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File: 1432859451568.jpg (189.1 KB, 720x960, 10858642_753729044701186_31827…)

No. 182101

(Princess Doll posted this thread about herself. Her posts are marked in pink. For more information please see >>182981.)

She literally just proved herself to be an lolcow.
-bitches about no money
-bitches about not wanting a real job
-"Growing up, even slightly, is so hard ! x-x"
-possibly faking health issues?

No. 182102

" To use my graphic design skills to do commissioned graphics. "
shitty weeb edits to photos isn't "graphic design skills"

No. 182103

"somehow nothing is working…"
hmm idk maybe your ugly ass "products"?

No. 182104

> Also I would consider myself a feminist but I have a terrible fear of men so I can't claim that sorry :c

wait, WHAT?

No. 182105

>I'm also working on a Manga

Big surprise. she also thinks shes a mangaka

No. 182106

>see comic sans

No. 182107

File: 1433080292281.jpg (31.37 KB, 280x269, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)

And of course the fugly brooch on cgl was her work. Of course

No. 182108

File: 1433080505847.png (586.57 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20150531_0001.png)

If you're embarrassed to show so much skin, why do you post it on instagram?!

No. 182109

File: 1433080559347.png (709 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20150531_0002.png)

Wtf is this

No. 182110

File: 1433080727080.png (759.25 KB, 707x1107, wp_ss_20150531_0003.png)

Shitty homade ouji…..

No. 182111

Is this another new thread? The last one couldn't have been saged so quickly since it didn't have that many posts.

No. 182112

Prettv sure she's pedo bait. Some kind of creepy loli

No. 182113

Oh boy I can't wait to get my pics edited to weeaboo aidoru status~

No. 182114

I think the other one disappeared?

No. 182115

Op probably deleted the old one

No. 182116

More like wtf is this pigtails tag

No. 182117

> fear of men
> posts obvious pedo bait every where

No. 182118

File: 1433089486242.jpg (150.65 KB, 1026x655, kaqugauogfgb.jpg)

WTF kind of "advice" is this

No. 182119

she thinks she's a
>super cute celeb
>adoring fans

No. 182120

File: 1433090469268.jpg (104.04 KB, 800x1000, wtrf.jpg)

No. 182121

>Why does everyone in this country preach to "grow up" and face the "real world"?
>They make the real world sound dull and boring and horrible, why on earth would I want to grow up?
>I do not understand why America considers someone grown up only when they become a boring robot!

lol wyut

No. 182122

No. 182123

Age 12 for real? I wonder what the TOS says.

No. 182124


If you can read this entire post without going into convulsions, you are a stronger person than I.

No. 182125

No. 182126

Terms of Service age requirement for blogspot

No. 182127

Whatever it says, she doesn't look 12.

No. 182128

It's obviously a fake country right?

No. 182129

For attention of course

No. 182130

That font she uses is atrocious and unreadable.

Also unrelated: Wyh aren't links archived anymore?

No. 182131


did she scribble on this with eyeliner pencil? what kind of Regretsy level shit is this?

No. 182132


ewwww the full blown "i'm a chaste loli i'm very virginal and proper and shy desu" charade. i really can't stand adult western women pulling this shit.

No. 182133

while i agree i dont think shes an adult?

No. 182134

someone on cgl suggested it was sharpie

No. 182135

seriously though, does she really believe shes from a fake country??

No. 182136

No. 182137

>Make a sale from Royally Cute
she hasnt even made one sale yet, apparently, and still continues.
>Get my driving liscence
so is she a really failed adult or a stupid teenager trying to act young?
>Investigate a haunted place
also just wtf why is this in this list

No. 182138

>So Uh yeah this isn't going to be formal because I am very very very upset Basically here's some stuff to help blow off some steam if someone is treating you unfairly and nobody will listen or help Or- nobody understands and shes - I mean the person has turned them alllll against you.


No. 182139

>I am the Princess of Invitea and have been ever since I was 10.
>When I was 12 it was decided I would go live in America so that I could establish good diplomatic relations with America, bring back new trends and such to Invitea, and teach our diplomats and ambassadors how to act American so they didn't offend them if we needed to negotiate anything.
>So for the past many years I've been living as a normal middle class American girl, attending school here, attempting to make American friends and blend in.
>It's quite difficult sometimes however because there are many cultural differences.
>English class can be hard too because despite learning it alongside Invitean all my life, we had many different slang terms and spellings.
>Fashion trends and beauty trends here are weird too but I think I'm adjusting alright.
>I met a few Inviteans here too, including the current Captain of the Knights (who's here for Uni).
>And I have some American friends who I'm very fond of too!

ugh my head hurts just from reading this

No. 182140


>Well I'm mentally 12 (and biologically- that's a secret!)

Ok so she doesn't give her real age anywhere?

No. 182141

>Where I hunted the poor hiders down with a hammer~

and with that im terrified


No. 182142

the further back you go, the funnier stuff you find.

No. 182143

No. 182144

well to be fair, that's how a lot of people that got abused when they were children act.

No. 182145

if she truly have health issues then nobody should blame nor hate her for saying this.
why insult someones health issues or mental illnesses?

No. 182146

she never mentioned any actual health or mental issues

No. 182147

thats disturbing af

No. 182148

are we trying to open up the possibility that she was sexually abused in some way, anon?

No. 182149

she looks to be in late puberty-early adulthood. on her blog there was a picture of her in which she was wearing an Evanescence t-shirt and looking to be about 14-15. since she says it's from her "weeaboo past" (KEK), i assumed she was at least older than 15.

No. 182150

Sounds like the opening to some 90's tv show

No. 182151

She mentioned her driving license so she's probably closer to 16-17

No. 182152


this sounds more like a full blown mental illness than lolcowism.

No. 182153

More like weeaboo present

No. 182154


or she may be crudely trying to set up a "persona" for her blog posts and kinda roleplay while she's writing.

No. 182155

The question is does she really believe this or is it an online persona?

No. 182156


photos of the "opulent" jewellery she made and her "american heiress" look is top kek.

No. 182157

What even is a "American heiress" supposed to be??

No. 182158

>On to how I'm a yandere~!
>Well uh I noticed recently how I adore songs about women who get rejected then either stalk or kill the guy (ok Like I would NEVER ((hmm)) but it's just interesting) and so I realized maybe I'm a biitttt yandere.
>(A LOT…).

oh god the weeb vibes are strong with this one

No. 182159

File: 1433278460109.png (607.25 KB, 561x674, IMG_4789.png)


No. 182160

"American Heiress" is a lazy as fuck look. That doesn't make me think of a stylish princess at all.

No. 182161

I thought she looked fine. Kinda cute actually
Damnit though I don't want to be seen as a lolicon

No. 182162

File: 1433285544928.png (548.09 KB, 716x1026, wp_ss_20150602_0002.png)


No. 182163

File: 1433285594752.png (656.95 KB, 720x1019, wp_ss_20150602_0003.png)

She looks older here

No. 182164

Hang on
Did she actually shop out her mole?
And also that loli tag
Possibly becoming self aware?

No. 182165

File: 1433286212046.png (597.33 KB, 720x1003, wp_ss_20150602_0005.png)

>Sama Chan

No. 182166

Nah, she's probably one of those people who think that lolita fashion and lolicon is the same kawaii anime thing.

No. 182167

This is quite normal look for a 12-13 year old. All the "older" part here is just shitty makeup + puberty + hereditary mouth and under eye wrinkles. Also, the overall unfortunately face shape, but it's not that important in creating the "I'm 13 but I look 25" kind of look that most kids have up to 16 y.o.

No. 182168

Idk she seems like the loli bait type

No. 182169

Probably somebody with Sama in their name, first I was thinking it is Samantha but then I noticed she is talking about a guy.

No. 182170

It sounds like a mash up of the honorifics sama and chan though

No. 182171

I think I'm gonna find some way to friend this girl and learn more shit

No. 182172

Thought this was Chokelate for a second. Kek
>all tall, lanky girls with long faces are her

No. 182173


please do it anon, she's one of the rare newer cows with LUSH and DELISH TOTALLY HEAVY milk potential.

No. 182174


No. 182175

I'm thinking a fake twitter or something

No. 182176

File: 1433452027411.jpg (40.14 KB, 1061x205, Screenshot (108).jpg)

the bait has been set

No. 182177

her shirt says AP English 2014-15. That means this past school year she was a hs jr or sr, meaning her age is 16-18. i feel like if she were younger than that, all this could be excused as being young and embarrassing, but it just reads as delusional weeb for someone as old as her
>tfw i had a job and took care of one of my parents at her age

No. 182181

it all seems too "convenient"

No. 182182

she actually took the bait, and even added a contact form…a little too eager?

No. 182183

Why are men attracted to women who are afraid of them? Unlikely

No. 182184

Not all men do. My guess is guys who like girls like this think they're more pure or whatever. Some guys have that kind of "I can fix her, get her out of her shell" mentality as well. Guys like this also tend to be bad with women and see it as a common ground.

No. 182185

I'm guessing she's around 15-23, i don't want to sound like a bullshit drama stirrer but she seems like she might have gone through some really bad shit as a child and is still trying to cope with it.

No. 182186

I won't link to her Facebook since she's possibly underage, but she began high school in 2012. That would make her, what, 16-17?

No. 182187

I want to spam her contact box with really personal questions and I feel like she would answer them. Any suggestions?

No. 182190


No. 182191

She probably wont even know what that means kek

No. 182192

ask her who she's dating

No. 182193

No, you have to use her language. Ask if there's a special prince in her life whom she's courting.

No. 182194

File: 1433630322233.png (868.59 KB, 720x971, wp_ss_20150606_0004.png)

She's a fucking child what is this

No. 182195

What the fuck?

No. 182196

What the fresh hell? I was just on a "shitty food porn" board and this would fit right in there. Disgusting.

No. 182197

she didn't even try to use nice plates.

No. 182198

>I made dinner
Who tf eats dinner like this

No. 182199

Ewww fake food. Why the fuck would anyone consider boxed mac and cheese to be dinner?

No. 182200

mac n cheese is so bizarre to me. i honestly have a hard time believing that this is seen as actualy food in the us…food for children even. what the actual fuck? i tried it once out of curiousity because you see that shit in amercian pop-culture, which has taken over the globe, all the time.

No. 182201

I don't know what amuses me more: The paper plates and plastic forks, or the teacups filled with cheap candy.

No. 182202

>dinner. Lol

No. 182203

File: 1433717459765.png (738.27 KB, 720x1044, wp_ss_20150607_0002.png)

>smiling face
I hate how she acts overly humble like "way i hate mu cheekbones" good for you??

No. 182204

File: 1433717846352.png (29.41 KB, 772x205, wut.png)

From yesterday

No. 182205

First - how does she have a 4.0 GPA?!
Second- "forgot the English word"?

No. 182206

Seems like she's making herself appear more ditzy than she actually is to go along with her online persona.

No. 182207

So she really is clever/deceitful

No. 182208

File: 1433719219879.png (190.48 KB, 720x727, wp_ss_20150607_0004.png)

Also from yesterday
>boohoo I was sick
> another reference to "Sama Chan"
>didn't want to do dishes

No. 182209

Don't forget the constant wedgewood name dropping

No. 182210

File: 1433719488247.png (683.93 KB, 720x1038, wp_ss_20150607_0001.png)

No. 182211

This whole thing sounds pretentious.

No. 182212

I'm really curious about this sama Chan. I wonder if she's dating them? If so, I wonder if they're dating her for her "Kawaii pure child" persona?

No. 182213

She has such an unfortunate face

No. 182214

No doubt he's some kinda pedo

No. 182215

I am not a pedophile!

No. 182216

Well, that settles it!

No. 182217

I highly doubt this is the real "Sama Chan" . Even someone hanging around with her couldn't be so stupid as to post here, gotta be a troll

No. 182218

That nose

No. 182219

>tea party
>gross box kraft dinner on paper plates and NOTHING ELSE
>shitty candy in wedgewood
>this is dinner
>for ILD
oh lawd

No. 182220

i forgot
>"custom piece"

No. 182221

Gotta keep up the "Kawaii ditzy child" act by failing at dinner

No. 182222

>Ditzy baby house wife chan is soo kawaii rori

No. 182223

Reminds me of a five year old

No. 182224

She's been reamed by anons lately, anybody got caps?

No. 182225

File: 1433887341188.png (835.7 KB, 720x1011, wp_ss_20150609_0001.png)

Looks like soon her shop will have a new wave of cringe worthy shit

No. 182226

File: 1433888300509.png (603.12 KB, 720x989, wp_ss_20150609_0002.png)

Oh god

No. 182227


She's down with the sickness

No. 182228

I looked at her blog and found this website all about her fake country http://princessdollblog.webs.com/invitea-press

If you're willing to scroll through the batshit, you'll see that she says a princess of invitea has to be 10 years old. She lists her 'reign' from 2008-current so I assume she was 10 in 2008? That would make her around 16/17 years old.

I can't help but wonder why she keeps up the whole "tee hee i'm 12" thing. Some people in the thread have wondered if anything traumatic has happened to her and, well…I don't like jumping to such serious conclusions, but I think it's a possibility. I know when I was that age I always would flaunt it because I thought I was "mature" and strove to be perceived as older than I really was. It just makes me wonder if something happened to her to make her like this. I mean, she could just be a stupid weeaboo, but something about her definitely seems off.

No. 182229

i think you're right, anon.

No. 182230

ok i'll bite, now im curious
i think the best way to approach this is to send her questions but word them in ways she will "understand". like talk about her country, whatever.

also. i noticed something else. she's clearly not stupid, no stupid person gets a 4.0 or whatever. but yet she completely downplays her achievements like that, and up plays her fake ones. She completely tried to invalidate the gpa thing by saying she "forgot the english word" for medal- but she posts everywhere about being princess of a fake country. thoughts?

No. 182232

I still can't figure out why she'd pretend to rule an ENTIRE FAKE COUNTRY

No. 182233


I honestly think this is a coping mechanism.

No. 182234

Well you've peaked my interest anon
someone good at psychology pls figure out whats going on in that "royal" head of hers?

No. 182235

> And I do want Captain to celebrate with me!

is this "Captain" the same as the "Sama Chan" person she talks about?
You can barely ever tell what the hell she's talking about because of her weird delusions

No. 182236


No. 182237

I don't think so, she seems more stable. We do have to take into account her seeming success at school and her seemingly calm "princess lessons"

No. 182238


>Most Invitean women would prefer to be called "Cute" (Kwisel [Pronounced "Qu-ee-cell"]) or "Innocent" or "Sweet" (Swiisel [Pron. "Sweye-cell"]) than to be called "sexy" or "hot".

>In fact, calling an Invitean woman "sexy" or "hot" may insult, hurt, or offend her because it's the very opposite of what she is trying to achieve.

yeah she probably went through something

No. 182239

Sama-Chan is her mom.
Captain is her dad.

No. 182240

holy shit, that is so insane. i wanna know her backstory. wtf happened to this girl?

No. 182241

look up schizoid personality disorder

>"Affected individuals may simultaneously demonstrate a rich, elaborate and exclusively internal fantasy world"

No. 182242

if anything i would say that you idiots posting on here are the ones with personality disorders

No. 182243

>Many fundamentally schizoid individuals display an engaging, interactive personality that contradicts the observable characteristic emphasized by the DSM-IV and ICD-10 definitions of the schizoid personality.[8] Klein classifies these individuals as "secret schizoids",[8] who present themselves as socially available, interested, engaged and involved in interacting yet remain emotionally withdrawn and sequestered within the safety of the internal world.

I'm like that. I wasn't as psychotic as her at that age but I still see parallels (if not personality-wise) her and younger me.

No. 182244

anon, why the fuck are you here if you don't want to speculate about the mental state of complete strangers? gtfo

No. 182245

What's so weird about this hobby? There's an entire forum dedicated to roleplaying rulers of countries you come up with on your own. It's roleplay. Roleplayers are mentally ill??

No. 182246

Some people roleplay as country rulers and make up fake countries. It can be a good exercise for writing a story. Yeah someone might say I'm a whiteknight or that I'm Princess Doll herself, but I think it's a weird thing to get worked up over. Reminds me of this weird redneck woman who harassed my friend and called her mentally unstable for cosplayng and roleplaying online.

No. 182247

Anon, follow the fucking thread. She never stated that it was role play, and instead acts like she believes it.

No. 182248

Not likely. She mentions something about "captain" "going back to uni" and about "sama chan" braiding her hair in class.

No. 182249


"Most Invitean women would prefer to be called "Cute" (Kwisel [Pronounced "Qu-ee-cell"]) or "Innocent" or "Sweet" (Swiisel [Pron. "Sweye-cell"]) than to be called "sexy" or "hot"."

I just think she's internalized the Japanese pop culture a bit too much. This stupid shit and her "ZOMG i'm a bashful noble little princess" junk falls in line with the kind of women Japanese men are claimed to prefer even in modern day (infantile, overly naive, childishly simple and cheerful, overly feminine and kind of helpless).

I don' think she has something serious enough to be diagnosed. But she's probably a friendless "loser", and those stories are definitely either coping mechanism with loneliness; stuff she makes up both to amuse herself and to see if she can get other people to believe in it and thus display interest in her in some capacity.

Judging from the existence of this thread, she's succeeding :D

No. 182250

good point, but if she truly wanted attention would she not post something about the existence of this thread?

No. 182251

She said it was a real country and these were real happenings somewhat like Chris-chan regarding the continuity of his comics? XD

Some people get really into it and do LARPing. IDK I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt for some reason.

No. 182252

>-possibly faking health issues?
was this ever figured out?

No. 182253

she stated somewhere that "captain" is also from that country
so how could she rope other people into it? aren't they sane enough to realize its her insane fantasies?

No. 182254

>Princesses (including myself) who experience periods of lethargy, apathy, sadness

over dramatic or legit?

No. 182255

No lol that's not how schizophrenia works.

She just seems to be a bored lonely loser

No. 182256

IMO, this is different from RPGs, LARPing, etc, in that there doesn't seem to be anyone else actually participating in her world.

No. 182257

Then why hasn't anyone told her straight up that this is crap? Wouldn't her parents even try?

No. 182258

I think it's just harmless fantasizing. Some people fantasize about other worlds and fictional countries. Some people roleplay by themselves. Unless if she harms someone else for breaking a law in her imaginary kingdom I would say it's harmless.

No. 182259

*or let her fantasy world interfere with her life to the point where she can't function in society

No. 182260

She already seems to be avoiding getting a real job because of this persona.

No. 182262

but to that extent? that might be normal for a 9-year-old but not someone going on 17(?). we don't know her personally but someone with a blog like that has something wrong with them.

No. 182263


as a social animal if you fail at creating and holding up meaningful relationships, how come you're not a loser?

No. 182264

Your opinion is not valid. There are plenty of successful people who don't have regular friends. You sound like an indoctrinated narcissist.

No. 182265

"Anti-social behavior is a trait of intelligence" Nikola Tesla.

No. 182266

File: 1434206244917.png (798.57 KB, 720x918, wp_ss_20150613_0001.png)

1 apparently she does have friends
2 her "best friend in the whole world" is a guy
3 is he "Sama Chan" or "Captain"?

No. 182267

File: 1434206295971.png (677.76 KB, 720x993, wp_ss_20150613_0002.png)

Also just some extra lulz

No. 182270

>fear of men
>best friend is a guy

No. 182271

File: 1434386540419.jpg (10.82 KB, 571x52, Screenshot (109).jpg)

No. 182272

Is this new, or?

