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File: 1427270490475.jpg (106.12 KB, 604x604, keekerz.jpg)

No. 68096

Kaka thread #5, previous one has hit autosage already.


Previous threads:

No. 68101


What was this 'red kiki' thing? I'm assuming it was a drawing or something, but it's already been deleted, lel.

No. 68107

If y'all could screencap shit instead of just linking it we wouldn't have this problem. Just assume anything worth linking is gonna get bawwleeted and cap it instead.

No. 68124

File: 1427272712174.jpg (139.74 KB, 661x431, kikitweet.jpg)

Yeah, good point.

No. 68126

I think anon meant cap the picture too. There's nothing interesting about this without a lulzy tryhard kaka pic.

No. 68129

The tweet is still there, but the pic link in the tweet just won't load for me.

No. 68130

It might have something to do with the person that she retweeted's tweets/account being on private.

No. 68134

File: 1427274110310.png (569.24 KB, 1275x891, LilKitten.png)

lol, this was what her store's domain was used for before Kiki bought it.

No. 68153

A business name with KKK in the title and this too? Come on Kiki…

No. 68174

File: 1427284634371.png (395.48 KB, 1376x824, 1.png)

Oh shit, here we go. Screenshotted and keeping my eye on this because it'll definitely be deleted later.

No. 68175

We should play nice to see what she actually says instead of deciding to delete the tweet and not reply anymore.

No. 68176

Oooooh boy, I hope they got into a fight and Kiki is trying to sabotage her.q

No. 68177

Kota is in the same room as Kiki now, 100% sure
Kiki wouldn't do that without Kota's permission.. she likes drama but come on let's not believe every possible situation just because we want it to be true.

No. 68180

File: 1427285469406.gif (462.41 KB, 500x302, gimmedamilk.gif)

Holy shit, that sounds catty as fuck…
She probably isn't being sarcastic but…god, I'm so thirsty for some creamy milk right now.

No. 68199

top kek

No. 68201


why she didn't wrote it in nihonese this time? lol


>Kiki wouldn't do that without Kota's permission

her fame thirst knows no boundaries. As if creating a sockpuppet IG account impersonating her sister isn't creepy enough.

No. 68202

You have no proof it's not Kota's IG. But I have no proof it is. I just think some of you and tons of people in PULL always assume things to be the way you wish it were, as if there are no other choices.

No. 68212

Alright Kaka calm your tits

No. 68214

As predicted, she deleted the tweet.

No. 68216

damn, i was hoping for something juicy

No. 68217


>You have no proof it's not Kota's IG

Well last time I checked, Dakota don't have that dakotanyan account (neither other IG acc) listed in her official social media sites. Also, once she told Kaka she wouldn't use IG. Screencap of that tweet was posted on a previous thread. Idk if that's enough proof but whatever.



No. 68235

If you have so-called proof, then show it.

No. 68241

File: 1427293029493.jpg (66.88 KB, 500x695, O303275-ba0a4.jpg)

Not the same anon, but I remember that she had said it too.

No. 68242

Who? Kota? Kiki? + need source.

No. 68244

In the great baleeting of PULL, it was probably lost.
But it went something like:
Kiki: You should soooo get an IG DAWG
Kota: Nah, I'll never use it.
Kiki: . . .
(Mysterious IG for Dakota appears)

No. 68245

Whoops, sorry I misread. I thought you said you did have proof.

No. 68246

ffs, meant to quote >>68202

No. 68319


Damn, Kiki.

No. 68324

What she said and what she did are two different things. Remember that these girls are liars.

Probably just keeps claiming she doesn't have an IG to make people not think the fake ones are her, but she still wanted to follow kiki's photos on IG so she made an account that she won't post on

No. 68337


No. 68338

Dakotanyan was one of Kiki's sockpuppet accounts on PULL, just saying.

No. 68340

File: 1427301238950.jpg (16.37 KB, 516x201, 148.jpg)

No. 68341

I want to add that the comments on Kiki's pictures made by "dakota" also have Kiki's writing style and shit sense of humor.

No. 68343

To quote Kontrakoti:
"dakotanyan uses asterisks to highlight action words like fades out walks away blah blah. kiki does that a lot. i barely saw dakota writing that way."

No. 68347

Thanks for backing me up

No. 68437

To me that implies that Kota made an instagram, followed Kiki on it, Kiki was confirming it was her, and Kota said she wouldn't post on it though.

No. 68450

No, she asked if she will make an instagramm and like others mentioned before, the account got Kiki's horrible spelling and Google Translate japanese.

No. 68459

I've never seen Kota use "nyan" only Kiki does. It even seems she's even trying to drop Kiki Kannibal and call herself Kiki Nyan since she's tagged a bunch of her stuff as "キキニャン"(kiki nyan)

Also you are aware that Kiki and Cathy have had control over Kota's accounts. Kiki has made tweets on Kota's twitter at least once, which is what got Kota to change her passwords.

If this really was Kota's ig, don't you think that she would comment/like/follow her actual friends or even stuff about herself on the rare occasions she'd actually use it? She only ever comments/follows/likes Kiki's stuff. I don't even get why she'd need an ig for that because she can always reply to it on twitter if she really wanted to.

No. 68462

On Dakota's cover of popteen I'm 95% sure I remember it saying her favorite word (with the implication of it being a habit) is nyan.

No. 68482

There is no ニャン anywhere on that cover.

No. 68486

I just checked it, it says her favorite word is にゃ.

No. 68494

Not to give Keeks any advice, but does anyone think just going by "Kiki Kat" would be better to her current persona than "Kannibal"?

No. 68511

It kinda would, it's a retarded name, but if she just completely changed her alias it would distance herself from her past, at least for potential kawaii nihonjin fans since westerners already know about her past. I think that's her plan. I think she's going to try to completely get rid of English from her twitter, refer to herself as kiki nyan, and remove all evidence of her being kiki kannibal.

No. 68516

She did that once with Kirsten Leight or how it is spelled but she noticed that it makes her loose hits on her sites and YouTube and that's the only source of income for her.

No. 68523

She also tried to do it with Kiki Mimieux. I think she'll try to get some Japanese fans before she changes from Kiki Kannibal to Kiki Nyan. I think she really does want to get rid of the name Kiki Kannibal, she just doesn't want to lose the attention she gets from it.

No. 68535

>>is vegan
>>her username has 'kannibal'.

No. 68540

If she likes nyan so much even キースタニヤン would be a better alias.

No. 68548

It would but it doesn't sound youthful, kawaii, and Japanese.

No. 68579

neither does kannibal.

No. 68614

everyone knows it's against veganism to eat humans…. wait, that's everybody.

No. 68626


use it fuckers

No. 68629

I saw it and it truly wasn't interesting. It was just a drawing.

No. 68902

Yeah, exactly. She definitely does want to part with the title 'Kiki Kannibal', in one of her videos she talks about when meeting new people she's always really hoping they don't know about 'Kiki Kannibal' and her ~past~ and would rather have a "clean slate", as she puts it, basically so they don't know of all the dumb shit she's said/done. but she knows that persona is the only thing that people know her for or care about. Most of her views/following is from people like us or people that used to be fans of her when she was a ~scene queen~. If she changed her name completely to 'Kiki Leigh' or whatever, people would just be like "Who? Just some obnoxious and arrogant vegan weeaboo? Don't care) whereas with 'Kiki Kannibal' people are like "Oh hey, it's that scene girl from years ago, nostalgia! I wonder what she's up to nowadays".

No. 68905

In other words, she wants to get away from the drama associated with the name but physically can't bear to part with the attention she gets by clinging to it and having all her dirty laundry repeatedly aired out for her.

No. 68920

I think this really shows how lazy she is. If I was being ~bullied~ on the internet but still wanted attention like she does, I'd lay low for a good while and build a new persona like Kota did. People would still be able to find out since the internet never forgets, but it would be a little harder, since the people who could find out do forget. I think people would maybe even be more forgiving if she left the internet straight after scene was over and came back with a new persona at least a year later, but only if she matured or at least learned how to hide her shit personality.

I think now is a little too late to do all this, the damage is done already and being young isn't much of an excuse for her shit personality anymore.

No. 68933

maybe she is blackmailing kota? kiki must know all kind of embarrassing stuff about kota with them being sisters and all. i'm certain this tweet was made with an ill intent, the wording is SO weird and passive aggressive, it just can't be something innocent.

No. 68936

They probably got in a fight, and I bet it has to do with Kiki leaing Japan at the end of the month. Perhaps Kiki scared the museum guy away (since we haven't seen or heard abt him in 3 or so days, which is odd for Kiki) and Kota won't introduce her to any more of her friends for fear of losing them and her work/fashion connections bc of her crazy sister. Maybe then Kiki went apeshit and demanded Kota to hook her up with a modeling gig so she can get a visa and stay, and Kota said no so Kiki went to Twitter. Let's be real, Kiki is so spoiled, crazy and lazy that she expects to be given anything she wants just because she wants it, and her having to leave Japan is stressing her way the fuck out probably.

No. 68939

She only went to Japan because she thought that by being white, she would land the same one-in-a-million lucky break her sister did as soon as she walked on Japanese soil. Then she proceeded to terrorize everyone she came in contact with, did nothing else and now has nothing to show for her trip except some accessories and vague pictures of food.

No. 68941

>Kiki leaving Japan at the end of the month.

Less than a week! IDK about you guys but I can't wait. I feel lIke Kiki is gonna have a breakdown or something on Twitter/Insta. Either that or she'll eep posting random shit and occasionally latergram some random Japanese traffic signs to make her follower think she's still there.

Kooter is probably glad she's leaving, she seems so exhausting to be around, and she can have her social life back.

No. 68943

What happened to her getting scouted?

Is the Tweet still there?

I bet she got fucking nanpa'd in Shibuya to get hair cut and photographed at one of the many hairdressers, happens all the time kek

No. 68948

There's no way she'll have a breakdown, but I'm betting on the second part. I bet she isn't posting many pictures lately because she's just stockpiling them all for later. 5 bucks says in a week or two she'll be steadily posting convenience store drinks and vegan ramen pictures on instagram.

No. 68961

Jesus fuck, your random assumptions are getting more illogical and stupid by the day.

No. 68962

and creepy

No. 68974

She prolly has enough pics to pretend like she'll still be there for an entire year. lol

No. 68990

File: 1427378228016.jpg (111.06 KB, 605x323, kekeeeki.jpg)

Yup, still there. Obviously nothing has come of it though, we know if it did she'd be tweeting about it non-stop.

Also, lol. Didn't notice this one before.
In like, all her make-up tutorials she uses Urban Decay and has said stuff like "omg I luv Urban Decay coz they're vegan n cruelty free~". She has used Make Up For Ever in them too, if I'm not mistaken.

No. 68992

Loreal doesn't even test on animals but episkin.

No. 68994


Can't make any assumptions but it really is strange lol

Either way. Here's my bet: go back to US, post random vague pics, promise a new vlog that's never gonna happen and then probably have a breakdown.

No. 69007

what is she even going to do when she gets home? sit in her room some more and pole dance? take pics in her mommy's Audi? like for fucks sake Kirsten you are a grown ass woman, quit mooching off your parents and get a goddamn job..

though I will acknowledge that the giant bag of fail and suck that is kaka is pretty much all their fault. they've not only enabled this shit for years, but encouraged it. not to mention how much of a creeper her dad is for taking all those professional pics of her in bikinis and lingerie in an attempt to exploit his daughter for pedo money. and then enable her shitty try-hard behavior in hopes that the daughter that hasn't given them the finger will get famous and get them out of the debt they racked up trying to live vicariously through their children. and since I know Kathy has no life and stalks the internet for any mention of her family YES I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU SCOTT AND KATHY OSTRENGA.

sorry that turned into a bit of a rant. sometimes I think I hate her parents more than I do her, especially after having one of my own. did I mention that Kathy sent death threats to an acquaintance of mine who was pregnant at the time? and wished her baby would die? all because she pointed out kooters Photoshop on tumblr.

No. 69008

Top kek.

She fucking used Urban Decay in her last shitty video. Way to take your own advice, Kiki! Such a true vegan!

No. 69010

So, does kiki have a job?

No. 69016

No, only YouTube, advertisment and her Taobao resell shop income and I am pretty sure she doesn't pay tax on any of those.

No. 69018


>did I mention that Kathy sent death threats to an acquaintance of mine who was pregnant at the time? and wished her baby would die? all because she

pointed out kooters Photoshop on tumblr.


No. 69020

one time i tweeted kaka to ask dakota to make more outfit videos and she tweeted back "ask her yourself" i forgot to cap it but i think she was mad because i'd always tweet her questions about dakokta for the lulz, i was gonna ask her how it feels being the less attractive sister now but didn't ahahhaa i was kind of in shock that she actually replied she blocked me after that…

No. 69041

Hahahahah that's hilarious, raw proof that Kaka hates people asking her about her more successful sister than her. She's so assmad.

I second this. Tell us moar.

No. 69060


>did I mention that Kathy sent death threats to an acquaintance of mine who was pregnant at the time? and wished her baby would die?


No. 69065

This is old drama. I think they're exaggerating saying they're an acquaintance because when it happened I'm fairly sure no one said they knew them.

Basically, some tumblr user gets told she looks like Dakota, an anon we can only assume is Cathy sees it and goes mental saying she hopes she dies and that she looks like a fish.

No. 69090

Oh yeah, I remember that. I don't recall her saying she wishes her baby dies though, could be wrong.

No. 69112

>like for fucks sake Kirsten you are a grown ass woman, quit mooching off your parents and get a goddamn job..
I think someone should send her/post a bunch of job listings in her area. There's no reason for her not to have one. She doesn't even do anything but stalk/screencap "haters" and "hate" sites. The pole dancing, music, store, and yt videos were things she tried just for fame/money and quit because she didn't instantly become the next big thing.

I agree with this anon >>68941 I can definitely see a breakdown coming. She went to Japan because she wanted fame and she was bored/miserable at home. Since Japan not only didn't give her the fame and visa she wanted just for existing, but it also didn't change a single thing but where she was. I think she was even more miserable in Japan than at home, she had really nothing but complaints about the food and how people weren't kind to her.

No. 69207

The scouting thing turned into a bust, it's been how long?

No. 69209

It was 21 days ago

No. 69220

She doesn't want a job. Her parents jave brainwashedvher into believing she's a supermodel celebrity goddess, there's no way she would ever get a real job.

>she had really nothing but complaints about the food and how people weren't kind to her.

I feel like people didn't kiss her ass enough for being an ~exotic and foreign beauty~ so she interpreted that as them being unkind. If I had a penny for every time some ignorant weeb actually thought they would be worshipped in Japan for being white, boy I would have a lot of pennies.

No. 69223

She could very well have a breakdown. She's already got a hair trigger temper, she hates when Dakota is oushining her- and her having to leave Japan while Dakota stays is def gonna piss her off- and before she suddenly started posting about Japan on her Twitter she was having an epic rant about some guy named Chris calling her a murderer over the Danny thing and she kept posting screencap after screencap of vague myspace messages calling him a creep while saying he was a pedo and was dating a ton of other tweens while they were together. She was just posting anf posting and posting shit like HE RAPED ME IM INNOCENT HE WAS A MONSTER PEDOPHILE AND I HATED HIM etc.

Also now she claims she was 13 during the Danny fiasco, not 14.

No. 69224

Durr forgot my point-

Scott and Cathy probably sent her to Japan hoping she could start over there as a model because she was getting more and more unstable. Once she magically poofed to Japan, she stopped mentioning it and started all the ~whee I'm in Japan and everyone says I look like a young tall russian model and I got scouted nyan nyan~. Once she gets back to Florida she'll probably just sit in her room on Twitter 24/7 like before and rage out whenever someone mentions Dakota or Danny or how she's fake vegan.

No. 69227

Yeah, she wouldn't last in any normal workplace. Even at any non-skilled part time work her attitude would hold her back and get her in trouble with superiors.

No. 69230

I don't even get why she wouldn't want one by now. I think they're having some money issues since she got that a sugar daddy, she sold some of her musical equipment, and she still had the tag on her clothes in the video on sexual assault.

I think so as well. I think what an anon said in the last thread about people not liking her there since she wants to live there and has no intentions whatsoever in working. From what I've seen/heard Japan has a huge issue with neets.

This. The reason why Kiki hasn't had any meltdowns is because she was too busy trying to get fame and/or a spouse visa. You know what they say, idle hands are the devil's workshop. She'll most definitely have another meltdown when she gets back.

No. 69233

She definitely wants money, she just doesn't want to work for it. Kiki Kannibal is too good to work, don't you know that?

She doesn't have the sugar daddy anymore, jsyk. I think she had him right up until she went to the sumo thing (aka until he actually spent time with her lol) and the rest of her income was just her parents giving her money.

No. 69242

Yeah, I think so too. When she first got to Japan she was going to all these things she never would have done on her own (the foreign correspondents thing, sumo) and then it just stopped and all she was posting about was vegan food and her room. Sugar daddy got sick of her real quick.

That’s probably why she was latching on to all these others guys afterwards, so she could leech more money off them and/or have another reason to stay longer.

No. 69297


I'm not exaggerating, we're Facebook friends, she has a son a couple months older than mine, she lives like 30 miles away from me. my boyfriend and her husband have played music together. we used to talk back when it happened like 3 years ago and then I lost her number.

IIRC, she didn't post everything that Cathy sent her. I could be thinking of some other asshole that used to send her fucked up shit though. Cathy did get butthurt and tell her she looked like a fish because some other tumblr user told the girl that she looked like kooter wished she looked (she really does look like Kota's old shoops IRL)

No. 69308

I think she would, she has had a job and her own place before. According to one anon in one of the last threads, she did get off the internet for a while, got a job, and her own apartment. But she decided to give it all up to go back to her parents' house and desperately try to get online fame again.

No. 69309

>But she decided to give it all up to go back to her parents' house and desperately try to get online fame again.

This is why I don't hink she will get a job. She tried it before and decided to go back to the Internet and living with her parents because it was easier. And she damn sure isn't gonna get a job now that Dakota is a model, that would short circuit her for sure- not only having to leave Japan with nothing to show for it, but having to work a real job in bumfuck FL while Dakota is on TV in Japan.

No. 69314

I definitely do agree with you, I'm just saying she is able to hold a job. I still don't get it since she could use her work money towards the fame she desires. If I were desperate for fame in Japan like she is, I'd save up for language school there so I could live there for at least a year and attention whore it up there. And it's something else to brag about.

No. 69316

How long has Kaka been in Tokyo now?

No. 69318

I feel like she's too used to her parents doing everything for her at this point to go back to Japan without their help. Holding a job is one thing, but enrolling in a college on the other side of the world, getting all your documents in order, buying your ticket and navigating layover terminals. It's a lot of stuff to deal with and I have this feeling Kiki is too dumb and lazy to do it herself. I mean, she's a 22 year old adult and she had to bring her dad with her when she went to Japan, probably to help her through the airports and checking into the hotel. Kiki isn't oing to do anything for or by herself unless it's modeling or her parents finally get fed up and just cut her off, and let's face it, neither of those are going to happen.

No. 69319

Since the end of December.

No. 69327

File: 1427410719550.png (54.52 KB, 480x286, Screenshot_2015-03-20-18-27-27…)

her followers were (and still are) disgusting

No. 69346


I bet she just went to Takeshita-Dori and got "caught" by all the model catchers there, luls.

No. 69352


How do you know that she's gave up working and went back to living with her parents? Like as far as I know she never left?

No. 69466

I want to know too, I've never heard of this.

No. 69473

Yeah, I wanna know too. I've never heard of her actually being independent aside from someone saying it on a chan board with no proof.

No. 69475


Yes! All ive gathered about her work life is that she worked in a music production business (and got sexually harrassed by an older man and people there called her Kinky and she felt like her boundaries had been crossed - she's innocent!! And pure!!! And no like foul humor!!!) and retail for a while (the 15 mins video about boundaries - she called Cathy, who called the police bc some guy was creeping on her lol)

No. 69599


yeah, she mentioned a couple of times about "doing homework" and "studying" but i don't think she actually went/applied for a language school

No. 69640


I doubt that Kiki was harassed every time she went to work. Everywhere she goes old men are "creeping" on her. I'm sure it is all in her head, that even a glance or a gentle pat on the back would be deemed as harassment and be blown up. To me these are excuses as to why she cannot work.

No names of the men that harassed her show up, no police reports, no restraining orders, nothing. Just some made up story. I bet cha she worked for a week or less and had an attitude problem the whole time, didn't do any actual work and was looking for a way to get out of actually working.

No. 69658

Her idea of being harassed is guys who aren't aatractive being remotely nice to her.

So yeah I bet she got harassed on the daily and thats why she had to quit.

No. 69661

She had a "sensei" which was really just a guy she was trying to sponge money and gifts from unil he got sick of her like everyone else. I'm actually kind of fascinated by how quickly she scares people away.

No. 69677

lol, if anything that would make people look even more in a "wtf, does that person have a picture of a girl leaking period blood as her wallpaper?!". Her followers are dumb and freakish.
Also lol:

No. 69750


are you talking about hormonal romance? What's her URL now, if she has one?

No. 69760


This bitch has never had her own apartment. I've been following Kiki like a hawk since 2007. You trippin'.

No. 69770

She had an own apartment when she worked in retail as mentioned by >>69475

No. 69775


Dude, an anon mentioning it isn't proof. I recall her mentioning the retail job but never once an apartment or living anywhere other than her parents'. Give me Kiki proof, then I'll believe it.

No. 69777

The video mentioned by that anon was made in her apartment as many others from that time, if you are too lazy too watch the videos it is not our fault.

No. 69792


Ok I'm confuse. Her videos (including that one) were all made from her own room in her parents house (as much as all the other videos made by her - including the really old ones)

No. 69948

I agree.
>she's a 22 year old adult and she had to bring her dad with her when she went to Japan, probably to help her through the airports and checking into the hotel.
I still find this incredibly ridiculous. I get not wanting to be in a country you've never been to all by yourself, but Kota lives there so she wouldn't be alone. It's really sad that my little sister has been flying airplanes by herself since she was 11 and this 22 year old woman can't do it by herself. I know of more kids half her age that are a billion times more independent than she is since they don't need their parents escorting them everywhere.

No. 69963

Is Kiki 22? I thought she was my age, I thought I remembered seeing her D.O.B. in 1991.

No. 69976

Apparently she's supposed to be turning 22 this year? I thought she was turning 23 but in her "get to know me" videos which were posted on August of 2012 she says she's 19. Unless her birthday is in September, like I think it may be?

No. 70014

Kiki and Kota's birthdays are a daY apart, one is the day afyer the other but idr which off the top of my head, so yeah they're both September babies.

Kiki was born in 1992, but has started lying about her age too, her and Kota are actuall only one year apart but since Kota got noticed in Japan they say she's 3 years younger, her turning "20" this year means Kiki is turning 23.

No. 70015

Where did you see that?

No. 70184

kiki is at least 22 right now there is no way in hell she's older than me we're the same age i know it she isn't that young idk why this bugs me

No. 70206

bc she's a liar and everyone knows it. even ppl who've been around since right beforE koti got noticed know it. lying to make yourself seem younger is so in riht now bc it helps sad 20somerhings pretend they haven't wasted as muh of their life doing nothing.

No. 70212

She also talked about her appartment in the Rolling Stones interview.

No. 70222

How old was she in that interview??

No. 70248

I actually noticed this and posted it in the last thread. The article was printed on April 15, 2011 and says she is "now 18", meaning she would be 19 that year in September and thus born in 1992, turning 23 this year.

No. 70310

kiki is almost in her mid 20s and has done nothing with her life but copy and hate on everyone around her. hmm

No. 70391

She used to say she worked at some type of department store for a while (before that RS article came out). She never said where for privacy purposes I guess, but she constantly tweeted about being "harassed" by customers, co-workers calling her "bubble butt" and other delusional Kaka compliments. She said she quit there because she was being (sexually?) harassed by co-workers too much.

No. 70397

(*forgot to add) She never had her own place when she was working in said department store, she still lived with her parents and always has.

No. 70399


forreal, if she ever had her own apartment there would be proof everywhere because you know she would never shut the fuck up about it.

No. 70411

she would whine about how hard it is to pay bills and be ~responsible~, constantly talk about the cheap IKEA shit she bought, how her neighbors won't stop complimenting/stalking her, post selfies in her kitchen, etc etc etc

No. 70432

See >>70212
And yes, she DID complain about bills but then again she always complained a lot about everything that exists before trying to become Dakota 2.

