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File: 1489517429968.jpg (93.32 KB, 1200x675, C5c2IGSWAAApgG3.jpg)

No. 269642

Jonathan (Jon) Aryan Jafari aka. Jontron has been mentioned in some other threads,but recently he seems to be getting into some milk-tier territory, so it might be time for him to have his own thread.

> He has a history of facing accusations of racism and regularly made "ironic" racist jokes on Game Grumps.
> He made some tweets during the women's march saying that supporting women was sexist sparking criticism.
> He doubled down on this opinion on a stream with Sargon.
"Blaming whites for everything is like the Nazi's blaming Jews for everything."
> On stream he said that Mexicans should make Mexico nice instead of coming to America, which sparked some drama between him and PeanutButterGamer.
> A few days ago he got into political talk on twitter and then later debated a streamer called Destiny and came out looking smug and stupid. He kept dodging questions and said he was afraid of saying something that might come off as racist.

Selection of quotes from the stream:
"We've gotten rid of discrimination in our western countries. If you don't think we've gotten rid of discrimination, you're living in a fantasy land"

"Why is it when the chinese were trying to colonise tibet, why was that a save tibet situation but when it's white people… I'm using an analogy to try to give a parallel situation so you can see the hypocrisy"

"They're [whites] are not being killed, they're being displaced. You are the same guy who says that Europeans displaced the native Americans but apparently, when other people do it to white Americans, it's okay because fuck white people."

"Wealthy blacks also commit more crime than poor whites, that's a fact."

"I don't recall Trump ever saying anything explicitly racist."

Link to the debate:

Links to his social media:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/JonTronShow
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JonTronShow
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JonTronShow

No. 269645

File: 1489517673459.png (113.1 KB, 480x375, jontron oh no retarded.png)

RIP Jontron's career. :(

The debate was the stupidest and most infuriating thing I ever sat through aaa.

No. 269646

File: 1489517786455.png (303.37 KB, 447x672, tweetPBG.png)


Tweet made by PBG, and H3H3 standing up for his friend.

No. 269648

Oh, Jon…When will public figures learn that, whether they're in the right or in the wrong, it's kind of shooting themselves in the foot if they voice their opinions on touchy subjects out in the open. If you want a prosperous career, stay in your lane and keep your mouth shut.

No. 269649

File: 1489518088354.png (312.27 KB, 574x768, DDXbW1R.png)

Apparently Destiny thought that he was gonna step back from some of his more extreme opinions during the "debate" but he just got worse.

No. 269655

File: 1489518563136.png (550.65 KB, 600x600, dHZgtYW.png)

The Jontron subreddit has shut down temporarily due to raiding and politic talk is now banned on his discord, too lol

No. 269656

he has either gone insane or this is some sort of andy kaufman style trolling

No. 269657

Jon why did you have to drink that retarded fucking koolaid? Jesus christ lol

No. 269667

File: 1489519583158.jpg (254.21 KB, 1094x848, jonpol.jpg)

This is what happens when you let yourself be redpilled bois :^)

No. 269669

damn he even got fatter and is on his way to become a full blown /pol/tard neckbeard. gross!

No. 269679

Dang. Never thought I'd see the day JonTron became an lolcow. My partner and I love his content, he's entitled to his own beliefs, but he needs to realize he doesn't have the type of platform to discuss this type of stuff. I hope he learns from this experience and keeps his political views separate from his content.

No. 269680

File: 1489520226111.jpg (46.57 KB, 596x628, K6W9H1r.jpg)

OMGG hahahaha this image killed me! you have shown a new world to my sides!

No. 269684

Well, in all honesty; Jon does have a point

No. 269689

He fell too far into the joke to the point where he didn't know where to stop, now on twitter he's tweeting back and forth with white supremacists who advocate for ethnic cleansing and genocide with 100% seriousness. He's like the kid in the back of class who keeps the joke going long after every one else has stopped and found it unfunny.

Dude isn't even white, but I am. Yet his Persian ass is offended on my behalf? How is he any different from an sjw?

He shouldn't be allowed to speak for me or my people. If he wanted to subscribe to some reddit bullshit, why didn't he choose fatpeoplehate instead of the_donald? Would've benefitted him far more.

No. 269690

File: 1489520799255.jpg (102.85 KB, 720x618, jontrongetout.jpg)

He basically got pissed off at SJWs and went too far to the other side. It's stupid : (

No. 269691

Didn't Jontron just say on his Q&A video (his most recent one - naturally now three weeks old) that he wasn't going to do any more political stuff?

No. 269692

explain yourself

No. 269694

This peanutbuttergamer is kind of cute.

I said this in the communismkills thread but…
why are cute people more-or-less sane, while fat/ugly losers are always unhappy and have to take it out on other people? Why do they always have to drone on about "WHITE MASTURRRACE" when in most cases they aren't even white (Jewish in the case of CK, half-Persian in the case of JT) or any where near the "genetic perfection" that they drone on about?

Is this a coping mechanism for them?

No. 269697

you know something I actually know someone like that, he has born from both Mexican parents but just because he was born in California he says he is pure white… Yeah delusional much? I guess its a common thing for these people to do. Jontron is an idiot he basically dug himself in deep shit.

>RIP JonTron's career

No. 269699

No. 269700


Fuck Johntron. And rip for anyone that associates with this piece of shit. He's about to bring everyone down with him weither or not they agree with johns views.

No. 269702


oh my gosh whhhaaatthe fuck. I thought jontron was a cutie even was he was chubby. Did you spend too much time on /pol/ or some shit

No. 269703

Only one major, collective group of people have been consistently villainized by every other major and/or collective group(s) to the point that people of said major collective group are becoming more reactionary than ever before.

No. 269704

/pol/ ruins everything, I guess this time it ruined Jon's career

No. 269707

are you retarded? non-whites are not a monochromatic group, regardless of what white people think. they are often even more hateful to each other than they are to white people. have you ever seen two people from JP and SK interact? it's often far worse than the way white people interact with either race. do you know in the middle east people kill thousands of other people on the basis of minor religious differences? yeah, and ask a black person how they feel about the jews.

the only person who feels "consistently villainized" by "everyone else" is you, probably because of your own victim complex.

No. 269708


wow you're an absolute moron

No. 269734

File: 1489523400771.gif (713.83 KB, 476x259, a4OKuSr.gif)


are you retarded

No. 269738

I can think of a shitload of groups that are "consistently villainized by every other major and/or collective group(s) to the point that people of said major collective group are becoming more reactionary than ever before" and they don't even have to be on the basis of race.
Humans are hateful.

No. 269742

The only reason I'm not giving Jon a hard time for this is because I know that politics aren't his thing. Destiny, the supposed victor, called him out on Twitter. JonTron had nothing better to do, and accepted the debate. This same Destiny also got completely annihilated by Mister Metokur, who argued similar points to JonTron. The only difference was that Mister Metokur actually engages in political discussion, whereas JonTron's focus is on other things.

To be honest, Destiny has lost more debates than he has won. The only reason this particular one sparked out so fast is because it brought up that le "JonTron is a nazi xd" meme.

I don't think he's even noteworthy enough to have a thread about himself, considering the fact that he's actually a fairly genuine guy. He leans towards some nationalism, and is critical of illegal immigration. He respects the preservation of culture and values. To be honest, there's nothing wrong with that. Anyone who studied political history or military history for that matter would know he's not a national socialist, he's not a fascist, he's not a racist, he' just a comedian. I think people should really just get over it.

No. 269753

Idk when a guy with a large following goes public saying a bunch of stupid, racist shit I kinda think it's natural for everyone to be disappointed with him at the least.

Whilst I don't think Jontron is a racist, he did say a bunch of racist shit.

No. 269757

It's not a smart move on his part, but the fact that anyone is even taking him seriously is stupid. Even if his opinions are unironic, no one should even be listening to someone who doesn't know what he's talking about. Whether you agree or not, JonTron has done very little research to back up his opinions, so why do we care?

No. 269759


So, he should be forgiven for being a fucking moron and digging his own grave? He choice to be part of that debate and how can someone possibly be so shoved up their own ass to not know that it would backfire horribly?

Maybe he won't cry over losing, in his mind, the oversensitive PC WJSs in his fan pool but God damn, he HAD to have known a good chunk of people would not back him after that.

No. 269764


it's possible that he's been in a red pill echo chamber on reddit or something and is used to people agreeing with him in private, so when he airs his opinions in public it might have caught him by surprise that a lot of people don't agree with him

No. 269768

I think he's gone really edgy and /pol/-tard but I honestly appreciate it because I couldn't care less about SJW trends and like to see any push in the opposite direction, even if I disagree with it just as much as I disagree with SJWs

No. 269769


"He respects the preservation of culture and values" except for those blacks in africa amiright colonialism was great!

No. 269781

Mister Metokur didn't "annihilate him" if you ask anyone that doesn't spend all day jerking off to /pol/

No. 269810

Are we really calling youtubers comedians now? I know they started calling themselves that but I was hoping it wouldn't catch on

No. 269820

He just sounds like he's parroting /pol/ and typical alt right ways of thinking. It's kind of ridiculous how easily some of these relatively moderate normal people are falling into that fucking trap. I don't even think they know why they believe what they believe, they just repeat what they heard in the echo chamber.

No. 269822

yeah I wonder how many more have to fall in order for /pol/ to be stopped, first they took pepe away, then they tried taking trash dove and now they took JonTron how many others have to fall in order for someone to stop them

No. 269823

I was just using /pol/ as an example. I was not saying that it is some malicious entity corrupting our youth or some bullshit. I'm mostly just saying that a lot of these people suddenly develop these views that happen to be in vogue in certain circles. They seem to have no actual conviction behind them, they just regurgitate the same exact talking points.

No. 269825

Agreed tbh

No. 269832

These gamer bros are so easy to indoctrinate with alt right ideals lol they already loved to think they had it rough in life. The fact that Jontron is the son of an Iranian immigrant just makes it lulzier for me. He will sell out Mexican and African Americans in favor of white nationalists who wouldn't even consider him anything more than a sand nigger.

No. 269833

>they just repeat what they heard in the echo chamber
Yep, and that's part of why his arguments on stream were so fucking incoherent. He was just parroting other people and unable to think through and put together a proper line of argument.

No. 269881

this should be the next thread's image plz

No. 269882

At best they'd consider him the token non-white member.

I'm really disappointed that Jon went too far. It's like you can't reach a middlepoint anymore it's either PoC are angels that do no wrong and whites should atone for their original sins or jews control the world and racial purity should be attained.

Truth is everyone should be given equal footing in life but coddling a minority in fear of being labeled racist is ridiculous. In my country they're so hellbent on defending arabs and muslims that they completly turn a blind eye to racists attacks done by them on other minorities.

Truth is a lot of them are awful because they feel like they don't belong and are stuck in poverty. Do they commit a lot of crimes ? Yes. Are they victims of racism and discrimination ? That too.
Can't we tackle both issues instead of pretending those two are exclusives ? I'm so tired of both sides to be honest, everyone is acting retarded.

No. 269884

PBG later went on to say he wasn't friends with him not from that but a previous situation.

Fucking awkward though as I watch/support people in the community Jon is still kind of a part of.

No. 269916

I agree with you, however I feel like nowadays I see a lot more white guys arguing that they can't speak freely because they'll be labeled racists by the "SJW brigade" than I actually see SJWs calling people racist over nothing

No. 269919

Are you in Germany by any chance? the whole 'if you call about an attack done by a muslim is racist' thing is vile. I don't care who you are, but if you commit a crime, you deserve to be punished. Germany and Sweden are so fucked with this pc bullshit

No. 269923

I wonder if Maker Studios will drop Jontron, too?

No. 269936

Does it strike anyone else as unusual that Jon has two rather public friend break ups now? (Arin/game grumps and PBG.) I mean I get people change and grow apart it just strikes me as unusual that there seems to be a fair bit of animosity in both situations, especially for the biz they're in where featuring in each other's video on occasion would be mutually beneficial.

No. 269939


Didn't Jon and Arin kiss and make up a while back?

No. 269967

File: 1489539437843.png (30.53 KB, 367x248, oldpost.png)

I'm not saying this is true though, just interesting.

No. 269974

No. 269975

The signs were there but we just assumed he was doing it ironically

No. 270049

Scarce has become super shit at his reporting lately.

He picks two of the arguably worst quotes and ignores the shittiest things JT said in the interview and then just vaguely comments in JTs favour out of fear that he will actually have a firm stance on something for once.

The comments are shit too but that's because scarces viewers are largely idiots.
>Oh the black thing is true there is data on 4chan

No. 270059

I feel like at this point, its not a joke.

>How is he any different from an sjw?

Its not, which is why I love when anti-sjws sperg and chimp out so much more than the snowflakes they claim to hate.

No. 270062

>no one should even be listening to someone who doesn't know what he's talking about

If people actually followed this advice, we wouldn't have a certain someone as president. But people do listen to others who have no experience with whatever they're talking about, because they have followings.

No. 270066

So i visited the board after hearing about this and they are gloating about how they redpilled him, how he will now become super sucessful and which youtuber they are "going to redpill next". They make it sound like the tip of the iceberg kek.

No. 270074

Why Whyyyyyy
This is the first time someone I really like has a thread and I actually teared up a bit because I hadn't heard of this drama :'(
Sage for no contribution

No. 270078

>>crying over people who share their worthless opinions on webcam
youtuber glorification has gone too far

No. 270084

It was just a little, its more like I really like his comedy that's all, was just pretty disappointing to see. I mean it's not like I know him personally so meh

No. 270087

Who cares if anon teared up a bit?

No. 270102

>how he will now become super sucessful

ohh boy… haha welp lets watch that explode in their face, rip this dude's career. What a bunch of morons, confirmed that /pol/ is retarded

No. 270118

if it makes you feel better, I did like JT's funny shorts. I didn't want to believe this thread, but oh god. Totally sucks, it's such a shame anon…

No. 270119

check the facts they are there, they are solid they are real this dude has been totally red pilled… Who is to blame? /pol/ to those reading this and are butthurt over the jontron hate /pol/ is to blame they did this to your precious youtuber. This isn't the first time /pol/ does retarded shit like this but then again only retards fall for /pol/'s bullshit nazi agenda.

No. 270122

I can agree to this, anyone who lets themselves be redpilled probably have a very small IQ to become a mindless /pol/ sheep, such a shame, I did enjoyed Jon's content but dude took it too far and pretty much dug a grave for himself.

