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File: 1465832130029.jpg (82.34 KB, 590x584, leage.JPG)

No. 139506

This is a general thread for this "group" of league 20 something league streamers/youtubers who leech on each other and act like perpetual teens. Generally all the girls are kawaii ugu s-shy but are actually sluts and the guys are creepy lolicons. Feel free to add anyone you wish to talk about

Some of them in this group.


fake voice, leeches off professional players, acts kawaii shy but is slutty IRL





the biggest fucking leech of them all




Chinese but want's to be korean. Fat IRL but pretends to be a tiny kawaii loli.



Had a "girl gamer" league team that was shit and the laughingstock of the whole league community.edgy af and writes pseudo intellectual writing which people pay her thousands for on patreon. biggest try hard with a strange bloated face where you can't tell if she is fat or just deformed.



No. 139507

File: 1465832321504.jpg (28.94 KB, 470x591, bekkuh.JPG)


One of the bigger whores, was talking to a league player then goes to a party and hooks up with 5 guys. Fucks HotshotGG (while he had a GF, who later broke up with him) and manipulates him into making horrible team decisions. Despite her hideous nose weebs still lust for her because she is asian.



No. 139509

File: 1465832527297.jpg (36.07 KB, 416x295, nikki.JPG)


Jumps around dating pros for attention, very ugly and cringy personality. Always looks out of place in the group of mostly asian league girls.



No. 139511


another leech, slept with 2 league players in one night. is on the immortals league twitch team because she and her roommate sucked their dicks. does "beach meet ups" with subs so they can oggle her in a bathing suit.



No. 139556

a good amount of these girls are "community managers" of some random gaming company/e-sports company. What does that even mean? seems like it takes no qualifications I guess

No. 139576

Typically blanket terms for jobs that players get companies to make to give gfs jobs so they don't feel as 'kept'/can brag that they aren't JUST GFS GUYZ.

It's popular in football/soccer as well, basically after a guy starts dating a girl for a while he introduces her to his company/whoever is dealing with his sponsorship and they find some shitty job for her to do for a lot of pay. (Usually some sort of PR/'Analyst'/Secretary position)

No. 139645

makes sense. I started to notice a lot of these girls were either attractive or if they were like >>139509 they were dating a professional. I wonder what they actually do honestly, especially ones that do "social media marketing" for a team or gaming company

No. 139650

Usually menial paperwork or handle some sort of social media aspect (controlling the players twitter/fb page, doing little events on the team twitter, organizing giveaways). Basically imagine an unpaid intern who is the boss's son that is there for the summer.

It's either something they do that they never have to show up to the office and if they do they're there for like half a day photocopying shit, kek.

No. 139725

File: 1465895221027.jpg (435.44 KB, 797x952, 1350142334519.jpg)

I found behkuh to be the most annoying.

No. 139726

File: 1465895348642.png (2.9 MB, 2085x870, behkuh retardedd.png)

No. 139727

File: 1465895389118.png (10.23 KB, 824x117, aaaaa.png)

No. 139729

File: 1465895496571.jpg (22.45 KB, 1411x205, beccaliar.jpg)

No. 139731

File: 1465895678791.jpg (248.34 KB, 875x797, good girlfrandd.jpg)

No. 139735

File: 1465895882374.jpg (97.18 KB, 955x861, 1359838661784.jpg)

She joined a christian thing at college as well, go figure.

No. 139773

Sluts will be sluts

No. 139786

Lol who even is Aria? She started off leeching off Lilypichu and Uguubear as their "roommate" aka slept on the couch. I heard she kept trying to latch on to popular league guys but no one would take the bait because she gives off the crazy vibe. I don't understand how she managed to keep relevant by doing absolutely nothing but she is. Kind of impressive for a leech.

No. 139787

tbh I've always wondered how these girls meet the guys. Do they stalk them on social media and try and get them to talk to them privately? Do they go to live events and beat back the crowds of fanboys like groupies?

No. 139789

I don't get it either. The funniest part for me is that as long as they are asian or look somewhat asian they will get attention I guess? no idea to be honest. I really want to know

No. 139790

File: 1465916936534.jpg (78.86 KB, 826x422, how are they always all togeth…)

No. 139792


holy shit this bitch is insane. how did she do all of this shit?? is she that charming? I know the potato nose is essentially a meme here but seriously. she has the worst case I've ever seen.

No. 139793

File: 1465917231316.jpg (57.1 KB, 476x559, 121pic.JPG)

pokimane looks like shit in candids

No. 139829

That's cause she's all shop, filter and angles aka 99 percent of the online female population.

No. 139845


her nasolabial/eye folds age her so much. she looks like she has never used sunscreen/moisturizer and is already aging badly.

No. 139850

File: 1465929747844.jpg (33.46 KB, 415x410, aria1.JPG)


which guys did she try to leech on? I'm genuinely interested.

also pic related, it's her on her stream yesterday. holy shit she looks way worse than I ever expected. Super Haggard. Guess it makes sense no pros would date her

No. 139861

File: 1465930531226.jpeg (329.08 KB, 1242x1834, image.jpeg)

I always see her on my Instagram her face gives me the creeps

No. 139864

She looks southeast asian like Vietnamnese or something

No. 139866


wtf is up with this girls hair? how big is her forehead? seriously looks so scary

No. 139874


Not exactly in the pro League scene but a lot of them approach them in groups and flirt super hard at their first meeting aka gifts/compliments etc. The second tactic is that randomly messaging them about something to grab their attention. Although most of the time it's more on the guys trying to keep up a nice guy appearance.

No. 139879

File: 1465932398815.jpg (61.07 KB, 592x577, pokihgair.JPG)

her hair is even worse.

No. 139883


I have very rarely seen hair that looks so crispy when it is not bleached blonde (she doesn't seem to be blonde). She needs to cut that shit off asap.

No. 139886

Poki tries too hard to cover up dat big ass jaw

No. 139888

File: 1465933598449.png (540.88 KB, 1280x720, 1465669665293.png)

>that feel when you relate because you have a big ass fuck off jaw

No. 139891

File: 1465933877236.jpg (70.59 KB, 475x599, contrast.JPG)


Honestly I think she tries to hide her nose more than her jaw. Most of her pics/stream are so overexposed you cannot see it.

No. 139895

File: 1465934100121.jpg (55.47 KB, 598x459, natsumi.JPG)

Chocobars is the only cute one out of the whole league e-sluts group. Here you can see natsumi and alittlejenny (jenny is most right, and natsumi next to her)and how alien-like/ugly they look compared to her.

No. 139903

File: 1465934821811.jpg (74.58 KB, 603x580, Capture.JPG)


A less filtered similar picture. looking rough af

No. 139948

File: 1465947411918.jpg (5.58 KB, 236x354, c7d2aa28bb56e7d0ec6283940e03f6…)

Why is the eyes area so creepy, reminds me of Franku's special glasses

No. 140048

File: 1465989920901.png (630.55 KB, 593x593, 8fashkfjakr.png)

these three are all the same people as far as I'm concerned
>annie (boxbox gf), xpori (artist?), igumdrop (???)

No. 140050

File: 1465990616433.png (503.46 KB, 997x374, jasminacop.png)

One of the cringier league girls (imo), mostly because of her shoops and singing vids. But she's finally managed to get herself an LCS coach, good for her dreams do come true



No. 140051

The dark hair + glasses asian girl makes white guys cream their pants like no other I think.

No. 140056

File: 1465991785527.jpg (45.65 KB, 640x480, TbG0nqX.jpg)

Hafu (she has noodz)

No. 140057

It honestly pisses me off when everyone posts these pics. Hafu is a respectable, normal girl who has worked hard for what she has in the gaming industry. She sent some nudes to an ex and he posted them online. Why share revenge nudes even more? Seems sick

No. 140058

Like edits herself? Like in Instagram pics?
What did this poor girl do to her hair…

No. 140059

File: 1465992648849.png (1005.36 KB, 960x673, leaguemoms.png)

you're probably just trolling but I have been wondering how those two got popular so fast. They were literal nobodies just last year.

No. 140060


Seconded. Hafu is one of the few respectable popular female streamers. She also happens to have the talent and dedication to pursue professional play. Don't lump her in with these ewhores.

No. 140063

This girls are all very southeast asian prostitute-like… Only works in LCS to get neckbeard fans and lol pros…. Shit would not fly in Korea.

No. 140105


Fuslie does do beach "meet ups" with her viewers/subs. I have heard only rumors about the sleeping with players but honestly I do not put it behind her. I also have no idea how they go so popular, I remember them being nobodies as well, and now suddenly they are making tons of bank a month. Fuslie even quit studying for a masters to stream instead of her other career.

No. 140106

she looks dirty here…

No. 140109


th-there's no way this is the same person???

No. 140110

File: 1466008034791.jpg (46.6 KB, 583x429, 123412.JPG)


It is. Here is a heavily filtered/washed out pic and even here you can see her fried hair and heavy ass nose contour

No. 140111

Natsumi really got the short end of the looks department… her voice is nice though

No. 140112


igumdrop just looks really fucking weird considering she has monolids and she looks like shes 24/7 straining her eyes open due to the way she does her makeup and the contacts.

No. 140113


At least she looks better than Bekkuh. That girl looks like she has a tumor on her face.

No. 140118

It would be hilarious if some of this Bekkuh hate is actually Lilypichu passive aggressively posting. She does know about lolcow after someone linked her her thread.

No. 140121

The way she does her eyeliner is really bad

No. 140124

File: 1466010174306.jpg (8.39 KB, 264x191, 1456484523189.jpg)

No. 140125


do they not like each other?


I'm the last anon lol. She does look dirty compared to her instagram pictures. I think she whitens her skin with filters maybe

No. 140127

Oh yeah she's cute I like her ^_^

No. 140130

she's cute!! she looks like CL

No. 140152

Loco I'm pretty sure. He was posting a ton of pictures with her awhile back.

What about Angela? She's dating HuHi from CLG, pretty sure she was dating some other league dude before

She also looks alot different in candids than selfies..think everyone does a little bit but seems to be pretty drastic with these league girls

No. 140261

Bekkuh is the ex of Hotshotgg and Lily is the current gf.

No. 140394

If these guys are making big bucks, could they not at least find some prettier girls to pay?

No. 140400

Well she is a dumbass for including her face.

I'm real sorry that you are too.

No. 140405

File: 1466070834529.png (839.21 KB, 599x725, 1382798659756.png)

He's got mad yellow fever. I think Aidama was asian too.

No. 140445

File: 1466077327016.png (768.87 KB, 588x695, l0llicon.png)

Angela's a weird one. She stays under the radar by not having drama with people. It's weird but I think she deleted all evidence of having been with Rhux. I was trying to find a photo of him from her Insta/Twitter but everything's gone. He's no longer an LCS player. Some stuff I've noticed about her:

- Changed her name from l0llicon to Choa since people were teasing her about what lolicon means, which she didn't know (bullshit kek). Surprising to see her switch it back, maybe because Choa never caught on and l0llicon is such an attention-grabbing pseudonym.
- She and Aria were both "working" for NRG, what happened to that? Maybe she was just helping out for a bit but she and Aria seemingly got cut at the same time.
- Constantly acts innocent on Twitter, butting into conversations where lewd remarks are being made and acting like she doesn't "get it" and people have to either explain to her what a joke means or they just play it off. She's either genuinely dumb or is keeping up this act really well.

Aside from that, I still think she's cute but she does overshoop herself. One of the less annoying League girls.

No. 140447

This this this.

Its clear they don't play the game for the fun of it (or for the money) but they wanna date these dudes because they make money. But newsflash for these golddiggers, esports changes so much that in the next year LoL will be out and something else will be in. And their cash cows will get old and not be able to play competitively anymore

Just gross. I kind of feel bad for these guys . for being duped so hard to spend money on these girls. Money they earned too.

Also, politesage for selfposting a bit, but if they were genuinely interested and in love with these guys more power to them. Some of us have bfs who are not model handsome but we obvs think are sexy due to attraction in personality but there again, our bfs are probably not making 600k for esports and we're not sponging off them.i don't think these women are with them for their stellar personalities :/

And how do they not feel like a complete waste of space letting someone buy them expensive shit? They didn't even earn it…

No. 140457


I follow her on twitter. I just noticed the name change from NRG_Choa to this new one. I had no idea aria also 'worked' for them. What did these girls even do?

No. 140463

Angela actually visibly did a lot for them in regards to her social media rep position. Spammed my feed with NRG shit. Then it just stopped? Aria, I have absolutely no fucking clue what she did. Prior to working with NRG, Aria was CLG's household "chef". Got to live with them as long as she cooked for them. Maybe it was the same for NRG.

No. 140483

Prob suck off the pro players

No. 140505


was aria even dating any of them? why was she living with them just to be their maid/cook/hole? that sounds so weird and sketchy. why did she move?

No. 140516

File: 1466091522463.jpg (15.22 KB, 336x130, 21831.JPG)


From Aria's twitch. Apparently she was the "chef" for both NRG and CLG. Holy shit how desperate can you be?

No. 140625

File: 1466099770631.jpg (49.46 KB, 693x291, arialeech.JPG)

what leech lmao.

No. 140638

W-why doesn't she just get a job then? Stream after work/on weekends if you're inconsistent.

No. 140644

after getting a taste of league popularity, a lot of these people mentally regress. They forget that there are countless minimum wage jobs they can get, and it would be more than what they currently make. It's funny that her Patreon is set up for art, when she doesn't and never created art.

No. 140668

File: 1466101757638.jpg (29.88 KB, 555x197, aria.JPG)


I'm surprised she is attempting to be a full time streamer/not getting another job when her numbers are so low. this girl is so lazy. she could barely get 50 viewers in April. She is 22 not 14

No. 141152

viewers mean nothing if you have one or two sugar daddies

No. 141188


on natsumi's twitch description, she writes "my korean name is yuh-reum" (which means summer in korean) lmao i don't follow her but what a fucking koreaboo. she's chinese but she doesn't even write in chinese.

No. 141190


I frequent streams where the view count is usually under 60. They get super stressed when the view count is 100 and the chat starts exploding. They're passionate in doing streams even when there's just 20 people there. Getting around 50 viewers every stream isn't too bad.

No. 141277

-has a japanese name as an alias
-pretends/tries to be korean
Is natsumi pulling a momosweetcosplay? Lol

No. 141285


It is bad getting 50 viewers and deciding to become a "full time streamer" and not having any other job (while begging for money bc poor). if you're a casual streamer , sure that's fine but in her case I found this pretty hilarious.

No. 141296

sage for OT, but I see this all the time and it's really sad. there are so many people on twitch who stream for hours every day and never get more than 10 or 20 viewers. i guess it's not that bad if you were going to spend the whole day playing video games anyway, but some of these people buy expensive gamer chairs, recording equipment, etc. because they think they'll strike it big. super depressing.

No. 141759

Lol I noticed that too. That she replies to all these things acting like she doesn't understand..it's so obvious she's just doing it to act "lol so ditzy xD"
It's not cute though..she just graduated college. How is she going act so stupid? And not at least get a job with her degree, but continue leeching off her boyfriend kek. I also noticed there's 0 evidence of her ever dating Rhux too. Wonder why she would delete every single tweet relating to him..kinda odd. And calling herself Choa was always so cringey to me. Almost as bad as l0llicon lmao. You don't name yourself l0llicon without knowing what the word means, how dumb does she think people are?
Not surprising, Aria comes off as the biggest leech of them all.

No. 141843


she's dating huhi right? why would he date such a leech are these esports guys that retarded? What was her degree in? All I see her do IRL is not work/ be an "esport manager".

No. 141851

Esports guys are just glorified nerds

No. 141881


Yeah I know, I just assumed that guys with a lot of money/notoriety would notice/not want girls to leech off them especially when they are not even that hot

No. 146134

Nah, they're easy money. Don't even have to put out because they're that beta.

No. 146150


wtf is "content/social media"?? She doesn't want to get a real job and is even lazy with her streams (which she begs money for). Jesus what a pathetic girl

No. 146630

Anybody got stories to share?

No. 154373

these whores make me mad to no end. seriously, go get a job that isn't sucking cock

No. 156317

File: 1468749358661.png (24.81 KB, 578x188, imnotaleechstop.png)

guess someone found lolcow

No. 156341

>i dont tweet about it
>tweets about it

Aria, you dumb leech.

No. 156359

>"helping" out at parents business

Aka doing nothing. Ok

>part time sushi server jobs

What? You're always complaining about not having enough money and the way she says this, makes it seem like she only has on and off "jobs". She's a lazy leech

A very delusional one at that

No. 158500

fuslie's vibrator makes a cameo in latest stream

No. 158530

I don't see why this is a big deal, she mastubates? how awful.

No. 162482

it's not that, her reaction to it was hilarious

No. 163096


No. 163112

lmao its definitely the reaction. she looks over, notices its there, swivels her chair to hide it and quickly looks at the guitar and says that.

dame, at least pick up your room before you stream

No. 163667

File: 1470519310780.png (18.11 MB, 4000x6000, fatyoonie.png)




fat autistic korean girl who pretty much got famous for dating Xpecial years ago.

ex-siren, shit at league and now sells porn for patreon.

it says shes creating ART and PHOTOGRAPHY aka posting sub-par pictures of her ugly ass for all the weebs to wack off to

No. 163672

Don't be ana-chan.

No. 163673

I wouldn't go as far to call her fat, just really average.

No. 163703

whats with the ugly man bodied "omqqq so kawaii yellow fever" asians who play league on twitch with high contrast 4 push up bras and shit loads of makeup and hair extensions?

No. 163709

she actually has absolutely zero boobs.
This is the literal definition of 'flat as a pancake'.

No. 163711

true and she has an unfortunate face, but she's not fat just 'normal weight'.

No. 165864


how can she say this is art? all of her pictures just look like 'higher' quality nudes taken of her in her shitty dingy room. wtf.

No. 171199

The more I look at Fuslie, the more her face looks like an egg??

No. 172852

Keep looking.

No. 175080

File: 1474279273346.jpg (134.88 KB, 1440x900, 1402196726325.jpg)

Oh, Yoonie.

No. 175081

File: 1474279316764.jpg (136.99 KB, 1440x900, 1402196274382.jpg)

Which league guy did she date again?

No. 175787

Pretty sure she dated Xpecial

No. 175807

File: 1474502382643.jpg (28.98 KB, 293x441, yooniemoney.jpg)

This is all it takes to make over $1k per week.

No. 175810

fuslie is really pretty, i just hate her fake personality.


wtff did she wear this on twitch?? when??

No. 175813

>sub goal: 0/5

No. 175890

Fuslie strikes me as someone who doesn't have naturally pretty features, but she knows how to keep her image and appearance up to compensate.

No. 175960


What do you mean? like through makeup and style? I feel like fuslie is "traditionally" attractive tbh (small forehead, good sized eyes, plump lips, thin but not too thin). She also wears mostly like casual tshirts so not sure how well her style is.

No. 175966

You must have low standards she's ugly/adverage looking to me

No. 175983

You picked the worst possible screen to show how "traditionally attractive" she is kek

No. 176049


screen? It's a youtube video. >>175960

I just thought it would be easier to show how she looks like through a video vs a still photo.


tbh her noses is kind of ugly to me but that's about it. What do you find ugly in her?

No. 176053

Her eyes, nose, overal make shape is very unattractive plus it doesn't help that she looks likr a cheap skank

No. 176055

>>176049 face shape*

No. 176273


The thing with fuslie I think, and why is so popular is the fact that she doesn't look "skanky". Like she always wears these v neck shirts where she looks flat/no cleavage EVER, hair down, "etc. I think this is part of her "appeal" to nerds who want "a real gamur gurl and not a whore". She also doesn't curse, uses words like darm etc. So weird to me how many men/children have this weird "clean virgin girl fetish".

are you saying her makeup looks skanky?

No. 176558


Gee annon, you really wanna know what people think of her, and what makes her skanky and ugly while defending her. It almost feels like ummm fuslie herself asking for opinions or something.

No. 176845

Wouldn't be surprised if it was fuslie or someone that knows her

No. 178179

Nah I'm not Fuslie, I'm just really curious. I always thought she was mostly popular for her looks and "clean" image, and people saying she looks skanky and ugly kinda confuses me

No. 202980

Just curious, but does anyone know the average income of these e-girls? There's a whole community of them in the League scene so it's either because the money is really good, they can't do anything else, or both.

No. 203285

I'd be interested in knowing too, but I bet a significant chunk of income is received in the form of gifts.

No. 203300

where's lillychu

No. 203349

If you want to start a conversation about her post why she's a flake.

No. 203355

she has her own thread

No. 203379

imaqtpie recently said he makes about 2 mil a year, but he's a retired pro that streams fulltime. Kaceytron has mentioned before in her private streams that she makes a few thousand a week through hatemail donations alone.
Don't know about the league hoes though.

No. 204175

File: 1480169683783.jpeg (80.63 KB, 1280x720, pokimane-qcAE63ewUCgPzTKkRmXyg…)

Its true. She tries very hard to hide her nose. Off cam she looks nothing like herself.

No. 204184


Literally every half Asian half white person ive seen in my life got the Asian eyes but white nose, how sad. Is the nose gene that fucking powerful?

No. 204190

she's not even half asian

No. 204224


The one time I checked her twitter it was in her bio that she was half something ?

No. 204252


shes not, she is middle eastern i think (Morocco or something)

No. 205658

File: 1480342082282.png (705.43 KB, 914x807, Screenshot_2016-11-26-09-16-10…)

For some reason I remember she had half Asian as well at one point. Weird.

No. 217934

File: 1482229187846.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.98 MB, 4000x6000, 2085118253999196631.jpg)

Decided to check on Yoonie and she's still doing her Patreon lewd thing? If you're going to get nearly $2k from Patreon per week, at least rent out a studio that won't show how cheap you're being on everything.

No. 217959

File: 1482232934119.jpg (14.7 KB, 183x275, IMG_3952.JPG)

I know right? It's like every photo is so fucking lazily sloppily put together and most are like she just woke up with no makeup and threw on something. Jesus.

No. 217961

She actually looks really cute.

No. 217994

Who exactly is this 139509, i know she went out with bjergen, does anhone know anything about her? Also in some pics she look pretty but in others she has a butterface lol

No. 218018


Weirdest thing about her is how "thin" she looks in her streams but she is a little on the healthy thick side (not fat but not super thin). she looks way bigger in person.

