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File: 1471837513503.jpg (71.67 KB, 500x559, tumblr_obzk8yPfaj1utzqgco1_500…)

No. 167514

Bree Mcgee, known on tumblr as E-Brat, Maggotmother, and now www.dustspeck.tumblr.com
used to be a lulzy tumblr feminist playing the oppression olympics and basically spending her time at her parents house getting triggered by everything.

then she started internet dating this nasty guy called Paul who turned out to be a gross abusive fuck and she got dragged by tumblr (http://cumstainsheets.tumblr.com/post/137827171213/psa-cumstainsheets-is-a-predator)

she stopped posting for a while when she moved to LA to be with said nasty abuser but promptly started posting on tumblr again after she suddenly left LA and was broken up with almost immediately. I know other things happened but i honestly don't remember and she blocked me on everything :(

does anyone have more dirt on her? she bugs the fuck out of me

No. 167520

no one cares about your fat pasty tumblr ass

No. 167525

>not posting links

No. 167532

Ohhhh yes, about time someone made a thread about this fucking cow..

I remember a little bit ago she broke up with her ftm boyfriend (tumblr url dreamboy1991) complaining about how abusive they were and all the panic attacks she would have thinking about him being with other people and stupid shit…

There was one post about her sniffing her own vagina and saying that she "smells so good"

No. 167533

File: 1471843006121.jpg (237.07 KB, 720x1280, d6ebcb5d-11ca-46e5-82cc-eda13b…)

I'm so mad that she could actually be pleasing to look at without her fucking stupid haircut, makeup and outfits. Like her body isn't awful looking but my GOD her face…….

No. 167534

The only thing "not awful" about her is that she isn't fat, bitch needs to run some laps, and so some sit ups. She has no waist at all

No. 167547


oh my god my ~internet friend group~ blew up after her breakup with shannon/noah/whatever because bree was saying he was abusive but in actuality shannon and 3 of bree's other very close friends accused HER of being the abusive one which is not altogether unreasonable considering the fact that she's a lunatic

No. 167548

one of the things that's always really bothered me about her is that she constantly complains about how fat she is and how gross she looks when relative to actual irl fatties she's pretty slim. she does this reverse wannarexic thing of taking photos that intentionally make her look bigger so people will accept her into the body positive movement. she also said she was filipino (??) so she could be considered nonwhite by her SJW followers

No. 167558

"does anyone have more dirt…?" pretty sure these kind of garbage posts were banned already.

either post milk and links, or try to make a less obvious self post

No. 168610

FINALLY I've wanted a thread on her for so long but didn't know how to start one.

I remember Noah saying she was the abusive one too and everyone was choosing sides. also knew that Paul guy was a fucking creep… there was something about him hitting on other girls on okcupid while dating bree.
she's also a highschool drop out and couldn't get a job because of her anxiety so she would just masturbate and post on tumblr all day while making shitty music.

last I knew she was also all buddy buddy with 2jam4u who is also pretty lulzy.

No. 177544

File: 1475028404090.png (479.66 KB, 1052x375, Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 7.06…)

i'm fb friends with her and it looks like she's def still together or at least associating with her scum abuser bf

also new ugly hair

No. 177550

I s2g that hairstyle is the mullet of this decade

No. 177583


the Lord Farquaad, if you will

No. 177590

File: 1475041834269.png (136.13 KB, 275x266, image.png)

No. 180297

File: 1475788036734.png (307.92 KB, 498x445, Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 12.2…)

same anon, i'm gonna guess by her vague posts that maybe she woke up and realized how fucked up this dude was

No. 183160

i've known her for a long time. since before she dated noah, before he transitioned and everything..bree used to be tolerable but tumblr made her awful

No. 193054

I came across her through Luna's new tumblr, and, hooo boy, this chick is something. I went through the very earliest posts and made my way from there. She starts out talking about some dude named Paul she met on okcupid, and she moved to California to be with him because ABUSIVE PARENTS!! :( then complains about how her bf's family is mad she won't get a job and doesn't contribute anything to the household. She ended up getting kicked out for being a loser and being sent back to New York. There she fluctuates between talking about how horrible her parents are, and then saying how great they are. She also does the Luna thing where she complains that no one will get her a birthday gift :'( or send her money for food, and gets called out by people who offered to send her stuff.
Now she's claiming to be trans and it's causing a stir on tumblr.
Seriously, just go through her archive and there's a lot of stupid shit in there.
She's very similar to Luna, except she has actual art skills and I don't think she's addicted to hard drugs?

No. 193056

File: 1478189442149.jpg (106.64 KB, 422x750, lol.jpg)

Also, them granny panties and tiny titties

No. 193301

she also seems to be getting strung along by that scummy Paul fuck? mentioning that he's the only person she cares abt getting attention from in between mental illness posts and rants abt being SOOOO TRANS all of the sudden

No. 193336

File: 1478224998020.png (52.53 KB, 767x234, Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 6.57…)


^^^ Paul's old URL got taken by someone else and they used it to make his being a gross abuser permanently on the internet, nice

meanwhile every time he's mentioned on bree's tumblr she's defending that he's 'changed' and turns it on whichever person is concerned about her still being in contact with him, i.e 'why do you care who i'm dating' or 'everyone does shitty things' or throws her mental illness and past abuse trauma in the mix for good measure (completely ignoring how paul's victims who were also abused feel lol)

and when it's not about that it's v ironically about how he doesn't give her enough attention or she can't get a hold of him or something, but yeah he sounds like a GREAT partner what a keeper 10/10

pic related

No. 193338

File: 1478225147821.jpg (74.52 KB, 500x667, paul1.jpg)

She's definitely in denial about what a scumbag he is. Anytime someone brings up what a piece of shit he is, she throws a huge fit. She says how he's her only reason for living, lmao.
He goes on ignore-sprees and goes out partying all the time, and she flips out, but rushes to his arms when he comes back online. Like, holy shit. She's just enabling this.
Also, pic related; look at that sexy beast. Now I know what she sees in him.

No. 193343

File: 1478225533774.png (14.85 KB, 508x331, breetrans.png)

She says she's trans, but she doesn't feel like a boy.
Her responses speak for themselves.
Someone wants attention.

No. 193345

yeah, last time he ignored her for a while she had a big freakout and panicked and thought he was dead??? when it was pretty clear he was like asleep or working. had her followers all worried about her well-being and it was a false alarm, of course

which i mean, i've dealt with mental illness my whole life, i know how it is to be anxiety-ridden and really dependent on people and have little things mean the world to you but like…….. she takes it too far EVERY time. i used to follow her back when she'd have at least one big public shitstorm over something at least once a week and it looks like she never stopped

No. 193347

File: 1478226255736.png (12.59 KB, 708x236, paulisdead.png)

He probably doesn't respond to her because she's too clingy and whiny. I mean, he's still a scumbag, but I would be annoyed by her, too.
She dramatizes EVERY time she doesn't hear from him, and stresses her followers out, then offers no explanation or apology.
Here's the wild ride from when she thought he was dead, and the climax of that ordeal.

No. 193358

File: 1478227902511.jpg (35.67 KB, 225x400, breeface1.jpg)

Her fucking face. What is she doing with her eyebrows. And her haircut does her no favors! The first time I saw her tumblr, I was like, what the fuck am I looking at?
And she actually looked good in some high school photos she posted a while back.

No. 193364

File: 1478228535034.jpg (37.06 KB, 423x640, breehighschool.jpg)

Here's the high school photo.
What happened, Bree?

No. 193386

File: 1478233192876.jpg (58.49 KB, 960x640, 10645252_10202975330640320_227…)

i…… is this supposed to be the better photo???

imo she was cutest like 2 years ago, when she had wavy brown healthy-looking hair and wasn't quite as obnoxious/ at her most genuine i guess

No. 193387

she looks fine

No. 193391

you can tell she's naturally pretty/ has good bone structure (or at least imo has always had kind of a cool face) but i would advise you to mute this if you watch it because she's annoying as SHIT

No. 193395

She would look a lot better if she did something different with her hair and didn't bleach her eyebrows all the time. Her red eyeshadow doesn't help either.

No. 193396

File: 1478235043735.jpg (56.75 KB, 500x500, breeface2.jpg)

She looks like a transvestite. Maybe that's why she says she's trans.

No. 193564

File: 1478281611590.png (5.66 KB, 713x141, nov42016.png)

They broke up again. She'll probably post in about 7 hours how they're back together.

No. 193567

op pic reminds me of that girl involved with jun euthanizeallwhitepeople lol

No. 193568

Yeah, I thought this was a thread about her first.

No. 193576


my biggest peeve about her is that she glorifies those terrifying eye brows

No. 193578


why doesn't she ever go out with him??

No. 193579

He lives in California, while she lives in New York. She did live with him for a few months, but she fucked it up by not getting a job and being a lazy bum around the house, until his family kicked her out and forced her to move back to NY.

No. 193580

because he's in LA and she had to move back in with her parents (in the DMV area I think?) so it's long distance

No. 193584

I'll just leave this here

No. 193585

File: 1478285260222.png (59.97 KB, 530x415, Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 11.3…)

notice how she never listens to the people who actually care about her sanity? tbh I feel really bad for her in the situation with her bf because it's so obvious he's using her extremely severe mental problems to fuck with her/ make her feel like anything going wrong is her fault. i still think what she did with ignoring his abuse towards others was shitty, but it's probably hard to see that abuse clearly knowing she was abused in the past as well

No. 193586

File: 1478285324741.png (63.99 KB, 758x519, Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 6.10…)

another pic related

No. 193589

It would be easy to feel bad for her if she wasn't such a fucking bitch. People try to help her all the time and she just pushes them away and yells at them for being negative. A lot of her problems are brought on by herself. The first time Paul cheated on her, people tried to tell her and she just blew up at them and defended him.

No. 193592

>i feel french

lol ok..

No. 193602

File: 1478288005497.png (3.15 KB, 711x68, conventional.png)

Going through her archive and finding a lot of gold

No. 193618

omg pls continue to milk the cow this shit is problematic and amusing

No. 193629

File: 1478294110138.png (5.23 KB, 713x66, attemptsuicide.png)

Fucking casual

No. 193630

the best part is that she thinks she's some kind of profound brave social justice advocate, but she's been fucking hypocritical for YEARS. actual trans people don't buy her 'i'm not cis anymore' bullshit, actual people with mental illness are sick of trying to help or sympathize when she pushes them away, actual abuse victims are done with her denial and defense of her piece of shit predator boyfriend. I have a similar, though less severe mental illness/ ED recovery that takes work to live with, i want to synpathize but you can't live your life thinking that the fact that you struggle excuses you from being shitty. She's even losing relevance among her SJW circle because a big part of their morals involve constantly analyzing/ checking your privilege and problematic behavior, they probably realize that she pretty much ALWAYS has an excuse for every scummy thing she's done. you can't always be a victim, and she always makes herself one.

I always thought she wasn't anywhere near as bad as Luna and was surprised they were friends at all, and although bree is a decent artist, can be pretty, isn't a druggie and hasn't scammed anyone to my knowledge, everything else about her makes me realize she's a perfect friend for luna.

i wish she hadn't deleted her older tumblr archives, it starts from mid-2015 but she's been the same old bree since at least 2012 and it would've been satisfying as fuck to pull out some really old receipts of her bullshit (especially since as much as she claims abuse a lot of her ex-friends say she was just as abusive to noah as she claims he was to her)

No. 193632

I've only been lurking on her for a couple weeks but I noticed that. I especially like her recent posts about "I'm trans but I don't feel like a boy ew gross"

No. 193633

File: 1478294885161.png (6.03 KB, 714x149, shitwtf.png)

Was shitting herself a problem as a teenager or

No. 193637

File: 1478295260743.jpg (46.44 KB, 919x542, 1896816_606990892712909_396856…)

They're truly a match made in heaven, kek

No. 193640

File: 1478295574533.png (201.43 KB, 732x846, noahdrama.png)

Drama with her ex, Noah, back in August last year. She was just asking for it

No. 193643

bless her eyebrows in that pic she obviously can tame them into real nice natural brows

No. 193651

File: 1478296327875.png (22.69 KB, 523x565, backwardshand.png)

Draws a hand backwards, gets it pointed out, has panic attack and bitchfit, threatens suicide

No. 193653

File: 1478296652364.png (16.16 KB, 720x196, fucksupjob.png)

Posts about how she is bleeding SO badly and needs to go to the hospital, but doesn't actually go to the hospital
Also calls off work after just starting it and annoys her boss

No. 193657

File: 1478296872431.png (16.56 KB, 519x451, morewhining.png)

Continuation of the above story where she whines to the whole internet about how she's bleeding out and going to die because her mom can't take her to the hospital, instead of calling 911 like a real person in danger would

No. 193663

File: 1478297353967.jpg (159.22 KB, 1280x720, maletears.jpg)


No. 193671

I don't follow this thread much but just saw this as I was scrolling by. That is the most manipulative, cry baby bullshit I have ever seen. She needs to grow the fuck up!

No. 193750

Reading through her archive of when she first met Paul in person, no wonder he got sick of her shit. As SOON as she met him, she was crying about her BPD, making herself throw up, and cutting herself. The first few days they hung out after meeting online.

No. 193756

please correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't there some claim that an alt-right white nationalist was the proprietor of this particular mug? that all money from misguided SJWs was sent to the people they hated?
was that just propaganda?

No. 193769

File: 1478306101590.png (3.74 KB, 519x151, WHY.png)


No. 193773

File: 1478306368476.png (2.84 KB, 710x75, nottrans.png)

"Are you trans?"

No. 193781

File: 1478307278835.png (5.01 KB, 720x98, daddylol.png)

I'm cringing posting this

No. 193788

I haven't been this cringed in a long fucking time

No. 193857

there's 800 different people/companies that sell these.
i'm sure there's many who got in on it like that one picture says.

No. 193888

she baleeted everything from the last like 24 hours, so either they got back together or she realizes she looks fucking stupid/ no one pities her anymore

No. 193902

File: 1478338822674.png (4.07 KB, 709x68, deathscenario.png)

I'll keep posting screenshots in case she baleets EVERYTHING.

Why does she always assume Paul is dead? Does he lead a secret double life as a hitman?

No. 193911

File: 1478340234132.png (13.68 KB, 716x222, jumped.png)

I guess this is why she always thinks he's dead. Smells like BS to me, though

No. 193913

File: 1478340457907.png (619.77 KB, 723x591, morecringe.png)

I have no words, except, shave your fucking armpits, goddamn

No. 193915

File: 1478340741289.png (14.91 KB, 719x220, quitsjob.png)

Gets drunk an hour before work, quits job, says she can make more money as an artist, says it will be good for her mental health because being a broke highschool drop out boosts self esteem

No. 193923

File: 1478342391004.png (20.52 KB, 727x525, feedbacktojob.png)

People call her out for being a retard about quitting her job

No. 193924

File: 1478343107752.jpg (50.97 KB, 480x640, tumblr_nyf2hytETd1utzqgco1_500…)

I think she would look a lot better if she went back to long hair, instead of the stupid fucking haircut she has now

No. 193939

File: 1478349397749.png (3.01 KB, 711x67, bigareola.png)

Careful Luna, she might steal Lurch away from you

No. 193942

File: 1478350195584.png (5.77 KB, 712x70, shit.png)

Why do people do this

No. 193944

what is it with these annoying tumblr girls and those goddamn way too short bangs

No. 193946

File: 1478350422002.png (29.52 KB, 717x313, sexualabuse.png)

For someone who is triggered by sexual assault and rape, she sure does love posting about being choked and beat up by her boyfriend during sex, kek

No. 193950

File: 1478350887014.png (4.25 KB, 714x70, trigger.png)

Don't trigger her, okay, she's ACTIVELY trying to kill herself

No. 193951

File: 1478351450876.png (399.88 KB, 716x347, 2012vs2016.png)

Again, what happened?

No. 193954

File: 1478352001792.png (63.9 KB, 720x1180, breebawwww.png)

She can't handle criticism, it triggers her and makes her want to kill herself :'(

No. 193956

File: 1478352293928.png (283.03 KB, 530x824, rapesurvivor.png)

I'm guessing based on context, her "daddy issues", and other clues that her rapist was her father? Does anyone have any light to shed on this?

Also, lel, at not wanting to give too many details but writes a fucking novel

No. 193965

I was gonna screencap Bree's Moving to LA Adventure~, but there's too much shit.
So I'll give you guys a breakdown

-Bree throws a fit, saying she can't live with her rapist(dad?) anymore
-Uses her tax return to move in with Paul and his grandma
-Refuses to get a job and cries on tumblr about needing money because Paul's grandma says she can't live there unless she helps with the bills
-Gets sent at LEAST $450 by unsuspecting innocents on tumblr
-Spends all her time laying around the house, drinking and smoking, and taking shitty selfies to post for notes
-Paul's grandma takes away her cigs and tells her to get a fucking job
-Cries because California law changes the legal age for buying tobacco to 21 (she's 20 at the time)
-Gets herself and Paul kicked out of the house
-Has to return to Maryland :'( Proceeds to bawww about it on tumblr
She lasted about a month out there

No. 193974

Wow, she was really cute.

