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File: 1443283657296.jpg (17.52 KB, 206x275, 1443165623851.jpg)

No. 36851

Last thread is here

We left off at hime getting kicked out of her moms house because bibi snitched (possibly revenge for hime shit talking her on the last thread?)

She either lives with her aunt or the dude in the picture

No. 36852

No. 36875

In regards to people in the old thread talking about her lying about doing stuff with that guy (who just kind of came out of nowhere, most of her friendships just kind happen suddenly and it always weirds me out a lil):
Considering the people she panders to probably fetishize virgins or "innocent loli pwincess but also lewd desu" crap, I wouldn't put it past her to lie to seem more "pure".

No. 36893


i just wonder how gullible she thinks people are?

No. 37164

File: 1443397964417.png (101.42 KB, 753x867, Screenshot_2015-09-27-19-39-51…)

Yeah sure Himeka, your dad is totally going to support you prostituting and give you your own place.

No. 37165

File: 1443398265382.png (56.48 KB, 794x987, Screenshot_2015-09-27-19-40-33…)

I thought her PayPal was deleted?

No. 37169


Wait, so by all accounts, her folks are at the very least well to do, and she's willing to ruin her relationship with them to become some tumblr-famous erokawaii uguu?

It's like Mayli and Momoko had a baby and breastfed her poor decisions.

No. 37191

it's funny when u consider that there really isn't an erokawaii sex worker who isn't a piece of shit. Himeka fits right in

No. 37199


playboy bunny goes ghetto af

No. 37234

File: 1443414994481.jpg (Spoiler Image, 796.58 KB, 1152x1792, Screenshot_2015-09-28-00-33-19…)

I've never heard of either of these people, but what the fuck?

No. 37235

File: 1443415114695.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102.11 KB, 638x853, https://36.media.tumblr.com/82…)

Also this. Am I missing something here?

No. 37250

File: 1443419883367.png (106.91 KB, 707x706, Screenshot_2015-09-28-00-03-27…)

No. 37252

File: 1443421411212.jpg (24.08 KB, 500x500, lying.jpg)

This is just like that "I'm going to live in a penthouse and study in Tokyo and honey I'm feeling good" BS she spouted before.

No. 37255

Holy shit. You're right. Lol I can't wait to see what excuse she comes up with this time.

No. 37333


check the last thread, she's been posting and selling her nudes since she was like 14.

No. 37370


No. 37379

File: 1443463014257.png (101.37 KB, 710x604, Screenshot_2015-09-28-13-47-25…)

No. 37380

File: 1443463071358.png (35.18 KB, 800x333, Screenshot_2015-09-28-13-48-49…)

No. 37381

File: 1443463202222.png (43.71 KB, 665x344, Screenshot_2015-09-28-13-47-45…)

No. 37382

File: 1443463313886.png (47.26 KB, 800x383, Screenshot_2015-09-28-13-49-12…)

No. 37383

File: 1443463351310.png (70.5 KB, 731x868, Screenshot_2015-09-28-13-48-08…)

No. 37394

File: 1443464962793.jpg (25.43 KB, 400x400, bft.jpg)

>her face when someone sends her uni these caps

No. 37395


she don't love herself at all. And i can't believe she actually got someone to write her essay for her.. she ain't even cute.
Mark isn't gonna want a basic like you tho.
I'll legit do it though.

No. 37400

Holy shit, please send this to her college. That would be the greatest thing ever.

No. 37401

I'll send her nudes she took in the bathroom too if someone tells me what college she goes to. And also full name. She's 18 now right?

No. 37408

I wish someone would show up with her dox from years/threads past. All I remember is either her or her mother's name being "Angelina".
Someone on PULL even doxxed her, but sadly old PULL is gone

No. 37409

I think it was posted in the previous thread.

No. 37412

Her real name is Angela, I believe. With Bibi's real name being Debra/Debbie

No. 37413

I've checked, there's only her first name there. The rest got removed because she was under 18 at the time.

You wouldn't happen to remember her last name? Guess i have a bit of digging

also, i have a throwaway email up in case anyone has info to drop, or wants to help w the email.

No. 37417

I might be wrong, but I think it's Williams.

No. 37422

Okay thanks

No. 37426


Angela Williams from St Petersburg, FL. Her sister is Debra (Debbie). Her aunt is April Williams. I forgot her old school from PULL. But a quick search and email to them should figure it out.

No. 37427


yeah, i was just able to to confirm her last name was williams by searching the email she gave to whoever wtote her essay (lol).

the hard part is finding out what college she's at but she's probably doing community so I'll start there.

No. 37432

She posted the initials of her college at one point, I think. USC or ULC.
She's always lying, so you might want to take it with a grain of salt

No. 37434


USC is university of southern carolina so thats out and ulc's website hasn't been updated since 2012.

I was thinking she might either be at Eckerd College ( C.C) or St Petersburg community college.

No. 37435

I've got the contents of the post with her number and address that anon just deleted, in case it was an accident. Won't (re)post it if it's against the rules, though.
>Personal information of people aged 18 or older, including names, addresses, and phone numbers; also known as "doxing"*
It should be allowed, right? Someone correct me if I'm wrong

No. 37437


I deleted it because I'm not 100% its her

No. 37442

It's allowed.

No. 37444

It might be St.Petersburg

No. 37457

God bless ya'll

No. 37459

>800 words
That's 2 hours max if you're including research, ffs.

No. 37465


so I'm gonna try st Petersburg first, guise anyone wanna write a 800 word email about this tramp? I'll pay in lolcow stickers.

Dear ________,

It has come to my concern that a student enrolled in your college has been soliciting men to write her college essays for her in exchange of naked pictures, as evidenced in images __, __, and __.

I am sure that she is well aware of the fact that plagerism is illegal, and that publicly offering naked pictures of herself reflects poorly on her character.

She has also taken naked pictures on school property, as evidenced in image ___

No. 37487

File: 1443483374398.png (495.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-28-19-34-52…)

No. 37488

File: 1443483418550.png (521.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-28-19-35-00…)

No. 37489

File: 1443483464999.png (478.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-28-19-35-04…)


tfw god ain't got time for yo hoe shit

No. 37498

File: 1443486342814.png (166.45 KB, 361x925, Screenshot_2015-09-28-19-48-13…)

>i’m so tired of all the negativity in my life right now. i got a job and i’m trying to move on and start my life ? i was put in a situation where i was forced to quickly start “adulting” i guess, and there’s not much else to do. i’ll try and do what i can ya know? i’m not used to this but i’m trying.

You're not trying at all. You sit around begging for handouts.

>will i ever forgive bibi (my younger sister) um no. i won’t subject myself to that kind of humilitation and shame again. bibi is literally a walking, talking ball of bitterness and hatred lol. but, now, like my life is so different.

You seem to have confused your sister with yourself, Himeka.

>everyone’s making it seem like i’m some dirty prostitute. all i have left really, is my aunt and my oldest sister. they’re the ONLY people i can talk to within my family. my other sisters and my mom see me as filthy, disgusting, immoral etc.

Because you are, Himeka. You trade nudes and videos for money and shitty cheap stripper costumes from china and line stickers

>i called my second-to-oldest sister to ask my mom to leave my packages & shoes outside in a box to get when i pass by her again (my mom blocked my number) and she went on this long story saying “what if I get famous? people are going to send your gross nudes around and i’ll be ruined” wtf…? a.) you’ll never be famous don’t worry about it b.) that’s purely hypothetical and most likely will NOT happen.

Shit like that is why no one likes you.

>my life sucks so bad right now i hate it i feel so alone i feel so hopeless. should i delete my blog and leave the internet? but if it weren’t for my blog i’d have probably no confidence and i’d be even more sad than i am now. like, i run this blog and take pictures because i love it and also it’s to cope… and it’s not like deleting it would change any of their mindsets.

You shit all over everyone else, but this proves just how pitiful you are.

>even recently, like early this year, i converted back to being catholic but God isn’t doing anything for me. is this my punishment for being a whore? having my whole family disown me? i don’t get it. i don’t want even want to i just want to give up.

You're at this point because you deserve it, it's called karma. Fucking suck it up, asshole.

No. 37511

Does anyone know how bibi sees this? Has she said anything about it?

No. 37514

Angela Williams

No. 37546

Did you send the email out yet?

No. 37555

I'd ask but for some reason I feel like I'd instantly get blocked lmao.
Anyone up to send her an ask or contact her on Skype (devilbabybibi)?

No. 37638

There goes himeka spending money on Claire's crap while complaining about stuff she can't afford.

No. 37736

Someone needs to archive her posts because she keeps deleting them.

No. 37758

File: 1443584525745.png (148.45 KB, 604x764, Screenshot_2015-09-29-22-53-33…)


Looks like she won't be moving into that mansion she was boasting about, how unsurprising.

No. 37761

File: 1443584682054.png (206.06 KB, 565x1027, Screenshot_2015-09-29-22-54-45…)

No. 37765

TBH, as much as I hate her and her bullshit, she kind of has the right idea here. Bibi is a fucking cunt and if she was my sister I'd be cutting her out, too.

No. 37767

You've got to be kidding. Himeka made posts on here shitting on her own sister, one who defended her mind you. Then decided to even shit on her further by shifting all the blame to her and got mad when Bibi rightfully told their mother what she was doing.

No. 37828

Yo cocktease, did ya send it? I wanna see some kawaii tears uguu…

No. 37902


shit i totally forgot. I'm looking at st. Petersburg and the only two email addresses they have is for residency and transfer credits. I'll try sending a complaint now though.

No. 37903


just sent a complaint to st. Petersburg, they said I'd get a response in 24 hours. I still have the pictures saved so I'll be able to attach them.

No. 37984

File: 1443660868816.png (223.42 KB, 688x958, Screenshot_2015-09-30-20-46-48…)

No. 37990

File: 1443661858835.jpg (603.18 KB, 960x1280, 15-09-30-21-03-52-614_deco.jpg)


She's barely a 5/10 on a "good day", she doesn't have a right to talk shit like this.

No. 38017

I hope she's miserable while bibi lives it up at this point.

No. 38029

Yeah, and maybe Bibi will take what's happening to Himeka as a lesson and be better than her.

No. 38031

this slut is crazy

No. 38033

Her mom did the right thing

No. 38041

TBH giving her 5/10 is being too generous, she's barely 3/10 on her best day.

No. 38044

This bitch looks like her name is Philbert and she has the nerve to talk down to some self-hating anon like that??

Stupid whore, that's why your fatass is homeless.

No. 38059

>i literally hate old people
what happened to all the "I love older guys teehee #suchalittle ^///^"

No. 38075

She came here to talk shit about her very own sister, Amina and others then tried to blame the entire thing on bibi. Bibi def told out of jealousy bc bibi does the same shot but lmao this is some cane and Abel shit. I want a reality show about these two.

No. 38254

Did you hear back from the college yet?

No. 38379


No. 38388

I wonder if they're actually gonna do anything about it.

No. 38477

Are community colleges notoriously trashy or full of trashy people? I'm not American. If so, they probably won't.

No. 38488

No that's not the case at all. Community Colleges are mainly for older people who are tryingto get back into school, people who are trying to save money by doing 2 years in C.C and then going to a university, and people who want to learn about certain things and can't afford/won't be able to find them anywhere else

No. 38628

File: 1443891916705.jpg (107.89 KB, 720x1141, _20151003_100335.JPG)

Life is just too hard

No. 38629


room looks like a shit hole

No. 38638

File: 1443893190937.png (16.47 KB, 435x311, loll.png)

>last night i:

>1.) had a really tasty quesadilla 2.) played so much ddr i have a super embarrasing video of that 3.) drank a lil too much cake flavored vodka 4.) flashed a whole bunch of fellow drunk people 5.) sucked my first weewee and swallowed cum for the first time!? 6.) made a seekingarrangements account in my drunkness and im now texting a multimillionaire who i’ll be meeting next week

>its not that crazy but cum tastes so weird and nothing like how i expected it too ☺️

This bitch is gross

No. 38642

>i sucked my first weewee
what the fuck. Is dick or penis not kawaii enough? Or head, oral, blow job? Everything was alright except this bit.

Idk pet names for genitalia has always pissed me off. Even when kids say it. It doesn't sound right at all.

No. 38657

Why the fuck does this bitch not just get a job??

No. 38658

Working isn't kawaii :(

No. 38659

Anyone who says shit like weewee or cummies should immediately go to jail

No. 38667

damn I'd forgotton about cummies..

No. 38671

>sucked my first weewee and swallowed cum
wow you must be so proud of yourself

No. 38674

I'm actually kind of rooting for Bibi a bit here. I really hope she takes her sister as a lesson to be learned.

No. 38708

Are we all ignoring multimillionaire-sama? inb4 sweaty fat old lady who gets off on stupid girls
idk how messed up you have to be to keep obviously lying about stuff like this though. First she was TOTALLY gonna live in a mansion (magically turns into her living in glorified closet) and now there's a multimillionaire. I doubt a multimillionaire wants someone who calls his dick a 'weewee'

No. 38729

Oh don't worry. He's going to magically disappear like that other rich guy she was totally going to live with.

No. 38737


i don't know if i should puke because of how gross this is or laugh because it sounds so unbelievable. figures Himeka would reblog it tho

No. 38747


she's going to get herself raped, i seriously hope bibi is lurking here and seeing the danger her older sister is puttingherself in.

No. 38769

she wants to be consensual nonconsensually slapped around in public, forced to be flashed in public and apparently fucked in the ass with no lube. I'd find this hilarious if it wasn't so…sad.

No. 38772

File: 1443925642381.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.1 KB, 400x600, tumblr_nuey3mA0HM1ufwuiro1_400…)

i went on this girls tumblr and holy shit. why is she in snow? she's such a cow.

look at the kind of porn she reblogs. seriously is it just me or does this girl look very young/underaged? it gives me the creeper vibes :(

No. 38773

File: 1443925753290.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 400x225, tumblr_nsmylvuLiq1ubo1hro1_400…)

i mean like i know shes probably 18 and just has a young face (i do too) but like i feel like its just so gross to be reblogging shit like that… i think this girl must be a pedo

No. 38774

she has daddy issues, come on now.

No. 38824

nice dick
i wonder what it feels like

No. 38872

She's ALWAYS adding in these lame tidbits as if anyone with half a brain believes her.
Like what is the point
You know you're wrong

No. 38873

She uploaded a makeup tutorial.

No. 38874

File: 1443970340716.jpg (43.63 KB, 400x534, tumblr_nvnu42dZJo1uax976o1_400…)

She actually looks sort of good in this photo

No. 38876

File: 1443970371137.jpg (71.65 KB, 640x854, tumblr_nvntrg2OFY1uax976o1_128…)

But then..

No. 38878

File: 1443970402597.jpg (75.39 KB, 640x854, tumblr_nvntrg2OFY1uax976o2_128…)

No. 38885


she needs to stahp with the Chinese photo editing apps. Her skin looks more waxy that snoozy

No. 38886


I just don't find her cute. Idk what it is…

No. 38887

guys amber rose says "dont slut shame"

No. 38888


These are all old. When she was around 16 or 17.

No. 38889


Her face, body, and shit personality might be why.

No. 38896


it feels like shes trying to look like an east asian person but her make up is so shitty and disgusting that its failing lol.

No. 39037

that's amai liu, 25 years old.

No. 39054

To tell you the honest truth, her face minus the ten trillion different filters she uses for her photos isn't nearly as bad as I anticipated. If anything she looks a bit…older? (Not like "old hag" old, just mature for sixteen. She looks like she could pass for late-twenties.) With better makeup, I think that she could easily be above average. And she doesn't have that gross, gnarly-looking seaweed weave here which is a plus.

Too bad she's such a stupendous twat though.

No. 39276


>above average

no need to lie. With better makeup she'd be average at best.

No. 39346

File: 1444100940111.png (103.63 KB, 678x601, Screenshot_2015-10-05-23-04-47…)

No. 39378

is not even funny anymore is just sad

No. 39387

I feel like she's just sitting in her room thinking up these guys so she can seem popular and cool.

No. 39390

File: 1444112283167.jpg (90.2 KB, 400x499, remember to delete this.jpg)

It's fucking creepy scrolling down her blog and seeing shit like pic related.
I get that the girl is (probably) 18-20s, but that doesn't make things any less uncomfortable. The fact that there's a devoted audience for grown women who could pass for very young girls is just uncomfortable.
I honestly feel like it wouldn't even be hard to get an actual kid, prepare some fake documentation and market literal CP as "BARELY 18 TEEN PORN".

No. 39392

this is truly disturbing. Just because the girl in the photo is over 18 doesnt make it any less of some weird pedo living out their wet dreams. I'm grossed out just looking at this, so I'm going to hide it.

No. 39429



For some reason i feel the need to punch her in the face.

No. 39451

she's dressed as a prostitute.

No. 39457

That's fucking disgusting. Most of the dd/lg shit doesn't bother me because they are obviously 20 year olds squeezing their fat asses into a sparkly tutu. But this is indistinguishable from actual child porn. I don't care if she's of age, if you get off to this you are a sick fuck

No. 39463

are you guys stupid? this bitch looks over 18.

No. 39513

She's probably an actual prostitute

No. 39522

All the way til the end of the thread I didn't know it was a black chick. Now I understand, and that explains everything. What a straight up cum dumpster slut whore. This is the dime a dozen slut at the party that always gets a train of guys ran on her, and no one even knows her name. Wow, I can't believe people with this little self respect actually exist. Finding meaning through life in cock, good job whore.

No. 39524

my thoughts too tbh. Sure she's youthful looking but that is a long way from being a child ffs. y'all overreacting.

No. 39525


Exactly, dd/lg is more or less just something between partners as a kink. It's just something people feel comfortable doing.

But that… that's disturbing as fuck.

Tommy Sotomayor was right, the darker/weave and ugly they are they're fucking sick bitches.

No. 39526


It's not just that picture, it's her blog. Some of the anime and shit does look like kids getting pounded by giant cocks. But Bibi is gross anyway.

No. 39527


I think she's desperately trying to look like an asian if anything.

I don't care, she's not cute.

No. 39528

that is such an incredibly flat ass she has. I thought mine was bad too..

No. 39529


To feel cute, she had to lighten the video and throw on a weave with bangs to give herself that ugu kawaii boost.

I just do not find her cute. Her, her sister or bibi.

No. 39530


She looks more baby phat ghetto than she does kawaii though.

No. 39531


You see, this is what these slut walks and all this tumblr feminist bullshit does.

"Men are all-"

I agree with them in a way, men can be dumb and stupid fuckers. But they'll still shag them.

No. 39532

>All the way til the end of the thread I didn't know it was a black chick.
Literally how? The OP picture didn't spell it out from the start?
>Now I understand, and that explains everything
Fuck off, racist-chan

No. 39544

I am an acquaintance of hers through a friend who used to be closer to a lot of these "kawsii ero" bloggers and I can see now why she quit. The stories I have of how crazy af these girls are..

No. 39546

yeah i literally scrolled down this girls blog and saw that she said "i'm not into dd/lg and im not a littl"

like… so why are you reblogging all these child-like women naked/sexualized??? i understand if you wanna roleplay (still creepy but whatev) but if you're not even into the roleplaying aspect… you're a legit pedo for getting off to ppl who look like little girls getting raped then lol

No. 39547

File: 1444159536877.jpg (134.86 KB, 586x600, 1361606920_009.jpg)

the anon isn't even talking about just that one picture.

i mean come on, ive even seen monroe in her blog. it's like a common known fact that pedophiles jerk off to monroe if they're too afraid to watch child porn.

No. 39568

Can you please put a spoiler on the teen softcore, you guys?
I feel angry and triggered just by looking at it.

No. 39576

>The stories I have of how crazy af these girls are..
I would love to hear those stories. This shit is bizarre.

No. 39599

sorry. most of these girls are 25+ though. not that it makes it any better. it's still nasty as fuck

No. 39600

I'm sorry to ask but why do pedophiles jerk it to Monroe? I've never heard this before

No. 39602

Oh god,that women looks like 12. All this pretend CP is so weird and uncomfortable. I feel dirty

No. 39603

…you can't tell from looking at the pic? She looks 12 but is legal. Did you think that Monroe was referring to Marilyn lol

No. 39604

…dude I'm a fucking retard sorry

No. 39631

don't just leave us high and dry though.

No. 39642

File: 1444176780516.gif (Spoiler Image, 7.1 MB, 420x236, monroe.gif)


agreed. thats why i hate it when people say "wELL THE ACTRESSES ARE 18 SO ITS NOT PEDOPHILIA"

like no sane person will look at this and fap

No. 39643

I agree but like why do you have all of these fake cp pics saved?

No. 39644

She looks at least 25, calm your titties.

No. 39646

File: 1444177372485.jpg (16.1 KB, 200x300, monroe.jpg)

i just googled "monroe russian porn star" and got these lol

pedo detected. she isn't even 25 yet irl.

No. 39648

Not a pedo, but she looks older than me, and I'm 27. I should cash in on this pedo money.

No. 39654

She just looks her age to me 18-23

No. 39659

i seriously doubt she does, but keep thinking you're 4ever uguuu loli. post a pic of your face.

No. 39664

No thanks.

No. 39670

>wants to appeal to pedos
Bitch, get yourself checked.

No. 39673

kek, I thought the same thing and was confused. I just figured I was missing something (and it turns out I was) and didn't ask.

No. 39782

File: 1444201793023.jpg (85.97 KB, 720x917, _20151007_000844.JPG)

Like she was ever going to commit to any limits she had if the guy is rich.

No. 39793

Why is this bitch so disgusting and calling their man 'papi'? Like, that shit isn't cute. You have a serious age play issue.

No. 39795

she's a fucking prostitute

No. 39808

Uuuuuuugh nope nope nope she looks like my gf's 10 year old sister, god dammit I feel dirty and I hate russia

No. 39810

A-anon-chan!! Don't say such unkawaii things about her, you hurt her wwittle fwewings!

No. 39818


>implying any rich guy wants that ratchet mess when Florida is like a sugar baby hotspot.

Enjoy your salt and splenda, momo.

No. 39860

I would never do such things or upload my nudes bc I know it would affect my family (especially parents). Imagine her father seeing the nudes. Fucking sick….
They must be disappointed,I feel sorry for them…

No. 39864

What happened to her blog?

No. 39902


She looks like a kid, or at least a teenager.
Even if you do look younger than her, which isn't unbelievable or anything but nobody here gives a shit what you look like, get over yourself, you're probably not surrounded by people who are 25+ and look younger than her unless, maybe, you live in Neverland or something. Adults don't usually look like that.

Stop trying to humblebrag on an anonymous image board. Shit's sad.

No. 39969


No. 39970

So she tags stuff as DDlg and DDlg blog but claims she's not a little? Even though she's into calling someone daddy? I feel like she's following the trend of brat-grrrl and trying to claim she's not into DDlg even though she likes every aspect of it.

No. 39972

okay i cockteased a lil bit so i'll try, a few of them are more of personal lolcows in my friend circle than actual lolcows so getting into the details might be pointless, some of them are horrible people and my friend was super pissed because angela knew this and just didnt care and tried to even hide the fact for whatever reason.. and she basically made the decision not to get involved with these ero kawaii blogs no more because all they do is lie/act fake, and throw victim complex fits, and complain about how broke they are but go out and spend their money on the mist trivial things..

No. 39973

hide the fact that she was friends/close with them

No. 39974

File: 1444251768597.png (47.83 KB, 800x268, Screenshot_2015-10-07-16-54-32…)


>there was no cp on my blog

So she's just going to pretend like she wasn't constantly posting and deleting old nsfw pictures of herself? Or when she posted pictures of what looked like children having sex with adults?

What the fuck is wrong with her? Hell, what is wrong these types of girls in general? It's like they got some screws loose. I know I wouldn't want someone like her near my kids.

Your should definitely make a thread about this.

