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File: 1428629502590.png (292.68 KB, 365x651, 14097687.png)

No. 78927

Old thread is here: >>64385

Praise our Glorious Queen's return! Gaze upon her haffu beauty and grace here:

No. 78958

Wonder what her next jerb is going to be

No. 78961

https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=099D80EB0045C475&id=99d80eb0045c475!2378&authkey=!AnjyVDUGlqFX_a4&v=3 For sure thought someone was walking in, and I got excited, but then it was just the wind T_T

No. 78989

can i ask? who is she sending these to? why does she seem so scared in them?

No. 78992

the image was ok but then i saw how disgusting her hair is. Queen please wash your hair

No. 78996

she actually looks good in that pic, minus the greasyball hair and expression

No. 79015

She looks scared because she's doing them in public places or at home when her parents could walk in

No. 79023

Makes me wonder, for every video we see of her, how many are there that she omits due to getting caught? With how paranoid she is in all of them, she clearly isn't waiting for her to have the house to herself, and definitely does them in public places. You know it's had to happen at least once.

No. 79029

I really want to know how she came up with the idea to chop lemons on the floor and then hide under the table.

Was that in reference to an anime of some sort or was it just something she made up in her head and decided to do?

or did her Nii-sama ask her to do it…

No. 79056

She needs to change the shoes and wash that hair. wtf its so greasy! I mean i understand not washing your hair everyday, but for a job interview you should really look your ideal best. Fully grooming yourself is a must!

No. 79057

>>78958 someone needs to send her some url's to popular cam-sites XD

No. 79058

whats really sad is how long does she plan on working dead end jobs? go back to school and do something you love PT. I'm sure her first degree was a product of her controlling mother ideal for her daughter. I feel like pt just needs to move out and gain some self empowerment and become a woman. right now shes still living life as a teen and being controlled. how much you want to bet this soon to be 30 year old has a curfew, lol

No. 79060

I bet every interest pt has her mother belittles her for it. Emotionally abusive mothers can be the worst. I'm sure pt feels less than a woman than her own mother. her mother is a constant reminder of her failure in life. Her mother will never kick her out, because she loves controlling pt so she keeps her close on a short leash.

No. 79061

i'm mad she hasn't been updating her lineplay, she was the only reason I sign up. Now i'm over here getting addicted to the app, trying to pass time seen I don't see any updates on her page, so now when I logo i check then go play the games and run around in the little new year town.

No. 79063

Is it just me or does she look legitimately really adorable in the latest videos in the ripped jeans and striped top?

No. 79078

I had to delete it because that shit was using so much space on my phone and it kept expanding.
I know someone will post our queen's updates on lolcow anyway.

No. 79102

File: 1428669806833.png (650.13 KB, 1500x2000, 2418654123.png)

This seems partly true but again you have to imagine how you'd feel if you had to deal with a daughter like PT. But its not even her mom, all her immediate family and former friends have griped at her for her immaturity and obsession with Japan. She's always been resistant to growing up and becomes hostile to pretty much all suggestions of change or implications that she is at fault for anything going wrong in her life. She used to bitch about this stuff a lot on her old tumblr about being expected to act her age and be responsible. She does at least seem to have a decent amount of self-awareness at points but she has the entitled, spoiled attitude of toddler and seems to oppose everything just because she can.


Capped some of the most relevant ones for convenience.

No. 79103

File: 1428669868821.png (563.92 KB, 1500x2000, 54665313222.png)

No. 79153

probably could get away with signing up to clipvia and selling her videos w/o getting in trouble…lol

No. 79236

Omg I've been following PT for awhile but never seen these. She sounds so annoying… "What other career IS there?" Like, a million, girl. Besides, being a teacher would be totally fine if she'd just admit that she can't wear retarded clothing to work - she could've still done it in her off-time. What a selfish brat, seriously…

No. 79241


Sooo, is she dressing more appropriately these days ? She look nice in this video and in OP.

No. 79257

any hope of her being a teacher is ruined due to her online presence. They know teens can google shit and her real name still brings up stuff that would damn her application anywhere.
Even if she turned her attitude around now and actually acted like an adult I think her online presence has ruined any chances of a professional career

No. 79259

Wow, actually, the bangs + kinda messy braids with that outfit actually doesn't look terrible… Hopefully that's how she "normally" dresses?

True, good point. Is she basically doomed to work retail for the rest of her life? She really, really needs to accept her BBW status and get a couple sugar daddies that are into that - of which I'm sure there are plenty.

No. 79306

she just become a camwhore already

like she already knows how to test lighting and angles…… she has more than enough practice. more than the rest of them even

No. 79309

What if she changed her name?

No. 79367

I Have noticed her Line play friends list go down, has she maybe been deleting people who have been chatting to her and saying things she doesn't want to hear?

No. 79391

I'm sure she realized a lot of the people were just friends with her to post shit on lolcow.

No. 79434

File: 1428721436756.jpg (37.11 KB, 355x472, jesussaveme.jpg)

No. 79437

>Kill me meow

No. 79449

That made me laugh harder than it should have.

No. 79463

That cat looks terrified.

No. 79491

don't laugh
send help

No. 79561

File: 1428733432168.jpg (40.92 KB, 355x438, Don't laugh Send help.jpg)

No. 79604

I could never understand why she couldn't separate professional clothing from casual clothing. She can take off the teacher wear as soon as she got home and put on whatever kawaii desu outfit she wanted. But she's so spoiled that she can't seem to bear with that.

Yeah. It's a shame that she's pretty much ruined her future. at this point she should just become a BBW and charge for video access and photos.

No. 79634

watching through the leaked videos, especially the ones in the bath, the main thing I'm shocked by is just how big she's gotten. I know it's been said a few times but considering in 2010/2011 she was "working out" she really has ballooned up, I wonder if she can even fit in her burando these days? RIP in peace melty chocolate

No. 79639

File: 1428745867240.png (305.57 KB, 800x1061, PT.png)

I've been procrastinating from doing my shit, so I drew this fan art on my beloved Queen.

No. 79686

RIP in peace = Rest in peace in peace!

Like ATM Machine. It's just as redundant.
Automated Teller Machine Machine!

No. 79688

I assume she's sold her brand by now, considering she can probably use the cash.

No. 79692

super co000t

No. 79693

Her hair definitely looks greasy, but at the same time it looks like she's died it recently too… Her roots just look off in color in comparison to the rest of her hair… or is that just me?

No. 79696

rest in pieces in peace, is this your first imageboard or something?

No. 79704

Not even same anon, but no, that shit is redundant and it needs to stop.

No. 79705

what a bunch of newfags

No. 79730

>I may be pale, but my skin is goldenish-whitish.
>made fun of my "gookimation" as a child…
Fucking. LOL. This is gold.

No. 80002


great job ^_^

No. 80137


Hah! I love it.

No. 80250

It's a le may-may, newfriend. Here on the internet they're a diamond dozen.

No. 80268

File: 1428807329680.png (103.92 KB, 395x204, census.png)

No. 80299

Anon, did you mean a dime a dozen? Or were you just mocking the folks whining about redundancies? Either way, lmfao @ diamond dozen. I'm gonna use that one.

No. 80314

holy shit

No. 80342

I propose that Pixy ought to start saving money so she can get the same surgery done as that one crazy guy from Brazil who wanted to be Korean or some shit

No. 80345

i've only seen pictures of her before and never videos; her voice is actually really cute and she doesn't look as obese in videos but

her face is so fucking bad. i can't stop laughing but WHY does she keep making that angry shitting face??? when she's relaxed it's not the worst, but fuck. i feel bad.

No. 80362

What the fuck? Someone did that?

No. 80386

I can't believe I have to explain this. The joke is that the botched sayings such as "RIP in piece", "diamond dozen", and "doggie dog world" are used in lieu of their proper sayings often on image sites. they are used as shitposts, bait, or simply funny responses. The fact that this is the first time you have seen this means you have not been surfing image forums long, and have shown your naiveté and probably often contribute to feeding trolls or shitposts. This is the part where I tell you that you are a faggot, to lurk more, etc. etc.

No. 80391

Advice taken. I am a faggot and I will lurk more.

No. 80413

But PT is so clearly haffu, what with her dark hair, "pale goldenish skin" and short stature. Also she feels Japanese. She needs no surgery to know what is already so clear.

No. 80436

File: 1428830308901.png (747.87 KB, 577x878, frfreg.png)


>>A pic in my bikini where my abs

Bitch, you're trollin', right? RIGHT???

No. 80438

More like rollin'.

No. 80448

It's a shame she used to get so much shit at this weight, she's really at a cute level of chubby there

No. 80464

File: 1428835768110.png (777.12 KB, 463x738, 1428830308901_副本.png)

No. 80469

Her weight isn't the issue. Its the fact that she would constantly harp on about losing weight, eating healthy yet would always post about eating junk and buying clothes that didn't fit which she then attempted to hide by poorly shooping herself and blaming whoever made the clothing rather than admitting the reality of her weight/shape. PT has a more or less straight figure, which makes her look sort of compressed and boxy because she's so short. She also has a terrible sense of style most of the time which doesn't help her any either but if she was upfront about herself rather than being all "I'm not faaaaat, I'm curvalicious kawaii desu, stfu haterz never changing, all girls smaller than me are anorexic!!" she wouldn't have gotten nearly so much flak.

No. 80470

still no abs, kek

No. 80471

Her ideas of her healthy food were super warped though, I remember she once posted about a healthy meal she had which consisted of some sugary cereal and white rice (so tons of refined carbs). I am willing to believe that she did actually exercise in the past, but weight loss is really all about diet and hers has always been off.

While she's rectangle shaped and very short if she had dressed better back then she may have looked nice, she looked like a cute chubby actually (though I guess years of PT exposure may have rendered me, and possibly all of us, a bit biased).

No. 80480

I was referring to the comments on her dA. Her photos would be bombarded with comments saying how fat she was and that she shouldn't be wearing bikinis and skimpy clothing and that she was disgusting etc. Idk if I'm just used to how PT is now, but those comments don't really seem warranted.

And to add to what you said, what I think was part of it is that the criticism that she does take to heart she gets from her family. Like if you look at >>79102 and >>79103, she's talking about her mother commenting on a lot of things she did like how she dresses and acts. What she doesn't mention is her family calling her fat - because compared to them she's not. Look at Debbie, look at her brothers, look at Nyan. PT truly believed she wasn't that fat because the people whose opinions actually mattered to her didn't think she was.

No. 80512

File: 1428850908486.jpg (23.95 KB, 450x300, скачанные файлы.jpg)

Well yeah, for a girl from the fattest state in the US she looks almost thin, but ONLY because she has to compare herself to typical texan hambeasts surrounding her. It's so much easier to deny reality (=her size) when you're surrounded with people who are even worse than you.

Poor Sarah, you probably secretly realize that if you go to Japan, people there will be running away from you screaming "GOJIRA!!!!", because you can only be considered thin in Texas. No wonder you always have excuses not to go there.

No. 80513

It seems like they subtly tried to imply that her obsessions with fame in Japan wouldn't come true because Japanese women are thin and she's not (hence her "have they ever seen idols?" comment). I also thought her mother had sort of addressed her weight before too.

Obviously they can't harp on it too much since, yeah, they are all fat but they did seem to try a bit.

Also, I think her issue was that her posing is really horrible and her styling (hair, makeup and clothes) is even worse. There are fat girls who get compliments online for their costumes/fashion and that's because they generally style themselves with far more care than PT does, and manage not to pose so badly.

No. 80534

>mfw i have the same body with small boobs and my arms are a bit thinner
time to dieto

No. 80544

32 inch chan pls. pls.

No. 80549

You were pretty close anon it's actually 28inch.
But i still got fat "shapely" legs lol so dieto, ah well,healthy food and moving is nice anyway

No. 80567

I agree, of course they weren't warranted but then you're expecting people to not be assholes. I do feel bad that she gets a lot of negativity from her family, I can relate to that but part of it comes from her own behaviour. She's extremely competitive, petty and jealous, always putting down other models and cosplayers yet expecting to be heaped with praise for her own poor to mediocre efforts. She started really getting hate because of her rotten attitude not because of 'omg ur so fat!" comments. She started going off on people whenever they dare give her any suggestions of how to improve, even if the comments themselves were full of compliments.

Sarah has also been obsessed with anime and Japan for a looong time, she was a little kid when she got into it, she wasn't your typical teen weeb. I remember she posted a home movie she made with her friend and at that point she was like 10/11 years old at the most - her room was loaded with anime/Japan/Asian related junk and she was showing off some letters she got from her Japanese penpal and some authentic Japanese picture books. The majority of her life has been consumed by this and her family must be royally sick of it. They must see her as having arrested development for being a grown woman yet still being obsessed with childish things, having silly obsessions of being famous and refusing to act her age. Sometimes her family do go too far and it can't be easy to deal with but their criticisms of her aren't baseless.

No. 80569


No 1 curr

No. 80588

File: 1428858321567.jpg (144.91 KB, 720x540, Brazilian-Man-Gets-Plastic-Sur…)

Yep. Dude looks like he's made out of dough.


No. 80594

You're pretty fat so instead of talking about your tootsie roll legs, go run a mile right NOAW.

This is a pretty good assessment, but I think what's most damaging to PT's personality is her sense of entitlement. Not sure if she was spoiled or where it developed, but Pixy's always felt like she's deserved things when clearly she hasn't. She sets different standards for herself, such as working hard when she only gets 10 hours a week, etc. It's really strange and none of her other family members are this bad. She's the youngest and only girl so it would make sense if she had a different outlook than her older brothers, but it's almost as if she's an only child. Debbie seems to both indulge pixy and put her down. It's definitely a co-dependant relationship and I think her mother tried pushing beauty standards on her during her "rebellious" age. Probably why she fights against so many standards she sees as "Western." Arrested development is the best way to describe Pixy. That and her lack of emotional intelligence. While she's competent mentally (we're talking official state levels of competency), she's stunted as fuck.

No. 80608

In Texas' defense, they are, in fact, NOT the fattest state, or even in the top 5 fattest states. That honor goes to (in order of fatness):

1: Mississippi
2: West Virginia
3: Arkansas
4: Tennessee
5: Kentucky


Texas is at 15. So PT doesn't really get to use the excuse "Literally everyone else in this state is fat around me, therefore I'm relatively thin".

No. 80610

Story time: When Pixyteri had a deviantart, I will say I did like some of the cute, bright, and happy clothing she had on. Not realizing that her mom has forced her to tan and consume tanning pills in the past…I told her she should try ganguro. She got hostile with her response because ganguro=dark skin required. I just kindly responded that all she needed was darker foundation for her face ;.;

No. 80639

wow he got hot

No. 80641

that's edited tho–he looks a lot lumpier and weirder

No. 80642

I think he looks bizarre.

