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File: 1463779831510.jpg (46.22 KB, 400x267, 1462453731641.jpg)

No. 132762

Previous thread >>88577

Camgirls General

"Some girls need to realise you can be pregnant and still get your period" - Megan

Discuss other moronic problematic camgirls etc. (basically megvnmvrie and pumpkinspice_)

No. 132766

File: 1463779997284.png (254.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-05-20-02-07-18…)

I kek'd

No. 132771

she's trying sooo hard to convince everyone that her weight gain doesn't bother her at all. if she weren't such a insufferable cunt, i'd actually feel bad for her.

No. 132778

Same anon. Most people aren't harsh towards people you dont know. People are alright until they prove that they are a twat with their words and my god the amount of offensive things she's said and just her general attitude is so gross.

She wouldn't be on this website if she was just a normal nice person who looks a bit peculiar.

She'd be more acceptable if she actually had downs or something similar so then it would make her attitude understandable, but she's just a cunt.

No. 132781

What kills me especially is that it would be so easy for her to just own up to the garbage she's done and call it a day.

No. 132782

Yeah the amount of shit that has been disproved with evidence and she still clings on to it all, even though the proof is right there, or she just makes up the most ridiculous stories.

I think the thing that triggers me the most is her self harming and trying to say "it's bloodplay" and how much depressed people piss her off. She's clearly miserable as shit.

No. 132818

File: 1463792671628.jpg (327.74 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-05-20-18-01-56…)

Who is this girl trying to kid? I've seen wading pools with more depth than her.

No. 132824

Like how she claims to make a shitload of money but the minute she has her extensions removed she's begging for some vouchers for clip-ins

No. 132838

I love her attempts at back pedalling.

>self harm?

"Blood play!!!"
>screenshot of her calling herself pedobait
"It was an inside joke between me n my sugar daddy!!!"
>tells someone that she hopes their rape hurt
"Yeah but they said my parents 16 year agegap was creepy!!!"
>black girl calls her out on her very obvious racial fetishism so she calls her a whale
"But she said she was going to hurt me!!!" (From across the ocean?)
>6 months later and she's fat now
"Curvy bodies are the best #bodyposi"
>gets called racist for the infamous Ferguson post
"I'm not racist, blacks are the best"

It's legitimately so pathetic.

She made a post a few months ago saying she got 1000 snapchat friends, that's ~£20,000
Where it at doe?

No. 132855

She made a post saying "there are towns that are predominantly black in America? Gonna go get some bbc" she tagged it with Ferguson when all the shit was happening.

She recently made a post asking what a black man would like for his birthday, all she could come up with is Jordan's.

She may have fucked a couple black dudes but that don't mean she isn't a complete twat when it comes to black people.

Her fetishism of the black race is super obvious too, with the way she calls herself a snow bunny and creams herself over any black guy who talks to her. Lmao.

No. 132856

File: 1463802634171.jpg (76.04 KB, 1000x1000, 1445797976922.jpg)


No. 133383

File: 1463970497837.jpg (Spoiler Image, 162.6 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_nczvboGPTd1tvky6qo1_128…)


No. 133435

Ew what is that vein?

No. 133529

it's just a vein. It happens to people from all races, it's just thin skin with a vein close to the surface.

No. 133532

She has gotten so fat lol

No. 133591

Yes, people do tend to have veins, anon. It's not that surprising.

No. 133593

Christ almighty you giant pussy

No. 133642

Breaking news: Meg wants to quit sex work because she actually thought it was just taking off your clothes and masturbating.

No. 133643

File: 1464034866871.png (178.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-05-23-16-19-27…)

Dropped pic

No. 133644

Lmao i knew this cunt wouldnt last long. The most successful camgirls are the ones who actually try to interact with their viewing audience –like chat and joke around–basically not the girls who lie there on their asses doing nothing and moaning for tips. Meg looks like a downs syndrome kid and shes got an awful attitude to boot.

No. 133667

Honestly, I preferred talking to my tippers. The more you pay attention to them, the better the tips (it makes them feel included). She's a total twat, and spoiled to boot.
What else does she think she's going to do now? Her nudes are everywhere.

No. 133681

Right. Like, if she just wants to get naked, she could go through a studio or whatever and make actual porn. She's just fucking lazy.

No. 133699


with her body? no, no she couldn't.

No. 133709

Porn is an over-saturated field. Full of beautiful women, your girl next door, your exotic, your young girls, fetish type stuff. Pretty much the whole world of porn is at your finger tips and downloadable for free, so Megs is a drop of water in the ocean. The point about camming and earning tips is giving something men can't get for free which is that personal touch. Communication.

This fucking retard is astonishingly horrible but also, astonishingly retarded.

No. 133760

She's like most English girls who've been to a shitty secondary school: they tend to leave with no concept of reality at all, as they've usually been spoonfed to fuck, and despite living in poverty-stricken areas, have been exposed to lots of "Reach for the stars! The only limits are the ones in your mind! You can do anything!" rhetoric. In reality, once they leave school and go work somewhere like Subway, the older workers have to do absolutely everything for them because they have no initiative, no common sense, and lack the self-awareness that anything is wrong and they need to fix it by not being a retard.

Meg is never going to be able to succeed in any field, let alone one like this where you have to be an empathetic, sympathetic human and interact with others. She just thought "boobs! Nails! Makeup! Lingerie! Glamour! Slagging it up on camera and getting loads of people saying how fit I am!" because she's an average fucking idiot. Only slightly uglier.

No. 133764

If she quits camming, what the fuck else would there be for her? Her pussy is literally a google search away for anyone to oogle at.

No. 133779


Anon hit it in the head


No. 134057

File: 1464174993500.jpg (199.74 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_o7qbzm8Gke1tvky6qo2_128…)

No. 134058

File: 1464175002793.jpg (147.47 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_o7qbzm8Gke1tvky6qo1_128…)

No. 134059

File: 1464175010323.jpg (192.65 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_o7qbzm8Gke1tvky6qo4_128…)

No. 134060

File: 1464175017145.jpg (175.93 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_o7qbzm8Gke1tvky6qo3_128…)

No. 134061

File: 1464175028990.jpg (186.94 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_o7qbzm8Gke1tvky6qo6_128…)

No. 134062

File: 1464175036520.jpg (186.21 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_o7qbzm8Gke1tvky6qo5_128…)

No. 134070

Oh no…

No. 134081

Isn't she wearing those backwards? Lel

No. 134084

…her left arm is the width of a pencil

No. 134092

I think her ass is ok but holy shit that lack of waist is awful

No. 134098

Holy shit I think she is. Hole is too high up to be crotchless panties. I've only seen little keyholes like that on the back part of underwear.

No. 134099

Hahah I think she spun them around to look like a thong cause her fat arse won't fit

No. 134101

Yeah if not the same I own a pair like that and the lil hole is supposed to be at the back. Kek. How can she get it wrong. Label = back unless it's a gstring for obvious reasons.

Now I'm imagining her wearing a gstring backwards

No. 134118

Label to the left, Meg.

No. 134281

her stomach/hips ratio is so unfortunate

No. 134289

She is, the peephole is supposed to show your buttcrack and you can see the clothing label which should be at the back. Oh meg.

No. 134353

It wouldnt be as bad if she was toned honestly. Shes getting big, I wonder if she'll end up like big lotte in a years time

No. 135018

File: 1464413096951.gif (1.32 MB, 500x281, hawt.gif)


No. 135019



No. 135020

File: 1464414101997.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.71 MB, 450x253, tumblr_ntdxsbIw1a1tvky6qo2_500…)

omg her facial expressions

No. 135037

Can someone buy her snapchat and screenshot all the hilarity?

No. 135083

You know when you get that bad feeling when you see someone barely legal doing porn? I get that feeling from this but not because barely legal but because she looks.. disabled

No. 135119

Yeah I don't think she realises how special she looks in a lot of her preview gifs.

And her moan/cumface is so false, shes dead behind the eyes, you can't see pleasure, just a girl who thinks that is what she is supposed to do so puts it on.

No. 135148

I've been tempted to get her content a couple of times when I've been earning good money. But even curiosity and hilarity has never quite been enough to make me do it.

No. 135175

I've seen people throw around the insult of saying someone looks like they have down syndrome… but this girl legitimately looks like she has downs.

No. 135218

I agree, she might be the only one who I think there may actually be something wrong with her

No. 135650

File: 1464575444471.jpg (Spoiler Image, 498.97 KB, 1280x1707, HIYIYT YOOO WHAT.jpg)

are we not gonna talk about this?
i dont even follow her but i remembered she gets mentioned here so i clicked her profile and WHAT IS HER BODY

No. 135666

This pic has been discussed.

But man I still can't believe she has a muffin top even with no panties.

No. 135669

actually impressed such a less than perfect body has so many notes.
I'm not even someone who thinks megans body is gross or anything. I'm very accepting of all bodies that aren't downright obese.

probs because I have the same wonky boobs

still though.

No. 135674

This is like a half toddler, half grandma body.

No. 135675

The way she has to stand to stop her thighs from smooshing over her vulva/labia is so awkward.
She's got such an unfortunate figure I actually feel kinda bad for her.

No. 135701

Isn't that just a hip dip? I have this as well and it only stopped looking like a bunch of fat when I became seriously underweigh.

No. 135704

I think it might be refereed to as "violin hips", but there's nothing wrong with it honestly.

No. 135706

I have this too but i'm thinner and 5'10". It's a shame shes chubby and short, it really doesnt look that bad when you're tall and slim like me. Just unfortunate.

No. 135726


How is she a size 6? srsly

No. 135808

Answer: because she isn't lmao

No. 135813

She's not. She claimed she gained 20 pounds while staying the same clothing size. Yeah, no… 20 pounds is a significant gain at her height

No. 135828

20lbs is pretty hefty for most heights. 20lbs on her is fucking loads for 4" 10.

No. 135957

This photo makes me nervous and uncomfortable; I feel like I'm looking at a learning disabled girl who's been tricked into sexting shivers

No. 135981

Yep, I've just started to scroll through this thread and the ginger girl just makes me feel very uncomfortable, especially with that dildo gif. How can anyone find her vids erotic? She looks very "naive" and is taping herself in what looks like a little girls pink bedroom.

No. 136282

It's been speculated before that she only gets attention from people with a fetish for Down's Syndrome or some other developmental disorder, because frankly that's the only way most of us can understand her getting ANY attention at all. "Naive" is the kindest euphemism I've heard regarding Meg!

No. 136337

That… makes a lot of sense.

Ugh I'm so grossed out now.

No. 136493

File: 1464827852393.jpeg (135.18 KB, 1080x720, image.jpeg)

"took this for daddy the other night but too cute not to share"

No. 136512

Her body reminds me of the Grey Children from Silent Hill, mostly the movie style ones.

No. 136524

File: 1464840913437.jpeg (174.54 KB, 1080x720, image.jpeg)

No. 136525

File: 1464840922890.jpeg (158.8 KB, 1080x720, image.jpeg)

No. 136526

She sexting her """daddy""" in prison?

No. 136528

She's called a few other guys daddy lately too. She kind of jumps around to whoever is paying attention to her at the moment it seems.

No. 136611

I might be one of the few people who think Meg is pretty/cute, I like unique faces and I don't think she looks like she has downs syndrome unless at an unflattering angle, I also am not repulsed by Meg's body because I know it's something people are born with and just can't change without loads of money. Either way I think her body is not so bad, it's cute, even with one of her breasts being slightly smaller. This is a cute pic.
That being said, this hair, this look, whatever you want to call it, ages her considerably and is pretty unflattering. The poofy hair looks like an homage to 80's or something, it's too big for a girl who's gaining weight because it only makes her look heavier.
If Meg would just stop trying to be some type of edgy, bitch, or hell just stop being a bitch in general, she could very likeable, I would think. It's too bad.

No. 136616

You can tell she doesn't have Down's.Looks nothing like someone with it. Meg doesn't have a flat nasal bridge, thin lips and no philtrum.

No. 136620

she just looks like someone's trashy grandmother

No. 136671

This is bad. This hairstyle is so wrong for her

No. 136737

File: 1464905931151.png (177.55 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-02-23-17-52…)


No. 136834

File: 1464928737431.png (20.98 KB, 530x202, meg.png)

No. 136841

Can I get a tldr of why folk don't like pumpkinspice or whatever she calls herself?

No. 136907

how horrible it must be. a single tear for you, my pale, scorned, starchild.

No. 136947

File: 1464974403277.jpg (39.06 KB, 540x304, tumblr_o87czpwnCd1tvky6qo1_540…)

"#curvy" lolz

No. 136948

File: 1464974430365.jpg (40.07 KB, 540x304, tumblr_o87czpwnCd1tvky6qo2_540…)

Tomato arse

No. 136954

I love that sly posing so she looks skinny and has a big butt, but we all know you have a flat ass and that arm and back fat shows that you're fat, Meg. And why would she use that ugly filter? Kek.

No. 136959

No. 136976


Rude as fuck to members. Just sits and looks at her phone. Made over 11K in one night and still cried because it wasn't enough. Never seen a camgirl so undeserving of her "success".
Also, there's more dirt in the previous threads. Lurk moar.

No. 136981

Christ, her voice is annoying. What a brat too.

No. 136995

Ugh shes uncomfortably thin. Makes her head and facial features look huge.

No. 136999

File: 1464988950237.png (108.98 KB, 684x576, image.png)

>men don't like super underweight women they say
>her and miss Alice are two of the best paid camwhores

The fact that she's rude to her loser creep tippers makes me like her though. I know Meg is too but she's fat as fuck and doesn't make any money.

No. 137015

OT but why does that make you like her? I just think it's incredibly dumb - those people are paying her bills and she's being rude to them for no actual reason. I mean, do you like it when waitresses or cashiers are rude to their customers?

No. 137103

Because they're creepy guys with an anorexia fetish not normal people trying to purchase shit or eat. How is this even a question?

No. 137203

My theory is that they like her being rude and bitchy because they get to degrade her later. They see her being naked and performing sex acts as a punishment and payback for her previous behaviour.

No. 137234

File: 1465062843674.jpg (8.09 KB, 140x140, toriebinney_1410297892_140.jpg)

Oh sweet Jesus I found a pic of her mum

No. 137235

File: 1465062904568.png (439.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-04-18-33-42…)

Her fb

No. 137237

File: 1465062966010.png (376.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-04-18-28-03…)

Found on Pinterest

No. 137239

The worst selfie ever

No. 137243

kinda reminds me of an older suzy.

No. 137244

Classic old people angle.

My Grandad has a selfie from that angle too, and no smile, its horrible.

No. 137254

i find it hilarious when older people take selfies, and it's always this awkward angle.

now that I've seen her mother, i wonder what her father looks like. meg and her mom look so much alike. maybe everyone in her family on her mother's side have that weird eye shape.

No. 137279

Remember when Meg said her mum looked like bjork?

She is the spitting image of her mother. Dang.

No. 137281

Holy shit, I can't stop laughing.
I feel bad for her poor mum.

No. 137328

File: 1465087998842.png (1.33 MB, 1110x808, Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 8.52…)

these sad fucks that orbit this camgirl need their own thread look at this shit

No. 137329

imagine how fucked in the head you have to be to do something like this

No. 137348

ugh shay-gnar bothers the fuck out of me

No. 137414

Oh Jesus, that's disturbing.

Id be freaked out if someone sent me that.

No. 137416

File: 1465125003582.jpg (51.22 KB, 720x438, IMG_20160605_115618.jpg)

No. 137417

File: 1465125036258.jpg (44.13 KB, 720x325, IMG_20160605_115635.jpg)

Megan's old Facebook name. Major cringe.

No. 137418

File: 1465125080505.jpg (77.69 KB, 720x523, IMG_20160605_115649.jpg)

Annnd her old friend being classy as fuck going on a racist rant.

No. 137421

File: 1465125990477.gif (1.88 MB, 400x300, qEcRgxp.gif)




Goodness they're not too bright are they.

No. 137426

File: 1465129681930.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1534, Screenshot_2016-06-05-14-23-01…)

Just found this prostitute on Instagram and she creeps me the fuck out

No. 137427

File: 1465129706732.png (905.55 KB, 1079x1524, Screenshot_2016-06-05-14-23-08…)

No. 137428

No. 137430

Spoiler that shit dude!

No. 137441


I hate y'all some times. My life is ruined.


No. 137446

Same here, I couldn't not click.
Messy diapers, I gagged. He also looks like he has a horrible diaper rash and should probably stop sitting in his own waste

No. 137447

The creepiest was her in sexy lingere and then a diaper

No. 137449

Yeah repeatedly pissing yourself in sitting in it is clearly bad for you. Is he shitting himself too? I can't tell. Ugh.

I will never understand diaper fetish. It seems fucked up.

No. 137450

He said wettings or soakings, I can't look at his page again, so just urine but one he had listed as "they boast around 5L of capacity." like what are you putting in yourself to get that much out

No. 137472

he's shitting in them too. there's a video where he empties his enema into the diaper.

No. 137487


This shit is disgusting. Oh my god.

No. 137513

what did shay-gnar do? i came across her profile when she reblogged one of my pictures and i thought she seemed friendly enough, i love chill girls who smoke weed.
she doesn't come across as those annoying catty girls who wear weed socks after doing .2 grams like 3 times lol

No. 137541

lol i probably shouldn't have said that on here because its more of a personal thing and she isn't really an lol cow.
i used to think she was chill as well but after following her for a bit i just find her really stuck up. she acts like she works so hard on cam but really she just sits there and doesn't do anything and then gets bratty when nobody tips her.

she begs for shit all the time on tumblr….just stuff that bothers me personally, but everybody else loves her

No. 137557

File: 1465165840299.jpg (131.46 KB, 1382x448, dcdsfsdf.jpg)


I'm sat watching an old episode of Jeremy Kyle (I'm sorry, I love garbage like this), and there's a woman sat in the audience that looks suspiciously like a younger Megan's mum or at least a relative,

No. 137559

File: 1465166233159.jpg (79.05 KB, 720x607, 41076_103951909666110_2741316_…)

No. 137560

File: 1465166238224.jpg (116.33 KB, 720x683, 45004_103956412998993_1016957_…)

No. 137561

File: 1465166242873.jpg (75.04 KB, 720x540, 46274_103956506332317_7263714_…)

No. 137562

File: 1465166273714.jpg (95.66 KB, 720x540, 46274_103956509665650_7462707_…)

No. 137563

File: 1465166279377.jpg (100.92 KB, 720x540, 41151_103956696332298_8102491_…)

No. 137564

File: 1465166284890.jpg (64.52 KB, 720x540, 41277_103956822998952_3730506_…)

No. 137565

File: 1465166291098.jpg (69.03 KB, 720x540, 41237_103956889665612_2191703_…)

No. 137566

File: 1465166372068.gif (467.51 KB, 200x150, WUed4WN.gif)

No. 137569

File: 1465166481347.jpg (45.71 KB, 640x480, 41151_103956679665633_5968676_…)

No. 137570

File: 1465166495937.jpg (72.48 KB, 720x540, 46274_103956502998984_5123648_…)

No. 137573

File: 1465166701311.jpg (37.55 KB, 600x450, normal_Picture_3.jpg)

No. 137574

File: 1465166914830.jpg (312.16 KB, 960x675, 1316811_lookbook1.jpg)

No. 137575

File: 1465167003980.jpg (50.63 KB, 500x667, tumblr_lpnz5tdYGN1qh4r8o.jpg)

Damn this is Megan's ex.

No. 137588

she looks like the cowardly lion af tho

No. 137589


absolutely kekin

No. 137590


Defo on the estate these lot are brit-fags

Meg and her goons are probably those ex-chavs you had in school who tried to be edgy emos in high school and since life didn't work out for them (got kicked out of college in first year) they just resorted to either the dole or selling fanny on the net


No. 137591


lol and meg said she was chinese lol

No. 137592

So this is back when it was cool to be emo and like scrawny white boys with long hair, but now it's cooler to be into big black guys who are criminals, lol okay meg.