No. 182273

File: 1434483108441.png (59.96 KB, 699x186, wp_ss_20150616_0001.png)

She's still clinging to the "totally a foreigner" crap

No. 182274

File: 1434505569722.png (56.05 KB, 711x195, wp_ss_20150616_0003.png)

New drama p1 of 3

No. 182275

File: 1434505592955.png (60.17 KB, 681x194, wp_ss_20150616_0002.png)

2 of 3

No. 182276

File: 1434505630959.png (60.74 KB, 720x224, wp_ss_20150616_0004.png)

3 of 3
I think she's realizing her own lolcowism

No. 182277


No. 182278

Who the fuck puts blush on their nose?

No. 182279

tumblr does especially in there red-nosed art

No. 182280

why on earth did she not put on mascare? she looks like a cancer patient

No. 182281

I think it's from a Venus Angelic tutorial

No. 182282

File: 1434565398121.png (720.76 KB, 720x978, wp_ss_20150617_0001.png)

? ED bandwagon

No. 182283

It's a fairly common practice, mostly because after foundation the face can look too 'flat' and kind of lifeless and blush adds coloration back. You don't put a lot, just the excess after you apply to the cheeks. She puts way too much on; the whole video is a train wreck.

(You can also apply a small amount to the top of the forehead and chin, depending on your face shape.)

No. 182284

File: 1434580287017.png (632.13 KB, 720x894, wp_ss_20150617_0002.png)

Oh my god

No. 182285


You know, today's generation is really worrying. Imagine getting run the fuck over and stabbed, you call out for help when you're practically losing conciousness but someone be like "k one sec lemme just take a pic"

Jesus christ.

She wonders why she can't find a job?


No. 182286


Remember that documentary "Living dolls" with ken, venus and that emily girl?

Emily was this weeb doll loli thing who re-named her same "lona" or whatever. Her family thought she was crazy, she got up at like 5am each day to do her 'doll look' and tried applying for a job in places only to be frowned upon???

At least Emz tried okay lol

No. 182287

I fucked up but let me snap a pic real quick before trying to salvage anything first!!

No. 182288

was confirmed that emily/luna was actually trolling and wasn't really like that irl.

No. 182289

she looks the same but with a wig on.

she's so weird. kinda reminds me of star ultranova in a way but less autism and better looking.

No. 182290

I literally laughed out loud at this. Not many things on the internet can succeed at that, but for some reason this is just killing me.

No. 182291

Are we assuming this girl wants to be a living doll?

No. 182292

I'm studying psychology and it's very unlikely she's schizophrenic or schizoid since she can have relatively normal interactions online and also keep her grades up. From what it looks like, she may have a very mild form of autism, but even that is just an assumption. She is probably just one of those weird smart kids that likes to fantasize and think it's ok to act like a weeaboo in public.

No. 182293

File: 1434664178816.png (731.3 KB, 720x1020, wp_ss_20150618_0001.png)

Apparently she's going to anime mid Atlantic. Is this a con? Also. Dem brows.

No. 182294

No. 182295

File: 1434665798658.png (700.63 KB, 720x840, wp_ss_20150618_0005.png)

Poor attempt at "fanservice"

No. 182296

File: 1434665873669.png (686.34 KB, 715x835, wp_ss_20150618_0003.png)

>poorly executed yandere pose

No. 182297

File: 1434916877707.png (643.19 KB, 720x1001, wp_ss_20150621_0003.png)

I think this is the same kid

No. 182298

File: 1434917487287.png (866 KB, 720x1012, wp_ss_20150621_0004.png)

She spends her money on such stupid stuff

No. 182299

Story time.
So I saw her with two guys (one of them was the guy in this pic) and a girl in the dealers room, one guy looked super pissed at the other one and she seemed to be trying to get them to stop fighting. At one point the tall guy shoved the other guy and she pushed them apart and seemed to be like talking to them? Then she left with the guy in this pic. Thoughts?? I kept trying to get closer without being weird but it was so obvious that other people were watching them too. I'm surprised that nobody got kicked out right then. Staff didn't seem to see.

No. 182300

Also every time I saw her she was with the guy in the pic

No. 182301

No. 182302


i'm unsure if any of this is new info.
she also apparently got actual messages from that contact thing.

No. 182303

ok now that I know she's answering those, i want to ask a bunch of crazy things.

No. 182304

File: 1435157575895.jpg (107.67 KB, 854x720, Screenshot (118).jpg)

>still avoiding a job
>12 for the 6th time?

No. 182305

File: 1435157662802.jpg (139.41 KB, 1061x628, Screenshot (117).jpg)

>doesn't understand an obvious question about her sexuality

No. 182306

File: 1435158052151.png (597.78 KB, 720x991, wp_ss_20150624_0004.png)

>Hollywood undead
>fake blood
>3edgy 5me bro

No. 182307

File: 1435158138562.png (599.32 KB, 717x1002, wp_ss_20150624_0003.png)

>Yuri manga

No. 182308

Her kawaii neko has broader shoulders than a linebacker.

No. 182309

She's like a really bad Princess Skye replica.

No. 182310

I'm ok with her trying to bring back lifestyle but she's not the person I would've wanted to do it

No. 182311

File: 1435182225519.png (702.32 KB, 720x990, wp_ss_20150624_0006.png)

Oh my god she's actually doing "grown up" things

No. 182312


Practice driving in Lolita…sounds like a smart move.

No. 182313

Given her fake countries rules about "commoners" I'm thinking she had issues with bullies in the past. The rules against bullies are way harsh. And they've been rewritten to include exile until the person apologizes formally and no one is allowed to speak kindly of them. Seems that that would just cause an endless cycle of abuse towards people. I know it's a fake country and I'm putting too much into it. But to make up rules like that I think you'd have to have some serious problems with other people in the past.

No. 182314


lets hope her petticoat doesn't get snagged in the doorway or gets her dress pulled on the pedal

No. 182315

>age 12
i can't believe so many girls that are in their 20s think they could actually pass for 12
its very uncommon. women age like milk, its usually obvious if your older or not. and lying to be a whole decade younger is so ridiculous

No. 182316

are there any laws in this land? could you rape and pillage without any repercussions other than being called a commoner?
hi, princess
nobody actually thinks you are a loli
you are in your twenties for god's sake

No. 182317

Not her sorry bruh

No. 182318

Didnt we work out that she's sixteen/seventeen?

No. 182319

>not her
>yet you are the only person who called her a loli
idk anon

No. 182320

really? where?

No. 182321


She said that this fall she'll be "turning 12 for the 6th time". I'd say that means she's 17. She's also recently posted something about AP tests, which you do in high school.

No. 182322

She's clearly trying to be lolibait. Sorry for calling it like I see it anon

No. 182323

oh no
its fine, i thought since you said "i don't want to be a lolicon" that meant you actually saw her as a loli and not a tryhard lady in her older teens, which she actually is

No. 182324


No. 182325

Make up some random situation and ask for "advice" .
Like "I don't think I can be a princess because whatever reason". And watch her spew her "everyone is a princess" speech. Definitely will work.

No. 182326

Nah this is kinda like pt's moments of clarity. Done for sympathy and asspats.

No. 182327

File: 1435325460079.png (662.93 KB, 720x929, wp_ss_20150626_0001.png)

I don't even know where to start with this

No. 182328

I can just imagine her hitting a mailbox or something and then taking a picture for instagram while using a typical fake dolly giggle "such a Kawaii crash desu"

No. 182329


No. 182330

>Driving a car is so unlike the horse-drawn carriages I grew up with in my homeland! #oops #princessmistakes

No. 182331

File: 1435351481756.jpg (84.88 KB, 1044x534, Screenshot (121).jpg)

whoever sent her this, thank you for the lulz

No. 182332

obviously at #loli and #chubby. wtf? who tags stuff like that?

No. 182333

> 12 for the sixth time in September
So she will be 18 in September, I think.

No. 182334

Are we counting the first time?

No. 182335


Yeah, I counted the 'first' time as when she was 12 for real when I read the post, but I think anon's right. I might be wrong, but if she's taking driving lessons wouldn't she have to be over 17?

No. 182336


*17 or over, you get the idea

No. 182337

File: 1435519123167.png (597.22 KB, 720x1001, wp_ss_20150628_0003.png)

No. 182338

File: 1435597722354.png (699.67 KB, 720x1006, wp_ss_20150629_0001.png)

Omfg she can't dress herself for shit

No. 182339

She looks kinda….. Sick? Maybe I'm just biased cuz of all the ed girls on lolcow but idk man she doesn't look right

No. 182340

File: 1435597835960.png (726.02 KB, 720x996, wp_ss_20150629_0002.png)

No. 182341

Looks like she threw on a bunch of shit and said "yep. This shit here is Kawaii."

No. 182342

i feel like she may be lower income and avoid the sun or something.

No. 182343

Her eyes are freaking me out. They're like pink ringed?

No. 182344

yeah i definitely get the feel she's poor.

No. 182345

Maybe that explains the whole princess persona?

No. 182346

faking being rich to cover up being poor? seems legit.
she doesn't seem to refer to this sama chan anymore.

No. 182347

I think that "single is scary" tweet might be about that. I think they were dating at some point

No. 182348

Well she went to AMA and she has a lineup for nekocon. She likes anime so maybe she watched a princess anime or something and wanted to be just like the character?

No. 182349

or shes just a weeaboo who wants to be some kind of "kawaii loli aidoru princess desu"

No. 182350

File: 1435705932350.jpg (232.53 KB, 765x1000, 33186803-765-1000.jpg)

Fan art? Really? Did one of you send this or is this legit.

No. 182351

This is like some kind of serial killer note

No. 182352

fetal alcohol syndrome

No. 182353

File: 1435758796522.png (837.49 KB, 720x912, wp_ss_20150701_0001.png)

She's been mentioning someone named "Ame" a lot on instagram. Is this him?

No. 182354

File: 1435761156289.png (83.08 KB, 1015x354, Untitled.png)

LMAO she actually took my bait and posted a wishlist omfg.

No. 182355

File: 1435853190841.png (575.65 KB, 720x969, wp_ss_20150702_0002.png)

Wtf is this

No. 182356

seems like basically "oh a boy won't like you? forget him, that peasant scum~~~!"

No. 182357

Kawaii misandry? Wtf

No. 182358

I dont see what the issue is with this. If you like a boy, you tell him how you feel and if he doesnt like you, youre suppose to move on with your life…i thought this was normal behaviour?correct me if im wrong.

No. 182359

it just seems a little… off to me.

No. 182360

File: 1435939863723.jpg (238.49 KB, 1125x2000, 10382461_822000181207405_84601…)

and it's apparently the biggest weeb cringefest.

No. 182361

File: 1435940326900.png (310.42 KB, 889x778, oihIgDHKGDFljk.png)

her newest "DIY" post is so stupid.
basically just grab a bunch of shit and glue it together = princess accessories?

No. 182362

Do you stalk a guy and hate yourself forever if he doesnt like you? That seems unhealthy

No. 182363

No. 182364

Naw im not her. I just really dont understand what the problen with that comment is.
If someone doesnt like you back, what else do you do besides move on with your life and get over it?im genuinely curious.

No. 182365

she's just irritating so anything she says, normal or not, sounds bad coming from her

No. 182366


Haha sorry, I wasn't trying to imply you were here, I was just taking the piss.

I agree though, I don't see what the problem with her advice is. I thought it was relatively straightforward tbh

It's not like she said "if he doesn't like you back, fuck him, he's an asshole anyway" or something, she just said it doesn't mean there's something wrong with you if a guy doesn't like you back.

No. 182367


*I wasn't trying to imply you were her

No. 182368

File: 1435967779374.png (62.41 KB, 773x317, princess politics.png)

So…the princess way to handle serious topics is to pretend they don't exist? I suppose politics aren't especially #kawaii.

No. 182369

Idk I actually agree with this. Politics has no place on facebook. It's retarded how everyone wants to talk politics on facebook like shut up nobody cares

No. 182370

File: 1435984787798.png (661.96 KB, 720x923, wp_ss_20150704_0001.png)

She posts stuff like this. And still tagged it loli. She HAS to know by now what that means, right?!
I feel like she's either really ignorant and possibly mentally disabled or doing this shit on purpose.

No. 182371

File: 1436111932218.png (118.86 KB, 720x466, wp_ss_20150705_0001.png)

She dropped a full name.

No. 182372


found him on FB: http://tinyurl.com/poru7tj

and found the "princess" too. her FB name is "Princess Kenzie", JFC: http://tinyurl.com/osjr8nx

No. 182373

Time for bed! @______@

No. 182374

File: 1436142688530.jpg (97.21 KB, 920x743, 17621785267437.jpg)

b-but anon chan she says her "real" name is Luna Lee Swiizka!
Obviously not a fake special snowflake name at all!

No. 182375

File: 1436171003066.jpg (127.44 KB, 960x639, 1236161_709091602440307_107171…)

hooooo boy…..

No. 182376

>you've come to the wrong neighborhood, pal

No. 182377

Hooo boy this shit just keeps on coming. Damn, doesn't she ever learn?

No. 182378

File: 1436203710511.png (444.94 KB, 720x843, wp_ss_20150706_0002.png)

The gift that just keeps on giving

No. 182379

File: 1436205330426.png (747.65 KB, 936x649, back to uni i guess.png)

No. 182380

> don't want their faces on the internet
Oh, unlike putting your boyfriend's full name out there?

No. 182381

I wonder if her whole princess obsession has anything to do with her mom being so "un-princess" like?

No. 182382


i poked through her Facebook and she seems less delusional psycho and more of a normal, bored teenager who tries to imitate "kawaii" bloggers and vloggers she likes on there. she's just too clueless to realize she doesn't have any skills for anything. she frequently complains about being left out by her friends, so i think the anon who thought she was making up grandiose stories to amuse herself/ease her loneliness may have been right.

she thinks she "grew out of her weeb phase" tho KEK.

No. 182383

File: 1436221327002.png (715 KB, 720x1160, wp_ss_20150706_0005.png)


No. 182384

>look at me
>I gained weight I'm so healthy
>give me attention I'm trying
>such weight gain
>so rori
>much kawaii
>very dolly

No. 182385

It's possible.
I feel like its a combination of her mother not being very feminine looking (from what I can tell), her possibly being low income and her not having any friends.

No. 182386

She keeps saying things like that about her weight gain. Is she trying to imply some kind of ED? since she seems to jump on what's popular, I feel like she would jump on that and even go as far as to fake it

No. 182387

File: 1436283965902.png (455.37 KB, 720x849, wp_ss_20150706_0001.png)

> actually wants to be a living doll

No. 182388

oh shit she just came right out and said it god damn

No. 182389

File: 1436494514070.png (798.86 KB, 720x987, wp_ss_20150709_0002.png)

More lolibait shit

No. 182390

File: 1436495297101.png (777.42 KB, 720x943, wp_ss_20150709_0003.png)

No. 182391

her face is too old to be any sort of lolibait

No. 182392

File: 1436541268364.png (197.56 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20150710_0008.png)

The whole thing is either typical weeb junk, those shitty Japanese candy kits, or tumblrina shit
Not to mention amazon's ita finest

No. 182393

She sure does love Milanoo.

No. 182394

File: 1436623209131.png (1009.88 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20150711_0001.png)

Are these baby food containers?

No. 182395

File: 1436623980338.png (257.31 KB, 720x568, wp_ss_20150711_0002.png)

Still trying to push her failing store. That pic looks nothing like her "art style", though.

No. 182396

File: 1436624641454.png (267.46 KB, 720x1095, wp_ss_20150711_0003.png)

She's freaking the fuck out about something

No. 182397

File: 1436626912585.png (47.4 KB, 720x149, wp_ss_20150711_0005.png)

No. 182398

File: 1436839689254.png (609.15 KB, 720x916, wp_ss_20150713_0001.png)

>3edgy5me caption
>shitty Halloween wig

No. 182399

I found something
she posted it right on her twitter..
trolling time?

No. 182400

File: 1436905424327.png (5.73 KB, 279x127, donate.png)

she put a fucking donate button on her blog

No. 182401

This bitch really gets on my nerves. I myself have like weird age regression things because of childhood bullshit but it's snowflakes like this that keep me from opening up about it. I don't wanna seem like a crazy snowflake.

No. 182402

so we can all donate to the trainwreck?

No. 182403

hers might be because of something like abuse or trauma though.

No. 182404

it's really weird in there

No. 182405

File: 1436915811866.png (60.73 KB, 688x218, wp_ss_20150714_0005.png)

No. 182406

she mentions her wishlist every chance she gets ffs

No. 182407

File: 1436918971695.png (55.37 KB, 718x233, wp_ss_20150714_0006.png)

No. 182408

File: 1437000689871.png (294.14 KB, 1817x564, tinychat.png)

i contacted her friend on tinychat. scuse the crappy typing. I'm "lyla"

No. 182409


you literally have no tact or social skills whatsoever omfg

No. 182410

That's the point, anon, I think she was trolling

No. 182411

you do it then if your so good

No. 182412

The best troll is the unnoticed troll.

No. 182413

No. 182414

I went in and flashed my cock and got banned. Boring

No. 182415

You're the boring one, what did you expect?
You even made her go off cam for awhile.

I've actually been in there for awhile now chatting. She actually seems pretty sweet.

I think most of you are off on the whole dark past causing regression thing. She seems just like your average teen who's still weeby and wants to play pretend with some sympathetic friends.

I have caps and bits of info if anyone is interested, but she actually seems quite normal. Even nice.

No. 182416

This sucks

No. 182417


However hobopony is a dude and by my estimate sat in the friend zone wanting in her pants.

No. 182418


I'm going to bed (since I'm barely formatting a post properly) but I'll post some caps and quotes tomorrow if people are interested in what I found.

No. 182419

Sure tell us

No. 182420

File: 1437020326655.png (277.72 KB, 448x448, IMG_20150715_3.png)

Sorry for my sucky skills, but I tried to kawaiify lolichan here
P.s sorry for lame tiddy shoop

No. 182421

What is it with these stupid broads and always wanting to play mafia girls? Don't they know just mentioning association with such an organization is grounds for arrest? Sorry. Just frustrating when your family is ACTUALLY involved you would never mention something so stupid… And what the hell is with the stereotypical fedoras? Damn. /end rant

No. 182422

Lol what happened to her chest? The rest is ok though

No. 182423

You should send it to her, see what she does?

No. 182424

File: 1437061967907.jpg (38.06 KB, 500x500, 1437020326655.jpg)

now it's good to send to the princess-chan. This is the kind of pastel vomit she likes
youre welcome desu

No. 182425

File: 1437064173803.jpg (42.86 KB, 624x618, princess doll so rori.jpg)

I tried but she ended up looking like a creepy anime character

No. 182426

enlighten us, caps-anon

No. 182427

Lol, I also saved the shoop before the tiddy edit if anyone wants it I'll post it

No. 182428

Lel, you guys did a great job

No. 182429

why not im curious

No. 182430

K, who's willing to send these pics to her or which one

No. 182431

You are disgusting

No. 182432

i think someone should email this one >>182424 to her.

No. 182433

she hasnt posted another Q and A in a while. have you guys stopped sending her asks?

No. 182434

They were probably all sent from herself…

No. 182435

Pls provide the lulz caps anon, I'm bored

No. 182436

File: 1437078232093.jpg (650.49 KB, 768x856, gotyousussedhobo.jpg)

ok I'm here and I have no idea how or why I took so many of these last night.
Hopefully someone will enjoy them, I'm cropping stuff down atm so they'll go up bit by bit as I go through them.

