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File: 1466033249876.jpg (142.35 KB, 1080x1350, 13391221_1159789680754118_7016…)

No. 143830

Charms and Scraps were kicked out of her mother's home for bringing in yet another dog and are currently living separately; Charms is living out of a motel room (supposedly looking for her own place) while the dog is staying with her stepsister. None of the other animals are with her.

Still getting shitty tattoos, still stuffing her face with shit she doesn't need.

Previous thread: >>243458
Tumblr: http://littlelotte-xo.tumblr.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/littlelotte_xo
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/littlelotte_xo/
MFC: http://profiles.myfreecams.com/Lotte__
Chaturbate: https://chaturbate.com/lotte__/

No. 143831

File: 1466033322738.jpg (356.73 KB, 1152x2048, ClBDGVIUgAAmVN2.jpg)

she's gotten yet ANOTHER shitty tattoo while she's supposed to be finding a place to live

No. 143832

File: 1466033402684.png (603.62 KB, 589x349, capture_001_15062016_160919.pn…)

and for someone who ~knows so much~ about animals she's really fucking retarded about animal behavior

No. 143833

This tat is BEYOND shitty

No. 143834

Jesus, the line work is fucking horrible.

What's up with the faded rose and cross though? Are those old tattoos or something?

No. 143835

File: 1466034206572.jpg (141.19 KB, 675x1200, Ck70KUHWgAAONcM.jpg)

No. 143836

I'm not even into tattoos and I can easily see how misshapen and unequal this one is, fuck.
that rose was a real beaut, why the fuck did she think it was a good idea to surround it with this scribbly trash?

No. 143837

File: 1466035103205.gif (593.03 KB, 500x281, ech.gif)

Wow..This is beyond a train wreck. It's completely uneven and cluttered to shit.

No. 143838


What the actual fuck. I'm not super familiar with the tattoo process, but isn't the artist supposed to draw it out first on paper, make a transferable copy and then transfer it to the skin?

I have never seen a tattoo free hand a improved deaign onto the body like this. How common is this?

No. 143839

fairly common but her tattooist is just shit

No. 143840

Has anyone gone onto her Tumblr and mentioned the impulse tattoos she's been getting? Like, this is undeniably shit, there's no way she van keep going back to this piece of shit tattoo artist who keeps putting scribbles on a drugged up mentally ill person.

No. 143841

I've been tempted to but you know she'll either ignore it or just reply with some bullshit about how happy she is with herself and hdu worry SHE'S HAPPY DAMMIT

No. 143842

I wanna cry with how bad these tattoos are. The rose and wings were all lovely and now it's all just a big cluttered fucking mess.

No. 143843

I think tattoos are her new method of self harm.

No. 143844

Definitely. They're probably the only time she feels "normal" in her drugged up haze. I never thought I'd ever feel bad for Charms, but here we are.

No. 143845

This dog has been moved around 5~ times since coming to Lotte, he's probably stressed out as fuck. Especially if he's not used to being around other days.

What a dumbass cunt.

No. 143846

And she's a supposed "animal lover". She needs to admit she's a fucking animal hoarder.

No. 143847

Honestly this could have been a decent tattoo. Other than it being insanely wonky the thumbnail didn't look that bad. This artist is horrible.

No. 143848

What kills me about it is that it could have been fixed so it wouldn't be so goddamn uneven and overlapping with the older ones.

No. 143849

Someone please tell Charms to stop taking her meds so she can see what she's doing to herself. That post in the last thread where she was off her meds for a bit and lost weight and finally saw what she had become made me hopeful that she'd realize how overmedicated she was, but so far she's fallen back into the same patterns… How many trashy tattoos does this make?

No. 143850

Is that really such a good idea? We don't even know her IRL. We are just assuming for which reason she is doing things. There is still a chance that it is completely different from what we are thinking.

No. 143851

What meds is she even on, what for and why?

No. 143852

From what was said in the last thread Scarps berates her for being crazy and I'd say it's safe to assume that keeping him around is the only reason she keeps taking the meds. And forgive my tinfoil hat level of suspicion but I think he knows her medication makes her sedated and apathetic so he takes advantage of that so he can keep using her for money and bullshit. I can't imagine living with someone I love and then letting them sleep in a fucking hotel room after being kicked out by their parents while I stay somewhere else. Why wouldn't he go with her? Why wouldn't they try to find some way to stay together? It almost seems like he's pulling away and trying to find a new meal ticket. Charms has a history of being attracted to abusive relationships so I couldn't imagine her connection to Scraps being any different.

No. 143853

Well it's not like he didn't try to get away before…

He's probably been awaiting his great escape from craycray

No. 143854

She never will because she thinks what she's doing is helping and saving the animals. People don't understand that its the exact opposite and are just selfish pricks.

No. 143855

File: 1466117662659.jpg (157.46 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)


No. 143856

lmao I love you anon. 10/10

No. 143857


Emaciated forest gnome fucking kek

No. 143858

I've been following Cuckcop for a while, go back to the Onion thread, Cuckcop.

No. 143859

Ps: I love Cuckcop.

No. 143860

Who is cuckcop

No. 143861

Mike relies on her. How the heck would he have money?

No. 143862

i think he sells cosplay shit or something

No. 143863

I can try and dig around her tumblr for the message but she got an anon asking her about convention stuff and she said all of her money is tied up in helping Mike. But if all of her cash is being used to help him then why does he have money to spare like that?

No. 143864

I love ya all who tells Charms to get off her meds. Like wtf?! Ya aren't doctors so don't pretend to be. No doctors I know like giving out meds like candy. Even then, they start you out with the cheap stuff because insurances.

What Charms needs is a good therapist. She clearly has more issuses. Taking away her meds won't help. It will just make her worse. As I said, taking the meds away won't help. The issuses will still be there.

No. 143865

File: 1466193969147.jpg (72.89 KB, 576x1024, 1413289106066.jpg)


Before meds.

No. 143866

File: 1466194016522.jpg (507.53 KB, 1152x2474, 1465685689579.jpg)


After meds (and Mike).

No. 143867

File: 1466194045048.jpg (641.25 KB, 1710x1373, 1465685699795.jpg)

She was on cam again a few nights ago but nobody noticed lol

No. 143868

And what is your point? Lmao you sound like one of those hippies who are fully against meds. Again, Charms needs a therapist. You take away those meds, she'll be %100 worse. Not better. The issuses will remain and more some. She needs a good therapist who will help her through all those underlying problems and then maybe start lowering her meds.

No. 143869


My point is that there's an obvious correlation here, and if I'm frank I don't believe she needs even half of the meds she's apparently taking atm. She could cut down to the bare minimum of the mood stabilisers and anti's whilst in therapy.

No. 143870

SSRI's effect the dopamine releasing part of the brain, which is pretty important and long term use can cause permanent change in this area. That's why family doctors give them out like candy while actual psychiatrists who know their shit are pretty careful. Those things can make you into a lazy, unproductive piece of shit pretty fast, so it's important to weigh the consequences and think, "hmmm, is this persons depression really life threatening?"

No. 143871

None of us are doctors though. We can't say if Charms is life threatening. And this is why you don't take advice from someone off the internet.

No. 143872

Did she shave off her hairline?? Why does it look like that?

No. 143873

kek her eyebrows no

i feel like if she got her makeup sorted she'd look a little better. like it just adds to the overall grossness and it's so easily fixable.

high forehead + something she's using to try and contour? she needs bangs again really badly.

No. 143874

Bitch none of this shit is true. Given a few years any receptor will return back to its equilibrium. There is so much other shit wrong with this post but forreal, quit playing armchair psychiatrists. What Charms does with her meds is up to the discretion of her and her psych. End of story. No one can help Charms except herself at this point. She needs to pull her own shit together

No. 143875

damage from impulse dying (bleaching from dark hair, dying it pink, dying it again in a matter of days/weeks) and hair extensions. if she shaved her hairline and it was growing back the growth pattern would be more uniform

No. 143876

I am honestly beginning to think she has that compulsive disorder where you pull out your hair piece by piece.

No. 143877

File: 1466217615528.jpg (86.23 KB, 360x640, 1352222765431.jpg)


Charlotte has always had such a high hairline, I remember people picking on her for it on /cgl/. The only reason it's more noticeable now is because she's wearing it back.

No. 143878


Scraps is way worse for her than meds will ever be.

No. 144407

Why was this thread randomly moved after being on /pt/ since the start of the site?

No. 144475

The Dakota thread got moved here too. And several other long running lolcow/snowflake threads (aka the majority of this site's traffic) got permalocked.

Nobody wants to say anything about it though because the admin is on a thread locking/ farmer banning spree.

No. 144552


That fucking undercut tho. I bet a fiver that she ends up shaving her whole head

No. 145664

File: 1466396455198.png (16.92 KB, 562x103, screenshot-twitter.com 2016-06…)

who want's to bet it was scraps

No. 145704

Or it's her own debt

No. 145755

File: 1466434565144.jpg (46.46 KB, 750x316, image.jpg)

Huehuehue guyzz she wearing diapers now

No. 145771

….She's literally wearing diapers now? Oh shit man, Charms is losing it.

No. 145773

She was talking about literal drawers that you put clothes into.

"omg it's amazing. You should line the glass toy drawer with a small piece of cloth to make sure they don't get a scratch"
"and they make great cleaning rags because they're hella absorbent ???"

C'mon now.

No. 145938

The second I saw it i knew it had to be fucking freehanded. It's not even remotely symmetrical and to be fucking honest she should not be working on anyone at all. The apprentice is clearly milking her for practice which is total shit.

How the fuck do they not have a photocopier? More importantly why the fuck is she free handing on a spot that is so goddamn flat and is ideal for a stencil? Is her artist fucking drunk?????? literally NONE of it looks symmetrical does she literally hate her clients???????????

fucking what

No. 145939

>that rose was a real beaut, why the fuck did she think it was a good idea to surround it with this scribbly trash?


No. 145945

My bad. It was definitely a language barrier. had no idea people called other things that weren't underwear 'drawers.'

No. 145948

File: 1466456553427.jpg (66.52 KB, 720x630, _20160620_165741.JPG)

Was laughing so hard when I saw this. Bet she isn't enjoyable in bed either

No. 145950

i mean i agree with her damn. but i also feel bad for anyone that has to pretend to enjoy having sex with her (mike) :/

No. 145955

We all saw what she did to Mike's dick that one time…. Defiantly feel bad for him. She shouldn't speak. Charms probably is like a dead fish in bed Lmao

No. 145969

She's so lacking in self awareness that it's bizarre. Old, little lotte could get away with that sort of public bitching because she was thin and beautiful and popular.
But now to try to make fun of something a person is born with and can't be helped when she herself is growing physically undesirable from her own doing and choices seems so stupid.

I don't even care about muh benises but it's such a bad move to offend the remains of her male fanbase. Bye bye camming.

No. 145975

>but i also feel bad for anyone that has to pretend to enjoy having sex with her


No. 145983

Yup. Those guys with 'small' dicks are what paying your bills Charms. And buying you a house or whatever it is she's doing.

So not smart Charms.

No. 146013

honestly you can say the same for megvnmvrie

No. 146043

The guys who pay her on cam must be masochistic enough to be into that shit. Even just watching her is humiliating enough

No. 146278

>fat cow ragging on something a guy actually can't help


No. 146352

I don't see how she knows they've got small dicks anyway. She's talking like everyone's a nudist. Even if she's getting randoms sending her dick pics, there can't be THAT many.

No. 146427

>muh benises

She's depleted of all self awareness because her bipolar meds royally fuck her up. That's just the truth of them, but unfortunately for most people they're the best option. I wish she would try something else though, there's so many newer ones that have less side effects. And she's rich so she can get the new ones.

Kinda weird for her to deliberately write that unless her fans are into being humiliated, but I would think some of her more subs viewers would leave for someone more out of their league.

No. 146442

she seems to spend her money on stupid shit, so I doubt she's rich. she said she'd have to ask Mike for money to get her nose pierced, begs her fans for gift cards to get fast food, etc

No. 147341

File: 1466696868205.jpeg (236.32 KB, 672x1149, image.jpeg)

Daily remember that this ugly fucker pulled Charms in her prime.

No. 147345

Jesus fucking H. Christ.
He looks like an even slimier and effeminate version of Penguin in Gotham.

No. 147348

that goat is more attractive than him

No. 147419

Where's the appeal from her point of view, does he have a 50 inch dick or something?

No. 147425

Looks like a female meth addict

No. 147430

He's so gross.

No. 147445

I remember anons in the other thread calling him "cute" l m a o

No. 147466

How the fuck did he pull charms back in the day. He must be funny or big shlong

No. 147487


He was a complete asskisser and enabler for Charms. He'll tell her anything she wants to hear as long as she keeps supporting him and he'll gladly do it too.

No. 147522

Basically..he's a servant

No. 147573

her brows are fine anon

No. 147578

yikes. If only she used the money she spent on this trash tattoo on a gym membership……

No. 147847

She also has dated nothing but men that abused her. I will always hate Mike.

No. 148676

File: 1467039513942.jpg (51.23 KB, 640x960, 13528960_10206866656211470_463…)

Snagged this from Mike's instagram.

No. 148773

How hard the mighty fall

No. 148798

despite her size, I'm still jealous of how little of an effect it has on her face/neck.

No. 148813

Holy shit I was so stuck on how much Scraps looked like a crescent moon man that I didn't even realize that was Charms in the background. Also agree with >>148798 she can pull off myspace angles and we wouldn't ever know how much of a fatty she's become.

No. 148841


So what if her neck isnt too 'fat'?
Her entire body is enormous. She is approaching obese territory. She's repulsive now.

Scraps' face is ugly. He has no lips.

No. 148861

when is she going to dump the "littlelotte" moniker? besides the fact that she's now lardlotte, googling her name brings up lolcow as like the first result. is she even trying to cultivate an image anymore?

No. 148882

Weird conspiracy theory: Charlotte is gaining weight on purpose so she can have "more" skin to cover in tattoos.

No. 148910

She's still too hot for Mike.

No. 148988

Same… I'm like 3x thinner than Lotte but my face is 30x more bloated. I'm so jealous because hers has always been so slim and narrow… She's truly blessed in that regard. Shame she had to piss it all away…

No. 148995

Same, I think most of us are half a Lotte but suffer from bloated faces. My body may be slim, but a bad angle or bad diet can give me a double chin.

No. 149023

Fat faced lolcowers unite!

It especially sucks having a fat face in photos. :(

No. 149052

File: 1467151475085.png (34.81 KB, 565x98, Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 5.04…)

She's getting more tattoos?

No. 149053

oh wow, I assumed it was just a rando pregnant woman in the background

No. 149130

Having some fat on your face makes it look youthful though, so at least we can have that small perk. But photos, holy shitt..

No. 150056

File: 1467482378914.png (22.37 KB, 582x127, 2016-07-02_10-58-11.png)


No. 150061

That dog is probably getting way more exercise than her. For all she knows that dig was just recently adopted to a new home who is trying to get it heAlthy again. She jumps to so many conclusions when it comes to animals to make it seem like she is the perfect pet owner.

No. 150125

She can't judge anyone for animal "abuse" when she had all of her cats locked up in one room like the crazy hoarder she is.

No. 150137

This is the same person that left her cat at home after it had babies and then made the dead babies a decoration, right?

No. 150170

wait, what? when did this happen?

No. 150195

Wasn't that Gutterface?

No. 150218

Nah, Gutterface makes OTHER people's dead pets into "art". Possibly after killing them her/him/itself.

Charms "just" neglects her own pets 'til they die and then makes, uh…art.

No. 150220

File: 1467528008741.jpg (66.82 KB, 479x670, sickbitch.JPG)

No. 150221

File: 1467528047764.jpg (30.89 KB, 1191x113, catstory.JPG)

From the first Charm's thread

No. 150223

that's so sad…

how could this have happened? why wouldn't charms leave them with the kitten's mother? i wonder how one would feel having a whole litter of kittens die on you.

do people ever tell charms that she's a bad owner? i feel i mostly see people praising her (on her social media sites)

No. 150228

Not to blog, but I used to live in an area where people had a lot of farm cats, strays, dumped cats, etc. for a few years. From experience, a lot of the first litters have low survival rates, split palettes were weirdly common, sometimes the mother cats would accidentally smother their newborns out of inexperience.

I'm not saying these kittens didn't die from possible neglect though. Why was't her pet cat fixed in the first place? If they had split palettes they would have died after the first night or two and would have been making awful noises that would cause alarm. Something about this doesn't sit right with me either.

No. 150270


my memory is fuzzy and i'm too lazy to check the old threads, but it went something like

>her cat gives birth

>charms leaves for a con, leaving her mum (or someone else i forgot) to care for the kittens)
>said someone didnt
>kittens died

I don't remember why the kittens needed to be weaned by someone, I think the mother cat rejected them or something. It was basically 100% neglect

No. 150275

thats fucking gross. i know they may have died naturally, but preserving cute sweet babies is just disgusting. she calls herself a cat lover. fuck her

No. 150278

what else would charms have done?

they died anyways, and i believe taxidermy and stuff like that is her hobby
i can't see charms just burying them, or throwing them away

i wonder if she even feels bad

No. 150279

Why is there so many Charms sympathizers ITT? Yeah taxidermy is normal but Charms is a known cat hoarder who needs to stay away from animals until she is stable, period. What a selfish, disgusting person

No. 150280

No. 150319

This is sick. Also,
>"we're going to clean the bones"
What the fuck does it mean? She wants to open up those dead bodies? Ill

No. 150339

No? Iirc you let the bodies rot outside until only the bones are left, since you can't do anything with the fur/guts/etc…it's also less messy.

No. 152074

I miss Charms milk. She was my fave lolcow.

No. 152082

Same.. I'm enjoying Mariah right now though.

Is there really much milk from Charms atm other than her being on a down spiral and dating the moon?

No. 152181

File: 1467920452330.png (238.93 KB, 258x437, middleagedlesbian.png)

All her tumblr seems to be is reblogging posts whining about them not allowing camgirls to link their videos anymore and some girls being shadowbanned. On twitter she's posting about some dumb Harley cosplayer she's roped into doing camshows with. One of her cats has a confirmed UTI (probably from her not cleaning the litter boxes regularly is my guess) and she's convinced herself she's good looking enough to make money off a calender, prints, and a coffee table book. There's something about her getting a face tattoo, talking about wanting to date a tattoo artist for free tattoos (because to her that doesn't scream "I use people"), and her parents are buying her a house. Pic is something she posted on twitter that gives me a feeling she's lurked around here.

No. 152190

please don't insult the moon like that wtf

No. 152200

Instead of burying them, she puts them on display like objects. What a piece of shit.

No. 152201

File: 1467928000221.gif (682.82 KB, 500x282, anigif_enhanced-buzz-3087-1424…)

While I 100% agree fat dogs are a form of animal abuse, this bitch has NO room to talk with her pet hoarding.

No. 153291

she's on cam with two other girls

No. 153292

File: 1468140234698.png (3.71 MB, 1536x2048, image.png)

No. 153299

absolutely hideous, especially compared to the other girls

No. 153300

they're all messy

No. 153306

My god, she's a blimp. Funny she still goes by littlelotte…

No. 153308

she doesn't, it's just lotte__ now

No. 153329

I used to know these guys, but haven't spoken with in a long time. It was sad to read about the history in these threads. I thought it was a teenage thing - that these individuals would grow out of, and grow up. I hope these people find themselves before they destroy themselves.

No. 153441

File: 1468187629700.jpeg (277.81 KB, 1200x1200, image.jpeg)

the three of them made a new three way sex video while they were incredibly drunk from the stream last night, I believe they had 16 shots each… can only imagine the train wreck this video is

No. 153445

>kissing Charms who brushes her teeth once a month
>having sex with Charms who rarely bathes

Fucking disgusting.

No. 153452

What's up with those pantyhoses?

No. 153453

If you watct his shit you need to take caps for people who come in late

No. 153456

What the fuck is up with those flesh colored tights

And damn that asian girls body is fucking wack like why do you have belly rolls and no chest/ass

Charm's arm tattoos look good from far away. I think a few of those are from when she was going to legit artists though. Really glad she didn't get like garish color tattoos.

No. 153458

Excuse me I typed "belly rolls" and I meant Workout Lines™, forgive me Queen

No. 153459

Oh my god it's so unfortunate.
I feel bad for laughing but gosh.

No. 153461


i watched about ten minutes after anon posted the link, it wasn't interesting enough to take caps.

Charms was off camera most of the time while the asian/white girl duo half-yelled at the camera in equally annoying voices. For the short amounts of time Charms was there, the other two girls had left for a moment and she was making awkward conversation with a barely-active room. She did make a comment about she continuously forgets how big her boobs are until she looks down (while avoiding to mention they were implants).

tl;dr She was the only tolerable one out of the three because she was the DD that night and couldn't drink. Nothing lolworthy.

No. 153468

Bender looks fucking traumatized

No. 153487

Oh man. I thought the other two girls might be decent, but after looking at these… they are all a mess. Charms massive gut/rolls though.

No. 153894

Thanks for updating us anon

No. 153930

File: 1468257953287.png (177.25 KB, 581x491, Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 1.24…)

both Charms and Chu are fuckwits

No. 153941

That's true, though

No. 153962

File: 1468265045580.jpg (17.7 KB, 310x317, 1431997081959.jpg)

No. 153970

Fucking lol! And the Count's like, "ONE shit tattoo, ah ah ah! TWO shit tattoos, ah ah ah! THREE shit tattoos, ah ah ah…!"

No. 153998

Probably because BLM is a hate group and they are defending criminals who break the law and get caught.

No. 153999

You can't expect camwhores to have any standards though.

No. 154001

File: 1468270541517.jpg (18.86 KB, 347x345, bender.jpg)

That Bender has seen some things.

No. 154002

File: 1468270584902.jpg (3.02 KB, 93x143, bender2.jpg)

No. 154010

File: 1468271479816.png (21.42 KB, 107x106, horror.png)

The count is trying to muffle his screams with the pillow.

