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No. 254982

Old thread hit limit >>205005

> Venus youtube celeb since she was 11/12 years old

> Has been on various tv shows, travelled country to country by her mother speaking fuck knows how many languages
> Never went to school/was homeschooled
> Her mother Margret basically used Venus for $$$
> Venus escaped her crazy money sponging controlling mother and leapt into the hands of her visa cough husband Manaki
> Currently resides in Tokyo now living life and still hiding from her mother who continues to try stalking/harassing Veenos!
> Venus is still social awkward but may gradually be making friends alas Taylor R

Youtube: /venusangelic
IG: Venus_Angelic

No. 254984

Venus, it's not like people want you to be a basic bitch, people just want you to stop resembling a race you're not. (Plus, your "culture"?? Didn't know you were american)
I thought you were over your "how to look haffu and korean uwu" phase.
People are just asking you to stop doing your make up to the point you become unrecognizable, you're no better than those cosplayers who shoops themselves asian.
And it's not like "It's Venus uwu" because I would say the same thing about a white person putting on too much brown foundation and black lenses and a black person bleaching their skin/hair and wearing green/blue lenses.

No. 254988

Im not trying to sound like a whiteknight but whats so bad about Venus's make up? She lives in Japan shes gonna follow their make up trends.

No. 254990

The fact that japanese make up is clearly directed at people with asian features.
It looks so harsh on Venus' face and no, Venus isn't in the slightest "oriental" in facial terms, is your common mountains white girl

No. 254991

Make-up trends among races are not fucking sacred.
The way she applies make-up is horrid.

No. 254993

I wasnt trying to say she suits them but shes gonna follow them and tell others about them for views. Its how she makes her money.
Shes still shit at applying tho.

No. 254996

Make trends shouldn't be confined to races if it looks good on you, that's the dumbest logic ever. It's different if it LOOKS good on you vs not. Don't make it a race thing.

Personally I don't really think her make up is that bad, but like keep in mind she grew up with margos influence on what to do and how to apply even if she's moved away.

No. 255005

How is this 'yellowface' thing even a thing? She's just doing the 'natural makeup' trend that is big in Asia right now. Well shit, at least now I know wearing circle lenses and the 'no-makeup' look is racist, let me go off on every fucking jfashion fan ever.

No. 255015

Yellowface used to be a thing in old American movies but I've never understood why Venus was accused of doing it. How does she resemble a racist Asian stereotype?

Even her video about how to look like a half-Japanese girl is a make-up trend that originated in Japan but people use it as proof for how Venus is supposedly so racist. She only remade this look in English, on a European face. SJWs really grasp at every straw.

No. 255019

Japanese people could care less about people "appropriating" their culture. There are tons of surveys and direct interviews with actual Japanese people asking them if it bothers them in some way, and virtually everyone does not care. I'm pretty sure that anyone sperging over this is white. Stop being offended for others, especially when you don't belong to said cultures.

No. 255023

it might be hard for her to assimilate to Mainstream american culture after the way she was raised with her mom. Her mom noticed Japanese culture was trendy and that might be the way she tried to """raise""" her

No. 255033

I don't get why people care so much about this. If she wants to be a cringy weeb wearing circle lenses and in makeup that doesn't flatter her, let her do it.

I mean, at least she's IN japan.

No. 255034

This sounds like some PULL bullshit where anyone with straight eyebrows and lip tint is accused of trying to look asian.

No. 255043

V isn't American. Isn't she Hungarian? She doesn't really have her own culture due to Mage and her global tax evasion adventure.

No. 255048

I didn't realize how many sjw go here.

No. 255050


most of the people accusing her of this are white or black people. black people can't seem to not stop going "smh WHITE PPL UGH" when theyre not even fucking asian. i personally wouldn't even take an asian-american's opinion to heart because theyre not japanese or of japanese decent.

if this was any other women on the internet i would have the same opinion. it's only natural to read magazines in your own country and imitate the popular looks and styles in them, especially if you're a young girl. you want to fit in and how is it racist to buy makeup from where you currently live?

it boggles my mind that sjws whine about everything. she's not even wearing a kimono or someshit, she's wearing circle lenses and has black hair. (also when did circle lenses become cultural appropriation? kek i don't think anime characters suffer because of it)

No. 255052


same fag from previous comment, but this. idk when it became so bad. there's a difference between being an actual race baiting retard and being a normal person trying out different things respectfully.
idk if it's the people from pull invading or tumblr, but it's really tiring.

No. 255058

It's fucking retarded to equate a makeup trend to 'cultural appropriation.' It's a non-issue. SJWs will twist anything around and make it seem offensive.

No. 255062

It feels like it's the same 2-3 people being salty over Venus, grasping for every straw possible.

Venus wearing make up the same way as other girls in japan do, it's expected of her since she is living there, she is not supposed to be exceptional individual.

What Venus does is called assimilation, a term completelly allien to most millenials and SJWs.

And besides, who needs to wear that much make up on dayly basis? Whores need.

No. 255075

Well rather she's trying to look Asian or not we can all agree she's shit at makeup and looks like trash

No. 255095

Venus content is lazy and cringy but I don't get the "yellow facing" accusations. She follow Japanese makeup trends, like many weeb/ppl do…so what?

No. 255111

We love venus here , take this to pull.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 255117

File: 1487643838164.jpg (827.88 KB, 966x1698, Screenshot_20170220-222151.jpg)

the squinting of her eyes while blurring her face to look flat and changing her hair to black and straight and getting dark lenses seems yellowface-y to me lol. i'm all for kawaii trends and dying your hair black and cute but she literally started typing in japanese on ig the same day she died her hair black and got a straight perm. and her willing ignorance about it is annoying.

>i think people just want me to look like a slut! >_<

lmao? she's 20 years old not a 12 year old. if she's not gonna give a fuck then she should stop trying to play dumb so people give her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 255118


Pfft people who back up Venus…

She full on tries to look Asian and i dont care what people say or think. She does but remember in person she looks fuck all like that selfie. Shes as white as they come.

No. 255119

the issue isnt her makeup its her editing. "japanese makeup trends" are just eyeliner and straight eyebrows? she barely has makeup. theres no reason why she should be looking so different and asian.

didnt we already establish she started trying to look azn after manaki was caught obsessing over tsuruko?

No. 255120

>died her hair black and got a straight perm
remember when she made that speech about looking nëhturhl and embracing her roots instead of following beauty trends? then she dyed her hair BLACK instead of dark brown and got a hardcore chemical straightening treatment when her hair is naturally wavy and thick? come on it's obvious she's trying to look asian now.