No. 182437

File: 1437078333207.jpg (277.65 KB, 460x487, imtwelveandwhatisthis.jpg)

I apologize for my shitty cropping, just got back from work and feeling lazy as hell

No. 182438

File: 1437078408271.jpg (102.34 KB, 229x268, cosplays.jpg)

No. 182439

I've still not watched this with the sound on yet. The Kaito is her current bf Ame.

No. 182440

nice deflecting, did she ever figure out what lolcow was?

No. 182441

Here's the other video she put on, she seems to have a channel. Not looked through there yet.


No. 182442

If she googled it or if hobo told her she never made any sign of finding out. She got distracted very easily.

No. 182443

File: 1437078977771.jpg (211.1 KB, 678x404, unleashthatinnerweeb.jpg)

sorry for posting that video twice, quick reply screwed me over

No. 182444

she seemed to be all over the place

No. 182445

>only slightly less cringey

No. 182446

Suspect that hobopony is a neckbeard

No. 182447

File: 1437079245920.jpg (412.42 KB, 1279x426, praisetheyandyman.jpg)

No. 182448

File: 1437079419686.jpg (145.74 KB, 228x456, imurbiggestfanbutthentherewasd…)

I'll post some caps of their faces in a bit, still cropping down convo right now

Also dick anon sucks, he scared her and hobo off cam, I thought I wasn't going to get any pics of their faces until they came on again much later.

No. 182449

i agree with you here, that seems unfair of him to tell her how to spend money

No. 182450

File: 1437079724673.jpg (104.52 KB, 229x246, fellowgull.jpg)

I'm surprised she visits 4chan, but it seems like cgl is the only board she'll go to.

No. 182451

File: 1437080078429.jpg (399.09 KB, 912x551, girltimewithouthobo.jpg)

She seemed interested in /tg/ when I told her about some of the other boards.

Also hobo left for awhile so we had a heart to heart about friend group dramas.

No. 182452

File: 1437080694550.jpg (314.3 KB, 470x492, donotfeedaftermidnight.jpg)

She will only stop being twelve if it means getting kawaii sweets flavored booze

No. 182453

looks like you two became bffs

No. 182454

File: 1437080743684.jpg (306.98 KB, 994x492, introducinghobopony.jpg)

Are people even still reading these? Have a picture to break things up a bit. Here we get to find out some more about hobo

No. 182455

>confirmed neckbeard
>k-on wall scroll

No. 182456

Did she wear that wig the whole time?

No. 182457

File: 1437081503875.jpg (309.64 KB, 551x702, satandicks.jpg)

Like I said, she does seem actually quite nice.
I think she just wishes she was a dumb, 12 year old princess because she's actually otherwise very normal. She wants to be the blissfully ignorant weeb it seems.
People like Hobo will beta-orbit and enable that fantasy for her.
She talks about Ame later and he gives off friendzone vibes imo. This was while I was 'afk'.

Yeah, she never took it off.

No. 182458

wait her bf gives off friendzone vibes or hobo does?

No. 182459

File: 1437082036669.jpg (410.36 KB, 703x544, relationshipdrama.jpg)

sorry, I meant hobo does. Though she seems to think Ame doesn't like her much? I was 'away' and capping the convo while this bit happened.
Doesn't sound like a healthy relationship. I feel like hobo is playing up the nice guy part right now.

No. 182460

> he saved me

No. 182461

File: 1437083266624.jpg (675.57 KB, 1340x836, facefaceface.jpg)

ok I'm done with caps now, have a face collage to finish off, I hope at least someone enjoyed all that, my duty is done

No. 182462

File: 1437083858838.jpg (16.93 KB, 500x354, thatisnotkawaii.jpg)

you're welcome

No. 182463

File: 1437084497088.png (15.08 KB, 396x105, XDD.png)

he was trolollin you back

No. 182464

dang im losing my edge

No. 182465

I emailed it to her an hour or two ago

No. 182466

File: 1437096596257.png (412.72 KB, 578x445, she found it.png)

looks like she got it

No. 182467

File: 1437108679802.gif (447.24 KB, 470x321, 635611968313192506-443388264_g…)

>yea she is twelve
how does this faggot buy that…
its more than obvious she is older that that

No. 182468

File: 1437109459568.jpg (81.33 KB, 406x406, 1405297716080.jpg)

Holy shit, he is Gendo

No. 182469

ame is her sugardaddy confirmed
seriously, how much shit is she buying on his dollar
she made a "haul" recently so she he said no more clothes she wont wear (so he bought the haul for her) a seifuku is coming in the mail and she is either already back to online window-shopping or she is still pining for that skirt
thats probably alot right there

No. 182470

File: 1437110648106.jpg (27.63 KB, 555x420, the thirst is real.jpg)

>yeah, my bf is busy

No. 182471

I'm not so sure. I mean, she mentions something about him knowing how she has "an issue with online shopping". It seems more like he's trying to help her not blow her money on stupid weeb shit. Basically he's trying to be a good boyfriend and not let her make stupid ass decisions, imo

No. 182472

He's confirmed for trolling before so I doubt he actually believes that. He knows about lolcow so he might be trying to troll us?

No. 182473


I think in one of the caps he says 'yeah she's 12 for the 6th time' and 'we're in the same year at school' or something so he does know, but is just really dedicated to playing the part for her.


Ya she seems way too emotionally immature and childish to have a sugar daddy. Just my opinion. Also she'd have much nicer clothes and accessories and bags and things if she had a sugar daddy lol.

No. 182474

If Ame is in high school/college he probably doesn't have that much money to blow on her tbh

No. 182475

I feel like having a sugar daddy doesn't comply with her "perfect pure princess doll" fantasy

No. 182476

Is this from a random dick? Lel

No. 182477

>"Why would people talk online about being in the mafia??"
>Posts online about being in the mafia

No. 182478

File: 1437239282046.png (504.9 KB, 579x420, badphotoshoop.png)

>needs to step away from the shoop
>eating with chopsticks
>in cat ears

No. 182479

The way she is holding her chopsticks gives me cancer

No. 182480

Is this the first time she's shooped or something?

No. 182481

she chews with her mouth open a TON.
guess they don't teach princesses manners over in Invitewhatever

No. 182482

shit sorry I was stupid

No. 182483

File: 1437249124329.png (46.56 KB, 720x157, wp_ss_20150718_0001.png)


No. 182484

I'm weeping. Those things aren't meant to be eaten with chopsticks and this is not how you hold them. Only weeaboos would do this shit.

No. 182485

File: 1437265681523.png (655.82 KB, 710x844, wp_ss_20150718_0005.png)

Should not have told her to >unleashtheinnerweeb

No. 182486

File: 1437265711872.png (635.07 KB, 720x897, wp_ss_20150718_0004.png)

No. 182487

File: 1437265816544.png (28.55 KB, 583x167, wp_ss_20150718_0006.png)

No. 182488

File: 1437266496855.png (181.57 KB, 511x435, theanswerisno.png)

this is seriously so sad. please don't ruin another fashion.

No. 182489

is this supposed to be challenging? maybe if you're retarded.

No. 182490

File: 1437321004580.png (50.64 KB, 646x156, wp_ss_20150719_0001.png)

This is so pathetic sounding

No. 182491

File: 1437332849485.png (277.54 KB, 448x448, IMG_20150715_1.png)

Here you go

No. 182492

I'm dying here

No. 182493

Does she even realize that it's shooped?

No. 182494

that's probably how she actually sees herself. some kind of puffy cheeked, big animu eyed loli-chan.

No. 182495

We may have given her ideas.
first she gets this pic >>182466 from email anon. then suddenly she starts using photoshop in this pic >>182478 ? I'm guessing not only does she KNOW its shooped, she's trying to get into shooping cuz of it.

No. 182496

If only we could get PT to do this

No. 182497

She's adapting

No. 182498

File: 1437449510980.png (257.96 KB, 720x451, wp_ss_20150720_0002.png)

Apparently we have another shitty hot glue tutorial on the way

No. 182499

File: 1437506312489.png (708.51 KB, 720x944, wp_ss_20150721_0002.png)

>always #kawaii
Never Kawaii

No. 182500

File: 1437506351242.png (753.61 KB, 720x982, wp_ss_20150721_0001.png)


No. 182501


Wait, those are supposed to be wings?!

No. 182502

>Floppy poorly cut pieces of felt
Seems legit

No. 182503

File: 1437667883056.png (623.51 KB, 720x984, wp_ss_20150723_0001.png)

She's started tagging her stuff "livingdoll"
Also, doesn't going to driving school ruin her 12 y/o fantasy?

No. 182504

She made herself a patreon.

No. 182505

She's only twelve when convenient for her.
She said in the tinychat that once it's legal for her to drink she plans to "be 21 for a night"

I'm amazed she hasn't claimed that inviteans can drive at age 12 or something.

No. 182506

File: 1437705004551.png (8.47 KB, 229x203, candy.png)

Rather cringey excerpt from her Patreon

No. 182507

File: 1437705876609.png (99.23 KB, 1258x429, wp_ss_20150723_0003.png)

The whole thing is cringe

No. 182508

File: 1437706041398.png (38.31 KB, 1137x242, wp_ss_20150723_0004.png)

Her self assurance is appalling

No. 182509

File: 1437755114654.png (613.93 KB, 720x882, wp_ss_20150724_0006.png)

She really needs to stop shooping she looks like an alien

No. 182510

File: 1437755139131.png (572.22 KB, 720x905, wp_ss_20150724_0005.png)

No. 182511

File: 1437755216665.png (768.3 KB, 720x931, wp_ss_20150724_0007.png)

Kek at the mouth tho

No. 182512


We've created a monster

No. 182513

but is she actually 12, though? if so…she maybe shouldn't be on here

No. 182514


She's definitely not 12 if she's taking driving lessons.

I don't think there's anything against the rules about discussing minors though, is there? As long as we're not doxing her or posting suggestive photos of her, at least?

Morally it'd be pretty creepy for a bunch of 16+ anons to discuss a kid but even though there doesn't seem to be any proof she's not 12, I'm like 99% sure she's just a slightly weeby 17 or 18 year old

No. 182515

>but is she actually twelve?
have you even READ this thread?

No. 182516

I actually wanna see lolcow turn her into our personal lolichan aidoru girl~

No. 182517

no, that will always be pixy's job

No. 182518

File: 1437852791573.jpg (256 KB, 576x1024, Twitterf7bf908.jpg)

Her boob shoop is atrocious

No. 182519

I've never seen anyone do such a bad job with Meitu.

No. 182520

What's meitu?

No. 182521

File: 1437867092709.png (605.37 KB, 720x990, wp_ss_20150725_0004.png)

More bad shoop.
Side note, can any anons good at doxxing bad shoop help me with these? I know they're shooped but I can't prove it.

No. 182522

File: 1437867122736.png (663.06 KB, 720x1001, wp_ss_20150725_0005.png)

No. 182523

File: 1437867153850.png (497.67 KB, 720x799, wp_ss_20150725_0006.png)

No. 182524

Why would she even be shooping her boobs bigger in the first place if she's so invested in the 12-y.o. persona…?

No. 182525

It seems to alternate between shopping them big and almost non existent

No. 182526

File: 1437922059788.png (287.9 KB, 720x623, wp_ss_20150726_0001.png)

If you can read this without cringing, good job

No. 182527

File: 1437944498213.png (16.39 KB, 1136x157, pd.png)

did anyone catch her wiki article attempt?

No. 182528

It's the editing app most of these girls use, it lets you make yourself skinnier, enhance things, make your eyes bigger, etc.
I can tell because of what she wrote on it, it's the sparkler tool.

No. 182529


Deets please?

No. 182530

Holy shit really? Deets

No. 182531

File: 1438009788677.png (706.15 KB, 720x1000, wp_ss_20150727_0001.png)

Her diet is total shit as usual

No. 182532

her cuticles make me want to puke.

No. 182533

File: 1438021065571.png (502.24 KB, 720x901, wp_ss_20150727_0010.png)

Well the mystery is solved.

No. 182534

Looks like she bites her nails.
That's really gross.

No. 182535

nah dudes, I was hoping one of you guys saw it before it was removed

No. 182536


Kinda OT but THAT'S the guy she's dating? For some reason I was picturing him as one of those weebs who got decently lucky in the looks department or have some kind of idea of how to look after themselves and get super stuck up as a result of being the most 'popular' awkward loser

and now I'm wondering why I thought that

Nice neckbeard

No. 182537

File: 1438031456240.png (587.29 KB, 718x838, wp_ss_20150727_0011.png)

Her art doesn't look half bad.. Or am I blind?

No. 182538

And then they say men are picky… Ha.

No. 182539

File: 1438031835241.jpg (180.84 KB, 957x640, 3q2 5994vg.jpg)

I think you got a bit deluded after staring at her ugly mug for a while. Her art is lovely comparably.

No. 182540

you are blind

No. 182541

looks like your average skinny girl to me

No. 182542


That isn't THAT picky, is it?

If he was someone chill I knew, I probably wouldn't even notice, but he's obviously weeb as hell and obviously I don't know him but from what this princess doll chick says he kinda sounds like an asshole
It's all about context

anyway sorry for OT

No. 182543

File: 1438046302142.png (534.63 KB, 720x1013, wp_ss_20150727_0013.png)

>denies shooping

No. 182544

File: 1438046338753.png (588.17 KB, 720x1114, wp_ss_20150727_0012.png)

>diets are unhealthy!!

No. 182545

File: 1438047386748.png (227.2 KB, 718x421, wp_ss_20150727_0014.png)

>worth 3 trillion
>has a donate button, wish list, and patreon.

No. 182546

Jesus that beta orbiter from tinychat is way cuter than this fiy5

No. 182547

No. 182548

Worth isn't the same as having though.

But if she had 3 trill in play money, she still needs real money so that's where the wishlists come in

No. 182549

File: 1438086348732.png (42.46 KB, 685x121, wp_ss_20150728_0001.png)

I'm guessing she hit something

No. 182550

File: 1438096134618.png (621.37 KB, 720x918, wp_ss_20150728_0003.png)

But then this?

No. 182551

File: 1438116143880.png (779.11 KB, 720x1085, wp_ss_20150728_0004.png)

This is so confusing.

No. 182552

Left out of what? The celebration of 'Luna' getting her license. That makes no sense to congratulate her if she did nothing.
Both her and her sister must have both achieved something together. Nobody would do this.

No. 182553

So that's what she's trying to say? Dang that sucks.. Maybe that's another explanation for the princess persona

No. 182554

File: 1438123823725.png (176.87 KB, 931x593, royalty.png)

Someone needs to ask the princess here how long she's known our about dear queen…

No. 182555

Didn't caps anon say that the "princess" went on 4chan? Maybe she found out about her there. But idk if they mentioned the queens facebook on 4chan

No. 182556

File: 1438124665009.png (46.04 KB, 584x646, chuunibyou.png)

A real life chuunibyou? Just like my chinese cartoons

No. 182557

Its funny how a few weeks ago she was saying that shes afraid of men and some point before that said she would never date. Now she has a boyfriend, smh

No. 182558

When did she say she would never date?

No. 182559

File: 1438133627462.png (636.16 KB, 720x1024, wp_ss_20150728_0005.png)

Keking over the

No. 182560

File: 1438133670775.png (697.74 KB, 720x976, wp_ss_20150728_0006.png)

I hope she isn't going to eat this

No. 182561

I wish she would gtfo /cgl/, seems like she found the uchuu kei (space girl fashion) thread.

No. 182562

File: 1438141029485.png (673.48 KB, 720x929, wp_ss_20150728_0007.png)

Have some fish lipped shoop

No. 182563

On her about me page she says she's 5'10 but on her Q and A episode (i think 4) she says she's 5'6

No. 182564

File: 1438203428465.png (632.34 KB, 720x1007, wp_ss_20150729_0002.png)

She's actually getting a little better at it, this one doesn't look too bad

No. 182565

I assumed that from reading her answer from >>182305 and her whole ~kawaii pure princess~ persona

No. 182566

She's friends with that pro-ana edgelord with all the piercings as well. Maybe she's trying to start a lolcow gang(herd?).

No. 182567

File: 1438208734761.jpg (84.62 KB, 970x645, god11f-1-web.jpg)

So, I re-watched the movie "God Bless America" last night, and the main girl (Roxie) reminded me a lot of Princess. Or at least what she aspires to be when she's being #yandere.

No. 182568


I hate how these chicks shoop their skin. That stupid Suzy girl that's posted here does it too. It's so creepy and unnatural looking. It makes them look like blow up dolls.

I don't understand whyyyyy they do this

No. 182569

File: 1438209685300.jpg (82.12 KB, 612x612, 11327855_1465896910395942_1276…)

try ;-;

No. 182570

Because they want to look like they have perfect porcelain skin, but I agree it's fucking stupid; it looks so obvious like you know they must have shit skin and a lot of imperfections to hide if they're blurring and smoothing it that hard.

No. 182571

she is friends with pixy on facebook
her trying to make a lolherd confirmed

No. 182572

File: 1438210781811.jpg (60.33 KB, 720x720, 10917452_1400918766869972_2642…)

lol that one of her friends on FB has a anime waifu who is about 10 years old in her series (pic related)

No. 182573

File: 1438211421324.jpg (17.37 KB, 292x727, 11065304_803575843049839_71546…)

wait, she makes music
from her FB and it says "iv'e been really busy" it seems to be that vaporwave like micky tries to make

No. 182574

Wow she chose one of the whiniest and most obnoxious character in all of anime history. Really says something about her.

No. 182575

File: 1438272011389.png (55.88 KB, 626x166, wp_ss_20150730_0001.png)

No. 182576

File: 1438273121500.png (61.43 KB, 720x185, wp_ss_20150730_0002.png)

Her twitter is just as cringey…

No. 182577

File: 1438277461396.png (657.2 KB, 720x907, wp_ss_20150730_0004.png)

>"I love my new sweater!"
>can barely see sweater
>only her shooped face
>she looks like a child with scarlet fever or tb

No. 182578

File: 1438287035323.png (125.99 KB, 720x523, wp_ss_20150730_0008.png)

Lmao at these tags

No. 182579

File: 1438297065605.png (133.28 KB, 720x509, wp_ss_20150730_0010.png)

But wait, there's more

No. 182580

I run a blog that isn't very popular but had a good number of followers, so I get sponsor requests. I just looked at her blog, and I can immediately see why places don't want to sponsor her.

First of all, if you're running a blog like one on blogspot, you need bloglovin or something similar with a subscriber count. She has a "visitor count" which I'm assuming is the number of visitors she's had on her site, and maybe she thinks that's a subscriber count? A lot of shops require 5k+ subscribers and proof of them before they'll even consider sponsoring you. Her facebook page has 33 likes.

Second, her style isn't good, nor is her blog design. Shop owners don't want their products to be promoted by a site that looks like a neopet's page in 2005.

Third, she has her own shop. Why are you asking for sponsors when you run your own store??? That's so tacky?

It's not hard to find sponsors even if you have a small blog, but considering how much of a nobody she is, that's not going to happen.
I almost like her, she reminds me of myself when I was 14 or 15. But she's what, 17 or 18? I do appreciate that she's become our own personal lolcow.

No. 182581

File: 1438368327782.png (187.36 KB, 720x814, wp_ss_20150731_0001.png)

No. 182582

Huh, weird. The haunted playground she's interested in is in the same town where I grew up.
I've been several times but never late enough to see any 'activity'.
It's fun climbing the cliffs around the area, though.
I wonder if that means she lives nearby.

No. 182583

File: 1438372118023.png (574.08 KB, 720x920, wp_ss_20150731_0002.png)

I'm going to have nightmares

No. 182584

I'm so glad the encouragement to do some dances has worked, can't wait to see this.