No. 154013

This time around his 'ah ha ha!'s are just sobs.

No. 154035


No. 154050

Never thought I would become an adult to still laugh at Sesame Street jokes

No. 154067


LOL, you guys are hilarious. Bender looks like he wants to die.

No. 154259


No. 157086

File: 1468916920331.png (292.25 KB, 584x551, Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 4.27…)

Is Charms really desperate for money or attention?

No. 157087

File: 1468917175942.png (25.89 KB, 586x98, Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 4.28…)

she deleted her tumblr?

No. 157088

File: 1468917651280.png (113.17 KB, 577x445, Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 4.28…)


No. 157164

"My life is a dream in progress"
Fucking hell

No. 158263

File: 1469253196930.png (457.1 KB, 577x575, Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 1.46…)

why do you need so many sex toys when you don't make money?

No. 158264

File: 1469253266081.png (101.31 KB, 574x416, Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 1.48…)

if she barely has any fans how is she making so much money?

No. 158268

Probably other kinds of sex work.

No. 158270

>entirely out of debt
>home owner

These things are not synonymous for a fat, mentally ill, unemployed cam whore.

No. 158274

Who leaves their sex toys unattended long enough for a cat to chew through it's cord? Who leaves their toys out around animals to begin with?? Filthy. Take it out, use it, clean it, put it away. I bet she has UTIs all the time.

Also I saw she posted a camgirl giveaway on insta and the only person who liked it was Ryden Armani. Trashy people have to stick together I guess.

No. 158299

yall are so salty!!! boo hoo, someone you don't like is successful. triggered, anons? i also feel like theres a lot of samefaggery in charms' threads. she probably makes more than anyone commenting on this thread.

No. 158557

i hope she loses weight and makes a come back (it would be as simple as going to the doctor and getting some drugs for weight loss)

but i doubt she will. sad.

No. 158588

File: 1469301513683.png (134.13 KB, 570x583, Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 1.48…)

at least she acknowledges she's gained weight

No. 158609

File: 1469306964378.jpeg (149.93 KB, 1242x1120, image.jpeg)

"successful" still bein a leech. same good ol' charlotte fashion

No. 158633

File: 1469312003988.jpg (10.84 KB, 500x375, 13419207_970898033007867_18474…)

SOOO her parents would rather spend tons of money to buy her a house, so she can stop whining and leave them both live in peace, rather than let her messy self live under their roof again. I get it now. Expensive, but clever.

No. 158662

What it sounds like is that her father is giving Charms money as a down payment for Charms to purchase her mother's house? Her wording is confusing.

No. 158665

late to your klan meeting huh?

No. 158677

One day the gravy train will end, Charms. I hate this spoiled bitch more than any other lolcow here tbh.

No. 158678

Literally use google. BLM is a hate group inciting violence against cops and white people and cheering on the death of police officers. fuck off. They are a hate group that needs to be put out there.

No. 158684

File: 1469328643184.jpg (54.24 KB, 625x626, 1Xn5cXU.jpg)

No. 158778


derailing, take it to /b/ and discuss in the BLM thread.

No. 161100

File: 1469687809841.png (52.48 KB, 564x189, Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 1.48…)

good luck with that

No. 161106

That's never going to happen. All the girls that make it into the top 100 are much better looking, interact with their chat room ('Cept a few that already have big tippers for years but rare exception), take care of their bodies and actually keep to a fucking schedule. Charms is aiming way too high with what she's working with.

No. 161137


I mean we can at least hope she's implying that she will get her life, health and looks sorted in order to get to top 100.

No. 161216

What the fuck is she doing? Removing social media isn't going to help her cam girl career and she isn't going to take care of herself or stop saying stuff which can offend her clients (small dicks suck, guys are pigs etc) so I don't know how she expects to get into the top 100

No. 161268

I think it has to do with Tumblr's new policy against camgirl blogs. You can't have links to MFC or anything anymore.

No. 162426

Did she get her boobs done? Coz I know a girl who did and it looks like she has that scar under her boobs from a boob job. Unless she just has big boobs

No. 162429

Dude seriously lurk more. There's comments on every thread about how her boob job is poorly done/fucked up her breasts.

No. 162434

Isn't her sugar daddy in Germany, the one who paid for her tits? Maybe she's going there to either pay for that time, pr to get more from him to fix them?

No. 163323

File: 1470412348154.png (22.41 KB, 525x84, Screenshot 2016-08-05 11.48.43…)

Charms is planning on going out in public wearing nothing but a thong and pasties… with her current body.

I pity the people who have to see that.

No. 163406

I don't know how she finds thongs in her size

No. 163408

Not that hard tbh.

No. 163417

No. 164796

File: 1470895084836.jpg (141.16 KB, 1200x900, CpHrjSMWYAAyNUz.jpg)

I still can't get over her thinking her tits look good

apparently she's gotten two more small tattoos and has another appointment for another one. get your life together Charms.

No. 164812

rip cute old charms.

No. 164904

Tbh I really like some of the lingerie she has. D9es anyone know where you can get stuff like that? A few threads back one anon was saying they had suggestions for places that sell her style of clothing or whatever but they disappeared.

Sage for off topic.

No. 165024

No. 165055

Eeek…stay away from Germany plz

No. 165158

the one in >>164796 is from ASOS, I think

No. 170771

File: 1472825864822.png (Spoiler Image, 362.13 KB, 568x418, ssdkl.png)


No. 170772

Is this dog #2? Jesus christ charlotte, control your impulses.

No. 170778

I was in a relationship with a guy like Mike who forced me to take bipolar medication otherwise he'd break up with me.

Fucked up my life really hard. I was lost and took me a year to pull out of it after I dumped him and quit the meds. Just like Charms, I became aimless and gained weight and everything.

Fuck Mike, I genuinely think he's so bad for her. I'm in a much better place now and I know that she can probably be too.

No. 170779

Oh god, and it's a husky. They need a lot of attention and exercise - a LOT, or they'll destroy your house and everything you love. How soon til she gets bored or frustrated and gets rid of him? Poor thing. :(

No. 170797

I may be totally wrong, but don't most Huskies have a tendency to show aggression towards cats? I know this bitch isn't going to take the time to train that poor puppy.

No. 170802

Huskies have aggression problems period. Not like they're bad dogs, just bred to run miles upon miles each day. Without lots of work, training and physical activity, a husky becomes easily frustrated and that can be expressed as aggression. They also have a high prey drive. Out of all breeds, she can't get a fucking toy poodle or a dog meant for a lazy ass like her?

No. 170804

Didn't she have an Akita before that she quickly got rid of? She wants all of these high maintainence breeds that require a lot of experience, time and work because they ~look cool~ but she obviously isn't willing to do any of that.

I wonder what happened to that other dog she took in. Bet it's already gone.

No. 170805

Is someone gonna keep an eye on it and look after it while she cams?

She'll probably parade it round like an object until it pisses on her

No. 170813

File: 1472841114658.jpg (226.35 KB, 1029x643, Charlotte Munster ~ instagram …)


Suggested new name for the puppy: "NOMOTATS"

Damn Charlotte really needs to get her shit together, her new house is going to be a fucking zoo or noah's ark. I'm really hoping she's getting it together and putting things organized. She just started organizing her toys. SEE PIC.

No. 170814

File: 1472841237587.jpg (140 KB, 1080x1080, Charlotte'sSiliconeDickDrawer.…)


closeup of Charlotte's dick drawer and vibers. Yay! No more stuffing into trash bags! No more bag of dicks!

No. 170817

Why the hell would anyone need 7 full size Hitachi's?

No. 170826

Her vag is really big

No. 170839

Maybe she'll do stunts at some point in the future

No. 170857

exactly, my parent's dog is a small toy breed mix and he literally doesn't even go on walks, he's so lazy… all he wants to do is sleep/eat/walk around a little to pee. i dont understand why she got the breed that needs the most exercise? fucking retarded Charms

No. 170862

Does she obsessively buy sex toys too? In the drawer with the glass dildos there are so many that are nearly identical.

No. 170996

its funny bc i bet she never uses any of them. glass dildos are a meme, they are so bad for masturbation they pratically hurt sometimes. its awful. why would you get like a dozen of them, idk

No. 170997

excuse u anon i rly like my glass

No. 171081


She's even got them dildos specifically for anal which I don't get since Charlotte had a medical history of anal fissure problem she posted in one of her old tumblr blogs. It's pointless trying to understand what goes in this girl's mind.

No. 171093

She's so fucking irresponsible holy shit my jimmies are well and truly rustled. Jesus.

No. 171193


She's a cam girl, it does actually pay to have a large variety of dildos. Yes, glass ones don't actually feel good, but she's performing in front of a camera, not masturbating alone just for her own pleasure. Glass toys -look- pretty in pics and vids, hence why she has a large collection of them.

No. 171220

ive literally never even seen her get to use them because her shows are always ended before she even takes her underwear off… i doubt she's made enough money from MFC to pay for even half of her "toys"

No. 171302

File: 1473042983321.jpg (113.29 KB, 821x623, 2012November15post_CharlotteNo…)


She's got 9 anal dildoes and 4 buttplugs in this pic and we don't even get to see what's in drawers #5 and #6. Maybe we don't want to know. From her other (old) blog, she says she can't have anal sex, but yet here we are in 2016, she's got anal dildoes.

Chronic anal fissure = She's eternally butthurt.

Oh, Charlotte!!

No. 171840

maybe some of the butt toys are Mike's? Lol I really don't get why she'd have them otherwise having such a condition…

And we've seen his mangled peen before, maybe hes running out of options. Just a guess though. I really wonder whats in the other drawers

No. 171893

she has a ton of toys because she puts them on her wishlist and people buy them for her

No. 173264

File: 1473638838449.png (20 KB, 579x116, why.PNG)

so the husky puppy is just a toy for her other toy huh

and she had to get a PUPPY of all things. no way she can afford to send it to training since she's already asking for money for renovations, and no way she's competent or even patient enough to properly train either of those dogs. ugh i can't wait for those dogs to get taken away from her but oh boy that next owner is gonna have a lot to rehab/training to do

No. 173269

If she doesn't train that husky, she won't have to worry about them being bothered for very long. Huskies have very high prey drives.

No. 173350

what happened to the fuck machine

No. 174261

too lazy to play with her dog so she got another dog jfc. husky will probs just bond w/ the other dog and become a shit pet since she wont train it and exercise it

No. 174273

File: 1473977707462.png (1.2 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160915-151414.png)

All of her cats.

No. 174274

File: 1473977749572.png (2.55 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160915-151358.png)

No. 174277

Her house must smell so bad from all the cat pee. I have 3 cats and my house gets nasty if I don't clean all 3 litterboxes every 3 days or so.

No. 174279

This picture is triggering
I hope someone calls animal control on her. So has too many pets and she's too high on meds to take care of them. She is letting her cats be neat nails and carpet work. That shit is padding that goes underneath the carpet and there's boards with nails. Fuck her

No. 174281

And 5 more not pictured?! Damn, that's a lot of cats and I like cats too.

No. 174302

You should clean them daily.

No. 174315

Wtf!? This is terrible. And why is she keeping her cats shut in the basement?? It's not like she even goes down into that disaster zone to play with them.

No. 174319

Is it even legal for her to have that many cats? Where I live you're only allowed to have 5 adult cats per household.

No. 174329

>keeping them downstairs

I can only imagine.

No. 174337


What is even going on this picture. Are they renovating? Or is the place she's staying at just a constant shit hole.

No. 174350

You empty the kitty litter and replace it everyday? Fuck that. Cost $25 to fill two boxes, I pick up the mess multiple times a day but only fully replace litter once a week.

No. 174351


They mean they scoop it everyday. Do you leave your cat's shit and piss sit for days on end?

No. 174352

The anon clearly said they scoop their litter boxes every day. Please control the sperg.

No. 174354

Crazy cat ladies are unable to control their cat autism, especially when it comes to other people's reasonable pet habits.

No. 174363

File: 1474011333452.png (888.47 KB, 1224x662, $80BraPriorities_2016July27vsA…)


Spergy anon's cat litter box is the neighbor's backyard. kek

Char-Char is slowly introducing herself to the new crazy cat lady lifestyle post-webporn-cam.


Char is asking for donations on her twitter page so she can rehab the house's appliances & even toilets. Of all the things she need to rehab, she could have started with herself and her daily habits. Her priorities in life are always way fucking off. I actually feel bad for Mike for being in a relationship with her.

No. 174378

Surprisingly this bra looks pretty good because with all the straps and stuff it kind of hides how wonky and screwed up her tits look.

No. 174381

Don't feel bad for mike, he's part of the problem.

I went and read the rest of the caption because I was triggered beyond belief as well. Turns out there are renovations going on upstairs and they were keeping the cats away from it downstairs but they managed to break in and get to it anyway. Why she took pics of them instead of being horrified idk, mental illness, but the cats aren't being kept in those conditions at least.

She still has too many fucking pets. Seriously what do you get out of having 10 fucking cats?

No. 174419

File: 1474041563560.png (75.72 KB, 575x305, Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 10.5…)

Great decision making skills

No. 174424

That Sphynx shouldn't be anywhere near all that crap!

No. 174500

Is someone who lives near by or knows her address able to call animal control? that many animals in ONE house is beyond unhealthy and very abusive.

No. 174523

File: 1474066958190.png (65.75 KB, 593x329, CocaColaNeeds&Priorities_tw_20…)


She has mental issues, so she needs 10 cats for coping & to give her direction in life I guess. But having more cats can lead to more mental & health problems (coccidiosis, toxoplasmosis, CSD, etc.). Don't even get me started with the dogs, especially that husky puppy. God only knows if they've received full canine-profile vaccination & panels. The whole pet setup in that house is a firecracker-in-a-TNT-box scenario. It's turning into a literal 'Animal House'…


See pic attached re: Charlotte's Priority Issues - Coca-Cola Addiction vs. More Tatoos vs. Hair Color.

No. 174534

I thought she meant coke as in cocaine.

No. 174540

You're not alone. I thought so too kek

No. 174732

Before anyone calls the shelter on Charms, look up her state laws about pets. I'm sure some of you don't wanna hear this, but the shelter might not do anything. Each state has different laws. How many animals you can have. Shots. Dog license. So forth. I know one state you can have up to 25 dogs before you need a kennel license. So no, some don't see that many animals as abusive. Also, in some states, cats and dogs just need rabies. A humane society won't make a big deal if all the animals just have their rabies. If her house is clean, animals have food & water, in good shape and she's within law, the shelter won't do a thing.
Not defending Charms. Just saying look up the law before you make that call. Because you're taking away resources by falsely crying abuse if there isn't from real abused animals.

Now. I do see her becoming a hoarder in a few years. She thinks all animals need loving homes. That's the mentality that's leads one to animal hoarding.

No. 174746


What state does Charms live in?

No. 174753


The general sense seems to be it's not ethical to have more than 4 dogs or cats. What kinda home does she live in? Are they all like in one room?

No. 174787

>we've seen his mangled peen before
Show/tell us more

No. 174789

Hate to say it, but you're right. If the pets are getting fed, if the house is clean, and they have shelter then chances are the pets won't get taken away. Pet hoarders have 25+ pets, sometimes even hundreds.

I wouldn't mind calling some sort of animal control to take a look at her house tho judging by this photo >>174274 It may just be an unfinished room they're working on, but it seriously worries me that the cats are just chilling there.

And if she was ever honest to any animal shelter about the amount of pets she has, there would be no way they'd give her more. If she claims she's picking them up from shelters, she's a fucking liar.

No. 174793

in one of the previous threads there was a horrifying pic of his dick post-pumping

No. 174795

No. 174800

And I don't like being right. I've had a job with animal control, so I know their inner workings.
Which I find this whole situation sad. Mainly because I do see a lot of animal hoarding habits with Charms. Mentality is always where it's starts. Like I said, her thought process of "all animals need a home" will be her undoing. She thinks she can and should save them all.
Hopefully she'll stop now.

Again, depends on laws. I've seen shelters hand a woman with ten dogs another dog. Shelters really aren't what they're cracked up to be… As long as all of her animals have rabies, good references, and no criminal background… Most likely an animal shelter will give her another pet. So there's a small possibility that she did get some of her animals from shelters.

No. 174801


It looks like it got beaten by cops.
How do hell do you bend a dick with cylindrical penis pump?! Was she using a miniature jet engine for a vacuum?

No. 178189

File: 1475241927740.png (1.03 MB, 450x720, lotte's big day out.png)

I don't understand it. It's like an impossible shape.

In other news, Charms was in a car accident with another camgirl…

No. 178204

I smell setup. This cosmic odd is pure bullshit. Can't get enough tokens for your camming? → commit insurance fraud

They get:
>$$$ insurance compensation
>free opioid pain meds
>free therapy sessions (physical & occupatinal shit)
>state disability $$$
>more drama material for e-begging and attention whoring

No. 178228

> This cosmic odd is pure bullshit

Do you think they were in separate cars or something? They were both in the same car. Their car got into a wreck with another car. There's absolutely nothing unbelievable about that.

If you think they intentionally crashed into someone, that's pretty retarded, because it's not like car insurance companies pay out easily. If Charlotte and the other girl were found at fault, they wouldn't get a dime of insurance money, and their insurance rates would go up. Plus they'd be on the hook if the other driver decided to sue them, and if the other driver died they'd be looking at manslaughter/homicide charges.

Free opioid pain meds? If they can get their insurance to cover it.

Free therapy sessions? Why would they even want that?

State disability money? Lol good luck. Neither of them even got immediate medical attention, as far as I can tell. You don't get state disability money for getting into such a tiny crash that your worst injuries are maybe a bruise or two. If they were trying to get disability money, they'd both have been flopping around on the ground, crying and carrying on about how horribly hurt they were.

tl;dr nigga you paranoid

No. 178323

File: 1475281999303.png (595.09 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3803.PNG)

Other cam girl is the Harley Quinn cosplayer Charms met up with at some con

No. 178341

oh shit, they're hanging out? I remember her fangirling over charms a while ago, yeah, not surprised at all.
Didn't know she was a camgirl now too, but again it's not really surprising…

No. 178530

What's with Charms' agenda of getting every female she's friends with into camming?

No. 178564

Because she knows she's too fat to draw in viewers by herself. She needs them for money.

No. 178567

File: 1475367624687.jpg (110.36 KB, 1080x1350, 14482213_946305335496953_37946…)

jesus, when did she get the face tattoo?

No. 178568

I was going to say it looked like she weight, but then I saw her hammy thigh

No. 178569

Oh god, she looks like a mess

No. 178573

hooooly shit. I didn't even notice the tattoo at first because I was too busy looking at those terrifying extensions. I hope it's just makeup or something.
How the fuck did she let herself get to this point? It's depressing.

No. 178575

File: 1475369553759.jpg (97.38 KB, 1080x1080, 14099479_190190558060561_11755…)

>My skeleton hand tattoo by @el.inmigrante.tattoo
>This is actually the tattoo that made me want to go to him in the first place! Saw this on a flash sheet he drew and it was love at first sight

of fuckin course it's a shitty flash design. stop it charlotte.

No. 178577

from far away, the tattoo looks like hair stuck to her face with sweat or something. great choice, biglottes.

No. 178578

File: 1475370868220.jpeg (195.94 KB, 1242x1749, image.jpeg)

Ya, it's a face tattoo by that same "tattoo artist" who had given her such great tattoos before.

No. 178590

File: 1475375640638.jpg (16.02 KB, 251x235, ohgod003.jpg)

No. 178601

I can't even imagine how awful it must be to have all that shit on your body permanently. What is her reasoning behind all of this?

No. 178609

well at least this one isn't as shitty as the other tattoos done by the scratcher

No. 178612

I was thinking the same. At first I thought the anon mistook it as stray hairs that she didn't brush. Unfortunately anon was right…

No. 178622

Omfg. Well, there's no going back now. Once you tattoo your face you're fucked. Charlotte is never going to get better. She's going to continue this descent until she kills herself or winds up in a group home.

Aha cuz it was done by a different artist. Killvers is the scratcher, but the caption mentions a different person.

No. 178667

so late but fucking >nomotats I'm crying

No. 178791

File: 1475442640212.jpg (67.73 KB, 540x960, ShartmanderShittygleepoopCrape…)

It's another brilliantly dumb move from Biglottes and it doesn't surprise me if her fans jump off from her and start following @darcynycole. Just look at her vs Darcy - it's like someone just let Charlotte loose swimming in the buffet section at Coca Cola Bonita - atleast darcy is sane enough to take care of herself.
Chrsit another shitty tattoo, on her face even. Why not fix your damn chronic anal fissure gurl, that's much more serious. I'm predicting a Charmander for her next tattoo kinda like this pic.
And for a jewish-american princess Char sure has a lot of ham. That just ain't kosher Charlotte - and so are those shitty tattoos.

No. 178946

She's done for. Once you get a face tattoo, there's no going back.

No. 179090

I know it's shitty that people with tattoos face discrimination when looking for a job, but I don't feel sympathy for people who tattoo their face. I know that tattoos are 100% preventable but at least you can easily hide the ones that are not in your face. The only places that will hire her now are hair salons (doesn't she work in one?) and any other place where she will be in the back, away from customers i.e. Dishwasher at a restaurant.

No. 179094

Damn that face tattoo is meaningless asf get real jewlery for fucks sake lol

No. 183212

This is true. Even if the puppy was raised with cats, they can still attack and shred a cat they have lived with peacefully. My parents and I work with husky rescues and do a lot of fostering, and this shit makes me so angry.

Even huskies that aren't aggressive play INCREDIBLY rough with one another. That's just how they are. A great deal of huskies aren't even good with small dogs.

