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File: 1411351907989.jpg (103.91 KB, 500x695, tumblr_inline_mjrs58OoyK1qz4rg…)

No. 14230

Does anyone have any news on shmegeh? People on dumblr are saying she's homeless, is this true? What happened?

No. 14232

I think she's getting help?
She's not updating and staying away from the internet,which is good imo her shop is open again, so I don't think she's homeless

No. 14245

attention whore bitch.

No. 14272


Nah dude, she's technically on the run atm actually.
I can't remember what the crime was, something minor, but she didn't show up for court or something so there's a warrant out for her. It's true that she's homeless. I think she's sleeping with friends in a different state.

No. 14287

really? where was this posted?

No. 14295


It's been all over the tags for a while now.

I haven't looked at them in a while so they might be buried under a bunch of stuff but scroll down far enough and you'll find some posts relating to it.

No. 14320

didn't she beat up the so called girlfriend like a week after moving in with her?

No. 14322

Yep. She was Baker acted (held against her will in a psych ward) after beating up Mena, then skipped a court date. Now she's in contempt and has a warrant out.

Instead of doing the right thing, I guess she thinks she can continue to evade the system. That will only make her punishment worse.

No. 14323


I'm really surprised as to how somebody of her condition could beat up what appears to be a taller, heavier girl.

Wouldn't her blows just feels like leaves rustling softly past your face?

No. 14325

How tall is Mena? Michelle is like, almost 6 feet talls. And Mena is pretty thin herself. She does (or did) a lot of drugs, as well as drink, and would kind of flaunt it around Michelle knowing Michelle is/was an alcoholic.

Those two are just bad for each other, period.

No. 65184

Didn't Michelle or Mena post on Tumblr about the whole thing after it happened? Does anyone have caps of it?>>14320

No. 65191

I'd really like caps too.

That's what I was thinking. She looks like she barely weights 100lbs at 5'7"? i doubt she's very powerful.

No. 65192

She just updated her tumblr. Looks a bit healthier imo. I dont know if that really is recent though


No. 65194

File: 1426740196085.jpg (161.06 KB, 700x1043, tumblr_nlfwxjGHoO1qzt48xo1_128…)

Meant to post photo too in case she deletes it.

No. 65195

She actually has a pretty face. Too bad about her abusive/alcoholic personality.

No. 65201

Why does PULL like her?

No. 65208

Were you also on the kooter thread? Stop asking about PULL. This isn't fucking PULL. Most of our anons are from 4chan.

No. 65224

Pretty face? She looks like a waterlogged corpse.

No. 65228

She posted something yesterday about being angry with herself for not having a good selfie to post?

I wonder if her hair grew out again, or if it's a wig. Maybe an old picture.

No. 65231

She said in one post she had that disorder that makes you pull out your own hair with anxiety. I think she's wearing wigs now. So maybe the selfie is older? I never know anything with this girl.

No. 65242


It's a wig, she had to shave her head in rehab.

No. 65244

I keep imagining it's the same person that is in every thread going ''omg ur from pull'', ''you're so new!'', ''you must be from pull'', ''newfagggg go back to pull''…

No. 65245

Yep she does look much healthier, normal in fact. It's her albino dyed hair/eyebrows, lenses and make-up that make her look like a corpse.

No. 65253

I wonder what it would take for her to get back with her friends. She did a lot og majorly fucked up shit, but her friends have always been very ~oh they are sick, excuses excuses~ so, idk. Marisa and haku in particular will probably open up to her again. I wonder if she is still in theraphy, i mean she has hinted that her ED and addictions were byproducts of her mental illness, but then again we have proof that a lot of what she put online was pure roleplay bullshit so.

No. 65254

I did like seeing a picture of her that wasn't posed/distorted again though, it looks a lot like the photo she put up when she was talking about modeling. Props to her for not thinspo posing.

No. 65281

I'm really surprised Michelle didn't get casted as a model. I think she would be pretty good at it.

No. 65286

I honestly think it was because of her extremely low weight, her face is good and she photographs well. She should give it another go now that she's sober and not at the brink of death

No. 65288

But if she's still dealthy skinny, wouldn't she keep getting rejected?

No. 65290

because the only think about her vaguely model-esque is her weight?
other than that, her hair is like straw and the rest…well yeah

No. 65292

If she stopped dyeing/bleaching it and started taking care of it, her hair could look good.

And she did mention a long time ago that she was scouted and went to a casting but nothing ever came of it.

No. 65301

File: 1426777238607.jpg (801.35 KB, 720x960, tumblr_mzu1q2mi9z1qzt48xo1_128…)

This makes me sad D:

No. 65307

probably because, I repeat, the only thing even vaguely modelesque about her is her weight

she does not look like a model. at all.

No. 65308

Yeah but why waste the scout and company's time if the only good thing about her in their eyes is her weight?

No. 65311

I mean they never called her back

No. 65325

True, but none of us know why. IDK, I think she has a pretty face and some potential if she gained a little bit of weight and took care of her hair properly.

You have legit ugly models like Lily McMenamy who somehow find success, and Michelle looks 100x better than that.

No. 65326

Ew Lily looks like a Neanderthal.

No. 65349

Modelling isn't about beauty, it's about having a unique, yet symmetrical face, and a body that accentuates whatever clothing and/or art is placed on/around it.
Like the focus is not on the model themselves, but how interesting they can make the actual thing or product they're modelling look, if that makes any sense. Conventional attractiveness is only sort of successful with this. You can turn on the TV and see pretty people everywhere, so it's a bit pointless to use beauty to draw attention.
That's why people like Masha Tyelna, Kelly Mittendorf and Lily McMenamy are successful. You just don't forget their faces, "ugly" or not.
Michelle, on the other hand, actually has a very normal face when you take away the damage her ED has done. At a healthy weight, she wouldn't stand out very much, if at all.

No. 65571

Reminds me of grav3yardgirl sort of. I think Bunny can model too.

No. 65591

Not really. Models are a specific type of plain and ugly. Rachel is just inbred.

No. 65642

I doubt she has the professionalism needed to be a model. It's not like it's a piss easy job (unless you're Naomi Campbell).

No. 65762

It was outed that she wasn't really on the run from the law. It's on junky-business's tumblr.

No. 65769

Urghhhhhhhhhhhh yeah no.

Shmegeh and grav3yardgirl could never be models. They are neither aesthetic nor photogenic.

Shmegeh is plain whereas grav3yardgirl is just plain fucking ugly.

No. 65791

yahh not gonna go through 30 pages of that

No. 65800

Pretty sure this is an old as fuck one. She cut all her hair off, it would show up really short an that ain't a wig. I think she's gained weight but for duh reasons only wants to put up her Ana pixy girl ones up.

No. 65801

Pretty sure it's in the tags

No. 65808

yeah that pic is really fucking old. I think the newest pics of her are the ones Megain posted on instagram, and even those are old.

No. 65830

yeah I saw a photo of her with that one tumblr girl she was friends with…skinny mousey white girl, brown hair, nose ring? emily might have been her name? idk and idc….but she went to visit he. they were both kissing in stupid wigs in the photo. and you couldn't see their faces but both figures were at normal weights. normal arms. a little bit on the plump side even.

