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File: 1440036242185.jpg (22.71 KB, 233x410, 15879-620x-szskiri.jpg)

No. 164681

The old man creep now goes by the name 'komaban' and he's still an asshole.


No. 164919

Is that his actual appearance? Omg

No. 164928

I always had a hunch that he was really a pillow.

No. 164950

this guy, I saw him on my dash making creepy comments towards children, unfollowed the girl that reblogged it.

No. 165077

He's a real creep. He still talks shit about aminyan and Keekihime on 2ch.n

No. 165092

Doesnt 2ch hate his guts, too?

No. 165096

Slowpoke, we already did discuss in the other thread and he always changes all his usernames all few months.

No. 165097

Why do these kind of guys always look the same? omg

No. 165102

when onision raises a better argument than you
there is something wrong
very, very wrong

No. 165107

File: 1440045826401.png (63.56 KB, 1017x647, Screenshot_1.png)


No. 165108

File: 1440045844999.png (47.06 KB, 1081x515, Screenshot_2.png)

>implying he ever got laid

No. 165111

proof pls

No. 165119

Oh, jfc

No. 165808

File: 1440118349878.jpg (37.14 KB, 557x343, kek.jpg)

This is gold.

No. 165809

No. 165833

i do wonder if a black woman really hurt him or something

i mean jesus i know blacks and asians together aren't the biggest couple pairing on the planet BUT there is plenty OF them

hes defo a peado

No. 165844

I'm brown and my boyfriend is Chinese. All of my boyfriends were chinks.

No. 165885

Its because most of the girls who opposed his blog were black. A lot of white girls did and still accepted his pedo shit. He used to not hate blacks and said aminyan would be the first black idol in Japan and that she was cute. He's spurned because they didn't accept his special advice.

Jrcock also lurks 4chan a lot and got ideas from there. Asian men are considered the most single men and most unattractive. I wonder what caca looks like.

No. 165896

I remember on his another tumblr acc, way before, he found black girls cute (he reblogged them) way before aminyan

No. 165934

lol at him claiming abipop was clearly aiming to get him to send her shit. I actually quite believe it

No. 165986

File: 1440133710701.png (16.83 KB, 642x302, caucasian.png)

There is another thread about this piece of work >>24313

No. 166056

Now wouldn't they all like to hear you call them that

No. 166057

Why are dark skinned people and other minorities in western countries always the loudest with racist comments?

No. 166080

I don't know, but it pisses me off, because so many minorities with darker skin seem to think they are entitled to be racist fucks.

No. 166081

Fuck off with your racism.

No. 166097

90% of the lolcow users say the word "jap" too
I pointed it out once, and got a "HURR DURR GO BACK TO TUMBLR" reply back

It's not worth it, anon

No. 166103

No they don't. Nice try with statistics on an anonymous image board.

No. 166104

Yeah, and you should go back to tumblr along with every other annoying faggot that had to make a post about saying g-ddamn chink.

Sage because thread 568 ruined by tumblerinas getting triggered

No. 167287

Oh shut the fuck up jrcach.
I wish he would just roll over and die already. We all know he's old as fuck.

No. 167405

Keep dreamin', Jrcock!!

No. 167420

just spit out my drink

No. 167445

Is this guy an elaborate troll like ProudAsian? BTw I sense a thread on him here

No. 167568

Pretty much how I imagine Jrcach….just asian version of this dude

No. 167872

Lol Komaban "dark skin isn't ugly it's just black wimmin's features".

My ass, he just doesn't want to admit he's got it hard for pale white uguuu so preshious skinn xoxo

The guy is nuts, I'm sure he's some old peado on the run in Japan.

No. 168231

Can you post screenshots? I'm not going to visit that pedo's blog, he's got IP tracker or some shit.

No. 168256

because tumblr told them they cannot be racist because they black

No. 168319

I looked at 2ch's aminyan supporter thread that her fans made out of curiousity. At first I thought the trolls were Japanese random guys but I realized it's jrcach.

In one thread it linked to the "aminyan exposed blog" that Himeka made and I highly doubt any Japanese lurks here to see that blog. Himeka couldn't have posted herself because 2ch requires a jp id to even post. definitely jrcach.
He also said "aminyan thinks she's a black elite and she's the cutest black girl" no Japanese would say shit like this except jrcach. Especially since he said that before. so he still lurks here for sure. I'll link the thread when I find it again.

No. 168321

File: 1440401545177.jpg (125.04 KB, 640x898, image.jpg)

Shoutout to the weebs who still support jrcach thinking he'll make you famous in Japan. aminyan doesn't have frizzy hair or a big nose and most Japanese people called her cute after she was on TV. Jrcach even called her cute. He's full of shit.

No. 168413

File: 1440421285753.gif (490.04 KB, 500x400, tumblr_lspqyr5mAF1qmhqe9o1_r1_…)

Oh yes Jrcach you're such a womanizer/NOT!!

No. 168415

Yeah,they hit on him…online.

No. 168417

>it give sus the creeps to even imagining dating with them

JrCock,y u never learn??? You =/= Japanese people

No. 168418

>they are some kind of "monster" to us
And some people still support this douche? Jesus.

No. 168423

File: 1440422185863.jpg (134.74 KB, 606x808, image.jpg)

Go to his twitter and he's just completely bashing black women to himself. Most of his tweets are about aminyan and calls her a "self proclaimed idol" and "thinks she's a black elite". If you go to the threads on 2ch where her fans are suddenly someone will come in and say "what a nigger bitch gorilla" but will go on to say what he's tweeting

No life faggot confirmed
No way he has a life

No. 168435

No. 168436


okay then

No. 168440

File: 1440424856607.jpg (7.53 KB, 259x194, 914455_304482629733142_2097752…)


(Saitamaflowers & husband Toki)

Komaban lol

No. 168477

There's no fucking way that someone like Jrcach could possibly have a successful social life.
How bored you have to be to spend most of your time on the internet, talking shit about teenage weeaboos? I kinda feel sorry for him, must be miserable af.
He's probably been rejected many times and now holds grudge against all women and thinks they deserve to be humiliated.
That's my theory.

No. 168478

OMG she's so beautiful!!

No. 168501

her nose is big as fuck

No. 168502

I love this. Shes beautiful and her family is adorable.

No. 168503

>aminyan doesnt have frizzy hair
she has a weave

No. 168511

Well yes,anon,black people tend to have wider noses.So what.?She's not an "aspiring aidoru".

No. 168513

She's really cute! I wish her and her family happiness.

No. 168523

What a shallow prick

No. 168541

yeah so does kota and tons of girls in japan

No. 168542

Decades of staring off into space while masturbating to children must make your cheeks droop.

No. 168549

Yeah, he's a samefagging shitposter I heard (this was detailed more clearly either from StamRose, /cgl/ or one of the older threads here).
Huge wota creep. He should be banned from the internet. He's an eyesore and a bestiality fetishist.

No. 168589

Why are you defensive? i just said her nose is big as fuck.
im allowed to say that lol

No. 168593


Black people have bigger features it's a fact, this is coming from a black person btw.

No. 168599

I just thought it was stupid of you to point that out. I mean like, it'sobvious she has a bigger nose duh

No. 168618

I wonder how Jrcach feels about Miss Japan and blasian babies


No. 171168

"It will take another decade to get accustomed to black women
Around the turn of the centruy Amuno Namie became a calisma pop star. She was characterized with tanned skin, which looked unusually brown for a native Japanese woman.

