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File: 1476723368801.jpg (25.49 KB, 600x400, the-most-expensive-shoes-in-th…)

No. 143946

What is the most expensive thing you own? Hard mode: no electronics.

Is it worth the money?

No. 143947

I am a peasant and the most expensive non electronic thing I own are my Timberland 6' shoes. €188. I think they are worth it so much. Have been walking on cheap €10 shoes for years.

For electronics it is my laptop at €700. That, too, is totally worth it.

No. 143948

Much like my suspiciously republican neighbour here >>143947 (I can tell by the way you write the euro sign), most of my possessions are of the cheap and polyester variety. As of next month it'll probably be my Gloverall duffle since I'm tired of getting frostbit every winter in a thin dress coat. I'll have to get it used though since I can't afford a new one.

For electronics it's my Sony mirrorless with all the lenses. That's about £900 easy.

No. 143949

File: 1476729832735.jpg (163.63 KB, 1065x1065, louis-vuitton-delightful-mm-da…)

I have a Louis Vuitton bag that I received as a Christmas present from my mother. See attached, retails for about $1400. My mother is crazy about designer items so she always gifts me with Coach and Tiffany's stuff, this is the most expensive item to date. I never even take it anywhere because I'm too scared someone is going to try and mug me for it. So I'd say it's not worth the money because I don't use it. The quality is good though and would probably last me a long time if I did use it.

No. 143950

File: 1476732292238.jpg (80.69 KB, 585x650, lts.jpg)

$350 little twin stars bed set. (plain pink bed sets are usually $200 so whatever) Worth it if your room is themed all pink, kawaii, or weeby otherwise nah.

No. 143951

I paid around $650 for my second clarinet, which was a huge improvement over the student model I used to use. Really not a bad price compared to some instruments that cost thousands.

But overall I've spent more money on my car and its upkeep than anything else.

No. 143952

File: 1476732973822.jpg (127.83 KB, 600x330, kit swagger.jpg)

I had an embarrassing obsession with Ariana Grande and bought her Coach bag. I actually got it for for a really good deal ( around $230) considering that it is limited edition and sold out.

No. 143953

File: 1476738653406.jpg (70.27 KB, 640x640, 12317891_733664036767305_28734…)

The most expensive non electronic thing I own is my twin stars varsity jacket, pre ordered it for $175. I personally think it's worth it, its good quality, warm, and makes me look kawaii as fuck.


No. 143954

Probably my Xbox one. It's a pity there's so few games for it but I still manage to play it everyday

No. 143955

My most expensive possession is my laptop which was over $2k and was even on special.

Besides that, I've got a purse that is originally $400 but I got it on sale for $99 if that counts lol. I just can't bring myself to spend over $100 on non-electronic items.

No. 143956

I have a Doona cover that was $300.
It's Egyptian cotton 1000+TC and tie-dyed. It's probably six or more years old but it's still the brightest, softest bit of bedding I own. 10/10 would recommend.

No. 143957

File: 1476751311641.jpg (184.47 KB, 698x800, 29396547334_11ef77f38d_c.jpg)

A ball-jointed doll. I have a few, but one has probably totaled between $500-600 after buying it eyes, wig, clothes, etc.

Is it worth it? Yes and no. I really do love this doll and the others I have, but I would never spend so much on something so frivolous these days. I've found that I'm much happier investing money in myself.

No. 143958

What a waste of money lol

No. 143959

File: 1476758224651.jpg (88.2 KB, 500x750, IMG_6160.JPG)

The most expensive non electronic thing I won is this vintage inspired dress from heart of haute. It was 190€. But I love it to death and the quality is great!

No. 143960

Stupid typo…

No. 143961

I have a figure that I saw selling for 60.000yen before.

If I care so much about it, I don't know, if someone offered that price to buy mine I would sell in a heartbeat.

No. 143962

i love middle aged mums who think that coach, tiffanys and LV is the epitome of lux

just wear it tbh, most people will assume it's fake anyway.

No. 143963

My sphynx cat cost £900 and another 200 to get delivered and travel fees for me He's family though. Makes me so happy. No regrets. Material things though? I have a £250 sequin dress from topshop (think it was the unique) range. I regret it because it was such a greedy impulse buy. I've never even worn the damn thing.

No. 143964

I always wanted a sphynx cat, how is their general health? Also how is it to take care of it?

