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File: 1462174264651.jpg (100.72 KB, 1236x496, image.jpg)

No. 126774

Anyone else think she's overstayed her welcome and is milking the whole Bieber thing? I mean to start, shes an obvious abuser of photoshop, a furry, and most of the girls I follow on instagram are more attractive than her.

For those of you who don't know, a heavily shooped picture of her was posted on Justin Bieber's if with the caption "who is she" or something like that. She's also a 26 year old with botched plastic surgery posing as a 16 year old girl. (Funny that no ones raised the fact that she poses in her underwear for photos while being underage). Her eyes and lips are the most notably manipulated features on her face since the size and shape of them vary from photo to photo, but she's not quite attractive enough to be on Wylona territory.

Maybe not a lolcow per se, but a lot of people I know are becoming a little bored of seeing her less-than-average looking mug on the recommended page on instagram. I'm not saying she's ugly, but I wouldn't go for pretty either.


No. 126776

I've always thought this bug eyed camwhore looked like she has graves or something.

No. 126780

She's boring and ugly. No drama or lulz here

No. 126781

I remember reading an article about her where she said that she was a 16 yr old who was a babysitter and only earned like 5$ a hour. One look at her could easily disprove that.

No. 126814

I actually find her quite good looking… She also admitted having lip injections. There are photos of her before the bloated lips and she looked totally average. Not sure about her age though, do they give lip injections to under-age kids in Spain?

No. 126816

How do you know she is lying about her age?

No. 126817

Idk guys. I think she's pretty. Yeah a lot of her selfies are photoshopped, and she did later admit to getting lip fillers, but I also follow her on snapchat, and she looks really pretty in them too.
>She's also a 26 year old
The burden of proof is in you, OP.

No. 126840

File: 1462199972884.jpeg (174.02 KB, 634x934, image.jpeg)

No. 126841

File: 1462199990023.jpeg (143.42 KB, 634x930, image.jpeg)

No. 126842

File: 1462200080923.jpeg (12.78 KB, 155x173, image.jpeg)

No. 126847

shes pretty but if shes 16 thats real unfortunate, looks at least 20

No. 126853

File: 1462203443552.gif (304.19 KB, 500x278, 1440427694793.gif)

That guys disgusting hairy ape arm to the right of her

No. 126859

Pretty. But her skin is dreadful. Probably due to the hoards of makeup she wears.

No. 126860

She's like 17/18 now though. OP is misinformed.

No. 126865

Honestly, eh. She just sounds like every other insta-hoe.

No. 126876

Blechh! If she wants to look like her shooped pics she should bleach her skin and go on an acne pill and get more surgery

No. 126877

She's fucking ugly as shit dude. Wouldn't surprise me if this thread was a self post to try and relight the fire from when the fame from Bieber died down

No. 126878

She's too dark to be attractive IMO

No. 126891

what anon? it's the opposite
would be unattractive if pasty
light eyes and pasty skin boring when it's with darker skin it's more starry eyed

No. 126895

Hairy & looks like a sack of potatoes. Charming.

No. 126897

i think her skin tone is really striking as far as color, making her somewhat attractive with the dark hair.

but the quality and health of her skin just looks poor. probably diet related. it'll catch up to her figure as well if she doesn't make changes now

No. 126900

She's a ball of grease. Ew. Don't know what bieber saw in the shooped version either. The girl is ugly and nothing but.

No. 126902

What the hell is going on with her hairline?

She looks like she smells so bad because she is so greasy and her arms are covered in black hair. Also her ass looks like it goes straight down.

No. 126943

Well Bieber likes fake looking instahoes, just look up the girl from Instagram he invited to bora bora and fucked

No. 126968

Wooah, without filters this girl looks like she's in her mid to late 20's already. She has a nice facial structure and I like her skin tone tbh, but somehow she looks so old for her age.

No. 126969

File: 1462227740818.png (326.67 KB, 628x622, image.png)

Fucked up logic.

No. 126970

Is that…Jessie Slaughter as their avatar?