She became a fashion calisma for teenagers. A lot of highschool girls went to 日焼けサロン (shops for artificially tanning one’s skin) to imitate her skin.

Amuro Namie tanned her skin in honor of Janet Jackson.

This trend paved the way for ganguro boom.

High school girls began to paint their face brown, or go to hiyake saloon.

Amuro Namie made it easier for Japanese people to feel familiar with tanned people.

It will take another 10 years or so to get accustomed to REAL black women!

Black men are familiar to us, because so many black male athletes and jazz and pop musicians are familiar to us through TV.

It will take time!"

No. 171169

"This is how Japanese men really think about black women,
I found a funny Yahoo Q&A regarding black women, To quote, http://detail.chiebukuro.yahoo.co.jp/qa/question_detail/q1346467168

正直、黒人女性ってどうしようもなく醜いとみんな思ってるでしょ 黒人の中で上位1%の美女よりも平均的な容姿の東洋人や白人の女性のほうが間違いなく美しいと思うのは私だけではないでしょう。差別?いやでもホント明らかに醜いでしょ彼女たちは。どれだけ黒人女性がおめかししても化粧しても美しくも可愛くもなれないのは可哀想に思う。 エロ動画なんか見ても裸の黒人女が出てきてもまったく興奮しません。単なるクリーチャーにしか見えない。 黒人女性たちは自分たちの容姿について嘆いたりしないものなんでしょうか?
[translation of this quote]

Honestly, everyone thinks black women are by all means ugly, don’t you? I bet it’s not only me who thinks the average looking Orientals or white women are without doubt more beautiful than the most beautiful 1 percent of black women. Discrimination? No they are clearly ugly don’t you think? No matter how hard black women try to make-up or wear cute outfit, they won’t become either beautiful or cute. I feel sorry for them.

It won’t make me excited even if naked black women appear in porn movies. They only look a creature (alien).
Don’t black women lament about their own looks?

No. 171170

Notice how Jrcach only picks out the ugly black women?

No. 171171

"“Do you think Aminyan will succeed as an aidoru?”
If someone asks this question, I’ll say “unfortunately, no.”


Aminyan (aminadujean on Twitter) is a self-proclaimed aidoru. She belongs to no geinou jimusho.

She claimed to have become an “aidoru” when she published her own CD, which was self-produced with the help of her friend.

She appeared on TV program “You wa nani shini nippon he” but beforehand she had asked TV producer (or director or someone) to put her in it, as she admitted in that show.

To become an aidoru she signed a contract with a 代理人 (agent) to find her a jimusho…which turned out to be a failure, as she’s signed with no jimusho so far.

So, she is not an aidoru and she’s never been.

Now, here’s the question: will she become one?

I’d say, no. She’s already exposed too much of her bad mentality/attitude through internet.

Bad publicity, regarding “racism”.

Aminyan complained of Momo-clo members face-painting pitch black as a sign of racism. She tweeted it, and it was taken up by 2ch (message board) readers, and it went viral (adopted by 2ch matome sites and anthenna sites).

She collected so many enraged responses from Japanese people.

It would be difficult for her to land a jimusho who will hire her.

On another occasion she tweeted Japanese people are “kimoi” when they flatter her as “cute for a black woman”.

This angered Japanese people. Japanese people assume Aminyan is not cute for their standards, and they know it was a flattery. More than that it’s preposterous to bring “racism” to every matter.

Potential sponsors and employers will stay away from her, as she’ll be mutsukashii to hire.

Remember my articles? If you’re going to become a celebrity/tv personality in Japan, stay away from politics, social matters, etc."

No. 171236


>frizzy hair

do you mean… her natural hair? There's a difference between a fro and frizzy damaged hair. But yeah, Ami is cute.

No. 171296

I think you might be new or something because here in lolcow, we shit at everyone with big noses, no matter the race.
it's truly equality, anon.
that being said, she has a pretty face

No. 171297

is there? frizzy /=/ damaged frizzy

No. 171298

I think jrcunt finds black girls attractive.
i mean in his older posts, he shared the selfies of qt black girls.
he might just dislike those black girls? idk im sorry im giving him way too much credit

No. 171305

The fuck? He thinks there are like, maybe 8 races in the world.

Races acording to him:

Oishii russian loli kawaii elf goddesses
Jrcachians (Japanese)
And everyone else is also caucasian

I love how he pretends to know about Anthropology.

No. 171355

>Japanese people assume Aminyan is not cute for their standards, and they know it was a flattery
jrcach thinks that all japanese think the same

No. 171367

That's it. He has to be a ProudAsian-esque troll.

No. 171391

Most Japanese people on the internet called her cute but they said "in spite of being black she's cute" which is racist but different than what jrcach is saying. He literally goes to 2ch threads to start shit about her lol

No. 171431

That's just sad
Should've learner japanese tho. It must be entertaining as fuck

No. 175020

Now komaban / jrcach / niob041 is posting storm front esque shit. Am I the only one forgetting he sent his dick pic to a 14 year old girl?

No. 175021

He also said black women must hate themselves so they straighten their hair…

Asian women are the number one in the world for plastic surgery to enlarge their eyes and make taller noses. When I told him that no response. He also excused Japanese lolicons. No wonder he gets no note these days.

No. 187413

"Blacks rate themselves as more attractive than did Whites (or Asians)
It may be surprising to learn that Blacks also have higher self-esteem than Whites and East Asians. This is true even when Blacks are poorer and less educated. In one large study of 11- to 16-year-olds, Blacks rated themselves as more attractive than did Whites. Blacks also rated themselves higher in reading, science and social studies (but not in mathematics).

No. 187414

"No African-American will be admitted to Keio University
or University of Tokyo.

If the applicants for the both universities were to take SAT exam (with the little knowledge of the unique metric system of US like Fahranheit and yards), almost ALL of them will score full in the Math section.

SAT is too easy for Japanese students.

Most African-American students at prestigious US universities benefit from Affirmative Action (except state universities in California).

If they were to take the entrance exam for Keio or Tokyo univ., almost no black students will get admitted!"

No. 187416

"Prof Rushton (God bless his soul)’s account of the racial differences in temperament is interesting,


and it clicks right on with what I’ve experienced writing this Tumblr.

From my experience, I found that COLLECTIVELY black people have high self-esteem.

You might know that this Tumblr used to be read by many “aspiring aidoru”.

Many black women wanted to become “aidoru”.

They came to this Tumblr, asking a hell of a lot of questions, day after day.

I did my best replying to them.

I tried my best to feed honest info to become not only aidoru but geinoujin.

At first I closed my lips about “how Japanese people really think about black women”,

as time passed I had to reveal it. I like honesty.

Black women got angry when they learned wheen I wrote black women aren’t valued highly (in terms of cuteness) by Japanese people.

Some (most?) of them refused to believe Japanese men don’t like black women.

Some even said they are kawaii, even though she’s fat like a baobab tree with a bulged face.

I couldn’t help thinking that black women tend to overestimate their cuteness/beauty.

What was exacerbating is, American black women are arrogant (as are general American people).

They have too much pride. They think American values are just, not only in America.