No. 39975

File: 1444251776544.png (1.46 MB, 1082x708, Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 5.02…)

this theme really accentuates how disgusting her blog is

No. 39977

That girl at the bottom looks like a kid. She is a sick fuck.

No. 39979

someone should report her again

No. 39980

So fucking gross..they should really put a ban on making porn that sexualizes children. shit, up the porn age from 18 to 21 also.

No. 39981

File: 1444252251093.png (Spoiler Image, 1.41 MB, 1035x707, Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 5.10…)

She is a sick fuck i agree

No. 39982

scrolled through the whole thing. what do i win?

No. 39985

i don't think itll be worth it but ill think about it

No. 39986

I wonder if these girls who have braces in their adult years and also do the ageplay stuff get them for the purpose of appealing to pedos

No. 39987

"boooo I'm only on tumblr because I want attention! if I can't get my follower count I'll quit but I won't be too busy for tumblr if I can"

No. 39989

File: 1444253502153.jpg (Spoiler Image, 126.36 KB, 720x919, _20151007_142939.JPG)

I'm all for people having fetishes but this is disgusting and sad. The girl she reblogged this from even goes on to make fun of DDlg bloggers like she has room to talk.

No. 39990

Dude, some of these bitches go though surgery to look more flatchested or "prepubescent" thin. Everything to get the filthy old men to pay the full subscription to lollipopbabes.com

No. 39991


if it has to do with Angela you could just post it here, but if it's a new cow, make a thread.

No. 39993

really? they get surgery? damn

No. 39995

This, literally, have all the fantasies you want, but if you jack off to that let the kids/babies out of it. Even if the actresses are old as fuck, to sexualize the innocent naivety of children is fucking sick.
Now I kind of get why the pedophiles who get caught say "it was her fault, she seduced me" to defend themselves, ewgh

No. 39997

Some of them, yeah. In the most extreme corners of the porn industry, shit is not pretty on the least. Is like the opposite of those bitches who get exaggerated cow tits and ass.

No. 40000

do you have any examples? im really curious

No. 40007

File: 1444256978284.png (47.59 KB, 800x313, Screenshot_2015-10-07-18-25-37…)

No. 40010

Pretty sure if there was no offending content, Tumblr wouldn't have deleted the blog lmao.

No. 40014

To some degree I agree but tumblr will take down blogs that have small chested girls whether they look like kids or not.

No. 40015

honestly theyre more of personal/IRL lolcows to my circle therefore not really deserving of their own thread but angela both plays friendsies with them only to shit talk em later and i could easily ask around for proof of this

No. 40017

I feel like its ringo

No. 40018


No. 40019

Oi, greentxt some stories, anon. Don't leave us hanging.

No. 40155

>cute porn
If that's what she considers cute, I could have deleted the blog without hesitation too…

No. 40253

I hope Himeka gets AIDS.
Fat little whore deserves it

No. 40291

Apparently "cute" means "looks underage". I feel like the barely legal thing is for Old men who want to jerk off to teenage girls but don't want to feel bad about it

No. 40340

Actually that's why it exist. It's for people to wank over chicks, and dudes, who look like little kids or underage teens.

No. 40341

Most "barely legal" pornstars actually look 18 though. The shit himeka posts literally looks like child porn

No. 40344

there's worse on tumblr

No. 40358

if you insist but im gonna use letters for the ppl involved. r, n, j and s.

>r and s are friends

>s befriends a couple, n and j
>r is also friends with them
>they all hang out, r acts pretty rude to s during this time
>s is going to move in with n and j
>r gets dumped by her bf, s is worried but r doesn't say anything to s and goes right for n and j because they can "help her better" ie drive her up to stay with them
>s is a wreck about it, worried for r beyond reason
>r starts to move in with n and j, lies to s about drama happening between the three of them and how she's fucking j behind n's back
>r guilts j and n into a poly relationship and into their bed, eventually n gets sick of it and leaves and r could obv care less
>r takes nudes around the house, wants to get rid of n's pet, paintsn's desk pink
>r and j talk about how it isn't their faults they betrayed n and kicked her out (shes staying with s for now) and how they were destined to be together via skype
>s drops r as a friend once all the pieces are put together, calls her out on her tumblr
>r to this day will shit talk s but defends her self against s's friends saying "you don't know my side of the story"
>j dumped r off, r went back to her ex who dumped her later, r continually talks about how her ex lying to her and cheating on her and other things was horrible despite doing all of these things and more to others, can't comprehend karma apparently
>r is a famous "loli ero kawaii DDlg" blogger and is friends with Angela, Angela and s were mutuals and knew all of this but decided to reblog and befriend her anyways
>s felt like Angela saying she'd keep what she said in mind only to turn around and buddy up with her was incredibly two faced and unfollowed, sucks up to r to this day

s and n aren't angels themselves but theres a big difference.. i could ask for caps but yea if anything seems confusing lemme know, this is going off of conversations and and caps ive seen

No. 40363

This would be easier to follow if you just named them or just posted the screencaps.

No. 40378

like i said its ot but it does go to show this is how angela is as if there was doubt
r is rabbit the girl who angela reblogged here

No. 40444

File: 1444351377921.jpg (121.13 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I see himeka deleted that post you mentioned.

No. 40446

That girl is fucking disgusting looking. She's really trying to pull of loli with all that shit in her face?

No. 40458

angelas blog was deleted thats why that post isn't there anymore
the loli tag thing is something Micky and Angela tried to copy but stopped, i wonder why

No. 40618

This is the chick that apparently has bpd and all these problems but would rather buy plane tickets for a guy who cheated on her and monster high dolls than actually seek treatment while blaming everyone else for not wanting to deal with her episodes

No. 40827


not to derail or anything but some "barely legal" pornstars are actually underage.

one of my friends was forced into porn by her father when she was 16 and her porn was labeled "teen/just turned 18/barely legal" but it was labeled that way so her father wouldn't be arrested for CP

that's all im saying, that girl is fucking gross

No. 40862

This is very true and it makes me super uncomfortable that some of that allegedly legal porn of very, very young-looking girls is actually quite likely legitimate CP. It creeps me out so much when the girls are done up in pigtails and have stuffed animals and shit. Some of them look like they're about 12 years old. I don't go looking for it, but I've accidentally come across porn with girls that mades me wonder if I should be reporting it to the FBI or something. But seriously, what kind of person gets off on "adults" masquerading as pre-teens? Oh, that's right…pedos.

No. 40876

Damn, I hope that gross old man is rotting in hell now, that's horrifying.
Even more reasons to hate this whole "Barely legal teenz" and "they look mature so is not cp!", fucking disgrace, I want to see this gross whore burn and fail further in life.

No. 41027

did she delete forever?

No. 41038

She probably got reported again.

No. 41107

aw… i really like super rabbit

No. 41117

Kill yourself you sick fuck.

No. 41182

No. 41185

The link doesn't work

No. 41207


Someone needs to mirror this video on case she takes it down. Look at how raggedy her hair is. And her face, ew. It's like she's got down syndrome.

No. 41211

Yooo, I take back what I said about her having the potential to be above average. This bitch looks ROUGH.

No. 41215

She spends all her time talking about Amina's hair but her weave looks like it came from the bargin bin at the dollar store. Also, why does she think underage drinking is cute?

No. 41218

>all that gasping and shit at the end
Heifer, no. Sit down. That's not cute.

No. 41226


forreal she needs to take that weave out.

No. 41234

i'm pretty sure that's aratty synthetic wig.
the texture gives it away really, and if you look at the front of her head where her bangs are it just… ew

No. 41237

ii feel sorry for you

No. 41250

File: 1444587010258.png (78.37 KB, 798x678, Screenshot_2015-10-11-13-40-24…)

I wonder who she's talking about.

No. 41251

File: 1444587159432.png (55.05 KB, 451x771, Screenshot_2015-10-11-13-41-58…)

Don't forget, this girl is the same girl who was sitting all over guys saying a majority of them look ugly. Even though she looks like a crackhead who hangs out at the local liquor store drinking 40s all day.

No. 41255

Probably Bibi.

No. 41256

Couldn't be, she already dropped her.

No. 41271

care to elaborate why she's disliked so much?

No. 41312

>"and these boobs are natural~"

No. 41325

What if she's lying about all of this for attention and tumblr fame

No. 41339

>"And I'm wearing shorts. No panties, because let's be real, who wears panties in 2015?"

No. 41351

Then she's even cringier. Why would anyone fabricate stories about having such a disgusting life and actually connect their own face to it?

No. 41408


Tumblr glorifies ratchet messes, gottaget that "fame" while the gettings good.

No. 41544


most fucking girls do you stupid slappper

No. 41546


she looks like a man in drag tbh

No. 41558


idc how much this troll fuck likes her ddlg porno and all the nasty cp shit on her blog

she's far from cute and youthful anyway

No. 41739

lurk more

No. 41819

That's just pathetic. I feel sorry fot her

No. 41821

Is she really as young as she says she is? I don't believe her, especially with all of those lies she's always spouting

No. 42037

her age is the only thing she's telling the truth about

No. 42038


ew she's wearing jeans shorts that where probably all up in her cooch when she waddles about.

girl love yourself

No. 42089

I hope she washes them after wearing. It's so unsanitary. What is 2015??? The stone ages??

No. 42141

No you nasty fuck most dont.

No. 42143

>You're nasty for wearing panties
>Most girls don't wear panties
What trashy planet are you from

No. 42216

File: 1444684019046.jpg (79.37 KB, 606x773, IMG_20151012_140532.jpg)

>my good friend rabbit
well here it is. this is all i could get but this is her being warned about the kind of person rabbit is and her saying she'd "keep it in mind"

No. 42229

can i just say i love ur blog. dayum girl.

No. 42313

No. 42317

File: 1444697699287.jpg (Spoiler Image, 326.86 KB, 1276x1706, tumblr_nw2qq8w14t1uikh2mo1_128…)

Was it really necessary to blur the hell out of the picture like that?

No. 42321

Trashy. As. Fuck.

No. 42350

and she goes out dressed like that?????
it screams SLUT

No. 42356

Oh god, I just imagine she gets aroused by not wearing any panties too. There's probably nasty vaginal secretions all over everything she sits on.

No. 42364

Why is it that ugly girls are always the sluttiest?

No. 42369

think about it for a sec

No. 42690

cant wait till she gets yeast infection lmfao

No. 42699


It just looks super uncomfortable, having that denim brush on your fanny all day. Doesn't her parents ever pick up on shit like this?

No. 42700

Just went on her blog out of curiosity and I'm pissed at that "Let's play rape again daddy, I promise this time I'll fight harder" picture.

I don't care people keep saying "yh buh its for a turn on!"

Alright, alright I myself like to look in the little community but it's all out of kink between someone you trust.

But fucking hell "let's play rape" tho? That's just insulting to victims and vile all over.

She's fucking messed up.

No. 42704

I for one am glad it's blurred to hell. I do not need a Hi-Def picture of her yeast infections and UTIs.

No. 42727

Don't forget the mysterious bumps.

No. 42768

File: 1444796135118.jpg (Spoiler Image, 169.41 KB, 540x722, 15-10-14-00-14-48-597_deco.jpg)

No. 42778

Could be ingrown hair, black people tend to get them a lot more supposedly after they shave because the texture of their hair but mine are straighter than a mother fucker
Then again, it could also be acne/pimples for her not wearing anything air breathing and being sweaty as fuck in hot Florida.

No. 43106

Looks like a beauty mark but I can't really tell. I'm actually scared to visit her tumblr, once it froze on Me and I panicked and thought maybe her page had actual cp and they were tracing plp. paranoid af. People into interest like hers should be mapped.

No. 44062

Something about the way she's positioned reminds me of a thanksgiving turkey.

No. 44077

File: 1444883449613.jpg (139.12 KB, 720x1129, _20151014_205919.JPG)

Pt I

No. 44078

File: 1444883729778.jpg (151.89 KB, 720x1126, _20151014_205932.JPG)


ofc Himeka thinks the 90s were all like what she has on her blog and nothing more

No. 44081

File: 1444885386280.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.12 KB, 540x725, tumblr_nw8wd3ojD01uikh2mo1_540…)

No. 44082

File: 1444885481838.jpg (Spoiler Image, 103.97 KB, 540x721, tumblr_nw8wd3ojD01uikh2mo2_540…)

She probably gets frequent yeast infections.

No. 44097

dang that ain't kawaii

No. 44098

Being a teenager in the 90s-2000s was AWFUL. The fuck is this bitch talking about? We had Justin Timberlake and Pre-meltdown Britney Spears like???? SO AWESOME YEAH.

No. 44099


back to tumblr

No. 44106

Her Pussy looks so dry and flaky. I bet If you touch it flakes of shed skin come off. disgusting

No. 44109

not the same anon but you do realize saying "like" is common among Californians

No. 44128

Even the Meitu super skin smoothing/blurring tools can't save her stale-looking snatch.

No. 44216

File: 1444936920323.jpg (Spoiler Image, 331.61 KB, 1272x1708, tumblr_nw9m25DW1z1uikh2mo1_128…)

No. 44217

File: 1444936975107.jpg (Spoiler Image, 178.67 KB, 540x722, 15-10-15-15-21-23-275_deco.jpg)

That white stuff looks gross and what's with that suspicious sticker placement?

No. 44219

Probably covering up some nasty genital warts or something.

No. 44223

I bet on grown in hair

No. 44228


God, she's a troll.

I was having a debate with a friend about this slapper and my friend said "Well she's 17, she is legal and it's not as if she's a child".

Doesn't anyone else find this shit disturbing whether they're an adult or not though?

No. 44229


I doubt she even knew much about Japan when she was 14. Most weebs online now are just finding out about this shit.

No. 44265

>Well she's 17, she is legal and it's not as if she's a child".

Sorry to say, but your friend sounds gross. You should drop them. Not to mention Himeka is 18 not 17.

No. 44276


I don't think my friend read her blog right idk. But yeah, I tried explaining but she's very into the whole "girl powa" over on dumblr and feminism you see so it's difficult to get anything into her head without it being "against wimmin".

No. 44306

Again. Drop that bitch.

No. 44342

My problem with tumblr's girl power shit is that it's either the kind that think that women can do no wrong or the kind like Angela that spend time talking about uplifting other girls when the truth is they're so willing to throw other girls under the bus

No. 44345


Yep pretty much

They're sly bitches who use feminism so they don't get called out OR they be like "today a woman killed her dog and beheaded her baby-" tumblr feminists would STILL find a reason to back her up.

"A man didn't pay his child support-" "omg all men tho"

It's annoying as fuck and that's what the mentality of dumblr has become.

No. 44553

As a person who grew up loving Spice Girls (Geri's GIRL POWER shit always captivated me), I was really excited to see tumblr feminism at first. Until I quickly realized it was a bunch of hypocritical bitches using DA PATRIARCHY as a way to excuse their shitty actions.

No. 44575


i know girls have different looking pussies, and they can't help it, but angela's looks like a pornstars. (No bueno) she looks so damn dirty and used already.

No. 44638


Exactly that.


No. 45484


>匿名 asked:

>hey are you still doing custom sets or not at this time? if you are what are the prices??

>omg i acctually owe some ppl stuff yikes! i’ll get to that asap~ anyway if ur interested email me honeymilkchu@gmail.com ? my prices vary from doing my homework, to buying me clothes, to straight up ?

No. 45509


At least she knows she's not really worth cash.

No. 45527

Her having people do her homework makes me weirdly pissed

No. 46581

File: 1445214296591.jpg (Spoiler Image, 136.48 KB, 720x1210, _20151018_172219.JPG)

>"I'm not a little!"
>tags her posts as "DDlg blog"
Sure, Himeka.

No. 46584

No. 46591

File: 1445215946743.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 94.07 KB, 540x721, image.jpeg)

Why do people say she's fat?

No. 46596

cause dat shoop is real. Look at that blip on the thigh to our right. There's a couple others but yeah das shoop.

No. 46598

her boobs are so saggy for someone her age ew. By the time she's 25 they're gonna be straight up pancakes

No. 46601


She definitely has some weird sausage boobs.
Between that and her huge beef curtains, she has a really unfortunate body. I almost feel bad for her.

Then I remember that she hands out nudes in exchange for homework.

No. 46603

She's no hamplanet, but she's definitely not what I would call skinny. If she stood with her feet together those thighs would be clamp right together. And it without a doubt looks like she's pushing her pelvis back to make herself seem smaller
>Those megan-tier titties

No. 46691

File: 1445228175082.png (47.51 KB, 1015x264, lolwut.png)

>we drove around my cute lil beach town in his Porschia


No. 46705

Whats up with them National Geographic titties!!!

No. 46739

I thought she was lying again, but this being true makes things even more disgusting.
Unless that arm belongs to the guy from >>36851.

No. 46741


>i’m sooo happy!!! ?

>i just love life so much~ i love sunshine and the beach and yummy food and cute clothes and candy and older rich men who call u “bby” and “angel” while rubbin ur tummy? i’m just sooo happy. i used to be so sad and grumpy and jealous of ppl bck in like 2013 or so? i’m so glad i’ve changed. i love myself and i KNOW i’m a hottie and i FEEL like a hottie and it’s so gr8 ♡ i love supporting & being nice to other girls who r sweet & nice. i love my tumblr ‘n irl friends i thank God daily for them ?? despite my recent tribulations like getting kicked out and having my vry popular blog deleted, i’m still thankful & happy for everything. tysm for following me ?

>i used to be so sad and grumpy and jealous of ppl bck in like 2013 or so?

Used to be? She still is. She's so pitiful.

No. 46746

I hate people rubbing my stomach it's so infantilizing- o

No. 46747

same but maybe that's what she likes
It also makes me worry I'm fat, but I know some chubbbies take it like 'he loves my curves!'

No. 46782

If she were projecting any harder we'd all be able to enjoy movies tonight in the park. Seriously have you ever seen posts like this made by people who are LEGIT happy? She's knows she's a piece of meat to guys so that's why the only thing she has to compliment herself is being a 'hottie' which she isnt. If she were actually hot she'd get hit on without having to shove her saggy tits in people's faces.

This girl legitimately makes me infuriated and sad ugh

>Jimmies level: rustled

No. 46785

those are some ugly ass tits

No. 46794


I used to pity her because its obvious she hates herself, but now i just shake my head and laugh.

No. 46817

>and it’s so gr8 ♡ i love supporting & being nice to other girls who r sweet & nice

There's that psuedo "girl love" again. Her definition of sweet and nice is really strange.

No. 46819


>who is the bitter disgusting person who keeps on reporting & getting my blog deleted? i’m soo tired of this. leave me aloooone. this is NOT how u deal with people you don’t like. i have a open message box dude. i just made that post about how happy i was and than some sicko decides to report my blog about a lie. that’s such a disgusting thing to do. get a life. stop worrying about me. i sent tumblr a pic of my id and everything and pleaded and w/e and i’m hoping my perfect blog comes back. there isn’t a huge chance since it’s related to ~*~CP~*~ but i’m still going to try. tumblr is my coping mechanism and very important to me. i gained 800 followers in like…6 days? i was doing a good job with getting my followers back since my last TWO blogs got deleted, and than someone has to come and ruin that. i don’t get how people can be so unhappy and mad @ the world. if that’s what you are than fine but leave me out of ur hatred.

>implying its one person reporting her blog

>implying anyone who would do so is unhappy with their life
>implying she gained back those followers because she's so popular and not because she went around to everyone's ask box asking to promo her new blog
>implying tumblr is a gold coping mechanism

No. 46821

>omg waaah please give me my blog back all i did was post child pornography ;_;

No. 46888


>also i really don’t use this blog anymore. the things on here don’t interest me anymore. it’s so boring & not cute to me. i don’t care for it… so it’s not like i can use this blog for anything. ty 4 still following me but i don’t find these things cute anymore and i will be updating this blog less and less (by “these things” i mean the majority of things in my archive) i reaaaaally hope i can get my actual blog back. it was alot of fun…

No. 46890

So in other words, she's gone from just being a weeb to being full tacky ageplay whore? Interesting.

No. 46894

As someone who is slightly into DDLG this still makes me feel faintly sick. Creepy fucking old guys. It's sad she thinks this is okay..

No. 46896

sigh I get sick of this but let's be real guys. These aren't the most attractive boobs possible but they are still perfectly normal boobs. I know the girls on here are cunts but as we are all females I feel we should be less critical of average, natural bodies..

sorry I just prefer to attack people over things they can actually help. Like shitty attitudes

No. 46904

She seems to only care about what will make her popular and get her money. It's sad.

No. 46906

I agree with this a lot even if it kind of is in the nature of lolcow to really sling shit when it comes to physical appearance.
Me too. I call my guy daddy in private but our dynamic is healthy. What Himeka is doing is not healthy at all.

No. 46920


she's promoting herself as a sexy camwhore so she's basically free game.

No. 46947


Where the fuck did she meet this creep?

No. 46948


I feel like sending this shit to tommy sotomayor and have him ether the fuck out of her

and he'd do it too

and well

No. 46949


It is pretty gross though. Isn't she like 3-4 years older than his son? Oh god

No. 46950


Exactly, there is nothing up with having a daddy kink. If it's what couples do or someone you're involved with then fine. But jesus christ, she'll end up dead in a ditch if she's not alert.

No. 46955


b-but anon, those things won't happen to her!

No. 47046

wow that guy has no balls

No. 47047

Just noticed that… the fuck?

No. 47050

i think they are just real close to his dick?

No. 47061

The site automatically archives links. Hover over the link.

No. 47079


No. 47867

Where did she go?

No. 51638

File: 1446026627598.jpg (1.73 MB, 2560x2560, 15-10-28-05-59-59-698_deco.jpg)

It's still hilarious how ugly she actually is.

No. 53614

What happened to Himeka?

No. 55599


>WTF is wrong with people!! She’s gone yet again!!!

>WTH why do people keep reporting this goddess?? @candygirl997 far now she’s had three pages!!! If you don’t like what you see get the fuck off the page!!! No one is sorry that your so insecure about yourself that you put down other’s pages cause your afraid to do it!!! We need people like her to show that it’s still okay to express themselves!!!-DTK

No. 55617

> A little about me-
Furry Fox/wolf (Foxes forever)
well that explains a lot

No. 56362


>it’s me bunny~ tumblr deleted my other blog , candygirl997 and i decided to just take some time off from the internet ? it’s been a few weeks and i think i’m ready to give tumblr another go!! aaalso, i have alot of stories to update u guys with hehe. i’m going to try and keep my blog sfw and limit nsfw stuff to pics of myself ??? ! i hate it but tumblr staff just doesn’t like my aesthetic or s/t iunno. pleaaase pleaase reblog this if you can. i missed my tumblr friends so much and i hope i wasn’t forgotten ?

No. 56363


>my new blog is lollipopgirl997 ~ ( i’m going to delete this post soon because idk if someone w/ no life is deliberately reporting my blog for nonsense OR tumblr is acting wild. i really am not sure but i’ll be on the safe side and try to be lowkey~ thx n please follow . it’s also probably going to stay 80% sfw atleast )

No. 56364

File: 1447159317200.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.32 KB, 400x533, tumblr_nxl2xgh1qK1uje71yo2_400…)


She's trying really hard to make her breasts look large when we all know they really look like this >>46581

No. 56408

damn, girl needs to strengthen her core.

No. 56411

File: 1447171838528.jpg (105.88 KB, 1061x655, dellat3.JPG)

No. 56505


>匿名 asked:

>Do you know who reported you

>maybe. i won’t say any names tho!! i really don’t want to believe people can be that petty and bitter but that’s just how it is shrugs i hope they can find happiness soon ?

I bet she was going to blame either her sister or Amina.

No. 56510

do you think she is still hating on amina now that she is a whore and all that jazz, i mean between nasty old men touching her do you think she has the time to think about amina?

No. 56517

lol. okay i have some shit on this dumb bitch. i actually know her irl. she's 27 years old. i have proof of this & if she keeps trying to pretend to be some young hottie older men love i'm gonna spill the tea tbh.

