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File: 1437094352526.jpg (189.83 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_nr73cpGX1u1s51juko1_128…)

No. 57737


Spoony thread?

>>Bitch spammed /cgl/ with self posting

>>biggest attention whore besides Flan, derailing many threads to talk about herself
>>claims it was cyber bullies pretending to be her, even though she used a fucking trip code
>>"wheh wheh i want to be out of the spotlight so bad"
>>"i just want people to forget and stop talking about me"
>>continues to self post on lolcow
>>self posts some more after being banned from self posting

No. 57738

But was this thread created by Spoony herself?

No. 57739

Spoony used to frequent PULL under an alias and try to get pity donations for her situation (one of those gofundme websites I believe)…while a using fake picture. Girl is fucking weird.

No. 57740


No. 57741

File: 1437095086974.jpg (34.93 KB, 600x450, buddy-cole-colbert-report.jpg)

probably. true lolcows can't help themselves. they must either whiteknight, self post, or bash themselves while anon. its a compulsion.

No. 57742

explain her fucking eyebrows

No. 57743

Oh man, is this that girl who got elf ear surgery?

No. 57744

Bitches eyebrows are humiliating, stupid shmegeh-style dumb expressionless-expression. 3basic5me

No. 57745

I made the thread and I'm not spoony, but I guess that's a blank statement kek.

No. 57746

O lawd I knew my time would come eventually.
At least you used a picture I actually kind of like.



No. 57747

deeeeeets? She used to complain about not having enough food on /cgl/.

No. 57748

No. 57749

explain your eyebrows

No. 57750

No. 57751

Spoony is usually tolerable when she's not jutting her face or parts of her face into everything.

No. 57752


lol I didn't make the thread.
I'd actually really rather it weren't here but I understand that I'm free game.

This is one of the reasons I've been pushing for unique poster ID's on /meta/.


In April of 2013 the UK introduced a penalty system to those who were in receipt of housing benefit colloquially known as the "bedroom tax".

I had just moved from a hostel for the homeless into a council flat and was attending college in order to get myself out of a bad situation, but unfortunately at the time the only flat avaliable to me was a 2 bedroomed one. I had to accept the flat offered to me or face homelessness, but then 2 months after moving in they introduced this penalty which stipulated that those living in accommodation which had more than 1 bedroom and was in receipt of housing benefit had to start paying an extra £30 a week to the council or be evicted.

I couldn't afford it but I only had a few months until I completed my final exams so I tried to reason with the council but it didn't work and I was eventually served with an eviction notice.

I spoke about my dilemma on Tumblr and somebody suggested that I set up a GoFundMe to gather up enough enough money to temporarily placate the council until I could finish college.

I'm actually a pretty proud person but I decided to put my pride to bed and solicit the funds.

I'm not proud of it, I'm actually deeply embarrassed but also touched by the selfless generosity of the people that did come to aid me, people who didn't even know me, but what can I say, I was backed into a corner.
I had already sold everything I owned of worth, everything, but it still wasn't enough. I was at the most desperate point of my life and had to face throwing away my education and a shot at climbing out of poverty forever or bite back my tears and beg.

Those are the deets.

No. 57753

Lol she looks like a skinny version of the fat German "cosplayer" Sheepcream

No. 57754


Uh, they're naturally thick.
I pluck them into a reasonably neat shape but they're still really thick.
Sometimes I fill in little sparse patches with eyebrow powder which gives them an overall cleaner appearance but also provides the illusion of them being even thicker.
I really like them cause' they're mine.


No. 57755

wow she would look a lot better if she didn't do her eyebrows like that

No. 57756

You should try straight eyebrows. Everyone looks better with them.

No. 57757

fucking shit spoony defending yourself on here is just making you look worse

No. 57758

I wouldn't be fed up with all this fucking spoony shit if it wasn't for her always posting here, pointing out who she is and defending herself.

No. 57759


Like the South Korean style?
I tried it once but it just made me look really grumpy tbh.
They really only seem to suit Korean girls.


Eck, really?
I thought it would look worse if people knew that I browsed regularly but then I continued to ignore the thread, like I was running away from my history.

I just want to clear the air surrounding a few things, for example my situation with GoFundMe because I find it really insulting to those that helped me out of an incredibly shitty situation for people here to insinuate that I scammed them or something.
It bothers me.

No. 57760

Stop trying to justify yourself on a board where people bitch about other people; no one cares what you have to say and it's not going to stop us from bitching, spoony.

No. 57761

spoony stop

you're ugly

you look like fucking harry potter with hips, it's hideous

stop trying to get attention

your posts aren't cute, and you have no real claim to e-fame, because you are unattractive and not particularly likable

go take up a fucking hobby that excites you and doesn't demand that you desperately seek attention

No. 57762


>you have no real claim to e-fame

The concept of me becoming "e-famous" couldn't be any closer to a fucking nightmare for me.
In real life I am painfully shy and anybody that knows me at face value will comment how little I talk about myself.

I don't want to be famous or known by any measure on here or anywhere.
I'm 23 years old now and leading an irrelevant, unremarkable life.
There is nothing special nor interesting about me or my activities but for some reason some people, including you, insist on discussing me. Well discuss away, but I'm afraid you'll find me rather dull.

>stop trying to get attention

Tell that to the OP then, not me.

No. 57763

Lol Spoony logic:
>weh I'm usually so poor
>has enough excess funds to get her ears modified into elf points
>spams the pictures all over r9k to get desperate beta orbiters and attention

You remind me of those trashy welfare whores we have here in the US who are always bitching about never having money but seem to have it when it comes to tattoos, acrylic nails, and piercings.
I heard you did nudes, too.

No. 57764

>they introduced this penalty which stipulated that those living in accommodation which had more than 1 bedroom and was in receipt of housing benefit had to start paying an extra £30 a week to the council or be evicted

£30. Where the fuck do you live? I pay £12.26 a week bedroom tax. Never heard of anyone paying £30 for one extra room.

No. 57765

Also, there are ways to get help with bedroom tax problems. Did you see CAB? There's no reason you would get evicted unless you didn't even offer to pay a fiver a week or even a quid for a while.

No. 57766

Sounds like a scam. £30 bedroom tax. Lol. As if.

No. 57767


I received a poverty grant whilst at university.
It was intended to be used to support myself financially since I don't have parents or anybody helping me but I lived really frugally during my first year, walking everywhere, never going out drinking with friends and preparing packed lunches instead of buying meals.

I managed to save almost all of the grant and decided to use it to do something really nice for myself as a reward. Laser eye surgery turned out to be too expensive so I decided on the ear modification.

I've never treated myself like this in my entire life and I don't feel guilty. What would the grant have been spent on anyway? I can't drive, I have no property, it would have eventually trickled away on frivolous, temporary things or been taken away from me by family.
I knew this which is why I decided to use it then and there on something I knew would make me really happy. Okay it wasn't a sensible depiction I know this, but I'm really happy I did it.

You've never spent money on yourself to reward recent hard work or just because you needed a rare treat?


I was in Cumbria at the time and yeah it was fucking absurd because the room itself was so small it actually qualified as a box room but the council didn't give a fuck even when I tried to contest.

Irl I'm meek as fuck and had no idea how to defend myself or argue my case. I think it was because there were two storage cupboards that they said qualified as rooms as they could technically fit a single bed but if you saw a picture illustrating the size of them… yeah no. No.

Sorry to hear you've been affected by this though Anon.
I take it there were no 1 bedroom flats avaliable in your area to move into either?

No. 57768

File: 1437104669782.jpg (Spoiler Image,545.2 KB, 1200x1600, 1349307625266.jpg)

Spoony how does it feel knowing your tits will forever be plastered all over the internet and you're not even profiting from it? At least you were somewhat attractive when this picture was taken, you've just gone downhill since then. Why don't you stop selfposting on the internet already?

No. 57769

>You've never spent money on yourself to reward recent hard work or just because you needed a rare treat

I didn't use my crisis payment at uni for ear modification no. I applied for it because I needed it for day to day living. If I could've done without I would've done so that someone who was also struggling could benefit and not someone who wanted fucking elf ears.

I've lived in the same flat for 16 years. There aren't any one bedroom housing association flats to move to.

No. 57770


Aha, actually when it all started the CAB in my town had just been shut down as it wasn't "cost effective".
I travelled to the one in the next town over and I spoke to an absolutely lovely woman but when I explained my case she concurred that it was absurd but that it sounded like I was "between a rock and a hard place".
She advised to keep communicating with the council and try to placate them with small amounts of money, whatever I could reasonably afford, and try to hang on until my exams in June to which I could promptly fuck off to university, which is exactly what I ended up doing.

But I did actually end up getting served with a formal eviction notice and even had to attend a court hearing in relation to it, which ended up just being a tiny room with two desks and a guy sat behind one with a microphone and a potted plant.

I was shitting myself because in my head I was imagining a full-on court room with a fucking jury and a backbench and everything.

No. 57771


>at least you were somewhat attractive when this picture was taken, you've just gone downhill since then

That picture was taken 2 weeks ago.
Nice to know you find me "somewhat attractive" though :>

No. 57772

>I don't want to be famous or known by any measure on here or anywhere.

yeah right. if this were true you would never post photos of yourself on here or the rest of the internet, change all your usernames and move on with your life.

fucking cry more, i hope you eventually learn to shut the fuck up because you're so annoying.

this. at least with laser eye surgery you could have tried to justify it, elf ears are fucking stupid.

just go.

No. 57773

"Wah wah I don't want attention, but I can't stop replying"

No. 57774

>December 2012

You are a literal lying dumbwhore. Lmao

No. 57775


Anon you seem to be confused.
What I received wasn't a crisis payment, it was a poverty grant setup by my university in order to divide funds up amongst the poorest students so that they didn't have to end up walking everywhere in lieu of being able to afford public transport, so that we were able to afford to socialise with friends outside of classes, so that we could buy our textbooks new etc.

Well I did walk everywhere, I never went out drinking, chose to stay in and study as opposed to going shopping with friends, prepared all my own food at my accommodation and ate it at university and I found all my books secondhand SO that I could afford to buy myself something nice at the end of the term.

I am sorry for your situation though.
It's bullshit that they have the nerve to apply this extra charge to the poorest of society for the luxury of living in a two bedroom flat that you don't even want but can't leave because they demolished or converted all the 1 bedroom flats decades ago.


I did change all my usernames, I've had over 5 in the past year alone and I've deleted my Tumblr 3 times before giving up completely. If people really want to find you they will find you.

>at least with laser eye surgery you could have tried to justify it

Just how much money do you think I was awarded here? Because I'm telling you it was never anywhere near enough to cover the cost of surgery on even one eye. Not even half of one eye.

No. 57776


fucking kek

No. 57777


Er, I actually don't understand what you're trying to say here.
You've linked me to an old spam thread posted in 2012 and this is related to the picture of me in the OP how?

No. 57778

>What I received wasn't a crisis payment, it was a poverty grant setup by my university in order to divide funds up amongst the poorest students

That's the same as I had, but it was called a crisis payment.

No. 57779

How to stop people from finding your tumblr or any account on anything realy: a guide:
Don't post pictures of yourself or incriminating info you attentionwhore. It's really not fucking rocket science.

No. 57780

The picture you said was "taken 2 weeks ago" somehow time travelled to a thread from 2012. 2spoopy4spoony

No. 57781


Were you at university when you received it?

I don't think it's the same fund because the one I received was not a government subsidised fund, it was an independent fund setup by my university specifically that was unrelated to government funding and it wasn't intended for when you're in financial crisis, just when your calculated yearly earnings are below a certain level.

I know what the crisis payments are though but what I got wasn't one.

No. 57782

that's why you've brought yourself up in like, 15 fucking threads over the past two months? please, dude. you're right, you are boring, but for whatever reason, you keep flailing to find some fucking relevance here, and it's pathetic. like i said, go take up a hobby. stay away from the internet, ya dumb bitch.

No. 57783


….Anon are you okay?
The photo of me in the OP was taken 2 weeks ago and reflects my current appearance i.e. blonde and with new glasses.

In the thread you linked the picture of me is from when I was 19 and I'm wearing a black wig and red scarf.

Are you trying to backtrack on you calling me attractive or what?
How on earth are you confusing these two pictures?

No. 57784


Oh really, I've done that in 15 threads in two months have I? It'll be easy to provide links to these supposed posts then right?

>inb4 I can't be bothered

No. 57785

Spoony, I'm saying this with all honesty. If you really, really, don't care about e-fame, and it's a nightmare like you say, than stop responding. Stop posting. Just stop. IF someone brings you up, it will die immediately if you don't reply. You keep digging these holes for yourself. You say you don't want to be talked about, but then you don't shut up about yourself. I don't have a problem with you, but I'm getting so much second hand embarrassment watching you try to defend yourself. Just remember the Annie fiasco. let it die.

No. 57786

That nude is in the thread if you scroll down. It was posted on Sat 29 Dec 2012.

No. 57787

You realize that anon who posted the tit pic was probably talking about you being attractive in the era the tit pic is from and not your Groucho Marx-ass selfie, right?
Oh and also I never called you attractive. Different anon, turdburglar.

No. 57788

Maybe you actually misread the first anon who was insinuating you looked better in the nude at "19" than you do now. The bleach blonde is horrid.

No. 57789

not literally fifteen, dipshit, it was hyperbolic. i can name off the top of my head at least three threads in which you have posted: there's the "are you ugly thread", where you spoke openly about how you were spoony, ANOTHER thread where you spoke about your stupid fucking ears, you posted in OC's thread and sent her an ask (most likely publicly), and posted that you'd just sent her an ask, and there are defo various other threads that you've namedropped on. please stop pretending like you're so fucking low key. no one buys it, dude.

No. 57790

File: 1437107330027.png (397.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-07-17-05-27-15…)


Urgh dude you're right.
It's a terrible habit, I've always been like this and it bugs the hell out of me too but when it's actually happening I seriously don't see it.

Good night x


O rite nude.
The thumbnail didn't display so I thought you were referring to the OP picture nvm.

Nn ladies.

No. 57791

10 bucks says she's back in 8 hours.

No. 57792

>those scraggly extensions
As someone else who did the same stupid shit at 17, take them out. It's obvious where your real hair ends and the shit extensions begin. Your hair will have the texture of a fried wig and you will lose length fast. Do the right thing, it's not flattering.

No. 57793

>oh shit they found out I lied
>better act as If I think anon is talking about OP image

No. 57794

okay uh
idk you seem like a nice person irl and honestly the internet seems to bring out the attention-whore in most of us. like i understand that you probably don't think what you're doing is attention-seeking: after all, people bring you up first, you're just responding. and self-posting threads are made specifically for that purpose. it all sounds perfectly reasonable.
honestly it's just that you have a bad reputation. plus this is a bitch forum. we're always going to find something to complain about, especially the people who already dislike you.
basically just don't give them any more fodder. don't defend yourself, don't respond at all. just ignore it, or don't even go on this site at all, if it's difficult for you to refrain from self-posting.
because having to hear you brought up again and again gets tiresome.

No. 57795

no, that's not at all what happened. she literally would start speaking about herself in threads, unprompted. she's recently brought herself up time and time again, in various threads.

No. 57796

File: 1437108291566.png (34.05 KB, 1899x223, 1433627516519.png)

>the internet seems to bring out the attention-whore in most of us
Most of us were smart enough to not post nudes on the internet, even at 19.

>people bring you up first

Blatantly not true. Tripfagging/email-dropping never helped her case.

>she has a bad reputation

Which she has rightfully earned. She's been a bitch for years, I still remember her during Kooter's first internet crusades before she went nip-modo.

>getting tired of lolcows being brought up repeatedly
Spoony, are you aware of where you are?

No. 57797

spoonz how much do you weigh now just curious more or less than ~2012

No. 57798

ngl I was confused as well as to which the linking anon was referring to

No. 57799

Really? For me it was clear- it wasn't even linking to the OP but oh well

No. 57800

What is nip-modo?

No. 57801

oh, actually I just figured it out.
spoilered images just show up as a tiny grey square in my browser, so that's why I managed to overlook the tits picture attached to >>57768 until it was mentioned & I went back for closer inspection of the post.
if you're scrolling rapidly, it's easy to miss & think that anon must be referring to the only unspoilered image posted in the thread so far (OP's).
did lolcow change format or something? I thought the spoilered images used to look different– like larger gray squares with an 'x' through them?

No. 57802

They're still that way for me. big box with a ? on it. Idk what's going on with your browser.

Also wtf spoony stop posting in your own thread omfg.

No. 57803

Oh my god Spoony do you ever fucking stop talking about yourself? You really are lolcow material, you just can't keep yourself from giving us more milk.

No. 57804


Newfag here can confirm found spoony on my second visit to lolcow when i still wasn't even sure what the site was, because she was telling everyone she was spoony in /b/ and talking about herself at length on multiple threads. Looked her up and ugh.

spoony stay out you thirsty bitch

No. 57805

Can someone pull the plug on this shit show, please

No. 57806

7 hours ago was 2am here in the UK, get a fucking job

No. 57807

Fucking spoony, I remember she used to frequent all the same boards as I did. I'd go on /cgl/ and see her face, I'd go on /ic/ and see her godawful art, I'd go to /r9k/ and see her nudes. Pretty sure she posted on /v/ too. Fucking infuriating.
She's not even that annoying of a person, I'm just sick of seeing her everywhere. Admittedly the elf ears are fucking stupid though.

No. 57808

and now you go on lolcow and see her talking about herself. the cycle never ends

No. 57809

Stop talking to her or she wont shut the fuck up

No. 57810

spoony and flan are the absolute worst thing to come from /cgl/. it's funny they hate each other considering how they're both utterly pathetic and attention starved to a ridiculous degree. spoony likes to say things like how she has grown up or changed yet whenever i see her brought up she's doing the same bs she has for years. getting older doesn't automatically = changing your shit personality. maybe if she could pry herself away from the internet to stop talking about herself for a moment she could experience a real life.

also her brows look like giant fuzzy caterpillars, just saying. i like thick brows, but yikes.

No. 57811

when has spoony ever tried "not making her presence known" like she claims? whenever she's mentioned, she comes flying into a thread self posting "explanations" for her behavior, rambling in too much detail about her life, her choices for doing this or that, acting like an expert on hair, contacts, makeup, eyebrows, surgery, cosplay etc.

its fucking embarrassing. she has absolutely no self control what so ever. like i said >>57741 its a compulsion unique to lolcows

No. 57812

No. It's bullying when you ostrisize someone.

No. 57813

i need that nude pic of spoony's bf/exbf

he was so fucking hot. never saw his face, but i remember his body being great

No. 57814

But she's fun to milk, why should I stop?

No. 57815

I think she's kinda hot in a nerdy way.

No. 57816

I don't think you understand what "milking" is.
Milking is new pictures, new videos, new details, dramatic blog entries etc. This isn't even trolling; this is just sad.

No. 57817

I want her t oanswer my weight question is she losing or getting fatter

No. 57818

Serious question Spoony, I've got a nipple ring and it seems to be a little low like yours is. Does yours ever bother you to look at because it's lower? I've been thinking about getting mine redone because of it.

No. 57819

If she's not responding then you already got your answer, kek.

No. 57820

Nipple rings are disgusting af

No. 57821

>god you're embarrassing spoony
>stop posting in your own thread lol
>just stop posting wow cringe
>stop attention seeking and get out

>she leaves

>where did she go

>answer my question spoony
>spoony give me advice
>hey spoony, answer this

No. 57822

>I thought it would look worse if people knew that I browsed regularly but then I continued to ignore the thread, like I was running away from my history.

That is the opposite of how the internet works, and you know it.

No. 57823

AHAHA Bitch do you think we're fucking stupid? Those shits are mostly makeup. Stop trying to be a lotr elf. Not working.

No. 57824

Someone linked her MPA profile in another thread and she said on MPA she weighed like 200+lbs

No. 57825


Lol same here anon
Sheepcream is also lolcow material , i hope see her here someday.

No. 57826

I could post her, there's a lot of cringey stuff from krautchan, including a blowjob video

No. 57827


spoony i liked you when you posted in /b/, i really did. I thought you had learned, changed for the better and left chan boards. Now, you're here…

Spoony y

No. 57828

Please make a thread senpai-sama

No. 57829

I don't see how anyone could like this try hard attention whore unless they're the same.

No. 57830

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow fuck. Lol she doesn't have enough to eat u guys.

No. 57831

Lol she was camwhoring in my white girls appreciation thread.

No. 57832

Go back to /b/ faggit.

No. 57833

She wants to be a LOTR elf so bad and the worst part is that even with going full retard and mutilating her ears she still just looks like a sperg. If anything she looks like the hairs on Legolas' taint. Admin sama, please put a spoiler over her face. It's triggering me.

No. 57834

Lel did I offend bl*cks?

No. 57835

Pretty sure its impossible to offend blocks.

No. 57836

Lel st*pid

No. 57837

what's MPA?

No. 57838

wow it's not like there's different people posting on this thread

No. 57839

My pro ana

No. 57840


No. 57841

really still not spoony.
admin-sama can post my location & IP, if you want, but I can assure you now that I live nowhere near the UK.

jfc but your hateboner for this woman could punch through walls, if simply admitting to having the same browser setup is evidence to you that some random poster 'must be spoony!!'

I honestly feel sorry for this girl.
Can't even post circle lense advice without 'gtfo' immediately following.

No. 57842

Those are beautiful

No. 57843

Proxies or online friend.

No. 57844

Spooky had been known to ban evade all throught her 4chan history, she could easily change her ip or find some other tactic,

No. 57845


I don't care enough to bother masking my IP or activity and I'm confident that if I were to use a proxy that our ever-competent Admin would know in an instant.
He/she is way beyond my technical skill when it comes to this stuff.

>>57841 isn't me (but I appreciate it anyway Anon).

No. 57846

I knew she'd be back. Can't stay away from the spotlight too long now, can you?

No. 57847

It's spoony, not spooky. Spooky is charlotte charms/little lotte.

No. 57848



It's almost like I'm a regular lurker and contributor to this board or something.
I scroll past the thread every day.

No. 57849

Shut up

No. 57850

If you want to be a whoring namefag so badly, this is clearly not the place. Go back to PULL where you'll get asspats and attention for trying to string together clever responses and blog posts no one actually gives a shit about.

No. 57851

Nobody is namefagging in this thread.

No. 57852

That comment was referring to Spoony's constant need to make her presence known and discussed, not other farmers.

No. 57853


I don't think you know what namefagging is in that case.

No. 57854

tbh its a bit stupid when there are various people in the thread debating if she is or isn't in the thread and when she does show up people saying "after attention again are you spoony lol".
If you don't want her responding maybe try not seeking her out? It's like /cgl/ all over again. So dumb.

No. 57855

of course, must be proxies or an online friend.
because it's impossible to conceive of a reality where everyone else in the world does not share your irrational hatred for some random brit girl.

you sound crazy, you know that?

petitioning this thread to be moved to /b/.
If all it takes to turn someone into a lolcow is posting nudes when they're a teen, then this board ought to be a lot more crowded than it is.

No. 57856

Does she really weigh 200lbs? Damn. I'm a fatass but I never thought I would see the day when I weigh less than her

No. 57857

Spoony's insta and twitter accounts are both ive_ori if someone feels like scrolling through them for more lols.
It's almost ridicilous how I keep running into her stupid face without even trying.. (I'm >>57807 ) I found her instagram through Erika's, she was commenting on her pics.

No. 57858

Dat beak..

No. 57859

No. 57860

How old is spoony? Behind the wannabe elven filters she's got some saggy ass jowls and that hanging nose…she looks 30

No. 57861

Why do the problematic kind of self posting girls almost always end up being camwhores?

No. 57862

File: 1437590771807.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-07-22-19-40-03…)


Okay Beck.
You probably shouldn't try to bitch about people's "stupid faces" when you look like this tho.

Just sayin'.

No. 57863

How do you know it was this random weeb and not just any of us anons that think spoony is annoying and ugly…?