No. 80654

pls b joking

No. 80684

Plz no shitty plastic Ken dolls.
I'm trying to read about the Queen here, if you faggots don't mind.

No. 80724

File: 1428871486440.png (626.78 KB, 737x487, sourface.png)

Ok I missed the end of the last thread, but why are there so many videos of her eating sour lemons. Very kawaii

No. 80726

Is she wearing a diaper?

No. 80729

And then what did she say, anon?

No. 80733

Someone out there has this fetish.

No. 80735

Her fucking face holy shit

No. 80737

so new.
and no one cares.
go stop eating because you're a fat fuck.

No. 80740

i think she's just wearing really short shorts but her rolls make it look like a fluffy diaper.

No. 80742

File: 1428873368514.jpg (80.16 KB, 396x732, spt.jpg)


i don't know guys she looks so sweet in this one. She can do wonders when she's not flashing her ass

No. 80744



That anon wasn't guessing your waist size, they were telling you to stop using this board as your diary, and you fucking responded by continuing to use this board as your diary jfc

No. 80754

That maid uniform is actually pretty cute. Does anyone know where she got it from? Probably bodyline.

No. 80758

If you even think about ordering it in a size compareable to that monstrosity:
Stop right now.

No. 80759

My queen…
She looks rather cute here.

No. 80760

That's because she IS capable of being cute. It just happens to be a fluke when she is

No. 80761

wtf is she even trying to say in Japanese
>tfw my IME simply refuses to pick up 木さん

No. 80762

The shape of that apron does a fantastic job at making her look slimmer

No. 80763

Soon it'll have burn out

No. 80774


Eugh nothing after that sadly. I can't tell if she took the advice for future shoots or ignored me. Probably the latter. I do think it would be cute on her cause I just like how Ganguro girls look is all. -shrug-

No. 80789

Well yes I thnk she was trolling because she did say "Nah I'm joking."

She does look very good here. It's probably photoshopped but still looks good. She has potential as a plus-sized model.

No. 80791

HAD potential as a plus-sized model

No. 80792

Might be as good as a warm fridge.

No. 80793

You still have to be tall to be a plus-sized model.

No. 80800

PT has a hard time distinguishing between kore and koko. I'm assuming she wanted to say "Thank you for this, tree."

But like the many other times she's attempted to use those words, she confused koko with kore.

No. 80801

Plus doesn't mean over-weight, its a term for models that don't fit the lanky and slim aesthetic. So models that are still physically fit and a healthy weight but have bigger breasts, wider hips and curvier figures than standard models. Its been expanded to include basically anyone that doesn't fit conventional model size and appearance now though.

PT, however would never accept being called plus or BBW, despite the fact that most of her fanbase was chubby chasers. Remember, her arms are just swollen from working out and lines on her stomach aren't folds they are "work out lines"

No. 80805

yea PT got some rude comments but PT also got a lot of shit because she would say rude shady mean comments on other cosplayers pictures and she was also EXTREMELY mean and harassed her own fans and people who Favorited her pictures as BBW. She had a decent BBW fandom but she blocked them and went out her way yell at them to stop following her.

No. 80882

File: 1428891156655.png (320.3 KB, 358x465, ptcrazyeyes.png)

I need to know what she was thinking at this exact moment

No. 80887

Those dents on her legs always weird me out. idk what it is.

No. 80896

Poor PT. Never knowing her own strengths. If she wasn't delusional, she could've made more of herself.

No. 80985

File: 1428902205719.jpg (142.14 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

New Lineplay update from Pixy.

No. 80991

Did she wear that maid uniform to the job interview??

No. 80992

Pretty sure I'm no where near PT's size. Haha

No. 80995

Who wants to place bets on how long this job will last?

No. 80996

I'm in for 60 days.

No. 80999

Do you really think she would have gotten the job dressed like that?

No. 81000

I'll give it two weeks.

No. 81005

I give her a month with very few shifts because muh hobbies

No. 81018

That's right. She only works part time, doesn't she?

No. 81052

File: 1428907883811.jpg (126.89 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Indeed, like 10-15 hours a week. I don't think she would be able to move out and afford rent on her own because she can't manage to work full time.

I hope to god she wore this to her interview.

No. 81054

I give it 2 weeks to a month since she sucks at getting orders right.

No. 81068

>Debbie seems to both indulge pixy and put her down
I think Debbie likely sees her indulgences as simple necessities, hence why she let's PT have internet access (despite taking it away for a while) and live with them. A lot of other parents would have just thrown her out but her family thinks (let's be real, knows) that there is something wrong with PT so they just let her stay.

Regarding PT's refusal to work all that hard at her jobs, it seems as if Debbie is kind of traditional about PT marrying young and being a housewife. That's why PT is always whining about being a Christmas cake/old maid, apparently that shit started quite a while ago in her earlier twenties too. I also think it's another reason why her parents let her get away with her behavior, they just assumed (at least before, who knows now) that she would find a husband to take care of her.

No. 81071

I thought that didn't come until later, around the time she was angry about redheads because some guy she liked was into a redheaded stripper. Before that I don't think (correct me if I'm wrong) there was any drama from her in attacking other people. When she first started out (doing some character from FF) she got tons of mocking and had her pictures posted on mean sites.

And to think, she was so much smaller than she is now. Back then it was an issue of bad style and clothing, she could have looked very cute if she had dressed better.

No. 81078

no that stuff happened after she deleted her deviantart during her twitter years.

No. 81089

victoria fag here
fuck!! i love that place i'm never setting foot in there again.

No. 81090

No. Go. evaluate her waitressing skills.
Do it for science.

No. 81091

Neither of those look hot you just have yellow fever out the wazoo

No. 81092

File: 1428918977799.gif (1021.64 KB, 245x230, wink-gif.gif)

If I were you, I'd go there just to see my beautiful Queen in person and maybe also take a few spy pics for those poor non-Victoria fags from this board who aren't as lucky as me and can't see this waitress magic happening in this blessed place.

Juz saying!

No. 81094

i just feel like she would do something to my food haha

No. 81097

are you familiar with PT, Victoria fag?

No. 81100

Nah, the worst she will do is screw up your order, be clumsy or try to talk to you in a fake kawaii voice.

No. 81108

I'll pay for you to go and report back. With pics. Pretend you have a food blog or something. You are the next Webm-Sama! Take up the challenge!

No. 81122

File: 1428930326629.gif (476.2 KB, 438x325, 7365290.gif)

>>I'll pay for you to go and report back. With pics.

I'll pay you for a video report! I wanna see her acting/speaking as a "kawaii waitress desu" to customers, lol.

Name your price, Victoria fag.

No. 81192

$1,000,000 lol

Yea and no I used to be a friend of hers but when I would try to offer actual help she'd go block everything and continue on her self destructive ways :\
Ask me anything

No. 81222

You shouldn't have told us you were a Victoria fag if you weren't up to the challenge.

Regale us with tales of our queen.

No. 81226

I'm so happy our Queen has found a new job.
She seems to really enjoy being a waitress– good for her.

No. 81258

christ so much to tell

first of all she is as retarded as she portrays herself on these videos, but she is a sweetheart personality wise, but a severe mental case

No. 81268

congratulation queen sama! I hope she behaves herself and keep her job for a while

No. 81317

Okay, quick thought here. Why HASN'T PT found a boyfriend/hasubando yet? What's Victoria like, is it a small place? I mean, as long as you go out every now and then you're bound to find someone, and there's a lot of people out there into weird shit or are desperate as she is. And why hasn't she tried online dating (seriously)? I know people found her okcupid profile but I'd think she'd make more than one or try again if she was intent on finding a partner, plus she'd be able to filter the disgusting white people from the god sent nippon people.

No. 81318

Well, she has no issue finding fuckbuddies, but she is likely particular (in that her potential bf/husband should either be a Japanese sugardaddy willing to whisk her off to Japan or some dork that mildly looks like whatever anime character she likes). Plus a lot of guys would be instantly turned off by how strange she is.

No. 81321

File: 1428957430299.png (480.15 KB, 603x850, pt.png)


did she drive out to that school in the middle of stormy night in that outfit, and let herself get wet?? jesus plz help

No. 81322

nothing we don't already know.
Prove your claims first.

No. 81323

Okaaaay, but that's not a tale.
Tell us something that you could start with "Once upon a time…"

No. 81330

nahh anon. first proof.

They can show a censored license where we can see "Victoria, TX" on it along with a paper saying "lolcow", or something of the sort. I'm not about to get excited over a possible fake.

No. 81400

At least there's evidence of her sort of taking a bath. Progress?

No. 81418

because she smells like shit (apparently)

No. 81425

This has to be one of the saddest aspects about Pixy, she's never been in a real, loving relationship. I don't think she's ever said that any potential boyfriend/husband has to be japanese or asian, only that he has to be taller than her (not exactly hard)and have common interests. The only guys who she's ever been serious with were assholes who were emotionally abusive and leaked her nudes or just used her as a fuckbuddy. She was already pretty screwed up without their help, I wonder what she'd be like if she actually got into a stable relationship…

No. 81478

File: 1428972310172.jpg (467.21 KB, 1280x681, ptshoop.jpg)

i'm on a shoop spree right now so here's my attempt at the lord and queen pixy

No. 81485

I am cracking up at these expressions, oh lord

No. 81520

File: 1428976070153.png (453.96 KB, 355x564, whydidIsavethis.png)

I feel really bad for her. But I can not look away.

No. 81523

File: 1428976396319.jpg (350.22 KB, 640x662, MYXJ_20150413204825_save.jpg)

Meitu'd her

No. 81528

I'm not sure why but my first thought was she better use all those damn lemons. Bitch goes thru like 3 of them.

No. 81537


I think that nightgown thing was designed to make you look bustier but holy shit it ain't doing her stomach any favours

Why would our queen want to make her boobs look big anyway though? I thought she was a kawaii uguu pure innocent flat-chested Nipponese loli?

No. 81538

File: 1428977888600.gif (666.88 KB, 682x1024, output_EaTqVu.gif)

she is becoming absurdly difficult to shoop lately.

No. 81559

How can she possibly think she's cute at that weight?

No. 81562

utter delusion.

No. 81578

more like udder delusion amirite?

No. 81595

Her tits aren't big.

No. 81614

They would see that she isn't stable and leave her. I mean its not hard to tell shes not all there. Would you want to put up with PTs shit?

No. 81633

I would. I would even play along with her

No. 81642

How many hours could you last around her?

No. 81651

In the video I thought they looked like cutoffs. Maybe they were longer at one time. Or they could just have a ragged hem. There's some kinda tail in the back. Like a bear tail.

No. 81714

I'm not so sure, a good relationship can really help to turn someone around, even someone like PT. Being used and put down is all she knows, if she actually met a guy that wasn't an asshole then that would be a massive incentive to change in a positive way. She's emotionally wrecked but mentally competent, more damaged people than her manage to do it, so it's not impossible for her to land a healthy, long-term relationship.

No. 81716

>victoria tx license
>nigga you dumb

No. 81718

not saying there aren't guys out there in town that have shown interest in her. But she like any girl can choose who she wants to be with just the usual guys (as she would say) that would show interest are just "old cowboy types"

No. 81724


IIRC, PT got in trouble at HD once because she decided to grab a chair and sit down at her till while she was working, because she was tired.
Maybe that's why she got fired from the other restaurant too. Too many sit breaks. I dunno. It was something she was always whinging about at HD.
So I give it 2 weeks to a month too, not just because she'll probably fuck up ppls orders, but also because she doesn't like being on her feet.

No. 81728

But she doesn't want to change.
People always forget this.

No. 81735

This. Pt has had many people try to help her out, but the most those people were able to improve were her looks. She still had the same rotten personality she's always had, which is why said people aren't around anymore.
I bet even if someone took her to Japan and showed her everything she's missing out on, it still wouldn't motivate her to change.

No. 81745

confirmed fake, gtfo. your posts are generic af and reak of horseshit

No. 81749

THIS. You just wrote everything that I wanted to say to these delusional faggots.
There is a certain reason why she has never been in a healthy relationship, stupid niggas, and this reason is her.

No. 81761


on /cow/ they said she has been offered by guys multiple times to go to japan, and that she's been offered free trips there and stuff and she doesn't go…

No. 81884

File: 1429041983180.jpg (115.8 KB, 900x809, $_57.JPG)

You're right.


I think she even mentioned this shop before.

To be fair, I would probably assume all of those free trips were trolls if I were her.

No. 81886

How is this dumb? My license says my state in huge letters and has my address on it…

No. 81894

that's actually really cute and not that expensive

buying the white ones as PJs, haters gonna hate

No. 81898

Some were legit though, but they were chubby chasers.

No. 81905

The emperor of Japan could offer PT a free trip there and she wouldn't take it. She doesn't want to actually go.

No. 81915

No.. i think that one of them was a guy from asia who was a chubby chaser and wanted to fly her over there (not really surprising idk) and the other thing was a work-study type thing that she herself even talked about it?

Honestly I don't know, I don't think someone like PT just comes out of no where. She wasn't created out of thin air. I think she has a lot of mental problems that she just has because its her, BUT i think her mom must be responsible for some of them as well. they seem to have a very close relationship and i wouldn't be surprised if her mother was super controlling. i mean her mother treats this grown ass 30 year old woman like a 12 year old and always has. i think she is holding her back. so many parents wouldve already kicked pt to the curb

No. 81921

Seriously. I know a dude with down syndrome who is more independent than her, because his parents made him go out and get a job and taught him about money. Yes, he's retarded, but he contributes to society and realizes that he's not any more fucking special than the rest of humanity.

No. 81924

I've said this so many times: she only wants to go with a boyfriend/husband. She seems to think she'll be judged for going alone because she's so 'old'.

No. 81955

Lol well you said Victoria tx license I was thinking you meant an actual "Victoria tx" license plate lol

No. 81956

Lol you keep thinking that
I'll time stamp later on

No. 81962

It's pretty hard to figure, sometimes, who is legit and who isn't. Plus I can't blame her for not wanting to go to a strange foreign country (no matter how haffu she thinks she is) with some potential creep who just wants to fuck you. I think PT does avoid the possibility of Japan in that she could have easily saved for it by now with no issue but doesn't because she knows it isn't her happy dreamland. I just can't blame her for not wanting to take the risk of taking up some guy on the internet for his offer.

