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File: 1426625225577.jpg (78.93 KB, 768x1024, prepareyoureyebleach.jpg)

No. 64385

Old thread: >>30600


When all thought she was lost, our beloved Queen rose from the ashes like the beautiful phoenix she is, with bountiful gifts. Webm-sama has given us many glimpses into the sexy gravure life of PT. He promises to upload over 6gigs of videos in the upcoming days.
PT is also on Lineplay, and seems to have quit her job at Home Depot to become a waitress at a ~totarry kawaii~ Chinese restaurant.

Please contribute, no shitposting. Let us all enjoy this glorious outpour of dericious milk.

No. 64390

OP's photo is so beautiful

No. 64391

great picture op!

No. 64466

Bump. Admin-sempai, please notice this thread!

OP pic:
lols - 10/10
convenience (browsing while at work) - 0/10

I hope webm-sama returns so we can ask a few quick questions about the Queen.

No. 64515

My dick tries to get hard then I see the panties- after that I remember that she's our queen then I see the face

I just can't do it I'm sorry

No. 64524

File: 1426637768434.jpg (337.04 KB, 1114x1600, 1426470190796.jpg)

Status report #1:
I tried upload it about 10 times, it always star to stuck @ 45%.
I was frustrated and stop trying it.
Thats the bad part of the message.

The good part is: I visit a friend later this week and he got a preeeetty sweet beefy internet connection (He do livestreams in 1080P @ twitch) and i asked him if its okay to upload something.

It was weird to explain him my/our obession about PT but he understand and laugh alot in the end. So yeah, i'm so fucking sorry to let you down at the moment.

but i do my best dudettes and dudes. I do my best i could do.

No. 64531

What's the file size?

No. 64532

File: 1426638427029.jpg (43.69 KB, 518x355, image.jpg)

Btw I'm sorry for my terrible grammar in the op. However, I am totally not sorry at all for the picture. 10/10 perf

(will our queen ever find true love? no because love is a patriarchical gender contract or whatever)

No. 64535

Really random, but does pt have an ameblo or anything? Has she ever actively tried to become famous in Japan or at least make Japanese friends? Has she even spoken to a Japanese person? I'm really curious.

No. 64538

File: 1426639265883.jpg (69.08 KB, 858x536, beatles_2647870k-2.jpg)

Webm-sama - you haven't forgotten us!

As anon has said before, we're patient. <3 Hope things are working well with the gf.

No. 64546

Hey webm! Thanks again for taking the time to upload all these, it's super appreciated

No. 64552

File: 1426640444004.gif (340.69 KB, 320x289, 1323847085876.gif)

No. 64555

For some reason I'm thinking she had one at one time? But it probably didn't get updated much because she can’t write japanese worth shit.

She’s never put any effort into anything, she expects to just be noticed because she’s such a cute and sexy hafu princess. Remember when she would get pissed that she wasn’t invited to be a guest at local cons?

No. 64557

File: 1426640624977.gif (2.08 MB, 508x286, SO EXCITE.gif)

What a good way to kick off finals week.

No. 64570

I know she had a lang-8 but that's it to my knowledge. I tried going on "ameblo.jp/pixyteri" but there is none, sadly. Someone should convince her to make an ameblo. I really wanna see how unsuspecting Japanese people would react to pt. And because I can't get Line Play on my tablet, I play ameba pigg with the queen.

>Remember when she would get pissed that she wasn’t invited to be a guest at local cons?

I actually wasn't around then, sadly. I've heard about it though. Is that why she isn't going to cons anymore?

No. 64571

I was under the impression that her parents forbid her to go to cons because of her weebness. Actually, if I remember correctly, there was a thread on staminarose saying that Pixy's parents booked a trip to Las Vegas on the same weekend of a convention she wanted to go to.

No. 64576

She also tweeted that she didn't like cons and didn't have a good time so she wouldn't go. It also bled slightly into not being invited as a guest. She was extremely angry Victoria had a con and invited some other cosplayer and NOT HER. The queen then proceeded to whine about how no recognizes her hard work. It was 10/10.

No. 64579

oh, never change, PT.
She always wanted to be rewarded heavily for putting in minimal effort. Whether work, cosplay, or just simply existing.

No. 64580

pt i miss you so much

No. 64621

Why not make it two or three separate uploads?

No. 64625

Well she isn't wrong in assuming she is the most popular cosplayer in Victoria.

No. 64647

I think you mean notorious.

No. 64688

The Notorious P.I.G.

No. 65014

enduring the wait will make it all the better when you grace us with more. bless u webm-sama~

sorry for the lateness anon, but this girl's tumblr is http://ahegao-intensifies.tumblr.com/

No. 65188

File: 1426739358818.jpg (71.37 KB, 499x552, asian.jpg)

any new details about pixy's new job?

No. 65212

File: 1426742520271.jpg (86.25 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0238.jpg)

What PT sees in the mirror

No. 65213

No. 65313

man i hope she doesnt read this but uh a friend of mine asked her how it went a couple days after and she said she likes it a lot more than home depot. she said she had fun it was nice getting to socialize. we havent messaged her since that tho.

No. 65332

File: 1426783243492.jpg (66.61 KB, 720x960, tumblr_me6ku4hM1o1rrtzwio1_128…)

i was showing my dude the glory of our queen via google image search and stumbled upon this?? is this seriously PT?

No. 65337

Yes, back when her mom was making her tan. (Or so PT says)

No. 65341

She was still in high school in this photo, right?
She looks like she is in her late twenties

No. 65348

She looks beautiful. Looks older than she actually was but…so much nicer than nowadays.

No. 65355

she looks like that aunt who wants to get married but nobody wants her

No. 65358


Eurgh whenever I see this it reminds me of just how old of and oldfag I am.


No. 65444

Yep that's the PT I went to high school with she was nutty then too using livejournal as her base to start shinanigans

No. 65492

tell us about highschool PT

No. 65530

she had toddler outfits yet?

No. 65532

how bad of a weeb was the then compared to now?

No. 65534

No. 65546

she was the typical early 2000s weeb surprised she wasn't into invader zim too.
she had a sailor/school girl type outfit that she did indeed wear to class.

No. 65552

oh my god how amazing.
Did she try speaking japanese to anyone? Did she do weird photoshoots at school?

No. 65594

As far as I know no photoshoots lol tho I remember her saying some moon-speak while in class and such

No. 65604

You know we'd be on you like kawaii to pixyteri! Sooo did Sarah stink? The False Prophet, PTF said she didn't smell and her mom is crazy, but others say she's a smelly fucker.

No. 65641

Then she didn't smell but I will say I knew a guy who worked at target with her and said she did and she was annoying as fuck

No. 65652

How have you not seen this before? It's posted quite often and everyone creams themselves over how 'good' she looks with blonde hair. I personally think it looks terrible.

No. 65661

I'm wondering if it's because her hair appears to be washed and not greasy.

No. 65672

She's also much younger in this photo, which certainly helps.

No. 65684

Personally I don't like the blonde hair on her either. She looks best in her natural color or that red that she hates so much imo.

No. 65693

Why does she hate red so much?

No. 65699

iirc some redheaded stripper started dating a guy she liked/used as a fuckbuddy. She got all butthurt and now hates redheads. Someone feel free to correct me if I don't remember the story correctly.

No. 65727

That, plus she started seeing herself as Rukia instead of Orihime and because her mother said she liked the red hair.

I agree, the red or her natural darker hair looked best, the blonde looks awful.

No. 65748

File: 1426830129138.png (486.5 KB, 640x1312, Unfsdfsdftled-2.png)

Aaaawwww :C

No. 65750

ehh wut?

No. 65751

this actually makes me sad lol

No. 65752

File: 1426830700956.jpg (76.57 KB, 750x600, weeaboo.jpg)


No. 65753

What's there to get bitter about over Easter? It's not Christmas, New Year's Eve or Valentine's Day for crying out loud… It's a kid's holiday more than anything else.

No. 65755


Because Anon, she's not going to get an Easter basket, so she's upset about it.

As much as I praise and worship the queen, she needs to quit expecting everyone to give give give just because she wants shit that's more or less a children's thing.

No. 65756

Nigga you acting like you wouldn't give our queen an Easter basket? Fo'shame!!

No. 65795

Is getting an Easter basket from your boyfriend a thing? I thought that was just something kids got from their parents playing Easter Bunny.

No. 65811

Her guck buddy Kris said he had a crush on a red headed stripper, so she hasn't liked them simce

No. 65812


No. 65813

File: 1426844743042.jpg (170.69 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

No. 65815

It's 5am in Victoria and currently 62ºF with 70-80+ weather all week…

No. 65854

whats funny is James apparently had a thing had a thing for a black chick for awhile, and sarah started hating on black chicks. She wrote something a long while back on twitter that supported that but as we all know she deleted fucking everything.

No. 65858

File: 1426862035117.png (129.27 KB, 440x548, 13759303273.png)

ya she left a lot of cringe on james' fb

pic related

No. 65859

File: 1426862076795.png (367.18 KB, 1262x606, fsdfsd.png)

No. 65860

File: 1426862159250.png (44.79 KB, 532x516, dd675.png)

if anyone's feeling nostalgic and wants moar, let me know

No. 65866


These bring back so many memories! I'm glad the James saga is over. It was too real-world pathetic for the Queen. I'd appreciate more.

No. 65868

One of the sadder moments on this board was when a ton of anons insisted that James was attractive. Gave me a lot of perspective.

No. 65871

File: 1426866754051.jpg (80.1 KB, 720x540, 199102_179116135468643_1611212…)


Granted, he looks good in some pics/angles but that's just 'cos he was really young in those. He's just your average greasy weeb really.

No. 65872

more pls

No. 65873

still way better looking than pt though, cmon

No. 65874

File: 1426866888938.png (Spoiler Image, 539.22 KB, 1124x614, lel.png)

No. 65876

File: 1426866996327.png (385.1 KB, 383x595, jjj.png)

true, I think mostly he saw PT as an easy lay and nothing serious. Being with an older woman perhaps stroked his ego (and penis) but I don't think he was into the whole relationship as much as she was

No. 65877

ofc, an older chubby on the side that's probably into anal? ofc he'd be into it

they say chubby/fat girls are worth it sometimes, in the sac, bc they aim to please, but i get the feeling that PT would be too concerned with making her weird lipped constipated calista flockhart duckface the whole time and making over exaggerated childlike moans every time anyone laid a hand on her, to even be a good enough lay

No. 65878

File: 1426867555858.png (582.85 KB, 976x650, fddfdfk.png)

No. 65879

File: 1426867612341.png (110.56 KB, 663x624, asdsadasd.png)

he's into anal, that's for sure

No. 65886

he has the type of face that screams "pock marks"

just think, his summer sausage has visited her stinky goo garage, probably more than once, and been marinated by her spicy teriyaki

there's no way she'd use an enema beforehand, what with the poor BASIC hygiene and all, so that had to have been a-w-k-w-a-r-d

No. 65887

File: 1426868095946.gif (295.45 KB, 176x200, horrified-scary-movie.gif)

>her spicy teriyaki

No. 65889


I used to get one from my boss every year. She was a really cool boss.

And I'll be sending one to my BF this year, because we live in different countries and maybe he'll like the snacks from my country. Or maybe he'll hate them. We'll see.

It does seem like a weird thing to get bitter about though. So many cute bunnies, so buy them for yourself or your friends, ffs. All she wants is to get. Just get, get, get. But is so unwilling to give, even to herself. Holidays are only as good as you make them.

Maybe she doesn't like visiting with relatives if that's something her family does? If she's got cousins, and they're younger, hotter, and more successful than she is in work, love, or otherwise, that's got to get to her going out to see them. I dunno.

No. 65912

Awesome PT diary entry update on Line Play. Can anyone cap?

It's too funny to summarize without seeing for yourself.

No. 65915

File: 1426871179738.png (713.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-03-20-13-00-52…)

No. 65916

File: 1426871252312.png (282.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-03-20-13-04-21…)

No. 65917

File: 1426871337202.jpg (73.94 KB, 720x960, lineplay_1426870543050.jpg)

Full photo featuring glasses.

No. 65918

PT, honey, if you are buying shorts that literally barely fit around your torso, let alone your ass, you need to buy a bigger size.

No. 65923

Yeah, I'm seriously wondering why she bought those thinking they'd fit her ass.

No. 65924


Her previous post said the shorts came with a yukata she bought. She can usually make yukata and kimono "fit" simply because the cloth happens to still be able to touch around her middle.

No. 65943

Vaguebooking is some of the worst narcissistic shit there is.

No. 65944

haha yeah james really seems like the worst from these caps

No. 65949

He was indeed a creep but PT's behavior that followed with the James saga really was stalkerish and unhinged. She was so desperate for him and his attention to the point she'd drive to his house and just sit outside(? iirc that is, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).

No. 65951

Thanks anon, I'm going to steal that.

No. 65963

File: 1426880409204.png (168.39 KB, 1272x526, dsdsdz.png)

yeah, he comes off as a frat boy dude, but then again he was only a teen

No. 65964

File: 1426880472034.png (353.63 KB, 1093x544, duhh.png)

No. 65965

IIRC she visited his house a few times after he told her to fuck off, and his grandfather (I think) answered telling her they'd call the police if she kept coming over. I also recall at one point PT getting worried over her mom finding out or having been called.

I do know she claimed he stole her sex diary (which she just lost) as an excuse to go over there.

No. 65966

wtf is a sex diary

No. 65967

like she wrote down everytime she has sex?

No. 65984


Apparently. And her mom found it. And she got into huge trouble over it.

No. 65999

I am guessing she wrote down her sex escapades and fantasies. There was a lot of panic when she lost it.

Is that when Debbie flipped her shit and called PT a slut whose pussy was torn, and implied PT's loose ways were mentioned to her father at work?

No. 66000


IIRC, yes. Debbie found PT's sex diary, said her pussy was torn, and that no man would want her now.

No. 66002

debbie is always so wild about PT, but after 29 years i would be the same

No. 66013


No. 66014

File: 1426886683801.png (60.8 KB, 527x632, ddse.png)

No. 66020


haha holy shit, any caps of this?

No. 66038

>slightly tight


Looking at her eBay feedback is hilarious, because basically every feedback she's left is "the shirt/pants/skirt/whatever is too tight!!! >_<" as if it's the seller's fault. I dunno PT, maybe you should…buy the next size up?

No. 66052

She is so delusional. No one ever told you that you can't wear these shorts, Sarah! They just DON'T FIT your ass!!
Or you think the shorts themselves told you "No Sarah, you can't wear us! Ha ha!"? Like that measuring tape who allegedly LIED to you about how wide your ass is?

Stop. Blaming. Inanimate. Objects. Sarah.

No. 66056

File: 1426896038841.png (62.16 KB, 640x394, фото.PNG)

Here we go again…

No. 66057

Thank you Anon, you made my day X'D

No. 66058

Oh goddess pixy… That is a cute top lol

No. 66064


Not that I can think of, unfortunately, unless someone else has got them. I just remember hearing about it on StaminaRose, but then that got deleted.

Speaking of StaminaRose, PT went all on twitter being like she was the one responsible for getting it taken down, but tbh, I don't think she had that much to do with it, and it was just the admin being a bitch.

No. 66065


I think her mom's reaction to finding her secret sex diary was mentioned at one point when she posted some tirade about twitter about it, but her twitter's been wiped of a lot of stuff iirc.

No. 66068

She can't size up… She generally orders from Asian stores which, if they even go beyond a L, go up to a 2X which is MAYBE a US XL. Most of what she orders is the largest size possible or freesize/oversize stuff that is tight on her. Instead of eating salads with her pocky she would rather pretend she is a tiny petite girl and buy clothes meant for tiny petite girls.

She complains about how fat she is all the time and she's suddenly like whateva I love my fat ass.

I want to know who Natasha is. And some of these people who respond. I know you're out there….

No. 66069

File: 1426898178642.jpg (47.98 KB, 500x500, tumblr_m3vggqX7gq1qzpwi0o1_500…)

what was up with the "Don't blame the British for this one" tweet from october? anyone know? i've always wondered

No. 66070

>>Speaking of StaminaRose, PT went all on twitter being like she was the one responsible for getting it taken down

I heard that her Twitter has been stolen to that moment and someone left those tweets pretending to be her? I read this version somewhere, maybe Kiwi forums or PULL, can't remember.

No. 66071

>>I want to know who Natasha is. And some of these people who respond.

A part of me wants to believe that at least half of them are regular visitors of this board and Kiwi Farms and they leave ass-kissing comments because they're juz trollin PT. The other part of me says "They all are crazy fat delusional weebs like PT! Weebs kiss each other's ass all the time! This explains everything! Don't lie to yourself, there are no Anons, no trolls, only other weebs!"

No. 66076

haha, i don't know about anyone else who occasionally comments other than my boyfriend but yes i do regularly visit this board and kiwi. it's so weird seeing my name mentioned on this board! almost spooky.

No. 66077

Wait… You guys do realize that if these were originally shorts, there has to be a huge gaping hole in the back exposing her glorious back titties?


No. 66078

>> horror


No. 66080

No. 66081

Yeah, someone has taken over the PT Twitter account. Pretty sure the SR takedown Tweet was from them.Someone asked for confirmation and the Twitter holder posted something the board could verify as we were talking about it in the thread. Can't remember which board though I think it was this one as I don't go to PULL.

No. 66086

are the things from that ebay store a good price/basically only also on taobao? sorry for dumb q

No. 66088

I dropped a couple Line Play caps from the last Queen thread.

Exile from StaminaRose and flan's MaxFag board here ;D

No. 66089

fuck, trying to reply to >>66071, oops

No. 66090

Some of the things can be found cheaper on ebay., like the Sailor Moon stuff. Other than that they are on taobao only aside from resellers. I actually do like those pajamas but i doubt they are a quality worth paying that much for.

No. 66092

ok thanks!

No. 66105

It was verified here on lolcow in a PT thread a few months back.

No. 66157


Tfw I bought that top and the skirt and tie off the queen for like $20 and it fit me better kek

No. 66164

Side note to that, she was bawwing about how it didn't fit her, it was too tight.

No. 66187

what tweet?

No. 66188

File: 1426932967175.png (816.82 KB, 1212x607, dcycddc.png)

No. 66207

File: 1426939041155.png (6.17 KB, 315x63, Don't blame the British.PNG)

No. 66275


Probably has to do with the Britfag.

No. 66295


We have established this several times. An anon controls PT's twitter. They left that message for us for verification. End of discussion.

No. 66423


my god Pixyteri….you post things that middle schoolers think! I guess that explains why you've been buying CHILDREN'S CLOTHING off ebay.

I kind of figured debbie would have asked Pixy by now to start working fulltime, I don't understand the purpose of her not working full time, or searching for a full time job.

No. 66432

Jw, how old were both pt and James at that time?

No. 66448

PT has said in the past she won't work full time because she needs time to herself and time for her hobbies. I would wager at this point in life, Debbie is just content PT has a job at all.

Not sure of exact ages but I know PT was late twenties and James was late teens or early twenties. I'm thinking she was at least 27 and he was at least 19.

No. 66467

That's really disturbing. I'm kinda surprised she got with a younger guy tbh, you'd think she'd want to be a little girl compared to the guy in age.

No. 66472

My understanding is that he fit her Urahara x Rukia thing she had going on, in looks. It also could have been a maturity thing too. PT is immature for he age, and it's likely they got along in certain aspects due to it.

No. 66659

I heard she met him when he was 17

No. 66668

As much as PT ageplays as a toddler or schoolkid, she really sees herself as ~17-19. I think it was PTNR who provided this information. So in PT's mind dating James was like going out with someone her "age".

No. 66768

I'm not natasha but I'm one of the people who interact with PT on lineplay. I'm pretty sure half of her followers are lolcow citizens.

No. 66792


No. 66795

kiwifar.ms I guess

No. 66967

Most of us are from here. I think we should leave the conversation at that just in case she lurks here. We're trying to nuture her back to thinking she's an amazing popular celebs that has a bunch of fans. Rn line play is the only way of contacting her, really.

No. 67125

so i'm gonna confess, I'm a straight male with a girlfriend that also followed PT. I really like following whats going on with her life because… my life sucks, but in comparison it's amazing.

No. 67143

I'm gonna confess, no one cares.

No. 67158

File: 1427120738915.png (728.92 KB, 1711x3184, Pixyteriwtfuckerytranscript.pn…)

A blast from the past

No. 67168

Still awaiting our gifts from glorious Webm-sama… Please don't let me down <3

Also, if someone knows how I can talk to PT, I'm game for talking with her.

No. 67196

> i'm more Asian than them.

No. 67205

She's pretty active on Line Play. You can chat and respond to her diary entries there.

No. 67311

>I can easssillyyy block you
there she is. fierce af. there's my queen. doesn't take shit from no white girl. she's truer than u could ever be, Alice!!

No. 67368

Holy fuck I'm retarded.

I study Japanese formally and I was really interested in the "mysterious kanji" as I didn't recognise it.

I just spent the last 10 minutes trying to figure out what it is before I realised, it's a windchime… it's reversed backwards from spinning in the breeze.

The "mysterious kanji" is 表.
It means table.
O lawd.

No. 67369


The key to her heritiji is table!

No. 67398

buy does she actually talks like that? i haven't been blessed with the chance to chat with her

No. 67406

a lot of girls talk to their boyfriends/ moms about PT it seems like, I know I do

No. 67472

I've always talked about pixyteri to my bf lol

No. 67485

My boyfriend knows about PT, but he doesn't want to know the shit she gets up to, her gets too grossed out

No. 67505

I looked up jinbei shorts and the ones I saw had back elastic and a drawstring. So there's gotta be some give. And she still couldn't fit.