No. 137593


she only wants the bbc experience tho

No. 137595

I hate the concealer lip thing. I say this as a britfag: we have the WORST makeup trends. There are too many chavs runing around and spreading the awful looks.

No. 137606

Okay but seriously, what do you guys think? >>137557

No. 137607

File: 1465171066187.jpg (277.78 KB, 468x749, coleen1XPO_468x749.jpg)


We really do :(

Remember when WAGS and TOWIE were the 'big things' and everybody started running around in Uggs and hair rollers?

No. 137608

Looks just like her.

No. 137614


Tbh i don't even see that many wearing this? i feel like the chavs have upgraded from trackies and pjs to new look/primark wear

i mean we don't really have trends anymore like remember when emo was the thing years ago? chavs and emo? now everyone is just trying hard to either look like a sexy kim k with their contour or hippy looking idk

No. 137615


I remember girls doing foundation lips in school


No. 137617

But the skinny white guy was during her weeb phase. Now she's doing the trashy sex worker that's obsessed with bbc aesthetic. Really should have stuck with the weeb makeup since it reduced the Down's look. Plus she was actually almost thin then.

No. 137622

Didn't know she was a weeb. I'm surprised she lied about being Chinese and not Japanese or Korean.

No. 137625

He's actually kinda cute. How did an ogre like Megan end up with him?

No. 137651

IDK how weeby she was (if she was into anime or whatever) but she was super into gyaru, there was a lot of secrets back in the day about her but she copyright claimed them lmfao

No. 137716

her face looks about 12 what the fuck

No. 137727

File: 1465208896939.jpg (30.81 KB, 640x480, 41151_103956686332299_7708830_…)

No. 137728

File: 1465208910629.jpg (42.85 KB, 720x540, 41151_103956699665631_892441_n…)

No. 137830

File: 1465240142516.png (432.55 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-06-15-06-53…)

Bratprincess on tumblr thinks that a shake weight and some "teatox" is losing weight the healthy way.

No. 137831

File: 1465240144373.gif (1.66 MB, 550x367, 1440987047440.gif)

I feel like a bit of a mug because I used to follow and support this chick on Tumblr, and for a while whiteknighted her on lolcow.
I legit believed she was just some cute, redheaded camgirl that Farmers were just shitting on because of the whole MFC thing, I had no idea what a colossal spaz she was.

That being said, I still think that when I was following her and she was a lighter weight she was genuinely cute (when she looked like pic related), but now she looks like an old bloated Downs hooker.

No. 137837


They all need gym

No. 137842

Anon do you realize this is probably shooped af don't you

No. 137843

Is it weird that I actually think shes kind of pretty here?

No. 137844

That looks uncanny. It probably is her.

No. 137847

omg I'm dying…anyone notice the terrible photoshop on this? and by photoshop I mean MS paint. Look at the space between her eye and eyebrow…she's painted her own face on??

No. 137850


No idea, I don't particularly care either. The image of the girl in the GIF appears cute to me.

No. 137851

This is probably the best she's ever looked, but she still is making those expressions that make her look like she's actually retarded.

No. 137853

File: 1465245753051.jpg (104.62 KB, 640x640, 1436915059589.jpg)


ikr? What a shame.

No. 137855


Does she own a soft box and a reflector? Probably why the lighting is so good. Like kota, her old scene pictures are shit. But once she got her hair right, learnt some kind of make up skill then her pictures looked better. It's all down the lightning tbh.

No. 137856

I think she looks phenomenal compared to what she does now. She should get this look and this >>137575 back.

Did the ex get massively waylaid also or is he still a qt3.14?

No. 137862

File: 1465250169205.jpg (64.48 KB, 816x816, 12799382_10201357656300255_896…)


Her ex grew a p. gross beard but other than that appears to be off being a normal, adjusted 20-something year old dude with a new girlfriend.

No. 137865

File: 1465251727475.jpg (67.42 KB, 500x500, avatars-000070487085-qor8ug-t5…)

He has a cute nose. I'd like the beard on him if it was a little shorter, but at least it looks well groomed. Her taste in men went to shit. I get liking black guys, there are hot/cute black guys, but she goes for a dude that looks like this and got arrested for conning elderly people out of their money.

No. 137866

File: 1465251772055.jpg (273.57 KB, 1136x640, 1458485149888.jpg)

Hugo is Jay-Z level ugly.

No. 137869

Dude looks like Forest Whitaker.

No. 137872

File: 1465253302782.png (316.45 KB, 436x475, hugo.png)

He def looks Jay-Z, but he does have that Forest Whitaker eye tho.

No. 137874

I doubt any decent guy would gf her after she has really easy to find sexworker shit all over the Internet. The criminal ugly as fuck bbc's she's after don't even see her as girlfriend material.

She changes phases a lot but shecan't really come back from this one.

No. 137876


Another dried up raisin looking mother fucker

No. 137912

A while back i watched one of her camshows when she was being a chubby lil thing in the tub and she looked so damn adorable i thought she was cute.
But then i read her tumblr and it ruined it for me.
Her beauty is… odd but if she weren't such a dumb bitch she could be likeable

No. 137915

File: 1465267460091.jpg (93.83 KB, 639x480, 1420153472652.jpg)


She's definitely one of those girls that draws such a fine line with her weight that even a couple of pounds can send her straight from soft, qt, redheaded vixen to puffed -up, bloated old box-dyed whore, which I feel is what has happened with her.

No. 137916

chubby little thing in the tub is probably my favorite description of anything. instead of Meg all I can picture is the cutest baby pig rolling around in bubbles and I love it

No. 137937

oh anon, how you've killed me.

No. 138013

this bro looks like dave mustaine and she let that go for a stereotypical "hard black guy".

No. 138024

File: 1465311568873.gif (1.13 MB, 500x333, tumblr_o8ejzkjPoJ1tvky6qo1_500…)

Da fuck is this?

No. 138101

All I can see is a special needs girl. This is disturbing.

No. 138145

File: 1465342498745.png (105.86 KB, 900x569, ab0d64f1347541878aafcb7c748dee…)

lol, now I know why Meg looks so skinny/busty here >>138024

No. 138146

as skinny as her torso looks all corseted, she surely made no effort to nake her arms look skinnier..

No. 138147


Lol got herself a gurdle then key

No. 138175


She looks like she's pooping

No. 138199

Why does she even bother going through the trouble to make her body look like that? Her nudes are everywhere, everyone already knows what she really looks like.

No. 138429

I've been binge watching all the pumpkinspice videos on YouTube and I ran into this. Is there any site for MFC drama? I find it entertaining as fuck.

No. 138443

I've been following MFC drama via twitter, but have yet to find any good sites/boards.

No. 138448

Diff anon but I wanna get into this stuff so I wanna see what gets posted. MFC drama thread in /b/?

No. 138452

Is this cunt seriously more spoiled than Charms? Because holyshit…


No. 138454

The beard is awful, but he's actually pretty attractive. I hope he's happy now. He dodged a massive flappy tit bullet.

No. 138456

Fat girls will always waste their money on everything but actually losing weight. Meg can't hide those ham hocks she calls arms.

No. 138513

while he looks a bit of a qt there I got the overwhelming impression fro old pics that he probably wasn't very popular or in demand from girls tbth

No. 138531

If he shaved off his beard, I think he would look pretty great.

Damn Megan, you left that for an ugly nignog who steals from elderly

No. 138533

Even with the beard he's a better catch than Jamal. His face of p. cute.

No. 138556

someone pls link the MFC drama thread, im addicted to this shit

No. 138558

File: 1465491986165.png (157.62 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-09-13-05-42…)


No. 138569

File: 1465493963172.jpg (102.54 KB, 640x640, 1388847_1433903036852766_76971…)

Have we posted this before?

No. 138575

I have no freaking clue either. But isn't espikvlt the camgirl who called megan out about her ferguson post or something?

No. 138578


Where did you find that?

No. 138586

File: 1465499111248.gif (1.8 MB, 500x334, tumblr_nrwoe69NuP1tvky6qo2_r1_…)

posting some old lost shit

No. 138587

File: 1465499134715.png (376.56 KB, 702x467, 75854993.png)


No. 138588

File: 1465499144993.png (338.79 KB, 696x461, 7585499.png)

No. 138589

File: 1465499154364.jpg (168.9 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_nmp2wpQXbE1tvky6qo1_128…)

No. 138590

File: 1465499161791.jpg (42.97 KB, 500x333, tumblr_inline_n9hs5wHrR11sbmxo…)

No. 138591

File: 1465499169037.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.56 KB, 500x333, tumblr_inline_n9hr8ubdyQ1sbmxo…)

No. 138592

File: 1465499176323.jpg (53.48 KB, 720x480, tumblr_neh1qnPCGL1tvky6qo2_128…)

No. 138593

File: 1465499184952.png (528.71 KB, 714x453, tumblr_nphcfg4QNq1tvky6qo1_128…)

No. 138594

File: 1465499196156.jpg (50.6 KB, 500x333, tumblr_n4sysxys4m1tuaudzo1_500…)

No. 138596

File: 1465499377390.png (791.05 KB, 969x627, wibblywobbler.png)

Instagram. Someone she went to school with.

Judging by the comments her ex school chums aren't too complimentary of her.

No. 138601

excellent find

No. 138605

>woop woop
Is she a juggalo?

No. 138611

Is that period blood?!

No. 138612

lol oh anon. It's self harm. Or as meg likes to call it, blood play

No. 138614

She is an idiot for letting this become this…

No. 138625

oh fuck we have the same body shape
well thats all the stop-gaining-weight inspo I needed

No. 138707

lmfao this crazy broad and her anomaly of a body. this looks like the bottom half of a ken doll.

No. 138726

File: 1465531424215.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 137.49 KB, 1090x816, image.jpeg)

Does anyone have any lol worthy girls BESIDES Megan? My fav at the moment is definitely Princess Zelda because just… Look at that face. Is the reason Megan gets talked about so much because she's a shitty human being even though their are far more embarrassing cam girls out there.

No. 138728

im gonna puke

No. 138744

What the hell is that weird machine? Never seen that kind of sex toy before.

No. 138747


Well, it's literally a fuck machine. Like the one charms wanted (or bought, I don't even know)

No. 138748

looks like a fucking machine? It's just a motor that jackhammers a dildo into you

No. 138761

She'd look so much better with some hair there. It looks like she's tucking.

No. 138779


I came back to lolcow for the first time in months to ask the same question. I keep stumbling on lolcow worthy videos but where's the source?

Here's some I found last night.


A recorded Skype call between her and one of her top tippers where she admits to fucking another top tipper: http://anon-v.com/videos/80634/pumpy-admits-to-fucking-jeff/

Her crying about losing Miss MFC: http://anon-v.com/videos/83176/2-pumpkinspice-is-a-sore-loser/ Brina also almost started crying when she lost Miss MFC but I haven't seen a recording of it.

Speaking of Brina:

Here she is doing a show with her younger sister: http://anon-v.com/videos/5299/50-shades-of-wincest/ I've seen quite a few sister/cousin/twins/mother/daughter shows on MFC and they always say "it's not incest because there's no penetration". That's conveniently also where the MFC rules draw the line so there's a good chance they actually go further on Skype etc.


A current favourite of mine. Whenever I go into her room she's always going on about being a successful businesswoman at only 22 and how she owns her own house and car but all the men her age are poor losers and won't stay around. I think she's even worse to listen to than PumpkinSpice.


No. 138790

That breakdown was delicious, kek. Is it so hard to imagine why you don't get any customers when you're standing in a poorly lit room with a scowl on your face?

>muh reel job

No. 138817

I'm new to this but I'm enjoying it a lot lmao. On one of those videos it says that pumpkin spice quit MFC about a month ago, has she been back since ?

No. 138836

I wish the title of this video didn't ruin the punchline.

No. 138839

It seriously does! When I saw the thumbnail I thought the anon accidentally posted a picture of a tranny tucking lol.

No. 138840

wtf, that house is gigantic…

No. 138871

Someone please explain to me how this chick became one of the most popular on mfc….tf

No. 138893

she's so gonna regret spending all that ridiculous money she made on fucking RENTING a massive empty house for herself for no reason.

like, i'm totally cool with people camming for money or doing sex work or whatever, but it's so irritating to see all these girls who were lucky and started making tons of cash being lethargic and getting naked on cam thinking they're such ~businesswomen~. like, no, you're making money now and yeah, it's work, blah blah, but you literally have zero skills and once you're too old to whore yourself out on mfc, there won't be any money coming in anymore. i just don't get why they waste their money like they're gonna be rich forever, instead of, you know, investing in something useful for their future.

No. 138896


Honestly it's because she's actually hard working.

New MFC models get a "NEW" tag for their first 1-2 weeks which gives them a good boost. Also any 18 year old that is half good looking is going to get a good boost when they first start.

What happens with most models is after the new tag goes away they start to lose momentum. Then once they become "rich" they take 1-2 months off to spend their money which destroys all momentum they had. This is what happened to Brina, ParisLovely, MissAlice and more who were all regular top 20 models but never recovered from their breaks.

PumpkinSpice has never taken any time off and still regularly puts in 6+ hour days so rode the beginner momentum all the way to the top. As annoying as she is a lot of the hate she gets is actually older models jealous that a such an "ugly" new model became so successful so quickly.

The problem she has now is that there's nowhere else to go and inevitably what goes up must come down. There are not many models that stay top models for longer than 1-2 years and those that do tend to be 25-35 years old so smarter and MILFier (most models on MFC are a few years older than they say on their profile and apparently MILF porn sells best). So she has to try harder and harder to fund her opulent lifestyle which makes her less appealing which makes her try harder and down she spirals.

No. 138902

Princess Zelda and Lana Rain are my most lolworthy tryhard gamurr girl weeb camwhores tbh

No. 138903

ParisLovely is on right now and getting trolled http://www.myfreecams.com/#ParisLovely

No. 138904

Twitter group that revolves around the Guest Lounge is the best way to get involved - the main guy that reports/retweets all the stuff is BruceBingo, but idk its hard

I suggest we make a thread about MFC girls tbh. The milk is SO fucking good especially around the last week every month where they're all going for #1.

No. 138905

PS """quits""" every fucking day, she will never quit as long as the money comes running in.

Her new shtick is "femdom" which is disgusting because she just copypastes scripted shit.

No. 138906

yeah she's spending 5,000 a month on a house that big. fucking stupid lmao

No. 138907

I agree yet there is another factor that will harm her in the long run.. her fans are men into young looking girls.
They like her because she looks like an underage girl and that cannot last.

While the older milf type camgirls have an audience that are attracted to other things that will last the women longer in the long run

No. 138908

This but its been getting harder and harder for her to keep working.

the second she takes more than a month off, and her regulars move on to the next ""new"" girl, she's toast. Kati3kat has switched from CB to MFC and I noticed that a lot of PS's old regulars have been in Katie's room.

Kat will never be a GinnyPotter or AspenRae, she's ugly and has a weird body. I want to see the inevitable breakdown .

No. 138909

all it will take is another tiny girl with a feisty loud mouth that is a bit sweeter to her regulars and pumpkin is out of business

No. 138922

Hey thanks, this makes total sense. I guess I was just looking at it like…theres so many girls on that site and men want to watch someone who has a bad attitude like that? Kind of blew my mind.

No. 138937

Why the fuck would you rent a house that big for $5,000 a month when you can just fucking save up and buy one?

No. 138939

Anyone have anything on Hyrule Fairy? I remember she took off like, a year then came back or some shit.

No. 138947

File: 1465616774647.jpeg (79.03 KB, 750x526, image.jpeg)

> As annoying as she is a lot of the hate she gets is actually older models jealous that a such an "ugly" new model became so successful so quickly.

No. 139074

"Proper bo, I tell thee! 'Ere's our Kez!"

No. 139119

File: 1465685205703.jpg (72.62 KB, 499x537, 1438599223992.jpg)

She's on again and bitching already.


No. 139120


Holy shit the whining is real!

No. 139173


Found this site through BruceBingo's twitter which confirms that PumpkinSpice puts in way more hours than other (long term) top models. You can also see her burnout in May/June.

PumpkinSpice 754h: http://mycamgirl.net/myfreecams/model/PumpkinSpice

GinnyPotter 526h: http://mycamgirl.net/myfreecams/model/GinnyPotter

Jalyn 344h: http://mycamgirl.net/myfreecams/model/Jalyn

MJ 291h: http://mycamgirl.net/myfreecams/model/TalkYurtyToMe

AspenRae 199h: http://mycamgirl.net/myfreecams/model/AspenRae

No. 139544

File: 1465839540063.png (172.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-13-18-37-05…)

Cool islamaphobia meg

No. 139554

I have to agree with this though.

No. 139558

lmao it's a critique of islam not 'islamaphobia, and it's correct imo

No. 139571

>coming from a person who has, unlike you, lived in a Muslim country

Delusional Tumblrinas out

No. 139574

there's nothing wrong with that post but it's p hypocritical coming from a chick who dates black criminals and talks about how she wants to be abused

No. 139583

Cool sexism anon

No. 139609

File: 1465854976271.jpg (131.08 KB, 720x1115, IMG_20160613_225455.jpg)

By whom exactly? The "love of your life" is still in prison babe

No. 139619

wanting to be abused as a kink and being abused against your will are two different things.

No. 140679

File: 1466102198861.png (531.12 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-16-19-34-30…)

Top kek

No. 141033

does this fat bitch ever stop thinking about food?

No. 141096

File: 1466121843517.png (998.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-16-19-59-57…)

This is petty af but damn her hand is fat and hairy.

No. 141267

File: 1466162500840.jpg (191.7 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_o8wwuopEcN1tvky6qo1_128…)

"Meeting bfs parents like shows up in pure white dress “yes I’m Catholic, sex is the devil, I’m a Virgin, no sex before marriage, I got baptised so I have no original sin” ? gives them baked cupcakes hahahaha."
my god she looks bad

No. 141278

she does look very pretty here.

No. 141280

Sometimes she looks awful but like this, it's pretty. Too bad she has such such such a shitty personality.

No. 141284

The pic is heavily filtered though. She must look much worse IRL

No. 141289

Ah, the pretty filter on snapchat. It thins your face and also softens features.

No. 141311

This snapchat filter, like someone said, makes your eyes pop + thins your face + makes nose smaller + lips dolly + etc. it's basically instant photoshop.

I still think she looks bad though, imo…her face is just all around unfortunate for me

No. 141315

I dont think megan is ugly, personally. She just has a weird sort of face that quite easily slips into disabled looking when she's not posed right.

I kind of want to copy her colour of extensions now tbth.

No. 141335

correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't she the prettyp0lly girl who selfposted in the gyaru FB group, had pictures with her 'daddy' (skinny twink bf) on her Tumblr page and then threw a shitfit and started harassing some PULLtard when people told her she looks haggard?

No. 141346

No. 141383

File: 1466193234429.png (232.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-17-20-52-15…)

??? I can't cope

No. 141387

Has anyone got screenies of that? What's the fb page? Does it still exist?

No. 141413

Someone posted some in gyaru secrets a long long time ago

No. 141868

File: 1466352663964.gif (1.31 MB, 400x267, 8a050293-4628-4177-9f10-92709c…)

This is so awkward

No. 141870

File: 1466352799689.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.62 KB, 720x480, 8fb166ad-517a-481f-907b-2f4ab1…)

No. 141871

File: 1466352815202.jpg (21.31 KB, 720x319, IMG_20160619_171231.jpg)

No. 141872

File: 1466352840381.jpg (87.79 KB, 720x930, IMG_20160619_171157.jpg)

No. 141879

I always wonder how these girls were failed as children.
Was it the parents?

