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File: 1445705574669.jpg (236.78 KB, 1366x870, 1445644292800.jpg)

No. 196490

Previous Thread >>187661



Recap: Snaggle-puss has hidden himself from online searches after anons try to talk to him about the Balding wonder. It seems he was more fragile than we thought.
Baldy has still not updated her twitter in awhile, one can only wonder the storm that is brewing…

No. 196496

Just plugging this chat.


No. 196498

Also, just as a reminder: We are not here to scare off the cows. Please do not try to goad Kaka or Taku into a reaction just because you're sperging from all the new information. The best trolling is done softly, and often in the shadows.

Basically, please try to keep your autism at a minimum and form a 'gameplan' with the other farmers before doing anything outlandish and stupid again.

No. 196499

Also, just saying I would like to thank whomever uncovered Taku's profile. But I think that spamming him with messages (whomever that was) was fucking stupid and could have potentially ruined a lot.

p.s. Hi Kaka, nice to have you here with us.

No. 196500

Conspiracy theory: What if kaka was the one who posted that comment on her Instagram and flooded taku's profile with messages?
We all know she's used fake accounts to insult herself in the past. It actually made us look like crazy stalkers and played out for her benefit. Plus now we are completely disorganized and fighting amongst ourselves.

There also were a lot of emoticons in the thread earlier that fit her writing style. For example: >>196237 >>195986

No. 196503

It could be, but we won't know unless we knew her ip or admin confirms its all one person.

It'd be funny as all hell if it was tho, trying really hard to throw us off her trail

No. 196504

I would like to believe this, however it's more likely that there are just 'tards from PULL and tubblr among us.

I wonder if admin noticed anything amiss about the entire exchange.

No. 196505

I can imagine there were three or four pulltards that contributed to post most of the "imma talkin to taco hehe~"

No. 196511

I almost regretted it at one point today, because things got so spergy. But it's was totally worth it. I just wish Kiki would melt the fuck down already, lol

No. 196512

Thread made, add anything you want to discuss.


No. 196514

File: 1445707996102.gif (578.73 KB, 268x268, No..gif)

There's a big problem emerging here on the farm that's the exact same problem that effectively led to 4chan's internal breakdown.

When lolcow first went up over a year ago now it consisted pretty much exclusively of seagulls.
At this point we all knew how to function as a single unit cohesively, what to do, when to execute action and when best to stay away.

As lolcow has grown in popularity and notoriety we've been slowly witnessing a silent invasion of PULLtards, SJW's and underb& tweens who don't understand our overall modus operandi and seem to believe that this site exists purely for antagonism and mayhem, i.e. the "HAHA YES LET'S GO RUIN TAKU'S BUSINESS BY POSTING KIKI'S STUFF ALL OVER HIS CAFE'S FB PAGE" poster.

I don't know who else has noticed, but in the last 2-3 months alone the rate of deliberately aggressive/aggravating/stupid posts has exploded and has caused an enormous upsurge of infighting and people bickering and effectively destroying numerous threads and it's something I've fallen for myself repeatedly.

I think in the next townhall chat we need to have a serious discussion about isolating undesirable elements and non-contributors from the board so that shit doesn't go down again like what went down with Taku last night because that was like, the biggest fuck up I've witnessed on this site to date and I am 100% confident that it was non executed by any of the older users here, by which I mean the ex-/seagulls/ who actually do understand to handle a delicate operation like this one.

I remember a while back when I first discovered Kirsten's hidden online stalking-cache and I posted it here and we managed to keep that a secret and allowing her to continue uploading files for like, what, 5 months? Dang I was so proud guys, that was some fine work.

Today that would not happen because some fucking idiot would be straight to her on some sock Twitter account Tweeting at her "HAHA KEEKS WE FOUND UR ONLINE CACHE HAHA WAT R U GONNA DO".

No. 196515


Oh it looks like a few of you have already been having similar thoughts >>196512

Okay I'll repost to the thread and discuss it there thanks.

No. 196516

It's up to the farmers to push the pulltards and newfags out.

No. 196519

And let's keep the discussion about these things over in that meta thread. This one needs to be about Kiki exclusively.

No. 196520


That's a bit difficult when we don't even have the means to identify them.

It's at a time like this that I'm considering it may be a good idea to start pushing for mandatory user ID's like they have on /b/…

I don't want this but idk what else to do.

No. 196522

There's no need for IDs. I think we can tell who is fucking up and who isn't. We need to shame the people who are fucking up and derailing and enforce board culture. Even if it means calling out little things like that anon who was using emoticons.

Just make it annoying for newfags. Assimilate or die.

Anyway, let's discuss all these things in meta instead.

No. 196523

Ugh, I hate that idea I like that most of the farmers are sane enough to just report and inform, but the recent influx of yards have made them few and far between

This needs to go to /meta but I do want to know if the regard who messaged him was the one posting all that shit

No. 196525

I like this idea actually. It was one of the few things I liked about /cow/ when I visited for the Peter Coffin milk. Plus PULLtards would probably be too dumb to figure out how to refresh the id.

No. 196526

What if Taco left keeks because of all her crabs

They ate up her hairline already

No. 196528

Poor Taco. I imagine this ordeal might be kind of stressful, tbh.

No. 196532

So should we just sit on our hands till the taco explosion to pass, or should we attempt to rectify this and have a coherent explanation sent to him, without spamming him retarded shit?

Like the old Kiki drama was too much. Why not have only sent him info about the personal stuff that only pertains to him?
(Big middle finger to that fat cow heather on snow…she was one of the tards that spammed tumblr with lolcow links)

No. 196533


Nah, I think this cows been killed dry already.
Time to put Bessy down. Taku's done.

No. 196535


Milked dry* but whatever works.

No. 196536

I think the best course of action is to do nothing for a while. Ride it out and see what the aftermath is before proceeding further.

No. 196541

File: 1445710858945.jpg (125.87 KB, 750x836, 1445686903843.jpg)

idk how anybody hasn't noticed yet but the OP of this thread is obviously the colossal idiot that made this Twitter account and began spamming Taku's name and business on Twitter.

OP is a PULL faggot.

No. 196555

Link me pls and report

No. 196557

Lol Because it's that hard to call her bald and use that picture?
I'm the OP and no I did not message taco or make that account

I was the one who noticed he had everything set to private

No. 196559


Literally nobody else in the previous thread used the name "Bald Gaijin" prior to the Twitter account appearing, so yes, I'm suspicion.

No. 196560

It was funny?
If you are so paranoid you can ask I guess
But I was the one who posted about the accounts bein private, not the Twitter post sooo sorry I offended you with kilos bald head

No. 196561

No. 196562


Twitter newfag, delete tacos name and business you cunt

No. 196563

Kaka can't even tie her own shoelaces together on a good day, let alone have the wits to orchestrate this.

No. 196564

Amen. All these milking potential wasted by a few newfags who don't understand the value of patience.

No. 196565

I can agree she might have posted a few times to try and keep the thread derailed, but I doubt she actually has the brain power to plan all this

No. 196569

I missed most of this today and tbh the behaviour of this group is disgusting. I used to sign on to catch up on the Internet gossip but this is too much. I can't read what everyone is doing. Bravo you found him but contacting him lying and goading kiki into a reaction is just pathetic. I decided I have more of a life to follow this shit any longer.im all up for a laugh here and there but this….This has the potential to destroy someones life or worse. Signing off for good and not to quote kiki but you guys doing this shit really are bullies. Ff's let the girl move on with her life

No. 196571

See ya

No. 196572

>someone on Instagram tipped off Kaka about us finding Taku
>The comment said something like "We found Taku and we're going to ask him all about your breakup" or something like that and her reply was "lol go ahead, I dare you" (all deleted now of course)
>I have a screenshot on my iPod which I'll post later when I find the charger.

Bringing this to the new Kaka thread and waiting for delivery.

See you tomorrow!

No. 196573

Bye kaka

No. 196579

Who cares about Kiki but I agree about Taku. He's done absolutely nothing wrong and couldn't have even known who she was because his English is such shit.

No. 196581

The account also has 14 followers, betting some of them are the identities of our resident PULLtards.

No. 196583

Bye, you won't be missed

No. 196586

File: 1445715924654.jpg (100.7 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

It looks more like a bunch of random ones?

No. 196587

File: 1445715980402.jpg (142.41 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

Also whoever does own the account,seriously give it up

No. 196588

File: 1445716399561.jpg (108 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mxgb6nie6Y1sr0gy1o1_500…)

Kek at the kaka shit, but taco chan shouldn't have been bombarded with anons attacking him with shit about kaka. It should have been done with caution.

No. 196589

File: 1445716669150.gif (1.04 MB, 200x150, poyle-roof.gif)

No. 196592

I wouldn't even bother with the fake kiki twitter. They are loving all the attention they are getting. Just ignore them.

No. 196593

Ha its always sunny gets me every time.

Yeah I agree with all the meddling stuff. On reddit, Ragen Chastain is a fat activist version of Kiki and they have a specific "Don't touch the poop" rule or you're banned. This means like doing anything to interfere with the natural shitshow that is Ragen. Don't comment their social medias, don't doxx, etc.

I'm in the camp of farmers who are too lazy to do any of that and just watch

No. 196594

Sometimes you have to poke the dead cow with a stick.

No. 196598

this time farmers poked the cow with a stick and set it on fire as soon as it seemed to be getting up

No. 196599

yeah a few of the LJ drama comms I'm in operate the same "don't touch the poop, just look at it" approach and we've never had any shit like this place has.
Did your moms never teach "look but don't touch"? Jesus

No. 196604

I love you. Let the ruthlessness commence, we are living in the dark ages.

No. 196606


Honestly with the way the site has been overrun by overzealous idiots recently, it's no surprise to me that they went ballistic with that info, but I underestimated how far they'd go. Congrats to those who did: You just gave Kiki more fuel/proof to say that ~haterz~ are trying to ruin her life and stalk her to every end of the earth. Also why the fuck are you trying to ruin Taku's rep? He's not the lolcow here - have you forgotten?

It's one thing to message to him once off about Kiki/shit she could be covering up as a way to warn him (which is creepy even with the utmost tact, but aims to help) and it's another spam his accounts with Kiki's bullshit and posting his full name and restaurant with Kiki's bullshit all over social media (which doesn't help anyone, is unnecessary harassment and libel).

No. 196609

This is cringey as hell, yikes.

No. 196610

I'm sorry to suck but can someone post a tldr; about what happened? I just tried to catch up on the previous thread but I am a bit confused since there was a lot going on at once, it was a bit hard for me to follow.

No. 196612

Taku was ID'd, someone contacted him to send him some links to Kaka vids, Kaka graced us with her balding presence ;3, Taku was rightfully weirded the fuck out and went on lockdown. That's about it.

No. 196614

Ah thank you. For some reason I thought it was some of that plus a video that she didn't want up anymore that had something questionable in it? Or was that unrelated?

No. 196615

The video was a repost of one she had on her channel of her and Taku. Another anon uploaded it to YouTube and that's when Kiki appeared >>195986 to get the video removed. Nothing new has happened yet.

No. 196617

I never (that I remember) say this, but we REALLY need admin-sama now. Perhaps to highlight all posts by the IP, or just to tell us if it was the only post in the thread by that IP.

Just something, that'll help us know.

No. 196618

I doubt that's a long-term solution. When an anon wants to troll and be an ass, they can do it using /pt/ info but not posting at all. People likely sent Taco things but never posted on the thread. They're gonna do what they're gonna do.

The best thing is to brush off people that don't belong and be more careful with links.

No. 196619

We are currently discussing this in https://chat.lolcow.farm/r/meta.

No. 196621

I guess knowing won't really change anything or matter

No. 196622

The anon who found him handled it too poorly. They were excited about it and went right to /pt/ with it as it happened. That just invited an outpouring of sperg that made it worse. I don't want to get preachy about it since I'm sure that anon realizes they screwed the pooch royally and there are better ways to handle these things in the future.

No. 196623

It really should have been talked about first.
If we knew about takus accounts but just talked out what we would do with the info instead of running wild this would have been less of a shit storm I'm sure

No. 196627

Yeah, I agree. Or the anon could've not been a complete spazz and just talked to him themselves without freaking him out. Shit happens.

No. 196635

Not my fault these spergs can't handle milk

No. 196638

You're right and I apologize.

No. 196645

Its so boring when she does nothing.

this almost makes it a waste of time with finding taco if she doesnt sperg out.

No. 196647

Stupid spamming taku

No. 196662

Please see https://lolcow.farm/rules, under "Exceptions to the above".

Don't post sensitive information about someone who is not directly and collaboratively involved with the subject at hand. Dakota could be considered directly involved with Kiki and her past, but Taku isn't. Posting Taku's name and (some) profiles is ok. Posting Kiki's name, profiles, and employer is ok. Posting Taku's employer or information about his family is not ok.

All posts with information about his brother or employer that I could find have had the information removed. Please report any other posts you think have gone too far with the amount of information posted.

Also, >>196202 has been permanently banned. They've been banned many times in the past for similar offenses.

No. 196664


Give it time anon, give it time. She'll be back.

No. 196666


"ill b back"

No. 196667

Nice try admin-fag so many ways in this place it'seems like swiss cheese(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 196668


Oh Anon, you're so, so, so foolish.

No. 196669

Send taco's grandma some underwear pics

No. 196672

i'm going to steal taco's heart now that he isn't with kiki and get a visa

No. 196674


>swiss cheese

i lol'd at that tho

No. 196675

Ganbatte, anon-chan.

No. 196676


Why bother with #pray4taku tho? All you need to do is download Hellotalk or sign up to any dodgy language website, send some Japanese guy a smile, chat with him get his deets. Meet him in sushi land, don't mind in having to give the guy a good fuck and fulfil his gaijin hunter dream. Butter him up, act kawaii and you'll that visa in less than a year. If he's older even better, the sadder the lonelier the better.

I'm not encouraging this but it happens tho guys.

No. 196677


p.s this is probably what kaka did anyway

No. 196678

I'll try. I mean its not like her body can give much milk with how dried out it is.

No. 196680


how dare you insult our precious kira kira indigo child's hot booty and bod anon

shame on u

No. 196681

Masterbaiting to snagglechan in his underpants

No. 196683


>kaka's theme

she's like the terminator u c

"ill b back"

No. 196685

Masterbaiting to snagglechan in his underpants

No. 196686


u gross

No. 196688

hey kaka I hope you feel bad

No. 196689

so what do you guys think is gonna happen next? what do you think kiki is planning? cause the silence is suspicious and so unlike her…

No. 196691

Probably busily adding to her hater file

No. 196734

sperging newfags ruined it

No. 196758

Kiki gonna do something big
Im feeling it

No. 196775


me too

shes up to something

No. 196776

What do you mean? She has been silent this whole time..

No. 196777

I feel like she's gonna pretend like none of this is going on what'll really be funny is if she keeps pretending to be in japan

No. 196778

This so much, nice job breaking it you fucking spergs, whoever you are

No. 196779

Exactly. Someone here went wayyyy too far with the taku thing. Like literal harassment to an innocent guy. Even if kiki and he broke up, she is probably waiting for real evidence of harassment. There is it. Its all here.

No. 196784

he seems like a nice decent person too. that's what makes it even worse.
it makes kiki look right about the internet haters being after her and out to ruin her life.
this could've gone so differently and it was so short lived and unsatisfying because of people ruining it.

No. 196791

I like to see how she fails, but I'm not gonna provoke her fails. Contacting Taku, sending him links and stalking him is not funny tbh The same with Kaka. It's not funny if someone attacks her online. It's childish, immature. I like to see how she naturally fails at life. So gtfo if you're going to follow every step and make her have a mental breakdown. I find it childish to provoke a break up or stalk the guy she had a relationship with.
>Inb4 you're Kaka, Cathy, Kota
oh, and another thing, the fuck with op pic?Bald gaijin girl? Wow so mature so cool. It's not funny to make fun of someone with thin hair or alopecia
>inb4you have alopecia

No. 196796

Most of her thread are about making fun of her and her hair line
Fuck look at vs veryone who bitches about Dakotas thinning hair

I agree the Taku thing is wrong everyone does but you just made a moot point

Hi Kiki

No. 196807

are you in the right place?

No. 196808

I agree with the point that she's enough of a lolcow without our help. Getting directly involved and fucking it up majorly like that makes us (as a collective) look like the lolcows in this situation. She's probably laughing her ass off at how badly this got fucked up.

But re: the insults - this isn't PULL.

No. 196810

part of me thinks the reason she has been so quiet on twitter is because she has been posting among us this whole time

No. 196814

>oh, and another thing, the fuck with op pic?Bald gaijin girl? Wow so mature so cool. It's not funny to make fun of someone with thin hair or alopecia


No. 196823

No. 196834

File: 1445802189269.jpg (8.57 KB, 284x177, images.jpg)

No. 196850

So I agree with the whole "idiots went too far and ruined shit" sentiment, but I think it's safe to say we all agree on that point and can stop repeating it ad nauseum, kthx. No need to fill up an entire thread saying the same thing over and over again.

No. 196859

I actually have alopecia and I don't mind the jokes. I mean, it sucks but whatever. I feel like the jokes actually normalize it and get people talking about hair loss as oppose to shaming it.

No. 196860

File: 1445814349147.jpg (14.04 KB, 251x241, only-the-dead-can-know-peace-f…)

No. 196861

The idea is we insult people because of their personality, not solely because of their appearance or other things they can't control.

I wouldn't call some random person on the street hideous or potato nosed, even if they were. If they were also a terrible person who deserved it, then it's a different story.

No. 196862

File: 1445815159199.jpg (808.6 KB, 1370x1424, kakasama.jpg)

kaka pls come back I even helped you make a new kawaii picture for your future danna desu

No. 196867


She wouldn't even be able to read it, cuz she can't speak Japanese.

No. 196868

But a lot of people on here make fun of Taku's appearance and we don't know anything about him. He isn't internet famous and for all we know he could be a really nice guy.

No. 196869

>someone asks to stop beating a dead horse
>overkill chantard reaction image

I think if anyone's jimmies are rustled here, it's yours. Chill bro.

No. 196871

I think most people here are fairly respectful towards Taku, minus the recent dox drama, compared to Kiki and the rest. They only call him out on his snaggle tooth because it's really prominent and unusual, and we're catty bitches. I don't think anyone is that malicious about it.

No. 196872



Not even her but implying that "someone" isn't you kek

No. 196873

Hopefully it will convince her to fill in her eyebrows at least.

No. 196875

wow this looks really good anon
i don't know what it says though..

No. 196877


Yeah, I don't think anyone really has anything against Taku
It's funny to insult his appearance because it clearly pisses Kiki off. She cares way too much about what we think about her visa ticket husbando.

No. 196880

This looks like a young keshA minus the drug abusing crack whore aging

No. 196889

Lolll nice job to the artist
It says "looking for a husband, doki doki kira kira alien princess"

No. 196893

As soon as we started calling him Snaggletooth the Kira Kira princess went on a MUH PRIVACY meltdown and deleted most of her Taku content so obviously she gives a shit. It's hilarious. If anyone thinks calling him an ugly Snaggle-chan is going too far this is probably not the place for them.

No. 196898

Why the fuck are you even here?

No. 196905

File: 1445826046945.jpg (363.05 KB, 570x1240, Untitled-1.jpg)

> enhance

Looks like cathy or scott is still whoring their daughter(s) out

No. 196906

uhhhh no shit.

No. 196920

Did pulltard amateur who contacted taco link him to lolcow?

No. 196922

We don't even know what was sent as no caps were provided.

No. 196926

It seems like her Interpals profile has been deleted…

No. 196928


worldfriends too

No. 196929

Because his worldfriends account doesn't have a pic. Anymore. Pretty sure he lurked here, saw it, and is being even more secretive.

No. 196933


Nice catch, anon

No. 196938

File: 1445846689264.jpeg (801.16 KB, 2448x2448, image.jpeg)

Found kiki's office in Roppongi

No. 196952

she blocked me on IG though i dont think i ever commented on her stuff, only dakota's. lol

No. 196953

I would really really like to know the rationale behind kaka blocking seemingly random people

Odd number of followers? Block. Following Kota also? Block. Asking questions? Block.
Her block list must be more than the number of her followers. Kaka has truly lost the plot

No. 196958

Wondering that myself. Thankfully, I'm sill not blocked. Too bad she hasn't posted anything new for 6 weeks.

No. 196961


That was actually referring to all the people beating the dead horse, defensive-chan

No. 196965


She blocks anyone whose IP also goes here to lolcow. I think she must check up on everyone who comments on her and Kota's accounts and auto blocks them if they go here. She's batshit crazy.

No. 196966

Caps of the messages sent to Taku, not his profile.

No. 196967

There's no way she could know the IPs of lolcow users. Only Admin can see them

No. 196968

Of course there are ways, like when somebody links a specific video here and the users click it, this is the only site redirecting to her site via anony.link

No. 196970

File: 1445874460478.gif (941.55 KB, 360x270, 1280787764160.gif)

>plot twist: kiki is admin

No. 196971

But magically knowing which lolcow IPs match which insta/twitter users? Not likely at all without having access to sensitive info from insta and twitter regarding all of their users to see what matches. If it were, she'd have all the farmers blocked by now on every site.

No. 196977

The caps of his profile don't exist anymore because we cleaned house during the town hall. But a cap of his profile pic (of a hand rolling a cup on a plate) was uploaded here.

Now he doesn't have a profile pic at all. So I'm assuming he noticed, freaked again, and is trying to stay low and #pray4taco we don't go and commit any stalker/bully bullshit Kiki claims we do.

No. 196980

Yes, we all know this. The original comment was not asking for caps of Taku's profile. They were asking what was sent to him.

