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File: 1488064641729.jpg (169.09 KB, 692x692, IMG_4328.JPG)

No. 258019

Previous thread: >>237156

Last thread maxed out.
Dako-chin let herself get fat, bald and sallow and continues to upload hilariously unrealistic, heavily edited selfies to her Instagram, but hasn't been obviously buying views/followers ever since aomw farmers started checking her shit with Socialblade. Dako hasn't booked a decent quality job in over a year now, opting instead to do app game ads and web shows as a novelty guest. Pic related is from the most legit job she's had in ages, a commercial for a candy that she probably got by technicality for still being inexplicably signed to Bravo models. It was also discovered that she's a direct booking client, means her potential employers only have her hilariously inaccurate Bravo profile measurements and her photoshopped portfolio to go by if they want to hire her. Anons continue to speculate and wonder how she can afford a 2LDR in Shibuya and how she keeps her visa&contract despite hardly working and getting shit tier token gaijin gigs.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koti.rose
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/dakotakoti
LINE: http://lineblog.me/dakotakoti
Bravo Models profile: http://bravomodels.net/detail/?mid=677

No. 258027

the fact that op used that pic of Koots

top fucking kek

No. 258030

It was requested in both the previous thread and Kiki's thread, so why not. I used line camera, the whole thing didn't take more than 2 minutes with that and a Japanese keyboard.

No. 258037


oh man, her hair looks so damn greasy in that picture. i really want to spray her down with some water and soap

No. 258045

File: 1488067730227.jpg (151.2 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4329.JPG)

Crossposting from the last thread since I get the feeling the discussion wasn't over yet.

Dakota got a Tonymoly x Pokémon eye palette from a friend in South Korea, then Cathy sent her the same palette along with a skin serum, an anti wrinkle serum (kek), and an eczema cream.

No. 258046

Big thumbs up to the OP for the pic

My sides

No. 258047

File: 1488067751519.jpg (192.52 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4330.JPG)

No. 258055

No. 258058

Lmao @ her turd shaped messy bun because she has no hair. Almost as good as her sparse twin tails that look like when you attempt to put a baby's hair in twin tails.

No. 258070

iirc Tonymoly isn't vegan? It's hilarious because a couple of years ago, kaka was pontificating about how hardcore vegans reject jobs if these were against their principles kek

I know they're fake vegans but still.

No. 258073

You're my hero haha. She actually looks so fat. My sides

I truly don't understand why her hair is this bad. I actually feel sorry for her in this regard. :( Also, this may have been mentioned in the previous thread, but that eyeshadow palette is a couple of months old. And I'm also pretty sure Tonymoly isn't vegan and tests on animals.

No. 258081

I'm surprised she would even post that she's using a product for aging skin. She must not get gifts very often.

No. 258106

Is that really her hair or did OP shop it??

No. 258119

That's her real hair.

No. 258123

OP here, all I did was add the text and stamp on the Bravo logo. If it's shooped then someone else did it, I just saved it from Kiki's thread but I know it was posted in the previous Dakota thread.

No. 258126

File: 1488073067395.jpg (24.36 KB, 358x382, IMG_4332.JPG)

No. 258130

File: 1488073279180.jpg (613.22 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpg)


Is she intentionally squishing the top of her head ? She already looks bald as it is. Why not add volume rather then shrink the areas with hair.


Holy fuck ! That's spooky looking …

No. 258131

Girlll don't put that shit on your face yikes

No. 258132

Barbie elf goddesu with no hair.
Why did she play herself like this? Why didn't she get extensions, or even wear a wig? If someone else did her hair, they must have hated her to allow this to happen.

No. 258133

Wtf is up with her hair in this pic it looks like her hairline receded too lol

No. 258136

Nah. She doesn't look like tha

No. 258138

Dakota dear. It's been recent seen we seen your latest contribution of the things you've been getting involved in and your large chin just don't shrink like. While your earning your money for your whole living why don't you save up to actually get your jaw shaved down like that. Like just give it up we've seen what you look like since day one.

No. 258140

What a poor choice to wear something that probably looks way cuter on a hanger. She could've pulled the skirt a bit down but I'm guessing she went for that slutty school girl look ?

No. 258141


Maybe Hiroshi wont let her as thats atleast a month or two of no blow jobs.

No. 258144

D e a d

No. 258149

File: 1488074640903.jpg (20.51 KB, 640x559, 1469735488733.jpg)

No. 258172

I doubt it would have fit if she'd tried to pull it down. Plus, non-elastic skirts that have clasp or button closures are supposed to be worn on your natural waist, which Dakota doesn't really have. So it probably just rode up on her.

No. 258179

But then all she would have to do is put on a kawaii sefuku and let him put it in her ass. Plus, as long as she doesn't move her jaw/mouth too much they can still has a Bravo bukkake party. There's always a way, anon.

No. 258186

it's for the FITS commercials…? she didn't choose the outfit herself.

No. 258272

newfag here, why does everyone assume she fucks her manager? is there proof of that?

No. 258287

File: 1488081317663.jpg (92.19 KB, 736x731, a8682c1d17b36d0c42a0fad6f95f28…)

The dress won't fit on her waist because she's too fat for it, see the pouch under the waistline. It only fits up her stomach like pic related.

He's the only person she ever goes out with, takes pics of her and who buys her dinners.

No. 258358

No one knows if she fuck her manager it's all just speculations for now. It's that or she is blackmailing him. It's one or the other I wouldn't put my finger past it.

No. 258374

>This revitalizing serum is specially formulated to deeply nourish and tone dry, mature, or aging skin. It contains organic essential oils with a deep penetrating and nourishing action in a nourishing, moisturizing but non-clogging base of vegetable oils specific to mature skin.

>mature, aging skin

>specific to mature skin

fucking LOL

No. 258383

not even photoshop can fix how rough she looks. those wrinkles under her eyes… welp.

No. 258390

I would not be surprised if that shitty organic oil makes her break out.

No. 258401

She intentionally leaves the eye wrinkles man. Cheap shortcut to make the shoop more convincing, they're "cute delicate lines," not ugly ones like crowsfeet or laugh lines. That's what I think her logic behind it is, anyway.

No. 258412

Valentine's day gift from mum = more breakouts from cheap skincare.

No. 258416

not here to ass-kiss kooter, but it is actually ok to use products meant for "mature" skin when you are still young. Starting a routine in your early 20's is ideal. The products she has look super cheap though.

She needs to get some Olay Regenerist. Affordable and does an ok enough job.

No. 258426

I realize that using anti-aging products are good even at a young age, but no, she shouldn't be using something specifically marketed towards mature skin. It's going to be way too heavy.

No. 258450

you sure? cause both dakota and kiki have used tonymoly products since the very beginning

No. 258454

File: 1488097805213.jpg (208.4 KB, 402x839, c.jpg)

she shrunk her ear like 5x smaller

No. 258457

there's no proof at all. it's just another ridiculous rumor some anons here take way too seriously. cause they'd love it if that were true.

No. 258462

lmaoooo crying @ OP pic its so good

No. 258465

Probably didn't care for the "dumbo ear" comments.

No. 258467

Because it's more believable. She's living in Tokyo for going on 5 years now in a big apartment and has a contract with Bravo just for being white & speaking Japanese, despite her obvious weight gain, hair loss and lack of work? Totes. She had maybe 2 good years where her being a model was believable, but she let herself go so hard that it's not even remotely feasible anymore. Girls lose contracts with companies like Bravo for gaining a few too many cm on their waist or bust, yet Dakota gained 15+ pounds and there's printed proof of it yet her Bravo profile still lies about her measurements and has a portfolio full of edited headshots of her wearing heavy makeup and extensions/wigs.

No. 258468

File: 1488099080202.jpg (94.19 KB, 600x499, SKU162618-5.jpg)

currently, that's an asian fashion trend. pic related. looks kind of weird on white girls though since it's meant to 'enhance' (aka make-less-asian-looking) asian eyes


No. 258470

What a weird thing to edit kek

No. 258479

OT but Meitu and other such beauty apps have a stamp for this now. It's kind of stupid tbh.

No. 258496

shush now, kaka

No. 258502

no one here knows how much money she makes now or back then, there's no check showing she gets 1000 yen monthly these days. so it's ludicrous to automatically believe she must not even be making enough to pay rent, and from that jump straight into "she must be fucking that old man in exchange for money, it's the only explanation". but whatever, just like the people who hardcore wanna believe she's in her mid twenties with no proof, i know there are certain anons who are gonna fight for this theory even if the only way they can back it up is with even more theories.

No. 258504

see? no one's allowed to question baseless rumors cause you won't even get a valid argument in return, just this^

No. 258505

I think it's less about fucking for money and more about fucking for a visa and a place at Bravo and jobs (which she's unsuited for). She's a potato in a sea of swans there.

No. 258507


Damn Koots,Japan has enough earthquakes without your awkward bouncing

No. 258508


She looks like a fucking Hartley Hooligan

No. 258512

I didn't say shit about how much money she makes, Sperg. All I said was she shouldn't still be signed to Bravo, that they lie about her measurements, she shouldn't be able to afford her apartment and she doesn't get enough legit work to justify an entertainment visa. Hell, her own profile on Bravo has her most recent work listed as 02/2016 for Last Kiss and the second Hiromichi Nakano fashion show which was also in 2016. Nothing about Takoaka Kimono fest, Fitts, Tiara Milly, BTSSB, or any of the other D-list gigs she gets. She does the same amount of work that bored foreigners do to supplement their income, not A-list agency work. The only time she gets something through Bravo is when several other Bravo models get the same jobs and they just throw her in.

No. 258516

There's a gif of her jumping up and down next to a tiny Japanese girl in the previous thread. I would post but gifs save as stills on my shitty dinosaur phone.

No. 258519


thats ok bby
I'll look it up <3

No. 258529

Speculations are there for a reason. Being a model isn't that great, it's been proven that it doesn't pay that much especially if you're not a high-end one.

It just doesn't make sense that :
- Kota is getting less and less gigs and still can live in a flat in Tokyo instead of those dormitories models are crammed in
- She's definitely gotten fat(ter) and doesn't seem anxious at being dropped, otherwise she'd haul her ass to the gym like any other model

When you look at it, it makes the most sense that she's getting money from somewhere besides her modeling jobs. It could be her family supporting her like Taylor's did but we know they aren't that loaded. She could have a husband/sugar daddy on the side but then how didn't she get dropped by Bravo after causing problems in Korea, being nasty on a comedy show and getting fatter and balder by the day ?

Even her japanese fanbase is getting sick of her, so the whole real barbie girl stick is over now. Honestly it makes the most sense that her manager is pulling some strings to keep her around and what for if it wasn't for shagging her ?

No. 258539

Popteen just uploaded "new" videos with Kota in them.

Here's the link to the other one:

No. 258541

Koots is so much bigger than all of the other models. Damn no wonder Popteen phased her out and dropped her.

No. 258545


In the second vid, did she miss her cue when she was supposed to say "nine"?

kek A+ japanese

No. 258551

File: 1488111865824.png (73.69 KB, 640x522, IMG_4336.PNG)

It's from 2015, back when she was still actually with Popteen. She's just kind of… awkwardly there.

And since when is she so busty? It must be stuffing to try to offset her lack of a waist.

No. 258571

File: 1488115778949.gif (3.16 MB, 480x270, dako-dance.gif)


I wish there was a video of her doing that jump in OP's pic … ( and one of the actual dirty noodles falling off and hitting the floor )

No. 258593

when she was still cute. What bangs can do.

No. 258611

File: 1488123888670.jpg (629.62 KB, 640x1200, fatkoots.jpg)

Anon, in these vids she's fat and balding. She wasn't "still cute" in >>258539 's vid.

No. 258640

Sugoi indeed, Dakota. This gif is a blessing to the farm.

It's amazing how cute and small the other girl looks in comparison. Only a couple of inches shorter yet half the size of dacote.

No. 258647

>sneezing into your hand
I'm triggered.

No. 258657

Has anyone thought that maybe she is doing some kind of office/desk work for Bravo as well? This could be a possibility.

No. 258662

Glad to know I wasn't the only one bothered by that.

I think this theory would be more plausible if she weren't listed as a model. But maybe– I don't know how these companies work and I won't pretend to.

No. 258664


That still doesn't explain why she's still listed as a model and why they are lying about her.

I'm also certain that she hasn't even finished high school which would mean she doesn't qualify for that type of job. ( though I read sugar daddies sometimes hire their sugar babies as personal assistants/ receptionist. So she could personally work for Hiroshi but not the company )

No. 258700

And only one girl seemed to care enough to ask if she was okay. The rest were like ew but kept working their angles kek.

No. 258711

at least she looked better

No. 258714

Honestly kota might be to fat and old for this kind of shoot, but some of the other girls are simply damn ugly… In what world does this qualify as model!? Outside of japan, none of them would stand a chance, how come there are such low standards…?

No. 258720

Not even Michopa or Yura, the ones that imo are the prettiest from that group. As long as they are idol material, Japan is ok with them. Look at Pikarin.

No. 258739


No. 258746

They are a different kind of model than even a commercial model in the west. A lot of Popteen models start off as Dokusha models (literally reader models) girls who are teenagers and might read the magazines themselves (It's also the reason that most of those types of magazines have exclusively Japanese models) . They are supposed to look cute - not beautiful- and make the popular fashion look good. They are more relatable as opposed to aspirational.
But Koots missed the mark because she wasn't relatable and stopped seeming aspirational really fast.
The only reason she got Popteen anyway was because of Candydoll and her connection at the time to Tsubasa.

>tl;dr- Different kinds of models have different standards and Koots manages to meet none of them.

No. 258749

Popteen and other magazines aimed at teen girls use "ugly" or average models so that the girls who read their magazines can better relate to them. That also why they are allowed to have their own makeup and styles, and do tutorials.

No. 258751


So… They picked Koots because she's ugly ?

No. 258756

Hiroshi picked her because he liked her, Popteen picked her because she used to actually be cute and at least pretended for a while to have a personality. But her appeal was that she got famous and looked like a doll with only makeup and hairstyling, which any girl could do. Too bad they couldn't spot the photoshop and then had to roll with it once her real face was plastered everywhere.

No. 258757

File: 1488141754032.jpg (57.55 KB, 600x450, 489a15679574bd8b00ca1c660a0f17…)

Nope because they thought their readers would like her. She was presented like a literal doll in her intro. They were riding the Candydoll wave.
They thought she would be aspirational. They even super-shooped her her in the beginning. Pic related.

No. 258764

I don't see why you guys keep calling her fat. How emaciated do you want her to fucking be for fucks sake? 40 pounds? Goddamn. The standards on this website is bizarre.

No. 258767

Really wish we could get to the bottom of where Kota is getting this privileges from.
Im one of the 'fucking for money' folks because its one of the plausible. Shes the worst kind of model and she would have been dropped ages ago but she got a gajin hunter for a manager. And yes men would do a fucking lot for their favorite piece of candy. Ive heaed of men faking businesses to scam investors for money to pay for their side piece's gifts and shit.

No. 258772

Because shes a fucking model. All female models have to maintain a certain weight and measurement no matter the country. Girls will get dropped for being a few cm over. And her ass has always been chubby and out of shape; not even a basic tone body from light workouts.

No. 258777

Yeah, I'm sure the magazine that's outlining her shooped pictures like some obsessed waifufag couldn't possibly have fudged the numbers and are being completely truthful in saying that she weighs 88 pounds.

You're repulsed by people criticizing a model about her weight but not the blatant objectification and exploitative nature of that zine spread?

No. 258785

Dude she gained about 25lbs while modeling in Japan. She screwed herself into a hole by lying about her weight and measurements to be begin with (you were never 5'4" and 88lbs Koots) but then she went from being about 100lbs when she got there to about 125lbs now. No that isn't in any way fat for a regular person but for a model in Japan, it's big.

>And yes men would do a fucking lot for their favorite piece of candy
Too true. Even happens in high fashion with genuinely quality girls.
See Also: Joan Smalls

No. 258813

Regardless, I still don't think she's fat. She's just not model quality. But, calling her fat is a bit too much. Not everyone wants to be a 60 pound woman.

No. 258816

Well Japanese people are literally calling her fat so…
Take it up with them.

No. 258818

this comment actually triggered me.

It's been said like a dozen times in this thread that Kooter is fat for a model and she is fat by Japan's standards. I don't know how many times people have to clarify this until people stop whiteknighting her.

No. 258841

All my japanese friends are called fat by their parents and they are average. Their parents even call them that while in front of their friends. Japanese people are savage when it's about weight. So yes, Kota is fat for Japan. She could improve a lot by cutting her hair, cutting bangs again and going to the gym 3 times per week (and eating healthy + taking care of her skin and hair). She could be cute again and could book decent jobs. But her ass is lazy and prefers to stay in the couch (and maybe suck Hiroshi's dick)

No. 258852

Nah have you seen the average Japanese some of them is fugly as shit. Popteen picked their models on cuteness and marketable. Imo michopa, and that other model name nachos or something is the cutest. All their models have a niche yura is the pure innocent Asian lol. Mochopa is the rocker edgy type. That other chick Nicola is the harajuku style type. Koots niche was the living doll but when she start letting herself go popteen kicked her out along with she awkward as hell around the other models

No. 258856

Everytime someone mention weight on this thread it triggers the fatty Chans. Koots is fat for a model take it or leave it. We don't need a whole thread derailed just because your feelings were hurt because you're a fatty like koots.

No. 258859

They pretty much got Nicorun to replace Koots. She's actually hafu, relatable, fluent in Japanese, younger, actually thin, good personality, and she became super popular. As soon as she was in, her being hafu fulfilled the exotic niche that Koots used to occupy, so the started using Koots less and less.

No. 258861

I agree with everyone in this thread. Dakota is a model, that is why we judge her to a higher standard. That and Dakota is short. Five pounds is actually a lot of weight to gain for a model her height.

Models are suppose to be cute clothes hangers for designers. Flat tummy and a waist is what they want for females.

Heck, even being fit but having a sexy plump ass and thick thighs is frowned upon for the average model. But for normal girls it is the ideal.

At this point she should use shapewear

No. 258887

File: 1488151465531.png (579.8 KB, 579x493, nicole.PNG)

>actually thin
She's also fat and kinda ugly, she only looks pretty with filters, edition and makeup

No. 258890

Lol, sure Jan.

No. 258902


You judge someone's weight solely off of their face.

Well, I can tell Tooter's is actually fat by that bulging Fupa in her pants and, no anon,that isn't because she happy to see you.

No. 258906

>Mercari girl of the year 2016

Lol that must have stung after Koot made those sponsored Mercari vids for extra cash.

No. 258928

ostrengas hitting up the proxies again?

No. 258930

File: 1488156301531.jpg (13.21 KB, 400x533, f091ee3ccee1f8835769185dd08079…)

She's actually thinner than Kota and seems to exercise. But she's not the real deal. Her face is cute but looks different irl. Although I can see why Popteen fired Kota's ass.

No. 258931

Nah, she's more of an average/thin, just not super slender. Not the most flattering candid either, but in professional photographs, she's definitely a good model and photogenic.

No. 258936

40kg? LOL

No. 258953

File: 1488159015027.jpg (221.87 KB, 768x1024, 500CA095-B6D1-4463-85C9-F88D57…)

She is definitely smaller than Koots and she is super popular.

No. 258954

One more. I tried to pick candids that aren't shooped. Suffice it to say she looks even tinier in her selfies and editorials.

No. 258957

File: 1488159272686.jpg (164.98 KB, 768x1024, 3F5E9750-645F-4C9C-84EA-B61FA8…)

No. 258966

Sorry if this has been discussed before, I've been following Koots for a while now on lolcow and still have a few questions.

How good is her Japanese? I know nothing about the language.

Also, how did she learn Japanese? Did she study it intensively before going to Japan or what?

Thanks in advance.

No. 258967

Honestly, it's good. Very upper level conversational with a good accent and intonation. Her grammar and vocab are not great but because of her accent, she can pass for fluent. Very natural sounding for a foreigner. A good ear I guess.
She learned on the job in Japan. Before she came she hadn't studied much. It only got really good when she started working at Popteen.

No. 258969

Thanks for the answer, anon. Appreciate it. I feel like a newfag for asking this.

No. 258978

I'm curious, do the Japanese girls make fun of other models' weight and such while being completely savage about it or is it just Kota? What do they say about the other models compared to what they say about her? Sometimes the comments that come out of girls channel that have been posted are more vicious than here. Which is funny because the Ostrengas heavily target here more but it's completely okay when the Japanese make fun of her.

No. 258983

They are pretty vicious across the board on GirlsChannel or Tanuki for example, especially with people like Koots and Sawachin. They were pretty brutal with Taylor R as well.

No. 258989

Did they make fun of Taylor's weight? I always thought she was really skinny.

No. 259002

Nope. just her photoshop and editing

Here's the topic if you wanna peruse.

No. 259357

what I don't get is why is she lying about a friend in South Korea lmao

Lying about your weight and measurements sure, but what is an imaginary friend in Korea going to do for you?

No. 259389

She lies about everything. I mean it seems almost pathological. Why did she lie about how she learned Japanese 3 or 4 times differently each time? Why did she lie about wearing child's clothing? Why did she lie about about growing up in Chicago when she moved when she was 3? Why did she lie about feeding foxes and owls potato chips in the deep wilds of suburban Florida?
I mean she just does.

No. 259458

Rich coming from Japanese girls considering pretty much all of them use meitu on every one of their selfies.
I was always under the impression that that's all that Taylor used too. Her edits didn't seem like Photoshop, just the automatic enhancements like eye enlarging/jaw thinning/skin smoothing that meitu does. Could be wrong though.

No. 259463

Yeah. You should see the threads there about Nicorun. Hint: very not complimentary.
With Tay, I don't know. Maybe its ok for them but not for famous people. I really don't know their mindset.

No. 259587

They just uploaded another one.
You can only really spot Kota in the background in this one and you can see them actually cut her part out in the end when everyone is taking turns talking into the megaphone.

No. 259588

Why is she the only one sitting down at the end? Lazy?

No. 259625

File: 1488203761323.png (624.71 KB, 852x439, sad koots.png)

she was kind of in the end, but its understandable why they would cut her out, she looks so sad, and not really amused to be there at all. She was also the only one wearing a suuper baggy shirt which was really weird. This is what convinces me that she didnt really make a lot of friends and that some of them were prolly bullying her or being catty towards her because she always looks so down in popteen vids, and always like an outcast.

No. 259632

File: 1488206122564.png (66.14 KB, 640x676, IMG_4347.PNG)

Well, people aren't going to be interested in you if all you do is sit by yourself and ignore everyone.

Looks like her Twitter and Insta are finally reflecting her ~fame and popularity~, lol.

No. 259633

File: 1488206138207.png (73.59 KB, 640x579, IMG_4345.PNG)

No. 259635


LMFAO. Damn she's losing on all accounts.

She's either really fucking lazy to the point she can't even keep her social medias running properly, or she's given up and its getting closer to her returning home.

Barely any gigs, all social media platforms losing followers and weight gain … 2017 is just not Tooter's year.

No. 259643

lolcow's 2017 is going to be great!

No. 259644

Wasn't someone just on here recently saying Kyary Pamyu Pamyu followed her on Twitter or IG? Probably Hiroshi calling in a favor.

No. 259661


Shes only like 3rd polish? She has a hafu parent and a japanese parent. So she is more Japanese than she is hafu/polish.

Unlike for e.g Yumi Lambert who is more white and a 3rd Japanese with a white parent and a hafu parent

No. 259668

There's no way she's 125 lbs. I don't think you know what that looks like. I'd put her at 116 or thereabouts.

No. 259669

she's never been interested in keeping up with her social media and has always been lazy about it. if she did youtube at least twice a month she'd most likely have a much bigger following. but she stopped giving a shit about 2 years ago

No. 259671

She could easily get at least a little ad revenue from it too, right? Buy back some of those lost bought followers

No. 259689

yo she's no 116 lbs LMFAO she wishes

No. 259696

My god, what a stick in the mud. How do you not have fun playing dodgeball?

No. 259703

No. 259712

She reminds me of lilithlevisis here which is a total different look

No. 259713

She looks so gross and miserable. Of course you're not going to make friends if you're going to be like that. It's really no surprise that they got rid of her. She knew that the camera would be on her too at the end part when the other girl is talking through the microphone and she does not even attempt to look energetic and happy. It looks like they kept putting her in ugly baggy clothes on purpose too kek

No. 259714

No. I do know what that looks like and I think its accurate based on her real measurements. Don't act so offended. It's not huge or anything, just a lot bigger than she pretends to be.

No. 259723

It looks like she was the only one who didn't bring a change of clothing to play in. She was wearing the white button down from the photo-shoot which was apparently huge on her. Maybe it was a boys' shirt. But you can actually see her try to do stuff in her skirt early in the video, I don't if she took it off or just pulled the ginormous shirt over it.

