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File: 1482795882802.png (434.51 KB, 1242x1827, 1482773343034.png)

No. 222185

Elbow-san's face was accidentally revealed in a window reflection at a Christmas dinner party >>220938 So Taylor posted a full pic of them together.

Taylor's brother did a Nazi salute and goose-stepped in the background of her presents video.

Sperging continues to abound.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TaylorR1488
Instagram: https://instagram.com/taytay_xx/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iamtay_tay

Last thread reached limit >>221937

No. 222188

More accurate 'last thread' link >>187286

No. 222189

I don't know why she didn't just cut this out (scrub to 14:12).

No. 222190

Huh. Not what I anticipated, but hey, at least he looks normal. I don't know if I'm in the minority or not, but I think that they suit each other.

No. 222192

Is Blake balding?

No. 222193

The Salute is done with the right hand tho for obvious reasons. His left hand was raised

No. 222196

That's where you're wrong. For an Asian he looks pretty old. Money is money though, good for her.

No. 222198


Somehow he looks about the same as I imagined/hoped. They're cute. I was kinda worried that he would be a "shiny guy", you know the type, like a slimy shiny male model or something, that many weebs seem to love, but who are not keepers.

No. 222199

oh rip her boyfriendo is not that cute.

kiki must be happy that her snaggle tooth ex was cuter than this

No. 222200

Making fun of the nazis goes back to WW11 so there's a reason these jokes are still circulating in culture. I'm just saying, for her image this looks kinda shit that she's left it in and showed herself laughing along. By no means am I suggesting he's a neo-nazi. I wouldn't know which hand to raise either, but maybe I'm not edgy enough…

No. 222201

What do you mean keeper? Really annoying how people think fugly people are immediately kind and nice.

No. 222202

thats kind of fucked up actually, wtf?

No. 222203

File: 1482797248623.jpg (13.47 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

This is so petty I love it

No. 222204


do you not know how roman numerals work

No. 222206

I did kind of forget for a moment.

No. 222207

I love how this thread is already degenerating. Cheers, farmers.

Sorry I deleted it then.

No. 222210

kiki fucking wishes, elbow-san is far more attractive
i'd rather fuck a cactus than taco-san

No. 222223

i honestly wouldnt give a shit if the guy was average looking if he bought me any frivolous shit i wanted and a huge house in tokyo

No. 222225

Why try to damage the family's reputation? This stupid hand gesture was clearly not meant to insult or disrespect anyone

No. 222226

She didn't seem surprised at Blake in the least and she didn't cut it out. Not sure if she wants the attention it could cause or if she's so desensitized to her brothers antics it doesn't even register as something in bad taste. The video comments are full of girls thirsty for Blake so prob no one really cares.

Elbow san looks ok. Pretty plain but not shockingly ugly or old. I thought for awhile he was going to be old af.

No. 222231

Ew @ elbow-sans turtle neck and camo pant combo wtf. She could have chose a better photo I think.

No. 222233

Pretty much this. But I wouldn't think they're in love.

No. 222234

I was just shitposting really. I'm not trying to make a big thing of it, sorry if anyone is taking it seriously. We have so little to go on with Taylor and I needed a "scandal" for the OP. Taylor's threads are 80% sperging anyway.

As she knowingly left it in the video, I doubt Taylor feels this brings her family into disrepute.

No. 222235

she just wanted to get a pic of them out as soon as possible so it wouldnt feel as though lolcow and PULL won after the accidental shot of him in the reflection

No. 222239

Aw look at them. They look cute and happy together, that's what really matters. I wish them good luck.

Damn Bro is hot.. crazy but hot. Kek

No. 222241

What's wrong with knights like you who act like they live in her brain and know why she's thinking?

No. 222245

Reaching much?

No. 222248

He looked pretty basic bitch Canadian and not so much crazy as an immature attention whore

No. 222249

No, anon is right.

No. 222251

He's not that bad looking and from the looks of it, he makes her happy. Honestly they're nowhere near as bad as Yumi King and her bf.

No. 222252

Still hot.

No. 222253

is it not clear to see? are you retarded enough to think its just coincidence that she'd post a pic of him just two days after his picture got leaked after 6+ months of not showing his face? kek

No. 222262

people do actually fall in love with people who don't look "perfect". are you a teen?

No. 222263

Maybe it was a surprise for Christmas…

People hunting elbow san are like a VERY sneaky kid trying to figure out what his parents got him for Christmas.

She was going to show a picture of him/ talk about him/ make a video sooner or later.

No. 222264

Don't know what compels you to defend someone with made up shit on a site made for talking shit.

No. 222267

falls in love in money

Tell me that when the dude isn't rich, mmk?

No. 222270

Most likely.
Or a very bitter person.

No. 222276

explain how im defending her? im pointing out how shes extremely defensive about shit posted about her on here and other sites

No. 222281

in possibly the most made-up-shit thread of them all…

No. 222282

he looks like he could be her dad ew

No. 222283

Anons are always desperate to start shit in Taylor threads because there's fucking nothing to talk about. It is completely reasonable to assume she posted the pic as a reaction to the reflection leak.

No. 222284

Does he have a perm?

No. 222291

the fuck does a "young" looking asian look like then? An animu bishi senpai?

No. 222292

Wouldn't you?

No. 222294

tbh, wouldn't you be defensive if people were nitpicking your entire life apart on a hate site?

it makes sense that she's defensive.
and no i'm not white knighting, just being logical.

No. 222296

fair enough.. i do think she takes things to the extreme though what with the daddys credit card xDD joke every single video for months and even making all her friends get in on the joke

No. 222299

File: 1482801887894.jpg (49.74 KB, 276x304, austin-powers-sound.jpg)

dude looks like asian austin powers

No. 222302

I see it kek

No. 222303

lmao anon, I was trying to pinpoint who he reminded me of and you hit it on the nail

No. 222304


oh god no

No. 222306

Maybe it's because for her and people who actually know her, the accusations seem ridiculous.
As for her defensiveness, money is always a tricky issue. I know I would be annoyed if I hustled for 6-7 years in Hong Kong taking every shit modeling job that came my way in an effort to build the lifestyle I wanted for myself, and then after having done that, had people say that I was a "lazy stupid cunt who never worked hard in her whole life".

No. 222307


omg he does

but the nazi shit is reaching. her brother was just being stupid in the background.

No. 222314

did you read

No. 222316


World War 11? I don't think my country was involved in that little scuffle.

No. 222318

>Really annoying how people think fugly people are immediately kind and nice.

Agreed, but I get why some do it. It's a method to console themselves. By pretending that good looking people who are out of their league == slimy and not ~keepers~, they feel better for not having a chance to begin with.

No. 222319

I feel bad for Tay. She seems sweet but all the other jvloggers seem like frenemies to her.

At least she has Elbow-san who seems to genuinely care.

No. 222323


Posted too soon soz.

Mimei shading Taylor w/ a reference to her dad's credit card.

wouldn't be surprised if Mimei posted here.

No. 222324

That's what you got out of that?
Anon, Mimei's not shading her, she's in on the joke. It's pretty obvious.

No. 222328

it's around 6:38 if you don't want to have to sit through that garbage like I did.

No. 222330

It seems like they plenty of crossover jokes, like Taylor joking she accidentally revealed Sharla's bf (how ironic though).

No. 222332

I'm writing this from the future, anon.

No. 222336

snagging someone super good-looking is not most people's goal in life compared to snagging someone compatible. good looking people can be cunts or nice too.

anyway, let's look on the bright side. she's not getting railed by her boss to pay her rent like Kota is.

No. 222339

they do^ plenty

No. 222344

i was gonna say it must be nice to whore out your brother for views but, he seems like an attention whore anyway so it;s all good i guess

No. 222346

File: 1482806341140.png (478.66 KB, 616x601, Br.png)

Actually that's a good idea anon.
I was paying more attention to her brother than her stuff tbh.

No. 222351

If we're going by the standard assumption that Taylor's family is loaded, it would kind of make sense for her to hang around with other rich people? And date within that circle..?

No. 222354

Look$ really don't matter at all. Don't under$tand what$ up with people who think only look$ matter a$ oppo$ed to other more relevant thing$.

No. 222355

Start what shit? She spends her dad's money and now needs another money fund. Ain't nothing wrong with it but stop pretending it's some Disney fairytale.

No. 222356

Explain why she hangs around cheap ass vloggers then.

No. 222358

that's a business thing though, and I'll wager it's temporary in her life.

No. 222359

How do you know this? Don't make definitive statements when you really have no idea.

No. 222363

How do you know it's not? Eat your own advice hun.

No. 222368

File: 1482809183874.png (843.74 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

She doesn't need the money

No. 222369

I didn't make any statement (because I don't fucking know). So the rest of your post makes no sense.

No. 222370

he would look good with different glasses/frames and an actual haircut. He has a nice face hiding under all of that.

No. 222376

Can someone clearly point out where exactly daddy's money is going, as the only clothes Taylor seems to buy are barely a step above cheap F21 shit? Literally anyone with any kind of steady income could afford to hoard sweatshop clothes and Zara candles and Kylie kits or whatever the fuck

No. 222379

She has some designer stuff, but you can keep bags like that forever, really. Most of her daily wear seems to be from F21 or Asos.

No. 222381

Read your post, you did make a statement. Sorry that you forget so easily.

No. 222382

not digging the long nails or the jew fro but he seems inoffensive looking enough.

No. 222383

imma guess it's cause she travels a lot and buys new tech and all that shit pretty often. also her house is really huge. just my guess tho, hell if i know.

No. 222384

I thunk Elbow can be cute with a haircut.

No. 222385

There is rent + bills + her expensive vegan groceries + pet on top of that though. Not to mention she gets manicures, hair did and etc. Also her wardrobes changes frequently. It all adds up.

No. 222386

It's fast/cheap fashion for sure but she's probably replacing her wardrobe all of the time. That's where the money goes, into constantly buying new clothes to replace the old ones worn more than twice.

No. 222387

It's so funny how Sharla is the one with the well dressed more attractive fiance, and Taylor is the one with the 'meh'guy with a fro-perm and dumpy sense of fashion boyfriend.

No. 222388

Maybe its not all about looks.

No. 222389

I think the fro is from being half French, though a lot of asians have curly hair.

No. 222397

How even does Sharla have a more handsome boyfriend than Taylor does?

No. 222398

Because love is not about looks…

No. 222399

according to some anons in this thread love is only about looks- or money.

No. 222400

Jesus, what a douche. "Baby, I got two Porsches".

No. 222401

Taylor threads are retarded, and I say that as an anon who thinks Taylor is an insufferable smug twat.

No. 222402

Serious question, what's exactly your problem with Taylor? What did she do?

Damn boy…
Dear santay, is it too late to ask for more hot bro videos?

No. 222404

that was…anticlimactic

No. 222409

Taylor RICHard

No. 222410

>point out money
What problem? I don't know why YOU look down on women who like money and make up fairytale crap on behalf of Taylor, lol.

No. 222415

Yes defending her by making up bullshit. >hurrrr it's luv guise, LOVVVVE.

No. 222416

You don't need looks with money. Don't know why people think it's abhorrent and new that some women throw themselves at rich or famous men. Just because you don't like it does not mean it doesn't happen.

No. 222419

I think it's kind of funny too. Taylor is more fashionable/typically attractive than Sharla who is kind of plain/"dumpy", but dates the plain/"dumpy" guy, and Sharla is dating the more fashionable/typically attractive guy. I suppose it's the whole opposites attract thing? And I guess like other anons have said, looks aren't everything for some people. It is kind of an amusing little detail however…

No. 222420

Not sure if teens or bitter old bitches.

