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File: 1456791311794.jpeg (318.83 KB, 960x1280, image.jpeg)

No. 243458

Previous thread: >>206707

Tumblr: http://littlelotte-xo.tumblr.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/littlelotte_xo
Instagram: https://instagram.com/littlelotte_xo/
MFC: http://profiles.myfreecams.com/LittleLotte
CHATURBATE: https://chaturbate.com/lotte__/

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Please contain your autism, keep off topic shit in /b/.

rip in pieces little lotte

No. 243460

File: 1456791472830.gif (10.68 MB, 711x534, graphics-coca-cola-774238.gif)

No. 243461

File: 1456791960382.gif (420.46 KB, 340x348, image.gif)

oh my god

anon this is beautiful

No. 243463


Yeah I mean, I know she was probably deliberately pushing her chin inwards in this shot but it was too funny not to do something with it.

No. 243464

It's perfect. Totally perfect.

Do we know the next time Charms will be on cam?

No. 243470

File: 1456793741680.jpg (96.46 KB, 596x628, 1446118068254.jpg)

You are golden. Hahaha.

No. 243473

I dunno but I'm tempted to leave it open just in case. I haven't actually witnessed this trainwreck in all it's glory. I want to believe with diet and exercise she can undo this but I don't honestly know if anything can be done with the extra skin.

No. 243476


It's the tattoos I'm primarily concerned about.
Her first 10 or so we're actually very beautiful, skillfully inked, tasteful and well placed, but all the ones since then are just awful, awful, awful.

Even if one day she does regain conscious autonomy, gets her shit together and starts losing weight, save for physically removing the skin that the tattoo is applied to, there's no way she's ever going to be free of all that ink.

No. 243512

I used to have a 48 oz.-a-day diet soda habit. Since seeing Charms' decline, I have sworn off it and have not had a drop in six weeks.

Thank you Big Lottes.

No. 243526

File: 1456810530644.gif (168.05 KB, 404x272, 1454499065609.gif)

I sort of just want to be her girlfriend. I'd make her healthy food and get her off all those meds. Then I would fondle her fake tits and the two of us could be disgustingly vain together. Is that crazy?

No. 243527

Wouldn't you suggest a revision on her boob job to make them look less awful too?

No. 243529

Maybe after she has the money

No. 243530

It's gross and crazy. Do you also fantasize about fondling her disgusting fupa?

No. 243536

Honestly, I can dig it.

No. 243553

Considering her lack of hygiene, she probably smells like shit and has skin fungus between her fat rolls.

No. 243562

Make her take a bath every few days while you're at it.
I support you, you deviant.

No. 243569

Please do it.
Help her and bring her back to old glory

No. 243575

File: 1456824639890.jpg (20.52 KB, 527x185, whaaa.jpg)

Copypasta from sjw thread but man, Charms reblogges some stupid shit.

No. 243577

File: 1456825412430.jpg (25.51 KB, 531x192, illnesh.jpg)

Another thing she reblogged.

No. 243643

Is her mom gonna support her n mike for rest of their lives? Or is lotte gonna get on Disability (if she already doesnt) and live in the boonies somewhere?

No. 243645

No, anon,I feel the same way. But I'm not rich, so she'd scoff at me. I just really stuff I could work out with her and get her back healthy. And get her off those shit drugs she's on.

No. 243649

You know in my culture, we believe jealousy can ruin a person's life because of people casting a bad eye on them out of jealousy.

Seeing what has happened to Lotte has solidified my belief that bad eyes do exist and that they will fuck u up

No. 243672

Oh anon, you don't have to be rich. Just be able to go to East coast cons, be thin, some kind of "alternative", and be hot enough to get Big Lottes views while camming.

No. 243683


I was dirt poor when Charms approached me to be friends. Still am.

Charms doesn't care about whether or not you're rich, but she "does" care whether or not you're pretty, good with makeup, hair, fashionable or retain some level of internet notoriety.

If you possess none of these things she won't be interested.

No. 243687

I also weirdly kind of want to be Charm's friend. I'm the one who saw her at Ohayo, and I've had a few online interactions with her, and idk why, but she fascinates me the most of out everyone posted here. She lives about an hour from me and is going to be at two of the cons I'm going to be at in the immediate future, so I wonder if I'll see her again.

I don't know why I kinda want to be her friend. She's a trainwreck, and a nasty (mentally and physically) person, but something about her intrigues me.

No. 243689

> wanting to be this awful pig's friend

Losers. She's always had a bad attitude. I do feel a bit sorry for her tho, although I don't want to "fix her" like you dumasses want to do for some reason.

No. 243693

I dont get why this girl is even relevant… She's average looking has a shitty personality the only positive i can see to be envious of is that she has rich sucessful parents who im sure are sick of her if i had her parents i would have done way better with my life and made better investment with the money why is life so unfair

No. 243702

File: 1456875996310.png (243.5 KB, 637x358, Untitled-2.png)


>I dont get why this girl is even relevant…

No. 243703

>why is life so unfair

Cry harder.

No. 243706

I wish she got back in lolita that would be hilarious.

No. 243714

stealin dat choker.

No. 243715

Are you Russian? This is true in my culture too, my mom always talks about how you shouldn't brag too much because people will send bad vibes your way.

No. 243728

She's coming online at 10PM est.

No. 243729

Stop talking about bullshit superstitions and back to Charms.

No. 243731

Fuck yes!

No. 243754

File: 1456887422024.jpg (113.51 KB, 518x854, 5rg.jpg)

Damn you can really see where the muscle and the implant separates.

No. 243757

No. 243760

Cant find her wtf im bored

No. 243761

What a bore fest.

No. 243763

She said she was going to the gym later? Uhuh.

No. 243767

Lol. She saids no one is talking. I try to type and it won't let me because basic members have been muted by model. She wonders why no one talks

No. 243768

Probably done to prevent trolling, but honestly I don't see Charms getting trolled too often.
She really should let guests talk, and take it away if it gets too much. I think she hopes what happens is people while find her interesting and tip enough to be unmuted.

No. 243769

Kek, Sonico?
Porkchop would suit her more.

No. 243773


On MFC allowing guests to talk is a sign of an unpopular camgirl.
Allowing guests to talk would pretty much spell death for her on the site, so it doesn't shock me that she still forbids it.

No. 243775

Oh. I didn't know that. Thanks Anon.

No. 243776

first time seeing her cam and fuck she is the most boring person. 0 personality.

No. 243779


The thing is I made an account so wasn't even a guest?

No. 243780

First time seeing her cam too and omg she is boring. Plus she needs a better bra

No. 243781


You are still validated as a guest by the system until you buy tokens. If you make a single purchase you lose guest status forever.

No. 243782

I hope someone took caps of that underboob, there is something wrong with one of those implants for sure.

No. 243784

File: 1456891978096.jpg (Spoiler Image, 160.48 KB, 1917x358, 1456096401791.jpg)


I saw it too… there's a distinct line where you can see the implant sitting above the muscle, and her nipples are pointing in two different directions.

Why did you do it Charlotte?

No. 243785


Ahh gotcha. Thanks for explaining.

No. 243788

File: 1456892615920.png (Spoiler Image, 246.24 KB, 479x357, Ew.png)

No. 243792

wtf that looks awful, she must realize her implants are fucked right? I hope she gets it fixed soon

No. 243794

>doesn't talk
>offers nothing
>after each goal is met just sits staring at the camera waiting for the next tip
>reached bra off countdown earlier, has already put her robe back on


No. 243795

she just sits there and pouts

No. 243796

She said she can't rent because she has too many cats so the only way she can move out of her moms house is to buy her own home.

No. 243797

Shes high off her meds lol

No. 243801

Mreh I sent her an ask but she didn't answer me.

No. 243807

Is she still online? I think I still have a paid account

No. 243808

I missed her. damn it all

No. 243809

Because she's a dumb bitch who actually thinks bigger boobs are better.

No. 243811

>that fucking gap
If she goes off the meds she will just kill herself. Holy shit she is so ruined. I really hope she takes mike with her. The scumbag.

No. 243812

Yeah. I don't know how accurate the posts int he previous thread were, but they sure seem at last a little credible.

No. 243813

>>243811 i doubt she'll off herself she just needs to eat better and get those implants out of her

No. 243814

How do men have 20,000$ to throw away on a camgirl? Are there rich sinile old guys with dementia sitting there throwing their savings away? I dont get it

No. 243817

They don't, or at least 99% of the time no. I don't really remember how it works exactly, google is your friend. There's a lot of shit going on behind the scenes.

No. 243818

FYI to the next person to state a thread: she changed her MFCs name to Lotte_

I guess calling herself LittleLotte was embarrassing even for her.

No. 243824


Most of the time it isn't actually rich guys, it's men (and women) leading average, uneventful lives who believe they can forge an emotional/social connection with a girl who will potentially provide them with a means of interaction and the added benefit of (typically) pretty girls being nude whilst in a shared/public environment in which they can further socialise with likeminded people.
It's pretty much the electronic version of a group of guys going to a strip club, sitting around the stage and chatting together whilst occasionally tossing bills to the dancer, only with camming it's common for the punters to legitimately befriend the dancer or become the dancer's beneficiary.

For the individual it provides an experience that is more personably intimate than porn but less demanding and stressful than an actual relationship.

It's very rare that you'll actually get a legit millionaire wander into MFC and start slamming down $$$, but for this experience alone, yes, there are many men willing to go out and work, come home and piss away their wages on their "favourite girl".

No. 243825

That has to be one of the worst refund gaps I've ever seen.

I honestly just want her to get better. This is sad now.

No. 243827

Damn, they look awful. They look like they're sagging a lot now, too. I wonder how much the weight gain is affecting them?
does anyone have pics of her before she got fat but with her implants? Or like right after she got them?

Ugh. I'm envious of her tiny boobs of yesteryear. I'd take perky A/B cups over saggy Fs any day.

No. 243828

File: 1456905167278.png (707.42 KB, 892x546, 1111.png)


what a coincidence I was just going through her insta.

When you scroll through it you see so much fast food, ugh.

No. 243873

She was fat before she got them in so there's no way to really know how they would've looked otherwise. They're so botched up she'd have to get them redone if she ever lost weight. It would look just too weird.

No. 243877

and no one has to know about it. you can be sitting in the same room as your family, on your laptop . and no one even knows. whereas, you go to a strip club, they wonder where you've been , why you smell like smoke and ass and are covered in glitter lol

No. 243879

wtf is that
looks so unnatural
i can never see her with big boobs

No. 243881

>I'd take perky A/B cups over saggy Fs any day.
She looks like a 34GG/H to me.

No. 243939

File: 1456944030400.png (Spoiler Image, 695.65 KB, 814x597, 413v2yb.png)

I don't even know what's going with her tits here.

No. 243941

Oh for sure man, I was referring to my own saggy fs lol. I think she's rocking 36H though or something, I was a 34G for a while and I dont remember ever being that big, body or boobs wise.
I cant help but feel livid when I think about how she ruined essentially my dream boobs to get fake udders.

No. 243948

Wow. That's got to be the most tragic thing I've read all day. Fuck. I wonder if these people honestly couldn't do something like sit in a strip club because they're so antisocial.

No. 243951

Meh it's not that bad. I'd rather get home after a long day of work and snuggle into my bed and pajamas with a snack and then throw money at a repertoire of hot girls, all different types and sizes, then go after work all tired, spend gas money to get somewhere, buy a drink, avoid the really creepy dudes, choose a dancer from the lineup of girls who all look the same and spend $50 for her to look bored.
And in terms of cams vs porn, cams just have a totally different feel to them. The difference between seeing boobs on TV and seeing your friend show her boobs on webcam.

Idk to each their own, just think it's kind of silly to immediately equate everything online with having an awful life. Some stuff is just more convenient.

No. 243954

Are u a dude or a lesbian?

No. 243960

gross….you can see the surgery scar under her boob.

No. 243969

Speech marks aren't for emphasis. Stop that.

No. 243995

Sounds like a robot.

No. 243997

I meant the people watching it. Strippers are stupid with low self esteem, but the people that watch them are even stupider.

No. 244053

I am so sorry for her. These look saggier than most natural E cups… Shit.

No. 244055

My ex bf went into like $20,000 debt for cam girls back in 2012. Glad I'm done with that loser

No. 244059

Those idiots think that's considered "helping the needy". Good job dropping him, his idiocy will catch up to him soon enough.

No. 244060

Its a different need though, strippers are very much sexual and that is it. Cam girls will talk to you like a friend. Its all part of what makes it something to get addicted to, there is a connection you can create between the girl and the guy. Of course the girl is doing it because she gets money for it, but on both sides they are lonely people looking for attention.

No. 244062

I can vouche 100% for this. I cammed for a VERY short period of time after ending a long term abusive relationship, because it made me feel desirable and wanted. My most talked-to customer was a sad, church going man whose wife had died and his daughter was very, very, low functioning special needs and spent most of her time in the hospital and a wheelchair, but it was all he had left of his wife. Very simillar stories from a lot of the men. In a way, we fed into each other, except I got money.

For the record, I did it about two months, made pretty damn good money, but eventually I realized what I was doing and stopped. It was already a few years ago, but I regret it near constantly. =/

No. 244067


You regret camming or you regret quitting camming?

No. 244070

>$20,000 in debt
Did he have a reason why? I always imagined guys that spend money on cam girls as badly aged 40+ men or low IQ /r9k/ types.

No. 244071

I regret camming. I never did anything too extreme, just flashes and a show with the previously mentioned regular, but I have this horrible pit in my stomach every time I meet a new guy or apply for a job that I pre-emptively ruined my life lol. Sage for OT blog post

No. 244072

Tragic? Eh doesn't seem like it. They're getting attention they wouldn't otherwise get, so why not? I don't cam so I don't know what that's like in terms of the sexual stuff, but I can imagine putting up with boring or annoying weirdos online and trying to act interested in whatever they want to talk and give them attention about gets very boring very fast. And then that person who would otherwise be alone gets to fulfill their emotional needs. Seems fair.

No. 244114

I hope she reads this thread. And I hope she takes the advice. Her tits look fucking terrible especially knowing she laid for them. Also when she was Caming I went onto that other girl ashe_maree that popped up on these threads cause she did a show with lotte and seriously she was way better and more sociable interacting with the tippers hence why she had so many and why lotte had like 5 non guests. Girl needs to get a reality check.

No. 244115

That's a massive generalization. Plenty of strippers can act just as friendly etc, depends on the club and obviously the stripper.

No. 244117

I'm glad Ashe & Charms aren't friends anymore.
Something about Ashe is insufferable & she has an annoying ass face…

No. 244121

Agreed. I actually think charms was hotter back when they cammed together. Better face and a cute amount of chub. Ashe is kind of skeletal.

I looked through mikes Instagram and there's 1 picture of charms alone and around 4 of Chloe. Charms staying with this ugly aged lesbian looking guy to fetch her BK while she pays for everything is fucking insane. She could do so much better even in her current state.

No. 244122

Fine by Ashe too since she's making bank and has a ton of regular who easily tip her 10,000 tokens. Charms is a fat pig struggling and whining for chump change.

No. 244125

File: 1456990791950.jpeg (25.25 KB, 650x366, image.jpeg)

I've been trying to articulate for the longest time what it is exactly about Scraps face that creeps me out so much, and today I finally nailed it.

Dude fucking looks like Crispin Glover

No. 244126

File: 1456990842602.jpeg (118.44 KB, 960x540, image.jpeg)

No. 244129

He has no lips. Oh man, that's a bad gene pool.

No. 244135

In their duo shows it seems like Ashe was the one who kept things moving along and interacted with viewers. Charms was passive to the point of being corpse-like most of the time. Just another reason why Charms would like a girlfriend/cam partner.

No. 244179

Crispin is a babe.

No. 244180

Yeah, Crispin is way hotter than Scraps. I still think he looks like some scrawny 40 year old lesbian.

No. 244183

Absolutely, he's really creepy.

No. 244276

File: 1457043196821.png (103.89 KB, 640x886, 21v.png)

Seems that Charms had a fight with her family.

No. 244277

File: 1457043240152.png (96.02 KB, 578x743, 22v.png)

So upset she couldn't even do the only job that she has. Then she begged for tips and ordered pizza.

No. 244278

File: 1457043256758.png (18.45 KB, 572x165, 23v.png)

She feels better now.

No. 244281

Why do you guys call him scraps?

No. 244282

File: 1457044379479.jpg (34.08 KB, 602x393, clipbo90.jpg)

No. 244283

File: 1457044725272.png (14.27 KB, 542x372, bruh.png)

l i t e r a l l y
u n e d u c a t e d

No. 244284

Confirms she didn't complete cosmetology school. That fucking explains everything.

No. 244285

Because he's so gangly and thin that it looks like Charms only feeds him scraps.

No. 244286

Am I the only one who thinks Mike is kinda cute?

No. 244288

He's got that weird crepey skin look mike has but his jawline is really thick. The worst part about mikes face is his weak as fuck jaw. I have pretty low standards and only date skinny guys but the non existent jaw is ugly as fuck even for me.

No. 244289

Anon, don't go down that dark path.

No. 244297

If you start a sentence with "Am I the only one" then no you are not, just don't even bother typing it out.

No. 244308

I guess it's personal preference and all, but I still don't get people praising the way charms used to be. When I first saw her in gifs on Ashe's blog I thought she was pretty, until I saw the one where she was kissing Ashe with her full body in sight and looked about to devour her whole. Her body doesn't seem to have ever been good as a camgirl.

Then I went to her room when she was online once or twice, and damn, Ashe is annoying (tries too hard to be quirky, preachy, "smart" etc), but Lotte is just. Boring and unappreciative. She sat there being boring and complaining the whole time with dead eyes. And scolding ransoms. Even if you find Ashe annoying (I do) and unattractive (I sometimes do), there are clear reasons she's so much more popular.

Brina (Sabrina Nellie for the uninformed) on the other hand acts completely the same as lotte (boring, unappreciative and perpetually dead) but I guess she gets away with it cos of how "pretty" and skinny she is. Lomeli is just as boring but at least she seems nicer than Lotte and Brina.

No. 244310

Randoms not ransoms, stupid autocorrect

No. 244318

I wish Charms would get a revision. Her tits look so fucking deformed. The botched job isn't unsalvagable like many.

No. 244321

Sabrina is forever the girl who shoved poop back in her asshole, and then without washing her hands proceeded to finger herself. Gross

No. 244322

Holy fuck, she doesn't respect herself. That's disgusting. Even Charms is better than that.

No. 244338

When Charms started at 19 she was pretty skinny and she was very successful at camming. Realistically that body came from starving so it was unlikely she would stay that way. This charms was enviable because she was good looking and making bank despite not putting a lot of effort into it. Most people are talking about this point in time.

If we are talking about 21 year old charms, she gained weight and at that time people were saying how chubby she was, but comparing to now she looked pretty ok. No longer super skinny but she still had money coming in, and cam wise she had good opportunities coming her way. Even at the chubby weight she was before she fucked it up big time, when she did her hair well and did her makeup she looked good. Now it is like those skills never existed.

Charms was always really shit at trying to keep people entertained on cam but when she was in her prime she didnt need to be great at conversations because she had enough regulars to do the work for her, and she had the whole x tips for spanks that she actually kept up that enticed people. She didnt always have those dead eyes.

No. 244340

This. Charms' weight fluctuates like crazy because she just starves herself then binges and her metabolism is fucked so she explodes. But when she was about 100lbs she was hot as fuck. Most people realize this doesn't work in their teens but Charms reminds me of a lot of high school dropouts I know IRL that think they're super intelligent but lives are full of bad choices and don't take advice because they think they're smarter than everyone.

No. 244370

Sabrina did what?? Wtf can you elaborate how did I not know this

No. 244381

for clarification that's not exactly what happened, there's videos if you google it. I kinda feel bad for her, she obviously tried to hide it, and then "went pee" and came back. just a shitty awkward mistake. pun not intended

No. 244384

What happened? I kind of don't want to google that.