No. 57864

Stupid move, Spoony. This isn't exactly going to curry you any favour with anyone here, regardless of your justifications this is just going to be remembered as you digging up info on a girl who was rightfully annoyed by your incessant shitposting. If you have beef with this girl take it somewhere private.

No. 57865

>dat everything
I don't feel bad for this girl tbh, if you're going to talk shit you should know how to hide your tracks

No. 57866

But how do we even know it's her? I dunno why spoony would drag it out since she's an ugly weeaboo too lmao it doesn't prove much.

No. 57867


Because I am spoony and Beck back up the thread was stupid enough to mention that she found my Instagram through what she obviously didn't realise was a mutual friend who I know very well and speak to regularly.

I already knew who Beck was from our mutual friend mentioning her in the past and our mutual friend doesn't have that many followers on Instagram so I recognised her immediately.

I also know she's a drawfag and she says she visited /ic/, I saw on her profile that she communicates with Shandon AKA Tomorrow who was an old trip from /fa/ and she also just said that she used to visit /fa/. She's also supposedly an incorrigible weeb so it makes sense she'd know me from /cgl/ and be on lolcow today.
Literally took me less than a minute to connect the dots.

Apparently I'm not the only one that does a lot of selfposting ey' Beck :^)
Try not to drop so much identifiable information in one post next time.


She was just trying to dig up infomation on me and publish it to a public arena.
Maybe she should try not throwing stones from inside a glass house.

No. 57868

Spoony do you have a job

No. 57869

You're insane…….lmao

No. 57870


Uh, I don't really want to get back into this since I'm only prolonging this out, but yes, I have a Summer job until I return to university in September.

No. 57871

You should go study your nipponese or drink a nice beverage and enjoy the weather or something

No. 57872

Yeah, but this specific public arena is for discussing you and why you're so annoying. I just don't get how you can't see that no matter what you say or do here, you're going to be painted as the villain. You could come into this thread and prove you'd cured cancer and people would still hate you, and find a way to make it a bad thing. You keep making it worse, at the same time as saying you don't want to prolong things. It's like you're standing there, on fire pouring petrol on yourself and then complaining that it's hot.

If you really hate it so much, then why do you continue to come to lolcow? Why do you seek out relationships with other people under scrutiny for their behaviour. You probably have a decent chance of actually blending into obscurity, which is what you say you want, and yet all of your actions are exactly the same as they ever were.

No. 57873

didnt read any of this but have you ever considered to fuck yourself with glass shards?

No. 57874

If it's not her, 1) Spoony is just showing her ass again (figuratively this time) and 2) this girl probably doesn't browse Lolcow and won't find out some random posted a screencap of her Insta.
If it is her, Spoony is kind of justified in dragging her in return.

No. 57875

wow she is actually cute unlike you

No. 57876

no she isn't. spoony is annoying as shit. are you spoony? fuck off.

No. 57877

I don't give a fuck about that random weeb on Instagram and I don't know what spoony was expecting, that we'd applaud her Sick Burn? Ugly weeaboos are a dime a dozen. That girl made those posts on anon and what she said has truth to it anyways. Idc

No. 57878

I know right Poony has no life

No. 57879

I'm not Spoony, I just don't care about this and I'm here to laugh at people tbh
Nobody ITT is innocent

No. 57880

I think that person misunderstood you, or maybe I did. Were you saying spoony was cute or that the other girl looked better than spoony which of course doesn't say much but I'd say anyone who isn't retarded enough to do that to their ears is better game

No. 57881

File: 1437593310906.jpg (Spoiler Image,89.65 KB, 720x1280, poony.jpg)


Poony I made some fanart for you

No. 57882

So Spoony thinks she deserves to treat herself with government money?

No, Spoony, you treat yourself with money you've WORKED FOR. You are seriously useless.

No. 57883


I've been studying all day beb, but it's a nice suggestion x


I don't really know how anybody could expect me to scroll past this everyday and not come in and attempt to defend myself at some point.
I've been ignoring it for days but I find Beck trying to drag me too hilarious for inaction, especially since she obviously had no idea that Erika and I were so friendly.

I'm certain anybody else would do the same if they were in my position, but I'm not interested in doing it in an unidentifiable way and sneaking around and having the thread devolve into "omg ur spoony" anytime anybody has anything remotely not negative to say about me so that's really the only difference.

You are right though.
You are completely right, I'll never ever not be painted as a villain by people who literally know nothing about me and most who only know of me through second hand information and this bizarre idea of who I was back on /cgl/ when really the reality was that I was only ever an exceptionally irritating, young, dumb tripfag.

I'll probably leave once I return to university.

No. 57884

You are still irritating. But do you like the fanart anon made? >>57881

No. 57885

No, I was laughing at the other girl's picture. Spoony isn't that much to look at either honestly

No. 57886

Oh shut up man everyone in the UK spends their entire student loan almost exclusively on alcohol (or weed). It's a rite of passage to piss it away and then never pay it back.

>Inb4 spoony

No, just a grouchy britfag.

No. 57887

no the brunette is really cute tbh. Poony sux
fuck off useless cunt

No. 57888


I didn't even spend mine on alcohol or weed and it made for a fucking boring first year. The ears were still worth it tho.

I wonder if people would be more or less outraged if I spent it on vodka and drugs instead of weird surgery?

No. 57889

haha no one is angry we are just laughing at you. you cant help it you are born like this. i just truly feel sorry for your mother. You're ugly, a slut, a free whore and an idiot. You'll never get rid of your internet image either.

No. 57890

tbh the anons in this thread & their crazed vendettas are starting to sound way more cringy/lolcow-worthy than the actual subject of discussion.

No. 57891

US is currently suffering from a student loan crisis because of dumb fucks like you, I hope your country goes the same route.

Drugs or ugly elf ears, it doesn't matter. Get a job.

No. 57892

Sure Poony but at least no one hated me so much to the point they made this >>57881

No. 57893

I'm pretty sure the aggressive comments are made by one person but there are still dozens of us that think spoons is an annoying retard with dumb ears lol

No. 57894

I can verify that this is not true. I know because I told her this >>57873

No. 57895


I'm pretty sure that it was US banks that caused that whole economic crash back in 2008 that fucked over like virtually every other country in the world including the UK, or did you forget that detail?

No. 57896

It's got literally nothing to do with what the students spend the loans on. We get a set amount of loan based on our family's income from the government, and once it's gone, it's gone. It's not as if the students who spend their loan on drugs are taking out second or third loans. The students who spent it all sensibly are in exactly the same position as those who didn't.

Furthermore the government fucked over students here by promising not to raise the tuition fees from £3000 a year to £9000 a year and doing it anyway, which they knew full well every single student would default on (Because we don't start paying them back until we earn over 21k a year, and it takes 130-ish years to pay it back at this rate, and they're written off after thirty years.) before they ever introduced it. University used to be free here, and nowadays not much has changed besides the debt going through a few more people's hands before landing on the taxpayers lap.

No. 57897

Thank you for you honesty, guro chan. I don't feel that strongly about Spoony but I respect your suggestion

No. 57898

still not spoony.
is that seriously the only response anyone itt can come up with?
u mad, brah

No. 57899

Are you from the US? The 2008 banking crisis is a separate issue from the student loan bubble that popped. It popped way sooner due to the 2008 crisis, but it's a separate issue apart from surrendering to the weight of jobloss in general (which was happening in the US before the banks going…bankrupt).

Colleges, like the housing bubble had a huge surge, except in 2008 enrollment increased due to individuals losing their jobs. People took out loans irresponsibly and spent them on things other than education (which is fraud in the US). People are now realizing their 50k education gets them a job that does not make enough to pay that loan back. Much of the 50k taken out by the majority of students was in excess. The government made loans to be 100kplus while a degree only costs 20k. Now, many are defaulting on their student loans sending higher education institutions into a lot of turmoil.

The banking crisis was related to the housing bubble where people defaulted on loans, and now the government is facing the same problem with educational loans.

No. 57900

Shut up Poony

No. 57901

Is it actually just one anon that insists on calling every fucking lolcow some sort of shitty nickname? It's not funny. We don't need some shit based pun for everyone posted on here.

No. 57902

File: 1437596761041.jpg (25.95 KB, 300x400, ear.jpg)

No. 57903

I feel you.
someone is trying way too hard to force out the milk.
I'm honestly surprised that this discussion is still in /pt/.
the primary thing that anon seems to be mad about is 'she wants attention'…so the solution is to give her more attention by making an entire thread about her? uh, ok.

if the samefagging in this thread was that bad, I have faith that admin-sama would mention something about it.

No. 57904

Spoons and Liana Judd should cam together. That would make for some great scissoring. I hope you all see this gr8 mental picture too.

No. 57905

Yeah but what the fuck do US student loan problems have to do with the UK? It's a completely different issue.

No. 57906

We're samefagging!!!11

No. 57907

>no links
>no pictures
>no videos
>no blogs
>no drama

Why is this thread even here and not on /b/?

No. 57908

This happened before in my white girls appreciation thread and I am suspicious about this now. Yes I am implying that Sp**ny is samefagging.

>inb4 a person of Sub-Saharan African descent is telling me to fuck off to /b/

No. 57909


No. 57910

she was selfposting in /b/ again

No. 57911

why is her blog deleted?

No. 57912

What a British student chooses to spend their loan on has nothing to do with any crisises in the US.

No. 57913

>inb4 a person of Sub-Saharan African descent is telling me to fuck off to /b/

Anyway! I bet if everyone collectively shuns her she'll stop. If you see anyone using "m8 :^)" you know what to do. Lmao.

No. 57914

Maybe because people were saying it was such a shitty blog.

No. 57915

>no drama
GTFO newfag.

No. 57916


Drama that isn't like a century old moron.

No. 57917

Hi, Murrican here with a $35k loan from my graduate degree and tbqh the loans are better spent on weed and booze. My campus still can't fucking rationalize why the tuition doubles from undergrad to graduate despite taking less courses and using less materials.

I'm glad Brits have the opportunity to spend money on the shit they enjoy instead of wasting it on "fees" and hiked rates that are never fully disclosed. Good on them. I don't even like Spoony but I hope she spent her shit on Dragon Dildoes just to spite the US system.

No. 57918

Oh no, we still have to pay tuition fees. £9k a year. We don't see any of that money, it just goes directly from the government loan company to the uni. What we're referring to are the maintenance loans/grants you get to cover living expenses. As of last year, uni students will be £48k in debt for a three year course.

No. 57919

lol @ getting an unfunded masters degree

No. 57920

File: 1437612207684.jpg (154.67 KB, 960x620, 1331230752940.jpg)

>£9k a year.
Fuck, that's just about my rate for each of my four semesters for two years including living expenses. Comparatively cheaper, but so outrageous still.


Le ebin maymay xD
>mfw no undergrad debt tho

No. 57921

she was self posting here pretty recently and she will probably do it again. she deserves a thread to be honest just so she will learn a lesson.
lurk this thread

No. 57922

A lot of it goes to dumb fuck tenure professors who teach like shit and are bitter as hell. I work for a college and my friend is a part time instructor and … fuck…tenure professors have all the fucking benefits in the world and it's like pulling teeth to fire a bad one. Not only that, but staff and part timers have to pay 10% into retirement boards and most is spoiled on the tenures.

College tuition in the 'merica has to be one of the biggest scams including textbook fees. Especially since our economy has zero need for grads in Psychology. Might as well get a job at target.

No. 57923

is this entire thread even real?
lmao OP why did you do this
Spoony is treating it like a reddit ama

No. 57924

I fucking am loving the direction this thread is going actually I want to see this whole thread derailed with discussion on college tuition

This does need to be moved to /b/ tho im tired of seeing spoons ugly mug

No. 57925

yeah this is the epitome of OT with Spoony's irrelevant ass i second the move to /b/

No. 57926


Oy' ;__;


I'm kind of bemused by its presence tbh because I consider myself a completely average 23 year old woman.
It's weird, I'm nowhere near interesting enough.

No. 57927

then why do you keep posting and taking about yourself. also not "normal" to try so hard to be a lotr elf and also fail.

No. 57928


I was actually more going for the vampire aesthetic but watevs.
idk why people think I'm obsessed with elves.

No. 57929

gurl it's because you keep insisting on this "completely average i'm not interesting" defense.

nobody is even saying it's not true i think the fact you consistently defend yourself on these forums is why this is a thing. like you HAVE to be enjoying this attention cause you keep feeding into it. it's pointless to play the "ohhh…little 'ol me?" crap.

idegaf if somebody selfie posts

no lulz live here

No. 57930

you suck tbh

No. 57931

Poony is tolerable if she basically kills herself.

No. 57932

Vampire? Vampires do not…nvm

No. 57933


I guess I'm foolish in that I kind of believe that once people understand how dull and uninteresting I am they'll drop this persona that they've built up of me in their head but the only way to do that is to communicate with people first.

No. 57934

she thought vampires had sharp ears she doesnt know just let her

No. 57935

you started this persona you retard. now go away you cant sit with us.

No. 57936

I'm sad because you deleted your tumblr. I liked it's content. But I'm sadder about the sad samefags in this thread. Please, stop giving so much attention to some gir on the internet, go get some fresh air outside

No. 57937

This happened in the thread in /b/ too! lol you are so sad Spoony!

No. 57938

File: 1437618886576.gif (443.04 KB, 200x183, tumblr_inline_mrx49wY5Bl1qz4rg…)

>vampire aesthetic

No. 57939

u are dumb

No. 57940

This. Thread is screaming to be moved to /b/

No interest at all in some girl some people hate from other boards. How is she even relevant on /pt/?

No. 57941

she posts herself here so no spoony your thread is going to stay here! i know this is you because you did the same thing in my stupid thread!

No. 57942

File: 1437619112077.jpg (62.91 KB, 750x540, a8ab.jpg)


You guys aren't Vampire Hunter D fans I take it?

No. 57943

File: 1437619114278.jpg (112.61 KB, 570x380, nosferatu_1.jpg)

Nosferatu had pointy ears. Can't think of any other vampires though.

No. 57944

spoony that tumblr was garbage

> I kind of believe that once people understand how dull and uninteresting I am they'll drop this persona that they've built up of me in their head but the only way to do that is to communicate with people first.

no one gave 2 shits about you that's why you had to come here and start self selfposting srsly gtfo and get psychological help.

No. 57945


>I know this is you!

It's not though.

No. 57946

Ugh. Not authentic vampire, sorry.

No. 57947

This is the only way to know if Coony is samefagging or not:

No. 57948

we are samefagging I think according to Spoon

No. 57949

no spoony it's not just about the ears. it's that you don't like shit all like a vampire. more like a raggedy bargain bin zelda with grandma face.

No. 57950

I posted Nosferatu and not Spoony. I spit on the Vamire Hunter D bollocks.

No. 57951


Sorry, I already had a few stalkers monitoring it and sending me a stream of lewd asks though and I'm not interested in having people here crawling all over it and scrutinising every personal post and picture.

No. 57952

it's artistic choice whether or not they have pointy ears tbh but without proper vampy look you just look like peter pan.

No. 57953

File: 1437619441958.jpg (110.67 KB, 1301x963, ugly.jpg)

Spoony has psychological issues and she needed a nosejob not weird ears

No. 57954

sad you're answering yourself

No. 57955

>lewd asks

No. 57956

Pointy ears make me think of Spock.

No. 57957

Spoony is so mentally ill what the hell?! Does she get wet from this?

No. 57958

Lol not her. Admin check my IP if you wish. To be honest I follo w this thread because the samefags and the salty bitches are more lulzworthy than Spoony herself. Just let her be.

No. 57959

this is exactly what she would say.

No. 57960

She's not ugly. She isn't a lolcow. Her ears are stupid, but so what. WHY IS SHE HERE???

No. 57961

If she is not a lolcow then kotakoti isnt one either.

No. 57962

But this is not a sexy vampire

No. 57963

She also produced child porn and i think she still produces nudes regularly
>>Bitch spammed /cgl/ with self posting
>>biggest attention whore besides Flan, derailing many threads to talk about herself
>>claims it was cyber bullies pretending to be her, even though she used a fucking trip code
>>"wheh wheh i want to be out of the spotlight so bad"
>>"i just want people to forget and stop talking about me"
>>continues to self post on lolcow
>>self posts some more after being banned from self posting

No. 57964

I think a lot of people posting here are easily riled and annoyed but I think we all agree pretty much that this belongs in /b/

Would I consider her a cow? Absolutely. Am I getting any lols from it? No and im tired of seeing her jowls on /pt/

No. 57965

File: 1437620362475.jpg (184.75 KB, 640x480, Picture2015722235423.jpg)

sorry but no

No. 57966

could you please kill yourself attention whore? show tits or gtfo and it barely shows your face. everyone can put a wig on or change hair color

No. 57967

Um is your name Rachel if so (or even if it isn't) please don't continue down this path it isn't a good idea

No. 57968

bitch is so familiar
i hate it when lolcows visit lolcow

No. 57969

You call me attention whore but want me to show my tits/face? You're the one that should kill herself.
Nope. I'm just sick of cunts that won't shut up about some nobody like Spoons.

No. 57970

She just looks like a dumb bitch with shitty tattoos that I know of that definitely falls under the category of Milk Potential

No. 57971

dont show your ugly face just your tits. if you want to be a whore dont hide it, just show it. now gtfo here this isnt your personal /soc/.

No. 57972


>tits or gtfo

… you really this isn't /cow/ right?

No. 57973

Fair enough. You did make a point, although unnecessary. this thread isn't very serious anyways, no one likes spoon and there really isn't much to do besides shitpost.

No. 57974

you're right this is reddit

No. 57975

I'm waiting for it to be recognized as so bad that Admin Sama moves it to /b/ where it belongs

No. 57976

You need a life.

No. 57977

? Because I want this thread moved to /b/ as well as others? What

No. 57978

just ignore the thread you know

No. 57979

Kek'ing forever because spoony just brought in drama herself not realizing the person posting her ig (aka me) is just a random farmer who follows erika on ig (protip there are a lot of us).

No. 57980

Still kek'ing forever since I 100% honestly am not beck but if you want to believe that, feel free to. Hell, go and confront beck about this and report back how it went. Post more of her pics too.

No. 57981

It's ok though, you're actually cute and Poony is not.

No. 57982

It's totally fine if you don't believe me, I just enjoy the fact that spoony really did just post (what I assume to be) her friend on lolcow for no reason. Way to jump to conclusions, gurl.

No. 57983

I believe you because Spoony is a pathological liar.

No. 57984


Kek Beck was never my friend, I don't even know her, but if you're not Beck then you're Kelly and my point still stands. Also Erika thinks you're a creep.
This thread is actually giving me more lulz from the continuous bickering and accusing me on putting on wigs and samefagging when I was fast asleep in bed.

Never change lolcow.

No. 57985

i hate you

No. 57986

Spoony, I was the person in another thread who you said should message you on MPA to chat and honestly I was really considering it because I never had any beef with you or anything but didn't because I was so turned off by how much you feel the need to talk about yourself. Every time you come in to a thread you make it all about yourself and cannot seem to ignore anything. I've seen you do this in multiple threads on here.
I don't think you seem to realize that this is why people are reacting so hostile to you. It IS annoying. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike you or anything but can you not see how it's a total turn off? You just seem totally obsessed with yourself.
Have you never noticed you are like the only person on this entire board that regularly acts this way? In fact you're the only person who I've seen doing this on here.

You said in another post did you really expect you to ignore this thread and not defend yourself? Well yeah. I'd like to think you're not a stupid girl but coming into an area like this instead of letting the thread die is the absolute pinnacle of stupidity. The smart thing to do is to NOT engage in these conversations because you are literally giving people more things to talk about. When has defending yourself EVER worked? If you just said nothing I guarantee you that nobody would post here. Let people get whatever they have to say out of their system, then they'll get bored and interest in you will die. Look how dead this topic was until you came in to this thread! You have brains, please start using them because you are just making things worse for yourself.

Posting that other girl ITT was a terrible idea, nobody knows who they are or cares and it just makes you look like a huge sandy cunt that nobody would want to talk to since you would easily do such a nasty thing to try and attract negative attention away from yourself. You don't even have any proof this is the girl who posted your usernames so it looks to everyone else like you're picking on some random, innocent person. Your reputation is already pretty bad on this site, why are you giving people actual reason to hate you?

Idk… I don't think you're dumb but you are definitely making dumb choices. Retreat for once and hide this thread, it will do way more harm than good to engage in it. Pretend it doesn't exist or you will just make yourself miserable because I think you are far too self obsessed to take anything said here well.

No. 57987

So are you thinking about getting this novel published

No. 57988

spoony youre sick

No. 57989

>why are you giving people actual reason to hate you?

Because I learned a long time ago that it doesn't matter what I do, people who know nothing about me who hold a grudge against me for things I did as a teenager, as
a kid, things that had nothing to with them, they are going to continue to stalk and harass me no matter what.
They're never going to let it go. They're going to hate me anyway so I don't care what anybody thinks anymore and I haven't for a long time.

I don't like it and I want the attention to go away which is why I deleted my tumblr and lock any accounts that get posted here.

Even if I stop posting here you know it's never going to stop though right?
I have been devoid of drama for literally 6+ years now, I only keep a private Tumblr that I don't link anywhere, I don't trip, at one point I dropped off the map completely and still I saw threads being posted on 4chan via the searchable archives all the time saying "where's spoony, where did she go? Is spoony dead?" almost every week.

You think this is going to stop if I just stop visiting lolcow? It won't. People are always going to be hunting me down, trying to find accounts that belong to me and posting them to places like here so I fucking give up.

No. 57990


4+ years*, not 6+ derp.

No. 57991


NO ONE gave a fuck on here about you until you started self posting. the only shit that was spoken about you was in flan's thread, which died fucking months ago, pretty much. no one here cared until you started talking about yourself. and who cares if a few people asked about you on 4chan? has anything actually come of it? did they throw dead pigeons at your windows? ofc not. you're just self obsessed and want to believe that people care more than they do.

your excuses fucking suck.

No. 57992

and seriously, you can visit lolcow without having to join in on your own thread. hide the fucking thread and have some willpower.

No. 57993


You say that because you can only see what you can see.
What you can't see is the stream of messages I was recieving to my Tumblr daily before I deleted it, which is the 4th time now by the way, the Facebook messages, the friend requests, "hi spoony I remember you lol :p", the threads on 4chan that are still being made weekly to this day.

Nobody cares about me? Tell that to people seeking me out, tell that to the OP, tell that to people in this thread posting details about me. Tell that to yourself, you're in this ridiculous thread too.

I'm bad for posting in this thread in the first place but in my eyes I was being amicable.
I genuinely thought it would give me an opportunity to understand why the OP and others hated me when to date nobody has given me a reason bar "you fucked up in a /b/ thread where a girl was calling you a jealous slave because you were defending black people so you posted a picture of your skin which included part of your lips and hair to prove you were white but I identified you so now you're a selfposting whore".

I am so fucking tired of this bullshit and people will not leave me the fuck alone even when I'm anonymous.

Obviously I'm a short-sighted idiot because I keep thinking "nobody would hate somebody for no reason when they've literally no drama and have gone to great lengths to drop off the map completely, there has to be a reason and I want to understand why".

No. 57994

>I don't like attention
>Constantly posts in own thread to get more attention

Nia used to get stalked as well, every thread on /cgl/ had "hi Nia" in it at one point. But then, it stopped. People stopped talking about her. Know why? Because she stopped fucking responding to every single post about her, because she's not a complete idiot like you are.

No. 57995

Holy shit shut up.

No. 57996

>>57993 then get some fucking clue and stop showing yourself on an anonymous board
I'm a newfag and was not the first time I saw your face here

No. 57997

>tell that to op
>tell that to yourself
>stream of asks
yes, this is all AFTER you decided to self post and name drop yourself all over the boards. of course people are trying to draw some milk after you've derailed numerous threads to talk about yourself, and how you "don't want attention", over, and over and over. you're such a fucking idiot, dude. you're actually like really embarrassing. i know you think your "idgaf wat ppl say" act is cool, but your lack of self awareness is just cringe inducing.

No. 57998


You keep saying I'm namedropping all over the place but I don't recall doing this outside of that one self post thread on /b/.