NO older men would pay attention to her. rich older men? oh please. she is a super overweight 27 yr old who has made up an entire bs tumblr persona on being this cutsey "lol happy i luv papiiiii!" little girl when that is far from the truth.

it bugs me so much she gets attention when it is ALL bs. if they saw what her unshopped pics looked like, where she really lives, her real age, ect they'd stop reblogging her.

shes an aging old dirt poor fatass bitch

No. 56518

literally 27. almost 28. meaning pushing 30. and has to resort to pretending to be someone so different to get any attention on tumblr.

No. 56519

go on

No. 56527

Yes. Go on.

No. 56528

Please deliver us the details

No. 56535

So this is going to probably out me and she'll come here and see it but idc. She wants to really talk about being bitter? She talked mad shit about half her "fave" blogs, calling them crazy or mean only to befriend them later. She did it with super-rabbit, she did it with bratcandy who btw blocked her and even after when she (Angela) got deleted she went right back and followed her like it didn't even happen (proof of this via caps on this very thread). She can talk all the shit she wants about people who post on here but if you're really honestly happy with your life you don't act like that either.
Inb4 she reads this and accused me of being sad, bitter or some other predictable reaction

No. 56545

File: 1447204501284.jpg (9.4 KB, 182x231, 1445215946743-1.jpg)

The fuck?

No. 56546

Gonna have to call bullshit. An anon here emailed her school and got a response and Himeka posted about it. You can't be over 20 in high school.

No. 56572


Idk but she looks old enough to be 27 or 30 lol

No. 56578

>she's 27 years old.

This line makes me doubt the legitimacy of anything else you'll say. It had already been proven that she hasn't lied about her age. She's only 18 currently.

No. 56582


>匿名 asked:

>oh i understand babypof, but remember the only valid trigger warnings are pg-13, rated R and all those things like on TV, movies and games where it's either M for mature or E for everyone and says why. but yea the "trigger warning burgers" is so bullshit. just want to tell you that too. but baby you dont have to listen to these hoes on this site.

>i have no idea what u said but ty ?? i just really don’t like this mentality a lot of people on tumblr have. especially regarding sexuality. one second they’re all like “no slut shaming!! be a hoe! have weird fetishes!! no kinkshaming!! fuck everybody” but god forbid u ACCTUALLy do that rolls eyes just leave me the hell alone and let me have a personal blog with the things my legal 18 yr old self likes and enjoys.

No. 56586



>匿名 asked:

>sweetie you have to realize that your 'aesthetic' can be extremely triggering to others. There are people who were sexually abused as children by 'papis' who treated them just like they treated you and it might not be harmful in that cases but you posting about it can cause them to relapse and do really bad things. That's why tumblr takes your blogs down. I doubt it's anyone 'trying to ruin your day' it's probably someone trying to prevent victims from being hurt

>acctually, “sweetie”, tumblr removed my blog for CP which is a lie and utter bs. good job on acting like u know everything though! i also made it quite clear in my byf/about page what my blog consisted of and trigger warnings. if someone felt disgusted by my blog they can unfollow and block me. and by aesthetic i meant britney spears and glitter text becos at the end of the day thats what 90% of my blog consisted of. sowwy!

>i meant britney spears and glitter text becos at the end of the day thats what 90% of my blog consisted of. sowwy!

>thats what 90% of my blog consisted of.

Anyone who's been following this thread knows that's a damn lie. Plus her blogs wouldn't have been deleted if she was telling the truth.

No. 56588


>匿名 asked:

>that anon is a serious cunt. so what, we cant like things because someone else doesn't? fucking bullshit, you were targeted by assholes and i wont be surprised if that anon was part of the one to report you.

>thank youuu. i understand sexual abuse is serious and i am not in any way trying to diminish anyones issues/problems and things that bother them. i’m a survivor of sexual abuse myself. i’m also a human with interests and likes and if those interests/likes upset you.. um, bye? thats MY safe space at the end of the day. i will not stop being me because someone insists on following me aside from my warnings. that’s not MY fault. (p.s: trigger warnings dont exist in reality)

>i’m a survivor of sexual abuse myself.

So suddenly she's a survivor of sexual abuse now that people are calling her out on her bullshit. I'm guessing she's using this as an excuse to post whatever she wants. How disgusting and insulting that is to actual survivors of sexual abuse.

No. 56600

What happened to Bibi? I wonder if she's reporting her too lmao

No. 56601

You what? I've been following this chick's online presence for a while, and there doesn't seem to be any reason to believe this.
I'm going to ask for proof, anon.

No. 56616

Those girls blocked her for a reason. I doubt they'd want to be associated with such a psycho hot mess.

How long will it take for her next blog to be deleted? 5 days tops? lol. Mess.

No. 56617

I'm actually wondering if anon may be telling some truth, because she honestly doesn't look like a teenager. I've followed her for awhile….she's always had an um..womanly mature body and a beat as f face. Then think about how much she posts about being a ~teen~ and being her little 18 yr old self! It's like she's overcompensating lol

No. 56618

Honestly I doubt bibi cares enough about Angela aanymore. Good for her. I sincerely she saw Angela as a lesson to be learned.
Her and super-rabbit are still friends, if bratcandy (she has a new blog now I think) knew she was following her again she might block her.

No. 56619

So she trashes girls on tumblr & talks about how mean & bitter they are, then suck up to them & become their friend? lol that's so fake.

No. 56626


>匿名 asked:

>"defend yr boo" ok hun never mind the fact that u both talkd mad trash bout each other 2 any1 wholl listen at least she sure did bout u.. but i guess that's what u silly kiddies mean now adays when u tlk bout uplifting other girls, being 2faced yeap

>what are you even saying hun? stay mad. jealous cos u have no friends to defend in the first place? BOOP bitch bye ?? kiss my fat black ass.

No. 56632

because she is fat and photoshops the shit out of her pics. also stands with her legs straining apart and her pelvis back to try to get a thigh gap and even when she does its the smallest thigh gap ever. shes pretty chubby. her stomach folds over and wrinkles over her thighs like an older lady. her tits are saggier than megans. her pussy sags with floppy roast beef burger lips.
she used those shitty asain apps to smooth out the wrinkles on her face.

shes incredibly unfortuneate looking.

No. 56635


>匿名 asked:

>ye ya caught me! nah actually its cuz my friends don't stick they necks out (or they asses 4 tht matter) and act shady n fake af like u n y'all friends do ??

>can anyone translate this msg for me? thx.

Why is Himeka acting she can't read that? She types like that on a daily basis.

No. 56638

She's typing the same way the anon is lol

No. 56659


She deleted both these posts >>56635 >>56626

I think it's safe to assume she sent those herself.

No. 56668

File: 1447229170668.jpg (28.88 KB, 445x160, warming-up-penis-rice-sock.jpg)

And she acts like her boobs are something to brag about.

No. 56737


No. 56831

>>46581 boobs looks like something out of national geographic tho

No. 56836

File: 1447278599667.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.51 KB, 540x725, tumblr_nxo6uvnnqY1uje71yo1_540…)

No. 56838

>daddys bby pwincess

No. 56876

No. 57038

File: 1447314470883.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.46 KB, 400x534, tumblr_nxoot0XE3d1uje71yo2_400…)

No. 57089

lol of course shed reblog a post by megan. Also wtf Angela why are you dating a 56 year old man? can we just admit that even if you're legal that shit is creepy as hell? guess I'm sjw trash because crusty old pedophilea don't get me going

No. 57095

>>42216 Seeing this makes >>57038 even funnier..
shes so fake rofl keep yr twofaced game strong himeka

No. 57126


>nemjuice asked:

>Y r u in to old toys

>grey hair, experience, and money is hot!! what can i say shrugs ?? i also love The stank looks we get >when ppl see us ⭐️ i mean, i obviously can’t be his daughter sooooo

>also i totally misunderstood this question & thought s/t else but … oh well!

>nemjuice asked:
>Oh so u have a bf?

>duh i just said that ?

No. 57127

I forgot to point out that she most likely asked herself these questions. Since that nemjuice blog didn't have any post on it and was recently made. Why would she do something like that?

No. 57137

>grey hair, experience and money
lil whore

No. 57194

>knowledgeispleasure asked:
>I'm really happy that I found you, again. Don't stay down^^

>yay! i’m happy u found me 2 ⭐️? i won’t~ i’m not down but i do feel bad getting deactivated soo many times even tho it’s just bullies & jealous ppl. i would never ever in my life post something illegal on here sigh. i feel like everyones thinkin “why this girl always getting her blog deleted!? smdh” lol

>it’s just bullies & jealous ppl.

Is she just, completely unaware of the pedophiliac content she posts?

No. 57197


>匿名 asked:

>so what happened while you were gone?

>lotsssss omg~ Halloween alone is like, a 7 page essay. most importantly i have a Daddy now! it’s all vry new though but he’s soo sweet and funny. he’s also 56, 6'4, rly wealthy & wears expensive suits and rolex’s & makes dumb Dad jokes all the time? my type to the T! he’s sicky right now though..

>(p.s: as much as i want to talk all day about my Papi, there r alot of vindictive people on the net who especially like ruining relationships, & His work is super duper srs so I can’t go too much in2 detail about him! i’d wuv 2 but yea… please respect that?)

No. 57201


No. 57234

File: 1447373740407.jpg (335.97 KB, 1440x2274, _20151112_161326.JPG)

actually no, you are all pieces of shit. bratcandy for her disgusting attitude and "kinks", you for stalking and copying her and Angela for following both of these pieces of trash and sharing in their mentality

No. 57250



>i just got off the phone with my Daddy and i feel soo giggly & happy!! i wuv him i dooooo?? i die (in a good way!) when he calls me a little girl & other cute lovely things~ he doesn’t have a tumblr of course, but he knows my url and i want him to stumble upon this post & see how dumb, excited, & blushy he’s made me from a phone call alone! pwease God make him feel better so i can see him again soon ???

I bet the only reason she wants him to get better is so she can keep spending his money.

No. 57258

>implying he actually exists

No. 57274

Just went through that other chick's blog lmao
>I wish i could show everyone on here my selfies to totally destroy all of yours confidence with my model appearance. I’m special,not like most ugly fat girls on here.I just loveeee tumblr,love blogging. BUT unfortionately, i’m a very popular girl and can’t post alot of pics like i want without getting exposed. It’s actually funny how many girls there is that are jealous of me in real life, and having guys fighting over me. Tbh,I’m not writing this just to seem cool or anything, it’s my reality which seems unbeliveable for many people but not for me. I don’t like sounding shallow and narcissistic, but, it really is the truth. if you really want an idea about me,you can image a 5'2,80 lbs denise richards lookalike. except i look way younger. I’m a cute skinny petite teen. That’s all you need to know. xo ?

No. 57736

i sent Angela an ask wondering why she was idolizing people like her who tear other girls down instead of being sweet bubbly and positive and all the crap she goes on about (like how she sees people on here), but she didn't answer it of course

No. 58803

File: 1447472193593.jpg (Spoiler Image, 343.24 KB, 1280x1708, tumblr_nxo77bv6DI1sc0tvro1_128…)

Is it really necessary for her to blur her pics like this?

No. 58805

lol the way this is written makes me think of 10 year olds roleplaying on gaiaonline

No. 58807

this bitch needs to be seen by tommy sotomayor

No. 58809

how much do you want to bet she is only friends with all these popular blogs so she can submit pics of herself to them?

No. 58853

Please shut the hell up about the coon that is Tommy Sotomayor. Why is a dumbass like you on lolcow anyways

No. 58856

Starting to look as fat as Bibi

No. 58875

File: 1447486317986.jpg (Spoiler Image, 295.83 KB, 1280x1708, tumblr_nxsjmmL71T1uje71yo1_128…)

No. 58876

File: 1447486626984.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.57 MB, 1920x2560, 15-11-14-02-35-48-110_deco.jpg)

She uses so much blur her knee caps disappear.

No. 59069

So she's back in her house?

No. 59144

No, the two to the right are old.

No. 59148


>匿名 asked:

>Just a warning: lollipopgirl997 is underaged which is why she keeps getting reported & deleted. It was a huge deal a few weeks ago over her. Be careful reblogging her, you could get your blog deleted if someone reported it :/

>spankmylace answered:

>But she’s not underage, she really is 18. I know her past, I know her history, I know her old urls from when she was underage, I know she was put on blast forever by 4chan and back in the day when she was underage I blocked her.

>do these people want me to post my id or something? i’m IN college. my Daddy who i go on forever about is a 56 yr old business professional who wouldn’t risk his everything being with a kid. i was on manyvids meaning i’d have to send in valid identification. you people are wack, sad, dumb, and petty.

No. 59289

So suddenly because she's 18 shes fine and excuses all the CP she was putting around befoe

No. 59291

File: 1447544394822.jpg (152.01 KB, 1440x861, _20151114_153501.JPG)

just when I think angela couldn't possibly get any lower. I hope the girls who reblog/make stupid text like this get their hearts broken, participating in cheating aint kawaii
what happened to all that "uplifting gurlz is nice positive vibes" thing? fake like everything else about her smgdh

No. 59441

Oh it's still going strong, it's just that not only do you spread positive vibes and uplift fellow women, you remind them in the same breath that you can and will steal their man if they dare fuck you over.

She edits herself so much like a child it's funny. Her head is big as fuck and then her body is tiny and rectangular. I also love how when she does topless pics, she squishes her tits against her chest to make them look large n perky. Her contortions for a thigh gap are hilarious because as she's struggling to get a thigh gap….her thighs touch further down. It's a lose/lose situation until she edits her thighs farther apart.

Just noticed the blur alongside the mirror on the wall. Either she slimmed the pic or pushed the mirror in so that she wouldn't distort her bed covers.

No. 59454

this crap makes me wanna die

No. 59459

File: 1447565338073.jpg (16.03 KB, 285x357, blount_disease_bow_legs.jpg)

All I see is

No. 59477

File: 1447577891511.jpg (Spoiler Image, 297.29 KB, 1280x1708, tumblr_nxucbjfBNo1uje71yo1_128…)


>whybotherbaby asked:

>LORD GOD you are awesome!

>thx ~ ! it’s hard 2 take pix in my current lil room ? i’m moving into my own apt eventually, credit to Daddy, and i’m hoping for a hot pink hobby/play room ? (i have a tendancy to go off into tangents.. oop)

>i’m moving into my own apt eventually

Here we go again

It's really annoying how she tries to force herself to have a thigh gap.

No. 59480

Her left arm tho lmao

No. 59568


>on sunday mornings i go out with my Daddy in his nice car and we talk & laugh & he touches me & ohemgee it’s just my fav thing ??hes taking friday off and we’ll b going to da beach ?☀️ i think almost everyday this week i’ll be seeing him n i’m soooo h a p p y ?

No. 59585

Those were my exact thoughts when she mentioned the apartment thing too

No. 59622

she is so huge. holy fuck! why does she shop her pics & force a thigh gap so bad? girl. you a cow. just accept it.

No. 59623

How can someone so young look so old? I don't mean that in a mean way, I'm curious bc idk anything about her. Does she do drugs or somthing? Rough life? She's really 18? I would guess she was late 20s. I'm shocked. Girl put down the meth pipe, workout, and get some wrinkle cream o_o

No. 59626


she eats like shit and doesn't work out or take care of her skin.

No. 59645

nothing wrong with people liking women with babyfaces.
it doesnt make someone a pedo. as someone with a babyface, fuck off

No. 59647

so basically
"it's wrong for men to like women who dont look like me! THEYRE PEDOPHILES

No. 59648

"everyone who like women who dont look old like me are pedos"

No. 59651

None of those anons said anything along those lines. And why are you replying to old shit? Not one of those anons said "wow fuk omg all dese bitches wit bbyfaces r pedos and all men should love mi cus im mature". Fuck, even >38773 said that they have a young face too, but it makes them feel gross. I don't get why you're so mad. Then again, you're probably just Himeka.

No. 59652

I meant >>38773 oops lol

No. 59660

Fuck off, Angela/samefag. There's a difference between looking younger than you actually are and actively making the effort to looking/being a "petite teen angel xo". You don't have to be a granny to see that.

No. 59661

There's no way it isn't Himeka or one of her friends tbh.

No. 59665

OMG YES. She does NOT look like a teenager at all. im so shocked shes 18?! her body looks sooo developed, like a 28 yr old, which i'm not saying is bad at all, but those national geographic tube sock titties belong on a lady who has given birth. and her body shape…that pussy….ect. its so bizarre she plays up the ~teen queen~ thing when she looks more of a developed woman than most late 20s women….

No. 59666

Of course it's her. Her social life is made up. All she does is sit on her cottage cheese wide ass on here or Tumblr :)

No. 59667

It's like a 29 year old being scared to hit 30 so she pretends to be a teen. She may be 18, but she doesn't pull of the teen porn look at all. Think about it, if she put on some neutral clothing from H&M this girl would look well into her 20s.

No. 59677

I still believe all the drama around her was herself. Meaning, she pretended to be a girl who found out her school and pretended to email them about it then write on her blog how someone wrote her school all to add to the whole i'm-a-teen! shtick she fails at. It's completely plausable she did all of that to add to her image. I just refuse to believe she is 18. I've talked to alot of people from that area of tumblr that agree their is no way she can only be 18. Even if she was a meth head, eats like crap, doesn't work out ect. an 18 year old wouldn't have already aged that much.

No. 59714

Wouldn't surprise me.

No. 59715


>i keep on getting reported by irrelevant trainwrecks coz im a qt

No Himeka, you kept getting reported because the shit you would post looked like CP. Plus you're not "a qt" you look like a troll.

>come 4 me and i’ll just make u hate urself & delete ur blog

Highly doubt this


>i miss my old room!! ?

She could have still had it if didn't value sucking old dirty dick over everything else.

No. 59717

Yeah Ive known this girl because we were both in that train wreck oishiiproject and she's not lying about her age. She doesn't even look that old just ugly, She's just ugly but she doesn't look 30. You guys like to exaggerate shit on here, saying Yuka is on drugs or himezawa's nose is big. theres some truth to it but you guys run with no prevail about it..
and bibi has blogs from years ago and they're obvi the correct ages. ugly=/=old

No. 59751

Honestly himezawas nose is fucking huge..no exaggeration.

No. 59800

Has she been kicked out of uni yet?

No. 59848

Himeka, you're the irrelevant train wreck here. i almost want to send an ask to see if she can make me really want to hate myself/delete my blog

No. 59850

Lets report her just to see how fast she makes a new blog lol. She's so obsessed. Is tumblr the only place that she gets attention..?

No. 59853

I agree with the anons saying she looks old. She has an older woman's body. I feel bad for her, she'll stop getting guys attention in a few short years bc of her aging. How will she live?

No. 59901


>saying Yuka is on drugs or himezawa's nose is big

But Yuka is on drugs. That's not an opinion. That's objectively true.

I feel like Himezawa's nose is blown out of proportion a little, it's nothing compared to that Otaku Owls or whatever weeb girl jrcock used to want to bone, but it's still big. I think the reason people talk about it so much is because she wants to be a ~kawaii youthful aidoru~ so badly.

No. 59929


>匿名 asked:

>himmy, bby, ily bish…but u couldnt make anyone delete their blog or hate themselves. come on girl. ur too sweet to be capable angel

>yes… that is tru ? only because i srsly don’t get hate. all my followers r rly sweet & protective of me & i’m soooo greatful 4 tht ? i’ve gotten anon hate once (saying i lightened my skin) in September and all my followers dragged them anyway ~ i’m not saying “gimmie anon hate” BUT if u do get prepared to b read, that’s all ??


>匿名 asked:

>Why are the only good blogs on this website deleting? My all time favourite bratcandy got reported?I'm gutted. You keep getting reported, thatsagoodlittlegirl got deleted, ect. Tumblr isn't even worth going on now. Who is the loser reporting the hot girls on here?

>no idea!!! but this is one of those situations where rumblr needs to be used. i’ll paw up on somebody cos this petty cowardly “i'ma report chuu cos i don’t like chuuuu” nonsense makes me so mad. u r so petty and u r soooo weaaaaak ? leave us hotties alone.

>(p.s: thatsagoodlittlegirl is now daisfreshdollyofficial ? go follow tht qt pie. idk bratcandy’s new url coz i think she got deleted again!)

>leave us hotties alone.

None of you are remotely attractive and you all post creepy pedo shit.

Also, that first anon types exactly like she does.

No. 59945

she has received anon hate though she just deletes it later
also she talks about how that bratcandy and bratz-angel or whatever girl is a hottie and how she likes them both butttt she likes posts putting them down..found this in the bratcandy tumblr search

No. 59947

It was exposed that bratz-angel was a catfish joke blog months ago.

No. 59949

What drugs does she do? Crack?

No. 59950

Lol that's because the first anon is clearly her. Does she send herself anons alot? & lol nobody cares enough about her to send her anon hate. Her blog isnt even that popular.

No. 59957

Does lollipopgirl997 live in Florida? I don't pay attention to her blog, but I've seen some drama on here about her & swear I saw her this weekend. I could be wrong though, it could have been someone who looked alot like her, but I'm 99.99% sure it was her.

No. 59958

(same anon)^ If she does live in Florida, then MAN i got some SHIT to SAY!

No. 59959

She lives in Florida.

No. 59961


my fav things r: ??
daisys♡sunflowers?♡palm trees & tropical stuff♡rainbows!!?♡carebears??♡cute girls in pigtails♡mini skirts♡plaid♡bubblegum pop♡sunshine☀️♡tummy rubs♡sour gummy worms♡usahana♡00’s & late 90's?♡platform sneakers♡adventure time♡my little pony?♡eurobeat♡disney♡manba & ganguro♡lisa frank stickers⭐️♡rich older gentleman who call u baby & little girl & r soo nice & funny aka my Daddy?♡BRITNEY… duh♡cute slutty pink clothes♡tommy6?♡ & lots lots more things (basically everything u c on my blog ?)

>#my aesthetic is the cutest

No. 59967

by Tampa?

No. 59968

So pedophila is cute to her?

No. 59972

I think so.

No. 59978

Yeah, she's in St.Petersburg, which is about 45 minutes away from Tampa.

No. 59979

Himeka sure as fuck don't care

No. 59981

That's so sad lol

No. 59990

Yuka took drugs a few time at a rave. The reason she acts crazy is because she's immature and is attention starved. She's taken drugs but she's not on drugs. You guys make her seem lol she's a hardened crack addict. I really wish the PULL fags didn't come here so much. Anyways Himeka is ugly but she doesn't look that old to the point where she's 30. I've seen way older looking 18-19 year olds. You guys are just being dumb lol.

No. 60024


idk, I considered her to still be 'on drugs' but when you say it like that, I get what you mean. I highly doubt she's an addict or anything but they're still fucking with her physically and mentally, which is why people bring it up so often.

I think 30 is a pretty fucking big exaggeration and honestly I feel like posters here often exaggerate how old someone looks in some piss-poor attempt at convincing strangers on the internet what a kawaii youthful loli chan they must be themselves but it is a bit ironic she tries so hard to with the DDLG shit when she looks a little mature for her age

No. 60030

I think when posters say she looks old, they mean too old for the hot teen ddlg thing. As in, her body and face look like a grown woman (like 24) rather than a barely legal baby face skinny girl. Her wearing normal lingerie and some glam makeup would be more fitting.

No. 60032


I can understand why they say it. Take a look at >>51638 and maybe you'll understand too. She doesn't exactly look like a teen nor does she look like she's in her twenties.

No. 60033

you guys act like you never took an unflattering pic.

No. 60036

That's from a video. That is how she actually look.

No. 60038

When are you going to give us the details?

No. 60043

Deets pls

No. 60087

I was >>59648 >>59647 >>59645
and i'm not himeka nor any of her friends. ive never talked to this bitch.