No. 270129

I bet you're that sperg who always uses Jontron reaction gifs

I told you to stop then. This guy is a massive retard. Like okay, you can have your alt right opinions idc. But at least be able to back them up. He's as dumb as Snoozy lmao

No. 270488

File: 1489626940478.png (367.88 KB, 735x459, white power jontron.png)

Jontron still has not emerged from hiding. : (

No. 270503

MIT recently did a study about how most of the polarization/radicalization in politics is coming from the right-wing, they are moving further and further right.

which you dont necessarily "see" if you're just an average person, you feel like the left if moving further and further left too. but they showed that in the last decade the left has stayed relatively moderate (of course fringe groups will exist and tumblr will always be a loud minority) while the right is going further and further and further into radicalization.

i guess you can see that in the basic things that the US left wing wants. universal health care for example. 10 years ago that WAS a republican idea, romney pioneered with romneycare in mass. now, in 2017, the "right" treats universal healthcare like its the equivalent of communism. it's not.

we (being the people who are centre-right, centre-left, moderate) are not the ones who are radical or extremists. we are normal. it's them.

sometimes i look at news in my home country which a lot of alt-righters idolize (russia) and i swear to you that some of it is exactly the same as saudi arabia. if you want proof i can post it, but recently a guy is in jail facing prison for 7 years for playing pokemon go in a church for 5 min (thats seriously all he did, he walked in, talked to no one, played for five min, caught a pokemon and left, its on camera). and all of his government officials from his city (my hometown) are saying he needs to be locked up for as long as possible. IT'S LIKE FUCKING SAUDI ARABIA EXCEPT FOR CHRISTIANS. THIS IS WHAT THE ALT-RIGHT ASPIRES TO BE. i felt like i was taking crazy pills watching his court cases.

sorry for the long rant, but yeah. i'm just tired of these fucking radicals. fuck them.

No. 270506

>He will sell out Mexican and African Americans in favor of white nationalists who wouldn't even consider him anything more than a sand nigger.

He's selling out white people who don't buy into this crazy neonazi crap either. Normal, regular white people are being sold out by a fucking non-white persian guy.

No. 270508

The guy in this video looks like he has FAS

No. 270569

File: 1489638797614.png (344.41 KB, 540x377, vtLumWm.png)


goddamnit /pol/

No. 270583

Filthy Frank unfollowed JonTron.

A man who eats his vomit and human excrement in cake form, can NOT stand to be friends with JonTron.

No. 270587

lmao holy shit

No. 270610

File: 1489644484462.gif (1.87 MB, 500x280, o31r32v5l_500.gif)

No. 270688

Despite all of this he's still my favorite Youtuber. Yeah, he really shouldn't have gone as far as he did and he's dug himself a pretty deep hole, but I still support him.

No. 270698

I feel kind of conflicted because I find him funny but the stuff he said was ignorant as shit at best and racist at worst.

I kinda think he needs to apologise or at least address the whole thing.

No. 270699

File: 1489662432953.png (500.03 KB, 581x447, jontron.png)


No. 270700

honestly this shit he is pulling so embarrassing. i don't even like his ass but i am feeling the worst second hand embarrassment. he's acting like a 15 year old who just found 4chan and got dumped by his gf. i kind of wonder if he went nuts because he got dumped?

No. 270701

That's wrong though you fucking idiot

No. 270703

As if, he believes he's done nothing wrong

No. 270704


His ex gfs last name was Rodriguez. Somehow I am not surprised that they broke up

No. 270707

yeah this is like some weird sperg reasoning that just because he got dumped all women are shit etc. i can totally see this stemming from him getting canned and becoming some weirdo who takes /pol/ seriously.

No. 270708

I mean FilthyFrank follows some pretty shit people I am not surprised.

No. 270730

same here anon. I'm not crying but very disappointed because I genuinely thought Jon was a good guy, and one of the few youtube gamers who wasn't a racist/sexist piece of shit.

No. 270733

White people getting offended by Get Out is really funny

No. 270736

That movie was funny as fuck. What is there even to be offended at?

What happened? Did he watch too many shitty movies and lose his mind?

No. 270739

I feel you anon. That is crazy. Saged for samefag

No. 270751

I still would love to know what happened between PBG and Jon.
They used to be such good friends,I am so disappointed about the Jon thing.
But man this guy is an asshole and while I enjoy his content, I really don't want to watch him anymore

No. 270754

PBG doesn't condone Jon's views and he shaded him on Twitter before. See >>269646
If I remember correctly they went on after about how they could be friends and still disagree on their views or something like that. But that was before this stream shit went down, I have no idea what their situation is now.

No. 270756


No. 270833

You know, before the debate I wasn't really too concerned. I didn't follow his twitter but I did know that some stuff from the 5 hour stream a while back was taken way out of context, including the thing PBG tweeted.
So I felt a bit like people were overreacting, and Jon was probably just discovering some shit, dipping his toes into /pol/ stuff and would probably mellow out soon after ranting a bit.

Boy was I wrong, the debate sure showed me that. I honestly still don't quite know what to think of it. It's really one of those thing where I wonder how it got this far.
But I always try to imagine everything like this has a reason, and even if I think what he's saying is fucking retarded, I'd like to think everyone can turn around.

Right now I just hope some of his friends will sit him the fuck down and have a good discussion with him. They don't have to, but if everyone drops him now chances are he'll just go down even further. Nobody beats this kind of thought process by insulting them.

No. 270835

File: 1489689621465.jpg (244.31 KB, 1200x1380, 1488149677197.jpg)

omg Jon is so problematic, I am triggered

No. 270836

he refollowed him again? What the fuck

No. 270837

What do you (and the rest of the people itt) expect?

He's literally been treated like a god his entire life, faced no adversary despite being a fat (and fairly stupid) piece of shit who just plays vidya and does comedy for a "career".

His entire life, his formitive years, people were telling him that his shit don't stink, that's he's ~~YOONIQUE~~ and smart and an inquisitive unlike "other people"

So what do people expect? This is someone who has never had to face hardship, has never had to face consequences for their actions, doesn't really understand what "hard" work is like (I'm talking about the 12 hours a day laying concrete physical labour type work, or getting a PhD w/o financial support - not making a million bucks for memes)

This is someone who has been upheld and treated like a golden boy his entire life. Why do people think he'd act any differently? He is not "relatable" regardless of what people imply, he is not someone grounded in the real world, the people around him are all likely yes-men who kiss his ass. This is someone who has likely never had the words "no" said to them, has never faced rejection up until now.

His ass has been coddled for his entire existence and this thread is just filled with more people going "omg im so shocked that the coddled spoiled rotten shut-in with zero discipline turned out to be a /pol/tard"

I'm not saying he should lose his job or his sponsors or any of that shit (although I would kek heartily at that) but he is a piece of shit and not everyone is going to like him or wait for him to come around. A lot of people straight up don't like him based on his unfunny recycled regurgitated "content" and he needs to get used to that, especially if he wants to air his opinions out. He's being a little drama queen and a huge little bitch, throwing a temper tantrum just because people disagree with him. He honestly must live in a bubble.

No. 270839

You okay there buddy?

No. 270841

>lol u maed xD

Okay enough to refrain from autistically screeching for 2 hours about politics on twitch.

No. 270845

All I think is that just because he's been "coddled" doesn't mean someone will turn into /pol/

No. 270858


Filthy Frank never unfollowed him, I don't think. George doesn't run the Filthy Frank twitter anyway. George HAS unfollowed him on his personal twitter, however.

No. 270860

They aren't wrong though. Imagine being loved for literally anything you say or do. Eat an apple? People makes jokes about it. Say something repeatedly? You have fanart and merch made about it.

Most youtubers are basically massive manchildren who don't know the concept of actions having consequences because their fans will always get over it. I mean, check this thread and comments in general, people are basically writing off what he said because "Oh well he's funny so I'm disappointed but I'm not going to stop watching…"

Nah, the coddling wasn't what turned him to /pol/. I think it's just living in an internet bubble with lots of exposure to shitty sites (/pol/ for an example) and no exposure to the real world so they think what is online is fact.

No. 270864

That's what I meant.

We all know here, honestly, that if he was an average person who was a non-youtuber and raised right and he got blasted this hard for his "debate" - I think he'd genuinely walk away questioning himself and his reasoning.

But he's ever been told that he's not the smartest, wittiest guy in the world. He's never been told he can be wrong. It sounds stupid but I don't think he's capable of introspection in that sense. It's kind of like the dunning-krueger effect, where some of the dumbest people believe they know everything.

I still have his smug laughter from the debate echoing in my head. So fucking smug.

No. 270877

File: 1489696328607.jpg (9.24 KB, 236x341, 47e58c9b12c9a97207e1cd0dfdf874…)

This shit is gold

No. 270927

well shit that makes the burn even more real

No. 271235

Isn't he not-white? Why is he shitting on minorities and sucking white cock so much?

No. 271241

Hi /pol/!

No. 271244

>it's okay guys, he's an idiot and is probably trolling or joking so who cares about whatever inflammatory shit he says on his massive platform, I'm sure literally no one will take his rhetoric seriously or proclaim him as /their guy/! It's stupid to look at anything a """""""comedian""""""" says through a critical lens, don't even bother, delete this thread

You're retarded.

No. 271276

No you dumdums, Joji unfollowed Jon on his actual serious account. He never unfollowed him on the Filthy Frank account, but that's run by like 4 different people.

No. 271478

So JonTron really let his spiral into racist and sexist insanity show after he got dumped by his Latina girlfriend? Why the fuck is this a pattern with ugly fat guys? The same thing happened to some fat white guy I know that got rejected by some black girl. It's like they think they're getting back at the people who "wronged them" by going full on /pol/. It's stupid as fuck.

No. 271525

We're moving more and more right because of the far left being more and more invasive and vocal.

I can't even talk about centrist policy without someone thinking it's a far-right stance. Every time that shit happens it pushes people further and polarizes more. I don't see how that's hard to grasp.

No. 271528

real /pol/ doesn't like Jon because he not only addressed his points like a retarded seal, but he's not white.

Doesn't matter what he says. He #1 was an idiot all through the "debate," and truepol just doesn't care to be "represented," by a sand nigger.

No. 271752

so currently Destiny (the guy that debated jontron) is getting his ass DRAGGED the fuck across twitter by literally every animator or person who has ever drawn because he got in an argument with Psychicpebbles and was an idiot in every single thing he said the entire time

sage for not rly being jontron related but i'm pretty amused by it happening rn and also kind of embarrassed that jon "lost" to this shmuck

No. 272084

what is JojiĀ“s real account.

No. 272179

The study showed that outside college echo chambers and tumblr, there is no such thing as the "far left" - it showed that unless you specifically go looking for "far left" extremism, chances are you won't find it.

Every idea that you label as communist or socialist or "far left" was accepted by the right-leaning politicians in the US ten years ago, and the current ones all over Europe. Stop bullshitting, if people are assuming you are far-right it's because you're adopting far-right policies. The center hasn't changed, it's people like you (alt-right cucks) who think that it's gotten "more left leaning" (it hasn't)

The examples I gave with Romneycare, Bush's immigration policy and international funding policies, etc. When Angela Merkel was first elected this was seen as a shift towards the right and towards a more religious Germany. In the UK, the Tories have always been seen as the quintessental right wing and yet to cucks like you, they seem "left". In Canada, the CPC has always nominated politicians like Harper, and yet now this seems too "leftist" just because they believe in basic human rights, the existence of NATO, and humanitarian work.

People like you, and Jon "the Gene Pool" Tron are intellectually dishonest and arguing in ridiculously bad faith. The data has been crunched. It's the alt-right that has polarized, no one else. It is suspected to be due to the fact that Facebook sold data that wasn't collected with explicit authorization to many different conservative groups which then invested it into far-right propaganda - guys like Ailes, Murdoch, Mercer. It is no shock that the same data analytics company that worked on Brexit propaganda was involved in the US 2016 election and is involved all over Europe (NL, France). Really makes you think.

No. 272183

File: 1489856854900.jpg (145.29 KB, 892x1200, C7KVRmCU4AEPu74.jpg)

lmao I watched this argument and psychicpebbles is acting like an SJW vagina

All Destiny said was that he thinks blue collar workers have it tougher than youtube animators. Surprise, surprise, they do. Now the entire art community is acting like they are some sort of slaves because egoraptor worked a summer job ONCE (gasp) and said it was easy.

I heard someone compared psychicpebbles to a "starving artist" LMAO? yeah someone with a billion youtube subs is definitely a starving artist, gtfo here

shoe0nhead tried to dogpile on destiny too. watching people try to smear this guy just because they don't like how he BTFOed jon tron and nakedautist is fucking hilarious.

but yeah keep crying about how your hands and wrists hurting from drawing cartoons all day is the same thing as laying cement 80 hours a week. fucking tumblrinas.

No. 272197

Comparing labour work to animating is dishonest anyways to begin with.
Being in animation myself I don't think most people have a firm grasp on the works of the industry and how easily your rights, intellectual property and hours can be taken away for the sake of profit. Bad conditions, outsourcing and ambigious contracts come part of parcel of being in the gig. Contractors and commissioners at times can be difficult to work with and a tight schedule must be maintained for a project to reach an end goal, and getting credited isn't always for sure (Sausage Party). Hand and wrist injuries are serious, they can have a long term effect on your life and although labour workers face higher risks it's not something to scoff at.
Destiny also said in a tweet that
psychicpebbles has no right to complain about the current algorithm because he only posts about four times a year anyways. Web series can no longer be supported and the only sucessful style of animation currently is parody and storytime format which can be shoved out quicker (but not as quick as a beauty vlogger for example.) His stance is based on pure ignorance and yours is too.

No. 272211

I don't work blue collar work, I work in law. I know a lot of people look at my work and think it's easy because it is a desk job, and I know the feeling of "hand and wrist injuries" and potential carpal tunnel problems. It's not easy. No job is easy, but at the end of the day being animation and having an actual career IS FAR BETTER than being a blue collar worker. You likely get paid more than min wage, which unskilled blue collar workers struggle to ever see in their lifetime. Blue collar workers usually don't last in the industry longer than 10-20 years, whereas someone can stay in white collar work for decades.

You are acting like a special snowflake by harping on what Destiny said. There was nothing dishonest about his comparison. There is no realm where blue collar work is "easier" or "better" than a white collar job. You don't think that blue collar workers have to work with bad conditions, outsourcing and ambiguous contracts? Seriously? How self-involved and narcissistic do you have to be?

There is absolutely no way you can genuinely, in good faith, argue that blue collar work is easier/better/more fulfilling than animation or any other desk job. This is almost as ridiculous as when people try to say prostitution is better than white collar work.

This entire debate reeks of narcissism and "animators" being butthurt that their buddy JonTron was made out to be an idiot, so now they're latching onto one thing like special little snowflakes in an attempt to smear a guy. You can call mine/his stances "pure ignorance" but that doesn't change the facts.

Literally the ONLY reason that you are arguing these batshit insane points is because you and your buds are animators. That's it. No one in the real world sees your job as being tougher than a coal miner's. Fuck's sake.