No. 81964

>who just wants to fuck you.
minus that "you"

No. 81968

this is a girl that gets naked in public places while filming herself, i don't think she is rational. more like mommy is stopping her most likely because she doesn't want to see her daughter get raped and left in a ditch somewhere. rightfully so.

No. 81981

the nail on the head

No. 81988

Pt's mother is keeping her from her dream. Can you imagine how far ahead in life pt would be if she got out that house? I bet the car pt drives is still in your mothers name and under her insurance.

No. 81991

Well it's not like she makes a genuine effort to afford things herself. If a damn immigrant can get their shit together, so can an educated white person.

No. 81995

Blaming Debbie for how PT has turned out isn't fair. PT has been an adult for over a decade and she's had plenty of opportunities to get her shit together. If anything Debbie has contained PT's madness. Yes, she's coddled PT somewhat by virtue of her being the only girl and the youngest child, but other people in PT's position turn out perfectly normal.

No. 82005

speaking from someone that was never emotional abuse i'm sure >.>

No. 82007

File: 1429052352718.png (540.36 KB, 500x600, tumblr_n2o4v9yWEb1s8v98vo3_500…)

No. 82008

She's always fucking up cosplays, and she looks bad for black cosplayer .

No. 82013

I highly doubt PT suffered emotional abuse. This is like claiming that Venus has been abused. Coddling and not being encouraged to grow up =/= abuse

No. 82016

most of them look bad. It's just hard to portray anime characters with that physique

No. 82046

I tend to disagree,cosplay isn't just animu, but that's your opinion and I respect it.

No. 82049

its hard in general if you're not Japanese

No. 82052

"coddled somewhat"

dude PT is treated like a 12 year old.. im not saying she isn't at fault here, she is. she can leave at any time. but to be surprised that she doesn't go to japan, she doesn't get a real job, she doesn't move out is stupid. her mom keeps her at home. they have a codependent relationship. at this point it has been 30 years, i doubt PT will ever live alone until her mom dies.

No. 82058

Yep and thats when she's going to blossom as a person.

No. 82073

PT's mom doesn't need to stop PT from going to Japan, PT clearly doesn't want to go. And I think even PT has basic survival mechanisms, all her social retardation aside.

No. 82076

>dude PT is treated like a 12 year old.. im not saying she isn't at fault here, she is. she can leave at any time. but to be surprised that she doesn't go to japan, she doesn't get a real job, she doesn't move out is stupid. her mom keeps her at home. they have a codependent relationship. at this point it has been 30 years, i doubt PT will ever live alone until her mom dies.
I'm not sure if I agree to all that. Debbie seems like the traditional type and likely pushed PT to try to marry and find a man. All her delusional ideas about Japan aside, I think PT's anxiety about being old/an old maid are directly linked to her mother. Debbie also tried to make PT pretty by her standards (blonde and tan). I don't think she keeps PT home because she wants her, she would likely be happier if PT did marry and go off to be a housewife, it seems to be something she mocks about PT all the time.

I also think her parents did sort of well in setting some basic limits for PT. They were the ones that pushed her to get a college degree and insist on her having a job and paying for at least some of her stupid debts.

Plus I honestly think they must assume PT is damaged or retarded, her mother does call her crazy.

No. 82096


how do you know what debbie is like? are you debbie?

debbie is exactly like PT. stuck in la-la land where her daughter has no responsibilities and is forever a 12 year old. their delusions about getting PT getting married should have left them both 10 years ago.

i don't think PT wants to get married. i don't think PT wants to do anything she has done so far, and that is pretty sad IMO. i believe that her mother has been pushing her around from day one. i really wonder what PT would be like now if she moved out at 18 and didn't go to college and did what she wanted on her own accord instead of being a permababy. my guess is she wouldn't be grinding against a children's playground in diapers on camera for a couple hundred people to see.

No. 82123

>how do you know what debbie is like? are you debbie?
How do YOU know what Debbie is like? Are YOU Debbie?

No. 82143

I disagree, I think PT absolutely wants to get married. She wants to get married so she'll have some way of getting money for her hobbies and spend all day at home doing her photoshoots and other ridiculous shit. That is her dream life, I think — having a working husband and staying at home leeching off his money and spend all her free time focusing on her hobbies. She’s said a million times that she hates working. That’s why she only does the bare minimum of part time.

I think Debbie is to blame for some of PT’s problems, but not all of them. Without Debbie she might be a little more independent and wouldn’t be harping on the old maid stuff, but I think that all of her crazy delusions would be there either way. PT clearly has a few mental issues that can’t really be blamed on others.

No. 82176

The slippers are cute if nothing else. She looks terrible in that nightie though.

No. 82199

Is it speculated that pt has Asperger's syndrome? Because I think there's a very high chance she does.

No. 82208

I don't think she does. I have asperger's and I'm not completely fucking retarded.

No. 82230

-.- pull is that you?
everyone is different, so stop.

No. 82238

I don't think she has it. I think she is pretty crazy though.

No. 82241

>how do you know what debbie is like? are you debbie?
Are you? You seem to know her inner mind apparently, because I was going off of what PT said about her mother and the actions her mother took with PT. Debbie has referred to PT as crazy in the past so it may explain, at least partially, why she is so lenient with her. I think the word "retard" was used as well. Whether or not that is correct is up for debate (I don't think PT is retarded or crazy, but there is definitely something wrong with her) but it may explain why she treats her daughter the way she does.

Also PT has regularly indicated that she wants to get married. Even if we assume she just wants a guy to support her while she sits around all day and eats mochi that's still wanting a husband.

Also I don't think PT wears diapers, she's just fat.

No. 82273

There are always two sides and two perceptions to the same story. I think I have said it before, but sometimes Debbie & Pixyteri remind me of Big Eadie and Little Eadie. Both relationships have this love/hate/nag/blame thing going on and the daughter has grandiose plans that she never follows through on for arbitrary reasons. I think Pixyteri is never leaving that house and will end up, like Little Eadie, with a t-shirt closet cosplay wrapped around her head feeding feral raccoons in the derelict house while performing random anime tunes for the camera.

No. 83022

File: 1429202792438.jpg (76.07 KB, 400x600, tumblr_nfz8dy76Tu1te3etmo2_400…)

does anyone know where pt got this kimono from?

No. 83035

Fairly certain it is a cosplay rather than an actual kimono. Think it's Tifa? idk though.

No. 83040

You mean Kokoro from Dead or Alive?

No. 83058

oh shit it is, thanks XD

No. 83062

No problem, anon.

No. 83277


It's so grating when she sounds out in English in Japanese for no reason.
"Hello! …harro."
"Peter Rabbit! …pi-ta ra-bi-to."

OT, but this unintentional rampant racism is too annoying. I live in DC and was at the Japanese culture/cherry blossom festival last weekend and didn't realize it would be full of racist weeaboos running around in mini-skirt priestess outfits and I have just had it with this shit.

No. 83282


"Found a really beautiful location. I love it. The trees are so gorgeous. I wish they were cherry trees (or sakura), but it's okay. Beautiful."

stomps all over flowers showing bloomers

No. 83390

those fucking granny panties

No. 83456

they're bloomers. the original granny panties.

No. 84251

The way she goes from rubbing her face like a retard to grunting and finally shoving her ass in the camera and rubbing it all in a matter of seconds just kills me. These videos all have to be part of a very long mental breakdown.

No. 84253

The way she whimpered and looked around reminded me of a retard who shat their pants and is looking around for their minder to change their underwear

No. 84672

File: 1429423479533.jpg (30.05 KB, 620x326, evilstick2.jpg)

Sooo I've been told that the girl in the evilstick toy could possibly be the glorious queen, photoshopped to look evil. Any thoughts?

No. 84676

Hahaha, probably not, but I wish I was able to get my hands on that evil stick. I think it's hilarious.

No. 84681

Well I'm not sleeping tonight.

No. 84686


I reside in DC as well. Is the festival that bad every year? I haven't gone cause I'm a lazy bastard.

No. 84692

Different anon. Yes, it's bad. and it gets worse every year. The amount of racist weebs that go double every year.

No. 84722

File: 1429440452618.png (764.85 KB, 640x960, IMG_2188[1].PNG)

No. 84723

File: 1429440489197.png (330.01 KB, 640x960, IMG_2189[1].PNG)

No. 84724

I honest to goodness hope with all my heart she does good at this job

No. 84836


First time I saw it I thought it was PT. Spooky

No. 84843

lmao you're really surprised a bunch of weebs went to a cherry blossom festival?

No. 85110

She seems happy, at least. Let's hope she keeps it up.

No. 85172

File: 1429473932737.png (633.2 KB, 518x834, assholes.png)

No. 85204

Not surprised, but the number of them have grown. It used to be a few weebs and everyone else enjoyed the festivities and ignored them. Now they've taken over and the festival even cosplay contests to cater to them.

No. 85230

She totally wants to look like that.

No. 85576

File: 1429513979829.png (507.36 KB, 520x761, cut selves.png)

Did… she have to cut the bottom of her selves to make this outfit fit her?

No. 85578

Possibly. She's done it before. She bought this short sleeved top some time ago with pompoms on the sleeves. But the elastic was too tight and she had to cut it off. She was lamenting how it looked better with pompoms.

There was also a lolita dress she had. It was a reddish color. I remember "jewelry" was in the name. It was an OP but she had to hike up the sleeves to her shoulders to make it fit. So it looked more like a JSK. And there have been various other outfits where she had to modify them.Including that sailor dress where she had to cut off the cuffs and reset them with a different fabric.

You'd think at this point she'd realise that with so many pieces not fitting that the issue was on her end. But I guess she still feels that kawaii desu cosplay and lolita just isn't cut properly for real women.

No. 85583

She wouldn't be a bad lay if she didn't apparently smell fucking terrible. That's all I can think about whenever she tries to be sexy.

Either way you wouldn't be proud or take her home to mom but still, that's worth something.

No. 85584

File: 1429516479912.jpg (43.79 KB, 300x500, latest.jpg)

Yeah. For her Kokoro cosplay, her calves were too fat for her boots to zip all the way up, so she only zipped them halfway through. It's kind of hard to spot when there's so much cringe going on in her pics.

No. 85590

Go Pixy! I so badly want her to succeed at this. It will give her confidence in herself and good changes will start to happen for her. She may even get back into going to cons and public cosplay rather than these vids. Imagine seeing Pixyteri out in the wild in her natural habitat rather than just through webms. Mind boggles.

No. 85592

File: 1429521466404.png (292.58 KB, 640x1260, Untitled-2.png)

No. 85690

She sounds really positive lately.

I recall seeing a comment in her diary that she was going to start up a blog again.

No. 85694

How can she delude herself enough to think she can accurately cosplay Kokoro?

No. 85696

This looks like a character from Project A-ko. I usually remember a lot of the 90s anime I grew up with.

No. 85778

I want her clothes. Why does she have so many cute clothes °333°

No. 85836

because she is a 30 yo retard who still lives with her parents and doesn't need to worry about paying rent and buying food so can spend literally all her "pocket money" from working half-time to buy all this cute shit?

No. 86038

File: 1429576926896.png (1015.71 KB, 640x2662, cdhsgchsUntitled-2.png)

New post

No. 86041

This is the kinda shit that makes me think the queen is one really great troll.

No. 86044

Oh…Oh my Dad
I realllllllllllllllllllly want to believe she's a troll but damn she's fucking serious……a damn 'waifu' get outta here

No. 86046

Wouldnt suprise me if there was one guy who found her attractive but it probably isnt gonna be the japanese guy she is after

No. 86052

If I didn't have to pay rent, I would have so much extra income, it's crazy. I wonder what PT is going to do when her mom passes?

No. 86065

I'm going to assume she's not going to have a job in 30 days when she continues to fail this alcohol test.

No. 86068

Also don't bartenders usually make the drinks up at a restaurant. I didn't think waitresses did that.

No. 86110

Yeah, i'm extremely confused by that. I understand getting a beer and pouring it, but why would she need to be mixing cocktails as a waitress?

No. 86121

File: 1429584585934.jpg (3.29 MB, 5312x2988, 1429584246126-995813239.jpg)

Victoriafag here, different than the first victoriafag though. New to lolcow, not new to PT or other lolcows. Upon learning that my queen works at Montana Mikes, I have decided that this weekend I will have dinner and get secret pics of her at her new job desu. Here's my license for proof

No. 86140

thank you, bless you (I knew previous victoriafag was a fake)

Try to get some kind of conversation with her too. Call her over to you table when she gets close enough

No. 86146

is she going to kill herself when she hits 30? im kind of worried here…

No. 86147

Bless you, Victoria anon!

No. 86149

Yes, she's going to claw at her vein with those short stubby, chewed off nails of hers.

I don't understand why she thinks everything in the world will change for her when she turns 30? People in their 30's are having careers bud and bloom.

I guess she has Peter Pan Syndrome? Never wanting to grow up?

Yeah that's weird? I know here, to even be behind the bar, you need to at least take some kind of test to identify alcohol then it's 2 weeks of classes on actually mixing drinks. When I was a waitress you just go to the bartenders and tell them the orders. Maybe she's fucking up on writing the name of the drinks and how customers want them like salt, no salt, on the rocks, ect ect.

No. 86161

I wrote something very similar when I was 11 and I wanted to be a "punk rocker". Hahaha.

No. 86174

bless you to the moon and back, anon. if you come back with a story or even pictures, you will make this the best birthday ever. <3

No. 86175

Omg, this is so exciting! Please do it! I want to know everything about how my beautiful Queen goes with her new job! <3

No. 86178

Montana Mikes is largely accepted to be the most shit tier restaurant in this city so I imagine it will be kind of difficult to be sneaky enough to get a good pic, seeing as how it doesn't usually have much traffic. But I'm so excited that I'll finally get to see her. All those trips tagging along with my dad to home Depot to catch a glance of PT and didn't see her once. I can't believe we live in the same city and it's never happened. She must seriously never leave her house.

No. 86181

What's so bad about being called "oppai"? Big soft natural breasts are boobilicious! And I'm saying this being a basically straight girl, lol. To me personally this would be a great compliment.

No. 86182


Not when you let men degrade you in the most disgusting and humiliating ways possible. Top kek

No. 86184

Not everyone likes having breasts or large breasts.

No. 86185

Yes, I know that. But PT? For some reason I've always thought she is proud of the size of her breasts. I'm not a complete newfag, but still need to ask local oldfags: has she ever complained about having big tits before? Did she ever tell that she finds small tits more attractive?

No. 86187

When this first blew up I could have sworn this was a shooped PT. Glad someone agrees.