No. 126971

File: 1462227976724.jpeg (60.74 KB, 597x542, image.jpeg)

No. 126973

File: 1462228088851.jpg (142.61 KB, 634x908, 310A74ED00000578-3440293-image…)

If she's only 17 and this is the condition of her skin I feel so fucking bad for her.

No. 126976

It's kind of funny how Bieber has such an obvious type. Is there a Jungle fever equivalent for Hispanic girls?

No. 126979

She's not just Spanish but also half Indonesian. Just putting it out there.
And Bieber is just looking for any girl that looks ""exotic"".

No. 126980

damn, thats what they class as bad skin these days?

No. 127010

Not rly feeling albino-Rihanna

No. 127011

Is this girl blind? Rihanna looks so fucking weird with white skin

No. 127040

there was a hispanic girl in my high school who i would occasionally eat lunch with bc she was friends with my friend and according to my friend she was IG famous for having a big ass so i looked her up and found out she was going to the beach with JB she also looks mediocre as hell in person and no ass lol JB bought her a prom dress too

No. 127045

Shit taste. Rihanna looks hot in her natural skin tone and pig disgusting with white skin.

No. 127051

No. 127077

Agree. I love her natural skin tone.

No. 127079

>mexican wylona

No. 127084

Wylona is hotter than wolfiecindy tho lol. This bitch is a pig. At least wylona has her skin in check

No. 127086

Lol Cindy fuck off you ugly bitch it's obvious that you made this thread yourself to try and get more attention. No one cares about your disgusting nudes

No. 127087


No. 127088

Uh yeah. Wylona is cute without photoshop. Cindy is not.

No. 127092

File: 1462254232960.png (301.28 KB, 376x481, Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 3.39…)

Uh yeah… totes hotter.

No. 127093

File: 1462254453876.png (184.11 KB, 279x371, Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 3.46…)

No. 127095

Yeah better skin and nose and all

No. 127097

File: 1462255203507.png (328.97 KB, 401x477, Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 3.59…)

No. 127105

Seems like you might have a case of yellow fever. Wylo is gross.

No. 127108

I don't understand the pettiness in this thread. Are you all 12-year-old Bieber fans or something? I don't see how this girl is ugly by any means. Sure, her skin is shitty and she piles on the makeup but she's attractive. Objectively, even. She's better looking than most people you'd see on the street.
Sometimes I think you guys forget what ugly truly is.

>inb4 "hi Cindy"

No. 127110

She's pretty cute and but I heard she never met Justin bieber becuase she looks different without photoshop

No. 127111

She def isn't ugly, I think she's pretty cute, but she looks like a cute 25-30 yr old and not a 17 yr old. Besides that, I don't get the hype/hate.

No. 127119

Agreeing with this. She does look older than her age but she's not ugly. You all sound like bitter white kids for moaning that her skin colour is too dark or that her arms are too hairy when her arms have a regular amount of hair, they just happen to be darker.

No. 127121


Yes that's bad skin, especially at age 16.

No. 127179

Found Cindy lol. These comments are so fucking cringes and obviously posted by You. Your autism and cuntrageery won't fly here.

No. 127180

I'm sorry but she's straight up ugly.

No. 127206

how is she a furry? because her cat walked in front of her laptop?

No. 127209

>happen to be darker
Black women and Asian women have black hair and they don't look like their whole body is covered in fur. She has an abnormally large amount of body hair.

No. 127255

Have you never seen a Southern European, Turkish or Latina girl? Because you sound like you haven't.

No. 127270

You're embarrassing yourself. Stop.

No. 127277

More like you're embarrassing yourself Cindy. You ugly cunt. Most the cows on the site are prettier than you in comparison so please stop whiteknighting yourself.

No. 127285

She's not ugly at all, just shit skin.

No. 127296

Cindy isn't an unattractive girl, but I believe she is very generic looking. Then again this is what happens when you masquerade as something you're not, because when you finally have to step out into public people are going to be shocked and surprised.