She is still deluded about her size. No surprise there. I'd love to know where she got the shorts because I want to see the measurements on them.

The matching yukata probably looks terrible on her. Barely fitting around her girth as usual.

No. 67507

Oh nevermind. I didn't see the post with the link.

No. 67742

Damn jinbei looks comfortable. And comes in many shades of Hello Kitty.

I need them.

No. 67752

File: 1427226252804.png (122.06 KB, 475x312, whatptdoesntdo.png)

WEBMSAMA please update us! ;_;

No. 67780

I just showed my fiance a couple of the corndog video in the other thread and he just sighed and said "some things you just can't unsee."

No. 68619

Unstickied for the time being.

No. 68646

File: 1427331102048.jpg (13.22 KB, 320x240, image.jpg)

Webmsama has betrayed us

No. 69021

File: 1427382619939.gif (489.97 KB, 500x255, 123.gif)

Webm-sama, please come back ;___; Don't leave us! Not now… Not like this! You gave us great hope. You can't just take it back! D':

No. 69022

websama has already given us a lot

much more than we could ever have hoped for

perhaps he's having issues with his gf again, just chill and give him time

No. 69575

File: 1427428704336.png (436.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-03-26-23-54-41…)

No. 69576

File: 1427428748870.png (236.06 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-03-26-23-53-13…)

she has to be trolling at this point

No. 69577

give her back the kawaii spotlight guize

No. 69578

Poor Pixyteri. I almost feel bad for her because she's so delusional.

No. 69583

> too old to go see fucking cherry blossoms
where the hell does she get this mentality from?

No. 69585

so sextape when?

No. 69587

Aw, she needs her kawaiiness back in her mind.

No. 69590

I seriously have no idea why she thinks these kinds of things. Does she think people past the age of 25 in Japan get sent to labor camps or something?

No. 69595


nah she just thinks she's too old to get a nipponese sugar daddy

No. 69597


i like to interpret that as her stalking and getting butthurt over weebs like peenus and kooter

No. 69602

I actually laughed outloud.

No. 69617

Her original dream was to become an idol in Japan, so to her, being 30 and unmarried (usually reserved to a career woman) is a labor camp. She might actually have to get a full time job one day! The horrors.

No. 69688

File: 1427447462685.jpg (52.83 KB, 350x399, image.jpg)

When pixy turns 30 she's bound to go more crazy what are the odds she'll go on a killing spree?

No. 69692

>taken the kawaii spotlight away from me

As if she was actually cute at one point. kek

No. 69697

Maybe she will become a female, weeaboo version of Elliot Rodger.

>Why can't they see how kawaii I am?? Those damn redheaded sluts. I deserve so much more..

No. 69710

I had no idea what the term "christmas cake" meant, so I googled it and wikipedia says it's an outdated thing. I don't get what she's on about. You can really wear whatever you want at any age, it really just depends on whether you can pull it off or not. It's not like she could've portrayed a youthful, cute look to even in her youth.

No. 69735

No. 69799

Who has taken our Queen's kawaii spotlight?!?! Tell us, Goddess, and we will strip down, get drunk and rip their body apart while they scream in pain for forgiveness. They will repent!!!!!!!

These unkawaii prostitutes will look up and shout

>Save us, Desu!

And we'll look down and whisper

No. 69832

Yeah, it's basically the Japanese equivalent of calling someone an "old maid," which, nobody uses that in a serious way anymore in the US… Can you imagine a Japanese version of PT? A 29-year-old NEET with a shitty part time job who buys WalMart-tier tank tops with American Flags, cowboy hats, obsessed with some obscure TV shows that do not portray the reality of American life (I'm thinking all those shitty dramas on "ABC Family" or whatever that channel is now), writing blogs about how she wants to be a famous idol like Kelly Clarkson, but now she's an "Old Maid" … and giving herself a horrible, outdated, American name like "Gertrude" or something…

No. 69841

File: 1427475306780.png (12.8 KB, 561x187, almost_PT.png)

from /cow/

Just a close encounter of the fat kind.

No. 69844


How would not wanting to do something boring like go to Home Depot to get a new door be suspicious?

No. 69845

A person visiting his family
>Hey anon want to come to the store with us?
>Why not?
>um because…this gir-…fuck

Is how it'd probably go.

No. 69846

That's just real sad.

No. 69886

File: 1427481329535.jpg (159.08 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I was looking at this glorious fan art on my phone and thinking about the Queen, and suddenly - ta-daaaah! The Queen has sent me a heart. I feel so honored and blessed, I'm telling you guys <3

No. 69888

PS: am I the only one here who installed this stupid Line game ONLY just to keep in touch with the Queen?

No. 69913

Nope, I only downloaded it for that reason as well.

No. 69915

>still thinks she can go to Japan is she really tried
>But she'd rather spend money on terrible cosplay and imported sweets

I have a friend who's much younger than her and has been to Japan probably three times already.
Though then I remember, it's probably because the Japanese would reject her. I always wonder if they know about her.

No. 69916

I had an account before.
I just like pretending to be an interior decorator, ok?

I was really surprised that Sarah friended me back, though, I thought she was supposed to be rampantly jealous of and vicious towards other women a.k.a. 'skinny bitches' or whatever. maybe she's grown up a bit since then.

No. 69920

she added me and i even have selfies in my diary. im not a looker or anything but definitely skinnier. im not sure if she cares that much anymore. has anyone tried chatting with her on LP?
she could go to japan in like a year considering she still lives with her mom so im assuming she has less bills to pay etc. i'm just wondering how she would deal with being there. i feel like she would get a lot of looks for how large she is and her ridiculous outfits.

No. 69926

I'm really jealous she doesn't have a lot of bills to pay. I'm probably a year or so younger than her though. I wonder what's going to happen when her parents get older. Is she still going to be there when she's 40? Single and trying to be sexy like this? Can you imagine!?

No. 69995

when i first started reading this thread i thought the person in OPs pic was a man in a wig, oops

No. 70035

Wtf? Cherry blossoms JUST started blooming earlier this week. They don't fall off of trees THAT quickly.

No. 70049

Despite her more than decade long obsession, PT doesn't really know anything about Japan. All her info comes straight out of anime and mamga.

No. 70050

File: 1427493480269.png (1.29 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-03-27-22-53-56…)

oh shit lmao

No. 70052

File: 1427493573909.png (1.94 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-03-27-22-54-11…)


No. 70053

I can't say I'm surprised but I do wonder what the reason was. I feel kind of bad for her. She seemed pretty excited about working there.

No. 70057

How bad did she fuck up to be fired from a waitressing job in like a week?

I almost want to bet money she did some racist shit.

No. 70058

File: 1427493917902.png (615.63 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-03-27-23-01-35…)

must be shady business

No. 70059


Can you imagine the reasons why she got fired? Hygiene, be an annoying weeb, inappropriate clothes or gestures (lol if she kept doing her famous poopin pose to "attract" the male patrons)

No. 70060

Awh, poor pt.
Ironically, this is actually one of the more flattering photos of her face imo..

No. 70061


She'll tell us its either because she's half white/japanese but I'm pretty sure it was PT not understanding that Japan and China are two different cultures.

No. 70063

No. 70065

wow how do you fuck up this quickly

No. 70069

Someone should ask her exactly what she was doing at work. She may slip out the reason she was fired.

No. 70070

File: 1427494747199.jpg (84.5 KB, 500x375, 1341604530035.jpg)

victoria fag here

damn! and i was just thinking of eating at a place where i was thinking she was working at, tonight :(

No. 70073

Poor PT. I wonder what happened? She seemed so happy

No. 70084

obviously it's racism. damn those asians and their hatred for white people. lol

No. 70086

she said she -really- loved waitressing. but she also said she wasnt used to the "muscles" she had to work compared to her home depot job. not sure what that meant.

No. 70089

Wow she really must of done something bad? Maybe she was trying to use her kawaii language skills forgetting that there's a difference between Chinese and Japanese.

I worked at a Japanese restaurant as a waitress and on my second day I spilt a glass of Sprite on the grill and made the whole place smell like burnt sugar but I didn't even get fired from that.

No. 70090

Maybe she dropped a lot of dishes and food. After too many, I could see them not wanting to keep her. Plus she likely did a lot of little things to add to it. I wouldn't be surprised with her being a raging weeaboo and hygiene played a part in it.

No. 70091

File: 1427497206907.jpg (35.03 KB, 407x405, e56091c74b7ea95ae3e465b3c32026…)

No. 70098

Since she said "I don't know why people don't like me" I bet it was something like the latter. I feel like if she did something like dropping things/messing up orders/whatever she would have already posted about “boo hoo i got in trouble/yelled at.” She would always whine about that kind of stuff with Home Depot.

Remember ages ago someone who went to high school with PT said that she tried speaking Japanese to a Chinese teacher? It was probably something like that.

No. 70108

i think someone just decided to actually google the new worker they hired and found this stuff

No. 70115

Maybe she wasn't proficient enough. I feel like she wouldn't be. Though, idk, if she was just barley starting, wouldn't she still be in training? Typically that's done after the first two weeks. To get fired during training, that's CRAZY.

No. 70120

Both of these are probably the most likely. Looks like Victoria is a small area and Pixy is the town crazy. Maybe her reputation followed her right into her asian oasis.

I don't think it's that odd to get fired during training. I'm not sure about Texan employment laws, but some states have probationary periods during training where they can let go of an employee and have the least liability if an individual pursues a legal suit.

No. 70127

Yeah, you're right. I think one person got fired or either quit during his first week as a server. Nobody liked him, he was annoying.
I know some companies in Texas have that probationary period, but not all of them do.

No. 70160

I'm so sorry for her, not only for being fired from asia paradise but also her whole life. Poor little queen, is not too late to be a cam girl

No. 70170

racism?????????????????????????? can some one ask her to explain?

No. 70171

Because Chinese people hate Japanese people and she's totally Japanese duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

No. 70172

If it was racism because she's (half!) white wouldn't they just have not hired her in the first place?

Or maybe she was speaking Japanese and PT thinks they fired her because she’s haafu. Such racism~

No. 70173

maybe chinese boss told her lol u white and pixy had a rage attack

No. 70175

I'd actually believe that. Or maybe she tried speaking her native tongue and someone called her a weeaboo and she got all pissed off.

No. 70189

File: 1427515667629.jpg (53.38 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)


The queen hearted me too! I feel so blessed~ ♥

No. 70217

Why do I suspect it was because she showed up to work in a kimono or a cosplay…

No. 70219

maybe because you wore giant circle lenses to work that shit is creepy to normies pt

No. 70220

I was thinking this as well, but I think she wore the same exact lenses to the interview.

I don't even get why pt wears them, they look like shit if you don't wear makeup. Also, the ones she wears don't look natural and I thought she was all about being ~pure~ and ~natural~ desu.

No. 70224

Does she eve wear makeup? Like at all? That pic from her LP diary looks like she isn't wearing any at all, She could at least invest in a good Japanese bb cream and some Dolly Wink eyeliner.

No. 70226

Our poor Queen.

No. 70227

Nope, not at all, makeup is for old, impure sluts. Little Japanese girls like pt don't wear makeup.

That's why I find it strange she insists on wearing the most unnatural, enlarging circle lenses she can find.

No. 70228

It's so she can have kawaii expressive eyes like in her animus.

No. 70229

Are you kidding?! Japanese women wear TONS of makeup. If, hypothetically, she actually believes that little Japanese girls don't wear makeup, then she's got a very diluted image of the culture of the majority of Japanese women in Japan.

Soooo much makeup…

No. 70230

>Not understanding sarcasm

No. 70238

It doesn'tmatter what Japanese women do, Sarah is Japanese so whatever she does is automatically right! It's like back on /cgl/ when she had her godawful jet black Rukia haircut, cute light brown bobs were in style for Japanese girls then but PT wouldn't hear any of it, because anime never lies since it's from the holy land of Japan!

No. 70240

She's only randomly bitchy if you piss her off in specific ways (like by having red hair). Possibly in a bad mood too? Otherwise she always seemed initially friendly to everyone, even those she knew to be slim/attractive.

I once spoke to PT (blessed be those days) about going to Kyoto, her main destination. I am pretty good with travel plans and traveling on a budget as I'm poor myself but she refused everything I suggested; the main example being that I suggested her using hostels to save money but she refused as she wanted to stay at some expensive chain. As others have said, I don't think she really wants to go because if she did she could have easily done it by now.

Also she wanted to go with her husbando.

No. 70241

It's weird how PT has basically no interest in modern Japan. It's either whatever she sees in anime or traditional Japanese stuff only.

No. 70243

I've heard a lot of people say that PT is actually pretty capable of pulling herself together in public and that she's sort of quiet.

I'm actually willing to bet that it was something boring, like she wasn't keeping up fast enough (maybe she was under a trial period and a lot of smaller businesses won't tolerate someone totally new).

If it was something PT related it was likely her clothing and/or insistence on wearing those creepy circle lenses all the damn time.

No. 70251

I don't think it's too weird, actually. Honestly, PT is a fucking weeb but I don't think she's as stupid as she lets on. I'm sure she isn't too interested in modern Japan because it doesn't fit her weaboo wet dream. She can romanticize traditional and anime stuff, and sure people romanticize modern Japan too, but I almost feel like she understands a bit of reality, or at least has been lately. I think that's part of the reason why she makes so many excuses on not being able to go to Japan when she could have saved up for it all these years. She has the romanticized idea of Japan in her head, and also the reality of what the country and culture really is….the reality part just pisses her off (she barely knows japanese, doesn't actually know that much about the culture besides from shit she learns from anime, she's a fat white girl so people aren't really going to go crazy over her like she wants, only knows stereotypical stuff and has only scratched the surface of japanese pop culture) so she finds comfort in her weeby fantasies.

The only modern parts of Japan she's really interested in are the pop culture parts (j-fashion, anime, manga, j-pop, food if you count that?) which is pretty typical of most weaboos anyway. Even the sprinkling of traditional culture is pretty stereotypical.

No. 70256

The thing is, she doesn't WANT to go unless she has someone to go with. She's not going to start saving until she gets in a relationship, and who knows how long that could be

No. 70322

if that's the case she might never go to japan.

No. 70336

Poor PT, I actually feel bad
But she does look cute in this picture…

No. 70347

I wish I could totally agree with you, Anon, I look at the picture's thumbnail and became all like "Aww, she's actually cute on this one", but then I view it in full size and… Omg, no. Her skin is just HORRIBLE! Probably because of lack of hygiene…

No. 70359

If that picture was taken after she was fired… it looks as though she went into work looking rather greasy. I don't know – her hair looks greasy to me.

I don't know why she don't get a full time job. I mean, I KNOW why (because she's said so) but, like she said, she's turning 30. If she hasn't worked full time there's probably no 401(k), no investments for her future, etc. I'm turning 30 this year and I am panicking because I've been working abroad for the last 5 years and I haven't had a chance to plan for my future and am only NOW starting a 401(k)…

Personally I think she should just get a job at a call center. Verizon Wireless has really good perks if she can pass the phone interview and the computer test thing. It's actually not THAT stressful, she gets a desk, rotating day shifts every few months, and it's an easy place to make friends who kind of are into the stuff she is… maybe. shrug

I really do feel kind of bad for her, though. She's 30 years old and she's still pretty lost as an individual and she hasn't grown up yet. I also feel bad because recently I've been going through some tough shit, but looking at her life it kind of makes me realize, "Hey… it could be worse!"


No. 70365

I have worked a stack of waitressing jobs back in the day and it's long hours on your feet carrying hot plates and cleaning up after people who can be pigs. You go home smelly, tired and hungry. I can see PT not getting orders right or not being prompt to the tables because she's tired/needs a rest break/is hungry. I can also see her having a meltdown when customers complain (and there will always be those that complain). Restaurants need waitstaff who are energetic and on the ball - which sadly I don't think she is. I bet she was standing around talking or asking for breaks and they told her honey, this job ain't for you.

No. 70367

She acts like she doesn't know why she got fired but they must have told her…

No. 70392

i assume she was slow and clumsy and got orders wrong. also might have been too quiet/awkward about describing/recommending dishes

No. 70393

you know she didn't shut up about getting burned. she probably kept talking about it, pouting about how it hurt, asking for a break to put cold water on it, using it as an excuse to be slow etc etc

she'd milk the shit out of any on the job injury, no matter how small

No. 70417

I'm a waitress and bartender, and I agree. The first day into training and they already know if they want to keep you, but they generally give you a few more chances, especially if they know this is your first time waitressing.

Having worked in a few asian-owned restaurants, I can say that they are racist. The current place I work at only hires asian people unless they are totally desperate. I was told it's because white people talk back, and asian people just obey. Asian managers are way less helpful than non-asian managers too, in my experience. But… they are more lenient with using your phone and also feed you well (if you aren't a pig).

If she worked at a Chinese restuarant, I assume the owner/manager is Chinese. They probably expected her to keep up with them, and of course she couldn't.

No. 70424

I was shocked when they hired her at all to a chinese restaurant, the only time I see any white (or haffus like pixy) people is when they need english speaking people to answer phones.

No. 70437

Well in Texas chinese places will hire any race unless you are of the negro quality….. Lol

No. 70440


This lol

No. 70453

File: 1427570201215.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.08 KB, 725x706, myqueen.JPG)

I wanted to draw a cute picture for the thread. I hope you guys like it.

No. 70454

Awww, your art is sooooo kawaii!~<3 I absolutely love it!
Unfortunately, I can't see the Queen in here. Probably because of the girl's nose… and… you know, the face in general. I do realize it is because you obviously have your own drawing style, but I can't help it - the girl is supa kawaii, but still not Queen PT. I like how you drew the shape of her face, and the lips look pretty much like PT's lips as well.
I would be just happy to see a fixed version of this art, because I really, really like it. Please don't get offended for my critics, Artist-chan! You're amazing desu!~<3

No. 70455

As a waitress working at a Japanese restaurant, I can confirm this; cept, they won't feed us much here, hahaha. I've never met a more racist group of individuals either, even towards customers.

PT Disneyfication

No. 70456

Its alright. I like hearing your thoughts. I was really pushing her features and I think I got her face a little lost in that aspect. I'll do some more sketches and will definitely share the results.

No. 70459

>>PT Disneyfication

Now that's what I call insulting the Queen's heritiji. Animu style is the only style accepted for portraying the Goddess!

Yes! Do it please! <3

No. 70461

>non Asians talk back and Asians are more obedient.
Are asians taught to be this way?

No. 70462

File: 1427571887530.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.75 KB, 616x685, myqueenwip.JPG)

Changed the face a little.
Noses are hard to draw.
I have to do the anime face next!

No. 70464

That's their culture, yeah. I thought this was common knowledge?

No. 70465

Sucks to be them

No. 70468

File: 1427572555522.jpg (1.23 MB, 1440x1428, 1427493573909.jpg)

I think maybe I went too far.

No. 70469

The thing is, in Victoria there is only ONE call center, Spherion. They do group interviews and, personally I don't know if it was an excuse, but they didn't hire me because I "didn't have experience". If she has a home phone though, she can always work for companies that allow you to work from home. I think once she told me that her WPM is well over 80. If she had good organizational skills and all, she could land an office job that would have full bens and be off weekends. But alas, she'd rather worry about the stuff that's not so practical and important.
I'm all for chasing dreams, but I really don't think she'll land it at her age.

No. 70472


holy shit this barely looks like it was shopped

No. 70473

victoria fag here

Spherion has been gone for like YEARS

No. 70478

I am currently working my first waitressing job. They did have me trained for two weeks though, mostly because I was being trained as a server AND a cashier, so it was a lot to take in. We don't get fed where I work during our shifts, but some of the other workers will either bring snacks or snack on fortune cookies. (It's a Pan-Asian place that I work, American managers. Not an Asian in sight.) If they didn't feed her, I'm sure she probably snuck food as well. Though the proficiency thing sounds very highly likely.
I kind of wondered how she handled Black Fridays at Target.

No. 70480

File: 1427573910314.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.84 KB, 606x596, mywaifu.JPG)

Samefag-artist here.
I did a whole re-draw of the head complete with Ranma-Shampoo hairstyle. I haven't drawn anime in a while (years in fact) so sorry, minna-san.

No. 70481

Holy shit, really!? I've only been gone for like…3.

No. 70482

That's actually really cute tho.

No. 70483

Thanks. It was PT's cuteness that I wanted to capture.

No. 70491

it needs:
chin x 10
big nose
duck face

but I love your style

No. 70494

I wonder how pixy is doing, like seriously I fear for her sanity and safety sometimes :(

No. 70500

Holy shit, this is the best PT shop I've ever seen… moar!

No. 70504

Is it just me or does the shoop remind anyone else of Lindsey Lohan back when she was still mostly human?

No. 70507

you did great she looks really pretty

me too anon, i wonder if she's at home crying and eating takeout from the place she was fired from

No. 70511

File: 1427580203466.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot (04-57PM, Mar 28, 2…)

Not looking forward to her birthday!

No. 70521

Seems like she gets an early midlife crisis.

No. 70522

File: 1427581549398.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-03-28-17-21-14…)

Oops! Forgot the whole text!

No. 70526

her mom is fighting a battle she will never win, trying to get someone out of their delusion is impossible if they've already gone off the deep end.

Pixy is going to turn 30 and still be waiting on her "prince charming-sama" shes still going to be part time because anime is more important to her than moving out and living her life, and shes still going to make excuses about not being able to go to japan.