We are just saying they look really happy together and that you are assuming things.

Yeah it happens often anon, but we don't think that's the case.

No. 222423

Plot twist: Sharla is the one with an attractive partner.

No. 222424

I'm with you, they legit look happy together and I think it's kind of sweet? I mean, just look at the way she's looking at him.

I get that he's not typically attractive and he's got money, but it's not like Taylor is strapped for cash or anything. Maybe, just maybe, she actually likes this guy and he has a good personality?

No. 222432

I wouldn't date that fug even if if you paid me 1billion. Y'all though Keeks ex was a fug, elbow san is the bi product of some fucked up experiment or something.

No. 222436

Shut up Kiki. Taku had a snagglr tooth

No. 222438

Mkay Taylor

No. 222446


oops apparently didnt

No. 222448

no worries. this thread has gotten out of hand even without my interference.

No. 222449


when did we see her fiance?

No. 222454

Oh no, Taylor not dating a male model? They seem pretty happy together, and I bet for her the fact that he has money is only a plus, not the sole reason they're dating.

No. 222456

His outfit isn't very flattering.

No. 222468

File: 1482823545955.jpg (43.11 KB, 455x599, PSX_20161227_022158.jpg)

Oh, DEAR..

No. 222469

….why does money = unhappy? You're the one assuming things as well. Why can't she aim for money and be happy with the money? You seem to have a very black and white view on money. Money can being happiness.

No. 222472

Wow, Elbow-san looks like an old man.

Sugar daddy theories confirmed.

No. 222473

They seem to like the same thinks, enjoy the same hobbies, and have the same work ambitions. I really don't see why his face/age would have to do with anything… maybe they first connected by talking about life?

No. 222474

He looks at least 45 especially with that stupid perm… I mean I wasn't expecting much but I really wasn't expecting this…sugar daddy theories don't seem so farfetched now..

No. 222476

He doesn't actually even look that old though? He's not good looking or well-styled, sure, but he hardly looks any older than maybe his mid to late 30's tops. I feel like some anons are exaggerating for the sake of wishing for something milkier than a standard boring relationship. She's rich already, she hardly needs a sugar daddy.

No. 222480

>sugar daddy theories
sperg sperg sperg

No. 222481


>sperg sperg sperg

The weird uptick of vitriol in this thread reeks of Ostrenga.

No. 222482

the credit card stuff has been a joke in their friend group for months, what a reach once again

No. 222483

Taylor will be 30 in a year, and the guy looks about 35. How exactly does that make it a sugar daddy situation? She doesn't need his money. She probably just feels comfortable with someone else who has money so neither of them will feel used or pressured by the other.

No. 222486

I hate to pull the "just jelly" card out because usually it's such a bullshit argument. But the amount of nitpicking and reaching that goes down in Taylor threads really alludes to it. What is Taylor's big scandal? Where is her milk? Is it really that difficult to accept that some semi-attractive rich girl lives in a really nice apartment with her average, semi older boyfriend in weeb dreamland? I'm no taylor stan, but how very dull. Especially when there's such a plethora of batty foreign girls actually hooking and sugar babying their way throughout Japan.

No. 222487

MTE especially since the house tour vid, these jelly bitches have been doing the most. There is no milk here, just salty anons.

No. 222490

The reveal was a shock because I expected him to look much different but I think he looks pretty decent. Taylor looks quite young but she's in her late 20's and she probably doesn't want some emo japanese street fashion twink like all the other white girls running loose in Tokyo.

No. 222491

Is there a pic of Sharla's fiance?

No. 222493

Or maybe she does want a guy like that…Idk I actually wish she got with some hot white guy instead. (Replying to myself, sorry.)

No. 222495

I think it's kind of nice that Taylor's priorities are different than most weeb lolcow's. She's not perfect by any means, but I do think she has matured a bit over the course of her videos and I suppose it makes sense for her to go for a more average looking, stable guy with a great career over some young, hot, host type or something. She seems to be heading into her thirties with very mature priorities, maybe thinking of settling down? Who knows…

In the thread over here >>220931
There are some other related posts too.

No. 222496

I think her flaw is in how she preaches about going after your dreams when she's a rich spoiled brat who has the privilege of doing anything she wants. Her and her brother also seem legitimately dumb. idk I can't stand spoiled privileged people who are unaware of how lucky they are.

No. 222497

How exactly is she a "spoiled brat"?
Please explain

No. 222499

Well she was born into an upper middle class family, she doesn't really know any different as annoying as it may come across. What's wrong with her preaching the "live your dreams" message anyways? She's preaching positivity, would you rather her do the opposite?

No. 222500

>What's wrong with her preaching the "live your dreams" message anyways?

It's an empty message coming from someone completely out of touch. It's like a Gwenyth Paltrow effect. She could just, y'know, not preach anything or acknowledge that some people don't have the fortune to do whatever they want like she does.

No. 222501

Her boyfriend looks rather good in my opinion.
I know many girls on here love the K-pop pretty boy shit or are into Host like types but i think this guy looks quite nice and normal.
Also holy fuck the way she looks at him dude might have money but i think these two are genuine

No. 222505

Well nitpick away. I'm pretty sure she has good intentions.

No. 222507

Models don't need to date other models. It must be a fresh of breath air for Taylor to have someone who is genuine and kind. He isn't ugly either, but not attractive. But surely his personality makes him a win for her.

No. 222509

Kek not everyone is a jelly hater, I wouldn't want to be riding that uggos dick for $$.

No. 222510

Plus she takes rides taxis all the time. Yes she may buy little bit cheaper stuff but she does it often. She also eats out a lot, and remember that she had nice big apartment before the house with elbow-san… and she has bought expensive gifts for her friends… yes, she is rich, all of this adds up into a big amount. it's not just about brands.

No. 222512


I can't stand Mimei, she has such an annoying personality but still manages to be a complete bore. She reminds me (visually) so much of someone I couldn't stand in high school who also "spoke" Japanese so maybe I'm just biased against her, very unfortunate looking people.

And I agree, Taylor, at least to me, is the only watchable vlogger in Japan who seems or at least comes off as a very genuinely nice person who means well. I hope she's happy with the elbow dude.

No. 222515


You just seem hateful and jealous then, you expect her to say to her viewers to forget about life if you're not born into money? Many people become successful through smart work and education decisions and a positive outlook. I will never get people who despise others for what they have, if you luster after that life so much why don't you do something about it instead of whining like a little bitch.

No. 222522

This so much thank you

No. 222528

No ofc not but she goes around preaching it as if it's so easy. Life isn't taxis, big houses and doing whatever you want on your daddy's dime. The thing is she doesn't know what it's like. She's a spoilt brat that can break and immediately go out and buy a new $800 camera. That's not a reality most people can relate to.
Ofc she has no obligation to censor content to make herself look more financially relatable but she sure should shut the fuck up about hard work because she's never worked a real hard minute in her life.

No. 222532

>What is Taylor's big scandal? Where is her milk?
Mate, I tried to get the nazi thing off the ground but no-one was biting. This thread exists for absurd reasons. Just go with it.

No. 222533

>preaches about going after your dreams
Where does she do that? I've watched every vlogmas vid and many more besides, she talks about how grateful she is, is all.

No. 222534

Merry Christmas Kaka.

No. 222535

Why do you care though and she did work, I'm still saying the same man, you need to check your priorities, why should she care if you're poor and you struggle or whatever, honestly lol you sound bitter as hell and it's kind of funny but sad at the same time because you're probably a grown adult. I never knew taking a taxi = living the high life. Also living in a big house doesn't always mean you have money, same as people who have fancy cars. For all you know she could be maxing out credit cards. In her Christmas video she didn't get any crazy expensive gifts, at least not on camera and by my own standards their house didn't look that flash either, looking at the interior, I really don't get what you guys are complaining about.

No. 222536

>can break and immediately go out and buy a new $800 camera.
Taylor operates a business. The camera is a business necessity and it's a tax deduction because it's replacing an essential tool that broke in the course of doing business. No sane Youtuber is buying those things out of their own pocket for a hobby (unless their channel is tiny and not monetized).

No. 222539

Exactly lol that person is so desperate to find something to hate about hahahaha and I mean I'm the kind of person who can dislike someone just by the vibe they give off, they don't even have to speak and I just don't find the issue with Taylor with the exception of how she does her makeup but that's just a personal preference and who cares about that. Sharla and Mimei + the rest of those weebs, yes though, painful to watch.

No. 222546

Plus Anon is acting like having $800 saved up is such a big deal. Saving up so you can be ready for emergencies such as replacement for your work tool is basic money management.

No. 222564

For all we know she could've bought it in instalments using a credit card. Not that I think she did that, but 800$ isn't that much.
Their house isn't that luxurious, her clothes aren't that expensive, and in the end - even if her boyfriend did provide for both of them that's just how it is with some couples, especially in Japan. Inferring that she's only with him for the money is ridiculous.

No. 222565

I've been extremely poor at times so I get where anon is coming from, but there's no point taking it out on Taylor.

No. 222571

It's naive to say that a woman shouldn't take money into account when dating men.
I feel like only women with very little experience and salty men say that there's something wrong with it.

No. 222573

Some people on here are so salty. Keep your vendettas to yourself. Why hate on someone because they were born into money and you weren't.

Go out there and change it if you feel so bad. Stop spending your life gossiping about Taylor.

I wasn't born into money and I certainly won't be able to become a kawaii model in Japan like Taylor. but I have done something to change that.

No. 222577

What I learned from this thread is
>if you have money, you will never find anyone who loves you ever because they will only be with you for your money and you have nothing else going for you ever

If that was the case, why would anyone want to be rich? Come on guys

No. 222591

"her house isn't that luxurious" lmao you ever lived in Tokyo? One of the most expensive cities in the world? Maybe from a western point of view it's not that special. In Tokyo standards, it's luxurious. There were even Japanese comments asking how she lives in such a big house in her tour video. Same thing with taxis, in Japan taxis are super expensive. You only take a taxi if you're desperate, super late, or rich.
It is what it is, she comes from money and her boyfriend is rich and is the major contributing factor to her Tokyo lifestyle. If she was single and hustling like a typical gaijin model, she'd living pretty differently. She's just lucky, that's all.

No. 222599

Wow, I had some ex-low tier kpop boy band looking guy in my head, or some kind of stylish/sophisticated and masculine but average looking Asian guy. He can obviously provide a very nice life for her. They both seem happy and to care about each other, so good for them. I'm not sure I could go quite that unattractive for a nice personality and $$$ though.

Yeah, if you ignore her huge (by Tokyo standards) luxury apartment/house, first class flights, constant shopping trips, taxi rides, luxury hotels, constant eating out, pricey vegan food, all the latest tech stuff. I know some disgustingly rich people (think parents buying them £3 million apartments like it's nothing) and all of them happily shop in places like H&M, Zara and Topshop. Plus if she was constantly in nothing but designer clothes she wouldn't be ~relatable. Not hating at all, it's just there's no way she'd be able to afford her lifestyle on her own.

No. 222609

bait harder next time

No. 222612

I was talking about the family home, not the apartment in Tokyo. Look maybe I'm just privileged myself but I honestly have never cared if my friends lived better or worse than me. I have friends who live in multi-million dollar houses, go on family skiing trips overseas every year and others who's family are dirt poor, at the end of the day it's the person who matters and I'm really not sure why people are bothered by these kinds of things but yeah I guess since people are desperate to find something they're going to gossip about this. To me I don't find that she flaunts her wealth, with the exception of first class plane tickets but you can also get those from frequent flyer points so really it's all speculation. If I felt like it I'd take taxis too lol I can't stand public transport, I'm sure with the amount of people in Tokyo it's much more insufferable as well. She used to live in HK right? Maybe she got used to taking taxis everywhere because taxi rides are dirt cheap in HK and she doesn't mind paying crazy prices, who knows I don't care.