No. 86191

She is rather flipfloppy on her tits. Sometimes they're perfect, sometimes they're too big. I would guess her thing about them being too big is her ageplay fetish and her wanting to be the little girl.

No. 86192


An easy way to confirm would be to compare the ears.

Ears are like fingerprints, they are very rarely identical in two persons.

No. 86193

I don't really get this disconnect in her mind. She's too ~pure and innocent~ to make alcoholic drinks, but buttplugs and dirty videos for internet strangers are totally okay? What is happening in her head.

No. 86194

Oh, I see what you mean now. Yeah, PT is back and worth and weird about her body. One day she's proud of it, the next she isn't. She flaunts her tits all the time, so i'm confused too.

No. 86195

that sounds weird they are making her learn how to mix drinks. i hope her job isnt trying to get a reason to fire her

No. 86196

I'm not American so I'm not familiar with your licences, but the first thing I saw was NONE BRO

No. 86197

File: 1429593036760.jpg (60.99 KB, 500x375, 1362478239471.jpg)

Does anybody else remember that thread we had on /cgl/ years ago where we shooped PT in Japan?

No. 86198

File: 1429593216971.jpg (123.96 KB, 931x1400, Imgp2002edit.jpg)

Oh man I just found this picture and I feel weird.

Compared to how she looks now, Sarah looks positively radiant in this pic.
And to think we all laughed at her and called her a when she looked like this, she really wasn't that bad, or at least she wasn't compared to how she is now.

No. 86201

she honestly looks sweet and cute in this pic. I know she's not skinny and her chin is ginormous, but the foundation+blush+eye makeup make hr face looks so many years younger. The whole colored contact lenses with no other makeup looks really fucking awful on her now. And her hair! It's so adorable.

PT had (and has) so much potential.

At my first job as a waitress, they trained all the girls over 18 to make drinks for customers. I don't think it's too strange really, it must be like a tavern or something.

No. 86202

Damn, she looks amazing here compared to now. She’s cute-chubby, her hair isn’t greasy, and her expression and pose are normal. It’s just really sad to look at her now in comparison to this.

No. 86204

I think she just gets off on the fantasy of being used by oniichan or daddy and sex/molestation fantasies go with that. So basically, when she can pretend she's being forced by someone else, it takes away the "adult" from the sex.

She should just pretend she has a demanding daddy who wants her to make him drinks ~or else~

No. 86208

As a fatty, I'd love to have that body T_T

No. 86220

I think if PT were actually in Japan, she could probably score somebody with gaijin-fever who would want an American blue-eyed submissive house wife who's into loli.

No. 86223

Looking at this photo comparing it to what she looks like now, I can't believe we used to make fun of her size back in the day. She looks so happy here and yes, she's still fat but not ridiculously so to the point where you can make fun of her terribly.

No. 86245


Almost makes you feel bad doesn't it.

No. 86251

I LOVED that thread.

No. 86253

Her body is actually that weird chubby cute here. Her stomach isn't bad looking and she looks happy. Feel bad she's coming down so hard on herself just because she's about to turn 30. Being 30 isn't a reason to be sad. It's worse to still live at home and work part time with no future career in sight.

No. 86256

That's really disturbing tho

No. 86316

Makes me wonder why we even ragged on her for being fat in the first place. There were a lot of things wrong with her from the start, but there was nothing that bad about her body.
Funny what hindsight does to you.

No. 86318


Yeah, that definitely was never initially what made her entertaining. I think it probably grew out of her responses to getting trolled about being chubby and her complaining about thin girls being anorexic and whatnot that made it funny to call her fat.

No. 86383

On rare occasions if its busy at the bar you might have too. The most likely want her to know what goes into the drink, so if the customer ask she can explain it to them.

No. 86389

yessss I was there for that too! so good, but i didnt save any of the pics

No. 86390

Most people didn't rag on her for being fat, she had such terrible reactions to people saying the smallest wrong thing to her, like saying she wasn't asian or people trying to give her tips to make her photos better and she would freak out on people. Some times people would put the perfect non offensive comment on her pictures and she would go out of her way to twist it into something rude or be like I'm old, ill never see the sakuraassss

No. 86391

File: 1429639388732.jpg (217.84 KB, 1600x900, 1344402004260.jpg)

I thought I had a few saved but only the school girl one.

No. 86392

File: 1429639425474.jpg (186.8 KB, 1600x900, 1344666467397.jpg)

Have some Video game pt.

No. 86393

File: 1429639444456.jpg (222.27 KB, 1600x900, 1344667101678.jpg)

No. 86394

File: 1429639625926.png (558.72 KB, 964x892, Untdedewitled-1.png)

>>Her stomach isn't bad looking

Obvious blurry shoop is blurry & obvious, kek

No. 86397

Is still not that bad though.
She was american chubby here,and I never got why everyone shitted on her for her weight at that time. Her fucking horrendous attitude yeah I got.

No. 86427


You know what's funny is that her body there actually looks pretty similar to what you'd see in Japanese chubby gravure.

She totally could have used that hook but she's ruined beyond reach now.

No. 86524

Is this Saints Row?? Hahaha this is brilliant.

No. 86527

I'll admit I'm really bad at spotting photoshop unless it's extremely obvious wavy lines. Too bad for PT. She still looked pretty decent at that weight like >>86427 says, she is beyond help.

No. 86536

Yeah, I also remember back in the day when someone made a sim of pt and would do streams for it. I kinda hope someone saved those.

No. 86636

I remember how horrified I was when I saw these pics. Now, with the ravages of time, she looked fresh faced, young and glory. Relativity…it does some shit to you over the years.

No. 86638

glowing* not glory

No. 86639

It was sort of her being fat and wearing clothes that were too small. Had she ordered her size she would have gotten none hate. The appeal of Pixy was her delusions. Her looks and weight just made it over 9000 funnier.

No. 86683

I never got her dare I say it "fatshaming" back in the day. Her being a weeb who wanted to be nothing more than and idol was always a good laugh.

No. 86756


Am I the only one thinking that if she looked like this, she would actually be pretty?

No. 86839

you are the best anon! thank you for doing this

No. 86865

Obviously, because she's been shooped to be pretty.

No. 87076

File: 1429735495837.jpg (181.4 KB, 398x561, 1429732300792.jpg)

Collect them all

No. 87085

File: 1429736761682.jpg (2.41 MB, 2000x1333, hadaka-matsuri_588072.jpg)

new vids on onedrive

No. 87094

No. 87108

When she did jumping jacks it made my breasts hurt holy crap

No. 87126

File: 1429739672485.jpg (63.2 KB, 427x767, pt signature move.jpg)


Return of I'm Poopin'™

No. 87134

STOP omggg

No. 87151

this video is so bizarre.

No. 87158

no wonder she's not losing weight, that's not work out.

No. 87183

This has to be one of my fav videos in a while. It's just… so PT.

No. 87188

how tall is she? i'm afraid if i ever get fat i'll look like she does D:

No. 87189

She's only about 5'2".

No. 87190


oh god that is my height

i'm doomed

(she has really surprisingly long legs compared to me too, shit)

No. 87194

Solution: don't get fat

No. 87203

File: 1429746084035.png (1.86 MB, 1107x1120, Pixyteri_Butt_Collection.png)

Another tip don't talk about yourself in the queens thread go to /b/.

No. 87218

She looks adorable on that pic with the blue swimsuit. Is it the only decent one from that set? Can't see shit from the towel pic.

No. 87220

*on the towel pic. Sorry, ESL.

No. 87245

I'm always amazed by how large yet flat her ass is. So unfortunate. Yet she shows it off like it's her best feature…

No. 87246

How does she manage to somehow make the same pose/face is so many photos??

No. 87250

File: 1429749795696.gif (313.6 KB, 287x334, ruHjhKB.gif)

Someone make a gif like this one of Paris Hilton making the same face in every pic…

No. 87256

Its her go to pose.
Its almost what makes the queen stand out from those other stick thin bimbos.

No. 87264

I'd do it if someone could send me a zip file of pics to use.

No. 87265

"stop watching me"

is she talking to her cat or

No. 87284

she is doing some re-enactment of Ranma episodes, the first episodes where akane had long hair.

No. 87375

File: 1429783256931.jpg (138.75 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

No. 87380

Oh no!!! People were mean to our glorious queen? How dare they!!

Realtalk though, she won't last the weekend.

No. 87416

She's got to be pretty infamous in her town. Though I wish I were a fly on the wall to witness how people react to the glory that is our queen.

No. 87418

dat ring tho

No. 87419

I'm concerned her finger is going to lose circulation from it.

No. 87421

File: 1429795320339.jpg (32.93 KB, 576x786, 1407967566057.jpg)

All I could think of.

No. 87471

She said "Yes", but her finger said "NO".

No. 87478

how were her coworkers mean

we need our queen back on twitter

No. 87479

Seriously thought, and I'm sure this has already been discussed, why hasn't she joined a cam site? The type of pictures and videos she takes are super fetish stuff. She already has a huge online community that waits eagerly for pics of her. Her body is good for chubby chasers and all she wants is to be adored by men … and she needs the money for cute clothes I guess. I mean god she has a new outfit in damn near every picture. She must have trash bags of clothes in that closet of hers.

She is the PERFECT candidate for webcam sites. Has she given a reason she might not?

No. 87494

Shes too pure, thats the only reason she wont do it. Along with people calling her a "big/plump" woman.

No. 87495

Why do I have a feeling that her coworkers being mean to her, is just her not getting what theyre talking about or something to that nature.

No. 87512

Whoa, that's some shitty nail polish application.

No. 87519

File: 1429813158550.gif (1019.87 KB, 500x281, Britney-Spears-Cringe-Face.gif)

It looks like some kawaii loli did her nails for daddy.

No. 87539

That gif is hilarious.

No. 87540

That ring is so painful to look at.

No. 87656

i wonder what she did, anyway i really hate when old workers are mean to the new ones. I know they are a burden but there's no need to be rude.
That being said i bet Pixy is slow and clumsy

No. 87712

you referring to this? To my knowledge they only ever actually made 1 episode but our queen is in it :D

No. 87742

I hope she goes into more detail later.

No. 87811

No I remember that guy from SR.
The person that was streaming PTs life in the sims 3 was from cgl.

No. 87876

Just speculation but Pixy strikes me as the paranoid victim type to work with. She thinks everyone is talking and laughing at her and takes things the wrong way. She is over sensitive to criticism and will take things too personally. This leads to "everyone is mean and hates me!" Next will be breathing & tummy problems and then skipping work because "too sick". People like Pixy have problems at every place they work because they are the problem, they bring the problem with them.

No. 87908

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if they really were snarky. I'm sure it's about her type of outfits (tacky kid nailpolish, probably colored lenses like in the previous pic)

Isn't her bracelet spelling lolita ? (seen one of that kind on etsy). I mean if I had no idea about lolita fashion and met a 30yo woman wearing pastel clothes way too small and tacky kids accessories I would think she's an ageplayer.

No. 87925

I remember during her Rukia phase she wanted to be as flat as possible and constantly complained about her chest size. But before that she made her infamous quote about how women with small breasts aren't real women. And then there are all those pics where she's wearing a too small bikini top to make her breasts look bigger. She's imitating Japanese gravure models there. So she's really weird about it. You never know what she's going to say about any art of her body.

She goes from "I feel like a manatee! I'm so fat!" to "I love my thighs and booty!" pretty fast.

Yeah. I think the ageplay fetish has something to do with it.

Well remember Anon, she's a pure delicate haffu maiden exploring her sexuality. Every other girl is just a disgusting dirty slut.

No. 87930

I think so as well. They could've also been rude about the circle lenses as well too since she definitely wore them to work >>84722 Normal people are creeped out by massive, unnatural looking circle lenses and they look even creepier when you aren't wearing makeup with them.

No. 88014

on the pixy teri kiwifarms thread one of pixys old friends is posting pictures of pixy when she was 18 and with blond hair looking normal.

No. 88016

Link, or just upload them here.
I always find it hard when people say they know pixy without any proof.

No. 88018

Back in her Rukia phase she also claimed her breasts weren't large at all, they were just average (and wished they were smaller?) even though in her Orihime stage she said they were large. Then again she also bitched when they drew Rukia as flat so I have no idea how she ever saw herself at any given time.

No. 88022

File: 1429902259966.jpg (28.54 KB, 340x511, 1350174809691.jpg)

LOL @ people saying she used to be "so pretty" Her pics just look like a typical trashy white girl weeaboo from early 2000's to me. Or maybe because I used to be one/hang out with them it's more obvious?

No. 88023

File: 1429902304319.jpg (42.32 KB, 600x450, blue.jpg)

Also I'll post all the pics from there one sec.

No. 88024

File: 1429902354489.jpg (47.07 KB, 450x555, dur4.jpg)

She doesn't look too terrible here.

No. 88025

File: 1429902383225.jpg (54.19 KB, 450x600, dur5.jpg)

Still with this pose though

No. 88026

File: 1429902448775.jpg (35.34 KB, 450x528, fingers.jpg)

Looks SO MUCH like her mom here, doesn't she?

No. 88027

File: 1429902522529.jpg (48.13 KB, 400x533, image (1).jpg)

Again, not TOO terrible? Kinda boring flat hair, but at least not greasy bangs? She should get side-swept bangs or side-part at least, it'd make her face not look so long and pointy IMO

No. 88028

File: 1429902581271.jpg (81.73 KB, 600x450, flw.jpg)

No. 88029

File: 1429902620227.jpg (79.07 KB, 600x450, image.jpg)

This series looks like a normal, sane girl. Sigh!

No. 88030

File: 1429902642897.jpg (98.15 KB, 450x600, stand.jpg)

No. 88031

File: 1429902699807.jpg (11.47 KB, 172x500, normalpixy.jpg)

No. 88032

why does she continue to look how she does when she could look like this

No. 88033

File: 1429902736803.jpg (72.71 KB, 600x450, Picture_1000.jpg)

This looks like a totally different person to me. But still an annoying weeb.

No. 88034

File: 1429902785505.jpg (28.28 KB, 600x450, Picture_1142.jpg)

Uh nice nostrils?

No. 88035

File: 1429902843817.jpg (31.16 KB, 450x600, Picture_1215.jpg)

I am digging this hair color on her, though. Brings more life to her face somehow.

No. 88036

File: 1429902870086.jpg (76.91 KB, 600x450, slv.jpg)

The weeb we know and love

No. 88037

File: 1429902926537.jpg (60.77 KB, 600x517, soda.jpg)

Who is this normal looking person?

No. 88038

File: 1429903089296.jpg (13.92 KB, 180x540, ter.jpg)

And that's all, folks.

