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File: 1407929358527.jpg (332.34 KB, 960x1280, 136921834265732.jpg)

No. 6946

Anyone heard much from her after her little room mate debacle?

No. 6949

>room mate debacle


No. 6968

How long ago was that even? I only remember that the last thing was her being the fat one at webcam shows with other girls.

No. 6969

More recent than her camming. Some sort of other drama has happened with her recently, she posted something like "Now the only crisis I care about is over… blah blah blah"

No. 6976

I bet she stole things again.

No. 6983

Can someone post Charms' before photos? I didn't save them but the difference is amazing.

…and horrifying.

No. 6989

File: 1407963261440.jpg (1005.16 KB, 1043x1750, this-is-you-on-meth.jpg)

No. 6995

…this makes me sad.

No. 6996

No. 7008

To be fair the after selfie is her with no make up…

No. 7017

her face still looks super busted though, It's possibly the expression not helping. I also have a pet peeve about skin divers/microdermals in peoples faces, they scar badly after a few years on everyone.

No. 7020

File: 1407977079063.jpg (361.39 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_n6odloYf9M1shp2t7o1_128…)

I think this is the expression PT is going after as well. It kind of annoys me.

No. 7027

She has the weirdest most misshapen bags under her eyes.

No. 7060

It's the randomly placed tats all over her that I dislike.

It used to take people years to get covered in tats and now we have <21 year old girls getting covered.

They are far too young to realise how trends and fashions change so they are likely to live to regret them. Even if tats stay in fashion the popular style of tats changes every 7-10 years or so.

To me, tats are like committing yourself to the same hairstyle or shoes for the rest of your life. That probably sounds good when you're young and deep into a subculture, but as you get older you want to change.

No. 7062

haha, karma

No. 7076

File: 1408015763336.jpg (86.23 KB, 342x639, 1353297653834.jpg)

No. 7092

This expressions looks so fucking stupid. It makes her look like she's mentally deficient and about to suck a cock/drool everywhere.

No. 7105


Basically Charlotte invited another camgirl (Zoella / Zoe) who she was on good terms with to come live her and her boyfriend Mike in their apartment.
Zoe had only been living with her two months and had already painted and wallpapered her new room when Charlotte went away for a week to attend a convention. The day Charlotte was due to come back Zoe had to travel to attend her sister's wedding, intending to come back the same night before Charlotte returned. Charlotte ended up getting home just before Zoe and arrived home to some cat vomit puked up sometime after Zoe left the apartment, and she FLIPPED. HER. SHIT. An argument ensued with Charlotte supposedly running around screaming and crying about how the flat was all she had and that she couldn't live in these conditions, and something about her grandma. Zoe told her she was acting crazy and Charlotte flipped out even further accusing Zoe of debilitating her "mental illness", which is apparently crazy-choker-thieving-cunt syndrome. They both rounded on Zoe and ordered her to get her shit, her two cats and to leave within the next hour. Zoe refused citing she had nowhere to go and no money as she hadn't been paid by MFC yet, so Charlotte called the cops and had her forcibly removed.

Charlotte posted images of the "mess" that Zoe had supposedly made and it was quite literally a little bit of dust on the windowsill, some glitter in Zoe's bath from a bath-show she did on cam the previous night and had yet to clean up, and a little bit of blood on the underside of the toilet lid from her period(which girl hasn't done this a million times before?). Charlotte proceeded to try and humiliate Zoe further by claiming they were shit stains and that Mike would have to spend the rest of the night cleaning her faeces off the toilet bowl.

It's also known that Charlotte was insecure as fuck about her weight gain and the fact that Zoe is a very slim young girl. Combine that with Charlotte's jealousy it's probably why she flipped so hard.

This is the second time she has majorly fallen out with another cam girl, the first being Ashe Maree A.K.A. ixnay-on-the-oddk after Ashe paid for Charlotte to come visit her and then had a dispute over splitting the money earned whilst on cam together.

No. 7106

File: 1408031731103.png (875.63 KB, 1607x1080, 2uylo4l.png)


Muh pic.

No. 7107

That's what that dispute was over? Damn. She really is the lowest common denominator in all of these falling outs.

No. 7108

All I see here is a thinner PT

No. 7109

Jesus. Bitch is crazy. That is really nothing to get angry and flip out about.

No. 7111

Is that girl doing okay now at least?

No. 7112

It just makes her look like she has no control over her lips. the scars from more microdermals on her chest are fucking horrible too.

No. 7113

File: 1408036644396.jpg (90.5 KB, 1024x451, BqjV9abCQAEvgb3.jpg)


The pictures are still on her Tumblr somewhere if you can be bothered scavenging.

I mean, really, the glitter is a little messy and the windowsill could have been wiped down but it was fucking nothing. So long as she is paying her rent she can make the place as messy as she wants providing no permanent damage is done.


Yeah, she's good. I follow her on Twitter and I messaged her to see if she was alight after the whole event because I felt so bad for her. She has her own apartment that's she's just finished decorating (picture related).

People are going to think I'm her because of all the whiteknighting but she's just such a sweetheart and did not deserve what Charlotte did to her at all.
Charlotte just tossing the cats out like that as well was just plain fucking cruel. I do not believe she is an animal lover at all.

Her Twitter is here: https://twitter.com/Zoella_MFC

No. 7131

File: 1408048630697.png (372.89 KB, 461x573, 1353201523832.png)

Lolita era.

No. 7133

i used to think she was sososos pretty and was so jealous of her body
don't think i should say she had it coming… but she kind of did. looks were all she had and she doesn't even have that anymore gg

No. 7134

Man her old body was kind of horrible too. She's got really unfortunate fat distribution and general structure.

No. 7135

Dat wallpaper is kawaii as fuck. It reminds me of Victoria's Secret.

No. 7138

File: 1408057482181.jpg (98.13 KB, 641x960, 703853_430206367034967_1758990…)

The way she used to go on about herself on /cgl/ you'd have thought she was some great beauty.
Turns out she was all angles, filters and copious amounts of makeup.

No. 7140

She still does namefag under her webcam name in beauty threads with her "great" advices.

No. 7141

wtf is going on with her ankles here? they look so fake?

No. 7143

File: 1408065149555.gif (1.55 MB, 400x288, tumblr_mwxw1aVgAA1rn65wxo2_r2_…)

She should never be in close proximity to Ashemaree on camera.

I wonder what happened between them exactly. Ashe seems really nice but she admits to having BPD so who knows what went down.

No. 7144

I feel secondhand embarrassment for her looking at that gif.
How can she even do cam shows with that body without wanting to shoot herself? Fucking hell.

No. 7145

I would be fucking embarrassed as hell to do cam shows with her body. Hell, I wouldn't even let my boyfriend see me like that until I got back into shape.

No. 7146

I remember a couple of months ago she said she was gonna get in shape and made a passworded Tumblr account for her journey. She stopped talking about it after a week or so. She won't even switch from regular Coke to diet because of ~cancer causing chemicals.

No. 7157

She shouldn't drink coke at all. Fucking cow. I don't understand what the deal is with fatties and soda. How is soda that fucking hard to quit? Why not save your calories for things that fill you up? I know pop is cheap as fuck, but water is free, and it'll help you lose weight. Why are fatties so addicted to pop?

No. 7158

Sugar+caffeine I guess.

I met this friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend hamplanet during a summer trip with buddies. Bitch won't be happy until she religiously downed a 2 lt Coke and going all "YESSSSSSS I NEEDED MY SUGAR ^o^!!!" after finishing it. It was all she would drink for the whole week aside beer. Fucking disgusting.

No. 7161

Charms talked about being addicted to soda to the point where she gets headaches if she tries to stop drinking it. So, I guess that's why she still drinks it.

I fucking hate that excuse for fatties to justify eating like shit. "Ahhh my blood sugar is low :( :( :("

No. 7168

I'm not fat but I've been addicted to pop for years. It's not that bad I guess (the most I had was 4 in one day) and I have friends who have drank 10+ in one day before.

I've cut back significantly, only one a day and water the rest but I'd still like to kick it. Any tips? I feel really sluggish without it, but I guess like quitting smoking (I don't smoke but I know a lot of smokers), those effects will be there for a few days before my body adjusts.

I just wanted to chime in and say it's not always fat people that are addicted to pop. Just look at Freaky Eaters. That girl is pretty skinny, she's 20 and drinks 30+ a day.

No. 7169

Try drinking coffee/tea. It's way better for your body to be addicted to one of those things instead of soda, and it has more caffeine.

No. 7171

don't drink too much coffee or you'll become dependent on it (like me) and have withdrawals! i get headaches the second i open my eyes and i either take ibuprofen/vicodin or drink 1-2 cups of iced coffee….or suffer silently.

tea would be better. actual tea. not Lipton's, or Brisk, or Peace Tea, actual brewed tea (i think that's what you call the teabags). least. addictive because little to no caffeine.

anyway. all i know about this girl is that she knew Dakotaand probably has some hidden information on her and her psychotic family. i want to ask her but i feel like she wouldn't answer.

her body is…wow. the before and after…..WOW. she was so much better and then. um. I wonder how she would go on an on about how she'd have sex with herself and she's not even the God's gift to earth…?

No. 7172

(by open my eyes i mean wake up)

No. 7173

>former "pro ana"
>no cola light
What the hell am I reading

No. 7179

>Tea, actual brewed tea (i think that's what you call the teabags). least. addictive because little to no caffeine.

What? Black tea has a lot of caffeine in it if brewed correctly, admittedly coffee has a lot more but tea hardly has "Little to none."

No. 7181


It was a money dispute. She posted about it a couple of times on Twitter when it first happened but then deleted them shortly after.

Whatever it was it was bad enough that she had to cut her trip short by like 10 days, pack her shit and get the hell out immediately.

No. 7182


When I was talking to Zoella she told me that whilst living with Charms there was never any dishes to wash up because Charms made Mike go get her take out for every single meal every single day, and that Charms got shitty with Zoe for actually using chopping boards and cutlery to actually prepare food because "it made a mess".

Also she apparently doesn't leave her room, like ever. She just sits inside her room all day and only ever leaves when there's takeout or a movie on at the theatre, which is scary because she talks about going to some new movie or other like once a week on her Twitter.

No. 7183

Supposedly Zoe has videos on her phone of Charms flipping the fuck out that she filmed as insurance because her rages actually frightened her, and there is one where Charms audibly farted and Mike giggles and Charms devolves into a screaming fit, told him to pack his shit and threw him out of the apartment.
Apparently she kicks him out like every week or two.

It sounds like Mike is in an abusive relationship.

No. 7184

She's moving back with her mum due to "medical issues"

ikr I feel so bad for Mike.

No. 7186


>"medical issues"

Which translates to her maybe having realised that she's batshit crazy and totally unstable?

No. 7187

Charms has decided to open up a cat sanctuary.

It begins…

No. 7188

File: 1408101061460.png (75.24 KB, 230x383, crazy-cat-lady-4-2.png)

No. 7190

Replacing soda with seltzer water might help, has the bubbles like soda

No. 7202

> former "pro ana"
hooold on, what? i've been following her on and off for years but i seem to have missed that phase.
did she have a pro ana blog or was in message boards or…?

No. 7203

File: 1408125078870.jpg (42.59 KB, 240x320, 358nl2s.jpg)


She claims she used to be anorexic and got sent to inpatient for whole of 3 days, but she's never appeared anything other than healthy-slim/skinny fat to me.

The nude of her in >>6989 is supposed to be of her from her pro-ana phase.

No. 7205

Thanks. I'll look into soda water. I have drank loose leaf tea before but I end up switching back to pop because I miss the caffeine.

Coffe isn't bad but I can't drink a lot of it, it gives me stomach cramps.

No. 7206

Drink coffee with something in your stomach, maybe just get in the habit of only drinking it with food? Tea can have a good amount of caffeine, maybe look into different types.

The soda water is a good idea unless you really need the caffeine, and it sounds like it might be an issue.

Not all anorexic people end up skeletons, a lot of them look kind of skinny-fat I think (I actually wonder if that is more common than the stereotypical skeleton look).

No. 7210


If you do not have a BMI of 18.5 or lower than medically you can not be anorexic. That is the baseline criteria for anorexic, otherwise you are just ED-NOS.

So yes, technically speaking, all anorexic people are skeletons, because if you aren't a skeleton, you don't have anorexia.

No. 7216

Wrong. The DSM-5 got rid of the amenorrhea and BMI criteria. Now it is based on behaviors only.

No. 7217

File: 1408133287552.jpg (2.53 MB, 2448x3264, 1351441873207.jpg)

Even though Dakota has essentially banned her from her life, Charms still thirstily follows her on Twitter, even after all the shit-talking she did about her on /cgl/.

No. 7218


Heh, my bad, I didn't realise they had updated them. Guess I'm just an disordered eater.

No. 7220

Carbonated water is great - if you find it too bland at first, add some lemon juice and mint leaves or some berries and let it sit for a while.

I've basically switched to 70% water and 30% diet soda. I know the latter is still bad but at least it doesn't have 300 calories per liter.

No. 7226

The one and only one candid of dakoteers actually looking decent

No. 7307

Without the shoop, Kotex isn't even bad looking. I don't understand her constant need to shoop da woop.

No. 7452

File: 1408281553977.jpg (365.82 KB, 746x972, sadasd.jpg)

Whelp I guess she finally cracked.

No. 7456

I still have the caps from Staminarose I think???

No. 7466


Post, post!

No. 7535

File: 1408314089135.jpg (54.84 KB, 530x935, 1408305974960.jpg)

This got posted to /cgl/ goddamn.

No. 7543

Is that really charms?? How recent is this?

No. 7556

Around a year ago I think. She's probably even bigger now since she talked about weight gain in her recent post about having a mental breakdown here >>7452

No. 7560

It's funny how Dakota, the previously ugly, trashy scene kid turned into a (arguably) beautiful japanese idoru while pretty, pretty Charms became a dirty ugly camgirl.

BMI lower than 18.5 does not equal skeleton, though, it usually equals skinnyfat (and as far as I'm aware, the diagnostic BMI for anorexia was 17.5). I'm at a 16.4 BMI and nobody ever even comments on my weight, and even though I'm diagnosed I have a hard time making people (and even myself) believe I'm anorexic. You don't get the skeleton look until you're at death's door, at a BMI of around 13~14.

And no, the new diagnostic is still weight-based, only there are no set numbers.

No. 7564

Why the fuck does her boyfriend stay with her? Are they in some sort of BDSM lifestyle relationship?

No. 7567

Because she pays for everything.

No. 7571

she has the trashiest random ass tattoo placement. she has so much space on her body left but already has hand tattoos.

No. 7602


Mike's a gold digger? I think he's just in an abusive relationship and is too scared (for both their sakes) to leave.

No. 8017

File: 1408476627782.jpg (288 KB, 1038x671, 140216994791.jpg)

Dumping muh caps from StamRose guys.
On Charms tumblr:

No. 8018

File: 1408476650698.jpg (118.3 KB, 714x504, 140202490945.jpg)

Charms on cam session

No. 8020

File: 1408476701122.png (325.71 KB, 826x1520, 140216174439.png)

The whole fucking drama with Zoella (worth reading)

No. 8021

File: 1408476742499.jpg (258.25 KB, 832x960, 140200950155.jpg)

Aaand Charms being Charms.
That's all I got.

No. 8054

File: 1408482951183.jpg (40.53 KB, 385x639, IMG_0297-1.jpg)

I remember I used to follow her on tumblr a long time ago.. i knew of her from her choker stealing days. I suppose it must have been 2012/13? I saw her write a post about how fat shaming wasn't wrong and if people wanted to stop being bulled they should lose weight and be skinny like ~her~. idk if it went exactly like that, but I do remember her bitching about fat people and now it's turned back around on her.

pic from 2011.

No. 8073

Yup, me too. I remember her from her times on /cgl/ and jesus fucking christ, I remember not believing Charlotte had stolen the choker and thinking she was ~so pretty~ and ~so skinny~.

No. 8098

I like how she says "'Allowed' like I control him" in the same paragraph as "using 1/4 our bedroom for his desk and stuff"

For all the stuff Mike does for Charms, he only gets 1/4 of the bedroom for his stuff?

No. 8159

Zoe's sounds more legible. Charms' one does indeed sound crazy.

No. 8194

There's nothing worse for a vain person to become anattractive. It usually comes with age, but Charms sped up the process with her shitty diet and tacky tattoos. I'd say it's karma, but she did it to herself.

No. 8195

*than becoming unattractive.

No. 8218

File: 1408545960644.jpg (53.98 KB, 600x799, l.jpg)


tbh it's not like she's ever been pretty though.
This girl is nothing but a couple of lbs of makeup, and it's not even like her vanity is the kind of "love yourself for who you are!" type, she used to legitimately think she was God's gift to the earth and that she was this unparalleled creature in beauty.

Picture related, younger Charms and her mom.

No. 8242

Back in the lolita days she could pile pounds of makeup on her face and become somewhat pretty. Add a couple fangirls kissing her vag to her already inflated ego, and bam, Charms thinks she's hot shit. But now, not even the makeup can hide her busted ass face and her bloated body.

No. 8251

She has a weird nose, it's like, really flat.

No. 8259

Anybody want me to upload a 20 minute vid I have of her and Ashe?

No. 8261

File: 1408560857173.jpg (64.69 KB, 500x376, 1400707118257.jpg)

No. 8266

File: 1408561575785.jpg (322.96 KB, 1080x1440, afsafs.jpg)

No. 8281

ugh. i really need to get this off my chest.

i keep seeing sex workers reassure themselves that they're "in power" but i can't imagine letting random people see me like that. what happened to sex being a private thing? that career choice isn't something to be proud of! is that all those girls can do? get money from men for meeting their most primal urges? how is that empowering? empowering would be touching someone's heart or inspiring someone. not giving them a lone wank at midnight on a thursday night.

No. 8286


I dislike this bitch as much as the next person but seriously, fuck your shitty mentality.

Humans by nature, a long with ever other animal on this planet, are sexual by nature.

What I find revolting is rather than acknowledge and accepting your nature and all the pleasures that come with it (and by this I mean every aspect of our nature from rage to jealousy to greed), you try to raise yourself beyond carnal behaviours and desperately try to convince yourself that you're "chaste" and "pure".

No, you're not. You're a stinking filthy ape with a gaping hole situated right next to your anus that gives you please when stimulated from the inside and you like to fuck just as much as the next person; you just don't want to admit it.

When are you trying to deny this. You're not some virginal creature chosen by god, you are an animal who's sole end to their existence it to procreate so far as we're aware. Life is really just addon to all the fucking.

No. 8287

Nigger, working in the sex business is a shameful thing and should be treated as such. Its for greedy fucks and degenerates

No. 8289



/r9k/ is that you?

No. 8290

Unichan pls go.

No. 8297

i know this is a troll, but…
i never said i don't enjoy sex. i said it's supposed to be a private thing between whoever's involved. not something to be broadcasted over the internet for money.

that aside, i don't believe humans are merely meant for fucking each other's brains out as you seem to think. we're wonderful creatures capable of creating, thinking and inspiring each other in ways way beyond stimulating genitals lol

if your true beliefs are expressed in the post you wrote, then you seem like you have quite the grudge against yourself… there's no need for hatred

No. 8298

File: 1408568763533.jpg (168.49 KB, 1016x970, 1407561215072.jpg)

No. 8301


>i know this is a troll, but…

Kek, I should think the same of you.

Sometimes I have a hard time comprehending that in the year 2014 there are still people that hold this repressive beliefs deeply rooted in religious sentimentality.

>i said it's supposed to be a private thing between whoever's involved

Wrong. Human's by nature are known to be polyamorous.

No. 8302

Yo, my computer cannot read the file.

No. 8304

I wouldn't stimulate your prostate with my finger or girldick either gay boy

No. 8307



This is the only media player you should ever be using FYI.

No. 8308

fair play man, we're just going to have to agree to disagree on this.
polyamory? yes. performing intimate acts for money? no. this isn't me repressing anything. this is me believing sex is more than fucking.

No. 8309




lel, okay buddy.

No. 8312

File: 1408569901965.gif (1000.96 KB, 284x160, tumblr_mwxs1yQJh01rn323po1_400…)

Fuck sake, go to /b/ if you want to debate human sexual nature or whatever.

Back on topic: Look at them mommy arms.

No. 8314

You had SRS?

No. 8315

>just fuck
Haha what a fulfilling life you must lead! Haha.

No. 8321

Get the fuck back to PULL, fatty.

No. 8328


Hi OC! Still asshurt your mommy wont let you cam in your room anymore?

In general, if you make money off selling your body and you enjoy it, well good for you I guess, but if you expect people to respect you, well, no. Please keep your SJW bullshit at tumbler. A lot of hot girls actually take the harder route and choose to work the 9-5 retail soul sucking job to get through school. Much respect for that because that shit ain't easy.

No one is acting "virginal" or "pure". You're just a whore, have fun shoving dildos up your ass for those MFC coins.

No. 8329

File: 1408571510618.gif (1.38 MB, 250x184, 1408489333358.gif)

Nevermind, stay. You're hilarious.

I'm >>8312, btw.


No. 8331

This is a joke right? I'd hope your arms were two times better because it looks like shes wearing flesh colored water wings.

No. 8334


kek, I'm not fucking OC, I'm the one that made the thread.

No. 8335


For reference I'm also the one that outed OC.

No. 8346

How about I rail you, notorious semen demon?

No. 8368

File: 1408580999121.jpg (317.58 KB, 651x893, kike.jpg)

>>a long with every other animal on this planet, are sexual by nature.

Even the ones who reproduce asexually?

>>humans r sexual by nature

We also have desires to eat fatty, salty foods, yet that would kill you in excess. Nature is a poor argument. Unlike other animals, humans are cognitive. Fucking random people will give you a brief euphoria, but it wont make you happy. Those people aren't your friends, you'll only feel empty after. Why do you think humans feel love? To encourage monogamous mating. Fucking random people is useless if all the babies you produce die. What humans really need is to form bonds with others to be happy, not a bunch of sex. Don't pretend sex has no effect on the brain, having a child with someone is a big deal. Aside from all that, the porn industry is corrupt as living fuck. I'm always hearing liberals bitch about corporations abusing human rights while simultaneously defending pornography. If you think the modeling industry is corrupt, porn is way fucking worse. A lot of the girls are from pos eastern European/Asian countries, which makes it easy to abuse them, considering they aren't citizens. (The same shit happens with modeling, except models don't get pissed on and fucked in every hole.) The reason liberals are supportive of porn is because jews run the media, and they also run the porn industry. They've tried to portray it as something natural and healthy to help further their business. They've started a "sex is just sex" attitude that really isn't healthy. Humans didn't evolve with high speed internet porn. I know a lot of people have stopped reading by now, but seriously, consider what I have to say.

No. 8369

I like you anon. I'm not following the discussion at all but I agree with your points.

No. 8370

Thank you! That makes it worth typing.

No. 8371

File: 1408581879976.jpg (114.27 KB, 640x640, 1407787352870.jpg)

>Mfw Jewish bf
>Mfw his uncle owns a DVD company that started out as a porn company

No. 8372

I agree with a lot of what you say, but I don't really see how your post addresses cam models who clearly aren't being abused and aren't from third world countries. The majority of the people discussed on this board fit that description.

Also, are you against pornography in general, or just the porn industry?

No. 8373


I think they're new to the board and got here from /pol/ via Zoe Quinn.

No. 8374

I was more addressing the arguments in >>8286 then talking about Chrams. I just don't think porn is good for your sex life. I agree, they aren't being abused, but I still don't think it's right for them to be doing it. Aside from that, cam models only make 20% of all the money that's been "given" to them by their viewers. Doesn't feel fair to me.

