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File: 1486675925829.jpg (185.11 KB, 1080x1080, 17IcuRV.jpg)

No. 248130

A bit of a vintage snowflake, but she used to be pretty popular and there's new milk, so fresh thread?

Lexi used to be efamous for being a scene queen and then a glittery pink pony princess. In 2013(?), her boyfriend shot himself after failing to convince her to commit to a suicide pact. joinmeindeath.mp3
She's into dd/lg and sex work nowadays.


No. 248131

File: 1486675962457.png (722.4 KB, 576x1024, uVPekcn.png)

>my little space

God no.

No. 248133

File: 1486675984549.png (258.43 KB, 576x1024, uOaDQiV.png)

No. 248134

File: 1486676004346.png (268.68 KB, 576x1024, VwHCvcn.png)

No. 248142

Wait. Is this "Lexi Lush"?? From 2008ish??

No. 248150

File: 1486677873517.jpg (69.58 KB, 400x533, 160f4Xh.jpg)

it's her.

No. 248153

Lol she was my favorite scene queen back in the day

No. 248158

I swear it's like every cow who was a cow in their teens and early twenties turns to sex work as they get older.
Is it because potential employers would find all their shit if they searched them by name?
Charlotte charms, Megan, now Lexi and plenty more I'm sure.
Is it just the online glorification of sex work now or?

No. 248164

I was following her when her boyfriend killed himself and the whole thing was so fucking fishy, she was sad for about a week? And then never really talked about it again, IIRC his note had clear imprints of something else that had been wrote on top of it. Very suspicious.

No. 248171

Dang. I was a scene queen back in 07/08 and I drew a lot of inspiration from her style (same with keeks {ew I know}, inna clitostrophe etc). We used to chat on MySpace and ran in the same circle. Once I grew out of my scene phase, left MySpace (who the fuck needs thousands of strangers on their friends list, ffs?) I stopped checking in on these girls. Keeks is a crazy cunt, inna is shooting up meth on the streets in NYC and Lexi is a camwhore? Who's boyfriend an hero'd?? Wtf??? I'm sure as shit glad I got over that scene long ago, but I guess some people never do. Sad.

No. 248175

holyyyy shit I remember her!
she looks so much better now. I mean she's not ~gorgeous~ or anything but the natural hair color and lack of scene fashion really did her a favor.

No. 248176

I don't remember that but no I remember her being sad for way longer than that. You're kinda reaching, anon

No. 248178

Can someone please link the suicide details? Pics? Caps? I'm morbidly curious

No. 248180

>I don't remember that
>but I remember this
kek okay

No. 248181

File: 1486680868220.jpg (42.99 KB, 634x794, people of walmart.jpg)

That time she popped up on People of Walmart.

No. 248192

goddamn this is depressing. I feel like after her bf she spiraled and at one point was getting better but seems to have dipped again (after that one abusive/stalker bf). woont be surprised if she ends up dead before 30 : /

No. 248201

Go back in her Tumblr archive to July 2013. It's all there.

Damn, I followed Lexi for a long time but forgot about her for a few years, this is what she's up to now? I was really hoping she'd sort her life out. This sucks.

No. 248206

I followed her for a little while and found her inspiring. Now I just find her sad.

No. 248212

I remember this girl. She seemed so innocent in her scene days but I guess that was just her rainbow cupcake aesthetic.

It seems like all these young millenial girls think sex work is their glamorous ticket out of their little towns.

They should watch the documentary Hot Girls Wanted. They make good cash for 2-5 years, tops, then they're washed up, back in their home towns, and working that minimum wage job they wanted to avoid in he first place.

So all they do in the end is prolong their destiny and end up with their nudes online for any potential employer or dating prospect to find.

No. 248215

had a look through her archives, she mentioned him half a dozen times on her tumblr on the months after his death, they were together for six years, I remember at the time the whole thing just seemed so suspect. also going on a massive road trip to florida literally the week after his death? really?
any evidence to support the suicide pact claim? first i've heard of it

No. 248221

Meant to specify the note and any fishiness regarding that.

No. 248224

Bullshit, she really struggled with it and still talks about it on her private Facebook occasionally. The only sketchy thing about it was how she liveblogged it to the nth degree including posting photos of the ceremony, but that was probably just her way of coping.

She used to be posted on efagz a lot. I remember seeing caps of her text messages with Mattie in which he tells her how much he loves her and asks her to die with him. She replied saying things like "I love you too but I want to be alive, Mattie you're scaring me"

No. 248225

I get that people cope with things in different ways and if the trip was planned it's kinda hard to just waste money and cancel. That being said, I wouldn't doubt if Lexi was over it that quickly.