No. 272218

I don't think you're understanding my argument. There's little point making a comparison between the two. Where did I state that being in animation was worse than being in a blue collar job? No animator is out there claiming that it's the opposite. A lot of animation news related article are not written by animators.
I think you're a little too on edge here. Animators in general just want better rights and to be recognised in the same vein that many blue collar workers do. Like what are you angry about here.

No. 272224


No. 272227

That was literally the argument Destiny made, that your jobs are cushy (if you are a successful animator, that is) in comparison to someone who has to work manual labour 80 hour weeks making jackshit.

The only reason we are having this discussion is because you and your friends started acting liker tumblrinas and crying about "oh no, our labour really IS hard work!" which wasn't the original argument. The original argument is that it is a better job than blue collar labour.

I'm angry because you are intentionally misrepresenting someone's point so that you can feel good about yourself and your career path. The people who took offence to what Destiny said did so out of bias and just want asspats, apparently.

Right here, you agree with him:
>Where did I state that being in animation was worse than being in a blue collar job? No animator is out there claiming that it's the opposite

Yet you call him a "shmuck" a few posts before, because you are butthurt he brought this up. It's literally SJW tactics, he made you feel less ~*~SPESHUL~*~ so now your community is triggered.

> Animators in general just want better rights and to be recognised in the same vein that many blue collar workers do

And no where did Destiny argue for the opposite. Where did he say that animators/workers in general don't deserve wortker's rights? He did not. You're just moving the goal posts because your original argument was indefensible.

Destiny wasn't being "ignorant" - he did not call your job a cake walk, or easy. He said it was easy relative to manual labour and other unskilled blue collar work. Which it is. If you disagree, I'm not sure why you don't quit animation and go get a job in construction.

The best part of all of this is that ALL OF THESE PEOPLE, were either silent or defended Jon "the Gene Pool" Tron when he made racist comments about black people and retweeted literal nazis. But Destiny makes some passing commentary about animators having it pretty good (they do) and you all got so triggered. The narcissism in your "community" is so unbelievable.

Your community went on a witch hunt over a guy that made "ignorant" (depending on who you ask) comments about successful animators, yet outright defended or kept quiet about a man who was retweeting nazis about "white genocide". Just let that sink in. It is unbelievable.

I wouldn't be surprised if you're psychicpebble himself. Dude has been literally obsessing over this for days now. Someone needs to get him some therapy for NPD if this is what he does whenever someone makes snide passing comments about his life choices.

>An animator working 80 hours a week have it worst than the average blue collar. What's the point?

This is literally a quote on reddit from GamerGhazi. You people are so deluded. The reason that we (white collar workers) work 80 hours a week at a desk job IS SO THAT WE DON'T HAVE TO DO BLUE COLLAR LABOUR TO SURVIVE. No one is forcing you to choose animation over "easier" (lol) work.

No. 272231

Huh? I didn't call him a schmuck. I only made these two posts >>272218 >>272197
You need to chill.
I haven't supported JonTron since his earlier drama. His drama has nothing to do with the way I feel about Destiny's opinions. I don't even know the man enough to dislike or like him, I just don't agree with his opinions on animators.
Again, comparing blue collar work and animator work even by relative means is dishonest. They are two separate fields. I'm talking about rights and recognition as things animators generally appreciate and I'm not relating it to Destiny's points.

You're conflating this with psychicpebbles a little too much and although we can agree to disagree you accusing me of being him is just.. strange.


>The animation community.

Yeah, please calm down. Are you as triggered as you're claiming me to be?

No. 272318

He probably doesn't identify as nonwhite. IIRC only his dad is middle-eastern, and he (Jon) looks white to most people anyway. That's something I've noticed with a lot of mixed race people, they'll take the race they look more like and call themselves that race (for example, a mixed black/white person who looks more black and calls themself African American)

No. 272426

>He probably doesn't identify as nonwhite

this isn't some trans-ethnic shit. no one really cares what he identifies as.

No. 272439

Destiny claimed, and stood by his claim, that youtube animators make 250k a year. That's what the argument was about, and if you take his side on this then you have some serious mental issues, because he is wrong, plain and simple.

No. 272697

lmaoooo salty triggered youtube animator tears

No. 272708

you can really tell who the autistic artfags in this thread are.

No. 272735

But Iranians are white.

In fact, their name literally means Aryan, and their homeland is in the Caucasus. They (Persians) are the proto-Caucasians and proto-Aryans.

Sage for ethnology lesson

No. 272739

File: 1489890646171.png (34.65 KB, 500x188, Jonathan Aryan Jafari.png)

No. 272754

File: 1489892135649.gif (546.54 KB, 320x240, the-more-you-know-o.gif)

Interesting info, hopefully now anons will shut up about "omg he isn't white why is he defending white supremacists???"

No. 272787

He's defending the same group of people that demonize Iranians, he's a fucking idiot. Most Europeans don't like arabs/persians.

No. 272819

still isn't "white" by neonazi standards - the people that considered the irish, italian and hungarians to be non-whites. consider that that is who he is suckiing up to, not anthropologists with a concept of history and geography, neonazis who lump his general geographic region is as "sandniggers"

No. 272849

But most white supremacists don't think of that area as white. Iranian meaning Aryan or not. Also, Aryan came from a Sanskrit word meaning noble/pure/etc and was an ethnic classification the Indo-Iranians used. It wasn't until Hitler that Aryan was used to mean white as in white and even then the Nazis thought that Aryans came from Atlantis and migrated to Tibet and then mutated into Tibetans. Which jumps over Iran and the Caucasus as a whole.

And honestly no matter what Aryan means, Jon is still arguing for people who are calling him sand nigger and stupid and so on and is arguing for a political platform that doesn't see him as either white or the right type of white. So to them he's useless. But he's still arguing.

No. 272880

Seriously, wtf is wrong with the people on this website? Destiny is factually wrong. You can hate Jontron and his animator friends all you want, but They were right on this one.

It's just sad that you hate someone so much that you would completely ignore facts and just say anyone who disagrees with you is triggered. Sounds like the alt right cunts who call everybody a cuck.

No. 272996

Personally (and inb4 people think I'm sucking Jontron's dick) I can't believe Jontron's getting so much heat when Destiny has said similiar shit if not worse, but I guess he's not the one in the hot seat. Destiny has called black people niggers on multiple occasions and encouraged his suicidal friend to kill himself when the friend asked him for help (who then actually killed himself) and tried to absolve himself all blame. The dude is a real piece of garbage going back to his Starcraft days. But he pulls off a debate with Jontron where Jontron somehow managed to do worse than him (Destiny said a lot of questionable shit himself that Jontron could've but didn't call him out on because he sucks at debating).

Jontron absolutely has some white nationalist ideals, though, either from sipping that /pol/ koolaid or just wanting to separate from the tumblr fags in his fanbase. He seems to apply some of his ideals that would work for Europe to America, which is just patently wrong (preserving culture, etc - The United States has alway been a mixing pot and we really have no culture to preserve here, as opposed to turning, say, Sweden into a Syrian wasteland, which historically has always been white/nordic).

No. 273026

I disagree with what you said about American culture. It might be hard to see when you're living there, but American culture is definitely a thing. I know that where I live, as well as in several other countries that I've been to, American culture has influenced the local culture. America isn't a mixed pot, it's a melting pot, and although there many diverse groups with different cultures within it, the US has developed a general culture that might be a little hard to see if you're from there, but definitely exists.

I still disagree with Jon, just wanted to point that out.

No. 273028

Nah, Destiny is right. If you have 1 million subs on youtube but you're struggling to make 6 figures you must really fucking suck. At the very least you could pump out some shitty low-effort content and how-to tutorials to pander to your audience and attain sponsorships instead of complaining on twitter 24/7.

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

No. 273030

Except Destiny has changed and apologized for all of that and atoned for his sins once realizing how deep the rabbit hole goes, but nice smear tactic.

No. 273057

Nah, Destiny is wrong. The youtube algorithm works on watchtime, and has worked this way since 2014. An animator can make maybe 6-8 seconds of animation in a full workday, and that's if you don't count the fact that they have actual jobs to go to during the day. It's cute that you say that they can just "pump out some shitty low effort content and tutorials", but then they wouldn't be animaors, and Destiny argued that animators make 250k a year, which is wrong. There's literally no way to defend this claim, it's just factually wrong, plain and simple.

No. 273061

JonTron has released a carefully edited statement on this. So much backtracking it's nuts.

No. 273064

You realize I know artists who make 6 figures easily off of commission, youtube and patreon combined? If "animators" don't want to work then they should honestly find another job. I know a girl who works 6 days a week and is constantly either streaming, making videos, or trying to acquire more sponsors.

>b-but then i wouldn't be animating!!!!!!!!

You realize that a job (especially self-employment) is more than just one word, psychicpebbles? For example, dentists don't spend their entire workweek looking at teeth, only a small portion of it goes towards that - the rest is customer service, retail, and business/finance-related work.

If you can't make a living off of 1 mill youtube subs as an artist/animator/whatever, I don't know what to tell you other than you suck, psychicpebbles. You picked such a niche "career" path as an artist instead of branching out and adapting, and that is your fault and no one else's. Maybe if you played your cards right you would have been hired full-time by some sort of animation company or sponsored in the very least, but alas, it's easier to spend your time bitching on twitter. The funniest part in all of this is that art is such a subjective thing, and there are PLENTY of artists and animators who make 250k/year… so if you don't, maybe that says more about you than anyone else? I mean I love playing volleyball, but if I attempted to turn that into a career and fell flat on my face, I wouldn't spend weeks harassing people who call professional athletes lucky/blessed/wealthy.

No. 273068

This fat fuck should spend less time worrying about white people and more time at the gym. It is 2017, there is no excuse to look like this. People like this are a huge strain on the healthcare budget in every country in the world, and I'd argue that the "fat epidemic" and the side effects of it come with a higher cost for countries than immigrants do.

Seriously, it boggles my mind how anyone can take him seriously when he talks about anything other than his lame comedy shit. Just look at him. This is someone who is incapable of taking care of themselves, does not have the discipline to care about his health, thinks his toxic life decision is perfectly fine.

How can he get away with bitching about how the media handled him? The debate was a shit show, he made it abundantly clear that he is as stupid, unintelligent and undisciplined as he looks.

No. 273073

You're projecting, sweetie. You'd like to believe I am psychicpebbles because that would mean I care about this stupid online argument as much as you do. I am just laying out the facts, while you're making stupid points and throwing a tantrum.

At no point have I ever said that it's his career. In fact, I even said that he has a day job besides animating. He hasn't uploaded in over a year, what makes you think that youtube is his career?

As I said before, the argument was about how much animators make, and once again you refuse to acknowledge that you're completely, 100% wrong.

You're just an immature child who can't admit their own mistakes. Stop being so triggered over people you don't even know.

No. 273091

Threatening to kill a kid for DDOSing him? Leaking nudes? So Destiny is allowed to "make mistakes" but as long as he ~apologizes~ he's automatically a better person? kek. Blows my mind how many people are willing to suck Destiny's dick because he's a changed man, boys.

No. 273098

It's because this is a Jontron thread, and destiny argued with Jontron, therefore he is automatically a good guy. He could've literally killed a man and people here would still try to defend him.

No. 273110

To be fair, he has lost a lot of weight in the last year or two.
Doesn't make him any less shitty.

No. 273114

>an entire post bitching about his weight of all things

typical fucking lolcow

No. 273116

utterly spineless

No. 273118

You're right. This thread is out of control.
I know lolcow is pretty much all about gossiping and talking shit about snowflakes, but people in this thread have let the hate go to their head to the point where they disregard common sense completely and become worse than the lolcow in question. It would be nice if everybody calmed down and remembered that none of this really matters, and it's just entertainment.

No. 273122


Can y'all take this circlejerk back to youtube and twitter? I know your ""community"" loves JonTron to the point where you'd give him a rusty trombone while he whined about black people, but this is lolcow, not your safespace.

No. 273124

Destiny being a moron is what makes Jontron losing the debate so funny.

No. 273125

tf you mean? there's so much wrong with jontron/that video that banging on about his weight makes you look utterly retarded, honestly.

No. 273133

Fat people should be shamed, I see no problem with it. He's fat, if he wants to be taken more seriously he should stop making poor life choices.

Psychicpebble, are you ever going to hop off his dick?

No. 273136

1) he's in the process of losing weight and used to be much fatter, if it matters that much to you
2) hurrdurr he's fat isn't funny or really relevant to any of his other issues in any way. if you want to discuss why he sucks so bad he couldn't win a debate against destiny the man child, the fact that he actually bought into /pol/ ideals, is a racist redpiller, etc, go for it. but going on about him being fat? wow good one. considering the fact he's dropped a bunch of weight in the last year, he's obviously aware of that.

seriously, you obsessive anachans need to chill the fuck out

No. 273140

Lmao is this Destiny? Only Destiny has this obsessive roundabout childlike rhetoric that he refuses to let go of.

No. 273142

Good to know a decent thread just got shat on by an influx shit posters.

No. 273153

People accusing other people of being someone they're not is the worst part of this website.

No. 273173

This site has really gone to shit in the last few months honestly. There's a lot more infighting now than actually discussing the milk in most threads. Makes me wonder what happened that brought a lot of new farmers who would rather fight each other than enjoy the milk.

No. 273197

You know it's just a shitty meme people use here, right?

No. 273213

Any summary or transcript on this? I don't want to give him views.

No. 273226

mpa, pull, and underage users.

the video is unlisted, for the record
-jon says he was unprepared for the debate with destiny
-says a lot of what he said was misconstrued, says he sucks at debating
-says he was really speaking of the "tribalization" of the states, how everything is categorized into race/sexual orientation etc blah blah something something
-people who subscribe to this notion are hypocrites when whites try to do what's best for whites or something like that
-bangs on about this for awhile, backtracking, acknowledges black people a raw deal, etc
-says he was talking about mass immigration, he's a child of immigrant parents
-made this video against his better judgment but wanted to address it

not the best summary but I think those are the most relevant parts. like everyone said, pretty much just backtracking. then again, what else is he supposed to do.

No. 273231

You're still butthurt that not everyone wants to asslick fat people? Get over it.

>what else is he supposed to do.

apologize on twitter and shut up? he even said that it was against better judgment, lol no surprise, these types of people continuously make bad decisions. if he's shit at politics (he is) the thing to do is shut the fuck up, admit you're wrong and admit you have no idea what you're talking about. instead he doubled in.

No. 273237

lmao well if you're a racist piece of shit and "apologize" what are you apologizing for? being racist? it's not going to fly. all he can really do is basically try to damage control the hell out of everything he said and put a big bandaid on it so it doesn't seem so bad.

also cut the hate boner for fatties, it's fucking weird? no one here is trying to asslick them, but it's a tired as fuck insult.