No. 141883

She is so lame.

No. 144442

I think in Megans case it may have come from being the weird ugly kid who got bullied and then she lost a bit of weight, learnt how to do makeup, got more flattering hair. suddenly it was like "Oh guys will actually fuck me" and your low self esteem makes you act out for the attention.

I don't know. It kind of happened to me though.

No. 145697


She constantly looks like she has an allergic reaction to a bee sting or some shit

No. 145709

File: 1466416487872.jpg (42.94 KB, 306x619, 2EC4605400000578-3331963-image…)

Her face looks more like a constant hair dye allergic reaction.

No. 146161

File: 1466520921668.png (417.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-21-15-53-41…)

Muh edges

No. 146269

Why do some women think it's okay to say this??
especially considering how many rape victims exist who are shamed and too afraid to speak up against their attackers. Not to mention that Stanford rapist bullshit recently. This isn't even edgy, it's straight up retarded.

No. 146329

File: 1466551295807.jpg (73.39 KB, 540x360, tumblr_o94rid2Mqk1tvky6qo1_540…)


No. 146330

File: 1466551313684.jpg (77.41 KB, 540x360, tumblr_o94rid2Mqk1tvky6qo2_540…)

No. 146331

Admittedly, I like this a lot more than her usual look.

No. 146336

She should actually try jogging, though.

No. 146356

No. 146393

resisting urge to make a black guy joke

No. 146617

ayyy lmao

No. 147066

She made a website lol


No. 147363

File: 1466700102062.jpg (67.82 KB, 720x1089, IMG_20160623_173900.jpg)

The elderly scammer is back on our streets.

Bets on how long it will be untilmeg and him are over again?

No. 147728

What's his tumblr?

No. 147735

loveandsweat iirc

No. 147958

File: 1466868608704.png (737.41 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-25-16-25-55…)

What the fuck?

It was literally yesterday she was still confessing her love for Hugo.

She had a huge go at this guy too.
God she's so fucked up

Also dat outfit…

No. 147963

He looks like a straight ass terrorist with that pubic hair around his mouth

No. 147965


don't matter

all she wants is the big black cock

probably mostly for gifs/pics and videos to show off

No. 147967

God she looks so huge wtf.
Also, no way in hell she's 4'11" or whatever the fuck she claimed unless this dude is an ultra manlet.

No. 147970

My thoughts exactly.

No. 147991

I think there's a cap of her from ages ago on yahoo answers or something saying she's 5'2

I think that's more believable than 4'11

No. 148003

She has such an unfortunate body type, none of her fat goes to her lower body or her tits, she just has a huge gut and fat arms.

No. 148004

Her body is an absolute rectangle

No. 148107

She has some kind of camel toe going on, I'm so glad this photo isn't very high definition otherwise I'd be more grossed out than I already am. That muffin top, eek. I think this is the first time I've seen a muffin top happen above someone's waist. Please find some clothes that fit you meg!

No. 148274

File: 1466943748931.jpg (Spoiler Image, 154.23 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_o9d0ctcxl21tvky6qo1_128…)

Put away those fiery biscuits

No. 148304

>that mighty boosh reference
i love you anon

No. 148950

File: 1467115171800.jpg (187.35 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_o9h1hw68Cm1tvky6qo1_128…)


No. 148951

File: 1467115446181.png (22.39 KB, 311x411, THED.png)

Does she think everyone has forgotten about that huge rant after she met this bloke and how he was a piece of shit?

No. 148978

Nothing like a downs looking whale flopped across a chair trying to look sexy with a flat bum bum.

No. 148982

Its like a walrus flossing

No. 148999

File: 1467134124596.jpg (44.73 KB, 720x406, tumblr_o9hih6kgxQ1tvky6qo1_128…)

Such a weird arse.

No. 149001

File: 1467134298205.png (Spoiler Image, 423.02 KB, 701x438, bluurypoon.png)

Love that she feels the need to blur her pussy now, like we haven't seen it a million times. It's nothing special or exclusive.

No. 149002

Motherfucking goodness. Are you that dumb or what? Spoiler that shit!

No. 149003

This is a camhoe thread, sorry but do you expect to see flowers and little sheep in here?

No. 149012

Her nudes are the most un-sexy thing I've ever seen

No. 149021


Same here

I bet she did a huge fucking fart after making these shitty gifs

No. 149032

File: 1467144574120.png (177.79 KB, 407x463, dabinneybrexit.png)

Meg's mum sharing this bullshit on facebook.

>totes chinese tho

No. 149033


True brit

Not one tint of chink in the lot of them

No. 149202

File: 1467199247516.jpg (96.51 KB, 720x873, IMG_20160629_122008.jpg)

My god, she is actually on cam right now.

No. 149203

Huh, her voice is actually quite nice.

No. 149204

File: 1467199947416.jpg (75.66 KB, 720x715, IMG_20160629_123153.jpg)

No. 149205

File: 1467199959173.jpg (64.16 KB, 720x599, IMG_20160629_123205.jpg)

No. 149206

"This is wot a yokashire accent sounds loike"

Gotta disagree with you there. She looks fatter than ever, look at her arms and her stomach, yuck. And her eyes are just tiny slits, it's so weird.

No. 149209

Why are they talking about tv shows?
I'm cringing so hard.

No. 149215


She probably does this and then signs on later on this afternoon for her giro kek

No. 149218

File: 1467204441220.png (817.77 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

32E/DD you say? the fat bulging out at the armpit and under your bra line says differently lol. what an idiot.

No. 149219

I love how she was talking about Ricky being basic because he won't pay for premium but when she was trying to comb through the bottom of "her hair", her hand got stuck so she had to play it out as if she was just pulling it closer to her neck and patting it down. Well done.

No. 149220

She's so boring. Yawn

No. 149224

Cracks me up that when she first had this weight gain it was "I'm a H cup now" and despite not losing any weight (possibly putting on more) shes back down to DD.

No. 149233

Thats the tail of spence and a proper fitting bra is gonna be pretty tight on the band you ignorant slut.

No. 149255

Oh god, she looks disgusting here. I feel like I accidentally walked in on Martha, the 50-year old, divorcee, receptionist at the local dentist, trying to seduce me.

She really needs to acknowledge her weight gain and either work on losing it, or accept the fact and buy clothes/underwear that fits. She looks like a sausage spilling out of it's meat casing.

No. 149283


Hi Meg!:)

No. 149303

ugghh all these jealous bitches angry cuz they don't have any guys lookin at them lmao plot twist men like girls with an hourglass figure and nice dsl and only insane women care about stupid shit like makeup application, like stfu and start dieting you salty dykes lol

No. 149304

No. 149307

0% effort

No. 149330

File: 1467235049506.png (255.58 KB, 494x359, 1460226552831.png)

No. 149383

I made this gorilla like laugh in front of my customers. Awesome.

No. 149512

File: 1467293385205.png (375.42 KB, 486x386, 5545454.png)

Chunk is on

No. 149513

File: 1467293577635.png (212.44 KB, 492x390, 77676766.png)

No. 149516

File: 1467294887955.png (396.87 KB, 491x367, ohmygod.png)

She literally just begged for tips kek

No. 149517


Fuckin spoil this shit anon

No. 149519

File: 1467294950933.png (381.24 KB, 581x614, Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 14.5…)

No. 149520

File: 1467295004814.jpg (9.17 KB, 225x225, 54657677.jpg)

No. 149521

File: 1467295031085.gif (4.02 MB, 494x374, meg.gif)

All she's been doing is going on her phone, playing with her hair, and leaning back so you can see her lingerie.

No. 149522

File: 1467295398526.png (Spoiler Image, 320.82 KB, 494x388, 4abe9a918a762196190552853abef4…)


No. 149524

Holy hell her arms and that hip to waist ratio are abominations. Does she actually think her weight gain was a good thing?

No. 149532

File: 1467299187646.jpeg (52.84 KB, 640x481, image.jpeg)

When your fat keeps eating your clothes and you have to keep pulling it back out.
She called herself a "fat vegan/vegetarian" so if she accepts that she's fat, why not just buy shit that fits then?!

No. 149534


Oh yes, so very "thick". Funny how she was making a joke about people with flat arses and hers looks like this.

No. 149744

how is she so fat but has no cellulite…
im like half of her and i have so much ;-;

No. 149746

She's fooling herself with the XS clothes on her wish list.

No. 149750

File: 1467387571306.jpg (Spoiler Image, 146.46 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_n96233O9KE1tvky6qo1_128…)

Well she has no ass and that's the main cellulite area. But I'm sure she does, she just edits her photos and uses filters to hide flaws.

You can't see her stretchmarks on most her photos, but they're there.

No. 149751

This weirdly made me happy. I hate Meg along with everyone else and I'm actually thinner than her but I have stretchmarks too and this made me feel a little less insecure about them.

No. 149753

I feel those same feels, anon.

That perfectly captures that "feeling of horror, disgust, and inappropriate urge to laugh at the possible retard" Meg causes.

Fucking brilliant!

No. 149754

A lot of people have stretchmarks. Any fast growth can cause them. No need to feel insecure, anon!

It's her weight distribution. She doesn't carry that much weight on her butt or thighs. She looks like an apple shape.

No. 149755

nice try, but no

No. 149756

I don't have an ass either or stretchmarks. Just cellulite all over my thighs which are pretty much the thinnest part of me (I'm an apple like meg).

I hate blogposting about it but even on cam she seems not to have any cellulite. I guess maybe because she's been fat from a very young age?

No. 149784


Cellulite is kinda weird because you necessarily need to be fat to have it. (Of course being fat doesn't help, but I digress.) Some thin people have tons of cellulite and some fat people have no cellulite, and in Meg's case she's the latter.

No. 149791

Most people have stretch marks, even boys! It's pretty natural to get them when you go through puberty and grow a few inches/grow tits.

Inb4 "I'm perfect and I don't have stretch marks or cellulite because I'm a tiny little Ana with no imperfections on my body!!!1" yeah that's cool, but you're not really in the majority. Most of the human population has stretch marks. It just happens.

No. 149991

*don't necessarily need to be fat

No. 149998


I've seen stretch marks on sexy slim porn stars and even on models

they just happen

life happens

stretch marks happen

embrace them

No. 150121

File: 1467492452564.jpg (141.43 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_o9pdu5ZHaw1tvky6qo1_128…)

blugh, it's just a crease, not an ass.

No. 150122


No. 150123

damn she thicc as hell

No. 150127

Nah, she's not. This place and r/kappa are both really bad with identifying what "thick" really is.

No. 150138

I'm pretty sure those shorts are from uk scene kid brand babycakes

No. 150140

I'm always amazed that they are still around hot damn

No. 150145

She looks really nice with the longer hair, I gotta say. Much sexier than in OP's pic

No. 150160


No. 150318

What? She's gorgeous. The only reason people are say otherwise is because everyone on this website has impossible standards. Just look at the photoshop thread, lol.

No. 150323

Stay the way you are anon
she's really ugly to be though sorry

No. 150324

Bit far. I think she's cute too with the hair, makeup. Perfectly posed selfies. But there's no getting round the fact she's downsy af looking.

No. 150325


Meg is basically the ugly fat girl from school who one day was introduced to make up and then suddenly found new confidence. But she's still an ugly fat downs who just got better at applying make up, dyed her hair and bought some cheap tatty underwear then started showing her flange off because she knew on dumblr nobody would judge her since its oversaturated with feminazis and idiots.

No. 150326

File: 1467566278199.png (563.13 KB, 787x491, Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 18.1…)

basically meg in that video

No. 150331

File: 1467566570546.jpg (Spoiler Image, 738.88 KB, 1710x1373, MegvnMvrie_010716_0520_MyFreeC…)

screencaps from her lates camming

No. 150332

File: 1467566579029.jpg (Spoiler Image, 715.63 KB, 1710x1373, MegvnMvrie_010716_0656_MyFreeC…)

No. 150342

File: 1467569050176.png (186.83 KB, 339x253, meg.png)

Is she ever /not/ on her phone? And her gut under the lingerie belt is disgusting to say the least. Nice face though, Meg.

No. 150343

File: 1467569394752.png (Spoiler Image, 164.61 KB, 330x249, 74j7894944.png)

I like to think that's her reaction shot to this picture

No. 150344

Shes the unsexiest person ive ever seen :/ she looks so disabled in her face

No. 150363

I honestly think she's one of the most physically repulsive people I've ever seen. She looks retarded so it makes me feel so uncomfortable people find her attractive. Like if you think she's sexy what else do you think is sexy? Do you go looking to pick up dates at a group home? Are wheelchairs and helmets a turn on too?

No. 150367

damnn u know she thicc

No. 150429

No. 150433

No. 150470

She looks like an old lady. Dat ass lol

No. 150571

Holy fucking shit.
I was hating on my body so hard but i love near enough like a goddess compared to her.
How the hell is she even a camgirl wtf

No. 150993

File: 1467738695093.jpg (176.81 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_o9ulfrTdKf1tvky6qo1_128…)


No. 151186

>trying to have cleavage when you have wide set breasts

No. 151223

Man those tiddies are sad

Whats with all the spam too

No. 151268

they're salty their new taylor thread got locked kek

No. 151312

File: 1467773641898.jpg (56 KB, 504x596, Iz4vEFM.jpg)

> super salty

No. 151778

I think I'm missing something why are people hating this is probably the best her tits have ever looked????

No. 151824

I agree. I know megs a cunt but I'm all about supporting different body types. Well, they look better with her weight gain but the rest of her is awful compared to before. My support doesn't extend to fatties

No. 151825

Yeah, that's pretty much my philosophy too. I don't think Meg's body was bad at all before she gained weight, people just like to nitpick the appearances of people they don't like (not saying that I like her either but).

No. 152192

So, it's been a long time since I've followed any of the drama but last two I use to love laughing at was one called cammicams who would legit sit there and scowl or fake smile and voice and shit and then charge a ton for anything to even start to happen then cry and whine she gets no tips while only talking to a member or person who had tokens or had tipped once or twice since she started. She use to throw fits about her content being leaked and uploaded to free sites and then her site is a joke all together. There's tons more but it's been a good two years since I've seen anything from her, she legit spends time reporting her content from all sorts of sites from photos to videos, yet has a profile on every cam site known to man.

Also there's a meganfoxxrox or something, I remember reading about her daughter walking in on her cam show an botching about her not being a mother towards her and her spending all day on cam. I wanted to find more lulzy drama but that's all I could really find. It was posted on Reddit at one time.

No. 152361

i really want her to blow me, i bet she'd be messy and slobbery ;-D

No. 152363

>I'm a guy and have a penis lol ;-D

No. 153929

File: 1468257370121.png (114.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-07-11-13-11-29…)

She reblogged a bunch of posts from this person,is she claiming she's bipolar now?? lmfao

No. 153946

Yeah despite her saying depressed people are "annoying" and all that shit..

No. 153950

she probably is though. There's something not right about her

No. 153968

File: 1468266663913.png (134.08 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-07-11-20-48-16…)

"Broken down church" top kek

No. 155898

File: 1468603312320.jpg (79.58 KB, 720x480, tumblr_oad20zb9O51tvky6qo1_128…)

This picture is so disgusting

No. 155966

File: 1468615455331.jpg (98.13 KB, 720x812, IMG_20160715_214148.jpg)

Syndrome is on

No. 155978

File: 1468617462444.jpg (92.19 KB, 720x771, IMG_20160715_221621.jpg)

No. 155982

File: 1468617896256.jpg (75.73 KB, 720x663, IMG_20160715_221650.jpg)

No. 156001

sometimes a person with a cunty personality is literally just a cunt

No. 156416

File: 1468778448267.jpg (Spoiler Image, 181.28 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_oagy0hWKMn1tvky6qo1_128…)


No. 156417

File: 1468778516009.jpg (Spoiler Image, 136.02 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_oagx90mPNq1tvky6qo1_128…)

No. 156450

Why are her nipples so wrinkley? Is that common in larger breast women? I'm an A cup so i wouldnt know. My nipples don't look like that.

No. 156452

They're just shriveled a bit because they're cold.

No. 156474

File: 1468790930918.png (87.44 KB, 181x237, yeesh...png)

This pose, with her tits, does not suit her at all…..

No. 156558

But it's red hot in the UK today. My guess is she just had a shower maybe.

My nips don't that either.

No. 156562

I think it's because she has really large nipples rather than large breasts. More nipple tissue to wrinkle up when cold compared to smaller nipples.

No. 156595

Its a standard floppy boobies pose. I know it well.

I also have big nips which pucker sometimes. I don't think it's necessarily because of the cold. Just happens

No. 156598

This's nasty. Nasty tits, Nasty asscracks, nasty nipples, nasty flat asses.

I can not jerk off to this, even with viagra.(no1cur abt your penis. no blogging.)

No. 156599

christ I hate men on this board. I hate meg too but I doubt you could do any better anyway

No. 156610

Nobody gives a fuck what you can and cannot jerk off to

No. 157114

This thread could be so much better if it was really about camwhores drama, instead of only speaking about Megan, who is really not interesting

No. 157118

noones stopping you from talking about other camwhores?

No. 157120

Post some!! Camwhore drama is some of my fave drama and I wish more people would post other girls too. I've posted others in previous threads but then Mug does something so stupid my posts get buried, lol.

No. 158902

File: 1469391555082.jpg (80.75 KB, 320x1352, crazy bitch2.JPG)

I-Hate-the-Beach is insane.

No. 158904

File: 1469391629212.jpg (20.08 KB, 302x172, crazy bitch.JPG)

No. 158917

I was on her side until about halfway through when it all spiralled into madness

No. 158920


seriously. she could have said 'its her body, if she doesn't want to, she doesn't want to. fuck off.'

i guess people like her think that the more words and nonsense you put into a response on a topic like this the more powerful of a feminist you look. nah, you just look batshit.

No. 158931

it sounded more to me like the gf wasn't opposed to having the piercing, just afraid of the pain/healing process… i could see a dumb but well-meaning guy reaching out to someone he thinks knows something about piercings for realistic information about the pain/healing process.

No. 158946

File: 1469401041442.jpg (748.41 KB, 1710x1373, MegvnMvrie_160716_0131_MyFreeC…)

No. 158947

File: 1469401189558.jpg (722.6 KB, 1710x1373, MegvnMvrie_160716_0431_MyFreeC…)

stoopid flood detector

No. 158948

File: 1469401286286.jpg (Spoiler Image, 673.18 KB, 1710x1373, MegvnMvrie_160716_0521_MyFreeC…)

she's not very exciting

No. 158956

well, as far as other cam girls go, this thread has introduced me to the ever hilarious ParisLovely. She literally rage quits EVERY TIME I catch her on cam.

She's so fucking miserable and gets mad if she doesn't get tips within a couple minutes of signing on. And then she wonders why she doesn't get tips if she's such a miserable person?

Anyways she's on currently. I'm excited to watch her freak the fuck out.

No. 158968

yep she quit lol

No. 159106

I have started feeling sorry for her. It must be hard looking like that. I feel like there isn't much she could do to improve her looks, other than loosing all that chubbiness.

No. 161958

File: 1469931239966.png (189.7 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-07-30-22-09-53…)

I feel like this is some really weird karma.

Sticking by a man who scammed a bunch if old ladies out of thousands… Then gets ~hacked~ and loses money, not so nice now is it Megs?

Also >6 notes

Nobody cares lmfao

No. 162289

There is no way she has 25 stored from her camwhoring.

No. 163429

File: 1470442629766.png (574.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160806-011036.png)

Moving in with someone you've met a hand full of times. Sounds smart!

No. 163507

is this new guy legit? i kind of want to know the man he is to be willingly taking on this hot mess.

No. 163570


That's the only picture of them. He's 31 and some sort of music producer, obv just amateur.

