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No. 118665

Last Thread

And she is back to posting in japanese, I guess she wants to make it look like that she has to be in Japan for work and can only return home when she gets some free time.

No. 118697

No. 118714

At first I was going to suggest it was just the title because she usually feels the need to use the kanji reading for every little thing/her idea of "advanced" Japanese to show off, but it's definitely her. I wonder if she's now trying to speak cutesy/childlike Japanese? (idk if it would really be considered childlike Japanese, but a lot of children's games I play will use kana spellings for a lot of things.)

No. 118756

File: 1433818613133.jpg (119.17 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Sooooo… New video will be with boyfriend? Or she's just confirming they're together. Anyways God it's such a nice pic, I like her gaze.

No. 118757

File: 1433818648120.jpg (86.86 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 118758


Wait. No, he will be in there. She said Kiki and Taku video. OMG I AM SO EXCITED NOW.

No. 118762

Are all her pics with him passed out from the same day/night in that hotel 3 months ago? Even the candles are in the same place as 3 months ago. Is she even in Japan or is she pretending?

No. 118763

Wow like the anon in previous thread said, she jumps from not being in a relationship to being girlfriend one sided.

She's not even in Japan and finally had to admit all this content is old shit lel

No. 118764

Is he ever awake?

No. 118765

That's what it seems like. It's super fucking creepy.
I won't believe they're dating until I see him fully conscious and showing affection towards her.
And she's not in Japan, she even said she's in Florida.

No. 118767

Yeah. He's awake long enough to rap in the car and visit places. AKA things that stimulate the brain. Around Kiki he's pretty much always passed out.

It's so hilarious that all of her content is either of him not knowing or when he's asleep. I guess he's unaware of her internet persona to look this up.

If you look at her Insta she was wearing that same outfit around the time she took the video of him passed out asleep, also the same time she took that video of him she posted recently. Some relationship they've got! Much jealous.

No. 118769

Sounds like they spent a day or two together, and suddenly they're in a relationship and she's meeting his family? Okay Keeks. I’m sure you’re an amazing and close couple.

No. 118771

I bet Kooter will drop a hint that he's not really Kaka's boyfriend and that they're not really together!

They must have had a fight before Kaka left I bet, and it could explain the silence.

No. 118772

Nice catch, that same fucking shirt!

No. 118773

Yeah, I don't blame him for sleeping when he's stuck alone with her. Her voice is insufferable and I highly doubt she ever asks anyone even simple questions like, "how are you?" I feel like she's exactly like she is on those stickam videos and the vlogs she's posted, she just spends hours talking about herself and obnoxiously laughing at her own jokes.

I think this is exactly the case. She probably just stayed with his family after the sugar daddy dumped her. In the one video at that space thing, he literally shows no interest in her and walks away while she's trying to be funny, lol. I've heard that in Japan, people don't like pda, but he literally shows no sort of interest in her. He doesn't even seem like he's even interested in her as a friend. If I didn't know any better and saw the video, I'd just assume they were set up on a blind date, she seems like she's desperately trying to impress him and he seems like he just wants to leave.

No. 118776

Does he even speak english?

No. 118778


knowing how batshit insane Kaka is, probably drugged/tasered him or something lol

No. 118779

Kiki has had nothing but pics and videos of that same outfit on that same day for 3 months, same for the guy.

No. 118780

Sorry, 5 months. Even sadder.

No. 118782

In one of her ig videos, you can hear him speaking English to her. I don't know which one though. But I'm positive he does, since she can't speak Japanese at all. If she was speaking Japanese the entire time with him, her Japanese would've greatly improved, but it's just as crappy as it was before she went.

No. 118784

That explains things.

I bet he had a one night stand and got angry when waking up to find out she made these videos. She probably threatened to upload them, while Kooter told her not to as it's scandalous.

So she eventually uploads things half a year later when the guy has forgotten she exists and Kooter is to busy to care.

No. 118787

Well, we know she's back in Florida, so how is she gonna do a video with Taku? Skype? Piece together what footage she has of them and then she talks about their time together?

I can't wait.

No. 118788

Probably 15 minutes of Kiki talking while Taku is passed out on the bed in the background

No. 118791

Silence meaning? Dakota and Kiki don't tweet at each other exceptionally often anyway, so I'm just curious what you're basing the fight speculation on

No. 118793

The only thing really to speculate a fight over is Kota posting about when Kaka was leaving on her ameblo and the tweet Kaka posted 4 days later asking people to ask questions about Kota. The tweet was deleted pretty quickly and Kota edited out the entire part about Kaka.

No. 118797

I see. Thanks for the clarification.

No. 118803

Isn't it a little sad that Dakota (presumably) won't be photographed with her sister? Dako's eager to snap selfies with random models and won't even pose with keeks. I think the last time we saw them together in an image was the 'lets killex' vid. I guess I 'get' why, since koti's so damn careful about publicity (with regards to everything but her careless shoop), but it still strikes me as being sad and weird.

No. 118806

Is it Dakota that doesn't want the pictures, or is it Kiki? I have a feeling Kiki really wanted people to think she was there for modeling/ music/ whatever and not just to visit her sister so she tried to stay away from Dakota. Sort of like "HAHA I CAN DO JAPAN BETTER THAN DAKOTA" thing.

No. 118807


No. 118808

Yeah, but don't you think she'd want to ride the fuck out of those coattails if she could?

I think her intention while in Japan was to leach off of Dakota's fame anyway.

No. 118809

omfg, She's so desperate for this to be real.

I can't believe this is happening– Glorious lolcow milk in the great PT depression.

No. 118812

He's actually pretty hot, and he does kiss her a few times. This was cute/gross to watch. I'm not sure if he knew she was filming. It does look like it was filmed in Japan, based on the context of their conversation (Kiki saying "in america…" several times). My initial thought was "how long will this last considering how basic his command of english and her command of japanese is" but now that I think about it, this is actually perfect for Kiki. He has no idea how vapid she is since he can't fully understand her.

No. 118814

Oh, derr, she states on twitter that it was filmed in Roppongi.

No. 118815

Yeah, these were my thoughts exactly. I think that Dakota probably knows her sister is dramatically more reckless than herself, and probably doesn't want to risk involving herself in any of the drama that her sister creates.

No. 118816


No. 118817

It's just so sad and funny because you know she was just a hookup… American girls (especially one's who stay in Roppongi) are an easy lay. They're targets for guys. I feel kind of bad for her because she probably believe's he's her boyfriend on some level. Just like Jack Cash.
(I'm an American girl who has spent time in Roppongi. It's not just a stereotype.)

I'd like to see a video of them together NOT filmed on the same day they fucked.

No. 118819

Yup this is looking more and more like a hookup and he has no idea that he was being filmed. The awkward angles and all the affection being on her side. Is she trying to prove to an ex that she isn't single or something?

No. 118820

>filmed in roppingi
>6 months ago
>same outfit on her instagram 6 months running
>same bedroom

No. 118821

>Is she trying to prove to an ex that she isn't single or something?

Doubt it. She's just trying so hard to prove her non-existent residency in Japan.

No. 118822

I don't think Kaka knows the definition of boyfriend :( Consider her track record.

No. 118824

Can you imagine her editing this video? How sad it is? Months after it happened she's spending hours putting in kaomojis and subtitles to a bunch of stupid shit to make it seem like they're a normal couple.

No. 118829

File: 1433829427083.png (823.84 KB, 1241x911, teela_s_conquest_part_3_by_dar…)

No. 118834

File: 1433829900428.jpg (25.26 KB, 589x110, k.jpg)

Too bad she's still lying about the reason

No. 118837

File: 1433830361389.gif (1.48 MB, 400x270, bitchineedtokno.gif)

It was filmed in Japan, about 4-5 months ago.

I am surprised there is anything romantic going on between them, even if it was just a hook up while she was there. In all the other photos/ videos he seemed so disinterested, but he actually says he loved her in this video.

Very weird.

No. 118840

Guys will say anything if you have sex with them. C'mon.

No. 118843

Maybe Japanese guys, but most of the guys I know would rather jump off a cliff than say they love you just to get into your undies.

No. 118844

yeah i feel like he doesn't know he's being filmed, or at least that he doesn't know he's being filmed for the internet.

No. 118845

IRL cartoon characters. Their entire wardrobes consist of the same repeating outfit over and over and over. That's how Kiki will try to spin this. "Well err in Japan they uhh only wear the same outfits in their style like in anime! I love Sailor Moon did you know? Kawaii kawaii kira goddess!"

No. 118846

Yeah, I agree generally. But, this guy is roaming for ass in Roppongi.
These guys know how to get foreign girls. I just don't buy it.

No. 118847

Another fucking weeaboo with yellow fever… Oh hey, a few years from now when being Asian isn't considered "cool" maybe you can stop accessorizing Asian men and east Asian culture. You sad sad white girl. No one in America wants her, so I can see why shes so obsessed with Japan. "Japanese people love white girls like me!!!!!!!" Fuck off kiki

No. 118848

I would love for this guy to see Kiki's twitter. I bet he has no clue.

No. 118850

>stop accessorizing Asian men and east Asian culture. You sad sad white girl.
whoa there tumblr

No. 118851

No ones from tumblr m8
Maybe if you were actually Asian
You'd understand the shit we deal with

No. 118853

The anon has a point this time around. Kiki would never be public about any guy she was interested in when she was living in America. But as soon as she got to Japan she plastered this dude all over her social media. Its an obvious cry for attention "Look at me, I'm a white elf goddess and I have a kawaii ugu~ nipponese boyfruendo"

No. 118854

Not quite true. She used to be open with past relationships like Mr. Myspace and Jake Wolf along with several other dudes she dated. The reason was because they had some sort of internet fame and notoriety that went along with it so she wanted to leech off of that for popularity. After that blew up in her face she started to be quiet and vague about that kind of stuff. Now, hell yeah she's totally bragging about it because she landed herself some Asian eye candy. She also probably feels it's safer to brag because he can't speak English as well so he can't be hounded by people so easily. It all boils down to her childishly dangling her boyfriend in everybody's face like it's some status symbol. Bask in how validated and worthy she is as a person because she has a boyfriend!

No. 118855

Okay, I have a theory now that Kiki found some poor Japanese guy, drugged him and killed him just to pretend she has a boyfriend. That's why she stayed in the hotel room for 3 months, because she's a necrophile and she struggled a lot to get rid of the body.

No. 118856


that anon is right tho

No. 118858


No. 118859

File: 1433832410914.jpg (19.89 KB, 600x396, smile2-4.jpg)

No. 118865

Honestly, I think this video is cringe material. Makes me uncomfortable watching it.

No. 118866

File: 1433836156304.png (202.93 KB, 448x588, asrfdg.PNG)

I wonder how long it will take for this person to be deleted and blocked

No. 118870

I think so as well. I hate to sound tumblr, but really she's only using him as an accessory. Having a super kawaii nihonjin boifurendo makes her totally not racist and it's a good excuse to show off her Japanese "skills." Plus, people see relationships as a bit of a status symbol, especially if the person is super attractive/successful, and this guy is pretty hot ngl.

I do agree for the most part, but I think if it was a foreign girl who lives across the world from them, barely understands their language, and who's only going to be there for a short period of time, they would probably do the same. No sane guy would ever do that with a girl who lives in the same city or something because they're more likely to deal with the consequences.

I felt the exact same way, I thought it was just me. It was pretty hard for me to get through the video and I thought it was just because Kaka's voice/everything about her is just so grating.

No. 118871

I feel like we shouldn't be able to see this. This is a private moment and its pretty fucked up that she milks it for views.

No. 118872

Pussy must be bomb af for this nigga to put up with her obnoxious ass. I bet Kiki climbs this dude like a tree. She seems like the type to be into some freak-a-deek shit.

No. 118875

THIS. It's disturbing to think he doesn't know anything about this and I definitely think this is the case. Why don't we ever see any selfies with him, any social media, or any sort of acknowledgement of her yt/filiming from him? Hell, every single time she talks to a guy, she feels the need to go on about love and relationships. She never did that with this guy. Just now she's calling him her boyfriend when all of this stuff was going on months ago. This just isn't right.

She said suggested that they found each other doing language exchange in the video description, someone should try digging for him on language exchange sites because this is super fucking creepy and he needs to know.

No. 118876

I agree. Why can't she post videos of them out and about, doing something interesting? They obviously left her room together at least once, but she mostly posts their private moments and him sleeping. Why? I guess so she can brag about banging her kakkoii nihonjin boyfriend.

Nearly every video/photo she posts of him is just uncomfortable to watch because they’re all so sneaky. Even the ones where they’re outside are cringey because they’re so secretive.

No. 118878

I think the best part about this video is that her fans probably expected a boyfriend-tag type video where they were actually physically together. I think that's the only reason she admitted she was back in Florida, so she could say "We are so far apart now :("

I'm sure in a while she will make tweets about how he "broke up with her."

No. 118879

It appears he's looking at the camera around 1:50. I think he'd be able to see it, if it was so close.

It's clearly still all filmed on the one day and just a hook-up though.

No. 118881

>Pussy must be bomb
Yeah, if you're into necrophilia and want to fuck a carcass maybe

No. 118882

Well there were those leaked texts where she told a guy she'd let him cum on her face, and something else that was blurred out. Probably anal. Hardly kinky but it goes against her squeaky clean persona she's trying to portray now.

No. 118884

I've got to say, she looks really old in this thumbnail. It's probably just her her laugh lines, the color of her hair, how thin her hair is, and how young he looks, but damn.

I could see that tbh, she rarely ever gets human interaction/attention and hasn't really been with anyone in years so I'm sure she's pretty desperate to keep any guy around.

No. 118892


Well that was cute! And he said "I love you"

… Could be longer. Like, a 2 min video would be a snippe of her life instead of a 10 secs one but still good. He as awake too.

No. 118904

when she said she'd upload videos I thought they were going to be vegan recipes, something about fashion, about Japan or FLorida… not the same guy 24/7

No. 118930

I notice that Kiki tends to record all her boyfriends. It can't be easy when you enter a relationship not quite knowing that Kiki will record or take pictures of you. However it is weird, with the last two Japanese ones there are zero photos, unless they are sleeping.

You can imagine that scenario. Kiki asks them to pose for pictures but they are not even her real boyfriends. They remind her she is just there to fuck and nothing else. So she video tapes them sleeping and draws on their faces for pity "revenge." When this one is awake he is either uninterested in her video taping or driving so he can't avoid the camera. I'm pretty sure both Jack Cash and this dude were reminding her she is just a fuck and tease but she is so desperate she pretends they never said that.

No. 118933

Obviously this was taken months ago. I wonder if he had no idea she was filming at first then she pulled out the camera and was like "Oh baby let me film chyou!!!!!"

I gotta ask does anyone hear him actually say I love you? With my volume up I could barely hear him speak. The only time I heard him say something in a clear manner was when he spoke in Japanese. He could have been saying anything.

No. 118934

i can just imagine Kota watching this in her apaatmento and letting out an enormous cackle

No. 118943


I don't know. I've definitely taken selfies (and purikura) with japanese guys I was flirty with but not dating. I'm not sure why she chose not to. Also, wait, "two"? She's had two japanese boyfriends? What?

Nah he does actually say "aishiteru"

No. 118946

.. Aishiteru meaning? Sorry non Japanese speaker here so I really don't know what he says and I can't trust her fully haha
Also, Japanese speakers: has her Japanese improved in any way?

No. 118950


Nvm, it does mean "I'm in love with you etc".

… In addition, I believe they're together/actual relationship and that she isn't just some hookup. And that he probably wouldn't mind her posting content with him for all the internet to see

No. 118968

Her japanese is very 101 and clunky. Nothing wrong with being a beginner though.

Yeah, I don't think she'd lie about his being her boyfriend, but I do wonder how long it'll last long distance / whether he's as serious about her as she is about him.

No. 118969

I think she meant Jack Cash who got a japanese mother.

No. 118974

File: 1433865367984.jpg (38.98 KB, 832x448, permission.jpg)

He gave permission to upload the video and seems to care for her veganism. Don't let him go, Kaka.

No. 118975

Jeez this new video was cringey.
Like you could tell she was trying to stage it as natural, but she was seriously trying to toss out every piece of Japanese that she knew to make it see like she's fluent.

No. 118976

maybe he is like peenus's ex-boyfriend - stupid and blindly doing whatever to please a white lady til he gets tired

No. 118978

i thought no one says aishteru… unless its like some deep heartfelt moment ala titanic
most people are just like … suki desu

No. 118984

Jack Cash's mom is Korean, not Japanese.

No. 118988

This is honestly what I'm starting to believe.

No. 119001

I'm super interested to see where she takes this whole Japanese boyfurendo thing. Like others have said, the video was obviously taken months ago, along with all the other pictures of him, and it seems like he didn't really know he was being filmed either. My money's on she's hoping one or two weird, voyeuristic video of them together will be enough "evidence" for her to string out the lie for at least a good year or so. I guess it depends how much footage she managed to stock up on during the few days they were together.

No. 119003

File: 1433871112994.jpg (109.72 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

According to her schedule, it'll be a 10-seconds snippet.

… Yay? Also girl you can stop with this "I'm a cat purr" thing now. It went from dumb to creepy

No. 119004


Me too! Though to me it looks like he kept going around with her so, there's probably more footage. And if she keeps this 10 sec - 2 min video pace, she'll be able to milk it for a good time

No. 119006

i feel mildly uncomfortable after watching that. and not because its kiki. its because i dont feel the need to watch people be lovey dovey. why do THEY feel the need to film it?

No. 119008

the japanese concept of relationships is also a bit different. i would say its a bit more immature. like evne up til their 30s japanese people play those relationship games… you know… leaving the girl waiting for a phone call for 2 weeks. being a shady mofo.
i dont know what it is but japanese men are very… different.

No. 119018


Naive white girls you in danger in Roppongi, especially if you think a tiny "aishiteru" from a hookup means something.

She is accessorizing him though. Nigga don't know he's being filmed in an intimate situation for the internet. Japanese people hate having their real selves plastered over the internet, especially when not clothed and in bed.

Cackling at this thought because it's true. I can't wait to see Kaka milk this one night stand for 3 more months 10 seconds at a time. At this point it seems like they hardly interacted without her pulling out her phone to record it.

No. 119026

in danger of what, getting some hot n spicy dick?

I'll definitely lurk the premises next time I'm in town.

No. 119029

dick is dick
My dream is to taste all the dicks of the rainbow.

No. 119030

Japanese people don't really say aishiteru, but it's what foreigners often learn that's how you express affection because it's closest to "I love you" where suki is just "like". But, Japanese aren't usually blunt like that.

I just don't buy it– I really don't think this relationship is real like she's making it appear.
I think some of you guys are being naive because he's a cute Japanese guy.

No. 119033

>japanese men are very… different.
Exactly. Fucking exactly.

No. 119039

i honestly believe the country, among others, is emotionally stunted in some ways. (i do not mean this in a bad way at all, and its definitely preferable to the way america sexualization of everything is hitting younger and younger children)
but… because people arent encourage to communicate openly about anything, of course this affects their ability to portray their emotions. dating becomes a game or even a chore. of course its not only japan but… it so hard to explain as anything other than "different". basically, keekz just dont get your hopes up. take a lesson from venus

No. 119041

except when he breaks up with her kiki will self destruct, spewing bile about how he treated her, his attitude, japan in general

No. 119044

I was really thinking that Japan isn't a great place for her, nor is a Japanese relationship. The people who do end up living there happily and long term are kind of reserved with their feelings or not particularly overemotional, including her sister. Kiki is all about them. She's ruled by her feelings. The Japanese way of holding everything in and putting on a brave face or whatever isn't going to work out well for her. I'm sure that's part of her appeal to some Japanese though.

I really don't know about the whole "Japanese people don't like to be filmed" thing because I feel like I have seen some Japanese people being filmed doing things that would be considered embarrassing before? Is this more of a cultural norm that some don't really fall into or just one of those things that is really true? Can someone make a comparison to something similar in the US so I understand?

No. 119045

>america sexualization of everything is hitting younger and younger children

Although I agree with you about Japanese being emotionally retarded, I wouldn't really compare the sexualization of children to American sexualization of children imo (Insert picture of junior idol)

No. 119047

Japanese people don't like to be filmed without consent. That's why you always see pixalated faces in videos of strangers. They don't have to do that in the US.

And by filming strange things in public, what do you mean? Those videos are likely censored too, watch the faces in the background.


No. 119054

They're together for at least 4 months and she already met his parents. I don't know if it's "appropriate" to have waited at least a couple of months before milking the relationship. Not saying it's appropriate at all but come on lolcows are thirsty for attention. Her weeb teen fans will click the shit out of these vids for sure.

Also, I get the feeling he's not your regular Jap guy. He seems to be interested in western culture, looks hipsterish af and probably likes foreign women (just a guess tho). His parents don't look that traditional, too, but that's just a vibe I get based on one picture.

Vid related, music Kaka will remix in future bc her cute Japanese bf apparently only likes rap music.

No. 119058

yeah I was thinking, he doesn't seem traditional at all.

No. 119059

oh god that middle aged woman is everywhere

No. 119082


… Kiki? Or the commenter?

No. 119090

Just because she says she's got permission, doesn't mean it's true. Did she ever ask Jack Cash for permission? Or how about all of those people who she screencapped and posted conversations with? I don't believe it.

This. Also, Kaka is super American (keep in mind this is a generalization here and not everyone is like this), people are more independent here while it's all about the group in Japan. One example, in America, people in public will talk on their phone or to the person next to them completely freely, this is general not everyone of course. From what I've heard in Japan, it's completely the opposite, people try to keep their voices down and tend to think about the others around them more. Kaka is definitely not like that because in some videos she filmed in public there, you can hear her being loud and obnoxious.

Seriously. Her obsession with them is the creepiest thing ever. I'm sure her and Kota have already noticed this girl, I wonder what they think of it.

Commenter. We discussed her in a thread about being old and kawaii in b. She's a 45 year old weeb who now is lying about being 20 and is literally obsessed with Kaka, Kota, and Venus, especially Kota and Kaka. She tags literally everything with kotakoti and kikikannibal and constantly tweets at/about both of them.

No. 119094

Them diseased dix.

No. 119101

diseased asian dix tho

No. 119106

File: 1433883185905.jpg (34.54 KB, 176x291, Komyo_ga_Tsuji-banner.img_assi…)


I don't get how he seems non-traditional because he wears western clothes. Everyone in Tokyo wears western clothes. Like, how do you guys get all this from watching a less than 5 minute video of the dude?

Not defending the guy or anything, but sooper sleuthing and speculation some farmers do here is funny sometimes. Maybe it's just me.

No. 119123

>he's not your regular Jap guy because
>describes everything that is a typical japanese guy
way to go
most younger japanese guys are quite interested in western culture, because damn no one wanna be an otaku, and they certainly love their white women

No. 119126

i know right. aishiteru is serious shit man and i have never heard anyone actually use it. except foreign wominz when they want to impress their boifurendo

No. 119151

She probably asked him to say it anyway

No. 119152


Thank you! Honestly the speculation here goes so far. That she had a sugar daddy, that he's not traditional, that they broke up, etc etc etc

Really I know y'all have been missing that Kiki's milk but calm down

No. 119155

File: 1433889763086.jpg (167.44 KB, 600x827, Kiki-Kannibal-demolitionvenom-…)

It is most definitely not just you.
Most of the stories about lolcows are speculation and then get warped into fact after the repeated regurgitation from people that visit this site. Same with PULL. People try to pass opinions off as facts pretty regularly. It just makes me cringe because it is hard to want to read threads about cows when you see that conjecture has slowly morphed into fact.

No. 119167

Honestly I think with traditional he meant the meeting parents part. Letting your gf/bf meet your parents as a Japanese can mean you see that person as a marriage partner and is a big deal at least if they're traditional.

No. 119170

I'm with a Japanese in Japan and you're right, he never once said it. He says I love you in English though but we've been together/lived together for many years and it's not like Kiki's boytoy who probably has already moved on to a new foreign girl in Roppongi.

No. 119173

I wonder what video she would make of that.
"Locals taking advantage of innoncent girls"

No. 119184

top kek you're reaching waaaay too far
and 4 months is a perfectly decent time to meet his parents, it's not a rule
come on

No. 119320

How long was kaka in Japan? I thought it was 3 months.

No. 119334

it was 3 months and they didn't start hanging out til mid march. so more like 2 and a half months assuming they were hanging out since she got there.


No. 119336

>"Locals RAPING innoncent UNDERAGE 22 yr old girls"

that's what kaka would say

No. 119341

Wasn't she with her sugar daddy for the first month? Kaka and Taco-chan were probably only around each other for a month-ish

No. 119376

Painfully obvious that this guy just saw her as an easy lay. Too god damn awkward to be an actual couple. Using the same outfits? Come on, Kaka.

No. 119422


No one knows if there was a sugar daddy at all. It's speculation.

No. 119423

He's super cute tho, I'm so jelly :/

No. 119456

If you're white and skanky, you can easily find someone who looks cute like him.

Unfortunately most cute Japanese guys (who knows they're cute) aren't worth keeping. They're way too shallow.

No. 119457

I stress it's only speculation (a feeling I get) and based on few pics and vids. So chill, dude. I'm no Japanese culture expert and appreciate other's observations and experiences. I just think it's strange for him to drop an aishiteru and to introduce her to his parents this early, but like >>119184 said, there's no rule to it. Imagine your cute sheltered son with a hot, exotic and passionate white American that is a DJ, model, famous youtuber and has her own (reselling) business. Maybe she's not a bad catch after all.

No. 119474

Except that lengthy list of titles/achievements, she's probably not generating any income other than some ad revenue from her small, dwindling fanbase

No. 119486


>DJ, model, famous youtuber

[citation needed]

No. 119501

No. 119548

File: 1433953511021.jpg (98.54 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

in case anyone cares, she speaks Spanish, for having studied it for two years at college. Even though her course lasted what, 8 months?