No. 88039

Anon…. I consider myself a pretty good lil' hunter when it comes to the tracking down of data and forgotten media, but I have never seen these pictures before.

Where on earth did you find them?

No. 88041


She actually looks really nice in this one.

No. 88043

I just went and stole them from there. But I have them saved forever now.

No. 88045


Oh shieeeeet, can you give me a link to the thread? I can't seem to find it.

No. 88047


Is it this one?



No. 88051

Yup that's the one.

No. 88063

I was thinking about this today and I realized that her mom is on to something. All these kawaii girls are just so weak. They refuse to get a job, go to school, and choose to live their lives as some sad kawaii child. They're the farthest thing from independent women and are squandering the rights that females before them fought for. Sorry to get all SJW but it's just pathetic.

At the end of the day, I'd rather be the next Malala Yousafzai or Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren than the next Becki Cruel.

No. 88066

So much this.

No. 88073

Anyone know where I can find her private galleries? The Tifa cosplay and several others are private.

No. 88083

Oh shut the hell up Susan b Anthony

No. 88088

fucking this

(but to be honest i'd rather be the next anything than some wapanese idoru whore)

No. 88093

I agree with the sentiment about not giving a shit about these 'idols', but I respect their rights to do what they want and I respect girls' rights to aspire to be like them. PT can choose to want to be whatever she wants to be. After all, if we're bringing feminism into this, isn't that what its about? Having the freedom to dictate your own life?

No. 88133

Nigger are you new?
The queen has not let us in yet to see the glory of her dirty pictures.

No. 88184

File: 1429923057763.jpg (47.92 KB, 496x278, doyourlaundry.jpg)

does sara ever wash her sheets? or she owns a lot of the same color?

No. 88189

I honestly really doubt it. There's a lot of people who don't wash their sheets and it smells so bad after a while. I had roommates who never washed their dirty, ripped sheets the entirety of the time I lived with them (about 9+ months.)

Also sheets aren't that expensive so it helps to pick up a few sets every once in a while, especially since they get dirty quickly.

Anyway, back to the queen. I really adore that light brown/dark blonde hair she had going on, shame she was always a fatass though. She's my kawaii idoru forever. <3

No. 88209

no one is bringing feminism into it. go back to tumblr where all the other sjws whine about feminism. stop using "feminism" as an excuse to be a lazy piece of shit. "freedom" to be a pathetic lifelong leech is still being a pathetic lifelong leech.

No. 88220

am i the only one who has one pair of sheets i just wash and replace when they're done? lol.

No. 88221

i'm sure you're not, but sheets still get filthy pretty quickly. (especially if you sleep with a dirty boy every night ha.) or maybe i just see the dirt because my sheets are always light colored.

our queen is too japanesuu to bathe so I'm assuming her sheets are probably stained with the sweaty imprint of her glorious body.

No. 88223

I have three different bed sheets that I rotate and wash once every two weeks. It's not that uncommon, I think.

No. 88226

My mom was a home hospice nurse after being a regular nurse and she drilled in to her kids the nursing way of making the beds so we got in a habit of changing our sheets, pillow cases and blankets out every week.

Since leaving home I've kinda kept it up but now it's just every couple of weeks rather than every Friday.

No. 88242

no my ex did that every 3-4 days.

i am too undisciplined to do that so i have a few pairs.

No. 88301

>There's a lot of people who don't wash their sheets and it smells so bad after a while

my bf does this when he lives in the dorms and it drives me up the wall. I don't want to be that nagging gf so I only mention it every once in a while when he does normal laundry
>hey, you should wash your sheets too
>nah it's fine
this past weekend it was so bad I felt so itchy and restless sleeping in such filthy sheets and it smelled so terrible! (coming from a person with a insensitive nose) I'm sorry to make this a persnal blog post (i'm drinking) but how 2 convince someone to wash their fucking sheets?

No. 88305

Can you guys please go talk about your filthy sheets elsewhere

No. 88308

sorry girl, but i think you will just have to man up and wash his sheets for him. boys are lazy and gross.

But I digress. Doesn't pixy's ED need to but updated? Should we include the link to he onedrive? Is she ever going to find out that her vids were leaked?

I really wish she had a twitter again. I'd sign up for one just to follow her.
Also the best video to ever come from pixyteri, though I'm sure evryone here has seen it, it's always lulzy to rewatch.

No. 88311

I wouldn't link the onedrive.
It has been sooo long for new content that linking it could fuck it up.

No. 88313

Whoa, someone actually cosplayed Teriyaki Yoko from Um Jammer Lammy.

No. 88314

If its a sensitive topic like this, I'll try not to be outwardly critical of him and instead say things like, "I love the smell of clean laundry, this detergent smells the best on your sheets"

though it also depends on the guy you're dating. I was very frank with the lat guy I dated because of his own personality and he took to it well.

No. 88317

if I remeber, I believe that is how she choose her name, she also had an alien oc at some years ago

No. 88318

PT was pretty obsessed with that game. Her OC was based off that (or was her) back in her early live journal days

No. 88342

I definitely would, but I don't have access to his dorm's laundry machines as i don't go to the same school.

Either way, I also agree with that anon and don't link the onedrive, it's a serious treasure for those of us who really believe in our queen. I think even if she intended for this to leak out, she'd probably want us to see it (seeing as we're already filthy asskissers) versus a bunch of ED regulars/randos who would jsut harass her.

thanks. I'll bring it up when it becomes a problem again. thinking about spinning it that it's better for his acne problem if he washes it a couple of times.

ALSO, those old pics of PT look so much like my ex, what the fuck.

No. 88343

refuse to sleep around unless he cleans his damn sheets, wtf is wrong with him?

that's how she got her name, pixyteriyaki, which she later shortened - there are a bunch of really old blogposts where she was eroleplaying

No. 88351

I'll tell /cow/ not to link the one drive then, it was them who originally suggested and I thought I would ask lolcow about it

No. 88376

Doesn't she know it's been leaked? Didn't webm-sama say that she knows and blocked him because he leaked the link to the OneDrive but she'll continue to upload there regardless?

I don't think it's so much that she wants the attention but more that she's trying not to "give in to teh bulliez!!!" and act like it doesn't affect her and she doesn't care? Idk.

No. 88378

File: 1429955392837.png (112.94 KB, 910x404, anal.png)

No. 88384

Is there a way I can download the whole onedrive without making an account? If not, will the person who owns the account be notified if I download it? I just want these videos safe for future purposes.

No. 88515

File: 1429995353948.jpg (227.37 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Apparently she fucks up people's orders, I'm sure this is why she got fired so quickly from the last job and I'm sure she'll get fired from this one too.

No. 88516

File: 1429995380106.jpg (171.85 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

No. 88518

It seems like she ignored all the questions about what her coworkers have done to her. I'm disappointed :( I really was curious about it.

No. 88520

I was wondering why exactly she looked so bad in this because I felt like this could have been really cute, and then I realised she's wearing those damn circle lenses again without any other makeup. Even some mascara would have done the trick

No. 88530

Why even bother to wear circle lense with zero eye make up?

No. 88559

No I don't think onedrive updates them with someone downloading the files.
The queens work must be saved.

No. 88578

Her skin pains me to look at. Someone convince her Japanese people love to moisturize.

No. 88593

No. 88596

She needs to stop wearing circle lenses without makeup… And she looks even older now a days, not like a woman that's going to be 30 soon.

No. 88598

those eyebags, she just looks haunted. Even with her circle lenses her eyes are dead

No. 88606

I mean, I'm pretty sure they do - isn't Japan right behind South Korea in skincare shit?

No. 88608

She doesn't care.
She thinks japs are "natural beauties" and seeing as she is full on japaroo she doesn't need your whore skincare.

No. 88634

She looks like a responsible soccer mom here. Gardening and taking care of the kids.

Can't say she looked young back then, but man was her skin much less saggy. Wear your sunscreen, ladies.

No. 88725

I wouldn't say soccer mom, but she reminds me of a teacher I had when I was 6 or 7 who was in her mid 20s. Seems like she's always looked older than she is

No. 88794

They didn't do shit to her, that's why.

No. 88826

I get fucking up orders but is it really that easy to fuck up orders CONSTANTLY. don't they give her a pen and paper to right down the orders.

No. 88843

File: 1430050675458.png (838.51 KB, 640x2081, Untitlvdfvfded-1.png)

New post

No. 88888

FROM WHO??????????

No. 88889

They should. I know I can't remember shit off the top of my head for like two to three people at a time. Especially when they want specifics.

No. 88891

Being kind and polite doesn't work in these kind of situations. You just need evidence it is happening and document the situation to use for legal reasons. This isn't going to end well for her.

No. 88892


nice numbers

No. 88896

I have a weird feeling she thinks she is being nice and polite but she coming off wrong and awkward. Home depo and target really spoiled her behavior. She thinks people are jealous of her, jealous of the new girl who keeps messing up orders?

No. 89014

Wheres the Texas fag, have you seen our queen in action yet???

No. 89148

I wouldn't be surprised at all, this seems to be pretty common for her. I mean look at her videos, she legitimately thinks she's being cute and sexy but it just looks super awkward and bizarre. She sees herself one way, but in reality it’s something totally different.

PT probably actually thinks she’s being nice and sweet but it’s just coming off as weird, and her coworkers probably don’t know how to respond. She’s probably interpreting that as “they’re being so mean and rude to me!!!!”

Sure, there’s a chance they’re actually being mean, but it’s kind of suspect that this seems to happen EVERYWHERE with PT. Seems like every job she’s ever had, the coworkers/supervisors/bosses were ~so mean~ to her.

No. 89171


I grew up in a house where sheets weren't washed on a regular basis. My mom is just super lax about that sort of thing, and it drives me bananas. I wash mine twice a week now, but yeah, I've only got one set, and DGAF about wasting water honestly.

No. 89177

This. I think she's probs ok with us knowing about her leaked vids, seeing as she's a bit of an attention whore and seems to like having a fandase, but linking it to the ED so a bunch of random kids can harass her would probably cause her to go back into hiding.

Ugh eyebags… age spots… circle lenses… duckface… there's just too much going on here. Come on, moisturising is kawaii, right? If skincare had cute packaging, maybe she would use it? Cute packaging worked for me when I was 12 and just starting to get into like… needing face wash and Teen Spirit deodorant, so maybe cute packaging will work for her with her tween mentalities when she really needs some damn skincare.

No. 89198

who cares?

No. 89199

No she is a pure natural beauty~~~ she doesn't need kawaii packaged moisturizer

No. 89204


What the fuck do they have to be jealous of???

No. 89205

I'm wondering if she'd go for some Étude House products since they all have cute packaging. Someone on line tell her about it.

No. 89210


Yeah, I bet you she'd go for some kawaii Korean skincare products if someone (very subtly) pushed her in the right direction.

As long as someone gently led up to it first instead of just saying "lol sarah your skin sucks"

No. 89228

I already tried that several times in the past, back when we spoke frequently. Her excuse is that it is all too expensive. When in reality, she is just too lazy to maintain a regimen of good skin care.

No. 89237

what if she's actually thinner than some of the girls, it is texas
>there's someone out there jelly of PT's body

No. 89244

File: 1430098605935.gif (897.19 KB, 500x283, 2121248.gif)

>>Her excuse is that it is all too expensive.

So she can afford all this kawaii shit she buys online including those limited lolita dresses, but average-priced korean cosmetics are too expensive for her??

WTF Sarah? Seriously, WTF??

No. 89246

Priorities, man. Skincare or kawaii fire hazard maid outfits? She's made her choice and they'll consist of less hygiene products if she keeps fucking up. No tips, no kawaii, pixy.

And quick question - 'merica faggot here. I want some Etude house for my vanity. Is there a site I can purchase the crap in the States?

No. 89249

No. 89253

Thanks, anon. I'm special needs.

No. 89273

You can find them for cheapsies on amazon and ebay as well.

No. 89316

jolse.com is cheap as heck for kawaii azn makeup and skincare and they're legit so you don't have to worry about fakes. shipping takes forever though.

No. 89318

she also does not like Korean stuff and will throw a special needs level fit if you suggest non-Japanese asian stuff to her.

No. 89319

Nah, she likes Chinese stuff too but only because of kawaii Chinese animu characters.

No. 89345

she should use hada labo stuff, its japanese and i think they even sell some at ulta. they have a bunch of face stuff with hyaluronic acid thats supposed to help with aging

No. 89468

I'm kinda thinking they're treating her like an adult, rather than the cute babby she is.

No. 90949

Anything new from our queen??

No. 91000

check the drive

No. 91004

File: 1430358031195.png (738.75 KB, 1074x601, fuckbaltimorethisistherealstru…)


No. 91028

File: 1430360838466.gif (871.99 KB, 500x277, Tumblr_m4lhxo0ZBU1qmcc8g.gif)

That's a cute pose tho
Lol jk

No. 91029

File: 1430360983367.png (628.68 KB, 512x512, 1427752551723.png)

that fucking filename

No. 91031

Anon, you are the best all night.

No. 91051

No. 91060

this needs to be gif'd and then made into a banner

No. 91061

Well, yeah, she does this shit quite often.

No. 91154

Maybe she's trying to emulate reverse cowgirl?

No. 91155

>from 1:00 onwards
Dat gut

No. 91197

I threw up in my mouth a little.

No. 91247

It's a cosplay of Kokoro from DOA…..

No. 91255

I've been watching some of the videos on that channel, and the more I look at them, the more I'm convinced she has a problem. I kinda feel bad for her because she does seem like she doesn't want to get old.

No. 91256

when the fuck was she in the gothic lolita bible

No. 91265

File: 1430386135032.jpg (509.8 KB, 1300x1778, 1312472558960.jpg)

>being this new

No. 91279

her only problem is her complete refusal to be an adult. she has had many opportunities in life but she squanders them to do what she wants which is as little as possible. there's nothing to be sad over. no one wants to get old.

No. 91282

I do think there's some form of genuine mental disorder involved somewhere.

No. 91303

She looks and sounds sane.

No. 91323

You know, for all we've shat on PT, at least she's been recognized by grorious Nippon and been in a magazine before.
That's one thing she could probably hold over most of /cgl/ and the rest of her detractors.

No. 91335


>Sarah Builbeaux

>Sarah Beautiful Lump


No. 91381

Eternal pooping pose <3

No. 91400

who taught her twerking barf

No. 91432

This was the US Gothic Lolita Bible I believe. So no.

No. 91500

Correct. This was not a Japanese publication. So, uh, no, she can't hold it over anyone.

