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File: 1427538374943.jpg (118.77 KB, 500x667, totemokawaiiohgodlol.jpg)

No. 70290

The cringey 3edgey5me tryhard at PULL who probably wants to skin Venus alive then wear her skin afterwards. She allegedly wanted to enter the CanCam contest because she probably thought she could be Venus better than Venus.

She was said to have stolen FemaleFreud's photo and said it was a pic of herself(?) If so, then who knows, this Venus-like pic might not even be herself either if she lies about being other people.

No. 70291

File: 1427538637310.jpg (160.52 KB, 792x920, totemofutanari.jpg)

It's weird how nice she was in the beginning, concerned about Venus being bullied. Then she grew massive e-balls and proceeded to bully Venus herself.

I lurked and remembered her actually being calm and pleasant in the beginning. Then after revisiting PULL she seemed to be a different person. :/

No. 70327

This was TK 3 years ago? Holy shit, and now she's such a huge cunt that I can't even……

No. 70350

File: 1427551119844.jpg (62.21 KB, 744x254, totemooohlookatmei'msotough.jp…)

Totemo is one pathetic cunt lol. She would jump at the chance of giving venus a rimjob.

anyone got recordings/pics of her skype conversations with PULL members? She did say she skyped with them. Can anyone confirm this Venus-wannabe pic as hers?

She loves to wear the skin of Venus, FemaleFreud and god knows who else the insecure fuck

No. 70354

She lives in Oklahoma but I don't know where right now. She is about 90 lbs, 4'10", light brown skin.

She's like 19 years old now and probably a NEET right now idk. Probably is considering all the goddamn free time she has for making out with Venus's butthole. She wore seifuku and lolita to school while slurping down ramen and eating pocky in public yet criticized weebs for doing the same.

She imitates Venus's voice when she wants someone to do something nice for her and has a fuckton of Venus vids and pics on her computer.

IDK if she was impersonating Espurr or not in the PULL thread on lolcow to damage control so if you see an IP from Oklahoma, it could be Totemo.

No. 70355

she also allegedly skyped with PULL members so if there are PULL members who have skyped with her, please come forth and confirm her appearance.

No. 70364

um she looks a lot heavier than 90 lbs
even at her height, she looks at least 120

No. 70368

File: 1427554032218.jpg (35.94 KB, 802x166, totemokawaiiweight.jpg)

Well I'm just going by the facts she gave out herself. Feel free to look through her posts.

Totemo if you are reading this, remember what you said about how the world isn't a nice place and if you don't like what's being said, don't look! You're not a saint and you can't change us :) That's what you tell others, yup.

Don't complain when you get dox'd!

No. 70370

File: 1427554284231.png (300.76 KB, 500x374, tumblr_mlqtislOMh1qgaso9o4_500…)

Oh I'm sorry. *"facts."

We get it. You are so much skinnier than the fat and awful Venus.

Do you have a Venusangelic shrine in your closet? I swear you are like Helga Pataki but with Venus. Go to Japan and just fuck her already god.

No. 70375

File: 1427555824850.jpg (50.1 KB, 760x566, totemootp.jpg)

No. 70376

File: 1427555985737.jpg (23.01 KB, 473x342, totemoobsession.jpg)

No. 70379

File: 1427556565804.jpg (41.15 KB, 696x479, totemowantstofuckvenusiknowit.…)

No. 70383

she looks at least 110 pounds at 4'10 which is chubby af

No. 70386

File: 1427558399211.jpg (39.49 KB, 588x325, totemochubby.jpg)

So basically…

No. 70387

Someone draw Venus/TK yuri

No. 70401

shit I responded to the wrong post XD And no I'm not accusing anyone here so far of being Totemo. I was saying stuff at >>70370 in case if she is here to read it.

No. 70402

Make it a threesome with Margaret.

No. 70620

Is that really her in the photo? She said she's half African American. This girl looks white to me.

No. 70631

File: 1427590434068.jpg (34.57 KB, 640x480, yusuke.jpg)

her eyebrows look like an asian anime boys'

No. 70679

File: 1427596629813.jpg (109.6 KB, 1564x878, totemoimpersonate.jpg)

Well it is according to others who said she claimed that pic as herself, unless if she's lying yet again about what she looks like. she claimed FemaleFreud's as her own pic. Lol she is the biggest snowflake ever

No. 70685

File: 1427597086926.jpg (35.94 KB, 852x284, totemolulz.jpg)

No. 70686

File: 1427597164057.jpg (108.64 KB, 772x770, amIAsianyetdesu.jpg)

She whitewashes herself and goes like "Tee hee! I was mistaken for Asian!" Oh god and she rips on people for being a weeaboo while wearing seifuku and Bodyline to school while arguing loudly about kpop in public.

No. 70701

>plain brown skin
>been mistaken for darker skinned asian, or native american

OP pic isn't her then? Not even foundation can make the skin look that convincing, and even if it's re-drawn the girl on the picture's lips couldn't possibly be THAT big.

No. 70704

File: 1427598673311.jpg (56.26 KB, 794x786, lookeveryoneiwantattention.jpg)

Well if it's not her then I am sorry towards whoever is the owner of the original pic because right here she says she looks like Tokki. God damn she cannot keep her lies straight. First she says she's… that.. then FemaleFreud, Tokki and who knows what else?

No. 70706

File: 1427598696602.jpg (145.11 KB, 1452x1050, narcissist.jpg)

No. 70708

Yes Totemo. Telling us what you look like was so relevant to the conversation.

No. 70713

screenshot of her using FF's picture claiming it's her? that sounds lulzy

No. 70714

Those shooped to hell eyebags.

No. 70725

File: 1427600550582.jpg (128.51 KB, 1680x1050, totemothrewatantrumandbannedba…)

Totemo allegedly banned FemaleFreud for leaking her pic.

Apart from skyping with people, Totemo has also admitted to sending pics to other members via PM. So can anyone confirm what her appearance is?

No. 70727

File: 1427600823863.jpg (130.13 KB, 1680x1050, totemothrewatantrumandbannedba…)

Totemo tells people to suck it up the world isn't a sparkly, kawaii place yet she bans people for leaking her pic because "waaah it was supposed to be private you big ol' meanbad!" even though Totemo leaked Venusangelic's deleted period blood video against her will.

Totemo, the pics weren't even nudes. FemaleFreud didn't even insult you. Explain how this is a bannable offense? I think this bitch is worse than OrangeCitrus, redchild, Hoglee, etc. Holy shit Totemokawaii is the poster child of what not to do at PULL. The only reason why she desperately tried to obtain a mod position is to censor people unnecessarily and protect her insecure self from anything she doesn't like to hear while lecturing others about being oversensitive.

No. 70728

File: 1427600971770.jpg (145.37 KB, 1680x1050, whiteknightingherself.jpg)


This happened in this thread. I suspect Totemo was whiteknighting herself because no one said "haha people are trying to appeal to lolcow now" when talking about other PULLtards. It seems suspicious that someone said that once mentioning Totemo. Other anons said they noticed that no one acted any differently.

Totemo did the equivalent of pulling her shirt collar and going like "Whew! Is it hot in here? Heheh! Oh my!" (flees in embarrassment)

No. 70741

This is all some crazy shit.

No. 70743

File: 1427601945888.jpg (124.84 KB, 1110x806, I'msomuchlikeVenusI'mSoSpecial…)

"Me, I, myself I'm so much like Venus I bottle up her dolly breath and breathe it in every night to be like her WE COULD BE TWINSIES OMG HOOHOOHOO I'M SO FUCKING KAWAII"

Shut… up.

No. 70752

I don't know if you're asking for the proof or asking a rhetorical question but just in case, here is the screenie. >>70679

And here is the thread where it happened at. https://www.lolcow.farm/pt/res/56667.html#q56667

No. 70753

I ALWAYS confuse her with another member until I read what she writes…her voice is so distinctively annoying holy shit
sounds like she is trying so hard to seem not jelly when she would wear every kawaii dolly chan girls skin

No. 70759

>I'll be honest, I supported her even when the Xiao thing was going down, but listen,"

No I will not fucking listen you support bags of shit that will stalk and compromise the safety of a person. You're willing to support people who will obtain fame at the expense of someone's safety because your idol is so cute like your own alleged face and you project yourself onto Venus so much because you see yourself in her and any attack against her was an attack against you.

You are literal pig shit, Totemo. You were like 14-16 then and supported that. That's too old to not know the severity of what the Palermos did to Xiao. You bitch about Venus doing similar things at that age because "she knows better, she's old enough" while you did the same. Leaking info is a-O.K. except when it's against you, even when it's not done in an insulting way. Got it. Now scoot back to your hugbox you pussy.

No. 70763

someone doxx this cunt I wan't to make her cry

No. 70804

by expense of someone else's safety I mean doxxing Xiao and saying bad things about her, getting the fangelics riled up. Fangelics are very inbred as you can see so besides harassing Xiao there was no telling what they would have done.

And really, Totemo? You would support someone with a shit personality as long as they weren't ugly? You are fucking shallow. #1 snowflake of PULL. Everyone let's clap.

>>70753 Lol anyone got recordings? she did admit to imitating Venus's voice when she has an ulterior motive irl.

>>70763 Yes if any PULL mods are here (IDK how it works) please tell us her exact location in Oklahoma, if she even lives there. We want her name too lol. She lies so much I can't even tell when she tells the truth.

I heard from a friend who had a friend that was someone who knew her IRL that she did such weeby shit in school and confirmed the seifuku, bodyline, pigtails, Venus voice and getting into embarrassingly loud arguments about Kpop. Trying to confirm it but I doubt I'll get any good info so anyone who knows hilarious shit, let us know.

No. 70807

*harassing Xiao online there was no telling what else they would've done, if they would do something to her physically.

Yup. Everything's alright because "I'm cute just like Venus and Venus's face looks like mine and anyone with a face like mine should be allowed to dox and harass those mean ol' jelly haters they jelly of her face which is my face–" SHUT UP. SHUT THE FUCK UP.

No. 70813

File: 1427612060723.jpg (106.5 KB, 1302x1050, totemoimpersonation.jpg)

Eh even then I don't know what's going on. What if Totemo impersonated FemaleFreud, Espurr and others all at the same time in this thread? https://www.lolcow.farm/pt/res/56667.html#q56667

No. 70817

File: 1427612394006.jpg (133.64 KB, 1680x1050, totemoimpersonation2.jpg)

No. 70826

I don't even know what's going on. It's like a giant mystery clusterfuck

No. 70839

Admin of lolcow or whoever can confirm the IPs right? Totemo is in Oklahoma remember that.

No. 70851

No, she didn't because the admins/mods like espurr were talking about it with Totemo on PULL.

