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File: 1488104087704.png (464.33 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1865.PNG)

No. 258509

Tumblr alt right blogger who plays the victim as much as the sjw snowflakes she's always baiting. Made up a poem about Mike Brown that got her doxxed. Jew who dated a white neo-nazi (he became one after they dated). Has been "engaged" several times although personally I think all her relationships are figments of her imagination as she never posts pics with her boyfriends. Has had multiple health "crisis" which may also be bullshit; currently has type 1 diabetes after suffering from from liver failure. Responds to any and al posts referencing her on Tumblr.

Links: www.tumblr.com/communismkills

Twitter and insta are also communismkills

No. 258513

sage for samefagging. She is also a "journalist" in D.C. who writes for the Daily Caller under her real name Ashley Rae Goldberg and uses clickbait titles to make a point about the regressive left. Claims to have never had sex, done drugs, drank or smoke in her life. Wants a baby like ASAP.

No. 258514

All I'd ever know about her until now is that she got doxxed after saying "Go ahead dox me lol" and that she gets into a lot of drama on Tumblr.
>Jew who dated a white neo-nazi (he became one after they dated)
This concept is kind of hilarious though

No. 258520

File: 1488105068639.png (Spoiler Image, 474.51 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1866.PNG)


Her ex is actually somewhat known in those circles. He is listed as an extremist on the southern poverty website. I think he tried to start a white student union a few years back.

No. 258721

Oh god can someone post one of her selfies..

No. 258732

File: 1488140400001.jpg (62.97 KB, 720x960, milokills.jpg)

here's her with milo - she's only 5'1 iirc

No. 258733

File: 1488140416686.png (317.47 KB, 522x418, communismkilllex.png)

Her ex (?)

No. 258735

File: 1488140530815.jpg (23.98 KB, 539x397, givemeyourshekels.jpg)

And this classic picture which tumblr users called her anti-semitic for.

Also, OP forgot to mention that she gained notoriety for making a mocking poem about Michael Brown and the whole ''buy my silence for 8000$ a month'' thing.

No. 258740

File: 1488140779320.png (269.84 KB, 540x289, tumblr_olizj6E7H71qhno7oo1_540…)

nvm op did mention the michael brown thing. they didn't mention that she was recently engaged and they broke up, then supposedly someone gave her flowers for valentine's day or something.

also this hilarious video:

No. 258743

''Dox me''…''the mean sjwoos doxxed me!''

No. 258744

She's not pretty and I don't agree with at lest half of what she has to say but it's honestly astonishing how many people waste their time trying to spread rumours about this chick. Isn't that what she wants? For hundreds of 14 year old 'trans' kids to try to shit on her so she can refute their statement? (I'd say point but tbh most of these kids just try to insult her and act cringey).
Still though, girl needs to learn how to use makeup and do something with that hair, it has potential.

No. 258752

yes! anyone got a screenshot of her gofundme campaign that was like "buy my silence"? fucking legendary stuff, she's a mess

No. 258753


sure, communism killed 100+million people. but this bitch communismkills killed my man Drake smh

No. 258754

File: 1488141649897.png (108.94 KB, 216x750, tumblr_inline_nhkh7rLQI91rytew…)

No. 258755

File: 1488141658874.jpg (45.69 KB, 500x264, tumblr_inline_ni1zrzu4Sq1rbp3e…)

No. 258759


this is literally the most extra thing i've seen. she's just that crazy.

No. 258760

File: 1488142075486.jpg (127.69 KB, 750x784, dsfgfhg.jpg)

she has to have autism

No. 258763

File: 1488142280150.png (27.23 KB, 687x517, gurllol.png)

the never ending back and forth of the tumblr crowd vs Ck is fucking hilarious to me

No. 258768

File: 1488142520312.jpg (91.39 KB, 500x669, reddd.jpg)


be careful who u call ugly in middle school /s

No. 258774


See heres the thing tho is that she said she broke up with him but then she referred to the guy who got her flowers as her fiance. She's a lying motherfucker bc I dont think she ever had a bf besides neo nazi Matt.