No. 70433

>"Seated at a cafe near her current home outside Orlando — she prefers I don't reveal the precise location"

No. 70434

And they obviously didn't mean their grandma's place because they stated where it is.

No. 70479

>someone calling Kiki "bubble butt" when she has no ass

God, she could at least come up with something remotely believable.

No. 70488


She says that's what she gets called the most. People stop her IRL to ask how she gets that booty, she receives mail about it etc.
Its her most used self-compliment. Oh yeah, and her Irish lashes.


No. 70493

So you're saying the only evidence we have are claims made by Kiki in a bullshit article?

No. 70499

By that logic she isn't living with her parents neither.

No. 70518

Just how retarded are you?

No. 70519

If everything from that article is bullshit this would have to be bullshit too, only showing you your flawless logic.

No. 70524

I'm gonna guess English isn't your first language so I'm going to spell it out: saying the article was bullshit doesn't mean that I think that every single word was a lie. I just meant it was a dumb article in general, as we all well know.

I don't even get why you're clinging to that word, the point was that we only have her word in this one interview, whereas we have tons of evidence she lives with her parents.

No. 70527

If I remember corrently it was her parents who paid for the apartment in the first place. Shere still should be some Tweets on archive.org of when she was living by "herself".

No. 70528

No. 70534

kek if kiki had a roommate…i can only imagine the drama.

No. 70560

Kaka is a freakin demigoddess, a personification of Afrodite and Helen of Troy combined. Wherever she goes, men of all ages and backgrounds flock to her like hungry animals. Because she is just so irresistibly gorgeous. Compared to Kaka, Grace Kelly looks like a fishwife. But Kaka herself… A glowing, magical maiden who just stepped out of a preraphaelite painting.

No. 70592

Is Afrodite the sassy black sister of Aphrodite?

No. 70597

Died! Sorry, it's the Greek in me typing.

No. 70654

Okay, so I was randomly thinking about it. If she went to Japan with her dad the first time, and went to la before going to Japan, does that mean her dad was with her when she had that one night stand with Jack Cash? That's really weird to think about.

No. 70667

No, she fucked Jack Cash in Japan the first tIme she went to promote her CD, he happened to be in Japan at that time too.

No. 70674

It was confirmed by his ex that he was never in Japan ever. Kiki tweeted about LA around that time.

No. 70922

You guys im really worried about her, this was her last twitt and she hasnt uploaded anything else. Is she having a break down? Cause koti just gets more popular in japan.

No. 70925

You're right, she could be having a breakdown since she's leaving in 2 days as well. Or she's taking more pictures of random things to keep up the facade that she's living there.

No. 70933

File: 1427641015890.jpg (13.98 KB, 247x204, image.jpg)

It's a Kiki thing to go hiatus for days, which sucks, because entertainment. She usually has those breakdowns over haters. Trust her to be like "I lived in Japan and haters still obsessed about me!!"

Pic wise: I found it and, was there a time she was trying to make herself like Jolie or smthg?

No. 70936

Since this was talked about a couple days ago. Kota basically confirmed that the dakotanyan account is fake. The tweet says, "So many fakes.. I don't have an instagram by the way lol"

No. 70938

someone needs to repost that hilarious pic she tweeted comparing herself to Angelina Jolie

No. 70939

No. 70966

No. 70967

File: 1427647807595.jpg (40.19 KB, 640x260, image.jpg)

Oops forgot the image

No. 71013

Those "Irish lashes" lmfao bye
Wow she looks 40.

No. 71038


>I don't look like Heidi, Heidi looks like ME! She had plastic surgery and I didn't so that means she's trying to look like me!

That is hands down the most conceited and delusional thing I have seen anyne post.

No. 71047


Or "I look like that with no surgery therefore I'm better"

… Idk what's worse

No. 71048

Ha, that sounds familiar. /venus

No. 71052


There was a time when she was doing her makeup to look like Jolie too. Daddy did another photoshoot with her. Maybe someone can dig them up? She had on those black tights she tried to sell on her website for a while.

She also compared herself to Lisbeth Salander. What is with her constantly picking bi chicks?

No. 71062

I don't think she goes out of her way to compare herself to bi women, I mean gay people gross her out so I'm sure bi people do as well. A lot of people consider Angelina Jolie as one of the sexiest women so if Kiki looks like her that means she's sexy as well.

As cringeworthy as this whole thing was, at least she was aware of her harsher and mature looking features. It's a lot more cringeworthy to see her think she looks like a preteen and try to be kawaii.

No. 71063

File: 1427663862725.jpg (30.75 KB, 360x480, image.jpg)

Pls don't tell me SCOTT took these

No. 71064

File: 1427663883328.jpg (58.65 KB, 600x401, image.jpg)

No. 71065

Oh! There's the bubble butt haha

No. 71066

File: 1427663965741.jpg (65.25 KB, 294x500, image.jpg)

No. 71113

Maybe Kota?

No. 71114

No. 71119

She's arching her back so damn hard in this pic and she still has no ass! It's like a white girl stereotype in the flesh.

No. 71122

what's going on with her legs in this pic? they look like they're painted on

No. 71127

Arched backs are actually really sexy. Large butt or not.
It really does. That's the first thing I noticed. Maybe quickly covering cellulite or something? Idk

No. 71158

File: 1427676015064.jpg (64.98 KB, 600x401, 1427663883328.jpg)

They must have cut those tiles crooked and blurry.

No. 71210


As a girl with back problems I can say it looks painful, hahah

The thing with these is that, she was underage, sharing it online and when people started talking about it, Cathy said she was doing tht because she "thought it was funny" and "she still thinks saying 'poop' is funny" etc etc that people were the wrong ones for sexualizing a young girl but… Really.
She really doesn't look like she's trying to be funny in those

No. 71233

The funny thing is that she complains A LOT about her ~horrible skoliosis~ that makers her ~unable to move a lot~ once a blue moon.

No. 71393

How many rare and severe conditions/disorders has she claimed to suffer from? Scoliosis, anaphylaxis, I know there's more.

No. 71472


The horrible menstruation cramps that sent her to ER every other month (she even took a couple of Polaroid selfies while she was in one!) she only could treat with Chinese medicine because western medicine simply did not know what to do with her special Kira kira ovaries

Also. She got it because she was raped and it makes your whole body go tense. According to her sexual assault video.

No. 71476

does any1 have pix of said ER polaroids?

No. 71478

File: 1427715143500.png (554.6 KB, 582x695, Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.2…)

I'd like to see them as well.

I found these when I went to look and, wow, I'd forgotten just how hideous the ~~KND Kouture~~ designs were.

No. 71480

next level trashy

No. 71495

File: 1427716988519.jpg (95.5 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 71498

File: 1427717197974.jpg (178.01 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 71499

Anddddd the whole thing

No. 71500

File: 1427717264769.jpg (74.63 KB, 480x640, image.jpg)

(I keep forgetting to add the images, fck)

No. 71504

lmao that whole thing is so stupid, but those polaroids show that her hair looks so much better like that. it would look even better if she actually filled in her eyebrows right/filled them in closer towards her nose. that's the thing i wish people would understand:your eyebrows will ALWAYS look better closer together than they would farther apart, no matter who you are. farther apart your eyebrows are, the wider your nose looks, the more you look like shit.

No. 71511


Dysmonerrhea is literally the medical term for menstrual cramps. She's so full of it.

Either way, I agree but in these she had extensions on back then hence the fuller hair.

No. 71528

Because it doesn't matter if she's in hospital, she still has to fill her daily glamour shots quota.

No. 71529


>I dismissed my ego

uh, really?

No. 71532

File: 1427722913234.png (464.39 KB, 528x755, Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.2…)

I wish she still uploaded photos as regularly as back then.

No. 71550

i had a lesbian boner from the gif in the dakota thread but this killed it. fuck

No. 71563

jfc, that chin photoshopping

No. 71676

File: 1427736498947.png (283.92 KB, 473x617, bskiki.png)

Just wondering, does anyone have the other pictures from her old backstage.com profile? I can only find this one.

No. 71693

I WAS wondering the same ^

She looked pretty good, in the ones with hair down and everything.

Makes me wonder if they were photoshopped?

No. 71786

File: 1427740721080.png (318.13 KB, 619x475, Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 18.4…)

Have a few nostalgic pics.

No. 71788

File: 1427740744395.png (464.37 KB, 416x532, Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 18.4…)

No. 71790

File: 1427740788440.png (393.3 KB, 524x699, Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 18.5…)

No. 71791

File: 1427740809359.png (410.65 KB, 579x797, Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 18.5…)

Lookin' old in 2008.

No. 71793

File: 1427740839238.png (583.47 KB, 573x713, Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 18.5…)

No. 71794

File: 1427740884170.png (455.01 KB, 602x664, Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 18.5…)

No. 71810

File: 1427741730368.png (227.29 KB, 500x360, kiki-and-koti.png)

Oh and this too.

No. 71817

No way…
That's gotta be a reverse shoop.
She looks terrible! Those eyes…she looks like a blinding 90 year old.

No. 71828



No. 71836

I think she's leaving Japan today, since Kota said she'd leave at the end of the month and according to google, it's 4am on the 31st in Tokyo.

No. 71839

File: 1427744165817.png (51.87 KB, 635x259, Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 20.3…)

Nope, direct from her old-ass Buzznet. Guess it was before either of the sisters got the hang of PS.

Whatever happened to their dog? Pic related.

No. 71842

I don't think it's photoshop, just good make-up.

No. 71845

File: 1427744694915.jpg (37.02 KB, 466x699, hffhhtsfhdtrx.jpg)

No. 71851

File: 1427744855786.png (143.19 KB, 638x662, Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 20.4…)

And yet today, you're a nobody and Jeffree has a successful business.
Also imagining Cathy dancing at a gig and then losing her shit. Top kek.

No. 71852


Dude I got to get a hang of this stuff then because her skin looks airbrushed to death (in a good way)

No. 71856

Apart from the shitty hair and make-up, she looks really sweet here.

No. 71866

This is like looking through a time travel device. Awesome! I love internets.

I love how Kiki is so sure she was going to be famous, now she's known as Koots sister and sits at her parent's home, eating "vegan" Japanese snacks.

>flat ass


No. 71867

This is fucking hilarious, considering Jeffree is swimming in money right now and has a successful make up line.

No. 71869

I wonder what teenage scene Kiki would think of adult Kiki.

No. 71881

File: 1427745973377.jpg (167.44 KB, 600x827, Kiki-Kannibal-demolitionvenom-…)

No. 71884

ngl, he has a sweet body. Kinda envious.

No. 71887

File: 1427746208906.jpg (23.07 KB, 500x396, obr 140 kiki 1.JPG)

No. 71891

File: 1427746330948.jpg (28.21 KB, 427x534, rEf6KV7wWPs.jpg)

No. 71895

File: 1427746467468.jpg (56.49 KB, 604x604, qlIxrEfwY-Q.jpg)

No. 71897

File: 1427746501715.jpg (24.23 KB, 320x426, x_dc50b5fe.jpg)

No. 71898

File: 1427746520856.jpg (71.11 KB, 453x604, x_752c3137.jpg)

I think she's so cute with short hair.

No. 71904

That length and color really suit her.

No. 71916

File: 1427747381311.png (397.5 KB, 500x667, Kiki-Kannibal-demolitionvenom-…)

No. 71950


"Kiki Kannibal, is not only a fashion inpiration or internet celebrity. She's also a entrepeneur, designer and musician."

rubs temples

No. 71957

File: 1427750156598.png (216.63 KB, 614x493, Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 20.4…)

Thanks other anon for posting while I was off drinking. We should be a team.

Have some classy Kiki back in the day.

No. 71958

File: 1427750177878.png (228.63 KB, 579x408, Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 20.5…)

No. 71959

File: 1427750236267.png (209.57 KB, 580x402, Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 20.5…)

And back when Kota was relegated to wearing full-body costumes while Kiki ~shone

No. 71970

damn this is her worst photo, she looks like a mummy

No. 71978

I'm fucking crying, shit people during their teenage years always makes me laugh because of how stupid most peoples logic are

No. 72023

File: 1427754464213.jpg (27.61 KB, 355x244, image.jpg)

"I'm not Kiki! I'm Dakota! Yeah… The background"
IDK WHERE IT GOES. Kota or Kiki thread


I really want to know what's happening in there wtf
Eitherrrr way, I SO WANT THEM TO GO ON CAMERA TOGETHER AGAIN. See if Kiki will still take over the whole thing like she did in the Kickstarter vid or nah

Also, anyone got links to a video of her wearing a bindi, talking about Dakota's age etc?

No. 72032

File: 1427755256814.jpg (72.22 KB, 500x609, image.jpg)

>>72023 Kota was mocking kikis Halloween costume?

No. 72051

File: 1427757502237.jpg (71.78 KB, 640x480, 18k1yc78a4ho5jpg.jpg)

It's really interesting to see how much Kiki changed. She had to have some kind of epiphany at some point that she was not a big deal on the internet anymore.

No. 72053

File: 1427757569131.jpg (19 KB, 400x300, tumblr_inline_mmdbw6tdAw1qzt3y…)

No. 72054

File: 1427757595972.jpg (70.76 KB, 466x699, 31542392.jpg)

Little keeks

No. 72056


Probably around the time she made a tumblr/bob hair time…?
Orrrr… When she strted making videos and learnt that she wasn't attracting as much attention?

These are my two bets, I think. Either way she said she's not "interested in the Internet anymore" and it's ok Bc if she wanted to be famous she cpuld Bc it's easy

No. 72059

File: 1427758007317.jpg (24.99 KB, 311x419, kannibal-coontails.jpg)

>The sexy coontail trend is largely attributed to scene queen Kiki Kannibal. Coontails are a great way to add texture and color to your scene hairstyle.


No. 72060

File: 1427758032227.jpg (154.64 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)


No. 72062

i loooooooooove old kiki she was crazy and so full of herself. it's pretty funny how badly she crashed and burned. i wonder how she's gonna be going in a few years' time? also i wonder if she looks back at her childhood and cringes at all of the dumb she put online and can't run away from? all those weird gross sexualised images of herself as a child?

No. 72063

File: 1427758270815.jpg (134.49 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I need a time line on this girl, from "cute little scene kid" (early start) to "scene whore" (platinum hair) to "bullying victim" (RS) to "KND Kouture" to "I'm healing myself/au natural bob Kiki" to "Kickstarter trial" to "kawaii quirky video maker" to "people are not giving me attention? (Cat Tattoo video" to "Japan Kiki" to "Lik Kitten" to "meltdown Kiki" to "Japan Kiki Again"

No. 72125

Whoa, I didn't know this was her at first.

No. 72129

Lmao I bet they weren't even bad at all. People like her can't be trusted to tell the truth when it comes to things that people can be sympathetic to.

Fuckin' hypochondriacs and attention whores ffs

No. 72132

Her eyes are down turned… this is probably why she looks weird doing her make up how she does.

No. 72135

Ha, my auntie helped Jeffree get signed and booked him gigs. I should ask her about this next time I see her. She was probably backstage there.

No. 72137

She has a weird crease in the middle of her nose.

No. 72138

Wow, she's pretty blonde.
Where's the vid for this one and
Fucking classic.

No. 72139

What the fuck she turned her bitterness toward that person for asking a genuine question j f c

No. 72187

File: 1427771964031.jpg (27.1 KB, 286x400, 04.jpg)

No. 72191

File: 1427772127910.jpg (50.6 KB, 267x400, 10.jpg)

No updates from kockie

No. 72392

File: 1427799618428.png (63.54 KB, 632x305, Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 20.4…)

>I thought deaf people were nice

No. 72403

File: 1427803872157.jpg (52.22 KB, 600x637, image.jpg)

Moar short hair-goodness. I liked this phase so bad! kiki: the bob or the lob. Think about it.

>>72191 OFc not. What do you expect? For her to be sincere and straigh-up say she's back in America? Nah. Gotta post a few vague pictures post-hiatus ;)

No. 72404

File: 1427803896057.jpg (62.31 KB, 572x480, image.jpg)

No. 72415

File: 1427809705849.jpg (54.41 KB, 640x640, ec6c541c7ab7799b8ae2a18a4f01cd…)

>>72403 am i cuter than kota yet?

No. 72444

File: 1427816620235.jpg (38.68 KB, 335x500, 5883538757a12171172962l.jpg)

Can't seem to find a better quality version of this, but remember when they used to dye their dog?

No. 72448

maybe they used the special nontoxic animal dyes? they're pricey but perfectly safe

No. 72450

I somehow reeeeeally doubt it.

No. 72451

They used manic panic.

No. 72452

Of course.
Such an animal rights goddessu and "~environmentally conscious moogle of mother Earth~.

No. 72474

you can use koolaid

they probably use koolaid if theyre not fucking retarded, but they are, so maybe manic panic

No. 72478

No, she said she used Manic Panic. And then some bullshit about how she never got burnt by bleach or anything so it was fine to use those products on a dog.

No. 72803

File: 1427844486145.jpg (28.41 KB, 500x375, 4535.jpg)

Some candid of 14 yo Kiki.

No. 72804

File: 1427844555365.jpg (39.61 KB, 500x333, 14467819_lk1.jpg)

With some school friend.

No. 72808

File: 1427844683811.gif (233.88 KB, 264x400, 1d11432e78_23389200_o2.gif)

No. 72809

File: 1427844765082.gif (229.79 KB, 400x274, 5b51cc2db5_23389328_o2.gif)

Another one, the pink hair ones are all from before they moved.

No. 72892


She looked so happy and sweet

No. 72893


From Chicago to Florida, you mean?

No. 72909

No. 72923

holy shit she looks just like kota in the one with her mouth open

No. 72939

Whoa is that a random kid lmfao

No. 72947

shit these are pretty

No. 73019

File: 1427862779888.jpg (83.9 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

Why would she take a candid pic of someone sleeping? That's really creepy

No. 73020

File: 1427862846272.jpg (126.42 KB, 458x634, image.jpg)

Dug this up on another site. Haha

No. 73022

File: 1427863273211.jpg (62.44 KB, 320x438, image.jpg)

Hypocrite much?

No. 73024

That wasn't a picture, it's a collage of videos. I think she filmed him sleeping because she wanted to show off her kawaii nihonjin boifurendo but she didn't want to ask for his permission. I'm positive this guy doesn't know about her posting all these videos of him and the picture of his family.

No. 73028

That's such a gross violation of someone's privacy.

No. 73035

File: 1427863994775.jpg (75.4 KB, 480x600, image.jpg)

Cuz you know, lookin' like this is cool–not

No. 73039

File: 1427864960743.jpg (24.88 KB, 300x300, large (24).jpg)

Maybe it's this kid. She could have cousins or something.

No. 73049

File: 1427865581616.jpg (70.5 KB, 500x729, sven-pure-german--large-msg-12…)

No. 73050

i legit just think her parents fucked her up so badly that her only chance of survival is to move away and go to intensive therapy. I'm not even trying to be a bitch.

Please don't pick on me for posting a personal story, I'm not trying to be a speshul snowflaek, but I survived a statutory rape and I can see how with Cathy's shit parenting how it makes sense to think the whole world is trying to take advantage of you. I'm more aware of my problems (I hope), but I definitely don't act my age unless I'm trying and it's embarrassingly difficult to do regular adult things because I didn't deal with my shit childhood in a healthy way or have literally anyone to model myself after.

I think because Kiki got an extreme amount of validation through the internet and through her psychotic mother, she probably has to make up for all the hard lessons she didn't get as a child. She went through things that are real traumas, but she can't use those as an excuse for not growing just because it's painful to look back and really accept how much she has to learn. She's only holding herself back, and her revolting ego aside, everyone deserves to be happy.

Her life just looks sad. I wish she would take a real break and find out who she is instead of performing as this 14 year old girl forever.

No. 73086

what were the real traumas she went thru? not being a bitch, i'm genuinely curious? all i know about is mr. myspace killing himself or whatever

No. 73104

What I don't get is why she stopped reselling taboo things.

No. 73140

she did update her instagram and twitter with japanese hanami at night or something, so she's still there. I think she has to be gone by april?

No. 73156


That's actually her grandmother's room, you know, the one that took their entire family in when they went bankrupt. She rifled through her drawers and thought it'd be hilarious to literally air her laundry in public.
And she has the gall to talk about disrespect.

No. 73159

I guess she used to get bullied/teased/harrassed(?) a lot during her scene years for being an annoying and arrogant 'scene queen' and yeah, the Danny stuff. If you want to read through the contrived garbage that is her Rolling Stone article describing these events, you can do so here: http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/kiki-kannibal-the-girl-who-played-with-fire-20110415

No. 73166

If she arrived January 4th, she should be leaving one of these days… of course she would push it to the last day. The cherry blossoms were up for a few days though already, since like last week or so, depending on where you are.

No. 73175


So, basically: she was a victim of her parents letting an older guy in the house (her bf), which obviously involved her having sex with him. And then claiming it was rape because she was a minor.

And then, she was a victim of being bullied for being a bitch and revealing her home address online.

No. 73177


She'll still push it for sometime. Expect she'll be uploading pictures of Japan by July or so.

No. 73178

Kota said she'd leave at the end of the month, she should be back home by now.

No. 73312


That's actually her grandmother's room, you know, the one that took their entire family in when they went bankrupt. She rifled through her drawers and thought it'd be hilarious to literally air her laundry in public.
And she has the gall to talk about disrespect.
Who, me? I was laughing about how silly it looked. Not disrespectful.

No. 73313

File: 1427903299780.jpg (93.92 KB, 604x604, image.jpg)

No. 73324

i really like this outfit but goddamn them legs look gross

she needs some strength training in her life

No. 73344

She claims she gets strength from the pole dancing in her room lol

I agree. Like in the Japan candids, she looked super weak/dried out

No. 73372

kiki you're so creepy and such a bitch, you'll never make it big in japan. i don't blame dakota for not wanting to be associated with you.. you just come off as her easy sister taking pictures/videos of men sleeping you should be more of a lady but you're so desperate for attention go away old lady you're old and washed out now nobody cares about you maybe if you stopped copying your sister and bleached your hair out you'd be relevant

No. 73407

Looks like what creepyyeha was wearing like two years ago.

No. 73453

File: 1427910625020.jpg (79.47 KB, 640x726, image.jpg)

"Am I kowai yet?"

No. 73456

Yes, yes you are.

No. 73482


Lol typo! it was suppose to be "kowai" but YALL got it.
She even made the pic blurrier like Kota

No. 73502

File: 1427914449649.jpg (89.41 KB, 480x600, image.jpg)

I'm not an expert on health, but is it natural for her to be this thin? I know being vegan has it's health benefits, but does she ever eat?

No. 73505

Tbh she doesn't look anorexic thin, more like she has an already thin frame and is a tiny bit malnourished because of being vegan. I have a friend who used to be vegan and looked somewhat gaunt even though she ate average amounts of food.

No. 73509

dead fatty giveaway

No. 73521

You must be hamplanet size if you think this is 'way too thin'

No. 73523

This looks like a photo from a year ago.
Anyway, the brightness is very high.

No. 73525

File: 1427916473845.gif (9.16 MB, 528x229, mysidesnigga.gif)

No. 73535

isn't this like a normal size? wtf you ham anons

No. 73538

I agree in the older picture she doesn't look "too" thin (she even got some tummy) but recently she's been looking super weak.
It has nothing to do with veganism (I've met some pretty chubby hardcore vegans myself) but a person's own frame and (poor) habits

No. 73540

File: 1427917385973.jpg (43.03 KB, 600x450, BUiUyU5CIAAuh74.jpg)

No. 73543

i think she is naturally thin based on this picture because even though she has a large stomach pooch and a butt, she still has very thin limbs. it is honestly weird to me..

No. 73547

lets not forget oreos and most potato chips are vegan. eat too much of anything, vegan/all natural/whatever, get fat. basic science.

No. 73551


This. Thank you anon.

… Does this look healthily thin at all for anyone in here?!?!?!?

No. 73555

Not me. Give her another 5 years and she'll look like Tara Reid.

No. 73556

her thighs are bigger than the girls' next to her

also, fuck this trend of covering half your face, when they look back on their pics 10 yrs from now they're gonna wish to actually remember what they look like

No. 73558

she is standing further away than the girl in front of her

not like it even matters, when the biggest body part you have are your knee caps, you should be worried because that shit is disgusting.

No. 73563


No it's not…

No. 73568

FFS she looks perfectly fine.

No. 73616

no, theyre not

theyre thin and doughy as fuck

for real
they look disgusting

she needs to work out

No. 73683

>>73313 i'm such a lesbian i thought I could see her nipples.

No. 73709

are you for real with how you write?

No. 73715

Pretty sure you have to be over 13 yrs old to be here.

