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File: 1458432074976.jpg (1.9 MB, 2592x1936, IMG_0649.JPG)

No. 82226

Everything about pets you have or want. Give advice about pets you have, advice on whether or not you should get one and which kind, if you have one and are worried about it, resources links, facilities.

No. 82227

File: 1458432567453.jpg (461.1 KB, 960x720, tmp_29813-IMG_20150813_162856-…)

I'm just going to post a pic. My Shar Pei.

No. 82228

Featuring my thumb. I'm fucking awful at taking pictures. Is it rotated for anyone else or just me?

No. 82239

It's fine for me, cute puppy!! all dogs are puppies to me.

No. 82256

File: 1458440920574.jpg (93.94 KB, 500x331, tumblr_myo809qO0Q1rx5st2o1_500…)

Oh he's the best, I love him. I love ur big wrinkle dog.

No. 82264

For some reason the thumbnail is vertical, but when I click it it rotates? Anyway, your pupper is very cute!

No. 82304

File: 1458479043872.jpeg (241.23 KB, 800x600, image.jpeg)

I have about 11 cats or so (not by my own choice) and three dogs, but none of them are mine

What I really want is a children's python. I held one the other day, though I think it was still a baby. It was so soft and like a noodle, and I have decided it is my goal pet. It was so cute and I've always loved snakes, so a little harmless one would be so good

No. 82308


This level of inbreeding is revolting.
That poor dog will have to deal with sores and overheating and rashes from the folds rubbing together for the rest of its life, all for the avarice of humans who treat the animals that should be their companions like fucking fashion accessories.

Look at that short snout as well, poor thing must really suffer breathing in the Summer.

No. 82332

File: 1458493617251.gif (4.89 MB, 300x227, OCIPe85.gif)

I'd like to work on some kind of shelter or reserve that houses elephants. That'd be so fun. They're very smart and very cute, especially the young ones.

Ok aside from unrealistic stuff, I want cats in the future. My favourite breed is probably the Siamese, they have nice characters.

No. 82339

File: 1458495480604.jpg (436.42 KB, 960x720, tmp_22134-IMG_20150813_1628016…)

Thanks, anons!

I feel really bad for the "show dog" bred Shar Pei. They have so many awful problems. Mine isn't show dog quality at all, which I consider a good thing because she's much healthier. Her only issue is allergies. She has papers, but she could be mixed for all I really know. We paid about as much as we would have at a shelter (for the rehoming fee/spaying.)

No. 82340

File: 1458495623123.jpg (3.1 MB, 5312x2988, tmp_22134-20150707_140432_001-…)

Shar Pei anon again… I also have a rabbit.

No. 82365

I agree, but I have a massive soft spot for extreme wrinkle Shar Peis, snorty underbite Bulldogs, and nasty eyed Boston Terriers. I feel so bad for the sad fact that they exist that I just want to hold them. I don't own one though, if I ever did it'd be a rescue.

Shar Pei anon's big guy looks totally healthy though.

No. 82374

File: 1458502619264.jpg (562.76 KB, 1916x2610, CAM01120-1(1).jpg)

Postin my pupper. She's a Pit/Lab mix.

No. 82375

I want a white longhair chihuahua so badly ;__;

No. 82382

Aw, cutie. I had a chocolate lab once…

No. 82383

Every chichuahua I've ever met was an insufferable little shit.
Mostly due to the fact that people don't know how to raise a dog.
"Oh, look how cute it is when it tries to bite! Hehehe I'm gonna put it in a dress."

No. 82384

I've noticed that people who own "big" dogs tend to be real dog people who know how to train them.

On the other hand people who own "small" dogs like chihuahuas and Pomerianians are insufferable asshats who don't bother teaching their pets how not to yap like a maniac and pull on their leashes.

No. 82385


Yeah I get it. I mean I'm not gonna lie, I absolutely love pugs, but because of the breeds inherent deformities I really wish pugs as a breed would just be allowed to die out.

No. 82387

File: 1458506263426.jpg (148.68 KB, 2000x1394, Tus.jpg)

my bunny.

No. 82390

White Bunny OP - Oh sweet jeebus that's a cute bunny. I want to pet it, and have bunny play dates.


Awww she looks vaguely confused and concerned about her human lol, super cute.

What kind of bunny is this? S/He is adorableee

No. 82435

Kennel worker here. I've met more insufferable untrained Golden Retrievers due to them being the generic 'My kids want a family dog" dog. It's the worst because they need a good amount of grooming and a dog that big being disobedient is a fucking nightmare.
I can't bring myself to dislike Chihuahuas cause by nature they tend to only bond with one person. It's understandable that they're shitty to everyone but their owner. On that note, I cannot stand Min Pins.

I feel the same about Charles Spaniels for their allover health and ~AKC~ German Shepherds for their spine and hip pain.

No. 82439

Speaking of golden retrievers have you worked very much with goldendoodles? I've read that a lot of them are products of puppy mills and suffer from health/behavioral issues.

No. 82441

Not them but goldendoodles are the worst. Every poodle mix is really. Poodles themselves aren't that bad, but mix them with something else and the dog is shit. Plus that bark. That horrible, screeching bark.

No. 82442

Not really sure what type she is. Possibly English Spot mix, but she doesn't have the right body shape to be ES.

No. 82443

Only one comes in, and he's a big sweetie. He's a very healthy dog, he has seasonal allergies, and their big floppy ears tend to get moist and develop yeast infections if not taken care of. But it's all very manageable maintenance.
Although like a lot of larger breeds, they can be prone to hip dysplasia.

And as far as them being from puppymills, it depends on your area. If they're popular you might have a hard time finding one that comes from a good place.

No. 82446

Any specific examples?

Thank you for the info!

No. 82452

My aunt and uncle had a standard poodle and she was a freakin' doll. She let kids and babies pull at her to their hearts content (standard poodles are water dogs and have looser skin, it was weird when she got old). She was always very active for walks but at home would just lie around and watch tv, or let the boys play-fight with her. To my knowledge she never even nipped at someone. She got into a fight or two but that was when another dog off-leash came barreling at my uncle, so understandable. Be careful with their overall intelligence and temperment, I know this dog was a little saint but they also had another one, who was a bit dumber and rougher around the edges. He was adopted, not sure what his previous home was like though, it could have been out of their control. Sadly he drowned, underestimated how cold the water was and became shocked when he went to chase a goose. :( The female poodle tried to save him, but only managed to drag him out and my uncle had to put his coat on her and carry her to the car while he phoned animal services and the vets.

No. 82453

What kind of dogs do you see the most but get least adopted, and vice versa? I'm curious because there's always 'buzz' about which dog you should get ect ect, but in my experience some of the nicest and smartest ones were mutts. IDK how true that is.

No. 82459

Oh it's a boarding/grooming kennel, not a shelter.
But if I can still answer your question in some way, I find the nicest and best trained dogs are the mutts, specifically Pit mutts, but I might be biased because I've got one at home. I haven't met a hound mutt I like though. As far as purebreeds, herding breeds are all smart and loving with the exception of German Shepherds.

No. 82483

While we're on the subject of dogs we despise… Fucking Chows. They're so mean. I haven't met one with a good temperament yet. I know they're "one owner" and the suspicious type, but damn, they get all crazy if you're within 20 feet of one.

No. 82490

Have to agree with >>82435. Working in a grooming salon changes your mind really quick about big dogs being trained by "real dog people". I've dealt with way too many untrained labs, german shepherds and retrievers with people who just laugh as their giant dog runs amok and barks till your ears ring. Whereas there are a lot of smaller dogs who are very well behaved. You can't judge by the size of the breed, but by the owner.

On doodles, as a groomer it's hell to deal with them. Mostly because most owners never brush their dogs but still want to keep them long. If you're going for a poodle mix (or any groom dog for that matter) make sure you are in it for the long haul and actually take care of it. Also make sure you take your dog to the groomer regularly as a puppy so it gets used to it.

But yeah rambling aside love this thread. Dogs are my life! Absolutely love schnauzers of all kinds and chihuahuas.

No. 82492

Schnauzers are my family's favourite too. Which size's temperament do you like best?

No. 82497

I have a chihuahua/jack russel mix. Before that my family always had german shepherds and rottweilers. I prefer larger dogs but this one is pretty cool.He was put in a shelter after his owners got divorced. After that he was in a few foster homes. My mom saw his picture at a farmer's market and decided to meet him. Our rottweiler had just died a few months earlier at age 12 and it was strange not having a dog in the house.

Small dogs are a different experience. I hate when people get them as accessories. They aren't toys. I feel bad for them being carried around like dolls and put in silly clothes.

As for yapping, there's a boston terrier two doors down that never shuts up. When it's warm they put him outside and he will bark endlessly for nearly an hour at absolutely nothing. Sometimes you'll hear neighbors yell "shut up" and then you won't see him out for a few weeks. So the owners know he's disturbing the peace but they aren't doing anything longterm. I never see him being walked. Maybe he's got too much excess energy so he just spends it barking.

No. 82514

File: 1458545079218.jpg (425.54 KB, 580x1016, 1458544505630.jpg)

Our baby Red is black mouth cur. She's a rescue dog. She likes to think that she is this tiny lap dog when in reality she is this 60 lbs horse that jumps into your lap when you sit down. Also, can never keep the bed made now, but we love her.

No. 82515

File: 1458545160237.jpg (339.71 KB, 706x612, 1458544437236.jpg)

Big ol' horse just rolls around on the bed.

No. 82532

File: 1458563436377.jpg (1.47 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20160318_170328.jpg)

you have a beautiful dog anon!
Here is my dogo argentino being a lazy fuck.

No. 82533

File: 1458563777089.jpeg (807.61 KB, 2448x3264, IMG-20160318-WA0004.jpeg)

He is getting so old… The only thing I can do is make him the happiest dog as long as I can

No. 82534


Awww what a snuggly snuffler! I love doggos.

No. 82535


He's a very handsome fellow :)

No. 82554

My dog recently passed. I have a good deal of experience with molossers and when I'm ready to get another dog, I'm trying to choose between

Cane corso
Anatolian Shepherd/kangal
Dogo argentino

Honestly, temperament and energy levels, I'd love a press canario, but I'm a very social person and trained best, they'd be uncaring on the leash but still very guardy.

I'm a heavily supervised on visits to the dog park kind of person, and have taken plenty of rotties, and a South African mastiff.

No. 82557

File: 1458577295382.jpeg (96.65 KB, 640x969, image.jpeg)

My old boy is turning 13 this year. I've noticed that he bumps into things frequently and doesn't jump anymore. We've taken him to the vet and he's okay, because he can still eat and he's still energetic, he just needs more rest these days. I know he won't be around forever, but I've literally had him since he was a baby so I know that me and the whole family will be so upset when he does eventually go.

I'm so proud of him, I show everyone photos of him and I'm always telling stories about him ahhh

No. 82558

He's a cutie.

No. 82574

What a pup! I used to puppysit two deaf Doggo siblings. The male was definitely a single person's dog, but the female was so sooo sweet. I wanted to take her home with me. They're such big babies.

No. 82579

File: 1458586081557.png (1.09 MB, 616x690, tuck.png)

>>82374 Anon
Bumping with my mom's Chihuahua, Tuck. This is the only dignified picture of him, he usually looks like a potoo bird. Somebody we know found him being abused on the street so they took him to our house. Now he's a chubby baby that spends his days lounging around everywhere and bullying his Rottweiler sister.

No. 82581

File: 1458586693255.jpg (207.39 KB, 720x1280, 2015-12-14 09.56.20.jpg)

I don't know what his old owner did but my cat is timid and asocial as hell. Tried to get him mate with my friends cat but he couldn't even get near her.

No. 82582

Adorable anon, I feel the same way about mine. I've seen some new small-pet tablets at my vets and at the pet store, maybe take a look and see if any might be suitable? Check with vet of course.

No. 82598

My fiancée and I have this dream where we have land and open up a no-kill shelter for old abandoned pets and hunting dogs.
Basically there will she about fifteen runs covering about an acre, and that's just for the ones that were piggers not pets.

There's gonna be a little pond and heaps of room and when we have a group of very friendly dogs I wanna work with the alternative schools and psychiatric residential places and make a pet therapy program.

Dogs win, people win.

No. 82634

;___; i now want a chihuahua so badly

Do they shed a lot btw?

No. 82695

He does, but it's stress shedding due to his abuse ptsd. We've tried to make him as comfortable as we can but he still has a weird skittishness to him.

No. 82696

Some retard will get bitten after gouging a dog's eye and they'll sue you to death.

No. 82698

Lovely idea. I once went to a place in Japan where you can pay to pet senior dogs. They were well taken care of and it just warmed my heart to see dogs that would typically be put down enjoying life, and people paying for the chance to chill with them no less.

No. 82764

File: 1458621378554.jpg (1.81 MB, 2592x1936, IMG_0212.JPG)

Well, the pet I've had the longest is my eleven year old moggy cat, who's the sweetest, chillest thing ever. He shits like a grown man, but I still love him. He's also enormous, probably two and a half to three feet from nose to tail tip. Then there's the poodle/chihuahua mix I had, who was surprisingly calm for a small dog. She was just very clingy and needy, and ballooned up after 2 or 3 years. She was run over by a car a few months ago :(. Then there's my mom's chihuahua/minpin mix who's a lot more high strung, but kinda mellowed out after the chipoodle passed. My mom immediately went out and got a teacup yorkie to fill the void, I guess, and he's actually been rather alright after the first few weeks. Super tiny.
If anyone has questions about caring for smaller breeds of dog or there temperaments, I can try to help.

No. 82939

Why do small dogs tend to be more temperamental?

No. 83007

Because their owners don't train them

No. 83012

Like the other anon said, it's about the training. If a rottie jumps on you you will correct it, if a tiny fluffy pup does other other hand, it's seen as cute. If you let any dog regardless of size jump on you, or pull the leash or say, steal your food, you are letting the dog think it is your alpha and thus it will treat you as below them. Remember to dicipline your small dog, the same as you would a big one, and it will behave itself accordingly.

No. 83014

All dogs are, but stupid pet owners will especially let small dogs climb on everything on jump on people and not discipline them. All dogs need to be trained. I hate people who don't give them behavior training. I used to know a girl for almost 5 years before she got a dog (black lab pup) but never trained her. She would jump on everyone and sleep on the couch. If someone sat beside said friend on couch, the dog would growl and try to nudge you off. Suffice to say, we aren't friends anymore. really sucks when people get a dog cuz it is cute but don't train them properly.

No. 83015

Congrats! Happy birthday to you bun bun.

No. 83091

Like everyone else said, training, but I think it also depends on the personality of the dog and the energy level of the breed.

No. 83106

got a puppy from a rescue group and she has giardia, anyone have any advice on cleaning everything?

No. 83651

>On the other hand people who own "small" dogs like chihuahuas and Pomerianians are insufferable asshats who don't bother teaching their pets how not to yap like a maniac and pull on their leashes

Pom owner and I agree.
Most Pom owners I know in the area get those expensive purebreeds (rich neighborhood) and think that ~AKC registered~ parents mean that their dog is automatically going to be amazingly obedient like those dogs you see at Westminister or Cruft's.
I always get questions about why my Pom is so "quiet" and "reserved", actually it's because I, you know, trained him to not be a jerk to other dogs and that yapping and jumping on people isn't acceptable behavior. Surprise, surprise, your Pom is going to be a little devil who shits and pisses everywhere if you don't fucking train it regardless of pedigree.

I volunteered at a shelter in high school for several years. No one ever adopts the pits/pit mutts because of the whole "all pits are aggressive" idea which is still alive and well where I live.
Most people here get dogs for their spoiled kids to play with (and then the nanny takes care of it) or are young folks who just got their first apartment so small dogs like Chihuahua mixes got adopted really fast.
Interestingly enough, cats, rabbits, and other small animals got adopted way faster than dogs at my shelter. For every 3-4 cats that got adopted, maybe 1-2 dogs would get adopted. It's interesting because my neighborhood is super dog friendly and there's dogs everywhere but I guess most people buy their dog or adopt from other places.

I know a couple Chows that live down the street that are really gentle to my Pom and pretty nice around other dogs as well. Those are the only Chows that I've really gotten to know so I can't speak much for the entire breed, but I have heard that they tend to be loyal only to their owner/their family.


