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File: 1462794156575.jpg (453.53 KB, 1440x2051, 73540_036_122_13lo.jpg)

No. 91005

What are some popular diet trends in japan? Have you tried any? How are the japanese so slim?

Any discussion of japanese diet, exercise, snake oil etc. goes here

No. 91020

File: 1462796806143.jpg (35.37 KB, 640x640, 1458877286714.jpg)

>diet trends
oh lawd

No. 91022

File: 1462797045791.jpg (102.75 KB, 468x295, fytte-morning-banana-diet-spre…)

There was the banana diet trend. The one where they drank warm water and hot water. The one with massages. The one where you only eat one kind of food for a few days.

No. 91024

From what I've noticed while living in Japan, Japanese girls eat small portions of food.

For example, normal size pizza in Tokyo would be put on child's menu in Europe (really small).
And that pizza is shared between two girls lol.

Same with cakes. Their birthday cakes are tiny.

Remember farmers, calories in calories out.

No. 91187

they're also much shorter than most European girls so they need less calories.
I'm not saying you're wrong but tall people just need more calories.
But yeah, in comparison they still eat less calories than western countries.

No. 91189

They have the worst bodies on the planet. Short, crooked legs, flat boobs, droopy ass and huge heads for their bodies.

Whatever they eat I don't want to try

No. 91190

meh, some people love this look, others don't
but your body frame and height doesn't get defined by your diet.

No. 91211


The portion sizes are smaller but in my experience they have more items per meal. A Japanese dinner has like six small items, a Western dinner has like three big ones (such as meat, potatoes and vegetables). I think it's more the quality of their food that makes the difference.

Overall though, just lucky genetics.

No. 91212

>overall just genetic

That's some intelectually dishonest fatlogic right there

No. 91228

Genetics? The only thing genetics is going to determine is body shape/fat distribution. If you eat a lot, you're going to be fat. That's it. Calories in, calories out.

No. 91234

>That's it.
>water retention
How about no you fucking retard?

>If you eat a lot, you're going to be fat.

>Calories in, calories out.
You can consume a lot of calories without eating much, and vice versa.

I'm so sick of this misleading broscience-tier bullcrap.

No. 91249

Yeah because everyone in the entire world has PCOS or other uncommon disorders that affect weight loss. Calories in vs calories out isn't broscience you fucking mong, it's common sense.

No. 91255

true but some people do have fast metabolism…wich was actually a bad thing when food wasn't an abundance yet.

you can't generate energy out of nothing because (real) science

No. 91270

I could be wrong as it's not firsthand experience but I read a blogger living there saying they have a ton of fatty food but also a ton of zero calorie diet food with no taste at all.

Dated a japanese guy a while back and he told me tv is also 80% cooking channels.

So I guess it's a mix of everything, good food, less tolerance of fat people, popular diet food etc…

No. 91278

File: 1462881624724.jpg (35.21 KB, 640x480, image.axd.jpg)

yeah they have these shirataki noodles wich is really filling but has almost no calories
Any idea what other low cal foods they have?

No. 91328

File: 1462885738664.jpg (64.32 KB, 501x279, japanese-weght-loss.jpg)

They're also huge on jelly (the agar and gelatin kind) and seaweed which are pretty filling and low cal

No. 91329

A "fast" metabolism is pretty rare. Most skinnies who say they can't gain weight jist don't eat enough. You should watch supersize vs superskinny for some lulz and fatlogic/thinlogic like that

No. 91330

Pcos doesn't make you fat, and you're not retaining 10kgs of fat. You need to put the fork down.

No. 91333

The Japanese also walk way more than Amerifats in addition to eating way less. More exercise + less calorie intake = they'll stay skinnier

No. 91334

I've bought Meiji protein meal packs but they seem pretty average nutrition-wise. There were a bunch of different flavored which was nice, their strawberry and vanilla packs were really good compared to any other protein I've bought but the banana was like drinking circus peanuts.

I love seeing pictures from their cafes and places like Starbucks because you can see how small their desserts/sweets are.

Whereas here in America I practically have to beg or make a deal with the barista just to get a short sized drink at sb. I really wish we had similar sized portions available normally.

No. 91337

The same in France/most euro countries. Not everyone drives so we walk all the time.

No. 91407


Same in the UK, but from what I'm aware America went ahead and built itself so huge, for some reason, you pretty much NEED a car to get anywhere. They don't have it like we do where you can just walk out the door and nip to your local Tesco Express down the road for your shopping.

No. 91411

American here. Can confirm that this is true. My nearest grocery store is a 30 minute bike ride from my apartment. Unfortunately that store is one of those snobby overpriced ~organic~ places where it's $8 for a pound of apples so I have to go a bit farther to get normal priced food.
Before I moved out of my parents', there was literally nowhere local to hang out with my friends after school. Getting anywhere required a car.
Being able to walk everywhere was my favorite thing about visiting France and Japan. I really want to live somewhere where I can walk down the street to get groceries instead of having to set aside time to get groceries every week.