No. 259727

File: 1488220565142.jpg (60.07 KB, 520x683, 9299109_f520.jpg)



what exactly is Popteen and Fits?
I don't understand Japanese; what's going on in these videos exactly?

No. 259730

Popteen is a teen fashion magazine that was(and is) pretty much a gyaru staple. Fits is type of candy sold by the manufacture Lottes.
That video was actually an event that Popteen models did with their readers. A lot of the girls in the video are fans of magazine and models, which in retrospect makes it even more obnoxious that Koots was acting like a sour bitch.

No. 259733

She missed so many verbal cues in these videos that I wouldn't be surprised that she had no idea what she was showing up for.

She had no clue what was going on during each of these children's PhysEd class activities either. Probably more so because she was freaking homeschooled.

I think they lazily cut her out because she's not part of Popteen but they're releasing old videos only now.

No. 259736


She would be 1/4 polish, 3/4 Japanese. Yumi is 1/4 Japanese and 3/4 white. You can't be 1/3 of something.

No. 259737

File: 1488221497258.gif (997.99 KB, 500x240, dakota salt.gif)


Thanks, anon.

She's definitely too self-absorbed to participate in something like this; if she thinks she is so above it she should work on her appearance to snag better gigs.
>spoiled little twit

No. 259743

File: 1488222091736.jpg (70 KB, 640x595, IMG_4359.JPG)

At her height, she could be 120-125. According to her height, B/W/H, and other measurements from the last time Popteen printed them, not to mention just looking at candids of her, 54-56kg would be believable. Pic related.

No. 259753

I mean at that point, it wasn't even that. She was doing this with Popteen (which was pretty much the height of her modeling success). Basically all of the popular models were there and they were having fun. Only Koots was acting like a sad sack.

No. 259763

That actually made me feel really bad. She looks like the typical socially stunted outcast in class. I bet she must have felt very embarassed, she doesn't seem to understand what's going on half the time.

That said, she could have put a bit more effort and good energy, at least in smiling more. Her posture is terribly introverted in these, she looks miserable. It's her job to look good so she could've at least pretended, no wonder she got fired.

No. 259799

File: 1488228714296.png (249.8 KB, 407x464, Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 3.44…)


I noticed that too. I wonder what she said or if she maybe complained thinking it would be funny to.

Honestly Dakota probably did get picked apart by the other girls, but who wouldn't nickpick her. She's given special treatment,doesn't meet standards and is a miserable bitch in every video. Even popteen lied for her just like Bravo. I'd be pretty annoyed if someone came in and half assed everything and didn't have to work hard to maintain their weight/looks, and got treated better then most and labeled "real barbie" when looking like a slab of ham.

No. 259801

She labeled herself "real Barbie" on YT and then later pretended it was just what Chinese news channels started calling her.

No. 259806


I'm aware of that anon, but the Japanese carried on with calling her that even after she stopped. Its like her introduction when she does go on Tv. ( and then disappointment when you watch her stand beside her shoops from 2012 while its 2017 now ) Think she'd cue in that they liked those edits more then her current ones when they only use the really old ones.

No. 259808

I honestly don't think she was bullied or not picked especially not to her face. I think the other models gave her a chance. In the beginning they even hung out with her outside of work. Obviously she wore out her welcome in some way and they up on her. Maybe they couldn't relate culturally or maybe she couldn't read the social atmosphere. There are a lot of reasons they have ended up not liking her. But even this video is a good example. She doesn't try to have fun and at the end whenever else is standing she decided to sit like a lump on the stage. It's like if she's not the center of attention she can't pretend to care about anyone else.

No. 259814

This. I remember a Popteen backstage video where one of the models went around with a camera 'interviewing' the other models. When she got to Dakota, she was sitting by herself at a table scrolling through her phone. The camera girl spoke to her and Dakota didn't even look up from her phone at first, and when she saw the camera she covered her face. She seems like the kind of person who stays quietly buried in their phone off to the side at parties.

No. 259845

File: 1488233382888.png (606.94 KB, 611x611, Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 5.08…)

Another picture from the fits event.

No. 259859

I love how the only pics of her from this event are next to a girl wearing a cardigan big enough to hide most of her body, and that one really heavy girl who has her own clothing line. Dakota was on TV with her before iirc.

No. 259863

File: 1488235812757.jpg (16.79 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)

in these videos she seems to have realized just how much her "star power" is fading. that or she was already aware and it's being made all the more clear. dakota got so much attention on the news. she was showered with interviews and extreme praise. it was all about her, she was a sensation in pop culture for just a bit. for an extreme narcissist who grew up in an overbearing household, it was heaven.

and now time has passed. people got bored. she was revealed to not look much like her "doll" self she was advertising. for awhile, she rode the wave. but the attention continued to fade, and fade, and fade.

watching how all the other girls are having fun, wearing cute flattering clothes, having the cameras focused on them far more than her, it must have stung.

and now, it seems, after trying her best with a new photoshopped 'look', she is giving up. she doesn't care anymore. she looks hollow inside, honestly. like she's withering away just like her care toward being a famous model in japan.

No. 259866

File: 1488236219071.png (97.84 KB, 640x753, IMG_4365.PNG)

No. 259894

Naomi? She's the big girl in the ads, she's a very popular comedian right now, way out of Dakota's league.

No. 259918

She should've been gave up. Once she gave South Korea shit I knew she was going downhill. Her shop was a disaster, tv personality was a big fail it exposed how photoshop her face was. Along with her awful video of rascism to asians was the breaking point. She was just not cut out to be famous she's not relatable, not down to earth and socially awkward. Her new shoop job is awful and her new style is boring literally every girl wears that now. Atleast make her style stand out to compensate for her awful shoops. Her new awful shoop style is right on par with Chinese net idols. She should market toward China she be a hit

No. 259922

This pic is so savage why did they do this to koots? They could've atleast had her stand by a unattractive person. The other girl is 100x cuter than koots. She makes koots look like a mom next to her ?

No. 259925

She didn't get pick on stop saying that sad story. The other models dipped on her because she was lame and she was a downer. Nobody wants to hang around someone who always look miserable and negative it rubs off on them. Yura even dipped lol remember when koots had that birthday party no one was there not even her imaginary friends she say she had ? Hiroshi wasn't even there to be her sugar daddy he treat her like shit. He could atleast buy her 'real' Vivienne Westwood. I'm still laughing when she said she had a friend in Sk girl stop lying no Koreans will associate with you after you tried to shit on them girl bye.

No. 259926

That's what I said. I don't think she was bullied at all. Don't know why you're arguing with me. I agree with you.

No. 259934

what was this birthday party no one came to?

No. 259938

Fits is gum. It's a gum commercial.

No. 259939

File: 1488245986991.png (156.11 KB, 640x992, IMG_4366.PNG)

Her 21st. This post says her birthday was on the 19th, but that 3 friends threw her a surprise birthday party almost a week later. But she's the only one in the pic? Also when it was still recent someone posted pics some jvloggers took on a set that was extremely similar.

No. 259940

Theres 2 the first one she had a video of blowing candles and then there's the 21st birthday.

No. 259943

File: 1488246480332.png (155.14 KB, 640x986, IMG_4367.PNG)

Also she deleted the original pic she posted on her actual birthday of her sitting/laying on her couch in a white tank top by herself looking sad af, showing off the tacky, tarnished pentagram she claims her dad gave her from his band phase 20 years ago.

Also, some designer sunglasses from her "best friend" at the surprise party.

No. 259945

uh well
those balloons are cute I guess but…
dear god that shoop

No. 259946

File: 1488246894288.png (107.11 KB, 640x1102, IMG_4370.PNG)

However, she didn't delete it from her Line blog.

No. 259947

i've never seen this shoop until now and she looks like a fucking worm in this, i'm cackling

No. 259948


She looks like a cancer patient fresh out of chemotherapy.

No. 259950

File: 1488247245695.jpg (66.44 KB, 500x751, thumb-557-1.jpg)

Kind of OT but damn that girl they paired Koots with, Ikeda Nana is ridiculously cute.

No. 259955

this is fucking hilarious

No. 259959

This is on par with that lonely ass picture Marge took of Venus blowing out her birthday cake from a while back.

No. 259962


No. 259964

If you look at the marble wall reflection, you only see one person and that's the photographer LMAO

No. 259969

File: 1488249453260.jpg (4.66 KB, 250x230, 1477873648596.jpg)


No. 259977

when ur sugar daddy throws u a bday party but u have no friends to invite

No. 259981

This makes me laugh so much, the similarity is uncanny. thank you for posting it again anon.

No. 259983

Lol it's literally just her and hiroshi.

No. 260049

Damn, good catch anon. Reminds me of people finding Scott's reflection in Kaka's pics. Sad.

No. 260057

can someone translate plz

No. 260065


- One more left.
- Yay it's complete!
- Let's take a selfie
- Check this out! cool, isn't it?
- "Blackboard" is written on the blackboard.
- It's made of Fitz.
- It took a while
- ikr?
Cute~! We worked hard on it…

weirdo stalking in Japanese

No. 260066

just beat me to this. her japanese was alot easier to understand than the native's, i had to slow those parts down a few times. dakota still can't into innotation

No. 260067

Why does Koots look unwashed in this?
Also the comments are already disabled.

No. 260070

rip she looks so much like kaka

No. 260072

Ah, I forgot this boring part :

It's a mix of grape and peach flavors. . .

I think it was ok. The other girl doesn't speak that much anyway

No. 260074

Haha tbh I enjoy to see her doing these things.

No. 260081

why isn't she blacklisted in the industry yet? don't you think it's a major annoyance for all these companies to have to keep disabling comments whenever they use her?

No. 260083


No. 260085

File: 1488261650712.png (490.36 KB, 1082x498, fitz.png)

Idk besides the original commercial and the videos with the token hot characters, the ones with Dakota in them got the most views. I know that's only because of us haturz but maybe a gum company dgaf as long as it rakes in views.

No. 260090

tbh i have been thinking like
>"oh shes not THAT fat now, anons are just being harsh"
>see this
>"oh holy shit… she looks fucking HUGE"
jfc.. she must give good head to keep getting the couple jobs that she does and stay in japan

No. 260095

The one with Dakota front and center doesn't have that many more views than most of the other videos though.

The one sitting in the 4th most watched is clearly because of Naomi and not Dakota. I get that Naomi isn't attractive, she's huge, but she's a popular comedian right now. Let's be real. She's the one pulling in the views, not a washed up nobody like Dakota.

No. 260098

why can't companies tell hiroshi to shove it though…? I don't get it. Maybe I'm just not thinking Japanese, but if I'm using an agency for models for my products and they give me koots, I'd be pretty pissed.
I understand the "direct booking" thing, but for how long can everyone be fooled by her same old shooped photos?

No. 260103

Is that Hiroshi romance confirmed or is it just a theory?

No. 260104

It's all really complicated tbh. But this is my interpretation.
As crazy as it sounds to us, Koots is still riding her rep as a living doll and Bravo is good for pushing that narrative aggressively. She's not blacklisted because Bravo, the agency could get pissed and not hire out their other models (and they have a big name pool of talent in their direct booking section). But more than that, it would also be considered very rude to blacklist her, especially since Koots is a foreigner. As a foreign model, her agency and not her is held responsible for her mistakes and if Bravo isn't stepping up and taking responsibility, no one is necessarily going to call them on it for fear of disrupting the wa. And that's a big piece of it. If she were Japanese, Dakota would have been blacklisted, but because she's gaijin people don't call her on her bullshit and give her a lot more passes than she deserves.

way tl;dr- Bravo counts on Japanese professional politeness to keep getting Dakota jobs. Dakota accidentally gaijin smashes her way through the JP model/entertainment industry.

No. 260106

Samefag but just to add. You'll notice she rarely gets rebooked for jobs and doesn't seem to have clients that use her over and over. Basically, once the client is done with her, they seem not use her again, but they won't complain to Bravo. They just won't use her.

No. 260107

It's just a theory tbh. It gets a lot of traction because it makes sense when you consider Koot's career trajectory. It's pretty obvious someone at the agency is pulling strings for her.

No. 260114

File: 1488267624792.jpg (6.98 KB, 258x211, 7a3.jpg)

No. 260119

>It's just a theory tbh.
Oh thank you for answering.

>t's pretty obvious someone at the agency is pulling strings for her.

I think it's not a bad theory but, I'm going to compare her situation with Taylor's:

Taylor is still listed as a model and has an entertainment visa but she rarely works as a model, does this mean someone in her agency is pulling the strings for her so she can stay in Japan? mmmh, I think sometimes the agency simply likes them and believes in them, even if they aren't popular all the time, if they get some good jobs every once in a while, it's better and cheaper for them and potential costumers to have them around than to pay airplane tickets, make the arrangements etc.

Also, take into consideration that Dakota speaks Japanese, this helps her a lot, Japanese people enjoy to see foreigners that speak the language more than you think, she has been on TV shows many times, fashion shows, magazines etc.

Not saying someone's not helping, she was underage when she first arrived, so she probably had a very special contract and treatment (they paid the rent, taxis, etc), and maybe her agency still pays a part of her expenses. It depens on your contract.

No. 260125

Makes sense, anon.
they'd rather avoid confrontation and just put up with her, lest they damage their relationship with bravo in the future, or anyone else because who wants to be seen as potentially difficult…

No. 260127

Apologies in advance for the essay:

>Taylor is still listed as a model and has an entertainment visa but she rarely works as a model, does this mean someone in her agency is pulling the strings for her so she can stay in Japan?

Taylor gets away with it, because her agency isn't footing her bills.If they were she would either be working a lot more or out on her ass.

> I think sometimes the agency simply likes them and believes in them, even if they aren't popular all the time, if they get some good jobs every once in a while

No it doesn't work like that. Because if Koots isn't working regularly she is costing Bravo money. Maybe, she is like Taylor and she is being provided for by someone then bravo could keep her without worrying about the financial aspect. But if she's not, her agency is footing the bill.

>Also, take into consideration that Dakota speaks Japanese, this helps her a lot, Japanese people enjoy to see foreigners that speak the language more than you think, she has been on TV shows many times, fashion shows, magazines etc.

Dakota's Japanese is not amazing. Moreover, she not the only white model to speak Japanese and not even the best. She got on TV because someone got her on TV.

>she was underage when she first arrived, so she probably had a very special contract and treatment

Most models are underage. You know that right? Do you think they all get super special sweetheart contracts. That's rich. Tell that to the 15 year olds on shitty 3 month contracts at Bravo hustling to make money to send back to their families in Russia and Eastern Europe.
Sorry for the tone anon, but this has been talked around ad nauseum. We can't know for sure but if you have any knowledge of the way the industry works, it's a more than reasonable guess.

No. 260151

Her Bravo portfolio is full of extremely flattering shooped pics of her in lolita or sitting down, with her fake measurements even on her print composite. They're outright lying about their client and letting her get away with it. They can lie for as long as they want, but just because they're Bravo doesn't mean everyone else will swallow it forever. Eventually people will just stop hiring her to make their product/brand look like a laughing stock.

No. 260154


No. 260158

I think Taylor's agency keeps her because she has a pretty auccsssful YouTube channel. I remember watching one of her vids talking about the direction of her channel stating that her agency was wanting to know what she had planned out. Dakot had nothing and does nothing. She gave up her YouTube years ago

No. 260221

Agreed. I think Taylor's agency considers YouTube to be an understated or less significant form of tarento. She's earning money through revenue, sometimes promotes products (iherb for example), and has a strong social media presence, so her lack of bookings can be set aside.
Dakota's Youtube has flatlined and there's no growth potential. She has Instagram, which is usually really beneficial for models, but she doesn't know how to use it to promote herself or make companies want to work with her. Also, when you start accepting low quality jobs it really lowers the bar for future bookings. That's why a lot of models who pose for major things like Vogue are unpaid. They do it to help their career in hopes they get better paying jobs. This girl gets paid peanuts to do low level shit.

No. 260223

her agency also receives the YT fanmail on her behalf. they are involved in some capacity.

No. 260227

they keep her because they can just throw any easy job on her lap once in a while - let's face it… she doesn't need the money. Modeling for Tay is basically just a hobby to earn a little cash on the side

No. 260252

The big difference between Taylor and Kooter is that Taylor has a presence. Taylor's YT has interest attached to it and Bravo probably gets a look at what sponsors she gets offered.

Plus she's a good worker to have. She looks the way she does IRL and in case she'd become super popular on YT, Bravo already has her under a contract that benefits them. I wouldn't be surprised if some other agencies would like to poach her.

As many others have pointed out, Kooter is not working any of her platforms. What she puts out isn't interesting enough. It's just some photos of herself. Her outfits are not especially note worthy.

No. 260278

Taylor isn't with Bravo… unless you mean Bravo is watching Taylor?

No. 260281

taylor also mentioned that the modelling industry is dying and they're relying more on an online presence. i know in the western world they're hiring models more and more based on how many followers they have on instagram. so social media really is a big part of modelling these days, and will be around long for the future. even if taylor isn't working very much now, i'm sure she has a lot of opportunities waiting for her should she ever want to start. i wish she would tbh i really enjoyed her modelling.

No. 260313

Kota is so fake lol

No. 260322

>Not saying someone's not helping, she was underage when she first arrived, so she probably had a very special contract and treatment (they paid the rent, taxis, etc), and maybe her agency still pays a part of her expenses. It depens on your contract.
I've been modelling since I was 15 years old. You don't get a special treatment just because you're underage. They don't paid for your expenses. Well, they do. But they just lend you the money, you have to pay back with your earns. You're mostly in debt. My parents had to send me money 24/7 and most designers pay you with clothes, not real money. You also share flat with 4 or 5 more girls. Dakota has been living alone since the first time she step a foot in Japan. She receives a special treatment because she was an internet sensation and might be fucking someone from Bravo. Look at Kendall, Gigi, Bella… they also receive a special treatment because who they are, due to their surnames. They don't have to go to castings and they're in all shows. All the models I know that have worked with them are hella mad because of the treatment they receive, if they cancel a show the night before there's no problem. But if I cancel a show, I'm out and my career ends. This is why Popteen models didn't like Dakota. If some of them gain 5 kg they'll tell them to follow a liquid diet so they'll lose weight (my former flatmate was told that) If Dakota gains 5kg, they just let her cover her stomach with a towel.
Sage for OT

No. 260339

This is chilling and so cool at the same time. Damn Anon.

No. 260342

…is the allure of "real life Barbie" really strong enough to warrant all this? Even after Japanese people have clearly demonstrated they can see the difference between her real face and shoops?

This is why I wonder if there's something else… Because aside from her internet Barbie phase, she's no one?

No. 260374


Not the Anon you're replying to, but maybe it was in the beginning. In the beginning she was all over news sites and Tv and many people were spreading her images all over ( especially her family ). As of right now though, I think its more likely under the table sex work or she's fucking her manager. Nobody cares about living doll shit anymore. Its old news, and now everybody is all about massive asses and caked on makeup. ( dunno why though cause it looks like trash. imo)

No. 260387

No, that's why I said she might be fucking someone from Bravo. I've seen girls that are model material being fired, so why is she still with Bravo? Sexual favours or her parents are paying to keep her contract. It's sad to see young girls crying because the agency doesn't want to continue representing them and then see Dakota gaining more and more weight and not taking care of herself and still be in Bravo. I think that's one of the reasons why Kota is buying followers. My agency does a lot of reposts from our accounts and also promote us in their network sites so we will gain more followers. If Bravo did the same with Kota, people would laugh and Bravo would end up looking like a shit agency in the eyes of the top people from the industry (think about people like Anna Wintour). What would you think if an agency that claims to be on the top posted pictures of a girl that shoops to hell and back to look like an alien fetus? They would stain their image. I guess she's "okay"" for Japan commercials since she's foreign, blonde and white. But not "okay" to be in a high fashion model agency. The only short and not too pretty to be models I've seen getting big gigs are those who have a large following online (inflencers/it girls) and those are listed as talent, not as main models.

No. 260415

There were caps posted from a forum describing foreign modeling work in Japan for nobodies as basically high end prostitution. Foreigners who want fame or notoriety in Japan without getting a "real" job need to accept this.

No. 260424

Your experience as a model =/= other models. Dakota was hired because she was an internet sensation, she already was someone, it wasn't the typical girl who sent her photos to her agency and worked hard to become a good model, she was already popular, it's a waste of time to ask why? Why Dakota if there're more beautiful models? it just happened and still happens, many successful models aren't pretty or special AT ALL (imo), but they are there…

Of course, is up to you if you want to push the other theory, I prefer to be skeptical.

No. 260429

You're missing the point. Dakota WAS someone. She's a nobody now, she's been exposed even by the Japanese. Hence, Bravo doesn't have any reasons to keep her when she's abandoned herself and her popularity died long time ago. She doesn't produce good quality content.

No. 260432

her experience is reflective of the industry and how they treat their models tho. yes dakota was hired under different circumstances but these are still the same people who want the same things from any model, at the end of the day. i don't think anyone is going to believe that the industry would make an exception for a haggard fattie who lies about her measurements and face.

No. 260448


I meant that Bravo might be keeping an interested eye on Taylor. I worded it poorly so thank you for catching what I meant anon!

You're very right, employing models wih great social media following is extra advertising and publicity for whoever they're modelling for.

In a way, Dakooter did pioneer in using social media to get ahead in another career path but she didn't keep up with it. Taylor took an established career and changed it to what she does now. Whereas I know many will disgaree, I do think Taylor does work on her channel and her trying out new things shows an active interest in envolving herself within the platforms she uses.

Even if Dakooter would revert to what made her popular back in 2012, she would never reach the same level of popularity. Dakooter, much like her sister, is stuck in her era of popularity. Whereas I have no sympathy towards Kiki and limited sympathy towards Kooter, I will say Kooter did work a lot harder then her sister.

No. 260455

it's still so funny how taylor copied dakota in her prime. then grew into her own thing. then dakota started copying taylor.

No. 260460

No agency on earth is gonna keep a model for 5 years because she had 1 year of internet fame. Especially when she looks nothing like the pics that got her famous, she gained 15+ pounds, is losing hair and aging like milk, is rude and lazy and introverted. Saying she's still there because she was a Tumblr sensation or a YouTube viral sensation doesn't explain anything, because she hasn't been either of those things for 3-4 years now. She should have been dropped by now.

No. 260466

File: 1488308067435.jpg (1.24 MB, 1836x3264, IMG_20170216_181224.jpg)

Went to a local supermarket a few days ago and found this

No. 260481

Anon, Taylor still has a visa and she barely works as a model… is she fucking with someone from her agency? I don't think so.

About the weight and height, she's a tarento not a runnaway/ high fashion model.

No. 260484

File: 1488309102952.jpg (23.93 KB, 275x240, blerghdhcb.jpg)

top kek

No. 260486

File: 1488309290296.jpg (28.15 KB, 320x495, 14938231_1827578070799327_1028…)

Found this few days ago too lol

No. 260494

Anon get your head out of your ass, it's been explained before, read the goddamn thread.

Taylor has a wealthier fam, she's a legit model and was modeling well before Kota, she's way more professionnal (works out, know how to properly model) when Dakota just recently learned how to smile in shoots and can't even walk a catwalk properly. She's at least thin a head full of hair, and puts out much more videos and has more views than Kota.

How tf do you compare a legit model who's way more determined and a chubby talent with a nasty personnality ?

No. 260498

Don't get mad, I know the thread, it's always the same… but it's ok, keep believing what you prefer.

No. 260521

At least Taylor is a real youtuber and gets views. Plus her following is real, unlike Kota's and she makes decent content. I can see Taylor as a 'tarento', it's a pity she doesn't speak Japanese because I'm sure she would get t.v gigs.
The moment Dakota stopped working on her channel and abandoned herself she dug her own grave.

No. 260531

>The moment Dakota stopped working on her channel and abandoned herself she dug her own grave.
I KNOW. she tried soooo hard with the "i'm busy being a famous model sorry i can't do videos xoxoxo" that she just dropped her only lifeline. she really thought she was gonna be a huge worldwide sensation. god, the ostrenga ego is no joke.

No. 260560

File: 1488314416391.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.23 KB, 654x960, IMG_4376.JPG)


So basically they keep reselling her old Etude pics to low level print ads? Wooooooooow.

No. 260655

Tay has money she don't need to fuck anyone money talks she can basically buy people if she want. Koots on the other hand is dirt poor and needs the money

No. 260668

She needs to seriously stop shooping her pics to the extent she does. Its no secret online anymore. Its always been embarassing but to still be doing it just boggles the mind.

I kinda feel bad for imagining her hunched over her macbook for hours on end editing her pics unrecognizable. She clearly isnt remotely satisfied with the way she looks.