If pixy's mom wants her to change, she would have to either get kicked out of her house, have her anime taken away from her, or just have a giant life change somehow.

but she looks pretty good in this photo…

No. 70630

I agree with you on what her mom should have done. I feel as though her mother has been far too lenient with Pixy. Obviously I'm not in the house with them and I can't see their interactions, how much she leeches (or pays rent – who knows, maybe she does? I remember her telling me once that she did give her mom money monthly for something).

If I was her mother I would tell her that a requirement for living with me would be to get a full time job and that if she refused to do so I would direct her to a shelter of some sorts. I would severely up her responsibility. She's never lived on her own (which isn't a BAD thing, per se, but it certainly isn't a good thing either).

And to be fair, if she wanted to meet someone and get married, she'd start carrying herself in a more responsible manner. She doesn't have to give up her weeaboo habits, but she should be able to stand on her own two feet. I'm a girl, here, so I can't speak for men but I like to think most men are more attracted to women who can be independent. Pixy wants to become a super kawaii housewife… I'm sure she dreams of cooking nude in only an apron for her husbando.

No. 70637

PT is the baby girl of her family there's no way they'd let her live in a shelter.

No. 70638

Well, depending on her kinks, I think she would identify in the Age Play scene for sure and by her behavior, would probably be a brat who would probably want a Daddy. Though, I could be wrong.
I do feel most men her age would want someone who is strong and able to stand on her own two feet. Pixy is not that at all.

>Pixy wants to become a super kawaii housewife… I'm sure she dreams of cooking nude in only an apron for her husbando.


No. 70676

She looks like a pretty Elijah Wood (I mean that in an oddly good way!). Cute.

In regards to PT really working, yes we have heard all her bullshit excuses about needing time for her hobbies but I also get the feeling her parents just never pushed this much. Her mother seems kind of old fashioned and expected PT to get married and be a housewife (which is what PT wants, though she has a very skewed view of what it would be like, of course).

No. 70680

That doesn't even look like a burn on a wrist to me, looks more like a blister caused by a shoe. And that also looks like a foot to me.

No. 70681

My Chinese dad has been a restaurateur all his life. The Chinese people he hires are family or friends of family or friends relatives that ned a job. It's about being in a position to help out your family & mates with a paying job but I guess from the outside it can be seen as 'racisim'.

No. 70682

I think her parents may think she's mildly retarded or something (and really, can we blame them?). PT once whined that her mother said she'd be in a loony bin without them and has possibly called her (PT) a retard or something before.

I think PT has always scraped by with the bare minimum of responsibility (she apparently did well in school and always worked), and while they obviously likely wish she would get married it's probably never going to happen. They're likely leaving everything to her too.

She's not quite diagnosable when it comes to a disability so there's nothing they can really do. She's just "off."

No. 70688

No caps because I am a fucking retard who can't figure out how to do it on an iPad, but there was a post on the most recent entry of her Line Play stating the manager kept calling her crazy and she kept getting the orders wrong. They wanted her to pay for the food that was ordered wrong- PT reckons it wasn't her fault and she told the kitchen to cancel it. Post was made 5 hours ago with the other comments, just went back to grab it and now it's gone. Anyone else see it?

No. 70691

i remember getting a new diary notice on her LP and then I went to look and there wasnt anything. thought i was just going crazy.

No. 70692

File: 1427597772232.jpg (367.16 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

Found it, was looking at the wrong entry

No. 70696

Because it is racism in a way. It's cherry picking and sort of discrimination against any other person being hired. They do the same thing at my 7-11s and dunkin donuts. It's not right.

No. 70699

Pt wants to meet a guy who thinks she's completely awesome just the way she is. She doesn't want to change negative aspects of herself to attract a mate and then wonders why the potential pool of suitors is non existent. She truly thinks a man is out there that will fulfil her fantasy ideal of a relationship. At this point it's like she isn't even seeing a guy as a potential partner for the rest of her life but a prop in her strange Pixyteri World.

No. 70700

Not that anon, but I wouldn't say it's racism. It just makes the hiring process easier - if you had people you knew are reliable and get along well with each other (super important where you need teamwork), wouldn't you hire them instead of having to go through the traditional hiring process with who knows how many applicants who might not even be worth hiring? They're not saying that people of other races can't work there, they just have a narrower selection pool. It's not racism at all, it's just more efficient.

No. 70703

Except that's what they do. They ONLY hire friends and family of the same race/background.

No. 70705

I want there to be a man out there for PT

No. 70709

It's more nepotism than racisim. There is an element of 'do me a favour and I'll owe you one later' in Chinese culture. When a friend,s son would come and work with us Dad would say that here was so-and-so's son, be nice to him and help him. These guys were such hard workers because they didn't want to disappoint and they were well looked after, exactly what a working relationship would be. A similar thing happens in other small businesses where people recommend others when a job is going.

No. 70711

That's the right word I was looking for. Thanks, anon.

No. 70715

Well yes, because family are going to be the same race.

Going to throw a spanner in your argument now. My father is Chinese, my mother Australian. They have run a lot of restaurants in their time. The majority of workers were relatives and friends. My Aussie relatives worked there alongside Dad's friends relatives. My Aussie aunt,s friends came to work with us when they were out of a job. Dad was about giving people in our family a job, which helps out him and everyone. Most Asian places are family run so that everyone in the family can benefit. Exactly how is it racist to employ your family or your family friends?

No. 70717

We already said it was nepotism. Enough of this OT bullshit. No one cares about your fucking family being part chinese and aussie.

No. 70718

You started it.

No. 70723

New content was provided in that last pic and instead of commenting on that you decide to start screaming at people?

Anyway, who wants to guess what PT's mother said or are we thinking PT hasn't told her yet?

No. 70729


I doubt she has told her mother. I know the woman would probably scream at her and call her names.
Though, PT might for dramatic effect and go off bawling to someone.

No. 70730

Ching Ching ping pong !!! no one gives shit great dishonor upon your famiry!!!

No. 70735

No. 70740

what's PT going to do now with her life. Do would you want her to do farmers?

No. 70757

I doubt her mother knows yet too. I can't see PT owning up to it because deep down she know she was the one that fucked up. I guess it,s easier to say that no one likes me rather than i,m shit at my job as the reason why you got fired.

Well maybe PT needs to retrain for a bit into another industry. Maybe as an old folks carer. She could drive out and drop off their lunch in her cosplay out fits and sing a little song.

No. 70773

See, I just imagine her pretending to be Shampoo at that restaurant.

relevant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdXRFkNlypo

No. 70774

Maybe she could get a manager? I know a lot of store managers just need a college degree to get a decent paying job. Or would a manager job have too much responsibility for her.

No. 70775

It would also require her to be full time… which she has said she doesn't want. She wants to be part time so that she can keep up with her hobbies.

No. 70777

PT can barely manage herself

No. 70788

she seriously cant believe that now maybe she changed her mind

No. 70818

>I can't see PT owning up to it because deep down she know she was the one that fucked up.
In her defense I've seen noobs at the job get fucked over and mistreated for simple mistakes or things that weren't their fault and let's just say Asians aren't the easiest people to work for.

I have no doubt that PT must have been doing something strange to be called "crazy" but I actually wonder if that has anything to do with her reputation rather than actual behavior (she seemed able to get by at her other jobs, to a degree).

No. 71106

She was known for being weird at Home Depot. I recall someone who worked with her at Home Depot coming forward and talking about how she was at work.

No. 71142

she probably tried to desu desu her way into tips and her employers couldn't bear the stereotype she was creating.

No. 71171

go on

No. 71242

Please extrapolate.

The way she dresses and "styles" herself is likely enough, but that's probably true too.

No. 71252

I wish I could elaborate. I just remember someone who she used to work with coming forward at one time. It could have been Home Depot, or the place she was at before then. I just recall it being Home Depot.

It was years ago, though. I'm sure if you search enough you might find it unless it was 4chan… Sorry I can't help too much.

No. 71475

File: 1427714574958.png (178.46 KB, 500x280, kamina.png)

You know what guys?
Screw it. I'm going with a bang.
The Soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4QhmHfErtc

My Legacy: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=099d80eb0045c475&id=99D80EB0045C475!479&Bsrc=Share&Bpub=SDX.SkyDrive&sc=Photos&authkey=!AnjyVDUGlqFX_a4

Just who the Hell do you think I am!?
I love you guys and gals. Every Sinlge on of You. I'm sorry for letting you guys down all the time. I was so busy. I'm solo again. Not because of PT or something.

No. 71477

File: 1427714901312.jpg (33.76 KB, 550x400, tears-of-joy-19.jpg)

Thank you lord for this gift

No. 71481


No. 71487

File: 1427716438226.jpg (61.72 KB, 376x684, ss (2015-03-30 at 04.50.31).jp…)

No. 71488

File: 1427716456447.gif (2.62 MB, 210x170, 1350616161698.gif)

This is how I would like to kiss you.

No. 71490

File: 1427716619785.jpg (63.05 KB, 404x690, ss (2015-03-30 at 04.52.50).jp…)

No. 71493

File: 1427716810115.jpg (62.66 KB, 399x721, ss (2015-03-30 at 04.56.32).jp…)

No. 71494

File: 1427716984536.jpg (192.46 KB, 1076x661, ss (2015-03-30 at 04.59.21).jp…)

No. 71496

Kamina AND PT webms? You truly are amazing.

No. 71497


No. 71501

File: 1427717484776.png (352.8 KB, 360x632, PT1.PNG)


When I play this one, this image gets stuck on the screen for and inordinate amount of time. Quite frightening.

No. 71503

File: 1427717524127.gif (519.7 KB, 245x130, gandy.gif)

You are a hero.

No. 71505


No. 71506

File: 1427717685085.gif (774.32 KB, 276x220, 1425545368829.gif)

No. 71507

File: 1427717791489.png (25.06 KB, 317x320, jfdhsf.png)

>511 videos

No. 71508

File: 1427718355839.gif (403.47 KB, 250x141, 7400145.gif)

No. 71509

I'm so confused 😳
1. How is she so stiff with her posing and dancing when she's literally flubber?
2. How the hell did you get your hands on this content?!

Just…..god bless you.

No. 71510

File: 1427718768181.png (328.7 KB, 333x596, Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 8.28…)

>doing this in front of her house
>in broad daylight
>in that outfit
>with neighbors that close

No. 71512

File: 1427719116434.png (426.36 KB, 534x318, pt.PNG)

this thumbnail good lord

No. 71514

File: 1427719334223.png (292.9 KB, 352x464, 24324.png)

Is she in a restaurant?? Did she seriously set her tripod up in the middle of a restaurant? She keeps looking around like she's worried about getting caught.

No. 71515

This was so bizarre. I couldn't look away.

No. 71516

File: 1427720542710.gif (279.26 KB, 420x178, 1323916698015.gif)

Oh god, I don't know where to start! This is the greatest moment in PT history!

No. 71517

Who is the idiot that's already making threads all over 4chan posting the link to these webm's?
Saw one on /b/ and one on /r9k/

No. 71520

File: 1427721074773.jpg (18 KB, 180x165, 1425681578134.jpg)

There's a video with PT at a park and there's a load of plaques on the floor with names on it and there's a plaque for her which displays her full name, Sarah Ashley Guilbeaux.

Sarah Ashley Guilbeaux

S A G.

No. 71521

File: 1427721223389.jpg (427.32 KB, 1135x666, ohgodno.jpg)

No. 71523

As a chubby chaser i must say all 3 of these pictures are hot.

I just watched a few of these vids.
Her voice is adorable, her tummy is perfect and jiggly
If she just wouldn't act like she has down syndrome and dress like an oversized toddler i'd be all over this girl.

The ones of her on the bed are cute as hell

No. 71525

File: 1427722131255.gif (297.53 KB, 620x272, soexcited.gif)


Thank you webm-sama. What a glorious way to start off the day.

No. 71527

oh my god oh my god this is incredible

No. 71530

I-i-I… I love you. I'm in English class right now, crying because you've given this gift too us! You're my hero.

No. 71531

You're gonna have a lot of fun with this archive then.
So much material.

No. 71533

It habbened I cant wait to get home and see out grorious Queen.


No. 71534

File: 1427723436372.jpg (51.75 KB, 640x640, 1427062571851.jpg)

it was fun gals and guys.
I think about sticking arround here or go to a anon-chatroom or something.

No. 71538

His name is Chris Chan

No. 71543

you're beautiful, webm-sama. i wish i had an artillery of lovely asses to send to you, but even so, it'd only half repay you for bringing me such joy. you're a true gem. hope you come back from time to time!

No. 71569


No. 71573

we all love you very much! Have a beautiful life and come to visit soon!

No. 71574

File: 1427729658379.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.4 KB, 755x661, myqueenver.3.JPG)

Thanks so much for the critique. Hows this looking, thread?
Once I get the green light from you I'll start coloring it.

I really love this thread by the way.

No. 71577

Woah op you've got so good now i can see her. Good job!!

No. 71578

File: 1427730037476.jpg (32.54 KB, 445x393, doWant.jpg)

No. 71579

that face

No. 71580

ugh really? This is why we can't have nice things.

No. 71581

You pretty much nailed her here! The only thing I would say is to add slightly more 'angry' eyebrows. PT seems to have those sort of brows that give her a grumpy look all the time. Other than that it's perfect I think!

No. 71585

Is anyone out there saving the videos just IN CASE? Losing these would be a travesty.

No. 71594

wtf is up with her music choices? she was dancing to j-pop then it went into rock music like, nine inch nails??? or whatever it was(if it was nin it's pretty funny considering some people have said she looks like Trent Reznor), whatever band is after that, then rob zombie, etc. it's really weird seeing pt in her kawaii glory dancing to unkawaii songs.

No. 71627

File: 1427734760696.jpg (103.15 KB, 500x667, image.jpg)

No. 71628

So you're on the market, then? I'm sure this dump alone raises your value…

No. 71636

File: 1427735291015.png (179.99 KB, 366x516, this ship has sunk.png)

This is one of the best thumbnails imo

No. 71649

File: 1427735798654.png (680.32 KB, 527x861, ptkickingass.PNG)

No. 71650

File: 1427735893690.jpg (17.44 KB, 474x458, 1427297979853.jpg)

if anyone got steam i was bored and made a new steam account to chat with you guys.


No. 71655

Goddamn I am just so happy about this. I can't wait to sift through them all!!

No. 71670

File: 1427736410307.jpg (85.36 KB, 629x908, bratoosmalltwf.jpg)

No. 71697

File: 1427737383903.jpg (43.03 KB, 302x531, pigeon toes.jpg)

https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=099D80EB0045C475&id=99d80eb0045c475!1070&v=3&authkey=!AnjyVDUGlqFX_a4 The way she runs pigeon-toed makes my feet hurt just watching her. Is she running this way only for this clip, or is this how she normally runs??

No. 71703

She picked the worst lighting for her face in this video, holy shit.

No. 71705

File: 1427737717586.jpg (152.64 KB, 1509x879, Lolpoorsarah.jpg)

Laughing at this one. I know shirts can be a pain but it's just funny seeing her try to be sexy and she can't get this shit off without looking like a fat dumbass.

No. 71706

File: 1427737740495.png (171.25 KB, 334x407, let's play full life crisis.pn…)

I think what irks me the most is how much time went into making these.
Even if these vids are spaced out over the course of a year, Pixy had to
-wait for costumes/outfits to arrive in the mail
-travel to these various places
-time these photoshoots perfectly to ensure there was no one else around (which can take quite a while waiting for parks, restaurants, picnic areas to clear up)
-arrange her tripod and camera and act out these little scenes
-upload them to her computer

I also can't help but wonder if she takes most of her photos from stills. If so, it explains the difficult to hold poses and the expressions on her face. It'll also account for the random smiling in the middle of a video.
If not, that's another 10-15 minutes of going back and forth to check how each picture turned out/press the button (she doesn't seem to have a timer.)

tl;dr PT probably spends several hours on each of these videos in prep and execution.

No. 71709

I feel embarrassed watching.
It's really awkward because she's outside, in public, doing those things and I can tell she's looking around – on high alert – to make sure that no one sees her doing those weird poses… or so no one sees her outside in her backyard wearing her underwear. In that second video where she bent over and showed her ass to the camera I literally face-palmed.

No wonder she's known for being the town weirdo. :(

No. 71710

File: 1427737889721.jpg (83.07 KB, 468x829, funeral.jpg)

No. 71714

So many of these places have distinctive landmarks. I can totally see a roadtrip centered around these sites, with farmers taking touristy photos in her signature poses.
Between this and Charlottesville, we have a regular pair of lolcow Meccas.

No. 71716

>I also can't help but wonder if she takes most of her photos from stills
I think this has to be it, her videos make no sense otherwise and it would explain the photos we see. I have no idea why she then chooses to upload or share these anywhere, but it would be far faster for her to make little videos and cap them rather than taking pictures, especially since she seems to be doing this stuff quickly and "discreetly" a lot of times.

No. 71717

Well, that was legit weird and creepy.

No. 71718

Oh christ…If that is her ACTUAL name, there has to be a reason for it. I know she can't be the only Sarah Guilbeaux in existence. I really doubt she's done much for her community anyways besides chastise it because everyone hates her.

No. 71719


With stuff like this on the internet she'd never get a job in Japan if she ever seriously tried to. This is what the 4-6 year-olds wear to their pre-school/kindergarten schools…

…And is just creepy as hell to watch. I could see why she'd be afraid of people thinking she was a pedophile, because she's certainly promoting that idea… D:

No. 71720

This looks like a park, so her parents may have purchased a brick for her as a child.
(In my hometown, when a new park goes up, citizens can purchase a space for their children so they can find their name on the walkways when they play at the parks.)

No. 71722

And yet she would rather cry about it. If that is the case, though I'm sure as a child she was probably pretty happy about it and showed it off to her friends.
Hell, me personally I'd still be like, "Gaiz! Check this out!" and not be all, "Oh no, I'm dead." in a serious manner.

No. 71724

…this is her "hobby" that's probably her excuse as to why she doesn't want a full time job…

No. 71725

Well, yeah. If she has a full time job it probably means that she won't have the house to herself so that mom or dad doesn't find her in weird awkward poses in front of a mounted camera. Plus all that prep and drive time + wait for no one to be around…

Yeah, I can see why she'd want to only work part time.

No. 71726

File: 1427738821802.jpg (13.94 KB, 560x514, Screenshot 2015-03-30 at 11.jp…)

On this day, the name Sarah Ashley Guilbeaux dies.
I am reborn.
My pika pika spirit will rise from the husk of this gaijin body and become the true angeru of heritiji I was meant to be.

No. 71729

File: 1427738993741.jpg (63.52 KB, 459x823, suupaa sexy car wash.jpg)


What would you do if you were her neighbor and you looked outside and saw this happening?

No. 71733

I just can't wrap my mind around it is all I suppose. I mean, all my logical mind is just going, "You probably could with good time management" but then I just have to keep reminding myself of who she is.


No. 71735


No. 71738

"That whale is too far from the ocean. I wonder when they learned to wash cars…"

No. 71743


Wow, that was strangely arrousing! Hello, 911? It's Quagmire. Yeah. Yeah. It's stuck in a window this time.

No. 71747

File: 1427739481277.png (454.6 KB, 640x480, Homer-choking.png)

Wow, PT has always been gross but this is a whole new level. I wonder what her mom is gonna make of her antics when she finds out…like she knows PT is the local loon for her behaviour, nudes and obsession with Japan but I doubt she knows how severe it is. Like dressing up as a toddler and being 'sexy' at a playpark…you just do not sexualise children or anything to do with kids, its totally fucked up and disgusting no matter what. And to do it in a place where kids could potentially see her too…ughh. I feel really sorry for her family, especially her mom, it must be so embarrassing and stressful trying to cope with THAT as your 30 year old daughter.

No. 71749

File: 1427739490478.jpg (96.2 KB, 619x938, strippersarah.jpg)

Was watching this one and for some reason the thought of "Maybe she should become a stripper" popped in my head and I started laughing.

No. 71754

File: 1427739658515.jpg (51.46 KB, 251x337, 1303311258322.jpg)

No. 71755

File: 1427739658578.gif (2.8 MB, 289x393, smack.gif)

No. 71757

I'm so mad she does these videos in a park at night.

No. 71758

Agreed. I don't think her mother actually combs the internet looking for things like this, so if someone sends her the link to that Drive inbox that would be the only way she'd find out.

I kind of think her mother should know about these because it's clear from watching them that Sarah has some issues that aren't being addressed (mentally, I mean… whether it be depression or something else).

No. 71759

omg i'm fucking dying at the "Otou-san~~"

Also, I thought her hair was extra greasy, but it just looks like she got caught in the rain on the way over and then changed into the outfit after she arrived.

No. 71761

Please dont send her the link. I want PT to keep making lulzy stuff for us.

No. 71763

"I'm dripping! Watashi wa durippingu! Durippinguuuuu~!"

Her katakana-ization of dripping is wrong, but yeah… ehh…. :|

No. 71764

I'm sure she got caught in the rain. The background noise indicates as much.
Also, being a former vicfag, I think I recognize that side of the park so she probably changed clothes in the bathroom.

No. 71766

This please, PT's mother likely has some clue of what PT does. Sending her new shit won't produce any "lulzy" results it'll just get PT to starting hiding again. I want her making more shit and whining so we can read it.

No. 71767

No. 71770

File: 1427740145580.gif (805.57 KB, 262x169, jontronchu.gif)

Seems like she only got the nerve to do this one because it was raining out.
Does she bring a change of clothes or does she just walk outside dressed like that and scurry indoors when she hears someone coming?

