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File: 1432764739749.png (727.08 KB, 562x752, 1429234428547.png)

No. 3636

No. 3637

File: 1432767266796.jpg (489.66 KB, 768x1024, berry01.jpg)

it's shit but i tried to make it accurate. not that it matters that much, she's covered lol

No. 3638

But these aren't even the same

No. 3639

do you even read

No. 3640

I don't even know much about this girl, but I'm jealous of her lips. They're really cute.

No. 3641

and fake. she photoshops her face.

No. 3642

Don't be. They're shooped, chapped, and all she does is the weird lip gradient thing.

No. 3643

File: 1432771961481.jpg (89.35 KB, 720x482, berrytsukasa.jpg)

I feel this pic isn't posted enough

No. 3644

OP, forgot to add the ichigofaker link to the links description

Also, people wondering about her opening a dead body she talked about before


>//followed : I'm not American but even then I think you only cut open dead bodies when you're a second / third year. Pretty sure first year was just physics and biology for them. I guess I suddenly just saw her ugly personality and decided to post about it. Sorry not sorry

No. 3645

Hey there! I actually was invited to operate on a cadaver in both my junior and senior years of high school. You needed to be enrolled in some upper level anatomy and biology classes, though.

I'm sure Berry is lying about ever attending an autopsy, an I think she made it seem like she was the one doing the autopsy herself. Which I'm pretty sure you don't get to do unless you have been in college for a while.

Also Berry is obviously still in high school and lies about absolutely everything, but I will give her the benefit of doubt on the slight chance she took a special field trip to see an autopsy performed.

No. 3646

I searched Payless online and didn't find anything exactly the same. That style is very popular at the moment and a lot of cheap stores are carrying something similar/. I highly doubt they're expensive shoes.

No. 3647

File: 1432775700502.png (37.5 KB, 344x484, 39270.png)

wonder if berry is gonna tweet about this at all?

No. 3648

No. 3649

No. 3650

Yup, those are her shoes. Has the same crisscross thing on the front and design at the edges.

OH BOY. I can understand buying stuff from Target, F21, Payless, etc… BUT WALMART? Jesus fucking Christ Berry, no one believes you're a rich bitch so just fuck off.

No. 3651

File: 1432778072025.png (480.97 KB, 1360x331, richdesu.png)

No. 3652

File: 1432780602089.jpg (41.26 KB, 480x295, IMG_20150528_033300.JPG)

youre pratically begging for sponsors and buy walmart shoes what a rich girl kek

No. 3653

File: 1432781095602.jpg (130.81 KB, 408x544, cableknit-01.jpg)

the end of that sweater looks like the one i got from old navy

No. 3654

LOL So rich yet buys shoes that arent even $10 at wal mart. Forever 21 sells shoes more expensive than that.

And possibly an old navy sweater, everyone knows old navy sells their stuff for hella cheap their sales make them even cheaper

Not to offend anyone on the thread thats buys from the stores, its just berry… stop trying to act rich. We all know you get 99% of your clothes and things from sponsors and the rest are all discounted or cheap. Berry even said ao on her tumblr before that she doesnt need to shop for clothes as she just gets them from sponsor. It was screenshotted in an older thread

No. 3655

I don't know if anyone else thought this, but I find this kind of rude.
I always dislike the type of person who belittles homeless people, "Oh, I don't want to give them money bc they'll use it for drugs". If you're going to try and donate, don't be an asshole about it. Same thing for this scenario.
This doesn't sound mean, but sly, to me. In a way that is like, "Well they weren't fashionable before, but they are now thanks to ME". I'm 100% sure homeless children/youth/women/men do not care about how they look, they are focused on surviving day to day. Do not make other people your charity event to make yourself look better, it's disgusting, they are actual people with real history and possibly brutal pasts. This is just so fucking rude.

No. 3656

I shop at Old navy and you're def not offending me. Its not that she shops at these places, its that she tries to make it seem like she's rich when she's clearly NOT. Its a joke, and its an even bigger joke that she's awful at lying. Its an insult lmao. Although this sweater is cute asf and I kind of want it >>3653

Not only that but its such an obvious ploy to make herself look like some sort of kawaii saint. I think most people end up donating their old clothes these days, but you don't see everyone giving themselves asspats about it.

No. 3657

agreed. berry is disgusting.

always bragging about these "good deeds" she does who on earth brags about being a good person? NOT sincere good people. They do it because they truly care, not for the sake to impress strangers on the internet. it's sick and gives people who do give to charity and are good people sincerely a bad name.

I use to look up to berry before but she's just so shit. I was already skeptical of her before I found out about her threads. Berry, go do something other than be on the internet all day, PSing your face and body and trying to fabricate shit to make yourself look good. For a 20 year old, she is nothing but all talk, photoshop and internet.

No. 3658

Did she always tweet about being such a "good person" before? She's been tweeting about it allot as of late hmmm lol

No. 3659

If anybody posts all of Berry's math homework, I'll correct all of them, because misinformation like that drives me insane.


No. 3660


i was working when this happened. They screamed at us to leave our stores yet wouldn't tell anyone what was going on

No. 3661

she's not going to cause she rarely goes out remember

No. 3662

Um…Guys, some of you live in TR, right? Why not just ask her to meet up in mall, for ex., and see how she reacts then post it here? I think that would be quite normal thing to do, maybe she will agree (I'm betting on the opposite, though) and someone might be able to see what does she looks like? Maybe take a pic together? Sure, it's going to deanon you at some level, but I think it worth it. If she's so famous she should be ready for stuff like that.

No. 3663

Of course ask her about that by PMing her, not in public or in a comment. Maybe tell her you want to interview her which is true?

No. 3664

I think she would just decline the offer or maybe agree then announce it so people can see and then make up some bullshit about not showing up

Wonder how far she would go

No. 3665


someone tweeted at her recognizing the ocean county mall in her photos and she denied it and then deleted all the tweets.

No. 3666

We know on which Highschool berry goes to right ?? Maybe we can ask some people if they know her

No. 3667

No. 3668

No, we don't. There was someone who pointed out that she might be in Tom's River North HS, though. I believe this one is the closest to her.

No. 3669

File: 1432824804527.jpeg (32.28 KB, 255x340, lol.jpeg)

so when I was scrolling I kind of noticed something. Comparing this photo >>3636 of berry's with this photo of pixyteri, their chest area looks really similar. so Im thinking she has a similar (at least upper body type) with pixyteri. Berry also cropped out her arm lol probably to hide her arm fat.

No. 3670

I have a friend IRL who lack collarbones. She's not exactly fat, but she does carry quite a belly (has wide shoulders too) and she would be even fatter if not for her gym training. I think Berry is an upside triangle shape with wide shoulders and chest area, some belly fat, small hips and skinny legs (calves to be exact).

No. 3671


Berry definetely went to TR Highschool North.I asker a girl who just graduated from there if she knows Berry and she said yes (but then deleted her comment )

No. 3672

Did you asked her about anything else? I wonder why did she deleted her comment, did Berry told her she would murder her entire family if she wouldn't? Lol

No. 3673

Actually, there is a Facebook page for Tom's River North, isn't it? Why not just ask here?

No. 3674


I tried but she stopped responding - I guess Berry is a taboo topic lol

No. 3675

Btw when I asked her, I used Berrys real name

No. 3676


Ikr ?? Someone should ask

No. 3677

Oww a Berry-Insider would be GOLD

No. 3678

We need a legit-looking Facebook profile then. How should we ask?

No. 3679

No. 3680

File: 1432828939606.png (24.93 KB, 621x276, lol.png)

A little off topic from what we've been talking but I laughed

I think the school one is a great idea. Also, don't people in the US have graduation pics and so on? We should find someone who agreed to show Berry's pics lol

No. 3681


Yeah, Americans have these year books right ?

No. 3682

File: 1432830022316.png (58.59 KB, 617x476, lol.png)

No. 3683

yes, that's what I meant but I forgot the name

No. 3684

Soooo….Where is this follower's comment which would confirm that tweet?…

No. 3685

I love the lies she makes up she is so idiot kek

No. 3686

Just wait until she makes up some sock-puppet accounts to support her lies.

No. 3687

I feel she didn't create them yet because her "fans" are always kissing her ass and don't question anything she says or does. I wish people asked her the questions we ask here. To bad she blocks everyone who says the truth about her.

No. 3688

What's Berry real name?

No. 3689

Korinne Tigno

No. 3690

You can't actually post on the school's page, is there a group or something instead?

No. 3691

Don't really agree with this, I mean in a way I guess so.
Pixy can wear sweaters though, and you will ALWAYS see the shape of her breasts no matter what she wears. Berry wears sweaters and suddenly she's flat chested, when she wears a low cut top suddenly she's got big tits.

So idk

No. 3692

You didn't screenshot it??????? lol wtf

Also, what name did you use Korinne or Yin.

This doesn't really add up.

No. 3693

why didn't you use the fb chat

No. 3694



No. 3695


No. 3696

Korinne Tigno

No. 3697

Do you have screenshots?

No. 3698

Sure considering all the junk food you've posted

No. 3699

File: 1432843794329.jpg (62.51 KB, 960x960, 11350601_10204455041243893_570…)

Is that Berry in the background behind myk?

No. 3700

No. 3701


Daaang Myk is prettier than Berry and he does not even need photo editing. Is that like her brother or something?

No. 3702

is the person who posted on the toms river page someone from here? or someone who legit knows korinne in rl? (they posted there looking for korinne tigno) o.O (not trying to out the person if it's one of you guys I was just curious I'll delete this if its one of you lol)

No. 3703

much likely it is

No. 3704

yes i think it is as people we're discussing this earlier

No. 3705


No. 3706

I don't actually know if Myk is a boy or a girl, but she identifies as a girl so I suppose she is Berry's sister. If you look through prev threads you can find some more pictures of her. Imo I definitely find her prettier than Berry.

No. 3707

Her name is Michelin so I'm guessing she is indeed a girl but yes, she's much prettier than Berry

No. 3708

I love myk ! After seeing Berrys autistic looking Face for months ots just refreshing to see her sisters photos. She looks much nicer and cuter than Berry and not so lifeless

No. 3709


sadly no, the tweet was deleted. the the person who recognized the photo was a friend of mine so maybe she might have the replies still on her twitter app

No. 3710

yes, ask her!

No. 3711

File: 1432878453378.jpg (31.66 KB, 1080x301, Screenshot_2015-05-29-01-45-22…)

This is so Berry

No. 3712

didnt she tweet something like that before? Haha now I get why she says her bf got the meat before, she's hher boyfriend kek

No. 3713

Berry is now tweeting about friends does she have any

No. 3714

This bitch is still doing shit? I hate her
needs to be the next jessi slaughter

No. 3715

File: 1432932112788.png (291.55 KB, 619x576, lmao.png)

I'm laughing did she really used another stock photo to show "her house" kek

No. 3716

File: 1432932134263.jpg (106.78 KB, 579x1024, CGMyM__UoAMkBd-.jpg)

full pic

No. 3717

Also, remember this >>110298 ?
She is posting to make it seem she doesn't lurk here. Stop it Berry you're only embarrassing yourself.

No. 3718

she is so transparent, who puts a picture of their living room with a status about how hot it is and that they're going to play ps4?

Also, she's literally done nothing since her summer began other than play ONE game. lmao.

No. 3719


Maybe she's at someone else's house. And again, she did not say that that's her house. Oh god Berry please stop it already.

No. 3720

If she is she always does that stupid vague posting thing. She doesn't address the picture but having it there implies that's her house. She tries to be so sneaky LOL…

No. 3721

File: 1432933416361.jpg (40.86 KB, 453x604, 1432362507331.jpg)

She also once implied this was her living room lol…the decor/style/and ceiling height doesn't match so it can't be another part of her house

No. 3722

I really believe she cropped another stock picture. The pic is so unnatural for a casual pic.

No. 3723

yea, she definitely lurks and has posted a lot in the previous thread.

No. 3724

File: 1432937080225.png (37.12 KB, 602x283, lmao.png)

She definitely lurks here. Look at her trying ahaha

No. 3725

Someone tweet at her and ask her who's place this is

No. 3726


That's clearly a showroom of some kind, look at the cheap office chairs in the dining area. Clearly meant for the agent to sit with a client

No. 3727

i think when she posted a picture of that other house someone asked if it was really her house and she acted all confused and brushed it off basically without actually confirming or denying it so I assume it'd be the same

No. 3728

File: 1432938119368.jpg (38.31 KB, 960x261, 1432330934070.jpg)

For the record Berry I don't believe this pic because the angle is "too perfect" and the lack of "self", as the house has no personality.

So next time you want to fool someone try to make it more believable lol

btw I'm posting your real house again just because

No. 3729

And of course I didn't mean to reply to >>3722 it was a mistake

No. 3730

I did a reverse image search and all I got back was a bunch of hotel rooms/ lobbies lmao

No. 3731

Also am I suppose to believe that this part of the same house that this shitty as kitchen is part of?

Come on now

No. 3732

This is most likely someone elses house
she's doing that thing again where she implies it's hers but once someone asks she'll say she never said it was her house

No. 3733

Or maybe she has a Wonderbra? Or maybe naturally big boobs? Or she stuffs?

You guys are so jelly, berry is beautiful. Worst thread by far

No. 3734

hi berry it doesnt help youre posting on twitter and here at the same time you know

No. 3735

what the fuck tell me you're sarcastic lmfaooooooo shitt, son

No. 3736

sorry, berry cant even compare to PT, the ultimate queen. Berry's just trash :(

No. 3737

lol her boobs arent even the main reason these threads exist get out of here

No. 3738


You can't assume that the reason why this thread is out here is because we're jealous of her. Before you type shit here, you better know the purpose of this thread first. Every single of you berry followers always say the same shit over and over. Get the hell out of here.

No. 3739

ppl don't bite the bait ffs

No. 3740

>>3738 i meant every single one of you oops

No. 3741

>dat replica discount warehouse furniture
>dat shitty mismatched decor
>dem dusty looking faux flowers in tacky vases
>those cheap window coverings
>what seems to be water damage
>above all, a different house than her own

I'm so sorry for Berry, must be on hard times to think this looks grand.

No. 3742

lmao I just noticed the water damage on the ceiling. Embarrassing.

No. 3743

OK why does the thread exist then? All you're doing is sitting around complaining that her nose is too big or that she uses filters

As if you're all so perfect top kek

No. 3744

You obviously don't know what lolcow is if you're questioning the purpose of this thread.

All of us in here ARE perfect, we don't photoshop ourselves and then lie about it. We also don't pretend to be things we're not like she does with her - weight, academics, skin color, facial features, body portions, lifestyle, even her fucking hair.


No. 3745

Nope, we talk about how she's a shitty fucking try hard who lies about every detail in her life.

Also, welcome to the internet.

No. 3746

guys stop arguing with this person, they can't even read LMAO this new thread has BARELY mentioned her nose or boobs
I'm praying 4 u and your illiteracy

No. 3747

Yeah and they clearly havent read or kept up with the threads because all they got from it is boobs rofl

this is so embarssing
berrys doing the implying thing again, so whenever people do ask her if its hers she would be able to dodge it lol she must tink her followers are dumb enough to believe her..

No. 3748

File: 1432960223576.jpg (137.42 KB, 750x1018, image.jpg)

idk if anyone posted this yet but this was so embarrassing (pt 1)

No. 3749

File: 1432960261044.jpg (106.44 KB, 750x987, image.jpg)

(pt 2)

No. 3750

what the fuck lmao. two girls are having an emotional moment about not having someone who's there for them and berry shows off how much her boyfriend is there for her?!?!?

and says its annoying lmaooo omfg

she's such an inconsiderate attention whore and braggart.

No. 3751

i wonder what he would think if he knew she was talking about how shitty he is

No. 3752

How selfish and arrogant is she. How do people not see it?
Surprised zoe or whoever hasnt ignored berry but then again i guess its because everyone tries to kiss up to berry

i have followed berry ever since she made a twitter and she was pretty much like this all the time she always talked about herself even in other ppls conversation

Its much like that one twitter screenshot in an older thread where 2 girls were talking about somethingg relating to one girl and berry popped in the conversation and said "have you guys seen my face". It was during the time of the "proof video"

No. 3753

>imaginary boyfriend

No. 3754

File: 1432961713604.png (150.33 KB, 619x535, liar1.png)


No. 3755

File: 1432961764974.png (489.01 KB, 602x662, liar2.png)

(2) I think she's trying to say
is her house based on her recent tweets

No. 3756

File: 1432961789713.jpg (65.71 KB, 579x1024, liar3.jpg)

here is the full image of the bottom tweet

No. 3757

is she living in a jail cell?

No. 3758

Also, I forgot to add, but why is she using "bae"
Another implication that she's referring to her boyfriend? Who lives in Indonesia?
I know bae can mean bff or a friend but by the way she makes it sound seems likely she's trying to make it as a reference to boyfriend

No. 3759

File: 1432963194956.png (103.38 KB, 640x640, 11116637_434194780087780_11755…)

I just want to bring this back lol

She's been tweeting about about this house a lot. She's desperate to look rich. Desperate times comes with Desperate measures, berry.

How come she hasn't done a house tour including her room if this is truly her house and she wants to brag so much about it. Pictures won't be believable since she could just have taken the pictures at different places. I want more video "proof".

No. 3760

File: 1432964642172.jpg (160.85 KB, 1279x776, Screenshot_2015-05-30-01-43-19…)

just wanted to point out that the photos that she gave about the house she claimed to live in had a large front yard and if you look through the window here, barely anything there. Also, the doors are completely different and so is the window (rounded upper corners)
also, there looks to be a reflection of a mirror but I can't make out much from it.

No. 3761

she tries, but she is really bad at lying

No. 3762

i bet she's just staying over someone's house and "bae" is her friend doing late night adventures with her. Why she gotta lie?? so delirious wow did she get dropped when she was young damn

No. 3763

No, that's not it either. She has no real life friends. remember?

No. 3764

I doubt she has many friends in real life because it's very obvious that she lacks the social skills normal people have from reading her twitter conversations and the conversations she posts with her "friends"

No. 3765

File: 1432965706534.png (34.4 KB, 601x249, a20150530-005918.png)

good eye

hmmm this might be reaching but what if these house photo and that text was from the day before when she went out with her friend and their mom to the salon?
If so, I bet "bae" was just her parent or sibling picking her up to go home lmfao

idk berry is an epic liar who is desperate, so i think this is plausible that she would upload pics and shit a day after to make it seem like she really has a life

No. 3766

that makes sense since it's not the first time she used her family to pretend to be her boyfriend or something (remember the time she took the picture with her brother but tagged it as ouji)

No. 3767

I think Berry would be alright if she wasn't so ignorant, self absorbed or was an epic liar. She keeps digging herself deeper, she's not as smart as she claims lol

20 years old and doing nothing but lie. so sad.

No. 3768


She's being ambiguous again. She never said boyfriend, she never said friend. No one can say she's a liarrrr~~~

No. 3769

Bitch posted like 5 different houses now keeeeeek

No. 3770

That sad little shack :(

No actual pictures with her in the places she claims to be, no videos either.

Is anyone calling her out on this?

No. 3771

File: 1432966776232.png (20.83 KB, 613x204, 20150530-011546.png)

Her er "boyfriend" tweeted this shortly after her hamburger photo on her twitter.

I got really suspicious, since most burger joints sell icecream and she did after all kept saying "bae". He lives in indonesia though and is a college student so i find him visiting her with his current expenses is unlikely.

so what I have concluded from this is:

- she is tweeting for him. its easy to add multiple accounts to your twitter app.
- he just so happens to tweet this so coincidentally

idk, what are your thoughts?

No. 3772

I think her followers are blinded, similar to "blinded by love". Most of her followers are young and they admire her (unfortunately), sort of how a child would admire someone they deem an idol to them, so they don't think too much about what she posts.

She's taking advantage of her followers, feeding them nothing but lies or exaggerated truths because she enjoys their praise.

No. 3773

She has been running that twitter for a long time now, I think that was debunked because it's such fiction.

The dive food she posted looks terrible too, the cheese has never seen a good day. She's on her way to being a hambeast.

No. 3774

File: 1432967082026.png (33.8 KB, 624x277, kekekek.png)

more like delete evidence of her bullshit

No. 3775

File: 1432967269052.jpg (32.9 KB, 600x339, CGOutFNUcAAg5ht.jpg)

LOL the cheese. so wrinkly. doesn't look like a good burger place that rich kids would go to. looks similar to an ihop.

posting the pic so others can see

also notice the photo in the back of the photo. not sure if its from the mat the plate is on but it looks like a polaroid. doesn't look like "bae"/a boy. actually kind of resembles her sister michelin?

No. 3776

Of course not, didn't even have to look at the table setting. Iceberg lettuce tells the whole story before it began.

