994


She isn't anybody, apart from the shit she pulled with old men and her antics from back in her golden era. Yuka isn't anybody but some washed up girl living in Japan. Plenty of people live in Japan and vlog, it's nothing new. Not anymore.

People are asslicking kota because "aw shes changed and shes kawaii cos natural now so yh shes a good gurl :D"

They're both assholes.

No. 185995


it's probably yuka herself posting anon ugh

No. 185996

Why would you be interested in a dancing wannabe idoru girl otherwise?

No. 185997

Seriously Natalia stop posting here it's becoming painfully obvious that it's you trying to desperately defend yourself.
We get it, you're salty about it, now go and deal with it and do something with your life. You can't be a kawaii loli forever.

No. 185998

Or y'know a troll that you autists keep replying to.

No. 185999

ikr, no one tries this hard and this long to defend her.

No. 186002

At least Yuka is going forward in her career. She just got guaranteed a spread in a magazine btw. Kooter is stuck in Popteen with like, half a page about her. Nobody in Japan gives a shit about Dakota you know.

No. 186006

>implying yuka is going anywhere in life because of a magazine spread
Kota isn't going to go far either with no diploma and nothing else than being a kawaii moderu as an experience.
Yuka is not going to be able to live forever as a kawaii grill desu.

No. 186009

Yukapon has no degree, no real life outside of being an attention whore (and real whore) in Japan. When she hits 30, which will be sooner than you bitches think, her life will basically be over. She'll be dried up, aged, sour milk (implying she isn't already) stuck in a foreign country married to some man she doesn't even like, let alone love, with a mediocre job doing nothing and making nothing.

Like, come on, get real. That's her life. That's what you get when you spend all your time relying on how ~kawaii~ you are. Like, I'm sorry, but she's already looking like a butterface slob. Age has caught up with her, and I honestly feel bad for her, because of how shitty her life has turned out. I bet by now she thought she was gonna be some sort of super famous, world-renowned celeb. Sheesh, no wonder she spends all her time shitting up her own /pt/ thread.

No. 186012

Doesn't she go to university in Japan?

No. 186015

>implying people in japan give a shit about some hooked nose auschwitz victim

trust me, no one gives a shit. she's so desperate she has to harass people on public transit to make content. they are both washed up losers, the only difference is at least kota can go through life knowing she didn't have to guzzle her own urine for fame.

No. 186025

I 100% agree with this.
>tfw i am 20 have a nice job, an adorable azn weeb boyfriend, a kawaiidesoo appartment,
>am on the skinny/slim side and told to be really cute in general
living the dream. To think i used to envy her like crazy when i was a little weeb some years ago and now i couldn't be happier.

kek, true.
Sad but true.

No. 186027

>it was a joke

You are literally proving my point.

No. 186028

It's kind of funny how all you can come up with is that I am Yuka. Why would I say what I don't like about her if I was her? Sure she may be posting in this thread but come on, if she had that much insight about herself she wouldn't be making as many decisions that make her less and less likable.

No. 186081

That's really your opinion. I think she's cute and 'below average'? Really? Where do you live exactly in America?

No. 186227

Natalia/Yuka is cute looking at times. But that is all. She could never pull off a sexy look because her face is too round and childish. With her odd and unhealthy skinniness currently, looking cute isn't an option right now either. Right now to most people she just looks a little strange. I think in America/California she would mostly be seen as average to cute. 100% never a model type though, as she is more like a 1 trick pony. Can only pull off younger looking styles..never anything mature/modern or high fashioned.

You seem to be one of her friends if not her herself. But most likely, a friend. You're not helping her. No one is impressed with a magazine spread. I don't think you understand the severity of Natalias situation. Japan is not a forgiving place-no Asian country is. The moment Natalia gets any actual popularity, her past will rise back up and she will be fired and exiled. Tell me a currently still famous Japanese celebrity who's been caught prostituting and urinating on camera. None, right? Now, tell me a foreigner in Japan who's currently famous who did those things as well. The answer is the same. Yuka will not the be first. Her life in Japan will always be at risk because of this. Even in America, when it's discovered that a person has a past in pornography, they often lose their job and the respect of everyone around them. In an Asian country it is the same, but way way worse.