At least Kiki doesnt shoop as much, I'll give her credit for that. I kinda wonder if Kota has body dysmorphia, which would mean modeling isn't going to help her mindset. I guess shes in too deep now

No. 260697

>Tay's boyfriend has money she don't need to fuck anyone except her boyfriend
sage for OT

No. 260709

>> 260481

She barely works because she doesn't have to - she has a rich boyfriend that pays for everything. I'm sure her agency knows this and that she doesn't need the money so they're just kind of enough to keep her visa going and throw a befitting job here and there for her. Taylor by far the worst example to use for model's lifestyle in Japan, most girls have to work every damn day, she doesn't have to since she got her HK bf's money.

No. 260718

Someone sounds super salty that they don't have a rich HK boyfriend.
But I agree the agency not having to pay for anything for Taylor is probably the biggest reason that they keep her. After that it is her social media presence, which gives the agency free exposure and which they get a cut of her youtube money and jobs that she does.
Without money or youtube/insta/etc she wouldn't still be signed, I think.

No. 260728

Um have you seen her boyfriend? Or heard his high-pitched, heavily accented broken English? I doubt anyone would be "salty" over that.

No. 260748

Well I was mostly trolling anon with the "salty" comment, because I actually agreed with their post. It just seemed silly to me to have to mention "hurr durr rich HK bf" twice in one post. I think people here know where Taylor's money is coming from.

No. 260756

One anon commented about how agencies loan money on models and how it puts them in debt more then they even earn.

Is Dakota severely in debt to Bravo then ?? I highly doubt Hiroshi is paying for her apartment while also risking his reputation to keep her signed. It doesn't seem impossible that he'd just get her a signed loan under the agency rather then pay out of pocket for it. In my honest opinion she's to plain and frankly ugly to be that spoiled for a sugar baby/prostitute …. He's probably only helping her stay in the agency and nothing else really.


Taylor's agency not to long ago featured her on their insta, so I'd say not having to loan to Taylor plus gaining some recognition from her social media is why they keep her. Plus she actually looks like her pictures and has a good modelling portfolio with a wide range of variety. Kota doesn't have variety nor does she look like her pictures as well as probably cost the company more then they make off of her.

No. 260768

How long are model contracts? I'll be surprised if they don't drop Kota when her contract ends

No. 260780

I think it's different for everyone, btw what year did Dakota's even start? 2012ish…?

No. 260807

I suppose this could be true to some extent, but fashion is probably one of the only industries in Japan in which there are more women, who make a majority of the decisions concerning casting, so I'm not sure that the fuck-your-way-to-the-top method would really work. But it should be accepted that as a foreign model you mostly likely won't be getting many high fashion jobs as most of them are either given to Japanese girls or to models that they specifically fly in for a shoot or event.

It depends purely on the agency and the model. But Japan is fairly strict about visas, so I would imagine they aren't very long. The question is whether they'll agree to renew it.

No. 260822

Fucking your way to the top works in any language as long as the one on top wants to fuck you. Dakota didn't speak Japanese when she got there, and she didn't start using it publicly herself until 3 years later. She learned it via immersion and the fact that Hiroshi is a native speaker and fluent in English. Her intonation and flow are incredible, but her grammar and keigo have gaping holes in them. So, she had a lot of speaking/listening practice but probably only about the same stuff over and over like small talk or things related to her jobs. It makes more sense that Hiroshi has been supporting her for the last ~3 years as well as helping her with Japanese. Nobody else gets that much help and handouts fresh off the plane, especially after giving up on themself, their reputation, and their own website/social media. Dakota fucking Hiroshi is the only plausible way she is still in Japan and still with Bravo. If her situation were all about her being the Real Barbie makeup guru, then why hasn't anyone else reached out to support her? Throw her some decent jobs so she can feel like she's sticking it to all the ugly fat pedo lesbians again? Why didn't her friend with the clothing line use her as a model? She even bought one of the dresses. Why hasn't she had a role in a movie/drama yet? She was doing all those movie release press events for a while. Where's her clothing line? Her Dakota Rose makeup palettes? All the things she should be able to do if the Japanese love her sooo much just for being white and speaking Japanese?

No. 260825

>How Long Do Modeling Contracts Last?
>That depends on the type of contract, but usually it’s anywhere from one to three years. It’s also important to note that contracts don’t magically end on their expiry date. Usually, they automatically renew unless you provide the agency with the proper termination notice (usually 30 - 60 days written notice).

No. 260827

Forgot to add, that's only if you want to finish your contract. They can fire you too. Especially if you give bad reputation to the agency due to your behaviour.

No. 260833

Lol no, your contract doesn't automatically renew. The company decides if they want to renew your contract and you sign a new one if they do. It's not something you can just sit on until you fuck up enough that they decide to fire you. Modeling is way too high demand for that retail-tier shit.

No. 260835

By automatically renew it means they want to keep you. Unless you present the termination, you can't finish the contract. Other thing is if they stop liking you and tell you it's over. If you are a model and they want to keep you, and you want to continue there, it's why they say automatically.

No. 260865

>It makes more sense that Hiroshi has been supporting her for the last ~3 years as well as helping her with Japanese.
I've sort of suspected this as well for a long time. Based on your post I put together a timeline of how I think that Dakota's relationship with Bravo might
have progressed. Sorry for the length.

>April-October 2012- Dakota arrives in Japan. She is signed to a standard short her term contract.Bravo has already set up a crapload of work for her based on her shooped image including fake Polaroids. Then the big reveal. No matter they just send her to Korea and HK to see if she catches on there. She doesn't. Work dries up and they change her status to special request only.

>Roughly Nov 2012-April 2013- Dakota is getting no work. She spends time with her friend in Mie. She shoops like crazy and makes videos.
>March 2013-March 2014 Dakota suddenly returns to Bravo's site but now as a direct booking. They start rebuilding her career from the ground up and heavily pushing her brand as the super nihongo fluent Real Barbie.A lot of work and money is put into promoting this ideal. Most of her clients start shooping her face to try to match her own photoshops. Highly unusual. It's obvious that she is being given special treatment. Her Japanese slowly starts to improve. Her accent and intonation especially, indicating that she is spending a lot of time with a native speaker. She keeps getting work and clients keep shooping how she wants with a couple notable exceptions. All of this effort culminates in her getting hired by Candydoll. She uses Tsubasa (probably the most famous Popteen graduate) to get her into Popteen and Cutie.
>2014~now From there on, her career kind of builds itself and what we're seeing now is a combination of the dregs of that success and whatever Bravo can rustle up for her. At the moment her career is stalled because she's made herself pretty difficult to work with between the weight gain and attitude. But she is being kept.

tl;dr- Hiroshi spent way too much time and effort trying to make Dakota a success after her initial buzz wore off. Agents and agencies don't usually do this unless they think there will be a big payoff. Dakota didn't deliver.

No. 260902

Yeah, between 2012 and 2013 is when she would have needed to take off in Japan to keep a deal like this for so long if she's not married to or at least having sex with her manager. The only thing that doesn't add up is that Dakota would have been too young to marry in Japan, right?

No. 260907


Didn't Venus marry under the age as long as a parent was there to consent to it ? Or is that only if you're a year under the age.. ?

I always do wonder why she wears a ring ( albeit not on the right finger ) Just a plain little ring that she always wears, and has for the past .. however long ?

( I have no idea how shit works in JP )

No. 260937

I didn't say anything about Dakota specifically, I was responding to a comment that suggested foreign models are all prostitutes.
And while I do think that Dakota is probably fucking Hiroshi, I wouldn't call that fucking your way to the top because at the moment she's scraping rock bottom. It's pure desperation and it's also career sabotage.
I guess my original point was that, although there are some situations like Dakota's, the majority of foreign models can't or won't fuck people to get legitimate modeling jobs because it doesn't work. Maybe to cling to a visa like a million other foreign women in Japan, but not actual bookings.

No. 260956

>indicating that she is spending a lot of time with a native speaker
This is a really good point actually. She seems to always keep to herself and barely has any friends. Compared to Taylor's Japanese, her's is way ahead. And it makes no sense. There has to be some secret somebody with her. Whether it's Hiroshi or she married someone. She doesn't seem like someone who would put a lot of effort into anything (as we already know) let alone learning a new language.

No. 260962

File: 1488339537283.jpg (26.46 KB, 405x480, TRNlJPlaIKc.jpg)

Also remember Koots catfished the fuck out of them with fake polaroids.

No. 260964

File: 1488339618551.jpg (42.32 KB, 580x600, oC3tLZdRwRI.jpg)

Under normal circumstances, that shit alone should have gotten her ass dumped. even taking into account Japanese politeness, her initial contract should not have been renewed.

No. 260980

Just dropping off the link to that vk page just for convenience sake

No. 260981

Her eyebrows are so far apart

No. 260988

what the actual fuck is this obsession I'm seeing in some of these people to look 12?

shopped pictures, oversized contacts, myspace++++ angles

why do we want a model, meant to sell sex, to look like she's 12? what the actual fuck goes through the mind of someone like this?

No. 261007

No. 261029

Japan in particular is absolutely obsessed with young girls and children. 13-14 is basically the perfect age that all women should strive to not only look like, but act like.

A nation of pedos tbh.

No. 261068

Not all Japanese guys anon I'm pretty sure there's probably some Japanese guys weird out asf of this pedo shit.

No. 261080

I know it's not all Japanese but in pop culture and general society it is a huge pressure.

No. 261082

oh man that was a wild time lmao

No. 261092

It was and it made me remember how shady Bravo acted. They posted this shit on their facebook page to promote her and when people commented that it was shooped, Bravo deleted them. Shady creepy ass Hiroshi.

No. 261095

deleted the comments, not the pictures.

No. 261105

Tbh were the Ostrengas smarter, they would have gotten a medical credit card and gotten Koot's chin/jaw operated on as an investment before Japan. Would be quite the career investment. But they aren't that smart.

No. 261106

Old vid but Pikarin seemed like she was being nice to Dakota in this, compared to how shitty Dakota treated her in the more recent phone game app advertisement where she had butthole lips and a caveman forehead. Why does Dakota hate all the other models, even the ones who are nice to her? Idk I don't think the other models act different off camera either, everyone keeps talking about how polite Japanese businesses are so wouldn't other models hold their tongues and not BOOLY her?

No. 261111

Even being the only gaijin, Dakota manages to be amazingly unremarkable. About a minute or so into the video, it took me a second to actually spot her out in that group shot.
Her head game must be absolutely top notch for this shit to have dragged on for as long as it has, man.

No. 261114

I'm sure they didn't bully her. It would have been pretty unprofessional (ot but that's also the reason I don't believe that Amina was bullied by her Japanese group-mate either). Probably they tried to befriend her and when Dakota turned out be like an Ostrenga, they decided to nope out but they remained kind and cordial at work.

No. 261130

Just speculation but it might be possible that she's depressed? Her life isn't as great as she desperately tries to convince us it is. Fucking her manager just to stay in Japan, fading popularity, looks, no friends and little to no prospects of her situation getting much better. Even if she moves back to Florida she has no future. - All her own fault but it makes me wonder if the weight gain, her constant sad potato sack face in candids and general disregard for her career and future could be due to her being depressed?

No. 261132

iirc they're super against plastic surgery for some reason

If you follow her threads more regularly this is already constantly considered. I'd even go so far as to say there's no doubt

No. 261139

She is defiantly depressed no doubt about it. Her depression is only going to get worse now since she broke she can't afford to eat out so she have to say in. She edits every part of her there's nothing she don't edit make it seems like she doesn't like any feature about her. It's going to get worser soon her pictures are going to get even more crazier, and soon she will be too tired to even update any of her social media it's going to look like her youtube. Not to mention smoking makes you feel less hungry and sometimes sadder depends on the person. Either way karmas bitch

No. 261142

Venus and Manaki married because they had Margo's permission (because she thought that Venus getting a visa meant she would too), but unless Scott or Cathy flew to Japan to sign some papers or Dakota flew back to FL to get them signed, idk.

No. 261144

She probably hates them because she knows deep down she wouldn't be there under normal circumstances, and so does everyone else.

No. 261145

Probably because they are naturally cute and don't need to edit their whole features into unrecognizable like her ? She probably don't hate them, being antisocial make people think you're stuck up and etc. it's just how she's in every video around people it seems like she hate with a exception of hiroshi

No. 261147


Thanks for the timeline, but her website lists her "debut" as 05/2012. IIRC she didn't actually go to Japan until August though?

No. 261165

The biggest mistake Kota ever did was growing her bangs out. There's no doubt about that.

No. 261169

No, it WAS May 2012. i still have reblogs on my tumblr from that month of people going apeshit over her fujiTV debut.

No. 261173

Lol no. that ad says in spanish "Want eyes like a doll?" it's obviously some Latin company that STOLE that image.

No. 261176

>Dakota's Youtube has flatlined and there's no growth potential
That's the most frustrating part here. She has SO MUCH potential to make some cash there but she won't fucking use it. It doesn't matter that she's not a kawaii uguu princess irl, if she just frequently uploaded videos of dumb jvlogging stuff she would get enough attention from teenage weaboo girls to pick up some income purely because she's in Japan and can say that she is/was a model. She could use the same filters that the other basic bitch jvloggers use and be praised for being honest about her face at the same time
>Today the MODELS in TOKYO talked about weightloss so I'll show you how to make shitty cabbage soup
>I'm a MODEL in TOKYO so here's what you can buy in the vending machine on my street because quirky japan amirite
>a day in the life of A MODEL in TOKYO
It would be enough. But no, unless she spend 18 weeks running it through AE, she won't upload a thing.

No. 261179

Was it ever revealed when or why she and her Kamen Rider actor boyfriend split up?

No. 261206

It was never confirmed that he was her boyfriend, lol. It's funny how anons will point to that whole situation and claim they were obviously a couple, yet deny any speculation about why she's still signed to Bravo when she obviously shouldn't be.

No. 261224

>That's the most frustrating part here. She has SO MUCH potential to make some cash there but she won't fucking use it. It doesn't matter that she's not a kawaii uguu princess irl, if she just frequently uploaded videos of dumb jvlogging stuff she would get enough attention from teenage weaboo girls to pick up some income
This is the biggest reason I do not believe she's a sugarbaby or whatever. She has many ways of making money if she were really that bottom pit desperate and needed something other than modeling to fall back on. Before she actually became a model she was making bank off her blog and youtube. After she became a model the activity was much less frequent until she unofficially stopped entirely 2 years ago. but i remember back in the day people used to calculate how much she was making, and it was enough to live off.

she could continue to just make robotic hair tutorials she finds on japanese magazines with video game music in the background… the whole reason she was so popular on youtube was because of the AE after all, no one gave a fuck about the tutorials.

Or she could be like Venus and start making click-bait content like "how i learned japanese", "my shoe collection", "tour of my room" etc people would fucking eat that up. she could easily become more youtube successful than Venus.

No. 261244

Just because she has "potential to earn money" doesn't mean she isn't a sugar baby. Nothing she is currently doing is enough to to support her or justify an entertainment visa. Even if it was, she shouldn't still be with Bravo after ~2 years of bad shoops, D-lsit jobs and agin 5 years and gaining 5kg. The fact that she isn't using her YT, her website, or making videos yet is still signed, still in her apartment and still in Japan without doing any of those things kind of debunks your "she's not a SB because she could X/Y/Z" theory. Especially considering how she currently looks.

No. 261248

>She could easily become more YouTube successful than Venus

Lol, no, she couldn't. It took her a month to wit her last IG video and it still looked like a dumpster fire. She chopped off half her jaw, stretched her legs to oblivion and shrank her head voodoo style, and the entire video was only a minute and a half long. Even if she was willing to make longer videos and upload regularly, her current shoop style is ugly and her sense of fashion is middle aged substitute teacher mixed with whatever Taylor is trying to pull off. Venus and Taylor get views because they upload regularly and don't have to hide their faces under a fuckload of AE and clever lighting/angles or talk through clenched teeth.

No. 261249


I personally feel she isn't a sugar baby either. She doesn't have anything to show for it besides an apartment, which if you ask me I wouldn't put it past Hiroshi to bill that to the company rather then pay out of pocket for it. Kota isn't pretty enough for a talent agent to cater completely too as he sees a constant flow of desperate prettier girls trying to get in the agency.

I think its perhaps just a simple trade off of sexual favours for a contract and paid for apartment. I bet you any money though that she probably has a large owing sum to pay back to Bravo ( Maybe Hiroshi loaned too much and now he only keeps her to earn it back )

No. 261257

Did you miss the part where we agreed that her shooping is part of the thing stopping her and that if she just filmed herself normally she would get enough views just for being a model in japan irregardless of her actual looks?
I personally don't think she would be ichiban kawaii jvlogger immediately but she would make enough to survive

No. 261268

Sorry for OT but 'irregardless' isn't a word. You're thinking of either 'regardless' or 'irrespective'.

No. 261270

>I think its perhaps just a simple trade off of sexual favours for a contract and paid for apartment.

That's exactly what a sugar baby is. As for her apartment, she sure isn't the one paying for it. Trading sex for a place to life is also what sugar babies do, even if they work on the side legitimately and just want a nicer place to live than they can afford. Not all SBs want to be fully supported 24/7, sometimes it's just for extras like nice things, trips abroad, paying for college or to pay off debts like student loans.

>I wouldn't put it past Hiroshi to bill that to the company rather then pay out of pocket for it.

Yeah, I'm sure the agency would just look the other way and whistle Dixie while he bills an apartment to his employer. Maybe if he were the one living there, which would explain it being 2 bedrooms and would mean Dakota lives with him, at least part time. That explains her natural sounding conversational Japanese skills. If she had had a tutor or taken classes, her grammar would be a lot better.

>Maybe Hiroshi loaned too much and now he only keeps her to earn it back

Except keeping her there would continue to cost them money. If she were in debt to them they would fire her and she would still owe them for any money lost supporting her for the last 3 years.

No. 261272

>Just because she has "potential to earn money" doesn't mean she isn't a sugar baby
that doesn't make sense. you're aware that she has the potential to be financially independent, but.. what? you think she would rather be fucked by an old man instead?

>Nothing she is currently doing is enough to to support her or justify an entertainment visa

You don't know that. do you know how much her latest gig paid her? how much her rent costs, or what her grocery bill is? do you know how much yen she's getting per month? You're the one with the X/Y/Z theories but no valid proof for anything you say.

No. 261273

Lol wow, someone is personally offended

No. 261275

as someone also in the asian modelling industry, I can tell you guys that she is no way poor or broke. She's basically moved up to a tier that most model nowadays wishes they were at.

Print ad is chump change and you are basically paid minimum wage, while runway work is a lot of effort for the amount of pay.

The most lucrative line of work for us is appearances through/from brand sponsorship. Working with well-established brands like Shiseido is really tough, while the pay-off is enormous, you are under a lot of scrutiny in terms of image and job restrictions. However, middle-level sponsorships, like the ones that she's under, are easy, short-termed, with reasonable limitations and hefty pay-offs.

Many of us consider her very fortunate, because at the time she got into the business, instagram wasn't as big as it is now, and the "online personalities" boom had just started and agencies here were advise they need to grab as many as possible while their fees were still cheap and lock them in.

No. 261287

>you're aware that she has the potential to be financially independent, but.. what?

The fact that she's doing none of those things that you claim could "earn her so much money", which was your "proof" se isn't sugaring.

And no, I don't know how much she makes and I don't know how much she spends on food. Probably not much, considering she says she hardly eats and only posts pics of junk food or nice restaurant food. Her apartment, based on how big it is and the fact that it's in Shibuya proper means it's upward of $2K a month easy. As for how much work she gets/how much she makes, if a fat, balding slob like Dakota, who is antisocial and rude, can pull enough money and work to keep her contract for 5 years, her apartment (that she claims she lives alone in) for 3 and still have enough to live on- then why aren't other, prettier girls doing it? Dakota is the outlier, she black sheep at Bravo. Find another A list international agency that lies, edits, and censors a model's work for her while she gains weight, ignores everyone and refuses to wear makeup or dress nicely. Good luck.

The real world doesn't work that way. Real modeling agencies aren't that lenient. They aren't that generous either. And they sure as hell aren't so hard up for white girls with a gimmick that they're scared of losing her.

Honestly I don't care either way, but the fact that Dakota made her career and got to Japan by lying, taking shortcuts, deleting fucking everything and doing the least amount of actual work possible (since she did it all with PS/AE) is what makes it so much more believable that she's sugaring to stay in Japan and live her pretend dream life. Neither her nor Kiki have ever put in actual work or effort for anything the claim they want, they just had their parents buy things for them, cover their asses and whore them out to every media outlet possible. Dakota isn't even willing to eat healthy, get some kind of treatment for that tragic hair loss or even replace her tired ass 4 year old shoes. That's why I honestly don't believe she's really still there because hard work or "earning potential". Which really, she doesn't even have anymore because most of her Japanese feedback is lukewarm at best.

No. 261298

She sure looks and acts broke. And I doubt any other models wish they were Dakota. See >>258019

Totarry enviable desho~~

And she doesn't do much runway work. Se does 1-2 a year maybe? And her apartment and living expenses, if she were payment by for them, would burn through that. She also takes taxis everywhere, which is expensive.

Plus, if the scrutiny is so tough and strict, why does none of it apply to Dakota? They lie about her weight, measurements, and made her direct booking to trick people into thinking she's some kawaii smol dolly and not some bloated has been.

And what sponsorships does she have? She lost Etude, Candydoll, Dollywink, Samsung, Popteen, and every other "mid level" sponsorship she had. All she's been doing are print ads and web commercials for the last year.

As for YouTube/Instagram fame, I doubt she's still there just because she was the first girl to get a deal based on her online following. Taylor makes money off of her YT, so does Venus, and so do a lot of other pretty, thin girls in Japan who may or may not speak Japanese.

Sage for repetitive BS. Dakota still being signed/in her apartment VS. how she looks and the jobs she gets doesn't add up. Something stinks and I'm sure it's not just her greasy hair.

No. 261300

File: 1488383192163.jpg (355.05 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_4380.JPG)

Dacote on a pachinko magazine.

No. 261302

How recent is this?

No. 261304


10/2016, it says so in the orange bubble near the bottom right corner. The top near her name says "this month's ajihime (which is also the name of the mag) Dakota Rose". They had some baseball player girl for February 2017, so it's not like this is one of those "mid tier" gigs like this anon claims she gets >>261275

No. 261305


Oh also, it's only ¥260, which is just under $2.50 USD according to xe.com's current conversion rate.

No. 261310


I think you've misunderstood some of the things I brought up. My point is that in Asia, being a C-list model is sometimes much easier and better than becoming "successful".

She isn't under a lot of scrutiny because she ISN'T an A-list model. She gets away with photoshopping because she ISN'T an A-list model.

Btw, Agency ALWAYS lies on publicly-listed profiles, it's common practice. I myself is listed at 181cm 47kg when I'm 175 and 50kg, and I didn't fudge those numbers myself. It's kinda seen as "I COULD be 180, if I were in heels, and I could be 47kg, if you gave me 10 days to go on a diet"

She also didn't lose the sponsorships, contracts end after 6-14 months, which is why they are called mid-level sponsorships. Trends in Asia moves much quicker, fashion/retailer needs new faces each year so their terms are usually shorter than say in Europe or the US.

Also, taxi to and from jobs/agency/salons are 100% compensated, although usually we must arrive at the job site via company car. A perk of working in Asia.

No. 261313

If she's a C-list model why is she signed to an A-list agency? That's the issue. She's the only C-lister in their lineup. And she's getting D-list work for a supposed C-lister. I'm sure lots of A-list models do envy how little she has to do to keep her spot at Bravo. But she sure isn't C-list anymore. She was wen she was on TV twice a month and booking BTSSB and with Popteen, but since those contracts 'ended' she hasn't picked up any more. Lotte Fitts? They didn't bother to shoop her or try to make her look good.

No. 261336

Firstly, Bravo isn't an A-list agency. While they are one of the first place many people look to for white models in editorials, they lack proper connections within Japan to be called a top agency.

Without going into too much, Dakota is also signed through a Japanese talent agency, which is actually giving her more work than Bravo is. That's why the bulk of her work now are more "talento" based.

I can see why many people think she's doing more terrible, because aesthetically editorial is a lot more glamorous, but trust me when I say that the lame and cheesy shoots that she does makes her a lot more money.

No. 261351

File: 1488386709815.png (59.63 KB, 640x686, IMG_4382.PNG)

>Bravo isn't an A list agency

U wot? Because idk any C-list agencies whose other models only get high end work and manage celebrities. You know who else was signed to Bravo around the same time Dakota was, and is still there? Andreja Pejic (a MTF transgender). Who is actually famous, thin, and beautiful.

>Without going into too much, Dakota is also signed through a Japanese talent agency, which is actually giving her more work than Bravo is.

Then why is she still signed to Bravo?