No. 73776

So I got curious on what she'd written on the caption of her last insta.

So I looked it up

"Nyaaa Nyaaa ~"

… Really Kiki.

No. 73800

thats exactly why I'm saying they're thinner, plus she has a huge gap starting at her kneecaps

No. 73867

File: 1427939707957.png (802.31 KB, 1024x593, ew.png)

All I can see are her eyes and mouth. Such horrible quality.

No. 73870

File: 1427939905846.png (510.93 KB, 593x583, 12845_0.png)

Kek so many things wrong

No. 73881

Who does she think she's fooling with this obvious photoshop?

Also, for someone who went on about how large foreheads are ~kowai~, she sure loves to cut off her forehead, cover it, and use angles to make it look smaller in every single picture.

No. 73888


She had intensive selfie classes with Kota ;D

No. 73889


The lips got (slightly) thinner, the eyes got more vibrant/round and even her long face got width!

No. 73892


Comments: "you're an angel" "harajuku alien""I love your videos!!!"

People, love yourselves…

No. 73896

I think this is an old pic, probably from the same time she took this: https://instagram.com/p/pNSxBMjRMd/

No. 73898

she didn't even make herself look cuter.

No. 73913

What is a hamplanet/ham anon?
She has always looked thin.
I'm not as small as her, but I'm not big either. It's just a question.

No. 73915

so ot but did anyone else get freaked out by the new banner with Ashley?? holy fucj nightmare fuel

anywho, I think Kaka should just let Dakota teach her how to edit selfies–nvm I forget that, Dakota's going through some shite edits too. for fuck's sake, they've been at this for years and they chcoose the digital age to slack off? mate.

No. 73917

Dakota is too busy trying to stay relevant to help Kiki get more attention, and even if she wasn't I think she knows that Kiki getting attention in Japan would be bad for her by association since Kiki is such a publicly immaure, selfish and spoiled crazyface.

No idea why the fuck Dakota shoops her pics tje way she does now, they wash out all her cute features completely and make her look wholly unremarkable, just like every other uguu alien baby shooped girl on the internet.

No. 73945

What is she doing? She just looks like a confused inbred bird.

No. 73949


No. 73985

Confirmed for either hamplanet or orc woman

No. 73986

big and beautiful anons that wish they were thin so they keep posting about how weird a thin girl looks hoping others will agree and they can feel better about their ham thighs.

No. 74010

This whole "ham planet" thing reminds me of Kaka's and Kota's good ol' days of Stickam bullying

Either way, Kiki trying to emulate KOTA with big eyes and blurry pics is a fail. She should try Kota's older shoops, which were what got her attention

No. 74070

I don't think Kiki knows enough about PS to do that, she always had Kota shoop her pics for her.

No. 74089

i thought kiki was the one shooping their old pics? when kota arrived in japan, her shoops went shit. i also thought that kota was the one to shoop her "anorexic zillionhead alien" phase and all the other fails. most of kiki's pictures, after kota went to japan, look decent enough, meanwhile kooter's eyes take half of her face and her cleavage looks like a butt

No. 74113

No, it always was Dakota who shooped their pics, it only went downhill after she decided to go for a different style.

No. 74120


good catch

No. 74128

File: 1427998880157.png (258.08 KB, 342x488, Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 19.1…)

No. 74132

File: 1427999006397.png (465.14 KB, 624x683, Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 19.1…)

This was posted on some random VK page, never seen it before - is it really her in the photo?

No. 74139

It is.

No. 74140

She looks like she's 6 years old. Why is her hair dyed?

No. 74149

Cathy dies their hair ever since Kiki was 3.

No. 74153

Could that play a role in why both their hair is so shitty, thin and/or damaged today?

No. 74154

**by "both" I mean Kiki and Dakota ofc

No. 74164


Depends on the kind of product used and how long it stayed there. 5 y.o.s have sensitive scalps and shit and someone said somewhere she used to stay with bleach on her hair for 3 hours???

Then yeah, probably

No. 74167

Like I said in Kota's thread, no. I'm positive my hair was taken care of much worse than theirs and I've always had a full head of hair, even when my hair was falling out in clumps. They just naturally have thin hair is all. Taking shitty care of your hair only affects the hair you're taking shitty care of, not your growth.

No. 74197

File: 1428003438992.jpeg (20.23 KB, 227x340, 2500Fig1_opt.jpeg)

It IS possible to get thin hair from contant dye and bleaching, guess why pros get teached on how to apply it without touching the scalp itself. It's not like if the pores that are including the hair follicles don't get affected by it, that's called "dye burns".

Pic related, an extreme case.

No. 74200

except that's not what her balding looks like. it's gradual and on parting places, which means its likely a type of alopecia.

No. 74204

That's what you get from dye burns too, just saying.

No. 74210

PLEASE put under spoiler tag. i almost threw up.

No. 74211

Isnt that child abuse??

No. 74212

I want to poke the part in the middle

No. 74215

I don't think there are any laws regarding it, just like how there aren't any for getting your babies ear lobes pierced.

No. 74220

I wish there were. It seems awful. Including piercing an infant's ears. I had mine done (against my will obviously) and still have the holes)

You are still growing. how is it okay to dye and pierce a kid's ear? seems shitty. I dont think if this is an american thing only or not.

No. 74229

It's not only an american thing, you can get your kid's pierced everywhere even if there are laws that say they aren't allowed to get it done under 14/16, same with hair dye and you can't stop parents from doing things at home.

No. 74238


I agree as well.

Although, tbf, Kiki in the picture of her as a child just had manic panic in her hair. I don't see anything wrong with that because it's not painful and it doesn't damage your hair.

No. 74255


hair dye, skimpy clothing… the whole pic screams child abuse

No. 74256

File: 1428005863501.jpg (65.51 KB, 230x339, gwen.jpg)

no, Gwen Stefani has been doing it to her oldest son since.. ever.

No. 74260

>skimpy clothing
you mean bathing suit?

No. 74263

You know as much as I'm against it till they're like 13, at least Gwen can use a professional for her kids hair.

No. 74266


my bad, knowing how much cathy loves ugly clubwear, I never thought it could be a bathing suit.

No. 74274


We can't compare Cathy's parenting with anyone else's lol

No. 74275


Yeah dressing her daughters in whore clothing and taking pics is traditionally a Cathy thing

No. 74387


Dakota's shoops went to shit when she got to Japan because she started doing all the same shit Japanese girls were doing to their own pics, which isvstupid because their interest in her was entirely based on her shoops. Japan isn't blind to her shooping, they like the way she did it and it fascinates them because they like the way she shooped. Even now every time she goes on TV, they always show her old 2011-2012 shoops and literally none of her uguu alien baby ones.

Now she's just doing the same shit Japanese girls do, and she pretty much never does hair or makeup tutorials anymore, which is why her popularity is fading and she isn't modeling nearly as much. She's kind of shooting herself in the foot the more she tries to look, act and shoop herself like a kawaii Japanesu desu. She should have stuck wih the style she got noticed for, after all they went apeshit over her and were willing to ignore/look over so much to sign her and she's all but abandoned her signature look.

No. 74390

>Japan isn't blind to her shooping, they like the way she did it and it fascinates them because they like the way she shooped.

Redundancy is redundant, durr. I mean they were fascinated by her shoops and liked them because it was so different than the kind of shit they were used to seeing, aka the generic shit she does now.

No. 74392

What a dumb bitch.

No. 74402

I feel like Kota also changed her shooping style because of how time consuming it is. I play around with photoshop in my free time and I can't tell you how many times I've spent hours just shooping one tiny thing in a picture. I can't imagine how long it took for her to shoop her old tumblr pictures. With her new pictures/videos, I think she mostly relies on lighting, makeup, and angles. All she really seems to shoop these days are her eyes, the lines on her face, and other little imperfections.

No. 74444

Even if so, it was still a stupid move. You wold think she would want to take the time to keep doing it since it was the one thing that got her noticed and made Japan like her.

No. 74474

found this video again

No. 74478


This is so disturbing because she looks so, so young admitting (very childishly) to have had a STD

In a different light: YAY! Nostalgia.

No. 74501

this. for example there have been tv shows where they bring in girls know for intense photoshop. they bring in the girls without makeup and pretty much make fun of them. the girls are totally good humored about it, and everyone is more or less amazed at the change in appearance - its not meant to make fun of the real appearance. like you said, they are just fascinated but the gap. same for dakota.

No. 74504

maybe she should take a lesson from taylor and do some funky shit

No. 74543

She's like Kota in the pooch department even though Kota has a larger one.

No. 74551

File: 1428034576958.png (7.02 KB, 270x83, screenshot-twitter.com 2015-04…)

>embody love
>protect others


No. 74563


LMAOOO I'm so glad you brought that up. Check out the traits of an empath: https://theknowing1.wordpress.com/traits-of-an-empath/

> strives for the truth (except when it includes making it seem she's in Japan)

>likes adventure and freedom
>intolerance to narcissism (gold)
>sense the energy of the food (…Veganism?)
> ignore their own needs
>have a preference to PEACEFULLY
resolve the problem (like in all those Twitter arguments she gets into)
>difficulty in facing other's close mindedness (BC Kiki is the least judgemental person, talking down on drinkers, smokers etc)

No. 74586

If she feels the need to tell people that, she must be aware that she's a total piece of shit. Every single person who feels the need to go on about how "nice" they are, are piece of shit human beings.

No. 74639

I always lol when people call themselves "empaths" since it's the one "psychic ability" that you conveniently can't prove.

Also, 2015 and people still believe in this crap.

No. 74646

she's the opposite of an empath tbh and i don't know why people would want to be an empath because it actually sucks ass.

2015 and people are still this close minded and stupid.

No. 74647

Yeah, really. And the state this world is now, you'd die. Empaths in fiction feel EVERYTHING. You would just suffer constantly from all the misery and evil in the world. And she's in Japan? Woo boy.

No. 74656

that's not how it works but yeah if you're going off of what you've seen in fiction.

the main thing that's funny here though is that she has NONE of the traits she stated she does. she a cold hearted shameless bitch lmao.

No. 74713

>likes adventure and freedom
>goes to japan with dad, and when she goes alone she just grabs her rila and does the kkuma in her hotel room

>ignore their own needs

>except when she finds a new vegan restaurant that's name she just can't give to anybody

kiki, you fucking idiootti angostuura. lellitty villakko!

No. 74775

Sweet Jesus…

No. 74776

Isn't it kind of…arrogant? To label yourself as an empath? It just seems so egotistical to me.

No. 74789


Agreed! I've seen people go like #EmpathProblems with shit like "I felt sick just by visiting my grandma in the hospital! I'm such an empath it sucks :("
It's extrenely idiotic. To say you're one in your Twitter description is the new age/hippie equivalent to tumblr girls listing their mental disorders

No. 74790

I agree. Though, basically everything she says/does comes off as arrogant. I feel like she took one of those online quizzes that are made to make you feel special/good about yourself. This website here is one of those that came up when I googled it. http://www.drjudithorloff.com/Free-Articles/emotional-empath-EF.htm
>Have I been labeled as “too emotional” or overly sensitive?
>Are my feelings easily hurt?
>Do I overeat to cope with emotional stress?
I guess pt, tumblr, and many other lolcows are ~empaths~ as well.

No. 74805

empaths in fiction are different from empaths in real life. that's why it's called 'fiction'.

speaking as someone who qualifies for every trait on these lists (although I certainly don't identify as an 'empath') it really sucks, I don't know why you'd want to label yourself that. I cry at least a few times every day, I have to limit my exposure to 'emotional' images or materials. Even if it's a thirty-second animal shelter commercial, it can set off the waterworks. Reading a text about a total stranger's funeral will make me tear up. It's not just sad stuff, either, I'll cry during Disney movies and weep at weddings. I can't participate in IRL conversations revolving around certain topics such as war or abuse because I'll choke up in the middle of a sentence. being the center of attention literally drains all of my energy, I have to be drunk to even perform basic social interactions without shaking and breaking into a sweat, so I rely on alcohol pretty much every day to get me through my minimum wage slave job interactions with the public. there is no way attention-whore scene-queen kiki can possibly think that she qualifies as an 'empath', it's just another title to go along with her vegan kira-kira princess from mars image that she's desperate to cultivate. and if she did have similar reactions, you can bet she'd make a way bigger deal out of it than she does.

No. 74853


>30 second animal-shelter commercial

You'd think that, since she's in theory just like you described yourself, shed think twice before spamming PETA links with absurd animal abuse and graphic imagery like she does
And also wouldn't be the center of attention with people like she claimed she is in the boundaries video, like she has to keep people entertained etc or if she did, she'd have to rely on alcohol / which her Kira Kira upper spiritual being abhors (or so she says)

This just goes out to show how much bullshit she spews :P

In other words, I'm really sorry for you! All that you described sucks REAL bad. Hope you can feel better in the future and treat yourself so you can live a nice, fulfilling life

No. 74861


>30 second animal-shelter commercial

You'd think that, since she's in theory just like you described yourself, shed think twice before spamming PETA links with absurd animal abuse and graphic imagery like she does
And also wouldn't be the center of attention with people like she claimed she is in the boundaries video, like she has to keep people entertained etc or if she did, she'd have to rely on alcohol / which her Kira Kira upper spiritual being abhors (or so she says)

This just goes out to show how much bullshit she spews :P

In other words, I'm really sorry for you! All that you described sucks REAL bad. Hope you can feel better in the future and treat yourself so you can live a nice, fulfilling life

No. 74884

>Even if it's a thirty-second animal shelter commercial, it can set off the waterworks.

I was like this too until I watched the entire Breaking Bad marathon on AMC. They showed one every god damn commercial break and now I'm immune.

No. 74907

Huh.. Watching that shit show unironically.

No. 74970

PETA just disappoints me in so many ways. Their shelters euthanized 81% percent of the animals that they took in during 2014, I can't put my trust in an organization that has that kind of hypocritical reputation…it's not surprising that Kirsten supports them, though, she never does her research thoroughly.

Also, thank you for your kind words. I'm considering seeking help in the near future for this issue. There are so many aspects of life that I feel incapable of enjoying, being 'empathic' is not the high-minded hippie cake-walk that Kikiki thinks it is. Hopefully with therapy & perhaps psychiatric assistance, I'll be able to enjoy life normally in the future.

That show is so depressing on its own. I can't even imagine marathon-ing it. I watched episodes as they aired, and even with the time in-between releases to recuperate, it was an entirely new level of heart-breaking. There was a part of me that hoped for a happy ending even up until the very last episode.
Also, random trivia: one of the heavily tattoo'd convicts that appears in an early episode of the spin-off,'Better Call Saul', is my local bartender. He's a real sweetheart.

No. 75312

does anyone still have the date she is supposed to leave japan? because she obviously stopped updating once april approached, the way she made it sound that she was now "living" in japan in an "apartment" was hilarious.

No. 75313

She left on the 31st.

No. 75349


How do you know?
I want To see how she keeps up the facade now

No. 75358

File: 1428155537832.jpg (98.64 KB, 500x750, image.jpg)

Someone please tell me what's up with this boney butt. Is it normal? Do ppl look like this?

No. 75360

File: 1428155589607.jpg (72.41 KB, 500x723, image.jpg)

Her fashion sense got so much better when you compare it to shit like this

No. 75361


I used to have a bony ass like that back in high school, idk if it's normal. my legs used to fall asleep sitting in my desk at school it was so bony…

she definitely doesn't have a bubble butt like she likes to brag about all the time

No. 75363

If she really was in Japan how come we barely saw any images of her actually IN Japan if that makes sense? Like it was all either selfies in generic rooms or videos/pictures that she wasn't in and anyone could have taken. Idk, just because it's Kiki, it seems strange. You would have thought she would have been desperate to post a ton of irrefutable "proof" of her Kira Kira no nihon sparkeru adventure.

Excuse u, don't you know Kiki has a "bubble butt" that random strangers just can't stop commenting on?

No. 75367


do you really think she left the room often? once she did, it means she'd be in the real world with no control of lightning, etc. That's why there's so little footage of her in the outer world in Japan (or ever).

All in all, there IS footage of her walking around with the "Sailor Moon tazer", going in random space expos with her man and in HER apartment, with the Tokyo tower as window sight.

She IS (or WAS?) in Japan.

And if it wasn't for Koti spilling out when Kiki leaves, shed be bragging about living in Japan until now

No. 75368


But it's SHARP boney. That's what caught my attention. Like, it is pointy.

No. 75372

Kota said she would on her blog.

I thought for the longest time she wasn't actually there since I couldn't process the idea of someone going to a foreign country but literally doing nothing at all there. Kiki seems to be terrified of other people/the outside world considering she brought a stun gun and knife with her, and she tweeted about taking cabs a lot. She literally never leaves the house when she's at home in Florida, iirc one anon who's seen her irl before said she was always with her parents, and she did have her dad go with her to Japan the first time. It's not so hard to believe she spent all of her time doing nothing in her ~apartment~

No. 75374

She was there though. Stop acting like Japan is some holy land no one can ever go to.

No. 75378

I like this better than the harnesses, too virgin-like and fluffy stuff she's wearing now. I personally wouldn't mind owning that orange top, though the necklace is in my opinion tacky.

No. 75385

right, bc advocating strength training = fat right?

No. 75386

ignore them, the only people i've actually seen that find kiki attractive are all hamplanets in denial. her body will never be attractive to normal people.

No. 75494

You know it's funny, she could probably pull off the pastel kawaii himekaji shit Kota used to do if she went blonde again. Maybe not platinum blonde, but a light milk tea blonde maybe. Her hair being dark just makes her look so plain and unremarkable.

No. 75499

You guys forget the timeframe for this. She was pretty much right on trend with everyone else at that point. I wore shit like that too, it was a thing.

Seriously. For $1,000 you, too can go to Japan.

No. 75505


Orange anything looks hideous in general unless you're dark skinned. Black people can't half pull off fluorescents.

No. 75539

I would rather say that orange is hideous for people who don't like orange. I don't mind orange and think it looks cute and lively on many people. Besides, whether you can pull off this or that color doesn't depend entirely on the skin color, but on the skin tone.

No. 75647

Haha, what? I never said Japan was some holy land no one can ever go to. I was just saying how it was fucking weird, for such a weeby narcissist, how she barely posted anything of her actually being there, jfc lol.

No. 75659

Get back to /fit/ you orc woman

No. 75660

She has a normal body. I think you're the one that's a hamplanet in denial here.

No. 75662


Y'all still on that?

No. 75663

No. 75811

She's been MIA for a minute now damn…

No. 76234

If anyone Wanna watch Baby Kiki getting her hips pierced and Cathy's sexy voice http://youtu.be/VBzNJRJCUSc

(Cathy indeed got a sexy, young voice! I
always picture her sounding super hysterical or smthg)

No. 76502

File: 1428335435272.gif (1.23 MB, 500x503, tumblr_nhq8jqZw7j1t9k994o1_500…)

No. 76508

Her mom reminds me so much of Kaelin's mom
>zooming in on her belly button and doting over her, saying "I love you" while Kiki says nothing and just sort of smiles into the camera
>"We did, you're a superhero!"
>"This is my beautiful middle child and she's a superhero"
>dat awkward attempt at conversation with the wholly uninterested piercing guy at the end

No. 76517


"My beatiful middle child" was cringey. Why not "my baby" or some generic shit lol

I imagine her all over Kiki "ily my beautiful hero" and Kota just sorta watching in the corner lol (Where as Kyle in times like these btw? I do remember the sisters and both parents were in the video)

No. 76625

didnt know she s the middle child. shit it explains everything

No. 76642



No. 76643

The brother stays locked in his room, just like Sloth from The Goonies

No. 76753


… Please, really. Like, he wasn't ON camera so i was wondering if he was there at all

No. 76755

I read somewhere, that he used to stay with Grandma. idk what severity of autism he has, but it's an explanation for why he can't do some things with them. I imagine they're over-protective of him and that's why he stays away from everything

No. 76757


They all live with their grandmother (now deceased) since they went bankrupt and lost their own house.

I think he must be high functioning because he has an active Steam account, plays Warhammer 40k and donates on Patreon.

There's also a video of him conversing with Kirsten floating around.

No. 76762

I remember when the police reports of the girls calling the popoon their parents were leaked, and in it the officer wrote about how the kid was up in his room through out the entire ordeal, visibly shaken and extremely upset over all the fighting. I felt so bad for him.

I also remember the bankrupt paperwork getting leaked and Mama O claiming she needed money to buy special food for her son. I still have no idea whats that about… I really do think they're embarrassed of him tbh

No. 76764

Since he has autism, I'm guessing foods that wouldn't trigger a sensory overload meltdown or whatever

No. 76788

anon, you got it ALL wrong. wtf. The fight was only with Cathy, and he wasn't "visibly shaken and extremely upset", he was just lying in bed and the officer asked him if he was ok. It didn't say anything else.

No. 76848

What ever happened to this gofundme..? Did it ever get any backers? I imagine Dakota was whisked away to Japan not long after this while her untalented sister continued to waste away in Florida.

I just watched this again and I cannot get over how loud, ignorant and annoying Kaka is. She has no idea what she's talking about.. dubstep music? Seriously? Also the ways he talks is fucking frustrating and so tryhard. I cannot get over how obnoxious she is.

Watching Dakota's expression after the things her sister says is hilarious. I love how Dakota became popular and Kiki did nothing but remain at home, never got a job, stole music and never recorded anything else, never became an 'actress,' and now she is still riding on the coattails of her (dare I say it?) more talented and successful younger sister.

No. 76855

File: 1428383226880.jpg (74.88 KB, 500x750, why.jpg)

>Kiki Kannibal: Please buy my $400 plastic shapes so that I can spend it on adding more hair extenstions to my bleached straw hat hair. (2007)

>A stupid ignorant scene poser that claims to bring back social and popular things that people ALREADY do. Someone feed her a cheeseburger.

>TRU3$C3N3GiRL: I just did my hair! I love it, i'm so more scene than Kiki Kannbial!

>xsuicidexnailax: You are like Kiki Kannibal! Your a stupid poser that needs to get her own style and stop wasting her time trying to do something because everyone else is. (2008)

Looks like she hasn't changed at all guys

No. 76861

It got $500-something, they closed it themselves before it finished because they realized there was no way they were gonna get it before the deadline. Scott was the first to pitch in money. Cathy went turbo-psycho in the days before it closed creating a twitter to ask celebrities to donate the rest of the 20k.

It was uploaded in February, iirc, and Dakota went to Japan in May. Somewhere along the line she must have gotten the offer from Bravo, and ditched the whole musician/tour shit to go with that. Kirsten was left….. doing nothing.. except a portfolio account she opened up in hopes of musician/acting/modeling jobs. I don't think she got anything out of that either. Then on her birthday trip to Japan she tried to get deals with Japanese records/musicians…… it didn't work/never heard about it again

No. 76890

>There's also a video of him conversing with Kirsten floating around

I remember watching that video, Cathy was in it also.
He seemed most down-to-earth out of three.

No. 76897

This is pure proof shes older, no clubs in orlando let you in under 21.

No. 76900

I thought Ostrenga's papa makes a lot of money? One of the threads showed it.

No. 76901

I don't remember if there actually was anyone else who contributed, but I remembered seeing the $500 and then lol-ing when I saw it said "Scott Ostrenga" next to the amount.

No. 76906

He does, but not enough to support all the Ostrengas while dealing with bankruptcy iirc

No. 76912

File: 1428391257887.jpg (49.73 KB, 500x749, Dakota_Rose_Scene_Friends.jpg)

The club she's talking about is The Social. They have 12+ shows at the venue depending on the bands playing. This image is from the same venue.

No. 76945

File: 1428396591670.jpg (21.48 KB, 400x300, inbed.jpg)

omg that dude with the white face tho

Does anyone have a timeline of Kiki's boyfriends/romances? I know about her murdering Mr. Myspace (good riddance) but there are so many pictures of her with random dudes idk how many people has she been with???

No. 76957

Probably all of them, to be honest.

No. 76967

sorry for personal blog post but

holy shit this dude looks like the one I went to high school with (same class)

he is a pothead now

No. 76988

he was an adorable breath of fresh air compared to his insufferable hagraven sister from what i remember

No. 76995

Jesus I forgot all about the gofundme shit they did. So much second-hand embarrassment for them, I love it.

No. 77007

I remember Mr MySpace and the major heart break JakeWolfCrunk (lol) and whathisname-Patakos?

Also her in the club sitting on this guys' lab: she sang with that Blood On The Dance Floor band, who are STILL notorious for going after underage girls.
Hypocritical Kiki… :) lol

No. 77211

Not the whole band but Dahvie does.

