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File: 1481275029467.png (714.49 KB, 797x446, YOOOOOOOOO.png)

No. 210979

Dakota was recently part of a video/ segment about a mobile app game in Japan, where her final form was revealed to us.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dakotakoti
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koti.rose/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dakotakoti
Line blog: http://lineblog.me/dakotakoti/
Ameblo (seems to be inactive, hasn't been updated in a while): http://ameblo.jp/dakotakoti/
Personal site: http://dakotarose.com/
BRAVO Models profile: http://www.bravomodels.net/detail/?mid=677
Tumblr (inactive): http://kotakoti.tumblr.com/

No. 210980

No. 210981

If any farmers that read Japanese to see if there are any funny comments about Dacota, that would be amazing.

No. 210982

File: 1481275143103.png (1.79 MB, 1927x729, gurl.png)

Previous Thread


No. 210983

File: 1481275202909.jpg (159.92 KB, 1095x593, 1481271130034.jpg)

No. 210984

Wow she looks like a greasy witch kkkk how old osshe supposedly cause she looks hagged af

No. 210985

Replying to this comment from old thread, but yes. Around the time this girl debuted in Japan and started getting popular is around the time Koots started doing her bizarre alien shoops (small head, bare makeup, weird overdrawn lips). Pretty sure this girl is also the reason she got extensions and removed her fringe. Its amazing that Dakota tries so hard to emulate this little girl, but her and Kiki both spazz out about Taylor R. copying Dakota.

No. 210993

looks like Sindy Pop's sightly prettier sister

No. 211011

Wow she looks so bad and not healthy at all.. this is embarrassing to look at because the videos look cheap af and they don't even show her that much,even that fucking girl Pikarin is ugly as hell makes me wanna punch her in the face has more time on camera lmao

No. 211020

wtf, what is her face?! That Japanese girl is ugly, but they're playing it for laughs (I guess). Dakota's face is just a joke.

No. 211024

File: 1481282454178.png (2.22 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2016-12-09-12-19-15…)


Lol margo and saxy are more living doll than this bint

No. 211027

File: 1481282607207.png (2.4 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2016-12-09-12-18-28…)

Actually beaing next to someone actually cute like the pikarin girl makes dakota's ugliness all the more pronounced. To see this hobgoblin next to real people.

No. 211029

File: 1481282789463.png (2.12 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2016-12-09-12-18-08…)

Did anyone else notice how she kepts touching her hair and face? It's very self concious and makes her look unprofessional. She needs to take pointers from pikarin. Needs to be in character instead of a selfconcious hired actress.

I can see why her career is failing. She has the personality of a cardboard box and the looks of one too kek

No. 211030

Wow they put no effort into that first pic ! I mean yeah she's pretty fugly but they could have touched up the light a bit or taken a pic where she's not frowning.

The fuck is she looking so pissed and grumpy for here ? She says stuff like "you're annoying" to Pikarin and looks just done, then propose a lame bet (colour the dude's hair pink ? Like he will do that wtf what's the point in making a stupid bet like this about another person on top of that ?)

Is this sullen and apathetic personnality acceptable in Japan ? Geeeez …

And she could have taken a fucking shower, her hair's greasy and her extension's showing. Dako has officially stopped caring. Get yourself a therapist girl !

No. 211031

I completely agree. It sucks for koots hard, kristina actually is a beautiful child and really looks like that. She took the spotlight away for naturally looking cute and barbie like. Dakota needs to find other avenues to be popular in, and change to a mature style already, or at least make her shoops less like deformed babies.

No. 211032

Oh god, her hair, it's so thin and looks like it's perpetually greasy. Does she have Thyroid issues?

No. 211033

File: 1481282970841.png (1.82 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2016-12-09-12-15-32…)

I think the hair colouring part was scripted. They probably thought it would get more of a buzz this way.

No. 211037

That would honestly be fucked up tho if it were true lol. Kota would take the fall and it wouldn't benefit her at all. Or it may just be a jab at her who knows. Anyone who looks her up after seeing her in video will just see the stark contrast

No. 211039

You do realise this is an ad? It's obviously scripted.

>someone actually cute like the pikarin girl
Please get your eyesight checked. They're both ugly af.

No. 211055

File: 1481287225962.jpg (299.43 KB, 1132x1132, IMG_1483.JPG)

I can't

No. 211072

File: 1481292770935.png (477.16 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3109.PNG)

Asking again from the old thread. I wanna see Dakota's manager call her a lazy ass.

No. 211073

>using Dakota in your ad
>expecting professionalism or good ratings
>expecting a cute model

I feel so bad for whoever gets talked into hiring her or hires her sight unseen. She probably works dirt cheap to get jobs like this.

No. 211075

That would explain why she's broke. She hasn't had any nails for like a month.

No. 211079

File: 1481294167034.gif (431.73 KB, 688x496, 9867574.gif)


Holy shit so greasy looking… Damn girl, couldn't you've showered first before attending an event.

Bringing this back because its funny and she looks like Gullum even more in this video.. Hot damn.

No. 211082

This lighting, the angles and I guess her health are the worst I have ever seen of her! Pikarin is a little gremlin but nowhere as harsh looking as Dakota is here. Poor girl is looking like Eric Stolz in Mask.

No. 211083

Holy fucking shit, Pikarin is annoying as hell. She's constantly screaming. I know it's part of her gimmick or whatever, but jesus.

No. 211099

God she looks rough. And I used to think she was weirdly cute in her TV appearances. Girl needs to drop that fugly lipstick and do something with her hair. Does she seriously think this looks good or has she lost her damn mind?

No. 211102

Why does she do this to herself? The fact that she edits so much means she knows, on some level, that she doesn't look good.
People have been saying this since forever, but why can't she just go back to her old 2011 Tumblr style of makeup/hair/shooping that got her to where she is in the first place? She's trying too hard to pander to what she thinks is "popular", and it just looks fugly because she's not a 9 year old Eastern European child model or a Japanese schoolgirl.

No. 211112

I think maybe her health isn't so grey. She only eats candy, pasta, rice and fried veggies and doesn't exercise, smokes, she used to drink so maybe she still does, and she claims she never sleeps or works out. She probably looks like such a greasy fat ball of shit becsuse she is. But because she's not obese (yet)! And pretends to be cute on IG nobody calls her on it. They just keep aski why she looks so bad.

No. 211122

>tfw the ugly chick is more likeable and has more personality than the (supposedly) pretty girl in that video

No. 211125


she really needs to rethink her current make up style, it just doesn't fit her face and don't even start with this hair. Everything is just so awful damn

No. 211141

pikarin is ugly but in a cute, endearing way because of her personality & style. dakota is just ugly & boring inside and out kek

No. 211167

It was def scripted. He does dye it at the end of the second part, even though Dakota lost two rounds and won the third.

No. 211168

LMAO i forgot she actually posted a picture from this! doubt she'll say anything else about it now that the videos are out

No. 211171

Holy terrible lighting batman. It's like they went out of their way to make her look hit as fuck with direct overhead fluorescent lighting. If her agency doesn't blacklist the shit out of whomever produced this I'd walk.

Dako looks like she needs hair extensions to thicken things out, a little less product in the fringe, and to dial back the eyebrows and cupids bow.

No. 211182

Its kind of funny that she used to be pretty popular on TV, and now she's stuck doing low-budget web-episodes promoting a mobile app.

No. 211185

all i see is the increased chin

No. 211194

yup, this. in certain shots i feel like it's obvious that this could be salvaged if the lighting weren't absolute garbage.

lol i thought she was adorable but i couldn't figure out why

No. 211200

I had some faith in kooters but after seeing this…. goddamn she's just so ugly.
She needs to get some bangs back to cover that caveman forehead

No. 211205

Was Kota's bitchy character also scripted? She was arrogant but tbh this seems too natural.

As for the other girl, she def has an ugly-cute appeal going on, but Kota's just not appealing or interesting to look at.

No. 211206

Lol she can't afford to walk. She has to take whatever jobs Bravo tells her to do she doesn't loser her contract. To keep an entertainment visa, as she pretends she still has, she has to keep working the jobs Bravo books her I think this one just to meet her minimum requirement, or else she wouldn't have agreed to this OR the political high school shit. I think Bravo pays for her apartment and living expenses and gives we a small allowance in lieu of just paying her for her jobs, in exchange for a visa to keep living in Japan. This deal would no doubt have to be controlled by Hiroshi Takawaki since he's not only her manager, but also her escort whenever she has to leave her apartment. Sugar babies live a lot better than her, take better care of themselves, and buy nicer things than she does. If she's fucking for a visa that's sad as hell. She's so pitiful yet still thinks so highly of herself just because she can say she's a model.

No. 211208

And now I'm thinking of that "still winning" insta post of Kota's. So sad.

No. 211209

I anticipate something glorious happening if Dakota doesn't do something soon. I don't think Bravo would be willing to pay people to hire her. She's getting less and less work, and she's letting herself go so quickly that pretty soon people are gonna start asking how she's even a model anymore- and I don't just mean online, I mean in Japan. Like Immigration.

No. 211214

File: 1481309739967.jpg (149.73 KB, 640x991, IMG_3115.JPG)

Right?? It's goes to show how trashy she truly is, even with a fancy Tokyo modeling "career".

No. 211216

File: 1481309806259.png (129.91 KB, 640x979, IMG_3114.PNG)


sage for doublepost

No. 211218

>still winning (clapclapclap)
>less than 4,000 likes


No. 211230

File: 1481312235204.jpg (170.6 KB, 750x750, IMG_6058.JPG)

Is that a hair extension clip that's way lighter and sticking out funny?

No. 211234

Yup, now you know why the bitch can't even show the top of her head on the hair tutorial on how to make a heart, an idea which she stole from someone else.

No. 211242

She needs to just shave her head and buy some nice wigs, get some Botox and start putting makeup on again.

No. 211243

File: 1481315726753.jpg (208.7 KB, 800x1200, 5-Kristina Pimenova.jpg)

I don't think botox can save her. Not when she wants to achieve this.

No. 211244

File: 1481315749178.png (128.01 KB, 310x317, Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 3.34…)

No. 211251

if she lost weight and de-bloated her face it would be btter. she needs to eat better

No. 211254

They look like they're in a small shitty Claires-like store, I don't think they had enough space for the reflectors anyway. What a successful model she is. It's everything she has always been lol. Cheap girl, cheap modeling, cheap product placement, cheap brands, cheap extensions …

She looks so bitter and dead inside in the video. The only moments she looked pleased is when she could make fun of the other girl. This bitch got everything she deserved.

She has to PS her hairs to hell and back for it to not look a tiny bit greasy I don't want to imagine what she looks like on a bad hair day.

No. 211282

Someone's been binging/purging.
Her skin is so grey and and her teeth look awful.

No. 211285

Well once anons here pointed out that Popteen printed proof of her gaining 15 pounds, the whiteknighting over her weight ended instantly.

No. 211294

As much as I feel sorry for her, the posters ITT are right. She isn't a good person. She's lazy and stupid and doesn't try nearly as hard as she should to be a better person. She just expects everything handed to her, and her attitude is rotten.

Did you see how she told that girl "you're annoying"? She is so uncharismatic and rude. It's hard to feel sorry for her over how ugly she looks.

No. 211313


fucking hell. pikarin was just being her usual ditzy self. i can't believe dakota actually said "it's a sega game, so you're not allowed to mention it today." and the way she looks at her afterwards. like super rude! who the fuck does she think she is?

No. 211321


I looked at that part you mentioned and yeah I know what you mean she looked at the girl like she's a piece of shit doesnt she?

No. 211330


I honestly never read Taylor threads but I watched the video and I'm baffled at how horrible she looks. She looks like an irl shoop gone bad. She's so pale she looks sickly and the big lips flushes out her faded eyebrows even more. She looks gross it makes the Japanese girl look cute

No. 211343

Christ, her face looks like botox gone horribly wrong.

No. 211363

File: 1481333575048.jpg (11.25 KB, 350x263, omg.jpg)

Both sisters have no idea what makes a healthy lifestyle and they truly don't know how to take care of themselves. Sad.

Kota's face is disgusting no wonder her and Kiki hated Taylor.

No. 211373

there's no proof that she hated taylor, only keek

No. 211386

she looked fucking terrible dont get me wrong but what stood out to me the most in those videos is her horrible attitude… especially right next to the japanese girl who (albeit annoying) was cute and energetic. dakota just seems like a giant brat with no personality. the second she "picked the wrong team" and was losing it seemed like she was actually pouting and throwing a fit and the rest of the time when she wasnt being a bitch she had the appeal of wet cardboard

No. 211396

I can't believe how horribly she's aging …
I give it 2 years before she looks like an absolute raisin …

No. 211415

she literally copies her now. if she's an ostrenga than her jealousy will always come with resentment. granted kota's doesn't seem to be actually based on psychosis like kiki.

No. 211417

>Suddenly I know why Dakota looks like shit. She's a KristinaClone. Pale face, side parted unstyled long hair, rosy lips and no noticeable mascara or contouring.

Responding to anon in the last thread, I really hope that she isn't stupid enough to try and look like this little girl because that's beyond delusional. Kristina is a child, so of course she is going to look good without makeup, she hasn't hit puberty so no acne. Also she isn't done growing/developing so obviously she's going to have a small, soft face and nose with big eyes.
Dakota, please find another makeup style this alien baby thing isn't working and won't ever.

No. 211424

>so of course she is going to look good without makeup
sorry to break it to you, but they do put makeup on Kristina. lips, lash line, eyebrows, and concealer at least. some cover photos have more than that.

No. 211481

Do.you have some kind of vendetta against pikarin lol >>211082

No. 211482

File: 1481368884834.png (1.82 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_7850.PNG)

I felt really bad watching this. I don't know what's going on with her but she looks very unhealthy here.

No. 211484

It's because her foundation is 2 shades too pale and her OTT lips paired with no contouring or highlighting make her face look flat and dead. That plus how lumpy her face is and her limp, stringy hair makes her looks like a pile of shit.

No. 211490

File: 1481374271249.webm (3.14 MB, 513x288, 0300200100523ABF670B5F01CE53DA…)

I mean, she never looked as good irl as her shoops and her AfterEffects edited videos, but when she still had that early style, she looked far, far better irl than how she does now.

I came across a video a while ago of what must have been one of, if not her first TV appearance in Japan; it was like a little interview thing where they showed some of her clips and brought her on before talking about her ~living doll~ stuff, her Japanese was very, very minimal.
I don't know if it was before or after the Get It Beauty appearance in Korea since I'm not super knowledgeable of her whole timeline of getting popular and in what order her TV appearances were, but she looked very close to her shoops, she was thin and not bloated-looking like when she was on Get It Beauty. It surprised me when I found it because I had somehow never seen it before and I'd never seen her look that good unedited.

Anyway, I can't find that video anywhere anymore (thanks Ostrengas), but found this one instead where she still has the old makeup style, no shoop or AE and actually looks pretty fucking cute.
If she just got in shape, ate well, went back to the bangs and doing her makeup like she used to (maybe even not quite as heavy as this), she could look great. She does have potential. She's just destroying it and herself.

No. 211491

she does like cute in this… geez dakota why did you do this to yourself?

No. 211493

Kek, I remember people used to trash-talk her even when she looked like this for not looking like her photos.
She looks beautiful there in comparison to the present. Now she looks like Steve Buscemi. Who would've thought it'd get worse?

No. 211498

The best part is that it's nobody fault but her own. She chooses to not take care of her body and it's aging like milk because she probably doesn't have the best genes o begin with. Dakota can't pull off ~effortless, natural beauty~ because she's not naturally beautiful. IDK why her and Kiki gave up on makeup ad hairstyling, it's what made them who they were. Without it they're just generic homely white girls. And it doesn't matter because you're both too old to get by on their looks, they both chose to always take the easiest way to do everything and now they're paying for it. Dakota tanked er career by being a salty fat cunt, Kiki tanked hers by being a cringey slut.

No. 211500

This really is so much better. Less greasy hair, bangs to soften her face and make it look younger instead of harsh blocky eyebrows, subtle pink girly lips, and eye-enhancing makeup. She's doing everything wrong for her look now, no wonder she is self-conscious but she could still easily go back overnight.

No. 211504

Not the full video but she looks healthier there than now

No. 211505

Not the full video but she looks healthier there than now


No. 211509

And to think we thought she looked bad then. Oh, how times have changed.
It's been such a slow and steady decline of Kota's appearance that I didn't notice how far she'd fallen. I knew she's looking worse but fuck me, if she can look good in her infamous Korea appearance by comparison then that's saying something.
I look back on it now and almost wonder what we were so hard on her for.

No. 211528

File: 1481384942875.jpg (115.95 KB, 499x343, 155444367.jpg)


I can't help but feel we contributed to her BDD and low-self worth by setting incredibly high beauty standards.

I mean, she did most of that herself but us tearing her down probably didn't help.

No. 211536



No. 211542

She looks all bloaty and doughy. I'm no nutritionist but it looks to me like she's malnutritioned. Probably lives on pasta and sweets or something. It's taking its toll. A lot of people don't realise just how crucial nutrition is for long term health and even looks. It's why taylor doesn't look like a doughy steve buscemi like dakota does. She actually eats fruits and veg.

I wouldn't be surprised if dakota is too kawaii for broccoli.

No. 211546

Wouldn't even be that bad if she exercised regularly.

No. 211558

Might be true though the easy answer for that would be for her not to obsess over what people online think of her. Everyone who gains a decent following on social media will get a lot of criticism.

No. 211560


is there proof she obsesses?

No. 211569

File: 1481393131069.jpg (20.69 KB, 320x480, 00020m.jpg)

it looks like kota gets her makeup inspiration from the Alexander McQueen runway

No. 211572

>probably lives on pasta and sweets or something

She does. Her Instagram and her Line blog, if you care to do some looking, proves her diet is shit. I'm a goodie with a casual interest in Japanese food, I don't recognize all the stuff she posts but some simple googling usually tells me what it is she is postin about. Basically her diet consists of:


>cucumber salad with soy sauce
>fried veggies
>"vegan" cheese

Plus she has said before in interviews that she loves soy sauce, only eats once a day and prefers not to spend money on food so she can buy stuff for herself/to decorate. So combine a shit diet, no exercise, poor nutrition from lack of dairy/protein, hella starch/sodium, it's no wonder she's a bloated mess and her hair looks like she hasn't washed it in a month.

No. 211578

I don't understand how she can still be the weight that she is (not really that thin, though not chubby either) if she's only eating once a day.
Unless she's eating a hugely calorific meal, which is possible but goddamn, she'd have to be eating a single meal consisting of, what, 1200 - 1500cal, judging by her height and (fluctuating) weight?
That's pretty crazy, although doable if you were eating pure crap. She must be eating some serious garbage.

No. 211597

File: 1481397043248.jpg (251.17 KB, 899x400, fringepls.jpg)

can we put together a gofundme to buy this girl some clip-in bangs and to keep her away from lip liner?

No. 211604

She looks a bit like a MtF in the right picture

But she sure needs them

No. 211605


no, they (ostrengas) have been like that since forever

No. 211608


She has a cave man-esq look to her .. But bangs def make her look younger and better.

Jesus though, she looks like a fucking mid 30/ 40 year old having a midlife crisis about their age.

P.s I keep trying to find this so called video one anon mentioned about her manager outing her .. Can't find it. I'm going to assume it doesn't exist, since the one anon that spoke about it has vanished without providing any evidence to their claim.

No. 211622

Holy shit. We've gotten the best Christmas this year, farmers. This is so bad I can't even bring myself to make caps at her expense. I don't have to.

Karma's a real bitch. Can someone please get this girl some vitamin d, a nutritionist, a chin shave, and a few boxes of Pantogar?

No. 211639

Jesus fuck. Kota, that pussy must be golden if you got a a dude risking his career for you.

No. 211663

She probably snacks during the day, and she seems to go out to eat with "friends" (Bravo-sama) regularly, yet still eats the same fried crap/pasta/desserts when she does. So, that's carbs and starch, sugar, sodium, and Idk what most Japanese restaurants use to dry their foods but unless its vegetable oil she's also been eating food fried in oil at least partially made from or containing animal fat. Plus, eating only once a day slows your metabolism way the fuck down, and if she eats more during that supposed one meal a day than she would eating several times a day, she could be putting away 1000-1500 calories a day. Without burning those off and it drinoing enough water, you can start to bloat, your skin and hair start to look like crap from a lack of proper nutrition, and you start to get squishy and gross looking just like Dakota does now. It's no mystery, it's basic nutrition, which a shameful amount of people know nothing about.

No. 211664

File: 1481405994289.png (114.99 KB, 640x1095, IMG_3108.PNG)

I capped it from the last thread

No. 211665

she's an ostrenga

No. 211670

Damn, in her old videos she looks fine… Now she looks like she needs a nosejob and bangs desperately. Not to mention the obviously fake and awful lip liner. What happened? How could they possibly let her film in this state?

No. 211672

Holy shit her face and body look so much thinner here.
I can't wait for more videos like these >>210980
She looks awful and her personality really shows. I couldn't believe how bad she made herself look when I was watching these. She must have someone fighting tooth and nail for her to appear in these because she just looks spoiled and like she doesn't care if she's doing a bad job. Even the other girl looks cute compared to her and I think she knows it.

No. 211680

She definitely knows it. That's why she kept laughing so hard when Dakota kept "teasing" (insulting) her.

No. 211687

I think the video and most reality shows in Korea have a filter distortion to make the people look taller because Koots only ever looked like this on this one show.

No. 211738

She looks really miserable and depressed, like she has quit life and taking care of herself. Probably still does the modeling thing because she has no other alternative to stay in Nippon desu~~ and wants to be a step further from her psychotic sister obsessed with Japs. Doing the armchair psychologist here but she really does seem mentally ill.

No. 211742

you're going beyond armchair psychologist anon, stfu.

No. 211747


Damn Anon, you got all that from her resting bitch face ? I'm glad you ain't no psychologist because you'd have every girl that looks crusty af on Prozac.

No. 211755

No, not really. Got it from her weird family life, weird sister, she has no purpose in life or ever had her parents only made her want to be a kawaii moderu. I'm not implying every crusty looking girl is mentally troubled but mental illness does wear you out.

No. 211759


> Weird sister/family

She should be depressed or mentally ill because she has a family thats overly protective and let her do w.e she wanted.

>She has no purpose in life.

Lol, what ?

>Parents only made her want to be a kawaii moderu

Lol, because she totally never wanted to be idolized or a model on her own .. Because she never wanted to go to Japan and be listed as "human barbie" even though she tagged her videos with it. Stop blaming her parents for her shitty choices.

Could we please stop acting like she hates her family ? If that was the case she'd never mention them as much as she does. To me it seems like she misses them. I don't get why she'd have negative feeling about or towards them when they spoiled her with w,e she wanted. Her and Keeks were never taught to work for anything, and to me she still has that rotten mentality that everything should be just handed to her.