No. 193976

i like how asking her to contribute to bills is "abusive". lmao what kinda shit

No. 193985

i can't believe nobody has mentioned how bree thinks she's a POC because she has a filipino grandmother

No. 193992

I remember she made a post once (I think it was about the BLM)that some people perceived as "speaking over black people" and someone called her out and Bree's excuse was "i'm poc, i'm 1/4 filipina".

Also I remember when she had a fight with some random girl on tumblr cause she wanted her to tag her pics cause the girl was skinny and that "triggered" her

No. 193993

wow i would wanna kill myself too if i was her EWWWWWWWWW

No. 193994

shes like a clone of molly soda from 2012

No. 194008

File: 1478364515939.jpg (1.53 MB, 1000x1500, LADYGUNN-MOLLY-SODA-ANNA-BLODA…)

like, carbon copy type of clone

No. 194023

i have been waiting for a mollysoda thread honestly, i followed her in like 2010/11 and eventually just had to stop bc she was so annoying i rly don't understand the popularity

No. 194025

She looks like she is greasy 24/7.

No. 194029

Please tell me that that dick on her thigh is made with a pencil.

Also, I know it's normal to grow a "happy trail" but holy shit is hers thick

No. 194032

Weird soft spot for molly soda but I could admit she was a cow if she was. past her cringe (or quirks) and "omg ew why is she so hairy????" she's not milky at all. a thread would be pointless

No. 194037

Speaking of greasy, Bree says how she only showers once a week, kek

No. 194056

:( I accidentally backspaced and number and I'm on mobile

No. 194174

She's puerto rican. A lot of non white girls have visible body hair.

No. 194196

File: 1478388797865.png (2.53 KB, 526x72, ebrat.png)


No. 194235

does her ex noah still have a tumblr?

No. 194266


No. 194349

No. 194354

yucky and also smelly.

No. 194410

File: 1478432692924.png (34.87 KB, 759x595, suicideagain.png)

Just fucking do it

No. 194411

File: 1478432967537.png (7.23 KB, 517x124, breeandluna.png)

Luna and Bree are special snowflakes~

No. 194415

Can't stand her Men Chin

No. 194419

She's got some masculine shoulders as well

No. 194745

i remember this girl from when i used to have a tumblr. she was a total cunt.

No. 194788

She claims she sees a psychiatrist and therapist on a regular basis, but based on her posts, either she's full of shit or someone isn't doing their job right.

No. 194894

nice tbh. love girls w/ pubes like that. her body's not bad, it's too bad she's got a man face and shit makeup skills…

No. 194897

IKR, why is that a thing? It looks awful. They normally give themselves botched haircuts because… art student? This girl would look like a man regardless, so it's just annoying on her, but it's kinda sad when someone actually pretty does it. They're still pretty, but you can't take your eyes off of those fucked up bangs… and the second they grow back and start to look nice, they fuck it up again.

No. 194901

File: 1478516973479.jpg (112.52 KB, 500x667, breebeer.jpg)

What is going on here

No. 194924

i asked her this because i was curious as to why she's obviously not seeking help and send a reply to her answer "oh okay i was just curious because you post every single day for years that you want to kill yourself and you never talk about DBT (only know 'cure' for BPD). I hope it's going well. I know whenever I have tried to talk to my therapist or psych about suicide and self harm they tend to try to hospitalize me, but I don't see that's happened to you"
and gosh darn, she didn't respond.

No. 194960

Because she's a fucking liar who makes shit up for attention. She probably tells her psychiatrist and therapist that everything is fine because she's too scared to actually be institutionalized. That, or she doesn't want to seem less edgy by being on medication and not being suicidal online because that means less asspats from her followers.

No. 194983

well i hope she sees this fucking thread one day (dont worry i WILL NOT tip the cow) and realizes how MANIPULATIVE AND ABLEIST THAT IS.

I actually have borderline and I am open about it and I can't vocalize my feeling of suicidal ideation all over the internet because it would kill me if that got back to my parents like can you imagine? </inb4 blog post>

she is such a spoiled, stupid immature brat all she needs is a shitty scam and she's
#1 cow material

No. 195000

She's posted on tumblr begging for money because she doesn't want to get a job, and begging for gifts for get birthday because her "abusive" parents won't buy her anything, so she's almost there.

No. 195233

File: 1478567159654.png (325.52 KB, 511x408, kek.png)

for some reason I thought this was so funny i laughed out loud

No. 195340

Okay, this made me laugh too. What a way to respond to anything. "i have depression."

No. 195458

Someone previously complained about her chewing gum really loudly during a makeup tutorial.
I don't know anyone who chews like a fucking pig because of "depression."

No. 195666

File: 1478632311529.jpg (11.69 KB, 400x400, tyTc1Nl.jpg)

No. 195906

Woop, she deleted her tumblr

No. 195911

Nvm she changed her url to takingabreakidkbye

No. 195964

oo i can't find it
who tipped the cow

No. 195967

Go to Luna's tumblr on mobile and look on her followed list for Here's icon

No. 196300

File: 1478765844048.png (27.71 KB, 579x163, Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 11.4…)

looks like she's taking a break from all of social media??? this was her facebook. her instagram is still up tho

No. 196343

Either she found the thread or Paul fucked her up good

No. 196746

lets rape this bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 196754


No. 197403

this cow is definitely filled with more milk, anyone got any???
she's far to snowflakey to just disappear

No. 197404

File: 1479018730593.png (865.57 KB, 654x552, breemcsneeze.png)

nasty thing i'm glad shes "not a girl"

No. 197422

she looks so cute in those pics in particular i can't even believe she's the same ugly goblin in >>193396
Bree wtf you're doing with your life?

No. 197424

SJW happened
srsly all SJWs think they look so kool with a botched haircut, stupid overdrawn brows and this fucking obnoxious bright red lipstick. i swear it's like a trademark look already.

No. 198067

whats pauls new tumblr?? or instagram??

No. 198078

she kind of looks like a more attractive version of that girl clownhysteria on tumblr

No. 198303

File: 1479156333707.png (10.45 KB, 561x189, gross.png)

She did something to her theme so you can't view anything unless you add /mobile to the end of the url.
Here's some more milk, before she deletes it

No. 198305

I don't think he has one

No. 198309

File: 1479156525406.png (14.47 KB, 1363x185, iphone.png)

"you classist fucking rude ass piece of shit"

No. 198371

that's old.

No. 198373

also old and has been posted in this thread, come on anon.

No. 206808

She went back to dustspeck.tumblr.com

No. 206818

she's also real active on IG
she's real boring though also it looks like her "bf" is there but he doesn't let her film him haha theres one on her story right now i think and you can see a guys hands doing something but no face etc and she's posting how shes SOOO IN LUV right now too so i'm assuming thats him

No. 206875

this is late but i was just lurking her insta and found paul's account. it's private though. stale_beer

No. 207430

File: 1480656815301.jpg (55.12 KB, 360x247, 20161201_212728.jpg)

Is no one gonna talk about how much she over lines her lips?

No. 208992

It probably has to do with her crying about how much he ignored her on tumblr, and people probably harassed him over it.

No. 211197

She's active on her tumblr again

No. 211397

shes so gross in videos also her ig stories omg she's just like, foul.

No. 212392

What drives me crazy are these girls probably think they're "unique" and they're all carbon copies of each other. I work with three girls who look exactly like this, identifiable only by hair color.

No. 212676

File: 1481568134348.jpg (140.07 KB, 500x573, bree1211.jpg)

Much sophisticated, you can tell by the beret and cigarette

No. 212677

You can tell this bitch is hairy by just looking at her brows

No. 212681

And by the dozens of nude photos she posts of her hairy snatch and armpits…

No. 223289

Looks like Bree is still with Paul. She posted on tumblr that she's going to visit him in a few weeks

No. 315835

the sheer lack of self awareness in this thread is fucking astounding

No. 315842

What are you talking about, bumps-a-thread-five-months-later-with-vague-ass-post anon??

No. 422840

File: 1510591917964.png (1.44 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2017-10-20-16h48m40s42…)

well that return was underwhelming

No. 422861

File: 1510593461848.png (160.9 KB, 271x251, Schermata 2017-11-13 alle 18.1…)

what the frecking fuck is this?

No. 422867

She looks like every girl in every DIY scene across the nation

No. 570053

is there a molly soda thread? shes much hotter(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 570289

molly is a degenerate

No. 570328

This thread is dead gtfo it ya dumbass

No. 570560

This cute ngl

No. 798065

anyone still interested in her? im her sibling(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 798080

Post milk if you have it, no need to ask

No. 798537

I heard Paul committed suicide.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 798558

can anyone confirm this?

No. 798608

File: 1555552605511.png (38.47 KB, 883x495, Capture.PNG)

only ominous asks in bree's ask box. p sure she was and is no longer with him which from the sounds of it is a good thing. the bumps (in the last 11 months) may be paul playing games and being crazy.

No. 798620

File: 1555556340463.png (460.79 KB, 449x655, Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 7.54…)


it might actually be true, judging by her IG story…

No. 799094

File: 1555731013697.png (2.26 MB, 1754x1142, Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 11.2…)

Confirmation from family that paul is dead, most likely suicide

No. 799097

This dumb bitch is 20 tho of course she’s an idiot. Didn’t know tumblr was even still used how embarrassing

No. 799098

she was 20 back when she was relevant in like 2015, she's probably in her mid-20's by now? also i think IG is the only social media she still uses (she hasn't been on tumblr in like a year aside from popping in to ask ppl to donate to her gofundme and randomly mentioning that she fucked one of toopoor's exes lol)

No. 803084

Any nudes that aren't from her insta/tumblr?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 988423

File: 1592417806478.png (278.67 KB, 1125x1958, Screenshot 2020-06-17 at 1.00.…)

She is very active on insta @slipnotnightcore

her best friend just died of a heroin OD and she is coping via depressed insta stories

No. 988426

really embracing the gutterlez look these dayz too

No. 988434

why does she look like Yolandi Visser

No. 990843


Imagine being this harpy's kid brother back in the SJW peak days. Fucking shudder.

No. 1004721

She apparantly has a manyvids too. She mentioned it one time in her story but didn't give any details. Anyone know what it is?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1007255

I’m dating this harpy’s kid brother lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1007405

>>988423 this lying, toxic manipulative attention whore is not relevant anymore

No. 1007911

she's pretty stable and not milky anymore, she went to therapy and got meds so now she's just another former tumblr art hoe. let the cow rest

No. 1008585

just read this thread for the first time— i met paul on tinder when he was living in brooklyn with some skinhead looking kid and he tried to put his dick in my mouth when i was sleeping

No. 1018020

File: 1596653668785.png (4.35 MB, 750x1334, 52003E1F-6375-4F7C-8A6B-CA28B9…)

has problem with neighbor, resolves by breaking dishes at neighbors door

No. 1018102

i don't get the point in keeping this dead thread alive, who cares. she's just another hipster now. her neighbor was harassing her with humiliating texts so this was deserved

No. 1018139

Lol any sane person knows that in order to get even with harassment, you stoop to the harassers level and act batshit

No. 1018156


At least in the following updates she declared 'fuck fentanyl' so hopefully there won't be any 'I have no idea how it got in the sippy cup' mysteries in her future.

No. 1033873

File: 1599291536254.png (3.83 MB, 750x1334, D05A96B3-9447-4708-B131-C7825B…)

the tiktok of her putting monistat in her pussy lol what the fuck

No. 1034086

File: 1599336866445.jpeg (217.48 KB, 640x1009, 596C089A-5DCA-4428-AB55-2A0AB3…)

Well that huge ass cut does not look like she's stable.

No. 1034087

File: 1599336930749.jpeg (386.07 KB, 640x999, 213CDC48-2EAD-4B33-A1B2-F8E1B8…)

Samefag - This explains it all and also confirms Pauls suicide. Oof

No. 1035741

She posted a story talking about a week long alcohol bender. How she drank a handle of vodka a night for a week. Asking for Xanax to help her detox. Then manically posted videos of her and a friend saying they fought and how they both have BPD and sometimes they fuck. Wish I screenshotted. Safe to say she needs help right now.

No. 1036201

File: 1599702367948.png (2.42 MB, 750x1334, 1AC42971-A4FC-4F0E-8B31-E4E343…)

No. 1036203

File: 1599702474006.png (2.96 MB, 750x1334, 3DBEBA59-0253-402A-8F57-A6A597…)

needs to get serious help not just rely on some dude to save her

No. 1036211

File: 1599703581121.png (3.82 MB, 750x1334, 531EBF13-8824-4DF5-BFD4-2FA79E…)

this was the screenshot from the “bender”

No. 1036247

She could just check herself into detox, it's not like it's not available in nyc. All she needs to do is walk into a hospital that offers it and ask if they have open beds.

No. 1036347

she lives in baltimore and tried inpatient about a month or two ago at the same place she goes every year but with covid everythings pretty fucked up

No. 1036353



I was going to ask if men really date these types of chicks but I looked back in the thread and realized she probably means other dykes that pretend to be boys. I've dated some ugly lesbians but this is just too much.

No. 1036360

giving men a lot of credit here lol but nah she really means men, her most recent bender was over some dude dumping her (she kept posting shit saying fuck men) even tho she’s still going on about her boyfriend that died

No. 1036960

“I can’t stop shaking I’m so physically ill”
-framed selfie posted on Instagram along with the million others featuring her dancing and doing whatever recently

No. 1036962

Honestly she started to seem pretty unmilky there for a minute but really went off the deep end again. Yeah it’s understandable her friend overdosed and that must be tough but it really sounds like maybe she should take some time away from Instagram and get some goddamn help and process her emotions. And get a new haircut, that would help.

No. 1036969

Dont forget this is the friend she publicly ~cancelled~ for stealing money/her debit card months ago

No. 1037783

her recent bender was about her friend dying from an OD, his birthday was today

No. 1038155

No. 1041735

nah ive been occasionally keeping up w this stupid thread since it started, just bc its so incredibly insane how yall think you know who i am or even spend energy talking about me: esp assuming how im dealing w all the traumatic events in my life. the internet isnt real life. what i share online is 1/100th of who i am or what i do. yall are fuckin weird but go off love u xoxo(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1041755

you've popularized and glamorized abusive relationships, drug use, cutting, and other stupidity to your young audience.
not to mention weirdly lying about being half filipina and claiming your dad sexually abused you while still posting videos like "showing dad death grips for the first time"
stop streaming and showcasing your horrible ways of coping to the public, it's narcissistic and manipulative. get some fucking help or have friends help you. having BPD doesn't give you an excuse to act out and lie and manipulate

No. 1041767

Girl at least admit that your BPD heart has been shook by discovering a thread about you. Everyone can see it in your instagram stories where you pretend to be cool about "being an reality tv show star". Your teary eyes tell otherwise.
Maybe spend your time searching for a new therapist or some new meds instead of posting "satire" on the internet… A twelve-year-old could pretend better than you kek

No. 1041780

File: 1600545221540.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.32 MB, 3088x2316, A38CD31A-A120-46C0-85A9-526DF7…)

anyways there are self help books available on amazon thank you all for the support(spoiler this shit ffs)

No. 1041844

I remember when she posted on tumblr that her dad raped her when she was a kid and would stick his finger in her ass and she recently posted a story with him hugging him and acting very chummy. I guess they're okay now lmao. I doubt he knows she's made those public allegations of a very serious offense online, it's so bizarre.

the guy that passed away recently was her bf I thought. but yeah now she's dating that girl that robbed her and bree chewed out on insta lol. she must have a charisma in person that she lacks online, because I have no idea why these put up with the way she talks about them online. if what she's saying is all true and she's surrounded by these awful people, I hope she gets help and gets out. this new gf is nasty and I doubt very supportive of her sobriety, they're always drinking/pot.

the hair getting progressively worse as well as tattoos more extreme/poor quality, it's clear she's spiraling.

I feel bad for her and going for the "it's all SATIRE and ACTING none of this is real!!!" okay so if this is a fake character you're putting on for instagram, what is the purpose of this supposed performance art bree? I know you're gonna read this. if this is all a show and not how you are irl, are you aware of the consequences of this 'act' you're putting on? it's promoting self harm (both the cutting and insane bodily changes) as well as drug use and using alcohol as a coping mechanism. if this is all an act, man you're really a method actor bree.

she needs to get sober, get a real career or get into education, regular therapy. maybe find an acting job that pays. :/

No. 1041946

Speaking of jobs, I’m so curious about what she does for a living. She seems to post all day everyday.

