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File: 1438847725097.png (30.8 KB, 587x206, 1438839089667.png)

No. 152604

No. 152621

File: 1438850084146.jpg (143.44 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

Mr Snaggletoothed Taco's parents bought her a sparkly useless trinket

No. 152624

>trying to make it seem like a bigger gift than it really is
I feel like this came out of a gacha or something, lol.

No. 152627

Who else thinks this is just a picture from her last trip? She seems to be doing that thing where she doesn't outright say she's in Japan but she's suggesting it.

lol ikr

No. 152628

File: 1438851220460.png (163.14 KB, 965x860, Capture.PNG)

Also, I decided to lurk pull out of boredom and the person who made Kaka have that meltdown told their side of the story on there.

No. 152630

They bought her a…kitsch bottle cap?

It's ugly and tacky, props to them getting Kiki's taste right.

No. 152640

Maybe their wedding present to Keekz and Taco will be an entire water bottle!!!

No. 152641

Nah, she already openly said a few times that she isn't in Japan.

No. 152647

File: 1438854197912.png (56.97 KB, 587x329, Unnamed image.png)

Are you sure?

No. 152649

Not anymore, rofl

That earthquake was tiny and lasted like 3 seconds. Japanese people don't even notice/care about such small ones. There is no way they would "check in" for that, seriously. She's just whoring for attention, kek

No. 152651

Huh maybe she and Taco actually went through with cohabiting

No. 152652

Now you see, like most or any snowflake, he wants peopl3 to know she got bullied, but knows that it isn't 100% true. And there is shit on PULL and lolcow that has the shit she has tried to pull before, and she can't have her fans reading that right?
Because deep inside, she knows she's wrong, but her craycray antics make it so she doesn't want to tell the truth and slowly manifested into this victim clusterfuck we have here of Kiki.

No. 152653


No. 152657

This does not look like anything a Japanese parent would buy for… anyone ever.

No. 152659

"creepy earthquakes"

She needs to get outside.

No. 152666

I kinda suspect she is doing this in a manipulative way to create a black and white situation where everyone that doesn't completely approve of her (including family, Kota, her music, her bf) is on the evil black hater side. Even Mira that tweeted something about Kota (not even entirely negatively: pointing out editing, liking the results) was hissed at by her. Yet Mira would count as a victim by Kiki's definition, so I don't buy her "muh justice" arguments. She's not interested in that, at least not if it's not justice for her and her things. She'll keep this attitude going until she has enough docile fans that will whiteknight her without her commanding. I don't know what's wrong with her. Either she is a calculated bitch (and I think her history shows more than enough evidence of that) or she brainwashed herself into a world view that is far away from reality (let's be honest, her quack bs level is strong).

No. 152670

Kiki, can't deal with criticism? Stop spilling milk all the time and own up to your mistakes. Girl needs to quit the Internet. Even Felice was advised by her therapist to quit all online presences and it clearly would be a solution to her situation.

No. 152673


So I can't tell if she's trying to say here = "I'm in Japan now" or
Here = "In Florida, but I will write it in a way where I'm technically not lying"

I don't REALLY doubt she's in Japan. I bet Taku's parents are loaded and they pay for her trips so they can marry away their spoiled son or some shit

No. 152675

I still find it funny that she thinks we're jealous of her. She literally has zero positive attributes that I can think of

No. 152677

Don't lie anon, that bling bottle cap is the embodiment of your desires.

No. 152679

Black and white thinking is a really common symptom in a lot of personality disorders, and it's awful. Imo it's one of the worst symptoms for people interacting with the person to deal with.

No. 152681

Pretty sure Cuckoo is here on Lolcow shit-stirring and samefagging, trying ever so hard to prove to anons she is in Japan and happily married to her Azn snaggletoothed fuck buddy, and that there is nothing she could ever do that is wrong or misguided. What a great pretentious life you have, Bukkaka. We are so unworthy of that blinged bottle cap you just bought for yourself.

No. 152682

I honestly never actually laugh out loud, but "Azn snaggletooth" got me

No. 152683

Fine, you caught me! I really am jealous of Kiki!! All I want is to be a washed up scene queen with no career prospects and a Japanese bf with wonky teeth. Why can't I be her :'(

No. 152686

She means 'here' as in 'here in Japan'.
Hence the checking in with Taco and Koots.

No. 152688

She overuses すごく its annoying
I guess she could actually be in japan
That sign says escape ladder lol

No. 152689

Hm i was trying to figure out what that thing was… Tbh it just looks like a sticker on a suitcase

No. 152690

isn't that a laptop screen?

No. 152696

Isn't this a window?

Anyway, that bottle cap retails for 50$ (at least on rakuten).

No. 152698

File: 1438863272983.jpg (227.33 KB, 1024x576, image.jpg)

Land of some of the most useless things you dont need

No. 152706

It's an emergency ladder on a balcony

No. 152714

Seems like the little round stuff you put under funiture legs to avoid traces on the floor, but sillier and flashy looking

No. 152730


Agreed, I've asked jap friends about this and its always "i feel so many ive lost count" kek

kaka u wont last 10 minutes in japan if you moved there

No. 152731

The Tweets from >>152508 makes me crack up. She really thinks she can take down information from this site because we are smearing her good name (ha. In her twisted logic Gossip site and paparazzi sites for celebrities are illegal….wtf? It's NOT like we are planning to do stalk, harm her or kill her. Hell he aren't even allowed to post her personal information. She is fucking disillusion

No. 152733


I wonder if Dakota or Taco mentioned an earhtquake so trying to act like she lives in Japan she is making a big fuss out of it.

No. 152769


LOL she is so desperate trying to say she's living in Japan she forgot she's a Buddhist for a min

No. 152772

She hates her father because he ~stares~ at her while she eats.

What? Does she ask her mother to look in another direction while she throws food in the trash?

No. 152775

Can I just point out how pitiful her follower to faves/retweets ratio is? She has over 21k followers and gets like 4 faves on her tweets. The e-fame boat has seriously left without her. She should stop trying and do something substantial irl.

No. 152782

it's awkward because she's the person harassing people for allegedly being a part of these "hate sites." I rarely see anyone actually approach her and "harass her", she's just spitting accusations while we all sit here and laugh at her causing a scene. she's such an embarrassment.

No. 152783


I know that this is a little late, but the translation was off. The person meant that he's going to register on PULL now, implying he didn't before. Kiki thought that he would go "back" to PULL, which wasn't the case.

Not really her fault, but she should stop being so paranoid and start believing people if they tell her something.

No. 152785

that's what happens when 95% of your followers are sock puppets/fake. ur su kewl keeks
what good is buffing that follower number when no one cares to interact with you anyway? it's just… so painfully obvious she bough all her followers lol

No. 152786

No. 152797

As much as I want her to change for her own good, she's the best cow we have and I'd be so bored if she suddenly grew up and stopped with the daily victim card act.

No. 152801

My princess is back, I'm so happy.

No. 152807

Honestly, almost a third of her followers being fake seems like a big chunk to me.
Also, quite*

No. 152846

File: 1438881284522.png (332.34 KB, 614x472, Capture.PNG)

Am I the only one who thinks this is really rude?

No. 152859

File: 1438882263230.png (30.18 KB, 615x323, suuuure.png)

omg. how stupid is she.
the person said "lol now i'm going to sign up on PULL". she basically lead him there.
her pride over using google translate is so embarrassing.

how is she supposed to help anyone when she can't help herself (pic related).

No. 152870

Came here to post these caps too, because yes, I think it's rude.
Imagine if that was HER in the photos, that someone else posted. She'd flip her shit.

No. 152873


I wanna see how many fake / sock puppets she has on IG lol I can't find anything on how to see that shit for IG followers

No. 152879


Holy shit, that's so bitchy
How long do you think it's gonna be until she deletes it?

Keeks, seeing as we know you're reading this, people will respect you more if you acknowledge what you said was rude and apologize for it instead of pretending it never happened, but I know you're not going to take advice from omg jealous paedo lesbian haters!!111

This delicate nipponese nature goddess act she puts on must be killing her when you can tell by her videos and the odd tweet she posts that irl she's kind of loud and rude as fuck.

No. 152885

It's even more hypocritical that she was literally just going on removing her content from hate sites a few hours before posting that.

I'm sure she'll delete it as soon as she checks this site or when someone calls her out on it on twitter.
>This delicate nipponese nature goddess act she puts on must be killing her when you can tell by her videos and the odd tweet she posts that irl she's kind of loud and rude as fuck.
I bet you the reason why he was staring at her is because of how loud and obnoxious she was being.

No. 152889

but what happened to having to leave the internet to protect her safety?!!

kiki gurl u need to protect urself from the evil h8ers!!

Or can you really just not live more than a week or two without attention from strangers?

No. 152891

Alright, Kirsten.
Sure you're not going to instantly accuse anyone who emails you for help of being !!haters!! that frequent these sites and then block them?

No. 152892

"Oh the Japanese are just so mesmerised by me!!!! I'll pretend to be offended, but really it must be because I'm so gorgeous! It's definitely not my loud Yank stereotype screeching."

No. 152895


Hahaha I never thought of that, I'm pretty sure you're dead on there.

If she just pulled out her phone for no reason and started filming people going about their business, I'm pretty sure she'd get a lot of stares.

Come to think of it, I bet when she goes to Japan she thinks everyone is staring at her because she's a kawaii pure sailor moon angel goddesu~~~~ when really it's just because she's being loud and inconsiderate.

It's just fucking weird, like the persona she tries to project (badly) is this quiet, serene, caring person when really she's the exact opposite. She's loud, snobby and selfish.

She tries to come across as the polar opposite of who she really is instead of playing to whatever strengths she has.

No. 152900

Fucking this.
She's a gaijin who was likely kitted out in one of her ostentatious outfits and jewelry being disruptive and probably squealing and cackling about nothing with her constantly breaking voice while filming her(self and/or her) surroundings.
And she thinks it was unusual or rude of him to stare? She's the worst.

No. 152901

She's been mentioning Dakota a lot lately, before she'd always just refer to her as "my sister" but the name drop is real.

No. 152906

No you have no antennas. You're just loudness obnoxious. I remember a few "recent" streams of her where even if she tried to tame her voice she'd just let out a loud shrieking laugh out of nowhere. She also does that in videos.

Aka "pls if you're famous on the web talk to me hi Mira bffs <3"

No. 152927

i'm never going to believe she's actually in japan again and living there with taco until the day she actually posts a photo with him where we can determine it is in the present. she's just posting a bunch of bs.
i never believed that he came here to florida with her because there were absolutely no photos of them together with a background of disney world or palm trees or something.
shes a fucking compulsive liar and i'm not gonna believe anything she says unless there's unmistakable proof.
she just keeps posting photos/videos from the trip she had previously and is tweeting hinting that she is there now.

No. 152933

Same here.

No. 152955

Yep, she's obviously lying. I wonder what Dakota thinks of her batshit behaviour? Maybe that's partly why she and Kiki don't really hang out anymore. It must be really awkward and embarrassing for her to have such desperate saddo for a sister. I wonder if Kiki tries to continue her lies with Dakota or if she just avoids the subject like the elephant in the room. I suppose she'll be used to Kiki's behaviour by now though, it wouldn't surprise me if she's been instructed to play along with Kiki by her parents for Kiki's "career".

No. 152966

This will be interesting. She'll spread her black & white mentality onto her fellow ~victims~. Funny how this shout out happens after it was mentioned she didn't care for other ~victims~. There is probably some hidden motive. No way she's doing this if it wasn't beneficial to her.
>I have been able to not have my or dakota's content posted/all removed.
Keking at "MY and Kota's content" and pretending some kind of triumph. Bet she's trying to imply it was her who made PULL collapse, yet she just made copyright claims like some self-googling crazy with too much free time.

No. 152969

Or maybe, she is in Japan. You guys are crazy conspiratists sometimes.

No. 152981

Yeah, she could be. I think it's too early to know.
We do know however, she loves word-play and dancing around information. So, as long as they're no pictures/videos of her particularly, we can't really know where she is.

No. 152982

Doesn't spellcheck at least underline this for you?

Think how many times Kaka's been caught out lying and stealing other people's pictures. Add on top of that the lack of evidence of her actually being with ~Taku~ beyond a couple of hotel rooms.

And then actually listen to the point of the anon you're quoting, which is just wondering what Dakota thinks of this. It's an interesting point

Basically, GTFO. You sound dumb.

No. 153012


Even if she's in Japan, there is nothing worth staying for apart from her sister and taku. Kaka will soon need a job or something. She'll be fucked either way in the future.

No. 153025

Yeah, I don't speak moon but others pointed out she's not that good yet. I wonder what delusional plans she got. She's way too old to be a model and all there is is DJing which won't pay well. I wonder what Taku is doing, maybe studying? Somebody gotta pay for their flat and ~marriage~ experiment.

No. 153046

the only thing gaijins can really do in japan (at least in their first few years or until fluency - not dakota tier) is teach english or model.

and since kaka has the stick of righteousness shoved far up a certain bodily cavity, we know she wont be a good teacher.

No. 153054

Or language school or uni (Aminyan, but her situation is sorta different since her Japanese is fairly decent, and I'm assuming she got good grades in HS)

No. 153071


Kaka can hardly get out the house and go places without claiming she's been assaulted and how everyone is a 'jelly stalker' so I doubt she would go in for teaching.

Thing is with all that molesting in the trains there, kaka will just be like Mira always making videos about how she was touched or someone weird got on and started acting up next to her. But it'd just be a repetitive chain of 'assault/harassed/why no feminism' videos and expecting sympathy off her subscribers.

She can't model, we've been over this before. Harsh features, doesn't have the cutesy personality, would show kota up (i mean its bad enough she's a shit model as it is), probably cause drama for the other models and just make an ass of herself. We'd find out if she did make it big, let's just say for e.g she did espesh with all these gossip sites/forums. There is ALWAYS someone who knows someone on the net, they'll find out and leak the truth. It's like that person on PULL (its gone now obv) but someone knew someone who knew a model that met dakota and claimed all kota turned out to be was awkward, reserved and the modelled bitched about her or something. It was somewhat along those lines.

I can only imagine her getting like a hostess job at the most. Just sitting there next to some old jap fart lighting his cig up every now and then, smiling and talking yank. That's all kaka would be good at. She can't even speak sense let alone teach.

kaka is just not suitable for japan

No. 153072


other models* jfc

No. 153073


Ami has a future even if it's not in Japan, kaka doesn't whether its in Japan or not lel

No. 153080


Pfft, screw music and DJ. Kaka can't even do that right without half assing it, she'd just rip off someone else's work and jazz it up a little probably.

Who cares what Taku is doing, the guy works I bet. He's no doubt just after a token white wife to show off to his pals down at the izakaya. Make his mother proud at how lovely and amazing their pale hafu children will be and that hopefully they can make some money off, since it's hafu obv it can model because yer.

It doesn't surprise me and it wouldn't.

#pray4snaggletooth & kaka are both seedy characters who are obviously after something from each other

No. 153088

im just gonna go with 'she is in japan' for now. the whole 'she's in florida! lies lies lies! lets entangle this web of lies!' got boring…… besides even if she isnt provide adequate milk, its more fun imagining what ruckus she is bringing to japan.
oh kaka…

No. 153123

People stop saying mean things about kira kira. She like dissapears every month bc she lurks here, we need her to milk some goodstuff for us for a while. At least we could make an entry under a hidden lolcow.

No. 153129

People most likely stare because:
- She's white
- Blonde hair
- She wears ugly and weird fetish-like "STILL NOT ASKING FOR IT" clothes in public

Thise clothes WILL attract attention, regardless of who wears them and where jn Japan she is walking tbh

No. 153130


No. 153141

I'm not sure if her haircolor could still be called blonde. Her hair to me is definitely light brown. Otherwise I agree with everything else you said, especially her awful fashion sense

No. 153150

They're probably giving her the stink eye for shouting or being oblivious to others around her, not staring because she's a foreign beauty as she believes.
Foreigners in Tokyo are nothing new or exciting.

No. 153152

Anything that isn't brown/black stands out tbh

Doesn't matter how ugly/pretty the person is

No. 153154


if dakota TRULY gave a fuck about kiki or had some sort of mutual, close relationship instead of the one-way, familial obligated one kota puts up with she would've been helping kiki.

kota isn't shit but she definitely would've tried helping her get auditions, casting calls, or be signed. linking her youtube or something. and i'm sure the japanese would love some sort of kawaii gaijin sister duo shit. and you KNOW if she even attempted to help kiki, kiki would be IGimg and tweeting the fuck about it to show off.

that's evidence in itself. there's no way there's a close, friendly and trusting relationship between those two.

No. 153157


Exactly, she'd have been trying to get kaka access to all the goods. But nah, kota wants that for herself and in a way, I don't blame her. Why would you want your dickhead sister who is 'me me me' ruining your image? I mean, kota is starting to fade gradually. It's sorta obvious she is but at the same time, she's away from her sister and family. She's happier and that's how she wants it to be. I'd do the same.

I said this before, I don't really think kota deserves the title 'best kawaii gaijin' in Japan anyway but I sure as said do not think kaka deserves any type of modelling contract or anything like that. She hasn't worked for it either like she claims to do, she's just lied and made a mockery of herself through the internet. They're both liars.

But kaka is probably the worst.

No. 153160


People stare because she's foreign, that's about it. All Japanese stare at foreigners, they stare probably at other asians too. Just how they are as people. Nothing to get excited over and I think the "im white so i must model and be special" title is getting a little bit over played now.

Kaka is a "DNA" aka dick and attention seeker. She already has the dick coff #pray4taku and all she wants is attention. Kaka just needs attention, she's hungry for it, the bitch is malnourished. She HAS to have attention, after all these years no matter what and no matter how many people tell her… she HAS to have that attention whether it's negative or positive.

She's pathetic as hell.

No. 153163


"Tv thought me how to feel now real life has no appeal"

"If i fail ill fall apart"

"I feel like im the worst so i always act the best"

"Do dont do love, dont do friends, im only after success"

so kaka

No. 153166

I think it's possible the twitter is for work related stuff only so she's maybe not even allowed to tweet certain things. Everything she puts out there is not personal at all. I don't know if her contract goes that far though. It's kind of obvious she doesn't want Kiki to be related to her because of the easily google-able dirty laundry. The oldest documented online interaction between them was a friendly "I miss you, too, brah" or something in late 2014. Tbh who knows if they message daily, seldom or at all.

No. 153168

oh no not at all lol. she's only grabbing onto this stuff because it's/was popular. tumblr shit is popular and the kawaii crap is big on there. well it's more minimalist or soft sister stuff

she should either reinvent herself or check herself into a mental hospital because she clearly needs help. her reactions are the very definition of what it means to be "triggered".

it'd be cool if she could bring scene back. like in a new way.

No. 153169


They probably skype or fb (might have secret accounts) tbh, it IS possible they do stay in touch. Just somewhere were we don't know and if we found out they'd just report/block us.

I think it's work related too, I know kota used to post about her period a year or two back but it grossed the japanese out apparently. I think someone has had a good talk with kota about what she cannot and can't do online now. So she's sticking to it to refrain any more… 'damage' to her barbie ugu

Honestly, I cannot wait until there is a new face which overtakes her tbh. Kota is fun to laugh at because of lulz and her sister is even better! But at the same time, I just want to see someone better and no drama.

No. 153170

for real though. it doesn't mean you're a " beautiful desu goddess". i'm sure if you were walking around looking like nikki minaj you'd get the same stares and attention. it's because you're a damn gaijin.

No. 153171


No one wants scene back, scene is done. Finished.

No. 153172


That's what I said, it happens to ALL foreigners whether they're in kawaii/ghetto/norm or whatever.

It's like Rachel (Rachel & Jun) she's been in parts of Japan and they've just… stared non-stop at her.. like gawking. Probably the red hair… but still and she's boring to FUCK

No. 153178

definitely not, i follow some of the other popteen models/ jp fashion mag models. dakota is being selective intentionally. for some sort of self centered reason. it's not contractual

the "mysterious barbie" shit is kind of old now.

again i'm sure they maybe text. definitely when she first moved there with her dad. but clearly if they were that good with eachother they'd be doing things. some sort of pictures would exist. mentions.

ik dakota wants privacy for sure since she can't monitor shit, or she'd have an IG account. but i just don't think it's enough. she'd be doing a lot more.

i have a sister and out age difference is about the same as them. we don't get along, but best believe we'd be helping eachother out.

dakota is greedy, selfish, and wants nothing to do with kiki. past plays a part definitely, but dakota is so selfish she doesn't even interact with her fans or disclose anything (hence why she's fallen out with so many she could've been so much bigger).

No. 153182

>>Honestly, I cannot wait until there is a new face which overtakes her tbh. Kota is fun to laugh at because of lulz and her sister is even better! But at the same time, I just want to see someone better and no drama.

really though, it's taking so long.

No. 153189

She actually isn't way too old to be a model at all, she's just too old looking. One girl I follow just did some modeling in Japan and she's like in her late 20's to early 30's but she literally has he face, body, and voice of a child plus I think she can speak Japanese as well.

All of this.

No. 153192


A few years, give or take it'll happen.

No. 153272

This probably isn't that interesting but Kota and Kiki's sections/threads were deleted from the new pull.

No. 153294

You're right. Is there a statement yet? I can't imagine a scenario where it's legally forbidden to discuss about something/someone.

No. 153298

Can we talk about Kiki on GuruGossip or something? I mean it's for gurus but…. Oh well, she can't stop us though. Hopefully.

Hey Kaka, if you ever read this, just remember the more deleting you do, the more people are prompted to look the shit you pulled even more out of curiosity.
Of course you'll have your sockpuppets, family, and asskissers to keep you company, but onlver time, it'll all decrease.

No. 153299

You could try making a thread for her in the "Abhorred Bloggers" section

No. 153306

Not that I could find. I think it's way too soon for a statement since I know the threads/sections were still up a couple of hours ago(I think I last checked pull around 6 or 7pm my time and it's 9pm here right now).

This makes me think even more that she's not in Japan right now. She's way too active online. She was this active when she was lying about being with Taku in Florida.

I'm sure she'd get the threads taken down from there as well, but it's worth a try. It may even make things interesting because I've heard that the person who runs that site is just as insane as she is.

No. 153321

I'll have to make an account, and plan out how I'll write out the OP, but I can try (I have never made a thread before so I'm kind of sceptical I'll mess up or something).

No. 153329

No. 153333


I am pretty sure she had a thread on there at some point.

No. 153336

she tags everything with "kotakoti" "dakota rose" lmao

No. 153338

She did but they went byebye just like the PULL forums.

No. 153339

The sections aren't gone, they are only visible for members only.

No. 153341

You srs?
Last used a year ago. That Tumblr is old news.

No. 153342

Yeah, her tumblr's pretty old. It's not really that interesting though. Although there was one post she made on there where she said she wishes this guy who abuses animals was raped until he bleeds.

I think the reason why she left tumblr was because everyone was calling her out on that.

Ohhh, do you know why?

No. 153345

No. 153346


made by*

No. 153348

"First thing first, none of you will ever truly know me no matter how many videos you watch of me, blogs you read about me or people you know that talk about me. Don't dare act like you do. I fancy to keep it that way. Capiche? Capiche. I hear you like mystery.
I got that blonde hair, blue nails, blue eyes, blue makeup, any lil girl who tries to be me - aha they better flee before they see me. These girls are dolls of me - plastic and fake nothing close to the real thing. Maybe if they accept themselves for who they are, their hearts will sing.

I do not drink, smoke, or party. I work. I am a lone wolf and I get things done that way. In a few months I will surprise you all with what I am working on. I have been an organic vegetarian since the age of 8. I am a virgo. I am very dedicated and committed to what I want. I don't let others bring me down. I'm very down to earth. I am a huge dork. I LOVE to laugh. I strive for success. I have passion and it burns in my chest. I do my own makeup, hair, dress myself, and coordinate my photo shoots. I am a normal girl, so please stop getting hyped up about bits of pixely light on a screen in a 2D world. Treat me as you would like to be treated. I am young, so older guys.. don't bother. I've had enough of older immature men.
Wait for me till I'm 18 so that I can tell you to roll your tongue back into your mouth, pick up your jaw, and fuck off legally.

