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File: 1428449451395.jpg (44.75 KB, 500x669, large.jpg)

No. 77473

No. 77482

File: 1428449662234.jpg (30.23 KB, 588x102, 01.29.18.png.jpg)

she is really doing damage control for all her "before" pics. it's clearly not photoshop, she just became pretty overtime like she said lol

No. 77485

I don't even find her ugly in her old pictures, it's just that she shoops wihtout admitting that aggravates me. and now she is starting to admit parts just because she probably found the threads…

No. 77500

yes, she isn't bad looking tbh just a little chubby but her face was okay
what makes me mad is her bitch attitude and that's why i want her exposed

No. 77503

File: 1428452371595.jpg (9.26 KB, 241x266, 516613M-515111M-Bratz-Strut-It…)

All I see is this shit.

No. 77505

File: 1428452882021.png (35.85 KB, 606x310, berry.png)

And later she wrote "Its 2015 and I still dont give a fuck" once again giving too many fucks about not giving a fuck lol

No. 77508

that is really accurate

No. 77528

The more I read about this girl, the more she reminds me of this crazy bitch in my local Cosplay community that goes by Yuuhi Takahiro. Good times. Lol

No. 77530

Someone please make a collage with all her not giving a fuck tweets

No. 77534

File: 1428455993850.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1483, Screenshot_2015-04-07-03-34-44…)


No. 77535

File: 1428456018215.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1571, Screenshot_2015-04-07-03-34-34…)

No. 77557

File: 1428457427696.png (165.49 KB, 624x1640, fucks.png)

>>77530 some of them

No. 77559

Damn she's insecure.

No. 77562

Thank you, anon. And that's only from the past 4 days

No. 77630

For "not giving a fuck" she sure does have a lot of fucms to give.

No. 77786

File: 1428504484436.png (154.38 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-04-08-10-40-32…)

Not giving a fuck and crying about it

No. 77787

File: 1428504529574.png (88.3 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-04-08-10-42-09…)


No. 77789

21" waist. im sure thats just what her mother claims. what person wouldnt embellish their glory days

No. 77794


When she was 11 years old maybe LOL

No. 77808


I have a 21" waist myself, it's Not even that special, there are quite a lot of girls with waists like this.

No. 77809

maybe she meant 27 but that's not skinny-kawaii enough for her

No. 77811

File: 1428508379472.png (147.71 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-04-15-01-24-26…)

Yeah Berry , but maybe you're just ugly without photoshop~

(I guess the tweet is a response to this old group photo )

No. 77815

File: 1428508605009.png (578.65 KB, 645x469, 1428458786628.png)

I think the photo got deleted so here's this group photo of ouji and his classmates/friends (?)

No. 77816

I think below 22" is not that common…

However, have you seen her mom now? She looks like her waist is at least 35", so thats why 21" is so funny.

No. 77854

File: 1428513967853.jpg (43.8 KB, 400x706, CCFdx5oWIAAAmDd.jpg)

No. 77856

File: 1428514111029.png (150.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-04-08-13-22-51…)

Supposedly progresses from a month ago

Ouiji likes shooped booty, apparently

No. 77858

Her body looks so deform. I guess no more photoshopped tits? She's gonna photoshop her but instead -_-

No. 77860

I love how blurry her butt is

No. 77865

funny how she's trying to seem like she's working out after we called out on her bullshit lol

No. 77868

File: 1428515015565.jpg (125.42 KB, 911x465, Screenshot_2015-04-08-12-35-40…)

Posted this in old thread sorry
But yet girls can't talk to ouji according to berry huh?

No. 77871

What that bod can't be achieved within one month can it? Esp with that excess fat she had outline.?

No. 77872

Her tits look pointy and weird its funny omf

Ya her butts blurry hahah

No. 77874

tbh I wouldn't be surprised if she wore butt pads. Everything about her is so fake from her looks to her lies

No. 77879

Yeah, the odd lumpiness makes me think it's padding. Probably coupled with some shoop too, of course.

No. 77880

But she "was" always thin in her old pictures, what is she trying to do? kek

No. 77882

Looks like she's wearing a diaper lol… -_-||

No. 77884

File: 1428516262779.png (42.27 KB, 596x310, ofcourse.png)

She is ridiculous

No. 77885

lmao right. so is she technically admitting to shopping her photos before (even though she didn't fully address it)? haha i think shes digging herself deeper tbh

No. 77886

She cannot be serious with this.
>All that blur
>All of those squiggly lines

No. 77888

i know how can people not see that blurriness surrounding her ass??????????????????????

i also find her hard to believe nowadays because of all her lies and photoshopping jfc

No. 77902

and now she is talking about having done 2 miles on the threadmill, she is kinda going overboard with this fitness thing since like 2 days (probably saw those threads)

it is extremely suspicious that she has no full body pics with her face visible, at least none where you can actually see her figure.

No. 77914

would be too much to PS and fix, since most likely, she stretches her body photos which would stretch her face

No. 77919

Lol how does she find the time to do squats when I thought she sleeps like the whole day xD

No. 77921

sleeps, games and doesn't she have school to deal with since ykno shes majoring n the medical field and is in "college".

No. 77922

her lies/whatever she spewws have a lot of holes in them

No. 77923

This is like my dream life

No. 77931

No. 77964

File: 1428522754694.png (737.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-04-08-15-48-05…)

From the old thread, two days ago. She really did start talking about her butt

No. 78012

File: 1428526277708.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-04-08-16-39-48…)

Lmao those fake shaded on roots. "Temporary hair color"

No. 78016

I remember her thread on pull
It was fucking gold

No. 78022


i remember her posting this saying she cut the wigs bangs wtf

No. 78023

it's clearly a wig…why would she try to hide it?

No. 78026

i fucking hate it when weebs like ber make their eyes so huge they look like aliens

No. 78027

*like this

No. 78032

lol I remember that she used to always "dye" her hair.
Although it was obvious that she was wearing wigs even some people started to get suspicious but she kept making excuses that she would dye her hair back to black and bleach it again and stuff.
It was hilarious~

No. 78036

She had a really long thread PULL anon.
Too bad she's pretty inactive now(Watched her on Insta), a thread on her here would have been complete gooold.

Now on topic, how do people find her whoops cute? Imo she usually looks like a monkey.

No. 78040

I have no idea?? I wear wigs all the time and when people say they like my hair, I'm like "thanks, it's a wig" no shame in wearing wigs. She's just being an idiot.

No. 78060

She's lied about her hair countless of times. Its ever either photoshopped or wigs rofl no idea why she tried so hard to lie
Very few people tend to catch on tho

No. 78063

Idk proly to look cool, like her life is entertaining and interesting when it isn't LOL


Yeah she's lied tons about her hair. I remember her whole mermaid hair shit but the next day it was all back to black. Like bitch do u have any idea the process and outcome of dying and bleaching?

No. 78099

Lmao who is that bitch trying to fool? It's obvious she's wearing a goddamm wig because if that's Really her hair then does she have an alien shape sized head????

No. 78101

Gosh she looks like a turtle in thay pic of her with her green wig. Where is her neck? How is her head able to balance on her body with no neck.

No. 78106


Necks ain't kawaii

No. 78109

rofl and yet people still fall for her lies.

No. 78112

When did ouji ecactly "visit" berry ?

No. 78119

I actually get why she don't have a neck unless she shoops herself one. That's because she is fat. If she won't stick her head out like that she will end up having her second chin visible.

No. 78125

No neck and big shoulders kawaii desu

No. 78146

and no collarbones.

No. 78159

File: 1428536131353.png (34.36 KB, 614x276, whatisaneck.png)

apparently people without a neck are really normal

No. 78160

btw if you look closely at this pic you can see there's no way her head is that small, her shoulders are massive

No. 78162

what the shit is wrong with her boobs did she stash easter eggs in there or something??? Everything is so wrong smh i thought she's in the "med field" but she doesnt even know simple anatomy get your shit together betch

No. 78176

File: 1428539346244.jpg (132.8 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

>>I do enjoy going on it to see amazing messages from my followers
Bitch dont lie. You deleted everything

No. 78181

In the caption she says she's still a little chubby and I'm like ????? It looks like she's trying to be the Asian Kylie Jenner. Trying to look like a (fake) spoiled kid, the I-have-a-small-waist but huge tits and booty, the contour… She has never done that before. From weabboo to Wylona's little sister and now the Asian Kylie? Let me laugh

No. 78187

Also according to that she's a tomboy (lol)

No. 78193

Oh gosh what's next lol?

No. 78194

Hopefully her next look is the "I finally have a neck" look.

No. 78219

i love how she says "i dont watch anime! lol"
>uses anime caps as icon
>poorly tries to shoop herself like ~*kawaii animu goddess*~

No. 78220



No. 78221

I think Berry is probably gonna copy someone else style again.

Maybe next she's gonna be the Asian Kota

No. 78222

haha or the Asian Venus.

No. 78224

The asian iggy azalea

No. 78226

I think its a mix of kylie and the aesthetic style/amikoto or amikoji now too xD

everything she is doing reminds me of kylie and the amikoto now. "rich" big booty, tiny waist with tits. those fake cartier bracelets = kylie. short hair, minimal makeup, adidas track jacket and simple photos = the aesthetic style & ami haha

No. 78228

LOL yes I agree with you XD
Its funny how she claims to be "original"

No. 78229

I remember Berry saying that she is inspired by Japanese Street fashion or something.

No. 78230

The asian nicki minaj

No. 78235

Hahahaha XD omg

No. 78242

right? and she gets on peoples ass if they "copy" her lol, she's an entitled bi*ch.

No. 78245

yes~ I wish she would stop being so full of herself

she tries hard to be original and pretends to have a perfect body.

No. 78246

does she really still claim to not watch anime?

this. i see it. not necessarily kylie jenner but yeah

No. 78250

Lol I'm laughing at berry trying to give advice about how to get a booty. Lmfao. Two 2 months of squats? Bitch more like "how to get a booty. You just need to photoshop" - berry

No. 78253

hahaha maybe next time she will photoshop herself in someone else's body

No. 78254

File: 1428546260217.jpg (153.98 KB, 806x960, image.jpg)

No. 78255

No. 78259

Working out for 2 months? She said she was gaining a lot of weight like a week ago. I saw it on twitter.

No. 78262

yet apparently she has lost all this chub that she hasn't had for at least a year. oh, and based on her quads, she definitely doesn't do squats. she must believe all those instagram "fitness models" with ass implants thinking you can have a bubble butt from squats but still stick legs.

No. 78275

my god if you actually change the skintone to pale af white and fit the edited eyes i can almost see her next catfish pic she's gonna post

No. 78276

minus the neck that is

No. 78281


No. 78323

i think ouji and berry are both still in highschool.
in jan 30 ouji retweeted this https://twitter.com/NihongoSOS/status/561151867221073921

i think theyre both not in college

No. 78324

Hmm school in Singapore might be different from here. :o but thay does sound like a highschool schedule lol

No. 78332

File: 1428556318672.jpg (177.36 KB, 911x471, Screenshot_2015-03-30-11-25-19…)


Thought I should add to the pics lol

No. 78333

File: 1428556359947.jpg (141.57 KB, 911x426, Screenshot_2014-11-06-21-00-08…)

haha I found this when looking thru my screenshots

No. 78335

idk i think that's pretty irrelevant, im not in hs anymore but i'd reblog that since it's somewhat relatable to me? But idk maybe he is lying maybe he isnt

No. 78336

File: 1428556544084.png (220.37 KB, 665x454, capture-20150409-001047.png)

berry sounds like shes trying to threaten her friends because of the thread/blog LOL

sounds like shes on her toes about all of this even with her friends lol

No. 78338

I wonder if there is a secret in particular that she might be referring to?

No. 78339

rofl!! Bitches like this are ALL talk.

No. 78340

Isnt publicly proclaiming violence on someone illegal or something?

No. 78343


no not really. Not on the internet or anything. Everyone has been "violent" like this on the internet at least once. Especially in the irrational teen years.

It has to be irl and you have to actually tell someone while witnesses are around. Then you can probably file a police report or something if you fear for your saftey

No. 78344

lmao forreaaaaaaaal i laughed at this tweet i was like lmfao really?

No. 78346

Do you really think her friends are aware about her internet persona? Do you really think she told them about it? Online friends doesn't count because she shows them her edited pictures.

No. 78347

yeah and emphasis on irrational teen cough berry cough prolly isnt 20

and she does know that if she really did do this to be "cool" or whatever her reason of this tweet was, she would get charged/thrown in jail right? childish lol

No. 78348

tbh no i doubt. if you notice, none of her real life friends follow her on her accounts like twitter, ig, her facebook. like if they did wouldn't they tag her on instagram when going out or something? or tweet at her or comment on her facebook like what irl friends would do?

hell she even made a separate facebook under her real name. i dont think she wants her irl "friends" to know about her online life because shes different than her real self.

No. 78349

i think its weird how berry thrives on internet compliments through her photoshopped photos. sounds… unhealthy.

No. 78371

Friendly reminder that if someone reports her facebook as fake or lying about identity, Facebook makes her give her real info, if not they take down the account.

No. 78377

Niiiice. Someone should do this.

No. 78382

Will it be kept anonymous if you report her fb?

No. 78392

I dont know, but some friends got reported bc different names and they didnt know so yeah I guess it's anonymous

No. 78393

If only a useful thing like Google existed.

"Don't worry, your report is anonymous. When something gets reported to Facebook, we'll review it and remove anything that violates our Community Standards. We don't include any information about the person who filed the report when we reach out to the person responsible."

No. 78515

Keep sucking it in, Berry.

No. 78517

File: 1428591097941.jpg (70.15 KB, 750x632, image.jpg)

So much for her living in NY

No. 78524

One of my friends got his account taken away even though it was his real name. I knew him irl and it was on his driver's license and everything. I don't think that is definite proof of a fake account if reports take it down

No. 78527

Is living in NY more kawaii than living in NJ, huh Berry? JFC

No. 78542

This. My account was taken down because they didn't believe my last name, even though it isn't rare, and I didn't feel like uploading "proof"

No. 78547

Maybe its bc she doesn't want ppl to know where she lives and stuff?? she might get exposed and pictures of her taken and uploaded online will be the end of her "Internet animu princess" career.

No. 78550

everybody knows where she lives, we're just waiting for someone to take a pic of her

No. 78554

she never leaves her room/house tho it's going to be so hard for someone to take a picture of her on the rare occasions she leaves

No. 78558

And there's still the issue of people not knowing it's her

No. 78623

File: 1428605003320.gif (236.25 KB, 500x375, thatnose.gif)

I was checking one of her gifs and these two layers made me laugh, look at her nose

No. 78630

that's because she's stretching her mouth

No. 78636

Her nose should be stretching along with her mouth while in this gif it's the opposite.

No. 78643

Lmaoooo omg

and that hair and chin thing again…

No. 78676

Also no neck and her shoulders look huge

No. 78680

please go stretch your mouth in the mirror and tell me how it affects the width of your nose. pls.

No. 78687

I does affect your nose a bit, but in the gif it's the opposite of what it should look like. Her nose should go wider along with her mouth.

No. 78692

exactly, it seems her nose stays in the same place while she moves lol

No. 78694

also her nose moves inward instead of out with her mouth when she stretches her mouth haha

looks like she blurred her chin out a little or is that just me?

No. 78707

No. 78721

File: 1428613224019.jpg (45.45 KB, 480x820, 10524567_827022803988055_76664…)

wtf happened to her face

No. 78722

if you pay attention to her nose and mouth area the shadows are super wiggly wtf

No. 78725

and her thighs… (tilted my screen so i could see her thighs better)

No. 78731

blur everywhere

No. 78739

Has name means prince in mandarin chinese right?

-used to love a Wang zi from a boyband-

No. 78746

she fails @ full body + face photoshop lmaooo that's why she doesnt post any unless she's in a pose that covers most of it

No. 78757

File: 1428615815966.gif (464.9 KB, 400x456, Untitled-2.gif)

Also did this. Tried to keep her eyes and nose in all of the pics in the same place, but I'm sure there are other pics better to do the comparison.

No. 78762

She really needs to work on her Photoshop abilities. The difference is just too obvious.

No. 78764

Other than the dead eyed stare she looks like a different person in every pic. She sucks ass at shooping.

No. 78770

nothing about this is realistic wtf

No. 78795

Berry does not actually need to lie about her residence. All she needs to do is tell her followers that she doesn't want to tell anyone, even her online friends where she actually resides.

No. 78798

File: 1428618567724.jpg (30.37 KB, 488x604, xXHiJlvci1s.jpg)

Don't think this was posted before

No. 78799

omfg wtf

No. 78800


The door looks weird but idk

No. 78802

is it just me or does the shadow of her back like not match at all?

No. 78808

File: 1428618989705.png (146.15 KB, 488x604, e4a4f5263abb5de0317fbd5f714e50…)

This one is quite a good example for fotoforensics. You can see she changed mostly her stomach, her butt, her leg and the shadow of her butt (basically everything lol)

No. 78826

The Kardashian-Minaj style doesn't work for her. And idk her (photoshoped) body is hilarious, imagine a 150cm girl with that face (talking about her photoshopped image) with HUGE tits, HUGE ass, tiny waist … Her body proportions are very off, her body doesn't match. I mean, that ass isn't result of sport, and the belly isn't like that. Anatomy doesn't work like that. And if she were like this, wow she's gonna have back troubles bigger than her ass LOL

No. 78829

smh this girl. I have no other words for her stupidity

No. 78844

she would definitely be recognized and praised in real life if she looked like her shoops.

No. 78862

She's trying way too hard.

No. 78866

File: 1428624978663.png (227.45 KB, 606x700, 7634274776.png)

Berry describes herself

No. 78890


idk if she really did have those proportions it just reminds me of Snooki tbh..

No. 78915

fuck. yeah. hahahaha Let her get extensions please, and forget about her shooped skin tone and is Snooki

No. 78918

What an edgelord.

No. 78931

omfg the door is SO WIGGLY who is she trying to trick here

No. 78932

LOL somebody draw or photoshop a look of this omf
but really th her body isn't proportioned right like she wants it to be. she wants it/her/her life to be "perfect". shes delusional.

No. 78941

File: 1428630663276.png (718.27 KB, 605x819, IMG_20150410_3.png)

Lmao its Berry

No. 78945

anon y u delete her tweet about her vag :(

No. 78946

I didn't think anyone cared ;( I'll put it back 4 u

No. 78947

File: 1428631101638.jpg (38.31 KB, 640x273, image.jpg)

No. 78949


O god why

No. 78951

ew, wtf. Why doesnt she just share her bikini line like a normal person?

No. 78956

More like why does she need to announce this wut she cannot be in her 20s for announcing something so private. I can imagine teens saying this but not 20 year olds or college students. Too private to share.

No. 78959

i wax so and it's normal to wax. the funny thing about this is that she only tweeted it to give her followers the idea of her 'hairless kawaii vag' so now they know its hair free..attention whore

No. 78963


How can people like her if she's like this

No. 78965


Tbh i have never thought about Berrys vagina

No. 78969

That is so personal. Why did she have to share that? -_- I mean bragging about her fake ps booty was enough now she brags about her vag.. ok.