I wonder what she'll wear.

No. 182585

File: 1438375080018.png (51.16 KB, 720x219, wp_ss_20150731_0003.png)

I'd guess not

No. 182586

File: 1438376378183.png (64.61 KB, 614x307, wp_ss_20150731_0004.png)

Lmao she's such a brat

No. 182587

File: 1438383489092.png (5.01 KB, 256x204, lol.png)

she took your advice

No. 182588

PFFFFFT so she reads this thread, yeah? That's hilarious. I do like bloglovin though, it'll help her reach.

No. 182589

File: 1438385438221.png (590.3 KB, 720x887, wp_ss_20150731_0008.png)

It's pretty obvious that she lurks here, right after we started shooping her she started messing around trying to get good at shooping her photos.
And now this.
But I'm more curious as to whether she sees us as "haters" or "trolls" or even "fans"?
Also have some bug eyed bunny shoop

No. 182590

File: 1438391028683.png (196.59 KB, 707x988, wp_ss_20150731_0010.png)

Some 11 y/o is hitting on her on instagram, kek.

No. 182591

File: 1438391061580.png (135.54 KB, 720x640, wp_ss_20150731_0011.png)

No. 182592

File: 1438478306771.png (498.84 KB, 720x843, wp_ss_20150801_0001.png)

Idk why but this is actually pretty funny to me

No. 182593

File: 1438478398443.png (541.18 KB, 720x882, wp_ss_20150801_0002.png)

Ugh, I hate these kind of socks they really remind me of ageplay.

No. 182594

She looks like she's having a seizure.

No. 182595

>I'm so glad I can fit the kids stuff.

Well she is literally shopping in the kids section, pretending to be 12 so…if that's not bordering on ageplay I'm not sure what is.

No. 182596

File: 1438540000165.png (64.68 KB, 720x227, wp_ss_20150802_0002.png)

I can't believe she actually says shit like this

No. 182597

Boobs don't even hold a wrapped towel up. You tuck that shit in. How would guys wear them around their waists otherwise? Holding them up with their dicks? This is just blatant attention whoring.

No. 182598

Are we sure she isn't just a clever troll? I refuse to believe someone can ACTUALLY be like this

No. 182599

File: 1438649063361.png (52.32 KB, 720x230, wp_ss_20150803_0003.png)

No. 182600

No. 182601

File: 1438706843597.png (59.56 KB, 720x210, wp_ss_20150804_0002.png)

She's found a new excuse not to get a job

No. 182602

At least she isn't lying about what she'd spend her money on.

No. 182603

I would think so, except that I've never seen a troll go quite so far.
But she does seem to be kind of baiting us? Some of her tweets and other posts just seem too conveniently weeb to be normal.

No. 182604

I think she's just being facetious.

She is weird and annoying but probably too self aware to really be a lolcow honestly.

No. 182605

Nah, this girl goes to my school and she acted like this 100% of the time. She asked teachers to call her "Princess Luna" , she wore awful ita coords to school almost every day and for like half the year she wore a tiara every day.

No. 182606

File: 1438795907075.png (26.93 KB, 564x122, lol traiturs guiz.png)

I wonder if she's talking about the same stepsister.

No. 182607

She looks like she has progeria.

No. 182608

File: 1438870825475.png (690.3 KB, 720x1011, wp_ss_20150806_0001.png)

Not only #yandere now

No. 182609

File: 1438879025325.png (157.47 KB, 720x861, wp_ss_20150806_0002.png)

Trolling time. And yes, I follow burry and princess doll, gotta stay updated on the LUSH DELISH milk

No. 182610

So did anyone join? Anybody got any caps?

No. 182611

I went but it was empty. Guess she was only on for a few minutes?

No. 182612

It's easier to talk to her through twitter anyway.

No. 182613

File: 1438999540229.png (691.38 KB, 720x848, wp_ss_20150807_0001.png)

So the mysterious uniform has arrived. And its cheap trash like I expected.
Also is she trying to become Yukapon?
Pic 1

No. 182614

File: 1438999609780.png (75.95 KB, 720x321, wp_ss_20150807_0002.png)

Weird Yukapon reference?
And more usual loli fetish pandering.

No. 182615

There's not much that can be done about the quality of cheap clothes but she could have at least ironed it. My pet peeve is people ordering clothes and then directly wearing them all wrinkled and sloppy out of the packaging.

No. 182616

That's a To Heart uniform, very old eroge.

No. 182617

Who else is waiting on that dance video?
She did say she'd do it once her uniform arrived.

No. 182618

lol, funny thing is she probably has no idea.

No. 182619

Maybe she did it on purpose. She is quite the loli baiter.
Me too, anon. She said on her facebook page that she was going to do a photo shoot so maybe she will do the dance video after?? I bet she'll fall all over herself though, this should be good.

No. 182620

File: 1439049791743.png (343.84 KB, 489x391, love of my life2.PNG)

first of all how dare you, that is me and satoko is my precious babby and i dont appreciate these hateful comments! she is not whiny and obnoxious, she went through a lot of abuse. she might be 11 but i can still love her (oops srry for off topic)

No. 182621

Holy shit part of the princess's lolherd has emerged

No. 182622

File: 1439050518155.jpg (27.26 KB, 290x303, love of my life, sweet preciou…)

nah i lurk here and i found her facebook and decided to add her and she accepted
i personally find her to be probably mentally ill because she thinks shes a 12 year old whos the princess of a made-up place called invitea.
shes so carefree tho. i aspire to be that innocent and carefree, tagging all my pictures with "loli" and wearing uniforms from anime she's never heard of

No. 182623

>lurks here
>aspires to be like an lowcow

No. 182624

i just wanna be as happy and confident as she seems to be. she has the courage to look like a complete idiot despite lurking here. she reminds me of my scene phase in like 2010.
i dont actually wanna be like the cows posted here. i probably qualify as one if were being honest but. y'kno. i just think it'd be nice to have that "xD i'm so KAWAII <3 #loli #lolita #kawaii" attitude

No. 182625

Do you ever talk to her on Facebook? Do you know anything interesting? Any milk for us?

No. 182626

File: 1439054117426.jpg (78.94 KB, 528x960, 10338333_10205399171612496_787…)

i've never actually spoken to her but i can perhaps try?
one thing i know for sure: she is friends with a lot of middle eastern dudes. most people who have a lot of middle eastern people on their list are desperate for friends, even tho she only has 91. theres also some lady, defo a family member (posts pictures of the princess that arent shooped or kawaiified) maybe its her mother? shes friends with several old/middle-aged women who are probably in her family. i haven't got a ton of milk other than the fact that shes constantly uploading pics of herself and gets 0 likes on them and has her family members on there.

No. 182627

Lmao who plays golf in Lolita ?

No. 182628

File: 1439055866257.jpg (103.9 KB, 960x720, 10384743_10205151478940334_233…)

thats what i was thinking. and shes not even holding it right.
pic related is apparently her boyfriend in march, they must've broke up tho.
https://www.facebook.com/pennyrandall68 this is her mother btw.

No. 182629

Is that beta orbiter hobopony?! Oh shit. And she's dating someone else now, her facebook and she said on twitter Brian Pigford. Yikes.

No. 182630

File: 1439056631127.jpg (185.99 KB, 2048x1152, 10258092_10205277270525045_154…)

the guy in the pics name is aaron, defo not brian. besides…brian is. well.
shes downgraded a lot.
the guy in this pic is apparently her brother

No. 182631

Potato nose

No. 182632

I wonder how she feels about maybe one day becomming Princess Pigford?

I mean damn, that is one seriously un-kawaii last name that guy has got there.

Never realised she dated Hobopony/Aaron buehne though..?
He doesn't seem like that amazong of a catch but surely Pigdude is a bit of a downgrade there, even if he did "save her"? Anybody find out more about what she meant by that btw?

No. 182633

File: 1439073493271.png (70.58 KB, 499x546, 6thgrademathpony.png)


Nevermind. Just saw this.

No. 182634

File: 1439074579097.jpg (29.18 KB, 571x452, 944302_547413175342146_2094084…)

princess pigford…..
i dont even wanna begin with that

seems like her and aaron were together for a while, i wonder what happened. was aaron abusive? is that what she means by brian "saving" her?

so many thoughts

No. 182635

If you look here >>182459 I doubt she was referring to being saved from hobopony/aaron since she was talking to him

No. 182636

File: 1439076455694.jpg (69.3 KB, 1024x768, 1617317_610310495719080_118360…)

yea then its probably not about him
how disappointing

No. 182637

Idk because sometimes victims of abuse still talk to their abusers out of fear, habit, etc?

No. 182638

That might be true but lets be fair, it doesn't read like that anon. It was likely something else he 'saved' her from.

I was thinking her previous friend group, but not sure why she'd dump hoboaaron prior. The plot thickens.

No. 182639

How do you send her questions like the ones she's answered on her blog?
I need to ask Princess Pigford how many royal suitors she has previously consorted with prior to this Captain Ame.

No. 182640

Whenever I've done it I always used the contact box on her blogs sidebar. You gotta scroll far down now though. She made it a bitch to get to.

No. 182641

File: 1439307031686.png (12.93 KB, 556x93, weeb stream.png)

hopefully she'll be on this time.

No. 182642

File: 1439339441890.png (613.03 KB, 720x835, wp_ss_20150811_0001.png)

No. 182643

as cringey as this is. I'm actually relieved to see that she mentioned getting a college degree. too many weebs think they can get an idol career and don't bother even trying to get a degree to fall back on.
that being said, the rest of this is a train wreck.

No. 182644

70% of me thinks we found an lolcow right before the batshit begins
20% of me bets that we pushed her to go batshit full on weeb
And 10% thinks she's trolling us

No. 182645

File: 1439567633804.png (48.46 KB, 704x210, wp_ss_20150814_0001.png)

I guess we can expect better milk when her bf goes back to college?

No. 182646

File: 1439574000286.png (231.76 KB, 720x525, wp_ss_20150814_0002.png)

No. 182647

If she eats so much pocky she's gonna get fat

No. 182648

File: 1439575887812.jpg (23.15 KB, 456x297, implied-facepalm.jpg)

No. 182649

$5 a week on pocky is like a pack a day
a pack is <200 calories
its fine

No. 182650

this actually seems pretty reasonable/responsible??

No. 182651

She could save $60 more a month if she didn't spend it on weeb bullshit

No. 182652

but we don't know how much she makes a month.

No. 182653

I like how her budget only mentions Pocky and cosplay stuff. This is not a budget, it is kawaii attention whoring.

No. 182654

Is she actually working because it mentions WHEN she gets a job

No. 182655

>Q10- You say that you don't have a job but you buy so much stuff from bodyline. How do you pay for it all?
My Answer- I do chores around my house for some money every week and save up to make orders.

every time someone asks her about a job, shes usually very secretive, but this time she said this.

No. 182656

so basically, no, she doesn't have a real job.

No. 182657

So then she doesn't need to be spending $60 on weeb shit, especially if she complains she has no money

No. 182658

plus, she has a patreon and a donate button on her blog, AND links an amazon wishlist to her blog.

No. 182659

Ugh I hate when these "efamous" types ask for donations or whatever. It's disgusting.

No. 182660

File: 1439582749030.png (327.53 KB, 582x334, wtf kind of au.png)

she made an AU for her and her boyfriend. what kind of weeb BS is this?

No. 182661

We've seen her art and this isn't it.
So is this traced from something?

Also her boyfriend is the fugliest Kaito I've ever seen.

No. 182662

It looks like one of Rinmaru.com's doll makers ot me. Cba to search it tho

No. 182663

This is a dress up game from rinmaru

No. 182664

rinmarugames.com rather

No. 182665

>Q8-On your wishlist you have heels which got me thinking- how tall are you and can you walk in heels anyway?
>My Answer- I'm 5'6 on a good day~ And I can walk, run, skip, even dance in heels.

I like how she takes the chance to hyperlink to her wishlist since someone mentioned it.
Keep trying Princess, someone might buy you something from it eventually.

Actually, has anyone bought her anything from it yet? Maybe we should ask her.

No. 182666

I'll send her an ask.

No. 182667

>Q2- Is Luna your real name?
>My Answer- Yes! My name was Luna Lee Swiizka, but I changed it when I moved to America. I'm going to change it back soon though.

Sure it was, Kenzie. Sure it was.
Is her last name Randall? The person she mentioned being her mother has that last name.

Can't really blame her, Kenzie Randall really isn't a kawaii name. Almost as bad as Pigford.

No. 182668

Swiizka doesn't sound so Kawaii either. It reminds me of whizz, like piss. Kek

No. 182669

File: 1439587481811.png (46.02 KB, 720x141, wp_ss_20150814_0003.png)

More confirmed lurking
Guess she doesn't like us calling her bf fugly

No. 182670

>Still waiting on that promised dance video.

The Princess needs to follow the Queen's example. Stop gluing ribbons and cheap gems to everything you own and do something with all those kawaii outfits for once.

No. 182671

i have seen it everywhere on deviantart
it's essentially a anime character creator and also a manga maker

No. 182672


Ngl I love that lolcow now has a princess and a queen. All is as it should be.

No. 182673

>An AU
What in the entire fuck

No. 182674

The weeb is strong with this one

No. 182675

File: 1439612783469.png (51.48 KB, 720x238, wp_ss_20150815_0001.png)

Oh my god

No. 182676

File: 1439650413118.png (54.61 KB, 720x191, wp_ss_20150815_0002.png)

Idk why I'm laughing so hard but holy fuck

No. 182677

Baka otousan!!
How dare you disrespect Luna-hime!!!

No. 182678

>but daaad you have to let me do my photoshoot! I have to show all my fans how kawaii desu i am, ne?

No. 182679

>Idk why I'm laughing so hard but holy fuck

Also lol-ing at that royal butthurt. How do her parents fit into this royalty fantasy she has going on anyway? Are they from Invitea?
Does she have 'real' parents 'back home' and these are her temporary American ones?

I think we really need to compile a list of questions to ask her or something. I need to know if this is the second-coming of the windchime.

No. 182680

Could it be…. What the prophecy foretold….windchime saga…part 2?!

Also I think compiling questions would be a pretty good idea. It would alleviate most of the mystery or enlighten us on the extent of her delusions.

No. 182681

File: 1439687866948.png (71.14 KB, 720x291, wp_ss_20150815_0003.png)

Looks like she did it anyways

No. 182682

File: 1439742562596.png (580.71 KB, 558x890, wp_ss_20150816_0001.png)

I found this on her new "official homepage"

No. 182683

File: 1439743030967.jpg (47.38 KB, 503x481, im_20not_20tsundere_20tee_orig…)

Yeah, with top quality designs like this, I can't imagine how her shop could be doing poorly.

No. 182684

File: 1439757099939.jpg (152.71 KB, 576x1024, image.jpg)

>blurred the shit out of her kawaii uguuu royal porcelain doll skin

No. 182685

File: 1439757133542.jpg (237.61 KB, 1024x576, image.jpg)

>kept the grorious boyfriend's acne face totally not retouched

No. 182686

>cutest kaito in existence

No. 182687

File: 1439759375787.jpg (77.74 KB, 612x612, 11856613.jpg)

Her weeaboo handwriting sucks.

No. 182688

File: 1439759813517.jpg (140.32 KB, 702x702, forshitsandchuckles.jpg)

>Hi lovelies/Princesses! Yesterday I did a big cosplay photoshoot with my boyfriend Ame! We based it off our Au where Misa and Kaito have a band together, and Kaito is super edgy and punk and Misa was a nice good person.
>Hey bae, take a photo of me hitting this broken thing with a stick real quick, it'll show how edgy and punk I am on that Princess blog thing of your's!

No. 182689

So does her regular handwriting. Surely her highness was educated in writing back in good ol' Invitea?
I had better handwriting than that when I was 12 for the first time.

No. 182690

I expected to see her writing in the language of her imaginary Weebland. I'm sorta disappointed.

No. 182691

That's almost painful to look at

No. 182692

>Luna Lee Swiizka

>Tfw you want to change your name but even your boyfriend doesn't like it D':

Ame/Brian Pigford (still can't get over that name) doesn't seem to like anything. Though I can't blame him if she's wanting to make that stupid weeb name her legal one.

No. 182693


Her kanji looks repulsive. It probably goes without saying but I don't think she he has a clue as to what stroke order is

No. 182694

That is so beyond cringe worthy.

No. 182695

Also, there's no need for the word 'because' in that statement, and that really bothers me.

No. 182696

>Kaito and Misa
I hate this bitch

No. 182697

Yeah, it's so painfully mechanical and stiff.

No. 182698

File: 1439763083210.jpg (111.06 KB, 612x612, 1439759375787.jpg)


The second (vertical) stroke in 青 going through the fourth stroke (the third horizontal) is a giveaway that she has no idea how to write. She makes a similar fuck-up on 色, but tries to cover it up by drawing over the stroke multiple times and I don't know if it looks better or worse than the original mistake.

Moreover, the leftmost radical in 桃 is so detached from the character it's supposed to belong to that I thought it was a completely different phrase when I first read it.

Jesus, man, there are so many wrong things. 日, 月, 火 and 水 are nearly illegible. I don't even want to look at the topmost row. Granted, my handwriting's not much better but the fact that she parades this shit around like it's something to be proud of makes me legitimately mad the more I think about it.

No. 182699

I hate to be THAT person, but maybe that's because she genuinely sees him as attractive? If not, wouldn't she have retouched him as much as she edited herself?

No. 182700

I have nothing against that guy as I know nothing about him, just pointed out how ridiculous it is to post overly-shoopped and totally-not-shoopped pics together.

Honestly - she seems so self-centered to me that it looks like she just didn't bother to spend time on kawaiify'ing her bf, and spent her time on kawaiify'ing only her grorious self. I may be wrong and maybe she really genuinely thought he's cute as he is and needs no edit, but this is how it looks to me.

No. 182701

All her writing look so unbalanced and skewed, too. Part of me thinks she didn't bother to learn stroke order and just tried to copy random kanji she Google translated.

No. 182702

Good point, but from a third party view, it could be either.
I feel as though we want to pin it on more shallow reasons since we hate her already.
Kind of like the hate in the Burry thread about her getting samples. We already hate her, so we're going to hate everything she does.
I hate to say it, but we would've gotten pissed if she HAD shooped him.

No. 182703

>we hate her already
Speak for yourself. Im sure like with most people on here we just find her amusing and entertaining. Yeah, theres some people I'm sure some of us do hate, but I doubt this silly harmless weeb is really causing hatred in anyone.

No. 182704

If we don't hate her then why assume that she didn't shoop him out of shallowness?

No. 182705


No hate at all. She is just a stupid kid, ffs, I never could hate kids, no matter how stupid they are, because, you know, they're fucking KIDS and will probably outgrow it (and if not, THEN I could judge them).

She genuinely amuses me, and, as I can see, other anons feel that way as well. In fact, I already see her as this board's grorious princess. We've got the whole royal family of weebs on here, and I genuinely love it :^)

No. 182706

Thinking someone is shallow & vain automatically makes you a hatur? That logic you have is fucked up.

No. 182707

It seems to me that she didn't shoop him because in her delusions he's a 'supa kawaii animu kaito'

No. 182708

Thinking someone is shallow =/= hate

Also, a few people posting and agreeing =/= majority of the board

No. 182709


Amen. It's not even like she's hurt anyone, she's painfully cringey and doesn't seem very self-aware but I don't see why that warrants actual hate. She's just amusing to watch.

Sure, if she's actually 17-18 it's kinda weird she hasn't grown out of it already, but whatever. It's not like any of us DON'T think back on their teenage years and die a little inside.