No. 255121

That sjw stuff is stupid but please, you're on lolcow, not a fangelic ugu website.

No. 255122

I think anon meant to say that Venus isn't capable of thinking "grey"
She either thinks of super uguu make up or basic american bitch make up, not anything "natural"
You're forgetting the lens, anon.
Venus' eyes are blue-green. And I don't believe that "black eyes are a thing right now in Japan uwu" bullshit

Still, I don't get why people get mad at (as same anon said) cosplayers shooping themselves asian but defend Venus who literally transforms her face to look asian.
it's because "you're safe and nothing must hurt her little angel heart?" :/

No. 255123

File: 1487644883071.png (2.34 MB, 1440x1750, 20170220_223308.png)

i just think its transparent how she changed her editing and captions and is acting dumb saying its just makeup and kawaii culture. she knows she's trying to look asian. her lying pisses me off because her fans use this faux innocence as an excuse that she means no harm. she's absolutely playing them.

No. 255124

File: 1487644958865.png (2.23 MB, 1440x1744, 20170220_223331.png)

like…. lmao

No. 255125

Look at the previous Venus thread. If you try to talk about her editing, projecting fangelics called you a retard (main reason why the thread died btw).
She's so precious and her Mommy is mad y'know!

No. 255126

File: 1487645267297.jpg (5.8 KB, 300x168, h.jpg)

I love her
"To people accusing me of yellowfacing : do you want me to rip off my own face?"

Y-yeah Venus
A dirty blonde, blue eyed, swiss girl like you is tooooootally azn

No. 255127

File: 1487645349472.png (1.8 MB, 1378x1399, 20170220_224313.png)

compared to her old selfies

No. 255128

File: 1487645418917.png (1.74 MB, 1440x1789, 20170220_224357.png)

No. 255130

That's what's so annoying is how she lies about it and acts obtuse. She has a fat face and looks just like Margo. She's putting in hardcore editing to look like this >>255124 it's not about makeup. Also yeessss that thing where she just yeah talked about embracing how she naturally looks and then constantly straightening her hair and admittedly following Japanese makeup trends.

No. 255137

well, can i ask what the harm is? if i lived in asian i wouldn't want to stick out more than i already do. i'm sure that since she's maried to manaki she wants to attempt to pass as less white, since there's the whole shtick with foreigners in japan.
i don't see the harm, but i guess i haven't taken my token sjw class in college yet.

isn't it kind of like when u go on vacation and see all these white chicks with corn rows. do you think black people care? hello no, in fact theyre encouraging them to come to their salon to make money. like a previous anon said, circle lenses and straight black hair is not scared. i dont get why so many people seem bothered tbh like i thought we all knew she was a weeb, what's the point of letting her know, she probably already does.

No. 255145

i don't think what she does is wrong but y'all are insane for pretending she's not trying to look asian. also, its a petty complaint to have but if you don't agree maybe go into any other thread instead of posting over and over again "sjw bullshit! u sjw! where did these sjw came from?"

No. 255146


"she totally isn't trying to look asian guys, she's just doing natural makeup" yeah right

No. 255147

so when she dyes her hair dark = trying to be asian? you're all fucking retards and i do't even like this girl.

weeaboos are those mentally challenged girls who speak very softly and do broken english soley because they don't know japanese well enough to not look like a moron trying to speak it and want to fool everyone. Venus just looks like a pale girl with a weird swiss accent who also likes japanese shit.

No. 255148

When you post these selfies then yea i can kind of see it .

No. 255150

>The fact that japanese make up is clearly directed at people with asian features.
>protect muh precious nipponland reeeee!!!1!

You'd have a seizure looking at the hundreds of girls following asian beauty trends over here in my bean taco burrito country kek

No. 255153

>well, can i ask what the harm is?
personally? all the people who become dismissive of the concept of yellowface in order to defend her. asian women specifically are already fetishized into being virginal cute babies who love cooking and playing housewife. what venus is doing embodies that stereotype while she actively tries to seem physically japanese. because she is trying to seem asian. you can't deny that. so people have this really stupid concept that she's just following trends or just trying to fit in, when she's literally just a walking caricature. otaku's are mocked in japan. what she's doing isn't popular. she's embodying every weeb fantasy of what is associated with japanese girls and japanese culture. i don't think people realize just how wildly unpopular what she's doing is in regards to trends. look at her vlogs. look at the people behind her. they all stare at her. she sticks out like a sore thumb. no one dresses like her. she's clearly white.

>if i lived in asian i wouldn't want to stick out more than i already do

that's not why she's doing it lmao. again, she's just a fucking weeb and wants to look like a jap.

>i'm sure that since she's maried to manaki she wants to attempt to pass as less white, since there's the whole shtick with foreigners in japan.

didn't he start off as a superfan?? i know he's just a visa husband but he clearly knows she's swiss hungarian she's white. and obviously she looks nothing like her selfies irl so i don't see how this makeup could possibly have any effect irl.

>isn't it kind of like when u go on vacation and see all these white chicks with corn rows. do you think black people care? hello no, in fact theyre encouraging them to come to their salon to make money.

i mean you said it. the people in salons need to make money. but the people who aren't making money don't like it. because white people get praised for hairstyles black people get profiled and denied jobs for. these are hairstyles that models like bella hadid get praised for having while black people get told they're ghetto.

you guys honestly experience the whitest most obnoxious snowflakey side of tumblr so your experience with "sjw" is really obnoxious i don't blame you for associating it with the whole movement of just not being racist or sexist etc. because half the shit you're exposed to is blatant misinformation and makes it all sound stpid. but there are real people who have a real issue with these kinds of things, and they're issues they've experienced their whole lives. the thing is that you've never experienced it before, and have come to associate it as a tumblr-born concept because these peopel finally have a platform that you observe them from. which is ironic because none of you seem to since you don't follow people outside your niche. you really should.

No. 255154

she's just doing what she wants. i'm pretty sure there's no personal vendettas against doing her makeup asian style and liking cute things. you're all reaching

No. 255155

>asian makeup style
look at this picture >>255124 and tell me it's just makeup.