No. 78977

same which is why she had to remind everyone

No. 79007

Ditto. Now I am disgusted…

No. 79020


No. 79021

am i the only one not grossed out? like people have shared way more than that on social media.

No. 79022

neither I ewwww

No. 79041

same; i think she's just trying hard to be hashteg rel8able

No. 79043

File: 1428646278495.jpg (42.12 KB, 400x366, 68a.jpg)

Oh shit, don't cut yourself on all that edge, Berry.

No. 79049

But why would you wax it when you're not having sex with anyone nor it's the bikini season yet. I get it if you wax all the time and became used to doing it but it seems like this was the first time for her?

No. 79052

#richkidsbelike #richkidproblems

No. 79109

Maybe she's just trying it out. Not everyone needs a reason to do something.

But also in my head I'm thinking it's for mark_jpg LOL

No. 79112

Meh I wax even when I'm not boning anyone because I hate hair and feel cleaner without pubes.

Publically broadcasting it on your personal Twitter for all to see and know is pretty tryhard and attention seeking though. Does this girl get no validation in her real life? Jesus.

No. 79120

tryhard and attention seeking? to post about something you did in real life on your personal twitter account?
please retard

No. 79131

If it was a different girl, I probably wouldn't care, honestly. But since it is Berry, I have the feeling these posts
Have the right idea.

No. 79181


about her vag.
her vag.
her vag.

No. 79182


hello berry whiteknight. or berry herself.

No. 79188

Why are whiteknights lurking around this thread? Get out!

No. 79202

Oh god here comes your stupid paranoid "whiteknight!!!!!" bullshit just because someone thinks you're a giant baby for bawing over a girl saying she got her fucking snatch waxed

I don't give a shit about this bitch but I find it hysterical that out of all the shit you can cry about you choose to hyper analyze a post about a brazilian wax

No. 79216

Here you have it >>79131

No. 79239

nothing wrong with Brazilian waxing but would you tweet about it in detail tho?

No. 79247

ROFL I would not be surprised if it is for mark lololol

No. 79304

Nah bc I'm pretty sure if ouji posted something about him shaving his dick or telling the whole world on social media the size of his penis, berry the KAWAII Queen would freak the fuck out

No. 79314

File: 1428706892374.jpg (77.7 KB, 398x600, image.jpg)

Berry's dream jacket

No. 79362


Depends if knockoffs on taobao are available, lmao

No. 79372

of course, because she can't afford the real one

No. 79387

berryblogmod @ gmail

Hey everyone, It's been a long time since I've posted anything here, but I've been lurking.
Just wanted to get people's opinions on my next mood.
I've been thinking of following some of Berry's tumblr "friends"/ex-friends like Pastel-Cutie.
Not sure who else I would follow besides her, tbh. I don't remember her having drama other than amikoto, and Pastel-cutie.

No. 79410

How come I need a password to see the bitchigoflavor blog?

No. 79423

No. 79425

the new url is ichigofaker

No. 79438

berryblogmod @ gmail

sorry I changed the url to ichigofaker, because YB told me that the original url could get the blog deleted.

but I saved the url because I like it

No. 79452

File: 1428724468668.jpg (156.57 KB, 1080x1234, Screenshot_2015-04-10-23-49-05…)

LOL..this guy

No. 79453

File: 1428724596571.jpg (55.75 KB, 1080x414, Screenshot_2015-04-10-23-51-46…)

No. 79454

>>79452 >>79453 hahaha she called him out and even blocked him XD

No. 79457

>STD movie

The fuck does Berry watch?

No. 79458

Based on her twitter she watched "It Follows"

No. 79459


marquee theaters!

No. 79464

Oh I've heard of it before. That actually sounds like a pretty good movie ngl. Lel @ her trying to make it sound ~deep~ and ~challenging~ though. I guess you can pull some bullshit like "It's about how wrongs always haunt you" or whatever but seriously.

No. 79469

never heard of the movie before
google'd it and it looks like it only plays in select theaters
haven't googled those theaters but p sure it's NJ one's???????

No. 79473


it is. i saw it at seacourt and marquee is showing it as well.

No. 79497


No. 79505

No. 79506

omfg i saw her and his tweets
wanted to applaud that guy
her tweets are so damn immature
and she thinks shes so sly and clever with her comebacks lol

No. 79507

File: 1428729332179.png (176.54 KB, 695x644, capture-20150411-001004.png)

"If someone hates you: ignore them"
"Its 2015 and i still don't give a fuck:

No. 79510


No. 79512

yet she dedicates these tweets to him lol
w0w shes so cool wOW

No. 79518

i want to see berry fall so badly i used to think she was the coolest piece of toast but now i see her nasty ass self plus i would like to see her react to the tumblr and possible pull

No. 79519

that remind me has anyone made a berry tsukasa thread yet

No. 79521

You can't be serious…

No. 79528

on pull? i tried to but couldnt find the make a topic/thread link so i gave up loooooooooool

No. 79529


No. 79633

Did u read thread?

No. 79644

Lol we should all report Berrys Fb Page, Berry Tsukasa is not her real name. Lmao it could get taken down !

And yeah someone should open a PULL thread, but thats only possible if you've already posted an specific amount of posts

No. 79646

Siiigh, she already has a thread if any of you read the damned thread. She asked for the mods to delete it or something and they complied. Idk if they're gonna keep it up though since Berry is a huge jackass now compared to back then.

Why want to delete her FB? More keks I say! If she wants to be a huge bitch and make a fool out of herself, let her. The downfall and deletion will arrive on its own time.
Let me explain. If we get her fb deleted, then she may shut down/private everything else. Soon enough, no more BerryFlavouredLolcow.
We'll just have old pics circulating repeatedly.

No. 79648

No. 79655

File: 1428753433866.jpg (26.04 KB, 356x344, kek.JPG)

She just wanted to be a tortilla de papas and have siesta

No. 79782

smh. Why is she such a fucking snowflake and have to bring out her cherokee roots

No. 79819

… bless u

No. 79854

File: 1428782143483.png (35.28 KB, 600x330, 73672423.png)


No. 79863

File: 1428783590476.png (556.8 KB, 1284x720, berry.png)

I tried to edit this pic in order to get the original proportions based on the size of the socket (the door is still fucked up) but I'm pretty sure she edited her legs and stuff

No. 79865

Top kek berry

No. 79866

Thank you. Lots of people lurk pull, so more people will find out about her bullshit.

No. 79869

You are awesome, anon.

No. 79870

maybe she's too lazy to shoop

No. 79904

agree haha or scared we might find the flaws in her PS

No. 79907

omg the door lmao but i think its pretty accurate and her little legs 500% sure its edited by her, its so blurry on the sides.

good work anon

No. 80092

Is this her sister? http://twitter.com/Michyuu_

No. 80111


Nope, thats one of her online friends

No. 80124

File: 1428799888781.jpg (15.49 KB, 582x112, eww.JPG)

No. 80146

So kawaii~*

No. 80175

anyone else think its weird that the picture korinne posted on twitter of her facebook shows that she is in a relationship with ouji but if you look at her facebook yourself it says she's not in one?

No. 80176

omg how can Ouji still like her?

No. 80177

She probably doesn't want to disappoint her Japanese husbandos.

No. 80180

Why do people share this shit publicly? so gross

No. 80209

File: 1428803501918.jpg (34.53 KB, 324x282, image.jpg)

>talking to your bae on the phone while you poopin


No. 80224

It's a normal thing to do, however it's not normal to share it so openly on a social media site. I don't get people.

No. 80272

she's so cute and you white bitches are just jealous because she's famous and pretty and you aren't tbh

No. 80273

^^^^ LMFAO stop you look like an idiot

No. 80283

lol Berry get out.

No. 80284

>white bitches
lmfao oh god i have a good response gif for this too bad im on mobile

No. 80292

who the fuck would be jealous of berry and her need to photoshop her whole body and lie about everything on her life lol

if anything i pity her lack of confidence, while trying to hide it with bullshit lmao

the bitch should get a life

No. 80302


LOL you all sound poor and white. berry doesn't give a fuck what you think, why do you think she even reads this? she's busy with her bf and her sponsorships while your busy being fat rednecks.

No. 80307

nice try but I'm not even white lol and you sound kind of defensive and upset..it's okay korinne just come out and admit your lies already you look silly now

No. 80317

File: 1428810738063.jpg (93.8 KB, 1024x699, image.jpg)

No. 80325

sorry but im not white either? that's a nice high saddle you got there tho but fuck off ya whiteknight

No. 80328

Berry so ugly she needs to Photoshop every picture so it doesn't look like her. I bet her bf cries while he bangs her soft, neckless, brown body wishing she looked like the kawaii uguu Photoshop purincessu she presents herself to be.

If your parents are so rich go beg them for plastic surgery.. No one likes sitting at the computer crying as they burn away the fat on PS sheesh bitch.

No. 80329

this sounds like berry so fuckin much looool

No. 80330

aww bby are you sad that your waifu is fake shit and dont want to admit it?

No. 80331

berry's also fat though so??????????????????

No. 80338

LOL your comebacks are weak. You must be a delusional fan that kisses ass to Berry or didnt read the threads about her. I'm not white either but way to be racist while youre at it lololol

I wouldn't be surprised if this is Berry holy fuck lmfaaaaaoooo

No. 80339

I cant still LOL is this a troll i really cant tell

No. 80348

he's never met her irl, so they probably just fap to each other on cam

seriously… it must be a troll if they think most of berry's haters are fat and white. maybe most of us aren't rich, but at least we wouldn't lie about our taobao knockoffs.

No. 80371

She's not famous.
If she's "so pretty" then why does she lightens her skin, photoshops her skin and body so much that people who knows her irl can't even recognize her online persona?
and yes i'm white, at least i'm not trying to be some ethnicity i'm not :^)
if you think she's cute then yeah you obviously have yellow fever

No. 80372

actually, she does.
That's why she makes so many posts about her "haters". She obviously cares. And I'm proud to be white. I got dat milky skin she wishes she had.
And Berry is the one who's poor, dumbass. and she's the one who's fat :^)

No. 80381

If she were as pretty as she claims to be she could be really famous by opening a SERIOUS blog about fashion, makeup and circle lenses. If she were interested in fashion she could do it. But she has 0 taste, wears knock-off, wears fake Cartier but claims is real, photoshops as hell and even her skin tone is not real.
How many bloggers are there because of their looks? A lot.

No. 80483

File: 1428841571280.jpg (86.92 KB, 580x570, 14.16.03.jpg)

how would you know ouji? you've never even touched them. and i don't really think they are completely fake, just enhanced and that she is probably fatter than she admits.

also this only proves that ouji never posts anything on his twitter anymore that does not have to do with berry

No. 80489

The other twist - she send him nudes and/or they fapped for each other on webcam

No. 80490

Why is it that Everyone someone "hates" on someone they have to be ugly, fat and poor… some people -_-||

No. 80491

every time*

No. 80492

I'm Asian js.. and what's so wrong with white people?… Just because they aren't "kawaii"?

No. 80494

Whiteknights are so damn toxic and racist

No. 80495


Berry knows Ouji's password huh I bet she wrote that.

No. 80497

wow you really got me

No. 80503

asians aren't kawaii, sorry, anon :(

No. 80508

everyone's kawaii

No. 80510

i still say that ouji doesnt care about her anymore and she kept all of his accounts to pretend she still has a bf

No. 80541


No. 80578

That whiteknight is soooo freakin childish, stupid, and offended for assuming that everyone in this thread are white and fat hahaha. Get out of here!

No. 80580

Pixitery too

No. 80581

the way Ouji talks-> Berry's way
Sorry but I don't think he says Oppai or talks like some of his tweets lol the one mixing japanese and english is korinne

No. 80583

its actually pretty scary how similar korinne and ouji sound.. korinne said before that she only ever cuts her hair short after a breakup with her boyfriends..so what if her and ouji broke up a while ago (which is why she cut her hair short) and shes still lurking on his twitter to make it seem like she is still in a relationship with him :o that would also explain why he doesn't say anything about her flirting with other guys. thats just a theory though lol

No. 80584

File: 1428858030456.png (335.93 KB, 526x525, whiteknight.png)

No. 80586

File: 1428858233327.jpg (13.08 KB, 150x139, 1254902398.jpg)

she's raging so hard, that she's speaking of herself in the third person.

No. 80587

this makes so much sense, omg i agree

No. 80593

Lol omg so true xD that seems to explain everything

No. 80633

i thought she did it for the korean ulzzang aesthetic– but i do feel like she's going into his accounts and acting like him

No. 80658

File: 1428865788451.png (14.48 KB, 408x352, berry.png)

I made this with a twitter stats app. Basically it shows the number of tweets made through the day. I converted Ouji's time to Berry's, considering that when it is 12am in Jakarta it's 12pm in NJ (I didn't consider DST). The numbers below in black are the number of tweets.

This can be a little inaccurate since the interval used for Ouji was bigger than for Berry (as she deleted her old tweets) and can be considering tweets he made himself.

What do you think?

No. 80771

it could be because he goes online when she does because of the ldr? but you could be on to something… the way ouji writes just reminds to much of berry.

No. 80819

I know this is very old but look what I've foun.

No. 80820

File: 1428886283908.png (181.86 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-04-13-01-45-49…)

Forgot pic xD

No. 80821

The queen of shoop and lies posted a new photo with her gigantic oppai and her neck is impossible to see once again

No. 80823

wow wonder what happened

No. 80827

File: 1428886560482.jpg (51.01 KB, 500x884, CCbglK5WYAAKZ9V.jpg)

notice her massive super chub hands again it doesn't match up to her self claim skinny booty tiny waist bod

she looks pudgy this time though. guess she knows we are onto her and the proof is out there so she decided to photoshop a little less on her body. i still think its photoshopped a bit though tbh but idk

No. 80829

I think her neck is broken lol

No. 80830

File: 1428886702514.png (264.61 KB, 625x651, capture-20150412-195000.png)

isnt it like super early in the morning for ouji why is he tweeting rn lol suspicion arises again

also…. more berry related tweets. either he is not a human and berry is pretending or berry has taken over his life.

they havent webcammed in a while/no recent webcamming pics of them webcamming each other too hmm

No. 80833

laughing at how pixelated her boobs are lmao

No. 80834

wonderful timing, one minute difference

No. 80837

look at her boob on the right side of the picture (on the bottom side of it) clearly edited..i'm embarrassed for her

No. 80838

Lol she looks thicker now compared to her overly photoshopped photos from before.

No. 80839

The right side is a mess lol

No. 80840

is it just me or does her ear look really high up? lol

No. 80841

right? lmaooooo she has so many holes in her photoshopping lies


and her room DOES NOT look like a rich girl room. looks plain and messy.

No. 80842

File: 1428887357724.jpg (255.5 KB, 268x477, 1419973441206.jpg)

one of her oldish photos of her body
lmao i cant…

No. 80846

File: 1428887702682.jpg (16.68 KB, 350x560, Y7W03SMXxAM.jpg)

No. 80859

One Piece character body.

No. 80877

File: 1428890952324.png (16.93 KB, 640x187, 67356137.png)

Some shits I found on vk where the group admin asked Berry questions that her "fans" wanted to know (I don't russian, so this is all based on google translations)

No. 80879

File: 1428890984092.png (13.79 KB, 529x234, 7364627345.png)

No. 80880

File: 1428891044556.png (12.09 KB, 575x230, 2735254623.png)

this is saying im flooding lol

No. 80931

So berry that it hurts

No. 80976

wtf happened to her neck-ear area it's all blurry/erased?? and her right boob looks lop-sided

i love how she's jumping into the Hestia bandwagon just cause a lot of people are fangirling about that char. Berry you will never be Hestia because you're a manipulating little hypocrite that poorly photoshops

No. 81001

hahaha Berry should stop lying to her self~

No. 81012

File: 1428904543539.png (18.93 KB, 572x193, capture-20150413-005041.png)

how does this even make sense……..
is she trying to say her boobs appeared suddenly in class or what lmfao

No. 81016

No teacher WOULD EVER say that to an 11/12 year old. this bitch.

No. 81028

File: 1428906367455.jpg (30.1 KB, 329x511, QrmgQ3tr0Is.jpg)

whoaa found this old photo when lurking vk
holy shit berry actually looks like her sister here like they actually look related

No. 81034

File: 1428906558589.gif (245.27 KB, 500x375, anigiflol.gif)

just going to leave this here

No. 81035

Sure Berry.
When I was in 4º of ESO (after first year of bachelor) there was a SUPER BUSTY girl in my class, her name is Claudia. And teacher never say something like that. Or Berry usually dresses like a slut, or she's lying.

No. 81043

maybe both
also neither of these two look like her real face wtf

No. 81045

Dat fanfic

No. 81046

at least here ears are in place here
compared to >>80827

No. 81047

*her ears

No. 81048


and in this one darkened the FUCK out of them to make them noticeable

No. 81065

maybe if she attended 6th grade outside of the US? I don't know if she grew up here or in the Philippines.

No. 81074

I'm from Spain and that doesn't happen here, because if it happens, your parent go to talk with the teacher, and if he or she is still saying these things, you can fill a lawsuit. She's lying.

No. 81075

im gonna infer that she moved around the time where she'd be starting 5th grade in US since she's applying for her citizenship (because her green card is prob gonna expire this year). Oh and also her yearbook pic is around that time too right?
If one of her teachers esp. a male teacher says "Hide those puppies" to a 5th grader's pubecent fat boobs he could've gotten fired and I don't think teachers are dumb enough to say such things just to lose their job? –In conclusion Korinne is just full of shit

No. 81076

oops my bad i meant 6th grader's pre-pubecent fat boobs

No. 81093

Lmao pre-pubecent fat boobs lol lol

No. 81150

I grew up in the Philippines and something similar happened to me in 5th grade. One of my teachers pulled me aside after class and told me to wear another bra because the bra I had on was too distracting (tbh it was-you could see it through my uniform because it was pink and had prints on it). So yeah, it happens. That said, I don't think it happened to her since she sounds so proud about it. idk, I developed early as a kid too and it was always a point of embarrassment for me.

No. 81155

File: 1428938076019.png (58.75 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-04-13-11-10-17…)

No. 81157

well you have boobs while berry doesn't so…

No. 81159

her ego is ridiculous

No. 81160

this bitch is fucking disgustin
'ououou boys want to touch my 'puppies' and fuck me hard waiiit if u r not japanese I wont give u my pussy'
How do you feel about it, Ouji? Your gf is a slut and is proud to be one.

No. 81161

No. 81162

File: 1428939574072.jpg (91.23 KB, 579x1024, Y6gW4jzzMrg.jpg)

Also can anyone gues the date in the notebook? It seems Sept 5 but I can't see the year. Well, based on her notes, she was studying really basic biology. I'm graduating in a science field and there's no way you'd study this on university, especially if you were studying to be a doctor.

No. 81165

sep 5

No. 81166

And the year?