No. 119556

This spanish isn't very good tbh but eh alright

No. 119567

File: 1433958531595.png (116.47 KB, 615x821, sfsd.PNG)

More showing off languages she can "speak." Idk about the Chinese and Korean, but the Japanese is very basic. This bitch really thought she needed to be in an intermediate class, lol.

No. 119568

File: 1433958795960.png (106.1 KB, 588x765, dsdg.PNG)

Also, she may start speaking google translate Arabic soon.

No. 119579

i totally understand people who like learning languages, i love it myself, but really hate people who make a big show about being SO FLUENT when they can at most introduce themselves.

it just bothers me when people say I CAN SPEAK 6 LANGUAGES…. doubt it, unless you moved around a lot as a kid and were forced to live in a variety of countries. OR, those languages are all fairly similar like the germanic languages

No. 119581

she'd probably be better if she hung out with the locals

No. 119582


"What language do you suggest I learn next?"
As in "what shoe should I wear"

She makes it sounds so mundane. This chick gives 0 fucks about knowledge.

No. 119584

i know right. if you're even half way serious about the language, the decision is not gonna be pulled out of your ass.
the amount of work it takes to be decent at a language is not worth it if you dont even like the way it sounds, the country its spoken in, the culture, any of those things. she's trying hard to prove something but no one knows what. girl's got too much time

No. 119585

that's super strange to use traditional chinese when addressing mainland china, even though the sentence structure is again mainland chinese… and it's wrong as fuck. in such cases I would advice to juts stick with learning one language, not many halfassed.

No. 119589

I understand it as well and I feel the same way. I also think you should at least wait until you can have a conversation with someone on your own in one language before you start learning another one. I see no point in learning languages if you keep moving onto another one after you learn how to form super basic sentences.

I agree. People who actually give a shit about these things don't feel the need to show it off at every chance they get. Like I get her speaking Spanish because there were people tweeting about her in Spanish. But there was no reason for her to randomly pull out Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. I am positive she doesn't really have anyone who natively speaks those languages watching her videos.

>the amount of work it takes to be decent at a language is not worth it if you dont even like the way it sounds, the country its spoken in, the culture, any of those things.

No. 119600

i guess she is doing the thing taylor and daktoa did early on
post shit in a bunch of different languages and hopefully someone will like you enough to plaster your face all over tv as REARU BAABI

No. 119606

Except that Dakota was never this sloppy. She claimed to be learning Chinese after she actually got a Chinese television news feature, and the switched to Nihongo after she found better work there– actually pretty understandable. In comparison, Kiki's just pulling bullshit out of her ass now, especially since approximately two of her followers are from anywhere near east asia.

No. 119608

The only way it'll work out is if she drops the delusion that she's a kawaii girl with a baby face and finds a country that likes her harsh features. I don't think anywhere in east Asia is going to find her look appealing. The only thing people are going to find appealing about her is that she's taking an "interest" in their language/culture and she's white with blue eyes+lighter hair, which won't take her that far.

No. 119610

File: 1433966374800.jpg (315.71 KB, 957x957, 425075_272042789533465_2950566…)

Somehow Kiki pretending to be Dakota was Kiki's best era. Does anyone know if she's got a weave in here? The fringe looks perfect.

What's sad about that is that I genuinely believe that if Kiki had played her cards better (that is, not making a fool of herself on twitter and instagram and youtube) she probably could have booked some decent modeling jobs. I'm not saying she could be Dakota-tier, but she's still got all the right tools and she's kind of thrown it away. I can imagine her personality not fittin in well in Japan at all.

No. 119612

Go away KaKa

No. 119613

I don't think Kaka would admit she couldn't be Dakota-tier and that she wouldn't fit in well in Japan. I think even after all of the failing there, she still believes that Japan would love her more than they love Kota and that they just need to be exposed to her more.

No. 119614


If that's the case, then why hasn't Japan picked Kiki up by now?

She won't make it as a model in Japan, simple as. Doesn't fit the bill, doesn't have the features or anything. Even if she did, I wouldn't imagine it going very well. I'd rather stick to Kota tyvm.

No. 119616

It's like the new thing, isn't it? "I'm white so I can get Japanese guys/girls easily ~~"

I wonder when kiki will just get bored and move on already, it's getting old and fast.

Reminds me of all the dumb girls who go after the Turkish men on holiday from the UK and cry in the magazines how they were used for foreign fetish and visa

No. 119619



Kiki is after attention in any shape or form, even down to putting up videos of her new toy boy. That's how low she's steeped.

When will she learn that youtube is for actual videos and not snippets of 'the aftermath' or drawing dumb things on that guy's face.

It doesn't make sense… I know youtube has plenty of stupid videos but christ

No. 119620

I said
>I think even after all of the failing there, she still believes that Japan would love her more than they love Kota and that they just need to be exposed to her more.

It would be super hypocritical of me to say that she could be a model because I was this anon >>119608

I definitely do agree with you though.

No. 119621


Reckon he'll marry her?

No. 119625


Ah! I see now, sorry.

I do wonder… what her goal out of all this is though…

No. 119628

I'm really sorry if I sounded rude.

I wonder as well. I guess it's still modeling, but shouldn't she be taking more pictures for that? I don't even get why she never did that, like if I were in her shoes and wanted to model in Japan, I'd take many modeling photos and post them while there since I think it'd be more likely to get attention there? (I've heard that if you post something online, you're more likely to get people who live closer to you/in your country looking at it.)

No. 119631

I want to add:
She's like pt, she expects so much to happen but doesn't do anything at all for it.

No. 119635

I have met people that can speak 6 languages very well, not all of them fluent, but enough to get by and understand. But these people were very intelligent to begin with and had a love and passion for language and linguistics. Kiki just learns some basic phrases then brags about it. She is terrible

No. 119646

i dont know what motives japanese men have for marrying foreign women (besides commodifying them) but kiki could definitely use that to her advantage to stay in japan.

No. 119657


I can recall someone on here saying that Kiki isn't exactly the type to do that. That it isn't her style or something.

I don't think it is either but who says, she might not do that? Get hitched, live in Japan, find modelling work or have a hafu child and try getting that into some line of work. I dunno… I could be wrong here.

But there isn't really any intention on her being in Japan. Not that there needs to be, I mean I want to go this year just to sight see, shopping and meet my penpals! Yet it's like Kiki is expecting fame, she demands it because she's useless and pretty. At least kota had some brains and got herself work.

Maybe he's just to show off while she's into this japan/kawaii fad. Since there isn't anything else… for her to do i guess.

No. 119658


No no! It's fine, honestly.

Exactly! I mean she used to take so many photos… I'd be doing that, then finding an agent or something. But then again, would it work and would anyone hire her?

Shame she isn't in the UK. She could have just opted for Drop Dead and all that urban/underground kind of modelling. She'd suit that far better than having her face appear on the latest cover of Zipper or Kera.

No. 119659


imagine if she ended up on xhamster

No. 119666

I don't think it would do anything, but it's better than her sitting around and hoping for something to work. There are so many girls much cuter than Kaka who don't really get attention in Japan. If you just look up makeup tutorials in Japanese on yt, you'll find many Kota wannabes who are a lot cuter than Kaka, but get like 5 Japanese commenters at the very most(PeachMilkyTea is a good example of this).

I just looked that company up and I definitely think she's suit that kind of modeling as well.

No. 119672


But kaka won't do it because it isn't 'in' atm or anymore, she gotta be kawaii elf doll competing with her successful sister

No. 119747

>PeachMilkyTea is a good example of this
Selfpost? Because that girl is… not ugly, but too overstyled. The yellow hair. Eckh.

No. 119752

I'm just saying she's cuter than Kaka and tries to get attention in Japan but doesn't get it.
I do feel you on the yellow hair thing tho.

No. 119753

She isn't ugly, I think PM is pretty. I liked her Elsa cosplay because for some reason due to Anna/Elsa's faces, I can kind of picture them looking like that? With the odd shape noses? She just fit it perfectly and I liked how it wasn't Elsa's snow queen costume but the coronation one instead. I think she's really cute.

Again, not keen on the yellow hair.

No. 119754


She won't be it because… C'mon HOW many girls are going through the "I look like a cute doll" stage? There is tons… everything she does is merely the same as to what other girls are doing though. Nothing is new, nothing is unique.

I mean, it'd be nice if she did get attention but what would it lead to? Modelling? They've already got a ton of models who look like her… dress like her…

No. 119760

>Thank you for watching my videos everyone, it means a lot to me ^ ^ I will do my best to continue to upload and film!

Kaka's acting like these are recently "filmed".

No. 119762

dude, i hate asian fetishists as much as the next guy (my best friend goes through that shit) but no need to go "eeeevvil white devil!!!11" lots of black and latino men fetishize asians too
thinking only whites do that is counter productive to your point
Sorry off topic

No. 119799

New kaka video and I can't even sit through it because her voice just annoys me

No. 119804

>want to help with viewer's health
>reason why she wanted to start doing videos again


No. 119805

Yes all 5 of your fans wanted you to come back and make videos. What a pathetic try hard, no matter what you do you will never be success your sister is.

No. 119806

Wtf is this bullshit excuse that she didn't keep making videos because she didn't think people were watching them? Her videos of a consistent 20k~ views, how the fuck you're going to try and dig for asspats about your views?

Fucking cunt was just made she didn't get featured in Asia and get millions of views.

No. 119807

You are being way too generous with her view count a lot of her newer vids were barely hitting 10 k

No. 119811

yea, and 8k probably comes from traffic via lolcow or PULL

No. 119812


way to be congruent kaka

you said you stopped making videos because ~hatrzzz~ were taking your shitty advices

No. 119814


AKA dropping japanese soon

well she got some IS friends to practice already lol

No. 119817

I was talking about her older videos that she posted before going to Japan. All of those have a decent view count. Of course her newer videos aren't going to have as many views as videos up for 6~ months.

No. 119826

>I have the time now to make videos

keeeeek more like Kaka ran out of Japan shit to keep up the lies so now she's totally following Dakochan's aesthetic and makeup to get attention. Right down to the game music.

>I am making these videos for other people and health

Cool story bro. If only she'd act her age in these videos, then I'd believe it.

No. 119834

Wow, I can actually see her nose.

>Since my viewers are more vocal about me making videos

I'm pretty sure they were always vocal about this.

This is actually one of her videos that I can actually sit all the way through and not get annoyed. She isn't trying incredibly hard to be funny/cute(although there was one part where she was trying to be cutesy), she's speaking normally, and she isn't using way too much brightness. I wonder if she listened to our critiques.

No. 119839

some eyebrow gel would do her great

No. 119851


Agreed. She's not trying super hard and I can see her face for once. And it's a helpful video somewhat. Kuddos Kaka.

No. 119853

Google+ message:

"Hey cool cats ᏊᵒꈊᵒᏊ,
A new video will be posted tomorrow (06/11) !
Who will tune in and watch? Hope you're all well kittens! Always allow your kind heart shine and dispel any negativity that may ever come your way. It shows great strength to be kind! So be your strongest, brightest and keep on keeping on! You will be more than just fine ^ ^ I have faith in you all to keep your hearts big, pure and radiant. Show those who are hurting a kind smile and be luminous. You can heal those in pain by just being kind. In turn it will keep your outlook on life positive and your spirits high. Remember, you are wonderful!"
sailor moon gif

Aawww :3 …my asshole ways are, melting?

No. 119860

>i will automatically tune out any negativity, including plain honesty
>i expect people to be nice to me

i guess at least she's trying to shoot into her little niche again

comparing this voice with her normal voice makes me lel

No. 119867


What a bunch of bs.

Notice how this video looks a lot like Dakota's in her early kotakoti stage? Only difference is, Kiki hasn't got that same appeal.

Not buying it, I think it's a pile of my hole. Sorry.

No. 119868


blame the stormfags for that

No. 119871

I wonder what Kiki was these few months between after she came back from Japan to now.
Having a meltdown because Kota was on TV and magazines in Japan but nobody gave two fucks about her? Did she just lay down in bed crying, thinking about all those Dakota ads she saw while in Tokyo?

No. 119873


Probably. But is there that many ads with Dakota in them? So far we've only seen her appearances on TV off youtube, a few commercials and her in magazines? I think she'll get more well known in the future.

I have a feeling maybe kiki works a part time job tbh. I heard she does, in a store. I think kota must have done the same back in America.

No. 119878

File: 1434028400983.jpg (47.5 KB, 1310x732, maxresdefault.jpg)

This is slightly ot, but can you track people on google+? Like what's up with her wanting to post on there all of a sudden? I get she can make longer posts on there, but it's better to just get a tumblr for that because it's much more popular. I don't know a single person that actually uses google+.

I don't really get the Kota comparisons with this video? I think if she was trying to be more like Kota in this video, she'd use the angles/lighting she used in her older videos, like in this pic. It doesn't seem to me like she even tried to be attractive in this video.

Idk about ads, but she did post pictures or videos at that park Kota had an interview and took pictures with fans at. If she was just pretending she was there(I'm pretty sure they were posted when she left/was supposed to leave), I'm sure fans must've stopped them when they hung out. Kota seems pretty popular since Abi Pop and PeachMilkyTea have said that people in Japan have thought they were Kota.

I don't think so, I know she did work at a store years ago, but I think she quit to focus on music, youtube, and her store at the time.

No. 119879

Why would you find this endearing? She always talks like this when she's going through one of her ~love and light~ phases.

No. 119880

Main thing with G+ is it's connected to youtube. a few youtubers use g+ but like no one else.

No. 119888

jesus christ it took her that long to make a vegan video
i understand she has been searching for new ideas but veganism has been a constant in her life for many years now, so she could at least keep rolling vegan videos out, at least to maintain some online presence.
remember - social media presence doesnt guantee fame, but total absence gets you nowhere.

No. 119891

There was once a Dakota truck or train, actually it was a commercial for some cosmetic school which Dakota modeled for and they advertised on vehicles.
I just thought it would be hilarious if Kiki saw that while walking through Tokyo and started boiling inside.

No. 119892

If Kiki does feel that way, then that's weird. I think it makes more sense if someone was proud of their sibling's achievements and said "Hey I'm related to this amazing/famous person." Like a lot of people would love to be related to Shaq or something. Dakota isn't that level but she is somewhat famous

No. 119895

i cant fathom kiki having real emotions, but given her history of narcissism i feel like she would have to mention it to anyone nearby, and how similar they look, and how practically famous she is. also of course how kiki inspired her hah

No. 119912

well, she's definitely been lurking lolcow, or someone translated our advice into a syrupy-sweet fanletter long enough for her to swallow part of it. at least she took the part about changing her hair-part/bangs to cover up the fivehead.

No. 119916


The Sailor Moon gif made it

No. 119917


…no she didn't ?

She toned down the lightning and the white wear

No. 119923

>be positive and collect info on anyone who says something negative about you and make an archive out of it lovelys

No. 120007

File: 1434048457887.png (2.17 MB, 1278x2086, 76543.png)

this looks like a prayer. like it's a motivational speech for herself actually.

the video kind of confirms that. she looks like she could cry at any moment.
she has a vexed look on the face when talking about wellbeing and feeling good on the inside.

>We really wanna feel our best so that nothing can stop us from creating our lives and ourselves [swallowing/raised brows]

her microexpressions show discomfort. she is talking about herself, she doesn't feel her best.

>i really wanna help people feel better about themselves

i want to help myself feel better

>and feel good on the inside. who doesn't want that? [quick glances to the side, blinking]

again, talking about herself

plus, there are no real smiles in that video. her mouth may be smiling, the eyes aren't.

No. 120016


Ok do you work with this kind of thong? Cuz you nailed it, man. I was wondering if there was smthg different there because she seemed much more calm and less "funny".

No. 120018

File: 1434049661324.gif (895.41 KB, 375x215, shia.gif)

No. 120029

Does anyone else NOT found ANYthing correlating slim waists and blackberries like Kiki claimed in the video?

No. 120032

I didn't notice that before. Now I really thing the reason she was gone for so long is because something that really upset her happened. Part of me feels like it has something to do with Taku, not succeeding in Japan, and/or seeing Dakota's success with her own eyes. I think it would really have to do with Taku because she seems to get really attached to people, he was telling her he loves her in that video, and it looks like they only hung out 2 days. It makes more sense for someone to take a break from everything for 2 months after a bad breakup/heartbreak. With the other 2 things, she should be used to Kota's popularity/failing and she usually gets right back up after failing.

No. 120033

I think that was her just saying that the smoothie is healthy, so you can drink it when you're trying to lose weight.

No. 120046

She looks like she's on the verge of tears the whole video. I wonder what happened.

No. 120062

Every single vegan I've known or seen anyways looks way older than they actually are.

There's no way that shit is actually good for you.

No. 120069

In >>119878 she's parted/shaped her hair more like from the kiki mimeux era, unless that's an older picture? I hadn't seen it before, but then again, I don't pay attention to Dakota's sister unless I'm bored & taking it out on lolcow.

No. 120074

That's from an older video. I said if she was trying to be like Kota she'd use the lighting/angles she did in her older videos and used that pic as an example. In this video (caps here >>120007) she doesn't seem to be trying to look her most attractive since she's not using any special angles and we can see all of her features.

No. 120076

I don't know if its some kind of make up but it looks kinda red under her eyes as if she has been crying or hasnt been sleeping well.

No. 120080

I know a few people that are and they look really, really young. I don't know if it is because they haven't been doing it long, but all I'm saying, is that anecdotal evidence =/= fact.

No. 120089

Idk many vegans irl but JennaMarbles used to be one for a couple years and she looked great. I don't think Kiki is the best example of a bad looking vegan since I don't really think the veganism is the main factor in why she doesn't look that good. I think she doesn't look all that good because she's having a quarter-life crisis, she's obsessing over her online presence, and rarely goes outside/socializes with anyone. I also think veganism and diets like it just aren't for everyone.

No. 120092

I agree, vegan diets aren't for everyone.

But it's also not like your diet is the only factor in whether or not you look young and healthy. If you are stressed, it shows.

No. 120101

Kiki is just a moron with her diet. Even if she weren't a vegan she'd be unhealthy.

Remember that video she did about testing your spit for candida? Well, candida is yeast. She ads nutritional yeast to every. single. thing. She makes.

No. 120117

File: 1434060514598.jpg (48.54 KB, 636x348, Untitled-2.jpg)

I feel like we broke Kirsten.

No. 120148

File: 1434065290035.jpg (51.48 KB, 640x864, image.jpg)

I knoooow I mean

No. 120151

File: 1434065431251.jpg (51.77 KB, 639x748, image.jpg)

It's kinda heartbreaking. I hope it isn't serious and just speculation… Maybe a bad day? PMS?

Also, I gotta say I think she looked the best in this video if compared to her other ones. Eyes vs skin contrast on point, with no overdoing. Also, she got nice teeth and lips.

No. 120155



>feeling bad for Kirsten

No. 120165

The contrast is still way too high. Yall so used to seeing a white sheet with a shit tonne of eyemakeup that you forgot she has a real face hidden beneath the filters.

No. 120166

Fucking seriously.

Her eyes are so full of sadness baww

No. 120167

I agree. I didn't want to say anything because I thought that people who go, "kiki go away." She's a lolcow and a shitty person, but I don't wish misery on her. Part of me wants her to get her shit together and stop trying to be someone she's not.

Ehh, I wouldn't say she looks the best in this video, I think she looks good in this cap >>119878 here. But I think it's more refreshing seeing how she looks in this new video because this is what she actually looks like. I know she doesn't really shoop or anything but I think the angles/lighting she used made a huge difference from how she looks naturally. Like a lot of people thought she had a nose job recently because the lighting/angles/shoop in her old picture/videos gave the illusion she had a wider, rounder, and straighter nose.

No. 120172

File: 1434070346919.gif (1.69 MB, 400x225, 5f9c60492de67239c8ba992dd84b5f…)

I'm sorry, but I can't feel sorry for her. Like, at all. She did this to herself. She's an adult, without any sort of tragic predisposition in life.
She's lazy, self-centered, stuck up and expects things to be handed to her because she used to be the "scene queen".

She lies to herself and everyone else. Narcissistic people can't just "get their shit together."
I think she's just stuck like this. Ya'll can hope for her happy assimilation into a normal life or whatever, but I'm gonna grab a granola bar and watch this train-wreck burnn.

No. 120173

You reap what you sow.

No. 120174

lol same

No. 120176

totally agree, selena

No. 120181

Agreed. She might try to appear nice in her videos but she's a cruel, cold-hearted bitch. Some people seem to be fooled since she's not made a video in some time.

No. 120190


My sentiments exactly.
You reap what you sow and Kirsten has sown enough to supply a lunar colonisation project with the oxygen produced by the resulting plants.

No. 120191

seriously? what a load of bull. you can all go back to PULL with your empath speculations and body language reading. she looked fine in the video and always does shit like look to the side and swallow. ugh. i scrolled down to see this as the first post >>120172 and I legit thought she had a breakdown or something from the sound of it. but no. it's just a bunch of video nitpicking and random screenshots of her making faces in the middle of talking.

No. 120193

>She did this to herself.

Yes and no. This is what happens when you home school your daughters and let them sacrifice their life to the internet. I don't know if Kiki'd have anything to put on a resume to get a job. Like, what would she do?

No. 120194

i thought it was two girls

No. 120207

All three of those posts were making different points, pick one.

I get rolling your eyes for >>120117, but the last one is clearly sarcastic. You have to be retarded or new to the English language to think otherwise.
And the "UGH GTFO PULL" post as you referred to was a pretty good analysis of some of her facial expressions– it's not anon's fault you thought she had a meltdown. You should probably have watched the video first before posting.

No. 120209

>without any sort of tragic predisposition in life.
She fucked a pedophile and that pedophile died how is that not tragic?

No. 120210

>she's a victim of pedo raep!!1!
okay Kiki

No. 120213

Pedo? Wat.

Kirsten was 14 at the time, that didn't make the dude a pedophile.

No. 120214


10/10 banner material

No. 120217


This so much. I'm vegetarian myself but due high workplace stress, lack of sleep and whatnot I often look pale and tired no matter how healthy and organic I eat.

sage because blogging

No. 120219

Lord, you can tell it's a PULLtard talking because they think 14 is grown and worldly. (Naturally, because most of them are about 14.)

Kiki was actually the oldest of Danny's girlfriends. He was an 18/19 year old serial rapist who fucked girls 10-14. I don't care if that's strictly 'pedophilia' or not, it's still fucking slimy and weird. When I was 18 I had absolutely no interest in messing around with tweens; there's a massive cognitive difference between a 14 year old and an 18 year old, and the only reason an 18 year old would want to date a <14 year old is if he couldn't get the attention of girls his own age (gee… I wonder why!). It's not like Kiki was remarkably mature for her age, since she STILL acts twelve.

Kiki does some lulzy things like pretend to speak seven languages and post unnecessarily personal videos, but I'm grossed out by people who poke fun at the Cespedes situation. Even if you want to dispute the credibility of her rape accusation, the dude obviously wreaked genuine havoc on that already dysfunctional family, and then went and got himself killed, which became the subject of public debate. Like, the dude had multiple tattoos of Kiki. He was fucking nuts

No. 120221


She even altered her speech to have those softer pronunciations on certain things, like a faux japanese accent. Kind of like Dakota when she first moved there.

No. 120227

I dislike Kiki but I cannot understand how anyone can defend this guys's behavior at all.

No. 120240

lol I did watch the video before even reading these, that's the reason I was surprised that it was what they were referring to. She smiled a bunch of times, her mannerisms are the same as always. I didn't find anything out of the ordinary at all. She talked for a 1:48 about food and pretentious anon comes up with a whole analysis on it, and the other anons believe it. Give me a break.

No. 120243

ching chong fag here. she's using traditional characters for some reason (??? she's obviously not in taiwan.) Her grammar is completely fucked up, but I think she's trying to say "I see many Chinese masses/people, I thank you!"

She may be trying to say "我多中国人看了, 谢谢!" (I have seen many Chinese people, thank you!) but I don't really see how that is important or relevant..??

Please forgive me for any mistakes I have made, I am but a 笨洋人.

No. 120245

Chinamangoes learner here. It sounds like she's going for "My Chinese public, I thank you!" but she put the "you" in the singular, not the plural. Like Google would do if you tried to go Eng→Chinese

No. 120246

File: 1434104005471.jpg (17.03 KB, 480x480, 11046458_1571978943057780_1649…)

Loling at "My Chinese Public" but I think you're right. Maybe she was trying to say "My hordes of Chinese fans" (huehuehue.)

Makes sense that she wouldn't know the difference between 你 and 你们. She obviously has no clue that it's almost impossible to translate Chinese literally, which is why google translate fucks it up. (I still can't get over her trying to use Traditional characters.)

This just proves that Kaka tries so hard to be ~cultured~ and ~sophisticated~, but fails miserably since she has no inherently unique ideas and lacks the intelligence to generate anything out of popular trends, not to mention being unable to speak anything other than garbled sentences of other languages spat out from google translate.

pic related: kiki

No. 120248

Are you mental? Either you are 14 or you're a pedophile.

No. 120254


Because you've had your image of the situation tainted by Cathy's lies.
Danny didn't even know that Kirsten was 14 when they first started dating, he thought she was 16 and get parents both corroborated in this lie at the time believed that Kirsten going up with a "scene king" would bring them even more publicity and $$$$.

How are people already forgetting this fact?

No. 120259

You're forgetting that he didn't drop her like a hot potato once he found out her real age, that he had multiple other relationships with underage girls, and that he fell for Cathy's entrapment which involved the promise of taking drugs with a twelve year old.

