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File: 1438137303321.png (2.48 MB, 1271x1537, aly and dante.png)

No. 146319

Good morning my #farmer family. Let's start this ROYAL day with a cup of super creamy (!) cappucino with super creamy frothy MILK (gotta love those cows) and some ~positive vibes~ from our least favo(u)rite fake worrior.

Lots of DELISH beer guy pics will be forthcoming so put on your favourite melon smile and keep pushing yourselves, darlings! I love you.

Also featuring:
The disappearance of fitgingervegan

and other potential ED lolcows (tbc)

#LUSH (!)

No. 146321

Last thread: >>138697

No. 146326

Do we know why gingerjaysus has ribbed the Internet of her vegan-vomit?

No. 146331

Nope. Grapevine is speculating but we are no closer to the truth. Those GOMI people got their wish.

No. 146332

ginger is here now


No. 146333

Oh, it was the haters again. These concerned individuals just won't stop their hatin'.

Doesn't it occur to her people are just going to do their hating on this happylittleginge account?

Welcome back hot salsa sauce.

No. 146334

If she's gonna be writing a book, she better get used to the hatin'.

No. 146335

That GOMI thread got really gross. They were all diagnosing her as a victim of sexual abuse. Lots of projecting.

No. 146341


based on anything, or just based on having an ED and being a religious nut?

No. 146347

It's a standard assumption with people trying way too hard to be little girls and with trannies.

But ginger never gave me that impression. And why does she keep calling herself "the" happy/fit/vegan ginger?

No. 146350

>"why does she keep calling herself "the" ?"
arrogance, dear farmer. it's super damn common in people with ED's like ginger's. most think they're better than everyone for being fit, vegan, etc etc.

>inb4 "but im vegan/fit/ed and i dont think i'm better than anyone!!!"

notice i said most, not all. but reality is, 90% of people like ginger are fucking insane and do think like that

No. 146351

Oh what!?
I almost wanna see this intense armchair psychology.

No. 146353

File: 1438142233823.jpg (164.32 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

What the fuck is up with her thumb?

No. 146359

Her attempt at a poultice?
I've had band-aids leave that kind of residue but they were ancient.

No. 146360

Are those calluses?

No. 146365

File: 1438143193578.png (796.14 KB, 786x1059, The L Word.png)

(from ginger's most recent blog post - vegan """ice cream""")
>1. 2 cups frozen cauliflower chunks (yes I'm serious)
>2. 1/4 cup pea protein powder (please use pea–the creamy consistency is essential for the success of this recipe)
>3. 2-3 T almond milk
>4. 30 drops vanilla flavored stevia (seems like a lot, but again–trust me :)

imma cry now

and if i ever hear someone say that fucking word (pic related) in real life to describe their food, i think i will cry then as well

nailbiter here, i must admit i admire her nails but ohhh god that thumb-knuckle wtf

No. 146371

It legitimately looks like vomit.

No. 146372

Are we sure Ginger isn't just bulimic and photographing everything she purges?

No. 146374

jesus christ that sounds fucking disgusting

No. 146377

Ohhhhhh god what a horrifying thought. I wonder if anyone actually does that. Now I must ask, to all the farmers who have or know people with eating disorders, have you ever heard of a person photographing their purges, like how some people photograph (and even share pics of) their self-harm? I don't want to know, but I want to know.

IMO Ginger's food looks vile but not like actual human vomit (unless she's still eating a pretty disgusting diet and chewing it all really well). It does seem like she tries to make her concoctions as vomit-like as possible, though. I know some people (hi dad) who have strong texture/consistency preferences, so the only thing I can figure is that maybe she really, really likes that sludgy mouthfeel. What I can't figure out is why she thinks anyone else would want to eat that shit. A cookbook, a fucking cookbook. Why.

No. 146380

File: 1438145132417.jpg (Spoiler Image,490.35 KB, 3104x1746, vomitbottles.jpg)

This should answer your question quite nicely.

No. 146381

farmer who actually did recover from an ed here: i've considered it until my logic kicked in and i realized nobody except creeps with weird fetishes wants to see that

No. 146387

I've seen people film themselves purging. All in the sake of turning people away from eating disorders, of course.
And yeah, vomit bottles up there answers the question pretty well.

However, I have never heard of someone actually vomiting on food and then pretending it was food.

No. 146391

I used to hide my vomit in plastic bags or runs until I could get rid of it but I never even wanted to photograph it. Ew.

No. 146392

Maybe, but it looks so dry and cracked, my bandaid skin was always waterlogged under the adhesive residue.

It looks like it but how the fuck do you callus that part of your finger, especially such a honking big one like gingerjaysus' one there.

No. 146403

Maybe she sucks her thumb.

No. 146405

Okay now the image of gingerjaysus all curled up on a rocking chair, bones pointing everywhere like a witch, sucking her thumb with that maniacal fake grin, reading her bible after a big tasty bowl of carrots in milk with stevia.
I'm fucking scared by this picture.

No. 146406

This photo is older, so her thumb probably looks like that from the cold. Either that or it's a burn.

No. 146407

I'm throwing something into the mix. I used to know (online only) a heroin addict who was trying to kick the habit on subutex. He would document his SHIT - actual photos of it in the toilet - and comment on his constipation/diarrhea/upset stomach. I don't think instagram was a thing then. He posted this all on a music forum (banhammered multiple times).

SORRY IF YOU'RE EATING YOUR #BREAKFAST COOKIES DIPPED IN SUPER CREAMY CAPPUCINO!!1 (although vomit bottles kinda wins in the gross factor).

No. 146430

File: 1438153321995.jpg (457.81 KB, 1319x651, pattern.jpg)

Speaking of breakfast cookies!

Dammit, Alice, why do I have to do your dirty work for you?! I mean fuck she makes these pretty arrangements but then doesn't realize that if you have two patterns on cookies, you have to give them order.
These cookies are absolutely adorable, but she almost ruined it with her fuckery.

No. 146435


No. 146440

She did that specifically to piss you off.

That family must eat tons of biscuits, or does she buy different ones to try to make her #breakfast post more interesting?

Betting on another cappuccino and croissant for #secondbreakfast.

No. 146441

File: 1438154183814.jpg (59.89 KB, 571x589, btch.JPG)

Oh, what a bitch. I go to see and 51 seconds ago she posted her #secondbreakfast and it's not a croissant. She's JOYFUL at her therapy appointment and lunch with her mum. She loves therapy and eating so much!

No. 146446

File: 1438156902874.jpg (41.09 KB, 450x450, marinela-surtido-rico-cookies-…)

Maybe they buy variety packs (not these #delish ones, but I wanted an illustration). There would have to be at least seven of each variety as well…

No. 146447

Who the fuck is ~joyful~ at therapy? Was her therapist filming her talking about Pokémon while sitting in a closet?

No. 146448

Oh, my bad. She's probably in therapy right now. Remember to cover those bones! They must not weigh her; I'm jealous. My mental health clinic weighs everybody and they don't even treat ED patients.

No. 146450


lel her teeth aren't even touching the food

No. 146455

It WAS a croissant. Looks like apple pie. I bet there's a HUGE (!) necklace in her bag to wear when she sees her therapist.

Oh don't. They look so good. So long as there isn't a lemon puff in the selection, I'm happy.

No. 146459

I once posted ginger's masterpieces on 4chan's /ck/

No. 146461

> I wonder if anyone actually does that.


No. 146462

>vegan ice cream

For fucks sake, why not just blend a banana and freeze it. You get a LUSH and VEGAN ice cream that actually doesn't taste like vomit

No. 146463

that cauliflower breath

No. 146464

File: 1438162395531.jpg (40.21 KB, 302x622, Capture.JPG)

No. 146465

File: 1438162801142.jpg (38.66 KB, 480x360, bad-breath.jpg)

No. 146467

Biscuits for breakfast? As a snack surely, but not for a main meal.

No. 146468

How'd it go down?

No. 146469

I wanna scrub her face and extract those pores SO BADLY

No. 146470

But she is (supposedly) eating six or seven of them. That's a fuckload of biscuits in one sitting.

No. 146471

Uhh… Not really. Like, at all.
I weigh 50kg at 169cm, try again

No. 146480

no. no.

No. 146481

i love you and your autism. no sarcasm

No. 146487

…mein Gott. The answers I received make me regret asking. WHY WOULD YOU EVER PHOTOGRAPH THAT?!

No. 146503


I appreciate the warning but out of curiosity I still wanna click the link…

No. 146506

File: 1438182816484.png (75.56 KB, 1208x280, Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 8.11…)

All these halfwits insisting that Aly's gaining weight…how the fuck do they know? Why do they keep white-knighting her when there's no reason for them to do so? It's baffling to me why so many people keep backing Aly's lies with no evidence save her proved-untrustworthy word.

No. 146508

They dont want to lose their thinspo

No. 146513

File: 1438185020911.png (2.42 MB, 1278x1276, Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 1.40…)

I guess…I would think it would make them feel bad about themselves, unless they're even spoopier than Aly, which I doubt. Check out the sternum in that "SUPER JOYFUL croissant enjoyment #selfie" from this morning. I don't understand why a) she hasn't collapsed yet, and b) why everyone seems to be letting her go about her business, keeping up her increasingly transparent act while clearly remaining dangerously emaciated. Her parents and real-life friends who aren't doing anything to intervene while she starves herself to death seem like them must be some combination of enablers, too scared to stand up to her (based on the behavior I've observed in many [most?] people with EDs, I'm guessing she's probably pretty manipulative in real life, people likely feel like they have to tiptoe around her and not confront her directly about her ED), completely fucking clueless, and/or delusional as well. I mean, seriously, look at that fucking sternum. If she loses much more weight, it looks like it'll pop right through her skin.

No. 146517

Again with those pathetic little kid bites. "Look mom I took a bite!"

I don't agree with child abuse but man I'd slap her if she asked me to take a picture of her and her pathetic "I'm eating, look!"

No. 146520

anon thank you for fixing this mess that's ally's pictures i can't stand when she can't even do it right i think about it all day and then i don't sleep and yes. thank you anon

No. 146524

holy cow

No. 146526


Those le rosite biscuits are about 43kcal each, so she "ate" about 300kcal worth of them for first breakfast. Not a GAWDAWFUL amount. Just not really nutritious, imo.
Thank you. You'd think that if someone was going to put the time and effort into photographing their breakfast, they'd at least make it presentable. Especially someone like Aly who we all know wasn't in a rush to chow it down.

No. 146528

gosh i cant imagine the people that photograph their purges or even their binge hauls…
the act itself carries so much shame, no need to memorialize it with photos. and its not a contest either - "look i purged into 10 buckets today!" (though i guess it is, in the sick world of ED)

No. 146529

As someone who looks at these anorexic insta a lot…their fans dont really care about them, they just want thinspo

No. 146530

File: 1438189730048.png (68.86 KB, 302x324, SSDD.png)

Yeah, it's obnoxious and cringeworthy enough to see Aly's micro-"bites" in photos. It must be agonizing to watch IRL. If she actually eats that food in front of her mom (or her friends or other relatives), I bet she takes foreeevvveerrrrrrrr, biting off little tiny pieces and chewing them 100 times each or something. Or doing the classic "taking a few bites, playing with your food and mashing around on the plate to make it look like you ate more, and then claiming you're 'soooo full!'" shit. Those itty-bitty - I mean HUGE (!) - pastries, miniature ice cream cones, etc. must be incredibly oily (saki emoji) ofc (!) and SUPER filling. Ultracaloric. Delish. Lush. Perfect #recoverywins.

Her sickening fake positivity, hyperbolic descriptions of her food, and rampant comment deletion are getting so repetitive, it's like listening to a broken record over and over. I wonder if she even realizes she's posting basically the same posts every day? I don't even know why I bother to check her Instagram anymore; it's always the same old shit these days, with the occasional comments-section lols and Beer Guy-ready images. I guess I'm just waiting for some more shit to go down, but it's not happening. I keep crossing my fingers that she's going to be compelled into receiving treatment at a "higher level of care" sometime soon, as she looks (especially judging by dat xylophone) like she's going downhill and could just keel over any day now. But no, just more salads with mum, tiny "HUGE (!)" bowls of fruit, mini-dessert, and so on while she claims she's "gaining weight." Sigh.

No. 146532

That's really sad. No matter how obnoxious she may come across and no matter how much of a total bullshitter and manipulator she may be, she's a human being, not just ~thinspo~ fodder for the pro-anas. Why do they even need more images of emaciated people? There are enough floating around online…don't need to encourage someone to keep starving themselves just so you can get more photos of their bones. Disgusting. But I'm sure Aly loves getting her ego stroked and knowing that she can simultaneously be THE ONLY REALRECOVERING #1 TOP RECOVERY POSITIVITY INSPIRATION ACCOUNT EVAR!!!!111 and [close to] the spoopiest skeleton. Ash, for example, only gets attention for being the latter.

I guess it's kind of like how I don't understand why anybody in this day and age pays for porn when there's so much so readily available for free.

No. 146537

File: 1438191220181.png (617.92 KB, 562x520, al.PNG)

>430 cal
and just trying to see how big hers is
idek just doesn't seem 'ultracaloric' u know

No. 146539

File: 1438191352383.png (853.9 KB, 914x578, ll.PNG)

forgot to add this

and I don't have to see her emojis lol

No. 146541

Wait, I was under the impression that you share food with at least one other person when dining out in Italy. At least that is what I was told. If I'm mistaken, those portions are gigantic and really wasteful if you consider how it's frowned upon to take leftovers home (though I heard that it's changing). Sooo, all the food she "eats" really could just be food that she's sharing with somebody else, which is probably why it all gets devoured.

No. 146542


Whatever that thing is it looks delicious.

No. 146544

Raspberry Magnum

No. 146547

File: 1438192659285.png (272.57 KB, 551x418, DELISH.png)

Ugh now you've got me looking at the Magnum website. I don't even think they carry these near me, or, if they do, I've never noticed them in the store. But damn, I'm drooling over pic related (not what Aly's "eating," but still - I require more chocolate than that pink thing in my desserts).

No. 146548

She managed to peel off the chocolate coating without even nicking the ice cream inside. Sad that ended up in the garbage, it actually looks tasty.

No. 146549

>duper fat

No. 146550

File: 1438192761825.jpg (58.12 KB, 540x540, Magnum Pink Raspberry.jpg)

This. Want.

No. 146551

i would never think any average sandwich or wrap is ultra caloric… yea they can be high but you bet friend chicken, chips, greasy things are way worse.
this is a flat bread with a bit of ham, lettuce, and cream cheese. sheesh EDs make everything so scary

No. 146555

if i were her parents, i would take her to an ED clinic, even against her will. She's killing herself.

No. 146575

(for the love of all that is holy, acceptingtanya, please disappear).

The WKs keep saying SHE'S GAINING, DO YOU LIVE WITH HER??? Well obviously the people making the comments don't, but neither do they, so…
ALSO, the WKs keep banging on about fat going to her organs. Jesus, they must be the heaviest organs on the planet by now (!)

No. 146578

She's of age, they can't if she won't consent. And getting conservatorship over someone in Italy is pretty hard.

No. 146586

File: 1438201282198.png (31.88 KB, 256x256, white-ok-hand-sign.png)

chocolate raspberry

No. 146587

I wonder if her parents have just given up and are just waiting for her to die so they won't have to deal with her anymore. Her mother looks more and more annoyed and unhappy with each picture they take together, and she said she has a bad relationship with her father so…If I were her parents I'd cut her off from social media and take away her cell-phone/ computer. She obvi ain't payin no bills, so why give her a luxurious life when she not even trying? They fools that's why and she playing them for who they already are.

No. 146590

She has a perfect body

No. 146596

imagine the tantrum she'd throw if they cut her off from social media though…

No. 146598

Oh my God. OH MY GOD. Fuck her for wasting this. This is unacceptable.

No. 146605

I bake biscuits every few days and caloric ally, they're 2 a serving. Most packet biscuits are like 1-4 per serving.
So yeah seven cookies in one go is a lot.

No. 146610

You're one of those 105/110lb projecting anons, aren't you?

No. 146612

Honestly I hate those magnum ice cream bars they always taste really grainy, like they're freezer burned or something. No wonder Aly didnt actually eat hers.

No. 146616


Who are you? Leave.

No. 146617

Wonder if it's Aly herself.

No. 146618

I noticed that too…

No. 146619

My bet would be Ash

No. 146636

Eh, I like some of them. I don't really like the ones with fillings though.

No. 146637

Tbh that one is vile. Chocolate ones are top notch though.

No. 146639

Try not being American next time you make a comment, mm?

No. 146673

It's fucking Henry or Dave.

No. 146674

I mean the second and third ones.

No. 146713

I wish one of those pro-ana fetishists could be a cow. They seem interesting as fuck.

No. 146715

Magnum bars really aren't anything special. It's okay chocolate with okay ice cream. Nothing to go crazy for.


No. 146716

and ugly as fuck. I mean, look at them. They look like they're from the sex offenders register.

No. 146719

File: 1438209198337.jpg (31.96 KB, 541x429, miguel.JPG)


No. 146720

File: 1438209212526.jpg (24.87 KB, 236x243, dave.JPG)


No. 146721

File: 1438209304148.jpg (28.36 KB, 484x358, rudi.JPG)


See what I mean?

No. 146723

What about that Martin or whatever? His profile says he's 23 going to University of Alberta.

No. 146724

File: 1438209654047.jpg (32.16 KB, 401x408, martin.JPG)

Yeah, but no personal photos of himself so will fish around.

No. 146729

Found a possible, but not posting pic because it might not be him.

No. 146732

File: 1438210385640.jpg (60.53 KB, 483x604, vWqK3Pq5mQA.jpg)

This one is one of those Russians who have a rug on their wall. Maxim.


No. 146740

File: 1438211324621.jpg (11.3 KB, 282x93, ootd.jpg)

Does this mean she's still taking OOTDs and just not posting them?! What kind of obsessive bullshit is that? She really does need to be banned from social media.

Her parents need to set up an ultimatum. Otherwise this bitch is going to die. Either she quits social media and goes to real inpatient, or she pays the consequences, which is usually being kicked out of the parents' lives.
She'd throw the biggest tantrum they'd ever seen over it, but she needs a wake-up call.

Her poor mother does look so tired though, which is sad because she looks like one of those women who is wonderfully nice and pleasant. I don't know if she has the #strenght to handle setting an ultimatum.

No. 146745

I think she means she might post today's outfit and not that she takes pics every day.

I hope she doesn't post today's because those new pants are fucking disgusting.

No. 146747

Anorexics do not heal quickly or well at all, so it's probably just an old small bump or scrape that is awkwardly placed and is doing a terrible job of healing itself. She also looks like she has cyanosis, the beds of her fingernails are so blue, which can be related to heart/lung issues. Or she might just be very cold despite being indoors, which is no wonder because she has absolutely no body fat or fuel to burn to keep her warm - it's probably that cos her hand look kinda blotchy. Also, her cuticles are gross. Wish this girl would get some help.

No. 146751

My toenails always look blue, but I put that down to poor circulation from smoking. My cuticles are on point (!) though.

No. 146754

Oh gosh, I hope so. I was just imagining her phone filled with photos of past OOTDs.
She should be in bed by now, I think.

No. 146755

raw ham? ew

No. 146757

TONS of it. And invisible cheese.

No. 146761

Yeah it's a similar thing, smoking obviously means your red blood cells find it harder to get oxygenated, but I ruled out smoking as a reason for the discolouration for ginger haha. I do think it probably is just because she's so cold though.

I have no fucking idea how cuticles go all brown and weird like that.

No. 146788

>what is prosciutto
Ameriplebs out

No. 146865

File: 1438221590133.png (636.07 KB, 639x619, armlegs.png)

No. 146878

I thought prosciutto was smoked?

No. 146881

it is and it is so good

No. 146883

its kinda dry-cured tbh
>inb4 amerifag
italyfag here confirming proscuitto isnt exactly smoked but not exactly raw

No. 146889

File: 1438223052483.jpg (40.78 KB, 800x696, ginge.jpg)

No. 146890

goddamn I want some prosciutto now, along with some fresh shaved Parmesan and marinated artichoke hearts.

actually I'm just gonna go to bed and stop thinking about food.

No. 146892

goodnight sweet prince

No. 146927

Rrrright. And how does one exactly change their nationality? Not even American, but whatever.

No. 146932

File: 1438228988632.png (77.5 KB, 1440x271, the people's anorectic.png)

Oh troll, how I've missed your insightful comments.

No. 146935


You're skipping night snack? That is not #realrecovery!

No. 146939

I could really go for a teeny tiny ice cream cone right about now.

No. 146942

Canadian? Australian? Who gives a fuck, you're all ignorant.

No. 146951

Christ threads like this and the Ashley one seem more morbid and depressing to me than lolcow-worthy. The fact these girls are clearly ill and are refusing help all the while their parents have to basically watch them kill themselves. Terrible, depressing stuff. I agree with earlier posts though, I think if I were her parent Id tell her to get treatment or kick her out, I can only imagine what it must feel like to be basically enabling your kids slow death

No. 146958

Am I the only one seeing the dick and balls outline on the icecream?

No. 146960

No. 146965

no wonder she didnt actually eat it, we all know aly doesnt touch meat….

No. 146966

It's 7.30am in Italy and no #breakfast from aly. I do hope she hasn't succumbed.

Best you hide them then, or get some Prozac.

I'm not seeing it, but my libido is extremely low.

No. 146969

File: 1438234549383.jpg (85.21 KB, 600x773, wut.jpg)

I'm not even seeing one here either. If only dick tasted as good as chocolate though, I'd probably be more into it.

No. 146970

File: 1438234623300.jpg (44.2 KB, 736x552, breakfast.jpg)

Oh, here you go. She posted her #breakfast cookies.

No. 146974

File: 1438234889615.png (618.13 KB, 914x578, pt.png)

No. 146976

Well now I see it and my libido has appeared for all I can think of is Dante. There's a nasty bruise on one of his knackers (the ice cream, not Dante).

Ha, I did a real lol because that's actually aly's hand holding a cock ice cream. Idk why, but that's funny.

No. 146978

Oh man, still no #breakfast.
-fight with dad (who caused her ED)
or…or… I can't bring myself to write it.

No. 146979

she ded

No. 146980

you're braver than me for putting it into words

No. 146983

im the anon who drew the dick on the ice cream a few posts up. i'm even braver for posting my girly-ass handwriting imo.

No. 146984

Wow! I thought it was a font. It's incredibly beautiful handwriting, anon.

No. 146986

File: 1438235767984.png (130.26 KB, 914x578, pt2.png)

maybe i should physically write my responses from now on lmao.

No. 146990

Do you use one of those pen things on a tablet thingy? My handwriting looks like a spider's crawled across the page. With a mouse, it looks like I have 3 fingers missing (and I'm retarded).

No. 146992


yep. i'm actually a drawfag so i use a tablet for pretty much everything. but my writing is like that irl too lmao.