This is why Yukas happiness is again on borrowed time. Eventually, her false rape accusation, prostitution, pedophile pandering, and urinating video will all rear up and once again leave her with nothing. Fame will never keep her. Her life will be short if she continues trying to pursue it.

If you truly love your friend Yuka, then you will tell her to give up this dream and focus on a quiet life out of the public eye where no one will feel the need to google her.

No. 186243

i forgot how cute she used to be..

No. 186274

Like every other weeb she needs a meal ticket to stay in nihongo.

No. 186300

No. 186378

File: 1443458372485.png (130.38 KB, 310x234, Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 12.3…)

"im not teaching you how to do eyebrows in this video for obvious reasons"

No. 186399

is that shit drawn on
christ it looks so bad wtf

No. 186513

Those are the worst eyebrows I've ever seen.

No. 186537

No. 186546

File: 1443466068937.jpg (33.24 KB, 706x398, youre_a_meanone_mrgrinch.jpg)

She is looking SO tired and her cheeks are sunken in. Girl, Japan is not healthy for you. This girl is about 7 years younger than me but looks in her early to mid 30s already.

No. 186549

This video makes me depressed. Yuka looked soooo cute here with the longer blonde hair.

No. 186738


Can I just ask, why are half her videos all in Japanese when most people watching are English?

No. 186742

what are you on about?
she used to do all videos on niconico douga, a japanese site specifically for a japanese audience.
she lives in japan. that is her target.

No. 186743

yea she started the makeup video with a base of foundation and powder, and yet still looks haggard.
the party life is not doing her any favors

No. 186753


lol and her target doesn't look like it's catering much to her needs


No. 186809

Holy cow…
First of all: what are these? caterpillars or eyebrows?
Secondly oh boy she may be really skinny but she looks SO tired,old,sunken,… the drugs,parties and other bullshit did her no favor. She was so so cute but she fucked up really badly. She needs to sleep,take care of her skin,stop smoking or whatever she does to look like that,… and redo those eyebrows for the sake of everything kawaii.

No. 187014

they did was she did the imouto thing

No. 187073

I don't know how she lives in Japan and has those eyebrows. They are just unacceptable.

No. 187077

File: 1443574913917.png (37.32 KB, 583x255, Screenshot 2015-09-30 at 10.01…)

So what exactly does she do in Japan?

No. 187078

File: 1443575047893.jpg (159.01 KB, 960x960, u8egDTG.jpg)


Oh my fucking GOD. I used to defend you, Yuka, for fuck's sake. I am so ashamed.
I'm quitting. Bai.
Here, have a better Yuka pic (with fucking Barbie), farmers.

No. 187080


Jesus… it's like all the weebs are finally meeting. I wonder when yuka will meet venus? kek

or when venus will meet kota?


No. 187086


the girl to the right in the hat, her reaction sums this up perfectly.

No. 187087

Work in a retail clothing store, do DJ gigs and whatever that Tokyo girl auditions thing is.

No. 187088

They look so obnoxious compared to everyone else

No. 187089

Barbie is a nasty ho, but I do want that sweater. Yuka looks so much healthier here. Sad.

No. 187126

Found Yuka's BTSSB walk. She comes in around 2:00. You can see Koots around 9:17 and on.

To be honest, she's better than Dakota… If she didn't keep looking down at her feet/shoes (a BIG no-no in runway shows) then she'd be actually pretty cute.

No. 187132

She looked down once during her walk. Also runway show "rules" do not apply to lolita fashion shows, she did a pretty bang up job especially when those shoes definitely don't fit

No. 187192

I don't think the rule are the same for lolita fashion and high fashion runway.
She was actually quite boring but her eye wink at the end made my heart jump, it was super cute.

