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File: 1445880469261.png (576.15 KB, 1576x820, Ember Whann.png)

No. 50923

Old thread reached its post limit

Here's what new:

>>Ember lied to the lolcow staff, sayings she was 15 and wanted to have her pictures/threads removed since she was "underaged"

>>Once lolcow staff realized she is actually 19 years old, they labeled ALL of her posts and the threads she created with (posted by ember) >>>/snow/48811
>>The "friends" from instagram, that she bullied on this site, discovered what she has been doing/saying
>>Ember then created a vague post on instagram which hinted at suicide
>>Her instagram account has since been purged of it's content and some imaginary person named "Allie" is in charge

For more info on her drama and some lulz worthy content, go here:

Old threads:

No. 50924

File: 1445880630514.png (103.15 KB, 615x506, lol.png)

Posting again because I am just loving this commentary.

>>She thrives off this kind of attention. Just ignore her BS. She'll get what she deserves. 'What goes around comes around' as they say! Hope your alright

No. 50931

I can't wait for all of this to come to a head

No. 50933

Don't forget she's currently blocking anyone who unfollows her and also was updating her amazon wish list while she was supposedly away and her "friend" took over her account.

No. 50934

sounds like Mckenzie, and a few other girls, want Ember's head.

No. 50936

File: 1445881622571.png (25.08 KB, 634x238, haha.png)

It's okay butfirstteaa, we all make mistakes. I'm just thrilled to see you're learning from them, unlike Ember.

No. 50940

File: 1445881963272.png (282.9 KB, 995x869, tumblr_nwsjsehD9V1u77e3go1_128…)

Did anyone ever contact Heidi about what Ember said about her?

I feel like she should be the first to know what she did here, since she knows her IRL, was victimized by Ember herself for NO reason at all, and is now worried since she hinted at suicide before deleting everything from her account.


No. 50942

If you want it done, do it yourself.

No. 50943

I keep trying to follow her but no luck =/

No. 50945


who is the anon trying to get everyone else to do the work? Agree with >>50942

No. 50946

File: 1445882187808.png (59.32 KB, 700x581, damn.png)

Ember is still sending people anon hate lol

No. 50948

Me, I'm only asking for help with Heidi since I can't follow her and tell her myself. If she had a Tumblr, Twitter, Faceebook, ANYTHING, I would do it myself but I can only find one account which belongs to her and she just won't let me follow her.

You guys understand my dilemma here?

No. 50951

File: 1445882655191.png (38.68 KB, 591x315, 11.png)

Anybody got screenshots of her full answer? It's been deleted D:

No. 50955

File: 1445882898073.png (98.6 KB, 288x458, 11.png)

Just noticed that she says she has "severe scoliosis" in her descritpion on Twitter lol

According to that, (some) symptoms of severe scoliosis is as follows:

>>Scoliosis curves above 40°

>>Spine may be visualized as a "C" or "S" shape beneath the skin.
>>May have tilted head, uneven shoulders or hips.
>>Often the torso will rotate, pulling the belly button off center.

None of which is true for Ember lol

No. 50957

It said something along the lines of "hello again mckenzie, I've explained this to you privately many times but you chose to block me.." and then something abut being tired of "this anon bullshit" or something, but another anon said they sent it rather than mckenzie.

No. 50958

I think Ember told her awhile ago to not add new people because of the drama or something, she hasn't had it off private since she hung out with ember.

Which is why I said do it yourself, because what's the point of us making a throwaway account for something she's not going to do.

No. 50960

Ehhh I can't since she won't add me, like I keep saying. I was really just hoping that someone already followed her and could just go ahead and DM her.

No. 50963

File: 1445883828839.png (11.16 KB, 533x89, 11.png)

Heidi actually bought her a sweater, oh my fucking god.

Ember came onto this website, called her ugly and creepy, then went to go meet up with her, and actually convinced her to buy her a sweater.

The fucking audacity of this bitch…

No. 50971

File: 1445884702703.png (61.24 KB, 690x372, 11.png)

sorry if no one cares but it just warms my heart were to see Ember's instagram buds finally realizing the type of scum bag she actually is

No. 50978

File: 1445886542905.png (41.12 KB, 295x356, 11.png)

>>No lol, she's still texting me as of this morning and being psycho, so no, not until she stops and comes clean

I wish McKenzie would just make a call out post already because that would be one such fire way to get Ember to come back lol

No. 50986

I gotta be honest. For some of the girls who do have severe eating disorders, even if they are pro ana, I feel really bad for them. The only reason why I feel pity for them now is because it blows being screwed over by someone you thought was in your corner.

And with Ember. Dear God above. How the hell can someone be so warped?

No. 50991

File: 1445888747144.png (63.17 KB, 700x409, 11.png)

This girl just told me that she is going to report and block the next person who calls out Ember for being two faced on Instagram lol

Report them for what exactly? Spreading the truth? Warning other's not to trust Ember?

No. 50992

File: 1445889209069.png (987.52 KB, 1080x1424, 1440275352313.png)

Here's a old screenshot, back when Ember would promo raggity.annie lol

>>raggity.annie: oh honey I've been raised by a father who's a skin head white supremacist biker. The ways I can hurt people are disgustingly vulgar and creative

Empty threats from just another little snowflake but it still makes me laugh.

No. 50993

If she doesn't want to read or talk about Ember, why are you harassing her? What are you going to tell her that she hasn't already read? Who is the cow here?

No. 50994

Shit embers back

No. 50995

Only messaged her because of the comments she left on McKenzie's post >>50924

If she doesn't want to read/talk about it, she shouldn't have talked about it in the first place.

No. 50997

File: 1445889619990.png (20.51 KB, 299x146, 11.png)

Her username on instagram is struggling.adrya and these are the comments she left.

She was calling McKenzie's anger "annoying" when it's actually very justified.

No. 50999

don't know who raggity.annie is but people that tlk that are fucking awful. It doesn't matter how much some one hurt you, saying you want to see their skull caved in and curb stomp them makes you sound like an angry overweight 12 year old boy. Fucking disgusting example of a human being and a major waste of life. Take your edge somewhere else. uugh … really fuckin grinds my gears to see people like her feeling self righteous. Why are you proud that your dad was a wannabe nazi? jesus H christ so mad.

she actually seemed like a legit nice person … poor girl. This would make me paranoid of ever having another girlfriend again.

how do they know it's ember and not some crazy farmer?

No. 51002

File: 1445890275112.png (10.22 KB, 1078x95, 11.png)

I don't even see why struggling.adrya thinks blocking would help this situation.

tfw you realize Ember said if she knew Emily Crocker in real life, she "would curb stomp her fat ass" KeK

What goes around, comes around :D

No. 51003

File: 1445890697903.png (7.79 KB, 271x69, 11.png)


>>if you look at the file names, you all can tell if it's me posting the images or someone else

No. 51004

Ember said that not even two weeks ago. So, I guess if Annie sounds like an angry overweight 12 year old boy, is a disgusting example of a human being, a major waste of life, and needs to take her edge eslewhere for talking about curb stomping someone… then I guess Ember needs to as well.


No. 51005

duh. There is room for more than 1 awful person.

No. 51023

File: 1445892561324.jpg (95.61 KB, 958x480, 2015-10-26-13-40-00-1.jpg)

Kek I bet he is cheating

No. 51026

Ember made her own fucking support page.

No. 51027

File: 1445893039509.png (60.74 KB, 617x310, 11.png)

Just go through the "followers" list and the accounts which aren't private, copy and paste the same warning:

>>embersrecovery is a two faced liar. she was caught shit talking her instagram friends on a website where she believed she was anonymous and when those friends became upset with her over what she said, Ember hinted that she was going to kill herself, deleted everything off of her instagram, and is now pretending to be someone named "Allie" >>>/snow/50923

No. 51028

File: 1445893229715.png (43.89 KB, 775x623, 11.png)

I tried to reset the password on that instagram account and they told me they sent an email the r*e@gmail.com

Whose email could that be?

No. 51029

File: 1445893289881.jpg (98.82 KB, 957x431, 2015-10-26-13-55-36-1.jpg)

She's a cheater too. She deserves it if he is cheating

No. 51030

File: 1445893419284.png (98.34 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2015-10-26-17-01-47…)

Updated her bio, wtf is this shit lmfao.

I hope McKenzie will be making that call out post soon!

Also why is she even trying to lie and say "just got my phone back" hahah

No. 51031

Gotta laugh at how she's all of a sudden in Outpatient and just got her phone back.. Except she's been texting Kensie all morning… & Im sure her phone hasn't been anywhere but in her hands since last night.. Fuck Ember, try harder to keep your lies in check if you're going to keep playing this sad game.

No. 51032

File: 1445893756431.jpg (56.46 KB, 596x591, THE holysquad.JPG)

Why are they using the #holysquad hashtag when all you see is Xians?

No. 51033


I just want her to fade back into obscurity and go back to the dead end high school drop out life she leads.

Yo ember remember how butthurt you were when people made fun of you for not having a GED? That's cause we are honest and you should probably start sending in your CV to Walmart ASAP

No. 51036

Oh, I found this on the hashtag.

No. 51040

File: 1445894096087.png (43.54 KB, 195x208, 11.png)

Funny how Ember went and changed the bio on all of her accounts, just like "Allie" did.

But the only account that never changed was Ember's personal instagram.

Also, why would Ember NOT have her phone? Why would some "IRL friend" just take her phone and change all of her shit and update her amazon wishlist? How would "she" get the email addresses and passwords for all of these accounts?

No. 51041

File: 1445894133068.png (58.96 KB, 528x539, 11.png)

No. 51042

She dropped out of highschool? My god, how can she be so stupid? Like American highschool is the easiest shit I've ever encountered what the hell, is she really that fuckin dumb?

Also, haven't seen it not sure where it is but does anyone have a screenshot of her vague suicide threat? I missed it.

No. 51045

it's in her old thread >>49136

she just posted a black image with a a laughing emoji, a gun emoji pointed at the laughing face, and a peace sign.

and the comments which follow make it clear that these naive people thought she was going to hurt herself in some way >>49192 or else they wouldn't be begging her to reply and to "Please don't!"

she never even explained what was happening to those people. she has still left everyone in the dark. if your her follower and haven't heard about lolcow, then you have no idea why tf ember is doing this way and probably has you a bit concerned.

No. 51051

File: 1445895173417.png (23.62 KB, 285x203, 11.png)

Thanks for posting this! This whole group seems awfully stupid.

No. 51064

File: 1445896485452.png (31.98 KB, 300x281, 11.png)

kenzie deleted this comment where she said "nope, ember"

No. 51073

Does she have no idea how outpatient work? When she got caught running ECC she went to outpatient magically too.

There's a list, and the insurance figures it out with the clinic, there's no way she magically got into outpatient when she was supposed to Tuesday after spending an entire night without a phone getting professional help.

No. 51086

doesn't she have to go into a 72 hour psych hold for a suicide attempt or is that only certain states?

No. 51087

File: 1445897947158.gif (1.2 MB, 640x752, 1439759504490.gif)

Tbh, I could not have asked for a better reaction.

>>ember gets called out for being a two faced cunt by her instagram "besties"

>>blocks them all and ignores anyone else who tries to question her about lolcow
>>threatens to kill herself
>>deletes EVERYTHING from her account (!!!!!!!!!!!!)
>>pretends to be someone named "allie"
>>is now receiving professional help

I really didn't think the previous thread was going anywhere but I am so happy that I was wrong.

I really just hope she tries to legitimatize this whole charade by forging medical documents again

>>gif related - back when she tried to pretend that she was actually "receiving professional help" for her "issues w/ internet friends"

No. 51089

remember when she admitted they were fake after everyone exposed them for being fake and she was like "you guys are dumb if you think i'd put my actual papers on the internet" smfh

No. 51095

File: 1445898317729.png (7.71 KB, 341x95, 11.png)

Ember has never and would never attempt suicide though. She has even posted photos of her self harm and they were only ever itty bitty scratches. Which is why she has not one self ham mark/scar on her entire body.

She once pretended to be suffering from "alcohol poisoning" after trying to kill herself and only survived because her boyfriend found her on the brink of death, called an ambulance, and took her to the ER, where her stomach was pumped.

But yeah, none of that ever really happened.

No. 51099

I'm fucking loling, she could've stayed away for a day and used dm to talk to friends but he had to go on instagram and pretend to be in outpatient now.

This girl needs to go to Internet addiction rehab.

No. 51100

File: 1445898448913.jpg (193.78 KB, 640x1136, lmao.jpg)

lol yeah, she was like "im not the only one who falls for traps xD"

when no one fell for it at all. people immediately could tell it was fake and called her out for it hahah.

No. 51103

When I went to outpatient I had my whole day planned for me and had to quit my job because it was Mon-Fri at the hospital.

You take all your meals there and have group activities.

I'm not sure if that's just a Canada thing, but literally nothing Ember watches or reads will describe outpatient.

She can reread fake anorexia stories like Letting Ana Go and watch intervention all she wants, she will never have anOREXIA like she wants to.

No. 51109

i never did outpatient (only in) but they explained it to me. it's pretty much the exact same thing as inpatient except you get to go home -____- she's fucking dumb!

No. 51116

this hiatus will only last until tomorrow, bet.

and ember, i know you're here so i just want to tell
you what a hiatus is: a gap in a sequence.

you can't be posting during a fucking hiatus. you
can't "check in" every day, just to "update" people
on how you're doing "in OP".

like we know you're faking this whole thing and i,
for one, really want you to take this hiatus

foreal, just leeeeave and don't come back for a
couple weeks. even though you burnt a shit ton of
bridges, if you really did take such a long break,
people would probably be more willing to give you
another chance, if that's even possible.

i've been in OP and i just had to go to weekly
therapy appointments. but being in OP would not make
a person go on a hiatus. especially ember, the girl
who has to post about every little doctor appointment
she goes too. she only left because of this website
and the stuff she was caught doing here.

No. 51136

File: 1445900683602.png (100.72 KB, 762x1332, 11.png)

went and reset all of her accounts passwords

No. 51145


Haaaah you trying to be a writer? Why not graduate high school first

No. 51146

File: 1445902119078.png (104.78 KB, 500x499, Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 23.3…)


No. 51147

hahahahah this is like every 13 year old's edgy fanfiction

No. 51150

I think everyone is confusing PHP with OP. In PHP, it's just like IP except you get to go home. OP varies a lot more.

No. 51157

>She is the hooting of the owls.
>we both dress similarly […] we were very similar

No. 51160

Either way it's not a big place, what's she gonna do when fairy.sin asks about Ember among the people with EDs?

Do they even have a clinic there, or is it just general mental illness clumped together?

No. 51162

I bet her promoters feel stupid for sending her shit now that she's deleted her pictures.

No. 51165

>>I bereave of life
You w0t
>>I am ripped from my slumber by the hot iron claws of jealousy
^ This probs happens to Ember irl when she dreams about McKenzie

"She is the hooting of the owls" remind me of
>>But the face on the pillow, rosy in the firelight, is certainly that of Clarice Starling, and she sleeps deeply, sweetly, in the silence of the lambs.

I have an online store and if one of my promoters did this to me, I would feel cheated and become so fucking livid.

No. 51171

Brb cringing.
"Until I became a…monster"
God this is the shit I wrote up in the 7th grade when I thought I was edgy.
Kek the entire thing screams bad fanfition

No. 51172

Whoever made this https://instagram.com/holysquaaaad

I just want you to know that I love you.

No. 51173

File: 1445905719388.png (140.82 KB, 909x270, 2.png)

No. 51174

File: 1445905900790.png (64.2 KB, 618x344, 2.png)

Nevermind.. my excitement is gone..

No. 51175

No. 51176

a lot of anger for someone who can't give 2 fucks lol

No. 51178

Does she think that we're trying to show her what random ass anons are saying about her?

Does she not comprehend that Ember made those comments..

So disappointing.

No. 51179

>>you arnt even samrt enough to hide your ip address

thats ironic because neither is ember

No. 51180

I wonder when it's gonna click for her that ember posted that shit about her and it's just screencapped.

No. 51183

Sage for samefagging

It should be obvious that ember posted the pictures because she doesn't add people, additionally what is this L33T HAX persona it's so awkward.

No. 51184

It would be easy to tag her on the picture and link the Admin post to her to read up on

She seems fucking crazy though, so I doubt much will come of it.

No. 51185

Is everyone commenting on that account stupid? Idgi. Do they not realize embers the one who posted this shit about them not the person who owns the account? I have second hand embarrassment for these idiots holy shit

No. 51186

Mr Phil needs to calm tf down lol

No. 51187

File: 1445907214620.png (1.31 MB, 2048x1486, PhotoGrid_1445907076328-1.png)

welp i checked embers instagram before i typed these comments out and then again when i finished and i was instantly blocked. meaning ember is online right now, trying to d damage control.

I bet she is reporting the living hell out of that instagram right now.

No. 51189

Petition for fairy.sin to clue in that Ember two faced her immediately before (and probably during) them meeting.

No. 51193

Ember's friends certainly don't make her look pretty, but they do make her look clever, or at least more clever than they are.

No. 51195

Is Mr. Phil one of these girls' boyfriends, or what?

No. 51196

I believe more and more of her 'friends' are turning on her

No. 51197

I don't know but he's an idiot

No. 51199

File: 1445909279219.png (15.12 KB, 608x172, mrphil.png)

No. 51201

>your smart


No. 51211

File: 1445911934889.jpeg (168.09 KB, 1223x1175, image.jpeg)

No. 51216

ember just posted on instagram. shortest hiatus ever

No. 51219

pls post screenshot

No. 51223

File: 1445913372016.jpg (543.17 KB, 1512x1512, Instasize_1026223156.jpg)

So I was curious what thinspo/shit ember would have favourited (her account is the one I left the address bar in) on her twitter and it looks like she forgot to switch accounts before faving a #skinny4xmas tweet.

"Sarah" is thriving this winter.

No. 51227

File: 1445913818001.jpg (53.2 KB, 525x271, IMG_20151026_214202.jpg)

No. 51230


Gotta love how everything with this girl is extreme…it's not PHP…it's INTENSIVE PHP.

But then I guess if you're gonna lie about everything, might as well make it a good 'un eh?

No. 51231

She's confused IOP with PHP.

No. 51232

I guess none of her other social networks leave her able to block, etc right now.

No. 51237

Yo did Onision write another book??

No. 51238

Hahah ngl, I totally thought of his newest book when I read that.

No. 51239

In Missouri at the one I went to, there was a very strict schedule too. Every thing was planned. And depending on what you're there for, you need to be discharged into someone's care and set up a treatment plan for therapy or meds or both.

No. 51241

So what do think is next?

Yet another 'heartfelt' apology about how she's oh so sorry and how she's 'seen the error of her ways' and 'is working on herself' with her 'treatment team'?

Considering she's back on IG and has followed two new obvious thinspo accounts in the last two hours….I can't see her leaving IG behind like she did tumblr.

No. 51243

She will forever hop between Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr until someone pries her cell phone from her dead hands.
Whenever shit goes south on one website, she scurries off to another one. But she has never had this many Instagram followers in her LIFE, so I'm positive she is struggling with the idea of deleting her whole account and starting new, like she normally does.
Remember when she actually invested $$$ in fake Twitter followers and managed to get 16k (4k which were not blank accounts)? I just know she regretted deleting that account as soon as she did it. Because all she needs is the facade of popularity, not the real thing. As long as it looks like she has a large following/"fan base", it doesn't matter if there are only like 3 users from that site, who barely even know her, that actually think she is something special.
She must live a sad, lonely life if she is still this obsessed with her fake, wannabe internet celebrity persona. It's been years now and she is still clinging onto the fanasty of her literally becoming an e-celeb, like Felice Fawn or something.

No. 51244

>>If I pretend it didn't happen, maybe it'll come true

No. 51247

File: 1445924745021.png (134.86 KB, 1080x850, Screenshot_2015-10-27-01-30-25…)

Ember took so many pictures when she went to the doctor (Even one of her doctor while she wasn't looking >>47478) last time sooo if she is really in a partial hospitalization program, we should be seeing loads of images very soon of the hospital.

(Oh wait but Ember can't post photos since she won't be going to the hospital or any doctors office since she is faking all of this to as a super pathetic attempt to divert all attention away from her getting called out for bullying her friends)

No. 51250


So is the general consensus that she's going to go for tales from her 'partial hospitalisation'?

Her consistency will always be her downfall. Like most liars, she makes her lies too complex and embellished for maximum drama but can't keep track of what she's said.

Anyone remember her book 'Pudge The Gladiator Mouse'? Mentions of that mysteriously disappeared. She's stopped referring to herself as a part of her Grandmother's company which she used to love to mention.