No. 81168

No. 81171

She's definitely in highschool then lol

No. 81205

i remember seeing this last year. She also posted another pic with basic algebra the same year and i was confused cause i though she was in college but she was learning something so basic

No. 81208

also look at how much paper she has in her binder– i feel like that's so high school

No. 81210

ya'll realize the first two years are gen eds and basic shit right?

she's at ocean county college. i went there myself/

No. 81218

really? in y first year we had like a week of revising stuff before jumping to more advanced shit and basically all the teachers assumed we already knew the basics

No. 81219

No. 81220

But you don't have to repeat algebra and basic biology if you look it in high school. You can definitely test out of math, especially if you're so smart like berry.

Im pretty sure most people go up to at least chemistry in high school, and all my premed friends took physics. Everyone takes calc ab. Premed friends got to at least bc.

I know I took precalc as a refresher course in college, but algebra? Lol.

No. 81238

Idk how come community college are like there but the ones here.. before you pick your classes they make you take an assessment test to see where you're at so you can get placed in the right classes because some classes require you have to have certain score on your assessment test inorder to take that test so I'm thinking if it's the same there. Berry could had scored low on her assessment tests and had to take some basic algebra and biology classes again? O;

No. 81240


No. 81241

if that's the case then she'd be taking 2nd-3rd year high school stuff in college

No. 81243

wow theirs nothing real about this. if you are under 5'3 or so, your body is simply not shaped like this sorry

No. 81245

Nah, that varies state to state. In my state you can take an accuplacer to determine where you're at in math, but college algebra isn't considered bad. There are remedial classes for those who don't score high enough for algebra. You only get credit for bio, history, etc if you KLEP out or pass the AP exams for the courses.

No. 81246


same this goes for mine too. i think she scored low/is retaking. i mean she can't be as smart as she claims to be with her tweets and her lies.

No. 81253

at OCC you need to take an intro science lab course. most people do biology. i did chemistry.

go look at their website

No. 81254


there is a math and reading assesment test you take at occ. thats it.

No. 81255

and im not a fan of berry just like ya'll but you're reaching with the college shit.

shes taking normal classes for that college.

No. 81256

>maybe took remedial classes last year
>claims she has 100+% GPA
>going to occ?
>people asking her out to prom
>still in high school
>act's like a high school student
>maybe graduating this year since she got fake cartier bracelets from her parents

No. 81259

the second option is definitely more realistic. but I just don't understand her reason to lie about something like that. what's the point? aren't there more people pretending to be younger?

No. 81265

They arent normal for someone that's premed. She may be in cc, but we are just pointing out that she is really dumb.

No. 81325


i highly doubt she is premed. med schools dont want people to take "pre med" and thus the major is being phased out.

she's most likely a biology major.

No. 81327

can people stop saying korinnes body is their "goal"… her body isn't real. at least not the one she's posting online. her waist cannot be that thin with such huge ass boobs and twigs for legs it's just impossible. i'm so embarrassed for her and I wish more people would see that she's full of shit

No. 81329

File: 1428957716527.png (753.05 KB, 930x1079, Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 4.37…)

I foresee more shooped boobs….

No. 81339

Oh, I thought premed referred to someone in college that is aiming for med school and not someone in a specific premed major. Berry says she is trying to be a doctor, so I assumed she would be a premed student. In addition to the health sciences classes, people on the path to med school need a lot of observation hours and shit.

I was trying to say that I doubt she's on the path to becoming a doctor based on her classes.

No. 81340

File: 1428958383597.jpg (47.45 KB, 341x604, 842iv6CTQcI.jpg)

Did she really post middle school algebra as a way of bragging…

No. 81343

Not to mention how she turned the greater than or equal to sign into just an equal sign

No. 81344

RIGHT?! Its so annoying like ugh berry is a lying sack of shit don't idolize her fakeness

No. 81346

File: 1428959558300.png (32.95 KB, 380x310, noboobs.png)

>i sit in a way where my chest looks flat
right berry lol

No. 81347

File: 1428959639779.png (19.03 KB, 449x65, chubby.png)

>im chubby but i weight 40kg

No. 81348

LMAO I remember this i was like "ok" when i first saw it.

I think she claimed to be an art major a long time ago? whatever major it is now, it seems unlikely most of the times. Like someone mentioned before if she was in UNI and in some med major, that would take up a shit ton of her time. I have a few friends in UNI and in med majors and no way could they have time to blog, game, sleep and eat a shit ton. It doesn't add up.

She must be in CC or senior highschool since CC and Highschool are similar anyways so its a little hard to differentiate without enough information. But she is not in uni like she claims to be in that one pretentious tweet about 68k a year cartier fu fu.

No. 81349

she has a lot of loopholes in her lies :-)

No. 81350

File: 1428959748325.jpg (43.23 KB, 472x866, xH7qw2QZ7ak.jpg)

There's also this

No. 81353

wtf this looks like middle school shit

No. 81355

i did this stuff in my 1st year of university and im loling… i took chemistry though. isn't it supposed to be that easy unless you're doing a math specialty?

No. 81356

Is first year actually like that? I'm only in highschool and my work is much more complex

No. 81357

I also studied this in higschool. Well, I guess it depends of the major?

No. 81358


the first two years are a joke

No. 81359

yeah in my 1st year at uni was majoring biochem so i took a bunch of chemistry courses, a biology course and some math and physics courses

everything except for the chemistry was way easier than what i did in high school (high school was harder i think but it was also like 5 years ago so i can't remember)

No. 81361

she's got some scamanda octopus fingers

No. 81362

someone upload this on 9gag

No. 81363

I went to high school in the USA, and I was doing these types of equations in 10th grade. My friends were much smarter than me and already started calc by that time.

Berry is an idiot.

No. 81365

How do you sit in a way where your chest doesn't look big lmao if that's the case she must have a really bad posture it's no wonder we can't even see her neck? Is her way of sitting where you can't see her boobs like a hunch back position?

No. 81370

No. 81371

that was posted in the old threads

No. 81372

there is no major as premed as i know. you chose any major AND are considered pre med if you are taking pre req classes for med school/mcats

most pre med students are bio undergrads tho, that i know personally at least

she seems so retarded and lazy i doubt she is premed. this is juts part of omg rich and so smart!!

No. 81389

lol tbh! she tries so hard to be rich its embarrassing. she said she's going to get an iphone 6 soon on her twitter as a reply to someone. she's probably going to get those monthly plans.

No. 81412


Well sone time ago she talked about how bad Iphones are and how people only buy them because they are "cool "

No. 81415

she tweeted something about how they break easily too or something lmfao wtf
she's probably just going for the "im rich" aesthetic/whatever the hell it is

No. 81428

File: 1428967953485.jpg (49.53 KB, 499x810, CCgePY0UMAAmpZw.jpg large.jpg)

she just uploaded this

No. 81432

why is her ear so high

No. 81435

her boobs look so soft here

No. 81437

she seriously cannot be that skinny with such huge boobs unless she had plastic surgery which is unlikely because shes poor

No. 81440

That blur on her right boob though

No. 81441

Her right hand is blurry n curvy

No. 81443

Her right circle lens tho.

No. 81445

It just melts into her upper eyelid XD

No. 81447

Her right circle lenses always have that curve thing at the bottom.. ._.

No. 81451

It's nearly Summer guys… bet she can't wait to post all the "ecchi" selfies for the nippon boyos

No. 81455

Boyos sounds like bollos, which means buns in spanish. And I imagined fat japanese boys fapping with her pics and hahaha I guess is what Berry likes, to have weird guys fapping with her pics

No. 81462

she probably sticks it out with a fuck-ton of pushups and her nips should be right where the edge of her shirt is. Just follow the contour of her " Y" cleavage and you'll see

No. 81467

her ear is so high up and her eyebrows look overly drawn-in

No. 81470

Guys. I see her bra.

No. 81472

File: 1428971420648.png (304.27 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-04-14-01-26-18…)


No. 81475

She looks very filipina here and her boobs dont look that huge. I kinda like this pic despite all the shoop

No. 81479

File: 1428972333293.jpg (140.11 KB, 454x421, Screenshot_2015-04-13-20-39-19…)

You might want to lie harder berry because this sounds like bullshit. In her recent photos her boobs aren't even proportionate to her body. At least make it believable.

No. 81481

File: 1428972459497.gif (963.78 KB, 500x281, 315.gif)

No. 81482

No. 81483

yeah ouji saw her naked because SHE is ouji lol

No. 81484

this is the worst attempt at lying ever wtf retard

No. 81486

Just imagine Berry at 9-10 years old with big boobs lol she doesn't even have them now what an idiot

No. 81487

So she was afraid of judgement but now decides to flaunt them like no tomorrow?

No. 81488

File: 1428973097745.jpg (226.21 KB, 499x810, flip.jpg)

If you flip the picture it even looks more wonky

No. 81489

she has average sized boobs and despite her "bad posture" vs >>78721 where she's standing (!!!)

so much bullshit my eyes rolled off and left the building.

No. 81490

is she trying to say she cammed with ouji.. why even bring that up

No. 81491

File: 1428973372896.png (34.56 KB, 598x310, 4324242.png)


No. 81492

Wtf in her old pics pretumblr she photoshopped her cleavage too. Back when she was still tan and shit

No. 81494

she has no moles on these pics

No. 81495

maybe if she stopped being a lying bitch not as much people would hate her.

No. 81496

I recently gained alot of weight and my boobs became a little bigger..just like when I lose weight the boobs go too. She can't have such a big chest and be as skinny as she claims. Either she's actually really fat and photoshops herself to be skinny, or she's skinny and photoshops her tits to be bigger. Well either way she definitely photoshops her boobs but yeah lol

No. 81497

Just because you hate someone doesn't automatically make you jealous of them or their "attractive"… but because of their personality and lies Berry.

No. 81498

Of course, she's ouji hahaha I bet the guy doesn't know about this. And if he knows he has to be lol-ing. Remember berry knows his passwords

No. 81501

File: 1428974367294.png (190.34 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-04-14-01-17-11…)

Reminded me of her lol

No. 81502

i dont know who this girl is, and im 99.999999% sure she shoops based on her pics, but what you said is false. i primarily gain weight and lose weight in my boobs (its very bad because every time u wanna lose weight all that happens is you end up with saggy deflated tits :/) so yeah. ppl carry weight differently.

No. 81505

Unless she went from no boobs to huge boobs while not gaining weight like she claims lol

No. 81506

tbh im like 900% sure it is what she likes and wants

No. 81507


No. 81509

omg amazing what flipping a picture does

she looks like she's sort of bending forward and her boobs look lopsided. her eyes are awkwardly overally enlarged now

No. 81510

i still omg LOL
she sounds like a little kid trying really hard to prove something by going to that extent lmao chill out berry. whoever said they probably fap to each other earlier is probably right. i mean no harm in that but why does she announce such private ass things sometimes lol

No. 81511

the shoulder on our right looks bigger and more noticeable now. proportional to her other arm/shoulder

No. 81512

Why is she trying so hard to prove that her bewbs are really big tho anyway.. is she afraid of losing all her male "fans"?

No. 81513

I'm not talking about the pics but the way she always talks about them

No. 81515

so if she noticed she had boobs in 4th grade…….

why did she sound like she's so confused about having boobs in 6th grade?

uh hmm

No. 81516

Damn. There's lots of beautiful girls that are flat chested and have lots of male fans. She's just a attention whore. To stay relevant she has to shoop her boobs. If they were natural … But no

No. 81517

bc without them she is painfully average

No. 81519

I think they're real n she's just chubby ( or fat idk ) she looks quite thick boned tho.

No. 81521

i agree i think they're real too, maybe photoshooped to look a bit bigger.

But, she is definitely not what she claims her body to be (thin and tiny waist with big butt and big boobs) etc.

No. 81524

I don't understand her body. First she's a stick animu loli thing and next she's a thick n 'curvy' thing. Can't decide on what's kawaiier?

No. 81526


Yeah, I agree. Pretty sure they're real, but because she's kinda bordering on fatty-chan territory and she shoops herself thin, they look proportionally bigger whereas irl proportionally they probably look average/kinda big but nothing special

No. 81527

its because big boobs and tiny waist and a booty is in nowadays.
take kylie jenner, berrys senpai, for example lol

No. 81532

File: 1428976856808.png (142.28 KB, 689x662, ignore_questionmark.png)

ignore??? ignore?? berry do you even know what ignore means referring to her montage of angry tweets about h8turs

No. 81533

She sure cares a lot for not caring rofl

No. 81535

this hoe. I'm so done lmfao

No. 81539

i cry evry teim

No. 81544


She doesn't care so much that she has to remind everyone everyday that she doesn't.

No. 81550

File: 1428979790147.png (37.63 KB, 497x433, kkkkk.png)

>Gurls are confusing Im not like leik othur bitchezz!!11

No. 81551

isnt berry a self proclaimed feminist btw? i remember she said something about being feminist on tumblr a long time ago.

No. 81556

"people on the internet are dumb af" she spends all her life on the internet so????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

No. 81560

I'm so very sick of the 'I'm not like other gurlz" people. Stop it.

No. 81564

berry: i'm not like most qurls lolz i dont get jealous at all hahahh also im so bad ass you guys i take pics of knives and i play fps ganes cause im edgy !! Don't be jealous of my boobs and you can def get a toned ass but no toned quads when u do squatz for two months

No. 81569

doesn't her sister follow her twitter? does she not find it awkward that her sister is getting all nude with her boyfriend (and publicly announcing it)

No. 81570

File: 1428983254964.png (41.32 KB, 637x527, wut tf.png)

uhh wut this sounds like some highschool or middle school shit like ewh what the hell?
that or she's making up shit again

No. 81572

th i find it surprising that her sister isn't popular either. like berrys sister can look very pretty, in some pics she looks like gorgeous. maybe berry doesn't want them to have fame either.

No. 81573

She has to be making this up. I've never heard about this happening and the fact that she says 3 guys have tried???

No. 81577

I could see this MAYBE happening in middle/high school. But college? Nobody would try that let alone 3 guys. She's nuts.

No. 81579

Yeah Def not in college. Damn does berry not get tired of bragging so much -_-

No. 81580

Making this shit up. No one would do this and if they tried to do it once, you report them like a normal person would. this bitch is so attention seeking.

No. 81581

Imaginary guys trying to unhook a flatty's stuffed bra. Yeah, totally believe it.

No. 81588

This attention seeking is getting sad. Making up unbelievable anecdotes about your boobs doesn't make them real. And what guy thinks having boobs makes a girls bra easier to unhook?

No. 81589

actually you can, with shapewears.
You can buy push up bras that add 2 cups + waist clinchers + slimming leggings

No. 81591

but nobody knows her
she's a nobody wtf

No. 81592

she prob drew it with eyeliner

No. 81593

yeah I meant naturally

No. 81594

File: 1428984753415.png (113.7 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-04-13-23-06-50…)

Look at me! Praise me for my boobs! Compliment me!

No. 81596

oh then yeah, it's impossible.
i dont get why shes obsessed with having huge boobs

No. 81597

LOLOL basically what she wants.

berry: "pRaise my TIDDIES!!!"

No. 81598

i fucking hate it when curvy girls act like they're some kind of victims
"omg 1 person said something bad its because i have big boobs WHATS WRONG WITH CLEAVAGE IM SO OPPRESSED WAAHH"
like if youre curvy you get praised unless you dress trashy
sorry for being ott

No. 81599

No. 81600

I know everyone has different bodies and that tubular boobs are a thing, but where the FUCK are her nipples supposed to be?? Like… I don't doubt that her tits are big ('coz she's fat) but like… with how her shirt is placed it makes no fucking sense. If she was flatter chested, it would make sense. I am so confused.

No. 81601

Actually you can. Thats called confidence. lmao

No. 81604

File: 1428985239962.png (131.67 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-04-13-23-15-41…)

And apparently she doesnt own pushup bras

No. 81606

oh, you have to make your cosplay instead of buying it? boo fucking hoo. That's what most people do.

No. 81609

doesnt own a push-up bra????? are you kidding me rn it's so obvious in her recent pic holy shit someone hold me because i can't handle her swiss cheese lies anymore

No. 81610


No. 81621

I wonder how pretentious and arrogant she will act when she gets her iphone 6. wonder what made her get it since i remember she was saying how shitty iphones were smh

I'm like 500% sure its either from craigslist/used or she is on those monthly plans that are only available for certain carriers lol

No. 81649

This. Have you seen her pics? She has no collarbones. Even at a BMI of 24 I had visible collarbones. Obviously not emaciated or anything lmao but you could still see them in pics, yet hers never seem to be visible ever despite her claiming to be such low weights? It's a dead giveaway.

No. 81663

holy shit. watch out now. shes gonna photoshop them on

No. 81673

excuse me, but what do her collarbones have to do with your collarbones at bmi of 24? Not everyone has collarbones visible at such weight, some people don't have them that visible even at bmi of 21.

No. 81681

While i do believe that it's impossible for her to be as tiny as some of her shoops, a lack of collarbones may just be because of her weird posture along with overbrightening and smoothing that removes the shadows

No. 81686

in her recent pic you should still be able to see a little bit of her clavicle near the neck-hair area but there is none.
compare >>81488 with >>77473 (but this one is actually 1-2ish years old)
it's possible she accidentally airbrushes them off when she brightens her skintone. Also if she's chicken-necking her head out then it should protrude even more even if her head is blocking her neck a little bit.

No. 81689

Her collarbones arent visible at all. Not the anon you're relying to, but while I know some people dont have collarbones that stick out a lot (myself included even at an underweight bmi), she has no neck and lacks collarbones which makes her look fat and beyond chubby

No. 81694


Adding to >>81689
Different anon, I have a BMI of 20 and I don't have visible collarbones either, but Berry's lack of collarbones + massive shoulders make her look like a lump of lard with a head.

eg) >>80827
That front makes zero sense with >>77854 side.

No. 81702

maybe she has hulk shoulders.. lmfao
imagine that with a ~*kawaii desu*~ waist and ass-
she'd look like a cartoon character just like she wants! Only she'd look like an upside-down triangle

No. 81703

File: 1429024176395.png (1.11 MB, 747x596, berryboobz.PNG)

Lol who is she trying to fool, she wore the same top ca. 3 years ago (and I'm pretty sure clothes don't stretch magically over time).
hahah where are her melons ?

No. 81706

File: 1429024690881.jpg (79.19 KB, 500x884, image.jpg)

Honestly I think that's she's just chubby. If you look at her body frame generally in this photo, she's doesn't look skinny. She looks quite wide and her boobs are just literally part of her fat that she pushed around and not actual boobs, if that makes sense? I think she just has saggy man boob type of things and she pushes together and edits her waist smaller so that her boobs look bigger. I feel like thats it and not all photoshop since it makes sense for her previous old photos with out collarbones/a neck and no boobs, plus she can barely edit her face correctly, how can she edit her boobs without making half the photo blur and warp all sorts?
Plus all of her sponsored clothes from Sheinside have a small bust size so that should be a dead giveaway.

No. 81708

I'm in love with Berrys sister Myk/Michelin , she is gorgeous ! I don't know why but it's just nice to look at her ~ Really enjoying her photos , I wish she'd be an online persona instead of Berry.