No. 70853

Like in a PM or in a thread? I want to see.

No. 70854

Mod section.

No. 70855

File: 1427620969096.jpg (116.98 KB, 782x898, ummnostahp.jpg)

Here is Totemofutanari flat out saying she believes she actually looks better than Venus. I never speculated. SHE admitted it. LMFAO.

No. 70857

File: 1427622009447.jpg (79.59 KB, 779x454, LOL.jpg)

No. 70984

Dem eyebrows.

No. 70990

sooo, is it settled that OP picture is not her?

No. 70992

Looks like they were put on backwards.

No. 71001

I have a hard time believing it's her. Considering she has talked about her "dark skin", "African American features", making her lips smaller with make up etc. OP photo looks just like an average white girl.

No. 71003

>what the Palermos did to Xiao.
IIRC all they did was block Xiao, which she made a video complaining about, then they started claiming Xiao was doxxing them and trying to track them down, then Margaret got some kind of legal protection thing, then Xiao made a couple YouTube videos mocking Venus and it just kind of fizzled out. What are you talking about?

No. 71007

She doesn't have brown skin wtf.

No. 71011

I'm the one who said she doesn't have brown skin, and i've read through the whole thread now
and just want to clarify on why I said this because she's sent me a pic of some white girl saying that was her once

No. 71085

Margaret allegedly dox'd Xiao. https://encyclopediadramatica.se/File:Margaret_racist.png

Even if she didn't dox her, her daughter and herself leading people to harass Xiao over some petty jealousy or whatever is snowflakey behavior. Making severe lies about Xiao such as painting her as a psychotic harasser which could deprive her of sponsorships and other business connections. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:c31cVMnPWA8J:https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Venusangelic+&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us
But hey, Totemo still supported Venus like the fangelic she was and probably still is.

Margaret did most of this though but according to current Totemo logic, Venus isn't blameless and should've done something to resist her mom.

No. 71088

Only the people who have skyped with her, if she did skype with anyone, can confirm what she looks like. she did come to PULL asking to skype with members.

No. 71089

File: 1427668142104.jpg (63.57 KB, 800x572, totemolulz.jpg)

Can mods delete what is in the chat? Totemokawaii did it maybe. Lol.

No. 71090

The chat is seperate from the site

No. 71091

I wonder what happened then because the link to Totemokawaii's lolcow thread and discussion about Totemokawaii was there.

No. 71097

File: 1427669649472.png (5.19 KB, 281x300, chatangoasamod.png)

Mods of the chat can delete what's in the chat. This is from a different chat where I'm a mod, this is what it looks like if you're a mod.

No. 71098

Oh yeah, forgot to add, anyone with that little yellow shield next to their name is a mod. The censored bits in the image are IP addresses as well.

No. 71118

I feel someone should spam the chat with her lolcow link, I swear to god PULL has the most lolcows I've seen in any forum.
Not including Gaia.

Btw, is she a mod in the chat? That's unless she convinced the other mods like Xiao or Kanni to delete the stuff.

No. 71133

can someone help a confused lazy soul?
what is her real picture? she stole someone's? help

No. 71134

I'm lost too, but I'm pretty certain now that she did steal that picture.

No. 71136

No one actually knows. It could be none of the pictures she sent to people. The only ones who know are the people that skyped with her

No. 71381

Are you going by the OP pic or did you see her on Skype or somewhere else? Sorry I'm not good at telling weight from a cropped pic from that angle.

No. 71382

Yeah me too. She also claimed FemaleFreud's pic as her's while claiming to have a face very similar to Tokki and/or Venusangelic. She could even be lying about having Tokki or Venus's face too.

No. 71383

I skyped with her but I'd only send the deets to pull admin to help them decide about her mod status

She shouldn't be a mod if she's censoring and banning people

No. 71384

You know what, she might not even be black or white or both since she lies a lot. She is one confusing hot mess.

No. 71385

Really? You can't at least tell us if the OP pic is her or not? :(

No. 71458

I know she said she didn't want to look like Venus after seeing her without the angles in pics. However, she also said she saw Venus in her interview, where she wasn't shot at an angle with a camera, and still wanted her face.

No. 71518

op pic very clearly looks like a very light skinned mixed girl, look at her hair texture, looks like black hair and the wide nose, pic just looks a bit whitewashed

No. 71552

Not the same anon but you know, not everyone uses skype for webcam shit.

No. 71922

sorry for ot but jun, from euthanizeallwhitepeople also used skype all the time and never the webcam. and he was quite a catfish. the biggest that i saw actually

No. 71972

It's also photoshopped right? I don't know for sure which pic she used for the kotify thread before it was deleted. It could be the OP pic as the other anons have said.

Since Totemo is not above impersonating others I don't know which anons she could be though.

No. 71987

File: 1427752453555.jpg (249.04 KB, 1841x1227, PAY-Lucy-and-Maria-Aylmer-non-…)

It could be some other mixed girl and not Totemo. (as another anon pointed out in the PULL lolcow thread, there are some biracial people who look like this. Pic is an example of twin sisters who are part white part black) She stole FemaleFreud's pic and she was mixed and didn't look like Tokki or Venus. The OP pic does not look that much like Tokki or Venus to me either.

Some mixed girls look like that. I think some white girls have noses like that too because I have a white friend with a nose like that.

She could have edited the skin to be lighter. (I'm not good at interpreting fotoforensics yet.)

No. 71990

She used webcam with me. But now I don't know if it was really her, after all this.

No. 71995

Her hair could easily be dyed, that's what I've been assuming this whole time. It doesn't look natural to me. Also, there's a shit load of white people with big noses..

I don't think she looks mixed at all. Just a white weeb trying to look Asian with those drawn eyebrows and lips.

No. 71998

let me add that I don't think this pic is really Totemo since she said she's "brown skinned", and this girl is not.

No. 72012

And? What did she look like?
OP's pic? Or what?

No. 72217

Yes, but you can still use photoshop and make up to conceal brown skin, right? Think of the White Chicks movie lol. They had their hands and other areas spray-painted into the skin of a white girl.

No. 72218

So you're saying she got someone else to go on the webcam? O.o

No. 72220

For someone who goes around lying about her appearance a lot, she sure does lecture people about lying quite a bit lol

Even when you don't know her real face, you can tell how inconsistent she is with the claims about her real appearance. She might not even be a girl either. She could be a guy for all we know.

No. 72255

they should unmod this cunt

No. 72426

…there are things called webcam simulators.

No. 72802

I know but I wanted to know if she interacted with the person via webcam like respond accurately to them.

No. 72811

Totemo reminds me of one of those creepy, annoying fake friends who act super nice to your face, but curse your existence behind your back while secretly wanting your beautiful face, hair, etc.

Lol would she have the balls to say anything bad directly to Venus's face?

No. 72846

Does she have another user name? Maybe we can dig some dirt online. Just need something to start with.

No. 72853

OP pic doesn't look like a mixed girl, just an unfortunate white girl. If Totemo was going to lie about her appearance and send fake pictures, wouldn't she use a picture of a less disgusting girl? I think it's her and she's just been lying about being 'mixed'

No. 73099

She's actually concerned about who is being made fun of due to their appearance?

No. 73101

The blur tool does warp your features because it can erase nasolabial folds and other creases/wrinkles.

No. 73102

I can assure you that someone under 5 feet should not look like this lmao

No. 73103

*change your face not warp I mean. It's still kind of deceptive. It softens the nose appearance much like what Venusangelic does.

No. 73106


Not getting mad but I'm curious on how someone under 5 ft should look like? Is there something wrong I'm not seeing? I don't see many grown people that short so it's a legit question.

No. 73107

She should be a lot skinnier, that's all I'm going to say. Her thighs and arms are especially large for this height. She's definitely chubby or at least on the bigger side.

No. 73108


This actually makes sense. If you have a smaller body, you should obviously eat less food. Maybe she eats like someone who is trying to maintain their healthy body weight of 120 pounds? I can understand her making this mistake since food portions are the same for everyone basically. Like if you open a can of soup you wont think twice about eating it all thinking "one soup can means one person. Right!"

Maybe she thinks like this, maybe she doesn't. Can't really say. Still not like fat though.

No. 73109

File: 1427873782392.jpg (43.61 KB, 768x280, venusvoice.jpg)

These pics look really different from the OP pic.

Also here is Totemo admitting to faking a higher pitched voice so that supports the claim that she does imitate Venus's talking style.

No. 73110

File: 1427873848289.jpg (50.2 KB, 728x491, short.jpg)

No. 73114


She states in the Bianca thread that she dislikes her plain brown eyes with her plain brown skin. She even says she gets mistaken for a dark skinned asian.

No. 73115


tsk wow I have not paid attention to her posts. I did talk to her last year and thought she was more down to earth about how she looked. Maybe, MAYBE I should have seen something was up when she compared her skin to mine.
Okay she might be delusional, but I still stand by what I said about her and showing her real face. I think she just makes horrible comparisons to herself.

She should try tanning! Or something to darken her skin instead of trying to be pale. Wonder why she hasn't

No. 73117

Totemo has some serious identity issues wtf.

No. 73120

I think she looks the same..
She's fat lol

No. 73122

She is literally wearing the same outfit (the plaid patterned sailor collar) as OP's pic.

No. 73123

I know that but I meant the faces. That's what I meant. I suspect that she edited her face lol

No. 73124

Her nose seems much smaller.

No. 73129

File: 1427877215423.png (51.52 KB, 1341x563, yellow.png)


She has descried herself as "Simpson's yellow", "Brown skin", a "POC" and being mistaken for a "Dark skinned asian or Native American."

And yet she doesn't look like any of those. She is very confused.

No. 73131

… The more evidence about TotemoKawaii I see, the more confused I become.

No. 73133

File: 1427877656276.png (59.15 KB, 1337x589, oldthread.png)

No. 73153

I'm actually upset about Pandai now.

No. 73162

Who is this semen demon?

No. 73169

File: 1427888073058.png (Spoiler Image, 719.8 KB, 435x873, Untitled.png)


The blog "yummi-loli" doesn't seem to exist though. Wonder how long it's been gone for.

No. 73187

Top kek.
This shit should be posted in the PULL thread too.

No. 73224

The vendetta in this thread is delicious.

No. 73231

I think what makes her look a bit chubbier is that she looks like she has a short upper body on a pair of longer legs. That's what this picture makes her look like at all.

In other words, did Totemo post Pandai's pics? Funny, but low a'f girl. I mean, if you weren't a little ass you would be on lolcow period.

Lastly, she COULD be mixed, but with really light parents, and then relaxed her hair I guess. Idk where she got brown skin from tho, but if she's brown, Micky or Ami must be dark a'f to her then haha.