The last time we had a 'Tales From Outpatient' she mentioned she was close to being, in her words, 'court mandated' to go to inpatient, again, nothing came of that either….

It just baffles me why she feels the need to tell so many lies. She seems to have most of her 'minions' from her thinspo and pro anorexia bullshit so why bother faking BPD, NPD, Scoliosis and all the other stuff?

I guess she literally has nothing in her life other than work so she does this sort of thing online for validation.

Kids today….

No. 51252

never saw this before but top kek at her putting Dr in the Physician's Name bar…who even does that lmfao

No. 51253

File: 1445927528525.jpg (16.46 KB, 236x284, 1428088109420.jpg)

good one

No. 51282

File: 1445947308996.jpeg (147.89 KB, 750x607, image.jpeg)

If only that person knew the truth about "kind little ember". Who wants to be the one to tell them that "kind little ember" is actually a backstabbing bitch who made posts and threads about her so called "friends"?

No. 51286

>>I have my phone back
Right…because "Allie" was the one updating your Amazon wishlist (makes no fucking sense!)
>>started intensive PHP today
Funny how the terminology changed as soon you were called out on it on here.

No. 51311

She doesn't look like she's OD'd in her new pic, or is that just me?

No. 51319

Well, you could always post the picture

No. 51321

File: 1445958904578.jpeg (70.92 KB, 640x968, image.jpeg)

Embers follower count is steadily falling. Two hundred followers in two days.

No. 51323

File: 1445959032579.png (345.9 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Holy shit Kenzie made a flipogram with all embers comments calling her out!

No. 51328

File: 1445959917500.jpg (144.82 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Did anyone see this? My apologies if it has been posted already. She posted this yesterday and then immediately deleted.

No. 51330

File: 1445960116393.jpg (111.53 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 51349

File: 1445963940822.jpg (142.07 KB, 1924x419, Studio_20151027_123837.jpg)

Omg she's already lost 1k of followers from this

No. 51350

File: 1445964016570.gif (438.68 KB, 500x264, tumblr_lm1aplGBJX1qb7645o1_500…)

No. 51352

Don't these sites often delete bots/fake followers?

Just wondering if some follower loss could be from bought followers getting banned

No. 51353

2k since the drama unfolded? She wishes

No. 51355

File: 1445965044557.png (934.19 KB, 3094x548, cleannn.png)

this shit gets me so pumped, i never liked mckenzie but i am fucking love how she is reacting to this.

No. 51357


No. 51358

Embers the only one saying holysquad anymore rip

No. 51360

The thing that makes me laugh is the fact that both Ember and McKenzie are lying about pretty much everything they have ever done, it's like a battle going on none of them deserves to win.

No. 51362

File: 1445966377877.png (24.1 KB, 288x225, 2.png)

Her friend's keep commenting on McKenzie's post, giving her the reasons why "Ember said" she didn't do it.

>>someone told Ember's identity


No. 51364

File: 1445966603314.png (59.44 KB, 283x525, 2.png)


>>ember said she didn't post this stuff

>>anyone can post under the name Ember

:") I'm happy that people are explaining how Ember undoubtedly is linked to the hateful comments on this website so they can see how fucked up and disgusting she really is (":

No. 51365

File: 1445966660079.gif (995.57 KB, 448x352, lal.gif)

No. 51366

File: 1445966710796.png (239.38 KB, 643x411, 2.png)


I just posted a video of the video McKenzie made, in case some of y'all don't follow her and can't view it.


No. 51367


>>annonamously {..} father annonamous

No. 51368

File: 1445967004850.png (14.66 KB, 280x131, 2.png)

Yasssss lump Ember in with Sarah yassssss

(This is Sarah: http://www.blueeyedscam.info/)

No. 51375

Thankss anon. This is amazing

No. 51377

>>someone STOLE* ember's identity

No. 51385

File: 1445970221531.png (683.21 KB, 2408x1498, 2.png)

tfw even actual proanas don't want to deal with your fake ass bullshit


No. 51388

Favorite comment:

>>There is nothing real about her. I have watched the edrama with her on tumblr for too long to believe a word that girl says. I also have no doubt she is a member here, somewhere. And she will love having a thread about her.

>>She is sick, maybe even with an ED, but thats not her main problem.

>>PS I have no issues with people photoshopping, which she clearly does, as long as they are honest about it. She lies, has stolen money from people ("for IP"), sends people hate mail about herself, has made hate blogs about herself, is horrible to her "friends", engages in behaviors that do not add up with the morals she claims to have, ran from her after getting called out and stalks the e-drama blogs on tumblr (they can tell her IP address now) and has made so many false claims that I can't even bother to look at this IG.

No. 51392

File: 1445971258029.png (157 KB, 1964x908, 11.png)

why does this RainingTea person sound so much like ember to me?

.. and if it is, she is definitely lying about a few things.

like saying she is 4'11 and 79lbs.
though she is saying her GW is 65lbs, which is very consistence with Ember's old tumblr urls. idk, this just seems fishy.

No. 51394

File: 1445971437263.png (154.33 KB, 500x265, tumblr_inline_n0tae0P0YZ1stgzr…)

here's a old, forgotten screenshot from 2014 that i just found

>>diagnosed with Anorexia B/P subtybe 9 years old

9 years ago from 2014, ember was 9 lol.

No. 51419

File: 1445975339311.png (425.81 KB, 1226x1040, 2.png)

moar shots fired

No. 51420

File: 1445975411515.png (33.4 KB, 302x304, 2.png)

No. 51429

oh McKenzie..
Ember may have made a hate page about you, but you are, in fact, an attention whore. I don't feel bad for you, you're a shitty person who's done shitty things. You and Ember are very similar people.

No. 51431

This kinda makes me wanna follow some lolcowers instas. Mine is pretty desolate and I only use it to follow other cows kek. How would I go about this, I guess lolcow chat? Anyway yeah no one wins in this situation tbh. Ember was smart to move to insta a la wylona but even insta has its limitations to being a cunt

No. 51435

Personal post inc. but I get really annoyed when people boast about how they were diagnosed with anorexia so many years ago.
I know in some cases this is not applicable but this usually only applies to people who've been dealing with their ED for so long that the physical effects have become noticeably visible to the point where they've recieved a diagnosis without deliberately seeking out.

What I mean to say is that most anorexics don't WANT to get caught and will try as hard as possible to remain innocuous about their habits and not attract notice.
When I was entrenched in my own anorexia I was terrified of people finding out.

My mother used to comment how I was becoming skin and bones so I would rub food onto plates and leave them out and then she'd chastise me the next day for my little "midnight feasts" and not cleaning up after myself. I'd wear ridiculously baggy clothing everywhere and my sisters would tease me fit being chubbychubby.
I got caught by my GP once because during an irrelevant appointment he became suspicious of my weight and asked my BMI and I blurted out the exact number on the spot.
How many 15 year olds even know what a BMI is let alone what theirs is? (well, they probably do today tbf but this was like 2006).
He made me come back a week later and I water loaded and hid ankle weights under my jeans. He left me alone after that.

Ember is a fucking ED poser.

No. 51436


Just FYI the overwhelming amount of people that use MPA aren't actually proana, the site just has a dumb name.

No. 51442

Haha yeah most of the posters on "My Pro Ana Dot Com" not pro-ana. And no one on www.killallniggersandkikes.com is racist, the name has nothing to do with the content, gosh you guys

No. 51449

If she had overdosed she'd still be in the hospital. They keep people longer than a night to monitor them. Jfc Ember.

No. 51469

I keep seeing Embers whiteknights (the extreme few of them) say stuff like

>>A lot of people hate Ember for some reason so someone probably frame her for saying those things. anyone can post under the name "Ember".


There hasn't been ONE person that Ember was friends with that she did NOT talk shit behind their back. She literally manipulated and used every single last one of them, just like she did to Heidi and McKenzie, until they forced her out of their lives but some still can't get her to stop anonymously harassing them!

None of us just "hate her for no reason", there's dozens of reasons to be upset with her, espically if you were the one bullied by her.

When will these fuckers grow eyeballs and see the truth for themselves. It's right infront of them!

No. 51470

Amazing how her personal instagram is suddenly more active since she stopped using her main


No. 51471

Yeah. If it's intentional/reported as a suicide attempt they'll keep you even longer for a psych eval.

Lots of ODs result in extremely painful organ failure weeks later, so not only do they need to flush what you took out of your system they need to make sure that's not going to happen, also.

I just don't know how you can be such a bad liar. Especially online. Google is right there! Even just looking up and copying someone's real experience would be more viable. I don't understand how she fucks up and forgets all her lies, either. I find it very easy to compartmentalize each lie/who I've lied to/about what – who I am to that person, etc.

She does it so often you'd think she could do the same. She's so naive…

No. 51473

She wants to be a writer and won't even do research on her own backstory, she doesn't want to effort into any part of her life and it shows.

No. 51477

That's probably the only reason she wants to be a writer. She thinks it'll be easy.

No. 51491


Er, yeah?
I'm a member and it's actually the largest ED support site in the world.
There have been talks of changing the name in the past but decided to keep it because the name attracts younger people who initially come here looking for tips and advice on starving themselves and instead find a supportive community who can end up changing their entire outlook.
If the name of the site was something like "antiEDspport.com" those people would just pass over it and move onto more dangerous, legitimately proana sites.

The community is actually overwhelmingly pro-health above all.
Confirmed for never actually having visited the site.

No. 51494

She fakes everything, even her hiatus

No. 51495

I totally understand and thats a very good reason to keep the site name as "myproana" but it's a damn lie to say that everyone on that site is just trying to look out for other people. I have an account too, just for lurking purposes, and found a shit ton of proana content.

Like sure, okay, some of you aren't telling people how to starve themselves and posting images of emaciated girls but a lot of you are. I have stumbled across countless threads, packed with proana tips and thinspo.

No. 51496

Lol ok, let's take a look at the front page of their "Anorexia discussion" board.

"Your meal plans for 500cal days? ? Title says it all really? Just wanted to know how you guys use your 500 cals. No hate please ?"

"I'm 15 and have never gotten diet pills before. I live in California and the only place I could go without my mom finding out is Target (I can't get them online). I want to get Pure Garcinia Cambogia and 14-day Acai Berry Cleanse. I'm really scared that I will get carded for not being over 18. Has anyone under 18 gotton diet pills at Target in California? Are there any tips???PLEASE HELP!!!!!"

" hi guys!!! I'm Aussie so this is a big deal, I'm going to Costco for the first time - what should I get halp!!!!! We're going for Halloween shopping, but gimme ideas on things to buy that are low cal and in bulk "

Plus they have an entire forum for thinspo.

Giving people tips on how to starve themselves is not pro-health ffs. Just because they're not saying "having anorexia is TOTALLY awesome and i love it!! everyone should be ana right now!!!!" doesn't mean they're not pro-ana. Go back to your skeleton lair, you MPA bitches are ruining this site

No. 51498

Totally pro-health, it's just an eating disorder support group, nothing shady or harmful going on here

No. 51522


I love this because it shows her personality so well

>how to look thinner contour, etc

>how to make a guy fall in love with you, how to deal with someone flirting with my bf

No. 51526

Do we have a general purpose MPA thread?

If not, someone should make one. Plenty of potential there.

No. 51532

Pls no, we don't need to attract more wannarexics who bitch about how "my pro ana" is not pro-ana at all and people who eat fruit are disgusting

No. 51535

>>how keeping it real, keeps you happy

Well, that would explain why Ember is such a miserable fucking bitch (and suffers from super severe depression!! waah)

>>hairstyles that make you look thinner

Because Ember will do ANYTHING to look skinny, except actually lose weight.

No. 51536

She needs a hairstyle that makes her nose look smaller

No. 51553

File: 1445998851553.jpg (76.54 KB, 898x664, jfc.JPG)

Nothing pro ana about it.

No. 51564

if a general MPA thread is made, someone will immediately go and tell everyone at MPA, who will then flood lolcow. no thanks.

No. 51568

True, but it's clear a lot of them are here already.

No. 51580

Even if it weren't a 'serious' medication. I was desperately suicidal when I was a teen and the only medication my dad didn't lock up was his Lipitor so I took it. They gave me ipecac and kept me about a week.

No. 51581

File: 1446005192980.png (88.41 KB, 260x258, curve.png)

ember has a bigger curve in her nose than in her back

No. 51595

Never trust anyone who lists their (alleged) mental or physical disorders in a profile summary.

No. 51596

File: 1446008486243.png (533.04 KB, 640x640, image.png)

Someone send me the "I'm baked" screenshot of ember a while back and when I was on my idol today I found this gem

No. 51616


Nigga I ain't no ana-chan, I'm fat as fuck now because I recovered wrong and overate, but I'm not denying that a certain percentage of the site is like that, just overwhelmingly it is a support site.
I've gone in the and chewed people the fuck out in their own threads for trying to do "40 day fasts" and shit.

And fuck off I despise the ana-chans more than fucking anybody I want somebody to dip them in lava.

No. 51699

File: 1446046817180.png (77.83 KB, 710x360, 2.png)

i live for the underhand shade mckenzie keeps throwing at ember

No. 51701

File: 1446046901668.png (38.38 KB, 288x364, l.png)

a comment on mckenzie's callout post

No. 51702

No one cares, go away and stop trying to promote pro ana sites lol

No. 51731

Remember when someone sent Ember's grandma links to her pro ana starvinggkitten twitter/ask.fm account, since ember was begging people to donate money to her grandma's animal organization, but was actually getting people to donate to HER personal palpay, not her grandma's.

And after her grandmother told her about these "starvinggkitten" accounts, Ember pretended that someone was stealing her images and made a fake account, trying to scam people with her OWN GRANDMOTHER'S organization name?

THEN Ember told her Grandma that she reported all of the "fake accounts" and had them all taken down, when she actually just went through and deleted them herself, SINCE THEY WERE HER ACCOUNTS.


No. 51733

No. 51737

Anon that's so rude!

That child was very sick with anorexia!! Severe intensive anorexia!

No. 51746

It's weird, but of all the things she done, this seems like the worst. Like this girl needs mental help… Something is broken in her brain if she can do this and continue lying about it.

No. 51747

File: 1446053436099.jpg (70.57 KB, 370x243, spermbrows.jpg)

Baby ember with current brows

No. 51753

File: 1446053747971.gif (392.87 KB, 534x518, output_TlTom7.gif)

pls ember. we know u don't love yourself but please love yourself enough to fix those damn brows of yours

No. 51766

Damn. I thought Ember must've gotten beat up or in an accident at some point, but her nose has actually always been that jacked up. Unbelievable.

No. 51789

We don't need more anaspergs!

No. 51859

Embers follower count has been going up and down all day. meaning she has been losing followers and accepting new follow requests all day too, since her account is private and she has to manually allow each person to follow her.

No. 51867

File: 1446072245758.jpeg (26.27 KB, 382x242, image.jpeg)

Damn no wonder embers so stupid she's a meth trick baby

No. 51977

For weeks, Ember had 18 posts on her emberrrw account. 2 days ago, it had 25. Today it has 30.

Hiatus my fucking ass. Shes just posting on a different account lmfao.

No. 51984


Does anyone follow her personal and know what kind of crap she's been posting there during her ~*hiatus*~?

No. 52000

File: 1446090707846.png (136.77 KB, 1080x751, Screenshot_2015-10-28-23-50-47…)

I don't but I did notice she deleted 6 posts after I said she had 30 posts and changed her bio to this

No. 52004

Holy shit did she shave off the insides of her eyebrows?

No. 52008

File: 1446091334379.jpg (29.14 KB, 583x582, 12049555_10207145986002060_372…)

She's so sloppy at covering her tracks, I bet she told people she was in treatment all day.

No. 52009

File: 1446091382825.jpg (369.75 KB, 1012x1358, Studio_20151029_000057.jpg)

No. 52012

I don't even care what she is doing on her personal. She only has 200 followers lol She we'll be back posting on her 10k account in a day. She is starved for attention.

No. 52013


Is she talking about that stuffed animal? rofl

No. 52014

her neck has me gaggin'

No. 52018

dem brows doe

No. 52019

That's a stupid name for a stuffed animal tbh

No. 52113

She bought followers again lmao

No. 52121

What? How can you tell? :o

No. 52122

She suddenly got 2k more, but she's private.

No. 52126

I didn't notice that, my bad. Could those not possibly be people that followed her because of all this drama though? I mean she already begs her followers for money, doubt she has any to BUY them.

No. 52128

File: 1446128642303.jpeg (879.16 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

embers lame ass excuse

No. 52129

oh and her stupid Ana friends falling for it

No. 52131

That's a blanket fucking lie.

>>I aplogize to anyone who was hurt by these people under my name

You fucking bitch, oh my god hahah

It's also pretty funny she talks about how she was when she was 15-17
>>on a lot of drugs

I don't even see how any of that is relevant but it isn't like she hasn't been posting about talking Xanax and pain killers every fucking day lmfao.

I hope she knows that no matter how many times she cries "BUT IT WASN'T ME", we all know that it was her. And so do the girls she bullied (besides that moron JuJu/Heidi)
Who cares if any of those people believe her, at least we can laugh at what a terrible liar she is and will never be used/manipulated by her, like so many people before.

Tbh, if she came clean, the lulzcoaster would have ended ages ago. But thank God Ember is persistence at trying to keep her awful lies in place lol

At least that bitch can't self post and samefag here anymore hahaha. The threads have been much more "one-sided" ever since Eboni and Ember were exposed.

And we all know that's not a coincidence :)

No. 52134

let those bitches be deceived, who gives a fuck.

No. 52136

I just think it's funny how dumb and easily these girls are fooled and manipulated

No. 52137

Yo like the only reason for this to make anyone butthurt is if you care if other pepole believe her, which you shouldnt.
If they're dumb enough to believe that garbled after Ember being called out by multiple people on Instagram, who caressss.
A lot of us tried to get the word out and let everyone know what a cunt Ember is, we did our work and we all know the truth.

As long as we all KNOW that Ember is a lying sack of dog shit,
then it just doesn't matter what some 14 year old wannarexic on Instagram believes lol.

Plus, Ember is just setting herself up for failure again.
She is way too two faced to straighten up and not shit talk her own friends anymore.
She can't even take responsibility for the pain she caused lol

I can't wait to watch her fail again. Each time is funnier than the last.

No. 52139

It's kind of funny that the only thing I think reading that nonsense is idly wondering how she shooped that pic. I don't see anything wrong with it, but everyone knows Ember isn't actually that thin. Perhaps she stretched the bottom of it in but left the top intact?

Also, her neck looks like a fucking sea monster erupting out of her chest kek

No. 52142

File: 1446131634302.jpeg (36.27 KB, 571x560, image.jpeg)

saw this f'd up costume and thought of embe lol

No. 52143

It's extra- funny considering the costume is only sold in size 'large' :^)

No. 52144

I know depression and other mental illnesses are really popular ones to be listed by these special snowflakes, but why shit like scoliosis? I have it and it's just… your spine is curved. There's nothing special about it whatsoever. I imagine when you tell people that you have these mental illnesses, they'll pity you because you're ~*~*going thru some shit*~*~ but scoliosis isn't even that shitty in the sense that, the worst is probably just back pain and looking really weird when you let it get that bad and your parts of your body tilt.

No. 52146

It's so she can get people to buy her back braces on her wish list so she can use it as a fat toner

No. 52148

File: 1446132045361.jpg (31.05 KB, 512x342, ApexKek.jpg)

Oh man. Yeah, I'm definitely going to believe Ember, a proven liar many times over, over Admin, who surely has a nefarious agenda to blemish Ember's stellar reputation…

No. 52158

It's interesting how many times Ember has been able to use that impersonation excuse and gotten away with it.

It's like she's a catfish

No. 52159

And yet, with all the evidence, people continue to believe her. Fucking lol.

No. 52160

Uhhhh pity points, of course?

No. 52162

File: 1446133367627.png (472.21 KB, 950x857, lulz-boat.png)


>>people continue to believe

The only people who believe her are the young teenagers on Instagram who barely even know her lol. As long as they fuel her, the lulz boat will keep in sailing!

I'm even tempted to leave a comment myself, encouraging and reassuring her that "we definitely trust you! fuck thise anon haterzzz. we know you would lie to us like that!" hahah.

No. 52166

i didn't even know you could just buy them? mine was sort of "custom" and was given to me through an orthopedist

why doesn't she just buy a corset jfc i'm sure they're a lot more comfortable than a giant hunk of shitty plastic

those are shit pity points, she'd get more for bpd or something

No. 52168

File: 1446133837380.png (380.49 KB, 884x635, Screenshot_2015-10-29-11-48-05…)

Both, Ember is both.

No. 52170

She even said that it causes her back to hurt which made me go ?????? because didn't she get it because her back was already hurting???