No. 182710

File: 1439770369979.png (951.49 KB, 720x960, wp_ss_20150816_0029.png)

No. 182711

File: 1439770420623.png (745.39 KB, 720x1000, wp_ss_20150816_0030.png)

I wonder if she got jealous that her bf got more likes then her pics did

No. 182712

File: 1439770459440.png (675.79 KB, 720x958, wp_ss_20150816_0031.png)

Chin shooped to hell

No. 182713

I actually find her bf kinda adorable. I mean, he doesn't seem a complete weirdo, just a quiet, yet nice guy who is ok to hang out with, and he also seems being genuinely in love with our princess and it's sorta cute, I dunno. First love and stuff. Warms my heart for some reason.

No. 182714

Do you know him personally or something? How can you know all that from a few pics?

No. 182715

I'm a ~psychic~, kek.

Jk, I just feel that way because I believe I know that kind of guys. Now you can call me a faggut and tell to go kill myself :^)

No. 182716


Misa is an idol. She wouldn't wear this trash. This looks nothing like that character.

No. 182717

>eating sour candy or gummy bear whatever with chopsticks
This genuinely grinds my gears. Japanese people don't eat gummies with chopsticks.

No. 182718

She's not his first girlfriend and he isn't her first boyfriend either.

I thought it was already confirmed she previously went out with hobopony/aaron and pretends it didn't happen?

Also all I've seen mentioned of Ame/Brian so far is he keeps shouting at her and ignores her a lot

No. 182719

I wish we knew why her and hoboaaron broke up

No. 182720

She obviously does, she took a shit ton of photos of him.

No. 182721

File: 1439907319777.jpg (45.17 KB, 720x405, NICESMILES.jpg)

She gave him some shoop treatment in this one, but it'd be obvious if she hadn't considering what she's done to herself.

Anyone ever notice how Aaron likes most of her posts but never ones with Brian in?

Also Jim Randall cracks me up every time with his constant obsession with her smiling or not. Is he her dad?

No. 182722

Jfc what did she do to her face?!

No. 182723

She's closer to her friend than her bf

No. 182724

File: 1439934129546.png (65.02 KB, 720x238, wp_ss_20150818_0005.png)

No. 182725


>idol career

Oh my god

It actually makes me kinda happy to see her seem somewhat aware that she's just a dumb weeby kid trying to develop some sense of identity though

I kind of respect the fact she obviously knows about this thread but doesn't post passive-aggressive tweets or come here and white knight herself/send other white knights here

No. 182726

Since she seems still pretty delusional, I think she believes that we're her fans.

No. 182727

You know, I think maybe I am her fan, in a weird way.

No. 182728

She needs to produce more content before I'll call myself a fan.
Videos and blog entries cost next to nothing to make, Princess Pauper!

No. 182729

I've been on all the way to become her "fan in a weird way", but she's being kinda slow producing fresh milk, and it's a bit disappointing.

No. 182730

Yeah, but most cows do this anyway. Look at PT. She disappears for like months, only to reappear and provide sweet sweet milk.
I'm hoping eventually that Princess Loli-Chan here embraces her new weeb pride all the way and provides better milk, but for now I'm willing to get a good laugh out of her shitty meitu shoops and whiny twitter updates.

No. 182731

File: 1439999782013.png (587.67 KB, 720x860, wp_ss_20150819_0002.png)

>jellybeans in a glass vial
>3edgy5me tho

No. 182732

File: 1440021047533.jpg (510.79 KB, 882x674, suchmisadesu.jpg)

>Misa would totally wear lolita, right? :p

Maybe your weirdass 'good person' Misa, sure…

She's really conflicted between wanting to be a sweet innocent 12 year old princess and the urge to have teenage edginess.

Misa is not the solution to having it both ways, Princess..

No. 182733

File: 1440021706531.png (72.74 KB, 720x320, wp_ss_20150819_0005.png)

>She's really conflicted between wanting to be a sweet innocent 12 year old princess and the urge to have teenage edginess.

Seems legit, actually. (pic related.)

No. 182734

>that delusion

No. 182735

She's so annoying. I'm so glad I didn't have social media when I was a teenager. i'm sure I would of hated my teenage self too.

No. 182736

File: 1440079942627.png (53.03 KB, 627x200, wp_ss_20150820_0001.png)

Aw, looks like our Princess has been hit with a big dose of reality.

No. 182737

She's just wanting some asspats to tell her what an amazing idol she'll make.

I bet the bf is ignoring her again.

No. 182738

everyday it seems she's getting better and better at photoshop.

No. 182739

Does anyone have any good pics of her she hasn't smeared and blurred to death yet? I want to try shooping her.

No. 182740

Just go to her old instagram stuff, she didn't really start shooping until like a month ago

No. 182741


The funny thing is she looks nice without shoop, just not kawaii and dolly I guess

She has kind of mature features which is sort of shit for her when she's obviously more into the youthful, girly look

I wonder if she'll ever evolve and start using false lashes and circle lenses

No. 182742

Whats wrong with it? why do you hate chaste underage proper shy girls? lmao

No. 182743

slut detected

No. 182744

I think she's cute.
are you guys seriously hating her because she wants to appear younger?

No. 182745

I feel like if she was asian, nobody would have made a thread about her

No. 182746

i want dat k-on wall scroll

No. 182747


What are you talking about? I don't see any posts that imply that

No. 182748

People bite their nails because of stress

No. 182749


People bite their nails for a bunch of reasons, but it is kind of gross

No. 182750

Have you even read this thread?
There's like one anon who 'hates' her, everyone else is just interested in her personal brand of weeby delusion, which extends to more than just pretending to be 12.
Start again from the top.

No. 182751



What's with this sudden influx, has one of her friends found the thread and decided to whiteknight?

No. 182752

I love these kind of socks.
theyre cute as fuck

No. 182753

isnt that the costume of a lucky star character?

No. 182754

tons of weebs are into the oniichan thing.
doesnt mean they know yukapon

No. 182755

Satoko has been terribly abused by her stepfather or something like this.
she's a very nice and caring character yo

No. 182756

Rika furude is better than satoko

No. 182757

i agree

No. 182758


I think they were talking about the "#magical #littlesister #Luna" part

I think she was 'Magical Little Sister YukaPon" or something when she was an idol, idk

No. 182759

i find it cute
i want a bottle like that
reminds me of link's bottle

No. 182760

i was exactly like when I was 13
shit was embarassing
i can understand where's she's coming from
it's fun to look all kawaii and stuff when you listen to screamo or play violent videogames

No. 182761

she needs kota to help her with her PS skills

No. 182762

I was only >>182742
and i dont know her

No. 182763


No. 182764

She posted more influx of her "supa kawaii kaito" bf pics on instagram. I honestly think she finds him genuinely attractive, I mean, she SPAMMED instagram with pics of him.

No. 182765

Her new q & a is annoying because while she's still delusional, she's not entirely stupid and it bothers me. I feel like someone so delusional should be entirely stupid.


No. 182766

To be honest I think this is what makes her interesting as a lolcow. She has enough sense to know better, you can tell, but she just outright refuses. She's strangely self aware but persists this dumb act.

No. 182767

Those "facts" about her and Invitea are getting weirder and more stupid every time she adds more of them.

>Princess Trials

>noble dad, mafia mom?
>btw I am also an organic robot
>Being 12 will keep the guys away! (because I'm sure she was really fighting them off before-hand) Except Pigford of course, he gets a free pass to being with a "12yr old"

No. 182768

File: 1440161167258.png (345.07 KB, 720x736, wp_ss_20150821_0001.png)

She's self aware enough to say things like this but still delusional enough to say she's an android doll??

No. 182769

To be fair, people have crossed over Vocaloid x AIW and Vocaloid x Hetalia before.
Just not all at once, but what she did isn't so special. But I don't know much about Death Note, so there's that.
At least she's not PT delusional, right? She admits this is all pretend right?

No. 182770

From what I can tell, she thinks that she is a legit living doll and that Invitea is a real county.

No. 182771

File: 1440163252391.png (601.9 KB, 720x883, wp_ss_20150821_0002.png)

Kek at these tags

No. 182772

I think the best part is how most of these questions are pretty in depth and then just
>What's your favorite animal?

>I like Bunnies, Cats, and Snakes. >I feel like a mix between these would be so cool


No. 182773

to a new level I see

No. 182774

I noticed that it's mostly always mature faced girls who want to be seen seen as kawaii desu loli princesses. This why I don't get how she can go around saying she is 12, she looks way older than 12.

No. 182775

File: 1440168715122.jpg (14.93 KB, 300x300, img-thing.jpg)

for some reason i thought this was mikey way in like 2004

No. 182776

No. 182777

File: 1440179007460.png (634.89 KB, 720x897, wp_ss_20150821_0003.png)

You're not entirely wrong

No. 182778


That's sort of an awkward picture I guess, although maybe the top is distracting me a bit, but I sincerely think she looks nice in pictures like >>182210

The dolly look doesn't exactly work great for her though tbh, but who really cares? It's probably a phase anyway

But I would really like to see her improve her sewing ability, stop impulse buying bodyline lacemonsters to save up for cuter clothes, learn2makeup, and achieve her super kawaii youtube aidoru dreams

No. 182779

Her toothy grin is actually much nicer than that weird smirk smile she seems to do all the time.

I actually hope her teeth get sorted soon so she can feel like she can go back to smiling like this.

>not Jim Randall, honest


No. 182780

why would it be ageplay? Some women prefer to be child-like, pure, innocent, cute and virginal. I dont get how its an issue.

No. 182781

File: 1440192525768.jpg (73.06 KB, 480x270, Kaelyn-1 (1).jpg)

I knew this girl reminded me of someone, she looks like an older version of Kaelyn from SSG.

No. 182782


Who said it was ageplay? The only time I've seen that spoken about in this thread is when someone said they didn't like the style of socks she wore.

No. 182783

File: 1440284711452.png (899.73 KB, 720x884, wp_ss_20150822_0018.png)

I may be taking this the wrong way, but I feel like she's trying to make a show of wealth by this?
Didn't we speculate that she was poor at one point?

No. 182784

calm down there, freud. It's just lobster.

No. 182785

File: 1440338992008.jpg (53.26 KB, 300x300, M4T4.jpg)

Those are tiny ass lobsters, anon. Trust me when I say they're completely affordable.
They only get pricey if they're 20 oz and above and from Maine. She's got tiny little 5 ouncers, at best, by the looks of it.
>pic related
>sage for OT seafood bantz

No. 182786

she's been getting lazier and more weeb, this time all she did was post like 1 paragraph of talking, a few links, then a spam of dress up game pictures. No real content.

How does she seriously expect to become an idol of any kind without posting serious content?

No. 182787

Maybe we should do a good thing and help her succeed, so she doesn't end up like the Queen.

No. 182788

first of all how dare you, she would be honored to end up like our queen.
But in all seriousness, this actually isn't a bad idea. I feel like it's time for us to completely turn an lolcow around for once. Sure, we sometimes try to help PT now, but we all know she's too far gone.
I'd be down for a "Turn weeb into legit idol" project.

No. 182789

Wow, you guys are delusional. She's got nothing to be an idol, unless I see her dancing video and it will show she has a good potential at dancing. This could compensate her unfortunate face features. God knows what she's got looks nothing like kawaii baby face.

No. 182790


Yes, but if you actually read this thread or her blog posts, you'd know she doesn't want to become a real 'idol' in Japan like Yukapon or Aminyan


Basically what she's talking about is wanting to produce weeby videos for fun and possibly to gain a small internet following

No. 182791

File: 1440378665737.jpg (113.3 KB, 925x591, scene-phase.jpg)

No. 182792

Well, she can dance with a mask and cute kawaii hairstyles to "block out" her more mature features.

No. 182793

Calm down there, bitter-chan.
Truthfully, I feel like she could be cute if she could be arsed to do makeup and not just rely on PS.
She would need a guiding hand towards a better fashion that's not so easy to fuck up (maybe gyaru?), and she definitely needs to stop using Penus as inspiration.

No. 182794

File: 1440446161253.png (56.5 KB, 720x206, wp_ss_20150824_0002.png)

I wonder how bad this will be

No. 182795

here ya go. it was on her twitter

No. 182796

She seriously needs better lighting.

No. 182797


Holy shit I'm cringing hard at the poses
She does seem like she's getting marginally better at makeup though, even if it's really, really, really basic

No. 182798

I think she's cute but I can't find myself to hate her.
I mean I actually want to encourage her.
idk she seems genuine and nice, just weeby.
she needs better makeup and she could look cute imo

No. 182799

Oh god she's way more autistic looking in motion

No. 182800


She seems like a nice person. Cringy and weeby as fuck, but still nice, and surprisingly level-headed for someone who pretends she's the eternally 12 years old princess of a made-up country.
I hope she achieves her kawaii weaboo aidoru goals

No. 182801

i like how she tried a more mature look this time, i feel like it definitely suits her more.
but it's still pretty messy.

No. 182802

File: 1440523214301.png (643.17 KB, 720x897, wp_ss_20150825_0003.png)

No. 182803

File: 1440527696220.jpg (215.9 KB, 720x705, yellowblondeisshit.jpg)

Excuse the shitty 2 minute shoop but this could have looked so much better if she hadn't used that bright yellow wig.

Yellow hair and thick black eyebrows is not a look to go for unless you're cosplaying toon link.

No. 182804

nice work, this looks a hundred times better now.

No. 182805

>making a ref to toon link
i like you anon

No. 182806

File: 1440530101810.png (61.87 KB, 720x215, wp_ss_20150825_0004.png)

Sorry dance anon, looks like you won't get your promised dance video.

No. 182807

File: 1440534471606.png (243.44 KB, 578x309, slowdown.png)

i feel like shes jumping the gun to produce content now, which naturally means the quality is going to go down (if it can go down any more, that is.)

No. 182808

such awkward poses….

No. 182809


So the answer is a Bodyline seifuku with various different accessories, then

I'm kind of hoping she doesn't actually wear that to school though
She did mention she had some 'normal' outfits

No. 182810

No. 182811



>Q12- "Do you sew all of your clothes?"

>My Answer- Not all of them, no. Most are either sewn or modified by me, but I have a few Bodyline dresses/skirts and some "normal" clothes.

No. 182812

I feel offended somehow.

No. 182813

The poses combined with the vacant expression are somewhat unsettling. It's like someone's pointing a gun at her off camera and making her weeb dance for her life.

No. 182814

she seriously shouldn't have posed with that K-On hanging on the backround. It only reminds me how too adult and not anime-like her feautures are.
Not to mention

No. 182815

I actually asked her about how she claims to be 12 with mature features. She knows she has mature features and knows she can't pass off as a 12 year old. She isn't trying to look like a 12 year old but says she is mentally 12.

No. 182816

No. 182817

File: 1440642530308.png (134.73 KB, 691x621, wp_ss_20150826_0017.png)

I don't know what she's talking about when she says "disassociate"?

No. 182818


tumblr self-diagnosis bullshit. they think they have derealization disorder of even disassociative identity disorder (multiple personality).

No. 182819


Yeah, I'm guessing what she's talking about is actually just spacing out a bit, which I'm pretty sure everyone does when they're stressed

No. 182820

i still think we should try to help her achieve her goals..
i sound like a moron sure but i still feel like she could become something good, maybe even great with a little help. she's trying, and i have to give her that

No. 182821


I don't think you sound like a moron at all. It's a nice idea.

I'm sure she'll improve a little on her own as she learns what gets her the most youtube views and instagram likes and stuff, but it couldn't hurt to send her some suggestions or something to help her along, as long as nobody is an asshole to her or anything.

Do you have anything in mind, anon?

No. 182822

possibly direct her to better costumes or something, offer her suggestions to further her "fanbase", maybe give her better video ideas so she doesn't make weird, unsettling ones like recently. that's all i've got so far, anyone else want to try?

No. 182823


Yeah, that's a good idea. You could always send her something via the contact form like "Have you ever thought about doing ____ videos?"

I'm not into cosplay so I wouldn't know how to help there, but if anyone knows of a site with better stuff, you could probably recommend it to her.

It's kinda a shame she doesn't sew more, I think that'd be the best way for her to get decent costumes, seeing as she often talks about impulse buying a bunch of Bodyline shit

No. 182824

File: 1440733126910.jpg (114.54 KB, 1320x333, Untitled.jpg)

No. 182825

she seems mature/ intelligent up until "my mental age is 12"
I think she'll get over this in a year or too and go on to contribution interesting things to the cosplay/lolita community

No. 182826

I tried to suggest in her contact form that she try doing a lets play sort of video of the steam game Long Live The Queen but she just blanked it.

No. 182827

Yes but let's play styled videos require
>decent equipment
>good commentary
>the game to play

Judging from the style of videos we've seen so far, the princess has

>shitty/mediocre equipment

>probably awkward as fuck commentary
>no money to buy the game (since she blows all her money on bodyline shit.)

I'd be interested to see her do a game like Mad Father or Misao or The Witch's House though. They're free, so all she'd need to do is get a better recording set up and try to not be awkward during filming.

No. 182828


I feel like she'd probably like Ib, but I doubt she'd buy any equipment seeing as she could just buy a ton of Bodyline stuff instead tbh

No. 182829

I sent an ask to see if she would do a let's play of Mad Father, so we'll see what happens.

No. 182830

Well that was quick
ugh she sounds gross..

No. 182831

it gets washed out at some points. i don't think she realizes that the game is louder than her voice.

No. 182832

Maybe she is just an age player. Has moments where she regresses back into a 12 year old.

No. 182833

She sounds like she's eating cheetos while she plays this. And all she's doing is reading directly off the screen, not commenting or anything. I could just as well play this game on my own and get the same effect, so it's not rly a good letsplay.

I would accept a letsplay video filmed on crappy equipment if the commentary was good enough. As long as there's not, like, shakycam or anything. If someone could just be funny while playing a game, that'd be ok.

No. 182834


Cool, well done anon!!

No. 182835


Well, now I'm super butthurt. Dammit Princess.

No. 182836

I think she's trying to comment but her commentary is weak at best.
I feel like she's making sure not to interrupt the story, or something.

No. 182837

File: 1440944585436.png (987.53 KB, 720x976, wp_ss_20150830_0003.png)

A lot of cleavage for a supposedly pure doll

No. 182838

File: 1440944662185.png (39.02 KB, 720x163, wp_ss_20150830_0002.png)

Butthurt wannabe edgelord

No. 182839

File: 1440944701795.png (648.04 KB, 720x803, wp_ss_20150830_0001.png)

No. 182840


Man, she's really getting use out of that wig

I wonder if she's latched onto Misa like PT with Rukia, OrangeCitrus with Mathilda, Traci with Ariel, etc, etc

No. 182841

This wig looks so dumb on her. Her natural hair is pretty, not sure why she prefers a shitty wig over it. I guess it's more animu.

No. 182842

I wouldn't go that far. It's a shitty bodyline wig to be sure but her natural always looked a bit dull and limp, not 'pretty' per se.
She needs to either style her natural hair or invest in more/a better wig.

Apparently bf Ame Pigford doesn't like the blonde wig, so she must really dislike her natural hair to persist in wearing it.

No. 182843

File: 1440969639330.jpg (29.93 KB, 400x225, ugh.jpg)

her sense of style is so terrible this doesn't even look remotely good

No. 182844

>idol costume sewing
Alright what the fuck

No. 182845

Kay guys … I love this bored as much as the next person but jesus christ … this girl is in high school. It's not like she's going crazy or being bipolar or ridiculous. Yeah her clothes aren't that great and yeah she can say some weeby stuff but there isn't really much to make fun of here. She's just some weeb still in high school. She'll prolly look back and laugh at how silly she was but for now she's a kid. She's not ugly or fat or even pimply. Is this really all you guys have to make fun of now a days?

