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File: 1411437740689.gif (836.65 KB, 400x200, tumblr_static_0000000.gif)

No. 14341

Surprised there isn't a thread on this loon yet.

No. 14342

Dirt on this girl?

No. 14343

All I know is that she's considered to be cam girl royalty and OrangeCitrus was trying to ride her coattails to popularity and money.

So, what's the dirt on this woman?

No. 14345


Basically she's a domme sex worker, primarily focusing on phone sex/domination.

She used to have a shit tonne of girls looking up to her as a role model for female human empowerment, until recently she dropped a whole load of shit racist bullshit about how all whites are trash and white girls that draw their lips bigger using makeup are doing it to emulate black people, that black/hispanic girls do it better, all white people are totally jealous of black/hispanic looks and culture because we have no culture of our own. She lost a shit load of followers because of it and now a considerable amount of people despise her.

She actually considers herself a strong, black, female role model when she Hispanic and a fucking light skinned one at that, not to mention she draws her own lips like 2 inches beyond her natural lip line but it's okay because she's "black" and we are all just jelly of her beautiful, "full" totes-not-lipliner-and-lipstick-lips.

Posts for reference:









No. 14346

File: 1411442400276.jpeg (24.29 KB, 400x400, 8lWvXONb.jpeg)


For reference, here totally natural full lips that we should all be jealous of as pitiful white girls.

No. 14347

why does she think we want to look up her nostrils all the time?

No. 14348

She has a massive superiority complex and is very narcisstic (she even admits it herself). I feel like it has something to do with her "looking down" on everyone or something.

No. 14350

File: 1411442724948.jpg (341.38 KB, 900x596, tumblr_mh232h9qOz1s1vtiao3_128…)

Yes. So full.

No. 14351

egh, she's not even hot. and honestly despite the superiority complex she seems really, really insecure. she constantly has to remind people how totally-not-bothered she is by criticism and people disagreeing with her. she wastes so much time writing out responses to "haters" too. if she's so confident she's right, why doesn't she just ignore them?

No. 14352

she would be such a cute boy

No. 14353

Damn, she's a fucking asshole.

No. 14354

This is the girl OC is currently trying to emulate.

Fullten was plugging for OC on her Tumblr a while back too, and she did it not too long after going on a rant about the evils of child sexualizaion.

This woman is a serious fucking dunce.

No. 14356

File: 1411443836205.jpg (70.39 KB, 500x667, image.jpg)

Most people with a superiority complex are actually insecure.

Also, I love when these lolcows play up the most oppressed part of their race for attention. At least she acknowledges she is part white because it's hella obvious.


No. 14358

i love how she draws herself as black when she's mostly white.

that being said she is a decent artist at least. she should commit to art and stop trying to be this whole "bad bitch" persona that she's not. nobody falls for it, and the people who play along are just trying to get their rocks off.

No. 14359

File: 1411444768275.jpg (10.97 KB, 320x240, shanaynay.jpg)

Her most recent post is about Shane Dawson with a particular focus on Shanaynay being offensive to black people.

I'd be more concerned about his plagiarism.

No. 14364

um…..she looks white though. not black at all. and not only black and Hispanic people have full lips. people of all races have those type of lips……:/

No. 14365

Why is her nose so..pinched? it looks sort of creepy can she even breathe right?

No. 14366

wow i wouldn't even think that was her

No. 14371

File: 1411446182026.jpg (75.16 KB, 500x667, image.jpg)

Yeah she really wishes she were black, and you can really tell in the way she presents herself in her art.

…not to mention how she fills in her lips and is aggressively anti-white of course.

No. 14376

This strongly looks like she's trying to make a reversed version of those posters telling black slaves that work is freedom.

No. 14378

Most likely.

No. 14381

You mean the sign above auschwitz? Im not aware of any posters

No. 14425

I like how her lips can magically change sizes. Girl, you drew that shit on.
Lmao, is that what she looks like without Photoshop/camera filters? Wow. I'm white and my lips are thicker. She really does sound insecure. I'm guessing she's insecure about her lips and what she looks like compared to white girls. You really don't hear white girls trying to put down black/hispanic girls for their looks. It's not something we're insecure about, so we don't feel the need to validate ourselves like ten does.

No. 14438

Ten used to be funny/cool and her art was pretty nice too. and then she just went on this huge rant about race and my dash got filled with arguments from her and I just couldn't take it and had to unfollow. Shame she went off the deep end, she seemed interesting.

No. 14484

for someone who thinks so highly of herself she sure drew herself really ugly.

No. 14496

Her and the whole circle of "tumblr famous" cam/phone sex girls are crazy as hell.