No. 60090

>thinks taking an anon's word for it is enough
Are you sure you're not himeka? The resemblance in stupidity is pretty uncanny.

No. 60106

Deets pls

No. 60135

Hi guys. I'm the anon asking if she was from Florida/Tampa. OMFG seriously? Okay. I'll spill, it will be kinda long though, gimme a bit. I'll deliever by tonite.

No. 60140

Hey guys. I'm the anon from earlier asking if she was from Florida/around Tampa. I asked because I was by the beach this weekend and I saw a girl that looked EXACTLY like her and I was like "where have I seen her before?!" and then it hit me. Ugh. This will be long. I suck at making things short:

I live in Clearwater (it's a city by Tampa/St. Pete. All three are connected by various bridges) so easy to get to any beach from anywhere. Our beaches are commercial so all around them is built up with bars, nightlife, sketchy areas, parties, ect. I was at one of them this weekend…it's kinda a huge popular beach, theres lots of places to eat & stuff around, so i was walking to the bathrooms to change when I saw 'her' She had her glasses on and a really really awful wig on :/ at the beach :/ I don't mean like a nice lace front, i mean a long black knotty synthetic Party City wig (i'm not trying to trash her at all, I'm trying to describe it as honest as possible. I apologize if i sound mean) She just looked so out of place. People by the beach typically wear beach clothes and natural hair/no makeup. She was wearing Ybor city clubbing clothes and a huge wig on a weekend afternoon at the beach. I only noticed her bc she was screaming into her phone. Hysterically. Cursing, screaming, like really being a the stereotypical "angry black woman" (oh god that sounds awful to say) Like making a scene. She was by herself by the benches just screaming into her phone. People were looking at her like wtf?! I kept thinking seriously? Kids are around. I kept waiting for a parent to come over and smack her.
I went into the bathrooms/outside shower area, rinsed, changed, came back out. Shes just sitting alone on the bench still. Off the phone, but looked angry. Just..an angry looking person. Maybe she was having a bad day. Then I walk way over to the vending machines and i keep looking back at her bc i knew i'd seen her somewhere and was trying to place it & I just see her like making pissed off movements and stuff into her phone lol. Imagine someone screaming into their phone on mute. Thats what it looked like. She was on the phone yelling again, I just couldnt hear. Tbh it was funny lol.
My friend texted me she was meeting up w/ me there so I had no choice but to sit on bench near Himeka (is that it?) & watch her out of my peripheral vision (I'm creepy) and yeah. She got off her phone again (thank god) and just …sat there. Not looking at her phone. Just messing with her wig, pulling tons strands out and balling them up, and constantly coughing and clearing her throat. Then a car parked, an overweight (I'm being nice)(fat) old black guy came towards her to get her attention and she walked over to him and got in the car and they left. No hugs. No greeting. Nothing that made it looked like they even liked each other. It was like an watching an old married couple who hate each other.

That's my story. It wasn't that big of a deal. Now that I know it was most likely her, I wanted to spill since it's a contrast to how she appears to present herself online. She didn't act like a sweet kawaii youthful happy girl, she was acting like an angry woman who lacked the decency to not scream expletives when children were around and didn't understand it's not appropriate to wear clubbing clothes to a family beach area. Idk who the guy was. Maybe her father? God forbid her boyfriend. He was old and fat.

I can show proof I live in Clearwater if you guys need it. I don't mind. I can also fill in any gaps to this & answer questions if ya'll have them. It's 2:30am & I'm tired so it may be kinda scattered.

No. 60188

Damn lol I bet that guy was her "daddy". Gross

No. 60191

Your story lines up with


where she says she went to the beach recently. Since it was late when you typed this, is there anything else that happened that day with her around? How long was she there? Could make out anything she yelling about, at all?

No. 60213

Omg FUCK HIM MAN he's an idiot how is he gonna fix his eggplant colored mouth everyday to form words against his own women seriously you sucked a brown nipple when you first came in this world somebody needs to put the poor addled coon out of his misery.

No. 60228

Based anon. I hope we get more stories like this.

No. 60376



>i am NOT underage. i have a manyvids account (bunny baby) which means i would need proper ID to be on their site. i was born july 21st 1997. who the hell is spreading that lie and for what reason???? i am an adult.
>please reblog this if you can. that’s a SERIOUS accusation!!!! and that sick, gross person is sending it to very popular bloggers in order to deface me!!!

No. 60514


>匿名 asked:

>Bc you both had similiar blogs, I bet the person spreading the lies that you're underage is prolly the same person who spread the lies that @bratcandy was underaged. Obviously they don't have a life. Bratcandy does look underaged, but you look like an adult woman. Its not even about looks tho tbh- if someone says they aren't underage then ppl should believe them. I'm sorry this is happening to so many girls on here. Jealousy is disgusting. Whoever is doing this is an envious loser. hugs

>it’s really unfortunate and sad tbh ?bratcandy is even older than me since she’s had her nsfw blog since 2014 or 2013 (not exactly sure how old she is acctually idk much about her but i won’t stand for bullying & we r both getting bullied tbh) i hope this person stops, like, right now, because i will put an IP tracker on my blog, find them, and expose them ?

>even worse is going into other ppls inboxes and spreading such lies 2 other bloggers. Nobody wants to risk having an underaged child on their blog , even tho I am not one, so of course they will immedietly block me & tell their followers 2 do the same. i don’t want 2 be seen as some terrible person or liar coz i’m not!! i’m on tumblr to have fun . if u don’t like me just block me & carry on with ur day. trying 2 slander me proves ur jealousy & bitterness tbh ? if i have to post my i.d to prove my age, i will (blocking out the priv bits of course ?)

>i will put an IP tracker on my blog, find them, and expose them ?

Himeka, you realize IP tracking is pretty much useless right? Just because you can see who's visiting doesn't mean you'll know who's saying anything for sure. Then again, you're not the brightest bulb in the box, so you don't know that.

So, who thinks she's either going to blame Amina or Bibi?

No. 60559

Lmao, she's probably going to blame Amina and Bibi
>My "sister" and this one chick who is bullying me (ik it's her!!) have teamed up on me like??? fr??? how do u even betray ur own sister???

No. 60582

Florida anon: if that's her Daddy then I really feel bad for her. When I say old, I don't mean like a handsom older man or silver fox, I mean like the gross old men that look like they sit on their computer watching porn all day and smell gross. I'd guess he was around 60, very overweight, not well off looking at all.

She's not terrible looking if she worked out and cleaned herself up and lost the cheap wig & kept it natural. She could have a nicer looking man, this guy looked so..awful :/

No. 60584

(Florida anon) That post you linked of hers is NOT what I saw at all. She makes it sound like he is wealthy and they are in love and happy. No way. This man had a shitty peice of junk as a car, they didn't even greet eachother and when I watched them drive off they didn't even look at eachother. He was old and overweight too.
I only saw her make the huge cringe worthy scene. I was more taken aback by the way she looked and how she was yelling than anything. The way she was screaming/crying made it kinda hard to understand but it was alof "ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS" "FUCK YOU" "DONT CALL ME A CUNT" "i fucking hate you" and the N word. alot. and stuff about how she "didn't want to today" (over and over) and "you promised you'd see me today" "you never fucking even talk to me!" and stuff. Idk who she was on the phone with or anything, obviously, just that she was loud and hysterical and has a foul ass mouth :/

Idk how long she was there, but the whole thing I witnessed was probably 45 mins. She was totally alone. No one is alone at the beach (I was waiting for my friend to meet me) so I feel bad for her. It's like she was just dropped there after a night partying in Ybor or something.

No. 60585

I go to the beach like every weekend (its the best beach time for floridans rn bc its warm w/ no tourists) so if I ever see her again, I'll let you guys know :)

No. 60587

Not sure how to feel about the fact that we have the same birth date (different years BUT STILL.)
sage for ot

No. 60589

Hahaha, this is what I imagine all SD relationships are like. All the girls brag about their hot silver fox daddy giving them lots of money and nice things but they're really nasty ass men that don't even make much.

You also have the same birthday as millions of other people. Congratulations, retard.

No. 60602

File: 1447884836744.jpg (404.45 KB, 1440x2266, _20151118_141239.JPG)

Pat 1

No. 60603

File: 1447884932353.jpg (316.77 KB, 1440x1702, _20151118_141255.JPG)

Part 2

A relationship between a very young girl and a much older man being manipulative and shady? Who would have thought, right?

No. 60607

Lol Looks like she isn't that apartment now.

No. 60617

(florida anon again) I cannot imagine that guy being a sugar Daddy! Oh hell no. I drive a nicer car than he does & I just turned 18. This guy was like…not a sugar daddy. She may pretend he is, but he's not. She's lying to put it simply.
Alot of my friends are sugar babies (it's really popular here) and their "daddies" are typically fairly okay looking older men, so Himeka is full of it. This dude aint a sugar daddy.

No. 60620

(fl anon) This validates my story about her. Man.

No. 60621

It could have been someone else tbh? Idk anon, himeka is a liar but we honestly have no proof of your story either as easy as it is to believe. Maybe the guy you saw was one of her grandparents or her dad or something.

No. 60623


She got kicked out of her house for being a hoe, i doubt it was her grandpa.

No. 60624

She is staying with her aunt or grandparents or something? Could be her uncle. All I'm saying is there's no real proof that guy even exists let alone is her sugar daddy. All we have is the word of himeka or the word of an anon.

No. 60626

What fucking friends is she talking about?

No. 60627

maybe that rabbit girl or her pretend irl friends she does not have, who really knows.

No. 60633

I told you guys I can post whatever to proove I'm from Clearwater. Nah, I 100% saw her. Maybe the person was her grandpa or something picking her up after her daddy stood her up. Idk, is she okay w/ her grandparents seeing her dressed like I described? It seems so awkward.

No. 60635

She's staying with her grandmother. So, from what I can gather either the guy you say was her dad or that was her sd. But based on the way she was acting, it's most likely her dad. So you may have missed her sd by a few minutes.

No. 60640

You can be from the area and maybe not seen himeka, anon. Not trying to call you a liar here but again word alone in this case is kinda hard to go by.

No. 60641

Lmao this basically proves anon's story. What happened to him doing some super important work and being rich?

No. 60664

I understand. I felt waaaay to creepy to take pics though lol. I just see it as, she posted about being at the beach, i posted about what i saw at the beach (which i think was her screaming at her "sugar daddy" on the phone and making him come get her like he promised, having a fight..and then she posts about how she supposedly dumped him bc he was gross. I wouldn't lie about some random tumblr girl lol

No. 60666

Ya'll: This guy was not rich. I know believe she just met some old dude that fucked her and she called him her sugar daddy. She doesn't have the looks or attitude/class that a sugar baby needs in Florida. I can't imagine a real sugar Daddy finding what I witnessed appealing.

No. 60680

>this is relevant to tons of ppl i considered friendssss omggggg

No. 60694

File: 1447933676053.gif (1.24 MB, 332x332, tumblr_ny20y0LGCT1uje71yo1_400…)

No. 60727

shes a two faced liar and backstabber so her saying this actually makes her a prime example of the very post she reblogged

No. 60739

This girl literally has no online or offline friends except stupid ddlg bloggers.

Her entire friend circle of aminyan, bibi, Ringo and a few other people left her because she talked SO much shit about them. All she would do is gossip and she's obsessed with Yukapon. she's really mentally unstable.

No. 60740

Hoe will die bitter ugly and alone.
Karma sure is a bitch.

No. 60745

File: 1447954784559.jpg (192.8 KB, 1440x1495, _20151119_093521.JPG)

She has some friends online, pic related
i dont understand why a jobless 18yo is buying someone else things but ive heard some stuff where this makes more sense

No. 60774

(fl anon here) I'm asking this out of curiosity, not bitchiness: Is she a sex worker? Like a hooker/escort?

No. 60790


>posting a clip of you drinking while you're underage

No. 60804

why tf is she wearing a bikini with that flabby and ugly-chub body lol. i'd be embarrassed as fuck if i was her lmao

No. 60828

No she just sleeps with old guys for free

No. 60832


>your opinion on an age difference of 16 years?

>i’m talking to a man right now with a 40 year age difference to mine ~ honestly as much as i love age gaps be super careful!!! make sure he isn’t using u. a friend of mine told me that a much older man either wants a younger girl to control / manipulate OR he wants to feel young again & he’s in a midlife crisis lol. (i have dealt with both many times) i just happen to really be attracted to rich (50+) older men & i’m young & stubborn soooooo ya ^-^ but seriously pls be careful… otherwise have fun!!!

No. 60870

File: 1448030351634.jpg (13.37 KB, 281x202, Sohardcore.jpg)

No. 61024


>i’m not a sex worker but same ? girl hate is NOT cute & i don’t condone it. l especially for sex workers who get put down by society & ignorants sooo much.

( if u do come at me or a friend crazy expect to get cussed out thats all)

>girl hate is NOT cute & i don’t condone it.

Yeah sure Himeka, is that why you spent all that time trying to make Amina look like a shitty person and blamed your sister for your current living situation?

No. 61030

Lol She deleted this

No. 61043


>i somehow spent 600$ today ! i bought a whole bunch of clothes.. a 7-11 coca cola slushie… a cute hellokitty backpack and a Denim barbie one… hair accesories… birthday cake icecream… etcetc~ well these r important things what can i say shrugs my next princess allowance i want to get more things for my fwiends! it’s literally the best feeling ever spoiling my gal pals

No. 61046


>also i need to post more pictures!!! i know…my blog is lacking me. but i’m always out in the day doing things and i come home at like 9pm on most days. and nighttime lighting is icky . especially in my current room (even though it’s temporary! i can’t wait to mooove) ~ sowwy

No. 61063

>gal pals
ok chris-chan

No. 61175

>well these r important things what can i say shrugs my next princess allowance i want to get more things for my fwiends

There are so many things wrong with this sentence that no non-dysfunctional person would say, not to mention the possibility that there are some lies/exaggerations there (fwiends?). However, why does that last part seem like she wants to attract friends to her by mentioning spending a bunch of money on "them"? It makes her seem secretly desperate for some reason..

No. 61224

Ha. She deleted all of her selfies. Wonder what happened lol.

No. 62986


>#plz & ty!!!!

>#tired of ppl constantly replying to genuine ppl rudely or condescendingly

Why would she put those tags or even reblog that post when there's clear evidence that shows she does that exact thing? How far in denial is she about herself?

No. 62987

Looks like she's here reading the thread again because she already deleted the post. Kek

No. 63241


>i never thought i’d see a post like this on this website!!! omg so tru!!! i love my Daddys white hair so so much??? when i told him that on Thursday he got all confused but i really really do! my Daddy is tall, fit, and attractive 100% my type but he still looks in his 50’s and thats perfectly fine. if u love older men but only if they somehow look 30 yrs younger (pfffft) u a fake & ur just saying u love older men coz its basically a tumblr fad right now.

No. 63264

File: 1448250202115.jpg (141.94 KB, 1274x880, tumblr_ny8w9hvYcV1uje71yo1_128…)


>where are these bitter people coming from?~ mad becoz ur 13 following me and i called you out? blocked. p.s: i’m EIGHTEEN (an adult who can consent to sex, for the widdle bbys who aren’t sure) & if i want to fuck a man who’s in his late 50’s & love it… i have every right too & bitch i will ? i don’t want minors following my heavily pornographic blog & acctually, anyone would be creeped out by that. except ya know, pedophiles. pats ur head ur a dummy ^-^

Himeka, get over yourself. Pedophiles are most likely the only people interested in your creepy ass blog.

No. 63266

How can she even preach about shit like this when it wasn't that long ago she was doing the same shit and mutuals even admitted to blocking her back then? It's not like Angela waited until she was 18 to take nudes and post pedobait shit (she used to literally tag her CP as jailbait). She's a fucking dumbass mess.

No. 63274

>she used to literally tag her CP as jailbait

She tagged some of her current pictures as that too

No. 63358


>i’m not entertaining these anons anymore :3 sorry about that!! i never did before rly so i’m not sure why i am now. if you can’t even show ur face but u have the audacity to try n talk shit, ur an idiot n u will get instablocked. if i don’t respond to ur msg u literally don’t even exist so keep that in mind!!

No. 63362


>just cos i did some not-so-great things when i was literally 16 doesn’t mean i didn’t change and realise my errors & mistakes. i don’t want minors on my blog & thats the appropriate thing to do. do u want some 24 page long apology essay? too bad. i’m not apologizing for anything BUT that doesn’t mean i agree with what i did years ago. if u still have a problem with 16 yr old momo (99.9% of my followers lit have no clue what i’m talking about i understand that) than ur sad & miserable & i hope u can continue to stalk my blog & feel jealousy & bitterness!!! i don’t care ??

>just cos i did some not-so-great things when i was literally 16 doesn’t mean i didn’t change and realise my errors & mistakes.

Except that you don't. You aren't sorry for it and you continued to repost those old pictures like it wa s a-ok. Hell, when you posted pictures after your 18th birthday you were still tagging them as jailbait. That's pretty sad and disgusting.

>feel jealousy & bitterness!

There's nothing to feel jealous and bitter about. Your face looks like a troll's, your weave is busted, your body is dumpy, you don't have any irl friends, and your whole well being is dependant on your blog and follower count. You're pitiful Himeka. Nobody here is jealous or bitter over that. Get over yourself.

No. 63375

Isn't Momo another black weeb? Does she have a new target instead of Amina?

No. 63382

This bitch is disgusting; she has the face of a crack hoe and (from her pics) the vagina of a 43-year-old mother of 4.

Plus when did pee porn qualify as "cute stuff"? This girl is unhinged.

No. 63420

Himeka and Momo are the same person lol

No. 63642

File: 1448323672283.gif (4.38 KB, 96x96, tumblr_nmlngx1hU81sdmszbo1_100…)

No. 63648

Glanced at her blog and seriously felt ill. Pee and puke porn, girls with pig tails and child hair accessories looking like they're in pain/crying as they're having sex with older guys. Oh, yeah. SOOO cute. /s
JFC, she's disgusting.

No. 63649

Calling people bitter and jealous won't make you look like a kawaii loli either.

No. 63655

I know, right? What does she find sexy about puking and being peed on?

Never mind; even if she could articulate a reason, I'd never understand it.

No. 63735

People exaggerate how old 30 looks here anyway. You're only going to get serious wrinkles at 30 if you don't take care of yourself or have shit genetics. You seriously start to see aging around 35 with minor wrinkles around the eyes.

No. 63757


>匿名 asked:

>You're sooooo cute Im jelly you already have a daddy. I want one so so bad! How does your daddy look? How did you meet?

>i answered this b4 but things changed so i’ll answer it again. i got rly mad at Him but we’re ok now~ i’m a spoiled brat & if i don’t get my way nobodies safe. He was also being a dumbbutt so i had to teach him the hard way 0:) i’ve talked very vaguely about how he looks before but he’s so handsomeeee~ He’s 6′4. he towers over me like a skyscraper omg. I wuv itttt~ He’s 56 yrs old. He has superduper white hair that i simply adore. He’s caucasian… um.. He’s either wearing golf clothes or business suits. I love both equally ^o^ don’t expect me to upload a pic of Him coz i literally can’t~ maybe his hands or s/t will make a cameo on here.

>don’t expect me to upload a pic of Him coz i literally can’t~

Yeah because he doesn't exist, Himeka.

No. 63759


>So how many of these older guys have you fucked

>just my Daddy. i’m not interested in anybuddy else!!! (gangbangs & mmf threesomes r my #1 fantasy as everyone knows but my Daddy is totally against it … i gotta respect his boundaries or whateva! … cries )

>on a complete sidenote: quite a few older dudes have played w/ my pretty kitty~ aaand did other things. if that means anything!! i’m rly picky & i see myself as a celestial being so i don’t just let any dude get near me. i have sO many prerequisites lol (now that i have a Daddy this doesn’t even matter. nooobodddyyy ‘cept him can touch me ^^)

No. 63785

Gang bangs…, I should have known; fugly creature is obsessed with body fluids.

Piece of advice, Angela: Spooge will ruin that Party City fright wig you are so fond of. Might wanna buy a replacement before it gets too crusty.

No. 63799


>played with my pretty kitty

Ew. Who hurt her as a child?

No. 63861

….is this the same daddy she left because he was abusive?

No. 63864

> i gotta respect his boundaries or whateva! … cries
such dedication

No. 63867

Oh, I answered my question before. Shes so dumb

No. 63890

Yeah…I've never thought the whole "naughty schoolgirl" nymphet barely legal teen thing was all that gross (although really not my thing) because I can acknowledge that there's really a difference between fantasizing about a school girl age 17-18 versus children. But even the loli thing that Himeka and Yuka (and others) did didn't bother me as much as it seemed to bother other people because there was some kind of distinction between sexualizing a fictionalized concept of what ANIME children are and actual children.

But what Himeka and bratcandy post really bothers me. Some of the girls in some of those pictures look very underage at first glance, and there's a picture of a dude's dick with Disney princess panties wrapped around it on her blog. You know those panties were not intended to be worn by adult fetishists. Someone went to the little girls section and bought those. Almost all of the pictures look kinda violent. I don't really mind rape fetishists but it's bothersome when it crosses over into child rape fetishists.

I do wonder if these girls had some traumatizing experience as a kid, and maybe some of them did (specifically the ones who act like little kids or "littles") but for girls like Himeka I think it's just a trend and a way for attention. Controversy and all that.

No. 63921

i dont know but this hime bitch is definitely a pedophile herself i think. she is almost out of her teen years and still fantasizes about little girls, you have to be a pedophile in order to get off to that kind of shit on her blog

No. 63954


>i’m such a bad kid:((( i told my grandma i was going to the Mall & i just ended up going with my Daddy to suck his dick in some random busy parking lot ?? oops whatevah

No. 63956


No. 63957


I'll bever get this outright bragging about being a hoe. Its different when you're just with a close friend or something but airing it out online just screams desperate attention whore.

No. 63981

I saw that image too, and later she cries because her blog gets deleted because CP.
Anyway, most girls into age play and stuff like that have daddy issues.

No. 63987


>i’ve been stuck in this desicion of where i want 2 go next school year!!! the option is Tokyo OR stay here in my beach town ?!!! the answer may seem obvious to some (Tokyo, duh!) but i rly love my town & idk if i rly need to b in Japan so soon. i have my whole life to go. buuuut my bffl of so many yrs who I just love more than anything will be going to Tokyo also so i’ll have her ~ it’s such a tough desicion and it’s been occupying the back of my mind way more than it should be…

Himeka, you're not going to Tokyo. Nobody is buying that lie.

No. 64108

File: 1448431033088.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.2 KB, 400x537, tumblr_nycv628SJ91uje71yo1_400…)

No. 64384


>drippycandy asked:

>How about all of the luv section? c:

>alrighty~!!! this is fun ^o^

>sexual orientation: i guess straight? i’m only attracted to men for the most part. i’ve had a few girl crushes throughout my life but iunno~ nothing serious! ♡ relationship status: taken! ♡ 5 turn ons (physical): drives a luxury car, over 6′2, big strong hands, SUITS, & white men accents… u guys know what i mean. ♡ 5 turn offs (physical): shaved head/bald, bad teeth… omg, vertically challenged people aka under 6 foot. meh can’t think of anything else but there are more. ♡ 5 turn ons (personality): funny!!!, super smart, aggressive, treats me like the dumb baby i am, fatherly-figure type. ♡ 5 turn offs (personality): cocky, doesn’t let me talk in a convo, i don’t even want to answer the rest because it just makes me upset lol. ♡ 1st kiss story: on my 15th birthday in ueno,tokyo. it was sooo adorable aw! it was right after our lil “party” and it was only us in my hotel room. it was just an innocent peck and i freaked out. it was a boy in my group who was 18 i had a huge crush on ^///^ he was very sweet & protective of me. ♡ 1st sex story: it was with my Daddy in his satellite office. that’s all!~ ♡ 1st date story: meh don’t want to talk about it. i ended up getting really drunk though… but what’s new shrugs

No. 64592


>planning a 3-day trip to Disney in January with Daddy?? we can stay at any of the Disney resorts that i want (i’m rly considering Wilderness Lodge ?)