No. 211768

I'm not the same anon but of course, it's possible to grow up and be depressed in this situation. Her parents are raging nut-cases with serious boundary issues. Her sister denies reality completely, Koots likley does too, in her own way. When you deny reality, depression will follow. Koots keeping her hand on her chin as much as possible in that video was pathetic to watch.

Where does she see herself going in life I wonder? She comes across so flat, so disinterested.

No. 211769


No. 211772

I don't think it is truly what she wanted, only what her crazy parents inflected on her as a child and teenager. Your parents shape you and give you purpose. She definitely struggles with some mental illness and is lost in a country where she is lonely and never will be accepted. I'm not saying this to white knight her or anything.The reason why I said she has no purpose in life is because she doesn't seem to be passionate about anything outside her baby alien shoops.

No. 211786


Eh, she's an adult now and has been away from her family for a while. If she chooses to do nothing to improve her own life, well, thats her own fault. I doubt she would full blown leap into Japan and modelling there just based off of what her parents want from her .. ( Her parents don't even gain anything from it tbh ) I see it more likely she took the chance to try and enrich her life, but fell flat on her face when she realized hard work was involved. Her parents taught her nothing about working hard to get where you want to be, and honestly I think thats why she "might" be sour towards everything. She's just to broke and fucking lazy to do anything about it.

There is no valid proof that she is alone 24/7 and has no friends. I honestly think its a piss poor thing to blame parents or family for everything that goes wrong in a child's life especially when that child is a fucking adult now. If she's depressed now, then that is probably something she brought on herself.

I think its more probable for her depression to be brought on by the modelling industry then it is to be brought on by family she never sees. To always be compared/comparing to another more better looking model. God only knows what her manager probably says to her behind closed doors.

But of course this is all speculation and she could easily be as happy as a pig in mud. Her nice apartment and nearly zero jobs makes me believe she's probably doing the same as Taylor and she's shagging up with a rich guy ( dating/ seeing ) .

No. 211798

goddamn it's only been a year since this video and she somehow looks like a different person

No. 211802

Google translate sucks but someone said "It's the lowest in Dakota" on the second video

No. 211803

I'm the anon you're replying to and
>If she chooses to do nothing to improve her own life, well, thats her own fault.
I agree.

No. 211804

Taylor seems to be doing fine on Youtube though. Like, at least she has other income of her own.

No. 211807

Its funny how she went to doing 2 hour long events to promote games for this company, to doing two 8 minute segments.

No. 211808

She looks cute here. I didn't realize how chubby she actually is until they showed sleeveless oh god

No. 211811

File: 1481425658937.jpg (138.83 KB, 898x374, dfdfsgs.jpg)

honest to god, what happened to her over the last year?

either her actor boyfriend dumped her and she just gave up, or she's just so comfortable and lazy she let herself go (like suzy)

No. 211812


I'm not saying that you guys didn't have a point about her parents being at fault for some of her issues. Dakota is an adult now, and she has all the opportunities in the world to enrich and make her life better. She's just waiting for another silver platter to hand it to her, since that seems to be what she's use to.


I wasn't saying that she isn't doing good on her own, but its pretty evident that she'd not be living as lavishly without her boyfriend. Neither of them seem like they make enough to full support what they do and have.

Anyone else getting those Popteen vibes again ? Her work is suddenly slowing down and not existing … That maybe, just maybe, her agency might be getting ready to give her the silent boot ? Like Popteen did.


Looks like an ad for anti drug use or smoking.. ( Does she still smoke ? )

No. 211829

even though i do agree she looks a lot worse now because of her current makeup/styling, lets also remember that these are all shot in good lighting while the most recent video looks like some of the worst lighting possible

No. 211837


I have a similar face shape to her and I know that I need bangs. It really makes her look sooo much better.

Of course, she needs to eat better and executive and take better care of her skin, too– but bangs literally improve her face so much.

No. 211840

bangs. lighting. slightly better makeup

No. 211851

Omg it's like Chloe grace moretz declined into Michael Jackson (post awful nose job and skin bleach)

No. 211854

tbh I don't want her to leave Japan. seeing how pathetic her sister turned out (especially in recent events) makes me wish that Dakota will do something worthwhile in that country.

it's so simple: change her diet, invest in better hair, develop a skin care routine, and a workout regimen. maybe even find a hobby or something. vlog these events so she can bring in extra cash every week on YouTube. jvlogging is quite a market. weebs eat that shit right up, especially if there's modeling involved (and get someone to sub these videos because her market is primarily English and Spanish). it's all so so simple and it frustrates me that she might have these resources available to her, and she's too lazy to do anything. hell, even my lazy ass would do the vlogging simply for the money.

No. 211856

File: 1481434532959.png (1011.99 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5352.PNG)

A quick instagram search turned up one friend

No. 211857

She could try having a better personality and then all the expectations about her looks would be tertiary.

No. 211881

^^ this and she should totally just have self confidence. It really helps if she was just confident about who she is and not worry so much about her looks. In the video she looked like she was really wary about how she looked on camera and it was very off putting

No. 211927

The Japanese means that she's the worst.

No eye make up and that fucking limp hair really make her look horrible.

No. 211958

File: 1481460311479.png (110.66 KB, 640x987, IMG_3149.PNG)

>lolcow rips into Dakota for eating like shit
>makes boiled cabbage with carrots

Gee, it's almost like she lurks here or something.

No. 211963

Haha fuck, that's funny.
At least if she actually she did read those posts it gave her some motivation. It'd be great if she stuck at a healthy diet. Not holding my breath though.
But really, boiled cabbage, carrots + asparagus? Come on Kota, you can make something a little nicer than that. It doesn't have to be bland stuff.

No. 211966

Maybe you guys should let up on her? That video was pretty embarrassing and she seems to be trying to take some advice. Props to her for taking that step. It's okay to criticize someone when they're making an ass out of themselves but stop trying to tear someone down for helping themselves.

No. 211969

I actually wasn't intending to tear her down in my post. What I meant by her being able to do better with the meal was that she doesn't have to have something so plain and bland; healthy meals can be delicious too.
I feel bad for her because she's eating something that seems so tasteless and boring when she could still make something tasty that's just as healthy.

No. 211976


This is giving me some " Please sir, can I have some more" vibes… Such a poor mans dinner.

Hopefully she don't have any work/appearances after this meal as I herd cabbage can make you pretty bloated and gassy.

No. 211982

Cabbage, carrots and asparagus are actually very nutritious. This is actually a good soup, plus it's easy and cheap.

No. 211987

the fact the caption is in english is pretty telling she wants us to see it

No. 211989


Its not in English… IG has a translation feature on it and that anon used it.

No. 211995

Hey Dakota, sort your face out.

No. 211997

File: 1481466911138.png (604.33 KB, 750x534, dakota.png)


She could easily go back to that too just by cutting her bangs, fluffing her hair out, exercising a bit and doing proper makeup.

I found her the most passable as a 'model' when she had bangs and shoulder-length wavy hair, how doesn't she realize how much better she looked then… but I guess there's no reasoning with body dysmorphia.

No. 212000

So much better.
God, those lips really are awful! She looks like a child that just found her mother's makeup drawer and haphazardly smeared lipstick all over her mouth.

No. 212005

File: 1481469336787.png (78.42 KB, 167x201, Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 10.0…)


This ?

No. 212007

she should cut down on salt

No. 212013

even if she simply changed to a side parting, she'd look so much better

No. 212014

i loved her hair like this tbh. it made her look age in a classy mature way. its obvious she got the extensions and got rid of the bangs to try and appeal to the kawaii crowd again

No. 212018


I think her hairs far too thin to do a side part now. She can't take away hair from either side or she'd have only 3 hair strands concealing one side. It'd look bad.

No. 212019

Wtf what a difference bangs make! She looks so much softer and less like a witch wow now I want bangs. Also let this be a lesson to us all: eye makeup and lip liner staying within the natural lip line really helps.

Also I remember seeing this pic and scoffing because it looks nothing like her shoops- but now I look back she looks so pretty. Shame she set the bar so high and unreal. If she'd just been herself she probably wouldn't have such severe insecurity and people wouldn't be so hard on her.

No. 212022

Dare I say it - her hair looks like a good thickness here. Have all the extensions been pulling out her real hair over the past year? Because now she's becoming more and more like Gollum with fewer and fewer strands appearing on her head.

Hell, even in that elemental story video her hair looked so thin - and she was wearing clip ins. How bald is she without them?

No. 212027

That was always going to be her downfall- her real face and the fact that she looks nothing like her pics and vids that went viral. Then because she set the bar so high she couldn't deliver the look people wanted, so people stopped caring about her and started looking at girls like Taylor and Kristina Pimenova. And well, you guys know the rest…

No. 212031

File: 1481473333425.png (118.61 KB, 640x876, IMG_3152.PNG)

Not English. Although she does try to make "cabbage soup" sound fancier than it really is.

No. 212032

I hated her hair like this but its miles better than what shes doing now. she truly is on the decline.

and what was with her sour loser attitude in that video?! so stuck up! she hasn't changed a bit.

No. 212034

File: 1481473450871.png (56.56 KB, 640x675, IMG_3153.PNG)

Which makes no sense because Pot-au-feu is s beef stew. So her saying "meatless Pot-au-feu" is literally just her trying to find a classy way to say boiled vegetables.

No. 212035

>she truly is on the decline

She's below 20,000 feet at this point, especially with the way she acted on this show and how sick and dirty she looked, Bravo has to be close to getting sick of pretending she's a model just so Hiroshi has a real life gaijin sex doll.

No. 212037

Nutritious - sure, but that's not what I'm arguing.
Surely she can whip up something healthy that's a little more enjoyable than this.

No. 212040

File: 1481474442025.gif (1.03 MB, 500x276, 6359497524478397082099864440_s…)


All I'm getting from this picture is : " I'm financially struggling and couldn't afford groceries, so boiled cabbage it is again". Like that fucking kid from Willy Wonka Chocolate factory movie.

Which isn't really funny… Kinda actually sad if she's struggling that hard.

No. 212052

She probably doesn't know any recipes. Despite all the food pics she posts, her comments about them are bland and unspecific. Boiled veggie soup is a good base for a meal, but as a stand alone dish you need to kick it up a little, like maybe with some kind of base or seasonings.

Watch Dako-chin try to tart passing herself off as a vegan foodie. Calling it now.

No. 212155

Japan is pretty obsessed with cabbage. You can buy it anywhere and they try to incorporate it into everything.

No. 212163

she might be trying some sort of cabbage soup diet? I mean, if she is at risk of losing modelling gigs, etc.

No. 212165


Ah… when I was really fat I used to be a size UK 22 and I dropped to a UK size 10 doing that diet. It does work lol but you gotta exercise and keep on track of your health. Like include other foods and just have that solely for dinner.

No. 212174

She's probably not struggling yet, she always ate like shit, especially after moving to Japan.

No. 212181

>She has to take whatever jobs Bravo tells her to do she doesn't loser her contract.

That sounds like……… almost every model who ever lived tho?

I'm not trying to pick fights but you sound like a salty conspiracy theorist when your post is full of random speculations like needing a security escort (she's not… popular enough to need one…) and weird assumptions like "she thinks so highly of herself" like……. She actually seems like she has really low self esteem tbh? I'm just tired of the thread being shit up with arbitrary vendetta.


I hadn't noticed this. Her hair looked so thin in the video that I was thinking she needed extensions to fill it out, it's really too bad that she actually does have some and it still looks so thin.

Yep. This. Is so much better.

This looks basically inedible. I hope it's really well seasoned.

No. 212187


I think she should probably give her hair a break and leave it short for a while. I think the extensions are contributing to her hair loss/thinning. ( Maybe wear a real human hair wig thats near her natural hair colour )

No. 212191

File: 1481496757989.png (210.29 KB, 406x336, Kotakoti_fake_hair.thumb.png.2…)

Nnneh she did that wig thing once (where she said it was tinted dry shampoo and also shooped her eyes into dinner plates). She should get a really, really good lacefront. I'm not sure her modeling agency would be keen on that though.

It's very possible that some of her modeling gigs have fucked up her hair. I have super fine hair too and it falls out so easily, the frequent styling probably doesn't help.

No. 212205


Yep, exactly this. She looks a bit older with it (well, not counting what she does now) but so, so much better.

No. 212214


Well it'd look 1000% better then her natural hair, and I mean if she got a really good one that could pass as her real hair .. why not ?

I ain't saying she should go with crazy colourful wigs/lacefronts.

>Some of her modelling gigs have fucked up her hair

Probably, and it doesn't help that even on days she isn't attending a shoot she straightens it and styles it. Girls dumb and doesn't let her hair chill.

No. 212226

I bet she added tons of soy sauce to that shit (it would certainly need it)

No. 212236

File: 1481501080612.jpg (115.15 KB, 451x317, Untitled-4.jpg)

the lie she lives through the internet is worthy of a documentary

No. 212241

I wonder what the people who see her IRL think when she photoshops group pictures that include them to look like this.

No. 212246

She looks so much better with bangs indeed. Dakota plz..

Btw I'm just wondering what Japanese people think about the way she talks, cause seriously, saying curse words like 'kuso' as a woman in Japan is a big no-no. Or can she get away with it because 'persona' or because 'gaijin'?

No. 212249

I'm shocked how fucking old age looks…

No. 212257

>Kristina Pimenova
Idk who that was so I had to look her up. But she seems to model for Vogue and Burberry, so isn't she just an international model rather than the 'big in Japan' type? Modeling for those names is also a higher tier than Dakota could ever reach. Taylor on the other hand is more similar to Dakota (but even she is still obviously more pro though).

No. 212262


I never thought I'd say this…. But the alien shoop actually looks better then her, even though it was stung in the face several times …

No. 212264

I believe she modeled for some big Japanese brands and was featured on some TV. Nothing too big, and as far as I know she didn't go super viral, but you can tell she has that doll aesthetic that Kota wishes she still had.

No. 212274

>she didn't go super viral
she did. i actually just finished watching one of those popular "top ten" videos on youtube with tens of millions of views that featured her by coincidence.

Kristina is pretty interesting. they never let her smile with teeth, they put makeup and photoshop on every official photo, and her mother was a failed model which makes me think she's living through her. the title of "most beautiful girl in the world" is what went viral and got her so famous. She really does look like the mini version of an average super model

No. 212280

File: 1481504924793.jpg (139.11 KB, 960x648, hikari_shiina-elementalstory.j…)

Candid 1

No. 212282

File: 1481504961831.jpg (138.18 KB, 960x609, hikari_shiina-elementalstory2.…)

Candid 2
You can totally see her hair extension from afar.

No. 212283

File: 1481505021788.jpg (58.14 KB, 450x732, hikari_shiina-elementalstory3.…)

Candid 3
Last one

No. 212285

IIRC this is the same shade of ~dark blonde~ Kiki's hair was a few years ago when she was 21. It's definitely darker now than it was when she got to Japan. I doubt she would risk lightening it, her poor hair might not be able to handle it.

No. 212286


OOOH GOD… Dye her hair red and she'd look like chucky.

No. 212300

>her mother was a failed model which makes me think she's living through her

I'll never understand why parents ruin their kids' early lives like this. I have a bad feeling the mother (who looks botoxed to hell and back) will encourage her daughter to get surgeries to look good as soon as she reaches puberty, if not earlier.

This makes me wonder why the Ostrengas were so hard on for making their kids into celebrities. Cathy doesn't look like she was a beauty queen kek.

This looks SO MUCH like one of Kota's old photos during the scene days.

No. 212314

>tfw the lighting is better in the candids.

No. 212317

>This looks SO MUCH like one of Kota's old photos during the scene days
Shit anon, I was literally just about to say the same thing! I was looking for a good picture from her scene era as a comparison.

Also, I figured out why she needs the bangs so much. Not only to cover her large forehead but to also cover her browbone; it's kind of low and protruding so it gives her a resting bitch face coupled with a sort of caveman-esque look. The bangs conceal it perfectly. I don't know how she can't see that she looks better with them.

No. 212367

Haha I don't know what she's trying to say with this post. Either she's lurking here or she's saying she's poor, or she's trying to pass this off as how she eats all the time and how she keeps her fake instagram body

No. 212375

File: 1481512471258.jpg (264.76 KB, 446x480, IMG_4602-1.jpg)

No. 212380

holy shit anon this gave me a spook

No. 212381

Now this needs to be a banner

No. 212384

I want to christen her Feufeu the cabbage monster

No. 212388


She looks like real life pop eye and cabbage is her super food.

No. 212389

holy shit why

No. 212390


looks like other mother from coraline

No. 212393

that's what I was going for

No. 212394

Yo this legit scared me.

No. 212427

the overdrawn matte lips just makes it so much worse for her lol

No. 212437

christ almighty

No. 212491

File: 1481534289328.png (327.95 KB, 370x381, f185b8f83e782481cbeb3034b517ca…)

No. 212525

She looks like someone's haggard, greasy old baba and should consider pinning those dumbo ears to her head. She looks like she could smell of expired makeup products and halitosis.

Bet she added a few bouillon cubes, so on top of her empty calories and boiled-out vegetable vitamins she can have salty cabbage farts too.
OT: My mom had a roommate in college who ate nothing but cabbage and boiled vegetables for dieting reasons and she was a stinky gross bitch.

Dirty, dirty girl.

No. 212548

OK so she's basically like a less famous version of Miranda Kerr then (in regards of being an international model with activities in Japan). As for the doll aesthetic, I think it speaks for itself that a 10 year old looks more like a doll than a 20 something. So I don't really think they are that comparable. Taylor on the other hand is older than Dakota, but still more dolly and youthful. I guess it helps that Taylor takes care of her hair and make-up.

No. 212559

Calm down

No. 212565

I thought it was hilarious don't be a sensitive bitch

Yeah she has issues I can't see how anyone could think the uncanny valley pic on the right is better than the left. Like just embrace your ugliness at least it's human

No. 212575

File: 1481553216464.png (25.63 KB, 392x375, image.png)

I think you mean

No. 212577


Oh goodness…
The lovely fragrance of salty cabbage farts, cigarettes, expired makeup and possible BO because she looks filthy.

No. 212593

Someone who writes decent moonrunes should post this video on Girls Channel to see what Japanese girls will say about it, it's always fun to watch them tear her to pieces. You can post anonymously too

No. 212604

To be fair she looks terrible in both. She looks a lot better without the kawaii shit, circle lenses, etc. But we all know she'll never embrace her natural beauty – she likes to uglify herself.

No. 212607


I miss her original shoops, they were actually worth being jelly over.

No. 212633

I know it'll never happen but I would love to see Kota do an AMA on reddit

No. 212646

Holy shit she has huge hands

Lmao this looks like that gentlewhispering asmr chick

No. 212661

I'm sure the questions would all be generic since no one on there knows about her shit except maybe r/japan. She never got her own subreddit.

No. 212674


I actually think her fans probably do know, but like every cow on here they excuse there shitty actions. "Oh but that was so long ago" " her shooping doesn't hurt anyone" "She was having an off day" "So what, you guys are haters" ect.

No. 212715

What fans?

No. 212766


The pedos that fap to her toddler shooped face(s) and the weebs who secretly hate her, but stalk her every move and comment on her videos to attempt at claiming some her her views/attention.

They're all like dingleberries hanging around the same asshole.

No. 212770

this is just speculation but it looks like she drinks. not that its a big deal, shes of age and japan has a big drinking culture but as a model you shouldn't drink much. it dehydrates you, gives you eye bags (which she has in this pic) and a general sickly look. combine that with eating awfully and smoking and you'll guaranteed look like shit.

if she overhauled her diet, cut back on the drinking and exercised even a little (not even to tone, which she should– but just for the cardiovascular and circulation benefits) she'd look much better in just a few weeks.

No. 212786

File: 1481582972230.png (512.25 KB, 675x378, Untitled.png)

I didn't think it was possible but the koots thread has actually got even more bitter and saltier than ever before.

It's not surprising that she's on her A-game when she receives a torrent of abuse every time she breathes from raging crusty jealous weebs. + Her own sister sperging the fuck out about people who are essentially her career peers on the same site.

+ she might not even care about doing this kind of shit anymore, which she shouldn't

No. 212803

On her A game? Okay fuck outta here with your emotional ass, why would you come on a site like this if you don't like seeing people talk shit about a dumbass like Dakota? The chick is so fucking lazy and its funny. If Dakota wants to come on a site where she knows people are gonna bash her than it's her own damn fault,it's not our fault she's insecure and wants to impress everyone but the people who she should be trying to impress.And What the hell are you talking about? Kiki's peers? What career are you talking about? She literally sits on her bony ass all day. The only salty one here is you, Dakota is a joke to us,get over it fag.

No. 212807

I'll try to post something tonight. Is it just a chan for random stuff? Can I write it very short or does it need to be an "article"?

No. 212810

You're use of the "+" symbol is retarded. Stop it

Also kek at everything you wrote

No. 212827

Your use of "you're" is retarded. Stop it

No. 212831

File: 1481587602660.gif (53.65 KB, 275x275, lol.gif)

If looking like she has Down's syndrome is her A-game, then I guess.

No. 212838

File: 1481588619571.png (Spoiler Image, 211.82 KB, 329x401, Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 7.20…)


More like a bee stung her face shit tons … Her head legit looks swollen in that shoop.

No. 212843

>Kota is on her A game
>Everyone is just jealous
>Taylor is her peer


No. 212845

Awe did my typo offend you keeks?
Dakochin has not been on her A- game since 2012. Her looks are finally starting to match her personality. Ugly

No. 212847

Its not a chan board but you can post anything related to girls topics I think. There have been posts about koti before so you should be fine. It can be short. Here's a link: http://girlschannel.net

No. 212858

lol I agree with you, but there's zero point in saying it. everyone here will just get uber defensive.

however i don't think that she views Taylor as a career peer. she may not be like Kiki but by the way she's acted to copycats before, she's probably disdainful of Taylor or thinks herself superior

No. 212861

File: 1481593048181.jpeg (227.36 KB, 1829x895, image.jpeg)

>>she might not even care about doing this kind of shit anymore, which she shouldn't

Then explain this. Picture related.

No. 212871

Looks like Dakota handles our criticism by buying more Instagram followers. She jumped 3K since yesterday lol

No. 212875


2017 goals : Beat Taylor's instagram.


Koots has nothing for people to feel salty about tho. People are just saying it like it is, and thats the fact that she looks like shit. >>211597 This isn't worth being salty or jelly over, just sayin.

No. 212915

Taylor probably buys likes too, her pics get the same amount of likes as Dakota's, 4-6K per pic.

Although it does seem like Dakota is trying to be a cross between Kristina Pimenova and Taylor. She wants Taylor's life and Kristina's youth lol

No. 212920

Taylor's doing giveaways, she's pretty good at using Youtube to get people to go to her insta, etc. Sorry Koots.