No. 3777


American cheese, huh? I think even the low-end sit-in restaurants around here use real cheddar/swiss/pepperjack on their burgers.

Interesting placemats too.

No. 3778

File: 1432968080275.png (22.84 KB, 565x159, shelurkin.png)


No. 3779

what if she just went up to someone's house in the dark.
imagine you're sitting at home and see some fat bitch taking a pic of the house in the middle of the night.

No. 3780

the front doorway isn't even lit and lacks furniture she might be looking at some random house that's currently being built or s/t lolol

No. 3781

This is not worthy of a picture. Worst 'food porn' shot ever. If she's so rich why do we only ever see cheap food like this and ramen or junk food and candy lol…if you're really rich you should be eating gorgeous, high quality food, or at least above mediocre food, than this

No. 3782

she clearly only took the picture to prove she was actually out with bae.

i will say to be fair, you aren't going to find a good burger place open at 1 am. but even wendy's looks better than that.

No. 3783

this looks home-cooked to me honestly.. idk about the fries though

No. 3784

She's at one of those late night diner places, judging by the paper placemat and flatware it's one of the shittier ones.

No. 3785

I know.

No. 3786

so she'll take photos of her house in the dark (for some reason), and a rank looking burger, but won't take a photo of herself with her boyfriend which she constantly brags about? bitch, please. i really don't know how any semi-intelligent person actually believes her bullshit.

No. 3787

she likes to keep her relationships *~private~*


No. 3788

File: 1432986289703.png (14.57 KB, 520x252, 000.png)

The 'bae' she's talking about is this guy (@BillyTheSusanto).
She has a tweet where she directly mentioned him and said she was waiting for him, but she deleted it now. I guess she wants us to think it is her boyfriendu~ kek

No. 3789

lol what a fucking whore
poor (fake) ouji

No. 3790

maybe it was prom night? I saw one of my followers talk about it and it made me remember about it and berry is most likely graduating this year from hs. Your thoughts?

No. 3791

File: 1432990065556.jpg (32.88 KB, 589x453, 267113_233212016702473_1000004…)


No. 3792

This is getting horribly pathetic. What kind of absolute snd utter loser senselessly makes up such horseshit lies? What a miserable sow.

No. 3793

what if somehow she really does have at least ONE friend and she's staying at that friends house (which is why their house is so nice) and waiting for bae means shes waiting for her friend to get ready so they can go out and get food? idk

No. 3794

Tbh this looks like your average filipino house with kijiji bought items, I would know cause my family does it a lot, they just come home with these furnitures they got for really cheap but our living room looks a lot like a hotel lobby… but really we're just you're average thrifty ass asian people. not rich, just /average/

No. 3795

As someone who has always been kind of a comfortable middle class/upper-middle class, why the fuck would you want to flaunt your wealth? People get nosy and annoying when they learn you have money. I hate it more than anything when people figure it out since they go "Oh, well she's rich." or do really snide comments like that.

Berry has no idea the annoyances that go the other way. I can always smell a poorfag from a million miles away because they act desperate like this to seem more wealthy than they are. She can't imagine what genuine millionaires and rich people probably have to deal with when it comes to judgement.

No. 3796

>queen milk

oh the irony. is he aware she's a lolcow?

No. 3797


Omg ur right I didn't realize !!!!!!!

No. 3798

Berry stop showing off how rich you're cause you don't look like one cries :"D
Seriously? Even the burger at mcdonald's look better than yours.
And apparently you're a gamer girl who is rich but only owns two PS4 games? Also is it your first time in a party in PS4 Berry? cause it's obviously your first time and you're so happy about it that you tweeted about it so many times even 2 vids you uploaded lolololol at least turn on your mic and show us your kawaii voice

No. 3799

I'm a little confused with this, I doubt the conversation was serious. She doesn't even follow this guy.
Though she does flirt and act buddybuddy with guys a lot over the internet so I'm not surprised she did that lolol

It's possible, I think berry has at most like 3 friends irl (based on one of the photo posted before). I think she was just at a friends house who happens to have a nice house upper middle class probably (Berry is actually really creepy, who the hell would go around taking photos of their friends house only to put on the internet). I think she was just waiting for her parent or sibling to pick her up to go home lmfao.

Agreed, with all that you said.
Berry is a child with a child mentality.
I really don't know why she wants people to think she's so wealthy, but the way she executes it all is so stupid. Only naive followers would believe her. Like someone said. Berry has posted about 5 different houses already, each implicating that they're hers. Except, of course, her real house and room.

So try hard. Waste of space on the internet. It's embarrassing.

Has her age been debunked yet? I have a hard time believing she is 20 turning 21 soon. If you're so wealthy Berry why don't you already have a car? Most wealthy kids or even middle class kids here in America where I live had their own cars junior or senior year of highschool. Based on all the things she has tweeted so far, it seems unlikely she has a car. Even if you're really rich and from a wealthy family, you might talk about having chauffeurs.

INB4 she starts posting about her "Car" or having a "chauffeur" driving her around.

No. 3800

I don't think she's talking about how shitty he is. Where are you getting this from.

From that too that, it's obviously two stories. And night time in that picture. Could we be wrong about the house? Obviously she lives in NJ, but maybe it really is a two story house? Because she's obviously on a second floor, idk anyone who would search the web for a shitty picture taken at night from a second floor

No. 3801

File: 1433007807162.png (23.06 KB, 601x232, honestretweet.png)

looks like she's worrying about a double chin.
did she admit at one point that she is overweight? kind of looks like she isn't pretending to be skinny anymore.

No. 3802

I used to do that shit too, I mean, taking pictures of something expensive and pretending it was mine or making up some fake story to put it online. I even went as far as staging little events in my life just to impress my followers. I didn't have any friends due to this, except for this one girl who blindly looked up to me because she though I was "cool".
And you know the main reason behind my lack of friends? Because it was FUCKING EMBARRASSING to admit my lies and explain my bullshit to people who knew me IRL and found me on social media. It was much easier to live my online life only, pretending that I have friends, hiding everything from my classmates and parents, etc. Jesus, it was terrible.

No. 3803

i think maybe berry befriends rich kids and takes pictures of their house while she stays for sleepovers and such

No. 3804

File: 1433013897808.png (43.66 KB, 608x379, kek.png)

photoshop doesn't count berry

No. 3805

once again this wasn't a reply to >>3801 i'm always crewing up lol

but now replying to >>3801 she really never said something like that. the closest she did was to say she was chubby but it was when the twitter account exposed her shit. she is back to be a liar.

No. 3806

File: 1433020130268.jpg (225.47 KB, 500x729, tumblr_nhkve9bunn1r3wd4to1_500…)

Unrelated but anyone know what lenses these are?

No. 3807

They're 16mm in size, but I can't tell the color, brown/hazel/green??? But yeah the size i'm 100% sure about because you can see the halo effect

No. 3808

She has a really broad and large back/shoulder

No. 3809

Is it just me or does the no neck pose somehow make it look like she just cropped out her head and put it on the pics, especially on this pic, its just such a weird and unconmon pose.

No. 3810

File: 1433024006555.jpg (117.85 KB, 500x729, 1433020130268.jpg)

this is hilarious

No. 3811

She has no fucking neck lol
And she looks a lot like wylona in this pic

No. 3812

did you notice she doesn't post selfies as often as before? is she afraid we discover her photoshop mistakes kek

No. 3813

99% sure she sticks out her head in every photo. Bad posture + for some reason doesnt want to expose her neck (double chin?)

Not surprised, based on her old family photo here: >>3643

No. 3814

its weird and hilarious if you think of how she must take photos.

stick neck out, angle, cover jaw with hair, possibly positioning her shoulders back to make her arms seem smaller = deformed

No. 3815

All she posts nowadays is pics of food, " her so called "house", games and more unhealthy food.

No. 3816

File: 1433024473187.jpg (178.55 KB, 600x769, wanted-reward.jpg)

No. 3817

and dont forget her so called friends and bae rofl

No. 3818


did anybody ever mention her hairdo in that old tan photo? what was she thinking

No. 3819

She also kinda hunches her back to make her collarbones pop

No. 3820

I don't get how her "Weight loss" is supposed to work tbh, even tho its most likely shes just lying. It's quite hard to lose weight by eating the things she eats, that is if you rarely do intense excercises or have a fast metabolism.

No. 3821

She hasn't lost any weight. It's just shoop + oversized clothes

No. 3822

The result of too many animu hairstyles to copy at once.

No. 3823


I know berry's tan-ness has been discussed before but I kind of just wanted to point out that berry is waaay tanner than her sister michelin in the older pic
but her sister seem to have stayed the same while berry dramatically turned pale/white
and berrys whole family is tan even her eldest brother and his wife. isn't skin tone or the melanin in the skin a genetic thing? idk if i make sense at this point but berrys paleness seems too unreal. even in her proof video you can obvs tell there was some light source used to make her skin whiter than it is

No. 3824

Pretty much what i thought, i just meant i dö not get how ppl actually can believe she can lose weight by so mu junk food she eat.

No. 3825

Yet we fail to see any collarbones kek maybe like 1%

Her weight loss is a lie. All her tweets lately is food, mostly junk food. You can't loose the weight she has with that sort of diet and nothing but game all day. I doubt walking "slow af" (as berry puts it) on the treadmill while gaming would work either. If we lived in a world where walking "slow af" would help us loose weight, we would live in a world where obesity doesnt exist.

Can't believe she has that much free time on her hands to photoshop her body lol

No. 3826

File: 1433025314401.jpg (60.76 KB, 543x960, rjP-W1MMElc.jpg)

it seems she has that wrinkles that fat does in her neck (or what's left of it) in this pic

No. 3827

File: 1433025420687.jpg (119.61 KB, 543x960, rjP-W1MMElc.jpg)


No. 3828

I think she sticks her head out so her neck fats won't be too obvious like stretching something that is compressed and fatty makes it thinner looking if that makes any sense

No. 3829

i believe you're right yet you can still see the fat marks kek

No. 3830

The diffrence between her necks colour and face colour doe

No. 3831

Berry's so stupid, just look at the skin tone difference between her face and torso lol Bitch spends so much time shoping her face that she forgets about the rest.

And I have never seen anyone who is as small, thin and petite as she claims to be who has neck fat.

No. 3832

It's not just a little bit of fat, it has folds, wow

No. 3833

I actually wonder what her REAL weight is

No. 3834


No. 3835

Seconded on this being a plain middle class (not upper lol) house. But for it to be 100% filipino you need the oversize spoon and fork plus a last supper pic near that dinner area.

No. 3836

Prom night and no kawaii ugu prom pics? Can she even afford to go to prom? She did brag about paying someone else's limo kek

No. 3837

she would need to admit she is still in hs

No. 3838

>INB4 she starts posting about her "Car" or having a "chauffeur" driving her around.

I look forward to this.

Berry will take a pic of a random parked sedan then tweet "This is my Tom's River NJ chauffeur!"

No. 3839

That lack of neck problem is in all her photos due to hiding how fat she is.

Also this photo in particular seems to have face parts photoshopped into it. The eyelashes look off.

No. 3840

File: 1433030656614.png (11.95 KB, 572x217, berrytsukasa.png)

You may be right about her photoshoping the stuff onto her face. I was digging (my favorite hobbie now) and I found out something quite strange.

She made this review 7 months ago http://ichigoflavor.tumblr.com/post/101132749731/milky-pinky-lens-review-more-hello

yet the info embedded in the first picture says it was created almost 5 months before. The other pics match the date. What do you think?

No. 3841

File: 1433030717048.png (497.26 KB, 552x804, burrytsukoosha.png)

She also did this in some other pics here's an example

No. 3842

The date/time settings on the camera are probably wrong

No. 3843

I thought about it but there are other times when the date matches so idk

No. 3844

>But for it to be 100% filipino you need the oversize spoon and fork plus a last supper pic near that dinner area.
LMFAO that's so true tho

No. 3845

i know berry being in college has been debunked many times but
>having high school friends and "paying for their limo"
>probably skipping prom with her friends
>having an "anime" school bell
>complaining about school students wearing slutty things
>sitting far away from her friends in class and has to text them
>a guy giving her a note saying something about attack on titan or something as she walks down the school hallways
>complaining about hearing people chew their food during average high school lunch times
>printing dumb tweets to "pass around"
>asking friends to visit her college sometime through text as if they're about to be separated
>acts like an immature high schooler

i'm probably missing more but yeah.. im pretty sure she isn't in college

No. 3846

I did the same shit…when I was like 15.

No. 3847

A lot of Asians use whitening products and we already know she uses photoshop and lighting. It's definitely possible she has lightened her skin but definitely not as much as she wants us to think.

No. 3848

She's making herself whiter than the whitest of white people, of course it's all shoop. Plus her neck shows the real color sometimes.

No. 3849

What neck..?

No. 3850

Maybe these? http://ichigoflavor.tumblr.com/post/74003989844/beauty-package-review-from-uniqso-3-includes

Although, Berry is known for editing her eye's color on photos so maybe that's what she did this time too.

No. 3851


Truly sad for an adult life

No. 3852

you can see a bit here, lel

No. 3853


Sorry no, the bell thing IS at OCC.
Every hour it rings. It's a clock bell.

No. 3854


thats ridiculously unhealthy and you were probably fat to begin with then

No. 3855

alright, but that's only one of the things listed and we're not even sure if she goes to OCC

No. 3856

same. i'm pretty sure, that she is actually trying to lose weight, considering her posts about dieting/fitness. afterall people exposing her does look like a source of distress for her.

No. 3857

THANK U i totally agree.

No. 3858

It sounds like she paid for a group limo share like most middle-class highschoolers do but got booted out and couldn't go to prom.

Then while everyone's having a good time she had that midnight diner eating with fake-bae.

No. 3859

File: 1433082322726.png (158.67 KB, 650x489, 10410686_688363961250453_19100…)

found this on a facebook page

No. 3860

oh come now, this is kiki level of bullshit

No. 3861

She's probably talking about that Japanese dollar store which contacted her awhile ago to take pics of their wigs. They also made this "I am Berry" line of wigs or something like that.
Who cares, even if they really will invite her to Japan this will be Venus Angelic x Bodyline all over again. Little fat ugly girl traveling to Japan, making her sponsors realize how much PS and BS she is using, calling off the contract and probably fining her for lying while she begs them to let her stay in Japan for a bit longer.

No. 3862

When did she post this?

No. 3863

tbh i think berry is actually pretty (in pics) its just everything else about her thats messed.

No. 3864

i doubt that she is delusional enough to take such an offer. besides, venus wasn't nearly as fat as her.

No. 3865

Plus, Venus has the face she shows on videos, Berry's face looks nothing like her pictures

No. 3866

I think her 2012-mid 2014 phase was awesome, she used to put a lot of effort in her make up and appearance (I loved how different she used to be to be honest), nowadays it's just "lmfao take a look at my huge boobs and rich house u guise".

No. 3867

neither does Kooter but look where she is now so that arguement is kind of invalid (granted Kooter is a super rare exception, she got super lucky)

No. 3868

Idk, at least dakota kinda looks herself (just a more kawaii version) + she's kinda cute when she has her make up done (and when she was a little slimmer). Berry looks like a complete different person. Her nose isn't like that, her face shape isn't like that, her eyes aren't like that, absolutely nothing looks remotely close to what she looks like irl.

No. 3869

*looks like

No. 3870

berry might be pretty irl, but at this amount of time editing etc, i don't think there's much hope for her stopping or even editing just a bit less. Some seem to either slowly or fastly snap out of it, but there's not even one sign berry is, the editing is also just getting worse and worse

No. 3871

I think she's an average looking asian at most like shes not what she shoops herself to be, I 100% agree with the rest of what you said

Its not even her PSing that makes her bad or why these threads are here, its defintely a part of it but what makes her stand out negatively the most is her BS, lies and how arrogant and childish she is. Atleast that is what I think. She's just full of it. "20" years old ffs with a 15 year old mentality

No. 3872

I agree, I mainly become irritated about how she likes to show herself off to be, i'd just like her to talk about her real life. Instead of not even making effort into her lies, causing the ultimate cringe. She should understand that most people don't give shit if you're rich or not, if you're ''unbelieavably alien pretty'' or not. I feel somewhat sorry of what she's missing out on, if she was herself she'd be able to meet all her so called friends from social media without having to face shame because of all the lies or having to come up with excuses.

No. 3873

Yeah too bad Berry has dug hereelf in a very deep hole of lies. I think all of this happened and her lies became worse because she rose to internet "fame", her ego inflating and she wanted to be the ultimate "animu princess" because she wants the attention and praise sinceshe doesnt get it IRL.

If she did come out and admit all her bullshit to her thousands of followers I think it would be too much, all that embarassment and shame.
She could have been alright if she wasn't such a big liar, braggy and ignorant

No. 3874

I'm not surprised she's friends with pinktokki since pinktokki is a huge bitch too

No. 3875

What's the dirt on her?

No. 3876

Berry is x1000 better looking sans the shoop though. Pinktokki is ugly at best, especially with that box dye orange blond.

No. 3877

File: 1433105812638.png (921.67 KB, 1000x738, tumblr_nc9dc94ZX11qml0a5o4_128…)

16 year old koreaboo who tries too hard to be edgy. Her parents are actually rich cuz their house (all the photos match up unlike berry's) is huge and she gets whatever she wants. Overshoops, too much makeup (which she apparently also wears to school), really bratty. Just read her blog.

No. 3878

Also forgot to mention that someone submitted an ask to yousei-bitches (tumblr gossip blog) saying that they went to school with her and irl you can see all the makeup caked on and she went batshit on twitter and accused a bunch of innocent girls of sending in the ask.

No. 3879

I've been following her for a while and i remember that lol she went batshit crazy because it was supposedly her "friend" who talked shit about her or something
it was when she was 13 or 14 though and I remember her being super conceited and bitchy but now she's pretty irrelevant, doesn't really start anything and I don't see her talking with berry that often either.
Can we go back to talking about berry though

No. 3880

File: 1433108015453.jpg (24.56 KB, 600x441, cow.jpg)

Again covering her arm. What's the weather like right now where she lives?

No. 3881


I actually do think she looks nice in videos too.

No. 3882

I googled it and it says in toms river, NJ it should be 82F as of now and a flash flood warning in New York which she isn't posting about looool

No. 3883

i remember brenda. Dont follow her personally but i use to see her stuff around alot and i always thought her shoops were bad. She didnt always shopped her face like she does now though. ive heard her personality was just as bad too.

What if berry wants to be like brenda, big house, parents that spoil her etc lololol Berry wasnt always like this ignorant wannabe rich kid online, maybe she wanted brendas life. I mean they do follow each other they prob influennce each other.

No. 3884

does anyone remember that she kept ranting about how she hated girls who tried to be cute to the gwiyomi song thingie and the whole "aegyo" trend made her cringe yet she uploaded this a few days after???

No. 3885

Yes loooool vague memory but I remember her talking about it

No. 3886

perfect weather to be wearing a sweatshirt

No. 3887

Damn, her shoulders are so broad lol

No. 3888

oh yes her shops were reallly damn bad LOL I don't remember her ever lying about it like berry tho. but it looks like she doesn't shop now from her recent pics and unedited snapchat pics. I would laugh if that's what berry was aiming for since brenda sometimes posted about her getting 90+ averages and scholarships and doesn't berry claim to be a genius with a 115% GPA? lol. Except she tries way too hard by bragging about her smart, rich lifestyle and has no evidence to back it up other than stock images of show-homes and the five $1 bills she reuses

No. 3889

isn't that her every day ootd? an XXL sweater (y)

No. 3890

Yep, gotta hide all that fat

No. 3891

She looks like an undercover fatty, too.
Birds of a feather, I guess.

No. 3892


No. 3893

Not that anon, but Pinktokki's real name. I think it's Brenda Mao or something like that

No. 3894

but that is*

No. 3895

Nah unlike berry, pinktokki has done videos of her body. She's pretty petite tbh. She made like a dance video a year or so ago with her friends. She may be a bitch but other than that shes everything Berry wants to be.