I can only imagine the neighborhood watch committee showing up at their door and trying to explain to Mrs. Guilbeaux that her daughter has been skulking around the yard/park in granny undies with a camera.

>mfw I try to imagine PT being all super stealthy and sneaking around on tiptoe in plain view with Tripod-san

No. 71772

Come on. Even though she doesn't bathe on a regular basis, PT is an adult. Her mother really doesnt have any right or need to know of her nightly activities. Let her be.

No. 71773

Looks like since her costume is dry but her hair isn't, she brought a set of clothing to change back into. Looks like she didn't bring an umbrella though. I dont get it.

No. 71776


At least she looks like she's having legitimate fun here…

She looks so bizarre and vacant in her photoshoot videos, but here she seems confident and sassy. It's obviously ridiculous, but at least she doesn't seem so dead inside.

No. 71777

It's more sexy to be DRIPPING.

No. 71778

No. 71779

I think she changes into things really fast, which would explain why her clothes always seem to be badly fit to her if she didn't have time to "arrange" them as best she could. She mentioned somewhere before that she's used to sneaking around her parents to throw on outfits, sneak a few pictures and then quickly dismantle it.

Plus if she wore that shit out she would have to be arrested.

No. 71780

File: 1427740457920.gif (3.61 MB, 324x500, flash.gif)

No. 71781

I have no idea how to get in touch with her mom and I don't intend to either. I just don't think that she knows the extent that PT has gone off the deep-end. If she did, I doubt she'd let PT out of her sight or maybe finally kick her out. I can't imagine she would accept PT's kiddie fetish for a second.

No. 71783

If I'm not mistaken, she's cosplaying Arale here? That's disgusting.

No. 71785

She still lives in her parent's house out of their generosity. She may be exhibiting mental issues which would best be addressed irl.

No. 71792

File: 1427740835865.png (435.38 KB, 374x640, ptdress.png)

You know, I don't think she looks too bad in this. If only she wore normal clothes all the time.

No. 71795

Again: don't contact PT's mom or family.

It's not funny and they know what PT is. Debbie has been contacted many times with PT's nudes and online activity. She won't respond to you. At one point, she got on 4chan and told everyone to leave PT alone.

PT's sister-in-law does keep an eye on PT stuff online, so let her decide whether to make it a family issue.

Again, it's not funny, it makes Pixyteri sad, and it ruins our lulz. No winners. Don't be dumb. Don't contact the family.

No. 71797

This. I think she actually looks cute in the red dress and the haircut is nice. Now if she only could accept her age and her size (and her ethnicity sigh)…

No. 71798

Is she in an ihop? I wonder if she asked to take video or was a customer and just came in dressed like that or something. BUT THE DRESS ISN'T EVEN CLOSED ALL THE WAY IN THE BACK.

I'm so confused.


No. 71801

I feel like the only proper punishment Debbie could inflict would be to take her camera away.
PT would probably buy a new one or just use her phone, but it's the only course of action Debbie hasn't taken that may have some effect.

No. 71803


Hard to hear, but it seems like someone is commenting on her public recording here.

No. 71804

They way she acts in this video leads me to believe that her parents weren't out, but instead in another room.

No. 71805

It does but the voice is so low I can't hear it well.

No. 71806

I think they said,
And she stops and says, "Fuck you"

No. 71807

The tragedy is, she HAS to be the talk of the town, and I wouldn't doubt for a second if this is why she wasn't able to keep her job.

No. 71809

File: 1427741715238.jpg (99.79 KB, 444x419, 1348944019514.jpg)

No. 71814

I feel like a pedo watching her vids because her clothes and the awkward way she carries herself reminds me of my bf's 3-year old little sister. Like the way she dances is like she doesn't really know how to control her movements very well yet, like a child.
Just eugh.

No. 71815

You mean her iPhone? That's what she's using in most of her later videos. Vertical videos and all that. =\

No. 71816

Yeah, she def has issues. She's mentioned having depression and being on meds, but she's really regressed and gotten more delusional as she's gotten older. Don't wanna go armchair psychologist on her but I think it's because of her short teaching stint, she whines about it on her old tumblr. That's her only taste of real responsibility and she was pissed off that everyone expected her to act more mature and dress properly, so she fucked it up and has gone downhill ever since.

No. 71818

I think that's the point. Didn't somebody say she was really paranoid a while back about being found out for pedophilia or something? I remember hearing that she was super paranoid about something around lolicon… or something…

No. 71823

i'm so glad i got high to watch this i love you webm sma

No. 71831

Aaahhh… Getting high for full experience. You gave me a nice idea.

No. 71834

Well, she does have an arrange of kinks. I actually wouldn't be surprised. I've never been in a D/s relationship, but I know there are a set of rules once entering, and sometimes Doms set cores for their subs to do. Gathering from >>71729 and >>71780 she's recording herself doing chores, which she might actually be sending to her Daddy Dom to show her proof.
That's just a theory though. I feel like she'd be a brat and never want to do anything.

No. 71837

She looks so fucking old and she insists on making that dumbass duck face which just makes it x100 more noticeable. She always looks like she's been crying too, or maybe its just her eyebags?

No. 71857

god is dead and we killed him

No. 71863

File: 1427745597408.jpg (165.3 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 71865

File: 1427745629468.jpg (156.96 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Looks like her mom found out

No. 71868

you dont get asked to a beauty pagant you pay money to enter one. does she honestly think you need to be scouted or something? come on pt, get it together.

No. 71870

>round eye
I'm actually dying

No. 71871

I think she meant that she has never been given the chance because she's always been so fat.

No. 71873


I personally never knew how they worked. She could participate, but I doubt she would even make it to air…or if she did, she'd be the first one out. Or probably leave because everyone was laughing at her.
Oh please start your LJ again! We need you Queen!!


No. 71874

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.


No. 71877

File: 1427745895190.jpg (112.76 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Fuck anon you totally beat me to it… I just screencapped those posts lol. Now to go comfort my queen in her time of need.

Also OT but how the fuck does lineplay even work? Do you have to spend real money to get gems/ect.?

No. 71885

looking through many of those videos I pity her so much, she's always alone with her tripod and so desperate for some kind of attention… I wish she had some friends that could put up with her.

No. 71886

god she's made all these videos for FREE when she could be rolling in $$$ is she marketed herself toward chubby chasers and fetishists. it boggles my mind.

No. 71889

File: 1427746304892.jpg (48.11 KB, 600x800, AAhFEcZ.jpg)

She has been in a beauty pageant, well a bikini pageant but basically the same deal. She's just butthurt to the max cos she didn't win.

No. 71894

I believe some assholes contacted her family about PT sharing "CP" somewhere (that My Twin Stars porn). It was stupid and it got PT in trouble and thus less content for us. And from what PT has said of her mother I think her mother has some clue of what is going on with PT.

But is her mother to have no life just to watch PT and make sure she doesn't take any stupid pictures? That's not a life. And PT's mother seems to think that PT is nuts/retarded, she wouldn't kick her out. She accepts PT's bullshit and has for years, newfriend.

No. 71903

I am one of the few who suggested that maaaaybe we should tell her mother – but I am not the individual(s) who went and did it. =\

No. 71905

Then dont suggest it.

No. 71908

You can spend money, but usually you do tasks (clean, heart, water, eat, sleep, bathe) to get 10 gems for each action. You have 20 rooms you need to visit a day for the first three on the list, though you can buy more hearts. Sometimes there are events or an advent calender like thing each month. You can also go into the square and high five 20 people for gems. For each task you complete, you get bonus gems. Sorry for OT.

Back on topic, I'm downloading the folder and will add it to the PT Mediafire archive.

No. 71910

File: 1427747016836.gif (98.24 KB, 300x300, 1345279688722.gif)

No. 71917

Jfc that poor obese cat. i knew she couldn't take care of it but it's so sad to see overweight animals, cuts their lifespand so much

No. 71918

She knows but she doesn't accept it, given from how much PT bitches about her and from how she's reacted to some of the shit PT has done but I still don't believe she has the full picture of PT's nastiness. There's a big difference between a looking at a picture of cartoon children and actually exposing yourself at a school and a playpark. Finding out your daughter has pedo tendencies and does that shit in public near to children is not something I could see Debbie put up with. She'd go nuclear on PT because it's not something that is just her being an oddball like mumbling broken Japanese and not bathing right, its her doing something that is really sick and depraved. Like what if their neighbours found out and accused her being an actual pedo, you couldn't live in that neighbourhood anymore with shit like that hanging over you.

No. 71926

She accepts it so far as to refuse to kick PT out or punish her in a long term way.

And what pedo tendencies does PT have? Is this trolling?

Everyone in town knows PT is nuts, dresses badly to the point of being vulgar and does weird photo shoots. Her mother knows this well too.

No. 71927


I don't think this is related to the treasure trove we just received. Otherwise, why would she simultaneously decide to start up her LJ again after years of hiding out?

That being said, don't.

No. 71928

We don't know if PT has pedo tendencies, just that she has an ageplay fetish.

No. 71929


I really think all the pedo talk around PT is absurd and reaching. Ignoring the ridiculous Brit-baiting from staminarose, PT is not a pedophile. She is super immature and regressive and wants to be considering a cute little girl who an older brother/daddy/strong man takes care of and babies so she can act like a spoiled brat. She is zero threat to kids and doesn't really give a shit about anything but herself, so stop calling her a pedophile because she is into age play.

No. 71931


Yeah, I'm sure it has to do with her being fired from her waitressing job.

No. 71932

Which isn't pedophilia at all so it's pretty stupid of that anon to try to insist PT has pedo tendencies. Wanting to pretend to be a child and (badly) dressing as one is not being a pedophile.

>>71929 This is correct.

No. 71944

I'm not saying PT's a pedophile or that she would genuinely target a child but ageplay is def based on pedophilia. We don't live in a magical vacuum where kinks spring from nowhere, its based on sexualising children and things related to children. PT idolises all things kawaii and related to being a little child, which is weird but not harmful, but adding the sexual element to it is a pedo tendency, its disgusting. Anyone looking at it from being a neighbour and a parent would be concerned to live by someone like PT if that was well known about her whether she was a real threat or not, pedophilia is intolerable, which is why I don't think her mom knows, that's all I'm trying to say.

No. 71953

No. 71956

No. 71960

Her eyes are one of her nicest features too, her natural blue eyes not the contacts. I can't understand why she hates them so much.

No. 71961


I'd love to hear your well-educated perspective on other kinks. Ageplay is not inherently pedophilia and it is not sexualizing children for an adult to want to be infantilized or wear a diaper or call someone 'daddy'. Just because you think it is gross does not make it pedophilia.

No. 71962


That's basically saying that BDSM = domestic violence and that rape fantasies = rape. There is a difference between role playing/fetish and abuse. And PT is obviously the child in ageplay, so not sure how you can equate that with pedophilia.

No. 71963

>def based on pedophilia
Except it's not, so the rest of what you said is utter bullshit. Since PT doesn't do anything relating to pedophilia (except for, at best, reblogging a distasteful picture once) she isn't a pedo and has no connections to it. Besides, everyone knows about that picture and her the stupid pictures she takes, so that's hardly new to anyone. But you're not going to give up with your weak attempt at trolling so why bother reasoning it out.

Her eyes are lovely. She hates them because they aren't black like Japanese eyes.

No. 71969

File: 1427751593048.jpg (66.38 KB, 418x574, pt.jpg)

https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=099D80EB0045C475&id=99d80eb0045c475%211209&v=3&authkey=%21AnjyVDUGlqFX_a4 she almost look normal here. Like a tagged pictures in your aunt's facebook

No. 71976

You are sexualising children, where do you think it comes from otherwise? This stuff doesn't pop out of nowhere. PT acting like a child to get herself and someone else off sexually means that you have to find the behaviour (childs behaviour) arousing, that's what you are emulating. It's not rocket science to work it out. People can do what they like but ageplay is utterly sick, you can have kinks if thats your thing but kids are a no go, why would you even what to defend that shit

No. 71984


She does look rather nice! But damn, that hair is so greasy.

No. 71986

Do you have rape/rough sex fantasies?

No. 71994


No. 71999

File: 1427753134667.jpg (258.92 KB, 768x1024, IMG_6078.jpg)

why does she always have that mini pigtail hairstyle, it doesn't suit her at all. It looked better short, she actually looked really cute!

No. 72000

Can anyone shop some cracks into the ice?

No. 72019

omg qt

No. 72029


She needs to go back to that length. I think it doesn't make her chin look as long.

No. 72031

haha. 2000000000000k Gems for that.

No. 72035

A bullet to the face would have the same effect

No. 72043

https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=099D80EB0045C475&id=99d80eb0045c475%211986&sc=Photos&authkey=%21AnjyVDUGlqFX_a4&v=3 Holy shit. That wapanese. The gamer gurl thing. The constant looking to the side. So awkward

There's a bunch of neko girl ones under the rain at night. She makes those kawaii nya noises, randomly walks off camera and takes a stroll outside while it's pouring ("ame suki!"). Those are just sad. I'm sure she just took them because it was the only time she could be louder in public since logically nobody was going to be around. I can imagine her getting home at late night hours in her soaked seifuku while carrying the tripod.

No. 72046

Yeah, her features look much more balanced and she is actually genuinely smiling which is nice. Her outfit is kinda mishmash but ok, its PT unique but somehow flattering. I know its been said a billion times but she can look good, so its hard to understand why she prefers to look like she got dressed in the dark then rummaged through a dumpster…

No. 72057

Stop or take to /b/, pls.

No. 72066

No. 72067


what's going on here?

honestly, i was wondering how she fit in a lot of these clothes. it makes sense that she would wear them like this.

No. 72068

I actually think he was just telling her to go film somewhere else.

No. 72069

>mfw PT second name is Ashley
why are all the girls called Ashley/Ashlee/Ash so often batshit crazy or sluts with drama?

No. 72072

It did sound like he said "whore" though (at the very least, some sort of insult). I don't think PT would say "fuck you" to someone over them simply telling her to film somewhere else, I don't think she's that aggressive.

No. 72074

Because Ashley is a really common name.

No. 72075

There's a word for that in German called "Kevinismus" basicly if the child gets a stupid name everyone will treat it like it's stupid. It'll get worse grades and so on.

No. 72077

that's her doing laundry gravure, whatever the hell that's supposed to be idfk but its hilarious

No. 72081

I could be wrong, but I could have sworn that I heard something to the effect of "so ugly" or "you're so ugly" when he started talking.

No. 72082

I can't make out everything but I think he says "you think mom won't notice blah blah." So I'm guessing that might be her dad or brother telling her off? Others have said that she's really disrespectful to her dad, saying to his face that he's not her real dad and stuff, so telling him to fuck off might not be out of the ordinary for her?

No. 72083

File: 1427760467152.jpg (23 KB, 462x327, kc.JPG)

>>"…and then they played "Teen Spirit" by Nirvana!!"

No. 72086

File: 1427762869966.gif (3.19 MB, 366x1115, nirvana.gif)

thanks for the idea

No. 72095

I would seriously scream if I saw someone wearing that shirt. wth is that shit

No. 72098

I can't see PT ever doing one of her photoshoots with her dad or brother around though.

No. 72103

W-what if Webm-sama is Pixy's 'daddy'?

No. 72105

I don't know, it seems like in most of the videos where she's at home, she's constantly looking over her shoulder like she'll get caught any minute. So either her parents are around for them, or she’s gotten caught before.

No. 72107

i think is both. Can you imagine being caught doing that (or doing that btw) i would kill myself

No. 72113

I'm pretty sure she is at home, that's her backyard in the 2 other vids wearing that outfit and she uses that wall a lot as a backdrop in her photos from what she's got on her photobucket.

I agree. She's likely doing stuff like this in front of them all the time, she does it in the street where everyone else can see too, she can't have the house all to herself that often. And she hates her dad, because his existence ruins her whole haffu delusion, so I'm betting they butt heads a lot. Can't see PT saying fuck you to a strange man catching her doing a kawaii photoshoot, she'd probably run away and cry.

No. 72118

Yeah I get the feeling that she doesn’t really give a shit about people seeing her. I think the only reason she’s looking over her shoulder all the time is because she doesn’t want to get in trouble or told off, not because she cares if people see.

Otherwise why would she do this kind of stuff in front of her house in view of neighbors, in the middle of a restaurant, in a public park during the day, outside of large buildings that probably have security cameras, etc.?

No. 72121

omg what if cctv footage of her ended up on funniest home videos?

No. 72174

She can't even slide her hand down her leg like a normal person.

No. 72205

This would make a good horror movie character. Like. It's some girl who everyone thought drowned in a river, but in reality, she didn't actually drown. She just lived in the park and still dressed like a 5 year old when she was 30. Sort of in between a ghost and a feral child. I dunno.

Well that's not very kawaii of her…

No. 72221

I hear "you're so ugly…"

No. 72223

Pt's entire family knows the extent. As an old fag who knew her from lolita, they fucking know. They know big time. People used to send links of the nudes and embarassing kawaii shit to her parents. Her mom defended her on CGL and her sis in law used to answer questions for us in exchange for family boundaries. They know exactly how far this goes. Goddamn it, I know I'm ancient but you guys need to stop trying to find an excuse to contact her family. Don't do it, it's partly what destroyed the golden age of PT.

No. 72224

So did PT make all of these for webm-sama?

No. 72225

Not to mention, it's utterly pointless. She's an adult woman. She can make her own decisions. She lives in her own little bubble and isn't hurting anyone or promoting anything dangerous.

No. 72227

Some of these appear to have disappeared. Does anyone know what I missed?

No. 72228

Oldfag reporting in! Oldfag-Sempai, I believe I got into following PT when she became part of the Bleach fandom and, being her autistic self, decided to abandon IH for IR because she discovered she was more like Rukia. Everyone was ASTOUNDED. For manga faggots, that's serious ship jumping and she had to leave fandom for saying things like "bawwww, I think Kubo Tite (mangaka) makes Rukia sexy because she has no boobs. He's such an ass!" Well Pixy in Lolita fandom was as much lulzworthy as Manga fandom, but I think Lolita was when she made her first dramu appearance.

Sempai is utterly correct. In fact, we can pinpoint the exact thing that made Pixy lock down every single account. That is the infamous tinychat video where she records her mother humiliating her about her stench. That video was sent to her mother, her mother got a lot of threats and hate from anons who felt sorry for PT and PT's mom made a statement about it via FB and subsequently (we found this out months later from Miyu and other random anons that kept in contact) that PT's mother banned her from internet. She literally did not allow her to access the internet and snuck in contact through twitter.

Her second twitter lock down was dumbass "K' former Pixy friend who called the police on Sarah's wrist scratching. It doubled PT's medical bills and the sister-in-law came in here fuming saying K was only doing it for attention. Twitter was locked down and PT has disappeared since.

Once PTNR came, two neckbeards came in with claims of CP. Since PT was still on lock down, nothing happened to our lulz, but we lost important promised chat logs from PTNR. I think PTNR dumped all the grossest of pics.

So moral of these short stories is to leave this cow lie. You will NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER fix her. You will never play an hero to Pixy. You will either sit back and watch the train wreck or get banned from the Light of the Goddess.

No. 72229

makes Rukia un-sexy*

No. 72230

Plus, her parents and family were contacted several times about various shit she pulled. Nothing changed.

No. 72231

Yep. She's a rare specimen, so let's observe from afar. After so long we're finally getting new info from her (via Line Play) so let's not fuck it up.

No. 72232

Can anyone else hear a guy laughing in the bg here?
Skype w/ Britfag perhaps?

No. 72234

I think that's on the music track of whatever she's listening to?

No. 72236

… : /

Guize, it's Pink Floyd. The laughing is a pretty recognizable staple of the song/band/album.

No. 72237

I thought so at first, but unless it's part of a soundtrack where they leave the dialogue in it sounds independent of the music.
It also syncs up as responses to her losing balance or saying something.

No. 72238

womp, scratch that, nevermind.

No. 72259

>And she hates her dad, because his existence ruins her whole haffu delusion

I agree with this. It really has to suck though to have your daughter hate you so much because of something like that.

No. 72262

And sucks for PT because I think she got her uglier features from him.

No. 72267

She probably could be really pretty if she tried harder. She'd just rather not.

No. 72271

If she did something different with her hair. Got rid of those bangs, or let them grow out a bit and wore more flattering clothing for her figure she'd be pretty cute. I think she's just focused on cute so much she's now at the point where she has no idea how to dress.

No. 72281

Watching these are so embarassing, some one on kiwi farms pointed out all these videos added together equal 45 days worth of time she spent filming her self.

No. 72284

what's worse is that he's still nice to her, i've heard he was the only one who did something with her for her birthday, her mom completely refused to.

i think the bangs are fine, imo she looks fine when her hair isn't in those kawaii hairstyles. i think what she really needs to do is add some more volume to her hair since it's so thin and makes her head look bigger. i also think she needs to start wearing makeup and taking care of her skin. i do agree with you on the rest of what you said.

No. 72292

Are you Kitana Ash?

No. 72303

It's closer to 17 hours, going by the their average estimated time-per-video. 494*2.13/60 = 17.537 hours of footage.

No. 72304

On top of her hair being so thin she never seems to wash it so the grease makes it exponentially flatter.

No. 72305

It seems some of the vidoes went missing. 494 instead of 511. :(

No. 72308

ugh, i know, imagine how gross her forehead is underneath those bangs.
i feel like she keeps her hair greasy because it makes her hair look darker. she did have clean hair in at least one of these videos and her hair looked pretty light, in most of these videos her hair looks black.