Her saying that makes me believe that she only got that thing has a fat toner/shape slimmer. Because wearing something that is for back pain that causes back pain is counter productive as hell.

No. 52171

Has McKenzie been posting since Wmber made that post, where she basically called her a liar lol

No. 52172

The difference is that if you have a real problem, you get them custom-made by your doctor. It's the difference between buying those bullshit gel shoe inserts from Sports Authority, and getting an orthotic to actually correct your gait.

So fucking strange that Ember feels the need to lie about scoliosis. I'm almost 100% sure that her 'scoliosis' was just an excuse she made up because she fucked up shooping a picture and made her back look weird kek.

No. 52173

The thing is if she were being impersonated as much as she claims to be, she'd 1) be at least pissed off about it 2) wouldn't mention it only when she gets called out on what's being posted by said accounts and 3) would be constantly posting about it to get the accounts taken down 4) would be coming here to get it straightened out with admin if admin was mistaken on the IP address (but she isn't for the obvious reason that admin didn't make a mistake on that) 5) would be trying to find out from admin who is trying to spread libel about her by impersonating her online by retrieving the IP address from admin. If she were telling the truth, she'd be doing any number of these things, but she's not and so is giving herself away. If Ember's IP address wasn't banned (and wasn't the one that was labelled as making the posts), she'd be easily able to post here, take a screencap of her posting a message on here to her insta and admin could compare and confirm the IPs. It'd be very simple to prove her innocence, if she was. But she knows every truth blogger on tumblr knows the IP addresses she posts from so it'd be pointless trying to post from an IP address that isn't known to be hers as it'd be a dead giveaway.

She claims to be making an effort to fix her past mistakes, but in order to do that she needs to change. She hasn't changed and is doing the same shit she always has. Therefore where is this effort? Words mean nothing when her actions don't match.

No. 52175

File: 1446134573223.png (125.61 KB, 1080x523, Screenshot_2015-10-29-11-59-27…)

Nah dude, it's the lie she uses to get her pain pill prescription. She even said so in the last thread. She is literally fucking scum. Can't wait for her to be in her late 20s, looking even more homely than she does now, begging people online for money so she can go to her drug dealer (I mean doctor!!) to get her pills (I mean prescription medication!!).

>>pic extremely related

No. 52176

They're shitty for shape slimmers, that's for sure. They're so god damn rigid and mine ended up making my waist uneven looking.

I couldn't properly breathe in mine when I first started wearing it, and to this day it's uncomfortable and terrible, and god forbid I have an itch somewhere under my brace… god what a stupid bitch to want to put herself through that for shit pity points. No one gives a damn if you have scoliosis, it's hardly life threatening (as far as I know at least) and can be fixed (or, fixed as much as possible) so easily if you start treatment early. It's one of the lamest things you could ever possibly list imo lol.

Ah, I see. I'm still surprised none custom ones even exist though. There really is a market for everything lol

No. 52178

File: 1446134802405.jpg (24.22 KB, 446x500, FB,6684,72,eti-topkek-meyveli-…)

>>are not easily manipulated

oh my sides, this pyscho has been lying to score pills for a long tkme, hasn't she?

No. 52179

Anybody can post under anyone's name but only YOU were posting under YOUR IP address lmfao.
Bitch is pretending like these comments always had (posted by ember) at the top of them.

That's why McKenzie knows she is lying, because she lurks her thread and saw that one day, they weren't labeled and the next they were.

No. 52181

Ember never "was on a lot of drugs". Pot doesn't make you an asshole, it makes you lazy and fat.

No. 52182

And embers been caught sending anon hate like ten times in the last six months.

No. 52184

how did she go from 10k followers to 10.2k followers in a day lmfao

No. 52189

At least we have the option of going back to our main social media accounts without the fear of being chastised and mocked for every little piece of information we release.

Ember will never have this luxury again. She fucked with way too many people and inserted herself tacky ass into every corner of e drama there is.
Shes so desperate for validation but she was the one sticking up for herself in the last threads.

No one who has known Ember for longer than 3 months can stand her. She's just so fucking insufferable.. It's sad that she is constantly having to pretend like she isn't feeling like shit for being called out, shit talked, and mocked by the girls who posted about here.

You know she is just filled to the brim with hate for being caught in the act and it's taking a lot of strength for her not to immediately start insulting everyone and throwing a huge hiss fit.

(P.S. anyone remember when Ember was caught self posting on PULL in the Emily Crocker thread by an Admin? She kept talking about herself and posting her account links until an Admin pointed out that whoever was posting all of that, was from Rochester New York)

No. 52190


It's not rocket science. I requwst to follow her account a week ago and she just accepted my request this morning. She is just accepting as many as she can.

No. 52191

File: 1446137384156.png (326.91 KB, 1080x1071, Screenshot_2015-10-29-12-48-42…)

No. 52192


Sailor.bubblegum: just so you know, there is only one admin.

No. 52195

File: 1446137971097.png (325.94 KB, 1080x1007, Screenshot_2015-10-29-12-56-10…)

sailor posted that comment 45 minutes ago and i just sent her these messages. she has over 50k and if she were to make a post about how two faced and evil ember is, then soooo many people will become aware and stay the fuck away from her crazy ass

No. 52201

For 2 k people?

With her many promos and spams it took her a week to get 500, think realistically.

No. 52202

Though I wanna bet that if sailor.bubblegum gets Ember's IP from admin she will most likely convince herself that they got the IP from somewhere else.

No. 52206

She's been reading the board since it started about ember, she's probably equally as two-faced.

No. 52208

She from from 10k to 10.2k. Why do you keep saying she has 12k when she doesnt?

You sound very confused. And I said I requested to follow her a WEEK ago and she just accepted it. Now you be realistic.

No. 52209

Why you so mad

No. 52210

why are you spreading misinformation

No. 52212

I love chaos

No. 52217

"I need a mental break from all this drama"
>is still lurking on all social media
>is still posing to make herself look thinner

what a cow

No. 52231

Can she still post on here from her phone or tablet and still be anonymous?

No. 52232

I believe she cant even view the site anymore

No. 52235

How do you know what she uses anon

No. 52236

If this is ember trying to prove that she can't email Admin or post on the site, our burying yourself here by trying to say you're banned/can't view the site.

You either didn't do it or your IP was blocked, you can't have both, you idiot.

No. 52238

I (who commented 'I believe she can't even view the site anymore.') am not Ember, I honestly believed Ember (or at least her IP) was banned from lolcow?

No. 52241


pretty sure she wasn't. eboni was - for being underage though, I believe.

No. 52242

Ah okay, my bad then, sorry!

No. 52244

She's not b&

No. 52246

I don't know what devices she uses I just thought I saw from the admin or someone that they pulled posts from her ip which may not include other mobile devices

No. 52257

File: 1446148508889.png (75.84 KB, 359x355, 2015-10-29 15.53.47.png)

The admin states here >>49149 that he is relying on more than just her IP to identify her posts. She also has a very unique way of posting which some of you have picked up on.

Also, she just posted a photo of her phone, that's the HTC One.

No. 52259

if she uses a different wifi connection there would be a different ip and she can get on and post anon though, right?

No. 52260

Yes. She currently has three different ip addresses. One is her phone, one is a kindle fire, and the other is a computer, possibly her boyfriends.

No. 52304

I've been receiving questions suggesting that Ember told people she contacted me, or something.

As I said in >>48811

>She is not banned, but must identify herself in the name field at all times if she makes any future posts.

I did not ban her. She also never sent me any emails and did not try to contact me in any way. To my knowledge, she has not posted since I revealed her posts.

>She currently has three different ip addresses. One is her phone, one is a kindle fire, and the other is a computer, possibly her boyfriends.

That is not how IP addresses work. But anyway, she is not banned, and I used technical and non-technical information other than IP addresses to identify her posts, as I do in all cases.

Also, banning people (generally) still allows them to access the site. They just cannot make any posts.

No. 52461

File: 1446210724353.png (1.32 MB, 1855x1373, PhotoGrid_1446210544969-1-1-1.…)

Thesr were the first two posts on my feed when I logged into my instagram, lmfao. I follow I over 400 people too.

No. 52462

McKenzie wants an apology but has Ember blocked on basically everything (from what I have read). She's making Ember look even worse. Also, McKenzie is nothing better than Ember, she edits her pictures just as much :') It's just battle of the fake ass bitches.

No. 52464

File: 1446211961547.png (156.87 KB, 359x461, l.png)

regardless of how much i dislike her behavior in general, i'm on mckenzie's side.

No. 52465

Embers put her bio exactly back how it was, wishlist and all.

She's definitely going to pretend nothing happened, as per usual.
Maybe she's so simple minded she forgot she did it and truly believes she's innocent!

No. 52470

File: 1446214598059.jpg (325.86 KB, 1279x799, Pfft.jpg)

Looks like she reposted her favourite 3 picture asks onto her twitter…but she's not pro ana!

No. 52480

Does baby Ember look like Beth Thomas to anyone else or is it just me?

No. 52502

She does consistantly visit from two different ISPs with three ip addresses. One being a weird company ISP and another just a popular home provider.

What's weird is that only her phone and her kindle show up on the business ISP and then she visits from the same computer from her home provider (at least based on the stats)

No. 52505

Shes posting on snapchat at starbucks and pics of her bf

No. 52550

and she claims she was diagnosed with anorexia at 9. kek.

No. 52551

does BPD stand for binge purge disorder or bi polar disorder

No. 52552

borderline personality disorder

No. 52554

Neither. Borderline Personality Disorder.

No. 52559

File: 1446237458911.png (252.08 KB, 1080x927, Screenshot_2015-10-30-16-34-54…)

No. 52562



If Ember was innocent, doing that would make no sense and it still makes no sense knowing she is guilty.

Ember blocked McKenzie because she didn't want to face the reality of what she did. She did not and will not take responsibility for the horrific shit she said.

No. 52563

I think it's just you, Anon. Unlike Ember the psycho child is cute.

No. 52580

Wait, aren't those the same stupid bangs Emily has right now?!

No. 52581

You're right anon! Emily is copying baby ember, alert the internet police

No. 52672

File: 1446258488717.png (615.86 KB, 986x563, Untitled.png)

Three posts on her account, two of which are gifts from followers.

No. 52673

File: 1446258570630.png (620.17 KB, 825x1268, Screenshot_2015-10-30-18-46-54…)

No. 52674

File: 1446258613085.png (1.52 MB, 2048x1329, PhotoGrid_1446258413159-1.png)

Here's two posts that she uploaded then deleted minutes later.

No. 52675

File: 1446258827722.png (1.69 MB, 1804x1451, PhotoGrid_1446258646483-1.png)

… next time, screenshot the description if you're gonna post her images. that's all we care about.

No. 52678

Disgusting, people are actually buying her shit because of this?? I still can hardly bring myself to believe she still has anyone siding with her after everything she's pulled

No. 52682

a lot of people say "idk about this drama but I support you". some people are just oblivious lol

No. 52683

Here's the ask.fm of the girl who bought the sleepy time eat, if anyone feels like telling her about Ember.


No. 52684

She was bought all this before the drama, it tells you when it was bought in the purchased filter in amazon

No. 52687

Ahh…well that's slightly better.

No. 52693

She still has tons of ass lickers tho.

No. 52735

File: 1446297676047.png (1.57 MB, 2048x1100, PhotoGrid_1446297539076-1.png)


Not for long.

No. 52745

File: 1446303075974.jpeg (82.86 KB, 540x815, img_greeting3.JPEG)

Let the new diagnosis begin

No. 52752

After all her bullshit saving the world one animal at a time speech, kek.

She's probably been eating normally with her boyfriends family, since he's like 30 and lives at home he definitely still eats mommas cooking.

No. 52753

her bf is 30 and lives with his parents? holy shit what are the deetz

No. 52755

Ember doesn't have to eat fish, she could just take iron pills instead.

No. 52768

File: 1446307164891.png (158.99 KB, 1080x841, Screenshot_2015-10-31-11-57-05…)

lmao she already put prescterian in her description. everything has to be an accessory.

No. 52769

Shhh, she doesn't know this. Because she never had a conversation with a real nutritionist.

No. 52772

File: 1446307636631.png (1.26 MB, 1976x1731, PhotoGrid_1446307549469-1.png)

>>as espically as someone prone to abusing laxatives


No. 52782

I don't know why anyone brags about laxative abuse. It doesn't make you lose "real" weight, it's horrible for your body, and it's just fucking pointless. Waahhhh, I suffered so much shitting my brains out because I chose to take pills that I knew would make me shit my brains out ;_;

It does suck once you START taking laxatives, though, because it's really hard to stop. But still, it baffles me that people throw around ~lax abuse~ like it's some cool thing that gets you ana points. It just makes you shit.

No. 52784

File: 1446312838792.png (1.23 MB, 1136x1978, PhotoGrid_1446312656019-1.png)

Damn I just noticed this new editing feature on Instagram.

So that's how she does it.

No. 52786

File: 1446313012493.jpg (31.29 KB, 451x340, 4f7676f226c9700a8fff02bdb21609…)

Ember is figuratively and literally full of shit.

No. 52796

Lmao can we make a habit of returning her edits to normal, I love this

No. 52813

File: 1446322533165.jpg (55.04 KB, 634x561, legs.jpg)

Good catch, anon. I didn't even realize you could do that with the instagram editor now! There are tons of beauty apps that let you make your legs slimmer/longer with a swipe. All you do is line it up to your hips and ankles and then you can stretch it to your desire.

It is actually pretty hard to detect, as well… (It works as well as the sample image.) She's been up to this shit for forever, so I assume that she's probably been using these apps for quite a while…

No. 52857


Marya hornbacher did it in wasted, the nobody main character of wintergirls took them, so now they are part of the anagirl starter kit.

No. 52864

Oh god I can't fucking stand Marya Hornbacher.

No. 52884

Ember snapchatted herself buying butterbeer. So ~vegan~

No. 52885

File: 1446341607494.png (202.36 KB, 553x553, Sarcasm-Meme-Face-3.png)


No. 52890

I'm neither a fan or a critic of her, but I feel like her autobiography is as factual as A Million Little Pieces by that James Frey of whoever.

No. 52893

Marya hornbacher wrote a how to guide on anorexia purging subtype. It was basically a love letter to her ED

No. 52896

400 pages of a glorified guide to anorexia
Last couple of pages, 'it was pretty bad mkay. Maybe don't?'

No. 52898

Not only was she still obviously not mentally recovered, she also sounded pretty smug about her LW etc. I mean I still liked the book though ha

No. 52927

Hopefully she learns how to spell it, soon.

No. 52928

Not as easy to spell as vegan, stay in school kids.

No. 52929


No. 52931

All of her writing basically glorifies mental illness.

No. 52971

embers doing an "honesty" hour on ask.fm. the cow doesn't know what honesty is smh

No. 52972

Oh, this gon be good

No. 52978

Ember told a girl to ice pack her vagina to stop it from hurting after sex. Okay.

No. 52990

Her bio says pesectarian, she has to be trolling me

No. 52996

damn and I thought she was a ~Wiccan~

No. 53008

File: 1446400536353.png (482.12 KB, 2048x775, PhotoGrid_1446400433138-1.png)

I feel like Ember checks this thread more than she checks her own instagram.

No. 53009

she's back sporting that #holysquad tag, probably because she has done nothing but LOST followers ever since they stop promoting her lol

No. 53059

I'm dead af

No. 53121

File: 1446426461572.png (2.69 MB, 2048x1524, PhotoGrid_1446426204897-1.png)

this is literally the first thing ember has done that I actually agree with, but knowing her it's just a manipulation tactic. buttering up strangers so they stick by her side later on.

No. 53132

She deleted them all already. WTF Ember.

No. 53158

File: 1446433099718.png (507.21 KB, 1080x1402, Screenshot_2015-11-01-21-55-05…)

She legit only had this post up for 2 minutes lol

and I'll admit that I am a fan. Not a fan of the concept of Ember but a definite fan of the lulz she brings in.

Seriously, I can't get enough of this milk.

No. 53209

File: 1446440300709.jpeg (157.21 KB, 640x1043, image.jpeg)

She just can't get any worse. Dark ass grown out roots, orange mid length, brassy ass ends.

And what do you know, her face looks perfectly healthy. It's like she lives to be hideous. That's why all her boyfriends look like tool bags

No. 53213

she looked normal in her entire snapchat story on halloween and nov 1st. No super ana face or anything. I mean, she is thin, but not spoopy and she didn't do that stupid face thing she always does.

No. 53215

omg she looks so damn dirty here I feel like I should go take a shower just from looking at the pics

No. 53217

Honestly the roots in can stand, but the damage and frizz is the stuff of nightmares.

No. 53219

Lmao I just noticed the door by her arm

No. 53220

She's always been normal-thin, and she's only a few pounds lighter than her "highest" weight. Considering she lies about her height I'd say she's still in the healthy/on the cusp of underweight but just uses posing and those stretching apps to make her look thinner. She'll never be spoopy because she's not sick.

No. 53227

Is anyone else watching the shit she's pulling tonight? Gotta give her a hand, she really knows how to promote herself.

No. 53228

File: 1446443308670.png (1.6 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

I can't see her other account, but the backup was posted on 30 min ago

No. 53230

OH MY GOD are you fucking serious is she actually pretending that she's been in the hospital this whole time? Please tell me I'm misinterpreting this.

No. 53231

I'm kinda over the little shit she does at this point, everyone in her life is reading this thread because of the drama and the doubt they carry (even though they stuck by her) is going to grow until they realize she lied to them.

It might take years because they're still young (at this point Ember is like an attention pedophile, preying on underage girls to satisfy herself) but when it happens, it's going to be hilarious.

She's already become that dead-end life, stoner adult that hangs out with freshmen. She's aging terribly, too. That's enough to keep me amused.

No. 53232

In exchange for her underage, insecure followers liking and commenting on ALL of her photos and following her backup account, she's posting their faces for ten whole minutes so that other girls can tell them that they're beautiful.

No. 53235

File: 1446443834802.png (520.19 KB, 505x603, puke.png)

No. 53236

No. 53238

No. 53239

Bless you. I was hoping someone would reverse image search it

No. 53241

File: 1446445242068.png (120.62 KB, 311x415, spam.png)

She also keeps spamming with these things and then deleting them. I guess she has enough followers that this works?

No. 53242


No. 53243

Of course she is, she's so paranoid someone's going to blow her shit up

No. 53244

Ember you dumb bitch gtfo.
Stop preying on little girls and stick to mooching off your manbaby of a bfs parents like the nasty cow you are.

No. 53245

Lmao wait she really stole and reposted a hospital photo from someone else??? I'm crying from laughing so hard. She's so dumb.

No. 53246

But muh validation!

No. 53247


Does she not know the Internet makes things easy to find? Kek now she will play it off like "oh I just used it to see what u would say" or "I couldn't take pics so I found one like where I was"

No. 53248

She already edit it.

No. 53250

File: 1446446314256.jpeg (222.73 KB, 1242x2108, image.jpeg)

Hahahaha lurk harder miss

No. 53251

"'Miss" as in ember. Not anon

No. 53252

I have to get up for work in 5 hours and I cant go to bed because i'm waiting to see what she does next.

No. 53259

A+ cover

No. 53263

Hey Ember, you didn't update twitter yet! Slackin'

No. 53267

++ agree.
ember, get off the internet and do something more productive than posting edited selfies for little girls to compliment you over.

No. 53279

This is beautiful.

No. 53290

File: 1446461900678.png (694.49 KB, 1942x761, PhotoGrid_1446461216806-1.png)

Her sudden lifestyle change (because thats what it really is) and reasoning behind it makes no sense to me.

I am anemic and my doctor recommended I take OCT iron pills, eat a lot of green veggies and if I didn't improve by my next appointment, I was going to be prescribed some kind of prescription medication to raise my levels.

Well, after eating a lot of kale and spinach and taking an iron pill every morning, I was as good as new in no time.

I used to have such severe mystery bruises that would appear out of nowhere which faded and never came back.

Embers lack of bruises makes it hard for me to believe she has anemia. Knowing her, she would try to show off the type of ginormous bruises I used to get (some were bigger than a football!!) but you never see any. At all.

Oh and my doctor never said shit about eating dairy products to raise my iron. I even looked up how many I milo grams they have and it's barely any at all. So that espically makes no sense (She also said cheese was one of her biggest fear foods lol)

(I sent her both of these messages, the second one she has ignored so far. She even replied to someone else after I sent it, so I know she read it and couldn't think of a lie to cover her ass again.)

No. 53291

>>go back to being a pescetarian

Ember ate nothing but fish for one whole day and now she has a history of being a pescetarian kek

No. 53292

How does she live with herself? I feel bad if i put as much as a filter on my selfie, that's how scared i am of being "caught lying" on the internet

How do people have the balls to lie like this?