No. 273249

File: 1489967563849.png (195.87 KB, 367x400, aARTCzf.png)


jontron… actually handled this situation pretty well.

No. 273253

>also cut the hate boner for fatties, it's fucking weird? no one here is trying to asslick them, but it's a tired as fuck insult.

how is stating that someone has poor impulse control "a tired as fuck insult"? Its a fact.

No. 273260


He lost a lot of weight already so it's pretty redundant.

No. 273261

no it isn't, because he's just as fat as the last video

>when ppl dickride cows

if you don't like this thread, you can easily hide it instead of defending him.

No. 273278

There's a big problem with his tone here.

He's taking advantage of people satirically taking what he said out of proportion to excuse the actual facts of what he said and dismiss the actual problems with what he said; mainly, the manner in which he interpreted a lot of his statistics.

It isn't an apology or 'setting the record straight' when you say something like "what's with liberals and burning everything down when they don't like a statistic"- especially when the problem is that you attribute the statistic to something inherent that demographic instead of considering that it's a combination of being much more likely to have been raised in a low income area that still has lead in the walls and being born into a cycle of violence lots of people don't care about stopping.

Overall, I used to really enjoy Jontron, but his material has been getting pretty weak and samey- plus having heard all of the things he's said, a lot of his "in jest" politically incorrect jokes from the past don't feel so silly anymore.

No. 273290

>he's just as fat as the last video

i personally can't see his last video because…it's blocked in the US. the next most recent video on his channel is 3 months old and he appears thinner than that in this unlisted video. it's hard to objectively say because angles/can't see full body but his face and shoulders appear thinner. you sound like you need therapy tbh, you're fucking obsessed with this guy's weight and it has little bearing on his current drama. in the overall scheme of things, he is far thinner than he was when he first started out.

agreed. since he first blew up, he hasn't really been the same, and I honestly don't know why he's popular anymore. he doesn't really produce content regularly. miss when he just did things like say "retarded" to trip out butthurt tumblrfags instead of go full /pol/tard and actually debate shitheads like destiny. how did this even happen.

No. 273296

You'd be surprised at how many fangirls are vehemently defending him right now after that video. It worked and ""corrected the record"" in their mind.

It's weird how e-celebs have cult-like followings, people who are capable of defending racism and stupid behaviour just because he's good at picking which regurgitated jokes to say.

In some social settings, saying what you just did would devolve into people talking shit about you behind your back, as if you're worse than Jon Tron himself. The cult-like idolization of idiots by other idiots really is something.

No. 273298

>since he first blew up

When was that? He was pretty big even before game grumps, and I think he started to spiral downwards a bit before that, but besides a dead cat bounce after he left GG his current stuff is atrocious.

>miss when he just did things like say "retarded" to trip out butthurt tumblrfags

That's neither really entertaining and I'd argue it probably wasn't intentional, I think that was just part of his vocabulary from an "earlier internet" kind of habit.

>how did this even happen.

I think having to work within a budget forced him to think and honestly a lot of his funny stuff is kind of a fluke. It's gone to his head.

No. 273302

i should clarify that it wasn't exactly entertaining but as far as being scandalous drama, it's leagues more tolerable than whatever is going on now.

i admit i got into him shortly after he left GG and since then it's really just been downhill.

No. 273334

>you sound like you need therapy tbh, you're fucking obsessed with this guy's weight and it has little bearing on his current drama.

You sound like you need therapy because you can't find the "hide" button on a thread. It's at the top. It's a simple button.

It makes sense why people would make fun of him being fat. Fat people are lazy. What he said in Destiny's debate thing was lazy. I could have argued his points better than he did and I don't even agree with him. Everything he said, it was lazy and disingenuous and very low-effort. He puts zero time and work into his body, into his politics, into his work-work (videos)… it's a valid criticism.

Even his recent "statement" video is lazy and low effort. The thing about Samantha Bee? What? She's a comedian. Only SJWs get triggered by jokes like that. It's just all lazy.

His content, his persona, his politics all appeal to the lowest denominator. Like you said, you miss when he said thngs like "retarded" - the fuck? Have you seen reddit? 4chan? Facebook? The comments section on any article? People use that language all the time, yet here you are, giving him """credit""" for using a word that the majority of the internet uses, and only SJWs are butthurt about. This guy literally spends his entire shtick trying to irritate SJWs by acting like an SJW himself. It's not really funny.

No. 273378

devoting one long post solely to harping on jobtron's weight reads like pure autism. like I already pointed out, it's irrelevant to the drama that's already pouring out of the guy. there's an entire thread in /g/ dedicated to people being annoyed that all the shitposters do is hone in on "fat" and wield it like a weapon when there's a bunch of other things to discuss (and sometimes in the absence of anything to discuss, though that's not the case here). yeah he's fat. we know. we've got eyes.

if you read my above post, I clarified what I meant about "missed." you seem to mistake me for caring about jt when I don't. I agree with you his content is shit. I said his content has been going downhill in those exact posts you cherry picked. again, you see the word "fat" in a context you disagree with and go to town, apparently. if you can reply to this thread without remarking about jt's bmi anywhere in the post I'll be impressed.

No. 273385


He and every other fat male deserves hate for the state they let themselves get in. Their appearance is always relevant.

No. 273388

take it to the haes thread or something

No. 273390

you are really taking this bait

No. 273401

So if you guys are done talking about Jontron's weight. Jon has gained 2k subs since he released that video.

No. 273402

can't say I'm surprised

No. 273416

autist, you've devoted multiple posts itt defending a literal fatass who makes unfunny jokes. get over yourself lol

No. 273417

Gullible idiots will worship other gullible idiots so kek. It's been established he's not funny, so why people are subbing is beyond me

No. 273423

there are entire cows dedicated to shitting on people because they're lazy and overweight, like dakota. why not police that thread?

No. 273431

File: 1489984201862.png (218.42 KB, 300x366, IMG_2231.PNG)

>ITT impotent rage over a fat unfunny guy making more money than them by doing literally nothing other than poking a stick in a beehive.

Jontron escapes what would be career-destroying drama unscathed. Jewtubers are truly untouchable.

No. 273434

They're ~supporting~ him. I don't get it. He makes content like once every other month? His last video was in December, not including this latest one. What's the point? He doesn't do anything anymore. I don't understand how he makes money.

No. 273435

Will we have to feel sorry for him when the youtube bubble bursts and he's forced to move back in with mommy and daddy?

If onion can escape being a pedo, jon tronny will keep on being an unfunny retard. And people (impressionable teen girls) will love them for it.

No. 273437

sure is a lot of projecting going on itt

No. 273438

He's probably living off of money he made in his hype. There are a lot of lolcows that seem to be doing this. It is funny when they get strapped for cash and start acting desperate and pimping themselves out, this whole /pol/ thing might be a part of that.

No. 273445

I can see it, trying to appeal to the alt right for views, but he's obviously sipped too much koolaid. Just make some fucking videos dude. I'd assume he has some sort of creative block, but he hasn't been consistent in so long.

No. 273455

I think he's probably scared he won't get as much positive attention anymore. Everyone who is self-employed is scared of losing their audience/clientbase, even though usually the fears are unfounded. People usually just get over it and do the work because they need money, not Jon though. It has to do with work ethic, he doesn't have any. From his wiki page it seems he grew up in a rich family/neighbourhood, so he's probably just your average spoiled SoCal kid.

No. 273481

File: 1489988386700.png (718.27 KB, 1440x2147, tmp_24728-Screenshot_2017-03-1…)

OT, but I just saw that Sam Hyde retweeted this lol.

His twitter is insane. All the /pol/ bullshit he says/RTs is crazy. He's always been into that stuff, but now he's actually going down the rabbit hole. Last time I checked he was unironically watching infowars and obsessing over pizzagate.

His denial (i.e. "twitter must be forcing people to unfollow me :(…. fucking liberals censoring white ppl……") and delusions are pretty hilarious too

I've thought about making a thread about him, but I guess there are enough edgy youtuber threads already. That and since he's irrelevant, he's really just a typical /pol/ack.

No. 273483

Is stuff like "white tears lol" tweets really all that racist? I've seen so many white people lose their minds over these small things. Like, maybe online all the circlejerking clickbait articles about how white people suck can get annoying but if you go outside no one is shitting on white people left and right. I don't see any laws discriminating based on whiteness being passed anytime soon.

I thought this was interesting: http://www.people.hbs.edu/mnorton/norton%20sommers.pdf

P.S. I'm not racist against whites, I have many white friends.

No. 273485

>Let's all drop the hyphen and refer to each other as "fellow Americans"!
>P-Please don't read too much into what I said in that debate…
Lmao. He tries. He tries so hard. The damage control.

No. 273486

no I'm white I find it funny. A lot of the stereotypes about white people are true. Stereotypes are usually true (to an extent). I find the white people parenting memes to be the funniest because it's exactly what it's like, it's not even a stereotype, but a scientific fact.

No. 273488

are you talking about sam hyde or jon tron?

either way, assuming you're talking about hyde. fuck. i know. hyde is yet another unoriginal youtube loser who only edgy teens fawn over. i think if he was a girl, he would definitely be a cow because he's physically gross and unhygienic… but because he's a guy he gets a pass. i mean half of his videos he has pit stains and sauce stains and his teeth are crusty and he has acne all over and it looks like his lips are going to crumble off of his face based on how chapped they are. fuck. and his stint with pedophilia too.

No. 273491

I think the reason it blows me away that white people get so offended over white jokes is that growing up my white friends gave me and my other non-white friends SO much shit for our skin color. I have a Native American friend and my god we REALLY went in on him one day – several straight minutes of "HEY BRO YOU LIVE IN A FUCKIN TEEPEE DUDE?" Jokes like that were normal. Seeing white people get offended over white jokes makes me think that they're just scrambling for any victim card they can find.

That being said, I do think it's super insulting when people assume white people are all coddled or had great lives or whatever just because they're white.

No. 273494

People are just looking for any excuse to be offended these days. Like the whole "social justice" shit with SJWs and anti-SJWs is just retarded.

It's an excuse to feel like unique special snowflakes. You say one thing and people go crazy and treat you like you're literally Hitler. I'm not talking about guys like Jon Tron who consistently fuck up (and then cry and act like the victim, just own it dude), I'm talking about people who use the word "retarded" once or tell someone to kill themselves, and suddenly they should be drawn and quartered.

No. 273501

I was talking about hyde. It's ironic he obsesses so much over pizzagate when it's he's dated several girls who were barely in their mid teens

And it's extremely ironic he jokes about women hitting the wall all the time when he looks like the way he does and he's only in his early 30s. I was legit nauseated by his appearance in that Emma Watson vid, literally the first time I gagged at another human being's face.

No. 273503

When I was describing him I was thinking about that video too. It left me feeling like I need to shower. It was so nasty… fuck.

He's a lolcow through and through. I didn't know about his obsession with pizzagate, why is it that people obsessed with pizzagate are always massively projecting? I know a girl obsessed with it and she's also shady af. Pizzagaters are some weird miserable people.

No. 273508

He really is. I still kinda wanna make a thread since he does have a shit ton of milk, but he's also pretty boring now.

and yeah, idk why pizzagaters are so weird. I guess alex jones' words of wisdom rub off on them or something?

No. 273512

Alex Jones is incredible. I have a 30gb folder full of this type of shit.

No. 273522

>30gb folder
please make a thread in sty and dump what you have

No. 273540

I second this, pls help ignite the fire of human liberty inside us all

No. 273558

>if you want proof i can post it
Please. Also link the MIT study if you will. I'm not trying to argue with you, it's just kind of ironically surprising to have what I've long suspected to be all but confirmed.

No. 273559

>It is suspected to be due to the fact that Facebook sold data that wasn't collected with explicit authorization to many different conservative groups which then invested it into far-right propaganda - guys like Ailes, Murdoch, Mercer. It is no shock that the same data analytics company that worked on Brexit propaganda was involved in the US 2016 election and is involved all over Europe (NL, France). Really makes you think.
Come again?

No. 273741

It's really nothing special. You'll get pretty much the same from watching Alex Jones compilations on youtube. I just saved some shit that I liked in case one day he goes fully insane and tries to get rid of all the memes.

Vid related.

No. 274021

I'm not these anons but:


Relevant research:

I can't find his blog post where he talks about the targeted ads because I got it from a psych professor who is his friend.

Under "importing political polarization"

No. 275902

This just in:

Jon's voice acting contribution dropped from Yooka Laylee over his comments.

Not exactly milk but he was super excited about that game.

No. 276020

No. 276120

lmao I wish he'd learn from all this and rethink his shitty beliefs, but since he's a /pol/ack, he'll probably just blame the media for "silencing white people" or something

No. 276127

this game looks so pretty, nostalgic, and fun thank you for mentioning this. been out of the gaming loop for a while ever since i became busy. he must be pissed that his voice was taken out of a game like this especially since it resembles banjo kazooie and we all know he had a boner for that game

No. 276198


I wonder if stuff like this and what went down with pewdiepie is going to make youtubers actually think about themselves critically. Make all the controversial statements that you want, but youtubers aren't necessarily "big enough" to weather the storm from the fallout.

No. 276319


Lol I'm looking forward to the game tanking.

No. 276361


He wasn't pissed. He posted that he understood and wished them the best. The dude is pretty mature about it tbh. The people calling for him to be removed on Neofag, however…are a bunch of babies.

No. 276362

Stay mad

No. 276393

Jon did handle it well. People just want a reaction. it's annoying

No. 276426

Do you genuinely think Jon was the only star with a voice cameo or that alt right outrage when he's explicitly said he understands why they're dropped him is going to sink a high profile game?

The people who are upset about this are more lulzy than Jon.

No. 276491


>High profile


And yes, I do. People- and not just the EBIL ALT-RIGHT- are tired of industry virtue signalling. Especially when the EBIL RACIST the company got rid of handles their termination with grace. And of course SJW aren't going to be there to pick up the slack, because that would require actually doing something and spending money.

People who think that consumers hosing not to spend their money on a product are "lulz" are idiots.

No. 276499


I'm sick of personalities, YT or otherwise, who think they're untouchable and don't need to keep professional.
If I said a FRACTION of the racist shit that jon has said at my job? Psh, I'd be fired too. Or at least disciplined.
Him and pewdiepie need to grow the fuck up and realize there are consequences to saying things that might piss a chunk of people off. Employers aren't gonna fuck with that.

No. 276526

To all the idiots tripping balls over Jon getting dropped from yooka Laylee or whatever the fuck: this is why you don't back video games on kickstarter.

