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File: 1479375132355.png (83.23 KB, 911x212, Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 1.31…)

No. 200110

last thread >>193090

incel: involuntary celibate, dudes who, depsite wanting love and sex, can't get any for reasons that are beyond them.

if an incel replies to the thread, do not reply to it or you will be temporarily banned, this is from the word of the mouth of the farmhand.

pic is the diet of a 200lb incel, who believes eating a half a stick of butter a day is good for him.

No. 200113


>>Do I need to tell you how good it is to have a gf to convince you to stop eating raw butter? I called her babe in a text message today. And she responded casually. I have someone I can call babe.

No. 200121

If they paid me I would pretend to be their gf.
Maybe encourage them to get better habits and become a well-adjusted person along the way. Win-win.

No. 200149

If he eats butter by itself, why bother counting calories or going on a diet at all? Wasting 400 calories on butter is stupid. He could have something healthier and more nutritious that would probably taste better too.

No. 200150

Maybe we should start a buddy system where they get a fake gf to tell them to act like a regular human being.

No. 200156

I'd be down for that, but I don't think most would like to fuck them.

No. 200177


I'd let him bang me if he paid me. I'm ugly as fuck, need the money and it's not like he's going to have stis from wanking.

No. 200184

i'm more amused with the fact that he thinks it's healthy for him.

i also don't think he understands how serving sizes work

>Look how many calories butter has. It's insane. The basic to losing weight is eat less and eat healthy.

>>100 calories per tablespoon in the butter I buy.

No. 200270

They don't take orders from women, they'd just bitch about how annoying you're being and refuse to change

No. 200310

Wtf so much fat and cholesterol why would he document this

No. 200319


What restaurant serves ONLY a piece of salmon? He's one of those fatties who don't include sides or whatever when they report their eating habbits. He probably had some sides with that salmon and isn't bothering to report them to show he eats the right amount of calroies but cant lose the weight.

No. 200385

>I will support Nazism. It is the only society which will give me a white woman that I AM entitled, too, normies forget that society is built upon every man getting a woman of the same race, a looksmatched woman, I don't care if she is a bit ugly. The modern liberal society gives me nothing, so Nazism can't be that bad.

Troll or no?

No. 200418


The auto mod reply is great. Icing on the cake for that post.

No. 200419


I have a feeling those calorie count are wrong. No way are small slices of pizza only 600 calories.

No. 200436

Okay, I'm convinced that this is a troll now.
Nobody can seriously eat a half a stick of butter, let alone think that it's good for you.

No. 200475

>I might eat half a stick of butter right now for today.
You just can't make this shit up.

Anon, you need to love yourself more.

No. 200489

File: 1479408428613.png (77.8 KB, 902x234, Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 10.4…)

>doctor asks questions

No. 200530

he knows he has a superiority complex, even said that he thinks he's better than the law students at his school and shit

No. 200560

What if all the fucking load crazy boarderline trolling incels is just one troll? Especially the ones who refuse to reveal their face.

No. 200572

angryman has posted his pictures, unfortunately i can't find them since he deleted his old account and the imgur file that had them. someone threatened to dox him so he deleted everything lol

No. 200595

No. 200685

I would probably prefer death

No. 200747

File: 1479452431908.png (129.82 KB, 883x341, Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 10.5…)

this isn't at all creepy

No. 200750

Sounds like he needs a sex doll tbh

No. 200758

>untouched by cock and her own hands

Is it slutty to touch yourself now?

No. 200763

>My status rose again and I am subhuman no more. I will try to subtly tell every med student in my class that I have been invited, this will lead to them wanting to befriend me because I am higher status than then, practically untouchable by them. They will invite me to parties, talk to me, approach me, only because I gained a higher status than them.


Someone deleted their account, and has a very thin understanding of what friendship is.

No. 200765

it's pqwer423

No. 200771


How can an incel have carnal knowledge?

No. 200778

>im so suhhhperierrr
>can't even fucking talk to someone or make a friend


No. 200781

how much would you ask for being a "chat-friend" to an incel for a month? Like casual text-chat every or every other day for a month

No. 200796

I don't know if this was posted before but holy shit


No. 200804

Not quoted anon but $200-250 seems like a fair price

No. 200807

It is time for a rage post (it is super long, so here are some quotes):
>Really you dumb cunt? I am the entitled one? NO BITCH. I merely ask for one loyal woman. You and other delusional cunts demand multiple sex partners and rule the west with hypergamy. Who is the obvious entitled one here? YOU AND YOUR DUMB FUCK CUNT SISTERS. The sexual revolution you bitches promised FREE LOVE. But you left out the part where free love is only for alphas/chads and betas are just ATMs for you to suck money out of. While omegas aren't even worthy of that.

>You aren't fucking sorry women have hurt me. You hurt me yourself with your initial shit post and your heartless replies. Female dissimulation is usually better than this. You have less talent than females I have argued with before. HERE IS THE REAL THING YOU DUMB FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT. I AM ENTITLED TO SEX WITH A WOMAN BECAUSE AS A MAN I SACRIFICED THE FREEDOM OF VIOLENCE TO BUILD AND MAINTAIN SOCIETY.

>I am not a jerk.

>Not to mention every mass shooter in the last 30 years has been a lesser male with the exception of religious shooters. The real Beta Uprising was started by Marc Lepine Dec 6, 1989 in Canada and Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold April 20, 1999. There have been many copycats and inspirational killers who followed their lead such as Cho.

>Men are entitled to sex. Its why this thing called marriage existed, the very foundation of society.


No. 200810

The FBI should keep an eye on him.

No. 200816

It would never be worth if. If they had a bad day and were in a bad mood there sounds be nothing to stop them from turning into total assnuggets. Think of how robots get angry if you don't agree with their pity parties, but paradoxically also get angry when you don.

Even if you had a deal where they payed upfront and they agreed you could stop replying if they overstepped, there wouldn't be anything stopping them from going on a bitte vendetta afterwards. The service you would be providing would be too subjective.

No. 200827

I could've sworn the butter diet shit was started by someone trolling the Tumblr ana community by making them believe it helps with weight loss. If true, seeing this screenshot is even more hilarious as he's an even bigger idiot than I thought.

No. 200843

I get the feeling this guy is just trying to troll other incels into getting fatter than him

No. 200867

they're so obsessed with the concept of a beta uprising but they can't even talk to a girl. what makes them think they're gonna muster enough balls to buy a gun

No. 200868

File: 1479482016655.png (316.14 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3407.PNG)

these edgy "i was a rude asshole" posts always make me laugh

No. 200869

File: 1479482124429.png (317.33 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3408.PNG)

here's another one

No. 200875

This one is particularly hilarious because the exact scenario that caused so much stress and fear and elation in the incel is a scenario the woman is entirely oblivious to. She was probably busy thinking about lunch and went into autopilot to sidestep the person headed towards her on the pavement, whilst the incel is going through a whole spectrum of emotion and questioning their own pitiful existence.

No. 200881


This reminds me of a time when I was still in college. I was walking down a sidewalk with a guy 10 or so feet in front of me going the same direction. Coming the opposite direction a chick was walking straight at us (in his trajectory), they obviously could see each other, and I guess they just assumed either one would move (in most cases both people move). They kept getting closer, and closer. It was like a slow motion game of chicken. I was convinced one of them would at least move just before they hit, or at least make an attempt to move but nope. Both walked straight into each other with no hesitation. It was the funniest shit ever, they swore at each other and told each other to fuck off/watch where their going which was just icing on the cake.

No. 200883


>be kissless virgin

>I will guide her with my carnal knowledge

Does not compute. Also, sex with a virgin is so, so utterly over-rated, nothing I will ever want to relive outside of my teens.

No. 200897

Also not that anon, but assuming it's like 20 days and mostly lighter, general chatting, $200 is about right for me.

No. 200912

Putting aside that this is a trainwreck from start to finish, who actually wants to have sex with a girl who has never even masturbated before? Neither of them would enjoy it because he's a kissless virgin (and probably an insufferable piece of shit) and she won't know what to do at all. Sounds awkward and shit.

No. 200913

I love the weird dichotomy between "Women are so entitled and mean :((" and "I deserve sex because I'm a man".

No. 200914

not to mention itd probably be painful for her since he'd probably be thrusting with all his might with no foreplay or lube.

but then again, why would a woman's feeling matter to an incel?

No. 200916


A lot of those types of girls are sexually repressed for religious reasons and many (not all) of them end up having sex related issues after they start fucking because they can't rid themselves of the madonna/whore mentality.

I read a blog from a women who was like this, saved herself for marriage, and after she got married couldn't stop feeling like shit when her and her husband would try to have sex. She couldn't stop feeling dirty and like a whore. Even after she had saved herself for marriage. She explained that she had spent so much time associating sex with something sinful and something that's special that even when she was in the 'clear' she couldn't fuck without crying or feeling terrible.

No. 200917

What even would a total beta uprising look like? Surely if only betas remained then nobody would be able to lead any direction without being accused of being an alpha, and it's not like absolute hivemind is a real thing.
I don't get it at all, they want to "show the chads and Stacey's" but by definition they can't "show" anything to anyone

No. 200946

I literally would not have noticed if I were the chick

No. 200950

was it by any chance this? http://www.xojane.com/sex/true-love-waits-pledge
read it a few minutes before seeing your comment

No. 200967

File: 1479502111618.png (81.78 KB, 883x294, Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 12.4…)

they don't even know what it would look like. they keep saying they should go ER, or commit mass suicide in a public place but they know that it won't actually have a long-term affect on people or bring any attention to them the way they want.

No. 200972

They usually bring it up in the context of revenge. The "next step" is rarely brought up.

No. 200974

File: 1479503106323.png (85.43 KB, 383x511, 2016-11-18 16.02.33.png)

No. 200984

zen_overlord is racist lol. but he can't even get a racist girl to like him

No. 201031

File: 1479511065998.png (205.96 KB, 892x610, Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 3.17…)

i actually laughed out loud at this holy shit

No. 201035


>shortage of men in China

You mean that place where they kidnap girls from all over the place to marry because they all wanted sons and had a one child only policy for decades?

These dumb fucks don't seem to know what stalking is. Three cheers for Chinese Chad.

No. 201039


these are the fuckers that make waitress's/female service worker's lives hell. she's smiling at you, because its her job you dick! not because she wants your small dick. lmao why was he so proud of literally stalking her?? ugh i'm really glad most of these ~cucks~ will die out before putting their penis into a vagina. praise him.

No. 201040

>I did explain our relationship
Stalker and stalkee? If I were that girl I would be beating up this creep with Chinese Chad.

No. 201041

>I had no luck because she showers and leaves quickly

Yeah no shit. It's because some creepy as fuck retard is staring at her while she's just trying to play some fucking tennis.

No. 201064

Is it bad that their attitudes, if I were single on a dating website, would only make me want to purposefully hurt them? Seriously if I ever saw some cunt talk like this or message me like that I would have at their worst insecurities. Fuck being empathetic to their shit. If it were the other way around these bastards would walk all over people and think nothing of it.
I would just be like "Why yes, I do think you beta cucks are my personal ATMs and you better get used to my flabby ugly ass having disposable chads to fuck at my every whim and to validate me to my heart's content. t. queenie princessy :^)"

No. 201080

I swear that's something Chris-Chan would do.

No. 201096

https://www.reddit.com/r/Incels/comments/5dlynl/beaten_up_by_chinese_chad/ The comments on the thread say it's bait or false-flag.

No. 201466

No. 201468

File: 1479599411038.png (162.41 KB, 1079x540, Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 3.49…)

featuring, people who have never even seen a vagina arguing about what happens to vaginas

No. 201588

This reeks of, "I read about vaginas on Wikipedia once and clicked all the relevant links".

No. 201605

File: 1479622435738.gif (482 KB, 210x174, 1446845246065.gif)

>And who do you choose to share it with?

No. 201608

File: 1479623436087.png (57.63 KB, 971x561, Screen Shot 2016-11-19-2206h c…)

Incels On Being Reborn As A Girl:

>"Nope I don't want to deal with periods."

LOL. And this is why their most recent & last contact with a vag was their mother's when they were entered into this world…

Now why would a vag owner deal with an incel that can't deal with the realities of a vag? And yet we're stereotyped as being illogical…Jesus that whole incel subreddit is just steaming with both depressing and disturbing posts. They all need some serious professional medical help.

No. 201618

>more prone to prolapses

Do they honestly think prolapses are a thing that just happens with age?

No. 201621

File: 1479629391015.png (60.57 KB, 386x421, 2016-11-20 03.07.51.png)


>they aren't here to troll us…they're here because women like us because we are assholes, like chad

No. 201623

That subreddit seems to be the new hideout of wizardchan.

No. 201624

File: 1479630520080.png (51.37 KB, 376x326, 2016-11-20 03.25.48.png)

>It's subtle but I can tell. They are making alts with "incel" in the name and espousing incel ideology with little bits of bluepill in there. They are trying to psychologically subvert this sub, slowly change the opinions of incels while inviting more pseudo-incels. They are trying chase us away from our few homes. They got lookism, now they're after us. I just need to figure out who's paying them, George Soros is one of the suspects as he loves funding these sorts of stuff.


Is George Soros paying for incel false flags?

No. 201625

I dunno, wizchan users always seemed way more chill than these sorts outside of /dep/, but /dep/ is essentially just the board for people too whiney for /r9k/ to go whine over there.

The rest of the boards seem to shit on morons like this, particularly 19/20 year olds going on and on about how they haven't had sex yet.

No. 201627

>I did explain our relationship

WHAT relationship? Stalking someone because you think they're a virgin doesn't fucking count lol.

These idiots are so stupid. He could have asked her on a date and maybe got somewhere, but instead he followed her to tennis and waited for her AT NIGHT without actually speaking to her.

No. 201629

Yep, Soros is funding the Beta Uprising.

No. 201637

I feel like this has to be fake, and that fact that it might not be is both hilarious and terrifying. I'm sure some of these types will end up as murder-rapists eventually.

No. 201683


the infighting continues, /u/saintelliot is revealed to be canino1997, which means the account is gonna be banned again soon lol

No. 201684

>I am so incredibly fucking pissed off right now. I can't deal with this. I thought there was an exception to the rule that all women are shallow vapid whores who gush for a defined masculine face but I guess I was wrong.
>Been facebook and instagram stalking her for a few months now but she clearly doesn't deserve my attentions. The guy is a complete douchebro who shares none of her interests, whereas I watch all the same anime and read all the same books she posts about. But it doesn't fucking matter does it? I'm 5'9" and only have an average face, I may as well be a casrato for all the pussy I'll ever see.
>Fucking WHORE. I thought you were different.


Another love story ruined by ~chad

No. 201686

>Been facebook and instagram stalking her for a few months now
>>she clearly doesn't deserve my attentions

lmao complete contradiction lol

No. 201689

>brb gonna grab a random "Chad" to take selfies with so creepy incels will stop stalking my social media

No. 201725

>We have the same interests but I have made zero attempts to talk to her and just stalked her like the creep I am
>How dare she not fall for me what a WHORE
what is this

No. 201727

File: 1479656286572.jpg (24.43 KB, 663x257, effort.jpg)

>I'm desperate but women should just come to me

No. 201741

Angryman411 has released his latest manifesto: https://www.reddit.com/r/Incels/comments/5dyi4o/everyone_has_earned_my_hate/

Naturally, it is insanely long, so I will quote the best bits.

>Disclaimer: Not condoning violence irl, not saying I will do these things either, just expressing my rage at the system and how I have no options.

Literally the next sentence:
>Every single man and woman deserves to be shot and killed by me.

>Women would never cure me with their sex their medicine.

>Life was unfair to me, there is no reason I should be fair to any of you. If I went ER it would be justified, I'd have been forced to do it, because you all made me suffer.

No. 201779

Jesus, when will these guys get it through their skulls that the world owes them absolutely nothing? Life owes them nothing, life doesn't owe anyone anything: this "wah wah life is so unfair" bullshit is so fucking tiring. Are they not exhausted repeating the same shit to themselves over and over again day in day out? Are they not tired by their own self-absorbed bullshit? Ffs the world does not revolve around them: every incel is not the protagonist of their own story that everyone else in the world is watching. Everyone on this earth does not exist to fulfil their wants and needs nor is everyone in on the same dastardly plan to get them to an hero themselves because they can't stand the incel misery created by others. The sooner they break the cycle, the sooner they'll escape this circle jerk of self-pity and self-absorption and actually do something positive with their lives like achieve the shit they're obsessed with through legitimate means.

No. 201861

File: 1479677468736.png (68.02 KB, 901x185, lKKefhw.png)


No. 201879

Isn't this a good thing?

He's going to ask someone out

No. 201887

I'm sure she'd love to go out on a date with a high or drunk guy

No. 201896

the thing is, he isn't an incel like the others. he's had sex twice, and has gotten head, he's just incredibly delusional

No. 201929

I think it would be a good thing if he wasn't so seriously mentally ill.

Like, he clearly has bdd, drunkposts to /r/incels, and had a suicide attempt recently. He needs to get himself healthy before he tries to ask girls out.

No. 202572

Angryman is like a walking PSA for BDD:


>I want my face fixed, entirely reconstructed, my whole face is that bad, surgeons have nothing to work with.

>Worst part is my face is degenerating everyday

>Why am I so upset you ask? Today I saw my face in the mirror and I really looked analyzed every detail I spent hours, this time I accepted it my face is deformed, officially unfixable.

>I am a monster uglier than quasimodo and frankenstein combined yet I still want a regular human life. I still want a chance. This is the tragedy, I cannot accept my inferior status in life and just suicide.

No. 202697

File: 1479851534829.png (337.84 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3419.PNG)

bananabeem has gone off the deep end

No. 202708

Oh ya, he is off his meds and deep into some delusions:

>The war crimes committed thus far against incels are of an uncountable amount. Stay strong soldiers. This has happened before. We will rebuild although we may not be as good as we were before.


No. 203728

File: 1480052695853.png (88.62 KB, 888x286, Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 9.40…)

looks like thefaimprovementaccount is finally getting off /r/incels, but only because his computer is broken

No. 203758

Thank god. I think he could turn his life around if he sticks with his therapy, and stays away from places like /r/incels.

But I'd love to know why his extended family hates him so much.

No. 203759

I've got some fresh incel fan fiction, hot off the presses!


>Imagine, you go to sleep as usual and when you wake up you can smell the coffee and hear some noise in the kitchen (pleasant noise, not loud and obnoxious). She is just making some toast and eggs or whatever shit people eat, even better she knows how you like things and just automatically does it that way which doesn't even have to acknowledged anymore but you're a normie now so you smile and thank her and give her a kiss (let's assume she brushed her teeth already yet still has that messy hair just got out of bed look on her.)

>she's about to give you a handjob but then the food starts slightly burning without the taste actually getting affected so you have to stop. You both think that what just happened was very cute.

>You're fine anyway cause she already gave you a blowjob an hour ago

>She makes amusing commentary every now and then and every amusing comment you make is so hilarious to her that she almost spits out her coffee but not in a gross way and with no damage to the property.

>You tell her to come over and she shows up with a bottle of whiskey looking hot as hell. Single malt. You watch some shit, play a drinking game, she initiates sex because she can't wait anymore, is very proactive with it while experiencing incredible pleasure throughout.

No. 203763

>>Must always cater to ME ME ME ME ME ME MEEEEEEEEE!

I seriously wonder how many of these incels are porn addicts, because the have the most unrealistic expectations of women I've ever encountered.

You know if you don't do as they say they're going to snap and beat the shit out of you for it until you become subservient again.

It sounds more and more like they want actual slaves to fuck; rather than a human being with freedom… they should just get a Real Doll and just be content with the fact that they can never mentally, physically or emotionally abuse a woman.

No. 204310

here's some fucking insanity, someone managed to match a girl on tinder who is looking for a visa marriage.

No. 204327

>I won't care if she leaves as long as she has children with me. She probably will leave, but I just want kids.

Probably so he can groom his daughter and then rape her as soon as she turns 11. Or was it 13 that's the "appropriate" age?

No. 204334

File: 1480198110593.png (109.95 KB, 407x728, 2016-11-26 17.07.40.png)

I was trying to figure out why he even wanted kids so badly until I got to the part from my pic.

I don't think incels know what they really want in life, or they aren't healthy enough to examine their own goals.

No. 204337

File: 1480198750637.png (74.98 KB, 380x480, 2016-11-26 17.16.55.png)

Not following an incel on Instagram is all of takes to be "evil"

No. 204338

File: 1480199002377.png (141.79 KB, 444x893, 2016-11-26 17.22.28.png)


No. 204340


What the fuck….

No. 204353

Read this out to my BF who is sitting next to me and he's as horrified as I am.

No. 204369

That is probably the usual dialogue he has with his right hand 5 times a day.

No. 204612

>What i really want to do is take a woman and give her stockholm syndrome - what used to simply be called love. She might not care a whit for me at first but I would slowly break her in using reward/punishment, for example I'd chain her to a sybian and force her to orgasm 10000 times, well past the point of discomfort until she does something that pleases me. Eventually she'd lose all sense of her former self and become my willing slave just like woman was intended to be.
>This 'problem' of women not wanting men only exists because we are stupid enough to treat them like human beings. Women need to be domesticated and mastered like any other beast.

Ah yes, the good old days when Stockholm syndrome was the measure of true love…

No. 204615

File: 1480236156809.png (71.38 KB, 369x480, 2016-11-27 03.41.00.png)

No. 204675

this is so funny. even in consensual pet-play or sun/dom this is incredibly forced and unnatural sounding.

he's a stones throw away from fucking a dog, it sounds like, tbh.

No. 204684

lmao and they claim the fact their virgins is nothing to do with their ridiculous standards

No. 204706

I know it actually is all about sex with these guys but seriously? I know they're delusional and retarded about relationships and they just view girls as something to stick their dick into, but they can't even have a nice little domestic fantasy without it being about being sexually serviced and the girls being perfect 'kisses me but has brushed her teeth, spits out her coffee but not in a gross way, doesn't make a mess, makes food exactly how you like it.'

One of the best parts of a relationship is how comfortable you become with each other, where you're not nitpicking every detail and everything has to be perfect, where you love the person and have bonded with them so much you accept them warts and all, and you know they love you just as much.

No. 204707

has anyone ever met an incel IRL?

No. 204714

i have. we no longer associate with each other but here are some things he had told me.
>He wanted his (future) girl to wear a glass pendent filled with his cum. I guess as a sign of ownership/loyalty on her part??
>he wanted a hyper feminine girl who would walk around his house in nothing but his work shirts all the time.
>He mentioned to me that he would "train" his girl's vagina to accept his sperm, because "vaginas are allergic to new sperm" and you have "change the ph of her womanhood so it blend with his seed"
Basically he would rawdog her until her pussy wasn't acidic? I don't know.
>he would allow her to be a free spirit, but she would have to know where her leash lies.

He was a weird dude and the last time i spoke to him he was reaching wizard hood, that being a few years ago… i hope he enjoys his new magical status.

No. 204727

wat. but that is something you'd expect an incel to do based on their internet presence. I wonder if there are any relative "normies" who post seriously on incel communities and go incognito, or if they're all freaks who got their sex education from /r9k/

No. 204731

>train her vagina to accept his sperm

Who the hell teaches them this shit? Where do they come up with these "facts"?

No. 204733

File: 1480267269612.png (70.74 KB, 501x469, 2016-11-27 12.19.40.png)

>says murder is the only option for ugly men
>gets confuses when people take him seriously

No. 204734

>let's assume she brushed her teeth already
>slightly burning without the taste actually getting affected
>not in a gross way and with no damage to the property

even their fantasies are so painfully wrought with anxiety, jesus

No. 204742

File: 1480269800039.jpg (59.64 KB, 847x474, 353454.jpg)

I know a Russian guy who is classic neckbeard turned incel.

>hits on girls who are actually kind of interested but manages to fuck it up because he's so desperate

>doesn't think he needs to improve because women should accept him the way he is; i.e. a misogynistic, demanding asshole
>try to give him real advice but he's convinced it's women who are the problem
>moves from Russia to Finland because he thought girls would be different there (kind of like how US incels view Asian girls)
>still can't get girls in Finland kek
>blames women even more and assumes I'm out to get him because I'm a woman and goes off on me
>says he'll probably an hero in a few years

The thing is, he's a smart guy and not too bad looking, but like all other incels, he's convinced he's hideous and that women are picky bitches who just need to accept his misogynistic shit.

No. 204745

he's literally the only user in the sub still obsessed with er at this point, it's ridiculous.

No. 204771

>I seriously wonder how many of these incels are porn addicts,

literally all of them. you dont even need to question it

No. 204775

File: 1480273116506.png (17.48 KB, 575x687, d83.png)

>I know I'm just a worthless being of darkness but you shine your light on me anyway

Holy fucking shit

No. 204777

a lot of them are nofappers because they believe that it somehow helps them?

No. 204797

Is he skinny and does he wear glasses by any chance?