No. 91416


Yeah that sounds like a huge pain tbh.
I used to laugh at Americans on account of the whole J-walking thing, that is until I learned how fucking huge your roads are.

No. 91453

I actually really like that show, it shows both extremes without saying one of them is better or worse. I believe two contestants even hooked up afterwards.

Also, I found it funny when you sometimes had the fat one at least admit they eat like shit, and the skinny one they had would be like "Nah just living on energy drinks is totally fine"

No. 91465

Dude on my way to school, I literally have to cross the freeway. 4 wide lanes in each direction and you only get 15 seconds to cross.

No. 91469

Actually, there used to be decent public transport in America and people didn't necessarily need cars to get from point A to point B unless they were in rural Alabama.

Then General Motors went ahead and bought off almost all streetcars (trams of yore) and public vehicles and peddled their planned suburban jungle plans so hard people started building those ugly beehive suburbs and telling people to move there. They destroyed the streetcars and started selling their cars to the suburbanites, and marketed them so that each family member wanted their own car.

And that's the story of how capitalist lobbying ruined America. If it weren't for that you'd have less Walmarts, more family owned stores and people moving to live near cities and towns like in Europe.

No. 91478

Never change lolcow

No. 91487

>I believe two contestants even hooked up afterwards.

link/sauce? i wanna see this

No. 91488

Is tru, Google General Motors streetcar conspiracy.
There should be a Wikipedia page about it.

No. 91500

Jesus, she went from ana to ash

No. 91501

I'm the anon you're replying to.

Nah, you're just making excuses for being fat. It's just that you're big boned, right? You're not fat, it's all just water weight! Your PCOS forces you to stuff your face and sit on your ass all day, yeah? Yeah! You don't have a choice in the matter! Being fat is just in your genetics!

Calories in, calories out. It's not bro science, it's how weight loss/gain actually works. Please take your HAES, cholesterol ridden brain back to tumblr where you belong.

Some, i.e. a very, VERY small portion of the population. The vast majority of skinny people just don't eat a lot. Once again: calories in, calories out. Stop making excuses for yourself, anons.

No. 91505

the only "diet trend" i've ever seen that was meaningful in any sort of way was one of the old gal mags used to consistently post about replacing all carbs with cabbage. cabbage is super good for you so it's an all around good idea, but nothing else of real merit.

No. 91507

File: 1462939282749.jpg (28.71 KB, 720x720, 1458289790578.jpg)

I don't even have either PCOS or water retention. I'm not making excuses for anything. Those are nothing but two examples I use to show that the body is not a perfect thermodynamic engine. It's the reason you look at your weight by the trend over weeks instead of days.

>Calories in, calories out. It's not bro science

No, you're correct. Calories in, calories out isn't broscience. The /fit/ kool-aid is where it implies the amount of calories is anywhere close to being proportional to the mass of food you eat which is what she did when she said If you eat a lot, you're going to be fat. That's it. This is why lots of fat people don't see any weight loss – because they listen to oversimplified, misleading shitty advice then take them completely at face value. But it's okay, because in reality none of you ever really cared about advice being helpful at all.

No. 91508

I'm the anon you're talking about, again.

Alright then, how do you propose people lose weight, if not by eating less than they do typically? By wishing it away? What is your point here? The reason why fat people who fail at their diets fail time and time again is because they're not actually dieting, they're either lying about what they're really eating or aren't counting their calories right.

And are you sure you're not making excuses, because it sure looks like you are. You aren't losing weight, 32in waist-chan, because you can't shut your pie hole for a single day, and have to make excuses about the 'body not [being] a perfect thermodynamic engine'.

Weight loss is very, very simple. Just. Eat. Less.

No. 91511

>in reality none of you ever really cared about advice being helpful at all.

How can you help someone that clearly doesn't want help? Do you want me to slap away that cake in your hand when you reach for it? Why can't you accept that what you're eating just isn't going to facilitate weight loss, instead of yammering on about bro-science this, muh genetics that? If you're eating too much, of course you're going to gain weight. You're not a body builder, you're not a sumo wrestler (though probably close at this point), you don't need to be eating 2k calories a day if you sit at your computer for the majority of it.

No. 91513

>How can you help someone that clearly doesn't want help?
lol i fucking knew it.

>Alright then, how do you propose people lose weight, if not by eating less than they do typically?
They eat things that have fewer calories? Did you even read anything I wrote? An obese person trying to lose weight without changing their diets is going straight to ED

No. 91516

"a lot of food" can be used to refer to a large amount of calories, not just a physically large amount of food. everyone knows this. cool your autism.

No. 91517

>lol i fucking knew it
Knew… what?

Do you actually want help with losing weight or not? You say people are being unhelpful, but brush off everything that will actually help you lose weight. Again, I can't force you to do what you don't want to do.

>They eat things that have fewer calories?