No. 91556

how dare you

No. 91560

who does she make these videos for??????

No. 91564

>I don't think it's so much that she wants the attention
I think it's more that she has a voyeurism fetish. That's why she does all this weird shit in public spaces.

No. 91568


okay so ignoring her other retarded rambling, I feel a little bit bad for because I think her family is where all her obvious issues stem from. I'm sure she exaggerates some stuff but I've grown up with people whose parents and family members were always putting them down like this and all it ever made them do was not want to accomplish anything. to someone who is a little more fragile and impressionable and doesn't know any better, people making fun of you like this can really bring you down (which isn't a new discovery). Her family puts her down for her interests so much that any time she gets some sort of inkling to do something (like go to japan) she now immediately comes up with an excuse as to why she can't do it.

and I know I'm prob armchairing right now but like, I could see how her family putting her down a lot would push her further into her own little world that she has, which makes things even worse because then she creates more irrelevant excuses as to why she can't do something (first she couldn't go to japan because of money, now it seems like she doesn't want to go purely because she's afraid she's "too old" and feels she can only go with her "lover")

tldr it seems to me like her annoying as fuck self-defeating attitude mostly comes from her family being dickish to her

No. 91598

When has she done this? It's a known fact that she likes Chinese stuff but where has she said she hates other Asian things?

No. 91600

Videos like this really cement it that she is fucking insane. I don't know what mental illness she has but she has GOT to have one.

No. 91612

Ya'll she isn't mentally unstable or retarded. She's just really into ageplay and various other fetishes. She would rather find someone to support her than work on making her own income. This is not uncommon at all.

No. 91614

I cant stop laughing at her newest sexy working out vids.

No. 91620


this is the saddest she can't do a sit up or a push up or keep attention long enough with out wanting to watch pokemon


it looks like she doesnt know how to bend over with out hurting her self and her retarded cat punches are just so off putting


she kind of plays with her gross vagina here and does more lollipop mouth stuff


she shows off the lower part of her boobs while wearing ugly 70s rapist glasses

No. 91631

she is truly fascinating

No. 91639

Are you telling me you watch those videos and honestly think she is a totally normal, mentally stable human being? Come on.

I don’t think she’s full-on retarded but it’s far beyond just simple laziness and liking different fetishes.

No. 91652

Nah dude. Poke around the dd/lg or caregiver/little tag on tumblr and you'll see people in her age range acting the same way. That's part of being a little. You act helpless and rely on someone to take care of you.

I honestly don't think she's mentally unstable, she's just lazy and involved in a "little" lifestyle, and her videos are clearly just a poor attempt at acting out her various fetishes. Everyone has SOME weird thing they are into, most people just don't post videos of it on the internet when they're as infamous as her.

Pretty much every confirmed person who has met her has said she seemed sane and was nice. The only people she's really had problems with are people who want to change her, which I understand – she's clearly at peace with how she is.

I do think that her family keeping her housed and fed has kind of contributed to her laziness and poor spending habits, among other things. If her family kicked her out and she had to support herself, she would probably buck up and try to find a better job and get her shit together.

Aside from the babygirl/weeb stuff I have met a lot of people just like her with no real concerns for what they do or what happens to them because they'll always have a place to live and food to eat and parents to take care of them.

No. 91667

>dd/lg or caregiver/little tag
I never knew such things existed until now.

No. 91678

File: 1430447968679.jpg (173.15 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

her latest diary, kinda sad tbh

No. 91684

Oh the things I would give for legitimate reasons as to why she's failing at her new job…

No. 91687

well in some of her new vids she was kawaii-ly posing and whining about how her new job made her body really sore. I just think being a waitress is hard work and pt hates hard work

No. 91690

She needs to understand that everyone is an outsider when they first start a job, even more so when there's a high turnover rate. No one is going to be your best buddy when there's a chance they won't even see you after a couple of weeks. Jfc she's so much like one of my brothers that it's terrifying.

No. 91693

She looks cute when she is genuinely smiling.
Wish she'd stop making that weird duck/pursed lips face she is known to do. Not nearly as flattering.

No. 91694

Bet she's wishing she had stayed at Home Depot where she wasn't held accountable for anything and just filled their retard quota so she would never get fired.

No. 91700

What happened with her job at Home Depot anyway?

No. 91703

I have the feeling she regrets quitting Home Depot as well. Now she's going to have an even harder time holding down a job since she's no longer filling a retard quota and they just treat her like a dumb yet normal person. I'm sure her pay is a lot lower now too since you hardly make a thing hourly waiting tables and your income relies heavily upon your tips. If she can't get orders right and drops a lot of plates, she can forget about it.

No. 91711

Nothing. She just quit because she hated it and got the job at the Chinese place.

No. 91734

Yeah that sounded like bs PT likes other Asian cultures/stuff.

No. 91743

File: 1430457157397.jpg (89.17 KB, 960x960, 11150409_385425134978640_78503…)

the ORIGINAL victoria fag is here! sorry mixture of illness and work got in the way of checking out this site, anywho i see ya'll got a new victoria fag who didn't deliver oh well it happens i plan on going on location to places PT have taken pics at, anyway!

theres a new Asian market opening in Victoria will Sarah go give it a shot? only time will tell!


No. 91744

i just noticed the IBC bank in the reflection, which is RIGHT NEXT to Montana Mikes where sarah works so she has to know about it.

No. 91746

Shit if its ran by real Asians the queen doesn't stand a chance.

No. 91788


I don't know why she's so insistent on waitressing, it was so obvious it was going to go horribly for her. Did she think she'd just get to be a kawaii meido all day or something? I'm really interested to know the logic behind her decision. I mean, if you can't hack retail, then why the hell you'd think waitressing would be any better is beyond me. At least she managed to last more than a few days at her retail jobs.

She should go back to community college and get some sort of admin qualification so she can just waddle around an office all day and live out her dream of being able to eat snacks at her desk. But it's PT, so of course she'll never do anything to fix her situation, at least nothing sensible or logical, anyway. She'd literally rather do nothing but sit on her fat ass and cry about it all day. I guess she's still hoping that rich husbando will suddenly appear on her doorstep.

No. 91790

I suspect you're exactly right about that kawaii meido thing. In her deluded mind, she probably thinks she gets to act all kawaii while serving her Masters and one day one speshul Master will sweep her to Japland. I bet she dashed off from her job at Home Depot as soon as she heard there was a spot at that Chinese restaurant (MAYBE HER AZN HASUBANDO IS WAITING FOR HER THERE DESU) and is now having severe regrets about quitting HD.

No. 91840

Maybe she sees herself as the kawaii desu clumsy waitress who messes up onii-chan's orders ugu. She might see her mistakes as cute and excusable because she's new and looks so adorable doing everything. She probably wishes she could wear a maid cafe outfit to work.

I just hope she doesn't weeb out any accessories she's wearing like a name tag or apron the way she did at Home Depot.

I was thinking this too. If she's one of the thinner waitresses, or actually the thinnest one then she's going to see herself as the best looking and most sexy. So obviously they are all just jealous and that's why they are being so mean.

No. 91910

Those glasses really age her. They make her look like a grandma.

No. 91936

File: 1430498461912.jpg (195.5 KB, 640x1136, dgo681.jpg)

No. 91938

File: 1430498546051.jpg (177.62 KB, 640x1136, 15z4ktc.jpg)

I don't know it sounds like the other workers are trying to help her out, if one other worker told her it was ok to make drinks with out a license. She is just mad she is forced to do more work and using the license as an excuse

No. 91940

File: 1430498643640.jpg (161.76 KB, 640x1136, 10o2v5z.jpg)

So with both the chinese buffet and this steak house she is getting paid less then HD and isn't making tips because she takes her time doing everything.

No. 91943

Someone should ask her if she thinks she's being discriminated against because she's Asian.

No. 91945

She said she was being discriminated against at the chinese buffet place too. I think she actually understands what that word means other then they are picking on her?

No. 91946


lol, god this is gold

No. 91956

lol, as someone who has worked in a handful of different asian restaurants, you don't need a license. some places have deals with the liquor license people. hell, i was a bartender for ~6 months without any kind of license. the other bartender didn't have one either.

No. 91984

>>she's being discriminated against because she's Asian.

Why question the obvious? Of course that is the reason you faggot! Duuuh!

No. 92104

>waaaaaahhhh they're trying to make me make alcohol orders without a license!!!
>must be discrimination

what a weenie!
seriously makes me mad when she makes ridiculous excuses like these.

No. 92116

I think PT is confusing "discrimination" with "constructive criticism".

No. 92175

File: 1430525767477.png (263.95 KB, 640x1162, Untitled-1fgdfgd.png)

No. 92179

Her normal eyes look so much better, she doesn't need to wear those shitty contacts.
And she will never hold down a job longer than a month at a time lol.

No. 92193

I wonder if she'll continue trying to be a waitress or will go back to retail.

No. 92200

Sorry if this has been discussed but why is her hair so greasy? A lot of people who stop using shampoo in general usually don't have their bodies producing that much oil after awhile but it seems like her's still overproduces

No. 92203

As long as I remember, mama PT doesn't let her to dye her hair dark to emphasize her glorious nipponese heritiji, so she keeps her hair unwashed because unwashed hair look darker.

No. 92206


>I like my eyes until people tell me they're not true kawaii nipponese eyes

Never change, my queen. We love you ♥

No. 92218

And it's greasy because she is still forced to shower/wash her hair occasionally, so it never got to the point where it produces a healthy/attractive amount of oil.

No. 92247

For the hell of it, I just commented on that journal telling her to try working at Hooters (though it was full of asspats and bullshit saying that they treat their workers nicely and they pay well and she's pretty enough to get a job there) and I think she just blocked me, hahaha

No. 92297

Blunt a question as it gets:

Does she ever show her full ass or tits in any of these vids? or is it all just clothed teasing nonstop? Tease is nice, but to a point, man.

No. 92299

Webm-sama claimed that PT has some juicy nude vids, but he refused to share them, alas.

No. 92300

Oh? well if it's not something that anyone can view, then it doesn't exist. Easiest way to look at it, really. But I meant in any of the current vids on the drive.

No. 92301

He flashes her boobs in one of them but I don't remember which, so I guess you'll just have to watch them all

No. 92302

I post the sexiest (kinda) of them here:
You won't find anything sexier than them.

No. 92303

Wait, what. Clearly I missed something.

No. 92304

No. 92305

Great idea making that. Nice job.

No. 92307

She needs to show that full ass is what she needs to do

No. 92360

Am I the only one who finds it weird that her nipples and areolae are so close in colour to the rest of her tits?

No. 92361

I feel like I've seen a vid where she shows off her entire ass with nothing on. I could just be wishing this, though, idk.

No. 92373

File: 1430563733820.gif (791.38 KB, 200x291, thatass.gif)

I'm bored.

No. 92376

that gif is mesmerizing

No. 92377

File: 1430564529486.gif (572.89 KB, 266x316, thatass2.gif)


No. 92381

that loop is glorious anon

No. 92382

File: 1430565305862.gif (667.86 KB, 266x316, thatass3.gif)

No. 92387

File: 1430567489961.gif (909.69 KB, 250x427, popokrut.gif)

No. 92390

File: 1430568776351.gif (317.61 KB, 350x579, pixie-cinematography.gif)

This one came out really creepy, I mean, even for PT. Oh well.

No. 92405

Lesbians must be like niggers,they love fat ugly white girls.

No. 92407

Lol that last video in the kitchen is hilarious because she keeps looking to see if someone is going to walk in on her. I'd love to see anything like that caught on camera.

No. 92409


OT but I really like that tumblr theme, is it custom?

No. 92586

File: 1430604232348.png (137.72 KB, 450x243, Etcetera-Tumblr-Theme1.png)

It's just a shitty Etcetera theme. I replaced graphics and made a custom header. I hate this theme and its totally useless layout and was considering to switch to another one.

No. 92590

File: 1430604968503.jpg (Spoiler Image, 132.41 KB, 800x1200, metart_janina.jpg)

I find it cute. Light-colored nipples are the best.

PT has a nice couple of tits. It's one of her decent features which she totally ruins with her weebness (dat ugly shapeless bra tops).

No. 92605

this reminds me of those weird advertisements on the side of porn sites

No. 92607

File: 1430607859636.jpg (156.27 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

No. 92610

sometimes it literally takes the grace of satan not for me to buy a plane ticket to victoria just to slap the shit out of her

she has such a shitty attitude because her life is going through a almost-mid-life crisis and shes "old" and hasn't done anything on her bucket list so she doesn't want to be happy for anyone or anything.

I get it, shit sucks. But you have the opportunity to make it better.

No. 92611


That's the thing though, she is perfectly capable of having a decent income, has a degree, etc. For all the dumb shit she does, I don't think PT is unintelligent at all. She's just a lazy spoiled brat who wants to do as little as possible, and wastes all her money on cutesy garbage. Things like going to Japan require work and effort, and as explained above she just won't commit.
She wants someone else to just give her happiness, she doesn't want to be assed to go out and get it herself.

No. 92621

lol 9/11 and other people's happiness are things she cant even pretend to care about

No. 92626

She was legitly sad when the tsunami happen in Japan land.

No. 92640

I agree with this, but just because it really doesn't affect me and it's dumb seeing this shit on American news media like it means jack shit for us. Not because it "depresses" me.

No. 92657

She's not stupid at all. She's lazy as fuck, and entitled.

No. 92667

Wasn't she sad because she thought she'd never be able to get to Japan since everything was shut down?

No. 92670

I remember she made a huge donation to the relief efforts. A hefty sum of 600yen.

She really only donated to get some kawaii Hello Kitty doll.

No. 92672


I remember the tsunami with pt and someone brought up Haiti and she was like wtf is a Haiti. It was beautiful, and says a lot about her. I miss the good old days.

No. 92688

I could care less about her drama or her entitlement or anything about her, honestly. She just needs to keep existing for those tits and ass. And preferably show them more and cut out out the teasing anime shit

No. 92690

Haha, ew.

No. 92691

Why are you here? unless you enjoy ugly chicks with drama?

No. 92692


No. 92697

lets be realistic, even with a degree, she is so well known and notorious where she lives that she'd never be hired anywhere legitimate. the only way she could get a real career and a real life at this point is to move someplace far from home and have her named changed, because a 5 second check on google of her real name by any potential employer and her resume will go right in the trash

No. 92726

even if she changed her name, she would probably change it to something japanese and if she did move she would probably still embarrass her self by taking photo shoots in random places.