No. 244387

Basically she's on cam masturbating with a glass dildo and from the angle you can see her begin to shit herself, but I suppose she was too into it to notice at first? So she uses her other hand (not the one holding the dildo) to push the shit back into her ass and kept going. Tbh, i do feel a bit bad for her. She should have stopped though and went to clean up for sanitary reasons.

No. 244405

oH MY GOD THE MENTAL VISUAL HOLY SHIT literally wow what a gross chick, whoever she is… What a terrible way to handle a situation like that, rotfl..

No. 244406

Lmfao reminds me of this one pornstar, apparently she had a tapeworm start coming out of her ass during a scene so she just pushed it back in and kept going. Jenny Haze or something.

No. 244407

People who cam and do porn are pretty gross to begin with.

>A tapeworm

but fuck, that is beyond repulsive!!

No. 244408

File: 1457075424142.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.5 MB, 260x173, 8OzL3.gif)

Sorry I guess the tapeworm and Jenny Haze thing I mentioned might've been wrong, apparently she just had a weird skin tag on her ass or something?

But, speaking of camwhores…dear anon, I'm not gonna let you down. (idk who it is)

No. 244413

Holy shit why would you broadcast that to the world

No. 244418

Out of curiosity have you lost weight from it? I never drink soda I just have a really weird fascination with how much weight people lose/how many side effects are gone after they stop drinking it.

No. 244419

When will people learn that using tapeworms to lose weight is dangerous as hell?

No. 244420

That is definetly a worm poking out to say hello. No skin tag looks like that, wiggling out and upward with sentience. She's got WORMS! Gross!!

No. 244422

I'm a diet coke hound and have been since high school. I had to stop drinking it for a few months because of a heart condition (not allowed caffeine) and didn't lose any weight.
However, I'm also aware that just because I'm drinking diet doesn't mean I can eat whatever I want, and that it makes you hungrier (it tricks your body, since you ingest something sweet, your body thinks it's getting sugar and when it doesn't it causes hunger). I'm not skinny but I'm a healthy BMI and diet coke is my one vice so whatever.
But if I was drinking the same amount of regular soda I'd be obese. It's really really easy to ingest all the extra calories if you're not paying attention.
Sage for off topic.

No. 244425


OT but I also have up sugary, carbonated drinks. Ended up losing 20lbs over a few months.

No. 244467

she should just become one of those fetishist hookers that lets guys surround her with food for her to devour and also sit on their faces

No. 244468

i kind of get what she is trying to say. maybe she means
educated =/= smart
uneducated =/= not smart

but even so,
uneducated is still uneducated

No. 244471

She wasn't always COMPLETELY awful. Honestly, before she moved to California to be with Aoi she was tolerable. Aoi honest to god catapulted her straight to crazy town.

No. 244477

I used to buy the 2L of Coke Zero and drink one a day. I'd get angry as fuck if I didn't. Now I buy cans and drink one every couple weeks if I had a bad day and need a treat.

It didn't affect my weight at all either. I used to drink it after dinner and I stop eating after dinner. Now I drink tea instead.

No. 244492


Coke zero has ZERO sugar (hence the name) and has 1 calorie to every litre.

No. 244508

File: 1457115493906.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.38 KB, 732x490, wdwdf.jpg)

For the people saying that she was never a good camgirl, I have to disagree.

These are two videos I uploaded a while back and I mean, look, she's moving around, she's teasing, flashing, dancing, she has mood appropriate music playing, she's carrying on conversation with her viewers, she's wearing nice, fitted lingerie, her makeup is natural and applied well etc.



No. 244509

if you read what was posted above, you would see people commenting on a common misconception "you might gain weight even if you drink diet coke" because some people drink 0calorie soda but make up the calories in other ways, hence get fat

No. 244511

File: 1457116113128.jpg (Spoiler Image, 157.61 KB, 2194x492, ff.jpg)


Goddamn dat smile.
Charlotte you had it all, and you gave it all back.

No. 244551

File: 1457121361064.jpg (10.39 KB, 296x158, 11709645_1631107193773697_6520…)

>tfw this was your favorite Charms era.
I'm so depressed she'll never be this cute ever again.

No. 244552


I would have legit banged her in this era, she was extremely qt.

No. 244557

straight up looks like Sasha Grey, here.

No. 244594

While her implants could look better and she should have opted for a lift, it surprises me that anyone thought her tits looked "best" here. They look like saggy little eggs pinned to a fleshwall.

I seriously hope you're only saying that because she was still thin here…

No. 244597


No, I legit think they're very cute.
Seriously though Anon we're so used to seeing breasts displayed in a singular exclusive format - large, round, perfectly perky tits that seemingly defy gravity with a small to medium pink-toned nipple.
It gets shoved in our faces so much that pretty soon you start to view entirely normal, natural tiddies such as >>244511 as abnormal or "broken", you start to forget that actually, those kind of tits are very much in the minority.

It's fucking depressing. Her tits are fine.

No. 244614

Nah, they're cute.

No. 244617

There's nothing wrong with her natural tits. I think they are rather cute. They aren't perfect, of course, but they are far from hideous. Small titties are adorable. You should lay off the porn.

No. 244618


Fuck me I'm so relieved that there are other women that really do get it.

No. 244624

People like you are the reason she got that obnoxious terrible boob job in the first place

No. 244633


The point isn't that saggy boobs aren't common or normal, the point is that she's always had saggy, shallow-set boobs. So it's kind of funny that people think the implants did her over, when actually what she needed to begin with was a lift to take care of her problem.
>didn't mean to pick a fight with the itty bitty titty committee, sorry

No. 244635

Or she could have just left her breasts alone, and instead dieted and exercised to her improve her overall physique :^) not every pair of tits needs to be "fixed."

No. 244636

>thinking exercise fixes saggy boobs
Oh anon…

No. 244638


Anon she didn't "have" a problem for fucks sake. Honestly it's people like you that are responsible for fucking up the self esteem of young girls everywhere, and no I do not have small breasts, but undoubtedly you'd judge me as "deformed" also.

If you're so confident you should post your own sandbags here and let us all take a gander.

No. 244639

Like I said, not every pair of breasts needs to be "fixed" so they can look like they belong to a porn star. Exercise would help her look less flabby and working out her pectoral muscles could help her breasts appear more perky.

The point is, however, she traded her non-horrific looking breasts for implants that sit on top of the muscle and look like lopsided, malformed, cross-eyed udders.

No. 244640

No point in arguing with a robot, sadly. They've never seen a woman in real life. They aren't sure what to expect when women don't end up looking like their Chinese cartoons.

No. 244642

>implying lifting weights won't do wonders for your tits when you're losing weight.
give it a shot~

No. 244646


Different Anon here but I did lift whilst losing weight whilst specifically focusing on the pectorals and it didn't do shit.
The "your tits will become perky if you lift" thing is a meme. If your boobs are sagging because the skin has lost its elasticity no amount of muscular growth will change that.

No. 244649

>implying I fuck up your or anyone else's self esteem

No halfwit, only you have to live with your saggy or small boobs. I don't personally give a shit. Do yourself a favor and stop giving a shit about opinions on the internet and get some damn self respect.

The reason why Charms is even on the table is because she's a camgirl. She sexually objectives herself and makes a living off of being someone else's sexual fantasy. Her product is her body. People who view her content are allowed to have opinions about her "product."
>stop projecting and taking this so personally

No. 244651


Keep talking as if the bile you're spewing is little more than an "inconsequential opinion".
Saying that her entirely functional, formed, non-diseased breasts are a problem that needs to be repaired just makes you an asshole and as bad and as stupid guys as the faggots from /r9k/.
Also saying "w-weeeh, it's just muh pinion'" doesn't make you want less devoid of the consequences of the things you choose to express you know, and the worst thing is that you're actually just one person noisily contributing to this sea of bullshit. Wouldn't it be nice if people like you just for once could engage their cognitive autonomy and step away from this crap.

Fuck off and take your bolt on tits fetish with you. Oh and ease up on the porn.

No. 244652

All I said is that they were saggy before and only bigger now. They were never not saggy.

Again, I didn't mean to turn an observation into an argument that hurts your feelings. But I also think you're a hypocrite; I'm not allowed to say they're saggy but it's perfectly fine for you to call her boobs "deformed udders" when I'm sure there's also women who have boobs that are naturally that big and saggy as well.
Stop acting like you're body positive when the truth is you're a small tittied bitch that I struck a nerve with. Now fuck off.

No. 244654


She looks really cute in these videos. The only thing that is a bit off putting is her chest is so small and her hips are wider and it looks kinda off? Still looks really cute and better than she does now.

No. 244655

File: 1457143382691.jpeg (49.97 KB, 500x379, image.jpeg)

>thinking that only one anon is arguing with you on this

No. 244656


Are you so retarded that you actually think it's because you called her tits saggy that people are pissed? It's because you said they were a problem that needed repairing when they're completely normal.

I'm laffin though that you're seriously trying to use "hurghhhh small breasts" as a serious insult here. How old are you, 13? Feels like I'm in a bitchy American highschool sitcom lel

No. 244658

you sound mad about paying for your retarded looking implants :^)

No. 244663

>saggy boobs aren't common or normal

Oh honey you haven't ever seen a real life woman naked have you? This entire train of thought you have is so embarrassing and arguing with people when they tell you otherwise really emphasizes the fact that you're too young to be on this site. I'm honestly just feeling so much second hand embarrassment that someone like you comes on here to post. Like, that's why everyone thinks we're just a bunch of gossipy girls who hate other women. Go back to /r9k/ and stop trying to stir the pot.

No. 244666

No. 244667

Since this was the night that she broke 100, that means it was her best night on cam.

No. 244668

Many breasts look freaky weird because of media standards, but Charlotte's old breasts are pretty okay with that standard. Maybe a bit tubular and downward, but they ain't bad at all. Her new breasts are so bad because they weren't placed appropriately. It looks like she has a boob on top of a boob now…

No. 244670

Yeah if Charm's old boobs are bad head on over to snow and look at Megan's. Jezus

No. 244682

Her breasts were very much normal before she got the implants. They weren't perfectly shaped but they were normal. However. They did have slight droopage (which again is normal) and the oversized implants settled too far into her naturally drooping breast. They bottomed out and she probably did not consult her doctor after they did. She may not have done her massages properly or at all (if her doctor instructed her to do them in the first place, some don't) which could have brought her to this point. Her massive weight gain after the implants also played a major roll in how they look now. Remember: If you are genetically predisposed to sag you will sag again, even with a lift and even with implants. Weight gain makes this worse. Most women who sag and get a lift will need another lift later on in life. The double bubble (the two breast thing, boob under a boob) you are seeing is from her doctor not being good enough and the implant settling into her chest and not her breast. It fell behind her inframammary crease and will only be fixed with a revision.
Recap: she had nice normal tits before, she went too big, they bottomed out and she developed double bubble due to a bad doctor, she did not get a revision and this is why they look how they do. The end.

No. 244683

Yikes that looked like a lot less before I posted it. I hope it can explain why her breasts look how they do now.

No. 244687

You should delete this post since you completely misread what was said there…

No. 244780

File: 1457181260603.jpg (7.17 KB, 194x153, double-bubble-breast-enhanceme…)


>double bubble

Wow, so there's an actual name for it? Thanks for sharing your expertise Anon.


I think she just mislinked.

No. 244813


They look a bit like 'workout lines'

No. 244838

I think anon's point is that they're a "problem that needs fixing" for her because she's trying to sell them. They wouldn't be and aren't a problem for any average joe on the street, but normal isn't worth spending money on. e.g. A bike with a rusty chain = normal. A bike you are trying to sell with a rusty chain = a problem you need to fix before you attempt to sell it.

No. 244841

I was reading the first charms thread the other day and this post would fit right in. I don't know if the userbase has changed or because charms has but it's weird.

I do think charms' tits look nice when she is skinny and they completely disappear. When she was about 120lbs they were a bit tubular and saggy. That and she had some lower belly fat but her face was so qt it didn't really matter.

No. 244862

File: 1457207444800.jpg (25.69 KB, 620x567, readImage.jpg)

>major roll

No. 244870

>When she was about 120lbs they were a bit tubular and saggy.

her breasts were normal and average sized. Yes, a bit saggy, but I don't know anyone who's breasts dont sag even a little. that's how breasts work. Have people been so warped by porn and faketits they forgot what real ones look like?

No. 244871

File: 1457208360580.jpg (99.12 KB, 768x1024, BP5jCrZCIAA4Qq9.jpg)

Dumping some vintage Lotte.

No. 244872

File: 1457208378466.jpg (85.38 KB, 1024x576, BQJD0-HCYAA1Iow.jpg)

No. 244874

She used to be so cute. I bet she cries as she stuffs her face and misses her old body every day.

No. 244875

File: 1457208413452.jpg (141.05 KB, 768x1024, BQJ3o6XCAAAgcpE.jpg)

No. 244876

File: 1457208446344.jpg (93.56 KB, 768x1024, BPfuyMHCIAEAQRt.jpg)

No. 244878

File: 1457208523236.jpg (120.8 KB, 768x1024, BRQbDq7CQAEwpdC.jpg)


What I can't seem to understand is how the fuck Mike managed to trap and ensnare such a qt when he legit looks like a haggard old dyke.

No. 244879

File: 1457208566962.jpg (87.72 KB, 768x1024, BScrnFeCEAEF01L.jpg)

No. 244881

File: 1457208699690.jpg (85.3 KB, 768x1024, BUqtg7ICcAACcCX.jpg)

No. 244882

File: 1457208721918.jpg (104.39 KB, 768x1024, BVMptmkCMAEbUhU.jpg)

No. 244883

File: 1457208756959.jpg (63.93 KB, 768x1024, BV3Wo2aCYAAsIhd.jpg)

No. 244884

File: 1457208792874.jpg (115.06 KB, 768x1024, BXSt-obIYAAxnuG.jpg)

No. 244885

File: 1457209003840.jpg (94.27 KB, 768x1024, BcOEAPdCYAAqa_C.jpg)

No. 244886

File: 1457209030211.jpg (57.77 KB, 768x1024, BcyCTYLCIAInHE1.jpg)

No. 244888

File: 1457209080837.jpg (98.81 KB, 768x1024, Bd0vWQpCIAE62h6.jpg)

No. 244889

File: 1457209114772.jpg (106.82 KB, 768x1024, BeDtolxCAAEBkmg.jpg)

No. 244890

File: 1457209152707.jpg (88.74 KB, 768x1024, BeS4NVgCEAAyjyH.jpg)

No. 244891

File: 1457209160976.jpg (82.51 KB, 576x1024, BeVixLlCcAAPznm.jpg)

No. 244892

File: 1457209210836.jpg (103.1 KB, 768x1024, BfrdZJOCUAAU1LR.jpg)

No. 244894

File: 1457209278588.jpg (90.39 KB, 768x1024, BguWWddCYAASaLP.jpg)

No. 244895

File: 1457209352041.jpg (88.46 KB, 768x1024, BhdNj41CEAADnNA.jpg)

No. 244896

File: 1457209392557.jpg (121.67 KB, 768x1024, BiF30mcCIAAy8e5.jpg)

No. 244897

File: 1457209417894.jpg (86.77 KB, 768x1024, BiQcExoCMAAgPiy.jpg)

No. 244898

File: 1457209621501.jpg (108.56 KB, 768x1024, BpV2W4YIgAAGvqd.jpg)


And then Mike appeared.
From here it's literally all downhill on her Twitter.

No. 244906

Seeing these makes me want to cry for her.

No. 244912

Fucking hell. She used to be quite pretty…decent make-up skills, clean, relatively healthy and nicely styled hair, a presentable body shape. I mean, she used to be (and probably still is) kind of a bitch, so I guess maybe her personality caught up to her looks at last? That and the fact she let herself go completely. She has become really gross these days too. Unbelievable.
Sorry if this has been discussed before (I've joined her thread only a short while ago) but I'm curious whether her diet used to be alright and also whether she used to work out before she became this hot mess?

No. 244914

No. 244915


mike played the submissive bf role too well

No. 244917

File: 1457214503425.jpg (306.58 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_n0o9bzIQex1shp2t7o1_128…)

No. 244956

No problem, I just thought someone who has gone through surgery could offer information about why she looks this way and hopefully put an end to guessing why they look weird.

No. 244957


She used to care about her looks. She was so pretty here.I like her best with ash blonde or silver hair.

No. 244965

Charms' mental break and is the eventuality that comes for all alt girls that don't grow out of their edgelord phase. you either go normie or you go crazy

No. 244969

>you go normie or you go crazy

I've never read something more true.

No. 244985

>but I'm curious whether her diet used to be alright and also whether she used to work out before she became this hot mess?

No, she has an ED. Anorexia with b/p subtype iirc She's never been okay with food, her diet or exercise.

No. 245096

why do i feel as though she was never officially diagnosed?

No. 245099

File: 1457238804860.jpg (7.23 KB, 251x251, 1454558802659.jpg)


No. 245173

File: 1457260515607.jpeg (118.16 KB, 666x1288, image.jpeg)

Needs to be posted again.

No. 245213

She had a nice nose. She should have just killed the living doll thing, gone blonde, and modeled in Japan

No. 245216

Wouldn't her tattoos have caused an issue though, as a public figure?

No. 245227

As she's somebody who doesn't remotely look Japanese, nobody would care. Plus, there are more and more Japanese celebrities with tattoos nowadays.

No. 245228

Didn't her downward spiral involve getting a shit ton on ugly tats? Had she done the doll thing instead, she might've been ok.

No. 245235

Idk, 'cause she was. She was even in inpatient treatment for it for a while I think. She's mentioned several times not being allowed to be prescribed laxatives, despite needing them, because she used to abuse them.

No. 245237

Isn't her nose actually really crooked? She just uses make up/angles (and shoop, in that pic) to make it less obvious? It's more apparent now since she gives less than two fucks about her appearance or is too delusional to realize how far she's fallen, but yeah.

>>244882 can kinda tell in this one

No. 245248

File: 1457286659846.jpg (13.91 KB, 499x249, tumblr_noawiu8LMm1t5cdmgo1_500…)

lotte is a total shudder-cow for me because i myself was caught in an identical downwards spiral. i'm a cosmetologist/camgirl who's pretty fucked in the head myself, got put on antipsychotics and stopped giving a shit. gained 60 pounds in 6 months. sat around like a hermit all day and almost dropped out of school.

these threads were a huge wakeup call for me. i sought treatment for binge eating disorder, discontinued the crazy pills and started up vyvanse. lost 40 pounds in a couple months and now i don't sit around feeling sorry for myself anymore.

i kind of wish i could befriend her and tell her she can pull herself out of this. i know everyone is blaming mike for enabling her but her situation to me seems like medication induced apathy.

No. 245249


Wow, your situations do sound very similar.
Were you ever popular/successful with your camming?

Speaking of, I did notice that Charms' old roommate, the one she fucked over and kicked out of her apartment with no notice, has given up camming and deleted all her profiles.

No. 245252

Yeah people used to pick up on that all the time, back when her looks mattered. She could have easily fixed that tilt though with the money she used for her boobs.

No. 245304

Howd you get vyvanse

No. 245305

Needs to be posted on keekz thread lmao

No. 245381

not taking the piss here: good for you anon. hope things continue to work out for ya.

No. 245392

I've never seriously tried to be super successful. I stopped for a good two years and have only started up again recently. This time I've made $300 in just a few sessions, I'm sure I could be decently popular if I tried, I just want to lose a bit more weight first.

And to whoever asked, vyvanse is a treatment for binge eating disorder. It's not hard to obtain at all, it could be for someone with a past anorexia diagnosis though.

No. 245443

Not that anon but its not that hard to get from a psych if you do your research. Grow a fucking brain dumbshit

No. 245444

LMAO such a cunt, not everyone has experience scamming doctors for high functioning drugs or has had ADD medication crammed down their face because their parents hated them. Take a break from your speed maybe.

Different anon but I have vyvanse, and I got it for seasonal depression because of energy levels. I don't have issues with needing to lose weight but if that's what you're trying to do just get an appetite suppressant and don't start fucking with it. It's not a magic pill it just gives you a very clean "high", unlike adderall. There's no generic yet so it costs around $300 a bottle, so if weight is your issue for that price just eat better.

