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File: 1421472033163.jpg (39.17 KB, 526x526, 10628068_287889438080895_44090…)

No. 40746

Former Australian /cgl/ lolcow that used to shitpost all over the board with her ugly weeaboo boyfriend Cockburn.
Suspected admin of the former original /cgl/ offshoot forum Maxfaggotry until admin got butthurt and baleeted.
Currently residing in Japan trying to score modelling jobs after shitting all over Dakota and claiming she'd never want to be a model.
Got caught samefagging on Staminarose and calling herself gorgeous, tried to get Cockburn to take the blame.
Got caught lying about her samefaggotry on PULL and was exiled.
Eternally jealous of and actively attempts to imitate Dakota.
Tried to start up a failed Youtube series with Cockburn (Travelling with the Takanos) until she dumped him for Asian dick.
Likely browses lolcow.

PULL thread:

https://www.facebook.com/nyaneow (abandoned)





Cockburns Facebook:



No. 40748

File: 1421472120511.jpg (98.43 KB, 962x619, 10628068_287889438080895_44090…)

No. 40764

Every time I see that nose I cringe.

No. 40765

I can't get over how much shit she talked about Dakota, only to aspire to do EXACTLY what she is doing.

No. 40768

Have some vintage flan

> flan !!P04JfnDjBNz Mon May 28 18:24:18 2012 No.5888194

Quoted by: >>5888228 >>5888371
I think my favourite part of this whole Dakota situation is that Japan is so lost on how to handle the whole photoshop situation.
It looks like Vogue's ad used 'real' Dakota, and Nemuro shooped to 'online' Dakota. Everyone's shoot is always going to be different regardless of what model someone uses, however in Dakota's case she's just become two different people pretty much. Unless Bravo demands everyone to shoop her the same, she's never going to be consistent even a bit.
I wonder if this will cause some sort of shitstorm between the editors and companies that have done the shoots.

No. 40769

>flan !!P04JfnDjBNz Mon May 28 03:54:18 2012 No.5886060
>I guess they don't realise that shooping her how she would(from how it looks on my phone at least) just makes them look silly. Respect lost.

>flan !!P04JfnDjBNz Mon Mar 4 13:46:19 2013 No.6668608

>Quoted by: >>6668611 >>6668615 >>6668630
>Uh….um. Awkward.


>Dude, that's from a shoop thread. Not a 'I think I look pretty here' thread or a 'I'm modeling for something serious' thread. It's just awkward when people try and post an overshooped horror because they're convinced it's proof of something.


>Which is why I'm not hoping for much at all and I stated that. I love gyaru style, among a few others, and would love to try shoots with it for fun since I'll be over there. My main job in Japan has already been sorted and it's far from modeling, lol. I did not go there to model and did not consider it once until I saw something online yesterday.

>(though I suppose as we've seen with Dakota, it's all based on who you can trick with what you submit. Maybe I should start shooping to hell and back.)

>Not sure anyone else is online in this thread so I won't reply to the rest.

>sage for derailment

No. 40770

File: 1421476418375.jpg (2.08 MB, 1200x1800, 1338976781213.jpg)

No. 40771

File: 1421476697596.png (28.61 KB, 1903x292, yesthatsflan.png)

I bothered to do some old searches. Hadn't heard about her in years. Must not be too famous, even if she's living there.

No. 40773

File: 1421476854745.jpg (1.49 MB, 1920x2560, 1345591228488.jpg)

No. 40776

File: 1421477030244.jpg (1.5 MB, 1920x2560, 1345603925884.jpg)

Tripfagging makes you so easily searchable on the internet.

No. 40783

File: 1421477647088.jpg (72.09 KB, 640x480, 1352072946945.jpg)

No. 40784

File: 1421477880081.jpg (69.05 KB, 480x720, 1352428823489.jpg)

No. 40786

File: 1421477972581.png (4.85 KB, 442x93, datsflan.png)

No. 40790

To be fair, she looks pretty cute here.

No. 40798

Shes got insame manface.

No. 40818

Oh shit, I remember her from cgl

Is she still shitposting on the internet and cam-whoring for fame?

No. 40853

File: 1421502012398.jpg (767.79 KB, 1844x2300, 9kgcclc.jpg)

No. 40854

File: 1421502147027.jpg (34.92 KB, 300x300, 1349314862752.jpg)

No. 40855

No. 40860

Hahaha that's awesome

No. 40972

Oh fuck this bitch.