No. 196992

>>196533 lmfaooooo yes nomore kiki vegan milk

No. 197000

I wouldn't be surprised if Kiki linked him to lolcow in order to defend herself.
>'see see see how obsessed with me they are'

No. 197003

So how long do you think kiki is going to lay low? I have a feeling she'll be ducking down for a while.

I don't think any big spaz is coming. If Taku is still with her and she's crying about obsessed stalkers (as we imagine) I bet he's pushing the solution of fucking off the internet.

I think she'll come back eventually, "new", pretending none of this happened. But not within the near future.

No. 197004

this is probably exactly what she did and honestly what i would do if i were found in that situation.

No. 197006

what if all of this shenanagins makes their relationship stronger and they get back together :o

No. 197009

I would too. But he's also been notified that private embarrassing videos of him have been uploaded publicly so he's probably pretty pissed at her anyways.

No. 197015

there's no way she's worth all of this trouble hahaha
she isn't worth it WITHOUT the trouble
remember if we're right about them breaking up, it happened before his profile got posted

No. 197035

If she desperately wants that entertainment visa, it won't be for long. Even if she got a small job in glorious nippon, we'd know about it.

Keekz, the longer you lurk the shadows, the more successful your sister becomes. She'll outshine you and you'll be forgotten.
Now get out there and do something so we can all have a good laugh.

No. 197046

Yes, Kiki.
You know that being active is the only way to be successful. Someone will discover you eventually…

No. 197052


coughs porn

kaka would probably make a good nymphet

dw kaka the tumblr feminists will back you up all the way if you decide to go down that route

or just opt for jap porn, you're white and thin with blue eyes

no doubt they'll love you

besides kaka, you like fucking and don't lie, we all know you like the jap attention cos you're "white n speshul" remember? plus you can brag about kota being your little animu sister

No. 197053


or just go to bravo suck the managers cock and hopefully you'll get signed up

you're as basic as your sister, surely to god bravo can edit out your mess and do something with you too

throw on some childish overpriced clothing, cut out a fringe on that 5head, shoop and pale you out the fuck in a few magazines… TRY and give you some gook lessons and you're good to go! Just act humble, nod at everything everyone says, give a "sodane" every now and then… you'll be good to go!

No. 197066

I could imagine this work. A fringe, some amount of shoop, Kaka is already thin so she shouldn't have much trouble fitting clothes.
Sure she is old for a newcomer model, but they could play her up as the Onee-chan of the kawaii barbie. Kota can pander to the kawaii alien shoop crowd, while Kaka can spot more of a "grown up", more western look. Together they can be the tsundere Onee-chan and the pure loli, I'm sure Japan would love this.

Goddamn it, I wanna see it happen.

No. 197074

But alas….she will never heed our advice because haters have no lives.

No. 197080


Exactly anon, my ideas would work. If there is a girl out there as hard faced and shameless as this, please give it a go. You'll find yourself some quick fame.

But yeah, I don't want kaka to get fame but in a way I'd like her to because she'd fuck it up pretty quickly. Imagine how pissed off kota would be though? Aw, kota can just stray from her though. Work with kaka and go home, leave her by herself.

I can see it too anon. The pair of them stood there all dressed up in lace white shit for some dodgy brando that'll have replicas on taobao in less than a month. Fucking fluffy white cats and fluffy ass angora rabbits surrounding them. All paled out, circle lenses making them look lifeless as fuck and probably tears running down kaka's cheeks like that scene in the Black Swan at the end. Kaka thinking "I've done it, I've finally done it". Then kota crying her eyes out at the fact that her sister is back by her side.

Oh it'd be so much fun.

No. 197111

>kaka would probably make a good nymphet

no with that yama uba face

No. 197141

I don't want to be like those Anon's on this board who are constantly going on about people's age and how haggard they look, but I really think that out of all the cows posted here Kirsten has aged the worst.

Girl looks way older than 23.

No. 197143

Kirsten will never become famous inside Japan.

You guys seem to forget that above all, youth is king in Japan, and Kirsten looks oooooooooold.

No. 197145

File: 1445909892071.jpg (9.75 KB, 292x215, 1c6b54ef1d6ba10c41f7e217a2ff22…)



that's what photoshop is for anon

No. 197148

Shite ne wa~!

No. 197166

lolcow is so soft it's kind of contradictive this is literally a board of trolls and you guys complain about people taking things too far, what do you expect? this is the internet. I once posted a thread about a girl named lexi bee and everyone started bitching about it saying that it will hurt her feelings I don't really know about this board anymore

No. 197169


your thread was terrible, that's why

No. 197175


they're back

No. 197180

No. 197182

Looks like she's been deleting more of her Tweets.
Goddamn this silence from her is so boring.
Especially knowing she is online pretty much everyday, deleting negative comments from IG and wahtnot.

No. 197183

because she got them deleted off youtube

[URL=http://tinypic.com/r/zjfjq0/8]View My Video[/URL]

[URL=http://tinypic.com/r/6sykyd/8]View My Video[/URL]

[URL=http://tinypic.com/r/s2eb1s/8]View My Video[/URL]

[URL=http://tinypic.com/r/sy0d5i/8]View My Video[/URL]

I hope I did this right

No. 197198

she can still report those links to tinypic and have them deleted. You are better off just emailing the links to admin.

No. 197208

You sound like you're from YTT or PULL or something. Maybe you should just go back there.

No. 197213

Anyone knows how to download videos from Tinypic?

No. 197216

Try SaveDeo or whatever it's called

No. 197235

I'm still looking for somewhere else to upload them to I might go with youku but I wouldn't know what to title it as bc I don't speak chinese/japanese

No. 197238

"KIKI KANNIBAL 种族主义者! 喀喀一副丑恶嘴脸!"

Kiki Kannibal, racist person! KaKa (onomatopoeia for throwing up) what an ugly face!"

Idk. My language skills suck. What do you want it to say?

No. 197296

I want to believe this but i think she has run out of ideas. That's why she is just deleting and going through past stuff. She isn't creating anything or scheming. I mean what could she really be dreaming up and have access to network/create? that worldfriend account won't supply her attention need and there isn't much creativity to put out on there. I wish she would have used tumblr more back in 2010-12.

Off topic:
Lolcow is the only thing keeping her online presence a live. No other past scene queen has this type attention to keep this relevant i.e. amor hilton (now enrolled in tattoo school lulz) audrey kitching (kiki's vegan dream life) or hannah beth (who cares)

i'm not sure where I was going with that but I mean it is interesting how she is the most interesting still..

and can the anon(s) please post the crap you sent to Taku? It's so fishy how no one has posted it. Even if you would get yelled at for spoiling that batch of milk. U owe us

No. 197301


Oh my god Hannah Beth. She's on some fashion reality show right now, and surprise, surprise, she's a real manipulative, scheming bitch.

No. 197308

Ooh! Which one?

No. 197311

oh my god i can see that. last i heard of her was an E! articlde about musician breaking up with her

No. 197316

house of dvf

No. 197321

Let's be real. Kaka is only relevant by virtue of her much more successful younger sister, which we pedo lesbians are still following.

No. 197340

I nearly died when I saw HB on that. She was sobbing over a breakup with some actor and couldn't work on a project.

Just so it's not a complete OT sage, these are goals, Kiki. Reality tv and troubled actors.

No. 197371

No. 197372


Oh yeah, I remember that. Someone was like "omg ur so mean she isn't selfishhhh! how dare you offend herrr!"

I still kek at that thread

No. 197373


I often wonder why she never used tumblr back in 2010-2012 with her sister? That was the ERA though. People were starting to rise and now most of those popular blogs are on YT/fashion ect and doing well for themselves. She SHOULD have gotten into it instead of hiding away.

Kaka is officially dried up crust ass baby spit up

No. 197384

She actually did that but I think she left because there were a lot of people on there calling her out on her shit. One thing in particular I remember her being called out on was her spamming Kota's tags.
Here's the link if you want to check it out:

No. 197390

File: 1446000544484.png (389.25 KB, 501x575, Capture.PNG)

No. 197392

Nothing there.

No. 197394

File: 1446001172873.png (74.26 KB, 527x499, irony.png)


No. 197398

Just an idea, I think in future if an anon discovers something full of potential milk, they should message admin with it. That way it won't be exposed to shit newfags who destroy the source of milk.

Admin (with/or whoever admin trusts), can help figure out a way to obtain maximum milk and just post the resulting screenshots of it, ensuring we get the highest quality of julay with none of the contamination.

No. 197400

Thats really fucking smart

No. 197403

>pictures of my creations
>of my shoes or shorts
uh what "creations"? is she saying she made shorts and shoes? what?
it's always funny to see kaka talking about not getting credit for things when she steals all the time lol

No. 197421

The floral shorts with the spiked pockets that are on her Tumblr, she added the spikes and tried to sell them on eBay I think. Obviously not something she hand stitched fabric scrap by scrap so I wouldn't call it a "creation" so much as modifying but it's Kaka. She has to make everything sound like more than it actually is.

No. 197429


Yeah, and if I remember correctly she was trying to sell them for like $500 or something…|


No. 197434

File: 1446031530287.jpg (379.6 KB, 1242x520, wmln34.jpg)

Yeah, plagiarism is a bitch ain't it Kaka?

No. 197440


It's more or less just common sense anon.

I'd have kept it to myself, milked #pray4taku and then gave you the deets.

No. 197459

I don't understand why we don't have some inner circle of master farmers who control and seek out the best milk for us to feed on.

Srs tho, we need a way to keep newfags from messing up the fun and/or ruining lives with info

No. 197462

As I much as I dislike Kaka, I kinda like her songs "Lucid Dreaming" and "Scream". Anyone knows who she has stollen them from?

No. 197468

Uh, because it wasn't always like this

Now stop fucking dwelling

No. 197474

this. get the fuck over it. what's done is done. use it as a lesson for next time something like that happens.

No. 197486

lol all she did was adding "organic" to everything

not even bothered to crop and add a shitload of filters to the photo

No. 197491

lol so much this. Decided to make myself a worldfriends account and with a couple of hours I've been inundated with messages from mainly 30+ Japanese dudes.. some qts around my age too tho

No. 197496

This might be old news but all of Kiki's makeup tutorials and privated videos from before (except those with Taku) are once again made public.

No. 197501

Including my fav song LET'S KILLEX!!

No. 197502


I know but you only get gook attention if you're white tho

No. 197503


with our precious kawaii queen kota drummin it up

No. 197533

Wish she'd make the video public about the "disabled girl" who made fun of her in school.

No. 197536

I'd love to know her reasoning behind erratically deleting and privating/un-privating a bunch of seemingly innocuous stuff. I'm imaging her pacing around her room, muttering to herself and concocting bizarre plans on how to one up Kota and the "haters".

No. 197553


She said on her asklilkitten thing that she didn't use a lot of the products in the videos anymore so I thought that was why they were private. That doesn't really make sense if she's gone and made them public again, though. Kaka is a weird enigma.

No. 197573

I think she deleted them in the first place because she doesn't want to help out the haters. She has said before that she doesn't like making helpful videos because the haters actually enjoy those videos and they don't deserve her help. And not too long ago she was talking about making a secret network where she can give advice to people she feels are deserving of it.
I think the reason why she made them public again is because she needs money to get back to Japan with.

No. 197577

shit where will I find help to become a balding plainass white trash now :(

No. 197588

File: 1446081564907.jpg (305.34 KB, 1366x870, queenkaka.jpg)

Let's play kaka's makeover in the great milk drought of 2015

Template attached

No. 197589

File: 1446081772789.png (378.73 KB, 708x656, Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 01.2…)

my personal favourite

kaka please bleach your hair again and start wearing extensions

No. 197590


No. 197591

Kiki summons lady gaga
Caught in a bad romace

No. 197592

File: 1446083729414.jpeg (119.5 KB, 1366x870, image.jpeg)

No. 197600

File: 1446087588010.jpg (108.23 KB, 585x592, 2015-10-29-03-57-43-279.jpg)

No. 197610

lol i dont know what the real screencap even really looked like anymore

No. 197617

Ugly. That's all you need to know.

No. 197632

File: 1446095462403.jpg (194.65 KB, 732x868, Untitled.jpg)

No. 197633

holy shit you guys are so ruthless
i'm fucking howling

No. 197639

File: 1446097752535.jpg (140.51 KB, 1366x870, tmp_22602-2015-10-29-01-48-23-…)

No. 197667

Give me a break i'm laughing so hard right now you guys are savage

No. 197669

Wait why did you post an actual picture of a penis

Where is kaka

No. 197672

Lmao cher

No. 197674

Samara Morgan

No. 197719

I couldn't help it. Hahha!!

No. 197784

I really like this, though she'd still need to fix her brows.
I guess it doesn't match her current ~vegan earth mother guru~ shtick. Time to give it up and go for a new identity Kaka!

No. 197801

File: 1446145790387.png (236.25 KB, 278x366, aj.png)

ngl sometimes i see angelina in kaka.
but then again, angelina is 40.

No. 197808

File: 1446146933163.jpg (298.22 KB, 828x579, kaka-hime.jpg)

v kawaii like utsukushii animu girl desu

No. 197810

wth no way! Fuck that.

This is fabulous.

No. 197815

Hi Kiki

No but seriously, she used to say that shit all the time about herself.!how embarrassing, she wishes

No. 197821

wtf no

No. 197832


Only in things like:
-they both have big foreheads (but it's only proportional on Angelina)
-they both have defined noses (but in profile Kiki has a beak)
-they both have sunken in cheeks (but Angelina has gorgeous cheek bones, Kiki has no collagen and is a hag)

When I think about not hating on her looks I remember how much of a cunt she was to EVERYONE about how she thought she looked. Bitch needs to literally get some fucking face fillers if she's fucking with Japan, where it's so popular.

Kaka don't be fucking dumb.

No. 197841

Like when Kaka used to PS herself to look like Angelina? She fucking wishes.

No. 197894

I want the IP of this post cuz it might be kaka lol

No. 197940

Does anybody have the sauce on these fails? Where I could find them if she hadn't deleted everything to oblivion

No. 197942

File: 1446188547266.jpg (40.19 KB, 640x260, image (2).jpg)

Dunno if she was actually shooping herself to look like Angelina like anon says but at one point she tried to brag about looking like her/would compare herself to pics of her and was clearly doing her make-up to look like her.

No. 197943

File: 1446188572388.jpg (23.07 KB, 500x396, obr 140 kiki 1.JPG)

No. 197950

File: 1446190641031.jpg (53.83 KB, 400x600, kakajolie.jpg)

There's definitely some shoop going on and these were around the time she posted tweets saying people claimed she looked like her.

No. 197951

File: 1446190665258.jpg (144.32 KB, 600x900, kakajolie2.jpg)

No. 197956

Tbh, I think she does have harsh/prominent like Angelina, obvs they don't compare, but it just goes to show that kaka just doesn't have the right look for Japan. I bet she regrets her "resemblance" now she wants to be kawaii dolly alien baby like Kota, instead.

No. 197959


all this delusion

No. 198021

shooping yourself like a celebrity doesn't count as looking like them

No. 198031

Jesus, how old was she here? She looks like she's in her early 30's.

No. 198033

You guys are so delusional about age. She looks like she's in her mid twenties at the oldest. That's still older than she was.

No. 198042

She looks pretty in some of her videos

No. 198049

Fuck no anon. I'm sorry but white people age terribly. She looks early 30s. Her face looks so mature. And it's not saying omg so old, look at em wrinkles. She lacks a soft femme look. Like Kota still has that soft blubbery face of youth.

No. 198051

God I want to sperg out anytime some bitch mentions "no makeup" on their selfies. Bitch, yes you are (80% of the time) and no111curr about what you look like blotchy.

No. 198060


I'm 24 and she looks waaaaaay older than me.
It's not even so much that she had wrinkles or anything, it's that she's obviously underweight and has virtually no muscle that all her features just look sunken and her face always looks so pale and drawn.

There is no lustre in her skin, her eyes out her hair.
I'm a pescatarian but I think the vegan diet is playing havoc on her body. It's clearly not working for her. Girl needs some fish and eggs.

No. 198075

She has a normal face for a healthy, thin person. Not a fat, jowly one like Kota. For some reason Americans tend to confuse chubby, bloated faces with youthful "babyfat" faces… You just think she looks old because you're used to looking at fat people (especially when you look in the mirror)

No. 198081

She looks old, tired and haggard at times, possibly due to diet, desperation and inability to style herself.

It has nothing to do with the wall to wall fat people you seem to think we're staring at on the daily.

No. 198084

OP pic should be proof enough that she looks abnormally gaunt and haggard.
Not normal at all for a 23 year old (or even younger as she was in the pic).

No. 198088


Why do you assume I'm an American?

No. 198089


Hi Kiki.

No. 198093

Worth mentioning that my original comment was in reference to >>198031 which was referencing these photos:


She doesn't look young, but she doesn't look like she's in her early 30s. She looks like most 25-26 year olds in this picture and she was like, what? 19?

I'll agree she looks a lot older now. She will always look significantly older than she is, sucks to be her. She just looks like someone who doesn't take care of herself. She certainly does not look healthy these days as >>198075 implies, though she did look fairly healthy in the older photos.

I think if she put on about 5-10 pounds she would look a LOT better though.

No. 198098

I kind of miss the era where kota was becoming famous for her videos and kaka tried to hop on by uploading all the time she acts so weird in her videos it's so awkward and unfunny

No. 198105


What the royal fuck did I just watch
Holy shit
If I didn't know she was just trying really hard to be a ~quirky gamer grrrl~ I'd think she needs to be medicated or something

No. 198108

have you guys been watching any of the videos she made public? does anyone know the story behind this video?

No. 198114


If you mean this >>197943 then yes
if you mean current kaka's face, nope

No. 198116

It was mentioned in her Rolling Stone article, lel. Someone tagged their house. Probably because she pissed someone off by talking shit like she always does.

No. 198117


forever LOLing at her *Zelda elf princess~I'm totes a gamerr gurrrl* phase

No. 198118

Well that's still pretty bad anon. I think what most people tend to mean is that she looks way older than her age. 19 looking 25-26? That's still not good.

I assumed she was in her mid to late 20s in those pics.

No. 198119

This is so embarrassing and was too long for me to sit through. She wastes so much of your time doing stupid unnatural shit to seem unique. And I fucking hate the way she talks u.u fake ass

No. 198125

>she's obviously underweight etc
You gonna rile up the ana-chans. Oh, too late.

No. 198126

I wouldn't put it past the Ostrengas to orchestrate this themselves

No. 198131

That's also a possible someone, yes.

No. 198139

I never said she looked good. I didn't even meant it as a compliment. I was just saying she didn't look early 30s.

She is though. She says she's 5'5" and weighs 100 pounds. That's at least 10 lbs underweight. You wouldn't know it by the people on this board though.

No. 198143

File: 1446241985788.png (23.61 KB, 200x200, 1396532825742.png)

I don't mean to be that person, but I'm that person. She's fucking fake and retarded. If she's going to be something she's not, she should at least research her shit before hand. No one in the LoZ series is an elf. This isn't lotr. Zelda's Hyrulian, okay?

No. 198145

so did kaka and taco really break up? i haven't caught up on this since forever

No. 198149


yeah reminds me of that time she called "chobits ears" some sexshop lace cat ears

No. 198152

Maybe she's lying about her weight then.

No. 198160


>America is the only place in the world and everybody that disagrees with me must be from there!

You sound gross and are probably an ugly skelly like Kaka.

No. 198162


>u.u fake ass

But yeah, I feel like most of the video should be showing you how to do the actual fucking makeup rather than trying to be ~so random LOL xDDDD~

No. 198167

Well yeah. That's exactly the point I was making.

Not necessarily sex shop, but I agree that they sounded cheap as fuck. Those lacey cat ears you could buy from a 1000 eBay shops/at any anime convention, and yet she was still bragging about them and claiming they were ~Chobits~. It was one of her most weeby moments.

No. 198168

Were these the same Chobits ears she gave Kooter for her birthday? Even though Kooter had a Chobits video on her channel for fucking years.

No. 198174

File: 1446249242238.jpg (26.96 KB, 600x452, w2q6b.jpg)


yet kota used elfen lied horns or something like that

sage for sperging

No. 198175

File: 1446249309675.jpg (17.82 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


for comparison

No. 198211

i like how these girls supposedly have always watched anime are so all about it all of a sudden yet the only anime they ever talk about is 90's anime that everyone knows about and have no idea what any recent ones are.

No. 198213

File: 1446259632305.png (126.6 KB, 345x337, 204588921.png)

No. 198214

I didn't realize one had to watch every entire new anime to be considered an anime fan

Should I listen to every music out there that others like, to be considered a music fan?

Go away, lol

No. 198225

to be fair recent anime is mostly shit.

No. 198235


I think that anon meant all they know is sailor moon and CCS yet they're trying to seem very knowledgeable about animu and videogames without even doing proper research.

Like that time Kaka was asking about Ranma 1/2 on twitter, then went all "IT'S MY FAVORITE ANIME SINCE I WAS A KID GUISE~~ ^o^!!! "



No. 198236

Knights.. in the 1800's… lmao really??

No. 198237


I forgot to add the madoka phone case. Well at least Kota was honest about not knowing what character it is.

No. 198240

Kaka did that? What a fucking moron.

No. 198241

She also had no idea what Naruto was.

I think Kaka actually did watch Madoka Magica because she has posted stuff about it before. I remember back in 2012 or 2013 she posted a meme of it on ig, but I think she deleted it.

No. 198252

No. 198277

File: 1446277580804.png (387 KB, 392x416, Untitled.png)

i bet this is kaka's face during anal

No. 198298

Those elf ears look terrible.

No. 198306

File: 1446292186564.jpg (230.1 KB, 853x1280, https://40.media.tumblr.com/tu…)

I still laugh about how Kaka started wearing Kota's clothes after she left the country, like another desperate attempt to follow her to glorious nippon.

No. 198376

Old school Kiki Kannibal. It's funny to me because Kiki tries her hardest to take down any media that is unflattering to her.