No. 53293

Same I feel like a vain bitch for even taking a selfie, or using a color filter, I mean people see me? Like IRL? They know what I look like, and if they don't well a little lurking will get you candids of almost anyone…

No. 53296

Yep, it's BS. I'm not vegan or vegetarian on purpose, but I'm an embarrassingly picky eater, and I very rarely eat animal products that contain any significant amount of iron. I've been anemic for ages, yet I've never had anyone tell me to eat fish and/or cheese (neither of which I eat). When my anemia has worsened, I've been prescribed iron pills. You don't even need a prescription to buy iron supplements, though, and they're pretty cheap and easy to obtain, as are vegan foods that are high in iron. Ember has no excuse.

No. 53297

Lol why don't you just grow up and learn to eat something besides french fries and chicken nuggets? Picky eaters are the biggest faggots on earth, it's like you never matured beyond 3 years old

No. 53301

My older sister is a picky eater and refuses to eat anything that isn't home cooked and always cuts her food in small pieces before eating. She doesn't have an ED, if anyone thought this is where that was going. She's actually quite overweight and doesn't seem to mind her size.

Her eating habits have annoyed me in the past but I wouldn't refer to her as a 3 year old.

She is my sister though.

No. 53303

how can ember's fear food be cheese if she had like 10 lbs of it on her amazon wishlist?

No. 53305

Nah. I'm in my late 20s, don't eat with baby utensils or eat kiddie food or anything, don't act obnoxious or childish with my food, and despise fried foods. I tried to fight it for most of my life, but I only have a few foods at any given time that I can eat without feeling physically ill and emotionally awful, and now that I'm not being forced to eat/drink shit that doesn't even seem edible/drinkable to me (e.g., milk), I just roll with it. I'll eat things I find disgusting to be polite when I have to and I won't make a scene about being picky - it's just that, on my own, I eat the same few foods over and over. I'm fine taking iron pills occasionally, thanks.

I really hate when people are such jerks about others being picky eaters. "The biggest faggots on earth"? Really? Why are you so offended or bothered by the fact that I don't necessarily want to eat what you want to eat? I know some picky eaters are obnoxious about it and DO like to make scenes, but that's a personality thing.

No. 53306

She used to have this list of safe food and fear foods.

The fear foods were like: cheese, pasta, milk and one of her safe foods were mac n cheese lmfao.

She fears the ingredients while they're separate but stuffs her face with them, if they're all mixed together.

I wish I could find the screenshot, if I ever do, best believe I will be posting it.

No. 53309

Exactly!! I'd be horribly embarrassed if someone called me on it. Unfortunately I'm not exactly photogenic, which makes for online shyness or whatever. But I'd rather have people find me "surprisingly more attractive irl" than the other way around.

No. 53310

File: 1446467683400.png (592.35 KB, 1080x1437, Screenshot_2015-11-02-07-33-00…)

10k followers, 8 minutes, zero comments, 13 likes.

This is just sad.

No. 53316

File: 1446469835957.png (1.41 MB, 1987x1199, PhotoGrid_1446469714907-1.png)

>>I thought Ember had a split personality disorder


There's a comment from Ashley in there too.

No. 53318

File: 1446470131219.png (458.31 KB, 1040x1535, 2015-11-02 08.15.01.png)

Here are the rest of the comments. Will post more screenshots if I need too.

No. 53330

Bren is so fucking annoying. He's so up embers ass it's unreal.

No. 53332

File: 1446474766265.jpeg (40.8 KB, 640x215, image.jpeg)

What a complete tool

No. 53334

>we can all still excuse her is she cries about mental illness

Uh, no. Sorry, but mental illness doesn't give you the right to hurt other people (and yourself, to be fair) and be 'excused' from it. I'm one of those shitty Borderline people everyone hates, but even I can recognize that my fucked up actions deserve no special treatment and i should be held responsible for them.

Fuck you, Ember. Your eyebrows are heinous.

No. 53335

So what Ember did.. wasn't bullying?

lmao, Ember never tried to kill herself. She just wanted more attention. She deserves all the hate she gets.

No. 53341

Its kinda fucked up that she has so many underaged "fans" and she fakes a suicide attempt and doesnt even explain it. Like the day after she implied suicide on her insta she was posting happy lil pics from her harry potter weekend on snapchat. Bonus points for her normal healthy body pic on her snapchat that her bf took.

No. 53344

File: 1446477138417.png (943.92 KB, 1080x1222, Screenshot_2015-11-02-10-06-21…)

when you see it…. (this kind of disturbed me when i noticed it)

Brennan is a girl.

No. 53345

I wish someone would post pics from her snapchat, I don't have the app or an account.

No. 53346

Omg, who is the other person in the frame? So weird she's just lifting up her clothes and taking a picture with someone else in the room.

No. 53347

I would be willing to try to use an snap saver app, im just scared she'd figure it out and block me and i'lll lose out on the lulz

No. 53348

yessss that's what I was referring too! that looks like a child, maybe 9 or 10, and this girl is trying body checks right beside her??? disturbing. teaching that kid disordered behavior and shit. does she not realize that this girl will grow up, thinking that type of shit is normal??

People don't just take body checks ffs, that's not normal behavior at all.

No. 53349

File: 1446477675872.png (608.17 KB, 1080x1025, Screenshot_2015-11-02-10-15-58…)

her constant need for validation is laughable

No. 53351

File: 1446478014912.png (17.66 KB, 300x300, Best-Apps-To-Save-Snapchat-Pic…)

I know there's an app which let's you view snaps as many times as you want without telling the other person and also let's you download their snapchat story and individual photos without telling them.

It's like an entirely separate app, it logs you out of the original snapchat app when you log into it and when you log back into the original, all of the snaps you just viewed will be waiting to be viewed, as if you never saw them.

No. 53355

whats it called

No. 53357

File: 1446478794784.png (1.71 MB, 2048x1318, PhotoGrid_1446478705784-1.png)

Oh.. my.. fucking.. god

No. 53358

much emaciated, so anorexia wow

No. 53359

It looks like it's in the back yard of a trailer park

No. 53361

Ember just changed one of her accounts to a 'exposing-Mckenzie'- account. I'm not sure but I think it was the soykitten one. She's still tagged on old photos.

No. 53363

"super awkward face" do you mean your normal face when youre not sucking in your cheeks and contouring them to the point of oblivion? Im sorry but this is the body/face of a normal healthy individual. Maybe shes fucked up in the head, but shes not sick like she wants to be.

No. 53364

can we have a whole separate thread on brennan and how much of an attention whore she is and how she needs to stop with that stupid duck face of hers

No. 53365

whats the account name? can't find it

No. 53366

her thighs look wobbly and badly shopped? idk i might be reaching

No. 53367

File: 1446480438328.gif (543.99 KB, 591x633, shit.gif)

check this shit out

No. 53368


No. 53369

you guys are quick with this stuff, damn. But srsly, where did her delicate long ana legs go??

No. 53370

it is ember, I can prove it. give me a sec.

No. 53371

File: 1446480883486.png (896.12 KB, 1082x1920, EMBERSHIT.png)


No. 53372

Same fag
She is purchasing followers like crazy on this account to make it look relevant. Theyre all fake followers, prob from when it was soykittens

No. 53373

File: 1446481040611.png (16.09 KB, 775x321, ffffff.png)

I tried to reset the password and it gave me en@gmail.com and she JUST changed the pasword to: s*s@gmail.com

That's much better proof than what I had, thank you!!!!

No. 53374

File: 1446481103805.png (1.26 MB, 1082x1920, EMBERSHIT2.png)

I have stuff i should be doing.. but here i am bootin' to the drama

No. 53375

lmfao she got rid of these, should have done that BEFORE she posted all of those photos hahah

No. 53376


No. 53377

bless you for doing this, and i just checked the followers for that account and ember follows it, and that account follows all of her accounts too.

she is so fucking bad at being a sneaky cunt.

No. 53379

too bad for her, im quick to jump on this shit. this is great.

No. 53380

It's funny because ember went after her bestie tiny.tiny.fairy so you'd think she'd be less loyal

No. 53381

you can untag your pics from insta, but these receipts are forever

No. 53382

this girl is crazy as shit and probably didnt even read too much into any of her drama tbh.

No. 53383

File: 1446481329223.png (268.06 KB, 543x471, Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.21…)

especially when theyve been screencapped

No. 53384

this girl is crazy as shit and probably didnt even read too much into any of her drama tbh.

No. 53385

she either just blocked me or deleted this account whoops

No. 53386

same?? i think

No. 53387

She's just copying what she wrote on lolcow lmfao
Way to be innocent Ember, just concrete your fucking guilt

No. 53389

like when i look up the account it says 11 posts but "no posts yet"

No. 53390

im blocked on like 4 of her accounts already haha

No. 53391

she deleted then, that lasted a whole 12 seconds

No. 53392

I'm blocked too? I don't get it, I didn't even comment on her fucking shit.

No. 53393

Nevermind, she deleted it.

No. 53395

good thing screencaps last forever.

No. 53396

she deleted it, but i saw it. i wonder what username she changed it to this time? she didn't delete the actual account.

No. 53398

Hey Ember, we all know you're here.

How many times are you going to do scummy ass shit like this? How many times do you have to be caught red-handed to finally realize you ARE SHIT AT LYING AND BEING SNEAKY.

You just are not capable of thinking your little schemes through, accept this fact.

I wonder what's gonna blow up in your face next.

Btw, you aren't banned. You can comment, if you so dare.

No. 53400

Ember, what's it like to crave attention so badly?

No. 53402

We don't need separate threads for all these little nobodies.

No. 53403

Is that really McKenzie's face…?

No. 53405

File: 1446482241907.png (105.54 KB, 453x574, lol.png)

This person is staright up trying to lie to McKenzie right now.

>>I tracked the IP address and it came back to a place in Moscow, Russia. I don't think Ember lives in Moscow, Russia. So please it's not Ember. It's someone else.


No. 53406

Ask her how she tracked the IP address.

No. 53407

I CAN'T but McKenzie will jump down her throat, I'm sure.

No. 53408

Mck lurks here, so if I comment, she will know it's a farmer and BOOM I will be get blocked

No. 53409

Is that Russian in her bio? That's some severe lack of creativity if it is.

No. 53410

File: 1446482747800.png (252.32 KB, 921x548, lol.png)

McKenzie just made a post about this (:

No. 53411


>>Imma make a hashtag called #prayforember because it sounds like she needs God

No. 53412

File: 1446482915754.png (48.38 KB, 293x420, lol.png)

Thank you @never2old2recover.

This person is lying their ass off but I can't figure out why. What do they gain here? Could this be… Ember?

No. 53413

Russiaboos are the worst people.

No. 53414

>>I'm going to try to hack Lolcow to find out


No. 53415

>I'm going to hack lolcow to find out.

My prediction:

>Okay so I hacked lolcow and it's definitely not Ember. She signed up with a completely different e-mail address with a Russian provider.

No. 53419

I'm dying, this shit is way too funny.

No. 53421

Did her and fairy.sin watch girl with the dragon tattoo together?

No. 53423

I bet Ember bought her something and that's the only reason she's all up on her dick.

No. 53425

Ember never gives, she only takes

No. 53428

In that case, 0bes0ph0bia = Ember.

No. 53430

Did she change or or did IG delete her for copywrite and bullying?

No. 53433

File: 1446485555520.png (212.87 KB, 794x758, boom.png)

Ember has done nothing but drag that #holysquad group down and members are aware of it.

I wonder when they're going to kick her out. She only has 10k because they promoted her anyways.

Bitch needs to be banished!!

No. 53434

File: 1446485724388.png (55.58 KB, 1080x185, Screenshot_2015-11-02-09-18-49…)

this made me lol. ember following accounts with her name in it. how self obsessed can a person get? (neither belong to her, already checked)

No. 53440

Seriously Ember, what is wrong with you? Why would you pull this stunt again right after the lolcow drama? Are you literally retarded?

No. 53443

>doesn't know how proxy's work
>claims they're going to hack lolcow

Yeah I'm almost 100% sure this is ember or a dick sucker. hilarious nonetheless.

No. 53446

Ember is now claiming she was hacked and someone else started Kenzie's hate page(like her ex). Seriously?? The excuses just get better and better!

No. 53451

Lmfao, she's going to keep reusing the same excuse because it worked for her before.

Please post pics, this is great.

No. 53456

kek my thoughts exactly, suddenly they're über-l33t hackers, it's amazing

PLEASE do show us how you can "hack lolcow" and prove that Ember's just being framed by evil Admin who clearly has an obsessive vendetta against this boring, nasty, basic bitch

No. 53459

File: 1446491199603.png (7.9 KB, 288x72, boom.png)


No. 53460


Seriously. needs screenshots.

No. 53461

what account? she didn't say anything on her main?

No. 53465

I feel like embers posting here again, but forgetting to update her accounts when she says what's she's "done"

No. 53466

I think she probably posted about it on that account she used to "expose mckenzie" but has changed the username to what, i don't know.

No. 53470

lol hey ember whattup

No. 53471


No. 53472

Remember when Ember said she was a singer because she was still obsessed with Emily (in a fan way)

No. 53476

File: 1446494286630.png (35.35 KB, 573x289, o.png)

Oh my god, yes! Do you remember the videos she would post of her singing? Lmfao they were the worse.

Now check out what I just found. Ember used to go around and copy/paste the same message to Instagram which belonged to store's. Hoping they would send her free shit to promote to her fake followers (since most were sock accounts anyways)

>>I'm a professional marketing guru/product promoter!

>>ive been in marketing and promoting for several years

>>I can guarantee you'll gain at very least 1000 new followers/customers if you decide to work with me.

Each one of those is a bald face lie lmao. Also, her soykitten Twitter only has 500 followers now.

No. 53477

god i hate that bullshit. I get emails from "professional marketers" that say they can increase my instagram followers by THOUSANDS in MINUTES for only a SMALL fee!!11! and when you check their profile, they only have 200 followers.
Ember, honey, if you were a professional marketing guru, you'd have WAY more followers and you'd know that lying on the internet gets you nowhere but lolcow

No. 53479


that’s a little unrealistic, don't you think?

No. 53481

File: 1446495365470.png (13.96 KB, 556x120, o.png)

Holy fuck, she would lie to people just to increase her chances of getting free shit

>I'm getting my degree in marketing to become a professional product promote


No. 53484

File: 1446495640088.png (72.55 KB, 548x550, o.png)

She is such a scum bag.

No. 53487

She was sent a teatox and the company got bombarded with emails saying they were irresponsible and bad business sending a pro Ana presence a teatox.

They immediately issued an apology and told ember to remove the photos and to cease and desist promoting their product and ember was soooooo butt hurt.

No. 53490

lol a girl who couldn't deal with high school because she was too tucking stupid somehow went to college with no diploma or GED and got a degree in marketing.

No. 53493

This reminds me, whatever happened to Ember going to school?

She mentioned a long ass time ago that she signed up for online enrollment so she could get her GED but.. she hasn't said anything over the past several months.

Seems like she just gave up getting an education, again.

No. 53506

File: 1446498345824.gif (958.62 KB, 245x180, ban1.gif)

sorry not sorry

No. 53507

This thread reeks of whism obsession with Ember I could literally smell it 40 threads away

No. 53511

ah yes we are all whismical. i'm megan, you're megan, we are all megan.
Old McWhism had a farm el-oh-el-oh-el

No. 53513

this is awesome but it would be more awesome if you put ember's face on regina's face and put emily's face in the burn book lmfao

No. 53518

File: 1446499753228.png (166.22 KB, 950x284, ban.png)

I would love if someone made a banner for lolcow and used this photo of Ember lol

No. 53520

she's file DMCA in a heart beat and cry hat a stalker used her public pics without her permission. Ember Whaaaa-ann crybaby.gif

No. 53521

Whism you're such a samefag. At least TRY to sound different when you post 1,000 times on all these threads. Your obsession is repulsive. You're an lolcow, milking your bf for money.

No. 53522

I always wonder what Ember is interested in on her own, her favourite things are very basic and widely produced.

No. 53525

Is it even possible to file DMCA claims on this website? I'm gonna look into it.

No. 53528

There's no way, the ostrenga family would be all over it

No. 53529

no idea, but i bet she would try.

– I made a thing kek

No. 53530

File: 1446500461263.gif (121 KB, 950x284, ember-whaaaan.gif)

samefag. I forgot I can upload gifs

No. 53532

Doesn't she look like justin bieber

No. 53543

I LOVVVVE IT (well not the font but EVERYTHING ELSE IS GOLD)

No. 53544

I hate the font also, but there were only 4 options on the glitter font site and it was the least hated ha

No. 53545

Justin Bieber is a piece of shit, but he's pretty.

Ember looks like her 8 year old self, she's got a very round face and is very plain.
She looks like Wal Mart's teen girl section's demographic.

No. 53546

this needs to be one of the site banners lmfao

No. 53547

Just put her face on a stretch Armstrong doll tbh

No. 53548

give me just a sec and i will

No. 53551

Oh, I see. You did a great job anon. The tears are the most impressive part.

No. 53553

Don't forget to write "lolcow.farm" on it if you're making a banner.

No. 53554

File: 1446501681162.gif (124.37 KB, 950x284, ember-whaaaan-lol.gif)

got it

No. 53555

File: 1446501733843.png (296.69 KB, 622x419, swhannstrong.PNG)

hah thanks. I stole them from another crying gif and just poorly removed the other person's face.

Here is a poorly edited stretch armstrong. It's hard finding a good pic of that doll

No. 53559

File: 1446502954137.png (133.58 KB, 1119x547, scam.png)

After discovering these: >>53484 >>53481 it made me think of a comment in Ember's old thread which turned out to be Ember self posting.

Seems like she was asking just to make sure we didn't know she was doing this shit. Lying to businesses, saying she has been a product promoter for several year, how she is in college, getting a degree in marketing, and completely over exaggerating the type of reach she has.

Thank God none of these business actually sent her anything (if they did, we would have definitely been aware of it.)

I wonder what type of lie she is spinning now. She recently followed a lot of different Instagrams that belong to online shops, so I just know she is telling them the same bullshit. That's probably why she is so hellbent on getting followers. To make it seem as if she actually has an audience.

>>left pic is the comment she left

>>right is the pic she left the message on and how the shop replied. i believe that soykittens account was terminated because Ember turned it into a hate account for McKenzie

This made me burst out in laughter, thank you.

No. 53563

she dropped out of high school and some people hypothesized that she was bullied or was just lazy. if she was bullied it would kind of explain why she's such a twisted cunt online, because she's a pathetic nobody irl she makes up a web of lies to make herself feel better.

No. 53566

So many people are bullied and don't turn into personality-disordered raging cunts, though…I can understand her lying online to try to make herself feel better about being a nobody IRL, but I don't understand why she's stuck at it for so long after so many of her lies and so much of her backstabbing behavior have been revealed.

No. 53568

Exactly. I was bullied in High school and it made me a better person afterward. Not in the "boo boo I was bullied and I'm stronger now" but in the sense of never wanting to have a personality like they did.

No. 53576

File: 1446506140541.jpg (149.84 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

She probably left school over the same kind of drama she still starts with every "friend" she manages to make, now. She just does not know how not to be two-faced. She probably alienated herself from everyone with backstabbing and hilarious lies, to the point where she became as much of a laughingstock IRL as the entire internet knows her to be. She was already being a heinous bullying proana liar online, at the time she dropped out of school. 100% she just quit because she made everyone hate her.

Pic related - always kinda suspected this was posted by one of Ember Whann's classmates.

No. 53579

dude that is scary accurate, that is ember to the T

No. 53580


Holy cow the accuracy

No. 53582

The situation that Ember's gotten herself into kinda blows my mind. Just imagine having such a well-documented track record of bullshit that you've have to actually change your name to get away from it.

(I was going to say that she would have to change her face too, but actually just getting her eyebrows fixed and stopping the shoop/stupid expressions should be enough.)

No. 53585

It wouldn't matter anyway, because she'll never change her behavior. She'd just ruin another reputation. Besides, she doesn't have any real friends anyway, so it's easy for her to just surround herself with a new group of younger, stupider people every time the old ones start to catch on.

No. 53586

plot twist: ember wrote that definition about herself to stir shit and get sympathy

No. 53587

She should have used an online name, not her real name. But didn't she want to be internet famous? lol

No. 53593

File: 1446509786539.png (112.17 KB, 356x358, fwiends.png)

Um excuse you, did you forget about Allie?

The friend that took Ember's phone away and changed every account she has the night after all of her posts were reveal.

No. 53594

File: 1446509840535.png (36.2 KB, 400x400, Creates-Imaginary-Friend-331.p…)

Also, did you forget about her bestfriend Sarah?