Maybe I'm not bothered by Tokyo's prices since my own city is almost on par with the exception of grocery prices but renting where I am is about the same price if not more expensive and eating out is a lot more expensive here as well. And if she does spend crazy amounts of money then good luck to her lol her money she can do what she wants.(nice blog post)

No. 222617

He looks normal to me, not ugly neither handsome, most people is "normal looking" anyway, as long as they are happy everything is fine.

No. 222622

I feel like the picture of Elbow-San is unflattering. If he had his hair done, lost the huge coat, turtleneck and the baggy pants, he'd probably look quite decent.

Most people in the world aren't beautiful OR ugly. Most people are average looking. He is average looking and that is fine!

No. 222623

Her bf is cute in a geeky 70s way. Also he probably has $$$$ and a good personality.

No. 222625

Not going to lie, I imagined the same. I mean, her boyfriend isn't horribly ugly, but he's on the lower side of average. And even though I'm sure his finances aren't the only reason why she's with him, I also don't think she would have stayed with him if he was flat broke. Most people wouldn't.

No. 222632

Why would anyone date an adult man who is flat broke, I feel that just says that they have an unreliable character and aren't level headed. If you're looking to get married or whatever, I mean money isn't the deciding factor but I think the person should have a stable job (both people in a relationship) otherwise how will you build a future together.

No. 222638

>Why would anyone date an adult man who is flat broke

1. Can't do any better
2. They're stupid
3. Both 1 and 2

No. 222694

My dude a sugar daddy doesn't live with you and meet your whole family or take you to meet his family in France.

A sugar daddy is man who provides money or other favors in exchange for sexual relations, that's all.

No. 222703

I always wonder what all those Taylor whiteknights are doing in her thread other than complaining about people "reaching". Like… its not like this page here is known for talking nicely about people. If people reach, let them whats the deal lmao. just leave if you hate it. No one forces you to be here.

No. 222708

Yeah they do, that's when a SB relationship evolves into being a trophy wife. You're thinking of prostitution lol

No. 222711

He's not bad looking. I'm still kind of surprised though as I think Taylor is very pretty, and he wasn't quite what I was picturing. Not that I expected to see her with a boy band pretty boy, but I was picturing more of a classically handsome man. That being said, I think people just have different tastes and I don't think she's with him for the money. He seems like a good guy. I hate to say it, but sometimes the more average-looking people ARE more genuine, and being a beautiful gaijin in a land full of shy dudes…it's probably not as easy for Taylor to find a good relationship as some of us might think.

No. 222716

Not really. Being a sugar baby is more like being a girlfriend, and whatever that may entail, in exchange for money/favours.

No. 222727

Eh, No. Anyway, it's not their case. Enough with that sugar daddy shit.

Some fucks say the same about Dakota and now you want to do the same here.

No. 222746

What's with the "attractive people aren't keepers, are slimy, have bad personalities while unattractive people are normal, sincere, with good personalities" type of comments? Anyway for some reason he looks how I pictured him to be.

No. 222756

I always thought he was going to be some pretty boy. But I guess I was wrong lol. They're cute together tho.

No. 222757

hes not a bad looking person though.

No. 222776

I'm the first person and I was pointing out that you, or whoever made the original sugar daddy comment, defined prostitution and not sugaring. I never said Taylor, or Dakota for that matter, were sugar babies. Please learn how to read girl

I second that. Looking average or frumpy doesn't mean you have a nice personality

No. 222785

blake works at kia cambridge because loaded daddy is the president

No. 222840


I think he's actually quite cute? Not amazing but cute in a weird geeky way

No. 222855



She's got that girl next door look and he's got father of two next door look.

No. 222870

That's not exactly a bad thing. I think he's alright. He suits her. At least he's better than Taco

No. 222876


Wasn't meaning it as a bad thing. He just has a very fatherly look to him.
(Don't remember what TacoBell looks like )

Taylor would probably look more her age if she wasn't doing fillers though.

No. 222877

he looks old but not that bad

No. 222885

Does it really matter what taco looks like when he dumped kaka's ass long ago and is no longer relevant? lol

No. 222887

I get that "good dad" feel from his face too. And yeah if she wasn't doing strange makeup or fillers she'd look more like her mom or sister.

No. 222890

File: 1482895810698.png (656.37 KB, 635x484, gooddadbaddad.png)


I'm so amused that Yumi King's thread is directly below this one…

No. 222896

agreed, Tay looks like she's high-school/early college age and dresses youthfully, of course everyone's going to point out how old her bf looks next to her.

No. 222907

File: 1482898005070.jpg (60.9 KB, 1024x576, well fuck it.jpg)

Taylor Thread everyone abandon ship.


No. 222911

This makes me think.. I wonder if they met during her kotacopy dolly phase.

No. 222913

How old do you guys think he is? I'd say maybe 37, but my friend guessed 50… Which sounds like a stretch.

No. 222920

My guess is 32. 4-5 year age gap.

Who's holding the camera??

No. 222921

I think 32 to 35.

No. 222925

I find Sharla's partner really unattractive and Taylor's partner more attractive, so it goes to show that this is all fairly subjective.

No. 222930

Late 30's to 40's. Look at the eyelid droop. Guy's weathered.

No. 222932

30-35 probably

No. 222934

I'm on board with the 30-35 guesses, though it's possible he's in his late 30's too. I don't think the age gap is a big as some anons were trying to make it out to be earlier. He's definitely not 50 though.

No. 222946

I agree. Elbow-san is kind of average but Sharla's boyfriend is very thin and feminine, kind of dainty. Nothing wrong with that but I prefer more solid guys. Surprised so many people here think he's better looking

No. 222961

I think he's older than 35 because of the face and the fashion sense.

No. 222965

It's snow gear?? Lol you people not all asians look young either

No. 222968

Plus it's suspected he's half (hence the hair texture). And his droopy eyes could could be genetic and not because of old age? His fashion isn't even dad style?

Tbh, I think anons are reaching or have some kind of skewed idea of Asian guys from weeb media.

No. 222970

That's funny because I would actually put him on the younger end of the spectrum (35 max) because of his fashion sense. Not in this pic obviously but in other vlogs he's worn: purposely torn jeans, the skull-bone pants (that he wore out in public)
Also the date to the batting cages and game center.
I mean I'm sure that an older guy having some kind of aging crisis might wear and do that too, but logic kind of points me to someone younger.

No. 222973


I agree he looks older than 35.

This photo already has filters and shit, but you can still see some eyebags and wrinkles.

Nothing wrong with having an older partner though. What matters is that he makes her happy.

No. 223014

I thought he would look like the boyfriend of Kim Dao.

No. 223028

so many delusional taylor stans here, its ok to admit hes ugly as sin
or do you all just have yellow fever

No. 223036

I agree, he's pretty ugly. Whether he's old or not that guy just isn't in the same league as Taylor looks-wise. She seems to be really into him though so, I don't know. Good for her I guess?

No. 223042

Nah maybe not everyone's a cunt and judges only on peoples looks. I agree he isn't the most attractive but he has a kind face so I don't think he's ugly, but I don't find the pretty boy asian look attractive myself, there are exceptions of course but most just look gay to me, like the kpop idols no offence to anyone.

No. 223043

I'm meant to reply to this soz

No. 223049

He looks old and not like the ugliest man ever but he's not good looking or "cute"
Idk why lots of anons are defending him and saying love is the most important thing, this is not pull.

No. 223050


"Maybe not everyone's a cunt" straight to "Kpop boys all look gay". Nah, I'm pretty sure you're a cunt, honey.

No. 223053

I didn't say all, and I don't mean they look ugly either just a bit too feminine in style for me personally.(no1curr)

No. 223121


Gosh, this thread is becoming a kiki's fake positive vibes and love and light thread. I don't understand the arguing … It's all preferences and that's not debatable because everyone's preferences are different. It really comes off like anons are trying to protect Tay and her bfs feefees … I doubt he comes here.

No. 223163

Anon that's ok, we get it and I agree, it's all preferences. Comments like "he looks older" or "I don't find him attractive" are just your preferences or a description of what you see in the picture, but then you read comments like:

>"Ugly! She's with him for the moneyzz!1"

that's a debatable statement.

No. 223166

She totally is though. look at him

No. 223173

You can not say that based on looks.

No. 223175

Not everyone is as vapid as you are

No. 223217

Can we plz stop pretending lolcow is suddenly filled with people who don't care about looks? It's laughable.
Stop trying to police what anons say on the internet about a random guy you don't know who's dating your idol. This thread is dumb

No. 223225

File: 1482960784349.png (282.74 KB, 337x483, latest.png)

He's only cute if you think Wybie is cute then okay there you go

No. 223226

He's not ugly just average. If someone showered with attention and truly loved me I wouldn't give a shit about the way he looks (to a certain point I guess). I dont get people that are like oh hes not a 10 so she must be faking it like geez.. yall obviously never had a real relationship

No. 223227

Lolcow is typically but not exclusively for bitching.

Not everyone has to agree with your unpopular opinion.

No. 223231

That's exactly the point of my post, everyone arguing over disagreement of opinions and taking it personally as if they're Taylor themselves being told that to their face. It's bizarre, and no one cares.

>ITT: 200 opinion posts about elbow's looks from the same few stans and haters

No. 223241

I think he would look adorable with a different hair, would go on a date with. Homely and nerdy looking men are awesome, but different strokes for different folks and stuff

No. 223245

actions really affect how attractive someone is to ppl tbh. and i think a lot of people have a soft spot for elbow-san because of all the nice cute stuff he does in general like he seems very likeable? so no one really wants to call him ugly lmao. we can't lie and act like some of us don't stan celebrities in their 30s and 40s tho.

No. 223252

File: 1482963353650.jpg (15.71 KB, 384x384, images (3).jpg)

To me he's more like an East Asian Austin Powers and that's awesome.

No. 223290

Ohh, you win. That is fucking accurate hahah

No. 223353

Spot on haha if you think austin powers is attractive then I guess he is attractive

No. 223409

Because he isn't qualified for ugly, looks a bit old but not really ugly.

No. 223416

File: 1482978539962.gif (448.48 KB, 490x274, Sexy.gif)

Awesome right? Personality will ALWAYS win over looks, and he's kinda cute anyway.

No. 223428

basically. manaki is young but he's hideous. girls usually go for guys that are older and since taylor is almost 30 it makes sense for her bf to be in his mid 30s.

No. 223434

tbh I wouldn't mind seeing a better picture before fully judging. The turtle neck makes it appear as if he doesn't have a neck, and the overly large and baggy clothing gives the visual that he's flabby ( plus the scrunching of my face)

No. 223444

I don't think he's fat because the legs look skinny.

No. 223448

Huh. Totally not what I thought he'd look like. He looks cute in a dorky way, I guess.
I wonder what her family thinks of him.

No. 223464

taylor looks about just as big and we all know she's very thin. it's just the thick winter clothes. there's been shots of his arm in videos and it looks thin.

No. 223469

And Taylor only looks and dresses young. It works for her modelling and the youtube channel. She is, as you say, older herself.

No. 223471

Manaki looks like a Koopa Troopa.

Well, she said in her bday vlog that her family thanked Elbow san for all the pretty things he does for Taylor so I guess they like him too.

No. 223479

I'm sure this has already been said before, but if she loves him, then who cares what he looks like?