No. 205534

I was sort of one until seeing the crazies made me reexamine my life. Does that count?

No. 205536

did you get some poontang after you left?

No. 205561

Wizchan varies from chill to more insane than any of r/incel can hope to be. Although /games/ is my favorite board on the site since it's far less depressing.

No but that's my own fault for many different reasons. I probably have other things I should focus on in my life anyway like reading about lolcows I guess. I never used r/incel anyway since I don't like Reddit. I've been more of a /r9k/ and Wizchan guy myself.

No. 205563

Nope, he's average weight and has a thick short beard.

No. 205614

File: 1480326262856.png (81.86 KB, 374x518, 2016-11-28 04.43.16.png)

No. 205615

File: 1480326377748.png (68.46 KB, 374x460, 2016-11-28 04.44.44.png)

No. 205616

this is how you get put on a psychiatric hold

No. 205617

>I'm not fishing for attention, which is why I'm making multiple posts declaring that I'm going to kill myself and promising to dox myself so you'll all know exactly who I am! Yup! I'm DEFINITELY not just trying to get attention and sympathy by throwing an online tantrum because stupid bitch sluts won't touch my dick!

No. 205619

It is not just that women won't touch his peepee that has him upset. This incel has been hit by the realization that people will judge him for participating in /r/incels:

>But everyone will eventually hate me. I'm a spergy incel. That will automatically lump me in with the child rapists, necrophiliacs, and genocidal dictaors once they realize I'm just a sperglord in sheep's clothing.

Like, get a therapist and stop going to /r/incels?

No. 205620

File: 1480328178764.png (51.92 KB, 430x328, 2016-11-28 05.14.53.png)

>when was the last time you laughed at Hitler?

No. 205624

just this morning when I discovered he was a vegetarian actually

No. 205635

>Who the hell teaches them this shit? Where do they come up with these "facts"?

Visual novels, slave trainer games.

No. 205758

Don't forget their ass. That's where most of their facts come from.

No. 206099

And the asses of other incels.

They like to act like the voices of knowledge and reason, but half the shit they claim as fact is just completely madeup.

No. 206205

File: 1480440351489.png (19.86 KB, 478x142, 2016-11-29 12.24.27.png)

No. 206253

Most sisters aren't going to sleep with you and I wouldn't call rape something normies do so he doesn't have that to worry about.

No. 206588

>most sisters

Kind of an understatement don't you think? It's not like say, 60% of them won't, it's like 99.999% won't.

No. 206713

The latest theory: women shun incels as part of a plot to kill them

>Women see that incels are genetically subpar men who have been shunned by other women and so they want to block us from society and eventually kill ourselves. It's like in tribal cultures, where unwanted men are blocked from entering villages and forced to live in the wilderness until they die.


No. 206716

File: 1480527949046.png (66.19 KB, 371x424, 2016-11-30 12.43.47.png)

>I told them i want to give my virginity to a virgin and asked if they were one and they all act like im some sort of pervert

I guess they are just straight-up asking women if they are virgins????

No. 206736

top fucking kek

No. 206759

It is but saying all wouldn't really be correct either. I guess I could've said the vast majority.

No. 207484

File: 1480672984216.png (45.41 KB, 368x270, 2016-12-02 04.59.47.png)

Resentfulbrother is back and hates abortion

No. 207486

Here's some new shit from an incel who is planning on killing himself via car crash if he can't make his crush his gf:

>i see that she is quite new as an immigrant so this should be an easy catch, if i were to fail then i would declare myself subhuman and probably speed on the highway and drive into a highway or just go in the woods and hunt wild animals until i am killed.

>i am the male, i must not be beta and let down millions of years of people that have forwarded their life seed to eventually be me

>despite me having every favorable feature you could want to, i am smart, tall, charming (to men only though) and i value chastity a lot, which i think she, will find very sweet, i also want to make our relationship platonic, as my dream has been, to just hold hands with a girl, feel her soft skin and let her stomach rest on my chest as we gaze at the skies

>i have roughly calculated that i should meet her atleast 30 minutes each week (4 hours if you include me getting lucky at train stops + her times quitting classes) that should be enough, i think i have a good shot at this, my expectations are not too high


No. 207487

File: 1480673563365.png (72.92 KB, 365x494, 2016-12-02 05.11.31.png)

Apparently she has bad grammar which is unacceptable and the incel might kill her step dad.


No. 207489

File: 1480675081421.png (62.72 KB, 529x480, 2016-12-02 05.33.04.png)

This guy is back and just straight up posting pics after cutting himself (it isn't too graphic)


When someone says that he doesn't deserve this:
>Well, the general narrative is that we're just ticking time bombs waiting to go Eliot Rodger, so by the average person's opinion, yes I do.

>Never said I was owed pussy. I've just been extremely lonely about my incel status. And now being lonely is he equivalent of a hate crime. Yet, since I can't lose my incel status, there is literally nothing I can do to prevent being hated by every man and woman I meet.

No. 207513

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and yet every single time I open this thread I just ask the same questions. Why the fuck do they feel entitled to any positive attention without earning it? Why, when they think they have tried enough (eg by stalking someone lol) why do they think that they've done all they can ever do and give up on ever trying again?
It's so pathetic, you would think if they were so obsessed with not being alone they would… Read wikihows? Study tv shows? Actually make a fucking effort.
So pathetic.

No. 207516

Pretty much the best answer is that they've created a persona as the victim, and preservation of that is what keeps them going.

If they can blame women for all their failures, something outside of themselves, they get to avoid any real responsibility for what's going on in their lives and preserve their egos.

They might not be happy with themselves, and this self hate comes out sometimes, but it's why it's mostly projected at outside groups (normies, women, chads, whatever stereotype they come up with), and why they're so fucking over the top about it all (such as why they think being a virgin is such a huge deal, most people who are at the age most incels are, around 18 care about it, but it's not some life destroying calamity to them).

That's my armchair psychology at least.

No. 207517


is he really complaining about grammatical errors, typing like that?

also if she's a immigrant she's probably just trying to learn English. The expectations these guys have are ridiculous.

No. 207520

>"I have every favorable feature"
>only charming to men
>going after an immigrant cause he thinks she'll be easy
>already calculated the times he expects her to cut class for him

No. 207564

File: 1480696281107.png (42.88 KB, 374x283, 2016-12-02 11.28.09.png)

Remember the incel who would jerk off into shampoo bottles in the hopes of getting someone pregnant?

Well now he is smearing his jizz on the doors of bathrooms in the hopes of getting someone pregnant.


No. 207569


This sounds like something taken directly from Dylan Klebold's diary

No. 207571

Yeaaaaah pregnancy doesn't work that way. Like… at all.

No. 207587

See why can't they just share lovely stories like this to the girls they're interested in? I'm sure they'll get laid and loved in no time at all.

No. 207842

File: 1480742744191.jpg (36.63 KB, 400x400, ok.jpg)

>let her stomach rest on my chest


No. 207848

Ahh yes, the old stomach on the chest position. Perfect for

>>watching the skies together

Of course.

No. 208310

File: 1480852675361.png (50.63 KB, 373x352, 2016-12-04 06.55.23.png)

An incel has a new plan to get laid

Any tips for his noble quest?


No. 208316

He just revealed he doesn't wash his hands after toilet and before touching his junk.
What the fuck.
This is because he doesn't know that sperm first of all doesn't survive and that most people wash their hands more than once a day. Especially after flushing the toilet.

No. 208391

My short tip would be just hire a fucking prostitute instead of going through this retarded attempt at trying to guilt people into pity sex but what do I know?

No. 208495

File: 1480891448904.png (96.97 KB, 386x623, 2016-12-04 17.40.48.png)

Are you ready to cringe?????

>Imagine the exquisite rush of power and pleasure that would come from penetrating the prime cunt of a young, young, exceedingly young tight virgin teen. Seeing her maiden's blood on your throbbing member as you jackhammer ruthlessly into her despite her sobbing cries for mercy.


No. 208497

File: 1480891813753.png (56.09 KB, 443x291, 2016-12-04 17.47.47.png)

Comment highlights

No. 208499

Omfg take a biology class

>Because i don't want to be with some fucked out whore who's been used and abused by Chad? Because when i fuck a pussy, i want to feel it, not be disappointed at how her loose cunny barely grips my penis because it's taken one too many BBcs.

>Please don't attempt to lie to us "bro". We all know what goes on in frats. When you aren't busy raping each other and sticking beer bottles up some young frosh's asshole you're plying women with drugs and molly and fucking their unconscious bodies in a backroom while daddy's money shields you from the law

No. 208505

i looked up this guy on reddit

he has been making a post or two EVERY SINGLE MINUTE for the last couple hours


he's fucking crazy

No. 208511

File: 1480893078122.jpg (19.5 KB, 316x406, 6456456.jpg)

In reality, they would probably cum before they even managed to get it in the right hole.

No. 208514

Jackhammers can run longer than 30 seconds.

No. 208517

File: 1480893329933.gif (1013.51 KB, 350x262, 1432771962108.gif)

No. 208518

His comments are half terrifying and half like this:

>I'm intelligent, cultured, refined, and a gentleman. I have impeccable tastes and only consume the best literature, art, manga, etc. I am unerringly polite. I have great diction and vocabulary. I can hold in an orgasm for hours due to tantric masturbation. I have a tested IQ over 140, well into the 99th percentile.

For HOURS. I can't believe it.

No. 208521

True polite gentleman do often talk about raping women and their masturbation habits.

No. 208522

File: 1480893617321.png (31.22 KB, 379x178, 2016-12-04 18.18.31.png)

I found some hard-hitting dick science

No. 208525

File: 1480893956144.png (21.67 KB, 859x263, welp.png)

I'm concerned for his cat.

No. 208529

>why don't women want to be my housecat that I can also fuck?

Sweet jesus

No. 208537

Now I'm just wondering if he got the idea from that doujin about house cats turning human.

No. 208561

this was sad cringe until the third paragraph where he wants to lock up his catwife and keep her trapped in his incell hellhole.

No. 208584

Wait…so he goes into the women's toilets to do this?

No. 208633

No. 208635

File: 1480905420716.jpg (518.62 KB, 1431x2038, IMG_20161204_203500.jpg)

An mtf transgender person did a requested iama on the sub and this was a comment on it. Here's the thread

No. 208729

It's like that manga Onani Master Kurosawa

No. 208773

>implying anyone wants to get fucked for hours straight

It's almost like they have no idea how a vagina works.

No. 208785

angryman411 was finally banned from reddit and is back under the account /livinghell101 lol

No. 208797

/u/livinginhell101, my mistake

No. 208808

How can their lives revolve around sex so much, even though they've never had it?

No. 208810

File: 1480920478926.png (53.41 KB, 365x340, 2016-12-05 01.46.13.png)

>Is Justin Bieber like a superior Genghis Khan?

No. 208891


I don't think this one really cares what the vagina he's flopping about in wants.

No. 208937

Testosterone makes you so stupid lol.

No. 208977

File: 1480958103270.png (101.42 KB, 323x861, 2016-12-05 12.11.59.png)

FBIncel is back and losing his mind all over reddit


>All I ever get is how I fucked my own life up and how fucked I am. Yeah, of course I am mad. I'm just one more bad event away from going out and committing mass murder.

No. 208981

File: 1480958311971.png (75.06 KB, 530x378, 2016-12-05 12.17.13.png)

No. 209017

At least he admitted he sends rape threats

No. 209018

File: 1480961221609.jpg (4.93 KB, 191x126, 1474474852547.jpg)


>bitch about height


>bitch about average looks


>Men are so accepting of women's flaws, just don't be fat








>we're actually nice if you evil stupid cunts would give us a chance


>Lemme tell you about a man named Elliot Roger


>listens to some cuck YTer who bitches about everything he wants to hear

Aaaaaaaand check

I'd rate that incel post 8/10 well done. Just missing a rape threat FBincel.

No. 209032

File: 1480962925860.png (279.84 KB, 1825x1615, Screenshot (25).png)

how can he be so desperate hahaha

No. 209091

>all you have to do is lay on your back

The fucking cringe on this one.

No. 209094

File: 1480972048388.png (113.61 KB, 368x763, 2016-12-05 16.05.34.png)

>I could go on. One final example is Jar Jar Binks. Jar Jar is clearly (to me, anyway) another incel character who is endlessly sidelined by Chad Kenobi and Chad Skywalker and hated by the audience just because he is ugly and odd, and likely autistic.


No. 209102

File: 1480972529105.jpg (105.79 KB, 480x1084, 1431005401110.jpg)

Are we sure incellington isn't an amazing troll? It's hard to believe this series of stereotypes is an actual living person.

No. 209106

I think he's giving George Lucas too much credit.

No. 209118

>so worshipfully
This is getting too funny

No. 209127

It is impossible to tell. That's partly what makes /r/incels so fascinating to me. Is this all just elaborate trolling? Or are they this delusional?

No. 209565

File: 1481043177962.png (65.43 KB, 907x200, Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 8.52…)

the totally not angryman411 is losing weight and still eating butter

No. 209566

File: 1481043229372.png (122.56 KB, 1005x541, Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 8.53…)

in said thread he describes that he eats PURE BUTTER, fucking straight

No. 209581

This thread gave me cancer. Surely half of these crazies are trolls.

No. 209589

Holy shit what a retard

No. 209594

File: 1481047828041.png (52.49 KB, 1093x405, ok.png)

Angryman go to sleep.

No. 209599

Paula Deen would be so proud.

No. 209612

>gave into temptation and ate half a stick of butter

He just fucking craves butter now

No. 209624

File: 1481052490799.png (261.07 KB, 600x400, 5464564.png)

Oh my God, what a disgusting retard.

No. 209795

sage for ot but shout out to the anon who keeps using jojo images

No. 209850

File: 1481086182440.png (15.14 KB, 1107x156, sure.png)

Maybe try not having your entire self-worth revolve around sex.

No. 209892

Because they're frustrated porn-addicted recluses with little to no experience of the outside world and how it actually works from an actual social perspective, their minds are only receptive to ideals that support their unrealistic fantasies.

They will literally make up scenarios in their heads and bounce their sociopathic ideas off one another until they've trained themselves to believe that their fantasies are tangible goals, if anything; that reddit needs to exist so they're not driven further "underground" if you get my meaning - otherwise, it'd be harder to get the authorities involved/keep tabs on them if one of them suddenly decides playing out their fantasies should become a reality.

No. 209897

every time I scroll past this thread and see "He just fucking craves butter now" I laugh out loud, ty anon.

No. 209903

File: 1481101259756.png (34.8 KB, 578x200, 2016-12-07 03.59.09.png)

No. 209904

So now they're just flat out pretending to be elliot rodger?

This is pretty much straight from his shitty book.

No. 209985

When an anon did a sort of "introductory post" to these losers earlier on in the thread, I couldn't help but notice how fucking YOUNG the majority of them were (17-25)…

It's seriously unnatural to be this focused and worried about their sex lives; these days - it's not even as strange or unusual as it used to be for a man or woman to lose their virginities or experience their first relationships until 25+ years old… we've long gone past the "baby boomer" and previous generations that were marrying young and starting families in their early to late teens.

There's no need for them to be obsessing over it to this degree, not only are they setting themselves up for disappointment when they finally get laid (considering they think having sex will be so fucking amazing in comparison to regular orgasms that their genitals will explode) but they're endangering their future potential partners with this extremely abusive, selfish and fucked-up mindset.

When sex and relationships happen; they happen… rushing that shit and becoming obsessed with it helps noone. Learning to accept, improve oneself and making the best out of their current situations (they're not destitute or living on the fucking streets) should be tantamount before anything else.

But no… they feel they're OWED something by society for being whiny, self-centered envious reprobates in exchange for little to no effort in return whatsoever.

Gross little flakey men.

No. 209986

File: 1481119911756.png (111.75 KB, 1055x581, lmfao.png)

(sage for samefagging)

WHO FUCKING DID THIS?! I am in stitches, I seriously can't stop laughing.

No. 210001

Is 5 donuts a day that much ?

No. 210002

No. 210018

5 minutes of googling tells me the average age of losing one's viriginity is 16-20 years in most developped countries (except asia), so losing virginity at 26+ is probably the exception or at least a minority.

Plus they must watch the kind of teenage shows / movies when everybody has sex at high-school, also you can be ashamed if you say you're a virgin past a certain age, or maybe they feel jealous if their friends (can somebody like that even have friend ?) are in a relationship or something.

They are still entitled, whiny little shits with toxic personalities, but I kinda understand their hatred sometimes, because feeling like everybody is having fun but you can be mentally crushing. Still doesn't excuse ligitimising rape though.

Maybe i should start a donut diet then.

No. 210019

File: 1481125153657.png (116.24 KB, 376x960, 2016-12-07 10.37.50.png)

Speaking of how young incels are, here is their latest fanfiction: imagining an all incel high school

The post is super long but I capped most of it.


No. 210020

File: 1481125211129.png (60.54 KB, 351x524, 2016-12-07 10.39.16.png)

Part 2

No. 210024

File: 1481125544013.png (23.2 KB, 416x172, 2016-12-07 10.44.10.png)

Fucking shia laboef

No. 210027

Why don't they just go outside and talk to people instead of wallowing in self pity. They're actually becoming infuriating to read. Their life is what they choose to make it. Spending it online making no attempt to socialise and whining about how unfair society is like you're owed happiness must be awful. Even for average people life can be lonely and difficult, which they clearly don't realise. But I can't imagine how depressing it must be blaming everyone else for your problems instead of fixing them yourself.

No. 210030

There is some kind of ESO ways.

No. 210031

What's ESO ?

No. 210141

Leave to these guys to make shitty high school even shittier.

I'm a male virgin who hasn't even went on a date in my life and all of my friends are already married or been with the same guy or girl for at least a couple years now. It sucks but I'm not going to excuse rape or eat sticks of butter until I go into a coma.

No. 210255

I know, i'm an extra male virgin too and i'm not trying to excuse then either, just saying i can understand how someone already mentally unstable can turn that way.

No. 210257

You have to remember, the average age being say, 17 doesn't mean much past "At 17, 50% of people have lost their virginities".

You need data showing more than that to draw a conclusion about if it's uncommon at say 24 (I've seen it put at around 13% for both genders at that age as far as still being virgins).

Lets be honest though, the reason they're whining so much is because they surround themselves with people who enforce the idea that sex is what creates happiness, and that good looking people have sex constantly whenever they desire it, that they're some sort of functional sex addict where filling someone elses holes actually does fill all the holes inside themselves. They're raging against a fucking fantasy world and blaming everyone else for it, while trying to turn everything into proof that women are evil and the devil and it's all their fault.

Look at this for example >>208310

He's trying to claim that if women don't fuck some random stranger because of some retarded attempt to emotionally blackmail them, they're malicious and lacking in empathy. He ignores the moral issues (let alone the practical ones) with what he's doing, to blame women preemptively.

Virginity is one of those things that's only a big deal in our own heads, I don't think I've ever met anyone that's cared who is and isn't a virgin.

No. 210457

Hi Suzy!
> hated by the rest of the school, especially the administration
The extreme victim complex that these guys have never fails to baffle me. The delusion is real.

No. 210472

Their delusions fascinate me. They assume that everyone they encounter is like…sizing them up and estimating their genetic quality. But they fully admit that they have no real-life experiences with relationships! Someone of them say they don't even have friends.

Like, how come they never think "if I have the world all figured out, then why am I so unhappy?" If they truly believe that they have the secrets yo human interaction, then why not use that "knowledge" to better your situation????

No. 210489

Another classic "I don't condone violence but fucking shoot everyone" post:

>Disclaimer: I don't condone violence and violent actions this is all just hypothetical talk.

>Most of you guys still think that every human is entitled to be human. Most incels think that everybody is entitled to be treated as human and becoming human. A big part if not the biggest part of being and becoming human is sex. This has been denied to us incels. Most of us are being treated as subhumans anyway. We aren't entitled to anything better. This world doesn't owe us shit. The thing is the same goes for normies. We don't owe the normies anything either. Normies aren't entitled to anything either. We don't owe them mercy or restraint. They aren't entitled to be treated as human by us. We can hunt them down and shoot them like animals. We don't owe them anything better. They aren't entitled to get anything better from us. We don't owe females to not rape them. If we aren't entitled to sex. Females aren't entitled to not being raped. We incels should embrace normie logic it is quite liberating.


No. 210492

It sounds like some weird mix of social anxiety and paranoia to me, except instead of acknowledging their fears they decide to make up some weird rationalisation about how everybody is out to get them because they're the best, and how they're innocent victims.

No. 210846

No. 210968

What is this????? Is this caninos voice message before he actually goes er?

No. 211021

It's angryman telling canino to go ER in Turkey.

No. 211059

File: 1481288003957.jpg (121.71 KB, 720x1113, IMG_20161209_124805.jpg)

Bonus comments include an incel saying being a virgin is literally worse than starvation

This is exactly the sort of shit that incels would get buttmad about wimmin saying but I feel like each post that they make should have a short bio attached so that you can tell if an incel is just a jobless virgin teenage shut in who has never lived in the real world or if any of them are genuinely sociopaths masquerading as humans.

No. 211063

Omg where did you find it??? What prompted it???

No. 211065

File: 1481289508919.png (47.54 KB, 386x270, 2016-12-09 08.14.32.png)

Some new milk from an expert with women: women use tampons to masturbate.

>They may not use them for that reason, but it's still subconscious masturbation. YOU PUT A CYLINDRICAL THING INSIDE YOUR VAGINA, FOR FUCK'S SAKE! You really think that's not going to arouse you?

>What if I want to go swimming with diarrhea? Yes, I expect her to sit out.
>You're not born with a large inner labia. It simply doesn't happen.
You really need me to tell you, man It stimulates the vagina with all that shaking.
>My biology textbook is called the "KJV 1611". I don't trust any piece of shit liberal "scientist".

>People put objects up their vagina to arouse themselves. A tampon is an object that you put up your vagina. Get it now?

>Cotton is better at arousing women due to all the separate particles, mind you.


No. 211067

I think I found canino's alt: https://www.reddit.com/user/knajjd11

This user is also from turkey, and has a similar posting style (batshit)

No. 211084

Reading through that is some of the funniest things I've seen. Maybe no one wants to sleep with these guys because they literally have no understanding of vaginas and how they work. They refuse to listen to women telling them how wrong they are and theyre all just sluts! Sex with someone like that sounds like an awful experience. They know everything and you know nothing about your own body and how you feel.

No. 211145

File: 1481303234038.png (34.09 KB, 1025x565, rapey.png)

Heres a good one on how to avoid rape charges

No. 211146

File: 1481303345470.png (34.84 KB, 1001x625, stupid.png)

Annnd these idiots talking about how every woman is intellectually inferior

No. 211151

Lol coming from the guys who eat butter, think tampons vibrate, and believe women use shampoo bottles to get off.

No. 211155

how the fuck can you get off with a shampoo bottle? I feel like that would take some talent.

No. 211158

They complicated sex and relationships so much. Who puts that much thought about rape accusations after consensual sex, which they most likely will never get. Men can be as dumb as women intelligence is not a gender thing. Do female scientists, historians, artists, ect not exist? They're proving themselves to be more unintelligent by showing no social skills and their stereotypical male behavior like the obsession with sex. But reasoning with them obviously does no good. Representing another male stereotype, arrogance. They make themselves look stupid while trying to prove their superiority its ironic.

No. 211160

I think one of my favorite posts I read on there today was about how they all wanted virgin teenager pussy and that's it. Even if the girl slept with one other guy shes a slut bag. So think of all these 30 year old virgin assholes probably pining after 15 year olds.

No. 211163

I have no idea. But this particular incel was jerking off into shampoo bottles in the hopes of getting women pregnant.

I guess they think we shove shampoo bottles inside ourselves, and then like…pour the shampoo inside.

No. 211164

But when you point that out, they'll be like "it isn't all about sex! I want innocent teenage love!" And it gets even creepier.

No. 211172

trying to live the years of fun they think they missed out on

No. 211175

File: 1481306060031.png (48.36 KB, 368x342, 2016-12-09 12.51.17.png)

More deets on tampon masturbaton:

Apparently, tampons expand and make one's taint feel "stuffed"…which feels good.


No. 211178

>cult stimulation

No. 211179

File: 1481306176296.png (53.96 KB, 363x411, 2016-12-09 12.55.14.png)

"The clit isn't outside the vagina"

No. 211180

>stuff my taint, Xenu

No. 211181

Aha, what even. Is it that hard to even look at a fucking anatomy book?

No. 211183

Has anyone an in into /r/truecels ? I think you need a verified mail to go look.

No. 211186

I've looked on there. It's a lot more rapey and mass shooting centered.

No. 211188

Different anon but I would love to see some caps.

No. 211190

Mhm, that extatic feeling of being mildly worried about panties overflow. Nothing beats that.