No. 3896

Kimora lee Simons has those lines too

I'm fat and i don't have them

No. 3897

File: 1433113058755.png (545.73 KB, 539x959, 2015-05-31-17-52-07.png)

Forgot pic

No. 3898

brenda isnt petite she's actually avearge/tall-ish. I used to follow her back then when she over edited her pics and she wad nice as long as you aren't rude or if you give her ass-pats. She said she used to look up to berry and even did a school presentation about her(?) but now i dont think they talk as much and i've unfollowed her ever since she changed her blog style and she became more bitchy

No. 3899

these dance videos? http://pinktokki.tumblr.com/tagged/dance
she looks thin or average in those videos yeah but isn't she pretty tall??? will berry stop claiming she's a midget and start saying she's tall as well lol

No. 3900

wtf a presentation of berry? Thats kind of weird imo kekekek considering berry isnt a celebrity and she isnt half of what she claims to be

No. 3901

Berry prob wants to be more anime than brenda, short is "more animu"
and i think brenda is more into the kpop / kfashion scene. One difference lol

No. 3902

yeah she was talking about doing a presentation on role models last year i think but she might've been joking (hopefully) about doing it on berry

No. 3903

what presentation wtf??? I followed her back when she still did reviews and unfollowed when she changed styles too but I don't remember her saying she made a school presentation on berry omg who would do that LMAO I just remembered she sucked up to berry a lot but now they barely talk (seems like they're still mutuals on twitter though)

No. 3904

File: 1433113852339.png (344 KB, 636x457, finger.png)

Where are her long fingers kek

No. 3905

File: 1433114003133.jpg (83.3 KB, 441x750, image.jpg)

lol ikr

No. 3906

File: 1433123052501.jpg (50.49 KB, 750x431, image.jpg)

LOL berry unfollowed brenda today
hi berry hows the lurking?

No. 3907

That feel when Berry's body and fatty arms have never been exposed even during hot summer months.

No. 3908

What could that tool be used for?

No. 3909

holy fuck you're right i just checked and she did unfollow LOL damn maybe we were right she does want to be like brenda.

also i looked through berrys twit feed and someone said 'berry is the most down to earth person' and… i didn't know down to earth meant bragging about good deeds, showing off how "rich" you are and lying to your followers…………

No. 3910

File: 1433134865550.png (423.59 KB, 611x654, k20150531-235929.png)


No. 3911

tbh i like brenda more than berry even though she can be bitchy too. At least brenda isn't afraid to show her real self unlike berry

No. 3912

Off topic but didn't Berry mention that she was gonna record her voice not that long ago which she all of a sudden stopped talking bout. She must have totally "forgotten" it i suppose, i was actually looking forward to know if she would fake her voice or not tbh

No. 3913

and her "tons of videos" too lol did I miss something or did she just never post them

No. 3914

same I think she's bitchy sometimes but she doesn't treat her followers like they're zombies lol @ berry's "pollo army"
people have recognized her in real life as well whereas berry looks so different that she has to make up stories of her fans finding her ~in New York City~ and calling her queen kek

No. 3915

I'm 100% sure I saw this exact same tweet on Berry's Twitter a couple of days ago. Either they tweeted the same and Berry removed it, or Berry retweeted it from Brenda, then unretweeted it.

And these sound so much like Berry, I can't tell who wants to be who:

No. 3916

Kimora lee has had neck surgeries which has caused those lines, she did it to suck away fat there's articles on it and she did it a bit before her TV series aired a long time ago

No. 3917

And not even one of these "fans she met" have commented on any of her social medias , why is she embarassing herself this much lmao

No. 3918

They are like a mix of each other, i'd either expect them to be bffs or hate each other since they both obsess over attention

No. 3919

File: 1433144230109.jpg (188.53 KB, 960x1280, image.jpg)

for the first tweet there was a screen cap >>3774
berry retweeted it but i guess she removed it if it's gone and she unfollowed brenda LOL
the other tweets seem so much like berry's style of bragging but I have brenda on facebook and it seems like the tweets could be real since her friends know about her social media and call her "chairman mao" idk still kinda seems like a berry thing to tweet about

No. 3920

someone should make a separate thread for her so this thread doesn't get clogged up

No. 3921


ur welcome

No. 3922

Ouji doesn't tweet like that. I've been his follower since the early years and I'm VERY sure that the tying quirk implied in this tweet is not his

No. 3923

Question. I've seen people mention that they live in/ near Toms River, but have anyone here actually seen Berry on the streets or saw her around?

Like you ought to bump into her or something somehow, right?

No. 3924

if you look in the earlier threads i think there was someone who came out saying he/she used to live near berry and saw her and her sister before (but it was years ago) saying they were both fat and tan.
Other than that berry took a pic of herself at the mall in a kiddie ride and someone who works there and lurks this thread clearly identified it as a TR mall.
sorry for no links im quite lazy right now but these can all be found in the earlier 1-4th thread

No. 3925

>>3924 someone pls snap a shot of her we're all curious

No. 3926

No questions why she has her wig glued to her cheek

No. 3927

Her face is so pale in comparison to her chest…

No. 3928

She probably uses the lightest shade of BB cream even though she's actually 10x darker

No. 3929

The thread pic of her with the chicken next to her face - why does she have fat rolls on her arm? Or is she wearing a sleeved shirt? Her shoulder/arm looks like so fat like she has fat rolls on her arms compared to her kawaii desu skinny body and fat tits and ass LOL

No. 3930

she honestly looks so much like a monkey in OP pic

i bet her calling amikoto a monkey was her projecting her own insecurities lol

at least Jen is sort of cute smh…. berry would have NO fans if it weren't for cheap wigs, lenses, and a FUCKTON of photoshop.

No. 3931

To hide her fat face prob

No. 3932

I think someone said or idk if berry herself said it but supposedly it's a skin color cardigan she's wearing in that picture lulz

No. 3933

It does actually look like a cardigan, but her body still looks way too fucked up it's clear that shes chubby. Guess she lost her collarbones along with her neck

No. 3934

Also is it just me or does her arm start way too close, its literally looks like it starts st like two cms from her head

No. 3935

That's cause in 95% of her pics she stretches her head forward to try to hide her double chin/fat neck.

No. 3936

ooh, just remembered berry said she had a "HUGE SCAR IN HER FACE!" in one of her asks…

No. 3937

File: 1433198833975.png (853.32 KB, 562x752, 1432764739749.png)

Also why the difference in the color? (yellow)

No. 3938

She whitewashes her photos + different lighting. Her hair is shopped in this pic as well, maybe she wasn't being that careful when she was editing close to her right sleeve.

No. 3939

File: 1433200891846.png (259.04 KB, 1068x395, prom.png)

remember when prom was mentioned?

No. 3940

Oooooops lol

No. 3941

File: 1433201376516.png (66.97 KB, 885x341, cow2.png)

Skinny peope don't need you to defend them, Berry, go defend your own kind, the fatties

No. 3942

berry trying to be a social justice warrior is the funniest shit I've seen because it's just the same 2 points
1. "we're all human"
2. "do whatever the fuck you want"
such intelligence!!!!!

No. 3943

It looks kind of like the inside of a jacket, like a little fuzzy.

No. 3944

pretty weak sjw speech. 4/10

No. 3945

You know, I have really long fingers too lol and it looks even worse because I have a small head so comparing the two they look massive.

No. 3946

File: 1433221876518.png (364.69 KB, 589x628, fake tiddies.png)

>just because you have more meat on your body doesnt mean shit. Youre not "a true woman"

im just going to bring this back i feel like its relevant

No. 3947

That is sad

No. 3948


Doesn't her boyfriend live in another country? So technically he is grabbing at thin air. Unless she means him grabbing local tail

No. 3949

So fucking sick of her always just talking about herself and praising herself. How the hell does her followers not get tired? Is it because they are all 15 years old?

No. 3950

There isn't anything wrong with small breasts or push up bras. This bitch is so shitty. Is she one of those 'not like other gurls~~!!' type of people?

No. 3951

yes, yes she is.
Also a try-hard XxgamerqurlxX

No. 3952

This. Who the fuck is she even talkig about? Real Ouji is half a world away. They have never met in reallife. This just solidifies, that she is impersonating him.

No. 3953

The typical praise by insulting others, oh this irony rofl

No. 3954

Her followers roller her solely because she's "asian". Being asian has turned into a mainstream product, and her pride is accepted. If it were anyone else to act like her they'd call it Head up the ass syndrome.

No. 3955

Roller my fault i meant follow her*

No. 3956

Berry has been retweeting ton lately, seems like she's trying to attract attention elsewhere loool

No. 3957

I agree that her being Asian gives her an "advantage". there are other asian girls that are more genuine than her and are pretty but don't nearly have as many followers as hers. Then again, those asians usually have lives kek and don't photoshop their photos to hell and back

most of her followers are blind unfortunately

No. 3958

File: 1433274121221.png (42.23 KB, 587x396, burry.png)

Cmon there's no way ouji tweeted these

No. 3959


getting real tired of this 'im asian im special love me please' privilege going on guys..

No. 3960

Actually that does sound like him. She definetly lurks.

No. 3961

Can someone contact the actual ouiji btw? He must have an online presence. Maybe an indonesian one.

No. 3962

I wish I knew how

No. 3963

yes please i need the ouji exposé

No. 3964

Shes not fat though. Your standards must be fucked up. Berry is average to chubby, thats it. Nothing wrong with it.

No. 3965

go back to tumblr

No. 3966

I'm asian and I hate it too for pretty much the exact same reason. Just because I'm asian doesn't make me your waifu or some shit, but people like Berry make it harder to get that message across since she's like "let me be your asian waifu!"

No. 3967

i think they are calling her fat because we don't like her not because she's enormous….which she could be

No. 3968

someone should pretend to befriend her laughs manically and if your lurking Berry may you never have peace in making a new "friend" maybe i'll do it…maybe I'm already doing it…maybe im a girl or a man or both MUAHAHAHA… but seriously someon'else' should

No. 3969


I think someone in an older thread (like 2 threads ago…….?) said that berry added them on facebook during her damage control time when she started adding everybody and during the 'kawaii movement' and that person was talking to berry through messages trying to be "friendly" with her or something kek

No. 3970

File: 1433305346270.gif (952.3 KB, 450x332, tumblr_n4uycc8QW91r3xp7zo1_500…)

>>3969 someone should get like hella close to her and gather up all the bullshit and then expose all of it kek have all her polloarmy like

No. 3971

that would be hilarious! someone make a twitter account and start chatting with her

No. 3972

File: 1433466985622.jpg (27.89 KB, 750x226, image.jpg)

lol so rich!!!!

No. 3973

Why are you so petty? Do family members never buy you shit? Do you never buy your family shit?

No. 3974

cmon berry go away

No. 3975

and here i am still waiting for more of her proof videos

No. 3976

LOL those videos are never coming.

No. 3977

This is the stupidest defense ever, Berry.

No. 3978

3/10, are you even trying?
No one said that kinda shit about the things you just concluded.
If you've been following and reading her threads you'd understand why it's funny when she tweets things like that

No. 3979

she can word it as "omg my brother is bought ___ for me, thank you so much" but instead she brags about the CREDIT CARD (because she is so~ rich~) and not the actual actual of her brother buying her something

No. 3980

*actual action
on my phone sorry

No. 3981

To Berry,
People think that u r a liar because you just kept on bragging with words. So pathetic. Why dont you post pictures, as a hard evidence!

No. 3982

File: 1433517097556.jpg (177.07 KB, 1200x800, obama-handshake.jpg)


lol, so jealous

you want proof Berry is not a liar?? I have proof. would Obama be shaking hands with a liar? it just kills you that berry is importan and famous doesnt it? obama even asked for my advice on fashion ~o^

No. 3983

File: 1433521792530.jpg (275.39 KB, 864x724, LOL.jpg)


No. 3984


her entire online life and ive never seen her "garage" watch shes going to go to someones house and take a photo of A garage. Someone show her online life to her irl friends alrdy loooool

No. 3985

idk any of her irl friends but if someone knows please go ahead!

No. 3986


Lol, my rich friend has a gate. Most people with a garage have a garage opener, regardless of their income because it's convenient for lazy/older, less able-bodied folks.

No. 3987

I bet she's talking as her friend. (her friend is the one with the garage being lazy) but ofc people would be confused with her wording and think shes talking about herself

No. 3988

needs more fake oppai

No. 3989

THEORY :berry has a rich friend and she is the one having problems with her family she actually she is the one staying at her rich friends house (would explain the house photos)she is just acting like she is doing
those things to a fake friends

No. 3990

Plot twist, it isn't even berry's friend but someone else's story.

No. 3991

that seems plausible, i mean, it's berry we are talking about

No. 3992

Lol berry is literally a big fat liar.

No. 3993

figuratively… and literally

No. 3994

Oh fuck, I used to go to high school with Brenda. I was wondering if she'd get mentioned after that tweet was posted. Honestly, irl she's not too bad but online she has this really weird vain personality going on that I'm pretty sure is caused by her "fame". I have a lot of mutual friends with her irl and she used to be nothing extraordinary at all, just a little fobby. I haven't seen/talked to her in a year so I dunno what she's like now besides what I see online. From what I remember though, she was pretty quiet, wore shitloads of makeup, had pretty fried hair (wore wigs to school sometimes though, it was weird and she stood out in the hallways), and is always very tired looking. Also she was terrified of her photo taken by yearbook commitee haha. I don't think she's rich, but she's well off and has the "fob mentality" (about how everything "luxury" needs to be bragged). Some of her friends are annoying as fuck though. Also no I'm not the person that posted her on yousei-bitches (can someone link me to that btw cause damn I wanna read that).

Polite sage because not Berry. Could provide more info if wanted but all in all, dunno if she's worth her own thread tbh.

No. 3995

Nvm I didn't see the other thread, I'm blind as shit.

No. 3996

File: 1433612739585.png (54.79 KB, 616x474, 73568435.png)

tbh i don't believe in this they wouldn't be able to recognize her kek

No. 3997

wait wat

No. 3998

…her imaginary college?

No. 3999

>My school

No. 4000

File: 1433616134207.png (60.34 KB, 578x511, burry.png)

i'm actually laughing at that
also, today on keep up with the tsukasas
rich berry never had mac makeup

No. 4001

"Ew, I randomly found the twitter of someone from school. Better twist the truth and lie about it in a new tweet"

No. 4002

Oh my god, any basic bitch can have MAC makeup. It's not high end.

No. 4003


Eh, i refer to my college as "my school" still. And i have to correct myself when i talk about my professors, because it's more natural for me to call them "my teachers".

I'm going into my sophomore year at a community college though, so that might be why.

No. 4004

>30 people

No. 4005

tbh my class had 24 people

No. 4006

and of course everyone will follow berry pls stop whiteknighting her ass

No. 4007

>waaah stop disagreeing with me, this is my safe space to bitch about people I have a lesbian hateboner for #triggered

No. 4008

my hate for this thread never dies down.
this isn't white knighting, learn to internet :^)

No. 4009

File: 1433622120579.png (351.97 KB, 494x459, 876543.png)

even if it were true, which it isn't, how fucking rude of her would that be?
even in her imaginary life she is anti-social.
her inferiority complex is so blatant.

No. 4010

File: 1433625397449.jpg (161.74 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

it baffles me how she claims that she is the riches bitch and she buts wet and wild, elf and 3 dollar products

No. 4011

MAC Really isn't high end, their foundation is about $20-27 USD. Highend is double that kek but MAC products are better than drug store. Berry is dumb.

For someone so rich she can't even buy her own shit, dafuq

No. 4012

of course this shit isnt true lol

No. 4013

High end brands can only be bought at high end deptartment store type places, Berry don't even know that. A sales associate wouldn't spend any time on her poor ass.

No. 4014

notice how she didnt even pay for the mac products herself her moms friend bought it for her i would never brag about that

No. 4015

She only brags about it to make herself seem spoiled. Overall she's childish and arrogant, not just from bragging about MAC but bragging about her grades, being a "good person" and so forth. She brags for the sake of looking good I'm pretty sure.

This makes me question if she really did get a MAC product or not.
I wouldn't be surprised if it was just something the person didn't want so they just gave it to her since that seems to be a common thing among family friends and family. She didn't post any photos of her "MAC" gifts.

No. 4016

File: 1433632972178.png (76.46 KB, 628x565, lmfao 20150606-181954.png)


No. 4017

I feel bad for her parents, they must work hard and not have much money trying to focus on funding her education while Berry isn't thankful to them and focuses on being an idiot instead.

No. 4018

Pool party where she's probably in a sweater if it were true.

No. 4019

I think that's why she lives this delusional rich kid life online because she isn't half of what she says she is online but she desires that rich, fun life. and because of her large following, lots of people believe her lies so it boosts her ego and self esteem. its sad.

i mean she has 2 other siblings around her age that probably are needing funds from the parents for college. her "rich" life doesnt add up. and we all know berry doesnt have much of a social life unless its with her family or siblings lol


No. 4020

tbh im positive most of her internet friends (ie the kawaii popular ones) are only friends with her for her popularity. i notice that the kawaii community has alot of fake friends in the community (from what i read on YB)

she should know by now the consequences of internet fame. she seems naive.

No. 4021

File: 1433633962799.png (33.04 KB, 582x245, ouji20150606-183757.png)

I thought Berry say she doesn't get jealous?

No. 4022

my sides

No. 4023

im looking forward for new psed pics of her body w/no face or her face+bust with no arms and neck

No. 4024

I expect a picture of her fat hand coming out of a sweater reaching towards an abandoned backyard pool as response from berry as ~proof~.

No. 4025

So this confirms the story in the other thread that describes how she couldn't afford to go to prom or had no date and went to the late night diner with some girl but called the girl her bae.

No. 4026

i believe more in the whole body and no face pic but let's wait

that or the dress didn't fit

No. 4027

i meant to reply to >>4025

No. 4028

File: 1433727321327.png (43.08 KB, 615x353, burry.png)


No. 4029

lmfao omg i can't even

No. 4030

File: 1433782650921.jpg (184 KB, 1862x1859, oh_my.jpg)

it's like she's making fun of her own followers for believing her lies, while we have clearly exposed the truth.

No. 4031

I think she was suggesting that we are the losers who want to believe lies.

No. 4032

File: 1433786433530.jpg (181.77 KB, 840x840, fdghjk.jpg)

No. 4033

File: 1433786727068.jpg (47.91 KB, 820x771, IMG_1776.JPG)

guys im tryin hard to get her to post another ps photo of her and getting close talking about how she's so "animu" <_< she's so annoying..

No. 4034

File: 1433789106880.jpg (56.43 KB, 419x604, b.jpg)

OT but to those who kinda doubted whether Ouji is fake or not, I think this pic will help you believe hes real and they used to date (or still date each other).

No. 4035

we always believed ouji is real and they dated before but right now i think she owns all of his accounts and he left her. if he posts a new pic on his twitter i'd believe they're still dating but so far i can't believe it

No. 4036


How do you "date" someone who lives in a different country overseas?

No. 4037

Guess what, you can even be married to someone who does.

No. 4038

Have you really never heard about long distance relationships?

No. 4039

I don't think it qualifies as a relationship if you've never seen or touched the person in real life. Marrying someone you know and having him/her deploy or live overseas is different. I realize from the hikikomori thread in /b/ that I'm probably stepping on some toes.

No. 4040

Wake up
its 2015
we do everything over the internet so why not date

No. 4041

Pls stop, you're embarrassing yourself

No. 4042

Berry and ouji will probably never meet. By the time theyre old enough and have money they will probably have both found someone new.

No. 4043

I doubt they're still a couple

No. 4044

i agree with this

No. 4045

She changed her location to bedroom again lol

No. 4046

File: 1433802823270.png (49.62 KB, 723x303, xjkc ashcjscs.png)

really Berry….. even more so for her followers to like this….

No. 4047

For once she's telling the truth

No. 4048

but she isn't spoiled and brat YES kek

No. 4049

has anyone else noticed that berry hasn't been posting much lul

No. 4050

yeah she used to say that they never met in real life or took a picture together but their first picture together will be their wedding photo wow such anime

No. 4051

she's probably lazy to photoshop knowing people here will discover all of it lel

No. 4052

File: 1433868723317.png (654.72 KB, 1268x701, 1431100570401.png)

oh this again. no one ever thought the dude never existed.
highly unlikely that they're dating or that he "got the meat a long time ago" (<-as if they've met).
the real question is, are the accounts fake? yes, pic related.

No. 4053

File: 1433872831671.png (51.21 KB, 646x345, berry so fake.png)

kek berry is so fake we all know she unfollowed brenda because brenda lives berrys ideal lifestyle

No. 4054

LOL blaming an app

No. 4055

She catfished herself and photoshopped her cartoons onto some guy's photo of him holding up a piece of paper.

No. 4056


Shut up berry.

No. 4057

>my twitter unfollowed lolll
She lies like a 12 year old. It's always so painfully obvious.

No. 4058

such a shame how brenda is oblivious to it all too lol

birds of a feather flock together I guess.

No. 4059

I used to like her in the past but now she's such an obnoxious weeaboo who's probably going to live in her parent's house forever lol.

No. 4060

LOL such a liar
I have the twitter app for years now and it never did that even though I follow a ton of people I never interact with (famous and shit)

No. 4061

even if she knew I doubt she would say anything since they're friends
although it would be interesting to see a cat fight happen on there

No. 4062

true and if they do fight, brenda would probably get an influx of berry delusional whiteknight hate messages.

No. 4063

File: 1433904294761.png (33.1 KB, 730x214, dvsdaswcws.png)


No. 4064

File: 1433904418125.png (35.02 KB, 730x256, jkhbjbbjkn.png)

idk about that….