No. 40988

Who has the worst nose? Flan or Orange?

No. 40989

man i think flan's is like 1,000 times bigger. they both have hideous huge turds hanging off their faces tho

No. 40990

this is really hard to decide since i haven't seen either of them irl/candid, maybe flan. in some photos of orange her nose looks cute/okay, but it could be due to shooping and lighting. flan's nose only looks okay in these 2 pics >>40784 >>40783 due to lighting softening it. her nose looks really long and thin in these pics >>40773 >>40776 and i hate long, thin noses. i'd rather have a potato for a nose than an ugly, long thin one tbh. you can contour a potato nose to look better, speaking from experience, it's harder to soften a really sharp nose.

No. 41051

and fail so badly.

No. 41055

File: 1421582683203.jpg (49.43 KB, 640x960, fiqymzu.jpg)

Flan. Orange's nose is potato-shaped and too big for her face but is otherwise inoffensive, whereas Flan's nose makes me feel uncomfortable whenever I see it. It's like she's constantly fucking the air in front of her with her enormous dicknose. It must be even worse in 3D.

No. 41081


Here is an epic thread of old time drama. Enjoy.

No. 41086

I remember this girl having epic beef with spoony which made me feel sorry for her because she never really retaliated.
Her and Cockburn were literally in every thread she posted in shit talking her and posting shooped pictures of her.

No. 41095

Oh my God, another Dakota wannabe. At least she doesn't copy Kota's style but… really? She wants to model in Japan? Living there doesn't mean she's gonna get jobs. Man, PULL is full of Dakota wannabes that want to go to Japan and that think they're going to make the nation fall in love with them. That's why I prefer lolcocw, we may be betches but at least I haven't seen many people trying to fake an opinion about this type of girl. And some users on PULL think that's a fansite or something xd Like the girl who asked how Dakota does her lips because she wants the same shape. Anyway, does this girl study or work? Or have a spouse visa?

No. 41098

why do so many australian women ive seen look like… that? its sort of like when you can tell when someones british

No. 41104

She did actually get a couple of modelling jobs, as much as it pains me to admit.

No. 41106

File: 1421607206125.jpg (838.57 KB, 1464x1980, cscdasd.jpg)


>at least she doesn't copy Kota's style

She totally tried to.


She got two to my knowledge, but nothing ever came of it and Flan never published any finished shots probably because they never got used/were published.

No. 41107

wtf really? I prefer to hire Dakota than Flan LOL And when I mean Kota is the un-shopped Kota. At least she has a good side profile, a little witchy but anyways good, her nose is cute.

No. 41109

Oh I didn't see these pictures so.. I retract

No. 41110

The lighting in the first photo is so good but the shoop and the jumpsuit is horrible, it looks like a 18 century pajama.

No. 41111

lmao I remember her shitty diet advices on /cgl/

>I binge on lettuce and it works for me, so you should too!!

No. 41113

Jesus fucking Christ, if she can find modeling jobs in Japan, then everyone can.

No. 41114


Not as worse as her shitty hair advice.

>"I bleached my hair from dark brown to blonde with box bleach and the condition is fine!"

>proceeds to post image of fried, crispy mullet

No. 41115

That's what I was thinking right now

No. 41116

File: 1421608327343.jpg (488.29 KB, 1020x1536, BuGVvcHCIAMeZO_.jpg)

Goddamn she is ugly, she actually looks like a homely, ageing Australian housewife.

If I woke up looking like her I would legit kill myself.

No. 41117

she looks 39
How old is she?

No. 41118


23 or 24.

No. 41119

Why does she look so tired

No. 41121

File: 1421609754105.jpg (266.67 KB, 1172x817, fdgdf.jpg)

Holy shit this is golden, look at this.

Two tweets trying to shit post Dakota to random Japanese folk:

No. 41122

File: 1421609781590.jpg (89.43 KB, 587x725, sdasda.jpg)


Then she gets her bangs cut to look exactly like Dakota's bangs.

No. 41124



No. 41125

File: 1421609898219.jpg (104.59 KB, 636x743, fsadsad.jpg)


THEN she announces she's dying her hair the same colour as Dakotas.

The text reads:

>Tomorrow I am changing my hair to this colour.