You say I'm doing all this stuff to excess? Show me proof, give me links, or shut the fuck up and stop making baseless accusations because at this point it sounds like your bandwagoning and don't have a fucking clue what you're talking about.

No. 57999

>I am so fucking tired of this bullshit and people will not leave me the fuck alone even when I'm anonymous.

You're not fucking anonymous though! You talk about yourself incessantly, to the point where it's as easy to tell when it's you from the content of your post as when you're actually selfposting pictures! Are you just genuinely unaware of how many details about your life you constantly insist on talking about and derailing threads with?

>Obviously I'm a short-sighted idiot because I keep thinking "nobody would hate somebody for no reason when they've literally no drama and have gone to great lengths to drop off the map completely, there has to be a reason and I want to understand why".

People hate that you do nothing but talk about yourself. Every reply in this thread about yourself is making it worse, because we're sick of hearing you talk about you.

That and you still have an internet presence. You were a chan cam whore, compared to someone like ruaridoll, who was actually internet famous, disappearing should be peanuts. She managed it, why can't you? But of course! you don't want to vanish. If you did, you'd stop trying to be friends with internet famous people, you'd cut contact with all the people you know from the chans, you'd stop involving yourself in drama, you'd stop posting so many identifying details here (Speaking of, stop ending your posts with an x)

No. 58000


Who am I friends with that's internet famous? When the fuck was I every a chan?

Where the hell are you getting your information?

No. 58001

You know, I was about to write you an A-log death threat but now I feel sorry for you. You should stop browsing image boards or any other forum. You apparently are getting stalked so you obviously don't understand how the internet works. If you want to talk to people virtually, just do so with a messenger app and with people who actually like you so they wont leak your nudes or something. I suggest Yahoo Messenger or something, I don't know what popular is in your country. Good luck and don't come back here! Internet is not meant for you!

No. 58002

>Who am I friends with that's internet famous?
Do you want to know how everyone re-finds your tumblr every time you delete it? Because you go and speak to someone like charms publicly. Every single time. That's the shit I'm talking about.

No. 58003


"Friends" is plural, who are the others?

And I was never friends with Charms, she sought me out but we're not friends.

No. 58004

Hey you!
Read this advice>>142959

No. 58005


I'm not listening to anybody who thinks sending out death threats is funny. They're more retarded than I am, and that's saying a lot.

No. 58006

Surely the fact people find your tumblr/other social media profiles every time you remake them is proof enough you're interacting with people notable enough to get you noticed. Maybe you don't consider them friends, but that's completely beside the point, the point is you publicly interact with people you know full well this site is watching.

One more thing I don't understand. If you really hate all this shit being done to you, why do you do it to other people?

No. 58007

Because she's a big fat hypocrite and hasn't "changed" at all

No. 58008

Ok spoony samefags a lot but I can assure you I'm not her. I just chatted with her before sort of so I felt compelled to comment.

If you don't care what anybody thinks then why have you been ITT for the past 3 hours (since I last posted that comment) defending yourself? If you really didn't care then you'd ignore this thread instead of making things worse for yourself. Your words don't match your actions.
Spoony… people only care because you make your presence super obvious on what is supposed to be an anonymous message board. No one ever, EVER discussed you before you started posting about yourself on here. I never saw anyone mention you. This is going to sound harsh, I don't mean it to be offensive, but in the grand scheme of things you're a literal nobody. The only reason people know you here is because you make sure to make yourself known. You don't actually do anything. You don't run a popular instagram/youtube/whatever like almost every other topic on this board. You don't produce any content to gain a following or any sort of attention from the masses.
So what other reason do people have to talk about you? No one would care about your past shit if you didn't ALSO do stuff on this board, too. I mean I could make a thread about swami/guy/whatever tripfags from back in the day solely dedicated to their 4chan antics but absolutely no one would care because they're totally irrelevant now. You are posted here because you're continuing the same behaviors and that's why people are posting about you. How can you not see that?

No. 58009


No, you've got me confused.
I don't mind people haranguing others that have done wrong. Sometimes people deserve it, sometimes they need it.
In my teens I did a lot wrong.
I was such a little shit, I underestimated the internet at the time which was something I was still fairly new to and my life was totally off the rails.
I 100% deserved that backlash; I needed it in order to snap me back to reality and pay attention to what was going on in my real life.

I was 15 when that started and I'm 23 now, I haven't had any drama for over 4 maybe 5 years now, for the most part I browse the internet in peace and obscurity and its wonderful.

I just want to be left alone Anon.
I want to be able to browse lolcow in peace. I want to be able to keep a Tumblr and interact with people the way almost every other person on Tumblr can and does without my entire existence coming under scrutiny and people reposting pictures of and telling me I'm a whore and that my hair is extensions and I'm photoshopping my eyebrows or whatever.

Sometimes I'm brusque and act without thinking, like in that white girls thread when I was trying to defend people against another irritating race spammer that was probably racist-chan, I acted without thinking, thinking they'd shut up once they realised I was white. I genuinely thought I was doing a good thing but again, I didn't think.

I went about addressesing this thread wrong because I didn't anticipate there'd be people still hanging onto stuff that occurred 8 or so years ago, I thought people would be more amicable. I was naive and honestly believed I could communicate with some of you properly for once.

I could understand if I was off doing all these terrible things but I'm not. The worst thing I've done is participating on this site the same every other user here and occasionally not thinking and mentioning details of my life that some of you are familiar with because I want to join in on discussions.

I have known and spoken to some of you in this thread for years, since early /cgl/, and I'm so tired of it guys. If I can't communicate with any of you then fine, I'll just stop posting in this thread from here on. This was obviously a mistake.
It just feels like no matter what I do, I try to take a patient approach and make people understand, I try to fight back, no matter what I always end up villain.

Please just stop and let me live my life now.

No. 58010

File: 1437671131234.jpg (4.77 KB, 289x174, BAW.jpg)







No. 58011

Ok bye

No. 58012

ive been on the chans for a long time and i can only say this:

spoony has been self-posting since the dawn of the internet. she is ruthless in her self-posting. i remember her self-posting all over my homeboard /r9k/ for days and days on end. she is truly sick and needs help. i remember she would post this "which /cgl/ girl would you do" picture on /r9k/ nearly EVERY day and pray people would say it was her.

spoony is like a fucking tumour that cannot be eradicated

No. 58013

like no one is hanging on to shit you did 8 years ago. no one really cares. what people care about is the fact that you KEEP SELF POSTING TO THIS DAY, despite you chanting over and over on the boards about how you've changed, when you haven't. maybe you aren't posting tit pics anymore, but you're still thirsting for attention, and it's obvious. stop playing the victim. no one cares or believes you.

No. 58014

Nia stopped responding because people called her out on her shit. Hell, even when she moved all the way to the other side of the country, she had such a bad reputation after spreading drama for 3+ years on /cgl/ that nobody in the Cali cosplay/lolita scene wanted to associate with her.
Nikki still is around, she just doesn't trip anymore because she realized that identifying herself resulted in immediately having her opinions disregarded by the majority of her audience, & any statements posted were immediately called into question.
Also Nikki is autistic, ffs. She's on an entirely 'nother level of lolcow.

If the majority of the hate itt stems from the fact that spoony 'derails' threads to talk about herself…
you realize that it takes two, right?
if you stopped responding 'hi spoony' or 'shut up spoony' and drawing attention to it, then she'd be just another contributer, esp. considering that she's stopped tripping.
you vendettafags are honestly the most amusing part of this thread.

No. 58015

>nobody is paying attention what you did in the past!!
>immediately following
dude, I was on /r9k/ at the time too.
I remember seeing spoony & thinking she was annoying as shit, seeing her selfposting called out on a constant basis, but when people claim 'nobody cares what you used to do! we're just mad 'cause you crave our attention'

…but the majority of posters here are bringing up posts that were made literally years ago as a reason to hate this chick…

idk man.
you're not making a convincing argument, here.

No. 58016

a few people brought the shit she did up, but that's not why this thread was made. at all.

No. 58017

person you were replying to

im only bringing up past shit because this thread is here and it is pathetic. im bringing it up as proof that she has been shitposting about herself since the beginning of time and this isnt the first or the last time

No. 58018

please explain why this thread was made, then.
because as far as I can tell, it's because
>self-posting attention whore!
90% of the attention she receives is from people who feel the need to respond to her posts using her old tripfag
>posted nudes as a teen
as if countless others haven't done the same, not a reason to make someone a lolcow
>misused money from the guv'ment on ear surgery
this decision was probably the most questionable, but also isn't really milk. What people decide to do with their money/bodies is their decision. If she was a welfare queen like Octo-mom, popping out kids in order to afford twinkies and tattoos, yeah, I can see the lol potential in that, but making that comparison is a real stretch.

No. 58019


she literally posted WHO SHE WAS and said SHE'S LITERALLY SPOONY, in the "are you attractive" thread. presumably to fish for compliments, and it worked. anons said "oh ive always thought you were pretty" and shit, and every since then, the bitch has been on a roll inserting herself into many threads.

No. 58020

Spoony just fucking leave the thread already, jesus

No. 58021

spoony has been around on lolcow since the beginning or very nearly. I've had my suspicions for months before she ever outed herself by mentioning her old trip.
I'm pretty sure she was on staminarose as well but it's difficult to say, to my knowledge she failed to name herself by the s-word once during that forum's lifespan.
outing yourself in one thread =/= clamoring for attention.
I have a feeling she probably thought it wouldn't be a big deal by now. obsessive vendetta-fags like yourself have clearly proven that theory wrong. (inb4spoony, I will willingly share my IP with you all if it comes down to it)
most of the time I see people ragging on her for her brows, calling her haggard, telling her to get a nosejob, lose weight, etc.
so if a few compliments from /b/ are really all it takes to make you lose your shit and start screaming SELFPOSTING WHORE all over /pt/…it reflects more negatively on you than on the subject of your ire.

No. 58022

once again, she did not bring up who she was ONCE, she brought it up multiple times. it's not the compliments, wtf?

No. 58023

Not who you're replying to but off the top of my head: that time she posted herself and her new elf ears in a thread that didn't have anything to do with her and samefagged responses saying she looked great/cute within an incredibly short timeframe
She's done plenty of stuff like that on here. Lots of people here don't even know what spoony has done in the past and are still irritated by her attention whoring.

No. 58024

Look, I'm perfectly willing to be convinced if can make a convincing argument.
If you think her self-posts/samefagging constitute a good reason as to why this chick should be considered a lolcow, please refer us to said posts so we can have some context instead of just taking your word for it. Or post screencaps, whatever's easiest for you. It's just that every other thread in /pt/ has multiple references to & proof of ridiculous behavior.
It's only here that we have to take anon's word for it & rely on anecdotal evidence/accusations rather than reading it for ourselves and making up our own minds.
You can see why there are still skeptics, yeah?

No. 58025

there are no other skeptics besides you and spoony.

No. 58026

Deleted my post since I apparently don't know how to post crossboard links.
go to /b/ and look at the self-post thread and the white girls appreciation thread She also posted in a circle lens thread and got called out but I can't find that one anymore. Then again it might've been on /cgl/, I don't remember.

No. 58027

The circle lens post was in Dakota's old thread. People were asking about which contacts that she uses, and of course Spoony had to pop up with photos of some lenses in her eyes. Srsly, we could have taken a pic off of Google images if we were curious how it looked on someone's eyes. It was totally unnecessary.

No. 58028

i didn't know jack shit about this chick before she started trying to get attention here. idgaf about her stupid past she's still annoying to this day. if you want to be anon stop posting yourself, talking about yourself, posting your own shitty tumblr (yes we all know you posted it yourself bc no one gives a fuck about you besides you) and stop being so obvious in your responses where everyone knows it's you. using the same stupid meme shit>> :^) m8

No. 58029

Ah, you're right. I checked that thread and someone there pointed out she self-posted in OC's thread as well. Checked that one too and there she was.
So that's at least 4 threads where she has selfposted in.
>wah wah leave me alone I don't want attention
Suuure you don't.

No. 58030

I remember that thread. the circle lenses post was literally up-close shots of her eyes.
it wasn't her whole face
she didn't mention her old trip
if you guys hadn't popped up like 'hi spoony'
her identity would have been entirely irrelevant.

and yeah, since the majority of circle lense stock photos are on dark eyes, it is actually helpful to see them on light eyes when you're talking about matching/blending your own eye color with a lense…examples like the one posted are the reason why circle lense threads are now a constant on /cgl/.

No. 58031

The OP already came out and said it wasn't spoony that made the thread. Why post your Tumblr and then delete it to stop people browsing it when she apparently had like 2.5k followers or something?

No. 58032

File: 1437684760559.jpg (73.51 KB, 602x629, disnigga.jpg)

> defending spoony

hi spoony

No. 58033

she did on the are u attractive thread. pls stop

No. 58034


If I remember there were a bunch of people posting in that thread, why haven't people made threads for them yet?

No. 58035

lmao are you serious rn???

first of all, spoony was fucking warned by admin for self posting so fucking often

ask admin, idiot

and no one else posted in that thread aside from that 13 yo girl that got reamed for seeking attention

No. 58036

still not spoony.
you're just embarrassing yourself, dude.

No. 58037

File: 1437687870302.gif (498.01 KB, 500x200, tumblr_lejc44cIsp1qzqmo7o1_500…)

People need to stop trying to make spoony happen.
She's not going to happen.

No. 58038

i never said she made the thread fool.
>Why post your Tumblr and then delete it to stop people browsing it
um maybe because she's BATSHIT.

No. 58039

ur either spoony or an idiot. take your pick.

No. 58040

The only time her tumblr was posted to this thread was in the OP though, how can she not have the OP but then posted her tumblr?

No. 58041

No. 58042

Ignore the >> link, it's fucked.

No. 58043


No. 58044

There's no picture of spoony in that thread though? It's her selfposting a description of her appearance but there's nothing wrong with that.

No. 58045

Linked because she outed herself as Spoony (when really she'd rather be anonymous, yknow).

No. 58046

>mentions old trip w/out posting face in 'are you attractive'
>people jump down her throat itt w/out ever responding directly in that thread?
>posts pic without mentioning trip in a thread specifically for self-posts
>[quote]fucking stupid cunt cow attention whore disgusting as fuck ass[/quote]
if the sight of someone's face causes people to sperg out like that, it honestly just makes me feel sorry for them & their mental disabilities.
>warned by admin
post screencaps? because I've searched through most of /b/ trying to figure out what you're referring to and i'm still perplexed.
or are you talking about moot?
bcuz again, years old milk. it's soured by now.

No. 58047

one post is not exactly what most people define as attention-whoring.

No. 58048

why the fuck would i say "ask admin" if i was talking about moot?? hes not even there

No. 58049

because there are literally no admin posts in the threads you're trying to reference
>ctrl+f "admin"
see results.

No. 58050

I remember that suggestion to Spoony from the admin as well. I don't remember where though, I'll try to look for it. It wasn't really a warning but an encouragement to Spoony to discontinue outing herself to reduce the amount of "hi spoony" "fuck off spoony" type posts that inevitably derail threads.

No. 58051

I dont understand the white knights here though.

No. 58052

i dont get it either. why would you defend some rando self centered psycho

No. 58053

To watch you lot piss your pants.

No. 58054

iirc admin said she would be banned if she continued.

No. 58055

cool beans

No. 58056

lolz xD u r teh best le troll on the interwebzzz!!!

No. 58057


Admin didn't say she'd banned, just told her stop posting because people were flipping out, kind of like now.

No. 58058

because when ad hominem is the best defense you can come up with for your vendetta, it's kind of hard not to question why it exists.
I don't see my posts as 'white knighting', idgaf about spoony, but I do resent the fact that the top space on the front page is being taken up by someone who has no milk to give other than the infuriated, obsessive autists who keep bringing her up.

No. 58059

agreed. from the outside looking in, this thread screams vendetta.

No. 58060

Honestly? I don't give a shit about Spoony and I have noticed her selfposting but at least on lolcow it hasn't been aggressive, just a thing here and there, so it's not hard to ignore. But it's equally not hard to just hide this thread and ignore it and let it be a containment thread to the spoony spergfest so it doesn't derail other threads.

No. 58061

I actually just wanted her to stop making posts where she was clearly identifiable ("anon namefagging" I guess?, perhaps "nonfagging", opposite of "anonfagging"), only in one particular thread that was getting derailed. I did not say she was banned from nonfagging or self-posting across the whole board or site. The way I worded it was vague, though, so I can see how people interpreted it that way.

At this time no such ban is in place for her or anyone else, but I do intend on adding some kind of policy to discourage certain kinds of self-posting in /pt/ eventually. A proposal for such a rule is at >>>/meta/1072 but may change.

No. 58062

It sucks that the ole cow has been invested with some swjs and PULL, but at least hardly one here continually trips or has a RL identify other than spoony.

Keep on being non-spoony like, guys. <3

Spoony, fix yer eyebrows. They gross me out.

Also, let's derail this thread with talk of things other than the subject.

No. 58063


No. 58064

File: 1438539313968.jpg (66.35 KB, 1259x314, plzdiespoony.jpg)

I'm going to turn this thread into a "spot the spoony" thread. I see her everywhere and it's so annoying! Why can't she just stop posting herself on the internet?!

No. 58065

File: 1438539379551.jpg (392.8 KB, 751x1344, ugly.jpg)

Her eyebrows btw are getting thicker and thicker. Gross, they aren't her natural eyebrows.

No. 58066

File: 1438539490053.jpg (20.66 KB, 476x98, liar.jpg)

As someone with actual naturally thick eyebrows, I know hers are fake as hell. She needs to stop lying!

No. 58067

I'd love to see all those replies

No. 58068

Those are too thick but saying they are fake is pretty stupid because you can clearly see the individual hairs, unless you're implying she's paying to have the follicles implanted which is retarded.

No. 58069

>wat is eyebrow pencil
>wat is overfilling because you have no idea what you're doing

No. 58070

Filling them in is not the same as them being fake altogether though. Saying a person has fake eyebrows is implying that they're drawing the whole thing on or have had a cosmetic transplant.

No. 58071

Even if she's telling the truth and is not overfilling, and her brows are really that cro-magnon looking, then she needs to get them waxed. It looks fucking terrible, especially because she has no strong features to balance it out, like high cheekbones or something. It just looks like she put 2 fake costume moustaches above her eyes.

No. 58072

No, fake implies 'not natural'. Don't take it to the extreme.
Those are not her natural brows.

No. 58073

File: 1438554814838.jpg (111.9 KB, 872x510, 1438511136201.jpg)

Not defending spoony but I have seen close-ups of her brows posted to /soc/, one that I saved, and they look pretty real. Some people do just have super thick brows; look at Cara Delevingne.

No. 58074

yeah they are just full. but dude it looks bad. i agree w the anon that said her features don't balance them out. they're just manly.

No. 58075

>>does not see the fucking eye pencil
I keked. It's so obviouse she's wearing it.

No. 58076

I don't see any. Where?

No. 58077


Dude. Stop.
I can't see any eye pencil, it's pretty obvious when it's used.
idc if you hate her, she's pretty annoying, but her brows are obviously natural. Stop dragging it out.

No. 58078

There's someone here who has said numerous times in different threads that they want to get internet famous. I think they talk the same in all their posts and I also think it's Spoony.
>>How do you get Tumblr famous?
>>I want to get famous for my looks so bad omg

No. 58079

1. Do you know that clear eye pencil is a thing?
2. Do you know that people can chose eye pencils of a specific color to match their hair?
3. Just because she's not wearing it in the areas where her skin is exposed does not mean she is not wearing it.
4. Look at how shiny her brows are

No. 58080


>do you know that clear eye pencil is a thing?

How is she supposed to be filling in her brows with a "CLEAR" pencil? Do you understand what clear means?
Anyway this discussion is boring, there is no drama here and I'm sick of seeing this thread bumped to the top of the page.

No. 58081

I think you should look up what an eyebrow pencil is and what it does before embarrassing yourself even more.

No. 58082

Ok so she naturally has ugly thick eyebrows. But she still fills them in (which she admits)
It's /soc/, everyone there is a 10. But it's funny she got a lot of 5s. Unless you look like Adriana Lima (will make /soc/ extremely jealous) you will not get 5s lol. I just find it funny an ugly weaboo got 5s. Usually they get always 8s, means she is really ugly.
She fills them in with an eyebrow powder I think.
Regardless, I don't think she needs to thin them out because she will always be ugly. In fact I dont think she needs to wear makeup at all. Bitch will always be ugly.

No. 58083

She is so ugly it's disgusting.

No. 58084

Hey, Spoony? Can I ask you a question?
Why does everyone need to see your face?
Why go to an anonymous image board and tripfag without having a real reason for doing so other than standing out? Why can't you engage in conversations with people online without posting your face so that they know what you look like? I just don't understand the mentality behind people who do this, could you provide some insight?

No. 58085

No. 58086

She looks better with those slutty eyebrows tbh

No. 58087

oh wait nvm pretty girl in macro isnt spoony

No. 58088

Nah, it's some old spoony flan drama. (I also think that spoony is white knighting herself in that thread).

No. 58089

wait, so is there any new drama and/or reason to drag this thread up to front page other than
>spoony posts in r8 threads
>omfg so ugly u gaiz
you guys have way too much free time.
please quit the internet.

No. 58090

No new drama, only a tired vendetta from somebody who obviously had to have been posting in this rate thread to have noticed spoony lol

No. 58091


You have to wonder what it is about spoony that makes some people this upset.

No. 58092

Spoony plz shut up. Hide the thread why don't ya?

No. 58093

I really hate looking at her ugly mug. It triggers me so much.

No. 58094

Spoony I said that I'm going to turn this thread into a game. I want you all to spot spoony while you browse the internet. It's an easy game, really. Also you're implying I post my face on 4chan. Are you fucking stupid? I dont btw take selfies, people take pictures of me.
Spoony I really want you to die because no matter how hard I try, I see you literally everywhere. I'm not a bully, I just want you to stop using the internet / post your mugshots on the internet.

No. 58095

English beauty lads :^) They protect her as treasure there!

No. 58096

>In real life I am painfully shy

>which is why I got fucking elf ears

No. 58097

File: 1438794576727.jpg (144.74 KB, 743x1069, 1438387088483.jpg)

No. 58098

You're obsessed and this thread is just sad. You actually sounds lulzier than spoony at this point.
>inb4 spoony
I actually feel embarrassed for you.

No. 58099

>I want you all to spot spoony while you browse the internet.


No. 58100

no we dont

No. 58101

File: 1438798776546.png (92.95 KB, 667x461, tumblr_mc9b7zVT8r1qkt4uxo4_128…)

>I really want you to die
>I'm not a bully

Have I got news for you Anon…

No. 58102


No. 58103

>implying I didn't save that image from Google

No. 58104

n00ds plox

No. 58105

I am obsessed? You do know I didn't create this thread? Shucks I really feel embarrassed too you know because I'm so not anonymous.
>that picture
I don't want her to die literally, I just want her to die off the internet. I dont care you're white knighting a mentally ill butifel English princess but you should really not try so hard.

No. 58106

replying means you lose, anon.
or should I say Spoony (spot the spoony)! aka number one abuser of WataMote reaction images.

No. 58107


Because spoony is the only one that watches or likes Watamote.
You're insane and I think a thread on you would be more amusing at this point.

No. 58108

Lel you're a retard.

No. 58109

Can this be an appreciation thread for the girls she's targeted up until now? That'll really ruffle her bloomers

Flan etc

No. 58110

In fairness, Flan deserved it. I fucking hated Flan when she was posting on cgl, she was such a smug cunt putting people down when she turned out to be a 4/10 wannabe herself.

No. 58111

Flan is worse than she is.

No. 58112

But she only put down one person (spoony) and cause well basically same as this thread - spoony abused the welfare system and spent all her dosh on elf ears etc, didnt look for a job, and then posted essays on how hard life is.