However it appears she had written and starred in it. It will be interesting to see if she tries to claim copyrights even though she had a hand in the video.

PS-Kiki you can try to clam copyright but I've already saved the video the post else where.

No. 198392

File: 1446312140775.jpeg (128.84 KB, 749x913, image.jpeg)

I wonder why her WorldFriends profile is still there

No. 198439

That sounds like something 12 year old me would put as a username.
Kaka is a grown ass 23 year and she's drawing on cat nose/whiskers with MS Paint…

At least she took Korean off her languages…

No. 198461

her language knowledge goes back and forth every time i see one of these screen shots


sure kaka

No. 198500

Oh I thought people found out that Kota was actually just wearing a bunch of Kaka's clothes tho? That's why her style got all weird when she first debuted in Japan, cuz she couldn't rely on her sister to style her or something. Maybe I'm wrong tho.

No. 198502

I remember reading this here too but not sure how true it is. Kaka can't style herself now.

No. 198507


Guys this is nothing new. Neither can dress for fuck. Scene was a gross messy style anyway so they could get away with it whereas kawaii is… you know, gotta be cute but put SOME effort into it.

Look back on the 2006/2007 pics and videos of kota and kaka. Neither could dress, they've always been shit at it.

No. 198546

No one said it was new? They've always had embarrassing fashions but people liked Kooter's outfits for a while. If it's true Kaka was styling her for that time she has really gone downhill because she can't put her own outfits together for anything.

No. 198548

>>graduate degree

FROM WHERE?? University of Phoenix?

No. 198550

you're used to looking at fat people (especially when you look in the mirror)

No. 198574

well yeah she'd always be on stickam in her underwear and shit

No. 198599

She means her certificate of completion she got for taking a class that happened to be located at a college.

No. 199024

tumblr trash and the likes of kaka has made me despise the word organic. Every time I see that word anywhere, I get the feeling that I shove that organic product up someone's ass.

No. 199265

This silence is killing me!

No. 199280

I like it better this way tbh Dakota is way better than her plus she's old as hell. Maybe she's looking for a real job ha sarcasm

No. 199413

She may have gotten embarrassed by us finding her but she still needs to get a visa.

No. 199425

I wish we knew what happened around the time Kaka put up that tweet about asking her anything people wanted to know about Kooter. What did Koots say to get her to delete the tweet? Did she threaten that if Kaka put her on blast she'd make sure she never touched a yellow dick in her life? Did she threaten to leak something Kaka doesn't want people to find out? Or did Kaka just decide not to go through with it over vegan pizza cut with new utensils?

No. 199485

I still don't see any One Punch Man shoops. Saitama-chan deserves more than this pls

No. 199505

File: 1446589604811.png (2.05 MB, 1715x1236, Untitled-3.png)


Ask and thou shalt receive.

No. 199523



banner nao

No. 199533


marry me right now anon

No. 199538

You are fab - this is brilliant.

No. 199552


This makes me feel better about the one time a person said I was useless and contributed nothing to the site thank you

No. 199556

File: 1446594533852.jpg (28 KB, 500x667, hanna.jpg)

so Hanna Beth is now DVF's brand ambassador, we can add her to the list of former scene queens who actually did something with their life while kaka is still trying to get her big break

No. 199558

Sorry, haven't been following. Can someone explain the 'fuck kiki kannibal' sweater? Was it a personal slight or just some like, ironic scene thing?

No. 199590

Literally everyone hated Kiki

No. 199605


lol I remember when Kirsten first saw this and said she was going to file charges for verbal assault.

No. 199606


I want a tee like that now

No. 199611

So do I.

No. 199619

I looked this person up and she looks like a Kardashian now kek

No. 199638

Holy shit, she's like an exact 50/50 mix of Kim and Kylie.
Eh, still doing a fuck ton more than Kaka ever has (or ever will).

No. 199650

File: 1446605800079.png (2.69 MB, 1536x2048, image.png)

Lmao i googled it and love this

No. 199662

doesnt this girl model for dollskill pylo etc.

No. 199685

what the fuck, she looks terrible.

No. 199694

hi kiki

No. 199734

She looked better as a scene kid. Geez.

No. 199737

hi kiki

No. 199786

Can we make official lolcow merch out of this

No. 199796

Uh no? I would never have recognized her in million years, she doesn't look ugly just… holy shit how is this the same pretty girl as before?

No. 199817

she's stunning

No. 199835

File: 1446645742015.jpg (76.08 KB, 500x750, trans.jpg)

Her face looks weird now imo, she looks like a drag queen

No. 199850

so make a thread about it ostrengas jesus christ nobody gives a flying fuck

No. 199860

what the hell. She definitely looks like someone who got some surgery done and is trying to wedge herself in the mainstream Kardashian look.

No. 199872

I'm the anon from >>199485 and I want to set marriage with thou, pls

No. 199883


I…. I do ʘ‿ʘ

No. 199889

She looks like octomom

No. 200014


SO MAKE A FUCKING SEPARATE THREAD ABOUT IT. Besides the ostrenga's, who are genuinely baffled as to how mainstream "success" passed them by, no1cur about this chick.

No. 200021

File: 1446674985894.jpg (61.77 KB, 500x375, sonny-moore-dj-rossstars-punk-…)

mixed with sonny moore

No. 200024

stop derailing the thread this thread is about dakota's unattractive sister if you want to discuss this bitch please feel free to make a thread

No. 200031

No. 200035

There is nothing to currently discuss about kiki though.

No. 200038



No. 200040

Please stop derailing the thread. You are free to make a thread about Hanna Beth in /snow/ and discuss her over there.

No. 200271

is it just me or did Kiki make some of her previously private youtube videos public again?

No. 200349

Pretty sure kiki is out of the spot-light gone forever :(

No. 200361

>>200271 it has already been noticed

No. 200367

File: 1446741404327.gif (495.03 KB, 500x275, giphy.gif)

Farewell Kiki, really thought you would make a comeback and give us more delicious milk

No. 200370

Nah, Kiki doesn't know how to live without fame/infamy.

How long did she disappear for at the start of the year? I feel like that was a longer period than this, but I could be wrong.

No. 200400

so kiki wants to be famous right?

the only way for her to become that, is to get mainstream famous, so that her notoriety here on lolcow pales in comparison.
she could do that by going on big brother uk :^)

No. 200475

and do what? go to college? get a real job? are you sure? this is kaka…

No. 200483

maybe she married her famous neighbor you know the one she lives next door to? because she lives in japan?

No. 200604


Haha, I smirked.

I think Kaka is just totally embarrassed we called her out on all her Japan marriage fantasy bullshit and showed Taco-chan the truth about her. I bet she absolutely hates that Kota is doing better than her in life. She really wants some of that attention Kota's getting but she's just at home on interpals trying to hatch her next plan to bag a Japanese boyfurendo/visa and steal Kota's limelight.

No. 200668

File: 1446775883200.jpg (390.35 KB, 960x960, SI_20151106_030056.jpg)

R.I.P. KIKI KANNIBAL 2007 - 2015



No. 200676


Even if she does get a boyfriend/husband in Japan. How will she get any fame? She has harsh features and it's scary enough seeing kota on stage without shoop let alone kaka's haggardness.

No. 200678


Exactly, I said that ages ago. She should just do it easy, get her skinny ass on BB here in the UK.

No one has done the "amg kawaii desu ne!" persona gimmick on there before.

No. 200681


We've had dumb blonde pink obsessed twins

No. 200683

Overweight hambeast thai brides >>200681

No. 200684


Plus Blonde anorexic drama queens

No. 200685

god i can't even imagine the unshooped bad angles ugh! it would be so horrible.

No. 200687


Ah! Also and racist bitches :)

Kaka would probably be the new edition

No. 200688


D: I don't want to see kaka on TGC anytime soon thanks

No. 200689

I think so as well. I think she's also embarrassed by the entertainment visa lie she made.

No. 200690


Thing is, the visa stunt is hot af right now and she should know better than to flaunt it around -__-

No. 200691

yeah what the fuck kaka? are you really that stupid?

No. 200699

I miss Kaka. Someone should try riling her up.

No. 200700

What if the entertainment visa is real and she's keeping mum because she's scared that anon might fuck shit up

No. 200704

if it were real i don't think she would be able to restrain from telling EVERYONE about how successful she finally is

No. 200705

Someone tweet kiki and tell her they met up with Taco and fucked him

And now they have Kiki's STD

No. 200719

I highly doubt it. I hear it's really hard for foreigners to get sponsored for a visa in general because it's much easier to just get someone who's already there to do the job.
Why would anyone want to sponsor someone who doesn't speak the language, who isn't popular, and has no experience in the music industry or with modeling/acting/whatever she's trying to get an entertainment visa for?

No. 200726

No. 200753

She could just do what her sister did, be a kawaii foreign fuckdoll for some creepy older perv with a high profile job in the entertainment industry.

No. 200773


I'm kind of puzzled as to why she hasn't done this already? She's already willing to jump into bed with a guy for almost nothing as long as she thinks she can get something out of him (visa, popularity, etc), and Dakota has to know some other thirsty jap guys craving a white waifu.

No. 200851


I know what you mean anon but how can kaka ever go viral again?

Kota kind of beat everyone to gaining doll/animu girl fame though. If this was 2011 I think kaka could easily do it but weeb fashion/doll fashion has become so popular, some girls who do it better too. Chances are kaka won't really be noticed.

So many people want e-fame nowadays, it's hard for people go gain it.

Kaka doesn't have a fan base as she once did anymore, no striking features, no doll face ect.

She would have to work hard, v v hard to get anywhere.

But she lazy so nah

No. 200863


She'd have to come up with a new fashion style or something the way Dakota kind of fronted the whole living doll thing before anybody really took hold.

Problem is she's neither intelligent nor creative nor innovative.
She really tried pushing that whole shiro-tenshi, white-clad, bondage n' feminine cutes shit but it's already been done before on girls 10x cuter then she is and she was too dumb to get her ass on Tumblr and start pushing that shit so she's missed that boat completely.

No. 200868

I kinda feel that she's too far gone mentally with the paranoia and other fun quirks to ever make a positive internet impression again.

It will be grim to see what she's up to in her 30s.

No. 200881

When she's 30, she'll basically be the Skinny Pixy Teri; living with her parents and still dreaming of becoming Japan's best idol, but never actually making any effort to get there.

No. 200900

She will be waaaay over Japan by then.

No. 200904

Yeah, this. She doesn't actually have an interest in Japan and she never did. She just has an interest in having what Kota has.

No. 200918

when i was just googling kiki looking for milk, i found a life coach's analysis of her story LOL
> faced with a grotesque story about egregious parental neglect, if not abuse
> she is addicted to her virtual life. She has failed to develop relationships with people her own age. She does not know how to relate to people


No. 200920

> Cathy and Scott suggested to Kiki that it was time to leave MySpace, but Kiki protested: ‘If you take me off the Internet, the bullies will win.’
> Kiki dances like a lunatic to Styx's ‘Mr. Roboto’ dressed in an oversize top and a hoodie with kitty ears

No. 200939


This is old as fuck dude, like it was found on /cgl/ back in like 2011.

No. 200943

I bet when Chaka Kaka returns, she'll go on a rant about how she went away because "haterz" were trying to harass Taku like what was done with her which is the cost of her having a presence online and that the internet game got so old she needed time away to reconnect with what was important. Just wait for it!

No. 200947

File: 1446833989685.jpg (33.33 KB, 300x400, chaka kaka.jpg)

No doubt. It's all she really knows how to do at this point. Not a very marketable skillset.

I just hope for her sake that when she does come back it's with bangs.

No. 200964

Am I the only one who thinks she disappeared to get plastic surgery of some kind? like make herself look 'younger' and then is gonna come back and claim that she got spiritual healing desu and thats why she looks different

No. 200985

Chaka kiki? lmao

No. 201010

File: 1446842649891.png (32.28 KB, 519x187, 1439650877773.png)

I doubt it, she's delusional as fuck and already thinks she looks young. Pic related.

There was also another tweet where she was going on about how everyone thinks she's in middle school.

No. 201034

Well I can see how someone might think Kiki's in middle school. She's loud and obnoxious trying to be RANDOM XD like middle schoolers. Don't forget their fundraising scam where they said they could go hang out at Disney World in Wario outfits. This is the real reason Kooter and Kaka were so socially isolated. They thought haters were bullying them but no, people just wanted them to shut their white asses up.

No. 201035

She's done with Taku since before we ever found his WF account. They broke up before that which is why Kiki deleted all traces of him from her online shit, and when someone commented on her IG saying they found him and we're gonna ask him all about their breakup she just said "go ahead" and deleted/blocked them.

No. 201037


>Bebe fayce

>yogi masters

She literally is mentally 11 years old isn't she

No. 201045

Kiki does not look young. She acts young.

No. 201049

>and when someone commented on her IG saying they found him and we're gonna ask him all about their breakup she just said "go ahead" and deleted/blocked them.

no proof of that. the anon who claimed that never followed up with proof.

No. 201052

I've been following the thread so I know all of that! But when has her online version of events ever matched reality? She's going to lie through her teeth about the breakup when she returns like she always does and will claim that the reason she never mentions him anymore is for his safety and privacy and not because she has no more experiences to share about him because they broke up.

No. 201063


anon never found the charger of their…iPod


No. 201065

She probably finally snapped and got admitted to the looney bin.

No. 201067

File: 1446851984657.jpg (10.38 KB, 320x320, smug.jpg)

can't blame them. i don't think they make ipod chargers anymore.

No. 201092


I 100% agree, and if she's willing to do that she should just pick her people better. It's so easy to get in contact with people higher up and let them know what you're "willing to do".

Like if she's going to do it, she might as well have something to show for it. It's unfortunate because she really does have SO MANY resources to take advantage of considering her past. She just needs to embrace who she really is, find a new niche, and unapologetically put herself out there if this is her life path. I think she's spent so much time experiencing the internet as her real life, when she should be taking advantage of the internet and knowing that she as an individual is bigger than it, and it's just a game.

Honestly I want to see her succeed, my beef is more with her parents rather than her. She is a good entertainer, even if it's a love-to-hate-her deal, and i want her to evolve instead of this weird shit she's pulling.

No. 201095


Didn't she try to bite Valeria Lukyanova for a while? She had that down so much better than this weeb shit, and she'd be so much more popular for embracing her actual heritage rather than trying to fit into a culture that is the exact opposite of her.

She's super skinny- the only thing she's missing is a thinly veiled niche and she's good. Actually, she could just go the "eating disorder awareness" route and expand on how to use veganism/health to recover since she's been open about her ED in the past.

Like shit could be so easy for her now, damn. Doesn't she want to move out of her parents place?

No. 201110


Anon I don't want to be rude but she is NOT a good entertainer.
This is why even after all her years of infamy her dull, narcissistic, ego-wank little blogs got such pitiful views.

She's a good entertainer in the sense that downs kids are good little comedians.

No. 201113


She's not even the good skinny though, like soft and youthful.
Skinny is not good when you start looking haggard because of it, which she does.

No. 201122


I thought that.

She's full of shit.

No. 201748

File: 1447027642059.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Hey fags, has this been mentioned? It looks like she finally deleted the infamous "marriage" caption pic.

No. 201777

Did she also delete the one video of her and Taku in the hotel room where she air-spanks him and says "meep"? I don't remember which other ones she mentions him in.

No. 201784

she's lurking hard in the past thread

No. 201786

also the VW knockoff sandals ft. skelly feet pic seems to be gone

No. 202333

Shes goneand i doubt shes coming back

No. 202340

I personally think she started a new social networking life to avoid the haters. Which is smart. But I also think she's going to eventually get tired of not having a lot of followers and her information is gonna slip out a some point.

No. 202342

Not the first time she "disappears"

She'll be back.

No. 202351


OH MAN, I can't believe I forgot she said this shit, pretty much A MONTH before meeting up and fucking Taco last year

>>I noticed that relationships do become very instant at the blink of an eye online because there are so many options, people can get someone else within, you know, a blink of an eye. There are some people that really enjoy that aspect, and there are people like me that are more sensitive to that.


"Dating in Japan: VLOG PART 2"

>>Dating in Japan.. dating Japanese men is a big question mark for me. I had like a romance here, and it's very interesting. It's very new.

>>Will I find love here? Will I have love here? I want love. Maybe I can find love here and bring him back to America.


Anyone remember this video and her forced Japanese accent?

No. 202358

Oh god I forgot about her cringey Japanese accent.

And she was crushin on her teacher. Wonder if it's the infamous one who brought her non vegan snacks.

No. 202360

The only one made RIGHT before meeting Taku is >>202358. The others were made earlier in the year. They started dating at the end of 2014 according to evidence.

No. 202361

I can't get a playback and I refuse to believe this bitch is 5 min too fast

No. 202364

I didn't realize the videos are not embeddable now (makes sense, why didn't she do that before?) but you can still watch it on youtube.

No. 202374

lol wtf is up with her voice here
she must be really straining to sound cute

No. 202408

She does this kind of thing a lot. She fakes an accent but can't stick with one particular one so she just sounds dumb.

Bitch u from Florida.

No. 202411


Kirsten obviously doesn't know this yet but within Japanese language there are some words where writing the kanji is unnecessarily complicated or time-consuming and opt to use the hiragana instead, such as うち/home or へや/room.

Mado is one of these words.
Like, you can really tell that she Google Translated that shit and inserted it because she believed it would make her kanji/Japanese skills better overall, when really all it does is expose how much of a disinterested beginner she is.

One of the things my teacher instilled in our class from the very first day is that in our writings/homework, if we don't yet fully know a kanji yet, don't try to use it because it will only be detrimental to your progress.

No. 202414

nigga what you talkin about
家 、部屋 and 窓 are not complicated

No. 202415

try 憂鬱

No. 202416

But but more kanji = more fluent, of course. Obviously she has such deep understanding of the language she is able to use kanji even that even native Japanese don't.

No. 202429

> don't yet fully know a kanji yet, don't try to use it because it will only be detrimental
i think youre teaching is talking to japanese learners and not speaking for actual japanese people
of course its slow as shit and pointless to write out kanji you dont know well
but its not like anyone handwrites anything anymore

No. 202431


Not for natives or advanced but not even Japanese people use some of these kanji because it's wasted effort when they can just use the kana.

I'm not sure what you're trying to argue here. Are you trying to imply that Japanese people don't frequently use kana in lieu of kanji or what.


Don't recognise the first one but I know the second is depression.
People always say that it's probably the most difficult kanji, maybe because of the stroke cunt, but I always found it very easy personally, although the balance can be difficult.

The fucking kanji for vending machine tho omg is it really necessary. Have you guys seen it? FUCKING KUDARANAI

No. 202432


Yeah but I'm speaking in reference to Kirsten.
She should not be trying to use kanji she obviously doesn't understand, especially when it's a kanji that most native speakers don't even use unless it's in a formal document or some shit.

No. 202440

>stroke cunt

I know it's a typo, but I lol'd&d.

If you guys are complaining about Japanese kanji being too hard, please don't try to learn Chinese. 20+ strokes fam

No. 202441


One of my tutors (Chinese Culture % Hist.) is a Chinese scholar dude and often speaks Chinese to the class and I would not touch the language with a fucking 50 meter barge pole holy shit.

I am in awe that anybody ever managed to translate anything out of Chinese, goddamn.

She ever heard of the Shi-shi-shi poem?

No. 202458

calm down. you sound like me when i started to get decent at japanese.
its stops being exciting after a while

No. 202466

Vietnamese and Chinese are probably the most difficult Asian languages because it's all about how words are pronounced. Yes, Japanese is difficult but it is a walk in the park compared to those two. (Which is why I get so annoyed at the weeaboos here who brag about their superior Japanese skills.)

No. 202468

Yeah, God forbid someone got excited about learning.

No. 202469

Yeah and Jesus, must you fucking weebs always speak for the Japanese and what they do? "Most Japanese—" Cut that shit out already. God knows you fucking live in bum fuck nowhere and only putting your Japanese to use when you're translating anime for your internet friends.

No. 202470

i agree…
you really cant nail down the tones unless you have access to a native speaker

you speak the truth
i love how everyone who took Japanese 101 is qualified to speak for the entire japanese population

No. 202478


Why are you posting vending machine in Moon like I don't already know it?

And I've already been studying 2 years now.
I'm sorry that you turned out not to be as interested in the language as you ought to have been, but that's not my problem. Don't shit on the kind of people that still retain that energetic hunger and delight in its study.

Honestly I still shit my pants when I see interesting kanji, like the first time I saw 虫歯, I fucking lost my mind.

"Bug teeth", kek

No. 202480


Calm down bish this isn't us trying to speak for an entire nation, its us pointing out the lies and hypocrisy in Kiki's actions.
Why there always gotta be one ho that come in here and blow up over people providing insight into shit.

y r u so mad

No. 202493


No. 202495


ikr but it makes perfect sense in Chinese.

No. 202505

Please refrain from derailing the thread further and continue to discuss this only as it relates to Kiki.

No. 202535

Yeah stop bragging about knowing a little Japanese!!

No. 202544


Did you not hear what the hand just said? Shut the hell up.

No. 202584


This is from the time Cathy expected Jim Carrey to give her daughters money for Mac computers back in 2012. I've saved the video in case Kiki gets it removed, but please watch it. It's so embarrassing.

No. 202598


Hahah Kota must have the patience of a saint to not punch keekz square in the fod through this video. What an insufferable cunt. I genuinely feel sorry for Kota if she's had to put up with kiki pushing her out like this her whole life.

No. 202618

because this isnt you talking big game to your weeb ass friends. you're learning a language, not being representative of the people or suddenly having a degree in all things japanese people do/dont do. we all get it, her japanese is shit and not at the level she pretends it is. youre fucking a loging.