No. 81710

File: 1429025124371.jpg (29.23 KB, 440x545, 131.jpg)


lmao ,she is kinda going for the wang Jia yun booby look - yknow : One Boob covers the other

No. 81711

Damn. Good eye anon.

No. 81712

The lack of neck and very wide shoulders really give it away

No. 81715

Watch her play it off as ~posture~

No. 81717

Because she claims to be 40kg and yet you can't even see them the tiniest bit? It's just smooth skin. Doesn't make sense. There should be SOMETHING at that weight, but you can't see anything.

No. 81719

File: 1429028312265.png (798.09 KB, 722x544, berryboobs.PNG)

Top kek, right pic is so obviously shooped. It's pretty visible in this zone, the shape of the hair is wiggly and blurry, it screams "liquifying tool". Also, the way her hair falls is just ridiculous and unnatural.
Even wearing a push-up bra she needs to shoop her tits bigger lol.

No. 81720

And just like her boobs, her eyes also grew magically lol

No. 81727

Her now pic looks like the shirt was pulled way down too. good catch though anon

im pretty sure berry leans forward or SOMETHING to make her boobs look bigger idk im also sure she gained weight but doesnt want to admit it so she shoops her body skinnier

No. 81738

i'm fat af and i've got the boobs she "has" and i assure you the nipples won't show. idk

No. 81739

wait whats her sisters account?

No. 81752

File: 1429034769812.png (461.1 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-04-14-20-00-25…)


Oh yeah, I know Berrys sister, she hasn't any official accounts but I still like to visit her page , she is cute
Fb : Myk Michaels

No. 81755

File: 1429034999038.jpg (44.82 KB, 500x750, CCanBOeUsAIMH2S.jpg)

Berry be like…

No. 81756

She looks cute in this pic

No. 81760


Omg If it wasnt for the dark skin I'd have mistaken her for Berry lmao

No. 81777

Berry's sister is so cute!

No. 81803

File: 1429037408794.jpg (130.78 KB, 1078x1520, Screenshot_2015-04-14-14-43-45…)

No. 81807

File: 1429037467965.jpg (50.44 KB, 1078x512, Screenshot_2015-04-14-14-43-49…)

No. 81809

wow, what a cunt

No. 81824


She doesn't want them to see her shooped photos

No. 81827

File: 1429038505650.jpg (430.64 KB, 800x884, ljgfvhykgfcyircy.jpg)

So heres the outline of her body. Yup, it's pretty massive comparing to her tiny head, but there is one more thing bothering me. She DOES have collarbones, but they seem to be unrealistically high up. My only guess is that she's standing like this when taking photos to make her chest area appear bigger and hide her second chin (it seems that she has one on some photos) or make her face slimmer. Still don't know why would she shoop them out on other pics.

No. 81833

Yeah, when I was going through the kawaii blogger phase I've had the same issue with my coworkers/classmates finding my social media profiles. Sure, it was mostly "wow, you got cool pics :)" stuff, but there was always a possibility of someone saying "this is not what you look like in real life" and I was so afraid of embarrassing myself I never shared my profiles with anyone who knew me IRL. I'm sure that Korinne have the same issue with her online persona - her real self is probably really boring/she's probably quite a shut-in without any close friends.

No. 81858

snorts hah sure berry……..

No. 81859

File: 1429040405539.jpg (60.83 KB, 600x800, 482705_574047559285582_1429464…)

idk though she seems to be small and thin here….

No. 81870

also photoshop. who knows what she really looks like irl. probably way different

No. 81873

honestly i think she gained a shit ton of weight like that could only be the most plausible reason.

but its also not too hard to shoop yourself skinny (read and seen some before and after pics in a cosplay thread of people doing it)

No. 81877


i think we established that she distorts her body when she takes pics somewhere in the last thread LOL itd be no wonder why it doesn't make sense

i think her collarbones are there but hidden under fats. also her chest aside from her tits look really chubby.

i think the drawing is a pretty accurate depiction of her stance and body though

No. 81881

Shes filipino so she probably is small. Most filioino women at my job are shirter than 5,3

No. 81882

File: 1429041655898.jpg (50.13 KB, 400x711, 10453334_799444063412596_52847…)

it's crazy how thin she looks here and it looks nothing like her new selfies body wise,

you can really see how it's a different body now. or maybe the pics of the thin berry where never her? but that might be reaching…

No. 81892

Her followers are here http://ink361.com/app/users/ig-1541844297/pinksiopao/followers

the first that appear were the last to follow her

No. 81893

omg tbh i wouldn't be surprised if they werent hers. berry kind of seems like the person that would do that. or at least, use to do that.

and isn't her hair supposed to be much longer in this pic? since i remember she had massive long hair back then

idk but whoever the girl is she dainty and cute. if it's berry, im like 100000% sure berry gained some weight. someone mentioned that her and ouji might have broke up because berry said she would never cut her hair unless a relationship ended. it kind of adds up, since tbh most girls (note: girls with a lack of a social life and support outside of the internet) would usually eat their heart away with food.

No. 81895

what is the drawn on heart supposed to hide???

No. 81897

Maybe her back blubbers??? Some ppl could still be chubby around the waist area and have skinny legs

No. 81904


. . .

my friend has literally the exact same body and height as berry. big boobs, skinny legs. my friend carried chub on her belly and torso though. so i find berry hard to believe.

No. 81908

this is me lmao
im gonna get lipo on my back (i literally have rolls x10000) and inject it into my ass because i have 0 ass. for perspective: i am 27 inches around my waist and 30 inches around my hips. fucking embarrassment.

No. 81925

I've been researching and I think her prints of messenger with Ouji are fake. I'll be back in a while with pics.

No. 81950

this may as well be a child's body

No. 81953

im sorry but you cant have tits that >>81827 huge and a body that >>81859 small

No. 81957

true, but which one is the real one? like can we just finally have a recent candid shot to finally know how she looks like. I'm not even hating at this point, just curious how this "works"

No. 81958

maybe back fat she couldnt properly edit?

No. 81959

27w and 30hips isn't a bad size anon; i think that's pretty average

No. 81961

How can you even tell when she's all scrunched up like that?

No. 81963

I was about to say that. She looks average size here, then there's that heart, presumably to hide something. I don't get how it's an example of her being thin, at all.

No. 81967

Yeah… maybe lose a few pounds and do some exercise first.

No. 81970

I think her calf/lower leg looks very small. Starting to think she's one of those people that is fat everywhere but her legs like someone earlier mentioned

No. 81971

I have a flat stomach and pretty much flat everything else, I just have a lot of back fat and waist fat. im built like a board. if i lose anymore weight they won't have anything to inject in by butt and i will have the body of a 12 yr old boy, thanks anon

No. 81972

1. She photoshopped her legs and body and the PS was bad on her back so she decided to draw a heart on it.

2. She's just fat/chub all around except her limbs (legs in this case) since her hand is very chubby as presented now and because it is possible to be chubby everywhere else but on your legs/extremities. She added the heart to hide the excess fat.

3. She was skinny then but now gained a ton of weight. The heart is def. hiding something though because of the placement. Maybe a face? idk

No. 81976

berry doesn't talk much about school anymore lolol maybe she knows we caught on and is trying to lay low

/// now shes going to start posting about school to make it sound real like she does with her tits and shit

No. 81977

Yeah I agree. The angles taken from above and her arm looks PSed (blur + squiggly lines)

No. 81978

she definitely shops the rest of herself i think, and the boobs, but most likely she is 100000% average but shops herself skinnier and her boobs bigger. look @ this pic >>81703
her arms are obv shopped and her boobs are probably just shopped 2x larger.

No. 81980

Keep telling yourself that, hon.

No. 81982

She tweeted today about how glad she was to be studying to be a plastic surgeon lol

No. 81984

oh yeah i didnt see that tweet before i posted orz

i think berry is all talk though meh

No. 81990

is it just me or is her reflection strange looking

No. 81992

this might be the case since my sister is pretty overweight and pretty much the same possible build as IRL Berry- she has pretty decent looking thighs and calves but everything else is flubb

No. 81993


No. 81994

it looks like a kid or a midget wtf

No. 81997

File: 1429051476737.png (413.59 KB, 838x526, berry.png)

I actually searched for these pics, what did you mean anon?

No. 81999

I'm sure Berry gained a lot of weight since her old photos were a lot more cuter… Like her eyes looked rounder and bigger and she looked less like a bitch I guess haha.
Her eyes seem more stretched out, which could mean that she gained weight, and the fat on her face is pushing her eyes up, making them smaller. She's short, fat, and tan, so kawaii desu of her haha

No. 82006

File: 1429052255208.png (440.27 KB, 499x810, 634274273.png)

Did anyone notice this?

No. 82011

I was about to post it but I can't draw lines. I'm the anon of the iPod screenshots hahaha I deleted meitu last week cuz full storage. But yeah, that photo is awful. She doesn't even know how to edit.

No. 82015

I wasn't sure if my eyes were just fucking with me

No. 82020

damn she hides her face so much in photos holy crap how does she even move without risking her face lmao

No. 82021

wow good eye :0

No. 82026

Berry tweeted "Theres a girl that always says rude things but she wears push up bras. At least my bf is getting meat not air."

Lololol #imnotlikeothergirls 

No. 82029

and berry claims herself to be feminist? i mean she did on tumblr a year or two back then but you can't really stop being a feminist right?

lol why does she think she's so damn special. so what if other girls wear push up bras at least they don't shoop themselves to hell and back.
she totally fits the PULL special snowflake forum. glad they allow her now, shit.

No. 82035

I wear push up bras sometimes, and at least I don't kill my bf with my big fat boobs.

No. 82036

She makes it sound like if he were living in NJ or together lol

No. 82038

I'm sure he's loving those fake cow tits Berry.

No. 82041

and push up bra as her defense? LOL so childish wtf OOoOH ok berry

No. 82042

I really dint know why she keeps talking about her shooped vreasts so much. She's literally one of those people who tell lies so much they see them as the truth. I don't even understand why she thinks she's special or better than anyone by claiming to not wear push up bras like girl you excessively shoop your photos.

No. 82048

Must be pretty sad to revolve your worthiness around how big your boobies are.

No. 82050


big boobs sag. being flat chested and getting big fake boobs is a lot easier and cheaper than curint saggy boobs

No. 82053

right and because she wants to believe they are what they are. i mean i think she does have boobs due to gaining a shit ton of weight (since boobs do not grow like in her before and after pics unless surgery but she's not rich enough for that im sure) but not to what she shoops them to be. I think she shoops them larger and nicer than as is.

and lmaooooooo

No. 82055

what happened to ichigofaker? it isn't being updated…

No. 82057

Yeah I think her real boobs would prob be big too but mostly because of fats but I'm sure it seems like she wears a push up bra or stuffs it and photoshop it to look bigger and nicer -_-

No. 82068


Lol that's the stupidest shit I've ever heard in my life , breasts don't sag only because they are big , their shape is only different cuz they can't float around obv.

Sorry but small breasts can sag too lol

No. 82075

Unless u have no tits at all they are going to "sag". No one has perfect sphere shaped breasts naturally. Im tired of u cunts saying dumb shit.

No. 82077

i think there's only onle mod and she's probably busy most times. I think she's updating it soon

No. 82078

one mod*

No. 82083

Soothe your cow tits, hun.
Or your milk will be even more salty

No. 82088

who cares about you guys and your tits. can we just get back to how gross and fake korinne's are

No. 82089

nobody cares about tits here unless they're berrys so stfu

No. 82090

duh she only has tits bc she's a fatty chan lol

No. 82095

yes please
all tits are great no tits are perfect we all dont like berry/korrine because shes an epic liar and fakes hers

No. 82100

File: 1429058897483.png (120.73 KB, 706x450, capture-20150414-194341.png)

lol but they never met…?

No. 82102

File: 1429059113342.gif (11.76 KB, 60x50, tumblr_inline_myocfe0bHf1rfepr…)

No. 82106

Does anyone know Berry's age for sure? I just found some places that claim she's currently 20 and her birthday is August 23.

No. 82107

File: 1429059438004.png (421.7 KB, 652x822, lolb.png)

the girl berry has been talking about and stuff on her twitter.

lol how ironic xD

article of the girl she's talking about: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/teenage-girl-who-underwent-plastic-5510780

No. 82122

tilt your screen back and you can also see parts of where she brushed her skin lighter lolol

No. 82127

I thought it was random hair lol good eye there

No. 82130

what is that supposed to be?

No. 82134

No. 82135

File: 1429060826741.jpg (205.77 KB, 499x810, CCgePY0UMAAmpZwfd.jpg)

what did she do to her lower lips

No. 82136

I'm 100% sure if Berry could afford plastic surgery to look like a aegyo kawaii loli with huge titties, she would and claim natural.

No. 82137

She's hiding her face.

No. 82140

Holy shit this makes it so obvious. Dat dodge to fix her eyebags and skin correction doe. Her cleavage is so pixelated and look at how blurry her tit is. Wow.

No. 82141

this is better than photoforensics

No. 82142

seriously holy crap
thanks anon, you can definitely see things better now. i didnt even notice her boobs were blurred earlier before this

No. 82147

She probably just drew a solid colour of pink over her lip on a separate layer then overlayed it. 0 texture.

No. 82148

You can see she re-shaped her face

No. 82149

She is truly pathetic.

Korinne, I know you're reading this - get a life outside the internet. There's more to life than appearance.

No. 82150

Holy Damn.

No. 82153

Also, the beauty marks LOL

No. 82157

Lmao I knew she didn't just randomly have 2 beauty marks. That, and they look 2D (as if they're facing us straight on whereas her face is at a 3/4 angle).

No. 82158

how did you even do this it's amazing

No. 82160

File: 1429062038645.png (768.03 KB, 499x810, berry.png)

my favourite part of this picture - pretty sure straps doesn't work like that

No. 82163

this is getting better and better

No. 82164

you guys have really good eyes lately /applaud applaud

No. 82172

File: 1429063227531.png (883.33 KB, 998x810, berry.png)

All the mistakes so far feel free to edit and add more

No. 82178

omg but honestly that might be what closely resembles instead of the pictures she chooses to post up

No. 82181

That is actually close to her not shopped pics from years ago

No. 82183

Dang you guys are all amazing!!!!

No. 82184

BTW what's the thing that you guys circle by the side of her hair???

No. 82185

File: 1429064773985.jpg (26.4 KB, 400x562, 1428114809935.jpg)

i can see it

No. 82187

if you look closely there's a weird circle shadow there (idk what that is though)

No. 82190

holy shit.

also what did you use to do this? amazing

No. 82193

I'm cracking up

No. 82201

>her shirt on the left probably reads "Just fuck"
>dat pic on the right
Just fuck me up

No. 82202

Ahaha she's probably not that dark. I think her real skin tone is the same as her 2006 yearbook picture. Anyways, great job!

No. 82231

Her boobs maKe more sense here

No. 82266

ugly as fuck lmao

No. 82268

File: 1429085855496.png (79.28 KB, 770x353, Sans titre.png)

So Berry had a WK as admin on PULL, and that's why her thread got deleted. Apple says it was admiration thread, not snowflake. I guess Berry felt like sooner or later the truth was going to be discovered and she could be moved to little snowflakes part on PULL

No. 82274

I think is 'funny' because she requested it, she got it. Other interesting people requested it, and they didn't get the thread taken down

No. 82275

I remember it was amo that got it removed or at least a member with an amo icon

No. 82277

I remember ouji back in 2010 he was a cool guy but suddenly went all "I hate people, fuck off"

No. 82278

Does anyone remember that one time when ouji's ex made berry jealous so she made a fake FB account named"rain" or something claiming to be her ex and was flirting with herself?

No. 82279

so sad lmao

No. 82286

LOL what?? Do you remember the things she said?

No. 82338

File: 1429105807836.jpg (199.32 KB, 750x1250, image.jpg)

a real plastic surgeon vs berry…. that vocab tho
"Like they need a psychological note from a psychologist?"

No. 82339

isnt she supposed to know that i mean she claims to be studying to be a plastic surgeon lol

No. 82351

File: 1429109391899.jpg (134.37 KB, 1078x1252, Screenshot_2015-04-15-10-44-23…)

Bull fucking shit

No. 82355

well her followers sure will be happy with the reaction she posted…she's not even happy
but wait… it's all a lie ofcourse.
or will she make fake twitters to confirm it's real?

No. 82356

Lmao berry should start writing fanfics with that imagination of hers.

No. 82357

And conveniently no photos of this meeting will ever appear, despite the fact I'm sure most of her 'fans' would want a selfie at least.

No. 82366

That sounds so unreal it hurts. You aren't even trying anymore Berry

No. 82370

ok berry
unless u dress like the freak chan u are, even if you are skinny and cute, no one would notice you
but youre not skinny and cute, so definitely no one noticed you.

No. 82372

I'm pretty sure if her "fans" saw her in real life they wouldn't know who the hell she was lmfao

No. 82374

Can she be anymore of a delusional bitch? LOL!
Where are the pics and the fans? Shouldnt there be pics posted and retweeted at the least, and shouldnt her fans commented on her ateast. I mean at leastWylona wasnt lieing when she said she met some fans because she actually got pics with them.

Oh berry. I remember she wanted a "fan base" name for her and her fans. She wants to be famous so bad

No. 82375

I said atleast way too much in that last comment sorry if it was painful to read rofffl

No. 82377

And NYC? Gurl u go to school in NJ stfu berry

No. 82387

File: 1429114784476.jpg (56.58 KB, 453x604, NPbwKOtgxkI.jpg)

more nonexistent boobs

No. 82388

File: 1429114839321.jpg (42.86 KB, 500x375, FmkoW_7pH-A.jpg)

vry big shoulder big body

No. 82389

File: 1429114907251.jpg (26.42 KB, 333x553, 4R8seM7IRkE.jpg)

i think her ears are just naturally high up as fuck LOL idek. but that hair tho. i dont see berry all i see if fucking hair

No. 82392

File: 1429115814117.png (28.5 KB, 598x348, capture-20150415-113204.png)

i think this might be suiting to add for this collage lmao

No. 82397

File: 1429116504482.png (48.42 KB, 640x402, capture-20150415-114000.png)

new jersey time is supposed to be an hour ahead of my time. in the pic it says 9 am, she probably posted that around 10. most highschool classes last for like an hour and some more.
idk if this means much but just thought it might be something to throw out there heh

No. 82398

File: 1429116536285.png (439.9 KB, 570x670, capture-20150415-114056.png)

and uh u sure ur in class burry??

No. 82403

For what purpose??

No. 82510

File: 1429134139706.jpg (137.22 KB, 1064x1436, Screenshot_2015-04-15-17-36-58…)

Guys, check her facebook. She posted something.

No. 82512

notice how she doesn't move her head at all in the video. she definitely edited her features even there which is why she's keeping most of her body so still. and if she's trying to prove her boobs are big that doesn't prove anything since she most likely just stuffed the hell out of her bra lol..

No. 82514

yeah I saw it just now, You can tell she shoops her nose and chin if you compare the video to her photos. Pretty sure she's be aware of that being in the video though.

The video is super lightened/bright.