No. 212948

>Although it does seem like Dakota is trying to be a cross between Kristina Pimenova and Taylor.
i don't understand this. I like Taylor, but she went full blown copycat on Dakota to a very creepy extent. if i'm not mistaken, Taylor used to be good model material doing well in Hong Kong but literally dropped everything to copy Dakota's life. Moving to japan, learning japanese, going full-blown uguu-kawaii, cut bangs, style her hair and makeup exactly like hers, got into youtube, i even read once that she lost many modeling gigs because she refused to stop looking like a loli with circle lenses and all. imo, she's equally if not much more so of a creepy clone than Kittyphina was, and that was one spooky bitch. If I were Dakota and saw everything she did, i'd be creeped out to the max.

the ironic twist, is that Taylor is naturally prettier than the real Dakota. She's a genuine model, is apparently rich, younger looking than her despite being older, actually looks like her photos irl, is very healthy, doesn't need carefully placed lighting/angles to look good, is more likeable, has a better personality, doesn't have skeletons in her closet like homophobic/racist videos, or an army of haters (excluding a couple crazy individuals like kiki). This is basically the only reason Taylor is not seen as pathetic for what she did, whereas lesser copycats have their assholes torn. it's like buying a knock-off from China only for the knock-off to be much better quality than the authentic.

the point is, that it doesn't make sense for Dakota to be trying to "be like Taylor", when Taylor went above and beyond to be Dakota.

No. 212959

File: 1481608880822.jpg (273.53 KB, 953x634, c.jpg)

this looks like the same person, after chin surgery

No. 212960

she wasn't copying kooter to the extent that pull likes to believe. wearing circle lenses, having bangs and moving to japan to be a dancing weeb isn't kooter's life lmao she didn't invent it. that's any weeb. you're completely delusional.

>the point is, that it doesn't make sense for Dakota to be trying to "be like Taylor", when Taylor went above and beyond to be Dakota.

2+2=484? taylor was dakota's competition and kooter always believed she was better than her. but kooter's 5 minutes of fame wore away and now taylor is the one with a steady, strong career and an asian boyfriend living in a huge house in japan with tons of money, a skinny body, and lots of attention. taylor overlines her lips, barely wears eyeliner, ditched the bangs, adopted a western style, and started vlogging. now suddenly kota is posting pictures of her vegan cooking, writing in english, desperately vlogging, and trying to wear western brands. the copying is obvious, extreme, pathetic and transparent like everything else she's ever done in her life. at this point saying she's copying some random russian child sounds like trying to cover up the fact she's clearly only copying taylor. this isn't debatable unless you're literally blind but you're just kiki so who cares lmao.

No. 212963

>wearing circle lenses, having bangs and moving to japan to be a dancing weeb isn't kooter's life lmao she didn't invent it. that's any weeb. you're completely delusional.

>now suddenly kota is posting pictures of her vegan cooking, writing in english, desperately vlogging, and trying to wear western brands

do you see how retarded you are?

No. 212969

literally no one does taylor's ugly bulging eyebag makeup with no eyeliner and huge circle lenses that's not trendy lmao neither is pairing it with overlined matte maroon liner in one single bold shade. what current popular subculture includes taylor's makeup, vlogging in japan, overgrown middle part hair with no layers and posting pictures of their vegan cooking? this isn't a popular trend unlike circle lenses and bangs and kawaii clothes. kota moved on from her dolly phase in a hilariously transparent direction. she's not the only weeb who grew up, but she grew up to copy taylor down to the bone. and kiki being psychotic and obsessed with taylor just shows what an impact she has on the family.

No. 212976

this is definitely kiki or kooter herself posting. no one else is retarded enough to defend of this mess. and i'm a dakota stan tbh, i have defended her in past threads, thought she looked fine. but lately she is looking rough. like first-trip-to-japan rough. a bloated, pudgy, ugly mess.

its a shame bc last yr she started looking rly cute.

No. 212977

i think her popteen phase was when everyone collectively felt that she made it and essentially came out winning. that was truly her prime. but only because we thought she couldn't possibly fuck something that big up. but lord she really did. she has absolutely no career anymore.

No. 212981

Are we doing this again? That pic of her is 100$ photoshopped. Taylor looks better regardless and seriously how long did you have to go digging to put those side by side together lmao

No. 212985

>what current popular subculture includes taylor's makeup, vlogging in japan, overgrown middle part hair with no layers and posting pictures of their vegan cooking?

holy fuck, are you literally autistic? serious question. i want to answer this ridiculously stupid greentext, but i feel dumb arguing with someone with such low IQ.

was watching Taylor's j-drama video, recognized the hairstyle, and googled "kota koti kimono". it's the first picture that comes up, how much time do you think?

No. 212999

Welcome back, Kiki

No. 213000

I really don't want to talk about Taylor on this thread, because her no milk thread is still getting posts.
I saw this video on her thread, and it's pretty blatant that she was… heavily inspired by Kota. It's also a consideration that Taylor has more money than Kota to buy even more stupid shit.

No. 213001

and she still did it way way way better than kota! this hurts the kiki..

No. 213002

Shut up Kiki

No. 213003

how did she fuck up her popteen phase??

No. 213007

Her accent/pronunciation is horrible
I'd get during the live portions it's much harder, but the voice over is even worse somehow

No. 213043

It's pretty obvious Taylor copied Kota but at least taylor realized it's a failed mess and she was never going to be a famous gaijin kawaii idoru, it took taylor a few phases and trends to get where she is now along a mass deletion of her past. Kota needs realize this too and give it up, it's apparent she's getting older, can't fake it forever. These girls aren't no Role lmao both girls failed, Japan will always favor mixed girls above blonde foreigners in the end

No. 213044


No. 213054

Yeah, we all know Taylor copied Kota. I thought it was creepy, too.

But that phase didn't last long. She did a complete turn-around, cut the Kota crap, and started injected her own voice and personality into her videos. She said she got tired of acting like a robot and trying to please people or be perfect. I'm pretty sure there's something still out there about how her agency wanted her voice to be that high-pitched kawaii shit, correct?

She isn't like Kota anymore. She's better. And that kills Dakota. While I recognize that she was way too inspired at first, she washed herself clean of all of that and I respect the hard work and effort she actually puts into things. Dakota is disgustingly lazy and has no motivation, no drive, no care. Taylor is the opposite.

No. 213063

watch the popteen videos, Kota basically acts all uninterested and annoyed half of the time during the grupal activities. I wouldn't put past her being an asshole irl towards them and the staff.

No. 213065


OT Taylor blames her agency quite often. But lets stop this Tay talk and move it to her thread before any of this summons the Sperg.


When does she not act annoyed and pissed off. It makes me really wonder if she was a huge bitch at all her gigs.

No. 213102

File: 1481640484170.jpg (1.25 MB, 1280x800, kotiisbored.jpg)

In one of her TV appearances, ザ!世界仰天ニュース, she looked bored af.

No. 213103

Most certainly. Before Japan her parents coddled her (and her sister) that they were better than everyone else and if someone says otherwise, well, you'll get a copyright notice. They lived in their fantasy world and was able to produce the content they wanted on their own terms. And mommy dearest made sure to keep away the filth that could hinder her little stars that will make her money to provide for her (lol). So by the time Kota made it to Japan she never had to work with others or be told what do and it shows in her appearances. It definitely shows when she's having to work with other girls because everyone is competition for her, but she's too lazy to make herself stand out. And it's because she never had to compete with others. She was raised to be praised for existing, so actually having a drive to improve is almost nonexistent.

No. 213120

Was going to say… Taylor probably did copy Dakota to an extent at first but the difference is Taylor did it better and was way more smart about creating an actual YT career. Unlike Kota who can't even be fucked to make a two vlogs a month.

No. 213124

File: 1481643657788.png (75.36 KB, 247x248, 1479277596222.png)


No. 213128

I totally agree. Now just hope and wait for Kota to become smart thinking about it.

No. 213141

File: 1481646930500.gif (102 KB, 275x206, 11382702_832583326835781_19076…)

No. 213147


No. 213149

Uh oh, why is the Spergchan thread locked?

No. 213162

Honestly knowing that Dakota is very very insecure and was isolated most of her life, even though she acts annoyed or pissed off she might not even be. I am the same way, when people meet me they think I'm stuck up. In reality I'm just crippingly shy and overwhelmed with anxiety. It's a coping mechanism. Kota comes off as bored because she's anxious and afraid to make dumb facial expressions and alienate herself out of the culture. She's not aware that it's making her come off as worse. Social anxiety is a hell of a drug.

No. 213163

Kota can't make many vlogs because she has to photoshop herself into a taylor lookalike

No. 213164

Speaking of the Spergchan, I was reading sarahsenpai posts on PULL and this user striked me as a sockpuppet given how kaka compared herself to that Tomie character on Twitter, coincidentally both posting in the same threads with sarahsenpai "agreeing" mutually with each other and insisting that kota looks like that irl (hmmm?). The account was created in july 2016 and they stopped using it in august.


No. 213166


So its true, you can't teach an old dog new tricks … Kota will never learn to work hard for this "dream life in Nipple land " of hers. Her and kiki's behaviour really comes off like arrogant teens of millionaires, except they're broke ass greasy weebs from Florida and beyond delusional . ( I wonder if thats why popteen gave her the toss, because she was nasty to the other girls. )

No. 213168

Remember when ostrengas copyclaimed the Etude press conference videos? no wonder why her employers replaced her entitled ass as soon as they could.

No. 213170

Exactly. I think they figured out that they ended up hurting Kota more by pulling that stunt since it seems like it hasn't happened for a while. Because stepping on your employers' toes is how you keep getting jobs and being paid, right?

No. 213173


I've actually realized there is a lot of videos taken down from companies that had Koots in it by "third-parties" … All there older videos without her are still up, but a lot of them seem to be slowly poofing.

I wonder if she signed an agreement of some sort saying they can only keep it up for a short amount of time.

I also remember her stealing popteens debut video and filtering the shit out of it and possibly editing it too. ( Until they copyright claimed it )

No. 213175

Yep, and if I'm not mistaken, they also claimed one of the first Kota's popteen videos? the one where Kiki went full whiteknight accussing Mimei of bullying her sis on the comment section?

No. 213184

I get what your saying anon, but she should have tried to at least smile more in those situations. Plus she seemed pretty comfortable on live tv talking in front of audiences. Also her saying rude things to people on camera doesn't help

No. 213189

Forgot to mention that I'm not the anon you're responding to.

No. 213195


Agreed, also I don't think Koot's is shy about the camera either. She humbly flaunts that she dropped out of school, is rude and thinks she's the shit. She's use to getting attention from all around and knows the Japanese are typically to polite to call her out on shit. They just silently brush her off.

Someone should save that video before Koot's has it taken down with a copyright.

And to the Anon that said they were going to post it to girls channel ( I think thats what the forum was called ) did you ? and what was the reaction ?

No. 213210

File: 1481652448181.jpg (85.39 KB, 600x651, CgcHhpsUIAAbSro.jpg)

shittest post ++++ irony

No, that would be cool though.

I meant to say *not on her A-game.

Koot's thread is milkless, just pure unfunny nitpicking about her appearance. I get this is lolcow and koot's thread but this is the cringiest I've ever seen it.

You guys are uber bitter because you see her as somehow fucking up some mystical standard of being a kawaii uguu model, clearly revealing how desperately you want to be one. COZ given the oppurtunity U WOULD BE SO SUPER GOOD AT IT AND BE SHINING STAR**AMMIIRITE? (you've got to be retarded to think it looks fulfilling, but ye gosh she is so awful she's at some gay candy crush app ad shoot AND I CAN SEE HER HAIR EXTENSION ¡¡¡ROFFFFFFFLLLLLLL¡¡¡!!!!!!!!!) I doubt she gives a fuck about these lame gigs

i thought I liked tay but that is some seriously empty putrid shite

No. 213212

Oh boy here we go again

No. 213215

Unfortunately for Kota, she's planning to be an actress and some form of online personality so she can't afford to act this way. Sure for regular people it's fine if their career isn't on the line.
Kota doesn't have an excuse, this is what it takes to be a celebrity and it's all about PR, looking good and being endearing.

No. 213216

hi kiki chan

No. 213222

I'm sure she gives a fuck about it kiki, it's the only thing she's doing right now. If its such a petty gig, why sign up for it? Lol cause she doesn't have any jobs signed up for jack shit.
She's completely irrelevant without it.

No. 213223

File: 1481653333334.jpg (31.22 KB, 480x357, 15401077_771403776330879_77952…)

Kiki or just a troll? I guess only admin-sama will unveil the truth.

No. 213226

Hey Kiki how does it feel to be a fucking balding loser who doesn't have a job or future? I bet your Japanese ex boyfriend has a prettier new gal now, one with a career and a normal life. Well anyways Have fun watching Taylor on youtube fantasizing about wearing her skin as a bodysuit you ugly bitch :)

No. 213229

God this reads so much like Kaka, I hope it is her for the sake of milk and hefty keks.

No. 213232

bravo obviously made her do this srsly.

okay and I'm sure plan B beyond tv for koots is receding-to and being satisfied by a youtube channel. My point is that I wouldn't be at my best either if my psycho older sister had sperged out about other jvloggers and burnt the plan B bridge, which is the real dramz here, not her fucking make-up.

sorry kiki is not the only one who thinks this thread is infested with retarded jealous weebs

No. 213233

we've summoned her with the mention of taylor yet again lmfao

No. 213237

File: 1481654468666.png (551.88 KB, 682x684, Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 18.3…)

she prob wants to abandon the whole ostrenga-induced nightmare and be an illustrator ffs

No. 213238

File: 1481654529252.jpg (66.13 KB, 500x500, IMG_1242.JPG)

No. 213247

Ok then why click on this thread? I mean if you need attention call up a family member or a friend, if you have any.

No. 213436

Too bad she could never be an illustrator because she can only draw one face from a few angles.

No. 213451

literally anyone can be an illustrator

No. 213534

Soooo, is there a reason the Kiki/Spergchan thread is locked?

No. 213658

File: 1481680119977.png (169.72 KB, 279x293, IMG_9560.PNG)

Keeks, is that your mom during tax return ?
I mean, it must suck to have a screeching, balding, banshee in her basement that lives on disability and REEEEEEs at Taylors success 24/7

No. 213662


She's trying to go for a edgy goffick cutesy art vibe like Soey Milk or Trevor Brown

No. 213663

She probably wrote to Vicki for advice. Sage for tinfoil.

(I have asked in meta.)

No. 213664


May be true but a lot of Japanese I told about that video and even they said it was her character said they dont like her. Goes to show being on tv isn't all that much cop

No. 213665

So she's allowed to play a bitchy gaijin who curses? That's pretty awesome, I wish I could get away with that in Japan.

No. 213666

yes, it's mentioned at https://lolcow.farm/kiki. it was thought to be her.

No. 213667


Nah… I mean its hard work being a human spunk bucket for a middle aged Japanese man? Kota's poor pussy is probably so overworked she's worn out from Takawaki fucking her almost to death. The lazier she becomes, the stupider too.

Hiroshi's dick goes in and koot's brains go out.


No. 213668

>And to the Anon that said they were going to post it to girls channel ( I think thats what the forum was called ) did you ? and what was the reaction ?
This seconded. Don't leave us hanging here..

No. 213670



If any anons live in Japan upload it because if we could outside of Japan… we would have uploaded every fucking video of her from 2006- to now

No. 213674



Taylor pretty much used Koot

Kota used her sisters fame and past drama for a boost then the doll thing happened and then a present model Tay used the doll look off dakota and injected her own self into it. So pretty much Taylor has won out of the pair of them cunts.

No. 213678


Japanese do actually go for their own blood over foreigners. I mean if you have a baby with a Japanese person then… that kid is part of that culture. Fuck the "buh blonde hair and blue eyes-" nah the Japanese will pick a hafu talent any day.

Its part of them and a kawaii blonde dakota elf goddess is just a pervert salary mans or otakus wet dream.

No. 213689

What? Who?

No. 213695

Not the anon who was gonna post, but I just looked and so far there hasn't been any post made. I don't think anyone who posts or lurks here actually knows enough Japanese to have any impact on Dakota in Japan, at least in Japanese.

No. 213702

She's someone whose threads are gone at the moment, see >>>/meta/3601

No. 213710


I don't want it to actually affect her practically non existent career, but I'd too like to know what they think. Sounds like the anon that claimed they would was just buttering us up.

No. 213725

Dakota isn't relevant enough for us to ever her career. If anything a big Japanese expose’ would get people talking about her again, albeit not the way she wants.

No. 213727

So what does this Vicki have to do with Kiki?

No. 213731


Is this a meme? I keep seeing this pop up in Kota/Kiki threads.

No. 213767

File: 1481686225667.png (80.51 KB, 887x419, Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 10.1…)

Sundays are fun days.

Wonder if these are the days Takawaki gives her the wakidy wack. Must be fun fucking that cabbage patch fart cushion.

No. 213779

Thanks anon, I'm going to re-read everything again I don't remember that 'Tomie' account being mentioned

No. 213812

I think I misunderstood - I was talking about sarahsenpai. If you think there's another one, let us know more…

No. 213822


I think there is a few.
( different anon from the one you were responding to )
There was mass disliking in the Koot's thread mentioned as well as that Tomi acc. I swear with how nitpicky Taylor's thread is on there, that she must be still lurking around on that site. I kinda feel like the new admins are a bit incompetent on PULL and probably don't know how to properly check VPNs/IPs, so they only looked for the obvious. Both site ownership and admins are new…

No. 213829

Kaka how mentally ill must you be to actually be coming back here and posting the same exact shit again

No. 213852

these are all the posts made by "tomie" from the link I posted earlier:


It's a bit less aggressive than sarahsenpai but still spergy and asskissing. They also commented about height and weight of other snowflakes. By example, this post in some haffu nobody's thread:

>I dont see why it's so unbelievable someone can hit the gene lottery?? I know a girl irl who's smaller than naomi, and shorter (4'10) and she has an extremely tiny waist and a big but, with wide hips because she's a natural PEAR shape.

…undercover humblebragging?

Also, has Kaka ever showed interest on Wylona? because that account have several posts in that thread, that's why I'm 50/50 about it belonging to Keekz

No. 213860

different anon, but victoria is a cow on here (v entertaining/underrated imo) whose thread got deleted out of nowhere and admin have been weirdly silent/ telling us not to talk or try and start threads about her until an unknown time where they'll presumably tell us what happened. my guess is her many legal threats actually went through somehow? even though they were ridiculous?

although i don't think her reason is the same reason kiki's thread was locked or whatever, that might be more along the lines of admin getting sick of certain threads while unlocking others for whatever reason (like the pro-ana ones)

No. 213889

I honestly don't believe she drew the majority of that without some serious referencing (particularly the nose, eyes, shading) given her previous work around the baby fang thing

also dem shitty ears

No. 213917

>clearly revealing how desperately you want to be one

No. 213918

Probably not good to explain too much; for others to get ideas.

No. 213987

File: 1481722505416.png (726.52 KB, 814x603, Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 8.33…)

I swear she's trying to make her eyes look farther apart.. Does being outside mean she has an actual gig ?

No. 213991

Fucking giant!, also that space between her neck and the sweater makes it look like she has a double chin
Idk she looks really spooky in her edits

No. 213992

even with the shoop you can see her gut bulging out…

No. 213993

File: 1481723483755.jpg (172.87 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


She looks like she's as wall-eyed as Marmalade.

No. 214001

File: 1481724880394.png (323.75 KB, 551x594, Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 9.13…)


Her editing style sometimes looks like she's trying to look like a toddler and other times look like Tealecoco

No. 214008

File: 1481726388203.gif (767.61 KB, 275x220, 1427717685085.gif)

>taylor is the one with a steady, strong career and an asian boyfriend living in a huge house in japan with tons of money, a skinny body, and lots of attention. taylor overlines her lips, barely wears eyeliner, ditched the bangs, adopted a western style, and started vlogging

who gives a fuck you vapid retard, she could likely be just as empty and unfulfilled as the rest of the vlogging community look

No. 214021

File: 1481727878427.jpg (428.94 KB, 1080x1350, 15337275_218464848562733_54602…)

Bigger version.

I'm laughing by the fact that she finally cropped out her ugly worn-out black heels.

No. 214027


that forehead is unfortunate. pls, bangs.

No. 214030


you're talking like dakota invented this style and is the only one who looks like that. lol. you see tons of japanese girls having the exact same aesthetic. it's just normal weeb phase. taylor just did some basic surgeries what every kawaii~ugu~princess gets and ended up looking like dakotas shops because her natural face shape etc is similar to that.

No. 214084

Nah, she goes to the Bravo office like once a week.

No. 214086

Man, her art is such shit. That facial anatomy

No. 214090

How is it that every time she shoops, it gets more uncanny than the last? Does she think that if she does it subtly no one will notice her transformation into an alien foetus?
>all this shitposting
Did kiki come back or something

No. 214097

Wow, all the comments are from weird hairy older guys from the Middle East or Europe/Russia. Lol her IG audience isn't even predominantly Japanese like she pretends it is.

No. 214112

That ONE PAIR OF BOOTS is back.

No. 214113


Former Shibuyanon here. I'm pretty sure Dakota lives near Shibuya station. Most of her jobs and shopping/salons/her pop up shop location are pretty well clustered together; she got some jobs at some places further away but most of them are concentrated either near the station or easily accessible by train from that station. Even bravo's office is a short walk from Daikanyama station which you can get to by taking the train from Shibuya station.

So, that means princess Dakota probably does take public transportation (or used to at least). She has said before she goes out in masks/disguises and dresses casual sometimes if she has to go out, so that plus her lack of relevance for the last year and a half explains why there haven't been more train/station candida like when she first got there and went out in public all kawaii-d out.

No. 214123

>she goes out in masks/disguises

More like she wears the sars mask to hide her mahoosive chin. Nobody would notice her ugly ass anyway.

No. 214132

File: 1481738346382.jpg (120.3 KB, 614x640, image.jpg)

Everytime she makes the space bigger between her eyes. . .

No. 214140

True. She's such a casualfag now and her hair is dark enough that I'm sure it counts as light brown, nobody would look twice st her with a mask and a turtleneck.

No. 214154

I'm kind of amazed she leaves this up, it's pretty cringe and she has no ability to affect a natural japanese accent. But then Taylor doesn't strike me as cripplingly self conscious enough to clean this stuff up

No. 214169

The appearance standards in Japan are far higher than how she presents herself.

She looks flabby and unkempt compared to basic OLs, nobody would ever stop her for a photo.

No. 214174

Fucking rip me this is far too funny >>214132

No. 214176

Because it's her video with the most views.

No. 214180

This girl hasn't been a cow for YEARS already. Does there rly need to be a thread making fun of her just because she shoops? She seems nice enough, and is probably just insecure about her looks.

No. 214186

This is very kiki-esque…

No. 214193

Not Kiki, it just seems ridiculous considering her a snowflake or cow just because of stuff she did almost 10 years ago and because she shoops her pics.

No. 214194

youre not fooling anyone kiki go get a fucking job and stop shitting up the thread

No. 214197

Ppl who come here to whine "no milk" are always the cows themselves.

No. 214211

Idk, bathing with old men on tv, eating bugs and offering yourself as a prize for a magazine contest are pretty lulzy to people who aren't socially and emotionally crippled. Normal people don't have to pander to old men to make a living.