>I am worried about the damage this brown/blonde colour may cause.
>(although this is an image of Dakota without Photoshop LOL)

No. 41126

File: 1421610167029.jpg (31.58 KB, 600x450, BQec25VCQAEHHRa.jpg)

No. 41127

File: 1421610339265.jpg (121.45 KB, 1024x1365, BPX8I2LCUAAQFJs.jpg)


>tried soft gyaru makeup

>#soft #gyaru

No. 41128

whe I look at her face I only see her nose

No. 41129


No. 41131

Eugh she is fucking hideous. Not even plain, but truly fucking hideous.

No. 41134


>I just think you're low level in society, you're being babysitted by the government

Er hello Flan, who do you think paid for that double degree? And then you flew off to Japan to avoid paying it back.

God she is such a cunt.

No. 41138

Slightly off topic but it does annoy me that people brought up Spoony getting housing benefit in that thread. If you're on housing benefit you never see any of that money, it gets paid directly to your landlord. It's notorious for being late and for being short, which is why landlords are very reluctant to have to deal with it, and the ones who are are shit. That and jobseekers is like £70 a week, which is fucking nothing, especially when you have to spend so much of it to meet the criteria to claim it.

No. 41140


Speaking of whatever happened to spoony? Is she still on /cgl/?

No. 41145

If she is she doesn't trip anymore, thankfully. I always personally had a soft spot for her but she definitely needed to not trip/namefag.

No. 41148

She doesn't trip anymore since she always gets banned because of her fight with Moot but she is still posting at /cgl/ frequently, last post I saw myself was like 3 weeks ago and about her ears again.

No. 41152

Is the topless in that photo with the suspenders? Very classy. Maybe she can try gravure.

No. 41153


I never noticed that before.

No. 41157

honestly flan is the type of person that i wish would enter an abusive relationship, just to be taken down a few pegs

shes as objectively hideous as you can get w/o being fat (which is fine in itself, but for her to be such a cunt and think anyone should really give a shit about her life? ew)

No. 41161


That's good. I always kind of had a soft spot for her too, and despite all the hate she got I never actually saw her being mean or hateful, and she actually gave me some really good advice once when I used to follow her on her Tumblr before she baleeted.

No. 41170

File: 1421623099812.jpg (31.11 KB, 480x640, Be1mNNnCAAApwkA.jpg)

Christ that mismatched brow pencil.

No. 41186

Girl needs to bring them brows in the center more. Its not doing her nose any favours.

No. 41190

Eyebrows are cousins not sisters
Do you even brow
Mismatched is not the problem here

No. 41191

I don't even think it is her nose that is that bad. Her lips are incredibly small/thin, so this makes her nose look 10x worse.

No. 41199


It's not that they're mismatched that's the problem, I mean the color of the pencil, it's far too light.

And anyway, eyebrows are supposed to appear symmetrical. Maybe not naturally but if you want to increase your attractiveness than typically symmetrical is key.

No. 41221

I posted this on SR, but I'll never forgive Flan for making me defend Spoony. Flan thought she'd get positive attention if she'd jump on the bandwagon and tell spoony to stfu. But it got out of hand and she landed up berated the poor girl every chance she got. Just massively attacking spoony for no fucking reason.

Flan is really fucking haggard. Horse face, bags under her eyes, terrible skin, shitty shapeless body, HUGE NOSE, and limp dick hair.


The only attractive feature of Flan is her eye shape.

No. 41222

I remember Flan bragging about her weight and handing out diet advice on /cgl/ but honestly her body is pretty gross.

Sure she's thin, but being thin doesn't really require any work other than not stuffing yourself like a hog.
She's completely shapeless, devoid of any hips, waist or boobs, and to make it worse, she doesn't have any muscle tone either.

She's just…. a skin sack.

No. 41227

File: 1421637559324.jpg (276.63 KB, 1024x1365, dsadsa.jpg)

I tried to make her pretty.

No. 41234

i agree, even though i still personally hate the shape. her nose would probably look better if it worked with her features. big noses can look gorgeous if the person has the right features for it, frances bean cobain is a great example of this. i think she should get her nose sized down, rounded, and maybe shortened a little. and if she shortens it, she should plump up her lips a bit. or get it done like the >>41227 shooped it

she actually looks cute in that pic, great job anon!

No. 41240

File: 1421640519977.jpg (25.36 KB, 300x400, original.jpg)

are you smoking something? Frances Bean has a perfect nose. It does not look big at all.