No. 143965

File: 1476785442752.jpg (12.84 KB, 335x352, 112478-335x352.jpg)

I have a few MK things because I am as basic bitch and like the watches but I think oddly the most expensive thing I have is a first print edition copy of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass double print. It was printed in 1875 and it's stupidly valuable. It was my graduation present from my father because Alice is the first book he read to me as a child.

I didn't buy it incidentally but it feels worth it to me. I cherish it a lot as a sentimental item not as a collector thing.

No. 143966

Who's gonna mug anyone for coach?
They've never made an item that isn't uglier than sin.

Forreal though anon, enjoy your bag. It's nice, it will last ages as long as it's not abused, it isn't so ostentatious you couldn't wear it with a number of outfits, but unless you live in a horrible area you should be just fine.

No. 143967

File: 1476787127904.jpg (36.55 KB, 400x600, marjo-dirndl-marissa-creme-pin…)

When I was in Austria a couple of years ago we went in a traditional shop and I tried dirndls on just for funsies. They were all unique and beautiful, so nicely crafted. I tried on the girliest one I could find and the outfit came to about €350. I was so excited that I bought it and lived off beans when I went home.

It was not a very sensible purchase. I've worn it twice and tbh 2 years down the line it's a little hard to breathe in. I love it though.

No. 143968

I own a pair of $110 doc martins. That's it, really, I am pretty poor.

No. 143969

File: 1476801006371.jpg (28.84 KB, 400x299, tory.jpg)

This is similar to the bag I have. I forgot the name of it but it's Skinner and taller looking if that makes sense. Cost me around $500 dollars. Most expensive bag I own that's not a replica. Most expensive jewelry I own is a set of rings, each 300 (one sapphire, one ruby one). Most expensive item overall is my computer setup, around 3K ish.

Depends where you live. In my country people will mug you for anything really even something like coach is seen as super luxury since everything is more expensive here (for example, a Mercedes that cost 30k in the united states cots 60k here).

LV is pretty lux, although I do find those big label printed bags tacky. They do have some amazing things like the the lockme 2 bag and many others. Coach has gone downhill for years due to shitty marketing but I think they are working on that for now.

No. 143970

File: 1476821392657.jpg (13.72 KB, 309x206, 1150771_10200526416618548_1837…)

I think in terms of health I think they are a little more delicate. More susceptible to cuts and he's had half his tail amputated after slicing it on something a workman left in our garden. Apart from that he has what I think are dust allergies. Though as a breed I hear they are pretty healthy as long as they are from legit breeders, They are prone to a genetic heart condition which good breeders will scan for. but you can never know these things.

Care isn't as hard as people make it out to be. Bathing really depends on how dirty the cat gets. They're all different. And how much you care about greasy marks on your soft furnishings. I don't tend to wash him any more than every couple of weeks and its a 5 minute job. Cutting nails can be a pain if they develop a hatred for it like mine has. But we manage :) they are so worth it. I've had many ordinary cats who have been lovely but they never came close in terms of personality and affection.

No. 143971

File: 1476822114958.jpg (160.04 KB, 808x1024, IMG_0722.JPG)

Ruling out car/collections/things I've made, the most expensive I've ever bought is my dog I guess

No. 143972

Oh my goood, he's a total babe!
What breed is he?

No. 143973

I am guessing it's a pomeranian

No. 143974

This is so cute!
Most expensive thing I bought is an LV bag 6 years ago. Most of the other expensive stuff have been gifts from my mom, stepdad, bfs, and friends. A lot of my expensive stuff are electronics though, and I've become especially stingy with age so yea. I did buy a vintage silk duvet cover that I love for only $30-$50, and that would usually retail for hundreds of dollars. I really love it and use it on a goose down comforter I also got for a really good deal. I never thought of it before, but I'm very lucky since most of my nice stuff was gifted to me.

No. 143975

I own a $6k jacket from Burberry. It was a graduation present. I only ever wear it for special occasions.
Before I got that my most expensive (non-electronic) item was a $400 dress from Juliette et Justine. I have to say that after owning western "burando" I'm a little less inclined to drop money on jfash.

No. 143976

No electronics?

No. 143977

How is it even possible that jackets of 6K exist? Is it made of diamonds?