They tend to impose their values on every occasion."

No. 187417

I’ve never seen or heard of “intelligent black persons”
Would I ever find such black people?

I hear black people’s IQ are significantly lower than that of Whites, Asians or Hispanics,

There’s an affirmative action in the US; white people granted them such privilege out of guilt,

Most black people we know are comedians, soccer or baseball players.

No. 187418

claudia-letonja a dit : How about that region of Japan with really dark japanese people? How does Japan feel about that part of the race?

> Okinawan have slightly darker skin tone than the average Japanese people’s;

I once had a senpai from there.

When we met in warm seasons, she used to wear clothes revealing a lot of her skin;

even then she never make me horny.

She wasn’t a “woman” to me.

I have two older sisters; one has white skin, one has dark skin, dark from playing too much tennis outside.

When living together, I happened to see their naked body (by accident, of course).

My “white skin” sister made me feel with an embarrassing feeling;

However, when I happened to saw the 横乳 (tits seen from the side) of my “brown skinned sister”, it never give me the same feeling.

At least to me, dark brown skin is difficult to “please” my senses.

I think this is more or less true for a lot of Japanese people.

Now, about shampoo CM, for example.

Shampoo CM are great example if you want to take a peek into Japanese people’s aesthetics, sense of beauty, preference.

You’ll notice few dark-skinned Japanese women for advertising shampoo, or cosmetics.

No. 187419

"I don’t want Western people to think “Look, Yukapon became a model in Japan. They are easy, Japanese people adore white women’s face”.

Yes and no.

She’s a rarity (not as rare as black women here, tho).

She has a “white privilege”."

No. 187420

"My honest opinion about aminadujean
I’ve always been honest about her, so I don’t really need to say “honest” but here goes,

As I’ve repeated in my Twitter (and maybe here), she has a big chance of becoming a geinoujin;

but as I’ve written, it’s difficult for her to become an aidoru (She hasn’t been with a jimusho so far).

That’s because Japanese men don’t find her face attractive.

They admit she may be cute in other parts of the world, but not their fav type of face.

What about “CM tarento”?

She has a chance.

But she will NEVER get some types of cm. (like shampoo commercials).

She has kinky hair. That’s not the only reason.

Commercial goods related to hygienes are closely associated to the image of cleanliness.

No black women are capable of meet such needs.

Brown has always been associated with dirtiness in Japan, esp. if it’s about skin.

For a Japanese person to have a brown skin means he isn’t having a desirable skin.

Other than “hygienes” she’ll have a chance."

No. 187421

Sometimes I feel
we Japanese have more freedom of expression than, say, American people or British people.

We have a courtesey of not saying outright what we REALLY think about someone (say, black women).

But on internet, people are REALLY HONEST.

Children or Grown-ups, men or women, they are the same.

They are similar. Collectively we feel similarly.

Japanese children might say when they see a black woman for the first time in their life, “chimpanzee”.

Grown-ups educate them not to say that.

But adults or children, they feel the same. They tend to think most black people look like chimpanzees.

We are civilized enough to not express it.

No. 187423

Sometimes I feel
we Japanese have more freedom of expression than, say, American people or British people.

We have a courtesey of not saying outright what we REALLY think about someone (say, black women).

But on internet, people are REALLY HONEST.

Children or Grown-ups, men or women, they are the same.

They are similar. Collectively we feel similarly.

Japanese children might say when they see a black woman for the first time in their life, “chimpanzee”.

Grown-ups educate them not to say that.

But adults or children, they feel the same. They tend to think most black people look like chimpanzees.

We are civilized enough to not express it.

No. 187424

It's not funny anymore, now Jrcach is just being disgusting af.

No. 187488

Anyone else getting really fed up with him constantly going on about how black people aren't seen as cute or aren't popular in Japan?

I honestly think he is just really butthurt as he wanted to "help" Aminyan become Aidoru… but she didn't follow his advice and still managed to be popular enough to be considered an underground aidoru.

Now he won't shut the fuck up about how black people aren't cute to Japanese men. FFS Jrcock, get over yourself.

No. 187516

File: 1443671632032.png (50.21 KB, 615x695, dafuq.png)

No. 187518

ugh how could anyone support him ?

No. 187525

Type of face according to him:


No. 187532

I find it funny that in the past, he was bigging up all these generic plain and/or ugly white weeb dancers and got a shitload of admiration from the weeaboo community, to the point that when he was shitting on black girls for literally no good reason, they defended him saying "Oh it's just the truth. jrcach is sweet and sensitive, he can do no wrong. Leave him alone he's a kind Japanese person who only wants to help us aidorus and give us advice u___u".
But the moment he started shitting on white dancers, too, everyone turned against him and only recently started taking issue with shit like >>187516 as an addendum to him already having been a shitstain from the beginning.

No. 187535

He and ProudAsian must be brothers

No. 187551

He gets no notes anymore and only not accounts favorite his tweets. He's literally a wack job talking to himself in his mom's basement.

No. 187552

I noticed that shit too which is why I hate most weeb white dancers. Fake as hell. They only bring up his racism to get more on their side against him but in reality they couldn't give a damn.

No. 187554

Jrcach is cancer.

No. 187617

Every time something interesting happens to aminyan he post more bs than usual.

No. 188139

So jrcach now has a girl telling people be nice to him he can be helpful lol.

No. 188214

No. 188218

> Treat him kindly like a human being (and I mean GO out of your way to, not just like his posts and act kawaii desu when he mentions you) He treats you kindly like a human being as well.

No. 188322

Yea, what a dumb bitch. Maybe he gives her line stickers.

No. 188328


Easy for her to say, she isn't black and being bullied. Just wait till Jrcach has a piece of her too.

No. 188484

I think he already has, I think he exposed her ask before and she was always shady. I think she wants to get on his good side or something or she has some sort of anger that her friend aminyan is working on being an idol so she is supporting jrcach. Maybe I'm confusing her for someone else all the white weebs look a bit alike.

No. 188568

Funny how Tokyo University never makes it on a top university list and yet ones like Cambridge and MIT do. Hmm…

No. 188601

Jrcach is kind of creepy. He gets no notes not even from his weeb fans anymore and is essentially yelling at himself. It's cringe worthy.

No. 197419

File: 1446020544698.jpg (273.01 KB, 946x369, kanadajin3isperfect.jpg)

this is gold

No. 197442


I know, it's worrying.

It's only because she's white. Again, it's a race thing.

My friend did a "test" or a little experiment. She's indian and she uses that Worldfriends thing kaka uses. She barely gets any messages or smiles.

So she used a white girl, trashy as fuck. Proper scene queen type.

Within half an hour she had 30 messages and god knows how many smiles plus views from old japs.

Guys, they prefer average white women. It's just the way it is.

No. 197443


A part of me likes to think Jrcach is either fucking mira or IS mira.

No. 197445

Beautiful picture. As a Japanese person, I think black men are kakkoii.

If I write the following sentence, people in the Western countries will say “racist”,

I think black people are best suited to hunting and wild life; and to maybe agriculture.

Black people may not be suited for living in urban areas, or in highly civilized societies.

It’s an irony that Black Africans in Africa tend to be despised by African AMERICANS.

Which people are more “pure” blacks?

Of course the blacks in Africa are purer in blood and genes.

Blacks brought to America were treated as chattels.