No. 261359

Dakota is a tarento not only a model, don't compare Dakota's case with a classic model.

No. 261363

She's a model anon, she even calls herself one

No. 261371


Ok, tell me more about the industry I'm actually in.

You know how she's under "special booking"?

Well Bravo nowadays actually functions more like an intermediary company, while they have a few notable models signed, most of their big names (usually under "special booking")are actually signed to other agencies, and Bravo simply handles their activities in Japan. Models shown on their websites are the ones they have contracted agreements with for work within Japan.

Visas are a huge issue in Japan, and a lot of Japanese agency don't have the legal team/knowledge to handle foreign talents, so they rely on agencies like Bravo and Free Wave to act as guarantors.

Honestly I hate that it sounds like I'm defending her, I'm not, but there's just a lot of misinformation here that muddles actual reasons to dislike her.

I've never met her, but all I can say is that except for her bf, she's as lonely as you guys think she is. Also from what I've heard, she's scared as fuck about Taylor.

No. 261380

Do you have mutual acquaintances/connections with her? I'm just super curious- not surprised she's scared of Taylor. Can you please go more into detail?

No. 261407


We run in different circles but you do hear things.

Modelling in Japan can be very lonely. I'm half so it's easier, but foreign models comes and goes, so sustaining long term friendships is hard.

I think she really tried hard to make only Japanese friends when she first got here, which is a rookie mistake. It's very hard to forge true friendship with a Japanese as a foreigner here.

Her reasons for being scared of Taylor is because Taylor is much better managed in terms of branding and expansion. Dakota blew up because she was the "first" of her kind, but also because of that they've made a lot of crucial mistakes(like signing popteen), while Taylor's management was able to observe and improve on.

No. 261416

>her bf
Can you confirm anything with either the Kamen Rider boyfriend theory or the Hiroshi theory?

No. 261418


I can not.

But I can confirm anecdotally that most foreign models who decide to work AND live in Japan long-term do so because of their SO.

No. 261423

Did she give up on modeling and is only doing the bare minimum amount of work nowadays so she can stay in Japan with the SO? I wanted to see Dakota be successful in work so bad, such a let down that she's not trying.

No. 261426

That's a shame. Regardless, it's interesting to hear someone with first hand experience in Japanese modeling industry give their input on Dakota's situation.

No. 261441

Thanks for tea anon

No. 261447


So just like Taylor she found someone to somewhat mooch off of ?

No. 261465

Yea but koots sugar daddy is broke tho ? She can't even afford 'real' viviennne Westwood brand

No. 261467

Thanks for the info anon, but none of this explains why Bravo and Popteen lie so much for her.

>I've never met her, but all I can say is that except for her bf, she's as lonely as you guys think she is.

If you never met her how do you know she has a boyfriend?

No. 261473

I don't know if modelanon knows that part for sure, it just kind of seems that way all things considered. The likelihood that she's been hanging around a native speaker a lot and all that, but idk. Could be wrong.

No. 261479

Popteen and bravo maybe have a really close business relationship with each other that goes back years ago idk. Popteen might didn't even though what koots look like before hiring her, when they saw her they knew they were fucked. Popteen maybe decided to go along with the lie just like how etude house did but when they saw they were getting shit for it they dropped her. They could also have been planning to drop her until they found Nicola to replace her idk.

No. 261524

Can you tell us the name of the talent agency?
Also I'm not trying to disagree with you but Bravo has been super shady about her since the beginning. The lies they hid for her are incredible. Your height and weight adjustments seem reasonable. Hers don't.
Why was signing Popteen a mistake?

No. 261528


Is Vivienne Westwood even expensive though ?
( I don't wear or buy Japanese brands )


Could explain why she speaks "manly"-esq slang, because its all she's been around. Maybe she's one of those girls who are " I only have guy friends because girls are too bitchy" type of people. All in all it doesn't explain why a company would throw money into a pit hole to keep her.


Right ?
I get that too, the lying about weight and height, but why lie about her photoshopping and skills. Literally everything about her is a fucking lie … I can't really find much of anything that they didn't lie about …

No. 261539

vivienne westwood clothing ranges from hundreds of dollars to thousands depending on what you're buying

No. 261559

Yes, that's why I said "not only a model".

All of the popteen girls are considered "models", but they're too short to be considered your typical high fashion model according to the American and European standards.

No. 261566

Tbh I think Sharla's group is scary af, they are super catty…

No. 261570

Nah that's not "white knighting" at all, what you say makes sense, it's realistic.

No. 261571

>She doesn't have anything to show for it besides an apartment
If she shows a Chanel purse, it'd be very suspicious, don't you think? Sugar babies often ask for an allowance instead of gifts. Maybe she's saving money to pay Bravo back?

No. 261573

Why do think that signing on Popteen was a crucial mistake? I seems like a lot of the subsequent work she got came from being Popteen model.
I think it's silly has fuck for Dakota to be scared of Taylor. But can you go into a bit more detail about how Taylor is better managed.

No. 261578


>Without going into too much, Dakota is also signed through a Japanese talent agency, which is actually giving her more work than Bravo is.

>Then why is she still signed to Bravo?

Bravo is her mother agency, I'm signed to X agency and then I'm on X, X and X agency in other countries. Being with those agencies doesn't mean I can't be in others.

No. 261582

Which Japanese talent agency is she signed to?

No. 261586

Sorry, I'm a different anon. I'm >>260322 Sadly, I'm not in any Japanese agency so I don't get to hear about her.

No. 261591

Sorry anon. I'm just trying to get model anon up there to spill the tea about this "japanese talent agency" because I can't find Dakota listed under anything besides Bravo and I can easily find the talent agencies of other Japanese models. I'm sort of dubious.

No. 261594

First Kiki has a mental breakdown and now this!

No. 261595

File: 1488404373443.jpg (144.03 KB, 1004x495, VjVST2GyFTo.jpg)


No. 261596

File: 1488404505348.jpg (67.61 KB, 576x1024, IMG_4357.JPG)

No. 261597

I'm not sure I trust "hafu model" anon up there. I don't distrust her either. It just seems kind of weird that she showed up just now to shout that Koots is totally successful. I know she said she's not defending her, but it kind of feels like she is, low key. Plus she's not being specific about things like her agency or why Dakota gets all of these endorsements in the first place despite having never been anything but basic as fuck.

No. 261600

File: 1488404636585.jpg (225.33 KB, 1440x810, IMG_4381.JPG)

No. 261604

File: 1488404881557.jpg (39.3 KB, 700x700, UL499iWeAew.jpg)

No. 261612

does anyone know where can I get a pdf of her book? I'm not going to spend money on that lol

No. 261613

Yea she might be right models can be catty behind the scenes so I sure you would hear about somethings. I definitely believe she was scared of Taylor. Taylor was taking all the low tier jobs koots usually get while looking quite similar to her.

No. 261617

Bit OT but I have a strange feeling that Bravo used to insinuate that she was hafu because it seems like a lot of Japanese used to think so. I know Dakota actually used to push that narrative herself and during 2012-2014 all of her shoops had that look (blurred rounded nose bridge, stretched eyes and a psuedo inner epicanthic fold, rounded features etc). I feel like they promoted her as hafu because I can't understand how anyone looking at her could make that mistake. She is aggressively white.

Until model-chan comes back and give specifics, I'll remain skeptical. Of course Dakota is threatened by Taylor.You don't have be in the industry to know that. Although come to think of it, why would have model anon know it? It seems weird that Koots is just blabbing about her insecurities and that model-chan just happened to hear about it.
On a side note, I'm pretty convinced that Koots was in on the Kiki-spergathon even if she wasn't an active participant.

No. 261620




I never understood why anons always cackled and accused her of knock offs.. I do now.. Some of the clothing is down right ugly and cost the same amount as a mac book .. tf..

I literally thought it was some fugly kawaii lolita tier clothing that was mildly over priced…


I'm getting hues of shadiness coming from ModelAnon. I don't know what to believe as some of what they say sounds fairly believable while other things just really don't add up. How would they know anything ? Dakota doesn't talk to anyone or really leave the apartment all that much.

Maybe model anon is that model from pictures with Dakota ? The one that agreed to post an edited version of Dakota and her on IG. ( Lia_JP / though she's 100% Korean and not hafu )


Didn't Bravo use to have her listed under "Asian" on their site ? I remember Anons cackling about that.

No. 261622

uh why can't you? what do you lose?

No. 261624

Guess anon doesn't know about it

No. 261625

Yea model chan might be koots who knows ? Who else knows that koots is with a talent agency you've to be somewhere within the agency to find that out. Koots never blabber her insecurities hmm weird anon seems suspicious I may be wrong.

No. 261629

There really is a lot that isn't adding up. First of all, this talent agency is nowhere to be found. Fellow moon-capable anons, is you feel like searching go ahead. I just searched through a whole bunch of of garbage "real barbie" articles full of old shoops (btw does Bravo pay people to still write this shit because it like 2012 all over again)and came up with nothing. Whereas, I can find the talent agencies of just about every other talent.
A lot of what she said makes sense on surface and sounds reasonable, butwhen you start considering it relation to Koots, things kind of fall apart.

No. 261631

File: 1488407496835.jpg (39.06 KB, 417x560, ecuq-zM_i5k.jpg)

They totally did. Actually they had her listed under Japanese/Hafu.
Pic related. This shoop.

No. 261632

File: 1488407503993.png (355.82 KB, 883x470, Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 5.30…)


Only model I know of that has taken pictures with Kooters.

No. 261635

File: 1488407550054.jpg (57.76 KB, 428x572, x47Xu3zK7vM.jpg)

and this.

No. 261639


And is the only one to be in contact with her that we know of recently. Seems like Koots may have confided in her and some stuff as they meet twice at a party and cat walk and took pictures.

No. 261642


this is a really cute shoop tbh should have stuck to that style… but shoop nonetheless

No. 261644

It's cute, but she obviously trying to look Japanese/Half in it. I mean her fucking eyes.

No. 261647

Also the only one who look Hafu since model chan said she was hafu

No. 261650

Lia is full Korean not half. Model-chan said that she never met Koots.

No. 261657

Model chan come back and bless us with more tea

No. 261661

Model-chan might be full of shit anon.

No. 261662

I'm still wondering how does model chan know this if she never met her? Unless model chan bumped into koots while working or etc it's impossible for her to know that.

No. 261675


Don't forget the Samsung commercial where they made her legit half looking.

I mean who knows, maybe deep down Dacote wishes she were half Japanese like every other weeb?

No. 261676

File: 1488410474147.png (140.94 KB, 634x934, IMG_4385.PNG)

Remember this gem, fam? From a movie premier a year ago.

No. 261677

what commercial was this?

wtf is even going on with her body/posture here?? I'm confused

No. 261683

File: 1488411094472.png (147.67 KB, 1280x720, 2E0121FA-478F-4907-9FDF-E8E934…)

No. 261686

File: 1488411211631.png (79.26 KB, 426x640, 30C9B6D6-5E53-488F-8F20-5B8FEE…)

Idk, he has a few pics like that of her leaning way the fuck back and poking her belly out. She must think it's some fancy high fashion model pose or something. Makes her look prego tbh.

No. 261688

I love how model-chan triggered everyone here. Lol I read her comments and she knows what she's talking about, some girls here just like to believe the worst-case scenario.

No. 261689

Pregnant elf? Lol wtf

No. 261690

Yeah I really think that Bravo used to market her as hafu behind the scenes. It would make sense with the career that she ended up having. Especially her affiliation with gyaru stuff like popteen, candydoll, cutie,even larme and tiara miley and also what about the fucking kimono that she's modeled. Those are not normal jobs for gaijin models, but if Bravo sort of hinted that she could be half, I think those jobs become more plausible.
I really think Bravo is dishonest as fuck.

No. 261691

File: 1488411592434.jpg (75.82 KB, 376x668, IMG_4397.JPG)

No. 261692

Tbh she looks pretty here.

No. 261693

…what the fuuuuuck

No. 261694

I don't think anyone is triggered anon. People just have questions. If model-chan answers them, then great. She's being a bit evasive and that has people wondering that's all. No one is saying that she is flat out lying. There are pieces that don't make sense.

No. 261695

Also how she tagged her videos as half Japanese, hafu, half, half blood, half Chinese, half Korean, etc…

No. 261698

>they're super against plastic surgery for some reason

Nah, more like Ostrengas need it but can't afford it. So they gotta shit on Taylor's.


Stop it Koots, he was never your bf.

No. 261701

Tbh I would be fucking scared of Taylor and her catty friends too if I were in those circles…

I remember when Koots messaged Mimei's husband and they leaked it (assholes, it was a PRIVATE message, for a reason) And Sharla, Micaela and other Jvloggers were discussing it on twitter…

I'm kooter team when it comes to the Jvloggers vs Kota…

No. 261704

…and I like Taylor, I don't "hate" them.. but it's just that I can't trust them either.. they've done wrong things too.

No. 261706

Nah who would be scared of jvloggers like Tay, sharla and etc whoever the fuck is on their squad. They seem like typical weeaboos and lames. They are also like unattractive Tay is like the only attractive one out of their whole squad ? Koots probably already since how childish that group is like who still have sleepovers wtf. Kooters should've known they would screenshot a private message almost everyone does that now.

No. 261710

I would've leaked her message too. Duncan trolling her shoop was hilarious and she freaked out it was golden

No. 261718

The reason why they are kinda scary is the fact that they are double standards bitches who complain about their threads but they had 0 problems with making PULL accounts to shit talk others or making their problems public… and come on, obviously they read about other flakes in PULL, when Kota moved to Japan they were really catty… only Mimei tried to be friends with her but Sharla obviously didn't like her..

No. 261720

but that talks bad about them too.

Leaking private messages so that your friends and fans can have a laugh and shit talk that person in public is not exactly classy.

No. 261723

You're really exaggerating anon. Most of them weren't even in Japan yet when Koots moved there. And none of them were ever very active on any incarnation of PULL. I remember Sharla and Rachel made accounts during the drama with Mira, but they were not there shit-talking constantly. This one incident is the only one that happened.
BTW this yet another example of how Ostrengas can ditch it out but can't take it. Koots was a complete nightmare before she got to Japan and deliberately did things to hurt people online for the lulz. Duncan's little 10sec parody was nothing.

No. 261725

Are there screenshots of this? (I searched for them myself but couldn't find them anywhere, dammit)

No. 261726

I know Tay wasn't there, it was just one example of things they have done as a group.

>Koots probably already since how childish that group is like who still have sleepovers wtf.
Well I can agree with this kek

>Kooters should've known they would screenshot a private message almost everyone does that now.

I think she thought Duncan wasn't going to leak it…

No. 261728

Yeah.. but you have to lurk old threads.

No. 261731

>And none of them were ever very active on any incarnation of PULL. I remember Sharla and Rachel made accounts during the drama with Mira.

Mmm… they really really lurked there, even if they weren't participating, they were there reading and bitching about other flakes between them.. (because obviously they aren't going to use their accounts with their names on it to talk bad about the rest of the flakes)

No. 261732


I believe its actually posted to the first page of Dakota rose general thread on Pull. Which is easier then searching thru hundreds of post on lolcow.

No. 261737

Probably most of them lurk there and read about other flakes. That includes Koots btw, since you seem intent on white-knighting her.

No. 261738

I found it, bless you <3

No. 261739

I'm against talking about really old stuff and discussing things over and over again but it was just a reference to explain why I prefer Koots over them… and about being scared of Tay, well she was copying Kota and it's now part of that group.. then that thing with her sister.. so yeah.

No. 261741


It wasn't being discussed Anon. Calm your titties I was just telling a fellow anon where to find it.

No. 261743

It's all cool.

>Probably most of them lurk there and read about other flakes. That includes Koots btw,
Ok agree
>since you seem intent on white-knighting her.
In that specific situation, I'm totally kooter team.

No. 261744

At least kota's shoops are nicer to look at than mimei's old ugly ass face/hair. So considering the ugly bitch he has as a wife, he has no right to laugh at anyone.

No. 261745

Modelchan is fake. Stop giving bait attention.

No. 261748

File: 1488417787072.jpg (44.52 KB, 600x521, 1479293052220.jpg)

Oh really?

No. 261749


Maybe anon meant her old shoops ? and not current ones.

No. 261751

Chill. I don't know why you're so obsessed with pointing out Duncan posted pics, but you're on lolcow where everyone laughs when people post screen caps as milk. And I don't get why you want to bitch about the way Mimei looks on this thread. It's irrelevant, go to the jvloggers thread if you have such an issue.

No. 261753

Kooter stans are wild.

No. 261754

>>261751 chill, admin-chan, I was just giving my opinion after someone mentioned kota's message being leaked. Looks like someone has been called ugly before as well xoxo

No. 261764

Not modelanon, but my guess is there is a ton of gossip out there in the modeling world about her.

No. 261771

I agree lol

No. 261772

>modelchan is bait

? model chan has a point and brings good tea.

No. 261773

Uh? Why did you tag me? Wrong anon.

No. 261775

Nah, you're obsessed with PDR "leaking" a message when he had no obligation to keep it private. He's not her friend, they're complete strangers. I know you stan this poor girl, but you can't try to take a moral high horse on lolcow. This whole thread is dedicated to roasting her, but suddenly you're bothered when other people do it.

No. 261779


Ooooh what a hot mess, ok. Anon, listen, these anons:

>>261744 And >>261743 (me)

Are different anons.

That was my last comment about that Duncan issue and everything was cool, but maybe you think we are the same person?

No. 261782

>This whole thread is dedicated to roasting her

Mmm yes but this site allows discussion too.

No. 261786

Sorry anon. I messed up tagging you in >>261748. Meant to tag >>261744

No. 261789

File: 1488425005252.jpeg (463.44 KB, 720x694, image.jpeg)

No. 261790

No. 261796

? wrong angle and what's up with that creepy nerd guy is he suppose to have a crush on her?

No. 261800

Dakota is weird but she's still really pretty IRL. you guys nitpick the stupidest shit.

No. 261801

She's starting to look a lot more like Kaka now that her face is maturing a lot.

No. 261805

I thought he was supposed to have a crush on a different girl… Maybe it's every girl. Who knows

No. 261808

that is subjective

No. 261816

it's weird because sometimes i think she is pretty but other times she just looks so bad. i get candids suck but even within TV appearances she can just look downright awful

No. 261830

yeah…i guess she just has the misfortune of only looking good in very particular circumstances? like if the lighting favors her or she happens to have her face at a certain angle or something. wish she'd make more of an attempt to make herself look better irl. these days she just looks straight up haggard. like, this fits shoot was abysmal honestly. she's way overdue for a makeover.

No. 261850

That's ok, no problem!

Hahaha I'm laughing of the weirdo stalking Koot! I like his role


No. 261863

I don't find Kooter pretty at all. Don't even get me started on the crimson chin ass jaw. Her face is tragic, especially from the side. The least she could do was maintain a thin body. She can't even do that. She's too fucking lazy to get her wide potato body to a gym at least a couple of times a week and lower her sodium intake. I can't believe fatty koots is still a model.

No. 261868

Meh. She is one of those people that has the potential to be cute/attractive but has to style herself very carefully to do so. But she is not amazing gorgeous or stunning really.

She is not one of those people that rolls out of bed looking pretty. Which is totally fine, cause that's how most people are.

Girl just needs to get her shit together.

No. 261875

File: 1488434052367.jpg (96.37 KB, 620x413, ダ.jpg)


No. 261880

File: 1488434474452.jpg (138.59 KB, 640x937, IMG_2289.JPG)

she needs to go back to this type of look. she needs bangs and eyeliner desperately. i know she shopped back then a shit ton but id rather see this than the shrunken headed alien fetus thing she goes for now.

No. 261893

what's with the ostrengas and wearing shoes on beds

No. 261904

Haha Top kek
haha anon, good question..

No. 261943

Her legs have no definition and she has no ankles kek

No. 261978

File: 1488452066225.jpg (1.66 MB, 2482x2513, Wmd2l5f.jpg)

Give it up kota you will never look like this

No. 261993

Her hair is so luxurious

No. 262017


OT: I kinda think this model is ugly .. It looks like her mouth area is upturned or something. Her face reminds me of a bulldog or pug…


Her head looks even more beefy in this shot. kek

No. 262041

No. 262043


What the fuck was that guy at the end??

And her hair literally looks unwashed. So stringy and dark, wow. Other than that, her face looks less busted here but idk if that's the video quality or the blurry shots d her up close from the phone's POV.

No. 262057

lol i have to agree with you about the pug mouth. at least she doesn't have spaghetti hair tho

No. 262060

If you watch videos without audio, you can tell extra well who is a bad actor. And dakota is so embarrassing. Another unfortunate Ostrenga gene. Kek

No. 262061

Can't believe I'm saying this but she looks nice even somewhat cute here

No. 262063

I know this has probably been said before but I don't keep up to date with this thread and I can't be fucked to read through them all.

BUT, Dakota isn't ugly or busted or fat. She's just painfully average. Obviously FOR A MODEL, she's on the chubby side, but in reality she's average size (or even smaller) for an American girl.

If she just took better care of herself by changing up her diet and exercising then she'd probably look so much prettier.

No. 262064


Definitely. And I'm puzzled as to why Kota said "ganbatte kudasai" -after- they finished the kanji gum wall?

No. 262065

> in reality she's average size (or even smaller) for an American girl.

Well, yeah.
The average American girl is overweight.

No. 262067

No. 262069


Dakota isn't "small" for an American girl. She's on the short side, but she's average, like you said. She's the same type of shapeless chubby skinny fat most other girls from Florida are.

No. 262076

No. 262078


I truly wish you would at least skim thru the threads rather then throwing a mini tantrum about " omg she's not fat you guys ".

> We are not calling her fat for a normal person, we are calling her fat for a model which she is …

Do you understand the difference between the two ?

No. 262091


I would still call her fat just because she looks fat. Idc if she's ~technialy average~, she looks flabby af and I can tell she doesn't exercise. She gains weight in her middle and doesn't have much hips or tits, which is unfortunate and I get that she can't do much about it, but if you have all the factors for looks fatter than you actually are, you have to put in more effort than other girls who can look thin with more weight on them because they store it differently.

No. 262121


Girl needs to do some squats and take the stairs once in a while instead of riding taxis everywhere. Her legs look like pool noodles.

No. 262128

Let's not pretend we have anachans on this site as well. Sometimes I am even inclined to believe Ashley posts on this site. Its best not to get offended since anas aren't rooted in reality (ex: the anas in the ana snowflake thread)

Anyhow, her weight is neither here nor there IMO. Its more her lack of personal care, shitty shoops and snotty personality that make her a snowflake. Since I'm sure shes not the first model who got famous despite lack of skill and she won't be the last.

No. 262237

Just because anons call Dakota fat doesn't make them anorexic. She does look fat because she's a dumpy mess from not taking care of herself. At her height (5"3) and current weight, she's fat. She was average when she first got to Japan, not super skinny, just average. Then she gained 15 pounds (that we know of, could be more). Also fat =/= obese, her being ~smol~ doesn't buy her more skinny points just because most fatties are tall or much fatter.

Sorry if it triggers you stan, but that doesn't make t anymore less true just because she's been able to get everyone to lie about her gaining 15 pounds.

No. 262341

>bad actor

No. 262344

samefag. she has no sense of rhythm; her jumps were badly timed. the fat lady is a better dancer.

No. 262347

That's Naomi Watanabe btw.

No. 262362

I could be blind but I don't see much difference between Dakota and the other girls in the fits videos. So are they all fat too or just her?

No. 262366

Now we see why they paired her with Watanabe instead of one of the other girls.

No. 262396

Well as you can see the girl in the video above is a fellow fatty. The girl in the other video was teeny tiny but she had a huge cardigan on that made her look close-ish to Kooter's size, until Koots faced the front and you could tell how fucking wide and pudgy she is in comparison. Go re-watch them if you must with that in mind and if you still can't see the difference, it's time to get your eyes checked.

No. 262398

Different anon I don't know about fat but the way she have her skirt makes its seem like she got a potbelly.

No. 262430

Meh, I don't think she's fat. I think she's out of shape and needs some muscle definition, but that alone doesn't make her look fat to me. She looks normal, and I don't think she needs to lose weight. She just needs to go to the gym and fix her muscle mass. Maybe skinny fat I would call her, for lack of a better term. Just my opinion

No. 262459

How many times does it have to be specified

She is fat FOR A MODEL and especially one in Japan

No. 262477

File: 1488521085203.jpg (199.97 KB, 600x450, 1339960260642.jpg)


Why did the thread suddenly fill up with a large amount of simply-written posts praising Dakota's appearance, right after this investigative post? Some examples linked in this post (also what caused me to notice.)
It's an interesting change in pattern. Especially since everyone just saw her latest work, and it's some of her least impressive, ever, unfortunately. Farmers critiqued and criticized it, and while the reaction was not positive, it's accurate.