No. 41241

File: 1421640706709.jpg (63.34 KB, 576x450, frances-bean-cobain9.jpg)

I can see some shots that may be considered "big nosed" by some people, but holy shit, that is nowhere near bad. She is beautiful and I hope she never turns out like her mother.

No. 41243

File: 1421640825701.jpg (57.42 KB, 586x433, kurt_cobain_frances_bean_side_…)

tl;dr she has her dad's nose.

No. 41247

i didn't mean it was an ugly nose, i think she's gorgeous and has a perfect nose too! but think of it this way, if her nose was on the average woman with smaller/softer features, it would look massive and out of place. imagine venusangelic with her nose, it isn't a good look. frances's nose balances perfectly with the rest of her features. and even when frances was younger her nose really didn't fit on her face since she had thin lips and a small mouth.

i apologize for going ot

No. 41249

Frances is a horrible person. I have this on "good authority". Her boyfriend's a fucking dickhead too.


No. 41252

what more do you expect from someone who's courtney love's daughter and has only really had her as a role model? i adore courtney, but i will admit she can be a shitty person, especially with her going on about how much kurt hated dave and krist and stuff like that.

No. 41262

She'd make a hot guy, but come on. We know that most people only call her "beautiful" because of who she's related to. If she were some random girl she'd be fugly and man-faced.

No. 41263

She almost looks like unedited Mila, the kooter clone.

No. 41269

i personally don't think that's the case, tbh when i was a hardcore nirvana fan, i thought frances was kinda unattractive. she was a little chub, had a nose very similar to courtney's old potato nose, small mouth/thin lips, and a large chin. and it wasn't just me who thought that too, i've seen many other nirvana fans at the time talk about how fat and ugly she was. which was why she has tried her hardest to stay out of the public eye for so long.

she looks much better after getting her lips done (and maybe other things done) and weight loss.

pssssssh, anca wishes she was frances. i'm really surprised she hasn't tried copying frances.

No. 41273

File: 1421649973788.jpg (16.16 KB, 259x351, image.jpg)

A different story without photoshop, filters and controlled angles.

No. 41275

File: 1421650890166.jpg (18.74 KB, 307x413, 392656_156441597851471_6189798…)

she's beaaaaautiful

No. 41276

File: 1421650926000.jpg (25.73 KB, 214x330, frances.jpg)

you literally just used the worst picture you can find of her. anyone's going to look like shit if you take a picture like that of them. if you want to prove something about someone's looks, you should at least provide a good picture of their regular face.

No. 41278

>provide a good picture of their regular face
What? Pictures of them from at least 5 years ago and heavily made up?

No. 41280

>heavily made up
she barely has any eye makeup on in most of these and is just wearing lipstick. it still doesn't alter her facial features in any way whatsoever. you're acting as if she's in full on drag makeup

No. 41283

tbh, i really don't get why you're so offended that people think frances is the complete opposite of ugly

No. 41284

File: 1421651767380.jpg (55.13 KB, 640x960, 10009279_279761235520903_19634…)

Nothing offends me. It's laughable how she thinks she's the best thing to be spat out of a womb. Equally amusing a bunch of teeny Nirvanatards think so too.

No. 41285

okay, but no one was saying she was the most beautiful person on the planet. tbh i really don't see why you care but whatever floats ur boat man

No. 41290

>tbh i really don't see why you care
this is lolcow aaaand she is up there with the best

/end of franny

No. 41309

Can we get back to flan?

No. 41311

Yeah from the side, but from the front it's all Courtney. Genetics are kind of a funny little bitch. You don't just get your mothers nose or your fathers eyes. You get "aspects" if that makes sense.

And anyways, you just said she has a man nose so I suppose you're not too wrong.

No. 41312

why do you say shes a horrible person? whatd she do?

shes still unattractive but the angles/contrast really make her look a fuckload lot better

No. 41324

of all the lolcows i've come across on /cgl/, she was the worst. i mean, i hated spoony too, but fran was the absolute worst attention whore i have ever seen. she would constantly get caught promoting herself posting her images under anon (as if anyone knew who she was) posing as some fan and then hold conversations with herself thanking the anon and playing modest, it was nuts to behold. she'd do the same thing with other tripfags she created, saying it was her boyfriend and claim they were sitting right next to each other, so then why have conversations on /cgl/? it was so obnoxious but hilarious every time she got caught which was invariable since she was so bad at it. the best part was when she got busted on staminarose pulling her usual shit and then blamed everything on her boyfriend, acting all oblivious as if she wouldn't notice him posting on her computer. she would never admit it despite ample proof every single time she pulled these stunts, she would just push the goal post further and further. she's hilarious. i never thought she was that ugly, but her personality was top notch garbage. and damn she has bags for days under her eyes.