No. 65831

went to vist her

No. 65833

No. 65848

Also check her Instagram. She's tagged by some 16 yr old girl who thought they were in a relationship

No. 65849

File: 1426860610218.jpg (205.19 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Her brachial looks chunkier

No. 65851

>dat eyeshadow
>dose eyebrows
>dat fucking make-up as a whole
My god. How do you leave the house thinking that looks fine?

No. 65853

File: 1426861334094.jpg (130.65 KB, 720x720, 1509321_1402283718.6453.jpg)

She looks so much like Kina from 65_Redroses. It creeps me out a bit since Kina passed away and whenever I see this girl, I just automatically think of her.

Pic related.

No. 65855

Are you 100% sure the girl on the pic passed away? Because they look exactly the same, even that left front tooth is crossing the right one in the same way

No. 65861

That's why it's so friggin creepy, man. They're like…doppelgangers.

I didn't know Kina personally but her sister said she passed away (she had Cystic Fibrosis and had chronic rejection from her lung transplant) and the makers of the film also said the same thing. It would be nuts if she wasn't dead.

No. 65875

File: 1426866908327.png (233.21 KB, 1080x1039, Screenshot_2015-03-20-08-49-12…)

Her talking about shmegeh

No. 65901

Does shmegeh not have an ED page?

No. 65904

Not that I know of. She deserves one after the whole beating up Mena thing.

No. 65919

Shmegeh has always been one of my favourite tumblr train wrecks.
The time has come for her to have an ED page lol.

No. 65948

i really think she's a pedophile, that girl on instagram was like 16, and wasn't mena that age whenever they started talking? she's about 22 or 23, probably older, the shit concerns the fuck outta me

No. 65955

She looks ghetto and psychotic, like she belongs in a prison cell next to Shaniqua. You guys find this attractive? Looks like she'd strangle you for a baggie of heroin.

No. 66016

Nope. She's nothing to me.

No. 66017

The whole point of this site is to drag lulzy, delusional bitches, not to fawn over them. If any one of you find her look attractive I suggest you get help.

No. 66100

File: 1426910713742.png (Spoiler Image,394.8 KB, 414x583, shmegbleed.PNG)

??? posted an hour ago, this seems really fucked up to me, she doesn't usually post pics of blatant fresh SI, and it seemed like she's been trying to draw less attention to herself. hope ur okay shmegs

No. 66108


16 year olds aren't really children though are they.

No. 66118

argh, that's disgusting. Maybe a spoiler tag?

No. 66122

why the fuck is she taking and posting pictures of this shit?

No. 66125


No. 66136


No. 66142

Ummmm….the fuck? Just replying telling anon why she hurts herself just to take pics and post them online for pity. I don't feel sorry for this bitch at all tbh. Her internet should be taken.

No. 66143

Attention seeking bitch - O LOOK I BROKE THE CONTRACT WITH MY DOCTOR!!!!1


No. 66144

i meant stop spazzing uot

No. 66145

because she's a dick

No. 66146

Ok pedo chan

No. 66174

Jesus christ, here we go again with the pity party shit. All my money on her adressing this in the future like "gosh you guys are so stupid, it was an accident nbd and also stop looking at me ugh you only speculate you don't know me!!!" Look at me don't look at me so blatant it hurts

No. 66181

There're always going to be girls like her who think it's kool to be a mess. Fans of megaskank courtney love (back in 1800) were the same. They thought being fucked up was a good look and oh so cool. Wasted rock star thing. Fucking idiots.

No. 66182


Kek, 16 is the legal age of consent in my country but if you seriously believe that somebody dating a 16 year old is on par with fiddling with a 5 year old you're thick and filled with hysteria.
It's icky as fuck but it's not illegal.

16 year olds are not children in the same sense. When I was 16 I had already had sex and was drinking and getting krunked to fuck every weekend. What's really important is that you do it around people your own age or similar though.

No. 66183

pedo chan is right though

in a lot of countries 16 is fine for sex

I think it's pretty awkward, trying to divide when someone becomes a 'young adult' but generally by the time someone is 16 they're no longer a child

No. 66184


>pedo chan

My boyfriend is 24 :l

No. 66200

There's probably something wrong with your boyfriend if he can't get someone his age.
16 year olds may not be children, but they're hardly on similar wavelengths as adults either. I say this as an underager myself tbh

No. 66202

Exactly. I'm 25 and even 20 y.o's feel to young at this point. If there isn't anything wrong with your development you're gonna feel the same way when you get older. My growth as a cognitive person or however you want to put it spiked at 22 and it really made a difference. People can yell "he/she looked older" all they want but's not difficult to pin someones age once they open their mouth. Like you said I firmly believe that there is something fundamentally wrong with people my age, like michelle, who choose to go after youngsters like that -you're either under developed psychologically or you need someone you can easily manipulate and prey on.

No. 66223


>there's probably something wrong with your boyfriend if he can't get someone his age

What do you mean? I'm 23. I just don't get why I'm being called a pedophile because I said that being 16 years old isn't really the same as being a "child".

Like yes you're a child, but you're not a "child".

No. 66236


haha you're not a pedo for that. i bet the anon calling you a pedo is just bad at articulating what >>66202 was saying

No. 66299


>except no adderall

BWAHAHAHAHHA, her fucking idiot doctor was prescribing adderall to a wasting away corpse. The fact that she was just on adderall when she was trying to convince everyone she actually had the willpower to starve/was really "smart" is hilarious

Remember all the Harvard sweatshirts she used to wear

What a fucking cretin inbred bitch

No. 66316

Theres this girl I follow on tumblr who I became friends with really quick, at the time I was 21 and she was 17, but I shit you not, I thought she was older than me. I take a 2 yr break from tumblr, come back, shes 19 and dating a 34 yr old woman (long distance though), but had been dating her since she was 17.

I go on this womans page and she is a huge train wreck, I'm talking bipolar, multiple personality disorder, gender identity issues, obese, some disease that makes it difficult to "do anything" according to her, MARRIED, masochistic, and the list goes on. The 19 yr old seems like the adult in the relationship and goes to visit her all the time, 5 hrs away.

I do think there is something wrong with the 34 yr old for persuing her, but I can understand how differences/similarirty in maturity can make someone feel its okay. I wouldn't date someone younger than yr or 2 beneath me though, and I'm 23.

Have enough conversations with people 4-5 yrs beneath your age group and the differences are pretty incredible.

No. 66322


hahaha LMAO you are a pedo tho like 16 may not be childs but they still are underage

No. 66334

This. Because of most of my hobbies, I meet a lot of 21/22 year olds and a lot of the time our difference in speech is outstanding. Even though I'm only 27, it's like speaking to my past self sometimes when I speak to someone 21 and under.

No. 66335

They are mentally a child. Get over yourself, pedo.

No. 66379

Yeah I'm not in "your" country.

Good for you big girl. You had your big girl panties on at the age of 16. I don't care if you're physically able to reproduce, that's not being an adult. They're minors and fuckin retarded as hell and any adult who fucks with them is gross.