God, who remembers Cori Shea? I wonder whose life she's impersonating now.

No. 248228

File: 1486685342217.jpg (126.04 KB, 640x960, 7YyYHSC.jpg)

found caps

No. 248230

File: 1486685358636.jpg (131.23 KB, 640x960, NR1Aa73.jpg)

No. 248231

Cori is who I thought of instead of Lexi when this thread popped up.
She would probably be thrilled by that.

No. 248242

sex work is the new online scamming. They can be lazy as fuck, never deliver on any videos or chats, collect cash from fans, and block anyone who challenges them. It's just a new way to make revenue off looks. I miss the days of shitty handmade goods and clothes that were never delivered a la Felice :(

No. 248247


Cori is my FAVORITE, can someone please find her? Last I saw, she was SWF copying Ajna Gyptian and giving psychic readings "with a dragon" on some online psychic network.

I've followed Lexi for years and have been rooting for her. I am not on Snapchat, so had no idea about the sex work- that's so weird and funny. She's been doing attention whore stuff on IG and Tumblr for a while so I guess I'm not too surprised.

She was devastated over Mattie- when that happened I started really paying attention to her, felt so bad for her. She took the trip to Fl to see relatives in order to try to get out of her headspace for a while. I am shocked that some people here don't get that.

No. 248250

Is this all the new milk? We could probably just throw her in the sexworker camwhores thread, no?

No. 248252


surprised that I've never seen ajna on here tbh

No. 248266

something about her never sat right with me
she used to post tons of pictures of her bedroom at her mom's house .
what i remember most of her were those rough pink brows, tacky raver bindis & the fuzzy pink handcuff selfies ( this was back when her bf was alive )
she dropped hella $ on MLP figures & " rave " geddup

didn't she have some sort of etsy shop or something at one point ???
she worked at Spencers for quite sometime

No. 248273

You're def reaching, I followed her when it was happening. she was devastated for a long time when it happened and changed drastically because of it. Got way more into the rave/drug scene, and turned more goth.
She also closed her old shop and opened a new one with shittier cheaper items for twice the price, that sucked. I'm not sure if she ever sent out the remaining orders from her last shop.
She went on a massive road trip because her best friend wanted her to have a distraction and made her go on it, stop reaching.

She actually used to be one of my bloggers, I haven't checked her blog in awhile though and I'm really bummed to find out she's into fucking ddlg and is doing snapchat porn. That's like the final saddest step of e-fame, and where it all goes downhill.

No. 248280

I've followed Lexi for a long time..before her boyfriend died she was drastically different. I hate to see this

No. 248290

File: 1486692888050.png (765.69 KB, 980x483, daddieee.png)

Does anyone know who this "Daddie" is?

Also, all she seems to post about anymore is weed lol

No. 248319

She's always been open about smoking a lot of weed, posting tittie pics and being ~sexual~, and having this obsession with infantile aesthetics like her pony collection, her pink fluffy hoarder room, toys and cuteness so I'm surprised this happened sooner. She's kind of the original scene bby gurl. It's a bit sad.

No. 248328




So I used to follow her and was there during the whole boyfriend killing himself thing. I felt so bad for her. I even sent her a present and a letter. (Never got a thank you like everyone else did but w/e she was going though shit.)

People tried to make fun of her here before I believe but I didn't join in since she seemed to be suffering so much.

I am so disgusted. I have no more respect for her at all. I don't care that she got into sex work because tbh she seemed like she always would but the ddlg shit is disgusting. If that is what she is pandering to… that is terrible and I hope she gets banned for pretending to be a little kid.

No. 248333

I'm so disappointed to see this.
I always liked Lexi, all the way from 2008. She was over the top but harmless. A heart full of love for the silliest little shit. She did love her boyfriend dearly and when he killed himself she was beyond heartbroken. I dont get anyone saying it was fishy or she got over him quick because she didnt.

That trip wasnt for strange reasons, she HAD to get out of that room and be somewhere else for a while. My mother just lost someone very close to her and we did the very same. Took her on a trip to see the snow and help get the loss out of her head a while.