No. 14497

you just put her down for how she looks/the size of her lips sooooo by your logic maybe you're not as secure as you think

No. 14535

File: 1411558481141.png (1.06 MB, 573x897, beach.png)

Hispanic and Black girl are also known for being curvy and having more body fat than white women. She is mimicking the white trend by being skinny like that…I guess she must have white girl envy then ? according to her logic

No. 14540

She looks white to me. If I saw her on the street I might think she's italian or romanian at best.

No. 14542

Before some autistic with poor reading comprehension jumps on me, I mean fullten, not rhianna obviously.

No. 14552

I chuckled a little.

No, IIRC a lot of slave owners put up posters to encourage their slaves to work harder, and that work is freedom etc. I could be wrong though.

lol @ her trying to sell herself as this POC badass when she's so white passing.

No. 14554

Hhnnnnnnngh I would give anything to have Rihanna's body.

No. 14606

She looks hispanic to me. I've seen so many hispanic girls who look like her.

No. 14608

An extremely white passing hispanic maybe.

No. 14659

lol there are white people who have full lips too, what will she say to them

No. 14679

"probably got injections cuz they jelly!!!11"

No. 14681

Here's something funny.
I sent her an ask saying "tell me your personal experiences with racism"
sent this two days ago.
No reply.
bitch is white passing.

No. 14713

Just seems like she's trying desperately to be white and is getting jealous so she's claiming white people want to look like her.

No. 14731

If she was "trying desperately to be white" why would she be telling everyone she is black a d drawing herself more black looking? She looks white anyway all shed have to do is not say shit about it

No. 14732

Wow compared to rihanna last three girls look like rectangles. Could have picked some better ones wth

No. 14775

Nah, she definitely is ashamed of her white heritage in this world where it is hip and cool to be a POC. She desperately wishes she looked more black, but overcompenates with verbal abuse and hate toward white people since she can't do much else to prove how black she is.

No. 14806

Why does she try to fade/lighten the fuck out of her pictures then? (Yet she draws herself black, I don't understand this bitch.)

No. 14813

honestly it seems to me like she wants the social benefits of being light-skinned/white passing, while still being able to cling to the oppression/persecution card when needed on the internet.

No. 14823

Probably this. Unfortunately, girl doesn't understand that you can't have both. You're either oppressed or you're not.

Though, in fairness, the things she calls "oppression" are usually old-school bullshit that rarely happens anymore or just doesn't happen to her in general. She looks and acts white as shit. She could maybe pass off as Hispanic.

How much of her is black anyways?

No. 14824

>I’m half black, and half white/hispanic, you’re just upset that black people do all skin colors better than you do ~

Da fuq is this girl on about? I don't even know which part of this sentence is worse…

No. 14828

Wtf is acting white?

No. 14831

Not acting like a qhetto ratchet slut. (I don't think this person knows how white people act)

No. 14847

File: 1411689572449.png (283.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2014-09-25-16-56-11…)

Lol she's lying so she doesn't have to answer people calling her out.

Also, I feel like this girls thread is gonna cause a lot of awkward arguments on racism and appropriation. I hate tumblr…

No. 14860

um there are actual ghetto ratchet white people and other races. it has to do with how you're raised and how the people around you act. it has nothing to do with race.

No. 14864

It's funny cause pretty much everything anyone said here has fair points and isn't just baseless racism like she's trying to claim it is.

No. 14871

Where the fuck are you guys from where >>14350 could pass as white? I understand if you're going off pictures like >>14346, but she's obviously shooped herself white in that one.
Anyhow, by the way she describes herself, she sounds like she's Mestizo or some other kind of South American hybrid. I don't understand why she doesn't just call herself that. Having some black mixed in is actually pretty typical down there, it's weird how this hoe is acting like it forms her identity somehow when she probably has no real connections to it at all.

No. 14872


I dare any white bitch to jump in the middle of this shit and start shaking.

No. 14885

She doesn't shop herself wtf are you talking about. White people look all kinds of different ways. I'm that first picture she just drew her lips bigger and obviously if she wanted to shop herself paler she would have gotten her neck and shoulders too and not used a high saturation filter.

No. 14886

What does that have to do with anyrhing.

No. 14901

File: 1411732203017.png (16.84 KB, 498x320, 1406516223481.png)

I'm so confused right now. What?

No. 14908

Anyone know her real name?

No. 14912

She claims her real name is unique and has ~one of a kind~ spelling and people call her Ten as a nickname/shortening.

No. 14925


inb4 Constence or Tenya.

No. 14971

File: 1411769400189.png (16.47 KB, 536x194, tenemma.png)

Did she miss the memo or ignore it?