No. 1042213

I get that we are all bitches here, but maybe cut the girl some slack for having a breakdown after finding her boyfriend dead in his room? Jesus christ.

No. 1042220

She was a toxic person before that, and the way she’s coping with his death is toxic. If she wants to smear that all over social media, people can surely make a few comments about her obviously unchecked and destructive mental illness.

No. 1042286


No one said it’s not sad. She’s been cutting and suicide baiting for years posting it all online. She just posted the other day about how its been “three years since her abusive relationship ended”. Who cares. Another reason to scream “My abuser!!.!” years after the fact. This is just another thing that “happened to her” now as long as she wants it to be. Until the next thing

This takes a toll on her life and no wonder she was posting memes about how her old friends are starting to leave her alone. After a certain point self destruction is her choice.

No. 1042298

Her social circle in Baltimore is like, MICA dropout junkies and washed up skater boys so it’s not like she exactly needs the amount of charisma to attract the cream of the crop, lmao.

No. 1043216

Yeah this thread is the same as the vivadrag one. Grief isn't really milky. Be more understanding..

No. 1043288


Hoping she gets better for the sake of her roommates and close friends who still support her. It’s hard to handle constant breakdowns, the cutting and threats against her life, as much as it’s heartbreaking what she went through.

No. 1043471

Can confirm. All her friends and associates live in disgusting houses and warehouses full of roaches and aspestos. All her skater friends drink malt liquor all day. Does any Baltimorefags know if she’s still friends with that Lindsey Bottos girl who made her whole art school career about her tumblr hate? I remember she was friends with her when she first moved to the city and they were up each other’s asses.

No. 1043817

this is incredibly inaccurate wtf lmao and yup we R roommates <3

No. 1043824

Damn what’s Lindsay doing these days?

No. 1043837

staying out of the house as much as possible lol

No. 1048828

File: 1601512761249.png (2.05 MB, 828x1792, 61F605B5-EC7E-46F0-948C-320480…)

Bree moved into a new apartment with a memeworthy rich girl “pole dancer” who used to cry on her instagram stories everyday. Her new roommate is a cow herself tbh. I bet she’s gonna have some weird lesbo crush on her soon.

No. 1056148

She's just trying to climb out of all the trash

No. 1056779

File: 1602472689537.jpeg (Spoiler Image,181.1 KB, 656x1136, A89B1689-1AA6-47F7-B575-EAF20A…)

Why anyone would post the allegations she has online about her father as well shit like this… It’s so uncomfortable

No. 1056846


it's repulsive. on top of that, neeeever addressed any of her lies or bullshit from over the years, just continues to cry wolf and want sympathy from people like an endless black hole of greed

No. 1061823

File: 1603134120922.jpeg (Spoiler Image,312.96 KB, 749x1233, 2FF5E745-1E93-4224-B832-F84400…)

Don’t get the satire ?

No. 1062306


Calling it a campus as if she's studying there instead of being a roaming inpatient.

No. 1072859

what makes her a cow?

No. 1078273

File: 1604887982271.jpeg (141.61 KB, 1042x583, 3B14E1F2-9923-4700-BBB1-33A401…)

This downgrade in a year? That mullet shit is not working for her face

No. 1078311

File: 1604891627315.jpg (1.93 MB, 3088x2316, image.jpg)

love checking in how yall doing <3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1078313

also which one of u fweak-a-zoids saved that image of me from like a month ago lmao

No. 1078317

i'm convinced there's one or 2 people who are bored and bree who is a self absorbed bpd freak who post here. it's just sad and pitiful

No. 1078318

shower please

No. 1078332

shower please x2

No. 1078339

Is this a MTF?

No. 1078361

>>>Is this a MTF?
KEK I thought the same thing at that comparison picture. Near the top of the thread you can see it’s just a really shitty haircut and an unfortunate state of adult acne.

No. 1086885

File: 1605847226365.jpeg (152.05 KB, 750x1316, B899139A-5044-41BC-A46D-169DEA…)

damn bitch take care of yourself

No. 1088649

File: 1606052064901.png (3.77 MB, 750x1334, 0B8A8F20-F1BE-4B91-8F3E-62F4CB…)

No. 1088682


peep that alcohol right near her

drinking on the toilet, very classy

No. 1088693

she’s made so many posts about missing her ex but she immediately started sleeping with someone 2 months after he died then cancelled the guy after her group of friends made her snd now she misses yet same guy

No. 1088707

File: 1606060939350.jpeg (163.74 KB, 693x1166, 932FD5D5-8022-409A-B2BD-B68300…)


This bender was right after that dude she slept with broke things off but yall were saying it was because her boyfriend died at the time when 2 months had past. It’s okay to miss him still but she’s just taking any excuse to get fucked up. The dude she’s seeing now is also a piece of shit, if she tried to be single a while she might be better off

No. 1089153

Top left corner…is this a self post? Lol

No. 1089158

File: 1606097735276.jpg (37.31 KB, 720x853, here son.jpg)

Your selfpost uniform, Mx.

No. 1089892

Girl no one here cares about you. Get help and by that I mean actual therapy and meds, not white wine and weed

No. 1099521

File: 1607125068451.png (Spoiler Image,2.6 MB, 750x1334, BBEE19DA-12DA-4A76-A120-4464EC…)

No. 1099562

karma is showing up all over this awful person's face

No. 1099649

What nontoxic man would be willing to put up with this behavior and appearance? Can you imagine a man with a stable job, college degree, and minimal drug usage taking a woman like this seriously? If the internet didn't exist she'd just be another prostitute living in a condemned motel. Maybe she would have tried harder if she didn't have orbiters telling her this was valid.

No. 1099721

This thread honestly just makes me really sad and I hope she gets help
I dont think she wants to date normies, anon

No. 1100733

File: 1607225045209.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, CA719F41-2B95-4D43-85EC-12B4CF…)

Oh girl no what are you DOING. Stop outing yourself like this

No. 1100734

File: 1607225076321.png (4.07 MB, 750x1334, C4E047F8-7CC2-4FD5-8850-BF9777…)

No. 1100736

File: 1607225161834.png (3.79 MB, 750x1334, 0BE2B716-D1BD-42CB-A898-D41C24…)

It’s the price you pay for being a dumb bitch who puts your entire life and ~mentwal iwwness~ online for the world to see and you know it

No. 1100784


since she refreshes this page every few minutes to see every post made about her, please say what lies have been made.
While you're at it, explain why the fuck you claimed on tumblr for years to be half filipina when you're a white girl, your dad molesting/raping you when he clearly did not, all your partners abusing you when they all say the same thing about you, etc.

No. 1101033

anyone have any update on that
luna slater girl?? can’t find her accounts anywhere last i knew she was
doing heroin with her homeless 40 year old

No. 1101044

she died

No. 1101071

She has a thread on /pt/ newfag

No. 1101265

this dumbass thinking she got hacked when she just puts this thread on blast so anyone in her personal life/close friends can see it and add to it… okay

No. 1101452

She's using the girltalk theme so she's probably a regular poster here

No. 1101742

File: 1607298378843.jpeg (651.4 KB, 750x1100, E5923E16-CE72-4718-977C-449925…)

from her private ig

No. 1101743

File: 1607298425833.jpeg (419.87 KB, 750x928, E955DB55-593E-419A-AD60-660A46…)

No. 1101832

this got everyone deleted off her private

No. 1101873

self posting??

No. 1101896

I hope she can find support and stability somehow. I really don’t see any milk here

No. 1101900

She is def self posting. This thread is basically dead and I think she’s bumping it for attention. Idk p lame.

No. 1101914

Does anyone know the @ of who she's talking about?

No. 1101925

a known statutory rapist/abuser of countless in Baltimore. She’s probably been warned and doesn’t care.

No. 1101988

she'd rather keep garnering punk cred with all this stupid behaviour instead of getting help and getting away from all these scummy people

No. 1102204

She’d also a boring as fuck kid who will eventually be so run down by life she’ll just stfu. Like every normal adult is. Kek.

No. 1103810

File: 1607538693899.png (3.99 MB, 750x1334, 5DE738F3-84ED-434B-ABED-F61088…)

our friend trying to inform us and keep us informed at the same time she has done the same thing “dragging/outing” someone….i don’t understand what she is trying to get at

No. 1103921

I lol’d pretty hard when I saw this. Knew someone would post it since she necro’d her own thread. The projection is too good. Didn’t she just get so triggered that she had to make a post about her latest fuck buddy yelling at her? Lmao isn’t that “outing” or “dragging” someone based on personal conflict? What a dumb bitch.

No. 1104920

What happened to Sophie???

No. 1106418

>instead of getting help
the only therapy she needs is hormone replacement therapy for her acne ridden man face and receding hairline

No. 1106504

File: 1607878165948.jpeg (173.41 KB, 740x988, 5855C849-7A59-4539-BF1A-3F23EF…)

this is so fucking self centered and pathetic. imagine having over a thousand posts on a private ig where you just cry about how much of a triggered victim you are. peoples entire families died this year and this dumb bitch has been slicing her wrists over literally everything since before her ex died. idk why she keeps posting this thread it’s fucking embarrassing

No. 1118974

File: 1609440739051.png (3.52 MB, 750x1334, 00E73DE2-DE48-457F-9FCF-A3B2AC…)

lol hard cope

No. 1122555

what happened with josh christy?

No. 1122890

honestly nothing from what i saw around that time on her ig she freaked and just stopped sleeping with him but they were weird post on her story accusing him of giving her a yeast infection and him grooming girls? seems to be over she’s sleeping with another 30 year old who triggers her? and reminds her? of paul?

No. 1124729

i figured he broke things off with her and she freaked out. i knew another girl he was seeing around the same time, he’s seeing some doctor chick who is really cute and sweet so i was like wtf was he doing fucking crazy lmao

No. 1124946

it was definitely another fling….. from her not grieving properly. 2019-2020 was her light year of calling people out canceling but also contradicting herself countless of times she really has a problem self victimizing (example her calling out that josh guy because he gave her a “full body yeast infection” and saying he prays on 18 year olds) just because he didn’t want to be in a committed monogamous relationship with her since uhh her best friend had od like 3 months before hand and he thought she still needed time to process things which is responsible on his part i’d be overwhelmed if this girl is already saying we’re dating after only hanging out for like 3 weeks lol i’d she running fast far away from her now back to the stupid ~cancel culture~ that bree thrives off of is honestly toxic but we all know that she’s a toxic individual but she will find any way to make herself feel better even if it’s calling people out for shit that’s happened in the past leave all that shit to rest GET OFF THE INTERNET STOP DATING TO TO A FUCKING INPATIENT clean yourself up

No. 1125102

File: 1610066391537.png (3.12 MB, 750x1334, 299255A0-A26B-4973-8EDA-81354F…)

and your point is?

No. 1125677

she loves any blip of attention here so she read us talking about it and decided to post about josh. lately she only posts on close friends and her new private insta so figures she wanted to make sure everyone saw that

No. 1127589

Any good milk to share from the private IG?

No. 1142770

this thread is dead. until she starts fucking another dude or getting rejected by him because he doesn’t tell her he loves her by the first week she also has seemed to totally forget about her on and off again “bestie” AGAIN who stole her xanax and was an ex junkie which is ironic because her “partner” who OD was a junkie and was mad at her for using at her place when he did the same thing fucking it’s embarrassing that so many people still follow her i mean it’s sad i’m posting on this thread but i mean she’s been milky ever since she’s been on tumblr she’ll never be able to live out the “i’m a washed out tumblr girl from 2010” she uses and exploits her ex’s death for sympathy which they weren’t even dating they were just fucking because her 30 y/o crusty actual ex bf dumped her because he was tired of her constantly cutting herself and cheating on him with her “girlfriends” but it’s totally okay because it’s a girl not a guy she has serious codependency/validation issues

No. 1142873

please learn to sage and use full stops i’m begging you

No. 1142875

No shit it's dead, you just necro'd it you illiterate dumbfuck.

No. 1143124

Hi sophie

No. 1143128

holy shit, this has gotta be one of her friends kek

No. 1144429

File: 1611855304151.png (3.77 MB, 750x1334, B0E8848D-280E-4083-B344-802575…)

really straining the fuck out of this plaid skirt and the patience of her former bestie apparently lmao

No. 1144538

lmao who tf takes a photo like this and thinks they look good?

No. 1145361

wow seems like she has alienated all her besties lately by chasing clout and using everyone close to her until they get tired of her constant need for help validation and attention. She’s been hanging out with the performative woke canceling crew now after moving away from dating another known abuser probably because they give her attention after she was probably ghosted again. shes apparently good friends now with a stripper that publically cancelled her last roommate and bestie lindsey lol. It seemed like she would just walk all over her in her stories when they lived together and would just get her to drive places and take pictures in her clothes and makeup and room when she wasn’t home and then would brag about it to the internet. If my roommate did that I’d kick him out! lol so insane! People are apparently placing bets on who will cancel who first now that she’s in that friend group, that’s how pathetic and milky this whole person and situation is

No. 1145392

hi Lindsey(hi cow)

No. 1145408

lmao @ misspelling your own name

No. 1145430

hi again sophie? I think sophie and lindsey are friends lmao

No. 1145435

either way this poster clearly is or was her friend in real life, yet another casualty of bree

No. 1145527

Please fucking put sage in the email field if you have nothing to contribute literally every time this thread gets bumped it’s newfags

No. 1145682

Wait why did linsey get canceled?

No. 1145899

Is this thread just where all the crusty addicts in Baltimore come to talk shit about each other?

No. 1146009

looking back she likely made this thread about herself and tries to bump it whenever she isn’t getting enough attention in real life. she’s losing followers over time— she used to get like thousands of likes on just pics of her face and now has to post nude/ her squatting in high waisted shit embarrassingly pretending she has an ass for half the engagement. obviously having 40,000 followers as a teen for no reason has made her completely lose touch with reality bc no one will ever give a shit as much as she seems to want. now she’s just gonna stay on her private account talking about how she wants to overdose on heroin to be with the dude she only fucked for like a few months. because she’s such a sad widow.

No. 1146052

judging by >>1146009 what else could it be

No. 1157335

File: 1612907078697.jpeg (227.11 KB, 750x1334, 6F973D8B-D506-47EE-BFBD-3790E8…)

No. 1157336

File: 1612907102036.jpeg (280.48 KB, 750x1116, 80FAD75F-BCE7-4537-BBF5-20F9B8…)

No. 1157343


couldn't you also say that having borderline or the above symptoms be an excuse for sexual assault and murder too? like, are we supposed to have sympathy for her for cheating? lmao
let's be real, if she was being cheated on, that shit would justify a billion callout posts and instagram story suicide notes from her cause it's only bad if it's other people, not her

No. 1157463

Stop crying about being the poor misunderstood BPD girl and maybe take a look into your DBT workbook or get that Lamotrigine upped.
There are millions with the same diagnosis that are able, or at least try, to live a fulfilling and peaceful life. BPD is no excuse for being a selfish ugly cunt but well, if people wouldn't wallow in their self pity there would be no cows on this page to laugh at kek

No. 1157728

how old is this lol

No. 1158469

File: 1612995418470.png (3.04 MB, 750x1334, 266C064F-4E75-4539-9049-188DA6…)

No. 1158639

Self-victimizing attention whores like this person is why stigma towards mental illness still exists.

I feel bad for all of the decent, stable people with a bpd diagnosis that have to experience discrimination thanks to self-centred degenerates like this dumb bitch. These assholes are the ones that always ree “muh mentalz!” all over the internet in an embarrassing (and annoying) attempt to avoid responsibility for being a piece of shit.

These snowflakes are always crying about acceptance or whatever the fuck, but are the ones that actually validate the negative stereotypes our society is trying let go of.