No. 146997

File: 1438236337964.png (117.21 KB, 770x502, message to you.png)

Did you ever play isketch? That was a bitch with a mouse. SigOther had one of those tablets but it didn't help my lack of skillz.

No. 146998

Imagine starting one of those viral facebook things where someone started a page to find Dante. I might do it. I need to see his eyes before I know if it's love or not.

No. 147000

File: 1438236723038.jpg (273.82 KB, 1600x1200, Aly's lunch.jpg)

Did not see, but now cannot unsee. Thanks.

Followed up by a HEAVENLY and absolutely perfect #recoverywin lunch of this HUGE (!) plate of super oily penis pasta with tons of extra-caloric fresh mozzarella cheese (full fat ofc) and added tomatoes, onions, and olives! Plus, the final touch: a drizzle of Dante's "special sauce" on top! Extra calories? More like extra DELISH!

No. 147002

Mmmm, I'd like if Dante would feed me his cheesy balls with special sauce.

No. 147004

File: 1438236993974.png (161.73 KB, 770x502, pt3.png)

never played isketch, but i've done more than one thing on drawball that's probably been doodled over by now.

No. 147006

I can't draw for shit. I know I can't draw bodies because we had nude models (female) in art class. When they walked around afterwards looking at your work I was mortified. I could draw the appendix scar quite well, but it was the only thing that made the sketch recognisable as the woman.

FUCK, can't believe I'm F5ing aly's feed with a strange kind of concern.

No. 147009

She's alive
>I'm posting #breakfast just now since Dad was staring at me in the kitchen

No. 147010

File: 1438237757052.png (185.83 KB, 500x620, pt4.png)

No. 147021

Your handwriting is nicer than mine. I'm a bit jelly.

No. 147023

idk its probably bc not only am i used to doing loopy flowy stuff since i draw, but i like to get things down quickly since i think fast and when i was a kid (like, grade 3) i was taught how to use cursive because that's what was in the curriculum where i live.

No. 147029

I was taught cursive in 3rd grade as well. Sad it is completely a dead style lately, like latin. They don't even teach it in grade school anymore.

No. 147032

File: 1438240476086.jpg (79.57 KB, 514x511, ginge.jpg)

No. 147033

I've never been to the US but I've been to mainland Europe and most every 'trendy' country has ditched cursive as well. Like, in Italy and Eastern Europe they still sometimes write in cursive 'casually' but a lot of people in Northern Europe have completely forgotten it. Here it's common outside of legal forms and questionnaires.

No. 147034

Oh and we're also taught Latin, wouldn'tcha know it.

No. 147039

What? They still teach handwriting to children in Primary school. It's just a basic skill, odd to see so many here think it's some sort of achievement when 7 year olds can write and are expected to write in cursive.

No. 147042

i live in canada (italyfag by heritage though) and i know for a fact they dont teach it anymore, or at least not in ontario.

No. 147044

They do in the UK/IE
In Northern Europe they've stopped
What is reading comprehension

No. 147046

Since you didn't provide context, I'll do it:
>thefitveganginger insta is back.
>she injured herself while brushing her teeth
>which means she actually brushes her teeth
>though it's probably with some awful homemade vegan toothpaste so she doesn't smell any better

No. 147048

She looks disgusting

No. 147055


We weren't taught cursive in primary school (UK). We weren't allowed to develop our own style all the way through primary school. It was basic characters joined up.

No. 147066

They teach cursive in elementary school, however it's "cool" for kids to drop it as much as they can get away with. All schoolwork must be in cursive, though, up to university.

No. 147067

Yeah, same here.
My boyfriend, who's Swedish, actually can't write in cursive at all (even though they taught it back when he was in primary school). Then again he's also the kind of edgelord who thinks 'the world would be soooo much better if everyone just spoke English' and takes the piss out of ESL speakers.
Fucking self-hating Swedes…

No. 147074

He probably looks at her so she doesn't take any photos…

No. 147077

File: 1438255270971.png (1.13 MB, 657x1882, Aly 7-30-2015.png)

She's so rude to her followers. Why even post that photo if not to prompt comments on why she's the only one sitting there who is very conspicuously lacking a croissant? And then she gets all huffy when people ask her about it or say she should have tried one. Also, dem contradictions - she's so "super-posi-real-rerecovery-motivation-strenght-joyous-child-vibes"-y and "calories only count if you count them"-y and "I love eating extra calories on top of my 'meal plan'"-y, why shouldn't she have taken a croissant and enjoyed the food, because it's such a pleasure, and we all deserve to treat ourselves, my dear #edfamily? But no, that tiny cappuccino (wow, like 50 calories of milk, so impressive) was her pushing herself to the limit…so where are the asspats for how #inspiring and how much of a perfect #edworrior she is because of it? Come on, followers, bow down and praise her for her #braveness and how she's #beatingana!

On a side note, that must have been kinda awkward for her friends.

No. 147080

Actually, probably less than 50 calories, looking at that teeny cup. What a #challenge and a #recoverywin!

No. 147082

dear fucking god that hand is spoopy

No. 147083

Her tone wasn't rude imo, but I don't know what the Italian one says.

No. 147086

italyfag here to provide a rough translation:

"as he has wisely pointed out @dori_ana, i had already had breakfast and snack to supplement, and anyway i took something*, i'm human and fighting, you can not ask the world…"
*something probably meaning the tiny cappuccino

yeeaah tbh she was kinda being snarky-snark in her italian comment, probably because her english fans wouldnt know any better lmao.

No. 147087

also i'm too lazy to fully translate the comment she was replying to but here's the general jist of it: "you cannot supplement properly with a cappuccino, if you have not eaten before. i couldnt've done that, and you are stronger than me." etc etc

they were kinda weirdly complimenting her on her ed while also being concerned for her health, and she was pretty much being a bit of a bitch.

No. 147088

Eh, I don't know, maybe I took it the wrong way. It's just that she acts like she is the "Wonder Woman" of "Real Recovery" in 99.9% of her posts, and then she intentionally puts up a picture that emphasizes the fact that she didn't eat a croissant like her other friends did even though she supposedly loves them so much…her Italian response seems to translate to something like "@amr_recovery and @smilingfood As dori__ana already wisely noted, I had breakfast and snack supplement and I took something anyway, I'm human, I'm fighting, you can not ask the world .." - it just seems so contrary to how she portrays herself in her actual posts (so full of ~positivity~, loving eating more than her meal plan calls for, not caring about "extra calories," etc.).

No. 147091

Whoops, someone beat me to it.

No. 147093

File: 1438257425772.png (1 MB, 438x1250, Holy motherfucking sternum.png)

Wow. I keep imagining that, one of these days, Aly's sternum will just burst through her chest-skin.

No. 147094

Nah man, I'm just into baking. There's a lot of sugar and shit in biscuits. Its not a lot of food, but it is a lot of sugar and fat with fuck-all nutrients.

No. 147095

Idk but if youve ever studied a foreign language you kind of develop another personality in it (because you dont know how to express yourself on the same level of your native language, so you kind of do what works) so maybe that explains her positivty in English?
Doesnt help her tho beacuse shes a bitch in italian

No. 147099

File: 1438258412407.jpg (28.22 KB, 579x251, ITS THAT EASY.JPG)

I was hoping she wouldn't post the disgusting new pants #OOTD. What a fucking repulsive outfit.

No. 147100

But that's what makes it calorie-dense. You could argue that ED sufferers should eat more fruits and veggies, but even the gingerest vegan would get sick from eating as much as an anorexic would need to in order to gain weight. There's a reason people force salads onto fatties.

As sugar-dense as biscuits are, they're ideal for rapid weight gain. I'm trying to gain weight myself and my doctor recommends lots of pasta, bread and starchy foods in general along with the occasional green smoothie and some meat.

No. 147102

I think they look fine in that Free People rich girl kind of way.

No. 147103

Probably the only pattern she could find big billowy pants in in her size. She's attempting to hide her lack of weight gain

No. 147104

Not really… I sound the same in all languages. Actually when I speak Russian I sound like a chav, but that's because Russian sounds quite chavvy nowadays.

No. 147106

File: 1438258719895.jpg (33.12 KB, 364x282, trans.JPG)

The pants, that awful shrug thing, horrible handbag, nothing shoes…

ANYWAY here's google translate. She really does sound like a bitch. This rap girl is almost as annoying as tanya.

No. 147107

The shrug wouldve been better if it was a cardigan and the fugly statement necklace has got to go, but I don't really see what's wrong with simple ballet flats and the palazzo trousers…?

No. 147108

Shoes show too much of her skeleton.

No. 147109

File: 1438259123148.jpg (13.54 KB, 290x48, creepy.JPG)

No. 147111

nah tbh. i'm personally multilingual (english, italian, swedish, german, french, etc.) and the only variations i have are fucked up grammar sometimes or being too casual/polite for the setting. you dont develop another personality, she's clearly choosing to be fake-positive to appeal to her english audience.

No. 147116

Knowing several phrases in a foreign language does not count as 'multilingual', js

No. 147125

Aly said she is a Scorpio and so is Ashley. Charles Manson is also a Scorpio. As a Scorpio I have come to the conclusion that Scorpios are batshit crazy.

No. 147128

>I had a tube for four or five dang days, so now I'm the expert.

She's also an IP expert because she was in a general hospital unit, and she knows the struggle because they had the audacity to fill the other bed in her room… with an old lady, no less! She's the strongest #edworrior

No. 147131


>Jeffrey Dahmer

>David Berkowitz

Fuck. I'm sure there's someone-

>Nash Grier's brother

>Ashley Olsen


No. 147132

Meant to say that she was in a general hospital unit *for a week.

Speaking of which, has anyone else noticed that she says her recovery started right when she went IP, but the date of her #realrecovery new start on her profile page is a few days AFTER her admission? She mentions the dates in the posts, IIRC.

No. 147134

>Kendall Jenner

No. 147137

>Queen Elizabeth II
>The Rock
ayy lmao

No. 147138


Kek. Of course Geminis are crazy, do you people even Saint Seiya?

No. 147170


WTF this has no oil (as usual) and, besides, this is what i ate when i was on a diet TO LOSE WEIGHT. She's not even pretending anymore

No. 147172

Wut? I think you've confused fats with carbs mi amigo

No. 147173

File: 1438274866886.png (1.06 MB, 957x630, deliciousbookever.png)

lol and what will she call this most amazing and delicious recipe book ever? An anorexics guide to faking real recovery?

No. 147181

File: 1438275681023.png (514.14 KB, 893x411, hun.png)

heheheheh how long will this message last before Aly deletes it?

No. 147182

Wrong again. Who cares? Apparently you do. I'm guessing you're European, which means that you're just another boring kid who thinks it's cool to hate on 'merica.

No. 147184

this does look tasty.
ED here and i would consider this a pretty safe food so the fact aly is eating it isnt good

No. 147185

>>147184 yep, it's low calory. I mean, it's delicious (eggplants are the best) butttttt that's how? half an eggplant? baked (it doesn't look oily) and how much cheese? 40 grams? it's nothing

No. 147193

File: 1438277523692.png (15.01 KB, 505x44, Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 1.10…)

No. 147194

TBH, this looks like a shit-tonne of food. I'm ED though, so I'm a lot like her deranged sychophants who are all "sooo lush and scary, aly you so brave!!1"

No. 147195

Except that I'm aware that she either a) bins the food, or b) purges the food. Mainly because that's what I'd do, especially with the white bread and the cheese.

No. 147197

Are you serious? That looks like a shit ton of food to you?

No. 147198

Are you always looking at a chance to bring attention to the fact that you have an ED too? We get it. "ED here" "ermagherd if it were me, lulz it taoootally is me actually cuz i starve myself, id throw it away or purge" shut the fuck up we get it

No. 147199

File: 1438278042579.jpg (286.41 KB, 632x550, date.jpg)

No. 147202

It does, but I know that it's not really.

Oh, sorry. I'm guessing you're assuming that I'm >>147184, but I'm not. From now on I won't include whether I'm ED or not and just state that "Aly probably…such and such." I guess I thought it would give me more credibility in how Aly might think. Again sorry. :/

No. 147203

That's not a "kid" thing that's just a European thing regardless of age. Good thing the whole continent will be taken over by African and Muslim refugees, soon.

No. 147204

Just speaking for myself, I don't know why people actually suffering from an ED even bother to read this thread. It can't be helping you with getting yourself healthy (it's probably harmful, in fact).

Actually, let me just ask that question directly. To all you ED people in this thread, WHY are you reading this when you are just like Aly/Ash? Minus the deceiving 20k followers, that is.

No. 147207

It makes me feel better that I'm not failing and that other people see her deceit. Sometimes I can't trust my own thoughts, because they're all polluted with my ED and possible ED competitiveness. If I just looked at Aly's instagram and never read what you guys are saying, I'd probably feel a lot of shame and jealousy, whether it's warranted or not; it would be worse for my AN.
Aly also ticks me off because she does have an instagram and documents her bullshit. I don't have any social media accounts, because I have a lot of self-disgust and I honestly wouldn't want to spread my disease.
That and it puts my family's behaviors/actions into perspective for me.
It's annoying to the other farmers though, so I'm just not going to mention it. Just take the piss out of Aly.

No. 147230

>>146724 Holy shit, I go to the same university as this Martin guy. For whatever reason I can't find this guy on FB or I'd see if I have more information via being part of the UAlberta network.

No. 147233

If you see him, throw used tampons at him. Or just post flyers around campus of selected posts from his VK so everyone knows what a vile human being he is.

No. 147234

What an idiot…

No. 147243

i think Dante is wearing a wedding band though, or do i need to get my eyes checked?

No. 147244

Can't wait. He's vile and so are the awful thinspo fetishists on VK.

No. 147280

>awful thinspo fetishists on VK
I've always wondered, what's the deal with so many Russians apparently being obsessed with super-spoopy thinspo (and/or fetishizing extremely emaciated women)? Is it just selection bias on my part, or do Russians really account for an inordinate segment of the population of the individuals who do these things? It seems like VK is the hotbed for the severe-anorexic fetishists, but maybe it's just that I've mostly seen it going on there and it's actually going on in other places that I'm not looking at?

>tfw you're an Amerifag grandchild of Russian immigrants, you have a name everyone recognizes as being Russian, and yet you've never been to Russia, know little about Russian culture, and don't speak a word of Russian

No. 147283

I've noticed the Russian obsession too but VK pretty much allows everything; can't see FB allowing these groups.

I agree with the anon above, the fetishists deserve their own thread.

No. 147285

I love you, anon.

No. 147287

Ah, that's a good point. It may have more to do with what VK allows vs. what other social networking sites allow. I know a lot of countries have really cracked down on "pro-ana" shit in the media and online; maybe Russia isn't doing so (or, not to the same extent), for some reason?

No. 147319

Am i the only one who was so confused about that hardcore bent thumb of her the first moment?

No. 147342

I'd actually wondered the same thing (re: the number of Russian fetishists and also anorexic women that get posted here) but wasn't sure if it was confirmation bias on my part. VK certainly does seem to have fewer restrictions on content.

No. 147343

no, i mean i'm legitimately at least conversation-level fluent in all of those languages. lmao. i could understand the assumption if i was a weeb and threw japanese in the list but it's really not that hard to learn languages if you put time into it.

No. 147344

These threads are kind of like a Burn Book for the online ED community. Basically, it's a snarky guilty pleasure.

No. 147367

Oh wow, my fantasies just got seedier. Dante is a married man! He looks like he's thinking about his marriage problems. He needs someone to comfort him. If his marriage is failing, it's not like I'd be the one who's home wrecking.

No. 147369

File: 1438295909774.jpg (24.75 KB, 200x360, marital breakdown.JPG)


I bet this woman is having a heated argument with him (out of shot). The waiter looks embarrassed by their marital dispute. God, I have to help him get out of his dire situation. Aly's borrowing his alcohol now.

No. 147370

I think 06.15 means June 2015. If she means 15 to be the day, she probably would have written 15.06 since she's not American.

No. 147388

File: 1438298496073.png (818.22 KB, 658x955, #whatinsanitylookslike.png)

Every time I see one of Gremlin's manic, sweaty, Jesus-lovin' selfies tagged with #whatveganslook like, and every time I see one of her disgusting sludge/puke concoctions tagged with #whatveganseat, I want to go chow down on a bunch of animal products. She's like…reverse veganspiration. Does she really think she's making vegans look good or vegan food look appealing with this shit? If so, and she isn't one of the most elaborate trolls I've ever seen (I wish I could believe that were the case), she must be really, really far gone. Poor girl. I wonder if anyone in her "real life" even knows how fucked up her eating truly is. Does she proselytize about the glories of her super-"healthy" diet and lifestyle IRL like she does online? Are people just humoring (or even encouraging) her, or are they trying to get her help and she's refusing because she's ~sooooo "healthy" and totally not disordered at all~? Mysteries abound.

No. 147401

She doesn't do much for the fitness community either. I've known fitness people who look like they have barely any body fat, but they don't look emaciated because their muscles are so toned. I spent a year surrounded by physical education teacher trainers and their diet (veggie/vegan/meat eaters) and their training were so balanced and they really looked healthy. How do her limbs/bones even function for skating, running and yoga?

> Mysteries abound

It really is one big JFCWTF.

No. 147405

ginger put THREE BABY CARROTS in a bowl. Their own bowl. three. baby. carrots.

No. 147407

is the bowl heart shaped though?

No. 147408

nope. i guess its totally normal then, nevermind.

No. 147413

yeah… there are tons of way more appealing #whatveganseat
she's like perpetuating the decades old stereotype that vegans eat rabbit food and other sludge
NO vegan food can look good. just not when anna does it

No. 147415

thank you. yes dante cant hide his disappointment here, meanwhile aly's sister is going crazy for these oily croissants

No. 147416

he's about to have a serious talk with our girl aly, but first he must demolish that beer

No. 147420

he needs the strenght

No. 147428

Vegan food is fucking fantastic. Ginger is a horrible representation of "what vegans eat".

No. 147437

You can hate us cause you ain't us :^)

No. 147440

VK is not being monitored because the Russian government gives oligarchs free reign to do whatever they want as long as they remember to lick Putin's boots. The proanas are just more ad revenue to them, and it's not like Russians are going to use anything else.

No. 147441

sweden's getting cucked by somalis rip :^(

you little donger

No. 147443

Maybe something about the past famines? Those other VK fetishists seems pretty old.

No. 147445

stress-grabbing the shit out of that table

No. 147447

Hardly, Finns would be going apeshit over anas too in that case.

No. 147473

Wow wtf I didn't notice her crazy skelehand, that's so creepy…it looks like a pterodactyl wing or something

No. 147484

File: 1438308531702.gif (27.5 KB, 1928x1053, colour therapy.gif)

pterodactly wing hand to match her Stegosaurus backbones.

Here's a picture for you all to colour in.

No. 147485

File: 1438308651870.jpg (70.67 KB, 950x534, farage.jpg)


No. 147486

Here's Aly's bestie's IG, if anybody's interested. She always looks like a bit of a spaz in Aly's pictures, but she looks to be a happy, well-adjusted person with a happy, well-adjusted life. And a boyfriend who looks like he's from "Jersey Shore," but that's neither here nor there.

No. 147489

Distinct lack of aly joining in with activities on her friend's feed. She must be kind hearted if she can stick around with aly being a bitch. She looks like a person with lots of interest etc. Shame aly doesn't see her as a role model.

No. 147491

She reminds me a bit of Billie Piper in her looks.

No. 147492

I was just about to make the same comment. What happened to the happy child who always goes out and doesn't let evil ED thoughts affect her social life.
In some ways, I feel sorry for her that she misses all these events with her so-called "best friend."

No. 147498

I saw the list of places aly travelled to in the past and she must miss doing things like getting out and enjoying life because whatever she says SHE ISN'T. Things like that spurred me on when I had agoraphobia, but she isn't even trying to get well.

No. 147500

Stupid amerifag here… What does "They turk err juuuuurbs!" sound like when English people are bellowing it? I always wonder that when I think about UKIP.

No. 147502

File: 1438309782760.png (2.82 MB, 1280x1276, Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 4.37…)

I wonder how Aly's "dietician" (if she even exists) and "day treatment program" (that she's clearly almost never at, if she is at all) feel about her ~extra liquid calories~. It seems like it would be a pretty bad idea for someone in her condition to be drinking, considering she probably weighs less than most middle-schoolers and almost certainly has health complications from her ED. I'm kind of surprised that her relatives - or at least some them, as she said that her aunt "proposed [her] a glass of delish white wine (or two)" - are encouraging it, too. Yeah, I know, it's Italy, and people aren't generally as uptight about alcohol as they are in the US, but still, she's not a normal healthy person…I get the feeling that her family is pretty clueless about EDs, but I might be wrong. Maybe she's a raging, manipulative bitch to them and they're afraid to say anything that might rock the boat, so they just pander to and attempt to placate her. Who knows. Like Ginger, her whole situation is really WTF-worthy.

I knew a young woman who went through an ED day treatment program here in the US, and the program she was in completely forbade everyone from drinking any alcohol for the duration of their treatment. She copped to having drank a glass of wine after going home one night and they flipped out on her. I don't know if that's standard protocol, though, but it makes sense to me, especially for really underweight patients.

No. 147503

It sounds like Nigel Farage orgasming

No. 147504

Beer is quite calorie-dense, so…

No. 147505

No idea. I've never been to an EDL rally or mixed with UKIP members.

If you stream LBC radio there's always a discussion about the Poles turkin err juuurbs, but here's a racist cunt speaking in the vilest British accent to give you some idea.

No. 147507

She's said she has liver damage. I'd probably avoid alcohol if I did too.

No. 147508

OOPS sorry for the racist guy again

No. 147509

Oh and there's also the fact that people in Southern and Eastern Europe don't really tend to take diseases like EDs and mental issues too seriously. Older people especially.

Most people will just think 'well why doesn't she just eat more if she can afford food' and leave it at that.

No. 147511

Alcohol is probably a bad idea if youre not in good physical condition but im pretty surnethe real reason is so you dont trade one addiction for another…

No. 147512


Geez, popping it in a calculator one glass of wine puts her above the legal limit for blood alcohol in most states.

I'd guess they're offering Aly alcohol because she's easier to deal with hammered

She'd lose consciousness after three frozen Daiquiris.

No. 147514

File: 1438310608776.jpg (310.5 KB, 1197x1202, image.jpg)

Spot the spoopy

No. 147515

Always looks so damn happy
Alys inspiration?

No. 147516

That really is scary. Her eyes, mein Gott! No joy there :(

No. 147517

She looks so grey and dead. Fucking gross.

No. 147518

Will she be judging her friends on their weight? I never really had this question answered properly. Does she think the girls in that pic are repulsive and fat and she's special because she's skinny?

Reminds me of anon's spot ash in the zombie collage.

No. 147519

She probably does. She probably judges them and loves that they're so "fat" compared to her.

No. 147523

Average weight - real smiles, happy couples, radiating health, looks like they had a good night out.

Spoopy - dead eyes, looks like a ghost, alone, probably hungry, miserable as fuck.