No. 211195

I'm digging around on there right now, I'll post something good shortly

No. 211199

File: 1481307974800.png (56.2 KB, 912x597, rapeyy.png)

No. 211202

> rape is CPR
That's good shit, thanks anon.

No. 211203

File: 1481308452161.png (36.68 KB, 1022x615, rapeyyy.png)

this one is even worse

No. 211210

Why do they also compare lack of sex to dying?

No. 211286

Pity points. People respond in particular fashions to claims that something can be fatal and they start to feel sorry for the person. It's pretty fucking manipulative too because people can threaten to an hero if they don't get what they want (i.e. sex in this instance).

No. 211305

It was posted on /r/incels but was removed by a moderator a bit after getting posted. I don't what prompted it though.

No. 211621

File: 1481400718328.jpg (9.66 KB, 236x293, butt.jpg)

No. 211695

File: 1481408886950.png (131.06 KB, 380x943, 2016-12-10 17.25.45.png)

Let's play troll or no troll!!!

>Where to find a relatively fresh corpse and how to obtain it without getting caught? - this is really the biggest issue especially cause our intolerant society doesn't consider this legal (but polygamy is ok). Keeping track of obituaries and familiarizing myself with local cemeteries is a start. Should consider more efficient approaches though, open to suggestions.


No. 211701

File: 1481409148013.png (158.48 KB, 372x984, 2016-12-10 17.30.27.png)

This one just flat out admits to groping his friend's gf while she was sleeping.


No. 211702

Jesus just fuck a wet sock rather than a dead body

Honestly 90% of yhe time I'm not sure if they're that retarded or trolls, this one included

No. 211713

File: 1481409700262.png (41.55 KB, 380x270, 2016-12-10 17.40.05.png)

This one is getting more serious about stalking his crush.


No. 211722




No. 211740

Denko? (´・ω・`)

No. 211757


No. 211774

File: 1481419756216.png (63.19 KB, 879x649, incel.png)

No. 211842

Why good sir I am glad you have shared your utter brilliance on the nature of the barbaric female species for the entire world to see. I say surely you deserve a Nobel prize for these absolutely fascinating and groundbreaking ideals. In no time at all will such a genius young gentleman like you find many females to discipline and make obey like a dirty mongrel.

No. 211984

File: 1481464999403.png (32.53 KB, 1014x281, 56453.png)

I can't even imagine waking up every day being this bitter and desperate lol

No. 212009

>when you attack them, they get mad
>that's not realistic


No. 212071

No see clearly when you attack women they're supposed to love it and beg for more then expose the vaginal region to them for quick rape access before they get beheaded by the mighty war axe of the incel warrior.

No. 212144

Every incel deserves a shining wizard.

No. 212509

File: 1481537731301.png (133.93 KB, 373x896, 2016-12-12 05.12.36.png)

Creep factor MAXIMUM


>Do you think that's a legit possibility? I think how I would feel if I caught her sniffing my boxers or masturbating with them and I admit, it's kind of arousing. Maybe she'd feel the same way about me. It wouldn't be real incest if we became fuck buddies, would it? I mean, it's not like we're each other's first picks, we'd simply be using each other to get off and gain sexual experience.

No. 212599

File: 1481559613333.jpg (45.68 KB, 318x400, 417216_10151135344749064_12817…)


>>when was the last time you laughed at Hitler?

I know this is old af but I find it funny because „Hitler was an ugly weak guy who people laughed at until he rose to power“ is a stereotype historians laugh at.

Hitler had a lot of charisma. The famous audios of him shouting aren’t how he behaved most of the time. An american journalist named him „handsome Hitler“. He had very intense blue eyes which we can’t see on black and white pictures. Combined with his dark hair this feature made him quite attractive for his time.

It was only after he became a threat to Europe and the world that journalists and politicians started to make fun of him.

Hitler wasn’t an incel. He was into expensive cars and was quite successful with women. People like to paint him as an incel/wizard/robot nowadays because it makes it easier to deal with what he did than imagining him as a normal, rather charming man.

Sage for autism.


(I know the daily mail is shit but it was the only english article I could find on the issue)

No. 212603

File: 1481559894932.jpg (61.88 KB, 421x454, 267316_10151135360704064_19874…)

No. 212647

File: 1481565258771.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.18 KB, 1003x767, latest-4.jpg)

Chadolph Hitler.

No. 212659

File: 1481566554170.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.12 KB, 306x423, article-2066155-00283C58000002…)

Kek I'll admit he got uglier with age. Gained a little weight and got horrible wrinkles due to anger and stress issues.
1920s-30s Hitler though…

Now I stop I don't want to get banned.(too late, no1curr about your Hitler boner)

No. 213512

File: 1481670017786.jpg (32.14 KB, 480x480, 8977756.jpg)

I'm just comforted by the fact that one day most of these guys will an hero because of their loneliness and bitterness.

No. 213513

File: 1481670128704.png (131.6 KB, 372x894, 2016-12-13 17.53.07.png)

Oh his tampon rant has already been posted, but as I am sure you have discovered, he says way more crazy shit than that.

I don't know why, but reading that sub really scares/interests me. I is like they are live blogging their own manifesto. Every time I go to /r/incels there are brand new posts that baffle me. I can't look away.

The user from my pic is also quite interesting. He is actively stalking his crush, has filmed her house while he slept in his car, and was considering failing his classes so he would have a greater chance to be near her next year.

Apparently he had an old account that got suspended for posting "pissing off normies" stories about how he was doing shit like in my pic, and his account was suspended.

No. 213519

File: 1481670438623.png (26.6 KB, 515x126, 2016-12-13 18.05.14.png)

Same guy

>I'd rape a man if he tried to stop me

>no homo

No. 213523

File: 1481670594404.png (30.83 KB, 515x143, 2016-12-13 18.08.18.png)

If he was ever attacked by a ghost, he'd rape her too!

No. 213525

Incels that pretend to be badasses always cracks me up.

If he legitimately benched 350lbs, he'd have no issues picking up some random from a club, he'd be in the top 1% at least of guys for strength, which is an attractive factor to lots of people, especially when you're as tall as he's claiming to be.

It's about as realistic as the people who claim they reach that in two years of lifting.

No. 213877

I kind of get it. When you're force fed a certain teenage narrative and don't actually experience that, you can feel like you've missed out on that.

But then I remember I hated my teenage years and am MUCH happier now that I'm older and have more independence and brains not to do stupid shit.

No. 213880

>peaches and cream smelling vag

i don't think he was saying that hitler was incel. but that being incel to normies is akin to being lower than hitler.

shit tho now i wanna see hitler's baby blues

No. 213903

File: 1481704692375.jpg (28.73 KB, 640x212, MJlDL54l.jpg)

so angryman is sending people (particularly madetobelonely) pms to try and get him to commit suicide with him.

he's also allegedly dropped out of school.

No. 213904

God, what a pathetic betafag. I'll be so happy when he fucking kills himself. It'll be the best decision he's ever made.

No. 213905

That's a good observation. Most people enjoy their lives so much more once they are adults, and have control over themselves and their path in life.

Like, did I enjoy high school? Ya, I guess. But being an adult is waaaaaay better than being an awkward and insecure teenager. But incels seems to constantly pine over their "missed opportunities" from HS, when realistically, they have more chances to do whatever the fuck they want as adults.

No. 213906

I swear to god I saw a random post on /r/incels for like 5 mins that was called "Does Anyone Want To" or something. The body was removed, but the comments suggested that it was written by someone who wanted to set up a suicide pact. $5 says it was written by angryman.

No. 213908

most likely. he's been so off his rocker lately even other extremes in the sub think he needs to be hospitalized or something.

canino, normiesmustpay, and viralimpulse literally make fun of him and talk down to him in the incel discord all the time

No. 213951

File: 1481712626112.png (26.31 KB, 363x179, 2016-12-14 05.47.36.png)

Stalkercel is lost in the middle of nowhere because he fucked up his "schedule".


No. 213985

I really hope that chick has pepper spray. You know she is going yo discover him stalking her, because I doubt he is very discrete.

No. 214029


>supreme gentleman
Is this a troll or??

No. 214034


First comment:
>I'm not an incel but I agree that my boring and unstable HS romance was the greatest thing to ever happen to me

No. 214179

incels are seriously the most boring group of people I’ve ever seen. of course they’re all average looking, no one bats an eye to any average looking person on the street. no one looks at an average looking guy long enough to even notice his eye color, much less the direction of his canthal tilt lmao. and they actually are so far up their rectums that they seriously believe personality is a scam - the one fucking thing that would tilt an average looking person into noticeability. and THEN they get mad when no one notices them! truly ugly people get noticed all the time lol. this is hilarious, i read both threads in one sitting instead of going to bed, i’m hooked.

No. 214184

If you have to ask most of the time the answer is they're serious.

No. 214199

File: 1481744857600.png (38.28 KB, 987x299, 222.png)

I have no words

No. 214205

>you and the mom now have a common friend

No. 214235

>you just met a single female through your circle of friends

Elementary school kids aren't your friends. Jesus Christ.

And it has been a while since I was in elementary school, but we always had teachers supervising the area where the buses dropped kids off. Like, they don't just let the kids roam free to be chatted up by creeps.

No. 214244

Did they really think no one would be alarmed by a grown man showing up at a kids school and chatting up kids.

No. 214264

good god

No. 214380

i guess the memes really are real

No. 214637

File: 1481815403571.jpeg (113.11 KB, 536x528, runs_pedobear_runs.jpeg)

This is how it will end.

No. 214670

I don't know if I'm actually afraid of even half of this shit being real or what but every time I scroll past this topic I just get really creeped out even though I can't help but click on the latest image to see the horrors within. Maybe they'll all off themselves, we'd all be a lot safer that way.

No. 215163

File: 1481916620260.png (35.92 KB, 1085x213, gay.png)

Once again, incels show a complete lack of understanding at how the world and friendship works.

No. 215176

I'd rather not fuck my FtM friend. He's a cool guy and all but I don't like him in THAT way. Hell if anything maybe if they befriended a FtM they could have a wingman to help them get that girlfriend they want so bad. Guess that's too hard.

No. 215186

This implies this dude has lent or has borrowed someone's fleshlight.


No. 215195

>lurk outside a primary school and try to chat up little kids
What could possibly go wrong?

No. 215197

So why doesn't he fuck his other incel friends in the ass? Just between bros, nothing gay about it.

No. 215246

Considering how much they go on about sluts, they'd probably say something about standards and shit. Rape or necrophilia, but never prostitutes!

No. 215253

Some of them have seen prostitutes, but of course it never fixes their true problems: https://www.reddit.com/r/Incels/comments/5ipcik/seeing_a_prostitute_was_a_mistake/

The best is when one of them admits that they went to a prostitute, and then the rest of them turn on OP for losing his virginity.

No. 215256

>nobody cares that you can't get laid, why? because every one of us is selfish. Girls don't care if you off yourself due to the intense suffering induced by prolonged involuntary celibacy and virginity, but they do care if you go ER first. The normies here are hyprocrites

>girls don't care if you can't get laid, but they don't want to be murdered???? The hypocrisy!


No. 216442

File: 1482048981387.png (131.83 KB, 374x836, 2016-12-18 03.14.19.png)

Watch out. Incellington has a list of ~legal revenge~ mrtods and he's not afraid to use them!

>In the middle of night, randomly like the bikini photo she took 5 years ago. Do this several times a week. They make us uncomfortable by refusing to empty our celibate balls – so be sure to make them feel uncomfortable as well.


No. 216448

File: 1482049324939.png (27.8 KB, 538x135, 2016-12-18 03.20.32.png)

Relatable content: when your mom won't fuck you

No. 216808

all of those things will either get you made fun of or arrested

No. 217319

This Incel documentary was posted in another thread, have you anons seen it?
The long haired flabby asshole fits the type of guy who would post any of the screenshotted posts/comments here. Superiority complex, disgusting looks, says women aren't people, hates 'fat ugly' chicks because they 'get laid more easily,' etc etc etc and blames the fact that he doesn't have a girlfriend on his looks (and wants plastic surgery) rather than fixing his insufferable personality. Also features an incredibly annoying virgin PUA.

No. 217570

This was a good one. The only guy I could sympathize with was the dude with the glasses. From what I saw he seemed genuinely nice.

The longhaired guy seems crazy as fuck. PUA is an insecure asshole and I don't like how he talks to the documentary maker.

No. 217599

This was mostly just sad. I feel bad for Michael, because he seems like a sweet guy who's just shy. I feel the same way about the other two guys they talked to at the convention.

I find it hilarious that PUA thinks he dresses well. He looks like one of those redneck dads who spend too much time at Bass Pro Shop. Advanced is just a mirror image of everyone on /r/incel. Rude, autistic, and retarded.

No. 217672

lmfao at that pua's chris chan drawings

No. 217700

File: 1482208839982.png (62.57 KB, 613x649, 84453.png)

>being this jelly of true talent

No. 217862

File: 1482221292750.jpg (17.27 KB, 480x640, gECsoGv.jpg)

Some users have been posting pics of themselves lately


No. 217865

File: 1482221557074.jpg (62.52 KB, 1000x750, O9y35xu.jpg)


No. 217868

File: 1482221626708.jpg (113.63 KB, 960x720, t9HhJpT.jpg)

another of /u/madetobelonely, he's honestly kinda cute

No. 217870

File: 1482221756992.jpg (405.39 KB, 1200x1600, PgQY5rk.jpg)


No. 217884

I thought this pic of him was so cute.

I felt really bad for him after he posted his pics. Angryman started trolling him hard, and tried to get him to join in a suicide pact.

No. 217886

Omfg he is quite handsome. I think this is just a bad pic with shitty lighting, but he isn't ugly at all.

No. 217889


He's cute. If I were younger, I could see myself having a crush on him.

No. 217897

File: 1482223527207.jpg (80.2 KB, 960x1280, dHEPhdg.jpg)

guess which prolific user this is

No. 217898

File: 1482223599898.jpg (405.46 KB, 1200x1600, YTUbaSZ.jpg)

I hate his side burns though. At least he acknowledges he'd look better if he lost weight.

No. 217905

they're basically a haircut and a wardrobe makeover from being a Chad

No. 217910

Fuck, fixing his sideburns would take 5 minutes.

These pictures are blowing my mind. They either take pics in bad lighting, or need little tweaks to be really attractive. But they act like they are terminally ugly!

No. 217911


No. 217912

In better lighting, this guy could look so good. It is hard to judge by this pic, but he is also quite handsome. Lose he crustache and take a pic where he's smiling and I bet he would be hot.

No. 217915

File: 1482225762726.jpg (211.18 KB, 960x1280, 5NrPqU6.jpg)

No. 217916

File: 1482225998340.jpg (73.34 KB, 500x329, tumblr_n5rkmcFWGp1r87qhqo1_500…)

I was expecting pic related tbh.

No. 217917

His hair is so goofy lol

No. 217940

Why does he look like he's getting his mugshot taken? Of course you're going to look ugly if you're scowling.

No. 218028

Let's not kid ourselves here. Yeah, they're not as hideous as they think they are, but they aren't THAT good looking. They'd still just look average if they got their shit together.

No. 218038

Damn, I really like Michael, he is cute in that shy nerd kind of a way. You know that he would be out of the market in a second if he would put himself out to the right crowd. Plus he already understand that he shouldn't go after certain type of girls and that his shyness is the problem. I sincerely hope good things for him.

No. 218099

File: 1482260666225.jpg (163.21 KB, 900x1596, 86Fjgw.jpg)

i mean the point is that they're not as ugly as they keep claiming they are, even angryman just needs a fucking haircut and they're vastly going to be improved, but they all refuse to do anything and expect women to fall over them

for example, here is /u/maga-20, despite being only 15, has already decided that he's ugly and will be alone forever so he won't even try to change his appearance, even though it's easily fixable

No. 218106

god, these guys piss me off.

they all look fine. not models but not irremediably hideous.

they must have body dysmorphic disorder.

No. 218107

I agree. Like this kid isn't ugly. He looks like an awkward teenager, because he is one. He is going to look awkward for a few years.

No. 218118

Not only that, but some of them apparently don't understand basic human interaction:

>Normies don't seem to like to be around another person in silence. It seems they also need to show how normal they are by establishing they lack social anxiety and are perfectly comfortable striking a conversation with a stranger. They do these little chit chats all the time, I noticed. Just make a general observation, then other person comments back, then there's some personal question "showing interest" or something, and all this for no reason at all but I guess to establish their social recognizability and status in every surrounding.

>I think they do this little social performance and then detect that something is defective here, then they both get more confident and continue because now their social ease becomes a sign of their superiority. They get encouraged by the obviously non desirable interaction. Second, they want to catch me "betraying" myself in some way and demonstrating that I'm not one of them.


No. 218123

i've only seen one user there that is as ugly as they say they are

No. 218126

He needs a haircut and get his eyebrows groomed, but he isn't ugly? My little sister is the same age as him and her boyfriend looks really similiar to him. He's not a hopeless case

No. 218130


Just washing and combing his hair and getting rid of that fugly mustache would help a lot.

But that fits the general idea; it's never really about the looks with them, it's their repulsive personalities and attitudes. They just can't admit that, their fragile egos can't take that, so they continue to be miserable shitheads.

No. 218137

File: 1482264689584.gif (427.04 KB, 250x188, fgwtf.gif)

No. 218151

File: 1482267013003.png (232.52 KB, 900x606, Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 12.4…)

incel learns he isn't bisexual and embarrasses himself

No. 218153

Jesus Christ. Why do they do this to themselves?

No. 218155

File: 1482267796936.png (38.21 KB, 373x236, 2016-12-20 16.01.45.png)

Holy shit. Another one is thinking about going to grindr

No. 218181

Lol women are so fucking nice. A bunch of pics of ugly men get posted and they're met with replies of encouragement and women complimenting them.

Guys who literally wouldn't think twice about shooting them á la Elliot Rodgers. Guys who want them dead or enslaved or sexually assaulted.

Holy fuck I don't even get what their problem is, women are actually too nice to these fucking entitled man-babies.

No. 218207

There are two reasons for this:

* A lot of them are average or even attractive and/or could look a lot better with improvement. This is one of the reasons why incels are so frustrating. Many of them aren't held back by their looks but believe that they are.

* Taunting and insulting incels only makes their hatred grow, especially coming from women. It validates and reinforces their hateful belief system. It might be counterintuitive and plenty of people are unable to do this, but treating incels with kindness and understanding has the highest chance of deradicalizing them.

t. Knower

No. 219867

File: 1482406215821.png (105.37 KB, 376x697, 2016-12-22 06.27.14.png)

We've got a live one

>Some day I'm gonna snap. And nobody wants to be around when that day comes.


No. 219871

File: 1482406542726.png (143.24 KB, 375x897, 2016-12-22 06.31.26.png)

Time for some mathematics

>Attractiveness is a compound of aesthetics, individuality and wealth. It is attractiveness is 50%, 25% is individuality (talents, skills, personality etc) and wealth is 25%+ The girl's GDI (Gold Digger index. See: *below).

>*GDI or the gold digger index is a naturally occurring number that is similar to a women's genome.

>It is instilled in their brains and is a result of them being raised a certain way since birth.

No. 219879

>How to get on a sex offender list in three easy steps!

No. 220005

He's adorable. He also seems interesting with actual hobbies. I hope that guy gets a nice little nerdy girl.

No. 220325

File: 1482484089409.png (21.59 KB, 372x148, 2016-12-23 04.03.34.png)

This incel is so going to be arrested soon.

His parents "triggered" him, so he raged out and broke a bunch of their shit. They called the cops on him, however he wasn't arrested at this time, he will be the next time.


>I smashed a bunch of shit because they triggered me so hard, it's their fault. They say i'm not allowed to come back. I hate them so much


However, he is also spamming his former (female) therapist's email with redpill and incel articles. She hasn't been his therapist for some time now, and is starting to get sick of his spam. The posts always get deleted, but I am trying to find his screencaps of their emails.

No. 220326

File: 1482484535644.png (68.96 KB, 367x477, 2016-12-23 04.10.32.png)

One of his therapist's responses in the pic.

I didn't know that he was also emailing nurses at a mental health facility, to mock them for not being doctors:
>the slut nurse at the therapy place did nursing because she didn't make it in to med school, just called her out for it in an email.

No. 220330

File: 1482485580641.jpg (108.25 KB, 928x554, 30xjswsvaa5y.jpg)

No. 220343

He needs to shave his head he'd be cute

No. 220346

He needs to shave, brush his hair, and turn 20. His eye area is very attractive and he could be quite handsome.

No. 220348

lel what they are only 19 years old?

Wouldn't be a male therapist better?

No. 220349

It wouldn't surprise me if his attitudes towards women was one of the reasons why she referred him to a different clinic.

No. 220350

The youngest one I've seen was 15

No. 220352

He's like the personification of incels. Totally capable of being attractive, but instead he puts zero effort into his appearance and then wonders why girls aren't jumping all over his dick. And he literally has a neckbeard.

In my experience you're always asked if you'd prefer for your therapist to be a man or a woman. So either he said he doesn't care, or he specifically requested a woman for god knows what reason. Maybe he thought he could overwhelm her with his superior intellect and negging, make her fall in love with him as she'd be forced to listen to him and learn that he's an exemplary gentleman, and then fuck her on her desk while screaming at her that she's a stupid cunt and making her cry.

No. 220896

File: 1482570606053.png (49.79 KB, 370x331, 2016-12-24 04.01.17.png)

An incel got kicked off a train and threatened rape irl


>i told her i was shitting, she then threatened to call the cops, i waited for next train stop, insulted her then got out

>i ended up calling the customer support and made up a bs story (the conductor insulted me, doing that is a BIG nono in sweden, basically grants me all rights from then on) and now im gonna get compensated and her boss will be notified, ruining one normie at a time

>im addicted to gambling

No. 220987

Not all offices will ask. Some do, but if some have a limited number of therapists with open case loads, they really can't ask if the client has a preference since they wouldn't be able to comply with the request.

No. 221321

I mean, in my country at least, when you get your referral to see a psychologist, your doctor just asks you then, and then chooses who to refer you to based off that.

No. 221739

When autism attacks.

No. 221743


This guy has literally zero social skills. Please read through his recent comments. Every single one of them is dripping with autism.

No. 221765

>i wish i had cheat codes to real life or be like Uday hussein (basically a word from him and every girl in the whole country of iraq would sleep with him regardless)

>just imagine, if i had some cheat codes, id be allowed to summon any hymen that id want to fertilize

>overall i do think there is some conspiring among girls towards me, i dont know how or where, but there must be, there is NO chance in hell i get rejected 13 times

Jesus Christ

No. 221767

I'm so happy that none of these morons will ever get to breed and pass on their retarded genes.

No. 221776

An episode of BDD:
>A lot of my family is at our house today because it's Christmas, and one of them randomly said my haircut looks good. He's not the only one who's said it either. Why do they do that? I know for a fact it's a bad haircut, why do they say it isn't? Did it look good when they were young and they don't understand it looks bad now? Are they just saying something they think I'll like hearing even though it's not true? They tell me things which I know aren't true and it really irritates me.


No. 221782

Yeah, he's insane, I think it's just a new account from Pqwer432 though, I get that impression from the shit he posts, and if I remember right he used to sperg out about how he was totally better than people because he wants to be a doctor some day.

No. 221791

>new zealand
oh god no

No. 221807

i'd be all for it if it got me money lmao
fucking one of these guys is less worse than being more broke than Luna Slater

No. 221930

File: 1482773012881.png (54.41 KB, 890x175, Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 9.23…)

wtf is the deal with eekkgg lately, he's like gone off the autism deep end

no that's not pqwer432, this nut lives in sweden or some shit. pqwer432 is back though, don't remember his username but his flair mentions the anime character he likes

No. 221964

He writes about himself like he is an alien. Apparently he doesn't know how to laugh or smile:

>Yes. I don't even understand the underlying "emotion" that causes laughing. Somehow it's tied to being amused, but I don't get it. It's just not in me.

No. 222851

File: 1482890370174.png (403.32 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3674.PNG)

angryman had his plastic surgery consultation and found out that he is NOT as ugly as he thinks

No. 222857

He's probably ugly as fuck but American doctors usually just do one thing like a nose and he went in there for nothing specific. He needs to go to Korea or something.

No. 222858

He has a few choices;
•He can take these three doctors words to heart and not medically change anything. Maybe lose weight, get a tan, become more hydrated, eat better. Really fulfill that potential they see.
•Go to another round of doctors who align with his beliefs and go ahead with his procedures.
•See a mental health professional to determine if he has body dysmorphic disorder. He (and most other incels who turn out to be average looking with terrible personalities) seems to be extremely fixated on his looks, but this is to a point where every little thing is a flaw and must be redone. Not a very healthy outlook.

No. 222863

Aw, I hope he does the first and last option. I'm surprised the dr. didn't go ahead with the surgery anyways. There's plenty of greedy doctors that will happily make $$$ off your absurd insecurities.

No. 223089

Isn't he only 19 or something? He is so lucky that the doctor was honest, and didn't just do the surgery for the money.