No. 73233

Oh Totemo, I love how you were too stupid to censor your username.

No. 73235

Hi it is me Pandai. Yes the face pictures are me. However the nudes you posted Totemo are just of some random asian guy… Like they don't even look close to me are you high? I posted that screen shot to try and defend you. That you were not lying about pretending to be some black mixed chick and you were telling the truth about your appearance. I thought it would be okay since they found your other pictures. But yeah… wow this is a really sad attempt to try to get "revenge" for someone who tried to defend you

No. 73237


I'm curious to know if she was the one to post Pandai's nudes since they popped up after she posted Pandai's face.

No. 73238

Of course she was, her name is even in the screenshot she posted, dumb cunt.

No. 73240

Lol no those are not my nudes. As I said before, she gathered pictures of some asian guy… because apparently all asians look the same. I'm not even full blood asian and I would never give nudes to someone on Pull. If I am not mistaken, that is some dude on 4chan. The face pictures are indeed of me, but she threw in some random asian guy into the mix

No. 73241


Then PULL should unmod her. They have no more excuses.


You were respectful and she posted your pictures (and someone's nudes) because you didn't "respect" her.

What is her problem.

No. 73243

Another member already confirmed if was you.

No. 73245

unmod her pull PLEASE
wtf is her problem??

No. 73247


Maybe she just saw the screen shot but didn't read what I had to say? But you guys obviously know what she looks like.. I just thought since I had a lot of good conversations with her in the past I could use what she told me to defend herself… maybe it was stupid on my part because if she wanted to defend herself she would have done it herself. However her sad attempt at "revenge" is stupid.

These are of me

Some random asian guy with a marker up his ass

No. 73249

pretty sure she did this on pupose to show how omg edgy and hard she is!! no one disrecpets her!! she givs no fuks!!!

No. 73250

Already found the content where she grabs those nudes from. Some Tumblr user by the name of Raven Shaddows

No. 73255

Can't blame her tbh, I'd admit it was the same person at first glance. Same lips I guess. Then again, I have a prob recognizing faces.
Either way this goes (His noods or not), Totemo, you are sad as a'f, and I think you should join the ranks of OC, and fade into obscurity. You know what this shows, you pull down anyone to get to your level, when you actually look pathetic. You may be cute, but deep inside you are no different from any other snowflakes on PULL or lolcow. Good day.

No. 73256

We are working on the issue but we need a word from every mod firt, that's how the rules are since the OC drama.

No. 73257

They guy and pandai have the exact same face. Plus a member you skype with told me herself that it was indeed you.

No. 73262

The nudes do not look even close to the person in the first pics. The skin is lighter, up close the lips are different, and different hair texture and just… No. FAIL. Totemo needs to be banned immediately. Dumbass.

No. 73264

And the glasses are different.

No. 73265


Totemo if that is you, fudge you. I thought you were nice and that was why I tried to make people see you were not some crazy delusional chick. Just maybe they misunderstood you and took words you said out of context. But I guess they were right, you're clearly just a bitch

No. 73268

yeah that was deffo totemo. please ban her holy shit.

No. 73270

No. 73280

Was it even a consensus? Did every mod agree to make her mod? I find it hard to believe Totemo is qualified for the post! PULL, what a joke!

No. 73281

When I wake up to more of my private messages online, yeah. I'm pissed.

And evidently it's A-okay for FF and you to post stuff that's public info/messages, but it makes me a shitty person when I do it. Um, okay.

No. 73283

Confirming an identity only works if you show the picture for more than 2sec

No. 73285

What made it shitty was posting nudes saying they're Pandai. If you left it at a selfie you would be even. but you took it too far.

No. 73286

This is is the maker of the poll, long time pull/lolcow/ccw user

totemo imo shows too many almost lolcow tendencies. lying about random shit, obnoxious, 3edgy 5 me
you would expect a mod to be more level headed and not random banning people (as suspected by female freud being banned)
honestly even if those nudes ARE pandai (idk if they are or not) it isnt right for her to upload them AT LEAST WITH HER USERNAME SHOWING??? like wtf you are supposed to be a mod?? brings down the whole group of other mods/userbase idk how to explain it

imo totemo u should have not used ur name

No. 73288

I've already linked that, and that's not the source–this user just reblogged the content from a user named "yummi-loli." The blog is deleted. Suspicious, right?

No. 73289


I am fine with you posting my private messages. If I said something wrong in them I will own up to them. But what made you shitty is when you posted some random naked asian dude claiming I was shoving markers up my ass. We already found the original tumblr where you pulled those from. Come on… most people here are PULL members. Of course we are going to find the original site for those pictures. And once again… I was TRYING to defend you! Damn it >___>

Original site where she pulled the pictures from

No. 73290

No. 73291


The blog was deleted Dec 18, 2014.


No. 73292

Opps… I got the wrong person haha. But yuh anyway no, I was wrong. They are not of some 4chan user. They are off of a porno blog from tumblr

No. 73294

Not really sure why Totemo is still a mod after all this. PULL is run by some pretty intelligent individuals.

No. 73295

they better ban this vendetta chan

No. 73296

she's not even remotely cute

No. 73297

I was told by another girl that it was you.

Like I said, I woke right up to that and was like "Done".

I found those pics ages ago and had zero intention of posting them anywhere. In fact, we were like "Oh, Pandai won't do that." And them boom.

No. 73298

she ugly af honestly, which is hilarous with how much she shits on other girls for trying to hard to look kowai when they have manly faces just like she does

No. 73299

this is the most pathetic excuse ever. Would not expect this full retard mode from someone who is supposed to be a mod

No. 73301

Nobody cares. Step down, bitch. U ugly inside.

No. 73302

You showed them like 2 seconds each. How do you expect me to see it isn't him, when they do look similar?

No. 73303

i like how now you are 'well, i couldnt reallly tell if it was him or not..whoops'

when you posted u were like 'OMG HAH LOOK WHO I FOUND HAHA FAG GET REKT'

No. 73306


It's me Pandai
omg can you stop trying to validate yourself you cunt. Me and you both know I never sent you any nudes. We already found the tumblr blogs you pulled them from. YOu just found some dude who was asian and wearing glasses. I never made up shit about you girl. But you are lying out of your ass. I wouldn't find some random porno chick who sorta looked like you and claimed it was you. This is the main reason I'm upset.

If you just posted the screen caps I wouldn't give two shits. So people know what I look like now. I would prefer if they didn't but oh well. But you took it a step further

No. 73307

Sorry, I thought you were TK. You're not I suppose?

No. 73309


TK thinks everyone is as anal about their appearance as she is & its the ultimate insult to post her pics so she thinks it applies to everyone else.

No. 73311

I was calling her cute in one of the posts I wrote here. I mean okay I should have asked for her permission and I'm sorry about that if she is reading this. However I would like her to say sorry to me as well. I think I deserve at least that.

Dunno why she is anal when people already knows what she looks like. She isn't even ugly, she kinda cute. But the personality ruins it

No. 73319

nah man she fug

she looks like a tubby british boy lets be honest

No. 73322

no i was replying to tk

No. 73360

She was a little cute to me but her nasty ass personality and cartoon comma eyebrows make her an ugly ass person.

No. 73368


I agree as well. She doesn't look bad appearance wise. I never understood why she always made threads (~2012) stating she disliked her appearance.

No. 73511

>I think what makes her look a bit chubbier is that she looks like she has a short upper body on a pair of longer legs

That would make her look skinnier but ok.
>>73107 and >>73120 are right. She's just fat.

No. 73541

she doesnt look fat to me. just average really.

No. 73577

Then you have never seen someone who is 4'10". They're a lot skinnier than this. This bitch is large and needs to hit the gym.

No. 73590

i hope you're joking since it's april fools' :^)

No. 73611

What does height have anything to with it? Never seen stocky short people? Short girls don't have to look like 12 year old lolis. They can be average and fat too. Stop watching anime.

No. 73626

>completely missing the point
Why bother replying if you're not going to read what I typed?
>stop watching anime
I don't. Where did you get this assumption? Mad hambeast detected. Go spew always unique, totally intelligent, sometimes mysterious disorder out of your hole somewhere else.

No. 73642

Are you retarded? They are saying that she's big for her height, which is exactly what she is. That's what those anons were talking about before too. Quit trying to justify her weight. She's overweight and it's not up for debate. Please read the conversation before you try to put your shitty two cents in. Or did we strike a nerve?

No. 73646

this is what you typed: "Then you have never seen someone who is 4'10". They're a lot skinnier than this".
Can't you spot the always unique, totally intelligent, sometimes mysterious disorder in this sentence?
I did read the conversation. It's just retarded to say she's "big for her height". She's big, yes. But you all seem to think short people have the same fucking body. She would still be big if she were taller.

No. 73648

this so fucking much.


You can think i am PT's size if it can help you sleep at night but you sound pretty insecure and delusionnal if you think this is even remotely fat. Geez why are girls on /cgl/ and here convinced that if you do not have kowai supah thin animu proportions you are "so fat" lately, you should stop watching anime and seek.some help nignogs.

No. 73649

but i agree though she is on the "bigger side"/bit chub.

No. 73652

she looks completely average sized there though…

No. 73654

>derailing the thread to bitch about anime girls even though no one's talking about anime in the entire thread

Awkward. Y'all sound so personally hurt and it's cringey sometimes.

No. 73655

pandai i am aoi from skype (changed account and all i am sorry)
what a fucking asshole oh god,.,and even if it WAS you it is your business and not her. She is a serious case of psycho i wanna punch her pugly face now.

No. 73658

couldnt have said it better myself. whenever someone mentions weight theres always a bunch of fat hoes getting so uppity

No. 73662

Can we jusy have a pic of her real face and body? This shit is confusing.

No. 73666

the most insecure posts i've seen on this site. what do cartoons have to do with this discussion? the topic of height/weight go hand in hand which is why we have BMIs. nice backpedalling too, fatties.

No. 73667


Aoi? Really is that you? Sighs See Aoi I really am a horrible judge of character. Sorry about the things that happened a few months ago. But yeah no those are not my nudes. It was confirmed that it was some random asian dude on tumblr. Didn't know you looked at lolcow. Ffff embarassin that a friend saw this sticky mess

No. 73674


Okay back to TK
I wont post anything off topic. Taking this on skype

No. 73684

>you sound pretty insecure/delusional if you think this is remotely fat
>m-muh unrealistic standards!!
Oh the irony. You're the only one who sounds insecure randomly ranting about animu grillz. What is delusional about being average or below average? Not everyone is fat.
>Geez why are girls on cgl and here convinced that if you do not have kowai supah thin animu proportions you are so fat
Then leave. No one is forcing you to stay. No one wants to see your landwhale appreciation rant. This isn't a hugbox. Don't like it? Get the fuck out, you manchild.