No. 1158749

post screenshots pls

No. 1159086

I bet it would be so easy to just follow all these Baltimore attention whores and stir up all the drama they post about all the time and bring them down one by one

No. 1161981

she just posts dumb selfies, nudes, texts to her dad of goofy faces and shit, no milk

No. 1162027

she’s happy bc her new boyfriend’s mom likes her and she’s “in love”

No. 1162842

File: 1613471591453.png (Spoiler Image,3.99 MB, 750x1334, 1C5DD135-687D-407D-BE00-EA0548…)

No. 1162868

self posting kek get a life

No. 1171787

She’s pretty lame but does anyone know her manyvids? Or does she have an onlyfans or something?(thirstposting)

No. 1171844

File: 1614412537926.png (3.02 MB, 750x1334, 6118B585-24F3-4539-A028-6DF8D2…)

think she used to have one but doesn’t use it anymore she’s now selling her art since she doesn’t have a job but i’m sure if you dm her and asked she might say yes

also her new boyfriend if anyone was
actually curious i guess lol (old pic but yea) not really milky anymore since she made a new private ig

No. 1172776

File: 1614533903861.jpeg (Spoiler Image,252.4 KB, 750x1096, E118C7A9-81D9-47D2-9442-AB06F1…)

you’re really trying to jack it to pancake tits and self harm? she’s got nudes all over the internet already if you google her name, you don’t need to ask

No. 1173028

Not that it matters but yeah I think there’s a difference between the content that might be on a manyvids account as opposed to her sitting in a Taco Bell being a dummy, but different strokes lol

No. 1173097

Still the same granny tits and crater face though

No. 1176759

File: 1614947214287.png (Spoiler Image,2.48 MB, 750x1334, 391B4FD7-9C9A-4B23-84E0-095D81…)


No. 1177775

looks like a fucking piece of popcorn

No. 1187996

File: 1616144574052.png (3.13 MB, 750x1334, 9B7E7CDB-9055-4D65-B8AB-0CADC4…)

honestly not milky but what is going on with her hair…….she honestly used to look kinda pretty but biggest downgrade at least she doesn’t have that horrible acne anymore back at it again to!!!with posting videos of herself on the toilet, over sharing posting on ig about how she got cat called and that caused her to not leave her room all summer. like i said super milky didn’t want to bump the thread

No. 1188164

lol you bumped the thread. and she looks like a mentally retarded crustie squatter on drugs. she at least looked mildly cute in the header pic but she's gotten so ugly as fuck now, such a shame.

No. 1188250

I wonder if the people bumping this thread is Bree herself

No. 1188343

No. 1188908

No. 1189027

You're boring. Get a job, retard

No. 1262519

File: 1624430521530.jpeg (320.48 KB, 750x599, 86237966-7EF4-45E4-8B4B-C5C229…)

bree complaining about her roomie beth being a “child” even though bree would take her clothes and shoes and stretch them out and have mental breakdowns on the floor all night…

No. 1262535

>filled in email
>AOL address
>image appears to be a photo of a monitor or a photo of the post printed out on actual paper???
boomers reaching lolcow was not the arc of 2021 anyone expected

No. 1262546

But do you let your dog shit on the floor and keep wild mice as pets, Beth? Real talk.

No. 1262555

>bree complaining about “b*th” in the screenshot
>newfag filled out the email field
>email is “beth kimsey”

No. 1262605

File: 1624448256611.jpeg (286.38 KB, 1242x1837, 2A6BB68B-2F12-47E0-81A7-2D8B40…)

You should sculpt something out of all the dog poop Beth

No. 1286412


calling her most recent boyfriend an abuser. here she goes! also not a single tear shed during this “sobbing” video, this is the fakest shit she could do

No. 1286414


part 2 where she has recorded her boyfriend literally saying he doesnt blame her or put his friends death on her. but she’s using that as “proof?”
he’s saying he “can’t do this anymore” which probably means can’t deal with her lying manipulative attention seeking ass any more than he already has

No. 1286415

File: 1627525543215.jpeg (80.29 KB, 828x858, CA67673A-B278-4117-9898-F50B25…)

looks smug as fuck. what the fuck

No. 1286423

File: 1627526986147.jpeg (147.98 KB, 828x1280, B94E6EBC-D074-4125-984C-507F7D…)

from her bfs page

No. 1286424

File: 1627527009230.jpeg (309.38 KB, 828x1370, F7A939EF-4C8F-48B8-960C-07C785…)

No. 1286425

File: 1627527079928.jpeg (138.17 KB, 828x1358, 95794AD5-63F1-4BE3-A4F1-CDDDF3…)

she lied about supporting him financially, clearly was her being supported by him

No. 1286427

File: 1627527105308.jpeg (120.42 KB, 828x1351, 9E2E9D63-6727-4E94-8D68-04F2C9…)


No. 1286429

File: 1627527140131.jpeg (158.63 KB, 828x1442, 4019ABBE-8A60-40B4-B5CF-6DE284…)

what an absolute cunt

No. 1286430

File: 1627527217832.jpeg (167.54 KB, 828x1455, 13DE2ADB-754D-49A2-A16D-4AE55A…)

No. 1286431

File: 1627527238287.jpeg (191.71 KB, 828x1467, 76830A2D-4222-4A17-B784-A49B16…)

No. 1286432

File: 1627527276746.jpeg (205.02 KB, 826x1464, FD0E315A-7D75-4F8D-BD7F-E7C53C…)

No. 1286434

File: 1627527358346.jpeg (290.05 KB, 828x1474, 99848A83-C8CF-42B7-BE70-A460D0…)

No. 1286435

File: 1627527401105.jpeg (197.28 KB, 828x1464, 6940A255-EC4A-4C2A-A37F-73E0C4…)

No. 1286437

holy fucking shit

No. 1286464

are we really surprised that Bree is a liar and an actual nutjob who likes to terrorize people? she loves to publicly lie about people to make herself a victim.

No. 1286489

not at all but i feel bad for him. he seemed normal (?) as far as i could tell. this could’ve been the start of something really good for her but i guess it’s in her nature to ruin everything.

No. 1286529

File: 1627543644160.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1170x2044, 0BA8C66C-1EB0-4C52-9BC5-5DB8FE…)

She’s going off on Instagram

No. 1286538


going on bpdcation alone

No. 1286551

this image is literally hilarious after reading texts where she’s quite clearly the abusive one in the situation. like ffs she pulled out every single stop to try and get this dude to simultaneously 1. come running and save her, 2. be abusive back to her so she can feel like a martyr and 3. pay her way through life. you can only pick one bree you can’t have all three options at once kek

No. 1286557

>He abused me because he didn't let me walk all over him and he didn't give me everything I want!

Same old song and dance with this crusty bitch. Normal dudes don't date girls like Bree. She's a walking red flag.

No. 1286565

Samefag just want to point out this little piece of wisdom from saint Bree herself >>1103810.

No. 1286650

he's an abuser for telling everyone how i abused him!
isn't it a wonder that all her exes "abused" her but the proof leans towards her being the abuser, each and every time?

No. 1286696

what’s her bfs insta?

No. 1286758


No. 1286771

File: 1627580285699.jpeg (174.88 KB, 828x1101, 46EB8F54-7131-4AC2-B802-BF475D…)

he says she’s done worse and called him horrible names, guaranteed she’s called him some kind of racial slurs and he’s too scared to cancel her

No. 1286778

File: 1627580687926.jpg (313.34 KB, 582x1012, Screenshot_20210729-194311_One…)


No. 1286781


I don’t know why she thought it was a good idea to have a public meltdown with zero proof of this person abusing her, his screenshots make it so clear that she’s a lying psycho and he is the victim here

No. 1286796

is she suicide baiting?

No. 1286812

the stories she told about her first ex, where very rough and traumatic. But this kinda makes me doubt it..? Did she lie aswell when she shared that story so public?

No. 1286817

like fucking clock work. bree has been my personal cow for years and she always suicide baits/“attempts” after blow ups like this.
if she’s taking about paul, he was a very creepy pedo. she seemed super into him and on his side until he heroed.

No. 1286858


her first ex was the fat trans guy from tumblr, i forget his name. then it was Paul who killed himself, she said both of them were abusive. but they also say the same about her, and there's actual proof that she's a liar

No. 1286860


how convenient, her plan to use her platform to make her latest ex look like an abuser backfired cause he posted receipts, so now she has to one-up the victim game and suicide bait. this person needs to be removed off social media, but otherwise, no clue what can be done about her. she genuinely is insane and doesn't seem to realize she is the abuser and the problem in every situation she's been in

No. 1286871

you know what they say. when it smells like shit everywhere you go…check your shoe bree.

No. 1286901

>what can be done about her
Remove her social media, and she'd just create new accounts, starting the cycle again.
Psych eval would probably help (meds 'n such) but unless it was by court order then it's probably as effective as using Monopoly money to buy a Happy Meal.

No. 1286906


her "proof" recording is hilarious because he literally says he doesnt blame her, and also in the recording she sounds so disingenuous and fake like she's trying to bait him into saying something incriminating. absolutely unhinged shit

No. 1286912

I can’t remember it but his url was like coolben94 or something?

No. 1286953

also why the fuck is she making recordings like this? solely to play victim later on shit that doesn’t even make sense?

bree “inviting my rapist over” mcgee has already killed two boyfriends i’m glad this one is gonna be okay

No. 1286998

exactly. i remember when a bunchhh of girls were posting and messaging her about paul grooming them and cheating on bree with them and bree stood up for him through all of it. i understand stockholm syndrome but … it’s bree.

No. 1287280

her crying in this tiktok looks more real than the shit she posted calling her bf an abuser


No. 1287491

I remember that. This one girl even had screenshot receipts of him saying “call me daddy” or some shit and all Bree was saying was “stop telling me this” and was with him for like 5 more months lol

No. 1287580

kek i remember too. ancient milk now, but i got such a laugh out of paul’s roommates/family kicking her out in california because she refused to get a job and pay rent. looks like she hasn’t changed a bit.

i’m assuming this is a self post. this thread wouldn’t be a thing unless bree was bumping it time to time.

No. 1326585

File: 1631891029045.jpeg (152.11 KB, 828x1459, AE6A2E61-715D-4C4A-85D8-3BA6D8…)

bree made a tiktok saying “hi, my name is Breanna Mcgee, and i have 3 exes who are now deceased.” Who is the 3rd one?
in the comments she just jokes about having killed them. the death of her exes is just a tool for her to use for a couple views on tiktok apparently

No. 1328773

File: 1632110456267.jpeg (276.93 KB, 828x1016, BEBCE77E-CB01-44CB-A5A1-A3FEBA…)

No. 1348972

Exactly! Like bitch this is not a FLEX!(necro)

No. 1349169

type sage in the email section

No. 1349174

whoa is that all self harm on the right arm?

No. 1349434

what do you think it is otherwise? She'll start covering it up after the first Karen calls the cops for triggering her little darlings.

No. 1349509

I know this is necro'd, but man. She always struck me as somebody who was trying to make herself look as strange as possible to excuse never joining society. I don't feel bad for her when I see this. Just figured she would've grown up eventually after all this time.

No. 1349860

I've just never seen anyone do it like that before or so severely it's all on the outside of the arm and going down instead of across like everyone else i've seen with that much, If you told me it was a filter or something I could believe you too cause she's attention whore

I don't feel bad for her, she's obviously a shitty person and BPD poster child but if someone's going to those lengths maybe they earned not joining society or whatever no one normal wants to be an aimless freak in their 20's

No. 1357781

File: 1635467473763.jpeg (268.44 KB, 827x1241, 2482257F-DD69-4C2C-9451-EB7158…)

wonder why she deleted her finsta?

No. 1360081

did you really take a photo of another phone for this image?

No. 1360113

Beth, go clean up your pets’ shit or whatever

No. 1360118

File: 1635831166529.png (2.73 MB, 828x1792, 7BA9E694-0FDA-49FC-BD28-11CBB5…)

She looks fucking physically disabled

No. 1360424

File: 1635886503324.jpeg (59.53 KB, 567x263, 6FC6A391-B39D-4D6D-B5DF-E211C1…)

self post? she just changed her “deleted” finsta profile picture and could have sworn she used a stupid peter griffin pic lol looks like shes keeping up with this thread

No. 1360610

Nice icon

No. 1361127

I don't know who in their roght mind would want lolcow's attention via self-posting, on a dead thread about a now-boring cow, no less. But >>1360610 gave me a chuckle.

No. 1363608

this girl looks normal. you look and act fucking mentally disabled bree. keep gently scratching your arms up every time you want people to feel bad for you, it’s totally working.(hi cow)

No. 1365981

File: 1636551364429.png (3.18 MB, 750x1334, 566DEF9F-AAB1-42E6-B486-46E33F…)

on her tiktok looks like she’s back dating that black guy she said would kill her

No. 1366287

File: 1636576891297.jpeg (298.7 KB, 828x1437, 5A47531F-A463-4218-B851-00E46E…)

is she drunk and getting rid of her cat on instagram ?

No. 1366616

she got her xanax refill she’s probably drunk and fucked up on xanax

No. 1366617

File: 1636609234902.jpeg (395.46 KB, 660x933, B70C163D-A82C-44CB-9EFD-E3C2FA…)

she’s doing great

No. 1366618

File: 1636609282631.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, 3C370229-F6A1-4BEF-98BE-C9DDEE…)

No. 1367270

File: 1636679331564.webm (6.47 MB, 576x1024, Just BPD Things .webm)

Anything to avoid being accountable (1/2)

No. 1367271

File: 1636679371226.webm (8.46 MB, 576x1024, Just More BPD Things .webm)

No. 1367273

File: 1636679535433.webm (1.06 MB, 576x1024, she’s doing great indeed.webm)

No. 1367354

this fucking idiot still dating her after she was such an insane bitch to him in the texts she sent him, calling him the n word and breaking his front door down

No. 1367563

his childhood trauma was eating nothing but soy

No. 1367778

File: 1636747558092.png (3.21 MB, 750x1334, 42409417-C9CA-48F9-AF87-F4EE2F…)

No. 1367867

Lmao she looks fine. Baby's first bender, if anything, and it was only sugary wine. Those neck wrinkles are the worst and most telling about her appearance - girl must constantly be looking down at her phone.

No. 1367897

yeah i check this thread it's literally about me. didnt even know this shit existed until someone told me about it. i check it to read about other stupid bitches and the psychotic shit you freaks think of me. i dont know why the fuck yall are so obsessed with me. im just some bitch. you would never fucking say this shit to my face because you know id beat yalls fucking ass. you people are weird as fuck.(sage your nonmilk )

No. 1367945

you're not going to beat anyone up. Even if we said it to your face, you'd probably cry and threaten suicide like you have been for 5 years lol. Take a DBT therapy course and stop bumping your thread and literally no one would care.

No. 1367951

File: 1636766663336.jpeg (299.27 KB, 827x1455, 94E5FDA5-523F-447C-AF59-6C1AC4…)

she deleted this post where she actually thanked people for reaching out lol. she clearly doesnt give a fuck. and continued to suicide bait


by psychotic shit do you mean the literal screenshots from the person you’re fucking saying you negatively affected his livelihood and of you on multiple benders? that is some psychotic shit, stop abusing xanax and ambien and learn to cope

No. 1367964


lmao "i read about other stupid bitches but i'm not one and you guys are weird for posting about the shit i say and do and bring upon myself!!"

No. 1368004

This obviously isn't her. She's posted screenshots from LC to her story multiple times. Unless she's on meth again and forgot.

No. 1368020

File: 1636777282730.png (3.38 MB, 750x1334, F0735BBD-A663-4F38-8925-37A2C1…)

i didnt see this posted yet. first time posting sorry if it’s fucked up somehow.

No. 1368243

it's says diagnosis deferred you actual literal sped.

No. 1368322

god that neck tattoo looks like a shitty little goatee. thought she'd begun a new aiden tif phase for a second.

No. 1368443

ur lips wouldn't still be blue if you're alive and breathing lol. if you drink a few bottles of wine everyday it's going to stain your mouth

No. 1368456

lol last years bender she acts like it’s something new to her, the excessive drinking mixed with xanax has been going on for years no one should feel bad for her especially when she got away with saying her boyfriend who’s black that he would probably kill her because he wouldn’t respond to her and called him the N word

No. 1368457

it’s funny bree has tipped off all of baltimore by posting about her ex roommate and now all these art hoes are probably lurking on here exposing themselves to the real bree

No. 1368732

>bullied by her peers

No. 1368865

“I took all of my sleeping pills (all 2 of them teehee), fell asleep and somehow didn’t die!!!! so now I’m posting on my Instagram right now in the middle of the afternoon while drinking a glass of wine, all after this very tragic event —lets out big stinky fart— will anyone let me borrow 10 dollars for some cigarettes“

No. 1368874

where's the proof of her calling him the n word??? i know she did all that other psychotic shit but i need the proof of the milk lol

No. 1368973

If there’s proof I haven’t seen it. I think people are inferring a lot of things from what the boyfriend posted in response to >>1286412

No. 1368989

how manic and twisted do you have to be to text this to your boyfriend. then again he did take her back so maybe he has a type for sociopaths
>>1360118 nice self post kek . i wonder what friend she’ll get bored or annoyed with next for her to come here and do this dumb shit again

No. 1369122

File: 1636946361011.png (4.14 MB, 750x1334, BEEB240C-6896-4EF6-BCBB-AA4573…)

Looks like she’s checking herself into
a mental facility, I did like how she mentioned she grew up on tumblr lol and her toxic past behavior, being transparent about her mental health online for years. Then mentions that she’s trying not to create excuses for her recent behavior and in the past years. Even tho she said growing up on tumblr mixed with being fucked up made it easier for her to be “transparent” online.