No. 255156

honestly, shut the fuck up lmao nobody cares.
venus is a weaboo, she wants to look japanese for sure, but who cares

why are you acting like japanese people care about what venus angelic is doing with her photos and her hair and make up?

it's no big deal at all. she's white and always will be no matter how much she edits, no matter how she applies her make up, get over it

No. 255157

The funny part of all of this is the handful of anons acting all insulted and offended about some nobody with poor makeup skills who happens to have a YT channel, while the average japanese woman wouldn't give a shit irl about Venus dying her hair black or using dark cl.

No. 255159


so she photoshopped herself and blurred the shit out of everything? Either way, I don't think it matters lol. she's not appropriating asian women in any way. She's just doing whatever the fuck she wants like all the other narcissistic female youtubers out there. I don't get why you're so deeply effected.

No. 255162

as far as i know venus has never pushed her swiss german heritage away at all.. she has always acknowledged it while simultaneously having interests in Japanese culture. so who the fuck cares

No. 255163

you don't know anybody who cares lol it's different.

you guys are honestly just so uninformed so i can't really be mad. what venus is doing affects the western perception of asians, not japanese people in japan. you're all saying she's trying to look like a normal japanese person or following common japanese trends, when what she's doing is not common at all and she's a stereotyped cringefest in japan. when katy perry had a japanese exchange student over at her house she told her "omg you are so cute and hello kitty!" and a huge chunk of the asian-american community was angry because it was an obnoxious, racist, and harmful stereotype. especially when asian women are seen as adorable quiet passive sex objects and it leads to sexual assault from creeps like yumi king's boyfriend. appropriating black culture doesn't affect black people in black countries. it affects western perception of these foreigners in their non-native countries, so it directly affects them once they go there. and that's the issue. that raises problems.

No. 255164


okay moron, if she's not the typical common japanese girl maybe consider that she's just doing what the fuck she wants and is not trying to AGAIN appropriate asian culture.

Also also, it's a huge stretch to compare Venus to Yumi King.. that's not what's happening at all so go talk about yumi king because your points might actually be relevant there.

No. 255170

it doesn't matter if she denies it lmao she's obviously editing herself to look japanese while squinting her eyes. it doesn't matter what she denies. she admitted she's trying japanese trends and culture and anime. she loves japanese things she's never denied it. idk why we're suddenly acting like she's just into random cute things that have no connection to japan.

and i didn't compare venus to yumi king. read again. i was saying that what venus is doing promotes the kind of asian stereotypes that breed men like yumi's boyfriend, who are attracted to asian girls because they believe they're the pinnacle of virginity and childish innocence aka pedophilia

No. 255174

what are you talking about? I didn't say anything about denying anything. Also she clearly is into JAPANESE cute things. Do you just read what you want to or what is this?

Your argument is that the typical japanese girl does not act like Venus does. I'm sure she's aware of that being that she's around a shit ton of them. What I meant is that I don't believe she's trying to steal from Japanese culture and assimilate into it. She picks and chooses what aspects of it she likes, which is normal. It's what people do.

And no, men like Yumi's boyfriend like girls like Yumi because they're coy little suggestive sluts. Which Venus might as well be, but photoshopping a photo to look more asian is not that.

No. 255177

>condescendence: the post

Lo and behold the double standards. Now please do a post about asian chicks trying to look western.

Btw, if anything, Yumi is the one doing a fucking parody of her own race. I don't see Wenoos acting like a mail order bride who eats from a cat bowl.

I don't get it, if Wenoos acts crass on camera and make grown up jokes with his husband/bf is a nasty slut & bad example for the kids…but at the same time she's the culprit of the rape of thousands of innocent virgin asian girls for promoting racist stereotypes?

No. 255179


Not the anon you're talking to at the moment.

Yumi King's boyfriend is into women like Yumi King _because_ of women like Yumi King, not because of women like Venus Angelic. Jesus Christ. Venus, as a white woman, does not have the power to add to the stereotypes of asian women as demure and submissive because _she isn't asian._ That's like saying if I put my hair in cornrows and robbed a gas station I'd be negatively affecting the black community and contributing to racial stereotypes against them. That makes no fucking sense.

Venus is married to a Japanese man, living in Japan, and grew up with a weeaboo mother who fetishized all things oriental. Some things at this point will be a product of behaviors/ideologies developed over the course of her upbringing, largely instilled by her mother. Some things will be a choice based on her personal tastes and hobbies. And some things will be her attempt and desire to immerse herself in the culture of the country she now _lives in._

Like hate her if you want but god damn do you give her too much credit. She's living some weeaboo dream life and beyond that, no one fucking cares. You want to combat the fetishization of asian women as petite, submissive, and obedient, then focus your efforts on the fucking _men_ who are doing the fetishizing and the _asian women_ who are adding fuel to the flames.

No. 255180

>who eats from a cat bowl

Didn't Venus eat cat food before?

No. 255182

It's annoying because this person is going to walk away from the argument because we, "don't get it" when in fact she's trying to put a round peg into a square hole.

No. 255183

>azn after manaki was caught obsessing over tsuruko?

Wait. When did this happen?

No. 255185

exactly! she's not yellowfacing at all. it's not like she's taping up the corners of her eyes, painting her skin yellow, and yelling "ching chong nip nong".

No. 255187

you said to consider the fact that she's not trying to appropriate asian culture, which she has. she's denied trying to actively appropriate anything. which is why i said it doesn't matter. in order to consider the fact that she isn't appropriating japanese culture she would have to deny it since i wouldn't be entertaining the idea otherwise.

>I'm sure she's aware of that being that she's around a shit ton of them.

she doesn't care lol. she's just trying to be a caricature of them. she knows what regular asian girls look like they're not kawaii fairies which i'm sure already disappointed her. it's not about trying to be accurately asian because she wouldn't be actually have to do anything. japanese girls aren't some seperate breed of human being. they're normal. she's just embodying her own fantasy born from anime and fellow weebs.

>She picks and chooses what aspects of it she likes, which is normal. It's what people do.

yes, a negative stereotype that's ultimately harmful. it's not about being an otaku or a cosplay weeb. she is now trying to look japanese, which is why it's yellowface. not just being a weeb.

and asian girls trying to look western don't have a negative impact on western girls. it doesn't happen.

>And no, men like Yumi's boyfriend like girls like Yumi because they're coy little suggestive sluts.
he's into asian girls. there's years of evidence to back up how the majority of men associate asian women with purity and submissiveness. yumi embodies those stereotypes herself. because they exist. it's self deprecating in her case.

i'm not trying to be condescending lol. the issue we're talking about just uses a lot of big words. i'm not angry about anything.