That said, I can see 2 sides to it. People now see it as buying a political stance instead of a game. On the other hand, if you mouthed off on Facebook in a similar manner and your employer caught wind of it, you'd probably get disciplined, so.

(Also, I don't think pewds and Jon's situations are similar, honestly. Jon has some legitimately questionable views and pewds was actually joking.)

No. 276556

Some insight on how neogaf and some of the devs handled the whole ordeal.

No. 276573

kek seems like you're the real cow here.

No. 276594

Absolutely this.

No. 276601

No. 276608

I didn't mention the alt-right, nor did I call Jon an evil racist. What's your deal?

The idea is that Jon wasn't an employee, he wasn't "Terminated". This was voluntary cameo and it was well within the company's rights to not use it for any number of reasons. I'm not going to call it apolitical but it's their product that they've invested a lot of work into it, so if they feel like including the minor contribution they offered as an opportunity to someone is a bad call, due to that individual (who isn't really qualified or prepared to entertain debates on sensitive political topics) saying something quite inflammatory- that's their prerogative.

It isn't "virtue signalling", they disagree with Jon on something and don't want to be conflated with him.

>handles their termination with grace

Do you think they meant to antagonize him? Absolutely not, it was about as professionally as you can cut out a couple lines of dialogue from a game over something this sensitive.

>People who think that consumers hosing not to spend their money on a product are "lulz" are idiots.

The lulz comes from this grand crusade to boycott a game most of /v/ and /pol/ weren't going to buy anyways over a relatively minor event.

I mean think about it, Jon isn't mad, Jon PROBABLY still wants this game to be a success- he enjoys the genre and if this game is a hit there will be more like it. Why don't you go ask him if he wants his fans to dump it or not?

No. 276611

I disagree about Pewdiepie. While sure, there should be consequences, he has acknowleged that he went too far and apologized for the joke. The whole argument was not about whether or not what he said was ok, like some mainstream media will have you believe, but rather about the fact that they cut and manipulated different parts from his videos to portray him in a negative light.

The difference between Pewdiepie and JonTron is that Pewdiepie apologized and accepted the consequences, while Jon is off the fucking rails.

No. 276620

Yeah, my thoughts exactly

No. 276661

I've watched a couple of Jon's videos, and I thought they were super funny. And I thought it was good he was anti SJW or whatever. But now i think he's gone too far, so I wouldn't be in the mood for the rest of the videos. Like a lot of people have said, he needs to apologize. Also youtubers need to stay out of politics.

I also think it was fine for Yooka Laylee to drop someone controversial from the game.

No. 276668

Honestly just don't bother trying to explain to people like that. They care more than Jon Tron and his sponsors do, combined.

They're antiSJWs, they'll throw a ragefit no matter what

No. 276771

Pewdiepie comes across as a pretty unfunny edgy comedian, but who doesn't actually believe anything racist. He seemed genuinely unaware and concerned by /pol/ appropriating him.

Jontron on the other hand has revealed himself to not only be anti-SJW/PC but an actual white nationalist. And like many WNs, he isn't too great at supporting his stances.

Ironic that the genuinely funny person (Jontron) turns out to be the racist and the unfunny edgelord is just a normal dude.

No. 276772

>how is stating that someone has poor impulse control "a tired as fuck insult"? Its a fact.

Because his being fat is irrelevant to any arguments about whether he is or isn't a racist.

No. 276777

I can't wait to see how far he will actually go until he stops this holy shit

This is the best comedy he's produced in his entire life and he doesn't even have to try.

No. 276813


>I didn't mention the alt-right

From >>276426

>alt right outrage

What's your deal?

>and it was well within the company's rights to not use it for any number of reasons

And it's well within everyone's right to not buy the game, or ask for refunds if they've per-ordered it in response. Which is what's happening.

>It isn't "virtue signalling", they disagree with Jon on something and don't want to be conflated with him

Announcing that you're removing someone from your game because you disagree with their political stance is pretty much the definition of virtue signalling.

>Do you think they meant to antagonize him?

Are you going to pretend that SJW weren't hoping he'd rage and whine about being persecuted so they could triumphantly shout "AHA" and repost 7 year old seven year old memes about "White male tears"?

>The lulz comes from this grand crusade to boycott a game most of /v/ and /pol/ weren't going to buy anyways over a relatively minor event.

Where is this grand crusade?

>Jon PROBABLY still wants this game to be a success

I very much doubt that. Even if he does, so what?

No. 276817


Being fat has very little to do with any arguments about any of the cows on here, and it's only in the thread about a man that you take issue with it.

How about instead of worrying about "racism" you worry about your own internalized sexism and double standards?

No. 276828

He posted this in irony, right?


No. 276831

the comments from his fans and angry racists trying to get refunds is hysterical. hope playtonic sticks to their guns. this was a good move for them

the game won't tank just because of jontron drama especially since jontron at the very least isn't shittalking the game or telling people not to buy it bc MUH CENSORSHIP

No. 276835

He's such a fat fuck. I wish fatpeoplehate was still a thing so I can see him get roasted

No. 276857

kek same. i wonder how well they'd roast him. he just compared himself to JAMES FUCKING DEEN on twitter

No. 276988

Fph and jt coincided for a long time and I don't think anyone ever posted him, or if they did it was to choruses of "aw no I love him". Dude used to be funny and lovable (used to be is the operative phrase) so people didn't mind his sweaty chub.

On the topic of removing his contribution from a shitty Kickstarter indie game, I think it was a mistake purely for the fact that people contributed just FOR jt. Of course they're at no liberty to issue refunds at this point, but I can see chargebacks happening in which case the devs are gonna be crying. Jt himself was a huge contributor to the game but at least he didn't chimp about that and just accepted his fate.

No. 277133

Not everyone is a huge sell out who only cares about $$$ though, some people have principles and would rather create a game with people they get along with and can stand by, then create something that will be hyped up and net them big bucks.

As for him being funny and lovable at one point, that's what happens when you try so hard to be unique.

No. 277338

I don't really see how Jon is snow material. He's basically right of center and doesn't support mass migration.
He seems like a normal dude. I don't think you have to buy into the PC cult and be a complete PR cuck to be an "e-celeb". Doesn't Arin get shit on for being so spineless in the face of PC cultists?

No. 277344

File: 1490486215011.png (202.04 KB, 579x694, 2ead5a875de8f2e4b27e69310576a4…)

>the comments from his fans and angry racists trying to get refunds is hysterical. hope playtonic sticks to their guns. this was a good move for them

This whole kickstarter situation seems awfully familiar. They could have done literally nothing and no one would even given it a second thought, now they used this whole situation as an excuse to virtue signal, and alienate a bunch of fans in the process.
>good move for them
"sticking it to raysits and holding their money for ransom" it's really a smart business decision. If they value looking like virtuous white knights online more than the success of their game then I guess it's a "good" decision.

No. 277463

If they had done nothing people would have said that they are supporting his views. It's not a "virtue signal" it's business.

The other members of normalboots, other than PBG, who had said nothing about what Jon has said had to make statements on their views to get people off their backs. It would have come back on Playtonic since Jon doesn't seem to want to stop sticking his head up his own ass.

No. 277476

Who are you to presume that keeping Jonton in wouldn't have caused their product sales issues further down the line? It's not virtue signaling to dismiss people who say racist shit. It's called protecting the brand.
Tons of companies have done this.

No. 277477

If the game had not been backed by Kickstarter donations then I think pulling Jon's work would've been an ok decision on their end and 100% their prerogative. However, people backed the game with certain expectations and now they're revoking them without giving the backers an out. Of course, that's how KS works and why backing video games on KS is a bad fucking idea and why you should never do it. either way, the fact is that people DID contribute just because Jon was on the game, because people actually care about him that much for whatever reason, and obviously the devs liked his work and thought he was a big enough draw to feature him in the game.

No. 277507

Please, mighty no 9 was the worst piece of garbage to date and a huge insult to any Megaman fan.

No. 277508

It's just trendy to hate on Jon. i dunno. I agree with his thoughts on being anti-mass immigration, especially in light of the constant terrorist attacks in Europe and the increase in rape in Sweden…

No. 277536

>If they had done nothing people would have said that they are supporting his views. It's not a "virtue signal" it's business.
That's just setting a really bad precedent. If you think it's ok to snub a backer with a voice role for their political views, why not refund all of the racists their money, too? You can't really say the devs were in the right to snub Jon over politics but also say they're in the right for refusing to refund people over politics. Just admit you have a bias and stop pretending to be fair.
>It would have come back on Playtonic
Then let's just surrender ultimate power to the SJW lynch mob. Whoever is subject to a neogaf email spam is beholden to their demands, sorry.
>Jon doesn't seem to want to stop sticking his head up his own ass.
And countless celebrities and e-celebrities are parroting lefty talking points with no repercussions. Why should you care if an e-celeb talks politics, just like everyone else and their mother is doing? Oh, it's because he's not towing the line. You don't have a problem with political discussion, you just have a problem with what you see as "bad" political discussion.

No. 277538

Not comparing the actual end product, just how the "community management" is handling things.
"We don't want racists involved in our game!"
"Racists want their money back? Blocked."
Integrity is unknown to these people.

No. 277604


>If they had done nothing people would have said that they are supporting his views

No one would have said this. If anyone had, it would have been a few dumb tumblerites, and since SJW are useless anyways it wouldn't have done shit.

No. 277640


Oh yes, the SJW's are "useless and can't do shit" but SJW's are single-handedly destroying everything.

No. 277643

There is no proof of increased rapes in Sweden, it's just a common lie used by racists and the far-right to prove their point

No. 277658

I find it funny how people itt think that companies shouldn't be allowed to make their own decisions.

They didn't want JonTron. For whatever reason. Well within their right to do so. And no, they don't have to give his supporters their money back, they were funding the game, not JT himself. That's how kickstarters work.

JonTron should stop doubling down on stupid shit. The "skeptic" community is a bunch of self fellating dumbasses who get destroyed on a daily basis. It's very bad PR to keep pandering to these people if you want to make it in the mainstream since functioning adults aren't interested in this stuff.

No. 277664

>people backed the game with certain expectations

Like what? A minuscule Jontron cameo? Pretty sure people backed the game because it's a Banjo and Kazooie clone

No. 277675

>I find it funny how people itt think that companies shouldn't be allowed to make their own decisions.

They can do whatever they like, but they shouldn't hold people's money for ransom and taunt those asking for refunds. If they are allowed to drop supporters over politics, their supporters should be allowed to drop them over politics.

>JonTron should stop doubling down on stupid shit

So left leaning e-celebs are free to spew all the politics they'd like and not get any pushback? The Y-L developers can be political but JonTron can't? Your leftie is showing.
>The "skeptic" community is a bunch of self fellating dumbasses who get destroyed on a daily basis.
Only reasonable thing you've said.
>It's very bad PR to keep pandering to these people
So it's bad PR to pander to people right of center but it's good PR to pander to people as far left as you like?

There seems to be an extreme double standard here. E-celebs and gamedevs can say leftie shit like "refugees welcome" and "diversity is a strength" 'till the cows come home and no one would ever accuse them of being too "political", but if anyone says "maybe we shouldn't have mass migration and maybe diversity is harming our society" people flip their shit and accuse them of being too political.

No. 277678

You're kind of right but also wrong. This video shows an actual police officer of Sweden talking how the sexual assaults have risen with police report proof etc. So the police are aware there is a problem occuring, but they don't treat it like an epidemic like the far-right do.

No. 277679

>There is no proof of increased rapes in Sweden
I'm sorry but you're just absolutely wrong.

No. 277680

Considering how some people are going apeshit for refunds…yeah, apparently. I think those are a vocal minority though. The vast majority (including JT himself) backed it because it's a Banjo Kazooie clone like you said.

No. 277682

You're crazy if you think Jon Tron and the alt right is right of centre. His alt right beliefs are further right than the political norm for the US, which is already very right relative to other countries. Even in this thread people posted massive studies that prove you wrong.

So yeah, it is very bad PR to be retweeting Richard Spencer's friends. It's bad PR to associate with Armoured Skeptic and shoe0nhead, who are just retarded anti-SJWs. When you're in the public eye, you shouldn't associate yourself with retards. Notice how no one successful associates with Zoe Quinn or Brianna Wu, people watch from afar and mock them. Allison whatever her last name got fired from Nintendo for SJW shit. Left or right, if you spout shit that makes the moderate majority uncomfortable, you're done.

If you want any level of a professional career, you're basically required to remain centrist and moderate. Extremism - regardless of what you label it as - gets you fired. It's time to grow up and realize that adults don't want to work around assholes.

I know, expecting people to act like professionals, it's really unfair! /s

No. 277685

It's risen because of a Swedish law passed in 2015 that broadened the definition of "rape" so more rapes are being reported.

No. 277686

Let's just assume that what you said was true (it's absolutely not, btw), should Sweden and all of Europe still be obligated to take in millions of foreigners? It's gotten to the point that in most Western European nations their capital cities have become majority non-native, and if you look at the amountt of children being born to migrants, within a few generations the native Europeans will become minorities.
Why should the Europeans have to accept that? Why should they become Arab nations? It's not right to do this to them, and it's especially horrible to beat them down with "racist, nazi" when they protest.
Everyone would agree that if we imported so many somalians into Japan until the native Japanese were a small minority, it would be a tragedy. Why are we subjecting Europeans to this treatment? Why are people so quick to shout them down when they see what is happening and don't want it?
At this point Europeans shouldn't have to call foreigners "rapists" to get people to listen to them when they say they don't want anymore. It should be about keeping their historical populations intact.

No. 277687

who cares? meh, celebs should stay out of politics. if they can get away with it, good for them, but clearly this has bit Jon in the ass. it's not fair, blah blah blah

No. 277690

>You're crazy if you think Jon Tron and the alt right is right of centre
If you think that wanting to stop mass migration is an "extreme right" position then you're clearly a millennial who knows absolutely nothing other than the recent stint of globalism that all Western nations have been nose-diving into.
>political norm for the US
And? Doesn't make them wrong. In fact the way that the US has been in decline so rapidly should tell you that the norm isn't working for most people.
>studies that prove you wrong.
What is there to prove wrong? What have I said other than JonTron's opinions are reasonable and the Y-K backers should be allowed refunds.

>centrist and moderate

It is pretty centrist and moderate to want to stop mass migration, most Americans agree with it.

JonTron can do whatever the fuck he wants to. His opinions aren't even that "extreme". JonTron is a youtube personality and doesn't really have any obligations to act "professionally" (and your definition of professional is shutting up and towing the line). I'd say that just your opinion.

No. 277691

meant to quote

No. 277693

Yes, and why is that a bad thing?
Also it links to 80% of the men not having a social security number, which points to refugees.