No. 92728

Her only excuse to not move anywhere - she "can't afford it" (basically, this is her excuse for not doing anything to change her life for the better).
Like, only supa rich faggots "can afford" to move to better places, kek.

No. 92745

have you seen them anon? They're literally all sag

No. 92764

She also believes she can't move out of her parents' house without a husband. I don't know if she's trying to stick to some bullshit ~traditional~ stereotype or she expects a man to pay for all her expenses if her mom won't do it anymore.

No. 92767

Didn't she also say something really insensitive like how it wasn't fair they got to experience and Earthquake and she wanted to?

No. 92769

Her boobs are natural and pretty big. For naturally big boobs they seem fine to me, considering the fact that she is chubby. All natural big tits are saggy to some degree, admit it.
Yes, they are not any better than fine, but fine, imo. When I see her wearing a normal bra, I actually want to squeeze her tits, even though I'm no way a chubby chaser, lol.

Too bad she hates her tits, probably because they ruin her age play fantasies.

No. 92770

The Japanese sentence in that pic says: "I am boys hate."
Which means "I hate boys", I suppose.

No. 92777

> It depresses and annoys me

What? Why is she salty about this of all things? Is it because the baby princess is stealing the spotlight of the world from our sugoi Queen?

No. 92779

Probably more to do with Kate being married and having a baby. PT hates others having happiness or success, and more importantly getting attention and praise for said happiness and success.

No. 92804

I'm so disappointed she doesn't have an instagram…I want kawaii selfies of our queen and updates on all the frivolous shit she buys :(

No. 92807

This photo looks like the scene of a crime. She looks dead. is this an old pic? She's got Rukia hair but it might be a wig. She's been going on about her breasts recently. I'd hate to see her regress back into her Rukia phase.

My breasts are large and they have never been perky. Even when I was around 11 they sagged a bit because they were huge. It made me very self conscious because at the time I thought breasts were supposed to look like the kind models have. Thank you media.

Sometimes her breasts look better. Might have something to do with her menstrual cycle. That seems to be the case with me.

Well she could get attention and praise too if she pushed herself to succeed in something. Just look at all the jobs she's had. You can't quit every job just because "Wah they were mean to me!". You gotta stick with something and make it work. I don't know what she expects. A job where everyone worships her as the workplace princess and she gets all the snack breaks she wants without having to do much work at all?

That's why I can't imagine her as a housewaifu. I have a hard time believing she'd do much work at all. She'd probably spend more time dressed in a maid cosplay and posing with cleaning products and cupcakes than she would doing any actual cooking or cleaning. Once the novelty of domestic life wore off her husband would end up coming home to a pigsty and plate of lopsided onigiri and sloppily made sushi. And then it would be "Wah! he's being so mean to me! I'm trying so hard!"

No. 92818

My god, I feel so embarrassed for her.
I think she imagines her job being like one of those kawaii animu where a group of schoolgirls attend some workplace with 10% of actual working and 90% of doing mindless friendly and cute stuff, smile with their mouths open and dressing up in a cute outfits. Something like K-On!, I guess.
She's living in the world where spilling hot tea or soup or whatever on a customer is going to net her only admiration for her cuteness and clumsiness, nothing less, so no wonder her expectations doesn't meet up with real life. She's not going to make it at ANY job unless she drops the kawaii aidoru act, I promise you. Not even maid cafes would go this animu. Or hire her with her godawful acting skills.

Sorry for this, but I stumbled across her only about a month ago or so and I am FUCKING AMAZED by how deep can someone go in their delusions about real life.

No. 93016

Yes lol, she said she hoped to experience an earthquake one day. I've been following her for years and that entire thing was really her at her most "what the fuck" for me. She never heard of Haiti or anywhere else but she was apparently rooting for Japan while still wanting to be in an earthquake?

This is one of those things that make me think she has something deeply wrong with her, some sort of personality disorder or autism. This is beyond just dumb she's clearly extremely oblivious to everything that isn't about her or her vision of kawaii Japan.

No. 93017

That would be great. I miss her twitter most of all though.

I still can't think she's that bad though. I know PT has gotten worse with age but she did okay in her retail jobs aside from wanting to sit down and whining about not getting enough breaks (and I don't know whether she whined to someone or just on twitter). I remember years back someone saying they either knew her at Target or knew someone she worked with at Target and supposedly she was a pretty competent worker.

I do think waiting tables is pretty challenging though and that's the issue. She can get away with being lazy or screwing up in little ways with big retail stores but less so with waiting on people. Add in her insistence on wearing those creepy lenses and no makeup plus her potential attempts at being kawaii and it will all go terribly.

No. 93106

File: 1430708034647.jpg (1.39 MB, 2069x2903, image.jpg)


Because it's NOT FAIR that this baby was born a princess and our Queen wasn't! It's depressing and annoying! >.<

No. 93150

File: 1430710887775.jpg (81.82 KB, 522x532, image.jpg)

Anyone know if this is legit her amazon wishlist?

Kegel exercises, Japanese childrens songs, a lock box for her secret diaries!

No. 93151

No. 93156

File: 1430711438238.jpg (40.54 KB, 640x379, 28l80e8.jpg)


No. 93173

No. 93196

Man with all the unprotected sex she had, she could have a few kids, but we all know the queen aint got no time for that shit.

No. 93214

Does PT actually want a kid, or the attention associated with having a baby? If she had a kid she wouldn’t have time for photoshoots and wouldn’t be able to spend all her money on kawaii things.

No. 93219

I could come up with a ton of theories but to simplify things, I think this is what kind of parent I think she'd be http://yeppoh.stage-select.com/mmaw001

No. 93237

tbh i dont think she actually wants a kid. i think its the fact Kate has a husband and the option of having a child. maybe im pessimistic but i think PT would turn out to be one of those mothers who resents their child because the kid gets more attention than them.

No. 93250


Oh snap. A pretty, young Canadian made it into an idol group in Japan. Before our glorious Queen!

(She comes front and center around the 00:53 mark)

No. 93252

That is if PT actually would be the one to raise the child. I have a feeling PT would be very similar to a woman I know, who cared for her kid until it was 2 or 3, then just placed it in the care of her mom once the novelty/new mom attention wore off.

That's if Debbie would even risk the child's well being by leaving PT in charge. PT lives in her own little world a lot of the time, and I can honestly see neglect happening.

No. 93261

I think to her, having a baby is some kind of an another checked box in a "things that make a girl successful in life" list. This has nothing to do with real desire to become a mother, it's just an option of a girl who has a husbando (which she hasn't, baaaw, life's so unfair).

I mean, come on, she is so deluded and she is a big kid herself, do you really expect from her to think about motherhood seriously, with all the huge responsibility it takes? Come on!

No. 93275

No. 93278

File: 1430726379529.png (441.14 KB, 616x624, ptsmostaccuratecosplayever.png)

No. 93281

Lol but damn doesnt she own like 3 different of those pajama suits? arent those shits expensive? how does she have a new god damn outfit for each photoshoot.

No. 93283

Is the Pooh one more form fitting or did she just get so fat she filled out a kigu?

No. 93285

I think she bought a teen size one, even adult kigus are wide and she did have a blue pink one that was big on her but that was a few years ago…

No. 93298

The cheap Chinese ones are like, $20 each. She has a Sanrio one or something which was a lot more expensive, but this particular one isn't very expensive

I don't think they're more form-fitting, but that one does look a little short on her so I wouldn't be surprised if it was a kids one

No. 93349

No. 93362

omg I love that she thinks she is being sexy and cute and is posing on the toilet then bumping her ass on the wall ~sexily~

whats on her cheek? it looks like two scratches


this is so embarassing, she really can't bend over she runs like she is pigeon toed and she really doesn't know how to throw a punch she just throws her bent retard t-rex arm out
what is weirder she does the same retarded backwards leg stretch, tries to bend over, does a little shimmy dance and runs away from the cam and back to the came for the next 8 videos. WHY WHY WHY.

No. 93363

File: 1430751967167.jpg (24.16 KB, 206x240, 6940281470_4f138a4436_m.jpg)

also in the last of those vids she starts saying 'something something i'm akane tendo, ranma no baka, baka baka' so the outfit with the yellow bow and white tanktop and blue shorts is her akane work outfit

No. 93387

"baka ne no deito! no even a bit of deito!

i love my queen so much she even looks okay wearing this dress.

No. 93638

Its the knockoff one.
the real one goes for 70 and is muuuuuch bigger.


No. 93835

I think she looks quite nice in that dress too. She can generally look pretty good when she's wearing well-coordinated normalfag clothes if they're in her size, the problem is that she almost never does.

No. 93837

I think she wants a kid so she can give it some stupid name, dress it up sometimes and to anchor a guy to her. Also because it's just what all women are supposed to do.

But in reality she wouldn't want one and if she had one I'll bet her mother would end up taking care of it.

No. 93838

She looks nice here, the dress is cute and suits her.

No. 93851

These are the kinds of clothes she should be wearing, not her regular kawaii bullshit.

No. 93854

It's so embarrassing how she's always looking to the side in these videos so she doesn't get caught

No. 93873

I sometimes think about making a PT rpg fan game like the CWC's Adult Chronicles one.

Would any of you guys play it if I did? What kind of things would you like to see in a game about PT?

No. 93885

I kind love that she thinks she's Akane and will "workout" because that's what Akane would do. lol

No. 93887

when I was more active hitting the gym thinking "goku wouldn't stop here" helped me keep running when I was at my limit.

No. 93890

Would play it 100%
I just want a PT's daily life RPG. Some of the challenges would be to take pics on children's playground without being caught or reported to police.

No. 93913

Thats kind of adorable.

No. 93918

File: 1430839494274.jpg (20.22 KB, 500x375, 1417032062683.jpg)

I would want it to be RPG based, all about PT's pilgrimage to Japan and going back to her homeland.

It would all be based on keeping the levels of her fame and sanity equal. If one or the other dips to low, she has to "fight" her oppressors. She also would need a bank account filling up with money for Japan, but would constantly need to be buying little Japanese trinkets to keep the sanity bar full.

No. 93957

If PT started to actually feel ashamed of herself and killed herself, that would be the most Japanese thing she could do.

No. 93958

If she'd actually work out

No. 94039

oh god, this is just too funny. Has pixy evet talked about her opinions on seppuku before?

No. 94299

Geez… In one of the videos in her red dress you can see her across the street neighbor looking at her doing her weird shit.. She even gets up to close the fence door. Ahaha

No. 94301

Which video?

No. 94307

Someone needs to get her lewd vids already.

No. 94318

No. 94325

it's weird she knows to put her underwear over her stomach fat to make her look thinner.

No. 94326

File: 1430894228018.jpg (164.81 KB, 375x550, 1341649216744.jpg)

Mother of god.

No. 94327

It just makes her look pregnant.

No. 94330


when she turns around she can't zipper or button up the dress because she is too fat for it also you can see her butt crack for those pt nude grossos

what is she talking about in this video??????


Why do her parents have a dead flower in a beer bottle as decoration, she acts like a retarded cat in heat in this movie

No. 94334

Are you new to PT?

No. 94335

It's always been hilarious to me that she says "nyu" to be kawaii but she got the idea from Lucy (Nyu) from Elfen Lied. In the anime she hit her head and became a retarded child who could only say "nyu". That's what PT is doing, acting like a brain damaged child.

No. 94336


srsly some one tell me what is happening here, she is like semi getting off to the jets in the tub but rubbing shit on her feet?? like nigga help.


you can see weird side vag lips here when she pulls up her panties.

No. 94337

this is hilarious. her poor neighbors.

No. 94338

I'm trying to watch all the videos in the onedrive account, I feel like I'm losing my mind. each video seems to gets to a new level of bad.

No. 94339

so you're new?

No. 94342

as retarded as she looks i think her vag lips look fine… am disappointed they werent monstrous

No. 94343

have you guys really not seen her nudes already? naked pt is old news.

No. 94344

>says this
>posts no link or relevant source information to said nudes

There are none unless otherwise shown, m8

No. 94346

Spot the newfag

No. 94347

why are you so salty about being an old fag

No. 94348

Spot the guy telling lies on the internet

No. 94349

Have you not even read her ED page? The nudes are all on there, it's super old news.

No. 94350

Those are ancient, no one is surprised by those. Where's the up to date lewd vids or latest nudes? supposedly there's dildo vids and shit.

No. 94351

you don't belong here.

No. 94359

The nudes are all over her ED page and I also posted them all throughout the last thread. Lurk moar, you fucking faggot, and show some respect for the Queen.

No. 94360

The queen of ugly as shit maybe(good one)

No. 94361

File: 1430906331172.gif (829.59 KB, 500x375, f01c4a1938dd8a4f616a32a2be6d73…)

wicked burn!!

seriously, what's with the sudden influx of babby's first day on the internet idiotic kids? i want to blame berry threads.

No. 94363

I hope you get banned for this.

Newfags, MRAs and SJWs as far as the eye can see. Some of them don't even know what 4chan is. And some of them even have the gall to insult the person this entire fucking forum is named after.

No. 94364

the most recent ones were dumped by PTNR, don't know if those made the ED though. unless some hardy anons saved them, there's probably no chance of getting new nudes of lewd videos.

No. 94530

File: 1430943199700.jpg (185.29 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

No. 94531

File: 1430943235039.jpg (174.25 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

No. 94532

File: 1430943266052.jpg (146.97 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

No. 94535

Did anyone in the comments section ask how she hurt her ankle?

No. 94536

…could you post the rest?

No. 94558

File: 1430947133175.png (205.57 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-05-06-17-15-55…)

No. 94561


>binding technique

so that explains why her tits always looks so weird and flat and squished in her photos these days, her constant mental struggle between 'My boobs are big and beautiful and everyone should love my womanly curves' and 'I'm a cute girl oneeeee chaaaaan, come play with meeeee'

No. 94563

You dumb bitch its cause you sleep almost all day thats why you feel groggy. God shes so spoiled.

No. 94564

File: 1430947682561.png (260.43 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-05-06-17-16-46…)

No. 94566

In that video she's actually making a joke about the jinbei pajamas she bought. The shorts were too tight so she cut them and turned them into a (way-too-tight) tube top. So they are binding.

I don't think she really goes out of her way to bind regularly so much as she just wears clothes that are far too small for her on the regular.

(also, onee chan is big sister, onii chan is big brother, just being a dumb weeb and pointing that out)

No. 94569

what app is that? it looks crazy cute

No. 94575

Kek, her "kickboxing" is more like star kicking trees.

No. 94578

My guess would be her walking around pigeon toed a lot.

Line Play. Be aware it's a huge ass app. Last I checked it was 300+ MB, and I think you're required to install the Line App as well.