No. 258776

does any one have a screenshot of the person on tumblr that was like "whenever i'm about to make a password i use the credit card info of Communismkills's mother from that one time she got doxxed" it was so petty i couldn't stop laughing.

No. 258779


yeah, she's too weird.

No. 258784

File: 1488143213467.png (265.79 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1869.PNG)

More discussion of her jew hair and needing mommy and daddy to go with her.

No. 258787


>people look up to these uglies

No. 258788

saged for bit OT but i remember visiting her tumblr once a long time ago when it wasnt password protected. She had posted a deliberately inflammatory post about some palestinian university group but as i went to look at the notes it took me to a "post not found" page. I wouldnt be surprised if she does this semi-often to get people riled up and then play the victim card. There is a tumble dedicated to her reciepts but i cant remember what its called atm

No. 258789


it just hair… "oh no, my JEWISH hair can't just be cut, need to bring momma with me".

No. 258790

File: 1488143453543.png (149.7 KB, 1220x1494, IMG_2019.PNG)

This response makes me laugh every time

No. 258791


she absolutely does. posts something terrible, people call her out with screenshots, post disappears. she gets off on it.

No. 258793

File: 1488143544496.jpg (44.68 KB, 640x480, degrassi killer.jpg)


fucking kek

No. 258794

I'm literally crying right now kek

No. 258795

she's got some sizable knockers on her I'll give her that.

No. 258796

File: 1488143765159.png (507.99 KB, 834x597, tag pic.png)

i'm Rebecca

No. 258797

Thanks anon, glad I am not the only one who notices it. I remember the ruckus over the poem she made and how she tried to play coy but got called out. Cant lie she is pretty entertaining shes gotta be the thirstiest tumblr idiot out there and thats saying something!

No. 258798


i'll give her that but her Milo Thatch face is a lot.

No. 258799


yeah I agree. I've seen some ugly ass cows on here (this one included) but they always get by with their rack since boys think with their dick.

It's weird though, a while back she talked about making a 'HUGE' decision between staying where she lives for her job or moving across the country to move with her boyfriend/fiancé or whatever since he's getting a super well paying job. The downsides would be being far from family and needing to find work, but if her boyfriend made bank by getting the job I would accept in a heartbeat. I never noticed that before but it is weird how confusing she is with her relationships

No. 258801


Plus too her bf was a TA at her college and he got doxxed when she did even though literally there is no evidence of said bf who is a TA much less him ever being doxxed. She talked about moving for him but recently in a new post said he teaches law. WHAT IS THE TRUTH ASHLEY??

No. 258802

File: 1488143978646.jpg (18.69 KB, 272x328, IMG_2021.JPG)

LOL I was literally about to upload a pic of Milo

No. 258805

Man this bitch has been around for a long time


> Wants a baby like ASAP.

lol this is not surprising but she is too Jewish, loud, and ugly to be someone's dream Aryan housewife.

this woman is like an uglier Ann Coulter

No. 258806

File: 1488144249815.png (880.26 KB, 920x868, guns.png)

she's one of "those" people lol.

i know my screencaps look like shit but it was all in the communismkillscats tumblr.

for some reason Comunismkills thristing over ugly boys holding guns is really funny to me

No. 258809

How is it anti semetic if she's a Jew ? This is one thing Tumblr needs to chill on. She's just recreating 4chan's Jew caraciture for the lulz why is everyone so offended if they aren't Jewish?

No. 258829

oh s hit

i remember when this special snowflake bitch used to attention whore on /pol/ and when she got doxxed and cried about someone using her credit card

shes so fucking cringy

No. 258831

File: 1488146000639.jpg (137.71 KB, 640x1136, 1440837092911[1].jpg)

She looks like PT to me a little bit?

No. 258834

>liver failure
>health problems
>looks like this

why are the ugliest most broken people always neonazis? you never see attractive healthy supermodels championing the "masterrace" lmao

No. 258835

depends on what the caption is for it be anti-semetic; people are capable to self-hate their lineage/race- like Micky Moon

she isn't near as kawaii how dare you, anon

No. 258839

Don't be silly anon, PT is clearly Japanese.