If he treats her well, and she's happy, his looks really shouldn't matter. How would you feel if the roles were reversed? And it was an attractive male youtuber who was always talking about how sweet his girlfriend was, and she was obviously independently successful.. but when he showed her face, she ended up not being as beautiful as him? How would you feel?

If they are happy, if he is kind to her– it shouldn't matter how he looks.

No. 223759

>Awesome right? Personality will ALWAYS win over looks
How did you come to this conclusion over one picture lmao

No. 223801

Japanese and other Asians can have curly hair naturally, without being mixed.

>if she loves him, then who cares what he looks like
Not gonna lie, since I don't follow her at all, I thought she must've had some serious yellow fever for picking this old, average looking dude. Maybe some of the other people here judging his looks thought the same, hence all these discussions and surprised reactions.

Doesn't help that this thread is sandwiched between all those gaijin threads where girls marry for a visa but apparently, this model isn't nearly as crazy as them. She doesn't even seem like a weeaboo, to be honest. Sorry for prematurely judging you, blondie.

No. 223827

Maybe this is all Taylor could attract …

Now I ain't saying she's "ugly", but I can't think of many normal dudes who'd be into 25 plus yr olds that dressed in frilly clothing,contact lenses and ugly makeup and behaves sorta on the childish side. Normal pre dolly Taylor would've had no problem, but in between and now Taylor probably does. I'd almost want to say he's a closet otaku (?) and is into the "dolly/human barbie/anime crap".

Personally I find it odd that so many think she should/could do better. Its complete rubbish to think that "personality trumps over all" … Non of the girls here would date someone they are not physically attracted to, and nor would Taylor. Money and yellow fever can only take you so far.

No. 223832

Will she ever stop with the damn eyelids. She is so pretty and that shit just ruins it.

I don't think I'll ever get used to them. Surely she has got to be tired doing it by now. Tugging at your eyelids constantly gonna give her eyebags so if that's not incentive enough..

No. 223839

Bc he looks like Austin in that specific picture and he seems to be a very good person (according to what we see in the vlogs).

But who says she's not physically attracted to her bf? You're just assuming things based on your personal preferences.. it's a normal couple and actually it's very common to see someone hot dating someone average, even ugly.

No. 223849


Read again. I said " The girls here wouldn't date someone they're not physically attracted to and nor would Taylor" implying that she thinks he's attractive and if she didn't think he was, she would not be with him.

I'm pointing out that the girls claiming that only personality matters and looks don't are stupid. Nobody dates someone they're not physically attracted to. Both her and her boyfriend are attracted to one another.

Those couples you're talking about probably are also attracted to one another. If said attractive one thought their significant other was ugly af they wouldn't be with them.

No. 223853

Taylor's boyfriend isn't very good looking, but hey, it's not the first time for me seeing a pretty girl with a guy like that, and the girl being genuinely in love with the guy. Some girls really don't seem to care that much about looks. Or may just have a taste in men that is different from the standard. I know girls who seriously think a beer belly is attractive and a six pack isn't. Weird but true.

No. 223858

My bad.

>I'm pointing out that the girls claiming that only personality matters and looks don't are stupid.

No one is saying that only the personality matters, that was bc some anons are saying things like "she's with him for the money, look at him!!1". It's a combination of many things and varies from person to person.

No. 223860


Exactly. My best friend thinks mad muscles is hot while I think it's ugly and too much. Some seem to have the habit of thinking if they don't like something then nobody can. Besides Taylor isn't exactly normal herself either. Normal 30 year olds don't wear circle lenses and cutesy clothing and draw/tap eye bags on their faces while frolicking around Japan preaching girl power.

No. 223864

Taylor finally uploaded the Shaylor Sleepover video

No. 223885

Anyone see Taylor in fujishiy's vlog where she makes a fool of herself because she's been in Japan for two years and can't speak any Japanese?

No. 223896

yup. she was so surprised the other 2 girls spoke japanese like, bitch, u do realize where you've lived and for how long?

No. 223897


Such wow.

No. 223898

File: 1483057726912.jpg (135.3 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

No. 223900

Well she's not 30 yet.. Or are 18 year olds also regarded as 20 now?

No. 223907


18 and 20 year olds are both still young adults and 28 and 30 year olds are both mature adults. Is there really that big of a difference between 28 and 30 ?

What is the point to your argument beside being upset that an age got rounded up 2 years ?

No. 223912



No. 223925

I honestly don't know if you are being deliberately obtuse or you genuinely don't know. The gap between late 20's and 30 is a big one. It may come down to only two years, but people's perception of the two is vastly different.That's why some people (like pt) freak out when they reach 30. It's a turning point in life.

No. 223933

Because hitting the 3-0 is a indeed a big deal like >>223925 mentions. And honestly 18-20 is not a big gap either, because you're a young adult at both ages.

No. 223945

Taylor pops up at 1:19. Does ashiya speak English well? Also how long has she been in Japan?

No. 223952

afaik she doesn't speak English well. She's been in Japan for a long time like 6+ years I think. She's also married to a Japanese guy.

No. 223955

This is an older video. Taylor showed her in her vlog when they met, but I don't think she linked Ashiya's yt? It was when her mom was visiting and they went to Asakusa I believe?

No. 223957

I didn't know she was married though, I'm not sure if she ever shows him in her videos

No. 224084

File: 1483076801982.jpg (39.27 KB, 500x374, 1009-shinichiwatanabe_super.jp…)

Guy looks like he could pass as Shinichi Watanabe holy shit

No. 224167

It's possible to have fun after 30. There's loads of people, married/unmarried, with or without kids, that still eat out, travel, blog, wear cute shit, go to Disney, play video games, etc.
Damn it's comments like this that remind me how young y'all are. You don't wake up the morn of your 30th birthday a soccermom

No. 224172

isn't ashiya married since 2011 and ran away lmao

No. 224355


No. 224513

It's kind of funny that some of the younger anons here have borderline PT ideas of what being 30+ is like.

No. 224550

No. 224773

Looks like CL!!!

No. 224873

I kind of expected him to be a bit younger, based on his look and styling I'd think he would be in his mid 30s. But he looks pretty average.

No. 225349

>Because hitting the 3-0 is a indeed a big deal

Why is it a supposedly big deal? What magically changes when you turn 30?

No. 226355


Absolutely nothing … People are just afraid of numbers and "being old".

I think the only time turning thirty truly affects you is when you haven't accomplished anything in your life, and once you're 30 it finally sinks in that you're a nobody. In Taylor's case she's accomplished quite a bit. I don't think she'll turn sour when she finally reaches thirty. She's living life and seems really happy so no way a number will change that. ( Though she will likely continue to hide her age to come off younger to her audience. )

No. 226367

It's not the big 3-0, but Taylor mentioned somewhere she wants to have 2-3 kids so yes, she is starting to get old regarding that matter. Talking about fertility and risk during pregnancy.
You can have all the surgery, fillers or whatnot and wear all the cutesy clothing you want, but regarding this your body won't be #forever21. And Taylor does want this.

No. 226387


We all know she will try flogging her hapa kids on the model market too. But if they're as cute… I dont know. Hapas are a 50/50 thing. Look at Duncan for christ sake…

No. 226407


I don't feel like 30s are that bad to start having children at. A lot of people are now waiting longer to have children, typically from financial stresses and wanting to be stable. ( Also enjoy life and travel before settling down ). It becomes more of a concern after late/mid 30s. She seems to keep herself healthy, so who knows she might be perfectly fine.

I do sorta feel like she's getting closer to having kids with the large house and meeting each others family members and discussion about children and marriage.

No. 226416

If you have a good career and/or high education, starting a family in your thirties is the norm. Typically people who have children in their early twenties are lower on the socioeconomic ladder.

No. 226420


Prepare for seeing those in her vlogs then. There is a handful of people in Japan as j vloggers with families though. Gimmeaflakeman, RamandaDaisuke, ect I can't be assed naming them all but there is a good few. Its just that Taylor is going to be the foreign rich one who spoils her kids.

No. 226499


I absolutely hate family vloggers and their need to let you know their family problems. ( Then again I don't like vloggers in general ) To me non of its really all that interesting to watch people live bland boring lives and talk about it.

I hope she doesn't raise her kids up on camera and lets them live privately, and returns to being a beauty/makeup /diy channel and does planned videos. Let the kids grow up and make their own choice to be on a camera or not.

No. 226511


We will be getting videos of them anon, it's gonna happen. They all do it and her being a model… jesus.

It'll be like Margret Palmero parenting online done right.


No. 226520

Which is funny because RamandaDaisuke also lives off her man's checks while away on business. But I guess that's okay as long as you pop out a kid or two and live as a kawaii black waifu.

No. 226529


Most Japanese women live off what their men make? Its common shit anon. Don't act as if koot doesn't live off Hiroshi's pay checks or Himezawa doesn't ask her kawaii husbando for brando.

She isn't even kawaii. She's pretty but she isn't anything to do with weeb crap. She's just a basic black woman who lived in Japan, had two kids and is now going back to the US with her man and the kids.

No. 226530


One black jvlogger I miss is Saitamaflowers, her and her husband Toshi were adorable. But she died apparently.


No. 226535


Who cares this is the Taylor thread go make a thread for Harambe and talk about her there.(race derailing outside of /sty/)

No. 226560

Edgelord confirmed. You can tell anon to stay on topic without being a racist asshole hiding behind a computer screen. Honestly I don't know why a lot of you people come on here to Judge cows when you are just as bad if not worse.

No. 226586


Its because some racist white weebs dont like blacks being in Japan or having families too lol.

'only white wimmin can have trophy azn model career and husbando'

oh fuck off

No. 226588


Don't asians look like monkeys too though?

The only reason weebs fawn over them is because of anime, the fact that they are associating with the most antisocial race on the planet and "Im so edgy and cool of understanding 100 basic kanji symbols', cute shit and generally cute shit Japan has to offer.(race derailing outside of /sty/)

No. 226601

Man, get some help.

No. 226604

Were you rejected by all of the Japanese men you've been lusting after? Does it hurt your fee fee's seeing black girls living your dream?

Honestly you sound so stupid right now. Racism isn't cute.(don't take the b8)

No. 226605


No. 226610

Racism might not be cute, but this isn't either gg getting triggered by some sperg

No. 226613

kiki has finally gotten to a new stage in grief

No. 226616



Don't start derailing this shit

No. 226754

RamandaDaisuke is a reasonable down to earth human being that simply showcases what it's like to be a mother in Japan, not a fame thirty whore like Taylor and main jvlogger clique of girls. Did Ramanda dance around like a moron to JPOP music? Did she try to be a famous idoru? Did she try to photoshop herself into fame like Dakota? Make embarrassing high pitched Japanese weeb voice videos? No lmao Ramanda is going through the normal motions of life, not embarrassing herself like the other jvlogger assclowns

No. 226762

Nice selfpost

No. 226763

File: 1483447261885.png (1.83 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2016-11-15-19-21-25…)

Tbh looks are for basic bitches. Cute guys will cheat on you, not settle down and treat you like shit. Uggos will crawl naked through fire over broken glass for you.

No. 226764


>Ugly guys will treat you betterr

You'd be surprised

No. 226765

Mimei is so obviously jelly. I would be too if I looked like a tranny corpse.

No. 226766

He's like a more handsome idubbz. He needs his own channel.

No. 226767

File: 1483447832069.png (1.47 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2016-11-15-19-24-06…)

I would argue vegan groceries don't have to be expensive. Especially if you don't eat like a fat cunt. Meat and that sort of shit is more expensive than some carrots, frozen veggies or couscous.

No. 226793

Because it was hilarious?