No. 8375

Please keep the thread on topic; the topic being Charms.

If you really want to have a discussion about the porn industry and human sexuality, take it to /b/.

No. 8376

Or maybe it was 40%, I can't remember. It varies.

No. 8377

They get 40-50% of the actual sales price which is a really good deal.

Remember that the cam sites have to pay sales tax or VAT in most countries, credit card fees (which are probably huge due to the shadyness of porn sites), server costs, employees, etc.

I bet in terms of final profit, the models get 80-90% of it.

No. 8386

What the fuck is going on in this thread.

No. 8399

Jesus. Any more pictures from this era?

Also does it bug anyone else that she constantly mentions her parents are lawyers? Like whatever Charms, you're still thick as pigshit.

No. 8432

I love this place

No. 8434

She looks like that edgy, ~no one understands me~ emo kid that sits at the back of the class in this picture and it's glorious.

She also reminds me a bit of the "WHAT A KAWAII MORNING" chick too.

No. 8438

The file doesn't work for me…

No. 8473

Are you 13 years old? You're incoherent as fuck.
when anon says 'mommy arms', she means charm's have flabby arms, not nice arms.

No. 8550

Like there's any body part of Charms' that looks good these days. Including her vagoo.

No. 8554

File: 1408640045026.jpg (10.92 KB, 424x335, m.jpg)


No. 8921

File: 1408705906179.png (1.06 MB, 679x1024, 1369160962625.png)

She used to have such a nice style too.

No. 8983


I don't know… She's dressed all in black. She is very pretty though. I know I'll get shit for this, but I still think she's pretty, just overweight.

And no, she shouldn't be doing cam shows with her body type at the moment. Hit the gym, or get a treadmill, she's a Jewish princess ffs, put that money to good use instead of getting expensive tattoos and takeout three times a day.

No. 9011

File: 1408731589852.jpg (84.33 KB, 480x640, Untitled-1.jpg)


All black is nice though.

No. 9036

charms is jewish?

No. 9259

forgot about this thread omg
depends on how you brew it

No. 9262


Her real name is Samantha Bransdorfer and her mother is, surprise, surprise, a Jewish lawyer.

She is a legit JAP (Jewish American Princess).

No. 9264

That link literally says the caffeine content of GREEN tea and the poster specified BLACK. Come on anon.

Also there's only one correct way to brew tea.

No. 9265

yeah i know. i only drink green tea because there's not much caffeine..
there's 47mg of caffeine for black tea and honestly that's not 'a lot'

i meant brew length. obviously there's only one way to brew.

No. 9266

No. 9282

Well I guess that explains everything. I used to follow her on the goffik rori phase, but I was never interested in her background.

No. 9569

It pisses her off if you call her Sam or Sammy or charlie.

No. 10086

File: 1408999059263.jpg (143.31 KB, 1080x720, 1366980232571.jpg)

No. 10087

File: 1408999127313.jpg (158.77 KB, 1080x720, 1366979739941.jpg)

No. 10114

Charms looks so much like a girl I don't like and seeing her nudes makes it worse.

No. 10136

Huge feet

No. 10166

File: 1409055924319.jpg (472.1 KB, 1067x1600, 1366980113297.jpg)

Does anybody remember when she had that makeup and beauty blog for all of a month before deleting it.

And she was always talking about how she had xbawks hueg eyes on /cgl/ lol

No. 10167

if that's all her real hair then I'm fairly jelly of past-charms (hair, at least)

No. 10172

File: 1409061061504.jpg (472.13 KB, 1067x1600, 1409055924319.jpg)


You really can't distinguish the extensions from her real hair? You must have never worn them before.

Her real hair ends where the red lines are.

Supposedly Charms has been making her on for years, or at lest it's something she bragged about regularly, but these extensions look terribly ratty and disconnecting.

No. 10206

I remember she tired to have a makeup guru channel, I watched her every day makeup tutorial and was horrified at how she dragged the brushes across her face and tugged hard at her skin. Girl does not know what she's doing

No. 10227

I know I'm gonna get flak for this but I just really envy her for her wardrobe. At least I did. No idea what she's wearing nowadays. Except for ill-fitting lingerie like >>6989.

Can we maybe start an eBay/Taobao/Aliexpress thread over at /b/ to help find certain pieces these snowflakes wear?

No. 10228

>terribly ratty
That's why I thought it was real.

No. 10552

You guys, I think I found the prostitute.

But fuck you nan, a sex career isn't something to be proud of. Not because sex is bad, but because it's a base level career choice that requires no skill, talent, brains, heart it anything else admirable. It also validates and encourages buying and selling people which fuels the more extreme and illegal ends of the industry. I don't think sex workers shouldn't enjoy what they do or should be persecuted, but just like an ambulance chasing lawyer, it's not a job to be proud of.

No. 10580

OT but does anyone know what happened to that Aoi Phantomhive goober that Charms was involved with? I used to follow their tumblr for lulz but the last time I checked, it was deleted/moved.
TBH I always found the idea of ~perfect lolita~ Charms falling in love with a weeaboo fakeboi. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for the shitstorm that went down when she found out.

No. 10593

Aoi's tumblr accounts are here:

No. 10594


No. 10595

dat blog though

No. 10643

I'm laughing so hard WTF

No. 10678

Could someone post the rundown on those two?

No. 11022

File: 1409506799119.jpg (449.79 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_naojj54MjI1shp2t7o1_128…)

She is a total mess.

No. 11197

You can find their threads on Gaia

No. 11301

#rekt as fuck

No. 11311


>he thinks I'm a prostitute

/r9k/ pls go

No. 11327

I like how she still gets questions about skincare and make-up on her tumblr. Yes, I would really like to look like that.

No. 11350


>has mental breakdown

"Hey guys I'm taking a break from camming and stuff to work on my self esteem and mental health"

>gets loads of new piercings and tattoos

No. 11363

Anyone have the picture of her with stocking and garter belt?

No. 11842

whatever happened to that dog her and her boyfriend got? did she get rid of it?

No. 11858

File: 1410067254619.png (4.38 KB, 658x60, drdghdagh.PNG)

went to hair school but has never heard of kerastase

ignores the question about dry scalp

~licensed cosmetologist~

why does anyone even ask her for advice

No. 12054

Assuming she even got product knowledge training, most schools only carry one brand of stuff. Kerastase is pretty expensive stuff. So most schools would be too cheap to buy it for students to practice with.

No. 13214

File: 1410807673301.jpg (217.82 KB, 1092x847, sdasda.jpg)

This is pretty hilarious given that I remember her regularly spouting off about how ugly/fat/worthless people were back on Gaia and LJ.

No. 13254

She keeps putting off going on mfc. I wish she'd hurry up and get back to camming so I can lol at how fat she's gotten.

No. 14318

File: 1411423732855.jpg (74.18 KB, 1024x576, ByIZWitCcAAfbp9.jpg)

Oh god, she looks so gross these days, like she should be on a street corner giving $5 handies for meth.

No. 14319

God damn, she looks like a makeup slathered pixyteri.

No. 14357

i guess a bold eye and eyebrows is slathered on makeup these days? idgi

No. 14370

mabey without the eyebags and the disgusting mole she would look better.

No. 14386

she looks so dead inside and haggard
guess all those years of spewing toxic to others finally caught up to her

No. 14395

File: 1411467998103.png (441.81 KB, 640x410, marge-simpson-make-up-shotgun.…)


Er I don't know if your eyes are okay but it's clearly a bit more than just a "bold eye and eyebrows".

Can you not see the multiple layers of foundation, powder and brush?

No. 14396

It's not a mole, it's a piercing.

No. 14421

probably her diet.
didn't her ex-roommate say that she was only eating fast food when they lived together? and she'd send her boyfriend out for that.
I wouldn't be surprised if she's a heavy drinker/smoker these days, too. stress breeds vice.

No. 14436


Yeah, she apparently only leaves her room to go to the cinema and receive the takeout food that Mike brought in. Mike was like her errand boy.

Supposedly part of the reason that Charlotte and Mike got so buttblasted and kicked her out was because of the "mess" she left from washing up and dishes, but supposedly this was because Charlotte and Mike never actually had to DO dishes because all their food was takeout. They'd just throw out the packaging and the wrapping and the dishes collected dust unused in the cupboards.

No. 14887

Well it looks like a disgusting mole

No. 14888

Yes I see the blush but you srsly cannot tell about the foundation from the picture. Its not even high quality enough. You're just assuming she has "layers"of it on because she has no blemishes or something? Idk. Also some people use makeup to cover things like scars on their face. I dont understand what about foundation is so horrible to you

No. 14934

File: 1411757352486.jpg (85.31 KB, 576x1024, ByetNqPCcAA_Uze.jpg)

I thought this girl was a trained makeup artist? This horrible…

No. 14937

How old is Charms again? She looks like she is hitting her 30's/early 30's already.

No. 14938


I think she is 22.

She is clearly not taking very good care of herself

No. 14980

Her nose contour looks really fucking bad.

No. 15103

Wow this bitch is 22 she should look much younger than this she looks like shit. Damn.

No. 15104

Nose contour always looks bad to me. Like I can immediately tell they've done it. Looks stupider IRL.

No. 15430

Eurgh, looks like she's another one of those "whites can't experience racism!" crowd.

No. 15435

Only because that's the cool thing on social media now, I bet.

No. 15445

Why are some people so easily manipulated by Tumblr? She's not even white, she's JAP to the core.

No. 15448


Lol this dumb bitch blaming white people for the shadeism is Asian cultures. They were doing that to themselves long before white people showed up.

No. 15450

File: 1411936502213.jpg (50.29 KB, 500x333, lolok.jpg)

This bitch is retarded

No. 15451

Bahaha, no man. White skin has always been prized in Asian cultures because it meant you weren't a peasant that had to work out in the fields (=tan). Coming from an Asian girl if anything I find it racist for white people to claim "ASIAN PEOPLE WANT TO BE JUST LIKE US THAT'S WHY THEY WANT LIGHT SKIN". Like no bitch no one wanted to be farmers.

No. 15453


Shhh, there, there you ignorant, peasanty, Asian minority, I shall save you from the evils of whitey with my social justice!

commences self-flagellation

No. 15854

I think it's the eyebrows making her look off, they're not flattering at all imo. Too arched, too dark, and a bit too long in the front (like the arch is in the wrong place for her face shape) compared to her eyebrows before. I think if she fixed her eyebrows and/or got bangs again she'd be pretty.

No. 15855

Err, I mean bangs like she had in >>10166 not side bangs

No. 15858

Because sugary shit is addictive.
When I first started to go to the nutritionist and she cut off all my sugar intake, I got extremely grumpy the first week.

It's like withdrawal, basically.

No. 16699

so i saw her post that she weighs 148…i think she looks pretty good for that weight ngl

No. 17097

File: 1412733420733.jpg (215.53 KB, 422x750, whatisthis.jpg)

kill it with fire

No. 17101

No. 17110

what the fuck is happening to her mouth
on what planet does she think this is attractive in any way shape or form
i have new foresight into what she's going to look like at age forty as a bitter, pursed-lips hag.

No. 17111

It looks like her yaw is shrinking into her fat becoming face.

No. 17764

just imagining the contorted poses she's pulling in order to make herself look 'slimmer'–raising her legs to hide her gut, pursing her lips to feign a jawline– is filling my throat with keks.

No. 17765

Damn, that really feels like a lot to me. She only looked good ultra thin, imho. Her body fat distributes itself in such unfortunate ways, the best option for her is to have as little as possible.

No. 17769

Am I the only one who actually thinks she looks cute in this photo …? Not even playing, I love her eyes here, and paired with the plaid shirt, she's def got a 'tumblr grunge' thing going on. Again, IDK, I think it's cute!

No. 17770

… Reading that back I sound like I'm whiteknighting/Charms defending herself. Should've left out the enthusiastic exclamation point or something. Whoops.

No. 17784

No, you aren't alone. She is a pretty girl, even if she "only gets it with makeup."
I honestly see nothing wrong at all with her appearance, and I also don't think her body is so horrible, either. I would be willing to bet that most of the young women posting about how "extremely fat and disgusting" and "OMG so horrifically ugly" are for the most part really, really nitpicking. I think a lot of the girls that come here are very insecure about one thing or another, I know I am, and it really seems to come out in the threads about girls who are perfectly average in looks. Now, I completely agree about Charms personality being just God awful. Terrible. A total wench, abusive to her boyfriend and her living mates, and there isn't an excuse for that. But I don't think she's unattractive.

I think it's easier to justify picking at the flaws of people physically when you dislike them.. Imagine if Charms was the admin of this board, or something. The girls here would probably be more inclined to think she was a pretty average girl who wore a good deal of makeup and maybe could tone her body a bit better, but I doubt they'd be going to the extremes they are now. From the comments in this thread you'd think she was 200+ and had some awful man face, haha.

No. 17787

>I would be willing to bet that most of the young women posting about how "extremely fat and disgusting" and "OMG so horrifically ugly" are for the most part really, really nitpicking. I think a lot of the girls that come here are very insecure about one thing or another, I know I am, and it really seems to come out in the threads about girls who are perfectly average in looks. Now, I completely agree about Charms personality being just God awful. Terrible. A total wench, abusive to her boyfriend and her living mates, and there isn't an excuse for that. But I don't think she's unattractive.

>I think it's easier to justify picking at the flaws of people physically when you dislike them.. Imagine if Charms was the admin of this board, or something. The girls here would probably be more inclined to think she was a pretty average girl who wore a good deal of makeup and maybe could tone her body a bit better, but I doubt they'd be going to the extremes they are now. From the comments in this thread you'd think she was 200+ and had some awful man face, haha.

I kinda inclined to agree with this anon.

No. 17796

I think the reason people are relishing in calling her fat & ugly (specifically fat) is because Charms herself was a bigot herself towards fat & ugly people, so it's like she's getting a taste of her own medicine now that she's let herself go.

No. 17803

She talks herself up like she's some great beauty, even to this day she'll call her face beautiful.

No. 17830

File: 1413265995708.jpg (159.23 KB, 1080x720, 1369242651945.jpg)


>you'd think she was 200+ and had some awful man face

But she does, and you're not pretty in the first place if you need to slather yourself in makeup to look half way decent.

Just look at the OP for christs sake, that's hideous, she looks like a meth fiend.

Maybe you just have really low standards?

No. 17831

different anon here
i think almost everyone looks terrible without makeup on, some more than others. but she's not that bad looking, and tbh i'm incredibly jealous of her because she has a really cute nose and nice eyes. but beauty is in the eye of the beholder i suppose.

No. 17833

overplucked eyebrows that are lighter than her hair, acne and that arch expression she makes is what makes those no-makeup pictures ugly. if she had clear skin, nice eyebrows and a good expression it would be different.

now that i actually look through this thread she sure has knack for doing those stupid "sexy" faces with the pout lips and high eyebrows. lol yeah, that doesn't work without makeup.

No. 17834

hurr I remember Dakota saying "you're one of the prettiest girls I ever saw" in one of the AIM chat screenshots she posted on /cgl/

No. 17835

i still don't see her as ugly. She has a few spots I guess but she has a nice face and features overall imo. With makeup she looks pretty good

No. 17836

I don't think her face is horrible, but her body is pretty bad. She has no figure, only fat. The faces she makes also piss me off. She used to be pretty, but now….:S I sort of agree with you on how lolcow likes to nitpick the fuck out of everyone, though. It gets old. Even worse, it's especially annoying when some girl they like pops up and they go out of their way to say she's pretty when she's not that great looking. "Awwww, she's not so bad! I think she's pretty! Jrcach is just a dick!" ect. Notable examples of the nitpicking that really bugs me….
>>People saying OC has a bad body or that her tits sag. Her face is weird as fuck, but come on.
>>People saying that that creepy girl who imitates kooter has an ugly face.
>>People calling Traci Hines ugly
>>People calling penis angelic ugly

What's the deal with pretending to find people ugly?

No. 17837

that annoys me too. i know everyone has different opinions on looks, but it's truly ridiculous to just call these girls ugly. none of these girls may be the most beautiful girls in the world but they're definitely not unfortunate looking enough to be qualified as ugly. the only thing that makes these girls ugly is their personalities/the shit they do.

No. 17851

Ok, I wouldn't say they're ugly per se, but most people on your list look VERY average at best. They use insane amounts of shoop, makeup and angles to look "pretty".

I think people just like to call celebs ugly because they get sick of everyone fawning over their average plastic looks. Lots of people call kim kardashian, snooki, paris hilton etc ugly even tho they're average and not ugly. It's like that with venus or charlotte, sure they're not ugly, but they act like hot shit and have droves of fans calling them the heaven incarnate of beauty so people get sick of it.

If one more person calls venus "a perfect dolly" I'm going to throw up.

No. 17852

File: 1413289106066.jpg (72.89 KB, 576x1024, BVNQIbECMAAid6p.jpg)


I think she looks best with black. straight hair.
These days she wears far too much makeup.

No. 17862

i srsly don't see aything wrong with her makeup other than her eyebrows sort of annoy me. (too high/rounded at the front)
is it the cat eye that it bothering people? it's just a simple cat eye makeup.

but i don't think it looks that good on her though. that style just doesn't look right on her for some reason. also the outlining of the eyelid looks really bad…….

No. 17863

i always though oc's body looked normal, just kind of child like though. her face and hair is what kills me.

No. 17864

Most people do not have perfect skin get over it. And you cannot always just get rid of acne, for some people it is more complicated than that and there are also hyperpigmentation that occurs.
You are so used to seeing perfectly made up women you think that is what they are supposed to look like. Most women you see on tv, in magazines, and in real life with "no makeup" have makeup on.
I feel bad for women bc they must constantly feel the need to look perfect at all times or risk being called ugly and generally cared less about and treated differently.

No. 17865

I think Charms can be best described (facially wise, anyway) as a lesser version of Kim Kardashian or something. Pretty with makeup, average/less than average without, and not really deserving of her fame.

I really think Charms is fat though. Not obese but average fat? Like a typical overweight on-the-street person. I wouldn't give her body a second look on the street. Her personality is shit too, and the contrast of what she thinks she is vs what she really is is what gets me.

No. 17866

Kim kardashian is not average without makeup. She looks different but is still pretty.

No. 17867

what's wrong with think that your own face is beautiful? should people just hate themselves?

No. 17868

File: 1413295124798.jpg (55.41 KB, 570x380, kim-kardashian-without-makeup-…)

Honestly I think she's quite average, but it might just be because of how you typically see her in media (makeup and all) compared to her "normal" self.

There's nothing wrong with loving yourself. Charms takes it to a whole psychotic new level.

No. 17869


Plus she puts (or used to put) everyone else down by comparing them to her as if she was a goddess or some shit. Have you not read the "I want to have sex with myself" tangent she had?

No. 17871

if that's average without makeup then most people i see are fucking hideous. like come on. she looks fucking pretty. the only thing is the dark circles or whatever.

No. 17872

LMAO Now i'm curious post a pic of someone you think is above average bc I can't believe you're saying she's average. All the girls where you live look like this without makeup? Can i move where you live live? haha.

No. 17882


It's not the makeup in >>17852 that bothers people, this is her old, nice makeup.

Her new makeup looks like it's been slathered on with a trowel and is faaaaar too heavy.

No. 17883

Somebody who was living in the same area of Charms for a bit before Charms moved mentioned that she saw her hanging out in tattoo parlour and was speaking to the guy at the desk really shittily.

No. 17884


I abhor Kim K but I still think her face is pretty without makeup.
I liked it better before she got surgery though. She looked soft and exotic, now she looks really sharp and angular and that fucking ass is ridiculous.

No. 17946

I totally agree, you can see from old pictures that she was really naturally beautiful, makeup can't totally create that. She had such a beautifully exotic look to her, a shame she ruined it, she didn't need it at all.

No. 18014

if she wasn't so narcissistic, people would be a lot kinder towards her. she's not a troll, but she's not a natural beauty, either. her ego is her ugliest feature.

No. 18024

File: 1413390914910.jpg (92.48 KB, 594x400, 7nCnx8K_LyEl.jpg)


I agree. Before surgery she looked like an average Armenian girl – albeit a gorgeous one. Now she looks like JLo with an allergic reaction.

No. 18027

File: 1413392926331.jpg (205.37 KB, 638x564, kim-kardashian-without-makeup-…)

She looked average/unattractive before and after the surgeries in my opinion.

She doesn't look exotic or special, she looks like a washed up greek mother of five.

No. 18036

File: 1413395041383.jpeg (52 KB, 400x400, Kim-Kardashian.jpeg)


No. 18037


different strokes for different folks, but I'm half-Armenian myself and I would kill to have half of the looks she has. I look a bit like Khloe because my Dad is Native American and have a wider nose. :[

No. 18044

File: 1413398970085.jpg (34.75 KB, 599x595, kylie.jpg)

while we're on the topic. here's Kylie's shoop

No. 18048


Oh it's not shoop, her parents got her some surgery and I gotta say, the surgeon did good. I wish she'd just admit to having lip fillers already so people can go to her surgeon because that's best job I've ever seen.

No. 18050

how much does Charms make on MFC?

No. 18053


$0 at the moment, she hasn't logged in in over half a year.

I don't think she made much anyway. Towards the beginning when she was a new model she was raking it in because A. she was new and B. she was a lot more active and actually carried out cum shows and stuff.

Right before she took a hiatus, for like 6 months or something literally all she would do it sit in front of the camera looking pouty, fully clothed, bitching about how nobody was tipping her. Eventually people would top tipping because she'd set her initial goal of like top off at like 2000 tokens, then bra off at another 2000, then panties at 2000, and eventually people would get bored and leave and then she would start complaining "omg guys whhhhhhhhy is nobody tiiiiiipinggggg!" and log off shortly after because she was "bored".

She did this on repeat so many times and after a while people just stopped tipping at all.

No. 18054

File: 1413404282459.jpg (123.18 KB, 665x665, Kylie-Jenner-Plastic-Surgery-B…)

I don't really pay much attention to the Kardashians, but wow, that's pretty impressive. I really want my lips done, but I'd rather not get anything done at all if I just end up looking like a circus freak.

No. 18055

You should leave your lips alone.

No. 18058


Oh god me too! But it's soooo hard to find a good surgeon who's technique is good enough to inject for natural appearance, otherwise you end up with that hideous trout pout effect so many celebrities seem to get.


She should do whatever she wants to with her appearance so long as it's not hurting anybody and it makes her happy.

No. 18059

that's not completely due to lip filters. Also LOTS of overdrawing, and probably a little PS.

If not, then she probably had a lip lift too, because her new lips are vertically high, while her old ones are too narrow and long

No. 18060

Happiness is fleeting anon, appearances even more so.

No. 18063

Not that anon, but what's your point? Are you saying nobody should put any effort into how they look because it's "fleeting"? Do you seriously think people shouldn't do what makes them happy just because it doesn't last forever?

No. 18064

Yeah, I know she must have had other stuff done to them apart from just fillers, because there's only so much fillers can do without looking really freaky. But whatever it was, I kind of want it.

Wow, so deep.

No. 18068

Looking good is one thing, plastic surgery is a symptom of a deeper problem.

No. 18070


anon, please.

No. 18078

> But it's soooo hard to find a good surgeon who's technique is good enough to inject for natural appearance, otherwise you end up with that hideous trout pout effect so many celebrities seem to get.

Just get something small and subtle done then leave it alone.

I think celebrities just have too much time and money and focus on their appearance so they end up going a bit overboard. The best plastic surgery results are subtle and leave some imperfection (if that makes sense). Just a marked improvement basically.