No. 83702

File: 1459171156799.jpg (113.11 KB, 884x960, pikachu.jpg)

This cutie is up for addoption in my local refuge, I really want to pick him up but I'm worried he won't get along with my other guys.
They named pikachu, how stupid and cute.

No. 83713

File: 1459179299443.jpg (22.6 KB, 734x556, jelly bean tongue.jpg)

I posted a pic of my dog in the other pet thread but I've been missing her a lot lately (since I'm abroad) so here's another pic of her.

She turned 12 recently! I always facetime my parents and they get huffy when I ask to see our dog (because that's always the real reason why I call lol).

No. 83714


No. 83716

File: 1459180210886.jpg (56.02 KB, 960x960, peek a boo.jpg)

thank you! :') here's another collage of pics of her peeking out from her bed (because I can't resist- I'm like Maes Hughes when it comes to my little bundle of floof)

No. 83720

File: 1459183319006.jpg (78.23 KB, 765x1280, 035.jpg)

No. 83726

File: 1459187445501.jpg (104.01 KB, 664x1161, IMG_20160323_000458.jpg)

This is Skippy, she's a greyhound/saluki/pit/collie mix. She's 8 months old, but still thinks she's tiny and wiggles up onto your lap to get cradled.

No. 83727

File: 1459187605220.jpg (100.76 KB, 1200x766, IMG_20160322_133643.jpg)

And this is her mother, Maple.

No. 83728


its a cute furry gremlin aw

No. 83729

shes so pretty ;o

No. 83731

My dog always pees when she's overly excited or when she's scared. She's a Maltese. Does anybody else have this problem?

No. 83734


Our dog used to do that when we woke up or came in from work. We bought her a crate after hearing dogs won't mess in their crates, and kept doing practice runs of entering the house while she was in the crate. We only let her out when she was completely calm and wasn't jumping around, and let her outside as soon as she got out of the crate. She stopped doing it in a week or so after that.

No. 83753

Oh, she's the best. How cute!

No. 83754

Thank you, anon. I'm going to try this with her. She has a crate already (she sleeps in there at night) and in the morning when we wake up, she jumps around and gets very excited. We also lock her in her crate when we leave the house because she poops in the kitchen (we're working on that problem- she knows that she's not supposed to, but still does it..) so from now on I will only take her out when she calms down. I hope it helps.

As for the peeing whenever scared, I will have to look online for that.

Also she's at the groomers right now so I will post a picture of her fresh haircut later.

Is it bad if put a coat on my dog whenever it's cold? She doesn't tolerate the cold very well, so she wears a coat when she goes outside or when the insulation at home isn't cooperative. She's also well behaved and I made sure to train any "small dog" behavior (yipping, barking at strangers, snapping, etc.) out of her. If it's not okay for a large dog to do it then it shouldn't be okay for a small dog to do it. I suppose I have to work on her jumping on me. And we got new furniture so we're being extra strict with her.

No. 83756

File: 1459206051419.jpg (12.66 KB, 236x258, cc5374c8ba53a06a287fb6092ba35b…)

There's a difference between a functional coat/boots/hairband or even just a fun dog t-shirt, and dumb outfits that shout "I only think of my dog as an accessory".

Pic related. Don't do this to your pupper.

No. 83758

File: 1459206531982.jpg (770.82 KB, 2048x1152, 0150421.jpg)

This too.

No. 83875

Yorkies deserve so much better than this

No. 83934

Her dog passed away over a year ago :/ She was either 14 or 15 years old

No. 83943

rest in peace, pupper.

No. 83953

wow the dog was that old? I bet she took great care of him.

I miss the days of Paris Hilton man. I'm tired of seeing Kim or Kylie. There was something about Paris that didn't make me hate her

No. 83956

For a moment I thought I was in the 2000s thread, lol. Paris seemed like she'd be fun to hang out with. not gonna lie, "that's hot" is still my favorite catchphrase.

Kim/Kylie are kinda just twats.

No. 83972

RIP Tinkerbelle.

No. 83973

He's so freakin adorable. I would adopt him if I lived near the area. My rattie passed away 2 years ago.

No. 83974

File: 1459318475487.jpg (180.78 KB, 1277x717, He Caught the Mouse.jpg)

I've got a little kitten who loves attention more than I love my vidya

No. 83978

File: 1459320092995.jpg (2.28 MB, 4160x2340, 20151229_171254.jpg)

This is my cutie, she's 17 years old and spends most of her day sleeping.

Shit like this makes me really sad, my dog is so old and it reminds me of what is going to happen sooner or later. RIP cute puppy.

No. 83979

I would love to link you to him, but I don't think we are from the same country!
Sorry for your loss, rats are so awesome and full of life it's always hard to lose one of them.

No. 84504

File: 1459698598364.jpeg (794.68 KB, 2448x2697, image.jpeg)

another rat owner here, the girl pictured is named Voyager andrhe other one is named Nova

They're great and going to be making a year pretty soon

No. 84507

File: 1459703916700.jpg (7.24 MB, 5312x2988, tmp_9502-20160402_115508-50781…)

Moar shar pei. She was fixed recently. :( My poor Pei.

No. 84512


Looks like there's not gonna be any Shar Baes in her future huh

No. 84516

File: 1459705163767.jpeg (70.1 KB, 811x450, image.jpeg)

I'll try to get a picture of my husky and my ferrets if I can get them to settle down long enough. Till then here is a pic of my sloth of a dog.

No. 84557

Nah, even though she's healthier than the average Shar Pei, she still has terrible grass/plant allergies and entropion that I'd rather not have pass on to more puppies. Only irresponsible breeders do that stupid shit.

No. 84558

Must cuddle.

No. 84565

File: 1459718781682.png (254.85 KB, 346x330, p.PNG)

everyone's pets are sooo cute!

this is my baby

No. 84707

File: 1459783415629.jpg (2 MB, 2592x1936, IMG_0626.JPG)

H-Holy shit that's a cute fucking kitten. I found my fatass eating treats he stole from the shelf.

No. 84717

So many cute babies.

No. 84736

Nice bag, what brand?
adorable kitty btw!

No. 84740

File: 1459803298814.jpg (57.65 KB, 554x744, tumblr_o4yxb30ImF1rzzaoao1_128…)

coach lol

cutie baby!

No. 84769

Lol, she loves to cuddle on her terms.

No. 84771

No. 87570

File: 1461359004904.png (805 KB, 800x589, jb.png)

On Sunday I went to check out this little "artisan" market that happens a few times a year, then had plans to wander around the city and stop in a few Ultas to raid the clearance shelves to look for this setting spray that's discontinued. So on the way to the first Ulta, I decide to stop at the grocery store in the same plaza to get something to drink. On my way out the door, I heard someone say "Anyone want a free rabbit?"
Now I have another bunny.

No. 87715

File: 1461432128564.jpg (191.37 KB, 648x1152, faffsda.jpg)

Not really a pet thing but I had something strange and new happen to me today.

Was leaving my flat today when I noticed a young pigeon sat in the middle of the road not really moving.
As I walked past it it started scrabbling away and I noticed this really weird clacking noise. Looked down at its feet and it had these ENORMOUS mud-coloured balls wrapped around its toes. My initial thought was "SOME BASTARD KIDS HAVE GLUED SOMETHING TO THIS POOR PIGEON'S FEET WTF".

I grabbed pigeon-friend and took him back up to my flat, and Googled it whilst it was sat on my bed.
So there really isn't much information about it online, but apparently for birds that spend a lot of time on the ground (and the pigeon looked like a fledgling), sometimes their feet can get caked with poop, mud and dirt that begins to calcify, leaving it unable to scratch and forage or nest properly. Eventually its toes can die and begin to rot, become infected and kill the bird.

So, I ran some warm, soapy water in my sink and soaked its feetsies for about 30 mins, and then sat and slowly removed them with some nail scissors and tweezers. They were hard as stone, it took me over 90 minutes and I was terrified of accidentally pulling out one of its little toenails, but after I was done amazingly its feet were perfect underneath.

I just thought it was interesting because I've never seen anything like this before. If any of you encounter this, well, this is what it is and that's what you do. I don't think they can come off without human intervention so it's good to help if you can.

No. 87716

File: 1461432140963.jpg (491.85 KB, 1080x1920, Snapchat-8823120847901219248.j…)



No. 87717

File: 1461432172517.jpg (413.24 KB, 1080x1920, Snapchat-8665976691198038347.j…)

No. 87719

Aw, anon, so sweet. It just let you do all this without freaking out?

No. 87720


Oh no it was freaking out aha
When I put it in the sink I put a towel over the top so it'd be in the dark because I think I read once that you can calm birds by covering their sight, but when I lifted the towel to wrap it up and get to work it started flapping and splashing brown shit/mud-water all over my bathroom and me kek

No. 87721

Anon that has to be one of the sweetest post I've ever read on this site.

No. 87730


Thanks, I just like pigeons ʘ‿ʘ

No. 87734

Anon you are an angel thank you for putting so much effort into saving an animal from pain when most people would just walk on by thinking it hopeless.

No. 87736


I don't think doing this kind of stuff makes me an angel, but I do think walking past an animal in pain and distress on a Saturday afternoon when I had no immediate obligations and not trying to help it would make me a pretty shitty person.

As the most intelligent beings on the planet it's our responsibility to play caretakers to the other lifeforms right?

Th-thanks tho x

No. 87748

File: 1461449628304.jpg (59.07 KB, 540x432, axolotl.jpg)

Does anyone own an axolotl?
I've been heavily considering getting one because they're so cute/fascinating and maintenance seems pretty basic but I wanted to know about owning one from someone that already has one for preparation.

No. 87886


you're adorable and prolly a saint irl

No. 87904

File: 1461528367685.gif (952.27 KB, 499x499, blushing-pigeon.gif)


>everybody hates you until you go Anon

No. 88784

File: 1461829443138.jpg (2.78 MB, 5312x2988, 20150809_230144_001.jpg)

Omg so many bunny lovers on /pt/
Here's my Space Dandy. So hard to get a picture of a black bun with a phone camera

No. 88786

off topic, but that Axolotl's name sounds and looks straight out of Pokemon. It's so cute though!

No. 88922

Any Aquatic animal is a bitch to learn. Their enviornment needs to be incredibly stable so if you're not used to maintaining or cleaning 20 GAL tanks, you should try out with fish first. These guys live a long time too, so make sure you account for that.

No. 88928

As a fellow pigeon rescuer, this warms my heart. They make such amazing and affectionate pets too.

No. 92438

Hi anon, I like you. Never change.

No. 92540

Bless. you. Oh my fucking gosh, you are an actually angel. I now it may not mean anything to some people, but you saved this bird's life. thank you so much for being such a kind person.

You are just awesome.

No. 92547

Weren't you afraid that it had some kind of sickness?
Because where I live the pigeons are dirty as hell and will probably give you rabies when you touch them.
Or do you live in a nice town, where the pigeons can keep themselves clean?

No. 92568

He's a little cutie pie bless

No. 93873

Aww thank you he's my angel

No. 106399

Bumping thread Bc I really need help. My doggy has the fleas and I don't know how to get rid of them. She's a Maltese if that helps. I bought that frontline stuff about a month ago but that didn't do the trick but I still have two more applications left. Today I gave her a haircut with a new pair of scissors made for dogs to make locating fleas easier and I bathed her with flea shampoo. I also got rid of her old bed today and bought her a brand new one. Our house doesn't have carpet, either. I brushed her and she looks like new (and with a funny haircut) but I just saw two fleas on her… I'm desperate, I hate seeing my dog scratching herself, she's probably in pain and doesn't deserve this :( what else should I do? I've never had a hard time getting rid of fleas on a dog.

No. 106400

When my cats had a next level horrible flea infestation we ended up taking them to the vet for help. They make pills to give to your cat (just one tiny pill) that kills them all within like a couple of hours. Don't know if they make those for dogs but that
s what it took for us. Afterwards to really insure they wouldn't come back we bought flea collars and left them on them for 2 weeks and they've been gone ever since.

No. 106401

Oh, also thought I should mention the pills are only like $10 per, too. Very cheap so it's nothing extravagant. Hope this helps!

No. 106402

Gotta dust, spray, or bomb everything, pal. Every chair, pillow, mattress, welcome mat; everything fabric that you can't throw in the washing machine with hot water. About a year ago my cat had mild fleas and I frontlined him, no big deal. He and I left my apartment for a month and I thought "no food source, fleas will die," right? Nope. The little fuckers colonized my entire apartment. That started a two-month battle and from then on out, it didn't matter if I used the flea collar, flea baths, or the good flea medicine; they kept coming back to the point where he got tapeworms from them (your bet chews at the bites and accidentally injests fleas or flea larvae, which carry tapeworm eggs.)

I opted for Adams Home Spray first, which was really effective but gave me nasty chemical burns. After that I switched to food-grade diatomaceous earth, because it was much kinder on me and my cat. Sprinkle everywhere, let it settle, vacuum. I've been flea-free for about 8 months after that 4 month battle with the little shits.

No. 106431

Thanks, farmers! Your kitties deserve to be flea and worm-free. I'll get rid of the welcome mat that my dog frequently sleeps on (she thinks everything is her bed). And I'll take her to the vet and maybe invest in some medicine if the stupid fuckers are still around.

No. 106436

Does anyone know if some pets are just naturally overweight? I have a cat and she's been with the family for about two or three years. When we first got her she was the same as her sister and they both pretty much eat the same. The sister eats a lot and has remained pretty much the same weight but the fat one gained loads of weight after about 8 months of bringing her home.

We can't really find a reason for her weight gain. We've tried diet changes and more exercise but it does nothing. The vet says she's perfectly healthy but we just need to exercise her more. Been trying for a whole year. No results.

She acts normal and runs and plays all the time like her sister does with the other cats. She's just really fat but is healthy otherwise.

If she acts perfectly fine despite her weight then I'm sure she's ok but sometimes it does worry me. I'm not sure what to do here.

No. 107186

File: 1470870103797.jpeg (1.82 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpeg)

I tried to make a collage but my computer is fucked up so I have to individually phone post them all
This is missy

No. 107187

File: 1470870149370.jpeg (41.86 KB, 480x264, image.jpeg)

This is cotton

No. 107188

File: 1470870386021.png (3.51 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

This is cranberry I'm picking her up from the shelter next week that's why the only pic I have is her in jail

No. 107189

File: 1470870442654.jpeg (31.68 KB, 480x264, image.jpeg)

This is Leland my adult male Guinea pig

No. 107190

File: 1470870518144.jpeg (47.35 KB, 640x396, image.jpeg)

This is Lela the adult female
Not pictured: 3 baby Guinea pigs (don't worry we're getting them fixed soon)

No. 107191

File: 1470870589651.jpeg (552.06 KB, 1080x1920, image.jpeg)

No. 107192

File: 1470870653741.jpeg (461.48 KB, 1080x1920, image.jpeg)


No. 107193

File: 1470870741229.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 694.92 KB, 1080x1920, image.jpeg)

Catalina 2 month old puppy
She's about as big as the Guinea pig

No. 107194

File: 1470870817233.jpeg (114.47 KB, 396x640, image.jpeg)

Lol accidentally put that spoiler
2 year old corn snake jonathan
I'm done now until in a few months I will be getting a hedgehog

No. 107207

No. 107268

thanks we try

No. 107271

File: 1470963725820.jpg (840.08 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20160724_131100.jpg)

She's a chihuahua and I love her more than anything. Her name is Yum Yum (ridiculous I know but we didn't name her and she already responded to it, I tend to call her Yummy as it's less embarrassing).

No. 107273

File: 1470963857940.jpg (2.57 MB, 2716x3395, IMG_20160530_023715.jpg)

One more pup pic!

No. 107274


No. 107275

So many lovely pets, jealous ;)

No. 107282

File: 1470968013580.jpg (263.62 KB, 1000x871, 002.JPG)

make way world's cutest cat coming through!

No. 107283

File: 1470968227273.jpg (434.1 KB, 2000x1455, 003.JPG)

his name is cesar and he is your emperor

No. 107284

File: 1470968350106.jpg (539.47 KB, 2500x1667, 009.JPG)

and one last baby pic of when he was the sweetest kitten that ever existed. /spam

No. 107289

What an Angel, such a beautiful cat.