No. 202622


I know, it pisses me off too. Mira does that shit "Japanese do-"



how about that!

No. 202623

I'm so sorry but I just wanted to say that I love Chinese tongue twisters like that. The language is so fucked up. I sometimes wonder why I'm even learning it. But then I remember that it's a useful skill to have.

Anyway, back to Kaka. I know that all we can do Is speculate about her right now, but I'm seriously curious about what she is up to. I almost feel… Bad for her? Maybe in her twisted, delusional mind, she actually thought that taco loved her.

Just waiting for her to show up "in Japan" again, completely reinvented.

No. 202628

I'm hoping she doesn't come back.

No. 202638

me too and i hope she turns into a complete hermit

No. 202649

me too. i hope this idiot finally comes to terms with the fact that she will never be famous for lack of talent and/or personality. like i can't wait till she gives up.

No. 202777

i know right. kiki literally rambles on the whole time. dakota looks like she has something to say at one or two moments, but its not like kiki can shut her trap for more than 1.5 seconds

No. 202801

Where does kiki get her strappy bralettes?

No. 202810

File: 1447261427399.jpg (86.25 KB, 1035x507, jealouskaka.jpg)

did anyone notice kaka rolling her eyes when kota talks about herself being on the news? kek

No. 202882


Lmao anyone got the video of this?

Kaka is just like "bitch please"

No. 202899

what? she just looked up briefly.

No. 202959

its right there >>202584

No. 202968


Kota is very quiet… what's with her eye?

Tbh those two would have been good youtubers. Just making videos with each other if kaka didn't get so envious.

But tbh it sounds weird the whole thing.

No. 202974

What is wrong with her pronunciation? Is she trying to sound asian? "Duu yuu berieve een…"

No. 202979

Wow, seeing this makes Kiki look like she really does have some legit aspie issues.
>also, kiki hits kota in the head like nbd, and kota just takes it
I am really starting to think kiki abused kota a lot. You can tell from some earlier videos that she was always putting her hands on kota.

No. 202985

i actually agree with that.
although kaka is a loon im sure she would manage to rake in followers (she already has 60k without even trying)
and dakota looks cute here! (without all her usual crazy video editing)

No. 202997


They would have done better in the west doing that as a duo tbh. Plus yeah they look nice there, kota looks cute and kaka has life to her haggard self plus its interesting to see kaka make a tit of herself while kota gives camera the eye.

kek oh these two

No. 203014


That speech impediment Kaka has though

No. 203017

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has noticed how weird Kirsten is speaking here.
I'm British and have never visited the states but to me it almost sounds like a forced, mutated Brooklyn/Boston accent.

She sounds like the TF2 Scout.

No. 203134


sorry OT but that really sounds like a Boston accent to you?? o_o

No. 203143


I live close enough to Massachusetts to disagree, they have just a different way of pronouncing certain words, she straight up sounds like she can't speak properly due to impediment.

No. 203183


Not really but every now and again she'll pronounce a specific word that sounds Boston-y to me.

I have never been to the States . __.

No. 203190

>One person told me I was good at one thing so I have to move across the country to pursue it.

Kind of reminds me of the asmr thing on yt, blown out of proportion.

There's definitely social/mental issue here with Keeks.

No. 203196

No. 203197

Retarded faces are becoming the norm here!!! XD

No. 203198

It's triggering me.

No. 203202

So irritating. Not sure if she's trying to be cute or legitimately doesn't know how to speak. Poor fucking dakota, she seems so tired of kakas shit.

I'm also realizing she called herself "kirsten", I always thought it was "kristen"

No. 203215

I think she's attempting to be cute, but is overdoing it so much that it sounds like an impediment. It doesn't help that she's overdoing the vocal fry in this either.

Well she always made a point that her name was "Kirsten"(particularly during MySpace/Buzznet days) because people were calling her "Kristen". Although all of the police reports, call her "Kristen" and there are more google results calling her "Kristen" (49,600) than "Kirsten" (23,800) so…

No. 203228

ridiculous. and LOL if her name is actually kristen. i bet, if it is, she's only changing it b/c celebrities.

No. 203229

I think that she just felt uncomfortable and nervous on camera.
Shes just putting on a show to sound cute.

No. 203303

If she were called Kristen, kiki wouldn't make any sense as a nickname. I can kind of get being mad about people getting your name wrong on such a consistent basis.

No. 203334

Plenty of Kristens have Kiki as their nickname so it's not unusual - doesn't make any more sense, but it's a common nickname for them!

No. 203435


I am the iPod anon lol.
Turns out I capped what I said to her, but I failed to screenshot her reply before she deleted it so I didn't bother posting the cap. She originally left up the 'Go ahead, I dare you' for a couple of days so I thought she'd just leave it there and forget about it.. stupid me should've known better. Sorry guys.

No. 203438

Lmao, yeah right. You're a faggot.

No. 203439


Shhh Anon, quell the rage inside your heart, for we all are known to spill the milk occasionally.


iPod bitch, you are forgiven.

No. 203440

No one even cares anymore

No. 203458

You're so full of shit and no one cares.

No. 203479

stupid you should've known better than to even tell her we found him in the first place

No. 203484

File: 1447384123443.jpg (15.97 KB, 520x470, ipod-shuffle-1g.jpg)


>still not posting that only cap

No. 203578

There are a few fake kiki accounts on Worldfriends or Interpals (can't remember on which site I noticed it) Who knows, one of them could really be her, but that might be too obvious. I wonder what she is up to now? She will never be able to sustain a decent fanbase if she keeps on disappearing for unknown reasons. I almost feel like she's somewhere in a hospital being treated for her paranoia after everyone figured out that her and Taku's relationship was over. She probably thinks everyone is out to get her…again…

No. 203583


Maybe Kirsten made multiple accounts in order to throw is off the scent of the real one.

No. 203584

Do you think it's randoms faking as Kiki or do you think she made multiple accounts so no one would find her real one or suspect it of being real?

No. 203585

I think it's so that if anyone calls her out on visa hunting again she can be like "NO WAY LOOK I HAVE SO MANY FAKERS IT'S NOT MEEE."

No. 203595

she's definitely the one who made them. what reason does anyone else have to make them? or who else would care that much to make them?

No. 203597


She would totally pull that line! Although, Im assuming these "fakes" all have her name/username on it (how else have these accounts been found - by chance?), that'd easily separate her one (which doesn't have her name) from the "fake" ones - she'd sooner die than give potential suitors the ammo (like mentioning kiki kannibal) to google her and find out how awful she actually is.

No. 203616

Is this part of the reason people suspect she isn't in Japan anymore? I never saw the proof, so just curious.

No. 203678

She has a weird obsession with people having fake accounts of her. She used to go on and on about it on her Stickam about having fake profiles of her and having to report them all the time. She made it real obvious she has no life.

No. 203897


No. 203898


No. 204156

Its time for us to let her go guys. Its been close to a month since her last twitter post and even longer since an instagram post. We've milked this cow dry. I feel like if she does ever come back, she'll pull a Pixyteri and come back with less drama.
I feel like we need to find more cows. But Im not sure how to go about finding any.
Also is it just me or has this board slowed down in the past few months? I feel like all the cows are old ones that rarely have drama anymore, and there hasn't really been new ones. A lot of supposed cows end up getting moved to snow

No. 204184

>A lot of supposed cows end up getting moved to snow
Yeah, but I think if anyone in /snow/ proved themselves to be a cow they would be moved back to /pt/. It's just none of them are really that good, and half of them are selfposts or vendettas.

Kiki will come back. She's disappeared before.

No. 204191

She hasn't really been gone that long, she always lays low for a bit after something's not gone her way. In this case, her Japan visa plans gong to shit (and everyone knowing) + tacos accounts being found.

Trust me, as long as Kooters still prancing around Tokyo, there's no way Kiki will admit defeat and allow her to be the more successful sister. She doesn't have anything else in her life other than the remnenants of her internet fame. She'll be back. She's probably formulating a new "Get to Japan Quick" scheme as we speak.

I agree we are in dire need of new cows though…

No. 204198


I can sense massive, hot tears rolling down your anon cheeks as you whisper into a Kiki plushie "she'll come back.. She will…"

I miss her as much, got to admit.

No. 204201

I honestly feel like she wouldn't have dropped that "entertainment visa!!!" tweet if she weren't planning on doing something. I mean, yeah, she deleted it. You can't really do much entertaining if you don't have any sort of presence on social media. She's either gonna come back to mmmkikikannibal (likely) or she's going to start over with a new account that is just going to go the same way.

No. 204218

This is pretty normal for Kiki to be quiet on social media for long peroids of time. I think at one point she was gone for a month or even longer. She will be back.

No. 204227

Exactly! She last tweeted on October 22nd, and the last time before that was September 23rd.

It hasn't even been a month and people are already screaming that the cow is out of milk when she needs to be fed before milk can be produced. As soon as she gets bored with real life not giving her the attention she needs, she'll be back online looking to be fed by strangers. Just wait!

No. 204578

No. 204580

File: 1447668613089.jpg (371.29 KB, 1319x1504, kek.jpg)

I guess whoever found them searched for this:
"Environmentally Conscious Moogle of Mother Earth"

Anyway, here are some screenshots.

No. 204581

File: 1447668645728.jpg (136.86 KB, 455x1506, kek2.jpg)

No. 204582

File: 1447668722612.jpg (374 KB, 1486x1263, kek3.jpg)

No. 204583

File: 1447668753051.jpg (332.36 KB, 1729x1281, kek4.jpg)

No. 204584

Damn, this bitch is thirsty af.

No. 204586


No. 204589

Gardening, painting?? when has she ever done any of those? she doesn't even play games. How fake.

No. 204599

I've noticed that her height/weight changes on each dating profile she makes. The kirleios profile said she was 5'5 and 100lbs, etherealmew said 5'3 and 100lbs, and this one says 5'4 and 90lbs.

With gardening, iirc on that backstage profile she said something about growing orchids. And I remember she mentioned having a garden in that one braid tutorial where she put flowers in her hair. But to my knowledge she's never posted any pictures of her garden so I kinda doubt she even has one.
Idk what she's talking about with painting. And she even admitted in that "Addicted to gaming?" video that she's not a gamer.

No. 204602

>look at all the things she doesn't do
Taosim kek

I think she's making herself smaller for asian dudes. Painting and gaming is probably to match guy's interests she saw.

No. 204603

> gardening
> "I planted a seed once"

No. 204604

No. 204628


No. 204756

>Location Tokyo
>Hometown Minato ku

>being this delusional

No. 204758

>will not date a smoker

except if there's that precious japan visa at stake

No. 204773

> veggie date
oh lord

No. 204777

>vegan for 15 years
Let me quote your Loving Hut video from 2009:
"My sister Dakota is the vegan one."
Meaning you weren't even vegan 6 years ago.

No. 204781


No. 204792

The varying heights/weights kinda make them sound like catfish… meh. Who knows.

No. 204801

I think they're catfish profiles too. I would think she'd at least use newer pictures we haven't seen before.

No. 204806

Location, Tokyo? Wasn't she in Tokyo because Taco? So she was flirting with other dudes at the same time loool
Maybe she puts her best pics, you know, it's kaka, she uploads all of her selfies

No. 204810

I don't think so. I think she went to Tokyo initially to promote "her" music and see Dakota. Then she went as a student to study language and that coincided with Taco.

No. 204843

How did they find them? Kota leaking milk again, i hope..

No. 204854

Guys let's get real, Kristen isn't anywhere near pretty/interesting/famous enough to warrant her getting multiple catfish profiles. I bet they're all legit; who in the world would possibly want to impersonate an aging, psychotic, skeleton-vegan?

No. 204856

Actually it makes it seem more realistic because she and dakota lie about their heights all the time.

No. 204857

I agree, she just wants a new Japanese boyfurendo so she can get a visa and stay in Japan. She's back in Florida trying to claw her way to glorious Nippon bc she knows she's a washed up old bald gaijin. She's nothing special and she knows her 15 minutes of fame are up.
She's a sad, sad little girl who is in the shadow of her sister who actually can speak (bad) Japanese and has a modeling contract/ TV appearances.

No. 204859

They both have lied about their measurements for so long, only people who have seen them IRL would know what they look like. They're both short for sure and Dako has always had issues with her weight. Keekz is flat as a board with no tits or ass but loves to pretend people call her "bubble butt" lmao

No. 204860

And the only people who would care enough to make a fake profile of her on these sites would be someone from here or pull trying to expose and/or make fun of her.

No. 204894

also the cringy usernames



and the fact she can't stfu about being A ORGANIC RAW CLAIRVOYANT VEGAN !!!1!!!11

No. 204939


Yup, in which case they'd have been linked ages ago.

No. 204942

Also, they were all found on Google as seen here >>204580

I think someone ran into it when Googling for that "stolen profile bio text" thing she complained about

No. 204964

No. 204966

I love that song.

No. 205378

Now that mh_Audrey/Audrey Hayashi is knocked up now, I wonder how long until Kiki announces the news of her kawaii hafu visa baby, since that's the only way she'll get a Jap guy to marry her with that personality.

No. 205811

Kiki pls

No. 205834

What is her bachelor's degree? Did she really complete a BA from hanging around at a japanese school for a few months?

No. 205836

Maybe I'm mistaken, but I thought she just had a "certificate" from some music school in Florida? I don't think she has an actual accredited degree.

No. 205837

Kiki actually looks more attractive than Dako here for once? Fuller lips, more sculpted cheekbones, less aggressive contouring.

No. 205940

Since she posted that "certificate" for audio engineering you know she'd post it if she actually had a BA. Anything to show off. So she probably doesn't have one and is just touting the certificate as being one.

No. 205949

If she had a BA, she would have used that for a Japan work visa

No. 205950

Kiki? This was during prime Kota years, Kiki looks like such dogshit compared to Kota here it's not even funny.

Only time Kiki ever looked better was when Kota was a fat, pre-teen troll. Even chubs kota is still better now because Kiki turned into such an old hag.

Go to bed, Kiki, you will never be hotter than Kota again.

No. 205967

Hi kiki you don't look better than Kota at all there nor now nor any time in the near future you do however look better with bleach blonde hair and your bimbo persona… scratch that last one -when you OWNED your bimbo persona

No. 205976


And the only reason Kota looked worse was because she was a hella awkward preteen that was raised in her sister's shadow.

even then kiki actually was never prettier, she just first came on the internet when she was a little older and decked out in trendy clothes, extensions, falsies, push up bras, and pounds on pounds of make up.

now kiki is finally realizing that she was lied to her whole life and can't take just being a normal girl online- or actually gasp working towards being recognized for a talent she developed.

No. 205990

oh anon how you dare to suggest our elven martian purinsesu Kiki should have a real work!

No. 205991

Kiki is objectively prettier though. Like maybe not through loli kawaii desu lenses but.

No. 205992

File: 1448006522997.gif (505.79 KB, 500x284, t.gif)

If Kaka is such a dick magnet, why resort to dating sites?

No. 205994

File: 1448008978688.jpg (69.96 KB, 400x560, animals-cow-cattle-milks-milke…)

Give up guys. This one's dry.

No. 205995


I think you mean subjectively.
I find Dakota's natural face without all the shit makeup to be very beautiful.
Shame about the wonk-eyes.

No. 205996


She'll be back. Of course she will.
She may already be back and we just haven't discovered her yet.

No. 206010

It's the 3rd time she "leaves", and every time she comes back, the milk is overflowing

No. 206020

File: 1448022113071.jpg (59.55 KB, 1025x138, ageof8.JPG)


different anon, just chiming in to say i've definitely heard her mention that, too, but i couldn't connect my remembrance to a specific vid or not. the loving hut vid is one of the ones she's taken down, but maybe someone saved it?

in the meantime, here's a cap from her saved stickam stating she was vegetarian since age 8. meaning she was still vegetarian in 2013 and hadn't made the switch to veganism yet. i remember for a good while she used to talk about wanting to make the change from vegetarian to vegan, but being unwilling to part with a lot of foods. eventually she made the jump.

No. 206022

File: 1448022452887.jpg (125.89 KB, 943x601, oneyr.JPG)

bonus cap saved from dakota's stickam in 2008, stating she's vegan. 2009's cap changes to reflect she's two years a vegan, but i'm uploading the earlier one instead because of the 3edgy5me retard quip.

the years after that she drastically minimizes all info on her stickam profile, so nothing about being vegan or much of anything at all.

No. 206056

> I Love: everything. especially baileys. mmm creamy.

Did she mean Bailey's the drink? Because that's 50% dairy…

No. 206062

all these newfags saying that kiki is a dry cow, that she's not coming back.

shun the non-believers. kiki always comes back.

I (personally) think that Kota is the prettier one, especially when she's not wearing something stupid or shooping herself into oblivion. Maybe it's because her outward/public personality is more laid back than Kaka, who is just as loud and abrasive as she was in her scene days?
However, I think that Kaka had some good styling here. I like her hair that length, and the top is very cute– almost like an American girl from the 50s. Idk, I think with the right styling (and a personality overhaul,) Kaka could be really pretty.

inb4 no one cares, I know.

No. 206063

she's making a reference to the mighty boosh. the character old gregg loves baileys. and she has old gregg listed as a hobby. just a dumb kid being omgz s0 rand0m lol xDDD xD

No. 206076

Anon meant objectively, if you can't read then go back to school. Kiki has certainly better looking and more balanced facial features than Kota. And I'm saying it as a person who can't stand either of them.

No. 206078

File: 1448038258617.gif (929.56 KB, 245x276, Mu5wGFW.gif)


For you lovely anons

No. 206139

Because she's specifically wants a Japanese guy for that precious spouse visa and to bankroll her while she stocks up on Instagram photos for the next six months.

No. 206184

I bet neither of them were actually vegan/vegetarian at this time. Kaka used to eat fish and chicken so this "vegetarian since 8" nonsense is another lie.

That's definitely what she's doing right now. Waiting to start unleashing her hoarded pictures from her time in Japan so all of her internet followers will believe she lives there full-time.

No. 207001

File: 1448294124585.png (81.25 KB, 1137x693, tumblr.png)

Not to get your hopes up but I was searching around the internet when I came across this. Is there a way to get around the password?

No. 207010

Try phrases that really resonate with her.



No. 207015

There are a few other people who use that username. Might not be her. I half think she wouldn't use that URL considering she seemed to abandon kirleos when it was found. I think she's too concerned with copyright theft to have tumblr anyway.

No. 207308

Her next money making scheme is actually going to work , she is renting her balding forehead out as a billboard.

No. 207374

Maybe I'm stupid, but I just realized something: kir+le+os
kir for Kirsten, le for Leigh, os for Ostrenga

No. 207375


Anon you are like 6 months too late lol

No. 208002

File: 1448559856905.gif (2.27 MB, 389x279, flimflam.gif)

No. 208007

File: 1448559957827.png (183.35 KB, 322x472, happygoerl.png)

long lost ostrenga sister?

No. 208064

what the fuck? her head is like the shape of a shoe

No. 208065

File: 1448575588138.png (48.66 KB, 153x200, 5022519 _a2343c899ba96c7365830…)


It's a shoop.

No. 209115

Where art thou, Kaka? My beautiful bovine with thy glorious udders which once were flowing with sweet nectar to quench the thirst of even the most dehydrated farmers. Cometh back, lovely Kaka, I beg thee.

No. 209118

File: 1448824783703.gif (499.28 KB, 500x281, tumblr_m80gs5OhQR1rn95k2o1_500…)

>yfw following kiki gossip is why you migrated from cgl to here in the first place
>remember hating her on myspace when it was a thing

Goodnight, sweet cow. Until next year.

No. 209122

My money's on her being in therapy.

Don't worry she'll be back, even more arrogant and narcissistic than ever.

Can't believe she actually managed to summon the brain power to realise that being on social media was never a good thing in the first place. Shame she'll throw all away with her next antics, guaranteed.

No. 209394

lmfao omg a month or two ago, I posted a Tweet about how irritating it is all washed up scene queens refer to themselves as "buddists" and "empaths" and "energy healers" now … I never mentioned any names in the original Tweet, but when a friend replied and asked for details, I mentioned Audrey Kitching, Kiki, and a few others.

Annnnnd anyway, just realised a couple minutes ago that Kiki blocked me on Twitter!

I've never followed her or @mentioned her directly, so she clearly searches for herself online excessively. fucking lol, I find this quite funny. She's so salty and pathetic, aww.

No. 209420


Sshh…can you hear that?
It's the sound of Kiki Kannibal lurking by… She's near, people. She never abandoned us :')

No. 209424

> be in year 2015
> what is photoshop

No. 209449

she actually blocked me, too, I was one of her followers for a brief moment on instagram and one day suddenly realized I got blocked. I didn't even write anything about her…maybe she blocks randomly?

No. 209459

She's a clairvoyant elf archangel goddess woman with no Photoshop. She knew you would talk shit about her one day eventually.

It's weird to think that Audrey Kitching who must be pushing 30 by now had the social skills to make a few lasting connections with her limited skills. Meanwhile, Kiki blocks strangers online in fits of paranoia.

No. 209460


I actually hope she'd be in therapy. Maybe when she'll eventually comes back she'll actually aknowledges all of the shitty things she's done over the years as a way to get better. But yeah, that's onviously not going to happen. I'm still hoping though. Maybe, just maybe it's not too late for her.

No. 209467

She probably spends a good chunk of her day scouring the accounts of everyone who follows her, searching for "evidence". Seems kind of pointless really, as people can still see the stuff she posts. She won't ever permanently make her accounts private because she knows no one IRL (except Kota) so she needs randoms to follow her.

No. 209470

File: 1448906559964.png (35.27 KB, 642x156, Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 18.0…)

It's always interesting to see what people on here look like…

There's some rather odd tweets when you search for Kiki, ha.

No. 209566

lel is that Rima?

No. 209854

File: 1449006768100.png (32.79 KB, 642x106, Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 21.5…)

No, but this is… I wonder if she's still lurking here.