No. 242982

File: 1485929350977.jpg (251.12 KB, 1920x1920, C168NkuVIAA-DfL.jpg)


No. 245710

File: 1486342523522.png (560.29 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-05-19-02-24…)

No wonder poki filters the fuck outta her pics

No. 245813


Qtpie is probably the league streamer that makes the most money. And yea he makes about 2 million a year but it's a combination of ad revenue, donations, sponsors, and twitch view $. He usually gets around 20k views a night. His friend/ex-pro Dom makes $600k a year and has a third of QT's views. I don't watch Poki's stream but I think she's the most out of the female LoL streamers so she's probably doing pretty well

No. 245814


those mouth wrinkles, she looks 30 lol

No. 246381

I'm seeing tweets about Twitch drama on my Twitter feed but none of the actual drama. Anyone got deets?

No. 247917

Why would they do that? It would mean less money for them.

No. 262350

File: 1488500438750.jpg (267.18 KB, 688x1070, CYMERA_20170302_191957.jpg)

Any deets on kimi? Her troop seems to be I'M KOREAN LOOK AT ME

No. 262353

File: 1488500520891.jpg (358.51 KB, 720x811, CYMERA_20170302_192211.jpg)

She looks south east asian too

No. 262356

What gives south east asian vibes? I'm curious cus they all look like cam girls to me

No. 262359

File: 1488500865694.jpg (137.74 KB, 1200x900, C4GmGbcWQAA1wvM.jpg)

I thought this was this girl I follow on twitter for a second, surprisingly this girl could totally be a streamer and be the best one but she doesnt?

No. 262615

outsider here, but deep in several comp gaming communities. league drama is hilarious. it's a fucking mess to anyone outside of it and nobody "respectable" (if you can really call esports respectable which, lol, if youre actually taking them seriously you have already lost) wants to touch that shit with a ten foot pole.

No. 265614

Do these girls just hop from pro dick to pro dick? Poki was "dating" Meteos a while back and now everyone in her chat spams Bjerg implying she is his new piece lmao. I remember he was dating that Nicki Smith girl but I guess that ended.

No. 266476

Pretty much, easy status and money but the downside is you have to fuck a loser beta 24/7 as compensation

No. 266809

Because she just shoops the shit out of her photos. She's an artist that does same face for every anime girl she draws, they (one trick artists) tend to over-edit their own photos. Is there any photo taken of her that she most likely wasn't able to photoshop?

No. 266812

File: 1489141316989.jpg (37.74 KB, 374x500, 298653_10150366309567403_30165…)

i have a few candids saved

No. 266813

File: 1489141407547.jpg (33.78 KB, 371x500, 12019925_10153643743652403_193…)

No. 267423

This is her twitter if anyone wants to check her out. She is fairly attractive but not really a streamer or involved in anything with this thread imo.


No. 267424

I gotta question who is your favorite? For me Becca just does it for me. I know she was an OG League Hoe but I just fuck with her hard. Either her or ChocoBars. Choco is probably the most attractive but I still go Becca. lmao

No. 274581

File: 1490139700411.jpg (207.85 KB, 1536x2048, C59rqrzU4AA_-mV.jpg)

No. 274587

Wow I didn't know that, this is mind blowing for me.

Do you have more candids of her?

No. 274606

lmao these selfposts though

No. 274617

lol, I honestly don't think she lurks on here or PULL

No. 274729

So why are you posting yourself if you're irrelevant

No. 274758

lol it looks like some ugly streamer is jelly they aren't as pretty as hyoon

No. 274788


All these looks like self posts, yes we get it. You streamer sluts are extremely narcissistic and you want everything to be about you. You all are just only there to entertain loser outcasts ?

No. 274807

File: 1490153409509.jpg (68.91 KB, 956x725, contacts.JPG)

Does anyone know what kind of contacts she wears? I really want a pair like this

No. 274827

??? Not a streamer, just don't understand why you want to self post on lolcow

No. 274868

It's the same with Dota 2.

Multiple guys fuck the same chinese girl who fucking stole from a children's charity. They have no respect for themselves, just lose to the yellow fever.

No. 274878

take your tin foil hat off lmao

are you that sad and insecure that the only thing that gets your rocks off is thinking above average girls lurk here and are just as terrible as the rest of us? Crazier than kaka at this point smfh

No. 274902

okay self-poster

No. 274903

why are you so obsessed over this being a self post lol.. if you're in the league community you know who hyoon is she's fairly popular at least on twitter

No. 274911

there's at least two other people calling this to be a self post, take your own advice and take your tinfoil hat off


says the person replying within a couple minuted of everyone's call out post, whatever helps you sleep at night retard

i dont use twitter or follow people who arent challenger/pros so idk who she is

No. 274916

I think she buys gemini contacts but they don't show up as bright irl(she edits the color brighter in her photo)

No. 274918

It's the same shit like kaka thinking everyone is taylor. Just let the retard scream and attempt to derail this thread. Eventually their autistic tantrum will end in them taking a nap lol.

No. 275063

File: 1490196376528.jpg (1.06 MB, 320x240, 2f9.jpg)

Stupid sluts mad at being called out?

No. 275087

Sure you are, hyoon or whatever your name is

No. 275089

>above average

you're so above average you're trying to promote yourself by self posting on a gossip site populated mainly by females…?

No. 275196

Do you guys masturbate to the thought of the possibility of self posters?
Cus god damn your autism is derailing this thread lol

No. 275242

I'm just stating the obvious. No one knows who the fuck you are hyon so you can go back to your hole.

No. 275244

Only a selfposter would be so butthurt about people calling them a selfposter.

No. 275255

tfw we're actually all cute selfposters

No. 275257

File: 1490217971112.jpg (58.71 KB, 750x555, q4hdokvu2d0y.jpg)

The best league girl <3

No. 275261

keep shooping yourself sweetie one day you'll be happy

No. 275265

File: 1490218483186.png (467.98 KB, 600x462, CUoaqqTWEAAW4kI.png)

someone's #triggered

No. 275287

get tit implants, stuffing your chest with basketballs aren't helping.

No. 275288

who is this and why do they look so odd?
I can't tell if they're botched, bad shoop, or both. Such a shame.

No. 275302

None of these sluts are cute in any way tho

No. 275308

File: 1490221993187.png (440.06 KB, 600x415, CUoaqpBWwAEXnZh.png)

~triggered~ and not contributing, post better looking League girls, I dare you

No. 275319

None of them are attractive whatsoever lmao

No. 275324

Fairly sure one of the shitposters here is a triggered friend of hyoon's dragging this out. I've seen her in person, she's disappointingly just an average Asian girl with heavy nose contouring makeup.

No. 275328

File: 1490222856308.jpg (33.49 KB, 500x384, large.jpg)

sure lol

>i-i'm not ~triggered~, you are!

Going to keep posting these cus you guys get so buttmad

No. 275331

looks like another self hating southeast asian trying to east asian

No. 275335

File: 1490223230972.jpg (143.15 KB, 600x400, OWCSzui.jpg)

should we bring the amazing non asian streamers in here

No. 275470

Self posting here isn't going to help you any.

No. 275573

File: 1490240910339.jpg (37.56 KB, 640x640, 17266295_783212631833976_12537…)

No. 278099

U outta pucs buddy?

No. 278163

go home hyung

No. 278168

File: 1490581640148.png (418.63 KB, 600x448, CQhAbkiW8AEcuUc.png.0a13c68c77…)

tfw you bump a 4 day old thread, how butt mad are you

No. 278176

yikes. learn to shoop better.

No. 278242

File: 1490588038841.png (678.09 KB, 600x809, CFLSggDUgAAe2IX.png.95a925c1f8…)

are you not ugly yet salty chan

No. 278408

File: 1490626220752.jpg (42.65 KB, 486x409, 731.jpg)

Common anon chan is that the best u got??

No. 278432

Not an improved shoop. Try harder.

No. 278434

nice chin

No. 278506

File: 1490637878011.jpg (44.63 KB, 600x492, CerlJAAWIAIbu8d.jpg)

you probably have more than her though.

The more the better right?

No. 278510

File: 1490638608676.jpeg (58.4 KB, 480x480, 130c2d611981a6c895ef9d6acf3051…)

Yesterday 3-2
Today 3-1
What's wrong anon chan? You are seriously lacking the expectation here.

No. 278828

What's 3-2 and 3-1? anon's chins?

No. 278834

the tit size discrepancy is shocking

No. 278854

Guessing is the ratio of how many pics anon is posting of that girl

No. 278889

So it's pics vs how many times anon posted? I'm being autistic but if there's a ratio I need to know the rationale behind it

No. 279672

where u at anon chan?

No. 279719

How come bekkuh has all this money but still won't get a nosejob

No. 279942

Lol this level of sperg, I hope annon keeps posting.
Chic isn't remarkable or known at all, the first time I've heard of her was in this forum. Hell I don't even think she belongs here. She isn't like the twitch whores who slut it up for efame and dick

No. 279951

She looks like an aspiring twitch eslut wannabe. Bet you in a matter of time she will be streaming, cosplaying and trying to nab a pro player boyfriend because she has 0 self respect like these twitch girls and other cosplay sluts alike.

No. 281195

File: 1490921618990.jpg (409.57 KB, 720x720, CYMERA_20170330_205237.jpg)

Is dyrus dating a pornstar?

No. 281201

File: 1490921920658.jpg (145.64 KB, 700x1244, a2dwqZO_700b.jpg)

She does look like one

No. 281205

File: 1490922049686.jpg (333.7 KB, 720x854, CYMERA_20170330_210126.jpg)

No. 281213

Emily tried making moves on reckful before she netted dyrus shortly after. Right after she graduated for high school she moved in with dyrus right after meeting/dating him less than a month

No. 281218

Hyoon dates BRNA for years now. Not into money or fame lol he's just a high school kids yall are dumb

No. 281220

On lilys thread people are saying grandmapichu was behind all that

No. 281221

File: 1490923246894.jpg (179.13 KB, 969x1200, Cx-abAbXUAISN4g.jpg)

I wouldnt be surprised if dyrus is her sugar daddy, she flirted around with other streamers or something and once she started dating dyrus, she moved from kansas to texas to live with him and keep in mind they've only just met at this point. She was 18 and he was like 25 when they met, what else is she with him for? Obviously money and a nice place to stay and for dyrus sex and eye candy.

No. 281238

File: 1490924111964.jpg (441.04 KB, 734x734, CYMERA_20170330_213519.jpg)

Is there a factory for this shit somewhere?

No. 281240

She has a nice body but I wonder how much does she starve herself to maintain it

No. 281368

File: 1490931692477.jpg (95.89 KB, 1024x768, C46ca8gVUAAZWkK.jpg)

The winner is clearly dyrus. He's a lucky dude that found himself a nice stay at home prostitute

No. 281369

File: 1490931757550.jpg (56.59 KB, 540x960, s49wfQdCUXn7LqrE.jpg)

Are her tits fake?

No. 281378

Guess they are real

No. 281380

No. 281384

File: 1490932602408.jpg (10.23 KB, 300x168, images (3).jpg)

I wouldn't be surprised if she got implants, her tits look pretty flat here

No. 281392

No one is even talking about you hyung.

No. 281395

A collection of sluts lol they are all the same

No. 281427

File: 1490938737240.jpg (136.93 KB, 1280x720, IMG_0660.JPG)

Anyone know about jennythesquirrel?shes another lol whore who sucks at lol but thinks she's good and pretends to have mental illnesses for pity

No. 281430

File: 1490938963118.png (231.67 KB, 1756x1242, IMG_0663.PNG)

More from her

No. 281432

File: 1490939085962.png (72.75 KB, 2208x359, IMG_0665.PNG)

No. 281433

File: 1490939179823.png (144.52 KB, 1242x716, IMG_0666.PNG)

Begging for donations and crying

No. 281562

All these girls are money and fame hungry sluts

No. 281577

So pathetic. You know these bitches have strict Asian parents who would flip their shit if they saw this kind of shameful behavior.

No. 281584

Totally implants. No way can someone that thin can have breasts as large as that naturally, with that kind of body type she would be lucky if she even had A cups

No. 281588

when would she even get implants?? she had these tits already when she moved onto dyrus at just 18 years old.

No. 281590

She prob had them in before she met him

No. 281592


For some reason this is the only e-girl that I've ever been jealous of. I don't know what is it. I don't even like dyrus at all I guess I'm just jealous of her boobs while she's so thin. I'm pretty convinced it's a really padded bra, but still. I guess it's also the fact that she's not much older than me at all and still got able to move in with some e-celeb and gets to ride off his coat tails and have everything handed to her. Now she doesn't even have to get a real job. Anyone could stream, but you can't deny the huge help that is being associated with dyrus, it gives a lot of exposure and thirsty 13 year old boys.

Sometimes I wish I was born haffu just to get that yellow fever attention kek. Pathetic right?

No. 281597

Same, she's super pretty AND has a nice body. I just hope she's kind of a bitch so I feel less petty for disliking her.

No. 281598

File: 1490966301183.jpg (403.47 KB, 900x900, CYMERA_20170331_002952.jpg)

She's not wearing a padded bra, those are her nudes. You don't have anything to be jealous of anon. She's just another leach valued for her body, no one cares for who she is as a person. She prides in believing that she's doing something with herself, better off than her friends, living better than them and "getting to places" (her deleted social media posts) when all she's done is expose her body and is now a live in fuck toy for an jobless austistic nerd who has 0 future ambitions.
>receipts for the nudes

No. 281602

Money will dry out soon, that's why she's forcing dyrus to study coding and programing shit. Dyrus clearly doesn't want to do it as he said he would be a plumber again if that were to happen.

No. 281606

File: 1490967257683.jpg (107.49 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg)

How emily looked not too long ago

No. 281612

honestly she is a bitch. I saw her post a shitty tri hard meme saying something along the lines of "what you wish you looked like/what you really look like" comparing her and eugenia cooney. I know eugenia isn't attractive or healthy, but it rubbed me to wrong to make fun of someone who is clearly mentally ill in comparison to how "hot" emiru is. I unfollowed after that.

No. 281614

How did she change so much???

No. 281615

File: 1490968425481.png (611.88 KB, 836x432, 4896727.png)

yeah like what other anons say, dont feel so bad. She just got really lucky at the right place at the right time. TBH there are much prettier asian girls out there, they just weren't fangirling or tryharding as much.

Also, don't be fooled by camera angles and shit tons of makeup. I actually have the generic asian face she has, and it can really be abused if you angle things properly. Here she is in actuality, and it's really different from her streams. It's on dyrus newest video, and there's good reason why she wasn't linking it around or anything.

No. 281616

she learned how to use lighting and makeup lol. Plus she has solotica lenses which can change an appearance well for the right person. People before used to ask why she used such low res potato quality webcam. Welp it really hides a lot

No. 281621


she STILL uses that low res webcam even though she is SWIMMING in money. She seems so fucking insecure.

she did a "makeup tutorial" only showing closeups with actual good quality and you can see how shitty her makeup/skin and how creepy her contacts look. I'm guessing this is why she used potato cam still in her streams and selfies

No. 281624

File: 1490969960878.png (550.18 KB, 801x422, Untitled.png)

No. 281625

her eyes are very dry from the contacts

No. 281626


it does not look very healthy at all, or even cute imo

No. 281630

the funniest thing for me are the girls who aren't even asian but pretend to be for more league e-girl fame. How much more self hating can you be to squint your eyes and shit?

No. 281631

No amount of money is worth letting that guy fuck you. He looks disgusting.

No. 281632

Who does that asian thing?

No. 281635

File: 1490972340158.jpg (382.62 KB, 720x720, CYMERA_20170331_105852.jpg)

Candids of emi, she looks alright but not a goddess like how she makes herself to be on stream

No. 281643


Damn. This helped. Thanks farmers. For some reason I always tend to forget about angles and makeup, even though it seems like everyone and their mother uses them these days (which I don't think is wrong, I'm just at a disadvantage by not using them and should probably learn how to utilize my resources).
I always wonder what these e-sports guy see in these Asian girls. Like do what do they talk about ? It's always boggled me how people with little to nothing in common have good relationships. I know you don't have to be the same person because that would be boring but it's always fun to do activities you both enjoy or talk about topics you're passionate about.

Also, wouldn't emi's parents be kind concerned that she's moving out to some older guy after a month of knowing him? I know it's normal for 18 year olds to move and live in dorms or share an apartment but it's not like she moved to go to college ..

No. 281644

her parents were ok with it becuz emi's mom lived with her college professor due being homeless from moving states. Then her mom got together with the professor's son.

No. 281648

File: 1490973757945.jpg (86.25 KB, 634x795, 35DDA42800000578-0-image-a-13_…)

That kind of body (stick thin with huge tits) can only be achieved through a vist to the doctors. A famous example would be emily ratajkowski.

No. 281651

To be fair, I've seen some girls with that bodytype naturally. The tits are not that huge, it's possible to be thin and have a natural chest with that size. Makes me mad jealous too. Polite sage cause ot

No. 281659

They can't get C cups or bigger naturally that thin though, maybe B if they are lucky

No. 281661

Doesn't anyone find it to be weird that on the june she graduated from hs she moved in with an older stranger she just met online??

No. 281662

I wanna like emily but she's such a lowkey slut. She craves attention like crazy and she tries to act like a cool girl

No. 281663


breast tissues doesn't necesarily have to be pure fat. I had a very thin friend with HUGE tits.

I do emily got implants because she seemed to have magically grown tits in the span of less than a year. possibly a late bloomer? idk


yeah extremely weird and desperate

No. 281664

I'm laughing, I'm keking. Lmao, this is hilarious to me. Please cry more during your game, I'm not even mad

No. 281668


honestly I can't even laugh at this girl, she seems so fucking insane… like she needs professional help

No. 281672

A year is the same time needed to recover from surgery so I don't think she's a late bloomer

No. 281679

When bitches are ugly they only focus on their gameplay.

No. 281691


And what's wrong with that? All the e sports guys are ugly as shit so that's why they needed to git gud.

I don't care if people just want to watch a pretty girl be bad at games and pretend she's into them, but there's nothing wrong with focusing on gameplay when you're.. playing games kek

No. 281705

Are you an ugly streamer that is forced to focus on gameplay?

No. 281725

File: 1490981257268.jpg (519.62 KB, 1024x1024, CYMERA_20170331_132733.jpg)

More candids of em

No. 281726


nope, pretty cute with pretty good gameplay, especially compared to most of the other girls, but nice try.
i really like when girls are actually good at what they do though, like kaypea.

No. 281735


I'm going to say that honestly WHO CARES what someone focuses their stream on? if you are ugly or hot or gameplay or just chat honestly I don't think it's a big deal.

It's only annoying to me when people are liars or pretend to be something they are not.

I hate the highhorse of some girls who think they are above all others because their "gameplay" is so good (this doesn't even make you a "real gamur" since some people will always be shit). Kaypea is a perfect example of a smug girl like that.

No. 281756


is she smug? i haven't really seen much drama with her.
but tbh, why wouldn't she be a smug bitch when she's cute and has so many viewers. she's clearly above some of these asian chicks that have to wear 3 push up bras to get a fraction of the viewers she gets.

No. 281766

File: 1490987104759.jpg (136.73 KB, 1330x780, kay.JPG)


Smug in the sense of "i'm a REAL gamer girl because I dress the way I do ;)) I'm not a SLUT like the other girls". Personally I find it an annoying stereotype that you have to be "one of the guys" to "be a real gamer" or not.

She has over 600K followers but only gets around 700 viewers. Keep in mind she has dated professional players which has greatly helped her career.

>clearly above some of these asian chicks that have to wear 3 push up bras to get a fraction of the viewers

Most of the streamers here (that I recognize)
(aria, fuslie, pokie,kimie, bekkuh, the main "asian" ones) don't wear big pushup bras or have a "cleavage" cam. Not denying that they may use their looks for their advantage but they are not wearing anything revealing on cam.

Keep in mind that most of the growth of any of these girls including Kaypea is due to being at the right place at the right time, which is nothing to be smug about IMO. Sure, if you started dating so and so and got viewers that's great but you aren't mainly watched for your gameplay usually as a streamer. None of these girls are usually above diamond 3/exceptional players. It's all about entertainment or looks mainly.

No. 281904

Poki is a lowkey slut as well. Poki is even worse, she tries super hard to be a bro, cool girl, girlnextdoor kinda thing, she then sprinkles abit of asian in there for the added pandering. Poki is probably the biggest attention slut out there.
Oh you did know


No. 281906

File: 1490995087923.jpg (315 KB, 720x876, CYMERA_20170331_171821.jpg)

She also looks terrible in cosplay

No. 281907


poki is not even asian but yeah she is a slut too.

No. 281908

File: 1490995314971.jpg (46.85 KB, 600x447, PFFFFT.jpg)

Hey anon, if you gonna say you're cute you better link your 2 viewer max stream.

No. 281916

File: 1490995600158.png (282.75 KB, 635x490, image_crop__2017_03_31_17_27_0…)

I showed poki to a friend and he says she def does that "asianthing" for views and Idk what he means by that

No. 281918

File: 1490995723553.png (471.42 KB, 621x715, image_crop__2017_03_31_17_28_2…)

Poki, like many of the other esluts edits the shit outta her face and looks shit in candids. She edits her big ass jaw, nose and face wrinkles.

No. 281919

She's actually middle eastern

No. 281921

File: 1490995883143.png (193.09 KB, 627x528, image_crop__2017_03_31_17_30_2…)

Poks probably tries the hardest. She fakes her "bubbly" personality ao much so it's cringey at times.

No. 281925

File: 1490996038078.jpg (329.3 KB, 720x802, CYMERA_20170331_173400.jpg)

No wonder she shops her nose

No. 281928

File: 1490996126821.jpg (290 KB, 720x556, CYMERA_20170331_173347.jpg)

Suddenly everyone likes sailormoon again

No. 281935

File: 1490996391330.jpg (10.82 KB, 225x225, images (3).jpg)

Poki isn't even that good at lol nonetheless

No. 281937

File: 1490996427228.jpg (42.71 KB, 600x1067, li5acfZcHaURzlRY (1).jpg)

Poki without any makeup

No. 281940

File: 1490996564938.jpg (50.96 KB, 640x640, 11848862_398388237012539_19670…)

Can't forget about the asians and weebs! She can't lose competition to those asian sluts!