No. 107311


Im not even a cat person tbh I don't really like them much but even I have to agree though

This is one beautiful looking cat and its prettier than most humans

Id actually pick this one up and stroke it :)

No. 107321

thanks guys! sadly, despite getting a ragdoll for the soul purpose of having a cuddly cat, he isn't cuddly at all. he's a giant sass machine. won't go in my lap, won't sleep in my bed, will only tolerate being held for a short time. but goddamn he's so cute and has tons of personality. i love him even though he isn't a cuddle monster like i wanted.

a kitten vid

No. 107370

aaaaaaaaaaaaaah this is great!

No. 180747

File: 1486360542986.jpg (90.09 KB, 1000x500, Cxrkv_6VIAAvfjY.jpg)

I checked the catalog and this is probably the closest I could find to what I want to talk about

This Lizard

Holy shit

His cheeks/jowls are so goddamn big and cute and it always kills me whenever his owners feed him because they sometimes SPOON FEED him.

It's weird but I find it adorable

btw, this is MacGyver the Lizard, and while I don't mind any sort of reptile, it feels like owning one, especially a Tegu, and getting one to be perhaps on the same level of trust(?) as MacGyver feels really hands on and I am usually at work or school and shit :/

No. 180749

File: 1486361802553.jpg (423.05 KB, 1280x960, 454353.jpg)

Yesss, I love this big guy. He's so adorable. I've never owned a reptile before, but if I had the time and know-how, I'd definitely own a Tegu.

10/10 would cuddle

No. 180755

It's very cute. I've always heard that reptiles don't really respond to people the way mammals do. But I've seen videos of giant tortoises enjoying being scratched under the chin.

So I went and checked up on Tegus and it says they attach themselves to their owners like a dog or cat. I think that many people just don't understand reptiles or find them off putting. I've only had turtles. Well they weren't mine. Let's just say my siblings suck at caring for anything that isn't a dog or cat. And even then they're lazy.

No. 180757

>I've seen videos of giant tortoises enjoying being scratched under the chin.

Not >>180749 but my friend has a couple of Morelet's crocodiles and I've seen them enjoy getting a scratching. Like they actually close their eyes and look like they're enjoying it when my friend scratches them on the head and chin.

No. 180764

I want a big ferret boy. I had one when I was a baby and I have always wanted one after that.

Too bad there is alomst no breeders here anymore, the community fell apart a couple years ago.

No. 180765

I want another cat but my SO already hates the cat we have so I'm out of luck. I didn't really realize how intense it can be when you're with someone who actually hates cats. It's made me resent his dog.

No. 180766

>deeply hates a certain animal
giant red flag. never understood weirdo motherfuckers like this.

No. 180767

Ha, he looks so regal. His fur looks really fluffy

No. 180771

Don't resent his doggo. Its not his dogs fault that he hates your cat. Maybe if you show him how much you love and try to be kind to his dog, he will try to tolerate your cat?

No. 180773

In my experience the guy will just use that as an excuse. "See! You like dogs much better than cats anyways!" But yeah definitely don't resent the poor pup.

Is your cat the pissy type? Or has it actually done something mean to your SO? If not, there's no reason why he can't try to make nice with it. Honestly, he knew you had a cat when he was getting into a relationship with you so he should accept it as part of the household.

No. 180776

It's pretty hypocritical of you to say that when you also say you "resent" his dog just for being associated with him. Have you even asked him why he doesn't like your cat?

I'd personally never be cruel towards an animal and I pet cats when I pass them but I could never imagine actually having one in the house. They're such callous, unloving creatures and I get absolutely no joy out of being scratched and bitten by them. Fair enough if your cat is the "friendly" type but that's extremely rare in my experience (one lives down the road from me, very cute) and it doesn't sound like yours is from what you described.

I'm not a therapist but it sounds like you don't like your "SO" in the first place and are looking for any excuse to leave him.

No. 180786

File: 1486412506635.jpg (1.33 MB, 2448x2448, IMG_0683.JPG)

OMG, anon. I know this is a year later so you probably wont see this but your Pei looks like it has the same coloring as my pup (black dilute)

No. 180798

File: 1486421653870.jpg (4.22 MB, 5312x2988, 20160228_001753.jpg)

These are my babies, my cat's name is Tali and my dog is Peanut, she's a chihuahua papillon mix and she's kind of neurotic and always has been but she's very loving and wonderful with children which is great because I have 4 nieces and a nephew who are always coming over to visit.
My Tali boy is a total wimp, he comes in once its dark and he sleeps in bed all night, and he loved having the inside of his ears rubbed.
Sorry for the long post, I just really love my doofy pets so much

No. 180823

How to deal with a dog who has separation anxiety? My dog never leaves me alone. If I'm in the shower, I hear his paws hit the floor and sniff under each door to see where I am.
He will lay outside or scratch to get where I am.
He hates sleeping alone, he whines and cries until he's with someone.
If he's left alone he will pee wherever he wants, this doesn't exclude furniture.

How do I make an insecure dog with separation anxiety more secure? He has bathroom problems and is 3 years old. He will go outside but refuse to go in the yard? Which is bad because my neighborhood at night isn't somewhere you'd want to walk around at night.

No. 180825

File: 1486468594076.jpg (2.04 MB, 2560x1440, 20170206_142826.jpg)

I'm still around. Aww, your pupper is adorable. I miss those days! As a puppy, mine was more black, but now she has a lot of brown in her undercoat it seems.

No. 180830

Look for a good positive reinforcement only trainer. It's hard to deal with separation anxiety alone because you'd be trainer AND the the thing that's driving their anxiety, so it's easy to make things worse if you're not already a really good trainer.

The yard thing sounds like a separate issue. For that you can develop a cue for the bathroom using his normal poops during walks, and when it gets stronger reinforce it by making him go on cue on walks but away from home, and after you're sure it's really strong bring it closer to your yard over time.

No. 180831

I doubt her cat's pissy. He sounds like one of those highschool edgelords who "hatez cats cuz theyre so mean n lazy xDD". In return, they genuinely end up disliking him because animals can sense that shit. He's such a bitter asshole that he's turning anon into a hateful person too but not because she genuinely hates his dog, but out of spite because he refuses to accept her cat for whatever odd reason. I'd get the fuck out of that relationship fast because boyfriend's got major issues.

No. 180834

File: 1486485716118.jpg (6.23 MB, 5152x3888, 2016-08-26 12.37.07.jpg)

This might be a long shot but it's worth a try.

I own 5 degus. 3 boys, 2 girls. The girls share a terrarium with their (castrated) father. The two boys share another terrarium together.
My two boy degus fight whenever I have thoroughly cleaned their terrarium. It's not that they're just building a new hierarchy or any other dominance thing; they intend to kill each other every single time. It's very brutal.

Setting them apart for 2-3 weeks is the only thing that works, and when I put them together after that time they act like nothing has happened & they'll be the best of friends again.

Would castration be an option? I feel like it's very much a hormone thing, but having them castrated costs quite a lot of money. Any anons have any idea whether it might help? It's a gamble I'm willing to take but I'd love to hear some more advice before I make that appointment.

No. 180836

File: 1486490511709.jpg (703.84 KB, 2221x2221, IMG_2310.JPG)

Such a cutie! My SO saw the pictures you posted and went "When did you take those pictures?"

Yeah, some red and brown are coming in on ours. She's got about the same wrinkle distribution too–not too much, mostly in the face. If your post wasn't before my girl wasn't born, I'd swear that was one of her littermates.

No. 180842

Keep them separated all the time you idiot. If they try to kill each other don't be retarded and keep them in the same habitat, get some common sense about you and don't get any more animals until you can do a bit of basic problem solving.

No. 180872

Almost all uncastrated male animals will try to kill eachother if they share territory

No. 180875

File: 1486547057985.jpg (2.11 MB, 2336x3841, IMG_20170117_123723_718.jpg)

Here's my cat, she's 6 months and helps me to calm down everytime I feel anxious

No. 180882

Anon, she is gorgeous! Those eyes are beautiful like pure jade.

No. 180883

Wow really irresponsible pet owners piss me off. Why did you get animals before you did the research on them? Did you honestly not know how much they'd cost? Everyone knows that you can't keep two uncastrated males together, regardless of species.

Either get them castrated or surrender them, what you're doing is stressing them out and is incredibly cruel.

No. 180886

Thank you anon!

No. 180977

Are you an idiot? Why are you asking a gossip board instead of going to a pet forum?

No. 181039

Like I said, it literally only happens when I said it would. I pre-emptively set them apart after cleaning for a few weeks. They do not ever fight after that.

Please don't assume I know nothing about them. I have owned degus for over two decades and this is the first ever case of a pair not getting along all the time. All my other degus fared well in pairs and groups and lived to be around 13 years old before dying of old age. These two are outliers and the only reason I'm keeping them separated after cleaning rather than visiting the vet immediately is because of a series of unexpected medical situations that already forces me to live on bread and water. I'd rather spend my money on a new terrarium for one of the boys if it turns out that castration would be useless.

I must have misread OP's post.
I already asked on various forums and I was hoping for a tie breaker.

This isn't true, though.

No. 181214

My partner has always wanted a bulldog (that he plans on calling Boris lol) and I was just wondering if any anons have any tips/advice for when we do end up getting one (not any time soon, we are currently renting and want to wait until we have a house of our own).

No. 181215

Mostly just stick to consistent positive reinforcement based training and research any breed-specific health or behavioural issues to watch out for. Try to socialise the dog with people, children, and other dogs as early as you can and the dog should by all means be a very well behaved and loving friend

No. 181421

Any Bearded Dragon owners out there? They're super sweet and pretty low-maintenance

No. 181430

File: 1487292107427.jpg (1.53 MB, 2592x1936, IMG_1007.JPG)

My two cats! The orange one is Howard and the other one is Cream. This is an older pic as they don't cuddle anymore ;-;
Both of them were strays my parents picked up one day and randomly decide to keep, we got Howard when I was in elementary school so he's over 10 now, and other than him always drinking/eating he's doing ok as an old man.
We got Cream 4 years ago and he's VERY talkative and always want attention. I have to wear him out right before bed or else he wakes people up with his crying.
Both like to cuddle but Howard is the best because he wants to clean you and curl up in bed at night.

No. 181437

File: 1487300877019.jpg (9.83 MB, 5312x2988, 20170216_210609.jpg)

My rescue cat. The shelter warned us he was aggressive but he's been nothing but a cuddle bug since we got him. Been five years since then. Still waiting for that imminent attack…

No. 181438

File: 1487301026848.jpg (687.12 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20161225_132640_207.jpg)

And my pupper. She'll be 9 this year. Love my Pig

No. 181453

Is that a Shiba Inu?
I really hope to get one in a few years once our house is done but I've read a lot online that their stubborn af and can be hard to train?
Damn they're so cute

No. 181458

File: 1487324609998.jpg (1.67 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0979.JPG)

My inlaws have a shiba (pic related), she's 12 now. What I heard from many people with shibas is that they're more like cats. They're not as affectionate as other breeds, they can be kind of hostile towards strangers and they are stubborn. But they're also super clean and loyal dogs. If we were to ever buy a dog it would be a shiba.

No. 181462

Same. That's why I hope that once the house is done I'll have enough time for a dog. Thanks anon (:

I'm also trying to inform myself as much as possible because my in-laws might get one and they're shit with pets. They literally treat them like children instead of animals - as in explaining the animal what it did wrong/has to do verbally instead of positive reinforcements etc. Their current dog is mentally a wreck and I feel really sorry for him but sadly I have no say in all of that.

No. 181463

Castration will almost certainly fix it. When you clean their terrarium it is like 'new territory' to them until they re-settle, so they try to stake out a claim. Otherwise they would need to be separated and it would suck for them to each be alone. :(

No. 181465

Pug breeder here, I thought I'd share some info for you and anyone else considering a purebred dog. For any breed, please take the time to find a reputable breeder who you trust. Some breeders are ethical, responsible and breed for health. One can absolutely have healthy pugs. Fuck shitty breeders and puppy mills. When choosing a kennel to adopt from, definitely do your research. Ask questions. AKC registration or similar papers and titles are not enough. Study the pedigree, ask about back generations and make sure the pups were free-whelped whenever possible and that the majority of pups fare well. Go see the dam (and sire, if on-site). If the breeder does not let you meet the parents (at least mom), welcome you to visit their home or kennel, or have recommendations available from others who have adopted puppies from them, be wary. We do not do AI nor force breedings (yes some breeders will strap a bitch in place and force her to be bred to whatever stud they please, and AI is becoming more and more popular). If our dam does not accept a sire, there will be no puppies. We breed pugs because we are passionate about bettering the breed. We are very small-scale and aren't in it for the money. It's one's responsibility, if one is bringing new life into the world, to be good stewards of every pup. Every puppy born to our home is welcome for life, if their owner needs to re-home the dog for any reason we will always take them back. We keep in touch with the families and are always available to answer questions and share knowledge. Each puppy is placed with great care.

Pugs are sensitive and become very attached and need their people. They are not a good breed if you work a lot or are otherwise away from home for long periods of time.

Never, ever, adopt a puppy who is under 8 weeks of age if a large breed, and for toy breeds, current research suggests that pups should be with mom longer. We keep pups for 12 weeks and allow families to visit as often as they like post-week 8. Puppies, even if fully weaned, need their to be with mom and siblings for learning proper socialization and developmental skills. Letting pups go too soon is detrimental to the puppy's mental health. A good breeder will know this. If someone tries to sell you a puppy too early, they are irresponsible!

Hope this helps you anons wanting purebreds.

No. 181467

Yeah, it's a Shiba. She's a turd but I love her. They are definitely more cat-like than doglike and she isn't very affectionate unless she wants her treats. She hardly barks though which is great since we moved to a neighborhood.

Training is important with the breed because they're very stubborn.

No. 184236

Does anyone know how to get puppies to use pee pads? My boss was nice enough to let me take my new puppy to work and he peed and pooped in the conference room during a meeting. I had pee pads laid out all over my office and tried to get him to go on them but he wouldn't. I'm worried I'm going to be stuck cleaning the carpet at work all day. He's not fully vaccinated yet so I can't just take him out to go outside either.

No. 184243


The only thing that worked for the dogs I've had was to try your best to keep an eye on it. Whenever it looks like it's gonna pee, pick it up and take it to the pad and they'll usually pick it up pretty quickly when you're consistent.

I didn't use treats often just so that they wouldn't expect one every single time, but giving it a reward when it uses the pad definitely helps encourage it, too especially if they're really food-motivated.

No. 184244

>ethical breeding
Nice oxymoron.

No. 184245

>>181465purebreeds are for shitmongers and people who want a thing, not an animal. Purebred pugs are basically tiny little torture victims.

No. 184247

My boyfriend's mother purposefully let our indoor only cat out of the new apartment we moved into. It's only been a week or two and we've put up posters and made calls and such but I'm pretty sure we aren't going to see her again.

My boyfriend wants us to look at getting another cat but I feel guilty about getting a new one so soon. Whats the proper mourning period for something like this.

No. 184248

Whenever you feel ready. In any case, don't rush it.
Also you might want to consider the possibility of your bf's mom doing that again…

No. 184249

I'm pretty sure my cat I've had for 12 years is on his way out and I can't fucking handle this lmao. I'm usually a fucking cunt like I seriously have a level of empathy consistent with an autistic person and yet I can't stop fucking crying. He's such a sweet boy and I didn't take good enough care of him. I'm crying right now aaaagh. At the very least I don't think he's in pain.

No. 184263

File: 1490056109889.jpg (15.02 KB, 604x438, c67.jpg)

a while back i noticed my cat not eating or drinking as often as she normally does. i'm hyper aware of my cats activities when i'm home because i'm a worrier, so this set off caution flags.
after another day of her not taking in water or food i syringe fed her both to get something into her before i took her to the vet the next morning.
after that bit of …lubrication, i guess, she vomited 2 feet of 2 inch thick lace.

i was so angry and scared. how did she get that lace? what if i hadn't noticed shit and it somehow hit her tract? why is she so fucking dumb?
i have cat-proofed the hell out of my place and she still finds ways to get herself in trouble.

what idiot shit have your pets done?

No. 184264

Kek, ethical pug breeding….

No. 184265

I have a very old dog that I trained to use pee pads because she is unable to hold herself for more than a few hours. There are pads with attractant but those don't really make a difference, so try to get a little bit of their urine on a clean pad that you set out when cleaning up a mess (like soaked up a little bit to the pad).