No. 4065

File: 1433904478466.png (31.61 KB, 730x228, bgngdfnf.png)

sure confidence…

No. 4066

File: 1433904540924.png (21.79 KB, 730x156, ghjkl;z.png)

Berry stop lurking kek DED

No. 4067

File: 1433904883882.png (42.52 KB, 730x233, cankle.png)

are you sure you fucking fat ass cankle didn't trip you berry?

No. 4068

File: 1433904967674.png (20.32 KB, 730x97, chins.png)

her chins bruh her chins hit the thing

No. 4069

File: 1433905043675.jpg (220.33 KB, 1000x728, Untitled-2.jpg)

From the girl who likes showing the internet her shooped "oppais"

No. 4070

File: 1433908520089.jpg (51.74 KB, 600x914, CHG9BmwUUAAs51k.jpg)

someone do the thing

No. 4071

and this freaky ass face…

No. 4072

File: 1433908581603.jpg (55.86 KB, 600x918, CHG9BvfUIAAK3JC.jpg)

forgot photo ._.

No. 4073

File: 1433909625051.png (69.61 KB, 640x640, 11116999_493477374137179_18659…)

omfg in her first tweet^ she is literally talking about herself

bringing this photo back because yea

No. 4074

Man, how sad and pathetic is your life when you go full cosplay and just stay home?

No. 4075

wow sounds so anime!!1

shes so stupid this is why you dont do other things that are really distracting when you're on the treadmill. basic gym and fitness rule. i still doubt she is really working out or is just overexaggerating everything like she always does. she's been posting lots of junk food on her ig.

No. 4076

Just imagine. Her spending a bunch of time putting on makeup, fake eyelashes, straightening out her wig, etc just to take two selfies and take it all off again.

Makes me think of how Koots used to doll herself up, sit in her car, take selfies then go back in to shoop them.

No. 4077

lel no neck and she's enormous

No. 4078

At least Dakota left her house to do some of her "photoshoots". Berry can't even walk outside.

No. 4079

Her skin is the same white as her eyes. No one can be this white (especially an Asian. Specifically Filipina), right? She looks 2D almost.

No. 4080

File: 1433913096410.jpg (247.3 KB, 600x914, asdada.jpg)

probably looks more like this

No. 4081

>>4080 can someone do the skin color?

No. 4082

File: 1433915373105.png (470.75 KB, 388x586, be.png)

No. 4083

File: 1433917524601.jpg (294.59 KB, 600x914, notsogood2.jpg)

No. 4084

that's the first thing i saw on this thread and it scared the hell outta me

No. 4085

She looks like she's melting.

No. 4086

everything about her face is so fake and she looks crazy frumpy and chubby in that maid costume.

No. 4087

bronzebun approves

No. 4088


No. 4089

tbh i think this can be quite accurate, there are some unshoops of her in the older threads and she looks pratically the same.

No. 4090

She's cute without shoop.

No. 4091

File: 1433945490797.jpg (105.12 KB, 1440x735, 1432089231412.jpg)

look at her trying to justify this comment.
>playing vidya on the treadmill
jfc, she's never been on a fucking treadmill clearly.

No. 4092

I get major motion sickness if I even try to watch the damn TV built into treadmills, can't even imagine trying to play a damn video game on one. What a tard

No. 4093

How can a med student play video games everyday for 9 hours? She doesn't even bother making her "I'm a med student you guyzzzz i'm sooo smarrrt" story believable.

No. 4094

No one is on a treadmill for 9 hours, that makes 0 sense. If anything she probably went on it at .5 speed (a very slow walk) every couple of hours for a minute or less during a span of 9 hours when her game was at a loading screen lol.

No. 4095

She mentioned that she was doing a slow walk which is probably equivalent to the calories lost when standing ._.

No. 4096

look at her using her old ass selfies

No. 4097

Walking really doesn't burn that many calories. You probably lose around 150 just doing 10k steps at a leisurely pace.

No. 4098

File: 1433972836660.png (316.07 KB, 788x606, Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 5.45…)

seriously berry? Does she not understand the idea of accessorizing a culture?

No. 4099

I actually agree with berry.
It's not like asians never use english words for their social media/clothing/songs etc just because they sound cool.

No. 4100

except it's still different because of english imperialism and how english is known as this "international" language

No. 4101

tumblr gtfo

No. 4102

im laughing berry wants to sell her "art"

(sorry cant screencap right now)

No. 4103

holy fuck what is with tumblr infestation these days?

go post your sjw shite on your tumblrino account

No. 4104

I dont think it's a huge moral wrong as a lot of tumblrinos seem to believe, but it looks stupid as fuck to just shove foreign languages into everything in your home language, especially around others who don't speak said language. There's sites dedicated to making fun of chingrish, so yeah, I'm gonna laugh at you being a huge weeb and talking about your saggy desu oppais.

No. 4105

i agree that using japanese words sometimes is fine as long as you don't use it in your daily dictionary just like >>4104 said. [but this makes berry more of a hypocrite cause that's what she exactly does]
anyway i'd stop with this debate cause this isn't tumblr

No. 4106

File: 1433983133344.png (475.63 KB, 764x1056, Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 8.37…)


No. 4107


why is a chinese girl lying about being japanese?

No. 4108

This. This is the second time she's said something remotely smart.

I really don't get the point of having a contest for art that plain.

No. 4109

File: 1433984491054.png (81.31 KB, 780x447, Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 8.58…)


She's really trying to advertise it too

No. 4110

Seems like someone's trying to justify her weeaboo-ness

No. 4111

I guess she's super desperate for cash.

No. 4112

File: 1433989624887.png (47.35 KB, 608x327, b.PNG)

No. 4113

she wishes she's Chinese LOL too bad she's ~~Chinese, Spanish, filipino~~ mixed coughs she's just Filipino

No. 4114

In one of previous threads one of her tweet says something like "If you've been a shitty person in the past I won't forget it" blah blah blah. Can't find the cap.

No. 4115

File: 1433999889099.png (82.58 KB, 751x381, Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 1.03…)

Does anyone have a cap of where she said she didn't watch anime or something along the lines of that

No. 4116

File: 1434036507231.jpg (26.92 KB, 750x242, image.jpg)

so rich desu

No. 4117

File: 1434036787143.jpg (594.87 KB, 1296x972, IMG_0003.jpg)

kek, pool

No. 4118

You don't have to be rich to own an actual pool. I know low income families with pools but they're nothing fancy. Usually they're one of the circular above ground pools

No. 4119

File: 1434037708643.jpg (2.25 MB, 3456x2592, Kiddie-Pool-Filled-with-Water-…)

Not much better.

No. 4120

File: 1434038807013.jpg (231.19 KB, 1544x1024, pool-ladders-above-ground.jpg)

I'm talking about the kinds that are $300-$5000. That isn't a lot.

No. 4121

You can get one of these for like $150 at WalMart, they're def not expensive at all.

No. 4122

The ones are Walmart are pretty cheap looking… The one in >>4120 is basically the same thing as installing a reg pool but no digging.

No. 4123

Yea and I've seen low income/middle class families with pools like that. They really do not have to be rich at all.

No. 4124

Now let's see if she posts up an endless pool, which can be above ground and around 1k depending on the model.

No. 4125

$1k isn't a lot for a pool. Low income families can have pools that cost that much. I think you meant $10k

No. 4126

Cheapest I've seen is like $250 or so and it's slightly smaller than >>4120 which looks to be in the $1k-2k range. Still isn't a lot. It's not a rich person's pool

No. 4127

lol she's exploiting her followers by charging $4 for drawings which take no major effort to do.

No. 4128


No. 4129

File: 1434046164268.png (561.01 KB, 758x1023, Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 2.08…)

$4 for a doodle that would take a child less than 5 minutes to do

No. 4130

Also i doubt she understands the difference between requests and commissions

No. 4131

Fuck, that shit is barely worth $1.

No. 4132

wtf i wouldn't pay 5 pennies for those 2 second doodles that you can draw with your nose. she is clearly trying to exploit her followers. but she already apparently has people buying lmao wow people will do anything to get on her good side so they can have a little of her supposed 'e-fame'.

No. 4133

>>4129 i mean if you look at her "art" style it's easily copied and who would want to pay money for and online copy i could see if it was a paper copy….

No. 4134

this thirsty hoe. i'm sure her stupid followers are buying into it just to jump in the bandwagon and feel ~noticed~ by her.
She's an embarassment to the community of better artists who get low recognition and can draw a shit ton better than her fucking 2 second doodles

No. 4135

I'm pretty sure she was inspired by another artist who hosted the same sort of giveaway on twitter except that artist's art is amazing and her's is shit

No. 4136

It looks like she used a phone to draw it not even a tablet

No. 4137

File: 1434133571011.jpg (38.56 KB, 599x785, CHTpnBHUsAATzjG.jpg)

dude just paid $4 for this basic shit.

No. 4138

That looks like stuff I drew when I was 6 or 7.

There's a lot of really good artists on Tumblr who go largely unnoticed because fame whores like Berry or Fatsu-chan post their "art" and their 20k followers throw money at them to kiss their asses.
Or they get over shadowed by shit pastel artists like Petitpasserine and Shiroiroom who just draw pastel vomit and people keep tossing money at them as well.
I can excuse Shiroi though since at least she keeps that shit decently priced and is actually a nice person who just got famous through pastel shoujo uwu art.

No. 4139

File: 1434136022497.png (317.06 KB, 633x660, probably from craigslist.png)


kek i doubt berry actually bought it it was probably her sister that bought it or their parents and berry just wanted the credits for it. another brag about how "good of a person she is".

No. 4140

lel i bet she is in her "i am rich desu" mode but having an iphone won't make you rich

No. 4141

if she's so rich desu why is she selling those crappy drawings? And she can't even buy an iPhone for herself why was she going to buy one for her sister? stop lying Burrrrrry

No. 4142

this is deviantart-tier shit

No. 4143

File: 1434151483219.png (142.45 KB, 1000x1000, potato sack aka shit.png)

made this in a minute
i want my four dollars

No. 4144

your owl is cuter

No. 4145

i'd feel sorry for the people who buys her childish doodles but it's their fault for being dumb ass-kissers

No. 4146

I love how the person who bought it changed the colours when they used it as their icon

No. 4147

File: 1434172749379.jpg (45.93 KB, 543x829, IMG_20150613_011816.jpg)

No. 4148

File: 1434172898669.png (292.55 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-06-13-01-19-41…)

No. 4149

Who? I wanna see lol

No. 4150

Does she not realize that the meitu app made her look like an alien?

No. 4151

File: 1434175319887.jpg (202.79 KB, 543x829, Untitled-1.jpg)

Here's her more normal looking

No. 4152

File: 1434179189438.jpg (621.37 KB, 2000x829, berry_tsukasa_lies.jpg)

Artist-chan here.
I somewhat unshooped her in the third picture (only did the eyes though, if someone wants to do me a favor and unshoop her further I will be grateful). First of all, what the hell is with all that jawline noise? I thought it was just JPEG artifacts but then I realized that it was only all over the left side of her face which probably means that she shooped and then sharpened that part and saved it the most. If you work with exposure tool a bit more you can see that most of the pic don't have any noise, only this part and the egg sticker but this is normal.
You can also see her mouth lines which would suggest that she tried to smile in order to define her lower jaw more, but this might not be the case here. This photo looks like it was taken from the specific angle when your face looks like it's facing the camera but actually it's taken from above. It is used to slim the face and make it smaller (if you can remember, her face is pretty long). Korinne here is also sticking out her head as always to make her shoulders look more narrow. Taking this in account her mouth lines should be in this exact place because she's tilting her head forward. This is also why her nose and mouth are covered with a sticker. Blurred part of her chin was elongated is order to give an impression of facing the camera.
So that's it. Also, if you got this bone sticking out (the one near her eye) your face shape is most of the time is closer this: http://pre00.deviantart.net/3c2a/th/pre/i/2006/186/5/c/asian_face_4_by_b_e_c_k_y_stock.jpg

No. 4153

Forgot to mention how her hair is curved towards her jaw.

No. 4154

File: 1434181427219.png (500.35 KB, 543x829, bet.png)

No. 4155

File: 1434182137046.png (500.15 KB, 543x829, bet.png)

forgot the eyes

No. 4156

Her face is wider than this tho

No. 4157

File: 1434182875025.png (503.91 KB, 543x829, bet.png)

the more i shop her the more she looks like her sister

No. 4158

this looks more realistic

No. 4159

can someone pls shoop a bald version of this pic for keks

No. 4160

File: 1434184084325.png (1.12 MB, 976x644, erry.png)

we'll never know betty mufasa's real form

No. 4161

this is great

No. 4162

Can I just say you anon are all just really amazing with photoshopped o.o esp the one with her with the blonde hair. I think that seems really accurate to how she really looks like.

No. 4163

Thanks had to learn how to mess with photoshop for classes.

No. 4164

That non-existent collarbone always gives away how fat she is. She should start shooping it too.

No. 4165

I don't think that collarbone is indicator of fatness. I've seen some girls who are skinny but their collarbones aren't so apparent. I've also seen girls who would be considered fat by lolocow standards (chubby/average in real life) and they had somewhat visible collarbones. Only people who are really really obese don't have visible collarbones. If Berry is still the same weight as she was couple years ago, then it explains why there are no collarbones, but she claims she has lost weight since then.

No. 4166

i think it's possible that she's brightening her pics so much that what little collarbones she has showing just disappears

No. 4167

File: 1434217366705.png (403.28 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2014-12-29-13-11-23…)

Just a little reminder of this almost non-shooped Berry

No. 4168

If you can't see that this is (badly) photoshopped, then you're blind as a bat. Different edit style, but still edited to hell and back.

No. 4169

File: 1434225300608.jpg (83.99 KB, 610x896, image.jpg)

Unshopped Berry but I'm pretty sure this is old

No. 4170

same, i think the way she masks her skin to make it poreless and brighter erased her colarbones. I'm sure she's prob in the average-chubby side but not fat fat

No. 4171

Does she really think she can convince people she looks like that? LOL

No. 4172

tbh yea cause her followers are dumb and blind as a bat

No. 4173

File: 1434239558088.jpg (955.53 KB, 1400x1005, tumblr_mo53r7HK2X1r3wd4to1_128…)

I found this stupid ass picture on her VK and decided to deshoop it. Forgot to adjust the levels (look at that wallpaper! washed out to oblivion) but this is my take on what she shoops.

She's not fat, just not kawaii uguu tiny stick legs etc.

No. 4174

wow that's amazing anon! She looks like she's acrually related to her sister in the after pic and her waist size looks more realistic

No. 4175

only need to add her true skin color

No. 4176

Almost perfect but her chin is still not that pointy.

Tbh she's not an ugly girl, I don't know why the fuck she wants to be this weird alien looking person so badly.

No. 4177

File: 1434249862195.jpg (283 KB, 976x604, another.jpg)

This one just pissed me off.

For one thing she's pulling on her shirt, sucking in, and angling her butt, on TOP of the photoshop. This girl is so duplicitous.

No. 4178

File: 1434250035475.jpg (305.08 KB, 622x604, warp.jpg)

Last one.

For the life of me I don't understand why she has to look like the weird warped stretched-out bobblehead she shoops herself into.

No. 4179

Damn, look at the size of that fucking head on the shooped version, does she think it's pretty? The concave tank had me rolling. Thank you for the effort, dear anon

No. 4180

omg the tank

No. 4181

jfc how much time do you think she puts into editing her pictures? I guess the more you do it the more proficient but still…

No. 4182

I'm not even sure it's her, looks like just some random child with altered hair color.

No. 4183

Maybe it's her niece with shooped hair.

No. 4184

wow. she really shaves off a huge portion of her face.

No. 4185

Someone needs to do a gif of this warping into one of her many tiny weeb faces with big eyes.

No. 4186

File: 1434308870040.png (172.16 KB, 1080x1216, Screenshot_2015-06-14-20-06-00…)

No. 4187

I didn't mean to answer the other comment

No. 4188

……ew. That bitch ruin the whole song with that shitty verse.

No. 4189

this bitch is in a public pool lmao

No. 4190


No. 4191

lel I can't handle this, she fakes having a boyfriend and a tiny child's figure. The distortion is to hide someone who is pretty wide.

She sometimes gives up on the shoop job like on >>4148 because the face is so fucked up at that point. So she sticks something on top like that.

You forgot the collar being stretched because she shrank her chin but who cares, the whole picture has been worked on and then some.

No. 4192

File: 1434310760515.jpg (76.83 KB, 579x1024, CHeiPFqWcAEtc8I.jpg)

Berry's pool P1

No. 4193

File: 1434310795759.jpg (91.43 KB, 579x1024, CHeq9CdUkAAmNPO.jpg)

No. 4194

Are you sure she she doesn't have a pool ? Cause her bro posted a picture of him and his family in a pool and it looks like Berrys backyard

No. 4195

File: 1434311908062.jpg (119.67 KB, 960x540, 11235389_10203699255462840_274…)

Forgot pic

No. 4196

yeah but in the second pic she posted on twitter, theres a weird bench…

No. 4197

can't wait to see berry beautiful body in a bikini
oh wait-

No. 4198

She'd probably have a sweater on

No. 4199

File: 1434314348545.jpg (182.65 KB, 579x1024, CHeq9CdUkAAmNPO.jpg)

Love how she said "our" pool lmao
ALso wtf is this

No. 4200

i think she is as her rich friends house talking snapchats of it and taking pictures of their pool

No. 4201

berry is so desperate

I will summarize her tweets
"guys you know I am rich and I have pool, and I am in the water bcz I am fab and u guys ain't, did I mention that I am in my pool.I got tanned and I own a pool bcz I am so rich"

why she is so desperate to show-off even though all lolcow knows she has no money

and kek she is still in her long sleeved clothes like bitch pls

No. 4202

It's also cloudy in NJ so of course she isn't getting any tanner than she already is

No. 4203

Those are some seriously vague ass pool pics. If she was really what she says she is we'd get a picture of her big boobied self in a bikini actually in the pool. If she looked he way she says she does she wouldn't be able to resist posting bikini pics

No. 4204

No pics with friends either at her supposed pool party

No. 4205

she posted a video of that song she tweeted about but her radio sounds so shitty. if she was rich she'd be using some high quality shit.

No. 4206


lol no its not. TR anon here and its sunny and hot

No. 4207

File: 1434323055941.jpg (328.49 KB, 768x1024, asfaf.jpg)

She posted this earlier but now it's deleted for some reason

No. 4208

shes not even at her house…that video she posted shows a tanish colored house when her house is blue..shes probably at a friend or relatives house

No. 4209

Sweater at the pool called it!

Combined with shooped skin and wrist made thinner.

No. 4210

It's a towel.

No. 4211

She's using it the way she did sweaters though kek

No. 4212

File: 1434327014633.png (33.96 KB, 598x611, berrytsukasa.PNG)

photoshop proof (not that we needed it lol)

No. 4213

I don;t understand that picture….what is it supposed to be showing? The ugly towel?

No. 4214

Her white as snow hand/wrist, cause a lot of people are interested in seeing it, obviously.

No. 4215

File: 1434327825978.png (18.52 KB, 574x131, colorist bitch.png)

i knew this hoe was colorist as fuck lol

No. 4216

why is she trying so hard to be albino white smh

No. 4217

I'm pretty sure most Asians are.

No. 4218

how is that colorist? some people like to be tan some like to be pale. i like the way i look tan is that colorist?

No. 4219

I don't get the appeal of fan bing bing death pale. It's actually scary to see here around other people. Like one of those pictures where you see something after you take it.

No. 4220

lmfaoo i agree. It looks good in pics but in real life im sure it's scary to see someone so ghost white

No. 4221

File: 1434329135113.png (454.5 KB, 768x1024, f3df1f69fc18a684b4db841f1f2af2…)

obvious that she photoshopped to hell this pic but scanned it anyway. All the white + lightened areas including her skin seem to be blocked out in the scan.

No. 4222

the pic is too low quality to show you anything so that has no meaning, but we know she photoshopped it

No. 4223

File: 1434332599891.png (1.03 MB, 979x1604, Screenshot_2015-06-13-10-08-51…)

I saw this on a humor page the other day… Reminded me of queen berry so hard lol

No. 4224

>wearing pants and a towel at the pool

I knew she'd do that.

No. 4225

File: 1434346044602.jpg (32.88 KB, 750x306, image.jpg)

she's still posting about her ~pool party~ omg acting as if she's been in her ~~pool~~ for the first time

No. 4226

File: 1434347498470.png (358.82 KB, 413x565, 800px-Fatwarrior2.png)

new leaked pic of berry at the pool

No. 4227

How old are you?

No. 4228


No. 4229

low tier humour, top tier kek.