You do realise that's exactly what I'm saying by eat less, right? Did you even read anything I wrote? If you eat 2k calories, eat 1.5k instead. You'll lose weight. I'm not saying instead of eating a kilo, eat a gram. So literal, you are.

No. 91534

just read the sticky on /fit/

No. 91544

File: 1462954554699.jpg (225.35 KB, 500x684, tumblr_ksy2wkGLoJ1qandwmo1_500…)

Oh you mean this (pic) i tend to do that from time to time switch out my regular carbs with cabbage. It works pretty well for me cabbage is really good for you it cleared up my skin, gave me great poops (sry tmi) and i lost weight

No. 91545

File: 1462955055226.jpg (120.28 KB, 571x799, 10036.jpg)


There was also pikarins (model from popteen) water diet which was that you are supposed to drink 500ml water before every meal, only 3 meals per day and only 1200kcal per day and if you get hungry between the meals drink more water.

Then there is the half bath thing where you fill the tub with super hot water only up to your belly button and keep the top half of your body dry. This will make you sweet ALOT, do this for 40 min

No. 91546

I'm more of the opinion that Japanese are short because of lack of calories in their diet.

Recent Korean and Chinese teens now rival Europeans in height and have since surpassed Japan

No. 91548


>I'm more of the opinion that Japanese are short because of lack of calories in their diet

People are genetically programmed to attain maximum growth at a specified height, that for Eastern Asians, few rarely exceed. These are hard-coded into the DNA of both the ova and spermatozoa before even conception occurs, and throughout development a series of of genes are triggered at specified points that send a command out to the body to lengthen a bone here, develop a muscle here etc. These commands continue out of the womb and all the way up until your mid-20's when you reach maximum growth potential.

You could also make the argument that the same applies to Caucasians when compared with Negroids due to the fact that they grow larger than us. Is it on account of the fact that they have consumed for thousands of years a higher level of calories? No, it's just a series of climate and environmental factors.
The bodies of all species on this planet develop primarily in response to their environment, the terrain around them, the temperature, mating processes, predators etc. It may just well be that the Japanese are shorter on average because a short body is better suited to the climate of East Asia. If it was due to malnourishment this is something that would display through tests.

No. 91551

>There was also pikarins (model from popteen) water diet which was that you are supposed to drink 500ml water before every meal, only 3 meals per day and only 1200kcal per day and if you get hungry between the meals drink more water.
sounds like a normal cutting diet? Not even cutting much calories considering her height.

>Then there is the half bath thing where you fill the tub with super hot water only up to your belly button and keep the top half of your body dry. This will make you sweet ALOT, do this for 40 min

That will only make you lose water weight and won't do shit in the long run. Just like those plastic wraps.

No. 91552

thanks for the reply!
Anyone else know of more miracle foods?

No. 91557

Yeah pikarin is only 153cm and i realize the bath thing is only good if you got a special event or something and wanna slim down a little before that. But its nice for your skin, kind of becomes like a personal sauna.

No. 91589

This might belong in the general diet thread, but how do you guys get through being hungry constantly when dieting ?

I'm trying to only consume 1,000 calories a day and it's so fucking hard because in super hungry all the time. Especially since I also work out. Maybe I should just start eating a bunch of cabbage and drinking 3 liters of water a day. What are your fave cabbage recipes?

To make this relevant, there's also that one Korean diet where you only have a protein shake, an apple, and a potato every day. Supposedly you will lose weight.

No. 91593


You need to eat food with protein or fibre. Those are the most filling. Something like tofu or oatmeal (not in the same meal, of course!) will satiate you. Just google something like 'most satiating foods per calorie'.

No. 91689

The sticky is worthless.

>everyone knows this
Bullshit. Most people never think about how many calories are in a tablespoon of mayo.

>Knew… what?
Are you mentally challenged? I even greentexted it for you.

No. 91714

>Most people never think about how many calories are in a tablespoon of mayo.
maybe not you and your trailer trash family, but most normal, healthy people do
stop making a fool of yourself

No. 91717

File: 1463025307332.png (236.25 KB, 500x500, image.png)

>a tablespoon of mayo
Who the fuck even eats that much mayo?

No. 91726

Yeah? Calorie counting in the mainstream is relatively a recent thing. How often do you see nutrition information listed in cookbooks, retard?

Nice try, but I didn't say anything about eating a tablespoon of mayo.

No. 91730

Lol what the fuck. I wasn't even saying that you specifically ate that much mayo. It was a general question.

No. 91731

>I wasn't even saying that you specifically ate that much mayo.
I didn't say you did either? You implied, that I implied one tbsp is a standard serving size.

No. 91734

>How can you help someone that clearly doesn't want help?
>lol i fucking knew it.

Can you even fucking speak English? What exactly did you know? What the fuck? Not only are you delusional, but you're also stupid. Wow!

Remain a 32in waist-chan, I don't care, because you clearly don't. Enjoy your early, likely cardiovascular related death. :^)

No. 91736


>Yeah? Calorie counting in the mainstream is relatively a recent thing.