No. 184289

There really is no proper mourning period. There just comes a time when you feel ready for another pet but since everyone is different it will vary.

It's ok anon. I cry over my cats too. Depending on what health problems your cat has had throughout his life, he probably did good to live for 12 years. If you're able too, try syringe feeding him food and water or take him to a vet if possible. I had a cat I thought was gonna die who is about the same age as yours and she pulled through when my family worked to syringe feed and bathe her. Can I ask what's wrong with your cat that makes you think he's on his way out?

Never underestimate what a cat can get a hold of. My cats have gotten themselves stuck inside dressers and I had one who fought raccoons three times her size back when she was just some stray that hung around my house. One Christmas a few years ago, my mom was getting out Christmas lights and one of the cats just sneaked up and at a couple of the tiny bulbs. Thank god she was fine but damn that's not a good feeling to have.

No. 184294

Thank you for the kind words about my cat anon. I thought he was dying because he was dehydrated and stopped eating and drinking, and was rapidly losing weight and very weak. I took him to the vet and I just got back from having him put down. It was very hard but I'm glad he died comfortably. I was pretty unfazed until he had the catheter all set up and as I was playing with his paw I thought "Damn your claws are getting out of control, I better cut those when we get home" and it sunk in and I cried pretty hard. Thanks again.

I had a friend whose cat peed in their toaster.

No. 184304

Does anyone know if guitar effects cats? I did some googling and nothing really popped up so I don't know if my cats just weird but whenever my bf plays especially the e string my cat starts meowing all weird

No. 184306

It happens anon! Don't beat yourself up. My dog ate a toothpick out of the trash once and had to have surgery. The trash can was a lock one too but he managed to knock it over and jimmy it open regardless! Sigh. Stupid dog. He was fine but yeah. Sometimes you can't plan for dumb things they do.

No. 184310

I love my dog but she's basically retarded when it comes to trying to eat foreign objects so, naturally, I take precautions and am sort of neurotic about it. It really sucks when they STILL manage to get hold of something. And then they do that frantic fast chewing when they see you reaching for them lol. Idiots.

Hey anon, I'm really sorry for your loss. It sounds like you were a good friend to your cat and even though he's an animal I'm sure he appreciated you being there with him for his last moments.

No. 184315

My boyfriend and I are looking into buying 2 Shiba Inus. It's just trying to save the money and I was curious if anyone here owns one. I know they are high maintenance dogs, since for a pup it's like 1500$? ;__;

No. 184317

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss anon. :c

No. 184324

Get a fucking shelter dog??? There are usually even puppies if you look frequently for like a month if you don't want "damaged goods".
Never understood these people who must have DESIGNER DOGS.

No. 184328

Agreed… Except instagram points you get nothing special from these dogs (and animals with a shelter sob story are very popular as well even if they're ugly anyways).
Plus a lot of times shelter animals will already be neutered and vaccinated.

There are so many animals in need, why the hell would you ask a breeder to make some more puppies come to life.

No. 184330

Or that person can just buy a puppy instead. Stay mad lol.

No. 184332

Thank you anons :')

No. 184333

My cat will curl up next to me when I play the guitar and chastise me any time I stop. I guess they just like the sound/find it interesting?

No. 184337

It's my fucking money so I can buy ten 'designer' puppies if I so choose. Stay butthurt.

Shelters everywhere aren't equally good, and for people who live in small flats and with small kids it's better to get a small purebred dog from a good breeder that you know is gonna stay small and friendly than a mutt who can become territorial, impatient with kids and grow into a large dog out of the blue.

But lmao if it makes you this mad I'm gonna go and buy me an English bulldog right now.

No. 184340

Hope you feel better. It sucks having to put a pet down but sometimes it's the best option if they're in too much pain or treatment is unafforadable. I'm sure you did your best to take care of him Sometimes treatment isn't affordable or possible so even though putting him to sleep was a tough decision, it takes a lot of love to do so he won't suffer any further. You likely gave him love and a good life he might not have had without you.

No. 184346

Have fun with your inbred dogs. Make sure to put $$$$$ aside for all the genetically predisposed issues they are going to have throughout their life.

No. 184347

Don't complain about wasting all that money if you know what an unethical and shitty thing it is to do. Get a hamster if you can't handle anything bigger.

No. 184348


and the fact that they think dishing out several thousand dollars will somehow make the dog behave more. little dogs are notorious for being little bitches. it has nothing to do with their genetics but more the way you bring them up, and tbh that anon sounds like they dont have much experience raising a dog kek.

No. 184357

Do you know why you can't go to a shelter? Because shelters do home inspections, there are forms to fill out and interviews, they'd realize you're an absolute nutcase who will probably eat the dog when they're bored of it. You're afraid that someone will tell you the truth.

Idk what mummy and daddy have been telling you but dogs from a backyard breeder are not somehow better behaved lmfao if you know that little about dogs what makes you think you're capable of training one not to bark out the window, where to go to the toilet, how to walk on a leash etc.? Especially if you think they just pop out being naturally well-behaved.

I'm also laughing how you think shelter dogs are wildly badly behaved but plan on getting a Shiba Inu (known to be aggressive, hard to train) or English Bulldog (which will cost you many more thousands down the line with vet bills).

No. 184359

any good american hamster cages? there doesn't seem to be any adequate ones here, and the ones i'm interested in are in the uk and don't ship here.

i've been letting my hamster run around in his ball when he's awake but i hate watching him sleep in such a cramped cage.

No. 184362

Have you thought of diying one? I've seen tutorials on YouTube on how to turn a certain type of Ikea shelf into a large open pen type hamster cage which looks swanky and spacious. I'd link but I'm on mobile, but it should come up easily enough.

No. 184363

Enjoy your ego prop anon. It's short life of constant suffering is worth it if you feel fancy and superior. Who wants an icky shelter mutt that's been touched by volunteers?

No. 184365


depending on the type of hamster and how willing you are to clean/entertain it it can vary. hamsters on average need 3 feet of space and 12-36 inches of bedding to dig and hide in.

here are some links to peruse;

and a mansion for the hams http://www.pawesome.net/ikea-expedit-bookcase-turned-hamster-mansion/

No. 184366

This is not really to dissuade you, just to let you know a few things. I'm Sharpei anon from up thread. Our dog has papers and is "well bred."
Idk your specific reasons, but we wanted a pure bred Sharpei because they have certain characteristics that we wanted in a house dog and are nearly guaranteed to be a certain way, whereas shelter dogs aren't.

Although, she has a LOT of the bad characteristics that you'd expect. Her health is not as good as a mixed dog's. She has to be taken to the vet multiple times a year for an allergy shot (not a steroid, it's a new, less harmful kind) because she's allergic to ALL grasses where we live. She gets skin infections easily. It runs into a lot of money. We knew that and we're good financially, but if you arem't as secure as we are, you may not be able to afford the treatments your pure bred WILL need.

She has been worth it. She's the best dog I have ever had. So gentle and sweet and loving of people. As soon as she had her vaccines and could potty outside, she goes as far as she can from the house so we don't have to worry about stepping in poop. She's SO good with my kid. We didn't even have to train her much. She's extremely smart.

Sorry, I'm rambling. You just have to be ready for expensive medical bills mostly, but also it's worth looking into a grain free diet, raw food, and high quality foods if you want your dog to be as healthy as it can be! Good luck on a decision. (PS, I don't recommend English bulldogs. I've never seen one bred morally. It just doesn't happen.)

No. 184367

Samefag to add a few more details. My dog has very mild entropion, which is usually quite severe in this breed. She cannot stand heat or cold, so she has to be an inside dog. (A lot of pure breeds are like this, I think.) She's never had Sharpei fever or mange or any type of dysplasia so far. The breeder we got her from breeds for the best health possible, so you should find one who will provide the parents' vet records and health clearances for you.

No. 184394

I want to get a hissing cockroach but I have some worries
I only want a single female but I always see them being kept in groups? Can they live alone? And do they poop indiscriminately or do they pick a spot to do it in?

No. 184407

I've never had one and was going to buy from the entomology club but never got around to it. They were selling them individually so I don't think it'd be detrimental to have just one.

No. 184441

Hey anon. Shar Pei pup twin here. Pretty sure our girl has an entropion as well since 4/5 of Peis get them. Vet appointment is Friday but she's still too young for surgery if that's what it is. I really have to agree that she's the best dog I've ever had. Perfectly potty trained, sweet as can be, so loyal, and incredibly well behaved in public. And she's in her bratty adolescent phase but is STILL this good. It's nuts.

No. 184446

Not sure if b8 but fuck it. You mentioned getting two puppies and that's all I'm discouraging. Raising two young puppies simultaneously can cause littermate syndrome. Not good. It's best to start with one, raise it until it's mature, and THEN get a second puppy. Or, of course, adopt two adult dogs.

If you're serious about getting a purebred dog, look into the different personalities and energy levels of the breeds you're interested in. I thought I wanted a shibe until I did more research and realized that they're too dickish and headstrong for me. They can be a handful for experienced owners, so just a heads up. No offense but if you're tossing up between an English Bulldog and a Shiba Inu, two VASTLY different breeds in terms of trainability/personality/energy needs, it sounds like you need to look past aesthetics and think long and hard about the kind of dog that'll suit you best.

No. 184447


My parents have a pure bred dog and I have a dog of the same breed, also pure bred. My parent's dog is really riddled with health problems, yet mine is pretty much incredibly healthy. We had a mixed breed from a shelter before and the parallels between my own dog and the mixed one we had in terms of health, activity are very similar. I feel like it can be very hit and miss.

My parents' dog was bred for "looks" and has the classic posture expected for the breed, which happens to be shorter legs and a more stocky "round" appearance. This in turn might be why he is constantly dealing with health problems. He has a lot of allergies like >>184366 said. My parents have probably spent thousands of dollars on his health already.

My dog never was bred for "looks" and both of his parents were very fit and agile. He doesn't look anything like the breed is "supposed" to, and so my parents would make fun of him a lot growing up, calling him mutt, etc. But as a result, he has very little health problems I've had to deal with. Behaviour-wise, he is a lot better than my parent's dog as well, and a lot more docile.

tl;dr you might want to do research. if you REALLY want a shiba inu, look into breeders who are responsible and look for health and behaviour as oppose to "looks" and "colors" - I know a lot of shibu breeders in specific will try and cross breed to get certain colours like red, grey, etc. as well as face and facial features and I would stay far away from those types of people.

Another example, in german shepherds they breed the banana leg things, and in chihuahuas they breed for apple head types. Or pugs. Stay away from these people, it is evil what they do. If you look at any Shiba Inu that is healthy and fit, you'll see that most of them don't like the classic caricature of the "doge" type of shiba.

Also I wouldn't recommend a Shiba Inu as a first dog. They're very aggressive and bullheaded. If you want a dog, look for breeds that are more docile. My family's first dog was a mixed breed and one of the breeds was very aggressive like Shibas are, and my parents always had difficulty with training. Also don't get two dogs at the same time.

No. 184449

File: 1490218606349.jpg (560.74 KB, 1380x1532, PicsArt_03-21-05.41.24.jpg)

Don't worry! It might actually get better as your pup grows. If not, then you'll probably have to get her surgery. Our vet said we could use visine on her for bad days, so you might try that. And that sounds EXACTLY how ours is. She rarely ever barks also. It's amazes me how "human friendly" of a pet she is. The only annoying thing she does is slobber, but that can't be helped and I just wipe it off her mouth (and my stuff) with a baby wipe.

No. 184453

File: 1490220625484.jpg (1.93 MB, 2448x2448, IMG_3029.JPG)

Your dog is so beautiful! I love how similar our dogs' coloring is. And the Visine is an excellent tip, thank you! Definitely agree on her being human friendly–easy for us to raise and incredibly sweet to all humans, even children. The slobber is an issue here, too. This is my first drooly dog so it was a bit strange at first but now we take it in stride.

No. 184459

File: 1490227959208.jpg (244.66 KB, 1057x960, IMG_0762.JPG)

Kind of scared. Voya has a mammary tumor and we've already overstepped our budget for their healthcare because of prior health problems and can't afford the surgery at the moment.

Her tumor is a about the size of a large grape and she's become lethargic. I've been carrying her around in my hoodie, wearing it backwards to keep an eye on her, and she spends the rest of her time in a cage separate from her sisters because they've been bullying her and I'm concerned the stress will make it worse.

Is there anything that I can do to help her? My spouse and I have spent the past couple of days encouraging her to eat and drink but she's has stopped accepting it as often. I just want to help her gain some strength back. Just until we can afford another surgery. She's only a little a couple of months away from her second birthday, so I feel like she's too young to be put down.

Any help is appreciated.

>pic related

she's eaten a small amount of softened rat food and tiny bits of whatever we've eaten today, but is starting to refuse food again

No. 184465

i am going to get flamed to high hell for this but i can't imagine doing one surgery for a rat, much less two. i get that it's your pet and a part of your family etc etc as much as any dog or cat but like… you're going to bankrupt yourself for a rat?

No. 184468

Sounds like you really need to take her to a vet. At least get some blood work on her to see what's going on. Maybe it's just an infection that can be cured with antibiotics :/

No. 184469

Different strokes for different folks. One person's rat is another person's dog. Don't judge.

People bankrupt themselves on worse things.

No. 184470

oh i get it, but i'm still going to judge. prob has something to do with being in a hard science field but imo rats/mice are meant to be disposable. you're right about there being worse things to waste money on, though

No. 184471

They're surprisingly smart and become very attached, someone's pet rat isn't disposable. I do agree though that you shouldn't ruin yourself over it, but "disposable" isn't the right thought for that, a reasonable thought process might be something like "hey this is a pet store rat and idk who bred it, and it might be prone to more tumors after this and it's already pushing 2 years which is pretty standard and my financial situation is shit so maybe I'll have her put down once the tumor seems to be impacting her badly enough". But idk a lot about rats or this person's rat.

No. 184475


Well, no. I'm seeking ways to help alleviate some of the symptoms she's been having until I can afford professional care.

Pet rats are specifically bred to be pets. Not lab or feeder rats obviously, but no, she wasn't meant to be disposed. You're entitled to your opinions and all, but my rat wasn't meant to be disposable.

No. 184477

Thanks anon, but checkups for small pets in my area are expensive and am quite certain that it's a mammary tumor. My rats have had abcesses and such before, but this is definitely not like those :\

No. 184478

yeah maybe i'm just callous but i dont see the point in ruining yourself financially over any pet, it's rare that a problem can be so definitively solved. i feel like rats are a strange choice for a pet to begin with because i see them as more 'useful' animals than 'social/comfort' animals, but i guess they make more sense than birds, which you can't even get any affection from. fish either, idgi, expensive tank of mold.

definitely understand that that rat was bred specifically as a pet, i'm meaning more of rats as an animal in general. again, science background, i'm used to them being in a lab setting where they're really a means to an end, which probably desensitized me in the first place tbh. don't mean to insult your rat, just idgi

actually, someone i knew had rats/mice/hamsters and they always seemed to be sick or dying… probably her care specifically but that didn't help the whole 'why would you get surgery for this rodent' thinking either

No. 184480

Hi, this is going to be hard to hear but I have had 8 babies and one of them died recently due to the same reasons. :( Our general policy is to not perform any life saving surgeries when they are close or at around 2years or more of age just because it's very risky and stressful for them, and will not yield as much of a benefit. I'm sorry to hear about Voya, but I suggest more focus on palliative care and seriously considering euthanasia for her sake. We put our baby Diana through a bunch of surgeries past 2 years, and while she was a trooper and loved life, I think it would've been best if we didn't prolong her suffering. :( I wish the best for you and your babies :( If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, I've been a rat owner of many babies for the past few years and currently dealing with one who is also dying :(

No. 184481

Ah jeez, I'm sorry to hear about your baby. I mean, we've thought about the possibility of having to euthanize her, but wanted to exhaust any other option because she's practically one of my best friends. I've dealt with rodent deaths before, but this is the first time we're facing a rat death and I'm kind of terrified, honestly.

What sort of care have you given your rats during something like this? She's been eating a more since we mushed up her dry food and mixed it with fruit, but that's all we could come up with so far.

And thank you for your reply. It's really deeply appreciated

No. 184515

>can't get affection from

I'm starting to think you're trolling. There are plenty of videos on youtube of birds being affectionate to their owners.