No. 127301

I don't think it's really that bad, just looks really heavily textured from all that makeup she's got caked on

No. 127305

It's just body hair.. on a male no less.
I mean shit, what are you, 12?

No. 127307


idk, like, I am 24 and even my skin is in better condition than this so I don't understand what she's done to it.
It could be that the heavy makeup is just accentuating it, but the wrinkles under her eyes and the (forgive me) nasolabial folds have got me kind of shocked. Usually at 16 your skin is as smooth as a baby's bare arse.
I'm kind of guessing she did her own hair and makeup too so maybe she didn't use a primer? It's not really mandatory for most but if you have lots of little pits, large pores and wrinkles it'll make a world of difference.

No. 127379

Most 16 year olds I've known are covered in acne, black heads and whatever else. I've seen very few with nice skin. Some just get lucky with their genetics.

No. 127381

And some (like Cindy) cake on make-up to hide it. I had awful pimples and red skin when I was 16/17. I just guess now a days people are more critical to skin since the beauty gurus and all that jazz has become so popular since back in the days.

No. 127431

Damn, you're right, I'm Cindy and I'm so embarrassed.
Well done, Detective-chan. You got me!

No. 127536

Cindy stop

No. 127727


Aren't we all Cindy, though? Aren't we all?

No. 128044

>idk, like, I am 24 and even my skin is in better condition than this so I don't understand what she's done to it.
>muh humblebrag

No. 128168


you're Cindy, I'm Cindy, even Gary is cindy!

No. 137767

I have laugh lines like hers, have had them since 14 maybe? I haven't seen any difference in them in 9 years.

Just genetics on that part probs.

The rest of her skin just looks like caked on makeup without using a wet beauty blender, any primer or finishing powder etc. The straight up concealer look, like most HS kids do.

Her nose is nice though, and if she knew how to actually apply makeup she'd look cute and maybe her age. The kids I went to HS with who looked 20+ figured it out eventually, she just needs a push to realize she's heavily aging herself.

No. 149247

i just watched some of her snapchat vids on youtube….she really looks nothing like her pictures and uses the big eye filter thing but i think she uses it in a way that shes trying to convince people shes not using it?? even with loads of filters she looks a bit crap

No. 149249

spotted the spoony

no one carse spoony stop humblebragging

No. 149366

yo you guys are so FUCKING petty, she doesn't even have bad skin it just looks dry and clogged from not washing properly - which most people don't. Dare you all to post close up pictures with flash. Yeah, thought so.

She just needs a proper extraction facial and a good moisturizer. Shit is one appointment which sounds a lot better than a lifetime of therapy for being self hating cunts.

There's no milk here, she's a random, let her live she literally doesn't do anything relevant. fucking embarrassing.

No. 149373

For real, they pick apart the dumbest shit.

No. 149385

Honestly you guys act like experts on skin and know fuck all. I do makeup and skincare for a living and have seen girls younger than her with worse skin who wear zero makeup. You can do everything "right" and still get acne and oil. There are so many factors to acne that have nothing to do with the amount of makeup worn. Sage because this thread is useless.

No. 149421

You're everything that's wrong with this website Kill yourself.

No. 149437

No. 149563

I only see one samefag in this thread and it's you. Half of this goddamn thread is just you getting assraged about other people commenting and not finding this girl discussion-worthy. Must all be Cindy! Fucking retard. You're the reason this website is going to shit. Either provide some receipts about her being a lolcow or keep your vendetta to your diary.

No. 149619

Glad to see that you've figured out how to sage. Now please learn how to act mature.

No. 149620

Seems that you still haven't. Sage your useless warblings, samefag. You've single-handedly tanked your own thread so congrats. This belongs in manure.

Oh and btw, my first comment was >>149421
I came upon this thread yesterday thinking that there might be some good drama or a potential new lolcow, but all I got was a samefag throwing a tantrum.

No. 149626

Sure, everyone's a samefag here. Totally not the different anons stumbling upon this thread.
You suck at detecting samefags.
This IS a shit thread and there are a few samefags here(at least one of them is obviously underaged, and another one is trying way to hard to push that "she's totally 16 guys" thing), but those facts don't make you look more mature.