You can tell she packs some chub though. Her hand, and that jacket to cover her large shoulders most likely and she definitely does not shop her collar bones out – she just doesn't have them visible due to the layer of fat.

What I still don't understand is her boobs?
I don't really care if she shoops her face, I mostly want to expose her for her shittiness and her shooping body that she tries so hard to say it's real, but she had like no boobs in her older like 2 year ago photos now they're melons. ie: >>82387

I really think she must have packed on a shit of weight then. But in the video it does look like something is supporting them up higher. idk, I don't have big boobs to really have a say or knowledge on them lol

I agree, when watching I was like she could at least not be so damn robotic and move her head a little. Suspicious she might have shooped something that isn't super noticeable.

No. 82515

the fact that it appears she's shooting the video with an HD camera and yet the video is still kind of blurry/pixelated just proves that point even further ^^^

No. 82517

Her chest seems oddly static? You can tell that she's breathing in and out but "her boobs" don't move with the rest of her body

No. 82518

It's sort of suspicious that she's wearing a coat too…

No. 82519

to cover her large shoulders and arms im sure

No. 82520

I Cant see the vid, can someone save it maybe ?

No. 82521

Guess she finally learned how to use adobe after effects lol

No. 82522

The line to show cleavage looks drawn on…

No. 82524

Damn her fingers are sooooo chubby. They're like little sausages XD

No. 82527

I REALLY don't think her booobs are as big as she makes them to be in photos.

Like… is it just me or does that dress look extra roomy below her boob cleavage?

i think her boobs are the result of excess fat lol

No. 82528


No. 82529

Very obvious she posted this to prove her boobs are real, but if you look closely it's obvious she's using something to stuff her bust and push them up. I also find it odd how she barely moves at all. You can definitely edit videos I have a friend who is very much into film. Goes to one of the best art colleges and has been doing this shit for years.

No. 82530

I don't think she did edit the video in AE but it may be squished in order to make herself appear slimmer. Tilting her head and similar movement would make it obvious because it would start to get deformed.

No. 82531

Berry Wurst

No. 82532

No. 82536

Why does she wears the same dress for three days now lol

No. 82537

yeah i think so too and I agree that her boobs look pushed up and not as big as her photos.

I think if she did edit the video, wouldn't she have edited her chin and nose too? since her chin is not as sharp in photos and her nose is much bigger and flatter in the video. I think she did add brightness to the photo somehow though, she looks way too bright.


and yeah, good eye. didn't notice how pixel and static-y her chest area was.

No. 82540

I can't screenshot the video up close but her cleavage is wiggly if you look at it closely. full screen, HD. hopefully its not just me

possible she just extended her boobs by drawing/editing cleavage to make them look bigger. would also explain her old photos. + pushing them together and something to hold them up because the dress does look weirdly roomy for someone with "huge" boobs (?)

No. 82545

Doesn't the video confirms that she did edit the pictures?? In the pictures her boobs were popping out but in the video they weren't at all lol

No. 82547

right lol i think she only posted the video to show "da h8ters" aka us that she's real and her tits are real. her tits are real but not to the degree she has them in photos lol. she's trying too hard.

now she wants to make makeup video tuts. wonder how that will go. will she be a wall again?

No. 82548

File: 1429135649720.gif (242.96 KB, 379x596, berry.gif)

gif comparison of pic vs vid

No. 82549

File: 1429135660272.jpg (68.99 KB, 570x656, pt2015_04_15_18_01_57.jpg)

This is becoming very hilarious. Post that make up tutorial Berry and be sure to actually show your full body in the next video then maybe I'll believe this shit.

No. 82553

"accept the fact that i look kawaii"
OMFG berry stfu stop calling yourself that lol

she got defensive really quickly loooool.

No. 82554

tbh her boobs look kind of saggy to me they're just laying there lol

No. 82561

File: 1429136209764.png (28.07 KB, 500x175, LOLLLL.png)


No. 82568

>next video blah blah
Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it.

No. 82574

Wait I thought she didn't care about her haters, but here she is posting videos and constantly explaining things to us to prove her boobs are real. She's so full of it, it's really amusing.

No. 82576

She makes her nose smaller by sucking air into her nose and holding it like that.. dunno maybe xD just a trick I seen someone do!(anyone know?)

No. 82594

i couldnt care less about her boobs and idk why she's trying so hard to make people believe she has hentai boobs cause she's still a manipulating lying bitch??
she may also be using the same shirt cause she grew out of that size therefore it helped squish her torso shape better with her pushup bras and whatnot

No. 82604

File: 1429140672110.png (305.94 KB, 504x613, IMG_20150416_1.png)

Lol so I tried analyzing her boobs :

Maybe I'm wrong but at her lower cleavage you can see how her breasts Part , I the red dots are where I think her real breast are ( which leads me to the conclusion that she either shoops her cleavage line or stuffs/presses her boobs)
The blue line is where her shooped breasts are and the white line is where her jacket is (because she uses the jacket to let her boobs appear bigger by making the "outer line" bigger - which was a mistake cause now it looks like her one boob is much shorte Than the other one.

Btw she wore the same shirt again and you can see how it has pretty much space left at the cleavage , so it didn't seem to become any tighter since she wore it on the old photo.

No. 82605

Here's an opinion from a neutral standpoint. Don't flame me, this is only a heart to heart, not an attack.

I didn't know who Berry was until I happened upon lolcow. Your hatred is still advertizing her.

The makeup and photoshop still requires time and effort. Are these crimes? Maybe she can come off as offensive, but this seems to be her humor, not like she's trying to offend anyone. At least she is being artistic.

I'm trying to understand what you guys are thinking. Don't get me wrong, but it sounds like envy on your part, even if maybe you don't realize you are coming across that way.

Revolving around this girl won't do you any good. It just seems like she wants to have fun, make friends, and express herself. There are real criminals in the world doing horrible things, I don't think she really deserves that much hatred.

Even if i "don't care" what people think, I would still defend myself in her position… especially if I had this many followers. At least she's attempting to prove herself to you all, … and honestly, she probably still doesn't care since so many people still love her. There's just no winning.

I really do wish you all the best and wish you would put all this focus on really bad people for a better cause… or people who deserve it like Venus Angelic. I feel like Berry is just very misunderstood and spastic.

Thank you best regards.

No. 82606

hi korinne

No. 82607

No. 82609

Berry: My personality and everything may be fake; but at least my boobs are real!

you say >I didn't know who Berry was until I happened upon lolcow.
but hoow do you know she's really just >misunderstood and spastic.

No. 82610

at least you can still recognize venus in unshopped pics, as for berry…

No. 82614

the video only shows up to his fake boobs, so I guess she's sing the fat as boob?

No. 82616

is anything Venus is the one that's "misunderstood and spastic. " because her mom controlls/controlled her life pretty much?
Berry knows what the fuck she's doing and she CHOOSES to be irresponsible or just plain dumb

No. 82617

please start showing this shit to everyone

No. 82620


We are not against her photoshop or her make up, but against her lies - understand it or not but if you lie to your whole fanbase , you gotta reckon on people calling you out.

Sure there is always worse shit but that doesn't mean we have to ignore Berry.

Why is it Ok to only point out the good someone does ? Sorry but Berrys behaviour is stupid and annoying.

Also pretty obv who this is 😂

No. 82621

You are a retard. How about you take a journey over to Kaden's thread since you want us to focus on bad people. Korinne is a child compared to the other lolcows posted here, faggot.

No. 82624

Her boobs are definitely smaller in the video than in her pics

No. 82626


I meant bad people like the people who set their own babies on fire and stuff. No it's not Korrine, I'm really just a passerby. Yeah , I guess you're right about Venus. I just don't think it's healthy for you all to hate her so much. Take her lies with a grain of salt.

I appreciate the feedback. Thank you.

No. 82628

you're on lolcow idiot what do you think people do here? crochet?

No. 82631

I get the jist of the site. But I care about yew. I know why you're all upset but I only wanted to say any time you say your hatred to this particular person people are only going to call you jealous bitches. So be careful.

No. 82635

Please go back to whatever cesspool you came from because this is lolcow not PULL or tumblr. I'm pretty sure your one of her friends so please BTFO with your whiteknighting.
Best regards~

No. 82636

but there's nothing to be jealous about??? like?????

No. 82637

I don't spend more than 10 minutes browzing this thread a day. max. ive made around 3 post max. and im sure this is similar to alot of people on here. most people dont spend anytime really hating on her.

No. 82639

obvious white knight ( the girl you replied 2) GTFO

No. 82640

You know, a lot of us might be "bitches," but that doesn't mean we are jealous. Maybe we just want to gossip about lesser lolcows like berry between the ones that are bad people.

No. 82641

I don't think you are bitches or jealous. It's only how you're going to come across to others. I'm not trying to bother you guys, I just wanted to understand which a few of you kindly did and thank you for that. But how you're attacking me and getting so angry is exactly your problem. OKie. I'll go now. Byebye.

No. 82643

unlike berry we dont care about how were going to appear to others NOW FUCK OFF

No. 82644

psychologist analyzing and trying to 'understand' us to 'help us' with your superior intellect and knowledge
gtfo with your weird superiority complexes

No. 82647

Did you miss the part where this is an anonymous board? So how we're going to come off to others really doesn't matter. Why are ehite knights always so stupid and delusional.

No. 82648

there's more people on this thread than you think. Some people have stronger opinions and some dont. You should know that already and telling people that they should be careful of being called a "jealous bitch" is dumb just cause people want to expose a liar who influences innocent people to be some pompous leech like berry.
You are such a white knight tho holy shit imma need binoculars just to see your saddle on your high horse

No. 82650

File: 1429144160745.png (245.96 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-04-16-00-55-54…)

No. 82653

If I say I hate Hitler does that automatically make me jealous of him? Come on.. 😂(I used him as an example don't judge me 😅)

No. 82654

At least Dakota looks cute without the shoop Berry lmao

No. 82655

Why can't she just say "whatever" to the haters instead of being all "ur jus jealous blah blah"

No. 82657


Berry is super fucking aggressive all of a sudden, what the hell.

No. 82660

Oh my god I just realized something. She's not wearing circle lenses in the video despite the fact she does in every single picture… too bad it's so difficult to AE fake lenses that don't exist in

No. 82661

I really hate it when people who hate on someone have to be ugly and jealous like… that's such a childish way to think about things.

No. 82664

And now she just admitted she photoshops her chin. GURL G'WAY OUTTA HERE

No. 82666

File: 1429145824989.gif (800.08 KB, 772x579, A.gif)

The eyes doe

No. 82668

File: 1429145915759.gif (120.24 KB, 400x300, B.gif)

Not sure if the eyes can be stretched out like that?

No. 82669

File: 1429145964169.gif (278.48 KB, 544x408, C.gif)

No. 82671

File: 1429146029578.gif (217.68 KB, 400x300, D.gif)

The way her eye wiggles around doesn't look natural to me

No. 82674

aaaaaaaaaaandddd "ouji" is back to praise korinne some more lol..

No. 82675

File: 1429146089263.gif (647.98 KB, 804x603, E.gif)

This one looks the worst.
Since she wants us to catch it, I tried.

No. 82676

holy shit

No. 82677

Holy Jesus fucking Christ, you guys are so cancerous to the board.

No. 82680

is it just me or is her boob/jacket moving weirdly too?

No. 82682

Her nose, chin, and lighting. But then she said she looks the same without. Makes no sense

No. 82684

Lmao these bitches love to act like they're not on the same boat. You're just as bad as Dakota. If not worst.

No. 82685

>saying that like this board wasn't shit beforehand
ayy lmao

No. 82689

No. 82699

File: 1429149535073.jpg (70.54 KB, 430x598, ss (2015-04-15 at 07.45.57).jp…)

> Meen comments will be deleeted! B-BUT IT'S NOT LIKE I CARE ABOUT U HATERS

You're doing gods work, anon.

No. 82700

envy? why would i envy someone with a shitty fake ass personality that shoped her way into becoming popular and deceiving little girls? lol don't make me laugh. if anything, i envy her makeup skills.

and of course she wants to have fun yada yada – she has nothing else to do outside of the internet. HER life revolves around the internet.

Thanks for your input, but people like you are people that are easily deceived or are too naive. I too use to think Berry was cool, but just like many others here, I noticed/felt something was off about her.

You probably didn't read the threads about her thoroughly enough to understand. OS is one thing and is interesting to point out, but her being shitty and arrogant is another.

No. 82702

omg im like 100% sure i think i know who this bitch is that is commenting saying all this "feel good" nice shit to us.

sounds like one of berrys kiss up comrade that tweets her and all those other popular bloggers all the time.

No. 82703

LOL good example dou

No. 82704

i saw that like wtf she does look different when she doesn't edit.

id like to see her without that bright ass lighting in her videos and no huge coat.

she's still trying to hide, she just wont admit it

No. 82705

……………. she sounds like fucking pastel cutie with that fake ass "posi" attitude that is only used when it comes to certain pictures/media of theirs they want to post up. hilarious.

yet berry bashes other girls. hypocritical much?

No. 82706

damage control i bet. trying to prepare her "fans" if they come across her PULL, this thread, or the blog

No. 82707

she's gonna be another P-C.. can't wait for her downfall tbh

No. 82708

i think she is
just really small diameter ones :0 since her natural pupil is supposed to be much smaller (she posted a photo before)

No. 82709

yeah she probably is wearing some type of lenses.. i mean it's berry we're talking about here

No. 82711

File: 1429150874607.png (47.68 KB, 628x295, capture-20150415-211612.png)

"I don't lie to my followers"

omf somebody hold me im –

No. 82712

File: 1429151018088.jpg (56.57 KB, 600x1012, CCrcv4-VAAAChdV.jpg)

you guys i think berry is trying too hard to "prove" shit that she sounds like shes obsessed.

btw i wouldn't be surprised if this photo is edited text lololol

No. 82713


No. 82714

File: 1429151132632.jpg (50 KB, 600x1017, CCra6WVWgAIb9jT.jpg)

omg who does this? LOL! her friends sound like they dont care roooooofl


No. 82716

bet she was texting her sister and told her not to mention the fact that she has monster edited boobs

No. 82717

i can't be the only one that thinks beryr sounds fucking obsessed and sort of psycho sending that photo to all her friends thru text right?

thats kind of fucking weird? and the way she's talking about herself here omg…>>82712

No. 82718

^^^^^ meant to link: >>82712

No. 82719

I like how we were talking about korinne not being in college and now she's making like 100 posts about it. Korinne chill out you look desperate af

No. 82721

right?!? first boobs, the video now college x10. holy fuck is she okay today. lol

No. 82722

this is getting exciting

No. 82723

i mean like maybe its just me but if you really didn't photoshop yourself to hell and back wouldn't you just move the fuck on instead of stressing about a group strangers on the internet accusing you of doctoring your photos?

like the fact that she's going out of her way to "prove" it just makes her more suspicious to me lol

No. 82724

File: 1429151463732.png (37.78 KB, 605x287, 65426452364.png)

When do college classes end?

No. 82725

she sounds so unstable LOL

No. 82728

seriously! she sounds more obsessed than any of her "haters" kek

No. 82730

mine ends mid May.

No. 82731

last day of classes for OCC is Thursday, May 14, 2015.

No. 82732

and it wouldnt surprise me if classes stopped a week earlier.

i went there and barely any professor had classes the last week.

No. 82733

File: 1429152308830.png (78.82 KB, 625x544, capture-20150415-213825.png)

2 story????

No. 82736

girl you live in a one story blue house in nj please stop lmao

No. 82737

File: 1429152435737.png (1.89 MB, 1326x742, add-vert.png)

am i missing something? her house looks like a run down 1 story house

>>72050 and >>72045

"i dont lie to my followers" act.

No. 82739

What a sad looking house.

No. 82741

no wonder she tries so hard to act rich and shit lol smfh how sad

No. 82742

you blocked the address out in the email but forgot to on google maps… lol

No. 82744

wasn't my photo lol, it's from >>72050 and >>72045
I just grabbed both pics and put them together to post here

No. 82745

No. 82747

…did not realize berry lives less than 10 minutes from me

No. 82748


No. 82750


im only 2.4 miles away holy shit i've never seen her but i've helped her brother levin at work before

No. 82752

thats her older married brother right? he goes to some uni there (lol facebook tells u lots of things)


No. 82755

ofc you haven't seen her wandering around she never leaves the house lmfao

No. 82759

She has always admitted to looking weird without lenses, so she's probably wearing some 14.2mm natural ones. Even years ago, she said her irises are small.

No. 82760

looking at this, it's accurate. and i think she lives in the "poor"/older section of the neighborhood seeing that her house and some besides her are not as nice or modern looking as the ones on chestnut.

No. 82763

lol once korinne learns about something we are talking about here she starts obsessing over it making 100 tweets trying to prove us wrong lmaooo

No. 82764

File: 1429154682745.png (13.05 KB, 630x143, capture-20150415-222311.png)

She's trying to prove she lives in a 2 story house now by tweeting random shit like she did with her boobs.

No. 82765

right lol no way is she in her 20s i wont believe it with this behavior

No. 82767

She's so rich…why does she need to paint her house herself?

No. 82768

>trying this hard to impress strangers on the internet
what kind of miserable ass life must she have to do some pitiful ass shit like this? read a book berry.

No. 82770

Yeah but big boobs sag a lot more and faster than small boobs lol

No. 82771

yet people believe her shit smh.

i think she admitted to photoshopping today because of the PULL admin commenting about berry's PULL forum earlier today, overall thread and blogs that expose her and to make it seem like she is someone that doesn't lie.

which is a huge fat lie all in itself.

No. 82772

also makeup. she tweeted to someone saying she doesn't want to buy higbrand makeup because of $$$$. lmfao ok miss berry i own 3 "cartier" bracelets rich kids on point bs

No. 82773


wth? Berry, I thought you're rich af. If you're a rich girl as you claim to be, your parents would call someone to paint your house like other rich people would normally do.

No. 82775

You end when your exams do. Classes end on a scheduled date (mine ended last Friday) but you're not technically free until you finish up exams which are scattered through the next two-three weeks. I like how she didn't mention finals doe, considering how OMG SMART she is wouldn't she be bragging about how she doesn't need to study? (inb4 she posts about how ez exams were and she did them all already)

> I edit
> I don't lie to my followers
Where's that one ss where she said she doesn't edit doe? Someone should reply to her tweet with that.

First it was COLLEGE I GO TO COLLEGE MISS YOU AT COLLEGE COLLEGE COLLEGE now it's gonna be TWO STORY HOUSE WHY ARE YOU UPSTAIRS OH I NEED TO BUY A LADDER TO PAINT MY TWO STORY HOUSE TWO STORIES GUYS TWO. The only reason why she brought up the painting thing at all was to shove TWO STORY HOUSE in everyone's face because she's internally freaking out about people seeing her ghetto little shack. You're just making it more obvious Korinne kek

No. 82777


thats not how OCC does finals so that doesn't apply in this case

No. 82779

> Red in the back, brick in the front

Rip korinne.