Today, most African Americans have considerable percentages of White genes.

We could assume that many White males sexually exploited black slaves.

So, we could say that today’s African Americans are the posterity of “Statutory rapers and slaves”.

I sometimes come across comments by African American women who say “we are more beautiful than African American!”.

Are these women boasting of the white genes in themselves?

Are they arrogant because they were brought up in the most arrogant country in the world, so much so that they are unaware of it?

How could she proud of its lineage, when her grand-grand-grand-grandfather might have been a statutory raper!

Black Africans in African continent are “purer” and I think humbler.

No. 197450

What's your opinion on Venus angelic appearance

komaban komaban said:
I haven’t seen her face these days but she’s not special at all.



No. 197455

He talks about other races having bad body odor, but fucking hell Japanese men are the smelliest bastards I have ever smelt. Such bad breath and they smell like stale rice.

No. 197461


I've never actually smelled a Japanese guy. But I know for a fact they don't give two flying fucks about their teeth and probably the same for their bodies too.

I remember Gimmeaflakeman once saying how he was waiting in hospital with his wife, they got seen to by the nurse and he said how awful her breath was. So yeah, I can believe this.

No. 197464

Yeah, when I was there travelling for a month nearly all the men had this horrible odor.

No. 197466

May have to do with the lack of good deodorants in Japan.

No. 197473

it's only bc beyonce isn't ~white~
the fetish is strong with this one

No. 197476

File: 1446051536540.jpg (29.35 KB, 599x424, BoMpYUHIcAAmM1j.jpg)

But Mira isn't average.

No. 197477

File: 1446051612657.png (11.25 KB, 642x191, tf.png)


No. 197478

I don't get it, is it just because pale skin? How can anyone with eyes believe in >>197419 or find >>197476
anywhere near attractive in complete seriousness?

No. 197479

I am now convinced he's lost his mind.

No. 197483

Now? He has been known as cat fucker for years.

No. 197489

File: 1446057261510.gif (1.15 MB, 504x280, GG9yixd.gif)

this is SO wrong in so many levels….

No. 197492

He's clearly fucking crazy and trying to be controversial for attention now all his little white aidorus have moved on

but this is true. I sniff my cats all the time

No. 197493

Yeah, my cat smells good.

No. 197507


Nope and that's the scary part.

No. 197509


That's what I can't understand either anon. It MUST be a skin thing. I'm doing an experiment on that Worldfriends site.

I've used an average scene looking white girl and I've used a pretty black girl (not ghetto btw). I've just only created the black girl account now actually since the white girl is getting fuck tons of messages off these old perv japs.

I even messaged one of them back saying "Can I come to Japan and we get married? I will be a good wife. I want to become model in Japan".

Y'know what he said back?


Fuckin' yes.

That's how DESPERATE these fuckers are for some white pussy

No. 197511


Exactly, they bitch about "we dont want bloodline becoming mixed mutt blood"

then they'll shag, marry and have kids to white people

but yet they don't want to mess up the bloodline?

perf logic xo

No. 197512


Yet all these dumb weeb animu living doll kawaii dumblr fucks want to go over, find a kakkoi bf and live there tho.

"japanese hav no flaws tho"


No. 197525

File: 1446068645980.gif (2.48 MB, 460x259, 1421087750599.gif)

You're surprised by this? That a lot of east Asians favor white skin over black skin? This isn't anything new or surprising.

No. 197528

i wouldnt just limit it to east asians, there are tons of people in the world who prefer other skin colors over black.

No. 197530

Not all Japanese are like this, I think. Jrcach is some shitposter who's even reviled on 2ch, and there are obviously 90% creeps on that Worldfriends site. It's the same fucking shit as desperate white guys who think they'll have luck with Asian girls because of that "submissive sweet Asian anime waifu" meme and sign up to "DATE AN ASIAN WOMAN NOW" sites or Interpals with an obvious agenda.

No. 197558


I know but it's shocking how someone would choose a mira face over an actual pretty indian, black or idk poly i guess

No. 197561

Pretty much. Darker skin is just undesirable to most of the population.

No. 197562


Sad ain't it

No. 197568

not trying to start anything but I disagree because most people are dark skinned, very tanned or have an olive complexion

while paler skin may be said to be ideal, america which has a huge foot in media and the beauty industry, loves tanning its celebs if they're naturally pale, which I think influences a lot of the world

I think people definitely put down skin that is very dark, but I also think that a black person (biracial) who is the same color as a tanned white person and considered equally as beautiful in the U.S. would not be considered equal to the rest of the world. I think the white person would still be preferred on the basis of race as opposed to skin color

for example, when filipino or thai people go to South Korea, they report being treated like crap (in terms of beauty standards) at times even though they may be paler than the Koreans treating them like crap and look better

No. 197569

My niece is biracial and has really beautiful light tan/olive skin. I love that skin tone a lot, however I understand people who are weary of swarthy looking fellows, especially the super dark as the night sky type black people.

No. 197579

I've seen this gif before but I don't know the origin. Does anyone have a clue?

No. 197584

Why is she scared? He is beautiful.

No. 197587

Right?? He's hot af, but she jumps back like he's a monster or something lol.

No. 197596


Tbh, I was surprised too (in that jump scare way) when I saw it for the first time, and I don't even know the exact reason why, I think the gloves gave me an impression he was white and when he showed up to be black I think my brain was super confused, idk. Maybe it's that. But now that I already know, I agree that he's pretty hot.

No. 197612

>walks up to old lady wearing white gloves, a mask and hoodie

Come on. Anyone would jump.

No. 197613

Why is he scaring that poor old lady?

No. 197615

Yes, but she didn't jump until she realized it was a bLack man under the mask

No. 197616

Why does autocorrect and touch screens hate life?

No. 197634

It's the combination of this and Jrcock talking to himself on his zero note posts that really drove it home for me.

No. 197686

yeah, what's wrong with sniffin your cat's asshole?

No. 197687

it's bc she's never seen a black person

No. 197688

File: 1446110267520.png (19.09 KB, 634x303, racistpieceofshit.png)

No. 197690

File: 1446110615481.gif (1.73 MB, 325x252, Frank-Underwood-Eye-roll-GIF.g…)

Ahhhh,the good old stereotypes…
Jrcach must be over 50. He sounds just like my grandad

No. 197724

The guy's batshit crazy.

No. 197742

Yeah, because Obama is totally not known by anybody.

No. 197743

File: 1446132421942.gif (523.34 KB, 275x204, 1443080737028.gif)

Is he retarded?

No. 197780

File: 1446141923046.gif (1.87 MB, 270x200, 200lllll.gif)

No. 197781

dude,do you live in a fucking cave??

No. 197793

Japanese tend not to have BO due to smaller sweat glands or something but in my experience what they lack in BO they compensate in bad breath and mustiness.

No. 197796


technically anon obama is mulatto/mixed race lol

idk maybe that first black female who went into out of space?

No. 197797



haha they make up for it

No. 197800


Mixed-chan here, I have tanned/olive skin too. In the UK white women tan a lot here, not all but it's POPULAR to tan. My mother, aunt and grandmother who are white tan. It's a big thing.

But I think that's just Asians treating other darker Asians like shit because they're narrow minded as fuck anyway when it comes to things like that. Obv not all Asians but majority.