No. 66386

I know I'm probably responding to bait but the cut-off for pedophilia is 13 and they usually want kids 11 or younger. (wikipedia)
They like prepubescent, not post-pubescent humans.
If tumblr has taught us anything, using words with the correct definitions is pretty important, and letting it slide combined with the ridiculous, almost hysterical statements that people spit out in a pedophile related conversation only furthers the spread of misinformation and the aggressively misinformed.
A 16 year old is not an adult, obviously. But it does not make them a child either. You don't magically physically and mentally become an adult when you turn 18 and people's maturity levels can vary widely. Someone in a romantic relationship with an underage person is way more likely to be taking advantage of them in some way, I agree. Please stop using pedophile as a catchall term! Ephebophilia is the exclusive attraction to minors 15-18 (post-pubescent), but even if you are randomly attracted to a 16 year old it does not make you one.
>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chronophilia for more information but please get back on topic anonfriends

No. 66426

Yeah, and if you tell anyone this, they try to argue against how illogical we're being because of that one person they know who disproves this notion.

Let's say they are smarter, more mature, and in a better SES, they're still at a different stage in life. Who a person is or should be at 30 is much different than that of a 21 year old. I don't mind this particular stage difference though.

But a 15/16 year old in H.S. with a college student, one that isn't even a freshman at that? No. Sorry, but it's skeevy.

No. 66673


Lol the hysteria penentrates deep in this one.

Are you the type that sets fire to paediatricians because it has the contraction "peado" in it? Top fucking kek

No. 66688

I am being called a pedo by since hysterical white trash because I said 16 year olds are not really children even though I was molested and raped repeatedly over a 2 year span when I was 9.

Shaking my head at the stupidity.

How is I, an actual victim, can be realistic about this stuff but people who likely had an entirely safe and normal childhood are usually the crazy types who scream "PEDOPHILE" at fucking everything.

No. 66718

u do know ur a anon and no one cares about your sad sad -probably made up- life right?

No. 66722

Not to derail but this is a thread about a lolcow, not about the definition of pedophilia.

On that note 16 year olds aren't necessarily children anymore but they definitely aren't adults. And they are definitely the preferred prey of many skeevy adults (The Red Pill really thinks it's alpha to go after 16 year olds). Except on very few exceptionally rare situations 16 year olds are not in the same life stage as most adults* and there tends to be a creepy power imbalance.
90% of the time the people advocating that 16 year olds are mentally the same as most adults are probably 16 themselves.
*I'm saying adult as in not someone who just turned 18 but someone who is older than high school age/has started college/has started actually living a life outside of school.

No. 66730

sorry, I know 3 years probably isn't an adequate amount of time to heal from your questionable past.

No. 66753

Stfu paedophile enabler

No. 66756

I think your choice of 'enabling' is really telling here especially in response to my post about how it's important to use words correctly

No. 66757

As in I didn't fucking borer to read your sad justification for shit. Stfu, nobody cares what you consider a child to be. Nobody here is super PC. I you're a grown ass person messing with minors, you are trash. That's the point. All this shit is just semantics.

No. 66758

Lol ok NAMBLA president. Make up whatever sob story that suits your agenda. No real victim that understands the trauma they went through would try to draft a defense for their predator. If you were raped/molested by an adult as a minor, understand that nothin makes it ok or justifies those actions.

No. 66759

Can we go back to talking about Michelle, jesus christ

the rest of you go to fucking /b/ if you want to hash this shit out

No. 66760

Ok. So was she truly an alcoholic or was that just for the sake of her image?

No. 66766

wtf is with crazy worried about pedos-chan??

I seriously can't find tags on that tumblr there's only one thing tagged shmegeh

No. 66771


Holy shit you have been samefagging this thread for fucking days now labelling everybody in here who disagrees with you a pedophile shut the fuck up and leave you dumb cunt.

No. 66772


And if you actually gave a shit about actual victims you wouldn't be questioning my story which just goes to show that actually, you really don't give a fuck.

I was 9 years old and the guy was my best friends father.
He only got caught after a woman that hired him to do some work around her house walked in to find him molesting her baby son in her living room.
They found a cache of CP on his computer, but despite all the evidence and my own testimony he never ended up going to prison.
I never told anybody about the rape, only the molestation.
I was too scared at the time because I was a child and he was an adult, a person in a position of power who I had been taught to respect and trust and I was still convinced that I had done something wrong because adults only ever punished you when you did something wrong.

Experiencing what I've been through doesn't turn you in a hysterical knob like you who uses the label "paedophile" as an attempt quash any attempt at debate you disagree with. I'm a realist. I know that man attacked me because I was 9, I was underage and a child in every way, physically and mentally.

16 year olds are not children even though mentally they are still partially retarded, the vast majority still possess a body that is closer to that of an adult female than that of an adolescent child such as I was. I can acknowledge this even after all I've been through. I think the word you're looking for is ephebophile, but not paedophile which is an attraction to actual children, i.e. babies, toddlers etc.

You are literal trash and you need to leave this thread because you don't know what the fuck you're talking about and have ZERO experience with the actual subject. You should listen to the people that sadly do have experience.

No. 66778

honestly this is about shmegeh and you should take this bullshit to /b/

No. 66793

Okay, I don't lurk this thread and know nothing about this girl but I was reverse searching one of Kiki's photos and the results led me to this girl's tumblr, I recognized the name from here and went on there and she seems to be pretending to be Kiki? She's probably joking or something, idk, I was just wondering and came here to ask what the deal was.
This was the page I was on http://shmegeh.tumblr.com/page/325

No. 66797

She does stuff like that a lot. She also wears a lot of Harvard stuff and pretended she went there even though she went to college in Virginia.

No. 66800

yeah that was all a joke

I thought it was obvious that she was being extremely sarcastic but you know how people are
Harvard thing was a very painfully sarcastic joke as well

No. 66802

Nigga this isn't a pissing contest about how tragic our lives were. From the ages of 5-10 I was molested and raped on a weekly basis by men older than me. But this is an anon image board and literally no one cares about your probably made up issues here, so I don't fucking talk about it. It's unecessary. Make a thread on /b/ because this whole pedophilia argument has zero to do with smegma or whatever.

It's kind of hilarious to see someone like Ash and then someone like shmegeh. Smegma tries to pretend that her ed has turned her into a walking skeleton, whereas Ash is literally a walking skin sack of bones.

No. 66816

Slow clap for you. You have just written an award winning screenplay.

No. 66817

So does that mean you question the legitimacy of her disease?

No. 66818


Sorry, jokes are funny. At the point where you're buying a shit-ton of another college's merch, it's just desperation that strangers in passing might think she went there

No. 66819

Yeah but she didn't just go to a college, she went to some community college, and pretended to go to Harvard. Pretty pathetic. I dont think it was 100% a joke, i think she wanted randoms to believe that lie, like believing the lie that her body is all skeletor.

No. 66820

having an adult looking body =/= being an actual adult. Get the fuck out of here. You are an actual retard. Stop derailing the thread.

Back to shmegeh

No. 66821

just because someone doesn't look like ashley doesn't mean they aren't sick. There is a time line of shmegeh on youtube actually where you see her go from healthy weight to where she is now. She definitely has a disease and she is underweight. She's 5' 7" I believe?

No. 66825

No. 66826


At no point did I ever say that.
Obviously you're blind or too thick to actually read my post.

No. 66828


No. 66830

All I read was "wahhhhhh feel sorry for me. Im a victim!! Look how sad my story is!!! See I'm a victim!!"

I had a friend who did this. Wore a Harvard shirt even though he was dumb as a box of nails. I think smegheh is taking it too a pathetic level like other anon said.

No. 66833

Shmegeh is 5'9. She doesn't have a disease, she has an ED. She posted a treatment plan that a psychiatrist gave her while in rehab. The sheet said the psychiatrist was very concerned about her BDD (body dysmorphic disorder) and the fact that she ate pretty much nothing.