No. 41326

Love the brows !

No. 41328

I think the other anon was talking bout franny.

No. 41362

Can we get a farmhand in here to curb this Frances Bean discussion?
Take it to another thread guys, nobody cares.

No. 41378

wait is that about frances or flan? im so confused

did frances go on cgl??? why would she? does she cosplay? so confused

No. 41379

And y'all are continuing the conversation. It had already ended. Shut it.

Anyways, after spoopy admitted to be pime on PULL she left. I kind of had more respect for her. Not sure what she's doing now, though. Don't really care. Flan, as far as I know, is still being a hypocrite.

No. 41380

Lel *spoony

No. 41388

why cant you talk about the flan/spoony shit too? this isnt hindering your conversation about spoony/flan - it's happening alongside it

just as you said, no one cares enough to make an actual thread. quit being a bitch

No. 41393

Then why do you care about the cobain conversation?

No. 41431

i do care, but no one else is going to care enough to keep up a whole thread about it

No. 41448

you could make a celebrity gossip thread on b or something. i don't really care for frances since even though she is beautiful and seems pretty cool, she really has no reason to be famous and doesn't do anything other than occasionally call out celebrities on twitter. though i am a massive courtney love/hole fan.

No. 41472

nah man don't care THAT much. just wanted to know the beef that specific anon had w her

No. 41474

i'm a little curious too. the only thing frances has done to my knowledge is call out on lana del rey for saying she wanted to die young and call out one of the jenner girls for complaining about how much their lives suck. i know she can be a little bitchy to fans of her parents but i can't blame her, she has been stalked and harrassed by them her entire life. i remember a bunch of nirvana/hole youtube channels used to somehow become her fb friends/twitter followers and leak out all of her private pictures in slideshows on yt.

No. 41477

didnt realise she did that to del rey. that's pretty cool. sick of the whole 'fragile flower here! im so hot but im so sad idc i wanna dieeeeeeee' gimmick that lana rides on. dealing w nirvana crazies must be hell, not like she already hasnt had it hard enough w clove as a mom (courtney is still a cool bitch tho)

but tbh isnt she just doing an edgier jenner schtick??? as shes lost lbs and gotten the injections she seems to be riding on the goffick attentionwhore train, imho

No. 41486

yeah, i think lana said that she wishes that she was dead and frances said that it's not cool bc she will never get to know her father bc he wanted to kill himself. i think lana fans went off on her bc during argument on frances's looks, i went on her twitter and didn't see it anymore. the only tweet left was one clarifying she has no animosity towards lana.

i don't really think frances is an attention whore tbh, looking at her twitter feed all it was is music she likes and sometimes random tweets about her life/to her friends. i think after a while, she just quit making her social media private and under fake names bc nirvana fans were incredibly persistent about being her friends/followers. i think if she was an attention whore, she'd start a music career like kelly osbourne did or something like that and she would've been happy to hear some guy got her face tattooed on him.

it's really insane to me how nirvana fans are with her. i don't think any other children of big musicians/celebrities that chose to be out of the public eye get stalked this bad, at least to my knowledge. like i'd say sublime has a similar popularity to nirvana to a lesser extent, many people i know think sublime should get the attention nirvana has, but no one stalks bradley nowell's son.

No. 41499


Holy fucking shit stop.
Nobody cares.
Make your own fucking thread.

No. 41510

if you really want the thread to be about flan, why don't you contribute something instead of complaining? because it truly seems like there's literally nothing else to contribute to the thread about her other than rehashing old drama and discussing her ugly nose/face

No. 41588


I have been contributing and just because nothing has come in for 1 whole day doesn't mean you get to wreck it with your inane, irellevant bullshit.

No. 41590

you're an idiot.

this isn't exactly oxford university press. all of this shit is inane.

No. 41614

This is probably old news to you guys, but I've never heard of flan and just saw the PULL thread about her that said she bulled some girl because if her teeth lmao, before when I had looked at the pictures on this thread all I could think about where how crooked her teeth were and how she has that shy smile that insecure people have.

No. 41637

oops, my bad. i was talking about flan.

No. 41676

File: 1421773711153.jpg (98.13 KB, 480x640, tumblr_n92wczMgOe1qep7kio1_500…)

The person she bullied has really, really fucking bad teeth though. Pic related.