No. 277694

It's not a bias, they are a company that's starting up granted they are mostly ex Rare people, but they don't want this sort of thing on them right out of the gate. It's just a bad place for them to be right now, but that's the side they chose. As a business it's well within their right to remove content as they see fit.

And so what if it was a political decision and not business, only alt right can voice their beliefs? It's not like the left doesn't get shit on left and right thanks to SJW extremism. No one likes extremists of either side. And he is towing a line, if you're going to talk politics and race issues, know what you're talking about. Jon is just some idiot parroting what he's heard. He's shown someone "proof" for his point and showed that he's only capable of reading the title of an article. He's not talking politics as much as he's talking out of his ass.

No. 277698

>who cares? meh
You see, you don't quite get it. There's a good reason that people are so stirred up over the immigration and diversity topic. If you had any sense at, all you'd realize that passively letting these policies happen leads to the permanent and irreparable changing of your country. And not many people would agree it would be for the best.
If you know that "diversity" means that within a few generations your great grandchildren will be minorities in their historic homelands, when people brow beat you over being a "racist" you get pretty fucking pissed off.

Unlike you, there are people who don't just say "meh" when faced with the death of /their/ nation. JonTron isn't even calling to violence or an uprising, he isn't even joining any groups that would be in his interests, he's just a normal guy who realized that mass migration will change the country he grew up in and he has voiced his opinion on the matter. If you think that's extreme you're getting concern-trolled.

>celebs should stay out of politics.

That's your opinion. Almost every celebrity I know has chimed in regarding politics, and yet they still have careers.
>clearly this has bit jon in the ass
I don't think it has as much as people say it has, and if anything is to blame it's all of the clickbait articles and SJWs being vocal minorities, as per usual.

No. 277700

sorry it was 2005. here is an article. http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-19592372

its not a bad thing and not only refugees fail to have social security numbers… before the refugee crisis the #1 immigration problem was from eastern european migrants, from former soviet satellite states, and north african migrants.

it's a bad thing because people misconstrue facts to suit their own narrative. like russia recently passed a new law on the decriminalization of domestic abuse, and people (usually stupid americans) shout about how it means theyre suddenly legalizing domestic abuse… false. americans cry about how the domestic abuse numbers have gone up… false. all that happened was that they made it decriminalized so that reporting would be easier & punishment would be easier to give… and lo and behold, because it is much easier to report and prosecute now, more people are actually reporting DV, the actual numbers haven't gone up.

in 2014, there was around 6000 rapes in sweden, in 2015 that number went down by a couple hundred, in 2015 it went back up to 6000. its almost like these things fluctuate. it has stayed around the 6k mark for TEN YEARS. a decade. and in 2006 was the first time it saw an increase, due to the law cited passed in 2005.

even with all your fearmongering, it seems as though the actual numbers have not changed in a decade. i wonder why. there was no syrian revolution a decade ago?

it's almost as if maybe syrian refugees are just a scapegoat, and the 80% of men raping without a social security number (citation needed) are north african economic migrants and illegal immigrants from poorer eastern european countries like belarus? lol? how convenient!

No. 277701

>Sweden passes a law that broadens definition of rape
>Invites majority fighting ages males in from nations with 0 women's rights with high rape rates whose religion tells them that all non-muslim females are whores who deserve rape for not being covered up

>well the increase in rape must just only be related to changing the definition.

It's both, but denying that the immigrants rape less is just insulting, who do you think you're fooling? Especially with what happened in Cologne, and Rotheram, you're telling me that these Muslim men aren't the ones doing the raping?

No. 277702

Recent migrants and refugees are pretty much interchangeable. There isn't much difference between Sweden's normal 3rd world migrant and your recent "refugee". There's hardly any women and children in either lot. The "refugees" just have a better excuse.

Regardless, Sweden is not obligated to take these people in, and even if none of the Arab/African men were raping, too many are coming in and they have too many babies. Swedes should be allowed to say they want no migrants since if this continues, Swedes will be a minority very soon.

No. 277703

they changed the law in 2005 and the numbers went up in 2006. in 2005 syria was still a prosperous country, no migration was coming from syria. it's almost like you use syrian migration as a scapegoat to try and fulfill someone else's agenda - erdogan, putin, assad, le pen? where were you 5-10 years ago crying about the africans coming into europe en masse, who have actually been proven to cause crime? no where.

but suddenly it is politically expedient for you to blame Syrian refugees, you do it. nevermind the fact that the UK had many rape scandals that had NOTHING to do with refugees, only economic migrants from pakistan, north africa, etc. no one cared then. specifically Rotherham, which again, was not Syrian refugees, but Pakistanians nearly a decade ago.

How many Syrians have committed terrorist attacks or rape and sweden, provide me a statistic.

it's almost like all brown people are not the same!

No. 277705

>"sticking it to raysits and holding their money for ransom" it's really a smart business decision. If they value looking like virtuous white knights online more than the success of their game then I guess it's a "good" decision.

It's not a horrible decision if interest in their game is far larger than people who stupidly invested money JUST because of Jontron's small role in the game or people who get turned off by any political bias in a company. Perhaps they even garnered more interest from this as well.

Considering the positive effects of multiculturalism and multilingualism on cognition and higher brain functionality, steadfast rejection of diversity isn't a great solution either. Why cripple the potential advancements and progress a society can make because the kids aren't shiny white anymore?

No. 277706


>Unlike you, there are people who don't just say "meh" when faced with the death of /their/ nation

>If you had any sense at, all you'd realize that passively letting these policies happen leads to the permanent and irreparable changing of your country

Yeah guys listen to this, it's what the Native Americans should have thought of with all those European immigrants clearly. But now there's got to be a protection of the white majority in American, because it's oh so threatened and they're oh so scared. Come off it. America as a country is not just now seeing mass immigration, and it's not a terrible thing if you don't buy the media scare mongering. What culture are we protecting…? The one written buy those who immigrated to this country to get away from the rule in Europe who climbed on the backs of those who were actually native? Native Americans didn't get to scream about their grandchildren being minorities and their way of life being destroyed. But it doesn't matter because clearly the alt right knows what's up. Gotta protect the precious white bloodlines. The country has changed countless times, the only ones making a fuss are the ones that'd rather have a racist america that belongs to the white majority again.

No. 277707

Okay, I think you're stuck on semantics. "Refugees" aren't Syrian families like the media and government pretends they are. "Refugees" are a grab bag of young male from the third world pouring in to Europe looking for benefits. Most people claiming to be refugees aren't even Syrian.
>where were you 5-10 years ago crying about the africans coming into europe en masse, who have actually been proven to cause crime? no where.
Oh, I've been against this shit long before the "crisis" of 2015.
>it's almost like all brown people are not the same!
But no brown people deserve to live freely in Europe. I don't care if there are a million starving Syrians, none of them deserve to come into my nation and live off of my money and change the demographics so badly my children's children will soon be minorities.

No. 277708

Wow, you're an idiot. Refugees apply for refugee status. They don't have money to come in like North African, Paki migrants do on a visa. Nor are they illegal immigrants like the people from Ukraine/Belarus.

Half of the load of Syrian refugees were children, and the remaining half split evenly between women and men. it's almost like children and their mothers need men to accompany them and work.

>There isn't much difference between Sweden's normal 3rd world migrant and your recent "refugee"

Citation needed? Syrian refugees are escaping a genocide - a genocide partially caused by YOUR people, "normal 3rd world migrants" are people that had enough money to come in on a visa, or illegally immigrate, they aren't escaping anything, they are just coming in to make money.

>none of the Arab/African men

Syrians are not Arabs or Africans. Again, brown people (if you could even call Syrian nationals "brown") are not all the same. I bet you think Indians are Arabs too, lol.

>Swedes should be allowed to say they want no migrants since if this continues, Swedes will be a minority very soon.

Swedes already had a say - they live in a democracy, it's almost like they don't want amerifats like Jon Tron speaking for them.

If Swedish people want to remain a majority, they should have children. It's that simple.

No. 277711

>Okay, I think you're stuck on semantics.

It is not semantics, it is important distinction to anyone who is not a racist.

>media and government pretends they are.

I'm not a batshit crazy conspiracy theorist, so yeah I believe the Swedish government and journalists over random anons from /pol/ and Putin's state sponsored media.

>"Refugees" are a grab bag of young male from the third world pouring in to Europe looking for benefits. Most people claiming to be refugees aren't even Syrian.

[citation needed]

Where did you get this statement from? My own country took over 20k Syrian refugees, and 13k were children and the rest family. The government-sponsored refugees are vetted much more closely than "privately" sponsored ones.

>But no brown people deserve to live freely in Europe. I don't care if there are a million starving Syrians, none of them deserve to come into my nation and live off of my money and change the demographics so badly my children's children will soon be minorities.

Which country are you from? You don't sound like a swedish person with how little you know about sweden, you sound like a racist American who spends too much time on /pol/. Destroy a country so you can take its riches for yourself, and then let the people die out because fuck them, right? Colonialism never died.

No. 277712

>Considering the positive effects of multiculturalism and multilingualism on cognition and higher brain functionality,
What the absolute fuck are you talking about? Recent immigration has been lowering the average IQ of every western nation. The only nations getting an IQ boost from immigration are Saudi Arabia and some other Gulf states.
>steadfast rejection of diversity isn't a great solution either.
And why not? We have lived without forced and massive amount of diversity through all of our history up until only very recently.
>Why cripple the potential advancements and progress a society can make because the kids aren't shiny white anymore?
Because 3rd world children cannot produce western societies, for one, and secondly why should white nations be forced to change? Why is it Europe must no longer be white to suit your utopian ideas of "diversity"? Do you think that the Japanese would protest if the same policies were going on there? What if the majority of children being born in Japan were now North Africans? Would the Japanese have the right to resist or would that be too racist?

Diversity is a failed idea every single time it has been tried. You cannot name a single place in history where forcing Africans to live among Europeans have ended in some sort of rainbow utopia. No, it always ends in war, conflict, and subjugation. You can try again but there will be war in Europe when they lose their majority status.

No. 277715

The funniest thing is that this "alt-right" (and regular right and left, but to a lesser extent) will sponsor terrorism in countries like Syria, wait for them to be destroyed, and then rape the country for everything it is worth to enrich themselves and their own leaders.

They destroy the country absolutely so that it is nothing but rubble, leave millions of people literally homeless in some sort of post-apocalyptic war zone with no safe food or drinking water, in negative degree weather, and fuck those people, right? Americans are better than those people, much more deserving of having a roof over their head and food. /s

No. 277717

>Recent immigration has been lowering the average IQ of every western nation.
[citation needed]

>The only nations getting an IQ boost from immigration are Saudi Arabia and some other Gulf states.

Funny how you support the real terrorist regimes, the ones who stone random liberal poets and women who act out. Actually, it's not funny. It falls in line with your alt-right belikefs.

>Do you think that the Japanese would protest if the same policies were going on there? What if the majority of children being born in Japan were now North Africans? Would the Japanese have the right to resist or would that be too racist?

Do you think Japanese children are happy, being born into a country with an eternal recession, forced to grow up and work 80 hours a week, forced to grow up in an economy where they can't have kids or families because people REEEE at even South Korean immigrants? I'm sure Japanese children are fucking ecstatic, they live in a country with the second highest suicide rate, after all. Nothing says happiness like hanging yourself at work because your entire life consists of being a corporate monkey from 6 am to 8 pm so that you can afford your grossly overpriced consumer goods. Definitely not a failed state! Perfect utopia!

No. 277718

You know I just love it when diversity advocates bring up Native Americans.
Because I agree. I agree that the Native Americans were treated horribly, and it was their right to claim their land. In the same way I think white Americans shouldn't quietly accept their fate. Sorry, just because there was an historical tragedy against the natives doesn't mean I'm going to accept 3rd world immigrants taking over the U.S. If you gave half a shit about the natives like you pretend you do, you wouldn't let other peoples come to take their land, either.
>America as a country is not just now seeing mass immigration,
There is a world of difference between European migrants coming in to settle new land and 3rd worlders coming into an already developed nation ready to sponge off of the generous welfare state.
>the only ones making a fuss are the ones that'd rather have a racist america that belongs to the white majority again.
"You're not allowed to have your own country because that would be racist". People are tired of playing your morality games.

No. 277723

>If Swedish people want to remain a majority, they should have children. It's that simple.
No, fuck you. Why should the government allow millions of people into their nation who have an extremely large birth rate on top of that? Then you tell the Swedes to just "have more kids"? That's just disgusting. You are forcing the Swedes to compete against these people when they shouldn't even have to in the first place, and if they do have that many children their resources will be stretched to breaking point.

No. 277724

okay, okay. you've proven to be nothing more than a /pol/ shill. multiple people have asked you for citations for your claims and you ignore them because you get all your talking points fed to you.

i bet you are so brainwashed that you think Ukraine belongs to Russia. i guess that is "different" because it is white people invading other white people, LOL.

No. 277731

File: 1490548708945.jpg (95.87 KB, 960x540, 12161151-world-map-iq-drop-due…)

Here ya go, anon.
>Funny how you support the real terrorist regimes,
I don't support Saudia Arabia in any single way, now you're just making shit up.

So Japanese people would finally be happy when their island nation becomes majority populated by Africans? Ok, maybe you should go ask a Japanese person and see if they agree. Maybe even do a poll. But why bother? You know what the results will be. Despite what you think is best for the Japanese (and becoming minorities is obviously the best thing to do!) they have a right to their nation and they have a right to fight back regardless of all of the bullshit you say would improve if their genetic line went to oblivion.
White Americans never got the right to vote on the 1965 act that changed the demographics of their nation against their favor, do you think if congress was told that in 70 years after the hart-cellar act that white Americans would become a minority they would sign it? No, I don't think so. You do not have the right to tell a nation of people that they must become minorities for your ideal of "progress", and when they have been tricked into doing so, you have no moral standing to say that they are wrong.

You will definitely see a rise in identity politics in America and Western Europe very soon, and it was all completely predictable but you refuse to take people's concerns about their own future seriously.

No. 277733

>okay, okay. you've proven to be nothing more than a /pol/ shill
>White people and Japanese people should become minorities in their own nations because of progress
>if you don't agree with that you're a shill.

No, not everyone agrees that they need to die out to make the world better.
>i bet you are so brainwashed that you think Ukraine belongs to Russia
Nope. But you also accused me of supporting terrorist states just because you thought it up.

No. 277734

Can you prove to me that replacing the population of Japan and Europe with North Africans will make them better countries?

No. 277735

>If Japan doesn't take in any immigrants they're all gonna kill themselves!
And you accuse the right of fear mongering.

No. 277736

>"You're not allowed to have your own country because that would be racist"

lmao this is where I check out because this /pol/ shit is so stale. It's not your country, it belonged to the Native Americans and European immigrants did what you try to claim is happening now. Cry more while you slowly stop being the majority and the brown people start moving in next door.