No. 184098

File: 1476689257562.png (63.64 KB, 480x285, Screenshot_2016-10-17-00-26-10…)

No. 184101

File: 1476689409600.png (45.26 KB, 480x200, Screenshot_2016-10-17-00-24-38…)

Also this… lmao. Glad they like her thread

No. 185408

File: 1476855934818.png (106.17 KB, 585x521, Char Munster Cheese tweet Oct …)

THIS. Huskies tend to go nuts around an owner that doesn't provide pack leadership, socializing and activities to expend its energy. Do you think Charlotte (with her meds and condition) is even remotely suitable for this type of dog? What you get in the end is a crazy dog with a crazy owner…
lol they're definitely reading the thread. Post >>178204 is an obvious bait, but flakes can't just pass it…

BTW, anyone greeted her a Happy Birthday lately? Char seems lonely. Meanwile, Sable has started to go nuts around the house…

No. 185562

File: 1476902494599.png (35.72 KB, 480x144, Screenshot_2016-10-17-00-23-05…)

>>183212 cats, you say?

why were they able to 'take off' in the neighborhood, are the dogs not on fucking leashes? next time they take off I hope someone takes them from her before they're too far gone or kill someone else's pet

No. 185563

Where did the fuck machine go? It haunts me

No. 185838

File: 1476934052314.png (143.21 KB, 990x464, darcynycole_vs_littlelotte_xo.…)

I feel bad for her. Charlotte used to be really cute and now she plastered herself with low-quality tat graffiti and Coke blubber. Her popularity on IG is really low now as a cam girl.

darcynycole: 55,700+ followers
littlelotte_xo: 1,881 followers

DAK if Darcy actually moved in with Charlotte in one of the rooms of their new house?

No. 187025

File: 1477209400555.png (524.23 KB, 927x613, charlottedoingphonecomparisons…)

Charms on phone comparisons for selfies. Priorities, indeed.

No. 187034

Where is her sweater from?

No. 187037


No. 187110


No. 187113

Looking at this kind of bums me out. Like, yeah, Charms is a piece of shit, but to see anyone devolve into this is just…wow. Karma is a bitch man, I tell you.

No. 187118

looks like it's sold out online (google 'alien skull black sweater')

also sage goes in the email field.

No. 187132

Is she balding??

No. 188073

File: 1477393493386.png (74.99 KB, 588x441, Charms deleting Snapchat frien…)

Quite possibly balding + follicular damage + thinning keratin due to the constant styling & colouring. The way she shapes her brows really bothers me, like one is always higher than the other…

Link for reference: https://www.instagram.com/p/BLyukV1jHeN/

I didn't even noticed she's inactive on Snapchat.

No. 191026

File: 1477941129685.jpg (334.51 KB, 1152x2048, CwHjkAQXYAAvXJK.jpg)

never thought the day would come where I am better looking than Lotte..

also lol @ that face tattoo wtf

No. 191028



No. 191029

Holy fucking shit, she looks horrible. She's becoming Luna-tier.

No. 191034

Let this serve as a PSA to everyone out there:
Love ya self, or you just might end up like this.

No. 191036

Christ almighty she's turning into a balding crazy cat lady

No. 191069

>PT is better looking than Charms.

Top fucking kek.

No. 191079

She looks like a used up single mom who holds up the line at the gas station to buy 50 scratch cards
Just needs a tweety bird sweatshirt

No. 191102

Is she balding?? Holyhell, she looks like a legit serial killer that lives in a trailer midwest in these photos.

No. 191103

Her skin looks so unhealthy, christ.

No. 191105

File: 1477953211056.png (213.84 KB, 444x449, 1457997163200.png)

All my keks. You're golden, anon.

No. 191345


Too late anon.
She already calls herself a crazy cat lady (see: >>185838).

God I really feel bad for her.
I feel bad for Mike too.
I just feel bad even for her pets and that household.
God all these is just so depressing. ( ,_,)

No. 191453

File: 1478007759944.png (995.33 KB, 904x632, lotte.png)

what happened? :(

No. 191479

No. 191486

i remember /cgl/ in 2011 an MSN conversation where Dakota told her she was one of the prettiest girls she's seen.

No. 191522

Whats going on with her nose?

No. 191531

how is that the same person, did she get a nose job?

No. 191548

I doubt she had a nose job.
Her giant moon face is just making it look smaller.

No. 191555

Different angle and now she has a fatter face. Plus, consider that her nose is skew and hangs to the left as you can see in >>187025 , so if she takes a picture from
the right side her nose is going to look slightly longer

No. 191580

She might've. Aoi used to make fun of her "jew nose" so it was a big insecurity of hers for awhile.

No. 191599

all those wispyson her hairline (way more than normal) come from scratching her scalp and breaking the hair. which indicates she doesn't bathe often.
which i think is common knowledge, but seeing this symptom so prominent is upsetting.

No. 191703

I thought it was just new hair growing in but that makes it so much worse

No. 191783

This is so sad. She's never going to be able to completely reverse the damage she's done to herself.

No. 191788

It doesn't help she no longer tries to hide her Jimmy Neutron forehead given she doesn't have long enough hair to properly have bangs like she used to in the older pic

Or she could just stop trying to make buns/ponytails since my attention is drawn more to her forehead area (and the tacky ass face tattoo) than her nose itself. Those eyebrows are a fucking nightmare. They remind me of my friend when she regrettably would shave half her eyebrow off trying to use the eyebrow razor. Given those Phone Comparison selfies were taken in-store in public, no wonder nobody interacts to her on snapchat anymore… she looks like the criminals in those really shitty mugshot ads

No. 191809

well, she definitely does not have anything close to a "jew nose" now, if she ever did. so nose job is possible.

No. 191810

uh, yeah. that's a completely different nose she has. the tip has been obviously shaved down and the small hump removed.

No. 191868

File: 1478053761652.png (251.45 KB, 525x468, Screenshot 2016-11-01 22.28.56…)

she looks worse than she did last year i had no idea that was possible

No. 191871

When I first noticed her on /cgl/, they linked me to her MFC and I thought the same. She looked beautiful with grey hair and live motion.

No. 192970

File: 1478169570171.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1237, IMG_20161103_113659.png)

New tattoo

No. 192971

That back fat.. and that horrible tattoo. She's in too deep now. SHE can't ever go back.

No. 193027

this is an addiction at this point. this must truly be the only thing that makes her feel anything and makes her happy. all these tattoos seem rushed and random, like all she cares about is getting in the chair, rather than taking time to think about it.

No. 193081

Wow I just want to shake some sense into this girl, good god.

No. 193084

I wish she'd get her old ones touched up at least. The weird grey stretched out tattoos next to the more black ones look so bad

No. 193086

Are we really just going to ignore that back roll?

No. 193089

That artist needs to draw her designs bigger if she's going to cram a bunch of tiny details in there. It will just turn into a black blob in no time.

No. 193095

File: 1478193835514.jpg (11.6 KB, 245x320, IMG_0294.jpg)

Y'know I didnt think so at first, she's always had a slightly crooked nose that looked bigger or smaller depending on the angles, but actually comparing it to older pictures I'd say there's a good chance she's had a rhinoplasty at some point. The overall length seems smaller and the nostrils different too.

No. 197322

Charms' instagram AND twitter accounts are both gone! She's gone offgrid?!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/littlelotte_xo

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/littlelotte_xo/

Come back Charlotte!

No. 197331

Oh man so she's thrown a fit, told her Snapchat followers to fuck off, and deleted her social media? Girl might have finally cracked for good, it's been a long time coming.

No. 197358

File: 1479003529167.jpg (679.09 KB, 1439x2064, 20161113_021741.jpg)

She changed her name.
Maybe shes baleting followers idk.

No. 197663

Well if anything I'm glad she's trying to sell (?) for fans of a popular game instead of the creepy taxidermy shit she used to do…

I give it a couple days before she makes new social media names. Is she still camming or did she switch completely into Twitch streaming? Been a while since I saw cam screenies.

No. 198035

Not that it matters, but I had forgotten about Charms for the past 4ish years or so. Someone brought her up in the keekweek thread which reminded me she still existed. Holy shit… I guess I should have expected her to take this route somehow? And to think I used to envy her in some way (yeah, I know I should be embarrassed for admitting that). Fuck she gained weight though. Damn. Talk about snowballing out of control in more ways than one. rip.

No. 198043

File: 1479108557573.png (111.19 KB, 571x705, 645656.png)

Speaking of her 3D printed shit, she's been bitching about it on Twitter.

No. 198397

Does she plan to paint them or just sell them as is tho

I suppose 3D printing it is somewhat cheating because it's more efficient, but I dont care enough. I'd love to see her in an Overwatch cosplay though just for laughs (I hope she picks d.va tbh)

No. 200793

No. 200794

File: 1479461292265.png (1.32 MB, 1152x1224, omfg.png)

Aoi and lomeli.

No. 200933

Aoi looks so different without the careful angles.

No. 201238

oh my god what ever happened to these guys? totally forgot about them

No. 201392

is lomeli transgender? i honestly can't tell and the boobjob and collagen lips aren't helping

No. 201522


Those are her natural lips. Lol.

No. 201828

i hope you are joking…

No. 201850

File: 1479676214704.png (1.38 MB, 1047x640, natural.png)

I really don't think those aren't her natural lips. Pic related.

No. 201913

File: 1479686336337.png (449.51 KB, 579x424, image.png)

I don't know at what age Toki/Stacey/Lomeli started having work done, but in the video she looks like she's been punched in the mouth. She didn't look like that back when this pic was taken (on the right.)

No. 201988

definitely calling it, its a boy

No. 202008

Looked so much better before, why do people keep doing this to themselves?

No. 202343

I understand why you would say this, but I'm pretty she isn't transsexual. I believe she's been a camgirl for a very long time; If I recall correctly, she is the reason Charms got into camming. Pretty sure there were some pictures of a cam session Charms did with Lomeli back when L. was wearing that awful blond wig and calling herself "Khaleesi". If she were trans I think we would know.

No. 202370

As far as I remember they're both venomous cunts, but ngl I actually think they look pretty hot. This'd be a fuck-you to Charlotte in so many ways if she weren't too sedated to notice.

No. 202372

Im getting girly man vibes from the person in the right

No. 202374

Yeah, searching "LomeliLoveLace MFC" comes up with enough vag for me to believe she was born female. At the very least if she is trans she's had some incredible surgery down there.

Some girls just look androgynous/masculine, fam. Even before her lips appeared (the ones on her face that is) she wouldn't be the manliest-looking girl I've seen.

No. 203762

UPDATE on Charm's Social Media Links:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lotteoddities/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LotteOddities

No. 231314

File: 1484139952728.png (640.93 KB, 600x600, Untitledd.png)

Oh man… she's looking rough.
She's said she's been seeing a therapist, though. And she's been doing actual shit (nothing job related, though.)
Maybe it's her year?

No. 231325

I'm glad she's actually doing something at least, girl really needs to take better photos of her products but it's a start
She tweeted about working on losing weight so let us all join hands and pray she can salvage herself

No. 231386

Those tattoos still ruined her body and she posted not too recently about eating an entire box of cookies. She will always exchange one shit habit with another.

No. 231904

Christ, she's balding like a man.

No. 231992

I thought this was an old picture and she was testing out which phone she wanted to get by selfies.

No. 236536

It is.



No. 244544

She just did a tbt to her Android 18 and man, how I miss old Lottte

No. 270553

File: 1489636362137.jpg (109.25 KB, 1080x1080, 17266005_1871951129756463_6457…)

turned her hair bright fucking yellow with a "licensed professional" friend and im so fucking triggered

how do you go from OP image to this, its buckwild

No. 270554

RIP Charms' hairline. She looks like a female Eggman.

No. 270557

This is horrendous. I know she didn't finish school, but it isn't that hard to do your own hair.. like, this is 12 year old using manic panic bad.

You're right. She's almost as fat as him too.

No. 270558

Is she high? Is she drinking? There needs to be an explanation for this trainwreck.

No. 270577

what is her thought process?? Hmm how many other ways can I make myself look unappealing and atrocious?

No. 270613

I used to laugh at charms like how I laugh at Moomoo. Now I just feel kind of bad. Wasn't she on pills for something? I can't remember. She really let herself go.

No. 270614

Does the bear-filter come with lashes or did she add them after? Can't be arsed to even apply some mascara anymore. Jee whiz.

No. 270620

File: 1489645903130.png (211.72 KB, 750x1080, IMG_3252.PNG)

Mike needs to get the hell out of the closet.

No. 270640

God charms looks ratchet in the background

No. 270658

Idk if she's still on her meds, but probably is considering the stuff she's doing to herself.

What cosplay is this supposed to be?
He needs to get the hell out of her life.

It might be the angle and baggy clothes, but she looks slightly less fat?

No. 270678


Did he use an app to slim her? One side of her shoulders is more rounded than the other, her hips jut in suddenly, and the lines on the couch go from being straight and parallel to sort-of pinched towards one another.

No. 270695

Her etsy store has no items listed anymore. It's depressing, I thought she was actually applying herself to this etsy thing.

I hope that's just a gem glued to her forehead and not a subdermal. She clearly knows she looks like shit now or she wouldn't keep reposting old pretty photos of herself but she never actually tries to fix herself, like by either lightening those roots or making it into a longer dark ombre

No. 270723

I don't think he's actually cosplaying anything, but the skull he's holding looks like Cubone's… so maybe he made it for someone?

or is an ~edgy goth~ Cubone? idk.

No. 271375

Bet that thing on her forehead actually is unfortunately a surface anchor since it would also appear she has high nostril piercings now as well.

No. 271395

The thing with Charms is that, unlike Moomoo, she used to be beautiful. Slim, with nice clothes, nice hair, nice makeup skills. Then it all went downhill and it's seriously heartbreaking to see that not only now she looks like this, but that there's not going back. Her hair is fucked, she's balding, she's not even the shadow of what she used to be.
Sometimes I think of her as some sort of Lindsay Lohan of the internet.
Sage for rant

No. 271396

Samefagging, I forgot to add the tattoos. Those horrible tattoos. How is she going to laser all of them?

No. 271879

Damn, this is pathetic.

No. 272323

Her awful tips are triggering me

No. 273107

She tweeted two days ago that her fiances and best friend are fucking, I know this had been speculation in earlier threads so I guess this is confirmation?

No. 273108

File: 1489954389293.png (471.46 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0506.PNG)

Dropped my pic

No. 273165

Why would someone steal empty soda cans? Why is she holding onto them?

No. 273169

Recycling center buys aluminum.

No. 273189

she was probably going to return them for a nickle each, I can't imagine having more than $10 in cans though unless she's been saving them up for a long time.

I guess that's her source of income atm.

No. 273215

fucking KEK
So he was sleeping with Chloe. I can't believe she let this loser ruin her.

No. 273218

I'm kinda confused by this
>My fiance and my best friend are fucking

Weirdly, I don't think she means behind her back, I think she means neither of them will take care of her because they're literally fucking right now and therefore busy.

No. 273240

I got curious so I checked the replies, she said they're "in an open relationship" so "no problem there"

No. 275014


Michigan resident here. They're actually 10 cents for botttle deposit here. Everybody returns cans at the grocery store.

No. 294816

File: 1492643628443.png (1.15 MB, 731x886, tattoo2.PNG)

she got four more tattoos…

No. 294817

File: 1492643668688.png (914.84 KB, 554x861, tattoo.PNG)

No. 294821

File: 1492643778600.png (13.43 KB, 590x89, lips.PNG)

really just sad at this point

No. 294822

The shell is ok but the rest are garbage. I don't even understand that middle one. I thought it was a fucked up goose head.

No. 294825

Samefagging after realizing it's a bird skull

No. 294863

This shit ain't gonna end well.

No. 294875

How does she even afford all these new tattoos and now lip injections?

No. 294909

she's like totally giving me amanda byne breakdown vibes right now

No. 294915

Oh god, I've missed this milk. How has she not run out of space yet? Where is she getting the money from?

No. 294959


I'm so disgusted that the shell is overlapping the text from the tattoo below it. Jesus Christ, charms.

No. 295135

Charms please stop. It's upsetting you're letting yourself go so hard. Pick yourself up.

No. 295922

Oh my god, her leg is such a clusterfuck. At least she doesn't have the Big Bird hair anymore, right? Is she still camming or is she just sitting on the couch living off of mommy's money these days?

No. 295934

She sometimes says she's going live and never does, but she and Mike pop up on Twitch once every century or so.
Aside from mommy's money she sells crafts now, and Mike has the occasional cosplay commission.

No. 296090

File: 1492810940598.png (528.47 KB, 324x586, foreheadpiercing.PNG)

omfg the forehead piercing with the bright yellow hair

No. 296105

That moth is probably the only decent thing I've seen that tattooist draw.

No. 296151

File: 1492817535753.jpg (163.67 KB, 500x553, tumblr_ogk472fZpY1vgi9keo1_500…)

Holyfucking shit— she keeps spiraling down. This ride will never end.

No. 296162

Late but is Aoi done pretending to be a Japanese guy with a twin now?

No. 298361

i can't cap bc shit mobile, but she got lip injections done today. she posted pix on her insta a few hours ago and called herself a "real sugar baby"

the ride truly never ends

No. 298365

File: 1493083002955.jpg (131.01 KB, 675x1200, C-NP5mhXoAAcYm2.jpg)

I got you, fam

No. 298366

File: 1493083074757.png (2.08 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-04-24-21-17-28…)

No. 298374

File: 1493083831557.jpg (9.09 KB, 200x210, 764645.jpg)

Nice, her new lips really accentuate her pockmarked, acne-ridden skin.

No. 298378

Reminds me of when people put nice rims on a piece of shit car with peeling paint.

No. 298402

The worst part is you can see how much she is picking and squeezing her skin… Why…

No. 298451

File: 1493092149761.jpeg (309.07 KB, 1242x1771, image.jpeg)

My god, she looks like a fucking monster.

No. 298477


l m f a o

Wasn't Charms the one funding all of Mike's weeb shit? Since when is he a sugardaddy kek

No. 298479

It's crazy how bad she looks now compared to when she was actually cute. The massive weight gain, the bad hair, those eyebrows and all of the bad tattoos and the bindi piercing, it's really a shame. She could still look so good if she'd make some kind of real effort and stop making it worse.

No. 298481

Ngl she kinda has a Momo body right now. Instead of lips she should've gotten lipo or fixed her botched tits.

No. 298487

File: 1493096592943.png (1.06 MB, 679x1024, 1408705906179.png)


that hairline tho

pic is Charms circa ~6 years ago. Oh how the mighty have fallen

No. 298495

It's so sad, she didn't even age badly, she just let herself go and suddenly forgot how to dress/style herself. She was so cute.

No. 298521

"Sorry I was fucking your friend. Let me buy you lip injections to make you feel better about yourself. "

No. 298758

I'm so confused. Does Charms have naturally blonde hair that she dyes black, or did she used to bleach it (it looks healthy). Man, she's really gotten awful looking…

No. 298762

I thiiink she might be wearing a wig in that picture (correct me if I'm wrong.)

No. 298837

jfc. She's going to need a whole lot of plastic surgery

No. 298838

Yes. she was wearing her wig. Her natural hair a dark brown I believe.

No. 299014


No. 299054

File: 1493180207483.jpg (66.21 KB, 1024x576, 1442444867616.jpg)


going backwards through her threads depresses me so much, man.

No. 299060

What an inspiration to not let yourself go though.

No. 299073

>replaces one ED (restriction) with another (overeating)
>gets lazy about her style
>is still just as nuts as she ever was

>you all


She's ugly now. Wow. Such a fall from grace.

No. 299079

Seriously, and her makeup was always shit, even in her prime. I remember she posted a makeup tutorial on youtube back in the day and it was the most cringy shit.

No. 299103

File: 1493191073249.jpg (829.48 KB, 1500x889, 86854665.jpg)

she posted on her snap too and she's really swollen even without the filters distorting

No. 299106

wow this girl is so pretty ugh i hate myself

but feel better @ how she looks now :^)

No. 299107

I get your lips will swell after injections but holy shit is that much swelling normal??

No. 299111

I mean, she could have gotten them really overfilled. Knowing what she signed up for with her tits, I wouldn't be surprised if she told them to fill her up crazy big. The swelling should continue for a few days until it settles; they shouldn't stay that big though. It would be difficult for them to get infected, it's just an injection. She might be having a reaction to the filler, tho.

Lip fillers always look like shit IMO. You can get nice, subtle lip implants, but filler in lips never looks good.

No. 299117


lip injections are literally a lunchtime procedure, you should be able to go backt o work right after getting them without looking like a freakshow

she totally overfilled.

No. 299148

Wow, Lotte gives me confidence in my nose. Because it's larger, it seems to balance out her face better.

Her weird, shaved down tiny flat nose makes her face look even pudgier than it is now.

No. 299156

Why does she keep doing this shit to herself? I'm starting to feel sad for her.

No. 299167

Oh my god this is so sad
I keep forgetting how cute she used to be before she stopped taking care of herself

No. 299179

What the hell, isn't there too much product ?

No. 299188

File: 1493214391619.jpg (27.84 KB, 978x550, 2327526_.jpg)

>the sad bloated remains of Charlotte Charms

No. 299344

File: 1493238215459.png (2.04 MB, 1080x1920, tumblr_op19vy48kD1qh8fyjo1_128…)

looks like they're going down but she definitely overfilled

No. 299357

I dont get the obsession with prolapsed anus lips. Hers were just fine

No. 299361

god i want to cry, she was so fucking cute, her new snaps upset me

No. 299426

Neither do I. lip injections always look like utter shit and vile.

No. 299745

File: 1493312029549.gif (1.94 MB, 400x300, IMG_2571.GIF)

how fucking bad is her dysmorphia that she has to do this to herself
her face was perfectly fine before, jesus

No. 299747

Been a while since I was following her. What the fuck? What is it that happened to her?

No. 299760

why won't she post without all the shitty filters? makes me wonder just bad they truly are

No. 299775

If I was a plastic surgeon I'd remake the appointment and give her a referral to see a nutritionist and a dermatologist. No point in having big luscious lips next to exploding acne and rashes.