No. 14977

That just means it's misspelled. So many parents don't understand that your name does NOT make you unique and it's more beneficial in the long run to not have a "unique" name.

No. 14991

I just want to look her up by her real name to see if we can find more about her. I seriously want to see her parents too

No. 14994

Ratchet and ghetto are black people things. A white person would not blend in at that party. Low class whites a bretty different from low class blacks.

No. 14995


Reverse image search a few of her more normal, casual pictures and a profile or twos bound to show up with her using said images as her profile pictures.

This is something cam models and sex workers never think to protect.

No. 15095

Anyone can be ratchet or ghetto. Don't start this stupid shit.

No. 15097

Also confused

No. 15680

>>A white person would not blend in at that party


No. 17495

LMFAO i love that guy. there's another video of him somewhere too.

No. 70604

No. 70607

Shut the fuck up, hoglee.

No. 70608

rofl!! That guy is kind of adorable. he's having a blast.

No. 70611

The fact that she honestly thinks she's black or could ever be a role model for black girls is fucking me up.

No. 70612

No. 70632

She recently got a blonde wig and ranted about how people think she is white.

No. 70650

It's so annoying when she reblogs fandom stuff but I can't put my finger on why..

No. 70651

File: 1427593328199.jpg (94.91 KB, 720x480, tumblr_nkky5ryCTO1s1vtiao1_128…)

Does she have a lazy eye?

No. 70655

File: 1427593745431.jpg (9.2 KB, 592x164, Untitled.jpg)

She has a pimp. I wonder if he ever beats her?

No. 70659

whoops I guess not

No. 70731

She looks like absolute trash, reallly unattractive,

No. 70734

…..so this is a tranny, right?

No. 70736

So you bumped an old as balls thread for this juicy information?

No. 70748

File: 1427602693256.jpg (49.25 KB, 534x873, Untitled.jpg)

No. 70750

File: 1427602743184.png (423.32 KB, 720x480, Untitled-1.png)

No. 70755

idk why I'm laughing so hard at this.

No. 70767

I think she's talking about a Netflix documentary. Tricked is the name of it. One of the pimps in it carries all his "bling" in a Ziploc.

No. 70779

Yeah it took me like 10 minutes to realize and I feel like a dumbass now lol

No. 70780

File: 1427606347157.png (399.4 KB, 961x959, Untitled.png)

Why are her followers so defensive?

No. 70843

oh my god

if it wasn't for the chest i would be 200% positive this was a man

her face is way too long for long hair, it just gives her hilariously massive horseface. she needs to stick to chin-length hair like in OP's pic imo.

No. 70856

Damn she looks like a tranny.
I thought she was prettier (judging by the pic OP posted)

No. 70866

Ewww.. I'm pretty sure i once happened to see a disgusting amateur porn video of this girl in that ugly blue wig in her room with some guy with an ugly long and thin dick. The way this bitch acted really mae me wanna slap her. HARD!

No. 71080

No. 71380

File: 1427699822944.png (9.28 KB, 531x262, 22.png)

> Collage of my lips
> Stalker pics

So pointing out her shitty makeup and shooping is stalking, eh Ten?

She has horseface to the extreme. Long face, tiny pinched nose, gummy smile that would put Traci to shame.

If you can find it, share pls. Also I'm surprised no one's recorded their sessions with her (that I could find) like what happens with most camgirls.

No. 71387

Why the cock would any one of her fags record a session with her
Like you realize what she does right….
She probably sits there, painting her nails and watches while the guy licks a toilet.

Anyway I don't give a fuck (maybe I do a little, or I wouldn't be writing about it amirite) about the white girl black girl lips shit and her weird pseudo racism sjw crap

No. 71389

File: 1427700968200.jpg (6.08 KB, 225x224, images (10).jpg)

all im seeing when i look at this ridiculous bitch

No. 71484

hoooooly shit anon i thought of alaska immediately but was too lazy to comment on this earlier

thank u b

No. 71890

I was the person who sent her it…

No. 71892

File: 1427746371397.png (53.59 KB, 974x697, 1427668513501.png)

No. 73692

>writing a book
>protagonists name is Tenn

Eurgh, I would change it but I've already invested too much emotional development into her fuck.

No. 73710

lol she kind of looks like those real dolls with the unattractive derpy plastic faces. her skin looks greasy too. someone tell her to wash herself

No. 73743

kek what a fucking trash

No. 75563

File: 1428184031751.jpg (38.43 KB, 499x441, 1428019930381-0.jpg)

Okay, so here's what I have of her so far:

Name: possibly Umber Alde, not sure
Roommates name: David W. Meadows
They live somewhere around/in Binghamton(?), New York. Her roommate was in Oakland, California a while ago though.