I really hope he starts to see a therapist, because I can see him getting desperate and going to a sketchball surgeon JUST to get it done.

No. 223098

Eh, if he wants to waste thousands of dollars and permanently disfigure his face I say he should be allowed to. Then we can sit back and drink the delicious milk has he rages about how he wasted all this time and money on surgery but is still just as undesirable as ever.

No. 223102

Ya but I'm more concerned that he'd murder the doctor for revenge or something. These guys aren't very mentally stable.

No. 223116

when even the greedy surgeon won't take your money, you know the problem is in the head.
That's really a pity. Why can't he invest the money/time into hobbys/education/therapy? That's really ony what these average looking guys would need to get their dick wet.

Honestly, as a woman, knowing our looks are depreciated by the fucking year while men's looks are actually being so much less relevant than women into finding a mate, this is infuriating.

No. 223132

No anon, an incel would go though extreme mental gymnastics to blame women for the surgery. Let's all hope none of these dumbshits have parents with unsecured weapons in their homes.
I would like to know, though, if they are as pissy in real life, and if so, why their family don't do anything about it. I would be so wary raising a son because take any wrong turn and they can become violent/sociopathic/social recluses so easily, especially with the popularity of the internet.

No. 223154

>No anon, an incel would go though extreme mental gymnastics to blame women for the surgery.

he did call the surgeon bluepilled so

No. 223218

How do I make sure my son never falls into the mindset of these idiots? I honestly do not care what he grows up to be, as long as it's not a fucking reclusive, women hating, self esteem-less, incel robot.

No. 223229

You have to be a successfully authoritative parent. Loads of activities from a young age, sports, hobby development, family outings etc. so he doesn't grow up bored and turning to online forums talking about how much he hates his parents and everyone around him for not having friends or something. I think it would be most important for a mom to be very involved in her son's life because she's the most important female figure, usually. You don't want to be the starting point for his hatred towards women. Also somehow limiting internet use without force by having him be more interested in productive activities.

No. 223280

It's sad that you guys can't admit that some people are ugly and there isn't anything they can do about it. They get ridiculed everyday of their lives and they can't do anything about it. They wallow in their misery and they become suicidal and buy guns and you all think they want to kill others but they only point the guns at themselves every single fucking night hoping that they can finally get the balls to pull the trigger. People HATE me for the way I look and you expect me to just accept that and carry on? I did everything I could do better myself and nothing worked. I am a lonely, sexually deranged, bipolar monster and I just want someone to tell me it's going to be OK even though I know it's not. But people won't even give me that decency.

No. 223324

>how dare u say there is hope for uglies
>I just want someone to tell me it'll be ok

Who are you even directing this at we're not a hivemind. Cry more about your entitlement to decency whilst you associate with pro-rape paedophile mass-shooting candidates.

No. 223334

do not reply to incels

No. 223344

File: 1482969616102.png (123.26 KB, 1026x370, Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 3.59…)

in other news, bananabeem is sperging THE FUCK out (ig since eekkgg challenged his title of true sperg lord), deleted his account an hour ago and is already back with a new account

No. 223370

die ugly

No. 223396

Any idea what obligations he's going on about? Because with standards that low (unusual for an incel) he should have no issue getting some random hideous woman happy to have him.

No. 223452

No-one gives a shit about how you look apart from yourself.

No-one fucking hates you, no-one even looks twice at you. Not treating you like a character in some shitty harem anime doesn't mean that people despise you.

Don't come here to bitch, go do therapy, obviously that's the solution, you're admitting yourself you've got mental issues.

No. 223470

Didn't he get a BPD gf in the psycho ward he was admitted to? What happened to her?

No. 223607

Why bother with the caps if >neutral expression

Ugh incels are boring

No. 223632

Deep down these people already know they don't have it that bad.

They just want to out-victim each other.

No. 223636

Zero physical intimacy for years involuntarily is pretty bad. The average normie/ woman would kill themselves if they were in the place of an incel.

No. 223638

Except they don't because they aren't so shallow, insecure, ignorant, and obsessive about sex and/or relationships.

No. 223639

You say that but if you were actually in the place of an incel I'm pretty sure you would commit suicide or at least be suicidal, like most incels.

No. 223642

Oh no, he admitted that the gf was all a lie

No. 223649

I went without it for six years before meeting my partner. It was pretty easy not to convince myself I was entitled to sex, or to think that forcing myself on someone or being sexually aggressive is okay. It was so easy it wasn't even something that requires effort. The problem with all you incels is any combination of your obsessions, poor social skills, condescending attitude, sense of entitlement and superiority, wallowing in a victim complex, constant need for validation, self-loathing, refusal to try anything other than extremes such as surgery or rape manifestos, and inability to accept that anybody from outside of the incel circle jerking is intellectually and/or morally inferior. Your little echo chamber is holding you back. Crabs in a bucket.

No. 223651

6 years with no physical intimacy at all? Not just sex? If so, that's impressive but it still was voluntary. A big reason being incel is so bad is the hopelessness that if your touchless-ness will ever end without having to pay an escort. Which could be illegal, they could be disgusted by you, etc.

> Your little echo chamber is holding you back.

r/incels isn't an echo chamber, read this: https://www.reddit.com/r/Incels/comments/5jh8wa/rincels_is_one_of_the_only_subreddits_on_reddit/

No. 223661

Look, a guy on r/incel said it's not an echo chamber, so it must be true!

No. 223664

It's not like the thread just says "r/incels isn't an echo chamber", it explains the 2 reasons it's not:

1. All opinions are allowed, you aren't going to get banned for disagreeing with incels.

2. There is no mass downvoting, which can discourage others from commenting different opinions than the majority.

No. 223688

>All opinions are allowed, you aren't going to get banned for disagreeing with incels.

Are you joking? Literally from the rules
>No empty platitudes. Write about actual, tangible stuff, not fortune cookies. It is fine if you sincerely want to help incels, but you need to actually put some effort in and not just repeat the same "lose weight, take a shower, get a haircut" common sense advice that doesn't help anyone because every incel already does it.

>No online diagnosing and proposing of therapy

>Those claiming there are as many female incels in the same situation as male incels are banned.

And that's ignoring that anything that very slightly violates the rules not posted by a non-incel is banned, while other users spend months almost exclusively just insulting others and encouraging suicide and aren't banned, only posts outright going "We all should go ER on X date" or posting extremely graphic fantasies are banned.

It's not a full on echo chamber, but it's verging on it. Rules are extremely biased towards people posting that are incels, and it's filled with users encouraging incredible negativity and outright lies (like the whole 80/20 rule, that ignores literally the sentence after the study it's from that shows how it doesn't matter). It's the same as sites like MPA. People do recognise that anorexia is unhealthy, but it doesn't mean that it's somehow a bastion for free discourse.

No. 223709

do not reply to incel posters. it is pointless

No. 223715


>every incel already does it

Kek that's why all of you look like your mom still shops for you at the thrift store and you've never touched a dumbell or a razor in your life

No. 223738

That's sad. But also a bit of a relief, I guess. If any incrl5hasn't killed himself already, they certainly will after a BPD gf.

No. 223747

I honestly get such a repressed homosexual vibe from most of them. I was going through a thread where all of the posters were shitting on women and the entire time I was thinking

"Maybe they should just fuck each other."

No. 223817

That's just their repressed sexual urges. A few up them have tried hooking up with dudes but I don't think I've seen one come back and say "Hey I think I actually was gay this whole time!"

No. 224147

File: 1483090982543.jpg (49.97 KB, 909x553, rLHkHgF.jpg)

The guy who is harassing his extherapist is now just straight up sending her all caps emails with pics of handsome boys

No. 224153

Dude, that's she-should-get-a-restraining-order-before-he-waits-for-her-after-work-and-muders-her scary.

No. 224174

Jesus christ, I have a newfound respect for psychologists if they have to deal with this sort of shit.

Also, why do they always post shots of models taken be professionals? Do they actually believe that's how models look every day?

No. 224195

File: 1483105269400.png (351.51 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3687.PNG)

lol here's another post that claims that if they were born in a certain time period they totally would've been able to get laid because that's just how it worked back then

No. 224200

>handed women

No. 224213

We wuz kangs n shit.

No. 224215

Wonder if that poster can trace back his lineage to find that he was descended from peasants, or even serfs lmao.

No. 224222

Oh ya. I'm not sure what he's trying to do by emailing her these things. The therapist already said that she won't talk to him about this stuff. It seems like he just wants a reaction

>i may screenshot this thread and send it to my cute therapist, if you don't want her to see your vile language i suggest you delete your comment

>therapy is fucking stupid, what is needed is subsidized prostitution and plastic surgeries
>she's gonna go bitch to my mother that i've been emailing her because she knows it's all true and won't admit it

No. 224283

File: 1483122699452.png (311.75 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3688.PNG)

i feel like we don't talk about staliaharkonnen enough

all of his postsyoubcan tell he tries so hard to come off as above it all and intellectual, and you can tell that in school he was the kid who kinda got better grades than some of his classmate and so he acted like a dick about it and believed his intelligence was the reason he didn't have friends and not because he just he was a dick

dude is 29.

No. 224298


Isn't that model married with kids? He's hardly running around and snatching the girls from the hands of incels. I wonder how long they're going to blame their lonliness on attractive men and heartless women.

No. 224601

Yeah, it's strange how they're convinced that every good looking guy is running around hooking up with every woman they can like some sort of sex addict, and then those women are just following him around and hoping he'll come back.

A good amount of the models they post are gay or in relationships, and don't look as good as their photos anyway.

It's bizarre how they create this huge fantasy world to feel oppressed by.

No. 224845

Some of them become so obsessed with their incel status that they post shit like this: https://www.reddit.com/r/Incels/comments/5l75mo/gonna_kill_myself_if_i_dont_get_my_first_gf_and/

This guy is a new account that is completely off the rails. The body of that post is deleted but you can get the idea of where his head is at. He's only 20, and some of his issues are totally fixable. He abmits he is overweight, but doesn't want to get fit. He's been having a mental breakdown for like an entire day. Here are some of his comments:


>You gotta be fit to be loved. Unfit men deserve to be alone and lonely
>Fuck life. Fuck, fuck it. I hope I get hit by a bus tomorrow. I hope I get kidnapped and killed tomorrow.
>I'm gonna get super drunk and steal my parents car (I don't have a license and probably won't at this rate by then) and crash it into a tree at high speed
>Women are worse than animals to me. They aren't worthy of being considered people.


No. 224848

File: 1483184587590.png (37.13 KB, 355x229, 2016-12-31 06.40.51.png)

This guy is allegedly Madetobelonely's new account

No. 224852

File: 1483185178397.png (113.02 KB, 516x665, 2016-12-31 06.50.51.png)

Stalkercel considers himself a professional, and apparently tried to place a tracking device on his victim.

No. 224860

File: 1483186606084.jpg (35.74 KB, 500x313, louisck.jpg)

jesus christ

entertaining his twisted logic, what happens when he accomplishes his goal? What happens when he graduates to physically following these girls or if he actually feels entitled enough to approach or even harm them?

He already feels he has the right to invade a perfect strangers privacy by tracking them.

No. 224862

Obviously the girl would be so touched by his amazing stalking skills, his dedication to her and all the effort he put in to get close to her!! She'll automatically assume a compromising position to allow the incel knight to have sweet sweet sex with her virgin body and become his sweetheart forever! /s

No. 225037

I don't know why you guys are complimenting this one, he looks like what happens when you fire up Oblivion and hit random on the character creation screen>>217862

No. 225043

lmao it sure doesn't help that he's looking off into the distance like that

No. 225058

Its hard to say because the lighting is so bad and he isn't smiling. I think a lot of these guys would look better if they didn't take such shitty pictures.

No. 225068

This kid needs to be locked the fuck up before he hurts someone.

No. 225072

seriously, he has Elliot Rodger levels of entitlement

No. 225147

untouched by her OWN HANDS

No. 225389

Because in that fucking terrible photo, with shitty lighting and strange facial expression, he just looks around average, a bit below.

If he shaved his head and shitty facial hair and took a half decent photo where he was smiling, he'd probably look fine.

No. 225464

literally all this guy needs to do is lose weight

No. 225467

…And stop browsing /r/incels.

No. 225469

yeah but that applies to all of them. this guy could actually be real cute IMO

No. 225473

I absolutely agree. It's a shame that he has such low self esteem. All he needs to do is start taking care of himself.

No. 225617

File: 1483258582913.png (44.09 KB, 356x272, 2017-01-01 03.12.56.png)

I agree. He was planning more stalking for tonight, but luckily his mom wouldn't give him he car keys so he couldn't:

>i couldnt even get the keys, my whore mother took them from me and is a real bitch no matter how you ask her so i didnt even bother, spent my last minutes of 2016 fantasizing about my crush and pretending we were kissing into 2017


No. 225620

And it's like you want to help them and give them like a pep talk cause it is sad, but you'll just end up either being called a whore or being stalked by a 'king' who thinks your his 'queen' kinda shit.

No. 225746

File: 1483301247902.jpg (84.25 KB, 640x640, 11023181_1616208831946224_5066…)

this is literally their standard

No. 225806

He's not even that ripped???

No. 225809

yeah but you're lying to yourself if you claim you wouldn't let him nut in and around you; he's obviously an unrealistic standard propped up by professionals and incels can't seem to see that

No. 225856

It's crazy how they compare looking in the mirror or their shitty selfies to some modelling shot of some random guy, and then get upset when the come up lacking.

Like, this dude's had a makeup team go at him before he even gets on the set, then a lighting crew, and then he gets the photo taken.

If he got up in the morning and compared himself to one of these photos, he'd come up lacking and feel shitty about it too, and there's been famous models that have come out and said as much.

No. 225860

Sad to think that's the best picture they could get of him with a professional crew and everything… incels have shit taste

No. 225873

I mean, it's a good photo for sure, but yeah, he's just kind of got a boring face in my opinion.

Really good looking still, but he's pretty fucking basic. There's less interesting stuff you can do with a face like that compared to some other models that you can portray a few different ways to get different looks, he doesn't have that as much.

Either way, he's an exceptionally good looking guy, and my point was more that it's silly to compare yourself to professional shots, because no-one can compare to that, it's why they spend so much money on hiring a crew to work on them.

No. 225880

I don't understand how these guys can't go to the mall or a restaurant or a park or basically any public place and see normal, non underwear model-tier men walking around with wives and girlfriends to conclude that 95% of the human population is pretty average looking yet still manages to be able to find partners. Oh wait, yeah I can. It's because incels are hideously self-centered and want to blame everyone and everything for their problems except themselves.

No. 225886

They also don't go outside.

No. 225888

They also see those couples and think that the man is getting cucked anyway. They're hopeless.

No. 225890

File: 1483315833779.png (82.66 KB, 381x543, 2017-01-01 19.05.04.png)

This just in: Stalkercel beat up his sister, and will spend the night in jail. He is also being kicked out of his house.


>thats it, i snapped, i beat someone in the household after messing with me too much, got the cops called on me because of e certain whore, now i have nowhere to go and i am forced to move out, i might try contacting a person that might provide housing for me, for now i will be forced to move out in the next 30mins-1h and i got basically nowhere to go, this is the reason to why i am such a terrible person, i was raised by a psycopath whore with no sympathy or rationality, ill update in a couple of hours when the cops come ( i am 18 and i think i might get thrown into jail now)


No. 225950

i dont know what youre talking about… attractive men like that exist, and wake up like that (sometimes they wake up even cuter tbh)

just because incels dont look like that doesnt mean that cute men dont exist wtf lmao

No. 225965

Attractive people existing doesn't mean that models don't look as good when they wake up in the morning as in their photo shoots.

Do you honestly think he wakes up with his hair perfectly styled and makeup already applied in the morning?

He's still going to look good, obviously, but he's not going to look anywhere near as good as he does in a professional photo shoot, it's why they spend so much money on hiring professionals to do them. If they just looked that good always, a modelling shot would just be comprised of the model and some random with a phone camera.

No. 225973

Sorry, I meant to type that attractive people existing doesn't mean that models do look as good in the morning as they do in a professional shot.

If you seriously think that models just exist looking that way with no work involved, and that there's nothing done in a photo shoot, they just walk in, have the photo taken by some dude in some house and then leave after 5 minutes, I honestly don't know what to say. You're just objectively wrong.

No. 226366

Are you actually retarded? That's what they just said.

No. 226471

What? Are you referring to how >>225973 says the same thing as >>225965 ?

Because if so, you really need to work on your reading comprehension, I just fucked up one sentence in the first post and used the second one to correct myself and add a little more.

No. 226512

File: 1483397623151.png (2.92 MB, 2032x962, fghjfhjfj.PNG)


No. 226514

No one is going to tell you that you're ugly, xXx_incel_xXx or whatever the fuck your reddit name is. Take better pictures and then we'll talk.

No. 226516


lol, that's not me, i'm just being a bully

No. 226519

File: 1483398696430.gif (888.96 KB, 245x219, 944d91e2-4812-4b19-9e95-34b937…)

No. 226576

/u/iamhopeess256 committed to his entire "if you upvote me i'll do push ups thing!!!"

can't see his face but he looks just like the rest judging from his body type, and i'm willing to bet fine money he's never actually asked anyone else.

also the entire discord crew has been mia lately, wonder what they're up to

No. 226577

oh wow, in another thread, he admits to being 5'9" and 118lbs what kind of autistic praying mantis

No. 226739

No. 227025

so many of these guys sound like trolls, especially incellington and stalkercel. i cant tell if they just are very imaginative with their degenerate fetishes, or fucking with the entire incel community.

fuck off incel


No. 227052

Not >>226739 but no

No. 227128

File: 1483504140475.jpg (18.13 KB, 648x218, zzA2Lgc.jpg)

Have any of you read this article about two RedPillers being exposed in their town? It's pretty interesting reading about how someone who seems normal can be such a self-absorbed freak. Even after being outed, the guy who got interviewed acts like a victim and transfers the blame onto others/women again.

>But, said Jared, “Nobody reached out to us to say, ‘What do you need to heal, to be better men?’ — except Trey.”

>“If you’re going to say you’re a loving, supportive community and then just kick out everybody that does something fucked up — I think that’s wrong,” Jared told me. “You don’t get to say, ‘We’re loving and supportive and inclusive’ and not put in the work to be that. ”

article http://nymag.com/thecut/2016/01/jared-rutledge-pickup-artist-c-v-r.html

continued twitter screenshots https://jaredandjacobsaid.wordpress.com/

No. 227253

File: 1483526609420.png (14.75 KB, 289x155, 2017-01-04 05.39.50.png)

>that is my answer, i deserve a woman of my choice and i choose to go with the kpop artist iu

Stalkercel also has a waifu and is feeling oppressed for not having her IRL.

No. 227254

File: 1483527408118.png (98.21 KB, 412x467, 2017-01-04 05.53.43.png)

Know_What_Fvck_This, who had stayed away from /r/incels for a while, has returned. He seems to be going through something, and is posting a lot lately.

Pic are some of his recent post titles, and below are some of his highlights.

>Remember, the only positive personality that really works is being 6 feet or above, white, muscular, and looking like a model, or have a 6 figure salary, otherwise, sorry, friend.

>Then I'm worthless and should lay on some train tracks so a train could splatter my brains all over the subway and give everyone a spectacle, is that what you wanted to hear? Maybe I kill myself and livestream my suicide, would that make a fucking normie like you happy? I bet you'd masturbate to a nigger killing himself, wouldn't you, you'd get turned on by my suicide.

>It's happening again, I'm stuck here, I'm becoming unstable again. I fucking told you all, everyone, I told them, I'm a fucking slave, a slave to my mind, and BPD is the only master I've ever had and it will never free me.

No. 227275

File: 1483530727638.gif (1.99 MB, 280x202, bpW6Xkd.gif)

>is literally a stalker
>pisses in guys' protein powder at the gym, not because they've been assholes to him, but because they're "normies" who wear "cring-worthy clothes"
>hogged a train toilet so normies couldn't use it; threatened to rape the train conductor's daughter when he was kicked off the train
>blames his personality faults on his "psychopath whore" mother
>"i deserve the best of girls"

No. 228029

File: 1483645455424.png (42.83 KB, 914x147, Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 11.4…)

eekkgg's autism is getting out of control

No. 228031

do most incels double as pedos as well? iu looks like a child. either that, or asian fetishists (submissive stereotype uguu), or both.

No. 228032

iu definitely doesn't look like a child, but a lot of incels do support sleeping with ppl under 18 because they believe it's ~Prime~ pussy

No. 228141

Stalkercel is giving up on women, because romantic dramas taught him that love is boring:


>started watching dramas.. more specifically love dramas.. love them, especially the emotional ones, i started "experiencing" real love, and it seems like real life love is so boring, therefore i have decided to stay virgin and never touch a woman until i die

>i will never have to deal with the disgust that is my partner having utter disgusting morning breath, i will never have to deal with my partner being stomach-sich or vomiting and smelling bad, or my partner failing in general life tasks such as forgetting the keys, i think this is a good future to be honest

>no girl should be worth my time, this is my time leaving this sub, i have noticed i was born to be a general above the soldiers, i should embrace it, and not de-rank myself

>i wont ever look at a woman again more than necessary

No. 228515


Living for the honesty

No. 228517


For a lot of these guys excessive consumption of porn/hentai = carnal knowledge. Because obviously they're both super-representative of IRL sex.

No. 228543

That was a really juicy story and I was happy to see the 'bad guys lose' end, thanks anon. It's like if Portlandia went noire.

Although as for the article itself, it was a bit confusing why this big media outlet kept hammering home that all of thee women were such terribly abused victims of Jared whilst also flip flopping to a lame redemption arc. I agree that he was a misogynistic twat that deserved to be treated as such (Don't talk shit if you can't own it) but the way the writer lingers almost seems to almost wish he did something worse. At the end of the day, whilst nobody owes him a 'second chance', having a grossly candid anonymous persona online is not a crime. It seemed a bit blown up for "hipster turns out to secretly be an asshole and so now everyone is treating him like the backwards misogynist he really is".
The journalist was probably hoping to unearth some nonconsentual photos or something.

I hope it struck fear into some redpills about how fragile their online personas really are.

No. 228551


>Although as for the article itself, it was a bit confusing why this big media outlet kept hammering home that all of thee women were such terribly abused victims of Jared

These women WILLINGLY chose to sleep for an asshole. Why these girls fell for his shtick, I have no idea, but I am not into hookups in the first place.

Also I don't really think what he wrote about his lays were necessarily that bad. If a girl had written an online diary of her lays and said they were ugly and stupid or something and laughed about them, most people (especially these feminist types) wouldn't give a shit.

No. 228577

File: 1483721758713.png (113.56 KB, 1004x409, Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 8.55…)

please keep in mind that ryo_hazuki was just temporarily homeless.

the post currently has 62 upvotes

No. 228735

Not that it's any excuse for the clearly insane way these guys think, but it's not like the "models trigger me" trope is new. Haven't women been blaming models in ads for increase in eating disorders, plastic surgery, and relationships rife with intense controlling jealousy borne of insecurity for the last 10+ years?

Granted it hasn't gotten to this extreme point for women but, as these guys are painfully aware of, it's a lot easier for girls to get laid (for free anyway) than it is for guys.

Sage for slight blog post, but it does seem ironic that they hate "feminists" for denying them their whore vaginas when it's actually muh patriarchy keeping them trapped in incel hell.

No. 228737

File: 1483739169937.png (388.31 KB, 576x1024, 1453730603804.png)

Hello I am a frequent poster at r/incels and r9k. I am 20 years old and single and am looking for a gf

My only qualifications are you don't be fat.

Please feel free to contact me at my email rene.desc@aol.com (pls no bully aol)


No. 228738


These are the sort of guys who were psyched to be eunuchs back in the day.

No. 229111

File: 1483781069065.png (85.21 KB, 393x550, 2017-01-07 04.22.10.png)

I thought this post was going to be creepy as hell, but it turns out that it is more delusional than it is sexual.


No. 229112

I think an important difference is that when incels are effected by beauty standards, they don't see it as "I can't keep up! Why aren't I beautiful?" They see the world as a place where everyone is a male model except them. They don't just fall below the "standard", they are "genetically inferior". They think women hate them if they don't make eye contact with them. Incels see beauty standards as the measure of their worth as a human being.

I see women blame themselves more often, in similar situations. They will try to change their appearance through dieting or whatever, and they see the beauty standards as almost a goal or a finish line. I have known girls with eating disorders who have been like "well I'm only doing this until I reach xyz lbs!" They don't create elaborate theories about how ugly women are being bred out of exiatance by the unfair mating ratios of today's society.

No. 229149

While I agree with the general message, a girl with an eating disorder who just wants to lose weight to a reasonable standard then stops doesn't have an eating disorder, she's just on a stupid diet.