No. 143978

I always wondered, do you have special clothes for him in the winter? If yes, please post pic

No. 143979

Money spend on instruments is never wasted

No. 143980

Do cars count as electronics? Mine was $6,000.
I'm very frugal. Reading the stuff that people have spent money on in this thread is giving me a heart attack.
If I'm going to spend more than $15 on anything at all, it better be something that's going to last a long time. My next most expensive item would be my bed comforter, which was $80 and I treat like a baby so it lasts a couple of years.

No. 143981

File: 1476906401598.jpg (145.81 KB, 900x600, 5408338c9c60a097e1f92796c29d40…)

Chanel jumbo flap bag in black caviar leather with gold hardware. It's ~$5,500 + tax in stores iirc so I bought a preowned one. It has a crease on the lower part and the sides are very slightly pushed out because of overstuffing by the previous owner, but that can be fixed with some clips on the interior. It cost me just under $3,600 so saving thousands on a good condition is fine with me.

It's worth it to me, I wanted a timeless and versatile bag that I could wear with everything, formal or casual. Super satisfied with it.

No. 143982

File: 1476911694332.jpg (31.72 KB, 564x376, Guitar.jpg)

An Ibanez Maple Finish Electric Guitar. Cost me $650 on sale. I bought it when I was sixteen, took me seven months working as a gas pump attendant and scrubbing toilets to pay for it, and lord is she worth it. My BF bought me an engraved pick case with my initials on it for her on my birthday this year. No regrets.
>Very similar finish to pic

No. 143983

oh my god are those tiny cats around the bottom? So cute!

most expensive thing i own though is a 250 dollar pair of work boots because i am a poorfag.

No. 143984

Man that is cute.

No. 143985

Non-electronic? Err, probably my $140 Nike's which I guess, isn't all that expensive considering they're fantastic shoes and still look and feel brand new.

I have an $80 dress and I usually would never spend more than $20 on a dress but I really loved it. I don't wear it often but when I do I feel really qt.

No. 143986

File: 1476931286734.png (31.53 KB, 400x400, 1473955130527.png)

My pc a little over 1k or my car it was 3.5k.


My boots like 200$ but they were on sale for 50$.

No. 143987

File: 1476931474357.jpg (12.29 KB, 300x300, img-thing.jpg)

My taste is pleb-tier, but probably these shoes. I bought them 5 or 6 years ago when they were a big thing… and they're real Vivienne Westwood x Melissa ones and not Taobao knockoffs. It was a pain in the ass to find my size and I ended up having to go a half-size bigger because they were only in whole-sizes (or, at least the ones I managed to find that were in-stock), but I still think they were worth it.

No. 143988

i love these shoes! i always wanted them but when they were a thing i was like 15 and didnt have a job but now that i work i want to buy them i think melissa re-released them but with a smaller platform its on ebay for around 160+ i might buy them soon

No. 143989

Not counting furniture, probably the $700 Allsaints leather biker jacket I got with my first paycheck. It's a solid piece from before quality went to shit and it goes well with a lot of stuff, so I think it's worth it.

No. 143990

My mom bought me a Burberry duffel coat that I really cherish. She got it for $400 on sale.

No. 143991

Once we get around to having it made, my engagement and wedding rings will be my most expensive things even though I'm not technically paying for those.

They're not super expensive pieces, ($1200 & $600 respectively) but They're definitely the most expensive/valuable things I'll have for a while.

No. 143992

>tfw dream shoes and can't find these anywhere

No. 143993

I have a few handbags that range between $100 and $300 of varying unknown/'indie' brands. I tend to look exclusively for good leather if I'm not buying a cloth bag, and smaller brands or local designers tend to source their leather well. Two luckily fell into my lap by way of a mis-shipped overstock.com package with no name and when I emailed the site about what to do they said they had no record of the purchase so I just kept everything inside (two leather purses from Rebecca Minkoff, a plastic tote bag, a bunch of undies that fit perfectly and a few plain t-shirts, it was a great day)

I think I also have 2 Badgly Mischka gowns I bought, one for a ball and another for my graduation, which were a few hundred each. Other than that I don't think I own anything that cost over $100. I'm not a smart shopper clothing wise and go for quantity over quality. (I'm trying to change this but I still cringe over the price of good quality basics)

No. 143994

I got them when I was 17 and paid for, like, 60%+shipping and my parents paid the other part and we called it my birthday gift for the year. I think they ended up being around $200 or so? Maybe a little over. I wanted to pay for it all myself but for some reason my parents weren't into that.