No. 209856

Jeffree always hated her guts, why would be bother with her when he is a successful business man.

No. 209857

Honestly! Didn't she shit talk him excessively too?? (cuz he wouldn't befriend her or something)

No. 209868

It seems like every single one of the MySpace/Stickam crowd shit talked each other at some point, Keeks and Jeffree included.

Sometimes I miss all that. They gave so much milk. Sometimes too much.

No. 209914

It was way more than that. Kaka was borderline obsessed with Jeffree. She PSed some picture of them together for part of a contest with Jeffree on Buzznet. I think she was trying her hardest to network with other people who were known in the "scene" at the time. She even sent Jeffree some of her jewelry so she could have pics for her site at the time. Her attempts at friendship didn't work because Jeffree was friends with Hanna Beth and Audrey who clearly didn't like Kaka. Still, Kaka really seemed to like Jeffree and wanted to meet him. He did a show at The Social and Kaka went, and some big drama happened. Kaka got shunned by Jeffree and then wrote some post about it on her Buzznet about how Jeffree was a stuck up tranny. The best part was her mom was at the show. Kaka had to take Cathy with her to a club to see a performance because she had no friends to go with her.

No. 209918

Kiki did kill a piniata of him together with Blood On The Dancefloor tho, kek.

No. 209923

Isn't that the dumb girl who self-posted in an old Kiki thread while bawling her eyes out because Kiki didn't wanna be her friend? lol

No. 209936


What is with this basic bitch and her thirsty obsession with a haggard, out of style nobody like Kiki? She reminds me of those desperate stans who tweet every detail of their day to their favorite celebs hoping senpai will notice them. Except it's Kiki.

No. 209937

It is! And if you want to go dig through the catalog over at /snow/ I believe she even got her own thread.

No. 209983

I remember that poster! Good times

No. 210007

I had no idea Hanna and Audrey disliked Kiki! Maybe that's another reason she blocked me on Twitter; she didn't like being lumped in with Audrey.

No. 210104

Well… you were also laughing at them - 'fucking LOL.' Which is of course entirely understandable, but I assume Kiki was more offended about that than the association with other scene queens.

No. 210262

I'm surprised she hasn't come back yet. It's been quite a while and no one cares about her breakup with Taco anymore. She could miraculously return like nothing ever happened because she's so damn boring.

No. 210272

True, Anon. Is it weird I feel touched you searched for and found my specific Tweet? Like, that's effort. haha

No. 210281

Er nope, don't flatter yourself. I just searched for Kiki Kannibal on Twitter, there aren't really that many people talking about her so it was pretty obvious which tweet was yours.

No. 210305


No. 210329

Oh. Great. And what, exactly, am I supposed to do with all these wedding invitations?!

No. 210333

Oh Christ just shut up

No. 210338

Yikes, you're just embarrassing yourself now.

No. 211154

Kiki pls

No. 211175


Seconded. Favourite cow for sure, I hope the milk is fermenting well over the past couple of months.

No. 211310

I always assumed every time she "left" the internet, she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital from breakdowns.

No. 211317

I don't know… going to a psych or hospital or whatever would be admitting she has a problem. But she's too much of a narcissist to accept that, I think. Of course this is all speculation, but for me I think she is messaging Japanese men on interpals and worldfriends who look as much like Taco as possible, desperately trying to get another trip to Japan so she can take more photos than ever before. Thus, proving the jelly haterz wrong once and for all!

No. 211613

Wouldn't it be funny if she got arrested for trying to scam someone into marriage to get her visa? Is something like that even considered a crime there? I'm just speculating on theories now.

No. 211633

i think they just deport you

No. 211638


Well, they can also ban you from re-entering Japan for a fixed amount of time or indefinitely.

These bans are not exactly rare either, they dole them out like candy because unlike SOME GOVERNMENTS cough cough UK cough, the Japanese aren't afraid to actually protect their civilians and national interests from foreign criminals.

If she ended up banned from Getsukoku I would lose my fucking shit ohhh my god let it be real.

No. 211651

Theres nothing amazing about living in nippon everything is extra expensive even bottled water and apartment parking us 300$ a month

No. 211652

That ryan boundless guy describes living in glorious nippon as a "prison" the only "fun" there is there is drinking and going to clubs but other than that its survival of the fittest

No. 211655

Immigration doesn't care

No. 211663

Sounds like Japan isn't for him

No. 212024

Actually in Japan they have sign in their police department that say. "fake marriages are illegal". I think they have a serious issue with people desperately trying to get marriage visas in any way possible.

No. 212025


police departments*

No. 212037


Exactly, same as the UK really. It's as overpriced and people only want to live here for the NHS tbh and free handouts cos like this anon said >>211638 UK is a fucking soft touch and is scared of upsetting its foreigners and immigrants.

At least Japan has one thing right, don't let them in.

No. 212041


Why is kabuki hoe still in japan?

No. 212052


She's on guard for a nipponese man to propose to her so she can live there and terrorize her baby animu sister in the hopes she'll get a modelling contract and luv from japanese ppl too cos azn is all in atm

didnt u kno? azn people are the latest arm candy

No. 212102

dude wait what?
I had a degree from a UK uni, a good job lined up, and a British citizen partner, and still wasn't allowed a visa to stay. What "soft touch" are you talking about? Maybe if you're from like Europe or something or snuck in thru Calais, but otherwise you're pretty well fucked. Doesn't matter if your skills are in demand, or would be separated from a spouse or family. "soft touch" my arse.

No. 212108

That anon was talking about Kabuki Reign. Which is off-topic but whatever.

Anyone would be stupid to think Kiki is still in Japan.

No. 212111

Shh, you'll disturb her happy little dreamworld where everything can be blamed on MUH 'MIGRANTS AND MOOSELIMBS. Don't go bringing logic into this.

No. 212312

guys. guys. what if kiki is off having plastic surgery? like nose job, boob job to get her moshi moshi desu husband?

and she thinks in her twisted mind if she leaves long enough we won't suspect a thing.

No. 212320

someone should post something about her on youtube or tumblr and see if the post/video will be removed due to copyright. I know she is still lurking somewhere…

No. 212322

would be hard to determine if it was Cathy or Kiki who filed the take down notice.

No. 212458


Oh it is, the UK IS a soft touch. If you're white anon, then obviously nah. You won't be able to stay. But if you're muslim or African then yeah, you'll be able to stay with your 938383 kids too.

It is a fucking soft touch.

Too bad so sad

No. 212460


That made absolutely no sense. Say something clever or don't say anything at all.

No. 212461


She still is online, just watching us or somewhere else under a new name. It'd make me wee laughing if kaka has gotten herself into fanfiction or online gaming. Maybe she really has given up.

No. 212501

stop using the phrase "soft touch" it's making me cringe

No. 212502

~softly touches anon~ anata wa raiku desu ka

No. 212505

Maybe she has taken a leaf out of Felice's book and is getting attention under a different name - if that's true, it won't take long before her new profiles are posted here as, like Felice, she can't help, but post those selcas. Or, you know, has learned absolutely nothing over the past ten years and is planning yet another Kaka comeback with a new gimmick! I'd bet on the latter knowing her.

No. 212542

I rather would think she is busy again with finding japanese sugardaddies on dating sites.

No. 212564

She has spent her formative years whoring herself out for followers online. No way she is going to give up the pitiful number of fans still following her because she was myspace famous and start from scratch.

She is nothing except being Dakota's less successful sister and a has-been scene queen

No. 213244

lmao, it's worth noting that Kaka is still obsessed with social media and checks it everyday.
I simply commented on one of her Instagram photos "You have your sisters beauty!" aaand I'm blocked 5 hours later.

I wish she'd break her silence though. I'm dying to know what bullshit she comes up with next.

I'm pretty sure she's trying to 'act above it all', and isn't active because Dakota joined way after her and has 22k followers already. So Kaka can be like "I don't update it, of course I have less followers!1!"

No. 215116

Since she is so quiet, and we all are waiting patiently for her return - the new farmers that don't know about the history of Kiki, visit Stickydrama. The site is back and all of the old drama is still there.

No. 215129

File: 1450356158422.png (71.58 KB, 308x281, kikistrip.png)




No. 215130

File: 1450356281213.jpg (26.37 KB, 604x553, 33mvac1.jpg)

Fucking hell this is a goldmine.

No. 215174

How long will it be until she starts doing AMWF porno?

No. 215176


I agree, but kota barely ever does much on her IG tbh apart from ugly alien selfies and blurry pictures of food or idk what she's bought. I feel she made an IG because manager told her so tbh and doesn't care much for it apart from Twitter and Ameblo.

No. 215215

No. 215352

I wonder if she will respond to StickyDrama being back?!

No. 215353

It's a shame a lot of the images are broken, but it's still great.

No. 215918

I kind of miss Kiki. Maybe I'm just tired of seeing Suzy's FAS.

No. 215919

I honestly believe she's just waiting for a new trend to start she can hop on, waiting for people to forget about the Taku debacle.

She deserves it bc she's a gross liar, I can't image having your break up this public let alone a public break up with someone who never existed…

No. 215948

>She deserves it bc she's a gross liar, I can't image having your break up this public let alone a public break up with someone who never existed…

I thought Taco always existed, just that some anons thought he was ugly, or at the best, average. As a result, Kiki hid him, and he started privating all his shot after some anon(s) did some dumb blooblah right?

Was there some more drama after that or something?

Tbh, all this time, I thought she would pop back up and announce she's married or pregnant or someshit.

No. 215958

Not sure how much you saw but some anon uncovered his profile on a dating site where Kaka found him and that exploded a lot of drama. It was pretty good. If you didn't see it was here. >>195684

No. 215967


that fucking emoticon everytime

No. 215987

It's weird, I had a dream a few nights about ago kaka and kota.

I dreamt in an upcoming picture kota will give us away like a clue to kaka and her new name or something.


No. 215992

Who else here still partially believes that it was Dakota that came here and outed Kristen's dating alias (Kirleos) as a way of getting back at her after all those years of shitting on her only then for Kristen to try and claw her hard-earned fame been in her direction once Dakota became the infinitely more popular and successful sister.

I mean, who else but Dakota could have known that? And when it was posted it was done so cryptically without even leaving links or anything.

No. 215994

Apparently she was pretty easy to find if you searched for girls looking looking to speak Japanese, in her age range, on the appropriate sites.

I think Dakota probably knows it's not worth getting caught up in Kiki's bullshit, and is probably just quietly observing (and laughing) from a distance.

No. 216006

File: 1450629593670.png (31.92 KB, 392x92, kikicomehome.png)

No. 216008

idk im from nyc so i dont feel like tokyo is much worse. then again i can live off $1 konbini food.

No. 216022

I'm just starting to follow Kaka and her sister. What's the deal with her being bald, like did she actually shave her head and posted a pic or what

No. 216023

Somebody photoshopped a still from one of her videos.

No. 216025


this. Also kaka was using the same selfies she had all over her ig and twitter as profile pic, making it even more easier to find.

No. 216091

File: 1450657282007.jpg (105.77 KB, 720x539, taco1.jpg)

No. 216092

File: 1450657297657.jpg (47.33 KB, 322x538, taco2.jpg)

No. 216106

Not too fond of the idea of Taku still being brought up.

No. 216107

me either. he's innocent.

No. 216207

just leave the poor guy alone, he already had enough unwanted attention.

No. 216398

i feel so hard

kiki come back
you can blame it all on me

kiki come back

No. 216401

lel, did that taku bullshit scsre kiki off the internets?

No. 216402


No. 216409

No, the Taku discovery happened after she'd already been in hiding for a couple months after they had broken up. She wasn't subtle about it. She started deleting his pictures and mentions of him from her social media so everybody pieced together they must have broken up. She hasn't been around since, but she still monitors her mentions because she blocks people so she's not dead or in prison.

No. 216535

Blocking is such a dumb waste of time. All the blocked has to do is logout to see her profile.

No. 216584

>She hasn't been around since
she hasn't been around because of that major sperg out incident. some one found one of his accounts on some language site, posted it, and some cows went nutso on him. he went into hiding and kiki never came back from war

No. 216585

dat huge shiny forehead can rival kaka's

No. 216599

I'm eager to see what her next move will be. She could have given up on Japan, but I think it's unlikely as long as Kota is there. I think she's finally realised that she'll never be able to execute any of her schemes as long as she's letting the Internet know what she's up to, too much stuff for her to cover up. Her mistake was posting about Taco and living in Japan before she actually had that shit on lock down.

It wouldn't surprise me if next time we hear from her she's living in Tokyo, working on a "secret project" (ie working under the table at an eikawa) and engaged to another ugly nipp.

No. 216603

Can she just come back as her washed up scene queen self? That was the best Kiki. I miss the old days, anons.

No. 216667

If you go back to the old thread, Kaka had been MIA since her assumed breakup with Taku. The milk was dried up for a while. The accounts were found and Taku was contacted a few months after that and Kaka was already laying low.

No. 216676

Kiki won't come back until she has something to brag about just like last time

No. 217146

All i want for christmas is miiiilk….

No. 217176

I thought that too actually. Like the next time we hear from kaka it's 2017, she's married and pregnant in Tokyo.

It wouldn't surprise me.

No. 217185

I sincerely hope Kristen never ends up preggers. She would legit only end up repeating history in fucking up her spawn and becoming Cathy 2.0.

No doubt she'd push them relentlessly towards a fame they didn't necessarily desire in the first place too.

No. 217186

I highly doubt she'll come back as a housewife in Japan. She can't resist bragging about something the second she gets it.
Plus, I just can't see any Japanese guys actually marrying her. From what I've heard, most Japanese people see foreigners as someone you just date for fun and she is already the kind of girl you'd just hook up with. Even Taku, who seemed quite lonely and desperate, didn't want to marry her.

No. 217188

she could be a youtuber only she would need to be consistent with the updates and we all know she finds that difficult. Talking about japan showing things she has ect. but I'm sure she is still too worried for her safety to ever do that. like come on you're not 14 anymore and the myspace scene doesn't hate you. past is the past to help you to grow not to recall on every time life gets a little too hard so you need to be a victim to get by. like in the adams family values the blond pretty girl set for fame boasts "i'll be the victim" and Wednesday responds "All your life" its sad i would love to see her be a strong independent person but she is most likely hiding out in her parent house crying about how Dakota gets everything

No. 217203

No. 217210


Nah, she could easily marry a desperate aryan loving gook. Language website, skype with him and meet up then get hitched. Wouldn't be difficult.

Kek poor #pray4taku

No. 217221

But even if she did end up married, she couldn't keep a husband. Her personality and behavior are so vile and obnoxious and she expects to be waited on hand and foot, worshipped constantly AND spoiled rotten, and no guy who is looking for a wife on a language site will be able to do that financially or emotionally. Unless Kristen goes through some serious behavioral/cognitive therapy there's no way she'll be able to maintain a relationship, or for that matter a job or anything else that requires dedication, effort and patience.

No. 217466

She tried that once before. For a while she was making vids and had a slightly consistent upload schedule. She wasn't getting the attention she wanted from it so she stopped. Then she would attempt to show interest in it again and just as quickly give up, because all of her attempts at things are half-assed. She expects to put forth minimal effort with major reward. See every other endeavor she's made: her first overpriced jewelry business, the second overpriced jewelry/Etsy resales business, her stolen music, the Kickstarter that was a project to be given a bunch of free crap basically, being a YouTuber, her relationship with Taku. She literally doesn't try at anything because she thinks she's too special. She is above us mere peasants. She claims it's for her safety like you said but no, she's just too damn lazy for anything.

No. 217498

So I've been in Japan for a week and I can't understand why she would ever think that she could make it here. Although her "look" is not common, it is also not desirable.
A lot of Japanese girls go for that cute, youthful look; Kirsten looks old as hell.

No. 218828

I miss Kiki.

No. 218973

She already sent me a DMCA takedown notice to get rid of all the old caps lol. But no worries, I sent her a counternotice. And I'm fixing the best of the broken/missing media here and there.

No. 218978


How long ago she sent these to you?

No. 218980

She sends us DMCA takedowns pretty regularly as well.

No. 218981

well she once posted some spiel about internet fame and success being meaningless meanwhile her sister keeps getting bigger and the more kaka tried, the harder she failed. her long rant was just to pretend she doesnt care. but she obviously does.

No. 218982

Dat streisand effect.

No. 219028

Perhaps 2016 will be her year?

No. 219031


Seriously? Why would she imagine that a demand made recently would have any more an effect than a demand made 3 months ago or 6 months ago when they've all previously gone ignored? You should publish some here for giggles.

I know you've previously received emails in the past from figures such as she that you've chosen not to disclose and I'm so caught between wanting respect the anonymity of such contact and my furious desire for thick, creamy milk.

No. 219084

Me too, anon. Me too.

No. 219090

File: 1451678950784.jpg (54.06 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Bangs and eyebrows can make a big difference.

No. 219097

File: 1451680176466.jpg (17.05 KB, 182x218, 5671309417_539423b2c4.jpg)

Not digging it, reminded me of this
sorry kaka

No. 219139

File: 1451684374404.jpg (28.29 KB, 720x480, 10960171_10204001920114382_533…)


kota simply finds this amusing

No. 219142

No. 219162

LOL. Kiki pls :'(

No. 219163

Goddamn are you the same person that says kootz looks better with dark brown hair because they both look terrible with it. Kiki should bleach her hair and go western bleach blonde slut look. It suits her best.

No. 219171

File: 1451699538922.jpg (56 KB, 292x438, 240_01.jpg)


She's been cinders all along, didn't you know?

No. 219181

I'm guessing she's thinking that if she keeps annoying them, they'll give her want she wants to shut her up.

>I know you've previously received emails in the past from figures such as she that you've chosen not to disclose and I'm so caught between wanting respect the anonymity of such contact and my furious desire for thick, creamy milk.

Me too.

No. 219198


Pretty typical narcissistic behavior

I don't think kaka herself has NPD, but I'd sure as shit believe her mom has it. Kaka is the spoiled problem child result of a NPD parent with adopted characteristics IMHO.

Her milk reads like a textbook explanation, like shiet.

/arm chair psychology

No. 219201

how can you be sure it is Kiki and not one of her parents submitting them? I am pretty sure all three of them file claims actively still.

No. 219205

You could be right. I don't know why but I imagine Cathy and Scott to be completely sick of their less lucrative child and her dramatics by this point. How many international trips have they paid for in hopes that it will lead to something?

No. 219210

I kinda think they're sick of her too.

Speaking of the Japan trips, I wonder if her parents know they won't go anywhere at this point? It seems to me they do because I was expecting for her to go back there after she made that tweet claiming she got an "entertainment visa."
I also wonder if they told her that she wasn't cute enough to make it there and that's why she started trying to get a spouse visa.

No. 219233

Before Kiki went AWOL wasn't she bragging on Twitter about getting signed to an agency or some shit?

No. 219235

She was bragging about getting an entertainment visa but it was only because an anon commented on her ig saying that her chance to get a spouse visa is gone and that she'll never live in Japan or something like that.

No. 219239

I don't think they'd give up on her or tell her she wasn't cute, she's the golden child and the sun shines out of her backside. In my opinion they're either plotting something else or having money troubles, hence no more Japan trips for Kaka. Things are probably tense in the Ostrenga household either way. It was supposed to be Kiki who was going to be the superstar of the family, not Kota.

No. 219247

Kiki's parents remind me of victims of those 419 Nigerian scams, no matter how much money they have wasted with no results, they just keep throwing money at her in hopes that "this time I really will get all the money and fame I know she deserves and we can retire and buy a new house and blah blah blah"

No. 219257

do you guys think shes looking for a sugar daddy on seeking arrangement?

No. 219272


It's possible. Very possible and she's probably after an asian one. With her being white, blue eyes it'll be an easy catch for her since the gooks dig that shit.

Idk what kaka is hoping for because she won't make it in Japan.

No. 219277

She tried with the new PULL apparently but all of the forums and sites are now located on foreign hosts. There's literally nothing she can do and it's so damn satisfying. Maybe that's why she dropped off the internet. Maybe she finally gave up.

No. 219287

I don't think so. I don't think she'd ever outright look for a sugar daddy because she'd know we'd find out. Plus, she seems dead set on getting a spouse visa atm and I don't think a sugar daddy would help her with that.

I think she's currently just talking to a few Japanese guys/dating a Japanese guy she met on her etherealmew account(s) in hopes of getting free Japan trips and/or a spouse visa.

I wonder what she's gonna do when she comes back. I'm sure she's gonna come back with a new potential spouse visa, so how is she going to explain how she immediately got with someone new after her relationship with ~the love of her life~ ended?

No. 219288

Why is she so deadset on Japan anyway? She's never previously showed any semblance of interest in the country, its culture or its history before and even actively went out of her way to mock East Asian nations.

Surely she understands she's far too old and unattractive to make it as a model there now, so why does she persist?

No. 219289

is someone really asking this question again?

her sister. her sister is the reason she is deadset on japan.

No. 219291

So we know Kooter has a spare bedroom in her apartment. If Kiki's so desperate to make it in Japan I wonder why she doesn't put her up for a few weeks and introduce her to some of her connections/kakkoii nihonjn guys. I wonder if it's because Kota doesn't want to be around her or because Kiki is too proud/jealous to ask her for help.

No. 219292

This. If Kota were noticed by China or Korea, Kaka would be targeting ronery males from those countries instead.

No. 219295

Was that in her apartment tour? I forgot she had a spare bedroom, thought it was just a bedroom and living room. Still, yeah I guess Kotex could put her sister up for a while even in the living room if she really wanted to, but I think she's trying to distance herself from her family now

No. 219296


Yes I'm asking again because I sincerely am unable to fathom it.

I cannot fathom growing up in a wealthy, first-world nation such as the US, having access to education and the internet, and still being this stupid.