No. 72315

I'm sorry to hear that you and your girlfriend broke up. :C But thank you!!

No. 72358

After looking through some of the videos, its like…I know nothing is new, this isn't something I didn't know about pixyteri but I genuinely thought somewhere deep down she knew it was all shits and giggles but shes really into it.

She pretends to act like a visual novel/hentai character, and its bizarre.

So if Debbie knows, I guess thats that. Debbie has chosen to not beat her daughter down like a true southern parent, and instead understands the extent of Pixy's mental illness and has decided to let it go.

And if thats the case, I guess her family tries to pretend its not happening, and maybe have an unspoken boundary about these things now so pixy can roam free (But chooses not to) as long as nothing is linked back to them….

but victoria is a small place and weens exist everywhere….

No. 72363

that's exactly why she doesn't wash her hair and bathe regularly in general, thus why her mother screams at her to shower.

No. 72365

File: 1427792124631.jpg (155.19 KB, 800x800, image.jpg)

She should try out for this contest.

>RocketNews24 wants to grant your wish in Japan, and share your experience with the world via our website! Seeing your Japan wish being granted will surely put a smile on the faces of many other people around the world, and perhaps even inspire them to pursue their own dreams. Let’s achieve your dream together with RocketNews24!

No. 72368

Can't we just send in a video of our queen and vote for her?

No. 72370

They'd need to find PT a boyfriend for that to happen. As I mentioned earlier ITT, PT doesn't WANT to go to Japan unless it's with a boyfriend or husband.

No. 72372

Who's gonna take the bullet to make her dream come true?

No. 72373

Yeah, she mentioned that again in her LP Diary comments too. Why is she so obsessed with going to Japan with a boyfriend?

No. 72375

I think it's just another excuse to not go because deep down she knows that if she went, it would completely disappoint her. I think even if she did get a boyfriend/husband she'd have another excuse to not go.

No. 72376

That makes sense. I want her to go so badly though…it would be so entertaining.

No. 72377

I'd love to see her in a show like youは何しに日本へ

No. 72379

Me too, anon. Me too. I would love for it to be documented as well. I feel like she may agree to going to Japan if a guy she's interested in convinces her that Japan is her weeb fantasy land.

Omfg yes!

No. 72380

Perhaps because she sees herself as an old maid and will be judged by her ~real people~ if she goes alone without a man? Given how delusional she is, I really wouldn't be surprised if that was the reason. Partly some of >>72375 too, but she seems to genuinely want a boyfriend and later husband, she seems incredibly lonely.

No. 72383

It could be that and I agree, it's really sad to think about how alone she must be, especially now that she's out of a job.

No. 72439

As depressing as it is that she's "so alone", it's kind of her own fault. She has had friends in the past, in real life, but I think everyone just got tired of having to put up with her.
I've been her friend before, and it's like taking care of a child. All the whining and complaining. I mean, I'll listen to a friend vent and everything, it's just all very frustrating especially when they're not mature enough to hear the truth because they don't want to.
If she'd stop acting like this, she'd probably have a ton of friends. I really don't know if it's a mental illness, or if she's gotten so comfortable with the way that she's living, that change scares her, and being anything else is a frightening aspect. Even though she's turning 30, she must think she's Peter Pan or something.

No. 72487

honestly good on you PT.
i'm a sex worker and heavily into ddlg/ageplay and these sort of videos are way common in both sales and personal ddlg relationships.

and like, usually we bash on her for being unnattractive or wearing bad clothing but so many of her outfits are so fucking cute. and she looks way cuter on video and is so fucking endearing.

my opinion of her has totally changed from back when i was in her tinychat room during the bathing incident. 9/10

No. 72498

People who're into ageplay like fatties?

No. 72501

seriously? anybody can be into anybody regardless of body type or kink.
her body is actually pretty adorable in the right clothing.

No. 72507

Even though it sounds horrible, she might actually get the husbando she's dreaming of after all.

No. 72528

I would respect PT more if she WAS making these videos for as a sex worker and selling the videos. But she isn't, she is freely handing these out like candy.

No. 72530

Well maybe that's her idea of advertisement.

No. 72532

okay but why would you lose respect for someone who gives out videos that she makes and enjoys making?

you wouldnt lose respect for someone who created a video game they liked and enjoyed making and gave away for free even if it wasnt your cup of tea.

No. 72534

forgot to add, also her dom in the relationship or situation could have given these out as a form of hulimiation or punishment. or advised her to as part of her humiliating tasks.

because like its been said. she is doing chores in a majority of these videos, which is a huge part of ddlg relationships.

No. 72535

>doing chores in a majority of these videos, which is a huge part of ddlg relationships.

I need to get into such a relationship.

No. 72538

do it. its rill fucking fulfilling. i grew up spoiled and never did a chore in my life so the whole dynamic is a nice push for me to be less lazy and more motivated.

inb4 daddy issues because my dad and i are legit besties soooo.

No. 72550

Sweet I hate doing housework as well. And I just can't seem to find a good cleaning lady. This might actually be an option.

No. 72551

Sexworker-chan, you sound like a white knight and I don't like you. Plz stop publicly kissing PT's ass, thanks.

No. 72558

maybe 1-10 videos for free for advertisement makes sense but she has given out over 500 videos for free

nigga is you dumb as fuck, PT constantly bitches about she doesn't have any money or she is in debt and she needs her part time job to fund her hobbies. If PT was smart (witch she ain't) she would just sell these videos to make money for her uguu hobbies instead of having a part time job she hates. And please, PT doing chores isnt some form of bullshit dsl what ever you call it for some dom. She only does it because she wants to seem like a pure haffu japanese house waifu. she is BARELY doing work other then rubbing her self on a car, posing while she lazily tosses laundry around and spills water on the ground and rubs paper towels in the water.

No. 72563

It's really interesting, I think that Pixy's mental illness (or whatever you want to call it) has her parents in sort of a hostage situation. I can speak first hand from the perspective of a sibling that is an adult child and the confusion and frustration of watching my parents enable the behavior. What it boils down to, is they don't know what to do. She's too old to "punish" but they're probably worried about what she'd do to herself if they didn't take care of her.

No. 72579

you, uh. you dont quite get it and its pretty obvious how this all could work. you'll be aight.

No. 72580

So sexworker-chan how about sharing some interessting sexwork stories?

No. 72581

nah, this is a thread for the queen.
back to the shadows i go!

No. 72582

Goodbye ; ;

No. 72585

It's just so funny because like, I thought being into ageplay had a connotation to youth and I don't know where your from where kids are that fucking fat and haggard but yaknowww youre a sex worker so your word must be law lol

I agree with that. Webm sama would have probably told us if he had paid her, and he made it clear it wasn't a sexual thing for him so it really doesn't make sense that she would do it for free unless she was really, really desperate to please him and in that case it was so one-sided you can't even pretend like this was a normal ddlg relationship between two consenting adults which throws >>72534's theory out the window.

homegirl is dumb as fuck as so is sexworker anon for trying to defend her.


>so many of her outfits are so fucking cute. and she looks way cuter on video and is so fucking endearing


No. 72596

>ageplay had a connotation to youth and I don't know where your from where kids are that fucking fat and haggard but yaknowww youre a sex worker so your word must be law lol
Ageplay seems to be about acting young. Nobody ever said people involved had to be beautiful. Besides, babies are often fat and ugly, PT is fine on that front.

I think that's exactly the situation.

No. 72599

I find it really interesting too, I wonder what she's going to do when they're too old to take care of her? I don't wanna speculate about her having mental illness but she's spoken about having depression before and I think her behaviour and appearance is pretty consistent with someone who has untreated depression.

Not bathing properly
Mood swings
Low self-esteem
Self deprecating attitude
Comfort eating and weight gain
Acting out and attention seeking
No interest in changing

She's pretty narcissistic too, but I think she's always just been like that. She strikes me as a very spoiled kid, she is the youngest and only daughter. I remember she posted an old family Christmas vid of her opening gifts and she just opens a present, shows it to cam then grabs the next one. She doesn't seem happy or excited, she doesn't smile or even say thank you.

No. 72603

I don't think her depression is untreated, or at least she's been in treatment before, she's mentioned seeing doctors and pills. I do think she is depressed, among other possible mental issues (hard to tell though).

But she is certainly spoiled, but you can't quite blame her parents because I think they also believe she's nuts and/or slightly retarded. PT's mother has said so and I think they said they were leaving her the house because clearly she'd be unable to get by on her own. So she'll probably inherit and have her older siblings to help her out?

No. 72613

She was having treatment but that was a long time ago, given how much debt she's racked up, would she be able to afford meds and therapy? And she lost her job too so she won't have any health benefits from that anymore (IDK exactly how healthcare works in the US.) But her parents spoiling her rotten and letting her behaviour slide is kind of their fault, not entirely, but they are still responsible for how she's turned out. I have a cousin who is very similar to PT (even the same age but thankfully without internet lolcow dramu) and its totally because of how her parents raised her, now they're stuck with a psycho woman-child. PT is the same, she's gonna be a burden on her parents and her brothers for the rest of their lives, unless they do something drastic to make her change.

No. 72625

PT is probably slightly retarded. She can do some stuff but she obviously can't take care of herself, hold on to a job or live in sync with society (exposing yourself in public places where children could be is definitely telling)
She does the only thing she can do so people will pay attention : look kawai~ and sexy~

No. 72629

PT didn't have health insurance from her job (Home Depot) because she was only part time. You can be on parent's insurance until the age of 26 and then she was off for years. I think her parents paid off a lot of her medical bills because I can't see how she could have afforded a shrink and pills without it, the medical bills she racked up and had to pay for on her own were likely her running to the emergency room (which is incredibly expensive) every time her "tummy hurt" and crap like that.

I don't know if I say this simply out of sympathy but I can't quite blame her parents. It does seem as if they took some steps to punish her and try to keep her straight, though they always did slide back, true. At least they insist on her working (and having gotten a college degree) and try to get her to bathe?

No. 72633

PT is probably slightly retarded. She can do some stuff but she obviously can't take care of herself, hold on to a job or live in sync with society (exposing yourself in public places where children could be is definitely telling)
She does the only thing she can do so people will pay attention : look kawai~ and sexy~

No. 72666

Does anyone have caps about the post her mom made? Really would like to see

No. 72669

Ah ok, she got health insurance or some sort of benefits when she worked at Target though, did she not? But like I said I don't know how this stuff works over in America, so forgive my ignorance.

I do feel really sorry for her parents too. I've been following PT's drama since her deviantart days/lj days and I honestly don't know who I feel worse for, its a shit situation either way. I just don't buy the whole "she's retarded" deal because up till she lost her sub teaching job, she was relatively normal. Arrogant and an obsessive weaboo but she had friends, she had a decent job, she was overweight but not horrendously so and she managed to complete a college degree. She would never be a hired or even considered to teach if she was unstable or mentally impaired. I think losing that job was a massive blow for her and having her nudes leaked must've caused her to breakdown too, I know I would if someone betrayed me like that. I keep really hoping that she'll turn her life around though, as ridiculous and gross as she can be, its not pleasant to see someone constantly suffering.

No. 72672

It looks like someone is trying to drown a deformed and mentally disabled relative.

No. 72673

I agree with you on the "she's retarded" thing. It just cannot be true.
It may have been a massive blow, but she could teach elsewhere. They are ALWAYS looking for teachers!

Though, as I understand it, if they looked her up, they probably wouldn't like what they see. I'm unsure how big of a background check schools do.

If she wants to recover from something like that, she just needs to get back on her feet, not stay on the floor and cry about it. But again, Sarah.

No. 72701

Since she has only consistently worked part time I don't think so? You don't get health insurance for part time work.

I don't think she is actually retarded but she is certainly "off" in some clearly significant ways. Maybe autism? She clearly has some issues understanding basic things (basic privacy, how to behave in some situations, and she has a childishly narcissistic view of the world). I don't think she's a normal, albeit weeb, person that just ended up spoiled, it is clearly beyond that.

Also considering her parents paid for her college and she was living at home her getting a degree isn't that big a deal imo. She's not IQ retarded. Plus just about anybody with a degree can teach, she was fired because she was incapable of being professional and refused to compromise, nothing else. At this point she could never be a teacher, she's way too infamous.

I think her real blow was her being rejected by JET and the fact that she never got to be famous/married to her husbando young. Her mother seems quite old fashioned about women and marriage so I have to think it eats at her.

No. 72704

Anything having to do with kids, they'll do a big check. I applied to be a secretary at my old high school and they said I'd have to do a background check, drug test, and finger print test.

I can't imagine what anyone in direct contact with children, especially young ones would have to go through. PT probably wouldn't be able to teach again, especially with these videos of her floating around.

No. 72705

Working with kids? Yeah, if you have any weird or shady stuff attached to your name it'll be found out sooner or later. There's no way she'd ever teach or work with kids again, one google search and potential employers would run a mile.

She totally could get better and have a life again. She seems like she almost did it when her mom banned her from the internet. You can see in a lot of the photos she took she from that time (on her PB account) she looks clean, she got a slight make-over like cutting her hair and dressing a bit more appropriately but for whatever reason she slipped again.

No. 72713

File: 1427840267074.png (Spoiler Image, 895.93 KB, 786x1292, Screenshot_2015-03-31-18-07-56…)

It disturbs me that she did this while someone was home. She kept looking off camera before doing any of her sekushii things, so obviously she was making sure SOMEONE wasn't looking. Eugh.

No. 72715

Actually I've worked where I was given insurance for part-time work. I think it just depends on the company.


Ah okay. Well, it does make sense of course.
Looking up Sarah Guilbeaux now though, you don't get that many results like you used to, but some of the images are still disturbing.

No. 72719

File: 1427840425033.png (653.11 KB, 532x800, Sarah-Rose-Loli-032-1.png)

She was so beautiful here. She looked genuinely happy too.

No. 72722


Maybe she was happy back then dunno, but she was fat back then and still is as a matter of fact fat.

No. 72724

Nobody said she wasn't…?

No. 72725

pick one

No. 72727

She's actually a lot smaller then than she is now actually. I remember someone posted a photo of her in a bikini to one of her newest shots. She looks a lot different….in a fat way.

No. 72729


I wonder where she took these videos of her humping the bench. That doesn't seem like something you'd have in your house, but she's in her pjs, so she must be at home? Also, creepy peace sign.

No. 72731

I'm saying she's beautiful because she's not throwing her sekushii all up in my face and DAMMIT IMHO SHE LOOKS GOOD.

No. 72732

she's just trying to appeal to her japanese audience

no but for real i didn't think she was this weird i feel bad bad for her but still can't help but laugh when i see these videos anyway y'all should leave her alone

No. 72734

Autism seems unlikely. She is narcissistic for sure but that's bred not born. Being spoiled and allowed to get away with being a brat for the majority of your life can really screw you up. You don't learn to empathise, be polite or obey social conventions and you sure as hell can't handle responsibility and criticism. PT's deal is that she always wants to be special and different and she demands people bend to her will, she doesn't just behave awkwardly because she doesn't understand. She's acutely aware of how plain, mediocre and white she is and she hates it, she wants to be the opposite. She was coddled as a kid then expected to grow up, couple that with her bf treating her like shit, being depressed and getting fired several times and living in such a tense home environment too, its really degraded her mental health. If she really was autistic, it would've been diagnosed by now.

No. 72735

you got a lot of nerve telling someone that they don't look beautiful when they were in their prime.
Not everyone is born or bred to look like a bitchy Ita like yourself.

No. 72736


Agreed. Solid assessment. From being on the tinychats with her, coupled with what people who know her in real life have said, there's nothing inherently THAT wrong with her. She's just refusing to grow up and seems really isolated from any healthy influences or role models that she could learn to change from.

No. 72739

she has either a personality disorder or she is just straight up delusional.

From what I witness there are two very different pixyteris. One that is bitchy and whiny about her whiteness and her reality and another that talks to Tripod-sama pretending that she is a gravure model.

She disconnects from reality whenever she is doing photoshoots, she becomes the person she wishes to be.

No. 72762

>She is narcissistic for sure but that's bred not born.

I'm not saying she has the disorder (though she has elements of it) but people can be born fucked up. Also, you can be autistic and not be diagnosed, Chris-chan is a clear example of that (though if he was diagnosed recently I don't know, but I recall his parents refusing to take him in for treatment).

Also her parents (and mother especially) did seem to try to make her fly straight but clearly it ended up in failure. They insisted on her school and her working, if not I don't think she would have done either. Her mother also tried to make PT fit in in her own misguided way, like by dyeing her hair or trying to shame her weeb habits. PT's mother is also the one that forbid a lot of her shoots, cosplay attempts and attempts to be more "Japanese" (like by dyeing her her black).

She also seems genuinely hurt and angry when people don't understand her strange leaps in logic that make sense only to her (a windchime proves her real dad is Japanese, she's short and likes Japan therefore she is Japanese, etc).

It is impossible to say whether she is truly autistic or whatever else but I certainly don't think she's a normal person either.

No. 72785


My god - this twinkie-eating video just proves what a good bbw cam girl she could be if she were willing.

No. 72789

I agree. I don't know about autism, but there is clearly something wrong with her. Before all the videos, I thought she was just spoiled and slightly delusional, but deep down could be normal if she tried.

But after watching those videos…there's no possible way a normal person would do that and think it’s okay. It would be one thing if she were just alone in her room making these videos, but she’s doing all that stuff in very public places. PT does this stuff on playgrounds and near schools, where her neighbors could see, in the middle of a restaurant…no normal, sane person would think that’s appropriate.

There has to be SOMETHING wrong with her, and it makes me feel bad for her. The videos are just really bizarre.

No. 72793

It seems the consensus here is that she should be a cam girl, why hasn't anyone suggested it to her? She has said she wants to do porn/sex work so I'm sure she'd do it.

No. 72794


Her 'delusions' can come from her upbringing and from having a narcissistic personality. From what I see she can't be genuinely deluded because she knows her beliefs are not true - she's not thin, not pretty, sexy or cute in the way she wants to be and not full or even part Japanese or any sort of Asian. It creates a lot of mental conflict but if she was truly delusional, she wouldn't be able to acknowledge reality. She could very well have that disorder because its root causes are mostly bred.

"The cause of this disorder is unknown; however, Groopman and Cooper (2006) listed the following factors identified by various researchers as possibilities:[2]
An oversensitive temperament (personality traits) at birth.
Excessive admiration that is never balanced with realistic feedback.
Excessive praise for good behaviors or excessive criticism for bad behaviors in childhood.
Overindulgence and overvaluation by parents, other family members, or peers.
Being praised for perceived exceptional looks or abilities by adults.
Severe emotional abuse in childhood.
Unpredictable or unreliable caregiving from parents.
Learning manipulative behaviors from parents or peers.
Valued by parents as a means to regulate their own self-esteem."

People aren't born fucked up unless they have serious mental disability that renders them unable to learn and socialise. Being a narcissist doesn't mean she instantly disobeys all authority and rejects everything around her, her mom trying to make her fit her in and criticising her doesn't negate her being a narcissist either, that's one of the things that can provoke it.

No. 72812

…the horror….


>eating twinkies

No. 72819

File: 1427846205437.png (472.49 KB, 362x634, nnnnnnnno.png)

No. 72821

Wasn't it someone from Target who said she smelled and that she complained a lot? It's very familiar and I know what you're talking about. But I can't seem to remember exactly what.

There was that girl she worked with there who also had a Twitter. Ramona I think. A lot of that stuff was posted to 4chan though. So unless someone capped it then it's probably long gone.

No. 72826

>unable to learn and socialise
Well, those are two things that PT clearly has a very hard time with.

She would need to accept that she is a "BBW" because that is how she would be marketed and that's what her customers would be into. She would never accept that though because she refuses to admit she's fat and the second anybody said something she dislikes (which could be anything because talking to her is like walking on eggshells) she'd freak.

No. 72832

can't believe she's filming at schools like that. most schools have security cameras. she might get into serious trouble

No. 72837

She hasn't struggled with it from birth, she's gotten worse from about her earlier 20s and anybody that was her friend got sick of her for being an arrogant drama queen.

No. 72839

File: 1427847567953.png (145.92 KB, 303x356, Screen shot 2015-03-31 at 8.15…)

No. 72850

File: 1427848284580.jpg (73.06 KB, 412x624, ppt.jpg)

guys how tall is she? PT looks gigantic

No. 72851

She's short as deformed, that playground is just really small.

No. 72854

Mental illness gets worse with age. At least some do.

Picture that twinkie as two asian twins and it looks about right.

No. 72863

I think she oddly looks cute in this. I'd tap, sorta

No. 72867

File: 1427849399255.jpg (23.77 KB, 487x318, Untitled.jpg)

No. 72869

File: 1427849650471.png (341.58 KB, 496x483, 444.png)

Is she trying to be Ai Shinozaki? looool

No. 72871

File: 1427849722539.png (363.18 KB, 362x634, New Canvas.png)

I shooped her a new haircut and look how much better she looks!!

No. 72873


is super short and likes Japan(but not to PT's extent has natural dark brown hair that looks black and dark brown eyes
So does that make me Japanese? lol

No. 72879

That looks super painful. Good lord…

No. 72884

she's trying to be gravure in general.

No. 72887

File: 1427852021750.gif (10.62 KB, 207x193, kawiidesuheartbreak.gif)


I have a theory that most of her pics and videos are so over-sexualized because she needs to get laid. But not just get laid, she needs some sort of feelings behind it. We know that she likes to give it up, but she never gets to feel that satisfaction from making love. She just fucks.