After their first meeting meg went on a huge rant about him.

No. 163589

Idk if that is him. She wrote a whiny post about "if u luv ur partner don't tell them to lose weight" and that dude (dorian) put his input on it.

PS. She is trying to lose weight apparently.

No. 163593

File: 1470489154717.png (119.29 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-08-06-09-11-41…)

No. 163594

File: 1470489209985.png (147.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-08-06-09-11-30…)

Pt 2

Also she seems to have deleted her post on being totes excited to lose weight.

No. 163599

Yeah man it's well shit when someone's honest about your weight but robbing someone's nan or whatever is aight /s

No. 163606

Oh. I'm completely lost on who is "daddy" now hahah. It's not Hugo and now it's not Dorian either? I don't fucking know.

No. 164914

File: 1470945734911.png (263.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160811-210038.png)

Lol'd at meg reblogging this and how many of these she's failing.

No. 164916

This is so cringey.

No. 164927

File: 1470950822810.gif (29.77 KB, 250x200, triggered.gif)

>when you princess parts tingle

No. 164945

>no self harm for daddy

Why am I not surprised that most of the bitches into this shit are mentally ill

No. 164947

Girls into this stuff usually have extreme daddy issues and low self esteem. That's why they are looking to fuck their father figures, a guy to take care of them (because they have no self worth), and often are self destructive. These girls need a reason to live, thus attaching themselves like parasites to often abusive men.

Like, I'm all for kink and role play stuff, but there's almost an epidemic of daddy issues going on in this generation.(derailing)

No. 164952

>That's why they are looking to fuck their father figures, a guy to take care of them

the worst part is that half the time these "daddies" are just scrawny steve-buscemi looking weebs in their late twenties who play dota and have spirited away plushies on their bed. they don't give a shit about taking care of these girls lmao.

>kitten belongs to daddy and daddy only!! daddy can use his princess when and how he pleases

>daddy needs all the love, hugs and kisses in the world!
>no self harm, keep your body beautiful for Daddy
>daddy is always right!! trust daddy and do whatever he tells you
this shit reeks of an insecure manchild who hates it when his mom tells him to clean his cumrags from the living room floor. these rules are completely self-serving. this is just an ugly nerd wanting a submissive pretty girl who will suckle his asshole and give him complete control.

don't self harm daddy wants you to be pretty!! mental illness ftw daddy doesn't know what that is kitten!!! just like!! don't be sad kitten princess baby daddy loves you uwu suck the dick cheese out of my foreskin cos like i'm totally here to protect you etc etc anyway can you suck my dick already hey stop crying it's turning me off.

No. 164953

I should also point out: Ever notice how popular milf and bbw porn is becoming among men?

No. 164954

File: 1470957155627.jpg (62.52 KB, 688x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

You described it perfectly. Everytime I see some girl posting about dd/lg, it's someone with low self esteem and daddy issues. And I know it's not their fault, but I can't help it, it's so cringey. And their "daddies", holy dogshit. Always older, dirty looking unattractive weebs or more normal looking but older and creepy men. Never met a mentally sane folk into this shit. Never.

No. 164959

File: 1470959060023.jpg (73.94 KB, 300x339, tumblr_inline_nweh7spwak1rqinb…)

the thing with all these princess/littles/kittens or whatever is that they're mentally ill girls or girls who have been sexually abused as children. the fact that these daddies feel the need to REQUEST that their littles don't self harm speaks volumes about how often that happens. even that they're requesting it(yeah mental illness gone as per request daddy!!) shows how little they know about their partners and how little they care to like, they have no idea how mental illness works. so much for safety and protection that you don't even know the girl you're promising to love forever and ever has an illness. if you're so fucking in touch with your partner and care soooo much about them you'd understand you're dealing with a mentally ill girl like, self harm is gonna happen. they don't even say it in a way that's remotely concerned for their wellbeing. not "don't self harm don't hurt yourself daddy wants you to be healthy" it's literally "don't self harm daddy wants you to look beautiful!!" talk about red fucking flag.

and as for littles i get that the girls(or guys tbh it's not like this is exclusive to girls) like to buy kids' toys and talk like 5 year olds that's psychological and okay i can see how sexuality and childhood merge with that. but what the fuck is the excuse for the guy who's into his partner pretending she's a 5 year old and getting off on that? you can age regress and find comfort in binkies without having your daddy shove it up your ass?? it's become mutually exclusive now, where if you find comfort in childhood it HAS to be in a sexual setting. and it's these losers with porn blogs who came up with that. this littles/kitten/princess shit didn't exist before tumblr it's not like saying bdsm. this community is nothing more than a wildly inappropriate cesspool of power imbalance and manipulation where the girl puts their mental health in the hands of a guy who has his dick in one of them. because the excuse for these girls is that it's therapeutic, that they're mentally ill, that they're damaged, that it's comforting. lady that's not what the guy you're sending pictures of your tits to cares about. this whole…. thing is not therapeutic or healthy in the slightest. the entire community was made FOR the daddy i mean the whole mentality seems to be to do everything they want and let them decide. ugh. if anything it's even more damaging on a psychological level.

No. 164961

>the worst part is that half the time these "daddies" are just scrawny steve-buscemi looking weebs in their late twenties who play dota and have spirited away plushies on their bed.
It's either that or some middle aged loser who works at K-mart. The sad thing is that the "sex-positive feminists" of tumblr encourage girls to get into these unhealthy relationships. If you point out that most of these ddlg girls were sexually abused or suffer from mental illness and perhaps should not be entering into BDSM relationships with craigslist randos twice their age, you are literally Hitler.

No. 164964

recently i've seen a lot of criticism coming at those sex positive feminists though. thank god. it's mostly from girls who actually have had a lot of casual sex(and still so). a lot of them have emotional/mental issues, traumas. hell, even having casual sex all the time can lead to trauma. it can take its toll on you. not everyone is emotionally capable of sleeping with lots of guys. not to mention it's fucking dangerous. the majority of these sex positive feminists are white skinny college girls with microbangs and tattoos whose definition of sexual freedom is shoving a dildo up their ass on camera and then going to bed. i mean, easy for YOU to say sex is amazing and great ya know? they have it easy in every sense of the word. it's incredibly misleading.

No. 165091

>How did sex positive feminists even fall for this ddlg shit? The same women who say it's bad to pressure a woman into sex when she's emotionally vulnerable (eg. going through a rough time, in mourning, struggling financially, recently left abusive environment, etc.) now say it's ok to pressure an emotionally vulnerable woman into sex as long as you roleplay incest?
You're forgetting it's Tumblr feminists we're talking about… The same people who put in their bio "Don't follow me if you are male, cis or white". You can't ask them to make sense.

No. 165492

where is her sex video that got posted a while ago by her exbf? can someone reup?

No. 165545

Wasn't that cp?

No. 165567

She was underage in that video. Go fap somewhere else, /r9k/

No. 165577


Not supporting it but what difference would it even make? Half the web has seen her sad tits and saggy fanny anyway anon

Doubt its changed much from her teenage years anyway kek

No. 165578

I can't wait until this ddlg shit is over and the trend has completely been wiped out

Its so vile

No. 165580


Thats every 'feminist' line "its mi bodeh i can du wot i wunt tho! nao fuck off!!!"

basically ^ "Im a filthy scroaty bitch and I don't like being called out"

No. 165583

Because she was like, 16 years old there? It's fucking gross. Precisely since the web can now see her tits&ass, why would you want to search on purpose for that scrawny sex tape when there are hundreds of porn sites full of better quality videos?

No. 165590


To be fair in the UK you're legal at 16. Gross but thats how it is here. Btw this is a different anon.

She's gross as a 16 year old and even now. I don't know how old she even is now tbh. She's a minger and will remain a minger.

No. 165630

Even though 16 is legal, wouldn't it still be illegal to have video if the person isn't 18+?

No. 165634

File: 1471201397555.png (936.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160814-200047.png)


Dunno what this new video is supposed to be lol. Downsy fap

No. 165654

Anyhow there's no reason to care so much about an underage porn video, other than being a creep. The anon who asked for it should know that we're not 4chan.

No. 166300

File: 1471389299723.jpg (698.45 KB, 1710x1373, MegvnMvrie_300716_0158_MyFreeC…)

Maaaan this bra is doing her 0 favours

No. 166322

does she get paid for that lol

No. 166327


jesus christ her nipples are slipping out. is this just a shitty bra or is it poorly fitted or what? youd think she could atleast afford a decent bra lol

No. 166455


Found it.

Whether its shit or not.. kinda mixed reviews but made me laugh people saying "makes my boobs look amazing" then we got >>166300

I think megan needs to accept balconette bras are not for her.

No. 166468

File: 1471453573052.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.98 KB, 324x240, lol.JPG)

The extra weight does her no favors to say the least

No. 166473

She's such a bizarre looking person. She looks like the kinda fat that babies get, bloated and covered in rolls.

I don't believe she doesn't have some kind of defect. The girl does not look right.

No. 166475

File: 1471454537719.jpg (860 KB, 1710x1373, MegvnMvrie_150816_1659_MyFreeC…)

No. 166476

File: 1471454608516.jpg (917.61 KB, 1710x1373, MegvnMvrie_160816_0126_MyFreeC…)

just chillin with my gash out

No. 168312

File: 1472125050285.png (252.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160825-123547.png)

?? this bitch has clearly never had a normal relationship. So cringe

No. 168319


>I take Lana Del Ray songs seriously

This is what this says to me. God, lol. All these 'broken little dolls' and their drug dealer baddy boyfriends are just delusions of what a relationship is. I don't wish domestic abuse on any girl but when you date a scumbag you're asking for whatever nasty std he brings to you.

No. 168331

File: 1472133462027.png (171.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-08-25-09-56-33…)

Wait so she is fucking Dorian? I can't keep up with this shit lmfao.

No. 168341

I am fucking lost on the situation too. Sometimes it seems like she does mean him. Lel I can't believe she's actually going to go through with moving in with some tumblr daddy ?
And if it's Dorian he's 31 and has a kid. Yikes.

She probably thinks he's just gonna pay for everything and be a provider for her, she's never even took a second to think about getting a job, just latching herself on to others.

No. 168357

But anon sex work is a job!!!1!

No. 168683

Can't wait to see her on Jeremy Kyle in a few years. Maybe months.

No. 168700

File: 1472237012093.jpeg (19.29 KB, 460x306, the-people-of-the-jeremy-kyle-…)

I'm so ready

No. 169102

File: 1472382857876.jpeg (101.78 KB, 640x872, image.jpeg)

She really trying to convince people this is her real hair??

No. 169110

16 is the legal age to have sex, but any pictures/videos of someone under 18 is cp.

No. 169115

Ok i know shes overweight but she always looks so bloated. I wonder what the fuck she eats and drinks.

No. 169139

It may be illegal but she barely looks any different anon. Not saying it isnt wrong but Megs still gross as she was then and now.

No. 169140

Id love to see her over on Jezza imagine what he'd say…

"Stop showin off ya tits and get ya self a job!" Then shed start crying and her mam would be all "BUT IT IS A JOB!"

Jezza would say "ya her mum! Ya should be helping her find work! What kind of a mother are ya?!"

Then megs white knights be coming on "YEAH BUH HER BODEH HER CHOICE DOE INNIT M8!!!"

No. 169255

File: 1472412250809.jpg (300.68 KB, 921x720, tumblr_ocmkqqBwL81tvky6qo1_128…)

Dat fuckin Chelsea smile

No. 169263

She never said it's her real hair though

No. 169281

Think she looks nice here tbh.
yeah she's been pretty open about dying, the curler she uses. and she gave me some advice on micro-loop extensions when I got them. I honestly don't think she's much of a lolcow. Just a weird looking insecure camgirl who lashes out.

No. 169329


'I love it when my hairs curly' and it's clearly a wig, same as that other one she wears the hell out of. Nothing wrong with wearing a wig but that ain't her hair

No. 169368

its her extensions done with a chopstick curler. not into the bitch but in all fairness she never made a secret of her extensions. I don't think its unreasonable to just say my hair for a caption either rather than OH I LOVE WHEN MY EXTENSIONS ARE CURLY. who does that.

the short wig she got on amazon tho yeah that was weird

No. 169384

Her face looks especially bizarre here…what the fuck?

No. 169432

Honestly she's been less lulzy nowadays. She used to lie rampantly about drug use (said she'd done meth, among other things even though meth is so hard to find in the uk and she never seems to leave the house) and being a ex heroin addict iirc. Also her shoops before she gained weight were pretty hilarious. Idk yeah now she's like a sad shadow of herself .

No. 169436

She's kind of boring outside her downsy face and horrible taste in men now. She's not with the ex-con scammer guy anymore though, right? That whole situation was pretty milky.

No. 169462

You mean Hugo? I really have no clue anymore tbh. I know there was a period of time (recently?) when she was all over that Dorian dude but I don't think she's got anything to do with him anymore. If she's not with either of them she's probably with some interchangeable black dude (since we all know she looks for exactly one quality in her men anyway)

No. 169517

Looks like she's moving in with Dorian, anon. >>168331

No. 169634

Im glad she realised how shitty her little scammer was for her. Obviously I don't know her but I've been in that position I think (not that they want to jail or conned old women but yeah) you get so defensive about everyting they do and convince yourself its fine. Then you feel good about yourself for being such a kind understanding forgiving girlfriend and nothing matters as long as they love you so much. Idk its insecurity in a way. Hugo just seemed like a manipulator from some of her posts. Genuinely hope for the best for her.

No. 172820

File: 1473519747109.png (524.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160910-160132.png)

So she's suddenly not vegan anymore? Ok

No. 172884

>jerk chicken
yes megan we know you like fucking black men because you only deal in stereotypes

also what kind of moron emails every estate agent in london? that's like 2,500 companies. and i want to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she's exaggerating but this is a girl who used her legal name for making porn. not the sharpest crayon.

No. 173655

File: 1473781653743.png (255.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160913-164522.png)

What a lil scammy hoe.

Also that last sentence lel. What the fuck are you doing, it takes no time to take a photo or short clip. Is she retarded?

No. 173659

Actually, I can understand her. People (and especially those who make their living with Snapchat, Instagram etc) put quite some effort into their pictures. It's not the casual snapshot you may send your friends, even if it ends up looking like that. She's providing a product/service that people (in that case) buy and they might as well demand the best quality they can get. If she posts low- or no effort pictures, less people might want to pay for them. Of course, eventually it's something she's chosen to do so it's always debatable if complaining about it is really appropriate. But overall, being as exposed can be exhausting at times, taking pictures a lot and trying to look as pleasant as possible in them does take time and it's totally fine of her to ask for money. It's up to the people if they want to spend money on it or not. I personally wouldn't because of the vast amount of free porn you can get online, but hey, each to their own.

No. 173700

is this chick mixed with something or is she just your standard white girl with a weird face?

No. 173708

She's "half Chinese"

No. 173726

aka inbred brit scum with some FAS mixed in

No. 173945

File: 1473884123416.png (142.7 KB, 1080x1020, Screenshot_20160914-211211~2.p…)

But Megan depressed people are annoying and whiny remember? And you don't self harm, it's "muh blood fetish".

No. 173968

I almost believe that she may have some chinese. Her mums kinda wonky looking too. But certainly not half like she claims

No. 174069

Her mom doesn't look fully Chinese, if Meg is Chinese I'm sure it's 1/4 at most. The chinky eye gene is prob just strong.

No. 174082

I don't think she looks Chinese at all tbh. I'd guess she might be mixed with Finnish or maybe icelandic or something? They are white, but tend to have very heavily hooded eyes. Her eyes are blue(?) too, while light colored eyes can happen, it's very rare for Chinese people. She's just trying to jump on the POC bandwagon so she doesn't feel basic and can pretend she's ~exotic~.

No. 174083

I've seen her write some nasty vile shit. This doesn't surprise me.

No. 174192

Her eyes are green. But her mum looks like a legit mongoloid.
The eye shape is the only thing that resembles Chinese. Not any other facial features or good thick hair genes, Just bogeyes

No. 174193

File: 1473940178002.png (730.23 KB, 1080x1253, Screenshot_20160915-124841~2.p…)

No. 174194


She looks no where near Asian at all. Finnish, Icelandic I would say more of a chance but I doubt Asian.

No. 174229

Agreed anon.
They both have hooded eyes, yes, but they both also have very deep eye creases. It's just hidden by the eye hood. That's not Asian at all, I mean you can even see in her mother's picture how deep the crease is?

No. 174256

File: 1473973267870.jpg (84.71 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

nah bjork has it too. it's the chinky scandinavian face. finnish and icelandic folks usually have asian-looking eyes. pic related.

you can read more about it here lol

No. 174272

Tfw Meg used to say her mama look like Bjork

No. 174301

File: 1473986279976.jpg (89.01 KB, 634x595, 273B051B00000578-3030375-image…)

she does lol. y'all are thinking of cute 90s bjork but she looks just like present day haggard bjork. and there aren't any other famous chinky-looking finnish people so bjork tends to be everyone's go-to comparison.

No. 174355

Byork isnt finnish she icelandic

No. 174357

i meant regarding the asian-looking features lol all those scandinavian countries get their fair share. bjork probably has finnish ancestry.

No. 174382

It seems to be mostly finnish people with sami/lapland ancestry who have that face, case in point singer antti tuisku and blogger emmi nuorgam. Maybe the same with icelanics

No. 174390

Jesus, I really hope that people here don't think that the majority of Finns look like white Mongols. There are some, and it's more common in the indigenous Sami people, but certainly most of the people don't look like this kid.

No. 174429

Yeah, I'm kind of astonished that people really think Finns look like that, when it's really only the Northern and Eastern ones and it's not too common among them, either.

I'm almost sure that Meg doesn't have a drop of Chinese blood but rather Northern Finnish, since a lot of Finns traveled to USA to work there in the 19th and 20th century, and her mom looks more like she has an American-Finnish grand parent or parent even. I don't understand why she keeps claiming to be part Chinese, when being part Finnish would imo be more unique and edgy, especially since Sami and Lapland people are often seen as dark and mysterious witches, which would make all of tumblr ejaculate in harmony.

Sage for Finnish autism.

No. 174757

File: 1474140152371.png (150.18 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

She tagged this as "advice". While what she's actually saying is pretty sound and reasonable, it's Megan trying to lecture us about smart spending habits. She asked for Amazon gift cards so she could buy tacky overpriced lingerie that she can't even stuff herself into and stripper shoes. also wasn't she begging for money to buy a new laptop because hers broke or something a while ago? i don't think this chick actually knows how to be financially responsible.
> your future is the only thing you really need to focus on
Says the girl who cams under her real name and whose awkward nsfw gifs are freely available on the Internet for any future employers.
Of course, she could possibly have grown up and realized that she was kind of dumb and irresponsible. But I feel like that's me being too optimistic.

No. 174761

god, she's so ridiculous and it really shows that she has absolutely zero life experience. she's just trying to justify that she still lives at home and that her amazing camgirl career is a complete failure.

you know, normal people actually want to move out and have their own life once they start making their own money. and once you make enough money, you should either move the fuck out or at least pay rent and not live off your parents and expect them to pay for your shit while you get naked for strangers on the internet for free.

nobody says that you "must spend all your money on luxury items". but not everyone wants to freeload for a living, it's called being a responsible adult, even if that means living paycheck to paycheck instead of ~focusing on your future~

No. 174767

They don't, but that Antti guy for example is good looking and there's nothing wrong with looking like "a mongol".

Most Finns do look similar to Swedes or North Russians tho.

No. 174768

She begged to get people to buy her a new bed as well.
Apparently she's moved out but if it's true it obv won't last.