I've owned puffer fish before and they have a lot of personality. Fish are fun to watch and a tank shouldn't have "mold" in it if it's taken care of properly.

No. 184525

File: 1490289771516.jpg (613.31 KB, 1000x667, Starling.jpg)

Does anyone know where to get a decent sized bird cage? I was cleaning the one my bird uses and I thought there was some birdshit I couldn't scrub out completely but turns out its rust. I want to get him a new one but the pet stores near me offer smaller ones.

He's not a super big bird. He's a starling(I found him when he was some orphan who fell out of his nest. He had just grown downy feathers and couldn't fly at all so I have 0 idea on how he ended up in my yard but I too him in and raised him). Starlings are pic related and are very active birds so he's full of energy and loves moving about. So I guess I need a cage that's large enough for him to stretch his wings as much as he likes and jump around.

No. 184526

No. 184563

unpopular opinion = trolling? to me, affection is being able to pick up the pet and snuggle it. you can't really do that with a bird, and a lot of them are very nasty and bitey no matter how well coddled or socialized they are. it's not the same as snuggling a cat or dog or rabbit or what have you. birds are mostly meant to be in cages.

fish can be pretty, but imo it's a stupidly expensive endeavor for not much payoff. better to just go to an aquarium or something where you can see lots of cool fish at once. also, just because you clean the mold regularly doesn't mean it doesn't exist in the first place, and it's gross.

No. 184599

Lol are you me? I can admire how intelligent some types of birds are (like magpies and crows) but just cannot see the appeal of having one as a pet. The ones that are friendly and affectionate are impressive, though, I've got to say. Their owners clearly worked very hard with them to get them on that level.

But god, they smell and they're noisy. Different strokes, I suppose.

No. 184600

I'm pretty sure this isn't an unpopular opinion. Most people don't think birds can be affectionate.

No. 184607

Any animal can be non-affectionate and bitey so that argument doesn't really work. I will say a huge downside to birds is they are super loud (at least my friend's conure is) and their poop is the most godawful thing to deal with. I'd rather pick up my dog's solid turd than clean up gooey bird shit

I'll just leave your opinion about fish alone since all I can really say about that is I disagree :)

No. 184614

Thanks anon! If craigslist or anywhere else online doesn't work out I'll see what I can do to build one.

I have a bird and when he was younger he used to love trying to cuddle under my neck or following me everywhere when he was out of his cage. Some birds snuggle, it's just different than a cat or dog. Now that he's older he just likes simple petting and giving little love bites.

Bird poo is the worst to clean and I've had a cat fill a litter box with log sized shits. My bird has shit in my hand before and it's just unpleasant as all hell. He is also really loud and has a god awful screech he makes but he's smart about learning sounds and music. Most birds are chatty but if they're a kind that can imitate music or speech it isn't so bad. When he bites(not his usual love bites, those don't hurt) it hurts like hell. When birds get pissed I just avoid them to avoid getting my skin pecked with holes.

Also what's your friend's conure like? I want to get one someday down the road if I can't get another starling so I'm just curious on what they're like.

No. 184638

Oh Christ my friends conure was a fucking shithead. I've met all kinds of birds and most of them were sweethearts but this bird was a straight fucker. Hated everyone but her (and me to some extent but I think that's just because we look similar) would screech if he saw someone eating and wouldn't stop until he was given whatever that person was eating, would bite the fuck out of you even if you weren't doing anything but just happened to be near where he was and would scream at the dogs if they got too close to his cage. He was a green cheeked conure fwiw

That being said my cousin has a sun conure and that bird is as sweet as can be so your mileage may vary haha

No. 184650

>I can admire how intelligent some types of birds are (like magpies and crows) but just cannot see the appeal of having one as a pet
yes that's me exactly!!!! parrots are capable of some incredibly fascinating displays of intelligence and i love to watch vids about it but cool animal =! cool pet imho, or i'd own a lion lol

thank you, i was starting to feel like the world's most heartless asshole lol

>Any animal can be non-affectionate and bitey so that argument doesn't really work.
there are lions in zoos that can be affectionate and non-bitey to their trained handlers but that doesn't mean that they'd make good affectionate pets. certainly all animals are capable of aggression and antisocial behavior, but you have to concede that some have much higher tendencies towards those behaviors than others.

that's awesome that your bird was like that, it's really cool when people have little birds that just like follow them around on their shoulders, +10 to looking like a fictional character hahah

No. 184652

Birds are filthy little nothings. Budgies and canaries etc look pretty but are useless. Parrots are clever but loud, annoying, and needy. They're all dirty as hell and stink up the house though. The fact that people touch them and kiss them makes me a little sick tbh.

No. 184655

>and a lot of them are very nasty and bitey no matter how well coddled or socialized they are

It's a little complicated. The truth is birds are actually highly social animals. And to be fair, we haven't done much in the way of domesticating them like we have dogs (ie. picking humanizing traits to breed while weeding out the bad). Biting is a form of social cueing that all birds have. BItes also carry different meanings like a 'you're annoying me' tap versus a 'you're a threat' bite. It's similar to how we can make the choice between tapping someone or giving them a hard shove.

For example, this toucan loves scratches, but it stems from its social instinct of wanting to preen/be preened as new feathers growing in tend to be itchy. Birds will move their heads and pine for attention if they want a certain place scratched. The bird is being affectionate because it knows there's social rewards. Like a dog who sits nicely for a treat or acts cute for a belly rub.

No. 184656

Not to mention many bird owners are shit and don't train their birds not to bite. If you don't train your pets, of course their behavior will be bad. Plenty of dogs are that way too.

No. 184659

who the hell gets a toucan

No. 184660

> BItes also carry different meanings like a 'you're annoying me' tap versus a 'you're a threat' bite.
this is the exact reason why i wouldn't own a cat. love kitties, love to pet them, super cute and funny and great overall creatures A+. but i can't get behind the idea of a pet that will intentionally hurt me for any reason, even if those reasons are rationalized by the people who love owning them. idgi this "well they bit me for A REASON so it's okay" line of logic, it still bit you

definitely valid points about the lack of domestication, but imo (key part there, in MY opinion) that's another reason they don't make good pets.

there are some hecka cute bird vids tho. just couldn't do it personally and idgi what draws people to them but people are into worse things…

(not attacking you personally anon, hope it doesn't come off that way)

absolutely, that part notwithstanding. i'd never blame an animal for a bad owner.

froot loops-kin?

No. 184662

My aunt in Honduras has a Toucan & it is somehow very well trained. Her reason for having one is because they eat frogs & other small reptiles that invide her home. They are usually sold as pets because they look pretty.

No. 184663

hmmmm cat and mouse for central americans

No. 184664

There are some amazingly affectionate birds, and they are only smelly if they have bad owners who don't take care of them. As far as personal hygeine, they are generally very clean beings who groom constantly. They have to or their feathers lose their ability to provide warmth and flight ability. It's the mess they make and need for frequent cage cleaning that is most challenging and this (food debris and droppings build-up) that is what causes smelly circumstances. I have had many species of birds as pets over the course of most of my life and they are generally very social, affectionate, loving beings who crave attention. Many are very smart and love to learn tricks and play and spend time with their families. Some species are more aggressive and loud and others are more snuggly and subdued. My favorite birds are male eclectus parrots. The hens can be bitchy as fuck.

No. 184670

All the pigeons/doves I've met have been really sweet and cuddly and not bitey at all, quiet and don't smell even including street pigeons.

No. 184675

Street pigeons, like many other street animals, carry a bunch of serious diseases that can spread to humans. Be careful, anon.


No. 184699

Ntayrt, I'm more worried about people who get cat shit diseases and fleas.

No. 184749

File: 1490509953267.jpg (130.26 KB, 594x594, bb.jpg)

omg I love all the babies in this thread
I'm so happy to see 2 shar pei's as well
a 4 month old sharpei puppy just started coming in where I work for regular baths and he's just the sweetest little thing (that really hates his nails getting done but it's ok hes a qt)

here's my pupper, he just turned 1 year this month!

No. 184754

We took our dog to the zoo yesterday since that's apparently a-okay and a thing here. Met about 30 other dogs. I was SO proud of my dog because she was so well-behaved the entire time, even when children would come "surprise pet" her. I was kind of sad that the wolves were sleepy. I was told that they usually come a bit closer if they can see/smell your dog haha.

He's ADORABLE. Nice Neopets toy, hehe.

No. 184756

he has a neopet AND a spyro bandana.. pretty cool dog

No. 184757

Do the wolves get weirded out when they see a pet dog?

No. 184761

My friend said they were more interested in coming to the viewing side of their enclosure when she brought her pugs. They must just be curious about the smell of dogs.

No. 186290

blog incoming.

so… i wasnt very lucky with my cats.
first one died 5 years ago only 6 years old. to this day i dont exactly know what it was, a combination of projectile vomitting and an incompetent stupid vet that didnt took him inpatient immediately. 24 hours after it started, he died.

the second cat born 2013 i gave brokenheartedly away exactly a year ago. she was hyperactive and developed behavioral issues. i carefully looked for a family on the country side with a small farm. visited her last in end of february she is the picture of health, looking more happy than she ever did with us (tiny flat in the fifth floor, so too little possibilities for movement). the only thing i regret is not being able to move to the countryside myself for keeping her, but it just wasnt possible job-wise.

the third cat we initially got as a companion for the 2014-born cat. she was a tiny trainwreck, chronic kitty flu, skinny, recurring diahrrea and overall a little ball of panic. it took her 1 week to be able to leave her safety place on top of the wardrobe, and three more weeks to leave it while a human being in the same room. a third month and she was finally be able to accept being caressed. until the end she wasnt able to be taken up, to be hold or to come on the lap. did i mention she was half-blind due to an old retina injury? after moving last year she quickly lost weight an a vet appointment revealed she had developed lymph node cancer. she fought for a month but of course it worsened day by day. vet mentioned usually for young cats its the agressive form of cancer that takes them quickly with it.

now im so scared. knowing the number of issues cat can have (since due to the cancer 4-5 more issues broke out). how can i ever adopt a cat again?

No. 186307

Holy shit anon.
Where are you getting these cats?

No. 186367

first one was a stray cat my aunt took in but didnt really want to keep. second and third from an animal shelters, also strays before. are breeded cats less inclined to get severely ill? but then i always think about how any cat would grow old and begin to get diseases (like weak kidney function and so on). it just freaks me out so much at this point.

No. 186377

Usually pure feeds have more health problems because purebred animals are heavily inbred and often raised in disgusting conditions. Breeders and purebreed-fans are all shit people.
it sounds like the shelters weren't providing the necessary vet checks and stuff for the cats and that's why they let out so many sickly ones. A reputable shelter should be able to hook you up with a healthier cat who needs adoption

No. 186379

sadly, often times they are just happy to get rid of the cats themselves and get them a home, i guess. where i live we have a huge cat infestation problem.
apparently you cant check for anything, as i had all of my cats were checked by different vets regularely.

No. 186381

At a cat place I volunteered at they took in a persian that was bred almost to death. She had a face so smushed her tongue was permanently sticking out her mouth. She was sweet but and cute in her own way but I felt bad for her. I have a persian of my own and someone dumped her cause she wasn't true show quality(they were breeding for the money basically). It pisses me of cause she's a wonderful cat.

Anon, my family has like 30 cats(run a cat colony plus regular house pets). And they all have turned out fine except for the occasional missing bit of tail from fighting before they came to use or just needing time to adjust to people. Your cats could've had some disease or ailment the vets missed or didn't check for. Either that or the vet checks weren't as thorough as they should've been. Always look at the shelter you want to adopt from and be sure to ask the history of the cat too.

Cats aren't as scary to have as you think. I've had one with kidney disease and I have one right now with kidney disease and a thyroid disease but she lives healthily and happily with the right medicine and check ups. I know with your luck it seems kind of scary but I promise you it it isn't all that bad.

No. 186446


At least you gave them love in their lives, instead of falling ill in the shelter alone. Im sorry you have had bad luck though. Most cats I or my friends have had are healthy and from shelters or strays.

No. 187804

thank you for sharing all of your cute pics, anons. it made me want to talk about my cat. even tho it defeats the purpose of an image board, i can't post her photo here because it would identify who i am. she was a stray that decided to move in with me and somehow she's the perfect pet for me. she's independent enough to stay home alone while i'm at work or staying somewhere overnight, but she's so loving and snuggly when we're together. she's generally very chill but when you engage her she's playful too. since i got her as an adult she already knew how to poop in litter and she's not picky about her food. she's an angel at the vet and she doesn't scratch the furniture too much. she's so soft and squishy. i could gush for hours about her.

i really, really, really want a dog too, though.

No. 187815

I like bunnies, cats and dogs and I like to hug and pet them!

No. 187822

Lurk moar, post less, ugh.

No. 187856

Dogs are furry and like being pet. I like dogs and I like to pet dogs.

No. 187876

Why are you namefagging.

No. 187877


Hi! I'm Wildchild! What is your name?

No. 187878

At first I thought you were a cow yourself but now I'm convinced you're just trolling. Carry on then.

No. 187907

They're p cute

No. 189440

I need some advice, googling around hasn't really turned up what I'm looking for so I'm hoping someone here might be able to help.
I have a small dog, chihuahua mix, last year she had a seizure, her eyes went all glassy and she shook really hard. I of course took her to the vet and they kept her over night but basically said this just happens to dogs sometimes and if it doesn't happen again within 6 months its nothing to worry about. Its been about 10/11 months since that happened and today she had another. I don't really want to take her back to the vet because it makes her very stressed and I don't want to antagonize what's happening to her.

Both times she had the episodes they lasted less than five minutes and she was asleep when they started. Does anyone have any idea what this could be, is this definitely something I should take her to the vet for even though its now stopped and it's so rare? I'm just really worried about my little dog.

No. 189454

Your dog had a seizure, imo the obvious answer is to take her to the vet. Better safe than sorry, right?

No. 189455

The only issue I have with that is that the last year when she had her seizure we took her in they kept her over night she got really distressed and they just didn't do anything, no tests just monitored her with no outcome other than well if it happens again soon it might be something. It took her days to get over that last visit and I hate the idea of putting her through that again for the same result of well there's nothing to do because its not happening regularly, you know what I mean?

No. 189459

nayrt but maybe you can ask if they will do an MRI or whatever test they deem appropriate, to make sure that there is good reason to bring her there. The first time they may have just figured it could be an isolated incident not worth charging you for tests but now they should see there is reason to figure out the cause behind what is happening.

No. 189460

That's a good idea, I may try and arrange something with the vet so she doesn't have to be in over night

No. 190509

File: 1494808066716.jpg (57.93 KB, 1280x720, IMG_0573.JPG)

My aunt's cat had kittens and she brought up giving one to me because they only have two left. I haven't had a pet in a long time, but I'm worried that if I take one it wouldn't have enough to entertain itself in the house or that I won't have enough time to take care of it - I have a job, commute to college and do some seasonal things. My parents said they wouldn't mind helping but I have to pay for everything.

I was also wondering about how much it would cost to take care of a cat if I were to try being a better owner, like only giving it wet food and keeping it indoors with a litter box? My last cat would use the bathroom outdoors but she said they're already trained to use a box.

No. 190510

Cats (at least in my experience) are relatively cheap to take care of.

No. 190514

I'm getting a hamster tomorrow. It's black. What should I name it?

I was thinking Meeka, like a cute mispronunciation of Mickey, the mouse. But I'm not set. I don't want it to sound stupid.

No. 190518


As >>190510 said, cats are fairly cheap to take care of. The most expensive thing you'll pay for is spaying/neutering the kitten plus getting the little guy its first vaccines. Some places will even do it low cost since some vets(not all of course) will charge an arm and a leg for those services. I think the most my family has paid for getting a cat fixed was $150. Some places charge $30 to get a cat fixed but those are generally offered by the non-profit vets and organizations in my area. If you need low-cost, just look around wherever you live and I'm sure you'll find somewhere. Meds aren't super expensive if unless your cat has a complicated illness or handicap. One of mine is on meds the rest of her life and they cost about 10 USD for the whole bottle .

For entertaining, just buy lots of small balls, toy mice, feather toys, and maybe a cat tree if you'd like. There's all kinds of toys you can buy. Litter isn't that expensive unless you buy a deluxe brand. The box itself is cheap. Just shop around a little bit.