No. 281942

File: 1490996898906.jpg (58.61 KB, 640x640, 11356899_1678152692415796_5437…)

She has a pretty big jaw, i'm sure she already shopped this pic tho

No. 281945

File: 1490997005906.jpg (322.6 KB, 720x708, CYMERA_20170331_174941.jpg)

Another thing esluts have in common is that they don't look good in normal lighting

No. 281947

Does anyone know where these lenses are from?

No. 281952

File: 1490997502181.jpg (122.77 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Solitica. They are a brazillian contact lense company

No. 281953

she looks so different

No. 281955

File: 1490997665525.jpg (17.89 KB, 350x200, poki jaw.jpg)

poki shops her jaw and it's still square, that must suck.

No. 281956

File: 1490997713341.jpg (92.17 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

she kinda looks trans

No. 281957

No. 281960

Whats with the same fag shit in this thread all the time now

No. 282606

File: 1491125778513.jpg (213.76 KB, 717x858, CYMERA_20170402_053600.jpg)

Rinnieriot looks off but I can't pinpoint what it is

No. 282668

File: 1491142686742.png (523.2 KB, 705x1039, image_crop__2017_04_02_10_17_4…)

Yoonies new pics

No. 282775

Is she ever going to use that Patreon money and do a quality, professional shoot that's not in her bedroom jfc.

No. 282799

when did yoonie drop this low

No. 282824

File: 1491169313532.png (121.67 KB, 422x483, image_crop__2017_04_02_17_41_0…)

Emiru is also friend's with veteran twitch skank Kelly Jean

No. 282825

So is everyone a cam girl now?

No. 282831

File: 1491170442749.jpg (36.45 KB, 600x338, B-ZJBtLIEAAuWVt.jpg)

Is kelly jean still a thing last time I remember her tits were the size of a balloon ready to explode

No. 282832

leahbee is so frickin cute

No. 282837

She looks like a time traveler from the 80s

No. 282850

Shit like this makes me glad I play Dota 2, at least the women there aren't as moronic or slutty

No. 282851

We have/had attention whores in dota it's just a dead game now so they all fleed

The sayuri drama was fucking funny. I miss when dota was relevant

No. 282855

True, but you can bet your ass that most of the women in Dota 2 are more hardworking, honest, and creative than these thots

No. 282857

Leah looks cute compared to those 2 sluts

No. 282860

File: 1491173786657.png (473.11 KB, 720x883, image_crop__2017_04_02_18_56_0…)

Did chocobars leave wildturtle after she leached him for fame?

No. 282863

File: 1491174154012.jpg (363.26 KB, 715x992, CYMERA_20170402_190111.jpg)

Kireiautumn used to be good until she got her eyelid surgery. She's completely changed.

No. 282864

I use to watch her aswell, now she does seem more attentionseeking and annoying

No. 282872

rr kinda looks fat in that outfit

No. 282875

sage for makeup rage
holy fucking shit where do i start
those blood shot eyes and using HAIR EXTENSION GLUE for her eyelashes. then fuucking dragging the makeup sponge and not dabbing…

No. 282876

not to double post but i have friends with this chick irl. she used to post selfies on yelp to get attention. she seems unstable and just a genuine hoe

No. 282887

File: 1491176852498.png (349.35 KB, 720x710, image_crop__2017_04_02_19_47_0…)

Pok still looks old even with the ps

No. 282891

File: 1491177273699.png (5.43 KB, 456x72, cap.png)

emiru is def not an attentiongrubbing egurl that traded her body for fame, money and a place to stay.

No. 282897

They probably listen a lot more than they talk, pretending to give a fuck and giggling.

No. 282901

I wouldn't dislike emiru if she got off her high horse. She thinks she's better than her friends and that she "made" it all by herself, talking like she's a success story. Like no. All you just did was find a sponsor whilist using your body. You didn't do shit on your own. Stop trying to make yourself seem like a wholesome down to earth girl when you're actually a thirsty attention whore.

No. 282977

File: 1491187325799.png (532.99 KB, 732x744, 479282738393.png)

Tbh I think she was legit a gamer/geek, seeing how she really was long ago. Being e-famous got to her head and she's gotten quite cocky, superficial and thinks she's all so great.
Pic was taken just last year so this is how she is without makeup if anyone is curious.

No. 282985

File: 1491188128011.png (318.78 KB, 710x897, image_crop__2017_04_02_22_54_1…)

Too bad she deleted quite a few of her posts, they were pretty kek worthy

No. 282986

File: 1491188309916.jpg (236.23 KB, 720x798, CYMERA_20170402_225803.jpg)

She probably gets her ideas from kelly jean too

No. 282988

Did you know her irl?

No. 282992


I don't doubt 99% of all these girls are "real" gamers. I just find them obnoxious attention whores either way.

No. 283010


i think she still looks cute (in a highschool neet girl who's approachable) but like a totally different person.
to me she looks average here, not many people are natural beauties but it's kind of astonishing how much makeup she cakes on.
i guess anyone can look good with a good bra, eyeliner, contacts and fluffy falsies.

No. 283012

Yeah I def agree she just has a nice base shape to create really good looks. This is why she's so self conscious whenever she streams or when she's in video because shes afraid somehow shell look more like how she really is if her angles or lighting aren't perfect. Shes really tied to what she looks like on social media so she's very careful to slip up

No. 283044

I like her natty look a lot actually. Her face looks clean, she has nice cheekbones and a pleasant spacing to her facial features. Her jaw is a bit masculine but I don't mind that on some women. Strong jaws aren't always ugly.

Too bad about her personality, though.

No. 283103

Did she leak these herself?

No. 283127

I her that she sent nudes to her top donators in the past

No. 283145

File: 1491213621412.png (304.41 KB, 720x909, image_crop__2017_04_03_05_59_2…)

I think anyone can "look" like a specific character with the right hair, lense and makeup

No. 283149

File: 1491214789722.jpg (408.08 KB, 717x867, CYMERA_20170403_061843.jpg)

Pink sparkles got perma banned from twitch for her camgirl shit but she keeps coming back, seems like the twitch staff don't care

No. 283155

I wish the camgirl meme would end already. I had hope when some of the banned ones just started doing shit on actual camsites

No. 283257

File: 1491231309609.jpg (385.61 KB, 702x934, CYMERA_20170403_105242.jpg)

I don't understand the hype with korean girls and why everyone strives to look like them. They all try to look like irl bjds, you should love yourself more natsumi,yeoreum,wendy whatever the fuck your name is

No. 283259

Korean are the new Japanese. Eventually people will get bored of them.

No. 284072

I know her as Potato Nose. She always does that stupid myspace angle that emphasizes it and her thin lips. I know she tried super hard to be desirable, even to the point of hiding her irl boyfriend. Eventually friends posted photos of her and her bf so it got out anyway. She's super stumpy and plain, but one of her best friends back then was Chocobars, so I can see why she was/is so insecure.

No. 284268

File: 1491333830912.jpg (32.17 KB, 600x450, BmHyvsfCAAAVEHC.jpg)

What about jenabella? A vietnamnese ho that dated sneaky for a few years and then dumped him for a csgo pro

No. 284344

No. 284356

This is pretty standard asian face.

No. 284568

Didnt she used sneaky for breast implants and then left him

No. 284577

File: 1491358654162.png (38.08 KB, 695x337, image_crop__2017_04_04_22_17_0…)

We get it emi, you think you look like every lol champ

No. 284821

her eyes are too spaced apart, it's like the creature from Splice

No. 284883

God she's such a conceited attention whore. It's like she doesn't have any humility left in her

No. 284915

dont mention Kelly, you'll summon her.
She lurks here and then cries on stream about it.

No. 284931

File: 1491397161392.jpeg (37.21 KB, 578x320, ef58dee440023e0132008e1e9431c8…)


No. 284942

Everyone should stay away from kelly she has stds

No. 284943


but anon, don't you know how animu she is :,)

No. 284944

File: 1491400599176.png (113.79 KB, 348x411, image_crop__2017_04_05_09_57_0…)

Emily doesnt look that good when shes not controlling the angle

No. 284945

File: 1491400960756.png (167.44 KB, 720x589, image_crop__2017_04_05_10_02_1…)

Why does she always make it seem like people begged her to do a cosplay?

No. 284947

File: 1491401117795.jpg (183.79 KB, 717x570, CYMERA_20170405_100442.jpg)

Who the fuck puts a picture of kelly jean on their fridge? Wtf?

No. 284950

Apparently, Emily does.

No. 284953

File: 1491401656592.jpg (165.79 KB, 900x1200, C8VI4BiXUAIRCzl.jpg)

Her nose is a literal lump

No. 284955

Her nose looks fine to me

No. 284958

Doesnt look like theres any shape to it like where are her nostrils

No. 284965

No. 284973

This is lolcow, its not gonna stop lmfao

No. 284997

She did her tits, why not get a nose job?

No. 285011

Nah, as cringy as she could be, she's definitely an attractive girl. Good for her I guess

No. 285125

File: 1491422182202.png (213.43 KB, 461x353, cleave.PNG)

No. 285361

I've been following behkuh for sometime now on social media and one thing for sure is she is definitely not stable person

No. 285406

File: 1491453607573.png (185.58 KB, 351x467, pokimane.png)

Her side profile is so unfortunate.

No. 285520

Not only does poki have a big ass jaw, she has a toucan sam nose.

No. 285749

File: 1491510414733.png (77.94 KB, 720x673, image_crop__2017_04_06_16_25_1…)

Why not get rid of the pantyhose or wear something else? Oh right. For the attention bait.

No. 285750

File: 1491510437721.jpg (34.44 KB, 441x600, C8wTf5mUAAAbM5E.jpg)

No. 285752

Why does Emily always gotta do that stupid looking face? She looked pretty normal here >>282977

No. 285755

File: 1491510764289.jpg (8.43 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Emirus everyday eye makeup looks like boxxys crazy eyeliner

No. 285926

Any deets? All I know of is the whole Chaox drama

No. 286180


I can't believe she's half asian. I really don't see it.

I find her attractive without the makeup, I like her features, especially her sharp jaw. She does have that generic Asian girl face (that some anon mentioned) but I do like that look.

She's disgusting with makeup imo.

this picture is gross to me, her face looks so wide. I have a wide face too which is probably why I hate it so much.

I'm not too sure whether or not her boobs are real or not. She's pretty skinny fat, and she is mindful of what she's eating. Video related, she makes sure she buys single serve bags of doritos. For thanksgiving, she doesn't give herself any steak (since it's too much) only has a bite of mac n cheese and ate a bag of those doritos (260ish calories.) Easily under 400 calories for everything she ate.

They also mention how he's always trying to feed her things (even stuff she's allergic to) which is a sign she doesn't eat a lot… which Dyrus has definitely picked up on since they live together. I've had ex's try and force feed me when I used to runway model (I had to be super thin) because they knew I didn't eat enough.

She also likes to paint that picture of not watching what she's eating and not working for her body.


I think it's a dickhead move if she made fun of Eugenia Cooney by comparing her body to her own.

I don't watch her stream but the comments say that she's always eating on stream. I can space out eating two bags of doritos on stream and make it seem like I'm eating a lot more than I am, too even though it's only around 400 calories.

I guess what I don't understand about her having a boob job is how could she afford it? I barely know anything of this girl, and imagine that she came from a poor family or something hence why she ran away with Dyrus. Push up bras are pretty magical, although I can't quite achieve the affect that she has. Admittedly, I am thinner than her and I'm pear shaped so I don't have as much fat to push up.

No. 286191

File: 1491585013669.png (214.34 KB, 239x390, Capture.PNG)

No. 286195

My best guess is inheritance money. One of my hs friends got breast implants with the money she got from her grandpa passing away. But who knows for Emily. I'm convinced she got implants from her nudes

No. 286303

It's not really deets, she's just very obvious with her attention whoreyness and she says some questionable things at times. She probably had an eating disorder too as a few of her posts aluded to that.

No. 286314

Tbh, i think all the snacks she eats on stream is all that she's having for the whole day

No. 286326

the few times I looked at emily's social media showed how irritating she really is lul
i remember some instagram post she made one time that showed her stomach that said something like "all i do is sit around and eat doritos but i still look like this"
also people were apparently asking her for streaming advice/how to get more viewers and she said the generic things but also to "be good looking".
No mention of riding a popular players coat tails tho ofc.
tbh though idk why everyone in this thread is so wrapped up in that she's good looking or w/e.
Sure she's better looking than dyrus and has a nice body, but that big square man jaw completely ruins her looks to me. It's really terrible.

No. 286368

emi is one of those girls that thinks they're attractive but once they take it off it's a whole new story.

No. 286377

File: 1491599712884.jpg (282.26 KB, 720x807, CYMERA_20170407_171131.jpg)

You mean this?
I like how she blatantly lies to her fans. Gurl, we all know you eat 1 bag of chips the whole day. No way someone can "stuff their face" in junk food all day + regular meals + no exercise be that skinny. That is complete utter bs. It's either she's lying about not working out or lying about how much she really eats

No. 286379

>big square man jaw
Oh, come on now, you can't be serious. Does she also have nasolabial folds and a potato nose?

No. 286385

File: 1491600181741.jpg (119.24 KB, 1200x675, C8nKHYEXsAUyhtL.jpg)

Her bro looks way better

No. 286388

It's big and square.. that's just a fact.
Just take a look at pics like >>282977 & >>281635
that's not square to you? lol.
And a square jaw to me (and I think a lot of other people) is super masculine.

No. 286390

i'd say her face is slightly squared, it's not as bad as pokimane's

No. 286392

I hate girls like this lol.
It used to be that people lied to appear healthy, now they lie about their intake to humble brag.

No. 286396

Emily tries to make herself seem so "relatable" and down to earth.

No. 286714

File: 1491612991419.png (373.59 KB, 302x460, mAWvnhg.png)


eh tbh I get it. we live in a society where overweight/obesity is the norm, and for some reason "I don't eat a lot for this body" is unpalatable. calorie restriction is actually proven to increase longevity, and it shouldn't be looked down upon, unless it's to an extreme. obviously in that circumstance, the person needs help, and when someone is overeating to an extreme extent, they need help too.

lying and saying you don't work for your body makes you seem relatable and helps people to stop worrying. when i was working in the industry, i assured basically everyone that i was skinny because i ate healthily (i did) and had a fast metabolism(bs). it helped people not to worry, but still a few people assumed i had an eating disorder. but they wouldn't do the same to someone who was three times my weight. i was aware of what i was eating because it was literally my job, i earned way more than what i would've if i worked retail. i mean it wasn't a stupidly high amount, but i enjoyed the experience.

i've worked with many girls who are like emiru. they just eat <1000 calories of junk a day so they can pose with it and drink coffee and smoke/do drugs to keep the cravings at bay. unsurprisingly those girls have shitty skin, poor health (when older) and burn out because you're eating shit.

and fyi emiru doesn't work out, she has zero muscle tone. she could be a cardio bunny. and she doesn't really have the "visible ab lines despite never looking at a dumbbell" look. gigi hadid has it, and she barely works out, its all coke.

No. 286720


gigi hadid worked out a lot tho. i used to have her added on snap chat and she would post snaps from the gym like every other day

No. 286726


she only does cardio though, iirc she boxes? being a cardio bunny won't give you muscle tone (well gigi has none so ya) once you get thin enough, flexing makes a difference because there isn't a larger layer of fat covering your muscles

No. 286728

>lying and saying you don't work for your body makes you seem relatable and helps people to stop worrying.

That's BS. If anything that kind of behavior encourages people to not strive for a healthier lifestyle. People who eat like Emily will probably not feel the need to change their diet or workout.
"if she can look like that while eating that crap and not working out, I can too" kind of mentality is bound to happen.

No. 286734

So are you posting all this unnecessary detail about your "career" so you can pat your own ass?

No. 286784

File: 1491627097912.jpg (57.3 KB, 1200x675, pkl7mmh.jpg)

Any milk on Celestia Vega? I'm not really sure what to think of her as a person.

No. 286820

My thoughts exactly. Second-hand embarrassment.

No. 286920

It's a soft square, yes. But it's not a "ohmagawd big man jaw!!" as anon made it to be. It's because of posts like that that this site has a bad reputation. Let's not.

No. 286932

File: 1491660835243.png (370.69 KB, 690x890, image_crop__2017_04_08_10_12_2…)

Rinnieriot should slow down on the plastic surgery, she's starting to look like an overdone asian.

No. 286974

she looks really good in her selfies but in candids her head looks too small for her body.

No. 287354

Square jaw is not a masculine feature by itself. I think she looks pretty damn hot, honestly. Don't know much about her aside from her looks, but I wouldn't discriminate. I mean… some of the most beautiful women in history have had square or rounded jaws.

No. 287359

File: 1491710528212.jpg (57.83 KB, 600x900, CKP6Li1UAAA-Y8V.jpg)

Not that she does many League videos anymore, but what do you all think of Popushi? I was moved over here from a LilyPichu thread and knew her back in the day. She was, and apparently still is, a very immature and cringey girl.

No. 287363

agreed. i have no idea who these people are but i personally think squared jaws make people a lot more attractive, and they're not really masculine.

No. 287383

I'm anon that asked you to post here, and tbf I only met her a couple times recently the past one or two years but this girl annoys me so much. We met through some esports-related stuff since that seems to be her schtick now, and I have never met a girl so desperate to make everything about her before. I don't want to get into specifics about what we did together, but basically she specifically asked if she could be super special and do things different from the group, just so she could stand out even more.

And this is the personal petty story:
We're friends on FB, and I posted a profile shot of myself while joking about a racially-tied physical feature of mine, and she makes this comment: "(feature)… I will say you're very pretty but, I definitely don't envy you for them D:". Thanks???

She definitely still latches on to people with connections, and it's painfully obvious how she tries to call their attention all the time. Also, the fact that she keeps touting her work at Atlus is hilarious considering she was a temporary QA tester.

No. 287506

She's had several drama revolving around her. She's just another eslut who made way for fame with gross gore. Idk she's not really well liked for those who knew about it, but there's been videos about it and how she was fucking gross gore over and spreading lies about him I think ? Gross gore posted a rant about it sometime back.
And about emiru- she doesn't have a large ugly jaw, maybe for some it's big but its certainly not disgusting or anything. However, I don't agree about her being a goddess. I think in some cases she can be extremely photogenic, but her candid videos show otherwise. If anything we should have more of a problem of how egotistic and conceited she can be. I hope her head gets big that she makes a cow of herself tbh. chocobars is arguably be just as good looking but I havent seen as much arrogance the same way.

No. 287534

File: 1491741980809.jpg (173.41 KB, 870x580, gross-gore-youtube-nose-job.jp…)

Gross gore is a special little snowflake that started drama like wildfire. I remember when he was still big on Twitch he would have a new girlfriend like everyweek or something. He ruined his final lasting relationship by cheating on her and giving her an STD. He got banned from Twitch after he accused Krepo of having sex with 13 year old girls or something. After he got banned he went on a tyraid on social media and youtube saying that his life was over and he's suicidal. Last time I heard from Grossy is he got a nose job and is streaming on hitbox or something?

No. 287567

File: 1491747232493.jpg (11.61 KB, 360x240, 7993806.jpg)

Emiru deleted that post. I wonder why..

No. 287573

File: 1491747406107.png (307.54 KB, 666x726, image_crop__2017_04_09_10_16_5…)

this kind of makeup is not flattering on anyone

No. 287942


Damn she looks bad here. I honestly think caked makeup, big eyelashes, good angles and a filter can make any girl look super good.

She's def not as good looking as I previously thought, but I was only ever exposed to her good selfies that she angles well. I wonder how much time of her day consists of taking selfies kek

No. 287982

File: 1491779781057.jpg (320.09 KB, 715x800, CYMERA_20170409_191535.jpg)

Looks like an asian hoe to me

No. 288015


I thought duck face died in 2008?

Anyways I love how she thinks she's so unique because she's barely above a shit tier elo in games and wears a lot of makeup. Twitch girls are the basically the norm now she should stop acting like she's hot shit because we all know she only gets attention because she's using dyrus's name. Without him she'd have to do what celestia vegas does (which considering her old nudes Emi sent out it seems like she'd be willing to do it again)

No. 288046

File: 1491783797551.png (281.69 KB, 648x739, image_crop__2017_04_09_20_23_1…)

She does duckface for every pic, once the money goes dry she's gonna look for a new sugar daddy asap.

No. 288051

File: 1491784190865.png (302.77 KB, 648x658, image_crop__2017_04_09_20_30_0…)

No. 288065

File: 1491784975299.jpg (17.73 KB, 318x252, C9AYwkQV0AAZguc.jpg)

Emiru doesn't look that good looking to me anymore

No. 288131

Oh hey, I'm the original anon that knew Sandy back around 2009-2010ish. I have several crazy stories from back then.

>Dated a guy, forced him to do everything she said, completely whipped him and he got the nickname "doormat" because of this. Sandy can even be seen setting fire to a doormat as a sort of inside joke in one her videos.

>Had her youtube channel (HAN0N1) hacked and deleted, threw an absolute tantrum, removed herself from all group calls and swore to never sing again. She quickly came back in under a day with her new channel HAN0N1viBritannia.
>Did a cover of that "Just be Friends" vocaloid song and pretended to start sobbing in the middle of the song because she was so ~emotional~. She also claimed it was because of how things fell apart with the doormat guy (iirc).
>Would flash her tits to guys for attention, screenshots were shared around the group, nearly every day someone would set it as the skype group picture as a joke.

I have even worst stuff to say– but as they personally happened to me, it's a bit weird to share. I know someone mentioned that any other girl would be seen as a threat to Sandy, and that's absolutely true. When I had known her, she would do everything in her power to try and get me to leave the group. It started as petty things like whenever she got god-powers, she'd spam kick and then re-add someone over and over and over again until they didn't even want to bother rejoining the group call. But it got a lot worse over time.

Sandy is by far the biggest attention-whoring cunt I ever met. And it's true that she would take advantage of people; she basically surrounded herself with artists and other talented people just to use them.

No. 288184


Woah, woah, woah. HE HAD AN STD????

I wanted to enjoy a nice throwback and watch his old break up video with Shannon but looks like he deleted that. That was my favorite video of his, he's such a trainwreck.

No. 288186


why is half of her face another colour? is that highlighter or just unfortunate lighting?