Eating disorders are extremely similar to Body Dysmorphic Disorder, which is what tends to lead people to act the way a lot of incels do, exaggerate their flaws in their own minds to ridiculous proportions, whether they're present or not, and believe that because of those perceived flaws, no-one will love them, or people hate them, or whatever.

Obviously not all incels have this, and a lot are just assholes, but the common signs are pretty much there, even down to spending ages looking at photos of models or celebrities and comparing it to yourself as a measure of if you're worth anything in life.

That's the difference between a woman feeling like she wishes she was a bit prettier and an incel, or a person with BDD (most people with BDD aren't incels, obviously), that one's taken it from normal slight insecurity and turned it into a huge deal that's really devastating to them.

No. 229236

But women don't hate, despise and strangely also feel entitled to the opposite sex when they have BDD or anorexia/bulimia.

The men posted on here are misogynists who think every woman who doesn't throw themselves at them is a "whore". They seem like the type who would be abusive partners, and a bad example to any children they may have.

No. 229265

File: 1483818057589.png (30.74 KB, 703x417, Untitled.png)

It's incredibly because, in the end, the guy didn't learn shit. He whined about not being given the chance to better himself, but he clearly hasn't changed at all. Good on the community for seeing through his bullshit.

No. 229462

Yeah, you're absolutely right, and I wasn't making anymore of a statement about incels apart from how they're impacted by unrealistic beauty standards compared to most people, and pointing out that there's plenty of women who get the same sort of "I'm worthless no-one will ever love me because of X/Y/Z flaw I perceive that I have", and that the part you added about eating disorders is just really wrong.

Incels are just massive pricks on top of that stuff.

No. 229965

so, ryo_hazuki is actually going to move to the Philippines to get plastic surgery. he maxed out his credit cards and loans.


No. 229980

The fucking music lol

No. 230083

He also suggested all incels turn gay because of women supposedly preferring lesbian porn too.

No. 230342

And that's how you get MtF "lesbians"

No. 230352

File: 1483959479737.png (43.2 KB, 363x293, 2017-01-09 05.56.31.png)

What is IRL social interaction?

No. 230353

Can't wait to see his butchered face. I'd pity these duded if they didn't show time and again what absolutely terrible human beings they are.

Props for his gumption, though, he's one step ahead of the other guys, even if it is a step in a bad direction.

No. 230354


Incels on "dark romance" fiction:

>This shit makes most straight porn look softcore. Top reminder - women are not attracted to the beta male who treats her like an equal human being. If every woman had her way, their boyfriend would be rich, vicious, jacked up, and one step away from raping her at all times. Some may call this fantasy, but surely these fantasies reflect what they find attractive irl - maybe not literal rape, but men who are hostile to their enemies (like nerds) and unemotional.

>Yeah, women do write some horrifying smut compared to men, i think it's because most are sadistic and evil but don't have the power to do it, they like to pervert even the sanctity of literature. If you ever read the snuff fantasy section on asstr you'd know what I'm talking about. shudders

No. 230355

>1000 facebook friends
Just hide your fb friends and say its mostly for work and family.
Who cares if you have an ig?

No. 230371

>go into the deepest part of a fanfic site to find some fandom rape story
>claim all women enjoy it because one wrote it
why are incels such retards?

No. 230411

File: 1483977720963.png (324.18 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3767.PNG)

here's another incel who refuses to let go of shit that happened years ago.

No. 230412

??????????????????? You're probably reaching for some celebrity or e-famous cunt if she has that many friends on Facebook.

No. 230633

I dunno, some people get really ridiculous with adding absolutely everyone they meet on facebook, and don't do much but just socialise with people with their days.

That being said, I don't think anyone really gives a shit about anyone elses facebook friend count, I can safely say I've never even thought to check it in a judgemental sort of way. Curiosity sometimes, but it's not that big a deal.

People come up with the weirdest excuses for why they aren't successful with women, I swear.

No. 230681

File: 1484034373656.png (116.99 KB, 377x765, 2017-01-10 02.42.12.png)

Incels ponder the global economy:


>As I said, women could be exported. Think for example countries like Sweden and Norway, where really hot blondes are everywhere (or at least that's why I believe), this Women Trade System would highly improve a world's economy!. A really hot 21 year old Norwegian blonde could be sold for around 150-200k maybe.

>Another thing, this wouldn't mean that when a man buys a FHO, she is his slave. No, if a man kills a woman for example, he still has to pay a fine for it. The government worked hard for that girl to be a nice, healthy item.

No. 230683

File: 1484034778690.png (41.43 KB, 374x262, 2017-01-10 02.50.01.png)

>women don't marry out of convenience anymore and that is bad


No. 230684

This sounds like an actual horror novel.

No. 230686

File: 1484034984596.jpg (30.38 KB, 275x240, IMG_0414.JPG)

….really though how can being a loser virgin push them to think that half the human population are property? for fuck's sake this guy's probably gonna kill people one day soon

No. 230687

File: 1484035000588.png (115.89 KB, 371x775, 2017-01-10 02.54.27.png)

Wait until you read this cap. Every post on /r/incels is more deranged than the last.

No. 230690

>Hurt the shit out of their feelings

No. 230693

Misogyny and literal slave trade aside, this guys has actually just said "yeah but imagine a world where complete losers get free treasures just for being themselves", might as well throw in some dragons or something. What an absolute entitled child of a man.

No. 230695

I don't think I've ever wanted someone to die more than this guy. jesus christ

No. 230697

>implying that men don't think with their dicks 90% of the time

No. 230699

You can just tell he'd been waiting to use that "you're already world wide" line for ages and this was the only way he could get it out there, it's kind of sad.

Kek, true, gotta love that he chucked in that incels get freebies or insane discounts as well.

No. 230701

I just can't tell what these guys want. They want to go back to the days when marriages were for convenience, but then they say that they want to be loved. Shouldn't it be "beta" as hell to have a marriage of convenience???

No. 230702

what an aggressively desperate fap fantasy.

No. 230706

I can't believe the number of people who took their defense. You'd better believe that if a woman was luring men into dates to get free food at top notch restaurants and smashing their confidence on a blog later, they'd be outraged and death threats would be sent flying.

Good luck for this champ finding a 20 something being in his fourties (you see them all the time and dating websites lmao) unless he's loaded by then, and he's most likely getting a smart one who will give him a pity handjob once a week then go fuck her real bf.

No crime was comitted but let's be real, nobody would sleep with a dude if they knew they'd be berated later, even anonymously, amongst others. It's part of an implicit social interaction, just because something isn't plainly agreed on doesn't mean it shouldn't be frowned upon.

In the end he did hurt his friends, his family and while being immoral is not a crime, it doesn't mean your community or friends have to accept it.
If my brother was a deadbeat dad and had several baby mamas and proud of him, I wouldn't associate with him anymore.

No. 230791

File: 1484060374430.jpg (50.73 KB, 500x700, 0c56eae4ad13ea72238eff5ea7ec54…)

Needs different haircut and should get rid of the pubes above his upper lip. Instant 5. Working out and getting nice, college style clothes would turn him into a 7-8, depending on personal taste.

This one could be Chad if he worked out and got a haircut.

Would have grown into a good looking adult but thanks to the incel community he decided to give up on his looks… Fuck them.

Ok this one is truly ugly (or I'm racist). But a haircut would still make a world's difference. If he worked on his character he could still score decent women because women don't care much about looks if you're intelligent, funny, successful, creative etc. etc.

But who am I kidding - that's the entire point. These bitches are too fragile to admit they aren't perfect from the inside and are unwilling to work on their character or social skills. That's why they blame everything on their looks. It's so much easier to wine about the things you can't change (the past, your looks, the normies) than to tackle the things you can change right now.

No. 230828

File: 1484066762939.png (330.81 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3779.PNG)

another "i was bullied in high school or middle school and now i'm an adult and i still hold on to it" post

their refusal to let this shit go is part of what's holding them back

No. 230832

>>Now I can't stand working myself to the bone and improve myself so some bitch maybe one day if I'm lucky will sleep with me

There we go. They have no internal drive to improve themselves or their lives. They only do it for external rewards. If no one rewards them they just stop. They are like little kids or untrained dogs.

No. 230856

Shit like this already exists though. It's hardly a creative idea. It's called window prostitution. As for importing and exporting, also already happens, traffickers will bring dependent women across foreign borders to work as prostitutes. Since they don't know where they are, often can't speak the language, and are now there illegally, they can't leave.

But incels really don't get how the sex industry works. Like at all. Traffickers would not give an entire population free access to women just because they can't get laid. If anything, they'd just use it as a reason to extort more money from them because they're desperate fucks. They'd get charged /more/ because the traffickers know they can get it out of them, not less because of pity or some shit. It's not an incel charity event. And if a government tried to pull this kind of shit, the UN would shut them down ridiculously fast.

No. 230867

He can't even comprehend that he was bullied for being a loser, not specifically because he's too much of a loser to get laid. Incels hang their entire self-worth on whether or not they can get their dicks wet. They think EVERYTHING revolves around sex. If anyone dislikes them, it MUST be because they're kissless virgins, not because they're generally unlikable people.

>They are laughing at your incelibacy. They are laughing at your disability


"It's not my fault I can't get laid. It's a disability!"

It's incredible that anyone can form such a twisted view of half the population. They've got to have little to no interaction with women, and they have to completely misinterpret 99% of the interactions the do have. How monstrous were their mothers for them to have formed such insane ideas? Do they even have mothers? Do they reproduce asexually and are actually a totally separate, non-human species? That'd… explain a lot.

No. 230923

I hate the way they write so much. The dramatics of how they describe their lives makes it hard to tell who is trolling.

I couldn't imaging living my life and still being weighed down by shit from high school. Why do they fixate on high school so much?

No. 230925

File: 1484079819404.png (41.8 KB, 371x288, 2017-01-10 15.21.12.png)

No. 230944


< sangwoo

No. 230947

Drug dealers are probably not the best choice of personal heros.

No. 230961

I mean, if we're talking high school, it's possible people did make fun of him for not dating or whatever, but it seems really fucking unlikely.

Kids are just dicks overall, I don't get why people hang onto shit that happened in high school so much.

No. 230984

Jesus. That's just called human trafficking.
And they get the women from the Ukraine and Russia more so that Norway and Sweden. This fella, assuming he's not just trolling, does not understand economics at all.

No. 231219

Drug dealers tend to have more sex because they give girls drugs at parties in return for sex. This fucking idiot knows nothing.

I hate their pretzel logic.

"Women are sick fucks who lust after mass murderers and scum, they're so disgusting."

"Women should be treated like cattle and sold to me like property to use as a sex slave. Females are only good as children because they a pure and haven't developed into evil lusting whores yet."

No. 231286

>"My city has a lot of scum"
>only really considering helping get rid of it to get laid

Wow. Is this how batman truly began?

No. 231291

>Gordon: Batman, why do you do this to yourself? How do you keep going?
>Batman: I'm in it for the pussy

No. 231321

File: 1484141593359.png (330.99 KB, 346x443, ryohaz.png)

Moderator of /r/incels
pic from 2014

No. 231535

Here's a new post about blinding baby girls to "solve" the "looks problem". It is very long, so I will quote some of it:


First of all it actually starts with:
>Alright before any normie says anything: GET THE FUCK OUT

>Present society is obssesed with good looks. Especially western civilizations, and especially women living in western civilizations. Girls always need to look good, their superficial mindset is harmful to the correct progress of the human race.

>A great physical appearance is so trascendental to females, that is the main and I dare to say only aspect for when choosing a romantic partner. This is the most damaging aspect of a female's superficial ideology.

>For some weird reason, most great looking guys tend to be obnoxious and jerks.

>To paraphrase ER "women shouldn't decide who they choose to reproduce with, that decision should be made by rational men of intelligence".

>This is why I believe that from birth, girls should have their sight removed. If they can't see, they cannot know who is handsome and who is not. Inceldom could decline because girls would tend to be more attracted at personalities and brains. We wouldn't have to worry anymore about filthy females mocking our face.

No. 231538

wow so i guess the mod team is all ugly, as in actually ugly.

No. 231542

File: 1484175652970.png (42.94 KB, 882x156, Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 2.57…)

usern-me is THIRTY. he is lamenting about stuff that happened, at least 6 years ago. this shit is holding him back from getting a girlfriend or getting laid (outside of getting a prostitute).

people who lament over highschool or college, especially when they were years ago were the worst. good or bad things, no person wants to be with someone who can't let go of things

No. 231544

This. It's the exact same reason that they seem to be so socially successful, at all the parties and shit.

It's not because everyone just loves drug dealers or bad guys, I really don't hear about too many other sorts of criminals known for blossoming social lives, it's because they have access to drugs when the dealers there.

And yeah, some people will prostitute themselves for drugs, which would be the opposite of what most incels seem to want.

No. 231566

File: 1484177359097.jpg (50.83 KB, 600x337, 1483493344244.jpg)

Underrated posts

No. 231653

It's so cringeworthy knowing how many people go into college because they want to live out that stereotype that it's all drunk sex parties. And here is this 30 year old loser still fantasizing about it. Get a grip.

No. 231660

File: 1484188201801.png (339.49 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-01-11-22-25-21…)

Literally what the fuck is this post.

And this comment? He says good looking guys are assholes and women only have sex with them, but forcing a woman to have an abortion of she has a girl is kinda a tad assholish, no?

This shit low-key scares the crap out of me, these people are walking around in public, it's only a matter of time before they run around attaching people trying to blind them or throw acid on them or some shit

No. 232384

File: 1484298276902.png (26.2 KB, 364x205, 2017-01-13 04.01.25.png)

No. 232386

An incel gets a date:

>I dont even really like the few dates ive been on ever. Its been ages since ive gone on a date. She can talk her ass off, which i love, and i can keep her going but i tend to talk in a joking sarcastic way like ppl do on this sub, being 'sociable' is pretty errrm. After we get drunk im going to squeeze her tits and ass a bit, if theres a female human organism that is on a stool nearby and acting favourable towards me, im going to have to refresh my distant memory of what its like to squeeze some female skin. Hopefully she likes it. Thing is i tend to look a bit bored and mad, which im not, how do i mask that?


It should be a romantic evening of getting her tits squeezed in public

No. 232884

Okay, so canino has been posting a multipart manifesto to /r/incelpurgatory. He starts it with a disclaimer about how it is ~fiction~ but if he was to go ER this would be perfect material to use against him in court.

Part 1: https://www.reddit.com/r/IncelPurgatory/comments/5klm35/16/

>(Disclaimer: This is all hypothetical fantasy poetry. None of this is serious. Its all artistic works of fiction and falsehood.)

>My hand was forced. I don't want to do this and I will take no joy in it. Even if what I will do is justified and it is beyond a doubt. I will take no pleasure in it. I never asked for any of this. I had over 4 years to reflect. I came to the conclusion that this is the right thing to do.

>Whatever happens in the coming days, weeks or months. The females and the system are to blame not only for my incel situation but for other things as well.

>This isn't written in a fit of anger. The things I will do will be partly motivated by anger but I won't do it in anger like the ones that came before me

>It's more about proving a point and ending my suffering than rage driven revenge. The revenge is a bonus but not my main point or motivator.

>At this point, this only ends one way. Proving a point, getting revenge and ending your suffering in failure is better than nothing. I know life isn't fair and I never expected for it to be fair but why should I always be the victim of unfairness. At this point, it's my turn to spread some unfairness.

There are six fucking parts of this!

No. 232888

Part 2: https://www.reddit.com/r/IncelPurgatory/comments/5ltbj3/26/

>Another week has past where I was locked up in this incel prison with females as my jailors. They deny something vital to human existence from me

>Females exist to mock me and they enjoy mocking me that's why they keep me locked up in inceldom. If that is not evil I don't know what is. Females torture me with their existence for that they gotta pay.

>Them forcing me to do this for that they have to pay.

>I know the truth and I have seen past the facade that has been set up by females. I know their evil nature. I just can't sit by and watch them getting away with what they have turned me into. I have to push back even if its futile. I will have done my part.

>I tried everything I could do but they choose to have power over me rather than helping me alter my incel fate. So be it. Females won they have power over me for now until I decide to take it away from them in a last effort to get the justice from them that has been denied to me this long

No. 232892

Part 3: https://www.reddit.com/r/IncelPurgatory/comments/5nizv8/36/

This is the last part that has been posted so far. Apparently he is posting one part per week.

>Females are insane by default. Their nature is insane and it does wash off on people who aren't aware of it. They need to see that we the incels are the sane ones and that everybody else is insane.

>This insane society needs to be stopped and it needs to be treated. If they refuse treatment then we need to show that their insanity has consequences until they stop it or at least realize it

>At a point having hope and not giving up becomes insane and delusional. I am well past that point. I am almost 20 and only 1 female that isn't family has talked with me IRL in almost a decade since I was 10

>The insane people/society/system have to pay for what they have inflicted on me and other incels.

No. 232893

lord, it's time for some police intervention. too bad he's in turkey

No. 232905

My god, this thread is like a clown car on fire…do I laugh? Do I cry? And is "worshipfully" a word, I can't tear myself away long enough to verify…

No. 234805

File: 1484438441657.gif (973.31 KB, 500x458, c31f95f212f8072dd0b92d91a97e9c…)

>Everyone is crazy except for me

No. 234858

File: 1484447111708.jpg (163.06 KB, 1080x1440, ljF1CJX.jpg)

faces of /r/incels continues, this time, /u/eekkggsghost

he seriously thinks he's ugly.

No. 234867


No. 234871

He's just an average looking dude, I'll never get how people like this blame their looks for their state.

No-one looks at him and thinks he's ugly.

Is it just that they're only comparing themselves to shopped photos of literal models that makes them think they're ugly? The same as porn skews people views of what's a normal dick size kind of?

No. 234873

ikr. in a world where girls rub one out to martin freeman, benedict cumberbatch, mark ruffalo and nash grier, some of these guys really wanna blame not having a gf to being unattractive. instead of like… you know, being the human embodiment of bellybutton grime.

No. 234878

He looks like he's max 5'7" and also what I picture when someone says """nu male""". I think they want to be 9-10/10 because then having a piece of shit personality and being ridiculously social awkward would be more forgiveable. If they weren't so mentally fucked up they could all get a gf easily though except maybe that Indian guy.

No. 234879

He's actually kind of cute, handsome even. Seems like he has nice bone structure, possibly tall, decent build. All the dude needs is to step up his skincare routine and he's all good. I imagine his personality must be insufferable if he's an incel…

No. 234880

He must be so incredibly fucking unbearable in person. Because his looks aren't the problem.

No. 234883

I don't think you can really tell his height from that, but it's like like 5'7 is super short or something, no-one's going to care if you're 5'7 in the real world.

The nu male thing is just the glasses, he's a decent looking dude. There's no way his looks are going to be the reason he's unsuccessful in finding a partner.

No. 234884

O his user history he said he would rather kill himself than work for a single day, he's 24 and lives with mommy and daddy. There it is. Not only an awful personality but lazy. But nah, looks are the problem here.

No. 234891

he claims to have tried to work before, but it didn't work out for him, he's ridiculously autistic, even by /r/incels terms

No. 234897

>benedict cumberbatch
why doesn't any incel wonder about this guy

No. 234899

Yeah I don't think most people really care about someone being 5'7". It's not like he's Danny Devito and under 5ft or something. I'm a short shit and I've dated guys as short as 5'5". It might limit the dating pool for the guys a little bit, but it's really nothing big.

No. 234901

I find him decently attractive. He needs to build some muscle and then he'd be hot.

His problem is that he's retarded and useless.

No. 234902

This. I'm 5'6 and I dated a dude who was 5'4. I seriously don't give a shit how tall someone is.

No. 234903

He said he's 5'8" so he's not even a midget or anything.

This guy is just an autist/typical man baby who was never made to do anything for himself so now he refuses to even try because it's slightly unpleasant.

No. 234908

They just go "doesn't count because he's rich and famous so that's why he's attractive".

Justifications like that and deflecting away from certain thoughts is vital to their train of thought.

I mean, 5'7 is short as 5'11 is to tall. It's noticeable, but no-one's going to not date a 5'11 person because they're too tall anymore than someone would not date a 5'7 person because they're too short.

They're both at what's probably the ends of the normal height range, like 5'6 is starting to get shorter, and 6' is getting to the actually tall point.

It's just an excuse.

What I said applies even more if he's 5'8, that's not even noticeable.

No. 234914

>incels think to be rich and famous, you have to be attractive
>unless you're ugly then you're attractive because you're rich and famous
>chicken or the egg

No. 234935

Fucking hell, this is not how I pictured him based on his posts. Idk I visualized him looking like a little kid.

He's kind of handsome. Again, the pic quality isn't great, but he has a nice face.

No. 234964

He's literally more attractive than any guy I've ever dated?
Like everyone else has said, he must be a fucking jackass or something, though him being an incel, its kind of assumed.

No. 234972

Shame about his personality.

No. 234982

File: 1484464136792.jpg (51.16 KB, 443x296, IMG_0408.JPG)

Benedict Cumberbatch is 50 years old now. I think he looked like a top tier qt when he was young and he's tall with a better body structure (this incel guy bone structure is narrow as fuck). He's not my husbando but I can't believe people are creaming themselves over this numale manlet so badly while saying Benedict cumberbatch looks bad. Maybe that's why I always think I'm lucky to date super hot guys because my taste is so weird.

No. 234986

In what world does the guy posted a bit further up have a narrow bone structure? His shoulders are decently wide compared to most guys.

Benedict Cumberpatch has always been a bit strange looking, even when he was younger. Not ugly, but in no way is he traditionally attractive, while these incel sorts tend to only think that a stereotypical male model is considered to be good looking.

The way you keep using the words "numale manlet" just makes you look silly, dude has glasses and is essentially just average height.

His attitude is pretty much the opposite of what people meme numale to mean.

No. 234991

What's your point? I already admitted my tastes don't seem to align with what's normal seemingly from this thread. Average height of a young white male is 5'10". 5'8" is short lol.

Short guys always seem to have that sort of narrow build so that probably normal for his height. I'm just used to dating tall guys with super broad shoulders so this guy isn't my taste at all.

As for the numale thing I just think his face is a bit feminine plus his hair and glasses. He's wearing fucking tumblr glasses so I can't help but call him a numale.

No. 234993

he's 40

No. 234995

Average height of a white male is 5'9, not 5'10. 5'8 is one inch below average, so not at at all short, unless you think 5'10 is tall?

>Short guys always seem to have that sort of narrow build so that probably normal for his height. I'm just used to dating tall guys with super broad shoulders so this guy isn't my taste at all.

But this guy doesn't have a narrow frame, like, at all. His bone structure is pretty big in reality compared to most guys. He himself is skinny, but his actual bone structure is relatively wide.

And I don't see why you feel the need to bring up how totally hot your exes were. How is that relevant to the conversation at all? It just comes across as you boasting more than anything, and I don't think anyone really cares that much.

>As for the numale thing I just think his face is a bit feminine plus his hair and glasses

Yeah, okay, there's not much more I can really say to you. Without the glasses, he wouldn't look feminine at all, no matter how many anecdotes of your exes you tell us about.

No. 235006

$5 says you are talking to an incel. I mean "numale" and the discussion of his "narrow" bone structure?? I'm just waiting for him to mention the maxilla for me to be sure of it.

No. 235011

Yeah, I kind of got that impression honestly, the constant referring to how everyone they dated was super hot and tall and massively broad shouldered just set it off for me, it's essentially going "I only date Chad" without using the word Chad.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was the guy himself trying to get more victim points honestly, kind of takes away from his status if he's got a thread with plenty of women saying he's actually pretty good looking, other incels would call him out.

No. 235016

In this generation, anyone below 6ft is considered a manlet. At least for me and all my female straight friends lol. 5'11 is considered short these days.

No. 235017

Yeah, okay, so you were just some incel shitposter all along.

You realise that this is a forum full of women, right? No-one's getting upset or insecure about your silly claims about certain heights being short in guys.

No. 235021

Incels just seem ridiculously hung up on the whole height thing, never really encountered that IRL. I'm Asian and many of the men in my family are not more than 5'8" or 5'9" and they're perfectly fine. These guys act like being below a certain height is subhuman.

No. 235024

Not an incel but whatever. I would consider young Benedict cumberbatch to be "super hot" because I like different things than you guys do. I use """numale"""" because unlike 90% of people here I don't come from Tumblr but 4chan.

Damn I must be a secret incel because every female must be attracted to this manlet twink and everyone must be agree with your opinions on what's attractive in a man.

Wasn't me m8

No. 235029

File: 1484471455545.jpg (62.85 KB, 480x415, a742bd83f60d7a53ecff1d53aa826d…)

No. 235031

You're trying way too hard to try to get people upset here, and you're very clearly a guy.

And I really don't think you should be using "I come from 4chan" as some badge of honour, that site is a complete fucking shit hole, and you should stay there.