As long as you keep your cat healthy and act on illnesses as soon as you pick up on them or suspect something is wrong, cats generally aren't that costly. If your parents will help it'll be alright anon. I'm full of cat knowledge so feel free to visit this thread again.

No. 190520

Not that anon, but I always worry about my cat being bored. She doesn't seem to really like toys, after I've bought her maybe 5 different varieties, so I'm been wary of buying more for her… On the upside, I play with her and she's got a lot of places to explore and climb around the house (thanks to having hundreds of boxes we're unlikely to open till the next move), as well as lots of windows to look outside. Is this enough or should I try to stimulate her more? She's about 7-8 years old, if that impacts anything.

No. 190525

One of my cats(the one who who is on meds) doesn't enjoy a whole lot of toys either. She never has. When she was younger she would sometimes play with little feather toys that you swing around but other than that she wasn't a fan of toys. She did however love catnip toys and I would even grow catnip so she could have some fresh from the plant once in a while. She also like those rings that come on the milk jugs here. If you want to give your cat a milk jug ring to play with just make sure they don't eat it. Some cats will eat anything if they can try.

As weird as this sounds, it took a while to find items some of my cats liked. I usually just get large assortments and one of them would be THE toy they loved. What kinds of toys have you bought?

My cat is about 12 but she started mellowing out at about your cat's age so I wouldn't be too worried. It's not uncommon for cats to become more relaxed at 7 or 8. Some don't start to till around 10 or 12 even. Basically, cats become more mellow as they age(some never do, they want to act young forever). If she enjoys boxes, windows, and you play with her, she should be ok. My elderly kitty enjoys doing all the same stuff your cat does pretty much. Sometimes cats will play with toys when people aren't around too. My 12-year-old does that while all the young ones play with them whenever.

Are you worried about her getting enough stimulation because she acts up or is developing behavior problems of some kind?

No. 190528

Cats play with odd things so like >>190525 said, sometimes it just takes awhile to find something they're really into. My cat really likes twist ties (the things hat are usually on the end of bread bags), bottle caps, and just plain paper bags. And, sometimes, dry dog food.

No. 190529

Cats aren't cheap when they get older and wind up with health issues. Mine, as a kitten, cost $100 to adopt but an emergency room visit cost 2k 8 years later. Pets are expensive as fuck, even little ones like hamsters, if you regularly take them to the vet and keep up with any genetic health issues they have. Better yet, get pet insurance.

No. 190531

I have like 38 cats so one is pretty cheap to me. I've already paid vet e.r bills at least 3 or 4 times for my 12 year old cat so it's not really a shock to me.

No. 190815

File: 1495036352649.jpeg (286.45 KB, 654x872, 0872007E-5F2B-4C8B-A85C-2D71A4…)

>38 cats
U wot

No. 190822

thanks for the blog

No. 190831

File: 1495043446052.jpg (43.11 KB, 600x562, download.jpg)

Do magic mushrooms count as pets?

No. 190840

It's a family run thing. We do lots of tnr and find homes for them once they're tamed if possible.

You're welcome kek.

No. 190844

Can we get some pics? I don't think I've ever seen that many cats at one place

No. 190847

I'd be doxxing myself if I were to do that unfortunately. They aren't all cramped into one of two rooms of my house if that helps. Basically, they're all a bunch of ferals or strays we took in and built shelters with lots of hay in them. Some also live in our house. They get deemed unadoptable but they can be tamed and find homes if you're willing to put in the work and patience. Tbh Only about 7 or 8 are permanently in the house but those are family cats we've had for years.

We get them fixed, their vaccines/take care of medical needs, and tame them. Then the city will ask we put them up for adoption once they're socialized enough and are willing to be indoors. The only times they've all ever been inside the house at once is at night and during winters/ bad weather. The neighborhood likes them because of pest control and several will feed them as well. Pretty much everyone watches over them so it's not like the cats are unwanted/being a nuisance to everyone. Now that I think about it, it's a weird neighborhood project going on.

tl;dr all my cats are colony cats/ferals we care or the city. It's expensive in terms of food and whatnot but the payoff is always worth it.

Yes I know, I'm autistically dblogging about my cats but that's what this thread is for and I'm passionate as hell about working with ferals and normal cats.

No. 190853

That's not autistic, that's actually pretty fucking awesome of you. You're actually running a cat rehabilitation/sanctuary really. Good for you anon!

No. 190909

>Live in dorm
>Lots of stray cats, I just started a donation campaign to try to get three of them neutered
>A girl from the dorm recently picked up a one month old cat that was abandoned by its mom
>She acts like it loves her because she saved it, she wants to keep it here despite other cats growling at it all the time and fuck huge crows who might eat it
At least she said she'd find money and have it neutered when it's old enough… But fuck, this is a student dorm, the girl will be gone in two years too. Why not give a cat a stable, loving home if it's possible? I find it so selfish.

No. 190918

Ask her what she plans to do with the cat. If she plans on graduating in two years and expects the next round of students to take it she's dumb as fuck. Unless she has a plan to take it with her or give it to someone trustworthy asap, what is she doing? Also, if you live in a dorm is she even allowed to have the kitten or does she keep it outside with the bigger cats?

I'd encourage finding it a foster home or something if you think it isn't safe tbh. Better that than it getting snatched by a crow or beaten by the bigger cats.

No. 190923

File: 1495093126206.jpg (1.99 MB, 2386x2386, IMG_4738.JPG)

Aw, anon, that's really sweet. Sorry for being presumptuous. Knew a crazy pet hoarder in the past so I was a little weirded out.

Anyone like traveling with their pets? Not even just dogs. Would love to see pics of cats or ferrets or whatever in harnesses on adventures with their owners.

No. 190939

File: 1495104210355.jpeg (2.97 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)

My little shit of a cat is cute but is a total pain sometimes. I 'inherited' her from shitty housemates who wanted a designer cat but then would leave it for weeks at a time for me to take care of. It became attached to me and my partner and when the lease was up one of them literally wanted to take the cat to give to his mom??? Luckily my partner was home and said fuck no (his mum is a loony) and I even gave them $500 (what they paid) even though they didn't deserve any tbh.

Anyway we moved back home on my partners parents farm and the cat loves it. When we lived in the house her favorite thing to do was go in the garden. Well now we have so much space for her to roam and sniff and bird watch and all that but she STILL seems bored??

We keep her indoors most of the time but she gets out for a while each day. We can't just let her out because she tends to go quite far. Luckily I have the dog to babysit her if I want to let her out for a couple of hours, we've trained it to find the cat if need be.

BASICALLY. This cat has an amazing life but she still acts out? Why?! She scratches at the door constantly to get out even if she was out for hours. She likes to scratch on the doors at 5 am sometimes and won't stop. What gives?? She's still young (almost 2?) but her breed isn't even supposed to like going outside. And she has a big lovely house to roam around and toys and attention whenever she wants it.

What is wrong with her. Lol I love her but she's a pain

No. 190943

My neighbor had the same breed and he would also always go outside, scratching on the door in order to bet let outside

No. 190949

Do you let her out at the same time each day or random times? I would try only letting her out at a certain each day for a set amount of time. With any luck she'll fall into the pattern and only scratch at the door when she knows it's time to go outside.

No. 190953

She just leaves it outside. That's how the other cats live, but they're bigger and sometimes feed themselves with birds. I'll try talking about it with her but I know I'm just going to get a wall and she'll tell me that the other cats are fine so we can just leave the kitty. She goes to class normally though so we're probably going to find it a home and have it leave while she's out lol.

No. 190955

She is so fucking cute!

I lost my cat in a house fire last year and I just want everyone to hug their cats.

Also good on you 38 cat anon for fostering. Very nice of you.

No. 190956

File: 1495112424460.jpeg (974.83 KB, 2448x2448, image.jpeg)

Okay so mines not faulty. Everything i have read about them says they are lazy and don't really care for going outside.

Mm I, it's kinda random :/ I don't have a set work schedule so that varies a lot and also my in laws have taken to babysitting it outside when they feel like it, so it's super random. That may be something to think about.

Oh my god I'm so sorry :((( that's like my worst nightmare. Hugs anon, and I will hug my baby extra tight tonight

No. 190961

Yeah animals respond to having a schedule otherwise they get spoiled and learn quickly what behaviors will get them what they want. In your case, scratching the door. It'll take some doing since she's not a kitten anymore but if it all possible try to get her outside around the same time each day even if you're not the one doing it. Hope that helps :)

No. 190997

File: 1495131542713.jpg (114.59 KB, 600x800, IMG_20170426_180942_711.jpg)

This is my cat! I got her from a shelter, she had really bad issues and had been misdiagnosed and was being treated at the shelter. she almost died, but now she's happy and healthy!

No. 191013

File: 1495143064211.gif (14.35 MB, 320x569, eat shit i have no collar bone…)

i'm super frustrated i can't find a harness that fits my cat and she can't slip out of.
i want her to explore outside safely, but god damn if nothing fits.

No. 191042

Thank you anon!

Nah, don't apologize at all. 38 is a weird number of cats to have so if I were someone else I'd kind of wonder as well.


Good luck anon. The girl has good intentions in helping the kitten but it doesn't sound like she fully understands what's best for the kitten. Without its mom, the kitten might not have good luck surviving outdoors so you do what you need to do.


If you have the money and you live somewhere where this is allowed, you could try building a catio/cat enclosure for her. Basically you just have one built around a door of your home(the enclosure is built with a door so you can still get in and out the house of course) or you could get one around a window. Normally you can choose the size of the catio. If this is a possible option, she can go outside whenever and still enjoy the outdoors safely.

If you can't do that, what >>190961 suggested is probably an even better idea. Also try playing with her a lot so she burns energy and gets less focused on outside once in awhile.


I think I remember your story from an old vent thread and it made me sad. I'm terrified of something like that happening to any of my cats so I hope you're doing better! And thank you,I love what I do. One of the ferals is almost 14 years old(I'm amazed that as a feral she's lived this long) so she'll likely never become tame enough to find someone else who wants her but my family is basically her home because of that. The good thing about feral colonies is that if they don't become tame enough or find someone who wants them, they can still live healthily because they've been fixed, vaccinated, and have people who love and care for them anytime they need it! I'll make sure they get extra treats and hugs just for you tomorrow!


Where are you buying harnesses? I'm not sure if this is a possibolity but try finding someone who will custom make one for your cat. If not, just keep searching online and in stores.

No. 191044

She's adorable! Cat stretches are the best

No. 191063

Cats and leashes don't go together. Even if you can wrestle her into one, you can't walk a cat; The cat walks you if you're lucky.

No. 191068

Get one of those that hugs both the torso and the neck, they can't slip out of those.

Be careful where you walk her, my cat got a dog infection once when we walked in doggo territory

No. 191071

What did you name it, anon?

No. 191072

The probably can't slip out because they can't move at all lol

No. 195099

I need help. My family recently decided to foster a dog for someone who is sick (could end up being forever). I was the only one who made an effort bonding with him at the start and because of that he is now completely obsessed with me. He follows me all over the house a few centimetres from my ankles and there are plenty of times he has tripped me up. If he sees me getting up off my chair, he leaps up straight away. He's never satisfied unless he's constantly touching me, he'll cry to get onto my lap or on my bed and if I ignore him, he scratches me really hard. He can't jump up on any furniture himself so he cries until I do it for him (actually I'm pretty sure he can do it himself but likes being lifted). He regularly jumps down to bark out the window or cry about someone leaving and because of that, I have to lift him back up constantly

The worst part is that none of the rest of my family made any effort to bond with him so he only cares about me. From around 7am my mother lets him into my room so that he won't follow her around and he cries in my face for me to lift him onto my bed (which I normally do in order to fall back asleep but at this point I'm wide awake from being irritated and never do). I HATE this because I don't like him being on my clean bedsheets. He also nibbles, licks and sucks on my pillows and duvet. I'm also highly allergic to him so just touching him causes my hands and eyes to itch and I've noticed that my nose has constantly been running since he got here, I've gone through so many tissues and my nose is raw.

He stays with me then all day (I'm currently on my summer break from college) until my mom gets back home and I force her to interact with him. I'm really exhausted because he's like a newborn baby and she doesn't seem to care as she's not here all day to deal with it. I've forced her to put his bed in her room (he cries all night when he sleeps downstairs) just so that I can get a little sleep (the first few nights I didn't sleep at all). I'm just so confused about what to do because our other dog is such a good, independent dog. He follows us around the house too but you can tell it's out of love, not because he's needy. He never cries, never needs help doing anything and on the rare occasion he does look for attention, it's very cute. The most annoying thing he does is scratch his treat drawer but he only does that once a day.
How do I go about training this new dog to be like my other dog? I'd like him to be more independent especially because I'm going away for a few months soon and he's not bonded to anyone else. I want him to stop thinking he's going to get whatever he wants from scratching me. I want to be able to go up to my room to watch Netflix or nap without him following me and begging to sit in a way that he can touch me. I need to be able to get a full night's sleep for once.

I just don't know where to start.

No. 195100

Sounds like he really likes you but also has separation anxiety.

I don't own a dog so more experienced anons could help better, but one thing I know for sure; don't encourage negative behavior. Like the scratching, lifting up and whining. Idk, try ignoring him, saying no or maybe even give him a distraction? Or wear thick socks until he realizes that scratching won't work. Praising good behavior might also be a good idea.
You might also want to get him into puppy school or however that works in your country, he needs to be trained.

No. 195103

Thanks for the advice, anon. A puppy school would be a great idea if it continues, plus it'll be a chance to tire him out haha.

He definitely has separation anxiety and that's why I feel bad for him :( It makes it harder to say no to him because I know being in a new environment with strange people and being away from his mommy is hard. Also I have a suspicion that he was taken from his dog mommy too early as a pup and that breaks my heart.

Currently he's sitting on the floor (for the first time wow lol) and he seems pretty content that he's still able to sit next to me. I'm going to keep praising him while he's down there in hopes that he'll realise that he doesn't need to be sitting on top of me to get that kind of attention. Also if he takes to sitting on the ground it means I won't have to pick him up and get all itchy again.

No. 195104

Dogs need time to adjust to a new environment and have to be taught the rules of the house. He'll calm down when he gets used to the dynamic at your place, it could take a loooong time depending on the dog. My dog uses to do those same things until we set some ground rules and he established a routine.
He sounds insecure in a new environment so he's clinging to whoever he knows best. Try to get your folks to bond with him some more.

No. 195105

>Also I have a suspicion that he was taken from his dog mommy too early as a pup
Many people suspect this but I don't think that's the case with most dogs. Sometimes they just get traumatised in a new environment when they're alone for the first time. One of my dogs was perfectly happy and friendly in her kennel until she got scared by a lightning bolt in the car on our way home when we got her. She's been shy and nervous ever since. It could be something like that.

No. 195106

Sage for year old post reply but Howe on earth do you unwillingly end up with 11 cats…

Also to anybody else interested in ball pythons, the youtuber snakebytestv is a ball python breeder and uploads loads of info and videos of them. Ignore his vlogs.

No. 195109

I really hope so, anon. Thanks. I'll try to get the rest of my family to spend some time with him over the next few days as I'm going to my bf's house at the weekend and I'd hate to think he misses me.

I didn't really suspect it until I noticed that he sucks on teddies and pillows like he's sucking on a teat. I think the new environment is definitely scary for him as his old one would have been much quieter and with less people. He hasn't really gotten used to what time people leave the house and come back at yet but hopefully once he realises that there's a pattern, he'll be more at ease!

Right now he's been sitting quietly on a blanket I put on the floor for him so I think maybe I was worrying about nothing. I was probably rewarding his bad behaviour by letting him sit next to me every time he asked. I'm delighted at how calm he is.

No. 195192

This is probably a weird question, but i'm taking my chances…

My tarantula hasn't eaten for almost a year. I know it's common for this kind (grammostola rosea) to go into lengthy "fasts", but a whole fucking year? I've tried both mealworms and cockroaches, (he has eaten both before), but now he just walks over them.
His abdomen is still pretty round, and he has shown some minor signs of going into pre-molt throughout the year.

I know this is pretty common behaviour for certain tarantula species, but i'm starting to worry. He's about 2,5-3,5 yrs old, and i've had him for 1,5 yrs. He has never molted during the time i've had him.