All she thinks is it's better to be thinner than them. All for attention and followers on ig?

No. 147524

I love that olive skinned look a few of those girls have. Makes me envious.

No. 147527

It also makes Aly's grey, lifeless skin stand out even more.

No. 147529

>All for attention and followers on ig?

More like, so that she can feel like she's in control of herself and her life.

No. 147530

Because there's so much trauma in her life?

No. 147551

Who the hell knows. We're all just being armchair psychologists here. She could have been through some seriously heavy shit that none of us know about, or she could really be doing it all for the attention.

No. 147567

She won't even admit to having a bad day, why would she discuss trauma? No one really knows anything about her.

No. 147570

File: 1438318623090.jpg (208.63 KB, 964x621, spoopy.jpg)

Here's an even better picture for comparing her to her friends. The observation remains the same, ofc(!).

No. 147604

Second from the left. CUTIE!

Girl in front of Aly is perfect cover for her spoopy skelly body too. Nice shot overall.

No. 147609


No. 147611

I think it's the stress of having to decide what colour nail polish to wear every day.

No. 147616

File: 1438322639423.jpg (51.33 KB, 655x424, hearts.JPG)

Nobody in that pic is doing much for me. I'm busy crushing on the girls from the last pic.

The guy second from left COULD be fanciable if he didn't have that expression on his face. Nice and dark, good hair, looks like he's good at sexing.

No. 147618

>The guy second from left

I mean on the latest pic with all the white shirt men.

No. 147646

Maybe I dont understand bc I dont have an ED but dont people with EDs get sick of feeling like shit all the time? Like wouldn't you feel exhausted and generally unhealthy basically constantly?

No. 147654

It's funny to watch her flail and lie?

No. 147655

File: 1438329370113.jpg (20.61 KB, 263x188, class.JPG)

She posted a picture of biscuits and cappuccino again. Chipped nail polish and chipped plate for added classiness.

No. 147661

Just wanted to say ilu

No. 147672

How the fuck is her nail polish chipped already? It's been a day! It looks like gel nail polish! Plus, she doesn't even do anything!

No. 147676

God she looks so bad and grey compared to her friends who are obviously happy for real. Hide her mouth and her eyes are dead.

I'm impressed she maintains a social life though, especially going to restaurants ! I thought anorexics lose their friends easily because they stop showing up at places where you have to eat.

No. 147679

Yeah maybe they thought after a couple glasses of vino she might eat a whole meal haha.

No. 147682

Yeah you don't understand at all. That's like saying "don't people with depression get sick of feeling so down and isolated all the time?" Of course they feel like shit all the time, but ED = you will b/p or starve yourself to death. You might not want to but after having the disorder a significant period of time, you don't have a choice any more.

Real fucking easy for you to just google 'eating disorders' to gauge the severity of the condition.

No. 147685

The picture is a little red, but even fixing the saturation, it's still a horrifying red/purple color. Yikes.

I have to compliment the girl in front of Aly. If I had that creepyass skeleton hand grabbing my arm, I would not be able to smile as well as her.

No. 147687

but with depression you generally go to the doctor to get help and accept meds/therapy to feel better and recover or at least manage the way you feel.

No. 147688

>Spontaneously (!) got myself a super duper froathed ️ soy cappuccino ️ as second part of #breakfast before going to one of my girl's place for some clothes exchanges

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Clothes exchange. She has a skeleton friend?

No. 147691

I suppose, I guess that was a poor comparison. I was just trying to point out it's a disorder that by nature is in direct opposition to being cured; sometimes the suffer DOES want to get better, but there's no way the disorder will let them.

No. 147710

Lol what
With depression, you can't do shit. You lay in bed vaguely wishing you'd drop dead, maybe wonder 'when did I last shower?' And then cry again. You lack the motivation to even feed yourself, let alone drag your carcass down to a doctor to ask for pills and a counsellor.
Medication can take years to get right, a month or two at best.
Therapy requires you to bare your absolute worst self to a stranger. You answer uncomfortable questions and mumble out what you can about how awful you feel, how awful the world is, but there are no words to describe that sort of gaping cavity in you that aches like something used to belong there, but you have long since forgotten what it may have been.

Its not nearly as simple as you seem to think anon.

No. 147715

File: 1438338383756.jpg (111.32 KB, 640x640, 11032845_429724870527766_11651…)

2 spooky

No. 147739

>>147687 was me

>Its not nearly as simple as you seem to think anon

I'm not going to turn this into ~personal blog~ but I've been through it and still in it. I've had sections, been voluntary IP, had more therapists than I can remember, had my thyroid fucked with lithium and I rattle when I walk.

I know what it's like, and many years later I'm still here and managing it all with meds and therapy. No, it isn't simple, but it's achievable. I would've drank rat piss if they'd told me it'd make me feel like not wanting to die when I was at my worse.

No. 147746

thats true anon but i think depression comes in degrees and no mental illness is the same for anyone.
> inb4 support of tumblrtards
oh god dont lump me in with them, but i think there is such a thing as "functional depression" where you can still do your daily life, get some pleasure in stuff but also have horrible feelings of guilt/sadness that creep up from nowhere and for no good reason.
not everyone mopes around inside questioning their existence and living under that raincloud like the zoloft commercial.

No. 147753

furthermore (and most importantly i'd like to think) ITS NOT A DAMN COMPETITION
depression, anxiety, ED, dont you people want to LIVE and not play "who is more fucked up"? im not saying its not okay to be sick or feel shitty, i m just saying dont say A is more sick than B because xyz

No. 147761

I'm mental above with personal blog. I didn't want to come across like that, I was just fucking irritated by the stereotypical emo image of what suffering from depression is.

Every mental illness is different with everyone even though psychiatrists would like to lump us all together.

All I was saying is that no matter how fucking disgustingly ill you feel, there's hope to be able to manage your life and have a better quality of life. I wanted to sound ~positive~ (!)

No. 147762

(and refusing to seek help is fucking stupid)

No. 147778

The comments on this photo are making me rage. How the fuck can anyone say her skin is looking better and she's looking healthier? I saw this photo and thought that she looks like she's getting over the flu or something.

No. 147779

they're probably as sick as she is.

the shadows and bags under her eyes are a new thing.

she's posted so much already today. she needs to spend less time on ig.

No. 147780

File: 1438347394802.jpg (23.21 KB, 604x241, tender and kind.JPG)

One comment will stay. One will be deleted.

No. 147783

6 minutes later it was gone.

No. 147786

File: 1438347990377.png (450.11 KB, 745x647, Rise and Shine.PNG)

Good morning everybody. I hope you all have strong day

No. 147787

File: 1438348299926.jpg (9.23 KB, 269x187, joyful children.jpg)


No. 147789

gotta start it off right with a drink!
cappuccino for sure because gotta make up those calories!

No. 147792

super calorific glass of wine bc its ~part of the ~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*mEaL pLaN*~

No. 147793

If I could do complicated things, I'd make a game out of this
where his mouth opens and you have to guide his beer into it.

No. 147795

File: 1438349053360.jpg (17.98 KB, 593x113, medical problem.JPG)

She wasn't admitted to hospital for ED treatment apparently.

No. 147831

File: 1438356153367.jpg (77.88 KB, 640x321, Fortimel.jpg)

Her lies are falling apart faster than her body. In the first picture, she's apparently drinking her Fortimel in the container with the straw, but then the second, she switched to a glass? Bullshit, and how has no one called her out on that?

My theory is that she's taking multiple pictures of the same Fortimel to space out over time. Any other theories?

No. 147835

File: 1438356423710.jpg (8.39 KB, 290x39, look how skinny i am!.jpg)

Also (sorry, just getting around to looking at today's activity now), this statement about her salads translates to: "I love how skinny am! Look how much smaller than the salad I am! Teehee!"
This bitch is never going to recover.

No. 147844


No. 147845

Hate to say it, but unlikely. Most people don't use their thumb to purge.

No. 147846

File: 1438357252643.png (38.8 KB, 209x117, Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 11.2…)

No. 147847

True. Just thought that maybe it's from the acids getting on there when she washes her hands. God, I hope she washes her hands.

No. 147851

File: 1438357814782.png (2.16 MB, 1280x1276, Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 8.33…)

Cool, another pic of one of her femto-muffins, conveniently leaving out anything that would give a sense of scale, complete with "bite" (read: claw) mark and all. I swear she's posted almost the exact same thing before. I still can't understand how so many of these Instagram #edfamily loons think it's interesting or purposeful or whatever to post almost identical shit over and over and over. Snore.

I'd play it.

LOL I saw that. Right. There's a huge difference between a medical admission to a hospital "for anorexia" vs. "for complications resulting from anorexia." Except…nope, not at all. What the fuck does she think everyone else with anorexia ends up medically hospitalized for? Does she really think (or expect anyone else to believe) that the "health problems" she was experiencing were not due to the fact that she's a spoopy skeleton, or that her case is somehow unique? Her denial is beyond ridiculous.

Gotta love that "deep heart shaped bowl overfilled with a ton of fresh and juicy melon." That's what, like 50 calories worth of melon, maybe? And I guess we're supposed to assume she took the straw back out of the Fortimel bottle after photographing it, poured it into a cup, put the straw back in, and then "drank it" (read: put her puckered anus-mouth up to the lip of the cup for a photograph before pouring it down the sink)? I mean, maybe she has really bad OCD and she just had to have the Fortimel be in its bottle for that first #realrecovery #morningsnack shot.

No. 147852

She loves her glass so much she's giving it a tender little kiss. The Fortimel, however, is going straight down the drain.

No. 147859

Really? It looks to me like one of those air kisses where you just make a smacking sound instead of making contact.

No. 147881

File: 1438359968924.png (171.67 KB, 1170x530, Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 9.22…)

Well, a tender air-kiss, then. Or, it was an #actionshot with her in the process of going in for a smooch.

And lol @ the comments here. ("WTF? How dare you comment on the fact that I eat a lot of salads when I'm constantly showing off pictures of my salads on Instagram?!") Did we ever establish whether flyingfree85 is a farmer?

No. 147903

She's a smoker. Maybe it's from flicking a lighter

No. 147926

she seems like such a sweet person. looking at sonia's instagram makes me really pity aly.

No. 147952

I think that it's so bizarre that these ED girls all like to take photos of every piece of food they put into their mouth. First of all, if it's not something novel at a quality restaurant, nobody really gives a crap. I would never take a pictures of my LUSH black coffee at DD, because almost anyone could go out and buy that shit.

OT of Aly, but Anna is back to using thefitveganginger with pictures of her LUSH, vomit-inducing concoctions.
If I weren't veg already, I'd swear never to be after looking at that girl's feed. Such poor representation.

No. 147953

purple hand

No. 147972

Oh, good thinking! That's most likely the cause.

We know vomit-photographing Ginger's back. We posted up some higher up.

No. 147974

File: 1438369381600.jpg (5.73 KB, 259x194, images.jpg)

Yeah, those muffins are tiny. Not much bigger than this one in the pic.

No. 147979

I think she does the same with pizza.

No. 147981

maybe she eats more when she's had a little to drink? lowers anxiety and inhibitions, drunk munchies, idk.
If i was aly's sister Id try getting her stoned, then id eat her favorite pre ed food and offer her some.

No. 147992

my guess would be more like 'because theres nothing in her life.' While she's anorexic and emaciated, no one expects anything of her when it comes to employment, education, and relationships. If she eats a small meal people are "so proud," if she recovers she'll be expected to grow up and accomplish things.
i obviously don't know, but since she's said her, her mom and aunt all work in the same office, and she seems to come from $$, I'm guessing theres a family business she could work for if she got her shit together. its really hard to have any sympathy for this seemingly spoiled brat.

No. 148001

when you've had an ED for a long time, you tend to forget what normal/healthy even feels like. Its not until you start to recover that you realize how shitty you felt and how sick you were. also, when you're extremely sick like ash, aly, and ginger, you get a high type feeling, from adrenaline probably, and when you first start to eat again you'll likely feel worse/more tired than when you were starving. ED recovery is fucked up and confusing, especially if you haven't been through it.. actually, its confusing even if you have.

No. 148154

I agree. She might not be able to admit to a bad day, but I think we'd have heard about it if she had some trauma in the past. I mean, she mentions her bad relationship with her father. That might be the worst thing she's experienced.
(Don't get me wrong; bad relationships with parents suck. However, I do not think Aly is being abused in any way. Her mother seems content, and she hasn't mentioned her father doing anything worst than scolding her and staring at her in the kitchen. I think Aly's and her father's personalities just clash at most.)

No. 148156

also on an unrelated note, Italian people are fucking ugly.

No. 148157

It is all too legit, dear farmer. It took place on March 29, 2015.

No. 148164

Aly's Instagram has disappeared

No. 148167

It is still showing up for me.

No. 148171

You got blocked. Log out. It's still there.

No. 148173

Wooops, my bad
I got excited thinking that justice had been served but sadly no :(

No. 148178

"functional depression," or mild depression, over a long period of time, is called dysthymia.

No. 148334

oh ok thanks i didnt know that

No. 148392

Who takes all these photos of Aly eating? And doesn't the instagram and cataloguing her daily meals and snacks count for an obsession with food? (Not that I think she's actually eating much of it.) Her doctors should really know about her instagram. Her family must know of her recovery instagram, right?

No. 148396

She said her mum knows. She's probably convinced her it's part of her ~real recovery journey~. I'd find it way too tiring to be with her when she's so obsessed with taking pictures of the food.

She spends so much time in IG it's like there's nothing else going on in her life. She'll be back at uni in September/October so you'd think she'd be studying the reading list for the year. She wants to be a journalist, you'd think she'd be researching and writing articles for a portfolio (or working on a blog).

Her life seems such a waste.

No. 148409

Who really has the time to photograph their food so neatly and perfectly every time? Must be so exhausting…

No. 148426

It's busywork that gives her an excuse to put off eating. It's like organizing your workspace before you start working. You don't need to organize anything, but it makes your procrastination seem like a legitimate use of your time.

No. 148437

I now feel better that my workspace look like chaos.

No. 148438

File: 1438408445594.png (1.17 MB, 806x625, NONONONONONO.png)

Holy shit.

No. 148440

Lol, I know. It's been commented on. It's like one of those WHEN YOU SEE IT YOU'LL SHIT YOURSELF photos.

No. 148450

Yeeeeahhh that is some really fucking spoopy shit there. The contrast between those two skin tones, ouch. IMO, color aside, her fingers and nails look really elegant, but her bony-ass hand and the discoloration are painful to look at.

No. 148457

File: 1438410568241.jpg (98.43 KB, 713x560, something i noticed.JPG)

Yes, I am really fussy about chipped crockery. I'm not OCD (even though I will NOT use chipped crockery), but is aly OCD about her saucer chips?

No. 148469

If I were her, I would turn the plate ever so slightly left so my hand is covering the chip completely, just for aesthetic. Why doesn't she at least try to hide it like that? It's always exposed!

No. 148471

I don't think her cups of coffee/cappuccino are ever filled up all the way. They look half filled

No. 148474

It's because she loves that CREAMY FROTH (!) so much, she's spooned it all into her anus mouth already (feel free to use that excuse, aly).

I'm common. I like a big mug of coffee. Barely worth making coffee for a tiny cup.

No. 148481

Is it weird that I think Ginger's food sometimes looks really good? (when she's not pureeing/freezing/mashing up weird crap together of course)

No. 148487

File: 1438414424671.jpg (18.01 KB, 272x275, 1431119211248.jpg)

This is my most hated photo of aly. (Throwback to anon posting the beaver face one saying it was their most hated).

No. 148527

File: 1438428100492.png (9.33 MB, 2000x2000, Snacktime with Aly.png)

Here, have some more OCDelish.

No. 148555

everytime i see these nice collages, it makes me think of that guy who sold giant canvases with a screenshot of someones instagram photo (caption, comments and all) and wonder if u could do the same… this shit isnt good behavior but it makes for a nice piece of artwork on the wall lol

No. 148571

I was that anon! Ilu and I hate that photo as well.

No. 148639

The person he "stole" the ig photo from was the Lime Crime lolcow! I agree, the collages are excellent and this really is exhibition material imo.

Haha, I didn't really have a worse pic in mind when you posted yours, but I was google image searching "ashley isaacs lolcow neckbeard" and that pic of aly came up. It's just SO REVOLTING.

No. 148660

File: 1438451407174.png (2.71 MB, 1276x1278, That is not food.png)

OCDelicious collage anon here. That's funny, I've actually had that guy ("artist" Richard Prince: http://www.cnn.com/2015/05/27/living/richard-prince-instagram-feat/) in mind ever since I started making this shit. I originally just wanted to prove a point (how frighteningly repetitive the posts of Instagrammers like Aly and that "recoveryroad24" person are), but, when I lined the photos all up, I was surprised at how aesthetically pleasing they wound up looking. I have to give people like Aly credit for their dedication to maintaining (almost) the same photographic composition day after day, month after month. I would get bored as fuck of photographing the same shit arranged in exactly the same way nearly every day, although I guess it's kind of like the people who take a selfie every day for a year or whatever and then make a time-lapse video.

I still don't understand why they take pictures of all of their food in the first place, or, more importantly, why so many others seem to be so enthralled looking at it over and over. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. I've known a number of people with EDs, and, to my knowledge, none of them obsessively photographed everything that they ate (or "ate"), so I'm wondering if it's just a generational fad brought about by the advent of smartphones and photo-sharing social media. I feel old.

On a side note, Ginger's latest "meal" is one of the most repulsive I've ever seen. She usually includes at least a few things I'd consider allowing close to my mouth (like plain raw vegetables or fruit), but this combo is 100% pig-disgusting. There's no way that "oatmeal" is actual oatmeal, but why? Regular oatmeal is quite healthy, fairly low-calorie, very low-fat, and vegan. Whatever she's replaced it with (is that just pure TVP? Jesus is weeping right now, Ging) can't possibly be that much lower in calories. I don't understand her rationale.

No. 148663

Looks like ginge has been unblocking her drains.

I have a hard time trying to imagine doing the food photography too. I'm a slob. Example, I didn't have to wash up tonight because I ate some hummus, some couscous with feta and a prepacked salad straight out of the plastic bowls they were in. Slopped some hummus in with the salad, mixed it up. Scoffed the lot then ate some rice pudding straight out of the tin.

Fuck presentation.

I like the idea of the selfie a day time lapse thing, but even that's too much of a commitment.

I'm of the generation pre digital cameras where you only bothered taking photos on a special occasion and even then couldn't be fucked to get the camera roll developed most of the time. You're onto something with the whole documenting food thing being a generational fad. Kind of like outfit of the day.

No. 148669

Yeah, I was just having a conversation with someone recently about Ye Olden Days before digital photography when you'd have to carefully load your camera with film of a certain ISO, you couldn't see what your photos were going to turn out like until they were already developed, there were constraints on the numbers of photos you could take, it cost a fair amount to even get your photos developed, etc. Different era. Now you can just take as many photos as you want, delete the 99.9% that are shit, and keep the few good ones. For example, a wedding photographer could literally photograph continuously throughout the entire event instead of having to think carefully about setting up a few good shots. Again, I feel like a dinosaur here.

No. 148674

I still find reels of film I never had developed. You could buy them for 24 or 36 photos! It was always a horrible thing to pick up your developed snaps and half of them were totally fucked after paying for them. No, it was never cheap :/

I miss photo albums. I know you can get digital pics printed out, but does anyone really bother? Looking at a disc full of pictures will NEVER be the same as looking through a photo album.

Modern life is rubbish.

No. 148675

I wonder if ginger tends to get hairy tongue with all the blended/mashed stuff she eats.

No. 148759

File: 1438460910964.png (112.35 KB, 1192x296, SUPER FAT.png)

Oh man, I'm right there with you. I love my family's old (physical) photo albums. I only get my digital photographs printed if I'm giving a large, framed one as a gift or something. I miss the excitement of going and picking up those paper envelopes of developed photos, going through the shots, finding a couple of gems, and tucking them into plastic sleeves for posterity. I'm glad I learned about photography using an ancient SLR, kind of like I'm glad I learned to drive using a stick shift. But there I go down Memory Lane again.

Back to Aly: is it just me (I'll admit, I strongly dislike greasy/"oily" [sake emoji] food), or is the way she describes her LUSH (!) meals often really unappealing? I know she's trying to play up how much of a brave #edworrior she is by conquering all of this scary, "super fat" food, but it just comes across sounding gross to me. Cooking meat or vegetables or whatever in some oil is fine and normal, but who actually wants them to be drowning in oil/fat? I'm still chuckling over her description of her cheese as being "duper fat (!)" (not "super duper," just "duper") the other day. It just seems so fake - a super-spoopy anorexic who is obsessed with having her food be as fatty as possible? Riiiight.

No. 148763

File: 1438461087376.jpg (340.69 KB, 996x992, image.jpg)

dat ocd.

No. 148775

File: 1438461935787.png (284.47 KB, 638x935, Invisible gainz.png)

Great, even more delusional followers backing Aly up and saying they can see that she's gained weight. Even the most conservative treatment plans would have her gaining at least a pound (or half a kilogram or so) a week, and the latest research (see http://www.futurity.org/weight-gain-anorexia-957932/ for example) shows that it's safe to have severely anorexic patients gain even like four pounds (or close to two kilograms) a week. Even discounting her pre-hospital "Real Recovery," during which she claimed to be steadily gaining weight (lol), she's been out of the hospital for well over a month now. If her metabolism was so fast it was causing her not to gain weight, or to gain weight extremely slowly, her "dietician" would be a fool not to have increased her "meal plan."

I just want to know how long she's going to keep this up for. As the weeks/months go by and she continues to look just as (or even more) spoopy, it's going to become more and more obvious that something fishy is going on. I mean, look at Erika now vs. when she was hanging out with Ashley (side note: ERIKA!!! I hope you're OK! Divorce Yustas, distance yourself from your toxic family members, and keep on rocking recovery despite the health and financial setbacks!). That was only a few months ago, and Erika has completely transformed. She still has a long way to go to fully regain her health, but she's obviously made a ton of progress. She isn't just stagnating and claiming to be #realrecovering.

I'm sure that, regardless, Aly will still have ass-lickers telling her how beautiful and how much healthier she looks, though. I'm not even sure that something like organ failure and/or another hospitalization would convince her minions that she isn't perfectly healthy, eating tons of LUSH, oily (!) food, gaining weight, and being carefully monitored by ED specialists.

No. 148803

I seriously wonder what the fuck she means when she (always) says, "I'm gaining instead." Does she mean "I'm indeed gaining"? Because instead would mean gaining instead of something else, and I don't think that's what she means.
(Even though she's losing [instead of gaining].)

No. 148815

File: 1438464963266.jpg (551.6 KB, 1936x1936, image.jpg)

about a month's difference between the two.