Gotta remember, if you're not Asian then it doesn't matter. I'm off to Tokyo next August and I couldn't careless about my skin colour. I'd even go Korea, my other mixed race friend has just got back from there. Thing is he's a slight tone lighter than me but our curly hair is the same. He got on fine there.

I think it's just the African Americans who make a fuss out of race tbh when they go over to Japan.

Idk how many videos have been made but there is so many "I'm black in Japan guys" and I cringe when I see those. I've watched some, just out of curiosity. But I hate those "Du azn men liek black men/wimmin tho?" it's cringe worthy and embarrassing.

No. 197802


He does look model type I will say

No. 197818

You're my fave type of nigger.

No. 197844

File: 1446161188535.jpg (10.84 KB, 184x184, 1424143023164.jpg)

All his racist posts are killing me. It's so refreshing to see all those Tumblr weebs having their delusions crushed by an actual jap, oh lawd.

No. 197846

File: 1446161749835.png (417.69 KB, 633x589, lol.png)


No. 197901

Is this 4cham's 'proud asian' lol

No. 197905


Isn't this a gif of some vine, it's probably scripted…

No. 197937

File: 1446187397342.gif (671.24 KB, 500x268, 4509ddad06f11eb4_rea_zps0a847f…)

No. 197938

File: 1446187495730.png (645.85 KB, 612x757, wtf.png)


jrcock and proudtobeasian must be brothers or smth

No. 197964

File: 1446199731117.png (74.2 KB, 614x595, sailorwhiteppl.png)

No. 197972

Pretty sure being a comedian requires a certain standard of intelligence and awareness of one's surroundings enough to make people laugh about them.
Then again, this is Jrcach. Can't expect him to logic.

No. 197979

Good to see jrcach is still up to his sad cat-fucking, racist nonsense. Also hilarious to see how his white weeaboo fanbase dissipated as soon as he started shitting on them as well.

No. 197992

what the fuck is up with jrcach lately
all the racism and hate

No. 198127

File: 1446240731674.jpg (121.88 KB, 500x321, 1440668085028.jpg)

>indians are white now

No. 198130

holy fuck

No. 198132

wow, a black woman must have cucked him so hard for him to be this salty

No. 198136

the guy who preformed the first successful open heart surgery was black

No. 198151


I know, it's getting worse. We all know he's a dickhead but god, he's getting worse.

No. 198153


lol that's rude

No. 198154


It's bad af

No. 198164

File: 1446245738510.jpg (88.25 KB, 773x1024, japantopidol.jpg)

>This is what we call “gaijin nose” with disgust.

No. 198183

this needs edited to look like actual japs too tbh

No. 198196

Japs actually see themselves as having bigger eyes compared to other Asians. There's a Japanese stereotype that Chinese people are the ones with chinky eyes.

No. 198251

Hahaha. Japs are delusional as fuck.

No. 198255


The Japanese are so delusional that they still denied everything they did to the Chinese to begin with for decades before actually realising they fucked up. ie. Nanking Massacre.

Not surprised at all by this.

No. 198258

that's a damn cute nose though

No. 198261


There is nothing cute about that shooped to death nose and the Weeb who has it.

No. 198283

ugh what a shitty cheap ass wig

No. 198286

File: 1446280622452.png (485.26 KB, 596x599, 18j0stawjronlpng.png)

he needs to look at this (and he definetely will cause he lurks the threads 24/7)

No. 198310

This chart is shit. They took the ugliest Japanese face and the cutest white face to draw a comparison.

No. 198328

The average japanese girl looks like this at the front of the face tho, just exclude the saggy chin and backside of the head and you are there.

No. 198330

But I'm pretty sure the average white girl doesn't look anywhere near as good-looking the chick in that pic, neither are the sharp, but still neotenous features that common at all. The whole "horseface" thing seems like an insult that's mainly used on white chicks, and there may very well be a reason for that.

No. 198339

yeah and if all anime characters were asian, they all would have dark brown eyes and black hair

No. 198341

if they were meant to be asian, wouldn't they be squinty eyed? lol

No. 198344

Asians don't see themselves as squinty eyed the same way gaijin don't realize they reek of butter and have huge noses. Also, I'm pretty sure anime hair/eye colors aren't meant to denote any race, considering there are characters with green hair and blue eyes, purple hair with yellow eyes, etc.

No. 198349

File: 1446303374326.jpg (91.17 KB, 541x720, MV5BMTk0MTAzMzgxOV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

How could you say these are supposed to be white people? White people don't have bright yellow skin, blue hair, or spikes growing out of their heads.

No. 198351

There's also a reason down's syndrome used to be called monglolism after the Asian/mongloid race. kek

No. 198352

That's just your stereotypes speaking. There are lots of chinkies but also people with natural big eyes. And like >>198196 said, the Japs think that other Asians tend to have smaller eyes than themselves.

No. 198355

I just quoted the damn drawing, I never said that anime people are any race.
Anime characters are alien race, and no real person in the world naturally look like them unless surgeries

No. 198449

File: 1446326287533.jpg (204.46 KB, 750x1052, historically accurate pocahont…)

ironically Jrcuck does it too
anime is probably mean to look more asian but it is a highly HIGHLY exaggerated art style that kind of hand picks the best part of all races (like how asians usually have a more slimmer bustline when alot of anime girls have huge boobs, or how white girls have taller noses when anime has little to no nose at all)
I just hate it when people automatically assume (like Jrcach) that all asians for some reason look like anime even though we all know cartoons never look close to their IRL counterparts.
most cartoons in general change things from how people look IRL to make them generally aesthetically pleasing to the eye. In disney cartoons it's rare to see smile lines. But we all know alot of white girls have smile lines.
sorry if i went on, i just hate people like Jrcach (who should know better considering he is japanese) think that all japanese asians are like their little animu girls instead of being actual people

No. 198450

File: 1446326629299.jpg (91.04 KB, 851x851, 1441843687644.jpg)

i love how you get all mad and call girls horseface, i agree that anime is meant to look like asians considering it came from japan. But calling white girls horsefaces doesn't make your arguement, you are just being salty here.

No. 198451

File: 1446326689886.jpg (58.41 KB, 500x281, 8690022356_45cff05bed.jpg)

Only anime that I've seen that actually looks like Japanese people is Aku no Hana

Any other anime looks like alien people. I don't know why people insist on starting a race war with it.

No. 198453

Off topic but that pic is dumb, feminists love Amber Rose because she looks chubby and dumpy but still has somewhat of a waist

No. 198454

File: 1446327311964.jpg (42.69 KB, 199x448, tumblr_mplf4lPbA61sp4nfqo1_400…)

cartoons in a 'cuter' style NEVER look like how people really look. No matter the race
and so many anime nerds got mad at this, even though this was rodoscoped (ie filmed and then traced to animate)
i love it when weebs IRL expectations get crushed.
I mean, look at this western cartoon style (pic related) i never see people try and say that they look like this.

No. 198618

I know anime fans in Japan hated the style and I always believed it was because they couldn't stand to see what they actually look like. Seems like a lot do believe they look like anime characters.

I am into Jfashion and love looking at street snaps. I have seen Japanese girls with hooked noses, some people have tiny eyes, crooked jaws, overbites, etc. No one looks like a "kawaii" anime character. Cartoons just take ideal features and exaggerates them.