No. 66836

I'm sorry to hear this, but no one cares.

No. 66850

>this totally happened

get out

No. 66851

I think she wore the Harvard stuff to reference Allison Harvard. She's reblogged pics of her on her tumblr.

No. 66859

no1 curr
I've said this 1000 times already now, but WHY DOESN'T SOMEONE CALL THE COPS?

I mean at this point just one look from a nurse, any doctor, policeman, social worker- anyone with any authority at her skinny wobbly legs and wiry frame… They would take her to a hospital to be force fed in the blink of an eye

No. 66860

oops, thought I was in the ashley thread

same applies to shmegheh though, if she still looks like OP image

No. 66863

anon you can't just CALL THE POLICE on everyone, she's not breaking the law. if she got admitted to an inpatient stay they would feed her ensure or something for her weight problem, for a few weeks maybe but just sticking some pounds on her isn't going to fix it. a lot of people with eating disorders go through many hospital or clinic stays but it doesn't fix them

No. 66926

That's what I assumed as well. But then she let people assume that she went there and all of a sudden everyone thinks she's a genius when she's so inarticulate. They also praised her for being so "self aware"…like no, just cause you know you're a piece of shit doesn't make you ~deep~.

No. 67127

I'm pretty sure it was just some goodwill bought shit though, wasn't it?

No. 67166

Something like that. I'm pretty sure she was just wearing it as a ~statement. You know, look at this hot mess trash in ivy league apparel. JuxTaPoSitIon much irony etc.

No. 67191

Yeah. It's definitely corny but to me it's always been an obvious joke that I never took seriously. I'd be weirded out by myself if I were passionate about that lel.

The whole exaggerated-corpse thing was obnoxious as fuck tho ngl

No. 67675

If you tried to make someone with such a bad case of an ED eat a full meal, their body would not be able to handle it

So (in the case of Ashley) I believe theres little to no hope for her to ever get better… Her body is permanently damaged. It's really sad. And as much of an ass Michelle can be, I really do feel bad for her. Dealing with the BDD on top of severe anorexia. Scary shit.

No. 67678

I don't feel bad for Shmegeh anymore. I used to, but then she beat up Mena and keeps going after underage/barely legal girls and she's kind of a horrible person.

Did anyone see the vid Shmegeh posted? she's was drunk and crying and singing badly to some Jupiter song. She deleted it quickly though.

No. 67680

I mean Jumper by Third Eye Blind, whoops.

No. 67700

Criiiinnnnggggeeeeee. She's such an attention whore. Fuck her and her "look at me/don't look at me" bullshit.

No. 67767

When she had her meltdown, or recently?

No. 67782

This was in August so probably around her meltdown I guess. If it's old news, I'm sorry.

No. 67784

i never really felt bad for her, honestly. like we all go through our own shit. she just chose to do it publicly.

No. 67790

File: 1427232743153.jpg (Spoiler Image,9.64 KB, 197x160, image.jpg)

Anyone know if this is Shmegeh?

No. 67792

Face and skin tone looks nothing like her. Sauce?

No. 67795

No way. The previous anon is right. Looks nothing like her.

No. 68185

lmao 100% sure it's not

No. 68287

Nope. Not her

No. 68289

Damn. No one saved the video?

No. 70684

Does anyone have any links to her older videos?
or are they lost forever?

No. 71152

How do you know she is "going after" barely legal girls?

No. 71238


I think that is just speculation because that meghan (or whatever the fuck her name is) is like 16, and mena was about 16 when Shmegeh and her became friends.

Does anyone have screenshots of Mena talking about the assault or any posts by shemegeh herself?

No. 73921

She's reposting old pictures, this is from 2013

No. 78367

Oh man I want her old videos back sooo bad.

No. 78373

her heyheymichelle account is gone, but this video is still up on youtube /watch?v=bpgWW-P9xWI

No. 78374

it is? it's so bad looking. Makes me cringe.

No. 78526


Ah shit… I take it no one saved or reuploaded them?
I was so curious about them all.

No. 78583

yeah good job with your shaming, we're all so proud of you !!

No. 88632

Did michelle just seriously post in the haku thread?

No. 88636


She wants her e-fame back, that's why she's been posting body pics on her tumblr. I dunno, I don't think she needs her ego fed (although I do realize that by commenting, I am acknowledging her post). She's one of the worst of the lolcows. She beat up her girlfriend, blamed it on her self-induced alcoholism, and then started dating a teenager. Ugh. If she were male, she'd have been torn apart online.

No. 88642

She did? wtf really?

No. 88662

Yeah, talking about getting top surgery done. Did anyone else catch that post she made about being angry the world is moving on without her?

No. 88664

"Anonymous asked: Michelle aka shmegeh will literally not talk to anyone unless they're skinny enough. She was friends with a close friend of mine and insisted she knew her numbers and compared bmi stats. She also took to bulimia in rehab, and would always want to fly this friend over for 'binge and purge parties' and talk about other girls she knew online and if she considered them thin or not. Unfortunately this side of her doesn't get seen by her army of followers."


No. 88697

Didn't catch it, does anyone have screenshots?

No. 88698

I wouldn't be surprised if this was true, it seems like something common among people with severe EDs.

No. 88715

She was def friends with haku and marisa because they were very, very thin. I'm certain that's how they met.

No. 88716


Nah, Marisa has IBS or something similar. She's talked about it on her blog.

No. 88718


But Shmegeh may have been attracted to Marisa because of her size. Ironically, Ashley wanted to meet Shmegeh but Shmegeh's friends told Ashley to back off because Shmegeh was triggered by Ashley.

No. 88721

iirc, Haku and Shemegeh actually met at Otakon because some guy rounded up all the EVA cosplayers there. They probably got really close because of their ED though

No. 88722

Oh yeah, Marisa doesn't have an ED like haku or shemgeh, but still thin enough for michelle to deem 'worthy' of speaking to.

No. 88730

This. It was a long time ago but I remember seeing Michelle reblogging and gushing over Haku before he finally started talking to her.

No. 88829

Honestly Michelle should stay away from Haku. He's doing so much better without her in his life.

No. 88836


No. 88854

That pic is from like a couple years ago when she went to a modeling thing

No. 88860

How can you be anorexic and an alcoholic? Alcohol has unnecessary calories, triggers binge eating and hinders your body from burning fat. I used to lurk on pro ana boards a couple of years ago and there alcohol was the devil. Drinking was more common among bulimics and/or binge eaters.

No. 88866


She could be drinking vodka or straight whiskey.

No. 88872

still same effect (binging, messing up your metabolism). if you're really an alcoholic you also need more to get drunk, even at a low weight.

>> The top 10 percent of American drinkers - 24 million adults over age 18 - consume, on average, 74 alcoholic drinks per week. That works out to a little more than four-and-a-half 750 ml bottles of Jack Daniels, 18 bottles of wine, or three 24-can cases of beer. In one week. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2014/09/25/think-you-drink-a-lot-this-chart-will-tell-you/

Lets assume she drinks 200ml wodka a day (which really wouldn't be much for an alcoholic) that's 460 kcal. most anorexics I know live on 300-800 kcal plus occasional binging. I'm not saying it isn't possible I'm just really impressed because alcohol messes with your self-control and that's not what you want if you're anorexic…

No. 88875


I didn't actually know vodka and whiskey has calories.