No. 299778

Seriously, she was cute and her face had good proportions. All she needed to do is throw that money at a personal trainer, get off her ass, and dye her hair something not neon orange yellow… like with a little work I feel like she could at least be somewhat cute again, but she's steadily making that seem impossible.

No. 299779

We looks like fucking Junkrat from Overwatch with that hair. Bet there's a bald spot in the back too.

I wish someone would help this girl. people unstable as she is shouldn't be allowed to mutilate themselves like this.

No. 299796

It's like she's directing her dysmorphia on things she doesn't need instead of removing that horrible breast implants, go to the gym and lose weight, go to the derm for that acne and get a hair transplant since she's going bald. And after that, leave her hair alone and grow it back, treating it with Olaplex. Oh, and a laser procedure, at least for the face tattoos.
I want to physically take her and make her do all these things so she can nearly look like she used to. I hate seeing pretty people let themselves go like this. Bitch, you were blessed with good genes, be grateful and take care of yourself

No. 300984

File: 1493482153814.jpg (38.93 KB, 960x960, IMG_0890.JPG)

>i secretly feel happy that lotte has become ugly because she was like the typical popular and bitchy girl. She use to trigger my anorexia by saying anyone over 110 is fat, now 7 years later I'm thinner than her.

Ahhh the sweet taste of karma

No. 301092

you knew her on gaia too? lolol

No. 301125

She looks absolutely horrendous. She has turned me off Coca Cola for good

No. 301144

>all the girls who used to be thin/pretty and shit on other girls are falling apart
It's really interesting how the tables are turning. Now all that's left is for Kiki to get fat, and we'll have gone full karma.

No. 301147

>people who are shitty to fatties find themselves at a fat part in their lives with their foot firmly in their mouths

It needs to happen to every last one, imo. Nobody said getting a taste of the humble pie wasn't fattening.

No. 302969

File: 1493756531575.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-02-03-51-07…)

No. 303009

Her boobs are literally resting in her lap

No. 303156

> those nasolabial folds

Holy shit she is looking busted.The gross trout pout makes her look like a Real Housewife who decided to hop on the edgy Instaho aesthetic.

No. 303162

She still looks like she sucked on a hot curling iron. Ugh. Overfilled way too much. Could have looked better with less.

No. 303317

She put her dog down…

No. 303330

Ummm wtf?! That dog wasn't even a year old? Where did she state this?

No. 303399

Bumping for receipts

Was it sick?

No. 303411

File: 1493815080930.png (795.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170503-133544.png)

I've never even seen this dog before and why does she not know it's age…?

Between 5 and 10 is a huge fucking difference when it comes to dogs. It doesn't look particularly old in the picture.

No. 303414

File: 1493815556606.png (267.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170503-134131.png)

"Couldn't afford it"

Yet she has how many cats and a husky pup. God forbid any of them need medical attention, they're just gonna suffer the same fate.


No. 303440

>Couldn't afford $300 to keep her own pet alive
>Lip fillers cost upwards of $350+

Holy shit this makes me so mad. We all know damn well she isn't paying for her own shit either.

No. 303445

Same, I stopped dying my hair for good seeing that she's already balding. Charms has become an inspiration for all of us to better ourselves.

>why does she not know it's age…?
Maybe the dog was adopted? Like she found him on the streets, don't know. It makes me so mad that she just decided to put him down when he could've been cured, though. Don't take pets in if you can't afford to cure them.

No. 303532

"I don't really have anything else to say about it" = I have no sense of the value of life, the animals and people I keep around me are of no value but monetary

No. 303542

he only looks as old as my dog who is only 4, but I guess being around charms doesn't just prematurely age humans…

No. 303544

I noticed that too. I was getting any sort of sincerity from that post at all.

No. 303555

Iirc she got him from a shelter while she was in her manic "animal hoarding" phase. She has what? 3 cats and I think a snake?

No. 303625

Five cats, isn't it? I lost count tbh and her social media isn't clearing things up.

No. 303627

Honestly what the fuck is wrong with all of you? I used to follow freelice on tumblr back in the day but this is excessive. There is absolutely nothing this girl can do to be on your good side. She looks like a hot mess and ruined her life? Yes, so what? Why do you care so fucking much? Ive seen racist remmarks, fat shaming, slut shaming on the comments wich for me is waaaay worst than gaining weight. How can you people be so judgemental and feel so mighty when youre shaming a girl with an eating disorder for gaining weight. Can you get off your high horses and have some empathy to see how triggering that can be? Your source of entretainment its a girl who ruined her life by feeling better than her, but youre not. Youre the ones following her every step, nobody is checking for yours. At least felice stole money and kept desperate trying to cover for it and begged, this girl can afford tattoes and boob jobs and her own place wich i bet most of you dont. Please everybody, look into yourselves. Is it really being better than her acting like a bully making shit out of thin air to make her look like a villian? Im out peeps, get a life.

No. 303633

File: 1493840179571.jpg (137.18 KB, 507x525, fe3.jpg)

No. 303635

No. 303640

File: 1493840551669.png (60.75 KB, 615x336, Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 3.39…)


She has TEN cats. Plus (now) one dog and I think only one snake. That many pets and she can't even afford to spend $300 on a vet…

No. 303641

>everyone pities charms
> u guys r bulliiiiiies

Lmao, and what does felice have to do with this?

No. 303662

File: 1493842481749.gif (1.22 MB, 440x300, 1452201559073.gif)

>10 cats

No. 303672

I dont pity her, i pity all of you. Everyone here has to be in their 20s making shit out to feel better about themselves, stalking. Take a step back, do you realize how pathetic you all are? And so damn white. Go fuck your cousin or something.

No. 303679


No. 303685


lol rage harder plox. Your salty tears are delicious

No. 303688

>this girl can afford tattoes and boob jobs and her own place wich i bet most of you dont.

Yet she can't afford a $300 vet bill to give her dog a chance to live despite getting lip injections. :)

No. 303689

My salty tears? Your moms tears seeing what a pathetic little looser she created. I bet youre all fat, virgins or with horrible looking bfs, filled with acne and god awful jobs living in the south with your parents. I bet none of you graduated college or have any friends because at every chance of conversation you start talking about charlotte and make normal people run away. Lololol.

No. 303693

Why didnt you pay the $300? Holy shit youre a horrible person holy crap youre having a meltdown youre probably on drugs omg i feel sorry for you living your life and not paying $300 to save a dogs life :'(

No. 303695

Are you actually retarded or

No. 303696

File: 1493845502373.jpg (24.59 KB, 500x388, 1443217240842.jpg)

>"Im out peeps, get a life."
>Continues to post in thread

No. 303697


lmao who the fuck are you?
That anon is not supposed to pay for someone else's dog to live..? It's literally the owner's responsability to pay for it, especially when the owner can afford to pay nut allergy lips?

I don't know how you interact with the world around, you're so dumb and socially inept that I bet you need someone to change your shat diapers lmao

No. 303700

>horrible looking bfs
>filled with acne

Wow, way to basically describe Charms with a small miss here and there!

No. 303701

Bitch can't afford a $300 test for her dog yet she can afford lip fillers, fast food, hair dye, Mike's Nintendo crap, and new piercings and tattoos every month?

No. 303710

If you all are gonna be irrational i can be irrational too. Setting an example of how delusional you all are by stalking some girl you dont know and nitpicking to have something to hate. Oh and i changed my mind :)

No. 303711

File: 1493846443635.jpg (41.29 KB, 552x414, 1odb82.jpg)

No. 303713

File: 1493846530103.jpg (18.31 KB, 402x290, All my wuts _97f40d31d6817fe65…)

No. 303714


Im sorry but if you can't afford care for one pet you shouldn't be able to have any pets.

No. 303715

Stop it, Claudia Barrantes

No. 303718


Some delusional Charm stalker?

No. 303721

And yet you're here commenting. How did you find out this site?
Also, big snore @ all the whiteknights coming here and saying that we don't have a life blah blah and other high school tier comebacks, it's like a broken record. Especially now that Charms' thread is mostly dead, is really curious to do that. Speaking of moral high ground, I assume that you whiteknights never gossip about anyone, huh…

No. 303739

Claudia, nobody gives a fuck. Take your self-loathing bullshit elsewhere.

No. 303746

The biggest mistake you whiteknights do here is assuming that we're some /r9k/ tier NEETs bitter at life. Visiting some website ten minutes a day doesn't mean you're unhappy. Get a grip and stop blogposting

No. 303785


No. 303796

Charms was a massive cunt back in the day and deserves all the shit she's dealing with now. It's called karma.

No. 303817

File: 1493853471259.png (644.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170503-235917.png)

Thighs of doom

No. 303820

File: 1493853551251.png (883.29 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_opegnuy0YE1qh8fyjo3_128…)

>puts dog down because $300 is better spent on lip fillers
>gets new puppy

No. 303822

File: 1493853651877.jpg (Spoiler Image, 706.46 KB, 1780x1423, LittleLotte_230514_0000_MyFree…)

This is such an inbetween of her journey.

Getting fat but boobs not keeping up with the rest of the chub

No. 303823

you've got to be fucking kidding me.
shots and fixing for a new dog is easily $500, but she couldn't afford $300 to keep the other one alive? this bitch deserves to rot in hell.

No. 303828

I'm gonna presume she hasn't paid for shots or possibly even the pup. Well I bet she got it cheap and it's from a puppy farm.

A husky is a serious commitment. They're so active, It's gonna grow up to be destructive if it doesn't get enough exercise.

I predict she will get rid of it when it grows up for being "problematic" but it's really just her lack of care and upbringing.

No. 303838

ikr? I used to message her complimenting her outfits and her hair
the ride never ends

No. 303840

and this is the second husky she has so i'm thinking she got him to keep up with the other one

No. 303843

I can't speak for other anons but I personally want to see her do better but you have to understand Charms pissed off a good amount of people when she acted like a bitch so not everyone is going to care if they're triggering or not. She's not so much a source of entertainment as she is motivation for some people. Also she CAN'T afford her own place. Her parents bought it for her to get her and Mike out of their hair. Her boobs were also on someone else's dime. Don't be so dense.
Sage for taking the obvious b8

No. 303845

Come back when you're a little less retarded.

No. 303896

This is the dumbest post. Like animal lovers are financially responsible for everyone elses pet's health lol…

Also this dog was dead before any of us learnt of the news.

If your dog's death is worth less than $300 to you then that's messed up. Imagine how much she spends on her crappy tattoos.

Anyone who has had to put down a pet knows how hard it is. You don't do it because you can't afford to keep the dog alive!

I'd take a bullet for my dog.

No. 304045

If she really needed the $300 to keep it healthy, she could've even made a fundraiser for it but she didn't even do that. Just decided to kill it right away. Poor puppy.

No. 304081

small nitpick but this is an australian shepherd, not a husky. still another high energy dog. guess sable the husky is now going to get ignored while they obsess over the new puppy they had the nerve to name hyde after putting down jekyll.

No. 304330

File: 1493904134447.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170504-142059.png)

And oh look she's spending more on tattoos.

No. 304337

What I hate most about this was that she could've applied for CareCredit and just paid it off over time. A lot of vets accept it. A couple of years ago, my cat had a bladder issue that cost me $800 and I had absolutely nothing to my name. Paid it off in a couple of months. I don't even have half the assets or expenditures she does. This is just so low. Her poor doggy…

No. 304343

let's be real, most likely she just got sick of having the dog, couldn't be bothered to deal with its recovery through the surgery, so paid to get it killed. she could easily afford the treatment, it's just that she doesn't value the animal's life that much - hence the hoarding

No. 304436


I know right,she had options but she is such a selfish bitch she decided to spend the money on herself instead of the poor dog.

She could have even gone to the local humane society or clinics to get a reduction the price of the surgery.Some shelters do some medical procedure and give the dog a chance of being adopted by a family that would take care of it.

Putting the dog down should have been the last option.

No. 304455

Sage for retardation but

Wasn't the $300 for a culture?

That wouldnt fix the massive tumor….?

Not that I put it past charms to kill a pet just to get a new one (she has no value for life), and I found her 'idk nothing else to say about it' shit in bad taste — I'm just not following the whole '300$ wouldve saved the dog' thing?

Did I misread or something?

No. 304485

File: 1493916789942.png (194.27 KB, 1210x306, Charms.png)


Here you go anon.

So most likely the vet offered her the choice of the culture but it was too expensive so she just did X-rays and antibiotics. It's unsure how they figured out what was wrong. I am guessing the vet gave her options how to fix the problem but she ended up just putting down the dog.

Only person who said it would only cost $300 to save the dog's life is that retard Claudia. I think the other anon using the $300 amount were saying how shocking it was Charms couldn't spend $300 on her pet when she has (had) 10-12 pets but yet she has enough money for $350+ for lip fillers

No. 304487

File: 1493916838659.jpg (124.08 KB, 580x320, Adoring-Fan.jpg)

No. 304579

I still don't understand then. Was the dog in so much pain that she really had to put it down? I still think there should've been more options. It doesn't look good when she just got a new dog, too.

No. 304586

Well, she also said "the test I can't afford is $300", implying that she wouldn't be able to spend that much money for her pet. Maybe the dog was too sick/ the OP could have been expensive but she didn't mention it and she honestly doesn't seem upset, especially because she got a new dog the day after. So I agree, it doesn't look good.

Sage for raging

No. 304642

Ugh I fucking hate Charms, she's a piece of shit, BUT…

in this case I think we may be overreacting. If it was $300 just for the biopsy and they were pretty sure it was cancer anyway, removing it could be risky depending on the dog's health. It honestly could have been that the options were spending thousands and there being a slim chance the dog would live (and an even slimmer chance the dog would live a healthy long while, usually animals get cancer again somewhere else, and chemotherapy for pets is something only the top 1% can fucking afford). So, we don't know the whole story, but I just find it so doubtful that someone would put down a dog just because, especially if she took it to the vet and tried antibiotics first.

No. 304750

File: 1493939442416.jpeg (420.83 KB, 912x640, IMG_7988.jpeg)

I'm bored in class so I decided to dig through the Wayback Machine to find this picture of Charms's old leg tattoo to compare it to the "updated" version. She says in an old blog post she spent around $700 on this tattoo.

Her new tattoo artist is just so shitty - look at the angel headstone, the angle it's facing doesn't fit in with the rest of the picture. The house is totally redone from the old house, and it's a lot less complex. Did Charms's leg just get so fat that the tattoo faded because it was so stretched out?

No. 304756

I think she's just a piece of shit who wanted a new dog. She whined about not having the $300 for the test that would have been a more accurate diagnosis, but instead put her dog down after recently getting lip injections and is not getting a tattoo touched up. And unless she went to a shelter that helps low income people, the average cost for euthanasia is around $150. Then the next day(?) gets a brand new, what looks to be, purebred Australian Shepherd. I doubt she got it for free. Unless they're a super common, overbred breed in her state, they easily go for $500+.

Saged for rage post.

No. 304874

wahahahaha i love you oblivion anon

No. 305011

Oh man, that awkward moment when your cover up looks worse than the tattoo it's supposed to be covering up. The tattoo does look super stretched out and faded though.

No. 305012


If she adopted from a shelter, its cheaper. Example: The place nearest to me charges ~$60 to adopt a dog.
Its cool if the adopted pet could have a stable home though with stable people that could properly care for it.

No. 305019

omg, this makes me so mad.

don't have animals if you cant afford to care for them. YES, that includes having an emergency fund for if something happens.

i want another cat but i'm not in the best financial position so i'm being a responsible adult and holding off.

No. 305026

But anon don't you know, botched lip injections and shitty tattoos are way more important than an innocent animals life

No. 305029

What on earth happened in her life to cause such a downfall?

No. 305035

I may be mistaken as I haven't kept up to date with Charms for over a year; but in earlier threads it was summarised that she always had mental health problems, but she started taking heavy anti-psychotics for it and her boyfriend kept her doped up and passive to continue leeching off her cash flow… she also apparently can't maintain a friendship for longer than a month because of her awful personality, so she's pretty much codependent on him.

No. 305090

that new house is fucking hideous

No. 305095

checking this thread for the first time*


t-this girl >>299054

Looks like this now?

What happened?! Woah

No. 305096

badly treated mental illness, bad parenting, manipulative boyfriend

No. 305099

Oh lord.. I see. She looks very different. I hope she's fine.

Is this the girl who used to be friends with Dakota?

No. 305111

friends in the loosest term, many years ago - they fell out over Dakota supposedly having fake Vivienne Westwood items (IIRC, was a very long time ago now). Charms has had quite a few friendships with girls in the past that have just fizzled away for weird reasons.

No. 305115

Nah nah, it was because she wouldn't tell charms where she bought her ripoff diamante VW horns. It wasn't because it was fake, it was because she wouldn't admit it and tell charms where to buy it lol.

No. 305120

god that's even worse than I remembered LOL I always wonder what happened between her and Ash, the camgirl

No. 305156

>Charms has had quite a few friendships with girls in the past that have just fizzled away for weird reasons.

>Nah nah, it was because she wouldn't tell charms where she bought her ripoff diamante VW horns.

Haha thanks anons.

Kek imagine all of them reunited..

No. 305224

Hey guys I think she's on Depakote or another heavy bipolar med - it's notorious for crazy weight gain and hair loss.

There's literally so many other meds she could try, I'm not buying that she's happy like this or that her psychiatrist could approve of this in any way where the fuck is her medical team?

No. 305283

and now Mike's the one making all the money so I'm wondering how much longer he'll stick around

No. 305304

I get the impression that they're both content with the way things are right now.
Charms works as promo for his cosplay commissions with her infamy and connections.
It's harder to get a clear picture when they're not streaming and suddenly snapping at each other. God I miss that.

No. 305335

remember when they used that weird suction thing on his dick? god those were good milky times

No. 305342

File: 1494015102402.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.26 KB, 618x466, oh god what.jpg)

Remember? No one who saw that can easily forget it.
Picture for anyone who doesn't know wtf we're on about. It really was their golden age of milk.

No. 305381

I highly doubt she managed to snag a purebred dog, let alone a purebred puppy, from a shelter conveniently right after she put her dog down. It's also common for shelters to have an increased adoption rate for small dogs and pure breds since they're sought after.

No. 305743

Can we have pictures of old charms? Her good pictures?

No. 305749

Oh damn, guessing this was before the boobjob? She looks so uninterested and his dick looks like one of those greasy pretzel hotdogs you'd find at the mall

No. 305775

W-what is that?

No. 305806


No. 305825

fuck this fucking cunt. seriously, I am fucking seething after catching up on this thread. she puts her dog down, cries she can't afford test sand then gets a new fucking puppy? why did she even have to put the dog down??? all she said was that it was a mass, nothing about his general health like if he was in pain, uncomfortable, etc. it could have been totally benign and the dog could have lived for years. she's so fucking easy going about it, i can't even fucking believe it. how are people not calling her out for this shit?! if she's adopting from shelters then she needs to be put on a no-adopt list.

fucking hate her, and i want to save all of her animals.

No. 305831

They both look like they don't know what to do with it, lel.

No. 305963

It's a possibility but we all know the weight gain is due to her pigging out on bottles of Coke and fast food every day, and the hair loss is due to her continuously frying her hair with bleach every time she wants a new color.

No. 305964

They're all in her previous threads, they don't need to keep being reposted every time a new anon can't be bothered to go back and find them.

No. 306638


hey, i made a post about Jekyll. i get the "i hate that she said that's all she was going to say". i'm gone from here tho, you guys aren't very nice.

No. 306646

lotte, rehoming a bunch of your animals and condemning your old dog to die doesn't give you license to get a new fucking dog the next day. you have too many animals, you can't even afford to care for them in emergency situations (or maybe not at all, a $300 culture isn't that much considering you get fillers and tattoos every other week). stop trying to justify your animal hoarding and out of control spending. get help.

No. 306649

you have 8 cats and dogs?? not only is that illegal, it's just plain stupid. find better homes for the cats.

and how do you and Mike not have credit cards you could have put that money on? why are you spending money on tattoos and lip fillers instead of saving it for emergencies? you really didn't defend yourself here Charlotte.

No. 306651

"you guys aren't very nice" kek
charms confirmed for stalking her own thread at least~ I wonder how many other cows do?

No. 306655

6 cats, 2 dogs and a snake. We knew she was lurking but this was the first time she directly responded.

No. 306660

"Didn't want to ask Mike" So you ask Mike for tattoos and plastic surgery but you won't ask him to try to save your dog's fucking life? Priorities.

No. 306661

You can't care for your dog enough to let him out when he has to pee? Which led to a UTI that potentially led to him having stones? You shouldn't have dogs.

No. 306677


You shouldn't have any animals until you have sorted your own life out. Your doped up everyday, doubled in weight from eating/drinking junk and unemployed. Your mentally and physically going down hill and your taking your animals with you because your selfish. Once you stopped making money on cam and had to move back home you should of never of got another animal until you were stable again. Stop spending all your money on piercings, tattoos and junk food and use it to go see a doctor. Also ditch mike

No. 306745

>maybe $4,000 would have. maybe. and if i had it i still don’t know if i would have spent it. honestly.

My family isn't as loaded as yours Charms, but you can bet we would've found a way to afford the $4,000 without hesitation if it meant there was a chance our dog would survive. If we had already had that money, there wouldn't have been a second thought on whether to spend it or not. We didn't get my dog and ever think she wasn't worth the money we would eventually have to pay for her vet visits and other care. There is absolutely no hesitation because our dog is a part of our family and she gets treated like it. She's not an afterthought, she's not there for me to pet for two seconds and then ignore.

And yet you don't know if you would have spent it even if you had the money? What the fuck? Did you really even give a shit about Jekyll? If you did have the money, why do you think you still wouldn't have spent it? Because it meant $4,000 for more botched boob jobs, lip fillers, and poorly done tattoos? Making your outsides match your disgusting insides too huh. We all know you wouldn't have put it away for your other pets. Oh, are you going to put down all of your other pets the second they develop problems from your lack of care too?