No. 73687


She just looks average to me. I wouldn't look at her and think she was 4'10" by that picture to be honest. she looks like your average 5'5" girl walking down the street.

I've never actually met an adult who was 4'10" and wasn't fat though. Short people are often fatter unless they are kids. I mean I see 12 year olds who are like 4'10" and super skinny but never thin adults. Usually because being 4'10" as an adult is fucking weird midget-sized height in the first place…

IDK what you guys are ranting about tbh. being that short in the first place is fucking weird. couple more inches and she would be a clinically classified as a midget.

No. 73694

Yeah she does look 5'5" but pictures are tricky. My cousin and one of my close friends are both 4'10" and 4'11" and they're skinny af. They're adults but if you saw them walking down the street, you'd think they were probably 14 or something.
I think the legal midget height is actually 4'11" and under but I'm not certain. It of course depends on where you live too probably. There's tons of petit girls that are short like that but I wouldn't really classify it as midget. Weight and height are such touchy topics especially when you consider muscle, bone structure, etc.

No. 73740

Lol even if they were your nudes, I can't say this for everyone, but as for me I wouldn't have cared because you don't lie and attack others for their views while censoring people for doing something simply because you disagree with them like how Totemo does. I'm sure a few others feel the same.

No. 73748


Ah I'm 19 and 4'10" and pretty skinny/slightly underweight. And the dwarfism thing is like, most dwarfs are 4'10" or shorter but dwarfism involves more than just height, so just being short doesn't = dwarf

No. 73757

It's alright, we know your face does not match the nudes and you're pretty alright looking lol

No. 73761

Lmao that is so sad. She posted his pics and I was like "That's it? That's your ultimate attack?" I am disappoint.

No. 73763

Poor Pandai. PULL better ban the bitch.

No. 73778

Yeah its me it's been so long i felt so surprised to see you there.I usually really dislike and avoid lolcow and usually bc drama and bitches and whores (if you are a personafag you'll understand the reference plz dont hurt me) and they are bitching about physical appearance sometimes and i am an insecure idiot already so nope, not for me. This lil betch will have something coming to bite her marshmallow ass for what she did, i hope PULL will ban her butt out of there and that she'll be shamed. Plus she always acts like she's hot shit when she is in fact just shit.
(My new skype is cinnamonbuns11 feel free to re add me bun so we can talk again and if i can help you i'll do , sorry for OT people)

No. 73780

Shouldn't you post your personal skype in private messages and not here? I don't think this is a place to have a personal conversation like this. I really hope this is not TK impersonating someone again…

No. 73782

Yeah sorry about that anon, i went really OT please disregard.
heavens no, i am not this horrible little snitch and thank god ✞.
Back to TK sorry for my useless off topic

No. 73783

Sorry. Don't take it personally It's just really REALLY hard to tell who is who when TK imitates everyone under the sun ok?

No. 73784

It's ok anon

No. 73785

I meant that posting personal contact info on lolcow isn't a wise idea like a skype you know? Especially since TK likes to target people. I thought people were over-exaggerating when they called her "legit insane."

No. 73790

Crap. I accidentally hit "no." Meant to hit "yes" so disregard that one no.

"Should Totemokowai be unmodded poll"
26 say "yes,"
1 say "I don't know,"
and zero for "no" so far.

No. 73791

this is only a temporary skype with no real info off course, i wouldnt post a definitive account. I have quitted PULL since a while so i couldnt message Pandai…
i am sorry for interrupting with all that OT, please disregard me anonettes.

No. 73792

How old is this bitch exactly? If older than 18, tell me why she wants Weenus's old lady face

No. 73795

>26 said yes
good, good..
anyone got pics of the real her? Not some stolen pics

No. 73797


On the subject of the Venus jealousy: yes Venus is not talented and not that pretty looking but her face is unusual and fitting enough for the doll-style. When she uses angles and bright lights, she pulls it off well.

Her fame was not that much from talent. It's from how she marketed herself. A lot of people tend to be more famous than people with much more talent because they marketed themselves correctly.

So Totemo, stop bringing up how much prettier you are than Venus already. She did not become famous for being insanely pretty. It's the end result in pictures/videos+marketing that got her where she is. If you want to "out-do Venus" market yourself properly then.

No. 73801

File: 1427934991336.jpg (58 KB, 756x537, age.jpg)

She was like 17 in 2013 according to herself. So she is about 18 or 19 now.

No. 73811


She looked un-modded to me

No. 73815


She has been unmodded, but I want her banned for her actions.

No. 73816

File: 1427936582659.gif (977.74 KB, 500x280, thankGOD.gif)

No. 73854

Should she be banned? Vote.


No. 73861

Totemo is either high ALL THE TIME, delusional, needs glasses or all of the above because she thinks she looks like a mixed black Venusangelic/Tokki

No. 73868

Pandai, gay guy here. Can you post nudes anyway?

No. 73869

I hope you're not Totemokowai performing a last ditch attempt in obtaining Pandai nudes even when it's been established that no1curr and we want to focus on TK lol

No. 73886


Do you always try to find "the porn version" of everyone you speak to for "just-in-case" situations? You are a sad, strange little girl.

No. 73891

Yes. Just like how you have the exact same face as a photoshopped Tokki right?

Ok serious question: do you have eye problems?

No. 73893

Ban the bitch then PULL moderators should own up to their mistake publicly for even thinking of having her as moderator.

No. 73903

ALSO count the 30 ish on here http://strawpoll.me/4014194/r
PLUS the yes on the new poll

No. 73910

The overwhelming amounts of "yes" on each poll is hilarious. http://strawpoll.me/4018806/r

No. 73911

Her eyebrows bother me so fucking much jfc get your little rat face together

No. 73912

Behold, the legendary face that rivals Venusangelic AND the photoshopped version of Tokki's face.

No. 73918

No. 73941

Well Totemokowai, good job exposing Pandai for the pleasant, exotic, good looking guy he is.

That'll teach him a lesson for daring to do that horrible deed of defending you.

No. 73993

bitch has no class, she should have asked to be unmodded herself. but i want her to be banned too, she makes bad blood between the rest of the members

No. 74011

If it was justified to permaban female freud for leaking pictures, then the mods should ban Totemo for leaking Pandai's pics, stealing someone elses and trying to frame Pandai with fake nudes. She even admitted to it then tried to back pedal.

No. 74024

i just searched her username in the members list and she's there so i guess that means they unbanned her

No. 74025

female freud should try to log in

No. 74042


I've been unbanned. Whether I continue using PULL in debateble. I might wait until the heat dies down. I don't want there to be a war on the safe space♥.

No. 74052

I don't think the mods would ban Totemo because she technically didn't break any PULL rules..?
Or maybe they are just afraid of her since she might have their personal facebooks, skypes, etc when she used to be a mod.

No. 74054

Actual reason is the later, her getting banned did take so long because she threated the other staff a lot.

No. 74079

She didn't break any rules but she is making PULL look like a bunch of retards. I feel like every time you find any PULL user's social media or any personal info they're trying pretty hard to be whoever it is that they're constantly talking about, it would be better for them to just get rid of cunts like that but I doubt they're smart enough.

No. 74371

Non-invited members can't view the mod section. Screenies?

No. 74372


if it was just for the mods to see then I don't think it would be wise to take screen caps. If the mods wanted people to see they will

No. 74373


No. 74411

So she would be friendly to others on PULL to extract personal information to use against them in the future with no intention of actually being friends with them? That explains why she's super nice to certain people. I wonder if she does this with IRL "friends" too.

No. 74413

FemaleFreud is elegant and pretty in a mature looking way. She's not "quiet ugly." :D

No. 74422

File: 1428021126175.gif (689.48 KB, 500x281, happyface.gif)

Can't find Totemokawaii's posts. She has been banned?

No. 74452

Context, Totemo. CONTEXT. Consider the reasons someone has when they drop personal messages on here. That makes the difference on whether or not it's justified. Jeez, you have been on PULL for a while and you still did not understand that?

Way to harass the one person who was willing to defend you. I bet you have no more allies. You're such a fake friend to others, god.

No. 74466

shes either the backstabbing friend or have 0 friends outside internet

No. 74534

19 years of age, claiming to be skinny and 4'10", just like Totemo… is this Totemo? Also a rule of thumb for the midget status is any height under 4'10" from what I hear.

No. 74572

Or both lol

No. 74755

dropped pic

No. 74759

Pic for ants.

No. 74852

Wasn't she also the one who did shit before in the FB PULL group like two years ago? I remember there was something.

No. 74856

Just checked and yes, she was the backstabbing girl that leaked contents of group members.

No. 74858

I never "leaked" contents. I told a mod that a couple of other mods and few other members were going to ask Lain to boot her before telling her what the problem was.

Everything got resolved 2 years ago and pretty much everyone is on good terms.

Don't don't start drama where there is none

No. 74860

>Everything got resolved 2 years ago and pretty much everyone is on good terms.
Best joke ever! Far away from it, did you forget what you did to Espurr?

No. 74862

Well, considering we were planning on rooming together for a future con up til this lolcow thing broke out, yeah. I think we were pretty chill.

No. 74864

So chill you dropped out of hotel and left her and her friend alone with a giant bill for it, right.

No. 74866

Whaaaa? Is this real life or another one of those "I have her tumblr nah jk moments?" I'm confused. The anonymity of this board does not help lol.

No. 74869

The reason why Espurr didn't say shit against Totemo here was because she had to share an apartment for a con with her.

No. 74870

If she wants me to go, I will go. She get's the final verdict in that.

No. 74872

You were the one who left because she didn't defend your ass.

No. 74874

No, the reason she didn't say shit was because she lied for me then was upset that she would be put to blame after bragging that lolcow wouldn't care if she fucked up.

No. 74875

And she only lied because of the fucking apartment, I did talk with her about it so don't try to twist things to your favor. You fucked up BIG with EVERYONE.

No. 74876

File: 1428088489428.png (500.63 KB, 745x436, 119qtte.png)

good enough for this

No. 74878

File: 1428088670812.jpg (51.21 KB, 893x457, yup.jpg)

So Espurr didn't have the balls to tell me no, instead she would rather lie to everyone because, even after she said it wasn't a big deal if I stayed at the motel or not, and then have the nerve to brag about it. Okay.

No. 74881

File: 1428088791826.jpg (18.66 KB, 695x137, yup1.jpg)

Everyone just forgive poor Espurr.

No. 74882

File: 1428088833861.png (12.24 KB, 200x197, 3234.png)

Said the one throwing temper tantrums.