No. 226794

No it isn't. The Internet has just made you severely melodramatic.

No. 226813


tbh you sound ugly

No. 226823

Wow, must suck to be fug!

No. 227312

That title is embarrassing, she's embarrassing, this entire video was fucking embarrassing. Why just why? KMS

No. 227328

This was even cringier than watching her trying to speak Japanese.

No. 227340

She's more in her element in English speaking countries at least. But I hope her boyfriend is into this stuff bc spending a day in NY like that is boring.

No. 227345

this was so much worse than i thought it would be. why tf was she sitting outside his office for like 10+ minutes?? and then riding the boost-it board out in front… this was some intense second hand embarrassment shit lol

No. 227367

File: 1483546621562.png (2.08 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2017-01-04-17-14-53…)

Honestly, it was kinda cringe but not that bad. She's not american so yeah everything there is exciting and interesting to her.

Ok the skateboard thing was cringe.

No. 227368

I haven't watched the video because it sounds cringe max already but as an answer to
>why tf was she sitting outside his office for like 10+ minutes??
That's a 'thing' amongst Casey's fans. Embarassing. Even more so, because it's crystal clear from his instagram, that he's enjoying life in Cape Town.
Ouch, bet she had him as vlogging 'material' in mind when choosing NYC as destination.

No. 227372

who tf is Casey?

No. 227390

So this is notice me sempai shit is a thing? Terrible. And he has to deal with walking the fine line between hating copycats and being nice to his fans.

No. 227401

Yeah… he was one of the biggest daily vloggers ob yt, quit sometime this autumn(?). Guess Taylor wanted to go get some 'exclusive material'. And failed.

No. 227409

That's not an excuse though. She lives in a big city, she should know how to behave. I understand that it's exciting, but people travel all the time, and don't act ridiculous like that

No. 227415

i'm really not surprised she has no friends aside from jcringe crew. who tf would want to walk around with this embarrassment ? except her bf who i guess finds her pretty enough to ignore this kind of shit lmao

No. 227432

i wonder if anyone goes out of their way (ie crossing the street) to avoid being filmed by her during these antics
and some of you anons were acting like she doesnt act obnoxious in public like in the ikea vid, well what do you say now lulz

No. 227458

I usually like her videos (I know some are quite boring, but I find them pleasant to watch when I get home while chilling), but she needs to stop trying so hard to be funny. She's a bit cringey sometimes but I can't handle that, but this Casey Nestat thing was extra cringey. She could have made just a little joke or something in front of his office and that would've been ok, but all the rest was uninteresting and kinda embarrassing.

No. 227508

What a huge nose.

No. 227531

File: 1483569703192.png (1.15 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2017-01-04-17-13-21…)

I think it fits her face. It's pretty average for a white person.

No. 227541

I thought she was just going to pass by one of his 'regular spots' and be like "Oh this is where Casey blah blah" (I've never watched Casey so I don't know what he does), but she actually went out of her way to stalk his usual hangouts? I know she idolises him but she isn't a 12 year old fan and this whole video was just embarrassing.

No. 227542

her makeup and eyebags always make her look so weird to me, like there's something off about her face that doesn't exist in her candid model photos where she looks normal

No. 227560

File: 1483574020794.jpg (98.32 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Why doesn't she contour it? Contouring isn't a big thing in Asia but at the very least basic nose and face contouring is.

No. 227638

File: 1483582899796.jpeg (106.12 KB, 750x783, image.jpeg)

It's too big for her face. And it quite bulgy.

No. 227640

File: 1483583019162.jpeg (115.5 KB, 749x730, image.jpeg)

I think the eyebags make her nose slightly smaller, maybe that's why she always insists on doing it. It's still better looking than Kota's L-sculpted nose though.

No. 227642

Her gothic doll photos are the only photos I like of her. I think she suits the gothic look

No. 227643

Jesus christ, that's just disgusting.

No. 227647

She could get more and better roles than Kaka in horror.

No. 227650

You're kidding, right? I don't like neither of them, but Kiki's Axis CM clip had way better (but still bad) acting than Taylor's godawful Rola-wannabe tryhard dramas.

No. 227665

Wtf her nose totally normal sized and it fits her face. I mean if you think her nose is too big than so are like 95% of the snowflakes' noses here. I mean who do you think has a "good" nose?

No. 227690


her nose looks fine I don't know what your preoccupation with it is. If you're going to make fun of her make fun of her for something that actually exists.

No. 227740

smells like kaka in here

No. 227826

tbh i don't mind her nose but her bloody eyes and uneven weird ass lips creep me the fuck out.

No. 227831

I really don't like her make-up especially the lipstick. She has such nicely shaped lips, naturally.

No. 227838

Her nose and eyes are fine, it's her cheeks that are a mess. They always look so jarringly rocky and artificial when she's in natural light. Why did she have to mess up her original pretty face with those implants?

No. 227842

So now we're talking about her perfectly normal nose? What's next? Her right thumb is too big? Geez anons lol (sage for shit posting)

No. 227844


Literally it hurts to look at her for too long

No. 227906


Not the anon that posted above, but her nose IS big to me too. People are allowed to think that? Stop getting so butthurt about it.

No. 227918

Her thumbs are fuckin irritating tbh. How has she not had them removed. Ugh.

No. 227928

New vlog is up, is it me or have her New York vlogs been extremely uneventful and boring so far?

>>227906 Not the same anon as >>227690 btw.
I never said people aren't allowed to think that, get a grip. You're allowed to think her nose is big just like I'm allowed to think it looks normal lol.

>>227918 God her fucking finger nails are too small wtf why can't she get some new fingernails jesus Taytay.

No. 227932

I think it's boring because she doesn't seem to have friends or fam to get her excited about the true culture of places she's visiting. It's all "I read this online" then buying the thing, no passionate commentary.

No. 227936

Yeah it seems like she just looked up everything on yelp. She can at least walk around and explore the city and get out of her comfort zone. She films way too much of herself talking and random footage instead of things that are actually interesting, heck she even made the Moma seem boring.

No. 227946

thats cause she barely recorded MOMA cause she had to constantly record her hamster face. she's really dumb and it's so hard to try and not make fun of her for it. dinosaurs in moma? bitch what?

No. 227959

>dinosaurs in moma? bitch what?

I'm pretty sure that was a joke. People take her way too seriously

No. 227965

or she's such a bad joker.

No. 227966

She seemed pretty serious, should have gone to the museum of natural history if she wanted dinosaurs.

No. 227968

She's not smart and comes off as generally unintelligent so it's hard to understand when she's joking.

No. 227969

You're allowed to have your opinion, and I can have mine. The issue is you're responding to people acting like they're making stuff up

No. 227974

File: 1483636168045.jpg (35.17 KB, 600x575, What in the fuck.jpg)

Jesus anon are you sure you're not the butthurt one? Btw I made one post about her damn nose and it was >>227842 calm your shit.

No. 227993

Lol uh, I have no idea how you gather that I'm butthurt from my post. All I said was we are both allowed to have opinions, and you're acting like other people's opinions are discounted because they're apparently being ~*ridiculous*~

No. 228009

File: 1483642771599.gif (350.8 KB, 250x196, What Is Logic Uguuu~~.gif)

ok and all I said was >So now we're talking about her perfectly normal nose? What's next? Her right thumb is too big? Geez anons lol (sage for shit posting)

yet you implied that I was "butthurt" for making a simple observation…anyways..moving on..continuing…going forward… (sorry admin and farmhands)

No. 228311

I feel like this thread goes in circles. Some minor point is brought up and it becomes a huge argument about opinions vs facts. If someone says anything slightly negative they're suddenly Kiki and it eventually spills over into the Jvlogging thread until something else stupid is brought up and the cycle repeats itself. It's just boring at this point.

No. 228340

Welcome to Taylor threads my friend.

No. 228360

There is also a peachy stan around here and the jvloggers thread who keeps trying to argue with everyone that Taylor is ugly and that peach bitch is so kawaii~

No. 228365


They both could look better. Asian make up/styling suits neither of them.. and imo looks terrible. If they'd just give up the weeb style they'd look hella better

No. 228383

So because someone thinks a person is slightly cuter than Taylor, they're a stan? What kind of logic is that? I can say I've been one person who has voiced distaste over Taylor, but there are certainly others than myself who have been agreeing. It's not just one person that's going around spamming the boards.

No. 228384

this thread is so dry. there's no milk, soda, water or even spit. it's all petty and boring even by /snow/ standards.

No. 228387

It really is, I can almost taste the dust on my tongue.

No. 228391

the thread really just needs to be moved. people act obnoxious and nitpicky for the sake of proving she belongs in this board but the truth is she doesn't.

No. 228395

Doesn't matter people will still bitch about her in the jvlogger thread

No. 228398

the jvlogger thread is still in the /snow/ board. there's enough inter-clique drama to keep the thread interesting. but taylor is essentially just talking to herself alternating between being likeable, boring, and cringey. the thread is plagued by kiki and all the other jvloggers secretly jealous of her because she continues to ignore them. we've moved on from calling her a hamster and are now swearing she has a big nose. it's ridiculous. this shitpost of a topic has gone on long enough. it should be moved to /manure/.

No. 228403

Not a taylor stan here either, but I agree. This thread always seem to be bumped for no particular reason. The closest thing to milk anyone has even had at any point of these taylor threads is what her boyfriend looks like, which she herself revealed. I don't know, seems like there's so little to talk about that it really should all stay compiled in the jvlogger thread?

No. 228405

the only reason the taylor thread got created is because they "claimed" people were complaining they were talking too much about taylor in the jvlogger thread, when literally no one suggested she be moved to her own thread. it's really just girls looking to satisfy their personal vendetta. i'm a longtime farmer who's dabbled in just about every thread, but i cannot for the life of me get on board with the asinine shit that goes on in this thread, especially as of late. it's all so forced and repetitive.

No. 228414

She literally has no milk, she's just a basic ass boring girl compared to the rest of the nippon land crew lol. There's nothing to actually talk about besides how boring she is.

People were talking about her a lot though, same usual crap that always gets discussed nothing new. I guess this thread was created in hopes of getting everyone to stfu about Taytay.

No. 228416

Taylor's lifestyle just triggers people into whining about it tbh zero milk just salt

No. 228433

I think the only salty people are the ones that are getting salty when people talk about her.

No. 228437

Maybe if there was something of substance to even talk about? Overzealous stans are bad, but so are salty anons who bump a garbage thread with literally nothing over and over again.

No. 228440

File: 1483685726981.jpg (27.86 KB, 500x350, God Why.jpg)

aaaannnddd 'round and 'round we go Chist, where are the farmhands/admin? Save us please, kill this shitty thread or at least redirect it to PULL where it belongs.

No. 228450


No. 228469

You could always hide the thread, you know.

No. 228500

srsly just ignore the fucking thread and go. do your thing, pretend it dont exist, shoo.

No. 228507

File: 1483707064835.png (1.64 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2017-01-04-17-13-41…)

It's true. I was watching her the other day and my friend saw her and said something to the effect of "what is up with her cheeks". I thought it was natural but maybe it is surgery.

No. 228509

Her cheeks look normal in this picture though?

No. 228510

File: 1483707474628.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2017-01-06-13-58-10…)

Are you ok anon? Do you see real people in real life? I'm worried about you.

No. 228527


Her cheeks don't appear supper puffy anymore, but they do have a odd round yet stiff look to them which cheek fillers can do. Her cheeks use to be very flat/hallowish ( average white girl cheeks ).

No. 228550

She has weird bumps and indents in various places esp around the mouth, I don't know anyone who has that naturally.