That has quite a bit of shooping done.

No. 18083

I think charms has a cute face, her skin is fine, her body just needs a little toning…but those eyebrows annoy the shit out of me. Idk if it's the heavy makeup + eyebrows, but seriously it's awful.

No. 18092


Are braces also a symptom of a deeper problem?
Fuck off.

No. 18093


>Just get something small and subtle done then leave it alone

It's not quite so simple as that. Usually they have multiple injection sites, you don't just stick a needle in one end and watch them slowly inflate.
If your surgeon isn't skilled enough you end up with bubbling which is where the filler is particularly concentrated around only the injection site and the gaps inbetween sites are not filled.

No. 18099

But lip injections are supposed to be redone every 6 months or so.

My friend gets them, and her first and second times looked AMAZING. However the third, fourth, and fifth (current) all looked really off…even though it was the same doctor and same type of injections.

She also tried not getting them and letting them wear off for a couple months and that looked even weirder. She really regrets getting them at all :/ I was kind of interested before, but now I'm not after seeing her experience.

No. 18182

Yes. If you can eat right and your teeth don't hurt then braces are absolutely innecesary. I know I'm gonna get shit from americunts but braces are just for an aesthetic purpouse and you can totally skip them.

No. 18183


>getting braces means you have mental problems


Obviously you're a bright one.

No. 18184

actually, some people's teeth grow really wonky & they need braces (usually when young) to help straighten their teeth for when their wisdom teeth come in.

>If you can eat right and your teeth don't hurt then braces are absolutely innecesary
You don't get braces because your teeth hurt…

No. 18185

My younger brother had teeth growing from the centre of the roof of his mouth because of severe crowding, under your criteria he doesn't need braces.

But why am I even replying to you, you're clearly retarded.

No. 18209

you sound ugly

No. 21594

No. 21601

I know you posted this 20 days ago, but braces can correct certain problems besides making your teeth look prettier.
My nephew had two rows of teeth growing in the frontal area and he had to get one removed. This obviously left him with very crooked teeth which need to be corrected with braces as that'd also impede his speech and eating.
In comparison, one of my frontal teeth slightly overlaps the other. It grew that way and my mom wanted me to get braces for it. This never impeded me from eating right or speaking right, so there wasn't any need for me to get braces other than aesthetic purposes.

No. 24369

File: 1416149658627.jpg (843.75 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_nf475v1Xwe1shp2t7o1_128…)

Holy fuck, these eyebrows. I think she's pretty in general but her new eyebrows are SCARY

No. 24371

She's going downhill fast. I met her a few years ago and she seemed alright then. She's slowly but surely starting to get the crack whore look. It's a shame too since she lucked out on an easy mode on life with rich parents and she used to be pretty.

No. 24390

having rich parents is likely why shes such a shit on a downward spiral now. she was spoiled and has money to blow on drugs. the more money she has, the more drugs she can do, and thus, she deteriorates more quickly.

No. 24399


She doesn't do drugs though.

No. 24403


Anon I do drugs and nobody knows about it. Not even my husband, not everyone screams it at the top of their lungs like Raven. I'm not proud of it, and I don't encourage anyone to do it, it's awful and embarrassing.

That said, I don't know for sure if she does drugs, but she seems to have severe mental problems and low self esteem. Those type of people (a lot of them at least) migrate to drugs, they start with pot or alcohol like Charms did (and I did), and then they get introduced to a stronger drug, like cocaine, painkillers, or benzos. It goes downhill from there, because that's what makes you feel great, it gives you energy, you forget about your problems, you feel fucking awesome. Until you come down. Then you're an extra miserable cunt and you start to turn psychotic when you can't get your shit.

Take this with a grain of salt, this is afterall from a (closet) drug addict's perspective.

No. 24405

You are ridiculously misinformed.

No. 24430

I think she has stopped doing drugs at this point, she is relatively open about her life so if she did you would know. She used to do pot all the time but obviously has no money now for it. She is on a lot of medication for her mental issues though.

No. 24436

what class of drugs do you do? did you get into a benzo + stim combo? that'd be the worst. also, what i'm craving half the time. fuck.

she's openly said she smokes weed (mmm munchies) and takes her bipolar/whatever medication which is renowned for making you gain weight.

No. 24441

She was already getting fat from her diet of 100% takeout and Coke before she was medicated.

No. 24565

Did anyone else notice her mfc link on her tumblr is messed up? And apparently she's going to Germany and Paris, lol. Think she's in debt or her parents are bankrolling her?

No. 24566

Not to mention her mfc still says she's 120 but she posted on tumblr yesterday that she's 160 now lol

No. 24605

She looks like my dumb whore of a cousin.

No. 24655

She hasnt been on mfc in like 6 months, so no shit her weight isnt updated. She also hasnt been caring about a lot of her tumblr, like her tagging asks, her side tumblr to reblog the asks, her faq, etc. Not just the mfc link.

She said that she isnt paying for the trip too, some guy from mfc is. She is likely in debt regardless because she didnt pay rent for a while before moving back to her parents, so they likely took it on and then will expect her to pay them back when she starts working again.

No. 24667

She was well over 120lbs when she was still on mfc.

No. 24682


I'll just answer anons question and I wont talk about drugs in this thread anymore, if you guys want we can start a drug/alcohol/weed thread on /b/

That combo was my favorite, I'd take 8mgs of xanax and snort cocaine all night while I cleaned meticulously. I also adore molly, but I don't trust it anymore after I bought some that were cut up with some fucked shit and I had a terrible trip.
I moved to a different state and I don't know anyone here, much less a dealer. All I do now is xanax and weed that I have a prescription for and the occasional vials/pills of morphine/hydro-morphine, and fentanyl my husband brings home from the hospital every other day.
BTW he doesn't bring them home for me, he works in a high stress environment and a lot of the times he forgets to dispose of them in the proper receptacle at work. He usually throws them away when he comes home and when he goes to sleep I go through the trash to see what it is he threw away. Pretty disgusting, but at least they're sealed (that's what I keep telling myself anyway).

No. 24789


It says she last logged in this month. She still logs in even if she doesn't broadcast.

No. 24838

But why would she update her weight if she wasnt planning on doing any camming until she lost a lot of it and was feeling better? It seems pretty silly to highlight her usage of a site she isnt actively using atm as a sign of anything. She did go on I think in oct to just chat, but otherwise she isnt camming.

Since she is posting her weight on tumblr publicly, it isnt like she is lying about how fat she is. She knows.

No. 25025

She says she's camming tonight, apparently

No. 25069

No. 25077

File: 1416369795756.jpg (30.14 KB, 319x238, weirdboobs.jpg)


>telling everyone about how often she's been peeing while camming

No. 25079

File: 1416370072773.jpg (40.09 KB, 462x462, Screenshot_2014-11-19-17-01-36…)

No. 25083

Makeup and low-res camera make her look kinda hot in a club trash/stripper sort of way. But then pancake boobs… she's like a reverse butterface

No. 25087

So a fat chick?

No. 25088

She has gotten fat so yeah. It shows in her boobs for sure.

No. 25097

Holy shit those sad, sad, titties.

No. 25112

I think she looks good. This is 100% my style.

No. 25155

sorry for asking dumb questions, but is Charms' ex-roommate the Zoella from YouTube? Or are they different girls with the same screen name?

No. 25167

Different people. Youtuber zoella I think is in london, and isnt a camgirl.

No. 25344

I watched her for a few minutes, and I nearly snorted tea when i saw her "500 to take off bra". Those titties looked so sad, I thought she was chilling braless.

No. 25688

okay, so i'm reading the post where she talks about how her old roommates stole her identity to move into an apartment because they didn’t have the credit, then faked the lease agreement so she was paying 90% of the rent, and also manipulated her to get another apartment with them…..

and then they stole her laptop + she spent $5k on move in fees for the apartments??

Apparently this happened in july. Does anyone know if this was the zoella thing or was it completely different people?

Because damn, girl sure has a lot of drama happen around her if it's all different people.

This is the post: http://littlelotte-xo.tumblr.com/post/102975715320/how-did-you-become-successful-on-cam-i-know-that-its

No. 25691


That actually happened more than a year ago, I remember her talking about it on /cgl/ in 2013, you can definitely find it on the archives too so idk why she is saying it happened in July. Maybe it all finally ended and was settled in July?

The girl she is referencing in it is Lomeli, an old ex-friend of hers who also dated Aoi back in the day.

No. 25693

Looks like she has a piglet in her bed. Possibly a relative of hers?

No. 25705

Lol, thats her hairless cat.

No. 25738

reading this all made me feel so sad.. i remember when she was just some elitist little rich girl stealing a choker necklace and bitching about fat lolitas on gaia online, what went wrong :(

No. 26209

That is her explaining how she started camming, so years ago.

She is still from a rich family but a lot of it was Aoi. She says now that how sht acted then was not her.

No. 45567

She became some nerd girl now bc of her boyfriend and recluse lifestyle. Isn't it uncanny how all the girls that were obsessed with the internet are now recluses bc they lost their social skills, and ability to share attention with anyone?

No. 45839

Any more recent news on her?

No. 45851

File: 1422885424395.jpg (62.07 KB, 576x1024, B8ua6mwIEAAVBQc.jpg)

>got new tattoos again

>dressed up as inuyasha for oyahocon

>claimed she was going to start camming on the 27th but didn't actually?

>says she's going to be camming tomorrow or wednesday if you wanna watch out for it

>is getting a breast augmentation in april

No. 45861

Don't do this to yourself again.

No. 45895

What is with the wheelchair in the background? Was this taken at the con?

imo tit work will do her a world of good. A pair of perky Cs will break up the boxy silhouette she has now and she'll make a lot more money with a decent pair of breasts.

No. 45905

man, she's absolutely given up…

No. 45909

Yep good for her, for the augmentation.

I should save up when I got a job :(
Forever a Megan and Charm in terms of boobs. Doing push ups in the meantime

No. 45923

So sick of women getting breast surgery. Is she getting implants? She should just focus on getting her body into a better shape. With the right kind of exercise she can have perky breasts and those are the best kind. Sorry, I just seriously dislike fake tits and so many girls keep getting surgery.

No. 45926

She should just have the fat lipo'd from her fat stomach and injected into her boobs.

No. 45931

Rows, dumbbell press, and wide grip pullups will do you a lot more good. Pushups will be mostly arm and back while those 3 cater to chest.

No. 45932

Charms is not the sort of girl to do ~actual work~ to get what she wants. She cams for a reason.
Many of the girls who opt for surgery do so because they don't have the dedication to actually work with the body they have. It's despicable, sure, but it's better than nothing at all.

No. 45933

Even when she was skinny, she had small tits.

No. 45939

But they weren't fucking saggy and weird looking.

No. 45943

jesus christ how horrifying

No. 45974

And they looked perfectly fine with her frame

Boob jobs give quick results for little to no effort and there's only so much you can do without surgery anyway

No. 45975

I second this. Especially if the breasts are asymmetrical or naturally a bit droopy.

No. 46004

I think her sad tits are the result of her ED as a teen. The fat in your tits helps hold them up, your breasts sag without it.

No. 46031

Hahahaha holy fuck I used to know of this bitch from Gaia. I remember a little after she broke up with Aoi or whatever, she flipped out on me over gaia because I "reminded her of her ex". I knew who she was because of /cgl/ and explained I was definitely not her fakeboi ex, but no matter what I said she continued to try to harass me & claimed I was her "ex stalking her". She even got a bunch of people on gaia to try to "get me to admit to being aoi".

I ended up ignoring her (logically) but fuck if she didn't seem crazy and delusional. Wish this wasn't from so long ago or I'd try to figure out my password and provide screenshots.

Sorry for typos etc, from my cell.

No. 46061


I disagree, I think box shaped women just look stupid if they get tit implants. She'll just end up with triangle shape and have to hips to balance her out. And even worse she still won't have a waist, she'll just be a plank with stapled on balloons.

>>45923 Is right, fake tits are shit. I've never seen a pair of fake tits look good in person.

No. 46064

all she needs to do is get on that strength training, and work her pectorals

it's 100% possible to lift ur tits with exercise

i've done it, and have you seen men that consistently exercise their chests? do you think it's their mantitties giving them that perk? no. it's muscle. assuming you still keep a good % of fat on you, you'll have a nice foundation for them titties to sit on

she needs to exercise in general

her body isnt terrible, but don't get a fucking 7000 dollar sugery when u havent even made the effort and picked up a few dumbells to see what your body will look like with natures own cosmetic surgery

No. 46076

You idiots, she doesn't just want lifted tits, she wants big tits so she can get more dollars thrown at her for camwhoring.

No amount of exercise is going to make her tits bigger.

No. 49878

File: 1423967886446.jpg (46.5 KB, 576x1024, B9GorkeCYAAJw3W.jpg)

At least she's not insecure, right?…

No. 49884

Jfc, is this recent? She looks like she's given up on life.

No. 49898

File: 1423969607996.jpg (42.83 KB, 576x1024, B9OC5_8CMAAf93q.jpg)

It was a just days ago.

Makeup doesn't hide it much either imo (posted sometime after that last picture was)

No. 49902

At least she looks much better with dark hair than her blonde/silver trashy looking shit.

No. 49911

these photos are so bizarre to me because charms was always the bitch in makeup threads spouting off ~MUA~ tips and how to take care of your skin according to her beauty school dropout degree or whatever.
and this is what she looks like now? she's aging so fast.
maybe it's just genetics/shitty lifestyle but damn, their effect is pronounced. she looks at least four to five years older than me & we're the same age.

No. 49915

I think what makes her look older are her pouty porn star fish lip poses and porn star makeup.
I dont understand why she has been doing that same face in pictures for a year now.

No. 49934

She has a nice face, but she needs to take care of her skin, moisterize, hydrate, sleep,etc. She has enough eyebags for a round trip to China.

No. 49997

I got voluming face fillers somewhat recently, and yes it's expensive, but it changed my entire fucking face and it looks fucking great. It seems to last longer if you're younger too.

This girl really just needs to get her shit together and be honest with the fact that her face has aged a lot, very young. I wouldn't say that normally, but it seems like she's burning money she might as well use it to fix the problem and make herself feel better, instead of hiding the problem with make-up or self destructive food habits.

I just feel bad for her.

No. 49998

>pouty porn star fish lip poses
this. so stupid.

No. 50019

File: 1423998954968.png (127.32 KB, 858x554, lolllll.png)

Some classic posts from lotte of gaia

No. 50020

File: 1423999022501.png (135.72 KB, 1096x494, ;ooll.png)

No. 50022

File: 1423999143463.png (6.77 KB, 459x141, lolll.png)

lotte hated sex but then she turned into a whore for money

No. 50026

File: 1424000221745.png (8.02 KB, 884x174, huumm.png)

No. 50053

This bitch is my very favorite lolcow to catch up on. Give me more! Wtf does she do all day now that she's fat and living at home?

No. 50060

Plays videogames with her boyfriend on twitch and hangs out on tumblr is all she does as far as I know.

Talks about how she's gonna start camming again and what she plans to do once she starts and answers asks is all I ever see her do. She did just dye her hair again though.

No. 50071

lol karmas a bitch charm.
Now she's no where in life and fat herself.
I wonder when she'll kill herself from being what she hates.

No. 50101

How does that work? Fillers for your cheeks? I might be looking into that.

No. 50107

File: 1424023809301.png (5.18 KB, 390x125, Untitled.png)

No. 50108

Is this from an old blog?

No. 50113

yes her old blogs were full of lolcow goodness

No. 50114

File: 1424025068758.png (27.91 KB, 418x591, hummm.png)

No. 50115

File: 1424025379560.png (15.17 KB, 786x498, ocharms.png)

No. 50116

Well, this explains why her fat distribution is so unfortunate.

No. 50117

File: 1424025534096.png (2.69 KB, 541x95, fattygals.png)

No. 50119

The fuck? Charms, your body back then was well smaller than a size three. I'm a size two and you were more petite than me.

No. 50120


>women with curves

>not 12 year old boy women

Hahahahaha holy shit
I have nothing against girls without curves but how fucking rich is that coming from her??

No. 50121

File: 1424026092420.png (3.08 KB, 686x40, humlol.png)

wheres asian fashion
tells asians theyre too ugly to wear it

No. 50122

File: 1424026261043.png (20.04 KB, 591x307, humlolll.png)

No. 50126

No. 50128

>12 year old boy women
Holy fuck.
She's literally turning into the living embodiment of the "jealous fatty" stereotype.
Who wants to bet that back when she was skinny, she used to openly shit on women who are her current size?

No. 50129

>any bigger than size 5 and i'm disgusted
Nevermind, she openly shits on women who are her current size right now. This is great.

No. 50130

File: 1424028367975.png (383.59 KB, 606x491, lotte.png)

Anyone else feel liek the only reason lotte bf sticks around is for money?
she pretty much pays for everything and he doesnt have to work. I read on her tumblr once that they dont even have sex.

No. 50132

What did she say about them not having sex?

No. 50146

Whats up with all these special snowcows and DDR? I remember Tiffany "starpower" also had this cute quirk linked to her eating disorder.

No. 50149

Yeah, this fat bitch deserves all her just desserts.

No. 50150

I don't know, but DDR doesn't even keep you active enough to lose weight unless you play for HOURS. You might as well go to a gym and do proper work outs on the machines or at a class there.

No. 50155

It can be good cardio at least. Just doesn't work your arms that much.

No. 50156


This is so bizarre… Was this bitch on drugs at any point?

No. 50176


Sorry for the typo; I got Volumina injected in my cheeks/eye hollows because I was getting lines like Charlotte's and I always looked tired. They can inject it anywhere, and because I have a thin face my injector suggested getting more there for a "fuller"/youthful look.

It literally just fills any hollows, beneath the skin where the wrinkle is and plumps it. Easily the best decision I've made for myself, wasn't painful at all, saw immediate results, and it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders now that I don't feel I look way older. Living a healthy lifestyle and topical creams can only do so much, and lbr I'm vain like everyone else.

I can answer any specific questions you have, but check out realself.com if you haven't already. Some of the reviews scared me, but I researched a good injector and I'm so thankful I didn't let bad work deter me from the good results I got. Also you can check youtube to see how peoples' faces move afterwards. Some people overdo it, but if you go with someone who stresses looking natural you'll love it.

No. 50187


lmfao. yeah basically. she could spend 20 minutes doing youtube workouts and get actual results.

i think it's bc ddr counts calories you burn and the music is distracting. don't understand why she can't just make a good playlist and go on a machine that counts calories tho.

No. 50189


Is Volumina the actual name or did you misspell it because Google isn't turning up anything.

How long does it last and how much was it?

No. 50196


When you say eye hollows, do you mean the space under your eyes where your bags should be? Mine are very flat, and when I squint my eyes it just forms horizontal wrinkles, there's not any chubbiness underneath my eyes.
(I really noticed it when I wanted to try out that aegyo sal thing and noticed I didn't have a distinct line or poofy under eye bit to highlight). I've been looking on the internet for it but I can't seem to find anyone who could relate.

No. 50197

Not that anon but I think they meant Voluma

No. 50216

I got genetic eyebags. even though I eat healthy, drink lots of water and sleep pretty okay. I might try this. I'm in my late 20s, and yeah, anyone who says that stuff like this is for vain people- that's fine. I care about my looks too. Like you said, eating right can only do so much when you don't have the best genetics.

No. 50559

Spend money. She's been getting a lot of new tattoos, luxury makeup and big-boobied animu figurines. Like other anon said, she also recently dyed her hair two-toned, lavender-grey on one side and black on the other.

Speaking of tiffany, coincidentally given the topic at hand, but it looks like she's been relapsing with her weight issues. Pic related.

No. 50560

File: 1424124479474.jpg (75.05 KB, 720x720, dfdf.jpg)

Dropped my pic!

No. 50772

Yeah, she looked pretty rough here. OT, but as tiffany doesn't really need her own thread -she posted some pics looking better than in this one, someone found her new lowkey tumblr and confronted her with stealing from people and so she ran away from the internet again. Starfailurrr on tumblr has all the dirty deeds. Done OT'ing.

No. 50835

File: 1424194884448.jpg (8.93 KB, 330x198, 10924790_898673556831506_18363…)

>i'm so in love with myself i'm glad i am so beautiful
>i could play with my face all day
>I want to have sex with myself to be able to look at myself being pleasured
Ha ha wow what.
i always wondered if she was actually really insecure and faking it or serious about having that much self confidence though?

No. 50857

I feel I can safely say saying things like that is not from self confidence. A truly confident person doesn't need to rub their confidence in other people's faces.

The bingey and rapidly changing behaviours she has and her constant need for change and absolute control in her life are pretty solid indicators of low self esteem.

I have mild narcissistic personality disorder so my views on this might be a bit skewed, though I don't think I'm at all wrong.

No. 50875

Found her lulzy blogs back:

I linked to this article in particular, read and you'll understand why.

Just her second blog she abandonned by going on tumblr (she baleeted her "spooky-life" tumblr though meh)

No. 50941

TOP FUCKING KEK at her blog

No. 50943

>after all youi can do anything when you're as pretty as me :3
>That comment amongst the people telling her she got an ego.
>reilaJuly 8, 2010 at 7:08 PM
oh how i love all the people that immediately insult you for calling yourself cute, Charlotte.
ahaha, it is pretty sad considering you very obviously ARE cute and jealousy eats these people. and the fact that they are all anonymous.
Totes not her samefagging.
This bitch gotta be kidding seriously.

No. 50944

She's seriously cray

No. 51044

File: 1424239323061.jpg (91.34 KB, 548x252, dick.jpg)

No. 51059

lul k charms, not magic enough to stop you guys from having sex for months now apparently

No. 51060

*not magic enough to stop you guys from NOT having sex for months

No. 51126

No. 51128

Pretty pretty perfect kawaii lolita god gift to earth Charm that was too pure for sex even with Aoi back then is now bragging about her bf dick and people she fucked.
Ok Slutlotte.
Also she used to make fun of fat people/chubs… and people that weren't good looking enough for her and now she is aging badly like Kaka a

No. 51138

And she is a fatty/chubster herself.
Oh how the table have turned, such irony (and karma).

No. 51141

What ever happened between her and Aoi? Does anyone know?

No. 51144

wow. that is some (seemingly) ancient drama.

i seem to recall something regarding abuse and him actually being a girl's alter ego?? anyone care to elaborate on that? it's foggy on my end

No. 51146

i think aoi is/was a girl going by the name of alice? i want to respect his gender, but i am pretty sure this aoi person was also alice. i asked charms this on tumblr as anon once, and she said it was none of my business.

anyway, i remember charms moving in with aoi. they got matching tattoos. then they broke up less than a month later, and i'm almost certain it was because aoi was being physically abusive.

No. 51154

Oh god I used to have saved screencaps of Charlotte explaining everything to me but that was years ago, I apologize for not having them anymore.
Aoi was a girl that abused charlotte. Charlotte was crazy over her. One night while they were living together they got drunk and Charlotte wanted to fuck, pulled down aoi's panties and found out she was, in fact, female. They stay together. Aoi likes to beat up charlotte (lotte explained that it was easier bc she had health insurance and aoi didn't so it was better than self harm), in the end I think aoi got tired of charlotte or something and they broke up, got back together for a short minute, and broke up again.
i think aoi is still pretending to be a pretty japanese/german boy online, when she's actually a hispanic girl.

No. 51165

how the fuck do you not know that your "boyfriend" is actually female?

and what do Charlotte's parents do that make her have so much money?