No. 1375945

File: 1637884098704.jpeg (239.99 KB, 828x1439, 56C03ABA-96F9-488A-8F0D-F85BCF…)

lol what the fuck

No. 1375963

Gail the snail vibes

No. 1375969

This retard needs to go off internet and do something with her life or at least go full cow like luna. Fucking 5 years thread and she went nowhere, not good nor bad, simply nowhere.

No. 1376238

no she definitely got worse, she looks like a bloated corpse, is in her mid to late 20's and still makes excuses and chooses to blame fuckin growing up on tumblr for suicidebaiting.

No. 1377975

File: 1638158534329.jpeg (218.2 KB, 828x819, DF934FEA-7FC0-4B68-A729-12B6F1…)

her brows were one of her better features …

No. 1385354

File: 1638685858862.jpeg (367.86 KB, 826x1458, 239A63B7-4945-4371-8DB3-9F268B…)

someone tell this bitch that showers dont hurt

No. 1385412

genuinely thought this was the mtf thread for a min with that greasy limp hair and unfortunate hairline

No. 1385548

File: 1638715706994.jpeg (133.44 KB, 828x1256, A8737B57-8143-4D18-A1AA-AF1178…)

No. 1385559

what’s the context for this?

No. 1385694

File: 1638726344821.jpeg (216.76 KB, 821x1368, 49E06903-FBED-4E18-9DBE-ED62FC…)

isnt this the dude she was talking about here >>1101742

No. 1386304

someone forgot to lock their phone?
everyone is a cheating piece of shit, not really milk

No. 1387045

self post? someone’s lurking & needs attention(sage your shit)

No. 1387658

File: 1638921483345.jpeg (198.91 KB, 827x987, 4D4BDB94-4025-451A-9AEC-EFC48B…)

the tiny goatee is so fucking funny >>1368322
its in her profile pic too

No. 1387718

this is the best she looked the past 5 years, her makeup and hair make her look almost good lol. but on the bpd note: get a fucking job and stop being an attention whore.

No. 1387813

god i love stalking this thread. i literally have three jobs you cretin(sage your shit)

No. 1387825

working the day shift and night shift at 7-11 still just counts as one job

No. 1387934

she sounds like she's projecting(emoji)

No. 1387975

Bree, I know you’re reading this. Look I’ve seen you around over the years and I know some of your old friends. You look terribly sick right now. Take a month or even just a couple weeks off social media. Be single for a while. Go outside and get some activity in. Walk around and get some fresh air. I’m rooting for you girl but like snap tf out of it. It’s sad.

No. 1388177


bree!! what happened to you going to a mental hospital lol

she obviously doesn’t know how to have a healthy relationship with anyone
the only people that’ll stand being friends with her is her boyfriend who apparently she’s been abusive towards and that other dude who she used to fuck and complained about abusing her
honestly don’t feel sorry for her bf he’s been cucked
i don’t think she can have a healthy friendship with anyone she’s cut her ties with all her “friends” whenever she gets tired of them the only friends and people she hangs with seems to be her cuck bf or abuser i wouldn’t say she’s doing her best

No. 1390153

I’ve been following Bree since she was big on tumblr and it’s pathetic seeing how she still remains the constant victim in her head. Those texts she sent to her boyfriend are textbook abuse. And idc if she wants to blame all of her shitty actions on being drunk because that’s bullshit, she continues to drink and obviously doesn’t want to change.

No. 1390291

it’s funny she things she’s an influencer even if she’s being ironic
maybe you should go to that mental hospital you’ve constantly been talking about
also bree if you wanna lurk and self post learn how to sage

No. 1390653

i only check this thread because its some sort of form of morbid curiosity- and i know ill be ridiculed and made fun of for even posting this, but the assumptions you all have to say about me just make it worse for me to grow. it makes me truly so ashamed. all i am is a human like everyone else in this thread, im a person who woke up to someone i loved dead next to me, spooning me. im a person whose dealt with multiple rapes and. you all can say that its me victimizing myself or blaming the world for my mishaps, but i am not a victim i consider myself as a survivor of a lot of the shitty cards ive been dealt. im not constantly wallowing or getting wasted anymore, ive managed to live in my own apartment for almost a year, have three jobs, try my hardest to keep going despite how much i wanna give up. ive gotten so many things accomplished- and i dont blame yall for seeing me as some sort of spectacle because i know ive been incredibly vulnerable online for years. and thats my mistake. you guys are all people with faults and issues just like me- and maybe if you knew me in real life you'd like me. i am sorry to the people ive hurt in the past- ive worked out my issues in my life and my circle. im here just like yall. wasting time putting me down or trying to humiliate and make fun of my life isnt worth it. i think im a good person, i try to be self aware, i see a therapist, i take my meds everyday, im trying just like everyone else. i fixate on this thread because it disappoints me. i hate that there are anonymous people that hate me. wouldnt you? yes ive gone through addiction but this was after the most traumatic thing ever happened to me. and you can say im abusive to my partner and i admit my actions were abusive and we have worked them out because ive been working on my sobriety and mental health. the internet is stupid and i know that, to even post on here in defense of myself is stupid. but ive learned in my life to stand my ground and try and prove myself. and maybe thats also stupid because at the end of the day i know who i am. idk i dont blame yall for thinking im a joke, or pathetic. but everyone single one of you have definitely made regrettable decisions in your life because thats just life. and you learn. and im learning. ive posted on here drunken and manic in the past - but i just want yall to know that im truly improving and trying my hardest everyday. negativity and hatred wastes too much energy. idk. im going to stop checking this thread, but i hope you guys consider what im saying as something thats true and that matters and that you can be empathetic. - bree(sage your blog)

No. 1390694

We all believe you've probably been through some shit over the years, but at the end of the day you are actively choosing to make this available to everyone. It never dies if you incessantly reopen old wounds, especially if you're trying to better yourself today. Being "vulnerable on the internet" is a choice. Just do yourself some good and disengage. You go back far enough through lolcow history and find a lot of our "cows" have faded into obscurity by now, you can do it too. Stop posting. Detox.

No. 1390698

Well said, anon.

No. 1390958

lol i wonder how long it took for her to type and retype then have someone proof read this for her
liked how she didn’t mention anything about posting her ex roommate’s LinkedIn page on here over some petty shit

No. 1390961

Ok Bree then actually prove to everyone you’re getting better. Tbh those texts about you destroying property to get to your boyfriend really reminds me of my abusive ex who did the same thing. It’s crazy someone I looked up to ended up being the same abusive piece of shit they pretended not to be. If anything I hope your boyfriend is ok, the fact that he’s still with you really proves he’s been manipulated.

No. 1390966

Lol the fact that she ranted on Instagram about people calling any argument abuse then went on to call her bf abusive because she was mad at him. Fuck off bree you’re a sociopath

No. 1391019

this was only 4 months ago how have you grown/changed in the last 4 months

No. 1391485

she hasn’t and the fact that she checks this page and feels the need to post defending herself really proves that. “I’ve been living in my own apartment for a year” yeah off of your boyfriends money. hope he sees the light of day and leaves your ass

No. 1391487

You use the deaths of people as a pity party and that’s sick. You threatened your boyfriend just a few months ago saying you “invited your rapist over”. You’re such a bitch Bree and you’re a forever victim. Survivors don’t hurt people the way you’ve hurt people

No. 1393809

File: 1639614019707.jpeg (273.38 KB, 828x1317, 710DC96E-67D8-45B7-85FE-611DC7…)

definitely drinking again. only tried “suicide” a month ago and posted her ex roommate here the same time, the growth is astounding

No. 1393833

Why is she addicted to venting on instagram for people to watch? She admits that her vulnerability and oversharing is a mistake and feeds the fire then she's doing this shit days later, kek. Wtf.

No. 1394782

bree needs to understand that she is not the only person in the world with problems and a lot of her problems she brought on herself. This thread would literally not exist if she just stopped oversharing on the internet and being extremelly bratty and spoiled. bro just focus on getting some help for god's sake. We all live in the same fucked world the difference is that most of us have to pick ourselves up and keep going instead of feeling sorry for ourselves.

No. 1395232

I wish you'd spoiler pictures of this hyperpig.

No. 1395804

What is wrong with her lips…. They look way more swollen than normal. Bree everyone is gonna be tough on you because you literally put your shit out on the internet for everyone to speculate on. I think a lot of us genuinely want cows to get better but when they’re actively spiraling for all of us to see we are gonna post about it. Get help

No. 1395899

>>1394782 she can't delete her socials because this is the only attention she gets. Crying in your room alone is stupid unless someone else reacts to it.
>>1395804 she has a raging case of herpes around her mouth.

No. 1395979

here it says she exploits her ex’s death for sympathy bc they were just fucking, is she really making multiple posts a year later about a guy she only fucked for a few months? it was probably very traumatic but i imagine anyone who knew him better must feel like shit seeing her milk it online and i cant imagine how her current bf feels since hes been with her longer. i guess if you date bree you live long enough to become the abuser or die so she can make it a pity party

No. 1397281

File: 1639947153892.jpeg (215.32 KB, 828x1485, C4ACABDE-8DFE-4C47-A81F-05092F…)

nothing has changed with the alcoholism and xanax use but her looks took a dive

No. 1397282

File: 1639947175857.jpeg (35.21 KB, 250x333, B2AB235E-B235-44CA-9EAA-6F1AE3…)

realllly sad

No. 1397286

it's like, just take the xanax how you're supposed to and stop drinking holy shit.

No. 1399779

File: 1640228137013.png (3.17 MB, 828x1792, C0EF60BB-5733-4675-9BDF-D85532…)


No. 1399842

rinse and repeat

No. 1399852

Does she do this in lieu of texting or reaching out to her friends ? Are they over it ? I don’t see how this couldn’t be exhausting on a personal level

No. 1399855

back to posting in a week, no doubt.
she's doing this to victimize herself "look how depressed and sad i am as i cry cause everyone's mad i overshare and suicidebait!" like.. get actual fucking help or make actual attempts to take accountability and get your shit together. this "i'm so awful i hate myself i should die cause of what i do to other people" is a BPD attempt to make other people feel bad for her and assure her she's not the problem. which she is.

No. 1399947

At this point I doubt she even knows how to have a healthy relationship with another human. How many years has she been at this now? Since at least the height of tumblr in the early 2010's. And her personality issues probably stem from before then. She's probably learned that this type of baiting is how you communicate emotions and establish connections with people.

No. 1400482

i was always under the impression she does this to get the attention of one person who enables her and will come running. who else is it for, the several thousand tumblr girl followers who are all younger than her and can do nothing but watch?

No. 1401557

File: 1640453540126.png (6.52 MB, 1242x2688, 92EBB872-BF52-49C7-B88F-28F953…)

just read through this thread for the first time and saw this. at the end of the vid when she’s supposed to be crying, you can see flashes of a smug smile. it’s kinda creepy like she’s thinking everyone will be too stupid to see this is completely faked. best example of duping delight ive ever seen. this bih crazy

No. 1406069

she ded?

No. 1409177

No, she posted to her stories recently and acted like nothing happened

No. 1417584

lol bitch crying on her insta story

No. 1418568

to the point where she jokes about it being “for her fans.” self absorbed dumbfuck. who the fuck cries that much and for what? does she just fake cry and take selfies? i cant imagine what her camera roll looks like.
also why are you asking people on instagram for money when you act like you have ThREe JoBS

No. 1418682

the "fans" thing is definitely fucking ironic and not milk…. her stupid ass crying isn't entertaining anymore lol. retard

No. 1418732

the "fans" thing is definitely fucking ironic and not milk…. her stupid ass crying isn't entertaining anymore lol. retard

No. 1424102

Someone told me that her and her cuckold ex broke up after she physically assaulted him and called him racial slurs

No. 1425656

File: 1643056168825.jpeg (362.97 KB, 1125x1699, C73F1BF2-EE54-4027-BE81-D131C7…)

No. 1425686

suck it up, faggot. if you stick your little dick in crazy this is what you get.

No. 1426095

File: 1643088546498.jpeg (231.82 KB, 804x1380, 529CEC16-09A8-43BC-8091-CF02AF…)

No. 1426302

her phone number i assume? amazing, i don’t think there has been very many cows with this many irl people coming to flame her. love it

No. 1426500

File: 1643133643488.jpeg (178.42 KB, 760x1439, 15E046DC-E54F-4641-B878-21CFF5…)

guessing so from this. damn terrell if you’re going to post here might as well be interesting screenshots not just a number

No. 1427701


Did you just dox her

No. 1427751

Just report it anon

No. 1428034

File: 1643260062178.png (Spoiler Image,3.42 MB, 750x1334, 3CCA0693-E628-4592-BFAC-28E0BA…)

No. 1428104

As if like 90% of the bumps on this thread aren’t just Bree trying to keep herself relevant, shit she probably doxxed herself and wants to make it seem like her ex did it, wouldn’t surprise me one bit

No. 1428138

I agree!

No. 1428998

Did anyone ever find this freak Manyvids or possible OnlyFans

I'm curious

Post it if you have it don't be a bitch(scrote)

No. 1429030

Sage your shit and procure your porn elsewhere

No. 1429182

you're welcome

No. 1432074

lol, she hints like twice a year that she's going to start selling sex content, it's purely to re-new interest in her and get simps begging for it. Bree doesn't have the energy to create something as low effort as that.(learn2sage)

No. 1436763

wow men truly will fuck anything

No. 1439531

File: 1644500358554.jpeg (662.29 KB, 797x987, 87E90C5B-2C5B-475D-BD7A-13259D…)

Bree is now hanging with this person. People in baltimore can’t stand them bc they are constantly begging for money online and generally a sad clout chaser. They have a gofundme every month even though they are perfectly able to get a job. This’ll be interesting.

No. 1439532

bpd "look i am happy with this person, fuckers" couple photo. the kind that gets used in the true crime article.

No. 1439761

i wonder if she really did call her ex the n-word, bc if she did why would any self respecting black person date her? also, she'd have an easier time finding work if she didn't sabotage her own looks constantly. she constantly looks strung out and always ruining her hair, she wont find any good waitressing or retail service like that. ive been following her since her tumblr days and its sad how she constantly finds new ways to decline.

No. 1440403

theres no fucking way. she may be retarded but i dont think she could do shit like that. especially if she knew terrel would expose her back

No. 1440508

What?! She said worse shit to him and he did expose her

No. 1440543

I wonder too. This kid is a major sjw too. If she ever slips it’s going to be chaos.

No. 1440628

File: 1644593740317.jpeg (398.53 KB, 828x1451, 00E013D5-705B-410D-A013-2CE743…)

we get it, you do pills. and will probably try to “overdose” when your impulsive new relationship goes south.

if she thought dating a black guy was bad why would she go date a “queer” black man. also, how is he queer? he’s dating a fat white straight woman

No. 1440657

All those pills can't be good for the baby

No. 1440710

his ig
probably perfect for each other an sjw coke head who ebeggs alot

No. 1440718

i dont really see him e begging but i feel bad for him. i also really doubt she says the n word she would be canceled immediately especially after all the call out posts her ex made he would definitely mention that

No. 1440729

didn’t screenshot it but she “”””misgendered””” him right off the bat on her stories, surprised it didn’t start shit

No. 1440751

>how is he queer

I mean he could be bi?

No. 1440804

when everyone's a genderspecial, everyone's "queer". They just happen to usually stick a peen in the vagine.

No. 1440808

He ebegs constantly. From anything for being trans, new laptops, getting Covid from partying in New York during the height of omicron and needing “support funds”. I think they calmed down bc people started catching on and making fun of him.

No. 1440810

They identify as non binary trans I think

No. 1441075

she always has her token “black friend” or “partner” definitely tweaking with tHem and they both love to ebegg and very problematic

No. 1443852

File: 1644939962675.jpeg (Spoiler Image,291.25 KB, 1125x1951, F3ACA177-EEA8-44F4-8D2F-4961DB…)

No. 1443973


No. 1445013

File: 1645053623936.jpeg (260.65 KB, 828x1224, E972482E-CF39-4865-A403-7CEA09…)

No. 1445015

No. 1445022

I gasped. Why wouldn’t she try to help herself? No need to answer nonas, I’ve read her thread

No. 1445141

pictures you can smell

No. 1445155

I can't believe he's straight

No. 1445179

his head looks like italian ice and he looks absolutely homeless. like without the hair dye and hipster shit, he looks like any other old crackhead you’d pass on the street and fix your gaze ahead while he’s begging for a dollar.

No. 1445254

drugs are a hell of a drug

No. 1445389

Jesus Christ, please sage and spoiler this shit, I don't need to see Bree McGee's udder this early. Also stop calling this scrote a "they." The two of them are just playing the nonbinary card to sound more unique.