No. 151000

File: 1467740014717.jpg (45.24 KB, 576x432, 1466567391772.jpg)

No. 154076


she's actually quite beautiful in real life but her skin is horrendous and her hair, makeup and dress look fuck awful. If she actually learned how to put herself together instead of relying on bloated eye photoshops and airbrushing she'd look better than her uncanny valley shoops.

No. 576003


No. 576008

Damn y’all r so jealous , she obviously had a bad skin day like everyone does —-just like u shitheads—- never come across a more hateful thread goddamn she’s also quite young still don’t know how u guys throw words around without looking up the facts —- then again you pussies r anonymous —- y’all rather be caught dead than have these on ur public accounts racist ass mofos 💀💀💀

No. 576011

Lol half of y’all r prob girls who feel self conscious so u hate on pretty girls who get lip fillers — wats wrong with lip fillers?— nothing — bad skin? Nothing wrong with it—- y’all hav no shame cause y’all r unanimous but y’all don’t also realize that you’re decaying inside with hate ✌(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 576021

File: 1525721193473.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 31.65 KB, 500x678, C492DDB0-CD93-4FB9-ACA6-DC8984…)

Oh so ugly 🤔🤔

No. 576025

This thread has been dead for over a year now. Your white knighting is just necroing it. No one cares about this girl anymore.

No. 576026


Took a while for Wolfe's to find her own thread, oof she's slow

No. 576055

why are you bringing a dead year old trash thread to the front page

No. 957424

File: 1586672200735.jpg (48.06 KB, 453x369, 20200411_231621.jpg)

Ik thread is dead but even w/ acne, she still slays 99% of u bitter ugly hoes in this thread.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 957425

What did you have to search on Google to find a year old thread?

No. 957486

>being this mad even after 3 years


No. 957872

First time encountering this thread, legitimately the worst one I've ever seen lmao. Just salty anons nitpicking a teen girl for having acne. Never change lolcow

No. 957930


Hi Cindy, why u still so mad after 3 years


No. 958077

File: 1586794123431.jpg (26.43 KB, 500x281, wolfiecindyphotos_20200412_141…)


Imagine thinking someone with over a million followers and traveling the world would know about this bootleg 4chan thread.(ban evasion)

No. 958079

Hey cindy, sage your shit

No. 1269524

File: 1625201881076.jpg (35.97 KB, 600x338, Cindy_Kimberly-14378_NO1007028…)

Just another example for having everything handed down to you because of looks. She's got about 6.6 million followers on IG now and traveled to several countries despite being awkward and having no charm and an annoying Kim K like voice (judging from the few videos I've seen of her). Yeah she draws/paints blah blah, but the things she makes is nothing mind blowing or unique considering her own fans make better portraits of her.

With that said, idk why's she got a thread on her but mods shut down other threads with actual milk.

No. 1269527

File: 1625202077110.jpg (37.19 KB, 480x474, CWKbyqaWEAQXHOX.jpg)

She is so pretty though, it triggers me. No cap.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1269535

File: 1625203066523.jpg (49.09 KB, 640x640, aab10094b3b16d6ea8830f67afdb10…)

I really don't understand how anyone could find her to be ugly.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1269552

File: 1625204819657.jpg (124.51 KB, 1256x719, vvvv.jpg)

It's nuts how many albino monkey bitches are over here sperging at this Southern European beauty.. I'm sorry none of you were born with eyebrows.

No. 1269554

File: 1625204915598.jpg (38.23 KB, 500x281, original.jpg)

These pig lookin ass skanks are out here hating on this Spanish queen for being tan.. like I'm sorry y'all are mad you get skin cancer just from being out in the sun for 2 minutes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1269615

nobody talk about this bitch for years before you necro it, you retard.

No. 1269618

Looks like someone googled themselves and got triggered kek

No. 1269816

She got the complexion of a corpse. Grey and lifeless .

No. 1374786

shes really pretty

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