Even if you know you are the reason why Jekyll got sick, it doesn't count for shit. You're a self aware pig, an absolutely disgusting human being. You realize your faults and mistakes and do nothing to fix it. I hope the rest of your animals are taken away because god knows you won't give enough of a shit about them because all you care about is your vile face and what you should eat next from McDs. Also, I'm not going to be nice because this is karma for being a fucking cunt back in the day. I don't have to be nice to a pathetic, shitty excuse for a human being.

sage for my fucking rage

No. 306798

File: 1494194598928.png (320.69 KB, 480x650, 1464563097196.png)

>maybe $4,000 would have. maybe. and if i had it i still don’t know if i would have spent it. honestly.

I would take out a fucking payday loan at a 200% interest rate just for the chance to save my pet. You're a disgusting creature, all all the boob jobs and lip fillers and hair dye and tattoos and piercings in the fucking world won't make you beautiful. Fucking puppy killer.

No. 306804

Someone please find away to call animal control on her. this cannot be legal. it is horrible and an unhealthy environment for her pets.. this is so fucked. She is the most selfish person to think this is okay.

No. 306811

File: 1494195530967.jpg (24.09 KB, 600x451, b4f.jpg)

Give away all your pets. You DO NOT deserve them. They deserve loving homes (yes, homes, not one home) and you need to go to therapy. Stop getting tattoos and using plastic surgery as a way to cope. If you're gonna fuck yourself up, fine, but leave the innocent animals out of it.

No. 306846

The only acceptable time to put down a pet is when you've exhausted all other options and your pet is just in so much suffering that it's just better to let them sleep than go on living in pain.

You didn't get that far before you called it quits for that poor pup. You didn't even go through with option one (i.e. the expensive surgery). You had the option to fix your mistakes and try to get Jekyll the treatment he needed, but no, you decided against it. And for what?! Seriously, for what reason? It fucking baffles me how much of a selfish person you are.

While others hope you get better, I personally hope you'll end up on the streets and die of starvation. You've got enough whale blubber on you to last through a winter, don't worry.

No. 306885

Maybe charms will be the next week to flee to Japan in 2017 to escape their clingy past. She could ride Dakota's coat tails and get a Japanese sugar daddy too. Idk fam, posting in your own thread is a pretty low point for anyone.

No. 306985

You are a HORRIBLE person, always have and always will be. Not because you have a disease that's making you cope with things in a fucked up way, but because YOU REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE IT EVEN WHEN YOU HURT OTHER PEOPLE/ANIMALS. I've watched you hurt others for years and years you remorseless piece of shit (plenty of us here knew you IRL at one point, so I'm sure my level of vitriol is likely expected), but here is where my line is apparently. YOU KILLED YOUR DOG! He didn't get tragically sick and you had to tragically put him down HE HAD A UTI! A TOTALLY PREVENTABLE, SUPER TREATABLE UTI! AND YOU KILLED HIM BECAUSE YOU WANTED MORE FILLERS AND TATS! Re-home your animals, stop hurting people, good god, with all the problems you've had if you were an animal you would have been put down by your family ages ago. You've never done one goddamn decent thing in your life, your body is trashed (because you did it to yourself) and so it your mind, and YOU THINK YOUR DOG DESERVES TO DIE BECAUSE HE HAD A UTI. Fuck you, I hope you get some empathy and love in you soon, what a sad, miserable little thing you are.

No. 306990

oh, my bad, a small growth and a UTI, still treatable, and the UTI could have likely been prevented with proper care. You are still a sack of shit
Sage for fact checking.

No. 306992

That's a shit load of pets for someone who can't/isn't willing to spend on them.

She has a fucking snake, that's a constant heat lamp, that's not cheap.

No. 307575


>i applied for Care Credit like an hour before we went so i could pay for the vet bills myself. i didn’t want to ask Mike for help. you know? so i got approved and told the vet this is how much i can spend so let’s start here.

And how much did you get approved for Charms? You could have applied for $5000.00 for 60 months and had a monthly payment of $119. Even if you couldn't have afforded that much you could have found a humane society or organization that would have done a cheaper/ very little in cost. You had other options but you are a worthless piece of shit that was too lazy to save the dog, and you much rather spend the little bit of money you have on shitty tattoos and injections. You don't deserve to have any pets, I hope they all get taken away.

No. 307641

She said in her Tumblr post that even if she could afford the 4k (I guess the same goes for a loan or otherwise), that she still would not pay for it.

The tl;dr of that whole post basically boiled down to "Ehhh, I wasn't about to pay the $350 for the biopsy, let alone $4000 for the surgery… So I put him down and got a replacement puppy instead."

No. 307648

no fucking way, they look so saggy and bad

No. 307659

I know it's all been discussed to death by this point but you literally don't defend yourself at all in this, Big Lottes. You actually make it so much worse.

> i wish i’d taken him to the vet right that second, i could have. but i didn’t. Jekyll and i laid in bed all day together while i watched netflix or something

You straight up admit you were too lazy to even get out of bed when your pet was having a medical emergency. Remind us again why we should feel sorry for you? If you're too lazy to do the bare minimum of pet owning, aka LETTING YOUR DOG OUT TO PEE REGULARLY, let alone take him to the vet when he's pissing blood, what makes you think you're capable enough to get another puppy? Sort your shit out before you kill another innocent animal jfc.

Unfortunately true. She has no eye for quality work in a tattoo artist, it's really no surprise she went to a butcher-tier plastic surgeon either lel

No. 307735

File: 1494293288658.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170509-022712.png)

Omg the lips ??

No. 307741

File: 1494293691543.jpg (106.63 KB, 737x556, 5745757.jpg)

She looks absolutely disgusting and hideous. What the fuck was she thinking?

No. 307743

Oh my fucking god, it didn't even register to me that this was a human face at first.

No. 307745

File: 1494294041096.jpg (23.22 KB, 652x315, 18157451_233407637141619_26554…)

No. 307750

File: 1494294741999.jpg (14.42 KB, 251x143, mqdefault.jpg)

Someone needs to shop swollen anus lips onto this and it's basically the same picture.

No. 307755

Maybe Mike has a bimboification fetish? ?

No. 307764

Fuck you guys honestly, $4000 is a shitload of money to put a pet through torture and not even know if they're going to survive. She did the humane thing. She made the humane decision. Dog probably would have died anyway.

Is she an asshole with too many pets? Yes. Could she have afforded it is she really wanted to? Of course. But it would have been a stupid, cruel, selfish waste of $4000. Maybe don't let your emotions rule you for a second and consider that this was the humane thing.

No. 307800

Can she not with that bindi peircing, just no!

No. 307805

>put a pet through torture

What, are they going to operate on the dog without anesthesia or something? She didn't even get the culture done, she didn't even bother to find out whether whatever mass was in Jekyll's belly was benign or not.

Jekyll was healthy and her negligence from simply not taking him out at regular intervals is what started all of this. I am also the poster who said putting down your dog is ONLY acceptable when you have exhausted all options and it's better to let them rest than continue to suffer by living. I'm going to restate this again from that post: she didn't even go through with the first option (which I said by mistake was the operation- it's the culture. The fucking $350 culture. Yes, $350 is a lot but when you have a pet you should already know the vet is not going to be cheap).

$4,000 is also a lot of money and I realize that, but Jekyll didn't have cancer. He didn't have some life threatening disease. He had a fucking UTI. Maybe that culture would have discovered surprisingly discovered Jekyll now also had cancer, but we'll never know since she can't fork over a measly $350 (which is also measly compared to god knows how much she spends on everything else).

No. 307852

lol she didn't even try fam. she could hardly be assed to take her dog to the vet, let alone spend money on the proper testing. she was determined to let that dog die.

in any other situation, if she had exhausted her options and simply didn't want to or couldn't spend $4000 it'd be understandable. but she went out and got a new fucking dog the next day. and named it hyde of all things. she's a sociopath and an animal abuser and im not sure how anyone could defend her actions at this point lol.

No. 308078


Says the pot to the kettle

No. 308102

I agree. Also, the people complaining about this would probably have done the same thing she did unless they had 4k to push out their asses.

No. 308198

Kek you both are forgetting the bigger issue. This isn't the first time she has neglected animals nor let them die without remorse. There was the kittens she left with her mom to go to a con that died, and when she came back she fucking pickled their dead bodies in jars. Then there was the Akita she rescued from the shelter only to return it a week later when she didn't want to put in the effort to walk it. Now, she didn't let this dog out enough so it developed a UTI, and then put it down when it cost too much to keep alive….only to go out and pay to touch up her tattoos and get a new puppy without a shred of guilt. She adopts these animals but treats them like things since she is too fucked up on her meds and smoking pot, eating fast food and never leaving her bed to care about anything else but her next body mod. Yes 4k is a large sum of money, but she should not be allowed to care for animals if she can't afford the vet bills and doesn't feel any guilt whatsoever about not putting in the effort to keep them alive.

No. 308294

Reading all these threads for the first time and I'd just like to point out with her tumblr post about Jekyll she says he had dental problems which probably made it painful to eat and that she hadn't taken care of his dental work yet but also she had him for a year. So she let this dog suffer with dental issues for a year and ultimately put him down because it was too expensive to take care of him? She shouldn't have any animals at all.

No. 308396

What's not nice is you neglecting then killing your dog just so you can get a replacement. Because let's be real, you just wanted something new a cute since you go for instant gratification.

No. 308750

She's legit posting fake asks to herself, like she'd have fans that where concerned for her because of the awful things we said to her.

You neglect you animals, you're a worthless pile of shit.

No. 308785

Then why don't you just bring up this shit? Seriously it's not that she didn't spend $4000 on the dog. It's everything else that is the issue, but people are blowing up over her not spending the 4k. That's all I was getting at. she's a piece of shit, but just because somebody doesn't spend $4000 on a dog doesn't make them a piece of shit. She's a piece of shit due to everything else and that's what people should be making a fuss about.

She clearly doesn't actually love animals. Nobody would pickle dead kittens especially if it was their fault they died. Charms is the kind of person that the world would literally be better off without, not something I'd usually say, not even about most cows/flakes. She's clearly irredeemable.

No. 308801

I feel the same as other anons. It's not that I blame her for not pulling $4k out her ass, it's her track record of being inconsistent with the care of her animal whose neglect led up to this point.
It wouldn't have had to come to that kind of awful decision had she been proactive or just not had any more animals.

No. 312871

File: 1494797274443.png (2.22 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170514-222524.png)

"normal" she says.

No. 312916

Looks like she got stung by too many bees on the lips…

No. 312919

Fuck they're completely rekt

No. 312988

What kind of treatment is that?… It looks awful.

No. 313001

Lip injections always look awful.

No. 313249

She looks like this inbred stripper girl I knew through mutuals who had her face burned/beat as a child

Lmao I don't think any amount of meds can have charms delusional enough to actually think this looks good. She knows she fucked up but keeps doing worse and worse in an attempt to fix her self sabotage with instant gratification.

There's no come back for her lol, buckle up and enjoy watching the dead horse get beat familia

No. 315827

File: 1495143019639.png (20.04 KB, 591x307, 1492504742790.png)

for posterity's sake
christ i wonder what it must have been like to be so full of yourself as a kid

No. 315840

File: 1495144091274.png (127.35 KB, 330x201, Untitled-2.png)

how about pic related

No. 315861

File: 1495145772647.png (64.49 KB, 500x297, serves you right.png)

>Charms and Dakota getting fat and ugly
I will never not enjoy observing this sweet irony. It gets better every time.

No. 315865

>if I had a twin, I want to have with myself. I want to be able to look at myself being pleasured

Ew.. she's insane.

No. 315890

Don't forget miserable, too!

No. 316014

>Charlotte Rose

Lol, dafuq? I know Charms is all ~wahh I miss Dakota~ but that's a little cringe.

No. 316928

I think that's her name tbh

No. 317048

This triggered me badly, because she was just flaunting stupid tasteless expenses like botched lip injections and sex toys. She has raffles and asks donations for frivolities, but kills her dog because of an EXAM, before even figuring his real condition out. Come on. And yeah, I'll judge her for that because she mentioned ONE trip to the vet before making a decision. She didn't even bother to ask what a culture exam was, which anyone who cared about their pet would have, if they didn't understand what it meant.

I had really been enjoying the thread up until this though. I was around /cgl/ during her glory days, and I was feeling pretty bad about myself because I lost my job recently and moved back with my parents, but I'm now considering to be really lucky in comparison.

Does anyone know what happened to her lolita wardrobe? Being bigger than PT now, I figure she must have sold everything, yes?

No. 317052

I figure she must have sold everything, yes?

that, or collecting dust,cat hairs and piss in the corner

No. 317056

>that, or collecting dust,cat hairs and piss in the corner
Imagine if they were, and she decided to sell them now. The stories we'd hear would be fab.

No. 317115

sweet sweet karma, feels so good

No. 317184

File: 1495279970713.jpg (126.52 KB, 675x1200, DAPtin8V0AAaiac.jpg)


No. 317265


Did she contour her nose to look like she has Fryns syndrome?

Like she managed to make her nose look 100x worse via make up

No. 317271

She basically let that poor dog deteriorate for a year and was shocked and perplexed when he got sick and still didn't want to deal so just killed him.

She's the biggest piece of shit ever.

No. 317273

You're still a fat piece of shit Charms, making your boobs and lips bigger isn't going to even you out.

No. 317278

She put a velvet Baby dress up on Lacemarket not too long ago. Not sure if it's still there and I'm too lazy to look for a link.

No. 317286

What has she done to herself? She looks like a plastic surgery addict who started off wanting to look like a famous celebrity (like Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner for example) but now they can't stop messing with their face… even the crowns on her teeth are wearing in sideways now because they've never sat naturally on her lower set.

No. 317312

Ugh her lips look like a hotdog split down the middle. No definition at all, sans Cupid bow and top lip is way too big.

Less is more.

No. 317335

File: 1495299826007.png (931.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170520-180103.png)

Ay caramba

No. 317347

her mouth looks upside down

No. 317356

Just shave your head charms

No. 317376

Is charlotte hispanic?

No. 317415

Nope, Jewish

No. 317471

Is she using a blanket without a cover?

No. 317699

Her body wasn't a problem, she made it one. Her face wasn't a problem, she made it one. Her life wasn't a problem, and she made it a huge one.

She needs in-hospital treatment. If her parents are putting down a payment for a house for her, they should consider paying for an institution.

No. 317841

Who the fuck would post a photo og themselves with BLORANGE hair?! God damnit, Charms!

No. 317879

whoah anon I didn't know hispanic was synonym of being ugly

No. 317906

I don't know why, but her massive downward spiral reminds me of Jessie Slaughter. They both fucked up their lives for different reasons, but they both look so similar; haggard and ballooned up.

No. 317918

Hey now, Jessie Slaughter is doing pretty good these days, given her shit situation. Yeah, she's fat as fuck but she seems happy and is just doing her own thing from what I've seen.

No. 317920

>Jessie Slaughter
She didn't have the privilege of rich, educated parents willing to dig her out of her failures though. Unlike Charms. In fact, her dad made her situation much worse. Being fat is the least of her problems.

No. 318257

File: 1495394340739.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170521-201557.png)

I do hope that is someone elses and hasn't got herself a god damn sugar glider.

No. 325442

File: 1496171849936.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.01 KB, 675x1200, DBDdqrfWsAA0ojY.jpg)


No. 326166


No. 326237

Just out of curiosity, if charms did ever lose weight (unlikely I know) what will happen to her titties? Would they become super saggy? Would they look like bolt ons?

No. 326258

That is an interesting question anon. If the implants were put under the muscle and Big Lottie did her aftercare properly, they'd look ok. The natural fat might shrink but the implants are under the titty so it would be still an organic shape.

However, based on the pictures and the knowledge of her mistreating her breasts post op, I'd wager that they'd look like a chicken fillet stuffed in a pair of pantyhose.

No. 326261

She looks like a shitty alt clone of Trisha Paytas.

Come to think of it, they have a lot in common: use up money on stupid shit, are complelty blind to their own mutilation and have absolutly shit relantionship with men whilst being fully dependent on them mentally for validation.

No. 326268

I'm honestly shocked that she hasn't tattooed her boobs yet. Then again, I don't want her to get any ideas– Aw, who am I kidding?

No. 326276

Every time I see an update in this thread, it get worse and worse.

No. 326306

Just caught up with this thread. Honestly I wish Lotte would come back and post a bit more frequently here. Shitty behavior aside, I can respect her for not hiding behind anon or pulling a Mira. I still remember when she spilled the tea on Dakota, haha those were good times

No. 326356

File: 1496259325795.png (34.55 KB, 625x204, ughwhat.PNG)

No. 326357

File: 1496259468322.png (35.51 KB, 610x215, ughwhat2.PNG)

No. 326368

I'm wondering what they'd look like without her holding them up and I'm struggling.

No. 327908

Isn't she really fucked because of her meds? This is like the 2nd car she's crashed. Who the fuck is letting her drive??

No. 327959

God just get a job. It's not that hard to get one.

No. 328199

We know she hasn't really been told no much in her life, but people (Mom, Mike etc) are either lazy enough to let her drive off in her pill fog or deathly afraid of a wild raging Charms.

No. 328407

>ive been putting out tons of positive vibes??? but haven't received any money????

No. 328486

Does anyone think the cam caps posted were self-posts to bump her room?
They've since been removed and were only up for that day, I was also wondering why no unflattering caps were posted (that she didn't take herself, lord knows no naked picture of her is 'flattering').
That's hilarious that you have to use a lolcow thread to get some sort of trickle of attention in your room, charms.

No. 329156

wouldn't be surprising, even just having more people sitting in her room without paying would bump it up and possibly get her more paying members in. and we definitely know she lurks the boards.

No. 341935

File: 1498530995119.png (179.49 KB, 750x1093, IMG_6169.PNG)

Jesus, another dog at the vet already. How long is it going to be before she realizes she's an irresponsible pet owner?

No. 342011

on twitter she says it's another $600-700 on vet bills that she can't afford. stopppp acquiring more animals when you can't take care of the ones you have! jesus

on a more positive note, i watched a bit of her exxotica stream and she still has a cute face when she smiles IMO. although she wore an incredibly unflattering outfit

No. 342012

File: 1498543356874.png (967.61 KB, 960x726, Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 5.10…)

oops dropped my pics

No. 342013

File: 1498543408844.png (879.73 KB, 1004x764, Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 5.16…)

No. 342020

She still has a cute face, but that body is a nightmare.

No. 342021

Her face is still pretty cute and relatively slim considering her size. But man, those boobs are something awful. I thought she was going to get them fixed, what happened with that?

No. 342022

This looks really really bad, poor dog

I agree. She's still pretty, she only ruined her body.

I have to wonder, did she lose weight? Or maybe it's the angle? Or the baggy clothes she wore made her look worse idk

No. 342024

>cute face
>ugly bod
Hits me in the feels tbh fam.
But then I remembered how awful she was to ugly fatties when she had the upper hand, and it all seems like justice served now.

No. 342029

This is so fucking bizarre to look at. What a mess.

No. 342033

Oh my god. This is like the bad ending from a video game.
I know it's been said hundreds of times, but how I wish I could go back in time and show Charms this picture as a glimpse of her future.

No. 342118

I cannot BELIEVE that money was spent on these breasts!

No. 342124

File: 1498569914616.png (Spoiler Image, 1.7 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170627-141658.png)


No. 342125

File: 1498569937566.jpg (Spoiler Image, 134.78 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20170627_142159.jpg)

No. 342126

File: 1498569956011.jpg (Spoiler Image, 154.32 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20170627_142211.jpg)

No. 342127

File: 1498569984943.jpg (Spoiler Image, 293.58 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20170627_142256.jpg)

They just look so messed up

No. 342133

At least it looks like she's lost a lot of weight. Or did she have lipo?

No. 342134

>tons of positive vibes

bitch positive vibes don't pay yo bills

No. 342136

WTF. how does that JUST FUCKING HAPPEN? you don't just wake up one day and your dog's eye becomes that, that seems like something that you let go for months before you go "oh shit"

FUCK THIS FUCKING PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT. I don't think I have ever hated a cow more.

No. 342195

File: 1498579984564.jpg (Spoiler Image, 200.7 KB, 1280x576, Lotte_-MFC-201706190439_m.jpg)

No. 342198

Is it just me or does she actually look somewhat happy lately? Despite wrecking her body I don't think I've seen her smile so genuinely in a long time.

No. 342211

How do people get to the point of none of their clothes fitting anymore and still not getting any self control to stop. Every time this thread bumps I shudder

No. 342229

ill be surprised if that poor dog's eye doesn't have to be removed. it looks incredibly bad. it's an entirely different color from the other one too (though maybe sable had heterochromia, i can't remember)

No. 342232

neither, she's just working the angles. see >>342013

man, her tits would look even worse if she ever did lose weight.

No. 342233

Seeing as how that eye is permanently dilated, glazed over and isn't going in the same direction as the other eye it really looks like untreated blunt trama. The swelling seems to have went down so I'm guessing the injury might be a few weeks old. But Charms doesn't seem like the sort to hit her animals. It seems like someone else or the pup was being a spazz and ran into something at full force since it was bored.

No. 342235

The part that freaks me out is she looks the roughest she ever has body wise, but she still seems to have this beautiful face. Or maybe I'm just falling for angles and makeup

No. 342240

She's a camwhore. She's naked most of the time anyway.

No. 342248

God, I couldn't even imagine my pup being in that sort of pain for weeks and never once noticing it.

No. 342268

File: 1498589448707.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170610-020952.png)

She's just good at make-up. Without she looks very tired and greasy. She knows what style of makeup works for her face.

At least her lips seem to have chilled out a bit.

No. 342332

Pretty much. However, she looks so much better now that her lip injections have worn off.