No. 4230

It's not the same anon

No. 4231

File: 1434372176116.jpg (36.14 KB, 453x500, 567890.jpg)

what? that pic >>4226
is closer to reality than the majority of berry's pics.

No. 4232

It seems like she went to her neighbors for pool


Her "speaker video" tweet's wall matches with those walls

No. 4233

holy shit thats true

No. 4234

When she posts something about swimming.. why don't one of you TR peeps go check around her house to find her?

No. 4235

File: 1434396183335.jpg (485.54 KB, 1440x767, berry house.jpg)

Here we can see berry's house from up, there are 2 round pools around, You can see in the next pictures, that the house matching the wall in berry's video, it's the house of the first pool, so yeah, she doesn't seem to have a pool, just using her neighbour's.

No. 4236

File: 1434396206055.jpg (513.12 KB, 1440x761, Untitled-1.jpg)

No. 4237

File: 1434396245897.jpg (550.71 KB, 1440x774, Untitled-2.jpg)

No. 4238

god u ppl are so fucking creepy with ur obsession with berry. holy fucking shit..

No. 4239

Cry us a river, berry.

No. 4240

>>4238 you don't understand how easy it is, you literally had to look up the adress on google and it was already there

No. 4241

Could be this one?

No. 4242

She left her information lying around, and people connected the dots. If you're careless about your personal life, chances are, someone will take advantage of it.

No. 4243

Yet you're here lol

No. 4244


agree ^

berry is extremely popular with a big following and her lies have too many holes, she should have known before throwing lies and shit around. people are going to notice and will want answers. its only natural that people will connect the dots and look for answers! if she didn't lie so much about her life, wasn't so ignorant/arrogant and made everything she says so skeptical and hard to believe she probably wouldn't be here but alas she is here for a reason. you're here too so that already says something about yourself too kek

No. 4245

that is the price of e-fame and being a big fat liar with a shitty attitude.
shame her followers are so blind

No. 4246

>obbsesed with berry

it takes literally 2 minute to find her house, not more.
she wishes people were actually obbsesed with her

No. 4247

File: 1434400228247.png (65.77 KB, 764x249, Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 4.29…)

No. 4248

No. 4249

She means she is so fat that she floats on the surface of the pool because fat doesn't sink.

No. 4250

File: 1434420922571.png (731.63 KB, 818x971, Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.1…)

so now you say you're not rich

No. 4251

Why she blocked her part with a sticker? To indicate that she's wearing a wig?

No. 4252

Yes. She blocks awkward things in her pics aka things she can't edit right. Tbh I didn't even see that sticker, I was staring at her huge ass lenses.

No. 4253

Oh. I couldn't make heads or tails of that tweet. Thanks anon.

No. 4254


She puts things on top when she couldn't photoshop or is too lazy. Especially if she can't throw a sweater over it kek

See: OP fried chicken

No. 4255

>buy my art
>post overly shooped selfie instead of art

No. 4256

she is wearing a wig why the sticker when everyone knows she still has short hair

unless it's an old ass pic

No. 4257

Her forehead looks weird, she probably shooped it and it messed up her part somehow. Or it was a wig like that other anon said.

No. 4258

why doesnt she post new pictures of herself anymore? i mean the ones where she actually dresses up with wigs and fake lashes. her recent pictures are so boring and low quality as she uses the frontcamera of her phone. also, doesnt she get sponsored anymore? she used to review lots of clothes, wigs and circle lenses.

No. 4259

Berry seriously freaked me the fuck out when i saw her on my tumblr dashboard. I literally gagged when I saw her face and asked myself who the hell finds this attractive. Now I learn all this about her and she's just become a shittier person to me. honest to god want to tell her parents tbh

No. 4260

those pictures require too much effort for her now that all she wants to do is play video games all day. she'd have to put on alllll that make up, get dressed, take tons of pics to find a decent one, and then stay up all night ps'ing it.

No. 4261

why the hell is a 'rich person' whose parents can supposedly afford cartier bracelets begging for money? and why the hell are people paying 4 dollars for shit she doodles on an ipad? anyone paying for that needs to re evaluate themselves

No. 4262

File: 1434474455393.jpg (31.9 KB, 580x308, Capture.JPG)

Yeah and the sponsors were asking where were the reviews months after sending the clothes.
And she claims that she's taking a break, because playing video games is such a big priority.

I'd doubt they will get their reviews anytime soon, so she's a scammer as well.

No. 4263

File: 1434474665315.jpg (44.23 KB, 567x718, Capture.JPG)

She claims she's so rich with a Cartier bracelet and big mansion-like house and then a second later she's begging her followers to buy shit artwork for $4.

And of course, they do, because they want to get some e-fame.

No. 4264

i bet she doesnt wanna review the clothes since they dont fit on her anymore and shes too much of a lazy piece of shit to over edit her pics. I bet she hasn't gotten any new clothes since early this year.

No. 4265

File: 1434487930170.gif (123.88 KB, 590x333, 1386318582331.gif)

>I paid for someone else's limo

>I live in a huuuuge mansion

>I own 6k Cartier bracelets

>I bought my sister an iPhone

>Help me, I'm poor

No. 4266

what she's saying makes no sense omg if she's been on her summer break for a month now and all she does is play video games and have time to do all this "art" then why doesn't she have time to post a picture of a piece of cloth

No. 4267

why doesn't she get a fucking job…

No. 4268


No. 4269

she would have to leave the house.

No. 4270

File: 1434565948035.jpg (25.49 KB, 567x373, Capture.JPG)

What the fuck?
Someone actually paid her $30 for a shitty ipad doodle.

When there are really good artists out there that would make great commission pieces.

and I don't know what's worse, the fact that people are willing to pay a lot of money for crap (along with some e-fame of course) or the fact that she's ok with exploiting her followers and accepting $30 for a doodle that requires little effort to make.

No. 4271

Considering that the price I have set at cons for a full body watercolor pin up is $30… both. I had to work up to that price. ANd not with over shooped selfies either.

No. 4272

The people only buy her shit in the hopes to get a piece of her followers.

No. 4273

i hope she's receiving the money as a gift in paypal so she'll get screwed lmao

No. 4274

agreed. this actually pisses me off kind of. she's really shit, feeling no remorse exploiting people. and anyone who gives her money, especially that 30$, is a dumbass. berry would probably not give them any money if they asked.

No. 4275

File: 1434648921557.jpg (7.25 KB, 121x481, CHzDX6DUMAA0Cca.jpg)

i laugh so hard at her followers ignorance

waiting for someone to ask her why she needs this if she's so rich

No. 4276

WHO THE FUCK IS PAYING HER $110. She's not even actually famous dead beat or something.

No. 4277

Theory: she took her donations and put $110 toward herself so when people look at her donation list they'll see that someone dropped serious $ on her and they'll be motivated to donate to get a piece of that efame

Or she stole mommy or daddy's credit card

No. 4278

but your parents can afford Cartier, right?

No. 4279

I can't wrap my head around why someone would spend over $100 on iPad doodles when there are so much more talented artist that take more time, effort and supplies to make art. Some artists that are 10x better than Berry even struggle to make $100. I know Berry is just trying to make money (cough yet was able to pay for someones limo ride and has parents that supposedly spoils her and gets her "cartier" >>4265
) but honestly even $4 is expensive for some digital iPad doodle. She isn't even making them into accessories, it's just a digital doodle that is done by a finger on an iPad. She looks like she's trying to show off her sales (not a surprise since she likes to brag). It's kind of a slap in the face for those better artists out there.

Berry has time to play games all day, spend time making doodles/exploiting her followers (we all know her followers just want to kiss ass though) yet emails her sponsors about taking a break/not having time to review or whatev? They are probably worried that their products are not getting a review and they are watching her and are aware she is active but isn't making reviews. How old is she, that's so rude to the sponsors.

No. 4280

Fucking hell. And she's ok with taking the $110?

I think I'm going to quit my studies, game all the time, lie about my life whilst photoshopping my pictures to death, and draw shitty doodles now for a living now.

Bye guys!

No. 4281

If she's rich, she should reject those $100 donations. Isn't that a bit too much? even if she's not rich but she still eat properly and live properly, she shouldn't accept those money. There are many people outside there who need those donations more than her. She shouldn't accept those money just because she doesn't have money to buy her makeups. Seriously Berry is like a child, she's so immature. Everything she has been up to until now really immature. She's really using her fame and her pretty face (I consider her still pretty even without photoshop). Just her attitude is rubbish. If she isn't like what she is, I wouldn't even be here and probably might be her fan. She should stop ripping off people. I hope she'll grow up.

No. 4282

File: 1434654856748.jpg (58.78 KB, 600x984, CHy7_TuUcAEMbfX.jpg)

Not even worth $4
Let alone $30 or $110

smh, the people paying such a high amount are dumb as fuck.

No. 4283

I used to really like her in the past but she's just lying, exploitative trash

No. 4284

I used to think she was just photoshop fodder but she's actually exploitative trash. That could've been a kid who thought she was their perfect animu goddessu in need and so they gave her their money. I would never accept that much money, or any money, for doodles.

No. 4285

she announced she's buying makeup with her donations. oh wait, she bought a bikini.

she didn't even need the money for anything important what the fuck.

'uguu im poooorrrr give me moooneeeyyyyyy' what a poc, i never thought i'd actually dislike her.

and her dumb ass followers enable her entitled, spoiled behavior. honestly someone could make a post about this and probably stir shit up on tumblr for lulz. people there get pissy when people who actually make art charge too low. imagine how theyd flip with berry's trash doodles getting her 200$ easy?

No. 4286

oh yeah. sure. you'd get a donation for doing fuck all with both consenting parties and reject it? suuuuure. suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure.
haha. what, all she gets from her faem is twitter compliments and gossip site threads? welcome to 2015, where people get paid to play games and pretend they're pretty. have you been on some other internet?

No. 4287

pos* as in piece of shit, not poc

No. 4288

yeah, i actually would reject, i dont need 'donations' and wouldn't even ask for them from strangers over the internet in the first place–especially if i didn't even need it. and if i was going to sell art id make sure it was good quality and not doodle trash.

No. 4289

That's because you're a decent human being, unlike Berry

No. 4290

File: 1434663002212.png (75.34 KB, 782x285, Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 5.28…)

wow she whines so much about having to doodle on her ipad =_=

No. 4291

big sized bikinis are expensive kek

No. 4292

i cant believe she's actually complaining about having to doodle on an ipad

what she's really saying is, "can we just skip where i put any effort on my part? so you guys can jut throw money at me while i sit on my lazy ass"

No. 4293

Berry's tweets just killed me
Prepare yourselves to streamer Berry
How she will PS her fake boobies and…entire body in streams

No. 4294

File: 1434670566809.png (53.11 KB, 315x525, berry berry.PNG)

berry block me because i fav my friend's tweet
idkw but she's very childish and she just can reply but she don't and?? she block me okay no problem
if you criticize berry or if you fav a something which criticize her she's going to block you ahah

No. 4295

File: 1434670804853.png (48.1 KB, 576x226, lol.png)

LOL. Berry is clearly concerned about this page. She's a fake ass buffoon. Always act like she's all that on the screen but actually bum ass in person. Don't you guys also realize that she talks to most young 14-16 year olds on the internet.

No. 4296

File: 1434671762629.png (11.97 KB, 320x118, cdrf.PNG)

GIRL YOU BLOCK ME BECAUSE I FAV A TWEET ?? and you say "i don't care" ????? just ??

No. 4297

bless your friend

No. 4298

wow she's an actual child, and shameless about what she's doing at that.

i still don't get how someone could like her personality–selfish, entitled, narcissistic, liar, immature, idiotic.

the last thing I am is jealous, that would imply id want what she'd have. but why would I be jealous of someone with barely any friends, who has to photoshop her entire face and body, stays at home on her ass playing cod 24/7, lies so often, but is so invested in her own lies she seems to have deluded herself ?

No. 4299

ah the classic,"haterz be jealouuuss"

Maybe for people with actual prized qualities that may be the case, but there's nothing to be jealous about concerning her.

what she has going for her is how invested she is in her fake online persona and that the internet is saturated with tons of idiot weebs who desperately want to believe in a real life animu girl

No. 4300

yeah sure we are all jealous of her, I mean she is poor, ugly and hermit. She has many things that we should have jealous of her. I FUCKIN HATE HER!!11!!!1 /s

her op pic is ps'ed to hell, and she still looks like she is Sasshi(an idol in Japan whose known for her ugliness)

No. 4301

Fuck, this is punipunipon shit all over again. Some girl draws samefaced (to the point of being just recolors of each other) 3 minute kawaii-uguu chibi doodles and charging $30 for each one.
I wonder if she just photoshopped the donations, though.

No. 4302

she even said her doodles are simple lmao

she knows she's exploiting her followers and doesn't mind rubbing it in their faces. what a fucking great human being she is.

No. 4303

Yeah, it's unfortunate, but her followers are really stupid for shelling out $30-$110 for a lazily done .50¢ doodle. Just how blind are these people?

No. 4304

Berry is graduating today (19th june ),

No. 4305

File: 1434767167817.png (197.15 KB, 787x876, Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 10.2…)

lazy and med student/doctor do not go together. How is she going to become a doctor when all she does is sleep and play video games?

No. 4306

she's on her "summer break" why is she still thinking about school LOL if it's true that she's graduating today from highschool it would make sense because it sounds like she's just talking about her goals and implying things as usual

No. 4307

Too bad she can't perform surgeries at herself lol
She's lying as usual

No. 4308

Ouji's tumblr wasn't updated for 4 months now, maybe she lost his password? lol

No. 4309

sleep, play games and internet all day.

why does she say doctor, why not just say surgeon, the more appropriate term for her "major/career"?

she can't handle the truth

tired of her "I dun currr" tweets and fake attitude. If she didn't care, she wouldn't tweet about it. So stupid. Childlike mentality.

No. 4310

Did she already justify why she needs that money from doodles if her parents are so rich and buy her cartier bracelets?

No. 4311

no she's just been going on about how people are salty and jealous and how she apparently doesn't care despite making three posts about it. also flaunted the things she bought or could use it to buy, like a bikini, makeup, or pink ps4 controller

further cementing my belief that most of her followers are dumb af

No. 4312

she had to buy a stylus because she it's so much work to use her pudgy finger to draw

No. 4313

I never thought berry's personality was THAT bad, but she has proved me wrong. she has massive collections of makeup, wigs, clothes etc which she mostly even gets for free. How can she not feel bad about receiving such huge amounts of money by simple doodles when she does not even have a reason for it other than wanting spoiling herself.

No. 4314

because she's selfish and greedy and has leagues of idiotic weeb followers who enable her

"berry ur so cool!" and stuff like that. like omg all she does is sit on her ass, stuff her face with junk food, and spend sleepless nights photoshopping her face–that's my definition of pathetic, nothing admirable at all

No. 4315

question, isn't berry's best friend that girl michelle? but on national best friend day she posted about someone else and didnt mention burry at all

No. 4316

^^^ Berry has no friends. She even made a post saying that people from her "school" follows her and she ends up blocking them. Why would she do that though? I guess, she knows she looks completely different from person & on the internet. lul

No. 4317

well, to people mad a berry about the commissions all i got to say is "dont hate the playa hate the game"

No. 4318

Thanks Berry, we'll keep that in mind

No. 4319

yeah guys leave berry alone, we all know she doesnt have any real friends or an actual life so she needs that money to buy superficial things to fill the void of her vapid life !!11! like omg guys it's the same as charity


dont worry bear-y i got ur back

No. 4320

I really am less irritated by her and more irritated by the world that enables this behavior.

At least she's not scamming for $15k like Peter Coffin.

No. 4321

she has 2 online friends called michelle (berrykissu and michyuu_) and she's apparently best friends with michyuu_

but she's probably never gonna meet them irl ever lol

No. 4322

not yet but we all know she would if she could. something along the lines of, "help me pay for medical school" or something LOL

No. 4323

This doesn't make sense, because in this case, Berry is the "player"….
Don't make excuses, especially when they don't make sense.
I feel like she's on her way now, learning how to scam people

No. 4324

yup, can kind of already tell she gets enjoyment from getting things from people that she didn't earn to spend on frivolous things. look how proud she was that she got people to give her money for her trash, or as she says 'simple', doodles lol. and she was still complaining about having to draw the doodles

also look at how she got free stuff from sponsors but has yet to post about them or do reviews and told her sponsors she was 'on a break' (sitting on her ass playing video games)

No. 4325

Back to posting here, eh berry?
We don't hate you, btw. We just laugh at you and i suppose some of us pity you.

No. 4326

yo berry
just a reminder
we /hate/ people like nick bate, thad and chris

not a fake-ass cosplayer grill

No. 4327

File: 1434840457880.png (888.5 KB, 770x857, Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 6.46…)

I'm guessing she's too lazy to shoop new photos so she's just going reupload old ones

No. 4328

that or she's afraid we'll discover all of her mistakes in ps

No. 4329

I noticed it slowed down SIGNIFICANTLY, after that Berry twitter was made. Probably bc anon's would flip her shitty images, which would clearly show how heavily she photoshop's since they look so wonky.
Usually on tumblr, she would post pictures of her fat face all the time. Always. Now we've gone like a month or so without new pics? lol

No. 4330

I didnt say people need to feel sympathy , what im saying is shes just hustling and the people buying it know what theyre getting. its not like shes claiming it for a certain charity and then using the funds to buy personal stuff.

she makes these little doddles and there are just people dumb enough to buy it.

hate the game and the game is people just wanna throw money at internet people for no reason. its that internet life.

No. 4331

Her first review from her hiatus? I guess, if you could even call it a hiatus

On those shitty taobao shoes that she posted on instagram a long while back

I really think she isn't posting any pics of her face/body bc she feels like she needs to lie low.

I mean usually when she does a review, all you can see is her face. Even if it was for shoes/clothes/accessories - she's done so in the past where the main object in the picture is her and her shooped face takes up 75% of frame

In this review, nothing but the items.

No. 4332

In this sense, there's no point in hating the game. It's true that no one should shit on the people throwing money at her, but instead at Berry.
Berry's the "playa" though, she's knowingly doing this shit and accepting it.
> don't hate the playa, hate the game
doesn't make sense

No. 4333

Translation for white people
* Don't hate the player hate the game:
Do not fault the successful participant in a flawed system; try instead to discern and rebuke that aspect of its organization which allows or encourages the behavior that has provoked your displeasure. *

No. 4334

I'm not white but yeah I understood what it means lol
It just doesn't make sense to me?
The most I've ever heard the saying was from boys when referring to them cheating on a girlfriend
like "don't hate the playa hate the game" as in, he is the playa and trying to not get blamed for his own actions.
This is why it didn't make sense to me, and why I consider berry to still be the "playa" in the scenario because she's taking money from people willingly and it just seems shady

No. 4335

Also, she's the successful participant but she's totally at fault?
She's knowingly doing this shit and is accepting it.
It just still doesn't make sense to me sorry lol
It just seems like your reasoning is trying NOT to blame her but instead of other people? It seems like you're just saying "blame the people stupid enough to throw money at her" but I don't feel the same way because, I think that's a really kind thing to do. To throw money at someone because you think they're pretty or cool, is stupid yeah, but they probably look up to her and stuff
it's shitty to take advantage of your "fans" and knowingly do it

especially since she goes on about how rich she is all the time and now she's tweeted a few tweets like "buy a potato sack to help poor me" like?

No. 4336

People are too excited to give internet famous people(or just famous people in general) what ever they want with no questions asked and berry is capitalizing on that.
Her fans already know shes going to go blow all the money on treating herself, but they don't care because they get off(some even sexually)on spoiling her.

No. 4337

Yeah, I understand now, thanks for taking the time to explain it to my dumb butt :9

I feel like I could see your point of view, and I'm sure some people giving her the money DO know that they're not going to get recognized for it and thus it's a waste
but I can't help but feel bad for that because she's such an asshole and isn't thankful at all

I think she's made one "thank you" tweet about it, and even then it was really smug, maybe now that I think about it I'm not sure

No. 4338

File: 1434874906268.png (42.8 KB, 598x378, fatburryisfat.png)

apparently she's still fat. for a while i thought she might be trying to lose weight.

No. 4339

File: 1434875077041.png (39.9 KB, 624x514, 678543902.png)


No. 4340

A hundred dollars here and there, if that indeed came from a "fan," is pretty benign. Your average HR employee is far more destructive.

No. 4341

I'm going to guess you didn't get that she was referencing this?

No. 4342

Our perfect girl, Berry-chan, is a genius just like in my animes! She can memorize a 1000 page anatomy textbook in just under an hour! And all while playing video games!
Berry-chan literally looks like an anime moe girl, is super smart and super rich…and a geek girl! You bitches will always be jealous of her kawaii lyfe

No. 4343

not really, just pointing it out.
it's like she is talking about herself. cause she's an ugly mofo trying to make herself look attractive and she knows it.