No. 288425

He got an std from the 2 esluts he flew out of the country to see him. He paid for everything, came back gave herpes to his at the time gf. I heard that one of the girls was Kelly Jean.

No. 288426

File: 1491827901670.jpg (275.12 KB, 720x705, CYMERA_20170410_083817.jpg)

Why does everyone like to think that they're Ahri?

No. 288429

Honestly the first time I saw her I thought she looked a bit like ahri, not an exact match though. I mean If her makeup wasn't so heavy I think she could pull it off really well.
idk i might just have seen too many horrendous bad Ahri cosplays in my time.

No. 288432

Pokimane gotta be the most annoying out of all of them, with her fake ass personality and derp looking face.

No. 288435

File: 1491828990646.png (210.02 KB, 368x627, image_crop__2017_04_10_08_56_3…)

Why does she look so bad in candids

No. 288448

She just looks average, not bad?

No. 288520

Honestly, halfies are overated as fuck. Dyrus and Emiru are both asian +white and they look average.

No. 288542

That's because Asian and white girls are the meme races to like, so people assume these races combined will be really pretty.

No. 288563

That's the worse race to combine. Who would want those fucked up slanted eyes? More like the meme race is black and white.

No. 288565

File: 1491847510813.jpg (29.63 KB, 599x448, BKpn6WkCIAE1Iib.jpg)

I am the anon who knew her around 2007-2008 or so. There were multiple cases that happened to me directly, or friends of mine, in which she would put them down to bring herself back up. I stopped speaking to her within a year of knowing her, so I don't know more recent things aside from a few personal tidbits here and there that she has said to my friends regarding others that I know, but I'll share what I remember:

>She would befriend people to use them for their abilities, i.e., mixing, video creation, lyrics, art, etc. and then show off about it.

>She would join skype calls and talk about how she brought the "cuteness" to the call or something along the lines of that.
>Would lust over men then drop them if they didn't fit her definition of attractive.
Caused a bit of drama in the group, since she would go complete "tsun/yandere" (in her terms) for them then suddenly want nothing to do with them. I remember her doing this to some Johnny-Young Bosche sound alike that she lusted over just because he sounded like her "husbando" Lelouch Vi Britannia.
>Would shit talk girls with other high voices and make sure to put them down a peg by making rude comments in the skype call or trying to declare dominance as the "cute one."
>Idolized a girl so much she used her name in MMOs to try to be like her
I see this one as cute rather than malicious, but she would also get her friends to comment mean things on this girl's videos to bring her down a peg. Granted, she was 15-16 at the time of this, so I don't think it's as bad as it would be now.
>Has spoken to friends of mine how she finds LilyPichu to be annoying and fake but continues to be friends with her.
>Would tear down her friend's accomplishments and make sure to add that she's a better singer/voice actress/etc. than them.
>Puts on a "kawaii/cute" persona when guys join their skype calls.
I had multiple instances in which a guy would join our call and her voice would shoot up super high and she'd become stuttery, suddenly shy and withdrawn, but rude at the same time. I guess she was trying to be "tsundere" to attract the weeb gaze?
>Every compliment was followed with a "but" that pertained to her.
"You sound good, but I think I did the song better."
"You look good, but I think I could cosplay the character better."
Something like that.

Not to mention, she recently shared this on FB which made me cringe: https://www.facebook.com/ThePopushi/posts/655547254532386

I mean, you have a public audience of many girls who may or may not be overweight. I think you should try to build up your fellow females rather than pull them down.

I have more stories I could share on this matter, as I was a female who was close to her for quite some time, but I don't want to disclose anything super personal as it still stings and hits hard. Plus, I don't want her figuring out who I am and trying to retaliate despite her not speaking to me for many, many years. She scares the dickens out of me with her fiery temper.

No. 288566

A lot of people assume black/white girls are ugly because they're half black but in reality black/white girls are usually better looking than Hapas. Hapas sound good on paper but they don't really work in reality.

No. 288567

emiru's skin looks so dry its hard to look at

No. 288575

A few more things that popped up:
>She would always make sure to comment about her flat chest and call herself an irl loli.
I remember she told me she was B cup now, and went on to say how she's losing her appeal or how she wants to be loli looking.

I'd still like to share some of the more personal things, but I'd rather it be private as I don't want to disclose too much. If anyone would like to speak to me about personal things Sandy has done, please add this throwaway discord account: annie123#0068

No. 288576

can you learn to reply? Also im not seeing the dry skin anywhere, you need to point it out to me.
this thread is full of the same newfag.

No. 288580

Ahh yes, I love bitching about people I hate. I'll add you, anon.

No. 288612

Mix Racing is disgusting and i can't believe people think some are better than others.
Spoilers, there all gross.(racebait)

No. 288633

I'm probably reading too much into this, but that comes off as a really insecure thing to say. Also, no honey. You just look like a Happa in a shitty blonde wig. Have some self respect, woman.

No. 288708

File: 1491857906707.png (497.96 KB, 630x502, crop.png)

How many posts does she has about looking like Ahri does she have now?

No. 288714

Emi has been deleted her posts this lately. Does she lurk here?

No. 288769

File: 1491862356833.jpg (220.75 KB, 720x590, CYMERA_20170410_181231.jpg)

Why would you publically post a personal email that someone wrote to you??

No. 288773

File: 1491862512635.jpg (16.24 KB, 307x241, C9AYwkQUwAAkDun.jpg)

I guess she has to do duckface cuz that's literally the only expression that makes her look good

No. 288774

Did it have any identifying information? Idk what the email's about, but if it wasn't a negative email I don't think it warrants lolcow status.

No. 288776

Are her eyes naturally blue? I think she's pretty cute.

No. 288777

File: 1491862686146.jpeg (47.93 KB, 300x273, plr8qMKPnNOQgg5_FiOey_4.jpeg)

No. 288779

She wears contacts, learn to scroll up.

No. 288784

Lmao I bet chocobars a little jenny and kelly jean are laughing their asses off reading this tea about emiru. Girls are just conniving like that.

No. 288794

she's obviously wearing contacts. they look fake as fuck. and asians dont have blue eyes, nimwit.

No. 288865

that's literally emiru lmao

No. 288925

File: 1491877532166.png (96.76 KB, 631x143, Untitled.png)

atleast she looks more like ahri than the himetrash weeb.

No. 288973


she doesn't look like a hapa full stop. Not necessarily a bad thing… but I thought she was pure Asian when I saw her.

No. 289290

File: 1491938703597.jpg (28.82 KB, 361x640, BmKueC9CAAALsYO.jpg)

I doubt emiru even met dyrus's parents and vice versa, let alone meet in person before moving in together. I think it's weird how a mid 20's guy is dating a teenager..

No. 289299


i honestly dont see them lasting too long. she seems like she would slip up somehow and flirt with a lot of e-celeb/e sports guys.
i just don't see him being together with a literal teenager for that long. eventually streaming might not make enough money and she has no college degree so.
is she just going to be a starving asian streamer grill for the rest of her life and live off of dyrus or what

No. 289325

I'm pretty sure they didn't. From her account on how things happened, he offered for her to come stay with him for the summer as friends so she could figure out what she wanted to do with her life and Like 3 days in they started dating.. so.

No. 289360

>moves in
>starts dating 3 days later
what convenient way to get yourself a sugar daddy.

No. 289383

File: 1491944621294.png (859.92 KB, 796x537, emi moving.png)


for real. i skimmed through a few of her vids because i never really checked her out before besides her twitter twice and she isn't the same to me anymore. for some reason hearing her voice and seeing her move kind of ruined it. her selfies are good so maybe that's it. she looks much more ordinary than i expected

No. 289389

it's the angles and the lighting, oldest trick in the book.

No. 289390

Wow. Emiru looks so normal and ordinary lol. I wouldn't be surprised if she edits her selfies, I noticed that alot of selfies Dyrus takes with her, she covers her chin

No. 289394

File: 1491945650452.png (380.72 KB, 508x512, 211.png)

From her latest stream highlights video. She looks kinda wonky now. I wonder what it is

No. 289426

she did start parting her hair in the middle instead of to the side. Though in that pic her eyes look a little droopy maybe her big lashes are making her look like that

No. 289428

Is this a recent pic or what? Her tits disappeared here. For a moment I thought it was a Maki selfie

No. 289435

That was her a few years ago

No. 289463

She's not that pretty

No. 289607

File: 1491962632080.jpg (449.37 KB, 714x818, CYMERA_20170411_220322.jpg)

Angelskimi looks like a guy

No. 289610

File: 1491963022880.png (117.29 KB, 306x358, crop 2.png)

Teenager that found herself a sugar daddy and is fucked without him?

No. 289611

she looks kinda trans lol

No. 289612

what happened to her face

No. 289621

She's made herself look 20 years older and not in a good way.

No. 289819

File: 1492002705115.png (997.02 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-04-12-09-08-54…)

Why does every eslut likes to cosplay?

No. 289825

No. 289827

File: 1492004664282.jpg (441.39 KB, 720x985, CYMERA_20170412_092012.jpg)

Poki is pretty annoying as well

No. 289828

Gotta pander somehow

No. 289833


She looks old and her cosplay is ugg.
I think it would be super fun to showcase the cosplays you make of the characters you love because it would be an excuse to dress up, but most of these stream girls just get a wig, do a characters makeup and wear a push-up bra. I've seen so many "kitty cat katarina cosplay stream!!!"s where it's just a red wig, whiskers and some white cat ears kek.

No. 289835

File: 1492006200261.png (758.79 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-04-12-09-15-00…)

Poki looked better back then, now she tries to look like a insta hoe

No. 289858

File: 1492010495250.jpg (622.4 KB, 1200x1200, CYMERA_20170412_112135.jpg)

All of poks cosplays are either ugly or awkward

No. 289926

I wouldnt be surprised if emiru wished that she looked more white hence her makeup choices and the blue contacts

No. 289930

File: 1492020693084.jpg (108.96 KB, 1200x900, C7A9EzsUwAAzfN8.jpg)

How cute, a sugar daddy with his sugar baby.

No. 289936

File: 1492021304575.jpg (120.69 KB, 900x1200, CwEiHIwVYAAEeHO.jpg)

dyrus is such a beta

No. 290236

Damn she looks different here, Never seen this pic before. Guess she can't always wear soloticas since those contacts are so thick and constricting

No. 290259

File: 1492046539412.jpg (102.04 KB, 1200x900, C26MdzOVQAEOnGP.jpg)

Looks like she can only pull of the heavy makeup look

No. 290310


Is she on her tip toes and in heels? Or is it just a super awkward pose. That kind of dress doesn't look good with the attempted thigh gap pose.

No. 290370


from the thanksgiving vid i watched people often joke that she's his sister but honestly.. this looks like a family vacation and the much older cousin takes a silly quirky pic with his younger cousin.
but somehow she looks so differant than here >>289936

last note, their bedrooms seem so barren. im pretty sure theyre renting, and if not would it hurt to throw in a few cheap ikea pieces to make it seem more roomy? everything is on the floor and there's just a bad. seems empty/lonely/sad

No. 291497

File: 1492172595620.png (291.86 KB, 720x543, image_crop__2017_04_14_08_19_4…)

Is a little jenny in her late 20s? She looks like a desperate aunt trying to be sexy.

No. 291511

wait wat i really thought she was white after seeing only a few pics of her, haven't followed her much. I guess it's the western style makeup fooling me lol

No. 291521

I think it's a combination of things. Extremely heavy westernized mu, lenses, posing and angles.
I think she tries to look like a manga / cartoon but to a westerner she might just look white.
Her images and streams are usually overexposed. She tilts her head down and widens her eyes which makes them appear bigger and her face shape rounder. She also stretches her neck and holds her shoulders down, making her neck appear thinner and her face rounder again. The boob job adds to the western impression, too. This whole style of posing, pouting, borderline empty/frozen neutral, big-eyed expression is pretty non-typical for azns.

No. 291527

She probably hates being asian

No. 291779

File: 1492211325410.png (132.11 KB, 285x236, Untitled22.png)

Emiru is back to playing on the side angle so people don't notice how weird she actually looks

No. 291802


She looks weird there. Why does her chin look so round?

No. 291806


she looks nothing like the new champ, and nothing at all like ahri here who is she trying to kid..

No. 291848

She's trying to make herself feel better

No. 291870


it seems like all she has is league, dyrus and maybe a few other games to impress 13 year old boys with. honestly, why would she be a neet by choice? i would love to go out more and have fun. doesn't it make her miss her hometown since she moved and doesn't go out much? she lowkey braggs about it because i think it makes her feel more unique and quirky but it's just sad. she needs to go out and have more friends other than twitch streamers who are 10 years older than her

No. 291880

File: 1492230115744.jpg (314.3 KB, 720x703, CYMERA_20170414_200247.jpg)

Becuz she's totz not like the other girls anon! She has no personality whatsoever so I doubt anyone would want to hang out with her. She only values her body and the only thing she knows how to do is whore herself out like the other esluts.

No. 291884

Since when did being a neet was a good thing? She's so dumb.

No. 291962

annoying trend like "OTAKU 4 LIFE!!!!" also was never a good thing…

No. 291974


What an awkward pic. She's attractive when she's pale, the makeup, contacts and hair doesn't match her tan.

No. 292010

File: 1492256787842.jpg (176.17 KB, 441x452, CYMERA_20170414_200316.jpg)

Poki should fix her butterface

No. 292013

File: 1492257321875.png (194.14 KB, 800x332, image_crop__2017_04_15_07_54_0…)

Idk who's more annoying poki or emiru. They both try so hard to seem quirky and relatable. Emiru was doing some obnoxious fake ass laugh when someone said something stupid in her game that wasn't even funny.

No. 292027

File: 1492260944690.jpg (1.17 MB, 2048x2048, CYMERA_20170415_085301.jpg)

Poki should shave her jaw and get a nose job, she has such an irritating face.

No. 292058


She's not that ugly. Without makeup, it'll probably be another story.

No. 292060


was just about to say the same thing, she looks way better than emi but then i remembered a pic she used less filters/angles/lighting and she looked haggard as fuck. big nose and those 'nasolabial folds" or w/e the fuck that meme line is.

No. 292074

File: 1492269475537.jpg (625.88 KB, 1024x1024, CYMERA_20170415_111653.jpg)

Poki has a pretty washed out face. I wonder how she haggard she really looks, even in the fan photos they used a filter

No. 292076

File: 1492269596552.jpg (33.92 KB, 480x320, thumb53802117-480x320.jpg)

She should really stop the whole cosplay thing. Lol, It looks terrible on her, mixing instagram slut with twitch slut does not go hand in hand. Just pick one Poki.

No. 292111

File: 1492274077081.png (835.52 KB, 600x595, picture shot.png)

tsuruko pulls off the fake blue eyes and black hair look better than emi. She's not even half asian, she's part and somehow looks more natural than emi.

No. 292473

Well the difference is that this girl is mostly white and looks white and Emily is half and looks full Asian.

No. 292511

Fuck She does the same stupid face in EVERY SINGLE picture like go scroll through her IG. Great body bad face.

No. 294456

File: 1492602786484.png (113.71 KB, 750x956, IMG_8167.PNG)

Waaah waaah give me asspats I'm a great singer right ?

No. 294541

File: 1492613372961.jpg (52.08 KB, 614x411, pokimane-qcAE63ewUCgPzTKkRmXyg…)

Poki is honestly really haggard for her age. Plus her giant ass nose from the side holy shit. Someone caught this one a stream a while back. All about heavy makeup and the angles/lighting.

No. 294926

wasnt tsurko in deep shit for pretending to be part asian though?
if you look at her features they just look like basic white girl features, especially in her older photos, she looked like an emo 12 yr old white girl

No. 296012

File: 1492802605057.png (33.25 KB, 720x258, image_crop__2017_04_21_15_22_4…)

Em has no friends to talk abt this stupid shit with so she blabs it on twitter

No. 296014

Tsuruko never lied about being asian. Her mother is half chinese, she even posted a picture of her in the past. If you're talking about liars that would be ahripop/himeahri, she was the one who got outed for lying about being asian when she's white as day.

No. 296040

Tsuruko is part Chinese.

No. 296122

File: 1492814717254.jpg (187.49 KB, 701x672, CYMERA_20170421_184414.jpg)

Why is dookiemane living with 2 guys? Is she under the same circumstance like Emiru? Just pimpin herself out?

No. 296134


he's fat. are the guys pros in league or something and maybe she wants to dickride for more fame/free rent?

Does she not have a boyfriend to live with or are these fat neck beards the best she has?

No. 296140

Scarra used to be pro and is now a full time streamer iirc. That girl really knows how to play her cards

No. 296430

> what are room mates

No. 296757

File: 1492890266659.png (249.88 KB, 720x1152, image_crop__2017_04_22_15_38_4…)

Just how much pandering does poki do? She caters towards the weebs, people who are in to the insta slut look, autistic nerds and now sex voice kinksters?

No. 296779

File: 1492891912585.jpg (185.11 KB, 720x720, CYMERA_20170422_161149.jpg)

Emi deleted this post. I wonder how much does she check up on this board. Also you should work on your grammar Emi.

No. 296784


Are you kidding me? She thinks she's so special and unique because she plays jhin? A lot more girls than just her main jhin/adc, why does she think she's so different.
It honestly seems like she's insecure and would flip if a girl were to do the same thing as her, especially if the girl were to do it better, which considering she can't get out of low play despite all those ranked games is kind of sad. Git gud emi. Have your boyfriend boost you if he didn't already

No. 296797

People and other girls have been maining jhin long before her. She just decided to main jhin like a month ago cuz she sucks at everything else and it's not difficult at all to play him, she's so focused on being "different" when she's actually the same basic hoe as everyone else.

No. 296804

File: 1492894958009.jpg (184.82 KB, 720x559, CYMERA_20170422_155101.jpg)

I would love it too if I got a all expenses paid lifestyle

No. 296820

reading this page, it has the same level of bitchery as a Real Housewives thread.

No. 296822


They all post about each other, I love it.

No. 296846


That rabbit better have a rabbit companion, a large cage, play pen, and a varied diet of hay/vegetables/pellets.

No. 296975

File: 1492917002311.png (231.09 KB, 651x956, JBPpHOL.png)

did she really? it's still up for me. that comment tho

No. 296978

File: 1492917040843.png (381.98 KB, 591x819, QBOMG1c.png)

she's so funny

No. 297023

Lurky lurky

No. 297024

No, she deleted the one abt the korean lady

No. 297176

Well i mean, it isnt worth it to reveal your identity to an eslut that will just ruthlessly send her whiteknights to attack one normie for commentating the obvious. Thats just being stupid

No. 297206

File: 1492953174349.jpg (342.63 KB, 720x1060, CYMERA_20170423_091326.jpg)

I don't understand why people post stuff like this

No. 297212

File: 1492953789099.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-04-23-09-19-46…)

Emi is so insecure she only puts her cam in side view so people don't see how bad she actually looks in hd in the front view

No. 297241

File: 1492958088022.jpg (118.21 KB, 1200x900, C235ZvgUsAAPSK0.jpg)

Is she anorexic? Her arms are literally sticks

No. 297242

>thinking jhin is a hard champ to master kek

Get gud or stop complaining about other girls 'playing your champ~' you insecure hoe.

No. 297249

File: 1492959787999.jpg (9.99 KB, 297x169, images (3).jpg)

It's hilarious that she thinks people are playing a character because of her. How big of an ego she must have to think that people associate jhin with her eslutty ass. Emiru is so full of herself lmao.
>sucks at jhin
>started "maining" him last month
>low elo
Plus she started playing him cuz she thought it makes her "different"
Lmao Emiru you're not good enough like other one tricks like brna, dianas2, tyler1, etc to be known for their champion. Keep dreaming.

No. 297265


Looks shopped to me. The outline of her arm looks so jagged it's unnatural.

No. 297341

As much as I don't like poki, she wouldn't say something condescending like that about her main champion

No. 297926


This is honestly the most insane thread on /snow/. I'm watching a bad reality show.

No. 298025

File: 1493036520203.jpg (39 KB, 800x600, C-JUdO5UIAAc1-w.jpg)


No. 298030

File: 1493037928288.jpg (148.17 KB, 720x720, CYMERA_20170424_084335.jpg)

No. 298032

Does she not know that she's a bitch?

No. 298034

File: 1493038930076.jpg (65.1 KB, 650x867, C7uaBH6VUAAiq2v.jpg)

Rinnieriot is a big koreaboo. She wants people to think she's korean to make money off of that

No. 298038

File: 1493040659917.jpg (98.38 KB, 720x718, IMG_20170424_093012.jpg)

She looks like to dude to begin with

No. 298235

the drama is coming from INSIDE the thread

No. 298288

File: 1493075618891.jpg (107.75 KB, 1200x973, CpZeB_IVYAAPDQ6.jpg)

Why does emily think she's ahri? There so many pics where she put ahri and herself side by side

No. 298300

File: 1493076866093.jpg (83.56 KB, 417x675, IMG_20170424_191706.jpg)

Two feathers of the same flock

No. 298326

Of course she would be bffs with kelly jean, they are both gold diggers

No. 298408


im not a makeup person but should she like elongate her eyebrows because they look really short with her eye makeup. i think it looks alright from a straight angle but this picture is just weird.

No. 298425

File: 1493089551306.jpg (160.93 KB, 720x1035, IMG_20170424_230559.jpg)

Her foundation and contouring is bad too

No. 298429


I think she'd be really pretty if she ditched the instagram makeup/posing

No. 298431

File: 1493090258071.png (332.69 KB, 663x646, image_crop__2017_04_24_23_14_5…)

If emiru says shit like this about a character she plays I wouldn't be surprised if she thinks that people who wear blue contacts and heavy makeup is copying her when actuality she's the unoriginal bitch jacking other people's style

No. 298435


because black hair and eyeliner means totes ahri silly anon, she's such canon original only ahri gamer girl XD


she looks so weird in candids, or just any picture that isn't angled by her
>>297212 lastly, for some reason this pic spooks me.. cursedimage.jpg

No. 298459

Hard 2 appreciate anything when everything you want is handed to you by your rich bf.. must be nice.

No. 298462


WTF is up with her brows too? They look like the hungry caterpillar

No. 298471

jesus fucking christ that nose '''''contour'''''

No. 298613

File: 1493124743847.png (1017.34 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-04-25-08-48-54…)

Looks very asian without all that eyeliner

No. 298626


she looks good imo, it's just the contacts look worse without makeup. If I saw her stream without contacts and crazy eyeliner I'd think she was attractive.