No. 235032

File: 1484472061275.png (67.78 KB, 372x403, 2017-01-15 04.18.58.png)

No. 235034

kek, oh wow. This guy has literally white knights defending his honor on here. Still not my thing but judging from the thirsty bitches ITT it's amazing he's an incel apparently.

No. 235037

Why are people getting so upset that I'm not attracted to a guy they are? What do you think my incel end game is? Take screenshots and prove that women are superficial whores? They don't even seem to come here anymore.
>badge of honour
I only brought that up because you said a common term off 4chan meant I'm an incel poster. this board looks like a chan board so I have a bad habit of chanspeak even though it's clear pretty much no one understands.

No. 235038

Different anon, but no one cares if you aren't attracted to that incel.

We are mocking you for sounding like a robot, who is pretending to be a woman. We understand chanspeak, we just don't like you.

No. 235039

No-one's defending him as a person, in the slightest, we're just pointing out how bad his personality must be for him to be an incel.

>Take screenshots and prove that women are superficial whores

They've done that plenty, this board is an ongoing boogieman over there.

And no-one's upset you don't find the dude attractive, it's just two people pointing out that you're very clearly not a girl, because you're acting like a typical robot or incel, using all the terms they would, saying you only date guys that fit the chad stereotype, holding features up to unrealistic standards, all sorts of stuff.

>this board looks like a chan board so I have a bad habit of chanspeak even though it's clear pretty much no one understands.

Jesus christ are you 15? 4chan is an insanely mainstream site, you're not special from coming from there, this entire site was created from people from 4chan originally.

And no, it's not just that you used the word numale, it's everything about how you post. As >>235038 said, we get what you're saying, it's just that you clearly aren't who you're claiming to be.

At best you're a robot who wants to fit in here, which is better than robots who just invade and shitpost constantly, but you need to lurk more and leave that autistic shit behind.

No. 235041

Thank you!

And it couldn't be MORE obvious that eekkgg's problem is his personality and untreated mental illness. He says he doesn't have any hobbies or personal interests. He barely leaves his house, doesn't "get" how to make conversation, and says he doesn't do anything all day.

I mean…this isn't a mystery. This guy is sick. But naturally, our robot visitor only brought up his bone structure and "tumblr" glasses.

No. 236078

File: 1484665622604.png (53.97 KB, 1009x463, note.png)

No. 236079

File: 1484665651386.png (420.3 KB, 495x484, ugkgyoj.png)

No. 236080

File: 1484665701274.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.49 KB, 800x600, XDBCZil.jpg)

No. 236081

File: 1484665752197.jpg (44.38 KB, 800x600, cLjkIBj.jpg)

No. 236285

Not a bad face, but the gross body and autism ruin it

No. 236344

File: 1484701093059.jpg (45.8 KB, 800x600, fNjHRG6.jpg)

you forgot to include the fact that his house looks like he belongs on hoarders

No. 236385

His Auschwitz-mode body, death trap of a house and autism aside I actually think he's really cute.

No. 236397

File: 1484706289996.jpg (874.07 KB, 3632x5456, r2jrmB5.jpg)

quite possibly the first (actually) ugly incel, which is funny because his personality isn't that bad

No. 236404

He's not that bad, appearance wise. He looks a lot like Elijah Wood.

No. 236452

File: 1484714779859.jpg (55.94 KB, 634x668, 1416116985101_Image_galleryIma…)

liam hemsworth was/is ugly as fuck features wise and people still like consider him attractive. girls still jack off to him. it's all about personality and charisma. have you seen the guys from 5sos? they look like smegma demons and they have a sea of fangirls who call them gorgeous. like it's just absurd these guys blame all their troubles on being ugly when the truth goes so much more beyond that. it's funny how they paint foreveralone girls as fat crying cat ladies, when apparently foreveralone guys are… this.

where does a parent go wrong at raising their kid that they end up this way? sucking on their mom's titty for too long? getting their doodle diddled by aunt candice? someone should shine a spotlight on this subculture so we as a society can do something to prevent it. who actually has any idea of what causes this?

No. 236454

I agree with the Elijah Wood comparison. He has nice eyes.

No. 236455

Omg he has such pretty lashes. too bad he's probably psychotic.

No. 236458

He's actually cute. Nice smile and teeth, his bags are the only thing "wrong" with his appearance.
He's definitely less attractive; ugly even, in my opinion.

No. 236461

File: 1484716345448.jpg (12.13 KB, 233x233, Gallery_thumb_dane_dehaan.jpg)

even guys with eyebags can be considered attractive

No. 236466

>extremely underweight
>"I haven't eaten anything in 6 weeks"
>blames MUH GENETICS for his thinness


>my face is ugly as sin

He's not at all ugly. BDD like whoa.

See, this is why he only mentioned his appearance when talking about why he can't get laid. Everyone knows nothing gets a female wetter than a house full of trash piled all the way to the ceiling. This guy is obviously 10/10 personality-wise but his ghastly face and Auschwitz bod (which TOTALLY isn't his fault because he is genetically incapable of putting food in his mouth) keep the females from jumping on his dick.

No. 236549

Okay, so /r/incels was linked in a recent /r/askreddit thread. I am not sure if they are being obtuse, but the incels are using this as an opportunity to bitch about how this is proof that society hates them, because they are virgins. BUT the /r/askreddit thread clearly mocks them for their batshit ideas, with some people posting links to specific examples.

The latest essay on the situation:

>I don't understand why we are so hated in society

>Just because we are virgins, people assume the worst in us, that we are subhuman, that we hate women and want to rape

>It mostly seems like blind hate and a hivemind mentality that doesn't even look at a post, and just assumes we are all horrible people

And here is the /r/askreddit thread in question: https://np.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/5oi65q/whats_the_creepiest_thing_you_know_is_happening/dcjibyt/

No. 236550

File: 1484731159425.png (66.05 KB, 389x342, 2017-01-18 04.17.25.png)

OP has some feelings about his safe space being brigaded

No. 236706

File: 1484768251031.png (36.69 KB, 966x124, Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 11.3…)

so, you think angryman actually killed himself or his parents finally got him off the internet after the plastic surgery stuff

No. 236712

This happens like once a week at least. Someone posts about incels in askreddit and they REEEspond.

No. 237232

File: 1484858113416.png (47.88 KB, 1115x499, incel.png)

So apparently a woman who "trolled" the incel board has reported threats against her to the FBI, and the reddit may be under investigation.

No. 237251

If I'm understanding this correctly it seems like they met with an even bigger lolcow.

No. 237289


No. 237829

File: 1484990620459.png (49.02 KB, 360x396, 2017-01-21 04.17.43.png)

Stalkercel is back with 10 reasons why he deserves his victim.

No. 237831

File: 1484990949626.png (39.11 KB, 358x243, 2017-01-21 04.26.02.png)

He is also very upset by girls bringing coffee to class. Apparently they do this to seem smart, and not because they are students who need the caffeine.

No. 237832

File: 1484992720440.png (22.46 KB, 366x151, 2017-01-21 04.56.44.png)

>fuck you autonomy

No. 237848


lol as if an incel has the physical strength to complete seppuku

No. 237850

>my intellect is beyond the average person

No. 237851

>i am a very smart person
>my intellect is beyond the average person

This bitch can't even count to ten.

No. 237874

>24 years old

What the fuck? He looks 14-15 at best. His face is actually decent but that malnutrition has taken its dues on his developement. Damn.

No. 238163

File: 1485062809531.png (115.17 KB, 962x326, Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 9.23…)

it's honestly weird how some incels make these tiny little microaggressions and really think they're doing something


No. 238170

and then the chef arranged our sushi on our plate to say "lol fuck normies rite?" He brought it to our table personally and then everyone clapped. As the clapping slowed down, I looked around the restaurant and realized my friends were gone. Maybe we were clapping longer than I thought. I looked down to the table to see what I thought was my bill but upon picking it up I realized it was just a crumpled tissue. I stood up quickly, I wasn't in the sushi place at all! I was still in my basement in front of my computer! I could have swore I was there, the sights, the smells, the girls and cheers. The sound of my plastic waifu hitting the floor shakes me out of things again. I've been in my basement the whole time, staring st the submit post button on /r/incels and masterbating. the smell of nuggies drifts down from upstairs. dinner must be ready.

No. 238181

HAHAHAHAHAHA I love you. Yeah there's no way that reddit post was real. Like you'd have a bunch of friends who'd all be in on this and wouldn't think it was completely pathetic?…

No. 238188

File: 1485071318474.png (57.63 KB, 364x397, 2017-01-22 02.46.16.png)

Apparently this tactic could be the beta uprising that they have been waiting for.

No. 238189

I love how they think that catfishing is some completely new thing they came up with, and that it hasn't been happening for ages, from people a hell of a lot more organised than they are.

Anyone I know who gets matched with by some insanely attractive person is immediately at least a little suspicious of it, their fantasies about groups of people turning up to dates every day just to be disappointed are just silly.

And as if in a situation like this where they were getting over run by fake accounts happened the sites would just shut down, instead of increasing the amount of verification you need or something.

No. 238190

Also, most well adjusted people would be sad for a little bit about being catfished or stood up, but ultimately, they will get over it. These guys act like everyone has the same non-existant self esteem that they do.

Like, an incel would be thrown into a suicidal depression from being stood up. The average Jane on Tinder would be upset, but it wouldn't ruin her life. It is easy to get over someone you have never even met.

No. 238192

Especially on a site like this, they're obviously going to be acting a bit dodgy when they're talking to the person, avoiding certain stuff, they'll just assume it's someone who was messing with them if it doesn't turn up.

And yeah, you're 100% right, average person would probably be annoyed for a day or two about being stood up, and then would get over it, even if they thought it was a real person, it's just a random tinder date, that's just something that kind of happens with those places.

It's strange how they can't imagine anyone having a different mentality to them, everyone's just as insecure as they are in their minds.

No. 238194

Why wouldn't they snap a pic of the dozen of women standing there if they were in view of the entrance?

No. 238196

i love when they talk about the beta uprising, because it's ultimately filled with small pointless things like "DON'T LET A WOMAN BORROW ANYTHING FROM YOU." or insane things like "let's all commit a mass suicide in public."

No. 238197

Wow. He's fucking anorexic. No wonder he feels like shit. Strange how he doesn't make that connection.
Cute face though.

No. 238202

There were a handful of posts that were deleted yesterday, about how someone should go ER at one of the women's marches.

They were all like "we need a hERo", as if an incel "striking" at a women's protest would be a symbolic "victory" or some shit.

No. 238204

File: 1485075202410.png (137.55 KB, 373x889, 2017-01-22 03.51.35.png)

>n-no homo

No. 238217

I love how he just says "a meetup", as if every single group of people is a fair representation of the population as a whole.

Like, even if we accepted what he said about how they looked, that could just be a good looking group of people, it does happen. It's like if you pick some addiction recovery group and use it as proof for how people look worse now.

No. 238221

$5 says that thread devolves into a discussion about how Chad is breeding incels out of existance

No. 238222

Surprisingly it actually seems pretty rational so far, most people just saying that it could be nutrition to some level or that it's not true, it's just that because of social media and other similar stuff, we have attractive people shoved in our face all the time, so that skews what we see as average.

I'm kind of surprised honestly, generally people jump on the opportunity to circlejerk an OP like that.

No. 238369

I think what's more hilarious is that they think they even have the conversational skills to successfully catfish in the first place.

No. 238384

File: 1485111489392.jpg (318.04 KB, 1440x2560, mXOlJzg.jpg)

more faces of /r/incels, this time /u/PreciousLittleMan. 26 years old and kissless, handholdless virgin

No. 238385

File: 1485111524780.jpg (26.36 KB, 431x740, zKHW0LN.jpg)

No. 238387

File: 1485111571229.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.64 KB, 1000x768, qHcKbr3.jpg)

No. 238388

Does he have microcephaly, or did he use the same app as Kota uses to shrink her head?

No. 238399

That canthal tilt is seriously unattractive, ugh. Spoiler the rest of his pictures, please.

No. 238401

This is the best pic of him so far. The beard really suits him. He looks handsome.

No. 238403

Can't tell if troll

No. 238404

robot, plz go

No. 238405

The pic quality is so bad! They really need to learn how to take better pics.

No. 238416

This is a misc poster, I recognise him. Didn't know he was also an incel.

No. 238422

I'm sure there is some overlap between those communities.

What's his back story? Any funny misc shit?

No. 238432

The usual, he used to troll Elliott Rodgers though and was very involved in that, he showed up if Elliott posted. Depressed, posts about suicide, whines about girls, has a thing for 2nd world girls, he posts fuckloads so basically everything you could imagine. Talking about wanting a qt gf and on the next thread talking how some qt bitch slut matched him on tinder but hasnt answered to him.

No. 238433

He used to (maybe still) go to R9K. I don't know why but I saved his face in my memory, he made quite an impression on me.
Honestly, seeing him like this breaks my heart. I remember he said that all that stuff is from his mother (which he lives with). He looks so dead inside, I really wish I could give him a hug.
This one looks so much like by brother it makes me unconfortable…

No. 238448

File: 1485118109808.jpg (67.82 KB, 615x877, PAY-Man-Marries-Pizza.jpg)

Jeez, no fun allowed.

No. 238482


Is that a Steven Universe shirt? It's kind of rare to see one on someone who isn't from Tumblr

No. 238515

They must be trolling at this point.
If not, imagine how tremendously ugly and insufferable must be his personality.

No. 238703

File: 1485152275594.png (64.22 KB, 884x260, Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 10.1…)

so, bananabeem admitted he's also a furry

even with his autism, if he got a fursuit and went to a con, he could get laid.

No. 238761

>it's nothing big

No. 238836

To be fair fursuits are a big monetary commitment. But you're probably right. I'm surprised no one's torn him a new one for being "vocel" or whatever they call it.

No. 239167

Wow, that's enough to convince me. Hit me up Stalkie, let's make it happen.

I always felt I knew who he was, but the person I was thinking of has the burning hatred of a thousand suns towards yiffers, so no way is it him.

I never paid attention to his posts but jesus he's gotta be a complete shut in with a squeeky drawl and dripping in mental illness because he is not ugly. With a little shaggier hair, he'd be super-cute.

No. 239169

File: 1485256188434.png (83.44 KB, 447x644, 2017-01-24 06.07.02.png)

Bananabeem and NormiesMustPay are allegedly going to fuck


>It is an experiment. If results are good, the cure to inceldom will have been found.

No. 239201

Thank God, if they all start fucking each other maybe they'll leave women alone

No. 239212

Now I understand why even men who aren't homophobes often think being gay is a choice. I hope it works out for them.
Thuggish black loved anime before it was mainstream. Like 4/5 times someone approached us anime club kids in the cafeteria to talk about anime, it was a super hoodish black kid and our school was white as fuck.

No. 239216

It will never happen, even if they manage to get it up in the moment, they won't prepare properly before they try anal. They will be so literally butthurt that they decide homosexuality is abnormal, but that vaginas are designed to take it raw immediately.
Or because they have no experience outside of porn, they will just go through the sterile motions without turning each other on in any way.

No. 239222

To me it's funny that you think they haven't read and watched lots of 2d and 3d """"trap"""" porn and already done solo ass play.

No. 239252

Ngl, I think this is kind of hot.

No. 239256

Or they'll both have huge meals before intercourse. Hazmat suits on standby.

No. 239283

lol this means that one of these autists is going to have to travel at least 4 hours by plane, to fuck each other.

i will literally pay money to see this.

also, wasn't bananbeem one of those "GAYS ARE IMMORAL" incels? iirc he once even told me that eating ass was immoral

No. 239431

File: 1485308987123.png (29.64 KB, 492x118, Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 5.48…)

lol so bananabeem quit his job AGAIN.

No. 239440

I love the inspiring typeface lmao

When I get my own office I'll hang it there

No. 239493

File: 1485317680040.png (120.42 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7119.PNG)

Incels have no hobbies and don't leave the house but women have nothing of value to say.. ok….

No. 239770

File: 1485363747488.png (95.34 KB, 376x609, 2017-01-25 12.00.20.png)

Stalkercel explains why men stalk women, and goes into detail about his methods:


No. 239772

File: 1485363917618.png (117.02 KB, 374x762, 2017-01-25 12.02.51.png)

Can't tell if troll: HIV edition

No. 239802

This is legit terrifying to me, like holy shit this is so fucked in the head! How many times do you need to be dropped as a baby to think this is anywhere in the realms of okay and that a girl will want to date you!? If she finds out she's gonna call the cops on your ass and I hope you rot.

No. 239804

It's because women that do have hobbies are attention whores and fake. You can't win with these retards

No. 239815


Agreed. I legitimately cannot imagine a woman going this mental over lack of sex. I swear the Internet just feeds the obsession.

No. 239819

File: 1485374539483.png (103.6 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7108.PNG)


No. 239827

Does he think "male/masculine" makeup or some shit exists?
(Other than that, nothing wrong with men wearing makeup, just don't go all insta ho on it)

No. 239828

Classic case of: the pot calling the kettle black.

No. 239851

File: 1485382763024.png (54.53 KB, 376x347, 2017-01-25 17.17.41.png)

Meanwhile, in a different thread…

No. 239854

You could quite literally raid my house and take every last lipstick and I would still never fuck an incel. I'd rather die alone and mascara-free than tie myself to one of these lunatics.

I hope they all just fuck each other and save the women of the world from their idiocy.

No. 239973


follow up: he just made a $70 gofundme for a videogame


No. 239981

They have the strangest ideas about makeup, I've seen people legitimately arguing that male models don't wear makeup and aren't edited, that's just how they look every single day.

It's bizarre, like, if you're going to be insecure about something, at least try to make sure you're not insecure about something that's just flat out incorrect.

No. 240111

Most women aren't skilled enough with makeup useage that they can give themselves an entirely new fucking face. A girl who is pretty with makeup on is still going to be pretty without it, just less polished. Not to mention, every person in any kind of serious relationship - hell, even most one-night stands - have seen their partner without makeup on. Like do they think these girls wake up an hour before their boyfriends every day so they can do their makeup and hair before he wakes up so he never sees them in their natural state?

No. 240113

I think they're comparing the amount of makeup someone wears in a selfie, or makeup that someone who's well known for being good with it puts on and the difference it makes to the amount people wear every day. As well as confusing filters and good angles with just makeup for the selfie example.

Because yeah, as you said, makeup is almost always just making your good features a bit better, and covering up some other stuff, it's not like people are running through a full professional hair and makeup team before they leave the door.

They're just obsessed with finding absolutely any way they can to make it seem like the world is unfair towards them, even if that's outright retarded and wrong. Look at the growing trend of just making up shit about how the halo effect works for another example.

No. 240145

He's such a fucking qt, I hope he didn't an hero

No. 240276

File: 1485449789583.png (74.35 KB, 915x283, Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 8.55…)

ryo continues his weird, totoally not homosexual obessesion with /u/iamhopeless26

No. 240300

This reminds me of my Autistic residents' obsession with the boy who lives in the room next to his.

No. 240305

I feel like half of them are "incel" because they're gay and don't want to admit it, so instead of finding a dick to suck, they just rail on about roasties and being short and ugly as an excuse to avoid their reality.

Never in my life have I seen straight men talk about really homo things to the extent incels do.

No. 240420

He's likely dead. Shame, he was fucking cute, face wise.

No. 240562

File: 1485490249059.png (51.79 KB, 1004x190, Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 7.51…)

update: bananabeem is seriously considering becoming a camdude for a $70CAD video game.

he had a job.

No. 240651

well it's easy money

No. 240666

Does he not see the contradiction that causes in his belief system? He thinks he's too ugly to find any partner in the world, but then thinks people will be willing to give him money in order to just watch him do shit on a camera?

Clearly if he can make money from it as a nobody, he's not that bad looking.

No. 240713

Not a shame. He was an incel, he deserved it.

No. 240724

Come on anon, no need to give them more reason to get all whiny and post over here.

That kid in particular just seemed sad, I think it's a community that has like 30 or 40 incredibly vocal posters that shit up every thread with extremist points of view, and a huge amount of young people who're feeling insecure who just get drawn into that cycle, and end up feeling even worse.

No. 240730

I agree. There's definitely a lot of self-hating closeted gays in there.

No. 240795

File: 1485542265049.png (48.53 KB, 918x167, Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 10.3…)

thedonaldpremed01 is on a hunger strike

No. 240800

I can't imagine posts like these where an incel does stupid shit to himself and blames it on women not saving him as not being trolls. If they ARE real, then these guys are legitimately mentally stunted and probably the least self-aware people in the entire world. Wish their parents could find these posts and be ashamed enough to do something different.

No. 240884

Is this the same one that's on the lolcow discord?

No. 240925

Nevermind, answered my own question, it is.

No. 241208

>>Female standards are so high that males have to resort to being a homosexual. I hope you are happy feminism.

Lol… because two extremely socially-inept, desperate idiots trying out being "prison gay" with each other (and they're not even in prison, this is beyond desperation) because they've convinced themselves that they'll literally DIE if they don't have sex; is totally to blame on women.

No. 241514

File: 1485681467713.png (73.64 KB, 373x511, 2017-01-29 04.14.54.png)

A moment of self-reflection

No. 241526

File: 1485686579077.png (38.72 KB, 393x323, 2017-01-29 05.40.41.png)

Banannabeem is apparently nonverbal, but doesn't understand why he can't get a date.

No. 241613

Nah, dude is just self conscious, probably has a speech impediment, or it's all in his head.

No. 241620

What a tard. Anyone who surrounds themselves with propaganda for months is bound to start believing it. These idiots need to go outside instead of moping around on the internet, competing over who has the saddest social life.

No. 241621

This has to be the least believable thing I've read there. Like, does he honestly expect us to believe that he went through this whole transformation after coming there constantly?

At best he was insecure, went there, got more insecure and bought into their crap, which is pretty different from how it's portrayed, like he's joined some cult.

No. 241652

File: 1485717330467.png (48.7 KB, 375x311, 2017-01-29 14.14.03.png)

I don't even know who is trolling here

No. 241782

File: 1485738046932.jpg (42.07 KB, 600x650, IeRwbbW.jpg)

new faces of /r/incels, this time /u/zyrros, apparently he's known on the internet for having BDD and being a mess.

he most definitely isn't non-verbal. when he quit his job the first time, he went and had to beg for it back. also has had many posts about sperging out and shit while cursing

No. 241809

He looks like a douche.

No. 241980


girl he's an unfuckable hate nerd. of course he's a douche

No. 241998

File: 1485773533223.png (43.03 KB, 373x379, 2017-01-30 05.50.33.png)

Fucking hell

No. 241999

Is it just me, or does he look like he's wearing makeup?

Might just be that his eyebrows are insanely groomed though I guess.

No. 242002

tbqhqyf /r/incels is a shithole, just putting out an unpopular opinion lads

No. 242004

you're putting your identity on here… why?

No. 242005

what do you mean?

No. 242007

Your email, idiot. A quick google shows your pic, job, all of it. You can delete any post you made within 30 mins. Tick the box then hit the delete button, leaving the password box as it already is.

No. 242008

and this is an anon board so learn how to do it…

No. 242009

heh, that's where you are wrong, it comes up with other twats with the same name

No. 242011

ok do what you want, but you are cruising for a ban by not taking a moment to see how things are done and assimilate.

No. 242012


No. 242033

you don't say

No. 242096

He looks exactly like the kind of guy incels hate vividly and call "chad". How do they react to him posting knowing how he looks like?

No. 242116

They will nitpick the lower half of his face though.
There's different "types" of incels. He might be considered proto chad or chadcel, but there's another reason why he's incel/volcel.

No. 242444

File: 1485837404137.jpg (105.3 KB, 640x1136, 97bdbb9837564e5dbb77c19c6f1f83…)

another damn reveal. /u/iamhopeless256 who is convinced he is ugly because he didn't get any likes on facebook

No. 242454

If he got rid of his Justin Bieber hair he would probably get more "likes".

Too bad all these guys have garbage personalities and refuse to believe otherwise.

No. 242600

I mean, to me he just looks gay, but honestly, so do half the guys they go insane over, and a really large amount of them are gay, it's probably unsurprising to anyone but them that a lot of models aren't super masculine guys out picking up girls every weekend and doing whatever the fuck they want the rest of the time. Actually, none of them are, but you get my point.

Jesus, the impact that place can have is insane, he's one of the better looking ones posted, easily.

Hair is mediocre, but not particularly hard to fix, but he's pretty good looking apart from that.

Anyone who thinks facebook likes are an indicator of anything but how much of a shit you give about social media and friending people on it is ridiculous.

One of the best looking guys I know gets around 20 or so on average if he posts a profile pic of him, whereas another one, who posts constantly, easily hit 40 for his last one, which was him wearing a gas mask with glasses on.

Pretty much anything becomes a source of insecurity there, it's sad.

No. 242607

These guys know they aren't ugly. They're just whining like skinny girls whine about being oh so fat when they aren't.
The true uglies who are overweight, have unfortunate facial structures or actual deformities don't have the courage to post.

No. 242626

Does anyone know if there's such a thing as a female incel?