She has 2 Facebook accounts but they look dead:

But her roommates FB is active:

Her e-mail address is fullten.10@gmail.com. She has Skype according to her Niteflirt but you have to buy it from her and earn her trust or something.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TENDESTROYSMEN
Niteflirt: https://www.niteflirt.com/listings/show/9899033-Sadistic-Life-style-domme-Experience-True-Pain
Camwhore Tumblr: https://serve-perfect-ten.tumblr.com/
Personal Tumblr: https://fullten.tumblr.com/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/ultraten
Amazon wishlist: http://amzn.com/w/2GW573LWSODQG

I'm stuck right now on this - her roommate put up a Craigslist ad some time ago and there are full archive sites for CG but they're restricted to law enforcement/the IRS/private investigators and you must enter a badge number and sign up for an account to see the archive, so if anyone can help me out that'd be great.

No. 75564

Did you check his friends list for girls that look like her under diff name?

No. 75570

File: 1428184514913.png (783.55 KB, 499x750, tumblr_n95it7J5Is1tedd5qo1_500…)

Reverse image searching that old profile picture of her from her abandoned FB threw up an old personal Tumblr of hers.


The key to cracking this cunt is reverse image searching older pictures of her, pictures of her before she began the whole Fullten persona as she'll have undoubtedly left a trail.

No. 75571

she looks like Ugly Betty.

No. 75575


She's operating under the name Tyra White Meadows on some website. Unsure if this is a full first name but it may well be.

Old email:






No. 75580


Oh by… searching for the name "tyrawm" and "wm.tyra@gmail.com" is throwing up so many results there is undoubtedly going to be something thrown up.

We've got her.

No. 75582




>Ichigo-Sin Feb 17, 2010

>I'm moving to another name, ichigo-sin is just such a silly name to have when your 23 and I want to have 10-20 new pictures to post on the account first :)

>written 2010

Confirmed she's 28 years old.

No. 75583

File: 1428185283498.jpg (24.04 KB, 500x667, 2afhavr.jpg)


Full name: Tyra White Meadows

Age: 28

Husband: David Meadows

No. 75585



No. 75586

is he important or famous or something?

No. 75587


No but for months we thought the guy was her fucking roommate or something.

Turns out they're fucking married hory shiet.

No. 75588

how fucking broken do you have to be to marry a whore… let alone a nigwhore that talks about crushing balls lol

No. 75589

dont know shit about this girl but is fullten supposed to mean that she's a full 10/10?

No. 75590


On her Tyrawm account, she posts a picture of her "husband". Was she remarried?


No. 75591


Ten was an old slaves's name. They were very together, maybe dating. She took his name when they broke up.

No. 75594

File: 1428185928678.png (562.63 KB, 755x500, shiny_by_tyra_wm-d4dh98q.png)

God damn it's all tumbling out now.

I've just found an interview she gave from 2013, about her art (which with full respect is rather good).

Shame she's such a nasty person, this is sure to deflate her.



>They were very together, maybe dating

No, they are/were married. She explicitly states it on a shit load of her DA submissions i.e. "my beautiful husband David", "another of my spouse David :)".

No. 75596

Not her husband, her old slave named Ten. She briefly talked about him on her blog months ago. People asked her about her username and she explained it. I don't think David was her slave.

No. 75597

its the same guy im pretty sure

No. 75600

File: 1428186271190.png (1.27 MB, 1374x1212, shiny_by_tyra_wm-d4dh98q.png)


Jesus christ shut the fuck up and check the links I have provided.

She has states multiple times that David is her husband.

No. 75601

Talking about TEN, the origin of her name, not David.

No. 75605

File: 1428186730801.png (684.9 KB, 500x750, tumblr_n942cgqsky1tedd5qo1_500…)

>Photos of my husband and I, he just shaved his head and he has a wittle hello kitty bandaid on his head ~ sorry for the corny photos on your dash but look at himmmmmm <33333333333333

No. 75608

I fucking dare somebody to go post her doxx under her tags on Tumblr.

The ensuing shitstorm is going to be FUCKING. ENORMOUS.

No. 75614

please someone do it

also lolworthy tags: "sex work" "sex worker(s)"

No. 75616

File: 1428187570258.png (463.98 KB, 500x331, tumblr_n942fi50jJ1tedd5qo1_500…)

Another interview.

Confirmed location is San Franciso, also attended the Academy of Art University in San Fran.