Life doesn't follow the structure of having good guys and bad guys. Both of them can be shit people. Danny being shit doesn't automatically make Kiki some saint.

No. 120261

no, the trap was Cathy convincing a girl that he raped a baby, to get her in on the plan to set him up at the mall where he would be arrested.

No. 120265

yeah, she convinced the girl of that so she could use her social media profiles to promise him sex and drugs, to get Danny to actually come to the mall where the trap was set. You utter retard.

Did you think they just jumped him by chance in a random mall? No. They convinced him he was meeting an under-age girl for sex.

No. 120271

Wow there are a few people in this thread who are obviously just pulling shit straight from their ass in an attempt to appear "in the know" or weren't even there at the time.
I was around and watching the drama unfold during at the time so I'm gonna tell you dingbats how it actually was:

When Danny and Kirsten first met Danny was had just turned 18 and Kirsten was 14 almost going 15, so hardly the fresh, innocent newly blossomed 14 year old you have in your mind. At this point she was already going clubbing and drinking every weekend and it was something she'd mention pretty frequently on her livechat and blog (this was before the *~ pure mystical vegan "cleanse your body"~* phase).

They originally encountered each other on Myspace where Danny was kind of a big thing in his own right, with people referring to him as "Mr. Myspace". After talking for a while they decided to meetup and from there it progressed onto dating.

For the entire first month and a bit of their relationship Kirsten lied to Danny about her age and instead told him that she was 17. I can only surmise that she was desperate to impress Danny (who was like, the pinnacle of her type looking at past and present boyfriends). This, as Anon stated here >>120254, was in fact corroborated by Cathy and Scott who we all know are money grubbing fucks and probably saw dollar signs in their eyes and subsequent magazine interviews and photoshoots for "The King and Queen of Myspace teen romance".
For anybody that was around at the time knows that Kirsten's real age was already kind of a fuzzy subject because it was something she was never honest about when asked, with her profile switching back and forth between shit like 16 years old to 98 years old etc.

Danny came from a broken home. His father was in fact a convicted of sex offences against a minor and in prison, and I believe Danny was living with his aunt who had a drinking problem. Shortly after meeting and dating Kirsten, Cathy and Scott made the decision, at Kirsten's behest, to welcome Danny into their home. This was actually WHILST Danny was still under the illusion that Kirsten was 17 so it was in fact Cathy and Scott who made the decision to allow an 18 year old to live in in the home and and sleep in the bed of their 14 year old daughter.
It was also during this time that Kirsten first began sleeping with Danny regularly (condom gate). For this I have zero qualms against Danny for because at the time he honestly believed that she was 17. According to my memory it was not too long after this that a personal friend of Kirsten's told Danny that Kirsten was at the time 14 (on the cusp of 15 by this point). He flipped and left their house and vanished for 2 days and Kirsten was pretty distraught about it (according to her blogs at the time).
After 2 days he returned and talked to Kirsten , Cathy and Scott about it, and they decided to continue their relationship and to continue living there as he didn't really have anywhere else to go and was or believed he was in love with Kirsten at this point.

There is actually a diary entry written up by Danny just before he died floating around on the internet somewhere and it details his time spent dating Kirsten and the reasons for why he ended up ending the relationship. In it he comes across as a very calm, reasonable and lucid individual and a hell of a lot more likeable than the Ostrenga's who can't seem to open their mouths without lying.
Kirsten/Cathy(?) has since wiped the original copy clean from any other website, but I know there's a screencap of it lingering on PULL somewhere amongst mess that is the multiple Kiki threads. If I'm bored enough later I'll go and dig it out.

If any of you are still having trouble understanding how Danny was fooled by Kirsten about her age, well, this is how she looked about the time they started dating. I probably would have believed she was 17 too based on her appearance at the time.


The girl wasn't 12, where are you getting your fucking information from? Do you have a direct line to Cathy herself?

No. 120273

Also, tep kek, I found an old Yahoo sock account of Kirsten or Cathy's from after the time Danny died.


No. 120280

File: 1434115073509.png (242.72 KB, 1715x1188, Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 9.16…)

I'll just leave this here without further comment

No. 120283

>in the bed of their 14 year old daughter.
WUT. they didn't even give him his own room? or make him sleep in the couch at least? air mattress on the floor? damn.

No. 120284

File: 1434115649385.png (84.03 KB, 1052x233, 34zk9hw.png)


Guess I'll just drop this here then :^)

>"lied about her age and told Daniel that she was 17 years old"

In 2006.
That screencap dates 2007

Kirsten is well known for being dishonest about her age.

Get btfo.

No. 120290

lolollloll chill sister, i wasn't denying that she lied about her age. maybe i should have left a comment after all. i was trying to emphasize on the inapproriate "14 is the new 18". like, what's that suppose to mean? that 14 year olds can do what 18 years old do?

No. 120292


Oh nvm I thought you were that dumb fuck who was trying to play a sympathy card for Kirsten.

No. 120323

Fucking this.

The reason you always see so many girls in their mid 20s now who were there for the height of scene and myspace at 16/17 claiming Kiki was their age/older than them and lying about her age is because to them, she was their age. She has always been ambiguous about her age and lied about it to seem more mature or to purposely confuse people, and to those of us who were there, INCLUDING Danny, she WAS 17. It's only hard to understand in retrospect.

Should Danny have fucked a 14 yr old? No. But should Kiki's parents have let her adult boyfriend live with them and fuck in her bed KNOWING that she was 14? Fucking hell no. And as for not dropping her after he found out her real age…he did eventually. i doubt it felt it woukd be as easy as just breaking up with her and bailing, and certainly when he actually did that, he was framed for pedo rape and killed himself.

Granted he did have a history of dating younger girls (not 12, that's a lie) but so many girls lied about their age, seriously. Age of consent is 16 in Florida for those under 23 and also kind of ambiguous in cases of relationships, google florida age if consent for more info) but idk man her parents knew what was happening and could have prevented it.

Now she plays it up for sympathy like he forced her and manipulated her as if she and her family had nothing to do with it. I wonder if she realizes that the only people who ever truly manipulated and victimized her were her parents.

No. 120333

>Now she plays it up for sympathy like he forced her
yeah, I hope I don't anger anybody, but imo there's a huge difference between statutory rape, and forcible rape. and in her most recent Danny mentions, she's been trying to make him sound as physically abusive as possible, saying he "violently" took off her underwear, or something like that, and kicked her or something. it's on her website. stuff that's never been said anywhere before.

No. 120334


>a whole analysis

that was nothing.

what stands out is the discrepancy between her body language and what she is saying.
do you not understand human behaviour at least a little bit?

No. 120339


>fucking hell no. And as for not dropping her after he found out her real age…he did eventually

Yeah, I actually feel bad for Danny taking into consideration his situation at the time. People say "Oh but he was 18, he was an adult", but to me 18 years old is still a teen. I don't know any one person who seriously had their shit together by age 18, I know I didn't. I was still a mess when I was 18 and still kind of am.

He came from a poor Hispanic background, I know that he was allegedly bullied due to the situation with his biological father being in prison on sex offences and his home life was heavily unstable.
I think he found a sense of belonging in the scene community, but at that point the majority of people who were into scene were in their early teens. His entire friend group consisted of people who were a couple of years younger than him and that definitely contributed to his lack of emotional maturity.
I know that when he first met Kirsten he was completely besotted by her, and originally he found a secondary home in the Ostrengas. At the time it must have seemed too good to be true, a beautiful, popular girlfriend who seems to adore you, a seemingly well to do family welcoming you into their home with open arms.

I can't say I agree with him staying with Kirsten even after he found out her real age, but with having nowhere else to return to and with Kirsten, Cathy and Scott all pressuring him and making it seem like it was okay I'm not surprised he did stay with her. He was in love, or at least believed he was.
He clearly originally had a problem with her age or he wouldn't have fucked off for two days when he found out that she was indeed a minor. It obviously bothered him.

People say he's a pedophile but I don't think that's the case at all, I think he was severely lacking in any real maturity and although he may have been 18, in his head it probably still felt like he was 15/16.

I don't know how many people know this but all this stuff that Kirsten does in reference to shit like Power Rangers and Final Fantasy VII, well it was actually Danny that used to come over with old Power Rangers toys he'd find that he'd gift to Kirsten since they were "funny" and "quirky", and it was him that got her playing Final Fantasy VII, which is why Kirsten and Dakota always talk about it/uses the music in their videos but it's the only Final Fantasy game in the series they've actually played.

No. 120342

File: 1434121258203.jpg (20.5 KB, 376x500, 1412425945571.jpg)

Hey guys, I couldn't find the screencap of the diary that Danny made in reference to his time spent with Kirsten, but somebody copied and pasted the text which I have here:


"Whenever we went anywhere she had to turn it into a fucking photoshoot, where she was the only one with a camera, so other people couldn't take photos of her she couldn't get her hands on and photo-edit before they got on the internet.
She would bitch at anyone who put her photo on the internet without her permission. All her photos has to be posed and edited. She would get pissed off if anyone took a picture with their camera and start saying "don't put that online". Yes, I made a mistake, but Kiki's made many more and told many more lies in her journals that I know the truth behind. I agree with most of the horrible shit she posted about me, but despite all this horrible stuff she still writes journals saying she considers taking me back. She bitched about everyone, she's only scared of losing me because she knows I was her only true friend, the only one she didn't bitch about (but maybe she did, who knows), and now she's turned everything around on Eric. She has to pretend she's hard but all she cared about was her Myspace, when she was around real people she suddenly wasn't so big anymore. Her whole family are obsessed with the internet. I am a Myspace whore but I got where I am because I enjoy it and I like people, not because my whole family are promoting me or because I have nowhere else to go with my life. The only people she knew were people she met through me. Now she's scared because she knows she has lost them all. They think that they can take Kiki out of education and she can make a living on the internet, but they're wrong: Kiki is only well known because everyone hates her. You can't make money out of haters, but she's dilluded, and has been ever since our relationship started. All she ever talked about was Myspace, whenever anyone writes anything bad she expects us all to jump in and defend her. We got sick of it, after a while everyone she hung out with in real life stopped commenting on her stuff and backing her up against haters, so she bitched about them. She always called her haters "stalkers" and "obsessed" but she was her own hater, she was obsessed with herself and how everyone saw her. All she cared about was how our relationship was portrayed, how everyone else saw it, she didn't care about what it actually was, just how it looked to other people on the internet. People she didn't even know.I should have ended it as soon as I realised, but I liked her, and I thought she would at least show me some respect for sticking with her even when everyone turned their backs on her. It was the same with her hair, it looked good from a forward angle, but from behind it didn't look right, so we couldn't take photos of her from
behind. We'd get funny comments thrown at us in the streets, sometimes people would recognise her and call her names, she didn't fight back, she hid away, or called her dad to pick her up and spend the whole journey back bitching about how fat they were. She's posted all these journals making herself sound like the victim, when it's the other way around, she hates people, they fight back, and then she posts journals to get sympathy, when she was the one that started it. I liked the attention while I was with her, but now that we've broken up I've got even more support, I didn't realise how much she hurts people, I guess I became trapped in her world where haters are just jealous but now I realise it's more than that. She wrote that journal to cover her back, because she knew the truth would come out eventually. She pretends she wants me back because she's scared of me telling people about all the horrible stuff she's done to get where she is.
It's too late. "

No. 120345


Also this is a post that was made to PULL by a woman who actually knows Danny's mother Lourdes. In it she sheds some light on the situation:


"I joined this forum because I'm tired of seeing so many lies floating around the internet about Daniel, and the fact that Kiki has successfully ruined him image and made him look like a rapist… that is far from the truth. I am a friend of the family, my mother worked with Lourdes (Daniel's mom) for many years, I met Daniel many times and will tell the side of the story as I know it, i'll try to be brief:

Daniel met Kiki in person after they met online, (Cathy actually took Kiki to the meeting place) after meeting Kiki he quickly became obsessed with her, his mom began to worry because he started to copy her weird style (the racoon hair, makeup, clothes), his mom being an old fashioned Cuban mother was alarmed and often spoke to my mother about this so called Kiki that seemed to be a bad influence on Daniel.

I saw Daniel after he had already began a relationship with Kiki, he had changed so much I could barely recognize him, he was very quiet, and seemed very angry and was even very rude to us when he had always been a very polite and sweet guy. As the relationship progressed Daniel's mother opposed even more, and even threatened to kick Daniel out of the house if he did not stop seeing Kiki, Daniel did not listen and began sleeping over the Ostrenga house, one day my mother told me Daniel had developed a horrible rash all over his skin, it was contagious and he had gotten it from sleeping in Kiki's bed, Daniel's mom was desperate and begged Daniel to stop seeing Kiki but he continued to see her and became more and more defiant towards his mom, the rash got worse and one day Lourdes went to the Ostrenga house to speak with Kiki's parents. ~
To her surprise her parents treated her as if she was the enemy and told Lourdes she should let her son be happy and to let Daniel be with Kiki because they were young and in love, Cathy confessed that she was the one that did Daniel's hair into the hideous hairstyles and told Lourdes that Daniel could stay at their house for as long as he wanted. Lourdes thought that the only thing she could do was move away, so she started to plan to move out of the state, while she planned for the move Daniel and Kiki had a fallout (dont know why) but Daniel was kicked out of the Ostrengas house, this is when Daniel got the Kiki tatto.

Daniel returned to live with his mother and sister but Kiki began to call him and show up at his house all the time, Lourdes told her to please stay away but she kept looking for Daniel and Daniel eventually gave in and started to see Kiki, this time behind her parents back (since he was kicked out of the house her parents did not want him and kiki together anymore, i dont know the reasons for this), they would meet up at the mall, she would skip school to see him, she would sneak out at night.
Eventually her parents got fed up and threatened Daniel with statutory rape if he did not stop seeing Kiki, Kiki had initially lied about her age, although Daniel did find out her age soon after meeting and WAS aware that she was a minor, they were both consenting and even had Cathy's support!
She even gave him condoms and bought Kiki birth control, she was very aware that they were sexually active and did not mind.
Since Daniel and Kiki kept seeing each other Cathy went through with the sexual abuse suit and a restraining order was issued against Daniel (he couldnt see Kiki anymore) and this is when Lourdes and Daniel moved to North Carolina, Lourdes knew that the only way to stop the madness was to move far, far away. Soon after moving to NC, Daniel came down to Miami and was going to meet up with some girls at the mall. Daniel smoked weed, but was never known to do cocaine or any other drug.. Daniel's sister said that Daniel had bought the cocaine for a girl he planned to have sex with, the same girl he was supposed to meet at the mall.

It is still unknown how the Ostrengas found out that Daniel was at the mall, but Kiki showed up with intentions of calling the cops and having Daniel arrested (since she knew he could not be in the same place as her due to the restraining order), Kiki found Daniel at the mall and she called the cops, the cops handcuffed Daniel and found the cocaine in his pocket, Daniel had a chance to run so he ran way from the cops and in his attempt to scape stumbled over the ledge and fell off the 3 story building, Daniel did not die instantly, he lingered for two weeks at the hospital but eventually died from his injuries.
I cannot say that everything I wrote is 100% true but it is what I know from his Mother's perspective and to the best of my personal experiences with Daniel.
Lourdes is a good woman, she is so soft spoken and kind, she has never been the same since Daniel died… It breaks my heart that the internet has contributed to tainting the image of a sweet young man that made bad decisions..

Daniel had no intention of ever raping or harming Kiki, he was so in love with her He would only speak about her and about how awesome and cool she was. It makes me sick to my stomach that the Ostrengas orchestrated Daniels murder…"

No. 120347

I think I recall once somebody saying that this was written by a different boyfriend of hers?

No. 120392

Calm the fuck down douche lord, fucking a 14 year old when you're 18 doesn't make you a pedophile. It does make you a creep and it does mean you statutory raped the 14 year old, but does not mean you are a pedophile.Pedophilia = prepubescent, 14 is not prepubescent.

No. 120398

im sure that guy in the movie lolita loved his lolicon as well. get the fuck outta here

No. 120399



I hate the way people scream "PEDOPHILE" at shit like a an 18 year old dating a 15 year old. It's a bit squiffy but it's not wrong, you get plenty of immature 18 year olds and older and plenty of teens younger than that who are mature as fuck for their age. Shit, I lost my virginity aged 15 and I have a friend that was 13 and we both did so with consent and responsibly using birth control.

You don't magically become a responsible adult the very second you pass 6574 days of existence, 18 year olds are still teens hence eighTEEN.

No. 120400

it doesnt matter it's a fact she got raped and when that fucking anon bullshitted from her mouth that she didnt have anything tragic going on in her life (even though anon doesnt know kiki personally) that's just bullshit. And even if she wasnt raped her ex-boyfriend fucking died. This whole drama was a tragedy for her. All of you retards should gtfo to PULL.

No. 120401

know the law bitch

No. 120408

Yeah, because Danny totally was an old grandpa like that guy, right.

No. 120411

girl, dont tell others here that its normal to have an old pervert as a boyfriend just because you have daddy issues

No. 120415

You're not making sense.

No. 120422

No YOU'RE not making sense. Kiki was raped by an adult man and that's a fact. Do not sugarcoat it.

No. 120425

Why does everyone bring up that lolita book when they wanna justify someone being a pedophile? Daniel was a teenager. Only in the eyes of the law is he considered an adult.

And I'm not the same anon you fucking retard. Your post doesn't make sense and that's that.

No. 120427

>he is a teenager
gtfo here

No. 120429

Maybe I'm reading into this wrong but I don't get how you can acknowledge that every single adult in her life utterly failed in their duty of care and still maintain that she's to blame. She (and Daniel, for that matter) acted just like thousands of teenagers all over the world act every day, the only difference being that instead of smacking some sense into her, her parents encouraged all of her stupid and dangerous behaviours. Instead of shutting down their relationship at the first hurdle, her parents were complicit in her lies. That's really, really fucked up. It seems like poor Danny's mum was the only adult to act responsibly in this entire clusterfuck.

I don't deny that she's was a manipulative little shit (and still is now) but she gets a disproportionate amount of shit for what her parents could and should have prevented and in some cases actually orchestrated.

No. 120431

Still a teenager, fam.

No. 120432


The law says I should have been arrested and charged when I slept with my 16 year old boyfriend when I was 15.

Sometimes the law is an ass, you you're a blind ass cunt for following every little whim so blindly.

No. 120436


Since when was 18 "adult"?
18 year olds can't even consume alcohol in the states, how is that "adult".

I don't know anybody that considers 18 year olds actual adults. You're not even an adult biologically by 18.

>Kiki was raped

kek, that's why she'd go online and brag about how big Danny's dick was most nights huh? Back to PULL cunt.

No. 120437


You are reading into this wrong, I acknowledged a couple of times their failings i.e. "was in fact corroborated by Cathy and Scott who we all know are money grubbing fucks" and "it was in fact Cathy and Scott who made the decision to allow an 18 year old to live in in the home and and sleep in the bed of their 14 year old daughter", I don't think I actually insinuated Kirsten was to blame once in that entire post.
She was a misguided child, it was her parents responsibility to guide her and they fucked up enormously.

Doesn't change the fact though that Kirsten is an adult now and has every opportunity to come forward and correct past wrong, but she doesn't, she considers to lie, cheat, scam and steal.

No. 120452

>You are reading into this wrong,
Okay good.
>I don't think I actually insinuated Kirsten was to blame once in that entire post.

It was this
>If any of you are still having trouble understanding how Danny was fooled by Kirsten about her age, well, this is how she looked about the time they started dating. I probably would have believed she was 17 too based on her appearance at the time.

'cause she'd never have been able to trick Danny so effectively without her parents cooperation. But my bad, you already covered it.

>Doesn't change the fact though that Kirsten is an adult now and has every opportunity to come forward and correct past wrong, but she doesn't, she considers to lie, cheat, scam and steal.


No. 120478

>>120342 even if it wasn't Danny's post, I always thought this is how she'd act as a teen, though I'm not sure if it could've changed by now. You can agree she doesn't have any long term friendships so…


YES. I'm all about not victim blaming but damn I was pretty damn sure of myself wen I was 14/15. its not like she was 6, it was also not like she was absolutely coerced ("oh don't have access to food! Must sleep with this older men to get it"). I hated when she started spewing all sorts of absurd stories about how Danny beat her up and climbed into her window, kicked her out of her own bed after raping her, forced her to perform oral sex on the mall - as if her parents could've never suspected! Nor anyone else. Like she had never admitted he moved to her house,etc.

Either way, y'all gonna turn again prancing around this subject?

And, people who are into TEENAGERSare not pedophiles. There's an specific name for it but I can't remember it.
Pedos are into prepubescent bodies.

No. 120488

You are a teen from thirTEEN up to nineTEEN, you aren't a teen anymore starting from 20.
Guess where the TEEN from teenager comes from.

No. 120489

Am I on /b/? Danny might not be a pedophile but he was a hebephilia. All of you are victim blaming. Reminds me of that Jadapose incident.

No. 120492

Hebephile I mean
You need help, ASAP.

No. 120511

Calm the fuck down, douche lord.

No. 120516

Normally I hate the 'oh hi Kiki/Cathy' shit but… who else would be this mad?

No. 120517

>who else would be this mad?

Shut the fuck up Kiki, and stop acting like your life was a Greek tragedy.
Go post more videos of your one-night stand.

No. 120529

You are the one that needs to get help, I am not the one here claiming somebody that just turned 18 suddenly is mental an adult.

No. 120531

Because you all are victim-blaming!
Maybe a victim of rape would be this mad?

No. 120532

>Go post more videos of your one-night stand.
Are you jealous because she can get more laid than you? Fuck off bitch.

No. 120534


Oh man this has to be an Ostrenga kek

No. 120535

>hurrdurrr kek
ay lmao

No. 120567

Haaahahaa, looks I hit a sore spot.
Sorry you'll fuck anything for attention, Kiki. I wouldn't trade.
But we missed you here on lolcow– it's nice of you to come by and make yourself look so bitter. Keep posting, I love it.

No. 120579

Fuck off kaka go pray to your healing crystals

No. 120588

File: 1434148926357.jpg (20.3 KB, 365x282, haha loser.jpg)

bless this thread

No. 120596


Ah, how I've missed this thread. If I could make it the image of this topic I damn would.

Also, not same anon but, Kiki (hi girl!) had to travel to the other side of the world to get laid. I think no one is jelly of that.

No. 120601

(And yes I also hate the "hai Kiki!" Thing but it either has to be her, family or one of the idiots who tweet at her begging for a reply)

No. 120614

Ok guys not angry anymore that you're blaming kiki's rape i find it funny how you guys are fucking insane and paranoid for mistaking me for kiki. Lol.

No. 120622

File: 1434151654896.gif (443.22 KB, 294x233, 1433213579541.gif)

some1 is butthurt

No. 120623

>ttly not mad guys
>is internally sobbing

No. 120626

it's not like he was in his 40s
stop acting like its like that. apparently she consented and he was only a few years older. i would be worried if she consented and he was 10 years older, but their age gap wasn't that big compared to other couples

No. 120635

The age of consent in Florida is 16 for people 23 and under. Which means there can legally be a 7 year age gap wherein the youngest person is 16. I know Kiki was 14 but I'm just saying, the laws in Florida are screwy because frankly as a teenager this shit happens all the time. Seniors dating Freshmen etc. There was a less than 4 years gap between them.

It's not like he was 23 yrs old preying on 16 year olds which is still completely legal in FL but way more creepy, they had the same age gap as many of my high school friends whose parents were completely normal and OK with it. It's really hard to draw the line in cases like this, and in fact there is a newer law to allow these instances where an 18 yr old is branded a pedo for dating a younger teenager to be appealed as long the younger one is at least 14 (google Romeo and Juliet law). This shit is so common.

Either way, it was rape only in the technical sense, literally everyone around them knew about the sex and she consented to it and talked about it online all the time.

No. 120727

lol what a dumbass

No. 120729

Actually it is. By 18 you're on your own and your parents are no longer obligated to support you. You still can't do some things like drink and shit, but you get at least 90% of adult expectations dumped on you. (btw I'm not even talking about Danny, just generally correcting this)

No. 120768

This! It reminds me of when an 18 year old got sued for dating a 15 year old by parents because they were lesbians. http://www.care2.com/causes/18-year-old-faces-felony-charges-for-lesbian-relationship.html

In my opinion, he was lied to. He lived in a household which encouraged their behaviour, a situation that's like "I've fucked up, might as well just continue".

No. 120771

File: 1434166918864.jpg (1.2 MB, 1278x2086, collage.jpg)

You seem to be the only person with good eyes who commented on that video. You can tell a mile away that it's processed as fuck.

I increased the color + contrast/brightness just a tad and look what I got.



No. 120772

File: 1434167033032.jpg (217.82 KB, 771x636, restored2.jpg)

Here's a random still.

No. 120773

File: 1434167059020.jpg (177.29 KB, 771x636, original2.jpg)

No. 120775

File: 1434167121219.jpg (174.44 KB, 675x636, restored3.jpg)

No. 120782

Tulsi is Holy Basil. Did she use that, or regular basil…?


No. 120783

File: 1434168164441.jpg (150.8 KB, 675x636, original3.jpg)

No. 120794


I noticed that too, anon. Tulsi, or holy basil, is a different herb. She used regular basil and is calling it tulsi as that's more ~*love and light all natural herbal goddess*~.

I wonder if bitch even knows there's a difference.

No. 120839

Holy shit that beak in regular lighting

No. 120843

Thanks anon, both she and kooter use a shit ton of lighting then post process the fuck out of their pics and videos so you can't even see shadows or colours.

No. 120844

Wow her nose, and she looks like she's been crying.

No. 120847

Yea, she bein crying cause she ran outta tulsi basil and had to use regular

No. 120897


Ok this actually looks better than the original. Maybe I have a thing for colors so idk. I prefer it to the washed out shit (though she did lowered the Lightning since the last videos).