No. 342336


Her tongue thing she always fucking does triggers me to Mumbai and back

No. 342356

anyone else think it's weird a bunch of camwhores are getting naked in one big convention room to film individually? seems awkward as fuck lol

No. 342506

she just posted a $1200 fundraiser for the dog's glaucoma


her mom donated $600

No. 342528

I just burst out laughing when I saw this picture
I don't even have anything against Charms anymore, I just find it hilarious how little of a fuck she gives nowadays

No. 342539

It's because she's happy to have another animals to abuse and eventually put down

No. 342545


called it, this poor puppy is going to lose her eye. and she's not even a year old. chances are high that this has been developing for a few days now and charms was too busy being a shithead to notice. even sudden onset takes awhile to get as bad as sable's.

and lol how the fundraiser says "we have another puppy and 6 cats" followed by "my care credit is maxed." should be a wake up call about your pet situation, shouldn't it?

No. 342552

>her mom donated $600

Lmao@ her mom being that indispensably wealthy and she still has the audacity to ask strangers to foot the bill even though it's clear her family is well off.
My parents would begrudge me if I tried begging for a $20.

No. 343033

This fucking bitch, please can we call Animal Control on charms, this is some fucking bullshit she is begging for money to pay for the dog's medical bills.

I agree anon, any normal person with common sense would think they should give up their many pets to a better home because they can't properly take care of them.

No. 344055

File: 1498840679392.jpg (164.07 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20170630_100935.jpg)

Charms got dragged on twitter and actually spoke on the situation with her ex roommate. If anyone else wants to post screen shots that would be super but this is all I managed to save.

No. 344060

Reading this gave me secondhand anxiety. I'd be mortified if I were such a shitty adult that I caused someone to hate me this badly.

No. 344129

can you post link? I can't seem to find her twitter. Top link on this thread doesn't work.

No. 344139

All her social media has been changed to lotteoddities

No. 344372

No. 344402

File: 1498896273168.jpg (71.85 KB, 482x563, biglotts-is-happy-grill.JPG)

Something she answered on her tumblr.

No. 345079

File: 1499021218474.jpg (72.67 KB, 540x960, 19598521_10209881965792325_348…)

She was on cam last night so I took a few caps of it just because. It was pretty boring, she just was complaining that no one was talking and left I think after being on for around an hour.

No. 345080

File: 1499021258916.jpg (42.33 KB, 337x600, 19598555_10209881965752324_520…)

No. 345081

File: 1499021290504.jpg (36.82 KB, 960x405, 19554335_10209881965712323_216…)

Last one. Still drinking that coke.

No. 345376

y is no one commenting that she's fucking up her hair yet again

No. 345377

Damn that's a lot of soda. She's going to be diabetic by that rate

No. 345399

Does anyone have the screenshots or tldr of this?

No. 345409

She really doesn't learn does she lel. Is there a reason why mike is still rake thin and not chub aswell now?? They both clearly sit on their arses all day high, chugging Coke and eating crap ergh

No. 345414

Dear god. In this tumblr post >>344402 she admits that she misses being skinny. but that she also plans to eat everyday now and her current goal is just "healthy" - I guess she was just referring to her not being anorexic anymore?

Keep up the good work, Charms! >>345081 so healthy!

No. 345435

File: 1499081561693.jpg (75.75 KB, 845x258, cowsyndrome.jpg)

Quick shit pic I put together but to just again point out the differences. Sheesh.

No. 345460

Men generally have a higher metabolism than women.
Also, is he taller than her? She seems very tiny.

No. 345537

>I don't remember what I looked like
except there are tons of pictures of her floating around. googling "charlotte charms" brings up plenty.

>honestly don'tremmeber a lot from my past with my whole PTSD thing

she has PTSD? and is totally blanking out on your shitty behavior a symptom of it?

>My hair still sucks, tho. Someday I'll get good extensions again.

orrr just take care of your natural hair and stop contributing to your traction alopecia with extensions so it can actually grow.

No. 345544

Christ, is that an entire 2 liter?

No. 345554

Ptsd can cause you to block out some things/memories, but unlikely in the way she's making it sound and for what she's blocking out. If anything she probably has brainfog from her meds/shit diet. IF.

We know she reads here/occasionally tries to justify herself, she can see old pics kek.

I honestly don't believe charms was as mentally ill back then as she is now, lmao, and she used to accuse me of 'secretly being aoi' and send people after me, so I feel like that's saying something…

No. 345713

File: 1499118321789.png (32 KB, 589x258, charlottedog.PNG)

poor puppy :( they're going to remove her eye?

No. 345732

Lotte, if you're still lurking, could you please fucking stop taking animals in? You can't even look after yourself. Do a responsible thing for once. Buy a plush toy instead.

No. 345747

I think she's referring to the PTSD when she was (13? I think) when she was gang raped, or a little later when she was in a legitimately abusive relationship with Aoi. To my knowledge she still has bite marks from them.

Seconding the brainfog from her heavy meds.

tinfoil but she could be on a drug called Remeron. it's pointless to speculate at all, but it makes you gain a ton of weight however it is supposed to have largely positive mental benefits. her meds could make her feel not depressed/cycle as harshly but fuck up her weight and give her brainfog. I understand what she's saying about not really being able to see yourself without having full blown BDD, it sounds like yet another shitty side effect from her meds.

She's a fucking dick, especially with animals, but I genuinely believe she is not on the best medication for herself and it's getting really bad to watch. I wish she would either taper down a little or just try something different.

Her psychiatrist has to be a fucking fraud, if you see your patient during check up appointments looking like this and you don't do anything you shouldn't be practicing.

No. 345751

Double posting, I'm sorry I forgot to add - where is her mother or father in all of this? Her dumb ass mom throws money at her newest poor animal but she can't get her unstable as fuck daughter to stop buying animals in the first place, get her a proper psychiatrist, get her on a fitness/diet program, and to break up with Mike who is only directly mooching off of said Mother?

Her mom is footing the bill for her daughter's destruction, so bitch really needs to cut her the fuck off or learn to be an actual mother. Her daughter is an actual danger, both to herself and other living things. Sorry for sperging so hard, it's been a minute since I kept up with this cow and I forgot how much I hate her and her absolutely worthless family. I really, really hope her dog is ok.

No. 345752

She really should just start collecting plushies and fill a room with them instead of collecting living beings

She was gang raped? I've read through all her threads but I don't remember ever reading that.

Seconding your tinfoil hattery about her meds. I was wondering the same thing. Her psychiatrist must be a crock.

No. 345756

I'll see if I can find the rape thing but tbh it's not something I really want to dig for, but I read it in a thread/it was an older tumblr ask so I'll see if I can find it. If someone asks her on her tumblr now she might answer it with clarity in regards to her PTSD.

But she was at someone's house during a party and had something put in her drink, a group of a few boys did what they wanted to her. I don't think she ever tried to press charges. Older anon can probably confirm this while I try to find the screen shot.

No. 345787

She doesn't actually know whether or not she was gangraped. She was at a party, drank too much or was spiked - again she doesn't know which - and woke up with a sore vagina, so assumes something happened.

She was extremely flippant about it.

No. 345798

It may be on her old tumblr that she deleted when she started camming. She said a lot of personal stuff then. Look at the beginning threads about some of that stuff. If not, her Gaia account (if it still is there) has her posts where she talked about some shit that happened.

No. 345846

That's sad actually. Regardless if it actually happened, her thinking it happened and being used like a human fleshlight probably did a number on her mental state more than she realizes.

No. 345855

She was already gaining weight before she started meds or anything, she wrote about it on her old blog and admitted she spent 3 months comfort eating frozen pizzas and Burger King and blew up-this was when she could actually admit she knew that was unhealthy to do and wanted to get slimmer.
She's always been kind of chubby except for when she was a teenager and the first year of her camming.
If anything I think she's on benzo's, which is why she literally just does.not.care about the ugly pictures she posts online, or taking proper care of her pets, or walking around like a glittery landwhale at that sex-po she went to.
Don't blame charm's shitty decisions and lack of self control on meds lol.

No. 345868

To be fair, as a shrink you can only help your patient so much. You can only really encourage them to make better decisions, and if Lotte is going to every appointment saying she feels ok (lying or not) then their hands are kind of tied. Unless she was portraying an obvious danger to herself and others (suicidal/homocidal plans) then she can't be committed either.

Lots of patients languish in psychiatric treatment for years and years without improving. It doesn't necessarily mean their doctor is failing them, but that they refuse to help themselves or follow the doctor's advice. For Lotte I think it's a combination of having no intentions to better her situation and having absolutely no guidance from her support system.

I knew this was going to happen but it still bums me out to hear. Sable is such a young dog.

No. 345966

oh man that's horrible
and she didn't even take it further? Well, I heard that a lot of rape victims don't because they blame themselves or pretend it never happened.
Oh man…poor Lotte…I really hope she gets the help she needs…

No. 345971

I genuinely think she's on the wrong medication and has visibly fucked up her life. Any psychiatrist would realize their patient isn't making progress and doesn't appear lucid and switch things up. Maybe I've just had stellar psychiatrists, but I'm pretty sure she just has one that is maybe a step above a drug dealer and couldn't care less.

I take benzos, a lot of people I know take them for legitimate reasons or recreationally, and none of us are anything like Charms. Charms is bipolar, and I have a very mild form of it, so we've probably been on the same meds. A lot of the first line ones give you weight gain, motivation issues, brainfog, etc. Obvious every body is different and she could in fact be taking a way too high dose of benzos, none of us know, but her issues look like the side effects of an antipsychotic that's not working for her. Sorry to obviously blogpost, but certain medications have really fucked up my life and self perception and yes, it really is that bad and does disappear when you switch. Though you're right she had preexisting issues with self control/awareness in general.

Does anyone remember when Charms started to really gain weight, and maybe what might have set that off?

No. 346008

Saged for baseless speculation but I imagine she ballooned when her teenage metabolism slowed down but she kept bingeing on junk food, soda and booze. Being anachan was enough to cancel out her shittier habits when she was young but she has no real experience of what a healthy diet is or how to work hard at keeping fit.
That would make any normal person chubby but then you throw in her sedentary lifestyle, bad meds, enablers and munchies and out comes a biglotte.

No. 346116

Does nobody have screenshots about this? I dug right back to the first thread and found nothing but a few people mentioning it.

No. 346144

Its like on extreme to the next for her, there is no middle ground.

No. 346145

And she has to save up an entire month to get it removed, so this poor doggo is going to have continue to suffere for the entire month.

Charlotte is the biggest fucking piece of shit cunt on this earth, and needs to have her animals taken away from her.

No. 346156

during this time could we call animal control on her? that poor fucking dog, fuck her

No. 346165

She was anorexic when she was young

I'm half with the med people because I've seen some of the shit hard antipsychotics do to people, but it's probably also that she's never ever had an idea of what a normal amount to eat is.

No. 346693

Is anybody else still unable to place Charm's head on her body? Like when I see a full body picture of her, my mind just has a blank space for the face.

All of this makes my brain go into a "does not compute" error.

No. 347734

I GUARENTEE she's choosing to have the pups eye taken out just so that she can keep it in a jar.

And as far as weight gain being caused by medication, her dad is overweight, her mother is obese and her brother morbidly obese.

Charlotte truly is very mentally ill. She's completely delusional and seriously lives in her own reality. And I can confirm that her memory is absolutely terrible. She forgets everything.
She's still a terrible person and personally I think she's a sociopath. Her brain is completely fried with irreversible damage. I don't think any amount of therapy or medication could ever help/fix her. She's too far gone. Being raised by rich a rich Mom, who had no consequences, and having literally everything handed to her as well as being attractive, ended up screwing her over as well as having Michael as her enabler and the fact that he is 100x worse than she is, being manipulative, scheming, theif who only associates with people if he can gain something from them and will do anything to get what he wants all while playing a victim of charlotte. It's honestly an extremely depressing situation and I wish I had never met them

No. 349455

guys i just checked her twitter

-"spending too much money on a new phone"
-buying a new bathing suit to go to a water park
-getting a new tattoo this month
-at Michigan's Adventure today
-send Amazon gc for an $80 phone case pls

…and she still doesn't have enough money for her pet's treatment and has to beg on the internet? What the fuck is wrong with her? She is so terrible with money, jesus christ

No. 349463

she's a terrible person, period. wish someone would section her ass and rehome all her pets in the meantime.

No. 349481

This bitch is the worst, I hate when people neglect their animals.

I almost feel as if her looking like constant utter shit is karma for being such a horrible person.

No. 349483

Sorry new to this person, how the fuck did she get so famous?

No. 349494

read the previous threads

No. 349561

she was a lolita, she used to be very pretty and skinny and tripped back at /cgl/. she caused a lot of drama and was pretty elitist/arrogant/bitchy to a lot of people back then

then she got into camming, gained a shit ton of weight, got a million tattoos, neglects her animals, is mentally ill etc.

No. 353742

File: 1500247073066.jpg (49.7 KB, 680x680, DEzQK7nW0AA37WU.jpg)

She got another tattoo, talking about buying a new TV.

No. 355901

File: 1500519955513.png (Spoiler Image, 190.19 KB, 1242x1172, IMG_1788.PNG)

First new porn vid in ages, she still sells the one where she was thin and slightly chubby next to this stuff. Very unattractive pose

No. 355916

Her boobs don't flatten out at all. Wow. Even the fakest of the fake will flatten out a bit nowadays.

Must be depressing for lotte to be one of those fat corset wearing pornstars. She should work for her mom like be a paralegal or some shit. I'm sure standards aren't that high

No. 357006

serious question: how long did it take her to gain that much weight? i've never heard of her before reading this thread and the timelines aren't clear, but unless i'm wrong, it seems to have taken quite a short time.

also – does anybody have a picture that (clearly) represents how she looked when she was the most tiny?

No. 357009

usually Charms doesn't look that fat to me but pics like these remind me of how big she actually is. wow.

No. 357226

>also – does anybody have a picture that (clearly) represents how she looked when she was the most tiny?

or you can just scroll up, you know?

No. 359772

File: 1500973529645.png (Spoiler Image, 568.91 KB, 652x434, biglo.png)

she looks terrible next to her…

No. 359779

This is just disgusting. This has got to be one of the most depressing pics. She just doesn't care.
Is there any collection of her older pics somewhere? I know some are probably scattered in these threads, but if anyone could confine them to like an imgur dump that'd be nice. She was kind of inspirational back then like how old Kota had a unique look and then melted into a fetus.

No. 360114

Those panties are so ill fitting. She would look better if she just bought stuff that fit her, and remembered angles mattered.

No. 360119

Holy moly. You could make a fierce slingshot with those undies. Its like a pulley system.

No. 360147

>Holy moly. You could make a fierce slingshot with those undies.
God fucking damn it I read this in my mom's voice and it a
absolutely executed my sides.
Sage and spoilered for very off-topic.

No. 360525

Her head is so tiny compared to her body it looks like an actual pea

No. 360616

i believe ive seen a compilation on voat's fathate but i dont think the thread included charms name so it might be hard to find

No. 363188

File: 1501373689998.jpg (467.25 KB, 784x1616, IMG_0710.JPG)

Charlotte tried to kill herself a few months ago. All her bullshit aside, this is pretty sad (context is something about some camgirl pretending to hurt animals and saying she'll pay people to kill themselves)

No. 363189

File: 1501373759255.jpg (504.22 KB, 821x1621, IMG_0711.JPG)


Apparantly she's getting shit for posting this. Rest of the text is on her twitter.

No. 363245

File: 1501381407206.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.82 KB, 1000x562, kAiohNl.jpg)

No. 363247

File: 1501381447870.jpg (Spoiler Image, 266.74 KB, 3437x1125, 53hQUPF.jpg)

No. 363248

File: 1501381499895.gif (Spoiler Image, 9.88 MB, 480x270, 8eYGIqz.gif)

No. 363251

File: 1501381568097.gif (Spoiler Image, 7.28 MB, 480x270, JfP1J7Q.gif)

No. 363256

She says she had pink hair so it was around feb/march. She dyed it pink feb 14 and that bad yellow was march 14 which was >>270553

No. 363277

That makes me really sad. She's obviously mentally ill and she can be an asshole, but that's just sad.

No. 363289

who's the other girl? she looks even better than lotte here

No. 363338

Ashe marie

No. 371579

File: 1502591636852.jpg (122.02 KB, 1440x730, Screenshot_20170812-223207.jpg)

Charms and Mike broke up.

No. 371581

File: 1502591666108.jpg (292.19 KB, 1440x961, Screenshot_20170812-223223.jpg)

No. 371609


No. 371614

I wonder if it has anything to do with her talking about using tindr to hook up with a guy, like instead of Mike she brought a dude to come fuck her instead.

No. 371628

thank fuck. i can only hope this is a turning point in lotte's life and it's uphill for her from here.

No. 371645

Wowwww, I didn't think it would ever happen. Wonder what's next for her

No. 371725

It wont be

People act like he was her downfall but she did and will continue to do herself in. He was just one of her leeching enablers - if anything she'll probably do more gross self destructive things to her body and git fatter as part of the post breakup stages.

Cant wait to be horrified by this behemoth trainwreck.

Charms left the turn around point behind long ago, you all are just as deluded as she is to think thatll ever happen. She rekt as fuck

No. 371731

Don't people typically work harder to get fit and lose weight when they are newly single and trying to attract someone new though? A lott of people put on weight due to getting lazy and comfortable in a relationship. Maybe this could do her some good, but I suppose only time will tell.

No. 371932

Depends on how well they take it. Obvs if a person got dumped, they'd be heartbroken and turn into a wreck for a while, which for Charms means spiraling even harder than before. Charms sounds like she's going to be fine, but idk if she's just pretending to be flippant about it for social media. Honestly, she has a lot more to fix than just her weight problems, so we'll see how she'll handle all of that, plus losing her biggest enabler.

No. 371937

Most people i know, myself included lost a shit ton of weight after becoming single. Here's to charlotte getting back on her literal feet!(blogging)

No. 371977

you guys must be new to charms lmao

No. 372075

It's fine to hope we will see her looking hot again. If she is able to realize it isn't working she may actually try to work on herself.

So far we have her actually camming again and she was the at her heaviest when she wasn't really doing that. Wanting to beat her hot but bitchy younger self may get her to be thinner since it will mean more money.

No. 372100

Not new to Charms but I do wish her the best. She has a mood or personality disorder which is hell in teens but she's at an age right now where with drugs and therapy she could mellow out. She has tweeted some things that make her seem more self aware than she was in the past and without Mike being her top enabler she could possibly become something close to a functioning person. In the past she has been a real shitshow but gaining weight may have given her the chance to find some humility. No one likes the mean fat girl so maybe playing nice for long enough could have a lasting effect. It's a tall order, but who knows. She may improve, she nay regress.

No. 373304

it's strange some of you think the breakup's gonna make her lose weight. this is not your average case of a mentally stable girl/woman wanting to look "hot" as a single person.
when weight fluctuations are directly correlated to a person's mental state rather than outside circumstances/natural events in life, it just doesn't work that way.
i think what's more likely to happen is that charms either gains even more weight, or goes extreme ana again all at once (which isn't better in the long term), but i'm leaning more towards her gaining more.

none of us can know what goes through her head, i am just speculating by following all of her threads. i think she expresses herself with a bit more self-awareness now, true, but she still seems to lack a deeper understanding of herself and her situation.

No. 373999

File: 1502963787485.png (372.54 KB, 1176x1302, Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 2.55…)

Lotte writes?

No. 374088

The animals, the lolita, the relationships, the weird weight gain and mfc this is a mentally ill woman. I could see it in her eyes in the top pictures. This is what a version of mental illness looks like. Her doctors need to give her a hormone, mineral, and vitamin lab test. then adjust her meds. Those mfc pics look like someone who knows what to do but cant get it together.

No. 374092

This tentecle syren sounds like a bigger cow then lotte. You cant say what you want without consequences. No one has to let you in. So many cows in todays world.

No. 374283

I don't know about bigger but she's definitely her own cow.

No. 388621

lotte's been getting in so much twitter drama recently…

today's drama is that another camgirl (lana) has a 16yo online girlfriend. it's a bit creepy, lana is 20 but lotte is fucking flipping her shit posting for hours and hours with hundreds of tweets @them and threatening legal action

also she claims to be autistic now?

No. 388631

SS please she has me blocked

No. 389669

File: 1505876343174.png (294.97 KB, 1188x780, uhhwhat.png)

I like Charms, but….there is no fucking way she earns enough money from cam right now that she pays her own bills with enough to buy a car AND a house, all with "multiple international trips a year."

I watched one of her more recent cam sessions and she was on for over three hours and made…700 tokens. That's $35. $12/hr isn't bad if you work full time, but she only cams like two days a week a few hours at a time! I'm calling bullshit lol.

(not to mention all the constant vet bill fundraisers)

No. 389705

>i own my car and house
But isn't it more likely that…her mom is the one who did the car/house payments and that it's just her stuff in name? Charms tries too hard to act self-made. It's like she can't let her life be self-evident if she is truly making it on her own, because in actuality the numbers she makes on income don't add up to support the statement that she affords anything without major family help and donations.

It's super sad, she's not independent at all.

No. 391812

File: 1506237626173.png (450.54 KB, 1274x1378, 1A.png)

Some more SS

No. 391813

File: 1506237686430.png (419.72 KB, 1264x1362, 1b.png)

more ss

No. 391814

File: 1506237706591.png (184.76 KB, 1252x700, 1c.png)

3/4 SS

No. 391815

File: 1506237846030.png (357.65 KB, 1166x1188, 1d.png)

twitter @lana_rain could care less about the rants.

No. 391864

She's absolutely right of course but what a scene..

No. 391876

She's absolutely right here, tbh.
That Lana Rain girl is disgusting.

No. 391977

I hate Charms but she is absolutely right. Sage for no contribution

No. 392243

No. 392255

>People like you are the reason I am who I am now.

Wow Charms, that was the most depressing and heartbreaking thing I've ever seen you say. I just want to hug you and let you cry on my shoulder.