I honestly don't know how I became so popular…I never wanted to be haha, I do enjoy it though, so thank you everyone. :) I guess by just being me! try it once in a while.. maybe people will like you more/better. :D I love sheep, but come on people.. leave marching in the heard to them.. they do it the best!

So please don't bleach your hair and do your makeup like me, its not cute - everyone knows im marching to my own tune, so its obvious that you'll lose.

I LOVE to take photos that are controversial and throw/piss people off. You know what? It's working. :)) mwhahaha!
Organic vegetarian since the age of 8.
Get to know me I'm real sweet.
I'm real cute and have a personality that can't be beat.I'm Irish, Polish, Welsh, Dutch, German, French, Scottish, English, Danish, and Swedish. MuT STaTuS

why isn't this deleted yet?

No. 153349

Not that anon, but probably so that the ostrengas can't get to it without making an account. Then if they made an account they'd be outed and banned from the site possibly. Idk 100% though, this is right off the top of my head.

No. 153351

So Kiki needs to login for stalking and she is still too stupid to change her IP.

No. 153382

Oh thank goodness, I was stalling for a while so that way I don't have to make a fool of myself on a totally different forum. Thank you PULL member!

No. 153387

Sounds great. She should probably hang out with those other kawaii instagrammers that cant walk out for 5 min before betting stopped like 10 times coughAudreycough

No. 153640

File: 1438938200844.jpg (44.54 KB, 750x395, image.jpg)

So I don't really care if she's in Japan or not, but she is, I guess, and I suppose it might mean she's actually getting married with Taku.

I don't see it as impossible tbh, lots if men want a trophy gaijin wife (not that she's a trophy for us who have eyes, but for a lonely Japanese man, she might as well be)

Interesting to see what comes next!

No. 153642

Congrats on the visa- er, I mean the marriage… yeah

No. 153651


You know what really irritates me though, kaka would have never had an interest—infact neither her or kota had an interest in Japan years back and now it's like "amigod i have a jap husband/i love japan" attitude ugh

i hope her minge gets deported

No. 153659

Actually, I remember someone on here saying that Kota actually used to own a bunch of anime plushies but Kaka made fun of her for it.
Although I do feel just as annoyed about her as you do. If you showed scene Kaka everything she claims to love and be interested in now, she'd definitely make fun of it. And I bet if you showed Taku to scene Kaka, she'd say he's an ugly chink or something like that. (I know people grow up and change, but we all know she hasn't changed one bit since the scene days)

No. 153674


I can sorta believe in a way dakota had a slight interest in cutesy anime related things though. Just from what I used to see in the back drop of her old pictures but a lot of girls are into it too. Not just kota.

Again, that's what makes kaka shitty. She mocked asians, was never interested in Japan before this and suddenly its "oh the japan thing is in now? oh okay one sec ill be with you in a minute".

Yeah people grow up and change, kota 22 next month and kristen is coming up to 23. Kota I can BELIEVE may have changed a little, I do think she's a mysterious one but kaka is the main cunt here. Kaka is still lulzy and hasn't changed at all. Infact kaka has gotten worse.

She's just doing this… you know what, I don't even know why she's doing this? To be closer to her sister? Kota isn't interested in her. It's like someone said hours ago, if kota wanted to help kaka get fame then she would've done something but nothing has been done. Kota wants to fuck her off. Well not entirely cos sisters but like… get off her back about clinging on to fame?

I'll be so pissed off if kaka starts gaining japanese followers and fan base for literally nothing. Kota was an exception and I can kina tolerate it because, well, kota is there now and she'll do whatever she has to do in her own time before fading.

Kaka doesn't deserve any new related type of fame. She fucked up before, she'll fuck it up again. She'll just interfere with a bunch of vloggers/bloggers who don't need her bullshit. She has a backstory anyway, baggage and it won't be too long until people start posting it around thus translating it into Japanese. They did it to kota after the karaoke thing, on that gossip site. They'll do the exact same thing to kaka and it's hilarious because she has the worst end of the stick and a lot more shit to show.

I don't know if it would affect kota that much because they're related though… fans will just support dako-chan anyway because it's dako-chan

No. 153675

"do not drink, smoke, or party. I work. I am a lone wolf and I get things done that way. In a few months I will surprise you all with what I am working on."
"Don't bleach and do your makeup like me"

AHAHAHAHAH that's so Embarrassing. Capital E. I still have to choose which Kaka is worse.
Isn't it funny that she tries to copy Kota by now and has zero originality? That she still says the very same things again and again?

No. 153678

Could someone please explain the karaoke incident to me? I tried reading it for didn't understand it. Like what happened and what did people say? Were they mad??

No. 153680

I agree with everything you said.
I just think she's just doing all of this to get Kota's fame. She's just another Kota copycat who thinks if they do everything Kota does and like everything she likes, they'll be a famous model in Japan too.
I do think she is trying to get closer to Kota since she's still copyright claiming her content for her, defending her, and mentioning her a lot more, but it's only in hopes Kota will help her out in return. I don't think she's doing all of this because she genuinely likes Kota, I honestly don't think she's capable of genuinely caring about/liking anyone but herself.

No. 153682

Idk if Not a didn't know they were comedians or not, but basically she gave these 'joke singers' a bad score.
Then the Jnetizens arose from their slumber and unleashed the power that is Japanese hatred.

The End

No. 153683

I'm not sure if anyone realizes it, but Kota is not big enough to afford helping others to become more well known. She herself is fighting to become more well known, so I don't get why people are assuming Kiki is not famous in Japan, just because Kota supposedly hates her. Just let's be real in this.

No. 153693

I don't think is actually her.

No. 153730

I want to add. Actually, while I don't think she deserves it, I kinda do hope she gets fame. She thinks that everyone in the west is the issue and that Asian/Japanese people will worship her, but if people there got pissed off at Kota just for giving someone a low score, they're really going to hate Kaka. And even if she does manage to not make everyone hate her, she'll still have mental breakdowns(hopefully in broken Japanese) over the few haters she'll get over there.

No. 153735

Haven't seen this pic of Kaka and Kota before

No. 153741

does anyone remeber around 2007/2008/2009 there was a website called something like 'theirlife' which was a website that had like pictures of e-celebs including hundreds of kota/kiki all the way back to their 'raver' days? it has honestly prob thousands I had never seen before. I used it back when I was in middle school, i'm 20 now. Wish I could find an archive or something it has so many lulzy pics

No. 153742

found a yahoo ask about that website


but cannot open the website. does it work for anyone else?

No. 153760

Too much posting links instead of the actual picture/cap itself on here lately.
This is an imageboard, guys. Come on.

No. 153778

i guess its along the lines of gambling but i smh hard at people that overspend on those claw machines lol

No. 153851


She may get fame but I don't think the barbie persona can go any higher than it already is. It's just kota's looks overall, she's already doing modelling. What else is there for her to do? I mean if it was someone with a 'look' about them I can see maybe it going further and more opportunities. Japanese won't worship her, I just don't think they will. It's like Beckii and Leah, it can only go so far until you reach that peak where people are sick of you.

Kaka will never be famous in Japan lel

No. 153853


Very true, kota is actually forcing herself to become more well known in Japan. I've noticed this. From the way she talks to fit in, style to give herself a 'softer look' when it's basically a haircut and natural 'girl next door' make up look to just trying to fit in with Japanese. I understand, I think it makes sense I guess especially if you're the token among the rest.

It's like I said, kota will reach a peak to the point where I don't think she will get anymore well known than she already is, if that makes sense? Like people will know you but they're bored of you type of thing.

But I don't see her being big. I know people want her to be 'famous kawaii gaijin of the world' but Japanese still will choose a hafu or japanese any day over a token white model. They stick to their own.

Just how it works.

Nah, I think kota is just not giving kaka to connects she may want and kota probably knows kaka won't suit japan well herself lmao

Kota is best just leaving kaka to her devices and laugh at the mess kaka makes during the aftermath

we'll all be laughing along with kota

No. 153861

Yeah, she did. She watched Sailor Moon and owned plushies as well as that orange cat hat she had–it was Kyo from Fruits Basket. Kiki used to make fun of her all the time on her streams. I think that's why she pretended to not have many interests of her own and played things off. Kiki would torment her so much lol call her chunky, fat, made fun of her for watching or reading certain things.

No. 153866

File: 1438972334657.jpg (64 KB, 500x375, image.jpg)

Dis an image board so. I'll fix your link there.

No. 153868

This is why I'll always support Kota, even if she does shitty things and unrealistic shoops, she's still more popular than Kaka will ever be and that makes me so happy. She grew up in her sister's shadow, you could even tell that Kaka was their parents 'favorite' child. It's hilarious watching her older sister copy her, trying to find fame.

No. 153872

I think she's being stupid as fuck and clearly too lazy and entitled to tap into her potential, but I somewhat agree. I was a lil sceener weiner back in ~the day~ so in fragments I remember things from their streams, photos that can't be found anymore, etc. Obviously I was too young to think to archive any of it, I was just an 11 year old who thought they were Like So Cool, but I have a different perspective of the Ostrengas then say a lot of people who discovered this Dramu through Kota's Barbie desu photos.

No. 153878

WAIt wait, So if she's supposedly in Japan then what was the purpose of her making a case against her "haters"?

No. 153879

sounded like a waste to me.

No. 153907

this haha nostalgia. my older friend saw through their bullshit at the time but i was so densely infatuated. well more like love hate, but hey. either way, so glad my parents discouraged most of those scene shenanigans

No. 153912

This is one reason why I hate her. I can't fucking stand those people who will pick on you for liking certain things, but then the second the thing becomes trendy, they go on about how they've always loved/had an interest in it.

No. 153919


i don't get why people think Kaka will actually marry this dude. He's not into her, and she isn't pretty enough to justify her craziness. I'd be surprised if she made it past the one night stand bit.

No. 153929


Plenty of people are into anime, still mocked asians with her sister though but plenty of people who are into anime do that anyway. Kaka is the worst for it though.

Still just because someone is into anime doesn't always mean they're "into japanese culture" weebs can like anime just for anime lol

No. 153930


I don't support either of them, I do in a sense feel sorry for kota having to go through shit and have a shit sister. But still undeserving of her title and kaka needs to fuck off and realize she has no place in Japan.

No. 153931


Both are in for a fuck, I know that much. One wants a trophy wife and the other just wants an entry into fame due to being white/knowing limited japanese and being vegan


these sisters make me laugh tho

someone needs to make a manga about these two, kota the successful token bean and kaka the obsessed with fame one who ends up in a mental hospital laughing at the end

No. 153937

7,683 followers on IG

fuckin hell kaka

and i thought this bitch was famous? lelin

No. 153938

File: 1438978252751.png (381.23 KB, 500x379, 1437170954753.png)


kaka reminds me of anzai manami from life

she'll go to hell and back just to get what she wants kek

No. 153940

File: 1438978322219.jpg (57.62 KB, 500x306, il_570xN.639718129_s24h.jpg)


she's just like kaka

spoiled by her parents

loveless boyfriend

mean and a total bitch

No. 153941

File: 1438978366656.png (203.89 KB, 435x494, 1437170954753.png)


always wants sympathy off her fans

No. 153943

File: 1438978439991.png (190.05 KB, 391x426, 1437170954753.png)


tries to act all cute

No. 153944

File: 1438978492601.jpg (108.9 KB, 500x721, il_570xN.639718129_s24h.jpg)


enjoys lying and twisting shit around

No. 153945

File: 1438978669425.jpg (28.5 KB, 250x400, il_570xN.639718129_s24h.jpg)


but paybacks always a cunt in the end kaka

No. 153946

Because she's fucking obsessed with them.

No. 153948

File: 1438978745369.jpg (113.18 KB, 487x550, il_570xN.639718129_s24h.jpg)

No. 153951

I think it was established through some other site that a huge amount of her "real" followers are real…but inactive. People who followed her back in the day and never updated again, etc.

No. 153952

File: 1438979340075.png (86.95 KB, 277x338, tumblr_mdor26Ad6x1qa94loo1_400…)

pretty accurate!

No. 153958

File: 1438980181249.png (371.44 KB, 540x392, 1437170954753.png)


kaka and taku kek

No. 153960

File: 1438980365556.jpg (120.22 KB, 540x375, 1409444353947.jpg)


how kaka acts when shit wont go her way and whenever she sees kota on tv lel

No. 153962

File: 1438980560066.jpg (48.96 KB, 398x398, 1409444353947.jpg)


kaka and her 'jelly haters'

No. 153964

File: 1438980682197.jpg (113.07 KB, 521x810, 1409444353947.jpg)


1. how kaka treats kota 2. how kaka always thinks shes above kota 3. pure evil

No. 153965

File: 1438980752220.jpg (117.24 KB, 540x444, 1409444353947.jpg)


what we want kaka to do but won't do lol

No. 153967

File: 1438980877526.jpg (127.59 KB, 540x478, 1409444353947.jpg)


ask him for visa obv kaka

No. 153969

File: 1438981013804.png (201.13 KB, 540x382, tumblr_mjzx8j4bOP1rzn508o1_540…)


how kaka will end up

No. 153971

okay, okay, we get it.

No. 153973


btw its a pretty good manga actually anon

No. 153974

Why does kiki automatically assume everyone in the world hates her?
Now she's calling it "Gas Lighting" A form of mental abuse. But there's proof of the past and things. How is that "Gas Lighting"?
Btw she claims she won't allow herself to be "abused" on any platform.
It's not abuse, it's discussion.
People's opinions are protected under the First Amendment for freedom of speech as long as it's not harming anyone. No one is abusing her. Think she's just looking for special treatment.

No. 153979


she's a sheltered white girl who's parents told her she was a speshul snowflake and let her pose for pedos and sceenie weenie kids for cash. not being around other kids her age, being treated like the ~most special middle child~ and having a large fanbase from youth does shit too you.

Girl has a warped view of reality, and it's gonna take a lot of therapy to get it out of her. And we all know therapy isn't going to happen until she's a washed up 40 year old with 11 kids and a crack addiction.

No. 153983

I understand this discussion is over, but I'm quite the slowpoke and wanted to remark on Kaka's tweet earlier when she snapped a picture of a random guy staring at her. It seems as though (to me) she has not spent a lot of time in Asia as a foreigner. I myself am about a 4 in looks, however I am deathly pale and also blonde. In my time in the far east I am constantly stared at. People will ask to take selfies with me, take pictures of me and my white/tall friends, and stare at me like I am an exhibit in a zoo. If you spend a lot of time in Asia, you actually get used to it to some degree.

Kookoo, you are not a special gaijin princess because Asian people stare at you. They stare at you because you are a white girl. This does not make you special. I am also not surprised that you lack the tact to politely move past people staring at you, rather than snapping a picture and posting it on your "love, positive energy and mother earth!!!" Twitter.

No matter how rotten Dakota may be on the inside, she is leaps and bounds better than her wretched, spoiled, hypocritical goblin sister. (At least to me.)

No. 153985

not saying this is you anon but is this why so many weeby white girls want to go to japan? so they're treated like celebrities and get all this attention they wouldn't get over in the west because they look common/basic/average?

No. 153986

File: 1438984925423.jpg (77.09 KB, 566x726, DUMBASSBITCH.jpg)

so she's finally active now that she's back in japan? also not surprised at her hypocrisy

No. 153987

Yeah, Asians stare at people like fucking crazy.. But, Kiki is in Tokyo. Not Rural China.
People who live in Tokyo are really used to seeing foreign people. If people are staring at here there, it's likely because she's being outrageous in some way– be it her horrible, gody fashion, her hyperactive mannerisms, or that ear-piercingly loud voice

No. 153991

Someone should tweet this at her, asking why she's compromising that man's privacy like that. He's probably looking because you're pointing a camera at him, Kiki.

No. 153998

i was about to say the same thing kek it would be really funny if a bunch of farmers spamed it at her so it's the only thing she sees in her mentions

No. 154001

Well if its not flat out telling her how godly and inspirational and beautiful she is then it = abuse

No. 154006

Possibly? Makes a lot of sense tbh. I am average as fuck (below average tbh) but I still got a lot of attention for being blonde.

You're right anon, I'm sorry. I've spent a lot of time in rural China so I guess my view is a little different, lol. I will say that the staring intensifies when you go our of your way to attract attention to yourself/speak very loudly in English. (And we all know how much Kirsten loves to draw attention to her self.)

I wonder if Kookoo knows enough Japanese to even get around on her own.

No. 154007


It's because they think they'll get special treatment because asians apparently 'worship white people' and they go bat shit for 'kawaii white girls' and so god help you if you're mixed asian white because it's like the most perfect of fucking perfect race that you can mash up. It's like winning the lottery.

Nah, it's just people giving it the "well im white and female with blonde hair and big blue eyes so im special here in japan because they luv it cos its so different to their shitty boring asian ass features"


No. 154008


Ugh, kaka needs to realize she's hardly even that popular anymore. No one curr

No. 154013

I think she bought followers?

No. 154020

it could be, but anon means that she barely has following online

No. 154035


exactly, it's hardly a following.

dakota has quite a following

but tbh more fucking bloggers and vloggers have more of a following these days than those two lmao

No. 154046

Is she trying to prove something about copyrighted content?
Why does she ~copyright~ everything ?
Is it just so she can delete all traces of hers and dakotas past in order to bring to fruition some sort of twisted grand scheme? Tune in next week!

No. 154055

she probably bought some at least. but most of her twitter followers are inactive for sure. instagram is the new thing and she only has 7k.

also hasn't she posted photos she found on the internet on instagram saying that she took them in japan?
and also she said she got that sparkly guitar which was just a photo found on ebay or something?
so why exactly do you guys think she isn't lying now?
where are all the touristy japan photos being posted to twitter or instagram if she is there or while she was there before? if i visited any country i would take a MILLION photos and post so many online, i think most of you guys could say the same? are you sure she's not saving all those photos so she can claim she is there whenever she wants?
i'm not gonna believe some stupid tweet.
i'm not being all "conspiracy theorist" but i just don't see any good reason to believe her. there are more reasons NOT to believe her.

No. 154072

Nah, don't be sorry.
From people like Kiki, you'd think that in Tokyo the men are crashing into walls with their dicks in their hands and women are fainting in envious-admiration whenever she walks by.
But, I've lived there. I'm better looking than Kiki (which isn't saying a lot tbh.)
People don't stare there as much as people like Kiki gush about. That is, as long as you're not acting wildly or being loud in public, it is considered rude to stare.

Of course, you'll always have those older people and children, but that's just about anywhere you go. Drunk people too.
I think Kiki just expected people to fawn over her foreign beauty so much, that she actually truly believes when someone is glancing her way, that's what is happening.

I've heard some pretty crazy stories from China though. Did anyone ever try to pull your hair?

No. 154077

THIS. Last time she was there, she was posting tons of pictures and she'd only tweet to talk about Japan. She only started tweeting about Japan/those Japanese videos after I pointed out that she was supposed to be there in the last thread.

No. 154079

Nobody is sure whether or not she's lying yet. It's too premature to know, because she hasn't said much.
Once pictures start to pour in, we can have our little team of lolcow experts analyze them for authenticity. As of now, everything is just speculation.

I'm not sure whether or not to believe she is there atm. She very well could be, but we all know she isn't ashamed of lying for attention.

No. 154080

File: 1438995386491.png (52.34 KB, 596x324, Capture.PNG)

No. 154082

i want to believe she is in japan because it was just too damn boring imagining her still in florida.
but its hard, because she isnt posting any interesting pics about japan… Maybe she got really spooked (autocorrected to spookyped Lol) by haters so she doesnt wanna leave any trace of her whereabouts this time.
She said last time 'haters' found her hotel. Tbh it couldve been Dakota leaking kiki milk

No. 154086

Kiki no one is calling you from this site. Its probably creepos from somewhere else. Frankly we dont care enough to talk to you. Your shrieking and cackling all over youtube fills my kiki voice quota for a lifetime

No. 154088

her tweets are so boring she might as well still be in florida though :(
she COULD gain SOME followers if she would just post or blog about japan
i'm >>154055 this anon and i just feel like if she were, she would actually post some interesting stuff.
but she could be delusional and think she is already famous and has enough followers and isn't aiming to gain more i guess? she has to notice the difference between her and kota's follower count though

No. 154090

All the caps are from this manga? This looks so cool

No. 154092


The manga is spectacular and focuses around a lot of serious issues that aren't widely discussed in Japan at all, the main character cutting herself due to depression and stress.

There's also a wonderful television adaption that's very popular in Japan, but for some reason they removed the themes of self injury and just has the main character freak out and cut her hair at the beginning.

It's called Life / ライフ (Raifu).

No. 154093

-phone rings-
Kiki: Hello?
?: Kirsten Ostrenga? I am talking with Kirsten Ostrenga?
?: I am from the phone-internet company, I just wanted to tell you we have new promotions …
?: Chill madame
-kiki breaks the phone so no one will call again-

No. 154095

Flick no lmao dat spellchecker I mean "the fuck you are"

No. 154096

I highly doubt any of us "haters" called her house at all. Either she's making this shit up or someone just called the wrong number and in Cathy's(since she's supposed to be in ~Japan~ right now) nutty brain they're a hater.

No. 154098

lol I tweeted to her about the photos of the guy she posted, I wasn't rude or anything, aaaand she blocked me ;(

No. 154099

File: 1438996600940.png (33.82 KB, 579x215, Capture.PNG)

No. 154100

She probably blocked you because you weren't kissing her entire ass

No. 154101


Kiki you are a lying bitch. No one is calling you. You claim to be harassed then show actual fucking proof instead of whining 24/7.

No one would want to call her because they would be nagged to death.

No. 154109

File: 1438997952350.png (532.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-07-21-37-07…)

It's funny coming from her because she harrsesses people all the time.

No. 154111

How would someone even get her phone number/address? And even if they called her house, what would they want to talk about? Crazy

No. 154112


harnesses* Wow I can't spell.

No. 154114

>I wonder if Kookoo knows enough Japanese to even get around on her own.
Nope, she does not. Her Japanese is beginner level. And on top of that I don't think she even bothers trying to use it unless she's trying to show off in videos since it hasn't improved one bit and she only seems to speak English with Taku.

And you know they'd try to track your number and try to sue you thinking you're the 1 person who's been stalking them for years who speaks multiple languages/has multiple identities(do they still believe that everyone on these "hate" sites are all one person?).

No. 154116


I believe that in a heart beat. They are that crazy.

No. 154117

i bet they flip out on telemarketers

No. 154119

>telemarketer calls
>kaka answers
>"Hello, Ms. Kirsten Ostrenga? We hear you're unsatisfied with your phone servi-"
>login to twitter
>post: "I am being ABUSED by men hungry for my body"

No. 154126

Kiki said on twitter to that kid that hate sites aren't something you "find randomly" actually yes they are. You google search her pic and click one it comes right up to this site.
I read her article in the Rolling Stones and I felt so bad for her bc I was bullied badly all through school. So I could relate to her.
Googled her pics, came across this site=auto blocked

No. 154144

She knows she's wrong.
I think she just doesn't like the idea of befriending people who have access to all her dirty laundry within a few clicks.

No. 154145

It's not even beginner level, it's tourist phrase level. lol

No. 154146

Someone should tweet at her and be like:

"OMG when will you leave me alone?? You have been harassing me for YEARS, you're so obsessed and I'm tired of your abuse!"

No. 154147

Yeah that's true

No. 154149

True, lol.

No. 154151

the thing i learned about lolcows is most of them you won't get a reply unless there's a compliment somewhere in your message

ok i loled at this one hahahaha!!

No. 154155

Ah, makes a lot of sense. I'm sure Tokyo is a lot more.. Cosmopolitan than a lot of the other places I've visited, so it must be a bit easier to get around unnoticed (as long as you aren't acting like a rude American asshole.)

I wear a lot of braids so I haven't had anyone try to pull on my hair, but I have had a group of older men try and surround me once (luckily my 6'3" boyfriend stepped in at that point.) Oh, and ive had rural farmers scream at me for being an evil spirit /"foreign devil'. But Most of the time, when I'm in the bigger cities, people just want lots of pictures with me for whatever reason. Like I've said, I'm not good looking, but women would come up to me and tell me I was "so beautiful" and ask to take pictures with me. The only bad part is that shopkeepers and restaurants would try to rip me off because the assumed I didn't speak the language.