Not that it excuses Flan for being a cunt, but they really are on completely different levels.

No. 41680

Those teeth are adorable ! (from what I can see in that picture)

No. 41685

Just wait til you see without all that shoop

No. 41686

who is? i think she's cute, but she looks like cotton candy haha

No. 41687

Ah nevermind, elizabunnii. I didn't see the name

No. 41688

File: 1421775225095.jpg (1006.34 KB, 3360x1280, 1400856862514.jpg)


Her teeth are cute though, like a little rabbits.


Princess Amai / Elizabunnii


She used to post on /cgl/ underaged and was kind of awkward/skinny fat but it looks like she's matured now and she's got a pretty cute style now.

Flan used to tear into her regularly because they both auditioned for the /cgl/ aidoru competition but Flan submitted her entry too late and was locked out.
After Amai ended up winning she ripped her to shreds.

No. 41690

Aren't teeth like that considered cute in Japan anyway? Because it's supposed to look ~youthful or w/e? I'm curious to see what she looks like with no shoop though.

No. 41691

I must be in the minority then because they make me irrationally angry. I want to hit her in the face when I see them.

No. 41693

File: 1421775570214.jpg (40.27 KB, 570x321, 1362528747937.jpg)


No, you're thinking of yaeba. They're a bit different, like wonky fangs.

No. 41695

File: 1421775808905.jpg (337.42 KB, 533x800, tumblr_mnfifgmku01rfwi4ko1_128…)

This is what she used to look like when Flan bullied her, when she was a bit chunkier and didn't really know what she was doing style wise.

No. 41704

File: 1421777285306.jpg (909.09 KB, 1280x852, unshooped.jpg)

Here's a picture from a meetup
I'm not sure about that. She entered the idol competition in 2012, and she said that she was in high school but that was almost 2 years ago, so she would've graduated in 2010? So i'm guessing if she graduated at 17-18, she would be of age to post on cgl.

No. 41705

Wow, she genuinely looks like a completely different person.

I dunno, when you take away all the pastel filters, shoop and angles I always think the girls that do this sort of thing must look quite strange and awkward in real life. Like, I actually do think it can look nice and cute in photos, but if I ever saw one walking down the street with their wigs and little girl clothes they'd probably just look odd. Can anyone pull this look off IRL? Do they actually leave the house dressed like that apart from for con's? I always imagine they just dress up for tumblr.

No. 41707

And just to clarify, I'm talking about the Dakota-esque (sorry, I don't know the proper term for it) look in her previous photos, not lolita.

No. 41708


When she was posting to /cgl/ I remember her admitting to be underaged and I actually think she was temporarily banned for it hence why she vanished.

No. 41709


I know for sure that she doesn't look exactly like her photos, but I don't think she looks like this any more considering it was taken a few years ago.

When I was in my teens I was so ugly. I was dumpy with lank hair and poor skin and I didn't know the first thing about dressing myself or makeup.

Now I'm 23 you really wouldn't recognise me from my old photos. Weight loss, taking care of yourself, your hair and learning the correct styles + makeup can do an AMAZING amount to change your appearance.

No. 41710

Oh, oops my mistake

No. 41712

i personally dress in cutesy/girly jfashion, himekaji gyaru to be exact(which is the style dakota wore), i also do the makeup and the lenses too. i wear it almost all the time, unless i'm being lazy or in a setting where it'd be inappropriate. no one really bats a lash at me unless i'm really ott and/or they don't wear makeup and aren't fashionable. but i live in a predominantly asian area and a good amount of girls dress cutesy/girly here. i think it really depends on the age of the girls doing it, the girls i see and myself are 18+. i definitely can't see anyone in highschool dressing that way irl since they would be torn to shreds. i know i started going crazy with fashion the second i started being home schooled.

No. 41718

We finish high school at 16 in the UK. She was well under-age.

No. 42052

Heh, I find it funny cause her chin in the left doesn't match her chin in the left in the unshooped pics.

No. 42237

Huh, was there ever a winner for that stupid "idol contest"? The whole thing always seemed shady and creepy, yet was quite well received on cgl.

As for Flan– She should grow her hair out more. Long hair would suit her face shape nicely.

No. 42243

Yeah, it was Elizabunnii

No. 61660

Sorry for reviving this old thread. But does anyone have any more photos of her other than the ones posted here? I googled all her names and nothing came up.