No. 53601

She's still pretending to be Sarah

No. 53608

Oh my fucking god, big surprise she revived that account right after she lost access to the proana army through McKenzie. What a transparent cunt.

No. 53611

I compiled the small proof collage


No. 53632

Since you're still lurking Ember, I'm gonna say a few things.
You are sick. Just not in the way you want. All this shit you're doing is going to come back to you. For a clairvoyant, you're pretty fucking blind. Karma is going to absolutely annihilate you.

No. 53639

Aha I remember that twenty minutes where she said she was a clairvoyant.
This was during the hour she was a witch right?

No. 53647

Does she run these too?



No. 53649

File: 1446530454989.png (88.78 KB, 264x440, tumblr_ndaw963eqO1tmtyr4o1_400…)

No. 53650

>>bracelets by proana

No. 53652

File: 1446531147480.gif (123.26 KB, 450x309, tumblr_inline_ne7twoL2gd1smxek…)

If you want a history lesson on Ember's antics or just wanna stroll down memory lane, check out these links
>All posts are in chronological order from oldest to newest




No. 53656

Remember when Ember posted her "drawing" of felice fawn which turned out Ember just did a poor job at tracing over her twitter default


>>the strands of real hair around felices chin

No. 53678

An e-scarytales link? Can't help but feel like Kaylee is posting now. Or Whismical. No one remembers e-scarytales but the owners - Kaylee and a paranoid schizo girl who doesn't post coherently.

The only person who keeps track of all the truth blog drama closely enough to source e-scarytales for receipts is Megan. Either she or Kaylee is posting in this thread.

No. 53692

That hambeast? Say it ain't so.

No. 53696

No, I'm not Kaylee lol. God, could you imagine?

No. 53700

File: 1446561491317.jpg (78.9 KB, 747x747, a;sldkagklhahklasdl;kh.JPG)

I COULD imagine, and it's hilarious.

Pic and link related.


No. 53702

File: 1446563248447.jpg (28.33 KB, 801x534, Laughing-Meme-01.jpg)

Bless your soul!!!

No. 53704

File: 1446563362254.png (2.29 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1446563321187.png)

screenshots from way back when

No. 53708

100% agree. Admin sama confirmed my suspicions that these tumblr cunts were coming on lolcow to duke out their beef instead of keeping their shit on their stupid truth blogs. Fucking hypocrites to come and trash talk on here but not their precious blogs where they can act like saints. Fucking rofling since it spilled over back into dumblr. You're next if you don't stop violating the rules whims.

No. 53709

which rules were broken?

No. 53710

Why would anyone emphasize a schnoz like that with a double nostril piercing? If it was me, I'd want to detract as much attention away from my face as possible.

No. 53714

Thanks. OT I was reading through these truth blogs last night and one blog (I think ourdoughnut) referred to this board as "The place that can't be mentioned". Kek I get this board must be triggering to them (even tho a lot of rules were implemented to stop racism etc) but if they are getting content from this board can't they get over themselves and credit the source? Idk maybe it's just me.

No. 53715

Our doughnut reads here.

No. 53716

Think Ourdoughnut is a farmer who doesn't want to direct traffic of tumblrtards here
Could be wrong

No. 53717

File: 1446569564685.png (124.3 KB, 951x1080, Screenshot_2015-11-03-08-46-58…)

Yeah don't get me wrong I like ourdoughnut and most of the truth blogs. I just don't get why they do this- pic related. I have seen internet-royalty do this too. Maybe I'm sperging and they just don't want Tumblr users to overrun this place but we already have a good chunk of PULL users so. Idk

No. 53718

Kek, they don't want anyone to know they lurk here. They'd get kicked out of their SJ group. And btw anon, these people aren't actually triggered by anything, they use their "triggers" as a front to remove anything they don't like.

No. 53720

Okay yeah I am stupid after all. Sorry fam.

No. 53721

Well excluding ourdoughnut (bc they're confirmed for posting/lurking here), there are so many truth blogs who I get turned off from reading because they talk about this place like it's /pol/ or coontown. Anyway, did fairy.sin ever come to her senses?

No. 53722

Also that's pretty spot on analysis.

No. 53725

I talk to OD. She pretty much hates tumblr now, but isn't secretive about lurking here if you ask her. She doesn't link here because tumbr idiots shit the threads up.

No. 53726

(Inb4 self post, I am not her. We disagree on a lot but I like that she's never linked tumblrinas here as far as I can tell)

No. 53727

Whism runs shit-emberwhann-said on tumblr, so she clearly lurks here too. She sources her the content she shares on that blog to the post numbers.

No. 53728

>>53727 She posted on her main that she runs that other account

No. 53730

File: 1446572737966.png (176.58 KB, 1080x546, Screenshot_2015-11-03-12-42-49…)

… You are not suppose to tell people you got shit for free from an online store because that only results in people wanting free shit too….

No. 53733

Ember is a terrible "promoter" because she wants everyone to know she is one.

No. 53734

Love how she went out of her way to make it obvious she got those lenses for free.

Also, it's very easy to get free shit from that shop. I ordered from them last christmas but they screwed up my order and asked me if I wanted two free pair of Halloween lenses to promote. I paid for 2 pair lenses and got 4 lol.

No. 53735


Good to know. Thanks for clearing that up.

No. 53736

Jesus. She could put a small sponsored disclaimer. This girl is really not business savvy for a "professional marketer"

No. 53744

im the OP of the original Ember thread and tbh, i only made it because i was tired of her filing out false DMCA claims on tumblr and getting all her receipts deleted. this place is great because the threads never 404, you can't file copyright complaints here, and self posters/liars get outed by the admjn.

i don't who brought this site to the attention of ember or the rest of the tumblrinas though.

No. 53748

It's fucking annoying. I almost never go on Tumblr, but I went on it yesterday and did a search for deja and was surprised to see mention after mention of lolcow. I really don't like that Tumblr shit is spilling over into here, so we're getting drama-seekers and self-posters who have no clue how to even use imageboards without looking like retards, and I don't like that lolcow shit is spilling back over into Tumblr, which is then "promoting" lolcow on Tumblr even more. Stop pls, this is not Tumblr 2 Anonymous Boogaloo.

No. 53749

Unfortunately it's bound to happen since attention whores like Kristen, Luna, and ember self post here and tumblr is the place where they're most talked about. I don't think there is anything wrong with content being posted between tumblr and here as long as the two remain separate entities.

No. 53750

Samefag but there is plenty of ember dumb shit to go around

No. 53751

File: 1446576633872.png (1.92 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1446576540402.png)

remember whann

No. 53753

You really oughta post this here >>962

No. 53754

Tbh i think the truth/opinion tumblrs have been lowkey using lolcow for a while because we're the first to witness or find things. Since we have fat threads and racist chans they don't want to admit they lurk because God forbid fat shaming. They constantly talk shit. Not that any of this matters it's just dumb.

No. 53755

i remember heather junky-business posted a link to the 3rd or 4th ashley thread way back when and that's how i found lolcow tbh, but i lurked for ages to figure out how shit worked because i'm not an idiot

No. 53758

File: 1446577718735.jpg (136.86 KB, 539x837, IMG_20151103_130743.jpg)

Who did this?

No. 53762

OD figured out Ash's age, and lolcow picked it up, but as far as I know otherwise Heather was the first to link from tumblr.

No. 53769

Probably Mckenzie.

No. 53776

Kenzie is not that quiet about stuff. It definitely was not her or she'd be promoting the shit out of that.

No. 53780

Pretty sure that's whimsicals truth tumblr, so probably her.

No. 53783

They have blocked people from the 'holysquad' even though they are the ones that need more 'proof' right now because some of them are on the edge of wanting to get rid of Ember lol.

No. 53784

>>53730 i bet the dummy sent them multiple emails asking to promote and promised followers.

No. 53785

I lurked for a really long time before I started posting because I didn't want the be called out on how much of "n00b" I was.

No. 53787

And yet, here you are, volunteering facts that no1 curr about

No. 53788

I was agreeing with the previous poster. Don't be a dick

No. 53795

Yeah it was heather who repeatedly mentioned lolcow and that's when we got the flood of moralfags/tumblr fags.

I don't believe OD didn't want to mention lolcow to avoid us getting retard traffic. She's one of them.

No. 53796

File: 1446587742829.jpg (310.17 KB, 640x1043, 1446440300709.jpg)

no self respecting person would have eyebrows like that so i tried to fix them

No. 53798

I feel like ember is deserving of /PT/ now. Is it just me?

No. 53799

No. 53800

File: 1446589184410.jpg (62.03 KB, 539x292, IMG_20151103_161814.jpg)

How many times has she claimed this after getting caught and called out

No. 53803

File: 1446589639838.png (116.17 KB, 294x378, tumblr_n4wq32LDml1ta2moho1_400…)

if only she would stop filling them in so god damn much

No. 53806

it's not

No. 53807

It's just you.

No. 53810

File: 1446590584256.png (773.96 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1446590292131.png)

not sure if you all can still see this account since it is technically deleted but for some reason, it still works for me (though I can't click any links or see any photos)

anyways, the original screenshot didn't have the the account "name" but just check out what it says

>>im sure you know who i am

literally taunting the girl

No. 53811

File: 1446591231691.jpg (129.12 KB, 535x835, IMG_20151103_165241.jpg)

Got called out for that one lol

No. 53812

She's a mistake if I ever saw one.

No. 53825

I found lolcow looking up shmegeh, so I am sure others come through from searching popular tumblrtards talked about on here.

No. 53826

Screenshot the comments, please?

No. 53829


The screenshots have been posted already


No. 53837

File: 1446595481706.png (881.91 KB, 1854x1158, 1.png)

These haven't been posted yet though

>jxck.dxniels: I heard she didn't even post this stuff and that someone hacked her

>im_skinny_beautiful2: NO SHE DID NOT! She claims her account was hacked by her boyfriend

>vanillyvine29: Is this kunt still at it? She sincerely needs to get a life.

>im_skinny_beautiful2: Yes lol she texted me this morning to say stop threatening physical violence or she will call the cops. She said the proof is all over my Instagram. Whatever lol, I've never said shit @vanillyvine29

Ember is now telling McKenzie she will call the cops if she doesn't stop posting about her on Instagram. Also, if Ember is blocked, how is she viewing her account still?

Sounds like somebody has a secret account that even her proana ex bestie doesn't know about

No. 53848

What's ember been posting?
She hasn't been off private for awhile so I can't lurk

No. 53851

She posted on snapchat two boxes of bleach blonde hair dye… cant wait to see her fried shit hair

No. 53853

those teeth fuckin kill me every time

No. 53854

omfg YES I can't wait for this dumb hoe to melt her fucking hair with box bleach! With the amount of time she spends on the internet, you'd think she'd know how to dye her own hair at least somewhat properly by now. Nope, access to all dat knowledge, and yet the bitch is still retarded. So tragic.

No. 53855

her poor hair is clinging to her scalp by a strand and dyeing it so gonna cause it to die off completely she about to be bald

No. 53857

File: 1446597613246.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1359, Screenshot_2015-11-03-19-38-01…)

Nothing worth posting about.

No. 53858

File: 1446597645214.jpg (27.76 KB, 384x414, blackadder1_m.jpg)

No. 53859

File: 1446598093183.png (1.06 MB, 2048x1517, PhotoGrid_1446597788676-1.png)

Ember wrote the left screenshot in 2013, stating that her current weight was 92lbs and a few weeks ago, posted the right screenshot. saying she is over 96lbs.

She weighs more now than she did then so how is it possible that she looks skinnier in her most recent photos?

(rhetorical question, we all know she uses angles/fat toners and edits all of her pictures before uploading them)

No. 53865

File: 1446600113676.jpg (85.18 KB, 500x750, tumblr_n87us0hwU11sf10v7o1_500…)

No. 53870

Wow, look at those tits, so skeletal, much spoopy

Also #OOTD I think NO, that's fucking atrocious

No. 53871

Man i hate using appearance as an insult but this poor girl is so unfortunate in the looks department.. But i gotta love the *~collar bones*~ PLUS the C cup titties So ana

No. 53872

also are her eyes misaligned?? the longer i look the creepier she appears.. its prob the head tilt but one looks higher thant the other lmao

No. 53874

File: 1446600938071.jpg (56.12 KB, 274x275, douche.jpg)

No. 53878

Nice lazy eye Ember. I sure as fuck hope she didn't go out in that.

No. 53879

back when this was posted, ember said boobs were size 32A (if you look at the notes in the link, you will see comments about it) and idk, she doesn't look like an A cup to me.

No. 53880

I am a 34A…. man i wish i had those titties lol unless she stuffed her bra i think she's lyin

No. 53881

I doubt she would, cant photoshop yourself outside the computer

No. 53882

32A lol, if that's what she was wearing then she was wearing an improperly-sized bra

No. 53883

She weighs less here >>53865 than she does here >>52128 but you wouldn't know that if she didn't post she didn't brag about her weight everytime she comes online

No. 53884

her lies and photoshopping knows no bounds

No. 53885


just repostin for lulz

No. 53888

she didn't brag about** damnit I hate when I notice typos after I post my comment.

No. 53889

File: 1446604507712.png (336.78 KB, 1080x1227, Screenshot_2015-11-03-19-25-17…)

remember whann

No. 53891

She could've damage controlled this story almost immediately, expressing she was embarrassed she didn't have anorexia until she was older or that emily triggered her to start restricting or some shit. She could've literally blamed this on on emily, but she chooses this route.

It would take almost no effort to come up with a new backstory but she wants to keep pushing this "I ate a carrot only for a whole week during ballet" wintergirl marya story.

No. 53897

Ember would rather die than admit that she lied or isnt the thin queen she desperately wants to be

No. 53898

"one carrot" like does she realize how ridiculous this is everyone with half a brain realizes how fake this is and she kept pushing it lol

No. 53900

File: 1446606232152.jpg (38.11 KB, 480x480, hellelmer.jpg)

so ana

No. 53901

File: 1446607007556.jpg (81.99 KB, 539x600, IMG_20151103_211454.jpg)

No. 53902

Oh fuck off Ember.

No. 53903

I honestly feel bad for the poor girl, you google her name and this is all the shit that comes up.. shes never gonna get a job..

No. 53904

If I were her I'd ditch the cheek sucking to at least have a bit of lips, even duck face is more flattering than fish face.

She has unfortunate features, but she's always making herself uglier just to look thinner.

It's funny because pro ana is all girls that want to be tan, ice blonde and pretty but she's all dirty contrast, yellow haired and just dragging herself through the mud.

No. 53911

File: 1446611254572.png (1.61 MB, 1722x1517, PhotoGrid_1446611025541-1.png)

lol @ ember copying megan. she got the same lenses as her and everything.

No. 53912

>never gonna get a LEGIT job

she will be bussing tables at dive bars for the rest of her dirty life

No. 53915

her hair looks awful

No. 53919

its fried to shit lol

No. 53921

Idk, embers been taking unflattering close ups pretty often

No. 53984

No way, she's totally going to be an extremely successful self-employed businesswoman! If she's her own boss, she won't have to worry about her employer(s) Googling her and finding out about her past shenanigans!

No. 53998

File: 1446621229426.png (914.58 KB, 2048x1081, PhotoGrid_1446621104174-1.png)

how professional

No. 54096

my fav thing about ember is no matter how much drama she stirs up, no matter what she does, shes still so boring and can barely get people to keep interested in her. Even this thread has died, despite all her lulzy antics

No. 54107

yet she's till acting like a little snowflake. no matter what level her "popularity" is she's still going to act like a stupid cow

No. 54109

Ember Whann did it to Ember Whann's self. I'm glad it's an uncommon name, b/c it would suck to share a name with her.

No. 54115

ember will always be begging for sympathy and attention, that will never change. BUT i doubt anyone will even pay attention to her in 2 years…

No. 54122

i wonder how torn up her cheeks are on the inside of her mouth from her constantly biting them to get the "hollow cheek" effect for photos lol

No. 54123

File: 1446658231052.jpg (182.83 KB, 500x365, idk.jpg)

No. 54124

Remember whann she was gonna open up an online store?

No. 54125

File: 1446658503125.jpg (35.12 KB, 361x309, lol.jpg)

No. 54130

God at least these tapered at one end

No. 54138

those brows kill me

No. 54143

sharpie eyebrows

No. 54145

her hair looks like its dying as the picture was taken

No. 54149

File: 1446663479336.jpg (274.05 KB, 677x1000, thehorror.jpg)

oh, the horror.

No. 54153

Now this is the story all about how,
I fucked my life up and got shit brows,
So I'd like to take a second just sit right there,
I'll tell you how I became the 'thi spo qween' with dead hair,

In New York State I was born an raised,
On tumblr was how I spent most of my days,
Hatin' and bitchin' and shoopin' to fuck,
Hoping to ride on Felice Fawn's ana look

Then a few truth blogs that were up to no good,
Startin' talkin' shit threatenin my tumblr-hood,
I told a few massive lies and they found out I got scared,
So I moved over to Insta and found my HolySquad there

….I kinda ran out of steam with this, sorry guys!

No. 54155

oh my god you're my hero

No. 54156

Everyone else can go home, this wins.

No. 54158

Now, to get someone to sing it

No. 54159

best that she didn't since it probably would have been a scam anyway

No. 54162

Maybe she's waiting to hoard a bunch of shitty necklaces to sell on storeenvy lol

No. 54164

I feel bad for the chick who sent her the vegan necklaces

No. 54180

I don't get it. Is hiddendragonjewellery ember?

No. 54181

File: 1446668027021.png (2.41 MB, 1718x1405, PhotoGrid_1446667961212-1.png)

No. 54184

it's unprofessional for an apperent "experienced product promoter" to be sent items to promote then having to be asked to "please post a photo of the jewelry we sent you" by the shop owner after you recieved the items

the whole point of her getting that shit was to take photos of it but she can't even do that right.

No. 54189

Samefag but that is why she posted this god awful selfie lol >>54181

Imo, orange is one of thr most hedious colors and doesn't look good on anyone. (espically if that is the MAIN color of your outfit, ick)

Oh and no, she doesn't own an online store. She used to pop off about opening "Soykitten online" when she got 5k instagram followers but she is all talk and no action.

No. 54191

Why even bother stretching your head like this

No. 54193

I just don't see what those companies see in her. Not only does she have a lower amount of followers, but she doesn't take professional pics, she isn't incredibly attractive, and she doesn't know how to word her posts for business…
I guess that's why she asks lower self made "companies/etsy stores" to promo for them–they just think "oh yay I'll get followers!" when,in reality, they will maybe have a couple pulled over and i doubt any conversions

No. 54195

File: 1446668760533.png (1.4 MB, 1885x1522, PhotoGrid_1446668651821-1-1.pn…)

pic related

No. 54198

File: 1446669062877.png (196.04 KB, 1011x772, Screenshot_2015-11-04-15-27-24…)

10k is a lot if the account they follow has a fashion theme but the only people who ever follow her are thinspo accounts that belong to young teens who are only looking for a promo. for example, here are the comments on that selfie she just posted with all of her promotional items on.

>>those usernames

No. 54199

Tryna her damnest to make her face look narrow

No. 54200

What the fuck is this look? Why would you wear all that together, much less with a bland fuzzy orange sweater? Ember's sense of style is even more tragic than her face.

No. 54201

File: 1446669192338.png (500.77 KB, 540x774, Screenshot_2015-11-04-15-31-59…)

Btw this is a promotional post, if you guys couldn't tell.

I know I sure couldn't.

No. 54202

I guess so! Her account isn't really fashion forward though. There isn't a theme and it's just crap photos.
But, I guess I see things differently!

dem names doe

No. 54205

Lol she could at least mention them in the description or use the company hashtag…half the time people don't check tags

No. 54212

I'd love to know where she's gonna be in five or ten years…

No. 54214

Starbucks barista fag here
Ember just posted a pic of her drink, I did the math and it's a 400 calorie drink… So Ana thin queen

No. 54217

uh where

No. 54219

Snapxhat lol it was a vanilla bean feappachino wirh a ton of syrups in it

No. 54221

does she only accept ana accounts or what? i made a dummy acct with normal pics & shit and requested to follow her and she denied that shit

No. 54222

how many pumps? lol

No. 54223

I requested wayyy back when she first made it and I kiss her ass all the time so she won't delete me lmao

No. 54224

3 caramel 3 toffee nut but not sugar free. Full calorie syrups

No. 54225

File: 1446671585430.png (1.79 MB, 1992x1331, PhotoGrid_1446671452517-1.png)

You know who is here rofl

No. 54226

if only she took our fashion advice and took off that hedious sweater

No. 54227

She looks like she's sticking her neck out so far ew she looks like a vulture tense that neck gurl

No. 54228

she blocked me on one of my accounts and won't let me follow on any other public accounts and i wanna see her shit so i can catch her slippin w/out having to come here for all the updates fuuuuuck lmfao

No. 54230

lol she just posted a photo of her drink with this caption

No. 54231

Holy shit her hairs so damaged, it's like a board

No. 54232

ew adding all of that in a vbf??? that's so gross the bitch was better off buying a pint of ice cream

No. 54233

Screenshot? She blocked me.