No. 277738



Anyway, it's pretty well documented that poverty can lower IQ and that IQ can change due to various factors over the course of a person's life. I would hazard the guess that most immigrants are not in the best mentally healthy conditions to do as well on an IQ test. That being said, the map you posted in >>277731 looks like it's based off of PISA scores which isn't an IQ test. Also doesn't correlate immigration at all, so maybe Western countries are just getting stupider overall.

>We have lived without forced and massive amount of diversity through all of our history up until only very recently

Even just the acceptance of Irish and Italian immigrants into "white society" is an example of the integration of diversity in society.

I'm not really sure how you can say that diversity has failed every single time when Western countries are all still incredibly prosperous and desired places to live despite all of the diversity that has been introduced and has grown. The fact that the US didn't immediately explode after the last big wave in Asian immigration pretty much proves that Western societies do fine under 3rd world children.

>Why should white nations be forced to change

It's not like other Arab countries are overburdened with refugees either. Nor is it like white nations never expected anyone else's nations to change for them, huh.

No. 277742

I think the native Americans were kinda racist because they didn't want to accept european cultrual enrichment tbh
I mean think of all of the economic benefits white people did for the native americans how can they be so racist and want to keep them out

No. 277744

>Poverty correlates to low IQ
>Most migrants are impoverished
>IQ is dropping in western nations
All things you said. You could literally connect the dots in your own post.

>muh italains and irish

They were always considered white. Just because they weren't popular doesn't mean they weren't considered white. It was mostly the fact that they were catholic and the Americans feared they had more allegiance to the church than America (which was considerably secular). And I'd say there is a world of a difference between an Irishman (who is Anglo-Saxon, just like the founding British immigrants) and Sub Saharan Africans, who were so evolutionary far behind Europeans they never invented the wheel or a written language.

>It's not like other Arab countries are overburdened with refugees either. Nor is it like white nations never expected anyone else's nations to change for them, huh.

It's almost like you dodged my question and ended with a non sequitur. So please, just tell me, why does Europe have to become majority non-white? What is the moral reasoning behind it, and why are they not permitted to dissent?

No. 277745

Those lazy savages were too busy dying of disease en masse. Having their way of life destroyed and written over in favor of the culture of the white immigrants was a blessing. Ugh no one takes white people seriously, clearly they know the way to better everything.

No. 277749

I know right. When will the native Americans learn that race doesn't matter and that we are all one race the human race and we are all interchangeable economic units with no vested interest in our culture and heritige at all. Those natives were blessed with vibrant european culture and cuisine and they only hated the europeans because they were racists.
I mean if they really didn't want to become minorities they should have just had more babies.
And if they're so worried about their culture being preserved then they should just let white people adopt it. I mean since their lineage and race doesn't matter a white person in a headdress dancing around a campfire is as good as any native who would do it. Get over yourselves, racist natives. White people do the jobs they don't want to do.

No. 277754

White Europeans never gave anyone else the chance to be left alone in their native lands. I'm sorry that you're getting a taste of that medicine now.

No. 277755

wtf is even this map? you won't post actual study links because you know you're lying. propaganda.

No. 277757

I love how the progressive argument for diversity goes from
>it's good for you!
>Oh yeah well you deserve it as punishment!

I'm sure that the Europeans of the future will gladly lay down and accept being taken over because they're just so sorry that their ancestors hurt other people hundreds of years ago.

No. 277762

Who said it's about progressiveness? It's about reaping what you sow.

>ignore Ukrainian invasion, ignore their cries for help, let Russia literally rape and pillage a sovereign country

>cry when Ukrainians move to your Western European countries illegally to escape literal murder
>fund Syrian terrorism, fund the revolution, then withdraw once Assad starts committing acts of genocide and Russia starts bombing the shit out of innocent people
>cry when Syrians move to your Western European countries legally to escape literal murder
>repeat with Romania, Belarus, Kosovo, Libya, Egypt, Iran, etc.
>keep citing Russian propaganda anyway because you're too stupid to realize you've been scammed

it's almost as if you reap what you sow.

No. 277763

You can look up "Western IQ dropping" and find multiple sources on multiple websites, not just the one on the bottom right, none will tell you that is it due to mass immigration and white demographic decline, though. But if you compare white IQ to non-white immigrant IQ it paints a clear picture as to what is happening.

Here's one I found with a 5 second google search.

No. 277766

So why is it necessarily solely because of immigration when the arguments presented in your own source cite things like the strong correlation between intelligent women having less children, and increasing public health standards resulting in lower mortality rates / selective pressures?

No. 277769

ok jon genepool tron, let's back up for a minute. everything you say is bullshit because chinese and slavs have a higher IQ than you ameripigs, and chinese people are definitely NOT considered white.

No. 277771

So basically you're saying white people can't defend themselves because many centuries ago their ancestors were meanies. Ok, good luck trying to convince them that your ideas are great. I'm sure the Japanese would just lie down and let themselves get invaded by China, Korea, and the Philippines because they deserve it for past atrocities. Oh wait, they won't. And you probably wouldn't call them racist if they didn't want it, either.

>all of that shit you just said

None of that I agree with and you can thank neocons and neoliberals for war mongering and "nation building".

So because of corrupt politicians meddling in foreign affairs and historical events from hundreds of years ago white people as a whole need to be minorities in their own ancestral homelands? ok.

No. 277773

It is a multitude of reasons but inviting millions of immigrants from 3rd world nations with room temperature IQs who have a birth rate 5x that of native women obviously has something to do with it.
You were denying that there was a change in the first place so I googled it for you. There are other articles claiming that IQ is dropping because of immigration but I assumed you wouldn't accept them because you only accept one kind of propaganda.

No. 277774

>I'm sure the Japanese would just lie down and let themselves get invaded by China, Korea, and the Philippines because they deserve it for past atrocities

They won't have to, in hundred years their population won't even exist LOL!

>None of that I agree with and you can thank neocons and neoliberals for war mongering and "nation building".

Your side supported the Ukranian invasion and Syrian invasion, you don't get to blame neolibs/neocons right now. Go ask Papa Putin what he expected would happen when you try to commit genocide.

No. 277776

everything you say is bullshit because chinese and slavs have a higher IQ than you ameripigs
I never denied this. You must also take American IQ with a grain of salt since all of the diversity America has, if I remember correctly white America is on par with Belgium so far as IQ and test scores go.
> chinese people are definitely NOT considered white.
Never said they were. Chinese people have the right to their homeland no matter what their IQ is, however.

I am not a eugenicist or a racial/IQ supremacist. I believe all races and nationalities have a right to preserve their people and their sovereignty. I don't care if white IQ is below east asians, I want my country to remain white just as I would expect an Asian would want their country to remain the same.

No. 277780

>They won't have to, in hundred years their population won't even exist LOL!
Ok do you see why people don't agree with what you are saying? You're basically advocating forced retribution for inter-generational historical atrocities. And then laughing at the misfortune of those at the receiving end.

I don't really want my country to be taken over (by any means) because other white people took advantage of brown people before I was born.
No one else wants this either besides morally stunted ideologues who don't even have to suffer through the consequences anyways.
I understand what you are saying at a macro-level, but nobody is going to ever agree with you when their lives are the ones being affected. You will assuredly see that people fight back instead of dying off like you think they deserve.
>Your side supported the Ukranian invasion and Syrian invasion
I honestly don't know why you're tying to pin this on me because I don't agree with it. Maybe you should adopt another talking point. I don't have any affinity for Putin and I'm only concerned about the people of western nations, not their governments or leaders.

No. 277782

> You're basically advocating forced retribution for inter-generational historical atrocities

Actually their birth rate is just really low.

No. 277786

In the case of white people, you are.
White birthrate is also extremely low, and you said they deserve what's coming to them.
Sounds like you are upset at white people and want them to be punished by the form of conquest.

You sound like an extremely bitter SJW whose only knowledge of world history starts at slavery and ends at colonialism. Despite what you think white people deserve, they will ultimately fight back against their own extinction, as they have every single time they were faced with an existential threat.

If a cougar kills a wolf to eat you would say it is reasonable for the rest of the pack to attack the cougar and its cubs in retribution, but you'd be stupid to think that the cougar wouldn't fight back for the sake of it's own survival, despite how deserving it is. You can make the case that whites deserve do be conquered and plundered, but to think they don't even have the right to resist is just retarded and no one will think of what you said and chose to lay down and die.

White people have the right to exist in their own nations despite all of the problems you have with them. They aren't going to stop existing because they were reasoned with, they will fight.

No. 277795

White people are the ones voting against their own race; seems to me like most white people aren't concerned to the level that you think they are.

Why get mad at minorities when whites are cucking themselves?

No. 277802

>seems to me like most white people aren't concerned to the level that you think they are.
They are. Poor and working class whites that progressives like to deride so much are the most "racist" and vote to strangle the government of their diversity agenda.
Rich liberals will always white-flight away from the diversity they love so much.
Look at how segregated the US and Europe are. We may all live in the same country but within the nation all racial groups are separated.
You must also consider the fact that the current corrupt government simply will not let whites vote for their own ethnic interests. Just as they did not allow for the population to vote for the very policy that started multiculturalism in the first place. Our government has programs specifically designed to neuter white interests and break up white ethnic enclaves.
>Why get mad at minorities when whites are cucking themselves?
I'm not actually mad at the minorities. I understand perfectly why they are doing what they are doing. They are taking advantage of a generous offer given to them by white governments at the expense of white people. Humanity is a struggle, all groups work to benefit their own and it usually comes at the cost of another group. Whites have lived so long without the need for identity politics in the modern era, but since their identity is being threatened you can see a huge rise in white identity movements.
You do not see identity politics in countries that are homogeneous, which white countries were for thousands of years. Once whites become a plurality you will see that they'll form their own interest groups as blacks/browns are doing today. It's already happening and it isn't going to go away. This is the end result of diversity. Conflict via proximity, competing groups fighting for the same resources in the same area.

Basically the governments of white nations are all corrupted and working in tandem to supplant their native populations with easier to manage non-whites, and deflect all criticism by crying "racism", a label which all whites have been trained through government schooling to fear in case of social suicide.

If this was happening anywhere else you would hear the cries of inhumanity from everyone and their mothers. Just like you hear how evil the Chinese are for enacting these very policies on the Tibetans.

No. 277819

I was with you until

>Basically the governments of white nations are all corrupted and working in tandem to supplant their native populations with easier to manage non-whites, and deflect all criticism by crying "racism", a label which all whites have been trained through government schooling to fear in case of social suicide.

It's not a government conspiracy, it's business. White people aren't valuable anymore in global business terms. Send cheap labor to 3rd world nations, and import bright hardworking researchers from Asia and the Middle East. Why do british kids have lower rates of pursuing higher education than the children of immigrants? Why do working class White folk depend so much on factory jobs providing a living wage when people without a college degree earn like $19,000 less per year than someone who does?

White people built the West then got too comfortable and made themselves invaluable without large amounts of money. Boo hoo.

No. 277825

It's not a government conspiracy, it's business.
Oh, of course. But most (if not all) politicians are bought with corporate interest. It's much more cheap to bribe one politician to make policy in your favor than manipulating the market for possible gain. I think the far left is absolutely right in this regard.
>White people aren't valuable anymore in global business terms
I agree. I think this is why the left has adopted libertarian talking points when advocating for diversity, only seeing humans as economic units and judge them solely based on market utility. They completely ignore culture and social capital, which is probably vastly more important to your average person than robotic economic efficiency.
>White people built the West then got too comfortable and made themselves invaluable without large amounts of money.
True. I don't think that means it's impossible to reclaim lost ground, though.

No. 277846

>I don't think that means it's impossible to reclaim lost ground, though.
How could you, without making yourselves competitive? No one cares about the white working class, and they're killing themselves faster in America than anyone else can die. And the less mindful of y'all go and murder Indian people thinking they're Muslims, which doesn't help your case.

I'm not white and don't give a shit about white grievances. But thank you to your grandaddies for making my life easier.

No. 277847

You sound crazy. This is the definition of a-logging. Perhaps you're the cow here, not GeneTron.

No. 277859

Well it's either compete or die out. These same problems happened in Weimar Germany, and we all know what happened afterwards. I hope it doesn't have to come to that but I'm saying it's not gonna be a real shock if it does.
It's not actually crazy to see what has happened repeatedly in history and conclude it will happen again. I don't actively hate any racial group or want to see them harmed, I just don't want them to suppress my own group.

No. 277914

wew, this is the biggest thread derail I've seen in a hot minute. literally 7 hours of this bullshit and the admins still haven't done anything? pretty obvious that it's mostly just one idiot too.

No. 277944

Seriously I just wanted to laugh at funny fat men ruining their career opportunities

No. 278319

Daily reminder-

Things Jontron did wrong: Be fat and ugly
Things he didn't that weren't wrong at all: Not support immigration and black crime

tyfyt uwu

No. 278333

Idk, I think Jon's funny and I don't completly disagree with him but I'm afraid he's going too far right straight into retarded territory. Is there no acceptable middle-ground ?
Far rights are fucking retarded and SJW can't give a break to those who want to voice a "controversial" but not full-on racist argument against immigration.

I'm really not on Jon's side but some of you would rather live in a fantasy SJW land than face some ugly truths.

If you guys went to Japan and there would be kebabs in every corners and half the population was foreign speaking in their own dialect, you'd be mad pissed.
Some of you have to realise that immigration isn't really the problem, but that those people don't consider their new country has their "home country" and neither their kids. Westerners born in X country from Y parents think they're X with a Y heritage. Arabs and others, even born on another soil will not consider themselves from this country at all and honestly that's a massive issue with me.

No. 278334


Totally agree. If you're going to be in public, keep stuff to yourself. Nobody cares or needs your politics. Same goes for actors. I don't care how much you hate Trump, just get the fuck off the stage so the rest of the awards can be given off, jeeze.

No. 278396

No. 279636

I think the issue I take are these blanket statements that people like you make. Arabs aren't the only population with integration problems. Where aren't people calling for the deportation of Chinese people? Of the Japanese or Koreans? Most Asian societies call for a collectivism mindset which tells them that those of the same ethnicity are to be trusted. FOBs stick to their own just as much as Arabs do.

And I say all of this, but I ask, what do you do? What do people who complain about integration do? The success stories you hear about refugees (people who do not want to immigrate but are forced to; that's completely different from regular immigration) are one of their neighbors accepting their situation and them, and helping them succeed in Western life. What the fuck do people like you expect if representatives of your country are on the news killing random people for looking foreign?

What the fuck do people like you expect if representatives of your country are killing other citizens due to random racial hatred?