No. 214219

>dat fucked up collar where she's shrunk her chin

Also, aside from the boots, this is the kind of outfit my Mum would wear. C'mon Koots, get it together.

No. 214222

File: 1481747145336.jpg (41.95 KB, 460x344, Hairther.jpg)

I think she is potentially lulzy, and I understand she's up for discussion because of the historical context… but I've never seen 100% of the thread (up until I posted) just desperate jealous weebs griping about her appearance. It might be relevant on some other cow's threads but koots is neither ugly nor fat yet that's all you tards want to discuss. I get that she doens't live up to her shoops but FUCK you are so jealuuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, just go and model in your local town or something and see how boring it actually is srsly

you sound fat

No. 214232

and you sound like kiki. agree about jealous weebs though, lolcow is full of them

No. 214233

File: 1481748018594.png (1.33 MB, 1440x810, next.png)

Next you'll say: "Right, because anyone who disses projection comments on Kota's thread is an Ostrenga. Great logic skills Anon."

No. 214239

If this bait isn't keeks then I'll be disappoint.

No. 214256

Even Leah Dizon was more popular than any of the blonde hair blue eyes gaijins, and she wasn't even half Japanese. Just a half Asian American. So real hafu talent or 'faux', they will prefer you over the obvious gaijins.

No. 214277

So did admin ever say if future kiki posts would be marked??

No. 214281

I like how she uploaded a new pic, yet stayed at 204 posts.

No. 214302

Did anyone else notice Kiki+kota unfollowed each other on Instagram? HAHA i wonder what they were fighting over oh who knows Japanese better

No. 214326

>those eyes devoid of any human expression or emotion
guess it's soul crushing to wanna look like a propped up Real Doll

No. 214339

File: 1481762243251.jpg (446.09 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_1858.JPG)

The famous suede lace up boots are in toll guys

No. 214343

sage for ot, but how's your body skin + boobs after that anon? get terrified that if i drop a ton of weight my tits will hit the floor lol

No. 214351

Those must be the only shoes she has that still fit.

No. 214355

I can't wait to see what Dakota does to top Kiki's slutty Amazon horror commercial.

No. 214359


"Takawaki-san I want a new role"

"What for Dako-chin?"

"A movie. Gimme the next big thing going I gotta top my slutty sisters shitty amazon commercial"

"I can make that happen"

"You better. I was always the special one! Now whip out that 1 inch cock and let me down it… I need something… something to get my bitch sister out of my thinning hair"

"Anything for you… ahh… oh yes. Work that Ostrenga magic."

No. 214376

they make her look broke.

No. 214379


Probably because she is, Anon.

Kota's skin looks fucking dry it baffles me that her hair looks so grease in OP picture. I always thought people with dry af skin never really got overly oily hair ( Most people I knew with fairly dry skin could go a few days without washing their hair ) Has she gotten so broke that she can't even afford bathing everyday ? Maybe even having to salvage yesterdays makeup… And damn, her skin looks more thirsty then Kiki is for asian dick.

No. 214452

jesus i stopped paying attention to this thread for a while and kiki rampaged through it? she is actually kind of cringy she has already been caught out once and she still comes here? she needs to get a job and a life… i'm actually really embarrassed for her right now, its like watching a pt-level trainwreck

No. 214458

i've never seen kiki show interest in wylona personally but they all were sort of popular at around the same time. with felice/wylona/etc. i can see her being obsessed bc wylona isn't a shutin loser and is living a life. everyone who lives a life other than trolling the internet seems to piss kiki off

No. 214598

File: 1481805781440.jpg (46.35 KB, 480x600, Etmwcat.jpg)


No. 214602

lets be real it wont take much…

No. 214607

Wylona's thread is very active on PULL.

>>Wylona isn't a shutin loser and is living a life

NO. Wylo is fucking insane, a druggie and pushed all her friends away because " they don't understand " or they're "jealous" of her. She was leeching off of some dude and forced him away from his own kid and whenever he tries to leave her, she accuses him of abuse,rape,theft and cheating. She says its the rape victims fault fault for getting raped because they dressed slutty. ect ect ect

Not to defend Keeks here, but Wylo is about 1000x worse then Kiki.

No. 214656

I'm loving how quiet Dakota is being since saying she wanted to get into acting, only for Kiki to create a new persona and pay her way into a z-list horror movie and fly to LA. Kota must be salty as fuck.

No. 214667

Why though? Dakota had done so much better than kak though. We all know it wont last with kiki.

Dakota back in her hayday got good jobs and could have been someone. She could have wised up, be nice and looked after herself.

In my opinion koot did better

No. 214713

Saying one ostrenga did better than the other is still like kissing your cousin or winning the special olympics. They're still Ostrengas.

No. 215056

File: 1481897352989.png (903.72 KB, 940x602, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 9.07…)

New picture …

No. 215063

File: 1481898184364.jpg (5.76 KB, 85x114, image.jpg)

Jesus Christ.
This doesn't even look like her shooping style in her current Instagram profile picture anymore. And I used to think she looked ridiculously alien baby-esque enough then. She gives no fucks anymore.

No. 215075

File: 1481899587468.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1080x1350, image.jpeg)

I decided to go to town with the slim tool on a beauty app. I don't know if this is really all that closer to how she actually looks, but she looks less like a alien fetus at least.

No. 215076

File: 1481899721998.jpeg (553.02 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)


Actually now that I think of it, she just looks like Valeria or something

I wasn't really sure what to do with the nose

No. 215082

You made her look pretty!
I'm impressed

No. 215093


Seems she only ever goes out to see her agency building but not get any work.

No. 215095

File: 1481903024825.png (505.87 KB, 915x601, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 10.4…)

Found this in her tags .. Was taken 3h ago.

No. 215096

Thought this was Kaka for a sec.

No. 215113

It's almost as if they're related…

No. 215123


Still no gigs just the annual Christmas party … I wonder if Koot's even full socializes when she's at events/parties ?

No. 215126

File: 1481910637973.png (933.69 KB, 790x633, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 12.4…)


Sorry, I'm about to samefag.

No. 215128

File: 1481910689206.png (69.63 KB, 190x182, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 12.4…)


Again, sorry admins..


No. 215131

Noses are really hard, and she seems to contour and photoshop hers in a weird way. I quite like what you did, I wish she went for that sort of look.

No. 215135

she looks like an ogre

No. 215143

If I didn't know who she was I would have assumed she was part of the staff and not one of the models.

No. 215149

She reminds me of Lotte Verbeek in recent pictures and that's not a bad thing

No. 215150

she has such a fat head

No. 215155


More like a troll under the bridge.

Guess it wasn't just that videos crappy lighting and quality making her look like shit..

No. 215171

Is this unshooped? She looks a thousand times better than her shoops

No. 215175

rly m8.

No. 215187

She looks so bad when beside a lot of people.

No. 215231

lol this looks like a language school's Christmas party, not like a model agency's

No. 215233


Its from Bravo models Japan's IG account…

Really makes you question their professionalism.

No. 215237

File: 1481927427473.png (542.46 KB, 641x520, kotuhr.png)


Yeah, I agree with you there.

Aaah, Kotex. Remember when you used to put some volume on your hair? What jolly times.

No. 215240


More like : Aaah, Kotex. Remember when you had more hair and could add volume.

No. 215247

None of this was real, but it looks so much better than the current shoops.

I do wonder what advanced sorcery it took to get someone who is naturally >>210979 to look like that though.

No. 215254


Better lighting and better make up. Add a pinch of after effects and that's that.

Man, I am kinda nostalgic right now, and skimming through old Kota's videos. I think that if she still made videos like this, she could've become big on YT. Like, she seems likeable here, albeit a bit boring, but if BiiBii has fans, so could Kota..

JVlog scene is pretty popular at the moment, so if she kept doing little jvlogs and snippets of her life like that constantly (instead of boring hair tutorials where she barely talks) and in ENGLISH, with some japanese subs, I feel like she could keep her fame and jobs.

But well, History isn't made of "if"s..

No. 215260

I haven't looked up her videos in a long time and holy shit i can't believe she edits herself in moving videos too?


No. 215710

Oh my god, her thighs are so blurry yet she still looks so wide. She looks like a middle aged substitute teacher.

No. 215712

It's hilarious that she only starts going to the model parties after everyone starts saying she doesn't belong there since she doesn't work/go to work events. It's like watching a trained monkey. All we have to do is keep picking hard enough and she'll do whatever.

No. 215713

Is dako' face edited in this one?

No. 215716

File: 1481938648122.jpg (66.79 KB, 740x463, Dakota-Koti-Ostrenga-Unphotosh…)

everytime i watch this video i think of this picture (the far left one) and laugh. same outfit, and look at the difference. just shows that nothing is believable with her

No. 215729

dakota actually looks really pretty in all of these. shows how atrocious her more recent styling is

No. 215740

File: 1481945106494.png (101.64 KB, 186x478, ChickenLittle.png)

She looks like human chicken little

No. 215768

aw man I miss this shoop style where Kota still resembled a human being, not some uncanny valley greasy creature

No. 215803

Still can't believe how skinny she used to be. I can't wait until summer because I'm really curious how she is going to dress since nothing must fit her anymore and she'd look awful at the size she is now in those same two outfits on the left.

No. 215824

i remember being so wistfully envious of how she looked when i first found out about her. and in a weird way i lowkey feel bad for how shes declined, but then my sensibility returns and i'm like "nah, bitch did this to herself." she's such a fucking bum now. how on earth do you go from this to shit like this >>215056

i want to know what her reasoning for shooping herself into an actual ayy lmao is. i know we say this like every other day, buy it's just so ridiculous.

No. 215827

Hahaah I totally see it anon. Funny

No. 215833

She wore sweaters all this summer tho.

No. 215882

lol r u blind. she's so average/below-average

No. 215916

looks like some courtesy shooping has occurred. I wonder how they negotiate all this shit when taking selfies together.

No. 215952


Different strokes for different folks, anon. Not everyone sees the world exactly as you do.

No. 215964

not to go all kiki but you're probably a fat weeb

No. 215971

Not everyone who doesnt like koots has to be a fat/retarded weeb. Hard for you to believe but there's people who doesnt suck her ass so hard

No. 215976

Yeah, I bet

No. 215982

How interesting, please tell us more!

No. 215984

was gonna day, this past summer all she wore were 80lb turtleneck sweaters

No. 215987

File: 1481997976374.jpg (25.34 KB, 311x314, 1469418946728.jpg)

koots is really pretty, you're really jealous

< all of u(derailing, baiting)

No. 216144

File: 1482018546447.jpg (55.75 KB, 500x750, IMG_3254.JPG)

Found an old pic of Dakota without shoop.

No. 216182

More proof she never left the house.

No. 216333

I remember seeing her like this for the first time on tumblr and I was like "no way this girl is real!" and was sooooo jelly. Then I googled her and there were loads of "Dakota rose is fake" websites and blogspots and pics circled shooping errors all compiled. It kept me amused for ages. Sage for blogpost.

Now I'm just waiting for her to lose more and more hair until she's bald. Even then she'd still deny editing her pics and will probably copy and paste entire heads of hair on.

No. 216343

I think a lot of her shooping comes from her liking Gemma Ward. Someone compared her to Gemma anonymously via an ask.me account (it was probably her lol) but it would explain her obsession with making her eyes more wide set and a rounder top lip.

She should have stuck to her original style that got her famous, it was so pleasing to look at! Although she probably wanted to get away with it and change up her image after she was exposed. You know, because it was so embarrassing. After getting snide comments about my looks live on Korean TV I'd want to erase my identity and become someone else, too.

No. 216449

It seems there's going to be a live stream with her


No. 216476

terrible idea

No. 216477

she truly looks hideous in all her new shoops.

No. 216535

I may be one of the few people here that originally knows her from the scene days. To be honest, I always admired her fashion back then. I thought she had great style. As a fashionista she can be really stylish, aside from the whole deal if she's pretty or not.

That might explain it indeed. But Gemma Ward is insanely pretty. Dakota can't compete with that, even with the shoop. If anything, it makes her look worse, cause she's trying to be someone else.

No. 216550

23rd of december 1630 JP time
i hope it wont be region locked

No. 216552

File: 1482070584951.jpg (172.23 KB, 1200x1200, Cz9aLVbUkAEMZXE.jpg)

dont let her lips distract you from the boob shoop

No. 216556

Her chest is so flat yet she's shooped a big old crease between her pancake tits. Why

No. 216565

File: 1482073545957.jpg (75.99 KB, 469x595, aww.jpg)

No. 216578


Her face doesn't even look like it belongs to her head… Like she has some sort of stamp tool to just stamp her shooped face on.

She makes the same face in every photo just about.

No. 216597

There actually is a way to do that in Photoshop and in some beauty camera apps to a lesser degree. You can save a shopped version of yourself as a "makeup" layer and then paste it over your "nude" face. Except if you mess with the transparency, make it super strong, blur out your original face and stamp this over it, you get this horrorshow.

No. 216598

I love how she's hiding her nails ever since someone noticed she hasn't had hers done in about a month, lel.

No. 216605


Thats insane .. and lazy if thats what she's doing.

Honestly some of these seem like the were edited on a computer and others on phone .. I just don't know how a phone app could turn her ugly mug into this >>216552

No. 216617

OT but
didn't PT have a photo at the same place?

I wish Dakota would just go home at this point.
Not even so much for the milk, but the fact that she's already over stayed and shown very very little for it.
The closest she got to success was the poof of dust that was baby fang

No. 216795

Her upper lip looks like she's curled it under so her gums are showing.

No. 216843

File: 1482108451935.png (70.13 KB, 803x405, Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 7.44…)

LMFAO !!!!
What happen Datooters ? Run out of birthday money to buy followers ?

This is so fucking embarrassing and sad, but yet fucking hilarious at the same time. I dunno what I like more, her +1 follow gains or her negative follower gains.

No. 216889

that crease looks so weird and not even attractive

it doesn't even make her tits look bigger, somehow

No. 216902

It just makes them look saggier

No. 217077

I'm in Japan. I'll try to remember but I am traveling that day.

No. 217078

Or those weird circle shaped scars she has.

No. 217158

They're probably cigarette burns. She used to smoke before she went viral on YT and probably still does secretly.

No. 217159

She'll probably start buying smaller amounts more often now that it's been proven she buys followers.

No. 217161

Yes! I was trying to figure out what her grin reminded me of. It looks so unnatural and creepy.

No. 217167

Trying to catch a little shine from Keeks' new horror gig I see (braids, the pentagram).

No. 217207

I used to smoke too, but I never had cigarette burns on my hands. It seemed really bizarre.

No. 217218

Dakota had an edgy phase I guess, there's also pics of her with multiple safety pins through her earlobes during her 2012 shooping prime era.

No. 217265


I went to school with a lot of girls&boys who would do smiley burns ( lighter burns ) on their hands/arms. Sometimes they thought they were hot shit if they could take cigarette burns. In 2006 scars were considered cool and bad ass.

No. 217266

or maybe…. shes losing so many that she cant afford to offset the loss with fake follows lmao

No. 217309

File: 1482166526290.jpg (1.4 MB, 2552x2552, IMG_3275.JPG)


>12/14/16 -81 followers

>12/16/16 -57 followers
>pic related

I guess her loyal fans dislike her current look as much as we do, lol. Usually your follower count increases wen you upload pics and decreases when you're inactive for 3-4 days, not the other way around.

No. 217320

the amount of work she puts in for such an unappealing look is astounding. she must know that it's uglier than her doll look she got popular for, which, imo, is still relevant and was easier to pull off irl despite all the shopping. she doesn't look a thing like her current shops and the current shops are off-putting anyway, so it's a double whammy when you see her in person looking nothing like them.

maybe she just realizes she's in too deep and can't go back so she's trying her hardest to make this look work. i know she's a a petty, hateful person and all, but all of this is just pitiful. it's so obvious she suffers from horrid lack of self-esteem. imagine living the "life" she's living now. makes me shudder to even imagine being what she is.

No. 217369


Fuck I'd love to see what would happen if IG did another clean out.

No. 217484

she looks like an alien out of dragon ball. can't quite put my finger on it though.

No. 217485

does anybody know wtf this white thing is behind dakota with the flowers?


No. 217487

Post a screenshot you dingaling.

No. 217495

File: 1482185327025.png (79.4 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3288.PNG)

No. 217496

File: 1482185401326.png (744.42 KB, 908x832, Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 5.01…)

No. 217500

also because im not tech savvy, here's an old dakota video i've never seen of her talking about two friends fighting if somebody wants to save it before its taken down.

she mustve deleted/made it private super fast because i really never saw her talk this openly ever


No. 217502

A garden trellis

No. 217508

File: 1482185837313.png (72.09 KB, 640x984, IMG_3290.PNG)


This service also offers "custom" plans where you can buy likes for only 1-2 pics at a time and it'll just dump however many likes onto the most recent pic you upload until you use up however many you paid for. And it's not horribly expensive, either.

This explains how she gets 3-5K likes per pic yet hit over a million views on her abema prime IG video teaser.

No. 217511


super scripted, probably why she took it down too

No. 217512

thanks! it's really cute, having a hard time finding one similar though

No. 217514

I remember that one, actually. Still wondering if the phone call and all was staged.

No. 217516

You can see when she picks it up the screen is black before it hits her face. Usually it's still lit up until you hold it up to your ear

No. 217543


Lol, thats embarrassing …


You can always tell when someone buys fake comments and likes. I always have random nobodies tagging me in shit despite I've never talked to them. Koot's comments are full of people just tagging someone else ( or a couple people ). They're people who are using the same shitty service.

Comments usually either have no context or say "omg check this out" "Cool" "wow" "random emoji" ect.

No. 217561

File: 1482191393909.png (82.21 KB, 640x817, IMG_3291.PNG)

Not the abema prime IG video, her heart braid hairstyle one. The IG video is at over 3mil views, while the actually YT video has just over 115,000.

No. 217564

File: 1482191605830.jpg (326.29 KB, 1440x1080, IMG_0877.JPG)

I finally found who kotex reminds me of

No. 217582


It was probably Hiroshi on the other fucking end anon

No. 217588

File: 1482195901705.jpg (56.52 KB, 679x467, shaye-st-john-tk-body-image-14…)

No. 217612

Look in bridal / wedding because it's white and they do use them in that context. They go under lots of names: arch, arbor, trellis.

No. 217615

yeah, three million people wanted to watch a video of a girl with thinning hair demonstrate a style you can't even see all of cause her head's cut off- in Japanese.

No. 217671

I remember this video! Everyone on cgl was laughing about how it was so poorly staged and how it meant to show off how she totes knows moonspeak. Second hand embarrassing like everything else she posts up.

No. 217941

Haha wait, what?? Does this video still exist?

No. 217980

I'm having a hard time finding it but the video was about faking a bob. I think it was literally called, "How to fake a bob". I imagine you could find it on Tudou or Youku

No. 218004


It was already posted a little while up. And almost all of her deleted videos are on Youku …


No. 218013

What was the date of that video? Maybe Hiroshi wanted to hang out and fuck while Kiki was there visiting and Kiki insisted on them goinout together to prove dako is willing to be seen with her.

No. 218015


It was a fake phone call… Not that the screen was black rather than lite up with the dial pad when away from skin contact.

No. 218021

This was obviously done when she was still learning Japanese. That fake dialogue and awkwardness… it's like when Kiki kept putting -dayo at the end of everything. She's just repeating "really?" "I see" "no way!" And ten says she's making a video, "yeah, sorry, bye". I'm on a short break atm, I can explain better later.

No. 218030

I feel like her new shop style might be her way of trying to be more real. Like, she used to make herself so over the top aesthetically pleasing and dolly and she got shit all over constantly for it being so far from reality. It could have given her a complex which would explain why she doesn't wear makeup and her shoops are so hideous. Like maybe her bdd tells her that this is more close to what she really looks like and she thinks she's just doing basic, minimal photo enhancements to her real face and trying to distance herself from the overshooped phony she used to be. Pure speculation but kind of sad to think about.

No. 218042

lol "minimal photo enhancements"

No. 218046

Have you actually seen her old shoops?

How her current shoop (aka shrunk head, eyes 10 inch apart and lipstache out of control) is "minimal enhancements"?

No. 218048

I wasn't saying that her hideous shoops aren't far as fuck from reality, I was saying that she might think this version of her is more close to what she really looks like. Who knows what she sees when she looks in the mirror. She clearly has self-image issues. And that would still be sad because even though she's not the best looking she is definitely not the malformed version that she portrays herself to be online.

No. 218052

Either you two are the same person or you are two different people who both just so happen to not know how to greentext when quoting someone and suck at reading comprehension

No. 218082


No, we're not the same person, try again

No. 218084

LOL no, it's her trying to look like an ageless loli Russian jailbait model without makeup.

No. 218085

Agree. Dakota and Kiki are just the type of girls who will probably always have to put a lot of work into their appearance to look anything but bleh. But that's entirely up to them, if they're too lazy to look nice and would rather look sickly and gross then that's their choice.

No. 218110

I genuinely think Koot's thinks that her new image and shoop looks good, and probably becomes more convinced by her fake comments and likes. ( convincing herself that they aren't fake and that she is still relevant to the world )

No. 218111

>more real

lol k

No. 218127

Okay you fucking knuckle draggers let me break down my original post for you.

Dakota, who clearly has body dismorphia disorder, is not able to see herself for what she looks like in actuality. I was suggesting that her current shoop style is more close to what SHE sees herself as. I am not blind. I am aware that her shoops are not realistic, as is anyone who has a functioning pair of eyes and is not delusional. I was speculating. Fuck.

Sage because fuck.

No. 218213

I hope not. If she sees herself the way she photoshops her pictures or thinks normal people should look like that, she's really in trouble.

Say what you want, while she's not enough in shape to work as a model, she's OK looking. I don't think it's worth it to want to look like an alien when you could just study something, maybe teach English in Japan and lead a normal life. It's like she's stubbornly forcing herself on the path she's least likely to succeed at and doesn't even put the effort to make herself fit enough for it.

No. 218217

Sorry, but diagnosing people on the internet is stupid.
Also, if she actually believed that she looked this way why would she even bother to shoop herself?

No. 218240

Yeah its definitely sad how she's let herself go so drastically. So much wasted opportunity. I guess this is what complacency does to people. I hope she eventually realizes that looking like a normal human is better than whatever it is she goes for in her current shoops.

Meh, I figured it'd been established over the past several years of following her that she has obvious self esteem/self image issues. Just building off of that. I meant what she shoops herself into is closer to the image of herself she holds in her head, thus calling it her version of "minimal photo enhancements".

But I'm done speculating now, I've learned my lesson. Most people in here only want to point out how much she doesn't look like her shoops, and that she shoops her photos very heavily, and they are uglier than what she really looks like. Which bores me to death so I thought I'd take the discussion in a new direction. My bad.

No. 218400

no im reading what youre saying anon. i agree, you have a point.

No. 218460

I think she truly believes her shops are hot shit. All she cares about is her appearance whether its genuine or not. She loves the attention and convincing herself she's the hottest bitch in Japan. She's really deluded and nothing anyone says will stop her from shopping herself into a freak.