No. 64790


>i decided i’ll be moving to Japan in august 2016 ?? it’s a plan i gave alot of thought too & i’m hesitant but i think i should just go for it ♡ my bestie (she’s not on tumblr) will also be going with me! things can possibly change from now until than but mooost likely i’ll be living in Tokyo ~ yay. btw I hope everyone had a good thxgiving ?

I can't wait to see the excuse she'll use for not going to Tokyo when August rolls around.

No. 64808

In this timespan, it'll probably just slip out of people's memories and she'll quietly never bring it up again to avoid explaining why she didn't go. Also:
>Himeka implying she has friends irl

No. 65124


>i’m thinking…. i’m thinking of cutting my hair down to my collar bone. i’ll miss my princess mermaid angel hair so so much though? i don’t think it’s worth it :(

Himeka, we know you're wearing a wig. No need to lie.


>slikblaque156 asked:

>Lol,,, not a curse ,it's a blessing. What size bras you wear?

>32DD ! my Daddy always says my boobs r 90% of my bodyweight and it makes me sad.. he’s such a meaniebutt.

Again, no need to lie Himeka. It isn't cute.

No. 65136

She's lied about so much shit lmao. What does she gain from this

No. 65159

I just… Everything that comes out of her mouth is just lie after lie. I don't understand why she keeps trying to get all these internet points

No. 65220

Wait-wait-wait – she's claiming claiming that Party City fright wig is her REAL HAIR?? Bitch is delusional!! Aren't there actual pictures of her in the last thread with her real (much shorter) hair?

No. 65231

lmfao she really is
>spartanman111 said: If you do finally decide to cut your gorgeously long hair, ???, would you plan on trying to sell it in the process or would that be considered a little weird for you?
>that’s not weird ??? my hairs rly pretty so i understand. i don’t think i can do that though haha!!! there’s a 5% chance i’ll acctually cut it anyway. i just c lot’s of cute girls on here w/ short cuts & they rock it! but i need 2 realise everyones different and suits different looks & long goddess hair is made 4 me.


No. 65232


lmao please tell me this is a farmer asking to buy her hair for the lulz and not an actual person

No. 65235

File: 1448734131686.jpg (15.27 KB, 206x275, image.jpg)

Goddess hair – it really MUST be, since it grew over a foot in less than a year.

No. 65250

ugggh I know nothing about this chick (scroll-by comment) but the blurry picture quality is awful. clean your camera lens, girl!

No. 65257


Oh honey, that's not a dirty lens! It's the ton of filters and blur she uses to try to make her crusty skank ass look kawaii.

No. 65260


>名 asked:

>(*ノ´□`)ノ oh my actually goodness!! that's all your hair?!? (i hope that's not rude or anything >< i'm so super ultra mega sorry if it sounds that way!) how on earth do you keep it so long and silky?? could you share what products you use or maybe a routine, pretty pretty please? (o'∀'人)

>LOL i use extensions but they’re rill expensive, like, super duper expensive. so it’s basically all my hair & i talk about it as if it was. i can’t bring myself to cut it, dye it, or anything. even though they’re extensions :( my fellow blk girls understand how it b. my fav thing atm is agadir argan oil shampoo+conditioner. it smells so good & it’s just amazing for all hair types. after my cowash n everything, i let it air dry. i read in some random magazine in like 2007 to never towel dry or blowdry ur hair. so i don’t!! i always let it air dry. extensions don’t require that much care believe it or not? even tho mines like 30 inches. when i’m not out i keep it in 2 loose braids which prevents tangling. i also brush it really patiently & gently, like i’m rapunzel, which i basically am. i don’t backcomb, & if i do use heat i always make sure to use a heat protectant. umm what else… uh.. warming up some jasmin oil or s/t and rubbing it through ur hair to the ends, prevents split ends 0:)

>for my natural hair, i massage my scalp with oil (coconut oil is my personal fav) and that keeps it moisturized but also the massaging stimulates hair growth. i don’t put chemicals in my hair everrrrrr ever evaaa & i never will again….. it’s harder to take care of BUT my hairs rly long & thick. i feel like relaxers (back in middle school when i still got them) stunted my hair growth and all those chemicals omg it mustve been so horrible for my entire head region. . also, take vitamins! biotin & folic acid r quite good. i never goto hair salons coz i don’t trust them & black hair salons srsly lack professionalism so ya ^u^ this wasn’t the clearest answer i apologize but i hope it helps even a lil.

Oh so now she wants to tell the truth.

No. 65265


She totally lurks.

No. 65266


>princess mermaid angel hair

>my hairs rly pretty
>long goddess hair
>like i'm rapunzel, which i basically am.

Bitch, calm down. You spent like $10 on a Party City wig. Jesus christ.

No. 65268

I love how no one even bothers with screenshotting anymore bc you can't read shit on her blog

No. 65607


>i’m going vegan ? it’s going 2 be super hard coming from a carribbean/african family that eat everything from opossum to chicken feet (ngl, ox tail is a fav) & bully u for being vegetarian/vegan BUT i have to do it. i want to be really healthy and going vegan is a sure way to do it as long as i make sure i take protein supplements & other vitamins. if any vegans have any tips pls share them with me!!! i’ve been a carnivore for the past 18 yrs of my life so it’s not going to be the easiest transition.

No. 65608

How much you all want to bet she's going to try and be vegan for 2 days, give up, and continue to say she is on her blog

No. 65635

2 days? more like 2 hours tbh

No. 65637


How much you want to bet she wants to become vegan to lose weight.

But you know, that's not going to happen ever.

No. 65649

>(*ノ´□`)ノ oh my actually goodness!! that's all your hair?!? (i hope that's not rude or anything >< i'm so super ultra mega sorry if it sounds that way!) how on earth do you keep it so long and silky?? could you share what products you use or maybe a routine, pretty pretty please? (o'∀'人)
Who the fuck types like this?

No. 65654


>i live 4 the dumb blonde aesthetic…. i wish i could go blonde but a.) it wouldn’t look natural, at all b.) it doesn’t go with my skin color. lighest i could ever go is dark brown ? c.) even if i went with it & dyed my hair ppl would say i’m self-hating & i wanna be a white chick or something. this is srsly painful to me. i love being black but i want blonde hair?!? this isn’t fair

No. 65657


>my family owns a huge 130+ acre ranch

>& i’m going up there tonight for grilling & hanging out!! i’m like, so excited ~ i havent seen my pony in so long! he has 2 names. jackie chan (coz i love jackie chan) & angelo (coz my real name is… very similar to that.) i got him on my 4th bday. anyway, i’m so excited eeee i get to see all the cows & horses & our ranch dogs ??? (i’ll take pix 2 cos it’s super pretty n i want everyone to c)
>its too dark to take any thing but ugh i always love it here ??? next time i’ll def take some!!! everyone should see my pony even tho he’s like… emo.

No. 65659


>>Somehow doesn't think her iPhone and those apps she's always using can't take decent phones in the dark

No. 65705


>i don’t want to label myself coz like… obvious reasons. but if i absolutely HAD to, i’d say i am a teen bimbo ? or baby bimbo. (that’s what a friend told me lol) i think it’s pretty accurate & spot on ? i’m not a little or pet or anything (i have no issue with either though!!!)

No. 65749

How do they have a huge ranch when she mentioned she couldn't go to school in Japan because of money issues? Or am I remembering that wrong. She says so much shit that I can't keep her lies straight anymore.

No. 66129

People from tumblr.

>ppl would say i’m self-hating & i wanna be a white chick or something
> i love being black but i want blonde hair?!?
Fucking what? Do what you want, you dumb, insecure cunt.

baby bimbo.. smh this bitch

No. 66231

can someone recap what Bibi snitched about and deets about hime getting kicked out?

No. 66248

File: 1448887191243.jpg (81.22 KB, 540x721, tumblr_nym7spnGoY1uje71yo1_540…)

No. 66249

That gut though

No. 66255

Lol she needs to quit the ~teen princess~ shit. That's a dumpy, fat mom body.

No. 66295

Bibi snitched about Hime's slimy porn blog IIRC.

No. 66298

her dad also owned a mansion she was totes gonna live in but magically she ended up living in her grandma's busted room

No. 66299

Yeah this tiny bikini makes her look fucking huge. Not cute.

No. 66434


So now a nsfw blog having something nsfw as the icon makes them slimely. Himeka, stop being retarded.

No. 66448

Yeah, dice pics are slimy UNLESS they are being used to make naked, pre-pubescent appearing girls vomit. Then it's okay, y'see.

No. 66449

Yeah, dick pics are slimy UNLESS they are being used to make naked, pre-pubescent appearing girls vomit. Then it's okay, y'see.

No. 66498


>i’m feeling happiness like i never felt before….

>like, it’s weird?? i feel so so soO blessed. all because of my Daddy, honestly. like, he’s my first “Boyfriend” ( i feel weird calling him a Bf? i feel like he’s so much more than that….i’ll stick to Daddy) he’s my 1st everrrrr ~~ i’ve rejected & ignored so many other men (rich, tall, attractive older men mind you. not just gross weird freaks only their mothers would love) in my life, especially recently. we’re literally perfect 4 each other in every way. this is my first Christmas where i won’t be single & envious of other couples and i’m so excited. Christmas is my favorite holiday for obvious reasons & i’m so happy i’ll be able to celebrate it with the Man i love. (well i have 2 to be with my family on Christmas day but ya’ll get my point) also, we’ll be definetly going to Disney/staying at the Wilderness Lodge Resort in January . i’m just so happy & God seriously answered my prayers. i went from being at my loneliest saddest point in my entire life (end of september) to feeling like the luckiest girl in the universe~ yay! (Daddy when u read this when u wake up, i mean this so true heartedly and i love u so much and I can’t wait till Wednesday when we are together again kisses)

No. 66499


>i luv being cooler and better than people who have wronged me

Why did Himeka reblog this when she's the exact opposite?

No. 66532

File: 1448958466420.jpg (73.18 KB, 400x400, 1360569208783.jpg)

I feel you anon, I'm born a day after her but sadly in the same year.

No. 66552

File: 1448962230117.jpg (443.09 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_nyo3jbqbq11uje71yo1_128…)


>匿名 asked:

>Hey beautiful. I was wondering how you feel knowing your blog and your pictures help people cum so often

>makes me feel like the perv Princess that i am ~ i love being an attention whore & being desired so it’s 700000% fine by me ^w^

>i love being an attention whore

That's really pitiful.

No. 66554

No. 66558

are people born in 1997 really over 18 now

dear jesus

No. 66669

File: 1448995968935.jpg (240.01 KB, 1440x1949, _20151201_105120.JPG)

No. 66689

File: 1449001744262.jpg (168.49 KB, 1280x1038, tumblr_nyp0sfpAOY1uje71yo1_128…)


>yes bitch i do. aaaare you going to fly down to FL and fight me….? or do aaaanything about it….? no…? that’s what i thought. blocks

>#16 is legal in some states
>#plus shes 21 now or something
>#who fuckin cares
>#u lame motherfucker

Himeka stop pretending to be tough. We know you're anything but that.

No. 66722

No. 66766

They're lame for not marrying old men at 16 and bragging about it? K.

No. 66944

This dense piece of shit wants to defend a 16 year old marrying a fourty-fifty year old man but bitches about minors following her? Angela the federal legal age is eighteen, stop trying to defend a creepy old man marrying a CHILD. God what a stupid fucking scumbag.

No. 66985


Why does she keep tagging her pictures as dd/lg if she's not a little?

No. 66997

Shes an attention whore and probably loves correcting people and calling herself a baby bimbo or whatever

No. 67302

No. 67308

I don't think any of you can understand the pure schadenfreude I felt when coming back from a 5 month lolcow break and seeing this sitting on the front page.

How is she not a true lolcow yet? When I left she was just sitting in her room whoring pictures for line stickers and bitching about Amina with her sister. Now she's bordering homeless, a prostitute, and possibly preggo? Its been a few months at most. Jesus christ.

No. 67315

no no nonononono

No. 67321

Holy shit
Dear god please let this turn into some delicious milk

No. 67333

Living the dream.

No. 67343

maybe eugenics wasn't such a bad idea

No. 67344

>#I hope so

Seems like she's trying to tie her sugar daddy down.

No. 67437

Guess she finally checked this thread because the post is deleted now. I don't get why she was so proud in the first place. How is she gonna take care of the baby? Where would it live? Does she really think her sugar daddy is gonna stick around to take care of some homeless prostitute and her baby?

No. 67469

Well can't wait to see that episode of Maury.

No. 67658


>any girls in south fl (particularly tampa) interested in making 1000$?? ?? sounds creepy but if its coming from me i can assure u its safe & will be super fun!

>but if its coming from me i can assure u its safe & will be super fun!

I wouldn't trust her for shit.

No. 67684

Me neither. Anyone who falls for this will probably end up getting kidnapped and sold, or some Zola story-tier shit will happen.

No. 67757


>匿名 asked:

>winterrose17 is kinda nutty, chica /-: stay safe

>i didn’t want to answer this becoz it’s unkind & mentions someone elses name (someone who’s been nothing but a sweetiepie to me, mind you) but i will anyway coz messages like this srsly upset me. i do not take other peoples word, especially anons, unless theres valid proof and both parties have been in contact. a girl on this website did the same to me, claiming to other people i sent her anon hate (this just happened out of the blue btw. i did nothing wrong to her except be nice to her & like.. she never ever messaged me with any concern she might’ve had with me so i could clarify anything. she just started telling people these lies) & in turn i’ve had some of my favorite blogs ever on this site block me. it’s even mooore hurtful to me coz i have dealt with serious anon haters from various trash sites like 4chan, lolcow, and PULL since i was literally a 14 yr old preteen. ppl have tried leaking my address, moms information, dads information etc when i was even a minor. i would never in my life send even my worst enemy anon hate, if i’m sending u anything trust & believe my name will be showing (acctually if it’s something silly, not mean or hurtful but just asking a super simple question i might go anon…. doesnt everyone do that lmao) not related to her rly but remember when people were going around saying i was underage? umm.. yea. it’s a form of bullying & it’s downright disgusting & hurtful. if she did something personal to u, i’m sorry that happened. if it’s like, a legit concern, i want to be msged off anon. but that’s all i’m going to say. have a nice day ^^

>i would never in my life send even my worst enemy anon hate,

Himeka just delete the post because you just told the biggest lie ever. There's evidence that you've sent anon hate before. Stop pretending to be innocent.

No. 67761


>it’s something super cute & fun!!! naughty too ? my Daddy wants to see me with another girl & idk any girls to like… ask such a weird question too. (will u fck me while a 56 yr old man watches?) soo i’m taking it to the internet. and my Man is going to give the girl 1k$ cos he’s sweet & generous ?

No. 67778

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. There's no way this isn't gonna be shady as fuck. And even if it isn't and it's literally just having to fuck himeka while some gross old dude watches, still ew

No. 67784

File: 1449273473185.png (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-04-18-56-33…)


You mean, you don't want this hot bod on top of you?

No. 67785

For that price he's definitely going to be filming the whole ordeal too.

No. 67786

if he is so $$ why only $1k?!

No. 67789

Tbh Himeka's body is less repulsive to me than Megan's but her face looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

No. 67807

>i have dealt with serious anon haters from various trash sites like 4chan, lolcow, and PULL since i was literally a 14 yr old preteen.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't Himeka (and Bibi) targeted for spreading cp of themselves?

No. 67839

Yeah, everyone tried telling her to stop because it was illegal but she acted as if she wasn't doing anything wrong.

No. 68103

im like 85 percent sure i saw her posting nudes on r9k omfg i wish i was joking

No. 68104

you probably did.

No. 68118

I saw some of her photos on /b/ before.

No. 68119

reporting her for soliciting prostitution ayyyyy

No. 68149

>probably selfposted on /b/
>targeted by lolcow/PULL for spreading CP
>"i was literally a 14 yr old preteen"
Where is your shame?

She still thinks she did nothing wrong and acts like she's proud of it tbh.

No. 68187

Where's her tumblr gone? Did she change the name or has it been deleted?

No. 68202

Still waiting on those horse/ranch pics Himeka

No. 68204

Pretty sure anon here >>68119 reported her and Tumblr got on that

No. 68210


That quick? Wow tumblr.

No. 68213

I wonder how she's gonna paint it this time. 'I was ONLY offering random young girls money for sex!!! stupid anon bullies'

No. 68220


>i just got back from breakfast with my Man & i see that my blog got deleted for the 4th time just now. i’m really not sure if coming back is worth it…? i gained 1.2k followers this time in less than a month. obviously there is a very hateful person stalking me & doing this & it’s gotten to a point of gross obsession. i don’t want to continue being on this site, which i use purely for fun, if people are going to go to such extremes to just try & ruin my day. i won’t be coming back for a whiiiile. maybe a few months atleast? even my backup blog got deleted. atleast if that was still around i’d feel like “ok, i still got my cute af posts to look back on for inspo” i just don’t think it’s worth it. i’m on tumblr for creative expression, inspiration, looking at cute/funny/kink-related stuff etcetc. not for any vindictive reason. if that just is so abhorrent to you than.. well… fuck you? get a life. it costs 0.00$ and is super duper handy ^w^ jealousy is suuuuch a gross thing and i feel bad for u trainwrecks. maybe leaving tumblr is for the greater good? maybe it will give u losers some time to accually like, find a hobby. being a hottie with a perf body, perf hair, perf face, lotsa money, & a ceo Bf who drives a mulsanne isn’t easy :( *sniffles

>which i use purely for fun,

So posting CP and soliciting prostitution is fun to you? That's pretty fucked up, Himeka.

>jealousy is suuuuch a gross thing and i feel bad for u trainwrecks.

We aren't trainwrecks, Himeka. You're the pregnant homeless prostitute who life revolves around Tumblr of all things. Which makes you the trainwreck, actually.

>being a hottie with a perf body, perf hair, perf face, lotsa money, & a ceo Bf who drives a mulsanne isn’t easy :( *sniffles

It's sad you gas yourself up like this. Himeka, you're a 3/10 at best, so you're not hot. You're weave is not only busted but I'm pretty sure that shit is cheap and synthetic as fuck, gross. Your face is absolutely hideous. You don't have any money, otherwise you wouldn't have been in the financial aid office begging, you'd be living in that penthouse in Miami, you wouldn't be wearing a busted weave, your clothes wouldn't be cheap Chinese knockoffs and you sure as hell wouldn't be living with your grandma in a goddamn broom closet. And you know damn well that man isn't really your boyfriend. The moment you have that baby he'll be done with you and find another sugar baby. That said, if your alleged "boyfriend" is so rich why can't he buy you expensive human hair? Why can't he get you some designer clothes and shoes? Why isn't he letting you live with him? Or why didn't he buy you a place to live? Lie to yourself all you want Himeka, but the truth remains your life is shit and so are you.

No. 68222


Yes she was posting the other day even lol

No. 68223

That wasn't her, it's more than likely someoene else pretending to be her.

No. 68229

Himeka, you are not very attractive. There's nothing special about you at all. I know you may not like to face it, but you're a typical slightly overweight black girl with bad looking hair. This is why you cover it with cheap wigs.
You hide your big wide nose with glasses and try to blurr your lips out of existence. You also arch your back out and lean forward in with your legs pidgeon-toed as possible so that you look skinnier. No matter what you say, you are rightfully self conscious.

No one in the entire world believes you're happy and confident nor do they believe that you have a rich man who loves you. Sugar daddies just want a young stupid prostitute. That's all you are. A prostitute. If you got pregnant he would leave or beg you to kill it. If he saw you as anything more than his cheap whore, he would take you to get your hair and nails done and order you anything you wished. But he wont, right? You have to earn every cent he gives you first, right? You have to fuck him first. That's not a real sugar daddy. That's just a John. You're not being spoiled. You're just getting free meals from time to time-most likely directly before or after giving a blowjob in a parking lot. You're a Johns dirty secret and nothing else.

Your blog was deleted for soliciting others (probably minors like yourself) for sex with a John. You tried to become a Madam. But of course, you're too stupid to realize this.

I wonder what her sister thinks of all this. If she can confirm whether or not Hime is actually so dumb as to think that old man cares.

No. 68231


Hell, she's not even a good prostitute. I've seen 4/10 black chicks on Tumblr make bank off of men, one of the most well known finDoms is overweight, but hime is slackin.

If she made her pussy more exclusive, she could probably get a dude who'd pay her better than this guy. Her body isn't too offensive

No. 68309


>匿名 asked:

>there is a site called soup.oi that you can link to your tumblr so when you reblog things, around 2 to 3 days everything is transferred to that site. what about places like reddit? or are these stalkers REALLY that bad enough to try and find you anywhere?

>i’ll check it out! i never heard of it. tbh, other social media sites seriously bore me though. i have a twitter with 4k followers i never even use. also, they’re pretty bad. or maybe obsessive is a better word? i mean, they tried posting my priv info / family’s priv info on hate sites for example. i was 14-17 yrs old when the harassment was at it’s worse. they’re crazy and disgusting. obviously my existence simply pisses them off, and seeing me be happy & successful infuriates them and that’s quite hilarious to me. buuuut remaking my tumblr over and over is ridiculous and annoying to my friends and followers. i’m a college student, i have friends, a life, i’m in the bestest relationship evah.. like… i don’t have the energy to be thinking about tumblr & worrying about these jellie bellies the way they worry about me. shrugs when i do come back, which will happen but not soon, i’ll run my blog differently and in a way where they can’t be slimy and report for me for madeup b.s.

>on hate sites

4chan, SR, PULL, and lolcow aren't hate sites. 4chan has multiple boards with different people who could give less than a fuck about you. The other three are gossip sites that you yourself have posted on about yourself and your sister.

>i was 14-17 yrs old when the harassment was at it’s worse.

Harassment? People politely told you that you shouldn't post CP and you flipped your shit and acted like a bitch. So you can get the fuck out with that bullshit.

>they’re crazy and disgusting.

Says the girl who came on here and not only talked shit about herself but her sister as well. Let's also not forget how you tried to derail your thread and Micky's thread by bringing up Amina. Going as far as making several fake Tumblr blogs and using someone else's nudes to make it seem like Amina had been posting nudes too. Oh, and don't get me started on how you've now deluded yourself into thinking your John is your "boyfriend".

>my existence simply pisses them off,

Your existence makes us laugh because it's a joke.

>seeing me be happy & successful

Happy? Yet you were just crying about how your blog got deleted and how it's your life. And how exactly are you successful? You're a homeless prostitute with no way to take care of the child you're expecting. You're a failure, Himeka.

>i’m a college student, i have friends, a life, i’m in the bestest relationship evah..

Stop the bullshit, Himeka. You dropped out of college awhile ago. You don't have any friends irl. You don't have a life outside of tumblr besides sucking some dude's dick in random parking lots. He isn't your boyfriend and you aren't in a relationship. If you were, what's stopping him from letting you live with him or getting you your own place, buying you designer clothes and shoes, taking you to get your hair and nails done, getting you a car, and letting you hang around his friends and family?? Get a fucking clue, Himeka. You're just a fucktoy to him. All he wants is sex from you. If he was actually feeling you, you wouldn't be living in your grandma's broom closet, eating cheap food, looking busted, sucking his dick in parking lots, and you sure as hell wouldn't have to try and trap him with a baby.

>i don’t have the energy to be

thinking about tumblr & worrying about these jellie bellies the way they worry about me

Yet you remade your blog four or five times already. We're not worried about you. We only care about the lulz, which you easily provide. If anything, you worry about us way more as indicated by your consist whining about us. You're more than likely checking this thread right now, salty because we know the truth.

>they can’t be slimy and report for me for madeup b.s.