Also. Check her Twitter, more videos with him to come and apparently a boyfriend tag one.

I SO wanna know how it's gonna turn out.

No. 120898



No. 121118

File: 1434234318228.png (59.56 KB, 588x465, 57_p.png)

I can't wait

No. 121155

So guessing this "new" boyfriend video will just be another 4 month old Japan video of her boyfriend sleeping or something

No. 121164

Probably. I wonder how she'll pull off the questions though.

No. 121168


strong cheek line game

No. 121204

>I may film one with him

tbh she's just gonna blow it off lol.

No. 121213

kek, I thought the same thing. I don't think she's going to do it.

Or maybe she has a prerecorded one. I though he was in Japan still– how would they even be able to film anything with him?

No. 121215


My guess is the video is just Keeks, she takes questions from viewers, pretends to text her "sweet Taku", and makes some shit up as a response, that she 'translates' from Japanese for her viewers.

No. 121226

The way I understand is that the boyfriend tag video "may" happen in the future (lol it won't) but the video thats going up this Tuesday has already been recorded and shit. Which means its from like 4 months ago when she was in Japan.

No. 121233

Yeah, if anything it is prerecorded. I doubt he came back to Florida with her.

I really never understood the girls who are always like "My boyfriend! My boyfriend!" all the time. I wonder if anyone else besides that one brown-nosing twitter follower actually asked her for the tag.

At any rate, this should be fun.
Kaka regularly updating almost makes up for the void Pixy left after deleting her twitter… Almost.

No. 121238

>I really never understood the girls who are always like "My boyfriend! My boyfriend!" all the time.
I've always felt like girls like that just have nothing going on in their lives but their boyfriend and/or they just see the guy/relationship as an accessory, so it's not surprising she's being like this.

I think a bunch of people actually did ask for these videos. I thought many people would be as creeped out as we were with the videos of her "bae" but the weren't. But I'm sure she just has tons of weeby preteen subscribers who want a super kawaii "relationship" with a super kawaii nihonjin like she has. (so many preteens really like obsessing over the lives/relationships of youtubers)

No. 121240

>I've always felt like girls like that just have nothing going on in their lives but their boyfriend

This. I work with a girl and all she does is talk about her boyfriend and all the sex they have. Meanwhile she's doing bad at the job and even failed all of her classes last semester because she spent so much time with this guy. Its kind of pathetic.

No. 121242

I think so too. I mean, otherwise if she really has recorded a Boyfriend Tag video 4 months ago with a guy she barely knows, that would be very awkward…

No. 121244

I want to add, it is sill ridiculous that she is acting like that. Like, having a one night stand/boyfriend doesn't change the fact that she's always going to be Dakota's sister and that annoying, easy gaijin.

No. 121298


That's exactly the class of females I tend to avoid when making friends or meeting. It's fucking irritating, they can do whatever they want but not everyone wants to hear about sex lives and what they do.

I remember this girl from first year of college, I was sort of friends with her and because it was a textiles room it gets a bit too quiet from time to time and she used to openly and loudly tell us all about all the fabulous shags and bjs she'd had and done.

It made me laugh when the tutor told her to basically shut the fuck up because no one cared.

But ofc if you said any of this shit on tumblr you'd get called a 'slut shamer'


No. 121313

>I really never understood the girls who are always like "My boyfriend! My boyfriend!" all the time

Agreed, getting some azn dick is the only current achievement Kaka had so far and have to milk the fuck out of it ofc (never mentioned the whole scouting/studying ~science~ in Japan thing again)

I wonder if it is the same guy who sent her the cheesy loveletters she posted on IG.

No. 121333


Logically yes. He's also her "lover from another race" and probably… Maybe I'm pushing it too far but the SO she mentioned in the "why I'm learning Japanese" video and the "romance" she mentioned in the final of the Dating In Japan video (though it'd be weird, since she wasn't even in Japan at that time).

No. 121334


That's the worst thought how she keeps slacking off an making promises she can't keep. Her followers patience goes just as far.

No. 121337

Idk what to think. Like it could've been him, but at the same time this whole thing is really strange. If it was him, he must be super desperate for gaijin pussy. I really don't think he's in love with her at all because I don't think you can form a real connection with someone if you can barely understand each other.

But at the same time, I still feel that the love letter and the "lovers from another race" thing was just complete bullshit. The love letter was really random and she never spoke of this guy ever again. (Didn't she fuck Jack Cash after that love letter?) And I feel like the "lover from another race" thing was just to prove she isn't racist.

No. 121358

No, it's definitely not the same guy. Taku, according to the video she posted of them, does not know English. Certainly not enough to write poetry.
The poetry was likely from the sugar daddy figure, or a pen pal looking to hit it off with a foreign girl.

No. 121365

She needs a cupids bow. He lips look like a giant ring. Like the pink side of a peach ring.

No. 121387

reminds me of asherbee lips

No. 121395

Strange coincidence that Kiki basicly got the kind of lips that Dakota tries to archive with makeup.

No. 121438

No. 121457


Dude the sugar daddy figure is nothing but speculation you know

No. 121459

I think she made it herself, it looks pretty much the same as the handwritting on her and Cathy's "jelly internet stalker haters" archive.

No. 121576

Yeah, I know it is. That's why I said "figure", as I don't really believe it's necessarily true myself. The pen-pal thing however, I think is much more likely.
A lot of creepy guys on those pen-pal connection websites. Getting love poetry doesn't seem far fetched to me.

I mean, it could be. It's not out of the realm of possibility with this nutty family.

No. 121601

I'm unsure, but leaning toward Taku is not the love letter guy, but only because historically, Kiki has been pretty talkative about her romances from the day they start or at least talked vaguely about romance and relationships when she was associating in some way or another with a guy. This is partially why a lot of people don't really believe that she and Taku have been together as long as she acts like, probably just from mid-March when the videos and photos came up. She never mentioned him before, even indirectly.

But they could have had an online relationship. I don't know. I think that Kiki and Taku were probably internet friends before this (met on language exchange app as she said) and when she was in Japan, they met irl and decided they liked each other irl too. I don't think it's exactly unusual for that to happen. A lot of long distance relationships happen that way, especially ones where the others are too far apart to actively visit on a regular basis. I do believe they are actually in a relationship though.

Ultimately, I think because he's hot and everyone here has yellow fever, a lot of people are pretty salty that he's dating her. You really don't know anything about him. He may hate Japanese norms and not care if he's posted in his underwear on the internet. He may be awkward as fuck and have a hard time talking to girls. He also might be a terrible person. He might not know shit about Kiki's past, but he'll find out eventually if not. And he ultimately might not care.

I also don't think she ever had a sugar daddy. I believe the mysterious alleged sugar daddy and stuff like sumo was just Scott, like last time. If I went to Japan with my dad he would probably want to go to sumo and junk.

Kiki would never need a sugar daddy – she has no desire to be independent, she lives with her parents, and her parents give her everything and support her every whim. She really has no need to fuck some guy for that like other girls do.

No. 121606

This sounds right, down to the sumo. It is not something anyone young would do.

No. 121680


You sound very reasonable amongst all these things. People going on and on about how he must've dumped her by now or she was just a one night stand and that she had a sugar daddy before etc

I think it's much more plausible they met online an got together in real life as well and #yay haha
I've had an experience like that, myself, it's not hard.

No. 121733

> Kiki would never need a sugar daddy – she has no desire to be independent
um… i regeret to inform you of some things about SD relations…

No. 121748


Still doesn't beat the fact that she's practically just another 'I have an asian boyfriend nur nur nur' lass, though does it?

I can't wait for the yellow fever 'I have a trophy asian gf/bf' train to end.

Yeah, maybe he does like her. But I still think she's using him an an accessory.

No. 121749

"Independent" in this case means "independent from parents"…honestly most SBs have SDs so that they don't have to worry about anything and can live alone and shit without having to rely on parents. Shocked I had to walk you through that.

No. 121753


Not trying to be mean, but at her age shouldn't she be working or trying to achieve something in life? Most girls I know her age are yeah some are living at home but they work/doing something.

No. 121755

My whole point with that statement is that she doesn't want to or have to do that because her parents don't care and neither does she. Besides that, to them, she is doing something with her life – she's trying to maintain internet fame. Which is totally a real job.

No. 121759


Alright for some then, ain't it? Lol oh deary me

No. 121760

File: 1434379758331.jpg (91.54 KB, 540x440, bigan-beauty-face-expander-3.j…)

I know this is stupid but her mouth looks so gross and wormy to me. Her lips aren't even particularly fleshy and I don't normally mind the lack of a cupid's bow but in Kaka's case… ew. Maybe it's per personality shining through.

PSKoot's lips still had more shape and volume to them, though. They weren't just a pink ring around her mouth-hole.

No. 121766

When you grow up with no idea what a stable life looks like and parents insisting that you're on the right track when literally all you do is take photos/photoshop them and post them on the internet, you probably end up with a pretty poor idea of what "getting your life together is." Especially when no one ever really puts any emphasis on having to eventually make a living one day. Look at pretty much all celebrity kids.

Kiki is pretty terrible and is definitely using her Asian boyfriend for attention (whether or not she does actually like him regardless, I can't say), but I think people really don't acknowledge enough how much Scott and Cathy fucked her up via manipulation and brainwashing. Like people think "haha, so crazy" and mention the copyright claiming thing but these are people who still lived with THEIR mom (can't remember if it was Cathy's or Scott's mom) until she died. They actively encouraged lusty behavior and photos from their underage daughter/s for shreds of "fame." It does get brought up from time to time in Kota threads because she escaped and seems so much happier now, but Kiki is honestly pretty much ruined. Only thing that would help is her acknowledging how much her parents screwed her over, a reality check, and years of therapy. Even then she'll still be fucked up.

I can even forgive a lot of her behavior from way in the past because idk she was a 14 year old with no supervision and no one to tell her "no." She doesn't have even just regular old working-class "get a job you hate to pay the bills and support your family because that's life" parents. Her parents seemed to actively discourage friendships and relationships that didn't somehow make them look better. No friends to discuss life choices or give her a different perspective. No boyfriends. No role models except her sister. No wonder she wants to be her.

No. 121770

I think it's not only Kiki who's using a partner for something.
Despite some opinions on here claiming how this whole romance might be real, I don't believe they'd last longer than half a year (like for real, not how Kiki would want anyone to believe)? And I don't think he has a real interest in her.
This guy can talk with Kiki on Skype and learn English from her in order to use it to charm another westerner in Japan to massage his own ego, while Kiki's in FL and can't see anything.
And to some people who love overusing the words salty, jelly, fatty and so on… No, I'm not, but you simply can't really trust a Japanese man who tells you aishiteru after just weeks of dating and spends most of the time with you in bed (I don't believe Kiki's delusional "We go out and he makes sure the restaurant has a vegan menu" BS - knowing Kiki, there would be pictures and videos of them both in all those restaurants on her IG already to prove she's not lying). This girl with mental age of 14 is going to end up hurt so much, it's so sad.

No. 121776

I have to agree with this.

Regardless of whether or not they actually like each other, I don't seem them lasting forever and will be surprised as they do. Honestly, most relationships with a language barrier don't really work out well. There are so many things you don't think about as important until you can't communicate them. One will get tired of the other – I don't know who at this point.

Because I honestly don't think either of them have any real interest in each other, beyond the idea of dating someone from a different race. I feel if he were white and American, Kiki wouldn't be dating him, or at least wouldn't be talking about him as much, honestly. Just friends.

I don't think EVERYONE is jealous of Kiki for getting a Japanese boyfriend or whatever, but I do think a lot of people are overlooking the fact that they could actually be in a relationship because they think he's too good for her based solely on looks. The idea that they just hung out for a week and she's acting like they're dating is pretty silly. I don't deny that it's a bit strange that for the whole time she was in Japan she seemed to only really have pictures from them hanging out on a couple days, but it makes more sense that they'd be actually dating or something like it than Kiki constructing this lie – even though she's done that before, I know.

No. 121946

I agree with so much that you are saying. Scott and Cathy may have discouraged friendships but she talked to so many people on Stickam for hours at a time that did get some interaction. She would talk about life and boys, even though it wasn't face to face she had hundreds commenting to her in real time.

No. 121992


No one would call you "salty" or "jelly." Probably one of the most reasonable posts on /pt/ to date.

From Charms inside observations of the Kannibal family (yeah I know, lol at Charms being a reliable source), seems like Kiki was spoiled to delusion. Not only was she doted on, she was banked on by her parents. Look at how involved parents were in advertising Kiki's actions. Looks like she was chosen as the golden child. It's ironic Dakota's the one with success and Kiki's at home, fucking guys so she could tweet about her yellow fever success.

No. 122007

Kek, unfortunately there are tons of people here who throw the "salty, fat, h8r" card on the table when they disagree. It's so annoying. Some farmers are pretty immature.

And yeah, we get to see glimpses of Kiki's real personality through people like Charms– and what about that one girl that just recently tweeted about Kiki being in her Japanese class? These are some of the only people that actually have interacted with her in the real world, and have documented their experiences with her. There seems to be a pattern with her having a holier-than thou attitude.

I agree with you. I think that although Kiki is using him as an accessory to some extent, I really just believe she's infatuated with him. It seems like she becomes kind of enthralled with guys very quickly (like Jack Cash) once they give her any attention.

Also yay, new video tonight.

No. 122010


5/6 months and she'll be bored with him, once there is a new trend and yellow fever/aidorus/kawaii dolls have blown over. She'll be on that like flies on dog shit.

No. 122107

File: 1434417706196.png (98.14 KB, 490x300, banana.png)

they are also usually PULL-tards that also use the tumblr excuses "racist" and "sexist" if the cows just so happen to be colored or female and you make fun of them

No. 122114


No. 122116

That's more like /cgl/'s recent userbase than PULL.

No. 122166

Welp, this was boring

3 minutes of basically nothing

No. 122168

lol Tokyo Tower again. Did she ever leave the area around her hotel/room/whatever or did she just hang out there and do nothing for three months?

No. 122169

wtf did she just say lmao

No. 122170

Not to be a weeb, but are the cherry blossoms still even like that during summer?

No. 122172

No. That video is from late March, early April tops.

No. 122174

They don't even look that pretty since its such a cloudy day.

Also I hate the way she sounds whenever she speaks Japanese. Its like she puts on this fake animu high pitched voice, and ugh. I can't take her seriously. At least Dakota sounds normal when she speaks Japanese, even when she wasn't that fluent at it.

No. 122175

Lol it wasn't even a Q and A. It was just them walking around Tokyo. She answers him with a lot of "Hmmms" and quiet "yeahs" like she is trying to be sneaky in filming him. Who fucking knows.

No. 122176

she's not pretending these are new videos anymore you guys. she has admitted she's back in florida since a while ago.

No. 122180

…she says they are new at Twitter tho.

No. 122181

She mentioned Florida but she's still being ambiguous about it. Like the "I might make a Q&A video with my boyfriend!"

No. 122182

Her Twitter is the biggest contradiction. Tweets about being home in Florida, which she refers to as being home, and mentioning Tokyo is a concrete jungle yet they're observing nature in her video. Then she went back to talking about her boyfriend like they were together and she's back in Japan. She tweets about not knowing what times she'll upload so you should subscribe to her stuff, then she tweets out upload times. I don't believe a damn thing she says anymore.

No. 122183

I wish she didn't have me blocked on Twitter so I could ask questions and catch her in a lie.

Though, I do t think she's necessarily trying to fool anyone into thinking this was just filmed… I mean, she can't think anyone is that stupid.

No. 122186

technically new videos bc she just posted them. but she never said she just took them.

No. 122189

Hrmm, dem technicalities.

I cannot understand what she says. If you listen, even the guy is like "…wat"

My brother in-law is Japanese and I had him listen to it. He couldn't figure it out either, kek.

No. 122221

She said "the cherry blossoms". She's speaking cutesy English
/eye roll

No. 122227

Her hair looks awful

No. 122260

Had to dislike it. Too boring and the guy's not even that hot. I wouldn't give him a second glance, to be honest.

No. 122271

I hate it as well. She probably has the same idea I had when I was a middle school weeb, that if I acted/sounded like an anime character everyone would love me and think I'm kawaii, except she just thinks Japanese people will love her for it.

I agree. Kaka really needs to understand she's just not interesting enough to make these videos, and that being in a relationship doesn't all of a sudden make her interesting. I'm actually really interested in Japan and have watched most of gimmeaflakeman's vlogs/gopro videos of him just going about his day/riding his bike around his neighborhood in Japan (nothing interesting really goes on in these videos) which are 20 minutes at most, but I couldn't even sit through half of her boring ass video.
She really should just post videos of her and Kota hanging out because that's what people really want to see.

No. 122277

i would enjoy this video if she wasn't swinging the camera all over the place - it was nauseating.
also she says "make sure you watch in HD" but it was still shitty quality …
so yea since sakura starting in march this video is obviously very old and we can thus confirm kiki is gonna keep posting ancient artifacts

No. 122303


"Jaaaa cherri blossamas"


Yeah, pretty much. Kota isn't even fluent, she's getting good at it though but even gimmeaflakeman who's been there 20 odd years still struggles from time to time. But yeah, least kota doesn't ALWAYS do that dumb voice. But when she is being interviewed alone, kota does put that stupid animu voice on. Both her and kiki are pretty cringy.

No. 122305


He's pretty average, not toned or anything. Just a guy who knows he's pretty. But not even that tbh lol.

No. 122317

So do you guys think he has any social media accounts? Would love to dig for his online traces.

No. 122321

Most japanese only use Twitter and Mixi because they prefer not having to use their real names but it would take ages to find him.

No. 122329

It doesn't seem like Kiki has shared her social media with him anyway. Or if she did, she must have told him all about her haters/past (because of stuff like her "sexual harassment" YouTube video). And she'd have to be like "I can't follow you because people would find you".

They must have met elsewhere, I don't really know. My SO doesn't care about my online profiles and stuff since we only talk through Line, so Taku might be the same. She can safely post this stuff because he doesn't check.

Just sad that she's waving him around like an accessory, just like Venus did with her ex-boyfriend.

No. 122332

Blossomus. It should be blossomus XD

No. 122333


pls go

No. 122334

no u weaboo pride

No. 122338

File: 1434468588313.jpg (200.98 KB, 996x648, Beautiful-Hair-Skin-and-Nails-…)

More caps

These are from her 14 minute video on ~natural~ beauty advice

No. 122339

File: 1434468619832.jpg (220.97 KB, 996x648, Beautiful-Hair-Skin-and-Nails-…)

No. 122340

File: 1434468682660.jpg (195.29 KB, 1038x639, Beautiful-Hair-Skin-and-Nails-…)

No. 122341

File: 1434468726228.jpg (206.34 KB, 1038x639, Beautiful-Hair-Skin-and-Nails-…)

No. 122344

File: 1434468858859.jpg (263.28 KB, 1083x645, Beautiful-Hair-Skin-and-Nails-…)

No. 122345

No. 122347

File: 1434468995176.jpg (241.25 KB, 1083x645, Beautiful-Hair-Skin-and-Nails-…)

No. 122353

kiki sighted

But this is the last anyway unless you guys would like another over-bright video to be inspected

No. 122354

I'm sure he does. In the video he took a picture of the cherry blossoms probably so he can upload it to his twitter, ig, or something. And Kiki confirmed that they met on a language exchange app, that kind of counts as social media.

I don't think she would ever in a million years share her social media with anyone she knew irl. People that know her irl could share real dirt on her and she's super paranoid about people knowing the truth about her. And I definitely don't see her ever sharing it with him, especially after the Jack Cash thing. Whether or not he knows he's being filmed, I don't think anyone would want intimate videos of them being posted like that for the entire world to see, especially with someone with a reputation like hers.

No. 122371

i think anon meant that this is quite spammy.
for stuff like that it's better to make a collage and condense it to one post. especially for comparison's sake, when you have a "before" and "after" pic. in this case the differences aren't even that noticeable. she looks just as shit in the brightened images as in the darker ones.

No. 122382

pretty sure he does.
quite possibly a kota fan/acquaintance.
someone japanese speaking might be able to find him.

No. 122391

He looks so completely uninterested. He has every video, except when he was getting some.

No. 122407

File: 1434478356489.jpg (18.2 KB, 479x149, image.jpg)

Sure U will, Kaka! Cant wait :)

No. 122410

File: 1434478509433.jpg (61.86 KB, 960x640, image.jpg)

I dont mean to spam anything but could anon try sort out the brightness in this cap? I mean, The nose is looking ok Now?

No. 122414


God she looks like an ageing Australian fish wife.

No. 122416

That hair does her zero favours.

No. 122433

"its great living in tokyo. if you mean 3 months ago when i stayed in a hotel and leeched off my sister"

No. 122434

now that i think about it, i bet she CANT publicly market herself as kota's sister. like dakota is pretty srs with copyrights and protection, and the modeling agency probably has some kind of claims

No. 122435

She was 3 months in Japan and all she did is:
1) Take pictures of herself in a hotel room
2) Go watch a sumo wrestling match
3) Take sneaky pictures of a guy sleeping
4) Walk around Tokyo Tower
5) Take some more pictures of a hotel room
6) Go eat in some shitty vegan places
7) Walk around Tokyo tower some more (THIS TIME WITH A GUY!!!)

There is so much to see in Tokyo, and if you are 3 months in Japan, you should visit other cities/towns/places as well. So much stuff to see and do ffs. Kiki must be must boring person alive. Has literally no interests except whoring on social media.

No. 122437

and bitch about her SO MEAN teacher who gave her a a snack that wasnt vegan

No. 122452

from this angle she looks like a a bald guy.

No way she can be that stupid. She already said she was back in Florida.
This is getting totally pathetic and embarrassing.

No. 122459

Wowowowow Kiki, it must feel so bad convincing people you're living in Japan, while your holy land is soooooo far away from you and the only thing you can do now is to dream about it, right?

No. 122545

wait when did this happen?

No. 122552

not in japan. a long time ago, months before she went to japan. not sure why that anon suggested it happened in japan.

No. 122582

File: 1434500188324.jpg (1.25 MB, 1900x1836, TheNoseKnows!.jpg)

There wasn't much to work with in this video, but I can tell you it's likely filtered. You notice that blurry crosshatch brush-stroke like pattern in my edit? I didn't use a filter effect, only changes in brightness and colors. If you look closely the brush stroke pattern is there in the original too. She put a flattering filter on it but after editing, you can still see her sixhead highlights and the light hitting her wide bridge - indicating the hump is jutting out, not flat as she'd like you to believe.

No. 122583

File: 1434500432050.jpg (2.11 MB, 1450x3698, resized.jpg)

Alright, how's this? I focused on restoring color and didn't have to edit much. As you said, it looks just as shit in the before. I guess the filters just can't hide reality anymore.

How old is she supposed to be?

No. 122595

>I can tell you it's likely filtered

NO fucking shit. You can just fucking look at it and tell it's filtered. Who even cares?

You fags and the Kota PS fags are so annoying. Pretty much everyone on the internet uses filters and photoshop now.

No. 122660

Hey thanks! That was helpful! :) sometimes I need to remember what she actually looks like. With other youtubers you get the flattering filters, but their face is basically the same (if that makes sense!)
As for Kiki, it doesn't happen! 2012 videos, one face, 2014/2015 super different face and then back to 2012 face… Like, how!?

Thank you for the comparisons ^_^

No. 122665


I can see a big difference in this one. For instance, I didn't know the hollow in her cheeks were so deep, nor the eye bags, the laugh lines etc. (all normal stuff that normal people have but still)

No. 122679


You know what to do, farmers.

No. 122691

She looks very ill.

No. 122696

He's on Worldfriends.com, wont let me make an account without a clear pic of my face which I don't have on my tablet. Someone make an account and let him know Kiki is plastering him all over her IG!

No. 122697


Ahh, the interpals profile with that name has been deleted! Maybe someone got a message to him and he deleted it? I don't tink Kiki would have access to his shit to do it herself.

No. 122698


Those weren't Taku, those wereKiki's language site profules, seems she doesn't use the name KikiKannibal to hook up with Japanese guys yet still uses the same pics she uses on all her KikiKannibal accounts.

No. 122699

About Me
Looking to practice Japanese, Chinese and Korean language! Video chatting, pen pals and international friendships! I would also like to meet people in other countries to hang out with when I visit in my travels. ^^
I am an audio engineer and designer. I play many instruments and enjoy expressing myself in any creative medium. I am a vegan and care for animals and our planet.

In My Own Words
What Would My Friends Say About Me?
sick humor, passionate, gentle angel / mischievous devil haha!

What Do I Find Sexy?
empathy, kindness, compassion, courage

Language Want To Learn
Japanese, Chinese, Korean

Years Learning Foreign Language
I have been learning Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Korean for almost a year ^^

Have You Lived Overseas? For How Long?
Japan for a few months

I Would Like Traveling To…
Asia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, South, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Europe

What I Like To Do On Vacation
Active & Explore

No. 122700

File: 1434512799820.png (125.61 KB, 508x597, kirleios.png)

No. 122701

kirleios =


how was that not spotted instantly

No. 122702

Dear god I hope she never has kids. Maybe her shitty diet and being bones and skin have made it impossible so she can't ruin a child the way her parents ruined her.

No. 122704

File: 1434512999995.jpg (78.08 KB, 492x512, interpals.jpg)

She's "learning" French and Swedish, too.

No. 122705

>What I Like To Do On Vacation
>Active & Explore


No. 122707


>dat requests section

God, she's such a child.

No. 122712

Eh. The requests section is kind of embarrassing, only by virtue of that melon comment; literally don't understand how kiki still sounds like a child at her age. Other than that, meh. Big deal, she has an account on an international dating site.