No. 88879

Maybe she doesn't eat and gets all her cals from alcohol. Vodka has 64 calories per 1 oz.

No. 88880

Really? everything has calories, except for plain water.

No. 88885

>alcohol messes with your self-control and that's not what you want if you're anorexic…

This assumes she's the super controlling type anorexic though, I always saw her more as someone who used it as a coping mechanism so the alcoholism would go hand in hand.

No. 88894

She usually drinks wine, which is all sugar. She mixes it with diet/5 cal cranberry juice and basically was drunk all day on it. At least before her rehab.

No. 88897

plain tea and black coffee don't have calories either. I tend to drink that shit all day with my meals.

No. 88925


maybe she's lying and when she says "alcohol" she really means harder drugs? like coke or m? or even heroin or meth?

No. 88933

She has a scar hand on her hand from purging

I feel like she posted I. jakes thread to get people talking about her. Did she also bump this one?

No. 88936

*posted in Hakus thread. Autocorrect, sorry.

No. 88939

I don't think she posted here, but she def posted in Haku's thread to get this thread going.

No. 88946

why? because then she can bond with haku about being bullied by a bunch of 20-something bitches on lolcow?

No. 88951

She's scum and wants attention, even negative attention, that's why.

No. 89141

It doesn't seem like Haku is communicating with her, maybe she's angry and her posting in his thread is her way of screaming "look at me look at me"

No. 89149

I kind of feel bad for Haku. He has an army of crazies obsessed with him.

No. 89178


Sorry no, you're wrong there
Tea and coffee have about 4 calories per cup, but companies label anything thats under 5 calories as 'zero calories'


Alcohol has calories, but if she is sticking to spirits these have no protein, carbs,fat etc
If you eat 500 calories of protein, it isntthe same as 500 calories from carbs.
Carbs mess with your blood sugar level and they are what turns to fat in your system. Protein is harder to digest so about 14% of the calories in that 500 you just ate in protein is being used to digest that food.

What did she post in the haku thread?

I'm so curious as to how much she weighs these days, I wonder will any ex friends tell us how much she actually weighs.

No. 89185


I don't think she has any friends who are e-famous or who are aware of her presence on social media. The ones she did have were the ones who talked to the truth blogs and they seemed to make it pretty clear that they have no interest in being friends with her.

She's going to a con in august (I thin) so there will probably be pics then.

No. 89192

She said she's going to Otakon this year and so is Haku, it'll be interesting to see how that turns out.

No. 89194

I'm praying for Haku to stay away from her. Or for Michelle to stay away from him.

No. 89235

Someone asked Haku whats their relationship with shmegeh, he said theyre not as close as they used to be

No. 89236

IIRC, he said he hadn't spoken properly to her in years. Last time she went to his place was 2-3 winters ago.

No. 89240

Haku has a lot more friends than Michelle now, and while a lot of them can be really whinny like he is sometimes at least none of them are as batshit or crazy like Michelle is/was. Haku's moved on, Michelle needs to realize that.

No. 89296

File: 1430102816032.png (13.37 KB, 727x179, adfd.PNG)

Her post on Haku's thread

No. 89327

Haku will more than likely say hi and be civil if they do run into each other, but nothing more.

No. 89396

That's eerie as fuck

No. 89413

then why do people get fat when they drink so much in university

No. 89427

People usually get fat from alcohol because they drink and lose the self control to stop eating garbage/junk food. I dunno. Alcohol tends to make people hungry for crap.

No. 89435

Plus alcohol bloats and dehydrates. And I bet the people who party in college are dinking a lot on top of eating, and mixing their booze with stuff like regular soda.

No. 89436


No. 89558

but alcohol is the worst type of calorie. it blocks your complete system. when you drink your body's busy breaking down the alcohol and stores fat, carbs and everything else. also, as another anon mentioned, bloating.


>> Unlike macronutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats, alcohol supplies what nutritionists often refer to as empty calories: calories without nutrition. To make matters worse, it is the first fuel to be used when combined with carbohydrates, fats and proteins, postponing the fat-burning process and contributing to greater fat storage.

No. 89620


Well Shmegeh did substitute food with alcohol, and anything she did eat she purged.

Thanks anon, but is there any definitive proof this is her or is it just speculation?

No. 89645

The writing style matches up and it was a response to an old comment about her. Not an official confirmation, but it's creepy and in character to think she spends her time stalking Haku and talking about old things she said when there are more serious recent issues she should address. She's only posting old pics of herself too.

No. 89646

It's an exact match to her writing style. She's also made posts and responded to anons using a lot of that wording before.

Also what >>89645 said

No. 89720

i've struggled with bulimia and alcoholism for the past two years. when i was at my worst drinking-wise, i weighed my lightest. when you drink alcoholically, the idea of actually eating food makes you feel physically sick … i was at a point where i was throwing up clear bile every morning. also i tended not to eat when i was drinking because i knew that would sober me up. dunno if that offers any insight into shmeggles, but yeah … it is possible to drink fuckloads and not gain weight, especially if you're still exercising.

No. 89721

File: 1430180523715.jpg (69.27 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

In case anyone was wondering how Haku feels about Michelle.

No. 89734

I liked it more when Haku would post about his clothing/fashion sense, he was more interesting then he is now. Now it's just cosplaying the newest, hottest character

No. 89739


Can you imagine being asked constantly about that cray girl you knew ~2 years ago who went off the rails? He was pretty polite. I think people should let him be, including Michelle.

No. 89748

Haku said all of that before though. You asked him that off of anon just so you could post it here? All you got out of that was him knowing who you are, assuming he lurks.

No. 89749


Ikr? I also like the fact that the anon scribbled out his/her name.

No. 89750

He sounded pretty earnest too. Poor guy. Kudos for bravery but it makes you look shameless, anon.

No. 89753


This was sent to me by a close friend and personally, I've never seen him address it directly, but I guess I just missed it.

No. 89760

Well then, kudos to both you and your close friend for being gossipy and shameless. He said the same thing a few months ago, but IIRC someone on anon got angry trying to whiteknight Michelle.

No. 89761

yeah, he's become really boring.

No. 89780

>gossipy and shameless

You understand you're on an anon forum dedicated to being gossipy and shameless, right

No. 89791

Sorry, that came out wrong. What I wanted to say was he now personally knows anon (or anon's "friend") for shamelessly sharing a private message when they could have gotten the same answer without risking that. Something tells me they're trying to save face by saying it was a ~close friend~ but whatevs.

No. 89803

Samefag here. Come to think of it, they could have made an account or used one with no info to ask that. First I was loling at anon but now I feel like a retard. Sorry for OT. Please continue.

No. 89838


It's whatevs. I have read both haku's and this thread, but not all at once. Either I and anonfriend missed the post you're talking about or forgot. I was just tryna contribute, and we were both cuious about haku's opinion. Anon friend did in fact use a throwaway.

No. 90022

Smart move, anon.

Glad Haku is moving on though and he doesn't condone Michele's alcoholic and abusive behavior. Plenty of people would of stuck to Michele just for the attention they'd get of being their friend.

Michele is probably going to still try and seek out Haku at Otakon though. I wonder if she'll also try and talk to some of Haku's friends instead of him directly?