By the way, most of the students I was around (people my own age) were very respectful, but wouldn't stop talking about myfair skin and hair, as well as my blue eyes (even tthough they were on average a lot more beautiful than me.)

Sage for off topic talking about myself.

No. 154161

I like her song Opal Rain and a couple others and that's what got me blocked on twitter.

No. 154162


lol kiki is for sure a special breed of lolcow though

No. 154168

I called her a stupid foreigner in Chinese and I guess she Google translated it.. Lol, not a terrible reason to get blocked on twitter. I hope she fumed when she translated my message (I said other things as well.)

Its kind of weird knowing she reads every word of this site. She must post in this thread .. I don't see her being able to hold back at all.

No. 154181

I can't believe she hasn't shot hersel with glee all over Twitter over Opal Rain being used in a real Japanese movie. As big a whore as Kiki is you'd think she would be Lublin and name dropping the fuck out of t in busted Japanese.

No. 154182


Why the actual fuck, autocorrect. All week with this bullshit.

No. 154196

Right on anon. It's probably fun to experience some of those things I would imagine. Glad you had the opportunity to travel the world a bit.

It's easy to tell when someone like Kiki is exaggerating the truth on a place like lolcow. So many farmers from different parts of the globe– she really can't lie about cultural aspects like that without being questioned/caught.

No. 154225


No. 154249

Would be amazing if like dozens of accounts started doing this in sync.

No. 154285

She acts as if we are not simply reposting shit she already posted herself, by herself, which can be easily verified considering she has a verified Twitter account and we are screenshotting and archiving directly from it. None of us are hacking into her computer and stealing information or digging into personal files. In fact, none of us are taking shit out of context to make her look bad – she does that shit herself. I can't think of anything that was ever leaked or a true violation of privacy that has ever been posted here or PULL other than the Charms fiasco and I guess Kiki's nudes from way back (even though that's debatable).

Kiki is wasting her money and time on a lawyer but I'm sure the lawyers don't mind if they get paid. A lawyer of any merit will know that once you post shit online it's fair game. If there's no evidence we (Jane Doe) stole her shit and posted it without her permission or altered what she said, they have no case. And any time we post opinions, they are just that – opinions. You can't be famous and have no one talk negatively about you. Choose one.

I don't understand how someone who has been extremely active on the internet for so long and even somewhat prominent for a few years and thus should be aware of how it works could be so fucking clueless.

She said she wasn't going to post any personal information which is probably why she didn't post much for a while. She was giving us the silent treatment because she was mad at us for making fun of her boyfriend. But I actually think she came back just because she saw that even with PULL down, her thread here was either inactive or OT discussing Kota. Other people were discussed before she was and hers started to die. I think she started shit with Mira because she couldn't handle not having the spotlight on her. I think she realized that if she did walk away from the internet, we would just forget about her and move on with our lives and discussion would just turn back to Kota etc, and I don't think she could stand that.

You will also notice her namedropping Dakota has been pushed to the max since she came back. She obviously lurks here and she obviously knows the discussion turned to her when she left. She has to realize now (if not before) that she COULD walk away from all of this and probably be mostly unscathed. She could probably successfully get Google to remove most of the unflattering search results for her real name and she's young enough and she's fairly young and hasn't PT-tier ruined her professional life imo…yet.

Most of what comes up is shit from the olden days which I think most employers would forgive – kids being stupid. But lately more shit from more recent times is starting to filter in.

Kiki can't fight the internet forever. And you can only turn so many people against us because the moment they google PULL they pull up all your lies and come to this side of the fence. It happens all the time. She censors PULL because she knows they'll find it and find the truth about her.

I think it's human nature to crave attention to an extent, but I think there's a point where it becomes too much and most people just bail or get heavily into drugs or something. I don't think she can distinguish between a person actually trying to talk to her and get to know her and someone who is stalking her. I think she's just so fucked up and her parents have fucked her up so much that she can't tell the difference between a friend and an enemy.

Whatever, I hope she goes away again tbh. She's kind of boring now without the chimping and the Mira drama died too fast. I just want to forget about her for a few years again.

Also btw nice job retweeting River Phoenix for the Vegan hashtag…he died of an overdose. That's not exactly a healthy alternative to meat or a well-adjusted role model. And why not post the pics from "rescuing" the swan? That's the most vegan she's ever looked.

No. 154289

It will be more controversial if it was just one person.

No. 154290


>Wants "formal" e-mails. Can be interpreted as "wants professional e-mails"


>Doesn't respond to aforementioned e-mails "Heh, just move on!"

You want to be treated as a professional but don't want to act like one. k

The lack of self awareness hurts me

No. 154293

I also think her goal in getting PULL removed (and probably other similar forums and websites) was not to protect herself and her family or whatever, but because she wanted to seem like a hero and she couldn't handle not being the #1 special victim. She even tried to turn it onto Mira and attack her, and she has dealt with the same "haters."

She took down her shit and Kota's shit as well as everyone else. She couldn't handle that she (and Dakota) were not the only victims and in fact not even the most victimized tbh and this way she could look like the savior of the cyberbullied. It's sad. And it didn't even work because PULL came back. This shit will always come back as long as she's around to provide us with entertainment….when will she learn?

No. 154297

nah…block and ignore.

No. 154412

File: 1439026009341.png (43.32 KB, 150x150, 1427388875320.png)

No. 154437

Yup. And also "e-mail me if you're going thru a tough time!!! I can help!!! Let's support each other! <3"

"Omg life goes on"

No. 154439


I doubt kota and kaka have ever been let out of the states until Japan, so they were retarded on how other countries work since they're used to America so much.

kota i can picture settling in better than kaka, kaka is more demanding and wants things her way

she's white yer, 10 brownie points there but she's also hid and boring

No. 154441


you're a white gaijin what do you expect lol

No. 154447


I sometimes think she should drop the kiki/kiki kannibal name altogether. Yes people recognize it, which probably brings at least some viewers/followers, but its also just her not letting go of the past. She needs to reinvent, or maybe die a quiet internet-death like that lolita milkyfawn - quit being up in everyones face - sadly thats not kikis stule

No. 154448

Because she stole the song. Thats why. She is not proud

No. 154451


Oh yeah, I forgot about milkyfawn. What happened to her anyway? She used to go by another name on tumblr years back… I rememebr following her then… ;/ she was only well known for having all the latest kawaii

No. 154452

She acts so fucking high and mighty, it's fucked!
You're N O B O D Y.

No. 154453

omg hahahah this is exactly what came to mind when I saw her say that.

No. 154458



pls provide more milk soon, we're thirsty

No. 154461

Christ, Kiki use your damn blog rather than spamming people's timelines with 20 tweets in a row.

Yeah, I was thinking that when reading these tweets.
>"Email me your problems and I'll give my beautiful love and light advice <3"
>two months later

Anon didn't really sound like they were complaining though, just detailing their experiences.

No. 154464

File: 1439041710143.png (12.76 KB, 597x93, Capture.PNG)

No. 154467

Now how about a face mask for during the event?

No. 154471

Balding bitch needs a wig

No. 154478

maybe she got some angry email like "omg why u no answer meeeee" which, yea, can be irritating BUT if she markets herself as this wise oracle, the least she can do is answer or give a polite public acknowledgment that she hasnt had time to answer yet.
if she really isnt online 24/7 (as she wants us to believe, because she has -a life- and stuff) then she should at least say so. "hey sorry guys ive been busy and couldnt answer mails." just give people a polite heads up that you cant answer right away, not be a rude bitch and act like everyone is ungrateful to bask in your presence.

No. 154483

Aw she's so amusing. She always tries to seem like a strong woman but when it comes to men she sounds like a child who's dependent on the others. Hard to believe such tweet was made by an almost 23 years old woman.

No. 154488

If this is true, I wonder how greasy her hair looks right now. From what I've seen with my little sister who insists on using products for my dry coarse wavy hair, if you have straight, silky hair that's not damaged or anything, you really don't need any sort of moisturizing products in your hair.

Seriously. She'd attract more people if she was even half as nice as she constantly says she is.

No. 154499

She would attract more people if she wasn't a narcissist and was an actual genuine person as well. Her personality reeks and she isn't funny.

No. 154507

Incidentally, that is exactly what my teachers told me would happen to me in a place like China. I'm not complaining, another anon simply asked me what I dealt with in my own personal experience. I wouldnt trade my travel experiences for the world; getting a few pictures taken while i walked down the street in Beijing is a small price to pay for being able to visit somewhere so exotic and beautiful as Asia.

Anyway, I'll try to tone down my weeaboo-ness. My only real point was that Kiki is not special at all for being stared at in an Asian country. If you are a foreigner, people will usually treat you differently. And knowing Kaka, she probably constantly screeches in English and dresses like a cheap whore, which is a surefire way to get people to stare at you when they otherwise wouldn't bother.

Sage because I know I talk too much.
What is this "event"? Lol, she's so crazy and over inflated. Additionally, I find it funny how she didn't indicate when she arrived in Japan/hasn't shown us any pictures of it yet, despite having s camera phone and WiFi.. She's so weird.

No. 154508

> I find it funny how she didn't indicate when she arrived in Japan/hasn't shown us any pictures of it yet, despite having s camera phone and WiFi.. She's so weird.
This is why I feel like she's lying about being there right now. She can't resist showing off everything she does/has to the haters. Remember last time we were saying she wasn't there and she was posting tons of pictures/videos to prove us wrong?

No. 154519

> bae's event
perhaps a dentist appointment or other glamorous errands

No. 154520

I agree with your statements 100%.

No. 154524

Yup she doesn't help anyone who is really getting bullied or going thru tough times
It is all for the attention
Lyke OMG she cares for those in need! what a saint!!

No. 154530

File: 1439050599320.jpg (35.7 KB, 623x218, image.jpg)

Remember this from her old page? RESPEKT MI N MI RESPEKT U!
uh huh your a human? u sure? U dont give a flying fuck about any human besides Taco

No. 154620

File: 1439064011295.jpg (83.58 KB, 604x604, image.jpg)

I played around with makeup on her pic Makeup or not she is pretty

No. 154623


Well, yeah, everyone is pretty in edited and overexposed images.

No. 154630

File: 1439064929425.gif (137.62 KB, 500x281, wutdafuc.gif)

>tfw he's also a DJ.

No. 154632

Please may it be a volumizing mask.

Either way. "Ask me for beauty videos and life in Japan videos. I won't give a fuck but I like the attention"

No. 154647

please make this into a banner

No. 154759

Yeah w/ it saying lolcow exposing my ugly

No. 154801

hopefully. a moisturizing mask will do her hair no favors :I

she has a blog, twitter, instagram yet doesn't blog about being in japan, doesn't post videos, or anything to instagram. even kota blogged and vlogged and stuff about japan when she first got there. what else could she possibly be doing besides sitting on her ass lurking around the internet trying to find haters and posting lies about what she is doing on twitter.

No. 154804

This is great

No. 154810

Sadly, I don't think it's a volumizing mask, we always say she needs volume in her hair and she doesn't want to listen to us haters. I think she also has said stuff about putting coconut oil in her hair? It would make sense, sometimes her hair looks a little greasy to me.

No. 154812

A little? It looks super greasy and brittle at the same time. Kinda gross, lol

No. 154815

Late to this thread but oh my god lmao

No. 154820

lol i like how cause we're "haters" she doesn't want to take advice from us and does the exact opposite and fucks her hair up even more

No. 154827

Imagine how much hotter she'd be and how much better her life would be if she actually listened to some of our advice. It would be a huge improvement if she just listened to 1 little piece of advice from us, like filling in her eyebrows or getting a haircut.
I feel like she sees our advice as personal attacks. In that rant she made about her nose, she went on about how people make fun of her for having harsh/mature features when really we just think what she's doing looks ridiculous with her harsh features.

No. 154835

File: 1439092784351.png (22.49 KB, 583x195, kakapoo.png)

>respect MY privacy

No. 154837

Neighbors? So she moved to Japan then?

No. 154842

she's neighbors with him or taco is? hmmm

No. 154844

File: 1439093378052.jpg (27.55 KB, 640x197, image.jpg)

Everything she spews sounds like a casual brag to me, I can't help it! (Don't know how to deleted the image off my post sorry for double posting)

I wouldn't say brittle. But definitely oily. In the "beauty tips" video, she was saying how people tell her she has such ~super shiny~ hair and put some texts over the video, pointing to her hair"shines a shit ton! Sailor moon powers!". And then said "I feel like I'm in a shampoo commercial like does hair flip with that limp, greasy hair"

So much Kringe there.

No. 154847


what Keekz wants us to think: she and Taco have moved into a luxurious apartment together next door to the famous baseball player

actuality: she is visiting and staying in Taco's apartment that his parents pay for. the building is on the same street as the one the baseball player lives in

No. 154849


reminds me of her hot glued wholesale swarovski jewelry

No. 154851

Kiki has been humblebragging since the beginning of time. The best is that most of it is lies, like being scouted. She's not actually neighbors with anyone in Japan, bitch is Floridian.

No. 154852

Yes and that's why we don't see pictures of this dinky bachelor apartment or the baseball player together with them.

Whatever happened to hiding where she is for pray4taku's safety? kek

No. 154859


no kaka, but your fashion sense is obnoxious

No. 154860

Kek, maybe it's Dakota's apartment.
Like the first time she went.

No. 154865

Humble bragging AND disclosing the general area where she's allegedly staying. Nice one, Keekz. But I guess if she's in Japan, she wouldn't have to worry about stalkers because no one there gives a shit about her.

No. 154866

i'm still skeptical about her actually being there but i was picturing some run down looking house and taco still living with his parents lololol

No. 154867

Doubt it, dako lives in a crappy model apaato building, even her furniture is cheap as fuck.

Taku probably has a nice apartment because his family is loaded and that's why Kiki hasn't dropped him yet despite everyone thinking he's ugly and her baleeting everything about him. For Kiki, even an ugly 'chink' with a dead tooth she can't even hardly talk to is still a catch if he's got money.

Thing is, most Japanese families with money who have sons his age will only give them an 'allowance' until they get married, but good luck getting the money if you marry a gaijin, especially one like Kiki. Sure, they may tolerate her as his girlfriend, and they may be nice and polite to her too, but my guess is they don't know about any marriage plans, hell maybe Taku doesn't either still.

I think she may be back in Japan, and probably even staying with Taku while she's there this time, but I think Kiki is overplaying the situation so she can broadcast it online the way she wants people to think her life is.

No. 154869


Oh you dumb kaka, he's retired since 2008, he's 47. She acts like she's living next to someone who is currently active, playing, and famous.

No. 154871

File: 1439097126739.jpg (56.1 KB, 1024x843, CKw1jpeUcAAZzqI.jpg)

How is this furniture cheap?

No. 154873

why is everything so fuckin WHITE? that place must be a bitch to keep clean

No. 154875

That's actually lovely.

If Kiki were really moving to Japan, don't you think we'd see "moving in" pictures? Or something? It's just hard to believe at this point. Wonder what "bae's event" was.

No. 154876

File: 1439097984936.png (59.2 KB, 586x482, wat.png)

No. 154877

I haven't seen whatever video this is from, the apartment tour video I saw was tiny and only had cheap looking basic furniture. Ofc I stopped watching Dakota videos a while ago, so w.e

Although that does look really nice, definitely not cheap. She didn't pay for that with sporadic-cameos-in-Popteen money. More and more the Bravo Sugardaddy theory makes sense.

No. 154878

This is Kiki trying to seem cultured and in the know about current events. Funny how she never gave two shits or a fuck about any kind of American politics or issues. Fake ass thirsty attention whore.

No. 154880

You know what I just noticed… Dakota had always only followed 7 accounts on twitter, and Kiki recently followed 7 people (from 0), haha.

I've been drinking.

No. 154884

Take away the couch (which she saved how long for?) there really isn't much going on in here lol…

No. 154888

She wrote on Ameblo that she already moved, so the apartment that was featured on TV is not her place anymore.

No. 154890


lol @ kaka mixing politics with her herbs'n'crystals bullshit

No. 154891

Kiki needs to get used to that. The political crazies are ALWAYs blasting ridiculous shit from speakers on creepy vans. I would love to see her face when the anti-gaijin mobile drives by (and it will eventually). There are a lot of Japanese who despise foreigners, and like to make it known.

No. 154892

File: 1439101557652.png (51.24 KB, 584x352, Capture.PNG)

No. 154894


LOL Kaka admitting she went to a love hotel! Really classy there Keekz, never change.

Also if she's living with her precious Taku in an apartment building fancy enough for famous baseball players, why go to a love hotel at all? Because she wanted to see one? That's just trashy.

No. 154898

kek, what a wimp.

No. 154899

Aha, starting her new job in style I see.

No. 154900

>>"Cigarette smell maks my body feel so sick and instantly gives me a headache"

Maybe if she ate meat every now and then she wouldn't have such a fucked up immune system.

No. 154901

I was actually thinking of that yesterday.

No. 154903

lmfao is she even aware love motels are just places japanese men take to fuck women? "VIP suite" what happened to your place? the one by that baseball player

No. 154905

lol, I remember the last time she was in Japan, she mentioned those vans and all she could say was "NO ONE CAN HEAR WHAT THEY ARE SAYING" because she had no idea. It's obvious Taco told her what's going on, and now she's pretending she figured it out by herself. kek

But everyone can hear what they are saying, and everyone knows what they are (Japanese right wing group).


They usually target the Chinese embassy (I live pretty close to them and hear them almost daily) to protest.

Police actually run after the cars and measure the loudness, in hope that they can arrest them if they go above a certain sound level.

No. 154906

Stay classy, kaka

No. 154909

Not even meat, but fuck- what do vegans even eat? I have a friend who is a vegetarian due to health issues for a decade now and he's in better shape than me. But vegans don't even eat eggs… like seriously. How do they live?

No. 154913

Did she just admit to how trashy she is? Or is she taking up a new profession?

kek thinking "VIP" means something in a place that's got cumstains for days.

No. 154922

Tofu and beans provide a pretty decent amount of protein. I don't eat meat and my immune system isn't shot. She doesn't seem like she takes super good care of herself, though, to be fair. But a lot of people feel ill from the smell of smoke. I just think it's hilarious that she's posting about going to a *~*love hotel*~* when she's apparently moved there. It doesn't make sense, and it also just sounds trashy to openly tweet about that. Her and her sister still go to the brusque and go for shock factors for attention it seems.

No. 154924

She did, but she doesn't realize it or thinks that because she "lives in Japan" she can say "it's ttly not like that guise, it's just like a regular motel lol" and that'll make it true because she's suddenly some authority on Japanese culture. Love hotels are seedy as fuck, they're exclusively for hookups and prostitution. Anyone just looking for a place to sleep will get a regular hotel room or stay in a capsule hotel.

No. 154925

>Her and her sister still go to the brusque and go for shock factors for attention it seems.

Kiki just isn't smart enough and doesn't know Japan well enough for that though. I think in this case she genuinely doesnt know what love hotels are about and how gross they are. If she wants to seem like she's on some cool adventure you can only have in Japan, a love hotel is literally the worst choice. She could go to a theme cafe if she's so into themes, or she could go to Tokyo Disney since she made a fuss about Orlando Disney. A love hotel just sounds like something Taku took her to when he couldn't bone her in his parents' house. Why else? It would also explain why she had to stay in hotels with him last time she was in Japan.

No. 154927

idk, I feel like people can do veganism right or wrong. Plenty of healthy vegans, but Kiki doesn't come off as one at all.. especially because of her hair, and the way she talks about how fragile she is. lol

No. 154928


As skinny and scrawny as she is, she probably eats very little, doesn't know jack about nutrition, doesn't work out (as evidenced by her pole fitness vid), and never leaves the house. She's probably so ~fragile~ because of a combination of all this, shit nutrition+half starved+vitamin deficient+out of shape.

No. 154931

I get that people can be affected really badly by cigarette smoke (heck, i have asthma, so believe me i know!) but i think keekz is being overdramatic about this.

Also people in NE asia aren't as impressed by white foreigners as kaka says they are.

My younger sister went to seoul for a month and other than a couple of older people and the occasional younger person nobody really gave her a second glance.

No. 154932

Oh god, I forgot about the embarrassing pole dancing videos, with her auto-rotating pole.

No. 154956

Doesn't she mean reak? not wreak? English is my second language but I never heard something wreaking of some kind of smell :P

No. 154957

So…they spend money on booking a VIP Suite in a Love Hotel, although they have an apartment to stay in? How about using that money to actually explore JP and…you know see places?

No. 154958

Get over yourself Keeks. These things are fun if you just let yourself go, Jesus.

No. 154963

No. 154964


I'm pretty sure its not about being interested on current events, it's more about bragging where she's living, since Minato-ku is kind of a really nice place to live.

No. 154993

I get wanting to book a VIP suite in a motel (it's still a motel, doesn't matter if you're in grorious Nippon lol) for a romantic night but God it must be such a pain to have a bitchy, dramatic girlfriend who makes you walk out of it because she "can't stand cigarette smoke". I have asthma. I can't either. It's bad. But guess what? Once you're in the outter world, going out with friends, concerts, festivals, you have to learn to deal with this.

So in the US she gave absolute no fucks about current events (not even worldwide) but now she does??? She hasn't even commented about Japanese politics when she was in the U.S. Not even during the 3 months she spent as a "student" in Japan. Her Japanese is not "discussing complex subjects" level
She's probably just parroting Taku to show off she's LIVING! in Japan.

No. 154999

Baka! Gaijin politics are not kawaii enough for a yamato nadeshiko like KiraKira-desu to get interested in!

No. 155000

Kirsten is way too selfish for Japan. Taku will be at the end of his tether soon enough and will throw her ass out.
At that point she'll be fucked. No where to live. No one supporting her. No reason to even be in Japan.
The milk will be extra creamy when that day arrives.

No. 155005

Cathy and Scott will immediately send her the money for a return ticket and then take care of their poor wittle baby when she gets home after having her kawaii heart bwoken

No. 155025


I imagine Kiki still living with her parents when she's old as hell and in a wheelchair. She checks her phone, sees something she doesn't like and furiously rolls to her wheelchair elevator down to the basement.

Where did kirakira's draw anon go? I miss her kaka taxi pee drawings.

No. 155028

Minato is large though, and it really depends on building to building unless she lives in certain specific areas. Also I'm oretty sure taco's parents are loaded

No. 155031


I don't know why everyone is making a big deal about kaka anyway. It's not hers where ever she 'lives' and she won't be there forever, we all know that. Her fanbase has gone to fuck, she's not interesting, her sister is a weeb catalogue model. Kaka probably barely knows enough Japanese and her stay there in pointless. She's no future in Japan.

If I were kaka I'd take a college class and invest in something, a degree which would actually be useful for her in America and possibly Japan as a back up. This "I will be famous" one day bullshit is doing her no favours. She won't achieve that amount of fame she once had because she fucked it up, she'll fuck it up again. People will realize how attention seeking and victimizing she really is, plus her back story is ALL over the internet anyway. If not on PULL then it's on another site, god knows where. Too many nuggets of truth are on the net about her and kota. Mostly kaka and it serves her right.

No. 155033


I give it a year

No. 155041


This may sound really morbid, but I wonder what she's going to do when her parents inevitably pass away. All she really wants to do is make money off of her looks and even if she was attractive/interesting looking enough to really do that (I'm not saying she's ugly, I'm just saying that you have to be special looking in order to really make a living off of your looks), it wouldn't last forever.

No. 155052


I reckon she'll have some sort of income, realistically I do. Probably buying and selling online which I think she must do. I know some girls do that on depop, buy old stock from well known stores/brands and flog them off for £20 a piece. Girls buy it.

I think kaka has SOME sort of way she's making money, can't avoid the tax payers forever. Plus cash off her folks too because she's socially retarded for work.

Even Hayley off American Dad has more experience in the job field.

But by the time we're all done in and old, none of us will give a shit about either kota or kaka. They'll be long gone.

No. 155093

>I get wanting to book a VIP suite in a motel (it's still a motel, doesn't matter if you're in grorious Nippon lol)

Love hotels aren't the same as regular motels. They're disgusting.

No. 155105

She's on the internet 24/7 but couldn't look up reviews for a decent love hotel. k.
The whole idea sounds gross to me tbh. They're basically brothels.
I'm surprised she even Tweeted about it.