No. 74883

File: 1428088926915.png (25.68 KB, 206x330, 3234.png)

No. 74885

I'm going to need another popcorn run for this juicy drama

No. 74886

Loooool, me too xD

No. 74888

It isn't that juicy anyways. Totemo told Espurr to confirm that the photos (that later were found out to be FF9) are her which she only did because of the hotel apartment.

No. 74889


I was asking her to empathize with me, something she hasn't done the entire time I've known her. She's so fucking paranoid and thinks I have some kind of ulterior motive up my sleeve.

I never told her I wasn't going. I never told her there would be a problem between us when we did go. If I'm gonna drop that much money on an event, I'm gonna enjoy my time.

I even told her beforehand that if I couldn't make it for whatever reason, I would still try to help out for their expenses because it's really shitty having two people pay for all of that. And she said "Nah. It'll probably be fine. I have friends I can ask if something does happen." and stuff like that.

No. 74890

She argued with you because she wanted to tell everyone the truth after she found out YOU were the one who indeed did ban FF.

No. 74893

Because I was told I could. She wanted to backpeddal out of the situation and pretend that she never lied because it would hurt her rep as admin.

If she was real about the hotel situation, she would have been like "You know what? No, totemo. I can't do that for you. That's wrong. In fact, I don't want to room with someone like that anyway."

But instead she tells me it's fine if I don't even come because she has other friends that will go.

And then has the nerve to be like "Well everyone will forgive me, because I'm Espurr."

No. 74894

You can try as hard as you want but nobody will believe shit you say anymore, you are worse than OC.

No. 74898

>and pretend that she never lied
She never did, everyone knows you told her to lie because she knew you would do shit with the hotel room if she didn't and in the end she was right.

No. 74899

FF9? Final Fantasy 9?

No. 74900


Then why would she tell me that she had other friends that she could invite to go if I couldn't make it?

No. 74901

It's pretty interesting. I would have never thought the pull mods were close irl. And now it seems that basically most of the mods are rotten.

No. 74902

They aren't, that with the hotel was decided online.

No. 74903

Ha, both of you are some fucked up group of "friends", but Espie is right, she can happily walk away because YOU were the one who fucked up, and posted everyone's pictures. Idefr what possessed you to post FF's pics, but I do remember this starting because you were a self-loathing Venus cunt sucker. Whatever friends you loose now, was all on you dearie. :)

P.S. Stop throwing people under the bus, it may help in your little predicament here.

No. 74904

FemaleFraud, the 9 way a typo.

No. 74906

File: 1428090490650.png (13.04 KB, 193x230, 5345.png)

Don't twist everything to your favor, you were the one who left without saying shit.

No. 74909

They aren't friends and never were, both happend to go to the same con so they decided online to share a room.

No. 74914

I didn't leave. She misinterpreted my message. I said that I'm not having my friends stay with us if she's going to be like that. I can deal with her, but my friends aren't going to be caught up in it.

Stop saying I bailed because I didn't.

No. 74916

Yeah right, that's why you didn't pay shit for the bill.

No. 74918

Because I'm not there.

She ordered the hotel IN ADVANCED and told me after she paid for it. I was going to give her my share in cash at the con when I bought my ticket. Like I do every other situation.

No. 74920

You never told her that you and your friends wouldn't come which left her and the other girl to pay the double due to only being two people.

No. 74922


>I even told her beforehand that if I couldn't make it for whatever reason, I would still try to help out for their expenses because it's really shitty having two people pay for all of that. And she said "Nah. It'll probably be fine. I have friends I can ask if something does happen." and stuff like that.

No. 74924

You can say as much as you want now but that doesn't change what you did.

No. 74927

Just because she got backup it doesn't mean you can't tell her that you don't go while she did expected you to be there.

No. 74928

>but that doesn't change what you did

Which is absolutely fucking nothing, because I didn't bail out.

But if I had
>Just because she got backup it doesn't mean you can't tell her that you don't go while she did expected you to be there.

She shouldn't have told me it was okay if I didn't go.

No. 74930

That's because you would expect some manners from a gues, you can't just say "Oh, I want to share a room!" and then just leave without notice, shows how much of a cunt you are.

No. 74931

Okay, okay. What is your deal here?

Because I'm don't understand what part of "I didn't say I'm not going." wasn't clear enough for you?

Your problem is that I supposedly left.

But I didn't leave.

So you're wrong.

What are you even complaining about?

No. 74932

Which is a lie because you did, you contradict yourself in all your posts already.

No. 74933

File: 1428092326195.gif (28.96 KB, 303x400, Fasten-Seat-Belt-Sign-K-2049.g…)


No. 74934

I love how she want to distract from her drama.

No. 74935

Man, I can't with this anon.

"I didn't leave" translates into "Fuck you, Espurr. I'm leaving." to her.

Regardless of what anon wants to hear, I didn't bail out on Espurr.

No. 74936

Doesn't change the fact you are a drama whore nobody likes. :-)

No. 74938

That popcorn run was worth it.

More drama, pls

No. 74940

FASTEN THAT SEATBELT, maybe there will be (real)noodz and doxes

No. 74944

She's a pussy?

No. 74961

Okat TK you need to stop with this shit behavior right now. You say you own up to your mistakes but then you go around throwing everyone under the fucking bus when you are so obviously lying. No one is going to take pity if you have some issues. You're just a bitch. Also it is hard to take your word when you own up to something but also make a whole list of ridiculous reasons as to why it wasn't your fault. You even try to justify the horrible things you do to others by whining that they started shit first or they were oh so mean to you when they never were mean.

If you do something rotten, you will be called out for it. It is soo damn simple. You need to be a big girl and just admit you just do bitchy things. There is no underling reason for it. It isn't because the world is against you, it isn't because people are attacking your paranoid ass, it isn't because you have some sudden mental condition. You're just bitchy.

Also, yeah FF was wrong for posting your images. But you were the one claiming to be another person. People do things for a reason. No one likes fakes, you should have known that while being on PULL. So don't act like she suddenly turned into a horrible person.

No. 74964

You're asking others to have empathy for you but you just threw a 3rd person under the bus. How would you feel if people leaked more of your conversations or photos? Seems like empathy only applies to yourself.

Being an openly nasty person isn't any better than pretending to be sweet. You really shouldn't be proud of it.

No. 74968


yeah accept she does pretend to act sweet and kind towards her "friends"

Lets not forget all the other people she tried to blame when Pandai confronted her. Naw naw, she isn't a bad person, it is just everyone around her!

No. 74972

damnit, did I miss all the dramu already?

No. 74974

I agree with the anons above. BUT TK, you basically already hit the bottom, and since there is nowhere else to go but up, I hope you won't keep lying there, but become a better person and a friend for the others :) good luck!

No. 74979


I was hoping that after the Pandai issue, TK would avoid lolcow and PULL for a week. That way everyone would have had the time to forgive her and move on. But now Espurr drama?

No. 74982


she thinks if she throws another "lying back stabbing" friend of hers under the bus that it will give her some redemption points and people will feel sorry for her

No. 75077

So TK the admin of this site wont delete the posts you made about me or the others

Apparently others have already advised you to delete them. I'm more or less confused as to why you haven't deleted those posts yet when you're so sorry. I know people have already taken screen caps. But it would be a lovely cherry on top of this cake if you removed those posts since you seem to regret them so much.

It would also be nice if you deleted the other posts as well. I mean sure everyone knows about them now. But yeah, you could have undone them like… right away after you felt bad for them.

No. 75079

Will do. On it right now.

No. 75080

It keeps saying "wrong password".

No. 75082


you can just select the posts you made and press the delete button. I don't need a password to do that

No. 75083


I think you can do that… lemme check

No. 75084

Yup! I deleted one of your full body pics I posted. YOu can indeed just check mark what you wrote and hit the delete button. NO password needed

No. 75085

Okay. I got it. I had to be on my laptop since I posted them from there. lol

No. 75086


Okay TK. I deleted my offending posts. The ones that showed your face

No. 75087

I removed all the pictures, but the pics in the PULL thread weren't posted by me, so…

I'm not sure if you want the actual posts with your name mentioned in them deleted as well. It's up to you. But I don't want to hear cries from people saying I was trying to delete things and cover my tracks. So if you want me to delete them, okay. If you want me to keep them, okay. Just let me know.

No. 75092


naw, I will let them know I asked for it to be removed.

No. 75096

This is so confusing. Can someone please give me a tl;dr of what's going on?

No. 75201

But that's too "preachy." That's "saintly, moral" behavior

Well gee, I didn't realize not acting horrible was saintly. I suppose washing my hands after using the bathroom is saintly too. Brushing my teeth so I don't offend others with my breath must be pretty moral and holy of me too.

Totemo, are you not used to posting on the internet or something? Internet fights happen all the time and many of them are not worth it. People like you end up on this site or worse because of their internet tough guy behavior. I'm sorry if that's somehow miraculously too preachy for you.

No. 75219


No. 75224

Do tell…

No. 75245

Within 5 days of this thread, Totemokawaii was unmodded and banned wow.

No. 75248

All she needs to do now is double slice her jugular

No. 75249

Hi Beelzebub.

No. 75257

Idk if she was unmodded by the admins but she did choose to leave on her own. I don't think she was banned.

No. 75258

Oh ok. Well either way a LOT has happened within a short time frame of exposure. It was building up for years though. This happened right when she was going to meet a mod at a con. Wow, the powers of fate create well-timed chances…

No. 75391

It actually makes me kind of sad. Her attitude was slowly improving and then she went full panic mode and tried to harm a lot of people just to protect herself. It's that selfishness that makes me angry with her. I don't care about the wanavenus stuff. Oh well, at least she'll join the ranks of moemo and OC.

No. 75708

PULL members always hate on lolcow/Staminarose but as they get a thread they delete everything.

At this rate, we practically dictate which pull members become demodded/leave.

No. 75836

File: 1428215578175.png (181.52 KB, 1366x768, IDidn'tMeanToBeMean.png)

She says this and has a signature saying she never meant to offend…

No. 75838

File: 1428215696104.png (237.61 KB, 1366x768, sotough.png)

…but then she says things like this recently and used to have a signature bragging about how she's an ass and not the good, pretty kind, and that she doesn't care if you're offended or something like that.

No. 75840

File: 1428215765287.jpg (57.94 KB, 691x645, misgendering.jpg)

Refusing to be proven wrong over mis-gendering.

No. 75843

File: 1428216022230.jpg (42.63 KB, 874x472, namecallinglol.jpg)

That sounds like a personal attack. "fucking idiot."

No. 75845

Ironic since I'm betting a good percentage of PULL members both lurk and post as anon here. They probably all claim to hate the place while secretly posting daily.