No. 177924

File: 1475162464225.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 470x470, tumblr_oe9rr3bTuy1tvky6qo1_500…)

Stroking her sausage boob like a cat lel

No. 178042

File: 1475197116001.jpg (30.71 KB, 600x315, d0f6ae7fe6334d7ff50e3f10e7953f…)

No. 178063

Tbh guys I have this heinous eye shape going on and I'm not Finnish. I had my 23andme done and I'm not Finnish at all (mostly British and Irish). If she pretends she's mixed race being weird looking is exotic instead of just being an ugly white girl. I bet Meg is nearly 100% british slag.

No. 179016

File: 1475530681296.png (307.19 KB, 1080x1535, Screenshot_20161003-223400~2.p…)

Surprise, her "relationship" went to shit again

No. 179017

File: 1475530722748.png (320.8 KB, 1080x1558, Screenshot_20161003-223410~2.p…)

No. 179020

File: 1475531030945.png (215.69 KB, 1080x1104, Screenshot_20161003-223442~2.p…)



No. 179022

File: 1475531216241.png (244.17 KB, 1080x1612, Screenshot_20161003-223329~2.p…)

This answer is a fucking joke. She's the sort of person who can't even meet her own deadlines for her own sex work and she thinks this is in anyway possible for her?

She obviously wouldn't even be able to get into uni, let alone hack it.

No. 179033

this is honestly one of the better decisions she's made with a guy but idk if she'll actually be able to stick with it. Either that or she'll just get ghosted hardcore. But if she actually moves to London for a guy who doesn't even want to be a couple then she's more retarded than I thought.

No. 185472

File: 1476876601737.png (703.53 KB, 1080x1359, Screenshot_20161019-122639~2.p…)

No. 185501

Nightmare fuel.

No. 185537

Is this her Halloween special? Looks spoopy

No. 185560

File: 1476902298307.png (287.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20161019-193059.png)

I hope she hasn't just made this up…

What a surprise Dorian is an ass hat.
Why is she even still supposedly moving to London after what she said the other week..

No. 185561

File: 1476902402908.png (284.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20161019-193442.png)


Her own fault for taking acid, but why say this on tumblr, why isn't she calling her parents?

No. 185641

Sounds like bullshit so someone will donate some cash. So she can use her phone to hop on tumblr but not to ring her parents or police? Eh no

No. 185662

The mental image of a grown man leading a woman out of his car just so he can run off and drive away as fast as possible while she chases him is both hilarious and sad. She must've been really irritating him for him to just abandon her there when he knew she was still tripping on acid/her "bipolar episode" (what does this even mean? She was manic? This makes no sense afaik).

She's probably just still high or trying to get quick cash but if this happened I hope she wises up and doesn't move in with this guy. He doesn't even like her.

No. 185674

File: 1476910248486.jpg (Spoiler Image, 751.97 KB, 1710x1370, MegvnMvrie_161016_0434_MyFreeC…)


Yeah I don't think she's bipolar, just more bullshit.
Dorian is on tumblr so he can obviously read all this, why does he not speak up?

>mong cam screencaps not related

No. 185689

Can't say that I feel particularly bad for her.

No. 185696

Neither do I. I'm sure it was some sort of BS chimp out she was having and Dorian had enough of her shit. Good for him, telling her to grow the fuck up and all.

No. 185700

since when has she ever shown an interest in neuroscience beyond "hur dur drugs"

No. 186922


It's not very nice to make fun of trisomy 21 sufferers.

No. 187088

I feel bad for her, that he just ran off like that while she was having some sort of breakdown (whether it was drug induced or not) that's fucked up…

No. 187517

File: 1477325618593.png (60.26 KB, 1080x691, Screenshot_20161024-170612~2.p…)

God she's so stupid and desperate.

He could chop her tit off and she'd be like WE COOL a day later

No. 187528

Oh wow, she's desperate. He did drugs with her and abandoned her with no debit card/money or form of transportation at the train station. Maybe she exaggerated the situation and is back pedaling now? Her taste in men has been pretty awful though.

No. 187924

Tbh I don't think tere was a break down or her left without stuff. I think those are embellishments to make the story more sympathic towards Meg. Most likely she ran her mouth being an edgy whitetrash cunt, he got sick of it and told her to fuck off.

No. 189766

Anyone remembers Jeerawan?
Quite liked her when I was a lot more young and stupid. Kind of popular channel, typical early wapanese. Channel disappeared suddenly and stumbled upon her (pussy) years later. Apparently kept on whilst pregnant?

No. 189794

she came back on mfc and was insanely popular for a while (top 100, 12k+ cam score). dunno if she cams anymore tho

No. 190450

I realize this post is old, but it was common among the indigenous peoples of the Great Plains and Canadian Prairies; curiously enough, the US and Canada, probably to make things simpler, allow any enrolled member of a Native American tribe to collect and possess eagle feathers, as an exception to the Migratory Bird Treaty, even those tribes that did not historically use them in their cultural practices.

No. 190737

File: 1477870375694.png (903.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20161030-232536.png)


No. 192448

File: 1478122196488.png (82.73 KB, 1080x661, Screenshot_20161102-212723~2.p…)

This is some dumb shit

No. 196089

File: 1478718585492.png (272.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20161109-185706.png)

This girl is so stupid, does she not learn from mistakes?
The site is sketchy as fuck and obv the guys are weirdos at the least, but a lot of scammers and rapists.

No. 196105

inb4 she gets kidnapped and will be found from some guys basement 5 years later.

No. 196122

At this point, I just hope she's safe to be honest.

No. 196152

I've had some bad experiences with things like that, I hope she is careful with who she speaks to. It could get real bad real fast for her.

No. 196173

It's surprising nothing that bad has happened yet. But she's so easy, she was going to move in with a man who literally abandoned her in the middle of London.

That's not something to forgive and I don't understand how she can have that happen and think "yep, that's the man for me!"

No. 196179

She's gonna get herself fucked up bad one of these days, man. Why the hell does she just continuously make these reckless ass decisions? I doubt that, if any trouble does come her way (which at this rate is pretty inevitable), I'd be able to garner any sort of pity for her. She's so goddamn stupid.

No. 199028

File: 1479240423077.png (38.5 KB, 1080x571, Screenshot_20161115-200505~2.p…)


No. 199453

God she's retarded. Must have some actually awful low self esteem to go back to this guy.

Can't pretend to know her but I speak from experience. And a lot of her edgy behaviour points to this too imo.

I'd feel bad because its hard in that situation but she's fucking retarded. Or just massively exaggerating shit for attention.

No. 201298

File: 1479572599319.png (183.52 KB, 1080x1258, Screenshot_20161119-162022~2.p…)

I can see her being stupid enough to kill herself thinking she'd be reincarnated. Lol.

>Meg on suicide watch

No. 205761

Not really a traditional cow per se but Maggie Whitten aka Kati3kat is sort of a cow. She used to be a major scene girl or whatever on tumblr and had lots of drama with guys on there, and an ED blog. Now she is a chaturbate/MFC cam model who makes over a million dollars a year but she has plenty of drama too.

Mostly with a guy she is dating off of twitch, she has a long term bf that she just moved in with but pretends she is single I guess so she can keep her tippers.

Another thing is that she has paid off reddit and 4chan mods from talking about her. If you try posting her on any of the porn subreddits it will get taken down and you will get banned. If you try posting her pictures or webms on 4chan, you will get an auto-ban. Like, if you tried posting other popular cam model's pics/gifs (like Lana Rain) nothing happens. But if you try posting her shit, it already goes through a filter and you get a one month ban. Same goes for her name and cam name.

It's insane. She honestly thinks she can keep her nudes off of the internet and her name off of the internet even though she makes over $1,000,000 a year masturbating on cam publicly. She spends 5 hours a night with a dildo up her vag while 2k people are watching, and she thinks she can successfully keep her nudes off the internet so she can get a job when she gets too old to cam? She's retarded. The way she whines about it on cam is fucking retarded too.

No. 205816

does she have down syndrome?

No. 205841

Y'all notice she's talking to Hugo again? Lol.

Bets on when she switches back to Dorian?

No. 205964

ah dang it, never thought there would be a cow on here that I knew in real life…but I guess it would be her…
I knew her in early high school before she even became a scene girl on tumblr, she had the worst eyebrows ever but she was super nice and loved music, she had an older sister who got pregnant at 16 I think so it pushed her to try to be the opposite at the time. then yeah, we lost touch, I found her on tumblr through a selfie of hers that had 6000000 notes, and now I found her again just now and she's a camgirl I guess…

I don't have any milk I don't think except to say, that photo looks nothing like her, she looks so generic here when she definitely had a unique look before…hmm this is just weird

No. 205983

lolll she sounds like a middle schooler whose mommy just started letting her shop at hot topic

No. 206071

File: 1480416084510.jpg (22.79 KB, 250x333, tumblr_ohefqwbzJg1tvky6qo3_250…)

What the flying fuck is she wearing?

You can tell she thinks she looks high fashion but it just looks terrible.

No. 206076

well, it looks terrible on her.

No. 206105

File: 1480424408735.jpg (42.09 KB, 610x596, hqbum1-l-610x610-kendall jenne…)

Eh, it's just the typical instahoe style. Just google sweater with thigh high boots and you'll see it everywhere. Looks trashy imho. Pic related

No. 206160

File: 1480433806557.png (Spoiler Image, 955.27 KB, 1080x1358, Screenshot_20161129-153317~2.p…)

Obviously the picture alone is disgusting but that fucking caption as well. Errrrgh!

No. 206164

God she looks so downsy here that I feel unclean.

No. 206168

spoiler that shit seriously.

No. 206169

>cum on the glasses
good god the permanent smear stains….

No. 206179

File: 1480435961715.jpg (347.84 KB, 680x680, 1467998748873.jpg)

No. 206184

that jizz looks rancid

No. 206187

I'm hungover as fuck and seeing that picture genuinely made me puke jfc

No. 206220

Ikr. I kinda hope it's fake for his sake cos if that is cum it doesn't look healthy.

No. 208174

File: 1480826852978.jpg (65.07 KB, 613x764, CyzjFNBUsAAA37V.jpg)

This is PumpkinSpice/Morgan Hoffmann/KatsumiChann/Stormy, who made $1 mill last year and like $2mill the year before that or something, and then she lost her fanbase due to being a raging cunt and this year she is basically broke and barely making $3k/month

She wasted all her money on stupid shit and apparently has 0 in her bank account and was evicted from her house

Now she's raging on twitter about how depressed she is and telling ppl she deserved 700k for doing nothing

She's so unstable so she produces the best milk. Also beats her cat. Thats why she changes her name so frequently, because she keeps getting caught doing evil shit and thinks she can get away from it

No. 208176

File: 1480826958271.jpg (78.41 KB, 633x934, Cyzl0BvWgAAxFO7.jpg)

btw she made all that money pedo roleplaying (there are videos online) because she started the day she turned 18. now she is almost 21 and an alcoholic so she looks too old and her pedo fanbase left. she couldnt afford to pay her bills anymore so she was evicted and instead of getting a real job and saving money, she spends $1000 a month on ugly hair extensions & grey hair and only eats takeout food

honestly this girl is the biggest cow if youve followed her for a while

No. 208177

File: 1480827113725.png (165.24 KB, 623x758, drugs.png)

The latest drama is that she had her house broken into by her "evil stalkers" (people from myfreecams that call her out on her shit) which is why she had to move. But that was all proven to be a lie… she was evicted and moved to a cheap apartment and pawned all her stuff off (that she still claims was stolen as a way to get pity tips). now shes trying to claim insurance fraud

also she has a huge amphetamine addiction which is why she is so skinny and why she used to stay up for like 72 hours in a row when her tolerance was low

No. 208178

Pumpys shows are soooooo fucking boring too. She sits there and expects 10K tokens to take her bra off to see her anorexia ass tits? No thanks. She complains so fucking much.

No. 208179

legit. she sits there with a sour pissed-off face and literally screams her head off at people to tip.

then she gets drunk and starts talking shit about other models or crying about how she never makes top 20 anymore, which is a good thing at least.

shes literally the unhappiest, most ungrateful cunt i've ever seen on MFC. she is worse than parislovely or arianina

No. 208180

also you can tell how it kills her that whorenickels and kickaz have been doing so well and she struggles to make top 250

No. 208181

The funniest thing about cam girls in my opinion is how they claim to work so hard and talk about "how hard" camming is. Bitch you literally masturbate on camera all day and maybe film a fucking video one in a while, and you're going to sit there and complain?! I'd love to see her work a real job.

No. 208185

if you compare her as a camgirl to other camgirls… she ltierally gets paid to do nothing

Kickaz for example, logs on every day for at least 6 hours. she makes interesting content and always smiles. Other camgirls like Lana Rain do the same, they cam for at least 4-5 hours a day and also make high quality videos that honestly rival some porn production companies, as well as unique contests and games for their room.

Pumpy logs on for 2 hours every couple of days and throws a hissyfit when people arent sending her 10k tips. Her videos suck. Like they genuinely suck. A bunch of them got leaked and oh my god they are the worst thing ive ever seen. She sits far away from the camera and just sits there with a blank face dildoing herself. no expression, no movement, just a blank face. no moans. nothing. it's like watching a fucking decrepit zombie. ive seen people asleep act more sexually than she does

and then she wonders WHY the fuck no one tips her/she doesnt make money. because she's boring and all her previous pedo tippers have moved on to new girls like Zia and Mira

No. 208189

File: 1480827984614.jpg (Spoiler Image, 381.01 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_0548.JPG)

Also her damn vagina is like creepy and so…long looking? I can't explain but that shit looks nasty. Why is it so grey looking??

No. 208190

File: 1480828031478.jpg (41.25 KB, 668x300, beautiful ps.jpg)

ew…. wtf

this made me laugh.

No. 208192

File: 1480828384856.jpg (Spoiler Image, 271.63 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_0550.JPG)

Ahhhh here's the photo I was looking for. Her vagina lips look like sad flaps, yuck.

No. 208195

ewwww wtf is it so long.

do you have the photos of her on cam showing off her gapped teeth? shes honestly the ugliest cam girl ive ever seen. cant believe she actually made a couple million

No. 208196

Kek she looks like an actual rat. I watched a video of her on YouTube and I dunno how anyone can stand that whiney fucking voice never mind wank through it

No. 208198

File: 1480828908011.jpg (125.44 KB, 426x331, unspecified.jpg)

she is honestly so gross

No. 208200

File: 1480829097024.jpg (60.11 KB, 297x960, IMG_20161203_232420.jpg)

No. 208201

Please tell me that's photoshopped.

No. 208202

her face compared to her body .. jesus. she looks bloated and discolored.

No. 208203

File: 1480829182132.jpg (8.33 KB, 320x240, oh god help me.jpg)

guys she is on cam right now LMAOOOO

No. 208204

File: 1480829262685.jpg (266.52 KB, 631x470, pumpy.jpg)

No. 208207

File: 1480829640323.jpg (111.41 KB, 960x749, IMG_20161203_233237.jpg)

I popped in to see this.
Can't cam hungry amiright?

No. 208210

File: 1480830104767.png (Spoiler Image, 238.33 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0554.PNG)

Screencap from her "creamy kat" video. 8' distraught by that shit coming out of her. Looks like fucking cottage cheese.

No. 208211

she is so freaky looking. is she retarded

No. 208215

shes eating a quest oreo bar. anorexia staple food

No. 208216

she needs bangs and some of megan's weight

No. 208220

File: 1480830781416.jpg (104.28 KB, 960x736, IMG_20161203_235048.jpg)

If anyone was interested in what she was eating it was this.
Someone tipped 99 cents and got a penalty… and now her chat is lit guys! They're talking about Finding Dory and movies. Someone tipped 10 tokens and she did a lousy 1 frame flash.

No. 208221

File: 1480830929238.jpg (Spoiler Image, 111.67 KB, 960x861, IMG_20161203_234933.jpg)

Sorry for double post but here's her flash for 10 tokens.

No. 208222

they are talking about laxatives now LOL

she has a disgusting chest. boney and two diff sized nips

No. 208225

She does absolutely nothing but sit there looking ugly and begging to be in the top 20.

No. 208226

Now she's making up a sob story about how someone broke into her house??? does she ever stop lmao

No. 208232

"my tippers have gotten used to not tipping me as much anymore… YOU GUYS… you gotta tip me more!"

"every time you take a break for yourself your tippers get used to not tipping as much…"

No. 208303

Not to sound jealous (but I probably am - kek i wish i had money) but how the fuck do women who look like this get so much money? I think i'm possibly more attractive and yet i would never get the same amount of attention. Is it because she is ana or what?

No. 208308

>Is it because she is ana

Yup. It's a niche without much competition. Plus her face is on the pretty side of average, so that puts her ahead of most of her fellow bonelord camwhores.

Nothing sexier than a yeast infection. /s

No. 208400

because men are fucking sick… seriously. the way she made a million was when she just turned 18 and was roleplaying for these guys as a 12 year old. there are videos online. now she looks her age, 20, she's barely making anything and struggling. i think it's starting to hit her that she's not hot shit, so shes flaunting the "depression" shit… because she cant get away with doing nothing for $$

No. 208430

she's dehydrated like fuck, could also be a bad time in her cycle (if she still has one) or it's terrible lube.

No. 208460

File: 1480886791616.jpg (47.58 KB, 609x546, CrGLRJXUAAA_H0K.jpg)

what would you consider average if you think this is on the "pretty side of average"

No. 208463

They look like cousins

No. 208464

makes me kek. I remember having sex with my bf when I had mild bv and telling him it was lady cum :c

men are so dumb

No. 208465

File: 1480887508904.jpg (34.41 KB, 376x424, uQNVxX376p2Md895.jpg)

mfw this is considered on the "pretty side of average"

ana fetishists and pedos will do anything to explain away their wierd fucked up fetish

No. 208471

File: 1480888006617.jpg (66.57 KB, 1024x600, so pretty.jpg)


No. 208475

How she make that much money and still not get her teeth fixed?

Is she looking scrawnier than before?

No. 208481

because she thinks she's the most beautiful creature to walk this planet as is. see this >>208190

No. 208492

and the fucked up teeth play into keeping her pedo fans

No. 208532

I've known some sex workers (strippers mostly) who weren't conventionally attractive but had enough charisma to build up a solid clientele. Only one of them ever made a million, but she was smart with it and invested most of it.
That's what I don't get about this girl. She's not cute, she has a vile personality, she's an addict, and she wasted millions before she was even 22 years old. Who would drop a dime on her except sick guys with fetishes?

No. 208552

Correct me if I'm wrong and bare in mind I'm a Brit fag but can't you put a mil in the bank and just live off the interest for the rest of your life?? How did this bitch blow 3 mil

No. 208563

i think it was mentioned in this thread before. she tipped herself a lot to make the #1, #2 rank like 7 times? she brags about that but she probably made $800k/year and wasted half of it on self-tipping. to her its all a game and she is obsessed with rankings. she definitely did make 800k last year (MFC accidentally published the $ amounts girls made last year to corroborate her story) but how much of that was self-tipping? we don't know

so lets say she had half left… she gets her hair done almost every week (no lie she brags about it on twitter) and apparently it costs like $1000. she buys christian louboutins and YSL and chanel bags. she spent something like $10k on her computer and bought multiple macbooks. now she is asking for another 10k for her computer because "it was stolen". she has a drug habit. she brags about eating takeout every day and she used to have an alcohol problem where she drank every night on cam like crazy. instead of living in a decent sized apartment, she rented a mansion for $5000/month + maintenance, so that alone probably wasted 100k for her. last year she kept getting lip fillers and freaky shit done to her face.

most normal people would have taken that and invested it and lived off of it for like 20 years. gone back to school. etc. but she wasted it all on tipping herself and living alone in a mansion and buying stupid shit. now she legit has less than 100k left.

No. 208565

oh also she had to pay like 1/3 of that to taxes.