No. 1445976

File: 1645160762185.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1113x1928, 3777DA50-0306-47F8-A334-30C17D…)

No. 1445979

File: 1645160852774.png (6.89 MB, 1125x2436, F5D4AB53-5507-456A-A831-E3E71B…)

wonder if she’s now just doing coke with him tweaking

No. 1446497

File: 1645224051888.jpeg (327.56 KB, 828x1447, 98602B1E-FF28-45A0-BBBE-CB2C74…)

can anyone explain why her face looks so weird and thin/fucked up here compared to all her other recent photos? she looks majorly on drugs compared to the other pics where she looks much bigger. obvious on how this pic theres no comments and other ones everyone says she looks “ healthy” lol

No. 1446512

She looks thinner because she's sucking her cheeks and shooting from the classic "fat girl angle." The gross red makeup is not doing her any favors either.

No. 1446535

File: 1645226909985.jpeg (253.91 KB, 750x1306, B91DFCEE-E907-4183-930C-6FD197…)

yeah like her face looks so different here i thought it was really bad faceapp

No. 1446588

Not saying it isn't edited, it might be. But it's also just as easy to do without editing too if you're chunky like her. Goddamn that mirror is filthy.

No. 1446660

she's smooshing her cheek on the top of his head because she is resting her head on his. lol at this powdered milk thread

No. 1447235

File: 1645307939259.jpeg (308.95 KB, 1125x1946, 934A7740-B403-4CD6-A251-0F8401…)

No. 1447418

She looks pregnant here

No. 1447693

im not seeing it

No. 1447728

She looks pregnant in >>1440628 too. God I hope not. Just rotund until further notice.

No. 1448225

she just fat. apple shaped.

No. 1453341

File: 1645993866422.jpeg (288.36 KB, 1125x2325, A2DB9DDC-5EB2-458D-B409-427A84…)

kek says fuck cancel culture but has literally canceled 80% of her friends/ex’s

No. 1459281

Self post? It says “your story” at the top lol

No. 1459717

omg wow. good spot. this bitch is so fucking unhinged.

No. 1459742

File: 1646612985298.png (218.61 KB, 704x434, 01ED4C12-63DD-47E3-BCA9-7E9E33…)

her completely ridiculous love bombing vs her texts to her last bf . wild

No. 1459820

why do you guys still care we get it shes crazy lol post new milk(and sage your nonmilk)

No. 1459845

We know it’s you. No one cares that’s why you’re the only one who bumps your thread. Shut the fuck up and quit drinking, moon face

No. 1459863

yeah. this is the truth imo. thread needs to die bc she wants it to live and keeps self-posting. boring af.

No. 1460092

completely basic bpd. They're more predictable than the tides.

No. 1462179

File: 1646848892158.jpg (Spoiler Image,923.01 KB, 1077x1808, Screenshot_20220309-125956_Ins…)


No. 1462240


Whoa, did she manage to get real fat super quick or something?

No. 1463933

define fast. she's slowly turning into fatman.

No. 1464294

“This butt picture will make a great addition to my lolco- I mean my Instagram”

No. 1464325

This is it. This is the photo that has successfully convinced me to start working out again. Thanks Bree Mcgee.

No. 1480022

Was lurking the Luna thread and thought of this bitch. Damn, she got fat.

No. 1500817

File: 1649893496028.jpg (358.15 KB, 1080x2054, Screenshot_20220413-110109__01…)

pic is of op's tumblr, she's bragging about being friends with bree again even though they have a friend breakup every year or so and this thread gets revived. op has said very awful things about bree- dehumanizing things, and given that she wrote this thread about her, little to no sympathy for bree going back to be friends again. it must be a trauma bond at this point cause op had a drug od at bree’s house a few years ago. bree needs better friends.

No. 1500822


No. 1517956

File: 1651523703037.png (Spoiler Image,3.69 MB, 828x1792, AE44BD15-8318-483C-8F62-5B1209…)

idk if anyone else caught it but she just posted a crying drunk and possibly barred out rant with blood all over her hand about no one believing her about terrell, before rhat she posted a text post to her story saying she’s done and suicide baiting, now she deleted everything but i wish i would have screen recorded

No. 1517996

Just do it already we don't care

No. 1517997

hope i saged right but i saw it all. whenever she goes insane on her hair a melt down is soon to follow. did he really get a restraining order against her?

No. 1518080

File: 1651535251728.jpeg (288.89 KB, 828x1416, C05BF6D0-3626-4CF1-9716-509674…)

Posted on her stories 4 hours ago, has since been deleted.

No. 1518084

File: 1651535538629.jpeg (354.9 KB, 828x1512, 2535E0C5-C2A7-4CC7-BD48-E58646…)

No. 1518102

They're both psychotic, actually. Both want so badly to be victims and saved by someone. It's pathetic adults act like this I've seen more maturity and level-headedness in children. How anyone can buy this bullshit is lost on me. Bree, just actually commit to what you say whether it be getting help or finally killing yourself. Make a decision for once in your life and assume control.

No. 1518113

is that blood on her forehead and arm? jesus

No. 1518114

wow, who could've predicted this exact thing happening again? See ya'll in a month when Bree "survived" another suicide attempt (jk she didn't really attempt anything), finds another guy to post hella pictures with, and then he starts posting texts and videos of her acting psycho and she's posting that she's gonna kill herself in a ploy to make everyone feel bad for her being psycho.

No. 1518176

> finds another guy to post hella pictures with, and then he starts posting texts and videos of her acting psycho and she's posting that she's gonna kill herself in a ploy to make everyone feel bad for her being psycho.
In between adventures, she’ll come here and try to paint the other person as the true villain and convince us she’s changed. The idea of cycles is discussed from time to time with cows, it’s difficult to ignore with Bree.

No. 1518410

what’s his ig?(sage)

No. 1518874

File: 1651619591785.jpeg (400.73 KB, 828x1448, 90D03F64-08C6-4097-9D21-FA72E3…)

No. 1519085

Wouldn’t it be hilaaaaarious if bree and this ding dong just planned out another Bree suicide bait fiasco just so he has another excuse to pander online for donations? That’s my conspiracy theory 100% although that plan also sounds way too smart for them.
It just seems like that guy likes to panhandle on his Instagram all the time and Bree obviously likes to suicide bait all the time. It’s a very questionable win/win for both of them.

No. 1519327

Looks like maxmoefoe

No. 1519639

you guys are weird so tragic this is what the underbelly of society looks like. inc*l mayonnaise toliet seat face weirdos don’t know one thing about bree this is her partner all of ya look like ice chimp all of ya look like and bulit like greek yogurt i know they some hating girls on here don’t worry ur sweetheart u enemy of the sun looking ass i hope life gets worst for ya(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1519640

are you having a stroke you fucking sped? learn how to integrate or get the fuck out. i don't even follow this thread, i'm just mad i had to see this sperge you call a post.

No. 1519658

nice try bree

No. 1519661

Don’t talk about ya girl like that

No. 1519666

i love when bree tries to pretend to be someone else, she instantly tries to make herself look like an overly racist POC.

No. 1519726

File: 1651699698202.jpeg (354.78 KB, 828x1507, BEEDCC76-3688-432D-81DF-F36A57…)

xavier__gibson on ig

is she really pretending to be him on here calling him her partner when he is actively fleeing her abuse and suicide baiting

No. 1519732

File: 1651699750078.jpeg (302.18 KB, 828x1429, 37205C8C-E6A3-4EEA-9D42-345B80…)

she posted this yesterday but surprise she’s still alive

No. 1519754

So deep, oh my god. She sees the matrix for what it is. Ascended queen. She's cringe like this even when suicide baiting and I think that's honestly funny as hell

No. 1519852

this is both hilarious and weird. can't tell if he's posting money begging posts to get away from her abuse while also defending her here, or if she's really pretending to be a guy defending her, who wants to move away from her. either way, these 2 weirdos both have pictures of each other on their socials so clearly both revel in the attention and drama of it all. you'd think these people are 16 living in fake tumblrworld

No. 1520701

File: 1651774536847.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1125x1918, F20D3C54-8764-466A-8239-03A9F2…)

No. 1521069

This thread is interesting but a lot of the info is old, could a nice farmer with time on their hands make a new one?

No. 1521266

I am fucking dead. Xavier is constantly begging for money. I mean you can’t even write this shit!!! I’m sure something slightly dramatic happened between them and they saw it as a chance to ebeg. Get a fucking job bro

No. 1521354

File: 1651811088448.jpeg (2.02 MB, 3912x3895, A8A9B014-EDDA-4751-943F-EC58D0…)

she used to be be pretty attractive, damn. seems to happen to all the crazy bpd bitches. they’re good looking but lose it fast by getting fat and just plain not taking care of themselves.

No. 1521969

mento illness

No. 1522030

imagine being at such a low point that you think the angry uneducated zit-covered SJW on the left is hotter than the fat angry uneducated zit-covered SJW on the right.
My take is that Xavier secretly loves the attention he's getting from this Bree fiasco, and that's why he's "getting her help." whatever the hell that means. I personally think she's far gone, she's a few years away from 30 and genuinely think she's the poor widdle victim in every situation she's in.

No. 1522044

File: 1651888886583.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.08 MB, 828x1463, 377CED62-0ABC-4496-B0F1-053DC2…)


No. 1522054

File: 1651889612654.jpeg (421.37 KB, 828x1458, 25BD662C-9333-4080-A15C-DC9D45…)

No. 1522063

File: 1651890425334.jpeg (384.47 KB, 828x1426, 856B14A1-3B49-4795-B51F-AF83F5…)

No. 1522079

I wonder if this fat bitch ever thinks about the fact that everyone that gets close to her ends up running for the hills and that she’s always the common denominator in all the drama she experiences. The problem is you, not everyone else, ya dumb whore. Talk about “smooth brained”. Cows gonna moo.

No. 1522098

Talk about manipulative, she wants to threaten suicide over everyone for not believing her when, why should anyone believe her when this is a repeat situation of every other "abusive ex" she's ever had. The only one we all really know was a POS was the one that killed himself and she defended him for years and even made HERSELF the victim after he killed himself.
I really wish this idiot would go to REAL therapy and get the fuck off the internet and stop trying to be a lil internet princess and Baltimore punk icon, seeing as how far that's gotten her

No. 1522103

this bitch abuses all her boyfriends, suicide baits then guilts them into forgiving her. it’s a cycle and she’s clearly the problem

No. 1522175

File: 1651900678462.jpeg (387.39 KB, 828x1378, 51F388DA-7FD8-4B55-8709-A94672…)

No. 1522193

She’s just fucking proving a fucking point that all you fucking bitches are obviously the toxic ones even though she’s totally not fucking ghost posting on her fucking lolcow page and abusing her fucking close ones because she’s totally fucking not also a known abuser

No. 1522302

you have to question the type of scrotal sack who would hook up with her, though.

just because she's a bpd cow who cries wolf doesn't mean most if not all of them aren't abusive moids.

No. 1522590

I honestly don’t know how many jobs, friends and relationships bree can lose before she realizes she is the problem…..and instead of ever admitting it or thinking clearly she will victimize herself and continue to do so. People criticize her because it’s “the boy who cried wolf situation..” ever since her relationship with Noah on tumblr, she has constantly demonized every single one of her exes where ur sitting there like…there’s literally no way

No. 1522593

Like you post your whole life on the internet and think that you’re exempt from criticism? It’s the internet babes, what. The. Hell. Did. You. Think. The thing is I’ve believed Bree, every ex, every spiral, every suicide attempt because of said ex….but it gets to a point where not every friend, not every relationship, not everything goes like that. There’s something WRONG and she pulls the victim card where “you need to believe me or you don’t believe victims!!!!!!!!” Absolutely not. I still believe Bree but you start to question and you start to think about the person she is based on everything she’s POSTED to the internet.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1522612

File: 1651958333853.jpg (52.26 KB, 477x565, Capture.JPG)

how dumb do you have to be to think no one is gonna show the guy the post where you accuse him of rape.

No. 1522632

She's one of the least popular threads that barely updates here. She self-posts all the time. We're not doing anything more than relaying what she herself ia posting. Get a grip and learn to sage.

No. 1522680

yeah believe all victims until it’s the victims of your horrible ex Paul right right?

No. 1522689

File: 1651968123136.png (2.99 MB, 828x1792, E640E512-9238-4BFD-A674-B83FEB…)

……..i wonder why……maybe it’s because …you know what nevermind. does she literally see herself and what she posts and how she acts…

No. 1522690

Tired of this drunk bitch spamming the boards. No one cares. Go cry about ebul exes elsewhere and maybe neck a bottle of wine more so you're less likely to come back to post here.

No. 1522719

She posts because she drinks, and then drinks because she posts. Lol alcohol brain rot moron

No. 1522743

Well that's definitely one way to spend your 20s. Must suck to not want more out of life but she has to go and shit up the boards on top of it.

Your life isn't milky Bree. You're a garden variety woe-is-me toxic drunk. This is embarrassing even by LC's standards.

No. 1522769

File: 1651976168060.gif (1.19 MB, 276x210, -.GIF)

I still find the non-fat watered-down milk amusing. We’re almost entering the redemption attempt arc.

No. 1522782

File: 1651977342644.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1125x1628, B4A358CC-BF46-4168-89A6-F6A667…)

No. 1522784

File: 1651977736952.jpeg (1.91 MB, 1125x1807, E7032326-DA42-47A1-89FC-A290EF…)

No. 1522824


Wasn’t this the bitch whose response to this “abusive boyfriend” not giving her enough attention was to say she was going to invite her rapist over? And then she wonders why everyone thinks she’s a lying psycho?

No. 1522838

If they choose him over you, after you’ve given them evidence of his abuse, well adjusted individuals would think: “these are not my friends” and then move on. Why are you so desperate to be validated by people who have sided with your (alleged) abuser? And lastly, what are [b]you[/b] taking accountability for?

No. 1522839

NTAYRT but I’m pretty positive they were being sarcastic and making fun of how she was typing here >>1522175 with using “fucking” every other word (they do need to sage still though.)

No. 1522862

This one. She was spamming him with texts and threatening to invite her rapist over because Terrell wasn't texting back, and because of that, Terrell has now joined the ranks of the manipulators and the rapists that she must destroy on the Internet.
Isn't it kinda telling that HER friends are siding with her ex? They're tired of her lying ass bullshit and they know that she actually is psychotic. Even the guy she's kind of still with said she needs to get help and is mentally unstable af and that he can't even be in the same house as her because she's mentally and physically violent. But oh no, she's not an abuser at aaalll.

No. 1522888

god i'm so confused by this entire ordeal. it all seems so overblown and orchestrated on both ends like, idk how to describe it but it just gives me that vibe. what even is the "snippet of abuse" she says she posted, did I miss it? if they're both supposedly so abusive to each other why do they both still have all the pictures of them together up on IG? what exactly is he trying to do to convince everyone to "actively hate" you when he says shit like this >>1520701 and seems to want to get you help? or is that all a facade? is that him manipulating himself to be a victim or is it maybe possible that you aren't always the only victim no matter what? why would none, not a single one of your friends, believe you?

look, I know that there's a common cycle of victims of abuse getting back into abusive relationships again and again, I'd rather believe that than think a woman is "crying wolf" but at some point you have to take a hard look at yourself in the mirror and at your DECADE's worth of psychotic mental breakdowns liveblogged on tumblr and every other social media platform, you can't undo or look past all that. i don't doubt she was treated like shit and traumatized by fuckers like Paul and whoever else, and this Xavier dude has always given me major slimy grifter leech weirdo vibes, but you also can't excuse the fucked up shit she did to exes like Terrell. there's a ton of receipts of her being abusive and manipulative right back, like in this very thread. which I'm not using to excuse any purported abuse she might have genuinely gone through, because i know that's a common issue as well but it doesn't add up with her. cases like this make me want to actually believe in mutually abusive relationships because they honestly both have such clear attention-seeking fake general cowish behaviors. i'm actually shocked it ended up like how it always does with her exes this time around, because i truly thought she'd met her perfect equal match this time lol

No. 1522949

Bree is going to have to come and clarify if she means Terrell (she posted evidence of his abuse, while excluding her abusive behaviour) or Xavier (who came here and did this >>1519639 and, as you said, is supposedly trying to get her help) If it ends up being Xavier, I agree with you. I hadn’t considered they might have orchestrated this together. Why? No idea but he seems to be asking for help.