No. 242630

The only thing I can think of as a comparison are girls who get really heavy into social justice and talk about how all men are predators and rapists waiting to happen? I think women deal with being social inept and unable to find a man a lot more differently then these men seem to, sure they still blame men but they don't obsessively put themselves down as the reason why men don't like them, they just pretend that they hate men and don't want a man anyway.

No. 242635


Yeah, just scroll through PT and you'll find at least 3 on the first few pages.

No. 242640

just my type except too young
Is incel just becoming like the new social anxiety/spoony/whatever is the fashionable illness of the day? In the same way mediocre to pretty girls can rack up 'not like the other girls' points from self diagnosis, this feels like that. Average to slightly attractive guys get to ree about 'not like the other chads' and get to look more attractive because claiming incel lowers the bar

No. 242649

>Is incel just becoming like the new social anxiety/spoony/whatever is the fashionable illness of the day?

Yes. It's an excuse to not do anything about a situation out of some form of fear and anxiety. Put the blame on other things, keep the self-esteem low through nitpicking themselves. 9/10 are depressed, absolutely no doubt.

No. 242650

Why do they care so much about social media??? They're always going on about Tinder and FB, as if it is some kind of empiral measure of their worth.

No. 242682

Maybe it's an age thing. Younger adults/teens live their whole lives online and meet people online. If no one is interested in you on tinder, then no one wants to fuck you. If no one likes your photos on FB then no one outside the internet likes you. To them, social media puts a value on you and your life/interests.

No. 242698

I can't believe he's not trolling.
Otherwise you really must have a rotten personnality and 0 friends to not get a few likes.

Though I agree with >>242600 the number of likes you get depends on how much you post and what kind of friends you have. Some barely use fb and never comment or like anything, though I make a point to like all of my friend's pics especially profile pictures.

No. 242766

Sage OT but
I've known a lot of incel dudes irl and they've all flown off the deep end and have become violent with me, had to file a restraining order or called the police twice separately. These kinds of dudes are emotionally unstable and off their fucking rocker. I hope they all commit mass suicide because they're just shitty people with no future.

No. 242770

Like, they actually called themselves "incels" IRL???

How did you meet them?

Honestly, none of this surprises me. I mean, Stalkercel seems like he could use a restraining order.

No. 242806

they derive any scrap of self worth based off of girls wanting to fuck them. if not its because women are ungrateful and all they want are macho chads and everyone is dumber and sluttier than them. social media is the largest way to grab for attention and tinder is all about finding people to screw.

spending 10 minutes on their reddit makes my brain swell from the self loathing and unwarranted sense of supreme intelligence .

No. 242979

File: 1485928552854.png (112.44 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7248.PNG)

No. 242981

>if a single mom walks by

Can incels sense single moms? Like, they see a woman walking with a child, and they just know it is a single mom??? And not just that the dad isn't in sight? Maybe the mom and kid are running errands? Maybe the woman is the kid's aunt? Or cousin? Or the dad died? Maybe the woman is babysitting for a friend, and taking the kid to the park????

No. 242988

>single moms are by FAR the leading producers of crime and rape in America. 80% of criminals in America are Single Moms

I call troll.

No. 242989

Yeah, I don't believe that at all.

Not to mention, wouldn't the fathers who left be responsible for it, even if it was true?

No. 242990

Well yeah anything they see has to be perceived with their dumb ass "chads and women ruin everything lens."

But even despite that they get really fucking bitter that anyone has a sense of community with anyone else, that anyone has a life rich with friends, family, etc.

They're usually from really isolated and sheltered dysfunctional families. They seem to have this grand fantasy that repeating their awful sheltered life with another woman and their child is THE life entitlement.

Even though for most of these dipshits a good portion of the problem is any chick that wants a family would sense that and be like hell no.

Seriously these kinds of bitter and awful people have no business being around young children until they get their shit together, if they ever do.

And I've seen some that realize maybe a child is a fantasy they don't really want, but then the bitching and moaning becomes "no girl wants me because i don't wantt kids waaah."

Either way always a victim of bitches right?

No. 242992

If only, tons of idiots believe that, especially in those circles.

>Not to mention, wouldn't the fathers who left be responsible for it, even if it was true?
Yes, but they'll say that the woman should have been more responsible by breeding with an incel instead of a "chad."

No. 242997

Oh ya, they go over that in the comments:

>She chose to marry an irresponsible man. She could have easily found a loving relationship with a responsible man who is worthy of raising children.

>It's the mothers fault for choosing having a kid with chad over the future of her own child.

>Women are the ones that choose who gets to have sex and reproduce, because of this they need to be excellent judges of character and choose men that aren't scumbags that would walk out on their kid. Failing to do this is incredibly irresponsible.

No. 242998

File: 1485934199528.png (35.26 KB, 444x240, 2017-02-01 02.28.56.png)

Hey, now. He has proof! It comes from the prestigious university of "thefatherlessgeneration" on WordPress.

No. 242999

File: 1485934705212.png (112.1 KB, 640x826, IMG_7251.PNG)

Incel living space

No. 243000

File: 1485934749943.png (60.49 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7250.PNG)

Lol another one???

No. 243001

Guys, I've cracked it.
They're using the stats that show unwanted children from broken/poor homes are more likely to grow up to be criminals (Freakonomics has a great section on how legalizing abortion and allowing women the choice reduces the number of criminals) to put all the blame on single mothers. They really will find any way to blame women.

No. 243005

So, women are evil because they can't tell the future?

You'd think it would kind of seem odd that they need to go through so much mental gymnastics and assumption for their ideology to make any sense at all.

No. 243007

This made me legitimately sad. These communities should be banned, they're so fucking toxic. I mean, I imagine he had a shit life (just look at his pictures' background) but going on r/incels is probably what pushed him over the edge.

No. 243029

ehh you're giving them waaay too much credit. They likely just went off the radar for a while. They're honestly too pathetic/spineless to kill themselves

No. 243031

Although I see where you're coming from, that's still a mean thing to say, anon. I imagine a few have committed suicide

No. 243033

yes well, I may say mean things on an anonymous imageboard

No. 243211

In reality, yes there are. But in incel lore they don't exist as men are hyper-sexual and will have sex with anyone and anything (un)willing.
They have somewhat of a point imo, but those that truly believe it is true have never left their house.

A lot of what they say is just griping and venting and trolling. Like with anything else though, there will always be some who take it legitimately and too far.

No. 243234

Isn't that basically the same as saying you're a volcel because you won't have sex with a hooker. Like yeah, sure a guy will have sex with a woman probably, but it's not a relationship.

No. 243244

It's all hypocrisy with them because they want something to blame other than their own actions. Plus women are nothing but their sex organs and being in a relationship with them is being a cuck

No. 243454

It's a reasonable and fairly inoffensive comment to make when these guys hate you on the basis of having a vagina and think you're an entitled princess who deserves rape and death for not dating them. I mean, come on.

No. 243464

They never seem to acknowledge that. They refuse to date ugly women, fat women, see prostitutes and all that shit but if a woman says she can't find a bf they foam at the mouth about how easy she would have it no matter what her issues are. They're massive hypocrites who can't or refuse to think outside of their stupid little worldviews.

I'd normally agree with you but regarding the suicide guy from his posting history it doesn't seem like he said any of that sort of thing.

No. 243486

oh jesus this is like third world tier

No. 243745

File: 1486077302773.png (36.7 KB, 924x104, Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 3.13…)

so, thoughts on /u/stalia's disapperance?

are we looking at another incel suicide?

No. 243762

He disappears all the time, I doubt any of their major posters could go off and just quietly kill themselves, it would have to be a huge melodramatic deal where everyone finds out.

Playing themselves up as more mentally ill than they are is pretty much the norm, so I doubt the big posters are going to do anything.

No. 244017

An incel is going off the deep end, and wants to sabotage his crush's relationship:


>So as most of you know I'm 'friends' with my oneitis and her boyfriend, and I feel this somehow puts me in a position of power. They believe we're friends therefore I can somehow subtly fuck up their relationship and their happiness and they won't suspect me, if I play my cards right.

>I won't try and directly upset her, I'll mostly fuck around with the boyfriend.If I can't have her, no one can

>I'll only be content when the ones who hurt me suffer

>It's mostly the boyfriend I want to upset because he rubs her in my face every chance he gets.

>I don't care if they break up or not, I just want them to be unhappy

>Because if I can't be happy, why should they be able to experience it?

No. 244019

File: 1486140657866.png (40.89 KB, 432x288, 2017-02-03 11.44.43.png)

Omfg an incel apparently got the shit kicked out of him, for pushing a girl and calling her names infront of her boyfriend. The post has been deleted, but I am trying to piece it together from the comments.

People's reaction to the incident:
>Yeah you didn't deserve that cause you're ugly or whatever, you deserved it for calling the guys girlfriend a fat ugly whore. What do you honestly expect? Even "normies" would kick your ass for that. Like say you had a girlfriend and some random guy seemily pushed her then called her a fat ugly whore would you just let that happen?

>LMAO you got what you deserved, calling that guys gf a fat ugly whore when YOU were the one who pushed her. Seriously who do you think you are thinking you can talk to anybody like that? Chad or no Chad you were the asshole in this situation.

>I do believe this falls under the category of "talk shit; get hit".

No. 244029

No way this isn't a troll. If it's real, the "get a gun" comment should be reported as a threat, I'd love to see the followup "FBI showed up at my house because I'm an incel" sob post kek

No. 244031

It is hard to say if he is a troll without getting to read his OP. His extreme reaction is right in line with the usual incel over dramatics, which makes me think his story is true. But then he describes his injuries, and says that he is going to go blind from being punched in the eye so many times, and mentions some kind of infection. So like, that screams "troll" to me.

However, he repeatedly threatens to get a gun or kill the chad, which should be taken seriously either way.

>I have a 5000$ debt because of this fucker. He deserves to die.

>And the guy deserves death. I'm killing him.

>I'm getting revenge. I'm only going to stop when he's dead. I lost five teeth, broke my nose and there's a chance of becoming blind. All this shit will cost me more than 10000$ dollars to fix.

>Going to kill the motherfucker and myself. I have nothing to lose so don't challenge me.

No. 244039


Did you get caps of the whole post?

>Incel talks shit, gets hit.

Wew lad, what a glorious sight to see.

No. 244040

It's like if Kadeelyn Konstantino were an angry man-baby.

No. 244045

File: 1486145087455.jpg (82.46 KB, 915x455, manchildincel.JPG)

the ride never ends

No. 244047

File: 1486145125110.png (46.05 KB, 820x332, throwaway680.png)

This one's my favourite incel.

No. 244049

File: 1486145410828.png (27.19 KB, 706x201, prettygirls.png)

No. 244051

fuck those whores for being happy, how dare they exist not to please massive manchildren like me

No. 244052

File: 1486145583714.jpg (55.7 KB, 648x601, no.JPG)

well, ladies?

No. 244055

File: 1486145686833.jpg (78.66 KB, 889x263, okkiddo.JPG)

being ignored by women =/= being raped

No. 244056

File: 1486145785013.jpg (41.97 KB, 873x137, sighs.JPG)

final one

>not getting sex is worse than being a holocaust survivor

whew boi

No. 244059


Incels Discord

come cry about filthy women rejecting you here xoxo

No. 244066

Stalkercel, no! Leave those poor girls alone!

No. 244068

Someone start a gofundme to help get this boy lip fillers and/or the ability to grow a beard and mustache. And he needs to take care of the bags under his eyes. Yikes. Besides that, he doesn't look that bad, just like a average small town in the south kinda guy. Could probably find a girl on his level in terms of averageness based on looks alone.

No. 244070

He's not even ugly. It is a shitty picture, with shitty lighting, and he isn't even smiling.

No. 244071

He looks like a prick.

No. 244072

No, when I found it, the body had been deleted. But here's the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Incels/comments/5rp35s/fucking_chad/

The comments are very good.

No. 244079

>talk to Chads as if to spite me

Holy fuck. Does this guy just seeth in rage as he walks down the street? Why do they think other men getting attention is such a big deal? He isn't even talk about specific people. He is just distrustful of women and jealous of men in general.

No. 244080

that's not stalkercel, idk who he is but stalkercel is some type of middle eastern mix or something

No. 244082

No one said it was stalkercel

No. 244086

File: 1486147507123.png (132.14 KB, 373x817, 2017-02-03 13.41.32.png)

Another incel is thrown into hysterics because of a glance by a stranger.

No. 244087

File: 1486147617373.png (64.5 KB, 341x485, 2017-02-03 13.44.52.png)

Part 2

No. 245951

Who else excited for how Valentines is going to trigger the manbabies?

The 'women are a hivemind' thing is so weird, men can be Chads and Incels but women can only be entitled Stacies.

No. 245968

I hadn't even thought of that anon, should be great, considering that the place is full of milk even just on any given weekday.

And yeah, they seem to be convinced that men come in all forms with different tastes and personalities, but all women are the exact same person that just looks a bit different. Or just the same person with very small variations.

No. 246234

you should also check out the MGTOW forums. They're having an "International MGTOW day" in place of Valentine's Day

No. 246246

File: 1486428663991.png (265.95 KB, 792x3528, 2Q1NEDQ.png)

someone actually made this.

No. 246268

the beginning could be genuinely used as an attempt to (very disingenuously)use SJW logic and rhetoric from cringeworthy, motivational SJW pictures to present the "opposite side" but it very quickly falls apart and gets insane at "anal"

No. 246269

No. 246845

File: 1486517387779.png (78.96 KB, 883x211, Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 5.17…)

No. 246877

Well, if it means they can't breed…

No. 247425

I can't wait for this to bite him in the ass

No. 247580

An incel alienated himself from his crush and new friends. It is very long, so here are the best parts:


>This married couple from church about my age invited me and my crush to their house for lunch. Me and my crush (let's call her Peggy) teach Sunday school together. My crush is the same fat girl with hairy arms and a mustache that I have mentioned in my previous posts.

>The moment I stepped inside the house, I felt the most horrible feeling in my heart.

>After I was done telling them about my week, the wife of the married couple asked my crush what she did during her week. My crush said her week was awful. She said this guy she started dating 2 weeks ago (he was like the third guy she has dated in the 4 months me and my crush have known each other) no longer wants to hang out with her.

>After seeing how upset she was, I started to feel pleasure in her misery. Now she has had just a tiny taste of how I felt when she rejected me and started dating other guys while I rotted in loneliness.

>I told her "Don't worry about it too much. Maybe he found another girl and decided to leave you for her. He probably thought 'I'm receiving attention from a girl who is better looking and higher quality than Peggy, so why don't I just leave Peggy for her?' I wouldn't take that guy leaving you too personally."

>Then I looked at my crush directly in the eyes and said "Peggy, you are a fat and ugly whore, and your hairy arms and mustache make you repulsive to all men. That's why the guy left you - because he felt utterly disgusted after he fucked you."

>Then the wife of the married couple said in an angry but quiet voice "Get out of my house. You are not welcome here any more. Put on your shoes and get out."

No. 247606


You left out St. Eliot appearing to him afterwards.

They've fucking canonised that wanker.

No. 247850

File: 1486629308393.png (57.81 KB, 930x180, Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 12.3…)

have we discuseed what a complete sperg lord /u/know_what_fvck_this is?

black guy from ny who constantly goes on and on about how he isn't like other black guys and that's why women don't like him

No. 247862

Ya that part jumped the shark

No. 247865

File: 1486634029730.png (25.65 KB, 373x160, 2017-02-09 04.48.21.png)

I like his random posting sprees. He will disappear for a while, and suddenly he is making a new post every 15 mins.

His latest complaint is the fact that women have boyfriends, and people who discourage him from suicide.

>Seriously, advice about therapy and all that is useless bullshit, either inspire me to go through with suicide or leave

No. 247867

File: 1486634271404.png (60.34 KB, 386x392, 2017-02-09 04.56.02.png)

ban_collector is having a meltdown

No. 247869

the mental image of these guys rage typing this crap thru wet eyes is the funniest shit.

No. 247884

>labored breathing

No. 247890

File: 1486642116204.png (170.25 KB, 585x645, 2017-02-09 07.05.27.png)

Big incel news: caamib is back with a new alt: https://www.reddit.com/user/IncelDiscussions

>No, you don't get it. First of all, the world where rapists are kings is already here. There are millions of Muslims in Europe already brought here to colonize it by forcibly fertilising Western women. Football players in the US rape freely. Rapists are already in control. That being said, I am all for every part of the social contract but only as long as all of is here. Currently this isn't the case. Men like me can't get anything because we don't cut throats and break women's skulls but violent apes can get anything. So what is it on there for me in the current situation? Nothing at all. You tell me not to be creepy lol? Well, guess what - wanting a stable relationship is just that in the West. That is creepy today. Raping and killing isn't. If you want to be the type of person women want to be around you must rape them and kill them.

>Several women have hurt me, but you have to understand why. I was hurt by them because I actually believed that I could be in serious relationships with them. So when it turned out they were just sluts who were incapable of any commitment and fidelity I was hurt. But the fault was not with these women but with society that told me that relationships are still possible in the West. Today I am aware what these women are and treat them the way they deserve - like crap. There is no inferiority complex - I understand them to be vermin and they keep confirming this over and over. Whenever you treat them like shit you get respect and whenever you treat them humanely you get hatred.

No. 247893

Does he honestly think that people glorify rapists or people who commit sexual assault? Those football players get absolutely fucking crucified whenever there's a scandal about them acting kind of off, and bad ones kill their careers pretty much instantly.

Or that it's considered creepy to want to have a long term relationship?

Sure some of this stuff is just them baiting, right? I can't imagine anyone believing all this delusional stuff and still being able to function at all in the community.

No. 247894

I think it's really interesting that they're not only mysoginistic but also racist as fuck. To them any woman having sex with a non-white male is being raped. Or a slut. Or both. They're just the most priviledged crybabies anyone has ever seen in this world. "White women won't sleep with me, but they'll let themselves get 'raped' by non-white males/males who actually have more to offer than me." For these guys nothing is ever their fault, it's the system that's unfair or just the women who don't understand. One can only hope that they won't reproduce and that they won't go on a fucking shooting spree.
Guys who kill over not getting any pussy are just the worst. No empathy, just mememememe.

No. 247895

I agree with you entirely, though I kind of feel bad for Elliot.

He's a complete irredeemable person, don't get me wrong, but I always feel bad when someone slips through the cracks of the mental health system when they so clearly need to be in it.

No. 247896

Absolutely, but many of them probably do not feel like there's genuinely something wrong with them. It's really hard to make someone get help, especially when they're an adult.
I'm sure they are actually suffering, and being on those pages is not going to do anything to help them, but their total disregard for women, men in a relationship and just about everyone else, disgusts me.
Imagining people in a complex manner and not just as Chads and Stacys takes work, but it's what teaches us empathy. And also makes us rage a lot less.

No. 247902

I think that caamib absolutely believes everything he says. He has a criminal history because of it. He was even interviewed for a German magazine about his beliefs. I think he is very mentally ill and obviously unsupervised/untreated.

No. 247903

Yeah, I agree it's stupidly hard to force someone into treatment unless they're actually a danger to someone or have done something illegal (when you can get court orders and the like). I do think that a higher awareness of BDD would really help the sort of people who get sucked into communities like this one though, it's really easy to get drawn into those sorts of places when they're feeding your insecurities and justifying them to you, and once you're hanging around, you start to eventually pick up the rest. I actually spoke to someone who was a poster there on reddit the other day, started off as a complete prick, but after a bunch of messages and me talking to him about BDD a bit, turned out he was just a sad guy who didn't entirely believe it, but it made most sense to him and he didn't know why else he'd feel the way he did.

Because seriously, everything about them, down to obsessing over models, saying no-one can love them because of X/Y/Z perceived fault they have or have massively exaggerated at least, refusing to believe anyone who says otherwise, all of that is just absolutely BDD.

The people who drag others down on purpose are complete scum, and I have really no empathy for them, but I do genuinely feel bad for the people who end up drawn into those communities and thought patterns instead of getting the help they need. It's like girls who get drawn into pro-ana sites and the like, most are just insecure people who feed off the validation that their insecurities are facts.

The thing that does annoy me most is the huge generalisation of what is beauty. Like, there's been doctors and incredibly intelligent people who've dedicated their lives to trying to find exactly that and come up short, yet they think because they read the abstract of a couple studies, that a handful of angsty teenagers have it all figured out? That pisses me off way more than it should for some reason, same as that 18 year old incel who goes around claiming to be a doctor because he wants to study that one day, and constantly insults everyone who disagrees with his terrible pseudo-science.

I do think that trying to view people as actually other people, with fleshed out lives and motivations of their own is really tough for most people though honestly, it's definitely something almost everyone I know could work on a fair bit. Incels just take it to it's absolute extreme.

Unrelated, but does anyone know if truebrazilianincel is a new user? There's a bunch of posts from him recently

Pretty self explanatory I think.


>Now, i cant stand with women, i just want to rape them, i hate them all. I want to make them suffer. I want to torture them.
>Most of incels are like me, they were raised in a lovely family, them, they woke up the matrix.
>If you were a women, listen, i want you to have a painful dead, i want to break your legs and your arms, i want to rape you to make you have nightmares for the rest of your life.


Mentions a day of retribution in the title of this.



>PUA is nothing but jewish lie to make you spend your precious money with jew stuff, with the jewish gym, or the jewish car, or the jewish clothes. And in the end, nothing matters at all.

Might be trolling, but the amount of posts he put up all at once made me unsure.

No. 247909

I must have missed it, but do you have a link to the caamib interview? I'm really curious if he comes across anything like he does in his posts.

No. 247910

I forgot this masterpiece of logic, too

>That´s the new jew plot. That infestation of dumb people which will make hour wages lower. Guys like me will have the double of work fixing shit those sluts do wrong.

>Those 'enpowered' feminists sluts can´t fucking code, they have to put a man to do their job. The salary is the same but the preasure under us is a lot stronger, also, there is a lot more work. Feminists in STEM only have to suck cocks for HR.
>In my day of retribution i will murder every women in my job. I will murder the jew who owns the company, and i will kill myself.

He's sperging out in the comments, but looks like his account got suspended.

No. 247938

No. 247940

This guy is asking for a visit from the cops.

No. 247943

This has got to be a troll, even just from
>I raised my head to look up at the somber overcast sky, and I noticed the grey clouds that covered the sky were starting to part.

But still, I don't understand how incels could look up to Eliot Rodger when he called his CompSci flat mates "nerds" and stabbed them to death. Eliot was no slayer of chads, or 'eloquent gentlemen' or whatever. Of course it's totes fine because they weren't white, as usual these incels just pick and chose what to accept into their demented narrative. what a joke.

I'm all for this for the scary rape-y ones, chemical castration eventually does reduce if not stop people from obsessing over sex. Maybe instead of fantasizing about abusing women they will focus their time and efforts on something useful.
Unfortunately the only ones who will do it are the more harmless types with BDD who just hate themselves.

No. 248036

try not to post his blog, he tends to show up whenever his blog is posted anywhere and shit up the place

anyway caamib is incredibly delusional and even has an ed article about himself https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Marjan_Siklic

but he absolutely denies that any of this ever happened. for instance, he claims to have a daughter and said back on /r/truecels that he was going to rape her when she got old enough. there are screenshots of it, he says that it's all a lie and he never said that.

he claims that everything on his ed page is a lie and that he's never done anything that he's said and there is documented proof of him saying or doing. he's an absolute nutter

No. 248062

I can't believe this retard lives in my country. Wouldn't be surprised if he'd actually do something that crazy.

No. 248217

What baffles me the most is how they look down on women but then expect to get pussy. The guys they call Chads get laid because they offer women something, even if it's not genuine. Very few women would actually react positively to PUAs, most of us just want someone who cares for us and treats us well (just like most). But who am I telling this…
Incels, women can smell your creepiness from miles away.

Btw, is there a community of women like this? It's not like men are the only ones who can't get laid.

No. 248310

Tumblr. There's plenty of HAES bitches on there that write autistic rants on how guys turning them down because they're fat is oppression somehow. Of course they only deserve the best of the best men instead of someone in their league

No. 251739

File: 1487122175023.png (77.04 KB, 887x177, Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 5.21…)

so tomorrow is the day that stalkercel is going to get arrested.

No. 251743

>"a women of the orient"
can it get any worse than this

No. 251800

File: 1487130363353.png (709.33 KB, 800x302, capture_001_14022017_194340.pn…)

sage because old post reply, but google cache caught that post

No. 251802

You've gotta love how they can apparently tell the height of every guy they meet just on sight, to an exact inch. Not "he must have been around 6'4", they know exactly how tall he was.

I find that really funny for some reason.

No. 251813

Why would he call the woman a whore to her boyfriend's face and then be surprised when he gets beaten? What an idiot.

No. 251893

File: 1487145497409.png (113.9 KB, 378x696, 2017-02-15 02.56.11.png)

I found more details about his plan. Basically, he is going to give her a pretend survey, brag about grade 1, and then ask for her Snapchat.