No. 54234


No. 54235

haven't some of ya learned by now that commenting about how she posted a photo is useless unless you include the caps

No. 54236

File: 1446672099635.png (143.32 KB, 1080x418, Screenshot_2015-11-04-16-18-25…)

FUCK forgot the photo


No. 54237

Reads a lot like Aly's posts on instagram

No. 54238

that's sooo nasty seriously she's better off buying ice cream. that's so much sugar. 6 pumps of syrup too i bet the girl has fucked up teeth

No. 54239

She always got 300+ calorie drinks and she posts them on snap…. One time her feappachino totaled to 650 calories

No. 54240

>>had a breakthrough today in group

i literally cringed and laughed at the same time. what an odd emotion.

No. 54241

File: 1446672404021.gif (303.37 KB, 673x681, that-pout.gif)

No. 54242

that pout is from her sucking in her cheeks so she can look ana kween

No. 54245

File: 1446672615498.jpeg (232.09 KB, 1280x1658, image.jpeg)

Looks like one of embers very shooped photos is still making its rounds as thinpo on some IG accounts. Not sure how I stumbled onto this either.

No. 54249

I feel like she's been using spring for a long time, I wonder what this pic originally looked like

No. 54252

File: 1446674040142.png (1.17 MB, 2048x1056, PhotoGrid_1446672713174-1.png)

Left screenshot is from Embers old thinspo account. She claims she is 82lbs there.

Middle picture was posted on her new instagram on 8/13/2015

right screenshot was before three days later. It's a photo she posted on her ask.fm of herself on a scale, claiming to be 97lbs.

No. 54254

Did she say what size drink (I might be stupid and just not be seeing it)? Six pumps in a venti might be okay, but even three is too sweet in a tall, IMO. Yikes.

Makes me think of back when I used to go to Starbucks sometimes - there were these two middle-aged Asian women who were regulars at the store by my apartment. They would always order the weirdest drink. I only saw it, I never was close enough to hear what they said when they were ordering it. It was either iced brewed coffee or an iced Americano, in a venti cup, but only half-filled with liquid and ice. The baristas would fill the rest of the cup and the dome lid with whipped cream. These women would then take a straw and stir the shit up so it was sort of a blasphemous latte, with fucking whipped cream instead of milk. I can't imagine drinking that, ughhhh. Neither of them were overweight, though…well, not yet, at least.

No. 54256

File: 1446674272581.png (53.79 KB, 1080x210, Screenshot_2015-11-04-16-55-37…)

You made this post 25 minutes ago and 3 minutes later, ember posted this lmfao

Ember, if you're gonna lurk, feel free to comment (x

No. 54257

File: 1446674334536.png (506.77 KB, 1080x1147, Screenshot_2015-11-04-16-57-00…)

No. 54258

This person hasn't posted in over 3 weeks lmfao

No. 54259

kek nevermind the fact that some random is using her as thinspo
as a "recovering anorexic" isn't that something that should piss her off? lmao

No. 54261

In the pic it was a grande cold cup

No. 54264

Compare how she looks in the far left image here >>54252 to the images below (two of these are of her showing a photo of her scale, I meant to include this screenshot instead of the one that I did. that's why the caption doesn't make sense when I described the far right image)


No. 54268

She doesn't care that someone stole her pic, only if she gets credit..

No. 54269

How does she know she's not being credited lmao did she google translate it

No. 54271

Looks like someone's catfishing her

No. 54283

File: 1446678154430.png (27.39 KB, 350x260, 1.png)

No. 54286

Lol she should have been in php until 11 minutes ago

No. 54291

Was their php group even started when she said she had a group breakthrough?

I can't believe she didn't even look at the schedule

No. 54303

She's posting at a resturant I think right now on snap… She's in a public bathroom

No. 54314

please search "snapchat saver" on your app store and find one that doesn't tell the person you screenshotted their stuff

No. 54316

I've tried them, they don't work so well. I can be cheap and take a pic of my phone screen? Let me try

No. 54319

I was seriously about to suggest that because I searched for an app myself and had no luck.

No. 54320

lmao she probably just searched for the closest ed treatment clinic near here, fucking dumbass twat

No. 54322

omg i died @ "i can be cheap"
that's literally me when i want to save people's snaps

No. 54328

File: 1446682953325.png (645.03 KB, 1273x658, Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 4.21…)

wtf is with this body check background of hers???? (the actual asks look weird as fuck because i zoomed out to like 30% to see wtf her background was)

No. 54332

Look how long she made her fucking femur

No. 54341

File: 1446684362643.jpg (144.87 KB, 720x1184, SNAP!.jpg)

Incoming shitty quality picssssss

No. 54342

File: 1446684415100.jpg (40.52 KB, 623x1024, SNAP2.jpg)

No. 54343

File: 1446684452332.jpg (159.84 KB, 720x1184, snap3.jpg)

No. 54344

lol i love how she stands pigeon toed to emphasize her thigh gap because photoshopping snapchat pictures is impossible.

No. 54346

if you look carefully, you can see shes putting her weight on the outside sides of her feet, forcing her legs apart to emphasize thigh gap

No. 54348

She always raises her heels and leans forward, I can't wait til her friends start calling her out more lol

No. 54351

its embarssing who puts this much effort into their selfies??

No. 54353

File: 1446685725036.jpg (83.39 KB, 563x271, rsz_außenkante-1.jpg)

this is how she is standing but with her toes together lol

No. 54355

yes exactly!

No. 54358

File: 1446685933845.jpg (277.77 KB, 600x1000, 4bdfc183c04699892a9f755fa32977…)

This is exactly what Ember does wow

No. 54360

File: 1446686335232.jpg (61.12 KB, 634x679, article-2525371-1A2A509B000005…)

Ember should write an article on how to fake thinspo poses


I almost wish she would pull an Essena O'Neill and post her old photos, then explain the reality of the photos instead of what they protrayed.

>In this photo, I look underweight but I was just sucking in and slimmed the photo down greatly. I was at a healthy weight here but I believed that people would only like me if they thought I was starving myself to death. THIS IS NOT WHAT REAL ANOREXIA LOOKS LIKE. I WASN'T EVEN SICK IN THIS PHOTO.

No. 54365

File: 1446687598006.png (208.95 KB, 426x443, lmao.png)

these don't even look like the legs of the same person. like you can seriously see how much she photoshopped the left photo, which is from less than a week ago

No. 54366

actually the more i look at the left (especially zoomed in on photoshop right now) the more i can see distortion in the floor tiles. it's very subtle, maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me because i keep analyzing it, but it just looks like the tiny squares get wider and wide the further down they are by her inner ankles

No. 54368

File: 1446687838783.jpg (708.9 KB, 694x1243, 2015_11_04_20_42_54.jpg)

I used spring on the snap lol

This is the spring AND squeeze

No. 54369

same anon as >>54365 here

what's spring & squeeze?? i'm guessing these are photoshop apps? that editing looks more like her other photo in that comparison i use ahhaa

No. 54371

It's a free app called spring

No. 54376

Samefagging, I used the max of both, she probably uses max on one only or half of each depending

No. 54382

Its definitely edited but she doesn't use photoshop. Instagram has an "adjust" feature which allows you to adjust the height, width, and angle at which the photo is originally. Here's the example I made a few days back >>52784

No. 54389

She's such a shit liar catching her out isn't even fun anymore…it's like she doesn't give a fuck anymore. Probably thinking 'there's no such thing as bad publicity'

No. 54394

File: 1446693026643.jpg (120.84 KB, 1080x1080, 12189500_443070609218433_32942…)

Looks like she's eating well with those Jewish parents around
I know it's an unflattering angle, but that's definitely a double chin.

No. 54398

shes def not anorexic by any means

No. 54457

Your counselor is violating HIPPA and could lose her job just for confirming or denying

No. 54460


If that's the truth, I hope no one finds out because they could lose their job for violating HIPPA. When I worked in a hospital we couldn't even mention a patient's name or anything pertaining to them and their case. It was just patient A or John smith..etc

No. 54461

Except Ember isnt a patient

No. 54465

Anyone have a link to a video of ember talking?

No. 54474

The fact that she's been out and about doing stuff and posting about it during the times the program supposedly runs pretty much proves she was never there anyway, not like anyone is surprised. Milk supply is low.

No. 54495

They can't even confirm or deny if someone is recieving treatment unless you prove your immediate family.

No. 54496

Has she changed her snap chat to private? I can't see her posts. Unless she's blocked me?

No. 54504

probably worse than mine, and my tooth went through my lip on Sunday after falling off my bike. you know she spends at least an hour a day taking hundreds of selfies and then narrowing it down the spoopiest one to post to her Ana minions kek

No. 54519

Therapy anon here. I wasn't telling the truth, I'm sorry. She hurt one of my close friends and I just wish there was something that would finally, unquestionably prove to everyone that she's full of shit.

No. 54523

File: 1446733015962.jpeg (118.61 KB, 640x957, image.jpeg)

Lol hypocrite much !!

No. 54524

Can someone make a collage of this image in the center, surrounded by screen caps of her ridiculously hateful comments on LolCow? Pls

No. 54525

Says the girl who made a hate account about a so-called "friend". I hate this girl so much. She is a lying, backstabbing bitch.

No. 54530

No. 54531

File: 1446736552582.png (512.99 KB, 1080x1513, Screenshot_2015-11-05-10-08-54…)

back to begging for likes lmfao

No. 54534

I just checked and they're not all gone, she can't report the accounts that already blocked her dirty ass ;)

Not posting the username here either, since that cow checks this thread everytime she blinks.

No. 54536

File: 1446736901575.jpeg (775.97 KB, 2304x3456, image.jpeg)

there you go, anon!

No. 54537

Jesus thank you this is great

No. 54538

Cute, considering she buys half her followers anyway… They're all ghost followers sweetie

No. 54544

She looks so greasy and nasty

No. 54548

>prescription iron supplements
u fukn wot

No. 54550

I thought the same thing

No. 54556

Im anemic and doctors do prescribe iron tablets, but that's in the UK.
As for the doctor 'making' her go pescatarian again is absolute bullshit.
And it takes a few weeks before iron tablets start working so why tf would they see her after only a week, even with an ED they still wait a while.

No. 54562

ember please stop faking every aspect of your life, its getting embarrassing now

No. 54566

Same here. I get prescribed Feospan iron capsules for anaemia. Never once has he even said I had to eat meat. It's not something I'd do anyway but there again I'm not doing vegan to be cool like she is.

No. 54571

File: 1446744016032.jpeg (89.68 KB, 640x898, image.jpeg)

Lol at her pose

No. 54578

File: 1446744241283.png (1.4 MB, 2048x1423, PhotoGrid_1446744033165-1.png)

her neck grosses me out so much, i wish we could see the horrible derp face she is making while tenses her balls off like this.

No. 54583

Yeah, you can get them over-the-counter, but they can also be prescribed, and like >>54556 said, it takes a while for them to make you un-anemic. But the pescetarian thing is BS. Ember, if you really are anemic, just take your damn iron pills and stop being a drama queen about it.

I see you sticking your ass back and using your elbow and hand to make your waist look thinner there girl, you aren't even being subtle about your stupid ~ana poses~. Fuck off with this shit.

No. 54587


that pose is ridiculous, who does she think she's fooling?

No. 54590

why does she have baby shampoo in the background I thought she lived with her BF

No. 54592

I sincerely wish we had the deets on how her ex boyfriend reacted when he was sent links to her videos. It must have been juicy if it resulted in him dumping her ass.

No. 54594

she probably lives with her mom and little sister.

>inb4 ember takes photos of her ~"hair care products"~

No. 54600

I wish someone could put this on Instagram for all her follower to see

No. 54602

She's gonna mention "visiting" at her mom's house in her next post Kek

No. 54604

I use baby shampoo to clean my brushes (srsly; better than most brush shampoos) but idk about ember she seems the type to just buy a new shit set off eBay or try get sent one

No. 54622

Looks like herbal essences, in Canada we can buy it at the dollar store it's that cheap

No. 54666

File: 1446757293938.jpg (103.14 KB, 424x366, Ok.jpg)

I wonder if I posted this before she sent herself an ask.fm ask to answer

Either way that shampoo is literally the cheapest name brand shit I can think of, and it's definitely not good to use on such damaged hair. It's practically soap.

Ember, you should be pretending to be in PHP and not having an online presence between the hours of your treatment.

No. 54667

And by ember posted this, I mean if she posted her ask before I posted this lol

No. 54699

Nice trips! And you actually did but only by a minute. You made your comment at 2:13 and she posted her's at 2:14. You were close though.

No. 54704

It made me laugh that she actually took a picture, instead of just saying what it was.

She's just providing more proof for it to be shown she's not in treatment and that she's sitting on her ass chugging starbucks and smoking weed like she always has.

No. 54711

Herbal Essence is by Proctor & Gamble. Tested on animals. Vegan huh.

No. 54720

File: 1446764390704.jpeg (148.61 KB, 640x939, image.jpeg)

more people calling her out, finally!

No. 54723

File: 1446765834890.png (398.61 KB, 971x561, vega.png)

This is exactly what I had on my mind ever since she confirmed the brand she uses. Back when Ember "went vegan", she made a huge fuss about it. This is the link of a reblog where she announces it:


And after she makes this post then is immediately called out, she pumps up the volume on her veganism by making several accounts under the username "thatwitchyvegan" but later changing it to "thatbitchyvegan".

http://thatbitchyvegan.tumblr.com/ (blank blog)

Like, she started to shove her ideals down people's throats and made sure everyone knew (that she knew) that to be vegan, it means that you DO NOT consume or purchase any items which came from an animal or items tested on an animal. If she really had to become a pescetarian because of "health issues", okay. Cool. That makes sense. But that doesn't explain why she buys/uses that particular brand.

I mean, yes Herbal Essence does state on the back of the bottle "no animal testing" but that only means that the final product wasn't tested on animals. Although this individual product which she is using, never was used on animals beforehand, buying anything from this company is contributing to animal testing since they do test the ingredients in their products on animals before using them to make their hair products.

>I don't see any difference between buying Silk Soy Milk, or Morningstar Vegan Burgers, or Boca Burgers, and buying Herbal Essence Shampoo. All are produced by companies that manufacturer non-vegan products and use animal testing in addition to producing products that are cruelty-free and vegan. It's a matter of showing them which products are more profitable for them. They are watching to see if consumers support the vegan, cruelty-free products or not. The message were sending them is "No, we don't", so IMO we might as well write them a letter and tell them to discontinue the vegan and cruelty-free products.

Oh and I saw someone say that she posted a photo of the hair dye she used to fry her hair ever more. Any chance you know what brand it was? Because I'm betting it wasn't vegan.>>54711

No. 54724

Any comments?

No. 54728

File: 1446766356412.png (1.11 MB, 2048x1173, PhotoGrid_1446766303386-1.png)

No. 54731

File: 1446766673781.png (164.22 KB, 1080x550, Screenshot_2015-11-05-18-36-22…)

this was just posted

No. 54736

So not only is she stretching her head out, but it looks like she's doing weird shit to her nose

No. 54750

Why is it removed?

No. 54751

File: 1446771095253.jpg (18.95 KB, 236x333, this.jpg)

No idea what hair dye she used, but that's bullshit logic supporting a company like Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Johnson&Johnson etc who make massive profit through animal testing and buying one of their products because that specific one is "meat free" or has a "vegan" label stuck on it.

I don't shove this down peoples throats, but everyone I know knows I won't buy any of these companies products and why. I don't judge them or think they're cunts if they buy Herbal Essence. Everyone has their own causes they support


this fucking bitch is preaching about being vegan and coming out with that shit? It's not like it's difficult these days to buy any household/cosmetic product from a BUAV approved/animal friendly company so she has no fucking excuse.

Is there anything not fake about her or what/

No. 54754

File: 1446772657731.png (963.93 KB, 1080x1654, Screenshot_2015-11-05-20-15-42…)

Screenshot from her old instagram account

No. 54833

File: 1446817565189.jpeg (181.61 KB, 640x1136, image.jpeg)

File under: ember being a dumb ass AGAIN

No. 54835

Oh for fuck's sake Ember, stop it with those brows and that retarded pout.

I know you are trying to be cara delevigne but you aren't and will never be a fraction as pretty as her, get fucking real

No. 54843

99% of the information ember shares is mostly based off of assumptions

No. 54846

I feel like she's honestly not intelligent enough to look up information to see if she's correct. She just spouts off bullshit.

No. 54858

File: 1446821584261.png (2.2 MB, 1415x2048, PhotoGrid_1446821074138-1.png)

Just wanna say that whenever I see someone who has thousands, upon thousands of followers, I check how many likes their images get to see if their follower count is genuine or not.

And if they have over 10k (Like Ember) and still can't break 1,000 likes, it's clear as day to me that they purchased followers.

Like you're telling me someone with over 10,000 followers can't get over 300 likes on a week old photo?

Shes even started to threaten people, saying shit like "go like my photos or get blocked". (I can't remember if I posted the screenshot but she said this yesterday)

No. 54860

Oh look, I did post the screenshot >>54531

No. 54861

File: 1446822170565.png (1.86 MB, 1697x1405, PhotoGrid_1446821990182-1.png)

Throwback to the costume Ember put together herself last October


No. 54863

File: 1446822382482.png (979.41 KB, 1811x1417, PhotoGrid_1446822270436-1.png)

Throwback to old snapchats from October 2014


No. 54864

File: 1446823052679.png (1.47 MB, 2048x1675, PhotoGrid_1446822754394-1.png)

Oh dude, I totally forgot about this. These are screenshots of the various "Anorexia" story Ember plastered online compared to each other.

If this isn't proof that she is lying about her past and the severity of her "eating disorder", then I don't know what is.


No. 54866

File: 1446823977001.png (1.34 MB, 1911x1808, PhotoGrid_1446823890003-1.png)

Here are Web archived links of the thinspo blog Ember had when she was 16 (3 years ago). Only posted to show you guys that she literally hasn't changed at all. She's been spouting lies online for years.



No. 54867

Lowest weight: 62

Okay that is fucking bullshit if she was 5'5" she would be dead. Unless she means she weighed 62 pounds when she was like 7 years old when she "started restricting"

No. 54869

File: 1446824520099.png (7.4 KB, 679x427, 1395913966041.png)



>yes. but pro-ana does NOT mean what you think it does. my definition that I personally follow is as follows: […] Genuine ED sufferers who identify as ProAna embrace the term as PROACTIVE IN ANOREXIA — making the most of their Lives despite their disorder.

No. 54871

File: 1446824673230.jpg (251.51 KB, 1000x1500, littlesmugman.jpg)

Not trying to toot my own horn or anything but my lowest weight was 7.5 pounds

>Get on my level

No. 54874

im just gonna put that out there, but do people actually remember every little life detail from life at age 8-9?
not saying shes not a liar/fake, but really is she supposed to rehash the story perfectly everytime? who gives a shit.
i dont even remember my recovery story and it was age 17

No. 54878

>do people actually remember every little life detail from life at age 8-9?
Sometimes but not if you're starving your brain when you're that young. that's why it's pretty fucking incredible that Ember was able to recall those events in such vivid detail. Like she says the first time she was sent to the hospital was at age 8 after not eating for 3 days but then says she was first sent to the hospital at age 9, after not eating for a whole week besides a single carrot. She even mentioned the people she met that this "hospital" by name and recalled the exact person who "taught her how to purge".

I would almost agree with you but it's not like she is vaguely describing her past. She goes into descriptive detail about it lol.

No. 54880

File: 1446828310776.jpeg (97.18 KB, 640x1072, image.jpeg)


No. 54881

Why must she constantly threat to block her followers if they don't want to like her ugly ass photos?

No. 54882

IKR? I've never liked any of her photos and she has never deleted me lol. Also she's been having 10.1k followers for a while now. Block ghost followers my ass

No. 54883

she gets no more likes than before doesnt block anyone bc she doesnt want to damage her precious follow count

No. 54886

File: 1446829574358.jpeg (114.19 KB, 640x1070, image.jpeg)

Mmmmmmm oh my god

No. 54887

she just has no idea when to quit

No. 54888

I want to see her do this. so bad. I want to see her shitty promo post

No. 54892

File: 1446830643303.png (1.8 MB, 2048x1494, PhotoGrid_1446830567130-1.png)

No. 54894

I just missed it, what was it?