No. 122719


>speaks: japanese chinese spanish korean

kek you wish Kaka

No. 122722

Really? That's literally a perfect example of something an edgy 13 year old on Myspace would say.

No. 122723

is this an actual dating site or a language penpal site? cause if it's the latter why does she only want male language partners..?

No. 122725


I think it's both.

No. 122726

>r u a wizard.jpg

Here I thought it was some kind of videogame thing.

No. 122727

>looking for sex
>says doesn't want sex in case people find the profile

No. 122730

nvm it says "Looking for: A Relationship"

No. 122732

Which sites are these from? I found some more but I gotta sign up to view her stuff. There are at least 6 profiles on 6 different pages of her.

No. 122734

Why did Gold Digger start playing in my head just now…?

No. 122737

There are no 13 year olds on myspace, it's 2015

Anyway, I don't know what your comment is referring to; kiki's melon remark in question, or my post.

No. 122738


hey Kaka memorizing the basic phrasebook doesn't count as leaning a language

>People to hang out when I visit in my travels

hope you're not carrying your taser and knife for it

No. 122740


she's like 3 strands of hair away from being bald

No. 122744

File: 1434520151394.jpg (22.88 KB, 300x425, kirsten.jpg)

No. 122753

She's just looking for guys to date, other than Korean, Japanese, and Korean guys, she also says she wants to talk with white guys on here >>122700. Why else would she wanna talk to people who most likely don't natively speak the language she wants to "learn" to speak?

I'm really not surprised that she only wants male partners. What good would a girl friend be for her? I mean a kawaii boyfriend is something she can show off like an accessory, even if the girl is a kawaii asian accessory for her as well, she would be competition for attention. She deletes and blocks people for positive comments about her own sister, if she can't put up with her own sister getting attention and not her, she wouldn't be able to put up with a friend getting the attention.

No. 122760


She's trying to pull a Mira and find an Asian guy who will marry her and whisk her away and get her out of her parent's house in FL. We already know she legitimately thinks she'll land a modeling contract in every Asian country just for being white, she probably thinks she just has to be there longer and have an actual place to live or some other completely stupid made up excuse as to why she hasn't reached kawaii model status yet.

No. 122762

Also, she really shouldn't have bothered with coming up with a new online alias for these language exchange sites if she was just going to post pictures she has on twitter/ig. Someone could easily find all of her social media and this site just by doing an image search on them.

I think so as well.

No. 122764

Whatever happened to that tweet of hers of being scouted in Japan?

No. 122766

No. 122770

someone should ask her about that. I wonder what that was all about anyway.

No. 122787

Worldfriends and Interpals. Her WF profile was publicly accessible but it became private when it was mentioned here. Her IP profile was deleted months ago.

No. 122808

to be honest, since kota replied "DEAD", i thought it was an inside joke about how skinny white girls get scouted all the time.

don't know why i immediately thought that but i did.

i don't think she really ever planned to follow up on it.

No. 122831

LMAO speaks Japanese Korean Chinese Spanish and English

is learning French Swedish

Really? Girl you're so delusional. To say you speak a language means you can keep up a conversation with no problems, understand the news, etc.
Kiki herself has said she doesn't speak a lot of Spanish on Twitter ("took 2 years of it at uni").

Also hobbies: …singing. Yeah, we noticed when Kiki Mimieux was around…

No. 122852

its true though on interpals… like if you are a female, half your inbox will be disgusting people

No. 122856

it's true for all penal websites. some of them even have an option that you can enable for only people of your own sex to be able to contact you.

No. 122859


I used to use japanesefriendexchange and it was full of freaks. I got a marriage proposal once off some old doctor from Osaka, it was so weird. Fucking LONG message too, I don't have it anymore but my god. Thankfully I met ONE decent person, we talk on Skype all the time! Just hope when I meet them this year they're not weird… ;/

No. 122864

Everytime I see people say they speak Chinese, I just want to ask, "Mandarin? Cantonese? Min Nan/Hokkien?"

No. 122865

she said Mandarin in one of those screenshots though

No. 122866

Oh, I missed this >>122699 earlier

No. 122916

Anyone found Taku's worldfriends account? If it exists?

No. 122919

Why, so you can message him?

No. 122924

Yea why not? lets see if he's faithful to kiki ^_~

No. 122937

Not inclined to message, but don't act like you're not curious about the guy too.

No. 122939

how fucking dare you to fucking samefag, fucko!

No. 122957

why would it exist. she could have met him anywhere while in tokyo, not online

No. 122997


Because she literally said so?

No. 123003

This comment should be a banner.

I would (and I think I speak for a majority of anons here) actually love to watch someone try to get a hold of him and see if they're actually dating. It's not any of my business at all, but the potential drama makes my mouth water.

No. 123007

I would like to see a cute girl flirt with him and see how he responds. lots of those guys on these penpal sites are talking to more than one girl. what makes kiki special nothing really. much more sweeter and cuter foreign girls on there. Plus kiki is in Florida now, her little fling is over time to move on to better things.

No. 123011

chill kiki

No. 123021


So true! The guy I met on friendsinjapan even told me he goes for foreign women, we're fiends but even he tries to flirt with me but I always laugh it off and just say im not interested but he's a nice fellow other than that. But he told me, guys basically just want gaijin pussy and to try out their eigo. That's about it really. I got it out of him, he kept flirting and I eventually said "Alright, tell me what's the deal?" and I managed to squeeze it out until he just admitted what he and guys like himself are up to.

I mean, I'm not bothered what he does or other guys like him. I just practice Japanese with him, that's it. So meh, fair enough.

No. 123023

she looks like she needs 4 months of sleep. I wonder what is stressing her out so bad

No. 123026

Same here.

Omfg, it would be super hilarious if someone catfished him with Kota's pics and he took the bait.
>lots of those guys on these penpal sites are talking to more than one girl. what makes kiki special nothing really. much more sweeter and cuter foreign girls on there.
This. Plus, I'm sure a good amount of those cuter, sweeter foreign girls speak better Japanese and aren't narcissistic. No one wants to talk to someone who talks about nothing other than themselves and can't say anything but super basic phrases.

No. 123029

being the inferior sister

No. 123031

No. 123034


Someone should make an account as some Japanese guy, play her and see what's she's really like.

No. 123046

>>123034 omg yes, the same way we handle pt we should do the same for kiki.

No. 123048

Such a bad/good idea

No. 123051


I know, I'm terrible lol

No. 123054

kek, there is no way this bitch is 22. i'm 21 and when i was 12 she was like 16.

No. 123059

she's looking for a rich asian guy

No. 123061

She pulled out of her twitter-hibernation too early I guess.

No. 123069


She's 23 going on 24 and Dakota is 22 neither of them look like they're in their teens anymore

No. 123070

I guess her skype is Kirleios too :P

No. 123071


she lied about her age during her scene years, which is unsurprising because everyone did it. her real age has been confirmed by the police report and matches what she portrays now.

No. 123074

Fairly certain he would recognize Kota. She's not like super famous but she's recognizable to a lot of people, especially someone who is "dating" her oneechan.

To be honest though I think you guys are coming off kinda jelly. She IS cuter than a lot of people on WF and those type sites and she SEEMS sweet (but immature) online to those who didn't know her before.

What are you going to even do if you can get a conversation with him on WF etc? I think he would get a bit suspicious if a bunch of you started messaging him.

No. 123075


How did you find out about this?

No. 123076

I got tipped.

No. 123077

File: 1434577045636.png (350.68 KB, 1034x1326, sadsad.png)


>Kids: I can't wait to have them

Oh man she gon' start poking holes in condoms soon :^)

No. 123078

I don't know why people feel like they need to find other profiles/find her boyfriend and try to start drama. She's just going to block you and go on about her day, like she does with everyone else.

Something will happen on its own. There's no way that Keeks will end up marrying this guy and moving to Tokyo smoothly without and problems along the way. I don't think it needs to be pushed.

No. 123079

stfu kiki

No. 123081

i don't know why people like you feel the need to address something we all know, we're milking the cow now leave.

No. 123082

Hmm? How would finding his profile mean that she blocks me?

>go on about her day
As if Kiki doesn't have a fucking fit about everything, like a child.

No. 123084

Find Taku!
On WF, I think you can't search by name but you can search through other criteria. The details on Kaka's profile can be a guide. Male between 18-30 (Taku can't possibly be a 40 year old), ethnicity is Japanese, language is Japanese and English. Probably likes rap and is looking for a white-caucasian girl her age.

I don't think Kaka can just tell Taku to remove his profile just because she saw this thread. The guy seems to be a player. Why would he take down a profile that can get him gaijin pussy?

No. 123085

Maybe it's the 45kg >>123077. Also, what does "Involved" in a relationship mean? Involved with Taku?

No. 123090


Or the "active/explore" in the travel bit. It must've been tiring spending 4 months exploring her hotel room

No. 123096

No. 123104

can't see without account. not going to sign up. take a screenshot jfc.

No. 123110

Yes, screenshot please. I made an account and I still can't see it, it just redirects to my own profile.

No. 123112


account is taku444

No. 123114

just fucking screenshot it.

No. 123115

File: 1434583201820.png (274.78 KB, 820x625, 3485PM.png)

No. 123116

>quiet but interesting

No. 123119


ffs i CANT

No. 123120


what do you guys think then..?

looks like him

No. 123121

i think that's him.

No. 123122

File: 1434583678361.jpg (143.83 KB, 524x1051, taku2.jpg)

The rest of his profile

No. 123124

They would definitely match and find each other if her profile says she can speak English, Japanese and Spanish and he's looking for the same thing.

No. 123127

>What makes me upset or frustrated?
>Bad manner


No. 123128

File: 1434584109877.jpg (5.49 KB, 251x240, 1310671390981.jpg)

>what makes me happy

No. 123129

Kek, I noticed that too. Uh oh Kiki.

No. 123131


There is a twitter account (seems ditched) and private instagram account with the username taku444 as well. Not sure if same dude and I can't read Japanese but

No. 123132


On this guys profile it says his name is Suguru and the picture didn't look much like the guy in Kirsten's vids.

I don't think it's him.

No. 123135

Could be his first name, with Taku-something being his last name, because in Japan a lot of people go by their last name or nickname of their last name except close friends.

I think he looks similar to the most recent vid. Hard to tell when we are comparing one blurryish photo to oversaturated videos.

No. 123138

File: 1434585290345.png (247.92 KB, 521x360, comp.png)

It's difficult to tell because of the lack of photos from that other guy.

No. 123139

i think they look really similar if nothing else. Same bodytype and same hair. the nose looks different and so do the eyes but both of those can be attributed to filters/pixels/angles.

>inb4 all japanese look same

No. 123140

>>123138 yo it looks like him to me. same smile and hairstyle

No. 123141

hot af in that left pic tho.

No. 123142

Except they go by their given name to foreigners because they know foreigners use first name basis. So his name is taku

No. 123144

They look the same. Just different lighting.

I found an empty Google+ account that may be his. I wonder when the account was made. I don't know anything about Google+


No. 123145

dat horrible music taste

No. 123146

He loves Final Fantasy just like kaka!

No. 123148

Well my thought process was he has a screenname he's had forever based on a name he's called by Japanese peers (taku444) and uses that everywhere, and used that screenname for WF, and Kiki just calls him Taku-chan because she knows him as "taku444" more than Suguru. But idk.

No. 123150

Could be his. You pretty much get a Google+ account for signing up on anything associated with Google (gmail, blogger, youtube, etc), and up until like a year or two ago it was hard to delete it without deleting every other account you had.

Which doesn't really mean anything except he probably has one but doesn't use it like everyone else who has any kind of Google account.

No. 123152


Well, I bet suguru-san-chan-kun whatever the fuck thought he was in for a real treat when he glanced upon keekz profile.

Tapped his fingers, smiled at his screen, those little eyes of his creasing up with delight at foreign pussy.

Bet he thought he won the fucking lottery lol

No. 123153


God, I hate how everything is connected to google. I miss youtube when you could just create a username and BAM, done and dusted.

No. 123154


best i could find ;<

looks like him i was like "sure this is the dude"

but yeah angles, lighting ect ect kota kota

i tried not to be like "all japs look the same" i mean they don't obviously but yeah… you get my drift ..

No. 123155


"Relationship: single"

either he's not logged in for a long, long time or…

No. 123157

poor guy has no clue.

No. 123161

dude, me too. Nobody gives a fuck about Google+, I wish they'd stop trying to make that shit happen.

I 100% believe he actually has no idea Kiki and him are "boyfriend and girlfriend" now.

No. 123162

lol right, he's going to learn this week.

No. 123163

I was actually one of the fags who was in the "well they're probably dating irl" camp but now I'm like ehhhhh…

No. 123172

How's that, if you don't mind me asking? Someone going to attempt contact? If so– right on.

It's fair to give someone the benefit of the doubt. I didn't believe it from the start, only because I've seen this happen before.
Not only that, but we've seen how quickly she falls in love with guys, and how willing she is to flat-out lie about things that will boost her image.

No. 123177

I hope kaka is reading this and freaking out she's going to get outed.

No. 123178

They probably were dating when she was in Tokyo, but now hes out and looking for new blood.

Also, new video tonight right? I wonder what wonderful vegan recipes Kaka will give us tonight.

No. 123181

I gave her the benefit of the doubt only because a lot of ultra-long-distance relationships are like this, where it's just a bunch of pictures being slowly posted since their last visit, but I know how she is. I thought they were dating but I definitely didn't think he knew anything about the pictures/videos/her past and I didn't think it would last long.

IF someone is going to contact Taku can we please discuss it here first before just bombarding him with messages?

No. 123184


I think discussing here before contacting is a good idea. Dude didn't do anything wrong and probably has no idea who Kiki is. Let's not harass him online only due to his association with Kiki.

If anything, a sudden influx of messages could scare him away and there will be no info to be had.

No. 123185

Please make a backup of her YT and IG videos with Taku in case she bahleets them.

No. 123186

i believe lolcow automatically archives links we post here so…done.

No. 123187


tbh, idk if anyone wants to go through the effort of contacting him. Not saying anyone won't, but it'll definitely take a little effort on our part. His English is not good, and I think the only real way to get to him is through that language website. So, I don't imagine many farmers would just start to bombard him with messages or anything.

Likely, whoever is going to contact him will keep us all updated (I would hope).

Just like with pt, milking the cow take fineness and teamwork. I think most of us are on the same page.

No. 123189


Hm… what would we say?

"Btw pal, your 'gf' or whatever she is has uploaded countless videos of you and is using you as an accessory to fulfil her yellow fever while the trends still in?"

"Her last boyfriend kinda died because of her?"

"She's a cunt js"

No. 123190

Links, yes, but video content, I don't think so.

No. 123191

>Just like with pt, milking the cow take fineness and teamwork. I think most of us are on the same page.

and just like PT, someone might fuck it up completely just cause.

No. 123193

"saw the vid of you in your underwear kiki posted. you busy 2night bby?"

No. 123195


"ur kinda the limp noodle, aren't cha? that's okay bae, we can work summin out"

No. 123196

Kaka: Hi Taku-chan, if you receive messages about me from strangers on Worldfriends, please ignore it.

Taku: What? Why?

Kaka: Just do it.

No. 123198


Top kek.
If we fuck this up someone do this for the lulz

No. 123200

lol ,I bet she'll tell him to delete his profile.

No. 123201

Yeah, but with pt, we had britfag messing shit up. I think she has a lot more people trying to troll her than Kiki does.

No. 123202


Get a fake picture of some pale, russian, baby-faced, kawaii ass girl and create the perfect profile then message him

say you're going to tokyo this summer, you're looking for 'fun', like final fantasy and azn cock

he'll give in

No. 123203

Maybe someone should send him a message in Japanese?

No. 123204


Okay but I'm a Japanese studies student, I've been to Japan and know a lot about Japanese culture and it's history in general and Taku is not a family name.
Taku can mean home (宅) or desk (卓), and probably a billion other objects, but to my knowledge Taku is neither a forename or surname in Japan.

Honestly it's Kirsten is probably referring to him as Taku as a nickname. It's probably a nickname or something, hell it could even short for Otaku or some shit. Guy could be really big on his trains or his One Piece.


Those are not the same two people guys. It's easy to think Asian people look the same when you're not around them frequently.

No. 123206


thank you for letting us know you're a japanese student o wise one

and yeah probably but we can ALWAYS find out and see ~~~

No. 123208

I don't think so either. Their nose shapes are different and their clothing styles are different.

No. 123209


I Think they look vaguely similar and I live half the year every year in Korea. But thanks for that assumption lol

No. 123211


"Hora mofo are u pushin ur toothpick up kaka's growler?"

I think someone should, I'm not doing it lol.

No. 123213


#I'm only saying because yeah, educationally I do have more credentials when it comes to this stuff and I'm letting you know that Taku isn't a name in Japan, at least to my knowledge. I mean it could potentially be some old ass archaic name but it probably isn't, watevs.

Anyway, a long the nickname route, "Takuru" is a name in Japan, so maybe you could work a long that angle?


I wasn't addressing you directly, I was addressing lolcow in general. Get your head out of your ass.

Also if you do travel to South Korea you should already know that Japanese and South Koreans are wildly different in their appearances once you become familiar with them.

No. 123216

>educationally I do have more credentials
Anyway, another Japanese studies student here. I think most people here are already aware that Taku is a nickname.

And those two picture absolutely look like the same person. Please don't do the whole "You guys just think Asians all look alike" stuff. Most people here are not total idiots.
Please don't make me post the "different lighting and angles" gif. Come on.

No. 123217

Already been confirmed that Taku is a nickname, try to keep up.

No. 123218


No shit to both those points, Sherlock. What the fuck does that have to do with anything?

"oh anon knows what Koreans look like but bet they can't tell Japanese apart!"

No. 123219

I feel that it's a different guy as well. Nose and eyebrows shape do not match, but it's still worth a shot. It's not going to hurt to ask politely.

Maybe you guys can find another match on Worldfriends. Filter age by 20 to 30 years old.

No. 123220

Its honestly hard to tell if they're the same guy with just the one picture. With other references we could really decide.

Someone said he had an instagram, link?

No. 123222


Whether it's him or not someone should still message him so we can find out either way. Maybe pose as a friend of Kiki's or something like that.

No. 123224


I know anon was just saying that to make a point about the name though. But it is annoying when people always jump the "I'VE BEEN TO JAPAN, K GUYS! I FUCKIN' KNOW, I KNOW JAPAN—I KNOW MORE DAN U!" train. coff mira coff

But yeah.

Also, Koreans and Japanese DO look very different. My god.

No. 123225



Well I graduate next year, so soon to be a degree.
I guess TEFL certification kind of counts. Or at least I want to believe it does kek

>and those two picture absolutely look like the same person

Dude, they really don't, they have a totally different nose for starters, I think you just want to believe it does but I'm telling you, you guys are going to totally end up harassing some random, innocent dude and nothing will come of it.

Don't get caught up in the frenzy and resume a proper search.

No. 123226


Anon mentioned a twitter too but I don't think that's him, because the locations are totally different. Impossible to tell either way on the instagram account though.

No. 123227


You're terrible angry friendo.

No. 123228

File: 1434589202506.png (193.07 KB, 358x199, takuchan.png)

honestly he looks a lot different in pic related than guy on the left but they are the same person.

but pic related looks like WF pic imo.

No. 123230

I disagree…comparing that picture to the WF one, I don't think it's the same guy.

No. 123231


Either way, they're both ugly tbh.

No. 123232

Isn't Takuto a legit Japanese name?

No. 123233

Kiki is gonna be looking at this thread and cackling over how many of you are chasing some random nobody that you picked out on the basis of a flimsy nickname.

No. 123235


Yup, can be written 卓人 or 拓土.

No. 123236

Nobody said that. I think you should try reading it again.

Nobody is harassing anybody. Nobody is planning on harassing anybody. Calm down.
Although I want to bang my head repeatedly on my desk at your posts– I'll just say congrats on the soon to have degree.

Everybody just breath, jesus.

No. 123239

If someone is going to message him, please wait til we confirm it's the same guy.

Someone else keep digging these websites because it's already been confirmed he's on one of them, probably WF as that's the only kirleios profile still in existence if you care that much.

Whoever does message him should probably be like "hey I am a follower of mmmkikikannibal and saw she was posting videos and pictures of someone she met on World Friends, was wondering if this was you and if you were aware of it. The pictures and videos were kind of intimate or seemed taken sneakily and the man in them did not seem to be present on her social media so I wasn't sure if he had consented to this." and include links.

I don't think there's any need to catfish Taku, he's innocent. Just literally make a throwaway profile and drop links.

No. 123240


Exactly, she'll be giggling her tits off.

No. 123242


No one said that, however that's exactly how people come across when they bring up they're studying Japanese. Always the same, ugh.

No. 123243


>calm down

But I'm not mad, I'm just trying to advise in the search and steer people into the right direction and away from the wrong one :l

>I'll just say congrats on the soon to have degree

I could still fail but ty ty.

No. 123244


why is japan so special anyway

its becoming such a weeby thing to study and take interest in that i feel like a weeb even just by looking at the atlas and seeing japan

No. 123245

No it's your problem for interpreting it that way and letting yourself get asspained over it.

Exactly, the only people that get riled over people saying they've visited are generally weebs who think it's some kind of magical Pocky anime land i.e. >>123242

No. 123246

Wouldn't he have a more stylish photo? He's a bit fashion conscient and has a smartphone. So no way he'd take the next best pixelated profile pic like >>123115.

No. 123247


omg shut up no one cares

No. 123253

could his name also potentially be Takushi? (pulling from his use of '4' in his username… isn't that said as 'shi'? idk. moon speak is not something I know)

No. 123257

i believe she said his name was takuya a while ago though i may have imagined that. trying to find proof.

No. 123260

File: 1434591728662.png (52.96 KB, 585x382, sugadad.png)

friendly reminder this was posted only a few days before she and taku were in videos and photos together.

No. 123265

>plot twist they already broke up

No. 123266

>plot twist twist kiki is taku

No. 123268

hahahahahahhahahah to be honest though…

she seemed to be in the same apartment throughout her whole stay despite moving out at one point.

No. 123270


You know what, I've been thinking about it for a while now.

Someone, good at drawing, should do a manga/comic about kota and kiki. Except make it slightly different, alter it a little otherwise kiki and her copyrights will 'sue u' cos yeah it's what she does.

But yeah, two out of control teen girls. One is a douche and the other is super douche.

One gets famous and the other is striving for fame, as time goes by super douche is getting so desperate for fame. Crying over her sister's yt videos, interviews and modelling pictures. Then conquers up a plan to become famous again.

Meets up with old men, young boys and ofc this is her POV in this story. So we gotta put up with her whiny ass the entire time.

In the end, some ass from the net who claimed to be douche's 'fan' gets an old video of douche and super douche's 'o so racist' video and it leaks all over the place, everything fucks up, douche has a breakdown and super douche just ends up in a mental institution.

it'd end with her sat there all frail, head down, hair a mess, dressed in a hospital down strapped to a chair with a UV or something in her arm

and the end panel, the very end one is where she laughs, staring right at you all crazy and shouting "I WILL BE FAMOUS AGAIN, JUST YOU WAIT"

it'd be a totally good manga ehehehe

No. 123271

Kiki is at least on some level aware of that. When she would go on Stickam she talked about how guys picking up girls online usually talked to several girls at a time and she seemed a little insecure about it. She gave out advice about not meeting guys online yet that's how she met her boyfriend so she doesn't practice what she preaches. Maybe she thinks because she is Kira Kira shiny gaijin in Japan she's immune to it happening but lol the miles between FL and Japan should only make it easier. She's probably aware and just using him to look like she has a boyfriend.

I wonder if Kiki's going to pretend to be into video games again because of the FFVII remake that was announced.

No. 123275

She already was putting videogame music in her videos like kooter.

No. 123277

the plot thickens…

Jacktoass should do it. She's fuckin great.

No. 123286


she'd end up being like that crazy bitch anzai manami from LIFE

No. 123302

She was actually the first one to do that.

No. 123313

No. 123315

Japanese university aka language school.

not to victim blame but if she dressed like that when she went to class what would she expect.

No. 123316

Anyone else find it interesting her videos go live right at midnight EST time? I know you can set when videos become public, but why choose EST if you're in Japan?

No. 123317

Why is she always getting sexually harassed? Its like every time she steps out she's complaining that something happened. Which I would believe, because people do gross shit, but ALL THE TIME? Its like she's trying to subtly brag about how wanted she is by men

No. 123318

again, she's in florida. she has already confirmed she's in florida.

No. 123319

ALSO, She is talking in past tense about all the people ("there were cliques") like she isn't in the school anymore, but the description says this was filmed while she was still in school.

No. 123320


Kirsten is probably taking shit again but honestly your attitude is garbage.
You can be walking around naked and it is still not okay for anybody to lay they hands on it or sexually harass you.

No. 123321


I replied to the wrong post, this was for >>123315

No. 123322

lol. she's dressed like a hooker.

No. 123323

Wat. I never said it was her fault? I just think its interesting that it always happens to her, and her saying stuff like that dates waaay back, she'd always tweet about how people "harass" her

No. 123324

o lmao


No. 123326

Can she even go to language school without a student visa?
I love that she referred to is as university just like she referred to her community college as university.

No. 123328

dat one shirt
dat one outfit
was kaka in japan one day

No. 123329

Nobody thinks it's alright for men to sexually harass women because of the way that they dress. We can all agree on that, right? I think you misinterpreted anon's post (and anon worded it poorly anyways).