No. 245445

This needs to be a fuckin banner ASAP.

No. 245464

Okay except this isnt the place to ask that shit so fuck off

No. 245470

I didn't ask, I answered someone, it's one off topic response what the fuck is up with you.

No. 245472

Sage but I am so jellymad at all you anons with good drugs. My doctor just gives constant antidepressants that make me act like charms (hungry and lazy).

No. 245496

I'm on Ritalin and I can't stand it. Is adderall better? Vyvanse makes it so I can't sleep and I don't want to go back on it again.

No. 245498

Adderall is way worse if you wanna sleep dude trust stick to vyvanse the high feels a lot cleaner and I'm less ragey and twitchy on it. Idk adderall makes me feel like a paranoid mess.
Sage for ot

No. 245526

what'd you tell your psych? also i presume it'd be a lot harder to get a prescription in the uk?

No. 245719

She needs to get her breast implants removed they look awful

No. 246351

File: 1457453786986.png (33.53 KB, 634x499, w34vbb.png)

Well, would you?

No. 246358

File: 1457454124215.gif (706.16 KB, 291x250, timgunn_no.gif)

… A topless hair salon. Wat.

(I'm assuming they'd still wear aprons… right?)

No. 246381

Lotte is my favourite cow. I gained 10 lbs due to depression and honestly I come to this thread and it makes me inspired to go run for 90 minutes and eat clean. I can understand why people used to post similar comments.

No. 246382

Holy shit, she really IS stupid.

You know how your skin gets irritated by cut hair when it lands on the back of your neck? How is it gonna feel when it's all over your bare fucking body.

She's an idiot.

No. 246384

…I wish all states required a license to open salons because this kind of shit proves that she doesn't have one.

No. 246392

Same. Between her being fat and gross now and PT surprisingly losing weight, it's really motivating.

No. 246399

Same, anon. I gained 30 pounds, stopped caring about my appearance, and was in a depressive rut for a good while but after seeing Charms go to shit I realized how gross I actually was (as I have a similar body shape). So I ditched the medication, started eating better, and now that it's been nicer out I've been trying to walk more. It's been about 2 months (with a couple relapses into gross eating habits) and I haven't stepped on a scale yet but I am noticeably losing weight in my face, arms, and stomach. I might look into starting yoga and saving up for a breast lift to fix the damage the weight gain has done. But overall I noticed I have more energy and have been feeling so much healthier and less of a sad piece of shit.
TL;DR Charms is great motivation and a prime example of "when hot chicks cool down".

No. 246418

File: 1457463845220.jpeg (126.3 KB, 719x741, image.jpeg)

This. Charms didn't only have a nice qt body but her face was really beautiful.

If I saw this 10/10 qt out with this 40 year lesbian dying of AIDS looking fuck I'd think he had a whole lot of money. Fucking charms why would you throw it all away for this? I'm ugly as fuck and I wouldn't even date this ugly mooch.

No. 246420

haha he actually looks like a middle aged anorexic woman I know.

No. 246424


It really is like Crispin Glover meets Ellen DeGeneres.

No. 246441

File: 1457466956720.png (36.83 KB, 581x413, 351b6u65787.png)

Results if anyone was interested. Bonus candy sperg.

No. 246446



Nothing in mike seems appealing, not even his dick and we all know he doesn't love her

wtf charms

No. 246456

the tweet below the results lollll oh charms.
even when she was skinny she drank sugary sodas which are nasty as fuck. hope she enjoys the tooth decay

No. 246470

Does she have no shame?

No. 246549

>A topless hair salon

>working with sharp objects

>and mixing chemicals

Is this bitch stupid or–
Never. We all know the answer to this.

No. 246551

Holyshit, he really does look like a washed up old hag. Mike is disgusting. Prime example of hot women dating gross men. But now they're both gross, so it's okay, I guess?

No. 246553

She's a cam girl who got balloon implants and gained weight; ruining her body. So, no.

No. 246640

she's on right now and looks so bad https://anony.link/http://www.myfreecams.com/#Lotte__

No. 246658

File: 1457495984586.jpg (25.37 KB, 490x362, wtf-eyebrows.jpg)

Her eyebrows are so what the fuck– She looks awful. And the background noise is irritating.

No. 246661

File: 1457496349027.jpg (23.24 KB, 484x359, oh-honey-no.jpg)

How can she possibly think these eyebrows look good? Holyshit

No. 246663

All she does is complain. I want to punch my screen. No one wants to buy money for her balloon tits and cottage cheese ass.

No. 246664

Meant *buy tokens

No. 246665

someone should offer to pay if she shuts up or to only say positive things.

No. 246666

Charms thinks she's special enough to have someone make a movie about her life. She really is tripping

>"I think I'm interesting enough. Some weird cam girl who collects dead stuff and cosplays."

I want to vomit.

No. 246667

her face is really starting to show how fat she's been getting.
bitch looks haggard af these days.

No. 246669

this is so boring? does she ever say anything other than "tip me or I'm going to leave"?

No. 246670

How does she even have tippers anymore?
She's boring and whiny as fuck.

No. 246671


She's starting to remind me of >>207383 just a little. Maybe it's the eyebrows?

No. 246672

There are sad betas everywhere, even in this bitchs' chat.

No. 246674

File: 1457497743044.jpg (23.56 KB, 492x390, no.jpg)

She made the countdown.



No. 246675

Someone finally tipped. She needs a better fitting bra.

No. 246677

Because John has a fetish.

No. 246679

File: 1457497990121.jpg (100.3 KB, 983x506, betafag.jpg)

She's beyond gross and this one beta is pathetic.

No. 246680

A fat fetish?

No bra can save those sandbags.

No. 246681

oh my word. this is my first time actually sitting in on one of her cam sessions. she looks so much worse in motion.

No. 246683

File: 1457498069315.jpeg (64.97 KB, 750x632, image.jpeg)

No. 246685

File: 1457498227956.png (129.49 KB, 326x254, sad.png)

She's gonna start another countdown.

No. 246686

File: 1457498282072.png (347.48 KB, 705x500, 1455439279908.png)

Hah, she won't make it.

No. 246688

She looks like she's about to cry because no one is tipping or talking.

No. 246689

this cam is so sad

No. 246690

>ow, i just brushed my nipple

No. 246691

She's a class act.

No. 246693

>"Underwear keeps riding into butt"
>"Can't get comfortable"
>"Never had that problem"
Yeah. It's 'cuz you're wearing ill-fitting clothes.

No. 246694

She really needs to stop drinking coke

No. 246695

I think that, even more than in her fat, shitty body, the sugar addiction shows in her face and hair. Her face is so haggard and bloated, and her hair is patchy, balding, and damaged– her diet can't be good for her in any way.

No. 246697

This girl is as fat as Charms but she has 1000+ people right now, I guess it really is about the attitude

No. 246700

if she took her clothes off to start out with she'd probably draw more tips
she's just sitting there texting

No. 246701

God, is she like this every time she gets on cam? This is awful.

No. 246702

Anyone who likes/encourages fat women should be sterilized.

No. 246703

File: 1457499682627.jpg (23.89 KB, 494x364, bloatedbitch.jpg)

She's a typical fat woman complaining about ill-fitting clothing and her hair and skin when she's too stupid and lazy to realize that it's all linked to diet. Health isn't difficult, especially in America- especially if you're like Charms with actual wealth, but she's just a typical lazy bitch who wants everyone to throw money at her for no reason. I predict her fat ass ballooning up even more in the next 2 years.

No. 246709

"Omg this sucks. I bought things that suck. I have to return other thing I bought. That sucks."

SO. MANY. COMPLAINTS. At her the phone call with her friend got her talking. But its just different complaining.

No. 246710

File: 1457500179507.png (580.83 KB, 796x2240, 1tokens.png)

No. 246711

File: 1457500527537.jpg (21.98 KB, 499x374, helpme.jpg)

She was complaining about people not tipping enough and then someone tipped her 200 and she's like "OMG YOU MADE MY NIGHT" …She's bipolar as fuck.

And now she's complaining about reaching her token goal again.
Also, this poor, poor cat…

No. 246712

File: 1457500625969.jpg (29.96 KB, 450x450, laughingcheeta.jpg)

You are my hero. I love you.

No. 246716

This fat cow is only happy when people throw money at her. But she'll start complaining again in less than 10 mins, I guarantee it.

No. 246720

File: 1457502272692.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.07 KB, 915x449, sandbags-r-us.jpg)

Cannot believe that idiot tipped this bitch twice.

No. 246721

Wow, tonight's the first time I've ever seen her live. Her tits are so much fucking worse in motion. They look painful. Plus her body in general, goddamn. She inspires me to push harder in my morning runs and avoid shitty food.

No. 246724


No. 246725

File: 1457502675360.png (Spoiler Image, 220.57 KB, 494x435, needsmoareyebleach.png)

Jesus Henry Christ

No. 246727

Her tit job is fucking awful, christ.

No. 246728

File: 1457502775397.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.99 KB, 476x354, nipples-two-directions.jpg)

Her tits are so bad.

No. 246731

File: 1457502947506.png (Spoiler Image, 226.2 KB, 489x435, cottagecheese.png)

No. 246732

All the guests are us

No. 246734

tits so saggy that she keeps having to push them up to keep them onscreen

No. 246736

Those tits look so fucking painful.

No. 246737

holy fuck, she must be in some drug induced haze to not see how bad she's gotten. Her eyebrows, her body, her tits, and just that utter lack of care. I want to scream at her to wake up and get her shit together, this is just sad

No. 246739

She's never going to make that goal due to her being so boring. After all these years, you'd think she'd learn by now. She needs to pretend to give a fuck about the people in her room.

No. 246740

Aaaand she's offline. It's sad when Nia is a more successful camgirl than she is and she's painful as hell to watch.

No. 246741

She's out, she got irritated by having guests but no tippers.

No. 246743

The title is accurate: her nipples. They point in two directions. It is very disconcerting.

No. 246745

I'm a newish lurker and I was curious about the token system at that cam site, so I looked it up and the girls only get 5 cents per token. FIVE CENTS!! Tipping someone a single token is like spitting directly in their face! Also have to agree with everyone saying she doesn't do anything aside from complaining and threatening to leave when the tips don't start rolling in immediately.

No. 246746

Her body is legit repulsive now. She has gone downhill fast.

No. 246747

Are her tits bruised or something? I see two black/blue patches beneath her crooked nipples. They are making me sick to look at.

No. 246773

File: 1457514208100.png (137.13 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Poor thing

No. 246774

seeing this former rich skinny brat turn into a fat girl with a cute face and i giant ass would entertain a p fucked up fetish in me, then i remember she doesn't shower or brush her teeth.

I still want to punish the fuck out of this pig just maybe with gloves. I can't be alone in that.

No. 246780

does anyone know coral reefer, the pot smoking tumblr/instagram chick? i think they look similar.

No. 246783

i see it anon

No. 246788

Can somebody please message her and point out in a gentle way that she's developed the double-bubble implant deformity and that she needs to go back to her surgeon and demand a revision.
It's entirely possible that she's legit yet to have noticed it because of her meds.

No. 246792

File: 1457517794175.jpg (128.78 KB, 720x963, Untitled-1.jpg)

I still don't want to believe.

No. 246793

File: 1457517925787.png (1.27 MB, 679x1024, 1435777644660.png)

No. 246794

File: 1457517937011.jpg (163.43 KB, 720x961, IMG_1711.jpg)

No. 246805

My favorite Charms. RIP

No. 246812

i feel like such a bitch for saying it, but i feel like charms could still pull off the ~edgy~ style she's trying to wear if she weren't so damn fat now
something about it is just extra embarrassing on a fat girl for some reason

No. 246817

Years ago on a Charms thread in cgl someone wrote

> there must be some kind of way outta here, said the choker to the thief

and sometimes I still chuckle about that when I come across this thread

No. 246818

She should make a movie with Suzy called "unique and special with extra bacon and a Coke"

No. 246828


Link pls

No. 246839

File: 1457528322156.png (415.36 KB, 592x623, Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 8.55…)


So many people complaining about her underwear and she posts this lol.. They're all black and probably all ill fitting. Wtf at least get a little variety.

No. 246846

Does anyone have any idea what her stats are?

No. 246869

Nope. And when someone does tip, she'll be happy for exactly 2-3 mins before going "No one is talking!! Someone tip and get me into top (insert number here.)"

No. 246870

I might as well do it since I'm the one that wrote that long winded post about it.

No. 246871

>unable to breathe properly

HAES everyone. She'll never realize that she won't drop the weight unless she changes her diet of cupcakes and coca cola.

No. 246874

Fat people look bad in everything and you can see the difference between human Charms and whatever the thing she is now: Jabba the Lottes.

No. 246877

It's been sent, so I guess keep an eye on her account if she decides to make it public. I tried to write it nicely since her doctor over dissecting her breast pocket isn't her fault.

No. 246881


Cheers m8. Hopefully it'll bring the problem to her attention, but I get the feelings she'll pull a "I don't see a problem, there's no problem, what are you talking about" or just straight up ignore it altogether.

No. 246889


Well she's online so she's definitely seen it.

No. 246891

Yeah, much like her tattoos, there's absolutely definitely 100% nothing wrong with them.

No. 246906

You're not alone, anon.

No. 246911


When you guys say 'punish'…

No. 246938


Whelp she's definitely ignoring it.

No. 246939

I actually was just about to post about what happened haha. She responded privately and said that she and her doctor have talked about it (I assume recently) but didn't go into detail on anything else. But she knows something is up and went to her doc so that's a good thing. Hopefully her doctor will take responsibility for a bad dissection and give her a revision free of charge, it's probably insanely uncomfortable/painful right now.

No. 246943


Ah that's good. I didn't actually realise that this deformity can cause discomfort/pain so here's to hoping she can get it fixed soon.

No. 247027

File: 1457565004538.png (459.22 KB, 480x640, 1356397229247.png)

Charms and Lomeli.

No. 247054

They're both so hot here.

No. 247066

She was very beautiful! And now - fat belly, saggy ass, deformed tits, weird face….WHY??

No. 247099

Her eyebrows are always very high arched and never looks good.

She doesnt cam enough to really have stats now.

No. 247110

File: 1457577585288.jpg (36.22 KB, 620x388, Leonardo-DiCaprio-_1686841a[1]…)

i still stand by this comparison. it's uncanny

No. 247120

Did she always have nasolabial folds or is that a side effect of getting fat/poor diet? I guess it is.

I saw her update her snapchat the other day saying she was going to the gym.

No. 247122


I used to say it wasn't that bad a few months ago, but this is literally the worst boob job I've ever seen firsthand on someone I know. Wow.

No. 247124

Fat/Poor diet

No. 247125


She's cuter in the face than Lomeli. It's a shame what happened to her.

No. 247126

Yeah, Lomeli looks like a man in drag

No. 247132

Seeing as she has a history of being eating disordered, does anyone else think that she may have tipped over into BED under the influence of her meds? I feel like she gets these lose weight/who cares bursts so often, and I don't think how she eats is typical even for an average upper-overweight person. Plus, you have to consider how quickly she ballooned up.

Her posts from the past month or so make it seem like she's making an effort to get past the justification phase of her lack of self-care.

No. 247133

Can you or someone else explain what's wrong with nasolabial folds? Doesn't everyone have them?
Or at least everyone I know does, I never saw them as a problem though.

No. 247134

They're normal when emoting, so I think anons are just pointing out how deep hers are even with a neutral expression

No. 247136

File: 1457582570402.jpg (35.23 KB, 374x442, Untitled.jpg)

she is so far gone. newest before/after pic

No. 247137

There is nothing wrong with them, im not memeing like the rest of this board. im like 100 lbs thinner than lotte and mine are that deep too because of how bloated my face is. ive been trying to get it fixed so i was just wondering.

No. 247138

They're a sign of aging but depending on your face shape, diet, fat distribution, etc you can get them when you're still in your teens if you're really unlucky.

They're unattractive but probably most women in their mid 20's have them. It's sort of like how most people are overweight and it's normal but people still make fun of fat people. Most people are ugly but we compare them to celebrities, models and al that, etc etc.

No. 247252

File: 1457599340084.jpeg (1.8 MB, 3000x2379, image.jpeg)

I wouldn't necessarily say they are always ugly. Depending on the style of the person they can merely add "character" to the face.

No. 247259

Boobchans: I don't know very much about breast implants, but obviously (as has been discussed at length here) Charms has some severe issues with hers. Is the double bubble thing only an aesthetic issue or can it cause actual health problems with the muscle tissue or w/e as well? It literally looks like they get worse every day :(

No. 247273

Being overweight shouldn't be normal… but nearly everyone over 20 or so has those lines really. It's just part of a normal face? Maybe only white women though I'm not sure.

No. 247275

posting Cara "Older Uglier Version of Emma Watson" Delevingne isn't helping your argument

No. 247284

There's hardly a point in replying because personal preferences but seriously Emma Watson is shit. I prefer Cara any day.

No. 247286

>Emma Watson is shit

Don't you dare say that about my waifu!!

But in all seriousness, let's not get into the Cara debate. Nor the personal preferences when it comes to beauty debate.

I think Charms' nasolabial folds became more pronounced because of her terrible diet and fast weight gain. She had a semblance of them before she ballooned up, but I think they became worse because she stopped taking care of herself. They may diminish if she lost weight and took care of her skin again, but the damage may have already been done.

However, we can all accept that sometimes bad faces are just genetic, and though skincare and a good diet can sometimes delay their onset, there's some things that can only be fixed by surgery. Like Charms' awful, awful implants.

No. 247298

File: 1457604770275.jpg (7.13 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)


I'm a 24 year old white woman who's yet to develop even early signs of this yet, BUT, I firmly believe that it's down to the fact that I'm a surly bitch who very rarely shows emotion on her face.

Most of the science behind this shit is based in genetics and down to the physiological quality of your skin, but I'm covered in stretchmarks so I know for a fact my skin is that shit kind that has virtually no elasticity and scars everytime I put on so much as a pound.

Cara is a very expressive person, always pulling her face into weird contortions and such so it would make sense that she would have developed these nadolabial creases earlier.
Many of you will have noticed an interesting phenomenona in numerous young girls of our and the next generation where they've developed these hideously deep forehead wrinkles which amusingly appears to have been caused by raising their eyebrows when preening in mirrors and taking selfies.

You've got to think of it like a flat, clean sheet of paper. Once you crumple it up even a little, sure it's possible to flatten it again, but that little wrinkle will remain, and each time it's crumpled it will only get worse and worse.
A big factor in skin maintenance is down to hydration and UV protection, but scientifically the most important method of maintaining a line-free face? Never moving it.

No. 247300

>cientifically the most important method of maintaining a line-free face? Never moving it.

That honestly doesn't sound very fun at all. I mean, do you really want to never smile or speak again just to avoid wrinkles?

No. 247303


I'm not saying you have to take it to that extreme.
I mean ofc I still laugh and smile and express appropriate emotion, but it just means taking care not to pull on your skin when applying makeup or moisturising and not raising your eyebrows excessively.

You can express yourself internally as well. Who says you have to display everything on your face all the time? Be miserable and repressed and taut like me Anon. Join the resting bitch face legion.

No. 247308

>She doesnt cam enough to really have stats now.
B-but I meant stats as in height, weight, measurements.
Or maybe you meant that too, in that case, sorry for my misunderstanding.

No. 247359

Caras are obvious deep set wrinkles though. The reason why I asked about charms' is because they look like they're obviously the result of her having a bloated, puffy face. They're the result of her cheeks being puffy/heavy/casting a shadow. Kind of like Dakota when she first came to Japan. It's weird because Dakotas face is no longer puffy or bloated, so hers are pretty much gone. Like for example if Charms went to the dr to try and fill them in with juvederm, they'd tell her to lose weight whereas they'd gladly do it for Cara.

I hope Charms doesn't lose weight and then have deep-set nasolabial wrinkles underneath all that bloat.