No, it's not fattie. People have been counting calories for years, or at least eyeballing portion sizes and going 'this is way too much' or 'this is human sized.'

Obesity hasn't been an issue until the last few decades. Calorie counting isn't even difficult. We now have apps to count for us. It's the easiest shit in the world now.

No. 91752

File: 1463041037065.jpg (120.58 KB, 1280x720, 764389.jpg)

>Can you even fucking speak English?
Yeah, seem like you can't though. Here, let me hold your hand, try not to get lost this time:

>none of you ever really cared about advice being helpful at all.

>How can you help someone that clearly doesn't want help?
Translation: yeah you're right. My advice is unhelpful. But it doesn't matter, since they won't listen anyway LOL

If that's not an admission I was right the whole damn time then I don't know what the fuck is.

>the logic in your advice is lousy.
>y-you must be fat!
Great follow-up as always shitposter. FYI I never once defended HAES or whatever the fuck you have in mind right now, or implicitly asked for advice on losing weight. At this point I'm pretty sure I know more about nutrition than you fucks seeing all the retarded shit you've already spouted.

>People have been counting calories for years

Years! That's your definition of "old"? Is that how long civilization has been around?

>or at least eyeballing portion sizes and going 'this is way too much' or 'this is human sized.'

That's exactly the opposite of portion control you straw-grasping imbecile. It should already be obvious but I'm going to say it: The whole point of calorie counting is that you DON'T know the amount of calories in a plate of food simply by eyeballing it. Many times you think you do, but you don't. Common sense is misleading. You having to resort to bringing up something tangentially related in order to pretend you have a point is just pathetic. Fact is calorie counting wasn't popular until recently. Get it over it.

>inb4 more backpedaling via arguing semantics

No. 91763

you're really easy to wind up
take a deep breath and walk away from the computer

No. 91767

I love weight threads, there's always super aggressive hangry drama in here.

Anyways to stay on topic, I collect j fashion magazines and the weight loss sections are always full of really laughable advice. Stuff like doing gentle stretches, using massagers on your calves to keep them slim, etc. It obviously burns no calories but I think it's probably really helpful mentally. Even if you binge one day, you don't backslide into being like "fuck dieting, I'll never be skinny" because you do all your other weight loss rituals to keep you in the mindset. That's just my 2 cents.

Also I highly recommend getting sucked into the world of Korean and Japanese diet instagrams, they're like the best weeb thinspo. My fave accounts: 93.sooj, hee_can_do_it_2016, diet_ssu, tama_diet, yunnchaas. These girls are METICULOUS about their diets.

No. 91768

You don't need to hold my hand, not when you need it to hold your tablespoon of mayo. Here, let me explain what anyone who has basic comprehension of English would have interpreted my words as.

>How can you help someone that clearly doesn't want help?

I.e., for people who are pathetically stupid: you clearly do not want to listen to any advice ANYBODY has offered you ITT, and by advice I mean perfectly valid advice that people have actually lost weight using, so why should I, or anyone even bother trying to help you anymore? I might as well be offering it to a wall. (The wall doesn't need it anyway, it has a thinner waist than you do and is ready for bikini season. :^))

Where did I imply, or say that my advice/anyone else's is unhelpful? Where? Contrary to your belief, we actually did want to help you, but you won't listen to/rebut anything anybody will say.

If you think we're so wrong, why haven't you lost weight yet? I even asked you how else people are supposed to lose weight, if not reducing the amount of calories - specifying calories as opposed to grams etc. because you like being so painfully literal - and yet, you still haven't answered. I'm waiting. Go ahead, tell us how one is supposed to lose weight, if we're so wrong.

No. 91799

The truth is Japanese girls get fat super easily so they have to eat like, fuckin nothing lol. How come the ones that looks like 42kg don't look anorexic? But the ones that looks 52kg look fat as fuck? I mean I'm the same height as most Japanese girls, and I weight a lot more but look skinnier than them because they just have a different body type.

No. 91801

Sorry to samefag but I forgot to mention, I live in Canada and a lot of Japanese girls I meet who come here for a 1 year working holiday or exchange gain at least 10kg and end up weighing a normal weight for western standards but look much fatter. Which is how I know lol

No. 91812

Asian people just tend to carry extra weight differently. Their face, neck, and upper body get thick and bulky first.

No. 91821

That just means their bodies can't be measured with Western standards. Japanese girls already find 50kg fat. You can hardly compare them to our body types.

No. 91872

>Then there is the half bath thing where you fill the tub with super hot water only up to your belly button and keep the top half of your body dry. This will make you sweet ALOT, do this for 40 min

Or you could just work out at home for 40 mins in front of the tv/laptop.

No. 91880

you're looking at diet pill ads that exaggerate the "before" to make the effects in the after seem more drastic.

No. 91886

I LITERALLY JUST told you I wasn't fat or looking for advice on weight loss. I highly recommend you put a bullet in your brain through your eyes, because it's pretty damn clear you aren't using those anyways.