But, you can't ignore the way that the world is. Japan is a little bit of a backwards country when it comes to women. If you go out dressed like that, people WILL assume you're a prostitute/an easy lay. Men can be total pigs about that shit, anywhere in the world. You have to protect yourself (even if it's not ideal) and not be totally naive; and I honestly just think Kirsten is naive.

you forgot the white one

No. 123330

Yeah basically. You really can't go out like that in Japan without people assuming things about you. Is it OK? No. But unfortunately it's kind of like asking guys to look at you a certain way. Honestly it's like that in America too, but I don't think she goes out enough to know that that's how people will view her.

No. 123332

Sweet baby Jesus, she is literally sexually harassed every time she steps out of the house if you hear her tell the tale. There are some creepy men who think backwards and don't realize it's not ok to hit on women so aggressively so yeah it probably happens but for fuck's sake that seems all Kiki is capable of talking about. Sexual harassment and vegan fairy meals. It's cool if you want to vlog and shit but way to be forever a victim, Kiki. We get it. You can't take two steps without penises flying at you.

No. 123333

Also, I think because she was in Tokyo, she probably felt like "yea, i can be edgy fashion girl", which is only kinda-sorta true. There is a time and a place to dress like that. Sunday, on Harajuku bridge or clubbing; yes. Language school or regular sight-seeing, temple visiting, restaurant going; no.

No. 123334

oh god this. I wonder what she wore to the temple that one time when she saw the hot monk.

only seen a few outfits of hers from this trip and none of them were appropriate…

No. 123336

>There is a time and a place to dress like that.
Exactly! She has no clue how to conduct herself like an adult and respect the environment she's in. To be honest I'd love to see her get a Dubai sugardaddy just to see what happens.

No. 123339

Kaka thinks that all of this harassment is not because of the way she's dressed but because of how she looks. She once went on about how even when she went out in baggy clothes and no makeup, she'd still get harassed. I'm not saying she's never been harassed on the street before because I think all women have experienced it at least once, but I think she does exaggerate it a lot. She's so paranoid, I wouldn't be surprised if she panics when anyone even looks at her.

She could also just be making it all up, some of her stories sound really ridiculous. Like the one about some coworker or something constantly calling her bubble butt.

No. 123341

she does look like she has a butt but it's because she has like scoliosis or something where her back curves soooo much.

but anyway the thing with the video is literally everyone was opposed to her reporting the guy and called her "bad news" except for the Chinese, which she had to throw in there of course because she's learning Chinese.

I also feel like no matter how retarded you are you're not going to literally ask some girl to suck your dick in the front row of class, so I don't really believe it.

No. 123348

File: 1434605740744.jpg (21.55 KB, 792x125, image.jpg)

Omg guiz

No. 123350

haha I saw that. i think she does this every time she posts something like that.

No. 123351

Her head would roll.


No. 123360

Oh my god why does she change her voice so much when she's speaking Japanese. IT'S SO HIGH PITCHED AND ANNOYING. Especially compared to her talking at the start of the same video.

No. 123361

File: 1434607577442.jpg (43.89 KB, 377x514, 1420740001307.jpg)

you guys don't know if she really dressed like this to school or temples. when you're alone filming yourself, you can dress how you want. in all of her candid pictures she dressed alright.

No. 123363

She looks sickly

No. 123369

Someone in one of the earlier threads who has seen her irl has said she dresses the exact same way irl as she does in her videos.

No. 123371

that picture is so old.

No. 123374

File: 1434609191735.png (503.99 KB, 1298x865, Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 2.12…)

i completely believe all of her "sexual harassment" stories. i've seen way too many creepy guys lusting after and stalking her online. with the old latino men, that creepy scottish guy, the "George Patent" weirdo from the archive etc etc it's not difficult to imagine the same things happening irl. the problem is, venting it online as often as she does gives a really wrong idea. look at these three videos together… jfc. and she has this notion that every time something bad happens to her, she has to go on the internet and warn/give advice about it ?? but it just seems like an excuse to tell the world about it. this is something you vent out to your mom/sister, boyfriend, close friends. not online. i haven't even been following her for so long and can already think of around 5 times where she's vented about sexual harassment on twitter and youtube.

actually, i wonder how many times Kotex has been sexually harassed and she only told the appropriate people.

No. 123376

not to mention her history with danny, though I think that is what the first video is about in that pic.

No. 123384

being a victim is like, her legacy.

No. 123388

This bitch is going to be 95 talking about how all the old men are grabbing her ass.

No. 123397

I believe she's been harassed and that even worse things have probably happened to her and maybe Dakota too. The way they used to joke about that kind of stuff on Stickam made it seem like they knew all too well. Aside from the jokes Dakota never talked about it though, other than the time she said a lesbian was harassing her and that prompted all of her homophobic slurs. It's definitely something that Kaka should be seeking therapy for though, not telling the whole internet. One "empowering" video of advice to help people will suffice. She's kind of made it a part of her identity though.

No. 123413

omg thissss!!! she makes japanese sound really disgusting

gosh, she's so obsessed with sex, that she has to make up stories about how she's always sexually harrassed. no wonder she spent so much time with that japanese guy in bed.

No. 123415

That background music totally doesn't fit the topic of her video

No. 123416

PULLtard if I've ever seen one. gtfo

No. 123417

I don't think anyone is in a position to say whether it was true or untrue.

I think she probably has an attractive aura, and I think she's probably flirty - whether she's intentionally being flirty or not.

No. 123423

my only problem with Kiki's hartassment videos/stories is that she makes it sound like it's because the way she looks, when in reality it's because she's a human with a vagina. Idk, she always makes it sound like, a compliment? Like bing fawned over or smthg.

Based on the last videos of her on the topic, at least. Is this one the same thing?

No. 123437

>>122704 She deleted her Interpal account :P

No. 123446

maybe, like an unfortunate number of weebs, she learns japanese from anime or tv shows. or dakota and her friends.
i really really loathe that fake voice a lot of girls put on. have you heard kurebayashi's voice? as if her appearance isnt a glaring eyesore… her voice.

No. 123450

Ok she really needs to stop throwing HARRASSMENT everywhere, randomly.

She started babbling about the Australian clique while there was a text explaining what went down, but it went very rapidly. In other words, it was poorly executed.
And then you have cheerful music playing in the background, with cute video effects while she keeps working her angles… And then starts talking about desserts and snows. Like, really?

Best thing would be to have made a blog about what happened, what she did to protect herself etc.
and leave this one for her silly ol' babbling about stuff and her own narcissism.

No. 123451

Since you're reading, Kiki, what made you mix topics like sexual harassment and Japanese sweets?

No. 123454

>maybe, like an unfortunate number of weebs, she learns japanese from anime or tv shows.
I highly doubt that, she literally had no idea what Naruto was. I think the only anime she's ever watched was Sailor Moon and Ranma a few times as a kid and Madoka Magica. She just thinks Japanese people will worship her because she's so kawaii for talking/acting like an anime character.

No. 123460

i know haha its gross

No. 123473

Very enriching post. I get you just learnt a new word, so you want to use it everywhere you can

No. 123486

??? lmao what a bunch of nonsense

No. 123490


No. 123500


Not to mentioned the tumblr feminist do-gooders will back her up one hundred percent anyways.

Japanese university? The fuck did she ever go to a Japanese university?

God, all she ever talks about is getting sexually harassed. It's actually getting depressing as fuck.

No. 123528

File: 1434639416004.jpg (98.88 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)


Exactly! You're suppose to always believe the victim but goddamn look at picture related and the stuff she wrote down. I'm sorry but that all sounds way movie-sy. Or like while she was editing the video she thought "hey I'll add these details that never happened"

No. 123530


I'd be called a cunt for saying this but, I'm beginning to think she's making these harassment videos because she just wants attention. From anywhere and anyone who'll feel sorry for her.

No, I don't think it's about the way she dresses. Although if she is at a formal place, the outfits she wear should be toned down a little (it's purely just common sense and politeness) but no, not saying it's about what she's wearing. But Kiki being joyous self, how would we know what she's like in person? The way she presents herself? Then comes on the net and just talks any old shit. It's always happening to 'her' and yeah I do believe she has been harassed here and there. It's happened to myself, happens to a lot of young women (even old ones).

But all I see now is nitpicking. Nitpicking how bad things are for her when she steps out the house, how terrible guys treat her and how we should ALL feel sorry for her.

Not saying what those guys do is right, but you know like when you get two siblings for e/g and they keep fighting… One sibling is always running to mummy saying "Mummy he did this- he did that-" and eventually after a period of time, the mother is gonna get a little agitated because the kid keeps running to her over the same old shit and eventually it starts getting so stupid, so picky because it's over dumb shit? That's Kiki.

Same shit, different day. I don't get why she just doesn't contact authorities or something. I dunno. I guess in Japan it'd be harder with language barriers and all. Statements and shit…

It's just annoying how she's playing the 'poor me' role. Now that her luck is dying, she's dried up and boring. Kiki is looking for any route to boost her status up again. If anything, she should stay away from the net and move on with her life. She will NEVER have that era like she once did ever again. Too much bad shit.

I don't get why this girl can't learn? Learn and just be happy, move on, do her own thing. Quit the Japanese bullshit and go back to school. If she REALLY IS serious about working/living in Japan, get a BA and find work there after it. IDK just something!

Sad thing is, she'll keep doing this. I'm surprised she isn't exhausted. If I was her, I'd never show my face on the internet again.

No. 123541


I fully agree. Though I support her internet presence for the lol, really. Like this absurd stories about a clique of Australians hounding up on her.

No. 123544

I think the best thing about that story was how the white people hated her, but the asians liked her. She is pretty fucking obvious

No. 123582


Plus! All the GIRLS "hated" her and start saying she was "bad news". Like really?

No. 123610

Is >>123115's profile gone, too?

No. 123614


No. 123630

File: 1434653339596.png (152.34 KB, 603x457, keks.png)

Was there only one tweet from Kiki about the Australian man who sexually harassed her? I thought there was more but I could be mistaking.

No. 123635

Fuck off kaka

No. 123638

you can't be vegan while being pregnant

No. 123639


I reckon it was only these one… Only furthering the point that it's all a lie and he probably just hit on her and tried to flirt (because it's KIKI. Come on… Issuing against horrible gaijin sexual harassment and being fawned over by niponese natives for being such a great hero while also being the victim because the clearly-jealous-mean Australian women hated her? That's like, a perfect scene for a Kiki's Twitter pity party)

No. 123640


No. 123658

Why is she ALWAYS laying in bed? ALWAYS.

No. 123660

No. 123661

No. 123666

It is difficult to be vegan while being pregnant, but you can do it. Anyway Kiki, and some vegans, should not have kids because lots of them will give their children a vegan diet and a kid has to eat meat too. And you know Kiki would give them a vegan diet.

No. 123684

It's pretty interesting that she posted these two videos on the exact same day:
I definitely think she also filmed this video that day as well.
I feel like she did make this story up after seeing that article because everything has to be about her.

No. 123693


I ask because I swore she talked about the guy hitting on her on the airplane but maybe I am getting mixed up with the article.

It wouldn't surprise me.

No. 123705


She's always lying in bed because she's a lazy jobless fuck. If Kiki was in the UK I'd bet she'd be on of those bone idle girls who just sponge off benefits, claim she's a good person and just leach off her parents.

I know, when you start your twenties things are difficult for some people and some don't know what they're doing. But Kiki isn't even trying, the bitch is just lazy.

No. 123706


Imagine if kiki did get preggers to taku-chan-san-sama


No. 123710

>I ask because I swore she talked about the guy hitting on her on the airplane but maybe I am getting mixed up with the article.
Oh yeah, I remember that now. And I think that was an "Australian man" as well?

No. 123718


I think so? I'm not 100 percent sure.

No. 123729

She's just going to change her name so she isn't easy to find. I assume she didn't expect anyone here to find her with the name she used.

No. 123730

I personally don't believe anyone is "sexually harassing her", she's typical of a person that wants o appear attractive to everyone by claiming every man she passes up in the world is so desperate to be with her he must grope her. She lives in a fantasy world. Usually, men could care less about a pretty girl passing them up (that is in normal circumstances), some approach them with compliments some don't care. She jus wants attention, the internet is her only place for it (she's like the mary sue of the internet).

No. 123732

>>123730 sorry for the typos*

No. 123735

That account was deleted before we even found it.

No. 123738

I'm sure she got hit on by some guy in class but I don't think it was any more than most other girls have to deal with. I'm not even mega attractive and kinda fat and I still get dudes saying rude shit to me just because men kind of think they rule the world and all the women in it.

The way she acts in the rest of the video and her Rilakkuma videos, the way she is so upbeat and carefree, kind of suggests to me that it really wasn't a big deal to her either. She just made it one.

She's reporting it for attention. This whole video was just for attention. And that's so incredibly shitty. I know she's done it before but I try not to feel that way. But yeah. This was 100% for attention. She didn't even act distraught about it when it happened.

Side note: she refers to herself as an "American Transfer Student" in the title of her video, which implies that she's going to school back in the States, which we know is probably not true. All we know of about her is that she was taking Japanese classes and was rude to her teacher and that one girl on Twitter said she dropped it pretty quickly. I mean maybe she actually is studying science as she said, but she literally never mentioned it before then. You would think she would talk about it constantly. Not only that but it's clear she's just in language school. No reason to study abroad in Tokyo for science.

No. 123741

File: 1434663195651.jpg (74.7 KB, 857x244, Untitled.jpg)

totally talking to herself here… that "russian" account just screams Kiki!

No. 123742

All of this.

Plus her Japanese is super basic, so she wouldn't be able to go to a Japanese university. I think Kota would've mentioned Kaka going to school in Japan in that one ameblo post if it was true.
Idk if she is studying science, but it could be plausible, she never really mentioned taking that Japanese class. I mean she said something about the Japanese classes at her school, but she never actually said she was taking a class or anything. I do think she would talk about it constantly because it would be the only thing actually going on in her life.

No. 123746

Ugh girls who talk like Kiki does in this comment are so fucking naive. It is totally not right to blame the victim and it's totally not right to harass someone based on what they wear, but it still happens. It's always going to happen. Just because something is wrong and fucked up does not mean it's never going to happen.

She should know by now that as a woman, you have to make a choice. You WILL be harassed, you WILL be hit on or catcalled, so do you want to dress more conservatively and avoid a lot of it? "If I go out dressing like this, what should I expect, and what should I do about it?"

She dresses in what is typically considered a sexually provocative manner which is totally fine but she has to understand the implications of that. I'm a feminist but I'm also realistic.

No. 123748


"Mary sue of the Internet" thank you! Thank you that was the exact expression I was looking for to describe her. It's cringey that she thinks of herself like this - like, truly


I thought she wasn't going the haters in? Well, I love how this sounds exactly like any tumblrina feminist speech.

And yes, of course it'd be either herself or she only allowed this comment because it's a one-sentence comment to which she can respond in this very brave and heroic manner right before blocking the person. And any other hater who talks about her clothes, inconsistent attitude or overall logic

No. 123749

Of course it is Kiki. She has to approve all of her comments, doesn't she? (idk if it's still that way)
If so, this is completely staged. She was probably reading the board and saw we were calling her out on her stupid outfits. She wants them easy sjw points.

>I'm a feminist but I'm also realistic.

Yeah, we need more of these. People get so passionate about this and only see/hear what they want to, completely ignoring reality.

No. 123750

Yeah seriously. You can't go to most foreign universities without speaking the language. Especially for something like science. Things like philosophy and art are a bit more passable. She would be totally lost in an all-Japanese science class, and considering she dropped intermediate Japanese after a day or two according to that Twitter girl she's no where near where she would need to be to do much more than sight-seeing and language school.

If she goes to UCF there's a language exchange in Chiba but I don't think she would have even qualified for it…


>Must have completed Intermediate Japanese Language II by the start date of their exchange

>Must be registered full time while participating in the exchange
>Must be a junior or senior at the time of exchange

The only other Japan exchange available in spring is Engineering, and while it has more lax language requirements, it still requires the student to be a junior or senior…and I frankly don't see Kiki as an engineering student, considering she's never mentioned engineering ever. If she is though, good on her.

Every other school in Orlando is a community college or vocational school, not a university.

So uh tldr she might or might not be in school in America, but probably not, and it seems like she definitely just went to language school for 3 months and wanted to say she was an exchange student to get more views and attention.

No. 123753

She doesn't have you BA. If I remember correctly she only went a semester to UCF and dropped.
She only has her AA from Valencia.

Also lmfao she would never be able to pass the japanese class at UCF its hard as fuck.

No. 123755

She actually made a screenshot of this comment and tweeted it.


Couldn't just be satisfied making the comment…had to tell everyone she did.

No. 123761

Not defending Kaka because I'm sure she's full of shit either way, but there are universities in Japan that have classes/programs in English. It’s possible to go to a university in Japan without understanding/speaking a word of Japanese.

But considering she was only there for three months she was definitely just at a language school.

No. 123763

Honestly, regardless of the difficulty, most people would not be able to pass an Intermediate II Japanese class after only a year of studying, even properly. When I took French in school I had to take it like so:

Beginners French 1, Beginners French 2, Conversational French, Intermediate French 1, Intermediate French 2, Advanced French 1, Advanced French 2, and various literature classes in addition to that. This is a typical university language learning model. It would take at least two years for her to finish Intermediate Japanese II on this kind of schedule, but….we know she didn't do that. She's not even going to university.

It's so unrealistic that she would have qualified for this exchange program, honestly. Should've just been honest and said she was in a language school…there's no shame.

Well at least dressed appropriately for school, I guess.

The whole thing screams ATTENTION!!!!!!!!I NEED ATTENTION!!!!!!!

It's possible but even the most unrelated-to-language exchange programs suggest you know at least basic Japanese – enough to get around. Kiki knows what the average weeb knows. Probably less.

Like I said though, the only non-language exchange for any university in Orlando available in the spring semester is engineering, which Kiki is probably not a student of.

No. 123772

What does "linked commment" mean?

No. 123788

Just means she went to the permalink page for that particular comment. If you go on YT any video and click how many days ago it says it was made right next to the name of the commenter it brings you to that page.

No. 123818


I love how she claims on Twitter she is reviewing the comments on youtube but she let's this negative comment slip by to make an example of it. Oh Kiki….

No. 123907

File: 1434682911075.png (16.62 KB, 577x135, kaka.png)

No. 123908

>bitch is going to be 95 talking about how all the old men are grabbing her ass

Cackling because she already look 95 and it's already been 10 years of her bitching about people harassing her

No. 123914

why did she post this?
I feel like she would be against diamonds being as she's all love-and-light, love others, etc.

No. 123925

That only applies to animals for her, not humans.

No. 123968

File: 1434696294659.jpg (61.62 KB, 499x552, hanyu.jpg)

Just because someone can name a dialect doesn't mean they speak it (see Kiki above)

Most people don't really lie about knowing Chinese, though. (Most people not attentionwhores.) It's a difficult language, you can't exactly just pull it out of your ass.

This part sounds completely fucking made up. Not that she was ever at a university, of course. She would have taken pictures in the classroom and wore a schoolgirl uniform!

No. 123990

jack here, i'm going out drinking for the weekend, i'll see what i can do! i've actually been craving for a not-so-serious and little comic project for a while, mmm

No. 123991

Its kinda weird how that tweet has so many more likes and retweets than her usual tweets..

No. 124000

9 days late, but:
"My Korean Language audience, thank you", I wasn't aware her audience was the Korean Language itself, and also lol, mixing up intimate/informal with formal…. Only the Ostrengas!

No. 124007

"IF it's not for sale don't advertise".

I'm getting tired of this so called sexual freedom feminists holler and shout for. Men as humans DESIRE and Crave sex. Human nature. Men HAVE SEX, for a woman to dress SEXUAL, they are enticing men for attention. Women only dress sexual when they want attention. However, get angry when the person that gives them that attention isn't who they are "attracted" to. If a woman is going to walk around in skimpy underwear she's doing so for the approval of men. Why can't feminist be realistic and instead of flinging their vaginas in everyones face, fight for real issues like the fact that people in today's west don't take women serious intellectually anymore because the only thing women are good for is SEX. Do educated professional some dress in bikinis and over sexualized style clothes to work?
Men rape women MORE in this generation because of how over sexualized the women are in this time. The rape states rise and yet women still want the right to walk around nude like idiots because "tee-hee it's fun guise. "
Knowing the whole story is a lie. But, she's the type of moron to bend over in short skirts and lick her lips when someone FINALLY notices her. Shes a walking invitation to drama, she wants EVERYONE to look at her. She has no modesty, no intelligence, just a selfie taking narcissist with no other purpose for being on the internet only for desperate "likes". This girl has a problem and her indoctrination is clouding her judgment.
Learn what CAUSE and EFFECT is, then you will understand that every faction requires a CONSEQUENCE.

No. 124009

every action requires a CONSEQUENCE. typos everywhere.

No. 124012

actually, usually rape isn't about fulfilling your sexual desires. just think how many elderly or retarded people get raped. if someone jumps from a bush to rape you, it's usually not because they're sexually attracted to you. it's because you seem like an easy target (tiny, fragile, shy, high heels -> can't run, looking lost etc)

No. 124017

>Men rape women MORE in this generation because of how over sexualized the women are in this time

That's it. This topic on this forum has been steadily leaning to this, and now it's gotten there. This is prime victim blaming. You're a victim blamer. Period. You can't word this any way else except "it's the women's fault men are doing this". This isn't about "cause and effect", you're literally using the "asking for it" excuse, right here:
>Men HAVE SEX, for a woman to dress SEXUAL, they are enticing men for attention.

Men are NOT basic animals who attack every bikini clad they see, you stupid bitch. I bet you're one of those muslims running around this board aren't you??

No. 124018

Let's just say its a mix of both: women are giving man a hard time by dressing like total sluts and man just thinking they are the boss and can fuck whenever they want :P

No. 124021

File: 1434713834885.jpeg (5.29 KB, 264x191, download (2).jpeg)

>Women only dress sexual when they want attention
why don't you go chug on some clorox? you don't belong in this time and age.

No. 124023

Where did is state that ALL men are that way? The point still remains. The idiots that rape women are people who watch porn excessively/ They are living out what the SEE. again the stats are that rape in the past decade have risen. And letting woman walk around scantily clad will not STOP RAPE. get it dimwit?

No. 124027

File: 1434714118235.jpg (20.46 KB, 214x319, MV5BMTk4NDYyNTU3Nl5BMl5BanBnXk…)

See this, your eel on your way. By your post I realize you aren't a critical thinker.

No. 124028

No. 124029

Yes, thank you.

No. 124039

Your opinion isn't valid, there are hundred of websites dedicated to handicapped porn or elderly porn as well. They have strange fetishes everywhere which is why when people rape they pick the same TYPE usually. There are elderly women/men who are whores. Don't talk as though they don't exist.

No. 124042

>>MRA autists on lolcow
For what purpose?

No. 124043


You can tell she goes on a ton of tumblr feminist blogs. I mean, I don't blame her because yeah she is right but the videos… I don't believe her because she lied before and she just wants attention as per usual.

No. 124044


I think dressing sexual can, well it does DRAW attention obviously, it doesn't mean they're LOOKING for attention.

I mean people will look if you've got something a bit flashy on, guy or girl. But it's not saying "come touch me" or "molest me".

I'm getting tired of the "women are sluts if they look like this or that"

and ones who go off at home they can wear what ever they want and ram it down everyone elses throat, to gain a fanbase and get approval from 'feminist bloggers' it's so annoying nowadays.

Like guys just wear what the fuck you want, fuck what people say, fuck the labels, fuck the feminists. Just wear damn whatever you want.

No. 124045


how not home*

No. 124046

I'm the anon you replied to but I'm just going to put it out there that I disagree with a lot of what you said. I should just sleep and let it go but I'm just gonna stumble through this.

While you suggest she seduced him ("she" being any girl, "him" being any aggressor) by wearing a certain outfit and got mad when he responded, I suggest that she was simply naive. Though some may call both victim blaming, I feel I am placing blame more on societal conditioning.

Unfortunately, we don't live in a world where people don't judge a book by its cover. People DO read certain looks in certain ways. That's honestly the reason most appearance-based subcultures exist – to challenge societal expectations of certain people who do not fit the mold of what is standard. Eventually the perception of an image will change, but first the image must be challenged.

I do not think ANY woman goes out with the desire to be molested, raped, or creeped on, and I do not believe ANY man grows up with the intention of becoming an abuser. I believe that because of our – not to get too tumblr in here – patriarchal society, men (and more conservative women) have been programmed since birth to code certain outfits and styles et cetera as "seductive" or "slutty" and it always has been that way. Hemlines get shorter, necklines get deeper, and before it was ever about revealing skin, it was about the type of fabrics that were used. More liberated women (and men) will understand their intentions behind breaking a social norm and will proceed to do so with caution, but some will optimistically expect that all other people will intuitively understand their intention and continue to act on their best behavior. Furthermore, others will pick up on a trend they like aesthetically and not even remotely think about it further than that.

The way women dress has historically been tied with their sexuality. The initial POINT of dressing provocatively is to challenge those ideals. But by people who do not understand all of the factors playing in to why something is a trend, she will be percieved as an object there to take sexual advantage of. To that type of person, she will be percieved as someone who is, as you put it, "dressing in a seductive way to get attention."

It is in no way ACCEPTABLE for ANYONE to assume something about the consent of a person based on something they are wearing. BUT it happens. People in a patriarchal society are conditioned to think that a woman is purposely suggesting their consent based on clothing choices.

RAPISTS will rape people REGARDLESS of their appearance and clothing choices, but this guy was, as far as we know, not a rapist. This guy was a douchebag, and he likely would make assumptions based on things like clothing. And again, that is totally wrong, but unfortunately women have to go out into the world with their guard all the way up unless they are wearing a sheet because men are fucking creepy. My initial comment could have been worded better, but I never intended to blame the victim.

No. 124047


Exactly, rapists rape because they're rapists. They rape men, women, kids, older women, trans ect

It's just because they're rapists.