No. 58113

She shitposted tons of anons. I know they're faceless and don't have a persona like Spoony, but her shitposts didn't end with their squabbling.
She'd also pull the same kind of shit Spoony did like what happened ITT:
>shows up to a thread about herself
>50 replies later she's still responding
She wasn't relevant even in 2012 when this was posted. Her only claim to cgl is being in a heated tiff with Spoony. So please don't defend this idiot.

No. 58114

Lest we also forget Curiousbear's aidoru contest and Flan getting assblasted over that too

Gosh this feels like forever ago.

No. 58115

Sounds like the same breed as Totemokawaii

No. 58116

File: 1438842824380.jpg (34.92 KB, 300x300, 1349314862752.jpg)

Don't mind me, just dumping what I found in the archives about Flan~

No. 58117

File: 1438842839511.jpg (30.87 KB, 1182x277, attentionwhore.jpg)

No. 58118

File: 1438843017569.jpg (18.11 KB, 1137x215, lolimoutJUSTKIDDING.jpg)

Don't these prove she was an annoying shitposter at least and purposefully pissed people off and responded just to fish for reactions? This is why people didn't fucking like her.

No. 58119

I'm in 2012 in the archives and I'm getting a bit bored because it's mostly just Flan being a shit and responding whenever her name is mentioned.
Posting this link because this is the fight between Flan vs. Spoony that sealed their rivalry for forever.

No. 58120

>tfw I was the OP of that thread
Feels like I made history

No. 58121

File: 1438855846476.jpg (102.62 KB, 468x649, wagsDM2310_468x649.jpg)

Are you kidding? Uk beauty standards are penciled thin brows, voluminous hair and tan skin. Spoony might fit in in somewhere twee like Portland or New York in the US, but here she looks like a huge twat. British people aren't good about individuality, thats why assaulting somebody wearing Alt clothing is considered a hate crime here.

No. 58122


Those are chav/WAG beauty standards and do not apply to the UK in its entirety.

No. 58123

:^) spoony is treated as treasure in England you jelly duck.

No. 58124


>girls she's targeted

Pretty sure it was the other way round.
Flan was the biggest attention seeking bully on /cgl/ who felt it necessary to stick her nose into every thread and leave some snide comment about some girl or another.
At the time it was like the cool thing to hate spoony and flan thought that by going rambo on her she'd curry favor with /cgl/ but ended up taking it way too far.

You know you've fucked up when you need to get your boyfriend to come back you up under a tripfag because you're that despised, and as annoying as spoony is I've never actually seen her go out of her way to be horrible to somebody,she just doesn't know when to shut her mouth and get off the internet.

No. 58125

Saying that it was Spoony that targeted Flan is making me suspicious that it's actually Flan posting in this thread. How can anybody remember it that way unless you're Flan herself?

Holy shit yes, Flan missed the cutoff point for submission and was hella mad.
It was her that then started that hate campaign and created all those cruel illustrations against the winner Princess Amai right?

No. 58126

So Spoony didn't really make it then?

No. 58127

All those photos are also old as fuck. Anon is talking out their arse.

No. 58128

File: 1438886799252.jpg (1.43 MB, 1708x1914, 2015-08-06 19.46.03.jpg)


I was gonna say, the aesthetic in the UK at the moment is thicker, bushier defined brows, long natural coloured hair, sometimes with an ombre, contoured cheeks and natural makeup with nude/rose/blush coloured lipsticks.

The WAG style hasn't really been in fashion since 2005-2008.

Trenchcoats with skinny jeans, a plain tank/tee with heels or ankle boots/lace up are very in a well.

The last few seasons have been all about the natural, Autumn-y girl.

No. 58129

:^) thats why I said spoony is considered a princess in the uk

No. 58130

You did not just compare that fucking ogre in OP to Cara. Cara is the face of YSL and other luxury brands. Spoony is a middle-aged camwhore with no assets to speak of whatsoever.

Jesus, Father, Holy Spirit, why won't this thread fucking die. Fuck you Spoony for incessantly samefagging and clogging this already slow board with your Ashley-tier face. Fuck you stalker, you're almost as sad as Spoony if you actually exist and aren't just a Spoony-controlled sockpuppet. Fuck this thread for existing.

No. 58131

Not really. Girls like Spoony are a dime a dozen. She's not ugly but it's very common look.

No. 58132

File: 1438890924211.jpg (40.37 KB, 618x477, 1438186785427.jpg)

Cara is fucking gross

No. 58133

:^) sure you dont find sboony ugly, you're from the uk after all. Your standards are way too high for an english girl tbh.
Who are you calling a stalker? No one stalks sboon.
I didnt compare sboon to cara, i said that people in the uk consider sboon a princess because there she is a beauty. Or are you a dumbass?

No. 58134

File: 1438895961177.jpg (185.76 KB, 1536x1024, o-CARA-DELEVINGNE-facebook.jpg)

ya she's so gross /s

No. 58135

I don't like Spoony's personality, but for fuck's sake she's not hideous.
Do you even know the age that this term denotes?

She's a stuck up little trollup, that gollum grin suits her, imo.

>nobody stalks Spoony
Seriously, this. It's just a thread about Spoony, and I guess Flan. Though I suspect Flan's pretty fucking mad if she's read this by now ahahaha.

No. 58136

i'm so glad this has been sent to /b/. Because now I can insult spoony with complete freedom.

No. 58137

She looks inbred but she definitely isnt ugly. I just dont understand the appeal. Yeah, she has thick eyebrows but so what? But I guess thick eyebrows on a white girl is always pretty.

No. 58138

File: 1438899610093.jpg (156.2 KB, 548x547, 2015-08-06 23.19.05.jpg)


>posting an image of somebody contorting their face of evidence of them being ugly

Yeah, no.
If Cara was ugly that doesn't explain why she's one of the most in demand and one of the highest paid models at this time.
She has millions in the bank from her modelling/acting career and you're trying to only she's ugly lol

No. 58139

well you're posting a pic with her wearing makeup, so it's not exactly the best comparison either

also, have you noticed that models are chosen not based on their conventional attractiveness but rather how different they look? Lindsey Wixson and Masha Telna aren't exactly pretty. Daphne groeneveld is better looking but she looks weird as fuck too.

No. 58140


It's all her face in its natural state though, expression wise. Makeup can only do so much.

No. 58141

bitch everyone wears makeup. models come and go anyway, who cares.

No. 58142


Can we, pretty please, stop this insipid and empty argument?

No. 58143


I never said that, but trying to imply she's ugly is absurd.

No. 58144

seriously. there's some ugly as fuck models that are there purely because they are skinny

No. 58145

people can have different opinions on beauty, anon

No. 58146

You don't get it.
Someone else can think she's ugly and that's fine. There is no "objective" beauty. There's what are called "conventional beauty standards," and right now her looks match the standards that the modeling industry wants. Her looks might not have been standard 20 years ago, and they might not be 20 years from now.
Get it?

No. 58147


That's true but I have a difficult time comprehending anybody looking at Cara and considering her to be "legitimately" ugly.

Sometimes I think people spend so much time on here slagging people off that they forget what ugly really looks like.

No. 58148

lol edited to hell and back
every couple of years there's an "it girl" that embodies the aesthetic the fashion industry is going for. right now its cara. that's all it fucking means. it doesn't mean she's the most beautiful person on earth, or the most talented.

are you like a cara stan or something or are you just mad because you like to think you look like her and are thus offended?

idk why somebody would be this butthurt over somebody not finding somebody attractive. especially when said person is shoved down your throat all the time

No. 58149

To me there's a difference between ugly, and just not being very attractive.
She's not attractive, to me. But I know by a lot of standards she's not ugly so I don't say that.

No. 58150

yall trippin

No. 58151

Flan may have been too direct and sarcastic to not sound like a bitch but lets compare

-left home at 16?
-got a job
-finished college
-no drama activity since 2012?2013?
-moved to another country
-full time job
-travels around japan and does different activites (idk just looking at her instagram)

-left home at 16
-lived off of government benefits
-camwhored on some board for money
-no job
-no clue if she finished college
-got elf ears with govt money
-made hate accounts for dakota and venus
-still on the boards whining about money

All of us
-still here years on

Not giving a personal opinion, just observing the facts

No. 58152

Of course there's the shitposting on anonymous from both, but we can't prove anything not on trip so I've left that out for both

No. 58153


She never hated on Venus.

No. 58154

Obviously she finished college of she got into university.

No. 58155

>no drama
Flan confirmed.

Also she still regularly tries to shit on Dakota on Twitter whilst simultaneously trying to emulate her.

No. 58156


To be fair what drama has Spoony had for years.
Getting a body modification does not count as drama unless you plan on making a thread for anybody that every paid for surgery.

No. 58157


How would you even know if she had a fulltime job and boyfriend unless you were her?

Holy shit Flan detected.

No. 58158

Instagram and twitter, as I said.
Interesting coincidence how many similar replies were just made protecting spoony

No. 58159

I'm the one that made the venus one and I'm not protecting her just saying I don't recall her ever ragging on venus. Dakota and pt, yeah, but not venus.

No. 58160

>all these posts attacking spoony whilst simultaneously whiteknighting spoony

Hi Flan.

No. 58161

File: 1438907747221.jpg (65.13 KB, 947x560, spoony.jpg)

Spoony why do you love attention?
>inb4 I post myself on /soc/
I'm a lurker toots,

No. 58162

I don't think that's Spoony, different eye shape and color.

No. 58163

spoonys eyebrows are bigger and the eyes and eyebrows need to be closer together and more crazed/scary

No. 58164

I wasn't defending Flan.

No. 58165

you know some of that is cp right

No. 58166

wow she ugly af

No. 58167

If that's true why is it still on the WWW pretty much in public then? I will not delete it until you have proof.

No. 58168

It's Spoony. I know because this isn't the first time I'm seeing her ugly eyes on /soc/.

No. 58169


idk but I know some of those were posted to /b/ when she was 15.

No. 58170


>spoony is the only one with bushy eyebrows in the world!

No. 58171

I'm curious do you just sit on /soc/ all day sorting through threads searching for spoony? Because that is creepy af dude.

No. 58172

It's not her bushy eyebrows only, it's everything. Believe me she posted enough selfies for me to identify her eyes.

No. 58173


Different eye color and shape though, and from the only picture it looks like she had some brown/green in one of her eyes.
Where is the drama?

No. 58174

No. 58175

I just read threads that seem interesting because sometimes they are funny. I decided to check out the eye thread because there was a guy who has a half brown and half blue iris and I want to see if he posted again. And he did. Coolest eyes I've ever seen in my life if they aren't photoshopped. Sometimes I just want to browse pictures. Sometimes I post my skype in skype threads to talk to people who are interesting. You're creepy as fuck, stop asking me questions. I can do whatever I want on the internet even if I was stalking her. Just hide this thread.
>where is the drama?
this is /b/
I didn't create the thread
this is /b/


No. 58176

File: 1438909513549.png (1001.5 KB, 980x1301, ggfgvyhxdfb.png)

These are obviously two different people, one of them has a pretty distinguished limbal ring and spoony doesn't. Even the eyebrow shape and density is different and its pretty sad that you are sitting on soc or r9k all day hunting for her. I thought lolcow was for prime drama, not petty vebdettas.
What even is this.

No. 58177

this is /b/ summerfag

No. 58178

>sometimes I post my skype in skype threads to talk to people who are interesting
So you're an attentionwhore too. gg.

No. 58179

No, people usually attentionwhore to me and I give attention/listen. Although I have a job and school so I don't really have time to listen to people anymore. Make a thread on me though if I am a lolcow/attention whore.

No. 58180

You post to /soc/, for attention, that makes you an attentionwhore.

No. 58181

Looks exactly the same… eyebrows are just more filled in and theres more eye makeup in one shot

No. 58182

You sound really obnoxious no offense. Well, I don't have a tripname so you can't search my posts but if you must know I usually compliment others (I have never posted my face on /soc/). I'm really sorry I posted your eyes.

No. 58183


>what is a limbal ring

You know you can't change that right? Even the skintone us different

No. 58184

>hurrr skintone is different
>what is a flash camera?
>what is a bad quality front camera?

No. 58185

>you sound really obnoxious
>I sit around on an attentionwhore white board attentionwhoring and waiting around for some dated old tripfag to show up so I can repost her pictures here with zero drama attached and bumping a useless thread to the top of the board when there are better ones that deserve more attention


No. 58186

Doesn't change the fact that the limbal ring is totally different. Flash can't change that.

No. 58187

Go to /pt/ for drama toots.

Flash actually can change that.

No. 58188

Are you blind? Here
the limbal rings look the same as

No. 58189

File: 1438912713725.png (1.03 MB, 910x600, flash differences.png)


>a camera flash can physically change the melanin of your eye

No. No it can't.
A limbal ring does not dilate like the pupil. The pupil is literally a giant hole in the center of your eye that reacts to changes in light.
A limbal ring is a deposit of color that goes around the outside of your iris. It cannot dilate, it does not change under light conditions. It's either the or it isn't. You are wrong.

No. 58190

I also have blue eyes and a ring like that in certain lights, usually when natural light sources come from sideways.

No. 58191

That's not how melanin works. Is either there or it isn't.

No. 58192

>who coincidentally helped pay for her college and living expenses
I give her credit. But don't try to pretend like she made it on her own. I've seen this same point by point comparison in the cgl archives in the Flan threads; did you copy paste or are you Flan with no new material?

No. 58193

I never said it works like a pupil. You know eyes look different in certain lights as this anon can confirm >>58190 ?
Photos do not represent reality you wannabe smart anon.

No. 58194

File: 1438913142576.jpg (46.44 KB, 400x531, thisisnotspoonythen.jpg)

then pic related isnt spoony then.

No. 58195

File: 1438913273726.png (2.84 MB, 1407x1099, 1438893909879.png)

I went into that same thread and found more pictures of girls with thick eyebrows and blue eyes, wow this must be spoony too!

No. 58196

File: 1438913313098.png (1.99 MB, 1080x1920, 1438758163925.png)


Oh wow this one too!

No. 58197

File: 1438913335068.jpg (19.22 KB, 415x239, 1438895333097.jpg)


Holy shit there's more! Wow!

No. 58198

no thats not spoony she has nice eyes
try harder spoony

No. 58199

File: 1438913366655.jpg (656.41 KB, 1920x1080, 1438893074254.jpg)


How many pictures of her eyes can this girl post to just one thread!

No. 58200

Could you delete this? It's unnecessary.

No. 58201

Maybe I've grown too accustomed to attentionwhoring on 4chan, but I don't see why Spoons posting on soc is a big deal regardless.

Why is this a big deal?

No. 58202

No. 58203

>>it's pretty sad that you are sitting on soc or r9k all day hunting for her.
Anyone who used /r9k/ or /soc/ will see her hobgoblin face plastered everywhere.

No. 58204

I don't get all the Spoony hate.

No. 58205

if you don't get it, it's because you are literally summer.

No. 58206

>payed for her
>okay anon

No. 58207

And yes, paid for. Don't tell me she made living and college payments on her own with her menial jobs. Spoony might not have needed welfare either if she found a nice, stable sugardad to hook up with and pad her Brit ass financially.
Stupid Flan bitch, that fools nobody.

No. 58208

Not the person you're responding to but I was on cgl when spoony was actually posting regularly years ago and I don't get it either.
She is annoying but the hate this girl seems to attract from other women is unfathomable to me.
I saw a post on this thread accusing of her leading hate campaigns against dakota which is dumb because it was something literally everybody on cgl participated in at the time and was in no way lead by spoony, hence the reason it got banned from cgl completely. You give her too much credit.
Even so, the idea of punishing her for being accused of leading a hate campaign is by… leading a hate campaign against her?
If that's the way it is then everybody in this thread deserves one of their own. You're all as bad each other, some of you worse.

No. 58209

Oh yeah, I'm sure Flannypoo was so busy working dem jobs and going to school all that time. Hell, that's the reason why she had the time to trawl /cgl/ at all hours of the day and take slutty mirror-selfies just to "shitpost" and "troll" amirite?

Who else but Flan would defend Flan. Fucking seriously.

No. 58210

Not the anon you're responding to but I dont have a presence on the internet. Make my own thread but you'd need my phone if you want my photos.

Also because spoony often was samefagging psychotically I am suspicious of you.

No. 58211

File: 1438916807650.jpg (9.42 KB, 448x411, 1353029426015.jpg)

Highly suspicious that it's Flan hatefagging spoony in this thread due to near identical posts being made in the past and the person defending her having access to her Twitter and Instagram when her Instagram has never been publicly posted to lolcow…


No. 58212

File: 1438917268909.png (186.1 KB, 1068x1023, hi.png)


Oh shit you're right…


No. 58213

File: 1438917397209.png (773.86 KB, 1073x1378, hj.png)


And she's online and Tweeting right now. Wow.

No. 58214

I don't personally hate Spoony, anon. I find her annoying, and it is pretty much her own fault this thread even exists. Why are you on this board if you don't have anything to contribute? You whiteknighting Spoony only bumps the thread…

No. 58215

File: 1438917538317.jpg (23.78 KB, 448x411, Flan's list of asspattery.jpg)

Hey Flan. I recognized your listing style. Pic related.
Nobody around here gives a shit about you to stalk your instagram, that was too obvious.

>got a job, finished college

So what? The average person does this.
What's your job, what is your degree, what do you fucking do that should matter to us?
>no drama activity since "______."
You're involved now, maturity.
>moved to another country
Again, so what? Girls with financially stable boyfriends and privileged families also do this. I've known IRRESPONSIBLE people who have done so and either came back or married a person with stability who could give them a Visa. Why is this specifically an accomplishment?
>full-time job
People who are below the poverty line also have full time jobs.
It should be a personal responsibility, not grounds for asspats, that you should be able to support yourself. You're the type who wants a cookie for everything.
>I travel and do activities
So? Tons of people without money and status do this as well.
Fucking trailer trash can get boyfriends. How petty that you even have to include this on the list of comparatives just because there's literally nothing else.

There's also the issue with this,
>made hate accounts for dakota and venus
Flan, did you forget all the equally obnoxious shitposting and criticism you threw at Dakota and the Ostrengas in general? You participated in it just as much:

I'm sure it does burn you that three years on, Dakota is doing better than you despite being the photoshopped, vapid bitch with "decreasing popularity" that you predicted she would be. I'm sure deep down it eats at you, how you never got the validation you craved despite "doing so much more" than those plebs like Spoony and Dakota. But oh well, you are what you are now–nameless and irrelevant :^)

No. 58216

File: 1438917671826.jpeg (75.89 KB, 239x239, 1342770337970.jpeg)

>dat hivemind


No. 58217

I hate spoony and I want her to die off the internet but I'm not flan and admin can confirm

No. 58218

Fucking flan confirmed.

Holy shit this is pathetic. So much for moving to Japan and having this wonderful life and job and boyfriend and moving on, she is holding onto a fucking 7 year old vendetta looooool

I am just wondering if the IP from this thread is one from Japan also. Shame we'll never find out.

No. 58219


Admin doesn't do IP checks anymore and you know it Flan.

No. 58220

Nope. I don't even know who flan is, Spoony.

No. 58221

This is exactly like the time flan got caught whiteknighting herself and calling herself beautiful on Staminarose and her IP got connected on PULL and she tried to deny it and say it was her boyfriend who she broke up with that posted it from her apartment in Japan.

No. 58222

If this person who is defending flan so much and knows her so well through her Insta isn't flan then she should have no problem sharing the link to her Insta here.

No. 58223

Flan dont come on lolcow you dumb bitch I can't stand it when people with an online presence bitch about others. Fuck. Fuck you spoony I hate you to death.

No. 58224

Who the fuck is flan?! Bitch you can't read.

No. 58225


>knows who spoony is

>claims they don't know who flan is

If this was anymore confirmation I needed that this was flan.


I'm amazed that I'm not the only one that noticed this.
Thought I might be the only one with a weird memory for details like this lol

No. 58226

How do you have a listing style? The post used a different style btw but this is pointless. Just listed what I observed.

No. 58227

There are at least 5 'Flans' in this thread.

No. 58228

The only reason why I didn't call it earlier was because I couldn't remember if Spoony or Flan had started the list bullshit, but then I checked the archive and there it was!
I probably have the cap saved in my 4chan folder too, I haven't cleaned it out since 2011 so I probably have something under the "Idiots" section.

No. 58229

Um yeah I'm in Japan…

No. 58230


>exact same typing and listing style

>also had access to an Instagram that has never been posted to lolcow

Did you forget that last part?
Also need to point out, Flan has gone mysteriously quiet on Twitter and stopped Tweeting the second caps of her Twitter got posted here.

No. 58231

I know who spoony is because she is raping my 4chan bitch

No. 58232

File: 1438919335096.png (186.22 KB, 1332x830, flan.png)

Hey I do have an original cap saved!
It even has that low-born trip Cockburn worshipping her ass. Wasn't this Flan's bf?

No. 58233


Yes Cockburn was Flan's boyfriend, and the guy she blamed when she got caught whiteknighting herself on Staminarose.

No. 58234

Her insta is on her twitter…
Is she meant to be online 24/7? Idgi

No. 58235

ITT Spoony tries to flip Spoony-thread into Flan-thread and fellow cows falling for it.

No. 58236

File: 1438920256532.png (225.72 KB, 781x1104, 8565228.png)

I just noticed that on >>58151, the post that looks suspiciously like flan's contains more content almost identical to an anon post on cgl years ago from an "anon" that was also defending flan in a thread where flan was posting…

>made hate accounts for dakota and venus

No. 58237

I'm legit not Spoony, I just hate Flan and think she's more of an ultra cunt. At least Spoony doesn't deny being a retarded cunt anymore. This bitch has the audacity to do so and wants everyone to compliment her because she's in ~*~JAPAN~*~ and has a ~*~JOB~*~ and went to ~*~SCHOOL~*~ ooooooo, how ~*~UNIQUE~*~

No. 58238


You forgot the fact that she also has a *~BOYFRIEND~**~~~~ >^_____^<

No. 58239


I am just looking through this thread now and others now and it's funny how whenever somebody goes to praise or defend flan in them they always seem to drop all capitalization and punctuation…
What an uncanny coincidence.

No. 58240

Yep, because success is also measured by someone's living wallet and flesh dildo. Good call anon, I forgot about that.

No. 58241

No problem anon. If you dislike Flan then feel free to make a Flan thread.

No. 58242

Problem is, nobody has really paid any attention to her so there's no fresh milk. And she's learned enough to not start posting with a name/trip 'to prove a point' so nobody can 'prove' it's her shitposting here even. The only reason she exists is because of Spoony saga. A thread about her alone wouldn't hold its own nose, especially one as big as hers.

No. 58243

>A thread about her alone wouldn't hold its own nose, especially one as big as hers.
And you're pretty much spot on, anon. Flan was never even slightly relevant, and I guess that makes her angry.

No. 58244

I dislike both Flan and Spoony. I am the 99%.

No. 58245

wow thanks this triggered me

No. 58246

Are we forgetting Flan founded GetOffEGL?

No. 58247

>2.) Banning. You will be banned on the grounds of: Trolling this comm, going into someone's personal journal and harassing them, serious personal attacks, anyone planning / posting any form of AIM /MSN / other harassment here where they went out their way to troll someone, and trying to evade a ban by making aliases.
>made in 2007

(Am I saging right?)

No. 58248

PS I'm not trying to take sides, there's no point, I'm just really bored at work and looking that up helped kill a few minutes

No. 58249

I don't get the hate for spoony either Anon, I feel like it's just a handful of people samefagging. Don't get me wrong, spoons needs to sort out her brows and her elf ears are ridiculous, but she's just too (Forgive me for lack of a beter word) 'pathetic'. I don't want to kick somebody when they're down.

Thats why PT is queen, because she bounces back, spoony just festers.

No. 58250

Spoony you need help. I know its you because you tried to do the same shit in that other thread, dumb hoe!

No. 58251

Didn't everyone selfspam on 4chan at some point?
I did when I was thirteen, many long years ago.

No. 58252

i posted nudes on 4chan /b/ one night when I was like 15 and had no self esteem.

No. 58253

No. 58254

That's like completely normal and smart! Thanks for confessing this, proves that 80% of the people are lolcows themselves. Now fuck off bitch.