>Btw, if anything, Yumi is the one doing a fucking parody of her own race. I don't see Wenoos acting like a mail order bride who eats from a cat bowl.

yeah. obviously. the stereotypes these asian fetishist guys are into exist. that was my point. it's not about yumi. it's her boyfriend. through porn and popular western perception of japanese culture in western media, he's come to associate asian women with submissiveness and sex. when you say, "what's the harm in what venus is doing?" well, that's the harm. it's the widespread stereotype/caricature of what westerners have come to associate with japanese/asian women that's the direct negative effect of yellowface. since so many people in this thread are trying to argue that there isn't one. again, this isn't about being a weeb. venus, specifically, is trying to look asian now and pass off what she's doing as being normal for japanese girls. which it isn't.

>I don't get it, if Wenoos acts crass on camera and make grown up jokes with his husband/bf is a nasty slut & bad example for the kids…but at the same time she's the culprit of the rape of thousands of innocent virgin asian girls for promoting racist stereotypes?

venus isn't the cause of global worldwide asian fetishization. but she's contributing to it and clearly doesn't care. and is promoting to her fans(all of you) that what she does has no consequences.

Yumi King's boyfriend is into women like Yumi King _because_ of women like Yumi King
no. he's into a caricature of asian women spawned from porn and yumi king is self deprecating and gross enough to embody it. not touching the fact that he's an outright pedophile. i never said venus is the cause of what he is. i'm, again, pointing out the consequences of yellowface are. which is negative fetishistic stereotypes of asian women, because venus, specifically, continues to put an emphasis on how "normal" what she's doing is in japan. which it isn't! it's not reflective of japanese culture right now. it's a weeb dream that became problematic once she started doing yellowface and promoting a false sense of normalcy.

>You want to combat the fetishization of asian women as petite, submissive, and obedient, then focus your efforts on the fucking _men_ who are doing the fetishizing and the _asian women_ who are adding fuel to the flames.

i don't care to do that lol. i don't think venus is leading to the demise of asian women. i'm just pointing out that there is an issue that exists with yellowface and it does have a negative effect on asian women. it just bugs me to see so many people deny that it exists. venus can do as she pleases. she's a piece of shit specifically for playing dumb and denying it to me. i was indifferent to it this whole time starting from her "how to look like a koren girl" video. because she was subtle and quiet with it. but ever since she addressed it it's pissed me off.

tbh i'm genuinely trying to be informative here. like i said before you guys have been exposed to the most obnoxious side of tumblr that promotes misinformation on what the issue with what she's doing actually is. i don't think you're bad people.

No. 255188


jesus fucking christ, USA is number one retarded nation in the world

i never hear this shit coming from anyone but americans.

No. 255190

probably because the largest population of east asian immigrants live in america lmao. thus, you haven't been exposed to the issues that surround them in western culture. you do realize this is an issue that effects mostly asian-americans, right?

No. 255193

shut the fuck up holy shit NOBODY on this thread cares about what you think

venus is a WHITE weaboo
everyone knows she's a WHITE weaboo
SHE knows she's a WHITE weaboo

a weaboo who loves japanese shit and lives IN japan so of course she's going to pick up on japanese make up trends and clothing trends and whatever.

nobody cares other than you

she's not affecting the way western culture views asian women because she's fucking white. i'm asian and i don't care about venus dying her hair and acting a certain way because the actions of a weaboo white girl have NOTHING to do with me or any other asian girl on this fucking planet lmao, what is your problem?

No. 255194

Do you guys think manaki is going to stick with Venus as she ages?he likes cute lolis a lot

No. 255195

Which is why it's super cringy to talk down to a person who lives in Japan like this.
I've had people say that foreigners can't wear kimono because "you're just a mayo-white person without any culture!!" (lol) when in reality Japanese people in Japan have 0 problems with it.
Venus lives in Japan, not the US.

No. 255203

i mean saying otherwise doesn't make what you're saying true. there's years of sources outside of tumblr that prove what i'm saying. you can dismiss what i'm saying as sjw nonsense but if you cared for this issue you could just research through journalism, first person accounts, and lectures from universities. but you clearly don't care for that. so i don't see the point in continuing this discussion with you lol.

as i already said here >>255163 yellowface affects japanese people in western spaces, because it's almost always western people(like venus) promoting these untrue stereotypes. i mean every race has negative stereotypes. they're only an issue once these foreigners enter america or in some cases europe. mexican people don't know they're associated with illegal immigration and gardening until they enter the united states. that's what racism is. the negative effect of the promotion of these false stereotypes of asian women is sexual assault against asian women in america. not in japan. racism against foreigners happens then they leave their homeland. obviously.

>Venus lives in Japan, not the US.

but she has a large american fanbase of people trying to argue that her weeb caricature of "normal japanese girls" is actually common. when people with these stereotypes are faced with japanese people, a lot of them will be treating them inappropriately as a result of these stereotypes. this is how racism works like, everywhere lol. japanese people aren't an exception. it's certainly not a new concept.

No. 255204


Oh boy please don't tell us you made this thread as a hugbox for your hurt little asian-american feefees?

I'm still waiting for your opinion about westernized asian women. Are they contributing to the abuse of hundreds of white females in non-western countries too?

No. 255206


You claim she is appropriating Asian culture because she is trying to mimic the idea of being the pinnacle of virginity and childish innocence. For this to even matter she would have to be subtly suggesting (with the guise of not being aware of) sex by mannerisms and or flirtatious wording and dress.

For your sake, I'll ignore that since she has been away from her mother most of her content has been gelatinous balls of slime, cooking/food segments, and her daily life in japan/japanese words and focus on the more nefarious content.

1. She bathed in a tub filled with red food dye in a school girl uniform.

- I'm going to admit, this was cringy and I did not feel comfortable watching it, however, she was playing an anime/manga character, not claiming that all japanese girls froth around in a blood dyed bath tub while dressed as school girls. This is not asian appropriation because it's not a thing in the real world - it is strictly fictional and was made clear that she was playing a character.

2. Manaki likes to smear whipped cream on her face.

- Something else that can be uncomfortable for SOME and suggestive.. however they are married and i don't think manaki is trying to pimp his wife out.

Still not convinced.

No. 255208

This. Deets pls

No. 255213

So she can't be herself/the character she plays online because people might think she's Japanese? Anon, I don't see your logic here. Everyone with two eyes can see she's not Japanese (you probably only need one), and she's not doing yellow face. She's just interested in makeup trends around her and tries them on her own face even though they don't work.
If you had an Asian girl doing white person makeup you wouldn't accuse her of trying to look white. Funny enough, I saw a makeup book the other day that promised makeup secrets to make one (Japanese person) look more white. Not even kidding.