We have evidence of you solicitating prostitution and posting CP. Tumblr obviously seen it too which is why your disgusting ass blog is gone. Stop acting you're so innocent and own up to being the gross piece of shit you are.

No. 68480


>starexorcist asked:

>I reported your post for soliciting sex/prostitution. Offering someone money for sex is illegal. I'm not jealous of you and I didnt think it would get your blog deleted. Offering someone money for sex is prostitution. That is illegal. I just happened upon your post while browsing so yeah I'm not 'jealous' I'm preventing crimes.

>i’m LOL because tumblr sent me an email saying i was deleted for CP, which is made up b.s. i’m also assuming u forgot to hit anon. err, awksssss. and nobody was soliciting anybody for sex you dimwit. me and my Man are just kind and wanted to give someone a lil money for their time & help with his fantasy coming true. i bet u spend alot of time on the backpage reporting those girls to the police huh ^_^ you also have to catch all those terrible weed smokers and illegal music downloaders!!! what a great life u live boo. instead of wasting ur time fucking around on tumblr, go join up the police academy and start catching all the nasty prostitutes!!!! our society NEEDS more nosy dumb jackasses like u for sure. nice try trying to protect & serve our country but um… once again. i didn’t even get deleted for that. but A+ for effort seriously dude

>i’m also assuming u forgot to hit anon. err, awksssss.

Himeka, no they didn't. Like I've said before, no one is scared of you. You aren't tough, so quit pretending.

>and nobody was soliciting anybody for sex you dimwit. me and my Man are just kind and wanted to give someone a lil money for their time & help with his fantasy coming true.

Himeka you dumbfuck, that's solicitating prostitution. You stated you'd pay for sex. That's illegal.

Himeka is too retarded to be real at this point.

No. 68482

>#i'm laughing so hard
>#the punks on this site r hilarious >#starexorcist
>#i never even heard of this cow before

Star has more talent in her left pinky than you have in your entire being. She actual has online and irl friends and a life and can make an honest lving unlike you. And she clealry isn't a punk, she has enough guts to tell you off without being anonymous, just how you like it. Yet, apparently you still take issue with it. Himeka, you're really pitiful.

No. 68484

I feel like Himeka's attitude is gonna get her ass beat one day and it's going to be REALLY funny because she sits on the internet all day acting tough. I can't wait for her to realize she's not hardcore when someone lays her the fuck out.

No. 68490


>I wasn't soliciting prostitution, I was just looking for someone to have sex with me in exchange for money!

Fucking hell, Himeka

No. 68518

>my last comment on “this”

>so, these people can’t come for me for being underaged anymore so now they’re going to come for me for soliciting prostitution…. lol. the post said “if any girl is interested in 1k$ msg me!! it’s something cute & fun” NOT “i’m a streetwalker hoe and if u wanna be pimped out on the streets me and my pimp daddy gon help u out juss msg me n i’ll hook u up” the post was up for like, less than a day and i wasn’t even thinking to much about it. i made it so if someone cool and fun was interested she could do it, and make some extra money. it also would’ve been nice to meet some other hotties in my area since everyone i know is conservative/modest af. but omg how could i forget this is tumblr and if u do aaaaanything you’re a shitty terrible awful person with the worst underhanded motives in the world omg woe is me :( stop reaching. i don’t really care nor can i pretend to.

>anyway, i found someone and she’s super adorable and going to have 1,000$ added to her bank account. my Dudes giving me twice the amount. it’s even funnier because He didn’t even have to offer anything but He did because a.) He has the money b.) it’s a sweet gesture and that’s His fantasy. not mine. i love Him and want to make Him happy. are you going to do anything about it? no. so, cry harder. (p.s: any other remark about this will get you blocked. as i said, idc. in the end i got what i needed and there’s nothing else to add. i’m even going to delete this post & the others regarding this soon. it’s not a big deal and it has nothing to do with literally anybodies lifes except the 3 people involved.)

No. 68519

>nobody was soliciting anybody for sex you dimwit. me and my Man are just kind and wanted to give someone a lil money for their time & help with his fantasy coming true
>(will u fck me while a 56 yr old man watches?) (>>67761)
Bitch is so bad at lying

No. 68537

>i found someone and she’s super adorable
HAHAHA! Ok There it is everyone!
Finally, solid evidence that she lies about her misery. In that short amount of time it's absolutely impossible that she found anyone "super adorable" through tumblr. Most likely, they put an ad out on either some seedy site or craigslist again-which in that case, it's just a random other prostitute probably in a bad situation who fucks strangers often. AKA STD ridden drug user. Her saying everything she just said confirmed to me that she lies about anything that's negative.

She tries to turn it around like "you didn't win, see how happy I am!!" when in reality, it's the opposite. If they even found anyone at all, I'm sure she's far from adorable. She did afterall agree to lick Hime's crusted vagina for fast and easy cash as a strange man watched over them. She's so pathetic. How did she fall so far like this? Who does she live with again, her grandparent? Do they know she's prostituting herself and bribing other girls into eating her out too??

No. 68544

And it's ridiculous that she says we're reaching. The evidence is sitting in this very thread. Yet Himeka has to make it seem like she's the innocent one who's doing absolutely nothing wrong.

No. 68584

OMG, Himeka honey – you are exchanging MONEY for SEX. That is the very definition of prostitution. If what you did is not solicitation of prostitution, then such a thing does not exist.

But I suppose in your little Easy Bake Oven brain, the rules are different.

No. 69147


>starexorcist asked:

>You probably blocked me or whatever but no. I meant to send you the ask off anon. I'm just being honest with you. If you take offense to that then that's on you. Also I'm not even american and I know weed is legal in most states now (or is it all?). I actually enjoy my job and what are you doing for a job again sweetie? <3 Hope you have a nice day and avoid promoting illegal activities <3

>babypofupofu answered:

>it’s not legal in mine, sweetie <3 i hope you have a nice day obsessing over matters that have literally nothing to do with you sweetie <3 bless ur poor heart sweetie <3 (ps: what if i lived in canada or the UK?? would you still be messaging me with this garbage? probably because you don’t know shit. fuck you)

And like fucking clockwork, that obese bitch Micky comes to defend trollface Himeka.

No. 69183

When is Himeka going to be killed by a John. This needs to happen considering she's a terrible piece of shit trying to drag other girls into her festering sack of lies and shit.

No. 69200

File: 1449633553842.jpg (49.89 KB, 355x266, edgy.jpg)

No. 69256

As edgy as it sounds, it will most likely actually happens if she continues down this path. It's more realistic, actually. She's somewhat of a runaway. She's also black, so these are two strikes against any one other than family caring once she inevitably turns up missing. She's legally an adult. Predators know all of this. A young foolish black prostitute is the best choice if you're looking to kidnap and traffic someone as no one will come looking for them. No media, no local outrage…nothing.

On top of all of this, she's greatly in denial about the severity of her situation. She also thinks that she's in control. Deadly way of thought that is. Given that her first move was to quickly meet a complete stranger off craigslist in the first place, I can easily see her running off to meet someone else and either getting beaten and raped into submission and becoming trafficd or just being outright killed. When you're someone as naive as her, tragedy isn't just a possibly. It's a promise. I promise if she continues to be as airheaded as she is, she will meet a fate crueler than she could have ever imagined. I've studied cases like hers for too many years to not be this certain.

No. 69279


>child you're expecting

Waitwaitwait… what? Am i missing something here?

No. 69289


>NOOOO!!!! Lollipopgirl997!!!!!

>>What happened this time for her to leave us!!!!?? I really hope it wasn’t somebody really jealous cause they can’t be open like her.

>((this is my other sfw account)) i’ll be back soon! my blog keeps on getting deleted & reported for false reasons. people can be soooo annoying. i’m going to give tumblr a break for a month or two. i’m so sorry n thx for continuallly supporting me hugs

No. 69306

…. isnt prostitution illegal in most countries??? (including the UK and Canada?) Can she not read??? I dont get her response at all.

No. 69307


She's trying to act tough and above the law on the internet. She responds to people actually trying to help her with a condescending attitude. Basically saying, NO UR DUMB I KNOW WHAT IM DOING I AM SOOO SMART AND AMAZING UR JUST JELLY LOL as her main argument. She's going to get a lot of people hurt, or worse if she continues her dumb facade. :/

No. 69308


More people should question Himeka about her job and her education. She should honestly start thinking about that instead of going on craigslist and finding shady guys to blow in parking lots.

No. 69586

Himeka finally deleted her entire tumblr account.

No. 69842

Or she possibly got reported for ban dodging. I kow nosdrinker got popped for that.

No. 69894

Prostition is legal in a little more than half countries and grey area in a lot of countries(Canada, Japan, UK…) America is just super strict.

No. 69895

I follow a bunch of sugar babies on Instagram (no hate, just interesting to watch) and there's literally no way she found a good sugar daddy on fucking craigslist. Seriously, none. She's not a sugar baby like she claims, she's a PROSTITUTE. True sugar babies get paid for their time and company, prostitutes get paid for a quick fuck. Himeka in no way is a sugar baby.

But seriously, I see these sctual SBs struggle to find a decent SD on sites you need to pay to even sign up for and specifically for a SB/SD relationship. And even then, if they're not salty, they're usually fugly as shit. There's literally no way someone can find a decent SD on craigslist that's apparently a multimillionaire and ~super adorable and handsome~ and whatever else she tries to claim. She's completely full of shit.

I'm so horrified she's trying to rope other girls into her fucked up situation too, fucking psycho.

No. 69917

She doesn't care about bratcandy, yet she copied her entire blog (including tags, captions, theme, description, and url) and stalked her??? Then bratcandy posted all those nonanon messages that girl had sent her that were really scary and crazy? Is Himeka and bratz-angel/winterrose the same person? Wait why did Himeka reblog from bc's stalker if Hime liked bc???

No. 69921

Anyone with half a brain could tell that a multimillionaire could get a better sugar baby than a fat, dumpy shutin who spends all day on tumblr. Like who does she think she's fooling? She's probably fucking a 50 year old walmart cashier who buys her mcdonalds in exchange for sucking his dick

No. 69930

Exaaaactly. She does NOT have a real sugar daddy.

No. 70018

As well as if he was so handsome she would have posted pictures by now. She takes pictures of EVERYTHING else even that boat that was on shore that could have easily belonged to anyone. She posted even posted pictures of the shitty room she had to move into so how the hell would we have not seen pictures of his fancy car?

No. 70038

When she still had her blog, she was telling her followers that she couldn't show his face because he was someone "very important" or some shit like that.

No. 70057


No. 70110

If this guy was real, as if Himeka would respect that wish. She's too self-centered and braggy to pass up an opportunity like that. I honestly don't think this guy exists, or he's so distorted and barely based in reality that he might as well not.

No. 71644

www.br4tangel.tumblr.com is her new blog. Looks like she's still copying bratcandy. How many blogs has Hime made? Isn't this like her 6th? If she has such a life with friends and her sugar daddies…why is she spending so much time making new blogs?

No. 71646

Maybe it isn't Himeka lying. Maybe he isn't the successful biollionaire that it is claimed he is.

There is a chance he told Himeka he was rich and important, when in actual fact, he just doesnt want his face on the internet in case he's discovered and his secrets come out.

Himeka believes asking people on tumblr if they want to earn money by having sex is not the same as soliciting and prostitution… So she is probably stupid enough to believe her sugar daddy is a biollionare just because he said he was

No. 71657

But she was the one that claimed he had a "Porchia" (kek) and a beautiful house and what not with her own eyes.

No. 71763

http://t33nangel.tumblr.com lol "teen" sweetie you dont look like a teenager. You may be 18, but you have the body of a frumpy mommy and the face of a crack ho.

No. 71764

Report her for dodging just to see if she's desperate enough to remake…

No. 71819

>i'm bunny♡just liking stuff 4 now(a couple reblogs every now & than but this blog is under construction..? i guess) 99% sfw @tumblr stop deleting my blogs… i sent ya'll my id like 5 times and it's so annoying. i'm 18!!! leave me tf alone

Fuck, I can't stop laughing

No. 72234

nooo don't report her. it's so much harder to track her bullshit when she gets deleted.

No. 72480

Doesn't she post CP? Guess that's why she keeps getting banned.

No. 72500


^^ how bout we only report her when she does illegal shit plz

No. 72575

i reported her for ban dodging and told tumblr her past urls/to check the ip/that she was posting child porn and soliciting prostitution. she shouldnt have a tumblr.
no one wants her. she just makes it a gross website. her ghetto crack whore hooker messy self can find a different website to ruin. im gonna report her everytime she remakes :)

No. 72650

It already IS a gross website. Newfags like you just don't know how to let shit be so we can watch and be amused. It's newfucks like you that were behind the Kiki/Taco debacle and now you're gonna ruin the Himeka thread, too. Good job.

No. 72682

As someone who got Himeka deleted several times for her actual CP, stop reporting her. We can't keep tabs on her and laugh if she continues to disappear. Troll her with anon accounts about how you're some rich guy looking to invest in her, but don't report her.

No. 72804

you're welcome :) i've been on tumblr since '09 & have never seen someone as ugly as himeka! so i'm gonna make sure she gets deleted everytime xo

No. 72806

sorry not sorry for ruining your hobby :)

No. 72820

please, by all means, go the fuck back to tumblr.

No. 72822


Plot twist: this is himeka posting

No. 72823

Is she even in school anymore?

No. 72956

This is so obviously Himeka lmao

No. 73201

Plot twist: you fatties get lives instead of stalking Tumblr nobodies

No. 73206

Hi Himeka

No. 73212

Not with the droopy forlorn titties of a 36 year old Ruby Tuesday's hostess, Himeka.

No. 73213


She looks like she belongs in a shady strip club in south Florida. Along with women who have gunshot wounds and c-section scars.

No. 73215

File: 1450308376508.jpg (29.83 KB, 800x450, house of himeka.jpg)

No. 73217

But you look like Miss Piggy with melanism, fam.

No. 73232

That looks like it's in Florida. Is that near where she lives? Sad lol

No. 74161

>>41250 she's talking about her friend ringo

No. 74647

So is she gone for good now?
Please say yes.

No. 74652

We can only hope haha

No. 74992

>> 69894

It's not legal in the UK you fucking idiot

No. 74994

Prostituition in the UK is considered a "gray zone " just like it is in Japan. People are rarely prosecuted for being prostitutes. It might as well be legal compared to how strict America is

No. 75088

>> 74994

No… It's absolutely illegal. Stfu about stuff you're clearly ignorant about

No. 75091

Okay let's not get into a pointless OT debate

No. 75159

you can click a post number to quote…

No. 76333

No. 76448

And I saw in her sales site that she was located in South Pasadena, she's currently in vacay in Florida.

No. 76704

No, she lives in Tampa, Florida.

No. 76934


>plans for 2016

>♡ move in with my Man ♡ visit all my long-distance besties ♡ go to Japan over the summer ♡ transfer to the cuuuute uni downtown (goodbye shoddy school filled with disgusting creeps omg) ♡ all A’s of course ♡ continue to be be the angel that i am… duh ♡ get a sporty adorable BMW. all my sisters got theirs at 18 :( ♡

No. 76935



No. 76941

Prostitution in the UK is actually legal but most activities related to prostitution such as kerb crawling, running a brothel, soliciting sex in a public place, etc are illegal.

However the basic act of exchanging sexual acts for money is technically legal. Thats why its the punters or people running the establishments who get charged and not the actual prostitutes/sex workers/whatever themselves.

No. 76955

>all my sisters got theirs at 18

Oh, so it's an RP Tumblr.

No. 76963

Most of this shit is unrealistic as fuck.

No. 76965

File: 1451700423011.png (564.56 KB, 900x810, 1451345405410.png)

Now you know yo poor black ass..

No. 76969



>not all

No. 77047

Hey now, it's very well possible that she could move in with the crusty old "daddy" she found at the dump, and…yeah no, that's about it.

No. 77210


Maybe she found him in Fat Albert's scrap yard lmfao

I bet she was the fucker underneath the hat!

No. 77346

File: 1451844689216.png (20.51 KB, 517x206, Capture1.PNG)

I don't know why but this is really hilarious to me.

No. 77448


>i know no ones going to read this because, despite reblogging/liking stuff more often than when i first made this blog last month, this blog is still “secret”. i just want to be able to have a cute blog without the worry of it getting deleted. right now, i’m not too pressed about messages or followers. all i need is a space to look at things that inspire me/make me happy. i’ve been with a member of my extended family since early October and i’m moving reaaaally soon (within the week, honestly) & i’m so excited. i’m moving into a BEAUTIFUL, spacious, area and my room is going to be mad cute. my current situation hasn’t been ideal at all. it’s been draining me & i have not been my self. i’ve been so irritable & tired. i’m like, completely devoid of motivation & ambition which is unusual. if it weren’t for this situation i wouldn’t have met the person i love but i’m ready to go. once i’m in my new space… i’ll be able to take cute pix again, be able to focus on school which is starting up again rill soon, not have to deal with the drama that i deal with on a everyday basis here, and i’ll be able to feel happy & comfortable. it’s mad lonely here 2 :( p.s: i just discovered Jose Ayala & i’m so obsessed HE’S SOOO CUTE. and he reminds me of myself. i’ve been surviving off of his videos, trisha paytas, markiplier, and hulu for the past like… month.

No. 77451

How mysterious. Has she been crashing in her strip club's utility closet for a little while? Pink duvet next to bottles of bleach.

This extended family member has no idea what's in store if they're not a fantasy.

No. 77677

This if kinda OT, but does Himeka still stalk bratcandy? I know she and that other girl on there were pretty obsessed with copying her, does Himeka still do that? I kinda figured all of that died down once BC deleted, but I follow her remake blog and I've noticed anytime she posts about school=himeka posts, she posts about trisha payatas=himeka posts, she reblogs something=himeka reblogs it from the person BC did. Then doesn't she live in Florida? St. Petes or w/e? bc BC posted a screencap of some tracker thing that she has that showed someone from st. petes spending 2 hours on her blog everyday. i know this is random, but I remember bratcandy had blocked Himeka because she didn't want to be associated with her and then Himeka wrote all that trash on her old blog about her.

No. 77736


>my Mans been rill busy today because the stock market is messed up so we weren’t able to talk this morning like how we always do. i haven’t seen him in ages (he’s been in Minnesota at his cabin up there visiting family & dealing with work stuff). i miss him so so SO much. he’s so funny, gentle, and kind. i just miss being able to relax w somebody and not have to deal with shouting, fighting, arguing, and unnecessary bad attitudes. that’s all it ever is with my family & it’s tiring. when will this negativity end? all i can say is: the type of energy u put out is the type of energy u will receive back. i wish my family would understand that.

> the type of energy u put out is the type of energy u will receive back. i wish my family would understand that.

No, Himeka, you need to understand that and stop being such a piece of shit.

No. 77746

This imaginary sugar-daddy charade is getting mighty pitiful.

No. 77751

Wasn't bratcandy Hime's idol? Then she got butthurt when bratcandy didn't want anything to do with that lulzy drama mess and trashed her. Oh Himie.

No. 77769

>setting up the appointment for braces today. i’m so freaked out. i was supposed to get these done in May? around the same time my younger sis got hers, but i didn’t go through w it after the measuring (that goopy grey stuff they put all up in ya mouth.. ppl with braces know what i mean. ugh) because they have to extract FOUR OF MY TEETH and teeth.. horror, whatever u want to call it, scares me so friggin bad. it’s going to be mad painful but i don’t even care because i hate my teeth & they’ve always been one of my biggest insecurities 0:)
This was pretty mundane, nothing worth posting but then
>they have to extract FOUR OF MY TEETH
What kind of life is this

No. 77772

Is she talking about her wisdom teeth? I think most people need to get those extracted than not.

No. 77796

to be fair, wisdom teeth removal is one of the most overdone unneccessary surgeries. yea, they're a pain in the ass, but the only real reason people need surgery to remove them is if you will have any major problems with them. my parents and i have never had them pulled, and none of us have had any problems.

No. 77797

Maybe her premolars? It's a pretty routine procedure for when there's too much crowding ie no room to straighten the teeth, esp for adults whose jaws aren't growing anymore

No. 77799

Bratcandy gets braces…suddenly Himeka needs them. hmmmm….maybe anon is right?

No. 77856

What's bratcandys new tumblr?

No. 77916

consider yourself lucky
wisdom teeth are the most painful ever

No. 77938

no1 curr stop self posting

No. 77939

no1 curr stop self posting

No. 77962

File: 1452024024367.jpg (23.36 KB, 304x175, services-17.jpg)

Not uncommon for people to have extra teeth.
I personally had this as a teen.
They got rid of the bottom ones and the top ones moved down and with the help of braces everything ended up straight.

She's being a whiny bitch about it though they sedate the area so you cannot feel shit.

No. 77967

There was a girl at my school with two sets of teeth on the top. She'd go around showing all the lower grade kids for shock value.

With anesthetics dentistry is no big deal. Unless you end up not being numbed or knocked out enough. That only happened to me once.

No. 77968

Yeah, they take two from the top and two from the bottom before you get your braces fitted. They all come from the back and your braces are supposed to close the gap they leave behind by shifting your teeth to fill them. If your teeth are crowded of the dentists thinks they will be crowded when wisdom teeth erupt, you get four pulled out.

It's probably not even extra teeth. She's most likely getting molars pulled to prepare for braces. Not a huge deal though. It's a lot easier than wisdom tooth removal or the removal of teeth like the ones you posted. You still get your mouth numbed and honestly everything's fine pretty soon after.

No. 77980

Himeka just inadvertently explained why her own life is so messed up. Kinda funny really.
Bratcandy is also a mess, but I think a good portion of hers is a persona.

No. 78000

I'm not her newb

No. 78002

I remember I started to grow them but I fucked with them so much they fell out. But mine weren't fully formed so they were weaker and smaller. I also had a baby tooth until I was 18 but with surgery and braces it was all fixed.

No. 78005

Himeka is messy af. Brat candy was rude af, but had a stable bf, went to school, and kept her privacy. Himeka be all over the place telling everyone everythng n lying 24/7?

OT: oh lawd this bish is gonna look terrible with braces.

No. 78007

This smells like Himeka.

No. 78017

Why would Himeka bash herself and praise a girl she idols? Oh wait. I answered my own question. Because she's Himeka. A messy idiot obsessed with getting attention.

No. 78085

No. 78133


Learn how to fucking type or GTFO

No. 78214

that url is awful?

No. 78507


>i’m finally moving this weekend ??? i’m getting furniture on like, friday. & today i finished registration for school & i’m looking forward to all my classes ? things R seriously so much better. (& my Daddy is back home) i’m sOoOo happy ?

No. 78509



>okay I usually never go on the SB side of tumblr but i’m on it right now and i feel so out of place. all the other girls , atleast what it feels like , don’t have a relationship outside of just money. my Daddy is my boyfriend. my rich af bf with an age difference of 36 yrs ? i feel like i don’t fit in with other sb’s at all. tbh i barely consider myself one.

(omg does this sound special snowflakey?? it’s not supposed 2.)

No. 78510



>i really really REALLY want to move to L.A ? i’m lowkey jealous of people who live there. i’m considering moving up there after this semester but let me not get ahead of myself. i should pull a mykki blanco or whoever & just run away & be a vagrant until i make something of myself but… that’s literally the worst idea ever for an extremely spoilt brat like me who gets manipedi’s every week & cries when i don’t get my way. i’m rly good at getting old men to give me lotsa cash though. god bless my overwhelming cuteness?? not-so-fun fact: when i was literally 5-12 yrs old i wanted to live in L.A cos i thought it was “Los Angelas” (my name is angela and i thought los was short for lost which i always am Coz i’m a fricken airhead) ??

No. 78513

I know this is an act of hers but there are times I'm legitimately puzzled that she attends college.

Then you remember the nudes for homework scheme and it makes a little more sense, but still.