No. 82780

LMFAO "ghetto little black shack". I agree with your entire comment dou

No. 82782

idk, sometimes i think she is just lying about going to school and is taking a semester break because she's lazy but doesn't want people to think that because in her mind she is a super sugoi rich smart animu girl

No. 82784

oh oops i mean *ghetto little shack
idk where black came from sorry :[

No. 82785

File: 1429157041602.jpg (87.91 KB, 540x580, tumblr_nmv8awyJLG1tgihy8o1_540…)

did they discover berrys secret lol

No. 82787

No. 82788

This Hestia bullshit is getting way too out of hand…

No. 82813

File: 1429165840084.png (9.79 KB, 515x106, liar.png)

No. 82815

File: 1429167814852.webm (128.4 KB, 800x438, danmachiDance.webm)

>not liking Bestia
Bestia is love
Bestia is life

You're a shit and you're waifu is a slut

No. 82829

File: 1429172100394.png (8.23 KB, 505x73, lol.png)

i wish she would post a pic with no photoshop

No. 82844

'just accept the fact that I look kawaii'
'I'm not as desperate as Dakota Koti'

Berry pls

No. 82846

her boobs are fat and ugly, they're saggy and in 20 years they will be touching the floor. Sorry for u, Berry, your tits are horrible and will look worse in 20 years

No. 82850


why does this exist

No. 82852

File: 1429183457603.jpg (243.21 KB, 720x854, 1421724799039.jpg)

I've come to deliver.

No. 82853

But I feel as though there's another pic where she explicitly states that she doesn't Photoshop. I'm pressed for time so I can't do a thorough search of the past two threads.

No. 82860

Guys, have any of you seen she posted a pic of her camera on Facebook as a "proof" she didn't edit that video? Lmao does she think we don't know you can put the edited video in the camera's memory card and show it in the cam? She's so stupid and delusional it's sad

No. 82861

File: 1429184476328.jpg (199.97 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Here's the post. Sorry for double posting

No. 82875

If she wanted to proof things she would've opened something like tinychat or niconico but nopee a video + a pic of her cam make everything totari legituu

No. 82876

This is really pathetic. It's like how a kid thinks they're 'subtle' in covering something.

No. 82879

yes berry its not like you cant take pictures off your cam, edit them and put them back into the memory card… ._.

Cant believe girl is trying to make people think each one of her boobs is bigger than her head. By editing her boobs she just makes her shoulders look massive…gurl you dont even look dainty in the slightest.

No. 82881

Berry now proclaims she stands up to bullies… being a bully herself

No. 82882

The photo looks exactly the same to the one she posted up. If it were actually a raw pic the lighting would look a lot different.

No. 82884

File: 1429189433569.jpg (17.72 KB, 275x210, tipforberry.jpg)

I saw this on the Taylor thread but if fits so good here I just made me think of Berry

No. 82896

she sounds a lil crazy..

No. 82897

it's like she's so delusional she doesn't wanna accept the fact that people are realizing her shit and doesn't know how to properly react to it

No. 82901

omfg all her tweets nowadays are literally just her trying to prove herself to us. so much for "ignoring the haterz". i'm p sure she's made like 10 tweets about *~college~*. i wouldn't doubt she's in college but it's so hilarious how she's purposefully including the word "college" in every tweet and she even used professor instead of teacher now wow!!

No. 82910

File: 1429194652694.png (29.25 KB, 643x438, collegeblahblah.png)

more college tweets

No. 82917

File: 1429194972173.jpg (67.06 KB, 540x960, BeautyPlus_20150416163113_save…)

Her breasts don't look big to me. Also in the original picture , her back is pretty blurry so I guess she shooped her shoulder/back area

No. 82933

it so simple .. if she was a real like she was claim that she is kawaIi and others blablabla.. why she never dare to upload her friends atleast in her school ?
oh comeon privacy << whatsoever reason .
just saying that "NO BODY NOTICE U IN REAL" when u keep getting comment in cybernet "notice me senpai?" HAHAHA .

No. 82937

haters gonna be haters .. surely if she keeps saying nonsense as fuck .
foolish many people by photoshop why just dont get any surgery and atleast more better for her to be exist in reality than only by pic LMAO
keep fighting on PS berry senpai

No. 82940

Korinne, you must have one sad life if you're trying this hard to prove herself to strangers on the internet that you constantly reassure yourself and your followers you don't care about.

No. 82942

why is she using broken english, shes trying to be kawaii or something?. And why would she need to repeat shes in college twice, like we get it berry chill

No. 82946

> I think I'm going to stop trying to prove my face

Few days tops before more MUH FACE IS REAL tweets/photos/whatever comes out, I call it.

No. 82951

File: 1429197919069.png (98.11 KB, 500x254, lolk.png)

No. 82959

i think berry is going to have a mental break down soon, shes trying so hard to keep her internet image and is probably scared everyday that someone will take a picture of her irl

No. 82961

oh yes just show up on somewhere that she does exist ..anyway if she really popular like it why no body does notice her if she really looks same? its not like people in new jersey is only her

No. 82973

she sounds so fucking desperate and unstable. her tweets are becoming extra annoying.

No. 82975

She sounds crazy and full of herself like "WHY DONT YOU GUYS THINK IM CUTE I AM CUTE" *wheezes and twitches

No. 82976

How can she and her boyfriend even function irl, their weeb powerlevels are way too high for that.

No. 82979

Im so tempted to make an account that just exposes her on her comments lol

No. 82981

please do it

No. 82983


No. 82986

And I'd make a twitter but im sure it would be blocked

No. 82989

Id make an instagram and twitter one but the trick is to do post when shes sleeping to get the most exposure! Each make one in case the other gets block lmfao i think ima do the instagram tonight
(Now berry will never sleep)

No. 82992

And I'm kind of sad ichigofaker is so inactive. I don't want to give out my account (not because I don't trust the mod but because I'm afraid something happens and we'll be all exposed) but I'm totally up to make another one if the first doesn't get enough exposure.

No. 82997

No. 82999

Lmao Damm if only I can link that to expose her on twitter. Hahaha college in ny. Sure. XD

No. 83000

i'm a rich girls and i feel so happy to get a free coffee ~

No. 83001


No. 83005

LOL nice anon

No. 83006

has berry ever even got a starbucks? if shes so rich

No. 83007

could someone please just start exposing her on twitter and fb, she'd be so embarrassed LOL

No. 83011

So thats just a coffee shop ? Nothing to do with a college or school in general? Wth korinne u stupid.

No. 83013

No. 83015

No. 83017

you should use the pic that she looks the most awkward in like that disney land pic or whatever she was at

No. 83018


but be nice n shit cuz her followers are delusional pussies

No. 83019


No. 83026

Thank you guys lol I'm just gathering all the evidence I can find before starting posting

No. 83027


No. 83028

Also this >>82696 was posted in one of the old threads 15 hours ago lol

No. 83049

post a pic of her house too pls

No. 83052

File: 1429204195407.png (41.29 KB, 492x333, Untitled.png)


No. 83054

The butthurt is real lmfaoo

No. 83060

Oh geez.

No. 83068

I'm chubby with yellow banana skin and saggy fat oppai and even though I ps my nose and chin which I also try to hide with wigs, I still looks better than my ps! I ps myself uglier than I look irl because I am SO confident. Fuck the haters, I dont care about them at all which is why I have to prove myself at least three times a day not including puppetting my bfs twitter. Plus I am really rich and smart so why would I care about girls that own pushup bras!! And NO I dont watch anime, I just read hentai mangas in my bedroom in ny because I'm such a perverted otaku

No. 83073

lol funny how her followers have seen her in real life yet we have no photos of her with them. i mean xiaxue uses ps too but we still get photos of her with her fans.

No. 83077


Hey everyone, sorry that I haven't posted on ichigofaker in a while. I don't work today, so I'm going to be posting things on there in a little bit.
In regards to why, I actually am a medical student - unlike berry - and I have a part time job, and literally no time to myself. So I usually try to post things on ichigofaker in quick bursts at least once a day. But this past week has been very hectic for me. So I'll do some things now, and try and set up a queue.

No. 83078

Don't worry about it. There's always a lot of things happening and I totally understand the life of a college student (as I was one myself)

I created a twitter trying to expose her and linked ichigofaker there, I hope there's no problem.

No. 83083

No problem at all, thank you, I really appreciate it.
I'll link your twitter to my blog as well, and keep a link in the navigation!

No. 83089

Wow she said she doesn't care but she sure is defending herself a lot lol. XD

No. 83090

thank you!

No. 83092

Same with wylona. She gets pics with fans still. Unlike berry who just lies out of her ass tbh

No. 83094

File: 1429207380666.jpg (82.43 KB, 639x722, image.jpg)

dat nose

No. 83097

what nose?

No. 83098

Thank you everyone for all the material for twitter! Who do I think I should follow to make it more known? I want to write a considerable number of tweets before following anyone to spread it (as there's the chance of it being reported and deleted) though

No. 83103

Ichigofaker blog, here.
Right now I'm going to post some of the Pastel Cutie drama that they had together, and then I'm going to follow her and some other famous kawaii bloggers I think.

No. 83108

File: 1429208769933.png (46.87 KB, 500x463, RR.png)

since when super kawaii girl got bullied ? LMFAO are you sure that kawaii ?

No. 83111

File: 1429209027493.png (45.8 KB, 478x355, ADAD.png)

oupppsss once again .. are you really sure that nothing affect you ? and there you are .. PS is your real looking for your self instead . go to korea and get surgery better you're kinda rich :)

No. 83115

Are there no current unedited pics of her? I mean, there sure must be some out there, that someone else took. All of the one's we have here she took herself.

No. 83125

Berry, if you really are in college/med school, why dont you take pics of your class, friends, campus?
It's so funny how many times you have to tweet about college but the truth is, you just eat junk food inside your shack while editing your pictures. Wow get a life queen of all snowflakes

No. 83127

Berry is all talk and photoshop

No. 83128

idk she's really a hermit. The only time she ever goes out is with her family tbh. But the again, she's probably unrecognizable irl or she sin't very well known irl.

No. 83133

Hey guys so I'm a different anon making an instagram and facebook to expose berry right now.

My plan is to just make an account that goes on her posts and comments on them, since there are pages that are meant to expose her already but I don't think they do much to attract attention and spread info. I do expect these accounts to be deleted shortly after I do the deed. But I think as long as I am able to get attention and information spread, I don't care if it gets deleted. I'll also add information on the page first. Would it be okay to link the blog and twitter if so? Thoughts on this?

No. 83134

File: 1429211564642.jpg (49.77 KB, 415x604, ugaAnUhjyFE.jpg)

oh geez what about those huge tits you have berry??? :-(

No. 83136

Berry blog mod, I'm setting a queue up before I sign off for the rest of the day. I might be able to pop in later today, but I've got a lot to do. The queue will start up tomorrow.


That would definitely be fine with me, thank you for your support!

No. 83138

I'm the owner of the twitter account and I'm totally fine with it too! Thank you! I'll make sure to link your pages too.

No. 83143

File: 1429213206412.png (59.2 KB, 440x471, v1aLFU6.png)

just found this next to berry's house. i think she needs to pay a visit to the "internet clinic" LMAO

No. 83148


I don't know how Twitter works but if you can see her followers, follow all. IF there is a button next to a list so you can easily follow them.

Try to tag things like her name or username to get more exposure maybe.
#berrytsukasa #ichigoflavor #pinkmiruku #meowieberry #pinksiopao

No. 83154

silly baka, they magically vanished because of her bad posture remember? :^)

No. 83158

File: 1429214445641.gif (89.65 KB, 510x383, trixie-tang-meme-generator-tel…)


No. 83161

I have big boobs, 30F to be exact, and knowing quite a bit about boobs, you simply cannot grow 5 cups in like 2 or 3 years. And if her boobs really are that big, which in some pictures looks like it could be 28H (or something along those lines), you CANNOT make it look that flat no matter what angle. Smaller yes, but not flat. I tried taking a bunch of pictures with tight t-shirt and tank top from different angles, they never looked flat and my boobs look smaller than hers. There is a picture of her in a light coloured t shirt and her boobs look like B-C cup. How she could make them look so big now is beyond my knowledge.

No. 83164

hi OC

No. 83170

lmaooooooo at that fuckin girl on ichigofaker tryin to stand up for berry

No. 83177

No. 83182

File: 1429215947151.jpg (42.55 KB, 453x604, ccw_jMCdRUs.jpg)

her big tatas

No. 83184

File: 1429216013406.jpg (75.69 KB, 453x604, o9FDZPf3AmI.jpg)

umm berry one big problem for busty girls is button shirts, you should know that if they're really that big ;) /busty girl

No. 83186

File: 1429216167128.jpg (44.4 KB, 301x604, 0RNAFRqCuKU.jpg)

No. 83188

File: 1429216247142.jpg (63.3 KB, 374x567, d4gqi.jpg)

yes let me just hide my huge shoulders

No. 83190

File: 1429216293746.jpg (38.12 KB, 448x319, 7ojQLb_48Rg.jpg)

No. 83200

Twitter mod here. Berry is currently adding all of the account tweets to her favorites

No. 83201

seriously the more i read oujis comments, the more i can see berry through them… this girl is so sad

No. 83206

just lurked her VK community page and geez she literally lives off of wawa's. went ahead and did a quick search and found out there is actually a wawa's within 3 minutes walking distance from her house. everything matches up perfectly, shes an awful liar. gg berry

No. 83209

File: 1429216868714.png (27.74 KB, 574x247, kek.png)

No. 83212

but korinne how is it private info if you actually don't live in NJ but live in NY?..wait … don't tell me…YOU ACTUALLY DO LIVE IN NJ???

No. 83214


No. 83218

File: 1429217150078.jpg (43.62 KB, 531x295, IMG_20150416_164422.jpg)

No. 83220



No. 83224

File: 1429217286103.jpg (11 KB, 595x149, bpua.jpg)


I would be willing to talk to her, I consider myself pretty level headed - unless it comes to something science related then I do tend to go over the top.

@berrytwitter I don't think both of us should converse with her, in case she tries to warp words. But maybe one of us.
Idk for now, I'll wait and not jump the gun. Seems to soon to try and interact with her.

No. 83230

I think she is just trying to manipulate you guys into taking everything down tbh

No. 83231


Also, I don't have a twitter, glad that you're posting these things so we can all see them.
In anyone's opinion, do you think it would be worth making a twitter just to witness this?

No. 83232

they might actually be around this size

this is exactly what i was thinking. if it isn't true, why does she care?

she's going to play the pity card and try to get her fans to feel bad for her

No. 83234



Yeah, I am getting the same feel.
On her twitter she rants and raves about how she doesn't care about hate, calls people who hate on her 'ugly' and all types of words. And now when she makes contact with tsukasalies, she's sweet and trying to be mellow and so understanding~

That's why I suggested we don't interact with her. Maybe one of us, but not right now and later.

No. 83237

Post the whole ouji drama. Like the way she flirts with all the guys and won't Let him talk to girls it whatever. Also how she told him to take down his stuff or whatever? I don't really k ow what happened so idk xD

No. 83239

damn good job.


omg LOL she so lurks.

No. 83240


For what reason ? In the end she'll just want you to take everything down. Berry knows exactly why we do this , in my opinion talking would be unnecessary cuz everything was already said.

No. 83241


Why is she "just wondering" why these are made, if she didn't care in the first place?

No. 83243

@twitter person, you should follow the people who talk to her/ass kiss her the most first

No. 83244


She tries to sound lovely nd understanding while being sassy and shitty at ger twitter account where 10k people follow her lol

No. 83246

Sorry, I went more in depth here.

If there was someone to talk to her. I would just let her do all the talking, and pull from that.
Even if she were to be nice, and said, please delete this there's no reason for it to be up - like she did on PULL, I wouldn't do it.
I would want to see if she would just tell one of us the truth, the whole truth about everything and her photoshopping and lifestyle.

But again, like I stated, I don't think I would talk to her right now, seems too soon and I know what she would be planning.
I'd ignore her, continue on, and keep doing what I'm doing.
But she's the one that contacted tsukasalies, so it's in their hands.

No. 83248

Hey guys, its the berry instagram anon again.

the instagram so far: @berrynot

Honestly, I don't think you guys should talk to her.

I think she should have expected this to happen.

I agree

Lmao, going back to the collage of her saying she doesn't give a fuck about haters. If she didn't care wouldn't she have ignored? She's actually attracting more attention to you guys by tweeting you since I'm sure many of her followers stalk her twitter page too.

So much for not caring, hmm Berry?

No. 83251

I agree, don't fall for her words. It's the same thing she did with PULL.

No. 83252


If twitter mod is still reading this thread, or dropping in. Or even the instagram person, who said they wanted to start up an instagram. I'd be willing to share skype or something with you, or just message me on ichigofaker maybe on fanmail?
Either way, a tighter knit community would be good imo.

No. 83253

Twitter mod here. I agree with you, I won't talk to her, maybe later. And only if she's willing to talk like an adult, of course, which I doubt.

She makes it seem like we're enjoying it, but tbh I just want her followers to know how she is like because it's not fair to watch people be upset over her "perfection" when it is not even real.

No. 83255

File: 1429218129807.jpg (70.68 KB, 500x882, 1380348_874571855899816_671696…)


No. 83256

File: 1429218135976.png (73.46 KB, 653x460, oh berry.png)


No. 83257

She wants to be a plastic surgeon?
Birch better learn anatomy, ha.

No. 83259


No. 83260

File: 1429218350750.jpg (137.99 KB, 500x882, 1380348_874571855899816_671696…)


No. 83261

twitter gets deleted. now korinne makes a post saying "nvm I don't mind it" lmfao please someone remake it

No. 83262

Twitter was suspended. Guess her army of whiteknights did their job

No. 83263

omg the tsukasa_lies twitter is suspended :(

No. 83265


@instagrammod , you've been going to work!!!
I'll also post up a link for you on my blog.

Ichigofaker is still up. :/ I wonder for how long?
A reason why I never wanted to follow her on tumblr, although I did so today.

Shout out to twittermod, if you want to help me with my blog you're more than welcome to. We can exchange info if you're interested, if not that's fine too.

No. 83266

keep remaking it, it'll piss her off LOL

No. 83269

someone should re make the twitter account without posting the name of it here until you follow the people who follow her quietly (that way she wont see it coming) and then let us know what it is once everything is set up lol

No. 83271

Your account is suspended. Plead your case to twitter support to get it back in a timely manner. You can also block her if you like (to keep her from seeing your tweets. And reporting them) I would suggest blocking ouji too.

No. 83273

I dont think it would make a difference as he/she posted pics without Berry's consent

No. 83275

Haha yeah! Took a while but I'll remake if need to as well. I changed some stuff and added "fanpage". Not sure if it will help lower the risk of being suspended but it was worth a try. Blocked out her private info as much as possible as well.

No. 83276

ahahaha she only posted "i dont care" after the account got suspended but before she was willing to talk

No. 83278

But there's other accounts like that as well, celebrity fan pages and stuff who post pictures w/o their consent?

No. 83279

I wonder how many of us there are here? lol

No. 83280


Does anyone have a tumblr blog that they don't use?
If so, do you think you could reblog all the posts that I've made on ichigofaker so far? That way, if it gets deleted, I can remake and then just reblog everything. Because the blog can get deleted but the posts will remain if someone reblogs them.