No. 218586

Better shoops than plastic surgery I guess. Sad if she seriously thinks she's so ugly that her shoops are an improvement of some kind. I'm fairly sure that if someone really had the face she gives herself it would be due to some genetic condition.

No. 218606


Can you guys imagine how embarrassed she must be every time a potential employer sees her IRL at fittings? That must be why she keeps talking about fitting that never end up being posts about shows/shoots lol.

No. 218663

I've never worked in modeling or anything similar. I wonder if they can actually turn her down at fittings for not being what they had invisioned. Kind of like claiming false advertising or something. Or are they fucked once they sign for her?

No. 218672


No idea, but I feel like they probably could since she lies about her measurements on the Bravo site. Like she shows up and doesn't fit any of the outfits or demos.

Though don't they typically see her in person first before hiring her ? Like I'm pretty sure thats why she's had no gigs because the disappoint in seeing her in person is too much.

No. 218694

The last few things she did wouldn't require a specific small size. All I can remember is a live appearance and the kimono one. Hilariously she probably didn't need much of any padding under the kimono.

No. 218723

the clients prob google her for candids? but idk, it's like how tess munster still claims she's size 22 but no one in the industry calls her out

what are her measurements listed on there?

No. 218734

File: 1482360227106.png (17.72 KB, 238x243, Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 5.42…)


Still claiming this doughy mess has a 21 inch waist …

No. 218874

what i dont understand is why she didn't just stay online, become a youtube/blogging sensation and make a decent amount of money from ads and product promotion. then there would never be any concern about people seeing her IRL. seeing videos like this makes me sad (hope the URL works).


No. 218879

sooo how long exactly has it been since her last modelling job?

No. 219793

November 16, well over a month ago.

No. 219841


Actually that gaming app thif wasn't a "modeling" job per se. She was just there and her title was "model". She didn't model anything, she was doing a web ad in a department store.

No. 219873

Come to think of it, so were her last few "gigs". Mercari, Simeji, Eresuto High School.

She did the Takoaka Kimono Fest in early October, then posted another Simeji halloween keyboard a few days later, then her eresuto high school gig in was early November. Before that, the last actual modeling she did was the Disney princess costume shoot.

In other words, she averages one actual job a month and does sponsorships/collars with stuff like Simeji and Mercari and then just posts selfies and food.

No. 219894


Does that even bring in enough cash flow ??

No. 219958

If she's even getting paid at all and not just comped for shit. But I don't know any legit company that allows a foreign dropout to ride their payroll and sponsors her visa when she can only pull 1 job a month and has tanked all her contracts and her looks. They can't just lie to the government and say "yeah, she gets jobs all the time!" They keep track of the money foreigners make while working in Japan. Dakota still being there despite letting herself go and not giving a fuck about her career for nearly a year now means she's probably got a visa some other way. Maybe she pulled a Mira and secretly married and divorced a guy after 2 years? She's been there long enough and it explains her decline. I could imagine lettomg myself go if I knew I never had to worry about being deported back to my parents' house.

And as far as her still being with Bravo, if they aren't sponsoring her visa then she can work for them still simply because she's fucking Hiroshi, probably since she first got to Japan. She couldn't marry Hiroshi because he was already married when she moved to Japan.

/tinfoil hat

No. 219959

File: 1482424031252.png (178.53 KB, 640x1036, IMG_3339.PNG)

here's a thread on Reddit that explains the modeling industry in Japan and how much money is made with and without agencies, gig pay rates, minimum work requirements, etc.


No. 219960

File: 1482424049834.png (126.63 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3341.PNG)

No. 219961

File: 1482424170238.png (94.36 KB, 640x672, IMG_3342.PNG)

No. 219970

Lol. I was thinking Kota might be escorting but she's too poor.

No. 219977

Too poor? Have you seen Lorena/Sere's nasty ass? Japanese guys will pay to fuck all kinds of nasty white chicks. Dakota doesn't have any obnoxious implants, piercings or tattoos, she's just a frumpy pear and at least isn't a drug addict/isn't trying to get knocked up for a visa baby.

No. 219984


I feel like that anon meant by "too poor" was that if Kota was escorting she would have a lot more to show… But instead Kota is eating cabbage and wearing the same extremely beat up shoes and never has her nails done. She looks fucking homeless and dirty…

I'm 1000% sure the girl they are talking about is actually beautiful unlike Koots. Rich/Japanese men have standards too.

No. 219985

I don't mean "too poor" as in "ew too poor nobody will fuck her" because let's face it, men will stick it in anything.

I meant "too poor" as in, she wears the same shit shoes and never has money to fix her ratchet nails - surely she'd have something to show for it if she was selling her body.

No. 219987


Her spot at Bravo and her apartment are probably her payment. Without Bravo she's fucked. She can't get another modeling contract with her looks anymore, and she needs a legit looking job to not get kicked out of the country, unless she has another type of visa (which I think is pretty obvious by now).

No. 219991

Or she has another job and a work visa. But let's be real this is Dakota Ostrenga we're talking about. She could have turned going viral on YT into a career but chose not to because it was too much effort.

No. 219995


Eh, she probably bounces on one dick, and thats her manager Takawaki. If she was bouncing on more she'd have more to show, but only has a visa and a apartment to show.

No. 220012

But that doesn't explain why Bravo lets him keep her on the model listing. Unless he owns all of Bravo himself (he doesn't) them someone in charge has to have a reason not to boot the fat, balding bitch nobody wants to hire anymore.

No. 220014


Maybe Takawaki lies to the company about Kooter's success ? I mean all her measurements on the site are fucking wack and utter bullshit. All her pictures on her profile are heavily edited.

No. 220017

File: 1482432887984.png (363.04 KB, 926x353, 8566453.png)

idk if this has been discussed yet.
what's going on with her upper lip? looks really weird. did she get it tattooed this dark purply color?

No. 220047

If she's not getting jobs they have to know. She sticks out like a sore thumb around other models, and she got in the agency by unconventional means as well. It's been 4 years, I'm sure if Dakota were actually still somehow on an entertainment visa through Bravo, someone would have noticed her rapid decline and lack of jobs as of late. No work = no pay, and if she's not bringing in money for Bravo they're not gonna just let her sit there on a contract&visa without some kind of compensation.

No. 220049

>1.1mil views


No. 220290

If she had to leave Japan, do you think she would leave the internet for a long time due to the sheer embarrassment of having to go back to bum fuck Florida?

No. 220308

good question anon… I'd say that could be happening soon but tbh we have no idea what kind of visa she has. If she actually got the marriage one then she probably won't be going back anytime soon

No. 220318

fyi to people this kind of thing happens in modeling agencies all over the world, in America too.
The lower tier models who can't earn enough for the agencies, they will basically make them be escorts and the agency will become their pimp.
Basically just rich business or famous men will call in for a date/party and they will send girls over. Of course a lot of the times this ends with them having sex.
example: this is probably how Bill Cosby got all the models he raped.

It would make a lot of sense if this is what Dakota is doing.

No. 220327

It makes a hell of a lot more sense than "yey give her all these amazing opportunities because she's white and blonde!!!!!" Line everyone used to say.

No. 220362

tbh, I'd believe this if Dakota wasn't so raggedy-looking. Shouldn't she be making big bucks as an escort, if that's the case?
She has tacky/eye-catching taste, so I doubt the way she dresses is "just her style", too.

No. 220367


No real modelling agency does that type of stuff. Seedy 'entertainment' type agencies for sure. Kooter is an actually established modelling agency so if she does any escorting, it isn't through them.

Legit modelling agencies don't need escorting as a side busness, they make enough money as is. They just drop the models they don't use. Those models are usually employed on a limited time anyway, ie 'a season' and if they fail to book anything for two or three consecutive ones, they're dropped.

A dropped model is prime prey for seedier agencies so they might sign unto another one quickly. But again, no real agency needs to rely on sex work.

Note that models that want to be models usually DON'T sleep to further their career as it is basically career suicide. Some people still do it tho.

No. 220369

This is currently going on. I'd screenshot but my phone connection is terrible right now.

No. 220375

File: 1482496802182.png (4.83 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_8080.PNG)

No. 220376

File: 1482497055450.png (4.4 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_8077.PNG)

No. 220380

Established agencies encourage their girls to do things like that ALL the time, not for the money - there are many more important reasons; networking, securing work / favors … At the very least, the agencies will turn a blind eye to it. Clearly you've never had much experience in the business or you'd know how horrifically corrupted it is. Most if not all 'supermodels' have some kind of rich male 'sponsor' pulling strings quietly in the background. The only difference is they'll be getting on average 8 - 15k a night once they're genuinely famous, unlike Kooter …

No. 220381


Nobody is disputing that models sleep around sometimes to further their career/pad their wallets. The issue is, why is an aging, balding slob like Dakota still signed with Bravo averaging 1 live stream ad job a month??

No. 220391

some rich guy could be using his power because he likes her or something. But since Dakota is obviously not doing well it might be just to keep her signed & get the couple jobs that she does

No. 220425

>why is an aging, balding slob like Dakota still signed with Bravo averaging 1 live stream ad job a month??
Has the thought of they genuinely liking her ever crossed your mind?

No. 220427


White pussy

No. 220428

Hookers can buy new boots. She's clearly on a budget.

No. 220452


Is it also possible just like every other contract she's ever had they're just silently waited it out, and will quietly drop her once its finished ? Rather then firing her or cutting her immediately ?

( I think we also have to remember that Taylor is also signed with a contract, and she me be more model material, but she models even less then Kota )

No. 220453

Taylor's agency appears to be okay with the youtuber thing though, like they receive her fanmail for her. Kota's not doing something else with herself, beside paying to add view numbers to her posts.

No. 220465

Apparently her manager has talked shot about her before, how she's lazy and doesn't care about her image. I kept waiting for the anime who mentioned it in the last thread to provide a source but yaknow.

It's been 4 years, going on 5. Entertainment visas max out at 3 years. You can't sign a 5 or 10 year contract to get a visa sponsored for that long, immigration wont allow it. The story about her bringing a jap guy home to FL the first (and last) time she went home to visit. It could have been Hiroshi, it could have been some random guy she was dating (Nao). But when you renew a contract visa you have to leave the country, so she probably went home to renew her visa, got a 3 year contract (which would last her through next November iirc) and is riding that now. Eventually Bravo will drop her, but I do think she's shacked up with Hiroshi for a visa. Back when Charms was giving deets about Dakota on /cgl/ she said Kota liked older guys and had hella yellow fever.

No. 220481


Mmm, true. I forgot about that. Maybe she's buying views to try and prove to them she's still relevant and worth having … idk

Do you think they'll include her Youtube videos as part of her "jobs" ?


So its possible that a year ago ish she renewed her visa when she still had jobs and now she's diminished but still has time left on said contract/Visa.

I don't know much about the modelling industry or visa stuff. So pardon my ignorance.

Worse comes to worse she'll probably do what Venus did and have a shot gun marriage minus the pregnancy part.

No. 220550

They can't, if she was making money off YT she would have to be making a lot more videos to justify her lack of modeling gigs. Plus, the money would be split betweenYT or whatever management she would have through them, and her. Bravo wouldn't have any part of it. Plus you can't get an entertainment visa for making boring YT videos just because you speak Japanese in them. You can only get sponsored for an entertainment visa working through a legit Japanese agency. I'm sure YT has a Japan branch, but they're still an American based company, and immigration isn't just gonna let a let a rando foreigner ride an entertainment visa by posting IG selfies and making hairstyle videos where half her head is cropped out.

No. 220559

>So its possible that a year ago ish she renewed her visa when she still had jobs and now she's diminished but still has time left on said contract/Visa.

More like ~3 years ago. She's already currently signed with a major agency and she can't get jobs, but her decline really started about this time last year according to the catalogue.

Coincidentally, thads around the same time she made her I stagrsm after avoiding it since she was still in Orlando making her videos and posting the selfies that made her go viral. I think her buying followers now and posting regularly is her realizing too late what a huge platform for networking and being seen IG is.

Also, that's when she started wearing that boring, plain ring she always wears. So I think she married Hiroshi some time last fall, because before that when his FB profile was posted here he had his relationship status as "married to (wife's name)" but since changed it to only "married" and his wife's FB is nowhere to be found (and no, in not gonna post her name). But she was also a white former model.

She's currently getting the kind of jobs that part time models get, the kind who model as a hobby or for extra pocket money. She's not doing TV anymore, nobody lists her as a "model" or a "real Barbie/living doll" anymore, she's just a white girl with a name who can sit there and speak Japanese.

The only reason people still talk about her is because none of this shit adds up. If it were literally anyone else she would have been sent home years ago. Dakota isn't model material, she isn't nice, she isn't beautiful, interesting or extraordinary. She's basic as fuck, and if she's happy being a greasy chub then that's great for her, but it doesn't match the image that got her there to begin with. She passed herself off as this feminine, kawaii fashionable twig girl with a doll face, but in reality nobody would turn to look twice at her on the street in Orlando.

No. 220562


I apologize deeply for all those typos, I have autocorrect turned off on my phone because it won't let me talk about sewing.

No. 220579


Damn, whats the point of marrying an old fart that has some money if you get nothing out of it… besides a place to live in a foreign country… Thats not worth being railed by old man dick…

No. 220586

File: 1482524002088.png (120.25 KB, 640x985, IMG_3367.PNG)

Not having to work or live with your parents, not having to live in a city where all your awkward phases and dirty laundry and family drama are all public information? Really, hiding out in a non-English speaking country is the only way to hide from that kind of thing.

Just realized I dropped my pic for >>220559

>wedding (•3•)

Not "wedding shoot". Just "wedding". We know she did a wedding dress shoot around the same time Kiki was talking about marrying Taku, an idea we all agree she didn't come up with herself. It's also possible that she got to keep the dress she did the shoot with and used it for her own wedding, because otherwise I see Dakota as the type to do a plain clothes paperwork wedding like Venus and Manaki.

But when a foreigner marries a Japanese (and nobody is pregger) they have to prove it's not just for a visa. You have to meet their family, and have at least some proof of your relationship (her ring/this pic. TL:DR because I'm getting tired of typing so much: Dakota made an Instagram as a front to prove he wears her wedding ring and that there was an actual wedding, both thing she would have to prove to the Japanese government to get a marriage visa. Especially to marry a man who was already previously married with kids who is high ranking in a well paying entertainment agency. Not saying it's impossible, but you do have to find some way to prove it's not just for a visa/money. It would also explain the 2LDR apartment, since living together is also a requirement.

No. 220591

Did anyone else watch/screenshot this? I was at work and missed it.

No. 220605

She looks awful and she has so little hair even with the hat covering despite all her hair brought to the front.

Good point about the ring. Still, why would she even rent a dress when there's nobody showing up anyway? If a ceremony happened there would be photos.

No. 220627

Dude, it's a business. It makes no sense to hire an average, out of shape girl who barely scrapes any jobs just because the firm "like her". That's not how modelling agencies work.

No. 220629

This theory sounds good on paper but the beat up old boots still need to be explained. If she was married to him he'd buy her some decent shoes, surely?

I tend to think Bravo gave her another shot for a contract / visa and she isn't doing that great with it.

No. 220635

We all know that if the Ostrengas had money, they'd spend it on useless gadgets and clothes then show them off (like the rare occasion she can afford to get her nails done.) But Dakota still has a cracked phone screen and has been wearing the same pair of shoes for almost two years (maybe more). She's not got any work or sleeping around for money.
That's not ruling out that she wouldn't do it though; she did have a website bio somewhere when she was younger saying that her goal in life was to be rich, how she gets there is still only speculation.

No. 220639

I remember a Tumblr account I used to follow called HitMeJust1MoreTime by this European girl who lived in Japan and her only source of income was sleeping with salary men.
Every time her visa expired (whether it was travel or student, IDK) she would save up and go back and keep trying until she found someone she liked enough to stick with and would continue to keep paying her, hopefully marry. She used to post stories about every man she met with.
But even though this was something she did regularly, because she didn't have a "real job" like Dakota, she lived cheap and ate poorly.

It could be a big possibility imo.

No. 220645

File: 1482533419490.gif (2.1 MB, 456x336, IMG_3356.GIF)

>why would she even rent a dress

The dress was from a photoshoot, they probably let her have it. But if she used it for a real wedding she would have to have photos of her and him to give to immigration. Then she could just get rid of it afterward.

Lol, sure. Come back when your brain matures a little more and you move out of your parents' house.

>pic relevant

No. 220649


Because a random tourist isn't gonna land the kind of rich men that will let you sponge off them. Dakota got a good deal because there's a lot of shit on her that Hiroshi could use against her if she tries to fuck him over. He could absolutely destroy er if he wanted to. Japan will always favor the Japanese over foreigners, and rich men aren't usually stupid enough to mess around with random chicks who are simply too lazy to work as want handouts. They can fuck any white foreigner, but they don't usually want to fully support someone without at least some security or assurance that she's not gonna fuck him over and ruin his reputation. If Dakota fucks Hiroshi over, he gets her deported back to Orlando. He owns her fat ass. Her being a ~model~ is just a cover, and it's as much his cover as it is hers.

However, if Dakota doesn't shape up and keeps falling down this ugly slope she's barreling down, I wonder if he will continue to support her? Let's face it, she isn't smart or skillful enough to get her own visa on her own merit with no education, skills, resources or work ethic.

No. 220652

> If Dakota fucks Hiroshi over, *she gets her deported back to Orlando.


No. 220654

File: 1482534056075.png (4.86 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_8090.PNG)

Must be region locked? Because it's still available.
It was literally five hours long. I ain't watching the whole thing.

No. 220657

File: 1482534128021.png (5.04 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_8081.PNG)

I'll post a bunch of random shots.

No. 220660

File: 1482534177141.png (4.8 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_8082.PNG)

No. 220662

File: 1482534238718.png (4.75 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_8083.PNG)

Flood detection is probably going to get me.

No. 220663

File: 1482534271134.png (5.1 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_8084.PNG)

No. 220664

File: 1482534341226.png (5.03 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_8085.PNG)

Yep. Flood detection is slowing me down. I'll post a few more.

No. 220666

File: 1482534384110.png (4.88 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_8086.PNG)

No. 220667


I'd rather live with my parents and dirty laundry and crazy sister and make belief that I'm some hot shit, then be alone in a foreign with no friends or family and getting railed by a 50 yr old man.

He doesn't seem to buy her clothing,food,phone or well anything. She looks like a homeless that spends all their change on smokes.

No. 220668

That's it for now. Internet is just too slow here.

No. 220671


She looks like a generic substitute teacher, she could have at least put on some earrings/mascara. And I see she still hasn't had her nails done, either.

No. 220675

Looks like my auntie kek. Her face has really piled on the pounds since she was first there.

No. 220676

She said before in an interview that she doesn't like to buy things for herself or spend money on food, and that she only likes to buy decor and things for her house. Which makes zero sense for a 20-something. Most young women want to buy jewelry, bags, shoes, clothes, go to nice restaurants/movies, etc. Dakota is living like I did in college: no makeup, no jewelry, basic, warm clothing and basic ass, cheap food.

Although she does have a PS4 and several games for it. Even if she did wait until the sale to brag about playing Dying Light.

No. 220677

That's what happens when you only eat fried crap and pasta and sit on your ass all day. You either get fat or you start to look like a deflated balloon.

No. 220682


Sounds like a piss poor excuse for "I'm too poor to actually afford anything, so, uumm, I don't like to buy my self stuff… Only decor. "

Her apartment is fucking empty … Decor my asshole.

No. 220709


I think the santa hat hiding her balding, and the fact her hair is actually styled (also way better lighting) actually makes her look so much better than she did in the other video.

No. 220710

File: 1482536788779.jpg (342.13 KB, 632x800, kootree.jpg)

No. 220718

She does look very bloated, otherwise I think she's quite pretty here. Chick next to her reminds me of Manaki.

No. 220745

File: 1482544079592.jpg (30.52 KB, 300x200, saltworks-gourmet-salt-guide_s…)

Nah, she's clearly wearing some eye makeup and I'm honestly glad to see that she's giving her nails a break. Her nailbeds are probably barely in tact for god's sake


I think if she's going to do those giant frames she should wear them further down her nose, obscuring her eyebrows like that looks kind of dopey. Seriously she needs heavier extensions.

That aside, she looks nice. The minimal makeup looks good on her.

No. 220747

Truly they were the poor man's Paris & Nicole

No. 220776

The only place I believe she truly decorated herself was the TV stand and her bedroom, which is pink, girly, & cute. But then the bathroom and other bedroom are all modern and bland.

Lol who are you even trying to convince at this point?

No. 220777

5 hours long? Damn, that sounds awful. Sitting there playing peppy in front of a camera? Granted, she at least looks like she was being less of a twat in this, but still.

No. 220787

File: 1482549917047.png (120.15 KB, 640x1088, IMG_3391.PNG)


Dakota doesn't have a YT deal, she probably gets some ad revenue from her older vids that went viral though. She really doesn't seem to give a fuck about YT either, her profile still says she doesn't have an Instagram.

>Taylor's room tour is the first related video

No. 220865

…he was married to a white former model? Shit. This whole time I assumed it was a Japanese woman and I always kind of doubted the marriage visa thing but this lessens the doubt a little
I agree, just lose the glasses

No. 220887


She also had a retail job. She didn't eat that poorly.

No. 220897

File: 1482574033055.jpg (202.98 KB, 1078x1530, Screenshot_20161224-100547_1.j…)

We all know you don't look like that, Koots. Give up already!

No. 220902

She literally looks like one of the Hartley vegetables here. Her eyes have the same dead stare into the abyss as they have. Scary as fuck.

No. 220911

I don't care how expensive or how designer those round frames are, they make literally everyone look like a retard.

No. 220913

I can almost guarantee they aren't designer. Dakota likes knockoffs. But yeah, they are pretty hideous.

No. 220921

They play some video game at some point in the middle, but I skipped around a ton.

No. 220922

She looks like Chicken Little again lmfao what the fuck is she doing?!

No. 220933

I wanna see a candid of her from this. It's hilarious that they put her in front of a green screen, makes it easier to edit her thinner.

No. 220943

File: 1482587494454.jpg (132.19 KB, 824x613, dako.jpg)

>when you see Dakota IRL for the first time

No. 220944

She has one of those unfortunate jaws that look horrible if you're even a little overweight.

No. 220949

Those are some meaty legs.

No. 220953

The girl next to her is really pretty though

No. 220958

Don't they have to show pics of both partners as proof? Genuine question here.

No. 220960

File: 1482593339906.png (810.1 KB, 728x621, Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 7.28…)

Heres more pictures of that wedding event. Guess some guy got to meet Koot-Toots.

No. 220961

File: 1482593361804.png (460.43 KB, 540x548, Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 7.29…)

No. 220962

File: 1482594209359.jpg (13.32 KB, 400x243, splicestrenga.jpg)

She forgot to shoop her legs, must have given up after all the work to add a waist and boobs.