No. 78514


It's probably not a particularly advanced or prestigious college.

I don't know if it's different in the states, but there are definitely a lot of mind-numbingly stupid people who go to college here.

No. 78515


Samefagging here, meant to add:

Just about anyone can attend college as long as they have the money for it, but I doubt she'll pass any kind of class if she buys her homework with nudes rather than actually putting the effort in herself. She's going to be fucked when she gets a test.

She's probably just going because she doesn't know what to do with her life and doesn't want to get a job yet, honestly.

No. 78534

>I’m looking for a sugar baby in NYC who is down for a three some? Why is this so hard? Especially when they’ll be compensated. Message me. ?

>i’m not in NYC & like maybe this is an irrelevant comment but my Daddy also wanted to have a 3some, will compensate alot, and it’s soooo hard finding other girls. when I asked around on tumblr ppl sent me hate anons for “soliciting sex” tf

Does she still not know the definition of "soliciting sex"? Is she retarded?

No. 78576

How do yall keep finding her blog so fast. Is she leaking her own shit…..

No. 78584


>when ur life is so ideal ppl think ur making it up ??? (um no. but someone came into my inbox saying i was a lie. i’m literally blogging for myself right now as an outlet & to get inspo. that’s a huge suprise for me cause i don’t see how anything i’m saying is unbelievable. do i give the impression that i live some perfect unattainable life??? i don’t. chill out)


Being a troll faced prostitute who lives in a broom closet is not an ideal life at all, Himeka.


No. 78589

But the thing is, if she actually was doing all the things that she says, her indiscreet ass would've posted about ten-thousand pictures by now. She loves showing off. Her hunger for attention won't allow her to keep anything to herself. The lack of any recent photos from her makes me suspect that her living situation has worsened if anything.

No. 78604

Exactly. Right on point. She's never ever been private. She's non stop posted pics and bragged and all that crap before, so if this was real she'd be doing it now.

No. 78606

this is honestly reeeeeally sad.
like as much as i can't stand her the thought of someone making all the shit up for internet strangers, while in reality living in complete poverty is just pitiful.

No. 78668

Maybe it gives her hope or something? From what we know + what the verified anon^ that posted about seeing her at the beach (before himeka then later posted about being at the beach) I'm pretty sure her "sugar daddy" is really her pimp, or some authority figure that's tricking her out. If lying about her life completely makes her happy, then carry on Himeka…but if she'd smart, she'd just delete her Tumblr and try hard to get out of the pit she's in rather than let us all watch her become a used up statistic.

No. 78783

Does anyone knows if Bibi has a new tumblr ?

No. 78790

Seems http://pooh-hunny99.tumblr.com/ is still active.
Not sure if she has a second blog like Hime does tho

No. 78953


>YESSSsS!!!! i learned from a certain gross ex-friend so many things. her personality was so fake, yucky, & petty..now that i’m out of that toxic “friendship” i can see how wrong and messed it up was to entertain such behavior. i know sooo much better now & i’m alot more pickier on who i allow into my personal life.


Her tags on this post:
>#i blocked ppl for her
>#ppl who she just didnt like for dumbass childish reasons
>#but ppl who try to ruin my life she chill with
>#i'm dumb for entertaining tht!!!!

So, is she talking about both Micky and Amina or just Amina?

No. 78954

I feel like people who talk like this about so called "ex-friends" were the ones who were actually shitty, and they are just projecting so they can shift any blame off themselves and onto the other person.

No. 78957

Well, there's evidence in both Himeka threads and the second Micky thread that she's full of shit. Actual wouldn't be surprised if she was the one who recently posted in the Amina thread.

No. 78967

I just realized why she lies so much about her life. She wants to be like her "bestie" super-rabbit even though her reality is far from it.
Sage for slow realization.

No. 78982


>my Man asked me how tall i was exactly while we were on the phone just now (we were talking about bmi stuff) and i told him i was 5'0 and he was like “if ur standing on 2 boxes… Maybe” …. HE’S SO MEAN TO ME. but i love it. ?????

>#i can't wait till the stock market calms down!!

>#i miss him!!!
>#he's been so busy ugh

Those tags contradict what she says here >>78507

So what's the truth Himeka? If he back or not? If he's even real at all. Also what happened to her going furniture shopping? Lol

No. 79050

i know people who live in pdx and know super-rabbit irl because of her bg/gf, none of them have had anything good to say about her

No. 79057


>just dyed my hair the cutest shade of light choco brown ? also had some layers added & cut it a bit! i’m adooooorable ? mermaid hair is fun but it gets tiring taking care of it ~ i also srsly needed some change

>#i finished moving

>#got my hair did
>#now im at the veggie market wit my mama

So she moved back into her mom's house.

No. 79060

Lol someone should show bibi and her mom her blog again and tell them about that 60 year "man" she has so she can get kicked out again, and more milk.
Remember when she first got kicked out and she went on Craigslist to find a stranger to live with? Hilarious.

No. 79069


Preach, anon.

If they really were the toxic friend and you've moved beyond them and their bullshit, surely you'd learn from their mistakes, rise above, suck it up and move on rather than posting shit like that.

She implies this 'ex-friend' was some kind of shit-stirring drama queen while publically posting about it, which is a shit-stirring drama queen kind of move.

No. 79070

Translation: She ditched the Party City fright wig.

No. 79078


Maybe her ~Daddy~ took her to Party City and got her a new wig. ~So rich and important~

No. 79098

Okay but their goals and lives are different get the same. Super-rabbits is shitty just a different kind of shitty than Angelas

No. 79112


I bet he splurged and got her a wig from a corner beauty store! Man, I wish I had a zaddy to buy me cheap wigs.

No. 79121

So she's on good terms with her mom now? I'm surprised she didn't make a post about it considering how dramatic she was being, unless she didn't really get kicked out and was just lying for sympathy.

No. 79246

Possibly, but my suspicion is she has gotten tired of wearing wigs and her new "haircut and color" will look remarkably like her real hair (OP pic >>21481)

No. 79271

That picture…is tragic.

No. 79537


>just had my first day of classes for this semester & omg…. i’m like, so excited ?i know i’m going to A+ everything . plus i’m in my new house, getting a car soon (praying for a cute sporty bmw or a pink beetle ??) , and my humanities professor is a tall af hottie!!!!! i forgot to do a school ootd tho :( i will tomorrow. i also want to do a room tour but only once my furniture gets here & i unpack everything. it’s going to be a perfect girly paradise ?

No. 79553

Watch her brag about getting the car she wants but never posting any photos of it

No. 79715

Watch her go to a dealership and pretend one of the displays is "her's" lmao

No. 79740

Its newfag… Busted

No. 79742

Because its her selfposting

No. 79759

File: 1452568608823.jpg (44.19 KB, 800x537, tumblr_nxxecnvreQ1r99c0yo1_128…)

ok guys i am really scared right now wtf

No. 79761

File: 1452568664842.jpg (95.34 KB, 421x278, tumblr_nyuyl29K9r1ujrirvo1_500…)

like this shit on her blog is getting FUCKED up

No. 79763

File: 1452568771034.jpg (37.63 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n1rlj8Z5Gg1soaxbpo1_500…)

idk about you guys but this is fucking scary
she needs to be stopped

No. 79777

This one makes me want to kick her fucking ass. Children get abducted and raped every single day. What an insufferable fucking cunt.

No. 79778


Honestly, I can see her being kidnapped and raped and then crying on Tumblr about it till kingdom come. I don't think she would enjoy the "fetishes" she has if she actually lived through them.

She would probably go full SJW and complain about people posting these kind of images on a freshly made blog.

No. 79785

is this from Himeka's blog?

No. 79786

Hime self posts all the time. So sad.

No. 79798

this is literally like, 80% of her blog usually
it's all legal porn but made to look like child abuse images
like, it doesn't make one a bad person for having a rape fetish. But jesus christ making a whole blog just to distribute this shit i messed up IMO
people really need to keep their fetishes to themselves

No. 79926

Wowww. It's worse than the porn with girls who look underage. This looks underage AND super rape-y & realistic. That's kinda sad. She must be fucked up. Is that why she gets deleted all the time?

No. 79936

>Is that why she gets deleted all the time?

That and the occasional post soliciting sex for money. She tends to call this disturbing shit "cute porn."

No. 80038

o_o like prositiution or just selling videos? wooowwwwww.

No. 80047


She used to or still does sell pictures/videos but I meant this upthread. >>67658

That whole bit leading up to her blog's deletion is worth a read.

No. 80050


>i have all types of guys ask me out/hit on me. ranging from 18-50 like… whatever. but my admissions counselor…? really!? i told one of my older sisters about it and she said it’s not weird, he just wants to continue to guide me (he’s leaving for the police academy) and hearing that coming from someone as mature & intelligent as her made me feel alot less weird about it. i’m taken anyway so it’s not a big deal right!?? (he’s also like 6'2, dark skint af which is so sexy, and mad buff/muscular… WHY MEE. only unsexy thing about him is that he’s on the young side like late 20’s) ?

It's like I'm reading a self-insert story on wattpad. Jfc

No. 80107

Wow. I just read through it. How stupid is she?! That's disgusting. He clearly was her pimp or something

No. 80140

File: 1452654052988.jpg (331.64 KB, 1280x1708, tumblr_o0vblxFc0v1v1sjm5o1_128…)

Where the fuck are her knees

No. 80172

Photoshop heaven. Along with her extra inches and fat thighs

No. 80336


Is this her too? The personal text posts read like something she would make.

No. 80345

sounds similar but if you go into their "me" tag you see that it's a skinny white blonde chick lol

No. 80347

I just checked it, kind of reminds me of brat candy. All these girls just seem like carbon copies of each other.

No. 80366

Are her legs photoshopped there? I got the same legs and idk, does that mean i'm a gross fatty?

No. 80374

No, that's not Himeka. That's the chick that stalked/harassesed bratcandy & sent her death threats + spread lies about her, but then she got deleted (I followed this because it was actually crazy!)
It could be Himeka? I remember someone posted proof that winterrose was a catfish, so maybe?

That's because it's the user that was obsessed with her. I don't mind bratcandy, but idk why Himeka and that other girl copy her so much. If you follow their blogs is very weird…brat candy will post something about school, then Himeka will. Or they will reblog what bratcandy reblogged.

No. 80376

Her legs are shopped to be thinner, but she's not a fatty and neither are you.

No. 80398


dat 5head tho.

No. 80412

this thread is validating as fuck. I am so glad there are people out there that are as uncomfortable and grossed out at the whole "barely legal teen" shit.
My boyfriend had hundreds and hundreds of downloaded teen porn garbage.
"would you rather watch young or old people fuck." was his response.
I'm 26 years old, how the fuck am I supposed to feel about that.
ugh. I'm disgusted by this human.

No. 80413

If it makes you feel any better, "teen" and "barely legal" actors are only like 3-4 years younger than you.

No. 80424

It does and it doesn't.

No. 80447

ew, dump his nasty ass

No. 80481

Honestly most teens in porn are 23-26. dump him! get a sugar daddy who would worship your fine young self xx

No. 80528

We've "worked" through it, but deep down I know he gets a huge boner for flat chested, brace faced 25 year olds.
I'm mid twenties, 5"2, A cup, and with a little bit of effort I can be 120 lbs again. I'm as close to his porn fantasy that he's going to get. However, I'm staying kind of fat just to spite him, because I'm a horrible borderline.
I need a better outlook on sugar daddies, this girl has me severely grossed out on the idea. Alas, I do like free shit for minimal effort.

No. 80533

sounds like a great relationship

No. 80535

This thread is not your personal blog.

No. 80537

You're right it's not. Whoops! So sorry.

No. 80628

What happens when you're 30? Dump your bf lol one day you'll come home and find some girls Hannah Montana bookbag sitting outside your room.

No. 80643


No. 80699

No one cares, fatties.

No. 80723

As funny as I think this is, truly.
Let's get back on track here, very important stuff to talk about.

No. 80906

Their not even that "big" they are narrow but look like squishy flabby bricks because she has no muscle definition.

No. 80952

How did her tits get so fucking droopy?

No. 80975

She's a drug abuser and has a pimp. Hard life doesn't keep you young looking. That's why she goes overboard on letting people know she's a teen, bc most people assume she's 30. It's why she dresses in girls & juniors clothes that are too small for her. Trying desperatly to hang onto the youth and innocence that faded long ago.

No. 81028

Wait, brat candy still has a blog?

I'm curious, do you know what it is? She's even more retarded than himeka.

You just know she's not wearing panties under here. I bet you can smell that stank ass pussy from two houses down.

No. 81101


some people just have shit genetics.

No. 81113


>that’s so weird lol!!! they’ve been at it for a while. since i was like… fourteen or so? and now i’m eighteen. i’m one of those people where i have no care as long as it doesn’t go outside of the internet & into the real world (which actually has happened before but that’s a story for another day ^o^). if you need to talk about me on anon msg boards, which proves Ur jealousy and loneliness, in order to feel good about yourself than go ahead!! i know most of the people who go on there and it’s such a sad thing… what sad people :( either way, i’ll continue to be the perfect angel that i am. the fact that it bothers them so much that i’m successful and happy, is a personal problem and i don’t 2 much care. thx for telling me but i am aware of it ^^

>which proves Ur jealousy and loneliness,

No one is jealous of a prostitute who lives in a broom closet nor are we lonely.

>i know most of the people who go on there and it’s such a sad thing… what sad people

Himeka, the only person you know is Micky. Don't lie. You did tell the truth about both of you being sad, I'll give you that one.

>perfect angel

Trying to sabotage your former friend, taking shit about your sister on here, spreading CP, and blaming your family for your stupid decisions make you a hellspawn, not an angel.
>so much that i’m successful and happy,

Himeka, nothing about you or your life shows either of those being true.

No. 81129

She deleted.

No. 81131

She is literally a hooker who has even soliciated young girls on line, trashes all of her friends leaving her with no one, shacks up with different old pimp type men constantly, has gotten kicked out multiple times, posted & encouraged cp, is a pedophile apologist, posted herself when she was a child. currently she lives in a broom sized closet room in the ghetto. she isnt really in school bc she flunked out when she tried. no one in real life wants to be associated with her because she is such a mess and is toxic.

NO ONE is jealous of you. re-evalute your life. look in the mirror without holding your cell phone himeka. you are going to end up a statistic.

No. 81140

spot on!

No. 81172

File: 1452857632652.jpeg (139.07 KB, 500x518, image.jpeg)

No. 81178

>she's a drug abuser and has a pimp
While it wouldn't surprise me if this was actually true, has this been confirmed?
She's so painfully transparent.
>teehee i ttly dun curr teeheehee
>but lemme make a post about how little i care
>b-because i don't care one bit!!1

No. 81260


>thank you babes! and yes, it’s true. it does creep me out a bit that they have been writing these fan fictions on these forums for like, many years. it IS creepy and they’re all stalkers. but i always remember, no ones going on those forums except for well, them. 99% of my followers (& ppl who will follow me) have no clue about that. i don’t look at it, ever, under any circumstance. only four of my friends even know about it. my Daddy doesn’t know about it. my family doesn’t know about it. soooo, I guess that tiny “community” of anti-Bunny people can continue to rant & rave on that lil forum to themselves and i’ll just keep on being the happy girl i am :) none of them will ever take anything away from me. i mean, whats the end goal? make me cry & delete my blog?? lmao. they need to grow up and go outside. once again, thanks so much for the kind words but I’ve gotten accustom to all kinds of anon nonsense & it doesn’t bother me a bit. the rare times they ever come into my inbox i block them after reading the first line.

>they have been writing these fan fictions on these forums

It's not fiction considering there's solid evidence of all the slimy bullshit that you've pulled over the years.

>always remember, no ones going on those forums except for well, them.

Stop acting like you know who posts and lurks here. You don't know and you never will.

> my family doesn’t know about it.

I'm sure Bibi and your mom know about this by now. Which means the rest of your family knows. They most likely talk about how much of a disgusting failure you are too.

>tiny “community”

Once again you're making incorrect assumptions. They're certainly more people that dislike than those that like you. And those that like you just haven't learned the truth yet.

>none of them will ever take anything away from me

You're right, because you already took everything away from yourself. Your obsession with e-fame and being an overall slimy snake caused you to lose friends, family, a proper home, dignity, intelligence, and any chance for real redemption.

> they need to grow up and go outside

Himeka, you're the one that needs to do that, not us. You best break out that delusional state you're in now and get your act together before you fully convert into a crackhead from the skids.

>it doesn’t bother me a bit

Is that why you continue to make these long posts about us? You're clearly lacking some much needed self awareness.

No. 81272

>anti-Bunny people

No. 81327


>anti-Bunny people

Guilty as charged!

No. 81346

File: 1452899319190.gif (612.67 KB, 400x225, drinks pls.gif)

>i don’t look at it, ever, under any circumstance
>I just post there about other people sometimes.

No. 81353

File: 1452900935925.png (16.34 KB, 654x319, uwot.png)

Saw this on my dash somehow.
She's one to talk lmao.

No. 81366

File: 1452908230512.jpg (82.86 KB, 1440x405, _20160115_173458.JPG)

No, himeka, you're not

No. 81380

File: 1452913009703.jpg (476.54 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_o10ux1o3W31v1sjm5o1_128…)

New picture featuring her brand new room, in her brand new mansion, with her brand new totally kawaii desu furniture uwu
This is probably the least hideous picture of herself she's posted, but goddamn this does not look like an 18 year old. She looks so weathered. I guess rough would be the right word to use. And I also don't understand why her face is like three shades lighter than her body.

No. 81383

She could be pretty if she played on her best features, maybe get into gyaru instead of whatever she's doing here. Why doesn't she just learn to contour her nose? Smh

No. 81386

"I'm confident n cute m a hottie that's why I block out half my face 0:)"

No. 81389


Lol no she wouldn't, makeup doesn't hide down syndrome

No. 81392

Seems to help Suzy's FAS face.

No. 81398

Yeah, multiple times. Her last "daddy" was a 65 year old pimp she met in St. Pete.

No. 81419

>foundation ten times lighter than her skintone
>shitty eyebrows

Jfc she needs to work on her makeup skills.

No. 81420

Clearly not because everybody still thinks she has FAS, and if they aren't saying it out loud then they are just secretly thinking it.

No. 81449

Okay how come these girls always be like 'omg I'm so cute look at how cute I am I'm totally feelin myself' and ALWAYS put some filter/sticker/wtfever on the picture? I mean I GET the whole 'fake self esteem' but if you're faking self esteem over something that isnt YOU?

No. 81458

Guuurl, dat five head!

No. 81510

I don't think using a filter or putting stickers on a pic is any reflection on their self esteem. i think i'm really hot, but i think black and white looks classier so i change my pics to black and white. i think the better argument is why do ~confident~ girls like meg and himeka shop the hell out of their pics is they are happy with themselves? bc they aren't.

No. 81548

So what happened with Micky and hime

No. 81692

File: 1453027536083.jpg (428.28 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_o131msV8Nv1v1sjm5o1_128…)

What's up with her lightening her pics so much?

No. 81707

What I came here to say. That ring around her eyes and her eyebrows are appalling.

No. 81712

she's a dark skin who wants to be light. just look at the op pic vs this one.

No. 81713

forgot to add, didn't she claim to be half on her twitter at one point? maybe she's trying to look half again.

No. 81747

>hashtags picture "blackout"
>yet edits skin to be thirty shades lighter than its actually colour

No. 82191

File: 1453107249431.jpg (332.55 KB, 1078x1920, tumblr_o14vx4rbj11v1sjm5o1_128…)


>(i tried posting this before so if it posts again i’m sorry!!! tumblr mobile is a trip ?) this is disgusting. i do feel like Paris Hilton though, like literally. notice how it’s only the pretty, happy, succesful, gorgeous, & smart girls who get haters like this? as the famous saying goes… if You don’t have haters ur doing something wrong. Kim Kardashian has leagues of ppl who abhor her yet she has a fleet of bentley’s, gets paid to wear luxury clothing, and is generally one of the most iconic women of this generation. deny it if u want it’s still gonna be true :) buuut the funny thing about all this is i’m just a completely regular girl??? who has a tumblr??? a twitter and an ig i never even use??? i don’t see whats so extraordinary about me that causes ppl to create all these forums and discussions about ME.. weird af, yes. flattering… also yes! creepily finding what college i go to, sending them my nudes in hopes to get me expelled, (mind u, my school has thousands of students from all walks of life. highly doubt they would care about me & suprise suprise they did not. Duke uni porn star? anyone remember her? um yea. cute try tho! also i’m 18!! legal!! crazy concept right?) but in the same breath these people claim up & down they aren’t stalkers and don’t care about my life. lol ok ?! ooh maybe this is some OTT way of slut shaming me!!! not like i’d ever feel guilty about being open with my sexuality but… okay! i don’t like giving them attention but this is just a taste of what random jealous folks on the net put me through just for being alive :) i’m still cute & blessed as shit tho so ya’ll can kiss my tight ass ? notice how i never even would have known about this if it weren’t for my friend telling me? hm… lmao

>pretty, happy, succesful, gorgeous, & smart

Himeka can't be serious with this shit. Lol

No. 82193


>i’m thinking of getting some sort of ip tracker/redirector type of thing so these people slick stalking my blog get a mf screamer or s/t nasty when they attempt to view my blog. i’m mad ruthless so if i have to traumatize some ppl i sure will :) i’m acctually suprised i haven’t done this yet. sometimes blocking ppl just isnt enough. tsk tsk tsk. as they say….some ppl don’t get respectful till U start being disrespectful. v true. v accurate

No. 82242

umm i wanna kill her for typing like this??? so yeah :) lol!!

No. 82261

>notice how it’s only the pretty, happy, succesful, gorgeous, & smart girls who get haters like this?
>Kim Kardashian

No. 82264

File: 1453114689201.gif (Spoiler Image, 277.82 KB, 117x112, giphy.gif)

She types like Temmie from Undertale

No. 82398

I'm 100% sure that the name she blocked out was winterrose1. Who I think is just Himeka being a catfish. Himeka, we know you read this thread. Otherwise you wouldn't delete certain posts.

Her reading comprehension skills are extremely low too. Himeka, you got reported because you wanted someone to do your homework and essays in exchange for nudes. You can get booted from college for doing that. Sadly, you can't seem grasp this concept, among other things. I'm genuinely being to this girl has some mental disability or something.

No. 82497

I totally think that winter rose person is Himeka too bc she has had totally diff girls in her "me" tag claiming to be her. It just screams nutty. I think Himeka has some problems, it's getting to be too much. She's so focused on all us here, it's crazy.

No. 82498


To "winterrose1"

>I just want to write that i support @t33nangel through all the things thats going on. I dont know her personally in real life, but shes a really good friend on tumblr

>I dont know her personally in real life

You talk about blindly believing, but here you are defending someone you don't even know.

>I searched for her blog on the internet and found this weird scary forum of trolls that got nothing better to do than hate on a person

The result for her blog is all on the first page. You purposely searched for this thread. You found it after going on PULL. Which is the second result on the fourth page. Himeka is the only one who trolls this thread.

>I think its cowardly since these people just sit behind their screens and talk shit but if she met them in court they probably would be shit scared.

Oh, so if Himeka's talking shit behind a screen, it's fine, but when others do it, it's cowardly? Give me a break. The only somebody will see her in court is to testify against shady ass. It'd probably be her sister too.

>Me and t33nangel are not the same person & all those stupid rumors going on about me is ridicilous.

It's not ridiculous, Himeka's no stranger to making fake accounts to spy on people, just so she can talk shit about them later.

>People just belive what they been told nowadays. No signs of independence.

Yeah because believing someone when they show you evidence is the same as having no independence.jfc

>They probably go through lifes as doormats and take out their anger online

Us pointing out how slimy Himeka is has nothing to do with whether or not we're doormats. Speaking for myself, I am no one's doormat and I channel my anger into something positive but I'm sure you're to dumb to grasp what I'm saying and will make it seem like I'm "butthurt".