No. 228561


In NYC? I doubt they'd even noticed.

No. 228564

File: 1483719823813.png (707.39 KB, 1024x535, 17f6719efca827a310089a9a25eb39…)

Super close-up selfies and the way the camera lens works on phone front cameras is pretty deceiving about nose size anyway too.

No. 228591


Taylor's nose is average, but I think what gives it the visual of being big is that it has a hump ( beak shape ) that even Taylor mentioned before. It's not wide not super long but the hump gives the illusion of being bigger then it is.

No. 228627

File: 1483729340965.jpg (70.66 KB, 639x595, Well Shit.jpg)

>>228469 b-b-but I want to keep up with what conspiracy theories people have about Tooter and her boring life. It's A1 entertainment… except when it gets repetitive.


Nailed it.

No. 228677

By "average white girl", I assume that you're not including eastern and northern Europeans since wide high cheekbones with rounded cheeks are a pretty common trait among people of that heritage.

Pretty much this. Although, how anyone could argue that it's too big for her face is beyond my imagination.

No. 228786

So I just watched Taylor's most recent vlog. Is anyone else disappointed by her commentary and food choices, where it made it seem like she just ate pizza the whole time? I love New York, and they have good pizza, but there are so many neat food options there! It's such a bummer to see her only eating pizza

No. 228798

Her vlog was the usual boring vlog of her face and random footage, she makes New York look bland to be honest.

No. 228804


She makes everything look bland and boring.

No. 228919

>nazi salute
lmao are they nazis or something

No. 228925

Christ all mighty

No. 228932

was she born in 1988? but the 14 is too convenient

No. 228937

if her birthday is jan 4 1988 its just a REALLY unfortunate coincidence

No. 228939

her bday is sometime in december 1988 lulz

No. 228940

File: 1483758805581.png (20.42 KB, 525x137, 1488.PNG)

Did some google searching and found this. Mystery solved lmao.

No. 228941

File: 1483758849980.png (17.91 KB, 525x140, 14882.PNG)

No. 229122

The whole family are nazis!!

No. 229786

In her latest video Taylor says her and Elbow-san argued a lot on their trip and broke up once. It's around 8mins in the video.

Bets on when it was???

No. 229807

I'm surprised she didn't just say 88 was her birthyear instead of the double 8's thing she probably learned after the fact. Is she ashamed of her age or something?

No. 229833


She likes to spend spend and spend and behaves childish and talks to much. Probably one of the reasons she chose someone who travels for work and is wealthy. This trip was probably the most time he's ever spent with her… I'm not surprised if she drove him crazy and almost to breaking point.


Because she's hiding her age and doesn't want people to know she's almost 30 (28 ) .

No. 229933

I think it must have been when they where about to leve her family again or something. Taylor always gets really emotional when she has to say bye to her family again and always tends to bring up the discussion ''should i move back to Canada to be with them'' topic around that time.

I can see them fight over that makes a lot of sense to me.

No. 229952

88 has a different meaning in Germany lol

No. 229976

It's pretty common for couples to fight while on vacation, I bet they just both got on each others nerves while tired and stressed

Also this >>229933

No. 230068

>It's pretty common for couples to fight while on vacation

Especially during the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc)

No. 230094

I agree, where I'm from you go on vacation to "test" if you're ready for marriage. If you can make it through the vacation even with fighting and still like each other then you are good for marriage.

No. 230108

She's been on vacation with him several times and they've been together for years. It's obvious they're at the stage where they need to figure out where they will move and live permanently, she doesn't seem happy in Japan.

No. 230773

File: 1484057149982.png (19.37 KB, 88x87, Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 8.49…)

She needs to stop making her eyes look like Vags …

No. 230807

New video,it's 28 minutes long.Gave up 2 minutes in because she was rambling,I tried.

No. 230817


She really hates her natural jawline… I've never seen someone try so hard to cover their face with their hair.

I didn't finish the video either .. Ain't nobody got time for that.

No. 230878

Yeah I don't quite understand why she makes them so long. I know she mentioned YouTube or her agency wanted them longer, but surely not thirty minutes?

No. 230920

File: 1484079092473.jpg (300.22 KB, 1287x727, feet.jpg)

It looks like elbow-san suffers from flat feet

No. 230970

another wah wah woe is me, i miss my family and vlogging all day is hard video. how boring.

No. 231342

File: 1484147450304.jpg (103.44 KB, 640x802, image.jpg)

Lurk moar Tay Tay

No. 231345

Same anon, why is she pretending like she doesn't know what 1488 means in the video when this screen cap proves otherwise? >>228941

No. 231348

Lol she's still lying about where she got "88" from. Gurl, we all know it's because you were born Dec 14th in 1988.

No. 231352

Such a strange thing to hide, I don't think her young fans would stop following her because she's a lot older.

No. 231355

She is such a bad actress…

No. 231368

Nazi secret society membership confirmed. Her brother goose-stepping was no mistake!

Sage for ridiculous.

No. 231401

What shocked me most was that she doesn't know what Neo Nazis are! Who the fuck is that dumb/ignorant at her age?!

No. 231430

We'll that and in Chinese 88 does symbolize good luck

No. 231441


In all fairness the whole discussion was the first time I found out that 1488 was a nazi thing. Maybe she didn't know?

No. 231444


Ditto, I didn't know either.

No. 231466

Same, I had no idea either. Props to her for looking into changing her url though.

No. 231475

Don't under estimate the bubble that rich white girls live in lol I'm not surprised she has no clue what a neo-nazi is.

No. 231482

People have told her about it in the past though,in this video she was pretending like she never heard about it when in reality she already knew.Pretty sure she's been lurking here because nobody really mentioned it recently except the anon >>228919
above who was claiming she's a nazi.

No. 231514

>People have told her about it in the past though
>nobody really mentioned it recently except the anon
make up your mind either she already knew about it because she was told and chose to ignore it, or she only found out recently by lurking

correct me if i'm wrong but aren't skinhead neo-nazis more of an american thing? she's been in canada, hk and japan living in a retard weeb bubble most of her life i can believe she'd be ignorant to something that's more based in america and europe.

No. 231519

I like how her recipes are actually interesting. I never had nutritional yeast before but got it because she's dunking it into everything…And it's pretty decent!

No. 231547

> told her IN THE PAST
> nobody mentioned RECENTLY

It's correct.
Not the same anon btw, but I can read

No. 231571

Girl you're acting like Canada is on the other side of the world, far away from the US.

No. 231577

Same. Didn't know that 1488 representsted anything

No. 231605

There's a massive difference between not knowing what 1488 means and what a Nei-Nazi is.

No. 231606

No. 231618

Learn to read please. Neo-Nazism exists outside of America and Europe, google it.

Thank you.

What does it taste like? I've been wanting to try it for a long time but never got a chance

No. 231627

Not that anon, but it's kind of a nutty cheesy taste, it's pretty unique. Delicious though, I put it on kale chips and kidney beans with a dash of olive oil. Sage for OT.

No. 231677

it's not a convincing substitute for cheese like internet vegans would like you to believe, but as its own flavor its good

No. 231683

When I said "she's been lurking here" I meant that the only reason she could have possibly made this video was because she was quite literally, lurking here. She's been throwing subtle shade at "gossip sites" like pull and most likely this one. Damn anon it was a simple sentence. She has been told about the nazi reference ages ago, so for her to pretend like this was something she just heard about in the video with her horrible acting, was shady as fuck.

No. 231720

I agree it seemed really fake.

No. 231732

That 1488 segment in her last video was so fake and dumb. Acting like you are ignorant doesn't make you cute and innocent, makes you ignorant and uneducated.

No. 231748

Is this the downfall of Tay? Is she having a crisis due to gossip sites and her age conflicting with how she wants to look 18 forever (no I'm not calling her old so don't come for me, stans)?

>reveals sugar bf after his reflection gets leaked, when she didn't have to

>makes a video about the nazi numbers digging herself into a deeper hole, looking ignorant, and proving she lurks, when she didn't have to
>jokes about her daddy's money from reading pull and lolcow, when she doesn't have to (although this is trivial, but possibly the start of her lurking)
>will not admit her birth year even though a 2 second google search reveals it
>forever causing a slightly embarrassing scene in public for youtube and being immature in general
>all of this making her look like a spoilt rich white girl stereotype

In the 1488 video she mentions that she "noticed her lips are overdrawn," weren't anons talking about her and Sharla's overdrawn lips earlier? I feel bad for her honestly, she seems like a nice person but also sheltered, and I'm sure she's comfortable that way. She should stop 'slyly' responding to rumors and stick to her basic vlogs. I noticed a few of the top comments on that video are pretty snarky so she's making herself look bad to her fans.

No. 231753


I miss her old self… When she did make tutorials and spoke in a mature manner about health and life. Its like now that she has limitless money she's trying to live her teenage fantasy and make belief that she's still in her teens.

What the actual fuck went wrong in her head or life for her to snap ? Give up her modelling career in HongKong, get cheek fillers, start behaving like a teenager and sudden be so damn insecure about her jaw/face that she's almost alway has half her face covered by it. She's a complete opposite of what she use to be and not exactly all that good either.

No. 231756

All of these things have been directly brought up on her social media (youtube, insta, twitter etc). As much fun as it is to talk about her here, I doubt she cares much about gossip sites.

No. 231764

Her screenshots of the 1488 youtube comments that she used were from 1-2 months ago, and she conveniently posted this video a few days after someone pointed it out again on here. She's been a lot more vocal about reading 'hate comments' est the elbow san leak and being a house-girlfriend with nothing to do all day in Japan except talk to herself on camera could be getting the best of her.

No. 231765

In the older threads the 1488 thing has been brought up. She doesn't come here. She gets hate comments on YouTube and twitter. People always say this and it's so delusional.

Me too. I used to watch all her videos religiously and fall for all her shilling but I rarely watch anything now unless someone posts her video here and talks about something.

But she seems to be on her way to becoming a super successful youtuber now. And Keeks hated her back when she was nothing now she's going to be rolling around in YouTube bucks which she doesn't even need kek.

No. 231788

same. i was really into her early vlogging semi weeb days but now she's really not my thing. but it's like you said, she's getting more subscribers and seems committed to her craft so good for her for expanding. i remember in her hk weeb days she said she wanted to be a professional full time blogger, and it's funny how she became a full time vlogger lol.

No. 231796

What pisses me off the most are all those little tumblr kids who equate Neo Nazi with their so called 'white privilege'! Most Nazis are actually of poor economic and educational background, but they simply have to make everything about tumblr und their oppression. There is literally one comment saying that only white people say that she doesn't have to change the numbers. What bullshit!

Sage for ot(derailing)

No. 231805

>she didn't know what a fucking neo-Nazi is

Christ, she's as dumb and airheaded as her brother.

No. 231820

>I miss her old self… When she did make tutorials and spoke in a mature manner about health and life. Its like now that she has limitless money she's trying to live her teenage fantasy and make belief that she's still in her teens.

I feel exactly the same! Typically i live by the motto 'live and let live' but a lot of times, when taylor does something weird, i am like… woah girl how old are you again?
Like… it comes across kinda strange.
Her vlogs are fAR more interessting than Sharlas though, thats for sure…

What really made me wonder though is, why the heck does she want to make more make up videos? She is wearing her make up literally the same way every day except fo her lips. I found this kind of weird as she has never been known for her super creativ make up looks.

No. 231895

She is getting more and more obnoxious…

No. 231906

i feel like i have such a love hate relationship with taylor.
on one hand i enjoy her videos because she gives me sweet big sister vibe.
on the other hand she is just so stupid and vapid. she has the world in her hands (rich bf) yet she takes advantage of none of it. also no common sense/world knowledge (who the fuck doesnt know what a neo nazi is?)