No. 247379

> express yourself internally
sounds like a recipe for hypertension

No. 247384

This girl is not nearly as fat as Charms? She's got a big butt and boobs but small arms and a flat stomach from what I could see when I clicked your link anon. Plus she's a qt, no wonder she has so many viewers.

No. 247388

This is true. I'm in my late 20's and have nasolabial folds. They started in my early 20's and are pretty bad now. I have a fat face and I smile constantly at places like work where I care about people thinking I'm a huge bitch. I never move my forehead though and don't have any trace of lines.

Charms needs to lose weight because her weight gain in her cheeks seems to be deepening her nasolabial folds. It some pictures it looks like they are forming even in a resting position.

No. 247411


Sounds about right for me tbh…

No. 247415

I agree with the not moving ur forehead part i do the same

No. 247419

These, yes.
I am finding myself laughing at girls/women with these ridiculous forehead lines. I mean, you see their social media photos and it's the most obvious thing in the pics for me; like I'm being drawn straight to the forehead wrinkles as if it were the entire focus of the photo. It looks so awful and I can't imagine not noticing your own pics having such a blatant and yet entirely avoidable "flaw". I always take care to not raise my eyebrows to the point of making creases and I have, in my late 20s, no sign of forehead lines despite knowing many younger women who do have them.

I am wondering also if Charms comes to lolcow. I can see a lot of the people posted here not knowing the chan format, or generally being oblivious to some parts of the net but Lottes obviously has her connections. So it does strike me as a bit of a red flag that she likely knows about this site/threads and yet doesn't appear to care one way or the other. It just shows how deeply apathetic she has become and just how lacking in affect her meds have most likely made her. I almost think her Dr. pegged her for a spoiled bitch and doesn't really believe she deserves to be treated properly. Surely there are psychiatrists out there who think like that. Who aren't willing and ready to go the extra mile to treat a difficult case when the patient is far from innocent. Idk honestly if I would do the same thing.

No. 247422

im sorry yall bitches be complaining about nasolabial folds and forehead wrinkles. personally i dont think they make you look old. not as old as eye creases / crows feet. that shit is aging.

No. 247423

lomeli is fucking hot, damn.. Dem eyes.

No. 247426

I swear the only bitches on lolcow who complain about that shit are women under 20.

No. 247427

Was this her real hair or a wig?

No. 247433

It looks like a wig to me, but she has also been known for wearing extensions. She used to give a shit about her looks back then.

No. 247439


Well, I mean I specifically stated that I was 24 but okay.
You sound like a grumpy wrinkler tbh Anon.

No. 247440


It was her real hair and extensions.

No. 247446

>people actually worrying about fine lines in their 20s in [current year]

As long as you have a good skin care routine and eat right and have a little cosmetic help on the side (Juvaderm and Botox)

No. 247449

I was gonna finish this statement but I realized it's so off topic and this thread's about charms smh

No. 247458

btw according to snapchat she's having a huge plate of 4 brownies (full sized) and a glass of milk for "breakfast"

vomit inducing tbh, i can't even have one without feeling sick.

No. 247459

This might be a dumb question but I'm British and American sizes are different to ours. Is the size difference the same as the pizza size difference?
If so, those mess are really fucking her up and she has definitely replaced anorexia with binge eating, so sad.

No. 247460


Holy fuck I just checked her Snapchat and the four brownies… altogether they're as big as a fucking cake! Just one of those has got to be 400-500 calories. She's basically just consumed her entire day's calories in one meal. Wow.

No. 247467

yoooo, can someone post screenshots for the anons w/o snapchat?

No. 247469

im sorry but i really dont think this is the meds any more.
yes antidepressants make you not sad, but they also make you not feel anything else. they make you not give a shit about shit. but this is just too far. even if you're like 'fuck it im fat' are you really gonna eat FOUR brownies. i could see one is yummy so you eat one more, but FOUR. fucking four
can we stage an intervention

No. 247479

Saw that. Just wtf… One brownie is plenty but four?! I love sweets but know moderation is key. There's been zero mystery as to why she's gotten so fat but shit… It's nice how she constantly reminds us.

No. 247483


And get blocked by her? Sorry, no thanks.

No. 247484


Four brownies and a full, tall glass of milk.

No. 247490


what's her snapchat ID? I'm curious

No. 247493

Isn't binge eating disorder normal after anorexia or heavy restricting?

She should get treatment for BED. And she doesn't even not give a fuck because she constantly posts about getting healthy again.

No. 247515


Yeah, I personally experienced it myself since a big part of the recovery process is learning to treat food as not an enemy but rather a friend, which can evolve into treating it as a reward, which can eventually replace the ED as your new crutch.
Got a problem? Eat a lot of food, the temporary release of endorphins will make all your problems float away…. for an hour or two. Nobody likes to feel sad, but that kind of sadness is so unbearable you'll do anything to beat it back.
It's funny because seeing her eat like this, even though it should be familiar to me, now that I have my eating normalised I'm nothing short of horrified.

A few weeks ago she posted a snap of her "lunch", and honest to god, it was a bowl full of apple sauce, not a small condiment bowl, like, a proper soup bowl half full of apple sauce, two big bagels smothered in cream cheese, a giant, thickly cut slab of ham and a plate of 5 thick Chinese dumplings. For lunch.

I kind of understand what she's going through, but even at my worst I was never actually in denial about it which is what's making it so hard for me to sympathise with her.

Anyway, sage for OT, but that's just my stance on it.

No. 247520

File: 1457652770685.jpg (2.92 MB, 3785x3024, Untitled-2.jpg)


I thought it'd be amusing to put all of her food pics into a collage to get a general idea of her diet (and because I have nothing to do), and I'm regretting even starting because looking at this diet is starting to make me feel queasy.

Is anybody else getting some kind of secondary-bloating sensation from looking at this? I didn't even get halfway through her Twitter before I had to stop…

No. 247521

File: 1457653363054.jpg (64.92 KB, 359x371, 500full.jpg)

>>but scientifically the most important method of maintaining a line-free face? Never moving it.

no, then it'll just sag due to gravity. everyone gets wrinkles at some point so the best way to go about it is conserving nice looking facial expressions instead of bitch face or raised eyebrows so you get attractive wrinkles like laugh folds and eye wrinkles that go up instead of down.

No. 247531


You're like, actually wrong though. Wrinkle develop as a result of continued repetitive movements to the skin. Legitimately the best way to preserve skin from wrinkles is to restrict its movement.

Ever seen a long-term coma patients face Anon? They don't wrinkle.

I'm not even going to attempt to go into this logic that you're asserting that smiling a lot in life fights gravity. That's so far from accurate I don't even know where to begin.

No. 247532

Can you actually not read or something? They didn't say that smiling defies gravity. They said you're going to get wrinkles regardless of whether or not you move your face because of gravity, and they'd prefer upwards facing ones like you get from smiling rather than downwards ones from gravity.

>Ever seen a long-term coma patients face Anon? They don't wrinkle.

They're also lying down horizontally, not standing upright.

No. 247533




Anon I would have had a lot more respect for you had you not just attempted a blatant sanefag lol

No. 247535

Looking at this makes me want to eat a salad

No. 247537

>BK black burger
>mickey mouse waffles with bacon, egg, sausage, hashbrown
Would eat.
Is that a fucking burger?
>chinese style fish
Would eat.
>BK drink
If I were thirsty enough.
>nasty looking cookie
>fast food burger again?
>cake in a cup
>plate of fucking cookies for dinner
Two and that's it wtf?
>cupcakes for breakfast
>chocolate dipped whatevers
I'd eat the mickey mouse one and save the rest for later.
>kracie cooking
Did she prepare and eat ALL of them in the same sitting? Noooo.
>donuts and milk
Eh, maybe.
>pepsi and water
Why both? Why not just the water?
>microwave dumplings
Yuck, I'd just go out to eat.
>ham, corn???, mystery shit????
Overpriced and the service sucks. I'd sooner get Ben and Jerry's.

This is throughout the week at a glance, right? I seriously hope this wouldn't be in a span within three days or something.

No. 247541

She looks eons better with lightly colored hair, esp now that she's fat. The black washes her out and ALL of the makeup she uses on her face is matte, which makes her look flat.
She should quit using dark matte eyeshadow on her creases bc she already has heavy lids and that application makes them look worse. Her dark hair and non dimensional makeup make her look very dirty and it's extremely unappealing.

No. 247542

Shut up Spoony. Why do you feel such an incessant need to shitpost paragraphs and paragraphs of derailing stuff about your face.

No. 247543

I cant believe people think taking pictures of yourself makes your forehead wrinkle more, or that not moving your forehead stops aging. Its a lot of genetics guys, not how 'bitchy' you try to look or not look daily. You cant stop this shit and you are wasting your time focusing so hard on when you wrinkle. The only way you could ever proof this stuff is if you had the ability to clone yourself and try it out both ways, but you cant.

White girls get the lines a lot more but its stupid to think that >>247298 is how her face is all the time.

Charms knows about lolcow because people told her on tumblr, and she used to go on 4chan and particularly cgl. I am sure she has read stuff out of curiosity but I doubt she continues too.

No. 247545

File: 1457660170645.jpg (945.96 KB, 1000x1642, 587452.jpg)


photo of the snap because I ain't getting blocked

No. 247546

this is a good portion if you used a brownie mix in a 8x8 pan. Like, almost half.

No. 247547

>shut up spoony
HAHA WHAT! because spoony is the only white female in their (I assume?) 20's on lolcow right.

>or that not moving your forehead stops aging
Nobody said it stopped aging though, I stated that restriction of the movement of the skin prevents wrinkle formation to a large degree, which is exactly what it is.

>its a lot of genetics guys

If you legitimately believe that wrinkles materialise into existence via means of "jenetiks" then… well shit Anon I don't know what to say. Go back to highschool holy shit.

No. 247548

You've literally posted this exact rant about not moving your face to prevent wrinkles before.

No. 247551

Dude, enough of you pieces of shit arguing about the fucking wrinkles already.
Has nothing to do with Charms anymore, you're just pissy bc you can't come to an agreement. Quit derailing the fucking thread already, holy shit.

No. 247561

>snaps "I'll be on @ 11pm EST"
>not even an hour later "WON'T BE ON TONIGHT HAVE TO CLEAN"

and she has the nerve to whine about her stats/no one tipping when she fuckin is on

No. 247578

Sometimes I can't help but feel a little jealous of what she eats. I know it sounds horrible but getting to eat brownies for breakfast is like 10 year old me's dream adult life.

No. 247595

I'd be jealous if she ate what she eats and still looked like this >>246793 >>244511, but she doesn't - she pays the price for her eating habits.

No. 247608

I wonder if she has anxiety over camming, she bails a lot for weird reasons enough that it looks like she is trying to hide something. Such as when she was apparently going to be starting again for months until she actually did.

You could do it too anon, I would suggest not having half a pan for breakfast though.

No. 247611

Am I the only one amused by her thinking she gave a pizza guy $20 when it was actually $50 and telling him to keep the change? She ended up begging people for $30 on Twitter lol.. American money is really silly though, having money in different colours is way more convenient.

No. 247619

wouldn't surprise me, but she's got to understand it's a job. if she says she's going to go on and then comes up with a bullshit reason why she won't she isn't going to make much money from it. she needs to get her shit together.

No. 247622

Wow, thank you so much for the review, Gordon Ramsay, it was very insightful :^)

No. 247623

I'm glad it was useful to you anon, thanks for the read. Don't forget to like and subscribe :^)

No. 247624

Thanks for posting as I don't have snapchat either.

I find this really personally amusing because I eat exactly 4 brownies for breakfast for months but I make them healthy.

No. 247646

Honestly love how easy it is to understand foreign currency. Just look at the color of the bill and you're good.

Wish American currency looked more like monopoly money, tbh.

No. 247649

She's disgusting. She eats like someone who gives no shit about her health. She's going to keep gaining weight and be morbidly obese in no time.

No. 247651

She really gives zero shits about her own health.

No. 247659

She had really pretty skin like as a tan girl i kinda wish i was light like her but fuck it ya know i have some tats that can be lasered off over time n watnot i dunno why she got so many black tattoos some color would have been pretty i dont get it

No. 247664

This is so gross.. She eats so much processed crap. She needs to work on her diet man. It's not like I want to eat fast food and processed shit all the time but I stopped because there are healthier things that taste better. I can't go back, it actually just goes through me so quickly. Now I want to befriend her because I would cook normal food for her not fucking cupcakes for breakfast

No. 247670

So is she going to keep on eating like this until she decides to get a gastric bypass? I have a hard time believing that she'll ever really stick to a diet and lose weight.

No. 247678

she snapped the other night about going to the gym, so she might just be too stupid to realize diet is a bigger part of weight loss than exercising.

No. 247688

To be fair, I'm more likely to put up a pic of sushi or cake than steamed fish or cottage cheese even though I eat the former once a month and the latter frequently. Followers are gonna be 10 times more excited about a crappy artificial cupcake than a home-cooked low-calorie meal.

That said, I wouldn't touch more than half of these, gross. And please tell me this isn't her diet over a single month…

No. 247693


I've believe it's been over the last three months.

No. 247748

lmao i bet shell do it. didnt she mention lipo once?
honestly lipo is a horrible idea. its only good for spot reduction but you MUST keep the weight off after. otherwise it comes back in unflattering blobs

No. 247763

I wonder if she always eats sugary cake things for breakfast? Girl try some fruit. It'll give you the sugar needed to get your fat ass up and it's healthier.

No. 247775

ty for posting this. god damn charlotte brainlessly horfs food

No. 247803

I swear to God those are actually Papa John's brownies. If so, they're 240 calories per brownie.

Pic related. Papa John's brownies.

No. 247804

File: 1457726868994.jpg (36 KB, 348x348, 348s.jpg)

Forgot my pic.

No. 247805

remember when she actually did bleach the fuck out of her hair very recently only to dye it black again literally the next day


No. 247817

Those look good, but I could never eat four in one sitting- and for breakfast. Charms is such a fatass.

No. 247822

papa bless

No. 247824

Looks the same to me. And she's been talking about pizza a lot lately.

Those look delicious as fuck not going to lie.

No. 247825

She ate four of those? One looks like it's enough. Not that I could eat them, damn food allergies.

No. 247827

I could eat two of those for breakfast, easy, but I'd offset it by having a healthy lunch and dinner and not snacking too much. She just really has no self control and as people have pointed out, Mike enables her to be fat and useless.

No. 247833

No. 247838

i need to find these now

No. 247846

these look huge, isn't four incredibly excessive?

No. 248049



No. 248342

File: 1457871493751.png (1.94 MB, 1125x2001, image.png)

Those boobs. That skin. Those nails. Girl's a mess. There is no way in hell I would ever share this photo on any platform, if I took it of myself…

No. 248347

her boobs were so small, how did they stuff all that crap in

sage for slight ot

No. 248350

She's actually kind of lucky that she didn't get stretch marks from the strain of adding that much area to her breasts.

No. 248352

Her fingers and nails look so nasty

No. 248385

> those sores near her mouth

acne? herpes? or is she on meth?

No. 248394

Hormonal acne

No. 248900

File: 1457984919589.png (236.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-03-14-19-32-16…)

She's legit exchanging her sex content for food now. I really don't know what to say to this.

No. 248901

This is so sad and at this point should seriously evaluate her life decisions.

No. 248903

She is making some shitty life decisions. Charms really needs a life coach to get her shit together.

No. 248952

The tweet seems to be gone but she offered the same video for a Burger King gift card a few months back. I still imagine her prized fuck machine in pieces sitting in its box somewhere under a pile of Mike's toys.

No. 248957

So she's officially a prostitute? lovely.

No. 249080

Oh how embarrassing, girl does not love herself.
For dominos? Not even a local pizzeria?
mmmm mmm mmmm, girl.

No. 249085

She probably thinks this photo is amazing. Imagine thinking this photo is amazing. Imagine taking 50 photos and this being the best one. shudder

No. 249096

Selling your sex tapes doesnt make you a prostitute. Plus she actually tried that before camming and didnt care for it.

No. 249098


>>is she on meth?

Come on. Charms would be skinny if that were the case.

No. 249105

>exchanging sexual favors for money doesn't make one a prostitute

…Uh..okay then.

No. 249106


Not even for a nice restaurant gift card lmfaooo oh the standards!

No. 249107

porn stars aren't prostitutes anon. prostitutes have to perform sexual acts with the person.

No. 249108

mike probably put her up to it.

No. 249110

also, just wanted to elaborate that i don't think charms is even 'respectable' enough to count as a porn star. just that, technically, she's not a prostitute.

No. 249115

You think porn stars are respectable?

No. 249117

are you saying they shouldn't be?

No. 249118


No. 249136

File: 1458028898917.png (801.03 KB, 572x1000, 6846514.png)

again with the whinging

No. 249146

doesn't she think by now that with the ratings/inactivity she gets on cam that she needs to get her ass out of her room and find a real job?

No. 249156

It's not her, it's the idiots who won't tip. You know how she thinks by now.

No. 249179

no. theres only a very fine line between them.

No. 249190

you'd think it would at least motivate her to get in shape again.

No. 249220

She needs to come on cam at least more than once a month.

No. 249260

nah man, that's why i put it in quotes. i'm saying that compared to charms they are.

No. 249477

File: 1458136894501.png (30.62 KB, 599x116, Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 9.00…)

Reading all about Lotte's food posts makes my stomach crawl. She needs to get on some adderall ASAP

No. 249874

Lotte has tried so hard to crawl up my ass and I feel empathetic towards her but still can't get over how much her situation screams karma.
Interesting person, but something you only want to watch from afar…

No. 249930

What di you mean "crawl up your ass", IRL?

No. 250273

All her posts are either her bitching about how no one wants to give hr fat ass money or how she wants to shovel garbage into her mouth. I miss her being a easy on the eyes cunt.

No. 250611

I vouch for this too. I rarely move my face because I hardly have any expression ever. Oh I have emotions and intense emotions but it rarely shows in my expression. I am only 21 and my face has started to sag and I'm 90 lbs and 5'6 ft not fat at all. I'd rather have smile lines.

No. 250712

I've always been self-conscious of a gap in my front teeth all my life (think Lara Stone, but slightly better) and I would rarely smile. I am an oldfag (almost as old as pt) and am just now starting to get very very faint smile lines that go away pretty fast when I relax my face. I partially attribute this to genetics, and not ever smiling.

No. 251019

File: 1458455386360.jpg (74.82 KB, 600x800, Cd7idEIXIAAb1_a.jpg)

she really does look 10x better with bangs and a lighter hair color

No. 251032

Word, bangs are a must for this bitch. She's probably too lazy to keep getting them cut, though.

No. 251053

She looks really at here

No. 251068

No. 251120

did you accidentally a letter there?

No. 251121

She used to cut her own.

No. 251122

i accidentally the whole thing

No. 251134

She needs to replace her binge eating on a fucking hobby. I don't care what it is, just anything to stop her from eating when she's bored.

No. 251822

So she finally quit camming

No. 251823

Screencap please

No. 251830

File: 1458720486954.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

I wouldn't be surprised if she quit

But she'll be back, too lazy to do anything else

No. 251832

I don't get it, why is she still with Mike?
He wastes her money, cheats on her and not to mention, is ugly as fuck.

No. 251891

i don't understand, a random pic of charlotte with clothes on means that she quit camming? or do you mean finished a camming sesh? what am i missing

No. 251911

good god, she is in desperate need of some bangs.

No. 251912

For what it's worth, I wouldn't be surprised if she's with him out of habit. They've been together for a few years – iirc, since her days on cgl tripping. She's probably afraid of life without him, worried about the how/if/when she'll have the opportunity to meet anyone else. Plus, it's pretty likely he's the main source of human interaction in her life.

Sometimes you stay together with someone for so long you're more afraid of life without them than you are about the consequences of staying.

Not to mention her meds probably make her ambivalent to a lot.

No. 251913

This pic is also over a year old when she was thinner with less tattoos. She looked better overall.

No. 251914

Source. Details. anything. You can't just say what you want.

No. 251917

It's from the con she went to this weekend, retard

No. 251921

rofl calm down

No. 251979


I know Inuyasha has choppy bangs but it looks like she went to down on that wig drunk as high hell. Which might very well be the case.