No. 187305

File: 1443604240407.jpg (81.15 KB, 640x640, 1660916_200824516785626_700036…)

I don't know if she's older than her brother, but surely that's what it looks like.

I mean, look at that childish face: put a kawaii uguu wig on him and …WOAH! Another Yukapon! Lmao.

No. 187307

idk, guys, sex on mdma is so mindblowing and you feel so stromgly connected to the people around you that it's probably a bit hard not to enjoy it. especially if this was her first time on mdma

No. 187355


>Better than Dakota

they are both the same level of mediocre

Holy shit, they really do look alike lol It's kind of adorable really (idk something about seeing non-twin siblings look really similar is super cute to me)

No. 187362

A bit OT but yeah mdma is amazing, personal favorite. And yes, sex is incredible, you feel so full of energy, idea and love… But the aftermath where you feel depressed and sensitive for days is shit. And then if you happen to try to lift yourself up with other stimulants… Drugs are really easy to slip into. I wonder if she's still into it? and what kind she'd be doing now. I heard Japan doesn't fuck around with substances, even weed, so maybe she got/will get into drinking?

Or maybe she'll come clean and all, but yeah. Kinda hard to get out of the loop once you start doing it frequently.

No. 187363

god i cant help but think this is shopped
his creep level is UNREAL

No. 187365

the fact that she looks like her brother just solidifies how ugly she is. she has a man face lmao

No. 187369

File: 1443632156396.jpg (81.38 KB, 640x640, 1443604240407_meitu_1.jpg)

No. 187377

Holy fucking shit he looks exactly like yukapon oh my god

Nah she doesn't have a man face anon

She looked fucking perfectly adorable there why did she ruin everything? She looked so much healthier/happier and now she's so sunken and tired looking from all the drugs,anorexic shenanigans,…

No. 187408

She looks really good with this hair color.
Honey-Blonde hair + Brown eyes is my favorite.

No. 187426

Am i the only one who just doesn't and never thought yuka was cute?

like she looked healthier back then but i dont see anything special about her


No. 187432

>Am i the only one

No. 187433

christ, they look like twins

or her brother has feminine features

No. 187437

nah. she ugly as fuck.

No. 187439


This anon speaks truth.

No. 187440


her whole family is ugly asf

No. 187445


are we going to let this happen cowrades? we cant let this creature rise. i mean wtf

where are the dirty deets. who got em?

No. 187448

File: 1443655569237.jpg (239.16 KB, 1024x768, 2ypaqag.jpg)

nah, say whatever about yuka and her girly brother, but her mom is a milf

No. 187452

Her giant head is really evident in this photo

No. 187457

Aww, she's got mommy's eye bags!

No. 187469

No. 187474

nah, I only posted >>187452
I can see your logic, though

No. 187495

It really is.

No. 187538

do people really think people choose to be ana?
Goddamn the bitch is sick.

No. 187539

Yuka is cute as hell.

No. 187540

I think some don't and some people get dragged into extreme diets and restricting that become an obsession and turn into anorexics. It sucks a lot either way. Yuka needs to get healthy again.

No. 187687

TBH I'm not surprised as TGC (the event) seems to want to attract more foreigners. So basically it's rigged

No. 187697

File: 1443746633566.png (460.5 KB, 470x572, Screenshot 2015-10-02 at 9.41.…)

Isn't it based on votes anyway? She's not that for off from having 1K followers on her twitter and 2K on her instagram, thats almost twice as much as I've seen from the other foreign contestants for TGC.

No. 187704

tell me why i had a dream about yuka and abipop dating

No. 187834

File: 1443798146555.jpg (56.1 KB, 621x359, andyoucallthiscute.jpg)

Sooooo…Is she trying to pull the "living doll" card?

>Dolly makeup video

>livingdoll tag on IG
>doll life tag

No. 187860


Fuck me those brows….

No. 187872

god she looks so disgusting

I used to think she was kind of cute, but she actually looks so bad, and she is aging horribly.