No. 54895

some go DM instagram.com/silk__kitten and let her know that Ember is a fraud and scams companies into giving her free shit under the illusion that she has a real audience.

No. 54896

what was deleted??

No. 54897

Don't post multiple screenshots of the same post. Just turn it into a collage to prevent this thread from reaching it's reply limit sooner than it should.

No. 54900

Im so sick of ember's ana squad. theyre all thinspo accounts. its sick, some of them are only 15-16 years old

No. 54902

File: 1446831568983.jpg (40.15 KB, 800x441, image.jpg)

BRB going to follow of these accounts and report all of their posts everyday until they're accounts are terminated

No. 54903

i'll do it, just bc ember pisses me off lmao

No. 54907

File: 1446832949370.png (1.44 MB, 1827x1121, PhotoGrid_1446832297806-1.png)

If only this fragile.turtle dipshit woukd realize that thinness dislikes that group because they all stuck up for Ember when everyone found what that she was shit talking thinness behind her back.

No. 54911

We're arnt ember Ana squad I'm so sick of this ember drama we want left alone about her we don't want to be drawn into this drama some of us don't believe some of the shit she says so why attack us when we just talk to her? Just go after ember

No. 54912

They are treating it like it's an exclusive club when it's a bunch of girls giving eachother asspats for being thin

No. 54913

How'd you come here if you aren't in the drama lol

No. 54914

We want our names out of this drama why report us when we just want support to get better I'm sick of hearing about ember all day

No. 54915

sux to be you. Don't associate with known assholes.

No. 54916

We don't suck up to ember we question her she been quiet lately

No. 54917

File: 1446833982471.png (192.11 KB, 1080x1611, Screenshot_2015-11-06-13-18-30…)


No. 54918

We can talk with someone doesn't mean we believe her

No. 54919

Look, just give us proof that you actually asked ember about the stuff she did here.

Do you have screenshots of your DMs? Could you please show us? You can blur your name out if you want. We don't want to go after anyone but we keep trying to tell these people who stick up for Ember that she isn't innocent, but they just keep telling us we're lying, when we arent.

No. 54921

Maybe you guys should get your shit together and stop posting thinspo for underage girls to like?

You really think you're blameless when you're laying on the floor, sucking in to take a pic for instagram about how thin you are as long as you say "pro recovery".

You guys are all equally harmful to others, Embers just a bit more two-faced.

You guys will probably get your own thread.

No. 54922

whats that saying about "company you keep?" sorry sweaty, youre guilty by association.

No. 54923

another vague suicide post? srsly. this shtick is getting old.

No. 54925

I'm ready for her "kicked out of PHP" story lol its been a few days and she's had a breakthrough, so she doesn't need to pretend anymore

No. 54926

She's doing that fake ass typo shit ugh

No. 54927

i caught that too, like shes just soooo upset and cant even type correctly

No. 54928

Cause you know, when you're so upset to the point you can't breathe, you must tell everyone on Instagram about it…

No. 54929

We're not even sucking in but ok sweetie hating on us when you don't even know us

No. 54930

Instagram posts about mental illness are more important than gettting help uwu

No. 54931

Just like xblueeyedbarbiex ? she liked to do that while in "respiratory failure"

No. 54932

You literally run accounts about a mental illness promoting tips and ways to make young girls sick. stop. delete your accounts. if you wanna be pro-recovery, dont post body checks, calorie counts or your weight. SEEK HELP.

No. 54933

Honestly, I think all of the accounts I reported got a warning or something, for posting thinspo. >>54902

So, they all deleted their "Want a promo?" posts, and there is obviously a person in this thread who is in the #holysquad >>54911 they clearly found out that we were following them JUST to report their asses lol.

So the #holysquad flipped out on Ember for getting them reported, so she posted this >>54917 to make them feel bad lmfao

No. 54934

i miss her bullshit

No. 54935

So if I post prof of her shit will you leave us all alone except ember? Please

No. 54936

Ember is the center of all this shit. but it doesnt mean we'll let pro-ana slide. stop being disgusting.

No. 54937

depends on how good it is. post away

No. 54938

Yes, absolutely. I promise wholeheartedly.

No. 54939

That was the important part to you? You're basically giving young girls eating disorders on purpose because you want to be popular, look at your accounts.

No. 54940

I know we're your coming from but we don't post tips or even give tips or post about calories

No. 54941

File: 1446834830934.gif (495.05 KB, 500x375, MrW5mUX.gif)

No. 54942

post proof pls

No. 54944

File: 1446834872795.jpeg (70.67 KB, 750x692, image.jpeg)

No. 54945

Idk, she put her wishlist in her bio before her "panic attack" or whatever she's pretending to have

Also I think she forgot she was supposed to be afraid of food when she started posting all this high cal shit on her insta and snap

No. 54946

File: 1446834891813.jpeg (55.97 KB, 750x658, image.jpeg)

No. 54947

File: 1446834909383.jpeg (73.82 KB, 750x520, image.jpeg)

No. 54950


No. 54952

Thank you for this further proof that Ember is full of shit!

No. 54954

File: 1446835329429.gif (2.06 MB, 300x170, ok334n.gif)


One question before you leave, do you believe her?

She honest to God posted every single thing here that is titled with (Posted by Ember). Please tell me you know this.

No. 54955

I have a question too, why not just kick her out?

No. 54956

There is nothing to kick Ember out of. No one has 'holysquad' in their bio anymore + I don't believe you can kick someone from a DM group.

No. 54957

She can't kick her out of dm she doesn't even response anymore were all shit of her drama and most of us do not believe most of her shit

No. 54958

this is great.. perfect thank you. do you have any more?

No. 54959

Who is ember referring to in this screencap? Just a bit confused.

No. 54961

lol that would be fucking great, I want to hear about how she was kicked out of her fake treatment for being ~too ana~ or something, pls do it Ember

No. 54962

McKenzie I assume?

No. 54964

File: 1446836013624.png (1.57 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1446835764348.png)

I spoke to one of Embers long time friends on instagram after I saw her telling ember to "email the lolcow staff to prove your innocence", so i told her how to get in contact with the admin herself.

She gave me permission to post these screenshots but she does not want me to post her username, for obviously reasons.

No. 54965

>I'm taking away her access to a lot of followers

Just wanted to say that this person has WELL over 20k followers and gets over 1k-2k likes per image.

No. 54966

File: 1446836857656.jpeg (54 KB, 730x374, image.jpeg)

No. 54968

File: 1446836886293.jpeg (36.99 KB, 749x370, image.jpeg)

No. 54969

File: 1446836918182.jpeg (52.57 KB, 750x646, image.jpeg)

No. 54970

File: 1446836935580.jpeg (66.59 KB, 750x491, image.jpeg)

No. 54971

File: 1446836968891.jpeg (59.66 KB, 750x396, image.jpeg)

No. 54972

File: 1446836988770.jpeg (72.46 KB, 574x731, image.jpeg)

No. 54973

File: 1446837016450.jpeg (40.38 KB, 750x343, image.jpeg)

No. 54975

File: 1446837048475.jpeg (100.46 KB, 574x926, image.jpeg)

No. 54976


No. 54977

this is topkek material

she is literally doing none of that she doesnt even have a chance of geting a GED

No. 54978

Could you imagine if she'd spelt it Aly kek

No. 54979

Kenzie will get pissed off enough and expose their text messages. And she would not dox anyone or threaten to. We also have screen shots of her medical file she posted with crohns dated April 2014

No. 54982

Dear person posting these: whatever you do, do not post your username here because Ember will immediately turn on you like she did with everyone else. She lurks here all the time, believe me.

As long as she doesn't know it's you, she will never know which member of the #holysquad is putting her bitch ass on blast.

No. 54983

Okay. Who'd she give the account to I wonder.

No. 54984

She's full of fucking shit she didn't give the account to anyone

No. 54985

Yeah like if she GAVE the account to someone, she would fucking know who it was and call them out but i checked the email for that account and it started with an E(mber) and ended with an (whan)N.

No. 54986

If she really did give the account away and it got caught as hers, she would have thrown the other person under the bus immediately.

No. 54990

File: 1446839073332.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 26.37 KB, 741x194, image.jpeg)

No. 54991

File: 1446839093615.jpeg (29.12 KB, 750x176, image.jpeg)

No. 54992

File: 1446839108517.jpeg (167.45 KB, 750x952, image.jpeg)

No. 54993

File: 1446839121759.jpeg (29.15 KB, 750x308, image.jpeg)

No. 54994

Dis gonna be good

No. 54995

File: 1446839141462.jpeg (20.98 KB, 750x209, image.jpeg)

No. 54996

Allie is her made up imaginary friend jfc this is embarrassing.

No. 54997

She's so bad at lying I'm embarrassed for her. Isn't all this convenient? Hospitalization right when she's exposed, the person she gave her account to that's been dead for months suddenly makes an anti Mckenzie post. Etc etc

No. 55000


No. 55002

Holy shit, Ember. You are the worst piece of shit.

No. 55003

>How dare McKenzie have Crohn's disease and be 35! What a bitch!

No. 55004

im sh aaka zskk inggg im shhhaakkingg i cantt pbreathe im shhp;oakeing

No. 55005

>inb4 she stops using all her accounts for 3 days and then claims she's being hospitalized for another attempt but she cant keep away from social media

No. 55007

I checked her Facebook friends and any girl who could be named Allie. None of them have interacted with ember. No photos, no nothing. You think if she was such a GOOD friend they'd have some kind of relationship online.

No. 55008

File: 1446840617527.jpg (54.71 KB, 634x351, 254EE9C200000578-0-image-a-26_…)

But she used all her pills in her last "overdose" and money is tight, what do?

Allie, Sarah! Come back we need you! We need more milk!

No. 55009

If Ember claims Allie isn't on social media, then my question is how is Allie so proficient posting on Instagram and blocking people if she doesn't have one (if she has one, she'd be posting on her besto's one all the time, no?)

No. 55010

no pictures together or anything AND no mention of her before this all blew up. Smells like shit to me

No. 55011

I feel like Ember is secretly jealous of McKenzie's Crohn's because it keeps her skinny and Ember wants so badly to look anorexic.

No. 55012

Same way she was with Emily, she hated Emily bc she was actually sick. Ember so desperately wanted to be sick like her.

No. 55013

Yup, Ember only takes pictures with her last lonely friend (who also happens to be her boyfriend.

And he ain't even loyal, according to her

No. 55014

remember when she met that one girl off instagram for the first time? fairy sin I think. She posted a pic with a random girl she met for the first time.. Not her dear friend Allie?

No. 55016

I love this thread, but can we stop pretending like all the information isn't readily available here and that we can't remember what happened recently it's so annoying.

No. 55019

so sorry, didnt mean to make it sound like that. I just didnt want to say the wrong insta name and sound stupid lol

No. 55020

Ember is so fucked up, wow. God bless whoever posted all of this.

No. 55021

God bless you Fuck Off

I think the rest of lolcow should honour her request and leave #holysquad out of this discussion

No. 55022

That's the plan (for me at least)

No. 55024

on one hand, thank you based anon

on the other hand, hardly surprises me that Ember's closest friends sell her ass out at the slightest hint of things going sour.

Don't feel bad, anon. Know that if situations were reversed, Ember wouldn't hesitate to sell you out in half the time.

No. 55025

For me this has & will always be about Ember anyways. Sucks anyone associates with her at all really. Thanks Fuck Off, you've done a service. & Ember you're a POS, stop pretending and just own up to your shit already, we're waiting…

No. 55026

All I ask is to leave the holyweight out of things please we don't want to be thrown under the bus because of the shit she had done

No. 55027

As long as you guys back off from her shitty self then we all cool

No. 55028

Ember sounds so negative in your chats, how can you guys even stand her?

No. 55029

If only you would ask her about this mystery bestfriend of hers, Allie.

Would love to hear more about her.

No. 55030

The 'holyweight'? Seriously? hahahaha

No. 55032

She isn't responding to us

No. 55033

Well of course not she's faking shaking and shit.

No. 55037

What's the cause of Emtard's latest breakdown tho

it happened before #holyleak

No. 55042

No. 55044

Yeah, Ember promoted the #holysquad and people in here stated they were going to report them, and i assumed it worked bc one of the members came here and began posting sweet, sweet milk.

No. 55049

Tbh I believe the stuff about Mckenzie.

No. 55056

She just posted her proof. Ember is busted once again lol

No. 55058

Oh shit, post the screenshots in her thread for us.

Everything Ember is saying about McKenzie is mostly true but this whole situation is fucked because Ember has stayed quiet about McKenzie, or so we thought.

Turns out, Ember has been shit talking mck to the #holysquad, telling them all of her dirty little secrets, talking about how much mck scares her, and then admits to wanting to make an account about to expose her.

Ember has claimed to be innocent through all this but come the fuck on, no innocent person would do this to her own friend.

An innocent person would not try to kill themselves because their friend accuses them of saying hateful things about them online. And once this person gets out of the hospital, she wouldn't go around telling other people the same shit that "an impersonator" said on this website.

All of these actions are so conflicting and her lies just aren't matching up.

No. 55059

File: 1446847431399.png (803.07 KB, 1080x1575, Screenshot_2015-11-06-17-02-06…)

Why say this without the screenshot…

>And I've only been on ig for 19 months, March 2014, so NO I haven't been your friend for 3 fucking years, but you wish bitch! LIAR LIARHOLE

No. 55060

She still hasn't proved she isn't 35, has she?

No. 55061

Yeah, that is what I was referring to when I said I believe ember. She looks waaaay older than she says she is, and she says she has a kid but we've never even seen his toys or any evidence that he or the fiancé exist.

No. 55062

File: 1446847623797.png (137.22 KB, 959x569, Screenshot_2015-11-06-17-05-15…)

No. 55064

She's posted pics of both of them. They are on her personal account. She's not lying about a family that's just weird. And she's posted a drivers license with her age.

No. 55066

Her whole account is weird. She posts thinspo daily thing would surprise me.

No. 55074

File: 1446848151372.jpg (47.3 KB, 538x277, IMG_20151106_161449.jpg)

Must not be shaking anymore

No. 55081

Lol Ember repeating everything she said in the thread about McKenzie.

But, you know, Ember totally didn't make that thread and say those things in those marked posts. There's absolutely no proof…yep no proof whatsoever.

No. 55097

I don't have mckenzie on IG but someone who is following her should DM her the chat caps

No. 55099

She lurks here. I'm sure she's seen them.

No. 55101

Ember is a trainwreck, just one mess after another. How's she gonna ever explain all this away?

No. 55103

>We're not even sucking in

Is this fragile.turtle? Not only are you sucking in, but you're lying on your back, and you still don't look thin. Just fucking stop. I'm embarrassed for you.

No. 55110

File: 1446854955538.png (557.29 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2015-11-06-19-07-48…)

No. 55111

just doin our jobs

No. 55127

Stop promoting her account and we'll stop reporting you.

No. 55152

lmfao the one with the skeleton sweater is only 12 years old and following her is hilarious. she "fake" cuts herself for attention she drew marks on her arm out of pen and wrote fat all over her stomach. like she threatened to cut herself because she only had 500 followers when her old account had 4k and then she posted a photo of blood spatter which was obviously fake blood

No. 55165

Screenshots plz.

No. 55174

never took screenshots of the fake cuts and the word "fat" on her but here's the others
this girl is too much to watch. she shouldn't even be on instagram at this age

No. 55289

File: 1446913180996.png (1.47 MB, 1650x1423, PhotoGrid_1446913088024-1.png)

lmfao @ how low she is wearing her pants. seems like someone is reading the smhegeh thread.

No. 55295

>Doesn't pull pants up all the way


No. 55299

There's approximately 10 inches between a person's vagina and navel. This is unrealistic, it appears she has about 2ft between the two.

No. 55301

>they upped my intake yesterday and it pushed me over the edge. My body and I are not ready for that yet, not at all. I panicked and had an anxiety attack. I'm sorry if I snapped at anyone yesterday, treatment is just taking a toll on my mind & my body, so I apologize if I was rude at all.

This hilarious attempt at lying though. Ember, come on you moron, everyone knows that's not why you freaked out yesterday (:

No. 55304

File: 1446915444039.png (1.3 MB, 2048x1240, PhotoGrid_1446915166828-1.png)

Did this idiot honestly forget that she has posted images of her body all over the internet that shows her real figure?

No. 55305

Seriously, if she woukd just pull her pants up to where they belong, they would not be loose lol Chances are, these aren't size 0 anyways.

No. 55306

her thighs/hips are extremely photoshoped…
and what happened to her so protruding abdomen bones in this pic anyways?

No. 55308

File: 1446916675350.png (874.78 KB, 1036x1644, PhotoGrid_1446916469175-1.png)

She doesn't use photoshop, in the traditional sense, though she does edit all of her photos.

Left pic is the one she posted
right is the one that I edited using instagram

No. 55309

Why does it look like she has a raging erretion

No. 55310

File: 1446917356169.png (69.36 KB, 219x309, tumblr_n3n0n2bJiq1t5b5s6o1_250…)

Found a photo of Ember wearing these jeans (look at the right pocket) back in April of 2014, when she claimed to be below 90lbs hahah

She just posted a photo of her scale that said she was almost 100lbs a week or so back, before she entered "HPH" where she says she is gaining weight.

So, how would her pants become looser if she gained 10 pounds since this image lmfao

No. 55315

Those jeans do not have the white stitching like the one she just posted.

No. 55316

File: 1446918329815.png (672.65 KB, 1822x705, PhotoGrid_1446918262089-1.png)

They're definitely the same jeans.

No. 55318

The first image is just very dark. But you can see the white etching if you look close enough. both pairs of jeans have the same pockets, same button, and have the same belt loop style.
There's no doubt in my mind that they're the same pants, they're too identical.

No. 55320

The only thing that is different is the width between the button and the belt loop but I believe she "slimmed" the newer image down, to make herself look thinner, perusal.

No. 55321

I just don't understand how ember could be suffering from "severe anorexia" and keep gaining and losing the same 5 pounds. I can lose five pounds in less than a week, and that's after recovery with a messed up metabolism. I can lose five pounds after a morning "void". It doesn't add up at all. She's literally looks exactly the same.

No. 55323

Not to mention the pants are stretched over the widest part of her hips and she's bending over in the first picture, and in the second picture they're sitting below her hip and there isn't any stretch to the waist band.

No. 55327

Right? 5lbs is nothing. I gain and lose 3lbs repeatedly all week.

No. 55333

File: 1446921902801.png (19.39 KB, 1080x172, Screenshot_2015-11-07-13-43-53…)

Whoever said Ember deleted her kik, you were right. Here's her new one.

No. 55337

Jesus Christ, she's absolutely fucking disgusting. And all those idiots crawling up her arse as if anything she says is actually true. She's sickening.

No. 55368

File: 1446926890324.gif (499.67 KB, 220x150, tumblr_lcsaxyTGW61qzjix8.gif)


>These jeans (pictured) are a size 0, they're still obviously baggy, but they fit a little better now instead of falling directly off. I've gained weight, not enough to discharge me, but I've gained.

No. 55369

Is she trying to pull an Aly here? Like claiming to recover and gain while it's so obviously not happening so she can look even more sick?

No. 55373

No. 55374

Nah, she is actually gaining weight lol but she will continue to take photos of herself while doing her lil "thinspo poses" and then slimming them down before uploading the image to instagram, with a caption about how amazing recovery while also mentioning how even though I'm not gaining enough weight to be discharged :(

It's all an act. You can't recover from an illness you don't have.

No. 55379

File: 1446928010746.png (2.49 MB, 2048x1426, PhotoGrid_1446927798032-1.png)

lulz what a hippo (crite)

No. 55383

You need to remember that you're a fat ass liar.
You need to remember that nobody has forgiven you.
You need to remember that you are still a demon BITCH to all your "friends".
You need to remember that you are not worthy of anyone's friendship.
You need to remember that we all know what you did.

No. 55385

The thing that annoys me the most about about her that shes so lazy. If she took a bit more time and put in a tiny bit of effort she could keep her lies straight orr even get as spoopy as she wannts to be, but nope, shes too fucking lazy

No. 55394

Lols at how she shoehorns in MUH SIZE ZERO. Stretchy size zero to fit those thighs. Toddler leggings or gtfo.

No. 55396

Jeans do start to lose weight over the years, I doubt she washes her jeans tbh.

Ember seems like the type that smells like drugstore/walmart vanilla body sprays and weed.

No. 55410

Does walmart/target even carry size 0?

No. 55414

Anyone notice how 'PHP treatment' is now just 'in treatment'

No. 55415

No, Walmart small is 3/5 and Target is a 2

No. 55423

How is this relevant? You can't just assume the store she shops out to rule out whether or not she is lying about her pants size.