No. 220965

This makes so much sense. Lol

Kota doesn't know how to play the escort game that well. Rule 1 is to always fucking stay in shape

No. 220968

What a sad life.

No. 220970

She looks so uncomfortable here, like she's holding in a huge nasty fart.

No. 220971

You have to live together, meet the parents, have a ceremony with at least one personal witness (like Scott or Kiki), but idk if wedding pictures are required. I want to say yes, because when Venus and Manaki married Margul made a post about it on IG with a pic of them holding hands. Dakota obviously can't do that so maybe she had portraits done?

No. 220995

File: 1482598893234.png (142 KB, 231x441, Screenshot_2016-12-24-11-50-25…)


Some of her shoops have started to look like pic related again. Makes her look like the middle area of an Anamorph book cover.

No. 221002

How old is this pic? Her hair is so tragic, even then.

No. 221004

2008~2010 I think?

No. 221006


Must be the cabbage.

No. 221045

>Makes her look like the middle area of an Anamorph book cover.

I kekd
this is too accurate

No. 221093

Wtf is she doing? Serious ET vibes. Her neck is shopped ridiculously tiny.

No. 221104

Lmfao this thread has the snidest anons. Merry kekmas.

In other news, someone needs to do an animorphs book cover of koots transforming into chicken little.

No. 221115

File: 1482622107020.jpg (25.02 KB, 275x206, 1482621845537.jpg)

Thought I'd post this comparison here as well.

No. 221136


They should avoid putting Dakota next to people like Santa Bunny. It really draws out that she isn't really a model

No. 221140

she looks ok here though… man wtf happened

No. 221190

kek, her chin is absolutely massive in >>220961 though.

No. 221193

I have a theory that she looks better when she's smiling with teeth, it makes her chin look smaller

No. 221217

She looks so beautiful in that right pic. Geez pstart looking after yourself f

No. 221288

File: 1482644288016.jpg (36.84 KB, 447x604, 63a66e69da24297bd24fa07e3659ae…)

the right photo is highly edited though. This was from the etude house shoot, which accidentally released a sloppily edited photo where her arm is pasted on. They quickly tried to delete and cover up the mistake, but anons saved the photos first.

No. 221291

File: 1482644919066.jpg (268.37 KB, 673x805, d7.jpg)

she was on "get it beauty" at this time, and I actually think this was her best look. Her haircolor, style, and makeup were great. Etude shaved her jaw line down in their ads, but she did look good in candids.

No. 221304

She looked so cute like this. Koots, go back to this.

No. 221335

whats wrong with her bottom lip

No. 221338

is that hair colour growing out? why is she so bad of taking care of these things when her looks are her business?

No. 221345

It helps if there are stylists and make up artists who are actually at the works and would make sense why she hasn't done a look like this in a while. A good stylist can make anyone look good tbh like most celebrities who used to look like shit but completely transformed after getting famous enough

No. 221358

it pains me to see this because this was her prime and she's so lazy. i hate it when people have opportunities and they waste them or get lazy. the work you put in will be worthwhile in the long run! i mean, jesus, if you wanna go into acting your appearance can make or break your career. at least keep up with that. how does kiki and dakota expect to make money off their looks…and they do nothing to keep up with them?

No. 221382

she looks really cute in this &, dare i say, dollish…why is she so stupid

No. 221404

Stylists and lighting plus skin smoothing filters on the footage. Was her best look for sure, but even that wasn't real.

No. 221413

Remember the days we all thought how she looked so horrible here when it came out?
We really didn't think it'd go this far. It's funny thinking how we thought her shops could be even farther than what she really looked like, it's like she had to just prove everyone wrong and went full retard alien shoop.

No. 221420

File: 1482679145232.jpg (103 KB, 800x663, IMG_3411.JPG)

No. 221515

Hey Kota.

Here's some new-year resolutions for you.

-Take pantogar. Drink lots of water as well, so your snatch doesn't bake bread.
-Nutrition. Take some fucking supplements if you aren't gonna eat right, at the least.
-Get a little sun, just a little. You're too fat to be this pasty. You look like cookie dough.
-Invest your money into shaving the projection of your chin and do some damn cardio and maybe then you'll get back the will to live, actually put on a little bit of damn mascara again, and join the land of the living.

Merry Kootsmas.

No. 221602

New video

No. 221614

I mean, is she trying to be Taylor with the hair/ears sticking out/baseball cap or is Taylor trying to be her or what? Who did it first? Chicken or egg? Thay're like 2 clones at this point.

No. 221622


"See Lolcow !! I get jobs. "

No. 221624

For fucks sake, Kooter we just saw you on that live stream christmas thing. We know you don't look like this. STOP ALREADY

No. 221625

this was three minutes of literally nothing of interest happening

No. 221626


OT but does anyone know the song playing in her video?

No. 221630

Cringemas miracle! Instead of doing things for her loved ones she spent the week using After Effects on old footage.

No. 221635


What gig was this ?

Does anyone have the actual photos from this shoot ?

No. 221659

it's time from the persona 3 portable ost

No. 221666

Thank you, kind anon ♥

No. 221726

No. 221736

This video shows nothing. It doesn't show what it's like to be a model, it doesn't invite you into a day in the life. "Koots gets jobs" is about it.

No. 221740

Boring af and the generic comments lol the real views are from lolcow users maybe kek
Her face in the begging looks ridiculous like some deformed child

No. 221744

File: 1482732805243.png (911.5 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2016-12-26-00-03-06…)

One happy looking smeagol!

No. 221752

This is some kind of wizardry. The thing is, she has minimal makeup on in this, and now she's doing the same look and looks like absolute shit. Her hair isn't as thin either. Like what the fuck happened so Kota can teach us exactly what we SHOULDN'T be doing with our life and health?

No. 221756

I have to give her props for the amount of effort she put into this. That level of aftereffects use isn't easy and is really time-consuming….maybe she could take up photo and video editing as a career

No. 221763

i know this is said all the time but just thinking about that makes me feel bad for her. i cant imagine how much she must hate herself to do it and picturing her alone, quietly photoshopping herself into something unrecognizable for hours on end is just… sad.

No. 221764


Can she just get her chin shaved down since she's so opposed to having one?

No. 221768

the risk of complications might be what is keeping her from doing it. The downtime after surgery is pretty extensive as well.

No. 221783

For whatever reason, there's an alternate version of the video on her lineblog (no real difference, aside from the music being at its regular speed as opposed to slowed down.) And, apparently, she's in the states for the holidays. Gasp.

No. 221784


I doubt she cares about risks. She just doesn't have the 4-6 grand it takes on top of getting off her ass and going to neighbouring country for a legit procedure. She's lazy as hell and can barely afford to eat well never mind fix her face.

No. 221792

am I seeing things or her head look smaller and her eyes look 2x bigger in the lineblog version

No. 221794

File: 1482745783431.jpg (87.38 KB, 1080x1080, 15624264_188830111581242_74910…)

No. 221795

lol, she stretched the video horizontally

No. 221797

File: 1482745910841.jpg (153.63 KB, 1080x864, 15338544_2000874126664624_5915…)

Merry Christmas from Bravo-san and all his bishoujo kawaii moderu-san booty calls

Smeagol @ middle bottom

No. 221798

Her suspected sugar daddy is the guy in the cap behind the top left row, behind the 3rd guy in from the left.

No. 221799

…Are these some of Bravos models?
Because most of them are ugly as sin honestly

No. 221800

Their standards fell considerably when Dakota stopped getting real gigs and started doing variety TV instead. They used to be a high end agency with big time models, now they're all like this.

No. 221802

I love how everything she wears has to be huge and baggy.

Also lol @ the veggies on the table. "SEE! I don't just eat fries crap and pasta & I DO get jobs still!!!!!1111"

No. 221827


4-6k for V-line ? Thats what locals would pay in Korea, but tourist pay 8-10k. For double jaw surgery its 10k+.

( Anon whose been looking into having her face feminized )

No. 221841


Haha, bitch can't even get her nails done, never mind v-line surgery.

No. 221842


She can't even afford new shoes, new nails, or makeup apparently. She ain't getting any surgery done any time soon unless she finds another rich gaijin hunter to fuck. Which, given how little she seems to care about herself lately…. lel

No. 221850

Not counting her flight and she rarely flies for leisure. I guess she and Keeks made up since they're both home for holidays and re-following each other.

No. 221859


Oh, She's home in Florida right now ?

No. 221861

there is not one attractive girl/model there

No. 221882

Wow… Some of these other girls actually make Kota look good in comparison.
I guess it's true that the Japanese can't tell white faces apart.

No. 221884

Please don't tell her to get v-line surgery for the love of God.

Yes, she can get her whole jawline revamped but I'm telling you guys: all she needs is to lose weight and get the projection of her chin shaved down. Just the projection alone coupled with weight loss would work wonders on her probably nonexistent self esteem. Plus, in the states the average cost for her is probably between 4-5k.

She's fucking American, please dear god we don't want her to look like a god damn Dorito chip in the face.

No. 221886

The one above Dakota might be cute but it's hard to tell.
Also the only attractive guy there may be the one in the newsboy but also can't tell.

No. 221891

0:26 She's in the middle but her face is the farthest from the camera.

No. 221892


she looks so filthy compared to the other people.

No. 221893

Gonna need you to post how you know she's in FL, anon. That's not something you can just drop on people, especially since Dakota hasn't gone home to FL since she had to 3 years ago to renew her visa.

No. 221907

I swear some people have seen one too many dorito faces that they start to think anyone who doesn't look like that is wrong.

No. 221908

If she isn't going to put on some damn mascara and wants to tout that she likes things natural so bad the least she can do is get lash extensions. She's too pigmentless to not have on eye makeup. It makes her look old and washed out.

No. 221909

This is making me violently ill

No. 221920

File: 1482771752279.jpeg (82.85 KB, 605x788, image.jpeg)

It's disgusting. That's how you know there's too many weeb and koreaboos on lolcow. Korean surgery is not meant for the western face.

Warning and unrelated but I'm about to go full autist because I hate when people won't reach their potential.

In my personal opinion, she needs to channel the look that got her famous in the first place. She's trying too hard to assimilate harshly, but she doesn't have the Asian genes so it makes her look so much worse.

With the look she's currently trying to sell, not only does she look like she has a birth defect, it would take hoards of surgery and practical mutilation to look even an ounce like that.

THIS was the look that got her so much attention. If she started taking care of her body she would get the ball rolling, that itself would save her so much time in editing and dysmorphia. Plus, she needs a hobby to like, save her from crippling mental illness. Self care would be a perfect distraction.
A lot of problems with the shadows on her face are due to access weight coupled with strong bone structure, so weight loss (and the added skincare regimen we all know she needs before it gets any worse) with decent nutrition would help rid her bloating and smooth out a lot of harsh facial lines at the least.

At this point, if she saved up to get ONLY the projection of her chin reduced, and maybe whatever possible jaw asymmetry or minute flaws they found on her scans along the way, she'd be paying an investment of 5-7k to jumpstart a real career. I stress that she only gets the projection of her chin reduced because really, she wouldn't look right with a Chloe Moretz ultra-nonexistent chin. By getting rid of her witch chin alone she enhances her angles and on top of that it would be subtle enough for her to just come out and say "hey guys I got fat and sad in Japan but now I'm into fitness so I look good again!" It would totally work.

Long eyelashes and makeup like this gives her a vampiric look and enhance the ~exotic~ eyes that Nippon loves so much. She needs to realize that they loved her willowy, modelesque look with bedroom eyes that looked like they were out of like, Vampire Game or some other Korean manhwa or what the fuck ever. That made her look beautiful and unique. Her eyes looked gorgeous without the ridiculous circle lenses. Albiet edited but. I'm saying she needs to go back to basics and stop trying to peddle this alien fetus turtleneck monster.

She's wasting so much time when minor lifestyle changes are all she needs to make a difference and get her like, started at least. It irritates me so much watching all this wasted potential!

No. 221936

The Asian girl with the pointy hat is cute, and the girl behind Dakota with the hoop earring is attractive too.
Plus the short-haired girl in the front holding the glass looks kinda cute.
Otherwise, they're a rather homely bunch.

No. 221944

Dakota looks like she just got out of the shower or something

No. 221957

File: 1482775201392.jpeg (41.08 KB, 630x814, image.jpeg)

honestly what the fuck

No. 221959

sage in case this is way too OT but i've always loved her makeup in this era, how do i makeup like that? or at least what the heck would i search for to find looks like this?

No. 221966


uhh the only eye make she's wearing in this is brown eyeshadow, eyeliner, and highlight in inner corner which you can find anywhere. just search for neutral makeup pallets and a dark brown eyeliner, that's it really

No. 221968

The video had technical issues until the 18th or 19th minute.

No. 221971

she's also wearing lashes, bottom and top

No. 221974


where? doesn't look like she's wearing falsies at all to

No. 221992

It's on her lineblog.

No. 222015


I know that and you know that anon, most of us do.

But you know what? Fuck her. Fuck her and her sister because I dont even think they deserve attention. They're a duo of cunt girls with shit personalities and are fame hungry.

Yeah Koot had a good look back then. But I dont want her to get noticed again she's too short for actual proper modelling outside of asia, she's too lazy to get fit freaked and her personality is rotten. Her sister is just a mess.

Nah I dont want them to get back on the scene. Id rather new girls take the throne before Dakota again.

She doesnt deserve the praise. Sad to say but her or Kaka doesn't.

No. 222017

You don't know how to makeup either, do you? She's wearing falsies, liquid liner, and eyeshadow. That's full eye makeup dipshit. Oh, and shoop.

No. 222020

Her latest instagram caption advertising her new video says it in Japanese, too. "Since I'm in America right now, today is the 25th".

No. 222029

Ah you're right, anon. She did say she is in America on Instagram.

No. 222098

Gollum's extensions are also covered in every outfit.

She always wore falsies in the old look. The shoop included making her eyes and eyebrows bigger, lips bigger, darkening the eyemakeup around the eye with a burn tool, moving her wonk eye up so they're straight, and blending where the makeup ends so it looks natural. This is not including all the work she did to her bone structure.

She was infamous for using the eyelash brushes you paste on like makeup in PS. I remember an old cgl post where someone showed how it was the exact eyelashes were found on some app or set of eyelashes to paste.

No. 222111


lol @ that anon assuming she wears minimal makeup

No. 222127

no but i'd love to find some :(

No. 222329

File: 1482803772206.jpeg (75.31 KB, 460x604, image.jpeg)

Guys what happened? Don't answer this.

No. 222413

Maybe they're going for ugly-cute models as the new trend?

No. 222426

they're not even cute tho, even for japan's low standards

only the girl above kota is ok

No. 222429

the difference in music is probably so youtube's automatic system doesn't flag her video for copyright, kek

No. 222447

there's a good reason she stopped that look. it did not work irl as it does in her highly controlled photo sessions. that eyeliner going underneath her real eye looks like a disaster in reality

No. 222450

THIS was the most professional photo ever taken of her. Those Koreans never let her do her own makeup like the Japanese do, no circle lenses either. S Korea is very obsessed with a V shaped jawline so ofc they did a glorious job on the editing of her jaw without making her head look unattractive and wonky like Tiara Mily did.

No. 222452

Is her shit monetized? Usually japanese companies jump on people using their music.


No. 222470

This doesn't even look like a HUMAN

No. 222517

Oh hell no. I'm a very small person with a fast metabolism, very active. But I only have a 23 in waist. There's no way she's even close to 21 in..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 222530

>I'm a very small person with a fast metabolism
32" waist chan

No. 222542

>I'm a very small person with a fast metabolism, very active. But I only have a 23 in waist. There's no way she's even close to 21 in..
you're a literal parody of the shitposters on this forum.

>I'm __

>so there's no way she's ___ than me!

No. 222631

ok let's ignore this idiot now and not derail

No. 222891

They also gave her hair and darkened it so it flattered her skintone. Koreans knew they had to fix her shit big time.

No. 222984

wow, more 'photoshoots' of dumpy-looking box clothes and then a toothbrush ad?

bigtime model here

No. 222998

It sounded more like Vickyspeak to me

No. 223001

Are you also a smoker, but your skin isnt still as bad as her and you might be a weeb and moved to nippon but you admit you have a sugardaddy unlike ol evil koota?

No. 223054

File: 1482936839828.jpg (200.39 KB, 667x1000, c66210130832442aa937b0d2bfe8af…)

She also did this thing where her waist is so wide kek

No. 223058

Her face looks beautiful there

No. 223067

not sure if troll but thats how kimonos are supposed to fit….

No. 223074

Of course they're supposed to fit like that, but her proportions compared to other models show she's huge.

No. 223088

Gotta agree, her body looks like a fridge but that hair and makeup suits her. Her natural facial proportions, even with a slightly large chin, can look pretty nice and even elegant in the right setting with soft girly makeup etc.

No. 223091

It's likely that they heavily padded her waist because the ideal body shape to wear kimono is a tube with no difference in bust-waist-hip. Most of the other models probably didn't need to be padded as much as Kota

No. 223237

How old is the photo?

No. 223246

File: 1482962708785.jpg (142.61 KB, 550x643, d7hzqo0.jpg)

Her makeup and hair here reminds me of the CandyDoll era

No. 223430

This is honestly sad…Kota's self esteem must have dropped. What sane person walks out the house looking like that?!

No. 223431


I never noticed that you could seen even in this picture just how tragic and thin her hair is … Look at her scalp, it looks like its balding..

No. 223446

Finally a decent fucking photo of her face.

Didn't even notice until you pointed it out.

No. 223447

her face was so beautiful in this pic.

No. 223454

Finally a beautiful shot of her face - I wish she'd go back to this sort of make-up - but it just looks like a candid test shot of her listening to directions on set. She's not really modeling at all… just standing there. I know that this is Koots, but this is seriously the best shot they could squeeze out of her? You'd think she'd at least pick SOMETHING up in her four years of shooting.

No. 223456

It's beautiful but it's still shooped to hell and back. Koot's natural features are very sharp and harsh and kind of rough (nose,chin,etc) and in this picture they are rounded and smoothed over. The obvious facial lines are also erased making her look much softer. Of course that is par for the course with her pictures.

No. 223613

I'm triggered by the fact that you can see where her real hair ends and her extensions begin…they could have tried to blend it better.

Otherwise, it's a lovely photo of her

No. 223723

File: 1483029169649.jpg (781.35 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpg)

I always like to try and deshoop her pictures when I'm bored. I miss this Kota era.

No. 223733

I love how they gave her bangs & falsies and some eyeshadow. It's like we've been telling her the entire time, but she thinks she looks like Christina Pimenova so she doesn't listen to us~~

Also lol @ her ring nearly falling off. If it's so special that you can't even take it off for work, you should at least get it sized so that it fits.

No. 223892

File: 1483057324348.jpg (388.64 KB, 960x1280, 16-12-29-19-17-02-856_deco.jpg)

She's really promoting the fuck out of this video on Instagram. I was scrolling through my explore page and this popped up. I don't look at Kawaii pages or anything, just makeup and photography, so I don't get why instagram keeps showing me shit I'm not interested in. oh, excuse the night filter.

I love this photo. the expression on her face is almost forlorn. It's nice to see a change from the stiff shit she usually does.

No. 223914


She doesn't appear to have any tags on it. Do you have to pay to have your video popup on the top on IG suggestions ?

No. 223956

what is her facial expression in that top photo lol

No. 224019

File: 1483069116011.png (161.2 KB, 640x632, IMG_9975.PNG)

Wow I nearly gasped at how much she looks like a Hartley Hooligan here. Is the older one Claire? She looks like that one

No. 224020

File: 1483069466186.gif (9.82 KB, 213x290, whar da white wimmin at?.gif)

Wow, that head shrinkage.

That's some brown people tier voodoo right there.

No. 224024

that outfit is terrible
who wears capris in this decade

No. 224026

At this point I just want Dakota to be happy. Nobody who started off as good at shooping, make up and fashion as her gets this bad without some kinda deep rooted body image issues going on.

No. 224028


No. 224029

File: 1483070721109.jpg (60.98 KB, 311x410, qweerttyy.jpg)


Kiki, I know you're reading this. PLEASE tell your sister to stop shrinking her head so much. Microcephaly isn't cute.

No. 224030

whats the point of shrinking her head so much when she shoops herself thinner anyway? the head shrinking makes her body look big again in comparison. this is really poor and redundant on her part.

>file name
lmfao perfect

No. 224032

File: 1483071781242.jpg (40.36 KB, 769x649, ShrunkenHeadGuy.jpg)

damn her legs are still chubby even with the shoop

No. 224046

Genuinely looks like she suffers from microcephaly

No. 224078

in what universe does this look even remotely okay

No. 224082

Wow, a replacement for the black boots.

No. 224107

The fucking head and neck lmao, someone please unshoop this.

No. 224116


No. 224127

Ugh her legs look so flabby and unshaped… They look like a paralityc's legs tbh.

No. 224184

File: 1483103202408.jpg (215.31 KB, 1080x1080, 15802231_1362582873786632_8789…)

This bigger version shows how she messed up the right eye with an enlarge tool.

No. 224191


its been popping up on mine too

No. 224192


Pretty sure this picture is old. She probably took this around the end of summer, just took long to edit.
Who wears capris in the winter?

No. 224201

File: 1483106716695.jpg (215.67 KB, 747x730, image.jpg)

I tried …

No. 224203

not very hard

No. 224205

Her heart braid hairstyle clip has over 4mil views on insta now.

Nah, just buy a shitload of views for it and then it'll pop up there under whatever the most relevant category for it is depending on comments.

This is like a 9th grade wigger's idea of fashion. And her leg looks wrekt, nevermind that aborted baby head shoop.

This is what happens when your parents protect you from any and all criticism and yeah you to believe you're beautiful and smart and deserve everything for nothing. The real world isn't like that, and modeling isn't just people paying you to be pretty. Modeling sucks, the only fools naïve enough to think it's an easy job reserved only for the beautiful elite were sheltered and coddled like Kiki and Dakota. Without Bravo-San and his magical golden visa penis, she would have been dropped 3 years ago. She should have never been a model, she should have been a MUA or a stylist or something that requires an actual skill. She doesn't have the looks, body, or personality to get by on just any of those 3 things and I think she's beginning to realize it.

No. 224207


Lol, I'm so untech savvy … Thanks for the explanation. Couldn't she buy Youtube views ? or is that something harder to obtain since money is involved ( being earning from views ).


I did enlarge the head, but I guess when I beefed up the rest of her body it made her head look small again.

No. 224209

File: 1483109129465.jpg (1.2 MB, 1200x1080, 1483103202408.jpg)

Less spoop, anon

No. 224224

Idk about buying YT views. Obviously it's not her priority, IG is.

No. 224226

God i hate her new style i dont even like it on taylor

No. 224232

You can buy YT views but once you start getting into big numbers YT catches on.

You can also buy IG likes, follows, and views for video posts.

No. 224233

sage because I forgot you can also buy comments

No. 224236

It's unfortunate she has ears looking like that sticking out of her hair

Not Kawaii

No. 224354


Yea, but atleast the Youtube views would bring in some extra money and she could finally fucking buy herself a new pair of shoes.