It hurts to see she's turning to porn now. And all that filthy shit thats around her. She's really doing bad judging by the few pictures she has out. That's so fucking sad. I'm not even entertained. I'm just sad. I hoped she'd be able to be happy someday, but this wont lead to happiness. I'm gutted for her. I hope she realizes this is a terrible mistake very soon and stops. How absolutely miserable

No. 248344

does anyone know why she quit her legitimate job in retail ?
whatever happened to her stores ?

it's a played out tale of wealthy, insecure yet pretty-traumatized-girl online crashing & turning into a total burnout
with this very long digital trail of grimey behavior forever attached to your name , it would be hard work to start over & take responsibility but then again so would being an adult for the first time

all this to cumulatively build & result in a half-hearted, feeble, seriously stale, copycat faux personaility . desperately attempting to oversaturate the currently flooded market of unoriginal / pandering amateur
" erotic " content

these girls never learn from the past failed ventures or others around them getting straight wrekt . yeah life fucking sucks but you gotta step up & do something about it !

Lexi - I'm sorry for your loss, but please girl, grow up & stop catering to pedophilia

No. 248407

>it's a played out tale of wealthy, insecure yet pretty-traumatized-girl online crashing & turning into a total burnout with this very long digital trail of grimey behavior forever attached to your name , it would be hard work to start over & take responsibility but then again so would being an adult for the first time
>all this to cumulatively build & result in a half-hearted, feeble, seriously stale, copycat faux personaility . desperately attempting to oversaturate the currently flooded market of unoriginal / pandering amateur " erotic " content

I get where you're coming from, but Lexi was kind of the original, so you're sort of talking out of your ass. She's been all over that MLP/kiddie toys/pink girly bedroom shit consistently since the early 2000s and has been posting ~cute innocent~ nudes since long before any tumblrinas discovered dd/lg. She's also been maintaining jobs throughout/despite her internet presence.

Not to say that it makes it any better that she ended up this way, you just sound like a tool. Lurk more before you post your pretentious ramblings.

No. 248444


Wealthy? Isn't she trailer trash?

No. 248452

Hah, I remember Lexi. She's gone through a lot of strange phases.
She used to always post videos of her & her boyfriend doing shrooms, photos of them in underwear together, she tried saying she had an eating disorder and started a food diary blog while posting images of her thigh gap constantly (got a lot of hate for it, deleted it the next day, never mentioned having an ED ever again), then her bf killed himself and she completely changed. I feel bad for her but damn, she's looking rough and manly in those photos posted at the top.

No. 248456

I dont think shes wealthy. I grew up around a lot of wealthy old money kids and none of them would ever go to wal mart js

No. 248530

Broken record at this point but i also followed her for a long time and she did genuinely fall apart when her bf died. Idk who had their eyes closed saying she got over it in a week because oh god did she not. Did you think she started doing more drugs for fun? She even tried to get a rebound a year later(which she got hate for…) and it didnt work out and she spiraled so out of control afterwards. That clearly messed her up. Her bf was missing for awhile before they found his body and she was freaking out for days. To be with someone for 6 years and to lose them like… that has to mess someone up. And like everyone said she did a complete 180 she is not at all the same person she used to be. Am i superised that shes a sex worker now? Nope

No. 248553

I have no idea what happened to Cori Shea, but last I remember she was going through a hardcore mermaid wiccan crystal princess phase. She's still around somewhere, I ran a scene kid appreciation blog (embarrassing I know), and I still get copyright claims for the photos I posted of her.

No. 248573

I mean according to her tumblr she works at a bakery now so.. this sex work thing isn't the only thing she's doing or simply doing because she ~needs the money~

No. 248645

She's posting a lot of photos of her cupcake decoration at work on FB, she definitely has a job.

No. 248649

File: 1486763438194.jpg (19.26 KB, 200x300, l_d8e6e66aa9cc483e9df5467bfae4…)

slightly off topic but this is what inna clitostrophe looks like today, fucking kek

No. 248681

File: 1486768764916.jpg (78.78 KB, 600x899, inna.jpg)

Here's a better ver of that pic for you, anon.

She looks super rough.

No. 248955

Honestly, she looks good and she has a rockin' body. I can't hate on girls who actually take care of themselves and do sex work, there's no shame in it.

I always felt bad for her after her boyfriend died. It hit her hardcore and she went into a downward spiral for a long time. She is honestly Kiki levels of needing the internet for approval, and I think because of that she didn't cope well at all.

Although she ain't shit for scamming people and never giving them back their refunds.

No. 248980

She's wearing a million hurts on her face. Poor thing.

No. 283723

Bump because I just noticed she deleted everything, anyone have deets?

No. 283744

ooooh. I second this.