No. 124048

Then don't cry about the consequences. Try wearing whatever the hell you want in a bad neighborhood. See what happens

No. 124049


Luckily enough for myself, I don't live in a bad neighbourhood and don't intend to visit any either. Thanks for the tip though.

Again, so it's the "what you're wearing " thing. Like I said, it'll DRAW attention at the most. But someone will rape or molest you because they're cunts. Just how it is.

Like someone else just said, it's been tied in that the way you dress in a certain way can mean "ur askin for it". How people have been programmed.

No one is 'asking for it' because they dress a certain way. Those that think that way, I just think they're ignorant at the most. But this topic has two sides in my opinion.

No. 124050


Not worth the hassle anon, this anon is one of those tumblrfags ugh

No. 124051


It is pretty much more or less a mix. Some will argue say it isn't and others like myself will agree with you. It's difficult.

No. 124053

Again, I never said ALL women ALL men. Please understand that small things cause BIG problems and dressing like a hooker will not end Rape.

And so far no one can disprove that rape has increased in the past decade. Modesty is frowned upon, and whoredom is praised. We are headed to a social decline, intelligence isn't showing off your parts. Intelligent people, scientists, professors etc. don't walk around in the nude. You can either wake up and see what's happening or keep doing what your brainwashed to do. There is an agenda, and a collapse afoot. The lack of intellect is the problem, I knew barely anyone would be smart enough to understand.

No. 124055

Lol, your wrong in every way. NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO HAVE THE SAME OPINIONS. Claiming they are from tumblr isn't refuting a point. Stand down the adults are talking.

No. 124056


No. 124058

Well this thread is shit now.

No. 124059

FYI im not Victim blaming, I'm trying to explain that Rape won't end with women dressing provocative, Also, I'm only blaming kiki for her strange fantasy world she has established her on the internet.

No. 124060

Rape carried out by a stranger is very rare, most rape is done by someone who is acquainted with the victim in some way. It's not based on the way someone dresses, it's done based on the perpetrators accessibility to that person and the likelihood that he wont get caught.
Rape is also tied to culture. Rape carried out by strangers is very rare in the west because we are very much against rape and teach our children not to do it. Islamic culture teaches that it's acceptable to rape none-Muslim women, which is why most of these kinds of rapes are done my Muslims in Europe and are carried out based on how the victim dresses. This proves that rape can be reduced based on how we teach out children and how out culture treats it. Women in Western societies also don't face stigma if they have been raped, while most primitive cultures put blame on the victim and she might get disowned by her family or stoned to death. This means that White women are more likely to report rape because they aren't frightened of the repercussions. This makes it seem as though the rape rates in the West are high, but really, those are only the incidences that are reported. It's far more common in other cultures, but women in the west aren't afraid to go to the police.

No. 124061

This will keep happening until people realize that posting their personal opinions = a free for all for a debate. If you post your personal opinions someone will object. If it had just stayed on kiki it wouldn't have happened

No. 124062

You have no evidence of this. Spontaneous rape cases are everywhere. Especially with women hitchhikers as an example.

No. 124063

Whether or not Kiki was actually molested or assaulted or whatever, she's obviously milking it for attention. She doesn't deserve that to happen to her at all but at the same time, she's played this game before. It gets views. People like sob stories.

No. 124066


I agree with most things people are saying. But yeah, attention seeking is right.

No. 124105


sorry if somebody pointed it before but isn't that the outfit of her ~MAH HAIR IS GETTING BLONDE THANKS TO MY ELF ANCESTRY~ obvious wig pic?

No. 124108

Whoa, so many wannabe psychologists and philosophers on here.

No. 124110


You obviously knows jackshit about philosophy

No. 124115


Thank you for asking the real important questions anon! Everyone else: stop derailing this shit.

But yes it is! Do you remember how blonde it looked? Pretty different from how the mousey color of her hair in these recently posted videos. It must've been either a wig or some sort of trick (sun, using chamomile - some say it work- etc) that she wanted to use as a "oh super special thing happening to me NATURALLY because I was born like this!"

No. 124119

Aww, how sweet. Butthurt much?

No. 124129

Oh man, I'd totally forgotten about that. Does Kiki seriously only have the 2 outfits these days? Shows just how successful all her enterprises have been if that's all she can afford.

No. 124130

File: 1434729970090.png (2.16 MB, 1272x1058, 7654324567.png)

here are some of the reasons why there is no doubt in my mind that she is lying:

>i was in a sexual harrassment case with an australian man [lots of blinking, looking left, long pauses]

she is making this up.
these same behaviours repeat throughout the first half of the video.
she is more often looking away from the cam than into it while talking.

>…to put his hands on me and tell me to touch him…[licks lips]

it's a sexual gesture. this shows her own attraction to what she is describing.

>…right in the first row of class [breathes through teeth, sudden loud UHH, giggling]

a lot of dismissive gestures. indicates lying.

[shuts eyes for a long time]
gesture of her subconsciously retreating from her statement, since, again, she knows it's untrue.

>…than the few other interesting scenarios that unfolded itself

[mistakes in articulation, stuttering]
she wasn't sure whether she could make up more than one scenario.

-> no signs of emotional trouble by the supposed harrassment (she appears more distraught in the smoothie video she posted prior)
-> talks in a very monotone casual manner, which shows indifference
-> tries to look appealing: flattering cam-angle, keeps readjusting it, checking herself out like in a mirror, plus the filters she added

the latter half of the video is just affected nonsense. this doesn't fit at all. how are we supposed to take her seriously?

No. 124131

Did you ever consider that the numbers for rape are rising because more people are actually reporting it? Or that because of modern technology more people can actually get caught and convicted for the crime?

No. 124132

you are now derailing shut up. back to kiki.

No. 124134

agree. rape/crime is not increasing. the number of people speaking out is increasing.

No. 124137

No. 124139

No. 124140

No. 124141

No. 124206

actually child rape in Britain is on the rise, not because of "more reporting", the opposite actually. a large portion of the rural population thinks its okay to rape kids and will ever protect their relatives/family members against abuse allegations, and in Britain it is so hard to convict a child rapist (even more so in Canada and the US though)

this is off topic, but yeah, don't overestimate the numbers. kiki is probably lying but rape is a huge problem because people are beginning not to see it as a serious issue anymore (due to ppl like kiki)

No. 124207

ok what im saying is how can they know there are more rapes.
for example:
year 1: 100 rapes and only 20 people report it. n
year 2: 100 rapes and 99 people report it
news channel: RAPE INCREASING!!!

No. 124211

probably by private surveys, like asking men/women if they have ever been rapists in a private setting, or asking men/women if they have ever been raped. this is how a lot of statistics are done because people have no reason to lie in private. it's how the 1/3rd of the DV victims are men statistic came about. in india no one reports rape yet they have the highest numbers

No. 124230

Yeah the looking away and the fact that she just didn't really seem to care all that much about what had happened kinda sealed it for me. Fake.

No. 124245


You're my favorite anon ever! Thank you for existing you beautiful person <3
I have read somewhere that the blinking and looking away was a giveaway of a lie and also the giggly gestures but I could never put it more eloquent and explanatory than you did :D

(As we all suspected, now confirmed by expression-reading-anon, this whole video was a sad excuse for attention and DAMN YOU Kiki! Stop spoiling the path for real victims)

I have watched other videos of people talking about sexual harassment - one of the youtubers was even talking about experiences they had and it is a completely different level.

No. 124247


Most of her outfits are incredibly expensive though. PULL threads can confirm it to you. Like, a mesh kitten jacket for over 700 dollars and rings (like, her huge ones) for 500 dollars or so. So of course she can't afford many. Gal isn't your regular h&M shopper

No. 124250

I think it's also because sex education is somewhat getting better in general, and it is easier for people to identify it as being rape. There also the depiction of rape in media too? Sorry for being OT

I think the reason that I would disbelieve her is that it was too perfect, the girls hate her and the guys can't help themselves but to defend her. Didn't she have a video talking about how she was bullied at school like this too?

No. 124252

File: 1434740388995.gif (1015.94 KB, 390x329, Awbb8TM.gif)

I though something exciting happened when I saw all these new posts.

No. 124260


Wonder where she gets the money from…

No. 124270


Why, Kooter, Papa & Momma… Plus she has a musical/YouTube career you know!!!!11!!!

No. 124284

Stop derailing the thread with the rape shit nobody cares

No. 124296

File: 1434743644187.jpg (14.78 KB, 532x98, Untitled.jpg)

Well she did say right here that shes posting from Florida! BTW did she tweet @USA? lol

No. 124297

I always assumed her shit was just knockoffs tbh

No. 124309

They are. She gets most of her kawaii shit from taboo or whatever its called.

No. 124321

bless u anon

But seriously, most of her shit looks cheap as fuck.
Why spend an asston on a few items of clothing, instead of a little on a whole wardrobe of cheap clothes to show off her ~unique style~? Oh wait, it's Kaka. She never does anything sensible.

No. 124388

I know the wing backpacks (YOU KNOW THE ONE) is from eBay, so is the cat bag the wings pins etc.
Now you go to stuff like, the Jenny Fax Jacket, super expensive. The horrendous white dresses are also kinda pricey idk.

She used to wear a lot of American Apparel typical tumblr stuff back in the day BUT I guess they were too easy for the commoners to find… So she had to resort to buying expensive horrible stuff no one else wears because ~unique.

Dakota used to be the real Taobao Queen, tbh

No. 124395

Yeah, I watched a haul video and stuff was from Wildfox and Liz Lisa. Neither are very cheap. I also knew she had the Jenny Fax jacket (which even if she got 50% off as once speculated was still fucking expensive). A lot of her stuff IS from ebay/TaoBao but it's not like spending cheaply offsets very expensive pieces. She just thrives on being a special snowflake individual and doesn't mind spending a lot to be that, especially when her parents will buy everything. I'm sure she makes a fair amount of money on ad revenue etc considering she really doesn't have to pay rent and stuff. If I didn't have to pay rent or buy food I could afford to buy expensive clothes on a fairly low income.

No. 124396


Where did she get the white wing bag from tho? I only ever see the blue/pink and black one?

Her new style is weird, its always white or black with angel wings ugh

No. 124399

Why anon, you can get it from lilkitten.com!

There's a shop that will customize them in whatever color you want. She worked with that shop to offer the all-white version but claimed it was her own design and screwed herself.

No. 124434

THANK YOU for doing all that, I didn't want to have to write it out or explain how fake it was.

No. 124458

I can't even imagine how thirsty Kiki has to be for some sexual attention, holy shit. The combination of what she wears, how "sexy" she tries to be and how she always claims men just can't stop harassing her all just makes it seem like she's desperate for a good, hard dicking. We know she can get laid, problem is she can't keep a guy for more than two or three shags before they can't stand her anymore.

It all somehow reminds me of Jessie Slaughter and how hard she tried to come across as this touch superchick who had tons of sex all the time, despite being 11 and obviously just starved for attention. Also I think it wold be hilarious if Kiki and Jessie were frenemies.

No. 124459


should be *tough, fucking autoshit

No. 124474

>I'm in USA now ^^

What, is she fucking Mira now?

No. 124475

She got it from the actual designer of those wing bags. I can't remember their site, but they sold them in the regular colors you see them in on ebay/taobao/etc and the sold them in pink&white, but you could email them and ask for custom colors. They've started regularly selling them in white last time I checked and they're much better color coordinated imo than Kaka's because it was like white and really light gray instead of white and ivory(which was Kaka's color choice).

No. 124476

No. 124482

>women get raped more in this era because they dress more sexually!11!

And what about Indian and Congo rape statistics. Both countries women dress extremely conservatively, sometimes in full hijab, and yet those countries have some of the highest rape statistics.

Rape has nothing to do with fulfilling a sex fantasy and everything to do with fulfilling a power fantasy. We could all walk around in bin bags and there would still be rape.

You're am idiot, please exit bag.

No. 124485

Come on, we already got the thread back on topic.
Please, as much as it pains you, just ignore those comments from hours ago and how about we talk about Kiki. There are SOOO many threads dedicated to this shit, take it to one of them.

No. 124494

Hers are replicas tho, you can also request custom colors at Taobao and get them for less than 20 bucks.

No. 124596


dumb bitch used :)) instead )) kek

No. 124598

First of all you didn't read the links that were posted. Also I didn't directly say because women dress like hookers they are going to get raped. Your low IQ is keeping you from comprehending the point of my post.
The rapes in India,and africa are due to racism, infiltration, religion, and class.
The women in africa are raped daily for the so called advancements you idiots use, also for religious persecution. Christian africans are persecuted by their muslim slave traders. There is a very high prostitution rate in india. If the man refuses to pay there are times instead he will rape and kill instead of making the payment. Most of the men in india see the poorer women as animals and do as they please.
Men that rape in the west rape in order to fulfill their sexual fantasies and having a sex slave. Have never watched a murder case? So you ignore the physiological analysis of the killers when provided with the evidence that that watch excessive pornography, child porn, and involve in strange fetishes.
You are the most pointless person in he entire thread, and telling someone to kill themselves because of your own stupidity makes you an extreme low life. People like you are why there is violence and hate in the world. You'd probably should back of the internet loser. You think you sound edgy and cool but you are a prime example of hypocrisy.

No. 124606

Wow haha you took that personally

No. 124607

Yes, I hate idiots. This website is full of them. Attacking someone with a "kill your self" for an opinion you don't agree with is utterly pure stupidity.

No. 124608

Jesus will you fucktards just drop it! Stop cluttering the thread with pointless arguring. You both are idiots.

No. 124610

And you as well.

No. 124619

How about you guys just open a shitty threat about rape so everytime some dingus drops the "r" word we can refer them there

No. 124628



No. 124715


Yah. So.

My most recent lolcow fantasy is that some Australian colleagues (like, she mentioned an "Aussie girl" she helped on buying vegan food in Japanese - because she's always just so good and helpful! And fluent!) making a response video like "bitch what are you on about? None of that happened" with a bonus of footage/pics/stories with her making an ass of herself (speaking Japanese, being inappropriate in public, trying to shove veganism down everyone's throat, talking about herself nonstop because narcissism) and that's going to be a happy time when this thread won't ever be derailed because everyone will be too busy laughing

looks outside my window, sighing

No. 124734

That'd be pretty fun. I wish we had people who actually interact with her in person and tell us everything

No. 124750

q, does keeks lurk?

No. 124751

if she doesn't, her mom does.

No. 124755

Yes, she linked to the archive a while back.
Then someone on Twitter asked why she would link to a ~hater site~ and Kiki went off on them saying that the person must be one of the haters or whatever.

No. 124757

Not to mention the caps, she and Cathy seem to google her name 24h.

No. 124758

Yea, one(or both) of them totally does.
Remember that awful white-knighting one of them did a few days ago? So funny.

No. 124760

There's no proof that was them.

Truly the only proof is that she linked the archive. The fact that they are constantly checking for copyright infringements and shit leads me to believe they know about everywhere she's mentioned.

No. 124765


Yeah, there's no proof, that's true. But like another anon previously stated "who else would get this mad"

No. 124767

That tweet exchange was some classic Kiki.

The girl who tweeted actually sounded like she was concerned about Kiki getting hate, like she was on her side. But Kiki had to be all sassy in response like "you stole my files, you're giving me easy access. thanks >:)".

Iirc, the girl then said she didn't use lolcow and Kiki replied "then how do you know it's a hate site lol". Er, just because you know what a website is doesn't mean you use it…? Even by Ostrenga standards that was dumb as shit.

No. 124769

Her followers literally give her so much chances. Like, girlfriend is accidentally looking shit online and "are you getting married". Ta-da! Time to tiptoe around the subject until people get tired/bored of asking.

Also: yeah she does lurk here. She posted a screen cap from here once right?

No. 124771

File: 1434836341512.jpg (71.77 KB, 640x558, image.jpg)

Image related. Forgot it. My bad.

Most of her followers loss is due to dumb shit like this. Like when he started attacking a random German girl and threatened to make a video proving the girl was a hater - which was literally untrue. Therefore, funny Af.

….I wish she'd done this video.

No. 124773

wow, she's so infatuated with this guy. I wonder if he knows they're getting married now, hahaa

No. 124792

My thoughts exactly.

Whether they are dating or not, it is way soon for her to be talking so openly about wedding dresses and shit. They aren't even engaged. They haven't even been dating a long enough time where she should be concerned about them not being engaged. They have literally been dating for 6 months AT MAX assuming they have been dating since she stepped foot into Tokyo, but more likely as other anons pointed out, 3 or 4 months, most of them where they were not even physically together.

She's not really even hiding the fact that she's in it for a spouse visa.

No. 124811

just looks like she is trying to get all access to japan by marrying this guy

No. 124820

And if they ARE engaged, I have to say that guy is probably aware of the fact that it's pretty much all for the benefits. If he isn't, he will find out soon enough. Very rarely does a marriage that happens this quickly ever work out, especially when at least one of the people is like Kiki – needy and fixated on her appearance.

When she starts whining because he won't support her like mommy and daddy did, when Tokyo isn't heaven when you're there longer than a few months, when she has to get a real job…we'll see it all fall apart. Just hope she doesn't have kids before then since she "can't wait to have them."

Not even trying to be a hater, but this is just a stupid stunt and transparent attention grab. She's so open about literally everything else including her history with abuse that the fact that she would be so secretive about an engagement if it had actually happened is laughable. She would post pictures of the ring. She would be down our throats PROVING TO THE HATERSSS that they're really in a relationship and he really loves her.

Honestly when she made that "diamond ring" tweet yesterday my first thought was, "ah, here we go. Wedding talk." even though it wasn't about her wedding.

No. 124822

File: 1434846652528.gif (1.56 MB, 275x210, 1415383974319.gif)

she does lurk, This looks like her to me. Also her tweets are a weird way of her "answering back". You guess are stroking her ego every time you comment about her. Your giving her a lot of attention.

No. 124823

You guys*
stupid autocorrect..

No. 124824


No. 124826

Oh shit nigga that does look like her

No. 124827


Agreed, Anon totally agree.

You know what my mother used to say? You only get to know someone you're dating better when you're living with them.

Her and pretty boy don't live together, probably don't know that much about each other either. Language barriers, apart from his cock and her tits, that's the only main thing they know about one another. Plus various bands, fav colour, basics ect.

Like you said, when he has to go out to work and when she has to actually get off her lazy ass and find a job to make a living, without her folks. It's going to be an absolute fucking bitch.

Hell, I bet she'll even pester her poor sister who wants nothing to do with her and has her own life now. For cash and probably to no doubt try leeching some 'modelling jobs' because kiki will be so desperate to have her ugly mug on the cover of Popteen or Vivi.

It's ridiculous, you see this stupid shit in British magazines like 'Take a break' all the time, dumb blonde English bird marries a Turkish man she met on holiday because he made her fall with a few words, married her in a month then got a visa to go live in the UK. Week later, he fucks off and leaves her.

Cept' it seems most of these weeby girls go over, find some poor Japanese guy and preach to their followers that it's 'tru luv' then get married for visa.

Either she's trying to conquer up a plan to get full access to live in Japan by going through this guy, so she can find work in Japan and boost up her name again or— actually I can't even think of any other reason. That's how low I think of her.

I don't think he loves her either. I mean, they don't even say 'aishiteru' to their own race of women that often, despite being in love with them (could be wrong btw) but it does sound like it's all a huge con. He's in it for something and she definitely is. People just don't want to see it because they're so far up Kiki's ass they can't even smell her own shit.

If she did have kids to this guy, let's just say if she DID then no doubt would she start preaching how "wonderful they are because they're hafu" then make a video, holding up her baby and then would try pushing the poor thing into modelling or something. Anything I bet to make a few bucks off it. Since she knows the hafu deal is an advantage, asian and white especially.

It won't last forever. I can see her getting all worked up with this guy at some point if they did get married, he'd fuck off and she'd just be stranded in the middle. Probably go back home to America or if she was THAT determined to stay in Japan, idk hostess or something. I dunno.

It won't work tho

No. 124829


Plus, there isn't anything for kiki to really do in Tokyo. If she's actually trying to go for modelling, then why not go through an agent? She's fucked everything up for herself anyway, the bad reputation and her old appearance. She isn't model material anyway.

Housewife? Pfft.

Teacher? Even more pfft.

Aside from visiting/sightseeing, kiki has no purpose living in Japan. Nothing there for her.

No. 124832

"But it's so trendy and cool being with a Japanese, everybody is doin' it".
The 90's brainwashing is this gen, and she's doing it for attention. Not for love. She wants to be a housewife so she can sit on the internet everyday posting about how awesome life is in japan not having to work. I can already see it play out if it did go her way. I know what she's doing, you are helping her every time you seem to "care". it gives her the motivation to keep trying.

No. 124833


We all know what she's doing, her followers don't see it though.

She wants to play Mira, hey omg if kaka does get married maybe Mira and her will meet. It'd be funny if her and Mira were pals secretly and Mira will telling kaka all the details.

"Yea, just keep bangin' him and act cute"

"Omg rly?"

"Mhm, yh its so easy, i mean how hard can it be for us y'kno? we're kawaii and white so yh easy"

"Omg ty mira ily"


No. 124834

I laughed so hard at this. How many takes you think it took her?

No. 124836

I don't know, but I wondered why she found it necessary to even post it.
She has all the signs of a narcissist it;s a terrible trait for a human to have. Let her be and she will reap what she sows.

No. 124837

I don't think this looks like her? The hair maybe but her lips look totally different? Like in the gif both lips are super full
im sure she wishes her lips looked this nice

No. 124838

Her lips are a bit full. Also, she has a slim neck and long fingers. Look and compare.

No. 124839

it doesn't look like her to me.

No. 124840

File: 1434849161230.jpg (28.88 KB, 268x210, Kiki-Kannibal-demolitionvenom-…)

No. 124843

>doesn't even show face and I still want to punch it
Now THAT is impressive!

No. 124844

>>124836Is exploitative of others, e.g., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
This is her whole heartedly.

No. 124846

If I understand spouse visas correctly – they pick either of their home countries to stay in, get married there, and the one who isn't a citizen immigrates and gets a spouse visa.

What if Taku wants an American spouse visa? What if they are both trying to play each other for greencards? Kek.

No. 124847


There is that. But Kiki would pout, kick and scream that she wants to live in le nippon.

But yeah, there is that aha.

We all kno the bitch wants to live in Tokyo, haul herself up in an apartment and never come out

No. 124849

This is why I don't believe >>124822 is her. Lips are too thick tbh.

Also the outfit isn't very Kiki new imo since this is from like the end of last year. I remember when it was posted. >>124836 She was posting it because other anons were accusing her of being Liana. But obviously she could have just posted a picture or not at all, so idk.

Either way you can't really tell from the picture, looks like a white girl.

No. 124851

"She has all the signs of a narcissist it;s a terrible trait for a human to have. Let her be and she will reap what she sows."

Exactly, Anon, exactly.

No. 124852

She wouldn't obviously wear the fanciest thing in bed while proving she isn't liana. She would give herself away completely if she wore the flamboyant clothes she usually wears.

No. 124853

File: 1434849800738.png (1.13 MB, 993x654, vacay.png)

taku is in flerda.

(or she's staging a pic because why would he take a photo of her on the phone ordering room service?)

No. 124854


It's her alright, probably on a lazy day. Cruising all the hate while she's bored.

She even had the nerve to smirk lmao

No. 124855

vacation in her home town lol.

No. 124856


Doesn't look like her room… Unless she is out somewhere in a hotel and making bs up.

I swear, Kiki is mentally ill you know. Lie after lie.

Yeah, probably in Florida to see what a nice place it is before he marries her for visa lmfao

No. 124858

her comment says she's at the grand floridian hotel in disney world.

No. 124861

LOL, is she alone? Who decides to take a picture like this. in supposed nightwear for all the world to see randomly setting up a tripod for this dumb moment right here?

No. 124862

According to the hashtag #vacaywithbae it's Taku-chan.

No. 124863


I actually quite like her outfit here you know. I do think it looks very pretty! But as for bed, no chance lol. Bet she's also the type to wear just her knickers and a top or no top to bed… cos c'mon we all sweat buckets at night

No. 124864


Lolin if he is there then why hasn't she made a video yet? nah, he back in Japan I bet.

If he was though, probably meeting his wonderful new inlaws… Ostrengas… Thrilling.

No. 124865

Ok lets say he's REALLY there. Why didn't she post or mention he came to visit. Or at least airport photos, or photos with them eating together? Why THIS of all things she could have posted?

No. 124867



MOST YOUTUBERS/BLOGGERS DO THAT SHIT! "Hey guys im here with —-" or "my other half–" and "my bf—"

Kiki? NOPE, it's all done in secret. I get maybe they want privacy but c'monnnnnn… I thought she wanted her fanbase to growwww, people to love her and cherish her being! Cos after all we HAVE to know about what she gets up to… sigh

No. 124868

I don't think she was insinuating she's wearing it to bed. She's ordering room service. So she's just wearing it.

In hotels the phone is always by the bed.

The important thing to take away from this is that she's insinuating that Taku is with her in Orlando.

Have been to that hotel and can confirm it's really Orlando.

Exactly. It's silly. Even just a selfie of them together would have made more sense for a post with that hashtag.

And it's not like it's hard to stage a getaway to Disney World when live like next to Disney World.

No. 124869

>Even a selfie of them together…

adding on, even another sneaky photo or video of him would have made more sense….heheh.

No. 124876



Even that would have been better. But nope, Kiki wants to show off her glam rags. How wonderful and kira kira she is.

No. 124894

>Even just a selfie of them together
Speaking of selfies, how the hell have they not taken any selfies together if they're so in ~love~ and are already thinking of marriage? I'm not saying all couples need to post selfies to prove they're in love or whatever(I know some people just really don't like their picture being taken/posted), but Kaka just loves showing off every little thing she has. I feel like if they were in an actual relationship and/or he actually does approve of her posting all of this shit on the internet, they would take tons of selfies together.