"weight gain"

No. 148853


No. 148935

so if aly is, according to our rightful inferences, totally full of shit and not gaining at all, when people say things like "i can see your progress!!!" it must be incredibly damaging

No. 148937


No. 148951

Generally, telling an anorexic that they "look healthier" or making comments that imply they've gained a visible amount of weight doesn't go over well. At all. I know Aly's trying to pretend that she's soooo happy about her #realrecovery, she loves "extra calories" and "super fat" #food, she wants to #kickana and gain weight, and so on. However, I wouldn't be at all surprised if she actually revels in the "OMG you look so tiny, you don't look like you've gained any weight at all!" comments and hates the "WOW you look so much better, I can tell you've gained weight!" ones. She clearly loves being a spoopy, otherwise she wouldn't wear the shit she wears and constantly put photos of her bony-ass self up on Instagram for her #edfamily to worship. She probably loves knowing that she's ~thinspo~ to a lot of these girls, which is really sick.

No. 148975

italyfag here: i cant vouch for any of aly's irl stuff, but the wine stereotype is super true. the first time i tried wine i was maybe 5 or something because wine with dinner is super super common especially around family in most parts of italy. i didnt actually like it until i was maybe 15, but point still stands that wine is really common and regardless of ed, someone as underweight as aly would still probably drink it at least every now and again because that's really just how it is.

No. 148985

Her legs actually do look a bit thicker in the second photo. Could be angles, idk.

No. 149043

File: 1438485242004.png (163.1 KB, 705x444, Screenshot 2015-08-01 at 10.13…)

On happy_ally's ask.fm

>Love lolcow

I really hope none of you really signed the site's name and it's just 8chan or something fucking around. Come on. Leave 'er alone. She's not doing anything wrong we can see.

No. 149044

Police! Police! Someone said I needed to eat properly! Arrest them immediately!

No. 149048


>You know it's okay to maybe eat maintenance calories? You are spiraling into BED. Love lolcow

Which one of these words is the cyberbullying

No. 149056

Whoever asked that question is an idiot, especially for mentioning lolcow, but I always love it when people start screaming about the internet police.

No. 149075

>crossed her legs wrong
Slow down there, Mrs. Bucket

No. 149076

They're closer to the camera, I think.

No. 149086

See, I think they look thicker in the first photo because her gap is bigger in the second photo. The fun things our brains/eyes do!

No. 149093

File: 1438490037544.jpg (161.57 KB, 637x630, mystery friend.jpg)

So who's this friend now anyway? Do we know? She claims it's her bestie/sister too, but it's not Sonia.

No. 149095

I was repulsed by the fact she was eating veal even before I got to the "drowning in oil" part.

Has that girl even been discussed here? I can't even place her when I see her pic on the ask.fm page.

No. 149098

Aww, cute mini beer guy <3

No. 149100

I saw the site banner thing of aly yesterday, with the food bouncing off the bubble protecting her. First time I'd seen it. Nice work anon who made it.

No. 149101

Yeah IDK who that girl is either…?

No. 149103

File: 1438490688334.jpg (61.08 KB, 960x960, 10407898_543129999161900_18886…)

Found her.
Also she cropped Aly out of a Facebook photo, which I found amusing.

(Only posting her Facebook because she's stupid enough to post her full name on her instagram. Someone would have posted it anyway.)

No. 149104

I just saw it, too. Nicely done, anon, whoever you are. Too bad it doesn't have Beer Guy in it, though! I think we need a second one.

No. 149106

File: 1438491274202.jpg (50.86 KB, 514x492, 1.JPG)

They like their Tiffany jewellery. This was her 18th birthday present.

No. 149107

File: 1438491318503.jpg (53.86 KB, 575x580, 1.JPG)

No wait, this one was her present.

No. 149109

File: 1438491387765.jpg (82.11 KB, 579x588, alyboobs.JPG)

This is the healthiest I've seen aly. She has bewbs!

No. 149114

She should go darker blonde

No. 149118

Actual bewbs! Not stuffing or photoshop or whatever that bullshit was in that one photo, haha.

No. 149138


Someone mentioned her in a past thread as being "weight-restored" but still really disordered because she binged on jars of Nutella/peanut butter and posted all her meals and all that.

No. 149142

Ohh, I don't remember that. Strange that someone would choose her to send shitty comments to and sign it lolcow.

No. 149151

Pretty sure she was just wearing a really padded bra that one time recently. It looked ridiculous with the rest of her body being so emaciated. "Hey guys, I gained weight, and 100% of it went to my breasts! Overnight!"

No. 149155

File: 1438501651432.png (2.41 MB, 1280x1278, Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 12.4…)

Aly just posted this pic with no caption whatsoever. I hope no one dares mistake that cinnamon for chocolate.

No. 149156


I like this photo. It looks like Aly's trying to escape a choke hold. Squeeze tighter, Martina!

No. 149160

Aaaand it's gone. Right now she's probably typing the caption she forgot to include. Heaven forbid something superlicious shouldn't have an everytime favorite posi-vibes caption! (Now I'm wondering whether it's cinnamon. )

No. 149163

second part of breakfast with one of my girls?

No. 149164

heart shape in the froath because the barrista loves her?

No. 149165

lol, she changed it to a selfie

No. 149167

File: 1438502817339.png (423.53 KB, 1410x1088, What.png)

Now what is even going on here? I'm missing the backstory, apparently.
(Pic is, again, from http://ask.fm/Happy_Ally)

And I really hope that is not an actual farmer. If it is, I am quite disappoint.

No. 149168

Read that earlier while trying to find out who happy_ally was. Her mention here flew under my radar.

Same with the disappoint. It's not something farmers generally do to randoms thrown into the ed thread mix.

No. 149171

I'm eating my words now. It actually was "cocoa powder." I thought it was cinnamon this time, Aly, damn you!

No. 149175

I don't remember her either. But I only remember the really… weird ones that get mentioned.

I'm guessing it's someone with an eating disorder who just found the site (or just the Aly threads) and has been reading every thread from top to bottom. Or who was mentioned in a thread and is mad.

No. 149201

Aly is still losing weight, she's even more underweight than she was two or three months ago but her nails, her hair and her eyebrows are pretty…. "nice"??

No. 149202

Tbh any of the plain silver tiffany stuff isn't that expensive…
if someone wants to give or get jewlwery as a gift you wouldnt want like forever21 shit would you?

No. 149205

Maybe she just likes Breakfast at Tiffany's… Or something.

No. 149206

It must be a thing where one friend gets into Tiffany, then the other friend wants one, then the other. It's not like aly has many original thoughts. I've never seen anyone here with Tiffany jewellery or any Tiffany shops.

No. 149207

Ugh. It occurred to me that competitive aly might've asked for that gold necklace to piss all over her friend's silver chain. Would she be such a bitch?

No. 149208

File: 1438514733861.jpg (32.46 KB, 379x323, fuck you.JPG)

BTW, aly gives her followers the finger

No. 149209

> It was heaven and the best way to beat my ED since the early morning
i doubt <100 calorie cups of coffee are beating ED
all that caffeine though… i dont wanna see her in withdrawl

No. 149212

In many parts of Europe that isn't seen as anything offensive. My physics teacher used to point at the formulas on the blackboard with his middle finger, which some younger people found hilarious but in the end nobody gave a fuck

No. 149213

If it's a really sweet, milky cappuccino it likely has over 100kcal tbh. Some of those things are liquid diabetes.

No. 149231

This is pathetic. I think a lot of people here have EDs and check the thread compulsively. Idk who Ally even is.

No. 149232

I only see Chinese tourists lapping up that stuff. The quality isn't that great for what you pay.

No. 149250

I check these threads fairly regularly for lulz and I didn't recognize who she was. Yeah, the whole "Imma call the internet police on you and you'll go to JAIL!" thing was amusing, but if someone from here (or claiming to be from here) was just harassing this girl out of the blue, that's really not cool. She seems to be just another young girl "in recovery" from an ED who would probably benefit greatly from getting the fuck off of social media, but it doesn't seem like she's doing anything especially wrong (aside from falling into the Ben & Jerry's pint party-loving, #edrecovery #obsessivefoodphotography #clearlystillsufferingfromsomedisorderedbehaviors stereotype). She actually seems to have a lot of variety in what she eats - it's not all junk (OK, maybe it's a little heavy on the ice cream) and it's not all diet/"health" food. She's also only 15 fucking years old. I feel bad for her if she's been getting picked on online. I was an idiot at 15 and am glad I grew up in the Good Old Days of AOL IM, MySpace, and LiveJournal, before everyone had smart phones…

No. 149251

All I know is that she gets hers with soy milk and the cups are tiiiiiiny. With the sprinkle of cocoa powder on top, that might be, I don't know, 60 calories? Not much. I really doubt she's adding tons of extra chocolate or calorific sweetener to her drink.

No. 149315

lol k richfag

No. 149318

File: 1438540500217.jpg (143.02 KB, 788x587, moley moley moley mooooole.jpg)

I thought either my screen was dirty or her face was.
Turns out, that mole has always been there. Look at all of her photos.

Has this picture finally solved the mystery of why Aly is always covering her mouth with food/cups?

No. 149320

I just hate how bugged-out Aly's eyes are. She looks like a dying african boy.

No. 149321

Jesus Christ you bitches are desperate. The mole looks normal, I don't see the big deal.

No. 149322

Tiffany is a staple for rich spoiled Milanese kids. It's purely a status thing.

No. 149323

No one curr about the freckle

Her mom looks fed up

No. 149324

yeah, my dad is super European (the part of Croatia near Italy, so we grew up drinking homemade wine, re: earlier comments) and points at things with his middle finger all the time

No. 149325

Her teeth are getting really stained with coffee and cigs.

She really is quite ugly and I can't decide what it is. There IS something about her eyes that's really unattractive.

No. 149326

I noticed on her other account she did the fuck off two finger salute a lot. Does two finger not mean fuck off in Italy?

No. 149328

File: 1438541593837.jpg (117.65 KB, 500x616, JARVIS.jpg)

I mean this (and it's an excuse to post jarvis cocker)

No. 149334

It does look normal. It just shocked me because I never noticed it before.

I thought her mom was trying to do the stupid kissy face, but you might be right. She might just be annoyed.

No. 149335

It's because they're so lifeless. They're literally just two spheres in her head at this point and it's creepy when people smile like that. Nightmares

No. 149337

File: 1438542204123.jpg (6.26 KB, 230x200, sidevanfa.jpg)

It doesn't, this is Italian "fuck you" gesture

sup fellow crobro

No. 149338

I think her mum's been caught with a mouthful of cheesecake and she's eating.

No. 149339

What's that thing where they flick their teeth with a thumbnail? I remember we had to watch Romeo and Juliet the film at school and someone does it and we were told it's an Italian gesture. I think it means fuck off.

No. 149340

I've seen Krist Novoselic do that. He's Croatian innit.

No. 149344

File: 1438542946404.jpg (48.12 KB, 458x394, aly eyes.JPG)

Her dead prawns eyes have more life in them than hers.

No. 149395

Is it the same with those Ops! bracelets they all seem to collect? They look so ugly that I hope they're expensive.

No. 149550

Yeah, it's Italian influence

No. 149554

File: 1438548352529.jpg (613.09 KB, 1936x1936, image.jpg)

Why must she insist upon that face. W h y.

Oh, how inspiring! That ~real recovery~… Her lips aren't touching the glass! what a *~fighter~*

No. 149569

Those looked so nasty. When Aly reads this I hope she takes note that when she 'eats' DELISH, LUSH food it should look that way…

No. 149624

Beer guy is needed

No. 149701

File: 1438560447318.jpg (210.76 KB, 960x951, image.jpg)

He just wants to be able to go out to eat without Aly showing up and taking his food. Poor beer guy.

No. 149961

File: 1438581232168.jpg (381.07 KB, 1332x666, chicken cookies.jpg)

I want to smash her face in over chicken cookies. Over chicken cookies.
I'm not even autistic or OCD but for someone so obsessed with perfection and food photographing, you'd think she'd make the cookies be a cute little pattern. Nope.

No. 149970

This annoys me more than it should. what a fucking bitch. Ughhhh.

No. 149971

Someone should make an instagram devoted to shooping Dante/beer guy into Alys photos.

No. 149983

If I ever become an attention seeking, deranged spoopy, I'll be sure to make sure that all my food is organized for nonny.
Though I shudder at the thought of living a life like Aly's LUSH and ofc FRIED IN LOTS OF OIL (!) life. Buuut, if it does, rest-assured that I will think of you.

No. 149984

I second this.

No. 149990

Came across a "Minnie Maud" logic post in which a "weight restored" woman was complaining about continueing to gain weight and was annoyed at a comment in which someone rightly said that when you are at a healthy weight you should be eating when your hungry, not these set 3k calories a day and that no one should be bingeing on pints of icecream every single day! ofcourse said rational person was seen as being hateful, because for some reason they think they average lazy teenage girl eats 3k and above calories a day! MM to me just seems like an extension of binge eating disorder (something recovering anorexics are very prone too, as well as bulimia) rather than addressing actual hunger cues and the emotional side.

No. 150004

>tfw assburgers + OCD
That picture makes me want to weep. Make it go away.

No. 150011

Euuughghghghhhh Minnie Maud. I cringe every time I even see those words written or have to write them myself. What an awful name. I can't imagine regularly uttering it aloud.

But yeah, it's mind-boggling to me. I've seen MM cultists talk about eating 5,000 calories a day, every day, continuously, like it's completely normal (for people who aren't extreme athletes or Andre the Giant or something). Even 10,000 calories is fine and healthy and great, because your body needs it! Who cares if you end up overweight or obese, and/or with binge eating disorder instead of anorexia? Ben & Jerry will always be there to comfort you! Science is, like, all bullshit, because, like, diet culture or something.

No. 150012

Pleeease, yes!

No. 150021

Thank you. Though yes, I hope you never live a life like that either.

No. 150034


Yes BUT considering the fuss aly made last time she popped up on someone else's ig account, maybe make it private.

I hope one day she captures him in one of her pics again. He's out there and he doesn't know we adore him.

No. 150082

File: 1438598530094.jpg (62.25 KB, 492x619, ugh.JPG)

Spoopiness level much increased. She's starting to look non human.

No. 150106


"Minnie maud boosts your metabolism" "The average healthy person eats 3k calories a day" erm what? MM just seems to be about binge eating, no wonder these women keep gaining.

No. 150108

WOW. Still wearing that ridiculously padded bra, I see. Her face, neck, chest, and hands look so fucking emaciated, though, that it just makes her "breasts" look awkward as hell.

No. 150119

They're seriously deluded. These MM people have the gall to tell other people who have recovered from EDs NOT using MM and who don't eat 3000+ calories/day every day that they're in "quasi-recovery" and are basically just compromising so they can hang onto their ED. The idea of there being a (nearly) one-size-fits-all number of calories that practically everyone HAS to eat every day forever ("MINIMUMS ARE FOREVER!") is ridiculous. The idea that eating "healthy food" is disordered and should be avoided is ridiculous. The idea that it's healthy to eat as much as you can any time the mere thought of food enters your mind is ridiculous. I don't understand how so many people are falling for this unscientific, cult-like shit. I guess because it "lets them" basically binge on whatever the fuck they want and tell themselves they're ~doing what their body needs~.

No. 150122

File: 1438606842866.jpg (23.55 KB, 282x192, Capture.JPG)

No. 150128

Minnie Maud is not that bad. If your body is fukking demaged it's a good way but it doesn't work for everybody

No. 150129

Her hands are terrifying me in this picture. They look like they belong on a 3,000 year old Egyptian mummy.

No. 150135

What's interesting? They're not mystical animals, they're just men with no offspring chance so they gather to females that can't have children. Biology is crazy, I know.

No. 150137

I wish she'd go to a make up store for a free consultation or a make over. She needs to do something about her eye area. Sort those fucking eyebrows out, do some shading and highlighting with powder and learn to do eye liner properly ie stop that stupid cat flick. It looks shite.

No. 150139

I'm wondering if she only poses close up with food when her chest is exposed so that she can't be reported for proana shots.

No. 150169

Interesting theory. Are you shooting blanks?

There's another theory that they are paedos and like anorectics because their bodies are more like boys' bodies. Though in the state of some of the girls they lust after, necrophilia might be closer to the mark.

No. 150207

Honestly, the stuffed bra just makes everything worse. My stomach lurched when I saw her chest bones. Ugh, this is sad. She is pathetic; wouldn't she get more attention for actually recovering? And she'd get more attention from her real-life friends (assuming she still has them and that she wasn't invited on that outing that was posted out of pity).

No. 150231

Agreed 100%. At this point, she's milked the spoopy skeleton act for all it's worth. She has provided the internet with more than enough thinspo fodder of herself (and yeah, that latest stuffed bra/emaciated chest photo is terrifying). If she REALLY wants to be fawned over, she should consider actually trying to recover. I'm sure many of her followers, as well as people in her real life, would be foaming-at-the-mouth excited to see her visibly getting better after all these months of stringing everyone along. Even I, someone who feels strong urges to punch her right in the kissy-face every time I see photos of her, would be happy for her if she truly started making some progress.

No. 150245

did anyone actually even ask where he was lmao

No. 150254

Wait wait wai how does she expect us to believe she ate SEVEN plums in one sitting… I am so confused…

No. 150336


Fucking hell HER HANDS
They legit look like skeleton hands ;(

No. 150340

She must be an awful person

No. 150356

Middle finger means nothing in most parts of the world. Are you American?

No. 150362

Beer guy: the epic struggle continues.

No. 150453

File: 1438634376724.jpg (63.79 KB, 579x531, Greengages.jpg)

IDK, they're pretty tiny, I guess she could have. I'd never seen "plums" like that before (Amerifag here). I guess they're these: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greengage ? I learned me something new today.

No. 150455

No, British. We do the middle finger.

No. 150461

File: 1438634726533.jpg (15.82 KB, 236x317, oi oi oi.jpg)

No. 150466

I've never understood the middle finger thing. it's a FINGER. What is insulting about it? I see kids play with their middle fingers out and parents freak out over it. it's pathetic.

No. 150484

It dates back to old British history, at the battle of agincour (spelling might be wrong)we cut all the French archer's middle fingers off instead of killing them. This was because they were useless at archery without their middle finger.
British people started using the gesture to the French as a threat/sign of aggression and it just caught on I guess?

No. 150488

>it's pathetic.
Different cultures/countries have different gestures which mean different things. Read a damn book.

No. 150493


I thought it was because it looks like a cock and bollocks.

No. 150498

That's what I thought too…
So weird you mention the Battle of Agincourt. I was just reading a book where the main character time travels there and discusses the whole finger removal. First time I had even heard of it.

No. 150560

Where did Erika's fluffykittensandbunnies Instagram go? :'( has she been deleted?

No. 150562


You can read all the dramu in the Ashley Isaacs thread.

No. 150563

Who even reads that thread tho? ;) someone should post about it here!

No. 150569

File: 1438640860044.jpg (83.74 KB, 1024x682, The King of Hnnnggggg.jpg)

OK, that's a bit weird. I just watched an adaptation of Henry V last night (mainly for pic related, sry Shakespeare), and it was centered around the Battle of Agincourt. I'm embarrassingly ignorant about English history and I never remember hearing about Agincourt before last night. Maybe I did back in high school or something, but, if so, I don't recall it. Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon?

No. 150570

No. 150582

Legit question: What's going on with the space between her neck and hair?

No. 150584

Six! It's six, just like little sprout! :)

No. 150586

Giant earrings?

No. 150587

Oh! I think you're right. I think they're those feather earrings. Thank you! I couldn't wrap my mind around what it could be.

No. 150589

I just looked at her sushi date post to check for earrings, and they're definitely feathers.

No. 150793

there neeeeds to be a site banner thing of beer guy pls

No. 150865

No. 150873

OT, makeup challenged here. So stopping the cat eye look or she's doing the cat eye wrong?

No. 150879

She's doing a bad job, however I've seen people with certain eyeshapes really suit the cat wing liner and other who just looks trashy with it.

No. 150883

I love how Aly has become so boring in her recovery towards the afterlife that we're all about beer man now. He maintains his mystery, whereas Aly is predictable with her redundant posts that sound like they're out of 'Crappy Soup for the Spoopy Soul."

No. 150926

The problem with Aly is that it's a waiting game. Will things be very different or the same in a month or two? Beer guy, however, requires no waiting. He's always there for us.

Also, Aly just posted and apparently #realrecovery breakfast cures headaches. It's probably a hangover.

No. 150936

Yeah pretty much. Aly said she woke up feeling messed up.
Gosh… wonder what it could be… couldn't be that she has anxiety…again… and later she'll have a #recoverywin…again… Sighhhh.

I hope it's a hangover, but that'd be a break from the norm.

No. 150943

File: 1438674020629.jpg (109.09 KB, 554x628, not his sushi!.jpg)

No. 150950

Let Dante eat his sushi in peace! Damn, Aly.

No. 151018

File: 1438679490723.jpg (64.57 KB, 500x313, feeling_safe-211435.jpg)

>Beer guy, however, requires no waiting. He's always there for us.

That feels like a big hug.

No. 151054

File: 1438687941080.jpg (55.69 KB, 596x609, Capture.JPG)


No. 151058

So we've progressed from anus mouth to vagina mouth.

No. 151120

File: 1438699463513.jpg (466.98 KB, 2094x859, spoopcovery.jpg)

Jeez, I'd forgotten how spoopy she was. She was definitely doing better while in treatment, but she's not nearly as skeletal (or yellow) as she was before. I almost want to believe she's actively trying to get better, but she's probably just doing the bare minimum to avoid being forced back into treatment.

No. 151121

Peaches actually typically symbolize butts. So we're still on the anus track. Plus the pit looks a bit like a turd.

No. 151132

i agree. tbh, her face is looking better.

No. 151145

File: 1438702459954.png (101.47 KB, 304x244, oh_god.png)

the mental image

No. 151156


that plus it would look better if she had some nude eyeshadow going on too, not just the liner (which she does need to learn how to do properly). it looks kind of like she wears pale pink eyeshadow with the cat eye liner which looks pretty horrible. would be better even if she just had some taupe in the crease

No. 151158

Yes, her eyes bulge from their sockets a bit and she has a prominent brow line, so she desperately needs some shading. Wearing the heavy winged liner with little to no shadowing isn't doing her any favors. She'd look better with no makeup at all.

No. 151172

File: 1438705150175.png (921.29 KB, 661x1150, Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 9.15…)

Dat 2nd comment…rough translation:
>A question.. mid-morning I looked at your profile and after photos of your morning snack was published by mistake.. how exactly this photo is to be the picture of the evening snack if you did it in the morning? I'm not accusing you of anything eh, do not get me wrong, I just wanted to know if maybe when you forget to take pictures it uses other already made earlier :)

(I just woke up, so I didn't see whatever happened)

No. 151179

File: 1438705665793.jpg (117.41 KB, 431x343, 2.jpg)

this bit looks so weird. you could actually display thimbles on it.

No. 151183

Or she figured out how to use filters

No. 151189

She looks the same to me, just different light/filter. She's stopped doing that kissy face so no idea if her chinskullbonething is still as bad, but I reckon it is.

I'm adding that fucking twist thing she does with her hair to the THINGS TO TRASH along with the eye liner.