No. 72903

This actually has me wondering just how long it has been for her. Last she was on Twitter, it seemed like she pretty much alienated her old group of fuckbuddies.

Now it's making me wonder if she has any friends at all anymore. I recall she was friends with Bambi, and had dissolved her friendship with that one chick who thought she was SonicoIRL.

No. 72920

I'm convinced she uses Tinder.

No. 72964


I bet the janitor was like "someone come look at this shit" when he/she was doing their normal rounds around the inside of building and spotted PT and all her glory when they pass the window.

No. 72966

I think I know who you're talking about. Her name was also Sarah but I think she may have removed her Twitter. Wasn't there a picture of the two of them floating around somewhere?

No. 72986

File: 1427859529677.jpg (134.01 KB, 600x800, 778461373.jpg)

Yes, yes it is. If I recall correctly she was lolcow (abeit a minor one) from what was seen. Shut down everything pretty quick once there was a thread on MaxFag (I think).

It's one of those friendships I'd have like to see blossomed, but it was doomed from the beginning since the girl is married.

No. 72987

Stupid question, how was she a lolcow? I'm curious.

No. 72988

File: 1427859830228.jpg (244.46 KB, 600x800, 1427746304892 copy.jpg)

I have too much time on my hands.

No. 72990

she thought she was sonico and bragged about cheating on her army husbando

No. 72991

Wow really!? That's…really messed up.

No. 72993

No. 72994

woah she looks like a tekken fighter!!111

No. 72995

She seemed to do a lot of the basic things lolcows do. Unfortunately, there wasn't a long observation period but she seemed promising.

The biggest thing was her whole Sonico IRL thing she seemed to have going. According to her she has a similar body to Sonico. She most certainly does not.

She also had the whole cheating on her army husband thing. She would post tweets about some cute co-worker in full view of her husband since he followed her on twitter.

Add in the bad dressing, and general gamer gurl feel to her persona she was a lolcow for the milking. It would have been icing on the cake that she was friends with PT, because it could have brought on some PT twitter rants since in PT's eyes she was living the dream so to say.

No. 72996

No. 72999

No. 73006

She's 5'1.

No. 73008

No. 73009

No. 73010

"I've been spotted!! ABORT! ABORT!!"

No. 73012

someone pop up and was like "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" looks like she was moaning too lmao

No. 73015

No. 73021

She seems so angry here, as if the tripod were pissing her off.

No. 73027

File: 1427863648926.jpg (445.61 KB, 1300x1733, pd.jpg)

Sarah always reminded me of a fatter, weeaboo Sweet D from Always Sunny

Geez, her head snapped back so fast. That must have hurt.
Where is that white walled place supposed to be, anyway? Behind a building? At a park?

No. 73031

They look and act nothing a like though…

No. 73032

Don't forget her claims of having a 29 inch waist when she's even fatter than PT is.

She's actually still on twitter. She changed her handle when she found out she was on stamrose. It was locked for a long time, but it's open right now. She doesn't seem too active anymore, though. https://twitter.com/bugsrkool

No. 73036

I can't seem to view anything because I've been blocked! Damn!!

No. 73054

No. 73056

Dat duckface

No. 73060

No. 73068

Looks like a rooftop. Maybe Home Depot?

No. 73076

can someone reup the deleted vids somewhere, please?

No. 73079

Seconded. The world needs to see.

No. 73085

She didn't finger herself but she did rub her crotch which did look like it had a wet spot on it from god knows what.

No. 73089

thats the fastest she ever moved in years

No. 73091

Seriously why does she move her arms in choppy movements when she is trying to slide her hand s up and down her body.

No. 73116

File: 1427875305235.jpg (66.92 KB, 720x1280, DSCN2968[15-56-20].JPG)

I am a girl, but I find it extremely sexy when a girl with big breasts wears a bra much smaller than her actual size, and it emphasizes her boobies and makes them look super dericious!
So I hate to say that, but despite the fact that I actually find PT disgusting, I actually find her using this fetish in her vids quite cute and sexy >_<

No. 73121

File: 1427876610146.png (10.26 KB, 417x422, sadasdadasdas.png)

I don't think it's a fetish, I think she's just in denial of the size she really wears.

No. 73126

File: 1427876973519.jpg (588.6 KB, 800x1101, 200811E.jpg)

I'm pretty sure it IS a fetish, and Japanese people appreciate it a lot btw.

No. 73128

PS: yes, I got your joke about PT deniying her actual size, but I'm pretty sure that's not the point in this certain case.

No. 73130

File: 1427877351183.png (476.95 KB, 640x1407, fgddfgfd-1.png)

No. 73136

File: 1427879864077.jpg (106.61 KB, 379x677, Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 11.1…)

I think someone should draw her again, this is a pretty accurate picture for reference.

No. 73137

How the fuck can anyone study Japanese for years and still have no fucking vocabulary.

No. 73139

it's hilarious. She knows like 10 words and 2 kanji total

No. 73141

ラブラブ人 really made me lol

No. 73142

I think her idea of studying is watching anime. That's pretty much it.

No. 73164

I'm sure it's a fetish many people have, but not PT.

No. 73165

Maybe there actually exists a person who has a PT fetish.

No. 73170

I have one.

No. 73171

I'm a straight girl and…her tits actually look pretty hot like this. They look so squeezable.

No. 73174

YES! Thank you!
It was hard to explain because English is not my native language, but what you said is exactly what I feel about big boobies in a small bra :D

- Fetish-chan

No. 73182

Does anyone know how to get the menu bar thing with play/pause options and all that shit back when it disappears on the One Drive videos? Streaming through this is so awful, I swear.
I just want to watch my queen without disturbances.

No. 73221

how many videos were there originally? I thought I saw over 550 but >>71507 said 511… and why were they deleted?

No. 73246

It's so strange how she buys everything too tight, but then wears such baggy underwear… I can't stop watching.

No. 73248

Stop counting every single vid missing, guys, please!
We've got so many treasures from dearest Webm-sama, it's amazing, but instead of just being happy & grateful to our Savior, we're trying to count how many vids we supposedly should have got and how many we've got actually. Being hypercritical to our one and only Savior is not really kowai of us.

No. 73254


OMG, I can't believe I wrote this word like "kowai", probably my new meds, sorry guys, I'm very embarrassed D:

No. 73258

WTF??? I wrote this word correctly, twice!
K-fucking-A-W-A-I-I ! >_<

No. 73260

I think it's more like we're watching a real life version of What Ever Happened To Baby Jane in real time. She's not a pedo. But regardless of whether or not a person thinks ageplay is disgusting, she's doing this in a really unhealthy way. Doing her "sexy" photoshoots in parks and public places while nervously looking around to make sure no one will catch her. And blowing money she can't afford on outfits that don't even fit. She just doesn't have her priorities straight. She's ruined any salvageable image of herself by virtue of being the town kook. Even if she's capable of making herself appear normal when necessary, if people know she's doing strange things they will talk. Especially in a small town.

No. 73266


Not trying to be insolent, just a completist/OCD and curious of the reason.

No. 73267


When these videos were first released, I tried to justify to myself: Well, a lot of camgirls take stupid, vain, sexy videos, but they're attractive, so that's why PT looks ridiculous.

But really, even if she were stunning, she would still look like a retarded weeaboo. How can she possibly think what she is doing is sexy, ignoring her appearance? The nyas and martial arts and anime poses and she can't even jump or climb steps without looking completely disabled. What's wrong with you?!?!!?

No. 73272

No. 73276

The cheerleading videos seem especially sad considering she was so upset about not making the team in high school.

The idea that at 28, she bought three(+?) different generic cheerleading uniforms so she could hop around in empty schoolyards and expose her bra and panties is just… so… depressing.


No. 73277

Yeah, I don't know who keeps saying her voice is cute? It's so annoying and fake kowai and pouty.

No. 73278


Just happened to me too. I think it's an April Fools Day prank?

No. 73316

tbh at least she kind of looks happy here, but i just dont fucking get it - like, why not just exercise/eat less till you look hot, and then take fuckloads of pictures? is she seriously pleased with the results now? does she look at these videos and think "yeah, this is great. guys love this."??? she'd still look, by and large, always unique, totally intelligent, sometimes mysterious disorderal as shit, but if she were more attractive it'd be a little more endearing

what i think they mean is, that it sounds relatively cute

from that body, i'd initially expected some kind of low-ass baritone growl coming from an armored 6 ton dinosaur, but hearing a fairly normal voice come out of this wrinkled sea monster is surprising

No. 73317

A lot of these videos cut off as she's about to pull her top off or bottoms down.

I have to assume that she's cut some of these videos short and that they originally had nudes. I wonder if the one of her topless in her kitchen was an oversight that she meant to edit out.

No. 73320


And "daddy" has evolved into "master". I would give anything to know the true story behind the Britfag.

If she were still talking to him, he'd see this massive leak and she'd be in tons of trouble. I wonder if she's gotten away?

No. 73327

forever expecting the cage to fold under her weight

No. 73356

>why not just exercise/eat less till you look hot, and then take fuckloads of pictures

This, I just don't get this about fat people in general. They always act like fate made them fat.

No. 73369

Lemme get serious for a second here anon. It may be easy for some, but it's not easy for all. Also, with fat/obesity comes typical laziness. I can attest for this. Sometimes you fall into habits that you can't get out of, and exercising sounds like a hassle you don't want to deal with. And substituting that greasy burger you eat every day with a salad!? Heaven forbid!
Also, personal story, I had always been told to eat everything off of my plate, so I had been programmed to overeat, because my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I never knew how to proportion. My Mom may have, but she'd always make me learn everything myself because her Mom didn't teach her(endless cycle).
A life such as that is hard to grow from after so many years. I understand that it is a lot easier than most fat/obese people make it, and ultimately it is a choice most times, but it is also dependent on the situation.

PT for example, I had informed her how easy it can be. But she would also have to track her food. She didn't want to do that because she "feared" it would take to much time and is a hassle. Frankly, I feel she didn't want to mostly because she didn't want to see the reality of things, no surprise there.

All in all, I think it just depends on the person and if they want to change. Some people are just happy with the life they're living for some reason.

No. 73375

The only thing that annoys me is when people think losing weight = never eating delicious food anymore.

Personally, I dislike salads. They're tasteless and dont feel me up. But I love spinach. I usually make veggie burgers and have spinach and sweet potatoe as a side dish. Losing weight and eating right doesnt mean you like salads every meal. I hate when people think that, but so many obese people do. They try to eat a salad for one day and then give up.

All it is is calories in vs calories burned. I don't know why this is the hardest thing for some people. For the legit 10% with medical issues, that sucks. Some have bad knees or some other reason, but most are seriously just LAZY; like Quirky, like PT, like Charms. Niggas need to work out at least an hour a day.

No. 73378

rofl what. Her japanese is still so basic.

No. 73379

Blah, blah, blah. Sorry the world isn't cute and skinny like you.

Sarah's problem has never been that she's overweight. She has an unfortunate body shape and she's been gaining weight consistently since her teens, but she could still pull it off and be happy and probably even cute if she weren't so deluded and bizarre.

So what if she's fat? Lots of people are and happy and in relationships and cute. She's just a self-pitying mess that puts up unrealistic goals and fake obstacles and revels in her weird self-image that changes every day.

No. 73381

Uhhh, PT buys all her clothing two sizes too small. Of course this is the same case with her bra. No one cases about your stupid fetish either.

No. 73382

Ok Fattie.

No. 73384

>Lots of people are and happy
nah, they're always self hating
>and in relationships
>and cute

No. 73385

No one really likes fat people though. And no one really lives a good lifestyle being fat, no matter how much they fake saying they're happy at their current size.

No. 73387

>fat people
Naw, fat people hate themselves more than anything but are too lazy to make any changes. This world would be a bit easier without fatties and morbidly obese people.

No. 73388

You've never seen a fatty in a relationship? Are you lokillian? kek

No. 73389


Wow. This is how people like Ashley are born.

No. 73391

>The only thing that annoys me is when people think losing weight = never eating delicious food anymore.

Trust me anon, I totally agree with you on that. I, myself enjoy salads though, and other tasty, lo-cal foods. It is mostly laziness.

I wonder if she even "works out" anymore though.

No. 73393

I live in a small apt, but if i had a house, you better be sure I'd have at least a bicycle and treadmill machine. PT could do that. They're always used on garage sales or craigs list. I bet she could really lose if she tried.

No. 73394

I don't think it has to be one extreme or the other. You can turn your life around and be in a healthy life style.

No. 73395


I bet you guys are so fit and sexy! If only the rest of you could be like you instead of being fatty anons. :(

No. 73404

If you ate less then you're bruning you weren't fat. It's that easy.

No. 73406

Well, I believe Sarah to be obese. Hell, I'm not skinny either but I ain't crazy.
I don't like my weight and but I'm doing something about it.

Hell yeah, same! I really want to get one of the foldable workout machines for my place but they are fucking pricey!
Her room is small, but I'm sure she could find a place to put it. But then, that would mean saving money she could be using on hentai, vibes and mochi.

I sense high sarcasm in this post.

No. 73410


She has tons of videos and photos in this white concrete echoing room. I wonder if this is a park bathroom or something? Any other ideas? It's so gross how she lays on the floor in these (ignoring the bear-humping).

No. 73412

Isn't it just her garage?

No. 73416


The lighting seems different and the floor from the ones that are in her garage. Plus, she is never looking around in these, when in her garage she looks like she is worried someone will come in.

There were some other videos that looked like they were in a bathroom stall that seem similar, but maybe I'm over-thinking it.

Am I the only one trying to watch all of these? There are sooooo many.

No. 73421


Me I gave up at 140 something <.> I started to question my sanity after watching so many.

No. 73422

I gave up. Far too many and don't have the time. Plus, everyone is posting one so I may see them all eventually.

No. 73424


I'm doing God's work. I'll try to post any I think are special, like this one (1:30).


No. 73429

JFC I love her face every time the jets comes on…I can't tell if she's frustrated or getting hit by one. PFFFT.

No. 73430


this is too good

No. 73432

thank you… this made my morning, my day, and my entire week. thank you.

No. 73434

aye, she's way past overweight ,just by looking at her I can tell she's obese.

Not hopelessly obese like saxy or quirky, but deffo obese.

No. 73435

all that soap, and pussy properly still smells like old rotten goat cheese. but in weeaboo analogy sicky Nattō. lol

No. 73436

Should I upload some of these vids to pornhub?

No. 73437


These comments are so gross and unnecessary? You seem like you'd be happier on 8chan.

No. 73438

No. 73440

:3 it is very much necessary how about you go back to pull.

No. 73442


You don't have to be from PULL to not love baseless descriptions of dirty vaginas.

No. 73446

Your shoop makes her look like Lindsey Lohan from the beginning of her downward spiral.

No. 73447

No Anon, this is a treasure only for the followers of our weaboo kowai queen.

No. 73450


First she says maybe she should write in her diary about "how much I hate niisama"

Then she writes in her coveted diary:
kirai desu
"I hate you niisama!!
(Master or daddy)

Is this the Britfag? I need to know more…

No. 73451


It seems like the majority of these videos were either outtakes from photoshoots or made directly for her niisama/daddy/master.

Why did she decide to share them with webm-sama? Who else did she share them with? What will her master do when he finds out she gave those videos out?
Be careful, Pixyteri!

No. 73454

Is that sealand?

No. 73459

File: 1427910817230.jpg (287.57 KB, 1288x1304, cgl.jpg)

Sounds pretty much like /cgl/ to me

No. 73460


I'm pretty confident it's the same park bathroom from her pics with the baseball diamond, basketball courts and a playground. Not hard to find in the pics and on Google Maps.

No. 73461

>Why did she decide to share them with webm-sama?

I'd really to know as well. Webm-sama are you still here?

No. 73463

But its anything but baseless, its been proven with substantial amount of evidence that PT has poor personal hygiene. The fact she was in the tub "bathing" was ironic as it gets. One knows it was only for the sake of her photoshoot. In the video archive there is a video of PT brushing her teeth and shes doing it with complete disgust. thats a given factor to showcase she was simply doing it to be "kowai" and not for the personal hygiene benefits.

No. 73467

File: 1427911332435.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-04-01-10-57-04…)

No. 73472

File: 1427911379742.png (337.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-04-01-10-57-12…)

No. 73478

Uhm… I could understand calling him a cute character, but I would never call that thing "so sexy with those tentacles".

No. 73479

Doubtful, she's just emulating what she sees in animu and trying to be sexy. If she was in any kind of relationship, she wouldn't keep complaining about being lonely and an old 'Christmas cake.' She gives these vids out cos she has nobody else to show them to and she's desperate for the attention.

No. 73480


PTNR confirmed that she was in some kind of relationship with Britfag and I think it's pretty clear from the chores videos and the direct addresses that she made a lot of these videos for someone. Doubtful this is anything more than an online thing, but still.

No. 73495

Was that a real relationship though, wasn't he just basically being a sick fuck trolling her and manipulating her to see what he could make her do? Fill me in if I'm taking shit, what was that all about?

No. 73496


I don't think we know the nature of their relationship. When we say "relationship" here, I don't think you should take it as a literal romantic relationship, though…

No. 73527

Yeah, I never thought it was a real or romantic relationship. I can only believe that he messing with her for his own amusement, which is a really shitty thing to do, even to someone like PT.

No. 73552

No. 73566

i still cant believe she made all these videos without being paid to. what a waste of time. she has no money sense at all.

No. 73570

To be paid to do something requires a certain level of skill. This is just the video equivalent of bad fanfiction.

No. 73573

File: 1427921547363.jpg (207 KB, 660x440, obama_cries_rect.jpg)

somebody out there will think this is ART

No. 73580

Somebody would want to pay for it if that's the case. Anyone remember 50Shades? THAT was a fanfiction.

No. 73583

I wonder who's gonna be her in the movie version…

No. 73585

Oh can we start scouting for potential cast!?

No. 73586

We should, to make sure the gen pop will love our queen.

No. 73587

This is ridiculous to the point of being nonsensical. I've never seen anything so strange from any camgirl/attentionwhore/whatever. Like she's doing that weird posing thing which may make some sense because I guess she does videos and caps them for pictures since it's easier than just taking pictures on her tripod, but then she speaks to the camera and makes sounds so clearly this was mean to be an actual video but…what the fuck. Her posing and jumping around makes no fucking sense then.

I will never understand it.

And the troubling part is, I don't think she's "ignoring" her appearance, so to speak. This is her trying.

No. 73595

>And the troubling part is, I don't think she's "ignoring" her appearance, so to speak. This is her trying.

this makes the videos sadder

No. 73596

No, porn plebs would never understand this glory.

No. 73598

There are absolutely people who would pay for this shit and then leave her compliments over it. If she were camwhoring/selling videos she'd be making bank.

No. 73604

The only downside for her is that a lot of people would probably categorize her as BBW and we all know she ain't gonna have any of that!

No. 73606

Yeah, it's really a shame, I could see her being popular actually.

Her other issue is that she gets pissy at random, seemingly harmless little comments so she'd never be able to interact with anybody.

Again, total shame because she could be making way more money to buy all the ill fitting costumes and mochi her heart could dream of.

No. 73613

If pt were to start camming, couldn't she just have certain words blocked from being said in the chat or just block everyone who says anything she doesn't like? She already blocks people who say things she doesn't like, so it wouldn't be that big of an issue.

No. 73614

Not be an ass or anything, but we've lost more videos. Its down to 494.

I really hope someone has saved all of the videos before they're gone.

No. 73622

Probably. If she did it for money she could put up a policy of things before entry.

I wonder why they're slowly going away.

No. 73644


It's said 494 for me since the beginning?

No. 73645

Im sure it said around 500-something last night when I clicked on the link.

No. 73656

I opened the link as soon as it was posted and there definitely was 511 videos.

No. 73661

Is her username on Line Play still Yune Kisuke? I can't find her

No. 73664

It's Pixyteri

No. 73680

Ah, thanks! Hope she adds me

No. 73713

File: 1427929558040.png (1.11 MB, 755x944, PTshoop2.png)


No. 73721

File: 1427930186211.jpg (184.31 KB, 768x820, 1402027006351.jpg)


No. 73738

Yukapee + Pixy?

Pixypee? Pixypon? Yukateri?

No. 73739


lol yes.

No. 73758

Pixypee sounds like a pokemon

No. 73774

File: 1427932922480.png (Spoiler Image, 236.56 KB, 811x526, what have I done.png)

Don't click this image.

No. 73777

Even if she lost a lot of weight and got down to a size many would consider thin, I think she'd still look weird and lumpy. You're right about that unfortunate body shape. You can't escape from a shape like that. She's just one of those people that even if she weighed 110 lbs. would still have a lumpy stumpy look to her.

I don't really think she'd look very good skinny. Her head would be massive and her stumpy limbs would make her look heavier.
You've seen in the videos how odd she looks doing anything with her arms and legs. I don't know whether it's the weight, the stumpiness or both. Anyone remember those pics where she couldn't even cross her arms properly? I forget which cosplay or piece of kowai desu-wear it was.

It's just this clumsy off balance thing she's got going on. And she is convinced her poses are cute. I think she knows she's big and beautiful. She'll go into "I'm a whale" mode then immediately after do the "I love my thighs and booty" affirmation. So she just keeps deluding herself about weight rather than trying to actively do something to slim down.

No. 73779

I wonder what filtered to big and beautiful? Or did I change my track and not edit out something.