No. 155107

File: 1439143612598.jpg (184.85 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

Nvm then. In my country they're 100% called the same. Got a bit mistaken there.

Picture related: this musician guys…

No. 155113

File: 1439144037950.jpg (186.86 KB, 640x901, image.jpg)

Australian and white, not Kiki's Taku.
There's also a Japanese DJ called Taku, but he's 41, and also not the same Taku (pic related).

No. 155118

That would require her being able to read and comprehend Japanese, which we know she can't do lol

No. 155124

Not that I would like to spend a night in a love hotel, but I've read few (western) articles that compliment them- like they are really clean, have fun stuff like themed rooms, bath bombs etc

Maybe Kiki read one of those articles and thought it was gonna be like Disney resort hotel fooms with themes but with condoms and lube lol

No. 155128

Im LOLing so damn hard from your post

No. 155129

boning kaka? Disgusting w/ a capital D

No. 155132

Well I don't think men date her for her personality.

No. 155139

I don't think people want to bone her,period.

No. 155145

File: 1439149717299.jpg (408.96 KB, 1223x1223, image.jpg)

Kaka meeting one of her fans in Japan

No. 155146

plenty of people do.

No. 155149


keeks is a thin white girl who doesn't have horrible acne or an especially unfortunate face. That's enough for a fair amount of guys.

No. 155152

File: 1439150394046.jpg (57.64 KB, 600x400, 221.jpg)

Yeah they always have a ton of free samples of cleansers and toners and things too.

They've actually been much cleaner (looks, smells, not blacklighting that shit but…) and more nicely decorated than pretty much every motel I've been to.
Usually they're tacky themed on the outside but not bad once you're in. Pic related, not a 5 star hotel by any means but a step up from sleazy motel I'd say. I've only been to one that smelled horrifically of smoke but it looked like one of the Bali An style ones so it was at least great visually.

They're not exclusively for hookups. Many couples use them as a place to get away when they live with their families.

No. 155153


No. 155154

I'm pretty sure she's living with Taku's parents. She kept talking about his mom earlier and it makes sense she would go to a love hotel if that were the case.

She lives in a nice area. I feel like that's parent money. IDK. I don't think she has an issue with it because I mean, she lives with her parents too.

Just curious what he does for a living since he apparently has events.

I also wonder, considering she clearly doesn't have a job and probably won't get one, how long this free ride is gonna last.

No. 155159


I feel like Kiki is like those ignorant hoodrats who desperately want to be a "trophy" for some guy with money just so they can shit talk anyone who isn't.

No. 155209


I think something like this would be a huge boost to her ego. But at the same time I think she still thinks about romance in a way? She comes off as this kind of person.


Yes, it'd make no sense living in a hotel if they plan on living together/marrying. This should be interesting.

I'm not wishing her unwell or anything but when you're a soy-free ultra vegan special snowflake who does yoga on her own at random times of the day as well as picks up fad hobbies (such as pole dancing! Being a DJ with a fatass studio in your room) just to abandon them later and used to live with parents who would gather to your every whim, is super loud and cackle at random, think of herself as really funny and awesome, etc… Living with your Japanese parents-in-law should be at least quite the cultural shock. Even if they were non-traditional or anything.

No. 155218


The Japanese inlaws will find her amusing for only so long until they say "chop chop quit this nonsense" and demand she does things their way lol

No. 155237

I find it hard to believe she's with the same person in her vids. No pictures, nothing. She sounds like she's with a different Japanese guy imo. She could be hiding it because she doesn't want to appear "loose". If you know what I mean. No one acts like this when they go to Japan. This is getting too weird.

No. 155255


Tbh I wouldn't like to live where she's bragging to be living in. It's just like full of offices, a LOT of people but nothing really interesting to do ( if you don0t count roppongi which is just interesting for the gaijins in japan, like her !) not even a good connected line, just metro ones…

No. 155267

She might just be pretending to be with Taku while looking for a new bae/with a new guy trying to get dat visa.

No. 155289

cigarettes are poison wtf does that have to do with eating meat?

if your ass is rejecting toxic shit like cigarette smoke it doesnt mean your immune system is fucked up? and your immune system doesn't go to shit from not eating meat, it does so from not taking care of yourself. you're retarded

No. 155313

Hi, Kiki.

Second hand cigarette smoke doesn't poison you so immediately and severely that you get sick just from being in a room that smells like cigarette smoke. If you do have a reaction like that then it's because you're a weak little pussy drama queen.

No. 155319


Cigarette is poison on the long term, yes. But thats about it. Yeah, I also didn't see the connection with meat but, let's not fight y'all. Let's get into a consensus: Kiki is a drama queen

No. 155325


Not Anon ur replyin' too but I have to respectfully disagree.

My mother was a heavy smoker from she's 16 to 50, smoking in average 2 packs a day.
The smell is vile and eventually your clothing comes to smell of that rancid, pungent stank, but you do adjust.

When my mother did eventually quit it was an enormously noticeable difference in terms of smell.
Today when I get too close to a heavy smoker and I get a big whiff of that pungent, sickly mouldy reek I immediately feel sick and begin to develop a headache.

So yeah, some people do react to the smell badly.

No. 155326


Cmon man, no. She had her last meltdown because some people called Taku ugly. And one (ONE) anon said they'd found him on social. Never confirmed.
Of course she won't post pictures with him. What if we take another unfortunate screenshot of him? Oh, the horror.

I still don't understand why she won't do vlogs like "hey guys I'm in Japan now etcetera" with a cool theme (ok it might be too much for Kiki) and gain her fan base back. Or keep what's left off it.

No. 155327

The meat thing was a jab at kaka, not vegans in general. She's a shit vegan and it's likely she's super malnourished from that plus never going outside. Anon was just saying that maybe if she ate meat once in a while she might be able to hold up to something as silly as the very smell of cig smoke.

No. 155328


I don't think she knows how to be interesting. Her entire life her parents have told her she deserves to be rich and famous for literally just breathing, so why would she feel like she should have to do anything at all to make people want to follow her? In her mind, just being alive and having Twitter/IG is all the reason she needs to have followers. Anything else is just extra shit.

No. 155339

Thank you, that is what I was saying.
While I understand/agree smoke is gross, she made it sound like she was on the verge of dying from staying in a room for a few hours.

It's all pretty ironic considering her and her sister used to be smokers.

I tolerate smoke better now after I quit than before I started. It's still gross but it doesn't give me a headache, and it shouldn't give anyone a headache unless she was trapped in a room for hours while people were smoking

No. 155341

It was THIRD hand smoke. No one was smoking while she was actually there.

No. 155373

it's still weird she hadn't posted ANYTHING besides tweets from being in japan. i come back to this thread almost every day just to see if she finally proved she's there with taco at least with a picture. she doesn't even have to post another video where we might find some unfortunate screenshots. you'd think if she was lurking she would try her hardest to prove us wrong.

No. 155378

No. 155389

Yup. She's done everything down to plugging her address and talking about love hotels kek all of which can be happening only in her imagination.

No. 155390

Not to single you out anon but a lot of the girls on here greatly overestimate what most guys will stick their dick in. Guys don't give a shit about 95% of what girls get ripped apart for on here.

As much as it'll piss anons off Kaka is higher grade bang material (not girlfriend - a fling), especially with foreign men. She has one the current ideal body types and there's still a lot of guys who will chase anything that looks remotely feminine if she has blonde hair and blue eyes.

No. 155393

Right? When she's not even there, she tries to imply she is, and when she is, she doesn't? It's kinda weird. I do believe she is there, just wondering why she hasn't posted more about it.

I guess she no longer feels like she has something to brag about since people mocked her human Japanese accessory.

No. 155438


She doesn't post any Taku anymore because we said he was ugly, now she'll never post pics of him again for fear of hearing us or anyone else say it again.

No. 155454

could it be that she has posted "proof," but it's under some privacy settings? I don't get how twitter/instagram work

Whatever the case, for someone so fame-hungry and trying to get youtube bux, she's doing it wrong. She should be posting tons of japan content for clicks. But she's so terrified of haterz that she limits her own fame potential. She is too paranoid to even be e-famous.

No. 155456

I'm thinking she's taking pictures/possibly some videos and saving them for when she's back in the US so she can post 'em then and pretend she's still in Japan.

No. 155457

Twitter/Instagram doesn't have any setting like that. You can either make all or none of your stuff private (so people who already follow her will see it)

No. 155459

Just because we find her gross, doesn't mean every single person on earth will

This counts for every human being on the planet..

No. 155471

Lets not forget they have no idea what she is really like. We know she is a nutjub and a bitch so we are therefore repulsed by her. But they quickly catch like that Cash guy. I feel sorry for the men in kiki's life lol.

No. 155502

That's what I meant. Sorry it's late and words are getting jumbled. I was trying to say girls on here are catty as fuck about potato noses, saggy boobs, and body weight but a lot of guys don't actually care about that for the most part.

As for Kiks she's not actually physically ugly. She's easily above average in her online pictures and average but pretty in person. This plus how overly eager she is to snag a guy would make a lot of them overlook gossip an initial red flags.

No. 155523

File: 1439205134898.jpg (132.94 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 155524

holy fucking shit.
She's so pretentious.
This is probably the first legit time I've actually wanted to punch her in the face.

No. 155525

File: 1439206298869.jpg (11.37 KB, 255x200, image.jpg)

> Angels and quan yin
Oh this girl

No. 155526

Oh my fucking god. Over-dramatic as fuck.
I'm vegetarian and I've been stuck in traffic next to trucks of sheep/cows/pigs being sent off to the slaughterhouse and yeah it's sucks and is depressing to see, it gets me down a little but fucking hell, I don't get that distraught. I doubt Kaka was either, she's just playing up this shit to seem like the ultimate ~*~saviour of animals~*~.
>After I calmed down, I asked archangel St. Francis (the angel for animals) & Quan Yin for help. I then sent calm/soothing energy to the pigs
I don't even know what to say to this. Does she legit believe in angels and these deities from multiple contradicting religions? I'm flabbergasted. She's even more hilariously dense than I originally thought.

No. 155528

> after I calmed down
So… What she had a panic attack? Or a fit of rage? Does anyone know any other vegans that do this? That are unreasonably passionate or emotional about their beliefs?

No. 155530

Unlock the truck and release the pigs into traffic…?

No. 155531

Someone should suggest that the reason she got stuck next to that truck was because of bad karma

No. 155536

According to Kiki, she cares more about animals than everyone else. It never seems like "I care about animals" but always like "I care more than anyone else"

No. 155539

>sends calming energy instead of idk doing something productive
Hey Keekz instead of renting VIP suites use that money to help animals if u care so much

No. 155542

She should pray to the saint of balding

No. 155544

THIS. She sees everything as competition - from growing out her hair to the causes she "advocates" for.

FFS she sees the pigs as "allies" and that it felt like a "family member being sent to death".

No. 155547

Also (samefag, sorry) saint Francis is NOT a fucking archangel/angel. He was a SAINT. The saint for animals protection. Big difference there. She does t even know what she's praying to (Ex-Catholic schoolgirl here)

No. 155552


bahahahahaha so true

No. 155560


every non-diuretic vegan ive met is pretty much preachy and emotional like this

No. 155563

same, she's dumb as fuck. conflicting religions too. dumb.as.fuck

i haven't witnessed this level of fucking pretention in a while. and ya'll think the SJW are an issue? lol

No. 155575

Is she comparing a truck full of pigs going to a slaughter house to seeing her loved ones sent off to die? Is she seriously comparing seeing pigs to seeing the holocaust?

(Vegan here.never change, Kiki, you delusional cunt.)

No. 155576

If she's driving her car she probably isn't in Tokyo.

No. 155579


It could be Taku's… A taxi… Etc


And yup. Yes, she is. She's an ~empath~ you know…

No. 155591

If this upsets her that much, shouldn't it also upset her to see people eating meat? She's fine with Taku not being vegan, but not fine with animals being killed for meat.
She really picked the wrong country to be in, while there may be vegan/vegetarian options in Tokyo, it's mostly for foreigners and/or people who are just on diets(I know there are actual vegan/vegetarian Japanese people, but I don't think it's that common). Correct me if I'm wrong on any of this.

>Is she seriously comparing seeing pigs to seeing the holocaust?
If so, she should get with Anthony from Smosh because he literally said that. They would be pretty perfect for each other since she's exactly like his ex Guest and he's her type(white, rich, and famous).

No. 155609

File: 1439222045168.jpg (107.34 KB, 640x747, image.jpg)

Check the tweet at the very bottom of the page for irony.

No. 155620

File: 1439222721172.jpg (199.94 KB, 1000x750, cvarcijada-plakat1.jpg)


kaka, you are becoming really annoying now…

No. 155629

It isn't common

A lot of people don't even know what it is

No. 155630

> I keep having bouta of crying

Taku: hey gain- I mean, my lovely Kiki! Do you want to have Japanese-American inter course? :)
Kiki: cackles loudly, making the boy having to cover one ear with his hand oh sure- falls into the floor mid sentence, crying hysterically, making him have to cover both ears
T: … silenceheavy sigh It's still about the pigs right?
K: mumbles incoherently while she lays crying on the floor, waiting for him to pick her up, bridal style
T: "…ok" leaves quietly "God what have I done"

No. 155635

d r a m a q u e e n

No. 155636

Where is jackotass when you need them to draw Kaka in a car next to a truck full of pigs, being hysterical because they're locked up, and praying like an idiota.

No. 155640

This is so weird. Right before her tantrum about protecting poor Taku I sent her an ask on her lilkitten tumblr asking about her religion. I asked because it seemed like she would be into paganism and kind of wanted her to talk about spells and rituals and stuff. Before that I don't think I ever saw her talk about religious crap and now she seems to be referencing stuff quite a bit? Or maybe it's just my imagination. Just strange

No. 155642

It's strange because she has answered a question about religion and it had jackshit to do with any of the entities she mentioned (maybe Quan Yin, if you reaaaaaally stretch it).

No. 155643

File: 1439225251426.gif (967.73 KB, 454x242, wtfoitnb.gif)

Nah but really. There are people all around the world getting killed for no reason and you're upset that some pigs are gonna be tasty bacon.

No. 155645

I know she says she's a Buddhist, lmao.

No. 155671


tbh human's are the worst thing to happen to this planet so I personally value animal lives over human.

But thas' jus' me.

No. 155675

Sooo you're a psychopath who should probably be locked up, then? wtf, Anon. you're clearly sick if that's the truth …

No. 155682

>Implying humans aren't animals

You know the whole "Humans aren't animals" rhetoric is so culturally prevalent because it's the justification Abrahamic religions use for fucking up the planet and killing animals? You probably think of humans as not-animals because of this. It's not quite irony, but it's close.

No. 155690

File: 1439229204611.jpg (252 KB, 1024x1024, bacon heart.jpg)

We love you, Kaka, you crazy bitch.

No. 155703

have you ever studied science?

and anyway
valuing animals > humans doesnt make someone sick. its not like their running around killing humans.
animals adhere to natural selection. humans try to fight it with medicine and other unnatural things

No. 155704

OKAY, serious question.
Actually no, not a question.

I though she was implying she was in Tokyo.
You're not going to see a fucking truck of animals headed to slaughter in TOKYO.

No. 155705

oh my god
my cheeks are hurting from laughing

No. 155706

oh anon you gave me a good lol

No. 155713

"I then sent calm/soothing energy to the pigs"
my eyes are watering

No. 155717

she is so loony… There isn't an ounce of me that thinks she doesn't actually believe she was soothing them with her "positivity".

No. 155725

Hmm, you're right. We need to be one with nature, one with natural selection.

We should ban veterinarians. Weak animals, Darwin's losers, can die. Find a bird with a broken wing? LOL die weakling, amirite! We should get rid of lightning rods, vaccines, asthma inhalers, and C-sections. Keep it ~natural~. Having a 1/3 chance of death in child birth seems fine. I'm sure you never loved your mum anyway.

You're an unbelievable idiot so I'm guessing you're Kaka. Hi Kirsten.

No. 155726

What drugs is she on? How can she be this deluded?

No. 155729

Not the same anon, but you're kind of making a mountain out of a molehill.
Just because someone's opinion doesn't line up with yours doesn't make them Kirsten or an unbelievable idiot. It just makes you look like a child.

>inb4 unoriginal "Hi Kirsten"

No. 155733

>sage goes in all fields

No. 155738

As idiotic as I might sound to you right now, but that anon has a point.
We as humans, desire to live longer, for our peers and children to live longer, which is why we keep trying to improve the medical fields.
Is that neccessarily a bad thing? No, not really.
Animals on the other hand usually don't care about those stuff, or at least isn't intelligent enough to do so, which is why we help them out with vets.
However, if we never interfere with a community of animals, animals with traits that won't help them survive or breed will die off, which is natural selection, in which the animals will branch off into evolution.
If we did that with humans, we'll be going into the same route, somewhat. We have to evolve sometime(which we kinda are with genetic testing, and by stopping pregnancies quickly that show abnormality, but we have morals, so this almost isn't a 'Good' option.)
Now, if this person and other people want to stay in the all natural route, let them, because I see nothing wrong with it. Someone's opinions do not mean that they are idiotic, parading as the truth and shoving it down other people's throats is another thing.

No. 155740

Do you think she cries every time she's in a store and sees them selling meat? Or every time there's a McDonald's commercial on TV?

What a nutjob.

No. 155741

>it does, good observation

No. 155742

Maybe she stands in the meat sections and sends the packs of ground beef her good-vibes

No. 155747

File: 1439232833402.jpg (Spoiler Image, 286.3 KB, 743x495, vivisection0033.jpg)


We are mammals yes, but there's no denying that we're separate from every other species on this planet. The "but we're animals too!" argument just doesn't wash.

Every other animal is concerned with self preservation whilst humans continue in our destructive behaviours even to our own detriment. We will eventually destroy ourselves, it's in our nature.

If every human on the planet vanished tomorrow there is absolutely no denying that the planet would only benefit.
I enjoy life but we're a disgustingly cruel, arrogant species. When I think about the needless suffering our species is causing to other life even as I type right now I feel like weeping.

No. 155749


Oh great! There goes the on-topic discussion. Move that shit to /b/


If she did, you bet your ass there'd be a new tweet row every time it happened.

Also: she totes forgot about the pigs now, she's too focused in Astronauts eating lettuce. (… While in Tokyo!)

No. 155753


People need to stop spouting "HAT KIRSTEN!", "U MUST BE KIRSTEN LOL!" the second you display even a modicum of sympathy for the animals of this planet then and we wouldn't need to continue.

No. 155754

File: 1439233214616.jpg (40.3 KB, 640x294, image.jpg)


Much special, very unique, so quirky.

No. 155755

Jesus, fuck her. If she cares about animals so badly she should do something about it, like try to work for an animal activist group or PETA or something. Not make wangsty tweets for attention.

No. 155757

FAK you beat me to it.

No. 155759

Also, that would be really fucking annoying.

It must be nice not having any responsibilities. I wonder if snaggletooth has to get up for work.

No. 155760

>2 am in Tokyo
>my boyfriend

Why not just Taku? It always sounds odd when people refer to their partners as 'my boyfriend' or 'the wife' rather than their names.

It's like she's got to point out that she has a JAPANESE BOYFRIENDO (and that they're sleeping together).

No. 155762

kek, cause it's probably not Taku anymore

No. 155763

I thought the same. Except I just realized PULL (the new one) has been deleted (again). So she was probably up all night working on that very important matter.
Taku can just chug down some organic green tea in the morning and he'll be fine :3
I guess it's to protect THEIR PRIVACY. Despise her mentioning on Twitter private matters like, a famous person they live nearby, where they go to fuck etc

No. 155765

File: 1439233695728.jpg (14.65 KB, 276x280, 5hd.JPG)

Here's a fun poll for our Kaka farmers


No. 155766

The fact that you're still in this 2edge phase puts you more towards cow status yourself than farmer. But as you said. You value the animals.

No. 155769

I bought bacon today in celebration

No. 155770

Kiki is the kinda person that shares photos of severely abused animals. If she cared so much, she would have known that not all of her followers wants/can stand to see photos like that. One can perfectly support or be against something without forcing bad shit on your followers

No. 155773

Ew she should keep up this rude behavior and see how long she has a relationship. Does she really think this makes her sound cute?

No. 155774

Hi Kiki

(Sorry, couldn't help it)

No. 155777

>Woke up her boyfriend in the middle of the night to watch astronauts eat lettuce

Perfect, not annoying at all girlfriend 10/10, would dump her immediately

No. 155780

Imagine having to wake up early in the morning because you have a job but Kaka interrupts your precious sleep and forces you to watch astronauts eating lettuce with her at 2AM

No. 155784

> unbelievable idiot
you're either extremely catholic or something or do not understand science. natural selection exists so the best (re: smartest, strongest) animals survive; also to prevent their populations from overwhelming them and ultimately killing off the whole species. since humans kind of 'beat the system' they are clearly reproducing to excess and overrunning their resources. please read a book one in awhile

explain your reasoning. use one or more examples to prove your point.

No. 155785

oh my god ur like so funny

No. 155788

Take your hippie love animals bullshit to /b/

No. 155789

>use one or more examples to prove your point.
What are you, a fucking teacher?

No. 155790

I'm stuck in between believing she's not there at all or she's there but hiding something like a new bf/sugar daddy. It's just not like her to not show off being there and everything she's doing.

No. 155792

she went to a love hotel, and that's about it.

No. 155802

File: 1439235306674.jpg (242.93 KB, 520x700, sybil-1976 copy.jpg)

No. 155988

OT: I looked up this film online and damn, 10/10 will watch

No. 156015

It was exactly the same the last time she went as well. There's definitley something she doesn't want people to know, she'd be plastering her kawaii nihongo adventures everywhere if there wasn't.

No. 156052

File: 1439247099726.jpg (296.84 KB, 1922x958, ADW.jpg)

Oh man I know it wasn't really her but I stalked that bitch across the map and murdered the shit out of her anyway.

No. 156085


Does Kiki (or Kota, for that matter) ever post anything that isn't a selfie or have a part of her body/her voice in it?

No. 156093

If Kaka saw this she'd probably consider it a death threat.

No. 156103

What's this game called?

No. 156108

They have, but it's only things they're showing off. Kaka has posted shit she's written in her google translated Chinese/Japanese and random pages in books to show off how "cultured" she is. And Kota has posted pictures of random things she's gotten on her blog and she kinda recently posted a screenshot of her playing Final Fantasy on twitter.

No. 156109

Kota does once in a blue moon. Once a pic of fukuoka sunrise or something. Once a lovely pic of vomit in a train

No. 156111

She does but it always ends in being stolen from Google+filters added.

No. 156117


No. 156134


Kota's blog is fucking boring. Oh, god. Her blogs have always been boring even her western one. She doesn't know how to blog.

"I had tea and rice today, so tired, so sleepy k oyasumi" and a shooped pic of her pretending to be kawaii sleeping


No. 156135

What do you expect from someone who doesn't know how to be into anything but herself?

No. 156136


It's a shame really. So many good cute bloggers out there, probably make better models and they choose kota cos of shoop.

Kota is useless, so useless. Kaka is double that.

No. 156143

Jesus Christ how does this thread always turn into Kota thread

No. 156150

Read the subject

No. 156152

So fucking what Kotex has her own thread

No. 156158

Well I hope you don't take any medicine if you ever get sick or make use of any medical technology if you need it.

No. 156172

Despite how boring, plain and unremarkable Dakota is, Kiki will still never be as interesting as her and I think she knows it. Plus since she lurks here we like to think that it burns her very soul with jealous rage whenever we discuss Kota in ~her~ thread.

No. 156201

Anon who claimed to have possibly found Taku on an app, are you still here?

If so, what the fuck man? Post the caps you claimed you had or just admit it was all a lie!

No. 156273


Since I know kaka is lurking here:

Dear kaka, your beloved mystical silver crystal jewelry was made using rawhide mallets and leather lined clamps.

Not kidding.

No. 156274

That was quite some time ago, slowpoke.
They're aren't any caps coming.

No. 156279

It was in the last thread, less than a month ago. Don't be so dramatic.

But yeah no that was BS. Just someone trying to cocktease us.