No. 4344

lol i find it funny how she reblogged herself (review on the shoes) cause noone on tumblr reblogs her shit anymore and she barely gets notes

No. 4345


the "after" version is still cute. obviously her skintone is wrong but if she actually looks like that then i don't see why she has to fake herself into some alien bobble head. she looks better as a babyfaced chubby girl tbh

No. 4346

Glad no one is reblogging her shit reviews anymore, the less people see it/click the links provided, the less items she receives and her sponsorship goes down

NEVER click the links in her review, I don't want to give anything to this bitch

No. 4347

can't wait to see her "fans" opening his eyes

No. 4348

Berry asked her followers to report an instagram account because the person was impersonating her. Funny how she didn't do nothing about the one exposing her. She's afraid of people discovering her lies lol

No. 4349

File: 1434945794619.png (115.13 KB, 790x565, Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 12.0…)

Why couldn't she just say happy father's day normally like to her own father =_=

No. 4350

because she can't do anything normally

No. 4351

cuz she gotta be 'lol so random xD'
gotta get them faves, yo

No. 4352

File: 1434985994728.png (1.7 MB, 960x640, -ec60e387acd18e92.png)

I was searching through graduation pics and I found this one, is it possible that this girl is Berry? (I'm not hiding faces because the pics are online for anyone to see lol)

No. 4353

Doesn't look Asian enough, she looks more middle eastern

No. 4354

Thanks for the input. There are so few pics of graduation and so many people I'd laugh if we could find Berry amongst all that people at first try

No. 4355


Honestly, for all we know she could be middle eastern..she photoshops the ethnicity out of herself.

No. 4356

She isn't, it's not like if we wouldn't have any candids.

No. 4357

what highschool is she supposedly graduating from?

No. 4358

toms river north

she's suposedly short and her hair should be about medium length now

No. 4359

Pretty sure Berry(Korinne's sister is called Michellin or something. And I don't know if it's been mentioned before but this is solid evidence that they both attend here.

No. 4360

korinne tigno, class of 2015. does that mean she was actually in highschool all along lol?

No. 4361

It's actually been proven before that yes she still attended high school. Most obvious is her basic homework/classwork, and her knowledge of how college works and how much time you (a lot of time for her cause she wants to be a surgeon).

Anyway, probably that's why she talked about taking a hatius next year, cause that's when she is actually going to ~COLLEGE~. Whether in New York or New Jersey (most likely, but we don't know)

No. 4362

i kinda want to point this out to berry and question her lol

No. 4363

Also if you check her twitter for the 19th you can see she wrote those "Thank you to the people who look up to me, I wont let you guys down!" just right before she headed for the graduation ceremony and she only accessed twitter the next day

No. 4364

How did this girl even get this popular?

No. 4365

She's asian

No. 4366

Asian + shoop

No. 4367

Berry has a bob, too.

No. 4368

the hair she has in the photo looks like a wig to me maybe to conceal herself aswell she wears a wig 24/7

No. 4369

It looks a lot like her. THe nose is identical.

No. 4370

Come one guys, she can't be THAT different from her pics.

No. 4371


She reminds me A LOT of Xiaorichu in this photo.

No. 4372

idk about you guys but i think that girl looks mexican not asian? The Hair is too wavy, berrys/korinnes hair is straighter. The face looks longer too and berrys tral face is like round and short lol

No. 4373

File: 1435098112299.jpg (112.43 KB, 680x510, 635703395559772744-TRNGRAD0619…)

If she really graduated from this school then she should be somewhere in that crowd…

No. 4374

Don't be fucking stupid guys she looks nothing like this. She is filipino and has straight hair to begin with. This isn't Berry.. I get that she's a liar and photoshops herself but this is getting ridiculous. At least hate on her for valid reasons

No. 4375

I never said this was her. I asked if people thought it was possible to be her. At least learn how to read.

No. 4376

Jesus, calm down.

No. 4377

I didn't say you told it was her I wanted to point the picture and I said 'guys' which means other people that commented. Sorry if I didn't explain myself properly

No. 4378

…..boys and girls get different caps and gowns?

No. 4379

I think most highschools/colleges in the U.S do different colored cap and gown for boys and girls
For highschool graduation it was white for girls and blue for guys

No. 4380

Yeah, they take the two school colors and they make the girls wear one the boys wear the other. It's a pretty common thing for high schools.

No. 4381

it looks like her that comment was probably made by berry cause we found her

No. 4382

That's some weird shit. The only color coded thing that I've seen (at american graduation's; these scarf type things) is for national Honor society, gold honor roll (all A's), silver honor roll (all B's, or mix of A's & B's), and different rope tassle sash things for foreign language proficiency….

Segregated graduation too? Man, this seems backwards to me lol

Is it really that common????

No. 4383

Is this really a thing in the states? I'm from Canada and highschools in my area have the same colour for everyone so this is new to me

No. 4384

This is new to me too and I'm American

No. 4385

American here. Never heard of this. Might be regional.

No. 4386

im in new york and in highschool the girls wore one color and the boys wore another for graduation

No. 4387

It's pretty normal occurrence, at I thought it was. It's for the sake of school spirit. Even the tassels match the cap and gowns. My school had a two toned tassel.

No. 4388

it might be hard to find her in that lol because isn't it usually organized by last name? she's tigno so she must be in the very back

i agree it must be regional because im from the u.s and its all one color for my highschool

No. 4389

File: 1435125753034.jpg (261.23 KB, 834x1017, Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 1.59…)

sure berry

No. 4390

i'm from the usa. all the schools in my area had different colors for boys and girls

No. 4391

File: 1435127351013.gif (488.9 KB, 500x200, Choi-Seung-hyun-top-from-big-b…)

I'm living in the USA and I graduated recently(June 9th) and both the boys and the girls wore the exact same color for the gowns. Guess my school is just cool like that.

No. 4392

my school had different colors for boys and girls as well. i thought it was retarded and wanted to rebel by wearing the girls' color instead but in the end i realized i would've looked like an idiot

my high school was private though so they could've asked us to show up wearing scuba gear tbh

No. 4393

It's pretty obvious she's a kid, no self respecting adult would act this stupid and play themselves off as someone they're clearly not (none that I've met anyway)

No. 4394

File: 1435145453775.jpg (90.7 KB, 750x908, image.jpg)

Man, I feel sorry for her bf. She seems like such a bitch to him

No. 4395

Her head is so far up her own ass

No. 4396

she's literally just making up random "cutesy" arguments to have with her imaginary boyfriend so she can share them with social media does this girl not have anything better to do with her life

No. 4397

Guess she will start asking for shit soon
https://twitter.com/PinkMiruku/status/613558299406008320 (please someone screencap this)

No. 4398

people actually believe she has a boyfriend? that's cute.

No. 4399

File: 1435154332517.png (25.1 KB, 612x258, burry.png)

No. 4400

File: 1435164275233.jpg (55.34 KB, 384x332, 234567890.jpg)

trying to convince us again, that you're not impersonating ouiji, eh berry?
why do you keep posting here anyway, if you supposedly don't care. you're too fucking obvious.

No. 4401

Berry buy your own shit if you're as rich as you claim you are, stop begging for handouts.

No. 4402

>the creator of the potato sack doodles
i just LOVE how she says that like she is world famous for her amazing art or something
i put art i made in five seconds and her art side-to-side and asked which they liked better. obviously they all said they liked the five-second sketch better
i bet she thinks she is a legit manga artist now or something

No. 4403

the amount of favorites she gets smh her followers have a bad case of tunnel vision

No. 4404

File: 1435179540184.gif (574.66 KB, 183x200, 1433489792784.gif)

maybe people do art because they like it and NOT for money :O
nah, impossible. nobody likes doing art. yep totally

No. 4405

File: 1435186789458.jpg (81.27 KB, 1080x676, Screenshot_2015-06-24-18-58-13…)

She will never ever stop.

No. 4406

she probably doesn't even have a license

No. 4407

So either her family is getting a new car and she's going to claim that it's hers or she's going to come up with some kind of excuse after people start asking for pics of her new car and she can't produce them. She is so pathetic

No. 4408

Whenever I see shit like this, I have to wonder what her sister thinks. Does her sister follow her on twitter? Because could you imagine your sister coming to you and being like "You don't even have your license and it's mom/dad's car not yours. why are you bragging about that on twitter."
Like, what would you say to that? I wish one of her family members would confront her

No. 4409

This is so pathetic, what's the point of looking rich? Does it make her feel better or something? It is astounding how stupid she is

No. 4410

Well her sister appears with her in her photoshoped pics so she at least knows her sister is a liar lol

No. 4411

She made another tweet about her driving. Has she ever tweeted about driving before? I feel like she would have been bragging like no tomorrow the day she received her license… if she does have one

No. 4412

lmao berry of course she doesn't know how to drive, she's just lurking here kek

No. 4413

What.. berry is 5 feet tall???

No. 4414

File: 1435206048648.jpg (19.45 KB, 274x278, image.jpg)

Pfft I'm 4'9 berry sorry your fake animu height isn't that great boop and as for the car stuff she makes me sick

No. 4415

No. 4416

File: 1435209393784.png (113.33 KB, 295x329, berrfart.PNG)

Berry's "boyfriend" used to have on his twitter info "Berry's slave" and now he changed it …???

No. 4417

more like she's LEARNING how to drive

No. 4418

Used to be Betty's bio

No. 4419

Does anyone know what Ouji's real name is?

No. 4420

I feel like this thread including the previous ones will not make Berry's followers open their eyes to the truth. I don't know anymore.

No. 4421

Because a lot of her followers are dense weaboos

No. 4422

What about that recent tweet about her just learning that she needs 14 or something more years to become a doctor? Did you guys not see it?

No. 4423

This thread has opened my blind fuking eyes. Thank you

No. 4424

Do you have it screencapped? Can a med student confirm whether residency is 8 years since if berry is the "college student" she says she is she"d have 2 more undergrad, 4 med and 8 years for residency if it's 14 more years

No. 4425


Idk how it is in the US but where I'm from it's 6/8 years of regular med school + 2 years of residency + 2 years for specialization in whatever area you want (i.e. plastic surgery/pediatric/obgyn)
Source: Best friend in med school.

Ok, so I did a quick research and apparently in the US it'll take about 11 to 14 years? 4 years of pre med + 4 of med school + 3 to 6 years of residency.
So she pretty much confirmed what everyone knew, she just graduated HS, bitch isn't a med student.

No. 4426

Berry talked about having a driver licence 2/3 ys ago on tumblr but she also said she doesn't have a car (even tough she had a license)
So I guess the ~NEW-part was bs , her mother isn't buying her a ~new~ car but a car.Her first car.

trying to sound rich again huh

No. 4427

File: 1435249575212.jpg (163.1 KB, 720x791, 2015-06-25-09-25-08_deco.jpg)

No. 4428

lol berry you should really work those lies

No. 4429

File: 1435251773546.png (14.44 KB, 505x222, burry.png)

I found this on the tumblr exposing her (you've seen it probably) and I honestly felt bad for the girl. This is to everyone that says berry is so innocent desu and can't hurt people with her shit.

No. 4430


she just confirmed herself that shes in high school? lmfao

No. 4431

I feel she was one of those high school seniors who took like one or two college classes to say they were ~totally in college~ but yeah definitely not in med school.

No. 4432

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Toms-River-Regional-School-District/130499970433878 anyone wants to ask for her lol there's a post about the graduation

No. 4433

that's fucking terrible. I was also one of these girls about 2-3 years ago but slowly i realized how toxic this girl's actions are. I was pretty naive at that time and didn't know much about e-famous people.
At one point she even made me believe that acting like a needy spoiled brat to my family is an ok thing to do. Tunnel vision sucks; esp. for people that are irresponsible for their actions

No. 4434

I feel this is even worse than following an idol's example because people think "Berry is not famous she's "normal", so i can achieve it too"

No. 4435


so I just ask for Korinne Tigno or what?

No. 4436


U could try at least lol

No. 4437

toms river north hs's principal's main secretary is Elaine Whyte-Zailik, her email is ewhytezailik@trschools.com.

toms river south hs's is Robin Kakavas, Senior Secretary rkakavas@trschools.com

No. 4438

Thats not exactly berry's fault tho. If it wasnt berry, she wouldve idolized someone else and ruined herself over them too.
Berry's a shithead, but this girl has her own problems.

No. 4439

this almost reads like someone is trolling.
that girl could have picked anyone who ACTUALLY looks like the shoops or better. i think the financial exploitation of her followers is a bigger issue, since with worthless stuff like that (those shitty doodles), people are buying the person and not the object itself. and the person, that she has created is clearly fake, so she's pretty much tricking them.

No. 4440


"I let her ruin myself"~ anon stated that it was her own problem, she didn't blame Berry.
Her experience just shows how much influence Berry has on some of her followers and that she should be more honest about herself.

No. 4441

Yes, please ask.

No. 4442



No. 4443

We can't exactly blame Berry but I agree that she should be honest about who she really is

No. 4444

What the hell lmao if she already started college she should've known how long she'd need to complete it. How are her followers so dumb to think she's for real? 'Life has started'–she really has just graduated

No. 4445

Who runs the berry exposed blog?

No. 4446

what is it with chinese wanting and pretending to be japanese tho

and then when you meet someone japanese they're less of a weeb than the weebs who want to be 'japanese' ugh

No. 4447

Isn't Berry Filipino though?

No. 4448

She's not Chinese, she's Filipino. She talks about it from time to time and her Instagram, 'siopao', which is like Filipino bun. She doesn't deny being filo

Rather than being jap she mostly wants to be a real life anime

No. 4449

File: 1435283083129.jpg (60.48 KB, 562x300, 1432771961481.jpg)

tbh they dont look that different to me

No. 4450

Well shit.

Maybe I was in denial with how dark Berry actually is.

No. 4451

Damn, those cheeks don't lie, huh. It's her then lol Awesome

No. 4452

The nose of the girl in the yellow robes is different, the tip has a slight upturn to it, while berry's does not. Girl in the yellow robe also has a longer chin than Berry's. Girl in the robes has a smaller forehead, you can tell because Berry's hairline is higher up and you can clearly see the girl in robes hairline is much closer to her eyebrows.

c'mon guys

No. 4453

Toms river has red gowns
Try again

No. 4454

i think it was confirmed on the website that berry (korinne tigno) graduated from that school this year though?

No. 4455

That's Toms River intermediate east, Berry goes to Toms River North which is gold

No. 4456

But at graduations you're typically seated alphabetically by last name, so wouldn't Tigno be towards the back?

No. 4457

learn to read before saying shit

No. 4458

^^^ that's what I was thinking… Unless they have a shortage of girls with last names ranging from A-S.
It could have something to do with their weird ass seating arrangement.

No. 4459

I know at my school you sat wherever you wanted and you handed someone a card with your name on it right before you walked on stage, that way the principal or whoever could say your name

No. 4460

yes you absolutely can blame her. you can blame her for being a liar. she knows she has fans that are young and (dumb) impressionable, and she has an influence on them.

No. 4461

tbh yeah i kinda agree. I've seen messages sent to her back in her tumblr days saying they're sad that they don't look like her and even wanting to hurt themselves. She always took it lightly. I'm sure there were people who said similar things in twitter too.

No. 4462


That makes her incredibly self-centered and probably a bad person, but let's be honest: if those girls weren't harming themselves trying to emulate Berry, they'd be harming themselves trying to emulate someone else.

I tried to copy people when I was a teenager too, but I was never ill enough to harm myself in the process.

No. 4463

File: 1435339994852.png (85.33 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-06-26-19-11-29…)

No. 4464

Do you really care about those people or do you just want another reason to hate berry?
I remember a lot of people hating kota and they used the "she's setting unrealistic expectations for vulnerable girls" excuse to justify it.

No. 4465

File: 1435340061902.png (290.44 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-06-26-19-31-10…)

No. 4466

lol this is nothing special
she acts as if she's the only person in the whole world who has this feature in their car.
someone sure loves to brag a lot

No. 4467

But no pics of her new car

No. 4468

wow, isn't that almost a common thing? every newer car from like 2007 has it

No. 4469

LOL berry im not rich and my car is like that try better

No. 4470

and did she delete the tweets? kek

No. 4471

why berry acts like she just bought a bugatti?

No. 4472

What the fuck? I've got a bum ass mini cooper and it has a button that looks exactly like this. Girl needs to sit down.

No. 4473

So basically Berry finally learnt what it is like to have cars in this century? keeeek

No. 4474

Lmfao xD berry discover a car for the first time. Such wow!! Such button. Amazing!!!

No. 4475

Shut up

No. 4476

Hello berry

No. 4477

Have you considered that im not berry and just annoyed as shit with all the "xD" and the shitty meme talk on this forum? Its turning into the next pull

No. 4478

Don't be stupid, we won't turn into PULL only because an anon likes being lame, you're overreacting.

No. 4479

Berry if you're going to lie atleast keep it consistent kek

So she basically admitted to not being 20/going to college and is starting college soon and is actually like 17, right? smh what was the point in trying to lie about your age and school life then, Berry. So dumb.

I think she got all those other college information during the school year (like the free coffee or w/e tweets) from her older sister, Michelin.

Didn't she brag before about having a car and driving it? When she was "in new york" (I doubt she actually did or can drive it though).

She acts like this is all new. My parents have cars with this feature since 2011. My parents actually don't think this feature is as cool as Berry makes it to be kek

Definitely not as rich as she claims to be, if she was rich this wouldn't be a surprise or worth posting on twitter…at all.


Prolly actually some hand-me down car/pre own, or her parent treated themselves to a new car. they're prolly just teaching her how to actually drive so she can get to that community college in New Jersey of hers.

I'm waiting for those vague "university" (cough actually CC) tweets when fall sem starts lol

No. 4480

Damn some ppl can't take sarcasm well enough nor these xD o.O :O smiley faces. Sorry if I offended you :P

No. 4481

also why is the main subject of the photo,the button, so low in the picture? kinda looks like she's trying to cover her legs or someone else's leg (by covering someone elses leg maybe she's trying to make it look like she's the one actually in the driver seat)

No. 4482

They way it's angled makes me think she's actually in the passenger seat.

No. 4483

I'm sure she is older than 18 because she took the citizenship test. She probably had to repeat high school that's why she lied about going to college

No. 4484

That's probably her older brother Levin's car. Does anyone still have shots from her previous car trip? Panel looks similar.

No. 4485

File: 1435399017642.jpg (12.99 KB, 218x231, image.jpg)

I am new to the findings of berry and excuse me if the is a ignorant question but how could she be photoshop fake if she looks the Same in her sisters photo does that mean her sister agreed with her behavior and lies but then again why won't berry just shut us all up with a long video of proof of her face I wish someone here had a tom river north yearbook from the past 4 years I wanna see how mush she's changed her self from her current face

No. 4486

File: 1435399201594.gif (461.63 KB, 500x400, 1425979986988.gif)

>acting like this is some sort of new technology
>pretending she has irl friends
good stuff

No. 4487

Don't they have yearbook in libraries or something I check online there none from the past four years online there's got to be someone somewhere that can help do you think any of the people who's self wsteem was ruined could contact catfish technically she isn't who she's saying she is or in the photo and people were hurt by her emotionally

No. 4488

I don't think fake online personas count on catfish do they? Sorry I don't watch MTV

No. 4489

I mean, its possible to turn 18 while you're a senior in HS.

No. 4490

That's essentially what a catfish is, a fake online persona. Looks, personality, and life style all made up to bait someone or multiple people.

No. 4491

her birthday is at august something

No. 4492

meaning she would've been 18 already before going into her senior year.

No. 4493

also she moved to the US the same time as I did,, so her green card is going to expire soon and she had to take the citizenship test since she's a legal adult

No. 4494

even if she is not so much a catfish, what she's doing is pretty much in the same vein as catfishing.
i bet the show would definitely have her on, if there was promise to actually meet her/resolve the issue.
it could be done from the perspective of a fan (like >>4429) as the initiatory party.

No. 4495

what pictures?

No. 4496

I think the anon means that her sister puts up with her shit because she posts pictures with a heavily edited Berry

No. 4497

My best friend puts up with me editing hers and mine pics together as well. From my point of view I look drastically different, but she is usually just "Wow, we look cool here, thanks!".

No. 4498

File: 1435433489863.jpg (67.38 KB, 843x843, 10858418_10203965350681935_113…)

this photo with her sister

No. 4499

File: 1435433613102.jpg (37.46 KB, 500x332, 10380900_10202927981348350_280…)

and this one looks like it could be real what if we're all wrong? can someone do the thing on how to see what edited? because i kinda believe this one

No. 4500

You're extremely gullible.
Both of her eyes are edited so much, compare Berry's eyes to her sisters. Compare them to yours even, eyes don't look like that, even if they were circle lenses.
Plus the second photo, Berry posted herself, of course she is going to edit it.