No. 298632

Her nose looks like a potato, but aside from that she looks kinda cute

No. 298633

She's still wearing make up, just less.
Look at her eyes

No. 298638

She would be twigs if it wasn't for her tit implants

No. 298644

File: 1493130787111.jpg (111.18 KB, 1200x786, C9zR6c-XgAEQK7k.jpg)

Kelly is like what 28-29? And she hangs with a 19 year old?

No. 298870

File: 1493160800003.jpg (95.04 KB, 675x1200, C-SOjbUUwAA8muR.jpg)

Not gonna happen

No. 299007

Is she really lurking here this often to suddenly do this and let lolcow dig in her skin or what?
Shes still has controlled lighting and angles that really helps, but she does look nice in a different way.

No. 299071

File: 1493183026443.png (42.86 KB, 720x419, image_crop__2017_04_26_01_03_4…)

No. 299090

what are the rumours?

No. 299110


Ahh yes Kelly Milkers

No. 299172

File: 1493211076768.png (353.54 KB, 720x549, image_crop__2017_04_26_08_50_3…)

Why does she like bowling ball tits kelly so much?

No. 299190

Sandy's poop selfies though

No. 300663

LOL Fuslie and Kimi made a joint youtube and the first video is some primo cringe shit

No. 300772


Oh my god she looks horrible here. I can't imagine looking sick when you have makeup up. With no makeup it's understandable if people ask if you're sick, but if you're wearing just natural makeup and you look this weird I'm concerned. I understand why she sticks with the drag look now, it looks much better.

No. 300778

she looks like man to me.
a prettier type of man but still a man.

No. 301318

File: 1493519631666.jpg (86.28 KB, 562x917, 1111.JPG)

jesus what is wrong with this girls

No. 301476

Stop trying to promote yourself. You're irrelevant to this thread. And you're another ugly self hating southeast asian that wished they were korean.

No. 301642


LUL what? I was just posting this girl due to her extremely unsettling face. Not sure if this her natural face (? looks like botched surgery to me) or what. her pictures get retweeted/liked by the rest of the league crew so I found her relevant.

No. 301644

File: 1493579345491.png (449.38 KB, 800x400, lilypichurealchange.png)

How to look like an ulzzang by Lilypichu: just do a winged eyeliner and wear circle lenses and voila!

No. 301660

She's completely irrelevent like I said, why would you post a nobody? She's not even a streamer that has many viewers probably max 6 on a good day. If it makes you feel better anon, she's very ugly with an over photoshopped/botched face.

No. 301665

File: 1493582081173.jpg (93.86 KB, 720x474, IMG_20170430_155440.jpg)

Aria too. Terrible look.

No. 301751

File: 1493592383468.png (376.54 KB, 704x383, hai.png)

is hai's new gf a little jenny?

No. 301900

File: 1493611614428.jpg (130.49 KB, 720x532, IMG_20170501_000641.jpg)

Does chocobars photoshop her pics? I don't remember her looking this bad.

No. 301903

File: 1493611836096.jpg (46.92 KB, 523x818, CwivpgmXEAARsVw.jpg)

She kinda looks like a bobblehead

No. 302015

Yes. I don't know how to explain it but her chin and mouth stick out less compared to the rest of her face. Her chin is just really far back. She counters this by tilting her head down in all her selfies and editing her cheek lines.

No. 302027

She has an overbite and weak chin

No. 303217

Is the person sharing stories of Sandy/Popushi still up? I sent a friend request

No. 303274


Aria Saki isn't ugly.

No. 303277


>make awesome cosplay

>hardly get a chance to cosplay because conventions are expensive and far away
>cosplay on stream because it makes livestreams more interesting
>also get to show your love for a character to an audience

No. 303282

Legit ladyboy wtf

No. 303283

Imagine this face without makeup. I blame her white side.

No. 303385

Are you starting to patrol this thread too? Go back to white knighting lily in her thread.

No. 303434

File: 1493819850768.jpg (37.86 KB, 720x251, IMG_20170503_095717.jpg)

Like dyrus could ever throw a punch lol

No. 303826

File: 1493854201709.jpg (128.43 KB, 900x1200, C-4EFagXsAAHAGa.jpg)

Why does bekuhs nose look so weird

No. 304033

Man all of these twitch girls got fucked up noses/look masculine in some way or another

No. 304039

shes one feature away from being conventionally attractive

No. 304411

Too much nose contour?

No. 304415

that and the lack of upper lip

No. 304707

it's the placement of her contour, it is applied much too wide apart and straight up and down (?idk how to explain) making her nose look boulbus. Her nose is tall, she doesn't suit the straight up and down method. Not sure if this makes any sense but the vid I linked changed my damn life. (I too have a tall Asian nose that can quickly look huge and fat if contoured the wrong way)

No. 304937

sage for OT but holy shit this video is a lifesaver, bless you anon

No. 305036

File: 1493975459657.png (373.47 KB, 655x526, hbysTgf.png)

Dude, ages ago when Behkuh was still dating HSGG I saw her and thought. DAMN, how did George get a girl like that. THEN I NOTICED HER NOSE AND REMEMBERED GEORGE'S NOSE. LOL

I think HSGG likes girls with huge noses. There used to be posts on the general discussion board of LoL joking about how his kids would have the biggest noses ever.

No. 305097

File: 1493985678205.jpg (311.5 KB, 720x628, CYMERA_20170505_080039.jpg)

Alot of the streamers are not attractive at all, fuslie and kimi look so weird and out of place.

No. 305113

The only one I think is cute at all is Annie (Boxbox's gf) but even she shops like hell.

No. 305147


You don't actually believe she made this right? and that conventions are too expensive for someone making so much bank?

This is a store bought cosplay, not that there is anything wrong with that IMO if it's just for fun but don't be so delusional.

No. 305151

File: 1493994998741.jpg (62.12 KB, 872x493, 1st of may.JPG)


Honestly I think fuslie has some sort of charm? her face is pretty nice looking besides her nose and even that isn't too ugly like bekkuh's or something.

That being said I'm always surprised by how much Fuslie makes compared to all these other girls. She even surpasses kimi who was "popular" for longer (and I thought kimi was more "cute" IMO)

This picture is just in the first day of may.

No. 305152

You're not charming or cute at all, you look so washed out.

No. 305315

ffs not everyone who posts is a selfpost, mods would point it out if it is. stop making the rest of us look as spergy as you.

No. 305337


She does look washed out here but what I mean is that I'm very surprised at how much she makes for not showing her tits (she must pander in other ways though)

Her top donator of the month is always 1K+ and she almost always seems to make easily 200+ a day

No. 305374

File: 1494017120472.png (130.47 KB, 750x1087, IMG_8726.PNG)

Man poki looks beat

No. 305441


Yeah, I think Annie and Jaime are some of the only girls I can stand. Partly because Annie always jokes about filters and shops so at least she admits it, partly because they have the only league relationships I think are genuine.

Jaime finally fixed how she did her eyeliner before, and she has the kind of long legs that I always wished I had ngl. She panders to weebs and projects the 2D anime girl image hardcore though.

No. 305714

Lol Jaime? Gumdrop? the retarded looking one? Her personality is so bland, she might as well be a cardboard cutout. I don't know how you can stand her streams or think she looks good.

No. 305741

I can't stand Jaime either. Annie I support tho because she actually goes to nursing school and doesn't rely on streaming to make income since she barely streams at all.

No. 305880


I've always been jealous of Jaime's body type so maybe that's why she never seemed that bad to me? I can't watch her streams because she acts so ditzy but I thought it was pretty innocent compared to some of the other girls like Emiru. Her I really can't stand because she acts like she thinks she's hot shit or above all these other girls just because she got a huge popularity boost leeching off Dyrus and plays Jhin.

No. 305889

i just looked her up and holy shit she does look retarded wtf

No. 305930

File: 1494084438724.jpg (142.36 KB, 853x720, IMG_20170506_112603.jpg)

Emi really hates her nose she talks abt her dislike for it on tumblr and her makeup vid wouldnt be surprised if she does her nose

No. 306017


??? what ??? her nose looks perfectly normal, if anything i think its one of her good features

No. 306034

She prob doesnt like it cuz it's not has tall as a white nose

No. 306055


Grass is always greener I guess. White girls want smaller button noses while emi wants a white girl nose ?

No. 306092

Drop the makeup video, I can't find it

No. 306148

Asians dont have button noses

No. 306150

What do they have then?

No. 306174

If anything she just makes her nose look too thin with makeup, she has a perfect nose tbh, she can make it look however she wants, doubt she gets that changed it's the only unique feature she has.

No. 306210


No. 306252

Is he making fun of them or complimenting them?

No. 306280

No. 306281


mb i pressed enter. but my guess is he's trying to be funny and "make fun" of egirls bt really he's just kissing their ass, maybe in hopes to get attention from them

No. 306283

Ayye its RedRiot. Can usually don't care about kissing anyone ass so I'll be surprised if he starts now.

No. 306369

i just skimmed through some of her tumblr… i watched her q&a where she talked about meeting dyrus and i thought it was quite cute and thought she seemed nice from that and her tumblr.. but her twitter makes her seem like a huge defensive immature bitch.

are there any league female streamers that aren't like awful in one respect? i think poki seems alright, i don't understand the hate against her here other than… how she looks? can someone explain the hate?

No. 306408

She basically was 17 when she started flirting with dyrus, like that's just gross

No. 306423


I am pretty against huge age gaps when one of the parties is under 20, but it's all legal. The age of consent in Texas is 17, and from their "homestates" (Kansas and Hawaii) it is 16. It's not like she looks 10 anyway, she looks 20. Something else can be said about her maturity, but I'm sure Dyrus is basically her equal in that regard.

No. 306433

Pretty sad to be in your twenties dating a teen

No. 306434


Then that's on Dyrus, isn't it? Not her. For all we know she's just an impressionable, starry eyed fan who has been taken advantage of by her idol.

No. 306438

Is it really, though? Love is love, dude. It's not like he chose her BECAUSE she was 17, they just hit it off.

No. 306446

The dude is fat, autistic, school drop out, social awkward and has no real future ambitions. If a young attractive girl with huge tits started living with me, I'd jump on that too.

No. 306448

On her tumblr shes like yeah ppl can say what they want it doesnt bother me and on twitter shes like FUCK THE HATERZ11!!

No. 306459

Both of them are just using each other. Emily says she likes him because hes cute or whatever, but if it werent for him being a pro gamer in the first place she wouldnt give a single damn about him or his character. He only replied and took interest in her just cause she looks cute on her profile pics

No. 306553


They aren't using each other, but it is true that their relationship was only possible because they were attracted to superficial things.

I know both of them, and Emily is very friendly (although a bit egoistical). I can attest that they love each other a lot. He didn't even know she was 17 when they started talking. But even if he did… she was legal. This wasn't a case of an older idol taking advantage of an impressionable follower.

Knowing a lot of people in similar situations (losers who no hot girl would bat an eye in the direction of if they weren't a streamer) they do usually start with an attractive fan approaching the streamer. But you people are all so ignorant to assume that both parties are so socially awkward that they don't make any effort to communicate prior to meeting in person for the first time. Emily and Dyrus talked skyped for several hours daily. The same can be said for every single relationship like theirs I know of.

I thought that people on image boards would be relatively forward thinking, and probably be aware that you can form emotional bonds online. This has been possible for over 20 years now.

And holy fuck, Emily's tits are real. She just has a strawberry body type. I thought this was a mostly female forum? Even with her nudes, I can get that effect by pushing up my B cups, you guys are fucking morons.

No. 306577

>he didnt know she was 17
Don't people usually state their ages or ask when they first start talking? That's like the basics.

>it is true that their relationship was only possible because they were attracted to superficial things.

For emiru it was fame and money
For dyrus it was a fuck toy and eye candy

Good for them if they have a relationship, but it doesn't change the fact Dyrus is Emily's sugar daddy and she is his sugar baby.

No. 306639

thank god im not the only one on here that feels like her tits are real. Even the pictures of her flat chested are prob just her not wearing a pushup/contouring her chest ?

You guys should check out the up-bra I feel like its looks similar the the same one jennythesquirrel wears 24/7

No. 306652

That's definitely what it is, Emiru's boobs are definitely real and they're not actually anywhere near as large as they seem. On occasion she doesn't have her tits falling out of her shirt and isn't wearing a heavy duty pushup and they look much smaller. It always amazes me how many people don't understand how boobs and bras work. The entire point of pushup bras is to make your tits seem many sizes larger than they actually are by smashing as much surface area upward as possible and shaping it to be as round as possible.

No. 306742

How would you know? did she do a private show for you? You wouldn't know unless you saw her topless irl.

No. 306936


Is this thread mostly rival female streamers/retards? On other threads, most farmers aren't this retarded. I don't really like emiru (I'm that anon who said she sounded like a bitch on Twitter) but I'm not going to desperately pry for some milk… Like trying to argue she has had a boobjob. I looked through previous comments and in the pics where she looks flat, it's usually due to the top she's wearing covering her chest.

Don't we all know someone who's boobs have always been too big for their frame? Usually they're a larger weight all over, but emiru is just that but thin. I'm very thin like her but all my weight goes to my butt and thighs. It doesn't look as interesting though because push up butts aren't a thing and I don't use padding.

No. 309023

Because I'm a woman, and I have 28 years of experience with the female body, and 17 years of experience with how fucking tits work considering I HAVE THEM.


No. 309024

19 not 17 Jesus. Sorry I was distracted by the obvious dude with the inability to understand how tits are common to half the fucking population of the planet.

No. 309997

File: 1494487113262.png (538.85 KB, 1399x1625, 382037391192782.png)

Lol her egotism doesnt go unnoticed

No. 310000

File: 1494487979236.png (71.96 KB, 583x618, kek.png)

so mad

No. 311270

Ahhaaaha lmao. I love how she got called out for the humble brag bs she always does, she use to have more posts like that but she deleted them.


No. 311391

File: 1494620639653.jpg (544.06 KB, 1200x1200, CYMERA_20170512_154408.jpg)

Why is emiru such a bitch? She seems nice on tumblr

No. 311464

Her lipliner is making it look like she had an allergic reaction here.

No. 311480


that fucking push-up

No. 311601

File: 1494636286906.jpg (73.31 KB, 720x517, IMG_20170512_204245.jpg)

Why is Emiru trying so hard to deny it? There's nothing to be ashamed of, saying that you're not a gold digger doesn't mean you're not one.

No. 311604

File: 1494636403612.jpg (75.95 KB, 720x552, IMG_20170512_204614.jpg)

And it seems that what people say about her really get to her, people talk abouy poki too but I don't think she cares, shows how secure emily is, kek.

No. 311909


It's not harder to be significantly well off when you're an ex pro players and all Emily makes is peanuts off her stream. She's gold digging for sure. Without the money he'd just be another 24 year old dude on the internet. Why didn't she snag herself an outgoing cute 18-19 year old boy her age? I wonder…

No. 311916

Hmmm she feels like the bitchiest out of all the streamers. Shed be alright with more humility, but she thinks too highly or special about herself. Shes just playing nice on tumblr because she likes all the special attention she gets, other than that shes the type to throw a fit if a girl prettier than her is in the same room.
Shes so dense and naive.Thats how the real world works and people are in toxic abusive relationships everywhere due to financial hardships.

No. 311918

She's so triggered and offended by all this is because it's true. Probably the only thing anons got wrong about her was the tits, you're really not that special Emily.

No. 311922

File: 1494677392383.jpg (60.8 KB, 720x329, IMG_20170513_080710.jpg)

Oh the irony. Emi was attracted to Dyrus for shallow reasons; money and fame. Once the money is gone, she'll be gone too. Funny how she's trying so hard to come off as "not a sugar baby" when she only came to him for the exact same reasons. Em flirted around with other well known streamers and Dyrus was the only one that caught the bait and flew her to Texas to live with him.

No. 311925

File: 1494678778120.jpg (127.83 KB, 720x736, IMG_20170513_082923.jpg)

She looks 100 percent asian as a mix. No wonder she has such a complex about it, she hates the fact that she doesn't look special like the other mixes so she wears all that makeup, lenses and pushup to get those "hot mix girl" compliments and to feel better about how ordinary she looks.

No. 311965

File: 1494686146635.png (350.71 KB, 576x1024, image_crop__2017_05_13_10_35_2…)

Did she purposely scrunch the dress up so her ass would be hanging out?

No. 311968


Of course, she has no ass though. Look how hard she's breaking her back to have something a step above completely flat. At least she has her boobs, kind of. She's also raising one leg to create the illusion when it's mostly her thigh.

No. 311978

File: 1494688333365.jpg (498.6 KB, 999x1000, CYMERA_20170513_110926.jpg)

Sugardaddy shit isn't just exclusive to just a dude old roch dude 40+ older than the accessory next to him. Emily's dumbass thinks that Dyrus has to be an old man for it to count. Kek, think whatever you want sugar baby.

No. 311980

And also I don't know what kind of boyfriend Dyrus is but my boyfriend would NEVER be ok with me posting revealing ass pictures on social media for guys to gawk over, it's almost like Dyrus is showing Emily off like some kind of expensive accessory or charm hmm…

Even when she was dating Dyrus she had selfies (now deleted) of her posing in nothing but a bra with some humblebrag shit as the description. How sad that she can't get validation for her beta daddy that she has to turn to little kids and her autistic viewers for attention.

No. 312316

Funny how she thinks collegehumor is buzzfeed

No. 312727

File: 1494779146233.png (117.92 KB, 720x593, image_crop__2017_05_14_12_25_0…)

What is emiru's deal?

No. 312728

File: 1494779166746.png (155.9 KB, 720x1128, image_crop__2017_05_14_12_25_2…)

No. 312737

Who the fuck keeps bumping this damn thread nitpicking the same league ho's tweets EVERY TIME the Lilypichu thread gets bumped?

No. 312773

Wasn't it already revealed that whenever lily's thread gets bumped with random shit, she goes and spergs about emiru/pokimane? I would assume the hate towards emi since a couple years back lily would collab and make a ton of content with dyrus and everyone assumed that they were dating.

No. 312835

Do we have another Kiki incident on our hands????

No. 312836


i like how she is obviously talking about pinksparkles

No. 312841


Why does she have to make a big deal about it though? Like she's so special that someone wanted nothing to do with her so they simply blocked her? I've blocked accounts that have never followed me before simply because they were annoying and they were in my orbit, so it was possible I'd see them or vice versa in the future.

I mean. These tweets reek of attention. All I see is "OMG DIS BITCH BLOCKED ME EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW?? IM SPECIAL". Plus pink sparkles has been doing her bullshit for a long time now. Why doesn't emi just keep this info between friends or dyrus instead of looking stupid online?

No. 312843

Or maybe it just cause Emiru is a condescending bitch?

No. 312934

File: 1494804267799.jpg (164.15 KB, 720x926, IMG_20170514_192104.jpg)

And she's still going on about it, honestly it seems like she's trying to make herself look better and emily's tweets this lately screams OMG LOOK AT THEM VIEWBOTTING TYPICAL GIRL STREAMERS I'M REAL CUZ I PLAY JHIN AND ALL MY VIEWERS ARE TOTALLY LEGIT!!11!!

No. 312935

File: 1494804292266.jpg (50.19 KB, 720x283, IMG_20170514_192203.jpg)

No. 312961

Do you think Emiru deserves her own thread at this point?

No. 312980

Maybe if she does more lulzy shit

No. 313093

Nah emi is just your average textbook definition of a bitch, and the other streamers really have nothing worth talking about or nitpicked for. They dont go around harrassing or targeting their own audience or other girls randomly, or stroking their damn egos blatantly all the time that you end up being featured in an article for it.
Idk about lily bumping the threads, buts its also possible that the same demographic are just interested in similar cows?
Sage for no contribution

No. 313939

How old is she? She'll get fat as she ages.

No. 313954

No. 314424

File: 1494989623141.jpg (97.25 KB, 331x305, CYMERA_20170516_225128.jpg)

Does emiru purposely makes herself sound boring and frumpy? She sounded different on reckful's stream, maybe she's trying to fulfill fanboys fantasies that she's the "female" Dyrus?

No. 314521

lol aria

No. 314543

Shell deffo get fat later on.

No. 314586

Vvvortic talks about how much emi likes attention

No. 314863

Who the fuck is vvvortic and why should I care he made a video without any content besides repeating the same two insults over and over for almost 5 minutes?

No. 314933

He is one the reason the Reddit circle jerk when into panic mode.

No. 314937

He's the only youtuber that made a vid about emiru's intentions

No. 314952

File: 1495060171289.jpg (40.14 KB, 800x600, 14469550_1101104143318927_6625…)

Emiru looks good with makeup on but at the same time she looks like a emo hooker

No. 314955

File: 1495060496773.jpg (116.99 KB, 720x914, IMG_20170517_183431.jpg)

>football player

lol who did this?

No. 314988

Lol inb4 she rages on twitter

No. 314993


I do agree, I used to think she was really pretty but this pose makes her look weird honestly. I also feel like her contacts are so try hard at this point. Why does she want to be white so bad? Every other haffu goes for weeb makeup while this chick is stuck in 2005 scene America.
>>314424 she looks so odd in candids or when she can't use her angles. Her face shape is super chunky and manly.

No. 315937

She is hiding her square jaw with her hair and her fingers so she looks better than she would if her hair wasn't there…

Lol that's hilarious. If he actually got buff, i could potentially see him as a football player, but maybe it would be a stretch

No. 320018

File: 1495572378954.jpg (37.46 KB, 345x282, IMG_20170520_225004.jpg)

Em's contacts look kinda strange

No. 320363

File: 1495597399657.jpg (44.9 KB, 640x640, 11378538_913949995313951_12872…)

Guys. I've skimmed this thread, and I've been seeing a lot of claims that Emily got implants or some silly shit like that. It makes me wonder how many of you posters are clueless guys. I posted this pic to show that her boobs are not big at all, at first glance most people are probably like oooo cleavage oooo huge tits must be implants!!! no.

Most bikinis in that style are made of rather thin material without much support, but you can see that HER bikini has UNDERWIRE and is a harder, molded cup that "shapes" your tits. The cleavage you see in the pic is mostly shadow cast from the lighting from the side. I know because my bathroom has similar lighting, and my tits look like that even when I'm only wearing a normal bra (and I'm only a B cup, mind you).