No. 394000

File: 1506568789668.png (3.01 MB, 2306x1152, -.png)

She seems to be doing much better these days.

No. 394009

i'm really glad those lip fillers have gone down.

No. 394069

File: 1506581998589.jpeg (48.59 KB, 750x485, 64744F43-FAA9-4000-B5A3-16AE96…)

No. 395713

No. 397691

sans hair damage, that is

No. 399264

File: 1507335596791.jpg (298.7 KB, 1920x1080, DLfgUIIVoAAo0a5.jpg)

No. 399271

File: 1507336038689.png (226.75 KB, 750x1091, IMG_6262.PNG)

I thought they broke up?

No. 399273

File: 1507336202989.png (2.26 MB, 1458x1096, moutain dont do this to yourse…)

That would explain this

No. 399280

File: 1507337035030.jpg (358.85 KB, 674x686, Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 8.39…)

When I went into Charms' room this girl was in the recommended section. She looks like a young, hot Charms.

No. 399284

File: 1507337343378.png (1.89 MB, 1286x970, hot.png)


I live for Cat!

No. 399288

Stupid question but is Charms wearing a wig/weave here? You can't really see her balding.

No. 399290

File: 1507337955475.png (367.29 KB, 508x494, save13.png)

She's wearing a weave but the roots are her own.

No. 399295

Charms' face really hasn't changed, minus looking dehydrated and not getting enough sleep. This girl doesn't look younger, just like she actually drinks water and sleeps/owns a good concealer.

Haven't given up on Charms, tbh her face has survived the weight gain although having face fat makes you look younger.

No. 399301

She did say they were better off as friends. So she's probably still using him for free stuff.

No. 399303

File: 1507339113258.png (382.98 KB, 486x355, oooooh.png)

At least she's wearing underwear thats sort of flattering for her body type now?

No. 399304




No. 399329

Yes she got fat, however she is still cute. Big doesn't mean ugly.

No. 399336


I wouldn't go as far as to say flattering for her body type, but hey, it fits. Evolution!

No. 399340

I'm sure it's been said only a hundred times but it's so satisfying to see such a piece of shit who used to be deemed hot or attractive just waste away at such a fast rate.

No. 399342

Lotte's on cam right now for her 25th birthday and her one regular just gave her a huge tip

No. 399354

Link? The one for MFC doesnt work

No. 399355


She's been having a pretty good night too, way less awkward than usual & her face/makeup looks cute

No. 399358

File: 1507352327072.png (1.8 MB, 1492x892, screen shot 1.png)

No. 399359

File: 1507352352842.png (1.99 MB, 1438x1094, screen shot 2.png)

No. 399360

File: 1507352376352.png (1.65 MB, 1242x928, screen shot 3.png)

No. 399361

File: 1507352440430.png (1.56 MB, 1262x954, screen shot 5.png)

4/4 that's all folks!

Her HT was like 60,000 or 80,000 tokens

No. 399374

Her high tip was 30,666, she posted a screenshot of it on her twitter.

For real though this was the best I've ever seen her, she kept up conversation the whole time with her regulars and stayed really positive/upbeat. Super dramatic shift from her past shows which were 99% whining and awkward pouting. Dunno if she reads here but keep it up Charms

No. 399406

It's because she was drunk lol
Guess charms just needs the bottle to…turn on the charm

No. 399483

It's… looking better? I'm actually surprised. Perhaps she's had some kind of hair repairing treatment.
She's looking better overall. Maybe after breaking up with butch lesbian she's really gaining her sanity back.

No. 399500

This looks almost good!

No. 400784

File: 1507523001237.png (1.47 MB, 1020x1304, Twitter.png)

I think it's true as well, her latest snap tweet looks improved too.

No. 400805

Are her and Mike still broken up? Maybe the reason she's doing better is they aren't together anymore.

No. 400808

Haven't seen her mentioning him anywhere, unless I missed it. And I'm sure that's at least 70% of the reason why she's doing better, hope it stays that way.

No. 400901

I think they still live together for what it's worth. From the outside it seems the only thing that's changed is that they're not in a relationship, but it's clearly made some kind of positive difference with her.

That or a doctor adjusted her meds.

No. 412417

File: 1509461620815.png (2.38 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171031-144744.png)

She tattooed her face..

No. 412419

looks like a fake tat since it has transparent wringles around it.

No. 412421

it could be the wrap they put over new ones tho

No. 412429

What is she going to do when she gets old and saggy and can’t be a cam model anymore? No ones gonna hire her with that big disgusting tattoo on her face.

No. 412445

File: 1509464902910.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171031-154721.png)

Oh it's definitely real anon, you can see process of getting it done on her Snapchat

No. 412462

well, shit.
I'm not that surprised since it's her second face tattoo, but damn that placement and size? Why put a huge moon on your face…

No. 412464

Holy fucking shit, I’m screaming. It’s so big and bold and dark, on her cheek. How high was she?? I pop in on Charms from time to time, but I only know of her because of Dakota and /cgl/. I never thought someone as vain as her would get that done. Is she making money camming these days or is her mom still floating and funding her?

No. 412484

File: 1509469089604.jpg (49.46 KB, 800x450, C7S0ouqVAAANACj.jpg)

No. 412511

File: 1509472554484.jpg (101.45 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20171031_175315.jpg)

She appears to be back to camming on the reg.

Her boob looks fucked, the implant shouldn't be like that right?

No. 412516

She mentioned recently that they are “partners” still. But she also has a gf too now it seems.

She is camming regularly now and has money to go to Japan so I guess something is working out. She smokes a lot though but I am not sure if she was always this heavy of a user.

No. 412519

it legit looks like giant fucking creepy ass bug claws
and to all the anon asking its so fucking dark because this woman is an apprentice in the midwest, will probably never learn. it's disgusting and so is the placement, but once again fuck her artist for taking advantage of charms' mental state.

No. 412524

File: 1509474494570.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.08 KB, 1280x720, IMG_20171031_181357.jpg)

I know it's one of those mini ones but it looks like she's a giant englulfing the thing lel

No. 412529

File: 1509475088986.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1554, Screenshot_20171031-183629.png)

She tagged the dude who did it here. Idk who you think did it.

No. 412538

the linework on those roses looks fucking awful. At least some of it will drop out, if she's lucky, then it won't be so…in her face?

No. 412581

File: 1509480391216.png (526.56 KB, 591x544, 1504187251442.png)

Oh no Charms, right when you were doing better…

No. 412651

Charms is going to Japan? I wonder if she’ll try to reach out to Dakota while she’s there.

No. 412720

Omg I'd kill to see the look on Dakotas face if Charms tried to go up to her and act all friendly

No. 412767

File: 1509510951040.png (711.77 KB, 1242x2208, 252069AB-8206-4AA3-A7BC-4F6EAE…)

Proof of Japan trip; seems to be with her bro

No. 412768

File: 1509511021703.png (1.13 MB, 1242x2208, FD76B717-3B6B-4826-8B8F-32A946…)

She says she ended the engagement but she still is something with home. Not sure when they got engaged but she has lost some weight too.

No. 412771


Oh, Charms.

It's like she wanted to prove people wrong for thinking she was doing better.

No. 412819

File: 1509519484803.jpg (6.33 KB, 212x200, 4255275 _2624d8b0b8c881d51295a…)

see this is what happens when a country has no government funded national mental ward.

No. 413009

For everyone saying that her new tattoo is "too dark" that's only because it's still fresh. It will fade way more, just like the rest of her tattoos. She doesn't seem to take the best care of them.

No. 413032

OH FUCK dude. I was 100% certain it was a fake. What a tard. What can she do for a living now that she has those? Porn?

No. 413055

Yeah but it's still a fucking face tattoo. What a dumbass.

No. 413056

This picture reminds me of how fat Charms actually is. From her face she looks skinny. It makes me jealous because I have a chubby face that makes me look fat.

Also her tattoos must look really deformed now.

No. 413141

File: 1509567248366.png (136.98 KB, 1080x587, Screenshot_20171101-201119.png)

It gets worse bros

No. 413146

Her mom must have given up all hope of Charms recovering if she hadn't already.

>maybe it's just a phase a long phase

>if they adjust her meds then maybe
>multiple face tattoos

No. 413149

Have you not been paying attention for the last 3 years?! Charms already does porn and she's not very good at it because she's gotten fat and is constantly strung out on drugs.

No. 413152

Oh well. She's not screwed because she's obese.

She's screwed because she looks like a tatted up trollop now w/ face tattoos who doesn't have any education or work experience to gain any meaningful employment after she's through with being a ho. Probably couldn't even be seen as an assistant working for her own mother.

Not like that's any worse than the craw she got drawn on her cheek. Might as well go all out now.
Eyelid tattoo?

No. 413241

Watch her get some retarded shit like sclera tattoos.

No. 413400


lotte not being remotely feminist is not even the worst thing about this lul.

No. 413778

File: 1509661236829.jpeg (34.68 KB, 600x375, 1485737557588.jpeg)

Holy shit, she just keeps surprising me more and more with her retarded antics. Just when I think things can't get any worse.

No. 413824

in the..middle..of her forehead, i

No. 419985

File: 1510279301631.png (1.85 MB, 1242x2208, 53AD8271-EB1D-422E-9367-AA1FDE…)

Leaving japan early

No. 419987

File: 1510279364311.png (1.31 MB, 1242x2208, 55A870C7-3940-45EF-B12D-963EFD…)

Breaking up with mike again.

No. 419988

File: 1510279446105.png (1.79 MB, 1242x2208, F07403BD-7BEF-4152-8133-596C9E…)

I assume the other men was how she had the money for her house. She wasn’t working really until recently.

No. 419990

File: 1510279654284.png (1.78 MB, 1242x2208, FB8E09FE-54D7-4CFD-BA35-9DC881…)

No. 420179

I feel bad for Charms. Her life is so horribly depressing. I remember all the terrible things she said about people when she was younger. And I know she hoards animals to the point of endangerment. But I still have some surviving empathy for her. Rock bottom is hard. This thread is just sad.

No. 421500

File: 1510466038995.png (225.73 KB, 1172x810, charlotteescort2.png)

Charlotte posted about how she used to escort, even before she was a camgirl.

Apparently, nowadays she doesn't take random johns but she's still willing to have sex with her high tipping regulars. Pretty interesting that she's so honest, I don't think I've ever seen a camgirl other than Stormy admit to this kind of stuff. Hope things get better for her soon

No. 421501

File: 1510466058795.png (172.37 KB, 1194x578, charlotteescort.png)

No. 421502

File: 1510466135899.png (50.85 KB, 1168x244, charlotteescort3.png)

(Alex is her newest regular that tipped her 30k tokens on her birthday)

No. 421512

Iirc she was a shit escort, so she used it as a gateway into camming. It is a shame because she was hot then too.

She is camming regularly again and is trying. She has video plans and games to play on streams. She isn’t sitting around as we have seen so often doing nothing. I think she can do it.

No. 421586


>not interested in your money if all you want from me is sex

>being paid to have sex is my dream job

If she honestly thinks that actual sex becoming your means of income isn't being pressured, she's naive.

No. 421689


I don't know a whole lot about sex work (and surely Charms knows more than me since she was an escort) but surely escorting is less like "having sex and getting paid for it" and more like being paid to satisfy someone else?

I guess since this was when she started camming and looked after herself it wouldn't matter too much since she was so pretty.

No. 422022

A lot of guys want (and can even demand it) that the escort enjoy herself. I visited backpage once and it was a repeated idea in the "reviews" section, that a girl was better because she seemed to orgasm (or did a great job faking). I can see why Charms would end up with this idea and it might even give the guys following her who might be customers the idea of exclusivity and the entire experience being genuine.

Also I never actually watched any of her cam streams, was she ever along the lines of being a dominatrix? I just got the impression she might be from her usually bitchy attitude so her customers might again want her in charge and being pleasured and all that jazz.

No. 423645


Ah, I see. I would've assumed that's always an act. Thanks, anon.

No, she's never been a dominatrix iirc, just lazy and bitchy. I was pretty surprised she didn't try to tap into that market too tbh, but maybe her regulars are masochists which is why she still gets paid to be a completely terrible person?

No. 431538

Why is her twitter private now? ):

No. 431739

Best guess is that she pissed off a LOT of people recently, claiming anyone who did anything under an anonymous account (not showing face, name, genitals, etc.) is the worst ever.

She started in with the "All men are trash" and basically said that no man's opinion is worth anything compared to a woman's opinion.

Then she was taken to task for claiming she was going to be taking legal action against Lana, and absolutely nothing has come of it - she claimed to be LEADING the front of the attack, and hasn't done shit - except get more awful tattoos.

Just what I've seen before she went to Private, so that's my best guess.

No. 433014

she's claiming she wants to separate her lottieoddities name from her camming so she made another account https://twitter.com/LotteCamUpdates

No. 437514

File: 1512382334114.jpg (64.09 KB, 1184x498, IMG_20171204_101008.jpg)

Lotte confessing she is a literal rapist.

No. 437515

File: 1512382665933.png (166.56 KB, 1055x807, Screenshot_20171204-101545.png)

And she's like fucking advertising it like "ooh follow me for the Goss"

What the actual fuck?

No. 437523

does anyone have access to her private twitter? screenshots if so pls

No. 437529

File: 1512385939266.png (181.48 KB, 581x484, Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 5.11…)

Does anyone know who she could have raped?

I guess Lotte coming clean about raping is better than nothing, but by her logic, shouldn't she be in jail?

And why is she acting so shifty about the topic if she bought it up?

No. 437685

I'm really at a loss here. I wonder what she would say if her exact words were uttered by a man. It's like she's saying that as long as a rapist knows it was wrong it's all fine and dandy? And then goes to say "I've shoplifted and stolen tattoos" like it's even in the same ballpark. I honestly never thought she was a rapist, of all things. This is very upsetting, and it feels like I'm not reacting "hard enough" bc she is a girl. This isn't feminism and I need to check myself tbh.
Btw she is also saying the rape was mutual, as in, they raped eachother at the same time. I'm so fucking confused.

No. 437688

And she's blowing her HT on snapchat.

No. 437689

Like… that's not a crime though. She literally is a sexworker. But this rape thing is absolutely disgusting

No. 437691

Maybe they were both drunk ??

No. 437692

was it her “gf” that she cammed with and we all hoped mike would run away with her? the one she dumped over cat shit or something?

i don’t know how to feel about lotte anymore. it seems like she’s more accountable lately but then she went and got that huge fuck ugly face tat, not to mention the fact that she’s a self-admitted rapist. it also wasn’t that long ago that she self-posted to defend herself and insist she’s a responsible pet owner but is very clearly a careless animal hoarder.

tldr i don’t think lotte is getting better

No. 437695

Not milk/OT so sage AF -
but I am in a similar situation to Lotte, in that I raped someone (but didn't realise it was rape until years later because I'm a girl and he's a guy). Do I feel horrible for it? Absolutely. I'm a rape victim myself (happened 2 years prior to what I did). I can agree with the anon that says
>it feels like I'm not reacting hard enough
because honestly sometimes I feel like neither he nor I took it as serious as it clearly is. Definitely a weird place to be in morally. I did apologise wholeheartedly to the guy when I recognised what I'd done. He has me admitting what I did in black and white so he could go to the police anytime he wanted. Doesn't make what I did okay, but I'm not hiding from my actions.

I'm kinda surprised she's admitted it quite so openly though. She's still saying "I'm a rapist" on a public forum.

No. 437702

File: 1512414371111.png (1.06 MB, 1242x2208, 5EC7512D-4947-41D2-AE50-1E51BF…)

She said she raped a guy. Also he raped her too, which is mutual rape??

No. 437707

File: 1512414551317.png (1.24 MB, 1242x2208, 32430CA3-2E5B-49B4-9170-EBF21E…)

No. 437708

File: 1512414618171.png (3.69 MB, 1242x2208, A59F877D-EB72-4240-B329-D77A1C…)

No. 437709

File: 1512414695095.png (1.75 MB, 1242x2208, 76B9CA9E-E6A5-4B67-B4E4-17A287…)

No. 437710

File: 1512414759837.png (1.76 MB, 1242x2208, 03CE10DE-C2CF-4C80-9DDF-56CDFD…)

No. 437713


No. 437716

Eh. It doesn't make what she's done okay, but if what she's saying is true at least she's fully admitting responsibility and allowing the victim to come to terms in their own way. Which is way more than nearly every rape victim gets. It doesn't make what she's done okay, but I guess that applies to every shitty act to some extent… you can only try to be better and not act that way again.

No. 437717

File: 1512415497123.png (221.06 KB, 1080x1457, Screenshot_20171204-192125.png)

Well her dumbass friend defending her basically outed that it was Mike, as predicted tbh. He's the only bloke I've ever seen associated with her.

No. 437731

not to make light of the topic but I feel what she's describing isn't rape. if two people have sex and neither wants it aren't they both victims? does it cancel out and just become a shitty situation between two people? how would this even work.

also its so bizarre in how she admits to something like this and couples it with a goofy sad gif.

No. 437732

Charms isn't the most articulate of persons, but I can probably understand what she's saying. It's comparable to domestic violence where both parties are assaulting each other. It wasn't sex, but both performing sexual acts as a power move or an act of control over the other. Neither was consenting and only performing an act to demoralize the other. Or at least that's what I think Charms is trying to say by "mutual rape." I'm sure her therapist used this to dumb down what actually happened so Charm could understand it. It was most likely violent and degrading. I'm glad they're both going to therapy for it and frankly, Charms has some balls to admit it when she clearly could get away with it or convince others that it wasn't assault. I'm always reading comments about the current outing of celebrities committing sexual assault where they say "I'll take their apology seriously if they admitted to what they did before they were forced to."

No. 437738

File: 1512417327676.png (2.38 MB, 1242x2208, 21BA827F-FAAE-4F20-9666-972A19…)

Darcy is the gf. Mike is on his way out again so..

No. 437825

Yeah that a total train wreck waiting to happen both are so mentally fucked up Charms already turning Darcy into her (slowly starting to cover her in shit tats) and Darcy is totally dependent on her for a place to live and has a huge history of attachment to abuse

No. 437899

Who is Darcy? Like, a short summary? Their relationship seems so strange, and Darcy never shows her face, only her body (idk about cam, I've never watched their porn)

The whole Mike & Charms saga seems so fucked up. If he isn't gay I'll eat my mousepad.

No. 438120

she's been posted in the camgirl general thread before. run of the mill mfc girl who likes dressing up like harley quinn. there's unedited photos of her here >>>/snow/231271

No. 439665

Ah thanks, didn't see your reply! I remember reading that when it was posted. Pretty forgettable stuff. Kinda strange that she was/is a farmer.

No. 452409

Jesus Fucking Christ - this is an outright nightmare. Yet another reason why she hasn't been on cam in forever.

No. 452410

File: 1514255573409.png (Spoiler Image, 759.33 KB, 1080x1406, 1514049326410.png)

No. 452412

Holy fucking shit, did an implant pop?!

No. 452417


W-Why would she show this

Is she so delusional she doesn't realize anything is wrong?

These wonky miscared for implants are the worst thing she's done to herself. Even worse than the face tats

Sweet jesus

No. 452438

That balloon tit looks gross af she should have kept them natural or atleast got a natural looking implant/size

No. 452475

not gonna lie, keking in the faces of those weird charms stans who were going on about how "shes gonna get back to her old self" "she can still be hot" "shes gonna do nothing but improve now that mike is gone!!!" that were right up her ass

No. 452643

I'm not familiar with implants. What does popping mean? To me, the right implant (which I assume is the popped one) looks more natural than the left one. But she does look like she is on drugs.

Also is she sucking in?

No. 452645

What the fuck am i looking at. How does this happen to tits fake or not?

No. 452659

WHOA, holy shit!! Isn't she terrified? I guess she's going to have to get the revision or implant removal we've all wanted now.

No. 453862

File: 1514330597410.png (92.25 KB, 1166x280, lottecuriouscat.png)

No. 453863

None of that answer makes sense, really.

No. 453867

File: 1514330846005.jpg (24.52 KB, 361x400, doublebubble.jpg)

Some info about "double bubble" bc I'd never heard of it before


No. 454074

Explanations and all i still cant wrap my mind around what could possibly be happening to her tits. Why is one ballooning forward and the other drooping dramatically. The double bubble is causing one tit to poof and the natural look preferred by her surgeon is causing the other to sag?

No. 454075

It's the position of her arm, the deflated looking one is naturally droopier but her right (our left) breast is being pushed forward because her shoulder is back, hence them looking even wonkier than usual
Look at her other most recent nudes, the tits are awful but not THIS bad lol

No. 454080

Ok its making more sense but still damn.

No. 454226

Her boobs are fake? I was pretty sure they were natural, you know, she gain lot of weight so I assume it was this. Like Insyndra/Darcy she lives in her internet/cam world and doesn't realize she is messing up her face and body and reputation. I think it's sad to be that disconnected from the real world…

No. 454335

File: 1514404879829.jpg (Spoiler Image, 160.48 KB, 1917x358, 1456891978096.jpg)

She got implants awhile ago.

No. 455717

It pains me because her natural tits were absolutely perfect… small and perky and just so hot and now they’re just ugh

No. 455808

That's what hurts me too. I would kill for her natural small tits. She ruined everything good about herself. Face now included with those shitty face tattoos.

No. 467838

How is it that she is allowed to go to AVN, despite outing herself as an admitted rapist? Just curious why nobody seems to be raising a fuss about this.

No. 471543

File: 1516065037045.png (28.57 KB, 727x218, ew1.PNG)

I was bored and looking at her curious cat and I'm really grossed out.

No. 471544

File: 1516065076737.png (32.9 KB, 729x323, ew2.PNG)

No. 471561

This is true though, a normal healthy vagina cleans itself and rinsing is enough, washing it too much can cause a ph inbalance and make it dry etc. Especially washing it with soap is a huge no no

No. 471565

>hygiene is a myth

THIS right here is why I come to this website. Nothing else I read makes my jaw drop so much so often.