No. 90027

What the hell does shemegeh mean? Smegma? She is disgusting looking

No. 90036

gapingsores asked: Do you ever have like, deep conversations with people on here that you don't know in real life? Or have you tried that and they ended up being one of those "srsly am here 4 u eet" type people. I was also wondering what "shmegeh" means, if it's part of your name or if I'm being completely oblivious and overthink-y about it.

I’ve never tried having conversations with people on here, mainly because I don’t have time for it, and I don’t really see what there is to talk about. I don’t initiate contact. I prefer to watch people and learn about them from afar, most of the time. And I think that deep conversations in general are weird and best left inside your own head/in a therapist’s office. The whole “said too much” thing isn’t a mistake that I care to make. Though that isn’t to say that I haven’t had candid, pleasant discourse in a handful of back-and-forth messages with a few users.
Also shmegeh is my name as far as I’m concerned. Always lowercase. There is no meaning aside from it being a signifier of myself. As in, shmegeh is the signifier and the image of me is the signified. And there is no correct way of pronouncing it aloud, though there are plenty of incorrect ways. The closest I can come asks a bit of the spelling, being more like “shmeh-eh-geh”, spoken quickly with the short “e” sound as in “breath”. Not the long “e” as in “Smeagol”. It was essentially a keyboard smash so there wasn’t much thought put into it initially.

(From Michelle's tumblr)

No. 90082

haku's way too nice and polite. I would have told anon to fuck off and go back to lolcow.

signifier of the self. signifier image that is signified lol what? is that a normal phrasing in English? because to me that sounds like some saussurean shit

No. 90133


It's semantics (Roland Barthes), and actually the image of shmegeh is the sign, not the signified. Her personality is the signified. Read Camera Lucida, or don't because although short, it's boring as fuck

No. 90138

Her whole social media presence was "said too much" for fucking years.

I guess that garbled paragraph is her attempt at showing off her liberal arts degree.

No. 90176

we could now have an elaborate discussion on whether this is Saussure's semantics or Barthes’. I'd vote for Saussure because she’s only talking about signifier and signified and not about signs. but we could also just accept that Michelle randomly paraphrased some words she picked up in one of her classes and it is neither Barthes nor Saussure

No. 90178

File: 1430256280257.jpg (307.96 KB, 650x407, tumblr_m08rmv88Um1qcu0j0o1_128…)

sorry, had to.

No. 90211


In her case, it was probably a combo of Sparknotes and Wikipedia

No. 91799

File: 1430469947169.jpg (28.67 KB, 266x320, 3232157.jpg)

Nah it was really bad residual wordvomit borrowed from the last few episodes of EVA.

Also probably mixed with an intensive grammar class.

That quote is mad old (I think/hope) yet being that the internet is written in ink no level of cringing and being heatedly embarrassed with yourself is gonna do anything.

No. 91824

please let's do that! A pseudo intellectual discussion in this thread would be the irony syrup in our milk. And I feel I should
mention I got it wrong, it's semiotics, not semantics but that's what happens when you internet drunk.

No. 91831

File: 1430483663009.jpg (184.93 KB, 519x459, 124723.jpg)

no it's semiology >:/ I think Michelle is really trying to give off an intellectual vibe. her sidebar leads to Kierkegaard's The Sickness Unto Death. Does anyone know hers (and maybe also Haku's) social background?

No. 91856


That's why I hated Evangelion. It was just a mishmash of poorly communicated philosophy that seemed poorly understood by the show's writers.

No. 91857

The creator tried to sound and look a lot more intelligent than he actually was. His loop holes and poor writing is viewed upon by fans as artistic and intellectual, when i feel it is the complete opposite.

No. 91917

that sounds kind of interesting. but I'm really not into anime so I won't watch it. do you know what philosophy references exactly evangelion contains or is there an article about it?

No. 91934


there's a thread on /b/ for nge.

No. 91994

Damn. If I'd gone to Harvard I probably would have known that…

No. 92030


Well we all can't go to Harvard like Shmegeh now can we?

No. 92144

Her manner of speaking and that dumpy little house she grew up in tell me that she's probably middle class at most.

No. 92164


The only thing that made me think her parents had more money than average was the country club membership. I know of some that cost upwards of 80k to join and then there are yearly dues to pay. But I'm sure that there must be some that are much cheaper than that. And who knows, the membership might be in a relative's name like her grandma or a cousin.

Not sure if this is true but I remember reading somewhere on tumblr (an ask on one of the truth blogs, I think) that her parents used up a huge chunk of their nest egg paying for her treatment/melt downs.

No. 92482


Do you have a link to any of these truth blogs?
I wanna see if there's any more info on her and mena's fight.

I do remember reading her parents paid for her flights and rehab, but Shemegehs never really talked about her dad on her tumblr. Only her mother. It's possible they got divorced when Michelle was younger.

I'm only speculating though, but creeping through her blog I only noticed she talked about how close she is with her mother. Daddy dearest could have fucked off out of her life and been paying for her to live.

But eh, idk

No. 92495


Junky-business on tumblr gets a lot of asks with info about her.

No. 92595


Here's what Mena posted on her tumblr a bit after the altercation between her and Michelle (later deleted it):

Anonymous Asked: Do you think you'll ever tell anyone the whole story?

i don’t even want to rethink half of it.

it just makes me really sad to think about how much i loved her and how much i thought i knew her just to have it all flung back in my face with this realization that like.

this girl is incredibly sick in the head. to the point where she can not be around other people. she needs a lot of help.

i’ve had to tell my manager why i can’t be at work this week, i’ve had to confront my family, her family, and at least six officers with “the whole story” ~really just one out many episodes~ I can’t go to work because i have marks on my arms and my neck.

i just don’t want anything to do with her anymore.
she is a pathological liar and she manipulates those around her to see her as the victim. one of her last words to me were, “nobody is ever going to believe that i hit you first. my parents will do whatever i tell them to.”

this is it like…this is my breaking point.

No. 92596


Basically, anything you need to know about shmegeh can be found here:


No. 92788



i’ve had to tell my manager why i can’t be at work this week, i’ve had to confront my family, her family, and at least six officers with “the whole story” ~really just one out many episodes~ I can’t go to work because i have marks on my arms and my neck.

>she is a pathological liar and she manipulates those around her to see her as the victim. one of her last words to me were, “nobody is ever going to believe that i hit you first. my parents will do whatever i tell them to.”

That's some heavy shit. I feel so bad for Mena. I'm glad she was able to get out early.

No. 92798

Not early enough sadly. :(

No. 92860

here's the whole alcholism story from shmegeh's perspective (posted on PULL):

"Two years ago I became legally able to buy alcohol.

"I could watch this movie and sit on tumblr sober……orrrrr I could do it drunk" was my entire thought process behind how I spent my time after attending classes and going to work.

For a while it was fun.

I figured out how to mix my booze so that I didn’t experience hangovers, and was able to function, in that I attended my classes on time and did not miss work.

This period lasted for about a year.

Haku can attest to having experienced me at the beginning. During my visit to New York, I look back on it and remember how my first priority upon arriving was stopping on our way back to their apartment to buy a bottle of wine.

From the start I knew I was an alcoholic.

Like. There are no delusions there.

My father is an alcoholic - currently non-practicing to my knowledge - and it was the major killer in my parent’s marriage.

I do not know what it is exactly that is missing in me - or simply backwards - that makes me so casual about something as serious as alcoholism.