No. 208567

File: 1480898273226.jpg (32.38 KB, 290x366, disgust.jpg)

>she probably made $800k/year and wasted half of it on self-tipping.
holy shit
that level of narcissism is unbelievable

No. 208573

File: 1480898827100.jpg (104.16 KB, 600x800, CeWGu9qUUAAOzhr.jpg)

A lot of cam girls do that. It's so fucked up. On chaturbate you can actually tell because there was an exploit. This one girl, eeeveee or something (pic related) would tip herself hundreds of dollars.

On MFC you can't really tell, but its pretty obvious. She spent half her money on taxes and then the other half trying to compete with real cam girls like Ginny Potter.

No. 208582

On one hand, I sort of understand why some people would want to have a high ranking because it could possibly give them more viewers and more tips, but on the other hand tipping yourself is such a waste. These girls have no concept of how to manage their money and they also don't seem to realize that this sort of career has no longevity. It's sad, but the milk his hilarious

No. 208583

Maybe when she says 'eating takeout every night' what she means is 'drugs'
Maybe I'm way off track here, but that girl looks more death camp than McDonalds.

No. 208586

when she used to do shows every night she would have take out sprawled over the floor. then leave for 15 min to go "to the bathroom"

No. 208596

File: 1480902032732.jpg (230.86 KB, 323x601, kat1.jpg)

She is legitimately hideous.

No. 208599


This bitch looks like Pennywise

No. 208926

File: 1480950764129.png (60.45 KB, 1080x682, Screenshot_20161205-142352~2.p…)

Ffs meg

No. 209005

File: 1480960544261.png (61.98 KB, 636x549, IMG_0565.PNG)

Is she retarded or…? That's what being in the adult business IS. Stfu with the "no ones here to make me smile" shit pumpy. You're literally there to make guys cum you dumb idiot.

No. 209006

File: 1480960648327.jpg (282.59 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_0564.JPG)

Also maybe she should stop spending so much money on her ratchet ass hair and fix her teeth instead? Them gaps.

No. 209051

File: 1480966068438.png (61 KB, 564x304, Screenshot 2016-12-05 14.25.59…)

She wants pity for spending $7,000 on a new computer rather than $10,000…

"Thank you for supporting poor wittle me while Im too sad to cam. BTW, I just dropped more than you make in a month on a new PC! I'm so depressed! My life was better when I was homeless!"

No. 209070

Ok but the fuck does she need a 10 or 9k computer for ????

I'm in 3d modeling and animation and I can make do with a 2k laptop to support all of my softwares, and my colleagues too. Some of my teachers got a 6k pc because they need more power but whyyyy the fuck would she need a 10k one ? Someone explain ?

No. 209072

"to get back to streaming on twitch and playing LoL"

(She thinks shes going to be the next big twitch streamer LOOOOL)

No. 209078

What a stupid bitch. She honestly expects her customers to be her fucking friend? It would be like a retail worker bitching to customers "You're here to shop and go!" No shit!

No. 209089

>invests that much into a PC thinking she'll get by playing LoL on Twitch
holy shit she's fucking stupid

No. 209184

File: 1480983934186.jpg (507.44 KB, 1366x2048, IMG_0568.JPG)

Oh god she looks like one of those fake recovery girls who posed with the food close to her mouth but doesn't actually eat it. Her body proportions are so fucking weird.

No. 209185

File: 1480984832904.png (Spoiler Image, 3.61 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_0874.PNG)

why does this part of her face look dirty

No. 209189

I think she's trying to cover her acne by throwing some bronzer on her face.

No. 209200

If she gets hair done every week how does she even have any left?

No. 209205

she doesnt, shes legit balding. thats why she keeps getting it done. shes dumb as fuck. if you ever watch her on cam youd notice that her tracks are all visible its sooooooo gross

No. 209206

looks like bad contour

No. 209286

No. 209297

It only got 8 likes lol

No. 209304

File: 1480998279289.jpg (164.42 KB, 1152x2048, Cy9xZudXUAA8haD.jpg)

No. 209314


But she doesn't look good in anything

No. 209480

File: 1481029696966.jpg (654.63 KB, 1710x1370, Stormy_041216_0938_MyFreeCams_…)

She looks like death

No. 209499

Fucking reminds me of that one zombie from Rec.

No. 209529

File: 1481036464033.jpg (16.54 KB, 320x240, IMG_0572.JPG)

What the fack is she even wearing?! Yeah sweatpants with fishnets underneath is a real good look……

No. 209535

Very tryhard kylie Jenner

No. 209546

File: 1481040260197.png (4.51 KB, 362x104, myperfpoon.png)

lol'd at this

No. 209547

File: 1481040301051.jpg (Spoiler Image, 153.17 KB, 720x480, tumblr_noeujjGyTw1tvky6qo1_128…)


pic related

No. 209552

Why are all these camwhores so freaking UGLY?? holy shit

No. 209553

this is photoshopped right? this does not look natural it's creepy

No. 209555

File: 1481041541267.jpg (Spoiler Image, 124.54 KB, 720x480, fLAN51p.jpg)

I believe that's one of the rare unphotoshopped pictures. she'll usually make the contrast way too high and make the image super pale.

No. 209558

is that a sore or a pussy zit?

No. 209776

File: 1481071551925.png (108.63 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0578.PNG)

Claimes to be a "femme dom" yet says "daddy doms are life" uhhhhh so which is it pumpy?

No. 209845

File: 1481085249405.png (25.53 KB, 553x75, Screenshot 2016-12-06 23.33.06…)

"trying to find the energy to work my job"

shes so pathetic

also shes on twitter complaining about how shes late on her bills the tweet b4 LOLL

No. 209847

File: 1481085891881.gif (2.04 MB, 500x393, 980x.gif)

No. 209849

I don't think it's an ugly vagina I guess, but the proportions do seem a little weird. Her clitoral hood size compared to where the actual vaginal opening is is weird. Like the hood seems normal enough, but the opening looks tiny/non existent? Maybe it's just the shooping making it look this way?

No. 209857

File: 1481088488418.png (371.47 KB, 602x471, Screenshot 2016-12-07 00.27.05…)

how in the fuck does she make any money logging online like this?

No. 210115

File: 1481143588311.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20161207-204342.png)

Looks like a man in drag ere

No. 210190

File: 1481155496620.png (35.94 KB, 640x349, IMG_0600.PNG)

How pathetic does your life have to be if all you live for is touching your diseased vagina online for strangers? Yikes.

No. 210291

she doesn't lol

No. 210577

File: 1481229460678.jpg (101.57 KB, 1200x675, CzLTWKHUUAENggm.jpg)

kat posted this to twitter
"i regret not fucking your dad"

shes trash

No. 210578

File: 1481229516420.jpg (149.38 KB, 675x1200, CzIVLp3UUAAJmZ1.jpg)

she made like $300 that night and like $1000 last night… she only looks good with a filter… but barely

No. 210592

Why would anyone want to own them. Awful on so many levels
If I were her I'd tone down the smile or just not show teeth at all.

No. 210594

File: 1481234523722.png (567.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20161208-215717.png)

The price of this video…

No. 210596

File: 1481234591212.png (702.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20161208-215740.png)

This is really tragic.
Might as well sell the video of when she vomits it up later.

No. 210597

File: 1481234672092.png (785.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20161208-220030.png)

>fuel my alcoholism

No. 210660

wait srry dont you keep the tips what??

No. 210667

normal girls keep the tips…. kat uses her $$$ to buy more tokens on the site to tip herself.

a guy pays $10 for 100 tokens, 50% of that goes to MFC, 50% of that goes to kat.

so a guy tips kat 100 tokens ($10 for him). so she gets $5.

she can take that $5 and spend it however she wants. most girls just save it and pay taxes.

kat spends it on buying more tokens to tip herself.

so she will take $5 (for example) and pay $2 in taxes. she will have $3 left over to spend on her life style. she tips herself, so she takes $2 and buys 20 tokens with that. she tips herself so she gets 20 tokens on her mfc account again, and only makes $1 (half of which she has to pay for taxes)

so in the end, she makes $3.5 in usable income, but only keeps $1.5 for herself

No. 210787

File: 1481252746647.png (88.48 KB, 640x900, IMG_0631.PNG)

Her videos are so fucking boring. A few months back someone bought most of them and posted them on anon-v. I watched of course, and they were so awful. This video literally consists of her sitting in the chair, looking at her phone and occasionally choking herself (which is awkward as fuck to watch, who chokes THEMSELVES?) there's no talking, moaning or anything. The fact that she expects people to actually pay for videos like this is ridiculous.

No. 210789

File: 1481252872245.png (119.37 KB, 640x986, IMG_0629.PNG)

Also LOL at this. "So happy my skin is clearing up" bitch is it?! How would anyone know? It's caked in make up.

No. 210821

Wait does Stormy have two Twitter accounts?


No. 210825

yeah she has two. lol

she said this pic has no filter… she was on cam last night and when she got close up it was all red and blotchy. yeah ok

No. 210840


"Appreciate my small frame and great booty." Morgan who are you trying to kid? You only look like you have an ass when you arch your back and push it out.

No. 210867

she is 10 pounds away from looking like ashley

No. 210873

File: 1481264323929.png (390.57 KB, 609x480, Screenshot 2016-12-09 01.17.43…)

"time to beg for money and finger my dirty cooch for cucks online so i can afford drugs!"

No. 210876

File: 1481264468702.png (393.91 KB, 613x468, Screenshot 2016-12-09 01.20.19…)

someone needs to tell her its her job to look good, which means clearing your skin up and brushing your hair lol

i think this is for sure the teeth/face combo of a meth addict

No. 210886

File: 1481265512194.png (413.27 KB, 618x467, Screenshot 2016-12-09 01.37.51…)

sexy cam girl derpaderrr

shes raging on cam rn

No. 210890

this is one of the guys who doxxed her.
their chatroom is
They are dishnorable. Kat never did anything wrong to any of them much less that fat, juggalo, brony sack of dicks
He also doxed Nintend_Xo
You faggots should be ashamed of yourselves as well for picking on a helpless depressed girl.

No. 210899

and who r u?

No. 210901

Let's just say I am a friend of Kat's

No. 210903

so……. how do u know her

No. 210905

I am one of her moderators and I have known her since she cae to my free cams.

No. 210906

LOL. Kat please get a life and eat a burger you stupid bitch.

No. 210909

actually i am sod and i am not one of her mods. you took the b8 though

No. 210911

K so you're a cuck who is in love with her? Good for you, waiting for the mods to ban you as men aren't allowed

No. 210912

no that is meway and how dare you assume my gender

No. 210914

i demand a written apology for you judging me for being born a woman and assuming my gender consider your privilege checked. i bet you are a cis white male yourself scum.

No. 210918

Go back to r9k loser

No. 210934

File: 1481270761046.jpeg (107.48 KB, 750x831, image.jpeg)

So she got called out being Ana on cam and raged, then started eating chips and her cucks starting defending her. Then she disappeared to the bathroom (to vomit up the chips)

What are these guys smoking they are delusional

No. 210936

File: 1481270800880.jpeg (78.55 KB, 750x666, image.jpeg)

Another cuck who thinks she's "perfectly normal"

No. 211198

Someone's going to tip off pumpy to this thread and we'll be labeled as her new "stalkers" because she thrives off the drama.

No. 211201

Lmao that will be amazing milk! i love milk

No. 211212

This kat girl gives me hope that men will find me attractive because she looks like a meth head.

No. 211223

Also can we just discuss the details of her "break in" for a second? She's bragged multiple times about living in a gated community, there's videos on YouTube of her complaining about the front gate calling her to let her uber driver in or whatever. So she expects people to believe that someone broke in (on foot, since a front gate won't let anyone in that isn't on her "list") and just walked out with a computer, checks, and a bunch of alcohol? It's hard enough to carry a computer on it own, let alone without a car, PLUS her thief had additional hands for alcohol and other "expensive things" 6$16 she won't name? Rightttttt. All these dudes whiteknighting her need to wake up and smell the bullshit.

No. 211231

>looks like

she is a meth head. thats why men like her. they have a degradation fetish and they like seeing a girl who looks like shes trailer trash degrade herself for them…

her county in nevada post all of the break in reports by the police, with a map of where each robbery occured. the day she alleges it happened, no robbery in her area at all, let alone in her house. of course it is a lie and these cucks fell for it

No. 211232

also she moved because she got evicted. she was 3 months behind on paying rent. she had to leave behind all of her furniture too

No. 211353

File: 1481332097801.png (1.02 MB, 1148x868, Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 8.07…)

still milking her fake robbery scam for tokens

No. 211623


Either she sold her PS3 because PS3 is "out" or it's behind her.

No. 211652

File: 1481403693492.png (66.6 KB, 640x685, IMG_0644.PNG)

LOL guys don't forget we can tip her $250 and she'll leave a voicemail with her whiny ass voice! Why does this dumb bitch think anyone wants that??

No. 211654


Why is she even complaining? Pretty sure someone sent her a brand new PS4 for her birthday…

No. 211729

None of her cucks were tipping her last night so she was crying on cam. Like legit crying that no one cares about her.

She is also so vindictive and her entire goal this month is to "beat WhoreNickels"

No. 211873

File: 1481438591428.png (Spoiler Image, 32.54 KB, 477x365, IMG_0651.PNG)

No. 211874

File: 1481438651555.png (Spoiler Image, 33.59 KB, 479x358, IMG_0654.PNG)

"I'm not making enough tokens, time to be sexy"

No. 211880

She's showing pics of herself at 15 on cam

Gotta get those pedos

No. 212323

No. 212851

File: 1481591107201.png (81.8 KB, 1186x348, Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 7.02…)

That girl is such a sad mess. She constantly complains about not getting tipped

No. 212876

File: 1481597181371.png (Spoiler Image, 42.43 KB, 640x475, IMG_0681.PNG)

Cap from when pumpy was streaming with Shane…she's giving this dude a lap dance and he's so fucking bored LOL.

No. 212891

File: 1481599418577.jpg (16.42 KB, 224x219, 1458641229130.jpg)

No. 212898

File: 1481600515201.png (279.97 KB, 469x466, why.png)

No. 212972

LOOOOL apparently there is so much milk between these two now.

shane hall is lana rain's friend now. and he has ditched Kat after she tried to copy everything lana does, and tried to beat her in manyvids competitions. so basically when lana is streaming all shane & lana's regs do is talk shit about kat. it's hilarious to watch next time ill screen cap it.

No. 212973

sorry for the double post but like EVERYONE in the camming community hates this girl. its hilarious. like shane will come into a room and people will instantly be laughing and going "hey shane, are you still helping pumpy get out of bankrupty" like loooool

also i think its funny how last year she was talking shit about Maggie/WhoreNickels and saying "she has downs syndrome" "she won't have a career anymore" and now Maggie outranks her EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. lol

No. 212975

File: 1481610488592.jpg (49.98 KB, 1200x693, lol.jpg)

Lol. he was def lying

No. 213354

Honestly if she didn't fucking complain so much she would be a lot more bearable. She blames members for not tipping her, but who wants to tip someone who does nothing but bitch constantly? Don't brag about how you made over $700k and then be like "wahhhh no one tips me!"

No. 213496


is it bad i think she at least has cute hair? like the teeth and everything else is fucked up, but i'm surprised that her hair doesn't look as fucked up as it should.

No. 213770


It's because it's not real. When she does it, it does look nice but there's times she's been on cam without showering or brushing it and she looks like a nappy poodle.

No. 213788

File: 1481688640037.png (181.62 KB, 375x600, Screenshot 2016-12-13 23.07.19…)

Someone leaked a convo where here roommate bitches about her

Grey = her roommate
Blue = person who leaked the convo, her roommates friend

They are talking about her. God damn shes such a bitch

She gets it done once a week, extensions and everything. She spends like prob $4000/month on hair. She doesn't save any money at all, she legit pissed away a million.

No. 213789

File: 1481688662598.png (202.27 KB, 377x688, Screenshot 2016-12-13 23.07.24…)


No. 213790

File: 1481688685382.png (215.2 KB, 370x653, Screenshot 2016-12-13 23.07.27…)

part 3

No. 213791

File: 1481688716835.png (235.86 KB, 434x664, Screenshot 2016-12-13 23.07.33…)

this is part 4

No. 213792

File: 1481688756706.png (210.81 KB, 456x691, Screenshot 2016-12-13 23.07.40…)

"She said if MFC doesn't work out for her, she'll kill herself because she doesn't want to go back to a vanilla job. Like… well if you saved money… you never would have to."

No. 213796

File: 1481689053061.png (647.83 KB, 544x721, Screenshot 2016-12-13 23.16.41…)

also here is a pic of her roommate also a camgirl

No. 213814

Reminds me of cutiepiemarzia

No. 213847

SO much prettier. She has a really-down to earth hip 'dream girl' thing going on. I can see why she'd be more popular.

No. 213876

I agree, she looks like Ashe Maree or Arya stark or something, she's very pretty. but she is not more popular than kat at all. :(

No. 214098

Fae is so much prettier than MORGAN is, and her personality is so much nicer. I would love to see fae pass her, honestly. Like Fae actually has an amazing body and doesn't look like a anorexic crackhead.

No. 214106

File: 1481736933802.jpg (320.66 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_0706.JPG)

She literally looks like a challenged kid.

No. 214115

File: 1481737331143.png (81.09 KB, 640x941, IMG_0704.PNG)

The fact that she expects anyone to spend $75 to watch snaps of her finger her grey-dirty pussy is astonishing to me.

No. 214118

Does her choker have a dick on it? That's so fucking trashy

No. 214609

File: 1481809905038.png (55.9 KB, 640x581, IMG_0733.PNG)

This bitch wants people to be proud of her for taking out the trash….? Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 214896

File: 1481858937251.png (38.08 KB, 640x378, IMG_0737.PNG)

"I haven't had sex in months"….. was literally just bragging about fucking Shane a few weeks ago ?

No. 214897

File: 1481858988686.png (42.67 KB, 640x410, IMG_0738.PNG)

Like 4 or 5 guys? She doesn't know how many guys she's slept with? LOL she must be four or five members.

No. 215822


she's so cute !


No. 215947

File: 1481991777972.jpg (54.67 KB, 400x533, tumblr_oib1fe4Auz1tvky6qo1_400…)

At least tuck in your nipple.

Is it just me or is this underwear pretty ugly? Some of the straps look like rope. Their shit is expensive, doesn't look worth it at all.

No. 216005

They are defo rope. not my kinda thing at all but I actually think it kinda suits her.

No. 216015

fat chicks should not wear bondage harnesses eugh

No. 216034

Is this Megan? I don't know why she lies about being thin.

No. 216071

File: 1482013176900.png (718.75 KB, 1080x1451, Screenshot_20161217-221854~2.p…)

She's past that phase now she thinks she's "curvy/thick" lol.

This is the pants she's wearing… Her body is eating them. She probably still clinging to dreams of "I'm xs". Just cos you can get in them, doesn't mean they're a good fit or that you are that size.

No. 216580

File: 1482077255453.jpg (360.95 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_0749.JPG)

Her face looks like she just shit her pants.

No. 216585

Erghh! Being so skinny makes her head and feet look huge. Looks creepy af

No. 216646

File: 1482088486552.jpg (302.3 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_oi0hj7pyqH1r8wl2xo1_128…)

I-hate-the-beach is another spooky skeleton who kinda reminds me of pumpy.

She always wears those dodgy contacts and I really don't know why.

Do people just love anorexics or is it a "body of a preteen" sort of thing. Both being disturbing.

No. 216649

File: 1482088576281.jpg (Spoiler Image, 290.54 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_oi7xosdyg01r8wl2xo1_128…)

She doesn't need to spread her butt cheeks cos she doesn't have any. Very thin women look so creepy in this position and just confirms their lack of an ass.