I spent a solid 2 weeks searching for them when I bought them. I honestly wish I could wear them more, but I pursued a science degree (and now work in a lab) so open-toed shoes are frowned upon. I love them so much though… and their weird fake bubblegum smell.

No. 143995

the most expensive thing i can think of are my nike frees, which retail around $90,
buuuut they were a gift so the most expensive thing i've bought myself are maybe BDG brand pants? around $60 a pair, extremely flattering and comfy and worth it

now that i think about how cheap/ marked down everything i own and paid for is i'm realizing how fucking frugal i am. i need a treat yo self day or something

No. 143996

That's very sweet, anon.
Docs are a good investment. I paid $130 for my first pair at 14 years old and have worn them almost everyday, I'm 20 and they're still wearable.
That pick case sounds so sweet, your bf is a keeper.
I'd still kill for these. I can't find them anywhere online, let alone in the size or color I want.

No. 143997

Not sure. By initial value, it would be one of the two Coach bags or the pair of Ferragamo pumps I own, but both were vintage and secondhand so they were pretty cheap. (Note: Ferragamo shoes are cut extremely narrow)
By stuff I actually paid full price for, it would be a pair of Alice and the Pirates boots I bought firsthand

No. 181145

Time to Necro!
I own two pairs of Louboutins, an Ermanno Scervino handbag and a Sonia Rykel Crocodile Leather Backpack. All of those cost around the same 1000-2000. All bags bought on sale.

No. 181146

Fashion-wise, my Lo & Son bag. I think I bought it discounted for $250. Don't know what I was thinking since my income was humiliating back then, but it's a great professional bag and I've gotten lots of compliments on it.

No. 181153

File: 1486950374692.jpg (66.44 KB, 356x374, tumblr_ohj9uddpGM1rwzwk6o2_400…)

not really a personal item but my wife and I going through the process to have a baby (two gays) so its the most expensive thing we've ever had to spend money on. never thought I'd spend 2k on fucking jizz

No. 181154

I've always been curious about this. Do you have to go through the formal process or could you theoretically just get jizz from a male friend and take care of legal stuff later?

No. 181155

No matter what I have to legally adopt the baby, even though I'm the one giving birth, because we're using my wife's egg so they don't consider me the mom (ba-dum tish). We debated using a friend but either way you have to go through a medical process- we have reasons for not just sticking a baster up my vagina like other friends we've had.

No. 181157

File: 1486953486282.jpg (117.22 KB, 600x510, burberry-classic-cashmere-scar…)

Parents bought me this Burberry scarf as a christmas present, I think it was $250-$300 on sale. I wanted it for years, but eventually gave up and bought a cheap (but really nice and warm) scarf in Shibuya for $20. My parents gifted me this scarf about a year later lol.

I love it but I rarely wear it out because I'm scarf of dirtying it.

No. 181165

File: 1486967485024.jpg (64.04 KB, 564x758, 8a2120597fa961f58daedff4a08fdd…)

this $500 Dooney & Bourke bag. i got it for my 21st birthday i think.

i love it, but it does not mesh with the place i now live; bumfuck rural nowhere, so i don't get to bring it out very often.

No. 181168

I have a ~400€ Furla bag. I love it, but the coating broke in one place and now I'm scared that the coating problem will spread.
Other than that, our dining set was around 1300€ and that was already the reduced price. Love it though.

No. 181180

Gucci bag and Charlotte Olympia velvet Kitty Flats.

No. 181213

My car was 25k, got it as a gift tho lol

No. 181219

Poorfag here, I got 500€ for furniture from youth welfare once and all I really needed was a bed, so I got this all organic futon stuffed with like horsehair and cocos fibre.

I wouldn't even dare wearing clothing this expensive in public, I'd be terrified of ruining or losing it.

No. 181230

My computer I guess. Considering it has some old parts recycled the total cost of new parts was only $500 but it works well enough to play games like TW3 so I am very pleased with it. Besides that I also have some old Angelic Pretty stuff.

No. 181232

My bed was 2000. My car was 50k. I love furniture tbh. I'm going to be spending a lot of money since I got my own place now

No. 181234

File: 1487100543263.jpg (56.04 KB, 1104x1767, karen-millen_01539193_1.jpg)

Hard mode: A Karen Millen dress, I guess.

Otherwise it'd be my laptop.

No. 181241

Maybe some of my first editions? There's a few harry potters, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, and a couple of Enid blyton stories. Plus my cars.