No. 258955


i've noticed that too. its always high school dropouts and shit.

No. 258959

>a neonazi associating with a gay, merchant jew who is married to a black man


No. 258963

milo (who is a cow in his own right, idk why he doesn't have a thread yet) is catholic. he has a jewish grandma, but has been a practicing catholic

No. 259023


right? he always refers to himself as jewish because it fits his agenda with people like >>258959 he's just a catholic man trying to appeal to the edgy crowd

No. 259149

"Rebecca" literally looks like a tranny

No. 259177

File: 1488179810826.jpg (63.25 KB, 466x1178, 12Qisdc.jpg)

good god I kept hearing about her but I never bothered to check her blog. Idk why I expected her to look like ~~very feminine aryan barbie~~ pic related lol. Her selfies itt have been a true revelation to me holy shit I didn't expect this manface at all.

>I order my food online
sure jan

>never had sex
now that is believable

No. 259270

This one gets me every time I see it.

I've also never really looked into her & kinda took her as a running joke on tumblr. I had no clue she was a genuine nazi/alt right/w/e

No. 259284

I miss her so much.

No. 259825

She isn't really a nazi she is just an edgetard fool. She is legit Jewish and loves being Jewish but she also loves feeling superior to people through stupid edginess. She's an autisic Jewish tranny shoeonhead

No. 259836

She was always somewhat likable on tumblr until she started replying to every single 14 year old who messages her for attention, it's annoying to read strings of comments of her defending herself for no specific reason. She's not really that interesting other than she was a Republican on tumblr before the alt-right got popular. It used to be her in a sea of SJWs, and now there's tons of alt-right posters on tumblr so it's a boring schtick now.

No. 260440

File: 1488306161502.png (1.08 MB, 1028x1310, Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 12.2…)

CK has definitely gotten more crazy as time has gone on imo

No. 260824


this is so petty kekekekek. i hope dragging Ck for no reason never ends

No. 260829

File: 1488330129849.png (417.62 KB, 495x828, schoolshooterface.png)

i think about this post a lot

No. 260839

i gotta say, it was pretty bad that they doxxed her mother. she's an asshole, but her mother had nothing to do with her edgy posts. then again, she probably had no money or anything interesting so they got her mom's info instead

No. 260845

God I hate her fucking glasses. She has middle aged dad glasses.

No. 260847

File: 1488331518110.png (265.76 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1877.PNG)

Someone fucking drew her.

No. 260850

File: 1488331694161.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1881.PNG)

They were unable to illustrate the autism in her face

No. 260880

Her eyes are so close together lmao

No. 260894

hooly shit lol

No. 261908

File: 1488437746365.jpg (23.93 KB, 360x270, IMG_1107.JPG)

This chick looks a lot like that close together eyed guy from family guy
>pic related

No. 261925

But…she's Jewish. Does she ID as alt-right or just conservative?

No. 262115

Yea somewhat. They both have a hook nose and thin lips, plus the dark hair. But luckily for PT, she doesn't have insanely close set eyes

No. 262139

I think she identifies as conservative because she's stated that she doesn't like Trump. Who knows if that's changed though? I don't think she considers herself alt-right per se, but she was kind of alt-right before there even was an alt-right.

No. 262466

The Heimback stuff happened years ago before he was a WN. Her "fiance" was some loser who one time left her in the hospital ER to go play magic the gathering when she was sick. Her new bf is some gmu professor who is apparently ~literally perfect~ and gave her flowers for valentines day.

No. 262472

>Her "fiance" was some loser who one time left her in the hospital ER to go play magic the gathering when she was sick.

No. 262488

oh my god i was wondering when y'all would finally tear this bitch apart.
she's been a wreck since like.. 2010?
at least publicly anyways.
at this point i've grown bored of her but i cannot believe she hasn't deactivated her tumblr yet considering the sheer amount of times she's been pulled apart and stepped all over for thousands to see.

No. 262491

No caps but it was about how her new professor bf took her to the hospital and stayed with her all night after their first date when she had a diabetes episode and how her ex-fiance had left her alone in the ER in the past. She also posted in the past that her ex-fiance was verbally abusive and called her a fucking cunt, etc. before they broke up and he moved to california.