No. 75617

File: 1428187685818.png (33.14 KB, 597x293, sadad.png)

No. 75618

casually forgets to state she is married

No. 75621

Found her husbands Tumblr.


No. 75622

It's just hilarious, for someone who constantly states that she is in control of her sexuality and sexwork is ~empowering~ and ~liberating~ and ~insert buzzword here~ it sure is funny how she tries very, very hard to craft a sexually available persona that appeals to men (who are supposed to be "submissive" lololol)

It's almost like all forms of sex work are dehumanizing and objectifying to a degree, Tyra :)

No. 75623

Then her strong independent black woman image would crumble.

No. 75624

File: 1428188161805.png (1.77 MB, 640x1440, tumblr_m9juk624wG1qeohtuo1_128…)

No. 75625

File: 1428188197329.jpg (48.53 KB, 604x404, tumblr_m8vwnbzMUs1qeohtuo1_128…)

Lil' Tanya.

No. 75640

wait so this strong independent black womyn who dont need no man is married a white cisshet?

-10000000 tumblr points.

No. 75657

I wouldn't consider it a "broken" thing
its more of a "everyone wants to fuck my girlfriend and I'm the only one that can" so from that it makes sense.

No. 75661


lol nobody wants to fuck Tanya.

For weeks I thought she was legitimately a man in disguise.

No. 75669

I knew it!! I had followed her as an artist years ago, and I wrecked my brain trying to remmeber her name and stuff. This is awesome haha you guys found it because every time I saw her on my dash it irked me;(

No. 75673

submissive men don't wanna fuck anything though… they want their balls stomped on.

No. 75676

/pol/ pls go

No. 75679

Wow. If she still looked like this, she could actually be considered black.

No. 75687

LMFAOOOOOOO well whatever before this thread still never knew david meadows was her fucking husband lmao
for all this talk about white man evil!!!!bad!!! :'( she sure as heck married one huh?
Any ounce of respect I had for her is lost.
How much impact on her sex work business do you think this is gonna have on her?

No. 75701


It begins…

No. 75704


Obviously she does or she wouldn't have freaked out and doxxed herself in a panic before we got there first kekekek

Also conveniently forgot to mention that she's married to a white cisscum het guy didn't she? So much for "all white males are scum". Guess it's different when you've got a white cock jammed down your throat and your gulping down that salty, creamy privilege huh?

No. 75705


>she put in hey email


No. 75706


alexisdhartley@yahoo.com tried to post here, entering her email like a dumbass not realising it would be publicly posted and then deleted her post.

Good thing I caught it ey' Alexis? :^)

No. 75713

I don't think they're in SF. Her husband/roommate/bitch looks to be in New York and they live together, so I guess she moved or something.

No. 75715

It's really sad how you all are so insecure, jealous, and pathetic that you have to continually stalk and harass someone online. Wow. Your mothers must be so proud. Go get a life, seriously.

No. 75722

lol whatever you say secretzen95@yahoo.com

No. 75724

>these retards actually putting in their names and emails

No. 75725

Kek she thinks we're laughing at her marriage because it's interracial and not because she's spent the better part of 2 full years deriding all straight, white males only for it to be discovered she's fucking married to one kek

No. 75726

I don't think they're in SF. Her husband/roommate/bitch looks to be in New York and they live together, so I guess she moved or something.


>Oh david and I looked at that thread of course, I reading haters is fun, but that literally means nothing, what I don’t get is why you need me to care so much? Like none of this actually does anything, if anything I got reunited with a lot of my old fans and people who liked my old artwork. All these messages and comments are really sweet.

>Like none of this actually does anything
>none of this actually does anything


No. 75735

>So my stalkers have found my real name, it’s not that big of a deal, like I said a hundred times before I knew it would happen eventually since I have such a huge art fan base and even a lot of my followers knew my real name for YEARS. I’m Tyra WM, my artwork has been published on comic covers, been on tv, featured on buzzfeed and is pretty much all over the net. I don’t really care about this tbh? I mean all seriousness, enjoy going through all those fan sites and people talking about how talented I am :)

It'd be pretty funny if people she's worked for found out about her "side job".

No. 75737

lmao i know this is irrelevant but alaska is my cousin and i believe alaska is 10x better looking

No. 75738

File: 1428204220870.png (484.3 KB, 540x304, tumblr_njz2m1e7w11s1vtiao1_540…)

>I've just found an interview she gave from 2013, about her art (which with full respect is rather good).
It's pretty bad. She can kind of cover it up by doing that fake painting thing but it's sort of… meh.

No. 75749

I don't believe her for a minute about how she thinks finding her dox "isn't a big deal". She's a sex worker, she knows the risk of having this shit out there.