My personal theory is Kiki got a new VPN/changed settings on her current one and is on a rampage again. Maybe she is even hafu model chan, trying to plant theories that would cause farmers to view Dakota in a more sympathetic or positive light. Farmers scrutinize, so they will notice a similar pattern of grammatical errors in posts when all of these express a similar sentiment. (Is proofreading that difficult?) Like okay Koots, lots of people really want your career to work out too, but girl, you need to get it together. Just like Donald Trump cannot, in reality, "make America great again" by straight-up lying, Kiki cannot "make Dakota great again" by shitposting.

Just go to the gym a few times a week, decrease your carb intake, and everyone would shut the fuck up about your jello body. Kiki, seek therapy.

No. 262498

Googled ダコタローズ 事務所 (Dakota Rose Agency), only thing coming up is Bravo. Btw I'm a huge fan of how they are still using her pictures with the old photoshopped face.

No. 262503

File: 1488528875624.png (197.07 KB, 627x500, kootsom.png)

posting the message here for any lazy anons

Wait, what happened between tay and kaka?

No. 262509


>I don't think she's fat

>she just needs to lose weight

Lol k then that means she's fat?


>she's fat FOR A MODEL

She's fat for her size. The only people so invested in convincing everyone she isn't would be her and her family, or other flabby skinnyfats who want to believe fat is "average" so they feel less bad about being fat.

No. 262533

Lmao alright tinfoil-chan

No. 262539

"eh? oh my zeriouzlyy~~*! Dakota-chan, you know who I am? I'm so happy! But , , , you're mad? why why? (;;)"
Mimei sounds like a really obnoxious tumblr tween here.
*weird spelling mistake or some random thing she made up.

No. 262552

File: 1488538595299.jpg (20.51 KB, 181x211, 1488417787072~2.jpg)

Fuck this shoop still gives me the willies.
She looks like a wax model. Some serious spook.

No. 262557

File: 1488539864744.jpg (16.08 KB, 400x300, ed28b318eb6ed8794031bce368bec7…)

No. 262571

Okay? I don't give a fuck if she's a model or works at a grocery store. Fat is fat, and I don't think she is. Get the fuck over yourself, people are allowed to have opinions. You aren't in charge of the universal weight of models.

No. 262572

I never said in my post that she needed to lose weight. I said she doesn't need to lose weight, but needs to gain muscle mass

No. 262584

Being a fat/extremely average commercial model doesn't matter, but Bravo doesn't have a commercial model division, they only have high fashion models. When they scout a girl they think about if they can use her for commercial, catalogue and runway. If the girl doesn't fit in one of these categories (usually runway due to height) they won't hire her. If she's incredibly beautiful and is at least 168 they'll hire her and say she's 170. The 168 girls that are in the website are 165 irl but they're pretty and can bring money to the agency (and I can totally see them doing shoots for high end brands, look at those faces). They were fooled by Dakota (shooped polaroids) and they're stuck with a girl that doesn't look like her photos and doesn't take care of her. So yes, for a high fashion model in a high fashion agency, she's fat. As I said, she can gain weight and not worry about her job, the others are constantly worried about gaining a single kg. She's been there for 5 years, she has to renew her contract next year unless they put her on an exclusive and for life contract which I doubt. Or maybe the contract is for 5-7 years. My advice is lose weight and take care of yourself, Dakota, because once it's over you'll be back to Kiki's side. If you want to live there you should work hard. And as for her flat and expenses, if her parents aren't paying for it and Bravo is paying, she's going to drown in debt.

No. 262586


It's hilarious how angry you get over Dakota being fat. She looks fat, lies about her measurements and only wears baggy clothes to hide her gut and thunder thighs. Not to mention her saddle bags and bingo wings, her saggy jowls and her caveman forehead. She looks like a fat slob. Crying whenever someone calls her fat isn't going to change that she looks like a washed up fat hag. She honestly does look like she pushed out a couple kids and hasn't had a full nights' sleep in weeks.

>but that's just, like, my opinion man

No. 262598

bye fatty

No. 262606

File: 1488553527555.jpg (12.27 KB, 180x324, news-graphics-2007-_442744a.jp…)


pictured: the generally desired model size

holy fuck can we ban discussion on this shit already? you guys are fucking stupid

No. 262616

File: 1488554905292.jpg (706.82 KB, 2560x1920, IMG_4363.JPG)

15+ pounds
When she was average to begin with.

No. 262619

Literally why are you so emotionally invested in proving Cooter isn't ~~~technically~~~ fat? Nobody cares about your technicalities, she looks like shit. Do you really thing that if you manage to convince everyone on lolcow that she's ~technically average, but fat for a model because they're all anachans~ is gonna make her look any different? She'll still look like a huge pile of chewed gum.

/sage for semantics

No. 262623

Because fat people hate seeing someone thinner than them being called fat. Sorry fatties, but she's fat. Even Dakota thinks she's fat and shoops it all off.

No. 262630

Yup. Last year all she wore were baggy clothes just to seem smaller even during summer. I haven't seen her with any tight fitting clothes to wear her body shape properly. Even before that, popteen had to work hard to hide how big she really got. So yeah, its not just anons pointing it out, she really did get heavier and there's nothing in the world that can change that.

No. 262642


I don't think I'll ever understand they way people like Dakota's minds work…

I'd rather diet and exercise then to actually be fat and shoop it thin ( then again I ain't got the fucking time to sit around and edit a damn picture ) Man you'd think she would since she has zero control over any of these photoshoots though. Plus the amount of time she spends on one picture she could of spent on a jog or hitting the gym.

No. 262650

File: 1488561665469.jpg (941.6 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_4438.JPG)

No. 262665

File: 1488563495431.jpg (114.27 KB, 1037x601, image.jpg)


She's def significantly bigger then the other models.

No. 262666


I don't trust halfu model-chan. She says that the reason Dakota can stay in Japan is because she gets high brand name jobs, not print ad jobs. Even if this were the case, with the amount of jobs that she gets, it would not be enough to sustain her. Even if something like the Fit's job paid her $10,000, she doesn't get enough of these jobs.

Life in Tokyo is expensive. Having a 2LDR in Shibuya is extremely expensive. I highly doubt that she makes enough to sustain herself. It's likely that Bravo or manager-san are chipping in, which is NOT the usual case for a model.

Most models are thrown into small, shared apartments. They are genuinely disposable, especially to an agency like Bravo, and their contracts only last a few months to MAYBE a year. There are hundreds of other skinny white girls clambering for their time in the spotlight, so if you gain a few cm in your waist they'll find someone else who can maintain it. There is absolutely NO excuse to gain that much weight as a model. Anyone else would be dropped insanely quick.

Other models are also usually very invested in getting hair sets, nails done, new bags, shoes, etc. I'm not sure if it's just because she's depressed and doesn't give a fuck, but it could also just be that she's broke as fuck.

It's just weird. And no, I can't find her listed under any talent agency. Why would they go through another talent agency when she already has connections to Tsubasa and the Popteen team through Bravo? Makes no sense. She is definitely being kept. This is not normal.

No. 262667

File: 1488563746482.jpg (38.52 KB, 600x338, B7Z3N3gCAAESJor.jpg)

Yeah nothing came up for me either and tried a number of combos;ダコタローズ+事務所(agency)、タレント(talent)、芸能社(talent agency). Nothing but Bravo came up.
But honestly, I think the fact that she gained so much weight should be an indicator that she isn't signed with a Japanese agency because I have a hard time believing that they would be ok with that. Even if they didn't drop her, wouldn't they at least pressure her to lose weight and be more presentable? Unless of course this "talent agency" is a shitty gaijin farm full of "charisma" guys named Todd. The maybe it would be believable.
She is also fat by Japanese model/talent standards (pic related Dakota's peers、Michopa and Yura)

No. 262669

And these were shooped a lot. Remember in the bikini shoot she had to be covered in a towel and was the same size as the fashion assistant and a lot bigger than all of the other models. And that picture on the right was taken like a year after that disastrous bikini shoot.

No. 262670

Man, I bet you it wouldn't even take that much effort on her part to slim down like that. Just some mindful eating and basic exercise. She must really be a fucking bum irl. I could swear on her old Ameblo page she made a post about getting a new bike and some running shoes (quite a bit ago, but still). So much for that shit I guess.

No. 262672

Her tummy is making her skirt poof out :(

No. 262674


Those shoes just like the rest of them sit in a closet never being worn.

No. 262675

File: 1488564715163.jpg (47.13 KB, 480x481, o0480048112927699967.jpg)

i don't think she ever had to exercise or watch her weight as a teen. after being a chubby, prepubescent she stayed pretty small for a while.
and I was being charitable when I picked that pictures because, Yura especially is actually on the bigger end of the Pop models. If I really wanted to highlight how shit Koots is, I would pick this one.

No. 262682

File: 1488565371736.jpg (80.8 KB, 320x480, IMG_4433.JPG)

Some more Popteen models

No. 262683


Damn, how hard is that waistband digging in? It looks like she's wearing a petti under her skirt.

No. 262685

And you can tell they shooped her a ton but had trouble making a gap between her thighs at the very top though they tried it further down.

No. 262687

Not just that, she's posing hard as fuck too. She's sucking in, standing on her toes, has her bum stuck out and her heels all the way apart (and her thighs still touch lol), and she's pulling her shoulders back super hard. This pic makes me think she's holding her breath and as soon as the lights flashed she just let it all out and everything fell and/or widened 3cm.

No. 262688

File: 1488565955987.jpg (67.28 KB, 599x798, BMTTqmeCIAAsYNA.jpg)

No. 262690

File: 1488566138728.jpg (89.47 KB, 1280x720, jumpingpop.jpg)

and more

No. 262691

File: 1488566211149.png (74.92 KB, 640x1069, IMG_4391.PNG)

>I don't trust halfu model-chan. She says that the reason Dakota can stay in Japan is because she gets high brand name jobs, not print ad jobs. Even if this were the case, with the amount of jobs that she gets, it would not be enough to sustain her.

Not only this, but her runway work (the closest she gets to Bravo-tier work) is shabby at best too. Always baggy, always either dark solids or obnoxious patterns.

No. 262692


this one makes the OP pic of kota look sooo much worse lol

No. 262693

Why most of the popteen models are so busted, yes they're skinny and all but kek they're all ugly, fucking japanese standards…

Poor kota she looks like Nanny from Count Duckula

No. 262694

Different preferences. Cute is prioritized over outright beauty especially in the young. Personally I find them all pretty adorable and seem like they have a lot of fun. They are perfect for a magazine targeting teenagers and early-twenty somethings.

No. 262696

Lol I didn't even think of that when I posted it. I wanted to find pictures that were more candid because I know Popteen edits (a bit) even their normal models.

No. 262709

She's white, not eastern Asian so she will never have their frame or height. If Dakota was to weigh the same as those Japanese models she would look emaciated, just like Taylor does. Ofcourse an American/European woman will be taller and have a larger frame, that doesn't mean she is fat ana-chans.

No. 262713

First of all Taylor doesn't look emaciated at all. And why bring her up??
Secondly, Koots, actually is about their average heights. And for a western girl she has a petite bone structure. You can tell from her wrists. It's the reason that she didn't end up sized out of Popteen earlier. It's the reason she could model for Tiara Miley (despite having a gut). If she was average framed, she'd be around 130-135 instead of 120-125. Her hips would have been around 37-38inches which would knock her out of most gyaru style fashion. She's chubby as fuck and she should thank whoever, that she is small boned or she'd look bigger.

No. 262723

…what does Taylor have to do with Dakota looking fat?

No. 262725

File: 1488572247377.jpg (145.95 KB, 431x575, TSE0116S0009_pz_a001.jpg)

Here's a "western model" modeling Popteen style swimsuits. This is what Koots should have been.

No. 262728

File: 1488572348722.jpg (179.46 KB, 431x575, TSE0116S0008_pz_a001.jpg)

One more.

No. 262735

Please. Koots is their height but is packing pounds. She wouldn't be emaciated if she took a break from her cabbage farts and carb loading to hit the gym like other girls.

No. 262736

Lol. Nothing. There seems to be an anon here with Taylor-derangement syndrome. They go "but Taylor" every time Koots is criticized about something.

No. 262740

I wonder if one day we'll find out it was Dakota herself bringing up Taylor whenever anyone has anything to say about her, just like Kiki.

No. 262744


These swimsuits are really fucking cute … I actually for a second there thought that was Tooters and almost shit my pants because that'd be the first time ever that she's thin.

No. 262747

Honestly a lot of the issue with her fits outfit is how high her skirt is hiked up.

She looks a lot better when her skirts sit on her hips. I don't blame her for it since she might have been told to do it but the tucked in shirt with the skirt so high makes her look like a box.

It looks especially weird next to the girl who's skirt is sitting just under her belly button.

No. 262750

Pretty sure the skirt wouldn't fit any lower

No. 262751

Too skinny for my taste but it shows that a widows peak doesn't inherently make you look like you have a gigantic forehead. Kookoo needs to go back to bangs

No. 262757

this girl looks pretty good, I have to say.
and any other day people would be clamoring over themselves to screech "AVERAGE!!!!" and yet, koots is still less than her.

No. 262758

I don't think her face is amazing, but her body is on point.

No. 262778

did you even read what I was responding to??? I'm not saying Dakota isn't fat but dumbass anons keep being NNOOO BUT BMI so I posted a model yes she's fat for a model

Good fucking god like I said you guys are dumbasses

No. 262812

She still looks underweight though.
The Japanese models may be perfectly healthy and naturally very slight, but judging white models by Asian standards isn't a fair comparison

No. 262819

Koots is naturally small boned. You can tell because even at her smallest she wasn't bony looking. I think that judging her by popteen model standards is fine. Koots was probably around 100-105lbs in 2013 and if she had stayed around that size and toned up she would have been fine. Instead, she gained weight and expected other people to accommodate her.

No. 262828

Lmao. You guys are so sad :( Are you honestly so down on yourselves that you have to call this seemingly normal girl fat? Yeah she looks like shit, I don't give a flying fuck about Dakota or what she does. Though, blatantly calling her fat is just plain
stupid. I'm just saying there are other types of models who don't have to be stick thin - and I'm sure they give her slack for being a foreigner, but I've seen plenty of catalog models who look pretty normal. And before some dumb asshole starts shouting 'bye fatty' at me, I'm not fat or overweight.

No. 262840

Literally nobody ITT mentioned BMI at all.

>She's fat FOR A MODEL111!!!

and the general consensus is that she should not be a model since he doesn't want to take care of herself. Anyone else would have been sent home on their fat ass, except her.

Dakota is fat.
Accept it.

No. 262848

Anon, they perfectly know that Dakota is a tarento (you don't need to be skinny for that) and that she's not a "high fashion" model for runnaways, she's not even tall, they work with her for commercials and TV shows, some fashion shows (most of them short girls) … but it's useless, there's another girl here who claims to be a model (not model chan, another one) that always is comparing herself and her agency with Dakota's, but then Model-chan came and explained how it works but naaah if it's not something they want to hear it gotta be fake. Lol

No. 262853

She isn't a tarento. For one, she has written "model" in every single social media bio of hers. Other than the few TV shows that she was on a few years ago, when has she recently done tarento work? You are still a model even if you are appearing in videos or are making media appearances. It doesn't just mean print ads and runway.

They tried hard to make her a "gimmick" tarento with the whole catchphrase thing a while back, but she completely failed due to her rude personality. She hasn't been invited back to any variety or gameshows after she gave that one singer a really bad score in the singing competition show she was a part of.

No. 262856

What was her catchphrase?

No. 262868

they present her as a model and a tarento in many TV shows, even her wikipedia page says she's a tarento.


No. 262872

File: 1488583957203.png (1.25 MB, 981x747, 1434892937932.png)


Kind of a rough way of saying "what the hell!" or "no freaking way." It was her usual answer to "have you had plastic surgery?"

She hasn't been on TV programs for a while, though. This screencap was from June 2015, and the singing competition was shortly after that. I don't think she was ever booked for any variety programs after that, because a lot of people on Twitter were complaining about how rude she was. She can't really be considered a "tarento" in 2017 with her recent body of work. Hell, the "model" label barely still applies with how few jobs she gets.

No. 262874

That commercial is tarento work too, and you don't need to appear weekly on a TV show to be considered a tarento.

No. 262876

>She can't really be considered a "tarento" in 2017

But that's not what they think, they still present her as a tarento, so…
Your opinion =/= Reality

No. 262877

File: 1488584209155.png (107.14 KB, 640x1047, IMG_4444.PNG)

It also lists her height as both 162cm (5"3) and 5"5. The weight category is blank (topkek), and her H/W/B are listed as 29"/22"/30". This shit is as full of lies as the Bravo bio and the last page of measurements Popteen printed of her. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Dakota wrote the herself. Also strangely it has no mention of her being a Floridian, just that she's from Chicago.

No. 262881

File: 1488584360874.jpg (310.06 KB, 1680x1050, akemidarenogare.jpg)

Jesus Christ. Yes if you are female, you need to be thin to be a tarento UNLESS your gimmick is that you're fat and funny (like Naomi Watanabe). That's not Kooters gimmick.
Pic related- popular tarento Akemi Darenogare

No. 262883

I hate this fake mole shit

No. 262886

Who is she? Her waist is amazing

No. 262889

Dakota IS short. 1.62 or 1.63 are pretty accurate imo. That's not a lie.

>They don't say her weight

That's not necessary and it's not a rule. They have photos to judge that.

And even if they were lying, that's not Dakota's fault. So you giving her shit for something she doesn't even posted or said is stupid.

No. 262893

Who is "they"? Her agency doesn't. Her social media bios don't. You realize anyone can edit Wikipedia articles, right? Even if it wasn't her, you can also see right there that her measurements were taken in 2015. It's outdated.

The Fit's campaign is still modeling. Just because it's a commercial doesn't mean she's a tarento. She also hasn't been interviewed or really had news coverage at all, like normal tarento would get.

It hasn't just been a week, either. She's been off television shows for almost two years now.

No. 262894

The mole's unfortunate but it's in every photo so I think it's natural.

No. 262895

File: 1488584875947.jpg (6.56 KB, 249x202, Lol.jpg)

>Only skinny girls are tarentos!!1
Tell that to Naomi.

No. 262904

can you not fucking read?
>you need to be thin to be a tarento UNLESS your gimmick is that you're fat and funny (like Naomi Watanabe)

No. 262905

You would be surprised the length girls go to keep up with that lie though. Dita von teese, marylin monroe, so many ig hoes nowadays

No. 262906

There is a big (haha) difference between starting as a fat comic and becoming popular and coming over trying to be a gaijin model

No. 262910


Anon was pointing out that they have 2 different height measurements for her but okay, sperg out over her being a kawaii petite waif princessu~~

No. 262911

They are fake measurements. Anyone with eyes can see that.
No Koots you are not
74 - 58 - 78 cm/29 - 23 - 31 in
You can assume any measurements given publicly by her or anyone associated with her are lies.
Yeah I'd think that was the case for her except moles and freckles aren't really considered attractive in Japan. Maybe though.

No. 262913

Yeah sorry for that one.

No. 262916

But anon, she's a comedian…. that's way different.

No. 262917

I'm surprised she hasn't reverted back her name there yet like she always does. Her username on wiki is KurodaSho btw

No. 262919

File: 1488586868159.png (23.11 KB, 200x247, topkek.png)

kek these edits are HILARIOUS.

People keep adding "Ostrenga" to her article, making her measurements bigger, and changing her birthday from '95 to '93. KurodaSho and anon users keep changing it back. Looks like it's only been fussed with a handful of times since 2015, though.

No. 262923

I'm the one who took down Margo Palermo's Wiki page years ago, and I'm starting to wonder if I can do hers too, since temporary fame/media stuff doesn't count as notability.

No. 262926

Your choice anon but I wouldn't bother. Koots may suck at everything she does, but she is far more worthy of a wiki page than Maggot.

No. 262927

>there's another girl here who claims to be a model (not model chan, another one) that always is comparing herself and her agency with Dakota's, but then Model-chan came and explained how it works but naaah if it's not something they want to hear it gotta be fake. Lol
Always comparing myself and my agency with Kota's? When did I? I've never compared myself with Kota and never compared my agency with Bravo. I only talked about how agencies take care of your expenses and that she has a special treatment while being the huge walking lie she is.

No. 262930

ok but she isn't that thin yet still gets jobs and apparently is doing well. so what is the sense in arguing whether she is "fat for a model" or even fat at all? point is she isn't "chubby" enough to not get any work and still will continue to do so. sorry everyone but she has another 20lbs to go to get out of work and that'll take another few years. we are sitting here bickering about how fat she is but the industry she's in doesn't seem to give a flying fuck so what's the sense

No. 262935

Jesus her bellybutton is fucking with me.
Why isnt she tone. Its not that hard.
Just some vasic ass cardio.

No. 263033

I just thought of something -
if you consider what a massive hypocrite kiki is and all the slip ups she has made, then remember how obsessed she was with insisting that Taylor is only getting work in Japan because her father pays for it…
This could be quite telling of the reality of kooter's situation. Probably not her actual father paying her way, but an inadvertent confirmation of…
eh you know just an idea man

No. 263038

I think she hates herself. Shame because she could be really pretty if she took care of her appearance. Maybe that's why her looks are going worse over time.

(blog) I have a cousin that's blonde, blue-eyed, thin and very pretty, and her familly always said she was going to be a famous model and get them out of poverty. (blog)

I think thats what happened to Kota and she feels like a failure, she is a really sad girl ans she probably thought she only had cuteness as a good point but is now sorrounded by girls that are so much more thin and cute than her.

She looks like she wants to cry in >>261691 and >>259625

Sage for armchair and blogging.

No. 263044

Look I understand where you're coming from but she's made her own bed. She made it when she shooped everything even Polaroids. She made it when she used to copyright everything remotely negative under the sun. She made it when she wasn't able to rein in her boredom and attitude on TV. Basically, Koots jack-hammered her way into a career she simply wasn't suited for and it's worked for the most part.
She was handed every opportunity on on silver platter. I haven't seen that kind of pimping of a gaijin since Leah Dizon (who at least had the looks to back it up).
I haven't seen anything from her yet that suggests that she has changed for the better. Her most recent reply to a comment I saw was self important, vaguely condescending, and an outright lie.
Ostrengas remain Ostrengas.

No. 263045

>Her most recent reply to a comment I saw was self important, vaguely condescending, and an outright lie.

What was this?

No. 263046

You are right, she is a rude bitch.I just think she should get therapy and work towards being kinder to others and hersels. It's just sad that she was her family's cash cow, her manager's fucktoy and our beloved lol\sadcow.

No. 263057

File: 1488613493884.png (162.53 KB, 370x500, wp_ss_20170105_0001.thumb.png.…)

Not a comment actually. This stupidity.

No. 263060

She's super qt not to raceb8 but she's way cuter than dem popteen chinks imo.

No. 263061

>not to race bait…ethnic slur
Fuck right off.

No. 263062

Race baiting is a bannable offence I don't give a fuck about chinks and PC shit but I don't want to get banned you cock.

No. 263064

oh THIS… lmao.

oh koots. ugh.

No. 263071

Sounds familiar

No. 263072

>i'm going to racebait but pls act like i'm not racebaiting, i don't want to get banned!!
Just stop it already, anon

No. 263075

That's a alternative fact ? koots come in 7th place for the ugliest popteen model right before pikarin in my imo.

No. 263079

Nah I don't think she hates herself she thinks to highly of herself. She just seems like she's suffering from a mental illness. Not everyone who photoshop themselves hate themselves. I think she finally realize she can't be a model forever and probably tired of having to keep up with her photoshop self. Her hair falling out could be from so much stress having to photoshop countless hours and if she still did youtube that too but idk. I don't know why weebs wish they had her life seems awful having to dodge people, editing to oblivion, bald, being a catfish.

No. 263081

It would make her seem like less of a friendless loser

No. 263086

But modelchan isn't a model. Modelchan is lying. There is no tea. Modelchan is a bored anon that wanted to flex their pathological fibbing skills.

No. 263130

File: 1488634606557.png (456.98 KB, 939x399, Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 8.35…)

She's determined to prove she has friends .. yet never takes any photos with any.

Google trans : My favourite friends come home from abroad to see you go.

No. 263152

>she isn't that thin yet still gets jobs and apparently is doing well
how is anyone this retarded

No. 263153

Hiroshi and Kiki are her only friends.

It actually says her best friend is back from abroad and she went to see them. The bottom part says she's going to a party/gathering. So I guess Hiroshi is back from overseas and now she's going to another meeting.

No. 263155

oh lord it just gets worse
Did she even look at this photo before she uploaded it? Christ.

No. 263156

Aside from the shitty shoop, if this is how she dresses to see friends/go to a party it's no wonder she's a lonely hermit. She looks like a frumpy loser.