No. 83281

who ever remakes the twitter should call it a fanpage and act like one of her delusional minions while posting her old photos/screenshots.

No. 83284

she always says "my college", no one in college talks like that, they'd usually say "campus" or their college's name/initials. Saying COLLEGE seems redundant because it's obviously college.

Has she ever referred to what actual school she goes to? Also since she's so "rich" lol shouldn't she be going to a brag worthy school so why wouldn't she mention the school?

No. 83298

Twitter mod here. If anyone wants to remake the twitter please do, as I need to be going. I'll post the images I made for it here in case anyone wants to use them.

No. 83299

File: 1429220857350.png (771.6 KB, 847x768, CCu_Y1oWIAAq_Za.png large.png)

No. 83301

File: 1429220902922.png (467.03 KB, 848x852, CCusTv-XIAEb5mS.png large.png)

(adding something here so lolcow doesn't think I'm spamming)

No. 83303

File: 1429220962090.png (809.65 KB, 1024x470, CCurHcvXIAAY1Ic.png large.png)

If you need more stuff I still have access to the suspended account, so I can retrieve what I posted there

No. 83305

File: 1429221010305.png (14.53 KB, 590x238, CCvCCydW4AA1baO.png large.png)

The other stuff is on the threads. See you later.

No. 83312

account suspended

No. 83315

u dont say lol

No. 83316

Sure, I'll do that for you.

No. 83321

No. 83339

shes such a snowflake oh my god

No. 83341

Someone should make a fb page

No. 83343

So guys, I know exposin shoops are good for image issues (it's not bad since it's your pics but lying is another thing) and all, but please don't forget the other stuff that made her a snowflake.

For example, I notice no one mentions how she's a manipulating Venus 2.0. Remember the Amikoto thing? Yeah. Personally, I think it should be posted more to the Tumblr because it basically happened on Tumblr.

Btw, the format in which Burrynotreally is going, you may not have much to comment on left, so probably make the tweets more specific. Unless…You want to be posting pics 24/7. Js

Btw Berry if you read this, why couldn't you pick a more believable college in NJ? I mean, I believe you could've kept up with your lies more if so.

No. 83346

Need pics to showcase that she is manipulating, people won't believe just words :/

No. 83347

Make an encyclopedia dramatica

No. 83350

Just added some more commentary to the twitter just as suggested!

No. 83358


No. 83367

Lmao this stupid cunt.
Watch her be nice and gentle on Twitter from now on and repost quotes about compassion and forgiveness. Using that as an excuse to gain pity from her followers.

Lol@location change.
"Japan in my mind"

No. 83375

she's been re-tweeting posts about "forgive your haters" bullshit today lmfao if anything she's the one who should be apologizing for being a liar to her followers

No. 83379

lmao if she did that she's contradicting herself again because she tweeted once about how popular bloggers when they reach popularity they tweet about kindness, inspirational stuff. She was like "why can't they just be themselves!!!11"

No. 83383

No. 83391

oh wow. I think she's trying to get on peoples good side.

No. 83402

I'm new here, been reading about Berry here for awhile. Not her whiteknight but I do find her quite cute (she has a nice features overall and I think most people won't even have any problems with her even her shooping herself IF ONLY her personality could be a lil bit nicer? If it's me, imho I think she doesn't overly edit her face tho her face might still looks a lil bit different in real (she shoops her boobs a bit too much tho?) and I don't have any problem with her shooping her face but why do PS on her boobs to make it bigger too? She's probably craving for all the attentions and loves.. And girl can't you at least love yourself, if you're really open-minded, at least have self respect. Stop talking about p*nis like it's nothing at all. Sorry but that's quite slutty to me. Everyone isn't perfect, why she's trying so hard to be perfect? Pretty, rich, smart, skinny but with nice body, famous and all.. Why does she wants to have it all? Everyone wants to be like that, but most of us don't lie about it and just accept who we are. If she's really turning 21 this year, can't she at least be more mature? If she really read stuffs on here, it's really upset that until now she isn't reflecting. Instead of saying she doesn't care about her haters all the time (when she clearly does), I feel like she should stop with all her lies even if she doesn't want to tell the truth or apologize. Once all her lies are uncovered, she probably will go hide herself and close all her SNS and she probably might start a new life then. She's clearly trying to get on peoples good side now. Honestly her personality really turns me off but I feel like some people on here shouldn't be too harsh. Everyone make mistakes you know? But I feel like, she's really stubborn until some people here are really pissed off with her that there's no solution only to be this harsh to make her face the reality? –"

No. 83407

She's going to end up like Kiki, kek.

No. 83411

someone from fb add her asap to see all the crap she has on there

No. 83413

She just added me… :D

No. 83414

i feel the same way; and yes on the last part.

Idk why she tries so hard like,, i feel secondhand embarrassment for her. Is she really this desperate and insecure about everything in her life?

i doubt she has anything to hide (now that she's prob. erased everything) in whatever account she's adding people in to

No. 83416

File: 1429232135225.png (432.62 KB, 532x655, Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 5.55…)

she has no kawaii moles in this pic

No. 83418

File: 1429232236941.png (20.33 KB, 530x99, Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 5.56…)

like a delusional bitch? no thanx

No. 83419

return of the neck boobs

No. 83420


No. 83422

her eye look weird af

No. 83423

File: 1429232415461.jpg (71.2 KB, 562x752, CCwUVOrWIAAw94L.jpg)

here's the full pic if anyone wants to scan/view it better

No. 83428

wtf? her arm looks huge here, even taking into account the angle/holding the camera
really sure she's a fatty now.

No. 83433

OMG I didnt even notice until you guys pointed it out omg

I agree too. Most of us arent really here for her PS though, although theyre fun to point out. xD

No. 83435

is this bitch for real

No. 83438

her lips look awful here
use some chapstick holy crap

No. 83441

HAHAHA holy shit fatty-chan alert. her shoulders look like my grandma's

No. 83443

fuzzy disaster and the wiggly mirror god u didnt even try

No. 83445

What the heck is with the chicken

No. 83446

I bet the chicken was an attempt to cover up wiggly shoop and she missed the mirror/makeup brushes there

No. 83449

File: 1429234428547.png (727.08 KB, 562x752, wydberry.png)

she literally took some black and filled in the space between her wig and her face. wtf is she trying to hide??? her other shoulder?? 0/10 you didn't even try

No. 83450

That shoulder tho…… omg different image than i expected lol wow

No. 83453

If you zoom in and look at the sides of her nose and chin you'll see that it's smooth/blurred,there's no pixels compared to the rest of the photo, she must have used the resize tool to make her nose smaller and the healing tool to remove any imperfections.

No. 83454

Probably a combination of her shoulder and the drastically shrunk jawline. Lame.

No. 83458

she's literally giving us more ammo to work with lol???

yeah if you tilt you screen back you can see she edited the area around her lips and mouth. probably the crease that forms when people make that kind of face…if that makes sense.

No. 83461

Again no neck

No. 83465

Yeah looks like she edited out the outline your face makes that's why it's blurry. Don't know why she would though, it's human to have? -.-? Might've edited her nose too. The quality of this pic she took is shit.
No moles like someone said already.

And lmaooo that black hair >>83449

No. 83480


dude everyone lives off wawa around here. its amazing

No. 83543

File: 1429244508703.jpg (109.1 KB, 385x539, transformation.jpg)

Transforming via shoop da woop feat. Korrine.

No. 83544

i keep reading that as the pinyin for "both/all" and it's hella confusing

No. 83545

but.. she's in america, right? this is the end of the spring semester, and the summer semester doesn't start for another few weeks. is she saying she just started school (sorry, college lol)?

No. 83548

i'll take things that never happened for 500

(also wow "college"… again)

No. 83549

File: 1429245294696.png (319.45 KB, 466x659, attention.png)

does korrine/berry want attention that much?

No. 83550

yes, yes she does. Cause that's all she has in her sad life

No. 83551

notice how berrys transformation is the most drastic. that dark ass tan skin to pale ass white skin. lol if she doesn't use bleaching soap or "no photoshop" how the fuck?

No. 83553

she doesn't look any different physically imo..? Except she probably got a little lighter but not as pale white as she shoops herself to be

No. 83554

File: 1429245430308.png (87.66 KB, 632x636, attention2.png)

a better/closeup pic.
lol, no wonder berrys ego is so big her fans/whiteknights spoon feed her.

No. 83555

File: 1429245521031.png (237.54 KB, 348x577, wow.png)

btw she changed her twitter location to new york again LOL

No. 83559

No. 83560

oh yeah her skin is what i meant when i said drastic. like her whole family is pretty dark/tanned. i mean berry doesn't go out much but she must go out somewhat for school. i find it impossible she is as light as she is now. clearly something she doesn't want to admit since she keeps photoshopping and making her videos brighter.

No. 83561

lol, that's great. I'd never fault a girl for living in a small house and it's really not too terrible tbh but to lie about it..? tsk tsk

No. 83566

right lol it would've been ok on her part if she didn't try so hard to make it seem like she's rich and shit. like her house looks alright, the inside looks decent enough (i mean not rich of course but not too shabby inside either from her photos)

she really wants people to think she lives a rich girl perfect animu life for some reason. like okay lol

No. 83569

File: 1429246045060.png (21.33 KB, 620x299, nah.png)


No. 83572

korinne is asleep someone start some shit now

No. 83573

LOL ima wait a few more hours before i do ;)
idk tho what if shes not asleep she's just going to stay up the whole night waiting lmaooooooo

No. 83576

someone should make an encyclopedia dramatica then send it to her.

No. 83578

Well korinne only ever talks about herself soooo

No. 83585

all this ~*self confidence*~ and be positive! (i mean it's good and all but ) reminds me of P-C so much– you'd think she'd learn from what just happened to P-C….,, oh wait she doesnt because all she cares about is herself. Narcissistic delusional betch

No. 83590

She's only acting this way because of all the shit flying around now. Had that not happened she'd still be bragging about her big titties and rich life.

No. 83591

wonder how long she'll keep it up. must be hard keeping up a fake attitude since her usual attitude before all of this was total opposite lol

No. 83596


Agreed. Just a short while ago she was posting in the most bitchy way possible and now she is pretending to be all sweet and positive now. First people found her unshopped pics, then called people liars to saying she grew up and changed. Then she admitted to photoshop and editing but says she looks the same as her edits. Brags about being rich when she is this dirt poor chick.

Like get out of your ass Berry. If you weren't obsessed with your fake image and life you could have real friends.

No. 83606

File: 1429249006318.png (9.79 KB, 531x130, haa.png)

>>i dont like anime

No. 83611

File: 1429249422929.png (1.64 KB, 169x63, her bust.png)

No. 83616

is the length supposed to be her ribcage/band length? if it is then she's be like almost 10 inches apart wtf like hentai boobs?

No. 83619

i also enjoy studieg and slepping

No. 83633

I hate women who put so much emphasis on their chest. Just go into porn and get it over with, you dumb slut.

No. 83636


She can't go into porn or else people will see her hentai boobies don't exist

No. 83638

File: 1429250765748.jpg (32.81 KB, 500x117, tumblr_inline_mowszg1elV1qz4rg…)

No. 83665


woooo account expected to be gone and deleted when morning comes.

No. 83671

>New Yokku



No. 83675

Hahahaha my fucking sides, anon.

No. 83681

File: 1429256394572.png (716.76 KB, 914x642, capture-20150417-023358.png)


oh man

screen shots so you guys can see and also in case she deletes the comment or something.

No. 83682

File: 1429256420297.png (621.99 KB, 888x687, capture-20150417-023608.png)



No. 83683

File: 1429256448310.png (720.01 KB, 905x701, capture-20150417-023802.png)


No. 83721


Girl needs to pull her damn shirt up. It's been steadily getting pulled lower and lower. Shit, everyone'd have spilling titties too if their shirts are halfway down their chests.

No. 83760

File: 1429264784510.jpg (660 KB, 3500x2060, ichigoflavor.jpg)

Her arm reminds me of the Michelin mascot.

No. 83762

she looks like michael jackson

No. 83769

File: 1429267871351.jpg (231.47 KB, 878x1174, Untitled-2.jpg)

No. 83771

lol Michael Jackson before and after? hahaha cracked me up!

No. 83774

Your logic is absolutely stupid.

Of course she doesn't have one, when you split your legs like that, it seems like you have one. Such cancer m8

No. 83777

100% mj

No. 83778

ahahaha omg this is gold

No. 83783

Can someone screenshot the before and after photo of her sister and ouji ? I cant see it

No. 83793

congrats on missing the point m8

No. 83797

attention whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooore

No. 83798

What point is there.
Unless she said "I have a thigh gap, lol" the logic is still broken.

Her stance obviously shows that her legs are spread.

No. 83805

HAHHAHAHHA STILL CAN'T GET ENOUGH THINK.. why should this girl doing this ? think she is get much obsess to become Nami in one piece :))
just take a look all those pic always having over boobies and soo tiny waist .
does it make sense to be like it within 3-5 years ? EVEN NORMAL HUMAN i doubt.
she is crazy

No. 83812

File: 1429283768851.jpg (148.53 KB, 476x412, donttellanyone.jpg)

just did a thing

No. 83818

All the photos shes ever posted of her standing has had thigh gaps. She never admitted theyre not thigh gaps until recently because of the shit about her being exposed.
The point is, shes contradicting herself (like she always does), m8.

No. 83825

anyway, i feel like she was deseperate of her life and need to live by lies ~

No. 83827

Instagram mod here
Found out Berry must have blocked me because I cant see her posts anymore lol but, i gained 16 followers of hers and some people even liked the posts haha

No. 83834

post the link to reblog pls

No. 83837

you can still view her instagram on your browser just
instagram.com/pinksoapao or w/e the hell it is

No. 83839

Berry confirmed being over 110lbs as you cannot donate blood if you weigh less than 110lbs

No. 83840

It's so funny how she's constantly shooting her own foot and confirming what we already know

No. 83842

Oh no, I just pasted her face over a screenshot from my dashboard, I didn't post it, lol. But feel free to post it.

No. 83854


Isn't it sort of weird how Ouji posted a photo of 'him' from when he was like a fucking kid? He looks 8 here or so
While everyone else - even his girlfriend - is posting their pictures from their teens/preteen years.

No. 83857

But did she say "I have thigh gaps" unless she said it herself, doesn't mean she actual claimed to have said she had it.
So your(or OP's) point doesn't stand. You cannot contradict yourself if you claim or say it.

No. 83860

Berry has this thing where she likes to imply stuff. She was probably implying she has a thigh gap in those photo. Why the hell else would you pose like that in every single photo?

I don't know if she ever did claim she had thigh gaps but she sure does love to act like she does. There are a gazillion pics in the last threads that have photos of her "thigh gap".

Point blank: she made herself look like she had a thigh gap. Just like she makes herself seem rich and spoiled.

No. 83862

Idk I don't find it weird but it's a good point.
He could have used a different photo or a photo that was never posted up in his pre teen year. That before photo of his has been seen like 23453345 times.

No. 83865

I'm the anon that posted those comments on fb uh idk, I just posted whatever was posted on this thread that was relevant to her photos
ok dont kill me

No. 83871

I guess I just thought it was weird because, everyone is obviously posting pictures that are seperated by a few year gap. He literally posted a picture from his childhood to compare it to his current age (believe berry said he's like 20-22 or something?)
Thats a wide gap comparison, he didn't even go through puberty in that picture like why post it there's going to be obvious differences from when you're fucking 8 to when youre an adult

No. 83889


I have a nagging suspicion that Ouji is fake. As in, he (or Berry) stole someone else's photos and are claiming it's him. It'd explain why the childhood photo if he couldn't find a derpy preteen photo of who he fakes, since childhood -> adulthood look nothing alike. I seriously wouldn't put it past Berry to have made up Ouji herself, do we even have proof Ouji is a real person except for anons claiming "YA I HAVE HIM ON FB BUT I CAN'T POST HIS REAL NAME THOUGH SORRY GAIZ"? Watch him pull a Jun and steal some Taiwanese ulzzang's photos.

No. 83891

Meant to quote >>83862 not >>83857 oops

No. 83900

I felt like I was crazy but I've been thinking the same thing for a while. It's just so strange.
All he talks about is Berry, it's like he's not even his own person. Who does that? My tweets certainly don't revolve around my bf all the time, why does he not tweet his own things, just Berry?
Not to mention it feels really convenient that he deleted everything once Berry got her popularity through him and doesn't post pics anymore, yet still exists as a way for Berry to seem cooler/more popular to other people.

Idk. I'm not saying he is for sure fake, but all of this stuff is so weird. Too weird. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out he was fake tbh.

No. 83906

> Berry got her popularity through him

What? As far as I know, Ouji himself never was popular at all. Berry, IIRC, was an Admin on the page Kawaii Ulzzang Contest and got efame from there on her own. Ouji just randomly came into the picture as far as I'm concerned, so that's why I think he's fake and Berry made him up to seem like she has a kawaii boyfurendo. I completely agree that he doesn't sound like his own person, he seriously sounds like a sockpuppet made to praise Berry.

No. 83909

Old twitter mod here, good job keeping the legacy alive. lol
Also what's up with her last pic, that nose

No. 83914

i dont think so ouji is fake since i was once in cam with him long long ago :/ i saw him instead

No. 83916

but related to popularity yeahh .. i dont know for sure what they guys doing but seem searching for their fantasy through =="

No. 83920

AFAIK Ouji was like… SUPER popular and then got with Berry (a lot of Ouji's fans followed Berry?) and not too long after just deleted absolutely everything. This was all back a few years ago.

And yeah, agreed. Either he is fake or he abandoned all his accounts and Berry has been running them this whole time. Either wouldn't shock me.

No. 83924

Berry was an admin? Holy crap I use to participate in KUC waay back then but idr her

I think she controls his accounts and they broke up long ago hm

No. 83927

He isn't fake, some people here know him from back in the day and confirmed Berry would throw a tantrum when he talks to other girls via webcam.

No. 83951

wait a sec that's her arm? holy shit

No. 83956

Guys it's clearly a skin coloured cardigan xD

No. 83965

Plot twist: ouji is dead and shes been controling his accounts

No. 83969

What proof of Ouji being real do we have other than "some anons said so"?

I don't remember if Berry was actually an admin but I'm positive she had some sort of affilation with it at one point, and thats where I thought she got her fame from because Ouji just popped out of nowhere. I was around that community for a while but I seriously do not remember Ouji being super popular or anything, only Berry then Ouji suddenly showing up. KUC was a massive thirsty shithole and fakes were plenty in there.

No. 83983

I think ouji is real because there are some tagged photos of him as well as videos by his friends, but they were like from 4 years ago. I have been friends with him for a long, long time from when he was famous with a 10k+ fanpage. There used to be a lot of tagged photos of him, plus a lot of my friends irl webcammed with him. The real ouji does exist, however I am not so sure about the current ouji. Yes its still the same account, however after he deleted everything (for berry i guess) he became somewhat nonexistent? He will untag tagged pics of him, and he doesn't interact much with his friends irl (he and his irl friends used to make videos etc together) and everything he ever does is berry this and berry that.
Also, I stalked his real friends lol. Apparently he doesn't have any other account besides what he have now ( twitter+facebook) and he doesn't follow his irl friends on twitter vice versa. His friends stopped interacting with him too, so it gets real hard to track him down.. He is a very real person, but its like he becomes a hermit just like what berry is. Which is really sad imo..