No. 156286

either that or she thought it was him, quickly realized it wasn't, and was too pussy to admit her mistake

No. 156314

Sending soothing energy to taco,lord knows that fucker need it.

No. 156330

File: 1439279802957.jpg (51.47 KB, 500x413, no-such-thing-as-a-vegan1.jpg)

I wonder if she knows about this. I feel like she would freak.

No. 156336

>Post the caps you claimed you had or just admit it was all a lie!

Not really the one being dramatic, but whatev.

No. 156338

This is actually really cool.

No. 156341

It's good to use every part. That's actually such a good thing.

No. 156344


Doesn't change the fact that "recent analysis by Goodland and Anhang finds that livestock and their byproducts actually account for at least 32.6 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year, or 51 percent of annual worldwide GHG emissions." Just a fact, not an opinion.

And yeah, but most vegans (so.. not Kaka) know that stuff and avoid it. Except for medicine. That's essential, there's no alternative, it's being used. (Some use alternative methods which might help with period cramps and headaches but not real illnesses.)

No. 156356

Being vegan sounds fucking idiotic. It doesn't even seem like there's a point other than to try to be a smug asshole about your diet.

No. 156362


It decreases your economical foot print a lot, it's healthier (mostly because people research their food for the first time in their life), ethical reasons (animals, climate change), it's cheaper than a diet with animal products (except you make fancy stuff), etc.

You just said it sounds stupid to you without listing any reasons. It's also not a diet (that would be plant-based eating), it's a lifestyle. The only one being smug right now is you.

Sage for being OT, but really, we can discuss things like that without insulting anyone (on /b/, of course).

No. 156377


The point of it is to try and not have much of a big impact on the environment, though being aware that you can't simply shut down all sorts of animal products and that it doesn't really make you that much better than a person who recycles and use the bike/bus instead of a private car or even a random greasy-bacon-hamburger-eater.

But, like it's been said before, there are people like Kiki (~getting back on topic~) who make it out as a sick competition of who lives more naturally, who uses less chemicals, etc etc etc.

That's when it starts to get idiotic. Like a who eats more hot dogs contest, but on the inverse. lol

No. 156383


That's bullshit. Most vegans are dependent on carbs and can't stop eating. Shitloads of processed carbs, and half of that shit wrapped in plastic, are a lot more demanding on the environment than locally sourced eggs, meat, fish, etc.

No. 156408

File: 1439296094699.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-11-08-22-22…)

I used google translator (lol) and got:

"RTdakotakoti: sister gave me a lot of gifts for Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura because I 've caught a terrible cold . ( '﹀` )"

No. 156416

File: 1439297825067.webm (618.17 KB, 360x360, kak.webm)

No. 156417

I like how Dakota didn't even mention Kiki's Twitter handle or name at all, who I think is lowkey (sunconciously) pushing a "dako chan sis here! #Notice me"

No. 156422

Oh no. I feel so embarrassed for them.

No. 156425

She's really kissing Kota's ass right now.


No. 156434

She never does. She has had a few opportunities to but never does. That said, Kota only follows 7 people, one of whom is her, so it's not like it's hard.

No. 156441

That fucking snort, oh my god.
Also this is not even funny to me…I would be pretty annoyed if I woke up with that shit on me. Especially if I was hungover.

No. 156449


Yes! And the fact that Kiki always tries to proof how much she cares about the animals, although she clearly doesn't give a fuck. Plus I don't think she knows a lot about nutrition.

I don't think you know any vegans, do you? Just look at any food tag on social media, there's nothing wrapped in plastic or anything. And yeah, carbs are great, I don't know why western diets are so focused on "low carb, high fat". Plus grains and any fruit and veggies in season are freaking cheap and great.

I'd be so angry. Do we know if they were drunk? I can't imagine not waking up when someone is snorting and painting my whole body.

No. 156452


I just noticed she follows 8 people now. And guess who's following 8 now, too? Kiki.

No. 156460



No. 156474

Yeah, I'm pretty sure (and correct me if I'm wrong) that in the original post she said they went to dinner and he got absolutely hammered, then passed out when they got back to his place/the hotel room or wherever they were staying.

No. 156477

I should add that Kiki mentioned she didn't drink.
Of course an angel as pure as her couldn't do such a thing.

No. 156482

Pretty much that yes. "That's what happens when you pass out drunk on me >:)" or some sort of comment. Imagine what an interesting human being this girl must be.

And yes, she said she didn't drink. Actually, she used to brag that she didn't. LOL karma, bb.

No. 156498

She won't give a shit unless you directly call her out on it. Before the "sexiest vegan" thing, we've said time and time again that peta is really shitty, but she still kept supporting them. She doesn't actually care about animals (or anyone but herself for that matter), it's all just for her persona.

>I used google translator
Kiki did as well ;)

No. 156502


Yeah it mafe me giggle though isnt the tweet from Kota?

No. 156509


Yeah, but she didn't tag Kiki, Kiki retweeted it and added all that "cutesy" stuff.

No. 156512

I meant she used google translate to read it like the anon did.

No. 156516

oh did anyone see that tweet where she said a famous athlete is her neighbor? someone replied saying "if you are so concerned about your safety why are you saying something like this so publicly"
now it's deleted…

No. 156518

because saying "omg im neighbors with a famous person" makes her feel special for a second so she completely drops her victim gig because "OMG SO KEWL LMAOOO"

No. 156546


She used the kanji for older sister instead of younger sister. Good Going Kaka.

No. 156552

It's still up actually.

That's actually Kota's tweet she retweeted.

No. 156555

No, this is a tweet from Dakota that Kiki retweeted. Kota said her sister gave her sailor moon swag since she has a cold but didn't @mention her LOL

No. 156559


Whoops sorry I misread, but it's not something I would put past Kiki.

No. 156806

File: 1439330305250.jpg (28.8 KB, 640x235, image.jpg)

She really believes it's her against the world and that everyone is trying to hold her back LMFAO

No. 156809

KEKK, tryin' to be nice, but low-key about distancing.

No. 156817

Well ain't she a certain type of schizo?

No. 156820


For more lolz search the author she's referencing - it sure gives an insight into Kiki's intellect.

No. 156822

File: 1439332318363.png (22.53 KB, 1050x195, myss.png)

sounds just like Kiki's type

No. 157137

kiki keeps getting more and more crazy by the day
and reading her tweets as if she is still at home in florida make her seem even more psychotic

No. 157148

File: 1439353777591.gif (493.92 KB, 499x230, 1333146319861.gif)

>>archangel st. francis

bitch, you need to actually sit down and read the bible and stop googling shit. St. Francis is not an archangel.

No. 157151

PETA is the worst option. They are even more deluded than her.

No. 157153


*.Delusions (believing things that are not true)
-She is extremely paranoid and think the whole world is out to get her.

*.Hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that are not there)
- We don't know what's going on inside her head but she is obviously irrationally paranoid.

*.Disorganized thinking
- She is very aggressive and lashes out at people (like mira) over things that really don't make sense.

*Disorganized speech (e.g., frequent derailment or incoherence)
-She rambles nonsensically in her tweets.

*Grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior.
-The taco deleting frenzy and the obsessive screenshots all over her computer.

*Lack of drive or initiative
-This is obvious seeing how one week she is a pro dj and the next an upcoming model. She doesn't have passion for anything really and never works toward her goals. She just expects them to happen.

*Social withdrawal
-She has no friends and no desire to seek them.
-She has no desire to socialize, get a job, or education.

*Emotional unresponsiveness
-Her emotional reactions to situations are wildly inappropriate and exaggerated.

Lel so sorry for this crap but playing armchair psychologist is fun.

No. 157241


That's reeeally far stretched. Not everyone that acts a little crazy has a mental illness. (Yeah, I know that you said yourself that it's crap. Which… it is.)

No. 157251

File: 1439366538466.jpg (116.02 KB, 400x400, 51502071.jpg)

No. 157255

A little crazy? Nah there is definitely something wrong with this girl. I doubt she is really a schizo but she has some issue.

No. 157265

later that night.


No. 157401


"After watching the great step that humankind took by eating a vegan diet on space, Kiki laid back down, knowing the world would be better now that astronauts were officially vegan and the pigs on that truck were calm and at peace once they received the positive energies Archangel Saint Francis and Quan Yin sent straight from Kiki's golden heart themselves.
The girl flipped her elf golden hair over the pillow next to her her slim dancer body with a bubble butt laid in peace, covered only with her ivory white lace gown. She heard Taku-chan slowly wake up. Her semi closed eyes saw it was 6am on their kawaii cat-shaped sailor moon-themed alarm clock. How wonderful. The love of her life had just woken up to make sweet anime hentai kawaii love to her!!! He hadn't said anything, but she knew that was what he intended to do as soon as he laid him chinky eyes at her goddess fairy body.

Taku mumbled "I'm gonna get ready for work" before he wntered the bathroom"

No. 157406

File: 1439391502873.jpg (78.35 KB, 429x467, image.jpg)

No. 157429

What an awkward photo

No. 157430

File: 1439393013407.jpg (61.13 KB, 500x375, image.jpg)

You're just jelly of her Edward Cullen Bishounen Anime Boyfriendo u fuckin bitch

No. 157480

I don't wanna get too OT with this, but I've been meaning to ask this:

Did Danny actually rape Kiki or was it statutory?

No. 157481

Ex boyfriend

No. 157482

He was given permission to have sex with Kiki. Her mom even collected the used condoms.

No. 157485

Hmm I guess it's all just a matter of speculation and opinion but a lot of people agree it was statutory and in attempts to drop her old sloot reputation and wash herself of all responsibility.
You're just jelly of her Ex Undead Edward Cullen Bishounen Anime Boyfriendo u fuckin bitch ;^)

No. 157489

… why did you even feel the need to point this out?

No. 157490

File: 1439398658250.jpg (11.57 KB, 203x208, image.jpg)

I thought the same thing but just assumed they were being a smart ass so I went with it

No. 157575

The age of consent in Florida is pretty young. Both parties are guilty.
And papa K with the pinkie finger is F U in Japanese isn't it?

No. 157576

Lol why are you calling me a bitch? XD
And it's her ex boyfriend who has passed away so that doesn't count. Don't you have work to go to?

No. 157578

Easy. If they're going to call someone jelly with a bunch of stupid tags at least have the Ex Boyfriend part in it since it's not her "boyfriendo" make you look like a noob. Js

No. 157579

Are you retarded? What is this cancer

No. 157592


No. 157593

I hope it's that dumb troll that's been in Kooters thread and that this person isn't genuinely this downs

No. 157606

File: 1439405481220.jpg (87.05 KB, 640x366, image.jpg)

lmfao kaka works

No. 157609

Lol you're moronic.

No. 157611

Nope not me. I'm checking LOLcow on my break at work.

No. 157622

No girl there's something wrong with y….you know what? Nvm. You're behind help.

No. 157624


No. 157652

Since when is she educated above a high school level, or have a missed something?

No. 157753

Did a course on musical engineering! >>157652

>>157606 she does ???

No. 157756

File: 1439414197886.jpg (79.11 KB, 600x450, image.jpg)

No. 157757

bitch your nail polish is chipping

No. 157762


Still won't give her much of a future if she goes to Japan.

No. 157764


I don't know much about this or Flordia actually, is this an actual degree or something? Or is it just a watered down qualification?

No. 157765

that is one of those programs that just grant you a certificate for your studies, and not an actual Associates degree or Bachelors. Seriously, that will get you nowhere and most employers do not even consider such certificates as enough education for a job.

No. 157768

She probably went to Florida Institute Of Recording Sound & Technology

No. 157770



It also has a film and video production program, which would explain why her and her sister were in that mock-commercial selling alcohol (that was a student project).


No. 157784

If someone wanted to be creepy they could pretend to be an employer who was checking Kiki's resume and wanted to verify her credentials, and then email/call the school to see if they issued her a certificate

No. 157786


thought so

No. 157809

y'all are gonna give her another meltdown (muh public records! Muh privacy!)

No. 157820

Er… Let's break this down for you:

First and foremost: that anon was clearly joking. You gotta be pretty autistic to not understand this.
Everyone knows he was an ex anyway.
Even if someone didn't know much about Kiki's history (if they were a 'noob' perhaps?), it's clearly an old picture and everyone knows she's supposedly going out with Taku now.
Anon didn't use any kind of 'tags' in their post.

And you're calling other people moronic?

No. 157877

diploma < bachelors

No. 157883

Taku stumbles into the bathroom, bleary-eyed from his night of interrupted sleep & looks in the mirror.
>"What the fuck is that shit on my face?"

He looks down to see his entire body is covered in permanent marker!

No. 157938

I'm pretty sure they're the autist shitting up the Kota thread with samefagging and misinformation cuz they think they're a ~XD good troll XD~ so it's all good. Really no use in trying to help that one tsk.

No. 157943

KEK, so basically a fake "certificate" that's supposed to look like a degree. What an ass.

No. 157989

Since she definitely won't be posting content for a while does anyone have any of the videos she deleted or marked private on her channel?

No. 157990

This is just a simple certificate that you get from Valencia college. I have one along with my AA from there.

No. 158144

Just noticed the seal says 2004…

No. 158180

File: 1439450239935.png (234.44 KB, 583x532, 1.png)

Taco bought some Mario games for them to play

No. 158182


So… did she get it when she was 12/13? I don't really think so. Oh well, the age question again.

No. 158183

File: 1439450309528.jpg (50.4 KB, 640x960, 2.jpg)

1) Why is she hiding his identity, we already know his name.
2) If they're living together why are they texting
3) Why didn't she go shopping with him

No. 158199

Maybe it's a totally different guy, who knows. It seems less and less like she's "protecting" her loved ones and just being vague so she can lie

No. 158229

Oh how cute snaggletooth and the balding she-witch play Mario cart

No. 158231

1) Too paranoid
2) Because I guess they don't? Or maybe Kaka is elsewhere (Kota, though unlikely)
3) He bought them online

No. 158236

"私達は台場でマリオカートを遊んだので、彼はこのゲームを買ったと思う 笑"

Hello, Google Translate.

Since Kiki lurks here:
Don't use gender pronouns in Japanese. Stick with たくさん when you are addressing him to others/general, and たちゃん or w/e the fuck you call him when talkinh to him.

Saying "kare" is hella rude, and very obvious a Google Translation.

No. 158240

No. 158242


her attending that particular school makes sense since the sticker says 2004 and that's the year the school was established. (http://www.first.edu/about)

when did she complete the program?

No. 158302

Oh boy.

It sounds like you never got a chance to actually use Japanese outside of a classroom.

Using kare isn't some sort of crime. It's used all the damn time. Even "anata" or "kimi" isn't as terrible as we're lead to believe and it's used frequently when you don't know someone's name and won't start a fight.

She fucked up in the sense that she used "he" without indicating who "he" is, though (among others).

No. 158307


this is why i wish kaka would stay away from japanese

No. 158311

> dont use gender pronouns
lol reminds me of tumblr

but anyone yea you do sound like you are about a textbook/classroom japanese 101 level… just dont

No. 158314


I am not amazing at Japanese, even I have noticed though that say for e.g three friends talking to each other they will use each others name and every now and again do throw in "anata/kimi" but not always. I thought it was pretty basic tbh lol

No. 158315

you're being overly formal but whatever
not to mention she forgot its お台場 O-DAIBA not daiba lol
i dont care if she is a weeb or not but she sure talks like one "mario cart yayyy わくわく!"

No. 158320

also i see she hasnt progressed past いい+noun or わるい+noun for describing things

No. 158366

No it's not me, sorry. I'm too interested in the Kaka thread to worry about Kota.

No. 158370

On the top corner it shows Docomo as her phone provider. I feel like she posted the whole screenshot as "proof" cuz she usually crops her line conv.

No. 158372

Is it just me or does it seem odd the provider is docomo?

No. 158376

I was thinking the same thing. Something off about it for sure

No. 158377

No no it was just an example, anything better than 彼. I was just telling her why she shouldn't use Google Translate without even checking the results.

No. 158386

I don't see what's weird about it?

Her screen resolution doesn't add up with mibe but it looks like iPhone. I wonder if she's using iPhone 5/5S

No. 158388

I mostly use Japanese at work so honestly I live in a world of さんs. Just kinda surprised that some things she says seem fine but then the next sentence is completely messed up.

But I guess at least she's trying? I still wonder how Kota feels about all of this. Kiki suddenly being interested in Japan, tweeting in Japanese and what not. must be weird for her

No. 158404

CD Japan's rental sims are docomo. She probably got one of them.

No. 158407

meh google translate is really bad at most phrases and full sentences. at least for asian languages.

No. 158411

why is it odd… its pretty obvious shes actually in japan now. whether she bought a phone or just a sim card, its just a service provider…
yes thats the iphone top menu style

No. 158413

I feel like Kota's annoyed about this. It has nothing to do with her hating Kiki or anything, it's just that the whole Japanese thing was her thing. It must be really irritating when you have a sister who insists on having just about everything in common with you and you only have one interest that's your own, but as soon as they see you get attention for it, they take interest in it immediately. I think any average person would be annoyed by that.
And since Kota is a special snowflake and stopped being friends with Charms over those vw horns, I could see her being even more annoyed than the average person.

I bet Kiki thinks Kota's perfectly fine with her taking an "interest" in Japan, but you know for a fact she'd flip the fuck out if Kota tried being a dj or whatever she's interested in at the moment (especially if she got much more attention than she does as a dj, which wouldn't be that hard).

No. 158446

i agree lol. especially since it was kota's main getaway scheme and now look who shows up.

man i CANNOT wait til kiki encounters some perv on the train or street. i wanna hear all about it, because its a face that japanese cops do NOTHING for foreigners and its fun to watch her squirm

No. 158468

Dakota's a smart, relatively socially conscious girl. I'm sure she recognizes Kiki's behavior as embarassing, but probably loves her anyway. I was surprised to see that she actually mentioned her in her tweet.

No. 158470


She didn't. Well, she said "my sister" although she could have added Kiki's twitter. So… I wouldn't call that mentioning, really.

No. 158473

She's saying he got Mario Party, but I don't see Mario Party at all. I just see Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Bros. Wii U. She's such a ~gamur gurl~

No. 158483

sorry for double posting, but omfg please don't tell me she doesn't know anything about Mario other than Mario Kart and Mario Party and she's referring to Mario games as Mario Party games.

No. 158488


tons of foreign girls have reported this shit to the police and the police have looked at them like "huh no eigo"

so yh

No. 158493

She spent an entire video calling Zelda an elf (she's a Hylian) and doing an inaccurate Zelda makeup look so I'm not surprised

No. 158515

I love how she just censored the sender's name. It could be Kota or her own mom for all we know. But at the same time it sounds so dumb lying about smthg so mundane. But at the same time, it's Kiki.

"I started dry heaving because I played the Sims so much!" #Never4get

No. 158530

right? unless his line name is his full name or kanji or something that would help the psycho haters track him down, kill him and destroy all her happiness and chances for living out her kira kira dreams in glorious nippon
(and no kiki that is not what anyone here intends on actually doing so stop flattering yourself with self-importance)

No. 158538

That's how I feel it's like too. I mean she's probably not annoyed at Kiki trying to copy her, but because her hideout is no longer Ostrenga-free.

Kota IS drama-free now (I mean she doesn't respond to hate as we know) while Kiki is just… Lol, you know.

No. 158567

God that reminded me of the time she said on Twitter that she needed to pee but was too lazy to get up… then shared that she's pissed her pants before because she didn't bother to get to the bathroom. Gehhhhh.

No. 158572

Feels good man

No. 158629

She's printing your comment and cutting the last part off on Microsoft Paint (loljk she owns a mackbook) right now

No. 158664

Kiki has Opal Rain on Spotify under her name… I can't believe she posts stolen music and then acts like nobody has the right to post pics of her.. such a hypocrite

No. 158682

I bet someone changed her computer settings to replace all text with"I'm gonna find you, rape you and murder your entire family"

Why else would she be so batshit insane?

Right…. Right?

No. 158748


I really wouldn't put it past Kiki to go above and beyond to make it seem like she is in Japan. She could have stolen that screenshot. It could be an old screenshot.if she is in japan she could be renring a sim card like an anon said above. I just have my doubts.

No. 158770


why is she even tweeting in japanese? she is beyond delusional. she thinks she somehow has japanese followers now? hahaha

No. 158784

sorry samefag loling at the mario party games
but these aren't regular iphone text message screens are they? they're not from facebook either.
they're from some app i'm assuming?
why wouldn't they just be texting through the normal iphone messages app? does anyone know what this app is?
also all her old screenshots didn't even show the top part with "docomo" and the bottom where you can input your message, she always carefully cropped them out. why is she leaving them in now?
idk something doesn't seem right about these to me.
there's always something not right about her posts.

No. 158788

Japanese people almost exclusively use the Line app. It isn't very common to text.

No. 158791


everyone uses line

cos kawaii obv

No. 158792


she ain't got no japanese followers lol

No. 158794


oooooh so it's line?
idk why this particular screen is weird to me for some reason hahaha
seems she has two other messages so he's not the only person she's talking to on there lol

wow i missed this one haha sorry

come back and tell us why it's odd

No. 158797


shes got a few jap followers actually… is she gaining them just because she's kota's sister tho? why and how is she gaining them?


No. 158802

It's not hard to gain Japanese followers. I followed some Japanese entertainers and tweeted random shit about Japan (not even in Japanese) and got like 7 followers not counting bots and I'm nobody. Kiki doesn't follow anyone in Japan but Kota so it's probably because of that.

No. 158803


definitely not enough to be tweeting in japanese like she thinks she's like kota and most of her followers are from japan hahaha

No. 158818

File: 1439509660578.png (30.3 KB, 620x324, Capture.PNG)

I also think she had some to begin with anyway. I remember searching through her tweets that mentioned Japan a while back and apparently she sold her ugly knd shit in Japan among other places. http://twitpic.com/1ozeyi
Also here's a tweet I found while digging up that tweet, sure Kaka. She sounds really douchey in that tweet imo. Here's the link if you want it: https://twitter.com/mmmkikikannibal/status/315946901751070720

No. 158826


ergh i just hope she doesn't get popularity there

No. 158827

>i had an opportunity to study there
apparently you didn't care enough about japan to actually want to go did you kaka

that or she was downright lying

realistically, would she? i mean like the other anon says they got 7 japanese followers for nothing
if she did i'd say she would accidentally do or say something offensive like kota did

No. 158829

I don't think she ever will, if you google her name in katakana, they only things that really come up are about her and Kota being racist. And on google image, like the first three images are the pictures of them imitating Asians.

And even if she happened to get popularity there, she'd screw it up for herself.

I definitely think she was lying. If she was actually given that chance, I think she'd take it in a heartbeat. I mean, who wouldn't want to travel? It's like that antm thing.
Also where would she even have an opportunity to study other than a language school? She's only got a ged and that sound engineering certificate.

No. 158862

As in: people living there bought it.

That tweet though, it's downright lying. If she did have this opportunity she'd have jumped on it as soon as she could.
Anyone remember her tweet claiming her and Kota were offered a reality show from a big TV company? She said "I said no but I'm thinking of taking it! :)"
And these both sound pretty much like "I am always told I should model in Japan! Should I go for it?"

It's like she can't help herself typing self-congratulations.

No. 158864

Samefagging but YES!! She claiming to have been invited to be part of ANTM.

TLDR: if you squeeze Kaka she'll spew bullshit

No. 158873

I don't remember that, but oh god, I wish that was true and they said yes.
Kind of ot but I've been watching a lot of Catfish lately and I was thinking about how hilarious it would be if Kaka tried getting on the show and trying to search for the haters/"Jane Doe"

I think the thing that really annoys me about the tweet is that she can't just be like, "You live in Japan, that's cool. How do you like it there?" She always has to make it about herself.
I also get a vibe like she's saying she's too good for it. Like with the antm, she was pretty much like, "They really wanted me to go on the show because I'm so beautiful and perfect but I'm way too much of a pure vegan goddess to be on there." idk

No. 158890

File: 1439516106367.jpg (801.4 KB, 723x589, qys7ra.jpg)

No. 158918

oh great now she's only going to be tweeting and blogging in japanese

fucking ostrengas. i hope it blows up in their faces

No. 158928

Kota? is that you?