No. 251923

Am I correct to assume he's never talked to this girl before? If he had, he wouldn't need to make up a survey. "Hey, how are you doing? How are your classes? Btw, I've started using Snapchat, can you add me?"

No. 251936

I don't think he has. I mean, he apparently has a history of stalking. I doubt he would be a prolific stalker if he had any social skills.

No. 251939

File: 1487152065799.png (72.71 KB, 385x451, 2017-02-15 04.45.07.png)

No. 252053

He's not even going to ask, he says he will just straight up command her to give him her snapchat kek

No. 252063

Swedish grades are different, so he's not bragging about grade 1 like in North America, but dude is still retarded.

No. 252065

File: 1487177712726.png (179.25 KB, 500x375, chad.png)

I feel like all these "Chads" they're encountering are probably just average dudes like this who happen to not fail at life.

No. 252079

File: 1487179024701.png (31.74 KB, 372x209, 2017-02-15 12.14.07.png)

Stalkercel gives his first update. He got eye contact.

No. 252083

>Step 1: Eye Contact
>Step 2: Hardcore fucking

No. 252091

>foot ball player
How would he even know? These people are still stuck in high school mentally.

No. 252125

He's from Sweden lol

No. 252134

Why their stories sound always so… made up? Like, very unrealistic, as if they came out of a movie.
I bet at least 90% of the incel stories are fake, the remaining 10% is highly exaggerated. They also often involve weird sexual stuff (boyfriend sending a snap of her sister sucking him to her brother) you can tell they jerk off to. It's just a big sexual fantasy of sad, misogynistic losers.

No. 252136

Their obsession with "chads" makes me think they're all closeted homosexuals

No. 252172


I would fucking die if she told him she doesn't have one.

No. 252185

This all comes off as weird satire. Idk. Maybe I'm in too big a state of disbelief to see any of this as remotely serious.

No. 252205

They assume so much about everyone. And then they will fight you about the details of your own life. It is insane.

All of their stories have some weird sexual element that makes them super creepy. Like, before that incel even gets to the snap, he says he knows his sister sucked her bf off. Why is he even thinking about that stuff?

No. 252206

I think that is a safe assumption. Incels describe themselves as subhuman, but whenever their pics get posted, they look totally fine.

No. 252357

I think it's even more ridiculous that he really thinks his sister is not going to spend Valentine's Day with her bf, because her brother got beaten up by said bf for talking shit. They're always talking so big to other guys ("Your gf is a whore", "I could beat you up easily"), wtf do they expect? "Oh you're so alpha, let me suck your cock"?! Kek

No. 253300

Okay, St Alia is back with a fucked up idea to "prevent" incels: parents should embrace incest:

>First, parents should provide an opposite sex adopted sibling for their child to practice on from early years.

>They should not reproduce after having their first kid if the child is male because they can't ensure opposite gender offspring and potentially creating competition is like cucking their own firstborn.

>two biological siblings having sex ensures positive reinforcement through doubled mutual genetic validation (by validating your sibling you validate yourself, plus your sibling validates you too.)

>If the male child is an extrovert normie who doesn't want to pursue relationship with his biological or adopted sister, such relationship should not be forced. I am only talking about encouragement here for those who need it. I would grant firstborn females the same right but their biological conditioning makes this unnecessary and useless.

>Finally in cases where it is impossible to provide a female for their son to practice on for various reasons, mothers should offer sexual services before their sons 20th birthday

>As for the worries that the father will be cucked, he was cucked in the moment his wife had a kid.

No. 253305

File: 1487346600900.png (61.6 KB, 500x408, 2017-02-17 10.48.36.png)

PS StAlia is going to ask his mom to fuck him on his birthday

No. 253308

File: 1487347137659.png (18.02 KB, 762x289, stal.png)

jfc this kid has some serious issues.

No. 253320

>they are supposed to love their kids more than anything

I am trying to imagine what I would do if I had a son in his 30's who asked me to fuck him. Like…wouldn't you feel like you failed as a parent? I would be scared that he was having mental breakdown! Especially if he tried to lay on the guilt trip by being all "you are supposed to love me more than anyone".

No. 253796

Don't think this really needs an explanation.

>After being raped you can live a good life, most incels can not because they are depressed and suicidal.

>Most rape victims had lived good lives before getting raped, most incels did not because usually the same reasons a man becomes incel, are the same reasons a kid gets bullied, like being very short or ugly.

>As an incel, there is pretty much no support anywhere and your problems are ridiculed by people who have never been incel, you even face a lot of hate just for being incel, as a rape victim you get support everywhere.

>"Treatment" for being incel is $20k+ worth of cosmetic surgery compared to treatment for getting raped which is therapy, a lot less expensive.

>I am talking about rape with force too, not the woman drank some alcohol and had sex with a guy type rape, which is rape in most of the West these days.

He's seriously arguing it in the comments as well, so not likely a troll.

No. 253802

File: 1487414953682.jpg (34.38 KB, 555x415, hhhhhhh.jpg)


>First, parents should provide an opposite sex adopted sibling for their child to practice on from early years.

Do these retards seriously think life with opposite sex siblings is like one of their Chinese incest cartoons? It's like they've never even heard of the Westermarck effect.

No. 253811

How many men on this board do you think also use /r9k/

No. 253830


I wish I had been aborted so I never had to read that.

No. 253843

File: 1487428819382.png (6.53 KB, 716x134, incel1.png)

I think what makes me the most enraged reading that is he is writing about surviving rape and getting over trauma and depression from it like its an experience he has. Just because you feel strongly about a subject and cannot see the opposite argument as any way valid doesnt mean youre right.
>I listed the reasons! I wrote a paragraph! Im right!

serious feels anon

No. 253852

Lol, I was raped by one of the most attractive men I've ever seen in real life. Why do they think rape is about sexual need and not about power?
The mind of an incel is amazing. Imagine being so enslaved by an urge that it completely defines you, and not only that, you cultivate this enslavement with others. Sometimes I think men can't get any more pathetic, and then this happens.

No. 253856

Lots of them. Sometimes they will argue if r9k has too many normies or not.

No. 253857

It's totally serious but it sounds like satire. Something that Germaine Greer said that I always keep in mind: 'women have very little idea of how much men hate them'.
I was sceptical when I first read that, but honestly, time has only confirmed it, both the part about the hate and my ignorance of it.

No. 253971

Are any of these incels remotely normal?

No. 253979

If they were normal they wouldn't need to be on /r/incels.
Imagine you're so psychologically damaged that all you think about is how you can't have sex. Because society or some such bullshit. What a pitiful existence. The antidote isn't sex, but therapy. I feel like in the old days before we had the internet, these guys would've been just weirdos on their own, creeping out their local high school girls. Now with the internet all those idiots have it way too easy to communicate, which just deepens their delusions.

No. 254022

I don't think any are normal, but the majority aren't as crazy as the few most vocal ones.

I think the majority just have really shitty self esteem and are quite young, and get dragged into communities like this because it gives them an explanation and an excuse, like a cult kind of.

Not normal, but more sad than anything.

No. 254175

File: 1487483681988.png (359.28 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_1110.PNG)

so, ryo realized he wasted all his money and time on this plastic surgery shit and is now ldar while being insanely in debt

looks like another person to add to the incel suicide watchlist

No. 254196

Is there any proof he actually went through with the plastic surgery though?

No. 254214

yeah he posted several proof videos including his filipino pesos and his surgeon saying something along the lines of "canino and angryman btfo"

No. 254243

File: 1487496960459.jpg (23.35 KB, 320x240, 9f13058xj6.jpg)

>oc waifu
>custom Dakimakura

>thinks his appearance is what keeps him from getting laid

No. 254244

Any before after photos though?

You'd think that going and getting plastic surgery so they look much better would be proof that it's not their looks that are the issue.

No. 254289

he said he's going to post them on his bday which is next month but idk if he's doing that now since he's going to ldar but this is what he looked like pre-surgery >>231321

No. 254316

what is "ldar"

No. 254369

Lie down and rot, I believe?

No. 254658

the fucking laughable bullshit these incels come up with.

the fact every "chad" is a football player cracks me up. Football.

No. 254659

File: 1487577716505.png (60.16 KB, 247x648, 2017-02-20 02.59.14.png)

I am a fan of a recently posted theory: women want to be punched in the face

It feels like I'm in an alternate reality.

No. 254661

Omg, this is horrifying and lulzy af at the same time. His raw masculinity lol

No. 254667

he's trolling surely??

No. 254668

You mean you didn't know that life is actually a direct mirror of shitty American high school movies?


No. 254669

>life isn't shitty teen movies
It's so disgusting that these incels seem to take media cliche as fact, without any kind of filter. They accept both 90's american highschool portrayals as well as ecchi anime tropes whilst ignoring anything positive they could gain such as examples for how to actually behave or empathize. They probably ignore indie or deconstructive films too, because they don't fit their cuck narrative.
It really highlights that incels really do not ever try to take no part in anything whatsoever, or else their delusions that everything is the hardest for only them would shatter.

No. 254675

They have a very simple view of how the world works. Everything is black and white. You're either a Chad or an incel, their obvious Madonna/whore complex, genetic gold vs genetic trash.

They rarely even entertain the idea of empathy. They are constantly comparing themselves to strangers, and the jealously that comes with wishing they had a different life.

You'd think they would find comfort in the idea that women have individual preferences for romance. That would mean that they would have a chance with someone. But instead they wallow in misery.

No. 254704

File: 1487593030023.png (124.84 KB, 1394x603, IMG_1113.PNG)

incel complains about having to do the ,out basic things, like shower, in order to talk to women

No. 254706

I'm convinced they can't actually think outside of strawmen.

Who says you need to be at your absolute peak every day to be able to meet people? And getting a haircut like once every month or so is hardly the same as getting one every day.

The rest is just basic hygiene shit, but there's still plenty of absolutely scummy people who manage to get laid without those, they're just with similarly shitty people.

No. 254749

File: 1487603135855.jpg (36.76 KB, 500x464, 1487598947398.jpg)

I found this on the net and just wanted to post it here

No. 254802

File: 1487612021337.jpg (51.18 KB, 539x375, IMG_0095.JPG)

do you think they'd look twice at someone like this? Or all all these dudes expecting only hot chicks to fuck them and getting pissed when they don't.

No. 254834

Just reading this stuff makes me want to get an account and try to 'fit in' just to post crazier and crazier shit to try and find the line where even incels are like, "Dude, no."
I'm sure there are people already doing that with some poor isiots getting strung along.

No. 255542

This just in: Stalkercel tried to confess his love to his victim, with disastrous results. The post is kind of long, so I will post the relevant bits.

>So as a birthday surprise I thought I should visit her and declare my love for her.

>I go out and knock on her door, an elderly man opens and asks me who I am, i tell him I am one of her friends and he invites me in, now all her family has gathered and a couple of her female friends.

>I see her coming down after a couple of minutes. ( I was cramming food into myself at this point.) She looks around and at me with confusion. I give her a smile and continue eating.

>After around 5-10 minutes she says something to her parents in a foreign language and they start looking at me, I pretend not to notice anything. They get up and tell me to come talk with them and their daughter

>I go into the other room and they ask me who I am, I explain to them that I have followed their female around and I thought she was very cute so I thought I should come to her birthday party and declare my love for her, which I do.

>Her father gets INSTANTLY very angry and tells me to leave their house RIGHT NOW. I look in the girl that I like and I can see that she is a bit confused, I tell her, come on, I am a great guy, you can't do this to me, she says nothing and her father LITERALLY pushes me out of his house.


No. 255575

they expect a 15/10 every time. but its crazy. i have a few male friends of mine who are really big, either they are out of shape or because of muscle who havent been single in 20 years but thats because they have personality. something incels lack in spades

No. 255579

First off, these two threads have been a wild, wild ride.

Secondly, it seems like some of the incels in this subreddit have BDD. Setting aside the point that they don't believe they have it, do you guys think that they would be able to comprehend a girl having BDD? I think it's even diagnosed more commonly in girls. I know a few average to even really pretty girls who have that mindset.

Do you think incels have enough empathy to believe a woman could have the same problem they do?

No. 255586

Most of them honestly believe that they have reasonable standards since they go after cute nerdy/alternative girls instead of blonde cheerleaders.

No. 255619

File: 1487716408218.png (152.49 KB, 888x420, Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 2.32…)

so stalkercel is almost most definitely confirmed to be a troll now

No. 255635

The mysoginy is strong with this one.
Or all of them, really. Because of course it's women who are responsible for their plight…
Btw, since he's speaking of breeding farms (wtf) that women can't leave until they're 18, I wish we could just put guys like this in a place removed from society. Just so they can't creep on normies.

No. 255744


I live here in SF Chinatown and I can confirm that this never happened.

No. 255869

>their female
people's daughters!!!
i'm my parent's female!!!
delusional fucks

No. 255879


Lol this thread, it's funny when people with common sense get linked to an incels thread and completely destroy them

No. 255887


>less kawaii/cute

holy fucking shiiit
TIL losing my virginity will make me confdent; thanks sexless vigin

No. 255896

File: 1487756016537.png (98.59 KB, 750x506, IMG_1133.PNG)

I love how they're always talking as if all women had sex with tons of different people. Which is why they can't find love. Because only virginal women are good women. Kek

No. 255901

Yep, and when you actually present evidence about amount of sexual partners, they just play it off as everyone in the survey was lying for some reason, while refusing to say what that reason could be.

I love how he says that your actual hormonal reaction changes based on the amount of different people you've slept with though. Like, does he think there's a dick scanner lodged up there that marks exactly how many penises have passed it and adjusts your endocrine system appropriately?

No. 255902

So much for that

>I did the usual thing where I post my most flattering pics and messaged a ton of women in my age range who are 4/10 or lower. No replies.

>Out of the many many women I messaged, only 2 so much as viewed my profile, no doubt just to look at the full sized pictures of me and leave before even bothering to read my profile, let alone reply

>I can't blame them though. Even a 2/10 woman gets 20 or 30 messages a day. She obviously isn't going to take the time to view all their profiles, let alone reply to them.

>I'll probably wait until I'm 30 to fully commit to the LDAR life. I need to get all the things on my LDAR kit list and make a smooth transition.

It's crazy how they fall for shitty obviously faked "experiments" and then start thinking that even deformed women are getting 30 messages a day.

No. 255913

And they never seem to think beyond PIV sex.

Like, does my kawaii-level decrease if I masturbate? Are lesbians kawaii for life, if they have never fucked a dick? Do I pair-bond with my hand if I get myself off?

No. 255914

File: 1487761747688.png (71.67 KB, 438x450, 2017-02-22 06.04.54.png)

Don't forget about the influence of the "cuddle hormone"

No. 255921

So they think if they have sex with a virginal woman, she will fall in love with them because of the "cuddle hormone" but lose her "kawaii"


No. 255931

File: 1487767481189.png (40.76 KB, 431x341, 2017-02-22 07.41.33.png)

No. 255932

File: 1487767691657.png (15.34 KB, 361x104, 2017-02-22 07.46.03.png)

Yes. And apparently if they have a kid, they are sluts.

No. 255969

File: 1487776619132.png (441.98 KB, 1227x1477, IMG_4065.PNG)

No. 255976

It's funny how they pretend women are so stupid and worthless and yet spend so much of their time obsessing over women and ways they can come up with to interact with, touch, and show off to women.

No. 255995

>if she says utters anything of worth tell her to calm down and start talking about how modern feminism has ruined today's society
>then go back to sleep

Ngl, if that happened to me i don't think i would be able to stop myself from laughing.

No. 256006

So.. does he think that a girl won't just shove that dude onto the floor of the bus? Or at least get up and change her seat?

They are pretending as if women don't get harassed on public transport constantly.

No. 256013

Kek, I'm pretty sure this sperg would end up more triggered after the woman called him a creep/weirdo. Why does he think she can't complain because he's "asleep"? Any normal woman would just shove him off of her or complain to a member of staff/the driver or move seats. They're too autistic to understand basic social norms.

No. 256020


What utterance of worth does he expect to come from a woman he's harassing other that 'get the fuck off me'? Seriously?

No. 256065

File: 1487794297285.png (144.91 KB, 372x970, 2017-02-22 15.08.27.png)

An incel has trouble with women having different opinions about makeup


No. 256068

File: 1487794548973.png (127.81 KB, 373x883, 2017-02-22 15.13.22.png)

No. 256091

Holy god this is terrifying.
This dude needs to be locked up forever.

All that talk of beating girls to death and he wonders why they stop talking to him? I'd love to see these conversations he is having with this girls. No doubt he says some creepy shit and they are like "nope. I'm out"

No. 256173

Someone legitimately arguing that women are not the same species as men
>Delude themselves to look more nice now is more accurate. A false portrait. It's shallow and expected from that species.

>Saying we're the same based on what we know biologically in the 21st century is just as hilarious. Saying we're the same species is just being PC. We aren't even close physically. We also don't bleed out of our genitalia or give birth to children. Intelligence, historical, leaders of the world advancements to society ect… there's so much more I can go on. And know wearing make up and believing you look good without factoring it's not your natural self is delusional.

I love how he mentions that he was boasting about his sat results to some chick as if that's not weird, especially with flexing pics.

I'd put money on him just sending pictures of himself and boasting about shit when he messages women.

No. 256218

That's why you have cats and tomcats. Entirely different species. The idiocy of these guys boggles the mind.

Hahaha, how these guys don't get that most women do not I've a fuck about their opinion.

How dare these women have girlfriends?!

Idk, these guys get treated like pretty much every average person ever, but the conclusions they take away from it are so crazy that I will now look at awkward guys on the train with mistrust. Don't know if that's an incel who's just waiting to beat me up for being married.

No. 256219

I've = give

No. 257266

File: 1487980645783.png (37.58 KB, 375x268, 2017-02-24 18.41.09.png)

Professional shitposter StAlia has been suspended for inciting violence. He is the author of such hits as "I'm going to ask my mom to fuck me on my birthday" (>>253305), "Parents could prevent inceldom through incest" (>>253300), and "Considering Necrophilia" (>>211695).


No. 257277

I'm sure his crazy will be missed.

No. 257318

It actually will be. They often mourn not having angryman and some others.

No. 257618

You guys are absolutely nasty people

No. 257628

File: 1488003946076.jpg (89.36 KB, 800x600, IMG_7684.JPG)

No. 257633

File: 1488004005429.png (132.56 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7683.PNG)

No. 257638


No. 257643

He cute

No. 257644

He has a really cute "boy next door" look about him, but his whining and self-entitlement ruins the facade.

No. 257649

Oh, no. I don't read this thread because I'm not a masochist but this kid actually has potential. Get out while you can dude. Plenty of autistic people live functioning normal lives.

I don't understand why average/attractive people would be incels other than the tism. It doesn't have to be this way child

No. 257655

They still want the hottest/cutest geek girl they can slip dick into. Incels will still reject uggos and fatties despite being average or unattractive themselves because they've been trained to have unwarranted self-importance.
They think because they're not chasing after Stacey Thundertits it means alternative girls surely have no standards and aren't looking for men with good looks with sweet personalities or anything like that.

No. 257671

A lot of them sound like they don't actually want alternative or nerdy girls either… I've heard them describe their "perfect woman" as plain but conventionally attractive, no makeup, no tattoos, demure, eager to please, domesticated, no interests in politics or activism and basically into average and normal hobbies like sewing or cooking.

Basically akin to the description of a 1950's housewife, I've rarely if ever (certainly not what's been posted in these past two threads) seen them mention they want a woman with an actual personality, just someone they can control and mold into their own cookie cutter shapes.

No. 257698

Do women like that even exist anymore these days? Did women like that ever exist? Anime girls are literally more attainable than that.

If any of these guys ever did find their "perfect woman" they'd get bored so quickly. What's the point of life if there's no passion or conflict?

I need to leave this thread before I spiral in to an existential depression. People like this don't even entertain me. They just make me sad.

Their only use to society is making other people feel better about themselves because "At least I'm not that pathetic".

No. 257713

File: 1488013887014.png (54.55 KB, 917x427, 8gu4s3c.png)

GreatLoadsofFun has so been banned. He posted this thread suggesting that he was going to o on a shooting spree:http://archive.is/qQNYD

Pic of gun: http://imgur.com/a/Zyv30

No. 257744

I'd imagine they'd be a lot more easier to find in the more god-fearing places of the bible-belt? I also think it's why they have fetishes for East Asian girls as well… they have this really naive idea that everything is going to be perfect like some romantic fairytale that's portrayed in movies.

Christ, it's like they expect women to fall at their feet as soon as introductions are made, many women want to establish trustworthy friendships before they would even consider inviting them/want to be invited to hang out, let alone feel obligated to go further than that… it's all or nothing for them, they don't want to make the effort, they just want a cum receptacle that will serve them like Gods… they forego the fundamentals of relationships and want to skip the stage of forming a potential bond and they should never be forced… next they'll be blaming women when they finally get laid and it ends up being a one-night stand or just a fuckbuddy situation where they're easily disposable until that woman actually falls in love with someone else because their rival played the game in the right way.

They're a self defeating group of people who don't have any personality, it's entirely focused on sex and every time they fail to achieve that goal, the more violent and predictable they become, it's a horrible cycle, it's so empty and lifeless.

They need to fucking invest in a Real Doll for fucks sake, everyone wins and nobody gets hurt.

No. 257745

They probably don't want a girl like that either. They're setting up impossible expectations so they can stop facing the reality and see why they're truly depressed (hint, because they're emotionally stunted pieces of shit)

They could get that girl and still find something to bitch about (She's nagging me ! She has pubic hairs ! She wants to spend too much time with me !)
They never lived outside of mom's basement, how would they be able to handle an actual relationship anyway ?

Women are just scapegoats to direct their angers. That's why they don't want normie's advices, they don't want to consider that working on their fucking personnality and own demons is what would truly help them.

No. 257747

I completely agree, you know for a fact they're gonna end up being horrible abusive shitheads to any woman that may happen to fall for their shit.

It's like they're trying to impose an obituary and flawed rule set on humanity and when it doesn't come to fruition, they fucking lose their shit like "IT'S NOT MEANT TO BE LIKE THIS, I WAN'T TO FUCK ALL THE TIME AND THEY'RE MEANT TO GROVEL AT MY FEET, I FUCKING HATE EVERYTHING, WOMEN NEED EXTERMINATING!"

No. 258009

>Did women like that ever exist?

History says no. That 1950's Norman Rockwell/Leave It To Beaver idyllic lifestyle never happened on the scale so many people think it did. Sure women in general were more skilled in domestic things like cooking and sewing than they are now, but that was mostly because there was fuck all else for them to do. It was harder for them to get jobs and go to college simply because they were women. However, if you can get past the cherry picked crap, you'll find out women then still worked on cars, partied, smoked (fucking EVERYONE smoked), rode motorcycles, read sexy novels, and did other shit that incels would hate.

People fucked, drank, cheated, lied, abused, got high, fought, etc just like they do today. People want to romanticize the fuck out the 50s but it's just not true.

No. 258370

Most of their ideology is about avoiding responsibility.

Going "I'm unsuccessful in whatever because of the Halo effect" is a lot easier than having to admit your own faults and failures, for them at least.

You see it with work stuff even, how they link one study showing taller people earn slightly more, and claim that means you can't be successful unless you're 6'+, or how they insanely misinterpret what the halo effect is to say that you can't be unlikeable if you're good looking.

No. 258377

Is there any way of alerting the police?

They spend all day every day fantisizing about women, of course none will ever be as great as their imagination. I've known girls like this, who had crazily high standards (and thus never got laid) but at least they didn't threaten to kill someone.

No. 258392

They can twist anything into a negative. I found this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Incels/comments/5w1u86/what_percentage_of_men_you_see_on_an_average_day/ that seems to have bothered them a bit. It links to an AskWomen thread, asking what percentage of men do you see that you would date based on looks. Most of the women were like "idk I how would I know if I wanted to date this hypothetical man, if I didn't know anything about him".

But incels interpreted this as a classic case of women minimizing the role of looks in attraction:
>Women are such terrible liars. "I don't care about men's looks at all, it's all about the heart!!"
>"This serial killer with a strong jaw must be a great guy!!!"
>Getting a girlfriend isn't hard. All you have to do is be a male model.
>Wow, a community full of virtuous nuns who have no attraction to the male gender. Well, unless Chad comes along of course.

No. 258393

>Is there any way of alerting the police?


The only sections you have to fill out are the Information and Recaptcha ones. You can leave Your First Name, etc. blank.

No. 258418

Yeah, I love how they just claim that they know better than all women about how they feel because of what some guys claimed, then just call women who say they're wrong liars.

I love how they link a random blog as a source for their claims too. That blog won't have any real sources, it's just going to have a few infographs and the same thing restated outside the subreddit.

No. 258428

Plus, you'd think the idea of women wanting to get to know a guy before dating would be reassuring to