No. 83987

damn 10k!? and he gave all that up for berry who in the end became popular and he is now nothing? omg

No. 83993

if she is that's dark af

No. 83996

i haven't payed much attention to the berry nonsense but what's his twitter? i think i've only seen one photo of him. he's like a ghost. very catfish.

No. 83997

*then again, I have a friend who is very hot and talented that purposefully does behaviors like this so everyone will think they're a catfish and leave them alone lel.

No. 84006

I know…it's an obvious blanket/jacket of some sort…

No. 84008

Reason why ouji didn't post a different picture to compare to: because korinne is actually ouji and she only has the 1 picture of this boy from his childhood (hence the reason this is the only young picture we've ever seen of him and it's been posted multiple times) Plus it makes sense that she would be him because the only posts on his accounts are about her and they sound like the same person when they talk. <just a theory lol. I bet ouji and korinne broke up long ago and she is still lurking on his accounts to make it seem like she is in a perfect kawaii goals relationship

No. 84022

File: 1429307713343.png (918.64 KB, 1243x801, stupidouji.PNG)

Ok so, I just found out that Ouji is one of the most stupid human beings on this world. like I can't even , this idiot has another fb account which says he lives in Tomsriver , New jersey


(pic in case he takes the account down)

No. 84028

The plot thickens!!!

No. 84030

Where did he claim he was from before?

No. 84031


Garut 1, Jawa Barat - Indonesia

No. 84035

this whole thing is like a movie

No. 84039

new yokku isnt even who you say it in japanese lel
its just 'nyu yo-ku'

No. 84042

File: 1429309444042.png (469.45 KB, 559x664, oujistudent.PNG)

I think ouji went (or still goes?) to the Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Garut University (STTG)
because there is a video of him on fb in which he performs at a festival in this University (STTG) , and some of his friends who study industrial engineering go on this university so I'm pretty sure cause he also studys engineering.

No. 84045

File: 1429309568769.jpg (74.51 KB, 604x447, 10391467_1069057864600_5994616…)

old photos of ouji :

No. 84046

File: 1429309643997.jpg (53.73 KB, 604x390, 311511_3073505055627_741991726…)

lol he's so small

No. 84047

File: 1429309698223.jpg (45.51 KB, 453x604, 22345_1086705105770_2366204_n.…)

No. 84048

lol ouji is smaller than berry

No. 84050

these photos are from around 2009-2011

No. 84051

ouji looks like a girl lol

No. 84058

He's pretty cute. I wonder if he's really over 6' like Berry says. Maybe I should try talking to him.

No. 84064

Berry says she lives in NY but lives in NJ
Ouji says he lives in Indonesia but has NJ as location??


No. 84093

File: 1429315123046.png (54.29 KB, 606x450, berry.png)

now she admits she edits trying to hide she's a piece of shit

No. 84103

You can edit yourself or get plastic surgery or whatever to make yourself happy. It doesn't exclude your dumb ass from criticism though, especially if you're constantly posting publicly online.

No. 84107

File: 1429317348010.jpg (105.54 KB, 640x539, 1427680389606.jpg)

we all noticed the backpack but look at her head lol

No. 84109

this is the same pic obviously, just to show it better

No. 84110


Well, there's a lot of people who put false locations on their facebook. That's pretty normal. lol

No. 84112

Ok. Admitting that you edit is one thing, but what I don't like is the fact that she continues to lie about what she edits. That and certain aspects of her life.

No. 84116

File: 1429317674014.jpg (17.75 KB, 399x418, CC1Zq9pWEAAyXk3.jpg large.jpg)

6-year-old Berry, or she claims she is, by now I don't believe in her that much

No. 84117


I think that's her. Look at the eyebrows lol. They're similar to the photo with her family at some restaurant or wherever the hell that was.

No. 84121

File: 1429318658271.png (404.15 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-04-18-02-54-50…)


I Also think that's her but she definetely shooped her lips , berry doesn't have big lips like these.

No. 84122

File: 1429318941151.jpg (19.15 KB, 518x136, IMG_20150417_205555.jpg)

Admitting to not.being thin

No. 84125

looks like korinne is living in a bedroom in NY again

No. 84142

Not everyone goes through that though…

No. 84144

what if berry is lying about being in college bc her bf is in college!!

No. 84145

No. 84146

File: 1429326474311.jpg (289 KB, 640x522, berry.jpg)

just some notes on this picture

No. 84148

twitter mod have you thought about adding her and outting her again
it worked for a minute, because she did change her location on twitter
idk how we can just get a shit load of her followers to see her lies

No. 84153

is ouji the one on the mic????? ooooooo lol

No. 84155

im certain she edited her nose in this tbh

it kind of annoys me that shes starting to call this a movement by her on her twitter.

yeah i always knew her head looked weird in here even though it's covered! again, doesn't proportion right. no wonder she covered it lol, she knows.

nice, going to use this for the instagram. (instagram mod) btw, a little update on the instagram: I'm gaining more followers and more likes on the content I'm posting of Berry. Nice.

No. 84157

The moment Berry's followers kiss her ass and shit, berry goes back to being an epic liar with extra shitness.

"Bedroom in NY(:3冫 ノ)ノ" - Berry's new location on Twitter

Lol, and the moment we get to her, she's quick to change it.

She seems like a little insecure girl.

No. 84158

>seems like a little insecure
she's VERY insecure almost crazy lmaoo

No. 84159

(Instagram/new twit mod)

no problem. Hope I'm doing it right!

I'll make interactions with her once I get more of her followers. in the process ;)

No. 84166


Hey, big huge shout out to the anon who reblogged all of the posts on the blog. I can't thank you enough, that's such a big help and favour I'm really grateful.

No. 84167

berry is doing the most right now…i feel second hand embarrassment

No. 84168

File: 1429333821742.png (11.49 KB, 399x136, CC2XBEyWMAA0WP5.png)

the pics are so small…. trying to hide some stuff berry?

No. 84169

wow very big very rich house in the background!!! so rich animu hime~~~~

No. 84170

Her tits look hella misshapen here.

No. 84171

I'm pretty sure rich girls don't use the same dress for 4 days.

No. 84172

No. 84173

File: 1429334613095.jpg (99.36 KB, 1078x828, Screenshot_2015-04-18-01-22-26…)

No. 84175

I think this is the least edited pic of her so so far because it's a mess especially in the chest region… but her nose seems to look more like it actually does and it looks cute tbh dunno why she tries to shop herself into voldemort
the shoulders, face covering and falling dress is still hilarious though

No. 84176

omg she sooo reads the thread. Why didn't she post this the day she said she was going to do blood donations? wtf?! lol

No. 84177

and also i doubt they would let her donate. she is such bullshit omg i can't lol

No. 84178

File: 1429334770705.jpg (45.63 KB, 300x300, uguu.jpg)

hey boys tell me i'm kawaii

No. 84179

whY are all her tweets so cringe worthy now

No. 84180


No. 84181


jfc her body looks huge in this photo

No. 84182

dat natural blur beside her nose

No. 84183

her nose looks extra tiny in here lol nice try berry

No. 84184

Looks like a normal living room (even littered with stuff like one of those crazy people's houses who never clean up) + squished together and lenghted her fingers to make her hand look skinnier

No. 84186

lol did she delete that pic from twitter

No. 84187

i think so LOL good thing i snatched it ha

No. 84188

File: 1429335546680.jpg (112.36 KB, 750x790, image.jpg)

wonder how she feels to be spilling out her psed boobs to 42 year old men

No. 84189

I think it's her room and the door you see is reflected off her drawer mirror making it look bigger (looks like some stuff are laid out so im assuming it must be that huge oldish drawer mirror thing she has)

can't really tell for sure because the image is so damn small. this is like the smallest pic she uploaded ever, it must be to hide something…..

No. 84190

its berry.
the older the better.

No. 84191

File: 1429335669362.jpg (213.94 KB, 510x510, image.jpg)


No. 84192

omfg its like she didn't even try! LOL Must be way the pictures are so tiny.

No. 84194

File: 1429336116253.jpg (225.75 KB, 510x510, HEH.jpg)

She should sue whoever made her wobbly house. wink wink

No. 84195

Omg her hand is so pudgy and all that extra space between her boobs o.o

No. 84196

i love this

No. 84197

Also her shoulders are very wide… o.o I feel like she look like she would weight about 130lbs

No. 84198

the sag is real

No. 84199

Also to the anon who said she wore the same dress for 4 days. I think those are all selfies she took in one day but is uploading them once a day xO . What happened to her saying she wasn't going to take anymore pictures lol???

No. 84200

yeah most likely the case. she tries so hard to hide it and make it seem like she's skinny. smh, all she is doing lately is so sad and i feel pity for her followers that still support her blindly and that chicken/pollo army lol. she makes videos and act all nice to "prove" us and those against her otherwise, but really, even all that is fake and so try hard.

She continues her lying act anyway. Don't know who she's trying to fool (cough her supporters/whiteknights)

No. 84201

her chin MELTS into her neck. amazing.


No. 84202

and her nose resembles a penis

No. 84203

she looks so different here.. but more human/filipino?(i mean the face)

No. 84204

Yeah I know, I was just joking lol but like a bunch of people have mentioned here before, you'd expect someone as rich as her to post pics wearing brand clothing instead of stuff from sheinside.

god why

No. 84205

what did her tweet say when she uploaded this?
this pic is so horrid omg

No. 84206

File: 1429337219994.png (26.56 KB, 487x207, capture-20150418-010402.png)

stumbled on this becus it appeared on my feed

lol totally dodged that meeting follower comment. im not the only one that finds that funny and amusing right? hahaha

No. 84207

something like "i can make derp faces too"

No. 84208

File: 1429337300851.jpg (63.44 KB, 750x544, image.jpg)

No. 84209

File: 1429337494243.png (17.43 KB, 587x243, ok.png)

she mustve read yall comments about needing to be over 110 to give blood

No. 84211

The fact that there's a bunch of grown ass men who look up to her is creepy as hell.

No. 84212

she so doesssss lol. she made that "im going to donate blood guise!1!!" tweet like a day or two ago? why didnt she just post that tweet then hmmm

No. 84213

right LOL imagine what they do to her photoshopped fake ass pics…….. cringe.

No. 84218

honestly it makes me mad/annoyed that she lies about studying to become a plastic surgeon (implying she goes to med school) and that she's rich and "too smart" because literally ANYONE can tell from her vocabulary and grammar mistakes that it's a fabricated lie
and she lurks on the Internet 24/7 which should be impossible if she's a med student even if she's "115% gpa" or some shit I mean I'm not even in college yet and I barely have time to go on the Internet because of school…..

No. 84219

Is she morphing into Yaya?

No. 84221

This looks like such an attempt of berry to cover for her disgustingness haha.

No. 84222

For a while i thought, maybe she's losing weight to somewhat turn her lies into truths. These pics confirm, that she isnt.

No. 84226

Here, at 5'2 the minimum is 116 for blood donations. And as you get shorter, the weight minimum increases..

No. 84231

File: 1429341117914.png (20.24 KB, 540x193, tumblr_njhk3vSHTA1unvv8so1_540…)

No. 84249


No. 84267

You can't just YOLO a blood donation you dumb cumt if you're underweight, have low blood pressure etc. They will literally tell you then you for volunteering but you can't donate. Has she ever actually been to a blood drive?

No. 84269

I'm convinced that her boobs are probably big but she's a land whale in denial. She always hides her shoulders and upper arms but in her most recent pic you can tell she's definitely not 110lbs like she claimed.

No. 84273

>Admitting to not.being thin
no i think its more like:
berry: posts pictures of (shooped) skinny body im not thin, guiz. give my sympathiez
people: believe shoop omg yes u r , u r perfect bby

No. 84295

Where I live in the USA, they just wouldnt let me donate at 95lbs even though that isnt underweight for 5'1". In college I got up to something between 100 and 110lbs, and they still wouldnt let me.

Sorry for the blog, but yeah. I remember another girl getting turned down, and she def wasnt underweight either.

No. 84305

but that is underweight for 5'1"….
i digress.

No. 84306

If you're short you basically have to be overweight to meet the requirements as well as have decent blood pressure and iron count which they check before you donate because ~surprise~ taking a pint of your blood out of your body can actually affect you. I've known people lie about their weight and faint.

No. 84309

you would think she would know about blood pressure and that she can't donate if she's "underweight", being a ~~~~med student~~~ and all

No. 84315

It just seems like she put the whole "underweight to donate blood" bc she just wants to seem ~so tiny and thin desu~

No. 84346

seriously that is how it goes. can't believe people fall for it smh.

No. 84347

good catch LOL really doe isn't she supposed to be in her second year of college? pretty sure she should have taken a class with that sort of information

No. 84349

clearly not, she just wants to sound like a ~perf kawaii "im real" angel~ that does good things and never faked anything lol

No. 84351

File: 1429381352234.png (10.59 KB, 596x131, capture-20150418-132027.png)

i dont know why she keeps calling it a movement like its some big world changing thing? as if nobody has done before and after/transformation photos before lol idk

No. 84353

she wants to feel important

No. 84354

yeah i remember this one time berry tried to be smurt and commented on someone's tweet (about this h8ter that apparently wrote some incorrect grammar shit ) that they shouldn't use a comma before "and" ever because it's wrong. someone corrected her and said you can in certain sentences and berry was like "ya that 2 but that person is still wrong"

it was amusing lmao. wish i still had screenshotted it.

based on this (and other tweets/stuff she has written) she doesn't have a really vast vocab, for someone oh so smart. pretty sure you could call this "movement" something else?

No. 84357

File: 1429381868425.png (95.2 KB, 580x668, barley tsukasa.png)

here we see berry unknowingly talking about herself

No. 84358

why are you guys so obsessed with what she does lol? like why are you looking at her replies to other people and shit
playing detective might be fun but you all need to do something more worth your time lol

No. 84361

and you need to leave lolcow lol if you dont like it, dont lurk

No. 84362


Lol hi korrine

No. 84363

??? it takes like two seconds to see her replies, why would you think people are spending their entire day doing this kind of stuff

No. 84365

chill out barley tsukasa. did you even read her threads lol dont drop a comment unknowing.
and it really isn't hard to see her replies?
may we remind you that this is lolcow??

No. 84367

maybe because you have 2 full threads talking about this stuff and you all post actively every time she does something lol
yeah i read everything, it's quite amusing
just wasn't aware that people were willing to spend their time circling out inaccuracies in her pictures and pointing them out as if they figured out something groundbreaking, like yeah she uses ps and she edits her boobs and most of her pictures are inconsistent
who the hell cares though

No. 84371

Berry is Ouji, I mean come on, she tags "him" in every selfie, who tf tags their bf on every goddamn selfie! :'D

No. 84373

are you berry or berrys friend lol this is lolcow, nobody really cares what a passerby says, your two cents is useless.

she's full of shit and people believe her, its not just photoshop. so what if we talk about her, why are YOU wasting your time on a thread you don't like lmaoooo

No. 84375

>it's quite amusing
Well that's why we're here. It IS amusing to laugh at you.
Apparently you fail to see, that this isnt one little group of people writing a lot of posts, but a large group writing just a few, plus lurkers. Thats no effort.
Your misconception is, that we identify ourselves with these threads, when in fact that's what you do, since they're about you. There's discrepancy in perception.

No. 84388

and i also don't care about what you say lool and we're all wasting time so it's even :)

wasn't this about berry? i'm one of the few lurkers

No. 84395

Wow I'm amazed to read all this shit. I wasn't expecting all the lies and stuff.. I've been following her for years and wasn't aware how shitty she was because it was only on tumblr. She seemed like a cute creative person. I started following her on twitter recently but I unfollowed after a few days because she seemed to be full of lies and SO self-centered… She only talks about herself and her boobs… How mature.

Lying about blood donation, about where she lives, about WHAT she photoshops, what she studies, the (ghost) fans she meets (c'mon why is there no picture) and how EVERYONE in real life is praising her when she seems to look like a regular fat asian shorty. Like who the hell would pay attention? Unless she goes out in "kawaii weaboo cosplay" with pink hair and gigantic lenses I HIGHLY DOUBT someone would notice/talk to her. And even less say stuff like "Queen!!! We're your peasants!!!" Really? This was hillarous

I also started to doubt about Ouji before I ended up there. In my opinion they broke out long time ago but she refuses to admit the reality so now she IS Ouji. This isn' logic: she throws tantrum if he talks to a single girl but she can talk to lots of boys, call them "bb", post 10000 Leonardo pictures, praise how hot he is, then say she she "follows cute japanese boys <3" and wants a "japanese husbando"? Who the heck would stay? NO BOY can handle that or he has SERIOUS mental issues… What a fucking weaboo.. Gross fetishization of japanese people. "Berry Tsukasa".. Looks like some 10 year weaboo would invent.

In some pictures she looks fat with huge boobs and in others she seems to have the body of a KID! People are still gonna believe it? Incredible. But her fans all look like retarded weebs so… Well I guess yall cannot do anythnig about it. There will always be stupid people who believe big liars

This is my first and last post, not gonna loose my time on a weeb

No. 84400

barley is gonna be the new PC i s2g with her happy sunshine "movement" bs

No. 84401

your comebacks are so lame omg i assume you are one of berry's comrades / secret fan lurker

yes!! EXACTLY. And It's a shame her fans believe it but there have been people who were ex fans/use to admire her and now see what we see here. I was one of those people much like you, who use to think Berry was cute and creative but then something was weird and off about her and I just couldn't find her stuff believable so I googled her and ended up here – where other people see what I see and not her delusional fanbase that only kiss up to her and whatnot. It's refreshing tbh.

No. 84403

i know, berry use to put up this tsundere, im a bad bitch attitude now it's all sunshiny sparkles because she's being exposed for the truth. It's hilarious.

No. 84409

Yea right. Lurkmoar, NotBerry.

No. 84413

Same here. When I first found out about her I adored her. She had a ton of useful information (about lenses and promos and stuff), I still remember her awesome tutorial about dying wigs )now I am not even sure about whether she dyed them herself or just ordered them/stole the tutorial from someone else). She seemed like a cute, sane person with a pretty normal fashion hobby.
Then I started following her Twitter, googled "Yin Tigno" after a few days and found the first thread. Actually even her Twitter replies sometimes put me off a bit, she always spoke in that "ghetto" way, it was really weird and immature.

No. 84414

This girl is so contradictory…
First the pics with huge tigh gaps. She says she's been working out and post big boobs/ass pictures where she tells how much weight she has lost

& then the next she writes something like she's chubby, has no tigh gap, has stretch marks ans is not acceptable to society but doesn't care.

BUT she tries SO SO hard! "Look everyone, I have big boobs, tiny waist, huge hips, ass and thighs fr