No. 58255

ya i'm suck a lolcow cuz i made bad decisions 10 years ago


some bitches on here lol

No. 58256


lol having teen nudes does not a lolcow make you spasticated horsefucker.
We live in the age of technology, teens posses easier access to information than ever before, of course they're going to experiment and play around online.

No. 58257

Prepubescent hoes ITT

No. 58258

You know 15 isn't prepubescent right?

lmao stupid bitches

No. 58259

lol you sound like you have nigger semen in your pores.

No. 58260


No. 58261

you a stupid hoe

No. 58262

i'll fart in your eyes

No. 58263

please fart in my nose i love the smell of fart

No. 58264

this thread is honestly the most pathetic samefagging vendetta bullshit I've seen in all of lolcow's history
congratulations, spoony.

No. 58265

Hi Spoony we're going to put you away.

No. 58266

you know, if the only excuse you can come up with for your behavior when it's called into question is 'they don't agree with me? must be spoony!!', your vendetta becomes really obvious. and seriously embarrassing to witness.
the amount of second-hand cringe produced in this thread is comparable to the tumblr thread in /pt/.
but, yeah, until admin-sama decides to expose the samefags in here for the benefit of everyone's amusement (which would entirely defeat the point of an anonymous image board…) you should seriously try to sit down and think of some better responses.
still not spoony.

No. 58267

Nice blog. It's not samefagging if there are more samefags you whiteknight.

No. 58268

Try using the term 'blog' when you actually understand what it means, summerfag

No. 58269

>Try using the term 'blog' when you actually understand what it means, summerfag

>the irony of this obnoxious faggot

I'll take the bait of your shitpost. Or maybe you're actually retarded. At least this confirms you aren't Spoony but are a pathetic summerfag whiteknight.

No. 58270

Spoony is the least pathetic person in this thread at this point.

No. 58271

This whole thread is Spoony

No. 58272

at least you're getting more creative, good job.

No. 58273

This is why nobody takes this site seriously

No. 58274

This is seriously "the" worst thread on lolcow. The entire thing reeks of vendetta and I am tired of seeing it at the top of the page.

No. 58275

apparently spoony is legion.
she is in every home, in every city, in every country.
if you want to make your eyebrows grow thick as a bush, turn off all the lights in your house, light a candle in front of a mirror, and chant her name until her power manifests within you. then come here and samefag compulsively, alternating between 'whiteknight' and 'vendetta-chan', for days upon end.

No. 58276

No. 58277

No. 58278

im glad this thread exists tbh

No. 58279

it's not like you guys have actually dredged up any lulz-worthy dirt.
it's just a constant spam queue of 'hi spoony', and trying to imply that anyone who calls the flamefest into question must be the subject of the thread.
honestly it makes me feel sorry for this chick.
and sorry for whoever has so much time with nothing better to do than make a list like >>58276.
still not a spoon.

No. 58280

>honestly it makes me feel sorry for this chick.


No. 58281

That is basically what happened on /cgl/ during the flan-era.
Spoony would post to a thread and would be immediately be pounced on. The thread would then proceed to very quickly devolve into a flame war between people who insisted on ragging on her literally anytime she posted, even if it was relevant to the thread, and those that were sick of threads being destroyed by people unable to control their impotent rage around her.
The threads ended up getting so vicious with little to no drama being produced and it just being a massive stream of circular insults that people began to feel more sorry for Spoony. It was giving ridiculous.

No. 58282

No. 58283


Some of those posts are mine so I know for a fact that's a lie.
Are you pretending to be spoony now or what?

No. 58284

This is me too, guys. Not that you'll believe me.
I've made a thread about my samefagging/shitposting habits before tbh.

No. 58285

shut up spoony

-love spoony

No. 58286

I'm actually spoony too though.

- spoony 08/10/2015

No. 58287


no I'm spoony

No. 58288

No, me

No. 58289

Spoony has a witch nose.

No. 58290

Nah, Im cute

No. 58291



Yah you're not her.

No. 58292

File: 1439234479297.png (476.53 KB, 560x500, laughingwhores.png)

Wicked skillz

No. 58293

your idol is ugly

No. 58294

File: 1439235916205.gif (567.1 KB, 275x155, 1432226953635.gif)

My first contact with spoony was this thread, and yes, I find her moderate cute. Thank you for showing me this kawaii godessu

No. 58295

thats just your opinion i find her ugly

No. 58296

I'm a whore

No. 58297

Stop impersonating me

No. 58298

I deserve to get killed and raped and impersonated you fucking whore

No. 58299

Arent you getting a bit personal there? You sound bitter.

No. 58300

Spoony is pretty cute tbh

No. 58301

thnx for compliment but no im ugly
fuck off bc u pretend to be me faker

No. 58302

Oh my god I know her from /fa/. Damn son, I hated her trip so much.

No. 58303

Spoony wat ur IG?

No. 58304

Her tumblr is deleted so I guess the IG of that ugly bitch too.

No. 58305

What's her mpa?

No. 58306

File: 1441068958959.jpg (372.08 KB, 900x1600, tumblr_ntm7axbrQe1s51juko1_128…)

She has reactivated her tumblr.

No. 58307

She looks like that girl who's pictures got posted on here claiming to be selfposts.

No. 58308


Her eyebrows are the same width as her eyes jesus fuck.

No. 58309

She is that girl

No. 58310

top kek those eyebrows man

No. 58311

No, that kid with the nose thing.

No. 58312


What kid?

No. 58313

Hi Spoony

No. 58314

It's a real shame, Spoony's boobs are so pretty…

But everything else is such a huge turn-off. Especially her personality. Even if she did have a pretty face and body that personality would just ruin it all.

No. 58315

I don't get people who keep insinuating that spoony is some kind of hideous beast. I mean she's not exceptionally beautiful but she's certainly not ugly either.

No. 58316

File: 1441662296273.jpg (89.83 KB, 960x540, 1303-and-itsgone.jpg)

No. 58317

Wowwww spoony has sure let herself go…

No. 58318

File: 1441677226862.png (71.79 KB, 332x489, Medli_Figurine.png)

Every time I see that, I see
>pic related
Or just a bird.

No. 58319

To be fair, Medly is adorable and Spoony would be a cute Medly if she wanted to cosplay her.

No. 58320

shes at it again

No. 58324

It seems like she hasn't changed one bit in 5 years.

No. 58357

She was caught shitting up Kate's thread with Chokelate. They both clearly are severely mentally ill and stalk a lot of lolcows. She's pathetic.

Also, she heavily edits her pics from the face up. Her body is incredibly fat. She's just a dime a dozen attention starved girl.

No. 58390

She still posts a in /b/, too. It would be a scary day if we find out how many posts she's made here

No. 58391

*a lot

No. 58394

what's with the old cgl tripfags getting into drama all of a sudden.
I want to not care… but's sorta amusing.

No. 58395

Tbh I don't mind because I've always disliked them from cgl and it's nice to know everyone here thinks they're retards, too.

At the same time I wish they'd fuck off. The problem is that when they get even a tiny drop of attention they latch on.

I've always thought Spoony and Choke were exceptionally ugly, so I'm not too surprised. I feel like the people who defend their appearance must be very average or ugly themselves, so they think it would make them look worse in comparison to admit these girls aren't that great looking.

No. 58410


Literally every person on this site is effectively stalking lolcows. Just by being on this board you are stalking people.

No. 58412

Following people on social media and discussing what they post is not the same thing as stalking, retard.

No. 58418


So spoony is a stalker for posting in the Kate thread but you're just an innocent little fly on the wall, lel okay bitch.
Truth is nobody is in this site is as bad as each other and it's retarded to argue that you're special and unique and above all that when we're all here for the exact same reason.

No. 58420

Calm down Spoony.

No. 58424

Spoony detected

Does spoony remind anyone else of venus? I mean they both have that "doughy" saggy look to them/their faces

No. 58428

I'm a tripfriend on /r9k/ and I've seen spoony posting anonymously about herself there multiple times over the last few months, even had a conversation with her at one point. She will never quit the internet. Sad gal.

No. 58429

Yeah I only trip on /adv/ and very rarely xivg and even I dislike her. It's not the idea of just disliking someone for having an identity on an anon board, she's legitimately pathetic for reasons all of her own.

No. 58431

Yeah I obviously don't dislike her because she is a tripfag, but because she spent the better part of a decade self-posting. She is so far up her own ass.

No. 58434

:^) it's probably the only way she can fall asleep at night without bawwing about her daddy issues, tbh

No. 58459

Months? It's been more than a year, minimally. I don't know why she even seeks validation from that board. At least /soc/ has a few actual legit attractive people on it every now and then, and personally, I'd rather that than some pimply, scrawny fedorabeard from r9k hatefapping me.

No. 58544

and being poor and cold, and waaaaaah. get off the internet and get a fucking job.

No. 58554

she wouldn't be relevant at all if you obsessive morons didn't keep bumping her damn thread
if you hate her because she's an attention-whore, then stop giving her EXACTLY what she craves, since it only serves to encourage that type of behavior.

No. 58562

but she's not relevant, "obsessive moron".

No. 58626

Except she actively brings herself up and discusses herself on here.

I have a thin semblance of hope she'll finally realize how unwanted she really is

No. 58630

Literally every time I've witnessed a thread being derailed on account of spoony it's because some idiot or other can't control themselves and feel it absolutely necessary it to point her out and say "LOL HI SPOONY THIS IS SPOONY GUYS".

Every. Fucking. Time.

Even in the fucking Kate thread everything was fine until somebody had to post "kek you know this girl is spoony" and then it all went to hell.

Learn to control yourselves, fuck.

No. 58791

relevant enough to deserve a thread dedicated to her, apparently. one that you seem dedicated to keeping alive.

I literally haven't seen spoony out herself in years. it's all people who try to play ~internet detective~ from the details revealed and then pop up like 'omg it's spoony'.
Myself, I've recognized spoony's typing style & presence from the details mentioned in several threads (where she actually ended up contributing useful information gasp without drawing attention to herself) but I don't sperg out and start screaming her old trip as soon as I realize that she walks among us. it's just you faggots that do that, derail the entire thread, then complain about what an attention whore that she is.


No. 58813

Are you serious? Do you not have any self awareness? Here, I'll break it down for you:

The reason why everyone always shouts "It's Spoony" is because no one likes you. There's no such thing as a Spoony knight. You do not have a legion of white knights like Kate, that you hate so much. You're not even like Chokelate where she's completely tasteless but still has a small group of bad wig lovers.

Everyone knows it's you because no one likes you. You have no real friends. You're severely mentally ill and a stalker. No one thinks you're interesting or even that dramatic as a tripfag or cow. You're just a nobody. You show up to the party and no one asked you to come. Spoony seeks the attention and the validation she never got on anonymous boards because daddy touched her.

The saddest part is you have been doing this for 6+ years and you're not as famous as any of these cows you obsess over and project onto. Congrats in getting Dakota, Beckii, and literally any cow you get near thrust into the spotlight and careers. Spoony gives all her potential and life energy to these girls, getting them famous. Meanwhile, she sits at home with no future.

No. 58824

Funny you sound exactly like spoony when she was throwing a tantrum trying to defend herself on /g/ im that corset thread

I have no idea why you think you aren't being hypocritical telling people to 'control themselves' when it's your doughy ass who can't help self insert and discuss herself

Just die already

No. 58825

Thanks, Anon. I'm glad I'm not the only one who can spot her samefagging from a mile away.

No. 58826

But every time someone says "lol omg it's Spoony!" she feels compelled to respond. She doesn't just ignore it and let the meme die. She always has to defend herself or say SOMETHING, and that confirms that it's her in itself. She always weasels her way into the conversation by acting like we're victimizing her by calling her out when it's obviously her. I'm sure she realizes that people will stop calling her out if she stops posting pictures of herself or talking about herself incessantly or humoring the anons who try to call her out, but to do that would be sacrificing what little attention she gets.

No. 58830

I'm about 99.9% certain the posts you just quoted are just spoony doing her stupid shit as usual.

In fact I don't even have that 0.1% of doubt, that's literally just spoony being a retard. She always has to make posts agreeing with her original one, too.

It's hilarious she expects anyone to believe that she just mysteriously appears whenever someone mentions her or posts her pic. In reality no one but spoony cares about spoony that much.

She's probably been proactively bumping this thread - saging those last posts to try to be sneaky.

She has less tact than amber whann or whatever her name is

No. 58831

She will never change. She'll get a proxy and samefag the thread to death whether we talk about her or not. It's good that this thread exists as Spoony containment. If we give her "attention" here she doesn't shit up other threads like Kate's where there's legit drama to have. Girl just has no self awareness.

No. 58832

after being forced to see her face repeatedly, I have started to realize this girl is ACTUALLY uglier than himezawa… which I didnt think was a thing

No. 58833

:^) I'm also fairly certain she is at least one of these posts accusing herself of samefagging/having no sense.

If not multiple.

Spoony, you should just start your own damn chan so you can sit there talking to yourself all day. Maybe you'll even forget some of the posts are yours and think someone gives a rats ass about you, kek

No. 58900


I'm kek'ing because whilst you're all in here rubbing your witchy hands over your cauldron and cackling about how I'm so easy to spot and how my samefagging is so obvious you don't realise that >>58791 is a totally random Anon and OH GOD do I wish Admin still did samefag refutation just to see the egg on your faces. I'd fly to each of your houses respectively just to take you to bed and lick it off.

If you all are so sure that I'm here because of some crazed lust for attention, a totally wild idea would be to just stop talking about me and trying to point me out in random threads.
But you won't, and undoubtedly one of you precious little idiots is going to come in here and try to start arguing with me.
You can't resist because you're completely in love with this idea you've built up of me being this "forum bogeyman" or some shit.

I'll be impressed of any of you actually manage to hold your twitching fingers back for 24 hours.

The best bit is that this thread is now on the second page and I'm saging it, so the next person to respond to me is going to have to inadvertently admit that they deliberately came looking for the thread, bumped it all the while complaining about how I only want attention top fucking lel.

No. 58958

File: 1447517487821.webm (2 MB, 480x480, spoony boobs.webm)

>the next person to respond to me is going to have to inadvertently admit that they deliberately came looking for the thread, bumped it all the while complaining about how I only want attention top fucking lel.

No. 58993


Not even 4 hours, tsk, tsk, poor form. You really don't have any self control do you?

>takes a video from a tumblr I deleted 3 months ago, makes the effort to convert it to WebM, keeps it on her HD for 3 months and tries to shame me with it

And you guys call me the stalker o lawd do you not see how pathetically obsessive this behaviour is?
Do you really not see the sad hypocrisy in claiming I'm the one that wants the attention when you actively search for me in random threads and create entire threads about me and hoard NSFW content of me on your PC?
Any other person would call this infatuation you know.

No. 59003

Only you would call it that, spoony. You're too delusional to see the extent of your hypocrisy, incapable of even doing the proper mental gymnastics to turn it around.

No. 59007

brb finding her relatives on facebook and sending this to them

No. 59015


And what hypocrisy is that? Because everytime I've requested of anybody here evidence of what exactly it is you're all chimpinh out over everybody suddenly goes very quiet.

Like fuck, months ago further up the thread there was one loon who saw a picture some Anon posted to /soc/ of an eye an eyebrow and reposted it here claiming it was me.
There is a person who actively sits on 4chan looking for posts that look like they've been made by me and then claims I'm hunting for attention by posting… an eye?

That is INSANE.

No. 59017

And now you have this >>59007

You guys really don't see how insane you look do you.

No. 59075

File: 1447529677757.jpg (140.95 KB, 540x960, 1443112508787.jpg)


Hypocrisy - stalking people then moaning about yourself getting "stalked" - which is really just people posting pictures you upload yourself to the internet.

By now you should know other people will repost your pictures, but you keep doing it and then getting butthurt about it.

No. 59091


And who am I stalking here exactly? You think browsing lolcow equivalates to stalking when I spend more time on /b/ and /g/ than I do on any of the other personality-centric boards?

Who's the one with an entire folder on their HD dedicated to images of me? You won't find anything like that on my computer.

Do you use it daily Anon?
Just what volume of juices steeping into your hardened sheets am I responsible for here?

No. 59155

Seriously,though? You guys are taking this too far. If you want her to disappear, then just let this kind of thread die quietly and stop making it a big deal if you notice she's still around. I don't like tripfags either, but it's only a problem if you choose to actively harrass her by bumping threads like this repeatedly complaining about her looks and 'attention whoring'.
Also, contacting someone's relatives with this shit is too fucking far. We don't do that even for legit lolcows unless they're ones like Ashley that are endangering themselves or others. Grow the fuck up and learn to ignore the people you don't like instead of trying to ruin their lives or whatever you're attempting here, jesus.
still not spoony, but if it bugs you that much, go harrass admin to implement IDs.

No. 59192

>implying she will ever disappear.
Nice one, anon.

No. 59196


Thanks Anon.
I know you're not condoning any past behaviour and such but it's a relief that there's a few people in this thread that gets it.

I legit just want to browse in peace.
The only reason I said "hi" in that Kate thread was because I didn't even realise there was somebody on lolcow who knew my irl name.

No. 59213

You don't seem to understand all these posts are different people, not just one Anon replying to you. No one likes you and we all want you to leave, but no one cares about you enough to commit to prattling on about yourself as much as you do. Kek by your own logic you're bringing this all on yourself just by not shutting up.

Except even when this thread had disappeared into the depths of the catalogue spoony didn't go with it. I've seen her talking about herself in g and b not too long ago, certainly before the thread was revived.

The way she seems to magically appear within half an hour of any posts about her is pretty telling.

Even Admin has said in meta that she has been banned before for this shit and it'll happen again if she continues.

No. 59218


>except even when this thread had disappeared into the depths of the catalogue spoony didn't go with it

Yeah because some idiot, probably you, went ahead and bumped it.
You love discussing and following me; admit it.

>even Admin has said in meta that she has been banned before for this shit and it'll happen again if she continues.

I have never, ever been banned for selfposting here so I'm not sure which orifice you're pulling that from.
A bunch of people including myself got an informal warning for continuously talking about IRL situations and personal stuff in irrelevant threads but that's it, which I admit to.
When a thread is stale it's easy to devolve and start talking about politics or hair or exercise or whatever topic seems to pop up at the time.

>I've seen her talking about herself in g and b not too long ago, certainly before the thread was revived.

Literally your problem.
If you think I'm leaving the board because some salty little baby can't prevent herself from chimping out whenever a post she thinks may belong to me slides into her view you're deluded.

No. 59222


Like to add as well you keep saying that you don't care about me and want me to vanish, and yet, here you are actively posting in a thread all about yours truly.

You're such a fucking liar it's unreal.
I've been Anon for so many years now, legit deleted over 10 SM accounts to keep people like you's creepy little claws the fuck away from me outside this board and you insist on trying to point me out and drag me into conversations where I'm not relevant, which is pretty much every conversation that exists on this board, and then have the nerve to say you "liek, totes dnt care bout' her!!!1!".

You stink of shit Anon. Go take a shower.

No. 59225

And again spoons is too retarded to conceive this isn't all just one poster

No. 59226

ITT: People whining about how they wish Spoony would disappear whilst they continue to reply to her. Just stop posting in this thread and she'll have no incentive to reply, it's that simple. You're making her relevant yourself by posting about her.

No. 59227

Except she doesn't. We don't care she's posting in her thread, she often self posts outside of it

No. 59233


No. 59234


Damn kind of like how every person in this thread that produces some semblance of a defence towards me is all me amirite.

The hypocrisy is real.

No. 59235



No. 59236

To be honest, I enjoy seeing how much milk Spoony really has she's such a different kind of cow. She's not a normal snowflake but the most mentally disturbed bottomfeeder who lives on anonymous boards. I've literally never seen a mentally disturbed person stalk so many cows and seek validation from threads like this.

No. 59238

Her kind of pathetic is certainly unique

No. 59239

Just because you're pointed out does not mean you have to comment on being pointed out. That's how the thread gets derailed. Not because someone points you out, but because you inevitably step in. But you know all this. It's useless talking to you about it.

No. 59244


It's amusing for me to see these kind of posts from strangers who have created an analysis of me based on what is in reality an extremely limited amount of information submitted over the years and you fail to realise that I'm a totally normal, completely average young woman leading a pretty average, uneventful life exactly like the rest of you.

I mean according to this thread I have multiple psycho-disorders which I'm on meds for, I don't work, I'm not in education, I live at home and I'm on my computer 24 hours a day amassing folders or some shit of people on the internet? I don't even fucking know.
I find all of this so unbelievably bizarre half the time I really don't even know what to say.

No. 59246


You know how every time I get mentioned in a thread there usually follows a quick succession of saged posts saying "don't bring her up", "just stop responding to her", "ignore her ffs".

Guess who jazz hands

I legit didn't even respond that it was me in the Kate thread, only saged and tried to discourage further discussion on me.
Go look for yourself.

No. 59247

I dont care about drama I just want to fap to Spoony pics

Spoony stop deleting your tumblr you pussy

No. 59248

And if you look to your left, folks, you'll see the wild spoon once again ignoring the point.

No. 59249


Kill yourself.

No. 59250


I don't care about any points you have to make about me as a person because you know l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y nothing about me.

No. 59252

No one cares about you as a person. We don't need to know anything,your actions speak for themselves.

Also good job you admit to samefagging about yourself to build up hype.

How hard is it to get it through your thick skull to just say nothing? I legitimately think you must have some kind of slowness based on nothing but your own actions.

No. 59254


Come back to /r9k/ we love you Spoon-kun

No. 59256

This is the most audacious back-pedalling I've ever witnessed in my life, seriously I'm in awe at the denial.

So a few posts ago you complained about how I bring myself up in threads and now you're complaining because I'm actively trying to discourage discussion about me.

And hell yes I fucking samefagged on Anon in the thread. That thread had absolutely fuck-all to do with me and I wasn't interested in seeing it derailed because of some faggots with an an infatuation and an inability to control themselves.

I've said nothing for over 3 months now and look where that's gotten me, people are still bumping the thread in their desperation to discuss me. I don't where you guys find the fucking time because I sure as shit am stretching it as it is.

No. 59257

>I've said nothing for over 3 months now

what about that corset thread u hag

No. 59258

Fucking kek. Here you can see Spoony again confusing two separate Anon posters. And she dropped her sage, which I have no doubt is from her samefagging in between replies!

How transparent…

No. 59261


Loooooooool you mean the thread where somebody physically came out and asked "spoony how did you do that"?

I guess it would have been politer in your eyes to just ignore them lel
Everybody knows I post here already, I'm not going to withhold advice just because you cry when you see me post :^(


Sage dropped because I closed and reopened the page.
You're deluded, especially seeing as the only person typing in defence of me in the last hour is me, unless you're trying say I'm attacking myself on Anon kek

No. 59262

uumm no they did not ask u personally for a answer are u delusional?

No. 59263

Interesting how the pervy r9k Anon always posts when you do, too. There are always the same kind of posters surrounding you when you come up. Hard to believe that's coincidence.

No. 59265


Why do you think I'm so fed-up of these fucks following me around from website to website?
Why do you think I stopped posting on /r9k/?
Why do you think I deleted my Tumblr 5 times?
It's either a legit creep or something posting to make it look like I'm samefagging and you're falling for it.

I don't care if you believe it or not, it makes no impact on me either way. If it bothers you that much go petition the Admin to confirm. You'll be extremely surprised at the results and potentially feel a bit silly.

No. 59267

I would rather petition Admin to have you ghost banned so you can keep talking about yourself, to yourself. You really can't help it, can you?

No. 59269


Kind of like how you can't stop responding to me.
Funny how that works isn't it

No. 59270

I'm not the lolcow, spoony. :^) Good attempt at diversion though.

>spoony doesn't understand why so many people dislike her

>multiple anon explain it's because she can't shut up
>hurr hurr it's because you won't shut up that I won't shut up, anon! Y does everyone post about me no valid reasons!!!