No. 77301


Still. She had no problems bad-mouthing Sam Pepper and Danny (who's dead and can't defend himself) when she went all "anti-pedophiles" on Twitter. She didn't even mentioned them because they gave her 15 secs of fame on stage (and you cN see how happy she looks cuddling the BOTDF dude on the backstage pic. Can't cry rape at that)

No. 77433

I remember Cathy tweeting the Kickstarter page to some celebs/ high profile people, including Dalai Lama, and begging for them to help.

No. 77461

check out kiki's left hand (particularly where the palm/wrist would be touching)

No. 77556


Coming from her? It's nothing

Anyone got the intimate convos she had to that guy that already had a She posted them with her parts blurred out but you still could read his messages that went likr "and then I could cum all over your face"


No. 77566

File: 1428458686904.jpg (65.5 KB, 414x677, image.jpg)

She deleted the convo found nothing but some old-Kaka lulzy stuff

… Just see the comment. And the days. It's been a while she's been stealing music

No. 77567

File: 1428458758519.jpg (144.46 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Sharing is caring (I'm sure many many guys hit on you by commenting on your rings)

No. 77569

File: 1428458810858.jpg (130.3 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Ok kiki

No. 77571

File: 1428458939594.jpg (93.92 KB, 640x797, image.jpg)

I'm pretty sure she still says "don't give pearl to swine" up to this day

No. 77572

File: 1428458981756.jpg (56.24 KB, 425x566, image.jpg)

Platinum hair goodness yall love that shit

No. 77573

File: 1428459019427.jpg (92.37 KB, 480x640, image.jpg)

No. 77575

… * Anyone got the intimate convos she had (with) that guy that already had a gf?

No. 77582

File: 1428459803468.jpg (93.05 KB, 600x450, image.jpg)

No. 77606

File: 1428462813812.png (318.77 KB, 600x428, Cathy_ostrenga_begging.png)

such kek

No. 77608

File: 1428462971485.jpg (36.48 KB, 426x640, BN8M5UpCEAMEned.jpg)

No. 77613

guys, i just listened to her music. do you think she got help on it or what? i'd normally neglected it because i thought it'd all be shit, but they're not even that bad. like, not even remotely bad for how stupid she is.

please god, someone tell me she's repackaging someone else's shit. does anyone know what program she uses? ableton live or fruitloops, or what?

No. 77614

fruityloops, not fruitloops, ffs

No. 77616

Most of her music is just her using samples, isn't it?

Also apparently she did go to school for producing music or some shit, doesn't really mean she's good tho

No. 77619

yeah, it sounds like a lot of sampled shit, but even so, i'm surprised she'd actually want to sincerely do this. it does take time looking for plugins, coming up with a beat and tune, finding the samples themselves, and deciding what effects to use. what surprises me is that she'd even have the interest enough to do this. it doesn't sound awful. that bothers me.

you don't have to be musically talented to make decent enough mixes/songs on these programs, but what i'm wondering is if she has understanding of theory and works off that, has someone else do it entirely, or just tries her best to copy other music.

i thought the audio engineering shit was a load of BS?

No. 77621

no, she went to a school for 8 months (that was the length it took). She showed the diploma once, and someone found the school online and everything.

No. 77622

Messy boots, Kiki. Messy boots.

No. 77623

No. 77624




guaranteed she's stolen other shit. i remember one of her past albums she took a part from a hyuna song but it wasn't the entire thing

No. 77626


No. 77631

This is so embarrassing that I can't believe it's real bu there it is…

No. 77648

File: 1428468334241.gif (932.25 KB, 253x197, 1421568695842.gif)


No. 77652

No. 77653

That awkward moment when you realize her parents do backup vocals in the Kiki Mimieux songs.

No. 77659

i don't think she did that, even.

>We comprehend and enjoy the technical aspect of music as well as the creative process.

right, that's pretty sus. people that create music definitely shouldn't need to say "i understand composition and enjoy making it". really weird. it's like, that'd be obvious by you doing it? why are you stating that you comprehend/enjoy it? let your work speak for yourself, then

No. 77661

probably not, i just figure the shittiness of those songs was at least on her level. her soundcloud releases aren't bad at all, which is a big tip-off that something's sour in the organic raw super vegan almond milk there!

it's just a fluke someone noticed the stealing to begin with because i'm sure she figured the dude's songs were too obscure for anyone else to come across. there's probably more original work she stole that no one's stumbled across yet.

No. 77710

Quite possibly the most awful shit I've ever heard.

No. 77711

Links are down, did anyone save?

No. 77712

Okay that gave me nostalgia!

No. 77714


>"Especially if you let me do that AND cum on your face"

I really wanna know what's the first thing he's talking about haha

No. 77715

Tbqh? People say she did steal samples but I do think she might've worked squire hard to come up with beats and shit. Though I personally the sequence of them sucks, it's quite boring. But I'm no big fan of dub step or whatever she claims she does so. There's even a serie in an electronic music channel where she explains how she comes up with it and plays her music

No. 77720

No. 77724

From what I've seen and remember, she was just using a sampler in that video, which if I'm not mistaken, has prerecorded tracks on it. All she was doing was pressing buttons to "make" music. And from her beats that I've heard are incredibly basic. Her music is just stolen/sampled music with basic beats and sounds layered over them from what I've heard.

No. 77739

this is the only picture I've ever seen where she actually looks hot and I'm a lil sad that she doesn't actually look like this. Fuckin hagraven.

No. 77775


She looks like a hungry skeleton.

No. 77782

She stole sequences of Final Fantasy music, too iirc (sorry if it was already said)

No. 77785

She looks normal to me, an average healthy weight for an active teen almost due to the the layers. How many feedees are up in here? Girls are perpetually either too fat or too skinny and I'm curious as to why it causes so much bitterness and repulsion in some of you.

No. 77791

And something from Silent Hill I think?

I always wondered if Let's Killex was stolen. I hate this type of music normally, but for some reason I kinda like this song. It pains me to even type this.

Also I still can't get over the constantly changing bug eyes in this video and yet some people still argue Kota doesn't use AE etc.

No. 77832

IF anyone is SUPER interested in how she comes up with such brilliant music, she shows it in a very deep, charismatic and whole-hearted video (there are more episodes btw)

No. 77834

Oh man, the stretching her fingers at 0:22 is so obnoxious somehow.

No. 77850

Although she was an obnoxious child that was given internet access way too soon, Kiki often acted more mature in her older videos than she ever has in all of her recent ones, bar the notorious ones of course.
When she wasn't acting like a stupid (typical) 13-15 year old girl, she actually sat still and talked like a fucking human being. Now she just clings desperately to a sad attempt at appearing youthful that backfires.

Acting like you just shoved fistfuls of ritalin up your ass, making stupid ass faces+stupid ass hand gestures, and being unable to talk without an obnoxious fake accent are the key to pretending you aren't a washed up hagraven apparently.

No. 77883

No in the state of florida you most be 18 or over to go into anytype of club. right here in the club rules even state it "The Social requires that all patrons have a valid [UNEXPIRED ] form of identification present, regardless of age, at the time of entry for all 18+ and 21+ shows and events. All patrons are required to have a valid form of identification if you wish to get a drinking wristband for any “All Ages” shows or events." http://www.thesocial.org/resources/

No. 77890

>valid [UNEXPIRED ] form of identification present, regardless of age, at the time of entry for all 18+ and 21+ shows
>for all 18+ and 21+ shows

Kiki was not at an 18+ or 21+ show. She was at a 12+ (or similar) show.

Here's an example of a 12+ show on The Social's site: http://www.thesocial.org/event/765297-tyrone-wells-roll-it-2015-orlando/

No. 77891

do you know the exact show she was at that time?

No. 77892

also i'm sure that 12+ with the company of an adult. No place of business wants to be responsible for minors.

No. 77893

shit maybe kiki was 18 and Dakota was 12? giving them access to the club together. because if it was the other way around how the fuck was dakota there with her?

No. 77899

She says she's with her mom in the post about Jeffree Star, not sure about the BOTDF one but I wouldn't be surprised if Cathy was creeping around.

Also, she has one of those black crosses on her hand to show she's underage in the BOTDF photos.

No. 77901

Considering there are photos of them with Cathy at a rave, they sure were abel to access everything with their mom.

No. 77920

girl you KNOW cathy was there

No. 77984

yeah, but it still takes some skill, even when you use a launchpad. i read on her ED that her bro did it, though. i wonder if he handed her the info, she just got through that audio engineering course (8 mo?? pfft), and told her everything she needed to know for the vid

No. 77989


Idk in the following episodes of that serie, she explains how to use software and shows how to play a guitar along her sick beatz

And I agree: that was obnoxious. She pushes it too hard and far I think. The hat, the moves, the slang etc. She's not relatable and far from interesting - which are things that usually attract a large following.

No. 77992

>We are two blood related sisters who are audio engineers and have studied musical composition. We comprehend and enjoy the technical aspect of music as well as the creative process. Pioneers at heart, we are independent in the fact that we will complete tasks on our own. If we do not know how to obtain something, we research and work towards goals. Owning a corporation, Kiki Kannibal Corp./KND Kouture, has rewarded us with great morals, ethics, and business savvy qualities.

Their band description reads like a shitty resume.

No. 78049


>Owning a Corporation

Kek I suppose all etsy stores are corporations too

No. 78058

sounds a whole lot like a person w/o a college degree applying for a position that requires a bachelors:
>so as you can see, i completed my bachelors degree and comprehend and enjoyed all of the concepts learned during my years as AN AUTHENTIC COLLEGE STUDENT. i enjoyed my time as a LEGIT COLLEGE STUDENT and now am happy to be applying to your position as a GENUINE COLLEGE GRAD.

No. 78081

Hey. Playlist of the videos she did for the channel. Out of six episodes, two of them feature her cat, three of them is her playing ("live"?) and one is a tutorial on production 101


No. 78091

You know if she would have stuck with the Dubstep thing I think she really could have made a name for herself. There aren't that many women who do it. It would have just taken a lot of effort on her part to put her stuff out there,and she didn't want to do that cause shes a lazy cunt who thinks everything should be handed to her.

No. 78128


It could have been an improvement: it's an "in" thing and a girl doing it would draw attention. She just would need to tone down the gang signs, fake accents cats and all the other obnoxious shit (or even keep them, maybe there's a niche of people who think it's funny ?)

No. 78129

i dunno, i still have difficulty buying it. i still maintain the belief that her bro did this shit or something. i just can't believe this bitch would have enough of an interest.

No. 78134

I have difficulty buying it too, she half-asses every little thing she does. With Japanese, you'd think she'd take advantage of being in Japan and having a Japanese beau, but it's quite obvious she never did. In one of her instagram videos, you can hear him speaking English to her, and her Japanese is still the same level it was before she went. And then there's lilkitten, she just got shit from taobao, etsy, etc, and tried to pass it off as her own work/designs. She even half-assed with those tacky diamond necklaces she was making in the scene days.

No. 78148

File: 1428534828513.jpg (111.4 KB, 960x640, image.jpg)


Cmon don't it look like the FACE of dubstep???

No. 78150

she looks like the green goblin's teenage daughter

No. 78164

Let's Killex… or should I say Skrillex?
Damn, Kaka, is there an original bone in you?

No. 78165

That was the joke, anon.

No. 78167

There is no way Kiki and Kota are 6 years apart in age. That show was in 2008, Kiki was 15 and Kota was 14. BOTDF shows are pretty much never 18+ or 21+ because most of their audience is in the 11-16 range. They couldn't even sell shows that were 18+ because they would make no money.

Clubs thar have bars and usually do adult only shows can still host all ages shows, it depends on the bands they book. When you buy the tickets online you have to check a box that says that whiever is buying them is either at least 18 or has their parent's permission, at The venue you have to be 18 to buy or pick up will call tickets. This is legally all a venue has to do to cover their ass for 12+ shows. We know Cathy is and always was more than willing to buy her girls' way into whatever she could in the hope they would fuck their way to fame like she tried to.

No. 78169

I was a huge kiki fan girl in 2006-2007 and Kota was the same age as me for some period of time (I was about 13.)

I'm 21 now.

No. 78172

Yeah, I know it might start a shitfest but Dakota is actually turning 21 this year, not 20 like she claims. inb4 "she always lied about being olderrrr she's the age she says she is!!!!11". She only started claiming she was 16 when Asia started noticing her, before that she had no problem being 18 and people knowing her age. Ofc that was all before the great copyright infringement claimfest of 2012.

No. 78177

Fucking shit that's straight up video game mysic

she basically stole 70% of the song and was like "LOL its a joke u guys!!! I used his beats in my song as a joke!! It's artistry. Not bc he's super famous and I'm tryna milking on that. Or bc I lack any creativity. Also, don't ask him if I got permission to use his beats. But if you post ANYTHING about me on social media Imma copyright your ass ^_^~"

No. 78183

>before that she had no problem being 18
Wrong, bitch.

I've been following her since 2010 stickam. When her kotakoti thing began and she was still relatively unknown on tumblr, I tried googling like crazy what her age was out of curiosity. I sent her anons asking, but she never replied. All that google yield were YahooAnswers pages that all said different answers. So don't make up BS that she "had no problem being 18 before Asia starting noticing her".

Ironically, those Y!A pages actually lined up with her current age claims. 8 years ago, 5 people right here said she was 12 years old. This shit is getting really old.


No. 78191

Didn't she say she was older than 14 on that one video, though? Current age timeline she claims would put her at, what, 12 in that vid? She could just be talking out of her ass, but she got all pissy when someone was like "you look like you're 14" and a 12 year old would probably take that as a compliment whereas someone who's 15 would get miffed. Idk, they're fucking weird and Kota's real age will probably be a mystery for awhile seeing as she had so few classmates/has probably never had a job aside from modeling.

No. 78192

I don't get why it's so hard to believe her age tbh. I get that she looks older in her scene pics, but you're going to look older no matter what if you're wearing tons of harsh makeup. You can definitely tell she was a kid in the videos during the scene days.

No. 78199

…Probably because she lies about literally everything else? Subtracting a year or two from her age isn't exactly farfetched when you think about the lengths she took to edit videos of herself (shooping pics is one thing, but using AE or a similar program? That's time consuming.)

It's not like I'll claim to know the truth, but Dakota isn't exactly the most trustworthy or believable person.

No. 78202

i also remember being 12/13 in 2006/2007, and dakota being the same age as i

No. 78215

There are college courses dedicated to learning how to properly use AE, tje facT that Dakota managed to get it working the way she did, even tlwith her wobbly mishaps is impressive. Either she's a genuis (lmfao) or she had lots of free time to learn how to use it all on her own while sitting in her room in FL. AE started getting mainstream attention in what, 2011?

And besides, she has been caught lyIng about literally everythung else- her height, weight, eyes, hair, her entire face, measurements, age (multiple times), makeup, VW burando, her past, just to name a few things. It's honestly hilarious how butthurt people get over it, saying she couldn't possibly lie about something like her age because she's so mature and changed and responsible since she moved to Grorious Nippon.

No. 78218

wow, sorry for typos, freezing my ass off at a bus stop and can't stop shaking lol

No. 78238


Thank you!!! Really, this is getting so ducking old. She is a liar. She lied about her age. Deal with it.

Also, why are we even discussing that on KIKI's theead anyway?

No. 78248

People would eat that shit up, but again she would have to promote herself till she got big enough.

Too bad she wants to be a lazy shit.

No. 78251

File: 1428546051119.gif (986.56 KB, 356x360, OIXrp.gif)

Cause the real star is kota and her sister is a has been.

No. 78279

Do people still believe she didn't use AE? For fuck sake there are videos where she didn't paint out the tracking markers right and you can still see them when you tilt your screen.

No. 78379

EP 4 was so cringe worthy. she's just lip syncing and trying to push some buttons in an ~~*artistic*~~ way and waving around. i think it caused me some wrinkles on my face because i cringed so much. wow

No. 78389

File: 1428572683782.jpg (48.09 KB, 594x318, hej.jpg)

>私の赤ちゃんな猫 "My baby cat"
>uses "baby" as adjective for some reason
>Kaka meant to say kittens
>"baby" and "cat" are two separate words here


No. 78390

I'm cringing right now at that awful Japanese. I don't get how she was in Japan and in Cat Cafes in particular, and doesn't know it's 子猫. It further proves that she truly doesn't give a shit about Japanese and didn't even bother taking advantage of being there.

She definitely spent all of her time there taking videos/pictures to post later to keep up this facade. She is so god damn pathetic.

No. 78391

lol. why does she pretend to be ~fluent~ but not know the most basic vocabulary? same thing with the "vegan" snacks when she couldn't read simple words like eggs/milk

No. 78402


I still didn't get it. Did she mean to say they were hers or…?

No. 78434

I am a year older than kota and was a ~*scenie weenie*~ (unfortunately) back in those days too, so I remember a lot of scene-isms even if just vaguely. I lied about my age too, because that's what you do when you're a preteen and emo on the internet.

Her parents exploited the fuck out of her of course she looked older.

No. 78470

>neko neko nyan chan

No. 78481

kitten = koneko, not akachan-na neko (If she insists on using aka-chan, then say aka-chan no neko)
speleld meccha wrong
wtf is yamanaiyo
she means yamenai? ashite yamenai -> wont stop loving ? ok

No. 78482

lol yamanai yo = "not a mountain"
ok keekz, u keep studying

No. 78512

Dat Google Translate tho

No. 78538


Can you imagine that's how it'd be if he actually had gone on ~tour~ (if the Kickstarter had worked) and done live presentations?

No. 78566

They do, there were even people in the current Dakota thread citing a PULL thread as proof that her wobbly chin and lips were just ~shadows~.

No. 78570


>neko neko nyan chan ^-^

I literally cringed IRL. And how the fuck can she at least somewhat grasp the concept of -na but can't figure out the difference betwen "mecha" and "meccha"?? Since she's obvs so kansai desu yo ne~

Maybe she's doing it on purpose because she knows if she changes it we'll laugh at her and she's pretending it's her speshul exotic way of writing it that makes Japanese a language all her own.

No. 78573

This reminds me of PT when she used to use 赤ちゃん as baby (like the pet name for an s/o) and it was creepy as fuck.

No. 78621

I imagine a similar reaction as Tila Tequila had at the ICP concert.


Or maybe not. But all of the comments are blocked on every one of those videos. Yet, when you watch the videos, it asks you to comment if you're "into Kiki's vibe" and such. Leading me to believe it was not always blocked to comments.

I think the dubstep crowd would have chewed her up because she comes off as a bandwagoner. The same reason that everyone else gets pissy about everything she does.

No. 78642

I definitely think that she has seen our criticisms of her Japanese but she doesn't wanna listen to the "haters." In her eyes, anyone who corrects her is a hater. Remember how she was trying to get her fans to attack that girl for simply correcting her Japanese?

No. 78656

This is how we know she'll nevr get an actual Japanese tutor or take real classes, she can't stand to be wrong and as soon as she tried to correct herself it would backfire on her because she would be doing what wehave been saying she needs to all along. She would rather not study and fuck up the language than fix her basic mistakes just because some anonymous strangers on the internet told her she was doing it wrong.

No. 78693

Yamanai/yamaru= 止まる
She's trying to say "stop being so cute!"
But, language doesn't work like that..
What it really sounds like she's saying is "Truly love..Stop~"

Natives must be like wtf

No. 78792


Except it's Kiki. She'd have strted lecturing them on how when you hate on someone, you're really just hurting yourself~ also, "stop bullying me!!!"

But yes, the videos haven't always had the comments blocked, it was done because people posted about it on PULL, some comments were like "oh so you press buttons? lol" on the EP 1 video for example etc. So yes, typical Ostrenga-take-no-critics :P

I felt bad for the channel they probably thought they were doing great in featuring her because FAMOUS! Scene queen. But nope.

No. 78796

Unpopular opinion here. I really liked Kikis dub. Wasn't the best out there but has so much potential and her style at the time was very "one right collab and she could become a hit" why on earth she dropped it to try be Kota, I don't know

No. 78818

File: 1428621428184.gif (4.86 MB, 435x244, giphy.gif)

No. 78819


lol what

and no she tried to be famous w her music, last time she went to japan she died w someone well known and no one gave a shit. it was embarrassing.

No. 78926

>Except it's Kiki. She'd have strted lecturing them on how when you hate on someone, you're really just hurting yourself~ also, "stop bullying me!!!"
It makes me wonder why she even wanted to be a musician in the first place. She'd sometimes have to deal with assholes and criticism in person. She'd definitely get more people being assholes to her since if she did shows/concerts, after like every song she'd lecture people, humblebrag, and/or try desperately to be funny. Even if her music was the most amazing music that has ever graced the earth, I don't think anyone would put up with the way she'd act.

No. 79036


>I really liked Kikis dub

you mean "other people's dub"?

No. 79081


That's true. Personality and the way you present yourself on social media plays a very important role in being a musician
"Oh hey I like this dubstep pro-"
reads Kiki's Twitter meltdown
"Never mind…"

I was just listening to Lovin' Ya, by Kimbra an the beat really is smthg that's…. Kiki's level (whether stolen or not). Js.

No. 79727


Lol, you guys know Kiki's dad probably does all her music for her right? He's the failed musician in the family ater all.

>inb4 but she went to college for music!

Come on, since when does Kiki do anything herself. She won't even prepare her own damn vegan food and that's like her main bragging point, that she's vegan.

No. 79741

She made a video about how she makes her shitty music with samples before, don't forget that Scott can only play the guitar, lol.

No. 79743

No. 79752

oh my god. I'm cringing so hard rn.

No. 79799

i got a controller last week. i've played with it a grand total of twice now. i can literally do everything she did in this video lol
how can she be so bad i cant take her seriously at all

No. 79813


i could barely watch 30 seconds of this. she clearly set up two tripods to film herself and then edit between the two.

imagine setting all of that up. how delusional do you have to be at her age to do any of this? AND ITS DUBSTEP. this is the lamest thing i've seen probably in my entire life.

No. 79831

This is some real sad shit.

No. 79832

Which vids got the tracking marks?

No. 79890


Ha take tha anon! She not only can press buttons but also do absolutely very unfunny moves while being recorded by two cameras AND edit it into a 5 min video… Without leaving her room.


No. 79940

she's only as good as everything she sampled.
and even then she's not as good.

No. 80012

Hahahah fuck sake kiki. I dance like that after a bottle of rum.

No. 80031

This is the saddest video I've ever seen in my entire life. Has she ever performed at a venue and in front of an audience that wasn't her family/the internet?

I figured what she was doing was that basic.

No. 80043

looks like she is rolling on MDMA all alone
orr found her inner nirvana or whatever empath mama

No. 80046

File: 1428794974903.jpg (108.84 KB, 853x480, image.jpg)

Her makeup lol.

No. 80070



No. 80091

I havent laughed this hard since those shitty pole dancing videos she made.

No. 80352

this is so embarrassing …

No. 80353

holy shit around 2:50 when she starts breaking it down LMFAO girl has no rhythm … or friends.

No. 80358

she's the epitome of florida white girl I'm crying.

No. 80376

I wonder if she watches half the anime/movies on her projector or if she just has a slideshow of pictures she saved from Tumblr lmao

No. 80396

I highly doubt it, didn't she make fun of Kota for liking anime in the scene days? And she never talked about anime, other than that time she was talking about how dykey Sailor Mercury is, until it became trendy. Whenever she does talk about anime, or video games for that matter, that are her "favorite," it really just sounds like she's remembering anime/games that a friend/sibling liked that she never really payed attention to, if that makes sense. For example:
>When she was talking about Sailor Mercury being a dyke in the scene days, iirc she didn't even remember her name, she just referred to her as "the one with the short hair" or something along those lines.
>Zelda is an "elf princess"
>"You know Lulu in the final fantasy games"
>"Anyone remember the anime name of the guy who turns into a girl when he touches hot water? I used the watch it all the time when I was young"
Maybe I'm just being nitpicky but I feel like if they were actually her favorite shows/games she'd definitely know/remember this kind of stuff.

No. 80398

>Legend of zelda games
>ranma 1/2
(granted, I loooved Ranma 1/2 as a kid, so I can't even hate, but the rest are some massive casual tier shit)

No. 80420

I wish I knew how to make gifs…

No. 80462

File: 1428835725990.gif (3.68 MB, 480x270, kaka.gif)

No. 80465

File: 1428836171829.gif (3.09 MB, 480x270, kaka2.gif)

No. 80466

File: 1428836260036.gif (3.88 MB, 480x270, kaka3.gif)

No. 80468

holy shit lmfaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao

No. 80474

Fucking cackled. lmao

No. 80478


No. 80479

I can't help turning on that song when I see these images.