No. 198631

I didn't call white girls horseface, I said it was an insult thrown at them. Asian girls get called slant-eyed, black girls get called ape-like, etc.
These are all based on other peoples' perceptions of their features, whether or not they're correct.
I'm sorry you read my post, took it personally, felt bad and got salty anon

No. 198636

sigh it's because Animes Rarely show anyone with DARK or BLACK skin, jeez this is OT and obvious. Everyone in anime has pale white skin 90% of the time. Move on and stop bringing this up pls.

No. 198691

File: 1446395122085.jpeg (125.36 KB, 1240x775, image.jpeg)

This dumbass has obviously never heard of Neil deGrasse Tyson, one of the smartest men alive.

No. 198753

Or henry sampson and other black inventors, what a low life.

No. 198755

But most anime that aren't the school stereotype moeblob kind don't even play in Japan or even our world, yet all the characters look the same.

No. 198758

File: 1446408397570.jpg (158.49 KB, 540x382, bleh.jpg)

Anime/Manga didn't even have back eyes until Osamu Tezuka started to draw his works inspired by Disney and gave them their typical eyes, the ones of Bambi to be exact.

No. 198777


>one of the most popular smart men alive

this isn't a dig at blacks, but just because he's on tv doesn't mean hes "wow zomg supar genius"

No. 198779

Doesn't matter, Someone that claims they have never seen nor met a smart black person is ignorant when evidently they are out there.

No. 200162

File: 1446699857189.png (298.78 KB, 583x541, shittaste.png)

No. 200163

Are you fucking retarded?

He's the director of a planetarium and got his doctorate in astrophysics. He's also written like a dozen books? There's a reason why he was chosen to be the narrator of the Cosmos reboot. And maybe it's because he's fucking smart as shit.

No. 200164

He's half white.

No. 200322

he's puerto rican and african american; it depends on where his mother's family came from.

No. 200708

Edit the anime character to look more like a real white person to compare…

Also most white people aren't that attractive. Attractive people are uncommon in any race. it's an art style. look at other anime. Some anime like Cheeky Angel or something have characters that look really Asian in a nice way

No. 200710

If Winx Club white characters were meant to be white, why do they have such tiny noses and mouths with short faces?

No. 200846

Wait Winx Club characters were human?
i thought they were faeries or some shit

No. 200864

>breathtakingly attractive
the fuck?

No. 200909

Well, she has a "tanuki face", big eyes and white skin. What more would Jrcach want?

No. 200916


God he's so fucking creepy

No. 200975

It's just that I've seen other girls prettier than her and jrcash would call them ugly

No. 200977

Dude… If you have nothing to say, say nothing at all.

No. 200978

He desperately wants to stay relevant .
That's sad.

No. 201231

File: 1446889947474.jpg (47.46 KB, 346x506, 15 - 1.jpg)

but somebody send this to him I really want to see what he says about this one.

No. 201366

sick of these "omg this kid has a higher IQ than Einstein" posts. Considering Einstein never even took an IQ test.

No. 201473

calm down

No. 201518


Hawking doesn't give two fucks about his IQ either, in fact I think he doesn't actually know it either.

No. 201519

It's just to lure in article viewers. Doesn't nullify the fact that hes incredibly intelligent.

No. 201533

Calm your tits down anon kek
quoting jrcock
> I've never heard of intelligent black person
So we're showing him one.

No. 201534

Jrcach is a douche, I don't think he'll ever admit being wrong.

No. 201580

I don't know much about Jrcach. What's his problem with foreign girls? Is he just xenophobic piece of trash?

No. 201588

Tumblr pls.

No. 201610

He only has a problem with blacks. He love da white hoes.

No. 201665

File: 1447004690337.png (21.47 KB, 587x449, jrc.png)

He says plenty of subtly condescending things towards white people though.

The exceptions are East Europeans.

No. 201723

He was only talking about noses though. Overall, he loves white women, white skin and european women. I've never seen a post of him bashing white women.

No. 202558


That fucking cat fetish though.

No. 202671

oh, he does. the most recent thing that comes to mind was him saying they have bad hygiene.

No. 202674

I ain't tumblr. Just curious since that's a thing in Japan, especially with some Nationalists.

No. 202714

Also something to mention is that he always talks about old Japanese celebrities that are from ages 40-50 which gives us more of an indicator that hes just some super old geezer creep.

No. 202715

It's why the man in the OP's picture is so accurate. If only Mira's wonkeyes were on that pillow though.

No. 203049

File: 1447294454434.jpg (67.43 KB, 193x340, 2015-11-12 02.13.08.jpg)

Here you go. Shitty but funny (to me)

No. 206304

Go to komabanodottemita.tumblr.fom I just put up a picture of Jrcach

No. 206307

Don't go there, farmers, unless you want your IP exposed

No. 206313

Shut the hell up

No. 206353

No. 206356

File: 1448118630937.jpg (Spoiler Image, 350.87 KB, 1280x1640, tumblr_ny5hiypLZY1umux8zo1_128…)

>Jrcach was revealed to send his penis pic to underaged girls and beg for panties threatening them. When this scandal came out he changed his name to Komaban

No. 206358

Execute this asshole pls

No. 206359

File: 1448119423426.png (25.83 KB, 625x453, moreracism.png)

No. 206360

File: 1448119435624.png (47.37 KB, 655x632, jrcock.png)

No. 206361

File: 1448119453529.png (170.54 KB, 608x515, tumblr.png)

No. 206362

File: 1448119499658.png (23.31 KB, 657x387, wat.png)

No. 206364

Oh my god he sure does hate black people… Dear Jrcock, have you ever been raped by a black person?

No. 206366

tbh he couldn't care less about London

No. 206367

File: 1448119849957.gif (1.68 MB, 360x202, M9COucX.gif)

Please stfu.

No. 206369

He's just doing it for attention. It's the only way people will look at him or respond to him in any way.

No. 206371

>black people literally hired/imported by Japanese gangsters to do dirty work and intimidate people
>a good example of anything

No. 206378


Tbh he's bang on with this one.
There's a native problem in some of the more urban areas of Japan where business owners will get black immigrants to stand outside and lure tourists in with promises of cheap drinks and women, and then they spike their drink and rob them.

No. 206379


>thinking this is a photo of Jrcach

No. 206383

Actually most of these Nigerian men work for the Yakuza and most of the people doing Bokkutari(bait and switch) are Japanese themselves.

No. 206384


No. 206504

seems legit

No. 206506

Fuck off

No. 206527

Funny considering that it shows most crime is done by caucasians.

No. 206540

Nah, the graph doesn't actually show any crime stats - that's the population breakdown only. He actually has no citation for his "blacks commit the most crimes" claim in that post.

No. 206603

Tumblr shut down Jrcach's Komaban blog for harassment. His new URL is tsukutsukuboushi

No. 206608

File: 1448174974897.png (299.78 KB, 609x608, lmao.png)

No. 206613

File: 1448175359068.gif (2.51 MB, 380x272, wtf042.gif)

Never go full retard.

No. 206615

is he autistic?