No. 75752


Not only that but she's been fool enough to leave details of her little sisters identity out in the open.

I'm probably the only one that knows and so I won't say anything because her sister has nothing to do with this, but I won't reveal where I found this information either. It's nice to watch her squirm. It's upto her to find and erase it.

No. 75753

Nigger nigger nigger
nigger nigger

No. 75757


Looks so much like she had a bad nose job.

White husband, new nose, blond wigs and yet she is all hate whitey and shit.


No. 75770

File: 1428209704693.png (26.86 KB, 585x717, Untitled.png)

No. 75775

Why did you tell them?

No. 75778

Brace yourselves, whiteknighting shitstorm incoming.

>nonstop for 6 months

>doesn't see that >>70604 necro'd this thread from that long ago

No. 75780


this bitch actually thinks she's important enough, as if the bulk of this bbs is for her trannyass

No. 75794

File: 1428212038432.png (14.25 KB, 588x293, Untitled.png)

It's like she knows that her followers are fucking stupid and will just embarrass themselves.

No. 75797

what a lying piece of shit

No. 75803

Kek, nobody was even talking about her anymore, way to bring it back to the spotlight.

No. 75805

'I reblogged it just to reblog it' then why did you remove the URL from the original post?

Also, her two DA's have just been purged of all their content. Strange for someone who said that didn't bother her at all.

No. 76182

File: 1428266200542.jpg (96.86 KB, 464x720, 211667_20100923132634_large.jp…)

She's done covers for comics like she said, except she's only on about 3 or 4 and it's Archie's pal Jughead so it doesn't really count. http://www.comicbookdb.com/creator.php?ID=29166

No. 76183

File: 1428266293277.jpg (106.87 KB, 400x619, 218207_20111213080541_large.jp…)

And she's only the colorist so she didn't even draw them, and the colors suck anyway. Because of this she thinks she has the right to complain about women being sexualized in comics.

No. 76746

File: 1428369000599.jpg (40.1 KB, 298x292, tumblr_inline_mqmptj4ZzD1qhafj…)

The coloring reminds me of early comics from the 2000s. Not that good and not that great.

No. 76813

>>76183 thinks she has the right to complain about women being sexualized in comics.

and then draws this


that complaint is stupid anyway. young women look like women, so what, that's reality. Does she want them drawn as stick figures?

No. 77978

You asswipes have nothing better to do, do you?

No. 78182

File: 1428539654367.png (105.85 KB, 370x305, tumblr_mbsy6ronDc1ryn1t0.png)

I could say the same about you.

No. 78211

Fuck. I recognised her art, that fucking serial box comic thing she did got a daily deviation a few years back. Should have said something.

No. 78249

You just bumped her thread. It was on the third page and was dormant for two days and you guys brought it back up to the front page again just to say "LEAVE TEN ALONE". Good job.

No. 78264

File: 1428547674815.jpg (21.32 KB, 418x323, attention_whore2.jpg)

Someone haz a sad cuz no one was paying attention for the past 2 days.

No. 78265

Ya gorl, I totally want a fat old married man oogling at my feet through a cam. Lets be real here, ten acts like a slut and sexualizes herself so she can appeal to her legions of horny male fans and fufil their fap fantasy. They don't really give a shit about her and she doesnt give a shit about them.
Also, the posters here for the most part, outside of the net, are pretty much regular people, your neighbour, good friend etc. Some of us are professionals and what not. Welcome to the dark side of the human psyche.

No. 78289

lmao basically. why the fuck is this random anonbitch telling me i need to worship some cunt because she makes money??? she makes money off of her rapidly aging body. literally no one on the planet other than 15 year old dumbcunts and crusty men respect her. regular people think she is a dumb whore with no work ethic.

sorry, it just makes me really annoying when people say stuff like "well she's making more money than you'll ever be!" "you're wasting your life and not doing anything special!"

nah bitch, i'm not the one wasting my life. in 5 years when her pussy has gone all wrinkly she's gonna be on foodstamps because SHE wasted HER life trying to appeal to old geezers on the internet. grow the fuck up.

No. 78362

File: 1428561798539.png (33.72 KB, 616x688, even her fans know shes white.…)

shut up tyra

No. 78385

I love how every time someone gets a thread made about them on here they're like
>Someone made an entire forum about me! Someone made a website to harass me!

No, bitch. You have a thread. One relatively inactive thread.

In this instance the fact we're called /pt/ probably isn't helping though.

No. 78599

haha yah totally jelly of her moneeez

Her man drives (drove) a Chevy cobalt and they live in a shit part of Queens.