No. 262842

JFC this pic could be the textbook definition of butterface lol

No. 262846

Is her blog dead or someone bought her silence?

No. 262851

File: 1488582539805.png (19.51 KB, 500x116, tumblr_inline_olw0ogbJiv1sj3pd…)

It's still there, you just need to be logged into Tumblr to see it - it's dashboard-only mode. here's a random ck post for you.

No. 262854

File: 1488582826031.png (67.07 KB, 573x649, ck.png)

For being such an edgelord, she sure does get triggered easily.

No. 262918

Right wing tranny Blaire White WRECKED this chick on Twitter a few weeks ago, someone told CK that she looked like Blaire and CK went off on a mega rant leaving Blaire in the mentions, Blaire started posting pics of CK saying "Honey I'm the one that should be offended people tell you that you look like me" and CK started back peddling playing the victim card even talking about anti-semitism cause Blaire's followers started dogpiling her account. It was epic.

No. 263997


underrated kek

No. 264070

File: 1488767417350.png (191.57 KB, 303x295, fesrt.PNG)

> but this bitch communismkills killed my man Drake smh

he wasn't killed he was paralyzed smh

>muh Degrassi

No. 264077


oh honey at least we aren't weird menchildren


No. 264079


that sounds amazing KEK. i hate them both but blaire is clearly the winner as far as appearance.

No. 264088

Blaire can go suck a dick. Why do so many anons like trannies

No. 264120

I think she's cute. If she fixed her hair and waxed her eyebrows she'd be a 7

No. 264141

she has JEWISH hair anon, not everyone can cut her JEWISH hair.

No. 264144

Of course she is cute in that one angle death stare selfie pose she always does, but if you have seen her in videos or at other angles she is kinda odd looking, like you understand why she will never be one of those political analysts hotties that Fox News always parades around.

No. 264185

Oh lol. I got into a big argument with her once on reddit (I know, I know) over her neonazi ex bf and him carrying a flag that is widely known to be a neonazi symbol in my country. Obviously since the real flag is banned. She attempted to school me about my own country, a place she's probably never been and refute that the flag is a nationalist symbol not a neonazi one despite the fact I've seen neonazi's use it here. I got stupidly angry.

She's an edgy hypocrite but if people ignore her, she'd probably fade into the background and just go away. I find it pretty telling she can't keep a relationship despite the fact she'd probably have edgy boys slobbering all over her.

No. 264532

It's like she gets off on being the token jew among alt-righters. Half of her twitter followers are unabashed anti-semites and will call her all kinds of shit and its like she almost enjoys it, but if someone says she looks like a man or is fat she freaks the fuck out, it's really weird. No doubt that Matt Heimbach was a nazi when he dated her as she has also gotten chummy with other right wing nutjobs like ex-BNP member Jack Buckby and youtuber Ramzpaul, who was rumored to be involved with her at one time as he invited her to an NPI conference which pretty much ruined his street cred among his fellow nazis, LOL

No. 264602


if she had better makeup skills she could def be cute. but she seems like one of those beta girls who never learn2makeup or fashion or hair.

No. 265011

Is she an aspie? She has that look to her.

No. 265014

She acts like it

No. 265017

File: 1488930826483.png (937.06 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1910.PNG)

She has to be autistic with the way she interprets the world:

No. 265018

token people on the alt right are always so annoying, just like milo is the token gay guy


No. 265022

File: 1488930990992.png (401.18 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1911.PNG)

Does she not get that the woman he insulted doxxed him; not tinder? Tinder is connected through Facebook when you use the app you know your details could be found if someone is savvy enough. She's so dumb.