No. 195226

Sorry anon, I know nothing about tarantulas but I know Reddit has a kind of active tarantula community. You can ask them there of try to find another online forum for them and see if anyone has had the same issue.

No. 195235

food strike? has he made any demands?

No. 195246

How is its enclosure? Is it too humid? Is it too cold? Is it even too hot and there is nowhere for it to hide? Is it male or female? Have you tried crickets?

No. 195255

Can someone give advice on how long a dog can be alone ?
I would love to have a dog in the future but right now it would be a stupid idea since I wouldn't have the time or money.
Anyways one thing I ways asked myself though how can people who have a 8 to 5 job (or even longer) have a dog ?
I mean they need to go outside, no?
Like I read that you should not leave them alone than more than 8 h.

No. 195256

If you think you're going to be leaving your dog alone for a very long period of time maybe you should consider a cat? They tend to be more independent.

But if you dead set on getting a dog you do have some options. A) Get two dogs so they keep each other company. B) Drop your dog off at doggy daycare. C) Hire a dog sitter/walker to take them out while you're at work.

No. 195266

Dogs are social animals, they thrive with company and affection. Only shitty people get dogs and lock them up inside all day, (much like assholes who use "crate-training") smaller dog breeds might suit your lifestyle better because it would be possible to get two but you'll most likely be shit out of luck training any breed of puppy if you're gone most of the day.

Get a cat or a fishtank instead.

No. 195272

I have two cats already but as I said I don't want to get a dog until I feel like I can provide it enough time.
Just wondered because I see (or more hear about them) quite many people who leave their dogs alone for a long time. I guess in some families you have the stay at home mom but I would go crazy if I had to do that.
Maybe I won't be able to get one until I retire but one day I'll get my nintendog dream dog lol

No. 195273

It's really not an optimal choice and the dog can start crying, destroying furniture and get separation anxiety. We've trained mine to be fine with occasionally staying home alone but I've caught him howling VERY loudly a few times when he thought he was alone (but I was just sleeping in the bedroom with the door closed). He usually calms down and goes to nap on the settee after a few minutes but I live in a flat and my neighbours probably aren't too fond of his outbursts.

It' really not fair on the dog, the only time mine is okay with staying alone all day is if we take him out for a long hike and he's too tired to care.

No. 195291

We hired a dog walker to come walk our dog for 20-30 minutes a day between 12-2. We are both out of the flat by 10 and I'm back by 4. My dog is still very young but she's pretty lazy, so brisk walks in the morning/afternoon and LOADS of love during the evening are plenty for her. If you want a dog on a busy schedule, a dog walker or a doggy daycare are good ideas. Most dogs will sleep for most of the day, but many dogs need extra stimulation or breaks to go to the bathroom.

No. 195335

I know this makes me a shitty person for admitting this, but I want to put my dog up for adoption

Ive had him for 10 years but he's a small mixed chihuahua so he'll probably live for 10 more even though his black fur has been turning brown
Its been about 2 yrs since my dad forced us to make him an outside dog since we moved into our new place, and since I'm an inside person I only go out a few times to pet him and once for a walk

but lately I've been feeling "whats the point of keeping a pet who i can't bring inside?" I love him but I feel like I'm just wasting his life since I'm not an active person at all

No. 195390

File: 1497745240570.jpg (788.53 KB, 2304x2304, IMG_20170616_213419_175.jpg)

Pls no bully. I love my arachnids.
I also have a mini bull terrier, a Columbian redtail boa, and two tarantulas.

No. 195391

File: 1497745432863.jpg (42.55 KB, 597x960, FB_IMG_1497745365987.jpg)

This is my dog. She's a sweetheart.

No. 195452

Tbh if you hive him to a shelter he will just stay there in a cage and get put down since he is so old. Better to have an outdoor life than that

No. 195520

Whoa thats so cool ! I've never seen someone having scorpions
I mean I knew that people had them but most people just have snakes or some spiders.
Always wanted a snake or a reptile.
Never worked out though and I don't want to have to many pets just for the sake of having them because they are cool.

No. 195813

File: 1498015917485.png (253.52 KB, 836x468, Screenshot 2017-06-20 at 10.30…)

Our dog has had bad teeth ever since we adopted him (he had a few extractions done with his old family) and our vet told us he would need three more. I'm nervous about the procedure because he's going to be put under anesthetic and he's a really tiny and older dog. Does anyone have any experience with their dogs getting their teeth removed?

No. 195822

File: 1498022301437.jpg (2.98 MB, 2336x4160, IMG_20170514_141531.jpg)

My dog has had one of his smaller front teeth removed because he had a sneezing fit and hit his face on a tile floor, breaking the tooth. It was a pretty easy process, took him a while to properly wake up after but that's pretty normal I think.
For older and smaller dogs it could be different though, so if you're worried you should probably ask your vet about it. I don't know how it is around the world but in my country they usually don't do procedures that could be unnecessarily dangerous for the pet.

Your dog is super adorable. I love bull terriers.

No. 195860

Your dog is beautiful! I love bull breeds but bull terriers are my absolute favourite!

No. 195864

How old is your dog? Depending on its age (and vet), dental work might be declined if its too far ahead in its life.

Anesthetic for dentals aren't generally that heavy since no cutting into tissue is involved, so I wouldn't worry about that.

No. 195868

My Cavalier's had several teeth removed and it was fine. He was groggy and drooling on the evening of the surgery but bounced right back the following day.

No. 195909

New Kitten has food aggression. Makes me feel sorry for him because he was a feral kitten we took in.
Are there any good ways to nip it in the butt before it gets too bad????

Yesterday I gave the cats some treats and he chased off two and ate theirs.

No. 195915

How old is he? Do all the cats eat from the same bowl? Do they eat close together? Was he abandoned by his mom before he was weaned? How long have you had him? How long has this behavior been going on?

Sometimes when cats are abandoned/taken away from their moms too soon they can become food aggressive. It also happens when they're used to fighting to survive or they just prefer their own space when eating. You could try feeding them in different spaces(like different sides of the room, doesn't have to be in a completely separate room). If they all eat from the same bowl then give them each their own bowl to eat from. If he's still new to the household maybe it hasn't sunk in that he doesn't have to fight for food anymore. Some grow out of it but I would still observe how you feed them(does it only happen when they're eating close to one another, is it only during treat time, does he act like someone will steal his food from him, etc.).

No. 195917

Samefag but I forgot to ask, does he growl as well when eating near you or the other cats? Does he eat as fast as possible after claiming the food like someone could steal it at any moment?

No. 195937


He's about 4 months almost, and he eats seperatly from the other cats at the moment.
The other cats all eat together when they get fed and I've never seen a problem with them.
I mostly keep him separate because he eats both wet and dry kitten food and the others would gang up and clean his kitten wet food out.

Honestly I'm not sure when he was abandoned. We found him outside my job by himself. He actually has a bum paw that will have to be removed because it has no feeling and he can't use it. Now he's growing more and is basically stuck in a curled position. That's also one of the reasons he was kept away from the others. We wanted to make sure it was safe for him to play.

I noticed the behavior a week ago when I personally was moving his wet food dish back a bit on the floor. He hasn't done it to me since then but now when there's food our around the others he seems to fight for it.

It just seems to be around the other cats. He doesn't growl when I feed him anymore, but when around the others he seems to fight. I wondered mostly if it was because he used to fight for food. He was only a pound when we first found him now he's about 4 pounds.

No. 195939

He might think the others are trying to take his food. He probably thought you were going to take his food at one point which is why he used to growl at you but now that he's realized you won't he stopped. As for the other cats, he's either used to fighting for it or having to sneak food or he's still pissed about when the other cats used to gang up and eat his wet food so now he thinks they'll steal it.

If he's about 4 months old then it couldn't have been from being separated from his mom too early. I thought it might be that cause if separated too soon they don't learn certain skills or miss some milestones.

This is common in feral kittens and ferals i genral since they've generally starved a bit from living on the streets. A lot will grow out of it. He may not be used to the other kitties yet and he isn't sure if they'll steal from him or when his next meal will be because he hasn't fully adjusted to house life. If you haven't had him very long, make sure to have an established food schedule so he know when he'll be getting fed so he doesn't think one meal might be his last for a long time. Some cats in general just like their own space so try letting him have his own corner and very slowly introduce him to meal time with the others(and don't let them snatch his food or let him do the same if you're able to watch). Since he was a feral you just have to take things one step at a time.

If he doesn't grow out of it after adjusting or after awhile of experiencing mealtime with the rest of the herd, he may just enjoy eating by himself. I have a cat like that and as long as the others leave her alone and don't mug her for food she won't do it to them or fight and it keeps the peace. Eventually the others learned to leave her alone when eating. I also had a few that after socialization the food aggression stopped. It just takes a while. Just remember to be patient.

Also sorry to hear about his bummed paw. Hopefully once it's removed and he's healed up it'll be easier to have him around the other cats.

No. 196158

How do i remove ticks from a puppy? My dog interacted with one of the strays and got ticks from him now we're having a hard time trying to remove them ;_;

No. 196179

Thanks! I'm really into arachnids and insects. Scorpions can be huge assholes, but emperor scorpions, like mine, are usually pretty chill.
Thanks! They're my favorite dogs, along with pit bulls.

No. 196182

Tweezers, pluck from the head and pull off. Your dog is at risk for Lyme disease.

No. 196234

Piggybacking on this to say if you're unsure whether or not you've got the head, there's no shame in taking the pup to the vet. If they're not already on a flea/tick preventative, do that NOW. Tick season is upon us and it's really bad in some places (and this is globally, as I'm not in the US but my friends in the US have confirmed it's really bad this year.)

If you have mosquitoes and a risk for mosquito borne illnesses, make sure your preventative helps repel those too. If your dog is older than 6 months, they should probably be on a heartwork preventative if that's a problem where you are (basically nonexistent here, so it's not typically prescribed.)

And for the next month, keep an eye on your puppy. Look up symptoms for tick borne illnesses (lethargy and loss of appetite are two of the most common) and get your little one to the vet ASAP if anything seems off. Lyme disease is a bitch but it's treatable and non lethal if caught/treated in time.

No. 270454

File: 1532212320329.png (17.2 KB, 269x171, pets.png)

I hope it's ok to necro this thread for more discussion. Here's my question:

How much did your dog cost? Either buying from a breeder or adoption fees.

I'm interested in a local shelter dog but the adoption fee is $500 + tax, and they also require a $25 processing fee just for filling out their application, and you can't even inquire about or visit a dog until you've done the application. That just seems nuts to me? I feel like other places I've looked the adoption fee has been around $300 or so. There's also a local breeder who is selling puppies of the dog breed I want for $550 so I'm just torn. I feel terrible for considering a breeder (even though it seems like it's basically just a retired couple doing it for fun) but if they're both $500, it just seems silly not to get the exact dog/breed I want? Thoughts? Am I just a cruel heartless person?

No. 270457

Does that $500 for the shelter include spaying/neutering and the proper booster shots? Most shelters do that.

Personally, I would say do not get a breeder dog. They're more likely to have different illnesses and problems (parvo, anyone?) and you're also supporting a backyard breeder which is literally someone who is breeding their dog out for money which I find disgusting because it paves way for mistreatment and neglect.

Plus, if you adopt a shelter dog, you're literally saving a dogs life and giving it a wonderful home, what's there to dislike about that?

No. 270459

I'll add in (bc I forgot to put it in my post just now), that my two shelter dogs only cost around $400 each but that included all of their shots and their snippings.

No. 270477

There's no issue getting a breed you like from a breeder, I know this is probably an unpopular opinion, but that's how I feel. If you want a specific breed, get it from a breeder. Telling everyone to get from the shelter is like telling people to adopt instead of have their own kids, it's just not for everyone.

That said, I don't think you should get fucked up breeds with tons of health issues etc.

No. 270478

A big issue is a lot of purebreeds have health issues no matter how careful breeders are. It's why the push to adopt started in the first place. Mutts are less likely to have breed specific problems. I don't have an issue either way, I just wish it was more widely known instead of people just assuming breeds like pugs are the only ones with problems.

No. 270485

That's what I meant, there are a lot of breeds that have little to no issues, but when you get into like pugs or "teacup/micro" dogs it gets bad. I just think the whole "REEE NO BREEDERS!" tends to be a bit overblown, especially when some pet owners need specific breeds, whether for allergies or temperament or whatever. And those people still are allowed to get pets. But even beyond that, breeders in general aren't a negative thing, they're integral obviously for the breed itself, but shelter animals will eventually all be gone and we'll need to breed pets somehow.

No. 270629

The issue isn't "REEEE BREEDERS" because we don't like purebred dogs. The issue is that a lot of breeders come under fire for neglecting their animals and literally only using them as puppy-makers. It's estimated that over 2mil shelter dogs and cats are put down each year due to overcrowding, 'behavior' (I put it in quotations because no animal is going to be comfortable in a small cage with other animals barking constantly, of course they'll be anxious), and old age (despite the animal still having a good few years left to live) so no, I do not personally believe that one day shelters will be empty.

While I totally understand people getting dogs for allergy needs and/or living situations (i.e you need a small to medium dog because you live in an apartment) but for someone to support backyard breeding only because "they don't want a shelter dog" is fucked up. It's making it out as if shelter animals are lesser and not as good as the pet shop pups or breeder pups when in actuality, they're just as good, if not better because they know you're saving them. (Not trying to be all preachy animal lover here, but I've worked in a shelter and it's heartbreaking to see perfectly good pets be surrendered and later put down as if they were a toy that was boring to play with.)

No. 270641

No. 270642

I don't get this American "breeders are the devil" mindset. I'm (obviously) not from the US and in my country most people get a purebred dog from a breeder because they're the most reputable sources to get a puppy from, mutts are usually the product of shady puppy mills. The breeders here take their job very seriously, most even borrowing sire dogs from other countries to keep the puppies from being too inbred or bred with fatal diseases/malformations. You also have to get a license and all sorts of precautions when becoming a breeder, usually you're also required or at least encouraged to join a network focused around your chosen breeds. Are breeders in the US seriously some money-making backyard breeders with no supervision at all?

And not all purebreds are overbred mutants like pugs. Most of them are perfectly healthy.

No. 270643

It's like that in the US too, I don't get why anon seems to have this weird warped view of it.

No. 270644

I can't believe how thoroughly you missed my point.

No. 270645

I literally never said that "breeders are the devil", I was trying to make a point that there's plenty of shelter dogs who need good homes and if you AREN'T looking for a specific breed, why not go and adopt one rather than spending hundreds on a backyard breeder pup? Those dogs from breeders are going to find homes no matter what, but the dogs in shelters are in there on a time frame that means "get adopted by this date or your dead". I'm not trying to shun you guys, I'm trying to put out a different view.

Also >>270644 please explain where I missed your point? I agreed that certain people may need specific breeds, and I agreed that it isn't on it's own a negative thing. What I didn't agree with was " but shelter animals will eventually all be gone and we'll need to breed pets somehow." There's way too many animals out there as it is for shelters to end up empty. Even if we banned breeders, the shelters will still be full. The two are not intertwined like that. I don't see where you guys are getting it that I'm 100% against breeders just because I (personally) would rather support shelters. Sorry if you guys thought it was an attack on people who own breeder-bred dogs but it wasn't meant like that.

No. 270646

The whole point of me posting that was because someone already came in to do the whole "adopt first" song and dance. You're pushing this in the same hysteric manner I said most people do. Also, considering most people who buy from breeders for themselves are doing tons of research and being choosy with their breeder, you should be a bit less condescending. It's not as if anon is going to pick the first cheap dog she wants. Backyard breeders and puppy mills are not nearly as prevalent as you make them out to be. It only takes a bit of research to find a reputable and accredited breeder, and it's easy to tell if the animals there are being treated poorly.

You keep using the term backyard breeding incorrectly btw.

No. 270648

It seems like a misunderstood your post then, anon. I apologize.

No. 270649

Forgot in my last post, but you're kind of ridiculous. Guilting someone into getting a shelter pet by calling them fucked up is over the line. You need to realize that it's not anyone's responsibility to go to shelters, and if anon wants a purebred, it's her choice, period. I 100% agree with anon getting a responsibly bred dog, which is an option. But what I don't like is the attitude that it's somehow on her or anyone else to sacrifice what she wants personally because other people were shit and couldn't take care of their animals.