No. 75851

I've never seen PULL members hating on lolcow…

No. 75852

Same. They only start hating it once they get posted on here lol

No. 75857

Totemokawaii deleted everything despite claiming to not care that she is offensive and so OMFG CONTROVERSIAL 2EDGY4ME!!!1!!

No. 75913

I'm an ex-PULL member and I much prefer being anon. I've posted on there maybe twice or so in the matter of probably 8 or 9 months now. I've never felt personally offended by the comments lolcow make on PULL and I guarantee the only ones who do are the ones that fit the lolcow profile.

No. 75914

I'm an ex-pull member too. I left when they started censoring words + a whole lot of fighting.

No. 75942

The best thing about this was TK used to talk to others about how "everyone was laughing at them"


No. 76128

I hate how Totemokawaii uses the "the world is a cruel place deal with it" excuse to be unnecessarily horrible to others and distract others from the thread. She argues in public for attention. If she wasn't for the attention, she would take it to PM every time.

"The world is cruel" is her go-to excuse for her shitty behavior. Then when she is on lolcow, she suddenly shrinks back down and says she never tried to attack people personally even though she has several times. When she was confronted about it, she would say "tough shit" and similar things despite having a signature claiming she didn't want to argue or was "unintentionally sounding like a bitch."

Totemo, not acting like a toddler on an internet forum is not being high and mighty. It's being normal.

Just like not mugging someone is NOT being saintly. It's IS being normal. Mugging someone is being a shitty person. Now do you understand? Jeez she reminds me of people I have met who said it's "high and mighty" to be against physical and emotional abuse. No it's not. It's normal.

No. 76157

PULL forums is a strange mix of hugbox+2edgy4me don't care what u think i'mma bitchy badass!!1!!

No. 76189

Same gets said a lot about cow lately too, just saying.

No. 76326

File: 1428284963613.jpg (49.95 KB, 1280x720, cloud.jpg)

I didn't pay much attention to TotemoKawaii, cause they seemed like a decent person. Then there was a sudden personality change, where this person had a stick up their ass just started saying unnecessarily mean shit. I think it comes from a place of insecurity, and just using people to blow off steam.

If she reads this, she'd probably be able to spot me. I'm about 75% sure this was from her, but I remember her wanting someone to get advice from and I was like "oh yeah, sure I'll message you" and I really didn't know what to expect.

I got a response like "I have this male teacher that's older than me, and I think we have a connection… and I don't know whether I should pursue it." I think she was about 15 around the time - so clearly I was like "no, that's really fucked up" and she got really defensive saying that she really liked him and stuff.

I think she joined a Facebook group that some of us created too? She's since left. But there was a very erratic personality change, and I find that it flip flopped a lot.

I didn't pay much attention to her, I just acknowledged her existence, because it was very obvious that she was picking fights just for the sake of picking fights, to me it was like "old man yelling at cloud" sort of deal.

No. 76334

Um wow. Hm. I never knew of a fb group. I did notice her flip-flopping kind/mean attitude on the forum.

So what made you think it was her besides the flip-flopping personality?

No. 76445

I don't think her attitude ever improved. She was always sneaky and being fake nice. I saw her more recent posts and she still acted the same despite having a signature claiming she wasn't trying to be a bitch.

No. 76480

The FB group is mainly mods and very old members, it was made as faster way to contact somebody in the case something happens to PULL (like the Kiki takedown, troll invasions, etc)

No. 76503

>tfw your bmi is 21.9 and she's fatter than you

No. 76926

Which con was Totemokawaii going to?

No. 76947

Okay, yeah she was probably being fake.

I'm assuming you mean why I think the teacher thing was her? Because it wasn't someone I was close to but kinda recognised at the same time.

No. 76983

Agreed, my lovely bitchy lolcow is becoming too soft and full of people relating posts to their selves.

No. 76990

No. 78178

You have friends?

No. 78277

File: 1428550441288.jpg (36.28 KB, 236x331, b2e78306e35a5304eafbb834f78f70…)

No. 78308

this shit is getting old. Most people who are cunts like totemo don't have a 'mental disorder'. they are just stupid, entitled, rude low self esteem etc but they do not have a mental disorder.
Totemo is just an insecure bitch who went on a power trip over the internet
anyways inaccurate picture anyways

No. 78320

I wasn't referring to the "omg I suddenly have a mental disorder guys!"

If her actions were really from an uncontrollable mental illness, she wouldn't be saying "tough shit I don't care that I offend you I'm an ass and I'm proud" on the forums, then saying "oh I was never intentionally offensive, it's just that my actions were misconstrued" when confronted about it on lolcow.

You're "a fucking idiot" (what she called redchild on PULL) means "I disagree with you." You guys just misunderstood her according to Totemokawaii lol

Making assumptions that a user "was posting for attention and didn't get enough attention from mommy and daddy" when the user was pointing out her crappy snowflake behavior meant "I feel your assumptions are not correct" in Totemocow-land.

No. 78487

File: 1428587591605.jpg (38.11 KB, 817x537, sheltered.jpg)

The pic just fits her personality well that's all. :p She did mention she was sheltered and not used to posting on the internet so maybe she went crazy with the amount of perceived power the internet gave her when many internet users realize it's really not that special. She was only cool to naive kids on the internet, the kinds who think it's cool to insult someone's mom over XBOX live.

No. 78490

File: 1428587923109.jpg (54.52 KB, 952x476, penusdesu.jpg)

Did she make this topic on lolcow? seems like something she'd say

No. 78491

File: 1428587936465.jpg (25.45 KB, 762x180, venusisabeeotch.jpg)

No. 78494

File: 1428588037604.jpg (43.19 KB, 513x491, truth.jpg)

Have you notice she is obsessed with the word ass? She is obsessed with other things related to the ass too.

No. 78495

File: 1428588192904.jpg (41.84 KB, 614x491, assassass.jpg)

Ass obsession proof.

No. 78496

File: 1428588286248.jpg (45.39 KB, 608x491, describingyourself.jpg)

Did Totemocow just describe herself?

No. 78539

Totemo is pretty ugly. She is also a little liar. People complain that talking about yourself on a site that's designed to bitch about snowflakes is being off-topic but technically Totemokawaii was talking about a snowflake whenever she bragged about herself.

She needs a thread on PULL

No. 78544

LMAO i thought this too…shes so pathetic

No. 78756

What the fuck? Abused children dont live a good life. Kids being locked in cages doesnt mean abused children are much worse
This bitch needs to shut up

No. 78761

File: 1428616191952.jpg (48.53 KB, 637x537, totemogetsputinherplace.jpg)

I hate it when people use the "people are worse off than you therefore it negates all the abuse you went through in your life" excuse.

All Venus did was put up an Amazon wishlist. That's it. It wasn't like she was aggressively begging. Totemo is just jealous that Venus gets free stuff sent her way and her egotistical ass didn't.

No. 78776

Totemokawaii uses a lot of strawman arguments because that's what she resorts to when she can't win. Naive little kiddies think she has a point but she really doesn't sometimes because they fail to see her logical fallacies.

"Hurr DURR Venus doesn't live in a cage and is prostituted therefore she isn't abused!" Except Venus IS clearly abused (not as harshly as kids who are living in cages and prostituted though.)

Come on, her future is getting destroyed by her own mom. She could've been successful without education but they keep destroying her business contacts and Venus may not have anything to fall back on when her looks decline and when their tax evasion catches up to them.

No. 78778

*and isn't prostituted

No. 78966

someone make a pull thread about her please…milk her for more

No. 78995

i think she was banned

No. 79006

She is.

No. 79064


Why? what happened?

No. 79096

Did you even read the thread? You can't pull an OC without getting banned.

No. 79164

Not the same anon, but then why OC wasn't banned? She just got demoted I think.

No. 79169

On the subject of Totemokawaii's excessive strawman arguments, she would always talk about the other person's perceived faults to detract attention away from the subject and/or herself.

Then when she "wins the argument" (an achievement she admits to coveting so very much in >>75836) people give her the praise she desperately thirsts for, under the illusion that she made good points.

Pandai shows Totemo's pics to help defend her claims
>Oh yeah well Pandai has NUDES! (shows a naked guy that looks similar to him)

FemaleFreud drops TK's pic
>Oh yeah well… YOU! YOU YOU YOU! This is the real TK! (shows FemaleFreud's pic)

Espurr gives TK permission to ban FF
>But she said I could! (even though I threatened to drop pics of PULL members and mess up the hotel somehow if I didn't get my way)

People on the forum point out her shitty behavior
>Oh yeah well you–

Ok the second you talk about someone else when someone is pointing out your faults, you pretty much lost the argument and should flee in embarrassment.

No. 79179

I'm glad that her antics on lolcow helped people finally see how much she throws other people under the bus. On the forums, they seemed to not see it as easily, like when she goes like "u do it tooo!" whenever she was confronted by her behavior.

Ok, when someone messes up, does that make you less of a snowflake, Totemo, if you're reading this? Does it make your actions less shitty? No. So if someone messes up as badly as you, you will still look as bad as you have always looked and lolcow will simply have 2 targets to rip on equally.

No. 79346

She got banned.

No. 79439

*whenever she was confronted by others regarding her behavior.

Really? I still see her signature and profile pic unless if people who are banned can still retain those.

No. 79442

Nothing gets changed when getting banned, you only can't access your account.

No. 79446

Really? I was going by TK's post appearance and other post appearances. Not even her post/thanks count show up and she might or might not be banned. (I think she might be because she tends to lie often so I don't completely believe that she deleted everything on her own)

OC's thanks/posts count are still showing.

No. 79455

File: 1428724915078.jpg (38.9 KB, 501x512, totemok.jpg)

No. 79461

if shes banned then DEFFO make a thread on her.

No. 79462

File: 1428725405030.jpg (8.85 KB, 219x230, goku.jpg)

She has DBZ brows.

No. 79465

Where are you guys getting her pics?

No. 79467

She is banned, she tried to delete all evidence of her BS while the other mods were still discussing about purging her.

No. 79468

WTF her eyebrows are fucking hideous…why would anyone think this looks good??? it makes no sense

No. 79475

Totemokawaii was probably bullied in school, which is why she vents on the internet.

She wears weeby stuff, does her makeup in a lulzy way and is very short. High school kids pounce on that. She probably has little chihuahua syndrome. You know how the smallest dogs tend to be the yappiest.

>>79467 So much for "I don't care if you're offended." and "I don't post for your comfort."

No. 79479

>makes fun of Helliechan and Venus for their "cat's anus" lips. (her words)
>makes her lips look like said cat's anus.