No. 263165

Jesus that face shoop is just horrendous

No. 263169

File: 1488639812679.jpg (96.21 KB, 970x611, 8YWBUPr.jpg)


Jesus she looks like fucking 8 years old.

No. 263172

then you must be new, because the BMI thing took over last thread for awhile. and people have been nitpicking about how exactly fat she is for awhile.

my point is that you can't say "dakota is thin she's a normal size for an average person". she's fat no matter how you spin it, because she's either fat in general or too fat to be a model. now calm the fuck down before you sperg any harder.

No. 263173


Just a theory here, but seeing as she hardly has any feminine well fitted clothing, is it possible she's wearing Hiroshi's/bf/flatmates clothing because she doesn't have a whole lot ?

No. 263175

I will forever hold to the theory that how she treated those comedians during that singing competition is one of the main reasons she stopped doing TV spots and such.

No. 263176

File: 1488640821733.jpg (18.32 KB, 570x262, young-Michael-Myers-2007.jpg)

No. 263180

>Translation: Dear friend has come back home from abroad. Going to meet them.

Since she used a verb that means "come back home", I guess it might be daddy Hiroshi returning from a business trip.

No. 263183

"dear friend" "them" lmao why even bother when it's this obvious it's just her sugar daddy

No. 263200

omg that's spooky wtf

No. 263207

Well, that's what she wants, at least. I think she looks haggard as hell in candids, more like a 30 year old mom.

In her shoops idk how old she looks because she doesn't look human, and not in a good way like she wants. idk if she still thinks she looks like a kawaii elfu goddess with her alien babby shoops or what.

No. 263220

File: 1488646042771.png (221.74 KB, 311x399, IMG_9467.PNG)

Yeah, she put her foot in her mouth by giving Kumamushi a low score for virtually no reason. She thought she was being tottemo kawaii with her cheeky little low vote, but I think that this was a very bad move for her. If it wasn't, she sure went through great lengths to scrub it from the Internet.

No. 263229

File: 1488646843148.jpg (183.87 KB, 1024x575, IMG_9468.JPG)

No. 263241

link to this video?

also, do we have any pics of hiroshi? curious what he looks like

No. 263254

She's doing that candy commercial shit = a job. She still lives in Japan and has her own apartment and affords this living on her modeling work = doing well

No. 263256

I wonder if at any moment she saw the other scores and realized how bad she fucked up
Or is she that far up her own ass

No. 263260

Aren't these kind of of things rigged/scripted anyway?

No. 263264

I'm just waiting for that wonderful day she gets kicked out of Japan, and is send off to her racist land ??

No. 263267

Are you being deliberately obtuse. We don't know if she affords her apartment herself. I kind of doubt it because a 2LDK in the middle of fucking Shibuya is probably not under 3000 dollars a month. And no I don't think that Dakota makes enough regularly to afford that.
No. That was Dakota in all of her obnoxious glory. I'll see if I can find the video.

No. 263295

I wonder if the apartment is paid up front by her modelling agencies and therefore is part of the debt she owes to them. This is how other agencies work.

No. 263299

Usually, yeah. But I just can't see Bravo or anyone else telling her to give that low of a score, ya know? It completely ruined her chances of being a regular on variety shows. It never would have been presented as "quirky" or "cute" to give him such a low score, it's just straight-up rude. Especially in Japan.

True, but most models are thrown into cheap, shared houses that don't cost the agency much to maintain. Kooter lives in a 2LDR in the middle of Shibuya, supposedly by herself. That would be costing them thousands a month just for one model. One that's not even really getting much work, for that matter. If she were Rola or something, I could see it. As it is, though, it just doesn't add up.

No. 263312

Anon, they're hiked up because it only fits at her waist. Her hips are too wide due to her weight gain. You see how in >>262665, it's showing her stomach pouch. She wouldn't be able to get it any lower than that.

No. 263318

Wow, when you guts said low, I thought you meant 70 or 60. 12??Her shitty personality bites her in the ass again.

No. 263320

>supposedly by herself
The first time I saw images of that apartment I immediately assumed she wasn't by herself. Was pretty confused to hear that she was. That shit is not cheap and I don't see any agency throwing out more money than they NEED to for housing.

No. 263323

Yeah it was a special moment.I can't find the video anymore but what she said when asked about the score was paraphrased in kind nasty fake saccharine tone.
"I thought the singing it good, but I just didn't FEEL their passion." or something along those lines. And she giggled about it.

No. 263328

There was pictures of him he wore glasses I remember someone found his fb but idk now. All I know is he's ugly asf something gaijin weebs have in common picking up ugly Japanese guys beside mimei.

No. 263329

I think she does live with someone. How do people know she lives alone is there proof? Koots hardly get any work so she's always at home. The person who lives there with her could be working.

No. 263335

Ostrengas scrubbed the Internet of it but it's probably out there somewhere. Just have to search the name and season/episode. I'm not sure what it's called.

You can search him on FB. I am one of those people uncomfortable making the link between them because there's no real evidence they're together.

No. 263336

I don't think so. Look at how much she's cackling in that photo.

No. 263339

The reason I don't think so is because it was so awkward. Like, it came across as absolutely being a bitch, not funny. If they set her up for that, then they set her up for failure.

No. 263342

She heavily implied in her tour video that it was all hers. She says that it's hard for her to rent anywhere because most landloards don't like renting to *~*~celebrities~*~* or something along those lines. It does seem completely ridiculous to think she'd get such a huge space and live alone there.

No. 263356

Yeah anything that comes out of koots mouth is bs. She could've a roomie and just film when her roomie is not there.

No. 263357

No im not trying to be obtuse. I just think the reality might be she does well despite that she doesn't look like her photos. Maybe she has gained weight because she is secure and knows she will get work anyway. She seems very lazy about her entire image, physically and on the internet. Maybe she only does work when she needs to. Though I wouldn't be surprised if she had someone paying for her and feeding her cash too, there's that option too

No. 263360


Maybe this "friend" is really just her flatmate coming home .. A flatmate who happens to be a model and also gets gigs unlike her… ( Probably pays most the bills )

heres the video :


(hope the link works )

No. 263366

You could be right. There's no way bravo would let a low tier model stay by herself in a expensive apartment with no gigs coming in. That assumption is absurd. They could be using other models earnings to pay for her lazy butt but idk.

No. 263370

File: 1488665099722.png (450.5 KB, 1020x535, Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 5.00…)


This spare room just looks like she plastered self shrines on the window to give the illusion she's there on her own. I wouldn't be surprised if she befriended/bestied a more top tier model who travels abroad a lot.

Maybe Bravo is okay with covering the rent since a higher ranked model lives there ? I could see them doing that for a successful model.

No. 263398

File: 1488667730672.jpg (Spoiler Image, 765.72 KB, 2560x1920, IMG_4449.JPG)


Pics from the last thread. His FB profile pic VS a more recent pic of him.

No. 263402

Her affected voice in that video makes me rage

No. 263421

Why are we bringing him into this? Come on. The thread is about Dakota not the people she manipulates.

No. 263425


I didn't know suckling his shiitake mushroom was a form of manipulate.

No. 263439

It is kinda but he has been a part of these threads for quite a while anyway so

No. 263442

Her face is so goofy with those fucking circle lenses

No. 263474

Most married men with kids don't fuck around with fat, dumpy side hoes if they're worried about losing anything. If ever the day comes when Hiroshi sticking his neck out and opening his wallet for Dakota causes him any trouble, it'll be his own fault. Just like Dakota being a fat, greasy slob- she did it to herself.

No. 263477

I know right lol
So much for them being so real, not circle lenses~
why did they magically disappear then

No. 263479

Yeah, that definitely looks like the sort of sad ugly dude who would put koots on the pedestal she's on.

No. 263480

File: 1488677043458.jpg (118.41 KB, 566x938, IMG_4448.JPG)

No. 263481

…she was wearing circle lenses in this?
……..oh that's unfortunate

No. 263489

File: 1488678524695.jpg (119.19 KB, 750x852, image.jpg)

Found this in her tags and couldn't help but to chuckle.

No. 263490

Circle lenses without full eyemakeup looks so bad on potato faces.

No. 263492

She's actually so ugly. That is not the face nor body of a model. There's no way she's not sucking dick with her unfortunate, homely looks.

No. 263495

File: 1488679066699.png (500.88 KB, 588x397, Untitled.png)

this is disgusting

at least her old shoops were believable. at least she could kind of emulate them in real life. at least they were something to aspire to look like. this malnourished-ambiguously-gendered-8-year-old-drowning-in-their-parent's-clothes thing is so hideous.

No. 263508

does Kooters have asthma? around minute 6 in the video it looks like there's a salbutamol inhaler in the vase.

No. 263518

Well, supposedly Koots smokes cigs, so it wouldn't be surprising for her to also be asthmatic.

No. 263519

so is Bravo just basically like screw it guys, our riaru baabii grew up and this is what grown up fuckups look like, deal with it?

No. 263520

When I was underage (14 years old) I was so fucking jealous of her face. Now I know she's a photoshop fraud but anyways, if she goes back to the old style I'd start giving her views on Youtube (which is what she needs the most, people giving her views). Even if she's not real, even if it's shoop and after effects, I'd watch her videos again

No. 263521

Bro, I remember watching her videos while in the computer class with my best friend, who had a huge crush on her. Good times
Sage for ot

No. 263536

I'm glad I knew she was a photoshop or after effects fraud from the start, all the signs are there if you look closely.

Thing is I would never have guessed that she's much more ugly than I thought.

No. 263548

I already knew she was fake from the start. Her face features changed in every photo the icing on the top is when she didn't move a lot in videos

No. 263551


for a second I thought it was Cathy…

No. 263563

Guys, remember that speculation about her dating an idol (or an actor, I don't remember), that she was wearing his clothes, etc… what happened? Was it a kind of PR?

Also, I think Dakota avoids female friendships (especially western) because she is afraid that someone may spill tea about her personal life somewhere, just like Charms did once. I think she is not interested at all about making friends because of that.
(If I was her friend I would be very tempted to do it btw)

No. 263567

Probably was a PR thing. I doubt she was able to even come in contact with him.

No. 263578

She spun that story up herself. Dude never replied to her tweets. Sad as shit.

No. 263588

He probably thought she was weird or some shit her edits are not very pleasing to the eye ?

No. 263597

Didn't she buy the same necktie for herself before she ever even left for Japan? Did she dress herself for this??

I'm guessing she did her own makeup too because wouldn't any mua in their right mind give her some eyeliner…

No. 263620

File: 1488701946867.png (103.8 KB, 640x480, 5055A141-6E2E-4C05-96CE-8111C3…)

No. 263623

is she wearing a dog collar?

No. 263625

Pardon my ignorance, but what's a 2LDR?

No. 263626

I'm assuming it's a 2LDK. At least that's the term used in Japan
2bedroom 2
living/dining LD
kitchen K

No. 263630

Ah, I see. Thanks!

No. 263682

File: 1488722323542.png (996.13 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170305-135603.png)

Lol found dakota's doppelganger

No. 263683

why does this girl look like an abortion

No. 263688


The correct term is haatorii huurigan-kei, anon

No. 263691

I laughed. Good post, anon.

No. 263692

File: 1488724158104.jpg (30.65 KB, 180x232, IMG_7865.JPG)

LOL looks JUST like dakota's old sh00ped artwork (before she was hot, what she THOUGHT hot girls should look like)

No. 263693

if they're vegan leather

they're not leather.

No. 263697

Isn't that a doll?

No. 263716

It is. There are lots of doll companies now making fuck ugly BJDs for the ~aesthetic~ since Tumblr made being the emancipated drug addict look a trend. Imo I wouldn't spend $700+ on something so ugly wen I could spend half that for a much cuter doll that fits into clothes made by more than one doll company.

Sage for OT

No. 263718

That doll is way skinnier and has better-looking hair tbh

No. 263720

File: 1488728937147.jpg (126.85 KB, 531x798, IMG_4458.JPG)

No. 263730

Dakota has this girl-next-door look that would be very cute if she just learned how to keep her body healthy. I could see her being a (sort of plain) model with this look, but she'd already ruined her image so much that I doubt she can bounce back.

No. 263733

How the hell did she go from relatively normal and cute in this


To whatever the hell creature she is in this


In such A short time? It's not just the weight, there's something else that's really off about her face these days.

No. 263760

That ship has sailed, anon.

I don't want to bring up her age argument again, but she really does look closer to 24 than 21. I've never seen a 21 war old with a face this saggy and beaten. TBH she looks older than Kiki, who at least wears mascara.


I thin it's just the filter + an unfortunate shot of her in the middle of making a facial expression. It does look bad though, but really so does the blue dress pic. She looks like somebody's mom, not a spokesmodel for Bravo.

No. 263765

>It does look bad though, but really so does the blue dress pic
Eh, I actually think she looks cute there, but different strokes I guess.

No. 263779

it would also be cute if she wasn't such a cunt.

anyone notice how she keeps having her hair in her face in recent pics to try to hide her jowls, so she doesn't have to shoop them as much?

No. 263790

She's a smoker and her diet is shit

No. 263799


Its also possible its a flatmates inhaler ?

I mean if she doesn't even take care of her hair/nails and skin as well as gained weight and eats trash all day, why would she even bother going to the doctors for that.

No. 263801



But why also get a 2 bedroom apartment and buy a bed to put in the other room if you have no friends. Why not make a makeup room or office out of it ?

No. 263828

If you look, all the girls in that ad have the same necktie. Neckties like that are pretty ubiquitous. It wouldn't surprise me if she owned that exact necktie or a very similar one in the past. You can buy them from Bodyline for a couple bucks.

No. 263992

could be part of trying to seem legit for a marriage visa?
either that or she does have a roommate, idk

No. 263999

She looks cute in this picture. People are right she looks 100x better with bangs. Also she needs to take tips from Ariana grande about angles. Koots look cute from the side angle and sometimes below. She should avoid looking straight on in the camera makes her face look fat.

No. 264001

This look like a bjd doll and looks atrocious. People actually buy this looks like some possessed shit.

No. 264097

File: 1488774556490.jpg (121.38 KB, 1016x662, damn.JPG)

Lol. From today. Which farmer did this?

No. 264099


No. 264104

Wonder who did this. I thought it was just weight and measurements at first but when I looked again I noticed:
Florida as place of origin
changed birth year to 1993
added BMI
and in the intro part
"a model working in Japan that became fat and ugly."

No. 264126

Dead ?

No. 264127

When koots wake up she definitely going to change it back ?

No. 264170

Where did the BMI come from? Aside from the sperg who insists the last thread was flooded with it (I was there, it wasn't), this is the first time I'm seeing it. Source? Or is it just a made up number to be funny?

No. 264181

I think it's the weight gain and being malnourished. Taylor for example I would wager eats far more fibre, vitamins and protein, and keeps anaemia at bay. Kooter lives off carbs and cheap shit. It shows. You don't put vegetable oil in a benz and expect it to run great, but like a moron she does when her face and body are supposed to be her moneymakers.

No. 264189

it's a choker, get with the times grandma

No. 264192

If it were a choker it would be tighter and higher up on her neck. It's a leather collar, salty.

It has to be a joke, 30.5 BMI would make her about 80kg/175pounds. She's realistically probably 50-60kg.

No. 264201

>American model Dakota Rose

Lol, guess they can't bill her as the "Real Barbie" when she looks like that. Trying to pass her off as a model is pretty kekworthy though. That really kills all the stans' arguments that she's still there because of her 2012 shoops and her ~long lasting efame~.

No. 264203

File: 1488806170913.jpg (414.99 KB, 2208x1242, Abema_Prime_Screen_Cap.jpg)

Totally agree with you about just about everything in this post. But to tbh they probably did introduce her as "Real Barbie". That caption was probably just on screen when she was interviewed. I mean they still introduced her as "Real Barbie" in the Abematv Web show and well (pic related).
Of course I could be wrong.

No. 264210


Her eyes look so small in this picture, like I know they were never big but…


I can't read Japanese, but if this was a Farmer I'm surprised they didn't put "sleeps with manager to obtain job/visa". Maybe this was a "edgy" Pulltard as nothing seems to extreme from what I'm seeing from other anons.

No. 264216

Do you think she feels embarrassed when she's still introduced in shows as the 'real barbie' because her looks have gone so far downhill or do you reckon she thinks she still lives up to the title?

No. 264217

File: 1488808448665.jpg (130.56 KB, 602x389, living-doll-dakota.jpg)

SAME. Even before the big reveal, when everyone knew she was photoshopped, but no one had any candid photo to know what she looked without it, I mostly thought that she enlarged her eyes and maybe fixed her makeup digitally. never even considered that she edited her jaw

No. 264221

the first line below says
>Born in Florida on September 19, 1993
both those things are wrong. even the source cited at [1] actually says born in Chicago, IL on September 19, 1995

No. 264237

True, but that was last year, around the same time she changed her Instagram bio from "model/talent" to just "American model based in Tokyo". That screenshot is solid gold, though. I think my favorite thing is seeing candids of her with "real Barbie doll" underneath them, especially compared to her shoops. I wish there was some Japanese site that posted nothin but those.

No. 264238

this is awful.

she would be pretty if she was healthier and lost some weight, and stopped this ugly makeup. and got better hair.

half of what is dragging her down is this god awful makeup

No. 264240

Eh, I think the edits were done by some anon trying to annoy Dakooter. She was born in Chicago though. As for her DOB, that horse has been thoroughly beaten.

No. 264246

What's sad is that even this footage had special lighting and smoothing filters but she still looks like a troll.

Her jaw is the least of what she edited when you look at it now. Literally everything was modified. The best is that she really believed she was hot shit bc of her attitude. She still does too.

No. 264247

Absolutely. She's destroying her own image with the thick solid eyebrows and dark, overdrawn lips when she should be bringing more focus to her eyes and making the rest of her face softer and more girly. Of course she never looked like her edits but at least she used to still look cute enough IRL to appear on TV and magazines with the right kind of hair and makeup look.

No. 264250

File: 1488815369199.png (323.36 KB, 739x431, popteenvideo.png)

Pic related, how much better she could look probably any time again if she lost weight and styled herself right. The difference is really jarring and likely has a lot to do with her decline in job offers, along with her rude persona and behavior on TV.

No. 264254

Her whole bone structure is hugely altered from there because of aging though. Even if she lost weight and got bangs, her face is just longer and huger in general.

No. 264260

yes it was you illiterate dipshit lmao go back to the hugbox already

No. 264267

Calm down, Ostrenga.

No. 264271

Pretty much this. Her face has matured and she can't just go along with a kawaii look anymore, if she lost weight it would emphasize her cheekbones and jaw structure.

No. 264273

Doesn't it say in the first/second line that she came to Japan and become "デブス"? (Ugly/fat) LMAO. My moonspeak isn't what it used to be, but if I'm right, that's hilarious. Good job, farmer.

No. 264279

File: 1488820129574.png (187.72 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4478.PNG)


I went back in the catalog and found the cap of the tweet she made, since it's been deleted. She did say she had a degree in sound engineering, but that has to be bullshit. Her and Kiki went to Valencia college before she went viral but a degree in sound engineering takes 2 years and you have to be 16 to enroll. Valencia does offer one-off technical courses in sound and music production, but the age limit would still apply. Either she's lying about her age or she's lying about having the degree.

No. 264287

File: 1488822390141.jpg (79.11 KB, 600x450, 1439414197886.jpg.aee05d34e7cd…)

I know Kaka has the degree. Pic related.
Whether Tooters didn't actually do it with her and just lied and said she did, or she did do it and she's older than she says, I don't know.
I don't ever remember Kota showing hers off though. But then again, she's not as much of a humblebrag as Kirsten.

I'm reluctant to bring up discussion of Kota's age because farmers tend to get aggravated.
I personally don't mind discussing it, though I do kinda agree that the topic is beating a dead horse.

No. 264288

geeeeeeze wtf happened…

No. 264299

Ok so, it's a nitpick, but that's not an actual degree, that's a certificate of completion, meaning she did the <1 year course.

Any idea when she posted this on her IG? I can't go check since she made her main account private.

No. 264300


She stopped trying.

No. 264303

didn't notice before, but dude, that anon is right. that's a legitimate dog collar. she's even wearing it as such.

you're probably right. i could imagine, that she doesn't want to lose weight, because her face would look too boney and saggy. that would be a good reason to get fillers, but apparently the ostrengas are opposed to that.

No. 264304

>certificate for doing some random useless course
>calling it a degree


No. 264310

that's what I thought looking at it but I wasn't sure, my 4 year degree is goofy looking as fuck so I can't compare

No. 264314

The source from which I got the picture called it a degree, so I just assumed. Figures though.
I'm sure Kaka claimed it was too. I know she put 'Bachelors' in the education section of her profiles on those dating sites, kek.

No. 264319

it's not a dog collar although I agree it looks like one - all the cheap accessory stores in Harajuku were selling buckle 'chokers' exactly like that a while back.

No. 264351

Just chiming in to say what other farmers have said, this is definitely not a degree.

She's such a goddamn phony, trying to pass this off as a degree. Fucking shameful. Probably one of the worst things Kaka has done, in my opinion, anyway.

No. 264355

Just had to google "comprehensive audio engineering & music production Orlando"

and there ya go: http://www.first.edu/programs/audio-engineering-and-music-production

No. 264363

If it was a degree, it would say a degree was awarded, not a "course of study". It'd be more accurate to call it a certification.

Just checked mine, and it says my name is "admitted to the degree of" then my field of study, not "this document is to certify". It also clearly says I was awarded "Bachelor of _____". Online Bachelor's degrees are similar in wording.

If it was a degree, it would say degree. It's a cert.

No. 264368

Valencia college has one too. They also have courses for video and photo editing and video production.


No. 264382

aging you guys are fucking retarded,
2012-2017 when you're in your early twenties barely makes a fucking differences unless youre binge drinking, binge eating, or doing hard drugs

this was max like 3 years ago.

dakota could do this shit in her sleep how much she photographed herself but no.

somebody else rip off this aesthetic and actually give her fans what she wont even bother with doing

No. 264388

>somebody else rip off this aesthetic and actually give her fans what she wont even bother with doing

Haven't a lot of girls tried this? lol

No. 264389

>somebody else rip off this aesthetic

What, Cheap-Shooped-Whore Kei?

No. 264405


Girls who are actually naturally beautiful enough to pull off the look of Dakota's shoops probably already have better style. Dakota took off on tumblr and in Asia but never really gained traction in the west because her look didn't cater to the west. White girls who look like her shoops are wearing western fashion, not many gorgeous, skinny blondes with big blue dolly eyes are weeaboos who dream of living in Japan and dating Asian men.

No. 264407

true. most girls with that look naturally just aren't sad weebs with weeby goals

No. 264409

Adding to this:

The surreal, yet still (somewhat) natural beauty of her edited pics is also part of what made her such a big deal on 4chan/Tumblr. Most girls who are into kawaii shit/Japan/anime don't look like that. They look like… well, real Dakota.

No. 264414

Yeah your right some people wet dreams is not to go Japan only weebs who usually go because of anime or some dumb shit. They usually can give 2 fucks about Asian history Tay is a prime example. This bitch been in Japan for how long and still can't speak Japanese wtf.

No. 264415

So, I checked out her YT channel on socialblade, and it looks like she's been affiliated with Fullscreen? And her projected growth is set to grow by about 5K followers a month like clockwork. Aside from that, it says she doesn't make much money from ad revenue, up to $11K a year/$~700 a month.


No. 264416

Those girls are hard to find most weebs on tumblr dress cringy and half the IG girls all dress the same.

No. 264419

File: 1488840021475.jpg (99.65 KB, 1080x1080, 14504817_1096725087073144_9199…)

She's competing with 10 year olds now tho.

No. 264420

Jesus fucking Christ that is creepy.

No. 264422

She shouldn't went to full screen I heard they're shady as fuck. Wasn't venus affiliated with them too?

No. 264430

Why are you so angry?
In that pic from when she started at Popteen she was barely still pulling off the cutesy look. She needed to be perfectly lit to offset her harsh bone structure. The same with Kiki. Both of the Ostrengas peaked in their mid teens and are aging like milk.
It's not that uncommon for that to happen. You see it with a lot of models where, their strong bone structure is still delicate enough in their teens, but when they hit their 20's it becomes sharper and more masculine. That's what's happened to both Kiki and Koots. She could still look good if she wanted to, but the kawaii look doesn't suit her anymore. She could make a decent go at the insta-ho look which favors strong bone structure and a lot of make-up (which Koot's face can handle).

>Taylor derangement syndrome strikes again

No. 264450

File: 1488842301673.png (284.37 KB, 456x438, Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 6.16…)


Wasn't the popteen debut video edited .. Like what the fuck was going on with her shoulders the entire time.