No. 80482

No. 80520

File: 1428852279877.jpg (77.65 KB, 679x720, t3454.jpg)

No. 81379

air guitar at 3:01 oh my ygod

No. 81429

omfg anon I love you, please do one of her playing the air piano

No. 81430

wait…she make these herself?

No. 81433

This is painful to watch. It's like watching someone dance while home alone in front of a mirror, except in public.

No. 81574

Prepare for more cringe.

No. 81582

She's so tryhard. At least she looks way better than she does now.

No. 81585


"sooo i slow down he bpm"

wow you're sooooooooooo technical, kiki.

"transitions will help guide into…"

No, shit, Kiki. She's like a freshman who took Psych 101 and starts diagnosing everyone.

No. 81617

The one where she is "playing" the guitar is most cringe worthy. Her parents buying her expensive props that she doesn't really play

No. 81620

do anyone knows if she really plays

No. 81627

You can tell she isn't playing

No. 81636

File: 1428990750139.gif (999.05 KB, 400x299, jimmiwouldbeashamed.gif)

Wowo holy shit that is so fucking sad
She can't shred or anything
She just stands there all pathetic like and strums a few notes and omg this is the most embarrassing shit

Kiki maybe you should lrn 2 play ur own instrument hmmm??

No. 81637

Iirc she played guitar briefly in the Twiggy makeup tutorial and it wasn't anything special, it was super basic.
She definitely doesn't play anymore with those fake nails she wears though.

No. 81647

you dont need to shred to play nice music…

No. 81687


Agreed, but the video and music sucked pretty hard on it own. Her playing a few strings and standing still is pretty sad to watch

No. 82240


dancing like a muppet

No. 82243

she only played a few seconds. i wouldn't say there's anything bad with the guitar playing in and of itself. most songs are very repetitive and don't require moving your hands wildly around the fretboard. that having been said, just putting you playing guitar in a makeup vid like… wtf? and why's she even using her guitar to record when very HQ plugins are available on ableton? all she has to do is input the notes. it's much easier.

No. 82259

She's just a huge showoff is all. Not even a good one either since she doesn't commit to anything long enough to actually have something worth showing off.

No. 82260


Reminds me of her stripper pole whatever gifs.

No. 82263

File: 1429082954217.jpg (118.98 KB, 1372x493, omfg.jpg)

No. 82272

gasps… The Coon…

No. 82297


Take this in consideration: this is a video with her old guitar, before she bought an all sparkly one in Japan… That she probably doesn't even play anymore because off her long, witchy nails.
That's what's really sad about this whole thing lol

No. 82302

She never bought a sparkly one in Japan. It was another photo that she stole from Google.

No. 82303

File: 1429099392532.gif (481.91 KB, 500x360, kerm.gif)

nail it

No. 82323


How do you know? I searched and found nothing

No. 82328


I remember that too. Someone from PULL or SR found the exact same pic on another website, kaka just added a pinkish filter and cropped it as usual

No. 82331

What >>82328 said. I don't have it handy now, but someone liked an unfiltered version from ebay if I remember correctly.

No. 82332

linked* (I will try to dig it up again, if you wanna see)

No. 82334

File: 1429105041189.png (388.96 KB, 1102x1110, kikifraud.png)

Found it. The links aren't working because they're 5 years old and the auctions have ended.

No. 82465


Holy fuck that's ridiculous. Again, idk why I doubted she would have used it as a prop in the bg of her videos, like she does with the wing backpacks.

I remmeber she was asking people for a nickname to it and that was when someone came up with Kira Kira?

No. 82758

Where's the kaka pic? I didn't see. This is hilarious.

No. 82766

Her Instagram, you lazy ass.

No. 82841

Oh that was when she deleted it and afterwards said people in Japan call her Kira kira right? lol

No. 82915

File: 1429194846812.jpg (43.07 KB, 970x410, ix81kx.jpg)

I bet this is how kiki wakes up in Japan. XD

No. 82921

she had so much incriminating videos during her stickam days, i'm sorry i didn't save any videos back then. i'm sure she is very happy that site went under.

No. 82993


What? Shocked that she gets less than 20 views in a video? Haha
Though she doesn't look half bad. In some new videos she looks a LOT worse than that

No. 83922


Proof that she's a master of angles. Goddamn she looks fucking bad, and we all know she's only gotten older/worse.

I love how she's been silent though, only proving she 100% left Japan while her younger sister was there doing commercials and appearances<3

No. 83935

lmaooooo this is a jealous cunt if I've ever seen one.

What angle? She's making an ugly face with ugly hair on a goddamn webcam. Get out of lolcow. You're not even shit talking here, this is desperate envy. I bet you're SweetnSour, or KiraKiraOstrich, or one of those other embarrassing bitches from PULL

No. 83947

File: 1429299868819.gif (292.83 KB, 545x420, 1338748286137.gif)

Kotas sister please chill your tits.
i know its hot in florida but you don't need to take it out on people who like your little sister better.

No. 83976

File: 1429302724253.jpg (12.85 KB, 320x240, 1328865424_why_you_mad_tho1.jp…)


What's funny is that I haven't been on pull in ages. Why you so mad brah?

No. 84000

come on, she's not any of those you mentioned. She must be one of those embarrassing pull users who start fapping insanely and go awwww every time a new thread about their beloved Dako-sama appears <3 <3 <3. And there are many such individuals lol.

No. 84065

Honestly, calling someome envious or a PULL user over a ducking picture posted here's dumb af

Yall need to chill.

No. 84113

File: 1429317545653.png (818.38 KB, 1080x720, sweetandsour.png)

>Why you so mad
>chill your tits
I knew it. The cookie-cutter responses when you can't come up with anything to say. YAWNNN

I haven't been on PULL in ages either, but during the time I stuck around you were like the KontraKoti of the Kiki forums. Like I get it, she's a pile of shit. But there's a difference between someone who's just an anon shittalker (most of us), and a jelly like this >>83922 you were the latter. I saw you jizzing yourself the moment a new thread popped up, phone calling places about her, gossiping about her in the chat, making fun of her looks when you look like this (I know it's a kotify, but don't even try to bring that as an excuse).

>I haven't been to pull in ages

>responds to my Kiki post within the hour.

No. 84138


What's funny is the only response that was mine was "Why are you so mad?" I might have sent some e-mail about her fake corporation breaking the law but that is about it. You must have gotten your information for Kiki's tweets about me. She thinks I stalk her. And I have no idea where the fuck you got that picture. That is a really shitty kotify. I never hide my appearance and even used it as my avatar as awhile. Yeah and I lurk on lolcow and sometimes look at the Kiki thread when I don't find her boring. So? If you wanna keep whitekniting Kiki and shit talk about me go do it in the PULL thread and stop clogging this thread.

No. 84151

>whitekniting Kiki
Yeah, I'm white-knighting someone I called a pile of shit. I swear your comebacks are too predictable.

1. I never see Kiki's tweets, they give me nausea.
2. No, I'm not going to PULL with you.lol But if you want we can take it to /b/.
3. Stop saying "what's funny is.."
4. You referred to her screenshots of PULL as "stalking". If we're going by your definition, you're a major stalker.
5. The picture is from the kotify thread. You asked to be kotified.

No. 84185

>And I have no idea where the fuck you got that picture
>I never hide my appearance and even used it as my avatar as a while.

No. 84214

sorry but holy shit your nose is gigantic
did someone enlarge it with photoshop? if not then damn gurl

No. 84224

>posting this pic
>dat terrible, blurry chin/jaw/cheek/nose (i can tell your tip doesn't point up.) shooping

girl wat are you even doing

No. 84268


Hey asshole I meant the PULL thread here on lolcow because guess what there are other threads here other than kiki gasp I come to lolcow more for just Kiki. Kiki has called me a stalker on her Twitter because she thinks I spent a lot of time reporting and trying to destroy her. I dunno what I did to piss you off so much but go bitch about me someone else.


I went back to see if I could try to find the kotfied thread but I had no luck. I think someone else made that. And I didn't literally mean where did you get that picture, This troll tried to make fun of my looks when that is a really shitty edited picture, just lol.

No. 84270

File: 1429357457284.gif (310.3 KB, 350x255, sdsfds.gif)

>this thread

No. 84271


Sorry, let's get this thread back on topic.

No. 84303


Thank. But really I'm getting bored. KIKI! Come back to online activity!!

No. 84307


Yeah she really hasn't been that active has she? Probably planning her next scheme

No. 84348

I think she will come back with some new "project" like how she did after every hiatus.

No. 84370


Wait what, are you fucking serious? Do I seriously need to list of why she looks disgusting in that video still? You have to be trolling.

And yes you dumb bitch, there is no angle involved that's why she looks about 60. Wipe the fucking drool off your face and handle it.

I do not find Kiki pretty, and I absolutely don't in a video still where I caN FUCKING COUNT FOUR FUCKING ROWS OF WRINKLES ON THIS BITCH'S EIGHTHEAD. I'm white, I have nothing against white girls, but that's exactly what she is. She's just some lame scrawny loser who hides behinds trends and photoshop, she is a complete joke and I thought everyone on this board was smart enough to be with that.

I find her to be unappealing at best, calm your white knight shit.

No. 84374


That person isn't the original poster of the (very fucking) alleged "jelly" comment, I don't know why they responded or why they have any interest in being Koti-fied

to clarify I don't keep up w Koti or like her, I come here to lol at fucking hag-ass Skeletor for thinking she has anything anybody else wants. I think it's hilarious she was a cunt to her sister growing up and now the tables are turned, that's the only reason her name got brought up. Maybe I worded it wrong but it's a legitimate joke that my comment came from a jealous or kota-loving place.

Can't speak for the girl pictured.

No. 84389

now this is worthy of asking "why you mad?" calm your shit anon, your emotions are showing.

No. 84435


no its true I'm def emotional about anyone thinking I'm jealous of queen mayonnaise. i am mad lol.

No. 84450


I only responded because I saw my name when I had nothing to do with the "jelly" post. I originally was from PULL along with this old picture. Apparently I am just some ugly jealous troll and that's why I was mentioned…

No. 84492


Man I hope it's a photo shoot since she got scouted and all that
… Posting all the photos and/or video footage she had with Koti? …waiting till her sister "kotifies" them.
Tho her trying to learn photo and video editing before posting, including sending them to Kota for approval is a funnier image.

"Is it good now?"
Kota: "N O . Make the eyes bigger!"
"I said BIGGER!!!"

Ok I'm getting carried away

No. 84495

this. kota and kiki are so inconsistent with content. its so scarce. it has to be due to how much editing and scheming they do

No. 84497

tbh she's probably just trying to find another sugar daddy to take her back to japan and/or finding some pictures on google images to keep up the facade with.

i'm really surprised she didn't spend the entire trip taking billions of pictures to keep up this facade. she most likely thought that someone would just hand her a visa during this trip so she'd never have to leave.

No. 84517

File: 1429402981288.jpg (112.42 KB, 566x522, image.jpg)

Hey very old topic but I really want to talk about this one post: http://kikikannibal.com/2014/10/sexual-assault/

Does ANYONE believe this was 100% real? That not only Danny did not live with her buy he did shit like sneak into her house, rape her, tell her to rate his performance and once she didn't, kick her and let her on the floor as he gets to sleep in her bed??

This entire shit sounds sooo far fetched, ESPECIALLY that part. Like, she created all this huge drama just for the sake of commenting back at someone

Even in the video, everything she mentioned, she had that happened to her (literally ALL the red flags).

I never commented anything because victim-blaming and once someone claims to have been a victim of smthg, they're immune to critique or questioning of what they say (outside of a Police DP off) but… Cmon.

No. 84533

I really don't believe a single word of it. I don't think anyone does other than people who have just seen her yt video on red flags and the 5 gullible people who still support her.

Iirc, they wanted to go on Dr. Phil with StickyDrama, but sd only would agree if Danny's family would go on as well. They refused to do it after that. If they know Kiki is a victim in all of this, you'd think they wouldn't be intimidated by Danny's parents.

Another thing, why would an abuser/rapist get all kinds of tattoos for her? And why would the victim brag about the sex they had and then complain about his small dick later on? And I'm pretty sure her parents would know this was going on and instantly put an end to it. Like, they would definitely notice something was off since their daughter would be visibly uncomfortable around this guy. They would also definitely be able to tell if she was upset/in pain, especially if she was in pain from being kicked in the ribs.

No. 84566

>forcing sex
>forcing sex
>forcing sex
woooah this is new. this was never mentioned in Cathy's e-mails, neither was it ever mentioned that he "hung her over the 2nd story mall" if she didn't preform oral sex, or physically attacking her. I'm sure with Cathy's years of desperately trying to sue him and put him in jail, she wouldn't have left this out in her dozens of e-mails to lawyers.

I'm not one to be so insensitive with this topic, especially when talking about the female involved. But this is coming from someone who paid to create a website to mock him and call him an incestious faggot.

No. 84594


With all the public history of the Ostrengas against tDanny's family you'd think they'd at least mentioning him physically abusing her during the night? After sneaking in WITHOUT having no other member of the family (which isn't a small family!) noticing? Forcing her to give oral in public places?

It just reads as a fucking vomit of "think of all possible dramatic situations" to comment back at the girl - instead of using real facts like any normal adult would do.

About the Dr Phil case: it just proves further they're not that innocent by not wanting Danny's family there. If they weren't lying, what would they have to hide? It'd be a possibility to shame HIS family AND sd on public TV… There is, if all that was true - and, as a bonus, giving Kiki some spotlight as the ~victim~

No. 84610

well as someone who watches Dr. Phil a lot, I can see how their story would have been blown up for shock and publicity..

"teenage internet celebrity allegedly orchestrated the death of child abuse victim!? is the mother behind it? we'll see what explosive details internet journalist Chris Stone has to say about it after the break! And later.. the victim's mother is here!"

No. 84623

They even stated on the Rolling Stone article that he was living with them, not to mention the police reports, Kiki is known for always changing her stories to whatever suits her at the time.

No. 84633

I abhor Kiki just as much as anyone else, but I just want to put my input about the whole Danny thing. I'm sure many people here have been in an abusive relationship in the past. I was in one when I was 16-17. He was verbally, physically and sexually abusive toward me. Tbh a lot of the things he did were so vile, But I never even told anyone but my closest friend (and even then it was years later.) I've never told my parents about the extent of the abuse. So maybe this could be a possible reason?

Then again, if he had died (shame he didn't tbh, he microwaved a kitten once) I'm sure I would be a lot more truthful about the situation. Who knows what really happened :/

Btw is Kaka still pretending she's in Japan?

No. 84642

But what about if you're actively seeking to get him in trouble? I mean we know that both Cathy and Kiki were hell bent on taking him down. Why not hit him with full force while you're in attack mode? I can understand keeping some details to yourself instead of telling friends or parents if you think they can't help you or make the situation better. But the Ostrengas were contacting police, lawyers and detectives to get him. Forceful rape and domestic violence surely carry more severe charges than statutory rape and breaking a restraining order?

No. 84644

and you didn't call the police on him? knowing he'd microwaved a kitten? what kind of sick fuck are you? he deserves to be locked up. the abusive behavior (which i'm sure will continue indefinitely) is enough to land him in jail. and the kitten shit is enough to get him seriously fined.

No. 84651

I'm the sick fuck?? Backup, nigger. He told me he did that YEARS before I met him. I was scared to call the fucking police because he threatened to kill me if I even tried to break up with him and he wasn't opposed to hitting me or threatening me.

Jesus fuck, I was just trying to put a different perspective into the conversation, you don't need to criticize me for not calling the cops on someone who threatened to kill me.
Just FYI I grew some balls eventuall and kicked him to the curb. He tried to contact me again but I told him I would call the police if he did. Don't call me a sick fuck when you don't undertand the situation. Yes I mad.

No. 84655

i didnt call the police on my abusive ex months after he had assualted me, you get very scared to tell anyone. people shame you/say youre lying/scared ex will hurt you. she isnt sick

No. 84656

Yeah, makes sense. Sorry to be /deardiary or whatever but I just thought maybe Kiki was just scared… But then again, Mama Ostrenga would do anything she possibly could to bring him down, and now Kiki will too, since she wants to be a victim all the time.

No. 84680

The specific of what she mentioned I feel like are hard to make up and really believable. I unfortunately remember back in tha-scene-dayz when people romanticized self harm and abusive relationships, so him drinking liquid bandaid and threatening suicide as a performance of "how much he loves her" is a believable delusion.

Some of it was probably exaggerated, maybe the kicking, but none of that puts her in a good light and a lot of the heat on her had passed when she detailed those specifics. She needs to stop posting about this on the internet though because Danny is dead and if she's really traumatized enough to let this run her life for almost a decade now she needs to be real and be in therapy.

And off-topic but didn't Felice fucking Fawn quit the internet? If she can do it, Kiki can get a reality check.

No. 84687

File: 1429425242320.jpg (69.12 KB, 640x732, image.jpg)


No. 84713

The 2nd story mall thing sounds like that scene from clueless…

No. 84725

is this an ask she sent herself? ?

No. 84729

Yeah but felice fawn quit the internet only because she was practically forced to because she needed to hide from the legal and moral implications of the mess she made.

No. 84802


And seeing as a lot of people got to know her by reading that article, you'd think she wouldn't be stupid enough to change the story told there
But I guess her need to be the ultimate victim is stronger

At first I liked the idea of putting the video up but her exaggerated "personal" intake took away all the seriousness. People like her and this kind of attitude are basically why people will not take stuff like "statutory rape" seriously.

Also, would it be so hard to just leave the dead guy off that? Focus on the experience yeah, and how to help others but don't go around detailing publicly what he did or didn't, since he can't defend himself.

No. 84824

It isn't like she is really hidden, she only changed her name everywhere but still is active on her private FB account.

No. 84826

A private fb as opposed to having to having to be online 24/7 on every website imaginable. She can't scam the way she used to without the large internet presence. It had to have been something big for her to randomly disappear and baleet everything.

No. 85109

breaks in to end serious discussion with photo collage comparison thanks to this beauty http://m.vk.com/album-58239352_187477255

I don't care if yall say she looks hagged (gotta say Kiki in the middle pic is favourite). I need to know how she made the nose slimmer.

No. 85112

File: 1429472110816.jpg (200.55 KB, 600x1724, image.jpg)

No. 85116

File: 1429472219060.jpg (143.43 KB, 640x827, image.jpg)

Body pic.

A few fans (like! People that were not herself!) were saying she looked like Lana del Rey…
Now that'd have been insteresting

No. 85220

she does look like lana a bit

No. 85222


Where did u see it? I can't see the resemblance for shit

No. 85266

I actually like this, Kaka you need some shorter hair and bangs, tf are you doing now boo?

No. 85294

File: 1429480038052.jpg (23.2 KB, 347x480, km.jpg)

she was really pretty when she was a kid

No. 85303

There are pics on that vk album in which she looks gorgeous, healthier and happier. Now she's like a piece of walking trash :/

No. 85336


You can even see the change in the body shape. She was skinny-healthy instead of dried-up. Also everything you said.

She has an obsession with being an Elf in LOTR so maybe she's using the long hair and long nails, all-white everything to achieve elf status.

she indeed looked healthier/happier. It was in the start of her YT channel, back when she still got some attention (also not many people knew about her shitty scams back in the day, videos talking shit on the disabled, etc). Ok I'm reading too much into it. /stfu

No. 85340


Yes! Look at those golden luscious locks! When I was a kid my hair was a puff ball of frizzy tangles :/

No. 85636

I can't believe she's still screwing herself and trying to blame everyone else.

I feel like if her very first Youtube video had been something along the lines of 'hey this is Kiki and I want to talk about the horrible things I use to do and how I turned my life around but first let me apologize to everyone I've hurt' and then spent the next couple of years proving she had changed, she would have had a popular lifestyle channel and clothing shop. Instead she tried to hide her past, put on a fake persona, lied about practically everything, and then contradicted herself at every opportunity.

No. 85682

I remember Kiki was in a commercial for beer or something. Does anyone remember what it was? Koti was in it too.

No. 85683

File: 1429542095581.jpg (43.22 KB, 336x508, image.jpg)

What is this big Hello Kitty thing Kiki is holding? It looks like a HK bucket or something.

No. 85701

It's a HK leather face bag, got a similar one myself.

No. 85704

It's so funny to me that I wanted to be her when I was like 12. Oh how time changes things.

No. 85736

File: 1429550862654.jpg (24.2 KB, 320x426, Rc0PSpPzlQM.jpg)

Kirsten says she is proud of her "strong features" i.e. her beak but really, it's just not a defining look for her.

Like her nose isn't even a sleek, distinguished Roman noses, like those actually look good, hers is just a big ol' Jewish hook.
She should get a nose job and return its shape similar to that of when she was a child, she looks positively angelic here.

Who'd have thought this beautiful little girl would grow up to be such a failure and a cunt.

No. 85744

File: 1429551995335.png (535.82 KB, 777x436, monstrengas.png)

No. 85746


Hold up what is this.

No. 85747

dude are you a pedo why are you so obsessed with how she looked as a child?

No. 85751

dakota looked like a little gremlin LOL

No. 85752


Fucking lol.

>compliment somebody on how cute they looked as a child


Fuck off back to Tumblr you overdramatic pissjug.

No. 85753

From Dakota's latest TV appearance

No. 85755


There's nothing wrong with saying a kid looks cute.
Or you one of those freaks that think baby bath photos constitutes child pornography?

No. 85756

File: 1429552472222.png (570.84 KB, 784x439, scottkota.png)

No. 85758

And no Kyler pic. That poor kid.

No. 85759

Kiki isn't a failure or a cunt.
She's trying to improve her lifestyle with positivity and Buddha enlightenment.
I don't know too much about her besides she used to be into the scene style & she took a totally different direction.
I really loved her jewelry, that's how I found out about her way back when. I always wanted something from her store. But they were pretty expensive.
Anyways, she tried jewelry & quit.. But if she didn't charge around $66.99 and charged $30 (at most) she would sell a lot more. Regardless, she isn't a failure.. or a cunt. She is still a human being & trying to find her way in life.

No. 85760

Anon who has a similar HK bag, can I see what yours looks like?

No. 85761


>Kiki isn't a failure or a cunt

>I don't know too much about her

Fucking idiot. Go back to PULL.

No. 85762

>Kiki isn't a failure or a cunt

the fuck are you on

No. 85763

I can really see why Kirsten got better treatment than Dakota.
The way her face is shaped, anyone would think she was the prettier one.
Lmao how the tables have turned

No. 85764

I was on PULL before. & calling me "fucking idiot" doesn't make you look any better. I like to see the good in every person. It's much better to be that way instead of a spiteful person.

No. 85766


No. 85767

I don't call anyone a "cunt".
At least Kiki tried jewelry & music. Why do you "hate" her so badly? I read some things on PULL but I asking from yourself personally.

No. 85772

File: 1429554131496.jpg (87.85 KB, 500x750, image.jpg)

Sorry if this was already posted. But it's hard to find pics of Kooti scene

No. 85775


I don't think I can judge this girl's success or say she is successful or not but

>She's trying to improve her lifestyle with positivity and Buddha enlightenment

R u new here? Or just really naive?

No. 85776

No, but notice how this person wants her to get plastic surgery to resemble the way she looked as a child more. Granted, asking them if they were a pedophile was definitely a stretch, and I knew that even before typing that out, but most people would just recommend she get a nose job. They wouldn't post a pic of her as a child when her features were still maturing and not fully developed to compare to.

There is no point in having a preference for her childhood features because she grew out of them. It's not like a fashion trend she grew out of that she can go back to.

No. 85777

Who wants to bet she will try to milk this?

>Kiki isn't a failure or a cunt.
Kiki's only goal in life is fame, have any of her latest attempts for it succeeded? No. By definition, she is a failure.
And don't make me laugh saying she isn't a cunt.
>she flipped out on someone for buying her non-vegan snacks and never even bothered to thank them. She even said she wasn't grateful for them sending them the snacks
>she tried to get her fans to bully a girl for simply correcting her Japanese
>she shamed a girl for being a camgirl and now stalks her just because the girl told her that Native Americans are Indian.
She's so positive and such a buddhist.

No. 85780


This place is composed of different humans. I'm here because yes, I do think she's hypocritical though fun to "watch" (watch her videos, Twitter whining etc).
Her buddhism is no more than an accessory as those wing backpacks, which she tried to pass as her own design - and then denied, etc.

But no. I don't HATE your precious idol.

At the same time, there are people who post her childhood pictures and say she should make herself look like that and actually hate her for their own reasons. shrug it happens

Also, kids features are always cuter, why do you think Dakota keeps photoshopping herself younger?