No. 255215

Ya no one cares about cultural appropriation, yes Venus wants to be Japanese…no shit but who cares? and most Asian girls like the fetishization deep down inside because despite how much Asian American girls whine about "muh fetishism muh culture" they all just happen to only date white guys. I'm more interested in knowing about venuses Lolicon bf.

No. 255216

forgot to add:
>mexican people don't know they're associated with illegal immigration and gardening until they enter the united states

I'm laughing my ass off at this sentence. Dude, that's common knowledge over here.We even make fun about it. There's a bunch of movies whose plots revolves about that. It's not like racial stereotypes about every country are keep as state secrets in the US. Who are you trying to educate?

No. 255220

I don't follow venus/margo drama but this thread is pathetic. Venus LIVES in Japan. She's trying to fit in, she's using Japanese in her captions because SHE LIVES THERE? She speaks it on a daily basis. She reads it on a daily basis. That's not appropriation you mongo, that's communication.
She dyed her hair black. How is that appropriation? Every time a black person bleaches their hair from now on I'm going to REEE MUH CULTURE UR NOT NATURALLY BLONDE REEE. Every time an asian gets a balayage I'm gonna do the same. It's hair dye. It's not that deep, no matter how long you try dig it's not getting any deeper.
Her circle lenses aren't appropriation either, anime characters aren't a protected class lmao. They're fictional.
Her make up - again, SHE LIVES IN JAPAN. She's following their makeup trends because fashion changes worldwide. What I wear in the UK is different to what people in the US wear, even different to what people in mainland Europe wear (which differs country by country btw!!!)

What would be weird is if Venus made no attempt to assimilate into her new home country. If she didn't speak any word of Japanese, didn't follow makeup trends, didn't like Japanese things she'd be ostracised. Whatever tumblr anon is shitting up this thread needs to leave.

Also this whole sexual assault of asian women in America shut the fuck uuuuuup. Jesus christ. I'm scared of another long winded essay I'm not going to read but how the fuck does Venus living in Japan participating in Japanese trends (BECAUSE SHE LIVES THERE) equal her single handedly causing all rapes of asian women?

No. 255221

>I'm still waiting for your opinion about westernized asian women.
it's called beauty trends. whiteness has always been hailed as the pinnacle of beauty(just google "beautiful woman" and see what you get). when it comes to japanese girls trying on western makeup while striving for a narrow pointy noise, deep eyelids and light eyes, it comes from the fact these features are hailed as beautiful across the world. it's simply the result of american fashion brands being popular globally for being so successful. following the fashion of these western stores situated in japan who are trying to make money is hardly whiteface, it's hardly racism. if you can't see the difference between actual beauty trends and venus creating some convoluted image of japanese women that isn't even common at all, then idk what to say to you. what japanese women do in regards to copying western women is what following a beauty trend actually is. it's what you claim venus is doing in order to say what she's doing isn't problematic. it's fashion. just like following j-fashion is harmless.

i think worldwide everyone has negative views of white people but mostly from tourism. admittedly i don't know about the racism white people face in japan. but i'm not about to demonize japanese women for it to throw a point in venus's favor as if it makes what she's doing any less bad.

>So she can't be herself/the character she plays online because people might think she's Japanese?
not what i said.

>She's just interested in makeup trends around her and tries them on her own face even though they don't work.

they're not makeup trends. japanese girls just put on mascara and eyeliner. it would hardly make a difference on venus's face in order to make her look like this >>255124 >>255123 you can even see how she's squinting her eyes in all her recent ig pictures. those aren't makeup trends. she's copying their facial features.

>If you had an Asian girl doing white person makeup you wouldn't accuse her of trying to look white.

see my answer above. these issues aren't black and white. copying the hair of another race isn't universally bad. it can affect black people, but not japanese people.

admittedly i could've phrased that better lol. but in context you can see what i mean. racial stereotypes negatively affect foreigners, not people in their native countries. so it's irrelevant to keep saying "japanese people don't care!!" because it doesn't affect them in japan.

No. 255224

Girl you get way too riled up about this shit. She's not going to stop wearing Japanese style makeup (I live in Japan, let me assure you that fashion conscious Japanese girls wear a lot more than just mascara and eyeliner), and she's not going to stop trying to blend in.
White people get idealised a lot in other countries and tbh it makes me uncomfortable, but there's a huge difference depending on whether you are blonde with light eyes like Venus or have dark brown hit and brown eyes like me. My lighter friends get stared at a lot more, questioned about their home country, people don't believe they speak Japanese etc etc.
To be quite honest I wouldn't change my life in Japan so Asian Americans stop bitching, and Venus won't either. But please stay mad.

No. 255225

lol ok, so if asian women does it is a fashion trend but if anyone else does it is racism and fetishization

No. 255227

File: 1487652917695.png (4.67 MB, 1482x1100, girls.png)

>She's trying to fit in
pic related for what japanese girls look like. does venus fit right in? they don't have special kind of makeup. they have eyeliner and mascara. they just have monolids and angled eyes. their makeup is no different from casual western makeup promoted at tj maxx ads. these are girls with bobs and and bangs that would be brown or blonde or curly on an american girl. if venus wanted to fit in she wouldn't be walking around with a tripod speaking english. she doesn't even have friends. if you look at videos of her from before she moved to japan she's already gone through her weeb phase where she pretended to look japanese lol. it's never been about "fitting in".

>she's using Japanese in her captions because SHE LIVES THERE?

she's a youtube personality whose fanbase is mostly english-speaking. all of her videos are in english. she's not kooter. there's no point in captioning her pictures in japanese when her audience can't even read it. she started captioning her ig pictures in japanese immediately after dying her hair black. she's back to english captions after she realized she couldn't communicate with her audience that way.

>She dyed her hair black. How is that appropriation?

please don't be so obtuse and pretend we're only angry about black hair dye.

>I'm scared of another long winded essay I'm not going to read but how the fuck does Venus living in Japan participating in Japanese trends (BECAUSE SHE LIVES THERE) equal her single handedly causing all rapes of asian women?

lmao. anyway i already answered your question in the last paragraph here >>255187(continued race derailing)

No. 255229


Venus is wearing makeup and fashion that is trendy in Japan. Probably buys things that are in high demand and available in most shops.