No. 252024

I actually saw charms at that con, actually. She looks much better IRL, and I guess she's not that short, she's just so…..fat it seems like it. I was also standing by scraps for a considerable amount of time. Nothing lulzy, if not for what I know from this thread they seemed totally normal/functioning. Charms was dressed as Inu-yasha when I saw her, she was walking with a group of people, and I was just kinda standing by scraps in the hall, he was wearing just normal cloths. I'm sorry I don't have any milk, it was just really surreal kinda haha.

No. 252055

File: 1458787336981.jpg (160.78 KB, 1024x1365, IMG_20160323_223951.jpg)

She's on cam right now. No one is saying anything and she's not exactly trying to do anything to help.

No. 252073

File: 1458789741964.png (141.36 KB, 321x240, omg.PNG)

that chin

No. 252074

File: 1458789777889.png (412.35 KB, 705x568, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.2…)

lol im here too

i wish i had her self confidence to go on cam looking like this

No. 252075


Holy fuck, I've never seen someone brag so much for tips.

No. 252078


Oops, meant "beg" not "brag". It was a long day at work.

No. 252079

File: 1458789862861.png (382.5 KB, 705x539, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.2…)

jesus christ… it almost makes me sad how far shes fallen???

No. 252080


No. 252081

she's so large :( the line where her bra is digging into her skin is so red. it looks so painful was all I could think of, which was followed by her commenting "I love this bra!!"

No. 252082

File: 1458789915662.png (382.64 KB, 657x541, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.2…)

people are literally paying her to eat.

No. 252083

C-charms, your face don't match yo' neck…

No. 252085

File: 1458790032266.png (236.68 KB, 403x500, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.2…)

No. 252086

I'm so confused, is she online or not? What is her room name? Sorry for being retarded

No. 252087

strategically flattering angels yiss qurl


No. 252089

No. 252090

No. 252092

thats mfw i see her

No. 252093

thank you anon-senpai

No. 252094

File: 1458790231071.png (408.53 KB, 670x566, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.3…)

wtf kek

No. 252095

>your hands make those jelly beans look huge

No. 252096

File: 1458790310746.png (147.63 KB, 322x241, love my boobs.PNG)

>I love my boobs so much

No. 252097

Her voice is so much more annoying than I expected, holy shit.

No. 252098

damn her cam score is around 2k… thats pretty bad i remember when she was 10k+

No. 252099

>hahaha, one jelly bean and now I'm on the outside looking in

who the fuck is this guy lmao

No. 252102

File: 1458790681918.png (419.51 KB, 1171x615, Screenshot (1057).png)

All she does is complains in her whiny, shitty voice. I'm about as interesting as a wet mop and I bet I could do better than her. Sorry if that sounds like a-logging, I'm just trying to stress how awful she is at camming.

No. 252103

File: 1458790917384.png (385.69 KB, 675x538, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.4…)


No. 252104

she literally asks people to talk, if they talk she proceeds to offer as much stimulation as a soggy pile of cereal, then ask for tips. This is actually painful.

people should tip her to leave

No. 252105

File: 1458790953453.png (228.05 KB, 485x367, i_dont_even_know_how_many_tatt…)

"I need more tattoos!"

No you do not, Charms.

No. 252106

She is pretty boring. She constantly complains about no tips but she does nothing to warrant them. Even when she gets tips outside of the high-low thing, she doesn't do anything to make it fun.
She could make the 'flash' interesting with a little tease beyond the hands over nipples but she doesn't. So it's like why bother tipping her more to do it again.

Btw what happened to her Aristo-cats thing? She get too lazy for it?

No. 252109

Is there any way we could give her this feedback anonymously, to her?
I mean, I know all she'll do is bloo bloo bloo about haters and then eat 6 brownies, but seriously she needs to step it up

No. 252110

So I went and toggled through the top 10 rooms right now. It's mostly sweet looking girls, completely naked, telling stories and talking and laughing. They just seem so much more lucid and genuine than Charms does. I can see why she's unpopular.

No. 252111

So much for this. Remember, if you spot her at a con and she tells you anything, she's quitting food or camming or you're her new girlfriend, she will lose interest after 12 hours max.

No. 252112

Her tumblr might work.

No. 252113


I think you're confusing confidence with "drug-induced denial/delusion".

This is not the kind of confidence you want Anon. Not now, not ever.

No. 252114


Oh christ it looks like she's developed a refund gap now.


No. 252115

The 28 guests are cracking me up. Hi fam.

No. 252116

sup fam

also kek at her pretending Mike's Future Trunks cosplay is anything worth praising

No. 252117

>scraps cosplaying trunks

So when was Trunks ever an starved 40-year old lesbian?

No. 252119

I can't seem to open an ask page to even see if she allows anons (probably not though) tumblr keeps redirecting to my dashboard with her page open on one half and if I try it incognito/logged out it won't let me on her blog
I will try again tomorrow

No. 252121

Trunks is built as fuck. Scraps is too scrawny to cosplay him.

Does anyone have pictures of her Android 18 cosplay?

No. 252122

if anything we're hurting her more than helping her with the 26 guests

No. 252123

she'll just fucking ignore it because she thinks shes perfect

im not wasting a cent on he

No. 252124

File: 1458791868956.jpg (83.38 KB, 640x960, 10171244_826579847388695_78943…)

here you go fam

No. 252125

I'm not talking about spending money on her fat ass I'm talking about her thinking she has an audience at all

No. 252127


Man I thought her ribcage was really small here and was like "wow well done Charms you lost weight!" and then I zoomed and realised that her bat tattoo was just merging her side with the throw.

No. 252128

File: 1458792183946.png (430.54 KB, 733x538, Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.0…)


No. 252130

She looks like fat Lydia from Beetlejuice

No. 252131

Hey ex-friend Ashe is on.
Ashe has 293 people in her room.
Charms has 28 guests and 6 premiums.

No. 252132

She never sounds so excited as when she announces she's going off cam.

>I tried guysss

>Mike made brownies

No. 252134


What happened between her and Ashe?

No. 252135

Duude I'm so glad I got on right now!

It has been ages since I saw her on cam.

I wanna be bored again.

No. 252136

File: 1458792924322.png (414.92 KB, 706x555, Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.1…)

"i stay on until tipping stops… or when i get real hungry"


No. 252137


FUCK, her hair, dude

No. 252138


what's with the goth amy winehouse look

No. 252139

She's never gonna be on cam then. rofl

No. 252156

>She'll just ignore it
I kind of want to try anyway
Obviously we can't tell her to diet but suggesting she copy techniques from other camgirls and give examples or something?

No. 252169

Can we dub this next thread picture

No. 252200

File: 1458810730073.png (137.19 KB, 526x436, LkARIDr.png)

No. 252247

Yes, please!

No. 252248

Charms did Android 18 before this photo I think and I swear it looked 10x better. Mike is a disgusting Trunks. Get away from my husbando.

No. 252249

what yhe hell is up with her thighs? it looks like shes sitting between someone else legs? but she looks cute here imo

No. 252255

Please! Or >>243460 because I laughed a deep, hearty laugh after seeing this.

No. 252262

You know, some people can pull off the chubby look and make $$$ off of it with camming, but Charm's body is clearly not made for it. She looks rough as shit.

No. 252274

his trunks is so bad wtf

No. 252280

File: 1458836914363.jpg (1.29 MB, 2048x2048, tmp_7601-1458836742004-1310760…)


No. 252282

looking like a hood rat with a big ass freakish bobblehead and a tiny neck isn't a disability

No. 252285

Disabled from… being fat? Or is she referring to her mental issues as a disability

No. 252286

She used the term "physical disability" several times so either she's retarded and doesn't know what physical means, or she's referring to being an obese blob. Or maybe her bad tit job is a disability now.

No. 252287

probably can't walk anywhere or stand for extended periods of time without her jimmy neutron head causing her to sway from side to side like a roly poly toy

No. 252368

She's brought up having a bad ankle before (several times spanning over years) but she also wears ridiculous shoes so I question the validity of her "disability".

No. 252371

This bitch seriously thinks being obese is a disability? Oh honey

No. 252378

There was some kind of outing last year covered in a previous thread where for whatever reason Scraps fetched a wheelchair to push Charms around.

No. 252392

One of my friends was helping run security at Shuto this year, and from what I've heard it was a huge fucking mess working with the regular staff of the center it was held at. However, her story still sounds made up/exaggerated as shit though.

No. 252407

Ex-Charms friend Anon chiming in - Charms does legit have a fucked up ankle/foot from being born with part of the joint fused and having to have had surgery at the site and later plates screwed into the bone which is probably what she's talking about when she mentions a disability. It does actually impact her walking long distances.

No. 252409

>It does actually impact her walking long distances.

also her fat

No. 252411


That too I have no doubt.

No. 252477

Trunks is bae, Scraps needs to stay in his lane. maybe he could cosplay a skinny and ancient master roshi

No. 252559

That's almost insulting to Master Roshi. At least, Roshi can bulk up in times of distress. Scraps is more like a Ginyu Force wannabe. If ANYTHING I think he could cosplay Whis MAYBE. But Whis has a youthful face and Scrappy looks like a bag lady so he would look like Whis if he was made of wax and stood in the sunshine. Sage for DBZ-related sperging.

No. 252636

Trunks, the name, is pretty fitting to scraps' fucking elephant trunk looking dick though.

No. 252717

File: 1458946836553.jpeg (227.79 KB, 752x1063, image.jpeg)

Such resemblance

No. 253119

File: 1459122889936.jpg (260.01 KB, 1024x1820, CehUsWdW4AAfZNX.jpg)

No. 253125

jesus, that makeup and forehead

No. 253126

File: 1459125948541.jpg (43.6 KB, 768x576, charmsandscraps.jpg)

6 threads and no one has pointed out that Scraps looks like Skull from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

It's been fucking with me for months

No. 253127

Is scraps wearing fake tan?

No. 253133

looks that way, either that or foundation - he has cakey, waxy look like something off TOWIE.

No. 253134

*has that

No. 253143

which one lol

No. 253144

spot on

No. 253179

No doubt, Master Roshi is boss and can bulk up like no one's business in battles. But he usually looks like a skinny old man, which Scraps looks more like than a beefd up Trunks-kun.

>Ginyu Force wannabe

kek. Maybe Scraps can cosplay Beerus (poorly?) Since He looks more like a deformed cat than an anime pretty boy

No. 253280

Hahahah I thought that too. Hell, don't they have a hairless cat that they could use for reference?

No. 253307

If I were ever to get this fat, I'd kill myself. Gross.

No. 253312

But the fatter she gets, the more available surface area there is on her body!

No. 253396

I was digging around in some old folders and I found some vintage Charms if anyone is interested. I think there are a couple unflattering pics from her lolita in California days.

No. 253399

No. 253409

Do it anon. Some vintage Charms will do us some good.

No. 253429


No. 253458

File: 1459241473451.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

what kind of freak wears a headband to hold his greasy hair back at lunch

No. 253461


Hold up. Does she usually wear a ring on her left hand like that, or is she thinking about marrying Scraps?

No. 253462

Sage for samefag but it looks like a claddagh ring to me, so it could be a "promise" ring of some sorts rather than a legitimate proposal. Either way, holy hell Charms, get away from him. I've known you since your Gaia DLS days and… damn. You've gone downhill SO bad.

No. 253471

Her face is still so SO beautiful!!! But despite that I dont think she has much potential even if she manages to lose some of the weight. The tattoos are just too ugly and trashy looking :(

No. 253500

File: 1459263696417.jpg (83 KB, 720x481, 154130_165396056836204_1000009…)

No. 253501

File: 1459263760303.jpg (33 KB, 450x600, 36140608.jpg)

This was after her whole "women should not wear tophats!" bullshit. I'm gonna sage for the rest so I'm not obnoxious.

No. 253502

File: 1459263855993.jpg (428.08 KB, 600x900, candid_laughter__part_2_by_cha…)

This was the best picture of her.

No. 253503

File: 1459264027452.jpg (8.22 KB, 240x320, j6u1qt.jpg)

What her actual hair length was without extensions.

No. 253506

File: 1459264279337.jpg (375.51 KB, 600x900, thoughts_of_the_past_by_charlo…)

No. 253509

This hair looks pretty cute on her, ngl

No. 253512

File: 1459264605201.jpg (602.52 KB, 600x900, turn_away_by_charlottecharm-d3…)

No. 253513

Man, I haven't seen these before, thanks.

No. 253514

File: 1459264685166.jpg (120.5 KB, 800x600, z777a.jpg)

This is hilarious to me.

No. 253515

File: 1459264730908.png (426.94 KB, 640x480, 30c1yj9.png)

I don't remember the context for this.

No. 253516

File: 1459264849153.jpg (76.98 KB, 310x413, jkdgur.jpg)

No. 253517

God she used to be such a qt, what a waste

No. 253518

File: 1459265017624.png (61.64 KB, 183x183, 14wg8s0.png)

I also have some old Aoi/Alicel pictures but they're not that interesting.

No. 253520

File: 1459265132439.jpg (416.7 KB, 600x900, beyond_the_gate_by_charlottech…)

No. 253521

Charms was so cute here. This is painful to look at.

No. 253522

File: 1459265234443.jpg (107.77 KB, 369x536, DA_ID_by_minoru_k.jpg)

I did like this hair. Last Aoi picture I'm gonna post thought cuz no one cares. I'm just pretty sure Charlotte took this picture so it's almost relevant.

No. 253524

His greasy hair makes me want to shower. ugh

No. 253528

File: 1459265461582.jpg (82.37 KB, 500x667, charlotte3.jpg)

ooh, i'll dump some vintage charms too. she used to be so pretty

No. 253529

File: 1459265506719.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.86 KB, 500x375, boobz.jpg)

before she ruined her breasts with implants. charms y u do dis

No. 253538

File: 1459265891657.jpg (18.72 KB, 317x319, aidoru.jpg)

she used to put in so much effort tho…

No. 253539

was this posted in a Lolita thread on Gaia? because I swear I've seen this one before.

No. 253541

Maybe. I just remember saving it because of how bad Aoi's foundation is as a "what not to do" type of deal.

No. 253542


idk where you got that picture from but that's not her.

No. 253543

Thanks Anon!

No. 253545


Also her old blog. She deleted her first one but this is the one she had right before she started tumblr and she never took it down. I doubt anything interesting is there.

No. 253546

File: 1459266315295.jpg (9.7 KB, 240x320, 4m0zo.jpg)

No. 253548

File: 1459266379661.jpg (153.19 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_0634.JPG)

probably my fav charms era, personally

No. 253550

File: 1459266417878.jpg (21.68 KB, 360x480, 2dqogmf.jpg)

No. 253551


The blog entry about her first tattoo aka the beginning of the end.

No. 253552

File: 1459266555907.png (1.06 MB, 679x1024, 1369160962625.png)

No. 253553

File: 1459266603963.jpg (58.44 KB, 480x640, IMG_0631.JPG)

No. 253554

File: 1459266622298.jpg (261.53 KB, 768x1024, 1355367556532 (1).jpg)

No. 253555

File: 1459266638219.jpg (122.36 KB, 640x480, 1356554214214.jpg)

No. 253558

File: 1459266874383.jpg (11.41 KB, 240x320, 339nc4y.jpg)

these are really low res but it's how she posted them

No. 253560

File: 1459266888693.jpg (14.59 KB, 240x320, 3343vj8.jpg)

No. 253561

File: 1459266966084.jpg (17.56 KB, 180x438, v5lq3t.jpg)

No. 253562

File: 1459266972417.jpg (10.89 KB, 240x320, 5tx6pv.jpg)

No. 253563

File: 1459266990941.jpg (10.01 KB, 240x320, 10cu81s.jpg)

No. 253567

She used to be nearly perfect. Why did she toss it all out the window?

No. 253568

>are you addicted now : very much so. i am getting the Disney castle when i go touch this one up, hopefully ~
>i want a lot more now. i love how tattooing feels ~

And so begins a new era of hatred and turmoil.

No. 253570

File: 1459267450499.jpg (419.01 KB, 600x900, 4d6458bb66a02.jpg)

some of her old 'modeling' shots

No. 253571

File: 1459267467515.jpg (358.07 KB, 600x900, 4d6458df62e90.jpg)

these are actually making me sad tbh

No. 253572

Oh my god I remember being younger and thinking this was sooo cool and well done. Those contacts make her look walleyed.

No. 253573

File: 1459267480007.jpg (107.71 KB, 800x533, 4d64595002d81.jpg)

No. 253574

File: 1459267485583.jpg (228.84 KB, 800x1200, 4d64592b50193.jpg)

No. 253575

File: 1459267495440.jpg (717.14 KB, 600x900, 4d645860e8039.jpg)

No. 253580

File: 1459267678209.jpg (59.13 KB, 1280x720, gilderay.jpg)

hahaha same, she reminds me of gilles de rais now

No. 253581

File: 1459267717758.jpg (42.68 KB, 400x711, test_shot_of_android_18_by_spo…)

No. 253582

File: 1459267890155.jpg (8.83 KB, 320x240, 14ui592.jpg)

No. 253584

Sage for OT bitching but I know a girl who looks really similar to charms and was always so beautiful.
Now she spends all her NEET time making 'muh dupression' posts on fb and eating to anime, approaching a UK size 18, but still has such a pretty face and great skin. Just like charms she is so genetically lucky but doing nothing with it or their life.
Eventually these faces will give out and they will really have no other value as people.

No. 253585

No. 253601

I like how this thread turned into Charlotte Charms Greatest Hits.

No. 253607

Charms looked "better" before she became a tatted up ham planet, but I always thought her flat, bent looking nose ruined her whole face.

No. 253611

10/10 perfect gosurori desu

No. 253612

people are different when it comes to noses. i always thought her nose was one of her best features tbh. its dainty and small and feminine.

No. 253640

I like her nose a lot too.

No. 253661

This is depressing. Her tits were as cute as she was and fit her frame. She ruined her body, her tits, her face and hair… She's beyond saving tbh.

No. 253664

Her face is so genuinely adorable here.

No. 253667

Her first few tattoos were nice. But she got too many– it got ugly– she got fat, and everything was a cluttered mess.

No. 253671

She's like the cutest Android 18. Why–Why did you throw it all away, Charms??

No. 253688

I thought her nosed always looked a little odd but not dealbreaker kind of bad.

No. 253718

people need to stop bitching about implants- she clearly went to a shit doctor, a bottom of the barrel random one in the midwest, and people on tumblr warned her to not be dumb and pay a little more and see someone reputable in California.

Her small breasts are cute but implants would look great on her if she took care of herself, went to a good surgeon, and didn't get them at the whale weight she's at.

No. 253719

She needs bangs and blonde hair, stat.

No. 253722

Old Charms made the cutest Android 18 I've ever seen. WHY DID SHE WRECK HERSELF?

No. 253730

There was nothing wrong with her small, natural breasts though. She's an idiot who thinks people only want big balloon tits. Not everyone wants implants or thinks they look good. And implants are maintenance and expensive. She should not have gotten them.

No. 253737

you're implying she got them because she cares what other people think, she got implants because she's always wanted them.

No. 253768

Back in the day they made their elitest lolita thread, so you may have seen it floating around from that.

No. 253795

She is a moron to let this go. She could get anything she wanted and her cam fans ate out the palm of her hands. Now she's a mess. Fucking moron.

No. 253796

You were correct!
I also found the thread, so here's the link if anyone wants it: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/real-life-fashion-style/the-official-elite-lolita-aristocrat-thread/t.61076271/

No. 253798

File: 1459313533289.jpg (152.5 KB, 768x1024, 2u8cdmx.jpg)

Here's another.

No. 253805

Are-are there really that many rules for lolita..??

No. 253814

Yes. It's the most stuck up and pretentious fashion/sub-culture out there. I don't know why anyone would want to spend hundreds and thousands on it.

No. 253819

her body is so great in this

No. 253820

I don't think this is charms, her eyebrows are too different

No. 253821

It's her without makeup. It was posted on /cgl/ a long time ago.