Sad that she looked healthiest when she was in hospital with water retention.

No. 151192

Agreed on all points. In the photos where you can see her sternum and all dem bones more easily, she doesn't look ANY different than she did pre-hospital. Her face looked a lot better when she was in the hospital, which makes me wonder if a big part of her problem is that she's dehydrated as fuck all the time. I wonder if she even drinks anything except coffee, Fortimel (if she does actually drink those at all), and alcohol.

No. 151223

Ooh, that'll be deleted with the quickness. Not surprising at all, but you'd think she'd be upping the intake today, because tomorrow is Day Hospital Control hospital badge emoji. (She makes it sound like she goes in for these checkups all the time when this is only her third one)

Dinner ought to be a sodium bonanza.

No. 151235

What happened there? I can't figure it out. I was out for a few hours and missed the comment (deleted now, I just checked!).

She's kind of feeding herself up for tomorrow - chicken and chips and ice cream already. No laxatives tonight, she's gonna hold it all in.

No. 151255

File: 1438712561776.png (16.16 KB, 550x72, Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 11.2…)

Dun dun dunnnnnn
I wonder if she has any clue how easy she has it compared to people who are in actual ED treatment programs (e.g., many of her followers/ass-lickers)

No. 151256

Super jelly of Aly rn

No. 151304

With all her jargon and whatnot I'm sure she researches a LOT about eating disorders and recovery and really has seen how bad it is for most people who're in real treatment at a real clinic. Her treatment was fuck all in a general hospital for a week but she wants it to sound more like she was in a specialist clinic. It's sick.

He's amazing. Sometimes in my fantasy he's a priest.

No. 151316

>sometimes in my fantasy he's a priest

Go on….

No. 151358

File: 1438719152558.jpg (51.88 KB, 298x432, Capture.JPG)

No. 151361

File: 1438719298251.jpg (26.91 KB, 283x198, haters.JPG)

No. 151376

File: 1438720027556.jpg (138.49 KB, 1080x1080, 11420746_423131237870597_18495…)

GUYS! WHat do you know?! Mcdonalds again!

No. 151380

kekking so hard right now.

No. 151400

Mmm, her brother's meal looks yummy.

No. 151403

I was just thinking that.

No. 151407

mmm, processed neon yellow chemical sludge.

No. 151439

File: 1438725535687.jpg (128.57 KB, 640x804, image.jpg)

This is part one of two pages of comments from Alys newest "sneacked" photo at McDonald's

No. 151440

File: 1438725579896.jpg (157.74 KB, 640x907, image.jpg)

People still defend this girl… Why

No. 151475

File: 1438728185128.jpg (13.7 KB, 480x360, McDonalds confirmed for Illumi…)

It's nice to see more of the sheeple are waking up, but for every person who calls her out on her BS, it's like 10 more clueless, brain-dead ass-lickers spring up in their place.

No. 151504

What really frustrates me is that I'm actually in a day program for my ED, have almost weight restored after months of painful work, and I went to McDonalds yesterday as a food challenge with my day program and had a full fucking meal with fries and a shake.
I'll admit, I used to have a pretty large recovery IG a while back (>6k followers), but I deleted it several months ago because I realised it was getting me absolutely NO WHERE in my recovery, and it was creepy as anything thinking there were little pro anas salivating over the photos showing my body. I hate how she trivialises eating disorders and makes them seem all about the food, because they so. fucking. aren't. I've been trying to weight restore as quickly as possible so I can actually deal with all the underlying issues that really made me sick in the first place, the food and weight is legitimately just a symptom of deeper mental health issues. Sorry I don't even know where I'm going with his rant, but yeah people recovering from eating disorders should just stay away from recovery IG accounts because they're essentially just another way to remain trapped in an eating disorder, but this way it's socially acceptable and they get sympathy and reassurance that they're 'fighting the best they can.'

No. 151541

I bet she hides weights in her clothes tomorrow for *~*Day Hospital Control*~* She knows she has to weigh more than the measly 1.5 kg she gained last time.

No. 151552

File: 1438733992441.jpg (436.59 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK. This "sneacked" photo. No one fucking smiles at their food. No one has one cut out bite of food while their brother has almost finished his burger. I want to smack her in the face. She has to stop lying. Fucking dumb shit.

No. 151634

File: 1438740442092.png (1007.33 KB, 657x969, Food looks delicious as usual.…)

I didn't realize theforestcat was up in Ginger's ass, too…I am utterly dumfounded every time she gets a comment telling her that her nasty-ass puke-meals look even remotely appealing.

And yeah, once again, it looks like Aly photographed her bro's burger and claimed it was hers. I could be wrong, but the "freakin LUSH" burger she's creepily grinning at in that "sneaked" photo doesn't look nearly as cheesy as the one in the closeup. Lunch and dinner look extra salty. I hope she realizes that, if she waterloads and/or does shit like putting weights in her clothes for her appointment at ~Day Hospital Control~, she's only screwing herself over in the long run. She'll have to progressively drink and/or carry more and more fake weight to convince whoever is allegedly monitoring her that she's continuing to gain, and she clearly has a loooong way to go before she's anywhere near healthy. I'm just curious how long she'll keep this up for. There's no way she could fake being ~weight restored~ or even close to it. Even (especially?) with her super duper (!) padded bra, she looks like she just came from a concentration camp. Anyone with eyes can see that, if she has gained any weight at all, it's been an extremely minimal amount.

I really hope that, if Aly is indeed seeing some sort of ED professional, they wise up to her bullshit soon. I know next to nothing about Italian laws, but in the US, this situation would be a lawsuit waiting to happen. She drops dead or goes into organ failure or something, it's discovered that she has actually been losing weight (or, at least, hasn't been gaining like she's claimed/fooled people into thinking), her family wants to know why the treatment center didn't catch what was going on and send her to the hospital where she belongs, her family sues…maybe they aren't as litigious in Italy, but still, I imagine her family would at least be angry and upset as fuck.

I'm just still astounded at the fact that Aly isn't being forced into a "higher level of care" and that somewhere is even (again, allegedly) treating her outpatient (it's clearly not an actual "day treatment program").

No. 151635

Bro looks like he's so sick of this shit… He should commiserate with beer guy.

No. 151641

She'll end up like this girl. I think the link has been shared here before, so I apologize for that.

No. 151644

From that link I found this article:
Girl ate only 100g of lettuce (15 calories) per day and stuffed food in containers in her room to hide it from her mom, who later found it because of a smell.
I bet Aly does the same thing and then probably throws it out the window or something when her mom goes to work.

No. 151651

Yeah, I was thinking of her. Sad story. It's amazing how people can just kind of not notice (or ignore?) someone getting spoopier and spoopier until they die or end up in the hospital. There was a girl like that in my class in high school. She started out as a pretty normal-looking freshman and, by the spring, she was a walking skeleton. I think someone talked to the school counselor and they must have talked to her parents, because she vanished from school and came back the next year looking normal again. I don't understand how her family didn't notice earlier that she'd been losing a fuckton of weight, though. She looked like death for months. Maybe because parents see their kids every day, they don't notice gradual weight loss as much? But it was pretty fucking apparent to everyone going to school with this girl. Yeah, people can do shit to "fake" weight gain, do their makeup to look a bit less corpselike, etc. but when they're walking around looking like Aly, I don't understand how anyone can look at that and not see that something is very, very wrong.

No. 151653

Sounds more like she's insultig her religion and being sarcastic. I think this girl is just the biggest troll.

No. 151655

Actually, nm, theforestcat is vegan right? Maybe that's why she's on Ginger's page too.

No. 151667

Weird how I never heard about this on my local news seeming as she is from Notts.

No. 151681

I'm not even trolling when I say that looks nice apart from the lettuce and the tupperware.

Religion is like a mental illness to me when they're at the level of PRAISE HIM PRAISE HIM that she is. I'd say that so long as believing in something like Jesus or unicorns is helping the person there's no harm, but this is a case of it not helping at all.

No. 151686

I have to agree with you here. Ginger's religion is damaging her.

No. 151690

File: 1438747636979.png (9.24 KB, 108x104, Jebus loves you.png)

>I'm not even trolling when I say that looks nice apart from the lettuce and the tupperware.
Anon ;_; That huge pile of dry flax shit…oh man. I'll pray for you…

No. 151699

Maybe TFC thinks that concoction of Ginge's looks tasty because it resembles rodent chow.

No. 151701

It's one of Ginger's least offensive looking meals, I'll give her that.

No. 151706

Agreed. At least it's not vegetable cereal. I'm a vegan and love raw vegetables, but that crap made me shudder.

No. 151712

File: 1438749482399.png (2.87 MB, 1278x1280, Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 9.31…)

True. At least it isn't green sludge. All of that dry-as-fuck looking flax tho…

Pic related (tonight's dinner) doesn't look too bad, either. I don't know what "black bean spaghetti" tastes like, and I wouldn't add fucking stevia to my sauteed cabbage, though (but Dan Quinn would be proud).

No. 151723

I hate to admit this, but her food is starting to look more appealing.

No. 151724

Come on Aly like anyone's going to believe that your giant anus mouth took that tiny perfect bite. I wish I knew someone in Italy who could go smack this bitch for me. & then her brother out for dinner where he's doesn't get photographed. Poor kid.

No. 151725

I showed my boyfriend this pic and he giggled and said, "hahaha the bite mark. xDDD"

No. 151734

Religion and the appearence of her various concoctions aside, she's a bit of a liar. She claims that she's a hclf (high carb low fat) vegan, which is all dandy, but her recipes don't really reflect that. Why are their no potato recipes? Rice? Why the hell is she eating those zero calorie noodle crap? The only grain she seems to like is oatmeal, which makes you shit. And she seems to eat a fair amount of peanut/nut butters, which is usually limited in a hclf diet. Plus, the flax seeds–really?!

Black bean spaghetti is pretty good. The stevia has to go though. I can't imagine that putting it on everything is remotely healthy.

No. 151735

Basically Ginge's recipes reek of an eating disorder.

No. 151736

I also am glad that those 6 baby carrots are in a bowl with other vegetables.

No. 151737

Right? Some of her other meals feature three (3) baby carrots in a dish.

No. 151738

No. 151739


No. 151740


No. 151741

She needs to use sauces or dressings. Some of her food looks okay, but so fucking DRY. I'm a fan of salads, but always have to use lemon juice or a big dollop of hummus on it. It's all too bland.

No. 151745

*there not their
Now that was really embarrassing.

No. 151746


Ugh. I was just eating a bar with peanuts in it and now I'm imagining that flavor mixed with nori, red bell pepper, avocado, ginger, and Bragg Liquid Aminos. I'm shocked it doesn't have stevia in it, but whyyyy would you spread PB on nori? And she doesn't even use real peanut butter. It's "powdered" (super low-calorie, low-fat) PB.

No. 151751

File: 1438752493915.jpg (46.19 KB, 595x237, lier.JPG)

>i don't wanna say you're a liar but

No. 151757

Not one of those things goes with peanut butter.

No. 151760

File: 1438753118584.png (1.3 MB, 660x2385, Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 10.3…)

Was just going to post that. Here's a pic of all the comments, for posterity, before Aly deletes 'em

And fucking lol @ the imbeciles who think she's magically hypermetabolic indefinitely, disregarding the fact that her "dietician" would have increased her "meal plan" if that actually were the case

No. 151765

I'm not picking on her, she's only 13, BUT tanya's recovery diet looks so, so wrong.

No. 151771

File: 1438753854844.png (3.2 MB, 1946x1276, Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 10.4…)

I love how everyone forgets/ignores how Aly was already in #RealRecovery before she was hospitalized in June. She'd been in #RealRecovery for a loooong time. 62 weeks, going by her Instagram. And check out how far she's come since then (well, 60 weeks ago)!

No. 151790

>check out how far she's come since then

She looks slightly less trashy now she's darkened her hair. Just need to sort out her awful clothes and get a laser on that tattoo. Weight wise - oh dear.

No. 151793

>He's amazing. Sometimes in my fantasy he's a priest.

I like you.

No. 151794

I feel really bad for her brother. He isn't going to have a sibling in another year or two.

No. 151817

File: 1438756768989.jpg (59.37 KB, 406x255, brother dante.jpg)

He's having a crisis of faith and questioning whether the priesthood is really his true calling. He confesses to me that he longs to once again (he was a bit of a Lothario before devoting his life to the Heavenly Father) FEEL THE WARMTH OF A WOMAN CLOSE TO HIS BODY. It's been so, so long…

No. 151844

No. 151846

File: 1438761234334.jpg (19.23 KB, 400x256, frollo.jpg)

…oh yea?

No. 151849

File: 1438761744166.jpg (33.2 KB, 294x241, me.JPG)

Please forgive the self post pic. (That is me, not Nastassja Kinski. We look alike, I know).

As I have now revealed, I am a Bride of Christ. I have visited cafes in the Milan area with Brother before to discuss theology and Jesus and all that. I was, at first, shocked by his confession.

I listened intently, then I confessed too…

…I have never known the love of a man in that special way. I have never been touched except by Christ (in a holy way, not fingers of anything).

I ALSO HAVE BEEN DOUBTING MY FAITH (I mean, why would God let that guy shoot Cecil the lion like that?). I also have been wondering what it's like

to feel

the strong arms of a man around me


No. 151850

File: 1438761872026.jpg (126.68 KB, 426x594, doubt.jpg)


No. 151857

omg anon, that's so hot, what are you trying to do to my kinky mind??

No. 151858

the fuck is going on in this thread? let's open a religious kink thread in /b/ lol

No. 151859


No. 151860

File: 1438764521759.jpg (34.97 KB, 447x560, hot4karras.jpg)


No. 151862

>may the power of Christ compel you… to take me in the ass

No. 151865

File: 1438765705299.png (330 KB, 478x594, eg.png)

shut up anon, i can't take this

No. 151867


my childhood

No. 151869

File: 1438766399004.jpg (51.02 KB, 1029x623, ohlord.jpg)

No. 151887

File: 1438771525775.png (1.53 MB, 656x3080, They hate us 'cause they ain't…)

There were some more a minute ago when I checked her Instagram again but when I reloaded the page, they were already gone lol

She's fucking fast at that shit. The only time any comments from ~da haterz~ stay up for more than like two seconds is when she's asleep. It's scary.

No. 151894

What the fuck? Rice is vegan so why is she avoiding it? Too much carbs ay? Not disordered at all

No. 151902

File: 1438776623605.jpg (129.81 KB, 640x643, image.jpg)

Aly's gained a whopping 2.8lbs (1.3kg) in 3 weeks… #realrecovery yo

No. 151905

Thanks for the conversion. I couldn't be arsed to do it myself but I really thought it'd be more than 2.8lbs.

1. Her dead, sad eyes.
2. That disgusting necklace covering her bonez.
3. Guy in the background - stop trying to seduce us. We have our thread idol already (Dante) so don't even try.

No. 151907

File: 1438777513540.jpg (250.95 KB, 720x720, PhotoGrid_1438777479504.jpg)

No. 151909

Hahahaha ?
Holy fuck.. beer guy and croissant guy

No. 151910

We need a name for croissant guy

No. 151911

Wow, he realaly does look pissed off when you zoom in. He's awaiting some important test results and aly steals his croissant. What a heartless bitch.

No. 151916

Dante II.

No. 151922

File: 1438779998458.png (102.61 KB, 1212x298, Day Hospital Control.png)

I'm getting a bit of a Steve Buscemi vibe from him.

And damn, this smells like a pure bullshit. I like how her "Day Hospital" is one short appointment a week (or is it every two?) and they're going to keep such a ridiculously underweight girl on the same fairly minimal meal plan because they're so ~happy with her progress~. In the small chance that a legit eating disorder treatment program is actually doing this, it should be shut down.

No. 151923

He looks a bit like James Dean if James Dean had continued his fast lifestyle and lived to be 50 and lost his hair.

I nominate the name Aldo.

No. 151930

File: 1438780473544.png (534.73 KB, 730x459, Untitled.png)

He was about to take a bit and POOF!

No. 151931


No. 151932

File: 1438780515110.png (2.46 MB, 1284x1278, Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 6.11…)

I am just imagining her sitting there, posed with that wrap in her hand and that creepy grin frozen on her face, while Mummy takes her picture. And her followers scream, "But we're watching her eat all of this food! We know she's eating it!" Yeah, if you can eat by staring at something.
>Dang high in calories!

No. 151933

Aah you beat me to it on that pic, whoops.

No. 151935

The close up looks nice. I could eat that right now. It'll still be warm too.

I like her pics that aren't close ups of food. I like to look at the people and what they're wearing (check out wrap guy's oversize watch). Look at those arcade games. She said it's a restaurant, but it looks like a dive.

No. 151938

lol I didn't even notice the shit in the background actually, weird

No. 151948

File: 1438781886240.jpg (158.28 KB, 304x483, perfetly.jpg)

everything went perfectly

No. 151949

he is having PTSD flashbacks of aly's words

No. 151951


He needs to deal with the self harming. Arm scars :(

No. 151999

Everyone must now reply to a post a la Aly. It is a new rule.
(Very LUSH)

No. 152012

Every post?

No. 152027

No, let's say he has a sexy wife he pleasured so intensly she clawed him in excstasy.

No. 152047


What a load of crap. Her meal plan is obviously not working as she should be gaining way more than this.

No. 152048

oh my god this is beautiful

No. 152065

He gives off more of a gay gimp type to me. Probably lash marks.

No. 152089

I hate to defend her or whatever, but it's called relapsing.

No. 152090

Yes, #everypost

No. 152094

she deleted this photo. what a bitch

No. 152150

Well obviously, but she's incapable of admitting that she's ever made a mistake or (gasp!) lied since she started her #RealRecovery, so her whole story as she tells it makes no sense. She's said that June 2015 marked her "new start" (#REALRealRecovery?), but, of course, she still has up all of the photos from before then where she claimed to be eating loads of oily, lush food every day and gradually gaining weight (when she was clearly losing). Just saying, she should at least try to update her narrative so that it makes sense, or remove the incriminating evidence.

No. 152151


The girl on 7:19 looks like non eating disordered Aly's identical twin.

No. 152152

Actually 7:55

No. 152153

Unsurprised. The comments got too out of control, she was probably freaking out (even though the ratio of her supporters to her critics is greatly skewed in her favor). And maybe she realized that the burger she took that dainty little bite out of doesn't look much like the one in her closeup.

No. 152272

In reality, those are indents from resting his arm on the table. I'm hoping you realize that though.

No. 152408

File: 1438827971487.jpg (167.73 KB, 640x643, 1438776623605 2.jpg)

So since she was released from the hospital in the beginning of June–2 months ago–she has gained 2.5kg, or 5.5lbs. That's 0.3125 kg, or 0.6875 pounds, per week. How the FUCK are the doctors accepting this?

No. 152450

I seriously doubt that they are. She's lying through her teeth. She's probably getting chastised by them.

No. 152587

File: 1438845835866.jpg (49.83 KB, 670x363, its magic.JPG)

Aly first posted an #actionshot of dipping her tart into her coffee. That'd make the froth all messy right? Wrong! Next photo the tart is IN HALF and the coffee froth is intact!

No. 152593


She also has blue nail polish in the faraway pic and what looks like clear or no polish in the close-up??

No. 152610

She's painted her nails in a strange way. Only her thumb and ring finger are fully covered, the rest only the nail tips.

Can't be sure that's the same day, although it looks like she's wearing a nude colour on the tart pic, and her nails look clear on the dipping pic. I don't know, but what I do know is - THAT TART WAS NOT DIPPED INTO THAT COFFEE.

No. 152620

the timeline of her eyes get sadder

No. 152622



No. 152650

File: 1438854661339.jpg (993.79 KB, 1320x1971, Family.jpg)

To be perfectly blunt, fuck Aly. You want to see eyes get sadder and sadder? Look at her poor mother and brother. That's the really sad thing to watch.
Especially her brother. I know he's going through "changes," being 13 and all, but gosh, the carefree look in his eyes is completely gone within a year…

(Disclaimer: to be fair, Aly's eyes look dead in every one of those photos to me. I just have no sympathy for her at all.)

No. 152655

Wow, anon, that's heartbreaking.

No. 152678

Her brother suffers the most I think

No. 152693

Just seeing her brother's eyes makes me want to cry. :(

No. 152697

Seeing how Dante suffers makes me cry :(
He deserves his beer

No. 152703

Having seen firsthand what a person with a severe ED can do to a family, yeah, it's hell. I feel awful for Aly's relatives who have had to watch her slowly dying for such a long time, knowing she could easily drop dead any day, seeing her receiving "treatment" (still, allegedly) and not getting any better…fucking awful. Her mom must be heartbroken and exhausted by this point, and her brother has probably seen some shit that's fucked him over pretty good. I hope Aly finally gets called on her stupid #realrecovery act and is actually held accountable for once. She needs a serious intervention and a lot more supervision, because whatever the hell's going on right now does NOT seem to be working. I wouldn't be surprised if she has family members like Mum at least semi-enabling her at this point, just because they don't know what to do to help her and are probably desperate. Ughhh what a fucked-up situation.

No. 152712

It's got to be really difficult for her mum and brother if she resents her dad and they've got to be the one to mediate every time she has a hissy fit over him "staring at her in the kitchen" or even mentioning his name. I hope that if her brother's close to his dad he can still feel that he's "allowed" to display it without Aly having a go at him or telling him shit about her dad.

Then there's Dante. He's not even related and he's been dragged into this whole sad affair. Spoopy stalker pinching his food and crisis over his faith…

No. 152715

File: 1438866390077.jpg (47.16 KB, 688x667, yum.JPG)

No. 152719

File: 1438866755557.png (660.67 KB, 936x701, Untitled.png)

No. 152745

how does she get away with not eating in those situations? She's got to eat at least a considerable amount of it, I can't imagine her family lets her do that and takes happy pics before, I really can't. It seems so weird. Does she purge what she eats? Idk how that shit works, I don't know enough about eds but there's just something wrong with all this

No. 152747

but she really doesn't look sick of it. they always look really normal and content, except for her bro maybe but they've definitely been playing along all this time

No. 152748

We should make him happy, anon fangirls…

No. 152750

Idk enough about EDs either, but I suspect laxatives are involved seeing how she looks dehydrated a lot. Her "weight gain" at her important medical control centre (!) might be because she's, erm, held it all in for a couple of days without laxatives?

I need to know him. I feel some connection. Spiritual and … other.

No. 152752

>man i love being able to actually enjoy this fry

No. 152754

I'm pretty sure her mom enables her. Actually all her life Aly's mom probably spoiled her, the type of mother who can't say no to her daughter enabling her in any way possible.

On the other hand, her father is the "strict" one (probably not so strict, but against spoiling her) and that's the reason Aly hates him. He doesn't play into her delusions. He tells her how it is and in Aly's mind, her dad is a "hater".

No. 152758

File: 1438869473448.jpg (61.15 KB, 516x661, Capture.JPG)

He doesn't look like he'd take any messing around.