If I had a dollar for every time I heard an American citizen complain about someone's accent regardless of that accented-person's immigration status, I should just hang myself instead of cashing out. I've met and talked to many foreigners who have lived here for a considerable portion of their lives in America who still feel insecure about their status do to their accents. What ever fucking happened to content of character not color of skin.

This is mostly a USA hate rant, sorry Europeans.

How are ANY of you not actually QUESTIONING >>276601 this fucking tweet if you're so on the fence about this? Or actually supporting him?
He literally makes a claim that rich blacks commit more crimes than poor whites then tweets a fucking Washington Post article that actually starts out "It's a fact that people of color are worse off than white Americans in all kinds of ways"? And goes on to accuse muh criminal justice system for the disparity?

It doesn't even matter what my or your political stance is. Do you seriously put your faith in some rando Youtuber who is basically stupid and can't read apparently?

And fuck anyone who complains about my earlier paragraphs and ignores the one above this.

No. 279766

See why you're so mad? Integration doesn't work. It doesn't really even matter how hard you try to force it. White people are the most accepting people in the world when it comes to foreigners and it's still not enough for people like you.
It's for the best if we all just have our own countries. Everyone is happier that way and there is little/no ethnic stress and tension.
The only reason foreigners come to white nations is to benefit economically. If America was 3rd world status no one would come here for it's "culture".
This makes white people feel like they're being taken advantage of. I don't think non-Americans have the right to come here and get pissed that the natives aren't accommodating enough. A white person wouldn't move to China and expect the Chinese not to treat him differently, so why do brown people come here and expect to be treated like they're hot shit?

No. 279769

>What the fuck do people like you expect if representatives of your country are killing other citizens due to random racial hatred?
Are you talking about Arabs? I don't know of any white Christians going into Pakistan and blowing up people in the name of Jesus.

If you literally mean the politicians then yeah I agree with you, they are causing tension, but I don't think they're exacerbating these wars for "random" racial supremacist reasons. I mean if the US government thought that whites were the master race and brown people should be subjugated then why would the US government import brown people into the states and give them welfare? The real reason is that all of this shit is a proxy war for Israel and oil money.
Even so, it doesn't really make your average white person more sympathetic to opening the floodgates for non-whites into their countries.

No. 279816

>Where aren't people calling for the deportation of Chinese people? Of the Japanese or Koreans?

bc violent rape and murder isn't a part of their culture

No. 279844

I'm european so idk what your deal is. I'm talking about first-hand experience, and it's true that arabs don't consider land that they're born in theirs, but the one they come from. They have no patriotism or any kind of love for the country they reside in, they barely think they're this nationality. Ask any kid from algerian or turkish parents and they'll say they're from Algeria or Turkey even if they never went there.

And actually the asian community is PISSED at being the convenient martyr of every other minority and have staged protests, conveniently avoided by major anti-racism group because surprise surprise, fucking minorities are one of the cause of their problems.

Asian are nowhere near as violent as other communities, and while they keep a very strong affiliation to their home country and culture, they have a very work-oriented culture. They don't come there to pop-out 10 kids and ask for hands out because they never bothered to learn the language to get a job. Even when they barely speak a lick of the language they manage to open business, make their own money and push their kids to study and be beneficial to society.

I never had in my life a problem with an asian in any kind, I never was followed home by them or threatened. But just guess who did that multiple time ? It's a reality it's time to face, how can some of you be so blind ?

No. 279849

>how can some of you be so blind ?
Because they are rich white people who live well and far away from the foreigners they claim to love so much.

That or there is literally something physically wrong with their brain chemistry.

No. 279862

Are you implying that not believing in god means there's something wrong with you?

I want to think that you only meant the immigration part, but considering the dumbass comments on that article I really don't know.

No. 279931

>violent rape not part of asian culture

le nanking war face

No. 279933

>comparing 80s years ago to now

Asian people among the western communities don't have as many stats as other races dummy

No. 279936

Not sure if asian or weeaboo but asians still do have a culture of violence otherwise Japan, which is extremely developed by asian standards, wouldn't have so many sexual assaults.

No. 279947

Japan has a lower rate of sexual assault than the US and the UK

No. 279953

US and UK have absurd sexual assault rates for 1st world as well, don't use that as a standard.

No. 279955

I'm not talking about within their communities, I'm talking within western socities.

I know they have a lot to their own sexual assault problems but they have very low numbers for U.S and U.K

No. 279956

Who has a lowest within the western world, or what standard do we use for this?

No. 279957

Probably because women are taught to just remain silent and submission. fuck off with your bullshit. Japan is one of the worst offenders for overly sexualizing women. Look at the fact they needed a women only train because the amount of public assaults. So much of their porn is rape porn and public assault fantasy garbage.

No. 279962

>Statistical data is bullshit when it doesn't fit my preferred narrative
It'd probably be a hundred times worse in America or the UK if they were as focused on the same type of public transport/trains where people are packed together like sardines.
And if I were you, I wouldn't be complaining about porn if you're American. The most popular category of porn for Americans is literally "teen". Let's not even go into the dd/lg bullshit they're currently obsessed with, Max Hardcore, the heavy degradation so integral to the entire genre as presented by America, etc.
The UK might be slightly less awful about it (though they're seemingly stereotyped as being really into BDSM), but they put some sort of censorship on their porn, so who the fuck knows.

No. 279972

DA: Are you quoting that bs documentary on max hardcore from, like, 2004? Degradation isn't remotely close to as popular in american porn as it is in jav shit, especially not now. And I think the popularity of teen porn is fucked up, but jav girls look just as young as american pornstars do, if not younger. And let's not forget that loli is a thing.

No. 279985

so is anyone gonna ban the /pol/ shill for derailing or

No. 279993

>Degradation isn't remotely close to as popular in american porn as it is in jav shit
American porn is literally based around the concept of women being treated like shit.
And Asians are just naturally younger-looking in general, and don't have beauty standards that stress looks that age you prematurely.
>And let's not forget that loli is a thing.
Again, look at the rise of ddlg acceptance in America, as well as ABDL diaperfags/ageplayers.
Anyway, the point is that the US and the UK are literally worse than Japan on the front of sexual assault and rape, statistically speaking. It's really not your place to criticize them if you're speaking as an American because you're literally even worse off. Focus on the "culture of violence" (this is especially a thing for Americans in the most literal sense, obsessed with guns, war, death and being the "hero"). If we're going by facts and figures, the Japanese are probably the least violent socially/culturally.

No. 279997


i came here for people shitting on jontron not "oh but actually his ideas actually kinda made sense actually"

No. 280017

>Anyway, the point is that the US and the UK are literally worse than Japan on the front of sexual assault and rape, statistically speaking.

Nayrt but you can't trust Japanese crime stats for shit. Just look at their conviction rate, it's almost 100%, which means only crimes that are guaranteed to be solved are taken seriously by the police, everything else is thrown out. Not to mention the cultural stigma against complaining in the first place. You don't go to the police unless it's really serious, and if you do they'll discourage you from pursuing it if dropping it causes less trouble.

I don't doubt that it's still safer than the UK though, we are a crime shithole, especially London.

No. 280032

>I never had in my life a problem with an asian in any kind, I never was followed home by them or threatened. But just guess who did that multiple time ? It's a reality it's time to face, how can some of you be so blind ?

White guys? Because for me it is always angry overweight white guys. Scary stuff.

No. 280037


>SJW bumps the thread to post, in their own words, "USA hate"


This is why you people are a fucking joke

No. 280038

Well, asians are starting to hop on the anti white/oppressed bandwagon as well.

No. 280056


>Where aren't people calling for the deportation of Chinese people? Of the Japanese or Koreans?

1) Asians aren't the ones shooting up night clubs or raping thousands of women on New Years or demanding WIC papers be in Chinese
2) A few illegal Chinese HAVE been picked up recently, and they are set for deportation like everyone else. Of course your side still whines and cries about this
3) Asians DO integrate.

> What do people who complain about integration do?

Why do you assume we have to do anything?

>The success stories you hear about refugees are one of their neighbors accepting their situation and them

No, the success stories are of people who want to be here taking the initiative and learning to adapt to their new homelands culture. It's not my, or yours, or anyone else job to hand-hold them as they do this, it's not our job to be nice enough and maybe if we lick their ass enough they'll learn to speak English for us, it's something THEY need to do.

>What the fuck do people like you expect if representatives of your country are on the news killing random people for looking foreign?

>What the fuck do people like you expect if representatives of your country are killing other citizens due to random racial hatred?

Lol this double standard. A few racists are a representative of all of America, but the multitude of terrorists, rapists, and thugs aren't representative of immigrants. The killing of three people by drunk idiot redneck is more important than the hundreds of people killed in calculated attacks or gang violence.

>If I had a dollar for every time I heard an American citizen complain about someone's accent regardless of that accented-person's immigration status

Oh fucking get over it, you baby. Americans aren't the only one's who do this and it's a fucking minor thing. Fucking shit, when I go out I have to worry about getting mugged or worse by the illegal Mexicans hanging out in the Walmart parking lot looking for an easy target, while THIS- fucking someone lightly ribbing your accent- is what you worry about? Jesus tap-dancing Christ on a cracker, talk about privilege.

>He literally makes a claim that rich blacks commit more crimes than poor whites then tweets a fucking Washington Post article that actually starts out "It's a fact that people of color are worse off than white Americans in all kinds of ways"?

The reason he tweeted it article, you autist, is because it's a left-winged source that presents the FACTS- that even rich black commit more crimes than poor whites. It goes on to come up with reasons why those facts are facts, which obviously Jontron disagrees with. Like, this isn't some "AHA GOTCHA!", this is just you being pretty dumb and not understanding basic human communication.

No. 280064

>Again, look at the rise of ddlg acceptance in America, as well as ABDL diaperfags/ageplayers.

The internet has seriously warped the perceptions of a lot of people on this site. DDLG is a small internet trend, with some vocal crazies like Binkieprincess getting some mainstream attention as a laughing stock. It isn't being accepted, it isn't on the rise. They're a small internet minority that will go way within a couple years.

No. 280148

I think theres like a couple thousand ABDL people in English-speaking society max…

No. 280219

>His ass has been coddled for his entire existence
He grew up in an abusive family so I disagree with you lol

No. 280220

what is his personal twitter?

No. 280222

I don't agree with all of his views but he just seems like a right-wing anti-feminist. I don't see all the cringe here? Hating woman's march and not disliking trump doesnt make you a lolcow.
My guess is jon saw his fame was going downhill so he decided to spark a political debate shit to get more views..?

No. 280240

File: 1490831686858.jpg (299.25 KB, 636x1230, u3f0d-1.jpg)

lol are you basing that off of this whiny little yahoo answers post he (allegedly) made a long time ago? If anything that proves that other anons point further lmao

No. 280252

>threads with no milk and based on pure speculation like Taylor R's are fine


No. 280265

>muh mommy didnt let me play vidya gaemus 24/7 and wanted me to study
>SO ABUSED!!!!!!!

literal sjw-tier whining

No. 280303

Why are you so salty? I've never watched jontron's videos.

No. 280305

Anon didnt defend jontron, but if you think hating woman's march and not hating on trump makes you a lolcow then youre retarded.
this thread has gone downhill since the infestation of /pol/ anyway

No. 280371


No. 280580

I'm black for the record and while Jontron has landed himself into some hot water with some of what he said, I genuinely don't think he's a racist. He just said some dumb things BUT on the "blacks commit more crime" bit, I can take that as truth, especially when you take in black on black crimes (Gang violence) or crimes committed in Black neighborhoods that are on the lower economic side. Heck, even the "Gangsta" culture idolizes crimes because it gives one "Street cred."

So needless to say, I wasn't offended when Jon mentioned the black statistics because there is truth in it. I know some people would argue that blacks don't have any choice because they're born into the cycle and not having privilege and while that can be true, no one says that they/we have to continue in the cycle. Even if you're growing up in a lower-end neighborhood, there are steps one can take to get out of there like studying hard and saving your money so you can move out of there.

I'm just saying, there are some options to help better a situation and I think the black people who live in these areas should learn and keep this in mind, namely the younger ones still in school.

And I'm sorry but white apologists just annoy me trying to fight a fight that they don't need to. It's one thing if you want to say some words of encouragement or acknowledge some of the differences between growing up white vs black but when you're trying to coddle, that's where it becomes patronizing.

On Jontron being dropped by Playtonic, I do think it's kind of a bummer but from a business standpoint, I do understand why they did that and at least Jon handled it respectfully.

No. 280720

White apologists annoy you, but Iranians who cry about how oppressed white people are annoy me. I don't think that someone non-white should be trying to fight a fight for white people, especially since Jon Tron is an immigrant himself. It's patronizing as well.

No. 280756


Most homicides, at least, are intraracial not interracial. According to the Dept of Justice, from 1980 - 2008 homicdes: 84% of white victims killed by whites, and 93% of black victims killed by blacks.

People seem to segregate even when it comes to murder.

No. 280776

Iranians are white though lol

No. 280786

>white aplogists annoy me

You need to leave, go to your home: tumblr.

No. 280812


>Jon Tron is an immigrant himself

Why is is so hard for SJW to distinguish between legal immigrants and border hoppers?

This is like saying a veterinarian should feel a kinship and support the guy to likes to torture cats by slicing them open.

No. 280838

lol no

I hate tumblr/sjws.


I don't like legal immigrants or border hoppers, and I certainly don't like it when immigrants like Jon Tron try to speak for people who have been here for generations. I don't like it when non-whites speak for white people and act like they know what we want. Jon Tron's family has been here for not even one generation, his opinions on what "real America" is/should be is absolutely unnecessary, he's not a "real American" and his own parents are just economic opportunists.

No. 280848

>lol no
Learn some anatomy, semites are considered caucasian like white people. Maybe not "white" skin but if you compare one to some Italian they have similar features and could pass for one if wanted

No. 281020

smh fam

No. 281191

iranians are mostly persians along with other types of middle easterners you dipshit. learn some common sense. semitism refers to language which is jews and arabians which is STILL not white. good job throwing yourself in the trash

No. 281253

>learn some anatomy
u wanna get out the head calipers or

No. 281386

No. 281845

I said iranians are white, but I said nothing about "semites".

I am from the middle east. Not Iran, but the middle east. Fucking everybody here considers themselves to be white. You're confusing ethnicity with race.

No. 281850

And one more thing, did you just say jews were not white? Judaism is a fucking religion. That's like saying christians are not white or black, they're christians.

No. 561994

you are a dumb shit jews come from jerusalem which is in the middle east its not that they are "white" is like saying Japanese people are "white" its all culture read a book dumbshit(necro)

No. 562006

>arguing with a year-old post
top stuff anon

No. 744155

Posted a new video.(necromancy)

No. 744183

Jews come from Israel, Do your research :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 918827

butthurt commie fags detected(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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