No. 216658

even if I was a guy going through a dry spell, I could not jack off to this.

No. 216754

File: 1482097947436.png (Spoiler Image, 951.69 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0754.PNG)

Once again she's sucking someone's dick for photos LOL. How unprofessional are you if you're sucking your photographers dick? Geeeez. Probably bribed her with chicken nuggets.

No. 216759

File: 1482098411737.jpg (305.85 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_0757.JPG)

Ew but yeah Sophie's body really freaks me out, why would she think posting this was a good idea? She looks like she hasn't eaten in months.

No. 216761

File: 1482098666783.jpg (Spoiler Image, 204.05 KB, 960x1280, IMG_0755.JPG)


Said it before but I feel like a lot of these girls DO cater to pedophiles. As much as they say they don't, I think it's very creepy that both Sophie and Kat make "daddy" videos and shit like that.

If I didn't know she was over 18 I would look at this photo and be like uh why is that little girl taking nude photos???

No. 216763


what underwear is this? I really like the design

No. 216841

This bitch was worth over 1 mil but didn't even think about investing in her teeth? A brace only costs a few thousand.

No. 216844

who opened the auschwitz? yikes

you've seen the videos of sophie talking shit about pumpy right? and vice versa?

and it is the "body of a preteen thing" i think. anorexic ashe maree too.

sophie looks like a fucking FREAK though. i'd argue shes as bad as pumpy. this is the shit nightmares are made of >>216649

someone tell me what is wrong with men…….

i mean I like thinness just as much as anyone but my idea of thin is like…. healthy. like a kpop singer… not…. these skin-draped bones.

No. 216846

>She looks like she hasn't eaten in months.

she probably hasn't.

and she is doing it because she's an anorexic… who feels the need to show off her ~bones~

No. 216860

disagreed i personally love a chubby girl in bondage.
I just like my girls to have a sweet face and personality to go along with the chubby soft body 2 things that Megan will never have

No. 216877


You think she would have invested in Invisalign or something, it's like 3K she can easily afford it, but no she'd rather buy tacky hair extensions and ratchet ass clothes.

No. 216896

To be honest there's actually a whole market out there for "anorexic porn" and shit like that.. It's pretty fucked up to profit off of somebody's eating disorder imo.. no comment on her choosing to do it.

No. 216905

File: 1482113263620.gif (718.27 KB, 395x335, alternative-american-horror-st…)

man….to be actively destroying yourself and to have guys that encourage it

No. 216926

File: 1482114485931.jpg (96.07 KB, 640x853, IMG_0762.JPG)

Sophie used to be really cute until she turned into a spoopy ana chan

No. 216927

File: 1482114521739.jpg (Spoiler Image, 390.91 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0758.JPG)

Now she looks like a rotting corpse

No. 216932

she…..she's completely grey

No. 216933

Why do girls only pierce one nipple? It looks awkward.

No. 216938


This is not safe for life

also what the fuck is wrong with her armpits. why are they grey

No. 216939

What the fuck is wrong with her nipples? the one without the piercing is normal, and the one with the piercing is so swollen it almost looks necrotic… oh my god ew

No. 217012

piercing them can change nipples, it's actually pretty normal.

wait I thought Ashe had something going on, IBS or something similar? dammit I liked her.

No. 217014

File: 1482119060005.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.71 MB, 423x295, tumblr_oidtjex7i71r8wl2xo1_500…)

She's always been thin but yes recently she looks so terrible. These pictures are the ones that usually get posted around. Got those stupid contacts in but she looks less like she's gonna die.

Being bulimic and so thin and weak means they'd be horrible in bed, they don't have energy for that. Do guys even realise that?

No. 217015

Her body makes me nauseous. She looks so cute here (>>216926) but now she looks like a crackwhore you would see shambling about in the streets. Sad.

No. 217016

if guys are into shit like this, they probably also don't give a fuck if she lays there like a corpse.
Heck, maybe that's what some of them are going for.

No. 217017

Ashe does say she has some bowel issue. But doesn't mean she doesn't have an eating disorder also. And she basically says "I have mad diarrhoea all the time" and guys still fappin.
Having the shits doesn't necessarily equal weight loss.

No. 217018

I mean it kind of does when you take laxatives.

No. 217034

If you purposely take laxetives when you don't need them, you don't have a bowel problem. Anorexics use that method,but a lot use a major excess. Where as if you get the shits after several meals you don't lose weight. It's abusing a drug, if you have IBS you aren't gonna end up a skeleton.

No. 217038

this is actually disgusting i want to vomit….wtf…. its just so wrong….

No. 217040

i think that her ""IBS"" came after she lost a lot of weight.

maybe she used laxatives to lose weight, and now she really fucked her shit up, so now she can't shit without them and thats what she calls IBS?

No. 217114

No. 217562


You'd think pumpy would brush her hair if she was going out in public but nah still looks like a rats nest.

No. 217563

File: 1482191574694.jpg (Spoiler Image, 394.14 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_0775.JPG)

Why does it look like she has a weird ass orangotang titty?

No. 217632

File: 1482200829494.jpg (109.99 KB, 675x1200, C0BqqRDUUAA33VI.jpg)

This is what happens when you go full ana, kids. Never go full ana.

No. 217635

Who is the guy?

No. 217636

some random, she met him at the con. has a crush on him now

No. 217638

this is actually good advice

No. 217640

When the tiny A-cup bra you are wearing is still too big for your chest. Pumpy should just get some training bras.

No. 217643

should ask her pedo members to buy her some

No. 218556

File: 1482326627628.jpg (23.29 KB, 320x240, IMG_0790.JPG)

Why does she look like this on cam and expect people to give her money? It's not that hard to slap some make up on your face and brush your hair.

No. 218557

File: 1482326708571.jpg (Spoiler Image, 326.16 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_0789.JPG)

also I gag every time she posts a pussy pic. UGH that shit just doesn't look right.

No. 218567

whats wrong with it?

No. 218592


Omg that's horrifying

No. 218597

Oh, damn! It looks like it is slightly prolapsed, she should definitly visit a doctor, that shit increases risk of infection. Bitch needs to do her Kegel's.

No. 218598

what the fuck? it looks infected
i hope thats just bad colour balance on the photo

No. 218608

Yeah it does. Looks like when people use a pump. Can being too thin mess it up or make it appear that way? Or is it just so much masturbation because camming.

No. 218612

why is her xmas tree wrapped in toilet paper

No. 218623

File: 1482341358951.jpg (Spoiler Image, 548.52 KB, 1710x1370, MegvnMvrie_161216_0305_MyFreeC…)

This bra on meg ??
She also looks on the verge of a breakdown in some of these screenshots

No. 218626

File: 1482341725407.jpg (Spoiler Image, 698.51 KB, 1710x1370, Stormy_211216_0826_MyFreeCams_…)

Lel, it does look that way.

God she looks so ill

No. 218628

serious case of resting bitch face

No. 218643

Her hair so stringy, almost as bad as Kota's

No. 218655

File: 1482346268874.jpg (146.16 KB, 1600x900, DSCN3023.JPG)

she shouldn't wear anything strappy
it just ends up looking like pic related

No. 218660

Does she own any clothes that are actually her size? Poor girl looks like a swine in bondage.

No. 218667

god… when even megan marie looks clean next to you… that's truly impressive

No. 218684

ca never quite decide if I find megan oddly cute or just fucking odd.

No. 218706

I don't watch camgirls but is it normal for them to look that bored while camming? Both of them are on their phones and barely even smiling. How is this supposed to be sexy…

No. 218711

The more successful girls can fake an interest in their followers and "being fun" if it's not genuine. A lot of them do just sit there visibly unkempt and miserable though. >>218626 and Charlotte Charms for instance.

No. 218733

I've done a bit of camming, I used to get tipsy and get too engaged with conversation with my viewers and forget to be sexual. Ha, I wasn't very good at making money, where as a lot of people it's 100% about about the cash and they just sit there and wait until they get a tip, which is a poor way of going about it but if you're popular you can get away with it!

No. 218749

File: 1482362476614.jpg (23.2 KB, 320x400, 14723662_651937318299083_35837…)

Can we talk about this crazy how? I honestly can't believe that tattoo. It's gotta be up there in the worst tats ever..

She seems insane, oh and yet another anorexic camwhore, but this one's dipped in black paint.

Mfc - Kota_morgue

You probably heard about her doing the fake miscarriage show and getting banned.

No. 218764

Is this the one who was fucking herself with a plastic baby? Fuck no

No. 218765

Yeah, it was swinging from her vagina from a fake cord and covered in fake blood

No. 218768

File: 1482365021101.png (28.18 KB, 442x302, iidentifyaslizardkinandthisoff…)


pretty sure shes being discussed in the modified nutjobs thread

No. 218769

File: 1482365319254.jpg (Spoiler Image, 328.92 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_0792.JPG)


Nope, her vagina really is that weird looking.

No. 218779

File: 1482367604368.jpg (92.01 KB, 540x304, tumblr_obhovjO7GQ1qdzalxo3_540…)

Hahah. She is more lizard like than human tbh

No. 218781

It's a shame about the 'twat porn' tattoo because other than that i really loved her aesthetic tbh. But as long as shes happy with it I guess thats what matters.

Also her and her boyfriend have a patreon now.

No. 218802


thats actually disgusting

men and these women are fucking sick

No. 218804

Agreed. I'm deeply disturbed by the idea of people fapping to that and she's enabling that.
Yeah it's not real but it's pretending to be something awful, and if you can get off on that, you're messed up.

She probably thinks she's unique and interesting but the reality is she's just catering to fucked up fetishes.

No. 218805

so many people watched that.. we can only hope it was mostly people watching in curiosity and horror.
It's not like a naked woman = hot. The context matters, and that context is disgusting.

No. 218811

File: 1482373411919.jpg (Spoiler Image, 138.13 KB, 970x546, kota-morgue-07.jpg)

From the "abortion" show.

The dumb bitch referred to it as abortion when it's obviously a miscarriage.

No. 218814


I just watched it! Hilarious!

No. 218815


WTF… This girl's life is ruined. She has a video of herself masturbating with a plastic aborted baby and a huge twat porn tattoo. How do you fix your life after that shit?
Who does that type of shit and whoever faps to that are completely sick in the head. Even though I'm disgusted I feel sorry for her.

No. 218816

File: 1482373865071.gif (4.15 MB, 400x224, arested.gif)

No. 218823

Anon, I got terribly spooped.
Please tell me a nighttime story

No. 218824


WHAT THE FUCK. I'm really curious as to what she used at the cord? Shit looks way too realistic

No. 218878

is this girl from the US? i am pretty sure this would be illegal as per obscenity laws in any other country but America. if not, it should be.

No. 218885

Of course she is.

No. 219908


Does anyone know if she makes bank?

No. 219914


In her explanation of the abortion show video she said she's been on mfc for over 6 years now so I'd assume she's making some decent money or she wouldn't do it.

No. 219927

Anyone watching pumpys MFC snap takeover? Someone asked her if she could go back and do camming differently, what would she do? "I wouldn't drink as much, I lost a lot of my fan base recently because I've been drinking a lot" no Bitch its because you're an ungrateful little cunt who does nothing but constantly complain.

No. 220307

bonelord is currently online on http://www.myfreecams.com/#Stormy

No. 220739

File: 1482543121553.jpg (144.68 KB, 768x1024, IMG_0810.JPG)

LOL pumpy has an allergic reaction, looks more retarded than normal.

No. 221632

No. 221675

She actually looks pretty cute with the puffy eyes and full lips.

I know it's a shit thing to say but I hope she does gain some weight. I realise she has a disorder. I hope she can battle it.

No. 221735

File: 1482731505572.png (23.02 KB, 427x323, IMG_0825.PNG)

Bonelord is on cam right now. She keeps forgetting that she's on cam and is revealing how flat her ass really is when she isn't arching her back and pushing it out.

No. 221737

File: 1482731575963.png (27.07 KB, 500x162, IMG_0822.PNG)

Also LOL at her topic right now. Who is going to tip her to watch her skele-ass work out???

No. 221894

File: 1482769030379.jpg (290.13 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_0834.JPG)

Did anyone see Sophie's video she posted the other day? She's complaining saying that a lot of people have been messaging her saying they're concerned about her weight, and how rude they are for doing so. She then goes on to say she doesn't have an eating disorder (although she claimed to in the past) and then posts this picture…but yeah no eating disorder, right? You can count every single rib.

No. 221897

File: 1482769635254.jpg (36.99 KB, 583x573, dog.JPG)

>Tfw there are a bunch of bones lying next to you but you're not allowed to chew them

No. 221903

fucking kek

No. 221904

No. 222045

File: 1482781950828.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.67 KB, 520x539, tumblr_oiowhsLEdq1tvky6qo1_r1_…)

Stop wearing this set meg for the love of god

No. 222053

She has the saddest tits i've ever seen. Theyre slipping out of the harness.

No. 222153

Not gonna lie… even though this is 90% careful angle and lighting this is hot af. Way better than the bonelord a few pics up

No. 222175


she's gonna slip a disc arching her back like that

No. 222179


I think she's actually kinda cute! Would definitely rather watch her than the skeley-twins up there.

No. 222373

File: 1482809674525.jpg (40.69 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.1080227057_hy5h.jpg)

Same as you. To me the abortion show was in poor taste, but as long as it's hidden away where only people that want to see it can, then it's freedom of speech.
If I was a billionaire I would probably donate to her and the bf because I appreciate how balls to the wall the two of them are living. I worry about how small she is and whether she will ruin her cute face more than anything.

No. 222378

She surprisingly has strayed from face tats!

Also her bf seems cool he went through a lot of shit apparently losing both his legs

No. 222868

File: 1482893678544.jpg (Spoiler Image, 138.49 KB, 720x1280, IMG_0851.JPG)

Why on gods green earth would anyone make that their phone background?

No. 222893

File: 1482896195692.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.7 KB, 800x600, tumblr_oipklg1YfX1r8wl2xo1_128…)

I am so triggered by her concaved thigh ??

My ex bf wasn't a bonelord but had mildly concaved thighs, it's horrible to touch.

No. 222898


Ew her ass is so fucking gross. If you're so skinny that you don't even have to spread your cheeks to see your asshole there's something wrong with you.

No. 222906

Dat asshole gap

No. 222908

She looks like a ferret

No. 222919


the no makeup look and skelly legs really makes her seem young, i can totally see how these ana chans are baiting pedos

No. 223158

File: 1482954280942.jpg (64.57 KB, 400x433, tumblr_oiwu2xHTGW1tvky6qo2_400…)

Gosh she's wearing a lot of makeup.

No. 223170

she may be a cunt but she does have some nice hair…i'm a little jealous

No. 223176

They're like 80% extensions, but I agree that the colour is pretty

No. 223178

this is some nasty shit

No. 223180

Honestly because of these two spoopy skeletons that are being posted recently I find it refreshing to see Meg… I'd never thought I would have said this

No. 223195

Yeah it's mostly extensions anon. Don't think she's taken a picture without in ages.

No. 223204

lol jealous fatty chans itt

No. 223205

As pugly as Meg is, she sure does know how to clean up alright. Just wish she'd wear shit that's actually her size instead of trying to squeeze herself into an xs.

No. 223207

Same here? I'm feeling some kind of weird way because compared to pumpy meg is looking pretty damn good, and she used to be one of the people who revolted me the most. Damn…

Extensions or not, that does look pretty good on her. The color is flattering and they appear to be blended rather well.

No. 223368

File: 1482972965839.png (Spoiler Image, 308.28 KB, 521x471, lol.PNG)

I fuckinng hate her new tattoos
She's 24 but has the mentality of a 12 year old
I give it another 2 years before no one's watching her over them and she's dying from alcohol poisoning

Both? I thought it was just one
Either way though, Kota's taking him down a rather bad path
He seems like a total sweetheart honestly from what I've seen

But about pic related?
It's pretty hilarious she's starting a Patreon to keep running around Berlin for free yet hasn't even given her tippers on her cam streams the shit they paid for

Sage for borderline blogpost

No. 223411

Same… I never thought I'd find Meg attractive but next to the two walking corpses she is lol

No. 223412

Proof that being a lil chubby is more attractive than being a bonelord.

No. 223413

wait, why is that quote in OP? It's completely true, especially if you have an ectopic pregnancy - which is life threatening, lots of people don't seek medical attention for it despite having all of the pregnancy symptoms because they haven't missed a period.

No. 223415

That's not a period. Bleeding from the vagina does not automatically mean it's menstruation. If you think that then please do some research.

No. 223418

Did you not learn basic biology? Are u meg or some other dipshit?

No. 223443

Yeah, yeah I know that it has to have an egg in it to constitute a real period, but let's be realistic here, how the fuck are you supposed to tell the difference between bleeding with an egg and one without?

Withdrawal break bleeds from the pill aren't periods either, but they're identical in every other respect. Even if you're not on birth control you don't always release an egg.

It's pretty obvious what she was trying to say was that you can bleed and still be pregnant.

No. 223585

File: 1482989346116.png (104.02 KB, 640x1066, IMG_0867.PNG)

"Guys I want a $3,000 sectional but I'm gonna make the goal 7 grand instead" what the fuck goes through her brain? Maybe she shouldn't have left all of her fucking furniture in vegas when she got "robbed"

No. 223586

Hey look she found a way to make her boobs look decent

No. 223693

Why does this 22 year old brat need a $3500 sofa……?

No. 223694

A sofa should last a very long time especially an expensive one, her last one was expensive too. She ruined it in less than a year and is now begging for another one.. she doesn't deserve nice things

No. 223697

am i stupid or is the piece falling over her eye edited on to the pic? it looks really weird

No. 223979

File: 1483064448402.jpeg (120.23 KB, 750x831, image.jpeg)

Sophie used to be so cute, it's a shame what's happened to her

No. 223982

File: 1483064675526.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 47.83 KB, 750x399, image.jpeg)


Her now… just wtf

No. 223986


Honestly if I didn't know any better I'd think she was one of those whacky thinspo accounts. It's really sad she doesn't see how much she's fucking up her body. It also baffles me that her (pedo) supporters could tell her her body looks ok, when it absolutely doesn't.

No. 223997

The contact lenses are lame but I thought she was pretty thin then.. now it's just tragic.

No. 224001

File: 1483067219486.jpg (420.12 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_0896.JPG)

I think pumpy is hopping on the circle lense train now

No. 224002

File: 1483067338595.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.58 KB, 338x600, tumblr_oixq6jA6JF1r8wl2xo1_400…)

This picture of her "butt" is so sad. Even in that position, nothing.

No. 224003

That gap between her cleavage and the bra bow is so fucking weird

No. 224005


Her butt in general is sad. She looks like the girl from the ring in this pic.

No. 224009

For a twenty year old her laugh lines are SO bad! Wtf! I see old ladies with less mouth wrinkles

No. 224011

Spoiler pls

No. 224491

File: 1483134491635.png (Spoiler Image, 1007.24 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0908.PNG)

Her vagina gaps more than her thighs do

No. 224496

Dudes who watch camgirls are desperate. The standard is really low.

No. 224510

>>224496 Ofc they're desperate but it's not the standards. Lots of these girls are really attractive. It's the fact that they would feel the need to spend their money on watching some stranger online. It means they really can't get any. (girls watch them too btw)

No. 224518

Anon asked if it's normal for camgirls to look really bored while on camera, so when I said "low standards" I meant that the guys are desperate enough to watch a girl (as attractive as she might be) sit there and do nothing. I agree the desperation is in the fact that they pay for this shit.

No. 224548

that's a perfectly average looking vagina with a filter on it, vaginas are just weird looking in general. move on to something actually interesting please.

No. 224556

What the fuck do these people do later on in life?

No. 224559

Work for minimum wage at McDonald's or something.