No. 152760

File: 1438869569777.png (35.45 KB, 310x422, sdsd.png)

Now this is a face of a man who is irritated but forced to smile

No. 152761

File: 1438869691949.png (115.17 KB, 350x192, Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 6.52…)

I get the feeling that this is pretty spot on. Her mom is probably terrified for her daughter and feeling powerless and desperate at this point, so she's likely to be grateful for anything Aly eats, even if it's just picking at a salad. Same with any minimal "treatment" Aly accepts - Mum may be thinking, "At least it's better than nothing." Based on the behavior I've observed in other people with EDs, I'd guess that Aly is pretty manipulative and has (most of, at least) her family wrapped around her finger, held hostage to her disorder. Aly doesn't seem to be rapidly losing weight now, so she's probably eating around enough to maintain her weight, and it's easy to make that look like a lot more food than it really is calorie-wise, too. They might actually think she's eating a good amount when she's getting away with eating a lot less than they think she is.

Why the hell is Aly so bad at painting her nails, though? I haven't painted my nails in probably 10 years and I'm sure I could do a better job than this. It's every single fucking time she has nail polish on it, too, not just the occasional mess-up. It drives me crazy when you can see her fingernails in her food closeups.

No. 152762

Honestly, I'm surprised that her mom lets her eat salads for lunch without at least something else on the side. Those salads don't look like they come up to many calories…I know when I was in recovery, my mom never let me eat only a salad for lunch.

How in the world does she get out of eating when sitting in restaurants? At my worst, when my parents went to the restroom or weren't looking, I would move some of my food into their bowl/plate, especially if we ordered similar things.

No. 152763


Probably accurate. I used cook with a lot of water to make my dishes look oiler than they actually were.

No. 152764

Fuckkkk those tags tho

Papa does look like he'd put his foot down and refuse to tolerate Aly's BS. No wonder she dislikes him/blames him for causing her ED while she clings to her (I'm assuming, enabling) Mum like a little kid.

No. 152765

That last salad had 5 or 6 shelled prawns on it. The rest was leaf and tomato and I think those white bits were tiny blobs of cheese.

Double posting the same thing twice makes it looks like she eats more than she does (her #throwback pics where there's another shot of her with a pastry or salad).

No. 152767

Yeah, there are a million tricks Aly could be using to fool people into thinking she's eating more than she is. What I don't get is how anyone can believe her at all at this point, after so long of being so spoopy while claiming to be in #realrecovery, #beatingana, and gaining weight. It should be pretty fucking obvious by now that what she's saying she's doing and what she's actually doing aren't matching up.

No. 152810

I figure that her nail polish (especially here) is getting messed up because she's always picking at / breaking in food/ice cream bars. I mean seriously who even does that, breaks off a small chunk to expose the inside. You wanna do that? Take a fucking bite. No one ever seems to question this girl on these things, they must be as delusional as her…

No. 152814


She's applying coats without letting it dry properly so it stays soft for a while and messes up if you do anything.

She really needs a gel kit with a UV light because I can't take much more of this shoddiness.

No. 152818

That's what I was thinking, and it's weird as fuck (doing the "bite mark"/"peek inside" thing. How can she even do that around other people? Seems like it'd be mega-awkward.

Ahh I see. I really know nothing about nail polish. Makes sense.

No. 152826

Ha, I've always thought it weird how she wants to SHOW YOU the inside of her wrap or what's UNDER THE CHOCOLATE of a chocolate ice cream bar (duh, thanks aly I'd never have guessed). Her pics and comments are like Aly's food show n tell. Strange girl.

No. 152827

File: 1438880279107.jpg (24.15 KB, 280x177, confuses.JPG)

She's still not getting that Ensure and Fortimel are brand names.

No. 152905

Noooooo Aly I thought we'd established this fact and you'd corrected your error! ;_;

No. 152958

I didn't know that people did "church hugs" in Italy!

No. 152977


Where did she even pick that up? I've never seen/heard anybody call other brands of nutritional supplement drink "Ensure." I could mayyyybe understand her calling it Fortisip since the words are similar and she seems to be an Anglophile, but Ensure?

No. 153053

She probably doesn't get away with not eating at restaurants. It's probably all that she eats for the day.
I'm sticking by the theory that Aly threatens to only eat the restaurant food if she gets to take a picture of it and a selfie or group picture.
However, she does appear to eat the food. That's why her mother puts up with Aly's bullshit and takes her to restaurants all the time. It's the only way to guarantee she'll eat that day.

No. 153303

awkwardly hides hands with similarly chipped polish

No. 153388

Mocking aly face

No. 153390


I'm dying. I love you all. You are all golden anons.

No. 153396

James or Mark.

No. 153398

These threads keep making me hungry.

No. 153400

Her poor mother… What a selfish person doing that to her family. (Aly, not the mother is selfish, I mean.)

Also rofl at Beer guy in the finale.

No. 153401

Her mother does. If you lose a sibling, it hurts. Alot. My father's sister killed herself before I was born and it still hurts him every year on her birthday… but a parent losing their child is said to be worst pain imaginable. You gave life to this person and they are choosing to kill themselves through an ED. It's heart breaking for so much of her family, but especially her mother.

No. 153419

Pierre von Croissantburg

No. 153456

Ladies and gentleman, I think we may have a winner

No. 153639

File: 1438938000665.jpg (189.6 KB, 628x625, chicken cookies saga.jpg)

Excuse me while I go cry with happiness because she finally put the chicken cookies in a sort of pattern. She said "last cookies left" so hopefully she'll never use these cookies again.

No. 153648

Now she needs to ditch that chipped saucer and breakfast will be #triggerfree

No. 153663

Napkin/place-mat crease is not exactly vertical. TRIGGERED

No. 153688

lower left pic is triggering me

No. 153690

i'm sure i can make him happy again

No. 153749

File: 1438956210551.gif (492.78 KB, 175x177, 76594830.gif)

No. 153759

File: 1438957908779.jpg (162.99 KB, 630x631, mother.jpg)

Aly's mother is so done today. I can practically hear her say "ffs aly will i really have to put up with this bullshit all during vacation?"

No. 153761

I wouldn't post a picture of my mom if she wore that same expression. She looks like she really doesn't want to be in the picture.

Then again, Aly can convince her followers that she's recovering. I'm sure she can convince them that her mom is smiling.

No. 153773

I spent hours of reporting aly and her dumb pics

No. 153807

File: 1438966659425.png (2.46 MB, 1276x1276, Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 9.51…)

Wow, Aly's hair doesn't look perfectly coiffed here. What's going on?! Sometimes it's so uniform that it looks like a wig…

No. 153808

Me either. My favorite part is that she said she was "pretty inlove with this picture." Why? But yes, I agree she could convince her followers that her mother is smiling.

No. 153809

File: 1438966751168.png (23.75 KB, 974x58, Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 9.57…)

And no, Aly, I really don't think anyone did. #runnyeggyolks #thatisnotporn #pigdisgusting

No. 153816

Looks like little Tanya finally took a break from foodgasming over everything Aly posts. Probably better for her anyways, she always seems to be up Alys ass, but maybe she's just been trying to get her attention and it's not working so she's given up finally

No. 153818

Runny yolks I can handle. Sunny side up eggs, not so much… yuck. Cook the eggs whites!

No. 153819

Does instagram still count followers who were blocked by the user? If so, I wonder what percentage of Aly's followers are just blocked users. I'd say it's up there, like around 70%.

No. 153820

The bleached part of her hair always looks frazzled, but it looks like she's been light backcombing it here so it looks worse.

I noticed no comments on her #eggporn!

I could demolish (!) every last scrap of that sorbet though.

No. 153821

I've been wondering that. So many followers, so few "likes" and comments considering.

No. 153824

I still can't understand what is erotic on an egg.
And most of her followers are spam or inactive accounts

No. 153827

File: 1438968801756.jpg (92.82 KB, 1200x759, bleck.jpg)

Eating eggs is a disgusting concept. What they are, their texture, THE TASTE, the SMELL, they're SO WRONG.

"membrane" i shudder.

No. 153857

I don't think so. I block spam accounts that follow me immediately, and my follower count always goes down to the number before they followed me right away.

No. 153867

File: 1438972336526.jpg (56.16 KB, 540x960, eugenia cooney.jpg)

So, I was on YouTube today and found this girl. Has anyone heard of her? Her name is Eugenia Cooney, and she's super spoopy. To my knowledge, she has never addressed why she is so skinny, even though she gets comments about it all the time. She looks, dresses, and does her hair and makeup like a scene kid from 2004, and acts like she's 12 too. Potential lolcow? >https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eugenia-Cooney/1435471426705688?fref=ts

No. 153873

Aly's parents look like they're older. Is it common in Italy for couples to have kids later in life?

No. 153874

Doing God's work anon

No. 153876

She's been brought up in the Ash thread before. She never, ever says anything about her weight. I saw her on cam one time and loads of people from /b/ at half chan were baiting her about her weight, but she ignored it all.

I thought her mum looked young, but her dad looks old. Maybe 60s?

No. 153877

She is a famous YouNow broadcaster and seems a sweet girl. Her goofy persona panders to her young pre-teen goth/emo audience so i'm unsure how she would act in reality; but I wouldn't call her a Lolcow.

No. 153881

Okay! I'd never heard of her before, I don't really read the Ash threads so I wasn't sure. Thanks guys. She seems really annoying, I can't believe she has the following she does.

No. 153883

Well the last generation of teen emo/scene kids had Audrey and Kiki etc - I guess Eugenia is the new idol.

No. 153890

File: 1438973431948.jpg (15.23 KB, 377x115, lol.JPG)

> Ask me anything!

She's annoying as hell, looks really dated, in serious denial about an ED, but people like her. I've seen people on mpa say she's their favourite thinspo, but I don't think she really intentionally is doing anything wrong.

No. 153892

I can't believe she is 21 - I thought she was about 15

No. 153893

"What's your favorite anime?"

No. 153900

Eugenia does have a disorder but NO eating disorder. Once she talked about that

No. 153903

And somebody with an ED would NEVER show the body this way

No. 153906

Then go eat something yummy! Don't be a spooky skeleton.

No. 153908

got to disagree with that

No. 153909

Ash does.

No. 153914

Maybe Ash is a Pro Ana. Sometimes anorexics go to Pro Ana because they are so blinded and confused that they try to make something good out of something bad

No. 153915

Even Aly wears clothes that show her bones or emphasize her skinniness. She knows what she's doing.

No. 153916

Why disagreeing? I was anorexic too for years and I did hide my body under 9 jackets and 5 trousers

No. 153917

Aly and Ash are thinspired by themselves and most eating disordered people really don't like to show the body

No. 153918

Because you weren't competing or trying to get attention as an e-celeb. Some anorexics feel ashamed and want to hide their illness as you did, but others put it out there like they're proud of the self control and want others to comment on how thin they are.

No. 153921

>>153918 yes, that's true. I was really really proud of my self control. But the Anorexia was my business and I didn't want others too see that. And Alys meal plan is bullshit. I was sent inpatient and they didn't discharge me as long as I put on weight. And when I lost it again the sent me into a psychiatry. The put a disgusting feeding tube in for 3 years. Not only 1 fucking week. And they fixated my arms and legs on the bed so that I couldn't manipulate the tube. And when I had do go to toilet they were standing next to me so that I couldn't run away or purge.

No. 153928

In real life, the girls I've known with EDs have been secretive about their illness (apart from one who is so far gone she can't hide it). I only see the ones who like to "flaunt" it on the internet. I'd never even heard the term proana until interwebz.

Same applies to mental illness. No way should any mental illness have a stigma and nobody should feel ashamed of it. The accounts where people really do romanticize mental illness piss me off so much because you're trying to deal with an illness and a bunch of twats are making it seem like anyone who has depression is a whiny emo bitch.

Aly thinks she's been through the worst treatment EVER with her "severe" anorexia, and she doesn't know shit about the reality with real stories like yours. Hers is the only "recovery" account where she makes recovery seem like a walk in the park.

How are you now? What you went through sounds like hell on earth, but it also sounds like something that should be done more often to save people from chair graves. I complained that I wasn't allowed to shave my legs in a psych unit unless someone was watching me, but that's nothing. I thought they were being so unreasonable at the time, but I admit I would've only done some kind of damage to myself if they'd given me a razor. Psychiatric treatment - love it/hate it.

No. 153934


Not trying to be cruel here but the ones after e-fame and sympathy for having ana should just collapse. I've not a shred of saddness for the ones who just want to flaunt it for a giggle. Not aiming this at the private-ana's who are struggling and stuff. Just the e-fame ones like this cunt and that other skellington weirdo.

No. 153947

>>153921 Thank you for asking that's really nice :)
Actually I'm doing pretty good. I could manage to gain 40 pounds so far. My own thoughts are triggering me as hell but I use all the methodes I learned in treatment. I can manage to eat a piece of cake every Sunday. My body is okay as well. I still have heart arrhytmias but if I keep eating it won't be worse.

I know what you mean. She's anorexic but it's a huge question for me how she can go over the meal plan. I don't believe she does but even TELLING people that you eat/ate is pure horror. When people asked me if I ate I wanted to say yes because I don't wanted them to ask questions but I always said no because I didn't want anybody to know that I ate.
Btw, I also learned to eat in front of my family. Just cake is a problem. I can't eat cake in front of others.

And tbh, my weight wasn't as low as Aly's but I was on the threshold. So you see that the weight does never decide over death or life. I also know severe anorexics who were at a normal weight. Severe because the body didn't use the fat for energy. He used the organs immediately.
I understand them all but to read that their illness is oh so severe is annoying.
My heart beat was 35 times a minute and I didn't saw myself severely ill.
I don't know what she wants to express.

Psychiatrys are always horror. I saw paranoid people, schizophrenics and people with depression.
But also less dangerous illnesses. Doesn't matter, we all are ill. Ill is ill. This "I'm severe" make otherd feel not ill enough

No. 153956

I hate how Aly pretends being the one with the worst mental and physical state

No. 153978

Sometimes I look at the accounts of people who comment on her pics and some look more ill than she does and they don't have the health to walk around having carefree lunches with relatives. Even if she's at a lower weight, they seem to be suffering the effects more than she is.

Then they congratulate her for what she's doing and say she's an inspiration. They're more an inspiration to have gone through long IP stays and actually trying to recover whereas she thinks she's a recovery guru because she had a week with a feeding tube and she posts pictures of things she obviously doesn't eat. I want her off instagram.

You're on the right track. Recovery takes time. Recovering from anything takes time and patience, but aly puts forward this false image of what recovery is. Nooo idea why she's doing it. She's only lying to herself.

No. 154176

thread thread thread

No. 154260

Oh god, I stayed up later than I'd like to admit watching her painful videos the other night. So much cringe.

No. 154272

doesn't look spoopy to me, she's really tiny but doesn't look malnourished. her body fat percentage seems normal; no bones poking out. i've known a few girls who naturally have a body type like this.

No. 154275

I also think she has an ED. She's just too weird about it and too spoopy.

No. 154276

File: 1439006406605.jpg (61.36 KB, 530x623, ec.JPG)

Looks not normal to me.

No. 154281

No. 154296


she doesn't have an upper lip ://

No. 154298

blagh ill never unsee

No. 154303

yes she does?? wtf? she's white. what do you expect?

No. 154308

Disagree. She looks "skinny fat," where she's skinny but isn't toned or anything. It's what usually happens when a person starves themselves but doesn't exercise.

Even if it's not an ED, she has no muscle tone whatsoever. Her arms and legs are not that skinny naturally. Something is up.

No. 154313

I feel like I'm in a time machine… And she has no muscle tone to her at all. She is definitely not eating much to get that thin.

No. 154320

File: 1439011139650.jpg (39.27 KB, 600x600, eced.jpg)

I like Eugenia — We've talked before and she was always very encouraging and sweet, I also appreciate the way she responds to loads of her viewerbase, unlike a LOT of 'famous' fucks — But yes, she definitely has an eating disorder. There's no way she doesn't, she's simply too thin.

Plus she often has little crusties around the corner of her mouth, a classic sign of dehydration in anorexics.

Also, if you scoll back on her Instagram, she wasn't always so impossibly thin.

No. 154327

File: 1439011775703.jpg (245.15 KB, 972x642, repetitive.jpg)

Oh Aly… they were already repetitive! Sad that she apparently doesn't realize that.

No. 154335

Eh… too lazy to screenshot, but she's always been thin, just not quite as thin.
First photo on instagram: https://instagram.com/p/KzEGQ/
Thin legs: https://instagram.com/p/VChU-/
Thin arms and legs: https://instagram.com/p/Zu4iZ/

I wish she would just acknowledge that she either has anorexia or some other medical condition, but I can see why she wouldn't. The minute she does that, that's what she'd be known for in the public eye, and it'd become her identity.

People in general have a difficult time separating individuals from their mental illnesses. It's justified in Aly's case where she literally has no identity outside of her ED, but I've heard of some really talented people being passed by as "just another anorexic."

No. 154371

i met her at a youlive/youtube meetup in NYC.

1. worst meet up of all time
2. everyone orgasmed when she arrived, and a bunch of 13 year olds tackled her.
3. she threw wristbands with her name on it and then promptly left
4. youtube famous because deathly thin and tried to twerk and obviously it was scary.

No. 154373

honestly i don't even see why she's being posted here. nothing lulzy about her. she just makes videos for her 13 y/o audience and is freakishly thin. i'm kind of surprised

No. 154404

No. 154455

I feel the same about milk. I'll fuck up some eggs though

No. 154540

File: 1439052716717.jpg (100.94 KB, 607x588, support network.JPG)


here's a topless shot for aly's dad's fan.

she's on holiday but she's STILL posting this shit. oh wait, it's not about having fun, it's about being SUPPORTIVE towards aly.

No. 154541

File: 1439052882785.jpg (29.49 KB, 285x209, Capture.JPG)

didn't turn out that way

No. 154542

File: 1439052910437.jpg (8.79 KB, 116x57, -.-.JPG)

No. 154546

That is a man who is 110% done with Aly's shit.

Also OT but I had a dream about Dante doing…things to me in a jetted tub last night. I think I need a break from this thread

No. 154547

File: 1439054206809.jpg (70.84 KB, 673x799, bitch.jpg)

this is not a happy father

No. 154549

Jealous of Dante giving you some … attention.

I admit I've been wondering how he'd look wearing a pair of shorts. His chest, his arms, his legs. I can't believe we'll probably never have another pic of him. I feel he was in that photo for a reason. Why would he appear into our lives only to disappear again?

He fucking hates her.

No. 154556

>Put away your fucking phone and eat. My parents would have slapped the shit out of me.

No. 154559

Note that her mom and brother are almost finished with their ice cream yet Aly has barely touched hers.

Pretty sure Aly hates her dad because he doesn't put up with her shit. If he was an IGer she'd block him and move on.

No. 154566

The longer I look at this picture the more it cracks me up. Her dad's death stare is beautiful.

No. 154570

Why do they go on so many vacations??
Like every few weeks they're going away :S

No. 154571

I'm the one who originally brought her up, and she seemed like she would have some drama looking at her videos and obnoxious personality, as well as her obvious eating disorder that she keeps refusing to talk about. I'd never heard of her before so I wondered if anyone knew anything. But if she's not lulzy then oh well, but it's a letdown.

No. 154574

I'm gonna compliment her father, I wonder if she's gonna del the comment

No. 154589

it makes me wonder if she's already dead in her father's eyes. He probably tried to help her and eventually just gave up and is waiting for the inevitable

He looks too old to put up with her bullshit

No. 154591

Maybe they want memories with their daughter before she drops dead. Or maybe it's just summer.

No. 154592

hnnngh i really want to make some ~*tribute art*~ to dante but i don't want to torrent ps with a probable virus and deal w that hassle

is there a slightly more advanced pixlr out there? sry i haven't had computer access for like a year and a half and i'm bad at the internet

No. 154594

No. 154595

oh man, i thought of GIMP and then i had 2005 flashbacks when people who made sigs with GIMP were so bad and it was so bad

…and then i remembered a few years ago they did an overhaul and isn't it actually pretty nice now? gonna download that, ty anon

No. 154606

I like to selfie as much as the next person (probably more than most people), but I can't imagine knowing someone who wanted to take a photo of EVERYTHING we did together. It must be incredibly irritating.

No. 154612

Dads arms trigger me

No. 154618


No. 154621

MmmMMmmm can't wait!

He's still got a son.

He's got a well defined collarbone. I wonder if he has a ~thigh gap~

I wouldn't tolerate it. I'd have to kill her (or smash her phone at the very least). It's so rude to be constantly fiddling with her phone/camera. They should hide the charger.

No. 154624

(that was me)

I've been dying to do fan art myself. Especially because I'm the anon with the lust for seeing Dante wearing shorts. I even have PS but no idea how it works. Please do a shorts pic? Some hair, but not TOO hairy. Ily.

No. 154636

The family must be so bored and annoyed. They can't eat their fucking meals without taking a dumb pic.
Dante is really missing in this pic!

No. 154638

An asslicker commented it looks like the whole family enjoys the sun.
Lol(cow).. nooo.
Her mother looks like she's crying every moment because she knows it's fake happiness. Aly herself is a liar like always. Her brother seems to suffer again and I think I don't have to say anything about her dad.

No. 154640

Her dad is beyond done with her shit and it's beautiful.
She must be such a burden to her family. Constantly taking photos or making them take photos of her "eating", when they probably full know she's lying and starving herself when they're not looking.

No. 154644

I spent hours of reporting her again

No. 154649

As much as I know Aly wrote last winter that she had a fight with Daddy Casati and he said to her that she's a sick psycho who will never be healthy

No. 154653

He's not wrong. Poor guy.

No. 154658

I checked her fakebook again.

No. 154666

File: 1439070802593.png (320.44 KB, 384x506, Figlia I am so fucking done wi…)

I know I'm late to the party here, but DAMN, dat papa…I could be totally off base, but I'm guessing her mom's a kind-hearted woman who's very worried about her daughter and doesn't know what to do, and years of dealing with Aly's shit have turned her into a pushover (perhaps even an enabler). However, Aly's dad definitely looks like a hard-liner who wouldn't take shit from anyone, hence Aly's dislike of and distance from him. /armchair psych

No. 154680

What's confusing is that she claims this is the first vacation since last year. What was she doing by the seaside a few weeks ago then?

No. 154682


No. 154688

Well yeah, but wasn't she purging while on vacation?

No. 154732

File: 1439080106123.png (43.97 KB, 376x243, la la la.png)

>An asslicker commented it looks like the whole family enjoys the sun.

cough Could be someone taking the piss ;)

No. 154802

ghost in my pocket?

No. 154806


No. 154816

Dante don't want no spoopy skeleton

No. 154822

File: 1439090308058.jpg (31.05 KB, 512x342, ApexKek.jpg)


No. 154955

Recovering for Dante.
Omg, I can't stop laughing!

No. 154965

If Dante knew about his fangirls. Ha ha

No. 154966

btw guys, we don't have a vid of aly, do we? no one has ever heard her voice. or am i too new?