No. 158935

lol THIS IS WHY i can't believe anything she is tweeting about japan right now. she has ALWAYS been made of pure 100% bullshit

No. 158945

Man, if she were tall enough for ANTM, she would get SLAUGHTERED by the other girls and by Tyra. On the other hand, she would make a perfect reality TV show star and America would love her for all the drama she creates.

No. 158947

"Keeping Up With the Ostrengas Season Premiere:
Why Are You So Obsessed With Me
Tonight 8/9c"

Can someone make a poster of this? I'm always on mobile :(

No. 159075

File: 1439541254521.png (17.44 KB, 583x134, kakapoo.png)

thanks via google translate;

"Today and the boyfriend I will make a sushi of the play you ♪ later vegetables the Super Smash Brothers and Soul Calibur ♡
It looks good day today ~"

She has virtually no Japanese audience. Tweeting in the language is just stupid on her part. Such a Dakota wannabe.

Still waiting on pics, Kaka.

No. 159085

forgot to break apart her run on sentence w/the music note emoji, so the translate sounds weirder. You guys get it tho

No. 159105


I can't imagine her playing SC. I feel like she would get really aggressive when she doesn't win

No. 159106

Just 彼氏と is enough. It's Japanese 101 and yet she keeps doing that Xと私は。。。
Also I don't think you say I played video game as "ゲームを遊びました"

Sorry for my weebout, but I hate it how Kaka claims she has been learning Japanese for quite some time and apparently even went to Japanese language school in Tokyo (or as she claims "Japanese uni"), yet does such basic mistakes.

No. 159122


So cute and innocent! Damn I love their childhood pics. You wouldn't even suspect the narcissist and paranoia outburst she'd have by puberty

No. 159125

Pretty sure it would be
> ゲームをします
Not 'play the game', but 'do the game'. You can't just do literal translations of Japanese.

Doesn't her bf speak English? Can't she just ask him for help on her nihongo?

No. 159130

She's most likely playing it/mentioning it because of whoever she's with/talking to. I would bet money that she had no idea what it even was until now.

This may be like the 彼 and the あなた thing earlier, where it's not actually as rude as you're told it is. But I remember hearing that if someone overuses 私 they come off as being like, "ME ME ME ME ME," and that's really fitting for Kaka.
I think I've seen ゲームを遊びます before, but it was in a video game (Animal Crossing, to be exact). But other than that, I don't think I've seen it, I just see ゲームをします.

His English is very basic. She doesn't even speak Japanese with him, the only time she uses it is when she's trying to be cute or wants to show off. So, it's safe to say she doesn't really give a shit about the language enough to do that. Plus, she's really stubborn and even if you correct her, she's still going to keep insisting on making the same mistakes over and over again.

No. 159138

sorry for double posting but remember how she said when she speaks Japanese/Chinese, she has to change her mindset and think like a Japanese/Chinese person? She just proved she was spouting bullshit in that tweet.

No. 159153


I know, it's such a shame you know. Honestly I think it is. I mean kota is somewhat successful but it does seem like the pair of them even though they're sisters, have been very lonely individuals.

No. 159154


Thanks for the quick Jap lesson anon, keep doing this btw because these tips are helping me. I'm learning Japanese on the side and all of this is helpful for me not to make myself look like a vagina like kaka is

No. 159155


I'm no Japanese expert myself, I'm still learning and I don't think there is any harm in saying you're learning because there isn't. It's a difficult language to grasp for some and it IS annoying when someone who just wants to use Japan/Japanese for a fame route is trying to make out like they're educateddd


No. 159170

Plus, anon said she's learning. Kiki is just Google Translating without even checking (I think GT is fine as long as you can see and understand enough to know what to fix/add/remove). Maybe we should start a jpn thread in /b/?

No. 159174


I think we should

No. 159191

File: 1439559423430.jpg (82.43 KB, 640x568, image.jpg)

She's teaching the PD how to track an animal abuser. I do think these losers should get it but GIRL you do have some knowledge about it!!!

No. 159196

Don't you know, anon? Kaka always knows better.

No. 159197

OT but isnt this type of animal abuse a sign of a psychopath….. poor puppy.

No. 159206


It might be a sign of many things, such as abusie relationships etc. Never trust people who are cruel to animals.

No. 159221

Surprised she didn't tell the police that it was Jane Doe, after all doesn't she always talk about being a victim and someone trying to kill her cat.

No. 159247

does google translate even work for translating english to japanese? i thought it was painfully obvious whenever someone didn't even try

eating sushi and tweeting in japanese, how japanese of you kaka! you are so in japan and so playing those japanese mario party games with your japanese boyfriend. soul calibur is so japanese. there's no way you could be lying

No. 159256

haha i know right! she is almost as japanese as mira now!
i wonder if she will hang out with more ikemen buddhist monks and make taku jealous

No. 159348

File: 1439580611621.gif (1.44 MB, 500x300, ryan-gosling.gif)

OK my head hurts, If her boyfreind "Taku" was actually around, wouldn't she just ask if her sentences sound right? Why google translate? So weird I'm out, seriously nothing she does make any logical sense.

And while I'm at it, What TWO adult parents get together to buy a foriegner a gift that happens to be the most useless thing in the world!? 2 supposed parents of Taku come up with is a useless, BE-jeweled bottle cap? REALLY? if her case were true I wouldn't have even showed that off! It's not useful for anything!
AND SHES PROUD OF IT of all the things in japan 2 ADULT parents could have came up with THAT's what they were happy to give to her? WHAT???

No. 159356


I agree with your first point, 100%. It makes no sense for her to be using Google translate for her tweets when she's supposed to be around native speakers…

But his parents really might have bought her that. I've dated both Chinese and Japanese guys long term, and their moms always LOVED to spoil me with random stuff like that. (A bejeweled light up mirror, Swarovski necklaces, etc.) I always felt kinda awkward taking it, but… I feel like it's fairly normal.

That is… If she's even still with Taku. kek

No. 159359

good luck starting any viable thread in /b/ with all the sad fucking robots infiltrating it.

I would think snaggletooth is helping her. Maybe he reads English like a lot of Japanese students (who can't speak it) and corrects it for her.

No. 159364

File: 1439582471725.png (448.76 KB, 899x503, Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 3.59…)

ew i know right.
these bottle caps go up to almost $100… yea i get that almost all drink bottles have the same cap and i guess its just a random accessory but really…….. give me something useful or better yet cash for $100…

No. 159386

The reason why she never asks for help with her Japanese is because she thinks she's already fluent in it. When she was talking about learning Japanese, she said she's never had any problem learning and that it's really easy. And let's not forget her tweets bragging about how haters use google translate and they're just jealous because she knows both casual and formal speech, lmao.

No. 159392

File: 1439584702631.png (201.71 KB, 679x759, Capture.PNG)

No. 159393

File: 1439584914409.png (201 KB, 708x630, Capture.PNG)

No. 159403

She is such a big wannabe weeb it hurts.

No. 159407

I wonder why kaka still has her tw verified
she's not famous
she never was
she was popular and got an article in rolling stones bc of her infamous human being
but that's it, nothing more, she's not a famous model nor a singer/musician, writer… I get why Kota is verified bc human barbie and bullshit. She even appeared in Spanish magazines and tv. But kaka hasn't.

No. 159409

File: 1439585912458.gif (517.07 KB, 337x244, nirvana.gif)

happy weekend guys

No. 159413

Anon you are amazing

No. 159415


"im so ugly that's okay cos so are you"

should add kaka and kotex in that one

No. 159419


Takes a LOT of years and practice to be fluent in anything, nevermind Japanese. Kaka can't get the simplest shit right.

Just because a native says "omg u can speak japanese" at your basic grade shit doesn't mean anything.

Hello, how are you, welcome, thanks, goodbye, what are you doing tomorrow, where are you going, I am going shopping, my sister is a model… is NOT enough to get you by. You need to know more shit in more detail, important shit, important ass kanji ect

Put kaka in a rural little town in Japan all by herself pls and lets see how she copes ASIDE from getting stares cos shes white

No. 159420

lmfao is she for real?

No. 159421


Hell even Kota's Japanese isn't always correct. Many a time people (japanese) have said "what are you saying?" on twitter because of wrong terms/wrong character she's used.

Also the way she talks aside from it being boyish, she talks very casual and lazy. Japanese friend of mine listened to the clip of her I sent and he said "Ah you can tell she's just picked it up from the other models, she's okay but it's not really the right way she should say things… very lazy."

So even kawaii desu queen kotex who is supposed to be the holy grail of kawaiiness, lived there three years, isn't even that fabulous at Japanese. She's alright yeah, probably can get by more than her stupid fuck airhead sister. But kotex even makes mistakes too.

No. 159423


You can be a nobody and get your Twitter account verified as long as you can show that you have enough people creating fake accounts of you to the point that it's detrimental to your personal life/brand etc.

No. 159429


Kota appeared in like the tiniest article of a magazine, at the bottom of a page or section. She wasn't that big, the internet makes it look like she's the new cleopatra.

Kaka only got in the magazines because she acted like a tit and everyone into emo worshipped her stupid ass photos back then.

I'm surprised people still follow her on twitter.

Plus go on the tumblr tag / kiki kannibal and she's getting bashed the fuck out of thus kaka's created so many fan blogs for herself because she knows nobody really cares. There is so many more interesting and prettier, nicer girls out there today with many more fans who are TRYING to get 'fame' themselves.

Kaka is lucky tbh, if lolcow/PULL ect was around back then she'd have been crucified. It's just as well it was less advanced back then for info.

Anyway, she's had her five minutes of 'fame' and it's over. No one gives a shit anymore and other people are having their turn to shine.

No. 159432

Is it 2007 again?

Yeah… my Korean mother-in-law keeps trying to buy fancy necklaces or designer handbags even though it's not remotely my style.
It's a generalisation, but there's a lot of love for pointlessly flash stuff in East Asia.

No. 159516

Kora does it then plays it off like I KNOW IM JUST TRYNA BE KYUTE

No. 159536

Her Follower Count finally went down to 21.5k :P

No. 159545

I think thats partly why japan got so mad about her karoake show score thing. She has been here long enough. Learn the damn language and learn the damn rules pf the country

No. 159568

LOL this bitch does not know Japanese and her sister is schooling her.

The best part is Kota outing Kaka's fake degree in this thread and not @mentioning her when saying thanks.

No. 159595

I always thought asians buying designer things was a status thing to compete with their friends/family members over who is more successful/wealthy.

No. 159614

confirmed for stuck in 2004

No. 159620


Considering the fact she still thinks she's relevant and people still give a fuck about her, she probably is mentally stuck in 2004

No. 159621

What happened to all that ~*love and light*~ and ~*avoiding negativity*~?

No. 159660

How do you know that was Kota?

No. 159672

it probably wasn't but it's funny to think about

No. 159680

When I dated Japanese the parents bought me items for cooking, bento, fans, and other JAPANESE items not bull-crap like that that's something a 12 year old would think of.

No. 159693


if you're REALLY in japan kaka, why don't you actually go out and enjoy it and experience things instead of fucking lurking here on your computer all day? ffs

No. 159740

Actually, those tacky overpriced bedazzled prices of crap are really "in" in Japan right now.

No. 159778


marry me

No. 159790

I…love you…thank u

No. 159831

This is one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen.
First off, Hello Kaka. You witch faced cunt. You dirt, spoiled, goblin nosed brat. You barely know how to speak English. You don't understand Japanese. You especially don't understand Chinese. You are making a fool out of yourself, you pathetic foreigner. I would aadvise you to take up a language class during the brief times you come up for air between sucking different Japanese mens' puny cocks. You are a desperate, washed up ,silly little girl. No matter how terrible my life may be, am would rather be in mmy shoes than yours .

No. 159891

I don't get why she doesn't just enroll in a language school? She would be able to get a longer term visa than just 3 months, she would be learning real Japanese, and by the way she bragged on her BS music "degree" she probably wouldn't mind being in college.

No. 159918

cuz $$

No. 159925

cuz catty white girls and haters being abusive towards Kiki

No. 159953

Because her Japanese is already flawless and anyone that tries to correct her is obviously just jealous of her effortless affinity for the Japanese people and culture.

Also her and her parents are broke AF.

No. 160004

But she did. At least she said she did. According to herself, she went to "University in Tokyo" and then "Quit because she got sexually harassed by a classmate from Australia" or something. She made a video about it too. lol

No. 160022

Because Japanese language schools are usually full of PoC, like Chinese, Indonesians, Vietnamese..basically from poorer Asian countries.

And we know Kaka's white trash mind thinks she's above them and can't be in the same class as them.

She is THE Kaka from USA, duh!

No. 160026

Actually, when she was in language school she was going on about how all the Chinese people there loved her but all the evil Australians/white people hated her.

No. 160028

Maybe she hates being reminded that she is not the special white gaijin in Japan.

No. 160031

File: 1439648015932.png (418.83 KB, 585x538, Capture.PNG)

"Everyone, Look! Astro theatre… It's really cool my boyfriend bought it… Very amazing!!! Thank you bebechan(I guess she meant baby-chan?)☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡ Happy, thrilled"

I could definitely see that

No. 160039

I'm guessing her parents paid for her to do a short course at some random language school but she quit because it was a reality check on how bad her japanese actually is and she struggled with the work, and also because people weren't lining up to kiss her ass like she expected. Then she probably spent the rest of the time bumming around Tokyo.

Maybe that's why she didn't post much while she was there, because she had to make a small amount of money last for a few months so she couldn't really buy/do anything?

No. 160043

She never said she left language school there, but she was saying she was being sexually harassed by some Australian guy(which is why all the white people/Australians hated her).
I think you are right about when she took that language class, someone said she took an intermediate class but couldn't understand it and was put in a beginner's class.

No. 160044

If she's in Japan, why does she only take pictures off stuff that could be anywhere? Oh right, the box is in Japanese, so therefore she must be in Japan!

No. 160049

> べべちゃん
Wut lol
Sounds like behbeh chan. Maybe she meant ベビー sounds more like baby. But who knows, it IS kiki after all. making up her own words.

No. 160051

>>160044 That's what I'm thinking. Picture of a nice sunset, delicious food you eat, a cool person outside, a funny advert in a train etc. Why useless bull crap she could have easily bought herself from rakutan? WHO CARES? When people go to japan they don't act this ding-batty!

No. 160054

Omg she literally talks like the boggest weeb who only knows select adjectives and onomotpoeia to express herself
Waaaa sugoiiii subarashi kakkoi yo!! Supa doki doki

No. 160055

Right! So far we got pics of a bottle cap, video games, and a nightlight. The last two items prove she is just sitting inside all day (which we already know, thanks to countless retweets of kittens and animal rights)

No. 160059

File: 1439650877773.png (32.28 KB, 519x187, gfjsfdgh.PNG)

I think she meant "bebe" since I just remembered I had this screencap saved on my computer where she says "bebe" instead of "baby"

No. 160063

File: 1439651354383.png (340.35 KB, 584x488, Capture.PNG)

No. 160065

>cooking with hat on


No. 160067

>bebe fayce
>being asked for my ID
Says the crone-face.

No. 160070

Didn't she say she wasn't going to talk about him anymore?? Well that didn't last long.

She's always contradicting herself

No. 160072

I remember around that time people were tweeting her about how they thought she was in her late 20's, lol.

No. 160073

I wouldn't be surprised if she blinged that bottle cap herself. Remember she use to blinded her own nacklaces.

No. 160074


Sorry auto correct

No. 160078

Probably had something to do with people here questioning why she never posts any pictures of her in Japan or of taco. She can't resist trying to prove her "haters" wrong.

I like how it's sneakily taken from behind, like all her other pictures of him. Still, at least this way she gets to hide that she's banging an uggo for that precious ビザ.

No. 160098

Still don't think taco is real. I wonder if this pic is just off google image search, and then filtered to death so we can't reverse image search.

No. 160099

hmmmm this guy has longer, curly hair than snaggle-chan?

No. 160101


Kaka hasn't got a baby face at all. It's long, she's got a big nose and looks aged up. Kota has laugh lines and droopy eyes.

No. 160102

File: 1439657889647.jpg (52.29 KB, 600x450, 215272270.jpg)


kaka no filter

No. 160103

File: 1439657935435.jpg (34.46 KB, 600x338, 215317264.jpg)


kota no filter

No. 160104


How the fuck anyone is jealous of them is beyond me.

No. 160105


Exactly, why is it when MOST bloggers buy items from their country or travel they take snaps of it on their bed or something? Why is it kaka has to always use filter or upload it from google images with jap writing on it?

It's obvious it's all a load of my ass.

No. 160107

Why is a bottle cap anything to flaunt anyway?

Shitting hell, it's embarrassing.

No. 160111

She looks like Tony Hawk

No. 160117

I'm cringing!!! Sure Kaka, you just have that super baby face. Keep telling yourself that.

But yes, I inderstand she's trying to hide him now and protect his identity while showing to the haters she's with the same guy.

Also, as someone else have said, she really looks like she doesn't even look out of her window. All pictures are of goods laying in bed, fuck anything else Japan is worth for, it's culture and everything. Grown ass weebs like her just don't care.

No. 160118


HA she fucking does as well

No. 160119

If she wasn't such a shitty person I'd feel really sorry for her because she's got one of those faces that will make her look much older than what she is no matter what. Kota may have laugh lines and stuff, but she's the one that has a baby face. I think we can all agree Kota looks more like a 16 year old/middle schooler(yes, Kaka has literally said that people think she's in middle school, lmao) than Kaka does.

Omfg, now I can't unsee that.

No. 160121


obv kota has baby face in comparison to her sister but even she sorta… lacks it in a way? i dont know… but kota does have a more childish face

No. 160122

File: 1439659232863.jpg (136 KB, 330x550, 2015-new-fashion-summer-women-…)


its like elle fanning, she has a baby face and looks more dolly than the pair of them put together

No. 160123

File: 1439659402647.jpeg (73.97 KB, 435x580, 52618766_no_anime_block_xlarge…)


funny how dakota fanning has the less babier face between the two aswell kek

still pretty tho

No. 160124


to be honest if it wasn't for the face shape kota wouldn't actually look that 'dolly' either, her chin is really long as it is.

No. 160125

I think I'm just good with facial recognition because I compared her to a hagraven and now this. Both are right. She looks like a hagraven with Tony Hawks face.

No. 160128

Yeah, she's always looked older than her age. I don't think she's unattractive, but she just doesn't have the right look for Japan. Her features are too mature and harsh. I feel kind of sorry for her, in a way. It must be hard for her with Dakota being so (comparatively) successful. She should really carve out her own nice, rather than desperately copying Kota.

What an incredibly awkward outfit. Bondage harnesses and grandma wooly hats don't go together just because they're both white. Her outfits are always so odd, and not in a good way either.

No. 160131


someone shoop kaka's hair on tony

No. 160132


Kaka suits scene/alternative more than natural/cute tbh. Her personality doesn't suit Japan, overall she doesn't.

Kota isn't really successful. She's a catalogue model anon, tv guest. Taylor R is in Japan herself modelling, you've got the 'look' then you can get into it. Even hafu black model did some modelling in Japan.

Kaka needs to just fade with her sister.

She's American lol, obv she's no sense of style.

No. 160150

Mr snaggletooth cooking from behind. Love how she didn't take a direct picture of his ugly face.

No. 160153


can you imagine the hafu baby?

if kaka thinks its gonna be model material

shes so so wrong

No. 160193


Eh, I personally never saw anything special in Elle. She's so plain and only ended up getting the jobs she did because of nepotism and piggybacking off of Dakota.

No. 160199


I think she's pretty doll looking, naturally. But yeah her sister Dakota, defo rode her coattails lol

Funny how kaka is tryin to ride of her dako's too kek

No. 160235

>hair doesn't grow.


No. 160318

Not the same anon but hair grows pretty fast then (though not if we just think the videos were from 6 months ago or so).

lol at
>cooking for me
Like, he cooks for you doesn't eat anything? He's only there with an apron serving you in a silver plate?

No. 160333

Still if someone said bebe i would think they are joking or an 80 year old grandma lol
Kaka: come here my behbeh chan and give me a kisu. Yasss thats right behbeh

No. 160357

I'm pretty sure bebe is just another thing from the myspace days that she's still saying. I remember tons of people would alter words like that because it's ~quirky~ and ~RaNdOm~

No. 160362

Does this nigga never take that hat off?

No. 160364

wow. i thought that name looked familiar. she looks much better now than she did when i first saw her years ago in this video.

now my day is going to be ruined reading this thread and watching all her videos

No. 160385

God how could she have this potential and yet she goes for her current look

No. 160404

she looks best here

No. 160405

It's amazing that she still has this long ass NEGATIVE video up when she's claiming to be such a goddess of ~love and light~ now. You'd think she'd get rid of any evidence that she's a fucking bitch.

Also, yeah, she looks better here. Trashy, but better than her current look.

No. 160410

She is trying so hard to be cute here and it comes across as so forced. The secondhand embarrassment is almost too much for me.

No. 160422

her hair looked thicker and stronger when it was bleached than it does now
that says a lot

No. 160424

It was layered, had dimensional color, wasn't weighed down with grease

No. 160427

Kiki's look areas paradoxical to me.

2007: shit face, overchemical-ed hair that looked alright
Now: ok face, shitty-ass ratty natural hair

No. 160428

so how many days has it been now since she's been "in japan" and she is yet to post something actually interesting that she's done in japan besides the shit that she's bragging about having?
what a lazy ass boring girl. does she ever leave the house?
god if i had this many "haters" i'd at least wanna prove them wrong and brag and post about all the things i'm doing and how much fun i'm having in japan.

No. 160435

File: 1439681919687.jpg (1.25 MB, 1900x1836, 1434500188324.jpg)

No. 160438

oh his hair is about the same length. which is now making me think the "new" photo just could've just been more photos she took from being there the first time. so still no solid proof she's actually in japan.
thanks for posting this cause i was too lazy to go back and find a picture of him lol

No. 160444

im new to this thread. digging through month of content trying to find pictures of taku and could only find this screencap of a video that was taken down.

No. 160445


Holy shit, I knew her hair was thin but I never realized it was full-on Addams Family-tier

No. 160453

File: 1439682997235.jpg (85.67 KB, 429x329, 1435171646312.jpg)

i'll stop being lazy for you anon~
and so we can compare to his hair in the "new" photo

No. 160454

File: 1439683015655.jpg (30.59 KB, 275x275, 1435035626967.jpg)

No. 160455

File: 1439683056895.png (193.07 KB, 358x199, 1434589202506.png)

he looks different in every fucking photo honestly….
i couldn't find the snaggletooth photo

No. 160457

File: 1439683159299.jpg (83.9 KB, 640x640, 1427862779888.jpg)

yes. im trying to find evidence to why people are calling him mr snaggletooth

No. 160458

He looks like a girl in this pic lmao
I'd fuck him if given the chance.

No. 160459

I definitely don't think she ever leaves the house. I mean, she lives in Florida but is pale as fuck.
Also, if she left the house, I think she'd brag about the random compliments she was "given" by strangers or some noble act of hers(like that swan thing).
>god if i had this many "haters" i'd at least wanna prove them wrong and brag and post about all the things i'm doing and how much fun i'm having in japan.
Same here. Since the haters bother so incredibly much, having a life outside of the internet would do her a world of good.

I was thinking that it's an old pic as well.

No. 160461

File: 1439683415005.jpg (7.24 KB, 268x275, 9k2LOeP.jpg)

i foundd them hahahahaha fuck it's still funny

No. 160462

File: 1439683429144.jpg (7.32 KB, 245x275, lRIQrFI.jpg)

No. 160466

Really are you that desperate to get fucked?

No. 160468

thanks anon. do you remember what her japan videos were usually about? i am disappointed that she took them down

No. 160473

Wish I could see her reaction when people says Kota throws shade in this thread too and leaks info, I'd pay to see her going paranoid and messaging Kota about this and kota like wtf

No. 160474

Eh, maybe.
Folks sometimes say I got low standards, but he is pretty cute. And Its a fantasy, really. That would never happen.

No. 160482

Wow, her voice actually doesn't sound horrible in this video.
>"they said that I made my jewelry out of shrinky-dinks, that would ruin my reputation, why would I do that?"