No. 51172

File: 1424295765854.png (246.81 KB, 400x537, tumblr_nfzwnwk6Zg1qgw3tno1_400…)


here's Aoi's tumblr. it looks like they're still active. definitely looks like a woman

No. 51179

actually Charlotte never wanted to fuck Aoi. Charlotte never felt anything when Aoi fucked her with this giant strap-on and she would just let her do it til she bled out of her vagina. Charlotte told me she saw that Aoi had tits and Aoi knew Charlotte knew she had no dick (i.e. "I'm going to fuck you with my giant cock now, wink wink").
I forgot Aoi's real name. It's jo-something, possibly Joanna? This shit was a long time ago. Aoi used to be into some fucked up shit and liked to beat Charlotte, but Charlotte was into it and it certainly started as consensual. Aoi was a lot more fun to talk to than Charlotte and just wanted her for her money. Lomeli Lovelace (that other MFC that was Charlotte's roommate and supposedly jacked her laptop) is Stacy, Aoi's ex-girlfriend aka "Toki" who Charlotte fucking hated until Aoi ditched Charlotte for the last time and Charlotte went running to her because no one else understood their deep luv connection.

No. 51181

File: 1424297884037.jpg (94.78 KB, 533x800, 1408885752881.jpg)

fat charms

No. 51183

File: 1424297958243.jpg (24.58 KB, 180x241, toki_aoi_2011.jpg)

old picture of Toki/Stacy/Lomeli with Aoi in San Diego (where Aoi lived most of the time with her mom).

No. 51186

File: 1424298198760.png (449.51 KB, 579x424, Duo_Toki_AX2010.png)

Lomeli with her ex that Charlotte also dated a few years ago. The ex is some chick who went by the name Duo. As far as Facebook and /cgl/ have told me, Aoi was dating Stacy but then when Charlotte offered to move Aoi to her mom's house in Michigan and buy her shit with her mom's loads of cash, AOi ditched Stacy without telling her she was shacked up with some new girl. Duo wanted to date Lomeli so told Charlotte Aoi was taken and still in love with Lomeli. All parties got pissed, Lomeli started dating Duo, Aoi and Charlotte were still together but starting having problems. The rest is blurry history.

No. 51187

File: 1424298483246.png (94.38 KB, 774x987, charms_103012_1.png)

more proof Mike's just with her because he wants a roof over his head. not sure why else he'd act like her slave and put up with her shit.

No. 51189

File: 1424298591198.png (78.01 KB, 520x583, charms_fb_aoi.png)

shit that would pop up on my newsfeed when i was fb friends with them both

No. 51191

File: 1424298658902.png (835.26 KB, 1490x318, charms_2009-youmacon.png)

Charms ita-phase, pre-Aoi.

No. 51194

File: 1424298881434.jpg (179.81 KB, 480x720, tumblr_mgp8j7vgBm1qkeiyyo1_500…)

Charms stole some of my shit so I'm going to dump the few other images I have of her Aoi drama so that you guys can have it, then delete my folder. I've been holding on to this shit for too long and it's time to get rid of it off my laptop. She's a crazy bitch and if she ever comes back to LA I'm going to smack her.
Lomeli was always hotter than her anyway. I don't even know why she tries.

No. 51198

File: 1424299080278.png (1.09 MB, 633x3841, charms_111711_aoi.png)

screencaps of Aoi and Charlotte being "together" and Charms being pissed because Lomeli had taken Aoi back and Aoi didn't want to leave her. The tragic struggle between being with the person you love vs wanting a crazy bitch for her money. Charlotte would often brag to people on her tumblr that Aoi would always come back to her because she had money and Lomeli didn't. Charms lost in the end.

No. 51199

File: 1424299116404.jpg (148.56 KB, 1022x974, 795e1c87-1dae-11df-9ce8-5fbdc9…)

charms scene phase, gaia days.

No. 51200

File: 1424299219594.jpg (81.79 KB, 1200x1600, aoi_alicel2.jpg)

Aoi as "Alicel" (fake twin persona) wearing the Moitie headdress and cutsew Charlotte bought her that she thought the stolen choker would so nicely match.

No. 51201

File: 1424299564288.png (698.72 KB, 3446x1438, charms_092012_2.png)

charlotte lying to tumblr about Aoi's so-called abuse when Charlotte was the one that asked Aoi to bite her to "claim" her for some weird reason

No. 51202

File: 1424299634195.png (32.1 KB, 646x322, charms_071212-5_lolsure.png)

why charms won't off herself.
the "effort"

No. 51204

File: 1424299780531.jpg (32.36 KB, 480x640, eff3eo.jpg)

you can't see it very well, but Aoi is wearing the stolen choker. When Aoi finally ran from Charlotte the first time, she left the lolita stuff and Charlotte then sold it to girls on the egl sales comm.

No. 51206

File: 1424299868024.png (185.38 KB, 1560x714, charms_092012.png)

She used to brag on /cgl/ that when her mom dies, she will inherit all her money despite having a younger brother who actually lives a normal life at home and gets good grades.

No. 51207

File: 1424299917636.png (95.79 KB, 708x238, charms_fired.png)

No. 51208

File: 1424300030139.png (98.99 KB, 696x1072, charms_100812.png)

who needs friends when all you want is a S.O.

No. 51209

File: 1424300080501.png (169.68 KB, 804x1498, charms_020310_engaged.png)

No. 51210

Charlotte's mom is a lawyer.
My bad, like I said this was forever ago so my memory is hazy.
Damn anon, not that I'm saying you have no right, but what caused such a serious hate boner for her?

No. 51211

File: 1424300176057.png (273.69 KB, 768x2218, charms_081912.png)

No. 51212

Multiple things that built emotionally over the years and shit she did to my friends. Just being a terrible person in general pissed me off and I guess I was hoarding these screencaps and shit to post to /cgl/ but then the no-drama ban happened and, welp, here I am.

Btw, I don't have screencaps, but talked to one of Mike's friends in person back before they were official boyfriend/girlfriend and he said Charms literally locked Mike in her mom's basement in the Michigan house so that he couldn't leave her after she paid for all his dental work and wanted to leave. His friends were worried about him but he then made the decision to stay with her because she gets super attached and, when she's not throwing hissyfits, will do fucking anything for him. So all the abuse he takes, he technically signed up for it. Not the basement part, though. That shit is cray.
>>51187 is from when he actually left. But then returned because she was going to call the cops on him (it was her car after all).

No. 51213

File: 1424300592141.png (63.45 KB, 812x931, charms_120312_onstacy.png)

She became obsessed with Lomeli for a while. That obsession is what made her want to live with Lomeli and start camming.

No. 51214

File: 1424300713073.png (105.07 KB, 845x735, charms_blogger-profile.png)

The "South Dakota" thing is from when Charms got caught by the cops stealing shit and so her mom sent her to her grandparent's house to wise up. She worked in an animal shelter and I believe that's where she started wanting to hoard cats. When I talked to her a few years ago, she had 8 cats at her mom's house and because her mom (or maybe it's her brother) is allergic, they keep all of the cats in ONE room all together.

No. 51215

File: 1424300823364.png (53.84 KB, 772x583, charms_103012_2.png)

so much for the great romance with Mike

No. 51216

File: 1424300880692.jpg (77.07 KB, 720x480, charms_fb_jrock.jpg)

Better picture of the nose Charms should fix rather than waste money on her tits.

No. 51217

File: 1424300967504.jpg (102.36 KB, 540x720, itaqeen-charms.jpg)

Back when Charms would give people advice on /cgl/ about what a superior lolita she was, yet went to a convention looking like this.

No. 51221

File: 1424301318091.jpg (208.35 KB, 784x1024, charms_fb_AP.jpg)

I end this dump with Charms being a cute sweet rorita. Oh how the times have changed. I feel kind of relieved having shared the better parts of my charms dirt folder with you guys. Hopefully you got something out of it. I might come back to post stories later, but the pics are easier to share.
That's all for now. Charms, if you're reading this, you were right: your massive amounts of cellulite thigh fat did in fact stop you from looking like a "real" anorexic like you always wanted. I hope you binge your way into a obesity you disgusting fuck.
Stay classy, bitch.

No. 51225

do you know what Aoi's job is? seems like they have a lot of money, too.

googling this lomeli person. she's attractive. i can't believe she was involved in this?

No. 51229

>stole some of my shit

No. 51230

Aoi looks latina

No. 51234

Aoi has never had a job. Lomeli was 13 when she was dating Aoi, who I think was either 19 or older at the time. Aoi was living at home with mom. When Aoi wasn't living with Charlotte mooching of her money, she and her mom were living off the latest schmoe that Aoi's mom was milking for cash. I guess that's where she learned the mooching from. I think Aoi's 27 or so by now. One of my friends thinks she found Aoi's tumblr and that she's living off a sugar daddy in London, but her face is so jacked up that we can't actually tell if it's her or not. This person is posting old pictures of Aoi though saying "I miss my hair being like this" or "look how cute I used to be" so hell, maybe it is her.


It's boring normalfag stuff, not lolita or jrock related. I didn't know Charms in her Visual Kei phase. Aoi used to go by the name Aoi Panic though and met Lomeli (then Toki/Stacy) through the scene kid thing. I'm not sure if it was speculation or true, but there is an anime called Strawberry Panic and years later when they both left their scene phases and then-girlfriends for each other, Lomeli dyed her hair grey like Shizuma because Aoi was a fan of the series and that's why Lomeli had the grey hair for a long time, a look which Charms later ripped off in her attempts to become just like Lomeli on mfc.

No. 51236


Ye I want deets.

No. 51238


idk Charms may be a royal cunt and all but really, her nose is fine.

No. 51239


>the better parts of my charms dirt folder


No. 51255

That is some wacky wild shit.

No. 51263

>>they keep all of the cats in ONE room all together.

That pisses me right the fuck off. Why keep cats if you're going to abuse them? Stupid cunt.

No. 51265

File: 1424307606164.jpg (223.04 KB, 479x799, 2015-02-18-20-09-57.jpg)

I can't stop laughing
Wish she would go back to lolita.

No. 51266

File: 1424307651532.png (166.83 KB, 500x400, tumblr_mdhqfooSnX1r82b08.png)

God, I love you. Please keep posting.

No. 51267

No. 51269

She is pretty, but her eye make-up is a fucking mess.

No. 51271

Wow. how do you take this photo with this kind of body and think it looks good? That is sad. She gained so much weight.

No. 51272

File: 1424308609060.png (2.74 KB, 514x101, asiansss.png)

charlottes comment about asians. she has said a lot of racist stuff about asians…thats so ironic. maybe its jealousy.

No. 51273

Anon thanks for filling the void of dramu in my heart ilu.
She is my fav lolcow i kinda regret her lolita days on cgl

No. 51278

These are actually kind of sad and heard to read. To me, they speak of signs of someone who has been sexually abused in the past. She doesn't enjoy sex and feels completely disconnected to it emotionally.

No. 51282

Yeah, I see it too. As a hispanic woman myself, I see pure hispanic in Aoi's background. It's the nose and the lips.

No. 51284

Especially funny considering she's a tumblr sjw now.

No. 51287

File: 1424309618905.png (3.62 KB, 723x80, nosexzone.png)

i really dont believe shes having sex with mike. i bet she lets him fuck like once a month and lays there motionless.

No. 51288

I actually thought her make up looked good here. I never tried BH cosmestics before, so I have no opinion on if they work myself or not. Has anyone tried them?

No. 51289

Man, even if Charms is a crazy lolcow I'll always have a soft spot for her.
Had the biggest crush on her when I was like 14 and she was sweet to me despite myself being ugly and paid me mind when no one else would.

No. 51291

She has though? She does say she was raped and Aoi was pretty abusive to her. She has said even like last year when she was camming that she masturbates for cam only. Although I think she does like sex now since she has talked about enjoying Mike's penis, but she has a shit load of issues. Which makes her choice in career interesting.

They made sex tapes (she took them down now), has talked about having sex with her bf (and not as when she just came out of the hospital), and she has mentioned recently going to chaturbate which would let him be on cam with her, so they clearly are sexual. I wouldnt base what she said at 15ish to what she is like now.

No. 51292

File: 1424310260266.png (25.03 KB, 659x450, nihonese.png)

if she only knew that aoi was a god damn mexican. how sad.
i wonder how she felt when she found out that aoi was not nihonese.

No. 51293

she was not 15 she was like 20 when she made that comment.
its crazy how only a year or two ago she was a racist/proana who hated sex…now shes a sex kitten sjw.

No. 51294

Charms needs to just stop having sex and stop caming until she gets over her issues. That shit's just going to mess her up even more, especially because she only does kinky abusive sex. This bitch seriously needs to just get her ass to therapy.

No. 51301

yw. it's too bad /cgl/ is so boring without the drama now. apparently almost everyone in the socal comm hated her, except lovelylor and that one mexican chick who charms was nice to because she works at disneyland. she was always super nice to people who had disney connections because employees can get a certain number of guests into the park for free.

ha i had no idea mike went on cam with her. i actually don't know any recent info on her, just old shit. i want to see pics of mike's dick that is apparently so amazing.

charms found out secondhand that aoi is mexican. one of their mutal friends was driving somewhere with Aoi when they saw some lady on the side of the road in a broken down car and flagged them down, turned out it was Aoi's mom so Aoi let her borrow her cell phone to call the tow truck and in the meantime the mom talked to the friend, who then spilled to Charms, who still didn't believe it for a while because Aoi bought some kind of WWII documents that she pretended were her grandfather's to prove japanese lineage. we all pointed out to her the existence of ebay…

i agree but she fights with every therapist she sees, and her mom enables her a lot. charms pretends she "pays mom back" for the money she gets loaned, but that's total bullshit. she once spent ten grand in a month when she was here in california because all her cards are in her mom's name so she benefits from having a huge credit line. her mom is kind of weird though. apparently is just as obsessed with disney stuff and bought insurance for each one of their disney snowglobes.

No. 51302

That is a gaia post, so she would have been a teen, maybe a bit older than 15 but still around the time when she was on and off with Aoi. she started camming at like 19 so she obviously has changed a lot from her no sex attitude.

It would be something you have to pay for because you cant cam with a guy on mfc (so I doubt anyone casually has caps of it), only make tapes with them, but if she does go back to camming we may see his 'large' penis.

No. 51303

maybe she did change but i cant help but feel satisfied that she turned into everything that she hated.

its so fun to look back at her old posts and just laugh.

No. 51304

File: 1424313324626.png (9.49 KB, 564x116, fkkjdjkkdlfk.png)

lotte is finally getting her titties done. stay tuned. im curious to know what they will look like.

No. 51306

anyone know how big she's planning to go? C cup? or pornstar double D's?

No. 51307

She needs that money for a gym membership though. I feel bad for people who have been sexually abused to do this to themselves. It's so textbook. She's probably never going to get over her issues even when she hits 30.

No. 51308

she could afford a gym membership but shes lazy. also, i remember saying she thought big breasts are disgusting and too sexual.
if little lotte saw grown up lotte she would probably kill herself.

No. 51315

File: 1424314634612.png (4.62 KB, 457x172, llllllwsw.png)

No. 51316

i recall her saying something similar about large breasts as well.

i thought she stopped kinky sex because it took too much work and the person she was with was vanilla?

No. 51322

File: 1424315140296.jpg (195.53 KB, 638x955, charms_022211.jpg)

>if little lotte saw grown up lotte
lol this truth

i miss the gosurori days.

No. 51324

File: 1424315368874.png (3.62 KB, 323x122, littlelotte.png)

maybe a c cup

No. 51325

File: 1424315489922.jpeg (49.39 KB, 533x533, AVUFIR2Z.jpeg)

I think she's with legit camgirl Austin White in this pic. Wonder how that happened?

No. 51329

i wonder when lotte is going to start doing porn?

No. 51330

Camming supposedly pays better, doesn't it?

Maybe she saw Charms was losing it (weight, constant addition of new tattoos) and wanted to steal her followers?

No. 51331

*losing it as in, losing her grip on life, clearly gaining weight

No. 51332

File: 1424316089587.jpg (47.23 KB, 405x720, tumblr_njl5k697Wc1shp2t7o1_500…)

little lotte would jump in front of the nearest train if she saw how fat and "slutty" she will become in the future.

No. 51333

Yes she is. Austin does pretty fucking well for herself and likes helping out other models. She did this thing with models on mfc where she picks a few models to do things with her. Lotte won one of those and was flown to where Austin way, appeared on her cam stream for a few days and did a shoot together.

I would count the web camming stuff to be porn, since when she was doing it, she did make videos, she did do girls on cam, as well as masturbate.

No. 51337

Wow. She was so cute. Totally my type. It's crazy how she is a complete trainwreck now. Tattoos, fat and soon fake breasts? Boy, oh boy- she's just everything she hated.

No. 51339

She does camming. That's pretty much the same as masturbation porn.

No. 51343

lotte hated:
big breasts on herself.
being more than 103.
being a slut.
showing off your body to men.
she liked cute things so im sure she would've disapproved of all the tattoos.
Thought asians and blacks were ugly trash but now praises them on tumblr.

No. 51346

Hey that's Nik, another female-to-male like Aoi (and Duo) that Charlotte fetishized, dated, and then dumped during her slow but steady transformation into loving penis. After Charlotte dumped Nik to pursue Aoi again, Nik's dad beat him up pretty bad for admitting to dating a girl, went to Charlotte and Charlotte laughed and threw Nik out. I think that's why Duo started to hate Charlotte but still got with her because she's rich. It pissed off Lomeli that Duo started dating Charlotte and that's why she went back to the pedo Aoi for a while. I think this was around 2010 or 2011?

No. 51347

in my heart i dont believe Samantha has changed. I think shes just acting nicer so she can keep camming and getting donations.

No. 51348

All the really cute butch or boyish women end up being FTM. I don't get why this keeps happening.

No. 51350

Her tumblr is gone? Also what's her bf's url?

No. 51353

her tumblr is still up

no idea about her boyfriend though

No. 51355

Ohh, thank you! i thought it was still spooky-life.

No. 51378

Wow that is way too sweet. I like Austin even more now. Thanks for the info!

No. 51380

sorry for being OT but does anyone know a little bit more about duo/have any links to their social media?? i think i knew them when i played maplestory and they used to go by kamui showa but suddenly told me to start referring to them as duo. sorry tryign to clear up old shit for myself lol

did charlotte ever go by ashley at one point? i remember on duo's myspace friend's list the #1 person (before it became aoi) was someone named ashley who's url was something like i_win_a_goldfish or something and their profile pic looked something similar to the profile pic in >>51214

No. 51395

He said himself he works.
Lotte has got very little money at the moment, he's the one working since she has mental health issues.

I don't know why he's with her though, he's a QT and actually seems like a nice person.

No. 51397

He was dating a different crazy cosplayer before charms, video related. Remember this?


Maybe he just has a thing for insane girls.

No. 51412

Guys are always complaining about women dating assholes, yet I'm always seeing guys like this with batshit girlfriends.

No. 51417

Fucking HELL!!!!!!

No. 51419

File: 1424327840271.png (9.73 KB, 589x175, lol.png)

Lol okay.

No. 51420

I think on Facebook she was Duo Ray. Or "he", whatever. When she didn't want to be with Charlotte any more, Charlotte went on a crazy rant to everyone about how Duo was from a conservative Catholic family and her mother didn't want her being transgender but somehow was okay with her dating girls? I don't know. Duo was kind of like Charlotte in that she "kept" a person the way Charlotte did Aoi. I think the guy's name was Dorian or Mint (one was her cat, not sure which) and he was/is a cosplayer. He was a teenage runaway when Duo took him in and he was in love with her even though she only likes girls.
Ashe is some Asian girl who is either Duo's best friend or an ex-girlfriend. Charlotte become friends with her for a while when she dated Duo as a way to work her way into Duo's inner circle, but later got jealous of her.

No. 51421

That's Mike's ex?? Damn. I mean, she's hot but fucking nuts.
I shouldn't expect more from someone named Gacktfangirl…

No. 51471


Uh you guys are fucking new as fuck.
This girl was a well known troll to /cgl/.

How did you even find lolcow?

No. 51547

I don't think she was a troll.

No. 51563


>I don't think she was a troll


No. 51588

She wasn't a "Known troll" You barmy cunt. She was a grade A shitposter, but she actually believed all of the shit she used to shitpost, and not once ever went "LOL I WAS JUST PRETENDING TO BE RETARDED." Someone being annoying does not make a troll, anon, they have to be being annoying on purpose to wind people up.

No. 51606

She was serious tho

No. 51628

She was still dating mike.

No. 51790

File: 1424393854335.jpg (31.55 KB, 426x395, hhg.JPG)

Looks like a bruised eye. There's no transition between the black eyeshadow and the brown, and it looks like she just drew a triangle on her outer eye. And in the video, it looks like this eye has more black on it than the other. It looks so wonky.

The bitch kept licking her makeup brushes and dipping them into the eyeshadow!! There's a technique called packing where you pat the color on the lid to build it up, if it's matte. If it's shimmer/metallic, why didn't she just spray her brush with setting spray if she wanted more payoff? I can't even at what she did instead.

It seems like Charms prefers matte colors so I suspect that's why she was so pissed with the colors. Mattes can be difficult in drugstore makeup. She should've put a base on top of her eyelid primer to help the pigmentation.

Have you heard of Coastal Scents? I think they're pretty on par with BHCosmetics. The reviews seem to be mostly good; I've looked into them because I've been meaning to buy some palettes in the future.

No. 51795

Coastal Scents is really shitty..

No. 51804

Watching her lick those brushes made me go mad. I usually have a spray bottle of water or damp make up sponge near by in case I need to wet my brushes. Your mouth has so many germs.

No. 51806

Yes, I have tried Coastal scents, anon. They're pretty bad drug store quality. No real pigment in their eyeshadows.

No. 51811

Thirding coastal scents being shitty. i don't know enough to recommend something else, but theyre a no-go for me.

No. 51818


I have one of their palettes and I really like it. The pigmentation is pretty strong.

No. 51819


Uhhhhhh maybe I got a good batch? Uhuehuehue

No. 51823


Really? I feel like I always see people talking about the 120 palettes. I've seen some pretty tutorials with them that made me assume they're worthy of all the talk. Of course, NYX Jumbo Pencils seem like a necessary partner purchase for the bright colors.

No. 51824

Most likely
L.A. Colors is a good option if you're looking for good pigmentation. I owned like 6 different palettes from them and they're pretty good.

No. 51848

File: 1424399004468.jpg (39.09 KB, 403x403, 1026e88f5d56673000bfeabcf422bd…)

I actually do have a lot of L.A. Colors palettes and ia.

But I've been wishing to try BHCosmetics, mostly because I missed out on the Sigma Creme de Couture collection and the Eyes on the 60s palette reminds me of that, plus they do have good reviews. And everything I've read says their blushes are great. Even Charms said that despite her complaining about everything else.

Did Charms get sent those palettes for free by BHCosmetics to feature them or what? (And why?) She said in the description she's doing a giveaway. It just seems like she only ever went for high-end make-up in the past, and I can't see her using her own money to buy extra giveaway stuff for people, so…

No. 51850

File: 1424399163944.jpg (58.03 KB, 650x650, absolute-perfect-eighteen-pale…)

Whoa. Those look great. I actually use these two palattes every time I wore eyeshadow. I even combine it with more high quality stuff like Urban decay and tarte. It works great and each palatte is under $5. I feel like these colors are a hidden gem.

No. 52026

The best part is all of her "I'm a licensed cosmetologist so I can do this and you can't~~" shit on tumblr

No. 52040

Wow, sorry, OT but what palette is this exactly if you know? The pigmentation on those are amazing.

No. 52048


The palette is BH Cosmetics Eyes on the 60's.