No. 283777

Her Tumblr is lunarluminesence now, I don't know why she switched blogs but she's been saying she was going to delete her Tumblr and plugging the new one for like two or three weeks.

No. 283823

I'm kinda thinking it's because her Tumblr had lots of old memories of her boyfriend and her life before he killed himself, and also the posts of the aftermath. Anyone could go through her archive and look at the years of downward spiraling. It's kinda sad to look at and maybe she wanted a fresh start.

No. 285367

10/10 would fuck

No. 285383

OT but what is she wearing in the op? The pattern is really cute.

No. 322324

File: 1495830874645.jpg (55.43 KB, 674x935, 17202721_10154390063255920_161…)

Holy shit this thead.

I found this because I was showing someone that if you google image search "lexi bee" there's like 30 pages of her being a scene queen, but noticed this in the search results and came back to it today.

I'm her boyfriend. I'm relatively motivated and successful, I've known her for a while (post-myspace, post-Mattie, met her at raves). She isn't into sex work, she tried it but wasn't into it. She ran on some hard times with her etsy shop (depression/anxiety) and fell behind on orders (before I came around), and she refunded everyone recently because I helped her get back on her feet. I managed to talk her into finding a better job at a better bakery, and she's really enjoying the work. She is doing well and is much happier, I think the new job helped a lot because the other bakery was kind of a dead end. I'm planning to stay around for a while. I'm familiar with her mental illnesses and just want to take care of her and make her happy.

That's something she made from fabric she got at Hobby Lobby I believe. She got it a long time ago so I'm not sure if they carry it anymore.

No. 322327

No. 322333

Is that you in the pic? You don't look successful to me you look like a gross smelly person

You make your gf look cleaner cuz you look so damn crusty. So that's good I guess

No. 322336

Good way to get people to start talking about her again although no one has done so in a month. I'd delete this if I were you.

No. 322338

>relatively motivated and successful

No man of your age is ever successful with that ugly ass hair color and those piercings. Re-evaluate your life and choices.

No. 323639

ultra cool baseless assumption, kid, try harder

No. 323640

Is she copying Kiki? I mean, the crystals and style..

No. 323681

Lol. As if anyone would copy Kiki.

No. 323685

Believe it or not anon, I've seen girls on instagram copying her descripton and all of her photos.

No. 323687

U look like a 40 year old who shops at hot topic so u can molest younger children KEK

No. 323701

No really, the dude in that photo looks like a fucking loser, and if he's the one who really wrote that post I think Lexi needs to RUN. That post looks inconspicuous but it's ME ME ME with a little 'oh, yeah, I'M HELPING her LOOK AT ME' coupled with the photo taken by a greasy loser overtaking the frame with a timid girl in the corner….you put it together.. fucking yikes hahah

No. 328113

This girl is on heroin. She's trying to get off and has a YouTube. She talks a little about it but she erased all the vids. They were out there too. She just erased all her vids from here https://youtu.be/9wq6nQel50I to a few days ago too.

No. 328116

She comes from wealth on the east coast. Baltimore I think. Her parents are a professor and a doctor. She got sent to a very expensive private school called The Green School that got closed down due to their odd practices of. It having any rules.

No. 335073

File: 1497381311429.png (255.6 KB, 750x1080, IMG_1703.PNG)

Looks like she's getting back into scamming

No. 335088

Looks like that anon in this thread who wished cows like her would stop the low tier sex work and go back to the glory days of etsy scams got their wish

No. 335112

Wow, how depressing. I used to watch her videos when she was in her MLP/SPANK! phase and I always thought she was cute, despite her ADHD and horse face. I bought a pair of earrings from her store and they arrived fine, I had no idea she was a scammer ._.

I unfollowed her when she became a lame baby bat stoner (basically after Mattie became an hero).

Now she's on dope, camming, and doing even worse than I thought. Sigh.

No. 335122

I think it's the glorification of sex work and mass brainwashing of feminism tbh. These cows practically live on tumblr, are dumb as hell with no redeeming skills, and usually have poor relationships with their families, so their moral compass stood no chance really.

No. 335169

Pussy game must've been shit.

Just kidding.

But yeah basically she seemed sad for like a week afterwards, and slowly imploded through a series of personal tumblr posts and shitty abusive daddy doms off tinder. BDSM as a coping mechanism, yet another shitty tumblr meme that leads to so much milk.

I don't think she dealt with the bereavement properly, she basically just went right back to hoarding care bears, smoking pot and pretending it never happened.

I remember they did a video together and Mattie looks clearly miserable and exhausted. He barely says a word.