No. 181243

I'm curious, what's a first edition HP book valued at?

No. 181252

I have 2 bby deer skin fringe bags worth around 500 each and they were gifts and I have no regrets. They're the softest, most luxurious, they'll last forever.

I hate spending money on electronics even though I use them for all the basic functions. I'd rather buy a basic laptop on sale and have money for everything else.

No. 181253

Besides my car, which was left to me, my desktop was around $1500 all together, without a doubt worth the money. Not electronics would be my couch, that was around 1200 but I split that cost with my boyfriend.

No. 181256

My jeep is worth probs around $9k (though I bought it off my dad for like 500 bucks). Out of all my non-electronic things, I honestly don't think I own anything more expensive than like 50 bucks. At least not yet lol.

No. 181406

Hard Mode - Probably my DC comic book set, I'm counting it as one because its a collection that when you put it together it makes a picture with all the spines. So far probably about £200 and there's still some to go.
Non Hard Mode - My sewing machine, its a really fancy sewing machine and it cost about £450 on sale

No. 181468

File: 1487343199657.jpeg (148.45 KB, 1500x1000, image.jpeg)

My proplica of the Cutie Moon Rod from sailor moon. Totally the biggest impulse buys I've ever made, I saved over the summer and found it for $60. Shipping and customs kicked my ass and it came to around $120, getting the thing out of a post office was stress enough. Ngl though, when I put the battery's in and it lit up and made a sound, I felt like I was 11 years old again.

No. 181470

$3000 leather pants. I know, I know.

No. 181472

That's really adorable, anon. I'm glad it was everything you hoped it would be.

No. 181752

I had to get a fake tooth like 6 years ago it was $3k that's the most expensive thing I own lol it's porcelain and has gold on the back

No. 181754

$4000 LV bag, probably. I have two pair of loubs (one I don't wear because too big) and a couple other LV bags as well.

No. 181757

What do they look like?

No. 181761

she looks like a serial killer, honestly

No. 181764

File: 1487745005086.png (76 KB, 820x842, Fedloan 2014 balance screensho…)

>What is the most expensive thing you own?

Oh, that's easy. Diploma.

No. 181765

My house
My car
My wedding ring
Other than those and electronics I am a cheap ass bitch rip no fancy bags or shoes. I guess furniture, king sized bed? I also have a pure bread cat but she was only a few hundred.
I rly want a Chanel le boy one day but yeah I am pretty cheap so idk if I could ever justify that purchase lol

No. 181767

Is the cat wholewheat or rye?

No. 181770

File: 1487747318800.gif (18.36 KB, 68x42, NyanCat.gif)

>Is the cat wholewheat or rye?

Either one is probably healthier than a Frosted Poptart-cat.

No. 181774

File: 1487754118275.png (32.15 KB, 380x317, A1FFB887-698F-4876-AD43-AD42B1…)

No. 181784

Damn, electronics excluded, the most expensive thing I own are like… shoes ?
I think I bought them for 90€. Been wearing them every day for almost two year. They are worn the fuck out, so yeah, worth it.
I'm poor and I hate buying expensive things.
I should buy new shoes. Don't have the money and the idea of spending hours finding the perfect replacement makes me sick, tho.

No. 181791

File: 1487793093575.png (1003.42 KB, 934x1246, g0uZI4q.png)

Honestly my school tuition from kindergarten to college…brb gonna cry calculating them all

Anyway, hard mode:
$200 Coach small hand bag from 2015. It's fucking sturdy, doesn't look like old moms bag, and I feel fancy af like those instagram blogger. Can't find the same picture but this kate spade bag is kind of close. Mine is in muted lavender and off-white on the sides.

My dad bought me Nikon D7100 for my 17th birthday….for $1600. Ouch.

Both are worth it.

No. 182022

File: 1487952912230.jpg (110.02 KB, 300x300, eating-money-300x300.jpg)

If animals are ok, definitely my horse. Bought him for 14 000€ and it costs 600-800€ every month to keep him, I've had him for about 8 years so he has been draining my bank account a lot. Worth the money.

After that, electronics excluded, probably my Tommy Hilfiger watch. It was around 200€.
I don't usually buy brand but I got really tired of my 5€ watches breaking down all the time. It was worth it. Ironically I bought it for riding too, don't wanna drop the phone.