No. 154970

Do it, anon. Tell her you can make her dad easier to deal with…by letting him spank you.

No. 154971

Toilet sign in the background. Is she trying to tell us sth. I actually kinda think her hair looks better that way. Distracts a bit from her spoopy face

No. 154996

Unrelated but I'm only just looking thefitveganginger's instagram for the first time now and WHY are her selfies all so fucking gross? It's like she deliberately tries to get the worst angle possible?? Also didn't realise she was 18 I thought she was like 12 lol

No. 154997

Nope, no vid.

No. 155001

I use both gimp and photoshop. Gimp is limited with features, for example no exposure settings which is a very basic feature to not have. But it's better than PAint, as you've got basic layer features and tools which is basically all you need for dante appearances

No. 155024

File: 1439131025361.png (1.95 MB, 1440x1422, y u make us do dis.png)

It looks like she's wearing an itty bitty little bikini under that cover-up. Try erasing that image from your mind.
Poor brother can't wait to stop touching those bones (have you ever touched an emaciated person's back? It's like touching a xylophone). Poor boss of the family (hell yeah!) would probably love to bean her with that beach ball. We haven't seen her "I'm a model" pose in a while…

She will delete any body comments, bc it DEFINITELY won't be all asslickers. Sweet Jesus, has she lost weight?

No. 155027

File: 1439131522089.jpg (21.83 KB, 328x218, dante.JPG)

I clicked on the location pin of the place she's staying. Look what's nearby.

No. 155037

Hahahaha this is the best

No. 155038

Wow, she looks great. I really wish I could get myself that small.

No. 155043

MPA is that way →

No. 155044

No. 155050

she's 19

No. 155054

Their local beach maybe?

No. 155059

Her legs are 100% honestly disgusting to me. Are those varicose veins? Or have we discovered that she cuts herself and inserts food she doesn't eat under her skin?

No. 155088

So you look so sickly that people only comment that you look like you're anorexic on you pics?

They look like latex legs. The kind you see on a realdoll. Only her legs would've been made for a skinny fetishists doll and you can see the metal "bones" all sticking out. I'm really surprised she can show her legs off that way.

No. 155090

wtf there is a bar of her at the top and good is being thrown at her plate…????

anyways she ate TWO(!) dang scaring tortellini

No. 155092

food not good

No. 155094

It's the knobby knees that make me scrunch my face up. Reminds me of horse knees, which is fitting

No. 155096

File: 1439141851601.jpg (13.39 KB, 287x49, new brend.JPG)

That aly gif is my favourite right now.

Yeah TWO (!). Don't forget that second #afternoonsnack of an ice lolly which contains less than FIFTY WHOLE CALORIES (!)

She's still confused about her Fortimel Ensure.

No. 155098

For me, it's probably because she looks like she's an amputee being held up by her brother.

No. 155104

I think her dad just wants to hold her head underwater until it's all over

No. 155106

I keep expecting them to go home because either she keeps passing out or she has fucks things up with her dad.

She's been playing football. You'd think her family would stop her burning the calories off. She's always running around.

No. 155109

holy shit did Aly delete, or am I just blocked now?

No. 155111

Still there.


Did you comment on her body (gasp!) ?

No. 155112

File: 1439143900860.jpg (129.67 KB, 944x628, ew.JPG)

oh nm, I'm blocked. What's the point of blocking people if your IG is public? I can just logout and see it…

Yeah, I was insomnia-ing last night and couldn't take it anymore…I called her out on not eating her fucking popsicle and told her to put the fucking camera down.

Also, ew, Aly. Gross. And runner4freedom, you are blind.

No. 155114

You missed the skeletal forearm and spoopy fingers.

I feel nauseous thinking she's sitting there with her body exposed. Please be wearing a sarong.

OH! Just noticed, her breasts aren't a DD today.

No. 155117

honestly, I used to just watch Aly with mild interest since she's so crazy, but lately I've been more and more pissed off at her…like I don't need to take it so personally, but it just feels completely fucking offensive to watch her keep up the act on IG, and see all of these sick 15 y/os and 40-something ED fetishists lick her dehydrated asshole all day long. And I'm mad at her family for enabling her. And I'm mad at her for refusing to admit that she's not even attempting to get better.

I really think she's deliberately thinspo-ing and using #recovery hashtags to get away with it.

No. 155122

>refusing to admit that she's not even attempting to get better.

the caption in the pic makes me think that SHE thinks she's more-or-less recovered. if she's thinking that way, then she's not going to be bothering trying to get her weight up even for lying purposes.

with all the dicks saying how amazing she looks, she thinks she's gotten away with it and she's probably just going to maintain the weight she's at.

yeah, it's annoying she tags anti thinspo and poses with food on her spoopiest pics.

No. 155123

File: 1439144782660.jpg (21.45 KB, 286x130, huh.JPG)

forgot pic

No. 155135


No. 155138

I reported the new body picture 10x
It's pornography for me Hahahaha

No. 155140

I also started reporting comments

No. 155142

Her brother probably has to hold her up.

No. 155144

File: 1439149485830.jpg (25.13 KB, 288x154, foodball.jpg)

This caption is probably one of the saddest ones I've seen from her.
I can understand her brother probably did most of the work, but the parents probably let the kids win because they don't know if Aly will even be there next year.

No. 155155


Is my online version of ig the same as everyone else's? Do you click the three dots and report for self harm/eating disorder/suicide? Shame you can't leave comments or report a whole site.

I've got ig on my phone (I'm donuts), but I can rarely access it that way because I never pay for data.

No. 155156

FUCK ME! I think she's really sucking that ice lolly!!!

Her brother looks a bit too thin to me, but probably an age thing.

No. 155165

When you want to report the whole account you have to use the 3-dots-thing. If you want to report a comment you have to klick on the comment and the options appear. I use "self harm" but also "bullying" to get her deleted sooner :)

No. 155173

gimp is shit dont listen to those fags

the official adobe website actually has all of the cs2 things for free on the site if you look around a bit. meaning you can get photoshop cs2 absolutely free forever. it's a lot older (i think they're up to cs7 now???) but it works well enough.

No. 155236

Meh, don't get the comment report thing online. I'll stop being a miser and top up more on my phone so I can do it. Operation RealDelete

No. 155238

Ha, 83 comments on the legs pic. I have a feeling there're going to be some negatives there so going to have a read.

No. 155282

oh ffs stop

No. 155283

cs6 actually. sidenote, you can get the student discount really easily. I got photoshop back in middle school and used my "school ID" which was literally nothing but my picture with my name next to it in comic sans

No. 155285

File: 1439168203098.png (2.35 MB, 657x5838, Aly 8-9-2015.png)

This troll is too much.
>flyingfree85 @je_suis_celine bcos if you have a severe anorexic, it take years to gain even five pounds. She have gain weight. She has a severe anorexic though and will take maybe five years or more!

How the hell is she not picking up on the blatant trolling? She's kept flyingfree85 around for quite a while, now, and I've been blocked a few times on throwaway accounts for much less blatant trolling/sarcasm (as well as for some random, non-offensive remarks that just left me scratching my head as to why she would delete them)…

Her actual defenders, though, are beyond unbelievable. I can barely stand to read their comments anymore. The rationalization wrt: her metabolism, how she really is gaining weight (and that she looks visibly healthier), etc. - I can't stomach it.

It looks like she's propping herself up on her brother or that he's holding her up because she can't even support herself on her own legs. I have to wonder if she'll need a wheelchair soon. It's insane that she's even able to walk around and be as active as she seems to be, given how spoopy she is. I can't imagine what it must be like for her family watching her waste away like this. She is shockingly emaciated and I don't understand how she isn't receiving more help than she is.

No. 155296

There is one thing I can't get over & that is that someone commented and said to stop bothering Aly and start supporting her like she supports others, but other than ass kissing her #EDfammoo in captions I've never seen her comment on other accounts or ever really say anything supportive to an individual follower. No one ever calls her on that, but just like Tanya, they eventually give up giving her constant attention. The way I see it Aly has 20.w/e K worth of people who are just waiting to see her drop. Sad life. The girls actually posted more on her vacation than a normal day. 9x a day at least. I'd smack my kid if they spend our vacation on their phone. I wonder how many food/selfies she has on her phone VS scenic or random photos…

No. 155368

File: 1439176507101.png (140.19 KB, 1210x434, Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 7.58…)

The comments keep coming. The first one in this pic is why I even care about Aly's stupid shenanigans in the first place. The way she poses and is generally treated as ~the perfect #1 super duper extra-strenght model of Real Recovery~ is really unhelpful to people who are actually in recovery/treatment. If they're thinking that Aly is a good representation of what it looks like to recover from an eating disorder, and potentially comparing themselves with her, they're going to be pretty confused and disappointed with the reality.

No. 155376

2nd comment is already deleted, but 1st is still there. Disgusting. I bet Aly gets off on knowing she makes other anorexics feel "fat and fake." Fuck this cunt, seriously, I'm so sick of her and her minions that I think I'm going to log off of Instagram and never log on again. Probably a healthy choice.

No. 155407

Who actually is her #edfamily??

No. 155422

What I want to know is why the hell anyone would WANT to be part of an "ED family." I wouldn't ever want to be publicly, commonly known for my disease…but all these Instagram #anorexics seem to want to flock together and proudly wave their #ana flags to the world?

No. 155435

No, not always. Some want to share the story to encourage others. Or the doctors recommended it to write it down

No. 155437

I'm surprised she can stand. She's probably being supported by the kid

No. 155440

Yes, because mental illness should be something to feel shameful over and one must always hide it safely away for fear that the dreaded … gasp;; PUBLIC may find out!

No. 155441

It's shocking how something so shocking and absurb to the outside world can be seen as normal to those both suffering from anorexia, and those around the anorexic in regards to them not noticing massive amounts of weight loss.

No. 155450

I'm fucking telling you guys — Aly's severely underweight, yes, but she's also PHOTOSHOPPING HERSELF THINNER. Look at the blurriness around her left (our right) leg! Unmistakable!

No. 155465

He's like 14. Stop. He looks fine

No. 155497

That seems a lot different from being a part of the Instagram #edfamily, where the most important thing seems to be photographing every morsel of food that passes your lips. It's very disordered and competitive.
Oh stop. I never said that. I have multiple mental illnesses myself, and I let people know if/when it's appropriate. I just don't understand being proud of your mental illness and having it be a (or the) main part of your entire identity. That's not very healthy behavior for someone in "recovery" from said illness. All of these Instagram bios that barely say anything (if anything at all) about their owners except their diagnoses, how many times they've been inpatient/residential/whatever, what their lowest weight was, what stage they're at in their recovery, etc. It's like all they are is a walking eating disorder, and I don't understand wanting and choosing to put yourself out there like that.

No. 155512

Calm down, anon admitted that it was probably an age thing for the boy.

No. 155520

File: 1439203805646.png (2.33 MB, 1084x1274, Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 3.48…)

Christ, is it just me or does she look spoopier than ever??

No. 155527

does she throw up everything she eats?
she's so skinny, She wouldn't even eat the whole apple.
Who is she trying to fool, she uploads food pics so often but looks like a skeleton.

No. 155534

It's not just you. I feel so bad for her family. They have to stare at her in a bikini and hope she doesn't die while they're on vacation.

No. 155535

Doesn't look any blurrier than the rest of the image.

No. 155543

She's eating less while she's away. Today so far she had biscuits, half a croissant, a pear and a tiny bit of rice.

I'm grateful for the strategically placed coffee cup. If I'd seen that sternum as well as the ribs I would definitely hurl.

No. 155546

File: 1439211125669.jpg (39.02 KB, 591x562, Capture.JPG)


No. 155551

He does, and he will probably be thin all his life because look at Dad; most men at Dad's age are paunchy. So I suspect natural thinness runs in the family (although I am not stupid enough to think that is an excuse for Aly's state. She is clearly deep in an eating disorder.)

No. 155554

Honestly how the hell can she post photos like this and still have so many people convinced she's Ms RealRecovery Queen? It's baffling to me.

No. 155559

File: 1439213642302.png (1.03 MB, 659x1635, Severe allergy to facts.png)

Oh boy how did I miss this one? I was just scrolling back through Ginger's page and I saw this exchange. She has a "severe allergy to fats"! Of course! I wonder, does her immune system attack every cell in her body that's encased in a lipid bilayer, then?

No. 155565

File: 1439214260946.png (258.32 KB, 1198x792, Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 6.39…)

Wow I was so distracted by the pic that I only just now really read the caption. Umm…I'm worried that those may not have been tears of "pride" your mother was shedding…and if your mom was really shedding tears of pride over you eating half of a small croissant, there is something really wrong in your life.

No. 155571

have you ever considered she is photoshopping herself fatter to prove shes recovering?

No. 155581

She isn't eating "much more than usual" at all.

It pisses me off how her defenders have forgotten all the chocolate, cakes, biscuits, ice cream she ate before she went to hospital for a week. Why would half a croissant be a big deal for someone who claims to eat HUGE (!) tubs of ice cream.

No. 155583

Ugh, she made the legs pic her profile picture.

She honestly looks like she's going to die.

No. 155586

>allergy to fats
Is this even possible, to be allergic to ALL types of fat? Or is the theanagingerbitch lying?

No. 155587

No, you would fucking die in the womb if that was the case. She might be speaking metaphorically. Or just lying.

No. 155588

File: 1439219881181.png (180.61 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-08-10-17-15-34…)

I feel bad for her mom. Joined the reporting.

No. 155589

Although, there are some conditions that cause you to not tolerate fats well. For example if your gallbladder is fucked up or you have it removed, eating fatty foods will give you horrible abdominal pains and disgusting shits. But you should still be able to eat small amounts of fats with no problems.

No. 155590

File: 1439220172235.jpg (64.01 KB, 629x628, Capture.JPG)

Huge ice cream cup

No. 155595

True - the idea of being just "allergic to fats" in general is pretty funny, though.

No. 155596

like many crazy vegans or general health freaks she's probably convinced its an allergy rather than an intolerance - if its even that. its funny she enver mentioned it before.
usually any serious/"famous" food bloggers that have a real health condition answer it early to avoid negative speculation

No. 155597

So many extra calories
Such a #recoverywin

Goddamn Aly, stfu with this bullshit. This is as much of #recoverywin as her stupid 94 calorie popsicle yesterday.

She pretty much calls every meal and snack a recovery win, and to be honest, I really don't get that. If you're eating an item all the time, is it really a win? Isn't is just… god forbid, normal then?

No. 155600

210kcal. I googled.

No. 155601

Add-on: not that she's actually eating all the food. But if she were, I mean.

No. 155603

Has she ever posted a picture of her ACTUALLY EATING? Like, with the food actually in her mouth, not 2mm away from it? EVER?

No. 155611

Actually it's less than that. You have to go to the Italian version of the site to get the one Aly photographed: http://www.sharehappy.it/Products/ProductDetail.aspx?bid=368166&sid=368167&pid=171542

It's between 60-90 kcals. Oooh, careful Aly, big time calories there!

No. 155613

She took (emoji) Meal Plan (emoji) out of her profile. She had it there to defend herself when people questioned her intake:
>I'm following my meal plan given to me by a dietician. In fact, I'm going OVER it every single day. So fuck off. Posi-vibes!)
People haven't been questioning her meager intake lately, I guess. If she wasn't so block-happy I'd suggest we question it.

No. 155616

I thought 210 sounded a bit much for an espresso shot with ice in it.

As if.

No. 155618

Yeah in the photo you see it's the 62g size, which that site has at 60 calories. She's so full of shit.

No. 155693

File: 1439229303016.png (60.58 KB, 1080x224, Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.5…)

Fuck this bitch and her bullshit. I can't stand this, yet I can't make myself look away.

No. 155694

EXACTLY! How can people even forget, though, when all they have to do is scroll back through her fucking Instagram? She hasn't even deleted the evidence, just most of her old OOTD photos.

No. 155892

The way she goes on about willpower and strenght, it sounds like how an anorectic often feels (at least at first) about restriction, overexercise, and all sorts of eating disordered behaviors. Just swap out "recovery."

She's going to (or more likely, already went to) a food expo tonight. A great time will be had by all, I'm sure. I'm hoping for extreme closeups of tiny food samples. Omnomnom.

No. 155911

File: 1439240530685.png (800.24 KB, 624x596, Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 5.00…)

this is ginger's by the way.

jesus is she trying to shit her brains out?
also again with the 3 baby carrots… idk how she can shove this much food in yet still only manage a couple baby carrots - whats the point? she's probably trollin

No. 155915

File: 1439240677697.png (98.96 KB, 159x339, Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 5.04…)

ging was cute

No. 155945

When I first saw that comment I was going to post "It's about your own willpower and strenght to starve", cos yeah it's the same mentality. HATE that wink emoji, it's like she's having a joke about it because she knows she's a lying cow.

This looks nice, but I couldn't eat all that RAW in one go. I'd have indigestion problems. Idk if it's just me, but too much raw food really fucks up my digestion.

No. 155950

File: 1439242562796.jpg (147.89 KB, 961x603, asspats.JPG)

We're so freaking dang proud of you Aly!

No. 155961


No. 155969

how tall is she? she actually looks like she could have marfan or ehlers-danlos syndrome…

No. 155972

>but was too scared and this evening, I finally DID IT and cried also

Smiling creepily at food before eating it doesn't support this emotional event she's trying to make it out to be. How can anyone take her seriously?

No. 155980

File: 1439243751607.png (19.33 KB, 295x145, Untitled.png)

No. 155982

Aside from the weird plate on the far left, that all looks pretty delicious.

No. 156009

File: 1439244698224.png (44.55 KB, 737x542, fatallergy.png)

No. 156018


This actually looks kind of delicious, and the carrots don't look OLD this time! Of course, I would be bloated as hell.

No. 156070

To be fair to Ginger, intolerance of fats is a real thing, and people often mix up intolerance and allergies. As in, people will say they're allergic to a food when really they're just intolerant of it.

The only exception to this rule is lactose intolerance, of course, but that's because it's so common.

No. 156073

It looks a lot better than her usual slop, but I feel like everything would all taste the exact same? Maybe slight variations in stevia ratios.

No. 156075

File: 1439249479686.jpg (311.39 KB, 642x640, strawhastoomanycalories.jpg)

We already discovered that this bullshit little cup of whatever-it-is only contains 60 calories, but she still can't even manage to actually put the straw in her mouth.

No. 156080

Too busy taking a selfie to concentrate on straw :(

Her face looks fuller. Is she blowing her face out or something? Maybe she has water retention again?

No. 156091

Yeah she doesn't look anywhere near tears.
She probably doesn't even realize the disconnect between some of her photos and what she writes. I think the saddest example of this is when she takes a "joyful" selfie with others and they just look sad or annoyed and her smile is mega-fake.

No. 156092

It's the angle, and she might be blowing it out a bit.

No. 156095

Saturated fat = bad
Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat = good (if you don't overdo it, obviously), necessary to promote healthy cholesterol and overall essential to any functional human being's diet

If you're avoiding good fats at all costs, you can't claim to be eating healthy.

No. 156110

Tbh do youthink she does that funky missing finger nail polish for purge purpose

No. 156112

So that she vomits every time she looks at her hands?

No. 156113

Bro looks angry.

No. 156115

He'd had a fight with sis who was bullying him to loan her the larger size cup to pose with.

No. 156121

File: 1439254204884.jpg (378.42 KB, 1300x1143, apples.jpg)

Everyone goes on about Ginger's three carrots in a bowl thing, but… it's the apples that drive me nuts.
(Sorry about the shit collage, but I just wanted to show how repetitive it is.)

No. 156126

Honestly, I would not doubt it. Looks like the tip paint on her middle finger has already worn down from all that acid.

To gag herself, though I'm sure the thought of how nasty her fingers are helps.

No. 156130

File: 1439254661067.gif (215.38 KB, 300x100, 44.gif)

I wonder if she keeps her stash of apples in individual glass cup/bowls.

I love the aly banner so much. Anons have excellent skills here.

No. 156147

This drives me crazy. Why would you put an apple in a bowl like that? WHYYYY? The ones where it's a tight fit for the apple make me squirm for some reason. I hate it.

The banner is great. I wish it was a little Flash game or an app or something. You'd have to throw different types of food at Aly based on the color of the ring surrounding her. For example, if the band is blue, you'd have to throw sushi at her, and it would make it past her force field and into her mouth. Everything else would just bounce off like it's doing in the banner. I've thought way too much about this.

No. 156168

rofl!! This banner is amazing.

No. 156171

I honestly have no idea. The only thing I could think was so it doesn't touch the table, but there are other ways! I bet she washes them each time too.

As for your dislike of the tight-fitting apples, it's probably some variation of trypophobia.

No. 156192

i figured out what the stuff under ginger's eyes is, it's called milia.

No. 156193

Every time I'm browsing MPA and I see someone with a username incorporating 'Aly,' I always check their profile to see if it's our Aly.

She definitely seems like she'd be a lurker. I swear I'll find her eventually.

No. 156198

tfw you have 2 of those around your eyes and just assumed they were whiteheads that never went away until Googling that.

No. 156209

that's old

No. 156211

She's probably eatiing and then purging

No. 156215

dermatologist-chan to the rescue ;) unfortunately, you have to use a lancet to remove them

No. 156223

Aww, not looking forward to it. I want them gone, though, so I'll just have to be a big girl and suck it up.

No. 156265

they can usually administer local anesthetic, but tbh that hurts exactly as much as the actual extraction

No. 156296

File: 1439273637710.png (5.04 MB, 2545x1264, #transformationtuesday.png)

I was just scrolling back through Aly's Instagram (hi beer guy!!) and, for the record, she stated that her "NEW BEGINNING" of REAL real recovery was on June 11, 2015. So, in 2 months, or 61 days, how far has she come? Pic 1 is from right before her hospitalization, and pic 2 is from yesterday.

No. 156313

Missed a chance to shoop Beer Guy into the Now photo.

No. 156315

I'm just mad at this being called Expresso instead of Espresso…

No. 156317

it just looks like she learned how to filter and fill her eyebrows out a bit

No. 156320

Urgh. I'm torn.
Tbh, she looks slightly better. Her forearm looks slightly more filled out, and her mouth wrinkles look less horrible.
But at the same time, it's likely just that she's tanner and has better lighting.

No. 156332

File: 1439280125930.png (5.02 MB, 2540x1257, Sorry Dante!.png)

I couldn't find a place for him ;_; Here he is floating awkwardly in the background.

No. 156335

I think it actually kind of works. Good job, anon.

No. 156342

This works! I love it. Thank you so much, anon. I feel like I'm sad whenever Dante isn't in the more recent photos.

No. 156410

File: 1439297078411.jpg (28.84 KB, 254x345, dang.JPG)

Dante has a sexy black car. He's waiting for me to take me to a luxurious hotel for rampant sexing. He needs the beer for extra stamina.

As for aly, I think her face is looking fuller, but that could be water retention. Her teeth are more yellow. The two Ensure Fortimel might be hydrating her more than before. Her arms are still sticks, but something's not right about her bloated face.