No. 253846

Lol k

Maybe because some people enjoy things you don't see any value in? Damn what a crazy idea

No. 253848


☆ Maintain a healthy weight
not only is it unhealthy to be over/under weight,but you just don't look good.

No. 253876

> eyebrows can never change ever

No. 253893

>>253607 I guess it's cultural/personal differences - for me as an Asian, I find her nose too prominent instead of too flat. For example I think Britney Spears is pretty, but always though her nose bridge was too high between her eyes, it kind of makes people with such noses look like cows. (I am literally referring to the animal, not being metaphorical)

Charms has that overly high bridge between her eyes as well, but I guess you're referring to the end of her nose, which is flat in comparison.

The pic someone posted above shows both the high portion and the "flat" portion so clearly.


but this pic also posted above makes the bottom portion of her nose also look really prominent:


It's a strange nose for sure, but looks really cute at the right angles.

No. 253895

This may be one of the most obnoxious things I have ever read. How do people even take themselves so seriously? It's not like the subculture was even invented by Americans wtf

No. 253899

At first I was wondering what the fuck you were talking about, but after looking at the pictures and b Spears I get it

Really is like a cow

No. 253949

File: 1459359730694.jpg (85.67 KB, 600x338, aebb2cc12b97c469f79c28428e1df9…)

Man o man, when did you save all these? You must have saved them back when she first uploaded them in her glory days, thanks for sharing.

No. 253951

File: 1459360232758.jpg (56.46 KB, 337x507, Rhinoplasty-Trends.jpg)

Her forehead and the tip of her nose are the same plane. She needs a nose that starts of flat between her brows and gets more prominent at the tip, like pic related. The weird ass ethnic nose she has looks ugly and flat imo.

No. 253957

nah, this one was towards the back of the Lolita thread I posted. People were shitting on Charms and Aoi for posting all those rules/guidelines and shit but then they go out to a con looking like that (nonmatching falls, Aoi's makeup, apparently their petticoats were visible half the time, stuff like that).

No. 253961

"Weird ass ethnic nose"
What the hell does that even mean?

No. 253962

/r/ing pic of her with friend who's choker she stole.

No. 253966

I know you said nothing of interest would probably be on there, but i found it quite interesting to see how her shopping addiction escalated and also how she was very aware of calories and trying to stay fit. It's like she is a whole different person now.

No. 253968

ugh when people photograph themselves in circle lenses but think its totally fine to have fish eyes going in opposite directions

No. 254004

This brings back memories. I miss reading stuff like this instead of "wahh no one will give me tokens on cam".

It's funny because I remember when she used to freak out over eating one of those tubs of raw cookie dough, even though she ate nothing else all day. It wasn't the healthiest, but damn… compared to what she eats now, it's kind of crazy to think about.

No. 254005

Omg stfu arguing about noses

I think Charms nose is SO pretty. I have a big nose and I'd love to have hers. Not everyone has the same preferences. I like how hers is slightly upturned and very petite. Wow boohoo cry some more, not everyone has the same opinions about facial features

No. 254020


>OH. EM. GEE. Liek, STAHP giving ur opinions on her nose guise!

>SO LIKE AAAAAAAAAAANYWAY, I think Charms' nose is liek, SOOOOOOOOOOO pretty! xD

No. 254028

>ethnic nose
she is white, and her nose is fine. I wonder how insecure you must be if you're so intolerant about little things like that.

No. 254033

Sorry for replying to an old post but I think Charms has a fucked up leg/ankle, it was the reason she stopped playing sports as a kid and what made her gain weight wayyy back then.

No. 254034

No, not really. It was their 'joke' of being uptight and only wanting people to be the best. It caused gaia drama with the other lolita who were on there.

This is such a mess. Aoi's fake pig tails that dont match her hair, the fucked up wig charms has. Aoi's too light foundation with lack of any makeup on charms. They would be ripped apart now.

No. 254045

They were ripped apart back then for it. These pictures surfacing turned her and Aoi into even more of a joke than they already were. People already were making fun of them for being so full of themselves and then to make the basic mistakes they made here was the final straw to any bit of credibility they had at the time.

No. 254062

She's a jew and she's not white.

No. 254072

File: 1459395372566.jpg (2.69 KB, 164x168, nose.jpg)

that being so, her nose is not stereotypically "jewish". It is however, incredibly crooked as if it were broken and healed badly.

pic related, it is a stereotypical jewish "hook" nose.

No. 254077

holy fuck, how can she eat that many cookies in one sitting?

No. 254083


I think it's pretty clear at this point, at least from my perspective, that she's fallen heavily into comfort eating.

No. 254084

she said she was asian and they're judgmental as fuck, especially towards non-asians. irony.

No. 254086

File: 1459398763023.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-03-31-05-29-43…)

Oh god.

No. 254087

File: 1459398780096.png (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-03-31-05-30-22…)

No. 254099

it looks like she has a patagium between the rotten fruit of her sagging bosom

No. 254101

You know those fake plastic tits guys wear during halloween or when they're being dumb and pretending to be a woman? That's what her fake tits look like. Repulsive.

No. 254103

oh shit, all these lil flat chested anon getting angry and judgmental

fuckin calm down young man, real tits that size sit just like that naturally.

No. 254106

What young man

No. 254107

sorry for triggering you about your saggy tits anon

No. 254108

hahaha you fucking wish little boy.

No. 254110

I think charms has been in this threat samefagging for awhile now guys

No. 254111

Charms blocked me on Instagram so she obviously lurks in here

No. 254114

they absolutely do not. nice try though~

No. 254116

She got a bad tit job. She knows she did.

No. 254117

I'm not the gook anon, I was only replying to them. I'm white.(race derailing)

No. 254127

Hi charms

No. 254153

File: 1459412419019.png (987.76 KB, 577x583, capture_001_31032016_011616.pn…)

500 for her sc? l m a o
no wonder she made a new one

No. 254215

is she actually saying it costs 500 or is she making a joke like "tip number 500 etcetc"

No. 254216

500 MFC tokens = 25 USD

No. 254219


Ikr "stfu arguing" -> adds her irrelevant opinion anyway. Charms is that you?

No. 254220

I'm not a "gook", I'm Chinese. Also yes I'm the one who mentioned her nose bridge but never called it an "ethnic nose" or implied it was ugly, just strange to me.

No. 254283

I was staring at the middle picture for a good couple of seconds trying to figure out wtf it was…

No. 254320

is it weird that i can totally see her doing a trampy elvira schtick like this?
it'd be probably more profitable than whatever else she's trying to work now.

No. 254326

Like >>254216 said, 500 tokens. I was just laughing because most cam girls I've seen want less than 400 for snapchat and there she is making a brand new account just so she can overprice hers. She didn't even use her old one enough for it to be worth half that.

No. 254348

She keeps making new ones, I feel like this is her 4th now.

No. 254368

File: 1459465790745.jpg (284.48 KB, 498x416, aHolY5R.jpg)

Her nose is not ethnic, it's a nice Caucasian nose. Pretty sure you're jelly because as a Chinese you have a flat piggie/monkey nose(race derailing)

No. 254386


>tfw I have a Roman nose like that statue has and modern peoples consider it ugly

No. 254471

Can everyone shut up about her nose?

No. 254513


Your reading comprehension is awful. You and the other anon have serious insecurity issues to use race as an attack. Again, the "white" who replied me was the one who called her nose ugly and ethnic, followed by another anon calling her a Jew. Smh. Do you not know how replies work. I don't find her "ethnic" at all, whatever that even means. Clearly she's white as fuck.

No. 254518


I've been told I have a cute nose plenty of times, is this supposed to make me feel bad lol?

I'm really curious if Charms is the one replying all of these messages about her nose and boobs because they're so over the top. But yes we get it, her nose is divisive and she got a bad boob job, now let's move on(no one gives a shit)

No. 254521

Anon, I think strong noses like that are really attractive and one of my favorite features on people, men or women. Some people probably find it cute.

No. 254547

Oh dont be sad anon, I have a tiny flat snub nose and I only like guys with big noses. My bf has a huge roman nose like that and its the sexiest thing ever tbh.

No. 254832

This girl is a gigantic fucking amerifat

No. 255045


you gigantic fucking pitiful fucking mouth breather.


No. 255064

Delete this post, hamplanet

No. 255065


are you an autist.

No. 255098

File: 1459645415068.jpg (127.32 KB, 1391x751, harsh.jpg)

Obvious vendetta

No. 255327

File: 1459730372553.png (61.7 KB, 1190x229, Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 7.30…)


No. 255329


How fucking stupid are you.

No. 255330

The caption underneath is part of yesterday's prank. Click on it and you'll that anon didn't post anything.

No. 255331

you'll see that*

No. 255334

I thought she doesn't take laxatives anymore because she used to abuse them?

No. 255336

maybe she's going back into that to lose weight, or more likely, her shit diet is clogging up the tubes hardcore

No. 255347

Doesn't want to drink water. I cannot even. This is why you are fat you lunatic.

No. 255351

Hahahaha. Good. I hope she kills herself. She is so stupid. She doesn't want to drink water? But she still drinks sugary soda and eats garbage? She's insane.

No. 255360


This is incomprehensible to me. If I don't drink enough for even one day I go to bed and wake up feeling like complete shit. I can't imagine how awful her body must feel every single day, but I suppose she's too blasted on benzos to notice.

Anybody else noticed how her little relationship with Darcyn Cole has fizzled out?

No. 255417

Was that a gross April Fools from her?

There is no excuse for being unhappy with your weight but chugging down soda.
Sage because OT blogging but I can hardly drink any fluid myself in general because my shitty bladder is so pathetic and fucking wish I could do that 8 glasses of water a day everyone preaches, bladder privilege isn't a thing but if it was, Charms is wasting it.(cool blog)

No. 255447


Shiet Anon how do you stay hydrated?

No. 255472

Sure I wasn't the only one who got up to grab a big glass of water after reading this.

No. 255560

I grabbed a liter of water. She is disgusting.

No. 255565

Ugh, all this does is remind me how I wish my water tasted good. Not that I would be dumb enough to drink soda mixed with lax, but I really took for granted nice-tasting water from the tap:
>lived in rural NY
>water tasted crisp and delicious
>moved to suburban south
>they chlorinate the fuck out of their water
>really puts me off from drinking it as even filtering doesn't help with the chemical taste
>apparently I'm a tool for buying bottled water

No. 255566

man thats like the worst way to lose weight

No. 255574

I feel you, anon. I moved to Wisconsin semi-recently and the water is absurdly hard and gross. I thought that my plastic thermos just tinted the water grey until I installed a Brita water filter. Turns out my thermos wasn't the reason why the water was so dark…

No. 255575

I don't and I look like a shrivelled old lady, I drink water with my meals but hardly any other time but I'm hopeful for a bladder sling operation.
Enjoy your water and stay beautiful for me anon, don't be a Constipasted Charms!

No. 255592


What happens when you try to drink enough water? Like, symptom-wise? Do you have an official diagnosis yet?

No. 255595

Can you two fuck off with the OT?

No. 255601

File: 1459817967050.png (50.63 KB, 615x311, Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 8.57…)

Charms is delusional, unless she loses the weight she'll never go back to camming in her prime where she was in the top 100.

Tbh even if she does lose weight she'll never go back to the top 100. Too many gross tattoos, balding, bad skin and makeup.

Charms is literally camgirl equivalent of PT. I hope she gives up sooner rather than later though, and finds a real purpose in life.

No. 255603

File: 1459818178977.jpg (87.67 KB, 423x750, arianina.jpg)

pic related is the girl shes replying to lol

No. 255607


No. Fuck off.

No. 255648

File: 1459826532888.jpg (239.19 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

She got another hideous tattoo guys

No. 255649

it looks like some sort of vagina goblin.

No. 255655

It literally looks like someone drew a picture and spilt something on it. Hideous

No. 255659

are you fucking kidding me with that shading oh my god I'm done this is it no more

No. 255662

A flying Gremlin?
A metaphor for prescription drugs?
The fuck am I looking at anymore lmao

No. 255663

The fake boobs and weird shadow where the crotch is makes it look like she's a trap tucking in a penis.

No. 255666

>weird shadow
she probs just has a bush

she's pretty cute, shame about the stumpy legs

No. 255673


>see these posts before I see the tattoo

>"Oh, now, it can't be that bad- Oh. Oh, wait, never mind."

No. 255681

File: 1459837870578.jpg (48.18 KB, 600x450, 1442211071360.jpg)

Well, at this point Charms is beyond saving anyway. She ruined her body in more ways than one.

No. 255682

What the fuck is this even supposed to be?! This is kindergarten levels of bad. This is a tattoo? I refuse to believe it isn't pen or sharpie.

No. 255692

to but seriously bitch
in the fuckin forever21 changing rooms

No. 255695

File: 1459842151215.jpg (Spoiler Image, 442.67 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)

tfw you go from sex kitten to tub of lard and wonder why no one tips

No. 255696

I just noticed it has fucking three legs on the bottom not two but three, just one extra on the left out here like fuck the world

i get she's in the midwest but how the motherfuck is this person tattooing because this is below acceptable apprentice level shit

No. 255699

I was under the impression that it was supposed to be a ~*mutated quirky bat*~ but to be honest this tat looks like it has no fucking rhyme or reason.

No. 255708

Learn to spoiler you stupid fag

No. 255731

Nah it was that she couldn't get prescribed laxatives strong enough to work by the doctor anymore

No. 255746

I get the feeling this tat is something she drew and she essentially forced the tat artist to trace and shade her exact work, no touch ups

Though from the shoddy work that's been associated with her tat artists in the past I don't know who to blame

No. 255751

she could probably be okay on other websites that focused on chubsters, not myfreecams which seems very geared to the typical pornstar body top.

No. 255753


You're getting naked in there anyway shutup.

>implying changing rooms don't have the best lighting for selfies

No. 255754

It's not just her body type, the attitude also keeps people away and will on most any fetish site. She's in a pill fog most of the time, sluggish and whiny. She'd rather be eating six cupcakes than camming.

No. 255756

Why is she so… yellow?

No. 255760

I think she thought as soon as she got massive fake tits she'd be swimming in cash because "That's what everyone likes" But most camgirls have massive fake tits, it's not as if there's a gap in the market. she had a nice little niche before, which she's destroyed for herself.

No. 255783

Because she's turned into Homer.

No. 255805

File: 1459873586281.jpg (48.13 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Daily reminder that Scraps looks like fucking Judith Butler. He should start writing essays on the discursive limits of sex instead of ruining Charms.

No. 255845

Probably yellowish room light with closed curtains not letting natural light in.

No. 255848

shit thats hideous.
its even worse than the sketch which was bad enough
vampire bats are kinda cute but mutant zombie bats with crystals growing on them? 3edgy5me

No. 255864

no it's the tackiness of taking it in fucking forever21
outside is the best lighting if that's seriously your argument, not in a mall changing room with your shit everywhere.

No. 255891


When was the last time you tried on clothes in H&M? Their changing room lighting is fucking beautiful.

No. 255907

Dressing room lighting is designed to be flattering so you'll look good in their shit and buy it. Most people look better in direct white lighting anyway, which is what dressing rooms have.

No. 255925

Not most dressing rooms I've been in, and I don't mean like Goodwill, but like Kohls and stuff.

No. 256012

File: 1459901807105.png (741.15 KB, 851x493, lit.png)


I feel like the lighting is supposed to make you look great, although this isn't consistent across all places.

sorry for OT

No. 256108


wow nice workout lines

No. 256111

That sad, sad breast just sliding off her body.

No. 256126

Tfw you will never get to go to a con where a cute Charms is cosplay in

Let's start a gofundme so she can get help to stop binging

No. 256161

isn't it better to know you look like a chunky sausage in the fitting room instead of believing you look like hot shit

No. 256285


Yep. That's why I simultaneously love and hate the H&M lighting.
Still great for selfies tho.

No. 256289

The only way she will ever stop binging is if Scraps leaves (which he won't) because she said how he always goes to get her food but back during her ED shit she was telling an anon that to stop binging you can't have any binge food around you and to stock up on healthy shit which I think is solid advice. That said, as long as she has Scraps to go and fetch her takeout then she's never going to stop binging. She has very little impulse control and he's knowingly enabling her.

No. 256309

File: 1459968705180.jpg (76.3 KB, 1080x810, 12725043_1663912413874387_1897…)

No. 256311

Why do I get the feeling this normally what she does all day? You would think it's a cute image at first, being all cuddly with your pet, but she' probably just sleeping like a lump all day long and not doing anything productive. It's sort of sad really.

No. 256313

It's like she has somehow totally missed the whole 'camgirls are a brand identity' thing.
Nobody wants to see that you're a slob, that isn't going to make men fantasize about you.
She needs to be projecting an image that makes guys want to be with her, whether that's quirky fun gamer girl or glamorous sex kitten or whatever. She is selling NOTHING and I get so angry that I have no way to anonymously spell this out for her because she's too stupid to seem to notice or care herself.

No. 256317

she really is dumb… for someone who talks a lot of shit

No. 256553

>Many of you will have noticed an interesting phenomenona in numerous young girls of our and the next generation where they've developed these hideously deep forehead wrinkles which amusingly appears to have been caused by raising their eyebrows when preening in mirrors and taking selfies.

very amusing.

No. 256558

Look at those ham hands!

No. 256573

File: 1460010963557.jpg (46.33 KB, 427x342, hippo-foot-2[1].jpg)

No. 256782

I know that this will NEVER happen, but just say- hypothetically, if Scraps was to ever put his foot down and refuse to stop getting her her binge food (instead telling her like "I'm just going to get you healthy food" etc), do you guys think she would go along with it because she's so apathetic or would she throw a hissy fit over not getting her way?

No. 256794

Hissy fit

Might go along with it for like 2.5 seconds but fit would follow

Doesn't mean he should keep enabling her though

No. 256797

Whose dog is lying by the couch?

No. 256801

She'd definitely threaten to kick him out. She's a classic abuser - all relationships are a little bit lopsided in terms of finance, resources etc, but most people recognise it's the effort put in, not necessarily the results that matter. Charms exploits the fact that "she's" (read her family, she doesn't make any money anymore) the breadwinner in the relationship to blackmail scraps into doing whatever she wants.

No. 256818

I didn't even notice the dog… didn't she say something in the past about wanting to get dogs or something along those lines?

No. 256820

I'm trying to wrap my head around where the mess that is current charms begins.

Does it begin with her being so drugged up and apathetic as a result of those drugs, and therefore causing her shit lifestyle habits and (more or less) forcing Scraps to feed into that lifestyle? Or does it begin with Scraps' selfish need to freeload off of Charms and therefore enable her so she'll never wise up to the idea of getting off her meds so she can be normal (and see though his shitty freeloading)?

Sorry fam, it's like 3:30AM and I just got so caught up on this shit for some reason. It's like a weird circle of abuse but I just want to know where it really begins lol.

No. 256821

It goes way further back than that man, Charms is arguably an abuse victim herself. She probably doesn't know how to be in a normal relationship.

No. 256822

Oh shit I forgot about Aoi (and don't know of any other relationships she had besides the one with Aoi)

No. 256827

Doesn't help that if she does have bpd (and it's not a misdiagnosis), she doesn't have a stable mind to reflect on (and these drugs aren't helping her)

Whoever she's seen for therapy etc either has no idea how to deal with bpd patients, or charms has been particularly resistant to following through with treatment. Probably a combo effort.

No. 256835

I reckon it's a combo effect. Rich jews are really prone to doctor shopping so I imagine any doctor that tells her things she doesn't like to hear gets thrown out pretty fast.

No. 256837

It might be her mom's dog. She said on cam awhile back that her and scraps are living with her mom now. I have a hard time believing that she'd get the dog and not spam pics about it for a week or two before forgetting it exists/giving it away/sitting on it.