OK, now that that's said and done, the annoying part is that when people compliment her huge tits or ask about them on tumblr, she doesn't directly confirm it (because she probably feels uncomfortable about blatantly lying) and instead encourages people to think she has huge tits by saying shit like "oh most of the ladies on my white dad's side are blessed in that department" (she said this on tumblr). Also, somebody asked her where she gets her bras from on tumblr, probably to see if she wears pushup bras, which she clearly does– and she responds with "Forever21". Like how vague can you get girl? Who you tryna fool?

I think she feeds off of insecure/jealous girls in all honesty, because apparently she likes to set a very unrealistic standard by pretending she has naturally pushed to the chin-buttcrack cleavage while maintaining a slender stomach, and then shits on people when they point out that she's cheating her image with a good bra by saying they're jealous. No, we're not jealous, we're just annoyed that you're trying to pass off your fakeness as realness.

No. 320509

File: 1495625045318.png (97.91 KB, 648x674, image_crop__2017_05_24_07_22_2…)

Emiru deleted all her bitchy posts I guess she is scared of people talking about her, I can't help but notice every now and then she makes posts with simple grammar mistakes

No. 320522

wait..yall actually think she has a decent nose? She's admitted multiple times that she hates her nose– it gets really wide when she smiles, but it's hidden by her 5 lbs of eye makeup and fake eyelashes. her eyes look bigger so it makes her nose look smaller. if you take her pics and imagine her without the thick black areas around her eyes when she's smiling…..//retches

also, if you pay attention to her profile you can see that her nose has a bump on the bridge even though it's flat? how does that even happen?

I can't believe people can't see through this girl's fake beauty lmao

no wonder she deleted her instagram pit's from before last year :^)

No. 320525

somehow last night was my first time discovering tea about emiru feelsrelievingman

all I hear about this girl are "omg she's so hot, dyrus so lucky" ….like no jesus christ. I thought i was the only one who noticed her low key attention whore vibes and her toxicity towards other female streamers. she tries way too hard to be "innocent" too, she tweeted that she wanted to wear a "pretty top" on stream, but changed into a hoodie bc of chat? I was watching the stream that day and she was literally wearing a tight leatheresque tank crop top showing all her cleavage from her push up bra. and she purposely has her hair pushed back instead of covering her as usual to show off tits. honey…………

No. 320544

Come one now, she is an attractive girl with a perfectly normal nose. She hs her fault, but she isn't this ugly cave troll you are trying to convince us she is.

No. 320644

yeh honestly her nose looks fine to me (I might be biased cuz i have the same nose lol)

Forreal she needs to cut down some of the eye makeup, everyone I've asked has said it looks freakishly overdone. Also I think you guys think she looks "manly" cuz of her super dark thick eyebrows, not her nose. Some of her pics from like a year ago has nicer, thin eyebrows and I think she should go back to that

No. 320645

I meant JAW, not nose*

No. 320659

File: 1495642395699.png (556.9 KB, 1111x816, 1c047ae93cdaf3c433b35f76a41426…)

Ayy the thread's alive again. Still about Emiru though? I have some oldish pics of her a little before she started dating dyrus, if anyone's interested.

This was from last summer, I think her style now is just bad cuz she was way hotter back then lmao. Also the tags are cringe af

No. 320663

Lol funny how she tries so hard for people to notice that she's mixed, too bad she looks like an average asian without her makeup and lenses

No. 320666

dude that pic was from when she was 15/16, it's not recent. she's gonna age so badly jesus

No. 320676

File: 1495644248717.jpg (266.43 KB, 721x916, d763fa35382089cdb1ecfbfb53147c…)

Also heres very recent pic of emiru before she starting using crazy pushup bras, she has like no boobs here even with a padded bikini top. There's a tiny bit of cleavage but only because she's trying to casually smash her tits together with her one arm. Again note the tags…"#white girl" "#hentai" LOL ?? and why did she even tag "league of legends" and "model" I'm so embarrassed for her

the caption she put was funny tho i gotta admit, props emily

No. 320681

you hit the spot. I couldn't put my finger on what I found annoying about her, but all her bios are like "WASIAN TERROR IN 3D" or someshit about her being half white half asian. like bruh you don't see me going like "ITALIAN BRAZILIAN MENACE IN TECHNICOLOR"

She also loves bragging about how young she is. calls attention to being a TEENAGER in all her bios even though she's 19 and a half. :thinking:

No. 320684

Lmao these are gold

No. 320686

File: 1495645009769.jpg (335.97 KB, 717x751, CYMERA_20170524_125121.jpg)

I can see why emily has fans cuz she tricks ppl into thinking shed hot and all but what abouy poki? Major butterface and bad at the game

No. 320696

I used to idolize Pokimane actually, my boyfriend says she's really hot and is "actually pretty for a gamer" which makes me sad :( Idk if I'm qualified to speak cuz I'll admit I'm kinda jealous

It makes me kinda annoyed that my boyfriend can't see through the thick makeup and filters she wears. Even her stream is overexposed so you can only see her good features (eyebrows hair eyes and lips)

But honestly, her gameplay is decent. I watch all of her youtube vids and some of her streams, her decision making is about on par with my own. The only laughable aspect is her ults on Orianna……..

No. 320736

File: 1495649033184.png (399.94 KB, 720x1024, image_crop__2017_05_24_14_02_3…)

What is she trying to say? Lol

No. 320744

lmao I don't think she was the one who typed that….hopefully

No. 320745

When you pin something on pinterest, the caption written by the OP/url or user you just re-pined the image from stays, unless you delete it.

No. 320749

Am I the only one who thinks Emily's face looks kinda off? I can't figure out why though. Something to do with the proportions of her face. She always seems strained/stiff faced in streams I've noticed, like she's trying to hold her face in a certain way to make her lips look fuller or something?

No. 320752

Dump him don't date gamer bros who think someone with layers of makeup is natural

Sage for ot

No. 320753

just looked thru emirus pics and none of them have her smiling maybe thats why she looks so bitchy lol always that same duck face selfie pose and her makeup looks so cakey in her makeup tutorial it looks uncomfortably heavy

No. 320756

Pokimane is actually gorgeous and chill, why you bros hatin'?

No. 320800

>Am I the only one
kill yourself

No. 320821

Eh, I think so too, she kinda has a boxy face

No. 320835

woah anon leave him alone, we're all in this hellhole together

No. 320859

File: 1495658810415.jpg (608.04 KB, 1024x1024, CYMERA_20170524_163337.jpg)

Emily has to be a wizard

No. 320863

where're you guys finding the pink bikini pics? I cant find them anywhere. I remember she'd always get questioned if she was emo or scene and she'd deny having a phase, but her tags on her old posts all say #scene

She actually looks ok in those pics, just the 4th one her teeth look kinda horsey

No. 320866

File: 1495659226692.png (539.44 KB, 1432x1817, 24-13-38-58.png)

She feels threatened a lot by other girls. Attention whores who attack other attention whores lol

No. 320873

Ewww. I used to like her, in Dyrus's last cooking video I thought she looked great and basically thought we looked a lot alike in that vid, but Jesus girl.

She's just a bully, she overdoes her makeup and sells her body, she's putting too much pressure on her tits with those pushups everyday so they're gonna get saggy as shit if they aren't already. If being a complete bitch to others isn't fixing your stutter and cracky voice by giving you confidence then it's a sign it's not helping your self esteem, maybe if you stopped being a bitch to everyone and focusing so hard on looking like a basic slut you'd like yourself more and be more confident.

No. 320876

File: 1495659693444.png (635.76 KB, 416x727, 2e113f2fe1682a2e09bc7653635a2f…)

Here's a pic of Emiru without makeup that nobody has posted yet.

There's a reason she's craving attention. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say it's because she wasn't used to getting compliments on her appearance until this year because she was a plain duckling before she learned how to do her makeup better.

I think if she fixed her hair in this pic she would be cute? Her cheekbones are pretty bomb and she aint bad lookin at all

No. 320880

how ironic

No. 320890

Friend just showed me this thread because I'm a big fan of her

Not in a creepy thirsty way though, I just thought she was really chill and honest and true to herself? It was really hard for me to stomach this thread, but now that I read it, I'm thinking to myself…yeah this is true…this is also true…wtf. Is the Eugenia Cooney thing real? How can she be so cruel to say something like that? I just can't imagine Emily posting something like that. And wow, I didn't know push up bras could make double D looking boobs out of nothing. The more you know.

I'm mostly shocked at her post on twitter about another girl playing Jhin and feeding. I saw that in person but didn't really think too much about it until now because I thought she was kind and didn't mean it maliciously. She seems to have the attitude that she has dibs on playing jhin, which is just ridiculous because there are thousands of other female players out there who play Jhin. Why did she have to say "lady streamer"? It's like she's trying to promote the "female league players are brainless bimbos" stereotype but twisting it by saying "but i'm better than them cuz i'm hot AND can play a male champ!" There were probably countless male streamers who fed on jhin after "watching her stream", but she didn't call them out. Sigh.

I'm so disappointed. I thought I finally found a decent girl streamer. I just didn't keep up with her social media so I didn't realize how obnoxious she was. /: Emily whyy you're better than this. I hope she reads this thread and changes her toxic behavior, otherwise it would be a goddamn shame.

No. 320892

File: 1495660612210.jpg (229.09 KB, 546x819, 34afebe4b2a488207edc4da27cdf7f…)

her body looks weird lol. she looks bangin on stream but in candids she looks awkward asfuck //cringe

No. 320895

File: 1495660893385.png (711.43 KB, 527x825, 67cf8143adf77e9625a3640c6aa3fe…)

I feel her pain honestly. Candid photos are almost always unflattering unless you're somewhat photogenic. Asians aren't usually blessed with strong features that look good on camera and it tends to make their cheeks look chubby like she does in this pic

No. 320899

You know sometime ago emiru was denying the nudes despite it being so obvious, thanks for further confirming

No. 320902

she was denying them? lmao there's no mistaking that jaw (I mean it in a good way though, I love me some defined jawlines mmm)

No. 320907

I can kinda understand that mentality for peoplr who play a new champ on pbe or release but she just randomly jumped on cuz she thinks it makes her special

No. 320922

File: 1495662664949.jpg (208.24 KB, 1270x806, fa6e51b7bfa98801add1ec86d21039…)

emily was a cute chubby lil kid 3 years ago? btw her eyebrows here are A+++ why cant she do that now

No. 320923

File: 1495662789351.png (93.19 KB, 226x188, emiru.png)

she was rolling around the floor gotta be quirky someway

No. 320932

File: 1495663660524.jpg (237.43 KB, 1055x561, 13367332222EXT__324532311.jpg)

the fake eyelashes make her look hawwt

No. 320940

File: 1495664315413.png (652.07 KB, 955x539, loll.png)

she sucks

No. 320941

she finishes the game 3/9/5

No. 320960


Eh wasn't she just going for the flavour of the month like most of the ADC player base at the time. Besides that she kinda suffers from the same "omg I'm so so special and not like all the other girls" attitude that tittystreamers such as raihnbowkidz/anisa has too.

No. 320964


I can't help but see a man here. Sure a man with a soft face, and like you said good cheekbones, but she's nothing without her false lashes. Also her chest? She looks beyond flat, so this must be a few years old.

I've concluded that 99% of girls (yes that includes me) look like shit without makeup. Some women both about beauty standards but honestly makeup has helped us achieve a lot of things for our own personal gain. I wonder if dyrus sees her without makeup or she's the type to put it on first thing in the morning and last thing to take off at night.

No. 320970

No, this was from a year ago according to the timestamp on the post the picture was on

No. 320975


Holy shit.. I'm so confused then. She looks totally flat here and those pictures at Disneyland but then her nudes they don't seem like a cups. how much does she pad/stuff? unless her boobs grew in the last burst of puberty but we're almost the same age.
She honestly has an average body now that I see her candids. She has her thinness going in for it but I'm certain she's trying much harder to keep it that way than she would ever admit. Yeah she's not "working out for these ab lines lmaoo" but she is definitely restricting or just not eating a lot in general considering she was heavier only a year or two ago

No. 320979

So many posts here just scream jealous samefag.

No. 320983

i was thinking that too, but eh, seems like different people to me

No. 320987

what's there to be jealous of?

No. 320989

i think she's just naturally skinny tbh, her cleavage is definitely fake though. I have the same pear shape body type as her and my boobs look like that with a normal bra– splurged at a sale at VS and their pushup bras give me the same look she has in her streams but they're uncomfortable =/ mad props to her for dealing with that torture for hours a day

No. 320992

why tf there so many lurkers today f'real

No. 321003

I used to think Poki was so pretty but now that she takes more "casual" selfies you can see all her wrinkles around her mouth and her ehh nose. On her "no makeup" selfie, she still uses 10 filters, fills in her eyebrows and makes her puppy the main focus of the picture lmao

No. 321010

File: 1495668927170.jpg (29.18 KB, 309x400, z26.jpg)

Jealous of a low self esteem bimbo with no post secondary education that takes pride in being a fuck toy for an unemployed autistic fat nerd?

No. 321015

wtf that lighting makes the girl look possessed lmao

No. 321021

Idk several posts sperging about how she looks "totally like a man, has a hueg nose, omg looks azn without eyeliner" and "omg how can't men tell thats shes fake", seems pretty jealous to me.

There are plenty of valid reasons to dislike her and critique her, but her being "unattractive" isn't one of them.

No. 321027

I think theyre more addressing the fact that she's fake, rather than that she's "unattractive", in fact only like 2 posts have actually claimed she's unattractive and the rest say she looks okay/looks cute without makeup or whatever. personally I couldnt care less about superficial things, I'm just annoyed by her cringeyness on social media. rolls eyes

No. 321038

Emiru is a solid player :P I'm watching her stream rn and she's 7/2 as Jinx in mid plat elo without getting boosted

No. 321050

But back to the point she's mediocre like the rest of these twitch girls, nothing too special just more pretentious than some of the others.

No. 321052


Dude. Mid plat is fucnjg garbage. If she was actually good she would be at least high diamond with the amount of ranked games she has played.
Also I never said she was unnattactive, but emi does have a mannish face to me and look so different without her lashes and push up bra, that's it.

No. 321062

Yeah mid plat isn't amazing, but keep in mind that she's a streamer and also like
super self conscious. It's probably hard for her to concentrate on the game and hold herself in a pretty way at the same time :P

No. 321122

Are whiteknights coming here now like lily's thread? Lol. And getting scores like 7/2 on jinx is normal af mid plat, that aint nothing special.

No. 321130


Jesus Christ, she looks a lot like my full Asian 50+ year old mother here. The frizzy hair and everything… I had no idea she used to be that bad. I guess that explains her behaviour. I don't like the contacts and I think the eyemakeup needs to be toned down a touch and she'd be very attractive to me.

I don't watch her stream and I had no idea her teeth were so bad.

No. 321136

God the white knights are even cringier than their weeb streamer princesses. please leave us alone :P :P :P :P :P

No. 321149

File: 1495682343959.jpg (140.2 KB, 720x1009, IMG_20170524_231515.jpg)

Judging from emily's old ask fm it seems like she was always stuck up, she's so full of contradictions

No. 321150

File: 1495682389695.jpg (47.31 KB, 340x600, avatar (3).jpg)

No. 321152

File: 1495682423719.png (20.49 KB, 720x353, image_crop__2017_05_24_23_16_0…)

No. 321153

File: 1495682501151.png (447.83 KB, 600x449, ScreenShot20120718at25256PM.pn…)

No. 321154

File: 1495682540793.jpg (115.48 KB, 720x720, CYMERA_20170524_231916.jpg)

No. 321162

seriously, anons, how are you finding all this? I'm verrry curious. do you know her irl or something? also her face has so much potential it makes me sad that she ruins it with the badly styled makeup she wears. minimal brow stenciling, some good mascara and a light bb cream are all she needs to be stunning /= her eyes are beautiful

No. 321165

File: 1495683357493.jpg (93.26 KB, 720x656, IMG_20170524_233503.jpg)

And she ends up posting them anyways

No. 321166

File: 1495683520505.jpg (106.66 KB, 720x720, avatar.jpg)

I can't believe that emily looked like this not too long ago, just makes dyrus look even creepier

No. 321168

File: 1495683858119.jpg (114.26 KB, 720x596, IMG_20170524_234319.jpg)

Apparently she had ptsd? Was she ever diagnosed?

No. 321170

File: 1495683899958.jpg (144.62 KB, 720x716, IMG_20170524_234400.jpg)

No. 321172

File: 1495683992696.png (440.24 KB, 450x600, ScreenShot20140125at14541PM.pn…)

No. 321176

wow she looks like an average asian teen from 2007 lol

No. 321179

Anon are you me? My boyfriend also thinks Poki is super hot even when it's an unflattering picture. I don't see it at all and am trying really hard to see what he sees. Sage for blogpost.

No. 321181

Maybe your bf has a thing for unattractive e sluts?

No. 321186

Sad girlfriend anon here again

I think guys just can't see through makeup and filters because they don't use them. When I was around 15/16 I used to think some girls were gorgeous, but now that I look at them again 3 years later, I realize it's all just makeup and flattering angles. I don't wear much makeup around my boyfriend and I think it's unfair that he'll never see her without makeup for a fair playing field, if that makes sense. I'm just hurt because he acts like she's "special" because she's the only "actually pretty" streamer he's seen :'( I could copy Poki and fry my hair to bits every day, slap on makeup and act cutesy and look just as good, but I'd just feel worse because that's uncomfortably fake for me. sigh.

No. 321189

Oh you silly thing. You have nothing to be jealous of and your boyfriend is a retard. No offense lol

Poki is attractive to idiots because she likes to girlishly squeal every 5 seconds like she's orgasming or something. She claims it's just how she naturally tracts, but that's all bullshit. Did you see her do makeup on scarra? He actually kinda had her face going on after that. If she can make scarra look pretty with her makeup style, imagine what she looks like lol. Also she looks like a legit man, unlike emirutard

No. 321192

eh, poki looks average at least, her makeup to me is unattractive, well at least how she does it anyway

No. 321195


She can't be pretty and be good at a game at the same time? True, but it's almost the same as walking and chewing bubblegum kek. Please get out of here white knight ":P"

>>321172 oh shit I see the bump now. Weird

No. 321203

File: 1495688918562.jpg (545.13 KB, 2138x2138, DumpHim.jpg)

No. 321208

What's wrong with your boyfriend thinking she's attractive? Don't be so insecure. .does he not find you attractive?

No. 321211


Right? "Oh no my boyfriend find other girls attractive!" And…? I find other men attractive, it doesn't mean anything? He's never going to be with her anyway.

No. 321216

it sounds more like anon is upset about why. it's really annoying when guys find shoop'd shit attractive because it sets an unreasonable standard.

No. 321217

okay, but imagine how your boyfriend would feel if you kept admiring some guy's spray on abs because you thought they were real and kept saying how different and special this guy was because of his glorious fake abs. Meanwhile your boyfriend has an okay body and is rolling his eyes because you can't tell the dude has fake ass abs over like a beer gut

No. 321220

I've met Pokimane in person at Twitchcon. She was nice in person, but also… not flawless like she comes across on video/camera. On cam her skin looks flawless and clean and she almost looks like a cute hapa girl…in person, her foundation is really cakey and thick and she wears a lot of eye makeup. also her nose is really obviously contoured in person and it looks big from the side and takes away that hapa look. Anon is justified I would say. Poki projects an image that is faaaar from her in reality :thinking:

No. 321221

haha this so much. I know some guys who still get fooled by girls and when they meet them in person they are shocked but get tricked again with their photos. In this time and age, photos are the worst things to accurately rate someone for their attractiveness. It's a double edged sword, but still hilarious

sage for no contrib and kind of derail

No. 321223

Girlfriend anon here again, you are absolutely correct and you worded your thoughts better in 2 sentences than I did in 4 paragraphs..

No. 321225

sage your autism no1curr

No. 321291

Anons dump your boyfriends and stop derailing.

No. 321395

What would you guys honestly rate Poki/Emiru/xChocobars on a scale of 1-10

for me

Poki- 5/10
Emily- 7/10
Chocobars- 8/10

No. 321421

Agreed, this and Lily's thread has gone to straight shit because of it. There no milk they're just calling her fake and ugly to pass the time i guess.

No. 321436

no milk cuz homegirl emiru aint posting on social media anymore… u think maybe she found this forum?

No. 321448

True. You can see it's the same 2-3 people, both in this and Ahripoop's thread. There's a particular anon who posts screencaps always named "Cymera" and it gives them away every time, lmao. And the typing pattern is always the same, big snozz, man jaw, manly face etc.
At this point these two threads should be locked or moved to /sty/

No. 321455

dude I thought i was the only one who noticed lmao. like literally 3 jealous girls running this thread.cattyness makes me uncomfortable. my question is, what the actual god fucking fuck is there to be jealous of. marcus and Emily both cringey socially awkward asf and they barely get to see each other day all day with marcus on the computer all the time smh

No. 321461

She knows about this thread, and she posted angry tweets about people who talk about her. She probably stopped when farmer mentioned if she should have her own thread.

No. 321481


I was the one who suggested it. I think there is at least some milk to be had with Emiru but I guess the right people aren't around to really spill it.

I am really curious about her demeanor / the way she spoke before she started dating Dyrus/ Reckful. Or what kind of stuff she says on her priv twitter. I hope someone comes through eventually v.v

No. 321482

oops I messed up, I meant Reckful YT "quests"

No. 321483

how do you know she knows about this thread lol? I've seen her complain about people "lying" and talking shit about her and dyrus, but I thought she was just referring to the nudes thread on reddit and how people were saying she sends nudes to donators. hadn't checked this thread in months and honestly shocked to see emiru is on here tbhh didn't think she was famous enough lol. also interesting to read bc the girl seemed way too innocent to be legit lol.

No. 321487

she tries to come off as humble and shit but if you look on her old ask.fm from when she was like 15/16, she was a total Internet hoe. she posted bikini pics like legit 7 times when anonymous people asked and responded flirtatiously to anon asks that said shit like ur sexy I'd fuck u. she also wasn't a virgin when she was 15, but that's pretty normal for this day and age

No. 321489

I agree, seems like she was always a pretentious hoe and she tried covering her tracks when she started dating Dyrus, she wiped everything clean but forgot about her ask.fm. She has an act of being down to earth and quirky but its rubbing off and her realself is spilling out.