What is she expected to do? Special order "acceptable" Western makeup from Europe or the US lest she offend tumblrites when she contributes to Japan's economy by buying their shit and fitting in?

She is married to a Japanese guy for fucks sake. If he is cool with her fashion choices then? Hell, he probably likes if she fits into Japanese beauty norms.

No. 255230

my intention was never that lol. i'm not riled up. i'm just replying to people on an issue they're misinformed about. i'm annoyed at venus but she doesn't affect my life lmao and she's not burning down villages. she just isn't innocent and she isn't being harmless. it's annoying how she plays dumb and even more annoying how the actual issue behind what she's doing is just being erased by her fans. she can keep doing what she pleases she's a 20 year old grow woman. but i would like her to be held accountable for what she does. i mean i don't care to talk about this anymore lol i kind of said what i wanted to say. people can take from it what they want, or not.

whoever wants to keep saying it's just makeup or fashion trends to defend their fav will continue to do so obviously. i'm not trying to change everyone's opinion by force. i'm jus saying. or rather, have said.

No. 255236

>years of sources on tumblr


No. 255238

that was a mistake lol. i had tumblr on my mind. i meant online, not tumblr.

No. 255239

>pic related for what japanese girls look like.
You're an idiot, and coming across as an ironically racist one at that. So Japanese girls are limited to only eyeliner and mascara? Like they can't wear anything else to be trendy? That's it? Retard. These are also all candids, not posed instagram photos.

>there's no point in captioning her pictures in japanese when her audience can't even read it

Instagram is her own platform, she can do whatever the fuck she wants on it. Again, I don't even follow her drama. I don't know anything about her other than her being cringey as shit but this is taking the piss.

>don't … pretend we're only angry about black hair dye

What the fuck ARE you angry about? Because here
you seem pretty pissed she dyed her hair and got it chemically straightened - something that happens in western culture too btw!!!!

>i already answered your question in the last paragraph here >>255187

Bitch where? I asked specifically how Venus contributes to this virgin uwu pure azn girl stereotype. She's lewd as fuck after scrolling through her instagram briefly, and makes weird sex jokes about her husband. That… doesn't contribute at all to what you're trying to demonise her for.

Go back to tumblr, no-one here is misinformed about a weeb living in Japan. No-one here cares. Back to your hug box.

No. 255240

>she's not kooter. there's no point in captioning her pictures in japanese when her audience can't even read it

for that matter, Dakota's fanbase are mostly middle eastern and spanish and I don't see anyone giving her shit for not pandering to them

>if venus wanted to fit in she wouldn't be walking around with a tripod speaking english. she doesn't even have friends.

god forbid someone speaking another language aside Japanese in Japan and use tripods to record their shit. How inauthentic!

No. 255241

I hope that you also feel the same way about about people like:
Chonunmigooksaram- Who desperately tries to be Korean.
Amina Dujean- Who lightens her skin, squints her eyes in every picture and claims that people think she's hafu.
and of course every other ex-pat who follows Asian fashion trends and isn't Asian.

No. 255242

Willing to bet money SJW anon will bend over backwards to explain how Amina isn't doing yellowface at all, she's simply forced to adopt asian beauty standards in order to break into the Japanese beauty market as an oppressed black wombyn.

No. 255246

rip i really wanted to stop replying

i mean did you want me to make a collage of the whole population of japan lmao. i took screencaps from this video of people stopping random japanese girls on the street. how am i being ironically racist by pointing to the fact that none of those girls dress like venus. whew! you're so angry.

>Instagram is her own platform, she can do whatever the fuck she wants on it.

i mean… yeah. and what she did was just her trying to seem like a jap at the time. she stopped since it wasn't convenient.

>What the fuck ARE you angry about? Because here

you referenced
this really seems to be an issue with your reading comprehension. but i think you're just trying to find a way to defend venus by purposefully seeing things in a way that proves otherwise after the sentence you took out of context lol.

>I asked specifically how Venus contributes to this virgin uwu pure azn girl stereotype.

well i did say she isn't the cause of it and she isn't the leader of the whole thing. i mean specifically yeah she's implied countless times that japanese makeup is meant to look innocent, child-like, delicate etc. and when she referenced here >>254982 that people want her to be something she isn't, she referred to western culture as hypersexualized insta culture to imply this is the opposite of what she was. and what she is, according to all of you, is trying to fit in with the japan world. her whole image is to be an innocent child-like delicate girl who buys kids' toys and plushies, and she relates all of that to just being a normal japanese girl. i don't have to spell out the rest for you. although you'll just miss the point of what i'm saying on purpose anyway and call me a retard because you're angry.

i'm not familiar with them enough to have a real opinion lol. but if it helps you feel better, sure. sorry i didn't derail like you wanted me to tho.

No. 255247

woops forgot to link the video

No. 255248

Why are you even using a video of random japanese girls? didn't you say racial stereotypes doesn't affect native people in their countries? why you didn't take a video of asian american girls as example since you're so worried about them?

No. 255250

? i was saying what venus is doing isn't trendy in japan. so to say she's just following asian makeup and asian trends by doing this >>255124 >>255123 >>255117 (most of which is photoshop btw because with makeup she looks like this >>255126) is untrue because the girls around her wouldn't be doing that. that's why i linked to the video.

No. 255251

I wasn't trying to derail. I just wanted to know if your essay-chan virulence also applied to two people who honestly, occasionally come pretty close to "yellow-facing" at least as much as Venus. Was genuinely curious.

No. 255253

I wish people would stop making venus threads until something truly milky happens. As far as i know, and as many anons have pointed out already, she's just doing her own fucking thing. Dyed hair and circle lenses has never hurt anyone, nor will it ever. This yellowface bullshit is stale.

No. 255254

oh well ok. i mean i'm in the venus thread anyway i wouldn't go in on two people who the thread wasn't about it'd be derailing.

No. 255256

It gives me hives to see so many fangelics plaguing this thread whiteknighting their bulemic haggard uguu kween. How does one cease to love themselves to THAT point? Is it because she's #goals and by defending her you're actually defending yourself too? Fascinating !

No. 255257

File: 1487655710757.png (113.64 KB, 500x293, 1473271827456.png)

>Is it because she's #goals and by defending her you're actually defending yourself too?


No. 255258

Lol dude nice backpedaling there. Please leave the actual japanese woman out of this argument, we're discussing how Wenoos opress the asian-american female population.