No. 231907

They're actually grooming her to be the next Eva Braun, but it's gotta stay secret for now.

No. 231910

Is it really such a bad thing that she doesn't take advantage of her boyfriend's wealth?
To me that's a good quality…

No. 231913


Is not like is a bad or a good thing but if you have the money why not taking advantage of it?, go outside your frikin house, explore Japan, educate yourself, learn japanese, do something instead of shopping and playing with your dog.

People like Sharla or Rachel & Jun will be doing a lot of things if they had Taylor's money.

No. 231920



She does take advantage of his wealth, just not in a enriching,educational,worldly,wholesome way.. She uses his wealth to go shopping everyday and buy channel bags and designer shit. The moment he walked in the picture she had zero responsibility left : No bills,no job and no worry for tomorrow. She's behaving a a rich teenager who thinks education and experience is stupid, and all that matters in the world can be found on the front page of Cosmopolitans magazine. ( Whats trending, who gained weight, zodiac signs and whats new/on sale )

I enjoyed her Christmas vloggs, but I'm starting to develop a dislike towards her the more dense and stupid she behaves.

No. 231922

These are probably all things YOU would do if you were her. But she's just living her life, and shouldn't be demonized for having simple interests.

No. 231926

when i said "take advantage" i meant in a way to maximise her potential, not taking advantage of his money (which I think she already does).

she has the potential to go to nice restaurants, do little trips around japan, etc. because the money is at her disposal and she has no job, but she does not take advantage of her rare sitaution.

No. 231938


I'm not demonizing her, if she is happy good for her.

No. 231939

In her "Almost missed out flight to Tokyo" video she said she and her boyfriend had broken up during the trip. That really surprised me. What would Taylor do if suddenly she lost her boyfriend's income and she had to move out of the house?
And yeah the "I don't know what neo nazis are" thing, I don't buy it either. I mean, come on Taylor.

No. 231940

Taylor comes from a rich background she'll survive with or without her boyfriend lol.

No. 231941

her father seems wealthy but not on the same level as her bf

No. 231954

I don't think anyone is demonizing her, but she can be critiqued. As someone who is in the public eye, it would be nice if she had a bit more depth to make her interesting. Otherwise she's just a dumb bimbo with no talent

No. 231957

Have you seen her family and what they live like? They're loaded.

No. 231973


They look like a regular middle class Toronto household.

No. 231974

Not that anon, but I have and I'm not particularly impressed. It seems like a typical upper-middle class suburban lifestyle.

No. 231982

Kind of true, although I don't see how people imply that she won't survive without her boyfriend's money when we barely know anything about him.

No. 231984

Well we know he drops money are shit like drones/designer handbags for Tay/game consoles without blinking an eye. I think we can assume that he's pretty comfortable.

No. 231986

we dont know anything about him but we know he is financing her lifestyle. flying business/first class, huge house in tokyo (if you ever been to tokyo you know how rare this is), dropping cash on clothes and designer items like its nothing. use your brain anon.

No. 231990

That's not what I'm talking about, I'm saying she'll survive with or without him, it's not like she'll end up rotting and dying. Where's the proof for what you're saying and for implying her boyfriend is more wealthy if you're this anon >>231941 ?

No. 232046

They're not in Toronto, they're outside the city where mcmansions are cheap because it's in the middle of nowhere.

If she was beyond upper middle class, she'd be attending charity galas through december but she's not even part of that world. As far as I've seen, she doesn't partake in anything charity or giving back to community which screams new money.

Not that anon, but her boyfriend is nowhere near as wealthy as her father. He's an employee at the mercy of his company while her father is a multiple business and estate owner.

No. 232057

Seconding all this. Can the couple third worlders/Europeans that keep pushing the rich family meme fucking stop already. Her family has a McMansion in the suburbs.

No. 232059

she's stupid and obnoxious as fuck, wow. like, her vlogs are not even tolerable anymore, she legit acts as if she just hit puberty.

No. 232062

How do we know her boyfriend does not own his own business? I have no idea, but he does seem older so I feel like it's not outside the realm of possibility. I'm not sure why, maybe it's the way her dad presents himself, but her BF just seems like he has boatloads of money with all the first class flights and world traveling. Maybe they aren't smart with their money though

No. 232078

He lives in an apartment and travels for temporary visa work a few years at a time. Successful business owners have their own home base and don't sacrifice it to live in an apartment.

They attended a dinner where he is one of a few employees being thanked by his manager. He was not the one hosting. He flies business class (not first) and has a few salaryman style suits that suggest he does busywork. They also don't travel very much compared to middle class DINKs in a large city at the same age.

Business owners on the other hand usually wear whatever they want. Her dad speaks and looks like a senior car dealership owner, which he is. He has the calm pace of voice and confidence that executives who only work on large deals and decisions have.

No. 232081

File: 1484253716407.gif (444.8 KB, 640x360, G_20170112_21142513.thumb.gif.…)

comedy queen Tay kek

No. 232130

So cringey how hard she tries to be #relatable

No. 232137

Not that rare actually. They probably don't live within the 23 districts of Tokyo (23区) and even if then not in an expensive one. She also said that their house quite far away from the train station. Houses like that do exist and while they aren't exactly cheap they also aren't OMG RICH PERSON expensive. Someone I know bought a house like that within 10 minutes of 3 different stations, and it was like 70M yen (570k€/610k$) including the land.

Because he was at a company dinner where Taylor had to play the good girlfriend.

No. 232143

I legit thought that was pretty funny.

No. 232182

fair enough, different tastes. tbh to me she's just really annoying cause it's painfully obvious she's trying to be relatable to younger teenagers. and it doesn't really suit her, she just seems so forced all the time. could be just me tho.

No. 232185

I too cringe.

No. 232190

Her and piinksparkles (only watch her cuz she is my favorite trainwreck please don't judge me) are OBSESSED with the Kardashians. It seems like here in the US people are over them. Is it a Canadian thing?

No. 232191

She has enough confidence to do cringe things for youtube bucks. Remember the anime weeb dance things.

No. 232199

As a Canadian who is the same age as Tay, it honestly might be lol. I live in the US now, but my friends back home are crazy for the whole Kylie lip kit thing and they are all women in their late 20s.

No. 232206

I watched the try on video because I thought there was low chance of cringe but I was cringing the whole time. Her fake sarcastic sassy personality is unbearable.

No. 232210

This video has to be one of her better videos of her exploring Kochi. Granted the places are booked / found by her agency, she can easily do this herself if she could just learn a bit of Japanese. I would just like to see her lean more towards this direction instead of the repetitive "lets go shopping/ eat vegan food / and organize my house!"

No. 232220

Taylor's dad is a biker dude and has a collection of vehicles. Blake works for Kia Cambridge where the dad is president. Also there's that inherited car business that has been running for like 40 years. They need someone in the family to run the business when the dad retires, for sure.

No. 232307

omg @ you 12 year olds who think that business owners = rich

taylor's dad works as a car dealership owner in suburban toronto. taylor's BF works as ???? in probably two of the world's biggest finance sectors, china/HK and japan.

if he's working as even a low-level executive for a company he's probably clearing double what taylor's dad does. keep in mind, he's also somewhat younger = less time to have amassed more money.

i thought it was super obvious her bf makes more lol. you're most likely poor if you think otherwise

No. 232332

Are you a business owner? getting the vibe that this is almost personal to you…

No. 232372

That was quite entertaining. More like this please, Taylor. Learn about the culture, eat weird food, explore the wilderness

No. 232470

Yea her dad works for kia his info is here [Link redacted by Admin](USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 236591

She broke her camera again. And just bought a new one again.

No. 236598

Haven't watched the video yet but if the thumbnail is any indication of COURSE she would cosplay as Hikari

No. 236627


am i the only one who thinks she wouldnt fit cosplay well? she's pretty but she doesn't really seem the type to do it, and she's already almost 30.
not that adults can't cosplay but the ones who usually do have been fans of anime and have cosplayed characters they love since they were teens, or they make their own cosplays.

idk, it feels like she may be trying to pander? maybe i'm thinking too much into it, but i wouldn't expect this from a normie

No. 236640


Maybe she's breaking out from constantly having her hair all over her face and suffocate her zits in layers of makeup everyday.

Anyone else find she's getting greasier and dirtier looking as time goes on ? Crappy makeup and greasy messy hair.

No. 236666

Lol gross. First of all, girl is too old to just now start cosplaying. Second of all, she doesn't even watch anime/play video games. Third, what is she gonna do in these videos? She doesn't show her face when putting on make up, she doesn't know how to sew…so where is the content? Fourth, does anyone else think she's doing this because of peachymilkytea and her cosplaying videos? Home girl is losing it

No. 236667

she's spending too much time with the other j-vloggers

No. 236681

>Fourth, does anyone else think she's doing this because of peachymilkytea and her cosplaying videos?

no, sophie

No. 236686

I'm not 'Sophie'. Responding in such a manner adds absolutely no value to anything. I just thought it was curious Taylor decided to do this once that chick arrived in Japan. I think Taylor is an asshat so I think she steals ideas.

No. 236689

She stated at the end that it was a joke or something and she's not really going to start a cosplay channel

No. 236694

homegirl is really scraping for content these days lmao. and to think her "weight loss" video was quite decent. i cant quite decide if she's really dumb as fuck or if she's just lazy/trolling. welp.

No. 236704

Oh okay, I see, I didn't watch the video. So she went around in Tokyo looking at stuff, but isn't actually taking it on as an endeavor

No. 236727


i just can't take someone who's naturally a 0 seriously. most skelly girls are born this way with a fast metabolism and i'd rather have someone who actually exercises/knows nutrition to give girls tips.

ot but im jealous of her house, being able to jump rope early in the morning on your and see everything around you seems so nice. japan seems pretty nice in the city

No. 236809

This seemed so weird to me as well. Isn't proper cosplaying about making the outfit and then wearing it? If she's just going to Akiba to find shit to buy, that's not good content.
Also, she broker her camera for the second time this year? Had to laugh though when she said they had to draw her a map of how to get from Donki to Yodobashi Camera - had she never been to Akihabara before?

No. 236817

true, but that aside, the video was way more fun to me than her usual content, so i dunno. but then she went right back to boring shit.

No. 236828


All I heard in her " weight loss " video was work out and count calories … " eat only veg and fruit since they're low in Cals" and telling her viewers to not have snacks because it's far to hard to have self control. Then to drink loads of water. I know a lot of ana girls like that.

Girl still struggles with weight even thought she's a tooth pick. Eating mostly salad and plain pasta with a sprinkle of nutrition yeast. I swear the only time she eats something moderately good or interesting is if it's a part of a video.

No. 236832

she did say she was fat as a child, so I wouldn't be surprised if she really has to work hard to maintain her body. better that she be making fitness vids than like, venus or whoever

No. 236846

Japanese cosplayers mostly buy their costumes.
Akiba is porn, electronics, and maid cafe. Not a wanting to go to place. Most otaku is now go Nakano or girls going Ikebukuro

No. 236855


Did literally anyone even watch the video? Jfc. She said she was just joking about the cosplay and we don't even know what she bought from the shops yet.
The reaching in this thread is out of this world even on lolcow standards

No. 236861

No one watches her videos because they're boring as shit?

No. 236864

That's Taylor threads for ya

No. 236867

I thought she meant she was buying a cosplay for a future video. It was clearly just a pandery video for her weeb fans. I mean look, she rarely meets fans in Tokyo and in one day she met like 3, obviously her fans are massive weebs who go to Japan to go to AKUHIABARRAH SUGOI

No. 236877

Fair enough but then please stop speculating without even watching the shit you're talking about, it's like playing the broken phone game without even hearing the original sentence lmao

No. 236879

Yep I do wonder what she actually bought since I doubt it really is a cosplay.