No. 85781

>Kiki's only goal in life is fame, have any of her latest attempts for it succeeded? No. By definition, she is a failure.

Hm, idk, I gotta say I disagree here. If that were her only goal I think she would have made herself famous through any means possible. Remember that bitch who sucked her own bloody tampon? That was desperation. kiki isn't at that level yet, which you would assume she would be if that were her only goal and her sister is fulfilling it much better than she is.

I think she's still trying to figure herself out, which is why I don't harp on her much. She's really young, a lot of people her age are still in college or trying to get there without any real aspirations besides getting a job in the field they majored in since thats what they worked 4-6 yrs for.

Nothing is ever set in stone, most people change careers every 10 yrs or around 3 times throughout their lives. I think its stupid when people say "hahaha first she wanted to do that now she's doing this!! what a loser she can't stick to one thing xD". Not many people do.

Anyway, I'm not whiteknighting her, just defending this aspect of her personality/history because it applies to so many people in my age group. she's not a strange case.

A lot of other aspects about her are shitty though.

No. 85783

>Remember that bitch who sucked her own bloody tampon? That was desperation.
There's a huge difference between fame and infamy.

No. 85785

I don't get how the first two lines of your statement applies to what I said but whatever.

Whether people post her childhood pics out of hatred or adoration doesn't matter. Idc whether they post her pics or not. I just find it retarded to tell someone they should look more like they did as a kid because they can't.

Besides, the cute Dakota goes for is not meant to attract innocent admiration or platonic feelings, especially when she wears low cut tops showing off her shooped cleavage while sporting the face of a 10 yr old. (Also, this is the same board that makes fun of Japan for being obsessed with baby faced women.)

Anyway enough of that, you can think Kiki should get plastic surgery all you want, thats your preference, I have no issue with that. Like I said before, its recommending to anyone that they should make themselves look the way they did as a pubescent child because they were more attractive then that is creepy to me.

No. 85786

You mean the music that she stoled from other people? The jewelry from her little kitten store she marked up and claimed it was her own? Oh yeah she is such a buddist and trying to get her life turned around.

No. 85787

you can change any negative views people have of you though, like Kim Kardashian

No. 85788

I am new to lolcow yes. & I've only been on PULL for about 4 months now.
I'm saying everyone has their own goals in life. If fame is what Kiki wants, it's not how she wanted. But sites like these keep her famous in a different light.

No. 85790

She isn't "my precious idol". She's a human being. That's all I'm saying.
I am just curious. Despite me being on PULL for about 4 months or so, you have to start learning somewhere.
I know she blocks all kinds of people. Even if you send her a gift & she doesn't like it.
It's very disrespectful & I understand why people dislike her greatly.

No. 85791

Okay? I've never met a single person who thinks positively of Kim Kardashian who isn't an idiot who just thinks she's pretty. Everyone I know has the same idea of her, a useless person who is known just for the sake of being known.

No. 85792

And everyone you know represents everyone who has an opinion of her, right? Jfc there are people out there who admire her for having been able to use her sexuality to her advantage and become a multi-millionaire. I don't share that view point at all but at least I can admit she doesn't have the following she does due solely because people think she's a stupid, good looking slut. There are people who see other things in her.

No. 85795


mhm I agree with you

No. 85797

Let's be honest here. If Kiki wanted fame she would get a decent website. Actually put out content people want, (how many people have actually requested Vegan in Japan videos?! That shit could make her big as a series, recipes etc etc) make an apology and maybe not drop projects if they aren't instant successes. Kiki is only bothered about playing catch up and breathing her sister and the desperation reeks.

No. 85798


Exactly! That's what I'm saying. There are very diverse views on her & it's interesting to see everyone's viewpoints even if they differ from my own.

No. 85801

>Jfc there are people out there who admire her for having been able to use her sexuality to her advantage and become a multi-millionaire.
That isn't special in any way whatsoever, there are tons of women throughout history who use their sexuality for attention and money.

No. 85802


I couldn't agree with you more. Perhaps she will take into consideration what you said & seriously start sticking to something.

No. 85810

Nah Kiki lurks here but anyone who doesn't agree is just jelly at her Kira Kira sparkle!!

No. 85827

Did I say it was special? And besides for people who don't know that, Kim Kardashian is their example of women who are able to do this and admire her for it.

No. 85853


>why do you "hate" her so badly?

>I read some things on PULL but I asking from yourself personally

Jesus fucking christ I fucking knew you were from PULL.
Fuck off back to the beginning of the thread or the last 3 threads we've had and come back when you've actually bothered to read them.
We're not an audiobook service.

No. 85855


I am the one that said she should get rhinoplasty to make her nose look like her childhood nose and I still stand by that.

Tbh if people are looking at others commenting on how a kid has a nice nose and the first thing they jump to is child molestation I don't think I'm the one with the sick mind.
Like, how is it you look at an image of a kid and that's the first thing you jump to?

As much as I like my own nose, I still wouldn't mind rhinoplasty to make my nose look more like my own nose as a child.
I guess I am paedo for myself?

No. 85858

File: 1429561080385.jpg (295.6 KB, 936x1248, tumblr_m1u2mfJA3v1qecz51o1_128…)


Well Gemma Ward's whole shtick was that she had the face of a child and yet she was and is a highly attractive woman with a myriad of admirers.

If you look at a kid and the first thing you think about is sex I think you need help.
That or you're an aged hag who is jealous of the attention those with younger features receive, maybe some surgery wouldn't go amiss on your own mug.

No. 85859


You literally do not have a fucking clue what you're talking about.
You're coming here and trying to lecture all of us on a horrible woman you know fuck all about.

Leave, educate yourself, and then come back when you actually have the facts.

No. 85862

>Kim Kardashian is their example of women who are able to do this and admire her for it.

How is that in any way something to admire? She fucked a dude on video and used it to make money. Sorry maybe I'm not tumblr enough to believe that's something little girls or young women should look up to. Go t college, learn something, and maybe you won't end up as a washed up hag with no talent or skills. But if you want to sell your soul for money, I guess you should be looking up to Kim K.

Also whoever this "4 months on PULL" newfag is needs to back the fuck up. Read the previous threads about her. She says she's Buddhist and believes in enlightenment, but all she does is buy shit and try to make money off other people. She's a shitty person with a horrible personality and stolen music. Shes a sad figure, but she's not a Buddhist Monk.

No. 85879

sigh why is everything about tumblr or pull with you retards? Kim Kardashian is known around the world between people of different age groups, backgrounds, etc who admire her for different reasons, with one being that she was able to use her sexuality in a way that garnered her success. Like how many better looking women are out there who have done the same and fucked better looking/more famous dudes but are nowhere? A lot of people want to do what she has been able to. I don't admire her at all nor feel like she deserves the fame she does and wish that people who actually went to college did instead.

But lets be honest here, a college degree doesn't mean shit anymore. You know how many people with degrees are out there waitressing, if they were lucky enough to find a job? I know that doesn't apply to everyone with a degree, but a significant amount do struggle (in the U.S. idk about other countries). During the recession lots of people couldn't find jobs even with 1 or 2 PhD's.

So knowing people like Kim Kardashian exist give a lot of people hope. We all know many people, including Kiki would jump on the chance to take a similar position if she knew she could.

No. 85896

File: 1429564397082.png (433.02 KB, 351x496, dewdwe.png)

I already stated that I knew calling you a pedo was a stretch, I did as an insult, not under the impression you were a pedo. I also stated that I find it incredibly stupid for you to tell someone to get plastic surgery to resemble the way they did as a pubescent child while they are an adult. Her features were still forming then.

Also Gemma Ward doesn't look like the little girl Kota shoops her face to look like, on top of all the make up she pastes on. Kota literally tries to make herself look like a little kid, which wouldn't bother me if she also didn't dress in a way that is provocative considering the age she's trying to portray. Because then it borders on sexualizing kids.

There is nothing wrong with finding kids cute, but finding kids sexually attractive? Yes, there is something wrong with that. Telling an adult they should look more like a child so that she would become more attractive? Yes, that too

No. 85898

> As much as I like my own nose, I still wouldn't mind rhinoplasty to make my nose look more like my own nose as a child. I guess I am paedo for myself?

PREACH IT SIS. Also I'm totally ignoring the existentialist discussion about Kim Kardashian and her fame purpose.

Why does it always happen? One time, it's all fun and laughs and we are posting old photos and calling each other pedophiles, the next minute we are discussing a random big-ass (literally, in this case. And also in a past topic, with Beyoncé) celebrity in a deep existentialistvtopic that has nothing to do with the lolcow in question.

How does it even happen. What's up with you people. Also, what's up with you people and PULL and Tumblr?

No. 85904


So I guess all the models getting baby highlights are super creepy for you, too?

No one is saying she should shrink in size, age mentality (as if she needed more), boob size and nose size to look more like a child.
All the other anon said is: look at that nose. It's a good nose. If she tried plastic to make hers more like this, she'd look pretty.

(IMHO. Everyone is entitled to have their own nose the way they want to as long as you breath)

No. 85908

The anon is using that nose as an example because it shows what a good, natural looking rhinoplasty would appear on her. It has nothing to do with relating to children or the sexualiation of children. That reaching is ridiculous and makes that person look like they're trying to derail the thread. Boo fucking hoo. Go pick a fight with masterchan/candy/ if you wanna talk about pedophilia so much fuckin creep.

No. 85919

File: 1429566121046.jpg (844 KB, 800x1138, aac81242fb.jpg)


Gemma Ward did look like a kid though…

No. 85920

File: 1429566217237.jpg (1.28 MB, 2592x1902, IMAG0411.jpg)


Yeah my nose was fucking qt as a child, look at that perfect slope. Now it's a pretty defined Roman nose, which I still like, but… dat perfect slope.

I think I also look a lot like Kirsten did as a kid.


No. 85921

Having a youthful face on a fully adult, tall fucking body does not mean she looks like "a kid" jfc

No. 85923


Wait what side are you on here because I'm on the "stop fucking sexualising children and turning everything into an argument about paedophilia" side. Or are you the dumbass that said Kirsten getting a nosejob was paedophilia?

Also yeah, she totally did look like a little girl facially, that was part of her whole hook.

No. 85924

It wouldn't make sense for me to be the anon that cries pedophilia because I was saying she doesn't look like a kid. I don't see how people think she looks like a kid…yeah she has a small face but she's also really fucking tall. I just don't see the connection.

No. 85928

File: 1429567001230.jpg (350.88 KB, 1098x1500, kce6nb.jpg)


Her height has nothing to do with this, I said that she looked like a child facially.

No. 85933

I'm the anon who posted this -> >>85294
And this -> >>85736 is another anon
so stfu lol nobody's a pedo >>85747 we're just saying she looked beautiful as a kid and now she is a fucking mess.

No. 85934

Holy calm your tits.

No. 85935

Reason I asked you guys is because you're credible & up-to-date with things. Sorry, I didn't mean to bother anyone.

No. 85943


Look maybe I was OtT and for that I apologise.

It's just we get a lot of people wandering in here from other sites who obviously haven't really bothered to do any research beforehand and instead of saying something a long the lines of "Hey guys I'm new. I don't know much about this girl but can you tell me a bit about why she's so despised?" instead of what you did say which was essentially "I don't know much about Kirsten beyond what I see she posts to her Instagram. She seems nice and cool and you all sound overly angry so don't call her a cunt".

No. 85950

lol she still does

No. 85954

Idk its strange for someone to want an adult to look like a little kid, like in the case with Gemma, she looks really young, so when they style her in clothes that make her look seductive, it sends the message that looking like a kid = sexy. Not just looking young. I guess thats why that baby faced spiel stuck. Thats pretty messed up.

I don't want adults to be compared to children or vice versa when it comes to physical appeal. I don't think I'm wrong for that.

This is the third time that I admit that I was out of line for using the word pedo, and that it was a stretch for me because you were only talking about the shape of her nose, not her overall appearance like that other anon mentioned. So may bad, I saw something that wasn't there.

lol at me being called a creep for that though, people use kids like that everywhere and it's jaded me somewhat.

No. 85960


You're Kirsten's sister that's been kept in the basement!!! ( like Elizabeth Olsen And Taylor Swift twin that's been doing McDonalds ads in Japan)


No. 85961


I actually appreciate the apology.
I don't like being called a paedo because I was molested for years as a kid by a close family friend. It's not something to toss around easily.

No. 85962


Shieeettt I'd like to think I'm more attractive than Kirsten, aside from the fact that I've probably got like 70lbs on her.

I wonder how much she weighs… anybody know her height?

No. 85979

I'm sorry for that

No. 86009

Well Elizabeth O. is more attractive than Mary Kate and Ashley :P

Anyone's got more pounds than her I think tho. She never mentioned her weight.

No. 86015

omg poor kota

No. 86024


Found this gem ofnAmor and Eden making fun of JakeWolf's music with "ILOVEKIKI" at the end lol

No. 86031

she looks less than 55kg

No. 86073

File: 1429581198979.jpg (87.2 KB, 640x470, image.jpg)


Fuck off her hair color was awesome

Back to Keekz… I love VK. And this makes me excited for getting rid of my own braces. Look at her smile back then and now!

No. 86074

File: 1429581241567.jpg (83.44 KB, 640x682, image.jpg)

Sharing is luvin' no makeup keekz

No. 86075

File: 1429581290229.jpg (61.41 KB, 533x787, image.jpg)

Hot Kiki with cleavage for all yo' lesboners

No. 86076

File: 1429581341859.jpg (100.76 KB, 576x864, image.jpg)

Distorted wrist. All punk everything with leopard print. Miss it so much.

No. 86077

File: 1429581378325.jpg (125.84 KB, 640x724, image.jpg)

No. 86078

File: 1429581411030.jpg (57.37 KB, 298x877, image.jpg)

No. 86083

File: 1429582100665.jpg (27.72 KB, 450x600, 104543298.jpg)

Of all the pictures I've seen of Kirsten to date I think this is the absolute worst.

You can tell that she is trying so hard to appear sexy, but that dress hangs so pitifully off of her underfed, shapeless body. She looks like a kid playing dressup in a voluptuous mother's wardrobe.

I think the worst bit is that she actually went on to buy the dress, as I've seen it in multiple pictures since…

No. 86087

even us pedo lesbo chans want nothing to do with this hagraven

No. 86088

File: 1429582552768.png (417.15 KB, 400x585, c7571d1e00100fd14c74e7a2.png)


Alternstively, I think this look with the dark brown hair and heavy, sideswept fringe was her best.

She could easily be an Instagram queen with this look.

No. 86091

File: 1429582688936.jpg (50.79 KB, 600x474, x_1a30581b.jpg)

No. 86092

File: 1429582864474.jpg (146.38 KB, 959x640, chemickamcr.blog.cz 27.jpg)

Anybody else remember that time she was bragging about getting booked for a modelling shoot, but then never, ever mentioned it again and the magazine ended up using her shots?

Also, wasn't she recently bragging about getting scouted in Japan? What happened to that?
Like, she's not even in Japan any more.

No. 86134

This is awesom! and it appears that she looked pretty good in these? In the outfit videos she looks so pale. The made-up hair, red lip and cheekbones really look good on her. And healthy
AND ALSO what someone else said about the dark brown hair big fringe phase


About the Japan scouting: someone brought up that often people get "scouted" in Japan by scams or smthg like this. So it was basically an inside joke between Kiki and Kota. But ofc, she had to make it look like she got scouted actually.

I'm still hoping she actually got scouted and her first shoot is a collaboration with Kota. Can you just imagine…

No. 86137


Also I've never ever heard about tht? Not even seen bragging-tweets regarding it orrrr the magazine shots of her (so they used them?).
Damn. It's like I find new things about this girl ever single days

She'll be the theme of my post-doctorate in social psychology

No. 86177


It was meant years ago now that she went on this shoot, not too long after she got her interview published in Rolling Stone.

No. 86179


it was someone else's school project

No. 86606

Yeah! Keekers hasn't had a meltdown in a while. Wonder when the next one will be.

No. 86611

File: 1429656415055.jpg (62.73 KB, 340x500, image.jpg)

Sorry if this was already posted but I don't remember seeing this pic of Kooti

No. 86615

Oh man that arm.

No. 86626

File: 1429658114685.jpg (81.14 KB, 441x669, image.jpg)

No. 86627

File: 1429658195321.jpg (66.38 KB, 480x549, image.jpg)

Yeah :/
Dakota is cute but there's no need to photoshop anything. You know?

No. 86628


K guys, there's a new Kooti thread. Go post your pictures there.

No. 86630

File: 1429658439211.jpg (83.67 KB, 470x345, image.jpg)

dont forget this

No. 86633

Not angry about her anti-lgbt statement. I'm angry that Sailor Mercury WASN'T a dyke at all. There was an actual "dyke" on the series. Sailor Uranus, you dumb cunt. Sailor Ur-anus.

No. 86643

I mean she was like 14 in this video but okay

No. 86644

oh god that sounds like something 11 yr old kooter would laugh at

No. 86670

It doesn't matter if she was 14 or not. Being young is no excuse. She didn't have respect for people. Hell, if I was 14 or younger & said that, my parents would have taught me a lesson that I'd never forget. So again, being young is absolutely no excuse.

No. 86672

Age/young is no excuse. There is visible evidence & she still never gave a proper apology for anything. Not even about calling Mexicans "beaners".

No. 86681

Who the fuck cares.
Do you get upset when people use the word faggot,and nigger?
Get over yourself.

No. 86689

grow up.

No. 86690

^ racist cunt

No. 86691

Ohhhh noes, kooooooter needs to apologize to kawaii wannabes because she used the word faggot and beaners. Oh how will the Mexican race and LGBT ever recover without an act of contrition on her part.

Seriously, you PULL faggots. Can't you stick to your own god damn forum. Why is there any reason to come here and fuck up the board with your PC demands. We laugh at weaboo retards, not feel indignant over a few slurs chans use as their traditional greeting.

No. 86693

File: 1429667383530.png (24.28 KB, 169x174, hmmm hmmm.png)

too edgy for me sis, maybe you should gb2/b/.

No. 86694

This is far away from how the average PULL posts these days, nobody there gives a fuck about her past anymore besides SJW newfags from Tumblr.

No. 86698

File: 1429668132962.jpg (47.11 KB, 250x221, niggers faggots dykes beaners …)

Holy shit. Everyone stop being such sensitive little bitches.

Just take it back to PULL.

No. 86705

Sexist nigger

What a stupid reaction image. I've been following my Queen since the Golden Age, so go back to PULL and post your dolled up mongoloid face on "we're more kawaii than Dakota" threads.

We sacrificed a shitty admin at StaminaRose for an influx of PULL and SJWs. I had thought we had reached our Promised Land. We farm the land, we reap what we sow and our crops become diseased with locusts! I demand the murder of first borns!

No. 86707

Preach the words sis.

No. 86709

Salty PULL bitches can suck my ball sack

No. 86710


No. 86722

I once thought kaka would go out like this to the grave. God bless ps this is what it was made for.

No. 86769

I somehow doubt you're more attractive than her….just an inkling.

No. 86771

*Was referring to her not knowing who the sailor scouts are. But okay.

No. 86786


There's no way you're not Kiki. I am a stone cold lesbian and I will never like this dumbfuck, nor would anything that didn't suffer the brain damage of owning a penis. Straight dudes only like her because she's an extreme attention whore and easy to manipulate.

This picture isn't remotely hot, and that burn tool cleavage is embarrassing. Squidward in a bleached out funeral outfit can't get no luv from me.

On that note I think Kiki is legit hiding behind her "trauuuumaaasss" because she knows that she will always be living in the shadow of her Myspace era, and she needs something to blame for her failures. And before anyone says anything, I and millions of other people have been through the exact same or worse traumas and they face their shit and live.

She's just half-assing everything because she's embarrassed of who she is.

No. 86793

Preetttttty sure that was sarcasm, anon.

No. 86805


I thought that at first but it read so much like Cathy or Kiki's horrible humor and seemed more like a self post.

I'm suspicious of anyone that posts her face.

No. 86853

>I'm suspicious of anyone that posts her face.

Are you serious? Maybe people that post pictures of kiki are just trying to pump some more content into this lifeless thread, instead of pointing fingers and sperging out.

No. 86864


See this is the kind of anon that should get shit like "omg r u Kiki?"

No. 86892

File: 1429709282226.png (1.26 MB, 720x1037, Kiki in 2 years.png)


Oh god yes, I was gonna say.

I am lazybeings too and Kirsten is like my idea of a fucking nightmare woman.

She's insecure, very obviously clingy, vapid, unintelligent with zero motivation or real ambition, nor does she understand the value of hard work.
Every time I see that dried-up hagraven face my vagina shrivels up inside itself.

No. 86894

Omg, I was playing this game and I swear Kiki came to mind. Glad I wasn't the only one.

No. 86911


but of course, she cant do anything that other people suggest, because that would mean she is not original or unique kawaii desoooo

No. 86912

she can be fucking beautiful sometimes. kiki wtf are u doing

No. 86915

I'm a listhbean and I started the hagraven thing lmao yes I love this

No. 86929


TBQH anything is better than what she's doing (or not doing) right now

No. 86948

Someone should ask her about the jap scouting and where we can see the photos.

(most likely get blocked by asking though)

No. 86960


Oh god that was you lol
It really works, two for you.

No. 86976

Not only will you be blocked, but they'll take tons of screenshots of all your profiles and Cathy will write notes and circle things on them with microsoft paint.

No. 86981

lol, god that would be perf.

No. 87029

the pic on the left! wtf she could be a model but she just doesnt wanna listen to a single tip of advice from anyone else and would rather be a pale sick vegan alien baby

No. 87030

my idol since 2006

No. 87040

You could always make a different account

No. 87041

File: 1429731753341.gif (996.01 KB, 498x279, heh.gif)

…Oh, hi Cathy.

No. 87270

I remember this as the time when she had braces and it gave her that fakeass pout and she really thought she was serving Angelina Jolie teas

No. 87276

I think it was more along the lines of shoops self to vaguely resemble Angelina Jolie "people tell me I look like angelina jolie!!!"

No. 87407

Does anyone else think that she ever feels bad when she fails at something? Like I mean, horrifically bad, but doesn't tell anyone about it. It seems that because of her family (police reports noted the argument(s) she had with her mom) she might feel as if she's behind in life and is desperately trying to get out of her shit like Dakota managed to. I think she feels awful about being stuck relying on her parents, has isolated herself and has untreated mental problems, so lives in a fantasy world. I feel sorry for her. :(

No. 87422

>I think she feels awful about being stuck relying on her parents, has isolated herself and has untreated mental problems, so lives in a fantasy world. I feel sorry for her.
She doesn't. If she actually did, she'd stop getting them to pay for her trips to Japan, designer clothing, etc, and actually get a real fucking job. She was going to actually get her life on track a few years back, she had a job and was living in an apartment for a while, but decided she would much rather be spoiled by her parents and have internet attention.

No. 87426

I want to say she's honestly so deluded that she thought that trip to Japan was going to change her life. I think she probably thought she was gonna get picked up by some modeling company or just fall into something because she's so "unique and beautiful" or whatever. But Japan doesn't give a fuck.

No. 87427

I will agree with that, she obviously wasn't taking billions of pictures there like we all expected she would to keep up the facade. I definitely think she thought she'd get a spouse/entertainment visa during the trip and she'd never have to leave. But if she actually felt bad about relying on her parents, she'd get a damn job. Many online personalities have jobs until they can make a good living off of youtube, blogging, etc.

No. 87442


I think she feels bad about the fact that she's a loser still living off her parents while her younger sister is pseudo famous in Japan, in the sense that she feels bad for herself and feels entitled to more efame. I don't think she feels guilty for being a mooch at all.

No. 87445

This. Kiki genuinely couldn't care less about other people.

No. 87465

This! She's had multiple opportunities just handed to her that aren't even an option for most of us. Instead of being appreciative she half assed every one of them, and still wants more handed to her. So even if Kiki does feel bad about her situation she's not getting a drop of sympathy from me.

No. 87515

Lets be real kaka is just trying to outshine her little sister, she fucking sucks at anything she does.

No. 87517

Maybe the dude that she was staying with caught her uploading videos of him sleeping and flipped out.

No. 87520

Would this be the sugar daddy that she thought she could trap by getting pregnant from him so she could become a japaroo princess?

Or one of kotas friends that had to babysit kaka?