No. 79503

File: 1428729047369.jpg (18.04 KB, 322x430, sparklebomber.jpg)

BTW Totemo was talking about the Jenny Fax Sparkle Bomber.

IDK about the Sparkle Bomber but when you pay a huge amount for designer clothing, you're paying for a piece of the designer's mind and high quality sturdy materials most times.

Expensive clothing deteriorates more slowly than cheap clothing. It sheds less. It's more sturdy over all. Whether or not the clothes are made in a sweat shop or fair trade company also plays a role in the price sometimes.

Totemokawaii, who clearly buys cheap manufactured shit all the time would not understand and/or appreciate this.

No. 79504

By shed I mean the little threads that come off of cheap clothing. You wouldn't want to inhale that, especially if the material is carcinogenic.

No. 79515

LOL when I saw her post I imagined her being some cheap fat trashy girl who shops only at walmart…

No. 79516

I love how transparent she is. She just sounds so mad she can't afford nice things

and LOL at people who get so uppitty over people spending their money how they want it when they are desperate poor fags

No. 79522


This jacket cannot be made for $15. What about the hard work the artist did to sketch out the jacket design?

I really doubt this could be made for $15 without looking cheap and costumey and having the little sparkly things falling off due to rushed production to get it to be cheap. A cheaper thick bomber jacket that looks similar to that would probably cost $30-40 minimum. And Miss-I-don't-know-what-iirc-is says people have no right to be ignorant because "we live in the age of technology." She lectures people on how ignorant they are when we have Google yet she cannot google why some designer clothing are so expensive.

I want to also mention that I didn't say "China crap" because many designer stuff is made there and is still high quality. Basically when buying from China, you get what you pay for. Bootleg/knockoff stuff is not exclusive to China. USA does it too with their off-brand USA made stuff, some even copying eastern items.

No. 79523

Totemo is just a jealous person in general. Instead of improving herself, she tries to tear down others as evidenced by what she did to Pandai and other people from PULL.

Oh well maybe some short people want tall people to stoop down to their level rather than grabbing a chair or platform shoes to meet them at their height.

No. 79524

I mean god forbid well-off or rich people spend their money! They should just hoard their money and not circulate it into the economy! That'll end well.

No. 79543

File: 1428732195098.png (225.27 KB, 955x537, GRRi'mverytough.png)

Totemo just doesn't appreciate or understand hard work and/or paying your workers a living wage.

She just doesn't understand quality in general, which is why she thought Pandai's posts were horrible for some reason, and why she didn't value the fact that he was a quality friend.

"I don't give a shit if I'm friends with any of you or not." And that's exactly why she did what she did to Pandai.

No. 79546

File: 1428732346509.png (211.46 KB, 955x537, maketheEDpagehappenplz.png)

No. 79548

File: 1428732379950.png (288.65 KB, 955x537, sorrynowplzdon'tmaketheEDpage.…)

She made an apology post RIGHT AFTER the post that revealed an Encyclopedia Dramatica page on her may be in progress.

No. 79557

she doesn't sound sorry at all…her doxx should be added to the ed page
I always hated her since she dropped her nice act on pull and went for the 4edgy5me one
pathetic ugly girl

No. 79578

File: 1428734547403.png (109.86 KB, 1366x768, loltotemo.png)

Yes, before she was justifying her actions to Pandai. >>76324

Then due to the backlash on lolcow, she realized she wasn't nearly as cool as she had previously thought and she apologized.

She claimed "if I didn't care at all, I wouldn't be here to tell you all of this."

But then said "I don't give a shit what everyone else thinks of the situation at this point." in the next sentence.

No. 79614

Guys, I'm so confused. Is Totemo the white girl or the black girl? Can someone just post a picture of her and say "This is what TotemoKawaii looks like"?

will the real slim shady please stand up

No. 79855

I just noticed she bitches about Jenny Fax "overpricing a bomber jacket" but says she would overprice an apple and toilet paper as if Jenny Fax held a gun to everyone's head, telling them they have to buy her clothing.

No. 79857

The girl with the skin painted white is said to be Totemokawaii. I still have sneaking suspicions it may not be her.

No. 79958

Someone give this bitch a pair of tweezers and some lip fillers. Jesus Christ.

No. 80116

we don't know if she she has/doesn't have a mental disorder tbh

No. 80117

me too anon, i fucking despise it.

No. 80118

As much as I dislike venus, totemo is fucking 100000x worse than her.
Like, what the fuck.
Her opinions are cringe-worthy as fuck.
Venus is just some weeb sure but this girl, jesus christ she takes the cake

No. 80141

She has to have some behavioral problem to act like this. I just think she puts too much blame on it and/or makes little to no effort to restrain herself.

>>80118 I agree. She belongs in the next PULL banner so fucking much. The only thing she does better than Venus is being cringe-y and unlikeable.

No. 80150

File: 1428801272358.jpg (40.59 KB, 345x479, ttotemo.jpg)

No. 80158

She went to school looking like this… didn't she…?

No. 80193

Totemokawaii probably is now sorry for everything and regrets every word she said. Her tears must taste tasty!

No. 80200


Where do you guys keep getting her photos? I don't think she gave these to PULL users.

No. 80220

She looks cute here, but only in this picture. Yes her eyebrows look weird but they aren't that noticeable in that photo compared to the first known pic of her

No. 80241

damn, that's a step down from the OP picture

No. 80242

She's only sorry because she got caught with her pants down.
>I'm sorry now please don't dox me or make that ED page. I was only mean because I thought it would make me look cool on lolcow like it did to the few little naive kids on PULL but everyone was mean to me instead :'(

No. 80476

Go away, Totemo.

No. 80477

this bitch is WHITE wtf

No. 80496

No. She is brown. Ethnitically she is biracial. She most definitely is not white or black.

No. 80498

Dont make that ED page though. ED is unfunny and trying too hard. Just archive that shit somewhere. And dox her.

No. 80505

Her super villain eyebrows are literally the first thing I noticed. And the only reason she looks "cute" is because she photowondered herself into oblivion.

No. 80517

Eugh, that's old Megannyan-teir bad.Or lower since it genuinely scared my when I loaded up the picture.

No. 80521

Nobody can top my 2013 make-up.

No. 80527

File: 1428853155737.jpg (73.58 KB, 599x537, i'mcoolgeekgurrl.jpg)

It is possible for a part white part black person to look like that. Example of two twin sisters related to each other. >>71987

However she said she had brown skin and then compared her skin to another user's while showing pics of her with her skin painted white. Wouldn't she at least say "In these pics I painted my skin white"?

She did mention she was insecure and used lighter foundation to make her skin light. >>79543 She is obviously very spoiled to have so many Korean lotions and foundations, not to mention a lot of plastic crap her mommy and daddy buys her.

No. 80528

This, ED is littterally "YEAH SO THIS GIRL IS A FAT UGLY FAGGOT BITCH WHO LIKES TO SUCK COCKS BC DADDY DIDNT LOVE HER ENUFF XD!1!!" Trying way too hard to be offensive and funny to a point where it's just ridiculously sad
They even got pages about people who did nothing like Xiaorishu

No. 80529

Without the caterpillar eyebrows that don't flatter her face (she should just shape them,not much) she is kinda cute but she's no super living dorru beauty "BETTER THAN VENUS!!!" like she praises herself to be

No. 80530

Yeah the site bores me. It's like a slightly better version of Totemokawaii's rantings.

Totemokawaii acts like those kids sheletered from the internet who suddenly discovered Encyclopedia Dramatica and wanted to be so cool just like them. They emulate the behavior on ED but end up sounding so cringey and tryhard.

No. 80532

She even wanted to be a a Cancam model. She's probably way too short and why would they want her to model when they can find better looking locals? Just look at that face. It's nothing special. At least Venus has a unique face which is more apparent when you see her in bright lighting and angled shots. Venus doesn't look as well in other kinds of pics but come on we do not need two Venuses when we already have one, especially since the other one looks like a failed clone of Venus with a horrendous personality.

No. 80533

>I don't work (never have)
>I've been purely on a clothing/cosmetics binge the last year and a half now
>bought my latest nendoroid a month ago and a Korilakkuma before that.
>Age 18-19

You seem responsible with your finances, Totemo.

No. 80535

In the OP pic >>70290 she does have anime/video game toys in the background which supports what is said in >>80527 Maybe that's too much of a stretch though.

No. 80695

File: 1428868933605.jpeg (178.3 KB, 1200x800, shellie-billy_1008.jpeg)

screw totemocow and that twin with a multiracial black mum, I find Billy Blank's biological daughter much more of a genetic miracle
Now that you say it, Toteycow could be liked at encyclopediadramatica.

No. 80702

>biological daughter
I don't believe that for a nano second.

No. 80707

That's his adopted daughter from his first marriage (her biological mother). He only has one biological son.

No. 80710

aww shucks.
I still got Paris Jackson to tell myself that its possible

No. 80772

Nah I think Totemocow wouldn't be able to write anything slightly entertaining. Her work consists of using the word "ass, anal" anything related to the butt, things that come from the butt, etc. Such a lack of variety.

No. 80783

File: 1428877114567.jpg (39.07 KB, 533x537, stopobessingoveranus.jpg)

White people descended from African people. That's why some dark skinned black couples give birth to blonde hair blue eyed, light skinned babies (but they mostly have african features). Those are recessive genes of Africans.

Kate Hudson isn't biologically related to Billy Blanks though.

Anyway Totemo screencap to keep on subject. Again with the anal obsession. Love it when redchild argues against Totemokawaii because she puts her in her place well and has good points against her.

No. 80787

>I'm not trying to be a dick

I don't buy that. At all. At age 18, if she STILL does not know talking that way is not rude, she's probably not going to be able to hold down any job and would have to resort to getting SSI.

If it's true she is not intentionally vicious, imagine the massive amounts of lulz she got into at school only to whine "wow they were mean for no reason first ah din do nuffin!"

No. 80889

Better than Venus!

No. 80893

how jelly is totemofutanari here? vote


No. 80903

If Venus's fans are getting her gifts, that's not Venus's fault. They aren't forced to give her anything even if she did say her fans had to do so (which she didn't.)

If naive little girls give her stuff, wouldn't they at least need their parent's permission? I doubt many of them make money at that age and even then they would need a parent/guardian's permission.

If they had permission, it's fine. If they didn't, they should get off the internet. it's their parent/caretaker's fault for not teaching or supervising them properly.

I notice this a lot on PULL, people blaming the public persona for what the fans or haters choose to do. Venus did not provoke anything by doing nothing but putting up an Amazon wishlist.

No. 80951

*if she STILL does not know talking that way is rude

No. 80954

i agree.
i want someone to make an ed page of her

No. 81189

I'd rather not because ed sucks. We need our own wiki to archive shit because I dont want drama thats coming from PULL on a shitty site tbh.