No. 321496


That is exactly the kind of milk I am looking for, the rest is kind of meh.

She hasn't really done anything to piss her friends off I don't think so I doubt anyone will leak anything new/relevant.

I feel like a lot of her acquaintances, fellow booby streamers all have dirt under the rug so some might be cautious to actually give info if there actually is any?

Me waits paitiently ;v;

No. 321507

this might be some expired milk, but I noticed that she was following an account on Twitter with the name I WANT TO DIE or something like that. The account only had 3 or so followers iirc and was private? does anyone know if there was some juicy stuff related

btw I just checked her following list and she's not following that account anymore

No. 321515


I can't recall her priv twitter handle but she did advertise it sometime in the past two months. I am at work so I cant comb through tweets rn. ):

No. 321516


Nvm her priv is @saltyemiru. 223 followers and I am sure its mostly twitter egrills like serinide (shudder) cawayee, haniroll etc. So I doubt there's a way in.

No. 321522

damn she had sex at <15? I thought she was the innocent type though? Like the most I imagine her and dyrus doing are holding hands and eating icecream cones together. Also anyone know why she doesnt smile in her selfies? Not a single one on her instagram or twitter has her smiling

No. 321527

File: 1495742140331.png (103.9 KB, 266x266, Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 9.15…)

Looks like emily did the shotglass lip challenge here

No. 321540

File: 1495743189183.png (245.64 KB, 326x463, tumblr_o1zwamT4uU1sbrbyeo2_r1_…)

umm………………………can someone with tits tell me how the fuk she is a 30DDD bra size when she looks like this.

No. 321553

Really? Really?
Who released the newfags? Where did you even come from?

No. 321563

you have to be 18+ to post here

No. 321569


hey leave him alone we love kiddies

anyway. 30DDD is basically equivalent to a 36B, she's just giving the sister size to make herself seem more busty¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 321578

Right after anons talk about potentially making a thread for her, she convently shuts up when notmally she would be either bitching or humble bragging on twitter.

No. 321584

File: 1495747213606.jpg (34.72 KB, 450x600, 1235952_511160972299637_114333…)

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Emiru gets a nose and boob job in the future, she seems so insecure about her features. Like what one of the anons said; she tries to pass off features that she fakes are real ex. Hair, body, face etc. Too bad her personality is fake too. Emiru just seemed too good to be true, in the end she's just like the other attention whoring bimbos that she like to trash.

No. 321585

File: 1495747369244.jpg (172.05 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (3).jpg)

Poki likes attention too but atleast she's not as obvious

No. 321591

god, Poki looks nothing like that irl, the filtered video too strong and it blurs out her gross nostrils

No. 321592

Does she really have ptsd though??

No. 321593

honestly not sure. if you scroll down her Ask.fm she mentions like out of nowhere that she has PTSD 10 or more times. but when someone asked her more about it she was like oo sry i cant tell just anyone. probably just attention seeking

No. 321600

Did she ever hint on who she was calling out on using viewrbots and blocked her on twit. I wonder if the girls cute and maybe she's jealous.

No. 321601

File: 1495748733313.jpg (349.52 KB, 1131x555, 347422658905111000001.jpg)

every comment on dyrus's cooking vid is like omg ur girlfriend is hot, your girlfriend is gorgeous, but i thought she looked different than usual

why she tryharding on her face makeup but is wearing a casual bumming around hoodie? isn't that kinda contradicting– or is it another one of her im-one-of-the-guys-only-hotter tryhard ploys

No. 321604

OH. I know exactly who she's talking about 100% guaranteed. It's this girl. https://www.instagram.com/anhhdam/?hl=en

I'm 100% sure because I asked Emiru if her name started with an A and she said yes. There's one clue. Some comments were like I found her on instagram (that's how I found her too, she got all over my feed randomly). Emiru also said she hasnt streamed in over 2 months. I check out this girl, hasnt streamed in almost exactly 2 months and started exactly when Emiru called her out on viewbotting. She also looks kinda like Emiru when she's wearing her blue contacts. I wonder if she blocked Emiru because she was afraid of being accused of copying her style?

No. 321611

there are alot of streamers that start with an A

No. 321612

A lot of these girls wear contacts take for an instance angelskimi, xchocobars or occasionally behkuh.

I think Emiru also shat on pink sparkles or w/e her name is - another titty streamer at one point but in general there's a lot of jealousy and spite between these girl streamers competing for gross basement dwellers.

No. 321614

I think anon is spot on tbh. i just went back and read em's status or whatever calling her out. she was like omg ive never seen this girl before now and shes so popular? i have nothing against this girl but i gotta agree that she kinda came out of nowhere. i thought i knew every major egirl for the league scene, but this annhdamn girl i've never heard of until now /sage

No. 321615

Why did she care so much about a girl who hasn't streamed in 2 months..lol

No. 321616

I think >>321604 is just self promotion, she has a small following and no one knows who the hell she is, every now and then some wannabe tries to promote themselves through this thread.

No. 321619

File: 1495749982353.png (647.71 KB, 469x563, 1.png)

lmao emiru makes fun of titty streamers when she has her tits out and back arched in basically a silk lingerie bra on top of her pushup bra while pouting seductively? :thinking: and then she makes twitter statuses calling out guys for being thirsty hmmmmm i wonder why

No. 321621

I don't think so anon said other guessed who emiru was talking about.

No. 321625

And you actually believe them? smells like bullshit to me.

No. 321626

File: 1495750502718.png (144 KB, 710x903, 132463222111560000023453563553…)

>posts a public status calling girl out
>person asks why shes making such a big deal
>"oh i dont really care lol"


also checked up on anhdamn bitch or whatever, I think she is the one emily's referring to. her stream was nonexistent for about 2 months and then she reappeared. the timing of her stream and emily's bitching is too accurate for it not to be her

No. 321658

Yea cause you can see someone asking if her name starts with an A in the tweets on emirus twitter.

No. 321723

POKI - 9/10
EMILY - 10/10
CHOCO - 9/10

No. 321777

Nah emi def lurks here. Ffs shes pretty good friends with kelly jean who stalk lolcow so ofc Emjly is going to know about this. Along with a bunch of the twitch streamers who go here too. Her hand bra nudes also got mysteriously deleted and those are the nudes shes been taking down on reddit/4chan and now theyre not so easy to find online. Plus she stopped acting a bit lulzy lately with her tweets when before she would tweet something pretentious every week or so.

No. 321818

File: 1495764134385.png (13.39 KB, 643x220, frame.png)

She says self respecting stuff like this and then she ends up posting nudes and cleavage pics all the time, she tries to be a sex object

No. 321822

File: 1495764257164.jpg (21.09 KB, 600x138, IMAG0563_1.jpg)

Her asian complex really stands out in her old pics, Emily opens her eyes as wide as she can in almost all of them

No. 321827

File: 1495764533801.png (7.36 KB, 639x141, lol3.png)

No. 321830

File: 1495764630609.png (362.14 KB, 303x552, em 2.png)

No. 321831

File: 1495764657201.jpg (55.63 KB, 340x600, em.jpg)

No. 321834

File: 1495764746651.png (13.99 KB, 643x229, em 3.png)

And apparently she tried drugs?

No. 321837

>>321831 her hand looks so pale and decrepit in this

No. 321838

she looks really SEA here

No. 321847

why do you guys keep saying she doesn't like being south east asian? isn't she half chinese? her family is from Malaysia but they're chinese by ethnicity

No. 321848

I dont think anyone said she is south east asian, I think emily doesnt like the fact that being chinese mix german, she looks more asian than white

No. 321852

emi always wanted all the attention she could get, well she done did it alright

No. 321854

…where did I say any of that

No. 321855

maybe you don't know how bras work lol. i doubt she has a 36 inch chest circumference why the fuck would she wear a 36B. i'm 30D and it's not that big, looks like what most people would think of as a "B cup

No. 321856

File: 1495765796804.jpg (144.82 KB, 1200x900, CqxMD5eW8AIKwex.jpg)

If anything emiru just learned about angles and lighting

No. 321858

File: 1495765904710.jpg (76.07 KB, 600x600, avatar (2).jpg)

No. 321860

File: 1495765963007.png (62.53 KB, 206x329, image_crop__2017_05_25_22_33_1…)

No. 321864

aww she looks cute here

No. 321869

stop hating on other girls just because your boyfriend thinks they're cute. your boyfriend will never ONLY find YOU attractive, just like you will never ONLY find HIM attractive. as long as he respects you and is faithful to you, what's the problem?

and if he doesn't respect you and isn't faithful to you, dump his ass. don't blame it on poki. she's ~*fake*~ because she wears makeup and you don't? please. get your life together

No. 321871

how is wearing a hoodie while wearing makeup "contradicting"? lmao

No. 321877

maybe YOU don't know how bras work. anon was right… 36B is the same as 30DD, 32D, 34C or 38A.

No. 321879

I think he/she is just pointing out that it's weird that she's trying to come off as casual ijustwokeupandthrewthison, but spent so much effort on her makeup. I could be reading it wrong tho

No. 321881

woah girl, chillax first of all. she's not saying that she's fake for wearing makeup. a lot of girls wear makeup. but she's upset because her bf sees Poki through camera only, which hides flaws like zits and uneven skin or whatever girls moan about. and that misleads him into thinking she's as flawless in real life. meanwhile anon is sad because she's being compared to unrealistic hotness, because nobody is that perfect in real life, not even Poki, unfortunately.

No. 321885

god please stay anon you're the only level headed person here so far who doesn't seem peeved

No. 321907


Like >>321877 said. You clearly do not know how bras work yourself. The people at Pink in the mall can't fit you properly, they're about as trained as a random college guy is. Go get PROFESSIONALLY FITTED or follow my directions below at least, it is much more comfortable trust me.

A good rule of thumb for sizes, though not exact, is that for every 2 inch difference in strap size you can add or remove a cup size for generally an equivalent sized bra. This is what >>321877 is trying to spell out.

Typically what you do is find generally a proper fit, then try bra sizes +2 inches in strap and -1 cup size, and then the opposite direction as well, until you find one that feels best, that one will be your actual cup and strap size. Basically you are probably actually not a D cup, and you'd benefit from trying different sister sizes.

It's amazing how even the vast majority of girls don't know how to properly fit their own bras, it really makes a huge difference if you do it properly.

No. 321920

Sorry lol band not strap. That could be confusing.

No. 321928

I don't think she said her bf compares them doe. It's just silly she's stressing over something like that..and the ppl telling her to dump him are overeacting.

No. 321943

anons chill. where did i say they weren't the same? i know how sister sizes works. that anon claims emiru says she wears a 30DD just to appear more busty, but look how slim she is. a 36 or even 34 would be too big for her circumference, therefore she would need a much smaller band size. it makes sense for her to wear 30-32. and no, my size is accurate. i wear a 32B just because 30D is rare to find, and i'm also saying that from the looks of it her sharing the same band size as me looks valid.

No. 322004

fuck my ass I'm prob retarded but if she has a small ribcage and generous tit material, how come her pink bikini pics have like nothing filling them? her boobs arent even widely spaced or being pushed down

her boobs only looked like more than a 32A in her old ask.fm bikini pics, but she said it cost $110, so it must have been made in a flattering way. also what tf kind of parent buys $110 sexy plunging black bikini tops for a 15 year old?

No. 322018

alright I'm really confused I've never been annoyed or intrigued about any other e-hoe not even kaceytron so why is this dyrus hoe girl so agitating and so entertaining to hear about. any ideas bros?

No. 322027


My guess is that she's trying to live a double life bc of dyrus and for her new rep? I mean. In selfies she has a thin nose and plump lips and then in his videos she had small eyes, wide nose and no lips. It's weird seeing such a contrast imo. Also the magic dissapearing and reappearing boobs? Lastly it's probably because everyone laughs every time she posts a snarky twitter status, humble brags or vaguest about other female streamers because she's just not that special

No. 322029

ah yes, emiru -___- I really used to enjoy watching her stream because I stupidly thought she was a cool gal- then I realized all she did on stream was talk shit about her supports and how shes carrying their lane solo ~~MIRACULOUSLY~~ noticing they were only part of 5 assists what?!?!? when she has 7 kills?!?!? fukn useless jannas mains man

and talk shit about literally autistic kids from her high-school. oh yeah and talk shit about her high school friends for her "stories" on stream. if everyone from high school betrayed her, wouldn't it be more likely that she is the problem and not the other way around? thinking

No. 322032

I have a theory that she feeds off of attention from the comments that are like "omg dyrus so lucky to have u cuz you're soo much hotter than him" when in reality they're both just okay looking people and are totally in each other's leagues even if he wasn't famous. you were spot on with the comparisons tho, the fact that she's trying to give us a I'm exotic and special image grinds my gears.

she likes to make people think she has naturally blue eyes and says she "forgets" what brand her contacts are when people ask. they're solotica brand and are $100 a pair, $120 with shipping. I've bought a pair for my girl for Christmas, but she makes sure people know they're contacts when they ask

No. 322041

It's not something she can lie and get away with, they look hella obvious and she has her old pics without the lenses floating around so she couldnt lie about them even if she wanted to

No. 322061

File: 1495798036927.jpg (158.5 KB, 1200x900, C1f505GUUAE6tjv.jpg)

can I draw your attention to her eye makeup. you can't see this on stream because of the shitty quality, but she literally draws on a fake eyelid line to make her eyes look bigger/more caucasian lmao?

No. 322067

are you talking about her winged eyeliner? Because everyone does that..

No. 322071

File: 1495800326893.jpg (34.87 KB, 750x485, C7DRQ0nVwAAa3DS.jpg)

All of her bios for her social media all say ima mixed teen!!11! catering to fetishes much?

No. 322072

The crease

No. 322082

File: 1495801564933.jpg (128.45 KB, 720x727, 201705262126896304.jpg)

Yeah like jhin takes anymore skill

She's a special snowflake

No. 322086

>every one of Luxs abilities are skillshots
>no skill

No. 322089

File: 1495802325334.jpg (152.52 KB, 720x794, IMG_20170526_083656.jpg)

Has she even worked a day of her life? Playing video games, flirting and taking titty pics is not hard work lol

No. 322091

>streams with full makeup on and tits out
>fan service pics
>baits for compliments
>fake demeanor
>plays jhin
Way to be original and NOT LIKE THE OTHER LADY STREAMERS!!! Kek

No. 322095

It looks more like cheap/crappy eyeliner that rubbed off onto the top of the socket to me.

No. 322107

It does cuz she sucks at makeup

No. 322575

File: 1495854840099.jpg (194.81 KB, 720x404, 20170526-1660366518.jpg)

Poki doesnt look asian at all
When I first saw her I knew she was middle eastern
This girl looks like the asian version of pok

No. 322650

File: 1495860665710.png (588.09 KB, 750x1334, 1494605801318.png)

No. 322700

>middle eastern

Cmon, south East Asian exists you ignorant fuck

No. 322787

Lmao Poki is middle eastern. Not asian.

No. 322830

File: 1495892371918.jpg (97.2 KB, 494x355, 20170527-1883347322.jpg)

This + lenses and angles
Emily has such a big ego cuz when she was younger she was constantly praised in the internet for her mediocre looks and photos

Her features hasn't really changed other than clothing choice, makeup, angles + lighting and lenses

Emily seems like a sham but tries to come off as legit in every department such as gameplay, appearance and personality.

No. 322832

File: 1495892483846.jpg (108.81 KB, 1200x900, DAKyCKNU0AIhuH4.jpg)

No. 322889

File: 1495903187583.jpg (Spoiler Image, 183.53 KB, 720x1002, IMG_20170527_123931.jpg)

Is yoonie doing porn now?

No. 322890

File: 1495903210743.jpg (198.05 KB, 676x1010, IMG_20170527_124003.jpg)

No. 322971

It's better than her old patreon photos but she still looks like she's some human trafficked slave in all her shots. When people would defend her line of work by saying females are just jelly she's making money from photoshoots.

No. 323055

Streamer girls are like porn stars/cam girls now

No. 323111

File: 1495923129665.png (105.8 KB, 236x200, emi.png)

is it me or did her tits suddenly deflate?

No. 323152

File: 1495927152196.jpg (27.59 KB, 320x254, IMG_20170527_191832.jpg)

The reason why emily doesnt smile

No. 323162

Honestly I find her smile charming. I like awkward smiles.

She's still a bitch though.

No. 323182

File: 1495929916626.png (865.25 KB, 862x539, em stream.png)

she loses every game lol

No. 323184

She probably just is not wearing a tight padded pushup bra this time.

No. 323301

Emiru shouldn't talk shit about ither bad girl streamers when she is one herself. She loses pretty much every game.

No. 323303

File: 1495942541187.jpg (Spoiler Image, 157.26 KB, 720x994, IMG_20170527_233426.jpg)

How did yoonie
go from xpecials gf to siren member to this? >>322889 >>322890
You can literally see her asshole

No. 324290

File: 1496048690310.jpg (166.43 KB, 1200x679, IMG_0800.JPG)

There's a new ahri skin out and it's called Butterface Ahri!

No. 324338

File: 1496059141416.jpg (56.89 KB, 338x600, avatar (1).jpg)

So Emily's hair is fake?

No. 324339

File: 1496059204275.jpg (142.65 KB, 1200x675, C_uWzHMU0AAA7q8.jpg)

I still think it's creepy as fuck that pok does that fetish thing..

No. 324357

it's not a fetish thing, but poki is just hopping on the bandwagon and making it one to be accidentally ~~~cute and sexy~~~~!!!!

No. 324390

she still looks like she's some human trafficked slave in all her shots

Jfc thank you. I know guys don't give a shit, but there's a tasteful way to do nude/sexy poses and then there's her pics which are so creepy looking and sad. Her eyes look fucking dead in >>322890

No. 324658

Tinfoil hat time
What if she's being forced by a abusive boyfriend?

No. 324920

File: 1496110613416.png (124.44 KB, 639x613, angry sluts.png)

Ayy the hypocrites bimbos are back, and why do they care about this viewbot thing so much? 1/2

No. 324922

File: 1496110632875.png (34.2 KB, 612x339, angry sluts pt 2.png)


No. 324995

Doubt it, after she broke up? with Xpecial and became a siren and shit she was already getting sponsored from fakku (which I don't think any other streamer girls even jennythetitty took an offer on that)
I recall friends telling me that she was doing this as a "lifelong dream of becoming a model being true" supposedly because she has MS so she can't be a "traditional" model. Whatever shitty excuse it is she does make like 60k a year for doing those shots just like moomoo

she still strings along plenty of desperate betas in mmos so why does she even have a boyfriend

No. 325027

Likely their convo is linked to this stream incident?
> https://livestreamfails.com/post/2895

Of all the stuff they could talk about regarding that idiot they decide to settle on boring view bots jeez!

No. 325162

Lmao this literal dumb bitch won't be able to get a decent job in the future. Patreon bucks will eventually dry up for her, especially since she doesn't even commit to sending out rewards consistently. The only ending I see for her is washed up, alone, and full of regrets later in life. This is what happens when you have low self esteem, then decide to become an e-girl with a popular bf, but have everything taken from you as fast as they came. Yoonie got rekt.

No. 326113

File: 1496235580717.jpg (151.03 KB, 720x725, CYMERA_20170531_085920.jpg)

You'd think Emiru would be nicer when talking about her autistic fans

No. 326474

Seems like she deleted these

No. 326861

nah it's not cheap eyeliner rubbed off or anything, she's trying to draw on a fake "caucasian" eyelid. it's a cosplay makeup technique where you fill your actual asian eyelid space with black eyeliner and draw on a fake lid to make your eye look more bigger and animelike

No. 326865

I highly doubt it smudged because of cheap eyeliner. shes been using expensive, high end makeup. $64 for her foundation, powder alone. plus, liquid eyeliner doesn't smudge, it dries fast and stays put

No. 326880

File: 1496322635448.png (401.23 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170601-084704.png)

okay so here she claims she's only been recognized once

No. 326881

File: 1496322759564.png (404.19 KB, 1439x2052, 20170601_091133.png)

but here in an older post on Twitter she claims to have been recognized 3 times?? which is it Emily?

No. 326974

File: 1496333761017.jpg (319.65 KB, 716x981, 201706011708881740.jpg)

Emiru must love getting comments like these

Look at her tumblr and alot of the question she answers has something like this attached to it. She looves it when insecure people want to look like her or are jealous of her

No. 327308

you're the same sperg in the lily thread, please stop it's annoying

No. 327676

File: 1496421255675.jpg (109.47 KB, 631x826, IMG_20170602_123245.jpg)

Am I the only one think that rinnieriot's face is abit strange looking? Homegirl should really calm down with the cosmetic treatments

No. 327718

Yeah and you're the same faggot that lives up Lily's asshole. Do everyone a favor and go back to shitting up her thread.

No. 327758

With Dyrus now on the new echo fox cs team I'm pretty sure Emiru is going to milk the ever loving shit out of this

No. 327769

Guess the stream money wasn't enough, I wouldn't be surprised if she pushed him to do it since hoes in general love getting more money

No. 327770

goddamn why do you guys think she's a golddigger? Have you seen her video about how she met Dyrus? There's no way that's just an act, the girl's head over heels for that man

No. 327775

that's even worse. how tf is she in love with him theyre both residentsleeper af?

No. 327843

I wouldn't doubt she encouraged him to do it. But I feel like she likes it more for the popularity aspect. I'm sure it'll give a jump in popularity for both their streams and she can come off as the perfect pro waifu and have more people kiss her ass/admit their jealousy towards her.

Of course more people to her stream = more money so it's a side benefit

No. 327868

Just read the thread from the beginning and you'll see why people say shes a golddigger, you missed out on the juicy deets

No. 328031

File: 1496452996205.png (307.88 KB, 530x378, af19e178f1fcf1b701982100afec0a…)

>being this cute without makeup
Way better than her usual hooker makeup. she should at least do a minimal makeup look

No. 328037

She should just stick to her crappy stream highlights

96 percent of her viewers are male so what's the point of these makeup vids?