It's scary and interesting how many cows boyfriends end up becoming an hero'd.

No. 335194

She made a post talking about how sleepy he always was. That's depression. Like he always just looked so depressed, and people were surprised he did what he did. Like what. It was obvious to anyone with a clue that he wasn't happy and needed help

No. 336901

File: 1497687133504.png (170.26 KB, 750x1011, IMG_1835.PNG)

This looks like shit lol

No. 336918


No. 336920

Literally looks like a childs drawing, the attempt at blending the colours on the flower petals is horrendous

No. 337000

what the fuck. sorry matt at trader bobs, keep practicing on pig skin because this is abhorrent

No. 337030

I never knew inna was internet famous, but she was kind of a crusty union square burnout regular for a while
https://vimeo.com/33575980 this is getting me v nostalgic for 2009

No. 337164

I wouldn't be able to sleep if I knew I scarred someone with something like this. Thankfully tattoos can be removed nowadays, but still.

No. 342804

File: 1498678849868.png (243.06 KB, 736x1028, IMG_2078.PNG)

Her scam..I mean shop is open today.

No. 342896

I remember back in the day (circa 2008 maybe?) when she opened up another shop where she sold shitty MLP t-shirts she "handmade" with actual my little pony hair on them kek

No. 343292

They were weft extensions dyed pink and sewn to the pony where the mane would be. It was fuckin weird. When I saw it I was like "how the fuck do you wash that…?" Especially since I've seen (tragically) a hair extension after a washing machine.

No. 344277

thank goodness it doesn't ship to Australia :P

No. 344591

File: 1498936927642.jpg (75.27 KB, 800x846, LauraAnunnaki-57b12783b477f-ta…)

Maybe she wanted something like this

No. 355184

Does anyone know what her tumblr url is now?

No. 355255

No. 355270

dude i followed her since her myspace lexilush days this is hilarious
except the thing with her ex… watching that unfold over tumblr was really unsettling…

No. 406388

File: 1508515529258.png (1.96 MB, 1944x1156, lexi.png)

Looks like she's got herself another boyfriend.

>>322324 Bet this guy is feeling pretty dumb, lol. I wish she would just allow herself to be single for awhile instead of jumping from shitty dude to shitty dude.

No. 407044

What happened to all her sex work stuff and saying she was streaming shows? It all just disappeared with no mention again.

No. 407069

She didn't stick with it long apparently.

No. 407119

Why do all her boyfriends look like trailer park meth heads?

No. 409852

Aw I miss Lexi. I followed her since I was like 12 and getting into scene kid crap haha. We used to talk on tumblr and I have some hair bows from her shop, they’ve held up for like 6 years and I still use them weekly! Actually “Sun and Moon” came on my iTunes today and I actually cried a bit cuz I remembered Lexi and Matties whole thing, and then my own lover committed suicide shortly after so i kinda understood needing space. Anyway i googled her and this thread came up. Haven’t had internet in ~2yrs and wow, a bit has changed. Sage for rambling

No. 409881

Relying to my own post because I read more of the thread and also why not
Honestly don’t see why everyone is acting all disgusted by her for smoking pot and doing cam work. Neither of those things are bad so idg why y’all are being so bitter and acting like she’s on heroin on the corner
She had a huge traumatic event in her life and she went thru some shit and dated different people and changed more - aka she’s living her life probably she best she can after something like that. It happens. Lexi you do you. ANYWAY

No. 420112

It's cute who you fucks think you know her. How dare you talk shit about someone you don't know personally. She is a good person who doesn't deserve this bs. Maybe instead of talking shit worry about your own lives.

No. 420113

If I found out anyone of you are people who are friends with her through fb or some other sites you will have to deal with me.(no1curr)

No. 420122

File: 1510294879946.gif (1.35 MB, 320x240, don't dox us pls.gif)

No. 420134

Alright, if you think you're so tough why don't you come right to my front door and square up? I live at 14 Branchland Court in Ruckersville, Virginia. Fight me irl, bro.

No. 420321

File: 1510324932306.png (430.66 KB, 1075x1664, 20171110_153758.png)

Lexi moved to a different state with her boyfriend of only a few months. She just doesn't learn that not every boyfriend is the love her life and still talks about nothing but whoever she's currently dating. She should take a break and focus on herself but it seems like she's incapable of being single. Her last boyfriend stalked her after the breakup and she found footprints in the snow, can post caps if needed

What now?

No. 420488

Does anyone have more caps of the aftermath of her boyfriend suicide? Her tumblr is down.