I… I don't understand.

No. 219297

well, Japan is pretty well developed so it's not that unthinkable people would be interested in living there. if kaka wanted to make it big in kenya or sudan you'd have a point, but japan is a civilzed place by western standards

No. 219298


Japan is a first world nation too

No. 219299

Uh, no. Not everyone has access to education, but as a white female whose family had enough money to fund stupid shit, she had access. It's not her stupidity that keeps her pipe dreams fueled, it's her delusional personality and opinion of herself. She fancies herself this special creature that's gonna be super famous and successful.

No. 219300

Have you been to Japan? It's an amazing country. So, aside from her sister, I can understand why she'd try to stay.

No. 219303

>access to education and the internet
I think you're mistaking Japan for China or some other Asian country.

No. 219305

File: 1451784856647.png (44.66 KB, 621x352, Capture.PNG)

Not that anon but she doesn't even seem to enjoy being there. She never really does anything when she goes there. She just spends all her time indoors and on the rare times she does go out, it's just to go to a nightclub, cat cafe, or vegan cafe/restaurant.
I also don't think I've ever heard her say anything nice about Japan. I remember the second time she went there, she did nothing but complain(pic related).

No. 219312


Yeah, to some anon it's amazing besides being overrated because weebs want to go live there for cute shit and make money.

But kaka was never out and about anyway. So why even bother? She wouldn't do well if she worked there. The paranoia of people seeing her on the train, arguing and being a cunt. She'd mess it up.

No. 219313


Uh, I think you guys are confused.
I'm saying I don't understand how Kristen has had such a privileged upbringing surrounded by masses of accessible information and is still as thick as she is, not that Japan is a bad country.

She has zero drive nor ambition.

No. 219315


>have you ever been to Japan

Yes. Actually my degree is in Japanese History/Culture with Japanese language on the side and modules in Chinese History.

It's a fascinating country for sure but once you start analysing countries from an academic perspective you tend not to laud them as you previously once may have.

Japan is a country just as any other, with both good and bad.

No. 219318

I remember when, at the beginning, Kota got some jobs in China and Korea.
Meanwhile Kiki was tweeting in Korean, Chinese and Japanese and claimed she was studying all 3 languages at once.

Then Kota started to focus on Japanese market only and suddenly Kiki is only tweeting in Japanese and seemingly she just lost interest for the other two languages.

No. 219322


Fuck me. I totally thought this was a recent tweet saying she'd come out of hiding. The struggle is real.

No. 219323

What do you mean by that? Are you referring to a country's history?

No. 219324

Omfg she deleted her Twitter?!

No. 219325

No, it's still there. Last time updatedon Oct 22

No. 219327

Thanks anon, my shit is flipping apparently

No. 219328

is she definitely still even alive?

No. 219329

Shes either dead or finally locked up in a mental ward somewhere

No. 219331

File: 1451794617828.png (46.12 KB, 1407x307, tmp_32697-Screenshot_2016-01-0…)

Oh look Scott quit

No. 219332

If she wanted to. Since she doesn't it makes it seem like she doesn't like Kaka or doesn't want to help her because she knows she won't make it and won't want to put in the work. Kaka won't make it because the market wants youth and beauty and Kaka looks aged and weathered, and she only makes half-hearted attempts at things before she gives up. Imagine if Kota did introduce Kaka to people in the biz and tried to get her a job and instead of saying no we don't want her they offered to try. Imagine Kaka having to sacrifice, to go to shoots when she doesn't feel great or she's having painful period cramps she wants to tweet about. She'd be insufferable. Kota probably knows that and doesn't want that bad impression ruining her relationships with business contacts.

No. 219333

Someone said they commented on her IG recently and she deleted it, so I guess she's still lurking hard.

No. 219334

Dakota would never let Kiki stay with her, and she sure as fuck wouldn't introduce her to her worn connections. That would be shooting herself in the foot socially. Dakota learned to shut her mouth and play kawaii desu so Japan would like her, but Kiki is so rank and toxic and thinks anyone who doesn't worship her is scum, she doesn't know how to be nice or polite unless it's an act to get something from someone. As soon as it became public knowledge in Japan that Dako-chan's sister is a rancid, vile NEET who likes to publicize all her relationships (one night stands) on social media, they would both be fucked.

No. 219335

>worn connections

*work connections. Goddamnit.

No. 219358


Basically she only went to buy Sailor moon trinkets, brag about chefs (aka Taku's cafe staff) catering to every stupid whim and her non-existant dick magnet powers.

No. 219360


No. 219366

Kota has to pay for herself how can she support Kaka indefinitely? Also I noticed Kota's apt had pics of everyone but her family.

No. 219367

No. 219368

Don't forget everyone asking her "moderu desu ka???" And her getting "scouted" and bragging about carrying around illegal weapons like a retard because she's so paranoid everyone wants to rape her for being a tall, exotic Russian-looking model moon goddessu.

No. 219369

The Japanese are her only family now, anon. I think Dakota pretty much unofficially disowned her family and her white-Americanness to be a pretend hafu model in Japan.

No. 219378

To be a fly on the wall in Taku's restaurant when he had to request they use clean utensils for his gaijin pussy.

No. 219379

Idk, he dumped her for a reason so in guessing he probably never did that shit for her, and she's making it up like 99% of her life.

No. 219380

>social network marketing
>listing his daughters internet trainwrecks as previous job


No. 219382


And ride cabs too.

No. 219383

I feel like she took several videos or pics of one cab ride and stretched it out.

Kind of like how she stretched out the timeframe she was with Taku and pretended he was in florida.

No. 219387

Damn, anybody got those videos still? The cabs in Japan are fucking ugly and all look and stink alike. Why didn't this bitch ever take the train? Besides the reason that she never really went anywhere. Probably too stupid to navigate them.

No. 219388

New levels of desperate, getting those Disney bracelets when no one was with her.

No. 219390

Did she ever make that "going to Japan to see if marriage will work" -trip, or was that just before the Taco-shit exploded and she went into hiding?

No. 219391

I think she pretended that they went to Disney world together, then she was gonna go back to Japan because of marriage plans when she never announced an engagement. Then, she supposedly went to Japan but she posted old pics and videos of taco and her old solo vids. Then the taco shit storm happened.

No. 219392

I might have my timeline mixed up, but I -think- her "preparing for marriage trip" was her just posting more images from a previous trip. She was also definitely in hiding before Taku's accounts were discovered and had already deleted any mention of him off her accounts.

No. 219401

We need timeline anon, and someone who has those taxi pics/vids.

No. 219425

Another anon posted there timeline of how she lied about being in Japan here >>189513.

No. 219426


No. 219427

Also TAXI:
I also found another timeline another anon posted

No. 219428

another timeline >>129171

No. 219431


Thank you beautiful anon

No. 219433


Well, everything in general I suppose.

I'm on my phone so I'm not going to go too much into it since I cbf typing it all but so many people assume that Japan is this last bastion of expression and libertarianism and freedom but don't seem to realise that Japan's history has been one of brutal totalitarianism and pseudo-dictatorship.
It's really only within the last 60 years that Japan has been presenting itself as "cool Japan" but a lot of it is a load of revisionist surface guff.

During the period of sakoku from 1633 to 1853 the land existed in a state of peace under Tokugawa rule - provided you did as you were told and adhered to the strict and often cruel regulations, of which resulted in atrocities such as the mass persecution of Japanese Christians in which anybody that identified as Christian and refused to betray their faith, men, women and even little children were hunted and executed, sometimes even burned at the stake.
This in turn led to events such as the Shimabara Rebellion in 1637, and let's not ignore things such as Japan's invasion of China, the Nanjing Massacre, Japan's occupation of Korea, the Manchuria incident involving Emperor Puyi, the last Emperor of China, and how the Japanese slaughtered his illegitimate heir at birth to maintain control of the region although to be fair it was his chauffeur that knocked his wife up kek

Even today though Japan has a massive disparity in the gender equality index ranked at 104 with a scale of 0.6584, below even Ghana and Namibia, and then you have the rampant economic and social problems such as the minzoku issue in which people born within Japan and who hold Japanese residencies are excluded from things like educational grants and opportunities typically afforded to ethnic Japanese and are frequently excluded and pushed into attending minzoku schools where they can be with "their own kind".

Don't even get me started on Japanese government sanctioned wartime revisionism I swear on me mam.

That being said there are a lot of good things about the country, but my point is that at the end of the day it is only a country the same as any other with a rich culture and a bloody history, and that people should not gloss over its past in favour of its present (Emperor Akihito is actually continuously promoting this ideology, the man is an absolute treasure).

I ended up typing up a lot, oops, but this is basically why I despise witches like Kristen who claim to love Japan whilst knowing nothing about the country, and this goes for weebs like Himezawa too.
Same for anybody that idolises and fetishes nations tbh. It's obscene.

No. 219434

>>219428 >>116665
she's posted a train picture once it was here over a little over 10 months ago, a little before Taku was officially mentioned. Taku wasn't really mentioned until about 8 or 9 months ago according to how long Lolcow was posting her tweets and all.
First taxi tweet was 10 months ago about her getting pee on her in the taxi. No pictures taken.

>>48691 @mmmkikikannibal: You guys… I just sat in a piss ridden taxi seat in omotesando…. My whole back is full of urine & I have to wash everything now. Omfg.

No. 219435


OMG stop.

No. 219436

Thanks for the bit of history. People that worship Japan, desperately marry the people, and think Japan is an "innocent" country, are people who suffer from that Post ww2 90's brainwashing. The Japanese spend Billions of money brainwashing westerners into infiltration of their own land. This is another way eugenics works. Wipe out indigenous peoples strain the bloodline, erase their past.

No. 219437

Why stop? It was a really fascinating read.

No. 219439


Yep, yep, yep.
It's so nice being able to have conversations such as this with other people considering we're on a Japanese format inspired messaging board.
There are a lot of people even on my degree who know all the facts and are still like "nooo Nippon kawaii innocent victims uguuu anime, anime, mango, mango EHHHHH, SUGEI DA NE".

But yah back to Keeks.

No. 219440


I was already aware the Japs had a shitty history too. Now I just snickered and think back to the weebs.

I mean every country has a shit history but it's just hilarious how people really think Japan is so amazing, innocent and pure.


No. 219651

File: 1451882762741.png (20.97 KB, 589x89, Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.4…)

No. 219655

Wut? There is nothing new on her Twitter profile.

No. 219656


it was just posted, she prob deleted it

No. 219658


why would i edit that? its not even juicy jesus

No. 219663

She has done mistake posts before.

No. 219673

File: 1451887740805.gif (149.53 KB, 161x250, 1392830829039.gif)

No. 219674

she prob meant to type it in the search bar or smth

No. 219676


The Ostrengas are pretty good at fucking up when stalking on Twitter at this point

No. 219693

File: 1451893765696.gif (402.89 KB, 220x123, raw.gif)


>meant to type it in the search bar

How can someone fuck it so bad and mistake the search bar for the tweet box, is still beyond our understanding anon

but yeah, she's still lurking hard.

No. 219699

I was thinking it was a ctrl+f thing on someone's Twitter but didn't realize she was posting.

No. 219702

Pretty sad when you have to stalk your own sister on the Internet since your relationship went south.

No. 219708

OT but where is this gif originally from? It never fails to make me laugh.

No. 219714

File: 1451902217792.jpg (92 KB, 612x612, 11380938_433824150111744_17705…)

Did anyone ever notice the cruelty-free since 8 vegan kawaii princess has a genuine leather strap on her guitar?

No. 219715


those are vegan cruelty free straps made to look like real leather with all new brand machinery, how you even dare to doubt about kiki himesama's veganism, silly anon~~~

No. 219716

a lot vegans try to remain economical about past animal products; using them until they wear out and purchasing a vegan-friendly version or giving them away.
While i don't think kiki is at all genuine, if she's been playing guitar longer than her veganism, it's a possibility she's following that logic. if not, then how embarrassing.

No. 219717

Isn't guitar something she picked up for three seconds in a YouTube video? In true Kiki fashion she was suddenly a virtuoso laying down live samples for her sick dubstep.

I think her dad played guitar as a hobby or something but don't quote me on this.

No. 219719

yeah it was mentioned earlier, he played in a local band before getting Cathy knocked up

No. 219724

She's claiming she's been vegan since she was 8.

No. 219895


yeah that and honestly not every vegan is psycho and militant. for some people it's just the diet, really strange when other people try to police that.

but then again this is kiki and she claims she is a saint.

No. 219901

File: 1451946988235.png (444.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-04-17-33-34…)

Has anyone else been blocked by Kiki lately? I've never tweeted at her, or made any tweets relating to her, I'd just browse Dakota's twitter occasionally and I just found out that Kiki blocked me. Does the mental ward have wifi?

No. 219909

Not every vegan is, of course not. But this is Kaka who asks for different utensils from restaurants to be used on her vegan meals. She justified her owning the knock off Miu Miu heels because the real ones were leather. It wouldn't go with her vegan empath kawaii fairy of light persona to use leather products.

No. 219914

God, how creepy. Her twitter feed is radio silent and yet she's still quietly lurking about like some kind of human roach.

No. 219915

Dakota…I'm coming for you.

No. 219920

Either you follow a PULL member or the Lain/PULL twitter account. (Or even StickyDrama if he has an account.) Even if you don't follow any of those, Kiki is a psycho. If you so much as LOOK like someone that has once pissed her off, she will ban you. Remember how she attacked a random girl even though she wasn't associated with any "hate site" what-so-ever? Yeah. This is Kiki we're talking about.

Oddly enough, she took ages to block me and several others that consistently called her out. I guess if you aren't making her look like a victim, you're useless.

No. 219924


I don't though, I just follow pages about kittens and shit.

No. 219927

well she isn't psychic no matter how much she thinks she is, so that's really the only reason she would block you. At least that's the reason she blocks 9/10 people.

Unless she somehow became a 1337 hax0r and planted spyware on your computer.

No. 219959

Have u ever shared/commented one of Kiki/Dakota's videos? Retweeted or faced a picture? Do you use the same username or picture for IG/twitter/YT(PULL?) etc? Are u friends with someone who comments on their IG or tweet them? Post dolly stuff? ? (snowflakes think all "dollies" who aren't famous are copycats/fame diggers, basically they own the field) they stalk friends of people they blocked too, if they think you are related somehow to lolcow or PULL sometimes they block just for that. Sometimes there's apparently no reason behind her reasons to block people, however we are talking about kiki, most paranoid person I've seen. You're not the first person that claimed she has blocked for "no reason"

No. 219961

I'm just picturing her searching dakota and having to google translate every single one of her tweets to actually understand what her sister is saying.

>human roach
perfect description
I can't unsee the banner that that one anon made of all the bugs crawling all over her.
She reminds me of roach coach from the powerpuff girls!

No. 219972

File: 1451965174265.jpg (15.78 KB, 340x217, 1445705574669.jpg)


Dakota…I'm coming for you.

No. 219983

This is as spoopy as the Ashley banner

No. 219998

I second this, because considering how few people she follow, Dakota's tweets are probably always on the top of her timeline

No. 220301

Damn, you should animate this and make it a banner!

No. 220324

Before you die you see the Keekz.

No. 220349



No. 220353

At midnight, if you chant "Kiki" 3 times and look in the mirror, after a while that bald headed face will appear. If you start hearing bad ripoff dubstep mixes echoing in the room, that's a sign she is about to appear.

No. 220356

tfw no sleep tonight

No. 220376

My sides

>if well wearing coontails you prepare a CLEAN UNUSED UTENSILS vegan dish, it's said the vengeful kakaryo will take mercy on you

>"disgusting lesbian!" She'll wail, before disappearing into her sister's shadow

This is the only way out, friends. It's said if you have been particularly diligent with the ritual, you will see an apiration of Scott taking a flash photo of his daughter, vanishing and leaving OSTREGNA COPYRIGHT 'hand crafted' jewelry. After wearing the item, you'll gain exactly 1 DMCA take down request

No. 220378

Wew excuse my typos, new phone's autocorrect is some shit.



No. 220394


Can we make a fanfic.

No. 220464

She was probably searching her own timeline to delete any mentions of Dakota from her shit

No. 220477

forever kekkin

No. 221622

I'm kind of surprise she didn't tweet RIP David Bowie since she such a hard core fan of his

No. 221623

We need milk

No. 221625

How creepy. I was just thinking about how long we've been Kiki abstinent.

No. 221627

Maybe she actually is going by a different name now and a clean slate? It would be pretty smart to just drop everything and start over, there is no crawling out from the hot burning wreckage that was Kiki Kannibal.

No. 221628

Honestly, as much as I miss keeks milk, she is finally doing what we've been telling her to do for years. Just stop with the e-fame crap and move on. Dakota will eventually get old and become irrelevant in Japan. And what skills does she have after that? Imagine how much she would be able to shove in her face when she's got a steady career?

Of course this is kiki, so she probably is just busy looking for an asian husbando….

No. 221629

Naw, it'd be smart to actually quit the Internet. And I think she really is tired of it and tries to.

But come her next identity crisis because her parents didn't give her proper skills/identity/room for normal growth&socialization in her developmental stages, and she'll be back. She doesn't know what else to do and has never learned how to have a normal 'real' life.

Anywhere online she will end up coming back to Kiki kannibal or being dakos sister, because she has no significant personality or real interests to bring people in otherwise. She got attention at a young age just for existing and even after extensive therapy (which she won't seek) probably will never be able to fully develop a normal sense of self.

Her parents straight fucked her, and she was a willing victim. No matter what she does to accommodate, part of her will harbor that emptiness.

No. 221635


Exactly. She needs to just get a normal and healthy life without the internet. Not telling her to never use the web again but just keep it private and to a minimal.

Dakota is already getting boring after nearly 5 years. She's more or less just tarento on the odd tv show and event now. I doubt she'll go viral again.

Yep, she's on some dodgy dating site.

No. 221638

Who is on some dodgy dating site?

No. 221647

>>Naw, it'd be smart to actually quit the Internet

This is why I think it wasn't her choice. Maybe her parents took away her internet again.

No. 221649

File: 1452641858050.jpeg (88.98 KB, 575x1024, image.jpeg)

lol, it's that ~latina~ lolcow visitor again

(Screenshot photo from her Twitter)

No. 221655

File: 1452642882934.jpeg (157.39 KB, 1242x809, hay rimma.jpeg)

Rimma broadened her horizons. She popped up in /snow/ trying to crawl up aspiring aidoru backsides.

No. 221676

This bitch is so fucking nuts

No. 221687

I thought this dumb bitch would've learnt her lesson by now. Once a cow, always a cow.

No. 221689

Is the girl she's trying to harass some former scene queen or something? What the actual fuck is wrong with this inbred Arab hick?

No. 221891

I thought her name was Rima not Rimma. That top looks like she was trying to bite Kiki's style too. Good to see she's still an inbred trashy hick with a pan in her yard.

No. 222226

Doesn't she have her own thread in /snow/ or something? Post them there. Stop giving me false hope that Kiki has returned…

No. 222240

She does but it hasn't been used in months.

No. 222282


she's Jack Cash's ex

No. 225039

File: 1453565298504.jpg (282.38 KB, 1080x1920, res_1453564910465.jpg)

Edit I did of kiki, I think she could be really pretty if she did less harsh makeup (since her features are already very harsh) and took better care of her skin to keep it from looking so dull and tired.

No. 225040

damn you, anon.
I saw the thumbnail of this on the home page and got all excited thinking that Kiki had finally returned to us with fresh milk for all.

No. 225042

sage to save other farmer's the heartbreak.

No. 225043

you made her look like a weird egg

No. 225045

Wow, just got excited for nothing.

No. 225046

This shoop is awful, jesus.

No. 225049

Now its not only her hair thats balding, her face is balding now aswell kek

No. 225051

File: 1453568844320.jpg (44.28 KB, 480x360, xuz4g.jpg)

No. 225062

she looks like jennifer lawrence.

isn't there a photoshop thread? post that shit there. i'm so tired of this thread being bumped for nothing.

No. 225079

I miss Kaka

No. 225102

File: 1453590494829.png (Spoiler Image, 180.25 KB, 297x369, Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 6.07…)

This looks like one of those creepy pageant photos.

No. 225158

Okay I've been reading through pretty much every thread and lurked a good while but can't seem to figure out what PULL is, even after a Google search. Help a migrant from /cgl/ out.

No. 225159


Google pretty ugly little liar forum

No. 225232

I knew it was an acronym, just couldn't figure it out. Thanks for indulging my ignorance.

No. 229664

File: 1454539970143.png (151.33 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Sorry not actual milk, but how long ha she been following "tweet delete"

No. 229759


For quite a while. She got on a deleting spree before she stopped posting. Should be somewhere in the last thread.

No. 230022


Are you sure? I'm pretty sure she's just re-followed it today, because her following count was on 9 yesterday. But no Tweets have been deleted… yet. Keep an eye on the number of Tweets I guess. Currently sitting at 3,736.

Maybe she's just done it to stir the pot and make us speculate lol.

No. 233335

Fuck all this Venus and Margo, Himezawa bullshit. I miss kaka, where oh where are you kaka.

She'll always be the most lulzy cow of them all <3

No. 233339

File: 1454941922344.png (193.47 KB, 1366x1387, kiki.png.71239b9b5eab6513e6f5c…)

Someone on pull posted this screencap which shows how many tweets she's deleted.

No. 233347


She'll be back.

No. 233355

Remember when we were like, "oh it's whatever, she always does this, just give it a few months!"

That was in September of last year…

Yeah, it is suspicious she is still deleting tweets instead of just deleting the whole damn account. Clearly she is planning on coming back eventually. When, Kiki?

No. 233373

My guess is she'll come back when she's comes back to Japan and act like she's been living there the entire time and was just too busy being a famous model/musician. Or she'll come back when she feels everyone forgot about Taku and she finds another Japanese boyfriend.