Heed you own advice and don't get so triggered the next time someone shits on advice you give.

No. 91887

I wish people would stop the derailing an share more silly trends. Btw i remember hearing all of tokyo selling out on bananas cause of some banana diet trend is that shit still popular and why bananas?>>91872 we are sharing japan trends anon, but yes you will not lose weight from this at all, japanese people must realise this too right?

No. 91888

I find a bit strange or disturbing even that they have those ads in magazine directed at teens aswell as plastic surgery ads.

No. 91906

File: 1463134994862.jpg (104.85 KB, 1280x720, 1463134755461.jpg)

It really is quite disgusting. Here's one of the worst I've seen in a gyaru mag a few years back.
Apologies for potato quality

Don't you love it when you lose so much weight that your entire bone structure changes and your vag moves up?

No. 91907

File: 1463135111696.jpg (92.8 KB, 1280x720, 1463134707950.jpg)

Close up on this stunning shoop. I don't know who they were advertising to because I don't believe many young Japanese girls want to look like they're hitting their 50s

No. 91909

File: 1463135157010.jpg (72.22 KB, 1280x720, 1463134710431.jpg)

No. 91916

File: 1463137366869.jpg (37.55 KB, 400x366, 233434.jpg)

>I highly recommend you put a bullet in your brain through your eyes, because it's pretty damn clear you aren't using those anyways.

You have to be 18 to post here.

No. 92035

ha ha, edgy. My favorite meem

No. 92055

>ha ha, edgy. My favorite meem
You have to be 18 to post here.

No. 92432

File: 1463314069955.jpg (62.51 KB, 468x284, fytte-10-diets-opening-spread.…)

R u ok?
That's pretty ridiculous. Are the japanese generally aware of all the shooping?

No. 92433

I remember that, they legit started running out of bananas. Being "fit" is getting more popular there now, so that's hopeful

No. 92434

Yep. Japanese diet instagrams are great. They record their weight, height, bf, calories etc. The western ones that do that tend to be whiny anorexics

No. 92435

File: 1463314514659.png (69.36 KB, 560x502, japanese-diet-crop-1.png)

No. 92437

File: 1463315019482.jpeg (120.4 KB, 435x640, s640x480.jpeg)

Where do you buy your j fashion magazines? I'd like to get a few (more fitness oriented ones) out of weeb curiosity and for art references. Ebay? A shopping service ? Where to?

No. 92441

Oh shit are they starting to hit the gym now? I heard from some jvlogger that its mostly seniors that go the the gym and the younger ones just diet

No. 92446

I don't know about fitness mags, but I get most of mine like Larme and Popteen from Amazon.jp. Their shipping is fairly cheap and super quick (to the U.S. Anyway). They mostly only have current issues though. You can find old issues of things on yahoo auctions and such.

No. 92570

File: 1463392157212.jpg (119.11 KB, 612x612, 487764_10151483602001108_13315…)

I might take a look, though I would need international shipping to europe.

No. 92935

No. 92940

Sometimes yesasia but usually just Amazon.jp. You can change the language to English. Not all items do international shipping but most big magazines will. Also Amazon shipping is usually pretty fast.

No. 92954

It's nice to live in NYC, Manhattan specifically because of this (never mind expenses, just considering proximity)

No. 92965


I agree with you, but let's go deeper and ask, what makes some people want to eat more calories than others? What makes some people not feel satiety at a calorie intake of a normal weight person? Whenever there is an observable biological phenomenon, then the answer is usually genetics and/or environment.

I mean if you look at some hamplanets they can get up to 400+, 500+ whatever pounds. It's hard not to see something like that and wonder if something is fundamentally broken.

I'm pretty sure genetics is the reason why I'll never weigh hundreds of pounds, because it sure as hell isn't my willpower? I'm not willing myself to not be a fatass every day.

No. 93298

Isn't it just addiction though? It's all a downward slope starting from somewhere normal.

You crave some Mcdonalds, and you get your usual cheese burger, small fries, and a small drink for a while. This satisfies you and keeps you full until your next meal. Then you start feeling like its 'not enough' one day. Maybe you had a light breakfast or something, so you start ordering a Mcflurry for dessert. You start getting accustom to that order, an it's convenient, so you go there every other day. Your meal doesn't feel complete without the Mcflurry.

Then lets say, one day you are feeling RAVENOUS. You didn't eat breakfast and you skipped lunch, and you just want food in you. You order everything that sounds good. A large Bigmac meal. A Mcflurry. An apple pie. And a few chicken nuggets. Sure it's a crazy meal, but you are hungry and you don't care who is watching, so you eat it all in one go. That food gets you nice and full, and makes you feel GOOD. So everytime you go to Mcdonalds, you start getting huge meals like that. Anything less doesn't make you feel full.