No. 182104

>kate spade
nigga please step up ya game

No. 182132

My gaming computer doesn't count, so…

Does a sewing machine still count? I have my mom's (she never used it) that probably cost around $400. Second most expensive may be my electric bass for $200. But that's still electronic I suppose.

Otherwise I don't have anything too expensive. I have a photography frame + backdrop I got for $60.

No. 182133

My mother used to own three horses.
My father once described them as something where you stuffed money in one end and poop came out the other. It seems oddly apt.

No. 182498

True, but they're so cute

No. 182526

If I was a horse I would probably commit suicide tbh. They can't even sit down, they just kind of stand around all day. Boring as fuck

No. 182529

File: 1488188149630.jpg (46.78 KB, 232x313, APtartanjsk.jpg)

bought it for £60 two years ago, worn it twice. I was severely depressed, working a shitty part time job, impulse buy for my birthday. putting it up for sale in a few days.
I also own a pair of pink genuine AP tea parties that I bought for around the same price, and a pair of doc martens that cost me £60 in a sale that I've worn to death, no regrats.
even my pc only cost me £700 from start to finish, I'm incredibly frugal and am going through a massive "get rid of everything I don't need/use" stage at the moment, perks of growing up I guess.

No. 182542

File: 1488200929739.jpg (50.76 KB, 500x321, 1479937104252.jpg)

Hell yeah
I have a diploma worth $100K, eat a dick everyone
Back to my cleaning job and ramen noodles

No. 182547

yep, all the feels anons

No. 182882

the most expensive thing i own is a milkbbi sweater (which was only like $50 but that's a lot for my cheap ass) and a SUPER soft wildfox jumper that retails for a lot but i got it super on clearance so…… idk if that even counts. also some qt steve madden chunky chelsea boots i've had for a few years

No. 182898

File: 1488507784159.png (249.72 KB, 664x1030, Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 8.19…)

Mine would be this. It's actually not the most expensive thing I own (my mother collects Hermes and Chanel and has given me some), but so far it's the most expensive thing I've got since I've gotten a "real" job out of college. Aka making a name for myself and not just making connections, experience, and lousy pay.
Cosmetic surgeon, btw.

(Also, my parents didn't spoil me when I was younger. They are actually immigrants from a communist country. I grew up pretty average, but as I got older my parents made more money obviously).

No. 182901

File: 1488508890772.jpg (12.67 KB, 400x435, HDR1393A.jpg)

My car. Gently used Honda Fit, for like $10k, and it's served me well for the past 5 years. It's fast and gets me to work and if there's a "compact cars only" space in a parking garage I can park there.
Non-car, non-electronic things is probably my Hidalgo snake ring I bought from work. Even with my employee discount I had to save up for it for a few months. Pic related. The first piece of higher end jewellery I've bought for myself. It's beautiful and the stock size fit me perfectly.

No. 182924

My dogs, both are pure bred (different breed) and they cost 900€ and 1100€. Absolutely worth it, i love them more than anything else.

No. 182925

My lulu lemon leggings, laptop, doc martens, some family heirlooms, skis and snowboard, fitbit, a few designer dresses, my skin products and makeup (I splurge when it's worth it), my hairless cat and my $60 face sunscreen (I have sensitive skin and it's also anti-aging with antioxidants and it's a beauty balm, I'm obsessed with skin care and prevention of photo aging and sun damage)

No. 182931

I'm guessing my glasses (200euros for the lenses only, with the same frames my mom paid for ten years ago when I was 16) or my contraceptive implant (144euros without counting the two medical visits to put it in).

No. 182959

File: 1488565890480.jpg (13.2 KB, 480x480, Miracle-Rose-Cleansing-Stick-0…)

The most expensive thing I own is probably a pair of Saucony sneakers that my boyfriend bought for me, about $50. The most expensive thing I own I've paid for myself is pic related, which ranges $23-30. It felt gross to spend so much on one fucking face wash but it makes my skin sooooooooo soft ;-;

No. 182992

Could you tell me the name of that sunscreen?

No. 184455

File: 1490221719671.png (88.92 KB, 197x421, 1436268291970 Rori smug.png)

>Hell yeah
>I have a diploma worth $100K, eat a dick everyone

Well, it was/is/will be worth it. It enabled a career shift that has changed my entire life.

I'm kinda sick of Ramen noodles though.