No. 73794

Gonna create an online aidoru persona named "Pixypon"
Arigatou anon sama

No. 73837


I don't know why I found this so fucking funny. It's just so nonsensical. Also, I did NOT expect her to fit in that.

No. 73887

Her choice in music confused me so much in this. I didn't see PT as being into Placebo of all bands haha

No. 73890


I have 12 of the missing 17. I'm still wondering why they were deleted as they didn't seem to show anything more obscene or identifying than the others.

No. 73909

she really needs to invest in new bras. sick of seeing that ratty white grandma one!

No. 73920

i really hope PT gets to wake up in Yukapee's body one day so she can have the loli body in japan with loads of old man waiting to fuck her in front of the cherry blossoms.
and yuka deserves being pt for a day

No. 73966

It really shows her age too

No. 73983

Err, go to this one, about 18 seconds in… what the hell? She's saying "Fuck you" right? I couldn't tell if she's looking at someone and saying it, or having some kind of fit or some shit.

No. 73989

It's not really 'big', she sees herself more as 'average' any girl smaller than her is anorexic.

No. 74035


Why can't I get any vids from onedrive to play? I click the play button but they just sit there, and I can't drag the slider to look at the video. Do I gotta sign in? Oh god ✞ there are so many and I can't get any of them to play.

No. 74045

No. 74047

Disregard this. I guess Opera just doesn't like onedrive.

What is she saying in this one? Also I swear I hear people in this one talking and closing the door in this one. It has to be a bathroom or something.

No. 74050

It looks like the same place where she filmed wearing the maid dress, so I think it's the bathroom from this restaurant >>74045.
Maybe it's the bathroom from a gas station or somenthing? https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=099D80EB0045C475&id=99d80eb0045c475%212012&v=3&authkey=%21AnjyVDUGlqFX_a4

No. 74058

Could you upload them somewhere? I was tardy to the party and I missed a lot of videos it looks like. :(

No. 74105

File: 1427995396258.jpg (507.15 KB, 2892x1774, pt.jpg)


More than likely well-kept public bathrooms. Looks pretty dead at different points in time on GSV.


Still waiting for the reason the others were removed before I post.

Ohai RT :3

No. 74109

…Oh lort that's down the street from my Mom's house! D:

No. 74110

Oh, and I just remembered that there's a pool nearby. You have to pay to get in, but I wonder if that's where she's been taking some of her videos with the white wall. Or…maybe even the community center that's not that far from here. But I figured that'd be locked when there are no events going on. O.o

No. 74112

Nothing is closed for the queen.

No. 74115

File: 1427997567328.jpg (120.18 KB, 682x1024, Img_1196_zps666eb904.jpg)

She surprisingly enough gets permission to film in certain places. Don't have the caps but pretty sure she mentioned it on twitter a long time ago, she talked about a cute teashop that let her pose but its not the same one as in the videos.

No. 74122

File: 1427998432706.jpg (133.89 KB, 2840x2135, s2a7e511356a92f144a9192dc33ebb…)

"No! Mother, don't look out the window!"

No. 74207

File: 1428003638911.gif (386.2 KB, 570x800, slimmer-pt.gif)

>>I don't really think she'd look very good skinny. Her head would be massive and her stumpy limbs would make her look heavier.

The bitch still looks MUCH better if gets slimmer, despite large head, apple shape and the whole set of extremely unfortunate features.

No. 74213

If she kept her large hips and bust, but worked out for a slimmed down/toned body, she'd get all the men in Japan wanting her.

No. 74219

Maybe with a heavily shooped face.

No. 74222

Her face wouldnt be bad if she got the right hair and washed. If she actually stopped being greasy and got better hair style that suits her. She isnt unattractive, just a bit masculine in the face. I'm sure make up can fix that

No. 74225

She's had makeup on before and looked really good. Remember the Miyu times? She looked amazing!

No. 74233

File: 1428004491762.jpg (19.34 KB, 321x450, 1350205743677.jpg)

You're right, actually.

No. 74246

I agree, even if her body still has a bad shape, at least it'll make her look less stumpy. But she probably doesn't want that because she'd look taller and tall isn't asian desu.

Wow, she actually looks really cute here.

No. 74250

I know! And she isn't even wearing much makeup. Those creepy circle lenses she always wear really don't suit her.

No. 74257

I agree, imo circle lenses really only look good on people with rounder/softer features who wear makeup. I think they may also only look good on almond shaped eyes since aren't they supposed to make your eyes look rounder as well?

No. 74265

File: 1428006311857.gif (365.11 KB, 400x328, 1309267203048.gif)

any news of the queen? has she found a new jorb?

No. 74267

File: 1428006544035.gif (394.9 KB, 570x800, anorexic-pt.gif)

Shoop-safe space♥ again.

ause I love challenges, that's why.

No. 74269

Haaa haaa, so funny, I sound Always Unique, Totally Intelligent, Sometimes Mysterious.
"Shoop - c h a n again", that's what I was trying to say.

No. 74270

holy shit anon
that's amazing

No. 74276

Yikes looks like a spoopy skeltal.

No. 74280

like any anorexic bitch basically.

No. 74281

Lol she would still look better than ash as a bag of bone.

Christ ✞ good one anon.

No. 74286

File: 1428008922597.jpg (223.93 KB, 1000x1020, ow.jpg)

You know what I think every time I look at her selfies? Instead of buying weaboo shit (sometimes quite expensive shit, like those lolita dresses), she could have started saving money for nose & chin job.

I mean, she hates her face all the time she's not acting like "whatevs, i accept my chin and nose even though i dont really like them".

Damn, I would do anything to find money for surgery if I was born with such unfortunate features.

No. 74287

File: 1428009105842.gif (106.45 KB, 250x179, tumblr_mcx1rziKgw1rvlizso5_250…)

No. 74288

She also could've went to Japan instead of that shit as well.

You'd think with her desperation to be Asian, she'd get plastic surgery to look Asian, or her idea of what they look like.

No. 74289

File: 1428009291233.jpg (24.68 KB, 300x230, 1312142000977.jpg)

No. 74295

omg, that notorious tube top/ex-shorts! She wrote a post about it maybe just a week ago. How is it possible webm-sama has a video where PT's wearing it? Maybe I just don't get it, but to me it looks suspicious. Someone tell me Webm-sama isn't PT plz, I need to hear that, I feel nervous.

No. 74302

Or web-sama is her "daddy".

No. 74306

File: 1428010044409.jpg (98.36 KB, 500x525, 1353446579437.jpg)

hmmm thats a good theory

No. 74309

I'm assuming the way webm-sama gained possession of these videos was by chatting PT up and kissing her ass (I'm under the assumption she'll send you anything if you're the least bit flattering towards her) so is it possible that she just doesn't know he's sharing the videos and keeps sending more? Or does PT definitely lurk here?

No. 74316

Man you can't even kiss her ass too much without her flipping her shit.

No. 74319

File: 1428010802882.jpg (26.84 KB, 407x405, w47Bm.jpg)

victoria fag here

because i'm totally bored anyone have any questions about sarah i've seen and talked to her and people she knows enough to answer a bunch of stuff.

No. 74322

File: 1428010941018.png (597.04 KB, 481x879, 1a89a1b5060f3de6b2c371b300c6b8…)

No. 74323

I would think that but…I thought that webm-sama was wiping his hands of this? Or maybe he was, before he and his girlfriend broke up.

Either way, I think that he had more of a connection to PT than he let on. I don't know, I just don't buy her sending all of these videos for no reason. He was probably her niichan or daddy or something.

What if webm-sama was PT all along?

No. 74325

Holyshit at that booklet/flyer

No. 74332

I think they generally look like crap on absolutely everyone, but they are only passable with a lot of makeup because they make eyes look larger and kind of strange, that's why Asian girls always wear tons of makeup with circle lenses. PT looks incredibly strange when she wears them because she refuses to wear makeup.

Also a damn shame because PT has such a beautiful eye color, and her eyes are already relatively large. A shame she covers them up at all, they are her one distinctly good feature.

No. 74334

Oh yeah, they don't look good without makeup, but with the right amount or style of makeup it can really make you look at lot cuter. I wonder why she refuses to wear makeup? Because it isn't ~uguu pyuuuure desu~

No. 74335

But she is so clearly haffu, why does she need surgery??

No. 74340

Was anybody else hoping she was going to get scratched. The fuck was she doing thrusting the phone at Suki's face like she was going to hit her?

No. 74346

Ehh, I personally like the look of circle lenses, but I only like them with makeup on, on people with the right features, when they're natural looking, and 14.5mm at the very most.
I do agree, she has really pretty eyes, I'm actually really jealous of them.

I agree.
Pt thinks only impure sluts wear makeup and toddlers don't wear makeup so it'll make her look like a toddler. She doesn't get that she doesn't look like or have the skin of a toddler so it doesn't work for her.

No. 74365

File: 1428015847216.png (26.48 KB, 302x155, kindofmean.png)

this made me feel bad, but knowing she was crying because she didn't want to shower is funny

No. 74369

>>74289 Lol @her mom shouting. The contrast between these talking videos and the "gravure" ones is so big. She looks so dead in the slutty ones, only breaking out of it to make some cringy uguu face or talking nihonese. At least she acts like a living human in these

No. 74378

No. 74385

I thought she dropped the delusion that she was haffu.

No. 74388

Wow she like to aggravate her cat on purpose and for fun, fuck her.

No. 74391

Yeah, i hate those kind of people. It's clearly animal abuse.

No. 74393


omg her dance routines… without music. I remember her posting about how hard she works out by "dancing", is this what she meant?

No. 74397

File: 1428019375456.png (135.3 KB, 308x308, triple lindy.png)

wow i'm surprised she can get down like she can without losing her balance. imagine if she would actually do some squats how much nicer she could look. her gut sticks out further than her breasts, no good.

No. 74399

A tiny part of me wants to try and recreate some of these videos

No. 74403

you know I wondered if the dance routine would look good if an attractive slim girl would do it… but no. probably not

No. 74407

File: 1428020501972.jpg (899.86 KB, 1920x1080, watwatwatwat.jpg)


what the shit ?
Nah i'm a normal joe.
I just added her a few weeks ago
Tell her some naughty stuff
She gers wet
She send me a link to the one drive
end of the story.

No. 74412

>Your webtabs

No. 74414

File: 1428020785523.jpg (36.92 KB, 640x480, 1424984914140.jpg)

lol, those tabs.

No. 74415


No. 74416

>cumming on figurines
>how to suck dick in 5…
>Metal gear ground zeros game on the desktop
Of fucking course. You must be straight from 4chan, mate.

No. 74417

You sound like a disgusting creep just from those tabs.

No. 74418

and the rest of us aren't we're stalking a mentally ill 30 yr old

No. 74423

The lack of music makes this. Beautiful delusions.

>implying those tabs weren't set up

No. 74424

wow, how new are you guys? please disregard, webm-sama. a lot of the people here are young dumb girls with no sense of humor, obviously.

No. 74426

Been here since before webm-sama. Calm yourself.

No. 74427

Go suck his dick then, bitch

No. 74428


Holy shit are you fucking retarded? Have you used an imageboard before?

No. 74429

wicked burn, sis.
wow you've been here longer than a month, congrats. the point was you don't get the joke.

really proving me wrong about that lack of humor guys.

No. 74431


Chilllllll. This is such a fortunate week. No need for all the unwarranted hostility.

No. 74432

>People falling for these tabs

stop dat.

No. 74433


>I want to shine

My precious queen.

No. 74441

Idk, PT just seems really clumsy and her movements are far from graceful. I think a girl with better poise could pull some of them off

No. 74445


lol are you two for real rn?

nice seeing you again webm-sama. i would've added you on steam, except for the fact that i'm no gamer and have no reason to add you on steam. please keep fighting the good fight for us, and for our queen. we appreciate every moment you spend cringing while writing out sad, sexy things for sarah to diddle herself to

No. 74450

File: 1428023779768.jpg (34.89 KB, 680x643, 1428004063687.jpg)

btw the full tab was "How to suck dick in 5 easy steps".

No. 74453

btw can you please ask pt if she took those godawful vids of her licking the cheapass high fructose corn syrup laden IHOP syrup containers at the supa kawaii restaurant she landed her waitressing job at? i'd kind of love it if she came in with them lenses and that painful getup, just to set up her shitty camera in the corner while ignoring patrons, and get the pink slip shortly thereafter

No. 74455

webm-sama, what's your Diablo III account?
My connection is slow as shit due to location at the moment, but I'd like someone else to play with other than my ex once I get back to my hometown.
I have a lv.70 witch doctor & lv.60 monk, if that'll make it worth your while.

is this new?
I thought she made that shorts/top thing only a few weeks ago.

No. 74470

File: 1428026711908.jpg (121.27 KB, 529x359, 1427960995622.jpg)


1.) I can't play it at the moment. I screwed with my payment options. But i keep that in mind.

2.) She always make new videos and update it. And she refuse to delete these videos. She will even add more. so uh yeah enjoy.

No. 74472

when I used to edit photos for her, she would randomly send me lewd photos of herself and sort of…brag?…. I honestly think she gets off on sending this stuff to people.

No. 74475

Bless you web-same.
Do you stroke her ego for new stuff/never before seen, and do you get an input on what she does in videos?

No. 74477

infact she blocked me because "someone" (me) leaked stuff. But yeah i did just that.

classic pt

No. 74485

Man that blows. Do you plan to try with another screen name? Also have been talking to her for more than a year?

No. 74491

God she has gained so much weight over the past few years.

No. 74493

have any of you guys downloaded all the videos jus in case? we should really have a backup

No. 74522

>listening to this
>around 13 minutes in
>clicked >>74393
Oh god it synced up so perfectly, it's serendipity.

No. 74535

I was planning on saving all of them tomorrow, anon-chan <3

might make a throwaway youtube too, idk

No. 74544

Man PT should just do zumba….oh wait that's real work nvm.

No. 74546

Thank you for your unequalled contribution to our cause.

No. 74547

That was beautiful

No. 74604

I'm on it, no worries.

No. 74609

File: 1428041789939.jpg (28.76 KB, 604x349, zDy3zZkx6Ho.jpg)

>>infact she blocked me because "someone" (me) leaked stuff.

Like, really? I'm still sure she shared the video stuff in a secret hope that a person who gets all these treasures will share them with the world, so to me personally her reaction looks like a very bad played childish drama. There's no way she actually believed in "this person will never betray me and share my super private echi home videos desu~"

No. 74632

I heard that was fun and worth it.

No. 74657

No. 74658

Forgot to add: I think she farts at 0:54

No. 74672

>This woman can't even operate simple machinery like a bicycle.

Anyway, where does this end? Will PT still be making videos in 20 years? Will we still be here watching her in secret and recalling the Golden Years of the One Drive Upload?

Personally I think there will be no end. As much as I'd like her to find someone and start a (relatively) normal life where she doesn't need affirmation from these weird little videos I don't think it will ever happen.

No. 74675

I think she'll probably continue to be like this for the foreseeable future as well, unless something seriously bad happens to her and gives her a wake up call. She's 30 this year, if she was going to change, she probably would have already done so.

I can't wait to see 40 year old PT poop posing in playgrounds in her latest Japanese toddler get up.

No. 74679

Maybe I'm just being hopelessly optimistic but I can see her changing eventually, there's only so long she can get away with behaving the way she does and dodging responsibility. Her 20s are behind her now and she doesn't have the 'forgive me, I'm young' excuse to fall back on, its sink or swim time. I hope she does manage to sort herself out.

No. 74694

narcists actually know very well how to behave.

I think she must be somewhat retarded. mostly because of the way she moves and her facial expressions. that's not normal.

No. 74697

surgery isn't a magic fix and can go horribly wrong, especially nose and chin surgery (I had a nose job myself and met many patients who needed 3-5 operations because their first doctor fucked up). you can easily spend ten thousands of dollars on it. just think how many celebrities get bad surgery. and they go to the best and most expensive surgeons in the US.

No. 74747

That's not the point in this case, I was just trying to say that she could spend money on something more useful, which could help her to make her life better. You call yourself big and beautiful and ugly? Buy a gym membership! Buy healthy food! Save money for surgery! Do something!

But - nooooo, Sarah prefers to spend her money on all this useless shit which leads her to nowhere! Don't get me wrong, it's great to have a hobby, I have nothing against anime, Japan and stuff. But your hobby shouldn't become your only life, you know? That's what I was trying to say.

No. 74748

>>big and beautiful
= "F A T"

No. 74798

I know but I don't think you can peg someone as 'retarded' when all you see is a small and exaggerated part of them through the internet. PT is trying to emulate anime and gravure (which is characterised by awkward and embarrassing poses) but she is unfit, over-weight and totally graceless so she fails hardcore. Generally weebs try to emulate tropes from anime but it never translates into reality outside of cons (even in cons, 2nd hand embarrassment is strong!), it always comes off super cringey and weird no matter how attractive and slim the person doing it is. Also factor in the fact she's often trying to infantilise herself because its 'kawaii uguu,' its never going to make you look good. So yeah, she's 'off' but not retarded because we know she's capable of being smart and normal when wants/needs to be.

No. 74986

This poor fucking cat.

No. 75037

No. 75066

Has she ever actually used that bike except for this one video?

Those tires are so flat, I can't.

No. 75167

This syncs up eerily well with Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus. Try it.

No. 75169

File: 1428112776606.png (143.65 KB, 354x487, kamisamapls.png)

That poor bear…;.;

And then after not making the team, she clearly never watched cheerleaders again, and didn't know wtf she was doing in these. So awkward!

No. 75179

I just did this. Oh god. So perfect.

No. 75189

No. 75190

No. 75194

Omfg noooo you're gonna make me wake my whole damn house up. I can't stop fuckkng cackling

No. 75195

I wish there was a version of this with Tuesday by Drake playing in the background

No. 75198

what the fuck did i just watch

No. 75199

oh my god that is perfect. utterly perfect!

No. 75204

i'm done. this one isn't as good but i'm tired.

No. 75207

You're doing God's work, anon. Bless.

No. 75214

I'm dying, anon! Now I feel like I need to post the Buffalo Bill scene to compare.


Pixyteri: Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me!

No. 75225

This is so perfect anon, is a beautiful experience

No. 75263


Would you fuck me, I'd fuck me

No. 75264


Is it bad that I can see her saying that?

No. 75267

File: 1428131826193.gif (191.06 KB, 540x304, maki eye twitch.gif)

Someone please save that poor bike.

No. 75270

i'm getting excited over someone using a reaction gif from a gay bicycle anime and i really need to shut the laptop and disappear bye

No. 75271

Its okay, I love gay bike anime and I'm hoping we'll get S3 next year. We should make a gay sports anime thread on /b/.

No. 75272

File: 1428134477412.jpg (28.43 KB, 306x306, 10748433_311188462419972_27725…)

What the shit.

No. 75273

it looks like she is rubbing her self off on the bike seat

No. 75274

>that huge bang as she hits the garage door
This looks like a hentai scene taken out of context.

No. 75275

File: 1428135577251.png (573.69 KB, 609x1079, Untitled.png)

No. 75317

it looks like she just gave kawaii birth

No. 75325

lol yes

No. 75326

File: 1428146973424.png (139.6 KB, 976x375, Untitled-1.png)

Speaking of it, I created a Youtube channel and tumblr fully dedicated to the Queen. And even though I wrote clearly that these accounts are FAN made (because, you know, it's Youtube, I don't want to get flagged & banned for "hate"), some creeps still think they belong to PT and write the following (pic related).

This proves the theory that she COULD actually sell her vids to chubby chasers and other creeps, that some actually enjoy her vids not for lulz, but in a sexual way.

No. 75354

File: 1428153544543.png (1.67 MB, 720x1280, diary.png)

Ummm… WAT

No. 75356

why has she got a randoseru hung on her wall?

No. 75357

For her heritage. Doi.

No. 75359

Too bad she doesn't want to appeal to people who like her body type, she wants to appeal to 19 year old babyfuckers

No. 75375

what's misame?

also 50 shades of kawaii desu master

No. 75387


It says "Nii-sama", which means older brother in Japanese.

So PT has a master?

No. 75392

wow it was such a beautiful day out too, you hear the birds creeping and the beautiful owl sound and shes in her garage playing dress up.

No. 75399

Umm… Could some of you guys explain to me how her surname should be pronounced? When I read it, it always sounds like "Sarah Blablahbla" because I have NO idea how to read it.
Plz give me a detailed answer, or - even better, but not necessary - share a voice record of how it should be pronounced.

No. 75401

like Gullible

No. 75402

Dude, English is not my native language, I'm afraid this doesn't help at all.

No. 75404

It's pronounced like "ghilbo".

No. 75405

Er… No trolling? Geez.
But, on the other hand, it suits her well.

No. 75406

I'm not about to argue about how to pronounce it, a google search will show you how to pronounce her last name.

Also not the same anon as >>75401

No. 75425


No. 75429

She's bitched about her last name enough on tc. It's ghil-bo.

No. 75430

No. 75431

No. 75436

File: 1428171043181.png (564.03 KB, 800x646, makeover.png)

I'm kinda proud of this shoop, so I'm gonna share it here.

No. 75444

victoria fag here

It's Gill-Bo
Pretty much that

No. 75445

No. 75451

https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=099D80EB0045C475&id=99d80eb0045c475%212001&authkey=%21AnjyVDUGlqFX_a4&v=3 wtf, why is she doing this in front of people? omg the second hand embarrassment

No. 75454

God shes so fucking retarded.
I can't stop laughing at how hard she has to force being cute.