No. 52054

Oh, awesome. Thanks, anon!

No. 52061

Except she isn't even practicing, is she? She can liscensed, but in both hair and make up, people are constantly learning. If you don't work at a salon or where ever and have clients, you aren't going to be as good as you think.

No. 52321

No, she's not, but it wouldn't really matter if she was still. She simply doesn't have the dedication or the interest.
She was horrible before and after beauty school. She ruined two socal lolitas' haircuts and fried the shit out of one of them with a perm. I don't have pics, but they all knew she couldn't do shit.

No. 52337

damn that sucks. It's hard to trust a beauty school student with your hair. I know everyone has to start somewhere, but I wouldn't mess with bleach if I didn't know how to use it properly.

No. 52338

oh, and perms. not bleach.

No. 52555

i wonder at what point in her life did she decide to start pretending to be a sjw and open minded

No. 52629

Probably around the time she joined tumblr, like most impressionable dipshits.

No. 52741

i'm guessing when she became fat

No. 52743

File: 1424568819361.jpg (16.2 KB, 490x112, wow.jpg)

Charms herself says she's a sex worker.

No. 52753

File: 1424570113616.png (1.96 KB, 456x36, sam.png)

i dont she cares about people finding her, think she just hates being called Samantha tbh

No. 52777

File: 1424572703897.png (32.47 KB, 507x628, lolok.png)

idk why charlotte claims that aoi made her act like a bitch when she was acting like that even after they brokeup. she only just started pretending to be opening minded around 2013.

No. 52778

open minded

No. 52781

She's pretending so hard to be happy. So is she just not a lesbian anymore? stupid bitch.

No. 52785

File: 1424573046119.png (11.11 KB, 528x234, lolsure.png)

lol shes trying so hard to prove shes happy.

No. 52786

She doesnt place blame on others but she constantly blames aoi for how she acted in the past?

No. 52789

File: 1424573168866.png (7.16 KB, 537x162, lolright.png)

sure charlotte lol you were beaten and forced into making fun of the eay asians look.

No. 52790

No. 52793

oh yeah, she used to say she was lesbian, didn't she…

she was forced to make fun of east asians by her half japanese boyfriend, of course.

No. 52797

File: 1424573725281.png (32.16 KB, 573x606, ahemwat.png)

No. 52800

File: 1424573889887.png (9.73 KB, 537x186, asexpected.png)

to those curious about what happened to her being a lesbian

No. 52802

aHAHAHAHAHAHA wow okay mhmmm. By who? Aoi? Wasn't he a brown mexican and pretending to be asian? I really doubt he/she was racist.

No. 52803

even if he was racist how can he force her to say that stuff online?she said stuff like that even when he wasnt around.

No. 52809

Typical bisexual.

No. 52812

File: 1424574704062.png (37.64 KB, 557x554, ooo.png)

shes claiming aoi caused her to have ptsd that is why she acted like such a bitch

No. 52821

bipolar is absolutely believable. but now ptsd? right. honestly, i think her racist shit was just her being a stupid child.

No. 52833

File: 1424577028474.png (349.81 KB, 666x508, 2s67sc1.png)

i think if a person says theyre attractive enough other people will believe it. looking at her old pictures im not sure what i found attractive about her. i thought she was so pretty and skinny.

No. 52834

Charms had a cute face back in the day. Too bad her incredibly rotten personality negates it.

No. 52835

shes ok looking. she looks like she has a bit of a lazy eye and her hair is fried.
I remember her being a lot prettier.

i think confidence(fake or not) and talking about yourself as if youre hot shit can make other people see it too.

No. 52837

File: 1424578134662.jpg (18.72 KB, 317x319, IMG_0302.jpg)

old lotte kind of looks like yukapon to me. she should have went down the jailbat aidoru path. she could drain more money out of men that way.

No. 52838

she got fat too quickly.

No. 52839

if she went down the aidoru path she wouldve stayed thin for w.e pedo japanese guy shes with

No. 52848

File: 1424580923903.png (431.16 KB, 578x430, titties.png)

No. 52850

i dont think shes needs the boob job tbh

No. 52853

I think she needs to lose weight.

No. 52865

I feel for her cuz I gain weight in my lower stomach too. But she really needs to fucking do some crunches or cut her calories. I cant even imagine going nude on camera like that. Jesus

No. 52867

Yees same, which is why I work out. which she should do too obviously.

No. 52876

lol ther'es no way she's ever coming back to california. there's absolutely no way she'd be able to afford the rent and cost of living here without her mother pitching in, and it sounds like her mom finally realized that bitch needs to be on a short leash.

No. 52883

I am way more likely to believe she has PTSD than bi-polar. I could see how living alone in an apartment far away from home with no friends and an on-and-off-again situation with asshole significant others could give her some real issues after years of already developing bad coping mechanisms. But no way is she bi-polar. I knew her IRL and she never showed any remote trace of being manic, whether through constant facebook posts or the shit she did in person during the hours at a time I spent with her at cons and meetups. And the way Aoi described her outbursts to me were nothing like what I experience with my mom and grandma who are bi-polar. I bet her psychiatrist is exploring the different symptoms she has to figure out what exactly is wrong, which is a good thing, but I highly fucking doubt she has certifiably been diagnosed with bi-polar and is currently undergoing therapy and medication specifically for that illness.
Yes, I mad.

No. 52887

File: 1424589615827.jpg (1.45 MB, 1022x1920, tumblr_mgfgztTP2d1qmmk8do1_128…)

>covered in tacky tattoos
do you guys think she's being ironic, or she really thinks her tattoos are tacky? i mean yeah some of them are lame but i kinda think her 2spooky4me ones like pic related are pretty standard, not tacky. i wonder if she'll ever get laser removal for some of em.
at least her artists did a good job as far as i can tell, so it's not like any are actually fucked up.

No. 52970

I like that one, looks well done.

No. 52974

>pretends to be Asian
>tells their gf to call Asians ugly

No. 52975

tbh I think most of her tattoos look pretty good.

No. 52991

Actually, most of her tattoos are beautifully done. I just don't like the placement. She has hand tattoos when she still has lots of back and arm space. That drives me up the wall. I used to follow her IG just to see her tattoos. The rabbit one on her forearm is one of my favorite, and even though I dont like chest tattoos, her new chest one is really nice. From a subjective standpoint, I love her tattoos. I just don't like her as a lying, scumy human being.

No. 53008

i feel like shes going to pull a leda in a year. stops cam girling, finds a normal job or enrolls in school then wants to get all her tattoos removed.

No. 53010

people that young go and get all these tattoos then they grow out of their punk rawk phase and theyre stuck with em

No. 53012

Not really.that's what tattoo removal is for. it's getting more common now a days where I even have four clinics for it in the city I live in.

No. 53014

what if they cnt afford to get them removed?theyre fucked.

but im sure lottes mom would be happy to pay for her removel. lotte does not seem like she really enjoys camming that much so i see her changing in a year or so.

No. 53015

You pay in sessions. It's really not as expensive as you think. And black/gray tattoos are easier to remove than color.

No. 53017

Hmmm unpopular opinion but I remember being around when Charms was at her height and know first hand what a bitch she used to be, but it seems recently she's been trying to change that and is genuinely repentant.

I've also been in an abusive relationship so I know what they can do to you.

idk I just think maybe people should give her a chance.

No. 53019

she needs to sit down and stay her ass in michigan

No. 53021

Where is Michigan is she from? I'm also in Mi, and something about her seems so vaguely familiar. Like, from a friends birthday party? something like that. I can't place it…

No. 53022

she lives in grand rapids michigan.

No. 53024

Ahh, not by me then. I probably just saw her in passing at youma or something then.

No. 53052

same. the only tattoo she has that i know i hate is that fucking seahorse.

and if you're pale like lotte, i think it makes it even easier.

No. 53053

what's her IG? i'm also interested in her tattoos

No. 53056

genuinely repentant people take full responsibility. She doesn't, even when saying she does it's always with the appendage "because I was being abused." She's always implying she wasn't in control of her own actions and therefore isn't accountable. She's so dismissive of people who take issue with her past attitudes.

It really pisses me off that she claims to be ~so educated~ on so many subjects and she
1. reblogs patently incorrect things all the time, most recently about that woman Sarah Baartman.
2. Doesn't read and still claims to be more educated than other people.

No. 53061


Hang on what was incorrect about the Sarah Baartman stuff?

I've done my own past research into her and so far the only thing I can say was inaccurate was how it was written that her figure went on to inspire girdles and corsets, which is obviously bullshit. The rest seemed about right.

No. 53093

Mainly the shit about bustles, but also that she was never forced into the life she had. She chose it, she wasn't some innocent slave girl shipped over to Europe without her consent. She was fluent in Dutch and negotiated all of her own contracts. At one point the British abolitionists paid for a massive trial to try and "Set her free" But she was adamant that she'd travelled of her own accord and that she wanted to be there. She also She also never exposed her labia whilst she was alive, and was never forced to.

Obviously it was a different time for women then but I can't stand it when people erase historical women's agency to fit their narrative better.

No. 53110

lotte is inactive online until around 6 pm. I bet she sleeps all day. lucky bitch.

No. 53118

Where is she most active at besides tumblr?

No. 53123

How is she educated? Didn't she drop out of highschool?

No. 53124

By having parents who are lawyers and just existing, apparently. She doesn't know anything about anything.

No. 53132

File: 1424637862684.png (12.89 KB, 389x306, gedd.png)

she has a ged

No. 53158

Last time i checked, dropping out of high school doesn't make you uneducated. You can still get a degree later on and that still doesn't count for actual intelligence.

No. 53163

>dropping out of high school doesn't make you uneducated
Dropping out is pretty much the very definition of uneducated.

No. 53164

This >>53163
Uneducated doesn't mean unintelligent, neither does dropping out, but dropping out definitely = uneducated.

Plus she doesn't read, she's not being tutored or formally educated in any capacity. She basically gets all of her information off tumblr. She still had lawyers for parents when she was spewing all of that sexist and racist shit.

No. 53181


lol wut

You can be educated and not attend formal high school you know.
In this day and age there are far superior means of gaining knowledge and there are a myriad of other forms of intelligence beyond just the standard formal rote memorisation we've drilled into us at school.

No. 53189

I hate the whole "You're anon so you have no life and are a coward and must be so unhappy in your life"

No. I just want to tell you how much of a shit you are without having a hoard of tumblrinas dox me and kill my pet. I've never even sent anon hate and it pisses me off.

No. 53200

Unfortunately browsing tumblr all day is not a form of intelligence, sorry anon.

No. 53202

it's not, but neither is the censored and biased information you get at high school.

No. 53203

Censoring? Lol you sound nutty. At the end of the day, math and science are basic English hardly require much censorship. That's all it really is anyway

No. 53214

*and basic

No. 53217

File: 1424649225087.png (32.99 KB, 632x515, cool.png)

wow shes lucky. my mom didnt give me an allowance when i was a child and living with her.

No. 53218

so she has a sugar daddy?i guess shes a prostitute now?

No. 53219

File: 1424649457322.png (13.78 KB, 583x238, Untitled1.png)

she wont be attending college anytime soon

No. 53220

I am so done with her sjw shit…like wtf?when did this happen?

No. 53242

keyword: child. which apparently charms still is.

No. 53249

when i turned 23 my mom wouldnt even pay my phone bill.
not cool mom.

No. 53254

i thought she lived on her own for some reason. I guess not.

No. 53271

she had to move back home. it seems she moves out and always ends up having to move back home.
she needs a stable job.

No. 53324

for some reason, I never ever got an allowance as a kid. But when I turned 20, my mom started giving me 50~100$ a month. I guess her idea was I didn't really need it as a child but now that I actually have to buy stuff I could really use it.

Anyways that aside, her "friend" is paying for her breast augmentation? So sugar daddy or..?

No. 53328

tbh I love her tattoos. I really loved those bat wings that she supposedly hates… anyways, her tattoo artists have done a really good job. Just, the placement is so odd

No. 53330

Makes sense to me. A child has no sense of the value of money. I never understood allowances as a kid. I got some money from when I was 18 into my early 20s that helped pay for my phone bill and other things as long as I saved up for it. Once I get a job and had to pay rent, I realized how expensive basic living is.

No. 53357

She keeps mentioning some guy from Germany. I remember one tumblr post she made some joke like she's going to marry him some day because he has money. Same guy from her "how I began camming" story who came into her chatroom and tipped her big. He flew her out to Germany, not sure if she took Mike or not. I want to know more but seems like she won't say. Definitely some kind of sugar daddy arrangement. I'd like to know what Mike thinks.

No. 53360

mike is so beta for allowing his gf to have a sugar daddy

No. 53361

I think her finger tats are horrible, but I have a thing against tattoos on hands in general (where I grew up those were gang/prison related). I like the crescent moon one she has. The thigh tattoos seem like a bad idea because those have the potential to distort with weight gain and loss.

No. 53567

Not to mention staying in such an abusive, fucked up relationship and giving her the OK to be a camgirl.

No. 53574

All tattoos have the potential to distort with weight loss/gain. My dad has a tattoo on his stomach that looked awful when he gained 20 pounds, so it encouraged him to stay fit.

No. 53575

I love tattoos, however I agree finger tats tend to look trashy.

No. 53616

File: 1424706042974.png (13.88 KB, 559x348, humm.png)

this is the comment little lotte made about her sugar daddy paying for her boob job. i really dont think shes changed if shes still saying stuff like this. she sounds just like she did in the past. im really doubting aoi made her act like that.

No. 53618

File: 1424706161007.png (7.73 KB, 572x124, humwat.png)

No. 54144

JFC her true colors are showing again

No. 54160


What's wrong that?
Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

No. 54292

there's no way she has "to do nothing in return" unless this guy really is just getting off from knowing his money is paying for some trashy young girl.
she probably texts him that she loves him or some bullshit.

No. 54299


I know who the guy is and she's telling the truth.
He's somebody with a lot of money to throw around who started off as a regular tipper and evolved into her friend.

No. 54307

There are men who seem to love bleeding money just to talk to girls, even if the girl isn't that great. Sad but true.

No. 54312

Its called a pay pig

No. 54321

So basically the same as being a limecrime customer

No. 54336

how exactly do you know all this?
deets on him please

No. 54369

HAH, snap

No. 54402

File: 1424820587365.jpg (26.5 KB, 513x303, IMG_20150224_182626.jpg)

Lol shes great. Still a princess.

No. 54409

I wonder how true this is.

No. 54410

Can we have more drama from her gosurori days?

No. 54429

she's utterly worthless.

No. 54710

Yes, I love her loli day dramu.
If you don't mind me asking, could I have some more deets about your relationship with her? Was she as cuntish in person as irl? How did you meet her?

No. 54833

yeah how sad a guy wants to pay for a service and there is someone he likes to provide it to him tragedy

No. 54857

Haha! Zing.

No. 54858

Is she a J.A.P?

No. 54862

Thats not even a question

No. 54863

She's a J.A.P in every frame of the fucking term. This has been established long ago.

No. 54869

Man, I didn't even think those existed anymore. Guess I was wrong.

No. 54880

…what does that mean?

No. 54882

Ohhhh, so she's a financial dom!
It makes all kind of sense now.

No. 54883

jewish american princess

No. 54918

File: 1424933877647.jpg (203.56 KB, 539x959, 2015-02-26-01-52-44.jpg)

Why is she being such a bitch?that anon wasnt even rude or saying anything religious.

No. 54990

>I hope she has found peace somewhere

Implies life after death, souls, reincarnation etcetera etcetera. For once I agree with her, it's annoying as fuck when people behave like that anon.

No. 54993

Both of you have anger and emotional problems

No. 54995

What. I'm not saying I'd respond like her, Jesus.

No. 55008

I actually agree with her for once. When people speak that way, it's fucking annoyed. "Oh they're in a better place now"


No. 55009

Take it back to church.

No. 55016

Lotte has went through her lolita stage, a rebellious sex stage and now shes going through her sjw/political stage. Maybe she will quit camming and become an activist this year.

No. 55134

yeah right, she's way too lazy to do that.

No. 55500

No. 55506

that sounds really pretentious. Even if you agree with her that response was fucking rude

No. 55508

"this one boy, i felt very bad for, he has a genetic problem where his body ages much faster than it should. he'll be dead by 30, because he ages so fast. he was only like 16, he could have been 20-30. he has a child, and works so hard to not be depressed. but he is. i felt so bad. he was so strong but not strong enough. :c"

whoa, that's sad

No. 55561

Floridian Lunatic, here. That post is sooooo full of shit. I know because I have been both Baker Acted (which is what happened to her) and fully committed.

It takes, like, nothing to get Baker Acted in FL. Someone tells your mom you told them you tried to kill yourself? She calls 911 and bam, in you go. Shamefully fucking easy. And it's only a 72 hour hold, unless during that time you do some dumb shit like try to suffocate yourself with toilet paper or hit a bitch with a chair (both things I've seen while Baker Acted). You just have to agree to take anti(whatever they think you have after a shitty 5-15 minute "eval") and go to a cutrate therapist once in a while and they let you go.

Charms is trying to make it sound like she got comitted to fucking Shutter Island or some shit, I guess for cool Tumblr mental illness points.

She is right about the beds and food being shitty, and it's true that they strip you, but only down to your underwear and they can't put their hands on you unless you try to fight them or tell them you're bodypacking drugs or hiding a knife, then they will strip you all the way down.

Her claims about the Ensure making her gag (which, if true, bitch sex work is damn sure not for you) sounds like whiny bullshit, but greasy crap sounds right. Her claiming a guy gave her his AIM is bullshit, they watch you in the common area to make sure you don't pass out personal info, it is strictly against the rules. In the adolescent sections the boys and girls sit on opposite ends of the room, because you are not there to make friends. You're there so the staff can keep you from hurting yourself while you receive (admittedly shitty) care and treatment while they determine if you are a threat to yourself or others.

I have more but I'm not sure what the character limit is on here. TL;DR spoiled lying bitch got Baker Acted to a 3 day kiddy ward where they didn't cater to her whims, not sent to the loony bin and tortured/bullied like she's trying to make it seem. She just edgy and sany.

No. 55585


>you just have to agree to take anti(whatever they think you have after a shitty 5-15 minute "eval")

So somebody can have you committed and they can force you to take pills with god knows what in them?

What happens if you politely refuse to take them?

No. 55587

File: 1425128148817.jpg (109.77 KB, 640x744, image.jpg)

Amerifag here. I have been committed to kiddie mental wards three times for about 2 weeks at a time. I haven't read charm's post but here was my experience:
I overdosed on drugs and when I finally woke up I had to talk to a hospital therapist, who sent me to 'residential' mental health facilities in the state. You have to sign all your rights away. I got strip searched when I got there, also all scars/wounds were recorded on a little sheet.
Idk, it was pretty easy to talk to the boys, but I spent more time with the girls, shared a room with another girl as well. The girls side and boys side were on separate sides.
You were weighed and checked every morning. At night you got your blood drawn.

Yes, you were "evaluated" by some crockpot asshole psychiatrist. They perscribed you something for whatever they said you had, and yes you were forced to take it. You had to comply with anything they told you to do, or else they would seize you, sedate you, an put you in solitary confinement. You had certain privleges that could be denied to you at any time for any reason; ranging from television in the day room to something as simple as your own clothes.

Every kid in there did stupid shit, I assure you, and tbh I am friends with almost everyone I met there. I have them on Facebook and still have their numbers. It wasn't too difficult to pass notes and such.
But yeah, basically all the rules there were mandatory, mostly for your own safety. You were a prisoner of sorts, but it did have it's high points. The people I met there were cool. I got to read a lot and play basketball. All in all, not a terrible place. Oh and yeah the food was pretty terrible.

On subject with Charms, I think her life is complete irony right now tbh. She's a fat camwhore who basically has no friends except for the boyfriend she abuses. Is she going to school? That 25 grand a year salary isn't going to last long, she needs to get a degree. You can always go into nursing for two years and get a nice job. Idk. I don't look down on strippers or whores. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. But I seem to remember a time when Charms was in school. But maybe I'm just high as balls.

No. 55635


>you have to sign all your rights away

That doesn't sound legal.
You have the right not to sign away your rights surely? Just don't sign.

If somebody forced me to take shit like that without my consent I would sue the fucking shit out of them upon release. I've experienced depression since I was like 12. It's on and off but chronic and I won't even take anti's for because of the fluoride content.

Forcing me to take some mystery psycho pills like that. I would fucking flip my shit.

No. 55678

>fucking Shutter Island or some shit
I lol'd so hard

But seriously though, thank you for your post. Hearing stories about what people have seen/experienced when being put in the looney bin interests me because my dad wanted to commit me when I was suicidal but my mom couldn't face the "shame" (cultural thing) so I didn't receive meds or therapy until I was an adult living of my own volition. I still don't know if I think my mom made the right choice or not.

No. 55681

She took like 5 years to graduate from beauty school because she kept ditching class (and when you miss class you have to make up for it with a crazy number of extra hours or something? so it took longer). She was always interested in hair and nails but never really branched out with makeup other than collecting a lot of stuff for her own collection - like, she wasn't interested in doing it on other people. Like other anons have said, she was shit at doing hair but for years maintained her own by going to a salon every few months for three hundred dollar extensions. No idea if she still does that.

No. 55696

not that anon but ive been in kiddie wards a couple times too and like anon said, its just shit to keep yourself safe. in my state they can only keep you for 3 days and then they need a court order(not worth it) or they need to convince your parents(most parents just wanted there kids to get back to school etc).
the pills they gave you certainly werent a mystery, they told you what you are given and what its for but they have to go through your parents for this as well. thank goodness for having a mom thats a nurse, she said hell no- apparently the meds they wanted to give me could've given me permanent tremors.

No. 55783

No, its legal. Because you are either in the hospital because you 'willingly' go in which you have to sign a release and shit, or through a process where you are found mentally incapable of doing that and so someone else does it in your stead. There is nothing to sue, and you would be sueing your parents then anyways.

You cant go in the hospital without signing a release, because its part of the system and it gives them the ability to help you. Otherwise you would just bicker about shit that they need to do to get you to the point where you are functional again.

There are good and bad places, so we couldnt say if it was the best choice or not. Especially if you live in america, the difference money makes is crazy. Some people found it makes it worse because you dont get the personal treatment that you probably need as its for immediate situations and you can gain bad habits by being around other people with your issue. Other people see it as the first step to recovery and being able to get real help since it is giving you an environment to soley work on yourself.

No. 55801

File: 1425200349747.jpg (53.52 KB, 323x454, 1394045544518.jpg)

I never went to kiddie psycho bin but I did go to adult psycho bin! tl;dr tried to kill self, thrown into loony bin for a week. Got put on some shit I dropped as soon as I got out, made some friends, and mostly, it was a much needed mental vacation. I mean, if you're in there you're not exactly in a great head place so i welcomed the getaway from my shitastic life.

Why is saying you went to a psych ward a thing that gets you e-points? That shit is the lowest point of my life, and not something I'd ever tell anyone ever, unless it was anonymous.

No. 55810

Because tumblr is a cesspool where all the emotionally dysfunctional halfwit shitlord special snowflake attentiin whores congregate. Charmsis internet pretty, has money/doesn't have to work, and spends all her time making herself look like the victim and bragging about her problems, and so tumblrettes eat her shit right up.

No. 55853


>because you are either in the hospital because you 'willingly' go in which you have to sign a release and shit

Okay so like, what's wrong with just standing your ground and politely and firmly denying to sign a release?

I mean if they could just force those pills on you what's to stop people with a grudge against you from having you committed and getting you detained and poisoned against your will?