No. 1522960

File: 1652017443838.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1125x1838, 437E8575-43ED-4E23-A846-1DFED3…)

don’t think anyone posted this but now wants to move out of the state because of him?
can someone correct me if i’m wrong but didn’t she literally say some bs like he’s a black man and im scared of my life on some instagram story i feel like the reason no one wants to be around her is because of shit like this 1 things goes south and kicks them to the curb or cancels them that’s her go to thing
if she hated the internet so much she would have just deleted her instagram or something

No. 1523092

this seems more like “i’ve burned all my bridges and people don’t believe my constant bullshit and psychotic ass anymore so i need to leave” but ok Bree just paint yourself as the victim again. all the receipts of your abusive are here

No. 1523145

she is taLking about terrell in these posts, it was during a big rant in which she accused him of sexual assault. it seems like xavier is still trying to support her, but that fucker is the creepiest out of all the guys she has dated. he is freaky.

tbh she probably should leave the state or go move in with family again or something bc it seems like she is spiraling without any sort of structure.

also bree probably does self post but she is my fav lolcow since the noah tumblr days. she is very dry lately so i always sage but shit i love being able to rant about how dumb she is somewhere

No. 1523612

Cheers, anon! I sort of figured she meant Terrell. Why is she suddenly fixated in him again? She herself said 4 months ago >>1390653
> i admit my actions were abusive and we have worked them out
And prior to this, they were hanging out >>1367273 AFTER she said he was an abuser >>1286529 and >>1286412

No. 1523635

File: 1652075196486.webm (7.92 MB, 360x596, 01.webm)

.webm 1 of 2
(Pardon the autism but this hadn’t been locally archived)

No. 1523638

File: 1652075421310.webm (1.7 MB, 360x606, 02.webm)

.webm 2 of 2
(Again, pardon the autism, here’s the local archive)

No. 1524266


I couldn't pick up ANYTHING that he said in this clip aside from "that's not your fault, neither of us knew that was gonna happen." and "i can't keep doing this thing." He just seems frustrated with her because she's absolutely insane.
Especially since after playing that clip that doesn't even really prove anything at all, she's smiling and saying she's scared and blaming him if she kills herself (which is ironic considering the "proof that he's abusive" lmao)

No. 1527405

File: 1652429590905.png (9.01 MB, 1242x2208, 84E2665B-DD3D-48FA-A0FE-6DFEAD…)


No. 1527468

How can you be this crazy? Bree, refer to >>1523612

No. 1527550

This bitch is proof weak people shouldn't be on social media at all. If this dumbass were on a deserted island, who would she even be? She doesn't have any personality or self. If Instagram went down she would probably turn into dust.

No. 1527578

I was thinking this too.
>Hey instagram users in Baltimore, I'm being abused!
Her audience has dwindled so much since tumblr days, when is she gonna pack this in? Stop leeching off scrotes, be single for a while, exit social media for a year, move in with some female friends and get a job? Why do we need to see this?

No. 1527615

>inb4 next post

No. 1527717

>bar i thought was a safe space
no bar is a safe space you absolute sped

No. 1527814

So she went to a public place and saw someone she claims is abusive (yet she has also claimed she was abusive in the relationship too) then throws a huge drunken fit online because people didn’t stop their lives to give Bree her millionth pity party? Now she’s turning it into the world not believing women. All from one night she went to a bar and saw her ex. Get a fucking grip Bree

No. 1527817

Oh sorry, she saw clips of him at the bar online. Even better

No. 1528961

So again her problems wouldn't exist if she could put away her fucking screens. Genuinely retarded.

No. 1529112

She’ll be back in three weeks lol

No. 1529409

find it ironic she says she’s done with canceling and just wants to have her story told about him being a known abuser then asks for forgiveness from her friends yet has abused and burned all her bridges with most of her friends it seems you’d have to be an idiot to continue being friends with this cow

No. 1530592

Fucking stop bumping your own thread and use that time to find a therapist you daft cunt(infighting )

No. 1531006

Damn dude are you okay? Maybe talking to a therapist would help lol(infighting)

No. 1541290

Bree actually did pass.

No. 1541307

As if. Show receipts or fuck off

No. 1541310

she just posted 4 pics on her insta story, so the anon guessing three weeks was giving her too much credit lol. she's not dead but I wouldn't be surprised if that was her self posting the passing thing. anons save your time, she's still with the neon velcro head and looking the same.

No. 1541430

File: 1653624708388.jpg (387.74 KB, 1182x2129, slipknotnightcore.jpg)

What? A kidney stone? On mental help? As >>1541310 said, she just posted on her Stories a few hours ago and since this is an image board, here’s a screenshot of its current state [1/2]

No. 1541434

File: 1653624872179.jpg (2.04 MB, 2160x3840, stories from the great beyond.…)

What was posted, something as recent as 1 hour ago. Disproving >>1541290 who posted 4 hrs ago.

No. 1546523

Anyone have a brief recap on the old Noah drama? I’ve followed her since her early Tumblr days but my memory is foggy.

No. 1548047

just read the whole thread not that hard

No. 1554329

File: 1654776788636.jpg (389.81 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20220609-141258_Ins…)

Alive and well.

No. 1555942

It’s crazy how easily bree gets her victims to forgive her. He’ll be calling her abusive again soon enough

No. 1556779

File: 1654916776029.jpeg (172.35 KB, 750x875, 5BCD88CF-122A-40B5-BA59-081299…)

bree posted this on lunas ~self harm~ post. the crossover we never knew we needed.

No. 1557602

she literally posts pictures with her cuts showing all the time wtf

No. 1557737

File: 1654989411218.jpeg (201.16 KB, 828x1472, 75F3F3DB-898D-4E0C-AFD2-BE7DA4…)

literally she has posts removed twice today for self harm still being fresh on her arms

No. 1557867

pretty sure she said they were old scars

No. 1558094

people flip their shit over decades old scars tbf

No. 1558325

yeah not to wk but a photo of healed scars that are years old is MASSIVELY different than a photo of fresh/bloody wounds

No. 1558358

Yeah honestly it’s fucked up for Instagram to take down people just because they have past trauma and many year old healed scars. Sounds like Instagram is deeming ex-selfharmers as not worthy enough, and must cover up. It’s not a tit hanging out. It’s a old scar, no one would be triggered by being healed.

No. 1558369

It’s fucked up but is one less nasty photo of Bree on the internet really a bad thing

No. 1563000

Bree posted a video one time of her shitting her pants and that’s all I think about when I see her or this thread lol

No. 1565243

File: 1655593563988.jpeg (194.9 KB, 828x1448, 839EDD57-9BD9-4615-B14D-60FCAA…)

i cant imagine how bad her room smells

No. 1565567

and her vagina

No. 1567233

“Your queer homie” In a hetero relationship. Makes sense. Just because you act like a faggot doesn’t mean you’re gay (or bi). Two separate things. Being a punk poser wasn’t enough of an individuality LARP, had to throw in the gay LARP to heighten the levels of pathetic.

No. 1567281

I feel like they are truly the most perfect gross couple. I mean, they’re identical (besides skin color obviously duh).

Trashy alley way tattoos, stupid looking hair, both are artistic but never do anything meaningful with any shred of talent they might have and just waste it, online begging and pity partying.
It’s beautifully disgusting in a way, but not a good way.(sage your shit)

No. 1567468

he is so disgusting and makes her even worse. she would be so much better focusing on herself

No. 1570053

Does anyone have the video?

No. 1570238

fuck no because it doesnt exist

No. 1570329

No. 1571084

File: 1656109392531.jpeg (172.04 KB, 651x1082, 13E80314-7B6E-4F0F-9ED1-624AFA…)

her post promoting sex toy company was banned, i feel like theres no way this company no matter how small would have reposted this type of thing anyway

No. 1571290

It's so sad how some fatties try to convince themselves that they're okay with looking fucking disgusting as long as those around them "don't care". I can't imagine valuing others opinions about my body over my own.

No. 1573111

Xavier calls themselves queer but literally only has been in hetero relationships with girls who have only been in hetero relationships. This is like 75% of the baltimore tender queer circle I swear to god.

No. 1573200

this is the tender queer scene in most big cities, just straights with hairy armpits and dyed hair doing PIV sex and acting like they're doing something revolutionary by existing when everything they do is an artistic copy of everyone else in their scene

No. 1573221

god the untreated pcos is strong with this one

No. 1573900

im pretty sure bree has been in lesbian relationships tho

No. 1576091

Lol “Gained 30lbs” bitch, please. More like 50lbs+, maybe even close to 100lbs. Why lie about it? We all have eyes. Trying to be body posi or whatever the fuck but still can’t admit how fucking fat you are. Performative bullshit as usual with these losers.

No. 1576516

"where's your e-brat now, bitch?"

No. 1579902

File: 1656902621385.jpeg (252.63 KB, 828x1467, 62594360-8F28-4D8F-8B8E-E855FE…)

No. 1582029

Lol it’s like clockwork with this bitch

No. 1583580

Bree was with that FTM for a while and they were making some rounds on tumblr, I remember following both. Their breakup was a bi tmessy(sage)

No. 1583802

File: 1657324107701.jpeg (191.21 KB, 828x1380, 9768A721-F59E-42DB-A34C-BD7432…)


No. 1584089

this is her first post in a long time that made me feel really bad for her. i've been following her for a long time and it sucks to see anyone in such a desperate spot. even if she deserves a lot of it. she needs to totally remove herself from that city and social circle.

No. 1584892

That is really so sad. I’ve felt this way myself but I would never ke make that public. Sucks that she surrounds herself with people like sophie who steal her money and medication and then act surprised when she gets fucked over and ends up alone

No. 1585023

File: 1657479248884.png (6.78 MB, 1170x2532, E95CC8B4-BE59-40D4-862F-1EB6C8…)

No. 1586059

File: 1657582530522.jpeg (253.69 KB, 828x1515, D21A6953-C806-4ADD-B82C-4CC756…)

her boyfriend posted this

No. 1586255

Lol “your story” at the top, welcome back Bree

No. 1586757

Sad that she's so BPD she has to post her own milk.

No. 1586785

i'm the anon that posted a few days ago about following her for awhile and feeling bad for her. i got gooped, i'm back to not feeling bad for her lol.

No. 1586902

A Bree reveal would be glorious. She >>1390653 said
> i only check this thread because its some sort of form of morbid curiosity
> only check
> wasting time putting me down or trying to humiliate and make fun of my life isnt worth it
> i fixate on this thread because it disappoints me. i hate that there are anonymous people that hate me.
She oughta sell merchandise with Luna “ i hate myself more than any of you could hate me. that’s comforting” Slater
> the internet is stupid and i know that, to even post on here in defense of myself is stupid.
Defending yourself here is fruitless but maybe >>1571084 delivering your own milk shouldn’t be encouraged but perhaps we should applaud her for it? Is the attention really worth the humiliation? I’ll forever wonder.

No. 1587091

it's fucked. i can't help feeling bad for her but what difference does that make? if you or i knew her in real life she'd rapidly fuck our lives up the ass without lube to show gratitude.

No. 1587108

kek she learnt to sage. bet she's a regular on luna's thread.

No. 1587441

She’s actually so stupid. I really want all her posts to be revealed like what happened to creepshowart

No. 1587545

Yeah all the screenshot posts are kinda sus now. What an idiot. As others have said, I just kinda wonder what she gets out of it. Relevancy? Hardly. It’s hilarious but definitely pathetic and sad to see. Like why does she need to continue to cultivate her shitty image? Wouldn’t any sane person want to like…be seen in a good light? Damn.

No. 1588117

idgi either. when i was an impressionable 14 year old on tumblr i thought she was kind of cool, very put together and everyone gawked over her makeup looks and fashion, people found the "sincerity" of her liveblogging her spirals to be inspiring back when bpd was just becoming the hot new thing to cultivate. she is washed up and those days are so far gone i havent understood why this thread still gets replies. now that shes been caught posting her own milk so many times making fun of herself im convinced shes the only one keeping this thread alive. i guess she literally thrives off feeling victimized. she would do good avoiding people with dyed hair and septum piercings lol. people in those tenderqueer circles get off on competing to see whos the most anguished and mentally ill, just like it was on tumblr.

No. 1588227

File: 1657839798970.jpeg (763.67 KB, 828x1792, FCDA1814-E5C4-48A8-A834-178DD1…)

the only times i have ever posted on this was to defend myself. i was hacked before as well by my old roommate who knew my password. i just checked this for the first time in a while and freaked out that someone hacked me again and zoomed in and this is literally fucking edited. you guys are fucking obsessed with me and fucking stupid for believing i would want to add anything to this thread to gain negative attention besides defend myself.

No. 1588228

File: 1657840010822.png (2.46 MB, 828x1792, CC8B690D-7348-42A0-9ECE-07C7E2…)

like look at the space between the top of the story and the actual photo jesus christ i thought you guys were like photoshop detectives

No. 1588231

Very convenient you decided to just randomly check this stuff out “for the first time in a while” like the day after all these recent posts

No. 1588238

welp! maybe people tell me people fucking post about me when it's happening! all i fucking do is mind my business like! why the fuck so you all treat me like im some sort of fucking specimen to take notes on its fucking CREEPY AND FUCKING WEIRD AND FUCKING HATEFUL LITERALLY JUST LWAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE(global rule #4)

No. 1588241

Get a job and stop posting all your life on the internet you fucking retard

No. 1588254

You're a freak show and we like to see trash fires. It's not complicated kek.

No. 1588256

assuming i dont have a job…. because i post online…. you guys literally post on the girl version of 4chan but okay yall have fun spewing your internalized self hatred into the void, at least i can actually admit to hating myself and am not a fucking repressed middle school student taking it out on someone you probably wish you had the qualities of. what state mental hospital did you freaks escape from holy fuck

No. 1588258

well i guess this is the future of reality television i should be paid for this audience truly

No. 1588262

kek i love it when the cows come here to cry. you don't have to post online if you're bothered. it's seriously that easy

No. 1588360

Fuck no. You aren't worth money for being messy. Besides, you do this to yourself for free. There's no reason to throw money at this when you being a broke waste of space is part of what makes this so entertaining. You do you booboo, it's literally all you every time. No ability to better yourself because that takes dedication and not indulging every retarded whim, so guess take a good look around cuz this is how the rest of your life will be unless you start actually trying.

No. 1588433

i am going to destroy all of you.

No. 1588449

File: 1657861924288.jpg (19 KB, 400x400, 8dHI_3e9_400x400.jpg)

No. 1588458

oh god bree is drunk and about to spiral online again

No. 1588463

Make your account private if you're so upset. All your shit is public. You posted on here to get more attention but you're trying to say you were hacked which is totally believable, considering you're a well documented liar.

No. 1588466

All you do is destroy your life. Log off and fill out job applications. That's the first two steps to how you show us all!

No. 1588482

Kek okay then, keep going, you’re really winning us over now

No. 1588547

I doubt you could. You couldn't even destroy yourself with "all sleeping pills". Weak ass bitch.

No. 1588655

File: 1657893105869.gif (464.58 KB, 201x275, 56AA6D8E-9FEB-428D-9B47-983972…)

topkek anon

No. 1589584

Are you trying to say someone hacked your phone, photoshopped “your story” with your picture next to it onto a photo they then posted on lolcow. When you’ve been known to post on here yourself already, and on other forums. Sureeeee Bree

No. 1589656

File: 1658002421982.jpg (39.72 KB, 470x615, img.JPG)

please do it bree, you can't get better yourself. it's so clear. please find someone to take boo even if it's a rescue adoption place as a last resort. you're gonna self destruct. you've run out of all your social circle, you're too sick to have a stable career. this is prob gonna be called wk-ing idk but you need inpatient followed by outpatient. youre bpd that shit doesn't go away you cant ignore it forever.

No. 1592112

No. 1621607

She has been so quiet lately. I genuinely hope this means she is getting help

No. 1621610

Sage. Your concern and wishes, while nice, aren’t milk.

No. 1621831

nonnie you made me so excited, I thought there was fresh milk. anyway I agree I hope bree is doing better and getting professional care

No. 1627259

File: 1661615098017.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1125x2032, 5518C1EB-30DF-4AB8-971C-C610DA…)

she’s fine definitely didn’t check into inpatient

No. 1628901

Pictures you can smell

No. 1629430

Ffs Bree we were rooting for you(learn2sage )

No. 1629459

File: 1661765600421.webm (3.62 MB, 576x1024, bree’s back.webm)

She’s definitely back, her latest two TikTok attached.
> time to numb her! one crumb away from admitting myself to the ward sorry mommy

No. 1629524

>drugs and alcohol what could possibly go wrong

No. 1630371

Someone went on a deleting spree.

No. 1631998

Isn’t she like besties with fellow cow Violet Hinson?

No. 1633041


No. 1633263

File: 1662079405538.jpeg (133.92 KB, 828x1472, C6193D98-873B-43E4-A0A3-41483D…)

Old milk

No. 1633267

Why repost old milk without saging?

No. 1633354


No. 1633355

Can A nice farmer with time on their hands make a new forum?