>i can write my URL on paper on a pic next to me. Im not fake.

What was stopping you at any point from doing that?

>spend so much of their personal time talking about a person they dont even know.

You act as if this thread has been nonstop active since last year. It hasn't, it comes in waves. Also, have you heard of multitasking? That's something people are capable of doing.

>I hope you guys start leaving her alone and care about your own lifes instead.

So you're unfamiliar with multitasking? Ok. Maybe when your IQ gets higher you'll know about it. That said, as long as Himeka keeps providing the milk, this thread will keep going. It's really that simple.

To Himeka

>i’m clearly a black female who has never had an issue with being honest with my looks, personality, life etc

Both threads you have prove that to be a lie.

>and winter IS the name i blocked out in the other post because i didn’t want u guys to harrass her for telling me about what she saw.

You supposedly don't know about this thread but you knew about this? And why would anyone waste their time with a catfish?

>or lolcow. or 4chan. i don’t really know. as i’ve been saying for months now. i don’t pay those forums any mind. sowwy)

The admin here already proved that to be a lie in your first thread. Which is still viewable and if "winterrose1" was actually smart she'd read that too to see how full of bs you are.

>i’ve kept this blog mostly secret.

Yet the moment you made it, you posted the URL here.

>AAAND winter also told me about how ppl are butthurt that i exchanged a nude for an essay. stay mad. i got an A+ in the class

No one's butthurt, everyone's pointed out that's it's cheating and you can booted for doing so. Then again, you and "her" lack the ability of reading comprehension, so you think everything is someone being butthurt.

>#ok not giving this anymore attention

You keep saying that, yet here you are writing paragraph upon paragraph about this. We know you're salty. No need to lie about it.

No. 82513

>Yet the moment you made it, you posted the URL here.
i wonder if it was that rabbit girl or another one of her tumblr "bestie"s posting about her here

No. 82528

I wouldn't be surprised. Himeka's pretty shitty.

>They care that much about some guy writing an essay for you? That's just so whiny, childish, and cringey. It's a dog eat dog world.
>It's a dog eat dog world
Is Himeka really sending herself anon messages?

>whiny, childish, and cringey

How is pointing out something like that any of those things? Especially when there are people who actually put in real effort attending her college while she eases through by cheating. To add to it, she continues to call herself smart. Himeka, take credit for someone else work doesn't make you smart. You're still an idiot.

No. 82542

File: 1453149136065.jpg (186.24 KB, 875x517, 16-01-18-15-24-38-740_deco.jpg)

Himeka was lurking on bratcandy's new tumblr.

No. 82549


No. 82568

File: 1453152484743.jpg (151.03 KB, 989x635, tumblr_o0ebim3vU21v2lnhro1_128…)

No. 82575

So Himeka lives in St. Petersburg? Is that a nice city or a crappy one? I don't know anything about Florida & i wonder if she's really as well off as she claims.

No. 82586


What website is that? Thinking of using it sometime.

No. 82587

I think it's part of free hosted scripts

No. 82592

No. 82688

Isn't that StatCounter…?

No. 82695

South St. Petersburg isn't so great. It's where she lived with her family before they found out about her antics.

Her stories of dad's hotel in a mansion and sisters with BMWs are all bullshit.

No. 82696

Hmmm. Interesting. Does she still live there? & so she's full of shit about everything. i kinda figured.

No. 82698

That post bratcandy made was posted earlier this month, so yes. She hasn't moved from there at all. She only ran away from her mom's place to live with her grandma.

No. 82735

Just had a look at Bratcandy's blog – first time I'd ever seen it. Goddamn, Himeka doesn't have an original bone in her skanky body, does she???

No. 82781

Stop selfposting bratcandy, no1curr

No. 82783

I'm not her, newfag. Someone posted a screencap of her blog so I looked at it.

No. 82784

Why did she lie about living in a mansion if she was just living with her grandmom? There's no shame in that, so why lie? Does she have mental problems or something?

No. 82792

Bratcandy keeps starving herself because shes into pedophilia.

No. 82798

Jfc learn how to reply properly or don't post at all.

No. 82799

I think you mean Himeka…so yeah, I wouldn't be surprised. She goes up and down in weight, shops herself to look thinner, and constantly posts creepy porn.

No. 82800

Has Himeka posted pics of her new mansion and new hair and new car yet?

No. 82815

No i meant bratcandy. I dont notice that on himeka

No. 82821

Check this page. It's everywhere. I guess you're a noob so I'll give you a summary:
Himeka has been called out non stop on her defending pedophiles and posting child porn. She even sold
pictures and videos of herself when she was underaged specifically to pedobears. Her blogs have always had really creepy pro pedo porn, thats why she's been deleted so much. It's really sad. Idk what happened to her as a child, but it must have been pretty terrible. She needs to stop shopping herself and accept her (beautiful) womanly body, accept her mature face, and stop with the "so kawaiii Daddi!" creepy stuff she's into.

No. 82822

Nope. Can't imagine why.
Yup. Himeka been glorifying pedophila since she was 15. I'd feel bad about her trauma, but she gives us entertainment, so she's my favourite mess.

No. 82823

What about bratcandy tho? She looks 9 in her recent photo..

No. 82824

Did yall see winterrose1 proof?

No. 82826

whats her new blog? havent seen it yet.

No. 82827

This thread is about Himeka, if you want to discuss bratcandy, make a thread for her.

No. 82829


Stop selfposting bratcandy,your not as hot as you think

No. 82831

Does Himeka still post porn? I thought she at least quit that. I need to check this thread, I've been gone.

No. 82832

I swear I'm not her, if I could prove it, I would. Asking what her new blog is wouldnt even make sense as self posting? Whatever. I'll find it on tumblr. You guys are right that I shouldn't bring her up here, sorry I saw someone posted a cap from her blog and I wanted to check it out. Anyways. Back to Himeka.

No. 82833

Himeka dont post porn anymore

No. 82834

She does, but not on her own blog anymore.

No. 82838

I cant find it?

No. 82840

Link to Himekas blog? that link doesn't work.

No. 82842

Hi Himeka kek

No. 82844

t33nangel.tumblr.com is himeka. honestly shes rlly sweet n cute. maybe if u were like her u wouldnt be here tryning to bring her dwn

No. 82848

Himeka isint Tumblr user winterrose1 though winterrose posted proof. Shes still disgusting and probably jealous of winterrose for being so much prettier than her fat body and animal tits.

No. 82863

File: 1453209272895.jpg (124.46 KB, 1280x766, tumblr_o173m0w5eJ1v1ccfpo1_128…)

This does seriously count as proof to you?

No. 82864

Fuck off Himeka

No. 82866

No. 82882

Its her with her URL on a paper. Yes?

No. 82897


No. 82905

You guys never quit what does it takes for her to prove that shes real? Tell me so i can send her a message

No. 82913

Hey Himeka

Also where is Bibi. She was Lulzy as fukkkkkk I miss her

No. 82916

Video of her saying her tumblr name and telling us to directly fuck off.

The problem with this kind of shit is that you can just ask a friend (or hell, even a random person on tumblr) to hold up a piece of paper with some stupid words on it and they'll do it without further question

No. 82922

Why do yall belive bratcandy is really bratcandy ? She havent posted proof…neither has himeka or?

No. 82929

Because Himeka is as lulzy as ever.
#and no one gives a shit about bratcandy fuck off#

No. 83063


Because living with her Grandma isn't kawaii or glamorous.

No. 83116

Hi Himeka.
& Winterrose is just a catfish. Seeing that proof did it for me. She claimed to be skinny and beautiful, but all I see is an average/slightly chubby typical white girl. That's the definition of cat fishing. Disappointed.

No. 83118

That's shopped. She should just make a video of herself saying her name and not some random girl with only her mommy arm showing.

No. 83122

lol that house is probs better than whatevr ur living in. why are u guys so obsessed? winterrose and himeka are perf. sorry u guys r too fat & ugly too see that. mybe work on urselfs n then u can tlk

No. 83124

Winterrose is deff not fat lmao fucking idiots its not that clear of a pic and all you do is judge her arm you can barely see. You can see her arm clear in her me tag.

No. 83125


Hi Himeka/Winterrose/Generic ghetto DDLG tumblrina

No. 83129

File: 1453236529498.jpg (297.62 KB, 1024x1920, what are angles.jpg)

Are you talking about this? Because in her "proof" pic, you can see her arm way more clear there than this.

No. 83132

Notice how she wears a covered black shirt and she pulled up her arms? Yea that makes everyone look alil fat

No. 83134

The bait is too obvious. I don't its her or either of them. Maybe winterrose at least.
Still makes me laugh at how both winterrose and bratcandy look basic as hell. I also like how they're trying to be "nice" now like weren't you bitches saying anyone above size 0 is a landwhale?

No. 83135

Notice how her arm's outstretched and the camera's at an angle? Yea that makes everyone look skinny.

No. 83141

Also, that'd only account for her upper arm. Her forearm/hand looks meaty.

No. 83145

You can literally see on her bodytype that shes skinny… I dont think your even that skinny. Shes 5'2 and 85 pounds

No. 83152

And you know that because you watch her every morning on the scale or what

No. 83153

She wrote that on her blog that got deleted

No. 83157

suspicious that its in black and white tbh

No. 83167

Did I rustle your jimmies by saying you have meaty forearms/hands? Because you most certainly do.

>I don't think you're even that skinny*

Is that supposed to be an insult of some kind?

>She's 5'2 and 85 pounds

>She wrote that on her blog
Yeah, and Ember has been saying that she's battling anorexia since she was a wee child.

Fun fact: Wearing black is supposed to be slimming.

No. 83172

Winterrose. No one cares about you. You're a meaty loser who worships random girls online. Stop self posting fag.

No. 83174

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who notices. She's nowhere near 85 lbs. More like a healthy 110 or so and she looks much taller than 5'2. Her body is fine, I don't get why she'd lie about it? She looks about 5'5 & 110-115lbs. Healthy and full. Not skinny or dying. Just the average white girl.

No. 83178

This thread is for HIMEKA. Literally no one gives a shit about you winterrose, so stop self posting. Can we get back on topic please?

No. 83184

Winterrose just posted a vid.. Looks like she reads this!

No. 83189

Saw the vid, sorry, hun, you're still meaty.

>>83178 is right though. Thread needs to be brought back to Himeka. If we want to continue to discuss Meaty-chan, we should
>A. make her her own thread
>B. post in the existing Tumblr thread

No. 83191

She self posts here daily lol

No. 83193

She is meaty. Dang. I wasn't expecting that. 0 notes. No one cares. She's as lulzy as Himeka…but people care about Himeka lol.

No. 83196

Why do u all bodyshame that poor girl you all prob eat junk food everyday

No. 83200

Winterrose is known for sending tons of anon hate to girls on Tumblr calling them fat and telling them to kill themselves. She even posted about how ugly and fat Himeka was on her old blog. She body shames
everyone and talks about how fat she thinks she is. We're allowed to shame someone gutter trash like her haha

No. 83207

The receipts?

No. 83214

Where? Calling her meaty? She is meaty. No one was saying anything bad about it? >>83174 said she looks healthy/average.

Tumblr thread if you want to continue discussing WR, this thread is for Himeka/Bibi.

No. 83216

Got deleted when she got terminated for posting child porn. Unless someone she harassed has screencaps.

No. 83219

It's clearly winterrose self posting for attention. This thread is for Himeka. Winterrose is to irrelevant to even have a threas about. Lets stop giving her attention. She gets none on Tumblr and shouldn't get any hear.

No. 83223

Why are you talking about yourself in third person?

Troll harder Himeka, you're not being obvious enough.

No. 83226

Funny how this forum is called lolcow.Because theres only ugly cows behind their phones & computers - lolcows

No. 83235

>ugly cows behind their phones & computers
>tfw you're using one to post here
Acceptance is the first step.

Back on topic. I've been wondering, since Himeka was apparently back on good terms with her mom, what about her and Bibi?

No. 83261

I've been wondering this too. Are they good now? Anyone have bibi's blog?

No. 83335

Ur all insecure fat fucks that loves to care about things no wonder noone of you bitches got boyfriends

No. 83338

Oh I have one, and I don't need to take off my clothes to get his attention :) honey you obviously have daddy issues you have no room to talk.

No. 83341

So you're a fridgid bitch who he cheats on Cause he cant get any fun from a stuck up icecold bitch that only cares about this forum? Lmao only if he knew

No. 83343

Hi winterrose maybe you should go moisturize your dried up face and be a ray of sunshine or whatever instead of worrying about us here. You're embarrassing yourself

No. 83344

You just embarassed urself honey :) my face is moisturized stupid

No. 83345

He knows I get on this forum and he doesn't care lol? We live together and I want him literally all the time so if he is cheating he needs a prize because when does he have time to do anyone else but me. Sorry Angela, the only people who 'idolize' you are probably preeteens who think you're having fun but what you really are is lonely and a bitter bitch lol. I love how you always scream you're an adult now but you still act like a child.

No. 83346

A fresh load shot all over your face doesn't count as moisturizing.

No. 83347


No. 83348

Sounds like U mad. Why U mad tho did the truth hurt you? Aww
& nah were the hell do u get that shit from atleast i get cum & know about skincare which yall obviously dont since ur staring at a screen 24/7 and get breakouts while eating junkfood lmao Peace losers

No. 83349

He probably jack off to himeka and thats why u here lmfao

No. 83350

Lmao lmao lmao well at least you can admit you're a cheap whore
>at least I get cum
Like that's something to be proud of lmao
Get your ratchet ass off this board twat, ain't nobody jealous of your busted ass, drugged up auntie face and 50 y/o gross ass "sugar daddy"
At least my dad loved me hahahhaha

No. 83351

Don't get so heated up and say stupid shit because of himeka.

No. 83354

I haven't seen the video but if there is one then that's even more sad. Instead of being a catfish she idolizes a young prostitute.Great.

and for Himeka is it really hard to believe some people dislike her and they aren't jealous,fat,ugly, or poor?

No. 83363

I don't know why you think I'm mad? I'm good actually… And why would he get off on someone who looks\is a prostitute? Trying to make yourself feel better because no one likes you but dirty old man?

No. 83364

No. 83387

winterrose and himeka self posting is strong tonite!

No. 83392

No. 83407

Ah thanks for link.
Poor thing, she's nothing special. Her attachment to himeka is even more confusing.

No. 83412

Her and Himeka copy bratcandy, himeka used to look up to bratcandy but now she has winterrose (and I'm sure bratcandy thinks himeka is creepy as hell)

No. 83413

No, their not copying you bratcandy. All three of you are ugly losers with daddy issues, nothing original about that.

No. 83415


No. 83416

This is a thread for Himeka. Bratcandy and winterrose are irrelevant. And don't really have anything to do with Himeka. So lets stay on topic here.

No. 83419

Just checked, this seems to be active.
>Last post - Jan 18, 2016

No. 83503

thank you!

No. 83705

Yes!! So annoying

No. 85418

File: 1453730608773.jpg (9.71 KB, 272x252, 1CwbxKm.jpg)

"i dont promote cp, i just reblog porn that LOOKS like cp"

god this bitch

No. 86037


>the best feeling, like ever (aside from recieving large sums of money) is when u have done all ur hw, been excelling all of ur quizzes, and studying diligently. just generally doing well in school is such a great feeling ? u feel so proud of urself & content. ?

I doubt she's passing. She doesn't even do her own homework, so you know she doesn't actually know the material

No. 86047


"Done", or "traded nudes for"?

What a shame it is that you need to actually study hard to pass a class, not just bullshit on tumblr that you're studying hard.

No. 86062

Is she hooking? Maybe I'm reading too deeply into it, but this post screams the possibility of Himeka being a prostitute (or camgirling at the very least)

>my gentleman friends always make me soOOoo happy & keep me so spoiled?????

>#my fav in scotland gives me 100$ >#just to get on skype for maybe 5min
>#it's fun!!!

No. 86084


Sounds like she's camming.



>my scottish friend is planning a trip down to the U.S just to see me… meeeeee!!!! meEeeEe (he called me a cheeky bitch today cause i asked him if he knew Rumpelstiltskin) (Rumpelstiltskin is german i guess) (lol ??)

Sounds like she's gonna be hooking pretty soon.

No. 86106

It's pretty well known the people who knew her at SPC (hey) knew she hooked.

No. 86143

She's probably just taking easy af classes if she's not exchanging nudes to get her shit done tbh.

No. 86147

well she's still lurking and it seems as if you hurt her feelings since that got deleted pretty quick

No. 86293

File: 1453933061110.jpg (105.74 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nkt9a3bhTd1s4hbvyo1_500…)

I love how she claims to have magnificent hair when she very clearly has no edges in this picture. Not even a trace of a hairline smh.

No. 86306


knock knock bitch

who der

yo edges

That weave/wig or whatever it is. It isn;t working. Why do black women proceed on buying ugly wigs/weaves?

No. 86316

How did they find out?

It's only a matter of time before someone here posts a link to that blog.


>i made a blog for nsfw/personal a while back! msg me if u wanna knooooo ?

No. 86363

I don't think it's too ugly just cheap quality and she doesn't know how to make it look nice. Considering how much of a weeb her sister was I'd think they'd learn about wigs styling.

You'd think with a sugar daddy he'd be taking her to get her hair and nails done or she'd at least want to maintain a more high class image if she's not just a prosti-tot

No. 86367

Ewwwwww that wig looks so cheap and her skin looks so burnt.

No. 86378

>her skin looks so burnt
sweetheart, you do realize this is girl is black right
like wtf do you mean her skin looks burnt lol

No. 86394

No. 86687

What the fuck is wrong with her bangs?

No. 86696

Because SPC isn't in a good neighborhood. It's a good school, but it's around the trick area. There were rumors all throughout campus she was a hooker + a few witnesses & gross stories. A few students are, most of the time they drop out though. I'm not sure if faculty gets involved.

No. 86700


>gross stories

Give us the details, please.

No. 86722

I think they mean her skin looks darker then usual.
Which is simply because it is rare to see her post pictures she didn't try to lighten

No. 86762

Hime pls
There's pretty black skin, and then there's that nasty shit in the picture. She looks like she was left out in the sun and started to grey. It's not cute.

No. 86798

Not to mention she looks incredibly greasy. You can probably fry an egg on that forehead too.

No. 86966

Jesus, I'm not proud to admit this.

This girl lured me in with an incredibly sexy mind and these touched up pics. She's got the hottest mind you'd ever find.

Pretty much all the basic stuff she says is true. She's not lying, except about money. The rest of it is true. Her age, her height.

She looks like the pics, kind of. She's a little heavy. She'd be hot AF if she lost some weight.

Still, she's half my age so I went for it. It was pretty badf. No skills to back up the perverted mind she has. I never called her back after we hooked up because the hookup was so bad and she was heavier than I thought from pics.

So yeah, most of what she says is true. I'm mentioned in this page. A lot of you didn't even think I was real when you quoted her talking about me.

No. 87041

loooooooool sure we belive you himeka

No. 87044

How did a grown men like you find this site? This seems really fake lol

No. 87045

File: 1454035058673.png (275.68 KB, 649x360, WR5VMsJ.png)

>incredibly sexy mind
>She's got the hottest mind you'd ever find.

Imagine having standards this low.

No. 87046

I doubt it's himeka, just your average bored farmer.

No. 87050

god the milk's so dry these days

No. 87051


No. 87057

Himeka plz. Idk if this was you tryna sound cute but you just made yourself sound fat and clueless on how to make a man cum hahahahaha

No. 87084

hi himeka, we aren't buying it
>no grown man goes to this site
>this is a gossip site for women
>apparently everything we said was true other than literally everything
>she isnt hot even is she lost weight
>her diaper fetish isn't hot

No. 87196


This is a gossip site for women?!! lol

I thought you were all dudes stalking and outing chicks.

I'm real and I'm in this thread. There are a lot of posts talking about me. I'm one of the guys she talks about… the wealthy one that vanished on her.

How did I find this?

Google anyone?

No. 87200


Standards aren't low at all… she got me mentally.

Once we met, the physical had me backing off a bit.

Hey, I'm not proud, but I know her more than any of you.

She's mostly telling the truth in what she posts. I was real.

No. 87204

Post proof

No. 87230

He sounds pretty convincing to me.

No. 87236

>She got me mentally.

Yeah no. 0/10. Nothing to see here but hot air.

No. 87241

You either got no standards or you're samefagging really hard right now

No. 87248


>"my standards aren't low"

>has to resort to sticking their dick into someone with down syndrome
>hookup was "so bad" that they're googling her name months after

No. 87254

>"Standards aren't low at all"
>"she got me mentally."

0/10 Himeka not even a toddler thinks you're smart.

No. 87263

Yeah I think it's real. Give us some more milk u old fart

No. 87287

File: 1454094549937.gif (724.48 KB, 395x217, eye-roll.gif)

No. 87319

I see.

Are you the fella that used to work for NASA, then?
Or the one that drives a "Porschia"
Or maybe the one with the Bentley?

How did you find her anyway? Are many CEOs outside Silicon Valley secret tumblrinas?

No. 87337

>I thought you were all dudes stalking and outing chicks
also this fucking site doesn't come up on google easily so i doubt it

No. 87338

he is the one that doesnt exist

No. 87339

show us pic and timestamp then and we'll believe you

No. 87342

literal hair hat
that poor fag who fucked her prolly had the thing falling off halfway through

No. 87360

I love how he disappears when people ask for proof.

No. 87391

Be patient dear Anon. It takes time to photoshop

No. 87392

Himeka's probably out scouting around for some filthy rando to take a pic with as "proof."

No. 87464

Oh. Surprise. He disappears when asked for proof. Can't photoshop fast enough Himeka? You'd think you gained some skills by now with all your fatass flab body you shop into something vaguely appealing for a blind drunk man

No. 87739


For real… that did happen! :D

But I'm pretty much out here. There is no way in hell I am posting anything up here that identifies me.

She's on sites where guys with some extra cash hang out. I met her on one of those.

I just saw this thread, saw myself in it and saw that a lot of people here thought she made everything up.

She didn't. I can verify about half of what she said and everything she said about me was true. So is some of the intel on her life you all dug up. That's true too.

Carry on… I'm out. Peace

No. 87740

>For real… that did happen!:D

>There is no way in hell I am posting anything up here that identifies me.

Yeah, this person is definitely, it's probably Himeka. If not her, then winterrose1.

No. 87753

You're dumb.

No. 87784

>I can verify…


No. 87905


>i’m a tiny, black, cutie, college girl with daddy issues

>this is a positive space for me & all my followers

>if u forget to hit anon i’m going 2 roast u, report u for harrassment, and than block ur ip

No. 87911

Link to her profiles on these sites? Which guy were you?
Okay, bye lmao

No. 87931

so is the guy winterrose pretending to be a guy?

No. 87935


>drawing loli/shota art = being a pedophile!?!?? making mpreg fanfics = ur transphobic?!? um….. okaaaay lmao

>#the things i see on here

>#i dont do either of those things but WOW what a conclusin to jump to

No. 87956


>omg what a suprise! my old blog is back!!! if u like fairykei, lolita, gyaru, decora, magical girls, and other cutesy japanese stuff feel free to follow (sfw) (all ages) @babypofupofu ?

>i also have a blog dedicated to 90’s jp fashion (particularly manba & ganguro. theres alot of present day kurogal too) @creampaff ?

No. 88686


>one of my gentleman friends gave me money for lash extensions last night~ (plus extra for a manipedi??) (just got one on Saturday but shhh) does anyone have any advice for someone getting lash extensions for the 1st time? i’m really excited since i was cursed with short lashes & i always have major difficulties with falsies

>gentleman friends

Just say customer or John, Himeka.

No. 88771


>this is biphobia??? wow. lmao.

>okay. i’m not the kind of person who gets involved in stuff like this but this i