No. 182846

Are you kidding? She's got such an unfortunate face. Plus the fact that she believes she's a forever 12 y/o living doll who's going to become an idol. That is why we talk about her.

No. 182847

iirc this thread actually started with her pretending to be an imaginary princess from an imaginary fantasy land who is forever twelve. At the age of 16-17. You don't think that sounds lolcow-worthy? The weeb thing came later.

No. 182848

I'm about 95% sure that she lurks this thread and appreciates the free publicity/criticism. She's done some pretty specific things immediately following someone here suggesting it.

No. 182849


Nah, say what you want, but I actually really like her.
She's probably the only person posted here, save for maybe Pixy, I genuinely like, and even then, Pixy is pretty bitter and awful when she wants to be

She's not going to sperg out at people or anything though. She seems a little too chill to be a "traditional" lolcow, but almost everyone posted here doesn't quite fit the mold save for Chris, PT, Raven and Quirky

There are one or two people talking shit about her but I think most of us are genuinely curious here

No. 182850

tbh it actually makes me happy to see her take our advice, though. it's nice to think that we're helping her, in some way.

No. 182851

File: 1441071026991.png (75.27 KB, 720x148, wp_ss_20150831_0010.png)

Did nobody catch this?

No. 182852

Isn't her birthday coming up? I wonder if she'd freak out on her birthday like pt

No. 182853

No. 182854

File: 1441080371206.png (74.15 KB, 720x288, wp_ss_20150831_0011.png)

Well this is just depressing

No. 182855

maybe she is more like pt than I thought … oh no wait she has a boyfriend. nm

No. 182856


Just because you're not actually 12 in any way doesn't mean you're old ffs.

Got to love that typical shitty teenage whining about bfs. Doesn't that guy have a job? Maybe date another teenager if you want undivided attention, princess. Not some beta whose finished college.

Maybe you're 'alone' because you keep posting all that tumblr 'so-anxious-don't-touch-me-world-so-scary-waahh ;^;' crap lately.

No. 182857

idk i actually feel bad for her
she doesn't sperg out and attack people like pt
and honestly nobody should feel depressed on their birthday ffs
but i don't think she should be posting about it on twitter

No. 182858

I don't mean to be a whiteknight but I don't see where you're getting the bit about wanting undivided attention? This to me just looks like she wanted her bf to visit on her birthday and he can't?

No. 182859


I'm not sure if he's got a job too, but he's still going to college. She tweeted about it pretty recently. Pretty sure they're roughly the same age, too, I think?

Part of me feels like "for fucks sake, stop being so clingy" but I guess she's still just a teenager, so it's hardly unusual.

The 'old and alone' part screams pt like >>182855 said, but maybe it was a joke? I hope so

No. 182860

she DOES know about PT, so

No. 182861


Yeah, but she doesn't really seem like the type to make fun of her, I guess

No. 182862

Does this mean that she's going to try and make an original song? hoo boy this is gonna be bad

No. 182863

File: 1441146272765.jpg (96.81 KB, 574x187, gobacktoinvitea.jpg)

No. 182864


I'm surprised she's still going to school. Isn't she turning 18?

No. 182865

I don't know about your country, but in mine I would still be in school at 18 if my birthday were not at the very end of the year.

No. 182866

File: 1441148710339.jpg (93.61 KB, 921x579, oh no.jpg)


I wonder if that's relevant to this

No. 182867

No. 182868

File: 1441219303112.png (357.4 KB, 720x503, wp_ss_20150902_0002.png)

No. 182869

Not defending her or anything but she seems like a nice girl tbh

No. 182870

honestly, i like how her art has improved. you can tell she spent more time on this than >>182830

No. 182871


Nah, I probably sound like a huge white knight here but I think she does, too. She just happens to be kind of fascinating in a cringy way, too.

I honestly would like to see her improve and achieve her kawaii weeby net idoru dreams.


I think she used a doll base for the idol picture.

Although maybe she used a doll base for the Mad Father LP one too, idk

Also whoa, the top she drew on the idol pic is the top she made in >>182843 I think
Fucking hell, she needs to ditch that "Misa" wig though

No. 182872

I didn't notice the top, wow

No. 182873

If PT can be an idol at 35, then the sky's the limit

No. 182874

File: 1441300347904.png (183.6 KB, 333x463, 567899 (1).png)

I apologize if this has already been noticed and talked about but I just saw this.
Looks like she follows Kiki on instagram and likes her stuff.
I love when cows intermingle.

No. 182875

She has PT on Facebook too.

No. 182876


It's not so much cows mingling as it is pdoll watching the other cows while being one herself? She's strangely aware for a lolcow and almost confirmed to lurk here.
So far she's been seen to follow
>PT the Queen herself
>Venus Angelic, recently tweeted about the visa marriage
>Kiki, liking her stuff on instagram..
>I think she also follows Berry on twitter too

The list goes on. She's a farmer who wants to become one of the cows, I'm telling you.

No. 182877


Oh my god
Well played, 'Luna', Well played.

No. 182878

She tried milking us for views and an odd kind of fans…
You know what? I respect that. Damn. Good job, Luna.

No. 182879

File: 1441326455930.png (44.27 KB, 567x417, wow prebirthday freaK out.png)

just like pt

No. 182880

>forever 12 doesn't exactly count on your birthday

no shit, it doesn't count anyway at any other time either, Princess.





No. 182881

Seeing as she probably lurks here, happy birthday, Kenzie/Luna!!


I guess I can get pt freaking out a little when she hasn't really accomplished anything at 30, but wow man, 17 is no big deal

No. 182882

For someone who clutches to something she's not, I feel like birthdays are a rude awakening for her that she isn't 12 at all. Still, with the way she's reacting, maybe we were onto something when we hinted that her being"forever 12" might be due to something traumatic.

No. 182883

>maybe we were onto something when we hinted that her being"forever 12" might be due to something traumatic.
I definitely think it is. When people have fixations like this on being a certain age or with being a child/teen in general, there's usually a deeper reason for it.

No. 182884

File: 1441384235227.png (33.45 KB, 491x368, well that was quick.png)

she sure does get distracted easily, just like we saw in >>182436

No. 182885

File: 1441391287723.png (597.35 KB, 720x900, wp_ss_20150904_0001.png)

Oh god she's still on this little sister kick

No. 182886

File: 1441394012252.jpg (66.38 KB, 599x375, COFMPgzVAAAv630.jpg)

I was wrong about her improving

No. 182887

that is cause she is using a base

No. 182888

File: 1441450011208.png (109.22 KB, 612x768, bigdeal.png)

Got some real big deal #PrincessProblems over here.

For a 'forever 12 year old' you're souding awfully like a very stereotypical teenager there, Kenzie. 'Mentally 12' my ass.

>more mood swings

>more bf does not approve of his gf trying to be a 12yr old idol princess

I wonder if she's so against marriage because her parents divorced, might be why she gets so butthurt at her dad too.

No. 182889

>ha bye
i'm just imagining her and ame pigford fighting and she just yells "sleep mode activated" and passes out

No. 182890


Boy, you can't exactly blame her boyfriend for not being too happy about her 'goal' of being an idol and never getting married

No. 182891

I wonder if he tries to make the moves on her, imagine how that would go
>"hey babe my parents aren't home"
>"but ame-kun I can't come now I'm filming a new mega sugoi video for my aidoru career"

No. 182892

File: 1441477197580.png (59.86 KB, 720x227, wp_ss_20150905_0001.png)

She saw this

No. 182893


I actually wondered if she read my post when I saw that tweet lmao

I hope so

No. 182894

well apparently this also happened

I saw that one of the names was "kerocopy" though.
I'm wondering if it's someone trying to reference our tinychat anon?
>>182436 who used the name kero?

No. 182895

As the anon who was the Kero in the chat I can say it wasn't me. Probably another farmer though.

No. 182896

i wish she would go on tinychat again and deliver us more milk
you were great at getting the milk kero anon

No. 182897

I've been thinking about it, but I feel bad for her and anyone who does this forever 12 thing unironically.

Since they are weebs usually, they are pushed with the otaku/weeb/idol ideal that young is the best, young makes everybody love you, when you are too old you're pushed out of the spotlight.
Basically what Pixy mostly think. Some either already have some sort of wired Peter Pan Syndrome, or developed it after getting down into that kawaii uuguu shit.
These girls are actually afraid of growing up because they won't be "cute" anymore.

I feel someone should snap this shit out of them, but then we won't shave milk. Deep inside though, I still feel bad because I was like that at one point and somewhat currently crying on bdays and such.

No. 182898


I'm guessing a bunch of people contacted her via the little box on her blog to say happy birthday

Honestly I sincerely do kinda hope it made her feel a little better about turning 17 and stuff


I agree. It makes me sort of sad seeing pt feeling like that when fucking hell, 30 isn't even old really, but I feel like Kenzie or whatever will probably just grow out of it eventually.

No. 182899


Same, but I don't know if she will again for awhile.
Too many immature farmers whipping their dicks out and spooking her last time.
You'd think people would know you don't get anything that way other than a shocked face and a ban. Hardly worth it.
I thought she might have done one for her birthday but oh well.

Boyfriend Pigford might snap her out of it eventually depending on how they go. I get the impression he's humouring her for now but he doesn't seem to be too into her 'goals'. Makes you wonder what made him go for her in the first place if he's not into ageplay'ish weebs.

I still want to know what she meant by 'he saved me'.

No. 182900

File: 1441504642940.png (565.02 KB, 720x884, wp_ss_20150905_0008.png)

"never get married" and then she wants to make a bride makeup tutorial?
Tbh I was so scared when I saw this before I read that it was for a tutorial. I thought we had another penus situation on our hands.

No. 182901

No. 182902

looks way better without the wig. She's kind of average/plain but not at all ugly, with the wig she just looks cheap and weird. If she'd stop with the old man bait she'd be kind of pretty.

No. 182903


Yeah, I hope she's decided to stop wearing the wig

She wants to change her name to Luna Lee Swiizka and bleach her hair blonde when she moves out. I really hope she grows out of this weeb phase before then.

No. 182904

I think we should just give her a break. She's going through her weeb phase and she'll grow out of it. IMO high school is super late in life to go through a weeb phase but whatever.

I used to do that shit when I was like 14 and do gyaru eye makeup and tag my insta pics "shota" and "kawaii". It's super embarassing and I grew out of it in a year or so, she'll grow up eventually.

No. 182905

I don't see anything wrong with her wanting to bleach her hair, I mean, it's just hair. She can dye it back, and if she takes good enough care of it, it doesn't have to look like hay.

No. 182906

You know for a fact she's only doing it because she wants to be her weird oc version of misa though.

I don't blame her dad for stopping her. The longer you can go without dying your hair, especially lighter, the better. Especially since she's still in her teens too. She should give it another year or two.

I think she needs a haircut/style more than a dye job in all fairness. Her natural color is fine.

No. 182907

Maybe she's only doing it because she just wants blonde hair, though?
Why the sudden conclusion that "she wants to be like misa"?
With PT, it was understandable, of course she wanted to be like Rukia because she was obsessed with Bleach. But Luna doesn't seem to be obsessed with Death Note, not to that extent, anyway.

No. 182908


I get what you mean, but it's quite long and if she cut it short to look more like Misa or accidentally fried it, I feel like she'd really come to regret it.

But yeah, thanks >>182906 anon. That was what I meant.


I don't want to sound like one of these salty cunts who are all "did you even READ the thread?" but genuine question, did you?
I mean, she talks about Death Note a lot. The reason she wears that blonde wig so often is that she sees it as a "Misa cosplay". It's something to do with her "cosplay band" with her as Misa and her bf as Kaito. It's kind of the natural conclusion to come to.

No. 182909

Alright however she stated that her cosplay band is an "AU" meaning it's NOT REAL.
And sure, she "talks about Death Note a lot." That doesn't mean shes obsessed with it, ffs.
She uses the misa wig for cosplay but she never stated that she's always cosplaying Misa
tl;dr- don't draw stupid conclusions
>inb4 "white knight": oh well. i just don't like when people make assumptions from too little evidence. I don't hate her, and I honestly think she's not too bad, just a bit weeb. Nowhere near obsessive.

No. 182910


Jesus christ, I was trying to word that politely and here you are being this salty. I wasn't even the anon that "drew that conclusion" in the first place.

>She uses the misa wig for cosplay but she never stated that she's always cosplaying Misa

She never mentioned dying her hair until the Misa thing hit her at full force, and by the looks of things she must wear it a lot unless she only wears it for photos. Of course people are going to assume she's aiming to look like her.

Nobody in this thread even dislikes her except a select few anons, nobody thinks you're a white knight, you're just getting pretty riled up and defensive over what I'm assuming was one anon's theory that I'm pretty sure the vast majority of onlookers wouldn't call a "sudden conclusion" or an "assumption from too little evidence".

No. 182911


Oh, I should probably add, I'm not implying she's "obsessive". Plenty of kids or teenagers go through weird cringey phases where they're obsessed with a character. If she's going through some sort of 'Misa phase', it's really not any different from her weeb phase. It doesn't mean she's a bad person.

No. 182912

File: 1441659758988.png (665.72 KB, 712x840, wp_ss_20150907_0001.png)

All that drama tsk tsk
Lets get back to posting about princess cow's milk.

No. 182913

File: 1441660029343.jpg (128 KB, 600x375, Twitterd8aebe5.jpg)

>weeb doing lets play of games from the most weeaboo site out there

No. 182914

>desperate to be a loli
>makes cartoon version of self have a huge rack
>seems legit

No. 182915


Yeah, sorry for getting so off-track

Man, it depresses me that she knows at least the basics of sewing, yet she buys a ton of cheap, tacky materials to make her stuff with.

I wonder if she's ever thought about learning to sew lolita dresses. She seems like she'd have the dedication for that kind of thing.


In fairness, she's probably using any old doll base she can find off dA

No. 182916

There's a bag under all of that..?

No. 182917

I wonder how her

No. 182918

File: 1441799603299.png (61.14 KB, 720x324, wp_ss_20150909_0001.png)

No. 182919

Oh wow…where to even begin with this? Why is there no responses to this?!

I guess the bf finally told her it's going nowhere unless she gives up being '12'.

How long is she planning on claiming to be 12 in some way or another anyway? Is she really planning on being the next queen and claiming to be a loli even when she hits the big 30?

>is being a loli so bad?!

Princess says: being in a relationship with a child is a-ok!

>its hard to look and act mature

Even children are taught not to be immature. Stop dressing weeb, saying that you're 12 and be a decent, reasonable, likeable person.
Boom, you're now looking and acting mature. Simple. It's not hard, Princess!

No. 182920

File: 1441821398971.png (28.9 KB, 580x187, excuses.png)

There is such a thing as public transport, your highness.

Or is that too common for you?
Just buy a buspass, bitch. Sheesh.

No. 182921

Maybe she lives in an area without public transportation?

No. 182922


It's still dumb of her to whine about not being allowed to use the car, but yeah, calling her a bitch is pretty harsh. She's just being an angsty teenager, it'll pass.

No. 182923

Sorry my language isn't nice enough for you, anon. I'll put one in the swear jar I guess.
Don't get me wrong, I don't hate her, she's just one whiney-ass teen. Makes me eye-roll.

No. 182924

File: 1441837448648.png (652.01 KB, 720x846, wp_ss_20150909_0002.png)

Well it looks like its happening anyway
I wonder if her dad knows about this

No. 182925


How is hard to look and act mature? She already has a very mature face, no one would ever think she is 12 even if she dresses immature. She can act mature by stop being a weeb who pretends to be 12, not that hard.

No. 182926


How about you fucking do just that, bitch

Nah, real talk, that wasn't really what I meant, but you're right. Sorry.

When I read it I was like "whoa chill, she's just a kid" but reading it again it was probably more of a "bitch pls" kinda bitch than a "fuck you, bitch" kinda bitch

Not that it matters either way. When you try putting moral standards on an image board dedicated to taking the piss out of people you're automatically a retard, I was just kind of like "whoa"

sage because tl;dr nobody gives a shit

No. 182927


I think she's just trying to make on she's naturally a kawaii loli


Oh shiiiiiiiiit

I hope it turns out ok. Fingers crossed she isn't doing it all on her own. Kenzie, if you're reading, please for the love of god use toner

No. 182928

Unless she is dying it black, that is a hard color to dye unless you're a professional. She's going to fuck it up. So sad.

No. 182929


She wants to dye it blonde, of all colours, too

Lets pray for her, anon

No. 182930

So glad I wasn't on social media in my teen years. What a whiny brat.

No. 182931

She's pathetic…wow…

No. 182932

17 is most definitely old enough to dye your hair though.

No. 182933

Please keep in mind this girl is going to be 18 soon. Why are all these fucking weirdos so obsessed with being little children forever?? Sounds like her boyfriend has some sense and will probably dump her soon.

No. 182934


Is there really an 'age' to dye your hair, though? I guess it'd be sort of worrying at <13 but it's not like waiting until your twenties until you dye it means you won't regret it or fuck it up

No. 182935

If she uses box dye, she's going to fuck up her hair for sure. Bleach in a box never works.

No. 182936

Well, most countries it is illegal to dye a child's hair with bleach, but vegetable or vegan dye or even henna is okay. She's 17 though. Most teens begin to dye their hair at 15/16.

No. 182937


Yeah, that's the freaky part
She sounds like she's trying this at home, without a professional and maybe not even with a parent


Whoa, didn't know that about bleaching children's hair. The more you know.
I don't know about 'most teens', but yeah, I get what you mean. She'll probably fuck it up or regret it which sucks because it's quite long and it'll be shit if she damages it beyond repair, but of course she's going to be experimenting with stuff at 17

No. 182938

Yeah, I mean I dyed my hair midnight blue when I was 14, then again, I didn't bleach my hair. I just out it on my brown hair and it turned very dark blue and I loved it. It was also manic and is a vegan dye, so it won't damage your hair, plus my mom said it was okay.
I kind of feel bad for her, but she needs to get a job and go to a salon or else she might damage her hair badly.

No. 182939

Shiiiiiiiiiiit, come to think of it, I wonder if Captain Pigford knows about this. I wonder what he thinks.

No. 182940

File: 1441890189625.jpg (78.3 KB, 587x583, pd.jpg)

Wow, alright, you know, I take all that back about her fucking her hair up. She's not done with it yet apparently but it actually looks pretty nice right now.

No. 182941

Looks kinda fried but honestly I was expecting some brassy uneven bullshit so I'm pleasantly surprised. The cut isn't awful either assuming she did it herself.

No. 182942


Yeah, I guess it looks tad fried if I had to nitpick, but that might also be a little to do with the shoop and filters. It's not the bright yellow straw I was expecting, either.

I mean, it could still go to shit if she dyes it too much or doesn't take care of it, but wow, I'm actually pretty happy for her. I just hope this isn't her trying to be Misa.

No. 182943

Someone needs to recommend purple shampoo/conditioner it stays platinum

No. 182944

Ok gotta give her that because it does look good especially for a home dying. It usually is all kinds of fucked up.

No. 182945

File: 1441910116633.jpg (157.31 KB, 640x360, PrincessDoll.jpg)

Gurl…dem brows. Dat fringe can only hide so much ya know.

No. 182946

To be fair it's really bad for you to bleach your brows

No. 182947

>looks kind of fried

It actually looks pretty good. I don't know if she used box or mixed powder with developing cream but the color looks good and even. Your hair is going to get fried a bit no matter how much prevention you use. Bleach literally fries the pigments out of your hair.