No. 55855

Because they have to asssess if you're a threat to yourself or not, you in general have to say you want to kill yourself or have attempted to or are doing things that would be obviously instrumental in your own demise.

No. 55859


Okay so then if you asserted yourself in a lucid manner "I'm not a threat to myself", "I'm entirely stable" etc. etc., they couldn't do shit?

No. 55872

florida grill here, committed a few times on baker act (2-3 week stay at a time) at adult wards,

A lot of the things she said were true. I've been to some 'nicer' wards where the people who worked there were caring, friendly, would talk to you, ask you how you felt (nicely, not just for their notes) etc and some other wards were the nurses would tell you to shut up when you cried. It happens a lot actually.

some people find the food disgusting, but I honestly enjoyed it and so did a good amount of the people there.

Some places I've been to force you to eat like her or just let you starve if you don't eat.

I ended up contracting strep throat in one of those mental hospitals (so disgusting how dirty that place must have been) and was untreated and they let me stay in my room without question to how i was feeling for a few days. I didn't eat, and barely drank(maybe once a day max). So cold, fever so high felt delirious. they only came in once to give me a shot in my butt (LOL) which they said was for 'nausea' so I guess they knew i was sick but didn't really care (and then they left)

you can easily exange numbers etc tho since they let you socialize you just cant touch each other in any way or they will separate you. if they think you get to close someone esp of the opposite sex they will separate you change your ward.

No. 55874

Her life is pretty sweet. She can sit on her ass all day packing on makeup, making cosplays,stuff fast food down her pork hole. Yetvall she can do is whine about being depressed. Get over it bitch.

No. 56331

I don't know why her sugar daddy continues to support her when he surely sees how entitled she's acting on her blog about getting his money. At least spend your shit on someone who's grateful.

No. 56512

It's cool if nobody feels like digging up this old shit, but what's the deal with her and Kota? Obviously they aren't friends anymore, but I wasn't on /cgl/ when either of them were hot topics. I heard she "sold out" Dakota to /cgl/? If anyone has any deets of any kind, I'd appreciate it. I'm late as hell but also pretty nosy.

No. 56513

They were bff, talked a lot about clothes and Taobao on messenger, then she told Dakota how much she wanted a replica of those Vivienne Westwood devil horns and a short time later Dakota posted a photo wearing them, she asked where she got them from, Dakota suddenly never replied to her anymore and that's it.

No. 56522

Following up on what >>56513 said, Charms dishing on Dakota was a result of being pissy that Dakota got those horns. I hadn't actually heard the "Dakota suddenly never replied to her" part, though, just assumed Charlotte turned on her without trying to get in touch again after that.

I don't have screenshots so some other anon might be able to drag those up for you, but Charms said Dakota used to smoke and was embarrassed of her crazy mom. She said Dakota was so insecure about her appearance that she felt the need to touch up often (a model corroborated this when she was in Japan, too.)

She also claimed that Dakota told her Charms was the prettiest girl she'd ever seen; isn't that a coincidence? lul

I was thinking recently it would've been a lot more interesting if Charms had stayed friends with Dakota longer before throwing her confider to the seagulls.

No. 56528

Huh. Interesting. Thanks, y'all. I was hoping it'd be a little juicier than that, them both being lolcows and all, but thanks. Didn't Charms extend an invitation for Kota to live with her, though? Before Kota got the offer from Bravo? I feel like that was said earlier on this thread. That seems so weird. I guess they were really close?

No. 56529


Nah it wasn't cause she stopped replying that they stopped being friends, it's because when Charms asked which Taobao store Dakota had gotten the horns from since she had been after then since forever, Dakota lied and told her they were real Vivienne Westwood.

No. 56541

There's a little more.
Charms and Kota met up in Florida. Apparently Kota's dad drove them around to the mall or whatever & was constantly self-promoting Dakota and Kiki, trying to talk up their music, Kota's 'art', and Kiki's shitty plastic scene jewelry.
Charms said that Dakota seemed really self-conscious the entire time, constantly touching up her makeup, which seems consistent with what the russian model who blogged about her said. Charms also released a photo of the two of them (which apparently Dakota was really reluctant to pose for, no duh) which was the first time /cgl/ had ever seen a completely unretouched recent picture of Dakota.
Apparently Charms decided to dish because Dakota had stopped speaking to her, so Charms figured it couldn't hurt their relationship any more if she just did a 'I met Dakota, AMA' on 4chan.
Dakota seemed really reluctant to speak to any of her online fans for a long time, so it kind of blows that the one person who did befriend her betrayed her trust like that.
Charms also posted screenshots of conversations where Kota admitted to being drunk and/or sneaking cigarettes in her parent's house, which pretty much confirmed she wasn't living up to the kawaii~uguu~ reputation she had at the time.

No. 56543

Explains why Dakota seems reluctant to connect with people. Her and Kiki seem to share that problem, but honestly, if the only person from the Internet that I opened up to do did that to me I would be the same way.

I've actually seen those caps. Huh. Probably on here? I didn't know Kota was talking to Charms, though. Sorry, I'm totally clueless but thanks for filling in the gaps for me!

No. 57555

File: 1425572299310.jpg (95.39 KB, 921x677, charms.jpg)

looks like britney spears at her 2007 VMA performance.

No. 57556

File: 1425572329579.jpg (110.76 KB, 923x705, charms.jpg)

No. 57570

That is embarrassing. Now she's going to ruin her nice breasts with implants instead of working out and getting rid of her gross flab.

No. 57575

Holy shit, she genuinely looks pregnant. That's baaad.

No. 57581

I guess when all you do is sit around alone in your room while you wait for your manservant to bring you your thrice daily McDonald's you're going to look a little sloppy.

No. 57595

i lol'd. jeezus, i can't believe she got that bad

No. 57602

She was so thin! How did she blow up this much? She looks so bloated.

you're probably right.

No. 57656

File: 1425591519750.png (422.79 KB, 378x636, 2007VMA.png)


Britney looked great at that performance idk why everybody rags on her for it.

No. 57664

If a celebrity isn't super skinny, people shit all over them for it and pretend they're Quirky-tier hambeasts.
Funnily enough, if they're waiflike thin/any thinner than usual or drop the weight "too fast" and they don't happen to be a model, people start claiming they must be anorexic.

No. 57670

Wh…what happened…? Isn't she still really young? And didn't she used to say people above waif proportions were gross? Hm.

No. 57677

britney also had 2 kids before that

No. 57678


Yh I think Britney's case was THE worst example I've ever witnessed of celebrity hounding.
I'm amazed she didn't break down earlier to be honest.

No. 57680

She looks good in that picture but she had a little bit of a pooch from side-view. Not that that is a real problem, I agree with >>57664 that the scrutiny of celebrities is ridiculous and if they're not perfect they get destroyed. But I think most people went on about that performance because it was the performance itself that was terrible. It was like she'd never danced in her life. It reminded me of like the first performances middle-aged semi-celebrities on Dancing with the Stars would do. Plus she was very obviously lip-syncing. It was just all-round an awful performance.

No. 57681


Gimme More is such a sad song since I believe the lyrics are designed in a way it sounds like it's in reference to a man when really I think it's aimed at the music industry and producers in general always wanting more out of a person and making them dance like a chained bear.

I'm glad Britney is out of this shit.

No. 57832

belly fat is the most dangerous fat you can gain, if you gain weight there rapidly it's (in her case) from eating fast food poison and you're really fucking your health up.

if she has so much money why not do expensive juice cleanses/smoothies? you can lose weight without even trying, wtf.

and if she gets implants like that she will LOOK LITERALLY PREGNANT. inflated tits, big belly, weathered face = insta preggo and like 20 years older.

she needs to lose weight first and get a pair that fit her frame.

No. 57833

if I were her I'd get my butt done, that way it just looks like I keep weight on to maintain my fabulous ass lol.

No. 58255

Does she still cam/does anyone have any links to previous cam sessions? Those gifs with AsheMaree have left me morbidly curious. What went wrong Charms? Was bitching on Gaia and stealing Moitie chokers not enough?

No. 60056

File: 1426037379528.png (389.88 KB, 659x753, r u serious.png)

No. 60059

No. And this big ass trend/obsession needs to stop.

No. 60060

Is this a fucking joke?

No. 60062


She's obviously joking guys.

Also she's right, those Pikachu are male. Female Pikachu's tail's are in the shape of love hearts.

No. 60064

But that was only in recent generations. Are you telling me all those Pikachu from the forest in the first season were all dudes? You can't maintain a population like that.

No. 60082


Maybe they engage in parthenogenesis.

No. 60146


Top kek. I love you, anons.

No. 60152

i'm pretty sure parthenogenetic reproduction is only possible in females or hermaphroditic creatures

sloppy writing, japan!!!!

No. 62476

No. 62478

File: 1426397478765.png (27.86 KB, 429x1046, lol.png)

No. 62479

File: 1426397547031.png (16.54 KB, 464x336, aoi.png)

No. 70231

>hates short hair
>loves music that i cannot understand the language

I hate this bitch.

No. 70234

>I really hate
>starts with "people"

Apex fucking kek

No. 70278

Hahahahahahaha oink oink piggy
Karma sure's a bitch

No. 70284

I think it's time she changed her twitter handle..

No. 70314

i don't even feel bad that she's fat now.

No. 72348

File: 1427786676652.png (152.71 KB, 320x240, contour disaster.png)

her nose..why?

No. 72350

File: 1427786965642.jpg (52.16 KB, 1024x576, CBOCb1MUgAA0v7W.jpg)

Holy shit…

No. 72353

File: 1427787057973.jpg (510.86 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_nki2g9PZUN1shp2t7o1_128…)

but i think her makeup here looks so nice. she's really hit or miss for me.

No. 72371

>not just fitness
>not something that's been going on since at least the 90s

No. 72374

if it looks nice, why is she next to Alaska?

No. 72378

nigga what the fuck does it have to do with fitness? There's little you can do to increase the size of your ass you can only lift and change the shape. If you want it significantly bigger either become a fattass or get buttshots and end up looking like kim kardashion and nicki minaj's disfigured bodies.

No. 72389

I don't think kim has butt implants. Heavy photoshop? yes. Liposuction? Yes. But not butt implants.

Just because she's white, everyone expects her to be flat as a board

No. 72462

she has done fat grafting

thats why her butt looks like a saggy shatted diaper

dumb ass

No. 72473

but kim k isn't even white???

No. 72958

Pretty sure those are implants. Jeffrey Star had implants and he has that super perky ass that makes you ultra jelly. Unfortunately for Kim K, she made them too big and now they're starting to sag. Just like face lifts they have a shelf life and they fall to their original place.

I've seen pics of Kim K with a tiny regular butt. Sure some of the huge ass is from weight gain and she lipos her waist to make her ass look even bigger despite her fattness, but … off-topic.

Man, is Charms selling herself as a BBW? I can't see that gut as being anything sellable unless people know they're going to see a huge pot belly.

No. 72965

File: 1427858566783.png (922.56 KB, 1018x612, dontdoit.png)

I don't know about Charms, but she's going to cosplay Sonico, I think.

Also, Kim Kardashian definitely has some work done. I don't know if they are necessarily implants, but I think she got at least a brazilian butt lift (lipo-ing her waist and putting the fat into her butt).

No. 73367

why is she dying the wig with hair chalk? shit is going to get everywhere even if you try to seal it.

No. 73485

File: 1427912911365.png (33.36 KB, 663x798, Untitled.png)

No. 73486

File: 1427912954885.png (170.65 KB, 1633x484, 1342_original.png)

No. 73507


That isn't Charms.

No. 73512

File: 1427915444002.jpg (94.91 KB, 652x646, kim-kardashian-butt-implant.jp…)


Kim Kardashian is not white shitstick, she's Armenian, and she most definitely has had work done to her ass, even if it's not implants (i.e. fat injections).

How anybody can take one look at that excuse of a butt and say "Yes, that is definitely natural".

Like, really?

No. 73520

Her ass is gross. I dont get the big ass trend at all.

No. 73532

her mother is like the epitome of white (irish, danish, etc) and her father is like 1/4 armenian (his mother is half armenian)

she is like a very % armenian in actuality and plays the rest of it up for media

and yes her butt looks like a diaper booty

No. 73549

Are you stupid? Armenians ARE white.

No. 73550

File: 1427918815428.jpg (557.76 KB, 1877x831, fasada.jpg)


Oh damn yeah, look at all those Caucasian features, all that genetic variety and pale skin. Definitely white, how foolish of me :^)

No. 73553

thank you, I laugh everytime someone says b-b-but she's not white!! Never mind the fact that Armenian would refer to her nationality, not her racial makeup. Her ethnic background isn't even fully armenian as you mentioned. She even classifies herself as white and said she never thought about race until she had her daughter because North is biracial.

No. 73554

armenians are indo-europeans

many italians and greeks don't look like your stereotypical white (read anglo) either but they're considered white

No. 73567

There is a bit of a grey area when you enter the Caucasus region (Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Parts of Russia, Iran)

I've met plenty of Azerbaijanis who do look very white, other's do not (At least, wouldn't by US standards). The area has been invaded several times throughout history (Mongols, Arab Conquests and Russian Imperialism) so the outcome is rather diverse.

This is why the term "white" just does not apply very well…

Anyway, sorry for the OT.
Are these recent? She looks haggard as fuck. What the hell happened.

No. 73575

Bradley Cooper is white

No. 73597

The werewolf from True blood is Armenian? I was always envious of his body.

No. 73600

picture for ants

No. 73601

Those eyebrows are worse than Traci's

No. 73621

holy shit that looks terrible

it looks like a mound of shit she's molded to look like a pert booty, that's just sadly struggling to cling onto the back of her legs

No. 73639

Haha. her ass looks like it's full of shit.

No. 73755

poopy pants. Before she had a perfectly healthy body. Someone once said Kim K looked like a stuffed sausage. It was hilarious because she was wearing some tube dress and now I just imagine her packing that big and beautiful ass into a sausage mold.

Why were we compared Kim K and Charms in the first place? Well it's been a fun off-topic stint. I think Kim K earns her millions by people who hate her. Keeps her famous.

I don't think Charms is THAT haggard…well…I definitely think she could fix her face if she drew her eyebrows on straight. How come one is always higher than the other? She should get a stencil.

No. 73760

File: 1427932166680.jpg (100.54 KB, 1024x576, Untitled-1.jpg)


What a difference it makes restoring her eyebrows.

I don't know why she draws them that high, isn't she supposed to be a cosmetologist?

No. 73766

She went to beauty school, but never did anything with the actual degree.
Yeah, those eyebrows make a huge difference.

No. 73770

File: 1427932827076.jpg (34.58 KB, 600x600, BeJKVYECcAAcXUd.jpg)

Are Eye Pee Charms.

No. 74066


Goddamn is that Charms?
What happened?

No. 74069

File: 1427991356974.jpg (110.91 KB, 768x1024, BiF30mcCIAAy8e5.jpg)


Yes and I have no idea.

No. 74121

Damn. She's hot here. And pretty. It's like she has aged fifteen years

No. 74123


not wearing granny lingerie happened

No. 74125

Did everything she said she'd never do back in the Gaia days.

No. 74599

Are Turks white too now? White=European decent retard.

No. 74600

North is white. West is part white, and North is only, like, one fourth black.

No. 74690

But she looks black so she's going to be seen as black her whole life. Doesn't really matter what her parents and grand parents are.

No. 75041

File: 1428102348275.jpg (147.09 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_nm8ytxZ9x11shp2t7o1_128…)

No. 75050

She is going on Twitch in a few minutes.


No. 75055

shit her eyes are very uneven… i never really noticed because myspace angles but… damn.

No. 75057


It's not her eyes, it's her nose.
It's pretty dramatically crooked, veering off to one side.

No. 75064

Jesus, she's hideous here. Barely looks like her former self

No. 75088

watching the twitch stream, she has gotten soooo much fatter. i didnt think that was possible. she is approaching BBW territory in terms of porn

No. 75333


Caps pls

No. 75353

Fuck. Her eyebrows. I wonder if all the psych meds she's on are impairing her motor skills. I had a friend who had to be put on a med cocktail and his fine motor skills completely disappeared, couldn't draw at all anymore, couldn't play guitar.

No. 75465

Should of told us there was a stream. I wanted to see.

No. 75485


Er, we did? >>75050

No. 75516

File: 1428181157615.jpg (137.51 KB, 640x960, tumblr_nm9pnnom3g1rykutro4_128…)

Found this picture of her from the other day from the back, in the leather jacket.

She's really packed it on huh?

No. 75518

Holy shit. I didn't realise she'd gotten this bad. I almost feel sorry for her.

No. 75522

I can kind of see where she's coming from with the augmentation.

Her self esteem is probably at the lowest it's ever been and so she's targeted a part of herself she dislikes that she can't necessarily change with piercings and tattoos and fancy clothes and believes that once she changes her boobs it'll kickstart her motivation to lose weight and get fit again, but I have the feeling that it will change nothing for her because I used to do same shit when I got depressed and put on weight.

>"Oh once I buy this new dress I'll be happy enough to start dieting"

>"If I buy it in 2 sizes down it'll really motivate me to fit into it"

>"I'll get a new hair cut or dye my hair some crazy, vibrant colour, then I'll feel good enough about myself to join the gym!"

She shouldn't be having any kind of surgery if her mental state isn't 100% secure.

No. 75525


She really needs to lay off the extensions and dye too, it's looks like she's balding and you can see how short/trashed her real hair is at the back.

No. 75526

She's gained at least 50 pounds. that's sad.

No. 75529

I just wanna give her a hug :[

No. 75535

You know after all the horrible shit we know about Charms, the things she's done and the things she's said, all the people that have come forward to voice their anger at their personal experiences, why is it people are now finding sympathy for her?

Is it because you believe she's really changed or because you can sympathise with her situation?

No. 75544

Anon is this real…….????

back when she was on MFC and fairly average weight she always talked about getting implants because she thought it would make her more money.

I doubt she will ever lose weight. She seems delusional based on everything she says/reblogs on tumblr. She hates fat people with a passion and every single fatty I've met that had vitriol to fat people, funny enough NEVER lost weight! I have no idea why that is… it's always the fatties who have no problem being fat that lose weight rapidly. I feel like fat-on-fat hate is just a way that fat people deal with their insecurities. It's sad. She needs to really rethink her life and her existence.

I don't have sympathy for her. She has always been a mean person and will continue to be a mean person. I don't get why people would feel sympathetic to her - she doesn't find anything wrong with her life and continues to claim that everything is perfect. She is the one that talks down to people making a general effort to live a healthy lifestyle (and parrots a bunch of pro-ana crap on tumblr) and she is the one that talks down to people trying to earn an honest living and going to university (because being a flavour-of-the-month cam whore is a FAR better option :^) Charms)

So yeah. I don't get why people feel bad for her. She'd still spit on you and walk right over you given the chance. She hasn't changed and she doesn't seem to think anything is wrong imo.

No. 75556

Meds can make you gain a shit ton of weight. She seems to not care about her weight right now, which is kind of good, considering she had an eating disorder. Honestly, I think she should focus on her mental health and worry about losing weight later.

No. 75560

Seeing your mind and your body as separate is a massive obstacle to recovering. Working on without working on the other is completely pointless.

No. 75609

File: 1428187131274.jpg (172.61 KB, 640x960, tumblr_nm9pnnom3g1rykutro3_128…)


>Anon is this real…….????


No. 75615

holy cow

No. 75619

LOL no one made her gain all of that weight. Is everyone forgetting that her slaveboy Mike was forced to go and get her take out/fast food for every meal? No one put a gun to her head and force-fed her that food poison.

She has always had the most foul, conceited attitude and now that she can't care for herself she expects everyone to forget and sympathize with her shitty life? I'm not buying it. She's ruining her body and self esteem by being lazy and blaming everything but her own hand for shoveling food into her throat.

One of the best things any professional will tell you that you can do on your own for your mental health is exercise and eat correctly. Obviously it's fucking difficult to make yourself do, but growing is work that's just life lol.

I don't feel bad at all, she's honestly just like Kiki and if she gained weight after all the ridiculing she's done online everyone would revel in it.

No. 75626

its just classic lolcow attitude on everything

>i can eat all this junk food without any consequences!

>i can whore myself out without any consequences!

>I can be a scammer/thieve without any consequences!!

>i can be a shitty person w/o any consequences!


No. 75627


Exactly. I don't think other people being as shitty to her as she was to other people is "okay", but what the fuck does she expect.

And no one has said anything half as bad as what she used to say about entire races.

I'd make some comment about karma and all that, but she literally chose to fuck up her body/life lol.

No. 75630

She also shops at the tackiest places ever.

"killstar, black alter apparel, black craft cult"??? There are so many independent Goth designers out there, why is she basically buying Hot Topic shit.

No. 75791

OT, but what good designers would you recommend, anon? Wanna get some better wardrobe for this year because i got a bit of good extra income from my tax refund.

No. 76799

Welp, she gave up on the two-tone hair rather quickly. Just how often is she dyeing her hair?

No. 76920

File: 1428393863819.jpg (720.14 KB, 720x1280, morelotthannot.jpg)

holy shit. that pic from behind. She looks like.. 160? 180? Jesus Christ.

No. 76921

File: 1428393923706.jpg (118.96 KB, 1280x724, tumblr_nm3bk3vGoW1shp2t7o1_128…)

those thigh tattoos must look like shit. i remember a looooooong time ago when she first got them she said only skinny girls could get thigh tatts lol

how the tables have turned!

No. 77392

god her trashy hair adds to the cringe factor

No. 77395

She looks like Michael Keaton in the early Batman movies.

No. 77396

Seems like once a month to every 6 weeks. Must be dry as hell.

No. 77410

oh my god if she's that fat now she's going to look fucking ridiculous with implants.

like straight up middle aged mom territory

No. 77442

gonna be hilarious

No. 77603

Wasn't the surgery set for a couple days from now?

No. 78247

OH MY GOD she got SO FAT
I remember like 4-5 years ago I used to love her style and tattoos. Ugh she went so downhill, she looks like utter trash now..

No. 78345

File: 1428559071205.jpg (754.41 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_nmig38Zekk1shp2t7o1_128…)

She's so white trash. and oh man, those captions on her dumblr. her make up is so sloppy for someone who went to beauty school.


No. 78355

She needs to relax on the eyebrows.
Waay too close together.

No. 78360

I don't know why I hate tongue pics so much, but I do.

No. 78410

File: 1428578185388.jpg (556.08 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_nmiu0acf1s1shp2t7o1_128…)

This shit was edited on Line.

No. 78433

File: 1428580777770.gif (1.31 MB, 450x459, anthony-davis-eyebrow.gif)

HOLY shit she needs to take her eyebrows down a notch. Or several. Shit looks like Stephen King's IT or that it's going to take off anytime.

No. 78436

Yep, I don't now why she wants to look permanently pissed off, but she's achieved it

No. 81583

File: 1428984376012.jpg (147.23 KB, 640x960, tumblr_nmqfnnrZ0a1rykutro5_128…)

She's dating this girl now.


No. 81584

File: 1428984393969.jpg (97.59 KB, 640x480, tumblr_nmqfnnrZ0a1rykutro6_128…)

No. 81587

File: 1428984463243.png (1.4 MB, 640x960, tumblr_nmqfnnrZ0a1rykutro3_128…)

No. 81590

File: 1428984533677.png (1.28 MB, 640x960, tumblr_nmqfnnrZ0a1rykutro4_128…)

No. 81605

I want that robbie the rabbit plush.