No. 4501

I still dont understand how does Berry looks so different from her siblings. It's like she's adopted or her mom cheated, seriously.

No. 4502

Why wouldn't her sister put up with her shit ? Its not like Berry denies her use of ps

No. 4503

Grandparents's genes

No. 4504

This photo is still edited

No. 4505

Her sister has to be in on it in some way, like Kiki and Dakota from yesteryears.

No. 4506

File: 1435435855239.png (545.66 KB, 480x536, 2ruis.png)

This photo is probably a better representation of what berry (on the left) looks like in comparison with her siblings

No. 4507

File: 1435435990446.png (341.21 KB, 500x406, tumblr_nmwus9OFq51urk9fvo1_500…)

and if, for someone reason, someone starts to think berry doesn't shop

No. 4508

File: 1435436120031.jpg (51.69 KB, 720x482, 1420213466606.jpg)

and finally, one of the very few completely un photoshopped pics of berry we can be sure of

No. 4509

honestly, I dont think berry is ugly unphotoshopped, just average and a little cute in the right setting. but im tired of people kissing the ground she walks on when she's hardly up to par. there are so many asian girls who are cute and who don't have to try so hard and are completely natural & not full of lies nor arrogant jerks that are so much cuter than her

and for all the berry knight who may stumble upon this and still think berry is goddessu, can i just direct you to neknekmo and vietnamemes on tumblr, and macaronbear on instagram?

No. 4510

these are good examples of normal, actually really cute girls that don't use photoshop. compare them with berry's social media.

notice how they have have candid pictures and videos with friends and going out and having fun–and that it's clear they take the photo, maybe put a filter on it, and then post it straight. different hairstyles and expressions.

now, compare with berry's social media. no friends, most photos very carefully taken, engineered, and edited, very posed, stiff and not candid. same face syndrome and constantly covers 3/4 of her face with hair. tell me there's not something weird about her social media compared to the other girls?

No. 4511

how can anyone think that when every fucking thread about this chick is about her shooping

you PULL tards cannot get over the fact that people may pay her a compliment not knowing she shoops or caring

I seriously don't understand why you care so much about her shoops, are you so hideous that your shoops would look to obvious to fool anyone?

No. 4512

You seem slightly agitated.

No. 4513

just trying to comprehend why these threads exist

No. 4514

A lot of content is about her asshole and arrogant behavior and lying about her whole life, like being super rich, so she can pretend she's superior to others and actively tries to make others feel inadequate about themselves. There's so much more than just about her shoops, so chill

No. 4515

Let's not forget about her going on and on about supposedly studying med and becoming a surgeon and now only just recently realizing how long it would take her to complete a degree lmao despite supposedly being in college. It's just hilarious looking at her inconsistant lies

No. 4516

File: 1435445272255.jpg (51.5 KB, 401x604, e9ujvoVleZA.jpg)

She has Photoshop her sis tho ? so maybe she doesn't care what she does

(look at them fake digital eyes)

No. 4517

that moment when your unphotoshopped sister is prettier than you

No. 4518

The extent to which Berry whitens their skin and eyes is hilarious!

No. 4519

The fucking sweaters hiding her ham hands

No. 4520


looking at her sis's neck, i guess that's the shade of skin they both have. that huge shade difference omg

No. 4521

Comparing >>4516 to >>4506 you can see that their noses are straight, and that the curve she shooped in is so dramatically different than how it actually looks

No. 4522

It's rarely spoken about though. How many times are the same comments about the same old shoops are we going to have to sift through to talk about the ways in which she hurts others or is a massive cunt? Not trying to say what is cow material, but the content of threads has gone down the shitter ever since morons with nothing else to say besides "omfg she made herself a cup size bigger and says its all natural, that lying bitch!! :c"

No. 4523

Just look at her hair.

No. 4524

Wait, why are you guys talking about her photoshopped pictures again? Haven't we discussed about this way back? xD

No. 4525


Please go back to pull.

No. 4526


Why did you include me? I just asked a question. Lol. Whatever man.

No. 4527

File: 1435470365811.jpg (132.64 KB, 640x719, image.jpg)

Ok honestly , if you are celebrating your anniversary why would your boyfriend make an essay about how ppl are jealous of them lmao ?
and instead write about their love live TOGETHER and not what ppl think about them
im laughing
it looks fake as fuck omg
Like why not post a pic of them video chatting together on skype which is more beliavable instead of this fake text ….smh

No. 4528

File: 1435470419735.jpg (100.85 KB, 750x965, image.jpg)

is it just me or does it seem like she's implying that she's living with her bf

No. 4529

File: 1435470565389.jpg (131.19 KB, 750x1064, image.jpg)

her followers are eating this shit up as usual

No. 4530

no, it's spoken about almost all the time? id say evenly with her photoshop now, and ive been following this thread for a while. the last few days have been about her rip off doodles and begging for money despite claiming to be rich, making it obvious she just graduated from hs, etc. it's like you haven't even read the threads tbh

photoshop came up again because >>4499 questioned if we were all wrong about her ps-ing and if she was actually legit

No. 4531

I LEGIT thought that was a screenshot from one of those badly made anime dating games and that she was making fun of it omfg didn't know it was from her bf HAHA

No. 4532

it feels like she's implying, yeah, that he came into the bathroom and surprised her.

but we all know that they, if he is still around, are a long distance couple.

if they were actually ever together in person berry would milk it for all it's worth.

but there has never been a picture of them in the same room with their faces showing

No. 4533

agreed. the part about people because envious about them is SO WEIRD. and that was the first thing she mentioned.

and yeah that's true, how come we never see text chats between her and him? she always types it out like:

bf: omg you're bootyfll

me: omg i knoooo

instead of screenshotting. maybe they're on the phone soemtimes but if they're long distance they primarily communicate through messengers so she could easy screenshot

No. 4534

Magen I first came across Berry on tumblr years ago, I legitimately thought Ouji was her husband. Like, she made it seem like they were already married but didn't live together at the time, for whatever reason.

It's very strange now to find out that not only is she younger than me, but that Ouji is jut some long distance boyfriend from a long time ago that she probably isn't even wih anymore.
It's also interesting to see her get her first car and finally, to see she isn't nearly as skinny or pretty as she makes herself out to be.

How strange.

No. 4535

*Wow, when

No. 4536

i laughed at the bottom reply tweet

No. 4537

because she's clearly edited.

No. 4538

File: 1435481328371.gif (445.43 KB, 250x188, 5547d016e563efed54df97bc6018e6…)

give me a fucking break. i can't imagine anything more pathetic then her writing this to herself posing as her imaginary bf. i'm so embarrassed for her. we somehow managed to make people jealous? how romantic~

No. 4539

I agree. Following her Twitter for a while it's always been her trying to rub in how perfect her relationship is but shows no real proof whatsoever. If anything people only say "wow I'm so jealous!" To pat her ass because they have no choice since she's the one shoving her oh so perfect relationship to that person's face like >>3748
And >>3749

No. 4540

This is some foreveralone shit.

No. 4541

File: 1435486435996.jpg (284.13 KB, 1280x1440, image.jpg)

fixed it~ uwu

No. 4542

Lmaooo nice xD

No. 4543

I can't decide if this is funny or just sad.
Either way, she's very dumb and immature to think this sounds remotely believable.

No. 4544

Someone bring back her cheesy poem I can't find it

No. 4545

File: 1435494520998.jpg (93.65 KB, 587x780, image.jpg)

No. 4546

File: 1435496440122.gif (1.57 MB, 640x324, 1373630365447.gif)

just like in my animus

No. 4547

>BF was awake for more than a day making me an anniversary gift

better you try to cover your lies better Berry. I found the original background of her bf "surprise" lol
The original artist's profile: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=3162829

The characters are probably from a game. I play tons of visual novels and shit and the pose and art is similar.

And for a "beautiful surprise" it sure has a really bad quality, I mean why does it says "1 Like" below the text? Where did you copy that Burry? kek

No. 4548

File: 1435524696893.png (456.44 KB, 600x800, lies.png)

forgot to attach image

No. 4549

File: 1435524795224.jpg (763.4 KB, 1838x1300, 41522017_p0.jpg)

And I'm also attaching the original image (s)he stole

No. 4550


No. 4551

Someone on twitter please ask her why does it says one like ???

No. 4552

his drawing are pretty cool why he didnt draw her something?? lol

No. 4553

I'd be so depressed if I was with someone for five years and never have met them

No. 4554

Oh, when I first saw it I just thought it was a tumblr post thing she screenshotted to show off. I didn't know that this pile of shit was her surprise. FIVE YEARS AND ALL YOU GET ARE A BUNCH OF XD FACES?

I'd be pissed.

No. 4555

Because they probably aren't together anymore and burry is the bf now lmao

No. 4556

This charming poem, like a shining comet,
All who read it projectile vomit.

No. 4557

So her boyfriend "stayed up" more than a day to make that? lul cute

No. 4558

and even copied an image in the process >>4547

No. 4559

>it's because you're every guy's dream girl
>implying all guys have yellow fevers and want a lying poor bitch as their gf

No. 4560

Done. Now we wait.

No. 4561

I also noticed that her "bf" didn't tweet anything

No. 4562

File: 1435538456093.png (207.74 KB, 832x795, Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 8.39…)

She's saying it's because it's on fb but do the likes really show up there?

No. 4563

You can easily tap the screen to make all that bull go away (the desc, like button etc)
So idgi.

No. 4564

File: 1435538741099.jpg (74.71 KB, 602x1024, IMG_20150628_204412.jpg)

If this is how the pics appeared on Facebook, she still had a lot of room for it not to be there.

No. 4565

Meanwhile I emailed the artist regarding the use of his art without permission lol

No. 4566

>implying she follows their Facebooks

No. 4567

Ugh forgot to add, Berry ignored the 2nd question.

No. 4568

The day i see her skyping with her boyfriend and it looks like it is a recent pic of them
That's when I'll believe its true … meanwhile i call this bull shit….
And isn't it nice how she made a collage out of the stuff "he" said on his fb to brag about it on twitter ? and why not just send it directly to her instead of trynna let everyone know of their shit

im so jealous of their romance <3

No. 4569

> You circled the likes lol
On twitter when you asked her about the pic, did you link the image of the circled likes? Or did you just mention "Why does it say 1 like"

bc if all you did was mention "why does it say one like" without adding the image of where it was circled in red, then she definitely reads this forum

No. 4570

Whoops sorry didn't notice that you DID send her a picture circled in red over the 1 like

: ( man thought we had definitive proof that she reads the forum

No. 4571


Okay these posts made me laugh so hard, but these two really got the cake omfg. Some of you guys really love making up your own stories sometimes..

@BillyTheSustanto is a friend of mine I've known for a while and he met Berry like a couple months ago through me lmao (I'm @berrykissu on Twitter..)

How the fuck did you come to the conclusion that she's trying to make it seem like that's her bae? LMAO .. they aren't even good friends..

I just find it hilarious that my good friend Billy got dragged into this stupid crap when he just likes to be friendly with people he follows lmao.. Seriously goes to show some of you just pull stories out of your ass without any facts.

No. 4572

Ok, whatever you say, Berry.

No. 4573

for once it actually wasn't berry and one of her twitter friends

No. 4574

I like how you didn't even check my twitter and just called me Berry. I gave you the name and everything lmao.

No. 4575

is "berrykissu" not berry? lmfao wtf berry is right there in the name.. (not korinne berry but berry berry)>>4574

No. 4576



No. 4577

does your name mean you kissu berrys ass cause it seems fitting

No. 4578

he was mentioned 5000 years ago, no one even talks about him anymore and i doubt people here have thought about him since that one instance. some people thought she was referring to him as 'bae' due to the connection of these two posts.


why is one of berry's twitter friends even on her lolcow thread lmao.

No. 4579

because korinne lurks this thread and cries to her friends about it

No. 4580

omg im dead lmao

No. 4581



No. 4582

This is just a distraction so we can stop talking of her fake relationship/anniversary

No. 4583

Actually I've been using this tag name before I knew Berry, but nice try at coming up with a dumb insult a 12 year old would make up. :)

I found this thread while looking up pastelcutie before and thought it was funny how so many people dedicate their lives to saving every tweet and pic Berry posts to try and identify her "real identity".

I guess while you guys say she has no life just sitting at home playing games, you guys also have no life trying to depict the life of a girl you don't know on the internet.

No. 4584

yet here you are, posting on this thread, reading it, lol. seems kind of suss of you. regardless of what you say this thread will carry on, so save yourself some time. in fact, you have simply added more lol power to this thread, and continued posting here shall only have the same effect.

No. 4585

bye felicia

No. 4586

maybe we can have q&a time

hey how come berry's apparently rich enough to buy cartier bracelets and refers to herself as a rich kid but she begs her followers to send her money for her doodles

No. 4587

>I found this thread while looking up pastelcutie before

Lolcow does not pop up if you Google her name. I'm sure Berry just whined to you and others about it and you decided to lurk. Hell, you probably white knighted her before but now decided to stupidly reveal yourself.

>I guess while you guys say she has no life just sitting at home playing games

If she's sitting on her ass all day eating junk and playing video games, then she has no life.

>you guys also have no life trying to depict the life of a girl you don't know on the internet.

It doesn't take long to post and there is thing called multitasking.

No. 4588

File: 1435546304629.gif (1.64 MB, 352x217, pls.gif)

No. 4589

>I guess while you guys say she has no life just sitting at home playing games, you guys also have no life trying to depict the life of a girl you don't know on the internet.
Yeah, because you, different from us, know all about the anons itt and how about we actually are ~obsessed~ with her.
You're almost as contradictory as Berry herself. Go lick her vag more.

No. 4590

I don't get white knights like you. Do you think by coming in here and saying we have no lives that it will make us see the error of our ways, beg forgiveness and then delete this thread?

Like, whats the fucking point? Are you that thirsty for Berry's shitty asshole that you'd really plunge your face that deep into it?

No. 4591

WAIT GUYS maybe she can explain berry's hypocrisy, perhaps were all idiots that just misunderstood her


does having 'the meat' make you more of a woman or nah cuz we were getting mixed signals

No. 4592


She is digging her own grave

No. 4593


Lookup "pastelcutie drama" and it will be the 1st or 2nd link. Keep pulling shit out of your ass some more.

Also, I don't care if you multitask? If you have to even bother to take even a bit of time just to hate on someone each day, then you should really do something more productive with your life.


By that post I discovered, it just goes to show that probably more than 50% of what you guys post are just made up bullshit. And you guys try to act as if every assumption you come up with is true? Ok..

I don't actually know Berry in real life, so I can't say for sure what she says or does is true or false, but what you guys are doing are just as bad. Coming to this post, I never even once said something that Berry said was true, and you guys just jump to the insults on me. Lol dumbasses.

No. 4594


You guys are just making yourself look even more dumb. Dig your own grave.

No. 4595

Someone just get her IP to see how many posts she's REALLY made.

No. 4596

daebak hahaha

No. 4597

If you care so much about what a bunch of random people are doing with their spare time, why aren't you doing something worthwhile yourself, far from that site?
If you want to keep posting here, lurk moar and stop embarrassing yourself with your useless rebuttals.

No. 4598

berrykissu more like berrykisser

she is berrys bf lel

No. 4599

If anything you guys are the ones embarrassing yourselves lol.

Why should I be embarrassed about some anons who probably wouldn't even give their twitter/fb tag?? Because without the little anon name hiding you, you wouldn't say shit.

No. 4600

File: 1435548662209.png (337.87 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-06-29-05-27-45…)

so berry isn't studying at uni but school uh ?

No. 4601


>Lookup "pastelcutie drama" and it will be the 1st or 2nd link. Keep pulling shit out of your ass some more.

>Keep pulling shit out of your ass some more.

I searched before making my post, that's how I know you lied. Just be honest, Berry told you and came in to white knight because that.

>I don't actually know Berry in real life, so I can't say for sure what she says or does is true or false,

That's real pitiful. You took the time to read all these post showing her dishonesty, and still decided to defend and on top of that you don't even know her irl. Damn, you really are an ass kisser.

No. 4602

You should be embarrassed because you're willing to kiss some catfish's ass even though you've seen evidence she's lying to you and everyone else.

No. 4603

Well, you were looking for Pastel Cutie's drama so I guess you wanted to say some shit about her kkk u r not a better person even if you come to this thread to white knight her.
Althought, I know u weren't looking for Pastel, Berry linked you this thread. Tell her to stop hiding her non photoshopped face under a hoodie and tell her to face the world with her natural self. Maybe people stops saying shit about her. I guess you don't know how she is because she sold her fake persona to you and you believe her hahaha so sad. Maybe you think she will buy you Cartier.. well…she won't

No. 4604

Holy shit, that's some shit-tier argument. Search kiwifarms, PULL, gurugossip, every single one with registration, and no one stops talking shit about people who deserves it just because they have some shitty ass persona.
I wish I could ask admin-sama if this type of behavior is bannable, it's obviously trolling/whiteknighting.

No. 4605

Did you just reply to my post without reading..? Do I really need to make a step-by-step video because you can't search two simple words??


Since you guys are so experienced in stalking peoples posts, you can just do that with me and see if I've talked shit about anyone anywhere on the internet. I'm sure you will be disappointed. :)

It's funny how a lot of you guys just automatically assume things without having any sort of backup.

So you're basically saying since person A, B, C, and D does it, it's okay for you to do it too. Nice logic you have there.

No. 4606

>Tell her to stop hiding her non photoshopped face under a hoodie and tell her to face the world with her natural self. Maybe people stops saying shit about her.

And tell her to stop pretending being what she is not. No matter how many followers she has she will never have a friend and that's sad lol

No. 4607


>Why should I be embarrassed about some anons who probably wouldn't even give their twitter/fb tag?? Because without the little anon name hiding you, you wouldn't say shit.

Mmmm earlier someone tweeted her from here asking her about her bf post , didnt you see those tweets ? (maybe she sent you here because of that)
also we constantly say stuff to her regarding behavior /ps but she blocks us ?
Hell she even blocked someone just bcz they fav a tweet someone else said about her.

No. 4608

And the proof that Berry herself is watching this is that she just tweeted something like "My girl is on fire" and now deleted only to write her generic "idgaf" tweet lmao

No. 4609

And let's not forget her reply to that twitter exposing her "why are you leaking my private info?" which means people discovered her shit

No. 4610

it's funny cause her friend is just looking stupid af acting like she knows korinne herself when she doesn't know shit

No. 4611

File: 1435549679118.jpg (24.96 KB, 640x247, image.jpg)

I love this

No. 4612

You're not even quoting right.
Leave already.

No. 4613


It's funny because none of you know Berry either and acting like you know shit. I feel like none of you ever think before you post.

No. 4614

We don't know Berry but we aren't blind as you to follow her ass without questioning the shit she does and that is what makes us different from you

If she wasn't such a liar maybe people would like her more idk lol

No. 4615

Michelle, you are really stupid for defending someone you don't know. And for what? Asspats? Berry's friendship? Lol, why can't she just post here herself, be the adult she claims she is?

Oh, I know, she's chicken shit without an audience :'(

No. 4616

My favorite is still the lie about living in New York because I'm sure you as her friend probably exchanged letters with her and those didnt go to new york

No. 4617

You don't know Berry and you don't know shit either and you're posting on a site full of people who are "unproductive with their lives" (ever heard of free time? You already admitted you don't know what multitasking is). Speaks volumes about about you, hun.

You're just like the people you're arguing with.

No. 4618

File: 1435550345218.gif (930.95 KB, 300x226, tumblr_inline_nl15dgUCdv1t4igw…)

No. 4619

berrykisser pls take your :) smiley and stop embarrassing yourself

a nobody says we should "focus" on ourselves meanwhile she is doing nothing but kissing asses/playing games all day and night long…what?

No. 4620

>>129021i agree if its all true why not post a youtube video explaining and negating the lies even if Michelle wasn't sent by berry we know that people do coem here on her behalf i wonder if any of them have asked her to just post video proof instead of just sending in her "friends" to do the arguing for her. she could come here and calmly answer our questions truthfully i'm sure the thread would end but since her method is to block the ones who question and send in the ones that don't she's always going to be a negative topic.

No. 4621


sorry i messed up >_<

No. 4622

she cant do that she's a walking lie kek

No. 4623


even still how can it be easier to lie to this extent than calmly explain, i for one would be impressed. im sure its the fear of losing followers but if she's going to really be a "doctor" she won't have much time for them anyway she should just come clean and the people who stick with her after the lies are the ones who will stay. also i'm in the process of contacting Catfish on this matter, so >>4599
if you want to warn her you can.

No. 4624

Fuck off, you already said that you don't even know Berry IRL. Just because the cunt replies to you on Twitter sometimes doesn't mean you suddenly know shit about her.