So jelly

No. 79027

File: 1428640822096.jpg (9.85 KB, 255x200, tumblr_inline_mvoe6aA2Wc1ru0rw…)

I followed Tyra because of her artwork before realizing she was a sex worker. I got this weird feeling from her thinking she was a straight up man-hater like 90% of females on tumblr who bitch about men, yet want a dick to suck or up their pussy. She always say she loves watching them suffer and it confused me how she bashes them but will like male celebrities or singers.

I asked Tyra if she hated all men, including children who are boys. She responded to me saying no and she'd never hate them iirc. But it's still strange how she always talks about how she wants them to bow down to her feet, yet she was with one before she was a sex worker.

It's just…. strange.

No. 81743

I've always read it as part of her personality she plays up for malesubs. It's hard to tell at times and the white hate seems like it's for real, but I don't think she hates all men/males.

No. 81747


Tyra is a royal cunt with a very large stick up her ass but I can slightly see where she's coming from with that angle.

I really don't like men in general. It's probably because I've been surrounded by highly abusive male figures throughout my lifetime but also the interactions I've experienced with them overall, especially online.

Men in general, and not just white ones, really can be some of the most arrogant, hypocritical, over privileged, cruel, ignorant, nasty, indulgent, entitled little fucks.
Like really, it seems like the average male really is fucking trash and I'd stretch to say that because of this that I despise most men and I spend most of my days with my eyes rolled back in my head because of the way they ogle me when I'm simply walking around the city trying to get my shit done.

They gross. Men are gross. They're vile. It seems like the average male truly believes in his heart of hearts that he has dominance over women and deserve them in their entirety on merit of him simply being a male.


I've been with one for the last 9 years who's a total sweetheart and a real exception to this rule.
But in general yeah guys are fucking disgusting.

No. 81766

File: 1429035523067.jpg (13.85 KB, 500x379, 11043260_779513985458118_74878…)

no offense but it sounds like you have some pretty serious issues that you should talk to a professional about. i mean men ogle me too but my reaction is usually just "lel u wish" and then i go about my business.

imo most men aren't really assholes because they believe they have dominance over women, they're just dumb and want to fuck things a lot.

No. 81773

agreed 100%

No. 81814

maybe you should talk to a normal person?

If you approach people like this:

>"Men are stupid pigs"

>"I'm not like that"
>"lol not all men right?? omg you r trash"

the problem is you buddy.

No. 81943


Nah gurl irl I'm pretty normal as fuck I'm just coming off as extreme because you know, internet, freedom of expression etc.

I would go further into this but it's a long story and this isn't Livejournal.
To sum it up basically growing up I have been repeatedly surrounded by the worst types of men possible, and I'm talking rapists, paedophiles, excessively violent alcoholics, sociopaths, and when I say exposed I mean I have had these types of men attack me throughout my childhood.

I mean obviously not every man is like this, not every man by far, but I've come to acknowledge in my short life that in the male of our species resides some exceedingly dark and violent desires, and that's why you look back over history and you see the ruling men of the past behaving like fucking pigs, back when we were objects to be possessed and traded.

Maybe you've just led a very comfortable and safe life, but that's not a bad thing. You're lucky that you've never been exposed to this stuff at the same level as I have.

And I'll tell you another thing, those men that ogle you in the street and that you scorn, and rightfully so, a part of them would have you on the floor forcefully violating you in seconds if they knew that they could get away with it, just like the good ol' days.

No. 81944


Where did I state I approached people like that.

It's funny because actually I tend to find that's the way most men approach me.

No. 81965


in my opinion there isn't anything wrong with being a man hater (like if you have seen men beg for pussy it is pretty pathetic, men don't even arouse me anymore because i've seen the majority of them do such stupid shit to get laid) but while simultaneously trying SOOOO hard to get men to like you??? no. no. noooooo. she doesn't hate men. she loves men. probably more than the average woman. probably more than you. she probably loves taking the big hard white dick twice a day but needs an edgy shtick for tumblr.

i don't like men either, anon #2. same reason as you. average guys have such delusions of grandeur that almost rival PT. even my brother who i love, he is 28 and a lawyer and acts like a fucking baby when you tell him "no" at the supermarket.

i just think on average their personalities are a lot different than mine. they expect things to be handed to them w/o any work, they aren't used to putting in effort, they're often relatively lazy… they sound exactly like tyra!! like attracts like, i guess

No. 81969


>he is 28 and a lawyer and acts like a fucking baby when you tell him "no" at the supermarket

kek this is so standard

No. 81974

I WANTED TO FUCKING CRY. I said no, can we not get frozen pizza, we've been eating too much junk lately and he literally started stomping his feet and throwing a hissy fit. I was so embarrassed

But Tyra's whole man hate is a big shtick. You can't fuck a white dude every day while you make your income off of dozens of other white dudes, and then sit around denouncing them. Without these horrible, horrible dudes, her and her husband would be on the streets most likely. They feed her and she bites the hand that feeds her. I would like to see her survive in a world without these very men she claims to hate.