No. 182948

It actually looks good!

No. 182949

Maybe she's going for the toon link look?

No. 182950


Wait why is it bad please?

No. 182951

………because you might get bleach in your eyes?

It's also really easy to fuck up and bleach them too light, or do it unevenly and wind up with two different colored eyebrows. If you're going to get your brows lightened have a professional do it.

No. 182952

File: 1441972595017.png (567.49 KB, 720x940, wp_ss_20150911_0001.png)

Well apparently yes

No. 182953

I knwo this sounds dumb but I have an irrational hate for how she writes her a's in that list. They look like o's.

>plon + moke outfits

>plon music video
>moke olbum cover
>moke instrumental trock
>record vocal trock
>combine trocks
>film video
>edit video
>uplood video

Reading this through again, isn't this in a bit of a strange order? Interested to see what this makes either way. Surprised she's not willing to dance but is willing to sing her own song.

No. 182954

File: 1442082996359.jpg (33.55 KB, 987x230, pr.jpg)

Maybe I'm just not very perceptive, but
>English is my second language
Is she seriously claiming 'Invitean' is her first language or what??

No. 182955

>Is she seriously claiming 'Invitean' is her first language or what??

Legit this. She claims Invitea has its own language and that is her 'first' language.
She is 100% english speaking american though.

No. 182956

File: 1442161778711.png (1.03 MB, 720x948, wp_ss_20150913_0005.png)

Her feed hasn't been very "Kawaii dolly" lately.

No. 182957


Fucking hell, her hair started off so promising and it's yellow already

It pretty much matches her skirt in the second row right pic

Kenzie, please get some toner

No. 182958

File: 1442162971899.png (939.97 KB, 1446x1080, backstoryiguess.png)

Alright grab some popcorn because it's story time.
I did a TON of research based on her insta, because recently someone named "kyllenforever" was posting a bunch of old pics of her. (pic related)
"kyllen" mentioned "lead the way" which apparently was a band they had together? (and apparently "might be coming back" ?)
So i did a crap ton of googling and found this
find what you will from it, my work for now is done
(sorry for the shitty edit)

No. 182959

I think that's the filter she put on it

No. 182960

File: 1442172410282.jpg (88.04 KB, 585x579, princess.jpg)


You think so? I don't think a filter could make her hair that yellow without it being really obvious

No. 182961

File: 1442175586435.png (304.08 KB, 559x293, ohgoddddd.png)

apparently, it's happening
We've seen how awkward she is on camera so i pray to god she has a decent singing voice or this is going south so fast

No. 182962


Oh my god, what the fuck did I just listen to…
(and I thought I did embarrassing shit as a teenager)

No. 182963

d'you know what? You're gonna shoot me down for this but I actually think she could make it!

She's got the looks. I mean, sure a pair of fake tits wouldnt hurt her image but she oozes natural sex appeal anyway, and guys love all that 'pure lolita virgin' bullshit she pulls
[TLDR: She's a cocktease!]

She's clearly a talented writer [if that wasn't already obvious from reading her blog then idk what is. Video is proof she can write a catchy hook like it's nobody's business also. Got Down The Hall stuck in my head now. Curse her genial wordplay!]

I think Luna's going places. Dakota, Venus and even Pixyteri herself might as well step aside. Pair Luna up with the right producers and she's going places. Tokyo, America, the world! Mark my words she could conquer it ALL!!


No. 182964

What the fuck. I'm sure I did embarrassing shit as a teen (esp 15-17) but I never video taped it and put it online. This is cringy as fuck

No. 182965

Minus the obvious heavy sarcasm, I actually agree with you. If she continues to approve she can be successful, I'm sure.

No. 182966

*improve not approve

No. 182967

dang anon, that sarcasm

No. 182968

File: 1442450672934.png (718.01 KB, 720x893, wp_ss_20150916_0002.png)

Damn she's tiny

No. 182969

>that warped shower door.

No. 182970

yeah could you be any more obvious with your shoop? warping aside, those are not the proportions of a human

No. 182971



No. 182972

She needs to lighten those eyebrows. Damn

No. 182973

Has she actually said any "Invitean" vocabulary anywhere?

No. 182974

File: 1442618848768.png (446.36 KB, 720x818, wp_ss_20150918_0002.png)

So she jumped the edgelord train

No. 182975

There are bits here and there in this entry (seriously tl;dr)

>Invitea; My country, in Northern Siberia, founded Pre-World War I. (See "The Founding Of Invitea") (Pronounced "In Wit ee-ah")

>Welcriton; An Invitean word for "enemy", usually used in a mocking way.

>Talisman(s); An object, like an amulet or charm, that has either magical or special properties that usually protect the wearer.

>Kage; (Pronounced; Ka-hay); Assassins in a special Guild working for the Nobles of Invitea.

>Timorfants; A nickname for children born in the 1990's due to the scary movie craze. Roughly translates to English as "Fear Children" or "Children from Fear"

>"Bambi"; (Slang) Adjective describing someone with large eyes.

Example- "I'm jealous, isn't she so Bambi?"

>"Mutt"; In Invitea, when describing a HUMAN, it means something along the lines of the "lowest of the low". Kind of a slur also when used against non-Inviteans. When describing a dog, normal meaning.

I find it hilarious how much of 'Invitean culture' is just stolen American stuff that's been rebranded. Invitea totally did it first you guys! Just slightly differently!

Read the whole entry if you have it in you for some serious cringe. There's some gems in there.

No. 182976


Also may have just found Invitea's national anthem…

>Invitea Vivel Ame (In Invitean)

>Invitea vivel ame, Princess vivel demel ame,
>Mortel Welcritons cratmae, Invitea vivel ame!
>Invitea vivel ame, Princess vivel demel ame,
>Princess amorell ame, amorell mortel nonne,
>Invitea vivel ame, Invitea vivel ame,
>Primavel Invitea ame, spate pura ame,
>Princess pural ame, Invitea vivel ame!

>Long Live Our Dear Invitea (In English)

>Long live our dear Invitea, Longer live our dear Princess,
>Many traitors die by our swords, long live our dear Invitea!
>Long live our dear Invitea, Longer live our dear Princess,
>Our dear Princess's Love, that love will never die,
>Long live our dear Invitea, long live our dear Invitea,
>Our dear important Invitea, our dear land of purity,
>Our dear pure Princess, Long live our dear Invitea!

Pronunciation Key
A= Ah
E on the end= Ay
E anywhere else= Eh
V= W
I in Vivel= Ee
I anywhere else= Ih
U= You
-Or= Oor
Nonne= Non-nay
-El= Ell
-Mae= May (ignore A here, it's silent)

No. 182977

File: 1442622028739.jpg (451.03 KB, 1600x1600, spoogeybetty.jpg)


Apparently her past entries were very educational on the topic of Invitea.

>Invitean Words- Special Cases

>Non- (Pronounced "Non")- Means No- Only used in a question

ex "Non greeting today?" or "Non fun?"

>Primatte- (Pronounced "Pre-matt-ay")- Means First things first, (or) first off,- Only used before a list

>ex "Primatte, you started it, secondly…" or "Primatte, I'm the realest~"

>Ephel- (Pronounced "Eff-Ell")- Means Well,- Only used to start a sentence

>ex "Ephel, it didn't really happen like that."

>Pereter- (Pronounced "Per-eh-ter")- Means I don't know- Only used when alone/ Not used in a sentence/ IS a sentence

>ex "How are you? Pereter."

>Het- (Pronounced "Heh-t")- Means Wait!, Hold up!, Whoa!- Only used when alone/ not used in a sentence/ IS a sentence

>Irakelis- (Pronounced "Ear-ah-kell-iss")- Means that annoys me, that bothers me- Only used as an ADJECTIVE

>ex "There's the boy irakelis!"

No. 182978

What the hell. Is this girl seriously over 18 writing this shit?

No. 182981

A new global rule was added recently:

>8. Do not post threads about yourself in /pt/ or /snow/.

This thread, and all other threads related to "Princess Doll" (PD), were created by PD herself. A significant number of the posts in this thread were also made by her.

PD is not banned, but is now disallowed from posting anonymously on any board. Any future posts from her must clearly state that they are from her, with a tripcode or otherwise.

Note: She is under 18, so personal information is not allowed.

I also thought this might make for a fun opportunity to test users' samefag/self-post identification accuracy with a little challenge.

Here's how it works: If you think you know which posts in this thread were made by her (other than the OP, because that's cheating), simply report the posts. No report message is needed. If you want to, you may optionally write an explanation for why you think the post was made by her, and/or how confident you are that the post was made by her, in the report message. Reports of any post in this thread will be added to a special database which I can look at to determine accuracy. If you don't how to report posts, please see https://lolcow.farm/info.

You can report a lot of posts at once (with no report message) by just checking the box in the top left of each post, then scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the page and pressing "Report" in the bottom right. This should be much quicker than clicking the checkbox and then the report button for each post.

The user who achieves the highest accuracy will receive a prize. Accuracy will be judged based on how many posts you spot, how many posts you incorrectly mark as being her, and total count. Someone who marks 5 posts probably has a lower chance of winning than someone who marks 10 (10 is not necessarily reflective of the real count), for example. No hints will be given.

The game will run for 1 or 2 weeks. Afterwards, I will announce the winner, and mark every post in this thread that was made by her.

Feel free to discuss this in https://chat.lolcow.farm/r/meta if you like.

No. 182987

Oh shiiiiit.
So she's been trolling all along pretending to be overly cringey and self-posting in hopes of some kind of infamy? Or she really is a super weeb but still doing it for attention?
I'm kind of impressed either way, tbh. She had us fooled and it kinda worked (slightly), I mean she did receive some attention from us. Not as much as she anticipated though, I'm sure.
Also excited for Spot the PD.
This'll be fun.

No. 182988

> some kind of infamy

it's kinda worked though if she's been moved back to lolcow status.

No. 182989


how did you work out that it was her? i know you can see ip's but how did you know she wasn't just some other person posting several times in a thread (admittedly i have no idea how this kinda stuff works)

No. 182990

Not really shocked, she's just not interesting enough to warrant this much attention.

No. 182993

All I'll say is that I am 99.999999% sure it is her, and not some other random samefag who isn't actually her.

No. 182994

File: 1442632134552.gif (552.07 KB, 318x174, B2GOcFn.gif)

No. 182995

I'm playing anyway even though idgaf about her and nobody in the TH meeting couldn't even say who she was iirc.

Gonna be checking quite a few posts I think.

No. 183002

Sorry, PD deleted this thread a few minutes ago and I had to restore it. She is no longer able to delete things.

No. 183005

How long do we have to report the posts until you announce the winner?
I'm on my phone atm so it'd be awkward but I'd like to participate when I get home on my computer.

No. 183008

After the winner is announced could you mark which ones are the same fag so we can all Kek and read the thread one more time, at pd s name right over her insulting herself?

No. 183011

I still don't understand how admin figured out it was her?

No. 183013

Princess Doll, please see >>182981.

>PD is not banned, but is now disallowed from posting anonymously on any board. Any future posts from her must clearly state that they are from her, with a tripcode or otherwise.

Please identify yourself when posting. Thank you. I have done you the courtesy of filling your name field myself in this case.

No. 183020

The game will run for 1 or 2 weeks. Afterwards, I will announce the winner, and mark every post in this thread that was made by her.

No. 183035

This is awesome. So, she knows "Invitea" is fucking ridiculous and that she's a goddamn clown. Perfect. She has now literally proven herself to be a lolcow. What fun!

No. 183044

File: 1442634082779.gif (512.6 KB, 525x539, 0190_-_zJtW0tO.gif)

Shhhh don't say that, that's exactly what she wants

No. 183047

File: 1442634323814.gif (284.5 KB, 245x183, 1430538391035.gif)

No. 183053

Damn, the sticky of shame.

I hope she recovers soon.

No. 183058

Recovers from what?

No. 183059

Toppest of keks

No. 183060

This thread just got 60% more exciting.

No. 183062

I wonder what her next blog post is going to be after all this or if she will just delete everything

No. 183071

File: 1442635230597.png (1.1 MB, 800x600, 1421547674353.png)

Haha omg this fool

No. 183078

From the shame, obviously

No. 183105

Any farmers that followed her on Instagram or anywhere else should unfollow her immediately. She already doesn't have many followers and she clearly is just crying out for attention, so take it away.

No. 183138

hide your face in shame OP, im cringing for you….

No. 183141

File: 1442646965767.png (611.29 KB, 955x613, ttlyinnocentguiz.png)

Don't worry everyone, it totally wasn't her~~!

bitch you got caught and you know it

No. 183142

I find it hilarious when people make online posts about how lolcow totally doesn't bother them. hah

No. 183143

File: 1442647073333.png (724.32 KB, 933x605, cringe.png)

This bitch can't be fucking real..

No. 183146

Hahahaha holyshit! The plot thickens

No. 183153

The fact that she posted about it in such a small time frame makes her guilty af.

No. 183171

This is fucking hilarious. I always thought she was boring and didn't get why she had this popularity.
Who would've guessed?
And I thought I was the only autistic samefag on Lolcow

No. 183179

Fucking kek, soooo transparent.
>I'm not going to be stopping my #idol career for the recent weird events
She wouldn't make this post and seem this affected by it and have to reassure people that she isn't halting her 'career' due to this crazy 'event' if she truly just got some messages and saw we were wrongly accusing her of self-posting. Especially if she claims she was already aware of the thread. This wouldn't be that big of a deal to her.
She's clearly guilty and very embarrassed.

No. 183180

This is actually almost salvageable. I like the scenes in the beginning where they're looking through the window with the "old film" filters, and the bit at 0:50 (minus the part where she turns around).
The song itself has some lo-fi Daniel Johnston crossed with The Shaggs vibes, too.
It's obviously not intentionally that way, though, and everything else is cringy as fuck.

No. 183204

This is why our Admin is the best Admin.

Thanks, Admin-sama!

No. 183208

Ugh. I started to go through the thread but I think possibly 60% of the posts made are hers. I gave up a third of the way through because if I am right about that then this girl is a fruit cake.

I also googled 'Invitea' and was directed to a genetic testing company. This makes me think she is one of their strange test tube experiments gone wrong that escaped.

No. 183212

Oh wow, this is some of the best lolcow news to come back to in awhile.

As much as I want to I doubt I could win the game, I'm actually wondering how many of my posts people are going to mistake for her. She was my new favorite lolcow after PT and venus so I posted a lot. Can't wait to see the results.

No. 183215

Holy fucking shit
I was actually thinking "well played", too, until she started with all the "what's a lolcow teehee~~~" bullshit on instagram

No. 183224

I'm genuinely curious, how DID Admin find out it was her?

No. 183229

I'm going to guess they had suspicions, checked IPs and found one IP replying to itself etc and put two and two together. Coupled with Princess Doll making those lolcow posts on her blog right after this shit went down pretty much confirmed it

No. 183230

No. 183237

I have a feeling she's going to become a Pixyteri, Christian Weston Chandler tier lolcow…

No. 183240

"Idol Career" …. 46 subscribers on youtube. Oh the fame!

No. 183246


I see so many posts that sound like her, and I'm wondering if I'm just bad a this or if she's just that crazy.

Still… kinda… want to try. I wonder what the prize is.

No. 183257

this. i started reporting but i find myself marking every greentext post or posts that link to her blog and then some more.

No. 183277

Yeah I give up. I thought I was onto something, but then I started to get lazy halfway down and the thread started lagging. The further I scroll, the less responsive it gets. I'm pretty sure I reported way too many posts and/or the wrong ones.

I got the sense she was the one asking all the questions like "hey, i heard x, tell me about x" when no one else was talking about it, ever. Asks a lot of questions to get people talking and sometimes even answers herself. That's my opinion.

Well, I'll be waiting for the big reveal. Good luck anyone who will be torturing themselves with this task (((((':

No. 183311

Oooooooh, you think she'll join the legends? I'm strangely hyped for that.

No. 183372

I leave for one day and this happens

I'm so fucking happy

No. 183390

By the way, you can report a lot of posts at once (with no report message) by just checking the box in the top left of each post, then scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the page and pressing "Report" in the bottom right. Should be quicker than clicking the checkbox and then the report button for each post.

Does the thread lag normally when scrolling down, or did it only start lagging when you reported things? Also, does Lite mode help? You should still be able to bulk-report in Lite mode.

>I'm going to guess they had suspicions, checked IPs and found one IP replying to itself etc and put two and two together.
That's how it started, yes. That was only one factor, though. That alone wasn't enough to tell me it was definitely her, since it could've just been some other person obsessed with her or something. I confirmed it was actually her through further investigation.

Also, she deleted this thread a few minutes after I stickied it.

No. 183399


I always forget lite mode exists. My bad. Bulk reporting in lite is 100% easier.

I double checked, and the thread lag only happens after ticking the check box on an individual post. It has to load the little text fields for delete/report every single time. That's what's causing it, for me.

Anyway, thanks. I'm going lite mode forever.

No. 183401

>I'm genuinely curious, how DID Admin find out it was her?
Actually, just so she'll stop denying it...

After I randomly saw some suspicious posts, I looked and found the following things:
  • All of the posts that I could indisputably tie to a single person ("Samefag A") via IP addresses and logs were made by someone located in Chesapeake, VA, which is where Princess Doll lives. (I don't consider cities significant personal info, plus she seems open with saying what city she lives in.)
  • Samefag A posted 4 threads about PD in /pt/ about 3 months ago. One was moved to /b/, one became this thread (which was moved to /snow/, and then moved back to /pt/ yesterday), and the others were deleted by her. >>>/b/17567 is the /b/ thread. Samefag A did not post any other threads.
  • 99% of posts from Samefag A are in the PD threads or are random mentions of or references to PD in other /pt/ threads.
  • If one is given a full listing of all the posts known to be made by Samefag A, it is blatantly obvious to any reader that Samefag A is posting about themselves. This will be evident when the posts are marked.
  • Samefag A deleted this thread a few minutes after I stickied it and posted the information.
  • When I restored the thread, Samefag A anonymously asked how I knew she was PD. >>183011

No. 183403


>samefag A deleted this thread a few minutes after I stickied it and posted the information.

Christ she must have been checking this thread constantly to have caught it so fast.

No. 183408

Am I winning?

No. 183434

All assumptions are incorrect because I'm actually Princess Doll and this is my first time posting here so…

No. 183436

I was so depressed with A's reveal that turned out to be worse than anti-climatic, but I feel now I can finally move on from that after this reveal. Best reveal ever my god

No. 183437

anon pls go

No. 183447

No. 183450

"I'm NOT lying! And if you save her….i'll give you this sega game gear!"

No. 183451

You're going to have to try a little harder than that, PD.

No. 183455

No one's buying this

No. 183472

File: 1442719053049.png (40.78 KB, 476x205, Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 11.1…)

No. 183474

Sorry, try now.

No. 183481

Did you seriously get your friend to comment on here for you? lmao

No. 183482

Maybe she is innocent after all and "Samefag A" is just one of her devoted subjects.

No. 183484

lmao she's a nobody, otherwise she wouldn't have to do shit like this to get attention.

No. 183486

One of the first things I originally considered was the possibility of it being a friend or acquaintance, and I am confident that it isn't.

No. 183492

Thanks! It works fine now
Though I'm not really sure hahaha hope I got at least 3 right

No. 183506

I guess people think negative publicity is better than no publicity.

No. 183507

Oh my god it makes perfect sense! She's trying to build infamy like pt but without all the embarrassing career breaking nudes. The videos, the poorly made costumes, the public place photoshoots. She knew that if she was just weeby enough she'd get our attention if she just posted enough here.