No. 265023

like evalion who is also an open and proud neonazi but has videos of her fucking black guys (which her bf filmed)

what is wrong with all these "alt right" neonazis

No. 265045

Sage for OT but wtf really? I always thought evalion was pretty pathetic and not even the alt right nerds gave a shit about her but she actually has videos of her fucking black dudes? lmaoooooo

No. 265072

File: 1488935314269.jpg (360.46 KB, 1440x1613, C5-E48SU4AAoF0d.jpg)

I wonder if GMU Professor Garett Jones is her "boyfriend". if you look at her tweets and replies she has been tweeting back and forth with him and if you look at his likes he "likes" every other post she makes. Also on her tumblr she said that she wanted to learn to cook while her boyfriend was away and this guy just started teaching a semester at GMU Korea. Thing is though she is 24 and this guy is almost 50 years old LOL. Honestly though he is kinda cute if you are into "Daddies"

No. 312185

This looks like this boy I dated who was the president of my school's anime club if he got huge breast imlants(no1curr)

No. 321702

i dont see what's bad about this person. pretty funny and not wrong

No. 321704

she actually looks really nice from the front. if she got better at makeup she'd be qt

No. 321711

This is the same bitch who said having colorful hair/ using snapchat filters was cultural appropriation against whites.

No. 326395

i am so glad she's fugly

No. 340363

She's a fucking legend tbh
>getting dumblrinas so triggered the literally pay you to delete your blog

No. 340590

No one paid her though. Nice try to act like she's anything more than a genral 4chan/pol/ faggot.

No. 340631

There was only one person who paid her and was literally a penny. The only thing that came out of it was a great fucking meme.

But thank you for reviving this dead thread, I need a laugh, kek.

No. 340823

she's Anne Hathaway's ugly lost sister

No. 350528

File: 1499769453511.png (242.33 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3110.PNG)

Just checked her blog in a fit of curiousity. The person didn't even tag her lol I swear she looks for shit to argue about.

No. 350529

File: 1499769568717.png (478.5 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3113.PNG)

She also is doing this thing where she'll take screenshots of blogs that send her hate mail with the obvious point being that they are freaks (they are lbr); when called on it she'll claim she was pointing something else out; not their gender or sexual orientation. See example

No. 350531

File: 1499769623028.png (336.29 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3114.PNG)

No. 350532

File: 1499769704424.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3112.PNG)

Also she of course had to take a picture outside of a trump owned hotel.

No. 350570

She has such nice, plump boobs but she's a total butterface. And lol at unironically being a Trumpie.

I get a really trans vibe from her

Sage for stupid post

No. 350791

She's not actually a Trump supporter, she complained about her constantly during the election and said she didn't vote for him. She's just trying to be edgy. And she's not trans, she's like 5'1 and has a very feminine voice.

No. 350935

File: 1499831760556.png (461.58 KB, 730x412, interview.png)

Besides the carefully angled selfies she takes that hide both her huge man jaw and picket fence teeth IRL she totally looks like peewee herman wearing granny glasses.

No. 351017

The timeline is hard to follow but the idea is that after her fiancé moved away she started cheating on him with the professor she's seeing now, who was a mutual acquaintance. They ended up breaking up and she immediately got with him officially, hence why there was no clear transition.

No. 352128


Infidelity is a huge accusation, even for this board. It's possible they broke up because of the decision to move so she didn't feel like publicizing it because there were no hard feelings.

No. 352261

File: 1500015205223.png (375.17 KB, 500x488, tumblr_ngdh4nAuTO1qbj8gpo3_500…)

i just found this in my reaction images folder and i never noticed communismkills until now

No. 352409

Well, I don't know if her ex realizes the extent of the infidelity. I do know that they didn't break up because he moved away. These events occurred in order:

1) Ex moves last fall
2) They get engaged
3) They break up around February, and CK is posting about the new guy within 24 hours of the fact.

So I think there probably are some hard feelings there.

No. 352431

I get a lot of PT vibes from her face. She wishes she was that kawaii

No. 352503


You know the exact date they broke up? How and why?

No. 352553

Bullshit, this chick doesn't have a boyfriend, she literally live tweets her entire life, down to her keto piss strips, not once has she mentioned a boyfriend. If she had one that's all you would hear about.

No. 354135

i seriously dont understand how someone can look decent, even hot, from the front, and so butt-fucking ugly from every other angle

seriously, how is that possible?

No. 354260

she doesn't look hot from the front lol

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