No. 264464

huh. Good catch. I don't know.
But I do know the lighting that video was fantastic.

No. 264471

File: 1488843524453.png (227.91 KB, 380x415, tumblr_inline_nfqnetD1JB1rxwov…)

>Dakota took off on tumblr and in Asia but never really gained traction in the west because her look didn't cater to the west

Wrong. She never took off in the west because she completely refused to acknowledge anything that wasn't east asian. I know that places like latin America lost their fucking brains over her. you wouldn't believe just how many TV news, front page magazines, and official online websites covered her. The middle east also paid immense attention to her during her 15 minutes in 2012. Hoards of Russians sites too, in fact it was the Russian "insekts" that told Valeria about Dakota, and caused Valeria to start dressing up as a "living doll" because they taunted her that Dakota was more beautiful than her (pic related). And her photo from this article was once the top page story on the Daily Mail.


she had to FORCE Asia to notice her. one of her first ever videos had korean subtitles. then she made a weibo and promised to learn chinese, then she started making her popular videos with japanese subtitles. I really think at the height of her popularity she could have chosen any country, done videos in their language, and have probably nabbed a modeling contract in there. She was able to hand-pick Japan because it was her prime choice.

No. 264474

File: 1488843629606.jpg (25.03 KB, 600x315, wayne-goss-natural-to-light-60…)



No. 264479

File: 1488844100484.jpg (65.27 KB, 477x640, AtZdaHgCQAEV2rG.jpg)

Not that anon, but i completely agree with them. this whole "she's aged" bullshit always makes me roll my eyes. I honestly believe some of you guys are just unknowingly fooled by her old shoops and actually think she used to be prettier back then. when in fact she's always had the same meaty face and laugh lines. we're just seeing it in their full glory now that we're getting more candids and videos than back then.

No. 264482

This picture actually proves my point. Her face here is softer and her features more delicate. This was her peak facially. Her harsh cheekbones were offset by baby-fat. Her laugh-lines have always been prominent but when her face was softer they didn't look as harsh. Her jaw and chin were also less prominent and masculine. This picture taken today would look quite different I think.

No. 264498

I want this filter or whatever it is tbh. It looks good on Taylor's videos.

No. 264501

File: 1488846846130.png (220.13 KB, 919x1840, IMG_4315.PNG)

It's a ribbon. They even posted this explanation at the end of another kota video. The video still looks pretty edited though.

No. 264502

File: 1488846921811.png (55.55 KB, 734x406, IMG_4316.PNG)

I wonder why they felt the need to defend themselves to internet trolls like us

No. 264504

I don't think it was for us. Even way back then there were some Japanese confused by the disconnect between her staged vids/photos and candid appearance. So they wanted to clarify (although Popteen went on to shoop her a TON sometimes at the expense of the other models). Also it was a way to highlight what they thought was cute and unique(lol) fashion point, the choker.

No. 264505

yeah is it an auto filter in AE or something?

No. 264513

They probably was getting bad publicity

No. 264552

anon, where the fuck did you hear that women's faces get ""masculine"" when they get older?? i swear the autism you see here.

No. 264573

I'm pretty sure you didn't read my post at all because that was not the point.
I won't use the word masculine. Instead I'll replace it with hard.
Koots (and other girls like her) used to have softer more delicate features. Now growing up her features have also grown and she's lost the baby fat, her face is hard.

No. 264574


Maybe her masseter muscles got bigger from all the shiitake mushroom sampling she's been doing over the years.

( Though some argue whether that muscle can get significantly larger from exercising it, but its possible maybe with age if she was still developing at the time. Just like her feet grew and she got maybe a smidgen taller her face could have changed. )

No. 264585

Both >>264382 and >>264552 are unusually angry about Koots being called old looking.

No. 264598

>It'd be more accurate to call it a certification.
It's even less than that. It's just an acknowledgement of completion really.
>The Comprehensive Audio Engineering and Music Production Program at F.I.R.S.T. College, is eight months and designed to teach students all aspects of Recording Arts.
So it was at best a one-year commitment. Not a degree.

No. 264604

jfc why didn't she just get a degree from a community college or something if she wants to pretend she has one so bad lol
She had more than enough time to do it. But I guess they just have an innate need to lie about literally everything.

No. 264617


I always thought to get a degree or even certification from any college you had to have a high school diploma for admittance … whilst also having a certain grade average. . ( about a 60-70% grade average )

No. 264621

This is just a program, it's not college. You pay to show up and your grades don't really matter. It's a participation certificate in the end.

No. 264719

High school diploma or GED, in the state of FL at least. There's an exception though for students still enrolled in primary school that allows them to take college courses while still in HS.

It's a college program certification. Meaning she paid money and enrolled in a college to take a course offered there, completed it and is now qualified to do whatever the certificate entails. It doesn't carry as much weight as a degree, but it does look good on a resume.

No. 264907

It costs $100

No. 264937

…just about anything can be pirated, anon.

what's it called

No. 265320

Is it possible maybe she doesn't care about YouTube much anymore because she can't make money from it?
I had a few videos uploaded that I wasn't making much money from, I just checked and suddenly none of them are eligible for monetization, with no reason or notification given. All the content is mine including sound, and they don't violate any terms? I googled this and apparently this happens a lot to people lately but the only way to fix it is actually contact YouTube and hope they fix it. Fuck that.
Maybe the same thing happened to her?

No. 265321

According to socialblade she still has the 2011 deal with Fullscreen and is still generating ad revenue off her videos, just not much.

No. 265333



Idk anything about editing or AE but odds are if someone quotes your post without an actual answer, you won't get an answer. Hope this helps though.

No. 265348

If she under full screen she have to post a video once a month or atleast something this year. She would get in trouble and have to pay them its part of full screen contract I think.

No. 265363

File: 1488973611631.png (619 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4500.PNG)

Well, she is. Since 2011.

No. 265365

File: 1488974002443.png (125.55 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4501.PNG)

And apparently her YT is doing better than her IG, despite the fact that she spends more time on IG which is kinda sad.

No. 265384

File: 1488980400040.jpg (434.33 KB, 1172x1006, Shrine.jpg)


No. 265393

File: 1488982349037.png (427.31 KB, 657x400, k.PNG)

unfortunate angle?

No. 265398

i actually remember both of them going around calling themselves "audio/sound engineers" as if it was their profession. I know dakota did it on her old formspring. that's one of the reasons I used to think she was much older, because she made herself seem like she had a professional job.

yet what did they even do with it? kiki failed multiple times at selling her ripoff music on iTunes, there are still some hilariously bad reviews if you look up Kiki Mimuex over there. and the kickstarter back when dakota had already gone viral but not yet realized she could cash in on modeling, and they both planned on wasting $20k just to drive around the country.

No. 265405

I thin yet might have both taken multiple courses. Dakota's 2011-2012 shoops could have been practice for one of the photo/video editing classes that teach PS/AE and how to edit videos using professional software and equipment. It would explain how they got all that shit in the first place- if you need equipment for school you can get it covered by a grant. But yeah, they didn't do much with sound or music once Dakota made a Tumblr and started shoopin'. She always claimed she had no plans for going viral or gettin noticed with her pics, and that she only uploaded them to Tumblr as a hobby. Maybe she was shopping her selfies for an editing class and put them online just to have somewhere to store the finished pics.

No. 265411


None of the shit with Dakota was intentional. The only thing intentional was once her & Kathy realized they good get on this ride to the fame train they took it & she started pandering to different asian communities.

it was basically the 1st & last time Dakota made any smart decisions.

No. 265412

she's cute here why is she so freaky looking now.

if she did stuff like this everyone would watch her

No. 265414

what is this

No. 265415

i'm not angry everyone on here uses harsh language, chill tinfoil hat anon. i'm in NYC lmao

No. 265524

File: 1489002108334.png (143.02 KB, 640x1095, IMG_4505.PNG)

I agree. I'm saying that I believe she never meant to go viral, and that her shoops were probably just some weird altered self portraits for some class she could have taken when she went to whatever college she got her "sound engineering degree" from. Those classes that teach AE and PS were available for 09-10 and 10-11.

It also coincides with the beer commercial she was in with Kiki for college in 2009.

No. 265537

File: 1489003082538.jpg (16.58 KB, 500x372, 1328466164629.jpg)


No. 265540

I hope she gets in a non fatal car crash for being one of those shitheels who wants to speed past a SLOW DOWN LIGHT. You should literally ONLY do that when there's no safe way to stop abruptly. This is driving safety 101.

Good job endangering other people's lives you braindead bitch.

No. 265541

Well if she was really 16 in 2012 she fortunately wasn't driving for long, probably only had a learner's permit.

No. 265587


The amount of shooping and lying they did to get attention back when emo style was trendy says otherwise. It isn't like extreme shooping is something relevantly new to her, she's been doing it almost all her life. I highly doubt she had no intentions of gaining internet popularity yet again. However I do think she never intended to go after Japan/ Asian countries until after she got noticed.

No. 265762

File: 1489021042702.png (660.59 KB, 1469x1241, Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 7.55…)

that tweet didn't imply she was the one driving. she could have been a passenger. and that "beer commercial" was a quick Orlando gig that only appeared on buzznet.

seriously stop. apart from every single one of these "she's older" claims being easily debunked, there's overwhelming evidence already that she's the age she claims she is. pic related from their archive, a hater from 2006 that met them in person confirming she was 11 at the time.

No. 265865

File: 1489028854541.png (223.12 KB, 354x461, Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 10.0…)

I know Kooter's has always had thin hair .. but just looking back at her old videos I don't even know how I missed the bald spots..

How in the fuck does her hair look thinner now then it did then when she is still wearing the same amount of extensions.

No. 266041


>that entire message

This is why I'm glad scene died. It was just illiterate, trashy retards sperging at each other. Also plains why Kiki loved it so hard lol.

As for Kota's age, idc how old she is, she still looks too old for 21 because she doesn't take care of herself.

No. 266050

File: 1489063911722.png (408.59 KB, 510x509, Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 7.49…)

Another picture from the event ..

No. 266071

Couldn't even bother getting her nails done

No. 266074


>Dakota holding a book and looking confused

>middle school dropout


No. 266087


see >>265363

She probably can't afford it. Wen if she was on a long term contract with her apartment and transportation covered, she still has to pay her ow taxes.

No. 266088


*Even. Idk what's wrong with my predictive text smh

No. 266097


Pretty sure she was supposed to have bare nails as she was playing a highschool kid. In most japanese highschools students are not allowed to have manicured hands

No. 266100

She hasn't had any new nails for a few months tho

No. 266131


Hahahahaha. I dunno if its more sad or funny tbh.

No. 266141

Why does this look like a Xerox copy? lol

No. 266149

LOL no, the other girls in Fit's had their nails done.

No. 266218

Because it's a printout of screenshot that was used in the internet stalker Jane doe court case. It's Cathy's "proof" that Kiki has evil stalkers who want her dead and vandalize her house and rape her in her dreams.

No. 266259

That's their proof?
lmao how sad

No. 266438

I thought so too, but then I watched the video with the other model and she has super long, cute nails… If she genuinely can't afford it, that's really sad. Also kinda sad that no nail salons are offering to sponsor her for free since she's a model who can use her social media to promote them.

No. 266477

She doesn't have a good enough relationship with any nail salon because she doesn't go often enough. So why would they want to give her free manis? Also her fingers are fat af, she keeps shooping them long and thin.

No. 266479

I don't get that. I think dakota is really pretty. Why does she photoshop herself like that? She needs to embrace the way she looks naturally tbh

No. 266481

i think she looked cute here. you dont need to be a super skinny waifuu to be kawaii. much better than her fetus photoshop

No. 266486

I agree. It's pretty sad, I can't imagine how japanese women have to adhere to that standard, living in a country where being an underage little girl is seen as more attractive and when you reach your twenties, you become "old" and you should strive to be very thin and look very child-like, being surrounded by ads that only praise teen girls and women who look like children

No. 266493

Wait, Dakota messaged Duncan? What did she say? It seems so random for her to send him a message. Messaging Mimei or one of foreign girls would make more sense if she wanted to collab or something.

No. 266496

How can an entire country of men not like boobs and hips and ass…wtf happened

No. 266503

Damn, the least they could've done was put a little eyeliner on the poor girl. Her eyes look as bald as her scalp.

No. 266550

Well technically they do, but it just doesn't have to be big size like Kim K and Nicki Minaj. And a lot of men (regardless of country) who claim to like 'curvy' still prefer women to have a small waist (a wasp shape), so gaining weight and having bigger boobs/hips/ass doesn't really help if you also gain a bigger waist. As for Dakota, she's still a model, so it makes sense she has to stay skinny for modeling. I don't think that has anything to do with what men prefer. But anyway, imo what modeling agencies prefer, and what men prefer, have equally harsh standards either way.

No. 266561

Somehow these all sound like the same person.

No. 266583

lol nope. I'm >>266493 and >>266550, but that's it.

No. 266590

Sorry didn't mean to add you in there.

No. 266595

File: 1489117335506.jpg (72.49 KB, 593x884, 151120.jpg)

reminds me a little of this

No. 266611

File: 1489117753130.png (961.76 KB, 627x1907, Screen_Shot_2016-07-18_at_7.57…)

I'll leave this here.

Admittedly they were acting like cunts. I used to really like Micaela's videos but based on this and some other comments she's made she seems like she has a terrible personality. I'd actually have no idea who the fuck Mimei is if I didn't browse here. I honestly can't stand these people. They're all in competition to profit the most off of Wacky Japan!! and I think that's what I can't stand about them. I think they're salty that they're still shilling Youtube videos titled shit like "Trying Weird Japanese Snacks!" while Dakota has been able to make a living in Japan without having to commodify her mundane daily experience of buying onigiri from the famima to the weebs back home.

Taylor is the only bearable one of them all because she doesn't shit pettiness like this all over twitter. Can you imagine how the other jvloggers would've reacted if they'd been in Tay's position when kiki-is-spergchan-gate happened? They'd have a field day. They'd have squeezed at least three videos out of that.

No. 266614

File: 1489117855850.jpg (144.65 KB, 1200x1005, C6hwKH4V4AEKhs9.jpg)

No. 266621

No Dakota. You look nothing like this.

No. 266622

What actually are you smonking son

No. 266626

That's a super vague income guesstimate, but even if she was reaching the median there it wouldn't be bad at all as a supplemental income. Really makes me wonder why she stopped making (good) videos. Presumably she has a fair amount of free time? Unless she's attending school somehow? Like, I can't imagine she's doing more than a few shootings/filmings a month at this point.

No. 266629

File: 1489118526692.jpg (63.68 KB, 397x555, 1471608712poraloid_MarceloCant…)

Reposting this but current face shoop inspiration?

No. 266635


nice aesthetic imo tbqhwy famalam

No. 266637

File: 1489118722275.jpg (267.11 KB, 1437x2077, 1470392877Katiushapol04.jpg)

No. 266642

i find it weird that this girl doesn't actually have that great of a career

i mean compared to dakota it's 10000x better but she doesn't book a lot of shows or editorials

she must be short

No. 266647

She is. No more than 5'6" I think. It's a shame. People on thefashionspot were gushing over her when she first got signed but she never grew. But seriously looks is copying her face.

No. 266651

god I will never get over how terrible her sense of fashion is. if she had been trendy and good with fashion advice i'm sure she could have really built an online career and might have still been relevant instead of just banking on the ~real barbie~ gimmick

No. 266653

File: 1489119177881.jpg (36.67 KB, 403x604, 8b0c9dd60e3a.jpg)

I don't think it's a specific person besides maybe young Gemma Ward/Sasha Pivovarova, I think she's just trying to look like a Russian model-off-duty in general. The new shoop proportions plus the lack of make up and oversized clothes and lazy hairstyles imply this.

No. 266654

Now imagine how bad the outfit looked before the shoop.

No. 266658

Her fashion sense has and always will be utterly tragic

No. 266684

File: 1489121251701.jpg (151.63 KB, 1205x1123, IMG_9581.JPG)

No. 266685

kooter please
everyone saw the fits commercials.

No. 266704

what a fucking tragedy, I wish height wasn't so important in the modelling industry. She's so beautiful.

No. 266708

I know.
Here are a couple more links if you want to see more pictures of her.
sage for ot.

No. 266714

File: 1489126265446.jpg (74.29 KB, 600x432, ph01.jpg)

Koots seems to be modeling for this designer's style book. She's also in the video on the page for a hot second.
Don't think this a great look for her

No. 266715

Tragic? Jesus….

No. 266716

oh dear god, her jaw in that second pic… it looks like a fucking prosthetic

No. 266720

They clearly shooped that pic but left that doey jaw? Sweet fuck

No. 266721

I just realized something. Remember her last "video" where she is modeling hideous clothing on a bridge. I think it was for this.

No. 266723


She looks even more like this thing

No. 266728

File: 1489127396387.png (784.39 KB, 1366x768, 2017-03-10 (2).png)

video still

No. 266731

File: 1489127474577.jpg (31.16 KB, 625x415, 1479300567449.jpg)

No. 266733

She looks like a newhalf.

No. 266736

File: 1489127790801.jpg (64.01 KB, 561x997, C6IBzEjWYAEqSM7.jpg)

She just… besides NEEDING bangs, she needs to start doing her lips more naturally. this looks like that covergirl boy's flashback accident.

No. 266746

does it bother her at all to see things like this compared to her own posts which look absolutely nothing alike…?

No. 266776

She actually looks pretty cute here.

No. 266796

File: 1489137099291.jpg (84.26 KB, 639x631, be42d81e7112aea09c27d3a4135bf5…)

What the literal fuck is that it's neither attractive for males nor females.

No. 266798

I don't know. I think she looks really chubby and dumpy even in her face. Of course standing next to the designer, she does look better in comparison.

No. 266799

File: 1489137443192.jpg (93.38 KB, 600x900, full.jpg)

I-is she slowly reverting back to her first shoop style?

It looks so weird because she shooped her body to be skinny but she lacks the definition someone would have if they were actually that size.
You can especially notice it in her calves and her lack of ankles. You can still tell she's doughy as fuck and it throws everything off.
That top with sneakers tho. Just… why.

No. 266800

Who's the other girl next to her?

No. 266803

Well played anon.

No. 266804

I think this is her "exotic" high fashion babydoll face shoop. As opposed to her wannabe Japanese shoop or her "living barbie" shoop. Bitch has too many faces.

No. 266847

Hell naw that's him ? I remember seeing a tweet of this guy saying he's the photoshop queen. Koots look better for now. I'm glad she stop the overdrawn lips seems she does read here.

No. 266848

>I think Dakota is really pretty

see: >>266714

She has the potential to be pretty, but in reality she's rather plain. if I knew nothing about her shoops or who she was, I would wonder what contest she won to be in this ad.

Japan isn't a nation of pedophiles. True, the focus there is on cute and youthful rather than sexy and sultry, but that doesn't mean all Japanese men prefer lolis and jailbait who pander to ephebophiles(?). According to Charms, before Dakota ever went viral or dressed kawaii, she told we she liked Asian guys, and preferred older men. Her going viral and Japan noticing her was her perfect chance to start pandering to that demographic- older Asian men who like young girls who act cutesy and shy. That doesn't mean she went viral in Japan because they all wanted to fuck an underaged white girl. She went viral because she tagged her videos and pics with the kind of shit those men already use to search for their fap material.

No. 266849

She looks 30 here holy shit

No. 266851

It looks like her hand is blending in her thigh or something or it's just her romper?

No. 266852

She looks so bloated these days…

No. 266856

File: 1489149264124.jpg (691.81 KB, 2560x1920, IMG_4519.JPG)

The transformation is finally complete.

No. 266857

>well, they're girls so it's to be expected

Suddenly I understand Dakota a lot better. She's one of those nasty cunts who thinks they're hot shit and that guys love them for being pretty, when in reality they're just easy. Exactly like Kiki.

No. 266858


woooooow that waist shooping. She pulled it in so far her waist is 8 inches away from her hip. She desperately wishes he had an actual waist, how sad. Just do some Pilates you ham, it's so easy. Yoga/Pilates mats are cheap and you can buy them online.

No. 266864

File: 1489150289295.png (107.44 KB, 640x1027, IMG_4525.PNG)

Confirmed. She uploaded the video of her in that same hat and then on the bridge with the bag on Christmas.

>category: Comedy

At least she knows it?

No. 266869


Well her editing and career is pretty laughable now.


She looks like one of those ugly mannequins. I seriously can't believe how meaty her face have gotten in just a Year.. She must of gained a significant amount of weight.

No. 266871

Who is that on the right?

No. 266872

she's so damn ugly holy shit

No. 266876


It's literally a Cathy clone now

>I totez look underage that's why Instagram took down my video tehee~

No. 266897

File: 1489157367264.jpg (62.29 KB, 474x352, IMG_4517.JPG)


It's Cathy, just a more recent and less made-up pic of her than the one that's usually posted (pic related).

No. 266918

jesus christ she looks like a MTF in the middle of their hormone replacement therapy

i was one of those people who said "she could be really cute and pretty if she tried". holy shit, nevermind. her face has become incredibly unfortunate and none of her styling/makeup is doing it any favors. jesus, her jowls are so heavy and masculine. it's like her balls dropped but on her face.

No. 266926

She looks like she needs a medical examination. Whatever she's doing now clearly isn't healthy.

No. 266932

LMAO this is not Cathy! This is a woman named Kathy Ostrenga who shows up when you google the name. holy shit anon, you stupid fuck.

No. 266936

File: 1489162177201.png (287.04 KB, 581x532, Mama_o.png)

Yeah, this def isn't Cathy. >>266897 this is though, as is pic related. Not very clear but one of the only few out there.
That woman has a completely different nose for starters.

No. 266941

looks just like a fat Kiki lol

No. 266949

how fucking unfortunate

who will wear the kawaii living doll crown now?

No. 266966

What is that white line on her jaw, looks like a faint double chin.

No. 266975

File: 1489169761808.jpeg (25.42 KB, 352x351, image.jpeg)

No. 267035


Look at those gobblers …

So majestic !

No. 267076



No. 267083

I thought the kawaii living doll trend died a long time ago? If not maybe anzu

No. 267085

She should wear hats more and some bangs. It seems like her forehead is the problem.

No. 267128

imo Dakota, Valeria, Venus and Anastasia were the definition of the "living doll trend" and all but Venus have moved on, so therefore it's dead. anything apart from them was and still is just cringey poorly done wannabes.

No. 267174

how is the texture of her skin so bad? it's like lumpy paper maché, she looks like either a 70 year old woman who has had multiple face lifts or a burn victim who has undergone extensive reconstruction surgery. her facial features are actually quite pretty, but the surrounding tissue is just so BAD.

No. 267188

Well she's never had any acne issues that we known of, so no scars from that. I would guess it's a combination of smoking since she was an early teen and fat distribution which is genetic.

No. 267191

….where? I don't see bumps on that photo

No. 267235

File: 1489193555146.jpg (148.12 KB, 1013x602, dakochin.jpg)

>when you realize the pic on the right has been shooped but she still looks awful.

No. 267248

File: 1489194801508.gif (232.66 KB, 524x602, fb.gif)

No. 267252

Her cheeks are looking a lot more sunken down, and her jowls are a bit swollen, making her look a lot older than she really is.
Honestly that's why I still think that Dakota has an ED, maybe even purging. Either that or she has a very shitty diet.

No. 267254

Chin still needs to be five sizes smaller, eyes maybe two sizes bigger.

No. 267259

holy fucking shit

No. 267261

File: 1489195750055.jpg (204.73 KB, 1013x602, 1489193555146.jpg)

took a stab at it and had a seizure on the left photo since it wasn't fixable. It's just overall a terrible picture that never should've been posted it, tbh. kota isn't horrid by any means but it really couldn't hurt for her to work on her brows, consider shaving her jaw, get bangs or at the very least start using dry shampoo to achieve some volume.

No. 267266

This is the face of bulimia, there's no doubt about it. Also probably explains why her teeth are yellow

No. 267268

No. 267271

But Cathy has a jaw like that too. I think it's just genetic. And the yello teeth can be explained by heavy smoking.

No. 267284


I keep seeing people posting this mannequin picture occasionally on here and I can't find it for the life of me.. But that is 100% what her face looks like in these shots, like a fucking smelty mannequin.

No. 267292

File: 1489199143788.jpg (106.31 KB, 600x800, Olivia Wilde.jpg)

you never seen someone with a big square face before?

No. 267311

oh man the difference is actually kind of sad lol

No. 267391

File: 1489208917546.jpg (24.33 KB, 480x360, C6HsnMeUwAAzGbB.jpg)

No. 267411

I know it's awful to say, but if she is purging then it's not working.

No. 267420

If you binge too much and dont throw up immediately after and make sure you get it all out, it often leads to weight gain. You can get most of it out but not all no matter what you do and the more calories you eat, the more can slip through.