No. 328039

She has 0 confidence and she hates looking asian sooo..no

No. 328090

what the fuck she's gorgeous. she'd be so pretty with a no-makeup makeup look with filled in brows.

what a waste

No. 328103

yeah, she's really good-looking without makeup - she has a good look for that tumblr-y "art hoe" (think erikabowes or ilovebrucewillis or nickjonasstillhasdiabetes on ig) or any sort of "alt" aesthetic, but i don't know if that'd be more lucrative for her… she could definitely find a better looking bf & fanbase of actual girls and generally… come off far more interesting by doing it for sure though lol

No. 328186

File: 1496467048353.png (1.78 MB, 2560x1440, 22411.png)

I dont see what the rave is all about? She looks pretty average to me. Maybe its because im used to seeing asians without makeup or have been living in a city full of asians.
She does look more fresh in a way, and should put some minimal make up on but i doubt it wouldnt have helped her stand out from the league grills

No. 328190


She's a conventionally attractive girl yeah, to each their own I guess. I think she suits the no makeup look better.

No. 328294


I've never really liked the "conventionally" pretty Asian girls with big round eyes and stuff. I think full Asian (looking) girls with strong jaws, wide faces and small eyes are gorgeous. E.g. Liu wen, Ming xi, this YouTuber Kicki Yang Zhang.

There's just some je nais se quoi about them. I'm a straight female if anyone cares.

Sage for blogpost. But I wonder if Emily finds what I said to be insulting…

No. 328298

I wouldnt say that shes pretty or anything, shes doing her makeup at an angle and we all know how much emiru loves her angles

No. 328311

File: 1496485378084.jpg (129.68 KB, 720x404, CYMERA_20170602_215128.jpg)

She's still playing with angles and lighting though

I don't like she'll ever stop doing thick makeup, it's the only thing that makes her look good on stream

No. 328403

this might seem a little weird to you guys, but I've noticed something. I can relate pretty well to emily- i'm of filipino and irish background, and I've also struggled with self image issues.

alright, enough background info, this is what i wanted to point out. At the beginning of the makeup video where she's barefaced (but also throughout the vid), her face is very "posed". as in, she's holding her face a certain way to make it look "better". if you look at her nose/jaw, you can see that she's flexing her nose/mouth into a pouty face, which slims the nose and pouts the lips. I know this because I used to do it for years IN REAL LIFE- pretty pathetic of me, until i realized I couldn't smile or do anything that would disrupt my carefully posed face. I just mimicked the face I described in my mirror and it's pretty much what emily does.

No. 328409

sage your blogpost newfag

No. 328412


but yeah she's pretty cute, way better than her usual look with the 5 inch thick eyebrows and eyeliner.

No. 328425

its a shame she only feels special when she does her makeup to look more white

anons are also forgetting things like AE, angles, facial expression and lighting

for the whole video she was pouting and that makes your facial features look abit more defined

either way emiru's face matches with her personality, not pretty.

No. 328441


It might just be the contacts but to me she just looks like a scared pufferfish. She's still pretty to me sometimes but she's becoming uglier and uglier to me, especially with her constipated face and abuse of angles and filters

No. 328444

Sorry, but what is AE? I agree with the pouting thing though, is that what Filipino Irish girl is talking about? it makes your cheekbones look more defined and ur lips plumper and ur nose more defined as well. I think she's damn cute without makeup though, but not pretty if that makes sense. I think of pretty more as beautiful/sexy

No. 328445

She looks good because of the shitty webcam quality. I only look like shit without makeup (lol) cuz my skin is unevenly toned. after I put on foundation to even it out, or take a low quality picture, it blurs out my imperfections like the webcam and lighting did for emily in that vid. people look better in clubs and candlelit dinners for the same reason

No. 328447

It doesn't make sense to compare her to full Asian girls, though, because she's a half Asian. No matter what she does, she'll never look white or full Asian like Liu Wen, Ming Xi…

No. 328449

File: 1496508168045.jpg (13.11 KB, 250x200, 19418a.jpg)

>"I dont see what the rave is all about? She looks pretty average to me. Maybe its because im used to seeing asians without makeup or have been living in a city full of asians."

>"I wouldnt say that shes pretty or anything, shes doing her makeup at an angle and we all know how much emiru loves her angles"

No. 328450

What is that pic suppose to prove or reference?

No. 328452

File: 1496508506502.jpg (53.16 KB, 240x320, 20090903_358047.jpg)

She looks so asian though, you can't really compare her with other mixes

No. 328461

Anon is trying to say that lighting filters and angles dont help if youre ugly. Lol yeah sure, it doesnt help at all.

No. 328467

And y so mad? All i said was that she looked average. You must be emily to get so offended about something like that. Also because I compared her to looking a lot like asians :)

No. 328471

the other day on twitter emily posted ":(" with no other words. didn't reply when people asked her what was wrong. she definitely lurks here lol

No. 328472

just checked her twitter to find it for u guys but she deleted it lul. attention seeker vibes are real. it's like those people on facebook that post OMG SUCH A HORRIBLE DAY SO SAD but when people ask theyre like i dont wanna sayyy

No. 328478

Mad? Nah, it's just funny to see the delusion in this thread. This girl is probably a bitch but she's pretty, period. Every time I come here there's the same 3-4 vendettanons who go on about she's average at best, ugly, manjaw yada yada. And judging by how they type ( >>328472 ) they're also probably underage.
>u guys lul

No. 328485

Hun, calling someone average without makeup isnt insulting. Thats not a delusion lol. Plenty of people here already call her pretty or cute, is that not enough for you emily?

No. 328497


You don't have to be the cow herself to realize the simple fact that one should be able to separate appearance from behavior. See >>>/g/56436, shockingly you will notice how more than one person comes ITT to laugh not at the cow, but at the farmers posting.
Also, you have to be 18+ to post here.

No. 328503

what are you talking about? I was the person who made that post, and I've only posted twice on this thread.?.?.? i think ur a little delusional and u just want to believe what you want to be true

No. 328505

Sorry if this is off topic, but does anyone have any thoughts about Emily emphasizing how young she is?

It's related to her emphasizing that she's a haffu– she always puts something in her bios on social media about being a teenager, "resident teenager" or something like that, along with some "deprecative" words to make her seem unaware of her hotness. It gives me the impression of something along the lines of "I'm a young, pretty and exotic half asian but I'm also a homie and one of the guys"

Looking at her old posts about her feeding Dyrus makes me slightly uncomfortable as well. She takes pics of the simple meals she makes like baked potatoes with cheese and captions it with something relating to being Dyrus' waifu and adds a cute weeb emoji thing. Oh sorry, I'm supposed to say oh, how delightful! A girl who is pretty and young and cooks steak for me at 3am! and she loves Doritos, how quirky and unique! What a catch, lucky Dyrone =O

No. 328506

Youre still ignoring the fact that calling her average without makeup isnt bad at all and youre the one getting so butt mad about it.
And who gives a damn anyways about what people think? Very few even call her ugly, about 3 other people? while everyone else thinks shes pretty. I clearly dont give af if you think shes the hottest person alive, but it must kill you inside for very few to even think otherwise. Clearly

No. 328510

honestly though, why is he/she so mad? i think most of the people here are quite reasonable with what they post, if not mild. i've been in other threads that are 10x more ridiculous, and nobody steps up about something small like this. so what if they're jealous? it's only natural that they come here to vent, maybe just tell them to sage or something if you're annoyed by it. easy. we all know emiru is an attractive girl, but some people may have differing opinions and that's okay? beauty is subjective and I don't think she's conventionally attractive either.

No. 328514

File: 1496515694693.jpg (104.73 KB, 736x918, 9eef160ac61400b0b6a726638892e6…)

Emily wishes/wants to look like this. Give it a few before she ends up getting her eyes,nose,lips and tits done since she hates looking asian so much.

No. 328525

that's not how you sage retard

No. 328527

I feel really bad for her. :( People like that are never satisfied with how they look, even if they get surgery. She's already pretty though, she just needs to change her god damn style. The 5 lbs of makeup is doing nothing for her. If she would just wear normal eyeliner on her top lid and some mascara and brow powder she'd be cute as hell.

No. 328528

uhh i think they know how to sage, seeing as their post is saged… the saged is probably just them letting us know theyre saging it for some reason?…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 328531

Butt mad? You're projecting. I just said that the vendetta in this thread is funny. How is this being mad you have to explain it. Is everyone who disagrees with you "butt mad"?
My point was: if you look at few threads currently in /snow/, there clearly are some anons posting in a very juvenile and nitpicking way, they also happen to use the same typing style and even the same insults. This is one of the threads in question. Now, since a lot of anons are sick of the nitpicking, because it gives the board a bad name and is also irritating to see when you're past your teenage years, my original post was just making fun of this behavior.
I'm not whiteknighting anyone and I don't think she's the hottest person alive. It's just common sense. This thread is a shitfest that gets bumped nearly every day for some lame comment about this girl's appearance, let's face it. I don't care about her, but there's an obvious vendetta and it's cringey.

Again with "y u so mad": it's called disagreeing. And no, threads in /pt/ and /snow/ are not made to vent. Some lurking might be useful, before posting.

No. 328541

Oh, the sweet irony. Are you sure you arent mad? People bump this thread just the same way when they compliment her, so youre not making a point, try again. This thread was actually bumped when someone said she looked really cute in her new video. So obviously you would be fine with it if people only complimented and bumped her thread that way, but not the other way around. You're not helping make this thread any better either.

No. 328568

People disagreeing with your opinions isnt a vendetta :^) just like how you said it, people are only saying their own opinions, but you only favor to see kinds like yours.

No. 328572

some people think emily is hot and some people think she`s ugly af, no point in fighting about it you two >>328541

No. 328579

File: 1496523126176.gif (1.77 MB, 350x197, 7w8DbxW.gif)

I… I don't know if you keep missing the point intentionally, but I'm out. There will be mods again soon and probably another hellweek. Enjoy the sperging and emojis while you can

No. 328626

anon it's okay, this sperg >>328568 is the same one in the lily thread.

So far it's clear:
-They don't know what make up is
-They don't know fashion
-They have a weird hate for asians
-Not bright(often misspelling or misusing terms)

Honestly they deserve their own fucking thread for the amount of vendetta and insecurity they rage out into these threads

No. 328627


These dumb bitches bringing the rest of us down

No. 328697

Seems like lily's knight comes to this thread every now and then

No. 328709

that chick is hideous to me, especially up close. yuck

No. 328712

You have a worse princess complex than any of the people on /snow/

Repeat after me retard

No. 328717

File: 1496546968658.jpg (93.08 KB, 960x860, GY91LP9.jpg)

I never said that >>328626 was a wk. I just simply said lily's knight comments on this thread.

No. 328722

is pokimane skinny, chubby, or thick? She looks different weights in her selfies and video and candids. Her stream makes her look thin/small boned but in some pictures she looks chunky as hell. also when she stands up every 5 minutes in stream to show off her ass, chat gets super riled up and spams thiccccc when I don't see any ass to speak of? like she has thick thighs but does that count? no waist either? do people even know what thicc is

No. 328733

>do people even know what thicc is

anisajomha is considered thicc LOL

No. 328752

So isn't there milk besides her being average and having a gamer boyfriend. Did she scam people like snoozy?

No. 328760

Thats literally almost all the girls in this thread.

No. 328857

What if the sperg is Lily herself? Her thread gets often bumped right before this one

No. 329046

So they Etsy scammed everyone? What do they sell

No. 329073

File: 1496606616174.png (24.8 KB, 961x201, 117ce7e932f263f8e7562de85f706d…)

emily's tumblr faq and she answered this question. didn't she have a post on twitter and insta saying she had abs even though she eats junk? yet here she says she has squish on her tummy….well, which is it, emily?

No. 329080

She's probably in this thread, but I doubt she posts often, she only comes here when someone says no one is defending anyone in the lol thread

No. 329254


>when i am not posed

really light abs disappear when you're slouching/not stretched out

No. 329339

File: 1496637025401.jpg (288.66 KB, 713x723, 201706051449817723.jpg)

She looks like danielle beaulle and that's not a compliment

No. 329340

File: 1496637060492.jpg (271.98 KB, 720x727, 201706051284040657.jpg)

No. 329342

File: 1496637161890.jpg (289.59 KB, 720x720, 201706051473889108.jpg)

Keep jumping on the bandwagon emi

No. 329349

File: 1496637802955.jpg (186.45 KB, 713x896, 2017060526933802.jpg)

I really don't think she looks like a goddess she makes herself to be

No. 329352

no wonder she duck faces in all her pics. in the one pic she doesn't have a duck face, she looks like a chiseled 40 year old male CEO

No. 329353

A girl in the comments asked for bra recommendations haha. Emily's gonna ignore her or pretend she doesn't wear pushup bras and give a vague ass answer like she did on tumblr
>I got my bra from forever21

No. 329360

File: 1496639297420.png (1.84 MB, 1439x1441, 20170605_010306.png)

here's a thing Emily made back in the day… lol @ skeleton hands

>touch it gently

No. 329374

File: 1496640482598.png (Spoiler Image, 352.46 KB, 616x851, Screenshot (77).png)


do i have to censor a muppet dick?

No. 329375

File: 1496640516753.png (Spoiler Image, 145.36 KB, 596x811, Screenshot (76).png)

No. 329380

Jesus youre so keen on whiteknighting that you didnt even get me, you tard. Im meaning to say that all these girls never scammed anybody, theyre nothing but titty streamers or people who slept their way up to fame. Its a milkless discussion of snowflakes that got out of control.

And seriously people, we have to stop it with the incessant nitpicking. I honestly dont find her attractive, and no one needs to put up multiple pics of her to try and convince anyone she isnt, or sperg about it. At this point, I think a troll got ahold of lolcow ever since it got noticed in another board with lilypichu.

No. 329389

can I bring up the krepo thing in here? This is the closest thread we could talk about it in.
for people who don't know krepo sent an apparently 15yo girl (at the time) a vid of him jerking off and now he left Riot.
On LoL's reddit a bunch of idiots were defending him.

incase those who don't know/don't remember gross gore got permabanned from twitch years ago because he said he saw krepo with a 15yo.

No. 329396

Allegations of the girl being 16 (not 15) are completely unfounded which is why people were defending him. It was Grossgore's retarded fanbase who started the age rumour to give the illusion that "Grossgore did nothing wrong"

No. 329397

File: 1496646288788.jpg (7.86 KB, 563x154, DATHOmxXUAA1vHE.jpg)

No. 329429

I felt kinda schadenfreude about his having to step out of the cast in Brazil and like every (semi?)public figure he's retarded for sending pictures of himself like that to strangers in tge first place. He got baited and it was too-fucking-kek.

No. 329476

File: 1496664287951.jpg (171.69 KB, 713x944, IMG_20170605_075959.jpg)

Funny how she defends the average lol girl stereotype and calls out people for bullying, emily feels special and 'not like everyone else' hence why she's ok and defending it but god forbids any other girl from playing jhin! Emily will flip her shit and become one of the 'bullies' she's criticizing.

No. 329477

File: 1496664314184.jpg (60.07 KB, 720x323, IMG_20170605_075937.jpg)

No. 329480

File: 1496664473159.jpg (68.65 KB, 720x390, IMG_20170605_080659.jpg)

Emily urks me so much because pretends to be humble, sweet, nice, etc, when she's actually bitchy and always trying to make herself look better

No. 329488


I agree with every single tweet in these, and nothing negative was said. Holy, what a reach anon

No. 329490

I think anon was alluding to her previous statements about herself not being the
>typical egrill
>support main
>lux is boring and face roll
>other ladies feed on jhin when they try to play him after seeing me

someone asked her why she played so many games of Sona in ranked if she thought that about lux, and she got super defensive,even though she has over 100 games in ranked this seasom as support and ironically, sona is her highest win rate champ at 57% with her jhin at 48% and at barely more games than her games as support
>I was forced to play supp so I picked sona
>my janna is so bad, must be boosted girl
>my lulu is so bad, our top must be boosting her that's so annoying omg

she had a series of tweets about the last one– why tf would u call someone out like that in front of ur army of white Knights? is that not bullying?

yet in her most recent tweets, she seems to be defending the stereotype… until someone says she plays sona, then she denies it like it's a sin to be the typical egrill caring support main

No. 329491

If you read the whole thread you would know that she's attacked other girl streamers for playing Jhin and also making posts about how she's better and shit.

No. 329493

this, and if you call her out on her bitchiness in the comments, she acts like doesn't understand what she did wrong, or puts you on the spot for it. or vagues about you on social media

No. 329494


Aaahh thanks so much for clarifying anon. I tend to skim through this thread because the nitpickyness at times is grating, i'll lurk more

No. 329495

I thought this girl was hot until I heard her voice. I was like well thats fine, she's still pretty and nice. Or so I thought until I started following her goddamn social media and realized how goddamn annoying and special snowflakey she is. Posts annoying ass statuses like
>I know the identities of the two players every HIGH ELO PLAYER is tweeting about
>I don't know what to do with this information lol

well… tell us if you're gonna say that? wtf is the point of making the status then?
>I can't tell any of you who they are tho

No. 329499

She did the same with her older posts about her supposed ptsd, she kept making posts about it on her ask.fm but whenever someone asked she would be like 'can't tell you'
Tbh it's pretty clear that she just wants to show off or make herself seem special in any way. Also I think she fakes her voice but unlike lilypichu she makes it sound more monotone, boring and deep so she can sound similar to dyrus. Emily loves getting comments about how she's the female dyrus to make their sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship look more legit.

No. 329503

File: 1496669428852.jpg (349.03 KB, 720x1095, CYMERA_20170605_093012.jpg)

Emis got to be the fakest streamer girl out there and wtf was she doing on this meet up chat app when she was like 13-14??

No. 329504

File: 1496669596429.jpg (353.26 KB, 720x891, CYMERA_20170605_093338.jpg)

No. 329508

haha I sent her an ask on tumblr a long time ago asking if she had an embarrassing teenage phase and she never replied…guess this is why

No. 329509

File: 1496671177079.jpg (60.9 KB, 720x338, IMG_20170605_093757.jpg)

No wonder she calls him marcus now

2 reasons: cares too much about what people think and wants to look more close to him

No. 329510

She wiped off most of her old stuff but what really gives it away is on instagram and twitter there were posts to her old handle queenemiru and tagged pics of her for her old ask fm and that meet up app she most likely forgot the pw for otherwise it would had been wiped too

No. 329516

File: 1496672154700.png (1.24 MB, 1439x2151, 20170605_101502.png)

2 of 2


No. 329517

File: 1496672237544.png (1.85 MB, 1439x2427, 20170605_101632.png)

1 of 2
vs this

No. 329519

File: 1496672318225.jpg (70.41 KB, 800x600, Cx-abCBXUAAyf21.jpg)

doesn't eat for the next 2 days

No. 329520

how does her face not swell up like a balloon with all that sodium and carbs? takis are literally like 6K mg of sodium per bag.. saged for OT

No. 329522

OT but are Takis the new memefood? I keep seeing people post pictures with them/talk about them

No. 329523

File: 1496672467000.jpg (61.98 KB, 1280x720, lol_Emiru-uyRPk9dMADZ5QH32shKp…)

Becuz angles

No. 329524

File: 1496672772175.jpg (54.46 KB, 800x600, CqbyAboUAAAbh3q.jpg)

>im not like the other sluts ima real bro checkout how much i love my fatty snacks!

No. 329528

when she pretends to be quirky and love doritos to be d.va waifu
>l-lewd pantyhose, can't show you but telling you the bottom is sexy anyway

No. 329530

hey does anyone remember when she was

>contacted by a modelling agency

>then they found out my height
>what a waste of my time lul

No. 329535

File: 1496674405806.png (438.61 KB, 445x767, lmao right.png)

This reminds me

No. 329538

File: 1496674548499.png (574.14 KB, 500x2849, prg meme.png)

of this

No. 329543

When was this? Did she show off on stream about that? It's more like the agency was disappointed to find out that her look was all contacts, makeup and pushup bras.

No. 329548

she posted about it on Twitter sometime around November/ December iirc, and yeah how can she be pursued as a model if they've only seen her pictures? every insta grill can be a model from angles and makeup. I also remember the agency being for LA fashion week or something along those lines

No. 329552

File: 1496677000706.jpg (176.44 KB, 720x993, IMG_20170605_113609.jpg)

Reposting this again to remind everyone that emi lurks here

Hi emi, you're still a gold digger :)

No. 329553

File: 1496677093001.jpg (92.84 KB, 720x652, IMG_20170605_113840.jpg)

Wonder who she does this to

No. 329554

LMAO JFC the hypocrisy get me outtt

>I do it so they won't get their feelings hurt

>and make a huge deal out of me blocking them
>makes big deal out of random twitter girl blocking her

No. 329633

File: 1496690373762.png (819.51 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-06-05-15-11-15…)

Did emiru make dyrus wear that? He looks so uncomfortable in it

No. 329634

File: 1496690438654.png (787.78 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-06-05-15-11-01…)

And where did her big ol tits go? Kek

No. 329642

Holy shit that shirt is so tight on him.

No. 329657

He looks like a fat dad and Emiru looks about twelve years old

No. 329669

>Father and daughter cooking stream

No. 329712

File: 1496697758498.jpg (165.46 KB, 900x601, litten_1_by_daniellebeaulieu-d…)

idk what point you were trying to make but they both look fine. You're nitpicking

No. 329714

>asks about etsy scam
>gets this

Okay but did she scam ppl tho

No. 329783

File: 1496706491519.jpg (635.98 KB, 959x960, 20170605-1333146174.jpg)

So, why did you chose an overly shopped picture of her? Was it to prove me wrong? When I typed Danielle beaullieu this is what I got.

No. 329798

I pulled it on the first page of google fam and you provided me the name " danielle beaulle " not "Danielle beaullieu" so it gave different results

No. 329806

File: 1496709198220.jpg (1014.79 KB, 959x960, 1496706491519.jpg)

edited her without makeup out of curiousity, eww

No. 329829

File: 1496710646327.png (837.08 KB, 958x599, 143af5b420584f2fec764ab182ad69…)

No. 329843

She looks 10 million times better with out all that makeup.

Danielle does pretty good work but she is just so ugly. The way she photoshops her pics is hilarious.

No. 329846

File: 1496711716196.png (126.54 KB, 750x804, IMG_1522.PNG)


No. 329874

If she just stopped pursing her lips I'd think she wwas 200x more attractive. I hate it so much it always makes people look stupid.

No. 329878

It`s because Emily wants people to tell her that she`s pretty without makeup. Why else would she post makeup videos when 95% of her viewers are male.