No. 471596

Yeah like…not to shit up the thread but am I not taking care of my vag right?! Is there a /g/ thread for this?

No. 471617

You shouldn't be using any meme vaj products or scrubbing a soap on your bits. It's self cleaning, that's what discharge is. As long as you wipe your cunt, change underwear and a normal shower is fine.

If your cunt ever smells like fish youve got an infection or something.

Only time I've had fish vaj was an allergic reaction to certain antibiotics. Fucked me up.

No. 471653

products like vagisil (sp?) are ok though right? like they make it specifically for cleaning your coin purse

No. 471701

No dude. You should never put any product in your vagina. Ever. Even monistat is bad for you frankly. Warm water in the shower with a hand or wash cloth gentle scrubbing is it. NO SOAP. Never douche. I use aloe and e wipes sometimes (specifically when pooping) but that’s it. Always pee after sex or masturbation. Take probiotics. Drink water. Also always wipe front to back for the love of god I don’t know how people don’t know this. My dad is a gyno and I’m insane about vag health don’t mind me.

No. 471737


There is a thread for this, and this one isn't it.

No. 477253

She's getting the whole of the back of her hand tattooed black tonight
"watch me get tattooed on my FREE public snap story! ? Lotteoddities ? this is going to hurt ??? blacking out my hand around the Seahorse tonight"

No. 477272

Why would she do that? The seahorse is actually pretty. If anything she should get her new shit, like that 3-eyed deer or that 4-winged monstrosity on her fat gut blacked out.

No. 477380

Around the seahorse, not the seahorse itself.

No. 477382

File: 1516590968625.png (1.23 MB, 724x1352, Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 10.1…)

Dropped my pic!

No. 482515

Both her twitter accounts, her Instagram and her cam accounts have all been bawwwleted/removed. Wonder what's going down in fantasy land because last night she was saying on twitter how it was the first time she'd gotten proper high on weed in like a month, and she'd been complimenting the same dudebro for buying her stuff like gold jewelry/rare memorabilia so things seemed to be looking up.

No. 482635

Couldn’t get caps but wasn’t she on Darcy’s insta story a day ago getting lip injection?

No. 483682

I don't know about Darcy's, but she did post snaps yesterday showing off her lips then deleted them at some point.

No. 483933

She's still very active on snap shopping with that regular she blows and shit, I think she just got off twitter because she was sad and jealous about missing the cam whore gathering at Avn

No. 487469

As per her snap, she’s getting lipo. I’m not savvy with snap and assume people can tell when you screenshot so I’m not gonna do that.

No. 489175

Whaaaat wow. Before or after she gets her botched boob job fixed, I wonder?

I feel bad for Darcy/insyndra, she's been posting on twitter and tumblr that she's having dissociative mental breaks and feels that she needs to go to a psychiatric hospital but her insurance won't cover it :/

No. 493600

Sageing because no definite proof, but the wording and claims add up. Someone just spazzed in the Dakota thread, suspected to be fat lotte:


No. 510998

>>483933 >>482515
Anyone with an update on Lotte?

No. 511159

File: 1519271648756.jpeg (374.62 KB, 1078x1577, E72C2D1A-A14F-442B-B209-33B7FD…)

Not much but some stuff from Darcy shows they are still living together. This is an anon getting on them for a vet trip.

No. 511163

File: 1519271739461.png (1.31 MB, 1242x2208, F4789657-E8EF-441E-913C-08F5B5…)

Darcy’s reply, sounds like Charlotte had a role reversal. But Darcy also made s post on tumblr about being single for a year so it sounds like it’s a fwb thing.

No. 511166

File: 1519271950561.png (1.01 MB, 1242x2208, 4E5AEABB-6FD3-4EAD-AA84-CD6A2A…)

From a few days ago. Snake is back but I don’t remember how long it was lost.

No. 511168

File: 1519272288501.png (1013.97 KB, 1242x2208, B61E43D3-4E0E-4832-ACA9-CF37A9…)

If anyone follows her on snap chat I assume she posts there still.

No. 511247

Oh my goddd I like Darcy but seriously what a terrible response. IIRC she didn’t purchase the Sephora stuff with her own money, a tipper/friend sent her a gift card….so why wouldn’t she just say that?

Like if she wanted to respond to that curiouscat just say “I did use all the money for my dog, but my dog still passed away, I was extremely upset and emotional and didn’t want to talk about it, sorry for not communicating - my bad. My friend had sent me a Sephora GC around the same time, I didn’t use any of the money people sent for my dog’s vet bills on makeup”

No need to sperg about suicide and abuse and curse at the people who sent you fucking $3000 and are just wondering what happened


No. 511838

You may be confused. That CC was not asked TO Darcy. That's AskTheToe's CC. You'll also find other anon-supplied tidbits there, like a reminder of when Lotte was supposedly a week away from having her lawyers deal with Lana Rain - and nothing ever came of that.

No. 511881

File: 1519346177141.png (690.45 KB, 750x1334, BFF4D0F6-829B-45A9-B129-F3773E…)

Oh yeah, I get that the original ask was on Bey’s CC, but then Insyndra screencapped that ask and responded to it on her own twitter. I just think the way she handled it was annoying when she could’ve cleared everything up pretty easily…


No. 520572

So…lotte finally undeleted and came back to Twitter.

But I think something happened with her and the regular that she was fucking (Alex)? It looks like he deleted his account and Charlotte posted that she's been going over to Mike's house a lot…INTERESTING


No. 520654

File: 1520199667052.png (1.9 MB, 1125x2001, 8CE74350-E397-4260-8108-84707E…)

For anyone interested

No. 520666

does anyone else get the feeling that Lotte is going to be dead or locked up within the year? She's spiralling down so, so fast and it's disturbing to see. I wish Mike would get her help, he seems to be the only person capable of influencing her life in any way.

No. 521051

been feeling that way for 7 years now

coming to realise she's more of a cockroach

No. 521111

She's been doing a lot of talking about plastic surgery on her snapchat and she recently posted a pic of money and then a shot of darcy at an atm.
Who knows, maybe alex finally got a backbone and stopped giving her cash, or maybe she gave him an sti and he ran?

No. 521144

Yeah, Charlotte said she’s getting some type of surgery on Wednesday. And Darcy has been on cam recently talking about how she’s working toward her own new plastic surgery (boobs + face) :(

I kinda wonder if Alex wanted her to be in a monogamous relationship with just him, he seemed clingy. I’m betting she slept with another guy (either Mike or a random) and he got really upset and stopped tipping etc

No. 521151

File: 1520257800151.jpg (116.14 KB, 1865x961, longtime fan.jpg)

All of this must thrill Darcy. Charms isn't what she was even two years ago but she finally made the upgrade from lolcow browsing fan to Official Girlfriend.

Reach for the stars.

No. 521257


I just stumbled on her reddit account by sheer chance (u/lotteoddities)

Which has been active at least the last 24hrs, it seems she's getting lipo.

I'd go through it more but I'm currently mobile, so I only skimmed to confirm it was her.

No. 521814

She's gonna be looking like donkey kong.

No. 523574

She got some stomach surgery today. reading her /u/ reddit account, it seems to be lipo-suction.

No. 523578

Are we going to have a Mooriah 2.0 with another lipo disaster?

No. 523579

Snapchat update:

Things are falling into place instead of falling apart, and she's happy.
She misses being on cam, she's smoking weed.
She's in bandages all over her body and playing monster hunter. Basically it.

No. 525554

File: 1520698130541.png (4 MB, 750x1334, E2F9FB02-BD44-4994-BD57-D5B111…)

She posted an after-lipo picture with her bandages

No. 525562

Compared to >>148676 and >>298451 looks like a big change (idk if/how much she lost on her own). Hope she takes good aftercare and doesn't end up like momokun

No. 525570

I hope she plans on using toning exercises and muscle building ones or else her skin is going to get saggy like Mooriah's.

No. 525726

i thought lipo is for when you have already lost weight on your own and just want to target certain troublesome patches of fat. not just 'lose weight fast'

No. 525753

If she isn't making any lifestyle or dietary changes then she'll just balloon back out. She'd have been better off getting a gastric band.

No. 525758

Lipo is for when you have money.

Plastic surgeons don't give a fuck if you regain the weight back.

No. 525931

File: 1520727612419.png (2.47 MB, 750x1334, 6BFBE925-AA04-4530-92C0-3AE35A…)

Another picture she just posted of her results

No. 526006

Doing different angles and lighting for a comparison is stupid. Why didn't she fix her tits?

No. 526012

i barely see a difference in these pics

No. 526112

Don't you need to wear a bunch of compression wear post-lipo to make sure everything stays in place?

No. 526212

Yes you do. Her tits will look like sad, sagging shit in a few months

No. 526263

I flipped them as best I could with mobile apps, it looks like she did go pretty hard down the loop weight loss route. Of course, if all she does is sit on her ass and eat cookies and soda every day it’s just a waste of money.

No. 526264

File: 1520773276199.jpeg (668.41 KB, 2560x1920, F68B3E3E-5EE3-4906-AB1C-E80E44…)

No. 527184

She said that bra is from when she got her boobs done but i dont understand why she's wearing it now because she didnt get her boobs fixed?
Also why does she think dudes who pay her to be sexual want to see her in her diaper? As well as talking about farting and pooping too. Super sexy.

No. 532192

How can she afford lipo if she's not camming? Is it her mom that's paying? Or did she get a job?

No. 535776

I hope to God she doesn't change anything about her lifestyle and she balloons out. It will be such a shit show if she does.

No. 535861

she's got that one guy who buys her shit and darcy was giving her money too i think

before she got the lipo she said she'd lost some weight so who knows

No. 536444

File: 1521783098452.png (748.28 KB, 1079x1581, 20180323_012659.png)

Gonna guess she's not be doing her after care properly.

Unrelated, on snapchat she mentioned that she needs a new face tattoo asap.
No one needs a new face tattoo lotte. No one.

No. 539616

File: 1522183416526.jpg (535.91 KB, 810x1743, Screenshot_20180327-134144.jpg)

She and Darcy either bought a different house, or are doing some kind of major reno on the house Charms' parents bought her, which means they need a new apartment to stay in. What rental allows 10 cats, plus however many dogs / snakes / whatever?

No. 539666

I'm so glad she's active again. I've missed the milk

No. 539674

Didn't they get rid of some cats? And what dogs does she have that are still alive?

Assuming she still has a sizeable number of pets, she probably just lied to the landlord about it.

No. 539798

They might be continuing the renovation of the house she's been at. Wasn't there a pic of her cats in the basement that looked under construction?

No. 539896

File: 1522209739842.png (135.77 KB, 1180x442, cringe.png)

Yeah it's the same house Charms' parents bought her, just extensive renovations that are going to take until May apparently. She talked about it a little bit on twitter before

Also…she's already fucking the guy who has the apartment she's going to live in during the renovation. Cringe.

No. 539902

File: 1522210055020.png (178.37 KB, 1188x686, snap.png)

Discontinuing her "lifetime" snapchat

No. 539931

I feel as if she's going to lose a lot of people through snapchat. And what Rhianna thing?

No. 539940

I silently root for charms, either she balloons up due to dietary neglect/lipo complications or she succeeds

No. 539974

File: 1522220353089.jpeg (11.86 KB, 310x162, download.jpeg)

Rihanna cracked it at them over this ad.

No. 540285

File: 1522264854885.jpg (Spoiler Image, 327.94 KB, 1080x1039, Screenshot_20180328-121639.jpg)

Oh, Charlotte.

She's realized that she needs more of an audience to make money, but her freshly lipo'd Tara Reed abdomen might not be the bait she needs.


No. 540286

File: 1522264888463.jpg (Spoiler Image, 323.89 KB, 1062x1082, Screenshot_20180328-121654.jpg)

No. 540288

File: 1522264931285.jpg (Spoiler Image, 498.87 KB, 810x1811, Screenshot_20180328-121745.jpg)


No. 540289

File: 1522264961501.jpg (Spoiler Image, 396.64 KB, 956x1720, Screenshot_20180328-121823.jpg)

No. 540356

>>540289 Her poor boobs. I can't get over the double bubble. This is such a bad angle, somehow makes them look small and botched simultaneously.

No. 540408

She's ruining her body so much with the bad tattoos, bad hair dye, bad surgeries, and getting fat I don't see how she's ever going to make much money at a job where literally the only qualification you need it to be attractive. I would LOVE to see Charms finally get cut off by her parents and have to get a real job in retail or at Starbucks. She's like what, 25? And she's never worked a day in her life if you don't count fucking people (or herself on cam) for money. How sad is that?

No. 540412

It gets me that Mother Charms always ends up supporting her daughter plus extra. Charms and Scraps, Charms and a girlfriend and Scraps, now Charms and her biggest fan Darcy.

No. 540427

Her mom is a total doormat and always has been. She'd rather throw money at Charms than deal with her since she was a teenager, even.

No. 541442

One day she is going to wake up and realize she is now nothing more than a balding land whale with a shit tatoos and a super shit boob job. And when that day comes… Brace yourselves.

No. 542228

File: 1522467218147.jpeg (280.63 KB, 996x2047, BB2D6F66-F402-4773-8462-973A05…)

She wants to get a boob job next, so let’s see if she gets it fixed.

Pic is more gossip, but charms actually responded to it

No. 542229

File: 1522467244448.png (946.17 KB, 1242x2208, B96E1F6F-80CD-48BA-B8FE-CFE946…)

Response 1/2

No. 542231

File: 1522467266708.png (1.2 MB, 1242x2208, 12E9711E-C6A7-4DD9-BAB4-16E765…)

No. 542418

Um okay Darcy just posted on her IG story a video of her RABBITS (2 of them !!!) frozen in the fucking freezer
I completely forgot she even got them a few months ago, what the fuck does she do to these creatures that they just fucking keel over??
I thought people were reaching when they said Charms purposely let those kittens die in her mothers care while she went away for a con, but now I can’t help but think something more sinister, like nobody in that house has any love or empathy for animals
They just want to fucking pickle them for freak ass aesthetic purposes what the fuck

No. 542420

File: 1522504101557.png (Spoiler Image, 6.67 MB, 1125x2436, F449F95E-41C6-4639-98C9-95E639…)

No. 542421

File: 1522504129394.png (Spoiler Image, 4.89 MB, 1125x2436, 22FB0F35-2F30-44A2-A89D-6F2492…)

No. 542422

File: 1522504158469.png (Spoiler Image, 6.44 MB, 1125x2436, 101C411C-0B7B-4A8B-BAE0-1615AB…)

No. 542441

are those fucking dead animals in the same freezer as food?

No. 542464

I thought those were cats in plastic bags at first glance, wish you had spoilered anon.

No. 542795

What the fuck? I see a dead rat in there too.

No. 543119


that's fucking weird af to show on an insta story lol but it's common to do that when you plan on taking dead pets to a taxidermist. It's either that or she's a fucking hoarder lol.

No. 543398

Rabbits are actually super fragile and will die at anything, they're not the easiest pets.

My question is, why is she showing them off? Darcy needs to stop with the Harley Quinn gimmick.

No. 543436

It's hard to believe that someone as boujee and stuck up as charlotte use to be has turned into this. She use to be a stuckup prissy Ana chan Lolita who thought sex was gross and she turned into a obese, hooker who will have sex with nearly anyone. Time flys…

No. 543597

Taking them to the taxidermist makes sense but showing them off on instagram is definitely weird af. I'm not squeamish in the slightest at dead animals but it seems really bizarre to me

Yes it does anon, yes it does

No. 543848

While rabbits can be kind of high maintenance, they really aren't that fragile as long as you do basic upkeep and keep them well fed. Clean bedding once a week, daily supply of hay supplemented with bunny kibble/food is basically all you need to keep one alive. I don't know how she managed to kill multiple rabbits so quickly, but I can only assume she wasn't feeding them, tried to bathe them, or was doing something else that was very neglectful to the rabbits.

No. 546289


i knew i had reason to be worried about darcy's pets when she first got them. i just hoped i was wrong.

when she was still living alone in a different state, she bought her puppy knowing he had health problems and addressed that he'd be expensive to take care of because of that. but she declared to everyone that she was making so much on camming that it wasn't an irresponsible buy. she assured she could afford him. cut to months later living with charms: having that emergency situation with him and the both of them not being able to pay with their own money, asking followers for help.

and around after she bought the dog, she bought a new rabbit and then another. i thought it was kinda a weird choice to commit to paying for more animals' upkeep when she already had a dog that'll guarantee frequent vet expenses. and then i saw someone tweet at her making a snide remark something like "i wonder if those rabbits will be forgotten just like the rabbit you had before them." i'd only been following her for a year, so i didn't know about this, but it looks like she already had a past being neglectful with pets.

after she moved to live with charms, obviously she brought the dog with her, but there was no mention of her rabbits. finally i saw her mention to somebody that they were still in ohio, so i assumed they were being taken care of by a family member.

then a while after she'd been living with charms, she started posting pics of a completely new bunny and it just baffled me, especially because at this time we still hadn't heard any updates about her dog. and what about the other rabbits waiting for her back at her old place?

i stopped following her after that, so i don't know whether the dead rabbits here are the ones she got while still in her old place (which were only like half a year old if anything?) or if she bought a second new one to go with her new one at charms's house, and both of those died (and that new one was only a couple months old!!!!)

No. 546293

File: 1522870147222.png (25.23 KB, 586x90, Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 12.2…)

Jesus, sounds like she's got a Raven-like habit of hoarding and "losing" pets. She and Char are a match made in hell

And apparently, they're not having sex at the moment

No. 546295

File: 1522870219585.png (67.9 KB, 586x237, Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 12.2…)

Char is attempting to do her plastic surgery recovery properly this time by wearing her shaper, but managed to piss herself because she didn't get her lazy ass up in time to take the shaper off before peeing. Bet that smells great on a great big unwashed lump.

No. 546297

File: 1522870276836.png (119.64 KB, 584x580, Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 12.2…)

She's "poly" with Darcy apparently, and will be getting into more hardcore shit for $$

No. 546307


Dear god how I wish 14-15 year old snobby lolita Charms could see this

No. 546335

i also just remembered at one point someone had asked to see a pic of her dog and darcy shared a quick vid of him. it made me think "oh, so i guess his procedure went fine."
meanwhile, knowing what we know now, he'd been dead all along. so she was deliberately leading people to think he was alive and alright.

yeah, and i'm sure they have more in common than just camming and their poor care of pets. their relationship is bound to be mutually dependent and enabling, just like charms's relationship with mike.

darcy has proudly proclaimed her high standards for partners and judgment of others' looks so often on twitter that her even entering a sexual partnership with big lottes was sus.

No. 546401

Darcy was posting on her tumblr awhile ago that she hadn’t had sex in months and that she was single…but Lotte keeps saying they’re still together. Idk.

No. 546410

Now see this is what I don’t get about Darcy and large portion of other cam girls. They constantly try to justify themselves being cam girls with zero schooling or other job experience by boasting how they make ssssooooooo much more money then those “losers” who have stable jobs and careers that will last and are sustainable, but then can’t afford basic life essentials like health insurance or beg neckbeards to pay for pet care they where fully aware they were going to need to pay.
I can’t tell if they are really ashamed of this path they stupidly got convinced into and just display anger all the time faking being so well off or they really don’t know how real jobs work.

No. 546448

File: 1522877288455.jpg (174.92 KB, 533x887, real high standards.jpg)

>darcy has proudly proclaimed her high standards for partners and judgment of others' looks so often on twitter that her even entering a sexual partnership with big lottes was sus.

She can proclaim whatever she wants but look at her previous long-term bf. Mark McKinney from Kids in the Hall as a lifestyle LARPing Joker.

No. 546658

I definitely think part of it is also being really dumb about money/budgeting in general…I see Darcy talk about no health care, no money to buy food, no money for vet bills, but then she drops tons of $$$ on clothes, lingerie, boots, cosplay, makeup from Sephora…you know, the necessities. Lol. And she’s not even paying rent to Charlotte!

No. 546724


Probably because they feel the need to fill a void in their life with possessions (this includes pets, much as they like to call them their "children"…) I've seen both these girls share in the past about how they can't feel~ anything. Most of us already gleaned Charlotte's upbringing probably lead her to feel like material assets were a substitute for love.


I just noticed the img title and lol'd. Gag. But "I couldn't bear it if the girl he moved on from me with is less than a 9!!" Gurl that face of his is more suited with a 2; he should've cosplayed Two-face 'cause the name matches how his mug fits into the low end of the attraction spectrum.

No. 546728

Omg I’ve never actually seen a picture of him before, just seen Darcy go on and on about how hot he is and how much he cheated on her and how much he hurt her.

Girl….she can do so much better, I think she’s really pretty in general. He looks like a nasty ass troll. GET OVER HIM

No. 546832

Yeah idk man they are pretty even looks wise in my opinion. Sure in pictures she makes herself look pretty damn good looking but once you see her unedited or on cam she’s really no looker idk what it is with her face (maybe her jaw is just way to small for her face and her mouth is way bigger proportion wise) but just nah I remember ppl pointing out in one of the old cam girls threads the similarities to sid the sloth and it honestly fits

No. 546932

I dunno, she definitely edits her pictures a lot but I’ve watched her cam a couple times and I still think she’s pretty there too. Maybe I just like sloths, lol

No. 547273

File: 1522955817361.png (78.72 KB, 594x271, Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 12.1…)

Lotte gets mad that people question her animals dying / her gf keeping dead mysteriously pets in the freezer. She loves animals how dare u

No. 547274

File: 1522955871402.png (45.51 KB, 584x271, Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 12.1…)

Doesn't Darcy ever get bored with that stupid Harley Quinn cosplay? Apparently not, and Char says she'll be Poison Ivy

No. 547277

File: 1522955913847.png (46.59 KB, 582x147, Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 12.1…)

12 noon / 3pm eastern tomorrow, she claims she'll be camming. If she can clean her house in time, or something?