No. 160486

just dumb shit lol
the first screen posted was of her and him walking and looking at cherry blossoms
another was of her and him and bed
and the snaggletooth one i didn't get to see before she deleted :/

yesssss lol
she would freak out

No. 160489

File: 1439686291608.webm (14.55 MB, 512x288, 1405988138444.webm)

is it just me or does kiki's nose looks a bit more birdlike in this webm. did she get her nose fixed?

also kota looks a bit like johnny depp's daughter in this

No. 160496

Don't feel bad anon, my physical requirements are basically don't be fat or have a grotesque face. If snaggletooth had asked me out I would have gave him a chance.

No. 160499

I live for the old kota

No. 160503

Could just be greasy as fuck which drags it down and makes it look thinner
Girl i know hair masks are the bomb but dont do it if its just gonna leave you lookin greasy. Especially with japans heatwaves

No. 160507

File: 1439687946425.jpg (160.52 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

Yep and i just realized she needs that mochi in the background to add authenticity
Is there a living soul who got through the whole video without seppuku ?

No. 160508

Looks so much better when she covers that damn 7head

No. 160510

File: 1439688432168.png (1.03 MB, 1124x1006, 1430763476490.png)


pls be in cali

No. 160513

The worst part about Kota is that, yes, although her forehead is giant too, it's the SHAPE of her forehead that's severely unattractive. Having some forehead showing wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing for her as it would help her balance out having a phat face, but the shape of her forehead is soooo bad. It's boxy and odd. Her hairline is squared rather than oval, very high up, doesn't have a natural feminine slope. Very unfortunate.

No. 160516

File: 1439689476673.jpg (379.86 KB, 740x463, 1411093284606.jpg)

her face is a bit too asymmetrical. especially her eyes. looks a bit weird through pictures. i cant imagine what she looks like in person

No. 160522

I thought that was something less noticable in person. Since photos capture a steady image while in person you move and fidget so it can be distracting. Something like how someone can look better in videos than pictures.

Nope near Chicago.

No. 160544

File: 1439693035759.png (2.62 MB, 2637x674, 1413597089232.png)

i guess. i havent stared at a face irl long enough to notice everyone's minor face asymmetry. i just think it would be weird staring at her obviously asymmetrical eyes while talking 1on1. im lonely.

i feel bad for kiki that kota is more successful than her. also that she is spiraling into delusion.

No. 160546

Kiki really looks good in that age 17 picture

No. 160549

You can thank Kota and her editing for that.

No. 160553

File: 1439693788707.jpg (91.34 KB, 480x640, 1413629612009.jpg)

i like the lanky bird look. she needs a bit longer legs to compensate for her huge long head

No. 160556

I said this was my fav photo of her a couple threads back and people said she looked like Skeletor lol

No. 160557

you're right, the editing in kiki's age 17/kota's age 14 and kiki's age 18/kota's age 15 really match up.
same hair color and makeup and everything. maybe they were closest at those ages. cause that's when kota was drawing those t-shirt designs and they were selling them.

i can't believe kota's age 10, age 11, and age 12 photos. even her age 13 photo. is that even real??? i didn't even have any interest in makeup at those ages.
kiki's age 13 and age 14 ones look legit

No. 160561

File: 1439694318485.jpg (282.27 KB, 1440x640, 1413640973137.jpg)

she has a great defined face but that body doesnt match. face of an older women while having a kid body

No. 160563

If you start near the middle of the graph and quickly scroll to the right you can see their eyes get bigger every year.

No. 160564

when was this?? she looks normal and likable! she should've continued down this route!

No. 160565

She needs to lighten her hair and get bangs, and fill in her eyebrows closer to her nose/fuller closer to her nose rather than being fullest farthest from her face. Some highlighter would do her good too, and not necessarily bronzing contour but a peach toned blush to help give her face some more dimension rather than her looking like a long ass piece of soggy toilet paper.

No. 160568

File: 1439694842724.jpg (62.55 KB, 500x753, 1413669691970.jpg)

dont know. just looking at archives. something about tweeting about a photoshoot that was never published or talked about again

No. 160570


See but none of this screams kawaii or elf. Kiki's making 2D character out of herself and casually forgetting that there's life out there to explore.

No. 160588

"Age 18" Kiki is fucking weird…It looks nothing like her at all, like a totally different girl.

No. 160591


Just wanted to say that actually violates Japanese privacy laws, and she could be arrested for real.

No. 160609

File: 1439702210070.png (41.18 KB, 631x336, Capture.PNG)

I just searched on twitter about a photoshoot and I think they were for Tinsel Tokyo magazine. I can't exactly tell you because the links she shared are dead and I can't find anything else on it on google.
https://twitter.com/mmmkikikannibal/status/188097844350156801 (this is the tweet you're looking at right now)

No. 160611



LOOOOOL, I forgot about that awful website!

No. 160641

She must've gotten her teeth whitened since then cause in this video they're yellow like Dakota's, but nowadays they're fucking blinding.

No. 160644


Oh Kiki.

Also, it seems like Tokyo Tinsel isn't like a magazine per se… I wonder if her boyfriend was the "photographer" and they just submitted pictures and called it a photoshoot kek
Anybody familiar with it?

No. 160645

Her hair is straight up plastered to her fucking head.
My god, it looks so fucking bad! Her forehead almost looks like it's bulging out as well. I would say she should get some layers but it's so thin I don't know if she could spare it with keeping most of it still long. She needs to do something though. Her hairline is so far back, it's incredibly unfortunate.
Bangs Kaka. Now.

No. 160648

File: 1439707261398.jpg (168.32 KB, 1277x1419, 1406649583440.jpg)


gastly visage

No. 160650


tilt your screen, it gets worser

also lol @ wearing kota's accessories everytime she can.

No. 160651

so much for having a bebe face

No. 160653

File: 1439707972688.jpeg (39.99 KB, 677x459, grave hag.jpeg)

Hey, I think I've fought some of these in the Witcher 3.

No. 160662

Poor snaggletoothed taco has to wake up to that witch with NO makeup. I can't even imagine that horror.

No. 160673

I don't know much about it but it had nothing to do with a boyfriend since this was in 2012. I feel like they liked her look and they contacted her about it since this was when she was getting a lot more attention at this time.

I think layers could work if she actually styled her hair, but she's way too lazy to do that. The best option for her is getting a bob and bangs since it's low maintenance and it suits her face much better than long hair does(although, if she had much thicker hair it would look fine on her though).

She actually looks quite cute in the top pic but I'm probably just saying that because of how awful the bottom pic is, she actually has color on her skin, and her hair looks a lot thicker.
I would suggest her doing that hairstyle more often, but I feel like it most likely looks ridiculous on her irl.

No. 160691

Wow, haha. I didn't even see it was from 2012.

No. 160728

File: 1439723223466.jpg (152.92 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 160729

File: 1439723255740.jpg (73.28 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 160747

Is kaka actually modelling?

how is it these two greebs have so much luck in modelling when they barely fit the criteria?

No. 160754


No, she's not. She tweeted about a shoot but it seems like they never used the shots and she never mentioned it again.

No. 160765

I guess she thinks that whenever we suggest something about her appearance is because she will look ugly and doesn't want to please us. Kiki if you're reading this, you should get bangs. Bangs aren't terrible, they're cute and can improve your appereance. And you should fill your eyebrows closer to your nose, and use a warm tone of makeup. If you don't you'll continue to look like a zombie. I don't think she's ugly, I just think she doesn't know how to improve and take care of her appereance.

No. 160766

Ohh this! What a sweet, sweet milk memory. Am proud to say I was online and saw it #live when a bunch of sjw went down her throat out of the blue.

No. 160767

Lel is she attempting to be all SJW with this? Has she forgotten the days when she used to say "the n-word" all the time and talk shit about gays and asians?

No. 160770

File: 1439732636669.png (35.56 KB, 590x113, Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 3.42…)

No. 160771

File: 1439732659290.png (71.46 KB, 590x269, Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 3.42…)

"He is eating a seasoned vegetables , and cute noisy even mecha laughs"

No. 160773

File: 1439732853789.png (390.37 KB, 588x543, Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 3.46…)


Also… I don't know a single vegan that would retweet shit like this? It's not really animal cruelty, but it's definitely not something cats enjoy.

No. 160779

this sound white trash af
something i would imagine trailer trash couple does

No. 160782

I imagine Kiki having a "beauty" nap and snaggletooth Taco twerking in her face and farting while eating a cucumber

Someone draw this

No. 160787

With the last part of the Japanese sentence, I think she meant to say "he's troublesome/annoying but super cute"

I don't know one either. A lot of the vegans I've seen get upset if you just do little things to annoy your pets.
It's really hypocritical that she'd post this because she goes on about animal rights and respecting others & their boundaries. But the boundaries of those cats don't look like they're being respected in this picture.

No. 160792

lol! We r like, so rand0m! XD

I hate it. I really do. There are TWO cars inside that thing FFS. People think these are funny like cats getting their head stuck in tiny boxes or whatever, but it really is not. Watch out after your pets!

No. 160795

I don't think the cats have been put in there by a person. They're just arseholes to each other, one probably got in after the other of its own volition.

No. 160808


I don't think a cat would jump into such a small, high and transparent thing. Especially not two. But… yeah. We won't know for sure.

No. 160814

I still can't get over the facts:

1) "I will no longer tweet about my bf"
>Does it anyway
2) "I'm done w/ social media. Muh privacy!"
>Never even left
3) She calls him bf instead of fiancé
>Weren't they supposed to get married? lol

No. 160815

File: 1439738579524.jpg (37.66 KB, 484x726, CMes2eRUkAApBGN.jpg)

I don't think so either. I'm positive they were put in there, just look at how tall this shit is. How would they even get in there themselves without knocking it over/any help from a person?

No. 160817

"He's loud when eating, but super cute"

No. 160820

Well, I've seen a cat get into a hamster ball, a fishbowl, a vase not unlike that tube. Have also see a video where a cat sat on the lid of a box another cat was already in and stopped him from getting out. They don't have any trouble jumping onto precarious surfaces and balancing when they want to either.

No. 160830

So true.

No. 160836

File: 1439740404599.jpg (45.88 KB, 284x500, kaka.jpg)

Kaka looks so much better with clip hair extensions

No. 160839

Even if they'd gotten there on their own, look at the cat in the bottom. That looks fucking awful. Just drop your cell phone and take him out of there.

No. 160868

21k followers and her Tweets are lucky to hit 10 favourites.
When will this bitch realise she's irrelevant?

Also why does she insist on following the same number of people as Kota? Kota follows 8, suddenly Kaka does. Kota followed someone else a couple of days ago, now Kaka follows 9 people.. she copies her sister in the strangest ways.

No. 160881

>Kota follows 8, suddenly Kaka does. Kota followed someone else a couple of days ago, now Kaka follows 9 people..
Seriously? I was thinking it was just a coincidence since she mentioned the lettuce thing and followed nasa around the time Kota followed her 8th person, but I think it's safe to say it's definitely not a coincidence at this point.
With how insane she is, I wonder if she thinks the amount of people Kota follows has anything to do with her success. I can't think of a single logical reason why someone would go out of their way to follow the same amount of people someone else follows.

No. 160887

I read it more as Kaka telling the other girl to GTFO because her precious white girl feelings were hurt.

lel so rAnDumM xDDDDDDD we're LIKE sO qUIrky!!!!!!1 LMAOOOOO

No. 160892

thiiiiis lol

and its so embarrassing to think she is tweeting this stuff while she's still at home in florida hahahaha
but seriously it's always so far fetched and things that are like yeah that TOTALLY happened kiki
once a liar always a liar.

No. 160895

Same here. It's funny looking at that tweet now since she seems to always have something negative to say about white girls/people(like how white girls are catty and all the white people in her class hated her bc she stood up to an australian guy who sexually harrassed her). I guess she just wants to be a special white girl/person.

No. 160901


who can forget it? lol

No. 160905


Tbh this sorta makes me laugh


No. 160916

Pretty much. SJWs were trying to tell her you can't be racist against white people and she just went "but I was bullied in school, called a white whore, most people were poc" etc etc

No. 160927

She can't twerk because Skeletor has no ass

No. 160946

Who's the girl on the right?

No. 160953


Jesus fucking christ, Kirsten. Bitch looks haggard. I'm the same age as her, heavy smoker/drinker and still look a hundred times healthier than her. I used to be super insecure about my thin hair and long forehead but now I'm happy with the fact my hair is nowhere near this bad.

I remember when she was still on Stickam (her glory days) and she used to talk about her exercising, nutrition and eating habits in depth and gave actually good advice. It's obvious she's given up on those things.
She should get off the internet and maybe go back to being vegetarian. Or maybe when she went full vegan she didn't bother to adjust her diet accordingly and she isn't getting all the nutrients she needs?

No. 160992

File: 1439753511283.png (75.92 KB, 592x304, Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 9.27…)


Yes. But we knew that she wasn't serious anyway.

No. 160993


Ups, sorry for the failed screenshot.

No. 160996

File: 1439753726359.jpg (95.96 KB, 400x496, seppukuma.jpg)

No. 160999


Love it! Although I wish he looked more like himself than… and old person with glasses. But Kiki is done soo well.

No. 161001

sorry, kinda made it look like a sugar daddy, for obvious reasons

No. 161003


"seppukuma" thats made my day!

No. 161008


I can't believe she is trying to give health advice when she looks like a cancer patient in a lank wig.

I am vegetarian but Kirsten is like the one reason I will never turn vegan. She looks like she's on her last legs.

No. 161010

It's actually Scott in a wig

No. 161015

No. 161016

Svott is to broad for that even with tons of shoop.

No. 161020

File: 1439755433111.jpg (18.55 KB, 318x335, image.jpg)

Yeah but

No. 161032

File: 1439756078232.gif (1.42 MB, 500x222, nomavaIMf01tdkro1o3_500.gif)

HEY. Don't talk about Skeletor like that.

No. 161034

it's okay anon, everybody else got the joke.
I had a hardy kek.

No. 161141

Isn't Tinsel Tokyo based in LA?

No. 161157

Skeletor is buff as fuck. Why do you stupid bitches keep using him as an insult for super skinny/underweight people?

No. 161159

Where is this from? Holyshit, yes. I never knew I needed Skeletor twerking in my life until I saw this.

No. 161175

Thank you so much.
I love you.

No. 161191

>that dry, white mom-esque sense of humor

No. 161193

idk but there was a period of time a few years ago when kaka really was jonesing to move to california. i think the monstrengas did visit there probably around the time of this photoshoot.

No. 161198

Kiki and Kota both were trying to move to LA for a while, then they just stopped for some reason. I wonder why? It's much cheaper and easier to move to LA than it is to Tokyo.

No. 161203


tokyo will worship them cos they're kawaii and white

LA is all about the tan, tits and pussy

No. 161230

*travels to japan to do the same thing in florida

lolololol kaka doesnt even go outside in other countries

No. 161265

I think it was because Kota ended up going to Japan and Kaka just moved onto her next interest.
She would have a much greater chance at making it in L.A. than in Tokyo. America in general favors harsh features like hers and if she actually took better care of herself & wore a style that suits her, I have no doubt in my mind that she could become a model here. She'll never become a huge model obviously, but it's better than getting absolutely nothing in Tokyo.
She could definitely make it as a reality star, but she probably thinks she's too good for it now since reality stars/shows are typically seen as trashy.

It's ridiculous how she wants to convince people she has such a huge interest in Japan but doesn't do a single thing there. She isn't even a weeb because weebs would at least go out to buy anime/kawaii stuff. I would bet money that Venus has been out-out in the past month more than Kaka has just left her hotel/"apartment" in all of her trips there combined.

No. 161268

Kiki's only interest in Japan is that Dakota is getting attention from Japan and she's not, she can't stand it, so now she has to pretend she loves Japan, Asians, sailor moon and rilakkuma so they'll give her attention too. She's so transparent and sad.

No. 161351

They wanted to become actresses so that's why they wanted to move to L.A, in fact they created a crowdfunding but barely got $

No. 161355

No. 161359

I think the crowd funding was mostly for Kiki. Like, she was in a comedy improv a while back (or so she thought), had a backstage profile to be casted as an actress etc. the music concerts would be her doing the music, playing, getting attention etc

Dakota would just tag along just because.

Slowpoke but… Kiki's now following 9 people. So are Kota. THE PATTERN IS CONSISTENT!

No. 161361


Samefag but LA isn't kawaii enough. It like Kiki just decided she was too good for the US once Dakota went to Japan

No. 161368

I don't even know how this person could ever have been in comedy improv

No. 161370

hello police I'd like to report a theft. the item stolen was Kiki's eyebrows

No. 161388

she looks dangerously skele in that video

No. 161403

i hope she knows this is how pathetic she looks to everyone lol

in japan or not, all she's looking like is a bum that never leaves the house. if she's in japan not doing anything i'm mad. cause this bitch gets to go to japan just to sit on her ass inside all day?
she totally wants to make the housewife thing happen. how long until taku gets annoyed with her squatting?

No. 161405

what the fuck is wrong with her + kota's voice? like they sound retarded with this fake jap accent jfc

No. 161406

Itll be gone by morning i bet lol
Kota looks like shes falling asleep

No. 161413

21 backers lol

at least kota speaks the same way when she speaks japanese. lazy. not like kiki's fake high pitched animu voice.
they both did their makeup the same. but now i know it's kaka whose copying kota not the other way around hahaha

No. 161425

It seems like Taku lives with his parents, so if she actually is there, imagine how irritated they are with her right now. Other than the fact that she never leaves the house and they have to make vegan food just for her, I feel like she wouldn't even help out around the house. Idk, due to the fact she started making her own food towards the end of her last trip and her house is/was a pigsty in those old stickams/videos, it makes me feel like she rarely makes food for herself and doesn't do shit around her own house.

No. 161430


Considering the fact she doesn't even put any actual effort into stuff like "her" music, jewellery, shop, other sad internet fame shit, that sorry attempt at volunteering, and the fact she probably hasn't worked a day in her life considering she gets mummy and daddy to pay for all her shit, you're probably right. I highly doubt she does jack shit to help around the house. I'd be getting pretty fucking angry if I was Taco's parents, too

No. 161509

def can't picture her doing any type of work.

how unacceptable is this to japanese families? compared to american families

No. 161521

Neets are looked down upon as scum

No. 161522

Depends. Kiki has foreigner privilege, which simply means Japanese dont hold her to the same standard as yet would another Japanese. HOWEVER if all she does is lay on her ass indoors all day, is NEET and doesn't even cook/clean and sleeps all day, depending on what standard they hold Taku to they could get annoyed with her quickly. OR they could be very similar to Kiki and Kota's parents, in the way that they just throw money at their kid(s) and let them do whatever they want.

No. 161530

Since Japanese people seem to overly polite/hospitable, I can't see them asking her to do work around the house. But I can definitely see them being salty about it, I know I would be. I don't think she can really excuse not even offering to help out because she's a foreigner since I think it's a universal polite thing to do.

No. 161531

People without jobs in any country or society is looked down upon. A lot of people have to prove their are legit disabled, because so many assholes scam the system for disability and sit back on other people's tax money.

No. 161583

File: 1439791272168.png (87.7 KB, 1080x771, Screenshot_2015-08-17-07-55-01…)


Guys, you know she always wants to prove is wrong when we mention stuff like this.

No. 161596

Every time she uses the word bae I want to punch her full force in the face

No. 161615

What a try hard wanna be hoodrat. I'm surprised she hasn't turned completely into one of those black-dick-starved "Kanye&Kim5eva!!!" tumblr thots, she talks so trashy.

No. 161617


…how convenient

No. 161635

No. 161637

that seems like a rare breed

No. 161654

File: 1439800544569.jpg (430.82 KB, 628x919, 2015-08-17 09.35.18.jpg)


This has just solidified for me that Kirsten really could not give less of a shit about animal welfare as Kanye and his vile family is a huge proponent of the fur industry and she's trying to dress it up as "cute".

>"tell peta my mink is dragging on the floor"

Kirsten you make me fucking sick you disgusting hobby vegan.
I don't even care about people who choose to eat meat, it's a personal choice and one you can't change through berating people, but I fucking DESPISE people who are fake vegans/vegetarians for attention.

No. 161656

I seriously hate anyone who uses the word 'bae'
Especially if they are over 15.

No. 161657

jfc, that's awful. I never liked kanye, but now i really can't stand his ass. I hate anyone who advocates the fur industry. so awful. Ugh

No. 161701

File: 1439810864482.jpg (141.35 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

> see lolcow? I do chores! I leave the house! I do yoga!!! On the subway! Omg Japanese people STOP STARING AT ME

But really. Stop half-assing stuff. At least yoga.

No. 161703

I want Kiki and Margo to meet.

No. 161704

Wow shes really pushing it to prove she leaves the house. What is wrong with her. She has no time to sit and do proper yoga? or she is such a fidgety mess she must be physically active at all times?

No. 161705

Ok but its just lyrics and hes just a singer
I dont advocate fur either but it is a sign of luxury so of course he raps about it. Hell i dont even like kanye so 10/10 for getting me to defend his sorry ass, but really.. I know kiki goes into a mental fit when animals are endangered but maybe this example didnt resonate with her.if she didnt freakout over his kanye shirt, Maybe it proved she doesnt go into a fit over every damn thing

No. 161719

lmao, exactly.
She pretends to be pissy when Japanese people stare at her, and then admits to doing this shit. She loves to make it seem like people stare because she's a ~kira kira utsukushii goddessu~ but it's obviously because she's an obnoxious attention whore in public.

No. 161773

>What a try hard wanna be hoodrat. I'm surprised she hasn't turned completely into one of those black-dick-starved "Kanye&Kim5eva!!!" tumblr thots, she talks so trashy.
I'm not, she's only attracted to white guys. The only reason she's been going for Asian guys is because she just wants a visa, to prove she's not racist, and an excuse to be in Asia. Plus, I feel like Kiki is one of those people who are terrified of black people/people with darker skin. The hoodrat talk is also another ~quirky~ thing from the myspace days she does to be funny.

She's making me think of foreverkailyn, every single time someone says something about her that's true, she'll try to prove the haters wrong. I.e. if someone says she doesn't eat healthy, she posts a picture of fruits/vegetables.
What I'm basically saying is I think she's making this shit up.

No. 161776


I'm going tokyo in a month guys, if I see kaka anywhere acting up I'll snap a pic or two and upload it to the web.

No. 161779

Now that I think about it, Tokyo is becoming a lolcow main hub.
Kooters, Penus and Margo, Nosezawa,Kiki (if she is not pretending), visiting wannabe aidorus and the list goes on. Someone needs to marry the Queen and take her there.

Good luck with real life farming.

No. 161789


Just because it's a sign of luxury it doesn't make it okay.
I have a wardrobe full of Burberry Prorsum and Vivienne Westwood bit I still despise the cultivation and wearing of fur.
I have a very popular high-fashion Tumblr with about 60,000 bit I point blank refuse to reblog any articles containing fur. I hate the way people keep making excuses for it.

No. 161796

Japanese people must really hate her, they wouldn't stand for that attention-seeking bullshit.

>implying the story is even true

No. 161804



cmon kiki tweeting things isn't gonna make us believe you actually leave the house. haven't you learned by now we think you're full of shit. post some photos already. you can snap a photo of some random guy yet you can't take regular photos of things you see and do when you go out? which is another good reason not to believe you.

No. 161807

super OT but omg anon I love fashion, give me your tumblr. If you want I can post here an email so you can send it there instead of posting it here

No. 161829


theyre in tokyo because what choice is there? these kira kira goddesses aren't gonna go to the coutnryside are they? the only other big party city would be osaka.

No. 161831

home school english
> while chomping on cucumber from namuru in my ear
oh that dangling clause

No. 161836

If Kiki is such an "animal lover" (which we know she really isn't) how has she been to Japan 3 times with no work or school obligations, all the free time and apparently daddy's money and not gone to Nara or Usagijima? Deer that walk up and let you pet them? An island literally full of bunnies that follow you around? They're even popular tourist attractions. She's so full of shit.

No. 161842

Her parents probably only had enough money to send her to Tokyo (and pay for accommodation). I bet she doesn't have any spending money, which is why Taco is cooking for her and why she doesn't leave the hotel room to do "tourist" things.

White girl is broke.