No. 236883

I wish she'd stop with these shitty vlogs and starts working on her New Years resolution of "going outside of Tokyo more" so we can see some decent quality travel vids

No. 236946

>So she went around in Tokyo looking at stuff

I don't even watch the video and I guessed this is basically what it was.

Most the jvloggers are the same. Just buy shit in the hopes that it makes them interesting or have a purpose to leave the house, or a story to tell. Someday they will realize one can't buy the ability to be interesting.

No. 237043

Her cheeks are looking especially bulbous and unnatural at the end of the video. Such a shame she did that to herself.

No. 237051

well, she went outside, in tokyo, in a place she never really visited before. it's a start.

No. 237105

Yeah she was like 5-10 lbs overweight during a time when girls regularly add weight before growing taller. She wasn't obese or even fat. It's ridiculous. Her parents should be ashamed for teaching her to have a low-grade eating disorder in order to become a model.

It's great to eat healthy and exercise. But for her to eat in order to lose weight when she is already very underweight AND no longer a model? That's disordered eating.

Her figure is unnatural and she works to keep it that way. How anyone thinks that is seriously healthy is beyond me. It's clear that she is obsessed with her looks. She knows her face is what makes her money, so she's done stuff to it, and instead of showing scenery or interesting stuff in her vlogs, it's 90% tayface. The girl has an obsession with fame and looks. She's not alone, but it comes across as quite vain.

She looks a little healthier now than she did earlier this year or last year. The stick legs are less prominent. At least there's that.

No. 237131

File: 1484838857842.jpg (29.82 KB, 500x356, How-males-and-females-take-pic…)

Her mum specifically said that she was not fat at that age on camera. I'd not throw the parents under the bus, since she also was already past highschool and was willing to do what it takes to break into the industry. The person who entertained the aim to be a model was her grandmother & father.

I agree with the face thing. Literally everything is about the face even though it's not a beauty vlog. I wonder what happens in someone's mind if they spend days and years editing videos that are mostly of their own face.

No. 237147

fucking thank you. it kinda comes across like bitch just wants to have a "tragic backstory". or like, ugly duckling moment, when in reality she couldn't be more bland. both as a kid and now. i know im beating a dead horse here but homegirl is spoiled to hell and back, like, go out and find some real friends if ur that thirsty for attention kek

No. 237155


Agree, Quality over Quantity would be great bc at this point you have seen pretty much everything about her.

No. 237183

Except that Taylor was chubby and struggled with her weight until she got to this point? And tried to exercise and eat healthy to maintain what she achieved? With that in mind she wouldn't be a naturally 0…

No. 237225

Fat girls will always try to say that thin people are just ~genetics so they don't have to take responsibility for themselves. Taylor threads are always full of people jealous because they think she is too thin, rich, old etc.

The only justified criticism I see here is that her videos are a snooze. How many vlogs can this girl expect people to watch of her boring ass days of waking up, eating healthy, shopping. Repeat.

No. 237236

I think how many friends she has is a red flag. Even the vloggers have their own fun activities outside of her and all of them are fake. She at least bought Sharla.

No. 237239

spotted the lazy fatty
she posted a whole sob story video with pics of her being fat so she is hardly "naturally" skinny.

No. 237287

Her cheeks look like they hurt

No. 237313


Not that anon, but I agree on the she wasn't always skinny part but cut it off at that. Taylor said in that sob video she stayed up late eating her emotions away, so in reality its her own fault for being fat. Almost everyone has been "bullied" for something. I find it annoying that at her age of 28 she's still crying wolf about being fat when she was 10..

Now, excuse me while I go create a YouTube to cry about this boy named Jimmy that called me a booger face when I was 6.


When has Taylor ever appreciated quality over quantity ? Homegirls only hobby is acquiring shit she never gets much use out of.

No. 237314

She also said that she was bullied for being flat, which is odd since she seems very endowed for someone who works hard to be skelly.

No. 237328


Padded bras … Which when she showed off her new bras that were all padded. And boohoo alot of teens are fairly flat when they are 14 or younger.

No. 237407

wonder what she looks like without fillers nowadays

No. 237586

File: 1484936459909.png (228.57 KB, 448x483, Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 12.3…)

Lol, she needs to give shopping a break if she's maxing out her credit cards … Maybe Elbow-san decided to not leave his credit card behind for her, because I refuse to believe that someone that shops as much as her and has previously thrown the same amount on cameras the same day she broke it is now suddenly having maxed out credit card(s) problems.

What also crossed my mind is most people i know have limits around 10k-25k at her age … Is she implying thats how in debt she is ? Because I highly doubt she has a dinky small 1k-3k ish limit.

( Idk why but I don't find that dress overly flattering on her … It brings attention to how broad her shoulders are. )

No. 237587

File: 1484936559353.png (180.11 KB, 347x479, Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 12.3…)



Front facing angle.

No. 237590


I actually like the dress. As for her shoulders, it might be because they're kinda blending in with the background, but I'm barely noticing them. She should add a necklace and everything will look good.

No. 237594

my only complaint about Taylor is that horrible make up job she keeps doing. That plus the contacts makes it look like she's wearing a human mask.

No. 237595

She's not in debt. It's a pre-authorized card that won't get automatically paid until the month's statement. It happens when you're not keeping track on a specific card you use most of the time.

She can easily get around this by using other cards, increasing limit or paying the balance manually in the meantime. Paying the balance takes 1-2 days to process though.

No. 237599

there's legit like 3 people having a circlejerk satisfying their personal vendetta by putting the effort to nitpick incessantly. they all write the same way back and forth. i'll bet they know taylor irl lol.

No. 237601

I don't understand the hate for her replacing her camera? Youtube is pretty much her career now so if her equipment breaks then yes she needs to replace it then and there. You wouldn't criticize a builder if he broke a tool and replaced it the same day and its basically the same thing. Hate on her for legit reasons at least.

No. 237603

Because the thread has been taken over by Kiki and Sophie.

No. 237605

File: 1484939535086.png (179.59 KB, 257x319, yike.png)

sophie as in peachmilkytea? it'd be funny if she was the one earlier in the thread calling taylor's nose too big out of insecurity cuz


No. 237621


Hate ? I was simply pointing out that this happened twice now, and now suddenly she has maxed out credit card issues for the same thing that already happened previously. I'm not hating oh her job or her buying a camera, I just don't understand how someone doesn't notice they're near their limit or for that matter even achieve it in such a short amount of time.

If I'm making huge purchases I check my accounts and credit card first to ensure I won't have issues. Hopefully this makes her pay more attention when she is/has big expenses coming.


Unless she maxed her other cards too, though maybe she only has one credit card with one bank. Perhaps she should apply for an increase since she is fairly clumsy and likely to probably break it again. Though she must be getting lazy since it isn't her first large purchases in close proximity to another.

No. 237624

File: 1484944131068.png (104.33 KB, 420x167, Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 3.25…)

I definitely agree with you but I think that's why people like Tay's videos. They're escapist in the sense that nothing too challenging or engaging happens in them. A sunny picture of a beautiful, wealthy young woman's daily life in Japan that we can vicariously experience. Her viewers don't want to learn about history or see shrines, festivals or whatever technology/design/hobby conventions take place in Japan, that's not why people watch her.

I feel the same vague disquiet you mentioned at the thought of how many cultural experiences she has easily available to her and how she doesn't seem to have any interest in any of that.

Obviously she has every right to spend within her (apparently abundant) means if it makes her happy, but, as onlookers, there's something inevitably unsavory about the sheer amount of shopping portrayed in her vlogs (and yet! its hard to look away, for the reasons I mentioned before).

I don't think we have a word for the phenomenon I'm thinking of in English. It's a little like a reverse-schadenfreude.

No. 237632

>I think that's why people like Tay's videos. They're escapist in the sense that nothing too challenging or engaging happens in them. A sunny picture of a beautiful, wealthy young woman's daily life in Japan that we can vicariously experience. Her viewers don't want to learn about history or see shrines, festivals or whatever technology/design/hobby conventions take place in Japan, that's not why people watch her.

this. people aren't looking for educational videos or tourist-friendly videos from taylor. that's what sharla and the other tryhard jvloggers are for. taylor's appeal is that her videos are more or less a dream bff simulator. someone you wake up in a wealthy japanese apartment with and try bath bombs with and go out to dinner in tokyo with. her boring lifestyle is exactly what's appealing to them. it's like half asmr half human nintendogs simulator. and yeah, she can be cringey and embarrassing in public, but ultimately that adds to her "authenticity". i can see how some insecure fat indonesian girl would feel better seeing a pretty girl more or less embarrass herself in public and not care.

it's obvious her fans feel a genuine connection to her and actually feel like she's their friend, to the point where they're all pathetically talking in 2nd pov in her comments. which, really, taylor encourages quite well because she engages back with them and she engages really consistently. it may not be everyone's niche, but a small loyal following is smarter than a large fleeting one.

No. 237650

>she doesn't know how to sew
fyi Cosplayer is not the same as cosmaker, you can be a cosplayer and use bought costumes, or be a cosmaker and make them (and both, make them and wear them, that would make you a cosplayer-cosmaker)

No. 237653

File: 1484948854507.jpg (441.76 KB, 720x480, 102431etyfhfzz9ymtyh9f.jpg)

Taylor has cosplayed before btw and if she wants to cosplay some character she likes, she can do it. You don't have to be a full time cosplayer who cosplays whatever the fuck is trending to have fun with the costumes. And no, I don't think she's jealous of Sophie lol

No. 237654

File: 1484948870701.jpg (481.2 KB, 960x1280, IMG_9940.jpg)

No. 237655

File: 1484948947782.gif (6.24 MB, 720x404, ErCktKK.gif)

I know this was for the video but it still counts
and before someone points it out, >>237654 was for a job

No. 237669


How sad that this atrocious makeup is still better then her current bulging vag eye makeup. Kek.

I wish she'd start using more eyeliner again and stop with the over dramatic eye bags.

No. 237670

Man there sure are a lot of stans in here. If people want to nitpick her they can, and if you're offended by your precious Taylor getting shat on, then leave the thread.

No. 237676

Awful wigs aside, I thought that was Michelle Phan on the right for a hot second, kek.

No. 237700

Uncanny valley. She looks creepy and cute, but not sure which more so.

No. 237701

Sophie doesnt own cosplay, there as so many cosplay channels on youtube, i doubt Taylor even knows who sophie is

No. 237733


Tay had a 'punchable face' during her weeb days

No. 237754

So does Taylor still even like cute stuff anymore? Like does she watch anime anymore either? I haven't seen her talk about vocaloid or anything of the sort in a while.

No. 237768

I agree.
It's weird that people are even comparing them since the only things they seem to have in common are their age, blonde hair, Japan, and their friends. And it seems like they'll have less and less in common as time goes by since Taylor seems to be gradually moving to a more mature look.

>So does Taylor still even like cute stuff anymore?
I think she does but not like ott cute stuff. She also seems to be more into western style cute stuff now.
>Like does she watch anime anymore either?
It doesn't seem like it. The last time I heard about her watching anime was in the vlog she did watching Yuri on Ice with Sharla.

No. 237773

Their age? How old is Sophie?

No. 237775

taylor has no milk so the stans have taken over the thread. that's what happens. sorry you're butthurt no one's making fun of her with you.

No. 237777

Iirc, she's turning 26 in April.

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