I haven't seen anyone saying putting on ratty wigs and chewing neruneru are #goals in these threads but whatever.

No. 255259

i don't even think there's many fangelics here because as someone who is NOT a fangelic i disagreed hard against the idiot saying she was appropriating asian women just because she sounded retarded. There's no milk to this beef.

No. 255260

It sounds like some of you white-ass bitches are getting triggered that Venus is doing the Korean/Japanese makeup style better than your weeaboo selves can ever do. Venus doesn't pretend to be Asian. She doesn't say she is Japanese or a hafu. She is just doing her thing and having the Asian style makeup, and here y'all are getting upset and making leaps to allege she is misappropriating Asian culture. Get a grip. lol Asians don't need you to be some sjw fag in our stead.

No. 255262

i truly don't know what you're referencing or what you interpreted from me linking to that video lol. backpedaling of what, exactly. i know why i linked to that video. it was to make this >>255227 collage. the point being that saying venus is trying to fit in makes no sense because what she's doing isn't tendy. she's just fulfilling her own fantasy. not trying to fit in by following common trends, or trying to assimilate with japanese culture since there really isn't a distinguishing one that somehow calls for blurring monolids onto your face.

No. 255263

I don't think she's trying to be Japanese if she was wouldn't she have dyed her hair and wore dark colored contacts when she first came to Japan or before? Also the "she's just following Japanese trends and trying to fit in" thing seems far-fetched, if she was wouldn't she have dyed her hair when she first came to Japan, why start just now? And her makeup just looks like blush and eyeliner which i'm pretty sure isn't a Japanese exclusive thing. Anyway it's not like she's pulling an Ahripop.

No. 255265

all the people defending her on instagram link to mexican and malaysian weebs how much can you love yourself to begin with honestly

No. 255266

Calm down, don't get your panties in a bunch. Some anons simply don't believe in cultural appropriation. Why should it even be inappropriate to adopt various styles and fashion from different countries/cultures? It's never been an issue before.

No. 255270


weenus is the only weeb living the dream since taylor fell into the western jvlogger squad and tooter is an ugly twat. they need someone to encourage them to follow their dream of one day marrying an inbred factory worker visa husband!!! shut up sjw xD

No. 255273

>tfw you wish you were born a gook

No. 255276

> one day marrying an inbred factory worker visa husband
m-marge? lol
and who the fuck is the sjw snowflake queen writing literal fucking novels about Weenoos the evil CULTURAL APPROPRIATOR perpetuating EVIL HARMFUL STEREOTYPES and desecrating SACRED JAPANESE CULTURE? Jesus Christ, get a hobby or something.

No. 255279

You sure got me there anon :^)

No. 255280

File: 1487658053266.jpg (95.01 KB, 750x750, 16230102_1733365093640472_6323…)

it's like a challenge. you get a ticket to glorious nippon on the condition you need to spend the rest of your life with this creature. manaki looks like his facial features stopped developing after the second trimester.

No. 255281

h-hey, venus-chan was escaping the evil margo!!1 she's a survivor!!

No. 255285

Didn't Margo raise Venus to be obsessed with Japanese culture because of some Japanese teacher she had?

No. 255286


she probably lied about why. oddly enough margo isn't even a weeb i wonder why she was so obsessed with japan herself. in any case margo was living vicariously through venus so whether venus or her fans admit it or not venus is a mini margo. we see she already has her manipulative victim complex.

No. 255299

File: 1487660913852.png (910.09 KB, 917x498, eh.png)

I can't photoshop worth a shit, but he'd look a hell of a lot less weird with a less piggy nose.

Only issue, when you fix his nose, then his lips look worse.

No. 255310

I used to think he was kinda ugly from the photos but in video he isn't that bad?

No. 255311


Wow he looks way better without a wide nose. He should get a nose job lol.

No. 255316

It's not necessarily an ugly nose, but it makes him look like a full grown infant lmfao

No. 255317

It looks like a pig nose.

No. 255318

Ok guys calm down. I think that Venus feed the drama at this point. She knows it's gonna trigger sjw and fangelics to talk about that(3 times in 3 days). She could forget it, but no..she love baiting the trolls so much.
She's an untalented and manipulative bitch, just like Morge. She try to stay relevant cause she knows that she sucks at making content.
And look at that thread: it works!

No. 255320

He'll see JK prostitutes when she's old and Venus will deal with it and play the good housewife because it's the the nihongo way desu

Margo probably equated Japan as COOL AND MONEY because Japan was hot shit during the bubble economy and all of her favorite New Wave bands used the imagery in their videos. Japan's been losing luster for the past decade, but she's got to cling to the stereotypes of her youth and pass them down

No. 255370

Manaki and Venus have very small lips. If they ever have a child that baby won't have any lips at all.

No. 255373

You talk like you're 12

No. 255375

That's probably gonna be her future if a younger and cuter girl doesn't take her place. The only reason manaki started liking her is because she's young and "cute", I mean he's been attracted to her since she was 13. I have no idea how farmers think manaki is good for her because her main source of income is a pedo and eventually she's gonna age.

No. 255400

English is not my first language you salty cunt.

No. 255407

Hey anon it's cool. Your English is fine and completely intelligible. Actually it's probably better than Kanadajin3's so, bravo.

Anon up-thread mentioned he's already becoming obsessed with Tsuruko. I also suspect that's the reason for the black hair and more overtly asian styling.

No. 255408

Venus was featured on Honey Mi Honeys instagram too today. She looks nothing like an Asian person and her hair looks greasy.

No. 255409


Yeah but Venus is the biggest fucking weeb there is on youtube

I just find her sad and shes grown too still fucking around in japanese school uniforms

Its pathetic

No. 255411


She fits in to the extent of photoshopping herself to look asian though

Her pictures are cringey at least with other weebs they have blue eyes and blonde hair so you can easily say they are foreign

Venus tries too hard

No. 255416

How do you guys know manaki is interested in this new girl though?im interested in this milk. I noticed he's following her on instagram

No. 255418

File: 1487692518460.png (276.77 KB, 1242x1491, IMG_0223.PNG)

You better watch out Venus you got competition

No. 255421

File: 1487693069143.png (283.92 KB, 1242x1647, IMG_0225.PNG)

No. 255424


Not for long, tsuruko will get dumped once she hits 20 as well :^)

also that essaychan was hilarious. How mad do you have to be to write so much.
If you look at a Japanese girl's instagram or see them on a night out they'll probably look more done up. As a North American I also look similar to them because there's no point in wearing a full face of makeup to attend your 8am lecture, do groceries or even shop.