No. 75461

https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=099D80EB0045C475&id=99d80eb0045c475%211979&authkey=%21AnjyVDUGlqFX_a4&v=3 I feel like she feels liberated here, no one around to watch her do your acts and she can completely release her madness.

No. 75470

https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=099D80EB0045C475&id=99d80eb0045c475%211827&authkey=%21AnjyVDUGlqFX_a4&v=3 she looks cute here but the stupid posing kills it, and makes me un-think that shes cute. I hate how she tries to pull off all those pattern outfits, solid colors work more in her favor.

No. 75474

https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=099D80EB0045C475&id=99d80eb0045c475%211236&v=3&authkey=%21AnjyVDUGlqFX_a4 like here she would've look so much age appropriate "cute" if she simply removed the accessories and did her differently because PT is one of these people that can't pull off pigtails pass 25yr>>75470

No. 75475

so much more*
her hair*

No. 75476

here is another age appropriate look minus the shitty accessories and hair.https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=099D80EB0045C475&id=99d80eb0045c475%211069&v=3&authkey=%21AnjyVDUGlqFX_a4

No. 75477

yea and a better bra would've pull together this look nicely.

No. 75479

I bet shes one of these people you always have to remain what type of dinner outings one is having so she doesn't show up in a pastel blue mini skirt and a My Little Pony top. How shameful. Can you imagine her dressing for a special occasion thats formal?

No. 75483

lol bitch would show up like shes going to an anime masquerade ball for a wedding.

No. 75489

God her movements are SO awkward. How is anyone supposed to be turned on by this?

No. 75501

It's pronounced Ghibli.

No. 75606

Good one

No. 75607

You saying absolutely no one can masturbate to this?
I say challenge accepted !!

No. 75611

None of the video links are working for me :(

No. 75658

Hideref isn't working.

You'll have to delete the http://hideref.org/? part.

No. 75666

No. 75667

can someone make some banners from these videos? we need more pt banners…

No. 75668

she's talking about the tube top she made from her tiny jinbei shorts. they squish her boobs flat.

No. 75670

Imagine actually eating syrup on a cupcake tho

No. 75683

File: 1428194905840.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.99 MB, 384x216, ptdreams.gif)

how come nobody see her in the public toilet?
pic related

No. 75686

She could still try to appeal to the adult baby crowd

No. 75739

Um she looks really fucking young.

No. 75740

She PT ever go back to livejournal like she said?

No. 75746

Ummmm ..yea that gif is completely unnecessary. Please keep your fap folder to yourself, unless of course its of our kawaii niponese hafu queen~*

No. 75748

What's this from?

No. 75755

New LP Diary update.

No. 75756

File: 1428208072841.png (1.63 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot (10-43PM, Apr 04, 2…)

…should probably add the damn file.

No. 75758

she's 30.
This is sad.

No. 75760

She needs to moisturize. Stat.

No. 75762

That girl is super cute.

No. 75763

Please, where is this from?

100% sure she is at least 20 years old

No. 75795

29, but it's still sad. She's so delusional.

No. 75799

She added more videos of her dressed like this in the fair. Around actual people.


Also I have no fucking idea what she's doing at the beginning of this video, but I'm guessing she's making a reference to Samurai Champloo at the end when picking at used sunflower kernels on the ground?

No. 75801

i'm like secretly wishing she found a little spot to set up her camera and record for us again. Just so we can see that fuckery of a outfit.

No. 75802

My wish did come true lmao

No. 75806

File: 1428212972986.png (266.51 KB, 435x546, MWSnap003.png)

our queen I think I captured her true beauty

No. 75808

She looks like a frog.

No. 75812

Did she seriously bring her tripod to a fucking carnival?

No. 75813

That outfit looks bad on her because she went overboard, if she would have left the cardigan out. it could have been a simple cute outfit. but she went full weeaboo. also if she did her hair differently

No. 75815

yea the shoes also was a wrong choice. like you can achieve a effortless cute look with out all the "hey look at me i'm a kawaii school girl" . this girl makes me faceplant so hard

No. 75820

File: 1428213973232.png (302.12 KB, 770x634, MWSnap004.png)

her shoes don't even look good anyways, all they do is show us a pure example of how she can't dress herself. looks like she stole her mother's work shoes out of her closet.

No. 75821

Aw, since nii-sama wasn't there, he couldn't get her any prizes. boo hoo

No. 75824

File: 1428214240729.png (272.08 KB, 368x542, suki doesn't want to be kawaii…)

No. 75826

https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=099D80EB0045C475&id=99d80eb0045c475%212057&authkey=%21AnjyVDUGlqFX_a4&v=3 wtf I'm no psychologist but seems like pt is having personality problems here.

No. 75831

Thats creepy.
And I knew she was alway forcing the kawaii uggu voice.

No. 75833

File: 1428215247991.png (384.96 KB, 437x732, MWSnap006.png)

she looks nice here, I feel like she looks like Applemilk here also.

No. 75834

lol shes magibon and applemilk's love child.

No. 75835

File: 1428215576132.png (198.1 KB, 488x519, MWSnap007.png)

No. 75841

File: 1428215802324.png (227.53 KB, 531x524, MWSnap008.png)

looks like she may have change into jeans before going to the carnival.

No. 75844

File: 1428216081379.png (306.13 KB, 436x679, MWSnap009.png)

No. 75846

File: 1428216301235.png (214.61 KB, 434x570, MWSnap010.png)

No. 75847

I wish she stop wearing these shorts bras outside the house, those look like the type of bras every women use to sleep in or stay indoors with.

No. 75848

the fake pigeon toe stance is killing me. STOP! YOU'RE NOT KAWAII pt -.-

No. 75853

Imagine, walking alone on a dark rainy night and encountering that.

No. 75856

It's funny, she goes through the trouble of trying to dress in her version of "kawaii" but then she wears these ugly, old lady type (though yeah, comfortable I guess) bras/underwear. Since she insists on showing them off all the time you'd think she'd get cute ones.

No. 75862

A true urban legend

No. 75870

File: 1428221600057.jpg (94.13 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Diary updates. It's like 3 in the morning in Texas, right,

No. 75872

File: 1428221647444.jpg (121.37 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 75873

File: 1428221710377.jpg (169.51 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Happy Easter

No. 75874

>jinbei top

Didn't she post a pic earlier where she explicitly stated they were shorts?

No. 75876

File: 1428221758669.jpg (212.83 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Merry Christmas you retarded faggot

No. 75878

File: 1428221872041.jpg (187.31 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 75879

Did she go on her own? That's so… sad

No. 75888

man i really want to leak something explicit.
But on the other hand i don't want to break her more than i already did.

No. 75892

She's not broken. She wants people to see and pay attention.
Go ahead, webmsama!

No. 75898

You've already gone so far. Might as well go all the way.

No. 75899

Yup. I'm convinced that she actually enjoys it.

No. 75902

websama can drop whatever he wants, I don't pity her but this "she actually enjoys" it shit goes too far. that sounds kind of rapey.

No. 75903

There are things people need to just grit their teeth and do. Dumping all your PT videos is one of them Webm-sama. Bite the bullet and make humanity happy.

No. 75904

File: 1428224995696.gif (2.86 MB, 640x480, 1350575415554.gif)

Nah i just can't.
Not only because of her, but you know.
It's fucking illegal to leak porn.
To be honest, PT doesn't mind at all that all the Gravure vid's are leaked. I'm sure she enjoy it. She wants to shine.

But Porn on the other hand is hot material.
And i don't even own a good proxy to hide my IP adress (Which is pointless from now on because the Admin already can see where i come from ect.) AND ALSO - When the cops are investigating they can pretty much fuck me in the arse. Even tho i'm not from the states. Since my country beefed up their cyber-laws it's pretty bad for me to get caught lol.

I don't want to go to jail because of PT.
No one should.

But i can drop this:
All she releases on her Gravure site is harmless. But for every Harmless release there are about 2-3 "Adult" versions. Maybe you notice that some videos are titled with "No Nakie" or something.

No. 75906

If she's into this I really don't get why she isn't making money out of it. I mean people already have shown interest in the fake youtube channel.

No. 75909

>not from the states

Are you Britfag, webm-sama?

No. 75910

yup she could. Totally. She didn't even need to clear her mind or something.She always can stay in her "I'M A KAWAII UGU LOLI DESU, MASTER PLEASE FUCK ME" mindset. All she needs to do is invest some money to comission a webstore.

Hell she even could copyright strike the fake youtube channel and upload all the videos on her own. And Monetize them.

No. 75911

File: 1428226031971.jpg (63.69 KB, 480x600, 1421197240709.jpg)

you want to insult me aye mate ?

No. 75920

Well I don't know but the coincidence is uncanny don't you think?

How come you can't confirm if she has a daddy or not but seem to have nudes of hers as well?
It's one thing that she leaked gravure but she also gave you a seperate link for porn?

No. 75922

Are you an Aussie/Kiwi? I'm from NZ and you seem to post at similar times to when I'm online.

No. 75924

She doesn't even need to invest anything, there are plenty of big phone sex/camwhore sites she can go to where she would get tons of attention with little to no issue.

Damn shame.

No. 75927

File: 1428234563738.png (1.41 MB, 989x906, ptshoop.png)

first time shooper
her real eyes are so pretty, shame she covers it with circle lenses

No. 75929

what ?
I think she's still into that weird guy from the UK. She has no daddy. She had some fuckdates recently but thats it.

She send nudes to everyone who pleases her submissive cravings. there is no link to a hidden pornstach.

No. 75932

She probably thinks the big comfy underwear is more "innocent", like what a little girl would wear. But obviously on her it just looks like grandma stuff.

I think she gets off on other people leaking her stuff. How many times has she been "tricked" by now? No one is THAT dumb. This way she gets to be a pure uguu loli innocently exploring her sexuality, but has been betrayed by her mean nasty nii-san ;-;. It's not the same if she's she's uploading herself for everyone to see, only impure sluts would do a thing like that.

No. 75941

it looks like it's by purpose but what if she really is retarded? that’s what’s making me uncomfortable about this thread. maybe we’re laughing about a person who’s is incapable of acting responsible. if she’s somehow „slow“ oder mentally underdeveloped being naive and trustful would be a common symptom. what kind of proof do we have of her acting normal? All I can see are these videos where here movements are SO awkward. she has no coordination and between two different moves she sometimes pauses like she has to rethink what she’s about to do. that’s very typical for all sorts of autism (not asperger). or maybe she just has a very low IQ which is also a disability.
I don’t want to shit on this thread I just really want to see that she’s capable of behaving like an adult and choses to be be this ridiculous. Does someone have proof?

No. 75946

She's not retarded. She apparently did pretty well in school and has held down jobs for relatively prolonged periods of time. She's also never done anything to really get herself into trouble in any real way (as compared to the other lolcows). Also, unless you talk to her for a while or really attract her in some way and manage to walk on eggshells for long enough, if you have basic conversations with her she comes across as pretty normal and actually kind of sweet.

As per her strange, awkward movement, I think it's a combination of her just being awkward (people can be like that without having some impairment) and her trying to act cute. Plus, quite frankly, whenever I see Asian girls try to act cute (whether it be in pop videos, interviews, or the cutesy little videos PT tries to imitate) they come across really awkward and weird too, it's done on purpose to look like a slightly clumsy, kawaii child (same with that hideous pigeon toe pose). PT tries to imitate that and in combination with her appearance and natural awkwardness it all becomes just that much worse. Also, though I will never understand why she shares these, for a bunch of them I think she takes videos of her posing in different ways so she can screencap it for pictures, since it's easier to take videos with her tripod than to take a bunch of pictures at once.

I do think there is something really "off" with her, maybe she has very high functioning autism or something.

No. 75948

>Also, unless you talk to her for a while

No. 75949

File: 1428237804500.jpg (25.08 KB, 720x557, 10689612_788228047910238_79417…)

oh lord i just remember ..
I send her a japanese comercial and she flipped DA SHIT. Like, seriously.
She was so enraged, she almost blocked me lol.
She is so jelly and buttmad.

No. 75950

Well, we'll never have any solid proof because we're not her doctor, but she has a degree and has held down several jobs. People that have met her IRL have said she can be very pleasant and charming, as well. So we know she's at least capable of that, if she chooses to. None of her relatives/friends who have posted about her have ever mentioned a disability either. We have no proof, that she IS retarded , so unless we find out otherwise. I think it's safe to assume that she's not.

Obviously she has a lot of issues, but I doubt she's mentally disabled. I honestly think her ridiculousness is from a combination trying to copy tiny, young asian girls when she's a big white woman, a lot of them do same, stupid "cute" stuff as well, and just being really spoilt and over indulged.

No. 75951

Wait why? What was her "logic" in being mad?

No. 75952

Thanks for clearing that up.

No. 75954

which commercial yo

No. 75956

what if someone were to 'hack' your dropbox or wherever it is you keep your vids? Isn't there a loophole?

No. 75968

Please explain this oh groious webmsamasempaidonokun

No. 75981

i found it here sukijav.tumblr.com the name of the film is in the tags i think.
i'm sorry it made me think of pt that's why i used the spoiler so it won't upset anybody. I'm really sorry

No. 75991

she seems possessed. especially because of her mood swings, I get that she wants to portray somewhat tsundere like personality or show off her talent, but it comes across as possessed.

No. 76015

which commercial? Please tell us!

No. 76018


I bet the commercial had sexy japanese teenagers in it or something and it aggravated her because she will never be as uguu

No. 76019

oh my god that's my high school skirt fabric i can do a pixy's cosplay

No. 76025

I think a big reason why she's so awkward in the videos is because a lot of (if not all) her photos come from the videos themselves. She's just posing a bunch. You know when you watch a photoshoot in progress on ANTM or something and the model keeps moving in weird ways while the photographer gets a bunch of shots? It's like that but way less competent because she doesn't have a photographer. So to save time and effort she just records all of her poses to take stills from later.

No. 76026

Implying any Jap commercial wouldn't send her in a fit of rage.

No. 76028

Web-Sama show use her smelly tuna snatch. Or accidentally upload them somewhere.

No. 76033

how do you go fishing on lineplay i want to find her on there.

No. 76036

PT is without a doubt on the spectrum of autism, lets be real here. She's not Chris-Chan autistic but its become even more obvious with these videos where she struggles to find what emotion to use and how she quickly flips the script from being kawaii-desu to bitter ol' sea hag. If anything she has a touch of the assburgers.

No. 76039

If she's doing a photoshoot, then yes, she's going to think about what emotion to use. She's going to consider what pose to do next so she can capture it/shoop it/upload it.
Isn't everyone like that though? Going from one mood to the next? We don't know her in real life. We don't know what she's actually going through. All we know her through are social media, the pictures and videos. Something could always cause her to become a "bitter ol' sea hag" and her mother is also proof of that because she always brings her daughter down.
I think we should all stop trying to diagnose her ffs.

No. 76040


That cat is stressed as hell. Look at the cat's left arm. It looks like it's missing hair there and I doubt it's from a vet visit… There's also some hair missing on her right arm, it looks like it was caused from, surprise-surprise, stress.

No. 76042



No. 76043

If you've ever seen her tiny chats, she's pretty normal in behavior and movements. She has mental problems, for sure, but she's not retarded. Just crazy.

No. 76044

does she still do the tiny chats?

No. 76045


No. 76047

sorry for going off topic, but since when porn became illegal? I'm like really confused, if it's not CP - who cares anyway?

No. 76048

>It's fucking illegal to leak porn.
pls read all the words, not just some

No. 76049

You're full of shit.
I work with special kids, and no, Sarah doesn't have either autism or asperger.
She doesn't even get close to a spectrum.

She is super retarded and spoiled.
I've had kids like that.
That's her only issue, it probably all developed because of how spoiled she was.

No. 76051

What's the point in saying "I have some really cool stuff to share… but noooo, I won't share it with you guys". This is kinda… unfair of you :'C
With all my respect.

No. 76052

Still sounds quite odd to me. Probably because no one cares of it in my country.
Thank you for clearing it up anyway!

No. 76054

If it's without permission in the states, yes, it's illegal. That guy that had that revenge porn website got arrested and charged, and he's going to jail for 18 years. So, I understand why webm-sama is being careful.

No. 76068

its left arm has been shaved by the looks of it? also her cats are old IIRC, mine has patches of missing hair due to thyroid problems from age (also could explain why her cat's chubby)

No. 76072

It's considered "revenge porn" or some bullshit. It apparently infringes on stupid people's privacy to leak photos (specifically nudes and other nsfw shit) that they send to random strangers.

Honestly, if you don't want your nudes to be leaked, you shouldn't take them. If the random stranger you send it to doesn't spread them around, the NSA will.

No. 76074

File: 1428258431734.jpg (586.24 KB, 1050x1450, windows are see through more a…)

Sorry for the doublepost, but I was just reminded of this.

No. 76120

>random strangers
because people totally don't send nudes/provocative photos to people they're involved with, right?

you're delusional. it should absolutely be protected. that shit can ruin lives

what if you're with a guy – you think he's great. meanwhile, the fucker is taking pictures of your exposed titties in the night? then you guys inevitably break up OR he gets pissed off about you using the rest of his 32 dollar artisanal, macadamia scented shampoo, so he posts your sun baked tatters onto every white supremacy/car mod forum he can

you're fucked. your long, successful career as a PR manager goes straight down the shitter

those 4 long years at uni, all worth nothing, because every time some prospective client/employer googles your name, all he gets is a face full of your funbags

No. 76129

nice strawman argument and distraction from our queen pixyteri

No. 76132

I totally agree with this.
But the queen sends out nudes to every one that is around long enough,and if she thinks your a guy.

No. 76133

lmao, that's not even a strawman. that's not a misrepresentation. that's a proposed scenario

i hate to break it to you, but doing the wahwah "logical fallacy12@!!!!" dance doesn't always work

No. 76134

It worked today

No. 76135

it didn't, because, again, that's not what a strawman argument even is.

No. 76137

I like you.

No. 76146

You just mad cuz you got schooled

No. 76150

File: 1428264907937.png (230.37 KB, 288x558, pixy.png)

she can look nice with the right angles, and less retarded kawaii faces

No. 76153

This actually doesn't look terrible.

No. 76156


Hardly a strawman and totally still related to PT. This is what happened to her, it actually pretty much ruined her life. Correct me if I'm wrong on my PT lore but wasn't it her first (and only) dickbag boyfriend that leaked her first set of nudes, and at the time she was still relatively young, like early to mid 20s? Such a massive invasion of privacy and break of trust can destroy people and as we can see from PT, she is a trainwreck, emotionally and physically. Makes sense she would give this stuff out like candy now, she doesn't have anything else to lose and getting fake asspats in return for more lolcow material seems to be the closest thing she gets to affection these days. She certainly doesn't get any from her family, she doesn't seem to have any friends anymore and definitely not an IRL boyfriend.

No. 76158

I can't believe she brought tripod-san to the carnival. WTF, Sarah. Don't do that. Come on.

No. 76210

No its wasn't her first boyfriend that leaked her nudes. PT gave tons of nudes even back in the day for guys"being nice" to her. It was most likely a troll.

If PT really wanted to get away from this and start a new she could. She would need to drop the PT handle,and change her last name (which she could do if she didn't waste all her fucking money on stupid goddamn shit). BUT SHE CHOOSES NOT TOO.
She knows what shes doing.
If PT weren't such a vile human being I think I could feel sorry for her, but I can't.

I think it is shitty that guys will post nudes of their ex,and I'm happy to see that revenge porn site get taken down. But this is PT we are talking about,and I think people forget that.

No. 76227

File: 1428269096125.png (216.77 KB, 800x806, pixyteri01.png)

Uh, is she wearing a pad…?

No. 76230

She could be wearing colored bloomers over her tidy-whities.

No. 76260

The story as I've always heard it was that she was in or wanted to be in a relationship with some guy she knew IRL, did nudes for him then he leaked them, but whatevs, I took a long break from following her adventures so its hard to remember all her crazy. Regardless it was still a real shitty thing to do, she's gone downhill ever since it happened and I don't think certain parties will ever stop chasing her or digging up dirt on her, even if she changed her name and cleaned up her act. She's not pleasant but she is still an actual person, and not a very stable one at that, and I think people forget that as well.

No. 76261

I found her attitude kinda cute in this video, at least compared to all the other cringy ones she has. Looks more naturally playful and less tryhard japanese UGUU.

She needs to stop trying so hard to be cute, specially with the sudden expression changes going from acting ""innocent kawaii"" to ""tsundere"". It makes her look straight up mental.

No. 76263

i can see her being a nice housewive taking care of her garden and baking premade pie. oh if only

No. 76264

I don't think she should have continued to send nudes to randos if this was an important event for her.

No. 76275

File: 1428272496961.png (927.71 KB, 503x893, f73fbb6ff0b0c33962ca21b4302592…)

Holy fuck, this thumbnail

No. 76282

File: 1428273019844.jpg (76.14 KB, 500x385, 6L00.jpg)

Freshen ya drink govna?

No. 76287

I would still fug her

No. 76303

I dunno but I want new nudes of the queen.

No. 76304

Nudie videos is the dream

No. 76316

Hey webm friend, I won't pressure you to post stuff if you feel it's too risky, but I have one question: Did PT actually do explicit sexual stuff and flashed in public? Or do all the porn webms take place in safe places?

Because boy if she looks so terrified and awkward when she's just doing relatively simple and safe poses in public I can't imagine how bad she must get when doing riskier shit.

No. 76332

pixy is so cute she should go to more cons

I think she would look perfect as jessie from team rocket. a man can dream… a man can dream.

No. 76335

ya'll nasty