No. 87570

Crazy theory!: imagine if Kiki is actually staying in Korea right now for some big-ass plastic that will make her look exactly like Kota's shoops so she can look more like Dakota than Dakota herself - it'll be the very first step to steal the spotlight… For once… And all… MHAHAHA

No. 87618

Thats one crazy plot twist.
Not that crazy though. I can so see mama kaka making sure her womanchild baby shine brighter than kota. Kaka would still give them money, and not turn her back on her trashy family.

No. 87628

I hope she goes to Korea, oh no wait 'cause then she'd be near my family. Nope. No thanks.

No. 87632

wtf? what was the point of this?

No. 87633

and -plot twist- he is yakuza, stole her passport, and human trafficked her into being a kyaba girl

No. 87635

What was the point of you?

No. 87638


Jesus who would fuck Kirsten sober are you kidding. I don't think they'd even recruit her for a Bakky video.

No. 87641

File: 1429825764917.jpg (93.94 KB, 728x1092, 29e.jpg)

No. 87644

U mad?

No. 87649

Just a bit taken aback at how a small child found their way on lolcow. Are you lost, sweetie? Reddits this way, >>m.reddit.com

No. 87653

Oh noes.

No. 87756

File: 1429836326355.jpg (3.37 KB, 199x161, jfh.jpg)

Anon was phishing.

But, this thread. It's about Kaka.

No. 87763


looool lazybins against Kiki Kannibal.

I never understood why she was OBSESSED with people who lezzed out on her; none of those women physically assaulted her? I mean you can't choose your sexuality obv but you'd think she'd had more empathy for the women that respected her enough to accept no as an answer and be nice to them.

that type of straight girl sucks and you all know exactly what i am talking about.

No. 87767

I think at that age it's common to think it's funny to call people dykes/fags/queers and constantly tease people by calling them lesbos and faggots. It feels edgy when you're like, 12 and are likely to have no grasp on sexuality yourself. Thus it's easy at a young age to develop this complex and be really insecure of your sexuality and feel afraid to express anything that can be considered "gay!!! ew!!!" by other 14 year olds lol. It helps them fit in to be like "ew! I'm not a dyke like _____" It's just basic kid immaturity and herd mentality.

Well and Kiki is just incredibly self obsessed. Everyone wants her. We're all gross Kiki-obsessed fiends.

No. 87768

File: 1429837680703.jpg (20.69 KB, 236x144, wFq18p0.jpg)


No. 87813

lol, shes wish someone would be interested enough to get snatched up.

No. 87815

Yeah, bitch is obnoxious like that.

No. 87949


That's so cruel you bet she's taking screenshots of it to send to her lawyer as "online threat"
And also for future Twitter pity parties "haters planning to get me abducted by inserts "yakuza" in kanji srsly fearing for my life"

No. 87950


Person who posted the photo with cleavage here haha

Tbh I thought Kota was the one obsessed with lesbians being over her? Did Kiki ever claimed smthg like that or?
Also some girls really seem to be into Koti in the other thread so I figured you guys would be into Kiki too for some reason. sorry if I offended y'all :P

No. 87952

Yeah, Dakota seemed like the more homophobic one.
I noticed in the old videos Dakota would make jokes about gay people and Kiki wouldn't really go along with them, but never told her to stop either.
She did say "I'm not the lesbian in the family" just to rile Dakota up once, though.

No. 87953

Oh and IIRC she complained on Twitter about her coworker and/or professor supposedly being lesbians who made sexual comments toward her.

No. 88085

What if Kiki started a new account without us knowing!
She does seem to have been actively stalking and blocking ppl though!

No. 88091

She would never let go of her previous 'fame'.

No. 88095


She did talk on the video about the disturbing lack of bondaries experience she had on her job when one of her coworkers called her kinky Kiki, as if they were actively trying to copulate with her or smthg
Girl gotta chill

No. 88106

Not offended in the slightest (this is lolcow!) but I feel a strong need to clarify that we are all definitely on the same page that Kiki is far too obnoxious to wanna stick a finger in

No. 88846

Kiki is literally the most boring person on the planet. Zomg so natural. Kakz, you DON'T SUIT IT. Dye your hair, play about with your look then people will care. Bye.

No. 88852

She hasn't updated her social media for like three weeks now. I guess she's lying low until her parents have enough money to send her to Japan again? Nevermind Keekz, maybe you'll get that nipponese sugar daddy the second time round lol.

No. 88867


Yeah it's weird that Kirsten is like the one person I've ever seen that doesn't actually suit their natural hair colour. It's weird.

No. 88868

I really hope she can't go at all any time soon. I feel like if she can't go at all, her anger will build up and she'll have another mental breakdown on twitter over some little thing.

No. 88931

Wasn't she claiming to like be in school in Japan? kek

No. 88958

She was alluding to it saying that she was "studying" and going on about her "studies." Here's just one example of it:
>"Annnnnnd is what I do when I'm alone in my apartment after studies #dancebreak #rilakkuma #tokyo"

No. 88971


But I thought Kira Kira sama was already practically fluent in Japanese???

lol, if she really was "studying" I guess it could have been a three month course or something? Her parents probably couldn't afford to bankroll her for a whole year.

No. 88975

>Travel to Japan to take a 3 month course

LOL naw, she was dicking around hoping to become a moderu

No. 88982

This. She wasn't studying at all. I highly doubt she even used Japanese at all the entire time because her Japanese beau was speaking English to her in one of her ig videos and her Japanese still sucks ass. I mean, if you were with someone who's a native at a language you're interested in, wouldn't you insist on only speaking that language with that person even if you sucked at it?

No. 88992


Even then a three month course isn't gonna take anywhere near fluency in Japanese. I'm 1+ year into university studying the language and I still have great difficulty reeling off spontaneous sentencing and not just regurgitating memorised lines.

No. 89013

Look she's just a fucking idiot. I seriously hate her. She hasn't got any friends, is a waste of space and is ugly because of her personality. I can imagine what will happen when she's like 40, still trying to make it in Japan. Then she'll accept defeat, have kids with a Japanese man and then do what Cathy did to her. Vicious cycle really.

No. 89015

Kaka will try to ride kotas coattails.
Man I hope kota makes it big time.

No. 89016

> because i cant nihongo, no one can >:P

No. 89018

lol no, you must be new. She's not a PT type who wants a Japanese bf. She isn't even into Japan, she's pretending…that's one of the main things we make fun of her for. She'll move on from Japan soon and into something else.

No. 89022

seemed more like she was just taking private lessons from warui sensei (a rando old guy) while riding out a 3 month tourist visa and latching onto dakota

No. 89029


This. Once Kaka realize that model agencies aren't interested on her and guys over there only see her as a living onahole, she's going to ditch the whole kawaii japanesu BDSM angelic ivory vegan elf DJ and come back with some other new "interest"

No. 89030

Can't wait to see her new interest. I hope she becomes a goth. Does anyone else wonder if Cathy has a sister or something who is successful? So she doesn't want Kiki to become even more a failure because she knows what it's like to be shit at life herself?

No. 89033

This all. I always say she wants a spouse visa, but I honestly can't actually see her going through with it. She's never been attracted to Asian guys, she only magically decided to be because of the sudden "interest" in Asia and to prove she isn't racist. I feel like she'll drop this interest later in the year or early 2016 considering she always drops things that don't give her instant fame/success.

No. 89130

>I hope she becomes a goth

I've been interested in Gothic subculture since I was 13!!! y'know, I wore bat necklaces and t-shirts!!!. People say I look like a Tim Burton character!!!!

who's Rozz?

Can't wait for it hahahaha

No. 89133

wow im 99% sure she's not gonna update til she is back in japan
she's low
she can't even admit she doesn't have long-term status there and will never be more than a tourist

i wonder if her next post will be ZOMG JAPAN - THE PARTY NEVER ENDED

No. 89167

I don't really dig any future meltdowns. If that's the case, I hope she seeks help because really, that's not good at all.

My guess on her next trend-following: either randumb 90s kid (check out Charlie Barker), minimal aesthetics (Johanna Herrstedt) orrrrr Health-addict. I can totally see her being the next Food Babe. (Do we have a thread on her btw?) There's an actual FB group of 6k people who got blocked by her for asking questions/stating the obvious. (She claims you should NEVER eat sugar of any kind- which can be harmful -that Subway bread is made of Yoga mats (lol?), to avoid all kinds
of chemicals - and ignores that water is a fucking chemical and will block anyone who points it out)
She also calls her haters "racist and sexist"…. She's white.

Yes. I can totally see 100% of Kikiness there.

No. 89172

Or she will be like "Oh, I got invited by so many people to dj for their parties so i had no time to be online~"

No. 89242

A Klassikal Kaka: "I'm too busy with the 3D world and IRL projects!"

No. 89291

Her followers used to only ask her about health and fitness things, and her weight is her only point of pride.

She could start some kawaii fitness shit i really hope she does, just so she fucking does something mildly productive.

No. 90466

Ehhh Kota's getting too old to 'make it big' without any skills or talents now. The only thing she was good at was hair and makeup and she evenalf asses it now, she doesn't even actually shoop her pics anymore, just Meitu blurs the fuck out of them. I hope to fuck she's been quietly learIng domething That can actually carry her when she ages out of Popteen's demographic.

No. 91020


Is this bitch trolling? "#bubble butt" lmao

No. 91164

No, she literally thinks she has a round, perky bubble butt. TheN again Kiki is so far separated from any kind of reality that it's not surprising really. Sometimes I think there is something wrong with her mentally.

No. 91314


Yes but apparently it's the person who created the fanblog who tagged it?

No. 92086


I lurked them and the fanblog claimed to not understand how to use tumblr and posted pictures of kiki in full on eight-head mode and called her beautiful.

until that person posts proof of who they are i am 100% positive that is Cathy Ostrenga.

No. 92097


>Kota's getting too old to 'make it big'

Kota just landed a gig with Samsung kek

No. 92140

Doesn't mean anything because Samsung uses no-name models a lot but enough to make Kiki jelly anyways. She never will be a high-fashion model tho which was what anon meant.

No. 92418


Nah i dont think Dakota ever wanted to be a high fashion model. She's a lot more like "catalog" model etc
Damn Kaka still MIA???

No. 92419


Can you post the link? I ain't finding it

No. 92453

No. 92454

That's it? Did expect more and not her being shown for few seconds with tons of other people.

No. 92469


You say "that's it" but this is a huge gig for a model of Dakota's status.

Getting the backing of Samsung completely officiates her as a legitimate model now once and for all. It's enormous.

No. 92481

You're obviously making it seem much bigger than it really is. Not trying to be mean here but if it's that big, could you please give names of at least 3 other girls and guys from there? Because by your logic they all must be legitimate models too.

No. 92661

Did kiki commit suicide where is she.

No. 92662

scheming ways to get back to japan

No. 92674


sorting all the used condoms from her one night stands in Japan so Cathy can decide who will be the next Danny

No. 92741

What's the betting she comes back with loads of Samsung equipment like my sister might be modeling for them but look they believe in the next top desu kira kira princess DJ!

No. 92810

File: 1430661902984.gif (420.76 KB, 742x418, PKJhgVa.gif)

No. 92822

It has been a weirdly long time though. Something must have happened, though obviously not that.

No. 92824

My thoughts exactly anon

No. 92862

I honestly think she just wants everyone to think she's living in Japan permanently now and is waiting until she goes back to start posting again, with the excuse of "omg you guys I've just been soooo busy with studying and vague secret projects". Though I guess that doesn't explain why she just isn't posting indoor selfies, random Asian shit and stolen photos instead, like she was before her trip last year.

I'm kind of hoping Dakota's Samsung contract has caused her to finally lose it though. Maybe she was convinced she was going to get a sugar daddy/moderingu contract when she went over there and is super devastated it didn't happen. Or perhaps she's had a bust up with her parents over them not paying for her to stay there for longer.

No. 92869

i have to disagree with this idea that she's waiting to go back to japan. how is she going to go back? who's going to pay for it? i think scott and cathy would pay for one trip/stay but not multiple ones. kiki probably makes money from all her stuff, but definitely not enough to move to a different country and live there. she couldn't even have the nice things she has if she didn't live with her parents. i'm fairly certain she's thinking of a good excuse to have "decided to move back to the usa" or maybe she's going to try to make it in another (cheaper) country like korea or china.

she could also have just decided to abandon the kiki kannibal name and identity as we have all suggested, although that's quite unlikely.

No. 92874

Eh, maybe. But why wouldn't they pay for multiple trips to Japan if it's what Kiki wanted, as long as they could scrape the money together somehow? Cathy pretty much lives vicariously through her daughters, look at how obsessive she was/is over their "haters". They've done and bought absolutely everything they could for her for her entire life and indulged her narcissism at every turn, even bankrupted themselves over it. Unless they're having major money issues again, why stop now?

No. 92879


Also she's definitely waiting to go to Japan again to keep up the facade. The only way she'd settle for somewhere like China or Korea, is if Kota had an interest in them and/or if one of those countries give her attention, which will never happen. She only wants Japan because she wants to one-up Kota, she thinks she'll be worshiped for being Kota's more kawaii older sister there, and she wants to seem special/interesting on the internet.

No. 92882

I love that with every day that passes Kirsten is becoming more and more irrelevant.

She is a washed-up mid-20's has-been that's getting uglier every day and I loooooove it.

No. 92891

she's fucking 22.

No. 92958

I think she straight up gave up and got a reality check. It's possible at this point, maybe visiting another country and experiencing how completely unimportant she is forced her to confront the lies she's been telling herself to keep up this humiliating performance. Maybe she finally understood it's not about proving the "haters right" but that it's about growing up past the mentality of a twelve year old brat.

Or she's curating a trendy new identity and getting plastic surgery.

No. 92962

This is Kiki we talk about, even if she would start to doubt her ways Cathy would bring her back on her usual track.

No. 92987


I think she did get a reality check going to Japan - didn’t she say that people were rude to her or something? It’s probably not that they were rude, it’s just that they were treating her like everyone else and not giving her special treatment. I think Keeks was honestly expecting to walk down the street and be drowning in positive attention and modeling contracts, but that didn’t happen at all. She’s a nobody.

But this is Kiki we’re talking about, and I don’t expect that she’ll give up that easily. Maybe these last few weeks since coming back from Japan, she’s temporarily considered becoming a mature adult but that probably won’t last long. I get the feeling she thinks that that by accepting the truth, it’s ~giving in to the haters~ so it will probably just motivate more her to concoct some other plan.

No. 92995


She could be reinventing herself as a Dakota clone, ready to storm Japan as the sister of Kota the Living Doll!

No. 93020

Maybe Kiki has killed Dakota, wears her skin as a body suit, and has just assimilated herself into Dakota's life, thus rendering Kiki Kannibal no more.

No. 93135

Nah shes more like 25, but okay.

No. 93145

File: 1430710372531.gif (472.32 KB, 500x241, ughhh.gif)

nigger, stfu. where the hell are you pulling that from? there's literally never been anything in the existence of the internet that says she's any older than she claims. go back to the Kotex thread with that ring-round BS.

No. 93146

File: 1430710462463.jpg (47.75 KB, 250x299, image.jpg)

I chuckled heartily, anon.

No. 93168

OT, but i fucking love Junji Ito. I don't think I read this work though. Which story is this from?

No. 93176

I bet she's in a funk after returning home without anything to show for it (and likely a little jealous of Koots latest gigs. I would be too, if I were her). Post travel depression is pretty common, it wouldn't surprise me.

I highly doubt anything has happened to her. I'm sure she'll be posting soon, it's not like this is the first break she's taken from the internet. It's probably good for her anyway.

No. 93194

File: 1430715030516.jpg (322.84 KB, 1280x1358, 1349746638787.jpg)

Kaka its okay that you're 25,and that your younger sister is better off in life than you.

No. 93211

Where's that 25 commin from amigo?

No. 93230

Probably her face lol

No. 93249

If that's the case she should be calling her 45.

No. 93390

I think someone is confusing Dakota's real age with the lie that they're 4 years apart in age when they're really only 1 year apart.

No. 93399

File: 1430763476490.png (1.03 MB, 1124x1006, 458937.png)

they do look more than 4 years apart. while kaka ages quite fast, kota seems to have the benjamin buttons (especially in the shooped pics).

No. 93401

Not hard for Kaka to look older with all the "omg, everyone is a hater that stalks me and wants to ruin my life!" stress she makes herself due do Cathy having her raised this way.

No. 93402

Kiki looks older and haggard because she styles herself in a way that makes her look more haggard and older because it doesn't suit her, plus she eats like crap because she's a half assed vegan. Kota now styles herself more cutesy and young but in her scene days in FL she would always try to make herself look older and more mature.

No. 93409

Kiki just looks so unhealthy now. Amazing how much better she used to look.

No. 93412

no idea if it's her mother's influence or whatnot, that creates her bad personality traits, which affect others and clearly herself. not being at peace with a lot of things does take a toll on looks.
i really don't know what her goal in life is at this point. these whole YT videos, onlineshops, electro music things can't be more than stuff she does on the side. if i were her, i'd get a steady job or go back to uni and further my education, y'know, do something truly productive in life.

No. 93428


Jesus fucking christ that limp-dick hair Kirsten's sporting is doing her NO favours.


No. 93879


Ironic, seeing how obsessed with health she is now

No. 94519

>idiootti angostuura. lellitty villakko!
this took me a moment but I saw what you did

No. 94601

Idgi :/

No. 94612

same. .-.

No. 94613

She's my favorite lolcow, I'm having withdrawals halp

No. 94623

It's the pregnant mosquito women story in Uzumaki vol 2 !

No. 94631

Same here. I wonder what she's up to since she doesn't have a job, friends, genuine hobbies, genuine interests, or any other social media she really goes on other than twitter, that we know of, of course. She's definitely searching for another sugar daddy to pay for another trip to Japan. But I don't thinks she's coming up with any new schemes, what else is there for her to do to achieve fame? She's tried almost everything, modeling, music, acting, "comedy," and being a shop owner. The only thing I could think of is maybe writing a book since everyone seems to be doing that nowadays.

It's highly unlikely, but what if she did decide to get off the internet? Someone should post a comment on her ig about how she's not in Japan or something and see how long it takes for her to delete the comment and block you.

No. 94635

I don't know that this really proves anything about their ages either way.
Kota was always trying to look older in the Myspace days, while Kiki's current look doesn't suit her at all and ages her badly. Eh.

Still wondering where Kiki is now. Maybe she really is having a breakdown.

Girl needs to get on Periscope or some shit, since streaming was part of what got her famous in the first place.

No. 94642


LMAO same

No. 94744

>It's highly unlikely, but what if she did decide to get off the internet?
She still copyright claimes shit and goes thru her YouTube comments so, nope.

No. 94872

I bet she uses Hellotalk that one language exchange app. to find all her Japanese sugar daddies.

No. 94889

File: 1431005729613.png (862.97 KB, 1047x627, fdhfhh.PNG)

I think she uses multiple apps/sites to meet/talk to potential Japanese sugar daddies since pic related is definitely Line and this https://instagram.com/p/uMqRapDRGi/ is not Line (I'm assuming it's Hellotalk?). I don't know if someone would ask to switch from one messenger to another. I think all of us Japanese, and maybe Chinese and Korean, studying/speaking anons should keep an eye out for her on these types of sites/apps.

No. 94890

That might just be Cathy though.

No. 94896

No I talk to a lot of people on hellotalk and they always ask to switch to Line or KakaoTalk because hellotalk is restricted in many ways.

No. 94899

>calling a dude yariman

The guy even tried to explain where she fucked up and she continued on.

No. 94904

Oh, okay. I guess it would make sense anyway since Line is pretty huge in Japan and they can keep everything on one app.

That's Kiki for you. Though, she probably called him it again to emasculate him or something, but it does sound ridiculous if you think about using a female insult against a man in English.

No. 94933

the best thing for her to do, would be to just make a 180. to do something real with her life. i really hope for her sake, that that is exactly what she is doing right now, instead of keeping to follow some fantasy of getting famous or whatever her plan was.

that would actually be something worthy of respect.

No. 95068

Perkele! Suomi mainittu!

We need this lolcow.
Come back, Kaka!

No. 95081

I think this is what she wrote the "ive been scouted" tweet for, when she comes back she probably will claim she had ~so much modeling work to do~ but will never show any proof, she did that before.

No. 95110

Yup I think so
Even if she's having jobs she could post pics like 'at work!1!!1!'

No. 95303


TBQH if she really was modeling she could be like "getting my makeup done for this photoshoot!" Or even do that with an unknown background behind her, if it isn't true (like she did in the Cat Cafes Vlog video, trying to pretend she was in Japan

No. 95306


Like. It'd be more believable than "had so much work to do! Couldn't use 5 secs of my copyrighting schedule to tweet about how awesome my modelling is and the compliments o get like I always do"

No. 100981

She's still gone? Damn, how long does it take to get a new Japanese sugar daddy?

She really wants to make people think that she lives in Japan, but disappearing like this makes it even more obvious she left. Because when she's there, she posts more frequently but at home, she posts much less. I've barely scrolled down her ig, I've gotten to her posts from exactly a year ago, and her Japan pictures take up like 1/2-2/3 of the page. This is all on top of the fact that she became quite after the month ended when Kota said she'd leave.

No. 101018

> copyrighting schedule
i lol'd
10am DJ tiem
11am - 11pm wallow in self pity

No. 102421

I think none of them want Kiki because she's so wrecked in the face and has no tits/ass. She has nothing to offer a SD.

On another note, has anyone else realized what a complete loser Kiki is? Think about it: she won't work, has no friends, guys can't stand her, she has the maturity level of a 12 year old, she's not funny or cool and literally all she does is sit on her flat ass browsing the web and take pictures of her snack foods for IG (though not so much lately). It's really baffling how she is convinced she's such hot shit.

No. 102423

>It's really baffling how she is convinced she's such hot shit.
I am more amazed that Dakota is normal considering both got isolated from the world by Cathy, teaching them from a young age that everyone is only a jelly hater.

No. 102426

I dreamt last night that I accidentally stumbled across the secret new project that Kiki had been working on.
Japan had been a failure so she'd tried to get back into music under the name Kiki Velveteen and I linked her secret website and we all laughed and Kiki vanished forever in shame and we never heard nor saw from her again.

No. 102429


Guys I think we need professional help


No. 102431


Aha, for a second I thought maybe I'd made a prophecy too but Google returns no searches.

No. 102441

I wouldn't call Kota "normal" just because she has a job and supports herself and keeps her life out of the internet's eye. For a while there she had no friends except Kiki and Charms, and in that backstage vid of the Popteen soot she was just off in a corner buried in her phone. Plus, if she really does like ojisans like she says she does, that could indicate some daddy issues. For those who don't kow, ojisan means uncle but has a different connotation than just "I like older guys", but I'm not sure how to accurately explain it in English, sorry.

The fact is, since Dakota really only posts about her work on her blog and is only ever seen when she's working, there's no way to gauge her social life, or if she even has one. But still, I think it's reaching to say she's now "normal" just because she no longer broadcasts her personal life online.

No. 102523

No. 102553

I meant mentally, Kiki acts like a retard all the time ever since she was a scene kid.

No. 102561


It's a whole new level of wtf to steal other people's food photos and post them as if they were your food photos on Instagram. Like, really she was there. There was no need for that. I wonder if this blogger found out? Like, I'd majorly creeped out

I would understand if she wanted to share (Kiki sharing smthg helpful with followers ha ha) some interesting recipe like "look what I found on this blog! Super delicious just tried mine". But she straight up posted like "look wut I Cooke ^_^" waits for followers begging the recipes and vegan videos (I can imagine its smthg she gets off to)

No. 102733

I wander where she wentt

No. 102752

You'd be surprised at how often people do that, another lolcow bowbeauty24(she's a creepy&awkward 30 year old woman trying to be a preteen on youtube and hardcore copies bethany mota) she posted someone else's pictures of donuts and said her friend made them and that they were inspired by google, lol. It's fucking weird, but I guess it's understandable since Kiki and this girl both have no friends/rarely get any sort of social interaction so they feel the need to try to impress random strangers online.

Me too, I miss her, she's one of my favorite lolcows. She's most likely just at home having a mental breakdown and trying to figure out what to do next.

No. 102976

I don't know who is more fake at this point, Kaka's lack of food life or Kooter's alien shoops.

No. 104249

What's up with Kaka's encyclopediadramatica page? Has it always been this shabby or have they deleted stuff. The whole LilKitten.com meltdown is missing!

No. 104251

I think it was always this shabby. And I don't remember the lilkitten drama being added at all. I think the page has been the exact same for years now since no one cared enough to update it.

Since you brought it up, I think we should update the page since she's gone and giving us nothing to talk about.