I treated my own as commonplace as any other personality trait that a person has.

Like the eating disorder, it was just another thing I had going on that I recognized as serious by usual standards, but at the same time, incorporated it as just another thing about me.

Last November marks the first time my drinking flipped the switch from drinking for effect to drinking to avoid withdrawal.

Alcohol withdrawal is, in so many words, something that I would really have to hate someone in order to wish it upon them. Like, I could go on about it, but you’ve got google and no really, it is seriously that fucking lame.

I’ve never like. Been comfortable discussing “my stuff” simply because of the severe disconnect that I have when it comes to recognizing how serious something is on paper, yet when placed into the context of being a regular aspect of my life, is something that I treat as casually as having allergies or a phobia of spiders.

But anyway. Getting back to the time table.

Last November is the marker I’ve got in my head in terms of noticing the severe physical discomfort that arose around somewhere between hour four and hour six of the time elapsed since the last time I drank.

Drinking turned into what I can only really equate to a very intense coffee/caffeine regiment, or even more simply, medication.

And it’s mad easy to be like yo uhhh you should just stop drinking and it’ll be over what the fuck stop being goddamn dramatic.

The thing is though. I managed to mostly keep myself within reaching distance of a cup, and when I was continually maintaining the buzzed, drunk, blackout, repeat state of being without anyone saying anything, I carried on that way.

My routine was to go to school, go to work, buy wine - and later, vodka, because it is cheaper and more potent - mix it in the parking lot, sip on it while driving home, go in my room, crawl into bed, put on a movie, scroll on the internet, pass out sitting fully upright, wake up, go to school, go to work, repeat.

Most of the manifestation of my shit depends on the degree to which I am able to essentially fly under the radar and wave/brush/laugh things off.

Like honestly as I type this, I can say that I meant every drink that I took, and that every drink was a decision that I made. I will never attempt to play it like I didn’t have a choice.

If memory serves me correctly - which I freely admit it may not, considering that I spent the greater part of the past year blacked out - November also marks my first hospital stay in response to my first experience with severe withdrawal symptoms and DTs.

Cue first shameless and careless relapse.

Last Christmas, my first order of business after exchanging presents with my mom was to drive to pick up a handle to kill the creeping withdrawal that had been distracting me from enjoying what is supposed to be an innocent and happy holiday.

In January, the plan was that I would fly Mena to Richmond so that she and I could alternate driving my car to Florida.

When it came time to pick her up from the airport, I was visibly wasted, and my mother refused to allow me to drive to pick her up. Thus I became the twenty-two year old drunk girl riding passenger in her own car to pick up her then girlfriend from the airport with her own mother as a driver.

Like even just thinking about it now I feel a striking amount of shame which borders on despair, but at the time, all I did was laugh and wave it off and joke and go about like nothing was super shitty about that.

The morning that Mena and I were leaving Richmond to begin our drive, I was edging on blackout, and she had to take up the first leg of the trip.

The rest of the trip, I fed my buzz, but managed to be coherent and functional enough to drive. However, what stress I was feeling manifested in the form of gradually pulling out a large percentage of the hair on the left side of my head.

What I consider to be a big deal versus just being “something that happens” is complicated.

What follows is greatly redacted out of respect to Mena. I ask that you please not contact her in any way with anything about me. The greatest deal of respecting and understanding that the details of The Florida Experiment are classified would be greatly appreciated.

About a month into it I became more familiar with what it is to experience withdrawal upon going more than five hours without a drink.

I decided to go to a detox facility - The Florida House - in order to medically detox. I drove myself. On my way there I made a point of getting hammered as a “one last time” juvenile bullshit move.

After five days, I AMA’d (left against medical advice) in order to be home with Mena for Valentine’s day.

I believe I was sober for a week or two. And it was good.

My drinking has never been triggered by negative events. Every time, it has always been the result of getting comfortable and happy. As if there is something about it suddenly being okay to google when the ABC store opens in the morning simply because, for a moment, everything else isn’t as much of a shitshow.

I don’t remember very much after the week or two sober. Apparently my mother flew down to visit. I remember none of it.

Cue waking up in a hospital bed with absolutely no recollection of how I got there.

Apparently the night before, a tech from another detox - The Right Place - had driven to the apartment to pick me up and take me there. On the way - as it was told to me - I passed out in the back seat and they refused to admit me, choosing instead to take me to the hospital, where I was admitted with a .45 BAC.

The doctor commented about how extremely high that is, apparently, and could really only chalk up my lack of corpse status to my prolonged drinking and the tolerance that had built with remarkable resilience as a result.

Which in my mind was actually more of a bummer because higher tolerance meant that it took more liquor to do the job, and shit was getting expensive.

Admitted to The Right Place Detox. Which, for the record, is an extremely darkly lit place where addicts of all sorts doped up on meds lay around on a series of couches and obviously the floor (with some pillows) while zoning out to Amish Mafia.

It was one of those environments where you take a step back and just look at it and like, the only response is “dude pass that shit”. And that’s being light about the level of “wow this is the exact environment I’d choose to get fucked up in” status.

Another AMA, another short stint of sobriety.

Shit got worse.

Fly back to RVA, do a stint at Williamsville Wellness. Which, for the record, is the most beautiful, caring, important place anyone could ever hope to spend a month at. Like seriously do not discount it because I relapsed. Like, I was hell bent on continuing to drink. But that place is a dream world. Forty hours of therapy a week. Somewhere around nine or ten different therapists, each focusing on very specific things, all tailored and scheduled as seen fit by the care team once they’ve gotten a feel for what you need to focus on.

Thirty days.

Back to Florida.

About six or seven days until the bottle. I was scared of feeling feelings and generally at a complete loss of what to do with myself when left alone. I recall sitting on the couch in the silent apartment, having absolutely no clue as to what I should be doing in the nighttime hours, since it was around seven or eight when I was left to my own devices.

That is one thing that I will point out about rehab. It is a controlled environment in which your every move is basically scheduled, monitored, and watched. While I was at The Florida House, I was in one of two of the thirty or so rooms which contained security cameras. Vomiting in front of a handful of techs was a new low in the scale of “how shameless can I possibly be”.

Being hospilized, in rehab, or in detox has a way of really testing your own personal boundaries when it comes to the idea of privacy. There is none. For me, at least, that sowed the seeds of an unintentional trend, in that something about going through frequent strip searches and having someone watch you use the bathroom lends itself to a complete disregard for anything even slightly resembling intrusive. The institutionalized thing is for real.

Left The Right Place via AMA and generally causing a scene demanding my wallet and belongings less than 36 hours of arriving.

Cue rollercoaster of super awesome and super not okay Florida Experiment life.

Stay awake for the better part of five or six days.

Begin hearing the radio and television even though they are definitely - triple checked - not turned on or plugged in.

Irrationality has now exceeded previously explored levels, bordering on severe levels of YO NO SERIOUSLY GO TO BED.

Shit happens and things are said on both ends which strike a major chord, though in retrospect, was not a big deal at all.

Engage in unforgivable violence.

Apparently have a go at self in response for realizing how life ending said unforgivable violence is, believing that the only possible redemption is to ctrl+Q without saving.


Four point restraints. Which, for the record, involve a person being on their back, with their arms stretched upward, each wrist and each ankle being cuffed and attached to the four corners of the bed.