And remember, a lot of hamplanets have been fat their whole lives. They were raised on shit food, and learned bad habits early on, so they are desensitized to overeating an huge portions. Asking them why they polished off a whole bag of doritos is probably similar to saying, "Ewwww, she eats a WHOLE sandwich in one go? How can she stomach that?" They just think that once you start, you have to finish the whole thing.

No. 93939

Truth is Asians have higher body fat percentage, and that body fat is stored in the upper body and midsection. It's not feminine and it's ugly. So they just starve themselves to look decent

No. 94341

I want to pack my own bento style lunches for work. How hard is it to stream some vegetables and cook rice/some japanese style chicken? I'm a total noob at cooking but want to be healthier

No. 94396

You also have to acknowledge that fatties' favorites are super calorie dense. I looked at a package of those thin oreos today and 4 of those thin cookies are 140kcal. Even a normal sized person might find that a too small amount for a snack and might eat more of those. Rinse and repeat a few times a day iver the course of your life and its no wonder.

No. 94799

If you plan on cooking a lot of rice, get a rice cooker, I think you can also steam veggies in there. Brown rice is better than white, health-wise, so try it out and see if you like it.
For chicken, I just cook the breast with garlic and onion, I doubt Japanese people really make plain chicken distinct enough to note.

Cooking is mostly just trying out shit, but watching maybe some japanese cooking shows wouldn't hurt.

No. 94800

Japanese rice also freezes pretty well, so you can portion it out and wrap it in plastic, depending on how much you cook at once.
Japanese style chicken meatballs are also pretty delicious in bento, and you can't go wrong with adding tamagoyaki.

No. 94803

I've always found that it's a strange spiral down that goes with not giving a shit. Best way to avoid it is weigh yourself daily. As long as you aren't prone to ana shit, you can do this and suddenly you don't wake up fat. I started becoming a fatso after an extended break and got a scale. While it's disappointing as hell when you see gains you aren't ignorant to the effect of shitty eating and think about what you're eating. For Americans at least, I see that we just ignore weight gain until it gets out of hand. Fatties here act like it's unavoidable but it is really just letting things get out of hand with slow and perpetual build up of eating too many calories.

No. 94804

Apologies for posting twice in a row, but millet rice is also pretty good, and nutritious (if you don't like brown rice).
Here's the proportions I use: 4 parts rice to 1 part millet (it expands like wild so don't worry about the fact that it doesn't look like much) and 4 parts water.

No. 95894

It's a variety of things such as willpower, delusion, binge eating disorder, a lack of self discipline or a lack of knowledge of how to develop it

It's hardly "genetic". The reasob why you see fat families is the same reason you see poor or stupid families. They drag each other down with poor habits and raise their kids on a diet of cheetos and fatlogic. It's nothing magical.

No. 96061

File: 1464929262658.jpeg (52.54 KB, 500x355, image.jpeg)

There's actually a super handy bento cookbook with easy instructions for cooking newbs, and it has a decent amount of western venti meal plans in I too so you don't have to worry too much about hard to find ingredients. Also the book has charts and tables in it for planning your bentos for out for the week as well as when to start cooking/preparing which part of the bento to maximize efficiency.

Here's a PDF version:

Also check out her website justbento.com for more recipes and links to cute bento hear.

No. 96065

Wow your perception is skewed.
Girl in picture isn't spooky skinny in either image. :/
I think you're just used to seeing girls with 23+ bmi being called skinny.

No. 96129

Does anyone have any recipes for that zero calorie jelly stuff, and can it be made with grocery store ingredients(I don't live near an Asian market)? I tried google but I got zip. I'm about to start Depo again and I dont wanna gain 45 pounds again. Daily heartburn + constant feeling of hunger together is just too much for my weak willpower.

No. 96153

Are you talking about konnyaku (what you use to make shirataki noodles with)? Its made from a konjac plant so if you dont have one those growing nearby then no.

No. 96368

What country do you live in anon?
In Europe you can use asianfoodlovers.com

No. 96382

Her BMI is 16. Not healthy.

No. 96385

Japan has a different measuring system and 16 is seen as perfectly fine over there

No. 96389

It's healthy if you have a small frame, like most Asian girls. BMI isn't a perfect measurement, 30% of people with a 'healthy' BMI actually have a body fat percentage that's considered obese. http://blogs.plos.org/obesitypanacea/2015/04/30/30-of-people-with-a-healthy-bmi-are-actually-obese/

No. 96392

With their thick and long midsections and short legs, it's no wonder they need to keep such a low body fat percentage.

No. 96407

This is interesting to me because the magazines boast about the girls being <45kg after the diets/weight loss methods. Western media would call that sickly/too thin for sure, and even the "before" weights like 46~58kg wouldn't be considered fat.
You can easily say it's just their culture, but I really wonder how many girls in Japan/other East Asian countries might suffer from EDs and go unchecked until it gets really ugly/Ash-tier.

No. 96409

Saw an Ash-tier girl at TDS the other day. Her knees were the thickest part of her leg that I could see and I wanted to retch. While that severity is uncommon, I feel like I see a 50/50 mix of semi-Anas and skinny fat bodies in Tokyo girls, anyway.