No. 161857

Plus if she left the hotel she would be raped and sexually harassed instantly

No. 161860

>wouldn't help around the house

>1 hour later
>Look! I'm doing chores!!

No. 161911

its d-piddy i believe

No. 161992

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this sort of shit a huge no-no on Japanese public transport? You can't even talk, put on makeup, or answer your phone on the subway without being seen as rude. Most of the time when I took it, people were silent and just looking ahead. (Minus drunk people, I guess, but that's a cultural thing too.)

I dunno. I'm just trying to imagine her doing all these weird fucking yoga poses on the subway and laughing. Even in America that would be weird, and we don't really even have etiquette for public transport.

No. 162023

File: 1439836643530.png (647.94 KB, 487x653, 9b286b6eef93341909b1c85bff42e8…)

weeb i knew that went to Japan. Even if natives perceive it as rude, doesn't stop foreigners from being weird

No. 162037

>>162023 why do people wear uggs is beyond me

No. 162044


That's why she needs to get off her lazy cunt and go get a job

No. 162048


Were they American?

God help when I go Tokyo and eye these sort of faggots up.

No. 162064


I know, it's a total piss me off. Especially if you're a person who's genuine about liking Japan (even if you're a weeb with some actual interest and not pushy about it like kaka) though.

Kaka is SO desperate to be in the spotlight. No one gives a fuck and she knows that.

No. 162067

no1 curr about how superior you would be to other foreigners

No. 162068

compared to*

No. 162071


Taku is obv one of those Japanese guys who just cannot find a girl from his own country, so shagging foreigners is easier for him and obv bagging a 'gaijin gf with interest in nippon culture' is better, easier catch, doesn't have to deal with her family and the usual custom bs.

Tbh call me whatever, but it's easy to bag one of them. It actually is. Just go on hellotalk, interpals, any site where jap 'i want to learn engrish & gaijin pussy' guys are and just chat them up, catch them, meet them in Japan and get hitched. Probably how half these fuckers on here do it.

No. 162076


I agree, the Japanese are hard workers too. Any one in Asian culture, they know their shit. I give them kudos and the thought of having to drag a foreigner, lazy ass yank bitch face who has never worked a day in her life into your home… tolerate her because she 'makes ur musuko so v happy'

god i feel for the inlaws

No. 162078


other foreigners seem retarded tho tbh

No. 162091


I want to round kick her so bad though. Stop doing that shit and sit your ass down. Get some manners, Christ.

No. 162099

Aren't they everywhere tho?

No. 162182

I want them both to star in real housewives of wherever. They'd be soo good at it.

No. 162209

That would be amazing…They'd try to out vegan each other. "

I wonder what Margo thinks of Kaka. It would be fun to poke the bear a little and ask her. Maybe they'd get into a tweet war– those are the best. It'd be like winning the lottery to watch those two go at it.

No. 162240


If kaka started up shit with mira then it'll definitely kick off with mongymargo

bothy are too… too alike

No. 162262

…..You don't seem to realize how large Tokyo even is

Good luck

No. 162269


I said "IF I SEE HER"

IF anon

key word "IF" I never said "I WILL"

I do know japan-chan

No. 162282

you dont seem to realize how scarecely weebs travel beyonds in the same spots in shibuya and harajuku

No. 162283

I can imagine Kiki's paranoid senses tingling at this. Can you. Just. Imagine. The shitstorm.

No. 162293


Yeah, I can picture this. Kaka sees a white girl with a phone in her hands.

"OMIGOD! Polisu-kun, come arrest this Stalker-Chan, they totez haz muh pic for an illegal hate website!"

pulls out a can of maces and empties it in the white ladie's face.

No. 162295


Kaka wouldn't even see me do it, she'd be too busy on her phone tweeting shit about her doing yoga and being kawaii.


Does anyone ever see kota on trains tho? has anyway ever recognised her or something?

No. 162298

>>162295 I am sure she would be so paranoid (if she lurks here) that she would mace any white girl she sees within 100 meter radius

No. 162325

Maybe she was the only one on the train. It looks pretty empty.

No. 162334

It's Kiki, not Venus

No. 162341

And result in a new video: "American Student Harrassed by Cyberbully in Tokyo"

No. 162350

Nah, she would never refer to herself as "American". Not kawaii enough.

No. 162352

maybe myspace princess

No. 162365

Yes a friend of mine asked her for a photo but she declined and was rude

No. 162368

Nope, nobody cares about MySpace anymore. For quite a while now actually. Plus Kiki still pretends she's ~over & past all the old myspace drama~.

Maybe more like "Freelance Model/Jvlogger Stalked by Jealous Gaijin Girl Cyberbullies and Sexually Harassed by Lovestruck Japanese Men Daily on the Train"

No. 162373

I have two questions:

>was your friend white or Asian?

>did your friend ask in English or Japanese?

If the answer to either (or both) is the former then that's why. Dakota hates anyone that reminds her of being white and American unless it's Japs pigling her in Nihongo.

No. 162377


*oogling, what the fuck is with my phone today goddamn it

No. 162378

Is it just me, or did Kaka delete a buuuunch of stuff from her IG? The last post on there that I see is her flower crown selfie from 5 weeks ago.

No. 162384

Did she have anything newer up?

No. 162389

Lol isn't mace illegal there?

No. 162392

nobody cares about kiki either so this name fits her nicely

No. 162393

File: 1439854293134.jpg (158.44 KB, 640x907, image.jpg)

Not if it brings views!!!

No. 162394

Yeah white girl>>162373

No. 162395

Not sure, I don't follow her there or in Twitter so I only see what gets posted here unless I go and check. Doesn't she know IG is the best mainstream app to meet jap guys desperate for white waifus? And a good chunk of them speak decent English and are in Tokyo too. Hell, even celebs- If they accept your follow requests and you're not a sorrowing fangirl, they'll practice chat English with you occasionally.

No. 162396


KAKA is constantly harassed by crazed white gurls and horny nihonjin men, she will carry one regardless of being illegal, because what ever this pure holy elven goddess touches and does is withheld from accountability! cue the church bells

No. 162397

There you go, then. Dakota is a snobby cunt to anyone who isn't Japanese. She thinks she's the princess of Japan and the only white girl to ever get flown in and gawked at like a zoo animal (which is all she is pretty much).

No. 162399


Mace and knives are, yes. She has both, the stiletto knife she posted last time se was in Japan could get her kicked out of the country if she carries it and uses it to "scare away creepers" because it's hella illegal. One anon even pointed that out to her (kindly, even!) and kaka deleted the comment and blocked the anon.

No. 162400

Well good. If she does carry it and ge tcaught shes going to jail and no one will give half a shit about this white bitch

No. 162402

Adding to this, carrying a 6" stiletto folding knife in Japan is like carrying an stolen or unregistered gun in the U.S., that shit will get you thrown in jail (and if you're a tourist/illegal alien, probably deported).

No. 162572

File: 1439865139218.jpg (61.77 KB, 500x498, xMansLv7s0U.jpg.7a7417948f063c…)

I think these are pictures of her that were taken by fans who recognized her?

No. 162579

she's so… not fat here

No. 162593

I think she's completely average sized by Japanese standards. She's just looks big because she's normally around other models who actually eat right and exercise.

No. 162598

i was thinking this hahahaha you guys are going to give her a heart attack

but i mean at least go outside and take a walk around the neighborhood or whatever? it's a whole other country, anywhere would be interesting. or can't taku take her somewhere?
she mentioned them using a claw machine game in one of her tweets. and then the yoga in the subway~
she keeps insisting that she goes out but no photos have come from any of this. that's not who kiki is. she videos and photographs every fucking thing she can possibly brag about. she even filmed them and took photos whenever they were in bed together, remember?
and no, i don't believe it's so she can be protected by the crazy stalkers, because you can still take photos of things without people knowing your location.

No. 162601

I mostly meant her face. It's not bloated like usual.

I think she has a very small frame, smaller than the rest popteen models (you can see it in group events - she's narrow & lean) but her body is like a pillow, so.. puffy and stuffed. So even though she's slim she looks fat next to models who have the same measurements but more toned bodies. I bet her body jiggles when she runs.

No. 162641

The only cute candida of her in existence

No. 162657


Iirc this was around when she came to Japan before she bloated up and got fat.

No. 162756

File: 1439876251586.jpg (16.25 KB, 236x315, 9c528ab0e0b1ecb3d196ff70295288…)

this is my dakota candid personal fav.
how can kaka compete?

No. 162794

I think she looks cute here.

No. 162802

okay, but Kiki thread.

No. 162914

File: 1439883697053.jpg (78.93 KB, 588x406, kakapoopoopeepeeshire.jpg)

No. 162922

But Kaka that's basically everyone who has heard about you on the net…because you have no RL friends

No. 162923

just checked her twitter (for the first time ever) and it's so boring. she has the mentality of junior high school girl, so plain and idk.. undeveloped? even tumblrinas have more substance to them than kaka.

No. 162932

Her junior high school mentality becomes obvious when she makes an advice or experience video. It's like hearing a 14 year old talk but the voice is coming from an balding adult woman.

No. 162936

I'm speechless…

she's so fucking dumb she makes Penus look like Einstein

No. 162942

She's acting as if we think everything we say is 100% factual, everything, other than her behavior/what she says/does, is pure speculation.

If she knows herself and what we're saying isn't true, why is she trying so desperately hard to prove us wrong all the time? I probably say this a lot, but if she honestly was as good as a person as she constantly says she is, most people would be able to see that. It seems like most people, including myself, used to be fans and gave her the benefit of the doubt, but then she'd show her true colors and proved that the "haters" were completely right about her.

No. 162945

File: 1439887315800.png (26.83 KB, 582x219, Capture.PNG)

No. 162946

if you don't want people commenting on your life, stop exposing yourself on social media

No. 162949

She's right though. Leaking other people's nudes is a shitty thing to do

No. 162950

people usually leak their nudes themselves and then pretend someone else did it

No. 162955

Idk if she's talking about herself or not, but wasnt her parents the one to take provocative pictures to post online? So technically, her pictures weren't "leaked" as opposed to the Ostrengas posting pictures and regretting them.

If she's talking in general, well yeah, that's one of the ways to avoid nude leakage.
And to avoid murder, not 100%, but learn self defense. Robbery? Security system or guns.
But you really can't compare those last two to nudes leaking because with murderers and robbery there will always be assholes.

No. 162959

>But you really can't compare those last two to nudes leaking because with murderers and robbery there will always be assholes.
You pretty much summed up what I was about to just say. Like absolutely no one deserves any of this stuff, but there will always be people who will do it regardless so you do have to take measures to help prevent these things from happening.

And honestly, I don't really get why she's saying this because with how paranoid she is about everything, she obviously knows that what I just said is true.

No. 162967

Is this even 100% candid though? It looks like Kota uploaded it somewhere herself and shooped herself in it beforehand.

No. 162968

That's why I think she is taking pictures but stowing them away to upload when she's back in the US to fool people into thinking she's still in Japan.

No. 162972

Lol jesus fuck, you guys are naive sometimes

That photo wasn't even originally posted by her iirc

No. 162974

I think the real topic is not the stupid ass naive tweet but how many of her bots favored that tweet take a look

No. 162975

I'm pretty sure she was quoting what someone else said but it was kind of in response to how people tell her to get off the internet/start over & change her alias if the haters bother her so much.

No. 162976

lol, that's what I was wondering; if it was uploaded by her or someone else. It looks more like her shooped face than her natural face we see in all her other candids. I could believe it's unedited if I knew it was uploaded by the people she's with, I'm just slightly skeptical.
You're stupid if you think Kooter isn't above doing something like that.

No. 162977

is above* not isn't.

No. 162982

yes. i thought it meant this too. she is criticizing the first phrase. as in it is her right to take nudes and the leaker has no right to leak them. this is in relations to if im going to be robbed i might as well not own anything at all.

No. 162985

Oh, I see. I've never seen them before, so that's a my bad.

My point still stands, you really can't compare the last two to nudes(unless of course, someone was watching you without you knowing. The only one I could compare to slightly is the robbery one, but with the murdered one, I don't think you can.)
But hey, to avoid this turning into a debate or getting ot, I'll just leave her with her opinions, can't fault her for having them.
Also, it's one phrase, unless she made a grammatical error. The quotation mark, stops at the end of the phrase, and there are no other marks after nudes, or no quotations around the two sentences. Like:

"If you don't want nudes leaked, don't take nudes."
More this week:
"To avoid being robbed, own nothing at all"
"To avoid being murdered, just die right now."

So I would assume she agrees with the whole phrase. But as I said, her opinion, and I could be wrong.
Sorry for the possibly long reply Btw.

No. 162989

Is this CP?

No. 162996

Not sure, I don't know how old she was in them.
Apologize if she was underage though. Admins feel free to delete if so.

No. 162998

Yeah, iirc admin deleted the image last time it was posted on here…

No. 163006

Yeah, please delete them if you have a password or let the admin delete.

Do we know who leaked them?

No. 163024

Kiki says: ex-bf/hackers
Mean MySpace haters: Kiki did

No. 163027

She was 14 in these.

No. 163052

at least she, unlike her sister, learned that she needs bangs

No. 163061


I think she looks better without them or the side fringe she started off with. Not it's just… she looks weird. She's got nice eyebrows and covered them up ugh

No. 163079

Oh God look at her hairline, it's a mile high! If I were unfortunate enough to have thin hair like that I would never push my bangs to the side. Gross.

No. 163296

File: 1439929780032.jpg (144.62 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Is there a place where I can dump some photos/ss without Keeks getting her grubby hands on them and filing Copyright Infringement? Pic related

No. 163303


that chin

No. 163327

Baidu or Sina Weibo

No. 163446

Those fingers… How can she bend the tips of her fingers backwards like that…wow

No. 163453

On the tragic auto-spinning pole video kaka's flat ass was practically dragging around the floor… I like how high up on the pole she can suddenly get for a carefully posed photo lol. We can't see half of her outstretched leg because she's definitely propping herself up on furniture.

No. 163469

File: 1439943432309.png (184.02 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-08-19-02-10-45…)

No. 163470


Funny how she never mentions pole fitness any more.
Guess she gave up on that little gimmick, just like she does with every venture.

No. 163532

Pic related: how normal people react when Kiraten mention haters

Yes she likely only practiced during those two video footages and gave up. Let's leave her to it because I know there'd be a "pole dancing for bae in Tokyo" video and "pole dancing in the subway LOL" tweets if she still did it

No. 163533

File: 1439949082421.jpg (81.26 KB, 640x634, image.jpg)

Oops. Forgot shot

No. 163541

this tweet kind of reminds me of something chris-chan would say on his facebook

No. 163542

Oh.. Okay.

That's absolutely priceless. Like this girl was just asking half serious to be funny and crazy Kaka gave her a typical psycho response.

No. 163543

That quote was supposed to be geentext

No. 163553


lol she wants followers and efame and shit but she's too paranoid and psychotic to want to post anything anymore

No. 163556

She can't post anything specific with Taku because she's probably not with him anymore. I don't doubt she's staying in Tokyo with some guy, but it's probably a new guy. Her excuse of "stalkers" is just that, an excuse- so she doesn't have to post anything that would make it obvious that she's trading pussy for lodging/food while she's in Japan. She literally does nothing, the only time se mentions doing anything that isn't sleeping or internet related is when we call her out for being a lazy shut in with no life.

No. 163558


i agree except i still think she isn't in japan at all

No. 163569


True the theres no proof of her being in Japan again, except maybe the pic of her Line chat screenshot where you can see SoftBank as her carrier (rental SIM) but of course, it could be from months ago.

For someone with money to burn to go to Tokyo whenever she wants to do fuck all, she sure doesn't do anything. You can tell se doesn't give a single fuck about being there except that some weeks on the Internet who follow Dakota wish they could go. She's such a loser.

No. 163571



No. 163576

i still think she's recycling photos. just cause she's barely posting any. it's like she's rationing them.
soon it'll be winter and snowing in japan so she can't pass off those summer photos all year around.

No. 163607

Come to think of it, Dakota said in her blog post that Kiki was going back to Florida at the end of March, right? So she was there for the ass end of December, January and February. None of her pics had her in even a coat, she wore that awful black mesh getup in all her pics.

No. 163638

Actually she had her neon pink "piss cab" coat

No. 163677

she met taku in spring or? i can't remember. but it wasn't snowing or anything in the videos she posted with him. she saw the cherry blossoms.
i do remember her posting a photo on instagram of snow in japan claiming she was there but someone reverse image searched and it was just a photo found somewhere else and heavily filtered.

No. 163685

Where do you guys see her in ten years? 20? I used to love watching keeks make a fool of herself but I feel like it's gotten to the point where it's downright sad. She has no job prospects or education, she's delusional and paranoid… I just can't see this ending well for her. This bitch needs some professional help

No. 163694

Best case scenario? Married to Taco and living off his parents' money, and his if he gets a job. Maybe with a kid
Worst case scenario? Still living with Cathy and Scott and continuing to do the same shit she's always done

No. 163702

come to think of it, she's never mentioned the name "Taku" since her last meltdown after we decide he was an ugo. Just "My boyfriend, bebe" and "Techan".
It's not like you can't say his name, Kiki. We already know it.

No. 163703

I definitely see it being the worst case scenario. There's no chance at all whatsoever for the best case scenario, even if he actually does want to marry her. It would never last since they don't know each other at all whatsoever and they don't speak the same language.

No. 163729

I see her ending up like a less weeby version of PT - depressed and chagrined that her shot at fame never really took her anywhere, and alternating between "fuck it I give up" and trying to relive her glory days.

No. 163735

File: 1439959120258.jpg (134.73 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)

Seriously what fucking retard believes sending a company a petition with signatures that they will give up their bread and butter product.

No. 163781

File: 1439960807642.png (633.85 KB, 605x784, Capture.PNG)

No. 163784


>Implying she actually read manga as a kid

No. 163798

I wonder if being a fake anime hoe will become a thing.

No. 163801

Is this the weeb equivalent of being a "GAMUR GRRRL"?

No. 163804

>passion for justice

No. 163808

She says she was obsessed with it, but this is the very first time I've ever heard her talk about TMM. Idk, maybe it's just me, but when I'm obsessed with something, I have to talk about it all the time. The only thing Kaka seems to actually be obsessed with is haters/hate sites.

No. 163834

No, that's true.
She's always fervently trying to track down the 'haters' and 'Jane Doe', consumed by paranoia and constantly collecting screenshots for what she calls 'evidence', trying to get in contact with the FBI because she's convinced people are out to straight up murder her. Claiming copyright on anything relative to her posted by anyone else.
That's her form of seeking justice.

No. 163846

wonder if she expects people to believe she bought those mangos in japan.

No. 163849

Also yes, before anyone is a smart ass and says it, I know you probably find English manga somewhere in Japan. Just seems like since she's fluent and all..

No. 163860

Incredibly rare, so far the only manga I've seen in English is doreamon. You can't even walk in a random bookstore and seriously find an English comic. Anyway, that photo is just a photo of a photo. She's trying real hard to appeal to he "weeb scene" But its so obvious she isn't even interested. She never talks about that scene. She's probably trying since Berry is getting load of attention off her Japanaphile obsession.

No. 163874

It's not too hard to find English manga in Tokyo tbh. Kinokiniya in Shinjuku and Mandarake has tons of them.

But those aren't even her photos, so I don't understand why you guys are discussing whether she's reading these in Japanese or not.

She didn't even mention that the photos were hers, or that "I am reading this now". She just said she likes them

First hits on Google:
"Tokyo mew mew manga covers"
"Sailor moon manga page"

No. 163897


This is a good point. It's not uncommon for weebs to own Japanese versions of mangas in their collections even if they don't know the language to read it. Wouldn't someone who does speak it and is passionate about a title buy the Japanese books?

No. 163908

Tyson CEO: "ah, these will do nicely as tinder for the fireplace"

No. 164011

Watching the PowerPuff Girls and Super Pig as a kid totally fueled my Sense for Justice since I was a child:3 totally nothing to do with them just being directed for children my age when they came around!

No. 164014


I thought kaka didn't like SM as much as Kota did? I bet Kaka hasn't even read a copy of Mew Mew until now either.

Even kota isn't much of a fan. She only ever liked fruits basket, sailor moon and cardcaptor sakura. I remember her getting that etsy phone case with Madoka on it and someone from Japan was like "Ahhh you like this manga too?!" and kota was like "Idk where is it from?"

No. 164020


>says the one who was asking about Ranma's name then claimed it was her fav anime ^o^/ !!!

zapping through cartoon channels =/= hardcore anime fan

No. 164029

> tokyo mew mew
> justice
pick one -_-

No. 164031

this brings up a good question - where will all of these cows end up in 10-20 years? this damn millennial age of kids is so fucked up. will they grow up and get over their me-me-me phase of posting selfies and dramu or will the world be forever doomed???

No. 164035

Forever doomed. Yup. Jus look at Kiki, she's been riding the me-me-me horse since MySpace and hasnt got off it yet

No. 164042

After all this Japan shit inevitably fails and Taco dumps her ass (if he hasn't already), on which trend will Kaka hop to next?

No. 164048

Kpop? Or probably she'll go back to naming every country her ancestors came from again, and become an Anglophile.

No. 164052

I was thinking Korea too. Kiki making a video where she screams OPPA with overly cutesy voice and doing a Gangnam Style dance video

No. 164054

According to wiki, Tokyo Mew Mew manga wasn't available in English until 2004, and the English dub of the series didn't premiere until 2005. If this information is correct, is she seriously expecting people to believe she could magically understand Japanese in 2002 and was so obsessed with it enough for it to be her aol sn? Otherwise, how can she claim to for it to be her "bible" in 2002, if it wasn't even in fucking English for her to understand? #kikilogic

No. 164058

>I bet Kaka hasn't even read a copy of Mew Mew until now either.
I feel like it was probably something Kota read a long time ago that she just remembered.
I think just about every "geeky" interest she's faking right now is stuff that Kota likes/liked. Kota's always shown interest in these things way before Kaka has. Like FF for example, I remember Kota saying she was going to play FF again on tumblr, then Kaka randomly starts going on and on about how much she loves it, even though Kota's the only one who actually plays it. Also, for someone who's so "obsessed" with these things since they were a kid, you'd think there'd at least be some indication of that in the scene days, but there is none.

I don't think she'll hop onto any trend next. Unless Kota moves onto something else, she's just going to keep trying to go for Japan even though it's obvious that she isn't wanted there.

No. 164071

I really wish we had an inside source close to Kota so we can find out what she really thinks of her sister following her to Japan.
Like of all the places in the world.. Kaka ends up where her sister found 'fame'
I remember when she used to claim to be a beautiful Russian princess, now she's trying to be totes kawaii. It's embarrassing.
Identity crisis or attention whore?

No. 164079

So do her Twitter stats coincide with the appropriate time zone for Japan?

No. 164081

Has anyone started screaming "BPD!!!!!!!!!!!"in this thread Like they do in all the other threads?

No. 164101

She just pisses me off now.

No. 164111

I can't even imagine how absolutely unbearable she must be in person.

No. 164155


none of her "interests" are ever just FOR HER. they're always only for bragging on twitter about and trying to gain followers for it.
who ever does this with things they ACTUALLY like? everything she claims she likes is fake.
like btw did you guys know i like this?~ ;) just a reminder! and just so everyone knows!! and just so people know i'm not faking it was my aol sn specifically in 2002!!!

even though >>164054 this anon pointed out it wasn't even available in english back then lol

No. 164175

She posted an animal abuse retweet at 2:30 in the morning (Japan time)

I'd like to say no. Unless she never sleeps

No. 164181

Yeah, that would have been 1:30pm in Florida.

No. 164182

I agree. I feel like if the average person randomly remembered a thing they liked as a kid, they'd share some memories, opinions, or something. Kaka has never done that since she barely knows anything about the things she claims to have always been obsessed with. This is why Kota's a lot more likable than she is, Kota doesn't try to make a huge deal about being interested in these things or exaggerate how much she likes something like Kaka does.

She seems to usually go to sleep at a normal time when she's at home. Like a while ago her fb was discussed on here at night time, but wasn't taken down until the morning.

No. 164187

She posted this pointless video at 2am on Insta of her standing in front of a mirror while Taku (?) was cleaning/putting stuff i