No. 233395

MTE, she'll probably only return when she has something to try and brag about. After her humiliation with Taco, everyone pointing out how she was a crazy washed up loser, obsessed with trying to copy her much more successful sister probably finally started hitting too close to home and she withdrew to prevent further embarrassment.

No. 233445


Same here. I reckon she's getting rid of her old shit and creating a "clean slate". Probably a new name or something, new look.

She'll probably go try living in Japan and be back like "haiii omg sorry i was so busy! im now a japanese model like my lil sister!!! im married to ____-san now and yay!"

All false and stupid. Just like she is.

No. 233479

She doesn't really know when to quit but I imagine Japan has lost its sparkle for her, plus imagine the Ostrengas funding yet another useless expedition for their special snowflake vegan moogle of mother earth.

Part of me hopes she comes back as something completely outlandish, like a Mormon sister wife or something.

No. 233568


With healing rocks and shit. Knowing kaka, she'd do it if it meant getting a new fan baseeeee

No. 233772

I don't really think she enjoyed Japan trips as she wanted us to believe. Having to carry a fucking tazer and a knife, riding cabs and bothering people with her special vegan needs doesn't sound like a dream vacation.

No. 233787

I don't think she did either. I remember her second trip she was hinting at not liking Japan on twitter. One tweet in particular I remember she said a cab driver told her good luck on her studies and then said that it was the first time someone was nice to her there or something along those lines.

No. 233790

Why did she take cabs in Tokyo though?
They are super super expensive here while the public transport is pretty great.

No. 233795

Because she’s so beautiful and perfect that she would be harassed constantly if she took public transportation

No. 233808

this, and taku also most likely payed for every fancy and whim of his gaijin fucktoy

No. 233812

I think she's too stupid to get around the subway lines without him, so he just paid for her to cab a few times.

No. 234041

Hah, she's unfollowed that Tweet Delete thing now. So she's still lurking the internet, or been on Twitter.
Kaka, why are you hiding? :(

No. 234093

Hi Kiki, how's everything going? I know you still read us
luv u

No. 236238

File: 1455291679634.png (689.62 KB, 853x561, kkkk.png)

Watching old Kiki vids for lolz, when her hair does this weird thing and it actually looks like OP's pic ahaha.

No. 236239

Hahaha holy shit! How in the world did it even do that?

No. 236253

Anybody got pics from her first trip to Japan?

No. 236258

not even she has pics from her first trip to japan.

No. 236261

What do you mean by this cryptic shit anon?

No. 236272

File: 1455302266241.jpg (52.29 KB, 600x450, BUlNtrfCUAAwd70.jpg)

No. 236273

I wasn't being cryptic. Kiki is kinda known for not taking many pics of her trips or just taking generic "look at the cherry blossom" pics or just straight up faking pictures. As you can see from >>236272 the pictures are just what people took and she clearly didn't have access to them as they are not photoshopped.

No. 236286

You're right - here's the tweet: https://twitter.com/mmmkikikannibal/statuses/575915565799243776

12 Mar
OMG the taxi driver just gave me money for a drink and told me 頑張って!!! for my studying ^ ^ restored my faith in kind people here

No. 236342

File: 1455309749716.png (118.42 KB, 355x300, Sesame_8dfd82_5827799.png)

"omg nobody likes white people in japan, they prefer colored people!!!1"
who the fuck cares who is more popular in a country you will never go to
weebs, thats who

No. 236353

Thanks anon!

Holy fuck she looks a mess.

No. 236650

These are from when she was on the radio or something right? And apparently played in front of a 'live' audience.
Kinda funny how she never posted proof of either of those things ever happening.
I'd love to see her fumbling around on stage pretending to DJ.

No. 236682

This one is.
You got me thinking about that. Why is there no recording of her on the radio?
I just decided to look a little into it and can't find anything at all. I even went to check an archive of the website around the time she was on and couldn't find anything about her. The only stuff I could find was a fb post from the radio station's fb page and 2 ameblo posts from the hosts. And they just said pretty much the same thing everyone in Japan who took a picture with her said, that she's Dakota's famous model/musician sister.

If anyone else wants to try looking into it, the radio station is Bayfm 78 and she was a guest on September 26, 2013.

No. 237412

Famous model/musician? She must have fed them some good BS. Literally the only place her "modeling" shots were posted was on the fucking internet. She was never in any magazines as part of a fashion shoot or anything, she only modeled for herself. Damn, Kaka.

Now is the time for Kaka to get some attention on herself though, if she would escape her parents and have a big drama fallout against Cathy on social media the same way Venus has. People eat that shit up.

No. 237419

You must be stupid. The main difference here is that Kiki is also a narcissist. She's not escaping anyone who gives her the time/attention/money she needs to feel like the special goddess she is.

No. 237424

Tony Hawk san

No. 237518

Cathy is also a narcissist. It's an abusive situation and Kiki wanted to leave many times in the past. It's not easy to leave abusers. If she did manage to do it she'd get a lot of attention for being brave and sympathy which would feed her narcissism. Whatever. She's been boring for a while anyway.

No. 237937

Kiki doesn't want to leave her parents, she wants to be taken care of by some rich, sexy man who will cater to her every whim and buy her anything she wants so she can show off how luxurious and high class she is (or so she thinks).

No. 238060

Holy fuck I'm crying

No. 240270

I would like to see her come back and vlog on life after teenage Internet fame and what's she's up too now and such. I'm sure she will return. Why else would she spent time deleting specific tweets,video and pictures instead of just deleting full acounts. My theory is she wants to come back to a clean slate without having to start from the bottom follower wise and only when enough time has passed for people to forget about things.although wasnt she suing people? Perhaps she's not allowed to post while a lawsuit it pending? who know but I hope she's doing well though I do miss her presence on the Internet

No. 240281

well yea because id rather be stuck in my abusive housefold than be out on the streets.
shits hard but id rather live through that than be homeless or a crackwhore

No. 240282

why would you wear a thick knit hat (winter wear) with sleeveless stripper wear
shes beyond me

No. 240283

because she cant nihongo

No. 240568

the same reason why pixyteri wears winter snow boots with short shorts while living in southern Texas.

No. 240962

I wonder what happened between Kiki and Taku to make her run away from the Internet? I mean it's been literally her entire life since she was what, 11-12? Almost a decade? What could have made her go from trying so hard to get a marriage visa (which TBH isn't that hard for skinny white girls, to don't even need to speak Japanese just be in Japan and willing to put out, which Kiki absolutely is) and claiming to live in Tokyo/getting an entertainment visa to just dead silence after trying so hard to get her foot in Japan to be a moderu like Kota?

Kiki plz come back, we miss you and we need your magical kira kira healing goddessu presence!

No. 240967

I don't think anything that big happened, she just left in shame because she was going on about how they were ~soul mates~ only to get dumped soon after she made that marriage announcement.
And she's still trying to get that marriage visa. She made another language exchange account straight after Taku dumped her. That's one of the reasons she's so silent right now, she knows it would make her look bad if she got with another guy straight after all that talk about getting married to Taku.

No. 240969

I imagine she's just mortified. I bet she thought that she finally had it in the bag with her super cool Nipponese husbando, plus she probably assumed staying in Japan for a few weeks would allow her to get discovered as the most famous and beautiful supermodel to ever grace Tokyo. But neither of those things panned out - everyone thought Tako was fugly, she didn’t get noticed by anyone, and her sister is still more famous than her.

She’s probably still trying to pull it off, just laying low until she actually has something to brag about.

No. 240971


I think the Kickster is active on the internet, just incongnito. We haven't found her yet. Maybe she learned something and started off with a totally new account and niche.

No. 240974

To be fair, I think the only reason she didn't get any modeling work is because she never left her hotel room except to hook up with guys from her language exchange apps. All she would have to do is dress up in something flashy and bright and do some of her old pre-Kota-copying style makeup and she would easily be approached for some basic gigs that, who knows, could lead to more gigs or even her getting signed. 3 months is plenty of time when you don't have to worry about working or paying bills. She just never left her room in order to be seen.

No. 243249

Just noticed her vegan pudding video is gone. I wanted to try it. Come back and make vegan dessert videos, Kawaii Elf Princess

No. 243274

i was watching her pole dance videos on instagram, and shes so fucking stiff, im dying.

No. 243279

Better save that. Now that you mention it, I'm sure it will be the next thing up for deletion.

No. 243284

yea i also wonder what really happened and cant stop myself from spinning fantastical tales in my head
maybe i should go to a fanfic site and write something up haha

all i know is that whoever that anon was that went nutso on taku… you are fucked up.
that must have been terrifying and bizarre for him. yea kiki is shit but you went about 'exposing her' the wrong way, you sperg.
you damaged not only his sense of security but his family.

No. 243299

Why is everyone complaining that they want her back? You all kept saying this was the best thing for her!
I don't want her back because she is too fake and cringy. There was nothing special about her, her veganism was annoying, she didn't even use her own recipes. Her make up was irritating, she is rude, and she isn't funny. She's just a narcissist trying desperately to be noticed. Why on earth would you want her trolling the internet again? come on…

No. 243302

She has a good sense of style tbh and she was entertaining. I always liked the designs of her websites. Her makeup was great. She was really cringy though but I miss the nostalgia. You cant appreciate something til its gone I guess :^ )
Maybe its better she is on hiatus maybe she will come back with a better personality like her sister.

No. 243304

Also lets not forget based kiki did something good: she destroyed PULL. Kiki hu akbar!

No. 243306

"good sense of style"? All she tries to do is wear any kind of Fad and jumble them together. Her sense of style is equal that to Aretha franklin. She's definitely never worn anything I wanted. They are tacky and go out of style quickly.

No. 243309

I hate to sound rude, however the only thing interesting about her is that she could be an interesting social experiment.

No. 243313

>implying that we're not all different people with different opinions on here

No. 243324

So? I don't get what she can possibly contribute as entrainment other than her pretentious videos of fail. She's doing herself good service not posting. She's an idiot if she tries to comeback.

No. 243330


>She has a good sense of style tbh and she was entertaining

u wot

No. 243340

i think that anon meant
> her horrible sense of style was entertaining

No. 243347

I wouldn't go as far to say she has a good sense of style(just look at that fugly top she's wearing in the op pic), but I would say she has some nice pieces.

No. 243350

maybe, but her coordination is mediocre.

No. 243596

What I don't understand though is she had the Internet fame. She could have used that fame to launch a business people actually cared about (unlike plastic jewellery)for example she was known by haters fro drama and fans for her makeup,Style. Using things that don't go out of fashion such as makeup she could have had a full vegan makeup line and been a star from behind the scenes and made it big but she was so focused on being in the spotlight it got the better of her. After a scene died she chased every trend going then got really jealous of a sister because not only was the spotlight not on her anymore the fame her sister got was 100x better than the internet fame she once had so she tried to copy her which didn't work and then she faded into obscurity. If she was smart and had a business savvy mind she would still be relevant today. Even dakota knows her model fame cant last forever which is why shes on TV and mentioned wanting to have a clothing line.

No. 243603


Laziness and instant gratification happened. Which is hilarious because KND could have a lot of potential, she just boasted about being a ~young businesswoman designer CEO~ while Kota was the one who did all the artwork.

No. 243613

Dakota isn't getting a clothing line. She said if she could have on in the future it would be nice. You're talking about a girl who isn't even willing to stand up straight or check herself for wardrobe malfunctions in a mirror before going to photo shoots. It'll never happen unless someone else does it for her 100% and lets her put her name on it.

/dead horse

Kiki is just like Dakota, except much worse. She's not willing to do any real work for anything and just wants shit handed to her. Anything involving real work like a vegan makeup line or whatever is too much work for kaka, she just wants to be a lazy spoiled housewife.

No. 243633

i see your point. she had follower and a cause she deeply believed in (veganism) yet let her vanity and indigo-childishness be her downfall

No. 243639

Can somebody give me a quick summary on why she is fucking bald?? At pic scares the shit out if me whenever i scroll /pt/

No. 243641

File: 1456856954657.png (168.25 KB, 592x575, Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 18.2…)

It's a shoop making fun of her receding hairline and thin hair, pic related.

No. 243722


Well, you're wrong.

No. 243736

"Kiki should leave the internet"
Then she finally does.

"Wah wah kiki come back"

No. 243752

File: 1456886822168.gif (1.93 MB, 500x199, giphy.gif)

LOL! Exactly, so stupid. I'm enjoying the fresh air. After all that annoyance why on earth would anyone wanna deal with that insanity again.

No. 243830

I wish she was a normal person. I actually kinda like her personality in her videos, she seems pretty chill. I'd watch them if she ever made more (and wasn't so fucked up I guess)

No. 244133

You missed my point.
What I meant was, not everyone here thinks the same thing. The people who want her back are most likely not the same people who wanted her to leave.

No. 244794

File: 1457188232690.png (45.77 KB, 540x435, Screenshot_2016-03-05-11-25-23…)

I personally never wished her to leave. Au contraire. I wish the milk had never dtied out.

Image related: old as balls, from her very first breakdown time, posted in the "eceleb thoughts" Tumblr. I'm trying to figure out if Kiki went back to her aunts… and is still there after so much time.

No. 244797

> her veganism was annoyingoing
> Her make up was irritating, she is rude, and she isn't funny
> She's just a narcissist trying desperately to be noticed

These are all the reasons why we'd want her back

No. 244854

I'm glad she is gone. It was painful to watch and too cringy for me.

No. 245184

I was actually sad when the whole moving to Japan and tacowedding fell through. Oh the milk she might have produced, being a kawaii supermodel housewife… collab videos with Mira… endless possibilities now lost.

No. 245190

File: 1457265265242.jpeg (125.46 KB, 640x1079, image.jpeg)

Posted this comment yesterday, she has already deleted it. She's still here.
But she might be too embarrassed to emerge again after her plans didn't work out.
(Remember the so called entertainment visa she acquired? lel)

No. 245203

Well, the break was nice while it lasted, but since she has so-called moronic fans, she just can't resist posting. She's deleting them because she wants more idiots to coax her into reemerging.

No. 245408

I'm more surprised she's still pretending and failing to be the healer elf goddess indigo child thing. You think she'd learn to latch onto something new.

No. 248329

Her behaviour reminds me of an ex-abuser of mine. Guy's life revolved around playing mind games, disappearing from the face of the earth on the regular to gain attention, making out he was such an empath when he was so narcissistic and entitled it hurt, moaning about not being a famous musician while not even trying, delusional… Everything just points to NPD at least.

No. 248330

"Thanks! A lot go the makeup brands I used in those videos I don’t wear anymore. I wear organic makeup with more natural ingredients now. I learned what I put on my body is extremely important because it soaks into your bloodstream and does not have your stomach/kidneys/liver to filter out chemicals that a lot of cosmetics have these days. I could do makeup videos with the cosmetics I use now possibly? ^ ^" - from her asklilkitten Tumblr. Does she even know how the body works?

No. 258064

no word on kiki yet? damn is this the longest she's been gone?

No. 258154

Well she ruined her one chance at a nippon husband and her sisters career is only going up so it makes sense

No. 258176


>one chance

>implying her thirst for Nipponese peen is so easily vanquished

No. 258178


but her parents' money is

No. 258184

File: 1460342626087.jpeg (62.55 KB, 333x500, image.jpeg)

Dammit, every time the thread gets bumped I am filled with false hope that Kiki has returned. I miss our empath vegan goddess…

No. 258190

Same. Wtf is wrong with her eyebrows in this pic? PS like that septum?

No. 258544

She should have kept the short hair with the side bang. But alas she doesn't think short hair is feminine.

No. 258581

COME BACK. The teat is dry and I am thirsty for your crazy milk, keeks.

No. 259449

I'm sure she's still around just using another user name on some site.

No. 259458

>that photoshopped hair

Remember when all the scene girls in high school tried desperately to get those raccoon stripes, and most of them just wound up with fried ass straw hair? I remember Hot Topic finally selling the extensions, but before those came out I saw so much hair ruined because of that bitch and her lies.

No. 259499

You could actually do the stripes pretty easily with tape. I did it to my friends hair and it worked perfectly.

No. 270437

File: 1463427136164.png (44.45 KB, 708x306, kikiDrugs1.png)

Oh how ironic.

No. 270440

That's pretty telling

No. 270441

That's pretty telling, considering Dakota "used to" be a smoker (and probably still is).

No. 270446

I'm kind of amazed she couldn't find a way to scrape by in Japan. She's not idol material like dakota, but she's attractive enough to be a small-time model or at least teach english or something. I imagine that her attention seeking personality didn't go over well.

No. 270447


I always got the impression that Kirsten's ego was so inflated that she wouldn't settle for anything less than actor, entertainer, singer, model, designer etc., basically anything with very little effort but very high pay.

No. 270460

>model in Japan
>high pay


No. 270470

Why even continue to talk about her. She's done. sifting though 10 year old threads of information from her teenage years for what? Im not doing to say she wasn't entertaining but she's what 23 now Its so boring

No. 270471

I kind of agree too. Kiki is not butt ugly but I too am surprised she hasnt managed to get something yet hideous bastards like Himezawa, Barbie and even KATE manage to get a finger in that delicious kawaii cake.

But to be honest kaka in that market wouldn't go down well. She would be fucking the managers, the camera man, complain and show up kota.

Id rather have friggin Venus modelling there would Kaka. Thats saying something when her natural face is like a grave potato without filter.

No. 270478


Obviously Keeks thought differently.

No. 270484

I think it has less to do with Kiki’s face and more to do with her personality. Dakota has her own problems but at least she is smart enough to dial it back a little and attempt to fit in. Instead Kiki is traipsing down the streets of Tokyo in massive heels and tacky fake fur jackets with lights on it and being generally obnoxious. It’s embarrassing and no one wants to be associated with that, and it's probably why Kaka thought everyone in Japan was so rude to her.

No. 270662

That's it exactly. Plus Kiki's family isn't rich or famous for her to get away with vying like that either. Not to mention how much of a starfucker she is and all her old videos of her being an obnoxious, racist, conceited asshole. She's far beyond "spoilt and eccentric" and just plain crazy bitch territory.

No. 270663

I hate you all for bumping this thread and making me think she came back fuck I'm so upset anons how could you

No. 270676

Shit, my bad. I'm on Safari with spotty reception, the page reloaded and I forgot to put my sage back in. I am ashamed.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 270833

She literally used to say this on Stickam. She said that she couldn't be anything else because she was made to be an actress, model, etc. and that's where we've seen her piss poor attempts go towards. It didn't work. She must have realized and given up.

No. 271582

Kaka is still alive. She cleaned her Twitter a bit:
She deleted three of her tweets about vegan food this month.

No. 271584


So strange. I wonder if she quit being vegan.

No. 271586

Here you can see her updates are getting fewer.

No. 271604

Her profiles still say she is vegan tho, that should've been the first thing to delete if she did quit.

No. 271620

Did she delete them or did the tweet delete app she used delete them for her? Some of them you can set to delete tweets at certain intervals so that any tweets from over a year ago will be deleted once they hit the mark.

No. 271631

I don't know how that app works but if I'm understanding what you're saying, I don't think it was the app because they were all deleted the same day and each tweet is from a different date.

No. 271644

She may not have deleted that in her profile because she knows people would notice that right away and make a big deal out of it.

No. 271804

Guys, I think Kiki might have gone to stay with her aunt and Cathy is the one deleting stuff on all her accounts.

In thinking after failing so hard in Japan, nearly getting sued for stealing music (that was then stolen from her and used without her knowing lol) and getting cold-shouldered by Dakota at every turn she had a breakdown and went away to cool off. We know he's gone to stay with her aunt before when the Monstrenga drama got too thick, but with a silence this log and absolute, I don't think she's been online for a while. Maybe she's out IRL doing normal shit a girl her age should be doing.

>just a theory

No. 271807

File: 1463938946785.jpeg (13.04 KB, 250x250, image.jpeg)

Stop bumping this thread just for your stupid af theory!!!!!!!!!!

No. 271815


I will never get over the night I was watching that Japanese movie, The World of Kanako, and her plaigiarised music started playing.
Like, that's way too much of a fucking coincidence that a random farmer who was familiar with Kirsten's shit happened to be watching a newly released, random Japanese movie and happened to recognise the track.

That's fucking fate mang, the universe is truly out to get her. Is this cosmic justice?
Funny thing is, I spent a long time searching the credits for some kind of mention, but they didn't even credit the track, they deliberately left it out kek

You can still hear it here at 52:24

No. 271818


No matter how. But an Ostrenga will always make a small mark in Japan.

No. 271825


I just downloaded the Japanese OST, the track is included credited under the name "Her" by "Suble". So, either that DJ Kirsten went to see in Japan stole what he believed to be her track after she left Japan and sold it on to somebody else, or Kirsten sold it to him herself.

No. 271838

I'm thinking it's stolen. If she sold the rights of one f her tracks to be used in a movie you bet your ass she would have been bragging about it left and right.

No. 271839


I think you're right. My oh my what a blow that must have been. Even more amusing when you consider that she would have only have been able to find out about it through here, and there was no way possible for her sue given that it wasn't her music in the first place :^)

No. 271840

File: 1463945976496.png (878.42 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I found DJ Her on soundcloud but Suble isn't on there. Looks like "Opal Rain" was literally an entire song Kiki ripped off or was ripped off by DJ Her.

But which came first?

>the plot thickens

No. 271842


I think you have it wrong anon. The name of the song is "Her" and the artist is Suble. I tried googling the artist but not much came up.

No. 271843


No, Her is the name of the track and the composer is listed as Suble, not the other way around, and searches indicate them being a Japanese artist. We already know who Kirsten ripped Opal Rain off from.

No. 271847

Still reeling over the fact that we successfully ran a bitch off the internet.

No. 271853

but opal rain wasn't ripped off from some russian dj?

damn this is a ripception

No. 271855


It was. This Anon is confused.