No. 96413

They have small frames and higher body fat (less muscle). Any weeb trying to diet down to these levels is going to have a bad time and end up looking like Ash.

No. 96418

>thick and long midsections and short legs
I always feel so bad when I see this on skinny fat to pudgy girls

it just looks so weird

No. 96427

Japanese people also get fat related health problems at a lower bmi than westerners do.

No. 96449

Isn't 16 just underweight for westerners?
You really are skewed.

No. 96465

Did you just post that without reading anything else in the thread?


or any post after yours

No. 96473

Honestly BMI is bullshit. It doesn't apply to most people, it all depends on your body type how much is 'healthy' for you. It kinda pisses me off that it's such a popular thing to judge people's health on.

It's more important to look at the body, food intake and fat percentage.

No. 96475

I didn't pay much attention to those posts because they didn't have any sources and generally look a lot like broscience, anon.
If you can back up those points properly, I'll concede.

No. 96478

Really? If she was a bmi 27 would you be as concerned?

No. 96479

Not her, but I would be. Unhealthy is unhealthy. It's not one or the other unless you're an ana-chan or fat activist lmao.

No. 96480

Japaneese are slim because food is expensive. /thread

No. 96481

No, that would be 18.5.
16 would look underweight/way too thin on pretty much every western woman.

No. 96487

No. 96489

What's the point? Most BMI charts and percentile expectations have different standards for East Asians.

For an average European women to have a BMI of 16 would put her in the underweight category and she would look too thin.

No. 96491

But height, shoe size etc can change when diet and over all health is increased. In the UK with the arrival of nation healthcare and more nutrition for all classes men and women have grown.

No. 96495

Yes, but we're talking about Japanese girls…

No. 96505

wrong but whatever keep living your daydream

No. 96521

you didnt even take height into consideration. but all western women are 6 feet tall amirite? guys? hello?

No. 96523


BMI adjusts according to height, anon.

No. 96558

File: 1465342627290.jpeg (64.39 KB, 490x348, image.jpeg)

Anon, I live in Japan. 16 is considered underweight here as well.

I see seriously underweight girls (a lot more severe than in that ad) quite often in Tokyo, just looking sick af. It seems to me that women are finally starting to do actual sports to stay in shape instead of the same old "I don't eat on Mondays" or "when I feel too full I just throw up" methods of staying thin…

As for why Japanese people are thinner: portion control and weight consciousness.

No. 96560

Not to mention a shame-based culture. Japan's societal structure sure as shit would never work in a place like America.

No. 96562


Shame it can't tho might reduce the lard asses leeching off the state and pissing it away on shit foods

No. 96564

There is also the "Metabo Law":

>Japan’s Ministry of Health passed the Standard Concerning Implementation Special Health Examinations and Special Public Health Guidance, MINISTRY OF HEALTH, LABOR, AND WELFARE Order 159, or more commonly known as The Metabo Law. The law mandates that local governments and employers add a waist measurement test to the annual mandatory check up of 40-75 year olds. For men and women who fail the test and exceed the maximum allowed waist length of 33.5 and 35.4 inches, they are required to attend a combination of counseling sessions, monitoring through phone and email correspondence, and motivational support depending on the severity of their condition.

No. 96566

i've had a lot of asian girl friends get fucked up because their families are like "you're too fat. stop eating. why you not eat? you sick? eat something!"

No. 96567

File: 1465349616362.jpg (65.13 KB, 600x443, CiRGfBmU4AAlmV0.jpg)

i wish i could study eating disorders in japan.
some ED behaviors seem engrained, even normal, in many girls lives. many people think its normal to throw up if you eat to much, or to forget to eat all day.

No. 96569

No. 96571

This is super interesting, thank you for sharing!

No. 96582

File: 1465368985097.jpg (54.07 KB, 1000x352, body_types_header.jpg)

what about body type?

No. 96583

I think studies haven't gone as detailed as to compare with geometric body types.

The accepted BMI cutoffs are commonly accepted to correlate to ethnicity, body fat %, and/or body frame size

No. 96610

They haven't compared all geometric body types, but I know there are a lot of studies going around showing that people who carry weight around their midsection suffer weight related complications much faster than people who store fat on their hips.

No. 96613

It's because the fat starts getting stored around the internal organs.

No. 112507

If anyone is thinking about getting and eating these, don´t.

They taste like shit and are all around horrible. You´re better of being hungry than eating this garbage. Really, it´s not worth the money

No. 112518

>tfw apple

kill me

No. 112535

how did you prepare them? shirataki are my fave, but if you just eat them like that pic yeah, it's not fun.

No. 112536

what is it called if you store most of your fat on your thighs/ass. my hips don't gain in the same rate. otherwise pear shape

No. 112553

Not the anon you're replying to, but what IS the texture like? Is it anything like japchae? I keep reading that people hate it mostly because of the texture.