No. 420714

These men she dates look so sketchy.

No. 420744

Late to the party but damn. She was the first person I followed on tumblr forever ago and her cutesy aesthetic was related to some fairy kei blogs and that's how I learned about jfashion. Now she's a little and using cuteness to sexually promot herself/a weird kink, bleck.

I always hoped for the best for her but she's always seemed to be the type of girl who can't live without a relationship. Doesn't help that she suddenly lost her bf of years and has gotten worse. It'd be nice if she would find herself a better career and learn how to be independent but really doubt that'll happen. Maybe if she got a therapist instead of gross boyfriends who take advantage of her ignorance/insecurity she wouldn't be a cow.

Her new aesthetic is also boring for me. She had her own pink style but now she's another wanna be trendy "spooky" raver chicks smoking pot all day.

No. 528078

does she even have a tumblr anymore?

No. 528090

she hasn't posted on it in months https://lunarluminesence.tumblr.com/

No. 536307

Yeah can we get the milk on that? I didn’t follow scene queenz on the internet unfortunately

No. 536335

Her store is still up..(shopmooncakes) on storenvy.

No. 536346

Pretty sure many were aware still but thanks anon, her Etsy shop under the same name is still going too with 'custom made' skirts up for sale
Gotta admit that a two item store isn't very appealing either

No. 536445

She's active on facebook. facebook.com/ravercupcake

No. 863188

Whatever happened to her? Is she still alive or what?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 863228

IG: CosmicCupcake
Twitter: StrawbunniCake

No. 906360

Some of these posts are wrong. She didn’t come from money. She didn’t live on the east coast either. When I lived in St Louis I met Lexi. She was part of a charity fashion show I put on. She showed up to the model casting call and one of the designers chose her. This was circa 2010/2011 maybe?

She was super introverted in person and literally cling to her boyfriend - she brought him with her to the casting call and the rehearsal… and day of.(necro)

No. 906440

This is a thread that died ages ago and the last post was three months ago. Why would you bump this?

No. 1359613

Anyone got any nudes of her?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1359616

fuck off scrote

No. 1359809

File: 1635798268028.jpeg (342.53 KB, 827x1509, 917B08DC-F6F6-449C-B65F-0CC75C…)

I remember this girl. she hasn’t posted since May 2020. anyone know if she’s okay?

No. 1359831

File: 1635800630539.jpeg (261.1 KB, 827x1699, 45DA948D-4578-47DE-A295-F5408C…)

nevermind, looks like she scammed a bunch of people and disappeared. typical.

she has tons of comments on her IG worrying about her and asking if she’ll come back. pretty shitty.

No. 1521474

That's not milk, Captain Save-a-hoe.

No. 1521502

What did they post?

No. 1521504

I haven’t spoken to her in literal years. No idea where she is now. Sad we fell apart like we did. Weird to see this thread.

No. 1521533

It was her most recent ex complaining about her basically, I didn’t think to screenshot it but I bet someone did. Pretty sure he said he understood why Mattie killed himself.

No. 1521540

Yeah it was basically a whinier iteration of the
>my ex is crazy!
spiel. Blaming her for the suicidal decision of some other moid. I'm glad she hurt him then, and I hope he follows in Mattie's footsteps.

No. 1521546

Damn I don't like lexi either but thats fucked. Why are scrotes like this?
Mattie died in 2013 right? I can't believe that was close to 10 years ago, I really felt for her because her relationship reminded me of mine at the time. Hope she's okay, seems she's still MIA on social media. Hopefully she finally decided to take a step back from all that.

No. 1521988

another tragic fatass…how original…

No. 1522140

Sad. She may be an idiot leeching scammer, but whoever that buttsore scrote is will always be beneath her by default and that is precisely why he's single.
Don't come here posting your sniveling ugly tears again, you getting dumped isnt milk loser.

No. 1522572

She wore a lot of makeup. We only dated a month total catfish she has a huge birthmark on her face. She’s crazy definitely nothing to whine about.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1522578

Sounds like someone’s mad

No. 1522581

You’d cry too if it happened to you.

No. 1522583

Cat fishing is not cool. A birth mark ? No way

No. 1522641


No. 1523066

>I actually worked with her at amazon
>We only dated a month
>She's a catfish

If you're too retarded to realize she's gonna probably look different with out all the make up on, thats not her being a catfish, thats just you being retarded.
She literally cant help where or how big a birthmark is and it's stupid to bitch about now.
fuck off, scrote.

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