No. 81191

very "important" question!

No. 84679


Lol you're so positive towards someone who obviously does not deserve it. But yeah I really do hope she becomes a better person so she doesn't irritate the hell out of anyone else.


Wow she such a selfish bitch (just like what she called Venus.) If she had a chance to rule the world, she would steal the money of fashion designers (by the way, no one was obligated to buy their stuff) and force them to live in poverty and cause emotional and physical abuse to them all because she could not afford designer clothing? Wooooow that pales in comparison to Venus making an Amazon wishlist like what she preached against here >>78761

No. 129913

File: 1435712039290.jpg (84.88 KB, 782x630, unnamed.jpg)

I, I, I, me, me, me.

Received "new" screenies of Totemo's lulz.

No. 129914

File: 1435712114531.jpg (76.04 KB, 776x572, unnamed (1).jpg)

And yet she could not take lolcow nitpicking her and deleted everything despite bragging about how SHE DUN CURR SHE ISN'T TRYING TO BE YOUR FAV POSTER!

No. 129917

File: 1435712471904.jpg (65.45 KB, 1000x636, ego.jpg)

>This forum is about me me me me.

No. 129918

File: 1435712537925.jpg (81.23 KB, 940x660, datego.jpg)

Screenshot dump from a friend sorry for the spam.

lol she's one to talk.

No. 129919

File: 1435712658632.jpg (124.94 KB, 800x754, mesobadass.jpg)


No. 129920

File: 1435712711177.jpg (44.15 KB, 610x759, bodydysmorphia.jpg)

Dem body issues. Venus's frame is ok it's just that her tiny head and face makes everything big in comparison.

No. 129921

File: 1435712794959.jpg (50.44 KB, 786x536, sure.jpg)

Are you sure you and your mom weren't made fun of for having aspie tard tantrums and being proud of the incoherent outbursts, then wondering why people bullied you? lol

No. 129922

File: 1435712830724.jpg (63.82 KB, 816x610, lackofselfawareness.jpg)

No. 129923

File: 1435712877649.jpg (58.58 KB, 790x496, wowcalmdown.jpg)

Doesn't Totemo have a similar body?

No. 129924

File: 1435712918453.jpg (74.53 KB, 663x759, preachingagainstbullying.jpg)

She's preaching against bullying even though she did the same things Jrcock did.

No. 129925

File: 1435712985695.jpg (74.3 KB, 656x759, lighteningskin.jpg)

Talking about lightening skin. I bet she looks really ridiculous IRL and gets made fun of for painting her skin so unnaturally, then vents her rage from the bullies online.

No. 129926

File: 1435713021199.jpg (38.47 KB, 834x496, really.jpg)

No. 129928

File: 1435713098745.jpg (79.44 KB, 772x638, meh.jpg)

Weird how she goes after Venus like a drooling hog because Venus is prettier than her.

No. 129929

File: 1435713119071.jpg (107.08 KB, 713x759, IDUNCURR.jpg)

No. 129930

File: 1435713195777.jpg (66.65 KB, 648x759, jellyhater.jpg)

Totemo trying to read Venus's mind.

No. 129932

File: 1435713261405.jpg (64.36 KB, 760x540, age.jpg)

Her age and she didn't take her own advice. She put herself in the spotlight and then she tried to flee from the internet after not being able to give half decent excuses for her actions.

No. 129933

File: 1435713330401.jpg (56.09 KB, 788x438, lmaoohtotemo.jpg)

Funny, considering the fact she compares herself to snowflakes and go like "I would do this I would never do this I, I, I. Look at me, me, me I'm so much better than those snowflakes."

No. 129934

File: 1435713387714.jpg (47.11 KB, 788x210, thisgirlomg.jpg)

Says this but dumps Venusangelic's period vid anyway even though Venus allegedly never meant it to go public. Besides why do we need to see her bloody vag?

No. 129936

File: 1435713418571.jpg (88.53 KB, 780x660, sureyouare.jpg)

Talking about how white/tan and thin and cuter than all of you she is.

No. 129937

File: 1435713516142.jpg (80.41 KB, 650x759, internettoughguy.jpg)

Is she bipolar or something? In some posts she was like "I'm not trying to argue with you" and in the next, she flips out like this to perfectly reasonable and tame responses. smh

No. 129939

File: 1435713603505.jpg (83.44 KB, 840x688, suuuuure.jpg)

>Watch what you post it maybe offensive to some. (including myself). Just because it sounds okay in your head, it can be interpreted differently by others. I learned that the hard way.

And lecturing others about being the bigger person. Again, what? Is she bipolar? Her nice and mean switch seems off and on.

No. 129941

File: 1435713790226.jpg (91.54 KB, 774x656, oklahoma.jpg)

Admitting where she lived. Not sure which city but my friend says she may have been in the Oklahoma City School District? I feel like that is wrong.

I heard that she was bullied for not being able to control what diarrhea exploded from her mouth. She was put in special classes, had to take certain medication but there was a rumor that she refused the meds. She is still a NEET and collects a monthly paycheck from the government, using most of it to pay her parent's rent and the rest to buy cute anime figurines

No. 129942

File: 1435713821631.jpg (39.88 KB, 784x600, calmdowngirl.jpg)

Encouraging physical harm on others. Oh boy.

No. 129943

File: 1435713863759.jpg (79.84 KB, 647x759, arrogance.jpg)

No. 129945

File: 1435713916285.jpg (105.1 KB, 598x759, i'msomoral.jpg)

Being bipolar again. She goes on a moral preachy crusade even though she lectures others about how it's laughable to do that. Make up yo' damn mind girl.

No. 129946

File: 1435713950431.jpg (61.78 KB, 808x420, venusobsession.jpg)

Binge watches Venus vids even though she hates her. K.

No. 129948

File: 1435714064304.jpg (37.74 KB, 874x472, flexingcybermuscles.jpg)

>If I rustle your jimmes, just pm me, because more than likely, I was unintentionally sounding like a bitch- and I don't want to argue.

No. 129949

File: 1435714125688.jpg (67.81 KB, 781x759, applycoldwatertotheburnnot.jpg)

>If I rustle your jimmes, just pm me, because more than likely, I was unintentionally sounding like a bitch- and I don't want to argue.

She didn't want to argue you guys.

No. 129950

File: 1435714164944.jpg (68.98 KB, 584x759, wimpywimp.jpg)

>P-please go easy on me guise. Uguu >.<

No. 129951

File: 1435714187751.jpg (42.55 KB, 820x352, mmmmkay.jpg)

No. 129952

File: 1435714261915.jpg (62.96 KB, 772x560, periodvid.jpg)

Openly bragging about having the period video. She was allegedly the only one to publicly brag about downloading the period vid, redistributing it and keeping it for fapping purposes.

No. 129953

File: 1435714296638.jpg (75.19 KB, 912x386, srsbsns.jpg)

Morality lecture even though she tard rages against others for doing it.

No. 129954

File: 1435714328225.jpg (92.14 KB, 816x676, lies.jpg)

We seriously doubt this.

No. 129956

File: 1435714416411.jpg (81.38 KB, 778x632, skype.jpg)

Skype request because PULL members connect to each other over ripping on girls they are jealous of. How sweet.

No. 129957

File: 1435714489721.jpg (70.23 KB, 790x608, nolifeskills.jpg)

She seems brilliantly unaware of how the real world works.

It's called getting educated and making enough money to live a luxurious life, moron.

No. 129958

Oooh my gawd stop! Are you gunna post every post she ever written. Fuck

No. 129959

File: 1435714547944.jpg (66.58 KB, 786x570, wow.jpg)

She was said to have uploaded the uncensored video elsewhere anyway. Again why was redistributing Venus's period vid necessary? Unless if she scams or acts shitty again who cares?

No. 129960

I feel like >>129913 to >>129957 and so on is the same person.
Chill anon. We get that she's the Venus to your Totemocow, but you're just spamming at this point. We get it. She's a bitch.

No. 129961

File: 1435714584893.jpg (28.33 KB, 800x308, sureyoudo.jpg)

Bragging about her Kim K butt and trying to compare herself to others again.

No. 129962

File: 1435714620751.jpg (64.85 KB, 778x648, wooooooooooooooow.jpg)

>I… I d-downloaded the period vid of Venus uguu

No. 129963

File: 1435714667286.jpg (68.96 KB, 776x606, shehaskids.jpg)

Totemokawaii was pregnant and had kids so that's why she never worked.

No. 129965

Oh god they aren't gunna stop. This thread is going to be flooded by this guy posting every single one of her posts.

No. 129967

Ok sorry it was too spammy. Someone asked me to dump these pic files here and I don't know what to do. Should I upload all of them somewhere else all at once?

No. 129992

Put everything in one image after you have gathered enough milk

No. 130050

does she have any social media accs we know of?

No. 130095

Lol you're being sarcastic right? XD

No. 130167

Well, at least she's right about jrcach.

No. 130185

I was friends with this girl on Facebook, looks like she deleted her profile ..

No. 130194

Seems like it, her FB was Sierra [REMOVED] right?

(Girl is underaged)

No. 132498

Share deets

No. 132502

Seems like admin doesn't want that to get done for her being underage? Hence she is about to turn 20.

No. 132515

If evidence is given that she's currently 18 or older, it can be posted.

No. 132517

If she's about to turn 20, how can she be underage? Where did you hear that she was underage? She was about 17 in 2013. She should at least be 18 by now right?

No. 132519

Right here she admitted to being about 17 in 2013. >>73801

No. 133813


She's almost definitely above 18, right? She was like 19 when this thread was made, so she is 19+ now. Someone mentioned her age and that she was a NEET

No. 133968


Yes that was her, she was always talking about how cute she is. I had a reason for not liking her, I can't remember why but surprise she turned out to be just like the girls she bitches about.

Also her eyebrows are ugly af. Made me feel better about mine

No. 133973

When I was friends with her I thought I remember her saying she's 19

No. 134042

So since she did admit to being at least an adult right now in >>73801
we should be able to tell others she is allegedly Sierra Watson from Oklahoma. What did you see on her facebook?

No. 135480

Is Totemo serious that she actually has kids or did she word it incorrectly and meant something else? If so, she reminds me of that kawaii idol-wannabe who has a baby daughter and dances to Japanese music in her parents' house while her daughter watches.

No. 135485

I read somewhere poor people tend to speak their minds more than rich people and just behave a lot less gracefully. She does speak her mind a lot to the point of being cringey, thinks a designer bomber jacket can be made for $15, jobless last time we saw, begs her parents to buy anime figures for her, rations money for 1 or 2 anime figures every now and then. she seems really poor.

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