No. 81998

I think it's all part of her dom persona and that she does it to appeal to clients.

No. 82001

When did they say that? How would you know anything about how she interacts with men at all? You just sound butthurt.
I totally agree 100%. I also think it's retarded how we can't bitch about men being fucking assholes on this site without some fucking retard crying tumblr. Meanwhile, every male dominated sites bitches about women all the fucking time and no one cares. Fuck you cunts.

No. 82017

You really, really, really need to get laid

No. 82027


That sort of jibe doesn't work on chicks darling, we have all sorts of dick and pussy at our disposal.

Thanks to equality the tables have turned, sexually men are no longer the dominant gender, we make the decision on who want to fuck, where we want to fuck and when we want to fuck :^)

No. 82051


what >>82027 said. i can literally step outside my door and get laid in half an hour. dick is not the problem. the fact that men are like perma-children is the problem. haven't you noticed that there are so many male lolcows on /cow/?

No. 83529

nah it's part of her real personality but she plays it up when shes camming. its all over her personal not just her sex work blog

No. 149698

File: 1438560209613.png (97.3 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nrswobyuu21s1vtiao1_500…)

Why would she post this? Her art is shit. Even for a sketch it's shit.

No. 149702

File: 1438560454122.jpg (110.04 KB, 500x545, tyra-blackoctopus.jpg)

>>those fingers

No. 149709


But who gives a shit about talent when you can have ~muh fat wimmens representation~?

No. 149744

looks like pt a little

No. 204402


I know this thread died a bit, but I asked this earlier.

I'm Hispanic and sent her this to see if she shared any stories I could relate to. Instead this.

As someone who I used to look up to, she really shows her true colours by blaming this onto "shitty whites" again.

I bet this bitch never had to deal with any racism in her life.

Next time I want some comfort, I'll find it elsewhere.

No. 204474

She is not right in the head.

No. 204475

is it supposed to be ironic that she bitches this hard about 'white privilege' and yet represents herself as a paper-white, blonde-haired, caucasian-featured woman in her sidebar?

No. 204482

Even if you were white, why the fuck is she acting so crazy? You're prob right tho, I wouldn't doubt that she hasn't dealt with racism at all. She sounds annoying as hell.

No. 204487

File: 1447645240762.png (282.99 KB, 1364x1108, bitch.png)

Screenshot for posterity.

(By the way you're right. She's never experienced racism in her entire life.)

No. 204502

Her digital 'art' looks traced as fuck.

You can tell she traces digitally, because her traditional pencil sketches are really terrible.

No foundational skills.

No. 204504

Shit I think you're right lol, all she did was flip the image, drew on the girls face (she made her uglier too lmao), changed her shirt and coloured her hair blue. This also http://fullten.tumblr.com/post/130182349972 shows she can't do digital art without tracing.

No. 204537

File: 1447654617830.png (322.84 KB, 474x333, esd.png)

I think you're right.

No. 204541

File: 1447654771093.png (1.11 MB, 895x524, sj.png)

No. 204561

Jesus. If I wasn't convinced that she's batshit insane, that sure as fuck did it.

No. 204617

Good job Ten, you made her chin even bigger.

No. 204644

I'm real curious that if I put those two images on photoshop and overlay them with slight adjustments, that they'll align perfectly.

No. 204647

File: 1447688821449.png (309.22 KB, 427x587, Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 15.4…)

Ok nevermind, I did overlay the images. And of course, they match damn near exact.

No. 204695

So she's really not an artist, but an attention-whore whom associates herself with being artistically-inclined. Okay, she's really got no talent and should just stop. Lol.

Being able to recreate an image and actually drawing with no reference is two different things and she doesn't have the skills for the latter so she's just a hobbyist at best.

To be honest if you really wanted to troll her just tell her she's a shit artist with no soul and she'll get hella mad. Lol.

No. 204768

I hope someone does troll her with that. Because apparently she charged $50 for a portrait. Like, way to rip people off….

No. 204800

This scares me, all she did was make the girl uglier lmao. >>204647 Someone should ask her to show a drawing process of her drawing people lol. She shows her random doodles she does but she will never show herself drawing people.

No. 204814

She looks like a peruvian stripper

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