If she keeps eating like shit she'll soon be as beefy as this.

No. 224363

I feel like everything she's wearing looks vaguely familiar.. Hasn't she worn an almost identical outfit during her scene era or am I imagining things?

No. 224375

omg never heard of her before but shes so pretty, why is she photoshopping herself to look 6? shes so beautiful without it

No. 224419

If YT catches you generating ad revenue from views you bought, you'll be in deep shit.

She had a chola phase when she was 13, complete with raccoon eyes and purple exaggerated lip liner and adidas crap.

No. 224420

There are very few picstirws of Dakota online that aren't heavily shopped. Trust us, she isn't beautiful. She looks like a deflated soccer mom who never sleeps.

No. 224432

I've seen her irl a year ago and I agree with the anon she looks a lot better without all of this photoshop. She was a really nice person too, a bit awkward and shy though. But she is deffinetely pretty.

No. 224508

>>223246 ikr
why doesn't she edit herself like that ??

No. 224509


I doubt Koots gives a fuck about anything anymore. I could see her buying views at small amounts at some point. ( then again she ain't subtle with her fake followers,likes and views on IG )


Proof ?

No. 224545

How could you see her IRL when she doesn't leave her apartment and gets car rides everywhere from her manager? I smell bullshit.

No. 224546

File: 1483140893248.jpg (78.48 KB, 500x440, x_ad6424fe.jpg.48ca22d6ba6b2a3…)

this is the only capri pic I could find

No. 224552



No. 224785

If she really is in Florida, it wouldn't surprise me that she is wearing capris. It doesn't get too cold there in the winter at all. Where I am, it was around 75 degrees Fahrenheit the week before and on Christmas.

Sage for semi-blogish post?

No. 224791

Is this photoshopped or was she really that thin?

No. 224798

Yeah, probably after her first big growth spurt.

No. 224801

Inner thighs look blurry and probably shopped, but otherwise seems legit?

No. 224806

It's not the weather, silly. It's the fact that she looks like an intercity junior high girl from 2005. She's a model and can't dress herself. It's sad and weird.

No. 224809

definitely shopped but she was also really young here. I think it's 2009 or so?

No. 224816

Lol, she shot up from 107K to 114K followers on Instagram, and her latest video has almost 2mil views. I guess she got Christmas money from mommy and daddy and used it to buy more imaginary popularity lol

No. 224823

tbh I've bought cheap followers before and ended up blocking 80% of them (essentially throwing out that money) because as soon as they rolled in every account looked extra fake or just suspicious.
I just scrolled down her followers a bit and some look like fakes, but they're scattered pretty well.

No. 224836

The cheaper they are the more obvious they are.

No. 224997


Never seen this one before! The pair of them look rough as a bears ass.

No. 224998


I think she was really skinny at one point because this picture is during the time where she was growing out her hair and kaka's style was scene but toned down a bit. But the time when they made that "I hate lesbians!" video and koot had ED. So I do believe she was skinny at this time.

No. 224999


I looked at her followers too and tons of those accounts are obviously fakes. How embarrassing.

No. 225032


her feet are prob so fucked up from wearing heels so much so young

No. 225110

Wearing heels only fucks up your feet if you wear then 24/7, wear the wrong size and try to do all your daily activities in them. Wearing them for fashion or events a couple times a week isn't gonna disfigure you.

No. 225151

File: 1483221985127.jpg (136.42 KB, 1078x1339, Screenshot_20161231-220515_1.j…)

No. 225152


Oh god. Isnt that one if the scrawny cats her parents found? I remember koot posting them ages ago. Also isnt that her old bedroom?

No. 225167

It definitely looks like it. On her line blog, she said that she went back to America for Christmas so I guess she's still there?

No. 225170

Yeah in the full photo she's sat on the bed in her old bedroom

No. 225172

File: 1483223298138.jpg (145.27 KB, 737x960, IMG_20161231_162725.jpg)


No. 225173

File: 1483223314144.jpg (220.73 KB, 1600x1600, IMG_20161231_222817.jpg)

No. 225190

File: 1483223959032.png (37.75 KB, 620x309, Capture.PNG)

Okay, so I don't really keep up with Kota/these threads but I decided to check her twitter and I'm surprised no one seems to have talked about this tweet.
Translation: "I didn't bring my backpack to my parent's house so I'm wearing clothes my older sister wore in middle school haha"
Sure, Jan.

No. 225191


The infamous kotex pale pink kawaii bedroom that got her to where she is today. Slacking in her career, sucking Hiroshi's micropenis and trying to stay relevant.

You can even tell its her old room… the lighting. It all looks era 2012 kota? Must be something in her room giving her that glow. I remember she used to bitch about using reflectors and stuff on Tumblr to people who asked. Did she ever even use them or was it all just lightened up on photoshop and hours of edit?

I know for a factor her Japan blog pictures and the videos in her old apartment were all bright lights and shit.

Its almost 2017 and Im curious as to what this new kota is going to bring up to the table.

Will we get fresh milk? Or will koot finally get the boot?

No. 225195

File: 1483224077892.png (103.95 KB, 640x899, IMG_4165.PNG)

Her boob. Is literally. Sagging on the side.

No. 225197


Yeah right. As if she wouldn't bring clothes with her. Unless she brought very little and is purchasing clothes to take back with her to Japan for that 'edgy tay tay urban hip hop' style that seems to be all a go with Jvloggers right now.

No. 225203

I saw the tweet as her trying to prove that she's not fat since everyone has been talking about her weight. I would doubt her fitting into Kaka's current clothes let alone clothes that she wore in middle school.

No. 225205


Exactly. Kaka was always the mangey skinny one.

Sure dakota's weight gain wasn't due to birth control though? implants or anything? idk how it works in Japan but maybe it all piled on and her doing shit all while playing video games thus eating doesn't help either?

No. 225211


Be funny if she was only home due to losing her modelling job.


Who the fuck keeps clothing from when they were wee teens … And its like she's also saying she's wearing Kaka's clothing to excuse her shit style and clothing. ( It does look like a thrift store/second hand konda outfit )

No. 225363

Lol, I like to imagine she's home to say "bitch where's my $5000?" to her parents after finding out about Lilou's new career in the movies.

No. 225397


Why can't Hiroshi get her drama parts then? Taylor got a role and she can't speak Japanese for shit since they got a voice over which was awful.

The closest drama kota was on was that Kiss tv show.

No. 225420

she looks really pretty here.
wtf is up with japanese reality tv? It always has an audience reacting to it, is there a name for that? I feel like there's nothing this sickly sweet and artificial in the west

No. 225428


She looks decent here at the most but her face is still incredibly longish. She's average pretty at the most but still prettier than her sister I say. But not model tier at all.

Its because snogging in Japan is seldom and shit like that. Plus they love going overboard with emotions and being cute. In the UK or US people just kiss like no tomorrow and its seen as nothing special.

No. 225476

This is how I read it as well. "I'm so smol i fit into teenager clothes, totes not a hambeast".

This reminds me of how Kaka couldn't afford to check a luggage and wore that one outfit in Japan. It's kind of worrying that they can't afford the 20 or so dollars to simply check luggage.

No. 225484

Every international flight I've been on has given me one checked bag free… And I fly as cheap as possible lol

No. 225488

Exactly, makes you wonder what kind of crazy cheap tickets they are using.

No. 225493

A backpack would be a carry on/personal item though.

The only situation i can imagine is that she was traveling alone to the airport (perhaps via subway/bus/etc.) and didn't want to have to carry so much luggage. It's embarrassing on public transit and a pain since some trains haven't got escalators or elevators.

No. 225516

Her nose looks so ugly here.

No. 225561

Are you the same person? Because you're the best Kota deshooper I've seen ITT, good job with that wizardry.

No. 225632

File: 1483263339411.png (75.37 KB, 640x670, IMG_4246.PNG)

So fucking kawaii omg!!

No. 225633

lmao fuck

No. 225656

File: 1483276639250.jpg (836.72 KB, 2156x1339, 1483221985127.jpg)

She looks really pretty without excessive editing. I wish I could understand why she bothers with this.

No. 225667

a ha ha.

No. 225675

I'd be really interested to know if she even goes back to Japan. Although I think if the plan was for her not to go back she wouldn't admit to coming back to the states.

No. 225676

Is she trying to look like the cat? Lmao

No. 225680


Is it really that weird to keep stuff you used to wear in middle school? If it still fits and can work with your current style, why throw it out?


Oof. Neither of those pictures are flattering.

No. 225681

I can't believe her parents encourage this shit. It's beyond embarrassing, what an elephant in the room. "So proud of our daughter for getting pseudo d-list famous for editing and manipulating the shit out of her photos until she looks like a mentally challenged fetus!"

The fact that she's continually shopping to look mentally retarded at this point…wtf.

No. 225683

>Tinfoil hat time
I wonder if Japan's started to become less appealing to Koots now that Kaka's been bitten by the Hollywood bug and will be appearing in a (albeit terrible looking) full length movie. Maybe she wants a piece of that too. It just seems like a weird coincidence that now Kaka is doing something that Koots decides to go back to the US.

No. 225685

It is the holidays, so its not that weird to go visit her family. I don't think Dakota is too jealous, she seems to still be delusional about being a full-time moderu.

No. 225713

File: 1483295672760.jpg (1.05 MB, 1600x1600, 201701011205739001.jpg)

Facetune deshoop

No. 225716

She needs to stop putting white eyeshadow all over and under her fucking lids. It looks retarded like babby's first makeup session.

No. 225717

I agree. I'm currently wearing the pants that I wore on the first day of 7th grade 1998.

No. 225724


It is a little. But I guess thats also because my mom bought my clothing and chose it at that age, and I wouldn't be caught dead wearing cartoon shirts and bottoms. Also wasn't Kaka into scene clothing at that age ? Non of what koot's is wearing looks like something Kaka would wear.

This clothing looks straight up old, like old as in she picked clothing out of her mothers closet because she's too chunky to wear anything Kaka wore, especially when Kaka was younger and even thinner then she is now.

No. 225726



I dont think Kaka will go far in that career at all though. I dont wish her the best either because shes a piece of shit. But tens the betting Dakota will try doing something similar this year too.

No. 225737

She looks super cute and this was really sweet to watch. I hope she will return to this aesthetic and attitude.

No. 225739

I agree, I can't believe this is the same person as the one in the video with Pikarin

No. 225740

File: 1483300280299.jpg (668.74 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpg)

Thought I'd join in the deshooping again …

No. 225745

You made her look like j lo

No. 225748


they literally wore them every single time they went out tho, her and kiki used to live in them

No. 225749


weren't they home schooled for middle school

No. 225759

File: 1483303641556.jpg (564.35 KB, 790x960, img1483302652551.jpg)

Oops deleted because I thought it was wrong one… It was right! My first deshoop.

No. 225781

this is prob the most accurate one
it really looks like her meaty jaw

No. 225906

Not bad, her upper lip needs to be reduced and her eyes need to be closer together while one is higher than the other. Her forehead also needs to match the jaw width.

Interestingly your deshoop made me notice how her turtleneck is all fucked up due to shoop around her neck. Same for the cat's arm becoming huge.

No. 225996

Koot is an alien fetus in this pic but that kitty is adorbs

10/10 would pet and give kisses

No. 226003

Look at Kiki's tits. They're saggy as all hell.

Looks like kotex has it just as bad, maybe worse. shitty titty genes

No. 226214

Nah, they dropped out of sawgrass middle school in 2008(?) to be home schooled.

No. 226223

It's a little weird, since Dakota claimed she didn't go home for the holidays 2 years ago because of money issues, andnif she doesn't have a marriage visa, this would be around the time she would need to renew (3 years since her last home trip). You have to leave Japan while your visa is being renewed. So far though she's still on Bravo's website.

I love that she forgot about the rolls and stretched fabric of the shirt on her belly lol

No. 226226

You don't have to leave Japan while your visa is being renewed. I'm in the same process right now and still here waiting for my visa.

No. 226246

I think you do for an entertainment visa.

No. 226253

As in, she forgot to bring extra clothes back while visiting FL? Did she not bring any luggage or anything with her?

This. That abomination doesn't look like anything Kiki ever wore or would ever wear. And it definitely wouldn't fit Dakota if Kiki wore it in middle school, Kiki was half hernsize even when they were both little.

No. 226255

File: 1483340062499.png (129.27 KB, 640x1030, IMG_3507.PNG)

Maybe she can't afford to pay her taxes and she's trying to skip out to save money.

No. 226256

File: 1483340247779.png (157.65 KB, 640x919, IMG_3509.PNG)

No. 226310

This is exactly it. She hasn't made much money this year and if she had to pay further taxes on it, she literally made none.

No. 226318


Actually look back on Kiki's old yearbook picture from when she actually DID attend school. The one where her hair is like it is now currently before her emo days. She's got that ugly rainbow necklace on and some horrid graphic blue shirt.

She would have worn shit like that anon. It's only growing up did she realise that stuff was ugly. Then again she would have been young and not probably have cared much about fashion anyway.

No. 226335

Are you really trying to compare a rainbow necklace and unicorn t shirt to the atrocity Dakota is wearing? That's like something out of the ladies' section where your older aunt shops.

No. 226336

If her apartment, bills and living expenses were her payment in lieu of money, she would still have to pay taxes on that and provide proof of income & jobs for the duration of her last contract, supposedly the last 3 years.

No. 226349


Not just that anon but have a look at the 2005 pics of kaka where she's in a shitty thing 1 t-shirt and other ugly clothes. So yes, I am comparing it. She probably had more clothes than just a fucking rainbow unicorn t-shirt anon. Kaka and koot have never had good fashion taste, EVER.

Everything was and is always paired weirdly. Especially with Dakota.

No. 226350


I can't believe people are trying to imply Koots is skinny enough to fit Kik's middle school clothing. Girl is beefy.

No. 226353


At this point I think koot should just go back to Florida and try making do in America. Maybe beg her parents for a sum of money to fund her acting too. Ugh.

No. 226356

Idk she'll have to leech from kiki's connections with acting. She tried her modeling career in US and failed- shes better off being in Japan when she gets away with shooping herself to the extreme and where it can be seen as a norm + gajin. I don't even know how she can compete with the typical beauties who parade around social media over here- she can't use her real life Barbie niche

No. 226357


She should go back to her old video editing style which drew in the crowd. I'd be a liar if I said I didn't enjoy some of her old aftereffects videos on Youtube. I know they were fake, but I still liked them. She should return to youtube and try getting into shape. Japan isn't working for her anymore ..

No. 226391

Japan really seems to ruin white weebs in one way or another eventually…

No. 226424


Same here they were fake but they looked pretty. Thing is they take too much time and she's a lazy cunt. Her style is different now anyway…


It really does. I know Venus has a large following still but she's still freak either way. Japanese already caught on to dakota's bullshit anyway so they can't be fooled again.

No. 226490


Well, then its the lazy cunts fault she's irrelevant,poor and fat. Fame and money don't come for free, and editing videos is better then waiting around to get noticed in a country that has actual beauty standards that she doesn't meet.

Her popularity and image are fake and she may as well go back to her safe space where she can continue to fake it.

No. 226785

She's been in America since Christmas, and hasn't made any new posts suggesting she's back in Japan yet. She bought more followers and views for he IG, and on her line blog aw says she forgot to bring her bag with her to America so she has to wear Kiki's old clothes. She came back for Christmas without any clothes? Wtf?

No. 226792


>Her Mothers old clothes

She would never fit Kiki's old middle school clothing, not at the weight/size she's at.

Maybe she's home begging for money from mom and dad. Anyways she doesn't get any jobs so I'm sure she isn't missing out on anything by being back at home. For all we know she might be deciding not to return because she misses America and her Edgelord sister. ( This was the first time she's been home in like 2 years ) Florida is full of weeby crap if she needed a fix.

No. 226801

I just think it's interesting that she suddenly is in America for xmas and didn't bring any clothes with her. Something is fishy about that.

No. 226819

She only has ugly oversized sweaters and one pair of shoes. What's there to bring?
If anything it's a chance to beg for some money from the parents without having to admit she failed.

No. 226820

I'm sure she owns more than one outfit. She can't be walking around in borrowed clothes all day. if she has to borrow clothes because she forgot her bag, and it isn't implied she had any luggage or a hotel room to go back to and change, why can't you bring a small bag? You have to be in your passport, ID, wallet, phone, etc. couldn't you for a spare outfit into a small backpack? How do you get to the airport with your ticket, passport and phone and not notice you don't have your bag?

No. 226865

OR she brought her clothes and just wanted to use an excuse to humble brag about ~fitting~ into her sisters middle school clothes. This is the same girl who tried to say a wig was spray-on color.

All they do is lie.

No. 226876

Oh come on. She is not beefy by any means.

No. 226887

Also Kota left some of her old clothes in America too, we've seen Kiki wearing some of them. Unless they threw them to the trashcan.

No. 226895

Dude… The fact that we're even discussing this. What the fuck.

No. 226943


She definitely had a bag on hand. I highly doubt she's borrowing her sisters skiddies ( underwear ) too. She probably saw here that she is being called fat/chubby and wanted to rub it in our faces that she's soooo smol.

Bitch should just hit the gym rather then try to pull the wool over our eyes.

No. 226951

Yeah personally each time she brags about how tiny she, I assume that she's recently gained weight.

No. 226975

Sure, ana chan.

No. 226982

But she's certainly not skinny enough to fit into Kiki's old clothes since Kiki has always been very skinny. Kota used to be skinny, but not anymore.

No. 226985

wtf do you know what stretch fabric is? Lycra? Also I have seen not so skinny people wearing Small size stuff, even children clothing, it all depends on the fabric, brand etc..

No. 226989

Just because it'll go over your body doesn't mean that it fits or that it's flattering. Regardless of whose clothing Koots is wearing, it looks like she had to be poured into it. Not cute.

No. 227016

Well I doubt they are Kaka's old clothes, but Kota is still skinny. She is not beefy. She's a skinny chick and I don't think her BMI is over 19 or 20.

No. 227028

File: 1483495141323.jpg (183.42 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Lol. I wonder why they removed it. Possible because of obvious bought views

No. 227030

File: 1483495220176.png (673.51 KB, 938x604, Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 8.59…)


I also find it strange that she's posting in english…

No. 227031

File: 1483495253297.png (491.88 KB, 938x602, Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 8.59…)


Sorry for the spam.. She posted 3 times.


No. 227032

She is not that skinny either, well definitely not below 18, actually I think she looks healthy.

No. 227035


does she know that only her cringey old lady sister uses that term? it's retarded

Is she literally posing in Walmart? Because it looks like she's at an empty Walmart at like 3 am… If so that's sad on so many levels. And her mom probably took the pic.

oh hey her eyebrows don't look straight up retarded here and she actually left some wrinkles under her eyes

The way she shoops out every blood vessel in the whites of her eyes is so unsettling

No. 227037

nice best buy, very high fashion

No. 227038

how many views did the old one have, does anyone remember? will be interesting if this gets anywhere near that.

No. 227043


Over 1mil


Do I spot natural toned down lips ? I was starting to forget what her natural shooped lips looked like in comparison to her typical anus lips.

No. 227047

I hadn't even noticed but I think you might be right. Maybe not "natural" but they certainly look a lot better. I hope this is a sign of her trying to go back into her old shooping style. Maybe a last ditch attempt to gain back relevance? Did Japan give her the boot for good?

No. 227049

File: 1483496754268.jpeg (160.71 KB, 749x964, image.jpeg)

Just noticed this. She's so vain.

No. 227083

The only reason that anyone would assume that you're a child, Koots is because you shoop yourself into one (most likely to compete with an actual child model).
But this shit confirms that she is just as obnoxious and full of herself as ever.

No. 227090

that outfit….. …….. …..

………well the lips look better

No. 227092

She doesn't look like a child at all in candids. Wow she is really deluded. How does she get people in real life to go along with this. Doesn't anyone question her?

No. 227113

File: 1483502272194.jpg (143.98 KB, 1160x583, Capture.JPG)

Deshoop out of boredom

No. 227116

File: 1483502588177.png (143.66 KB, 297x272, reqtbw.png)

No. 227126

Nobody assumes she's a child. She looks 30.

No. 227127

you made her look like chloe moretz haha (good deshoop though!)

No. 227129

Damn, did I hit a sore spot? Kota isn't a lard ass, but she's nowhere near Kiki's size, current or past.

No. 227132

Chloe Moretz is a thousand times prettier than her, even when she's having these unfortunate weight issues.

No. 227139

could it be? could her shoops be improving again? her last few ones look better, closer to her old style.

No. 227170

No. 227174

File: 1483510900741.png (202.4 KB, 500x497, 1462862617320.png)

No. 227244

Idk, but I don't think she's staying this long in America because she wants to.

If they remove her heart braid hairstyle one in gonna laugh so hard. She bought over 4.9Mil views for that one.

No. 227245

File: 1483522440393.png (113.73 KB, 640x998, IMG_3527.PNG)

She followed some meme page for some reason. Probably for some kind of promo maybe?

No. 227255

File: 1483527518979.png (83.97 KB, 640x846, IMG_3532.PNG)

And now she doesn't, lol.

Hi Dakota!

No. 227256

File: 1483527587050.png (105.02 KB, 636x914, IMG_3528.PNG)

No. 227257

File: 1483527704320.png (119.14 KB, 297x297, Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 5.55…)


In 9 fucking hours … She waste no time in buying those views and likes and comments. She's aiming to have this one taken down as well at this rate.

Keep it up Koot's, Ig will eventually remove your entire IG for violating terms of service.

No. 227277

>im so smol liek child that must be why it was taken down, not the bot views

I bet she's so mad that the paid views went up in a puff of smoke that she had to compliment herself in the same breath.

what the fuck is this mess hahah

No. 227280


Its always sad when someone has to compliment themselves to excuse and distract from stupidity.

She's dressed like one of those cheap fake Russian hookers in the movies. It looks like she's in an ikea store, maybe picking out new furniture for her bedroom ? ( Maybe secretly moving back home, maybe her contracts about to end reaaaallllyy soon. )

No. 227284

She misspelled "shooping".

No. 227288

That forehead is freaking me the fuck out. Otherwise it's a nice pic of her.

No. 227289

Already at 191k only an hour later. I don't believe that shit for a second.

No. 227304

She should be back by now, she can't afford new nails and shoes much less a 2 week break from what few unflattering jobs she was getting. Hiroshi must be trying to convince them to renew her contract once it expires.

No. 227326


What jobs ? like 2-3 every other month… if even.

She can stay as long as she wants since she rarely gets anything. Maybe she took down the apartment tour video because she's abandoning ship and sent everything home via mail ( not that she owned a whole lot as her apartment was practically barren ).

No. 227327

Posing in a deserted Best Buy.
I'm cringing, she's back to being a dumbass. Doesn't take long around the Ostrengas.

No. 227330

literally the only person other than Kiki who says this

No. 227337

She can't actually. She has to maintain a minimum amount of work per month to keep her visa. Taking a 2 week break when her last job was a week before that only leaves her with one more week to find a low tier rush job once she does get back (if she goes back next week). If Beavo drops her we'll know because they'll have to take her off their website.