No. 184878

Just a 200$ lolita dress, nothing much. All of my dresses are in between 80 and 200$ i'm a cheapskate lol

No. 185055

My dogs (purebreds), over $1000 each. Worth every cent.

No. 185057

My coat and boots I guess. Much cheaper to spend lots of money on those in the long run, they'll last a lot longer and keep you much warmer. I don't bother with regular clothes you can find stuff that lasts for cheap if you look at the materials and take care of them.

No. 185253

My MH/EAH/Bratz dolls collection. They're all really expensive in South America, so i buy one per 2-3 months.
It' more of a novelty item than anything, so i don't think it's worth it for anybody who isn't crazy for dolls.

No. 185304

I'm jealous tbh!!! I'm 100% a MyScene dolls girl so that would be my dream to own a collection!


Mine is probably my kanken, or my hair extensions, they were like 200 euro and they're not even that great. I was a stupid person a few years ago.

No. 186509

File: 1492033866145.jpg (124.13 KB, 670x670, princess-serenity-sailormoon-p…)

Oh anon, I own that Proplica too! Worth every penny, well-made and it made me so proud when I unpacked it, because I was a poorfag child who never got the official merch, so being able to afford it now means a lot to me.

But my Serenity Pullip was a tad more expensive, around ~160 bucks I think. Love her though, she's so pretty and posing her is fun. She's just gorgeous to look at. Want to get Chibiusa as well.
I have both items on display, and people constantly tell me "but why, it's just plastic!" and I never even tell them how much I paid for these, lol. They'd be offended. But well, so what if it's "just overpriced plastic", I work hard for my money and it's my one weakness, and it makes me happier than spending my disposable income on takeout coffee or designer clothes. To each their own.

No. 186521

Probably my vintage band merch and camera stuff (but I have to have that for my job so…).

No. 186536

I didn't really pay for most of it, but the most expensive thing that is considered to be "mine" is definitely my 2015 Audi A8.

No. 186562

Beautiful car, lucky anon!

No. 186623

I spent $1000 on a kitten. Literally all my other cats were shelter or stray cats. But I became insane one year and bought my dream cat. She's a blue-eyed turkish angora with long white fur, she's got a certificate and everything.

Omg, I'm such a loser but I begged my parents for this kitten my whole life, but they refused to even let me get a stray. However, I realized that I'm an adult now with money. And well…I don't regret my choice?

No. 186636


Ayyy, Turkish Angoras are fucking adorable. I love weird cat breeds but I'll probably never shell out on one. Have fun with your cute fluffy tailed kitty. Post cute pics pls

No. 187000

File: 1492302721626.png (215.99 KB, 356x377, stupid boots.png)

My computers (imac and macbook), but I need those for my job, and my car. They're all paid off, and next time I need a car I'm paying in cash since the interest on the loan was not something I want to repeat. I could afford it, but it was a complete waste of money.

For clothes: I once bought a pair of Camilla Skovgaard boots, that were $270 in the sales. Since the internet told me they run small I sized up one whole sixe, which was a huge mistake. They were way too big, even after putting silicon insoles and what not in them. I never wore them anywhere since I'd have broken my ankles, and a year later I sold them on ebay for $160. Never doing that again. Now I only buy shoes online from brands that have consistent sizing and I already own pairs off.

>it makes me happier than spending my disposable income on takeout coffee or designer clothes.

There's no shame in that, anon. I try to avoid Starbucks as much as possible, since the price of 10 to 12 trips to starbucks gets me some nice burando at Closetchild. Make your own coffee and save up for what you like.

Agree. How something feels and fits is more important than the brand. I look for good quality stuff in second hand stores for clothes, coats, blazers, suits and skirts. Shoes I want new, so I usually wait for the sales.

No. 187320


i just realized i dont really own anything expensive. if i count in electronics and stuff that both my husband AND I own, it's the roomba.

No. 187339

my fucking costumes that i only get to wear twice or three times tops.

No. 187413

i'm a bag whore. i just bought a cute leather botkier backpack for like $400. my last bag was $500 or so but it last me like 4 years.

i like good quality leather and well constructed designs. i dont find many bags i like but when i do i have to have them.

i also have a pair of acne booties that i regret buying because i never wear them but they are sooo cute. i think those were like $600.

No. 187414

My motorbike

I love it so much I even named it, totally worth it

No. 187530

Is this you?

>living vicariously through youtube videos is good enough for me

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