No. 271858

File: 1463948736857.png (9.05 KB, 669x60, screenshot-soundcloud.com 2016…)

yeah, that one
maybe someone already posted this but the dj left an angry comment on kaka's soundcloud 6 months ago

No. 271904

I still think kaka and kota deserve their own manga.

The two sisters who were hungry for fame. One gets scouted and the other turns into a crazy delusional nut job.

No. 271939

Lol what's this say?

No. 271941


plagiarist whore according to google translate

No. 271966

This song is very popular to rip off then, because…

What the fuck is going on?

No. 272395

File: 1464105363503.jpg (78.19 KB, 423x317, tumblr_l6fjqqfREY1qb8ttfo1_500…)

Is this rare?

No. 272398


Yes that is a rare Kiki.

No. 272399

Dare I say she actually looks very pretty here. Minus the raccoon hair. If she had like a normal blonde bob in this pic….Unf.

No. 272400



Anon she was a little girl here….

No. 272473

seriously? she looks awful.

No. 272474

Contain yourself, you kiddie diddler.

No. 272532

Her shnoz had not yet reached it's final form.

No. 272912

I checked Twitaholic and saw she deleted two tweets for the past week. She's hanging on to her Kiki Kannibal life. If it doesn't even mean anything to her now, she would have just deleted her social media accounts or left them unattended.

No. 276792

No. 276896

File: 1465133286726.jpg (58.7 KB, 1076x615, Screenshot_20160605-142549_1.j…)

How long has it been since we discovered Taco's FB? He's only just accepted my request

No. 276911

Haaaaa u gonna bang kikis ex?

No. 276915


ew sloppy leftovers

No. 276933

wow, you guys are still being crazy over kaka's ex? this is getting really cringy and obsessive. leave the guy alone. kaka is gone and this is old milk, you being a cringey weeb and contacting her ex is fucking pathetic imo.

No. 276934

fanatic of kaka, hate on her, but then want to suck off her essence from her old cock rod FFS.

No. 276936

Brilliant wording there genius

No. 276938

>just accepted my friend request
or anon thinks that they can sequeeze some info from him.

idon't think it'll work. he might not want anything to do with Kirsten and there could be a huge ass language barrier.

No. 276940

Na, I wouldn't even try. Just delete him and leave him alone. You newfags can be really annoying.

No. 276941

i thought we all discussed this when you guys fucked up and bombarded him when his profile was found

we watch cows, i thought the M.O. was that we dont go and alter their lives for more "milk", this is honestly not cool guys. i agree about not contacting him or messing with it anymore

No. 276942

What if theyre getting married in secret? Did they really break up?

No. 276943

drop that shit, its old, its dry, its really fucking creepy people keep hanging on to this

No. 276944

okay kiki

No. 276946

no, not kaka>>196498
you guys fucked up last time when it was ripe milk
its fucking retarded now and annoying

No. 276947

Hi kiki boo

No. 276953

Not that anon but we agreed on leaving the poor dude alone

he already had enough shit of kiki

No. 276960


hi same fag

No. 276961

? I thought Rima was banned

No. 276976


Oh god that fucking RETARD that messaged Taco sperging out about all of Kirsten's shit and souring all the milk in an instant. I'll never forgive that moron.

No. 276979

kill yourself

No. 276994

>language barrier

Nah, Kiki couldn't speak Japanese for shit, she got him to have his restaurant staff to cater to her ~speshul vegan dietary restrictions~ and was all their dishes that touched meat before making her food. She couldn't have done that in Japanese, hell she couldn't even learn the kanji for eggs and milk for snacks she bought for herself.

Plus also I saw his HelloTalk account, his proficiency level was 3/5 on his account before he locked it down when the Sperglord who alerted him to lolcow let him know it was posted here.

No. 276995

>language barrier

Nah, Kiki couldn't speak Japanese for shit, she got him to have his restaurant staff to cater to her ~speshul vegan dietary restrictions~ and was all their dishes that touched meat before making her food. She couldn't have done that in Japanese, hell she couldn't even learn the kanji for eggs and milk for snacks she bought for herself.

Plus also I saw his HelloTalk account, his proficiency level was 3/5 on his account before he locked it down when the Sperglord who alerted him to lolcow let him know it was posted here.

No. 276999


>I asked japanese chefs to use brand new utensils for my elf angel vegan crystal digger food!!1!

>traditional restaurants totally catered to my whims!!

hahaha ikr? probably they just ate at Taku's cafe and never went to an actual non-vegan restaurant.

No. 277057

That was the only time she posted about how ~super easy and totally okay~ it was to ask them to wash everything for her, and it was confirmed that was his cafe, so yeah I doubt she tried that shit anywhere else. Like I said, she wouldn't have the Japanese skills to do it anywhere else anyway. The only other two cafes o remember her going to were that one weird vegan themed cafe an a cat cafe. And we know she ate several things while in Japan that contained mill and eggs, so I feel like she's only a super militant preachy vegan online and not IRL.

No. 277112


anon probably added him back when milk was flowing, and he's only JUST accepted it. fucking chill

No. 277142


nope anon bitch not demanded them to wash but to use NEW utensils because kiki is so sensitive about animal suffering, muh crossed contamination and muh imaginary alergies that using the same kitchenware for her sacred meals was totally not okay for keeping her veganism intact~

(Obviously no one believed that bs)

No. 277556

Didn't know about his English ability.

This is what I meant. I thought the way they worded it made it obvious they added him during the initial fiasco.

No. 277916

Taku deleted his facebook, so some fucking retard on here splerged and attacked him again.

No. 277938

I swear there are so many fucking retards on here.
I'm usually against censorship, but I'm starting to feel like there should be rules against posting stuff like the anon posted. There's literally no point in bringing attention to him unless he is actually giving us milk. Just let the guy fucking live.

No. 277939

Or maybe he lurks the thread since the retard who initially alerted him also linked him here directly. His English is good enough to use this site and follow the threads, after all we always link to new ones when they start autosaging so maybe he just followed the thread.

No. 277945

Ahh you're the one who added him and posted screen cap huh? Let taku go, fag.

No. 277962


This so much

Dumb farmers who think they're on 4chan and can harass innocent people for the lulz xD! should get permabanned or something

No. 277977

Nice try, but no. I don't dig on snagglepuss gaijin hunters. Or Asian guys in general. Plus I personally believe meddling in the lives of lolcows (unless they're doing blatantly illegal shit ofc) is tacky and a good indication that one needs to get the fuck off the internet and get a hobby.

Before Kiki went into hiding, when whoever found his language exchange profile posted it here and shit hit the fan (iirc after she baleeted all traces of him from her IG?) they not only linked directly to his profile, but also his Facebook, his brother's Facebook, and his restaurant's website (thankfully an admin deleted it all, and actually I'm surprised this was allowed to stay up >>276896).

Then they also made a post claiming they send him a message on the language app linking back here to lolcow and Kiki's threads, as well as her ED page and I think caps of her stickam video of her and Kota mocking Asians. I don't recall if they said they told him anything about Dakota being a model though, but it was implied later in the thread.

No. 279364

All this talk of copyright claims makes me want to report kiki's videos and have her channel taken down. I want to see how she reacts and if she tries to get it back. I want to see if Kiki is still alive and not died on us

No. 279397

Kiki never handled the copyright shit anyway, it was all Cathy and her pretend law degree from when she "studied" to be a lawyer before Scott knocked her up. I'm sure Cathy still monitors Kiki's shit and is probably the one going back and deleting stuff for no apparent reason.

No. 279526

what if she got pregnant and went into hiding to avoid it being in the spotlight

No. 279553

>Kirsten Ostrenga
>avoid being in the spotlight

I got a good chuckle out of that one anon, thanks. But no, if she got knocked up with a hafu baby (since she fucked off right after getting back from Japan the 3rd(?) time) she would not only be flooding her IG with vegan baby supplements and nasty factoids about waterbirth and shopping around for a Dula and how evil and toxic hospital birth and epidurals are, and she would undoubtedly use the baby as a meal ticket to Japan as throw it into modeling to upstage Dakota.

No. 279562

lol yeah it was just a wild card, she's been gone almost a year and I remembered how she had many tweets implying she wanted a baby ASAP. she's had time to possibly decide on taking her life to that route since there's nothing else going on in it. It's not like she had a career or education to focus on first or anything

No. 279570

>many tweets implying she wanted a baby

Uhh what? I don't recall any kind of tweets like that, just ones about her fake relationship with Taku, lying about getting an entertainment visa, hawking her music a various assorted self-worshipping vegan BS. Plus Kiki doesn't want anything to take the attention off of her. I don't see her having a baby until she needs one to force a guy into taku care of her, Dakota either. They're both so selfish and lazy and self centered that having a kid would be a last resort for either of them, they're the kind of girls who want to be the one getting called cute and being doted on and taken care of 24/7.

No. 279572

File: 1465685546303.png (341.93 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

So I got curious and started wondering, there's no way a jealous bitch like Kiki is just sitting around in Florida while Dakota is a model in Japan. And we know she knows that her Kiki Kannibal shit was only gonna drag her down in Japan, so I started googling one of her Japanese aliases, キキ・リー、 and I found a few things. However my moon is limited to basically just kana because I'm only a beginner.

I did find a Mercari page with that name with no pic, Idfk how the app works as I've never used it and since I can't really read it at all I figured I'd share it here in case some anons can read Moon and tell us if it sounds like Kiki is trying to make her way in Japan in secret.

No. 279581


then shes like 7 months??

No. 279586


she said she couldn't wait to have kids on her dating account.

No. 279587

Audrey got pregnant and had her baby in the time Kiki's been off the radar. She's been MIA for like a year now anon. If she went into hiding because she got pregnant she would have had the baby by now.

No. 279588

Mercari is a flea market app. The user is writing in Japanese about to be sure to read their profile before purchasing. They have over 300 positive feedback transactions. There's no way it's an illiterate famewhore from Florida

No. 279589

She only said that to snag a Japanese visa husband. Nowhere else has she ever expressed any interest in having kids, ever.

No. 279590

File: 1465686918504.jpeg (150.73 KB, 1024x904, image.jpeg)

Someone from Coral Springs (near Miami for non FL anons) made a super creepy bisexual Kiki page. It's not her though, all the people on the friends list are Filipino or something, not kawaii Japanese as only queen Kiki would have. Sage for lack of contrubution, just thought I'd share for the keks.

No. 279591

i tried looking for the tweets but she might have deleted them, or I don't remember the exact wording so I can't find them. I remember one of them said something like "my body is telling me HAVE BABY NAO". they were mostly random, single tweets like that, but they did come off as serious 'baby fever' that she would get from time to time.

No. 279592

File: 1465687160872.png (163.61 KB, 1349x587, Kiki Kannibal - Pretty Ugly Li…)

The anon that harassed him got banned and soon after posted at PULL. I assumed that's where she's from, hopefully she's stayed there. But I would bet it was Kiki's paranoid hysteria that made Taco remove his FB. Kiki's a NEET with nothing to do so she STILL lurks - as soon as anon said her friend request was accepted, rather than suggesting Taco simply delete his latest friend, kiki scared him into thinking he's being stalked by crazy gaijin. It could be harassment-anon but I think it's Kiki, maybe she even wanted to contact her ex as a sort of vigilant hero still looking out for him.

No. 279599

File: 1465688699008.jpg (138.69 KB, 1150x394, fb.jpg)

nvm found them, i'm sure there were more like this though

No. 279600

I doubt it, before she went silent when the Tako fiasco came to light she actually didn't seem to give a shit since she'd deleted all trace of him by the time he got posted here. A PULL user/farmer even sent her a message saying they were gonna ask him about her and she said "go ahead" meaning I don't think she cared once she decided she was done with him. I always got the feeling the split was probably pretty nasty on her end when he decided to break it off with her.


>but I do know for a fact that getting pregnant soon was in her plans

There is literally no way for you to know that unless you're Kiki. This is the definition of reaching/shit stirring.

No. 279602


Dude you are crazy. There is nothing in the world that Kaka wants more than a hafu vegan baby and a man to support her in all of her retarded pursuits just like Scott has done her whole life

No. 279607

Again, the only way you could possibly know that is if you were Kiki or she posted that very sentiment herself on one of her accounts. Lots of girls get baby fever but they don't run off and get knocked up and hope for the best.

No. 279613

She's never been deep and complicated though, no matter what she would like random people to think.

No. 279625


Would she even be able to get pregnant/have children anyway? I'm not too knowledgeable on pregnancy, but I'm assuming being vegan isn't very good when you're pregnant, especially when you weren't even a healthy vegan to begin with.

No. 279634


Anon is right tho, screencap was posted on a previous thread, in the language exchange site bio on the section about children it said "can't wait to have them" or something along these lines

No. 279642

File: 1465698334927.jpg (394.44 KB, 1532x1324, 1444724984855.jpg)

No. 279647

File: 1465699268334.webm (19.08 MB, 120x90, kannibalMeltdown-p1.webm)

I was gonna post a bunch of kiki videos of the past to kick off a Renaissance of milk for the thirsty masses, but this site only accepts webms. When converting to the webm in the allotted mb the quality gets so shit it's not even watchable unless split in a million parts. Not sure how this will turn out.

No. 279663

>being this dumb
jesus christ this is the single dumbest thing i've seen on this board since i've been here. anyone who has a period can get pregnant, food has absolutely zero to do with anything. are you a male?

No. 279665


Just another retarded ass teenager shitting up the website since summer started I'm sure

No. 279678

I had never seen this before but I have a few questions. I'm old enough to remember Kiki from her Myspace days but I never kept up with her drama at that time.
1.) Was this video from before or after she dated the rapist and he died from falling off a 2nd floor balcony at the mall? If that happened I'm be pretty overprotective of my daughter with future boyfriends as well.
2.) What possessed her to sit there on webcam with a chatroom open crying while her mom was yelling at her? To prove what a bitch her mom was?
3.) Why does she keep touching her hair?
4.) Why does the sound randomly cut out around 1:20?

I definitely cried and screamed at my mom over some stupid ass shit when I was 17 but I never sat there broadcasting it to the whole world on webcam.

No. 279684

What if Kaka got knocked up and became really fat, that's why she won't show herself online anymore?

No. 279706

Different anon dealing with infertility here: diet and health can have an affect on pregnancy,surprisingly. One example is iron levels. I'm a vegetarian with low iron who's having a hard time with getting pregnant. So I had to start taking infertility pills as well as making other diet plans. (No more soda but that should be a must anyways)

Unfortunately, there's a million and one ways a pregnancy can or can't happen. It's the reason some people can pop out children just by sneezing and others can spend years trying with little success. The lady organs can be a bitch.

Why are we discussing pregnancy on her anyways?

No. 279707

Because you think this is your personal blog?

No. 279712

Explaining how fertility works has nothing to do with a personal blig. If someone is going to say something uneducated about pregnancy while calling another anon stupid, then I'm going to call them out on it.

There's plenty of women who have periods that can't get pregnant whether it has to do with diet or disorders. Shit it's not like a shared some over exaggerated rape story. Fucking edgy summerfags man.

No. 279733

Plz moar, kiki renaissance

No. 279759

File: 1465732391191.jpg (120.99 KB, 600x900, beach7closeup.jpg)


1. Judging from her appearance I'd say it's years after the pedo ex. You can tell her age because when she hit 17ish she looked very mature and a bit mannish due to her nose and long face. Most women blossom in their 20's, but Kiki is a sad exception.

2/3. She's not ashamed of her behavior at all because she thinks she's sooo pretty crying and wants male attention for being perma single and a victim. She just wants men to console her even if she's being a spoiled whiny brat. She fixes up her hair every time she looks at herself because you've got to make your hairstyle's in place while throwing a tantrum and insulting your mom.

4. The video cutting out is most likely the fault of whoever captured the video. It looks like they were recording it live from their screen. It could also be Kiki muting the stream to say something private, but this is doubtful since she's there to be an attention whore in the first place.

No. 279766

File: 1465733012813.webm (19.31 MB, 320x240, 175876156.webm)

Paint some 3D dicks and put on your codpiece, the Renaissance has arrived

No. 279767


Uh trust me it's not the summerfags that don't wanna see you whining about how your special vegetarian diet is preventing you from getting knocked up. You don't get to bitch about summer when you are breaking the rules and not even saging your bullshit.

No. 279770

Gah, her narcissism is revolting, it's funny how popular she got. She just rambles on about a whole lot of nothing.

No. 279777

File: 1465737604692.gif (494.08 KB, 500x267, spirited.gif)

keep them coming I never saw any of it at the time. it makes me miss this cringe era of the 00s

No. 279795

File: 1465741212613.webm (7.65 MB, 320x240, 175935616.webm)

Kiki spits on a fat girl (koots scratches her).

No. 279796

File: 1465741580295.webm (3.42 MB, 320x240, 176584963.webm)

Does a black jig when not da baby daddy, because black people amirite.

"And Imma be like 'Ha ha' in yo face, nigga."

Charles Manson expressions.

No. 279799

File: 1465742217903.webm (19.7 MB, 320x240, beetlejuice_dakota_rose_kiki_k…)

This one is not a rare, but it's a classic.

"Some faggot that needs to go suck his mama' dick." - Kawaii Koti uguu~

Will post more when I get time. Oh what sweet cringe it was, but largely unarchived and gone forever, unlike today. So many politically incorrect videos will never resurface.

No. 279801

the transition of how the sound came back, I'd assume she muted herself surprisingly

No. 279821

That was fucking hilarious

No. 279823

I don't remember which anon talked about it, but just in case, here's Kaka's old video account. All her videos seem to be private now. http://telly.com/profile/mmmkikikannibal

And I found this video of Kaka running away from ~fans.

No. 279835


It's so funny that Dakota was always the ugly sister

No. 279837

Kiki blocked me on Instagram yesterday lmao . I've never even said anything to her .

No. 279838

Hey kiki. This hasn't been true since Dakota was 14 or so but you can never let go.

No. 279844

Kiki and Cathy were always super obsessive about a-logging the IPs of whoever posted anything about them negative and use it to block them from seeing their shit. Idk how (honestly idk what an IP even is really and idc) but lots of people who low key followed her and posted here but never interacted with et would find themselves suddenly blocked.

No. 279871

are you sure? because if you just open an incognito or private browser window you can see her shit. im pretty sure you cant get someones IP randomly without hacky shit

No. 279872

why are they so autistic jfc

No. 279874


Her mother sounded so calm

No. 279875


No i seen a different version of this without bits being muted

No. 279877

Wtf? How do people know she reads this?


No. 279878

Fellow farmers, please explain me how did she get as bold as on OP pic. I had always been wondering about this, but never ever came here to ask for about a year. yes, i'm lasy to read all the stuff about her, but it's because she's not the cow of my taste to tolerate so much text.
Is she still bold, did she shave her heard in a fit of a madness, it bothers me so much.

No. 279882


I can't believe this was only a few months before she cut her hair short and went vegan and Dakota went viral.

No. 279883


And it's just a shoop an anon here made, she was never bald

No. 279886

Then, what's the origin of bald-gaijin name?

No. 279887


Cathy with no pants on and her brother insulting her earrings was also filmed that day

No. 279889

Idk, I'm kind of computer stupid but all I know is they had an uncanny knack for blocking seagulls who followed them on Twitter/IG who claim they never interacted with Kiki or Kota. And not to mention all the weird screen caps of anonymous seagulls and farmers Kiki had when she tried to sue the Internet as a collective for sharing pics that made her look bad and talking about her going bald.

No. 279890

High hairline, I think.

No. 279891


those clips in. Fucking gross

No. 279893

That's a really weird sentence.

No. 279894

fighting a girl in front of your father and having him cheer you on. great family.

No. 279895


but it did happen.

No. 279896


someone forgot to tell her that extensions are meant to be clipped in under the real hair.

No. 279963

Wait wtf that's not dakota is it?!

No. 279974


Obviously it's a joke dumbass.

No. 279976

it obviously is, anon

No. 280136


Hi Dakota

No. 280178

No. 280186

I like how she started this story to sound like a bad ass, then started describing how her fucking dad was there and defending her. I think she realized how dumb that sounded and ended the story abruptly lmao

No. 280220

Maybe Kiki went into hiding because she really did start going bald from the stress of failing to find a way to stay in Japan, someone stealing one of her stolen songs to use in a movie, and getting dumped by a gaijin pussy hunter and having to return to Podunk, Florida. I don't believe Kiki has been radio silent this long by choice, something visibly changing must have happened to her or she had a legit mental breakdown.

No. 280230

File: 1465843010279.jpg (28.17 KB, 500x555, 1465836263753.jpg)

she must return, let us pray

No. 280233

i think she left because her haters vs fans were like an 80-20 ratio now. kiki is nearly in her mid-20's and getting too old for this internet shit while her real life goes no where. she's not a stupid teenager anymore who can just lay back and be supported by her parents while she tries to make pocket money on online stores and shitty iTunes music like she used to. especially since her popularity is much lower now than it was when she was scene selling plastic jewelry, she wouldn't even make anywhere near enough to pay for apartment rent with any of her "projects". it was also pretty pathetic how she dropped everything original to her to tail-gate her much more successful sister to Japan when she had no business there. she used to study Spanish and wanted to move to california i think. now it's Japan everything.

not that her leave is permanent, otherwise she would have deleted any trace of Kiki or Kirsten that's in her power to remove online.

No. 280248

At the very least she would leave her accounts up but unfollow everyone and delete all but super generic or unspecific tweets/posts and erase everything that doesn't make her seem like a happy sunshine princess and just abandon the profiles. She wouldn't delete them because then someone else might try taking the name and making a troll account of her.

No. 280354

Well she's not dead, and she definitely still checks social media daily. Try leaving a comment on Instagram like "Don't be selfish, at least let your fans know you're okay!" and she deletes it within a few hours. She'd rather keep her 'fans' wondering.