Spoony logic

No. 59271


lol no, I know why people dislike me and I really don't care.
What I don't understand is why, despite professing to wish to see all semblance of my existence vanish, they continue to discuss me and actively bump a thread ABOUT me.

Kind of runs counter to the argument, huh?

tbh with each post this mess of a thread gets the closer it gets to autosaging so by all means continue arguing with me for all the good it does you.

No. 59272

Post shit like >>58958 and wonder why creeps follow you around lmao.

No. 59273


Get back on mfc
Or start a patreon

No. 59276


I was never "on" MFC.
I made an account whilst I was hard-up to try that non-nude chatting to people shtick, logged in twice, chatted, decided I didn't like it and never tried again.

I don't need a Patreon.

And again, kill yourself.

No. 59278

guys, I don't know if you realize this, but if you're honestly trying to make spoony 'vanish' then you're going about it totally the wrong way.
people don't give a shit about a random anonymous poster, we have multiple 32"-waist-chans on this board even, but they don't get their own goddamn thread for it. spoony would be just like everyone else if it wasn't for people like the ones ITT who feel like they have to punish her whenever they 'recognize' her posting. if it wasn't for the spectacle that you guys are making out of the whole affair, nobody would give a shit. If you hate spoony because she 'craves attention', then you've also got to admit that you're just drumming up more attention & contributing to the vicious cycle by trying to start a fucking witch hunt. you're making a spectacle out of yourselves.

but by all means, keep rageposting about it. I mean, if she really is the psychotic attention-starved bottomfeeder basement-dweller that you insist she is, you're only giving her exactly what she wants.

>inb4 you insist that I only think so because spoony is a lv.99 mastertroll hivemind and I am one of her troll drones or some other fucking insane conspiracy theory

I knew people on lolcow were catty obsessive bitches, but this is a new low even for us.

No. 59279


Wow thats not very nice Im the only one here who likes you and you respond with venom, all i want to do is fap whats the big deal?

No. 59280

I feel like people who post shit like this are fairly new and not fully aware of who Spoony is.

No. 59282

Can you not read? Spoony brings herself up, it's not just people recognizing her like she claims.

No. 59283

I agree. These people are either blind or have no idea what is going on.

No. 59284


What is proof.

No. 59308

Nah, I'm an oldfag. Probably lurked just as long as you if not longer. I was around even before Dakota Rose was fresh meat. Maybe that's why I cannot be arsed to give even half a fuck about Spoony's supposed attention-whoring. If that's all it takes to fuel this kind of irrational hatred of some random old tripfag, our standards have fallen.

No. 59311

Let's not derail too much with Spoony throwing a fit and trying to bait like the child she is.

That being said, when did Spoony show up? I wasn't around on /cgl/ during Dakota's prime. She must honestly be pretty old to still be doing this. I want to guess she's 27+.

She also needs to drop the blurry-as-fuck "kawaii" look. >>59075 Looks like it's copy pasted on that background and her hair looks cut out especially. Cool the photo apps, honey. It won't save the pudge.

No. 59314

I'm not sure where you get that impression, I certainly can't say that I share it from the way the Kate thread went down. Unless you're trying to argue that was all Spoony samefagging in order to attack herself? Which, again, sounds like a conspiracy theory.

No. 59315


She's like 23/24.
She showed up posting pictures of herself while anonymous like 5 or 6 years ago on various boards on 4chan, but then started shitting up /fa/ (particularly) under the trip "Spoony Hips". At this time she was in her hostel.

No. 59317

Do you know any of the other boards she's gone to? I've seen /cgl/,/g/, /r9k/, /b/, and /fa/ be mentioned here. I'd like to see some kind of Spoony Masterlist of trips and boards, if anyone can put it here. Spoony sightings seem to be a thing.

Also, she's abandoned her tumblr again. Does anyone have her new one? This cow is beyond weird to me. I don't understand why she does that when she clearly like self-posting here.

No. 59318


I shooped short hair onto myself to see how it would look since I'm considering getting the chop, so the reason it looks copied and pasted is because it is.


>stop giving spoony attention

>what's her new Tumblr


>also, she's abandoned her tumblr again

>I don't understand why she does that

Maybe it's because I don't enjoy nor desire the attention, kind of like what I've been saying for apparently 4 months now.

No. 59320


Aside from the ones you've mentioned, I think she used to messed around on /fit/ and /x/.

No. 59322

You are too fucking funny to me. You're such a clown. I'm relatively new to you. I enjoy watching you fuck up with what little I've seen. If you truly did not seek attention, you would not post here, end of question.

I got posted on a board once. I literally just did not go there, look at it, or acknowledge it. Guess what? Nothing came of it in real life or online.
You crave us and live off of anons reactions to you. You literally could not go a day without looking at this thread, much less 30 minutes.

Also, >>59321 stop that. That doughy ass is gross.

No. 59323


>posting NSFW of me from when I was 17

Enjoy your V&.

No. 59325

>when people are so salty over shit you did 4-5+ years ago they are willing to hoard and distribute literal CP of you on the internet

Well this is a new low for this thread.

No. 59326


>post nudes to anonymous losers for their approval

>get mad when people remind you of this


No. 59328




>the definition of a child was altered from 16 to 18 years by section 45(1) of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, in force from 01 May 2004.


No. 59329


Yeah well you created and distributed that CP initially, and you knew you were underage (which someone reposting your images may not)

No. 59330


And it's not about being mad. I'm not going to try and argue the merit of actions I took when I was physically and mentally a child. What you're doing is actually illegal.

No. 59331


That's great, but it still doesn't change the fact the in the UK the age of consent is legally 16. I.e. in the eyes of the law, you were both old enough to know what you were doing, and did so of your own consent.

Try again.

No. 59332


Just because the age of consent is 16 does not mean a 16 year old can legally star in a porno, that's why you have to be 18 minimum.

Age of sexual consent =/= age sexual imagery can be distributed of somebody considered by the state to be a minor. It literally says right here >>59328

How dumb are you really?
You wanna go find me all that totally legal porn starring 17 year olds?

No. 59333


>the Protection of Children Act 1978 with the Criminal Justice Act 1988 make it an offence for anyone to take, allow to be taken, possess, show, distribute or publish any indecent image of a child. A child is defined as anyone aged under 18 for the purposes of these Acts.

I broke the law as an unknowing teen and a legal child but you're actively distributing this picture as an adult.
If something like this went to court you'd be fucked in the ass in minutes.

No. 59334

Since you're here and attached to this thread, I'll just ask you yourself: Give us your new tumblr, Spoony.

You really don't make any sense. Most tumblr are filled with very little personal posts and information. If you're really though with drama, you can prove it with that and show it's just a random tumblr.

Of course, if it's filled with something incriminating, like, nudes for example, then it'll just show you haven't changed and that the other anon is right. You like distributing your "CP" on the internet and getting attention for it.

No. 59335


Kill yourself.

No. 59336

Aww, did I anger you? >>59328 The only spaghetti here is you spilling it everywhere.

No. 59337

Too bad you don't take your own advice, spoons

You'd miss the attention top much

No. 59338


>I broke the law as an unknowing teen and a legal child but you're actively distributing this picture as an adult.

I guess all that attention was worth it in the end.

Oh wait.

No. 59342

Aw, babby's sad I won't give out my Tumblr and can't find any more social media accounts connected to me :(

I know it's tough sweetheart, after you went to such lengths to find it too. Failure is frustrating right?

No. 59343


No, YOU would be fucked in the ass. You would have to prove you were 17 at the time the image was taken. Now even if you could do that, you would just be incriminating yourself since you created and distributed those images in the first place.

And furthermore, you knew what age you were, unlike the people posting your images.

No one is going to jail for posting your fat ass.

No. 59344


>you would have to prove you were 17 at the time the image was taken

Whooo boy you really don't understand the law do you.
The onus is on the distributor. not the subject, i.e. YOU would have to prove that I'm not 18+ in that image.

Somebody's getting maaaaaaaaaaad :^)

No. 59345

I know you are facebook, Spoony.

Dont worry I wont tell.

No. 59346


Except that you are the original distributor, that's what anon is saying, which puts you in a double-bind since you are both subject and distributor.

No. 59348

You'll give it to us. When this thread dies down, you'll be so desperate for attention you'll hand it over.
>also revealing you have multiple social media accounts
Way to go, you moron.

No. 59350

So, you still search your name through the 4chan archives to see whether anyone mentioned you?

No. 59352


Distributed 7 years ago as an unknowing minor.
Minors are granted lenience in regards to ignorance of the law due to their age where pertaining to some offences, however adults are not.
The most I'd ever get is a fine.

Ignorance of the law for an adult knowingly distributing CP would is not permitted. They'd get jail time.


It'll be a long, long wait needle-dick.


To submit DMCA takedown requests and have files deleted, yes.

No. 59353

I'm going to post you on /r9k/ and link your Facebook if you keep shitting up the thread.

No. 59355


>Ignorance of the law for an adult knowingly distributing CP would is not permitted. They'd get jail time.

"Knowingly". No one could reasonably know you werent 18+ in those pictures. Except you, of course.

No. 59358

It isn't that simple actually.
Either way i'm not sure what the hell is going on in this thread but, if you get even a whiff that someone might be underage in a nude picture, you take that picture down unless proven otherwise.

No. 59359


Do you have any idea how many years I've been dealing with pathetic little threats of this calibre? Like you actually think something like this is supposed to scare me?

You're gonna link a Facebook that you know for a fact is locked down and has no information available to it that I could easily delete or change the URL of in less than a second? Fucking do it you sad waste of oxygen and afterwards go loop that noose over the rafters and finally get done what you've been itching to do for so many years now.


>a teenager who sent a topless selfie to her boyfriend received a police caution

Trembling m8.

No. 59360

Spoony, to change the topic, why do you hate Kate? You're not even a lolita. I get Chokelate sperging out, but why you?

No. 59361


youre not very nice, telling people to kill themselves

depression and suicide is serious and I know you have been depressed in the past you wouldnt like if someone had said that to you

No. 59362

You do understand that telling someone to kill themselves is illegal, right? You've said it way too much on this thread.

No. 59363

Spoony you are an obnoxious cunt who has made it her life goal to be e-famous, don't pretend you don't enjoy it, kek. Saw you posting your own photos in an /r9k/ thread the other day (most pathetically) while everyone but one guy was busy calling you fat. Shiggy diggy.

No. 59366


Would you believe me if I said I didn't even know who Kate was until the day I got posted to that thread?
I kept seeing the LACE thread bouncing around on /pt/ for months and months but I didn't pay attention to it since I mostly hang out on /g/ and /b/.

When I saw Choke make that post I was like "wut", came to /pt/, saw the new Kate thread on /pt/, went back and skimmed over the old thread to get a summary, saw the stuff about the kitten and went berserker mode.

At any rate I can't say I hate her, I don't even know her, but if all this stuff about the kitten is true then she deserves to burn.
As far as I'm concerned people who treat animals as lifeless accessories are only a tier below people that physically abuse them.
I fucking DESPISE animal abusers I legit stay up crying sometimes when I start thinking about battery farms. I'm one of those psychos that takes in stray kittens and injured pigeons and baby seagulls that fall out of their nests and shit, even though they grow up to be assholes.

Does the kitten thing really not bother anybody else?


Huh? Links please, I actually don't know what you're talking about.

No. 59367

>Fucking do it you sad waste of oxygen and afterwards go loop that noose over the rafters and finally get done what you've been itching to do for so many years now.

Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you?

This is my first time posting in this thread. I've known you since /cgl/, spoony, but I always wanted to give you the benefit of doubt. You've proven yourself to be as crazy and attention-seeking as everyone says you are.

Do you want the thread to die? Stop posting. That's all you have to do. Fucking crazy bitch.

No. 59368

Wow. After reading all of this, I can't believe I actually liked Spoony and defended her when people would talk shit.

inb4 samefag, feel free to call admin in. I'm the same person who thought she reminded me of my older sister.

No. 59369


>I've known you since /cgl/, spoony

You're surprised when I don't take people threatening my personal safety lightly.

No. 59370

No, I would not believe you if you said that. Considering your comment on the screenshot, where you talked about all of the kate drama taht's been happening since the beginning; no, I do not believe you.

>Does the kitten thing really not bother anybody else?

Have you really not read the /pt/ thread, the numerous /cgl/ threads, or the btb secrets all about how concerned everyone is about that fucking cat?

I'm not threatening your personal safety, retard.

No. 59371

Pretty much this. I like to cackle at cows as much as the next farmer, but to repeatedly tell these people to kill themselves? Stop being a cunt.

No. 59372

>Would you believe me if I said I didn't even know who Kate was until the day I got posted to that thread?
Lol no. What makes you think anyone would believe that after the way you've admitted you're always on lolcow and cgl? Let this go and stop lying to yourself.

No. 59374

File: 1447554082514.jpg (70.15 KB, 554x430, lol.jpg)

No. 59375

Spoony, it's not that hard to just step away from imageboards. I know your persona depends on it but seriously girl, just step the fuck away.

No. 59376


>where you talked about all of the kate drama taht's been happening since the beginning

Yeah, but, like, I just said that when I saw Choke's post I immediately went to /pt/ to go read back through the drama, and then made the Facebook response.

I can get a screenshot of my history if you really don't believe me.
This I can t least prove because it will literally say Facebook>waraosuarchive>lolcow>lolcow:LACE thread>Facebook etc.

And how is threatening to link my personal Facebook to a board you know is filled with men who are obsessed with an image of me not a threat to my safety?

No. 59377



>have you really not read the /pt/ thread, the numerous /cgl/ threads, or the btb secrets all about how concerned everyone is about that fucking cat?

No, I only really skimmed through the /pt/ thread, I haven't even looked at /cgl/ in years now and I don't go to BtB, I'm not a lolita.

No. 59378

did spoony write this?

damn spoony. never knew you were this hardcore. why don't you go male-free spoony? love, mystery.jpg

No. 59379

nevermind i got to the end of it. 60-70%? go fuck yourself spoony, it's more like 100%. i got hopeful there for a second but i guess you're nothing more than a handmaiden like the rest of them

No. 59380



>tfw no qtMystery.jpeggf

No. 59381

>And how is threatening to link my personal Facebook to a board you know is filled with men who are obsessed with an image of me not a threat to my safety?

Well you seem to have such a great understanding of the law, you should so to the police about it.

No. 59382

Yeah, but, like, no you fucking didn't.

I don't want a stupid fucking screenshot. I don't care.

I didn't threaten to link your personal facebook, also if you're ~that worried~ just fucking delete it. It's that simple, retard. Are you really so self-absorbed that you think an entire 4chan board is dedicated to men obsessing over you?

>I immediately went to /pt/ to go read back through the drama
>I only really skimmed through the /pt/ thread

So which one was it? Protip: don't make blanket statements about drama you don't even understand.

You need Jesus. You need to stop putting yourself out there on the internet; it's a dangerous place, which you should already know, so maybe you should make shit private and stop constantly talking about yourself and maybe the drama will go away.

No. 59383

>board with men who are obsessed with an image of me

Nothing you can say will convince me that it wasn't just you selfposting. Nothing you can say will convince me you were ignorant of any kind of drama with Kate or whoever else.
I'm not even the anons you were initially arguing with, but really, why is our approval so important to you? If you honestly believe in what you're saying that's all that should matter for your mind's sake. It just looks phony when you keep arguing to get people to believe you when you frankly haven't built the best reputation for yourself. It's speaking volumes to me that you're upset that randoms won't take your word instead of trying to understand why they wouldn't and let it go.

No. 59384

>God, am I like, the only one who cares about animals here? None of you guys do.
>I take in poor, abused creatures. I'm literally Snow White!
>tells people to commit suicide over and over
You're such a good person.

No. 59385

File: 1447555094830.jpg (166.25 KB, 873x1058, fesf.jpg)


>I don't want a stupid fucking screenshot. I don't care.

I wish you'd said this before I went and dug this up.

You can even see me going to archive and searching Kate cause I was like "wtf is this drama".

So nope. I'm not a lolita and until apparently Wednesday I didn't have a clue who she was or what LACE was.

No. 59386

File: 1447555183458.png (54.88 KB, 504x181, Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 8.33…)

as someone who's been watching this thread devolve all day, I can't say that I agree with her choice of words, but I certainly understand why she's pissed enough to use them. if I was the center of this shitstorm, I'd want to tell whoever resurrected this years-old sour milk to gtfo this life, too.

also you'll probably call me a white knight or claim I'm spoony or whatever, but 'cyberbullying' by telling someone to kill themselves on a goddamn imageboard is on a totally different level from 'cyberbullying' someone by threatening to distribute nudes/CP to their fucking family in an attempt to get to them IRL. People actually do kill themselves over that shit, whereas if anyone takes the opinion of a single provoked internet dweller seriously enough to off themselves, I can't say that I feel like we've lost a credit to the species.

>abloobloo but what if they have depression

pic related

No. 59387

Sorry, but I still don't give a shit.

No. 59388

File: 1447555227100.jpg (114.1 KB, 642x886, dvgzdzd.jpg)


Why would I lie about not having known who Kate was until Wednesday? That's a pretty silly thing to lie about.

No. 59389

File: 1447555307139.jpg (614.47 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_nu8avtfl9F1s51juko1_128…)


why do people post comments about my breasts?

No. 59390

I'm not saying you're lying about your internet history. I'm just telling you that I don't give a shit.


No. 59391

God, what an unfortunate haircut.

No. 59392

File: 1447555413940.jpg (106.3 KB, 789x703, adfaf.jpg)


lol you can even see me slowly stumbling onto her Sweet Rebel trailer and then getting to the cat part.

>do cats die on airplanes

Yeah I legit didn't actually know how dangerous flying was for animals.

No. 59393


But you just said you didn't believe me when I said I didn't know who Kate was until Wednesday.
If I knew who she was why would see Choke's post, go to the archive to search Kate, come to /pt/, read the LACE thread and then start looking at her Sweet Edgelord trailer, Indiegogo and start Googling why cats can't fly on airplanes.

Fuck is this Kate? Oh my god that would make so much sense right now please be true.


Fortunately it's a shoop.

No. 59394

>is so buttflustered by some rando on the internet that they're ITT demanding that this person stop posting, quit the internet forever, and erase all trace of their existence on it
>'b-but I don't give a shit guise'

make up your damn mind.
still not spoony, just tired of all the logical fallacies itt. if you seriously don't give a shit, you wouldn't be here with your panties all in a twist simply because someone who annoys you exists on the same imageboard as you do.

No. 59395

Your original post where you got ratted out told us you've been stalking Kate from the start. You're just sperging out because you were caught in the heart of stirring up shit. I have no idea what browser history would prove.

Also, this also proves your Facebook is NOT deactivated. God, you're so full of shit. If you saw Choke's FRIENDS ONLY post, then you are completely active on Facebook.

No. 59396


I'm genuinely concerned for you now because I never once said I've been following Kate from the beginning and I never once said that my Facebook was deactivated.

Please link to where both of these things occurred if you believe they happened.

No. 59397

>quit the internet forever

Well, nobody is really saying that to you Spoons. What they're telling you is to stop responding to drama i.e. this thread.
You can't complain about drama, turn around and actively participate in it, and then feel sorry for yourself. It makes no sense.

No. 59398


Das not me mayne.

No. 59400


Oops meant to link to >>59397

No. 59401

Spoony must be autistic for real
To spend so much time trying to prove something to a random anon who doesn't even care

Also trawling the archives for you images is pointless as they just get reposted - you are hardly the only girl with pics out there i dont know why you are so obsessed

No. 59402

>You're gonna link a Facebook that you know for a fact is locked down and has no information available to it that I could easily delete or change the URL of in less than a second? Fucking do it you sad waste of oxygen and afterwards go loop that noose over the rafters and finally get done what you've been itching to do for so many years now.
>locked down
>but not actually

No. 59405


Just so you guys know, I'll link my posts:


Also, pic attached, not Kate or whoever you think I am. Just a random anon who thinks you're full of shit.

Sure, you've got browser history that I never asked to see? Your original comment still makes it seem like you've been following the drama for a while. I'm sorry for being wrong about that one thing. I never asked to see your history, but thanks for proving your own point about 'internet privacy!!1 respect muh safety!!1'

Look Spoons, you should probably just stop mentioning yourself or responding to threads about you if you don't want attention. It's that simple.

>inb4 ugly!! FAS!! nasolabial folds!!!1

>yeah i know

No. 59406


Do you know what locked down means? It means that absolutely everything on it is set to display as private to people who aren't on my friendlist. You can't access or view anything.
I never once said it was a deactivated account. That's your mistake.

Now, how about this post where I apparently stated I've been "stalking Kate" from the very beginning.

No. 59407

stop selfposting you whore, you're turning this thread even worse

No. 59408

whoops, meant to link
instead of the first post.

No. 59409

Nah, just wanted to prove to spoony that I'm not Kate. Image will be deleted soon.

No. 59410

Spoony, important question.

Were you ever attempted to be blackmailed by a guy from /r9k/? Like seriously blackmailed?

No. 59411


I actually appreciate that you believe me. I get kind of buttgrumbled when people accuse me of lying when I know I'm not.

And from I can see you're not ugly at all, you actually look really cute and have really pretty lips, but be prepared for people attacking you nonetheless.

I'm so tired of bickering with people that I probably get a long with really well with in threads where we're all anonymous though,
It's funny that so many of you believe that I'm this terrible, awful person because I don't think that way at all about the users of this board. It kind of makes me sad because I really enjoy this community and contribute to it a lot in ways nobody but Admin knows because I really am Anonymous like 98% of the time, I just fuck-up sometimes and then it turns into… this.

I'm dumb for thinking I can be amicable with people and change their minds I know, especially on a site that thrives off drama and when I'm the type of person that's easily aggravated.

Ah I'm so tired of the back and forth guys.

No. 59412


I've had one guy post to /r9k/ who recognised me on a train, described the book I was reading and everything, one guy who knew the city I was living in and claimed was going to kneecap me the next time he saw me, and one guy from… I can't remember the country but he made a WoW character with my name but ended it in "tje" which means love or something in his language and would stalk me on my WoW server, and he bought plane tickets to the UK and sent me photos of them telling me he was coming to the UK to see me whether I liked it or not because "I was the last thing he thought about at night and the first thing he thought about in the morning", and when I blocked him and deleted every account he knew I had he found my boyfriend's Steam and made threats to kill him, and that's when I began seriously withdrawing from 4chan and stuff.

This is why I get so aggressive when people threaten to publish things like my Facebook address especially to a board like /r9k/.

No. 59413

>Ah I'm so tired of the back and forth guys.

Then stop?

No. 59414

File: 1447557331185.gif (802.01 KB, 500x411, NO_U_cycle.gif)

here is an image that basically sums up my feelings on this thread. thank you for contributing to the endless, useless cycle. i hope you got some kind of cathartic relief out of expressing your emotions here tonight.
also since we're apparently putting it on the record, I'm >>59394 and I don't give a fuck who you are or whether you're a samefag or not. we're all pathetic for being on lolcow, some of us actually own up to us while others coughyoucough seem to think that they're on some kind of noble fucking crusade to expose cyber skullduggery. but hey! whatever floats your boat, have fun with that.

No. 59416

I'm willing to admit I'm wrong. Can you understand how it seemed like, to an outside observer, from your comment on her facebook, it may have looked like you were involved in the drama?

Thanks for that, but yeah, I know how it goes. People ridicule me, it's cool, I take a deep breath and move on. The picture has been deleted now that you've seen I'm not Kate.

If you like being anonymous then just.. be anonymous. It's not that hard. Unless you mention your name, or the same history you've been repeating over and over, or post a picture of yourself–bam, you're just another anon.

I am also an easily aggravated person. Sometimes, you just have to let it go. Just let it go, man. You can easily fade into obscurity.


No. 59417

Oh. Idk if I should be posting this but I thought you might know who I am talking about. I figure this thread is shitty so might as well selfpost about it anyway and turn it into an /r9k/ gossip thread.