No. 256845

Hissy fit until he threatens to leave and then she'll go along with whatever he wants to get him to stay.
You're right, she is an abuser and would have kicked Scraps out if she was still successful but she's pretty much lost everything that made her able to keep people around. Her money, her looks, and manipulation were how she kept people in her life. But she has no more money, she looks like she's been eating nothing but Crisco for 2 years straight, and she needed those things to properly manipulate people into staying. I think at this point sure, she'd make the threat to kick him out but if he started going along with it she would panic and start back-peddling.
BPD isn't really treatable with drugs for the most part. Sure they can be sedated as we see currently, but that doesn't really FIX anything. The most effective method of treatment is DBT which is less about suppressing your emotions with sedatives and more about analyzing and working through emotions and recognizing that they are temporary before doing something rash and impulsive.

No. 256850

I don't think she's capable of introspection or reflecting on her actions regardless. She's posted multiple times about compulsive spending and getting tattoos being activities she does so she can "Feel something," however fleetingly. She's getting more tattoos and spending more than she ever has in any period of her (Online) life. She's being so self destructive by means of behaviours she, herself, has acknowledged as nothing more than poor coping strategies. And yet if you mention this to her, her reply is "I'm happier now than I ever have been! I love my body so much more!"

It just makes me fucking sad tbh. Beyond mourning her lost beauty and all that, seeing someone sink so deeply into mental illness…

No. 256919

it's Michaels moms dog. she said she and mike are at his moms on Instagram.

and her and scraps have been living with her mom for over a year now

No. 257045

Can you imagine your fully grown son stays at home with you, but also with his emotional mess of a camgirl daughter? And that you might walk in on her trying to manipulate a dildo past her womanly curves for the internet?
I'm just assuming scraps was raised by a decent mother though, maybe she doesn't give a shit and deserves this porky poltergeist in her home

No. 257075

File: 1460095513154.jpg (29.75 KB, 269x418, 1356397799435.jpg)


>mfw I remember when I browsed Gaiaonline and this was her signature

No. 257084

File: 1460098518366.jpg (8.82 KB, 208x320, 23k2dck.jpg)

No. 257085

File: 1460098594724.jpg (399.77 KB, 535x802, 450d57d6d249ad71f5c3a169f42a1d…)

I'm a charmsologist drapping some finds, don't mind me.

No. 257087

File: 1460098657509.jpg (415.87 KB, 600x900, a_lolita_by_fiverings-d3hml8s.…)

No. 257088

File: 1460098794658.jpg (119.86 KB, 900x600, church_bells_by_thesinisterlov…)

No. 257089

File: 1460098839829.jpg (207.24 KB, 600x900, kira_and_sin_by_thesinisterlov…)

No. 257090

File: 1460098972130.png (340.41 KB, 480x586, sdfgs.png)

Boner kill

No. 257091

File: 1460099044227.jpg (121.46 KB, 500x750, large.jpg)

No. 257092

File: 1460099113019.jpg (103.46 KB, 640x360, 1.jpg)

No. 257093

File: 1460099154645.jpg (102.75 KB, 360x640, 2.jpg)

No. 257094

File: 1460099253617.png (141.74 KB, 912x621, 29wwy1v.png)

Anyone else think this person was being kind of a cunt?

No. 257095

File: 1460099322850.jpg (47.52 KB, 506x578, 21cyuq8.jpg)

Classic lolita secret.

No. 257103

wtf does this have to do with anything

No. 257135

they write like a fucking fourteen year old girl.

and charms is right, she's a casaulty. see her as she is today

No. 257162

That chick was a cunt. She has to call herself a survivor or else she's lying about it? Bullshit. Survivor and victim aren't mutually exclusive. You can be the victim of crime and still survive it.

No. 257198

Charms said that. It's from back when her FB was Charlotte Adalynn Vale. You can kind of see parts of the name.

No. 257203

She looks terrible in lolita, her face is way too jarring and not soft at all.

No. 257208

> like a fucking fourteen year old girls
i think they were lmao

No. 257209

that light is really ugly wtf

No. 257214

what the fuck. Yes, that Hanna person is very much a cunt.

No. 257215

Damn, Charms is a stupid bitch.

No. 257778

>"comment posted successfully"

nice self-post, very subtle.

No. 257808

I'm not the one who capped it lol

No. 258859

sauce? it just seems really weird that you brought up a screenshot of a conversation that happened over half a decade ago just to point out some random being a cunt to charms. was hannahlynds so flabbergasted by the use of the word 'victim' that she posted a screencap on her blog or something?

No. 259485

Charm's current body is the effects of years of disordered eating and starvation diets. All of the photos of her during her best eras were when she was posting constantly on a forum about pro-ana lifestyle. I was a member of the same forum, and because we were the same current weight and had the same goal weight me and her exchanged phone numbers and would text each other daily to be held "accountable" for what we eat- and insult or belittle each other if we overate, or sometimes if we ate at all. She was also in college at this time, because she would text me a lot about not being able to turn down free food on campus. We would both eat only tiny amounts of unhealthy food instead of eating healthy and exercising (i.e. one candy bar a day or a mcdonalds happy meal eaten slowly throughout the day). She looks good in those photos at her lowest weight, but the lifestyle she was living to attain that was disgusting.

If you're reading this and are suffering from an eating disorder, visiting pro-ana forums like that, or on an extremely calorie restrictive diet please take these photos of her dramatic weight gain to heart because this is the result of it. Its not worth it. I'm not trying to imply that her weight gain isn't her fault, or is entirely because of her past disordered eating, because she is definitely making a lot of unhealthy choices. But my situation was really similar - as soon as I stopped restricting and went back to eating a "normal" calorie diet, I gained weight so easily and so fast. My highest weight was 170 but now I'm at 135-140 (approximately, I don't have a scale in my house because of disordered thinking), and am slowly losing because of my now very active lifestyle. But if had understood before the consequences of pro-ana & starving myself I never, ever would have done it and I'm sure Charms feels the same way.

No. 259811

no, her body is the result of eating too much.

plenty of us on here have dealt with that shit, i did for 11 years but i'm not about to get into personal blog territory,all im saying is that myself and many others who recover havent gone into obesity territory…

shes drugged up and eating too much. you can't permanently wreck your metabolism, it regulates after a short time. she's just being a lazy fatass. probably due to her years of restricting, and thus she craves crap and indulges in it, but its overindulgence nonetheless.

No. 259819


My sister did a paper on ED's and shit like that. She mentioned to me that people who have something similar to what Charms does most likely end up being overweight in the future.

No. 259831

Yeah no, you might not have but it is very normal to gain a lot after recovery.

No. 259856

Random request, anon said they have a folder saved of old Charms pics somewhere on their HD, I think in the last thread? If anon is still here, can you upload the folder somewhere for me? Please and thank you!

No. 259880

I dumped a couple pictures earlier in the thread but I can gather up any more I have left and stick them somewhere.

No. 259920

File: 1460647839786.png (702.04 KB, 817x600, 46t64w5wqv5.png)

First time I've seen Scraps with any hint of facial hair. He doesn't look as much like a middle-aged lesbian here.

No. 259934

File: 1460649283840.jpeg (47.25 KB, 415x600, image.jpeg)

Just realized who he looks like.

No. 260276

keep justifying, fatass
yeah ok sure but if they do end up fat its not because they've ruined their metabolism

its because they fucking eat too much

it's not normal. charms just overeats, period.

No. 260280

The thing is, if you hadn't already stated that you're a "former" ana chan I would actually be wondering why you get so pissed by this, but you starved your brain into retardation, so I guess you're excused.
Like I mentioned, not everyone does, some however do gain a lot. This isn't aimed at you, it's just, you know, reality.

No. 260368

Anon, this is tumblr 2.0 where "lived experiences" is not antidotal evidence and your sisters' research and statistics is oppressing us so take that shit out of here.

No. 260375

File: 1460736898546.png (1.1 MB, 997x992, shib.png)

>antidotal evidence

No. 260383

File: 1460740179004.jpg (92.38 KB, 585x391, eqfeq.jpg)

Charms listen to your mother omg.

Also sage for OT but speaking as a former ana-chan and fatass, the thing about people with eating disorders gaining large amounts of weight following recovery is not typically due to a "ruined metabolism" (though it is true that your metabolic and digestive rate is colossally fucked up for a while, it does eventually readjust).

It's more to do with the fact that a lot of people recovering come out of it with zero concept of portion control. How much is too much/ How much is too little? The added psychological effect of everybody "goading" you on and congratulating you for just eating, you can start to subconsciously associate food with happiness and praise, and in the end you just end up swapping underrating for overeating. The ED is still there really.

No. 260500

People who love tattoos and body expression take time in between each piece and it all has meaning to them. Charms is using tattoos as a coping and escape mechanism. She's going to get more depressed and regretful as time goes on.

No. 260517

My mother used to be bulimic and now she's obese. She always did fad diets and was obsessed with how small her waist was.

It's not the metabolism bullshit, it's having a plain ole' unhealthy relationship with food. Many people with eating disorders believe food is all or nothing instead of proper management. My mom often says "I don't want to go on a diet. I'm not going to eat rabbit food." Many eating disordered individuals have this idea that all food is bad and there's no possible of way of eating, enjoying what you're eating and staying thin. Absolute retards when it comes to food. Imagine the idea of actually enjoying a low cal meal!

Anyways, Charms would be a great example of someone who thinks non-disordered eating is eating like shit.

And how the hell did her hairline get like that?!?! Medication? Is she pulling her hair back too tight?

No. 260519

At this point she's using tattoos as socially acceptable self-harm. It seems like she's chasing the endorphins rather than taking the time and patience to put decent art on her body.

No. 260522

>And how the hell did her hairline get like that?!?! Medication? Is she pulling her hair back too tight?

Years of sloppy home dye sessions coupled with extensions worn for aaaages. Only a few months ago she tried to take her hair from black to teal or pink (she couldn't decide), fucked up the bleaching, opted for a grey and then dyed it black once more a few days later. She could have used Olaplex but in her own Tumblrwords she was impatient.

No. 260532

With eating disorders, even if you're not actively doing something "disordered", you still have the thoughts. So it's probably a matter of "all or nothing" or her overcompensating because she doesn't know healthy portions.

No. 260856

File: 1460873238411.jpg (55.53 KB, 600x338, 1459951068772.jpg)

Making an Encyclopedia Dramatica article about charms, anyone want to contribute? If you don't have an account, you could just type it up here and I'll copy and paste. I'll post the link after I get the basic skeleton laid out.

No. 260864

No. 260907

>(more like BIG lotte, am I right?) is a fat ugly slut
>[[rich}|any seasonal houses.]]
>two much time on their hands


No. 261016


Anon the only thing you've served in the language of that article is to make yourself like a catty, underageb& teenager. ED articles are supposed to be more subtle in their denigration.

No. 261021

Go look at how other top articles are formatted on there, take notes from them then revise your article completely, it's really badly written.

If anything, it currently looks like it was created by a teenager with Tourette's who didn't finish Grade 9.

No. 261022

this and wtf is with the proana shit too, cut that out.

No. 261064

Then edit it yourself?

No. 261065

I more put that in becuse I knew it would piss charms off. I was hoping to see her have a fit when she finds the article.

No. 261122

This is really badly done and too direct. ED pages are supposed to be subtle yet insulting, not flat out name calling every sentence.

No. 261127


Honestly, anon, I think she's so drugged up that she's not all that likely to chimp out at anything.


This. I would recommend the Pixyteri article, especially, even though it's not been updated in a while.
ED articles often are a little edgy imo, but they're a little less direct about it.

No. 261139

Nigger, I've written Ed articles before. I just didn't give as big a fuck about this one because I hoped others would lend a hand, like how we did with Quirky.

No. 261147

>gets constructive criticism
>nigger!!! I don't care!!! RRRREEEE

No. 261168

Nigger, do I sound angry to you? I was just telling you that I've written ED articles before. Is it teh N word?

No. 261169

ED articles are mostly cringey trying to be funny, edgy shit. I'm not that anon but I'm grateful someone is trying to record content and they're all written that way. I haven't read an ED article without having second hand embarrassment.

No. 261171

Are you fat or something? Everyone knows that anorexia made Charms pretty, get your hamplanet ass out of here.

No. 261249


Well obviously you need to go back and make revisions because you're not very good at this. Are you 15?

No. 261250


Samefag :^)

You failed. Accept it and deal with it, and then move on.

No. 261406

Charms, is that you? Are you butthurt?

No. 261731

Yikes, you're really embarrassing. Who gets this anally annihilated when people rightfully point out that your writing sucks? Your other articles you've "written" are probably just as bad lol get over it, faggot. Hopefully someone else writes or edits it.

No. 261738


Anon, stop. It's just embarrassing now.

No. 262081

From age 13-18 I would eat only a salad after school and coffee that's it. I was always 90-100 lbs.

I'm 22 now and only the last three months because of pregnancy and birth control issues have I got to my highest weight, 120. Before that I wasn't restricting but still around 100.

Lotre is fat because she eats too much. She eats BK like three times a day

What do you expect


No. 262086

> pregnancy and birth control issues

No. 262818

I think it really depends whether you suffer from the "healthy" sustainable anorexia type, eating 1000-1400 kcal of healthy food over a long period of time with almost no binging or the unhealthy crash and burn type, meaning eating 300 kcal of junk food, binging, losing weight very fast, gaining some back, losing more and so on. The second type has a disposition for getting fat because a) they don't like healthy food b) they have an all or nothing attitude more similar to bulimics and BED-sufferers than anorexics and c) they probably destroyed any muscle mass they had and accumulate fat cells instead during the short periods of weight gain. yoyo-ing is a much worse for the body then constantly losing over a long period of time.

(Not saying the sustainable anorexics are healthier in general. They are even likelier to die but if they recover they probably won’t get fat. Think of Aly for example. Can’t imagine her getting fat ever.)

No. 262970

File: 1461377284299.jpg (93.13 KB, 600x1067, kek-charms.jpg)

hands holding a mask? it's just as bad as I thought it'd be.

No. 263033

File: 1461383219553.jpeg (123.16 KB, 640x579, image.jpeg)

I know we all saw it but blegh unflattering

No. 263049

File: 1461385738194.png (2.9 MB, 2048x2048, image.png)

Looks like she took some inspo from another of our cows here, top kek. Victoria may be a snowflake but at least her tattoo looks halfway decent

No. 263057

Imo the hands in Vic's look worse. The hands in Charm's are at least normal sized. But I could just be sleep deprived.

No. 263062

Nah Charms' looks like absolute shit, especially in comparison to Vic's.

Charms has to be that artist's only customer. Her work is absolutely fucking awful.

No. 263082

From a small thumbnail I thought it was a person who has white socks around his face.

No. 263090


it's a wiggly line away from being a prison tattoo

No. 263092

Looks worse than fucking sharpie….
Also, her coppying this other cow is starting to irritate me. She's been doing it for a while, but it's so shameless and obnoxious it just pisses me off at this point. Remember when she used to flip out at people she thought were copying her?

No. 263136


Someone should point it out to Vic, wonder how she'd react

No. 263142

Jesus christ do these women have no fucking sense at all. This "art" is so bad I want to travel back in time and convince their mothers to abort them so they can never create these abominations.

The hands on charms look like someone is suffering from edema.

No. 263252

Victoria's is actually kind of cool.Charms' tattoo looks like a child's drawing. Why does she keep getting that shit artist? Does she pay her in tootsie rolls?

No. 263359

File: 1461517525714.png (411.05 KB, 682x671, Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 11.4…)


No. 263362

>That overlapping
I'm having an aneurysm.

No. 263363

wait, is this charlotte, or just some moron who got the exact same tattos and fucko placements?

No. 263375


Which sounds more realistic to you.

No. 263381

it doesn't look like her from that angle

No. 263384


It does, you're just used to seeing carefully angled selfies.

No. 263398

Fucking lol

No. 263546


No. 263572


Doesn't Big Lotte have a septum piercing and no upper lip one (idk what the fuck it's called, sorry)???

No. 263578

I thought so too, but you shouldn't ask questions here apparantly.

No. 263618


Piercings can be removed at will, and yes she has an upper lip >>243754

No. 263652

ffs she even has the same shitty bat tattoo layered with it. how about looking a little longer before asking dumb ass questions.

No. 263729

File: 1461631746409.png (14.36 KB, 295x123, juststop.png)

No. 263730

File: 1461632671196.jpeg (48.79 KB, 600x337, image.jpeg)

For reference.

No. 263733

Legit question: do you guys all believe that Charlotte is past a point of no return at this stage?
If you believe she's still able to turn her shit around, what do you think it would take for that to happen?

Also what happened with that shit with Darcyn Cole who was liek, sooooooo totes convinced she was a nice girl!

No. 263735

With her mental illness I say shes way past the point of return. If she didn't have that to deal with she could eventually get over scraps and become healthy.

No. 263738

No one remembers Darcyn Cole at all, probably least of all Charms.

No. 263739

Yes. At this point it is kinda like watching Ash, you know the end is shit you are just waiting for it. On its own the stuff can be dealt with, you can loose the weight, get a job that isnt camming, deal with the tattoos with makeup to be more normal until a more perm solution is made. The issue is her state of mind, there is no drive to do anything. She has no goals.

The only chance Charms has is if she gets something so life altering happen to her that makes her change. This could be bf leaves or that mom kicks her out, anything that would take her out of the comfort life she lives. However besides that there is no reason for her to live. The people around her enable her to stay in this state.

No. 263757

She can get back into shape.
Look for a real job.
Go back to school.
See a therapist.

She won't be able to get rid of those fugly fucking tattoos and erase years of low self-esteem documented on the internet in all her naked failings, though.
Camwhores are sad, sad individuals. Especially the ones who are all tatted up.

No. 263760

I don't even think her mental illness is the problem anymore, it's the meds she's on

No idea what the fuck her head doctor is doing. Not giving a shit, apparently

No. 263779

one time i catfishes a famous tattoo artist on instagram with chloe's pictures because i wanted to know what he was into and idfk why but i chose her

i have no where else to put this but i need to release this to the universe

No. 263906

I was in a VERY similar position as her but without the shitty tattoos, but if she gets on a better diet and re-calibrates her meds I think she can salvage at least some of her dignity. If she goes through with the face tattoo then the odds of her getting an actual job and rejoining the adult world would become slim and then she'd most likely end up ruminating in her own self-pity for the rest of her life. I really think she needs to get off whatever meds she's doped up on and find a way to motivate herself.

No. 263917

Like everyone else is saying, she won't ever improve unless something snaps her out of her medicated comfort zone.
I wish there was some way to contact her anonymously, I'm thinking about making a throwaway tumblr account just for it. She wouldn't even listen though, she takes advice worse than PT.
It's like a bad joke how she used to be so different.

The style doesn't even match, what is she doing?!

No. 263918

I don't think it's her weight, her mental state or the tattoos that make it impossible for her to change.

She's unable to take responsibility for herself and put her words into action. THAT'S something that's really hard to overcome. Actually, I've never seen a person overcoming being an irresponsible crybaby past the age of maybe 18. Responsible people usually already used to be responsible kids. And irresponsible kids grow into irresponsible adults.

No. 263924

How old is she anyway? I feel like her number in tattoo is beyond the number of getting laser cuz she got too many bat ones n whatnot… I have forearm tattoos n a buttock one im lasering off n its a long proccess n i dont even have that many n its a pain so i dunno sux to b her i wish i was born beautiful in a rich jewish family how did she manage to fuck that up

No. 263925


She's 23, turning 24.

No. 263930

She used to have beautiful skin n nice thick hair wtf i mean she cant be dumb either with smart parents she could have been so successful with a nice car decent friends

No. 263932

Arent women with breast implants more likely to commit suiside?(derailing)

No. 263933

Yes.. this comment.

There's such a harsh stigma around medication. It's there to help,not make someone worse. Most medication has side effects, but should die down after a month or two on it.

She's just lazy and spoiled. Everyone around her just hands things to her. It shows. She does barely any work on her cam sessions and expect people to tip her. Despite the fact there's other girls way better than her and actually entertaining. Only way she'll change if she grows up.

No. 264683

what the fuck anon…

No. 264965

It wasn't for long, just two weeks so I could learn his kinks. He offered this freely and isn't a good dude anyways, so I didn't want to hit him up myself.