I mean I’m gonna go ahead and say it like. I was full psychological break status and four point restraints were necissary.

Though I do wish that they’d taken me seriously when I said I needed to use the restroom rather than ignoring me. To which the result was being cuffed like a starfish in a solo room with no windows and one heavy door, through which - if you say the right, nice things to - will sign the magic form to set you free.

Pissing on myself because they refused to uncuff me will definitely always be one of those “God fucking damn it” moments when you realize just how fucking ridiculous your entire situation is, and better yet, that you brought i tall upon yourself.

Part two later.
6 hours ago on November 14, 2014 at 10:31am
104 notes"

No. 92886

>Part two later.

and it never came.

No. 92892

What more is there to know, anyway?

No. 92950

I wonder what Michelle thinks about haku having a whole new group of friends and moving on ewith his life and removing himself from her

No. 92960

Yeah. Same for Marisa, Mena, and everyone else she knew.

No. 92967

Florida experiment life. Wow.

No. 93064

Is she still friends with Maria?

No. 93078

I don't think they were very close for that long.

No. 93091

Even though it wasn't long it seems like they were super close while they were. Michelle came up to visit Haku for like two weeks. Haku has tons of other friends now so he's probaby moved on but Michelle probably wants to cling tot he past as much as she can.

No. 93154

I remember that. I think it was one week? Michelle haku and marisa were a super tight trio but its a little unfair to keep dragging them into this. Someone else said it, but can you imagine constantly being linked to someone you knew years ago who went crazy abusive? I hope michelle leaves them alone.

No. 93892


>Like basically I was completely convinced that my vision was just fine and everything kind of just looked like that.

>"Mom when did my dad start wearing glasses?"

>"In his early twenties."

>"God fucking damn it."

>"Michelle there’s no need for that language."

12 hours ago on November 14, 2014 at 04:05am

Its safe to assume her parents split

No. 93936

I wonder what her relationship with her mom is. Especially since she feels so heavily with Asuka and a big chunk of Asuka's character is her relationship with her mom and how it affected her.

No. 93941

i like how she ended the story
with the abrubt mention of pissing herself and the ensuing shame

No. 93973

No. 95443

Does anyone know anything about here scene days? I've tried looking but I keep drawing a blank

No. 95453

Is the PULL link not working for anyone else?

No. 95495

I've followed her tumblr for 2 years now and she's never mentioned her mother.

No. 95635

protip: google heyheymichelle/michellealessandra

No. 95644

File: 1431101193757.jpg (6.1 KB, 194x259, images.jpg)

No. 95652

File: 1431102661087.jpg (210.79 KB, 899x615, 1.jpg)

not gonna lie. her current aesthetic suits her better. this whole albinobleached skeleton look.

No. 95654


she looks like a fail trans version of the bad guy from kickass 2

No. 95655

yeah she has a man face so being skinny helps her look more feminine and make her eyes stand out more. I feel bad for saying this but lets not pretend anything could trigger michelle any further…
btw. I can't believe some people here said she'd look like a model if she had a more healthy weight.

No. 95656

My sides!

No. 95659

Agreed. She looks horrible in those pictures…

No. 95661

I think she looked particularly bad more because of the ridiculous style she had back then. But either way, she's average-looking to me no matter what weight.

No. 95664

what do ya mean anon
models are pretty anyway
they just have 'interesting' and 'unique' faces

No. 95669

I disagree. The majority of models are plain as fuck. Apparently that works better for stylists. Lily Cole, Kate Moss and a few other odd lookers are exceptions really.

No. 95674

what >>95669 said. shmegeh has bad bone structure. her chin's was too long, her nose is crooked and her upper lip is very thin. her eyes and lips only stand out because she's so thin. also her face looks more triangle shaped due to being skinny. before it was a rectangle. but I mean, you're right, there are weird looking models so maybe she could be one. but not the plain type.

No. 95897


Go back to her early blog days, she talks about a film that say said made her cherish her mother more or something. Lurk harder anon

No. 96488

i personally think that if shes still a rail she'd probably somewhat work out for runway

No. 98684

She has the look of a homeless woman covered

No. 103106

It looks like she's back to tumblr again

No. 103131

nice. thanks anon

No. 103136

What's her tumblr? I can't find it.

No. 103138

The man face is why she poses with her mouth open and her hand covering her mouth

Pete Wentz's sister?

No. 106623

>>106622 shes only in recovery for alcoholism though not for ed

No. 106639

i hope this is sarcasm
i was inpatient for a ED and i was constantly told that the last thing you should say to other ones there is stuff like
(BTW most people on the thread were saying this before they made a new appreciation thread so they would stop circle jerking) "i love her thighs" "i wish i had her legs" which makes them feel that they need to keep of their appearance

No. 107664

File: 1432383119269.png (1.12 MB, 1066x620, shmurgerr.png)

looks like she's lurking the thread

No. 107931


Hmm, I don't think she is lurking this thread. I know she apprently 'posted' on the haku thread, but there was no real proof it was her other than it 'sounded' like her.

No. 107949

Yeah, like.

Thing thing is, her
writing style is very easy to imitate.

No. 108669

Hehe, spot on

No. 108675

i didn't even consider the haku thing.
regarding the timing, it just looks like the posts of this thread (her old pics) are an incentive for her recent posts. If she ever has posted any of her "older" pics prior to that on that tumblr, she must have deleted them long ago.

No. 108740

ewww why does PULL lick her sorry white 1st world problems ass like there's no tomorrow?

No. 108941

I think it's more so a case she came across an old picture of herself and it sparked something. /pt/ is odd because everyone assumes that if a thread is based on a specific individual that they automatically know about /pt/ and their threads.

No. 195030

Her face looked weird at a higher weight. Like she has the PT problem where her chin looks longer compared to the rest of her face, yet it doesn't look bad at lower weights.

No. 195033

It looks weird at a low weight too. She just has an unfortunate bone structure, no relation to her weight.

No. 195035

She looks good in this picture tbh.

No. 195519

Noticed Shmegeh had 3 fan sites pop up recently:


Why would you admire this anorexic, abusive woman?

No. 195530

I imagine two of those are the same person.

No. 195547

File: 1445568290208.jpg (629.44 KB, 894x1193, tumblr_nwjixoYyCM1uewr7vo1_128…)

They do. Kids' clothes or super stretchy jeggings. For example, I might be wrong because her proportions are all fucked up, but I'm pretty sure she's wearing the jeans super low here - probably because they are a kids' size and way too short for her

No. 195548

Looks almost like she stitched it up herself. I've done that before.

No. 195563

i remember she said she wore her jeans super low "to be like paris hilton" or something

No. 195641

dat shoop

No. 195642

File: 1445587173557.png (320.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-23-08-56-12…)


No. 195643

File: 1445587203268.png (354.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-23-08-56-18…)


No. 195644

File: 1445587230170.png (334.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-23-08-56-24…)


No. 195645

File: 1445587254095.png (310.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-23-08-56-40…)


No. 195646

Also, anyone notice that Mena has deactivated her Tumblr?

No. 195877

Yep, noticed that a few days ago when I was lurking through her blog and suddenly it came up not found.

I hope she's doing okay, Mena seems to have a good future for herself.

No. 196914

Its shooped?

Yeah sorry I deleted my question, I didnt want to come across as insensitive but thanks for your reply anyway :)

No. 196930

Moved to >>>/snow/49394.

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