No. 112591

It's similarly chewy as japchae but even more so, even to the point that it can be squeaky chewing on it. It also has a funky smell that you have to make sure you rinse thoroughly. The flavor is pretty neutral though so you can throw it in almost anything for a noodle substitute. Because of the texture it's a very poor pasta substitute but will do if you're just that desperate for fettuccine or something.

No. 112597

Every single cookbook I own and practically every online recipe has at least an average kcal count. Obviously you're the retard, fatty-chan.

No. 112617

You have to boil it if you want it to have more of a pasta texture. I usually throw it in for 5-8 minutes and it turns out fine and the smell is almost gone

No. 118750

where do you guys buy these noodles? i haven't seen them in any asian stores, but maybe i'm not looking hard enough. i'd like to try them.

No. 118759

My local (American) grocer sells them.

No. 118804

I used to think they're hard to find too until I looked closer at the pasta section in certain shops. They tend to either put rice noodles there or the international asian food aisle

No. 118808


American here, I tend find them in the produce section by the prepackaged lettuce and salad bags usually next to the tofu. I'd recommend brand "Shirakiku" as I find it to be the the purest brand free of any additives or preservatives. Though if you don't care about avoiding sodium bicarbonate or potassium sorbate their all pretty much the same, and you can't pick worng.

One thing to note is that some brands mix tofu in their noodles. So if your allergic to soy like me then be sure to check the ingredients on the back.

No. 181298

Yeah it's super disturbing that they have that shit in mags aimed at teens.. like no wonder they're so thin if they have shit like that in literally every magazine aimed at them when kids are most vulnerable to that crap

No. 181535

File: 1487439278396.png (168.07 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9240.PNG)

Try this app called loser town to calculate your weight lost on specific days! http://www.losertown.org/eats/cal_act.php

No. 181725

What are some weeaboo diet pills to try / where to cop? I need something to stop feeling hungry all the time and give me more energy to work out.

No. 181735

>tfw martini
at least i look strong

No. 181750

diet pills are a really stupid waste of money. try regular vitamins, eat enough calories and move. cravings can come from needing more nutrients in your diet.

No. 181756

try an EC stack, look it up on bodybuilder.com if u dont know what that is

No. 181772


western ones are certified trash. but i stock up on aojiru and enzymes when i travel to JP because a lot of those are thinly-veiled laxatives

inb4 ana-chan, i just have bad digestion

No. 181831

>Genetics? The only thing genetics is going to determine is body shape/fat distribution. If you eat a lot, you're going to be fat. That's it. Calories in, calories out.
The why does Austria eat more calories per day than the US, yet is far slimmer on average?

Many such cases, btw, average caloric consumption by country doesn't correlate AT ALL with overweight percentage. Neither does average sports exercise per country.

Also, ever researched how calories are measured? It's pure voodoo, not science.

No. 181833

>calories aren't real!
Then explain how I lost 20lbs from eating at a caloric deficit lol

No. 181835

File: 1487844974461.jpg (65.05 KB, 751x502, IMG_1072.JPG)

either of two units of heat energy:
the energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water through 1 °C (now usually defined as 4.1868 joules).

noun: small calorie; plural noun: small calories;

noun: cal
the energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water through 1 °C, equal to one thousand small calories and often used to measure the energy value of foods.
noun: large calorie; plural noun: large calories

No. 181860

Because you walk literally everywhere in Austria? Walking to the tram, to the subway, to the bus stop, around where everything is planned out for you to be able to get from Point A to Point B by walking.

No. 181982

A lot of fucking people, have you not seen how much they put on a footlong sub?

No. 181991

We Europeans walk a lot. Our culture and cities promote moving around by bike or walking. I eat about 3k calories a day and am at a BMI of 20.4. I also go to the gym 3x a week for an hour and walk about 5 miles a day every day.

No. 182008

This. I'm a rural American anon and it would take me around 3 and a half hours to walk to the nearest town. Even if I lived in that town though, there are no sidewalks except for near the courthouse. No public buses. It's a typical small American town. I've seen people who live in the town walking or riding a bike, but it's completely unsafe, so they really risk getting hit because they have no other means of transportation.

No. 183970

File: 1489689748371.jpg (37.53 KB, 320x993, CHZlFlsVEAAf3TO.jpg)

Does anyone have any tips/exercises for getting nice legs, sorta like pic related? I recently started exercising to tone up my body, but I'm kinda lost on how to get the wider thighs, cute/subtly curvy calves and thin ankles. I have a similar body type but my legs and hips are slightly thicker, however I would like my legs to have a nicer shape.

Pic related is Jungyeon from Twice

No. 183973

If you want to gain muscle you'll have to eat more and train legs (lift).

To "tone" them you can eat at maintenance and work out. They'll stay the same size but will have more definition.

Just remember that you'll look like you, not someone else.

Good luck

No. 183974

running could get you legs like that probs

No. 185292

Anyone know any Korean diets?

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