No. 1633358

File: 1662089993542.jpeg (36.63 KB, 207x275, 14792810-4CFD-4EBA-B37B-8DFC78…)

No. 1633480

Man I can't wait for this thread to be full and then nobody opening up a new one so that the instant BPD attention gratification stops. It happened to several not interesting cows, PNP for example. Nobody fucking cares

No. 1646726

File: 1663031735059.jpg (553.81 KB, 1080x2412, Screenshot_2022-09-12-20-15-38…)

God she's fucking back. Spoilered for giant mobilefag screenshots 1/2

No. 1646729

File: 1663031794356.jpg (602.54 KB, 1080x2412, Screenshot_2022-09-12-20-15-42…)

2/2 looks like she joined aa. The only other thing on her story was a memorial post for some boyfriend.

No. 1646771

File: 1663035829343.webm (2.27 MB, 720x1280, brmc .webm)

> The only other thing on her story was a memorial post for some boyfriend.
Here it is. I thought it was for the cat, kek

No. 1646773

File: 1663035851031.jpg (86.42 KB, 828x1472, ok.jpg)

She also posted this.

No. 1646807

File: 1663040523977.png (8.2 MB, 1170x2532, 82F993AB-1D82-4379-9CC7-B7A7CD…)

She popped up on my tiktok FYP, video is now deleted so my apologies for not recording it but it was really long, talking about how her BF moved out of her house while she was on vacation without telling her (and it basically made it seem like he was just using her for convenient housing LOL) and she’s relapsed at drinking and that she just found out her friend of 8 years is the one who wrote this thread?? Commence suicide baiting I’m sure

No. 1646808

File: 1663041127216.webm (17.6 MB, 576x1024, depression apartment .webm)

> Damn bitch, you live like this?
Maybe she’ll post it for us.

No. 1646821

the hitachi wand on the floor….

No. 1646882

She really needs to just stop posting all together. Her constant need for validation online is only gonna make her worse but a cow is gonna cow ig

No. 1647084

File: 1663082328179.png (608.35 KB, 556x851, Screenshot_20220913-110758~3.p…)

zero shame, or maybe terminal levels of shame…why would you post this on tiktok for all to see? this filth is something you keep to your self and move on from. that app has fucking ruined people and is a haven for shameless retards

No. 1647116

You all literally have no lives. She’s been inactive for a very long time and you have such shitty lives you refresh her accounts constantly to see if she posted anything? Imagine being this much of a loser. If talking shit about people online is this entertaining please go outside and experience real life because this ain’t it and you’ll all be on your death bed one day wishing you didn’t spend your entire teens 20s or even 30s caring so much about Bree’s vibrator on the floor

No. 1647193

It takes about a minute and a half to scroll lolcow on our lunch breaks just like any other social media, nonny. All of us have lives. Bree posts this for everyone to see and is well aware of these threads.

No. 1647229

bree can you stop being an abhorrent parasitic she-devil for 1 second and get help

No. 1647266

You’re checking the thread too though so how does that make you better? Cope more

No. 1647272

Shut the fuck up Bree. You’ve literally posted on here pictures of yourself pretending you’re a farmer to try and get more attention and you were caught. You check this thread more than us lol

No. 1647320

File: 1663107975656.jpeg (179.15 KB, 828x1455, 8D704011-0CF5-407F-8383-6BB91C…)


No. 1647430

whoever screenshots her old stories adding new captions is boring as fuck

No. 1647472

>go outside and experience real life!!
says the person who filmed her ankle high alcoholic trash hovel just to post it on tiktok…what a life!

No. 1648090

I’m pretty sure it’s Bree self posting bc that’s definitely her unfunny edgelord sense of humor

No. 1648526


Is it even called a relapse if you only ever get “sober” for one day and the only reason you’re getting “sober” is because everyone in Baltimore hates you and if you don’t you’ll have to move?

No. 1648538

You tell us, Nona. You seem to know more than what Bree has shared.

No. 1648611

kek which one of Bree's friends checked the thread

No. 1648642

probably some new scrote scurrying in to fill the bpd void

No. 1648894

anthony fantano really fell off

No. 1650362

File: 1663587186647.png (3.13 MB, 828x1792, E6BCB016-738C-42D4-B1B7-455C53…)

oh did it?

No. 1650364

File: 1663587241850.png (3.31 MB, 828x1792, ADB1BB12-0C50-4032-A28D-E4F5AF…)

lol okay.

No. 1650365

"7 years of harassment" sounds like a meme tbh

No. 1650478

Oh my god she's so smug. Hardly anyone checks this thread, it was dead until either herself or some "friend" came here and bumped it. It's sad to accept this but no one cares about you Bree. At this point people who still check in here only check because sometimes you do extremely embarrassing things, but you're not interesting enough to even be watched constantly. You're just a loser in bumfuck nowhere Baltimore.

I know it's more comfortable to think that there's a lot of weird terfs around the world that are throwing their lives away by coming here to obsessively comment on your life, like a conspiracy. In the minds of people who are constantly in need of attention like you this scenario is somehow positive. But the truth is that the only people who still give you the slightest attention around here are people you know, and who hate you. You get into trouble with anyone in your life because you're a borderline freak who refuses to help yourself and when you split up they come here and rub your shit in this thread. And they probably still have the guts to look you in the eye and smile for you. Those are the people who really hate you, the ones around you. Not a bunch of mean girls on the internet. Wake the fuck up girl.

No. 1650541

this bitch just harasses herself. i vote to lock the thread

No. 1650548

File: 1663601016410.webm (2.53 MB, 576x1024, six.webm)

Do you think Xavier Gibson will choose to retaliate over this? The comments, of course, focused on the language she used to describe Xavier rather than the fact he doesn’t wipe properly.
Keep the thread. She holds the power here, she continually chooses to be a cow.

No. 1650583

File: 1663602606118.jpg (729.33 KB, 1069x5924, amab.jpg)

The comments in question.

No. 1651904

I know Bree and she lurks and posts on the Luna thread. She’s such a hypocrite and smells bad

No. 1652916

I always had a feeling
Was her. Plus she was very quick to call Luna out for the dollar store knife self harm post kek

No. 1653167

File: 1663766393450.png (4.02 MB, 828x1792, B0355E83-0AE4-432C-BC80-9019D1…)

i thought this was so hilarious that she said if youre born a man you cant wipe your ass and all the trannies went nuclear.

her tiktok just bouncing between crying about her ex and making fun of him. nbd

No. 1655188

File: 1663916602751.webm (1.45 MB, 576x1024, crying.webm)

Here’s the .webm. She looks so out if it.

No. 1655191

File: 1663916706894.webm (2.19 MB, 576x1024, they_them parent.webm)

She has to like negative attention.

No. 1655192

File: 1663916756050.webm (8.53 MB, 576x1024, eww.webm)

No. 1655197

File: 1663917398736.webm (10.63 MB, 720x1280, kooky wacky.webm)

Over on Instagram.

No. 1656630

this thread should die until bree decides to call her black ex the n word again

No. 1665555

File: 1664796400123.webm (18.53 MB, 576x1024, gross and manipulative .webm)

We have an update on Tiktok.
The thread will die when she’s no longer milky.

No. 1665556

File: 1664796442668.jpg (118.77 KB, 828x1472, moo moo moo.jpg)

No. 1665562

I have not read her thread before and I started from the beginning, what a difference in 6 years, damn

No. 1666367

At this point it’s obvious she’s posting purposefully milky stuff. She knows this thread exists and she’s literally milking that shit.
While lolcow was down and she thought it was for good, she was posting about how weird it’ll feel to not check her thread.

No. 1666530

Oof she's completely lost it. She needs to go inpatient or she gon die. Jfc Bree

No. 1666637

Holy shit do people not know what private means anymore. This is not what we meant when we started to talk about and not hide mental illness anymore.
>Those quads

No. 1667354

Drinking has aged her so badly

No. 1668050

It doesn't help that she keeps getting these mortifyingly ugly hair cuts

No. 1671057

File: 1665337009926.jpeg (353.11 KB, 819x1457, EF4F8930-07DE-42C8-8363-165FF5…)

sobriety going well

No. 1671113

do alcoholics get hangovers?

No. 1671142

Maybe some do but yeah a lot of alcoholics don't get hangovers

No. 1671216

depends of the form of alcoholic you are, if you are constantly drunk, seldom, if you are a binge drinker with hours being sober, yeah, can get a hangover. It's also possible she is experience withdrawal symptoms ever few times she sobers up and doesn't know what she is talking about.

No. 1672051

File: 1665452101758.webm (18.43 MB, 576x1024, > TOO MUCH WILD SHIT HAPPENS T…)

> rip to the girl this happened to - very close call hahahahahah ha (smiley face) #fyp #fyp(another smiley face) #onethingaboutme #murder #badroommate
Perhaps a nitpick but
Is so inappropriate to me given the circumstances.

No. 1672053

i think she should rap all of her trauma videos from now on it's a great new format

No. 1672057

File: 1665453024328.jpg (132.43 KB, 828x1472, instead i slept all day.jpg)

Unrelated to her TikTok.

No. 1672070

File: 1665454334430.png (Spoiler Image,18.99 MB, 2100x23596, 01 02 03 04.png)

No. 1672120

File: 1665459580873.jpeg (495.39 KB, 828x893, 496A50D6-4017-433D-8FA4-8160C6…)

i guess she got fact checked

No. 1672128

There is too much to say about this absolute cringe fest, but I’m glad she thought it was a good idea to post this. Jesus fucking Christ what a weird lunatic

No. 1691507

I'm convinced 99% of the post on here r Bree. Admim can u please reveal how much is bre self postomg for some weird all attention is good attention BPD reason
. it could be quite funny like when they putted Kelly pretending.to beher abuseer on the Kelly and chompurrrs page and creepshowfart slagging off all her friends. I feel like if its revealed how much this pathetic parasite self posts the thread will finally die. Like it was started 6 years ago and we r still on thread one..this bitch ismt milky she just wants to be and loves the attention. This thread or Bree one of the two really need to just die off already cuz she's not milky. She posts the same shit all bpdfags do n suicide baiting and photos you can fuckimg smell

No. 1691512

I forgot to put the only milky thing is her amber heard vibes crying abuse then having vids of her n her ex come out to say she was abusive since her whole Schtick is uwuw broken abused baby when actually she's the abuser or at least they both just suck

No. 1692040

I like how you typed this. You're right though, she isn't milky. Just another BPD mess that's a dime a dozen

No. 1692273

File: 1667445162101.webm (13.46 MB, 576x1024, Real Tourette’s.webm)

> also like this is not like a part of that like stupid like DID umm like Gen Z Tourette’s TikTok movement because I actually have mild Tourette’s, soo

No. 1692275

File: 1667445244306.png (262.83 KB, 928x1334, Real Tourette’s.png)

No. 1696765

File: 1668050119820.jpeg (216.29 KB, 828x1526, A5F5FDF7-AB51-4FD6-A6EE-BCCEC5…)

the fact that she grew out her hair only to do this to it…..

No. 1697780

I like that she thinks the back is the part that’s fucked up, and not like…the whole haircut

No. 1710163

File: 1669441886691.jpeg (193.07 KB, 740x1317, 421696EA-CAC8-401E-A379-3B667F…)

No. 1710276

Dictionary entry for 2010s tumblr

No. 1713793

Jesus fucking jumpscare spoil that shit

No. 1730000

That's not a people that's a gollum

No. 1733576

Uhh, nice to see she’s doing great and having a normal one

No. 1733728

File: 1672327273954.jpeg (225.35 KB, 826x1635, E362E48A-E3F9-4701-9C19-9B0D0E…)

No. 1740450

Bump for cp jannies where are u

No. 1746198

File: 1673895053281.png (2.3 MB, 828x1792, 4B51981A-AD75-490B-AEF6-D2C1FF…)

on drugs…

No. 1746321

Christ her pupils are huge. She’s definitely on something.

No. 1747116

fuckoff with the spam

No. 1896608

File: 1694455780818.jpeg (517.83 KB, 828x817, 81BE1761-DF11-44BD-8FC7-D0BC5D…)

No. 1896676

In a way, I unironically appreciate this look

No. 1896730

that hair reminds me of a kitten who was just licked by her mom

No. 1896832

nice 2 see you again bree. that neck tattoo goatee makes me kek

No. 1896905

All I can think of is Yolandi Visser's ugly cousin

No. 1898134

Wow I can’t believe after SEVEN years y’all are still going and making fun of her. Made fun of her weight when she has hypothyroidism and can’t help it. SMH!

No. 1898141

Bullshit. She ate everything and drank a bunch of alcohol. She claimed to have lost 40 lbs recently but I believe she is lying and bought obese sized pants to make it look like that. It’s okay to be fat, but lying about the reason behind it is criminal! This has to be Bree herself?

No. 1898147

Has anyone seen her BBL? She said she went to Miami for it(sage your shit or post milk)

No. 1898167

Can someone find her only fans that has her farting loudly? It turns me on(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1898459

nobody posts for 7 months and Bree gets sad no one's giving her attention, so she comes in, posts a bad selfie,
writes in the third person
and writes these weird comments trying to be funny.

maaaaybe these were different people, but at least one of them is 100% Bree. Get a life breaane, why are you obsessed with your "haters?" is it because they make you feel special and interesting? because aside from your page here and your suicide threats a few times a year, you're an incredibly boring dime-a-dozen "alt" basic

No. 1898533

File: 1694757024143.jpg (610.31 KB, 2278x1627, GSFRT.jpg)

If that’s the case then Bree is more mentally unstable than what we realise. There are at least two accounts asking for fart pictures on her TikTok. I don’t doubt >>1898147 and >>1898167 is also the person behind the account(s) as they added a lot of the comments 9-10h ago when they commented here. I assumed it was an ex-friend(s) but your theory makes more sense. Ariana seems to be friendly with a lot of our cows, it always cracks me up when I see her in the comments.

No. 1898551

Ariana is also someone who desperately craves attention and has a desire to feel special and different, buddying up with other cows probably makes her feel like being on this site is some special club. ari get it through your head, this site is for making fun of embarrassing dum-dums

No. 1899766

there is absolutely no reason for this thread to be bumped. this bitch is irrelevant. sage and stop self posting, headass

No. 1923952

File: 1699123559163.jpg (49.05 KB, 415x330, Capture.JPG)

saged so I dont necro this dead thread but god damn this girl can never keep a consistent job. is stuff so hard in her city that there's no min wage jobs available? no retail or fast food? wouldn't a fucking mcdonalds job be better than being months behind on rent and begging online? or are the dumb ass tattoos and hair make her look unhireable for regular jobs? anyway she's a perpetual lazy victim. inb4 mental illness excuse - many people are mentally ill and put in effort to recovering. at least my fav lolcow still gives occasional milk

No. 1924057

I hate to defend a dumb cow, but I mean, if she has Covid isn’t that a little different than like…being lazy and not working?

No. 1926662

File: 1699658733585.jpeg (Spoiler Image,204.38 KB, 684x1157, 47268F52-99C5-4417-B702-4F25F8…)

No. 1926795

File: 1699682198877.jpeg (684.79 KB, 828x1416, 44A71B7D-666C-4E33-A5B1-19DFDB…)

No. 1926805

she's been out of work for weeks now, it happened prior to covid. the underemployed thing has been a chronic issue in her adult life

No. 1926806

I hope she meant it when she mentioned going to AA

No. 1928463

File: 1699996147066.jpg (Spoiler Image,173.48 KB, 1080x1265, 143544928_150499286878435_2639…)

I just wish Bree would make posts of her twerking again or post more spicy stuff like back in the day. That was awesome

or at least put the old posts in her story highlights so we can remember(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1929523

File: 1700153460602.jpeg (224.97 KB, 828x1014, A7B84FEC-B641-46B2-ABF4-F4B839…)


No. 1931825

she's doing the classic out-of-shape woman move by hiking up her underwear super high so her muffin top flab becomes one with her ass and makes it look like she has a big ass. meanwhile the ass has zero muscle or plump behind it, it's just saggy flesh

No. 1932329

File: 1700691879838.mp4 (Spoiler Image,1.51 MB, 640x1136, 78262272_683976902429409_55215…)

The mental gymnastics

I didn't say anything about her ass being "big", that's just you who brought that up mate

Probably because you've seen her other videos in the past and know that ass to be the Truth

And also what kinda ass you got? Huh? I'ma say you gotta ol' clown ass

Ion' want no hard muscle ass anyway, weird mf(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1932361

Lol the mental gymnastics of defending the beauty of a flabby self harm cow, thank you for the laugh.

No. 1932483

Just say you would fuck anything and go lmao. She does nottt look like this anymore and continues to purposefully ruin her appearance as self harm

No. 1932490

begone moid

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