No. 267421

Ah, I see. That would make sense then.
Whether she's bulimic or not though, she looks like death. Her unhealthy diet/eating habits are really showing on her face and skin now. It's coming down hard and fast.
If she doesn't start eating healthier and exercising soon she'll regret it so much later in life. I don't know how she can be content looking like this >>267235 at age 21!
Please Toots, love yourself.

No. 267422

how the fuck she go from trying a cigarette when she was younger strait to being a heavy smoker? ffs

No. 267428

Charms has posted caps of her talking about smoking and almost getting caught smoking, plus Kiki has ranted in the past about smoking, and let's not forget the "smoking isn't cute" pic where Kota is Kiki's ugly shadow.

No. 267432

File: 1489220377174.png (71.21 KB, 275x226, IMG_4532.PNG)

By now bangs would only help so much. The rest of her face is too wide and mushy.

No. 267434

also coffee stains teeth. she said once that she was addicted (?) to black coffee.

No. 267439

Her fake eye bags don't look as bad as they normally do

No. 267441

Wrong topic sorry

No. 267453

Her real face looks like a deshopped vendetta photo lol

No. 267454

File: 1489227530042.png (100.34 KB, 822x640, IMG_4541.PNG)


What is this pic even supposed to be? An anorexic photoshopped fetus in running shoes, a frilly top and no pants? And the upskort angle makes it even worse somehow.

But I guess she got sick of losing ~300 followers a month pretending to be a model and had to start pandering to her true demographic again.

No. 267486


I feel like all those deshoops ever posted here were actually far to kind.

No. 267509

I really don't know who that is. Damn tell me

No. 267515

That's Kiki

No. 267516

jesus fucking christ that's so sad
plus i feel like she shoops her chin even smaller

No. 267524

Yeah she definitely does

No. 267546

Koots needs to get her jaw saved, eyelid reduction, shave the bridge of her nose down and get injections on her skin if she wants to be relevant and good looking for once

No. 267549

eyelid reduction???

No. 267560

It might help her eyes look less beady. She's always had heavy lids but since she got so fat, it's like some extra ounces went to her eyelids.

No. 267590

She could probably get it done no problem, her agency might even help pay for it.

No. 267593

she's honestly at an all time low and has never looked worse.

i hope she turns her shit around and can become something to be proud of. at this point it's just unfortunate watching her waste all this opportunity. she could be so much happier and have all the things she wants

No. 267596

File: 1489255078373.png (7.12 MB, 2560x2560, PhotoGrid_1489254982088.png)

Gotta hand it to her, making a face look this freakish delibrately ain't easy.

No. 267597

Oh my lord, I had no idea how massive this pic was. Sorry!

No. 267612

hahaha holy shit I just clicked it and it zoomed and her bug head took up my whole screen and I burst out laughing. thank you anon

No. 267614

fucked up sage while laughing lol sorry

No. 267636

Shave down her nose bridge??
Do you also think she should have a dorito chin, weeb?

No. 267644

Eh, jaw surgery has a lot of complications, she could end up with total or partial facial numbness.

No. 267660

The things she should do are: lose weight in a healthy way, take care of her skin, get bangs and dress better. In other words she should take care of herself, that much surgery won't mean anything if she doesn't do the basics of self-care. I don't think she's an ugly girl but she's letting herself go so badly.

No. 267773


I think minor surgery would be better for her and significantly safer, which would just be to have buccal fat removal and botox. She'll never have the dorito chin she shoops herself to have but her face would look much more feminine and pretty.

No. 267861

File: 1489287372519.png (5.65 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1376.PNG)

Koots looks like a pasty potato on the verge of death

No. 268008

File: 1489306202785.jpg (34.05 KB, 250x192, lmao.jpg)

>it's like her balls dropped but on her face.

No. 268067

File: 1489319273328.png (81.29 KB, 640x739, IMG_4553.PNG)

Looks like she got tired of us talking about her naked nails.

No. 268068


Once again she shooped her knuckles and some fingers are so fat compared to others.

No. 268075

Yeah she reads here lol

No. 268077

I have a love and hate relationship with these nails. Also how the fuckdid she get rid of her knuckles? Is this like a app or something I imagined doing this would be tedious?

No. 268099


I like her main nails, but her thumbs look like blobs of chewed up bubble gum…

No. 268103

What the fuck? This is hideous. Why would anyone get something like this not during Halloween season

No. 268112

nice try shooping yr sausage fingers kota.

No. 268130

I actually really like the concept of these but the way that they were done is just shit. The execution is poor and the colors just nauseates me, especially the gloopy play-dough looking eyes.

No. 268161

She probably runs literally every picture through PS. Standard kawaii editing apps that erase thy many lines leave your pics blurry as fuck.

No. 268186

What exactly is the concept? Blood and eyeballs?

No. 268188

"Gore", according to her.

No. 268191

so edgy lel

No. 268211


Her and Kiki are both MySpace edgelords, that's why they can't make real IRL friends.

No. 268256

Gore or some inspo from a manga she read.

No. 268258

Yea I though that too but literally almost every nail salon and popteen model use this on their nails? That's why I think its app but idrc.

No. 268284

I can only imagine how this fashion tragedy combined with that hairstyle and chunky face looks in real life..

No. 268287

No, nobody sits there and shrinks everyone's fingers thinner and longer, or erases their knuckles.

Just look at any Tokyo salon's instagram. They brighten it and use built-in smoothing but that's about it.

No. 268412

Ironically shopping her knuckle lines out makes them look flabbier and more doughy

No. 268473


She has a closet full of shoes and she chooses fucking sneakers.. Simple flats or heels would have been 1000x better.

Are the Nike shoes special or brag worthy ( expensive ) or is her style literally that tragic ?

No. 268506

Is it possible this >>266614 is in response to >>262670, or am I reaching?

No. 268519

well I don't think anyone would go running in that outfit….

would they

No. 268522

She probably showed the sneakers on purpose to say look haters I can afford new shoes.

No. 268606

False nails are trashy as shit though, and it's ridiculous that there are people critiquing naked nails to begin with. I swear to god people on this website will turn anything into a problem, as if there's not enough legitimate things to critique already

No. 268779

I think people are more picking at the fact that she USED TO always have her nails done. Seeing them not done lately either means she can't afford them anymore or she isn't trying to maintain herself anymore, is what I gather

No. 268811

File: 1489424779396.jpg (954.06 KB, 1152x1152, koo.jpg)

naw it's really not so difficult. really if she just got her jaw koreashaved her dysmorphia would probably ease up and she'd shoop less. this is still very very shooped though.

No. 268813

tbh lookin at my pic i don't think the original is that terrible. why does she have to make such a departure from her original face that photokooter is what makes her normal face seem abnormal?

No. 268955

She's got a normal white face there's nothing wrong with it. It's just not anything like what she shoops it to be.

No. 268980

imo that's the only big problem with her looks….is that when you see her shoops vs a candid ur like "the fuck?" because she honestly doesn't even look like the same person. She could be a v cute girl if she just embraced her natural looks and styled her clothing and makeup around them, rather than trying to morph her looks into an aesthetic that just doesn't fit her……. however it's been so many years that she's been doing this so it's highly unlikely she'd change now.

No. 269080

Or to show the haters that she runs or works out. Actually it is laughable that she even owns these shoes.

No. 269125

They don't look like they get much use, lol. She got a little IG follower boost, a new game, new nails and (maybe) new shoes, guess she's getting her allowance again.

No. 269130

Yeah her sugar daddy manage to snag her jobs for 3 consecutive months usually its once in every 2-3 months ?

No. 269134

I think that's what koots is going for. If she embraced her natural features she wouldn't stand out. Her going as alien fetus is a way to stand out and gain attention. Just think how many other white gaijin girls who is doing the kawaii doll look. They all look similar nothing to make them stand out. Koots horrendous pictures are making her stand out she know it will have people talking. In the end it's damaging too because everyone know what's she looks like in real life.

No. 269203

I sort of wonder if her parents have told her that even negative publicity is good. Or someone. I can't really understand any other reason for what she's done to her own reputation.

No. 269354

I don't think we fycker herself over on purpose, I think she just honestly expected it to last forever and that everyone would play alone with her internet fantasy with her and give her everything. Kiki has the same mentality, she fabricates her own version of reality and whoever doesn't agree with it is instantly her hater enemy stalker who wants her dead.

No. 269383

File: 1489491095386.jpg (195.17 KB, 634x424, fb.jpg)

i think it's just a product of her BDD. The more her insecurity and need to feel special deepens, the more unreal her virtual-fantasy self gets.

No. 269418

I think she realizes she peaked at 16 and unless she does actually start working to improve herself or do something for her future she's fucked. Unless she really is married to her manager and she thinks he'll keep her forever and not leave her for the next desperate underaged foreigner dying to be a sugar baby in Tokyo like he did for her.

No. 269435

The Ostrenga genes peaked in their teens, there's no going back.

No. 269438

Her photoshop peaked in her teens. When are people going to get this through their head? It was never her, it was her editing.

No. 269445


She peaked in her teens, but that doesn't mean she was gorgeous or pretty. All it means is thats when she looked her best and now its going down hill. Whereas most are starting to peak now in their 20s.

Anons here aren't stupid, they know all her images were shooped, but at least back then she could actually pull off some of the cutesy shit. Now she just looks like a corpse that sat in water to long and is starting to lose hair and bloat.

No. 269450

>Now she just looks like a corpse that sat in water to long and is starting to lose hair and bloat.

This is the best and most accurate description of Dakota's decline I've read yet.

No. 269497

File: 1489503669294.png (277.31 KB, 500x370, tumblr_m2r84wgHzo1qdnkx0.png)

>All it means is thats when she looked her best
i disagree. i still say she looked exactly the same irl, pic related on the left. If anything has made her go downhill it's growing out her bangs and putting less makeup (eyeliner, mascara etc) that's literally the only difference I see.

No. 269509

Man…this is awful. I think as she's maturing her chin and jowls are really filling out. Also, no eyemakeup means you focus on the bottom of her face.

She definitely needs different styling and layers to frame that jaw.

Even here, it seems like she suffers bloat on the regular, but her jaw isn't as insane as it is now. It makes sense if she's moving from her teens into her mid twenties (I don't care if she's 2 years older or younger) her face is chiseling out.

She really has too many harsh features to be a Japanese model and not enough strange or striking features to be a Western model. Not saying she's hideous, but the camera ain't kind to a judging audience with what she has to offer.

No. 269517

File: 1489506062931.jpg (38.49 KB, 240x240, 1489378525315.jpg)

No. 269518

Oh shit, here come the "Dakota is so pretty u jelly fat cunt" stans.

No. 269521

Lol the truth is. I bet there are so many cuter farmers on this board.

No. 269989

Chin wasn't as big back then. Now her whole ass face is huge and she got fatter. She legit aged. It's not just makeup.

No. 270001

She reminds me a bit of Drew Barrymore in the real photo of her

No. 270006

maybe. but not anons like that one, you can tell.

No. 270008

File: 1489543812054.jpg (43.6 KB, 306x484, article-2627342-1DD422D0000005…)

I was wondering why she looked familiar, esp after watching Santa Clarita diet.

No. 270032


At least Drew got a full head of hair though.

No. 270040

Drew is also twice Dakota's age… and a recovered drug addict.

No. 270054

And yet she still looks better than Dacote.

No. 270067

Drew seems to exude a much more pleasant personality too lol

That can do wonders for anyone.

No. 270108

File: 1489560535457.gif (121.12 KB, 302x427, IMG_9900.GIF)

Thought I'd give it a shot. With a smaller jaw she would look much better and losing a bit of weight. I shooped her wrists because it weirded me out there was no definition kek.

No. 270123

I think she looks worse with the smaller jaw in this picture, it makes her teeth/mouth appear huge

No. 270125

I don't get why Kota didn't just get surgery in Korea to actually look like her selfies. That would gave taken money and effort and she can't even maintain a constant weight, I guess.

No. 270126

She just needs to lose weight and tone up, her chin didnt look as prominent when she was skinnier.

No. 270131

She just needs to lose weight and tone up, her chin didnt look as prominent when she was skinnier.

No. 270135

Her chin didn't look as prominent because she was 16-17 and wasn't finished growing into (or out of, depending on who you ask) her face. Losing weight won't make her jaw smaller, but it might help her look less doughy in the face.

No. 270145

will this argument end?
unless somebody took a candid of her, any pictures of her former self from her or kiki/dad aka "photographer" were edited to hell and back even in the scene days.

No. 270155

thank you.

wow you're retarded. never heard before of a 16/17 year old "still growing out her chin" until it fully comes out at 21. Chins are not prepubescent dicks.

No. 270157

These anons explained it best.

No. 270186

File: 1489601834869.jpg (192.36 KB, 1197x809, IMG_4381.JPG)

Calm down, aspie. Her chin was never as small as her shoops and I never said it was. All I sad was that losing weight isn't going to make her chin shrink, because she's always had a meaty chin, and that her face looked smaller even without shoop then because she was still maturing facially (unless you're actually claiming people's faces don't grow/change from 16-21). I then said that losing weight would make her face look better. But she's never going to look as good without shoop as she did circa 2012 after her Japan debut when they were actually styling her and she was still thin and cared about herself.

I see you also think everyone looks the same at 21 as they do at 16 because what is puberty, amirite

No. 270204

Her face is still meaty here and always was. Her hair is just framing her face better.

No. 270225


literally the only difference are bangs and teeths even MORE yellow lmao

she just needs therapy, that would make her look better

No. 270247

how can you fix this?? would weight loss save her? omg

No. 270274

Because it's dangerous, expensive, Korea hates her lol, and one small mistake and her chin would be looking like a dorito chin.

No. 270279

Yea she doesn't need surgery just bangs and teeth whitener. If she hate her chin so much she should just contour it and etc.

No. 270355

A surgeon isn't going to deliberately fuck up someone's face just because that someone is viewed poorly in their country. And sure it's dangerous but it would save her from getting constantly blasted for not looking like her shoops.

No. 270370

Nobody is still blasting her for not looking like her shoops. They're blasting her because she's fat, bloated, balding, has yellow teeth and dresses like shit. She doesn't take care of herself and it shows, yet Bravo is still trying to push this fantasy that she's some hafu-looking fluent-Japanese speaking model who used to look like an anime doll (when no, she never did).

No. 270374

File: 1489619672491.jpg (39.75 KB, 300x300, IMG_4613.JPG)


I went on Netflix and watched episode 1 and now I can't unsee it. 21 year old Dakota looks like 42 year old Drew Barrymore, but with much less effort and grooming.

No. 270495

That's her bone structure out in the open, to fix it she could hide it with hair. Thing is she barely has any hair.

No. 270521

uncanny yo.

No. 270675

women's bones continue to develop until 20-21, anon.

No. 270686

You can tell how underaged that anon is because of the "you're fully grown at 16" mentality the have. Smh.

No. 270746

yea sure that pic you chose of drew is totally a candid and not photoshopped .
Dakota doesn't look like her pics and neither does Drew .
if you chose a bad pic of you and compared it with the photoshopped drew or other star i bet it would look better than you as well . gosh stop exaggerating

No. 270755

File: 1489673319025.png (97.43 KB, 596x779, IMG_4635.PNG)

Wow, you're so personally offended, lol why?

Drew looks like crap but she's also in her 40s and has had drug problems in the past. Saying it's unfair that dacote looks like her because the pic comparing the two was shooped? Lol, what a reach. A candid of drew still looks better than a kootershoop, both her own and the ones her employers shit out in an attempt to make her look less like a blown out has-been.

No. 270763

File: 1489674425495.jpg (576.67 KB, 1920x1920, IMG_4639.JPG)

>if you chose a bad pic of yourself and compared it to a photoshopped celebrity you'd look bad as well

I would, but I'm not a ~model~ and I don't lie about what I look like by changing my entire bone structure and outward appearance in photoshop.

Dakota looks like shit because she looks like shit. She does. Getting mad isn't going to change that. Nobody forced her to get fat, nobody forced her to stop wearing makeup and nobody forced her to let herself turn into a lazy, gross slob who can hardly get work without looking like a middle aged woman in her candids. She has no business being a model, she's a shitstain on Bravo's roster. You can't say every pic of her that she doesn't post herself is just "unfortunate angles" or "just not a very flattering pic" and then continue to insist she's a real, legitimate model. She only gets decent quality work when they can put her in a crowd in something baggy, andnwhen they do show her face it's shit like >>266714. It's sad when the legit Bravo-tier jobs she gets make her look like such shit, and you know they already tried to shoop her to look better. I'd hate to be whoever gets stuck with her as a model, I'd feel ripped off paying for that.

No. 270794

I don't know how to reference the comment I'm replying to. Anyway I'm not offended but it's just stupid of you to say that an edited 40 year old looks better than dakota . No 40 year old will look better than a 20 year old ever.
In the photo you used of Drew saying she looks better her jaw is edited. And you were comparing it with kota's unedtited jaw so duuuh.

No. 270800

Also it's admirable ( sort of ) how she was able to pull off all of this with her lies . So what if she's chubby and shooped ? Any of you would accept if you had her opportunity. She wanted to be a model she is a model . In the end she got what she wanted. Everything is photoshopped these days so it really doesn't seem such a big deal .
I kept on reading kota's treads since 2012.I was sure since I saw her that no one can have those looks [unedited]. I find her very entertaining. One thing isn't clear though she and Kiki don't get along at all or what ?

No. 270802

Unedited threads

No. 270826

Koots and kaka probably have a love and hate relationship but idk

No. 270829

Yea everythings photoshop but nobody change their whole features,body, everything about them and etc to a unrecognizable alien looking person. I wouldn't call her admirable editing my whole self to oblivion is tragic. Also having to avoid people so they won't see your true face.

No. 270831

Does this chick ever go outside? There's never any candids from her or fan photos?

No. 270832

>No 40 year old will look better than a 20 year old ever.

You are literally retarded if you believe this.

No. 270843

lol are you approaching 40 ?
In other words please prove it, I'm retarded.

No. 270848

Please sage if you're gunna derail with retarded shit

No. 270854

Learn how to use the board before you get upset over a 40 year old recovered addict being more attractive than Kotex

No. 270867

Not that anon, but yes you clearly are please leave the thread

No. 270874

i mean i still look like i'm 16 and i'm in my twenties, sorry 'bout it anon if you don't

No. 270899


Lol, who the fuck would recognize her on the street ? Those that do post pictures with/of her out and about she makes them post a shooped version. Or she deletes them out of her tags.

I wouldn't be surprised if she also did what Taylor does and just turns notifications on for friends rather then actually follow them. Dakota seems fairly private with what little of a life she has.

No. 270910

Kinda sick of the "everybody photoshop in the model industry" comment. You know you need high res pics to print and those graphic designers probably don't have that much time on their hands to liquefy her whole face without it looking wonky AND still have a good enough picture to print ?

Plus it's easy to make someone appear relatively slimmer when they're already slim and the clothes look good on them. It's almost impossible to make a stuffed sausage looks good like she did on the Tiara Milly one.

They only make efforts for really famous people like Britney Spears cause they don't want to hurt her image. They don't give much crap about c-list models, their job is to make it look good without resorting to too much editing and waste people's time.

No. 271338

And even a Tiara Mily stopped trying after a while. I still remember that horrible pic of her in the shiny blue dress they pasted on over her arm in PS.

No. 271347


Pick one.

No. 271381

File: 1489765981928.jpg (52.91 KB, 660x440, IMG_4637.JPG)

Found a few pics on Twitter of Dakota with Yoko

No. 271384

File: 1489766041144.jpg (76.54 KB, 660x440, IMG_4638.JPG)

No. 271386


Found a video as well. Not even gonna lie, I had no idea Fuchigami was a man.

No. 271394


Here's one of Dako with the Fitt's group dancing and talking on stage.

No. 271417

No. 271418

god what happened

she needs a new manager

No. 271426

I'm sure Yula got her this gig. The article that the vid was in mentioned an idol group called Magical Punch Line with Yula&Kota as members (probably just the name of the "group" in the commercial).

Have another video, Dako dances in the back of the group again & has the smallest character role of the group.

No. 271430


Another video. She & Naomi are lip synching some song but watching Kota nwaelt flash the camera is kekworthy.

No. 271432

*nearly flash the camera, my bad.

Same dance with another girl. I'd lose my mind having to do this type of stuff over and over again tbh.

No. 271438


All of these are reposts.

No. 271450

File: 1489774085302.png (Spoiler Image, 37.11 KB, 566x413, IMG_4651.PNG)

Considering how many people in Dakota threads are too lazy to even read the previous threads or use the catalog, it doesn't really matter. Hence the sage. Learn to love the sage.

No. 271452

Not sure if I remember this one, do you have it kind anons?

No. 271464

She looks so good here

No. 271487


dude how many commercials did they make for this fucking gum

No. 271489

In what way?

No. 271490

Most of these are online extras.

No. 271561

For starters this picture don't look like her atrocious slender man pictures she usually edit to beyond. She don't look sickly either and she finally did something with her forehead. She also needs to take side profile pictures more and not straight on pictures makes her face look bigger than it is. This is probably her best picture this year ?

No. 271584


All her recent jobs she side by side with a Ham beast and/or in baggy clothing.

The angles and editing they did on her in the shoop makes her look like a MTF in mid transitioning.

No. 271598

Her kaka both smile the same reminds me of a psycho crazy joker smile ?

No. 271640

Holy crap, her shirt barely closes. It looks like it's about to bust open.

No. 271703

Hahahaha they put her all the way in the back

No. 271747

File: 1489803409717.jpg (61.06 KB, 600x900, BzLow8sCIAE2Xi3.jpg)

this, maybe?

though it might just looked shooped due to the fucking blinding amount of contrast

No. 271765

So they keep her in the back and have her be one of the first to leave.
Well.. at least she's actually smiling and kind of trying in these. But I suppose that could just be whoever is in charge stressing her to smile and act like she gives a shit.
She seems okay in these too (personality wise, not looks… never looks…)

No. 271779

I think she put herself in the back she also was in the back in the commercial.

No. 271812

2 days late to reply, but lol anon, are you aware girls typically hit puberty at age 11?? 16 is already a "late bloomer" for boys, for girls it's extremely late. so I hope not suggesting Dakota hit puberty sometime between age 16 and 21 lmao.

also hate to blog, but as another anon who replied said too, I also haven't changed since I was 16 either, and I'm Dakota's age.

No. 271824

dear god that dress is blinding

No. 271844

File: 1489814945101.jpg (146.46 KB, 600x800, imgrc0069071300.jpg)

Not blue but Tiara Mily shoop. Most of the terrible ones happened when she first started working for them until they tweaked the shoop just right. Tiara Mily was one of the greatest offenders in terms of clients trying and failing to match Koots nihon fetus shoops.

No. 271846

File: 1489814992078.jpg (54.38 KB, 540x720, YJBTAdjgiwE.jpg)

one more early one.

No. 271848

File: 1489815263751.jpg (38.14 KB, 600x800, 8d9bfa71960b1c0c67fe45641040cb…)

face shoop fail here

No. 271857

take some time to integrate

No. 271863

God, I loved these, they're hilarious. For god's sake, Kota herself could have done an 100 times better job at shooping that. The jagged white pixels on the edge of the pink dress though. Just awful!

I'm wondering, why did they even decide to shoop the dresses on her? Did they not have those outfits at the shoot and were just that lazy? It seems to me like shooping them on would take more time anyway though and not only that but it looks terrible.
Is it possible that Toots rocked up to the shoot and couldn't fit into any of their stuff because of her false measurements? It does kinda seem like they shot her in her underwear or a bikini or something. Super weird.

No. 271867

wtf they just… what???

did they try to liquefy her but it ruined the print on the dress so much that they just… Pasted the dress back on? what happened here… wow lol

No. 271888

No this is when she was probably at her thinnest, late 2013 early 2014. she would have had no problem fitting this stuff. They managed to squeeze her into stuff even as late as late 2015. The thing about Koots is that she (and Kaka for that matter) naturally has a slight bone structure. It's why she looks so awful now even though, she's probably about 125 lbs max and its the reason that she was able to pour herself into gyaru-style clothing despite looking lumpy and chubby.

No. 271890

Adding that shitty shoop has to do with TMs low rent-ness. I think they were style to digitally change the color.

No. 271980

I just caught up on this thread and was going to throw this in there too…
I've been following them both online since I was like 14 and I'm the same age as Kiki, so it's been about a decade now, didn't keep up with anything until Dakota got famous on tumblr though.
She was always the chubby little sister and I do believe she eventually developed an eating disorder.
You have to be a very low weight to look small at her height and she obviously wasn't genetically predispositioned to be small like Kiki, so I assume she either starved or purged.
Both will age you quickly, it explains the jowls and harsh lines, and the fact that she gained so quickly.