Someone on /r9k/ started addressing me (mystery) on a thread I was posting in. Started posting weird facts about my family that only I could understand. Thought it was someone I knew irl. They asked me to add them on skype so I did and it turns out to be some random who had been stalking me on /r9k/ for the last 6 years. He claimed to live in a different country and said he didn't know me or my parents personally but was obsessed with me. It got really weird, he had addresses of my old facebook account (that I hadn't used since 2007 and that no one even knew about) and my current account, as well as old tumblrs and myspaces. Weird random facts about me and people I knew. Spooked me the fuck out. Made threads to end my life too If you know anything, you know I don't post that kind of stuff online and don't post much that could identify me on that board. Was wondering if you ever ran into a character like that. He wanted to blackmail me for sexual stuff so before I went on cam for him I drank a 2L bottle of diet coke, took off my bra and makeup and looked FAT AS FUCK and he seemed repulsed and quit the skye convo. Anyway, it was 2spooky and you said you feared for your life so I wonder if he might be doing it to other trips but I guess not

No. 59418

Nevermind that you've told people to die violently and commit suicide, stripped all over anon boards known for their disgusting users for attention, gotten angry when people actually save that shit, samefag anything you come onto, store underage photos of girls here, and whatever else you've done.

No. 59419

Sage goes in the email field. Seems like you're projecting a bit, that person didn't do anything wrong.

No. 59421

frankly i'm just sick of seeing this ludicrously petty mess on the front page and would like everyone keeping it alive to go to hell, please.
thank you for the advice on saging, usually i use it too rarely to remember which.

No. 59422

I'm laughing at you because instead of saying to yourself "gee, I post a lot of revealing information about myself on the internet and I should stop," your very first thought goes to "blackmailing creeps." It's a half truth, because while it's gross to blackmail someone sexually, actually that dude didn't know anything about you that you didn't publicly provide. And if what you're saying is true, implying you've tripfagged for more than five years, then during that time that info you posted was stored in an easily accessible (and Google-able) archive.

You girls sure do like causing drama for yourselves.

No. 59423

No problem. I agree.

No. 59425

You fucking retard, I'm not spoony and I've never even posted a picture of myself online (even on my very personal facebook).

No. 59427

The fact that you couldnt resist responding in the Kate thread demonstrates that you'll never change. You shouldn't have said anything, it was really stupid of you.

No. 59436

You really are disgusting. The reason people see you as spoony is because you're still acting like 'that little teenager'

Your blatant need for validation is just gross. Not something to do a pity me post over.

If you truly want this to stop, stop fucking posting. Jesus. It's that easy. You say you're going to be dropping the thread but your teenage mentality will have you back and replying.

No. 59437

:^) I bet you think you're being slick by trying to have lolcow sympathize with you and try to hide the fact you samefagged that r9k poster, as you did in the corset thread.

You're so pathetic.

No. 59438

no one cares.

No. 59439

File: 1447561850366.gif (123.88 KB, 590x333, 1366318073615.gif)

>I don't use 4chan or 8chan

No. 59447

Lmao aaand Spoons admits to what we've all known all along…… at least ur being partially honest with yourself

No. 59448

If you truly expected no one to empathize with you, you wouldn't have posted this. Fuck off.

No. 59485

Funny, I didn't say you were Spoony and obv you gave enough searchable info that someone found your social media to steak pictures from.
>u retawwwd

No. 59494

>I absolutely hate that people only remember me as spoony, this retarded teenager that I don't even recognise and can't seem to get away from,

you keep deleting your online presence so "spoony" is all people have to go on

No. 59524

Fucking hell spoony you're so pitiful.


>continues to post sob stories here all the fucking time to drink cheap pity cum

just fucking stop jesus christ I'm embarrassed for you

No. 59531

Spoons, I care about you, please stop identifying yourself on image boards. I know it's tempting and some in circumstances can seem beneficial, but honestly, you're just digging yourself a hole. The only way to move on with your life and prevent the animosity surrounding you from getting any worse is to walk away.

Love yourself, don't do this.

No. 59605

>I legit didn't even respond that it was me in the Kate thread.

Wait, what? But when I said "whoever ___ is on facebook, I like you" You did reply and said thank you or whatever, then another anon pointed out who you were. Yeah you changed your mind but you initially did out yourself. Man though, I feel like I opened pandora's box lol.

Anyway, I still agree with your opinion about kate but man… Didn't expect all this.

No. 59642

She outed herself but may not have known anyone knew Ebony = Spoony, I guess.

No. 60326

Her face is like a mix of Venus and Taylor.

No. 60327


No. 60334

File: 1447793778714.jpeg (89.23 KB, 1303x2048, chi-pillsbury-dough-boy-creato…)

Lmao it kind of is… like if they combined and then were also melting

With her weird doughiness she could be a mascot for pillsbury

No. 60400

File: 1447817417039.jpg (41.69 KB, 403x403, image.jpg)

She looks like "boy" Venus

No. 73778

Th-th–thank you for your pictures, M-Mistress! I'm not here to bully ye(On purpose, atleast), I've traveled from my homeland of r9k in search of pictures.

No. 73786

Jfc, fuck off

No. 73791

Aaaaaand she's on /r9k/ again.

No. 73803


All I see is a thread of thirsty betas pining.

No. 86342

how do we remove spoony from the site?

No. 86343

Did she post again here somewhere?

No. 86345

File: 1453941743114.jpg (424.89 KB, 1080x1920, 1431018575932.jpg)

Spoony is my seagullfu ;_;

No. 86347

currently in the friend finder thread in /g/ trying to find friends while posting the VERY SAME username that is in the OP of this thread.

No. 86348

She reminds me of Lauryn Lawler

No. 86350

the only reason you don't like her is because she's not anon

I was a tripfag on /tv/ for a couple years, and people fucking hated my posts. they were no different from when I posted anonymously, but all my opinions were wrong because I was a tripfag.

No. 86351

yeah no shit. everyone hates attention whores, who is surprised?

No. 86352

Lauren fuck off you ugly twat
no one is as ugly as you

No. 86353

Even weirder because it seems that she is actually anon but people keep like >>86342 keep repeatedly dragging her up when it's not necessary all the while complaining about her. I've recognised her posting a couple of time before but I don't want to wreck a thread bringing her up so I don't. If you really hated her I don't understand why you wouldn't just ignore her?

No. 86355

>actually anon
>posts known username in thread instead of making a throwaway like literally everyone else in the thread.


No. 86356

I posted in that thread and I didn't use a throwaway. I'm pretty sure most people didn't either because nobody is going to bother logging in and out of different accounts multiple times a day just to check if somebody has added them or not. Stop obsessing and just ignore her ffs.

No. 86358

zomg I can't believe that vile cunt didn't rename her steam and skype accounts after you learned that was her username. what a bitch!

get the fuck over yourself.

No. 86360

I was just thinking that. If it was me I wouldn't go to the effort of changing my online alias and possibly having to remake dozens of online accounts just because one bitch has an internet hate-boner for me when they'd probably inevitably find the new one anyway.

No. 86362

File: 1453944208372.jpg (351.77 KB, 900x1600, 1450300686969.jpg)

why do hate Spoony?
it must be jealous!

>qt face

>big boobs
>big hips
>big ass

she is literally perfect

No. 86365

>just because one bitch
>one bitch
lmao Spoony please stop deluding yourself into thinking only one person hates you.

Saying "don't notice me/I want to be out of the spotlight" then using the same recognizable username everywhere is hypocritical.

No. 86366

Baiting farmers is like shooting fish in a barrel…after luring them with bait…

No. 86368


you cant deny she won the genetic lottery

to bad she is mental

No. 86370

File: 1453944616157.jpg (469.44 KB, 1080x1920, 1435092653148.jpg)

she is qt and I wish her well in whatever the hell it is she's doing

No. 86371

File: 1453944616370.gif (852.96 KB, 322x176, umarulaugh.gif)

nice b8

No. 86372

Do you not realize the irony in bitching about how I'm accusing you of being one person whilst simultaneously accusing one person who defends her of being spoony herself? You're the only one in the thread bitching about this shit so yeah, you do have a hate-boner for her and it's cringey to watch.
Are all you. Stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 86373

>too bad she is mental

her and everyone else that comes to this site. that's not exactly something unique here.

No. 86374

she isn't the only one, spoonsie

No. 86375

ugh Spoony has a face more punchable than J-law

No. 86376

Really, because your inability to capitalize the beginning of every single one of your posts says otherwise / cringe

No. 86377

File: 1453945100265.jpg (219.74 KB, 1200x1600, 1322457298402.jpg)


how could someone harm this angel?

No. 86379

Look, I, too can capitalize sentences.

But no, that wasn't me.

There are at least three other people in this thread posting with all lowercase. It's fairly common on the internet in case you didn't pick up on that.

No. 86380

Sorry, not convinced. Anyway, why are people actively bumping a thread of somebody they want to get rid of? Isn't that kind of counterproductive to the aim here?

No. 86381

File: 1453945445930.jpg (214.23 KB, 1200x1600, 1409984751311.jpg)

the more they do, the more we thirsty betas can fawn over how perfect and beautiful she is

No. 86382


The real spoony always sages her own thread

No. 86384

This shit again?

No. 86385

File: 1453945684899.jpg (252.63 KB, 872x1548, 1425593042959.jpg)

keep it up.

Spoony > you

No. 86386

Apparently lol

No. 86387

since she was called out, she stopped saging.

No. 86389


Damn she is a goddess

Amy pics of her feet?

No. 86393

The bangs and brows are driving me crazy. I think she thinks she's being trendy, but it's so god damn awful. Thin out the eyebrows and thin out those brows. Also - lose weight.

No. 86395

File: 1453946249701.jpg (235.81 KB, 768x1011, 1415042224324.jpg)

you jelly

No. 86396

I meant grow out those bangs.

No. 86397

No. I have a bird nose similar to Spoony and it's not very flattering. I don't think of the girls here envy a face with that unfortunate nose.

Bangs are okay here tho.

No. 86398

Hope these beta defenders get some webms out of this.

No. 86400

File: 1453946553852.jpg (85.23 KB, 500x750, 1425447107301.jpg)

>get some webms out of this


No. 86401

File: 1453946728696.jpeg (81.72 KB, 627x463, image.jpeg)

End the cancer

Sage goes in all fields

No. 86402

How has she not been banned.
Spoontard ruins everything.

No. 86403

Users don't get banned just because other users dislike them. You only get banned for egregious rule breaking.

No. 86404

this. spoon is the worst. i hope her internet gets shut off and she's forced to get a life.

No. 86405

File: 1453947313256.jpg (438.7 KB, 1200x1600, 1429460913735.jpg)



No. 86407

File: 1453947431909.png (87.09 KB, 184x184, 1434095311955.png)

reminds me of a post she had made on 4chins when some girl had asked what a good, healthy snack was and spoons suggested toast with processed jar marinara sauce, i shit you not.

No. 86408

File: 1453947550548.jpg (594.63 KB, 1280x1700, 1397410252531.jpg)


No. 86412


I would fund Spoony with my betabux to prevent tbat

Spoony patreon when?

No. 86413

make sure it's the right spoony fam, and not the bipolar alcoholic fuckup

No. 86419

Spoony is no longer allowed to self-identify in any thread, except for this one. This includes explicitly identifying herself, as well as posting information or images that any reasonable person from lolcow or /cgl/ would infer must be her (i.e. "nonfagging", see >>58061 ).

Examples of posts that would not be permitted:


No. 86420

>spoons suggested toast with processed jar marinara sauce
well, that is considered luxurious when it comes to british cuisine

No. 86422

No. 86423

Spoony just kill yourself, your life is worthless.

No. 86424

>any reasonable person
Now herein lies the problem…

No. 86429

I think the examples are pretty clear. It's not exactly a herculean task I'm requesting of you.


Two of the links had the wrong board. If you refresh, they're fixed.

No. 86431

File: 1453950445916.gif (1.74 MB, 400x300, 1412884127677.gif)

I'm not Spoony :^)

No. 86435


No but I'm affirming that any person who is capable of identifying me based on a close up of a set of eyes as in >>>/pt/134575 is not a reasonable person.

At any rate it's better this way as at least it gets this persistent autist off my back and I have cause to be more careful which I'm usually not.
I don't expect you to respond to to this as I know you're not permitted from identifying poster info, but given that IP's are visible to you I feel you must understand my frustrations at say, strangers spamming posting images of me repeatedly in this thread and then having posts like >>86423
directed at me.

No. 86438

I find it funny that the only off topic posts in reply by her posts are the ones going FUCKING SPOONY KILL YOURSELF GAWD and not people kissing her ass

it's the farmers with a hateboner shitting up those threads, not le beta whiteknights

No. 86439

>this persistent autist
>this autist
>one person

No. 86440

File: 1453951725224.jpg (302.02 KB, 768x1024, 1403325383780.jpg)

clearly rustled.

No. 86442

That's what I've been trying to point out too and I'm kind of surprised that Admin-dono doesn't seem to get it either actually since I know he's a smart guy, smarter than me, but I guess it's simpler just telling one person not to post rather than telling multiple people to shut the fuck up with the incessant shitposting. Obviously I'm biased but it seems nonsensical to repress one user on account of a handful of users inability to control themselves around said user, especially given the operational basis of boards like this.
I just want to post the same as everybody else and be left alone.

I know Admin and the other moderation staff can see that I'm not the one posting all these pictures and shit and complimenting "myself" though so I guess that's enough for me.

And you can fuck right off as well you worthless manpig.

No. 86449

File: 1453952984373.jpg (84.63 KB, 436x774, 1421835144201.jpg)


No. 86451

>I know he's a smart guy, smarter than me.

So humble
Gold star this post!!!!

No. 86458

>repress one user on account of a handful of users inability to control themselves around said user

Stop talking about yourself in third person. Please, just stop fucking talking about yourself in general. If 99% of the anons who post here can post anonymously, then so can you, faggot. It's not hard. He's not banning you from the site. He's just asking you to stop identifying yourself ON AN ANONYMOUS IMAGE BOARD.

Even Admin-kun is tired of your shit.

No. 86469

I am posting Anonymously.
There are hundreds of users who daily post details pertaining to areas of study, location, fashion interests, circle lenses, experiences with the internet, height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, skin colour etc., basically the same level of information I occasionally drop and the only reason I'm identifiable based on this is because I used to trip and because there's a few people who're evidently obsessed with me and with pointing me out in various threads so much so that I occasionally see them attacking and accusing complete strangers of being me.
Further up in the thread you can even see a stream of posts resulting from somebody believing that some stranger on /soc/'s eyebrows belonged to me; that is how deep the obsession goes.

In the friend-finder thread that I made there are presently 142 posts - why did I get singled out specifically? I didn't post anything special, post an image of myself nor name drop.
I'm not posting information any more nor any less than the average user at the end of the day.

>even Admin-kun is tired of your shit.

I suspect he's tired of the bullshit that results from every time one of these headcases decides to go sniffing around for me and I don't blame him either. It's fucking ridiculous and frankly pathetic that this has to happen in virtually every fucking thread including ones I don't even post to just because some idiot has this raging hate-boner for me after 6. fucking. years.

No. 86470

No one is obsessed with you. Those people still manage to remain anonymous, and you don't.

Just realize you've lost the privilege of posting intimate details about yourself on a vietnamese picturebook imageboard.

It's not just one idiot. People are collectively tired of you. Please just leave.

Need I remind you of >>59433?

No. 86473


>no one is obsessed with you

lel do you really believe that? Nigga look at this entire fucking thread. 838 posts. Eight-hundred-and-thirty-fucking-eight posts.
Look at >>58176 for god's sake, there are people physically sitting around on 4chan hunting for me, and for the record those are not my eyebrows.
I have some faggot in this thread spamming pictures of me from what is evidently a folder of pictures he's collected. I have people sitting around on /g/ in threads I created aping out when make a completely relevant post because they memorised an alias I used once for a Tumblr account they obviously lurked that I deleted almost a year ago. Fucking pump "spoony" into the /r9k/ archive, you'll see how "few people are obsessed with me" on a board I stopped tripping on half a decade ago now.

Hurr no one is obsessed with, hurr durr, are you fucking kidding me. I don't believe you're actually that stupid to believe that because it's not possible.

No. 86474

File: 1453957215197.jpg (227.19 KB, 704x934, 1407855696920.jpg)

>I have some faggot in this thread spamming pictures of me from what is evidently a folder of pictures he's collected.


No. 86475

Spoony….I'm going to spell it out for you, even though I suspect you already know this. I am spelling it out for you so that you cannot continue to play dumb as if you simply do not realize it.

You are not anonymous anymore, and by maintaining the same username and telling stories that are obviously about Spoony in first person (as Admin linked), you are continuing to live your life outside of anonymity.

Let me reiterate: you are NOT anonymous. You may post with the name "Anonymous," but you aren't anonymous. You gave up your anonymity a long time ago when you decided to trip. You dropped your location, photos, interests, and various intimate details about your life, connected to your face and trip. The other people who have done that have their own threads, too. You're not the only one.

The thing is, you rarely see these others getting called out, and that's because they know what to say and what not to say to maintain anonymity.

You are more infamous than you put on, and you know that. You realize that there are people who know all of these details about your life that you OPENLY, WILLINGLY told us. And you get surprised when you get called out on it? Sure, 80% of the board may not instantly recognize you because they don't go back that far, but a lot of us do. A lot of us just choose to be quiet. I've seen you singled out on various boards, not just this one. It is almost obvious when it's you.

You need help, you really do.

No. 86479


The first part of your post I can agree with your wholeheartedly. My biggest mistake here is posting in the belief that the people who may have once held a grudge for me were sane enough to have relinquished it in the last 6 years. I am naive.

>you need help, you really do

These kind of statements are what confirms for me that people like you actually think you know a lot about me based on what I post when the reality here is that nobody here really knows anything of substance nor import about me, and honestly Anon when you say things like this it's kind of sad.
I'm just your average, typical, person hanging around online burning time in between the actual important things I do in my life and do you know what, absolutely none of this is going to matter in 4, 5 years, as if any of it really matters now.
What, you think this site interrupts into my life in any meaningful way? Really?

And Anon, no, I'm not infamous. I am absolutely nothing but people like you are insistent on making me out to be something bigger than I ever was. Stop making me out to be some kind of well-known e-villain. Nobody knows who I am outside of one board on 4chan and this site and that will change in the next few years once I grow old and the Neckies move onto their next waifu.

No. 86480

File: 1453958229682.jpg (310.11 KB, 1080x1920, 1425615015415.jpg)

you'll always be mai waifu Cunt-Wizard ;_;

No. 86481

>Nobody knows who I am outside of one board on 4chan
/a/ ?
/ic/ ?
/fa/ ?
/cgl/ ?
/toy/ ?
/r9k/ ?

No. 86482


No. 86483


Uh yeah, you're deluded if you think any of those boards aside from a very small minority on /r9k/ know who I am. I saw somebody post about me to /cgl/ through an archive recently and nobody knew who the fuck I was, which is as it should be.

It's cool most people were able to move on from petty, irrelevant tripfag e-drama. Shame about the others.

No. 86484

File: 1453958851363.jpg (24.8 KB, 400x386, laughing frog meme.jpg)

No. 86486

legit question: did you get your ears pointed again?

I think I remember you saying that after they healed you needed to go back to get them done again so that they come to a cleaner point

No. 86494


>please just leave

I can hand on heart swear that I would never again submit a single post to lolcow in the remainder of my lifetime if this thread were to be deleted or the entry temporarily made inaccessible as collateral to my promise, but that's never going to happen because you can now no longer delete threads after a certain amount of time and Admin categorically refuses to delete threads and seems to believe I'm a "figure of "interest" and not some nerd on the internet with a bad reputation and a penchant for digging myself into holes.

Most of the reason I continue to post here is because I figure I already have a thread about me up, might as well continue to post seeing as it can't get much worse.

No. 86497

You realize that it's entirely, 100% your fault that people are doing any of this, right?

It's all your fault for being a stupid fucking attention whore. Cry harder, cunt, while you furiously maturbate to how the evil the internet hate machine is for 'obsessing' over poor ol' spoony.

Get a life.

inb4 snark comment "n-no… ur stupid!!1"

No. 86500

File: 1453961032365.gif (491.42 KB, 497x254, milk.gif)

No. 86505


Hmmmm but didn't you just state that "nobody" was obsessed with me?
I mean that was a pretty firm and bold assertion, and a remarkably fast u-turn :^)

>get a life

You're the one posting in a "spoony" thread. We're like sisters, really.

No. 86506

File: 1453961172647.png (14.48 KB, 300x250, KAZaKB8Y8n-12.png)

>tfw people try to help you for your personality disorder but you just continue being a paranoid lunatic screaming about how it's not your fault and it's just the other people who are crazy and not you

No. 86512

Check my reply again. I didn't say anything about obsession. Don't put words in my mouth.

At least I don't have a thread up about me on lolcow :^)

No. 86515


Look everyone, Spoony is trying to autosage her own thread. Howabout that.

No. 86518

File: 1453961392599.jpg (245.19 KB, 864x1186, 1434997918016.jpg)


It's an ugly thread Anon, it could use a touch of beauty.

No. 86559

No. 86561

File: 1453961773652.jpg (Spoiler Image,181.69 KB, 1600x1200, 1352487244603.jpg)

No. 86563

File: 1453961799020.jpg (Spoiler Image,104.35 KB, 868x658, 1392245524940.jpg)

No. 86565

File: 1453961814472.jpg (Spoiler Image,105.72 KB, 720x848, 1418290875077.jpg)

No. 86566

File: 1453961821850.png (212.59 KB, 321x766, tumblr_nz5j7lpcFd1qe0jdho4_540…)


Nice, you have CP saved to your hard drive. I'm 15 in some of those.

No. 86567

File: 1453961831556.jpg (Spoiler Image,143.27 KB, 720x540, 1419552106112.jpg)

No. 86568

File: 1453961840946.jpg (218.56 KB, 856x1216, voguesept825.JPG)


And that isn't even my ass lol

No. 86573

File: 1453961886547.jpg (Spoiler Image,71.8 KB, 456x810, 1424153241305.jpg)

you're guilty of production and distribution ;)

No. 86576

File: 1453961959028.jpg (Spoiler Image,45.74 KB, 720x540, 1419282867407.jpg)

No. 86579

File: 1453961995824.jpg (49.63 KB, 508x720, e1311fb98a08ef89568b83fbe84dea…)


>he thinks this absolves him of the crime of knowingly downloading and storing it to his hard drive

No. 86580

File: 1453961996631.jpg (Spoiler Image,284.08 KB, 922x1148, 1444779240192.jpg)

No. 86588

File: 1453962109801.jpg (Spoiler Image,498.73 KB, 1080x1440, 1418990444371.jpg)

No. 86589

File: 1453962110451.jpg (49.05 KB, 640x640, 1451745002776.jpg)

No. 86599

File: 1453962193113.jpg (1.3 MB, 1228x2304, 1419625270528.jpg)

No. 86606

File: 1453962258528.jpg (366.5 KB, 1200x1600, 1444241486485.jpg)


I didn't know you were stupid enough to make cp

No. 86625

File: 1453962361701.jpg (268.56 KB, 1200x1600, 1445465983121.jpg)

No. 86630

File: 1453962398487.jpg (317.39 KB, 1200x1600, 1450299789131.jpg)

No. 86651

just make a new one when this one hits limit

No. 86682

you know the admin's not going to let you get away with this, right?

No. 86683

File: 1453963026699.jpg (547.39 KB, 1200x811, Untitled-1.jpg)


This is a "spoony" thread right? I'm posting content from my hard drive.

No. 86685

post n00ds

No. 86693

No more image dumping. From anyone.

No. 86698

you are insufferable. keep lying to yourself and say that you're average and typical all while doing the same boorish shit that earned you your bad reputation that has carried on for years. the typical people wasting their time on here don't have threads dedicated to them for a reason.
>I would never again submit a single post
bitch, please. this is a lie and you KNOW it. this is why people say you have a problem, you've proved this to be an impossibility for you.

No. 86701

Who let the /fa/ fag in?

No. 86704


Please delete the non spoony images

No. 86710

It's just spoony desperately trying to get her thread to auto-lock.