But where she failed is that she wasn't weeby enough. It seems most people had a meh response and I can almost guarantee that all the post that seemed outright hateful were from her to try and egg a response from us. (jokes on her I never actually followed her or looked at any of her pages I just saw the pics posted here). She wasn't willing to go full lolcow because she new she wouldn't be able to hide it later. Because of this the general posts from frequent users were "Meh, I guess she is kinda dumb huh?"

My god … it's genius! But now that she's been outed ho boy … she might of had a better time with nudes. No one likes sock puppets. :x

No. 183510

Also "career" FUCKING HA! This bitch.

Ya know, I regret trying to defender earlier on in this thread. She really is as crazy and shitty as she posted herself as. That "career" you needed to get back to … was only brought on by us. And now that pretty much everyone is going to unfollow/unsub she is going to be hurtin in the morning.

No. 183523

I love you

No. 183551

>"this is my first time posting here"
>green layout
>the default layout for Lolcow is blue/white
Seems legit

No. 183566

Good eye, anon.
And nice try, PD.
Why don't you just confess? You're only embarrassing yourself by lying because you're extremely transparent.

No. 183567

Seriously, trying to get her to admit the obvious is like playing Ace Attorney. Do we have to continue pummeling her with evidence, or…?

No. 183568

(like Ace Attorney in that those who are guilty will continue to find ways to get out of punishment or discovery, but you have to 100% prove it's them)

No. 183574

And before she tries to imply she only lurked, this thread has been up for months and she never took notice or tried to report it for slander? Right.
>inb4 "Oh I saw there was a way to change styles so I tried it, I've never been here before"
Why change style/layout for a website you've only just visited and only intend to clear your own name on?
tbh she has no defense. She's been caught red-handed

No. 183575

File: 1442745237291.gif (120.36 KB, 256x192, dahlia.gif)

I wonder if she'll turn like Dahlia Hawthorne when we crack her.
She'd probably be pleased with that comparison.

No. 183576

Yeah, except Dahlia's cute and she isn't

No. 183582

We need a PD banner to commemorate the occasion.

I still feel strangely proud that my newest favorite lolcow has blown up like this.
As admin-sama knows I've posted a lot in this thread. I knew PD had some potential! Just probably not the kind she thought.

No. 183596


No. 183616

File: 1442758519240.png (346.75 KB, 1440x1363, Screenshot_2015-09-20-10-12-21…)

No. 183618

>mfw she makes the exact argument I expected and already debunked
At this point, I think she knows this is the only attention she's going to get and is trying to milk things for all she's worth.

No. 183620


>My career will come from my own efforts like it always has

Yeah guys, those 46 YT fans didn't just come form nowhere!

No. 183629

Why don't you just post this on here instead of tweeting it, PD?
Since you're obviously telling the truth, if you post, your IP won't match OP's, right?

No. 183630

Thou dost protest too much, PD.

No. 183631


I'm already wondering if the post >>183434 she confirmed as her and the OP have the same IP

Or maybe it's badly hidden by a proxy or posted from a friend or relative's computer instead to try and 'outsmart' the admin? But I'm pretty sure that would be obvious, too

No. 183633

The fact that admin didn't mark her name in that post makes me think she's posting from someone else's device. Even with a new IP, she can't fool anyone.

No. 183636


Yeah, that's what I was thinking, too. That'd be funny as fuck

Lmao Kenzie, if that's what you're trying to pull, you should probably know that your location will still make it obvious you made the post.

No. 183676

"first time posting"
"Been lurking for awhile"
Which is the truth

No. 183700

>the truth
"I created this thread plus a few more about myself and continued bumping it by posting about myself a lot and mentioning myself in other threads to gain some kind of relevancy"

No. 183707

No. 183712

Maybe we would have given you the benefit of the doubt if you hadn't deleted this thread, well tried to, literally 10 minutes after you were found out.

No. 183716

No. 183717


Yo Kenzie

We can certainly tell you're ~mentally 12~ now <3

No. 183722

It's great seeing her this butthurt. Her twitter has never been so active.

So here's the question, does bf pigford know of his girlfriend's online attention seeking and lolcow status?

No. 183729

Honestly, Kenzie/Luna/whatever, I think it'd be better if you just replied to posts here now that you can't post anonymously instead of posting passive-aggressive twitter rants a la Peter Coffin or Kiki Kannibal, but whatever

Here's a rundown for you:

To start with, I don't know what makes you feel like you 'completely debunked something', but seeing as regular users can't see IPs, even if you did 'completely debunk' it, we really wouldn't have much to go by without the admin stopping in, and I'm pretty sure like most people they have shit to do and can't be posting here 24/7 like you seem to be.

The 'posting from someone else's device' thing was actually more of a theory. We were pretty much saying that posting from a different IP than the OP doesn't necessarily prove you weren't still OP.

And the admin has already said they tried to make sure that it couldn't have just been someone else from the same city as you posting
The fact you tried to delete the thread straight afterward doesn't exactly make you look innocent either, does it?

Also, making felt sharpie brooches and buying bodyline shit =/= putting 'work' into a 'career'

TL;DR: Posting passive-aggressive tweets with shitty /cgl/ reaction images doesn't make you look like the victim here, but it does make for a 10/10 lol for us, so keep at it, I guess

No. 183730

File: 1442778232706.jpg (209.87 KB, 581x1481, princesspigford.jpg)


Dropped my fuckin image after all that, jesus tapdancing christ

No. 183734

File: 1442778767063.jpg (143.65 KB, 927x597, lmao.jpg)

>say that to my face fucker not online and see what happens

No. 183766

wait, is luna lee princess doll? And why the fuck is she quoting me on her twitter. Fuckin wierdo. It's not a fucking career.

Jesus h christ. Go back to community college you butthurt wannabe. Sharpie … on merch. is that your precious career? Or is it the number of people you have looking at your online activity at a given moment? Either way, you'd be poverty level by both standards.

By the way who is paying for her shitty bodyline stuff? Does she have an actual job? Or is her boyfriend a money fountain of some kind for cheap ita stuff?

No. 183770

File: 1442783873963.jpeg (37.65 KB, 720x480, 1323534631533.jpeg)

Is this you debunking? Cause damn this is hilarious.

No. 183771

>fite me irl

No. 183774


lmao I feel you anon
I think she's either trolling or worryingly deluded with the 'idol career' and 'fans' thing.

Yeah, 'Luna Lee' is her fake name.
Her parents pay her for doing chores or something and she uses the money on bodyline or aliexpress or misc ita websites

No. 183775


>1v1 bring it faget

No. 183779

We were right.

No. 183782

>The list goes on. She's a farmer who wants to become one of the cows, I'm telling you.

You nailed it.

No. 183783

No one's challenging you, Mackenzie. We're laughing at your dumb ass.

No. 183789

So here's what's going to happen, Mackenzie:

> We're going to laugh at you for a few weeks.

> Then we're going to forget about you.
> A few years will pass.
> You won't be famous, you won't be an idol.
> You'll get preggers and pop out a kid or two.
> You'll be a regular boring soccer mom.

BYE :)

No. 183791


I still can't quite believe I called it but it makes so much sense. She was trying to outshine them all, by literally taking tips from them, and us.

If PT is our queen then PD is truly our princess.

So where do we go once her little tantrum dies down? Might be time for that one anon who actually wanted to form her into an idol to step up. We got a good 13 years before she hits the big three-zero afterall.

Be grateful, Kenzie, and we might help you make it big! Like a big collective non-jap-pedo jrcach. Listen to your farmers!

No. 183794

PT is a genuine cow though, and is not self-aware. PD is a self-aware snowflake trying desperately to be a PT-style cow and artificially garner a semi-ironic fanbase like PT's.

No. 183797

For someone claiming to have lurked her own thread and only "posted in it once", you'd think she would've had something to say about the comments saying how much of a deluded weeb she is. Like, seriously nothing? If she's going through the trouble of making passive-aggressive tweets about lolcow, you'd think she'd make a blog post defending ~her royal honor~. Like, if she were telling the truth (and we know she's not), she'd be pissed off at that shit, and there'd be several posts "debunking" what has been said, but nothing except for when she got called out for making the thread. She's practically proving that she wrote those comments about herself earlier in the thread by not reacting to them and we don't even need an IP check to prove that: what she's not getting pissed off at is giving her away…

No. 183798

>completely debunks something
but she didn't lmao

No. 183799

Exactly, she would've been bitching about lolcow for ages.

No. 183825

Listen kenzie I'm offering you some advice to put this all to bed.

You have a youtube yes?
>Download a free program that lets you video your screen. or hell just use your camera on your phone to show you and your voice then zoom into the comp screen to show the thread
>On the video, post to this thread. Something short like "Told ya"
>The admin will see it and match the ip of that to other posts you saw are and aren't you

problem solved! That would be an actual debunking. Cause I have no idea what "debunking" you were referring to before but it really didn't do anything.

Shocking twist: what if it is a close friend or the boyfriend doing this? I mean all we know is that it's from her area. Though … if she says she's seen it before then it wouldn't make sense to only just now get mad about it … Just make the video! I actually kinda hope it isn't you behind all this. Even though now that all this is happening you're kind of acting like a complete shit head all of a sudden.

No. 183826

That would not debunk it at all. She'd just go to a friend's house.

No. 183828


She kind of did that with >>183434 and >>183447 but like >>183826 said, that's not exactly proof

But yeah, it sucks
I liked her too, but now she's just acting like any other weeby self-posting dramawhore
Still, it makes for a pretty good thread I guess

No. 183842

I left lolcow for one week and i missed all of this shit? not fair

No. 183886

after seeing her tweet that was "totally proof she didn't post anything" I set the theme to wasabi … I actually really like it! Green and yellow are my favorite colors.

Nah but seriously "luna" … you put the setting to wasabi and tried to say it some how meant it was you. It's actually … really sad :c It's not a lolcow if you just end up looking desperate and sad. I mean where's the lols in that?

She keeps pulling this whole fight me irl bull … but then doesn't come to this thread to talk knowing she'll be tagged here. Do you think she has a smart phone she can post with? Hell I don't have a twitter but I'd be willing to make one if it meant she'd have someone to calmly explain this to her.

No. 183888

but then said friend would see the video and call her out.
"So um … why did you shoot that video in my house claiming it was your house?"
Then her irl friends would know and that would be super embarrassing. I mean unless their in on this.

No. 183896

I'm sure at least one of them might be in on it. Check out her "cooking" videos with her friends.

No. 183947

I'm pretty sure she used one of those dodgy free proxy websites from google. I won't be surprised if the IP turns out to be from the Netherlands or something/

No. 184020

File: 1442853803909.png (34.2 KB, 583x234, saymynamesaymyname.png)

Sure, Kenzie. Sure.

And so the Twitter rampage continues.

Have you told your parents you want to change the name they gave you? Since Kenzie isn't 'kawaii' or idol enough? I doubt they'd be happy.

No. 184037

Kenzie kenzie kenzie kenzie kenzie kenzie kenzie kenzie kenzie kenzie kenzie kenzie kenzie kenzie kenzie kenzie kenzie kenzie kenzie kenzie kenzie kenzie kenzie kenzie kenzie.

No. 184038

File: 1442855868631.jpg (35.57 KB, 630x720, princesskenzie.jpg)


That's Princess Kenzie to you! Get it right anon, or she'll call us all plebs and commoners again when she posts another girl-on-throne-with-sword picture on her insta. I don't know if I can take that sort of sick burn again.

No. 184040

File: 1442856168686.jpg (101.99 KB, 380x317, cute-food-monokuro-boo-bento-b…)

Jesus Kenzie what kind of weeb are you? This is rice and vegetables and it is kawaii as fuck.

No. 184044

Imagine that, A lolcow trying to milk the farmers.

No. 184045

File: 1442857041280.gif (9.52 KB, 128x142, no, no, no..gif)

No. 184049

>oi m8 1v1 me irl fgt desu 420 noscope

No. 184060

wow, wtf is wrong with this bitch? she really has no life outside of this shit, does she?

No. 184068

File: 1442860895209.gif (314.72 KB, 500x359, 1243.gif)

Yay for admin. This is pretty kek.

No. 184071

Lol, she claims to never have been on lolcow, but she's friends with PT.

No. 184073

She should come here and prove to us she's the real deal then. Give us details about herself that only she would know.

No. 184098

I feel like it's proof enough that her "debunk image" Was just a pallet swap version of the site. Why would she have to make a lie of a screencap like that unless it was %100 her? You can even see the bit of yellow at the top of the pic. She really is twelve. She even lies like a 12 yo. And her "sick burns" are that of a 12 yo boy …. ew.

No. 184106

>>lolcow calls her Kenzie
>>Kenzie proves that we've got her attention by posting passive aggressive tweets to us saying not to call her by that if we want her attention

I don't think she understands what attention means…

No. 184125

Reminds me of that time all the PT videos started to get dumped, it was ebins

No. 184127

Replying to as many comments as I can on my twitter with a smiley face really proves how above everything I am :)

Sure, Kenzie. Sure.
Keep that butthurt coming.

No. 184132

It's a new kind of type. I've never seen one like it before.

No. 184133

If she wants our attention she should go ahead and post here as herself. Surely, she's not worried about sounding like the samefag and thus being outed again, is she?

Guess she is.

No. 184138

>>And how adding :) or <3 after posting yet another tweet criticising lolcow totally isn't passive agressive

Kenzie, here's a tip, open up a dictionary and look up the words we're using here and make sure you understand them before attempting to use them in a sentence that apparently "debunks" what we're saying. BTW, to debunk something, you need to actually provide evidence to back up what you're saying - you're not showing how what we're apparently saying is false, you're telling which is not debunking shit.

Right? Cause if she's as innocent as she's claims she'd have no problem posting here (obviously doesn't have to worry about her IP revealing herself, if she wasn't OP…obviously…). I feel bad for her followers having to deal with her passive-aggressive shit clogging up their feeds. Like, Kiki has more tact than this and can at least turn it into some sort of self-help soundbite - what PD is doing is is just self-centred. And if she really was working on that idol career she'd know that career needs said fans/followers - no point pissing them off with this bullshit.

If you (Kenzie/Luna/whoever the fuck you're calling yourself today) cared about them at all, you would've cleared this up on lolcow by now. But, you don't care about them: actions speak louder than words and you're showing yourself to be quite the self-absorbed asshat. Maybe that's your intention to get us to keep talking about you, but you've got some serious issues if you're only doing this whole thing for the negative attention (because, I've yet to see anything that indicates you genuinely want positive attention).

No. 184141

Only realised this chick has 33 followers on Twitter. Neverfucking mind. She's a troll and still has some serious fucking issues to go this deep into trolling for a reaction (that backstory/blog takes some dedication). She needs Jesus and a stay at a treatment centre for those issues. Damn.

No. 184143

I think she actually just needs daddy's attention. That's the vibe I get. Are her parents divorced?

No. 184144

I don't understand this chicks motivation
She wants to be known as a gross delusional weaboo? She knows and lurks in this thread but continues her weird alternate persona of PRincess Doll like?? /? / Something's wrong in the head

No. 184146

The fuck is wrong with you anon?

No. 184147

33 followers? Lol even I have more and I'm a nobody.

No. 184148

Don't be jumping to conclusions, get your mind out of the gutter, I mean in the non-sexual sense.

No. 184156

sad, your only defense is "we don't like her 'cause she's ugly and makes us cringe" her pretending to be a 12 animu loli has no effect on your life whatsoever besides you being butthurt, if it is what genuinely makes her happy then where's the problem?

No. 184158


No. 184160

>@ least I face my problems w/o anon


No. 184162

She's never had too healthy of hair to begin with so it's not that surprising, she really suits that hair style and I hope she sticks with more refined things like that 'cause she's so pretty

No. 184163

There's nothing wrong with her eyebrows and dark brows with platinum hair is super cute so you're just bullying yo

No. 184164

and face skin is suuuuper sensitive, chemical burns yo

No. 184166

omg she's changing!! I love this I hope she matures and does goth lolita or whatever, you just know she's gonna keep the cutesy part but she would look so great going for darker looks as well, and yeah she is tiny O.O jealous

No. 184167

Yeah no Admin proved she self posted the thread so the "you" you're talking to is PD which is pretty sad.

Also what's with all the whiteknights commenting all of a sudden. Something smells fishy.

No. 184169

No. 184174

File: 1442875300363.jpg (8.29 KB, 347x145, download.jpg)

It's one of her 33 followers.

No. 184175

this thread is gold

No. 184181

r u ok

No. 184182

Take a wild guess.

No. 184186

Oh you must be new here. Welcome to farm! … and the cosplay/lolita community in general where it sucks to put tons of effort into something you love only to have shitheads ruin the image of it for everyone.

Ugh we get it. Go jerk off in a mirror why don't ya? Least then we don't have to deal with your weird love hate relationship for yourself.

No. 184188

whatever, not trying to white knight I just hate how you guys call her ugly like it actually matters, like it's such a big deal, I came up with my own conclusion that she's not that bad and she will improve. It's not a race who can be the most kawaiiuguu realdoll loli whatever, if some white girl wants to do it too then fine.

No. 184191

"hurrr the only people who can disagree with me are probably her" please, you sound like the one who jerks off in the mirror "i try so hard and got so far and in the end it doesn't really matter" idk I was gonna quote you again and make you sound stupid but I got distracted, but the point I was trying to make was "wahhh ugly girls are ruining my genre for the rest of us, only WE can be loli, the rest are poseurs!" again, it's not a race.

No. 184205

She made a video response.

No. 184206

It's like watching a trainwreck.

No. 184207

I gave up after a few minutes, but basically she's "debunking" things that were said about her in the beginning of the thread.
Which she, you know, posted herself.
So that was less than useless so far. I'll finish it later.

No. 184208

ok lets pretend you aren't kenzie.

I used to be like you. I posted this >>182845 because hey, it's highshool and we all do stupid embarrassing shit right? Then you realize that if she is for real on not just some elaborate troll … she is wasting her life. She is chasing something that is never going to happen. We all laugh at PT but at the end of the day she is going to be stuck with her parents for the rest of her life. The time and money PT put into all this nonsense she could have made meaningful professional connections, she could have gotten herself out of debt with a good plan and eventually saved up money to get a nice apartment. She could have tried to join the JET program again and maybe succeeded. But she is taking half naked pictures of herself where children play, there are nudes online of her that are easy to access by anyone in her life, she has no savings and no independence because she was so obsessed with this idea of being an idol and being forever young.

At the end of the day this 17 year old was so obsessed with the idea of being famous, somehow, and being forever young and loli (which as someone who has dealt with real life pedophiles I absolutely hate that there is a culture endorsing sexualizing children) that she has posted self hating shit about her self. She doesn't care about any of the long term effects it might have. So community aside, this girl could be ruining herself with this. She's so absorbed with this idea that she is willing to drag her name through the mud, get people to hate her, build some sort of odd following based on it. This shit she's making may be funny now but it will always be online. At the end of the day it is just really sad. And this is why it ruins the fun hobby for some people. Not because they are elitists.

No. 184213


So in this video, she still insists Invitea is a real country. She says no one knows about it because it's not yet recognized by the UN.

I don't know how to express how I feel about her. I'd say I was laughing myself into another dimension, but I'm actually sitting here silently, wondering what is wrong with her.

No. 184217

I'm starting to feel bad for her, she really needs to seek help. I am wondering what could of happened to her to make her like this.

No. 184218

>"ell oh ell-cow"
>OP post says "She literally just proved herself to be an lolcow"
Oh, Kenzie. We see right through you.