No. 227339

File: 1483540287806.png (82.39 KB, 640x952, IMG_3534.PNG)

Dropped my pic

No. 227342

File: 1483540555628.png (134.58 KB, 626x1026, IMG_3536.PNG)

No. 227346

>I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for people who depend on SNS for their livelihood.

ia she implying she doesn't? Because if that's the case then she's not a real model lol

No. 227347

It's already obvious that's she's back to being just like Kiki.
I had hopes for her.
Oh well.

No. 227352

She's listed on Bravo's website, but not as a Bravo model on Models.com. They have 114 female models listed


No. 227383

I think it's often used in Japan though

No. 227384


Yeah guys, what >>227383 said. A lot of people use SNS in Japan so chill. My boyfriend & his friends use it.

No. 227386

But Dakota is American and wasn't writing in Japanese to her Japanese audience. She wrote that essay just for us, her English speaking jelly lezbo haterzzzzzz. She never posts in English unless it's basic af and he and Kiki are the only weebs who still try to replace "social media" with SNS because it makes them think they sound cool and foreign.

No. 227389


How often do they update the Bravo website ?

Maybe if someone has nothing to do they can cross check all the models ( female ) to see if its only Koots that doesn't appear as a Bravo model on that site.

No. 227393

even funnier is that describes kiki, who can't even let go of her kiki kannibal accounts for attention while trying to start fresh as Lilou Vos

No. 227404

im sure these are joke posts but keeks was calling social media "sns" way back in myspace days.

i have literally never seen anyone use it in my entire life, anywhere, but when keeks uses it and now when kotex used it.

No. 227416

could it be her video got taken down because she bought too many views and likes?

No. 227424

2017 would be my favorite year if koots gets dropped from bravo and has to bum it back to florida.

No. 227434

No. 227446

I dont see how she keeps getting jobs. She not really pretty or unique to stand out on her own, and she doesnt doesnt compare to other models there.

No. 227450


Dude she gets the "any white chick will do" gigs… like idk once or twice a month if lucky.


I'm curious to see what she does if she does get the boot. I wonder if she'd follow IG trends and start drawing cholo makeup on her face. ( what I personally think of the trending makeup )

No. 227459

File: 1483560897068.jpg (435.9 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpg)

Sorry to samefag.

But damn Kooter fuzz, this must sting like a bitch. Not even Taylor's worst vloggs does this piss poor.

No. 227568

Is that even enough views to generate ad revenue from?

No. 227570

but what can kota do that other white models living in Japan can't? Im surprised she was ever signed at all.

No. 227574


>What can Kota do that other white models living in Japan can't

Tell a supreme lie that gets you called "human barbie" and a signed contract before even entering the country. Ain't no white chick pull such wool over an entire country. Actually she's the only one whose pulled off such massive lies. I doubt anyone has anywhere near those balls.

No. 227594

I've seen a lot of actual models around Tokyo, the kind that's 6ft, 15 year old catwalk-looking girl with long hair parted in the middle, and never wears makeup. The kind that makes you go "Damn, she's definitely here for modeling". They all look like clones of each other. But they're the ones who get real jobs. Like big brands commercial/fashion shows model jobs. Not "I'm a model in Japan" weeb TV show appearances.

No. 227998

facts af


No. 228180

She pulled that wool but it was with a long game of professional level shooping and crazy after effects.

Normal people weren't even aware such things were possible. I remember posts (which were probably Kota herself in retrospect) posting "it's not AE, that's her real face!" Plus it was hard to believe that anyone would actually go great lengths to morph their face at the time.

No. 228292


Its really unbelievable how much dedication and work she put into those shoops and AE( virtual reality )… To bad she couldn't put that effort and dedication into her actual real life. How far she has fallen.

Lazy cunt..

No. 228299

She really, REALLY fucked herself over. She will never do better than when she was signed with Popteen. That could've opened so many doors for her. But like you said she got lazy and slacked off. And I doubt that another opportunity like that will ever come her way again.

No. 228304

File: 1483667843819.jpg (119.82 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Jesus fuck … Almost 5 mil … She doesn't believe in subtlety what so ever.


Really makes you wonder what her shoops and videos would look like if she never left for Japan. She'd probably actually be doing really financially well and have product deals with companies like Wengie. Instead she preferred a title " model " even though is was low tier nobody shit.

No. 228322

And only 700 comments… sure Kota.

Not exactly the same, but I was curious and looked up a video on Kim Kardashian's IG. It was posted three months ago, and has about 12m views, so Kota's has a little less than half of that. Then I see that Kim's video has a crazy 18.3k comments, while Kota has a whopping 700 on hers. So I cal total BS.

(Yes Kim's IG has 90m followrs, but comparing a view:comment ratio, its somewhat similar)

No. 228409

File: 1483678624612.jpg (88.99 KB, 1044x215, Untitled.jpg)

No. 228444

File: 1483686366750.jpg (91.7 KB, 1080x1080, 15803576_111346742703791_36639…)

Collared shirt + tie choker…? Wut. Her sense of style is tragic.

No. 228445

That ugly cheap looking pentagram on the cheap looking link chain is pretty awful too. It's like late 90's high school attire all over again, why does she still wear that?

No. 228448

I was just about to say, re:the dollar store pentagram necklace. Also the kawaii baby face shoop (which looks REALLY off even in the zoomed out preview) doesn't match the weird 90's inspired instagram ho meets tumblr witch girl outfit she's trying to pull off.

No. 228451

Damn, this pic is so cute.
It's in style, has been for months. People are wearing 90s stuff and velvet ribbon/string cord chokers are the main staple. Honestly at this point I wonder what's wrong with girls who DON'T have one yet.

No. 228452

~Lilou~ is wearing the same shit lately. Related, this looks like a cafe in LA and if that's the case, Dakota is out in Cali with her sister looking for opportunities.

>Experience: 117 followers in IG; Japanese daytime television

No. 228454

File: 1483688931028.gif (1.93 MB, 380x499, What A Mess.gif)

She could have left out that shoestring choker and that outfit would have been somewhat decent despite the pentacle necklace.

She overdid it anon, the top portion of that shirt is meant to seem like a choker by itself, she ruined it with the mismatched piece of string lol.

No. 228457

File: 1483690155798.jpg (38.61 KB, 619x432, 234657568568648.jpg)

I don't even hate kota and I know she looks fucking terrible in this pic. What is cute about it? The way she's shooped her face/head is actually off-putting and scary, and as others have said, the outfit is a tragedy. She's mashing random aesthetics together and it doesn't work.

Also those shoestring chokers look ridiculously trashy, are you drunk?

No. 228465

yeah but you don't wear all of them at once lol

>Honestly at this point I wonder what's wrong with girls who DON'T have one yet.

because 90's fashion was awful and not everybody likes it?

No. 228483

Taylor: 232k followers
Most recent video views:

Dakota: 117k followers
Most recent video views:

No. 228495

Ya need jesus to help you with fashion.

No. 228511

File: 1483707809215.png (1.74 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2016-12-09-12-16-40…)

Lol that fetus face shoop. Any agency/business/client that hires her must be so disappointed.

No. 228512

her lip makeup is improving. but damn eyes shooped too far apart

No. 228514

File: 1483708066382.png (1.84 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2016-12-09-12-19-37…)

Girl if this is what you think a child looks like, you need better circle lenses.

No. 228525

File: 1483710280440.jpg (135.38 KB, 749x843, image.jpg)


Kooter fuzz needs to wash her fucking hair … It looks greasy af. And I doubt she'll make it in LA as she can't even make it in low tier modelling in Japan. Bitch is stiff in front of the camera and LA won't be as kind about her shooping as Japan is.

No. 228526

What the actual fuck?! Does she seriously think that shoop looks good? Oh my dear lord….

No. 228529

Ok'd like she kept her actual jawline? Wonder if she couldn't shoop it without that ugly neck thing she is wearing distorting to hell and back

No. 228530


It's a deshop guys. Scroll up and you'll see the original

No. 228538


Just hover your mouse over the person I quoted and you'll see the pictures side by side … sorta. I glad to here you think its her natural jaw line though, guess that means I did good on that part. heh

No. 228584

File: 1483722511499.jpg (592.08 KB, 1915x2553, image.jpg)

Okay.. Sorry to same fag and bring up something already proven .. Just creeped Kaka's IG and wanted to state and ask something

1) Did Kooter fuzz gift her sister those shoes ? She was that broke ? I'm so sure they were in her house tour video plus taken with her to Japan years ago. ( or did she actually move all her stuff back to Florida ?? )
2) kek, is Kooter trying to imply that those shoes were " size 5 " that kaka is wearing. Funny, and just sorta proves she was never size 5 during that time if Keeks is wearing them now.

No. 228605

>Did Kooter fuzz gift her sister those shoes ?
Idk if she gave Kiki those shoes but she has left a lot of her old clothes/shoes/etc at her parent's house that Kiki wears from time to time.

They could've just gotten matching pairs. Those shoes aren't expensive at all.

>kek, is Kooter trying to imply that those shoes were " size 5 "

She's actually implying they're smaller. (I wear a 22.5 and I'm a size 5/5.5)

I believe she's a size 22.5. Iirc, her modeling profile has always said that was her shoe size. I also remember that she once bought a pair of shoes from rakuten where the smallest size they sold for them was a 23, and in the pictures of her wearing them, they did seem to be a little big on her.

No. 228608

That caption… Is it just me or does it sound like she's trying to write in broken English?

No. 228618

File: 1483728479935.jpg (311.29 KB, 1112x1977, IMG_8402.JPG)

Types of comments she leaves.

No. 228619

File: 1483728510506.jpg (307.2 KB, 1138x2023, IMG_8403.JPG)

No. 228620

File: 1483728555712.jpg (302.33 KB, 1134x2015, IMG_8404.JPG)

Types of comments she deletes.

No. 228623

File: 1483729071327.jpg (72.06 KB, 750x468, image.jpg)


True. Still Kooter fuzz was claiming that she wore size five when she bought them and if they are the same ones that she was wearing then, then they most certainly were not size 5 if Keeks is wearing them now.

( I'm a size five aswell, and wearing runners or flat shoes .5 to a full size bigger is fine .. But heels are just a nope and hurt like a bitch if they're not the correct size. )

I just found it odd for Keeks to be suddenly wearing them while we've been speculating Koots of being in LA . Also if Kiki did move then maybe that explains why Koots had a picture in what looked to be ikea. Home decor shopping for Keeks ?


That's actually google translate since this post was originally written in Japanese.

No. 228669

She wrote in the caption that her winter holidays end today, so she probably goes back to Japan?

No. 228671


This is why Dakota and Kaka fail so much. They fail to bring good content to the table and only want praise when they don't work for shit.

In this day and age to be relevant online you have to throw content out. Good quality stuff otherwise: no one cares.

Dakota has not got a chance in hell ever beating half the Instabaddies at their own game. Instagram will not bring her anything because she doesn't suit the aesthetic. Her or her sister.

She was doing well when she first started the doll thing and updated her blog but there was room for improvement like making things look more presentable. Now she doesn't bother doing anything.

No. 228673


Anon those shoes are like… 5-6 years old. They're old tat you can buy on Taobao and Aliexpress.

No. 228674


Nothing about this outfit is fashionable. I like the colour of the top though but her new style is boring. She's hardly a fashion blogger even in her modelling days.

No. 228678

You know what I think farmers…

I think Japan was never the place Dakota set her mind to and I think her time in Japan now she's obviously striving for a new style ect. It was all just to build up a portfolio of work to probably take back home to America and try flogging it off to agencies to show she's actually been doing something throughout the end of her teenage years to now as a young adult.

I think this was all planned… Dakota knew what she was obviously doing all along. She knew she would fit the market for either China or Japan as a model. Yeah she had an interest in Anime back in the day when Kaka used to take the piss out of her for it… liking Fruits baskets or whatever.

I generally think Dakota is trying to get somewhere else now. She's dead as a model, she knows she doesn't look that great and is probably bored as fuck now that her reign is over.

So she might pair up with kaka in the near future for roles and have her folks buy her some shit. Shame Hiroshi can't just give her something in Japan since she can speak the language and all.

No. 228683

The 4.9 mill views is so ridiculous and inflated, even compared to her other video views.

Honestly, she probably could have had more success over here after her initial blow up, but it would have been a lot harder for her to hide the fact that she's all photoshop.

No. 228684

omg this is so tragic

No. 228685

Don't be too sure.I still have a feeling that Bravo will somehow finagle her a drama. I mean she won't deserve it and will probably be awful in it (beyond her Japanese being decent) but they'll shove her into it like shoved her into her whole career. If Koots had even a remote amount of talent or work ethic, she would be sitting pretty right now. I've honestly never seen an agency push a shitty model as hard as Bravo pushed her.

No. 228687

Agreed I honestly think she's just waiting out her contract, and saving some money. I kinda feel if she wanted to stay in Japan she would have made the most of the whole popteen/tv thing. I honestly don't blame her though if I had to choose fame in the U.S or fame in Japan,I would choose the U.S

No. 228688


you obv aren't a girl. its so embarrassing when guys have no idea what they're talking abt.

No. 228691

But she was making the most of it. She just fucked up badly being an asshole on tv and thinking that being cute would absolve her.

No. 228693

Not to mention actually having a decent career going for her with the whole Popteen thing but blowing it by being too lazy to stay in shape and maintain a decent style

No. 228712

She was first signed with Bravo through their LA office and then went on to Japan to work there. Hiroshi might be trying to use Bravo LA to get Dakota some work, and meanwhile Kiki can fuck her way into another z-list sperg role for her *~Lilou Voss~* IMDB.

No. 228713

>some work so she can renew her Japan work visa legally because she got shit for jobs in the last 6 months and now it's tax season

No. 228722

I don't know what kind of work Koots can get. She and Kaka are not even close to the level of actress/model wannabies you can find dime a dozen in LA.

No. 228725


Their parents groomed them to think they're talented and their shit don't stink. They'll try and even when the ship is sinking they will scream success rather then abandon ship. I mean look at how proud Koots is of her low tier model title and Kaka #actressing everything after one shit gig.

No. 228751

This. Dakota and Kiki look like malnourished, cheap high school dropouts with no friends who only seek fame to feel better than others. They're not willing to do the kind of work that the thousands of other desperate white girls in LA who just turned 18 and ran away from their old lives andnwill do anything it takes. Kiki and Kota expect LA to hand them as much as their parents and Hiroshi have for them.

No. 228753

I believe that picture of Kiki is actually a rather older photo that she spammed on her Lilou Vos account.

No. 228773


She should have stuck with Popteen and asked to work with other big brands. It might have lead further. Why did Popteen drop her anyway?

No. 228774

File: 1483742236449.jpg (844 KB, 800x1138, gemma-ward-08x.jpg)

She couldve lost the choker OR wore a normal sweater, not sure why her stylist chose both? i honestly hate the choker sweater trend. thankfully fast fashion works in weeks.
I just think that ps job looks like a precious baby doll there, like 2000s gemma ward!
I agree that is was awful but come on. you have to be one of the only few weird ass millenials who doesn't romanticize the 90s.
I am a girl, and I've seen pretty much every ig girl with like any followers wearing a string choker. theyre cute and basic enough to go with everything, and only like $4 at h&m.

No. 228775


Agreeing with this. I have a feeling that is what is happening too to be honest. She has been dried up for ages now so something NEEDS to give. Ill laugh my ass off if Koot gets some part in a film and Kaka too. Mediocre actresses/models…

No. 228784

File: 1483743302897.gif (679.3 KB, 779x767, output_AWKXhK.gif)

you guys are a bad influence on me and this is mean but

No. 228785

File: 1483743520498.png (646.15 KB, 779x767, overlay.png)

if she REALLY does wanna look this way irl, she could get it done in korea for like, 3 grand. those surgeons could make even a deformed woman incredibly lovely.

No. 228787

File: 1483744555808.jpg (184.33 KB, 1080x1080, kootitooot.jpg)

You ain't fooling anyone

No. 228791

What stylist? Bitch doesn't have a stylist.
She picks this shit herself. She's just fashion-illiterate. Always has been.
She looks nothing like Gemma there.

No. 228795


Dunno why she thought elongating her head would look good. She looks greasy too, wonder if kaka isn't letting her use any hot water now that she may be paying for it herself.

No. 228796

she said once Gemma Ward was her favorite model. she wishes she looked like her.

she makes her eyes farther apart and larger tho, there's no surgery for that.

No. 228799


Good. It makes her look like a retard when she pushes her eyes further apart.

No. 228802

Maybe she can't go back to Japan until she can prove to Bravo she has enough earning potential to renew her contract for her visa

No. 228803

I'm laughing so fucking hard what the fuck is that fake ass painted on face this dumb bitchhhh

No. 228806

Stop trying to make Kooter fuzz happen. It isn't going to happen.

No. 228807

It was Best Buy. Not IKEA.

No. 228811

Sage for OT fangirling, I've always loved her dolly face so much. Dacote fucking wishes

No. 228813

I can see why she likes Gemma Ward, girl is gorgeous, but their faces look nothing alike. If she were smart, Kota would just be inspired by Ward and try to create a style similar but not exactly the same and alter it to fit her better.

No. 228815

If she were smart she'd get that hideous chin shaved down and stop being a lazy embarrassment lol

No. 228820


It's a nickname I chose to call her not a fucking catchphrase I'm trying to make trendy. Stop searching for little shit to squabble about.

No. 228822

I thought that it was Vlada who was her favorite. she certainly based her pre-kawaii shoop style on her.
I actually don't think her chin or really any part of her face is hideous. It's just that it doesn't suit kawaii fashion/Japanese beauty standards at all. Not her fault, just the way her face matured. Kind of ironic though considering.

No. 228831

that's an old pic from the "Im raiding Kota's wardrobe" era (2013-2014 I think?) Kiki just reposted it to the lolou vos account

No. 228834

File: 1483749909730.png (585.35 KB, 1006x640, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

No. 228843



No. 228900


Ah, I see.
Funny how when Koots was little she was always dressing in/like Kaka's scene weenie clothing, and now its the older sis trying to look/dress like the younger one.

No. 228901

what kind of uncivilized freak lays in bed with their shoes on

No. 228902

after all Ostrengas aren't famous for being clean and tidy

No. 228994

Who wears shoes in the fucking house. Sliipers i understand but heels!

No. 228997

I guess she hates her downstairs neighbours.

No. 229064

File: 1483770320480.png (533.56 KB, 680x386, compare tho.png)



No. 229067

With their sister's shoes on*

No. 229079


The same fucking caption, even. lol.

No. 229086

lol just stop.

No. 229093

I noticed that too. Kirsten is so… unoriginal.

No. 229097

Holy shit..

No. 229116

According to her new tweet she's back in Japan now

No. 229161

Who the hell assumes shes a child pfft

No. 229169

File: 1483800647224.jpg (36.75 KB, 482x365, kooter.jpg)


How far she has fallen …

Fuckin hell she's aged sooooo badly.

No. 229170

Wtf is that thing on her head? Is it supposed to look like a bullet hole? Gross even if that's what it's meant to be.

This was my fave era of hers though, cuter and a hell of a lot easier to pull off in person. Guess Dakota just wants to fail though, she keeps wasting time editing herself to be inhuman rather than working hard for her 'career'.

No. 229184

File: 1483804415366.jpg (56.3 KB, 612x612, 99769769.jpg)


Same. She was actually pretty cute back then that its crazy how badly she aged in just a few years.

Its from a really old photo shoot she did. I've been digging thru old crap.

No. 229187

Lol, I remember seeing pics like this when she first went to Japan and laughing at how far from her magical shoops she was. Now looking back: wtf? She was gorgeous, why didn't we see it before?

She looks like a bloated corpse these days.

No. 229194

I think the hairstyle and make up make a huge difference, she looks way better with bangs. If she would take care of herself a bit more she wouldn't look so haggard.

No. 229198

She thinks that people assuming her shoops are pics of a 7-12 year old = she looks like a 7-12 year old IRL.

No. 229207

She wasn't THAT far off from her shoops back then… I think her eye makeup really distracted from her jaw. Now that she hardly wears eye makeup and does that exaggerated lipliner it really draws attention to the lower portion of her face.

No. 229208

And has no bangs.

No. 229218

Is this shooped?? Because it actually looks good like her original shoops

No. 229219

samefag but tbh that does seem like a lot of eyeliner. I wear half that and it still stresses me out if I'm gonna fuck it up or not. She probably feels better not wearing all that anymore lol

No. 229220

Jowls aside, I feel like her nose is different now.

No. 229224

Her jaw was less prominent then because she was still a teenager. She hadn't finished growing up so to speak. But anyone back then looking at Cathy could see what Koot's future would be. She simply didn't have the genes to maintain the dolly/underage look past about her first year in Japan. It was even starting to be noticeable during Popteen era.

No. 229233

Kaka bragged about that too, people mistaking her for a ~middle schooler~ probably they meant it behavior wise, and kiki assumed it was a compliment.

No. 229244

File: 1483815338160.gif (877.74 KB, 488x275, kootergif.gif)


She also use to contour her jaw alot too. I remember someone saying they spotted her at the modelling agency and said she was cute and wore alot of shadowing/bronzer on her jaw. ( Though I can't remember if the person was confirmed as real when they were posting about it … Its been awhile )

No. 229248

Poorly aging nose job?

No. 229254

This looks SO bad, except ironically a lot better than how she currently looks.

No. 229287

Honestly I think her eyes and eyebrows look really good here. She def needs to go back to using eyeliner

No. 229296

Why the fuck does her unshooped face look like a smelly, angular foot? She always looks like an angry potato. I can't even imagine how she'll look in the next 2-5 years

No. 229297


Her face did used to be a lot tinier. I remember some old myspace video of koot and kaka going together to get kaka's hip/belly pierced or whatever. Some girl filming it kept going "Koti koti! hey koti look at the camera" and dakota wasn't listening much, she was laughing with her sister and got annoyed at the girl filming then blurted "Whaaaaat?!" you can see her face properly there. It was a lot tinier and heart shaped.

Now as we saw in that video in the OP that she has definitely aged. She is no doubt about 22/23 from the looks of it.

No. 229298

please get bangs again kota.

No. 229326

If I didn't know any better, I'd honestly think that this was a picture of some haggard pageant mom next to her kid. That brow ridge sure is something.

No. 229352

The whole Etude thing was hilarious, sad and forced at the same time; it's like she didn't wanted to work for them. What a waste of money and time.

I couldn't find these videos anymore on Etude's channel but apparently they remade the dolly themed promos


No. 229372

Why dosent she go the Taylor R route and get surgery done in Korea? Then she wouldnt have to send her mom to dox everyone when they post photos of her chuckie face.

No. 229385

too poor to afford it

No. 229394

imagine how much time it takes to edit every single fucking frame of videos you make and pose stiffly every time someone videos you so it'll be minimally easier to shoop

for hours

and hours

and hours

and hours