No. 81607

Wow she's really cute

No. 81608

So her and her bf did break up? I wonder what shes going to do now that she can't post about his ~huuugeee cock~ all the time now

No. 81631

charlotte is never going to change

No. 81632


No they're still together and he's still mooching off of her, she's just dating this chick on the side note.

No. 82195

File: 1429065635109.png (724 KB, 1027x588, uuuuuuu.png)

Her surgery is scheduled for the end of the month, I believe.

No. 82196

File: 1429065663838.png (587.33 KB, 1025x601, um.png)

No. 82207

not gonna lie, im kind of jelly. theyre gonna turn out shit though because shes fat, and if she ever wants to lose weight theyll be deformed

No. 82215

All breast implants carry a risk of deformity regardless of other factors.

No. 82221

i mean her tits will be two different sizes and they'll be covered in stretchmarks and she'll have to redo them next year when she loses the weight (who am i kidding, this girl doesnt know the meaning of hard work, she wont lose the weight)

No. 82229

It's like wearing your low esteem on your chest.

No. 82234

Breast implants are fucking dope, but I really don't see hers turning out well if she goes very big. If she goes on the smaller side, I really don't see the point of going through all the trouble/cost for that.

She has the wrong body type for it. In previous pictures she has a gut and implants are just going to make her look post pregnancy. Her boobs also naturally are kind of far apart and sag outwards, so unless she has a skilled surgeon than can work against that it will make her ribcage look mad wide.

She needs to lose weight to get them accurately placed. And if she's like fuck it I'm comfortable with my weight gain, all the more power to her but implants won't flatter her body it will just exaggerate the problem.

Oh is she over 22 by the way? She can't get silicone until she's at least 22 by law, and saline implants are really hard and not at all natural looking.

No. 82235

And where does she live, bc I thought she lived in the midwest. if she got someone to pay for these titties she should get them to fly her to southern California for the best doctors.

No. 82237

I think she's living in Michigan again. She's also already 23 or turning 23 this year

No. 82244

>it will make her ribcage look mad wide.

Her ribcage is already mad wide. She's going to look like a fucking disaster.

No. 82294

File: 1429098425805.jpg (116.86 KB, 698x864, adsad.jpg)

Somebody sent her a link to her thread here on Tumblr and she tried to act like she didn't care but then came here, read her thread and then posted this.

No. 82346

Har har

No. 82383

oh my god is she for real? if you scroll back far enough on her blog you'll see posts with the source "fatpeoplehate"

she really needs to start living in the real world. you're fat, charlotte. you're fat and you're a hypocrite. we're laughing at you because coming across a person as delusional as you is rare and entertaining.

No. 84867

File: 1429460928887.png (339.22 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-04-19-12-26-35…)

She says she's going to open an etsy

No. 84962

That's like fucking scary!

No. 84968


For reference her cat got pregnant, had 4 kittens and every one of them died within 3 days so she pickled them.

No. 84969

what the fuck

No. 84973

Oh thank heavens, I thought for sure that she murdered them to be edgy or something.

No. 84995

its a slippery slope anon, just look at gutterface. before you know it charms is going to have a bone pit rotting in her backyard and local pets going missing will skyrocket

No. 85011

so she decides to sell their corpses?
that's pretty fucked up, lotte. that's a new level.
I knew she treated other humans like shit, but at least give your kittens a decent burial, don't try to profit off their deaths like that.
idk if she's just really hard-up for money, or whether she's doing it to reassure herself that she's still the spooky mistress of the night that she thirsts to be.

No. 85206

What the fuck?! what a crazy bitch. and cats should be neutered/spayed anyway.

No. 85207

How is this legal? how is this allowed? We need better animal rights laws. Even if they died of 'natural causes' Is this really okay?

No. 85284

Gotta pay for her meth somehow, Anon.

No. 85289

I'm surprised haku is friends with this person on FB and speaks with them semi regularly. I wonder if he knows about this?

No. 85298

so if shes gonna be selling pickled animals does that mean shes gonna have to kill more to keep her business going?

No. 85312

Okay, how can you give rights to something that's dead? You're saying that pets should be afforded rights humans don't have? Different cultures deal with death in different ways, it's all well and good for you to be personally squicked out by it, but don't pretend it's violating some moral absolute. It's not.

There's nothing wrong with taxidermy. It's a dead animal. Wet specimens are a much more respectful thing to do than eating an animals flesh or wearing its skin.

Anyway, that aside. I'm more disappointed that she was so strongly for spaying cats and keeping them indoors and then she lets her cat get impregnated by it's brother because she couldn't think to ask her sugar daddy for money to get them spayed, instead of getting fake tits? It was her one redeeming quality, and she fucked it up.

No. 85325

This was my concern. I don't think there was anything wrong with preserving the dead kittens. Taxidermy is not weird or unethical if they died of natural causes.

However, she claimed to want to open an etsy, and I dont know how accessible small dead animals are (ones worth preserving).

Also pissed she didnt spay/neuter her cats. Owners that don't spay piss me off so much.

No. 85356


>wet specimens are a much more respectful thing to do than eating an animals flesh or wearing its skin

Haha yeah, okay.
Consuming an animal and allowing its form to provide you sustenance, ensuring that its death is able in some way to give back to the world is way more disrespectful than incarcerating it's dead flesh in a vat of formalin, depriving it the opportunity of allowing its atoms to split away from their structures and reform into something new.

At least as food an animal doesn't die for nothing, what can these kittens ever do now? This is purgatory in death.

Crazy Vegan pls leave.

No. 85433

you know what's respectful? burying the fucking kittens instead of putting them on display and trying to turn a profit off their death.
idk, man. I think any mother, even a cat, probably recognizes the loss of their young. when all of the litter dies like that, it's a tragedy. it's not an opportunity to open up an etsy shop.

No. 85439

So she should eat the kitten instead?
Now that's fucked up yo

No. 85457


No you dumb shit, there is more than one way to feed something.
Bury their bodies beneath a seed, let them provide sustenance to a new piece of life.

No. 85462







No. 85465

My response is biased because of my experiences, but Lotte is pretty heartless to want to do this.

I fostered a pregnant cat and four of the kittens were stillborns. I was in middle school and impressionable, but I think my response was a reasonable one; I made them weird little graves and cried a lot to deal with my grief. It still hurts to think about, and I didn't even grow up with that pregnant cat but I feel empathy as anyone would.

How could you possibly grow up with an animal and preserve it's dead babies and not literally be crying constantly? People deal with death differently, but beyond that there's just an instinctual response to confronting the death of a loved one and this doesn't make me think she's healthy. At the very least she looks extremely callous and that she did it for cool/edgy points without really reflecting on what she was doing.

I just don't understand how she could handle looking at their weak, dead, floating bodies after growing up with their mother. wtf.

No. 85466

its fucking gross and borderline sociopathic. I want to vomit. and selling them? is she retarded? seriously? what the fuck

No. 85474

Holy shit that's fucking disgusting. I'm a guy and usually have a high threshold for gross shit, too.

No. 85475

idg why u guys are shocked. this seems like something lotte would do, did u really believe she changed?

No. 85485


Not at all surprised. She is a selfish little shithuman and it would take honest self-reflection to change that, which we all know she doesn't have the capacity for.

I mean, this vapid loser came here and left only to complain that we were calling her fat. I think maybe a few people have brought up her weight ONLY because of how obviously ironic it is after she bullied so many bigger girls. Like she glossed over her being a shitty person to twist it into us being bodyshamers, and that was the most important thing being discussed here.

Never surprised actually lol. She will always be a sheltered white princess, no matter how many empty SJW things she reblogs.

No. 85489

This is not the same kind of ethics that most taxidermists have who get dead animals from the forest or side of a road or even a nature preserve. This heartless bitch watched her cat's children die by being still born or whatever and decided to immediately pickle them in jars.

That's insanity. That's heartless and disgusting behavior. No one would with a soul would think like that. They'd probably bury them. If she were smart, her cat would of be spayed to begin with. but i'm sorry. i would bury them. Most people would who love their animals and feel for their loss.


aww yes

I totally get what you mean, anon. This bitch is a psychopath.

No. 85551

>I just don't understand how she could handle looking at their weak, dead, floating bodies after growing up with their mother. wtf.

She didn't grow up with their mother. She adopted it from Mike's trash family because, lol, they were irresponsible and not getting them spayed. I think she has about seven cats now.

No. 85552

You realise people buried don't decay, right? The whole six foot grave standard is there to stop there from being a smell, and no smell means no decay. People gradually break down into dust over the course of decades, maybe even centuries, they don't return to the earth in any sort of useful capacity. Haven't you ever wondered why the casket doesn't rot away too? It's nothing to do with the wood being treated. People aren't worm food when we die. We're not mushroom food. Our usual burial standard is exactly the same - another way to prevent any decay.

>Someone saying using dead animals for things isn't that big a deal

>Crazy Vegan pls leave.

I don't think you're quite aware of what that word means.

No. 85554

Please be honest with me anon. Are you actually retarded?

No. 85562

Can someone call Animal abuse line on her and report her? i really hate thinking about assholes who have dogs or cats and have no responsibly to spay or neuter them. It should be the law to do so.

No. 85563

>You realise people buried don't decay, right?
You've gone full retard.

No. 85575

lol okay where on earth did you hear that from.

No. 85582

File: 1429516301811.jpg (55.99 KB, 337x367, 1311626491256.jpg)


>The whole six foot grave standard is there to stop there from being a smell, and no smell means no decay

No. 85585

Anon you are a complete and utter moron. Kill yourself before you breed, holy fucking shit.

I got a good lol though… Turns to dust… No smell no decay… No decay omfg.

Again, kill yourself.

No. 85587

Unless you are referring to the embalming process slowing things down I have no idea what you are talking about.

If you put a body in the earth it will decay. It will be eaten by insects and animals. Have you ever seen a body farm documentary? Those places exist to observe decay in order to help police know how long a body has been buried or left out in the open. I suggest you check out a documentary on this stuff.

No. 85655

That's where I got the information on this stuff. Bodyfarms leave the bodies out under tarpaulins or in very shallow graves. Further than four feet underground there are very few microbes, fungi or insects to actually kick off the decomposition process.

I mean, even if you want to say that bodies decay, they're still inside a casket that doesn't. How the fuck can their "Molecules return to the earth" If they're trapped inside a metal/wooden box. How are the insects or fungi that are supposedly eating them and using their body as a resource going to get inside the box? That was my point. The way people are buried is done the way it is to stop and slow the process of their "Return to the earth"

No. 85661


>this heartless bitch watched her cat's children die by being still born or whatever

Actually each one of the kittens were born living and healthy aside from one of them being a little runty.
Her cat had to have a caesarean and instead of staying over the next few days to help care for and feed the babies the very next day she went off to a convention with Mike and left her mom to look after them who obviously had to continue working in the day.

Supposedly they mom didn't even notice when the mother cat abandoned one of the kittens it had sensed was dying and dragged the last one underneath a bed.

When she got back they were all dead. Then she pickled them.

No. 85662


>you realise people buried don't decay, right?



No. 85663


I found the vegan.

Hows your pumpkin mulch smoothie sweetheart.

No. 85664


>people don't decay when they're buried

Just where the fuck do you think all of the meat and nutrients we consume over our lifetime goes when we die? Are you this retarded?

What, you actually think it just evaporates into thin air or what?

No. 85665



No. 85667

They stay inside the coffins people are buried in. They don't end up back in the soil, and even when they do, people are buried too far down to be of any use to anything. There are no insects or fungi that deep in the soil. Unless the soil is turned over in burial plots, which it's not unless they're a "Natural burial", it just stays there. Not being put to any use.

No. 85668

Even if someone did, and something actually happened because of the call, the cats would just get confiscated, sent to a shelter and killed because of the lack of space. As shitty and irresponsible as she is, they're probably better off with her, I think all of them are spayed now too so hopefully there's no chance of this happening again.

No. 85670

God damn you're an idiot.

No. 85675

File: 1429540744058.jpg (73.07 KB, 609x587, 4297736-i got the ahegao one _…)


>when you bury meat it doesn't decay

>y-you're an idiot

No. 85677

I think it's more the fact you responded to someone who thinks pickling pets is okay by calling them a vegan.

Protip: Vegans are the ones who AREN'T okay with killing or using animals for shit like this.

No. 85679

lol coffins aren't airtight for eternity you moron. and there is still enough air inside of one when it is sealed for the rotting process to happen. bodies decay in the coffin, just because it takes longer for the coffin to degrade enough for the material inside to ooze out doesn't mean the body is preserved or doesn't decay at all. everything decays no matter how its buried or disposed of, unless extreme measures are taken to preverve it like mummification, pickling, dehydrating etc and even then there is damage done to the tissue, the only thing that preserves bodies entirely is cryogenically freezing them

No. 85685

the 6 foot grave was not because of the smell it was to prevent animals from digging up the graves to eat the bodies, also to make sure that over time there would be no erotion so the bodies wouldn't be exposed. however in areas with high water content in the ground, even being buried 6 feet deep, coffins and bodies would float back up to the surface. so places like that (venice and new orleans for example) had to entomb people above ground in stone/concrete.

i can't believe you think things don't rot when buried, haha. like have you ever read a book or even watched television? even when someone is buried "properly" in modern coffins and police need to exume them to see if they were murdered a couple of years after the fact, they are so rotten that they can only use bone damage for evidence or test for poison.

No. 85688

When bodies aren't free to mingle with earth they become a "human soup". If a casket is not lined with metal the "soup" will seep into and out of the fabric-lined plywood. If the casket is lined with metal, then inside it will be bones sitting in a puddle of human goo on the bottom of the casket.

Also most wooden caskets do not have a rubber gasket for any kind of sealing quality and most of the gaskets on steel caskets wouldn't allow for them to be hermetically sealed. Thus there is nothing stopping microbes getting in or out, so nothing is stopping the decaying process.

No. 85947

File: 1429569516405.png (60.54 KB, 627x376, 1427621441791.png)


>actually each one of the kittens were born living and healthy

>instead of staying over the next few days to help care for and feed the babies the very next day she went off to a convention with Mike

No. 85955

performance art idea: die and have your body encased in an indestructible, permanently airtight coffin

No. 86210

I personally would never pickle dead kittens and I understand why it grosses people out. At the same time though I really don't think it is as bad as you guys are acting. There are preserved specimens in jars for science and it's on the same level as that. I also highly doubt she immediately thought "great they died time to pickle their bodies and make a profit". Better pickling them after they died of natural causes than killing them herself.

No. 86212

h…how did you get this information?

No. 86213

Oh my god… seriously? seriously??
This is so fucking terrible. Who the hell abandons a mother cat just to go to a stupid convention. I hope she felt awful when she came back and they were all dead. It would break my heart and I'd probably be inconsolable for a few days, knowing it was really my fault they had died.

Of course Charms just shrugs and fucking pickles them.

No. 86218

It was rumoured that Alexander the Great was enclosed in an airtight glass coffin when he died. He didn't decompose, even hundred of years later, but his body was destroyed when the library of Alexandria was burned.

Anyway, nothing can keep the human body from decaying, it's impossible (except for witchcraft.)
Nah I'm pretty sure that's what she immediately thought. It's not on the same level of preserved specimens because she isn't preserving them for science. She's preserving them to sell to some 3edgy5me faggot on etsy. Also I'm pretty sure they died out of neglect, js.

No. 86219


She was posting it all to her Tumblr.

No. 86262

I'm really heart broken reading all this info. I've been following this thread since the beginning (almost a year now? yikes) I just want to hope many bad things on her. I don't know if karma exists, but if it does, i wish all the horrible things on her. I'm a big animal lover, esp cats and this is just awful. This is really not cool.

No. 86281

What's so bad bout this now? Did she kill them? I don't think so be caused on what I read they were stillborn. Some people deal with death in different ways, and that's honestly okay! Most people don't feel too bad out death if the thing that dies isn't human like them.

Here's how I like to think about it anon. If it's a dead animal (including humans), it's meat. Free-meat. I mean, I feel she should've donated them to veterinary science, but that's just me.
Btw not saying this to put down your opinion as I am an animal lover myself, just putting my two cents in.

No. 86293


THANK YOU. I've been reading the replies here thinking the same thing- why is this such a big deal? And is everyone here a religious toddler pussy, hoping that in burying dead kittens they'll go to heaven? Please. If they were stillborn, then no one had any sort of relationship with them, which makes them (like other poster said) some inert meat. Why should they be buried?! Because life is beautiful blah blah? Go bomb an anortion clinic or something. Enough with the pro-dead-kitten-rights shit.

Anyway.. it sounds like she left her mom to look after the pregnant cat (if I'm reading correctly) so of you want to fault someone, shouldn't it be her mom?

No. 86294


Your sensitivity is worrying. She didn't kill them herself.

No. 86295


*abortion. Thanks spellcheck.

No. 86322

They weren't stillborn for like the eighth time. They were delivered via a c-section because the cat giving birth to them was basically a kitten itself and couldn't do it, but they were born alive.

They died because the mother cat likely rejected them due to a combinaton of stress, unnatural delivery method and its young age. So the kittens needed to be hand fed, which is a 24 hour job. I've hand reared a puppy before, and that was hell, and kittens are worse.

The kittens were born (Alive, again, for the people who aren't seeming to get this) before she had to leave to go to the convention. She knew they needed 24 hour care to survive, and left them in the care of someone she knew full well didn't have the time to look after them properly. Lotte's mother probably did her best, but as Charlotte loves to brag, she's a lawyer and likely doesn't spend much time at home. If she does, she's probably busy with work.

No. 86325

Yeah thats fucked up. I've had to hand feed one kitten before at 8 weeks, four newborn kittens need CONSTANT attention. If she cared she wouldn't have fucked off to the convention.

No. 86329

because she literally killed them through neglect and now wants to profit off their death, and if you can't see how fucked up that is then you're a goddamn sociopath.

No. 86331

She technically did.

No. 86332

She did though. She neglected them and they died. That's murder basically. If she wasn't a fucking idiot, she would of had her cat spayed to begin with or not let her cat out. Studies show the dangers of letting your cats go outdoors whenever they want because of cars, dog attacks, etc. She's irresponsible human trash.

No. 86333

She didn't let it go out, she adopted cats that were unspayed and different sexes and then didn't get them spayed. Fairly sure the cat that impregnated this cat was its brother.

No. 86334

>burying your dead animal means you're a religious nut who believes in heaven
Wow, you're a joy. Not everyone who buries their beloved pet is religious or believes in heaven. and even if they do, so fucking what? You sound like a fucking 3edgy5me retard. Having sympathy for the dead doesn't automatically mean pro-life bible thumper. It's called having a heart and being human to care for another living being, esp if they were your pet.

No. 86335

So it's still her fault for not getting them fixed after adoption. I thought most shelters didn't allow you to adopt until they were fixed? At least in my area, it's like that. You are supposed to sign adoption papers and get them fixed before they are brought home.

No. 86337

File: 1429628020983.jpg (45.04 KB, 622x522, vdxv.jpg)

Charlotte has announced that she doesn't lie and that lying is dumb.

I guess this totally proves once and for all that she didn't steal that choker then huh?

This girl is shameless.

No. 86343

She adopted them from Mike's family, because they weren't looking after them properly not an organisation.

No. 86353

Why do people keep saying they were stillborn…there's pictures of them once alive on her instagram.

I think she "pickled" them because her new girlfriend is extremely edgy and into that stuff. It's one thing to preserve an animal, but if it was your precious pet's babies why would you sell them? She claims to be animal lover (specifically cat lover) but by selling them she clearly shows there is no emotional attachment there.

No. 86355

She really is trash. While most people aren't surprised by her actions, we can all be disgusted by them. So is she dating some woman and still with her boyfriend? wtf. she's really all kinds of messed up in her life. She can't do anything without someone else supporting her fat ass. I hope she gains more weight. She'll be obese soon enough.

No. 86356

She gives actual cat lovers a bad name

No. 86365

>lies about not lying

No. 87970

Okay there's so much wrong here though.
She isn't selling the kittens, she specifically posted saying she and her girlfriend d are keeping them. But that she is going to open an etsy shop. She never said she was selling the kittens. Also, she didn't leave them with her mom the day after they were born. They had been born for like four days and then said her girlfriends mom watched them while they were gone because her mom didn't work those days and has raised kittens before. Did anyone see how small the kittens were? They really didn't have a chance…the odds were against them is no ones fault this happened. As for the pickling, again, SHE ISNT SELLING THEM. And I see nothing wrong with them.

No. 87972

Enjoy being a fat ass, Charms?

No. 88109

More likely her gf, as far as I know Charms has never been one to white knight herself.

No. 88522


I'm just going to get this out of the way and say that you are a dumbshit human.

I guess this point is debatable because morality varies, but what kind of individual can look at the dead kittens of their (hopefully..?) loved mother? It's the attachment that makes it weird, not her interest in wet specimens. How they died is also incredibly sad because it was her own fault, which she clearly does not realize otherwise she wouldn't keep the bodies of her neglected cats on display.

That's sick.

And yeah, those kittens were ALIVE and had a chance. What kind of weeaboo piece of shit leaves FOUR DAY OLD NEWBORNS alone to go to a convention? Again this varies based on perspective, but those lives depended on Lotte's care, and for someone that claims to care so much about human rights and animal rights there is no excuses in the world she could give for that behavior to be forgiven.

People on this board have debated their points of view on death, but the only one that really matters is Lotte's because she is blatantly going against her own beliefs and acting worse than she was a child. It's pathetic and infuriating.

And coming from someone who has worked in a shelter and has raised newborn kittens- yes you fucking retarded mouth breather, babies are small they still have a chance please tell me you are under the age of 18 and that the educational system may still not fail you.

and for the last time no one here is debating the ethics of wet specimens, we all accept them. fucking drop that.

No. 88523


if it's her gf who's a few years younger than her, it would explain the blind faith in Lotte's reasoning and naive sense of morality.

No. 88528

Well said, anon.

No. 90601

File: 1430320878735.jpg (102.68 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nnkjb65h3f1sq9szto1_128…)

Charms is in the OR getting her boobjob right now.

No. 90602

aw yes, cant wait to see this freakshow in full force. shit's going to look like two misshapen potatoes stuck to the sides of a boxy, flesh colored burlap sack. will do absolutely nothing to make up for the fact that her body is horrendous and her ass looks like a melted candle.

No. 90611

10/10 description, anon. kek'd

No. 90613

>ass looks like a melted candle

lmfao, so accurate

No. 90617

anon please draw me a more elaborate picture of the current state of charms

No. 90652

She looks like a heroin addict, holy shit.

No. 90668

This ugly cunt. What a waste of money.

No. 90685

I don't understand their relationships.

No. 90699

if you're gonna shave/over-tweeze your brows, you better have the discipline to draw them in everyday… or else… pic related.
ugh if she used such a self taught MUA or w/e… why the fuck does she go around like this. granted she was never a pro but SHE DECLINED SO HARD. people used to look up to her - even if just a bit. she was pretty and cute. WHAT HAPPENED

No. 90710

shes going in for surgery, why would you wear makeup in the hospital?

No. 90714

I'm surprised they didn't make her take out her piercings for surgery…

No. 90715

maybe the bf and gf are also fucking on the side and just puts up with charms so she won't go fucking crazy on them

i want to believe

No. 90721

File: 1430338354597.jpg (143.24 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

This is very realistic, I think. I can seethem falling in love with Each other because of their shared burden of being Charlotte's slaves.

Anyway, Lotte looks super fucking old here (dem eye bags) and her teeth are a joke. Spooky spooky you look like you're 35

No. 90731

I honest to god think she's a sociopath. Back in the day, she mentioned multiple times that she "didn't care" about anyone other than herself and Aoi. She also said that she intentionally tries to mess up her life so she can "feel something", but can't.