No. 270650

I apologized for my wording already. I do think though that if you get a breeder dog BECAUSE of the sole reasoning that you think a shelter dog 'isn't good enough', it is kind of fucked up. Obviously we have different opinions though, so what's the point of infighting when it's obvious you've proved me wrong?

No. 270651

FFS I was typing that from my phone and didn't see your reply. Fuck you.

No. 270652

I'm sorry? I didn't know that you were on your phone, but okay. Next time, remind me only to respond when the other anon gives the "OKAY I'M DONE TYPING" signal.

No. 270653

What the fuck is your problem? You're the one telling me that since you apologized my points are suddenly infighting, when you went on a crusade about anon NEEDS to get a shelter dog cause it's 1000% impossible for her not to get it from a non-reputable source.

No. 270654

I think this too, it shouldn't be the responsibility of someone looking for a perfect size/temperament/agility/whatever to pick up the pieces after some assholes abandoned their pets. Most unhappy dogs are because they are the wrong size and temperament for their household. For example a lot of bad behavior leading to abandonment comes from large, high energy dogs in low exercise/low room/small children households.

Carefully selecting this - from a reputable breeder - is the best way to have a long, happy life for the pet. Choose what's right for you. There are some angels who have a lot of time and energy and house multiple rescue dogs of assorted breeds, but most people can't do this. Each pet is a huge commitment.

No. 270655

No, I said that the two of us continuing on like this is going to be considered infighting. Nowhere did I say that YOU are the sole person in it. Have a good one.

No. 270657

You're acting like all people are fit to adopt shelter dogs. Shelter dogs can be traumatized and require extra specific care/rehabilitation or have injuries/disabilities that are expensive to treat. If someone is looking for just a normal companion dog and has no previous experience of owning a dog, I wouldn't direct them to a shelter right away. And most people have done research to find the perfect breed for them, taking into account their activity level, temperament, coat care etc. and they just can't take in "any dog". I have intense respect for people who adopt but it's simply not for everyone and guilt tripping people to do it isn't constructive at all.

No. 270658

Exactly. I still think that asking around shelters for the breed you want is a good idea, but so many people end up being guilted into getting pets they can't take care of.

As someone with a shelter animal myself, I can safely say that it's not for everyone. I have spent 4k this year alone on my shelter cat, because the shelter didn't know/was untruthful about her age. She has a condition that only certain breeds of cats over age 10 have. I was told she was 6, and honestly, I would have been at a more comfortable period in my life to deal with this 4 years down the road.

I'm not saying that breeder pets won't have issues, it's much harder to know how much you'll spend on a shelter animal as well, especially mutts. Of course all animals have unforeseen costs associated with them, but shelter animals have an extra level of not knowing exact breed or age or health history.

I really think that it's a different strokes thing, and it well should be. I just really hate when bleeding hearts essentially demand people go to shelters while pushing a bunch of misinformation, it really gets to me.

No. 270659

File: 1532273999921.jpg (1.22 MB, 1080x1080, 32047356_2123700977851352_1324…)

this is echo! he's my baby boy

No. 270663

I fucking love cute cats, anon!

No. 270664

All of this. A lot of shelter dog adopters that I know have had to spend a ton of money to fix their dog's health problems. Because you can't trace the dog by its pedigree you can't be sure what illnesses it could have inherited genetically, and you can't even be sure of its age. It could be 5 years old or 9. It could have a sleeping condition caused by mistreatment or malnourishment as a puppy. And it's not just about the money, you may constantly have to stress over possibly losing your dog friend and it's a huge mental strain. Adopting simply isn't for everyone.

No. 270681

File: 1532279785172.gif (1.15 MB, 318x193, pup.gif)

>>270454 OP here

I appreciate all the input, but I'm not sure how you got "support backyard breeding only because they don't want a shelter dog" from my post? I literally said I was interested in a shelter dog? And the reason I was even looking at breeders in the first place is because I do have specific requirements for the dog I'm looking for
>Live by myself in small one bedroom apartment, need something smaller, seems like most of the shelter dogs in my area are larger mixes.
>Temperament: I have been through some severe trauma and both my psychiatrist and therapist are suggesting this as (and I hate to even use this term because it's so abused these days) an "emotional support animal".
>Dogs aren't even allowed in my apartment normally, they would be making an exception for me because I have the paperwork to back it up. So, I can't have something that's going to be bouncing off the walls, barking the entire time I'm gone. (The smaller dogs in the shelters seem to be mostly Chihuahua or JRT mixes, so that won't work for me either).
>I'll be starting back school full time in September, but my classes are online and I'll only be doing my clinical internship one day a week, so I feel like right now I have the time to put into a puppy/younger dog to train and shape it into more what fits my situation. Which I might not necessarily have when I start working full time.

And I'm not even trying to say that Shelter Dogs can't provide emotional support! I know plenty of people whose lives have been changed by their rescue. Those cheesy "Who Rescued Who?" bumper stickers exist for a reason. It's just that at this time/place in my life, I don't really have as much wiggle room as others might have. Shelter dogs can just be more of a mixed bag as far as temperament and trauma (Like >>270657 said). We adopted a severely traumatized/aggressive dog when I was growing up (I'm talkin I still have the scar on my face from where it bit me) and had him for over 13 years, so I know how much more work they take. My only real gripe with the shelter was that I thought it seemed kind of fishy to basically be like "we won't even answer your email until you've given us $25", and I think having a price that high ($500 + tax) might deter others from adopting.

I hope that clears up my intent!

No. 270686

NTA, but I think that anon was just over reacting. If you read her other posts it seems like she'd be against wanting anything but a shelter dog regardless, even though she said otherwise, her attitude is bad.

In the end you need to realize that pets are for their owners. This dog is for you and it's always going to be your choice. Don't feel obligated to do something you don't want just because anons are guilting you.

Also that fee is fucking ridiculous, none of the shelters i've been in have an application fee. Shelters are volunteer, not for profit only, and they only take money when you adopt the dog to try to recoup losses.

Actually, breeders tend to do the same things. Breeders charge money for their animals because it takes money to keep them just like a shelter. I hate the notion that all breeders are doing is making money. Anyone who owns pets should know that it takes money to keep them, why would breeders not spend money as well?

No. 270704

File: 1532283855378.jpg (1.88 MB, 2610x4640, IMG_20180502_200921.jpg)

This is my cat Maggie. A couple days ago she fell out of our third story window and even though she seems perfectly normal after that fall (eating, walking, jumping, etc) I can't stop worrying about her

No. 270729

she's a cutie! im not sure what to say about the fall but i know animals can be good at hiding pain, but i guess if she's eating normally and such she should be fine?

No. 270749

cats in particular are really good at hiding pain. i hope anon can go to a vet.

No. 271105

File: 1532376948370.jpg (667.72 KB, 716x960, mili.JPG)

i love them

attached is my cat Mila

No. 271120

File: 1532380390897.jpg (187.96 KB, 1082x1280, IMG-20160530-WA0003.jpg)

My Rottie passed away in May, he was supposed to turn 11 in September.
Shit has been horrible, never in my life had experience death loss.. also I was during finals when he died so it was a whole mess.

Already August in a few weeks and I still cry if I start thinking way too much about him, makes me not want to have more dogs for the rest of my life, I loved him so much, I still love him.

No. 271138

File: 1532386589013.jpg (609.12 KB, 540x960, kitty.jpg)

This is my grumpy little man, he's a 7 year old outdoor cat (we live rurally), and loves to eat, sleep, and bring me gifts like sticks and puked up grass. I'm technically allergic to his fur but i only get a small rash if i hold him close to my bare skin for a good while so it's not that bad. I can deal with a little itching. Anyways i really like this pic because it looks like he has a halo around his head. Pardon his genitals.

No. 271163

So sorry for your loss anon. I bet he would have wanted you to give another dog a good home and give it as much love you gave him though. I also felt guilty getting a new cat after my first one died but there really is nothing to feel bad about, it's not like we're replacing them, just giving another being the love we have to give to whichever furry companion we're lucky enough to have in our lives.

No. 271164

she looks like such a queen, love her.

No. 271165

File: 1532397906576.jpeg (1.45 MB, 3264x2448, B1D0EAA4-7F5F-4FF1-81D2-2AA736…)

he likes to hang out with me when i take baths

No. 271169

My cat is a bitch and got on my counter and knocked a bunch of shit over, destroyed an entire roll of paper towels and ripped the cover off a cake i had cooling all because she didn't have any more of the food she wanted. she had fresh dry food but didn't touch it. I'm so annoyed and stressed, how can I stop her from doing this crap.

No. 271171

File: 1532398437088.png (524.23 KB, 659x596, eyes.PNG)

this is my little bully of a baby meatball. here's him after expecting to find his catnip in the cabinet, and all proud of himself for having made a mess in his search for catnip. he's on a diet, but it's so difficult because he gets SO aggressive with the other cats when he doesn't get more food/treats/catnip than the others

he's so handsome. i love that belly. i know it's unhealthy, but i love chunkster kitties (not that i'd ever encourage them to get chubby).

oh my god, anon, did you take her to a vet? she definitely needs to go if she hasn't already gone. praying for your beautiful little baby… just keep monitoring her and make food/potty very accessible to her.

she looks soo sweet!

really beautiful face. i love water-kitties. they're so funny!

No. 271174

File: 1532398668086.jpg (1.77 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_2142.JPG)

I have seven cats that I love and adore
My recent addition is chicken nugget!

Found him at work when he was a kitten, has a bum paw that is bent at an angle and looks like a chicken wing
He's my sweet baby

No. 271176

awww, thank goodness you rescued him, anon! what a cutiepie! i want to get some similarly disabled babies soon, but i know my fat bully cat would torment the hell out of them. i love seeing people with multiple multiple cats, it's so awesome. plus, you can realistically have like 3-4 cats for every 1 dog, honestly.

No. 271193

I've had an axolotl for about six weeks now. I've cleaned the tank several times (once a week) and every time I scoop him up with a net and put him in a separate container to keep him calm and out of the way while I scrub and change water. Ever since the last cleaning, he's had a huge attitude change. He seems afraid of me suddenly. He's refusing food and now spends most of his time hiding. I didn't do anything different, wasn't rough with him, and did everything as I had the other times. I even checked water parameters and there's nothing wrong. He hasn't eaten in a week. I'm starting to worry. I thought for sure he'd eventually get over his little strike and take the food again, but he just noses at anything I offer him and then swims away. I've tried earthworms (his usual, normally snaps them right up), bloodworms, and pellets. I've tried feeding him with tongs (usual), dropping food in front of his face, and leaving it in a dish/jar and giving him some privacy with it. No dice. He's not on gravel and he's still pooping fine, so I don't think it could be an impaction. I somehow traumatized him by doing the exact same thing I had for the previous month.
Any suggestions? I'm really getting nervous.

No. 271247

He's adorable but how? How do you have seven cats? I just got a third one and I'm drowning in litter and cat hair. I have to vacuum and scoop twice a day already and it's still not enough.
I don't regret it or anything I'm just fishing for tips…

No. 271254

File: 1532426221095.jpg (2.79 MB, 2610x4640, IMG_20180715_084606.jpg)


Her falling couldn't have happened at a worse time since we are in the process of buying and moving into a new apartment so money is very tight. I didn't see how she landed but there is bush and grass outside our window.
Right after I got a hold of her I ran my hands over her and she didn't seem to react in pain. Plus she is still eating, playing, etc as she usually does so I think she's OK?

No. 271255

That being said I will go to the vet with her on our next opportunity

No. 271271

You didn't traumatize him, axolotls have brains the size of a pixel. Either you fucked up while cleaning or he's entering his rebellious adolescent phase and doesn't want you to embarrass him in front of his friends

No. 271311

File: 1532452016025.jpg (639.02 KB, 1299x974, IMG_20170725_173827.jpg)

Find some other shelter instead, out of town if you have to.

And if you cant find any dog that fits from a shelter, try looking up ads on one time bred litters. Accidental mutts are the best kind of dogs.

No. 271338

I just googled out of curiosity since I didn't know you could have axolotl as pets, but "axolotl stopped eating" auto completed so I guess it's a common problem. It seems like the wrong water temperature will cause it.

(question 44)

No. 271422

His tank is never over 70F, but I will crank the A/C in case that helps appease his tiny attitude.
I think he might just be a stubborn little slime. I keep offering earthworms and today he finally snapped at it, but retreated to his log when he missed it.

No. 436244

any idea why my cats suddenly pissing on my bed? i have to replace it at this point but i dont want to get another one ruined too

she's spayed, litter-trained since she was a kitten (shes a year and a half) and had no problems usig it, litterboxes are cleaned frequently, she even shits in it still, so i have no fucking idea what else there is to do.

ill place her in the box when she has to go, but she just hops out and makes a bee line for my pillow and we keep doing that until she gives up, holds it, and lets out a huge load of piss on my pillows if i miss her. i already had to get rid of my favorite one and im just getting really frustrated at this point

our other cat hasnt had any problems at all, so i dont know whats up with her

No. 436247

Is there something in the litter she might not like? Like splashback pee, pee smell in general, or a too small of a box? I switched to wood pellet litter a month ago and there's been no instance of my cat peeing somewhere else so far. The pee smell is also completely gone from our house. Also going off of pee smell, do you think she drinks enough water? I mean obviously she drinks enough to pee, but enough to dilute the concentration of urine? A water fountain helps with that if you don't have one. Otherwise, if all else fails I would get her checked out at the vet.

No. 436264

File: 1563468656431.gif (1.67 MB, 332x263, yopussyfat.gif)

Has she gone to the vet? Kidney stones can cause pain during peeing and some cats will learn to avoid using the box because of this. Cats can also react to stress by peeing everywhere.

No. 436281

File: 1563473292220.jpg (72.6 KB, 640x640, 1532404174751.jpg)

have you taken her to the vet? cats do shit like this when they're sick. My cat randomly peed in the bath and we thought it was weird. she did it again a few days later and there was blood in it. we took her to the vet and she turned out to have a kidney infection. she was fine after a course of antibiotics.
It also could be a territory thing, you're supposed to have a litter box for every cat in your house and your other cat's territorial pee smell could be freaking her out.

Slightly ot rant, I have a friend who's mom and her mom's boyfriend got rid of their family's elderly cat because she shit on the floor one time. no vet visit, nothing. they just took her straight to be rehomed. my friend LOVED this cat but didn't even put up a fight, or offer to move her to her apartment where she was going to uni. i don't think the charity they took her to euthanize healthy animals but they didn't even check in to see how she was doing or if they had found a home for her. it really changed my perception of my friend.

No. 436335


thanks anons, im late to checking the thread but we spent all day trying to figure it out

we narrowed it down to
>my gfs laundry.
she sat for a dog recently and my gf thinks she might be insecure about it?
which is still clay but its supposed to be less dust, less smelly and better clumping, but idk cause she poops in it but wont pee
>our other cat
cause she likes to wait outside of them and surprise attack her

so far we got the laundry done, got a couple more litterboxes in and switched those back to her old litter. she used it once today but hasnt peed again since then, so idk yet

If she ends up pissing on our bed again, we’ll take her to the vet cause shes due for a visit anyway, but im hoping its not anything internally wrong but idk yet, we’ll see i guess

No. 436386

Could some guinea pig owner advive me?
I have two piggies, both female. The oldest one is 3 years old and the other hasn't reached her first year yet. The oldest one hates the other. She instantly gets angry and violent. Right now I keep them separated by a wall made with the same bars as their cage, and she still tries to intimidate my small piggie.
Old piggie has been alone and baddly cared for 2 years until I realized she was living bad, my brother neglected her and it took me time to realize I was wrong about their needs. That's also the reason of the age gap, last year I decided to get myself together at least for her.

No. 436407

File: 1563497748581.jpg (291.68 KB, 731x877, CNX_Psych_16_02_Conditioning.j…)

Is she living a healthy and normal life otherwise (enough space, toys etc.)? Use something that blocks the vision completely so the piggies don't have to see each other 24/7.
It might take her a while to accept the newcomer or she might always hate other piggies. Training can help with the aggressive behavior. Google about counter conditioning. Start gradually giving her vision of the other piggy and give her some really good treats when she notices the newcomer but doesn't react aggressively. If she reacts with aggression go one step back and slow down.

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