No. 264969

>that face tattoo


No. 264986

I'm curious about this but it would be OT as hell…

No. 264987

I'm curious about this but it would be OT as hell…

No. 265001

No. 265004

oh boy this is only my second time of being bored from her on cam!

No. 265005

does it cost money to get an mfc account? I'd talk to her but I don't want to put up anything of mine

No. 265006

>>265005 you can make a basic account for free.

aaaaaand she's already gone.

No. 265008

does the basic account let me talk? I'll make one whenever she comes back online

lol that hoe

No. 265010

Depends on the model. Basic members were chatting in her room, so you should be good.

Idk why she even bothers camming anymore. Its painful to watch and boring as hell. All she does is sit there and whine.

No. 265012

She shot herself in the foot there. If she stuck around longer so I could get this info I would have made a basic acc and chatted her dumbass in my vodka fueled state (until she complained about no tippers and such and left anyway, that is)

No. 265179

Most tattooists practice on pig skin, this tattooist practices on Charms.

No. 265181

Not much difference between the two tbh

No. 265185

Apprentice tattoos are a thing. That's probably what's going on right now. Charms is paying for cheap apprentice tattoos instead of going to a fully trained artist to save money.

No. 265201

oh my god

No. 265203

I hate her tattoo artist. She is so full of herself and all of her tattoos are shitty. She's so happy with herself giving below average shit tattoos over and over again. Especially to a mentally unstable person. I know I'm tripping but still. Fuck her

No. 265888

File: 1462137780950.png (119.25 KB, 556x73, capture_001_01052016_141657.pn…)

or you could get your wonky tits fixed, but nope more important to get more shitty tattoos

No. 265920

Her face? Oh no

No. 265936

The great quest to look like an unemployable trainwreck is well on its way

No. 265938

File: 1462151609114.jpg (104.71 KB, 1024x576, CgrW88fUYAAVoFL.jpg)

apparently she's decided because this chick looks "good" with it she will too lmao

No. 265939

Does she have a fetish for destroying herself or something? First she blew up, then she forgot how to do makeup, then she got the terrible tattoos and HORRENDOUS boob job. Now what? She's seriously going to tattoo her face? Is this a crazy cry for help or is she just plain deranged?

No. 265949

Omg i wonder wat face tattoo shes gonna get this is great lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 265963

File: 1462159191136.jpg (29.94 KB, 400x400, tumblr_mvntppJn0S1rfvlf4o1_400…)

Probably some stupid symbol that has no significant meaning to her. Like pic related, but on her face. I'll be really shocked if she lets that shitty tattoo artist she goes to tattoo a stupid bat with a bunch of eyes on her face, but this is charms we're talking about here.

No. 265979

This girl's nails are disgusting, her pinky nail is just a tictac…

It's pretty sad how Charms is turning out. I knew her briefly through friends a few years ago, and yes she's mentally unstable as fuck and can be a bitch, but she was obsessed with her appearance and weight. In a few years, maybe when she's off whatever meds she's on, she's going to be so disgusted with what she's done to her body.

No. 265980


charms we understand you got more room now but you're not a sticker album to fill every blank space with ugly tattoos for the sake of it

No. 266030

Is she trying to make herself unemployable so her mom can stop pestering her ?

Sure Charlotte, an edgy face tatt will be perfect when you'll be 35 and way too old and fat to cam anymore.

Probably something goffick like >>265938 which is Lucifer's cross if I'm not wrong.

No. 266032

It's just sad at this point. Hopefully she'll realize how pathetic she is soon.
Most people her age are either studying or already working. But she simply wasted all those years.

No. 266171

Sternum? Why is she getting anything near her chest when she needs a revision for her boob job that'll potentially fuck up the work? Oh yeah. This is Charms we're talking about. She has no comprehension of the consequences of her choices.

No. 266543

File: 1462371176325.png (148.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-05-04-09-10-50…)

From her Tumblr

No. 266549

Wait, so. She saw herself clearly, lost weight and… Decides to get back on them? I wonder if she's ever seen her threads on here, and in that case what she thinks of them and what we have to say. I mean if she's been googling her name to find old shit, she must have found us, right?

No. 266554

>goes off meds
>back to reality wup there goes gravity
>nah I don't like remembering I was skinny, hot and independent
>eats dem pills

To me this just indicates she's OVERmedicated. That she doesn't need her meds, or needs a far smaller dose of them.

No. 266557


So…. she went off her meds, saw reality for what it was for the first time in months, saw what a mess she'd made of shit, and instead of trying to rectify her mistakes decided it was too much to handle and went BACK on her meds so she can instead exist purposeless in a miasma of delusion?

No. 266560

I'm guessing she's okay with living in a limbo of reality. She probably doesn't know how to deal with all the shit she's done to herself and how low she's gotten. I mean, why face reality when you can drug yourself up to the point of not caring and continue to leech off your mother and make your slave boyfriend do your shit for you? She needs to get off her meds/get on a lower dosage and go to counseling so she can learn how to handle herself and possibly fix the things she's fucked up over these past few years.

No. 266561

(then again this is charms we're talking about- charms, who doesn't know the meaning of anything besides INSTANT GRATIFICATION)

No. 266562


Well, I mean she can't stay on them forever right? Wouldn't her doctors eventually pull off of whatever it is they're feeding her for health concerns? Or is it different with private medical care where the doctors will just keep giving you shit so long as you pay them?

No. 266571

I don't know what meds she's taking but if they're to assist symptoms of bpd then they could leave her on them permanently if they felt it necessary. It's not like bpd just goes away

The problem is that bpd needs to be treated with therapy, not just medications treating some of its effects. She's probably on some kind of mood stabilizer/anti psychotic/anti depressant. Those people can be prescribed for a lifetime. The problem with them is that (especially with bpd patients) these meds can make certain aspects worse (ie compulsive choices). She needs her entire shit redone by a competent psych team that's skilled with pds and addiction

No. 266575

I really got my hopes up for a second

guess she doesnt know how to deal with all the crap, but maybe its a good start?

No. 266579

It also fully possible that Charms is hooked on her medication. Some psych meds have really draconian withdrawal effects so she probably just went back on them to avoid that.

As many smart anons have stated, for her to be as close to ok as she can be, she'd need a total overhaul by a competent psych team she would commit to.

No. 266588

what kind of meds are we talking?

No. 266606

It depends on what medication, the possible side effects, who her doctor is.

My doctor had me on a med that can cause osteoporosis if you take it too long, freaked when she realized how long I'd been on it. If Charms' doc has her on something with weight gain as the only major side effect they might think it's better for her to stay on. Or she might have a shitty doc. She really needs to get into therapy to deal with her shit and/or go on a lower dose.

No. 268727

I know i get xanax n it makes me hungry n want to go shopping n now im tryinh to come off it n the withdrawal is hell so maybe she gets prescribed anti anxiety meds too?

No. 268741

Don't personal blog and Tumblr crytype, nobody cares. Xanax doesn't make you want to go shopping or make you hungry either, and it barely has withdrawls. (Source: I've been taking Xanax for 8 years on and off.)

No. 268744

Someone should just ask Charms what meds she is on. She answers anon asks on tumblr frequently and she already seems pretty open about it, so I bet she'd answer. You could all stop speculating about it.
I'd do it myself but I can't be arsed tbh.

No. 268759


>don't personal blog and Tumblr crytype, nobody cares

>I've been taking Xanax for 8 years on and off

Are you mentally deficient.

No. 268781

I was going to say this. The irony is unreal.

No. 268870

Everyone reacts with different severity to side effects anon. Some people have crazy appetites and poor impulse control on narcotics. That said, the irony of your bullshit is fascinating.

I'm really curious too, it'd put an end to a lot of armchair psychology. I'm not sure all of it's the meds though. She's had terrible food and laziness issues even she she was in her prime.

No. 268883

Also can't be arsed, but there are pill bottles visible in some of her photos in prior threads and probably on FB/Tumblr if some explorer went searching.

No. 269288

File: 1463042250055.png (41.62 KB, 592x312, Kj09ixS[1].png)

these don't relate to each other, but both are pretty interesting

also, doesn't she already have a dog?

No. 269289

File: 1463042344003.png (921.28 KB, 936x601, NYT1Q1j[1].png)

No. 269291


If this shit carries on, she'll find herself reported to animal control in the foreseeable future. I have no idea why her boyfriend and friends enable her with doing this shit, it's obvious she can't take care of them - she doesn't take care of the dozens of cats she has as it is, or herself for that matter.

No. 269306


No. 269368

No. 269369

Fucking shit charms don't get a chicken, they're social animals and should be with other chickens. It's iust going to rot in her backyard until it dies miserable and alone. She's despicable. Source: I have 9 free range chickens.

No. 269371

Someone should bring this point up to her, at the very least we'll get double the lolz if she says she's getting multiples.

No. 269375

Shut up charms. You're not even vegan

No. 269376

what a dumb thing you just said.

No. 269383

How the fuck is that dumb at all?
>muh selective animal life!
This cunt eats massive amounts shitty processed meats from companies that treat animals horribly. She doesn't give a fuck about animal abuse, she's just saying this shit for attention.

No. 269412

How is she going to take care of all of these animals if she can't even take care of herself?

No. 269433

You have money? Then your a hippo(lol)crite for not sending money to starvin africans, vegans and their double standars smh, i hate you all.

No. 269434

Pretty sure that anon didn't act self righteous and proclaim to twitter about not using animal products but also gorge down burger King on the regular

No. 269435


No. 269704

File: 1463169351297.jpg (136.58 KB, 1080x1080, 13116786_1718780528369775_2073…)


No. 269708

Shes hooked on tattoos

No. 269713

gurl, those look like shit.

No. 269720

Make the artist stop pls.

No. 269735

At first I thought "That deer doesn't look half bad" but the more I looked at it… and the solid black background… Charms please, fix some of your other tattoos before painting more on yourself

No. 269742

Charms is officially ruined her body. There is no going back, even if she loses weight. Those tattoos are awful.

RIP Old Charms.

No. 269744

The deer looks like a sock with foamy antlers.

No. 269751

I was so taken aback by the deer I almost commented on it letting her know it looks like a sausage. Mortifying.

No. 269752

Why is it so… Wonky?? It's like warped diagonally or something…

No. 269754

Her body looks like when little kids just stick as many stickers as they can on something.
Except they're permanent, and it's her body.

No. 269842

That hand is horrible….

No. 269860

the weirdest thing is that her first tattoos were so well done so how does she not see the difference between them and this shit??? like oh my god

No. 269871

Do you have to ask? She's on some intense meds. The fact that this artists is doing tats on someone who is not of sound mind is horrifying.

No. 269881

Yeah whatever she's on has to be pretty brutal because she gives no fucks about her appearance which used to matter to her on an obsessive level. I wonder how bad her house smells like cat piss but she's too zonked to notice. Is she even still taking care of the snake she got?

No. 269903

Man as someone with tattoo regrets i just wana shake her… Im so jealous of ppl with no tattoos atlesst im getting laser fuck it

No. 269904

She posted the other day about having "Not self harmed since getting tattoos" And it's pretty fucking obvious to her tattooing is a form of self harm.

No. 269929

File: 1463258607931.jpg (80.02 KB, 736x1093, 3892f9720d91028c111632dcb1bbc0…)

charms this time next year

No. 269966

This. She even said that the feeling of tattooing was "addictive".

No. 269985

no, no, it'll be worse.
at least this lady's tattoos look like they weren't done by a complete novice.

No. 270642

File: 1463485824865.jpg (172.49 KB, 634x923, 1411123339136_wps_42_Sham_Ibra…)

Who's tits are worse, Charms or Courtney Stodden? I saw Courtney this morning and immediately thought of Charms' fucked up rack good god.

No. 270643

I know men find pretty much everything attractive but honestly this can't look good to them either jesus christ.

No. 270644

The worst part of Charms' new tats is not even that they're mediocre AT BEST, but that she's smushing two totally different styles together everywhere she can manage.

No. 270646


For me, it'd definitely be Courtney's.

No. 270670

File: 1463499101213.jpg (46.26 KB, 750x264, image.jpg)

No. 270673

instead of losing weight or anything, shes probably going to get another tattoo/pet or dye her hair

No. 270707

This tbh. She should start making changes in her life by dumping Scraps, getting a better therapist who doesn't just pump her full of drugs, enrolling in community college (did she even graduate high school?) and getting a part time job that isn't shaking her fat tits on cam… but she probably won't.

No. 270712

still can't believe we're living in an age where PT's in better shape than Charms

No. 270720

"I NEED something to change. Like soon."
Boy, what could the woman who relies completely on instant gratification be up to this week?

No. 270724

File: 1463512906229.jpg (49.45 KB, 589x271, asdasd.jpg)


Well I think we've figured out what it is she's going to do to relieve herself - get a new dog.

No. 270725

Holy shit, she's only 21. It looks like she slathered a ton of foundation around her eyes to cover dark circles.

No. 270727

I believe she got her cosmetologists license but just doesn't use it. She was at least going to school for cosmetology at one point.

No. 270728

yea well she is with a 55 year old so her must feel damn lucky
she's preggo now too haha

No. 270729

drooling mutant deer? classy

No. 270730

underrated post

No. 270739

File: 1463517282858.jpg (206.21 KB, 1280x1742, courtney-stodden-unity-premier…)


Fortunately she's dialed it back a bit now, but her parents are fucking idiots for allowing herself to run riot the way she did.

No. 270743

I have a soft spot for courtney, she just seem so damaged.

No. 270826


that "artist" must keep her only cash cow at all costs because not a single sane person would let her ruin their skin.

No. 270827

it's better for you, worse for the company (they want you to buy it anyway)

sage for off topic

No. 270850

Going to say Courtney. She had huge tits beforehand so I don't get why the fuck she got implants in the first place. Charms I can understand since she wasn't happy with having small tits.

No. 270856

Courtney's parents are fucking nuts. Her mom's weirdly fixated on her husband and her dad slapped her ass at some red carpet event. Doug's probably the most normal relationship she has and it's terrible.

No she didn't. She used to wear two pushup bras and contour her cleavage.

No. 270899

File: 1463578874915.jpg (335.74 KB, 625x1192, enhanced-buzz-11961-1360640293…)


Jesus I thought you were joking.

No. 270900

File: 1463578893361.jpg (104.1 KB, 589x429, iguo.jpg)


No. 270920

File: 1463581966860.gif (27.77 KB, 308x217, 1313420065722.gif)


What the fuck.

No. 270932

I'll be your work out partner, girl hmu

No. 270966

Can someone please report her for animal hordeing

No. 270975

I wish I was as high as you are tbh.

I want to but it's against the rules to interfere. Damn. Idk.

No. 270978

Doesn't she live with her mom? Why doesn't she stop her?

No. 270982

Skype? Kik?

No. 270983

Because her mom is part of the problem.

No. 270984

Her mom spoiled her so much that she developed NPD, you think she's gonna help the situation?

No. 270986

And he was never heard from again.

Like Trisha and Mt. Bougie, Big Lots has Mt. Discarded Animals.

No. 270987

Her mum doesn't seem to give a shit. She literally funds her to just lounge about all day with the scrap eating and playing games. Her mum should just kick her out, she would have no choice but to get off her lard arse and get a job. Her boyfriend isn't much better imo

No. 270988

File: 1463600725902.png (48.79 KB, 476x725, retard.png)

No. 271013

Holy shit, that pupper is so goddamn cute though.

No. 271075

You know, my little heart grew a few sizes bigger reading how she enjoys the fact that she has company and friends that aren't focused on look or appearance. (allegedly).

>I just finished the paper work that will hopefully give me the ability to move out

what fucking paper work? does she have to fill out an application to leave her house? lol. maybe she's applying for disability so she can get that tug boat and live her sedentary lifestyle without mommy and daddy's money and without actually getting a job or doing anything but flash her botched tits on camera?

No. 271119

I don't think she'd be able to live off a monthly tugboat, to be honest. Lol. Disability doesn't really pay that much, especially since she'd have to support Scrappy Doo too.

No. 271122

what other paperwork would she be filling? it's not like you need to submit paperwork to leave your house and not have your parents pay for shit anymore. lol.
she wants to leave, like she says. do you see her leaving and getting a job or two to support her and her shit boyfriend? because i sure don't. if anything she'll just drop his ass and reap her tugboat all to her fat self.

No. 271125

Fluffy doggos are my weakness too man. It breaks my heart a bit that he might be doomed to live a life on Charms' miniature Noah's Ark.

No. 271132

Well there's paperwork to lease an apartment/house. She probably is waiting for her parents to cosign it.

No. 271137

No apartment or house rental under the sun is going to let her keep 11 cats, a dog, plus whatever other assortment of animals she's acquired. I know she has a snake. Did she get that chicken? So is she gonna just leave some at her mom's house, or lie and bring them all to the rental anyway?

What if the paperwork is something proving she's capable of living on her own - the way she worded it doesn't sound like she's signing a lease or filling out an app to rent. I don't know if something like that exists, though.

No. 271138

i cant tell if she is making a great statement or terrible excuse
yea it must feel good to have friends and fun without having to care what you look like
without worrying people only want to hang out with you for your looks (something only charms would think surely lol)

No. 271156

Well its not like she even makes an income right now. Could it be paper work for social assistance?

Really I find her to be a bit of a mess… how the heck is she going to be able to take care of herself when she has an unending amount of animals to take care of too?

No. 271159

I can see people being worried about that though. And I can understand why she would feel relieved having some real friends that aren't there to just hang out with her because she's hot.

No. 271173

She attracted people like that because she was a shallow person only interested in people for their looks as well, not just because she was good looking. She hasn't grown much if she truly believes that people are noticing her personality now that she's ugly - her personality must have improved or nice people still wouldn't want to be friends with her.

No. 271208

Someone report her for animal abuse. she is HOARDING living beings like objects. I want those dogs and cats saved.

No. 271209

This fucking cunt.

No. 271212

what the fuck, the fact that she genuinely gains so much relief from "losing her looks" so that she can finally trust her friendships aren't based on looks is actually extremely sad.

No. 271237

What's stopping you from doing it?

No. 271269

how many animals does she have? the limit of how many you can have in one house depends on the county/state.
where i'm from it's 7 animals and no more than 4 dogs.

No. 271274

She thinks of animals the same way she thinks of people. They're just objects to her. She doesn't care about their well being.

No. 271334

File: 1463731454864.jpg (159.5 KB, 747x860, adasd.jpg)

No. 271382

I feel like Charms won't be happy until everything around her changes for her benefit so that she won't have to change at all. I doubt she wants to look at her faults and realize she's the problem when it all boils down.

No. 271601

File: 1463856793576.jpg (46.96 KB, 1080x1080, 13151342_113814879034429_14498…)


No. 271602

File: 1463856813492.jpg (84 KB, 1080x1080, 13166850_1744157079165019_9321…)


No. 271605

She has some nice tattoos, the rabbit one looks beautiful and I personally really like the hand/jewels one. But Christ are they faded. Aren't they only a few years old? Some of them look like they've been there for 10+ years.

No. 271606

When skin stretches the pigment molecules are distributed over a larger surface area, which makes them less opaque. They haven't faded, she's literally stretched them so much the ink isn't as dark anymore. One of her oldest tattoos also features an oval shaped moon because of this.

No. 271615

When did Charms get the rabbit tattoo again? I wish she'd get more appealing tattoo's like that instead of that god awful deer

No. 271657

it took longer than I care to admit for my brain to register what body part this was.

No. 271672

Her new tattoos are so comically terrible.

Is she lower on cash than we're aware? That's the only way I can think why she'd settle to get such shitty work done when she's had decent tattoo work done before.

No. 271708

File: 1463884881400.png (560.72 KB, 523x628, awdAkab[1].png)

doggo now

No. 271709

File: 1463884971127.png (20.15 KB, 577x133, 6FRUvuB[1].png)

No. 271714

File: 1463886887278.jpeg (1.3 MB, 3975x1999, image.jpeg)

even her rabbit tattoo has faded and aged horribly but at least it still looks decent compared to the others

No. 271716

File: 1463887243800.jpg (31.42 KB, 252x359, 14531911537.jpg)

No. 271725