I used to see her shitting on Dakota like 2 years ago on PULL. The fact that she actively hated on her, all while trying to become a copycat of her is fucking hilarious.

This reminds me of a time when a freelicer's photo was exposed, and she looked like a fat Felice wannabe.

No. 61677

there's a pattern, people who frantically obsess over others in every way because they actually want to be that way kinda. I used to have flans fb but I guess she deleted most people

No. 75094

She constantly shitposts on r9k now.

No. 75099

I hated this bitch… but I'm kinda jelly she landed a job in nippon

No. 75101

What happened with her and moot? I briefly remember this but I never really cared for spoony drama.

This. She just looks like a frail older lady. No youth to her/her face/her body.

No. 75140


The story differs depending on whose side you're on.

I see people saying different things, but the thread is recorded in the archive and basically what happened was after some people who thought /cgl/ was getting out of control with the drama contacted moot, and then shortly after moot came to /cgl/ and put into place new extremely strict mods and enforced a blanket ban on drama completely.
A lot of people were pissed and there was a general sense of malcontent amongst users as it was common knowledge that moot was neglectful of /cgl/, even admitting himself that he'd forgotten the board existed.

Decent treads were getting deleted entirely if even a sniff of drama was mentioned, any PT discussion now merited a lengthy ban and threads that were previously allowed i.e. lolita secrets/seagull humour threads were now no longer permitted and could get you a ban for creating them.

After months of heavy complaints a single discussion thread was permitted and people voiced their unhappiness in regards to how strict and devoid of humour /cgl/ had become, with others praising the new move as it allowed them to discuss cosplay and lolita in a peaceful, uninterrupted manner (hence why present day /cgl/ is a hive for SJW's).

Spoony had always been a drama mongerer and was in the thread voicing her own complaints and then moot entered the thread. Immediately some users began sucking up to him, but spoony attacked him, laughed at moot and mocked him for his project canv.as having failed and saying that the only reason he'd suddenly increased his presence on 4chan was due to the failure of canvas.

Moot told spoony that he wasn't even going to bother banning her because she was already "here forever", and then 5 minutes later banned her anyway.

Some people say spoony was just being a little bitch as usual and got btfo by moot. Personally I got a chuckle out of seeing moot raise to her bait since we all know he's an SJW-pandering cuck who sold 4chan out.

No. 75146

No. 75158

File: 1428112318600.png (52.6 KB, 1266x580, 1361909411735.png)

No. 75160

File: 1428112400653.jpg (293.68 KB, 1600x878, 1355101811374.jpg)

"IT'S MY WEBSITE I CAN DO WHAT I LIKE" was always moot's preferred method of dealing with this.

No. 75171

Oh yeah. I remember this. Man it was a really long time ago.

No. 75174

cgl went to shit one we couldn't really discuss anything without getting deleted or banned. I still pop in every now and again, but cgl is no where near as bad as /a/ now.

No. 75370

What was it with Flan and Spoony anyway?

No. 75381

lol, i don't care about spoony but moot is obviously butthurt here

No. 75383


Flan came in at a period where hating on spoony was the "in thing" at the time because to be fair her presence in virtually every thread was pretty irritating.

People started trying to pit them against each other as a joke, saying stuff like "spoony is probably mad jelly of flan's body" or "flan wishes she had spoony's curves". As far as I know flan got paranoid and began accusing spoony of making all the comments off trip.
Pretty soon she started popping up in every thread where spoony was mentioned (see. every thread) to insult her and roped her boyfriend into attacking her too. It got pretty vicious on her end and after some particularly nasty commentary from flan she gained the ire of a lot of /cgl/'s regulars.

I think flan thought by attacking spoony she could win popularity but she only succeeded in getting peopel to sympathise with spoony as the lesser of the two evils.

No. 75384


>4chan has always had rules, as has /cgl/

>sad you can't get away with breaking them any longer? Tough shit?

Fucking kek am I them only one that remembers the single rule /cgl/ used to have which was "dramu all the time"?

No. 76759


No, that was literally the only rule for /cgl/.

No. 76761

File: 1428371830960.jpg (84.29 KB, 800x600, pug_.jpg)

>those eyebags

I know that feel.

No. 76766

M-me too, anon.

No. 92529

File: 1430594865869.gif (578.73 KB, 268x268, 1430380310483.gif)

No. 92542

Really? 26 days.

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