No. 224562

Or find a sugar daddy lol but lots of these girls earn enough to save up for the future so maybe that?

No. 224589

File: 1483145733759.jpg (344.78 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_0909.JPG)

I personally think she looks so much better without that crazy weave in her hair

No. 224591

lmao like these idiots know how to save money

No. 225018

File: 1483205946542.jpeg (122.45 KB, 675x1200, image.jpeg)

This bitch can't even save enough money to fix her teeth and she pissed through a million in two years, you think she can save money?

No. 225069


Was just gonna say, she's cute until she opens her mouth and you see those fence post.

No. 225123

Sorry I don't like starving to death…

No. 225196

ugh. maybe if she packed on a good amount of lbs, that lumber pile wouldnt appear so fucking big. she would be much better looking.

but girl come on, you look like you floss with a mattress

No. 225423

You couldn't sound any fatter if you tried.

No. 225506


stfu, gtfo and back to myproana

No. 225521

File: 1483244190510.jpg (11.99 KB, 225x217, wow.jpg)

No. 225836

File: 1483312126904.jpg (247.34 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_0939.JPG)

Sophie is such a pedo enabler.

No. 225899

idk those panties are pretty cute

but her body is pretty spook

No. 225946


No. 225961

that mole is fucking disgusting

she should get that shit removed

No. 225966

What's wrong with her body, aside from the hideous belly jewelry and the aforementioned mole?

No. 225985

its fucking disgusting see >>223982

No. 226069

poor girl is 110% flat chested

but I mean other than that it's just a skinny chick sucking in her stomach to look especially skeletal

No. 226107

Um the fact that she looks like she hasn't consumed food in 5 years lol

No. 226197

How fat are you? She's pretty skinny but not THAT skinny

No. 226215

File: 1483333982618.gif (Spoiler Image, 928.31 KB, 182x323, tumblr_ofpu4sOvPT1r8wl2xo1_250…)

She's clearly very underweight, are you blind or are you a bonelord too?

She has no tits or ass because she ain't got a bit of fat on her.

This is not normal.

No. 226217

File: 1483334013468.jpg (Spoiler Image, 218.22 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_ogmugscZqb1r8wl2xo1_128…)

No. 226344

She looks like a cancer patient or something. This is freaky as fuck. She's even creepier than Ashe or Pumpy.

No. 226348

File: 1483372788608.jpeg (44.11 KB, 750x456, image.jpeg)

hi kat. Trust me no one thinks you look underaged, you have the face of a 35 year old alcoholic and the body of a skeletal alien corpse

No. 226362

Her face is creepy as fuck

No. 226396


Fuck off bonelord. She probably weighs 90 pounds or less. You can literally see every single one of her ribs without her even sucking in.

No. 226399

File: 1483382107513.png (151.39 KB, 640x1070, IMG_0945.PNG)

When pumpy goes on a rant saying she always supports her regs and that's what puts her above the rest. Ermm ok, if by supports them she means makes fun of them, calls them faggots and gets mad at them when they don't tip her enough.

No. 226440

Pumpy weighs 75 pounds (she's said so on cam). sophie looks almost as skinny so i would say she is probably approaching 80

No. 226443

File: 1483389078449.png (246.22 KB, 1164x844, Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 3.29…)

kat is pissed off about a tipper, saying he is too demanding, apparently he tipped her $50,000 this year and shes complaining about him on twitter. just ranted and posting a private chat between them, then said she was gonna delete

part 1

No. 226444

File: 1483389114568.png (321.37 KB, 1160x1002, Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 3.31…)

part 2

No. 226445

File: 1483389167491.jpg (78.35 KB, 649x1023, C1MSBjSUUAAEcVM.jpg)

part 3/4, the chat log between her and her tipper… the guy who pays all this ungrateful cunt's bills

No. 226449

File: 1483389242327.png (70.05 KB, 1148x244, Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 3.32…)

part 4/4

then she quickly deletes everything because she doesnt want him to see her ungrateful sperging. someone should find out who she was talking about and send him these screencaps. im sure he'd prefer to be donating to a much more grateful, sweeter girl, that doesnt talk shit about him on twitter

No. 226450

she could have just left it at the twitter rant and not post private pms…

I hope someone figures out his icon and she loses her place to live.

No. 226451

No. 226453

kek, dumbass bitch

No. 226455


I don't mind tweeting him those pics. It doesn't give me the option to PM him.

No. 226456

I think it'd be best if at least he was aware that she's airing out his profile pic for public drama

No. 226459

File: 1483391444183.png (31.43 KB, 640x311, IMG_0949.PNG)

No. 226461

I'm sure he knows, honestly. He's up her ass like toilet paper, probably gets notified of all her tweets. How shitty though, after she posts a rant about how much she does for her regs, then goes off saying how needy her highest tipping reg is lmao.

No. 226463


We will see, I tweeted him the screen caps.

No. 226498

I'd be mortified if I was him and saw that the girl I gave over 1 million tokens was shit talking me. All the dude is asking for is the videos and shit that she promised him. How unprofessional does she look bashing someone that's supported her lifestyle as much as he has? She's a selfish little cunt I can't get over it.

No. 226500

File: 1483396531635.png (110.08 KB, 640x1056, IMG_0956.PNG)

At least she's finally doing something smart with her money and getting those teeth fixed.

No. 226508

I've read Sophie say her weight as 95lbs but I believe this was before she went full bonelord, and she's 5"6. So that's still pretty bad.

No. 226543

File: 1483401420483.jpg (149.92 KB, 1280x960, C1LxUA5XcAEkZxV.jpg)

i dont understand why she posts this

looks like something from a thinspo blog or horror movie

No. 226549

What the shit is going on with her belly button?! It looks like a huge gaping hole in the shape of a "D".

No. 226568

Good on her. I think she should get a feeding tube at this time though.

My weight went down huge when I got my retainer after braces because I avoided eating so I didn't have to take them out. Since invisaline is basically multiple retainers, I feel they would hold the same effects.

No. 226579

File: 1483404832279.jpg (1.65 MB, 2560x1440, 20170102_193725.jpg)

I suppose there are guys that are masochistic and enjoy being dominated and/or humiliated by an ana-skank who's only interested in draining their bank accounts but, that must be a pretty small niche market imo no?

No. 226582

Belly button ring, see >>225836

No. 226584

File: 1483405536582.png (972.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170103-010229.png)


No. 226585

Oh god, that's a relief, in that dark photo made it look like a legit hole. Bad choice in jewellery.

No. 226589

They're all trying this edgy "fuck you I just want your money, don't talk to me".

It's tragic, I can't imagine being a dude so sad to do such a thing. Also how can you abuse people like that, it's gross. Everyone needs money but if you earn money from treating people like trash and acting like god's gift then you're a cunt. Only a truly horrible woman can do that.

No. 226593

yeah it's like people want to keep calling literal abuse a "kink".

No. 226594

Meg's a fat 1 but she still tries to be a sugar baby lol

No. 226597

This era of the internet has messed people up, people think they're a "vanilla bitch" if they don't have a fucked up fetish. It creates a community of young people just trying to fit in.
DD/LG is such a fucking trend right now. You'll do well to find a tumblr slut who doesn't say she's into that. When did this become so "normal"?

No. 226609

I don't know man. About two years ago I dated a guy that congratulated and high fived the friend who was fucking his ex, in front of me because she's into choking and bondage and whatever the fuck else. Not that there's any thing wrong with some kinks, but it made me feel so boring.

sage for blog post, sorry.

No. 226618

Eh, there's nothing wrong with "vanilla". I mean do you really want a guy who finds the idea of abusing a woman hot? Don't get me wrong there are plenty of guys who can separate Dom from life but some people's fetishes are very extreme.

All this daddy shit has such a paedophilic tone.

No. 226619

You're all right. And with it becoming more mainstream, more girls get into it because they think they have to and more creepy guys join too. I've heard so many stories of guys choking/slapping/biting girls just because "all girls are into it/my ex let me do it/you don't want to be a boring vanilla, right?". It's so gross and if you say anything slightly negative towards it, a bunch of people come out of the woodwork to tell you're kinkshaming/a bigot/dismissing rape and csa survivors (???) like…

No. 226620

There's a lot of shit I find gross but deal with the complication of finding blood sexy. I'm a self harming idiot and half the appeal is seeing blood. I'd let a trusted person cut me, nothing mad, just something to break the skin. Am i as crazy as these dumb tumblr hoes who "want daddy to rape them". There's no such thing as a rape fetish as the victim. If it's a rape, you don't want it and it's an act of violence. A male performing as a Dom in a safe consented roleplay, it's not a fucking rape is it?
Rape is a horrible thing and these dumb girls normalise it and glorify it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 226623

This is true, and sad. Where as there is nothing wrong with certain kinks etc but you don't call someone without "vanilla" and guys shouldn't expect such things.

There's also limits of thing. A bit of a slap and mild choke is cool with me, but if you punch me in the face and choke me so much I can't breathe then yeah I'm not happy, I'd be frightened.

I don't trust strangers to fuck probably because this culture, which puts me in a weird situation of having sex with friends, because I trust them.

No. 226676

>guys shouldn't expect such things

Same applies to girls. Especially expecting your future boyfriend to act as your "daddy" or caretaker instead of equal partner.
Occasional roleplay in bedroom is very different from lifestyle and I'm not sure if these ddlg "littles" complitely understand that.

No. 226891

File: 1483475662141.png (Spoiler Image, 37.66 KB, 640x474, IMG_0979.PNG)

Bonelord Sophie is online and looks even creepier in motion than she does in photos

No. 226892

File: 1483475676510.png (Spoiler Image, 38.29 KB, 640x476, IMG_0980.PNG)

No. 226935


This looks like some creepy alien shit

No. 226937

File: 1483483014525.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1682, Screenshot_20170103-223408~2.p…)

Does she not realise how derpy she looks here?

No. 226945

idk she looks nice to me
less downy than normal

No. 226955

Eh, Pumpkin and Bonelord Sophie must have lowered my standards because I find her kinda cute here

No. 226960

looks better than >>226584 lmao

No. 226961

File: 1483485857811.png (106.6 KB, 640x1079, IMG_0982.PNG)

I fucking love the amount of people calling her out on shit lately lmao

No. 226962

File: 1483485960418.png (116.13 KB, 640x1005, IMG_0983.PNG)

Also since when is Invisalign $11K?! I had it and even with the shittiest health insurance I only ended up paying about $4k for it…someone trying to milk some extra tips?

No. 226999

My braces were 5K. I guess it's possible that they cost so much. I got my retainer, and a replacement is 500. Since invisaline is a bunch of retainers, it very well could be that expensive.
But it could also be the place she's going.

No. 227003

File: 1483492763446.png (113.08 KB, 308x321, Screenshot_20170104-011613~2.p…)

The fuckin overdrawn lipstick though….

No. 227055

absolutely depressing how those girls have lowered my standards so much… wtf how do they have any clients

No. 227059

if shes honest i think the place shes going is trying to scam her. no way that invisalign will help her mouth, any hones dentist would see that. i wouldnt be surprised if they scam her and just deform her further.

should have gone with regular braces which have a lot more leverage and power to change the smile (headgear can even cause massive jaw realignments)… plus adds to the pedo factor and would be a lot cheaper because it would end up taking less time. what a dumbbitch

No. 227067

File: 1483498124992.png (1.21 MB, 962x996, Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 9.46…)

She made a video of her doing…. this… to a snoop dog song

very cringe

No. 227068

File: 1483498165349.png (142.04 KB, 1134x470, Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 9.46…)

Also she is unaware that people (not bonelords) can lift their own body weights.

No. 227070

Yeah I've noticed that too. Like in comparison to those two Meg looks way better. Still a downy mess. She seemed to have figured out a way to make her boobs look normal now though.

No. 227071

Sorry for blogpost but Invisalign actually probably could help her teeth. She's got a lot of gaps, but I honestly had the most horrendous teeth and it helped me. But I do think she's getting thrown for a loop. She's probably exaggerating the price so people will tip her.

No. 227077

Yeah, all the skelly pics are making me start to think Meg looks semi good too. Funny how that works.

No. 227990

File: 1483639356605.png (128.06 KB, 640x1068, IMG_1008.PNG)

"I'm such a great person to my regulars"

Um……that's why you called out your highest tipper a few days ago for reminding you you owed him shit? Sure pumpy, whatever helps you sleep at night.

No. 228443

she's probably getting veneers on top of the invisalign. or other work done since i'm sure her teeth are all fucked up from purging.

No. 230114

File: 1483920593583.jpg (122.32 KB, 675x1200, IMG_5546.JPG)

So apparently one of her last few regulars dumped her, wrote her a big message saying why

She just posted it on her twitter and she literally doesn't understand the situation at all, she was crying "harassment"

No. 230142

File: 1483924331495.png (298.22 KB, 1272x749, whinyassbitch.png)


She also posted this picture. Bitch does not get it.

No. 230150

File: 1483924638207.png (271.98 KB, 586x429, Nasty.png)

Sorry for the same but shit her face is fucked up. She must shoot her pics to hell and back.

No. 230155

this is disgusting… before & afteer wtf

No. 230231

Okay but it's gross as fuck for him to be so obsessed with her he thinks they're saying like he doesn't understand he's a customer and has it in his head that she owes him something. And she doesn't. like that's not how it works. He's creepy af.

No. 230394

File: 1483970640483.png (85.48 KB, 734x864, IMG_5550.PNG)

This was so pathetic to read

No. 230417

> only 8 hours
So a normal amount…?

No. 230441

Thank you for pointing this out.

Sage for blogesque but I used to do sex work and I can easily see how these girls get so jaded. Many guys expect too much individual attention and become hostile/abusive when they don't receive it. They live under some delusion they are owed a personal relationship outside of business, which they are not.

At the end of the day sex work is still just that: work. Imho it would be bad business to pay more attention to a non paying regular than presently paying customers. It wrecks the incentive to pay you and looks bad for those who are paying.

No. 230456

File: 1483986919094.jpg (140.86 KB, 1440x1432, IMG_1077.JPG)


When she says shit like this to him though it's understandable why he'd be upset with her. She's batshit crazy. She fucking manipulates every guy that gives her money and when they stop she dumps them and finds a new pet that will fork over all their money, it's disgusting.

No. 230467


She treats her tippers shitty to begin with. Just look what happened a few days ago with one of her highest tippers.

She always acts all disinterested when she is on cam,and doesn't put any effort in her appearance. I feel like she doesn't get her duties for this job. Like yeah you pay attention to the high tippers and treat them well but know they can't always tip like that, maybe cut them some slack, dont be so demanding especially for the shitty job she does.

Also if she acts all lovey dovey to her tippers like seen in >>230456 no wonder the guy thought she was for real. She was just milking him for more cash.

No. 230520

Well shit. I'm >>230231 and I had no idea she was putting those ideas in his head. That's fucked up, really honestly fucked up.
Like, in a normal situation, obsessing over a sex worker, claiming they owe you something is bullshit. But I can see why this guy is so upset now.
However, he is still in control and can stop any time he wants but chooses not to. Like he can't blame her for him spending his money on her. No one is forcing him to.
This still sounds like a mildly abusive relationship.

No. 230536

Oh absolutely. I feel like no offense to sex workers, but they'll do and say whatever they want to get a paycheck. He should have realized that but it's still extremely fucked up of her to milk someone who was vulnerable like that and throw around I love you's if she didn't actually mean it (which clearly she didn't by looking at her posts)

I personally just think it's shitty that she's putting all these dudes on blast like that. It's really unprofessional of her. Solve your problems outside of twitter, but of course she wants the pity and attention that comes alone with posting that stuff.

No. 230592

Yeah, her outing him is low as fuck. Why would you publicly humiliate someone like that? It's bullshit, it's mean, and it's down right nasty.
You can't expect people to want to use your services when you out them for being vulnerable.
I think she needs to knock that shit off, and I think he needs to disconnect from her and find better ways to spend his money.

No. 230624

Stormy is online right now.


No. 230626

File: 1484018325609.png (751.8 KB, 1070x576, bored.png)

She is so boring. How the fuck is she a cam girl.

No. 230629

File: 1484018525687.png (659.99 KB, 1069x574, hulawhat.png)

She started hula hooping for no reason, like wat? She also seems so bored and uninterested in the chat.

No. 230632

she gives me chills just by looking at her, it looks like she's going to fall over and die.

No. 230634

File: 1484020415607.png (732.27 KB, 1072x577, wat.png)

She complains how she has to be a bitch sometimes because she is a sex worker and deals with so many assholes

She chases her cat around this clear container for her raffle

and a member tells her she has perfect teeth…wtf

No. 230638

There's a lot to pick at with Stormy at the best of times but this hair colour doesn't suit her at all.

No. 230640

File: 1484021978446.png (738.26 KB, 1062x552, pussy.png)

Not the pussy we want to see you pet Stormy.

No. 230644

Her body is repulsive. How can anyone stomach to look at her?

No. 230646

File: 1484023774641.png (704.16 KB, 1058x550, kitchen.png)

She goes int he kitchen to make herself a pizza.

Also she just threw away a quarter to a halt of a green pepper. She saids when you live on your own you waste a lot of food. That pisses me off

No. 230647

File: 1484023842039.png (807.33 KB, 1069x554, pizza.png)

The pizza she is probably going to barf up later.

No. 230648

File: 1484023936672.png (741.96 KB, 1065x569, fridge.png)

The fridge of food…no idea why. I doubt she eats much of it and what she does eat she throws up.

No. 230650

her ana brain must be dying if she doesn't know she can store cut vegetables in the fridge

No. 230651

she is botting her views… 500 guests and less than 100 premiums…. give me a break

No. 230652

also shes really doing the pedo act like crazy today. "daddy'? and the school girl skirt lol… she knows its the only way she can make money, by pretending to be a preteen

No. 230670

Are all of her viewers some sort of ana-fetishists? Pedos? I feel ill just looking at her nude, can't these freaks just go watch any ana doc where they don't even bother censoring the bodies?
Disgusting tbh.

No. 230682

Her hip bones are so disgusting.

No. 230738

File: 1484052510866.jpg (73.47 KB, 656x656, 15241861_1346090328758032_3494…)

Anyone got deets on this girl? She's apparently involved in some of the mfc drama. I used to follow her b/c of cosplay and I'm honestly jealous of her looks and her ability to look good with the skelebody.

No. 230739

I look at her instagram every now and then. She looks somewhat different in videos from what I can see. I also used to think she was lucky to look like that but shes not as curvy and kind of has a derpy horselike face.

No. 230743

She shoops. That's why she's a cam nobody, because on cam she looks dumpy

She tried camming with Lotte … it was cringy

No. 230803

Last i saw she had a gofund me type thing to help her get a gaming computer setup for twitch. Pretty sure she reached her goal

No. 230894

File: 1484076523247.png (802.19 KB, 1142x892, Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 2.27…)

kat is having a breakdown on twitter rn lol

"told me he doesn't have time for a relationship right now. But feels really connected with me and it has me so confused"

yeah girl he doesn't want you, your skin and bones auschwitz AIDs looking self, or your mental problems

No. 230896

File: 1484076536973.png (191.54 KB, 1214x762, Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 2.27…)

No. 230897

File: 1484076640310.png (699.51 KB, 1176x1254, Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 2.29…)

How is she not embarrassed to post these screencaps? She writes him long ass rants about love and he replies "ok"

like how does she not realizie shes an embarrassment and a laughing stock and no man is going to ever actually love her outside of her pedo roleplay with beta cucks?

No. 230898

File: 1484076720515.png (82.27 KB, 1138x244, Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 2.31…)

the anorexia is definitely rotting her brain lmao

shes posting like 10 tweets a minute along the lines of this

No. 230950


That is so sad she can't live for herself she has to live for others. She definitely doesn't love herself.

The guy even tells her this will just lead to dissapointment, he doesn't seem that into her.