No. 86718

this is the best body I have ever seen

No. 86735

File: 1453992936887.png (445.55 KB, 640x480, 1323886616871.png)

Guys, I'm crying right now.

Just looking at her picture makes me feel something strange inside. I guess you could call it "love". I'm in love with Spoony. I've lost interest in all girls, besides her. Girls who are considered "hot" by the general male population don't cut it for me anymore.

Spoony really is all I think about all day, every day. I really do cry myself to sleep at night thinking about how I'll never be with her. If only she knew I existed in this life, if only she knew my deep profound love for her. I know that will never happen though. That is the thought that makes me so sad when I look at her. I'll never be with her, but I'll continue to love her until the day I die.

No. 86744

If anyone else with a thread came to lolcow and posted personal details that were obviously of them, someone would call them out. If Kiki came here and started talking about her hater stalkers and her sister who is a model in Japan but I'm totally not Kiki u guise, she would be called out. When Mickey came into her thread and posted pictures of herself, she was called out. Spoony, you're no different than them. You have a personality disorder and you need to see a therapist.

No. 86745

File: 1453994857835.gif (3.92 MB, 325x245, giphy.gif)

No. 86763

File: 1453997778803.png (104.84 KB, 500x225, tumblr_n09oz4AR4u1qe1pmho1_500…)

kiki actually has milk, this chick is nothing more than a washed-up tripfag.
there is literally nothing interesting ITT other than bickering back and forth as to whether she draws too much attention to herself or not.
plenty of lolcow's userbase posts anecdotal evidence or personal stories within various threads, the only difference is that apparently hers are recognizable enough to oldfags that they feel the need to resurrect this thread frothing at the mouth. but honestly, who the fuck cares? why does it matter? her posts aren't different from anyone else's until someone decides to respond 'hi spoony'.
sage because this dead horse has been beaten to the point of mangled bloody mush.

No. 86773

File: 1453999787723.gif (929.75 KB, 450x337, 1334538169453.gif)


hi spoony

No. 86775

>glossing over reference to other snowflake doing the same shit to make your case stronger.

You don't have to be an autist to have picked up on the information you casually shoved in people's faces over the years and notice it when it gets brought up again and again. By dropping pictures and screen names you are taunting people into posting about you.

"But waaaah I don't waaaant the attentionnnn" …proven to be bullshit by your actions.

No one would find your new username if you didn't tell anyone except people you trusted. No one would know it was you if you didn't make it known (though I will say sometimes I see posts I suspect are you but have no proof) but you do anyway cuz tha autist beta stalkers will find it out anywayyyy!!!

You're in /snow/ because you are a snowflake. You think you are special and you can just put your past behind you while not making any effort to actually do that, bit you are not special. You are just like the other snowflakes. Certainly by your age you would have learned to keep your mouth shut and stop posting pictures of yourself, but you haven't, so one could assume you have a personality disorder and love the attention, or are just completely retarded.

The thread keeps getting revived because it's funny to watch you sperg.

No. 86781

no, dude. nobody cares except autists.
and come on, claiming that her personal information was 'shoved in your face'? it's the internet. it's text. hell, it's in archives, by now. nobody makes you read this shit, if you didn't care, you'd skim over it or skip it entirely. there are plenty of people who are aware of the existence of spoony, who are perfectly capable of reading her posts and identifying her, they just don't care enough about whatever she does with her life to make her relevant again.
and no, just like countless other posters who have thrown their two cents into the thread, those of us who are calling you out on this bullshit are still not your precious spoony. pretending we are just proves time and time again that you don't have a leg to stand on beyond your paranoid suspicion that everyone who disagrees with you must be samefag. it was funny at first, but now it's just sort of embarrassing.
honestly, being able to see IPs itt would make it so much more amusing. I'm a little envious of admin at the moment.

No. 86797

File: 1454006203734.jpg (254.05 KB, 1200x1600, 1253536640235.jpg)

>Spoony will never spit on your face and trample your balls

why even live

No. 88551

>my bf thinks spoony is hot

why even live at this point?

No. 88559

That'll be her big tits. Some guys are shallow like that.

No. 88562

So uh, I always notice Spoony threads just increase like 50 posts in size out of fucking nowhere. It's, of course, because Spoony is spamming the thread with her intense autism and (maybe) some legitimate robots.

I don't get her appeal, though? She's not cute like Dakota, so why are there so many images of her being fawned on here? She uses Myspace angles and is clearly really fat. She's the only girl who gets this treatment, being called an ~angel~ as far as I can see. What is even her appeal? There's cuter tripfags, cuter camewhores, just cuter cows in general.

No. 88563

It's 50% her autism, 25% thirsty beta cuck robots, and 25% people being ironic or telling her to go away.

No. 88565

Yeah whatever, I feel like shit knowing that my chicken legs and pancake ass/tits are forever genetically inferior, and I'm not even fucking skinny to boot

She was a cunt on old /cgl/ and /r9k/. When tripfags are cunts they tend to have threads. Drama isn't about how cute someone is, it's about how insufferable they are.

No. 88581

File: 1454392398394.jpg (636.66 KB, 2160x1864, 1433024331145.jpg)

I bet you don't even have elf ears, pleb

No. 88582

Just curious, how old is Spoony?

Also, thank you to Admin-kin for deleting her picture spam.

No. 88587

File: 1454393083568.jpg (339.98 KB, 1080x1920, 1450469823228.jpg)

also, I think she's topless in that picture

No. 88607

She has a really ugly face and non existent lips

No. 88608

not to mention her nose, looks like a beak

No. 88609

File: 1454400671343.jpg (485.9 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_nsvnkcULqs1s51juko1_128…)

>non existent lips

No. 88611

File: 1454401378489.jpg (121.58 KB, 1264x476, 1350419935271.jpg)

> that will change in the next few years once I grow old and the Neckies move onto their next waifu.

we've been here for like 7 years now
we arent going away

just accept your status as an eternal waifu

No. 88618

>eternal cow

No. 88627

fuck off and die, spoony

No. 88633

This is so fucking unattractive. Why do some women completely erase their Cupid's bow when they put on lipstick? It looks like they have deformed lips.

No. 88680

She's like 25. Too old to be still doing this shit.

No. 88726

File: 1454434023162.jpg (358.81 KB, 1200x1600, 1363789365472.jpg)


you seem upset

No. 88757

so, genuinely curious, what did she do that made her so insufferable?
i get that tripfags are tiresome, but, uh…it seems like the only verified reason that multiple posters itt have to hate her is because she's 'such an attention-whore, gawd.'
i remember spoony back from years ago when I first started lurking on /r9k/, and tbh I hated her at the time just because I saw spoony-threads and shitposting using her images almost every day. invariably, as soon as her image was used, the thread devolved into 50% 'waifu' and 50% rage & posts like 'spoony fuck off and die' 'spoony please kill yourself' etc.
Part of me was almost jealous at the time because I didn't see why such an average-looking girl was the subject of so much attention. But whenever she did identify herself, she seemed pretty normal (I mean, for a fellow fembot on /r9k/). I figured that the posters who hated her in those threads must know something that I didn't, but now I'm honestly wondering. Every time that people itt have tried to demonstrate where the source of her lulz come from, it basically amounts to 'she's fat and has bad eyebrows and craves attention'. But that's not milk. We have cows that crave attention, but they resort to much more extreme methods to get it than just posting/tripping on an imageboard… think of Kiki, Aly, Suzy, Abipop, etc. The worst that you can say of this chick is that she made a kickstarter fund for her rent once or something. what's the big deal?

No. 88778

>what's the big deal?

Let's just focus on the recent: she posts far too much in too many threads. Even anon you can smell her personality disorder behind the frequent derails.

No. 88794

I honestly can't tell if you're spoony.

Anyone who has actually interacted with Spoony knows that she is a cunt. Notice how everyone here is anonymous? It was like that on /cgl/ too, shit-talking anonymously. Spoony chose not to be anonymous, and therefore reeps what she sows.

You would think that because she has had so much internet "harassment" she would be sympathetic towards other cows, but she bashes them to make herself feel better about her sad, shitty, meaningless life. I gotta say that I haven't posted much in this thread AT ALL, but if you honestly can't see why people hate Spoony more than they hate Kiki, for example, then idk what to tell you.

No. 88811

i'm not spoony, but i've been watching this thread for a while out of morbid curiousity.
I guess what I'm getting at is that all of her posts (at least the ones where she's identified herself) itt seem to primarily be expressing the desire to return to anonymity. anybody with half a brain can see how tripfagging is a horrible idea, but it looks like she finally got it through her skull, too. obv. she's told the internet way too much about her life in the past, so there are people who can identify her from her stories even without a trip, but can't it be said that those who call her out in unrelated threads are just as guilty of derailing as she is? and due to the new ban imposed on her in >>86419, shouldn't that cut down or eliminate instances like >>88778 is describing?
If you just think she should be a cow because she's a cunt, that's fine, but i imagine that almost ever user on this site is guilty of the same kind of shit-talking and bitchiness. the only difference is that she 'got caught' by giving us a face and a name to associate it with. i don't feel like that's a reason to hate someone so fervently, but idk if that's the limit of her cowish behavior.
probably someone's going to accuse me of being a white-knight or something again, but i'm just trying to investigate from a logical pov because seeing this girl is still garnering the same polarizing 'waifu/anhero' reactions after years is sort of surreal to me.

No. 88890

File: 1454458252815.jpg (450 KB, 1372x1574, 1428358039453.jpg)

Spoony waxes and wanes between extremely qt and painfully average.

and then she tries really hard to be kawaii and fails and it's Pixyteri levels of hilarious

No. 88895

I like her best in 3.

No. 88897


she looks qt in all of those pics tbh fam

No. 88901

It's not that Spoony is "hot" or "average", it's that she's painfully mentally ill and a raging attention whore who lacks the most self awareness I've ever seen of a tripfag.

She's cried so much in this thread that she's "done with drama!" and she's "trying to run away from my single stalker omg", yet she spends all day on /cgl/, /r9k/, lolcow, and all other boards that got her into trouble to begin with.

I don't even think the internet is cold-hearted unforgiving for her being a tripfag or something. It just knows when someone is a fucking liar like her and won't let her ~live it down~ because she literally is the one to kick up old drama over and over.

I just think someone like this is mentally ill, so they're unattractive by default.

No. 88904

>yet she spends all day on /cgl/, /r9k/, lolcow, and all other boards that got her into trouble to begin with.

I'm >>88811
see, it's that kind of thing that would be cow-worthy behavior if we could provide evidence of it, but how do you know when she's on those boards?
like, does she selfpost on there? still trip? can you recognize her posting style or does she drop details/hints that are giveaways?

No. 88908


my bf still finds her hot though

shit taste in cgl tripfags to be honest

No. 88909

i saw her posting in a thread the other day on r9k, wont bother with links because whatever. she posts all the time

No. 88910

Did spoopy get banned?

No. 90022

I want to lick her eyebrows

No. 90027

Hi Spoony!
I don't know you. I don't think I have ever talked to you outside of the dopey /fa/ irc chatroom 6 or 7 years ago. Sorry, but I didn't post whatever you think I posted, I didn't even know this site existed until someone linked me this just now, 6 months after you posted this. Awkward! Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook about this. peace sign emoji


No. 90029

File: 1454758427275.gif (108.64 KB, 220x164, raw.gif)

I can't wait Spoonys response to this she sounds like such a schizo-paranoid dumbass right now falsely accusing others.

Also you're ten times cuter than this haggy piggy woman.

Where is she for this? Oh right she's banned loool
Maybe this will bring that cow back into the heard we need that sweet milk pls come back spoony

No. 90031

She is welcome to contact me through Facebook if she is banned through here. I have also messaged Erika. Sad that it seems like she kinda threw me under the bus about this, or at least didn't defend me or stick up for me. We've naturally drifted apart, but that still hurts.

Also, that was posted 6 months ago…August? I was in Manhattan/Boston celebrating my birthday for the first 2 weeks, and getting ready to go to Atlanta for Dragon*Con the last 2. I was too busy to shit talk that month! lol

No. 90040

File: 1454765099853.jpg (152.92 KB, 1280x857, 1415466661545.jpg)

I feel like everyone is ganging up on this poor girl.
We need to show her some love.

Who /teamspoony/ here?

No. 90049


No. 90050

Nobody. Go back to /cgl/.

No. 90057

>How Spoony look when she posting anonymous.

No. 90073

>"hey, this wasn't me who posted x"
that wasn't even a burn, wtf.
you are way too thirsty for milk from this cow, damn. calm down, farmer.

also, I don't think she's banned, I think she's just finally got the self-restraint/sense to avoid fueling the raging witch-hunt bonfire itt. admin would have said something about it if her posting restrictions were anything more severe than what's already been stated.
plus, doesn't she have a nonstatic IP or something?

No. 90083

She accused me of the same itt when I didn't even think about her for months now. She is very paranoid

No. 90261

that's p. kawaii tbqh

No. 90267

>so le shy

No, you're just a covert narcissist.

No. 90273

i wanna see some of spoony's shitty art.

No. 90547

i've never even heard of "spoony" before this thread, i thought it was a thread about tumblrinas who talk about "spoon theory" or whatever, but i just wanted to tell you, Spoony, your eyebrows are really fucking ugly.

No. 90577

She looks so old and harsh

No. 90578

Is this supposed to convince me otherwise? lmao

No. 90580

Spoony's sweet, haven't spoken to her in literally years though.

Are you still around Spoony? Last I heard you had cancer. Hope you're better.

No. 90596

I got the chance to talk to her on tumblr before I stopped going on the site about a year ago.

She was sweet and seemed to be in a hard spot, but we only had a few messages between each other so I can't be sure.

She doesn't seem to be as bad as what she used to be from what I can gather, if not a bit haunted by all the bs that was caused.

No. 90609

File: 1454943373477.jpg (573.03 KB, 2400x1600, 1327073185411.jpg)

Stop talking shit about mai waifu

Spoony is beautiful, and I am sure she is much hotter than her haters.

No. 90616

Very head-patable.

No. 90695

Super cute

No. 90752

Spoony seems about as bitchy and self-absorbed as the average farmer tbh

which is why I still say the only reason anyone has a hategasm over her is because she's identifiable.

No. 90753

File: 1454972448090.jpg (259.4 KB, 830x1245, 1431098171646.jpg)

Its funny the only thing people can pick on is her eyebrows because the rest of her is so hot

No. 90756

Yeah, she's pretty average in most aspects. The only reason she stands out is because she's known here.

No. 90762

File: 1454973442663.png (253.54 KB, 560x400, 0af.png)

No. 90765

File: 1454973665063.jpg (38.01 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mc23uggJCJ1r3cbfvo1_500…)

>60s spiderman meme

back to reddit with you

No. 90771

Her lips are very thin, her nose is big and witchy also bumpy, and shes fat, also shes very insecure posting herself here and making posts about herself.

No. 90772

Back to hogwarts with ya, witch nose

No. 90795

File: 1454980018455.jpg (174.45 KB, 800x800, CHECKMYIP.jpg)


No. 90809

Her lips are nasty thin, yes.
If you think that nose is 'big', though, then I'd love to see your post-op MJ nose.
It's tiny from the front, and looks like a typical ugly westerner/euro nose from the side.

No. 90875

Hey Spoony or anon with a huge nose, yes her nose is big, idc if most peoples nose is that big, its like a beak.

No. 90888

I've been trying to contact spoony through snapchat but I think she turned off incoming requests because of you bitches in the friend finder general.

spoony stan 4evr I hold no shame

No. 92210

File: 1455380349325.jpg (247.62 KB, 1200x1600, 1398430754913.jpg)

>another valentine's day alone
>meanwhile you're are waifu is getting railed by some chad

literally kill me

No. 92725

File: 1455420822011.jpg (171.67 KB, 1134x1500, product_flora20151031032217hus…)

she looks like a double bass

No. 92730

Ugh, too wiiiiiddde. This shit isn't "beautiful" to me at all.

No. 92829

File: 1455451832468.jpg (264.28 KB, 1200x1600, 1275236000189.jpg)




No. 92831

she's fat. just wait until the corset comes off.

No. 92835

File: 1455453179720.jpg (454.48 KB, 1200x1600, 1275239522683.jpg)


jelly as fuck tbh

No. 92839

Still fat and shapeless. I'm sorry that you don't work out anon.

No. 92843

>It's tiny from the front, and looks like a typical ugly westerner/euro nose from the side.

Sup ChineseGossip.

No. 92847

File: 1455457169322.gif (735.2 KB, 250x206, keke.gif)

>visible cellulite
you sure told me.

No. 92848

Lovin the DB gifs on here today

sage for OT

No. 92863

File: 1455459466743.jpg (934.38 KB, 2492x1872, 1280662781404.jpg)


you must be a skeleton if you consider that fat

no wonder youre shitposting here on valentines day, no one wants your titless assless auschwitz bod

No. 92865

Only american can think this pudgy pear beautiful.

No. 92866


spoony pls go to a gym.

No. 92875

that shoop

No. 92883

The corset pics are of her fatter, thus the corset. You're waifu is no longer old /fa/ Spoony. Get over it.

No. 92887

File: 1455464136616.webm (2.6 MB, 1280x720, 1411300191680.webm)

>the ideal body according to lolcunts

No. 92888

Wow i thought she had big tits but their actually quite small compared to her massive body

No. 92890

File: 1455464202787.png (363.21 KB, 403x560, Candice-Swanepoel3-403x560.png)

nah, more like this spoony

No. 92891

Yeah, allegedly everyone on here has a BMI of about 15 and if yours is above 18.5 you're fat lol. Just go look at the pro ana thread.

No. 92894

If you think that's a big nose you should see mine, lmao. Good thing it suits me. If you want uneven, look at any philipina.

fucking lanklets

look if you want to have an ass or thighs you can't be BMI 15

No. 92895

Thats not us, thats the fucking PULL infestation, they are all 16 years old, most members here like fit and curvy, spoony is just a doughy pear

No. 92897

File: 1455465231894.jpg (54.84 KB, 495x600, marilyngold.jpg)

>what is a healthy curvy body

No. 92898

You idiot, /snow/ is a containment board so we can keep pro-ana from spoiling our milk.

Real curves. Real jelly.

Slob that needs a corset for curves.

No. 92899


her tits used to be smaller
but she put on weight

so her tits in recent pics are quite big like >>58958

No. 92902

Anybody else think the "elf" ear thing looks stupid?

No. 92923

they look small compared to the rest of her body

No. 92925

No. 92926

Yeah because elfs are usually slim and have elegant faces, spoony is a dumpy slob with a witch nose

No. 92931

Everyone besides Spoony and Spoony waifufags think they look retarded.

No. 92933

Are you Asian or something?

Spoony's nose is well proportioned.

No. 92954

File: 1455473402409.jpg (253.28 KB, 1346x1600, katebeckinsale001.jpg)

No, im white and it offends the fuck out of me that you think this huge ass witch nose is the standard for white people noses, this is a standard white girl nose

No. 92960

Holy hell, almost ever white girl I know has this nose. Even I have this nose shape. Wowah.

No. 92963

Spoony looks like a granny now, i think it's the witch nose + no lips + shitty old lady frames. those horrible tumbrows don't help either i guess.

No. 92979

File: 1455476492492.jpg (39.22 KB, 640x480, 1337380677099.jpg)

can you please post a trigger warning if you are going to insult someone's waifu?


No. 93011

Just get a decent looking waifu then, or stop having yourself as a waifu spoony

No. 93013


No. 117386

bumping this just because I want to watch spoony chimp out again

No. 117520

Spoony is in a Kate thread on /cgl/ right now. She can't stay away from drama for even a minute.

No. 117586

Almost at 1000

Do it for Spoon-chan

No. 117613

She also was in /g/ in the plastic surgery thread lel

No. 117665

she posts herself all the time on /soc/ fishing for compliments in those hugbox rate threads.

No. 117679

File: 1460407878899.png (18.64 KB, 831x218, 0.PNG)

>This entire thread

No. 117723

Still posting on /r9k/ despite saying she would orave the board

Yes we know your posts Spoony even if you are anon

No. 127413

File: 1462333277144.gif (975.51 KB, 500x205, hurgh.gif)

mfw i finally find this thread

No. 129775

File: 1463055776157.jpg (14.85 KB, 250x250, nnnn.jpg)


No. 129835


Kathryn for your own benefit I really don't think it's a good idea for you to be back in a place like this.
You need to concentrate on moving forward in your life, not looking back.

No. 136962

Is it true Spoony won the lottery and is a millionaire?

No. 141633

File: 1466269473483.png (286.5 KB, 1124x2260, Ihavetokeepostingaboutmyselfto…)

Necroposting to say she did it again guys

No. 141644

What a sad pathetic little girl. For already being a 24 year old woman she seriously needs to grow up and stop making it all about "me, me, me". If she gives a single shred of decency about her privacy she wouldn't dare respond to anons like that.

She knows she had an internet celebrity presence with the 4chan neckbeards but even then didn't realize the consequences. Spoony, keep yourself fucking hidden and stop replying to bait if you REALLY want to be left alone. And like an old fad, you'll wither away. Deep down you enjoy the attention Spoony, don't lie.

No. 141649


you'd think someone who has actual neckband stalkers would know when to stop outing themselves online.

No. 141666

I don't know about you guys but it's starting to get to the point where it's not funny and I'm actually sort of feeling bad for her. It's like she's addicted to re-victimizing herself over and over. She needs to see a therapist and go to some sort of Internet addiction program to learn there's a fulfilling live outside of gossip sites and gross /r9k/ neckbeard circle jerking. She has a problem.

No. 141670

Holy shit spoons needs to stop. It's one thing checking search results for your chan name/trip every once in a while to make sure people aren't stalking you, but she literally searches probably every day. That's the only reason I can think she pops up at practically every mention of her name.

Spoony needs to stop responding to people talking about her, all it is is going to make people keep egging her on.

No. 141688

Is she really 24? I mean that kind of behavior in >>141633 seems like something a 16 yr old would do. I can't imagine anyone her age acting like this and genuinely thinking they're in the right.

If she wants attention so badly, no problem, she can just do cosplay, nudes and become a camgirl…at least it'll be more respectable and honest than the "don't stalk me silly boys teehee" thing she's doing now.

No. 141723


Spoony we have an archive we know youve posted to 4chan many times recently stop bullshitting and people might have more sympathy for you

No. 141724

File: 1466295494687.jpg (8.06 KB, 274x184, images.jpg)

this bitch needs a thread of her own

No. 141729

I agree, she's a sad case. It's obvious that she desperately wants attention, whether it's positive or negative. But she doesn't get as much of it as she would like because she's incredibly boring. Average looks, lame style, no personality outside of being a chronic selfposter. Even the thirsty virgins of /r9k/ don't pay much attention to her. She's barely a lolcow or snowflake, because that would imply that she's entertaining- she's just a nuisance.

I wonder what would happen if she was prevented from using imageboards or social media for a while.

No. 141852

I've begun having dreams of my boyfriend cucking me with Spoony and cumming in her vag in front of me.

Help me guys.

No. 141858

She likes it tho, I spend a lot of time on r9k and she constantly posts "anonymous" pictures of herself.

Like it's been like this for the last year but I sometimes browse the "outfit" threads and 9/10 times Spoony will post a picture of herself with her face blurred out anda blurb about how she "takes care of herself" it's pathetic. Then a bunch of neckbeards comment on "muh curves" and she probably feels good.

No. 141862

Late to the party, but didn't Spoony post on /cgl/ forever ago about how she never makes facial expressions because it causes wrinkles? I always remember that post only because I remember pitying the poster about how miserable of an existence they must have if they fear smiling is going to cause them wrinkles.

No. 147351

Congrats on those 10,000 posts, spoons. You are officially the most pathetic person on this website.

No. 147365

Does Spoony have her own ED page considering how much shit she has pulled overy these years.

No. 147370

Never forget the 10,000.

No. 147375

this bitch is fucking crazy

No. 154280

File: 1468339872012.png (885.25 KB, 1664x817, Screenshot 2016-07-12 12.08.43…)

was browsing /cgl/, found a spoony onceagain