No. 4625

File: 1435551706331.png (429.8 KB, 587x467, lmao.PNG)

I'm just gonna leave this here….

No. 4626

Wow, she's really thirsty for some attention from her ~senpai~.
Also dat forehead.

No. 4627

File: 1435552014544.gif (1.86 MB, 500x384, hellnah.gif)

No. 4628

don't be rude about her appearance i know that she's kissing major ass but dont turn this into her looks and shit this is about Korinne not Michelle

No. 4629

I second this. If we do this then it shows how stupid this thread is, it makes everything we've done look childish and worthless.

No. 4630

The saddest thing is that 90% of people sitting here discussing Berry are her ex-fans. Some of them even used to be her hardcore fans (like me) who grew up and became aware of her bullshit and hypocrisy. I am sure her younger fans will soon realize the same thing and maybe even this Berrykissu girl. Actually, if I was her friend, I would have hold onto her and whiteknight her just as much, because she is famous and I could get as much as 60% of that fame.
All her fame is mostly coming from her "soedgydesu" attitude and little kids out there love it, because they feel like "this is the adult life - having a fuckton of money, doing whatever I want all day and acting like a ignorant stupid brat". I bet if she acted like a reasonable, nice person (or had a sweet, humble attitude) she wouldn't be half as famous.

No. 4631

i agree the stuff we have done may seem like we have no life but atleast its not only one of us posting it all day, where as berry posts lies all day. the thing that confuses me the most is how her parents and brother don't wonder why she's always on the internet but doesn't have a personal account it's like her family don't care about her except her sister. i wonder if they know or treat her different becuase of it

No. 4632

if you feel that way start a separate thread once again this is about Korrinne's lies not Michelle's blind following

No. 4633

You're over reacting. Some people call Uni, school.

No. 4634

You're right. This post was fucking stupid, sorry.

No. 4635

I don't get it. She just spent her time on replying to anons. Isn't she using her time unproductively? Lol um okay gurl

No. 4636

Michelle, I'm sure you're a much better girl than berry and you're just being nice by trying to defend a "friend" but pls gtfo with your tunnel vision.

No. 4637

Funny how Berrykissu / kissu berrys ass is here upon searching pastel cutie. When you search up a bloggers name it most likely means you wanted info on them.

I bet berrykissu has posted on here before or at the least enjoyed some of the posts and agreed with them. Gurl, don't ignore the fact berry photoshops from hell and back, her huge oppais are not that huge as she claims and her rich kid stories are all too ridiculous to be true.

You probably, more than likely, don't know berry as much as you think tbh where is your proof she is what she says to be? have you met her, seen her, been to her "large and rich desu" house (that never seems to match up to each other)?

You're really no better than us, probably better than berry kek, but don't act like you are better than us.

We all know you want to kiss berrys ass because she's popular. Don't even try to say you didn't want to be berrys friend because she was popular and "pretty" with the shoops. If berry wasn't as popular / didn't shoop to look "kawaii", you wouldn't even look twice at her.

Like someone said >>4630
most of us if not all were ex fans of hers. I was one.

No. 4638


>I found this thread while looking up pastelcutie

(((Sorry if I'm repeating what anyone said I just skimmed through)))

1,) You're using pastel cutie as a way to hide the fact you actually were looking up "ichigoflavor" or "berry tsukasa". Whatever it is, there is no doubt you were curious about her or berry.

2.) Even if you did look up pastel cutie, you must have read A LOT t get to this thread. You took some damn time out of your life to lurk, friend, you are no different.

3.) Berrykissu in this thread is actually berry and berry is using her as sabotage kek

4.) berrykissu just wants to kiss ass so berry could get her more followers because lets be real, 99% of the people that talk to berry wants a chunk of her e-fame and followers/to be noticed on the internet.

No. 4639

File: 1435554497272.gif (892.57 KB, 500x375, fist-pump.gif)

No. 4640

>I found this thread while looking up pastelcutie before
key word: "before"

so basically berrykissu has been lurking the berry threads for a while (pastel cutie didn't even appear in this thread until now) and didn't say anything until the billy dude became relevant lol

>and thought it was funny how so many people dedicate their lives to saving every tweet and pic Berry posts to try and identify her "real identity".

Buuuut you've been lurking. So you think all of this was interesting and you much have enjoyed it if you stayed for this long LOL.

No. 4641

Dat blur tho

No. 4642

berry taught her some stuff

No. 4643

File: 1435555245571.png (37.06 KB, 779x144, Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 1.17…)

what does she mean by this?

No. 4644

really guys? if you gonna shit talk her start a separate thread don't you think berry send people here to get the focus off her?

No. 4645

that she lets people cheat because she "sooooooooo" smart

No. 4646

she means she's letting people who aren't as superior or smart as her to off her because she is supa smurt 115% GPA.

No. 4647

*cheat off her test

No. 4648

File: 1435555518247.gif (473.34 KB, 500x273, tumblr_inline_mqgax7PCxB1qz4rg…)

No. 4649

Lmao yes, she was looking up drama to begin with, idk what her problem is.

She came here to defend Berry, and then got btfo. Attached herself to the board with her twitter and now everyone knows she's a brainless lackey who can't even defend herself or others properly.

Come off it, it's still on the topic of Berry, seeing as she's her diehard whiteknight. Not only that, but she put herself on this board. How would one not talk about her? It doesn't warrant her own thread; she's nobody.

No. 4650

^^^^ berry to her followers "friends"

No. 4651

is anyone going to do the thing where you can see whats edited ? i really like to know plaese sorry for my engilsh

No. 4652

aren't students usually spaced out far enough so that it'd be difficult to look at someone else's test?

No. 4653

but usually college uses scantron ? so you don't really have to flip it

No. 4654

this one >>4499

No. 4655


What is this from? It's killing me.

No. 4656

i have no idea i found it on tumblr years ago

No. 4657

what happened to that anon that said they were going to contact the principal or something

No. 4658

Yeah, they do. Also, you can usually leave when you're done depending how the lesson plan is going for the week. Flipping your test over sounds like a middle school/high school thing.

No. 4659

Depends on the class.. stuff like math and sciences classes usually uses scan tron, if it is multiple choice.

History/Social Sciences classes usually are an essay + short answer in a little test booklet.

I usually have a project or a research paper as a final in the few English classes I took.

The only class where I've had a test that someone could look over and read the answers from has been my language classes. But my teacher asked us to hand it in as soon as we were done and then had an oral exam?

Other anons may have had different experiences. But >>4658
has it right: for most classes, you can just leave after the test. (Unless it's just a short quiz, but still.)

Berry is fucking stupid..

No. 4660

i got my email back from Catfish and they cannot do an episode because I was not personally affected by her to an extreme extent so if any one was please contact them. or in a romantic relationship. which bring me to this thought what if when/if her and Ouji broke up she faked him to prevent getting catfished and exposed faking her lover to prevent the questions that a normal relationship would permit

No. 4661

Every single class I've had in Uni the professors always make different versions of the test. That way if you're dumb enough to look off of someone else's answer sheet it's obvious you're cheating since you get every question wrong.

Also you leave once you're finished with the test. Unless its like a small quiz thing you're doing during the class.

Either way Berry is dumb and doesn't know how to college

No. 4662

Dai Mahou Touge

No. 4663

so more evidence that berry has only graduated high school this year

No. 4664

this involved more creativity than berry's fake bf letter.

No. 4665

Wow, that was great lmao I dont even know what she hoped to accomplish whiteknighting–she doesn't know berry in real life and all she's shown is that she's kissing berry's ass so hard she's drowning in her shit

one of my favorite parts (besides having it be obvious she lurks lolcow LOL hypocrite) is that she didn't respond to these:

because even she can't explain berry's asshole-ness. hell, even berry can't defend herself over obvious asshole-ness. all she can do is be 3dgy and say 'haters be jealous'

college scantrons are made to have really small circles, and anyone next to you should have a different text so if she was actually in college she'd know it's pointless

if she really wants to prove us wrong about a lot of things, it'd be so easy to post proof but she can't about anything so.

No. 4666

It's funny how I say something like: "I don't know her personally, so I don't know whether what she says is true or false"

All of you go bat shit crazy at the sentence "I don't know her personally" without reading the rest of it and say I'm trying to prove her wrong, lol??

I pretty much said I don't know if she is wrong or right, being neutral. Unlike you guys who say she is wrong, but have little to no proof to prove anything because you guys don't know her personally either. Hypocrisy.

No. 4667

My god, you're still here? Give us some info on Berry or get the fuck out, seriously. Nobody here wants to listen to the loud sound of you slurping Berry's ass.

No. 4668

berry kiss ass why are you still LURKING lol do u want attention that bad

Are you being neutral because you want to keep kissing berry's ass and you know she lurks here too since you've been on the threads for a while it seems

>Unlike you guys who say she is wrong, but have little to no proof to prove anything because you guys don't know her personally either. Hypocrisy.

Do you have proof she is right? if you're neutral then why are you defending her and beating around the bush kek

not all of us instantly think she is wrong fyi but you have to agree some of the shit berry says is skeptical and must have tickled your interest. you must have thought so if you have been lurking for a while. Again, you're no better than us, you searched pastel cutie drama because you wanted the drama details because you're intrigued by "drama" and so here you are!

>Lookup "pastelcutie drama" and it will be the 1st or 2nd link. Keep pulling shit out of your ass some more.

Go back to kissing berrys ass because you want that chunk of efame, to be noticed by someone "popular" and or have a piece of her followers.


No. 4669

File: 1435596069545.png (16.15 KB, 418x157, such perfect so animu.png)

just found out pastel cuties best friend honeybeartea follows berrykissu lol awks


berry bragging about how perfect her life is again. that braggart attitude is incredible and her followers eat it up, no wonder berry has such an ego. but i can't tell if berry has become delusional because of her own lies

No. 4670

She's been delusional about her e-fame since the start. She catered to the weebs to get more attention and they kept feeding her ego

No. 4671

File: 1435600777795.gif (4.31 MB, 425x233, u6d7BLn.gif)

No. 4672

File: 1435600967622.jpg (2.37 KB, 125x90, eheheh.jpg)


Bravo, berry. Bravo. Don't you remember some of us can tell?

No. 4673

Don't try to cover your ass now. If you meant you were neutral you would have said it in the first place, not to mention you're french kissing Berry's ass.

No. 4674

File: 1435608406057.png (20.71 KB, 608x126, blockeveryonethen.PNG)


Point proven,she reads our forum.

No. 4675

it's funny because we actually have a lot of proof if you read this thread and the previous ones. we even have her real address to prove she's not rich like she says so you're irrelevant bye felicia

No. 4676

time for a new thread, my phone won't even load this shit!

No. 4677

Its a fucking image board not a forum.
Fuck this newfag wave.

No. 4678

Time for you to upgrade.

No. 4679

after all this i'm still waiting for her proof videos lol

No. 4680

The best part is that if everything berry said was true berry could prove us wrong so easily. But they're not, so she can't.

If someone who's so much closer to her says, "I don't know if she is wrong or right", pretty much shows she's full of shit.

you still can not answer why she's begging her followers for money in exchange for what she calls 'simple doodles' when she says she's a rich kid. you can't answer why she pretends to be ~*~*girl power*~*~ but then goes ahead and says shitty things about other girls.

No. 4681

try to take her 'kawaii crown' (drown your face in circle lens, make up, and photoshop) and see her send her weeb followers on your ass (which we witnessed with amikoto). then you'll regret ever trying to stand up for her ass

if she's nice to you it's because she doesn't think you're a threat since it's so obvious you kiss her ass.

she probably thinks she's, or at least likes to act like, she's cuter, smarter, and more popular than you are. if you ever got more followers than her she'd give you up so fast

No. 4682

No. 4683


She obviously doesn't have a job and maybe she wants her own money for a change? There could be a list of reasons. And she's not forcing people to buy her doodles.
They choose to on their own free will and use their own money. Why not yell at the buyers instead if you care so much about it?
Anyways, what's it to you if someone else wants to use their own money to buy her doodles? Maybe they like it? Maybe they just feel like it?

You just sound really bitter about it for no reason. The way she makes money doesn't effect how you live your life so I don't understand why you have to care so much.

It just shows how most of you are so obsessed with her that even though you dislike her, you still follow her and probably even sub to her tweets and Facebook posts so you get insta alerts just to find more reasons to spew hate. And for what? As some sort of hobby? I think some of you need to take your hate and see a therapist, because this sort of obsession sounds more like a mental issue than anything.

No. 4684

the fuck? where the fuck is your image bitch?

go look up the definition of a web thread you fucking moron

No. 4685

lol berry is the one that should see a therapist, she's a compulsive liar and you are caught in her bullshit

No. 4686

File: 1435616678298.png (43.79 KB, 500x215, tumblr_nn7zxjIL8U1urk9fvo1_500…)

>my private info

No. 4687

File: 1435617333438.png (63.86 KB, 777x258, Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 6.34…)

Don't most cars do this? Why is she acting like it's a special feature?

No. 4688

is she an idiot oh wait she is

No. 4689


Berry setting a new record for herself smh.

No. 4690

I don't care how she makes her money. I'm asking why she needs to beg for money if she's a rich girl who can buy her sister an iphone 6 and purchase 4k cartier bracelets. Oh wait, right, you don't know because you don't even know if she's telling the truth.

You called us hypocrites before, right? How about this?


Is this not a hypocrite? Honestly I'm only on this forum because drama and bullshit is fun to read (which you obviously know since you looked up pastelbat drama)

But you getting all riled up and trying to watch you defend berry is hilarious, especially since you can't because berry's swimming in so much bullshit you don't even know if it's true or not.

No. 4691


why you are still here pls gtfo

No. 4692

but she adds more lol with her trainwreck of white knighting. and now we know even berry's seemingly close friends know as little as we know haha

No. 4693

If she's rich like she says she is, then she wouldn't have begging people to buy her "drawings". She should have more than enough money to buy what she wants without having to go to those lengths. Of course you wouldn't realize this because you head is shoved up Berry's ass and you want praise from her by white knighting, terribly, mind you.

No. 4694

Piss off PULLtards

No. 4695

But she brags about her credit cards in the same breath. She doesn't know whether she wants to be poor or rich, or whether to play both to fit her current situation.

Lol people only care because she's charging obscene amounts of money for shit she says takes her seconds to make. $4 for a digital doodle that lacks details? Really? You can't see the rip off?

Lmao don't confuse ridicule with obsession or 'hate'.

Whether she knows it or not, she's just furthering the thread. We'll be on to the next one quite soon, and she'll be added too.

We're milking the both of them at this point and they're too dense to realize it.

No. 4696

File: 1435618846397.jpg (73.96 KB, 949x685, fffd.JPG)

If she's SO SHORT AND KAWAII, why the fuck are her feet so fucking big?

No. 4697

you live up to your username

No. 4698

File: 1435619144554.jpg (187.74 KB, 720x498, 1431481301297.jpg)

and fat af

No. 4699

those shoes look so cheap

No. 4700

when she gets added to the next thread lets make sure we emphasize the fact that despite being a closer friend she couldn't even say what was true or false (yet proceeded to blindly white knight her anyway)

key quotes:
"I don't actually know Berry in real life, so I can't say for sure what she says or does is true or false"

"I never even once said something that Berry said was true"

No. 4701

File: 1435619644454.jpg (43.51 KB, 341x604, MFdI2l03PRQ.jpg)

Because she doesn't seem to know her own shoe size and wears shoes that are too big

No. 4702

dat ankle:/

No. 4703

probably cheap taobao shoes

No. 4704

her ankle is huge

No. 4705

Why are there so many layers it's summer

No. 4706

This photo was taken end of April according to VK

No. 4707

File: 1435624423018.jpg (36.38 KB, 600x434, ndgsvE5NHTI.jpg)

found this on VK and wow she looks big

No. 4708

No. 4709

shut up fatty-chan

No. 4710

Why she doesn't pull an Anzujaamu and at least try to lose weight?

and berry will tweet about how skinny she is after all these fatty talk

No. 4711

File: 1435628245071.png (82.44 KB, 776x268, Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.36…)

perfect timing berry

No. 4712

File: 1435628261158.png (108.12 KB, 779x494, Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.36…)

No. 4713

This is gold kek

No. 4714

TR anon. Attended a graduation for HS North (best friends lil brother). No Tigno.

No. 4715


i'll try to take photos of the program, i just have to find where i put it

No. 4716

tbh it's true…
"Get good grades!! Why u have no life??"

No. 4717

Was it the North one she went to? I thought it was like East or West or some shit.

No. 4718

That's strange because she and her sister are on the alumni list for north and there's no way there can be another set of siblings in the nj area with the same exact names lol. But do the programs normally list all the graduates? I can't remember, it's been 2+ years since i graduated from hs


No. 4719

>oh snap alumni list of highschoolers

What happened to Doctor Weeb

No. 4720

don't know about every high school but most have the option to not walk at grad.

Too many chances of having unshoopednpictures taken or she just doesn't care to go and it may not be a big desl for her parents to see them walk,could be why her or her sister did not appear

No. 4721

Don't forget she didn't go to prom!!!

No. 4722

No. 4723

File: 1435649674298.gif (967.67 KB, 250x135, tumblr_inline_naqzhz2GGa1sjyps…)

you guys….. maybe shes a dropout. i would explain why no one has seen her out much or remember her maybe she got fat and dropped out

No. 4724

Lucky… At ours, if you don't (want to) walk, you don't get your diploma.

Why has no one tweeted her about this?

No. 4725

Wait, why are there so many Tigno's?

No. 4726

eh, it's not that difficult to do both and hold a part-time job.

No. 4727

It's probably a common last name from wherever she's from in the Philippines, and wherever she went school probably had a larger concentration on Filipino students. Sorta like Jones.

No. 4728

Her name is on the list twice though, but it wouldn't be uncommon for one more person to have her name either. Korrine ain't special. I guess the one we should look at is the one that said 'Class of 2015'

Oh And maybe since she didn't go, they didn't call her name, or write her name in any booklet they had for the program.
This is on my opinion, but I feel bad really. She may not feel this way now, But not go to the prom or graduation because you want to keep up a lie is sad. It's okay if she didn't want to go period, but if it was to keep up this lie that she was already out HS, I kinda feel bad.
My cousin felt that way as she stayed in her books only, no parties, no prom, same for college. Nothing. Now she told my mom she regrets not enjoying her time because she'll never get her school years back.

No. 4729

Isn't it weird though that all the Tignos are some variation of "Michelle" and "Korinne"?

Michelin, Michelle, Michellin, Korraine, Korinne, Korrine?

I'll give you that Tigno may be a common last name, but does everyone with the last name Tigno name their daughters some form of Michelle or Korinne? I think that's unlikely

I browsed around more and saw things like:
Class of 1984 Jefff Campbell
Class of 1984 Jeff Campbell
Class of 1985 Dawn Claus Claus
Class of 1985 Dawn Claus

So I'm guessing the website has an automated service that updates it, and sometimes it doesn't know how to spell a name so it lists different variations of the name multiple times.

No. 4730

Same anon as: >>4729

Yup, I'm 99% sure those are all Michelin and Korinne, and the system just didn't know how to spell their names (Unless you want to tell me there were two Jeffs in the same class and one of them was named Jefff with 3 f's lol)

The website is not great at spelling sometimes, and sometimes does not automatically upload all the students so they have to do it themselves, however I'm pretty sure the website gets the graduating year right.

The Student Council President of '15 is named here:

and here she is on the '15 Alumni list:

No. 4731

I was kind of thinking the same thing. Maybe she ended up pulling and Kaka and Koots and dropped out and got homeschooled. And then played it off as college~

No. 4732

Definitely cheap tabobao shoes. Seen them before.
She does know her shoe size. Her fatass feet are way too broad for a smaller size (i mean, just look at the stumpy thing, the ankle is basically non-existent)

No. 4733


them cankles

No. 4734


her face looks sort of grey. that happens when you put really pale foundation or bb cream over dark skin.

No. 4735

thanks for making me feel like shit guys

what would be the rough estimate of Berry's weight, guys? i'm 55kg and i've got a bad case of cankles & my legs look like that so… is 55kg that bad? holy shit this website is making me wanna go ana

No. 4736

Lol go cry yourself a fucking river and throw a pity path while you're at it, you retard

No. 4737

Don't base your opinion on Lolcow, saying that someone is fat and ugly is the chan's equivalent of calling someone a niggerfaggot.

No. 4738

File: 1435694654899.gif (493.37 KB, 361x214, 676.gif)

Fucking hell no one gives a shit. This is a Berry thread, stop trying to make it about you.

No. 4739

nobody asked you anything

No. 4740

Isn't her family Filipino? I dated a haffu and the entire Filipino side of the family was overweight and generally mediocre in their schooling and accomplishments. Only my ex and his dad had even finished college.