No. 206617

File: 1448175709936.png (9.1 KB, 100x110, Pedobear_sees_you.png)

>remind me of little sparrows opening their mouths wide
year sure..sparrows

No. 206618

No. 206623


No. 206624

lol I forced him into deleting his acc

No. 206665

If his blog got shut down how does he still retain all his posts? genuinely curious

No. 206670


No. 206679

Komaban no longer exists after he was reported

No. 206680

Jrcach is an autistic no life NEET loser so he spends his time archiving his blog. He couldn't keep all of it though.

No. 206828

Please don't bully Jrcach! He can't help it, it's not his fault!

No. 206917

This is great :D

No. 206918

yyyyEEESSSS at someone finally smearing this piece of trash rightfully instead of all the cringeworthy but nonetheless underaged little internet girls he faps over

No. 208006

I don't get why people always use that 'affirmative action' bullshit. It's only for Government offices and some companies with ties to the Gov, and it's supposed to be so that the office that works for the people, fits the demographics of the area…

Ah, well.

Did people honestly believe that there are people in Japan that wanna spirit them away to become aidoru's? That just sounds like a fast track to becoming a lampshade.

No. 208213

I'm still dying at this 10/10

No. 214225

No. 214227

File: 1450114248842.png (34.36 KB, 911x502, gold.png)

No. 214228

File: 1450114358830.png (50.7 KB, 952x482, reddit.png)

No. 214384

This is so because of the suppression of black success and beauty anywhere. Media promotes white, this is "whitewashing" or subtle white supremacy . You go on a Japanese train and all the Japanese men/women in the adverts look white. Margaret Sanger would be proud.

No. 214386

this is the most tumblr thing I have ever read on here

No. 214391

Really that is the most tumblr thing you've read? Have you not been to the actual tumblr and trans threads?

No. 214392

Not even that anon but
>on here

pls read anon.

No. 214477

Can you quit with the race talk.

No. 214524

anon is right tho

No. 214636

Stop being a fucking baby over race talk. This is jrcach thread race is obviously gonna be involved. Like grow the fuck up.

No. 214650

i would just like to express my appreciation of the op. the picture choice literally never fails to pick up my mood.

No. 214655



No. 214720

Shut up No-one has said anything for the past 18hrs
You need to get over it. Truth is truth moron.

No. 214721

My bad I meant to include this anon: >>214477

No. 214722

This idiot is obsessed with what he can't have. Honestly the fact that J-rach continuously brings his topic up means he has an obsession he doesn't understand. No-one obsessively focuses on what they hate. Something he probably has a lot of skeletons in his closet.

No. 214723


Did you sage correctly? Why did this get bumped..

No. 222726

what happened to him?

No. 222727

File: 1453050377106.png (367.13 KB, 607x757, tum.png)

he's still at it

No. 222728

File: 1453050477905.png (14.99 KB, 606x278, racistjrcach.png)

No. 222729

File: 1453050543676.png (12.08 KB, 614x276, k.png)

No. 222730

>which I hate more

No. 222732

File: 1453050665245.png (41.25 KB, 626x639, jrcock.png)

No. 222734

>anon tells him to stay safe
>omg I hate blacksss!!!

No. 222745

Lol, who the hell would put a mug on a saucer? I never saw a Starbucks serve coffee on a saucer! Jrcach should sue them for teaching the Japanese bad habits

No. 222747

You don't put tall mugs like that on a saucer…

No. 222749

Why the hell does he hate blacks so much.
There are very few in Japan, so I doubt he's had any interactions with them. Hates on black people but defends Mira who has racist tendencies and makes bullshit stereotypes about the Japanese. Yup.
If black people were as bad as he thinks particularly the sjw ones then he would be getting harrassed a lot. I don't care if you don't like black people but what center so much hate them rather than just ignore them. Sorry about the rant, but out of all the cows that make blanketed racist remarks only jrcach and Mira bother me.

No. 222758

He hates everyone not Japanese. I think he's already dead if he dared to post his face online, making almost everyone (including Japanese)turning against him

No. 222760

He would love Costa, he would appreciate their proper saucer etiquette.

No. 222764

lmao shit no one cares about

whats his tumblr now btw

No. 222790

No. 222995

*hates everyone not japanese or white
did you forget he has a fetish for white underage girls?

No. 223220

Amina called him out on Twitter for racism in Japanese and it got 30+ retweets. So if you look at his Twitter now it is literally all about Amina and it's really creepy. I remember he said he had folders on certain girls in his computer. All of his tweets are at like 3am Japanese time. Dude is shut in for sure.

No. 223221

I hate Himezawa but Jrcock is retarded as fuck lmao

No. 223228

whats his twitter?

No. 223229

No. 223233

Whenever I see a cat on any of his social media I get uncomfortable.

I'm glad she called him out. I guess since she's not with her label anymore she doesn't need to turn the other cheek and ignore him anymore. I think Himezawa should call him out on the crap he posted about her as well.

No. 223242

Jrcach and Sabz are just as bad as each other.

No. 223244

Amina's 10 year old sister is in chemotherapy and jrcach made fun of her on his Twitter. How is he not banned yet

No. 223246

Send this asshole hate at tsukutsukuboushi.tumblr.com
Do it through the app because he has a tracker.

No. 223252

That's fucking abhorrent. He's literal garbage. Pardon my edge, but I seriously can't wait for the day he drops dead in his filthy little apartment, alone and probably in front of his computer. What a truly worthless individual.
I don't even like Amina, but this just really set me off.

No. 223264

busuzawa is a scammer and a liar she has no right to call anyone out

No. 223265

Wow….He couldn't get any lower at this point.

No. 223271

Whaaaaattt??more pls

No. 223283

He is a vile person. Why does it seem the ugliest people have the worst this to say. At least Quasimodo had a good personality.

No. 223618

On Tumblr Amina said she thought about taking a semester of school off to stay in with her sister on chemotherapy who is on bed rest so their mother can work still. Jrcach instead said "she's using her pathetic stupid sister as a ploy to drop out of university." And started talking about how irresponsible black peoples are and that's why they have HIV and disease. Honestly it would be more pathetic for Amina to stay in Japan while her mom has to quit working than to go home so her parent can work. Jrcock is a bonafide nut.

No. 223669

Can I get a screenshot pls?

No. 223671

Fuck.Jrcach is human trash

No. 223673

File: 1453275855076.png (425.01 KB, 687x591, kek.png)

Let me guess…. Because Jayde is black?

No. 223674

Could he not be a racist asshole for one day. Not even asking for him to stop completely, but just leave the woman alone to deal with this. Racist post don't usually get to me, but the fact that he he didn't have the decency to not say anything on the matter speaks a lot about him. He a disgrace to glorious Nippon.

No. 223676

File: 1453276163153.jpg (46.55 KB, 640x480, Mira's_husband_1.jpg)

jfc kanadajin3 legitimately creeps the shit out of me.only jrcock could find her attractive.
it's like someone smashed her face into the ground

No. 223677


No. 223678

>tfw Greg is a better option

No. 223680

File: 1453276533494.jpg (59.74 KB, 800x450, o59uaf.jpg)

Yeah.Mira is the most beautiful Japanese girl!!

No. 223682

Her husband's face is filled with regret

No. 223684

Tbh although I understand why you think she's plain this is one of the only pictures where I don't find her face to be totally adorable.

No. 223869

are you on drugs

No. 223871

Caveman Fetish?

No. 223883

She looks painfully swollen.