No. 104259


I wonder when she'll post up new items? It seems everything this girl has ever tried doing has fell to fuck and bite her back in the ass…

No. 104273

Me too. I know she always does that thing where she leaves for a while and comes back, but this feels a lot longer than she normally does it. I think the longest she usually does it is maybe 2-3 weeks. Hell, this is longer than when she made a huge deal about leaving social media after the lilkitten debacle(I think that only lasted a week). I wonder how badly she fucked up this time.

No. 104284


It's a shame she can't go back to school, make friends and maybe get a degree to go live in Japan like any other person would? But nope, pure lazy.

The trends will end, her sister will move on, Kiki can't stay at home living with her parents forever, she'll actually need to do something with her life and by the time she knows it, she'll be in her fourties all that wasted effort was for literally nothing.

No. 104286

Her Instagram's probably full of even more stolen shit, just no one's found the original pictures yet.

Also interesting how she posted the stolen picture during the time she was supposedly in Japan. Why steal someone else's boring Japanese food photo when you can easily go and take your own?

No. 104382


It indeed feels like so. Even her fans are thinking that as well. Before people knew she was using the net bc she was liking pictures on Instagram and whatnot. Now, it's nothing?

Omg I also dreamt that she had started a new persona and she had green hair.

No. 104385

>Kiki can't stay at home living with her parents forever
Until they die, just like how her parents did it with Cathy's mom.

No. 104395

>why steal someone else's boring Japanese food photo

Maybe she couldn't afford to eat out all the time in Japan (especially vegan) and cooked most of her food herself. Homemade food isn't kawaii enough so she had to steal photos of other people's kawaii desu meals.

No. 104937

What if the Japanese guy dumped her on top of failing to get fame again? She constantly fails at getting fame but usually gets right back to trying immediately. With that Japanese guy, it seemed she was rushing the relationship to get a spouse visa as a backup plan. And before she left, she was apparently at that park Kota was having an interview/taking pictures with fans at. (If she didn't actually go, I'm sure some fans must've stopped Kota when they hung out) I could see her having a huge breakdown after being broken up with, failing, and seeing for her eyes how successful Kota is.

No. 104954


One can only dream that this is indeed the correct scenario.

I mean, I don't like Kirsten at all - my feelings are almost bordering on hate. Of every woman I've encountered to date it's her that I award with having maintained the highest level of ire I've ever bestowed upon anybody.
As a person I find her morally reprehensible and physically repulsive to the point where I'm starting to believe that old adage about ugly showing through in your features over time.

That being said, I would be delighted to see her turn over a new leaf and find her happiness within an area that has a genuine interest and not just some "in-the-moment" hipster bullshit she's bandwagoning, but I honestly can not see that happening. Ever. She's just too, gross. She's can't change at this point.

No. 104972


Funny thing is, Kiki WAS making cooking/recipe videos! Now she isn't? She should have stuck at them or something similar along that line, they were quite interesting. But nope, pure lazy.

No. 104977


Kiki could never change. Too much backstory, greed and drama surrounding her. It's so bad, even her sister dove off, across the globe to get away from her. Don't blame kota in the slightest.

Not just kota but the 'kawaii aidoru' thing is growing, its IN right now. Kiki just wants to latch her claws on to it but she's getting absolutely nowhere.

Not sure if any Japanese guy would marry her, well actually, if one married Mira then one probably would. But then get rid of her sorry ass. She's probably TRY and model over there but I can't see it going far. She'd be a stay at home wife/mother which caused drama online at how perfect her 'hafu' child is and that she's going to make it a 'dolly aidoru' just like auntie kota!

I can see that happening. But I doubt anyone would give a shit to know about her life in Japan at that point. I don't think anyone will care about aidoru or people making 'living in japan' videos in 50 years from now.

If that did happen, the kid's would be trying to hide its horrid mother's history. Bad rep right away.

Not going to happen.

Kiki needs to find her own thing, she just gives up too easily. I heard that she actually works in a store, I remember some article about her I found stated how she was up at silly hours of the morning making jewellery/blogging and slaving away at store all day working. Wouldn't surprise me.

Overall, nah, she can't change and she'll never change.

No. 105004

I definitely think this is what happened. I think if he stayed with her, she'd be tweeting about being in love and shit. I don't think she'll delete the pictures/videos of him because she still wants a kawaii boifurendo to show off.

I agree and feel the exact same way about her.

No. 105024

>the 'kawaii aidoru' thing is growing, its IN right now
it is not. it is dying.

idk why people act like Japanese men are so different than any other men. They're just men…you can sucker any kind of man into marrying you if you really want that. Kiki is honestly pretty (despite being sickly looking and skinny with shit fashion sense) so it's really not surprising to me that guys like her.

But I get annoyed with people thinking Kiki is at all interested in actually marrying a Japanese man/having a hafu child and all that. She's NEVER been that type….she's not a weeb. She could not give a shit in the long run if her husband is Japanese, just cares if he can be used in some way or another.

I think she just finally got sick of everything and dropped it. She probably has an alternate username and is starting over as we speak…but she's going to get tired of having no followers and she'll go public with it soon enough or return to mmmkikikannibal.

No. 105028

at about 16 seconds in she says this jasmine vanilla pudding is good for your dna kek

No. 105029

Yeah she just looks kind of silly in kawaii styles that don't suit her.

It reminds me of how mature faced people who are beautiful look off when they cosplay anime girls drawn in a cutesy, young style

No. 105042


Nah, I'm not convinced in the slightest. I don't trust this girl at all. Not after the case with Mr Myspace, laughing about his death on stickam then dancing laughing.

It's because having a Japanese boyfriend in the 'kawaii' world makes you 'superior' than everyone else. It's ridiculous, men are men. But I feel like girls like this just want to use them as an accessory. Same with koreaboos.

Probably, I don't blame her. After everything she's pulled, I'd run and hide too.

No. 105043


TaylorR in a nutshell

No. 105044

I agree, and she has no interest in marrying a Japanese man and becoming a housewife. But I could see her doing what Mira did and marrying one so she can get permanent residency. I don't get why people would think she wants to marry and have kids with a Japanese man. Kiki has never had any interest in any guy that isn't white until she decided to be "interested" in Asia. If you look at her fb likes/comments, you'll just see a bunch of white guys with tattoos, some have swoopy hair, and they're all in bands/play music.

She probably does have an alternate username as well, I'm gonna try and find it. It most likely has "nyan" in it.

No. 105070

not convinced about what? i feel you misunderstood my post. i know why weebs want japanese (or any east asian) boyfriends, and i know why kiki would want one (as i said before, she only cares if she could use him in some way or another). but i don't know why people think it's some huge accomplishment to have an asian boyfriend, or "can't believe" she could get a japanese guy. without knowing anything about her, she is a passably attractive white girl with the means to travel and her sister is a model, so i mean…i could see the appeal on a purely shallow level.

but she's never wanted to be a housewife, and i don't think she's ever even talked about wanting kids. she just wants to be famous. she's would only want a spouse visa for as long as it took to get some fame where she could stay there without it, then bail, not become a dramatic mommy blogger or whatever.

true, her type is definitely "white scene boy." disregarding danny (who was latino but still fit her "type"), there's jack cash (who was half asian) and her last alleged bf, both who could be chalked up to her sudden interest in asia. i mean i've dated guys who i didn't initially think were my type but the timing of when she got into asian dick is kinda….

No. 105103


Probably. But still, I'm not convinced.

No. 105114

the fuck? you don't even make sense.

No. 105121


Then don't worry about it, christ. Ignore me.

No. 105463

Kiki hasn't posted on IG in over a month, and her last Twitter activity other than retweets was her ranting about how beautiful and happy she is and how she's on the right track and headed for greatness.

I'm putting my bets on an emotional breakdown. She's probably been in some facility talking to a shrink or something.

No. 105466

File: 1432108102655.png (165.64 KB, 800x1280, tmp_29728-Screenshot_2015-05-2…)


Oh, wait, wrong account. But they have the same name, wtf?? And for sOme reasonthe real Kiki acct wasn't showing up as a search result on my phone…

No. 105475

that's kikikannibaI with an I at the end instead of an l.


No. 105480



damnit, English, you got me again. Brb, going to study more.

No. 105485

I miss you Kiki! I want your desperate cray cray antics back. I want to see what new project you are failing at. I want to hear about your totally legit Nippon Moderu career.

No. 106650

miss you kiki :(

No. 106662

I miss Kiki as well :'(

No. 106731

did she died

No. 106758

she ded

No. 106763

Fuck her up the cob web riddled cunt

No. 108529

is she taken

keke 911 where r u

No. 108543

File: 1432522456540.png (5.41 KB, 334x47, 242.png)

Spamming herself with obvious sockpuppet accounts that are all talking about her modeling in Japan.

No. 108544

Kiki has inspired me to take a break from social media and try harder to be a better person (because I'm a piece of shit.) I mean, if she can do it, so can I, right?

I really do wonder what she's doing, though. It's so unlike her.

No. 108547

if she is taking modeling pictures in Japan, then I'm excited. no filters, no bright light, no shoop. think about it, the only pictures of kaka there is that were not personally uploaded by herself are the horribad Japan candids. I'd love to see how she looks on a picture she hasn't touched.

No. 108549

rip dakota's sister


I'd also love to see more candid pictures of her, but I think if she were modeling the pictures would be touched up and shooped a ton because she isn't kawaii at all. I definitely don't think she's modeling, I think she's just having a mental breakdown and trying to find a new sugar daddy to take her back to Japan.

No. 108552

I think Dakota is prettier, and her real appearance still shows through in all of her modeling pictures VS her own uploaded pictures

No. 108557

I agree. Kiki's features are way too harsh/mature for my liking and she makes herself look even worse trying to be kawaii.

No. 108566

But she's not in Japan.

No. 108569

Then why are you still here?

No. 108570

Not the same anon but lolcow is everything but a social network.

No. 108571

Do you know me or something..? I don't really consider anonymous imageboards to be social media. :s but maybe I could take a break from posting as well, because all I seem to do is infuriate everyone I try to talk to.

sage for OT

No. 108587

Different anon. No one is infuriated.

But if you're feeling sensitive, this may not be a good place to post either tbh. If you show a weak side, you'll get eaten up here.

Not trying to scare you off, just letting you know. Don't take things to heart sage-anon.

No. 108735

File: 1432562317851.jpg (41.33 KB, 1024x576, 9cdc8d7daf08f6d8ae435123ebfaa1…)

You know… I saw that Nice & Easy hair dye advert on telly the other day featuring Christina Hendricks and jesus christ.. Kiki looks a lot like her but without the rounder face, tits and red hair…

No. 108758

It's ok, Totemokawaii. Professional counseling will help with your social ineptitude.

No. 108794

EL OH EL. Well meme'd.

No. 108810


I saw Gisele Bundchen last catwalk walk (?) and thought "omg she looks like an actual good looking version of Kiki" (… Am I pushing it too far? Do I need new glasses?)

No. 108813


Nah, I see what you mean. I see it too… But difference is, she's a model and Kiki isn't.


No. 108875

I see it in both of them. Honestly, Kiki could be attractive like these two women but she just chooses not to. She'd much rather cling onto 2012 tumblr trends and the idea that she can be famous and kawaii like Kota is.

Speaking of that, it's really ridiculous that she's always thought of herself as this trendsetter but she's still wearing the same trends from 3 years ago. I wasn't following her in the scene days, but she seemed much more creative with fashion then. A lot of the things she wore, I wouldn't associate with scene fashion. But now literally everything she wears just makes me think of 2012 tumblr. She must've actually liked scene fashion and/or she's gotten incredibly lazy.

No. 108881

Seriously. I don't understand why she doesn't know how to get into Tumblr trends, she's an attractive white girl, it's not fucking hard.
Buy babydoll/nymphet clothes, take outfit pics, lower the contrast on the photos and make them brighter so it's certified #pale, show off how thin you are whenever possible, take grainy webcam photos, follow blogs with specific themes, have a blog aesthetic.
There literally comes a point where people will buy you things just because they like you/your blog.
Is she too lazy for even that?

No. 108885

I agree. If she ever wanted to stay away from the whole Kiki Kannibal thing and not be recognized by people, she could still get fame from just posting pictures of her body. I don't even get why she doesn't try to get fame on tumblr, Dakota did it and it worked out well for her. I wonder if she doesn't go back on tumblr because people were giving her tons of shit on there iirc. Though I'm pretty sure it was mostly because she was spamming in Kota's tag.

No. 108939

Tbh even the drama that comes with being Kiki Kannibal and/or Dakota's washed up, former scene queen sister could work in her favor. She'd already have a following of former scene kids who could never live up to her "greatness", but now with a brand new aesthetic for them to endlessly copy and worship. She'd even have a fuckhuge host of drama pre-packaged for people to talk about, resulting in infamy.
She's either fucking incompetent and stupid, or too lazy to look into what she needs to do if she wants that e-fame. My vote is a mix of both.
Kiki, if you're reading this (and you obviously are), literally all you need to do is step your shit up and abandon your lame Instagram and YT videos. No one pays attention to those things unless you're already famous, or an insanely voluptuous gymbunny (when it comes to Instagram).

No. 109001


Please don't get her ideas. I personally think it's time for Kiki to pack it in and get a full time job (if she doesn't have one) then forget about even being online famous.

It's too late for her. She's already well into her twenties, there is nothing for her to do. No other trend suits her apart from that scene look which is dead. I would never buy anything from her either, due to the scamming and bs. She ruined it for herself. Plus don't even get me started about her ex boyfriend Danny and the "lol ur dead ur dead" live on stickam laughing.

I just think she just leave the internet, keep matters private and move on.

No. 109013

I don't think it's too late for her, she's only turning 22 this year. I think the grunge and more vintage styles would suit her, but she wants to do the kawaii innocent little girl look.
I will agree, her reputation is ruined, but I don't think that would stop her from getting fame. There are many people with shitty reputations that still have fans. I think if anything, she'd ruin her fame for herself with her shitty personality. She's already lost so many stans because they dared to politely correct her or she just thought they were suspicious for some insane reason.
I think she should give up and become a productive member of society. But at the same time, I just want her to stay online so I can watch her fail.

No. 109023


She's actually turning 23 this year. Possibly yeah, grunge styles would suit her at best. The kawaii innocent little girl look, it's overplayed, it's slowly dying. It'll be flat on its face in a couple of years time. Again, like people have said, kiki doesn't suit it.

Exactly, it's herself. Kiki would just run right into herself and that'll be that.

I just want her to be like everyone else, go back to school or work and just chill the hell out. I mean, if she REALLY wants to go to Japan and live there. She could just work on side, go back to school and earn a degree. It's what I'm doing and a lot of other young people.

Plenty of time left.

Hell, she could even take a fashion or design degree, do something with that and look at Tokyo internships. But she won't.

She expects everyone to love her, to dish her modelling jobs for free and cash. She needs to get up and go earn it properly.

Yeah, okay kota DID market herself and create a name. But kota is only just starting out, this is just the beginning and if she plays her cards right then maybe it'll turn out well for her. Not wanting to see the girl fail, I just hope what's she is doing works out.

Kiki isn't as lucky. She got her fame once, but I am not too sure she'll be as deserving for a second round.

No. 109033

All of this.

No. 110751

new video from 2012

No. 110755

well, she acts like dakota didn't do any work to get to where she is in a sense. yeah, she got incredibly lucky, but i feel like a lot of people forget her internet presence post-scene and pre-japan. she actually interacted with people and did put effort into her photos and photoshopping. it may not be everyone's idea of "work" but kiki hasn't really made a brand of herself outside of the dated kiki kannibal.

she was quite pretty then. really nice teeth.
but she just SEEMS stupid. you know? stupid and self-important.

what even is this rambly video? where's it from?

- she talks about how she was a mallrat w pink hair at age 12.
- wanted to be an actress 4 ever, started studying theatre since she was 8 (lmao).
- ripped her pinky toenail off as a kid while watching mary poppins
- said she speaks spanish? then she says a few simple phrases.
- talks about how her retail job sucked. used to think that people washed clothes before putting them back on the floor lol. then how they get tags back? lel. tells some retail stories. this takes up a large part of the video.
- complains about eating out costing so much then goes on to say she orders like 3 entrees when she goes out to eat. lol? "hope it doesn't catch up to me when i'm older." now it seems like she doesn't eat much at all…
- talking about dj shit idk, i think she said a person told her to be the best bedroom dj? then she can rock it out? idk.
- shoe on head. she didn't actually do it. shout outs.
- messing around on the piano for a few seconds.

No. 110756

directly from stickam, May 2012. i saw the live version and noticed a download option, so i grabbed it, stored it somewhere and just found it again now.

No. 110758

Her voice is so fucking annoying

No. 110760

translation of her spanish phrases:
>I like.. I like Jasmine tea, aaaand I play piano and harp.

>when you are girl, I played, the video games with my siblings

>when we were kids, my siblings and I mischief, we did. and played with shaving cream and played in construction sites

No. 110761

she could honestly be so damn pretty if she styled herself right

No. 110779

Honestly, I've said it many times before, she IS pretty. She just looks very sick these days and I'm not even thinking it's entirely how she styles herself, but rather stress and undernourishment. The style doesn't really help of course and it washes her out but in her videos from a few years ago you can really see how much more alive she looks.

Part of me wants to watch her fail but the other part of me hopes she left the internet for good and is getting her life together. I think it's kind of toxic for her.

No. 110781


This isn't new, but thanks anyway.

No. 110787

no shit I said 2012 lol i meant new video as in no one's ever seen it aside from the people who saw it live.

i don't think it's malnourishment or stress. i think she was under the same stress and diet back then. i think it's just that she washes the shit out of pictures and videos with bright light, making herself look super sickly pale you know when people say "you look sick and pale". a little warm red color in her videos would make any of them look healthier.

No. 110790

She really loves talking about herself

No. 110855

File: 1432651722723.jpg (52.29 KB, 600x450, BUlNtrfCUAAwd70.jpg)

This, in her candid pictures she didn't look sickly pale at all, she just looks "I don't leave the house" pale. Really the only thing that would be considered unhealthy looking about her to some people is how thin she is.

The only reason she looked good then was good angles/lighting and the only reason she looks bad now is shitty angles/lighting. Nothing else has really changed since that stickam video but the lighting and angles she uses. Do I need to remind you of what she looks like without the lighting and angles?

It's really irritating. Though, I can't blame her, she has no friends and nothing going on in her life.

Random question, but does anyone email her? I wonder if she's completely taking a break from being Kiki Kannibal or if she still talks to her fans (if she actually does use that email to talk to fans) behind the scenes.

No. 110861

Who else thinks she finally snapped and got checked into a mental hospital?

No. 110879

I don't think that if she was in one she would be abel to still copyright claim shit, delete comments and like IG pictures of asian dick. She may not be visible active on her profiles but she is still passive doing the usual shit.

No. 111126

At the end of the video when she plays piano you can see how dirty their house is .. yuck..

No. 111166

Not hard with them having way over 20 cats and only being busy with trying to copyright claim the whole internet.

No. 111172


Er, except I have personally seen that video before and I didn't see it live.
It was uploaded elsewhere in the past.

There's also a section missing from it where people ask in regards to Dakota's real age and she spazzes out like "HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU PEOPLE, I HAVE PEOPLE DRIVING PAST MY HOUSE AND WATCHING ME".

No. 111181

>I wonder if she's completely taking a break from being Kiki Kannibal or if she still talks to her fans

She doesn't talk to any of her fans. It's honestly one of the reasons she didn't maintain her "fame" probably.

No. 111212

GUYS go to this video form 2:00 - 2:30 they're discussing beauty standards in Asia and the guy in a sweater goes "yeah HUGE foreheads are considered beautiful and a sign of wealth in Asia"

She was right all along! $200 she became a beauty celebrity, beauty pageant kinda girl in Japan because of her forehead

No. 111280

another video. you can hear Dakota in the background


No. 111465

She's still irritating as fuck, but she looks really nice in this video.

No. 111520

i think they're kinda cute together imo

No. 111687


Yes it was all nice until she stated laughing obnoxiously loud, doing weird voices and burping #UsualKiki

No. 111696

kaka ded

No. 111705

Is she taking a break from the Internet or something? I'm starting to miss her silly antics

No. 111729

That's what we are all wondering! lol

99% of the people were like "she needs a break from the Internet" and now that she's taking it everyone is like "Kaka cum back :c

No. 111760

OP pic makes me laugh really hard.

No. 113865

File: 1432968298767.png (79.69 KB, 585x575, sfgdgf.PNG)

So I was looking up her name on twitter to see if there were any updates on her and I found these tweets, I thought they were interesting. A while back when she was giving advice about learning Japanese, she told people to stay away from white girls or something, it may have something to do with this class she took.

No. 113871

I believe this with every fiber of my being. That is such a Kiki thing to do, act like she's so much more advanced than she is.

No. 113873

I believe it as well. Didn't she once say that the class at her school was too easy for her or something? lol. I know she was at least basically saying that the class wasn't good enough for her and she was going on about learning from a lover being better. She was probably just really salty about having to be in a lower level class, so that's why she quit after a day.

No. 113876

"it was too easy, that's why I left."

She always has a similar excuse. She's always "too good" at anything so she gives up before she even starts.

No. 113882

that is just hilarious. I want to know more.

No. 113894

Someone gotta tweet at her for more info.

No. 113897

I want to add, if this was exactly or over a year ago, that was when she posted that "Learning Japanese with my cat" video, where she was literally just badly reciting Japanese phrases like, YoroshikUUU oneGAIIIshimasUUUUUU."

I want to know more as well. I tried digging through twitter more to see if anyone else posted about it, but couldn't find anything. I'm sure someone else has posted about it, since it seems like someone must've told this girl about it. I know if I saw someone irl who's famous/popular, even if I didn't follow them or care for them, I'd post about it and probably also try to sneak a picture of them. I would love it if someone did sneak a picture of her.

No. 113917

> A while back when she was giving advice about learning Japanese, she told people to stay away from white girls or something.

Yeah, that was such a random thing to come out with, it had to have been triggered by something. I really hope it's true anyway, it definitely sounds like something she would do. I guess she was expecting to waltz in and have everyone fawn over her and her sugoi nihongo skills.

I really want to know what she's up to now, anyway. I think she's probably still super butthurt her trip to Japan didn't pan out the way she wanted and is brooding over it. A bunch of her instagram followers were convinced she was "living in Japan now" so I guess she doesn't want to spoil the illusion.

No. 113982

I could definitely see that. I feel like she came in the class acting weeby as fuck as well. Since some guy called her a weeb and it doesn't seem like any of the people in that class actually follow her, we would've heard about this a long time ago if that were the case. I think if anyone in that class did, they would feel the same way as we feel about her "interest" in Japan. I mean, who the fuck goes to Japan, or any other country for that matter, and barely posts any picture of the actual country?

I want to know as well, I think it's that and I feel like that Japanese guy probably broke up with her on top of that. She constantly fails and she seems to always get right back up afterwards, I mean, after the lilkitten drama, she went straight back to twitter a week later. I feel like whatever happened must've been really awful for her to be gone like this. I feel like if she was still with this guy, she'd probably post a lot about being in love or something.
Actually, now thinking about it, maybe it wasn't the guy, did she ever post about being in love with this guy? Usually, she's really quick to go on about how she's so in love, but I don't think she ever showed any sort of affection towards this guy. idk

Anyway, I think she's spoiling the illusion already. I'm sure majority of the people who follow her, follow Kota, so they probably did see Kota saying she was going to leave Japan at the end of the month. And then she happens to go quiet after the month ends.

No. 113989


INB4 she came to the class with her hair in Sailor Moon odango wearing a bindi, circle lenses, cat ears and knee high socks and expected everybody to fall to their knees and worship her;

>"EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Kirusutan-san, anata ha HONTO NI kawaii da yo!!"

>"Hai hai! Kira-Kira-chan totemo kawaii desu neeeeee!"

No. 114027

ah classic cathy

No. 114659

Kaka haven't posted anything in almost 2 months

Did she joined ISIS or something? lol

No. 114791


Lol don't be cheeky omg

No. 114810

File: 1433112676676.png (250.13 KB, 1200x601, 1410198448666.png)

What if the teacher was a white woman and she suggested her to take elementary level classes? lmao

I just found caps of the tweets in the first thread.

lmao, I could definitely see that.

No. 114835

File: 1433115803542.png (1.56 MB, 1216x1218, Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 00.4…)

lmaaaaooo just noticed that kaka was obviously copying kota's old makeup style (circa 2011) while she was in japan. If it works for kota it must also work for her rite

No. 114841


from a past thread


No. 114884


It worked for kota but it won't work for kaka tho

why? style is played out and its been done plus doesn't suit her as well as kot