I mean, chances are she isn't a size 0 but c'mon fellas.

No. 55426

She poor, besides you can spot the buttonhole overstitching of cheap jeans a mile away.

No. 55451

There's nothing lulz worthy about reaching, anon.

No. 55461

If you don't buy walmart pants anymore you could cure that butthurt

No. 55500

Errr what?

No. 55508

I think they mean if you stop buying Walmart brand jeans you could cure your butt hurt lol

What makes someone lie pathologically and about disorders as well? Lack of attention? Insecurity? Jealousy? Spoiled growing up but not anymore? I'm genuinely curious. I don't mean to armchair here, but the Munchausen syndrome is strong with this one.

No. 55511

I think it's a highdea that got away from her, fueled by jealousy and boredom.

It's so awkward, I wonder what her family thinks of her. I hope her sister doesn't get influenced by her, I hope the sister ends up being the black sheep and going to a nice school and making something of herself.

All Embers family seems to do is handle ball pythons and live near eachother, her mom looks like she's got her own drama going on tbh.

No. 55518

File: 1446950024871.jpg (18.32 KB, 425x404, Joke_over_your_head.jpg)

Ooh okay.

No. 55524

She honestly has a cute body, idk why she wants to be anorexic so much.

No. 55526


Because she's not fucking anorexic, she's just obsessed with attention.

She is a talentless loser with nothing to contribute to society beyond working a minimum wage job. And she knows it, that's why she's going after anything she can think of for attention, including faking a disease with a mortality rate.

It's not about her body and never was.

No. 55560

Sounds like she was never hugged enough as a child tbhp. Probably why she only dates guys who are 10 older years oder than her.

No. 55578

where did your Ana ribs go ember??
you forgot to Ana again ya dumb butch

No. 55590

All she wants is to look like her old friend methnephxw.
The hair bleaching, the cam girling and the drinking. Next she will want a breast enlargment lol

No. 55591


shut the fuck up no one cares about you.

and no ember is doing that tired "mary kate olsen ana" shtick with all the starbucks. she's stuck as a high school freshman, move along.

No. 55595

That's the point though… she has a probably naturally thin, attractive body type. Like, she could use that to her advantage if she wants attention so much. But she insists on pretending to be emaciated etc… she would probably be a lot better looking if she put some effort into it instead of attempting to look as sick as possible.
I mean, she's no beauty. But she could be somewhat attractive if she put even half as much effort into it as she does into looking sick.

No. 55659

She does have potential to be pretty I agree. BUT she doesn't want that, she wants to be the most infamous and the sickest. She wants to be known, and the only way she can get attention with her bland ass life and personality is being problematic. She has to get attention anyway she can.

No. 55676

File: 1446997439009.png (832.15 KB, 1938x1418, PhotoGrid_1446995646011-1.png)

Whenever Ember talks about blocking ghost followers, I always wondered just how many of them are "ghosts" (aka sock accounts).

One of the #holysquad twirps just posted this to her account and my jaw dropped.

She has 10.5k people following her account and 9000 (!!) of them are fake. Like in reality, she only has 500 followers and cries about how it isn't enough, while people in the comments tell her how "i wish i had that many supporters".

Just ffs. If this person doesn't own this account for the sole purpose of showing off her body and bitching about being fat while onlookers tell her how #perf she is, then what's the point?

No wonder she is in the same group as Ember. Attention whores tend to associate with their own kind.


No. 55692

Keep this thread just about ember and her lies the group disowned ember

No. 55695

We'll talk about the holy squad too they're guilty by association

No. 55696

some of them don't even talk to her anymore since we all expose ember for her shit

No. 55697

I wish ember account would be deleted

No. 55701

File: 1447003139091.png (889.79 KB, 881x1564, PhotoGrid_1447002997666-1.png)

Pasta for breakfast?.. Ember is gonna blow the fuck up.

No. 55704

File: 1447003453191.png (2.08 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1447003348209.png)

You can tell they want nothing to do with her (and are unwilling to promote her again) because she is now trying to get people with rly high follower counts to promote her ugly ass.

No. 55705

She all about herself only cares for followers she never reply to her followers

No. 55706

She's been eating pasta for three days straight now. What a recovery win (!) She's gonna be ~weight restored~ in no time! I hope she knows how proud we are.

No. 55707

He didn't promote her so she deleted the "shout out" lol. I wonder who else she is begging for a sfs right now. If only I can view all of the comments she has made.

No. 55711

File: 1447004179448.png (1.75 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1447004083582.png)

Lol this is so pathetic.

No. 55713

No one really wants to do one since everyone wants nothing to do with her drama karma is a bitch

No. 55717

We gave you prof so leave us out of this like you said we disowned ember she doesn't talk to us anymore so fuck off the so called holyweightsquad

No. 55718

File: 1447005002566.png (1.07 MB, 1731x1524, PhotoGrid_1447004912725-1.png)

I'm gonna go report all the lil whannorexics that promote her rofl

No. 55719

Really? People from the holysquad provided yall even more proof about Ember. They are done with her too but you still target them? That's kind of sad.

No. 55720

>comment # of followers when done

So she doesn't have to go through the trouble of figuring out which person has the most follwers, so she can be sure to promote (and buddy up to) them.

No. 55722

File: 1447005826572.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1132, Screenshot_2015-11-08-13-02-33…)

You're all still proana fuck heads though..

No. 55723

Lmao'ing at the #holyweightwannarexiasquad samefagging this thread up so we will forget about them. Sorry, but you guys are peices of shit too. Go cry about it.

No. 55724

I don't even get what Ember's deal is. WHY does she need (fake) attention that badly? I don't get why it's so important.

No. 55725

The only problem was us reporting your accounts. You're not gunna be able to stop us from laughing at you, sorry.

No. 55729

Why follow us if your just going to laugh at us? Just focus on laughing at ember

No. 55734

Because wannarexics are funny?

No. 55736


Because genuine spoopy proana shots infuriate me, but the lying down, sucking in, bending over, photoshooped pics where wannarexics are trying so hard to join a club by faking a disease is hilarious.

No. 55738

If you act the way you do then people are bound to talk about it, whether you like it or not you can't control what people say about you; especially on the Internet. If you don't want people talking about you then don't act like an idiot. You may not be friends with ember but in ways you are alike. Your instagrams are bullshit.

No. 55748

You guys are all like 'oh I wish Ember's 'friends' would see what a bitch she is!'. But at the same time you are hating on every single person in that 'holysquad' when Ember is nice to them. Do you really think that gives them reason to believe you guys and not Ember? You should leave other accounts out of this if you want them to hate Ember too. They did provide evidence after all.

No. 55750


If they believe ember they deserve ridicule.

No. 55755

From what I have read/heard they do not. But I'm just saying you guys posting their stuff on here is probably not gonna help. They won't want to post anything against Ember anymore. I don't really care for them but I do want to get rid of Ember and therefore we need as many people as we can. Let the wannabes be wannabes but PLEASE let's get Ember removed from earth.

No. 55763

File: 1447010779559.png (200.19 KB, 468x471, Screenshot_2015-11-08-14-23-10…)


No. 55765

Because you guys are funny as shit.

No. 55767

You're all cancer to this board.

No. 55768

File: 1447010974844.png (1022.73 KB, 1080x1497, Screenshot_2015-11-08-14-23-10…)

>actually kinda okay with my appearance

ffs why

No. 55769

Her eyebrows are so tragic. It looks like she needs to tweeze them but if she did, they'll become too far apart. God, how can a person be this unfortunate looking?

No. 55770

maybe she thought the "O WOE IS ME TAKE PITY ON ME I'm so ~DAMAGED~" shtick was getting old and pushing people away. Is Ember really showing some self-awareness??

No. 55772

Who tf cares, just because you take orders from 15 yr Olds that are just as shitty as ember doesn't mean the rest have to.

You think because you samefagged in agreement with yourself you could sway people, but the others in the group only post thinspo and body checks. Fragile.turtle even had a food diary.

They are hurting just as many people as whann, in a more convincing way too.

No. 55773

File: 1447011654089.jpeg (25.14 KB, 300x225, eyebrows.jpeg)

Anyone's fair game here.

No. 55776

They did not scam people for money like Ember did.
They did not make threads about their own friends like Ember did.
They did not photoshop their pictures like Ember did.
They did not have anything like pro-ana diets like Ember did.
Honestly if you don't like what they post just unfollow them? They're ignorant shits too, I agree with you on that. But I don't feel like they are 'bad' enough to be posted about on here. Ember is the one this is about and when they met her they didn't know about all of this, they shouldn't be dragged down because of Ember when they still have the time to push Ember out their lives.

No. 55777

Are you literally this autistic, they're promoting anorexia.

Literally promoting anorexia. They are promoting themselves THROUGH body checks. Their accounts literally only exist to get people to praise their bodies, to mimic what they eat in food diaries, to drool over an anorexic lifestyle and maybe to be triggered.

Maybe anon image boards aren't for you if you're this attached to a group of people who thrive by posting pro ana content.

No. 55778

None of the cows on this board is "bad". They're special snowflakes. This is a thread that discusses all aspects of she who is Ember Whann. It's not a personal crusade to have her taken off the planet.

No. 55789

File: 1447013894079.png (435.57 KB, 1080x1575, Screenshot_2015-11-08-14-01-25…)

I like how Embers friend just spill the beans on the lies she feeds them whenever somekne tries to give them an honest warning about how fucking evil she is.

Ember told this girl that McKenzie told people to hack her account lmfao. What a bullshit lie that is.

No. 55795

OP here.. I also made the "attentions whores of Instagram" thread and I woukd really prefer if you all posted about the #holysquad here >>44088

Just trying to prevent this thread from reaching it's post limit sooner than it has too.

No. 55797

I'd rather they didn't shit up that thread with their medical papers. They bring up Ember, so you can keep her here.

No. 55806

Is it correct to say your subtype is bulimia? I thought the options for subtypes were binge/purge/both

No. 55812

The subtypes of AN are technically "restricting type" and "binge-eating/purging type"

No. 55819

File: 1447017039869.png (199.85 KB, 1023x526, Screenshot_2015-11-08-13-51-43…)

No. 55820

Going through the old threads and seeing her rip on herself is creepy as fuck. Honesty is she even a human being, what is she doing? I've never seen such a literal definition of hot mess.

No. 55862

I wish ember would come back and self post so we could have some real milk again

No. 55867

But there's no way you'd be diagnosed as a bulimic subtype right? Cause that's contrary to everything I know (American fag)

No. 55872

You'd be diagnosed with AN: Bulimic subtype. Which means you starve yourself then throw up what you eat, or go through starve-binge cycles but are still underweight.

No. 55873

I mean binge purge subtype, whoops.

No. 55876

File: 1447029356270.jpg (102.37 KB, 450x600, file.jpg)

check out embers twinnie

No. 55881

But she has no eyebrows?

No. 55895


legit this actually makes me want to punch her in her hillbilly face more than i ever have before.

yo first off if you had an eating disorder, p sure a place named 'the cheesecake factory' would make your anxiety blow the fuck up so good luck actually ordering at a place where the fucking SALADS are over 1,000 calories. let alone ordering pasta and carrying it home - are you kidding? clearly i have personal experiences with this, but the idea of eating there, ordering something that gross, and taking it home to finish it makes me want to claw my eyes out.

fuck you ember for real, chose another illness you fugly cow.

No. 55927

File: 1447044063760.png (1.9 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1447043893849.png)

>I am letting go of all the negativity plaguing my soul and my mind. I am moving past my mistakes, my grudges, and my heart-breaks. I am putting my past in my past, and keeping it there. I am done dwelling on the things I cannot change. I am done dwelling on the past.

She can't even admit to the fucked up shit she did yet she thinks she can just "move past" her mistakes lol. What a show she loves to put on. We all know you're miserable as fuck in the inside but keep playing pretend (:

No. 55928

This is what I made fun of Emily on PULL for. Her bio had a list of her mental illnesses. So weird. She changed it shortly after lmao.

No. 55931

She did this on tumblr before she ran off to insta.

Same old shit.

No. 55950

omg she's so ~gifted and spiritual and deep~ I wish we could hang out and do yoga and talk about, like, you know, life, man

although re: positivity, she has a long way to go in order to rival Aly, queen of the posi-vibes

No. 55958

I've also seen 'Anorexia Nervosa with bulimic tendencies' on medical papers so I think it varies?

No. 55996


Fashion blogging????????????!!!!!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha never in her LIFE.

No. 56012

So I am thinking she's gonna make the fastest "recovery" known to man so people stop attacking her

No. 56016

That whole post has me lmao. 'Fashion blogging', yeah right. She looks like she gets dressed in the freaking dark. As for playing with make up maybe she should play around with her eyebrows and actually try to sort those bushy monstrosity.
She makes me cringe so much.

No. 56025

I think she fills them in with crayon in order to make herself look like cara delevigne or something. That and the retarded pouty face duck lips to pretend like she has cheekbones

No. 56034

she just smears on maroon eye shadow, thick ass grey eye liner and brown contour. Lets not forget her sharpie eye brows :) Maybe she'll give up her fake anorexic look and focus on getting her face in order

No. 56057

There should be a holy squad thread, they all have "skinny" or "fragile" in their name while posting thinspo.

No. 56058

I've seen 10 year olds with better application skills

No. 56069

There already is >>44088

I posted about it yesterday >>55795 but it seems like no one heard me. Now that the #holysquad has taken that name out of their descriptions and posted screenshots of the shit Ember would say in their chat, we really shouldn't be posting around them unless it directly relates to Ember. Also, as far as I can tell, Ember is the only person who still has that tag in her bio lmao.

So, please guys. No one posting about them in this thread. We're getting close to the reply limit and I don't want them coming in here, shitting up this thread anymore than they already have.

No. 56084

File: 1447094744276.png (1006.3 KB, 2048x979, PhotoGrid_1447094476509-1.png)

So, I think I figured out why Ember calls this girl her "twinnie".

They're both 19 years old uggos and claim to have a decade old eating disorder.

No. 56093

File: 1447095336813.png (424.02 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2015-11-09-13-48-40…)

For a person with a decade old ED, she sure is ignorant about them.

No. 56095

File: 1447096158325.png (774.75 KB, 1080x1613, Screenshot_2015-11-09-13-57-00…)

Ember deleted this a minute after posting it lol.

Not sure why though, drinking something like this is a definite #recoverywin (!)

No. 56105

File: 1447099296968.jpeg (432.2 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

it's cute because we can't see your nasty face ember

No. 56106

Who tf said they aren't together anymore lol

No. 56110

File: 1447100059678.png (786.52 KB, 1866x789, PhotoGrid_1447095149419-1.png)

This fake ass bitch got a message about it.

No. 56112

I wonder who sent it lmfao

No. 56113

File: 1447100367796.png (641.6 KB, 1080x1530, Screenshot_2015-11-09-14-10-18…)

iunno but i do know that Ember posted this message and that photo of her and Andrew after turtle posted the message about Andrew hackin embers account

No. 56116

File: 1447100539115.png (1.42 MB, 2048x1572, PhotoGrid_1447100455821-1.png)

No. 56124

She's getting all sassy again, yikes

No. 56130

File: 1447102017004.jpg (52.44 KB, 529x248, IMG_20151109_144518.jpg)

Oh shit lol
Here's her next victim, if you can't beat them, join them

No. 56132

That's a super cute wall! She should aim to get a full picture of it next time!

No. 56134

Anyone else wonder if Embers recent interest in Aly inspired her friend 'Allie'? haha

No. 56136

good luck ember

No. 56144

File: 1447104455690.jpg (38.59 KB, 680x680, Kek.jpg)

No. 56154

I thought that as soon as I read the friend was "Allie"

Yeah, she LOVES the attention.

No. 56184

File: 1447111888483.png (808.88 KB, 640x960, image.png)

maybe this is Allie

No. 56186

It could be anyone tbh
Dem wiggly legs

No. 56189

File: 1447112728972.png (441.63 KB, 1080x1482, Screenshot_2015-11-09-18-42-47…)

This is so sad, like I'm embrassed for her lol.

No. 56193

Nobody with a real company would send shit to a private account with 10k followers lol

No. 56214

She actually looks very thin there.

No. 56216

Gtfo, Ember.

No. 56217

Ember's posts are marked, bro.

No. 56219

Nobody would genuinely look at a shooped picture Ember took and say she looks very thin in it, without acknowledging it's all posing and editing.

Her bf took a pic of her standing normally


Someone's already compared it with her editing


And she's supposedly gained weight since then

No. 56220

how embarrassing

No. 56221

Lol no, she obviously does look skinny there. Like it's probably photoshop but you can't possible deny that her legs are tiny in that picture.

No. 56224

True enough I just did that >>56221 but anyways. I do think she is thin, probably a little bit underweight. She's not emaciated or anything, I was just pointing out that she looked thinner than she usually does.

No. 56225

Oh my god I've never cringed more this is awful

No. 56227

the knee on the leg by the right side is missing a huge chunk it's so photoshopped it's bad

No. 56234

That's not skinny, it's slim. Mine are like that and I'm not underweight. Only difference is my crotch area isn't 2 miles wide at the tops.

No. 56239

I definitely agree which makes me wonder what she used.

No. 56242

Idk, made the other girl look thin too

No. 56253

We don't know who she is yet.

No. 56257

Probably a relative of her or her bf

No. 56262

She's probably posting from this chicks iPad since they're together and she can do it anonymously again

No. 56267

File: 1447121418784.jpeg (62.12 KB, 640x1136, image.jpeg)

Okay but zoom in and see how fuckin weird her leg/crotch look?? I tried to highlight how long and abnormal she looks. You can see her leg and the thing in the background through her see through shirt.

No. 56269

Right? Notice how there is so much in the background but nothing between Ember's legs?

No. 56270

You don't even have to zoom, she shooped herself a thigh gap and edited out the back of that jacket.

No. 56273

File: 1447121726484.png (155.27 KB, 807x442, Screenshot_2015-11-09-21-14-37…)

still no reply

No. 56275

Right!? Like her jacket is all fucked up and doesn't have a back

No. 56281

File: 1447124011144.jpeg (176.01 KB, 960x720, image.jpeg)

She posted it on snapchat. Maybe she edited the one for Insta? Or just super ana feet apart post

No. 56282

What is up with her shadow

No. 56284

Mine aren't anywhere near that thin, and I am underweight though not because of an ED. Like I don't even have a thigh gap so her legs look really skinny to me.

No. 56292

Possibly a weight distribution thing and isn't a gap sthing to do with skeleton structure and how far certain bones are apart?

Her height makes her legs look slim BUT there's something going on around the crotch area. She can fake the thigh gap she desires, but crotch gap is taking it too far.

No. 56294

File: 1447130619126.jpeg (117.68 KB, 574x761, image.jpeg)

I used the PS phone app to lower the contrast and shadow & up the clarity. You can see the wobbly editing on both sides of the inseam. To loosely quote her post (that parroted the truth bloggers mocking her) she needs an anatomy class.

No. 56297

I have no idea about any of that squiggly stuff but one thing that strikes me is - why is the bottom of her shirt so fucking straight? It's like a perfect pixel straight line.
That is most certainly not natural.

No. 56298

Whoops, someone else pointed it out. >>56267

But yeah I'm the same anon who said I thought she looked really skinny. Heh.

No. 56299

There's a reason she doesn't post pictures of her knees and ankles together

No. 56300

Whether or not a person has a thigh gap is determined by the shape of their pelvis + tilt of pelvis + size of inner thigh muscles + amount of inner thigh fat + knee closeness (knock-kneed, bow-legged, or normal)

The people that claim it's "impossible" for some people to have a thigh gap, due to the shape of their pelvis or whatever, are wrong. It is true, however, is that some people can't have a thigh gap unless they're very underweight. There are also people that can have a thigh gap even if they're chubby.

She's tilting her pelvis forward and has her toes pointed inward (and I think she's wearing high heels), which exaggerates her thigh gap. Also, ya know, shoopin'.

No. 56301

Yeah, bodies are weird. Like girls who post pics of their feet together and their knees don't even touch??? That will never be me hah.

No. 56321

I like how bodies are different though. I'd like to have thicker legs, but my fat doesn't know how to go to my arms or legs. Sage for OT and me me me.

No. 56396

File: 1447170095090.png (54.54 KB, 809x207, Screenshot_2015-11-10-10-37-12…)

How much you guys wanna bet that ember sent these two shops DMs, about how if they send her ftee shit, they'll get "at least 1,000 new customers!!!!".

No. 56407

she got a new tamogotchi toy today, shes posting a bunch of snap stories about it. It wasnt sent to her from her begging to promo the store, right? I dont understand why she has the mentality of a 11 year old

No. 56414

File: 1447172300977.gif (1.71 MB, 253x709, phone.