No. 224253

Why are people looking from validation from jrcach…

No. 224330

He's nipponese

No. 224752


That reminds me of an Egyptian man I met from interpals.

He was obsessed with white girls and white skin.

I notice a lot of foreigners are like this, to the point they hype up white girls even the average white guy wouldn't be interested in.

The strangest thing was he didnt even like Asian women, even if they were very pale, he even considered them less attractive than black women because of their facial features.

Later he found a nice Russian girl but he told me he doesnt like her in some pictures because she looks too Asian. wtf.

No. 224754


I hate Nipponese people to be entirely honest, out of all cultures obsessed with whiteness and fairness Mongoloid people take it the worse.
At least an Indian, Pakistani, or an Arab can still find a swarthy girl somewhat beautiful or attractive a lot of the times. However, finding a SEA or Northeast Asian who will think that is incredibly rare.

No. 224755

No. 224773

Mira, is that you?

No. 224834

No wonder Kanadajin3 is so bitter.Her face is so FUCKED not even make up or photoshop can fix it.

No. 224835

tf is wrong with this freak

No. 224864

File: 1453486123674.jpg (52.75 KB, 1024x766, wtfjcock.jpg)

No way in hell Mira is hotter than this girl

No. 224865

Jayde is mixed, which is too black for him. Uf she was 100% white he'd be singing a different tone.

No. 224866

Thats so stupid, im more into white chicks myself, but im not gonna lie i feel attracted to women no matter their race if they are hot. He must be some weird ass shut in or something.

No. 224870

Jrcock is fucked in the head. No one takes him seriously anyway.

No. 224911

Anyone who isn't jrcock can see that this girl is prettier. Mira looks like she got hit by a bus.

No. 224913


Who cares? They're both ugly. If Japanese guys think like this then they can have all the miras.

No. 224914


Pretty much, yh. Cos she has a drop of black in her she's automatically ugly.

Fuck off Jrpedo

No. 224918

Can round them all up and ship them there?

No. 225169

Can someone here list all his twitter accounts please?

No. 225203

No. 225204

No. 225206

File: 1453656041885.png (161.23 KB, 878x712, jrcock.png)


No. 225227

Are these his accounts or just the ones making fun of him?

No. 225235

2ch users making fun of him.

No. 225237

Ok thank you. I'm now trying to collect all his social media accounts to block all of them. He seriously scares me. And please people, keep reporting his tumblr. It has been down once so we can bring it down again and hopefully forever

No. 225250

At least he admitted she's pretty. This guy's a fucking weirdo tho if he's more attracted to Mira who just looks fucking slow.

No. 225306

The one with the Canadian flag tho.

No. 225404

lol there's more

No. 253260

No. 253264

hasn't updated since a month or two though

No. 253332

Was not prepared for his picture. My poor eyes. I'm traumatised. It needs to be spoilered.

No. 253334

Wtf sparked of this deep hatred for black women.. I remember reading his blog 5 years ago and he was never like this. As far as I remember even when he mentioned black people, it was never racist. Now he is obsessed and angry lmao.

No. 253337


Maybe he was the one in that secret porno fucking Barbie delandra. Maybe he loved her and she got rid of his yellow ass

No. 253340

Maybe got dumped by some black hoe

No. 253348

That's not him….

No. 253353

I don't know who it was but it started after some black girl didn't want to hop onto his pedo advice.

No. 258264

Hey there.. I'm the girl who wrote that post. This has been bugging me for a long time so I wanted to say something about it. Honestly, the post was bs- I hate to admit it but jrcach was kinda scaring me a bit and the post was a cry for help while trying to conceal it from him. Nobody read through that and he still took offense to it and started attacking me on social media like he does everyone else.

I immediately blocked him on everything and tried dropping off the face of the internet for a while. He originally found me, and early on I asked for advice, but then I saw how he treated girls, I tried to throw a steak at him so he'd leave me alone, so-to-speak. The best way I can put it is relating it to that one Dane Cook thing where he talks about being nice to that one creepy kid in the class so the creepy kid would skip him once he finally snaps and kills everyone. The "Thanks for the snickers" skit. I was hoping by getting on his good side, he'd leave me alone. I even told Aminyan this back a few years ago. What I didn't mention however was that I was nervous that he was just some troll account made by one of the girls in the comm, so I was careful not to act like he bugged me publicly. Honestly, it was an act. He terrifyed me. I wish I manned up and blocked him sooner.

I've seen people giving me crap calling me a ''jrcach supporter'' for not actively being against him, so I wanted to throw this out there. I want to apologize, I'm sorry for the act, it was dishonest. :-( I just really didn't like the thought of an old man being constantly in my business (which is why I name changed / disappeared off the internet for a while).

I can reassure you.. any girl who "supports" him is either new or hasn't seen his true colors.

No. 260740

thank you !!

No. 260745

Jesus can't you blog somewhere else?

No. 260746


I find it bizarre how he just has conversations about race and other countries to his self. He goes on such tangents pouring out tons of these autistic tweets in one go. Shame he isn't very entertaining any more..

No. 260857

Idk your post really went in… and it's not the first time you had his back..at that time his followers collasped..just say you changed your mind..I see you recently became friends with amina.. hmmmm

No. 260870

what the hell? you were scared of an online guy, that you've never even met, to the point of making a fake post praising him or something? what the fuck? shouldve just blocked the guy, changed your handles or even deleted your accounts and disappeared completely. making weird posts "seeking help" or using mental gymnastics to come up with other stupid solutions, instead of just stopping attentionwhoring is weird. i mean seriously you're not gonna die if you don't have an internet presence with 100 photos of you and your tumblr followers lol

No. 260935

now that's just fucking creepy

No. 260937

Of cause he is fucking creepy.

No. 260946

Why is the white girls face orange?

No. 263122

Not buying it.
You just wanted the approval of some sweaty Japanese man that you thought might help you gain some sort of net popularity regardless of what he said or did to others in the past. You didn't give a shit that he was racist because it wasnt your race that was effected. You didn't give a shit that the harassed other girls nonstop for months to years even because you thought you could be the special snowflake that he likes and praises.

You were just yet another pudgy white girl on the internet who thought that Japanese men would slobber over her and throw tons of cash and admiration her way if all she did was agree with the biggest asshole possible. One of those 'tries to fuck their way to top' girls who ends up only fucking themselves. Just admit it.

Don't post some giant sob story about how you were scared into doing anything because you werent. You were just trying to be sneaky. That's all it is.

No. 263163

This so much.

No. 263186



Girls flocking to him need to realize that Jrcock doesnt talk for ALL Japanese men or Japanese people or Asians. He is both a troll and cunt. Hes an old peado who needs a life.

Im tired of these "I am white so all Japanese luv me omg im so exotic". Its old and boring, even other white girls are beginning to find it boring as fuck.

No. 264684


Eh, fair enough. Can't fight it. Was like 17 and dumb and really bad with people (still am tbh). At first I was like "OH BOY" and then I was like "oh no wait a minute", but was too scared to admit it. Legit thought jrcach was another wanna be aidoru back then lol

Also no, Amina and I lived like 10 mins from each other,and hung out a little, but stopped really talking sometime before she moved. Wouldn't call it recent lol

And sorry to kind of dump that here, just wanted to get it out once lol, wasn't sure how.

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