No. 124901

File: 1434854492496.jpg (455.98 KB, 1280x853, Re-furbed-Grand-Floridian-room…)

No. 124922

I was actually just thinking earlier how it's kinda interesting they seem to be in a two-bed room.

I looked up prices:


Almost $900 a night for club-level with one bed. Lowest price room is still over $500 and has two beds. So I guess that's why.

Why waste that much money when you live in the same city?

No. 124923

is she really a lefty

No. 124924

well it takes two people to do the paper work. not to mention theres no way in hell she could swing the japanese paperwork alone…

No. 124926

man i really feel like she is baiting us sooo hard with this marriage talk
but its such delicious milk

No. 124927

I was wondering the same thing. There's a video of them lying on a bed together with him declaring his love, but no couples pictures?

No. 124929

No one denied he there the question is why would she post a pic of her calling rs, and not a picture of him there with her? She even might be with someone else while making a facade that Taku is there instead to hide that she's doing a type if "escort" online. I don't mean she is a prostitute, I mean she could be meeting other men online as well.

No. 124930


No. 124931

Another man probably.

No. 124943

I've been thinking this for a while. I started feeling this way when she started calling him her bae/bf, was posting videos that are obviously from the same 2 days she was definitely with him for, and posting videos where it's incredibly obvious she was sneaking her filming. I have no doubt she lurks here and knows that we find this whole thing suspicious.

If you need proof she definitely lurks here, I posted a screenshot of her fb in the last thread at night and her fb was deleted by the morning.

No. 124944

this fuckin post lol
no this is not kiki this is some girl in another thread trying to prove she isn't liliana Judd

No. 124946

Then who is it? Since you seem to know.

No. 124949

…I literally just said that it's some chick from the Liana Judd thread
It's some fucking anon from the Liana Judd thread, who made a gif of themselves, and also posted another picture soon after, to prove that they weren't Liana Judd
Do. You. Understand?
Are your comprehension skills not fully developed, poor thing

No. 124950

That seems right actually

No. 124953

How low key she is trying to be with the camera shows she would be embarrassed if she was trying to record them together in such a way. Shows she wants to broadcast the situation but knows he would be like "Wa da fakku KeeKee et not like dat Amerika-jin whore you stillru hab mi cumu on yo molars"

No. 124955

The reason I asked is because you didn't prove it wasn't her. When I asked who she was I was expecting a name (username) of some sorts. DO. You. Understand? Or is your head so far up your ass you can't comprehend. It looks like her to me and if it isn't so what. Its evident she lurks here.

No. 124956

Her WF friends profile became private when her username got posted here.

No. 124958

> Saying it's someone from another thread isn't proof just b/c you're too lazy to go look in the other thread

> if it isn't so what

When your whole point was getting mad at me that I was stating for a fact it wasn't keeks, and you were getting upset about me being right

ok fatty-chan. go get a snack. do some breathing exorcises.

No. 124959

Are you retarded? How does my opinion of that being her make me Fat? Seriously shut the hell up. You sound like a deranged vapid twat waffle.
You didn't prove it wasn't her and insulting me isn't proof either dummy.

No. 124960

I'm literally laughing at how mad you're getting
Calm down fatty-chan, do some breathers.

No. 124962

Who the hell gets this mad about a probability of a photo looking like someone? Oh, hi kiki.

No. 124963

it's not her shut the fuck up
why would the gif say "i'm not liana, lolcow"
are you fucking sutpid?

No. 124964

Because kiki isn't liana. DUH. Lay off the fluoride.

No. 124965

Settle down there young vile cunts. When you stop being bitches you might receive the love you didn't get as children. Spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, so go buy a bag and gorge yourself as you cry fat sensitive fucks. I'm here for the Keek posts not your whining rambling.

No. 124966

haha sutpid.

No. 124968

File: 1434860128522.png (197.38 KB, 294x256, tumblr_inline_n9dbzpm2ba1qcall…)

No. 124974

I feel like this is all an elaborate ruse.

No. 124977

I do see similarities to the girl in the gif and Kaka, but I don't know why she'd post in Liana's thread. I feel like if she were to post on here, she'd either post a really fucked up comment about/towards herself or some random girl who's completely innocent to prove that people on here are such horrible bullies. Like I could see her being the one who made that Talia Joy hate thread a while back.
I know her/Cathy/Kota have sent hate to people online, but it's usually to someone who's competition, who has posted the truth about them, and/or have corrected them when they were wrong. I don't think Liana is seen as competition because iirc she's fat and unattractive. And to my knowledge, all she ever did was desperately try to get attention from shitty shoops and offending people. I don't remember her ever saying anything negative about Kota/Kaka, I don't think she would since she's all about offending people and I remember just about everyone saying negative things about them at the time.

No. 124979

The only bad thing she has said about keeker is that she had a whole tumblr made called starve an artist and not to buy or contribute to her. Keeks have done alot of stupid shit we dont know the meaning behind so it's whatever

No. 124980

>filling in the email field
your newfag is showing.

No. 124990


I'm 99.9% sure he doesn't

No. 124993


what's up with the granny clothes

No. 124997

File: 1434864023223.jpg (184.3 KB, 500x719, tumblr_m3akixBy3B1r99rvv.jpg)


also that sweater looks familiar…

(not saying it is kota btw, but knowing how kaka steal everything she can, i wouldn't be surprised if she's wearing the clothes kota left in america lol)

No. 124999

File: 1434864348129.jpg (15.7 KB, 261x187, 11150910_643485669084429_40937…)

No. 125001

Anyone can get married, but for the visa, there are tons of forms only in Japanese, as well as the fact that he needs to have her added to his family registry, and buy a copy of it. She also needs to register her wedding in the USA and get paper proof from the USA.

No. 125002

only reason i dont think this is kiki is because this girl doesn't have her nails done. kiki is too high maintenance to not have her nails done
i'll only believe it when i see pictures of both of them in disney world at florida. otherwise, nah. also wouldn't it be funny if taku is there with kiki and they're sharing a hotel room with kathy and scott?


No. 125006

kiki has short nails when not wearing false nails.

No. 125007

Well no shit, but does she ever not have false nails on? I can't think of a time

No. 125008

File: 1434865749239.jpg (48.59 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Her nails are not always "done".

No. 125009

File: 1434865830926.jpg (63.54 KB, 609x610, 1mwbeh-l-610x610-jacket-cat ja…)

No. 125010

>ordering vegan room service
>menubook isn't open

No. 125011

File: 1434866006621.jpg (77 KB, 604x604, XDpFIcSSEmA.jpg)

No. 125014

This reminds me of the Peter Coffin wife/mannequin thing. Complete with awkward videos to "prove" love is there. Great milk either way!

No. 125015

oh shit

No. 125017

whoa good eye!

No. 125018

She's probably with her family or relatives who are rooming with her at the resort. It's just convenient to write she's with Taku because it's difficult to verify that.

No. 125020

Plus this is a room with two double beds. So who is in the other bed???

No. 125022

In this pic you can see how wide the beds really are, and Kaka must have stretched her picture to make things thinner.

No. 125023

as established by >>124922 a single-bed room would have been $400 extra dollars so they could just save the money and not use one bed if they wanted.

not that i believe he's there or anything.

No. 125035

Anyone think she'll photoshop taku into the room?

No. 125036

I don't think she'd risk it. I do think she'll buy a "gift" and say it's from Taku tho and post that.

No. 125037

I'd love to know what Taco or Taku or Takeout whatever that chink's name is thinks of all this

No. 125038

What kind of delusional bitch uses the tag vacaywitbae and not have her bae in it? Maybe she will all Weekend At Bernie's when he is sleeping and pose him like they are hugging. If he is in Florida, I guarentee he is a corpse

No. 125039

>What kind of delusional bitch uses the tag vacaywitbae and not have her bae in it?

A really self-centered one.

Also one who doesn't actually have a bae but wants the haters to believe she does.

No. 125041

>Weekend At Bernie's when he is sleeping and pose him like they are hugging

cackling because she's halfway there, taking videos of him sleeping after being drunk

No. 125054


Sorry but no matter how much all of us want that to be Kiki, the middle collar doesn't match with the one Dakota is wearing. They have the same pattern but the stripes on the one in the gif are thinner and more. It's easy to see in the middle where the seam meets.

No. 125068

You have to realize that area has high photoshop, Dakota worked in that area to add "boobage". Areas that look 2d are photoshopped.

No. 125071

The area is pretty clear and even if she bloated/blew up and shopped it, it wouldn't magically have thinner and more lines. Argue all you want, but I see what I see and you see what you see.

The one Kota is wearing also looks to be of thicker fabric

No. 125074

Hey, I'm not mad at you. I understand what you are saying. I just feel like since dakota did so much photoshop in the picture the texture change is there. It's too coincidental the pattern is exactly the same.

No. 125075

Similar but ultimately different sweater.

No. 125076

It's not though? You can buy v neck cable rib knit sweaters anywhere. The ribs on the sides of each rope cable are different. Dakota's has one rib between each cable, and """"kiki's"""" has two skinny ones.

No. 125077

Ok,I wasn't arguing the sweater. Also, no one is able to disprove the gif being kiki. Same sweater or not. Until she can be identified, she will remain as "kiki".

No. 125079

ok kiki does a lot of twisted shit but i think an escort line is a bit much. i dont think she is even meeting anyone

No. 125080

I will add however, Dakota doesn't have boobs. Also she appears smaller than kiki. Kiki is wearing another shirt underneath, (she, actually having a chest) Stretched the fabric in the gif exposing the double stitched area. Note it's only where her breasts are, not on the arms. Just saying.

No. 125085

We are different anons btw
In case you thought I was just being very persistent

No. 125087

File: 1434890451374.jpg (11.43 KB, 275x205, image.jpg)

Not Kiki.

Another picture

No. 125089

I know, the other anon always appears to be asking questions in every post she posts yet I suppose its her rhetorical style.

No. 125090

I know one is keeks one is a random girl. Notice the girls real nails are longer than the other girls. Also Kiki probably posted that to copy this girl, since she lurks. Also, when I stated she lurks here I didn't mean she would only lurk her own thread. I'm sure she wastes time here like we do. This website isn't hard to find at all.

No. 125110

>Notice the girls real nails are longer than the other girls.
Tbf, in one pic her right hand is showing and in the other one her left hand is showing. Idk about you guys, but I really like having long nails so when my nails break, I usually just clip the broken ones and keep other nails long, so that girl/Kaka could be like me in that aspect. In this gif >>124822 you can see her pinky nail is much longer than the others.

No. 125118

i agree. those look like two diffent white pullovers as well.

No. 125119

As much as the milk would be delish tha Kaka was sat at home, talking shit on random LolCow threads wearing Koots clothes.. I don't think that girl is Kaka. Lips are too plump, hairs too dark.

In before anyone says; I do still think Kaka would be doing that.. Just she wouldn't photograph herself

No. 125125

File: 1434899449081.png (150.83 KB, 174x367, 232.png)

You guys are too used to her shoops because Kiki's chin isn't short (she even used to have an underbite in her scenne days, pic related) and at an angle like this it should be even longer plus she got a dimple on her nosetip.

No. 125131

I don't think it is Kaka either for the same reason. Kaka may have full lips in her videos/pictures but it's only due to shoop/makeup/angles. If you look at candids from the scene days and her first trip to Japan, her lips are pretty average sized. Plus she has a thinner top lip and this girl's top lip looks pretty full.

No. 125134

File: 1434900163512.jpg (108.43 KB, 640x844, image.jpg)

Kaka, no.

No. 125143

She is so pathetic. Did she literally just steal a selfie that he most likely posted on his social media/the language exchange app they met on? If she's with her "fiance" right now, couldn't she just take a picture of him instead of stealing one he's posted?

No. 125148

She changed it from "my ono" to "my buttercup". Mayhaps premptive sjw damage control?

No. 125150

lol dude she never really ever said he's her fiancé or whatever, it's probably an attempt to prove they're still together etc etc etc

No. 125157

Oh how convenient, it's his selfie rather than a couple photo. Kiki, c'mon. You know what you have to do to be more convincing.

No. 125165

more like #imaginaryvacaywitimaginarybae

No. 125169

What does "Ono" mean?

No. 125176

Are you twelve? It's a Beatles reference. Except takoyaki's wearing round 'lennon' glasses here so it doesn't entirely make sense. Especially since Yoko Ono's remembered by the [misogynistic] mainstream media as being the "evil banshee who broke up the band".

No. 125180

not the same sweater but similar.

No. 125191

those eyebrows lol… couldn't even fix 'em for the pic?

No. 125226

I'm not 12. It's just a very loose reference. I pretty much thought it was some sort of weaboo Japanese nickname.

No. 125227

exactly. there's no way she took this photo. it's clearly a selfie. so instead of AT LEAST taking a photo of him, she posted an obvious selfie.

kiki girl it's easier to just ignore the haters instead of trying to dig yourself deeper into this.

this will backfire so badly.

No. 125231

It is a weeaboo Japanese nickname. She literally just called him Ono because he's Japanese. There's no other reason to call him that. If she were going to compare them to a famous couple I'm not sure why she would pick John and Yoko and I think the natural thing would be to consider herself the woman and him the man in the reference, so uh. Point is. She called him Ono because he's Japanese.

No. 125240

She really should've thought this all through before deciding to do this. If I were her, I would've just posted all kinds of lovey-dovey shit and if anyone asked, I'd say I have a bf but he doesn't really like having his picture taken that much. And since she just has to show off, I'd probably post videos where her sneaking is less obvious and wouldn't post intimate videos like the ones of him sleeping, videos like the one of them looking at the cherry blossoms would be fine to post. I think lying backfires almost all of the time, but she could do a better job at it so she'd be less likely to get caught.

No. 125241


What are you talking about? Ono is a Japanese surname or "axe"; it has no affectionate meaning. "Takuchan" is a weeb nickname, but Ono is quite obviously a cultural reference in this context, especially since he's wearing Lennon glasses. She's being humorous by giving him the female role. John and Yoko are pop culture's quintessential mixed couple, she's calling him her other half. She literally capitalized "Ono" to clarify that it's a personal name.

No. 125254

I'm sorry, but this isn't convincing me. This photo you provided kaka has her lips pursed with teeth separated. Of course it looks longer. The girls nose isn't even included in the gif. You can barely see the top of this girls lip. In the gif that girls jaw isn't that short, (camera angled low head held upward).
But I won't continue with it, its still evident she lurks the thread. She follows up with everything you all say.

No. 125262


um guys can i pls jump in

why does this matter? js

No. 125263


A year and they'll have split

it wont last

No. 125277

I don't really find him attractive…

No. 125283

They won't have split because they're not even together right now lol.

No. 125284

I find him a better looking version of Venus' ex. Also if you compare him to Kiki's ex (Jack Cash - was never really a bf but still, JakeWolfCrunk, Corey Patakos, Danny… She really scored damn high with this one!)

No. 125289

God, her Yoko Ono & John Lennon reference makes me lol. Even Yoko's extreme experimental avant garde music is better than Kiki's trash (imo). And if it was real love like with Ono & Lennon she wouldn't milk Taku from the first moment it was possible. She may be in love but her user mindset is inside of her forever.

No. 125291

That's what I meant. Its a weeaboo nickname in the sense that she's calling him that just because he's Japanese.

No. 125298

Is today "posting stupid bullshit" day? she posted a old pic of herself from when she used to promote lilkitten just now..

No. 125300


Ofc, she's too busy spending her vacay with the bae at her own hometown

No. 125301


kiki's theme

No. 125306

Christ, how hard is it for her to make new content? No wonder has has barely any fans left.

No. 125315

Oh, I misunderstood what you mean then.

No. 125318

He's really not that attractive. He looked kinda good in the half-naked hotel video but other than that he's completely average. So much yellow fever.

No. 125321


I don't even think he looked good half naked, too lanky. Pfft, I don't care as much about yellow fever. But dammit… give me Daniel Dae Kim pls

No. 125330

yeahhh I'm not trying to compare him to other Asian dudes or anything, I'm just saying a lot of people seem to think he's hot and it's because they just like any Asian dudes. Like Kiki.

No. 125348


If he was muscular and built he'd be alright. But he's just the usual Japanese guy to me, looks a bit like my friend. Thin, pale and asian. Not that there is anything up with that, if that's what you like then cool.

Idk maybe because he's got that school boy youthful look about him which is what makes him attractive…

No. 125365

The picture of him she posted on Instagram looks like a tranny

No. 125370

File: 1434929261608.gif (1.86 MB, 267x200, 21cecm8.gif)

No. 125388

"Taku-chan, get away from that ledge!"

No. 125392

ok I have to say the new selfie she posted on insta looks good af. Don't even care about the bad brows or awful lightning. I'm digging that.
Not the same with the Twitter "avatar" though. Bland af. shrugs

No. 125402

File: 1434934023979.gif (3.87 MB, 346x234, Cat vs cat-in-the-box.gif)

It doesn't, just wanted to blow her cover..

No. 125419

File: 1434935926361.jpg (116.51 KB, 977x557, eyebrows.jpg)

She really needs to fill them in.

No. 125421


Nah, she's going for that whole little girl/pastel aesthetic, she just needs to have them waxed

No. 125422

but they still look terrible?

No. 125427


dem blur
dem filters

No. 125442

Her content is her life or her boyfriend and she doesn't have either so…

No. 125443

Imagining her posing for hours then shooping all her wrinkles out, thinking it looks like it was taken casually.

No. 125466

someone pls find taku's social media, it's the only reason i still check this thread

No. 125474

this. i'm depending on you guys.

No. 125479

>adding a filter so we can't reverse image search


No. 125498

Its funny she posted that after we had a convo about that same exact backpack.

No. 125534

Lol, I was thinking the same thing.

No. 125549

No. 125555

She actually looks nice in the thumbnail but the music is meh.

No. 125557

I guess she's going back to trying to get attention here because Japan didn't want her. I feel like if she was still trying to get attention in Japan, she'd add in the song title/her name in Katakana to the title and add have a Japanese description.

Also for someone with her ~bae~ who came all the way over from Japan to see her, she's really active online today.

No. 125560


Her eye makeup pisses me off. Her lashes look like spider legs

No. 125561

>she's really active online today.

my thoughts exactly. considering she was soooo busy in japan, way too busy to update frequently, even though she was doing literally nothing.

No. 125562

Shitty music is shitty

No. 125571

File: 1434957542958.png (49 KB, 557x299, tags.PNG)

It's really not that interesting, but if any of you guys are curious, here are the tags for this video. I've been looking at a lot of her video tags and I'm really surprised she hasn't ever spammed her tags with Japanese. The only thing kind of interesting in her tags was that her "learning Japanese with my cat" video was tagged as "american in japan" even though it's obvious she's in her room at home and some videos are tagged as "lolita".

I feel the exact same way. I really hate how thick and dark her eyeliner is, it looked good in the scene days but it's way too harsh for the kawaii innocent little girl look she's trying to go for. It just makes her harsh features look even harsher.

No. 125585

Her music is fucking awful, it's a mishmash of unlistenable shit.

No. 125600

Well she is using 20 filters on it

No. 125601

File: 1434960876537.png (50.33 KB, 1010x682, the truth about the pink rose …)

No. 125602

Haha Yes the return of these comics

No. 125631


No. 125639

nice try, kaka.
This is basically coffin/kimi kobayashi all over again (except for the one-time sex). She might start impersonating him online soon.

No. 125640

Wtf is up with her chin in this

No. 125643

So I wonder how many things she sampled in this?

No. 125646


Kaka. The slicked back hair is for few but I know you have your friend PS to help you out however, covering your mouth to dhow off your rings is awkward af.

Follow these steps: once you're done with Photoshopping your skin and eyes, pose with the hands off your mouth and then proceed to draw attention to your Cupid-bow absent plump lips. Work that pout. After that, use one of your sock accounts to say how you look like Megan Fox/Angelina Jolie there, respond to this comment and watch your desperate followers trying to get your attention by agreeing to it.

Next week, make a vlog saying how you totally were mistaken for Megan Fox (because Jolie is old now ew) when you were with you were out with bae at Florida.

/You're welcome!
/I'm a better Kaka than Kaka herself


Aw! They're back! <3 you 100% nailed it.

No. 125647

This isn't too bad, but it's not fantastic either. Random shit you'd find if you clicked around on bandcamp long enough/10
It could've been big when seapunk, chiptunes and vaporwave were important. Too bad Kiki can't into networking or aesthetic appeal.

No. 125650

For someone who is such a trendsetter~ she seems to be behind in every trend when it comes to music

No. 125651

this is so boring holy shit haha

No. 125655

File: 1434975944347.png (1.21 MB, 913x690, slick-icon-rings-grain-done.pn…)

Farmers I got this.

This is the grainy version. There's also the final version that has been smoothened.

No. 125656

File: 1434976021131.png (1.89 MB, 852x989, slick-cherb-done-2.png)

Kaka 2

No. 125658

File: 1434976128559.png (2.19 MB, 1000x989, slick-cherub-done.png)

Kaka 3

No. 125659

File: 1434976223694.png (2.05 MB, 1000x989, slick-mirror-done-1-final-grai…)

Kaka 4

>Post discarded


No. 125661

File: 1434976324515.png (1.56 MB, 1000x897, slick1-smaller-rainbow-final-g…)

Kaka 5

She looks so dried up.

No. 125665

File: 1434976468685.png (1.89 MB, 1000x989, slick2-waves-final-grain.png)

Kaka 6/last


No. 125669

What the hell am I looking at?

No. 125670

Where did you get these from?

No. 125676

File: 1434977893646.gif (900.44 KB, 500x375, tyra-banks-birthday-gif-3.gif)

i think she had tyra in mind

No. 125679

am I bad for actually liking these? The frames are stupid but she looks otherwise nice.

No. 125681


She's definitely trying to get herself back out there again. I think she hopes with her new style people may now recognize her or that she's some 'reformed angel' like her new style gives off.

I've noticed she has is doing exactly what her sister did. You know "THE PHOTOS" the whole 2011/2012 doll thing? How kota had a series of them before she gave up and took up to grainy/meitu shit iphone pictures? She's doing that.

The persona pictures is what I like to call them. Makes em' look 'professional' and like they're somebodies at the most. Guess her sister is a somebody now ofc, but kiki has to copy her. Same eye make up, into kawaii but only difference is she's trying to be the new grimes and it ain't happening.

This is how desperate she is.

God help if the internet was gone tomorrow, the poor cow would be heartbroken.

No. 125683


Nah, I think the sunglasses one is actually quite nice. Let's remember though, they're all an illusion. Just like Dakota's were.

Plus, it ruins it because kiki is such a shit head.

No. 125684

No. 125686


Yeah, the 'look at me I have big eyes and I'm kawaii' look, defo.

It works for her sister cos baby face, baby faces do wonders and kiki has that long face

No. 125687


yeah kiki stoppit!!! lol

No. 125689

File: 1434978599603.jpg (21.94 KB, 412x900, dsquared-2-ruffle-collar-sleev…)

Buying expensive shit again, huh

No. 125690


where is this from? (cant make out the label)

is it a cheap chink knock off or some selfridges shit?

No. 125692


No. 125697


Wonder how she can afford all this… You know, it wouldn't surprise me if she DID work but at home doing ebay listings/shop trades ect I bet she does something on the side that no one knows about. I mean, if she does then fair play to the girl.

No. 125699

No. 125701


lol rather go primark tbh

No. 125705


I'm personally offended because these expensive clothes are incredibly horrendous. Like, you're petit and you have money. Kate Spade that shit, bitch!

Btwwww, where did you all found these?

No. 125707

Urgh she has used this song in her last three videos or so. It was shitty the first two times. When is she going to get the hint she needs to stop making music?

No. 125714

File: 1434982240851.jpg (34.9 KB, 264x363, url.jpg)

Ahh. the famous Ostrenga house wall.

Never forget.

No. 125715


I know, really slender tiny girls with dolla and they spend it terribly.

No. 125716


I think even that weird looking tumblrette with the close together eyes on that model show looked better than kiki lmfao

No. 125730

File: 1434985088058.jpg (32.03 KB, 512x512, _do3LNaF.jpg)

Patio model

No. 125732


I can't ever see this bitch's mug on the front cover of Vogue. Imagine, her trying to compete with Cara… HA

No. 125733


Oh pls dont. She's like Tumblr's muse. It's too much to Kiki being compared to her

Ugh I hate this. This is awful. Just the fact she chose it as an avatar. Just, NO.

Yes! It's a classic. If only these walls could speak… Is Scott still taking her pictures?

No. 125734


She was scouted wasn't she!? She's sending these for her Japanese agency, probably ;)

No. 125735

i… like them too.
if anyone is hating its because they don't take fancy pics like this

No. 125739

There is a person taking the photos, for sure. Look at the reflection on the glass.

No. 125743


Yes I dig these but I can't stop thinking about her parents or someone else going with her to their backyard, with Kiki all dolled-up, to take pictures of her before she goes inside the house again to lurk lolcow and edit these

No. 125748


cos we jelly

No. 125749


Allison Havard was like tumblrette's dream girl. I never found her that appealing, I can see THE LOOK because of her eyes. But I still find her pretty fugly tbh.

No. 125751

File: 1434987425084.jpg (38.63 KB, 600x410, alison-harvard-5.jpg)

No. 125752


I wonder if it's Taku-channnn taking those pictures..

Ha, she'll probably send these to her sister and ask whether they're Bravo model material.

She doesn't have the height to model anyway. I know kota didn't but her baby face was all she needed and slim built.

If kiki DID have her sister's face, the cathy then she would have more look.

I mean, can anybody picture Kiki in P