No. 156414

File: 1439297488419.jpg (522.59 KB, 614x545, RECOVERY WIN.JPG)

She eats watermelon with a FORK.

High calorie desert. Well done, aly. Ur my idol <3

No. 156415

Whoa.This hypocrite…
What's the point of pretending to be recovered??I don't fucking get it.

No. 156423

Praise, adoration, attention…

No. 156431

So? I eat all my fruits with a fork.

No. 156432

Same. Watermelon gets super messy and the juices go everywhere if you eat it by holding the rind.

No. 156433

File: 1439298759830.jpg (45.88 KB, 550x402, 3160039861631071237.jpg)


Is that a middle class thing?

No. 156435

That's just pathetic.
Well, she's only harming herself…
Pretty sure people are going to create tons of fan pages dedicated to this "amazing, inspiring young woman" after she dies. If that's the kind of attention she wants.

No. 156436

actually tbh if you restrict fruits/carbs for a long time and then go eat some, especially something like watermelon, you bloat like a mofo

No. 156437

i like this pic of her. it gives mysterious italian vibes.

No. 156438

> she learned filters
phew i dont think i can imagine her a whiter shade of pale than what i see on the left…

No. 156439

I don't think so? Just more efficient in terms of cleanliness.

No. 156440

She looks like Kylie Minogue.

No. 156442

She ordered that waffle at night while walking around with her family. How EASY it would have been for her to tear off chunks and quietly chuck them into garbage cans on the street.

No. 156443

What is she really is realrecovering for real and we're being GINORMOUS (!) cunts for not believing her. Is there ANY WAY she could be eating this stuff? What if it's the fault of the doctors that she isn't gaining more and she IS eating?

No. 156462

The amount of calories she's 'eating' are dufficient enough to make her gain weight. Considering she gained weight in the hospital on very small portions (and that feeding tube of course) it's obviously not impossible. And that was for a general hospital. Aly isn't some medical anomaly.

No. 156463

*sufficient. Oops.

No. 156467

Exactly. It's very obvious she doesn't eat all the stuff she photographs or she would be gaining weight, no doubt.

No. 156469

That's not entirely true. Consider that many people with eating disorders are young tween or teen girls. Imagine eating even less than Aly and finding your ballooning up while she isn't. And also consider that she keeps up this 'everything's amazing and I'm going above and beyond!' attitude. Imagine you were one of these girls, impressionable for one. Wouldn't you feel like shot because your recovery is hard and you're gaining so much weight while Aly isn't and while her's seems like smooth sailing.

No. 156490

The "I wish I was as strong as you"/"I feel fat and fake compared to you"-type comments always really get me. I think Aly's trying to elicit those feelings in her followers; otherwise, she must just be completely oblivious.

No. 156524

doubt it. i've been lower-middle like just barely in "middle class" for my whole life and i eat watermelon with a fork. but then again i dont like my hands and face getting all sticky because it feels gross.

No. 156528

I don't want sticky hands

No. 156532

I'm convinced her face is slightly fuller, but she was extremely dehydrated in the first pic (hence her face "bloating" at the hospital). The tan and lighting are doing wonders for making her look less like a corpse though.

No. 156540

File: 1439309489596.jpg (97.05 KB, 639x623, just no.JPG)

Sorry, bitch, but even I couldn't eat all that. Not because of ~food fear~ (I have none) but the QUANTITY. Half of that and I'd be full and her stomach must be the size of a grape.

Her mum actually looks really worn down here.

No. 156543


I eat mine with my hands. I don't mind the stickiness (only really eat it at home tho). I have bad thoughts when I'm eating it though because a gay male friend once "experimented" with straight sex on a lesbian friend of his and said oral sex was too messy "like going down on a watermelon". Yeah, cannot be erased.

No. 156545

… I am never going to disassociate my mind from that image…

No. 156549

i'm having a really misanthropic moment rn

No. 156550

You're spared the image of him doing it.

Welcome to my world.

No. 156553

Bitch musta been gushin' hardcore.

No. 156556

File: 1439309934680.jpg (129.17 KB, 965x620, this.JPG)

Oh, aly, fuck off.

No. 156558

I know! It's strange they're both hardcore gay but managed sex.

No. 156563

I can't even read her stupid fucking captions anymore.
They drive me insane.

No. 156565

I read the first few retarded lines, but skip the Jery Springer outro blurb at the end.

No. 156566

ha. good one, anon.

No. 156569

File: 1439310594984.jpg (372.75 KB, 720x1051, PhotoGrid_1439310090488.jpg)

We all know she's still restricting which is not #realrecovery at all, but here she actually admits it. If you're consciously working to stick to the very minimum of your (possibly nonexistant) food plan, you're still restricting. I'm sure some anons will disagree with me; IDGAF.

No. 156571

Dante is kneeling behind the table

No. 156572

Um, didn't she recently say she has "no idea" how many calories she eats per day? Bitch needs to keep her lies straight.

No. 156573

idk, to me she's a poor man's catherine deneuve in some pics. i can't fucking stand deneuve. got dead eyes and seems smug all the time, too

No. 156575

I don't understand the meal plan. Is it what she should be eating as a bare minimum, but anything over is good?

No. 156576

No. 156577

Honestly, in that scenario, it would make me feel like I'm obviously not ready for recovery since I'm not as positive as her, and I would let myself relapse. That is the damage she is causing.

No. 156579

When she started "eating" the "meal plan" she started posting pictures of fruit and the Fortimel drinks. Oh and salads pretty much every day. And her new habit of a 30 calorie Cappuccino for #secondbreakfast

Now compare that to pre-hospital when she was eating sandwiches for lunch, whole pints of ice cream, and entire pizzas.

No. 156580

I'm pretty sex repulsed and I come up with lots of comparisons like that. Sex sounds like tossing potato salad, ew.

No. 156581

It's a bunch of peaches, four scoops of ice cream, and half a banana. I'm quite sure you could manage splitting that with your mother.
Especially if you were like Aly and probably take let her take three bites before you take one.

No. 156582

So why is she restricting calorie intake with fucking biscuits? Yep I agree with >>156569
unless she means each biscuit has to be over a certain amount of calories. If she's eating extra calories a day (which she brags about) why gaf about calories in a biscuit?

No. 156584

I would've loved to eat that. :'(

No. 156585

So that she knows she's "eating" extra calories each day.

She pisses me off with this "extra calories? Who cares?" Obviously you do, bitch, or you wouldn't mention them every. fucking. time.

No. 156603

lower-class fork anon here, that's really fucking funny holy shit. i'm gay myself but i'd never describe oral with a chick as going down on a watermelon.

No. 156607

He's a dick though. He says being bisexual is "abnormal" and is so against bisexuality he's like a godhateshalffags person. Odd that he'd try straight sex then. Anyhow, I loosely called him a friend. I managed to shrug him off and now just see him around sometimes.

No. 156680

File: 1439318045155.png (2.48 MB, 1280x1278, Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 11.3…)

Also, for comparison, here's a pic of her at the beach a year ago. She barely looks like the same person. She's been "in recovery" and "gaining weight" this whole time, according to what she writes in her Instagram posts. It's ludicrous.

No. 156686

gay guys like that make the rest of us fags look bad tbh

No. 156698

File: 1439318694553.png (9.93 MB, 2000x2000, Aly and Mum.png)

Man, even the way she takes photos of herself with her mom is super repetitive. Is she even aware of this?

No. 156702

It's an ED thing for me I suppose. And it's a nice way to keep your hands sticky free as many others have pointed out.

No. 156714

I thought anon had posted a new pic from her holiday and was thinking fuck, she does look better.


Possibly the only pic I've seen of her that I like.

No. 156718

maybe she has autism?

No. 156724

Every photo is a testament to her 'real recovery', proving that she's eating - she always makes sure to get both her food and her mother in the shot. I don't know how many photos I've ever seen of just the two of them sitting side by side or hugging or anything.

No. 156742

She's probably thinking if her mom is looking happy in the picture it's more proof she's recovering otherwise her mom would not be so happy rite guise?????

No. 156827

File: 1439333851187.png (57.36 KB, 1174x196, Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 3.55…)

This troll is getting obnoxious and unfunny, IMO, although I'm shocked that Aly still hasn't blocked them. They're pretty obvious. Are they a farmer? Anyone?

No. 156828

File: 1439334637035.jpg (10.56 KB, 287x49, alert.JPG)


IDENTITY CONFIRMED! flyingfree85 is doge.

A+ trolling

No. 156829

Not me, but probably definitely yes a farmer.

No. 156830

File: 1439334880538.jpg (40.17 KB, 567x557, flyingfree85.JPG)

No. 156833

File: 1439336143680.jpg (242.85 KB, 1328x665, mommy dearest.jpg)

The only picture I've seen like that is the one where she's in the hospital, and I guess the one taken on her mother's birthday. But even then, that was to prove she was at a hospital and a restaurant, respectively.

That is so sad. Gosh, I hope her mother has different pictures where they're just happy together. She should not have to remember her daughter as a series of meals and coffee meetings.

No. 156835

File: 1439336401535.jpg (111.91 KB, 960x720, 12812_978083478876136_34351044…)

I thought this one on fb wasn't in a cafe/restaurant, but I'm sure I can see some ketchup bottles.

No. 156836

File: 1439336482212.jpg (79.12 KB, 800x800, 10259771_10202125412924930_700…)

These are from ma's fb

No. 156839

Yeah, kind of looks like some sort of cafe.

Thank goodness, so she does have some non-meal pictures. They're all old af, but perhaps it's best that she has more pictures from then than from now.

No. 156840

Haha my first thought at this was "who's her lesbian friend?" And then I realized it was her bro.

No. 156844


She went spoopy quite quickly. I was looking at others on her mum's account and she looks okay, then a year later she looks like death.

No. 156845

you guys are always jumping to conclusions

my mom always looks like that in pics because she just can't take pictures for shit unless you tell her what to do in one

not even for a sec did I think she's annoyed with her daughter

it's obvious her daughter is sick and as a mother who loved their child and is willing to go out to eat with her, I doubt she'd be that put off by taking a pic, especially since she allowed it in the first place

No. 156847


But she also knows that one morning her daughter might not wake up. The toll of aly's illness on her has to be so great. I don't think she looks annoyed, but she looks worn down. Her obsessive photo taking is a part of her illness and it's yet more shit she has to deal with.

No. 156853

I just looked at mama's FB and all of her photos are private, except for the profile and cover ones… Are you guys FB friends with her, or…?

No. 156855

No. 156857


Op is fucking alys mom.

No. 156858

Those are where the pics I saw are that've been posted.

No. 156859

Only papa casati is fucking aly's mum …

No. 156861

Can you imagine fucking him, like he always has that angry Vladimir Putin face and he just stares angrily into the distance the whole times he's pumping away

No. 156863

There's only one Italian man I imagine fucking ;)

No. 156865

Going to try masturbating to that image of Papa Casati later in the evening.

No. 156869

Me too anon, me too…

No. 156870

File: 1439338939407.jpg (151.81 KB, 1153x2048, FB_IMG_1439338871894.jpg)

Mama's kinda hot

No. 156871

Damn she is
Sad thing is that she looks younger than Aly

No. 156872

I was feeling bad for calling mama a MILF in my mind.


Putin's cum face. Hope that helps you along with your papa C fantasies.

No. 156873

File: 1439339127141.jpg (21.7 KB, 339x281, oh baby.JPG)


No. 156874

File: 1439339201793.gif (454.49 KB, 831x615, 54110608664.gif)

Like this?

No. 156877

File: 1439339443111.jpg (42.04 KB, 525x387, uh oh.JPG)

None of this plz

No. 156888

File: 1439340141145.jpg (49.08 KB, 460x340, tumblr_n67v588JlU1r8t72ko1_500…)


No. 156889

File: 1439340378286.jpg (21.71 KB, 449x300, recovery winner.JPG)

Oh so it's a competition now? Fuck you, Pootin. I raise you even MORE calories. A GINORMOUS (!) slice of warm, oily pizza.

No. 156890

File: 1439340456673.jpg (179.77 KB, 320x500, ice cream.jpg)

and restrict after so many calories? Obama can't hear you! #dessert

No. 156891

Dem moobies….

No. 156894

Someone please make an Aly-style IG account with political figures

No. 156895

You read my mind, except I wanna theme it around one celebrity. Oh my god. I think I'm gonna do it

No. 156896

File: 1439340729697.jpg (7.09 KB, 183x276, cameron.jpg)

Ohhh, I would love to but I'm only web based ig :(

No. 156899

File: 1439340776149.jpg (29 KB, 581x581, nike-just-do-it.jpg)


No. 156900

I'm leaving a comment for aly in the morning.

No. 156901

Do eeeet

No. 156902

I wonder which sleb it's going to be.

No. 156904

File: 1439341104253.jpg (17.74 KB, 281x129, Capture.JPG)

Predictive text is so embarrassing

No. 156906


Will report back shortly…

No. 156912

File: 1439341468474.jpg (22.42 KB, 250x220, waaaaiting.jpg)

No. 156956


Looks like Aly has a new #edwarrior

If there's one thing I learned it's that in addition to taking a zillion pics a day, it must take her FOREVER to write all those long ass captions

No. 156957

Turns out there's already a tumblr dedicated to psing Chris Christie eating so that makes it easier

No. 156963

File: 1439343111959.jpg (127.25 KB, 380x400, 380_Image_PA_john_prescott_pie…)

I'd do one for John Prescott. For non UK anons, he used to be the deputy Prime Minister and came out as bullimic

b/p :(

No. 156976

oh man that is just too convenient…make one for him and chris will follow him

No. 156981

I can't though - no data on my phone! I'm due to top up in a few days so I'll get ig going and do John an account. He should join the #EDfamily or politicians.

I'm donuts, so just want to say I can't DM or anything. Even the ig app I've got is BETA for windows phones. It's shite. No fucking DMing.

No. 156982

oh my god debunkin donuts it is an honor to meet you

No. 156988

I can't believe I am following cchristie. His #fight is so inspiration! I don't even follow aly, but he's so full of #recoverywin.

No. 156993

honestly he is a huge success story for recovery

No. 157000

absolutely HUGE (!)

No. 157008

Ginger has orthorexia for sure.

No. 157044

all I can ever focus on is how gross and nasty her rat-tail braid always looks. It's probably so think because all her hair's falling out but it looks like it would feel greasy if you touched it, and like if she whipped her head around real fast she'd smack her customers in the face all the time and leave slick grease spots on them.

It doesn't help that it looks like she never showers and probably uses that hippie ass crystal deodorant that doesn't do shit, and also has severe brussels sprout farts.

No. 157064

He needs to use the exact same hashtags as Aly too

No. 157068

File: 1439347593470.png (2.97 MB, 1278x1276, Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 7.29…)

Yeah, tonight's special includes zucchini "rice" (for fuck's sake, regular rice is already ~high-carb low-fat vegan~, and you're eating rice cakes, so whyyyyy make shitty fake "rice"? WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE?) and a "Cucumber Beet Cream Trifle with Sweet Cilantro Crumble." Dear god.

I just can't get over the fact that she sweetens most of her vegetable concoctions with loads of stevia. I've known anorexics who put lots of hot sauce, salsa, and/or mustard on their food, but Ginger is the first person I've come across who constantly sweetens food that should (in my VERY strong opinion) be savory. For example, I love to steam up some fresh zucchini and yellow crookneck squash and sprinkle a bit of salt and lemon pepper (or just regular pepper) on top. Just imagining mixing stevia in to that - or putting peanut butter on nori - makes me want to weep. Especially in the quantities she uses in her recipes, I'd imagine you'd get a lot of that weird kinda bitter taste that stevia has, too. Gag.

Also, those baby carrots look so dried out ;_; The salad looks like it might be OK, though.

No. 157071

I started to on the one but honestly my thumbs got tired trying to add them all at the end. I need to copy-paste from her.

No. 157072

I think any of these raw salad type things could be decent meals, minus stevia. And yea ive been around anas that dump splenda on everything

She also adds nutriotional yeast to everything. Its a popular ingredient for vegans but the nickname 'nooch' is disgusting

No. 157084

read that as "hooch" at first

knew a girl once who ate packets of splenda when she wanted "something sweet." i don't have a sweet tooth at all, but that has GOT to be too much

No. 157149

ARRRRGGGGHHHHH every time she says "nooch" (or "bloobs"), it makes me want to punch walls

No. 157152

Yeah, save all that shit in word or something and copy/paste it.

You end up realizing how much of a life she doesn't have despite going out. All she does is take multiple pictures of the same thing until one satisfies her OCD, upload it, then add filters and whatev, then type up some inane bullshit to go with it, then post the pic, then monitor/delete comments. Sometimes multiple times a day. It sounds so exhausting.

No. 157190

Right? It's almost as disordered and life-disrupting as her anorexia, except that OCD and an instagram addiction… and I dare say narcissism, are unlikely to kill her, permanently damage her health, and/or destroy her family.

No. 157211

I honestly don't understand how these people are able to do all of this Instagramming and still have hours in the day left for anything else. It would take me forever to do that shit and I think I'd get sick of it in less than a week.

No. 157217

Rice is the grain of the Beast. Potatoes are the tuber of Cain. Stevia, however, is the sweet spittle that drips from Gabriel's horn.

No. 157225

Agreed. Probably would spend more time getting a decent picture than enjoying what I was doing. I just can't.
Aly's instagram is depressing (not just due to the spoopiness), too, despite her SUPER POSITIVE SHITTING RAINBOWS captions. She updates every day and it's always the same: her face and/or food. If that's what my life was day in and day out, I'd hang myself. I certainly wouldn't want to show the world how pathetic I am.

No. 157232

Nooch is good for a hooch's cooch.

No. 157256

That undressedskeleton girl put kool aid on everything including vegetables, so it's a thing, apparently.

No. 157264

File: 1439367990900.jpg (225.77 KB, 958x628, daddy dearest.jpg)

Holy shit.
I swear, every time she tries to convince people that her father is a meanie, the more I'm convinced that she's just a whiny brat who is upset because he doesn't spoil her rotten.

I understand many that was triggering for her to hear "too many sweets in the evening," but ffs, she's ridiculous.

The kid's face in the background is brilliant though.

No. 157272

not trying to whiteknight but is her dad one of the causes of her anorexia?
Maybe he comments about everything she eats.

No. 157281

Having a parent or someone comment on everything you eat is fucking obnoxious though. Not trying to defend Aly.

No. 157282

That's what she claims, but it just sounds like bullshit.

I mean, she didn't even say that he said she had too many sweets in the evening. He probably was just commenting on too many sweets in the evening in general, since he may not have a sweet tooth.

No. 157283

Most likely he made either a general comment or a comment about himself about eating too many sweets late. These sorts of comments are typically triggering to people with EDs, because they think that the comment is directed at them. So nah, he probably doesn't. He just doesn't let her get away with her bullshit.

No. 157285

because I agree. I feel like she would have specified if he had directed it at her.

No. 157289

In the comments of this picture, flyingfree85 now thinks Aly is completely recovered and no longer has an ED.

No. 157290

I don't think he really says anything…she's always talking about him just "staring" at her in the kitchen and never mentions him saying anything. She's so dramatic and set on painting him in such an evil light that I'm sure that she would have written something about it.

No. 157300

Some are speculating that FF85 is a troll and a farmer. FF doesn't have any posts on IG so I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 157301

I think other peoples speculations about this are probably correct, but my dad didn't like it when I ate sugary shit in the evening or more than the odd biscuit or pastry, because well uh sugar isnt good for you. I've never had problems with my weight - he would just make remarks, because he didn't want me to damage my teeth or my body.

I think it's kind of understandable, all Aly eats are biscuits and ice cream and croissants and coffees, this holiday she's branching out eating waffles and crepes. Mum might be happy she's eating at all, but her dad probably wants her to eat a proper fucking meal of meat and veg one evening, rather than snacking on all this sugary shit.

No. 157302

He was probably talking to her brother.

No. 157308

Oh my goodness RE the latest instagram "joyous" selfie. She is only lying to herself, honestly her legs are just bones. Why is her family taking her on holiday instead of forcing her to be bedrest/inpatient

No. 157309

Well no she may not be eating it at all, all we see is her being photographed posing with food

No. 157310

I think so, too. You often get reeeeaally sensitive about any comments concerning weight and food bc of an ed. He was probably not talking about her and because in her state I would be happy she eats something at least I guess

No. 157312

>implying she's actually eating

No. 157314

prob 'staring' to try to make her not take pics lol
maybe she also exaggerates. Some people with an ed think everyone stares and judges them. But kind contradicts with her publishing her life on IG and liking to go to restaurants

No. 157333

>Why is her family taking her on holiday instead of forcing her to be bedrest/inpatient
It's pretty weird. I wonder if they even see her as being as spoopy as she is? How could you look at someone like Aly and think that they were fit to go walk around on holidays and go drinking and shit rather than to go straight to the hospital? Yeah, she's "in treatment," but it's clearly not working as intended…they HAVE to notice these things, right? I don't think she could convince everyone IRL that she's fine, considering her extreme level of emaciation.

No. 157334

I think her mom sees it. She was the one pressuring Aly to go inpatient before June. But the problem is that her mother also coddles her and buys into Aly's bullshit.

No. 157335

Her entire body literally looks like an old lady's. Shit's nasty.

No. 157341

If Aly did not eat anything, she would be dead. As already previously discussed, anorexics do eat, all of them - maybe 30 calories a day maybe 300, but they have to eat.

No. 157343

"and then this huge (!) ? dang oily ?? plate of SUPERLICIOUS spaghetti in tomatoe sauce ?"

uhm NO? this is not a HUGE plate?
My family is italian, i eat italian food all the time and i eat pasta twice a week and this kind of pasta every sunday. Well, her plate is not huge and not even NORMAL. I imagine i can hold her portion in one of my hands AND MY HANDS ARE PRETTY SMALL.

Aly is getting more and more obvious, it's like she doesn't see it.

No. 157346

>zoomed the fuck in to make it seem bigger
Yeah, no shit, that's like a toddler's portion size.
>Really, it was drowning in oil
No it wasn't bitch, don't fucking lie!
It's pasta for fuck's sake.

No. 157347

No I don't think she's eating it all, but I believe she has a few bites here and there in front of her family. Most of it complete rubbish, especially the things she's been 'eating' on holiday.

Like I said though other people are probably right, he didn't even direct the comment at her and she took it badly because eating disorder.

No. 157358

And the lack of eating is why so many anorexics die. I don't think anyone is under the impression she doesn't eat, period. Just that she way undereats. Enough to be emaciated. She certainly does not eat all the food she photographs.

No. 157361


If she drops dead tomorrow then it's too bad

No. 157364

Wasn't it Jell-O (or jelly, if you prefer) powder that she put on everything? Or am I thinking of a different crazy food blogger?

No. 157365

Honestly, I would not be sorry if Erika, Ash or Aly dropped dead. I would be sorry for Erika's kids, though.

They all have vile personalities and are extremely unlikable (to me, anyway), so why should I feel bad for them?

You are