No. 94685

It's Line Play, and no you don't need the LINE app. You either need a LINE account, Facebook account, or Twitter account. Anon's right though, it's help a huge and kinda addicting if you have that free time I guess. My advice is to keep it on another device than your phone to save it's place, plus you won't pay too much attention to it.

No. 94747

You seriously find it addicting? Wtf? Mobile games are worthless and primitive as fuck and are only made to take your money for inner game currency. What's exactly so addicting about buying cute shit to your chibi character?
Just buy yourself a normal game console.

No. 94748

File: 1430967445125.jpg (85.86 KB, 500x628, e26.jpg)

No. 94754

Calm the fuck down speshul gamur gurl anon, no one here gives a shit. Who cares if they like mobile games.

No. 94756

Also you don't have to spend money to get stuff for your little chibi character. There's always some sort of stupid event going on that lets you win digital items. Not only that but just by logging in every day you get free "coins" to use towards buying stuff for your chibi character.

Console video games cost time and money. Line Play costs you time… and money if you choose to spend your money doing so.

No. 94761

File: 1430970697521.png (223.99 KB, 360x640, IMG_9660.PNG)

Hot off the press.

No. 94768

JFC she should be happy that any man wants to take her out.

(how the fuck can you not like the Avengers)

No. 94771

She probably hates it because it has a woman with red hair who seems to be an object of affection. PT seems to think all women are rivals for any man's attention.

No. 94772

I swear to god she's just LOOKING for shit to complain about now.

Avengers 2 was a fucking awesome movie and I'm not even into that. Someone go tell her to watch Age of Adeline or Home or something, I want her to get up and actually do something for once.

No. 94776

jesus christ she's so fucking whiny and entitled. PT, you'll never, ever land a husband if you're always going to act like this.

No. 94777

She doesnt even take up much screen time.
Oh well that red headed whore stripper fucked shit up for her.

People need to encourage her to go and suck it the fuck up or suck his dick.

No. 94779

Maybe he IS a fuckbuddy. At least this guy's willing to take her places and spend money on her though.

No. 94807

Just be happy there's a guy that wants to sit next to your smelly ass for 2 1/2 hours.

No. 94819

>>spend money on her

Not proven yet. Maybe this is what all whining is about, kek. A guy doesn't want to treat her like a princess and pay for her, bawww, men are jerks, I don't wanna go, what should I do you guise.

No. 94829

Maybe because she knows most guys only take her out to fuck her? didn't one of her chat boys say PT would only go out with guys for sex or to use them to take pictures of her. Like that guy who took pictures of her mermaid cosplay and he stopped hanging with her when she didn't fuck him.

But jesus christ she can't be happy, or maybe she is worried the guy is going to make her pay for it?

No. 94838

eugh does she not hear herself? not very nippon of her to act like a brat

No. 94841

I would almost be willing to pay to see what her fuckbuddies look like. I keep picturing neckbeards and fedoras so nasty that even the darkest parts of the internet refuse to acknowledge knowing them.

No. 94842

Maybe she doesn't like going to theaters because she's been caught doing stuff in them, and is afraid she'll get recognized? It seems far fetched, but remember, it's been reported she used to masturbate in the parking lot of HD during her breaks.

No. 94849

File: 1430987830219.jpg (168.02 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

so bitter

No. 94855

I like to think that the first clip here in her maid outfit is how she serves customers at work.

I think the flower is just hiding in shame from her rolling around on th floor. I bet it was perfectly fine before she walked into the room.

No. 94861

Sorry for the ot, but yes I found it addicting because I mentioned I have a lot of time In my hands. And yes I do have a 3ds if that counts, but Anon was asking about this app.

Stay mad.

In a more on topic discussion, I don't bother with Bleach anymore, so can a Bleach fan tell us what she's ranting about? In a way I feel bad for her, sloooowly turning into a bitter fruitcake year by year.

No. 94875


There's always gonna be one person who gets mad because you like something casual. It's fine, anon. You should try Cocoppa Play too though


I know PT supposedly has nothing wrong with her, but it almost seems like an autism thing the way she associates stuff like big boobs, red hair, etc with bad memories. It must be hell living like that. Imagine getting bitter and upset every time you see something as common as a certain hair colour, Jesus fucking Christ

No. 94877

Her secret sex diaries, even. Her secret sex diaries that she writes in while doing kegels and listening to Japanese children's music.

The fuckbuddy she used to be obsessed with before she met James (Chris? Kris?) was practically deformed-looking. IIRC he was the one that made her hate big-titted redheads. I think we can safely assume James is the most attractive boy/man/thing she's ever fucked.
Except for PTfucker of course, who was apparently some kind of ~dark, kinky~ Adonis.

No. 94947

I ain't even mad, for fuck's sake. Be addicted to whatever you want, just expressed my opinion on this shit, didn't expect the thread to go off topic this much.
Let's get back to PT anyway.

No. 94956

I thought it was James who was into redheads. Or he posted pics of redheaded glamour models or something.

No. 94959

She's whining in typical PT fashion that a couple of the female characters reintroduced in the latest chapter happen to have huge tits. One of them, Nel, is usually in child form but I guess ol' round eye took offense to her being in permanent adult mode in which she has large boobs.
I imagine she's pissed because it's been awhile since she Rukia was the featured character and as you know she sees herself as the human incarnation of her.

No. 94961

no james was into black chicks which lead to pt asking how could black girls be more attractive then me on twitter, kris was into stripper red heads and called pt a whore that lead to her posting that crying photo of her wearingna stripe shirt asking if she looked like a whore…

ah the twitter age of pt was a golden age.

No. 94963

cops executing random black people in america means very little to us either but we still need to see that shit on the news.

No. 94974

You're right. I got them confused. Those days are so long ago…my memory is slipping…

Anyway…I hope she dates this guy. Been a while since there was romance in PT's life.

No. 94976

what are you even trying to say

No. 95022

she's jealous as fuck.
Sarah is old, there's nothing special about her, but she craves attention. A baby princess is going to have the media's attention pretty much since birth, plus Sarah seems like the type who would definitely idealize being born into wealth and privilege. Plus that Kate&William are pretty much the 'it' couple of normalfags, and I'm sure that the idea of anyone being born into such a ~perfect~ life drives her up the wall with envy.

No. 95119

If they date I can't wait for the breakup and new nudes/deets.

No. 95120

who did this?!?!?! lol


No. 95122

Some of those photos are new….
We all know its not her running it.

No. 95133

What is the origin of "I am just beginning to shine"? did she make it up or…?

No. 95134

Pretty sure it was in her sig on dA

No. 95149

Someone should introduce her to the concept of fictionkin on tumblr.

No. 95158

Believe it or not, fictionkin have actually been around before tumblr. They just kind of exploded on tumblr. There was always a group of them on LJ/DA etc. I am fairly certain she is well aware of the concept and probably subscribes to it.

Check out the otakukin page on ED for some oldschool fictionkin.

No. 95165

Her old twitter is @pixyteri, pretty sure this one might be a new one she made. The typing style is similar, as well as her randomly lashing out at popular cosplayers. I can't screencap on my phone, but scrolling through it it looks like it might be legit.

No. 95166

No. It is definitely fake.

No. 95167

It's fake. If it were real she'd likely have posted about it on LP to get followers. She craves attention so she'd advertise it, like the LJ she keeps hinting at.

No. 95169

Part of me thinks it's fake, some of the tweets seem sarcastic and like someone pretending to be her, but damn if other parts aren't really similar to how she used to tweet. There also seems to be a few new candid pictures.

No. 95170

That's the point, though. They're re-phrasing her Line Play stuff to be more hilarious, so of course it "sounds" like her. And anyone can find candid pics, they're all over the internet.

No. 95175

File: 1431037099518.jpg (50.5 KB, 600x800, CEYn2HLVIAA2gyP.jpg)

she literally looks like a giant amorphous baby.

No. 95177

Maybe that's what she's going for? So kawaii and innocent desu~

No. 95183


No. 95186

She always looks like she's crying when she wears circle lenses.

No. 95187

is she in a car taking pictures of herself in her unders?? it looks like a back seat of a car with plushes on the floor?

No. 95191

literally googling "pixyteri nudes" brings up most of them jfc

No. 95192

This is Pt https://twitter.com/pixy_teri/status/593313272087982081

this photo isn't on lineplay

No. 95194

more proof its the real PT https://twitter.com/pixy_teri/status/589151644920598528 this photo is not on her lineplay

No. 95195

Maybe she's got the beetus.

No. 95196

Well shit. That's awesome. I had doubts earlier.

No. 95199

Is her head on backwards? I am so confused.

It wouldn't surprise me if she got shitty or ill-fitting ones that irritate her eyes. Even if she does get decent ones, there's no way she takes care of them properly.

Considering the floor of her car has sex toys rolling around in it and she's taken buttpics in her car before, I don't doubt it.

No. 95201

File: 1431041091632.jpg (70.72 KB, 600x800, CEYounXUMAA8xWc.jpg)

does she just lay in the back of her car spread eagle during her breaks.

No. 95202

omg this twitter has so much more gold on then lineplay it.https://twitter.com/pixy_teri/status/551839967568080896 looks like she was feeding the stray cats at the shopping plaza Chinese restaurant was at.

No. 95207

>It wouldn't surprise me if she got shitty or ill-fitting ones that irritate her eyes. Even if she does get decent ones, there's no way she takes care of them properly.
She has said she layers her circle lenses over her regular prescription contacts.

No. 95208

It looks like her way too tight top has sqished her boobs to look more like a back. With her hair going don the middle you can barely made out the cleavage. Why does she always post the most deformed pics of herself? It's like she has no concept of what looks good.

No. 95209

My god, the typos. Sorry. I have a fever and the air conditioner died.

No. 95214

File: 1431041921707.jpg (28.55 KB, 578x210, onetruequeen.jpg)

No. 95217

jesus she is so obsessed with her boobs, I just scrolled that twitter a little and she's on about it constantly, "waaaaaa I wish I wasn't an oppai monster!! waaa I have gigantic titties feel bad for me"

like gurl 1) they ain't even that big 2) your boobs are the last part of you that you need to worry about the large size of just sayin

No. 95219


No. 95226

We speculated on that last thread. She said her foot kept going numb at HD.

No. 95229

Omg I'm reading her twitter and I forgot how hateful she is, half of her tweets are telling people to die and how much she hates things.

No. 95234

File: 1431044786558.png (91.33 KB, 1498x470, Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 8.24…)

No. 95235

File: 1431045124077.png (1.04 MB, 1375x1039, Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 8.29…)

No. 95237

File: 1431045248165.png (168.71 KB, 1236x960, Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 8.33…)

No. 95238

Someone on LP, ask her to confirm her twitter, goddamnit. This is important!

No. 95239



This confirms Britfag's existence once and for all then.

I wonder what it is he really has on her…

No. 95240

>>95238 its her twitter all the post and pictures on her twitter were posted first before the lineplay ones.

No. 95241

https://twitter.com/pixy_teri/status/593660515060097026 I bet she is talking about a sex toy.

No. 95243


I know, I know, but it's hard not be super skeptical at this point. What if it's Britfag himself? I don't know, I just can't get burned again, man. This is too much to hope for.

No. 95246

The twitter is definitely fake, it’s just regurgitating stuff from her LP diary. She would never post stuff like that father/daughter video (way too jelly for that) and she doesn’t say stuff like “hella” or “dat ___.”

As for new photos, maybe it’s just someone who has talked to her and got photos? If she gave webm-sama all those videos and stuff I don’t see why she wouldn’t send other photos to other people.

No. 95267

Is it just me who's annoyed by the tweet about not having the mental capacity to learn Japanese fluently? I'm sure, like everything else she does, she doesn't put any sort of effort into learning the language at all whatsoever. I get learning a language is hard, especially as you get older, but I think what she considers studying is just listening to Japanese music, watching subbed anime, and reading books that teach children Japanese words. She's incredibly basic at Japanese and she's been studying for how long? I think even Kiki has a higher Japanese level than her and that's saying something.

No. 95269

File: 1431047193496.jpg (72.65 KB, 768x1024, BvaR5teIUAEVmYq.jpg)


No. 95271

I am reading her Twitter right now and she seems more "off" than ever…

It does make me wonder, that we know that her mother Debbie is bipolar, and that the illness has genetic links.

No. 95272

ngl these look like downs hands

No. 95273

I don't know if it's fake or not, but I'm honestly surprised it took us this long to find it. It's been going on since June of last year? I'm ashamed.

No. 95275

File: 1431047605972.jpg (23.18 KB, 592x135, sadda.jpg)

What the fuck she was already fucking fired from that waitressing job.

No. 95276

That happened a while ago, she has a different waitress job now.

No. 95278

File: 1431048127840.jpg (260.85 KB, 1024x1434, CBz251PVEAAR-DM.jpg)


>Recent photo of me at a carnival in my town :) :3

No. 95281

You're fucking late. she works at a steakhouse now.

No. 95282

No. 95286

I'm calling fake on this account. Whoever this is seems to be calling her the queen of kawaii and cosplay is probably trying too hard. I don't think she'd ever say this.

No. 95287

No. 95288

Shrek hands

No. 95289


No mate it's really her, there's a shit load of new pictures and links to dropboxes containing unseen videos and shit.
Did you even look through the Twitter?

No. 95292

No. 95294

The twitter still seems suspicious to me…PT was never this direct (queen of kawaii and cosplay?).

No. 95295


It's her. The new videos and photos confirm it.
I think she's really lost it.

No. 95296

That doesn't mean it's her, it could be someone that just gets pictures directly from her and immediately posts them.

I mean this tweet for example:

PT hates looking at other girls, especially cute japanese girls. seems weird to me that not only retweeted it, but she willingly called another girl cute and sexy? it's weird.

No. 95299


I genuinely think she's bipolar.

No. 95300

My new favorite video of her. It's got everything. Cosplay, slutty dancing, toilet, poopin pose, kawaii jumping.


No. 95301

File: 1431049339210.jpg (62.63 KB, 397x665, dsdad.jpg)

Hey guys I made a new thread in light of this new devlopment because this ones pushing past 700 posts already.

No. 95364

This, cause the photos could just come from some jackass shes talking to online.

No. 95381


No. 95552

Yeah,I am getting long term troll vibes from the Twitter account. Anyone who was cat fishing her could have got the drop box links and posted info they were talking about. The tweets just don't have the right edge of PT crazy we are used to from her old account

No. 96527

They were probably mad that she let them get away before they could eat them

No. 96536


>i am men hate


No. 125592

Will eat her ass.

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