No. 90781

her boyfriend and girlfriend actually look kind of cute together

No. 90784

lol, she's in the hospital, calm down. Not every woman wears makeup every fucking day.

No. 90787

I've read that too but I couldn't decide whether it was her trying to be edgy and cool or not.

No. 91002

Is that her sugar daddy?

No. 91015

File: 1430358980857.jpg (58.74 KB, 642x362, sid-haig-captain-spaulding.jpg)


lol no that's Captain Spaulding.

No. 92095

Idk if it's the drugs or what but she looks really busted in her post surgery pics. It also looks like she had her bandages off right after she got out. I don't know that much about breast augmentations but I thought you had to keep the bandages for at least a couple of days?

No. 92101

Her post about hating "fat activists" haha "as long as THEY are happy"

No. 92114


i had mine done, you're basically not supposed to touch anything and she should be bandaged up. especially since this is her first time and it's not like she's sizing up/down, her skin is going to be extremely tight and they're probably be pretty high up and weird.

i have no idea why she's not wearing the elastic band they give you to press down on the top of them so they settle in a naturally-perky place. right now she's very swollen, but once that goes down i have a feeling they might look like baseballs, daisy lola style.

either way, since she has a gut and big thighs, she's just going to look fat all around.

No. 92119

Shit, i was certain she was getting implants. So basically she's just got her tits reshaped? How does this procedure work exactly? As you mentioned she is not exactly skinny, I thought she was enlarging her breasts to eaven it out so to speak

No. 92161


She did get implants.

No. 92186


No she got implants- sorry when i wrote 'she's not sizing up or down' i meant like when people get implants and change sizes. the first tim you have them done, i've read, is when your skin is the tightest and it's the worst feeling.

which is why it's imperative that she wears the elastic strap and i have no idea why she wouldn't have one. fucking midwest boobjobs.

No. 92190


Can you develop stretch marks on your breasts from an augmentation?

No. 92515

Wow, I'm surprised that she actually has an opinion on something that's not just regurgitation of everything Tumblr tells her.

No. 92576


Yeah potentially, if you get them "filled" beyond the amount of tissue you have, which is most people unless they went through breast feeding a child or something.

I would assume most people have extremely faint ones, I'm pale so they're virtually nonexistent. That and no one is exactly focusing on details like that if the surgeon did a good job haha.

As far as Lotte goes she'll probably have them because she was small and saggy before and the ones she looks like she got are high and tight. Idk.

No. 93288

File: 1430729057886.jpg (141.25 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)


No. 93289

File: 1430729091823.jpg (124.98 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 93291

File: 1430729164185.jpg (180.26 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 93292

File: 1430729212120.jpg (135.43 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 93305

My new beats

No. 93365

Her breasts still look small… And not worth surgery. I mean, going comically big is stupid, too, but it looks like she's a B or small C

No. 93376

they might look larger once they settle and arent nesting between her neckbones

No. 93800

They look so small. Not even an E cup.

No. 93805

That still looks fucking horrid. Are the bruises from implants normally worse than this? Yikes.

No. 93864

she's swollen so they'll only look smaller and tighter, and they're far apart.

def not worth surgery but if she's too lazy to get skinny thats as big as she can go without looking more like a crazed mom at a PTA meeting trying desperately to look 'sexy' and 'edgy' who just goes home and eats the whole pan of lasagna after she takes off her pleather forever21 pants that barely fit

No. 93952

File: 1430845730173.jpg (226.5 KB, 1440x569, Untitled-1.jpg)

Hm, I didn't know Charms had a blog at some point.

No. 93972

>Third picture
damn what a qt

No. 94115

this bitch DEFINITELY needs bangs to cover that giant egghead forehead and offensive eyebrows. Loose waves is also a lot more flattering, that hair color is a little too harsh on her and she would look 100000x better with a lighter brown/dark blonde.

She's a fucking cosmetologist, she needs a slap to the face GIRL WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

No. 94122

File: 1430867014211.jpg (153.19 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_0634.JPG)

Point proven. She actually looks her age here.

No. 94139

this charms was the best charms

No. 94141

A+ 'crazed PTA mom' description

No. 94194

Wow, she looks really good here. Adorable. Wtf happened?

No. 94212

Wow, she used to be so pretty. She's a fucking train wreck now. Aside from her looks, I actually prefer her old personality to her new one. At least she was interesting enough to pay attention to, with all her stupid opinions on everything and bad attitude. She's so boring these days I'm hardly even interested in her current drama. I think she's just faking what's socially acceptable so people will leave her alone.

No. 94215

Her tits were saggy when she was thin, too. Gaining weight normally makes breasts more perky.

No. 94222

weight gain will make them fuller but not perkier. flat, saggy boobs will obviously look worse than full, saggy boobs but the position of the nipple will not change regardless of weight change.

No. 94230

File: 1430880920362.jpg (147.08 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Still no pic of the tits yet. But here's some bras I guess? Charms' Instagram is painfully try hard and boring and usually whiney.

No. 94231

File: 1430880951053.jpg (122 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 94234

File: 1430881009527.jpg (138.81 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Tbh I can't even tell what's going on here.

No. 94235

File: 1430881041548.jpg (117.55 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 94237

That's an angled photo of under boob. The tape is right under her tit. Thats her armpit to the side.

No. 94246

I hope she's taking care of herself but this shit >>94230 looks like an underwire bra. I heard you weren't supposed to wear those until 3 months post surgery or they won't sit right?

No. 94254

She used to be cute, but she was always a load of crazy.

No. 94255

That fat ass piercer's ears are disgusting. what the hell.

No. 94281


Yeah if she's stupid enough to buy a bra before they even settle so she knows the real size, she may be stupid enough to wear a wired bra now too. Hopefully not.

Size her tennisball tits stick straight out, having an incision in the crease is stupid if there's nothing there to crease.

Also I too prefer her old attitude, at least she was up front and original in the sense that she would say what she felt instead of trying to be the-most-accepting-person-on-tumblr. Now she's just boring and fat, which will never stop being funny based on the irony of it.

No. 94283


Do you think she crais when she sees pictures of herself like this

or does she just pluck the last 4/5s of her eyebrows away before using ru paul as a reference picture to draw them in saying to herself no they're just jealous of how fabulous and forcing i am i wonder when mike is getting how with my mcdonalds my mom worked so hard for me to have this life i hate waiting on mexicans

No. 94288

I feel like that top bra had to have been pre weight gain too

No. 94292

oh man, how tragic. Such a downhill spiral, she used to be so cute

No. 94380

File: 1430916786553.jpg (160.69 KB, 659x806, ee.jpg)

She makes Mike sleep on the floor when her gf comes over.

No. 94381

What the hell do they see in her?

No. 94382


No. 94395

No. 94405

So she can date both of them, but both can't date other people? I hope they both leave her ass.

No. 94465

Am I the only one who hopes they both fall in love and leave her

No. 94467

No, we all want that ending.

No. 94516

>Feb 2014

I really can't believe she gained so much weight in only a year…

No. 94523

Wow she looks a lot better here.

Man, sometimes I think I should finally learn how to apply makeup and really doll up, but this looks like such a hassle.

No. 94567


i dont understand people like you it's really not difficult.

but she needs to go back to light hair.

No. 94606

you start enjoying it to the point that it seems fun and not like a chore.

No. 94637

Wait, did she get permanent fangs? I thought she was just wearing one of those halloween vampire teeth things lmao.

No. 94670

Yuuup, they are permanent. Sounds very uncomfortable.

No. 94702

File: 1430961645343.jpg (88.49 KB, 736x960, 1415920094833.jpg)


tbh I am jealous. I think they look sexy and I really want a pair for myself.

No. 94714

File: 1430962667292.jpg (16.84 KB, 400x225, image.jpg)

"I can't get over this bruise."

More 'hey look at my new tits but don't look at them' business

No. 94721

I don't really think it's that difficult, when you really learn how to do it. It's finding the right shades, colors, products then working on your technique that seems like a huge hassle. Plus I'm worried if I get it down, I'll start feeling like I need to wear it all the time and become uncomfortable with my real face and skin.
I sometimes go down that path with just eyeliner and mascara, so idk.

No. 94722

is it because they're still healing, or do they look really spaced far apart?

No. 94725

Well fuck…
I'm currently with someone who is also polyamerous and bisexual and it's so difficult to find another person to be with I can't understand how charms managed to do it especially now when she looks like shit. Im actually extremely jealous.

No. 94726

I'm 100% sure that the arrangement is not as nice as she makes it out to be. Besides, those two are probably together behind her back. If not, then her boyfriend is a complete cuck.

Idk man. She just seems like she's lying to herself. She's rude, nasty, mean and fat. I can't imagine anyone really being in love with her.

No. 94741

they're projecting so much… ew… they look bigger than i thought they'd be though. that actually looks like a reasonable size on the titty closest to the camera, but dat projection. hopefully they settle. does anyone know if she got saline or silicone?

she was from fl right? does she still live in fl?

No. 94742

I sent her an ask, asking how she can date two people but Mike couldn't see anyone else.

No. 94769


I was gonna say mine are about that size naturally and I just tried that exact pose to see what it would look like and mine squished inwards and pressed against my chest.

Hers look like they could be really hard.
I thought implants were supposed to feel like natural titties more often than not?

No. 94782

depends on a few factors, but they look awful. idk if she got over muscle or under and silicone vs saline, but they really look painfully hard. i have a feeling she's going to have a shit ton of complications for some reason.

idk if she got silicone or saline, but silicone feels more natural. idk though. i went to a dr and felt the silicone, and it was still clearly more dense/firm than my actual breast tissue. maybe it's bc theyre new implants, but they look hard as a rock. a lot of women develop capsular contracture (scar tissue builds around implant bc obv foreign object), and i have a feeling what with how lazy charms is, she won't do shit to prevent the scar tissue from developing.

No. 94785

Just a guess but they might be sore or tender since they're new. Also I heard you're not supposed to fuck around with them too much until they're mostly healed to make sure they properly settle.

No. 94786

They might actually be a decent size. I agree that they look much larger in this pic than previous post op ones

Ot, but I got mine done after Charms. I always wanted them, but seeing her with them pushed me to do it. They arent as long as hers, though.

No. 94810

why are the so cone like

No. 94868

Lol hugging her won't be fun. She should've just removed a fucking rib to give herself a waist. She's a box and adding giant tits is only going to make it worse

No. 94891

Its never as easy as she says it is. She is clearly insecure about it if she has to put rules on Mike like that and fears they would get together (or have) because she made that point about them not doing it. It would have been easy to just say that they arent into eachother, but to talk about that they 'cant' makes it sound like he wanted to.

No. 94898

File: 1431007734970.png (48.69 KB, 602x611, omg.PNG)

loooool is she serious with thsi answer

NO ONE is looking at her ass

im 10000000000000% certain

does she not remember that people have seen her ass on the internet

her ass literally looks like she shit into a diaper, and it became one with her - just all saggy with all of the volume in the lower part

No. 94907

I actually laughed out loud. She is such a wishful liar. Hopefully she gets a brazilian butt lift (which also liposuctions your midsection). She might look attractive after that.

No. 94916

File: 1431014307600.gif (1.95 MB, 400x300, d6fb1da46bd5.gif)


She did used to have a nice ass back when she was slimmer, but obviously that's gone to shit as well.

No. 94917

File: 1431014354645.gif (1.92 MB, 400x300, tumblr_mzclao7xay1rn65wxo1_400…)


She really has put on so much weight.

No. 94922

I found a candid vid of Charms at the MFC booth at AVN January 2014.

Starts at 40 seconds in.

No. 94929

I agree. She would benefit from a Brazilian buttlift since even when she was slim she had little to no ass. It'd benefit her even more now that she has so much fat in her midsection.

No. 94939


Her ass was great when she was slim >>94916

No. 94944

you guys are calling this nice or great?

No. 94946


Yeah, I personally think it's very a nice ass.
Plump and soft looking.

No. 94948

File: 1431018739444.jpg (72.63 KB, 452x603, 1375044787781.jpg)

Old body shot before she gained the weight.

No. 94982

File: 1431022277610.jpg (610.17 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_nnzr2v5JnE1shp2t7o1_128…)

>At my first boobie check up!

No. 94985

I feel like the only reason she got this boob job was to regain the confidence to get back on MFC, but really she is just going to look exactly the same as every other plastic, tattooed woman on that site.

No. 95000

why does she have to arch her brows like that in EVERY single picture!? she looks much better with her brows relaxed.

No. 95057


She shaves and draws in the second halves of her brows super arched up. If she were arching them herself you'd see creases in her forehead.

No. 95058

The woman with dark hair is so cute.

No. 95061

Her breasts were fine. She just got fat. All she needed to do was lose the weight and tone up.

No. 95136

File: 1431032649900.jpg (166.85 KB, 1576x712, 1431031902446.jpg)

A collage of downfall.

No. 95184

File: 1431038946351.jpg (161.04 KB, 1084x720, adasd.jpg)

Fancy going from this, to that.

No. 95227

File: 1431043448207.jpg (135.21 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

She didn't need a boob job. She just needs to get less fat.

Oh, and a new personality, because she's a piece of shit and I hope the people she is with are fucking each other behind her back. She deserves it.

No. 95228

so sad.. how she went from that to what she looks like now..

No. 95242

File: 1431045969878.jpg (700.48 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_no085f7azQ1shp2t7o1_128…)

Wooooow she just keeps on getting worse.

No. 95245

man, her tits were cute and different. More women need to embrace their small breasts. Now she's just another whore on MFC with implants. Fucking fatass

No. 95247

jfc chick on the far right with the shaved head is hideous.

No. 95249

did she fucking do some mohawk shit what is this?

idk man they were pretty sad and floppy but she didnt need fakes… she needed to work out

No. 95260

File: 1431046846728.jpg (130.84 KB, 1080x720, 1375044183166.jpg)


These are not floppy breasts.
I don't know what you idea of the ideal bust is but it must be entirely freakish for you to consider these floppy. They were only floppy after she became fat.

No. 95261


It's the same hairstyle as in >>94982
I think it's in a bun.

No. 95265


No way she's adorable

No. 95268

OMG dat receding hairline

No. 95270

I LOVE sidecuts on girls

No. 95274

File: 1431047579323.jpg (124 KB, 640x901, image.jpg)

No. 95280

that's misleading. they were always not very full. side profiles don't show how wide the breast and rib cage are. she has a very wide ribcage and her boobs are very far apart. it doesn't look weird from the side, though.

they had very little volume. they were never perky and they always have looked weird on her body bc she has a wide torso.

No. 95285

File: 1431048531945.jpg (11.05 KB, 460x287, prevent_sagging_breast_bra.jpg)


I never said they were full but they're not fucking floppy.

THESE are floppy breasts.

No. 95293

i personally think they were saggy/floppy/had the propensity to develop full on floppyness with weight gain/whatever. i would not be happy with them. i don't like how they looked when she was thin, either. idk why youre trying to police my preferences. the only reason why they werent straight up floppy when she was thin was bc she had no tits AT ALL. they were still low down on her chest. they were still unfortunate.

No. 95348

That ass isnt bad, but it isn't great. It's pretty average or maybe just good… That is just a flattering angle.
Wow, she was so hot here. Her breasts look nice, too. The hair and makeup are great.

No. 95355

Man this is so awkward when you realize they're all in a relationship together. (except the dude, apparently he doesn't deserve it)

No. 95385

They look floppy here, but the one lying down, they look round and pretty. But probably because she's lying flat.

So now she's just another fat chick with fat sacks of tits. Lame.

No. 95409


Same here, I used to find her quite attractive and feel sort of jelly of her wardrobe heh

No. 95503

He's a stupid beta. he deserves all the shit he takes.

No. 95556

File: 1431082425245.jpg (136.76 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

She also got her septum pierced today.

No. 95563

Fitting cowring

No. 95612

No. 96219


why are her boobs rectangles wtf- why didn't her PS give her a compression band for the top to actually move them from her fucking collar bones

also nice refund gap.

she should slow down with all of these physical changes, how rapid they are just comes off as looking extremely unhappy with herself. which we know but she isnt even trying to help herself.

No. 96223

She's just like how she was as a teen, gettings stupid impulse tattoos every few days. That's one thing that hasn't changed.

No. 96247

of course she's unhappy with herself. I love tattoos, but she's barely 22?? she is covered in tattoo and piercings and already getting plastic surgery. bitch hates herself.

No. 100062

Her tumblr is deleted and her twatter is on private, wonder if she found us?

No. 100064

Know if anything specific went down before it happened?

Maybe Bf and Gf got together behind her back, I'll die laughing if it's something like that tbh.

No. 100087

Damn. I actually like seeing some of her shit like her tattoos.

No. 100130

Her tumblr still works for me.

No. 100145


She's known about lolcow for months now.

No. 100519

Her tumblr is still there but her twitter is private now

No. 101405

It just says "because of reasons" on her twitter. Looks like she'll accept anyone that will request her so it's not like it'll be a problem getting onto her twitter.

No. 101456

She's supposed to be getting on cam tonight

No. 101509

Charms is going to be camming with her girlfriend in the next hour or so so somebody get caps/video.

No. 101523

File: 1431577173795.png (48.76 KB, 712x612, sexlexic.png)

Lol I don't remember this being on her page before.

No. 101529

Lude pictures=lewd pictures?

No. 101530

10-15 minutes till they're on.


No. 101532

I'm going to bed, somebody please record this.

No. 101534

>Weight: 6666 pounds


No. 101535

She's wearing a wig?

No. 101537

Wow, her voice is annoying.

No. 101539

Someone gave 300. Aren't they supposed to be making out?

No. 101541

File: 1431578643871.png (294.97 KB, 1726x438, Untitled.png)

No. 101543

Man this is awkward. They're both just sitting there not talking, complaining that nobody is talking, making no effort to talk and her gf is just sitting there looking pissed off that money hasn't immediately started pouring in.

No. 101545

Holy fuck she's gotten huge.

No. 101552

LMAFO nobody entered her raffle to see the new titties.

No. 101554

nice wig

No. 101556

File: 1431579843505.png (230.54 KB, 1704x372, 1.png)

No. 101557

Oh my fucking god they just knocked their laptop to the floor.

No. 101558

File: 1431580140579.png (223.46 KB, 1700x344, 3.png)

No. 101559

This seems like the most boring camshow ever

No. 101560

I'm just watching to see how she's gonna get that sweater off without pulling off her wig.

No. 101561

It really is. They don't even do stuff when people tip unless they get told to. Like, isn't it just common sense that if you put commands as rewards for X points/tokens/whatever, you do them when you get tipped? No wonder nobody is tipping them.

I wonder if she'll make her goal for that.

No. 101564

File: 1431581105172.png (479.2 KB, 1694x505, fatassk.png)

No. 101565

I'm guessing they're just friends from how they're acting on cam. No way these two are in a relationship.
Charms soo fat lol the boobs only make her look fatter

No. 101566

Probably. Their kiss was a bit awkward and it seemed like they wanted to get it over ASAP.

Like others have said, I bet behind her back, Charms is the 3rd wheel to the real relationship.

No. 101568

She sounds like an alcoholic.

Why are her eyebrows always crooked!

No. 101570

File: 1431581840003.jpg (53.64 KB, 640x369, image.jpg)

Small because Idc enough to get on my laptop but I feel like she's constantly adjusting her wig thus making it look more obvious that it's a wig. In some ways, I feel like her face looks better in motion but you can reaaaally see how young her "girlfriend" looks next to her now.

No. 101571

This is so fucking boring like holy shit wow. I can't keep watching this shit.

No. 101572

It's like a drunkard rambling on at 2am and you just want to go home and go to bed.

No. 101574

File: 1431582284438.jpg (55.73 KB, 586x463, image.jpg)

I can just hear the whining that has to come with this face

No. 101575

Whoa…Charms looks like a pregnant woman! Even PT's gut looks cuter than that. Gurl!

No. 101578

File: 1431583310413.png (323.92 KB, 1695x512, preggs.png)


No. 101580

i wonder how bbcharms would feel if she could see herself now.

No. 101581

She looks so much like my friend's cousin it's eerie. Funny thing is that a lot of people think she's beautiful and looks like Angelina Jolie when I always thought she looked like a wrecked transvestite.

I feel like charms would look better if her face wasn't crooked.

No. 101585

Holy shit, I knew she gained a bit of weight but I didn't know it was that much.

Damn son.

No. 101587

File: 1431584370247.png (146.85 KB, 316x235, oh.png)

No. 101588


No. 101589

File: 1431584449747.png (147.16 KB, 319x237, Untitled.png)


No. 101590

She was so out of breathe after this lmao

No. 101591


No. 101592

what was she doing?

No. 101593

File: 1431584885684.jpg (10.32 KB, 200x185, monkeyrocker1_T.jpg)

Putting together a monkey rocker

No. 101597

File: 1431585090012.png (157.75 KB, 313x240, awks.png)

her girlfriend looks sooo uncomfortable

No. 101604

charms gonna eat her

No. 101606

HOLY SHIT she's fucking huge!!! i thought she was chubby but she's actually obese! damn gurl

i wish the Gaia Charms could see this… i'd feel bad if she wasn't such a fucking cunt

No. 101615

Holy shit. I knew her when she was into lolita so to see her this big is mind blowing. This actually gives me motivation to lose weight because my arms are about the same size as hers so if she had skinny arms and legs before, I can do it too.

And does anyone know why she does or did camming? Was it because she wanted to or because she needed a job and couldn't find anything else? Her mom is well off so I wondered why she couldn't mooch off her mom without resorting to camming. Not meaning to slut shame because I don't care if people want to do it because they want to. I'm just curious to know if she had to do it or if it was her preferred job.

No. 101665

File: 1431605494606.jpg (239.47 KB, 1280x850, 1424175003610.jpg)


No. 101670

Oh my god, how can anyone be that fat?!

No. 101675

Her dyslexia excuses make me furious. You have to actually try to get past it. It means you have to try harder than everyone else. It's not an excuse for being fucking lazy.

Also we live in an age of spellcheck on every platform, how fucking hard is it to type that up in word or on google and then copypaste it?

No. 101676

If I didn't know who she was I'd think this was a pregnant camwhore.

That is the most unflattering pic and she's had a bunch of them. Holy shit how can she think that she looks good like that? I didn't even notice her boob job because of her rolls.

No. 101684

Damn charms. I guess it's not that surprising that she got so big since literally all she does is sit in her room and make her cuck boyfriend fetch her fast food all day everyday.

No. 101685

Does anyone else think it's hilarious that she constantly post shit for people being abused or survivors of abuse on tumblr telling them to get out of their relationships and she's abusive as fuck to Mike?

Where's that anon that claimed she locked him in the basement after he had surgery on his teeth?

No. 101840

Did anybody else see the bit where she screeched at Mike to go fetch her a tub from the front of her car, he came back and handed it to her, she opened it, pulled out a dead bat and began showing it off on cam.

And her gf looked extremely uncomfortable on cam. Her gf just lost her job as a dental assistant and I guess Charlotte convinced her to get into camming saying how glamorous it was and how much money she'd make.

No. 101849

>for an existent infection

No. 101856

Sigh, I don't think people realize that future employers can run background checks on you and find out you were previously a camgirl.

No. 101906

File: 1431632119781.png (11.23 KB, 661x201, whattttt.png)

…Did she get a new job? I'm confused. Also, taking extra medicine to pass out will probably make it harder to wake up in the morning.

No. 101920

betting 10 bucks on incoming OD

No. 101923

I think she just hopped on the tumblr CAMGIRLS ARE GODDESSES UWU train and stays on it bec