No. 255435

men never ever ever get criticized for prefering this weeb "pure nippon" JK petite submissive obedient school girl aesthetic for pedophiliac reasons, but women are always railed for trying to play it up to men's desires. disgsusting

No. 255438

Yah her bf would have never agreed to be her meal ticket if she didn't look and act this way. At least unlike most men who demand this kind of woman he's actually taking care of Venus and isn't some jobless loser who expects a cute submissive wife despite living with his mom.

No. 255440

Tbh that video is a very bad example to reinforce your point… If you were to do the same in america im sure you wouldn't see tons of instagram/tumblr looking girls because there is a large fraction of the population that don't follow those trends or just dont give a fuck about make up all together. I'm sure it is the same thing in japan. You cannot deny however that some of the makeup choices she has done are actually trends in asian countries, she just chooses to do the aegyo sal/cl combo. I understand your point because her acting oblivious is kinda annoying but honestly venus had black hair before and she always tried to pander to asian makeup and shit. I am failing to see why is it an issue now. The argument is kinda dumb, to me she looks white and anyone with more than one brain cell can probably figure out that not all japanese girls act like venus.

No. 255442

im mostly talking about SJW anon up there who said that "if it wasn't for western women appropriating japanese trends then men wouldn't have any reason to objectify asian women"


so i guess western women are responsible for the following?

- JAV porn starring japanese men and women

- japanese gravure with young jp females in it

- JK prostitution culture (only consumed by japanese men and some western male sex tourists)

- loli porn/hentai/anime/culture

So I guess all of these things which are consumed by western and japanese men, which stars mostly Japanese women, are the fault of white women? Venus and those like her are the blame for Japan's disgusting pedophile culture?

that anon should go fuck themselves

No. 255459

tbh i just dislike venus (and others like her) because i hate weeaboos and this stupid kawaii uguu trend. anyway, personally i don't think she's yellow-facing, but she definitely wishes she was asian.

No. 255510

>they just have monolids and angled eyes
Where? Most of them have straight, albeit small eyes. You sound more racist than Venus and her non-existent yellowfacing.

No. 255523

ITT: salty weeb sjws mad that Venus is living the cringelord dream

No. 255532

>I think that Venus feed the drama at this point. She knows it's gonna trigger sjw and fangelics to talk about that(3 times in 3 days). She could forget it, but no..she love baiting the trolls so much.
Noo, she's talking about it (3 times in 3 days!) in response to her instagram comments being infested with SJW trolls from some unknown BLM/social activism/YELLOWFACING!! account, (hundreds of times in 3 days!) so she's addressing the idiots. That's not "baiting," sweetheart.

No. 255536

She lives in Japan. Who the fuck cares.

No. 255605

that is because she filters his pictures to oblivion just like she does with hers. i think hes ugly in videos too though

No. 255616

It's not about the makeup. It's about her editing. I don't give a shit about SJW or Japanese women. It's annoying she tries to pass it off as natural when we all know
she a white girl moon face. It's annoying how she acts all innocent and like she's bullied for no reason. She's just like mommy. She's also a annoying bitch cunt like her. So sick of her whiteknights and being told anyone who does not like her is "Jealous".

No. 255632

It's funny how some anons reach for anything they possibly can to keep a thread about some white chicks living in Japan alive. First Taylor's lame ass thread and now this. They really are jealous of the weeb dream. I hope you can save enough money to move to Nipponia some day too, salty-chans!

No. 255649

File: 1487720409875.jpg (313.1 KB, 1214x1481, IMG_1365.JPG)

Bitches are saltier than a bag of fucking cheez-its, it's kind of amusing but ultimately just boring at this point.

So anyway, the evil Weebus took time out from her busy schedule of yellowfacing!, CULTURAL APPROPRIATION and corrupting the minds of vulnerable young girls with HARMFUL STEREOTYPES to attend a fashion show in Shibuya.

No. 255652

Fully agreeing, sadly.

No. 255653

File: 1487720511454.jpg (263.46 KB, 1114x1481, IMG_1364.JPG)

Her new friend works at the store.

No. 255655

File: 1487720590244.jpg (207.43 KB, 1169x939, IMG_1363.JPG)

caption on above pic:

No. 255660

I'm willing to forgvie Venus for her outright weebness and trying to pass as Japanese. Anyone that denies that thats what she's doing, c'mon. We all know she wants to pass as Asian, and usually I'd make fun of people for doing that. But we know Venus' history, and that Marge shipped her all over the world for her own selfishness. Venus probably has no identity because of that woman, and for whatever reason latched into Japan, its trends, culture, etc. etc. She seems generally happy being in Japan, so yeah, she's a weeb that tries to pass as Japanese. But I'll give the twat a pass for it.

No. 255704

I mean it's mildly annoying that she's been rocking that 12-year-old Japanese schoolgirl look with the black bob, brown contacts and those little outfits lately but what's amazing to me is how triggered some people are over it. Like raging and chimping out "YELLOWFACING! Trying to BE JAPANESE!!!" all over the place. Seriously, get a fucking grip, people. Who CARES?

No. 255705

Your shoop is awfull and you must feel ashamed of yourself.

No. 255710

>Not putting the full name of the cow in OP
>Not using her face as a thread starter

shit op are you fucking retarded

No. 255713

Lol. You're that raging weeb from PULL, aren't you? You're so mad.

Are you even Japanese(Ha, I know you're not. Japanese don't give a shit) or do you just have some white savior complex? And was it you, self-assigned protector of precious Japanese baby fairies, using the slur "Jap" in this thread?

Americans really need to fuck off with making their issues EVERYONE's issues. You take responsibility for your own racist mess.

No. 255716

I hope that with Taylor as inspiration vends can shrug off her weebish ways and embrace a more natural look.

No. 255717

We tumblr now

No. 255727

Her face is pretty flat. I'm not saying she's a true blue japparoo but she has almond eyes, a round face and widely set apart eyes. Not all white people look like the English royal family you know.

Some are tan. Some have monolids. Some have features of other races.

No. 255730

I like Manaki, but he really looks face-swapped with a toddler. I can believe he's almost 27.

She has never claimed to be all-natural. Everyone knows she edits. Since the beginning. Where are you getting information to the contrary?

No. 255735

i remember around the time venus made her first video with manaki reading a comment of someone comparing him to rem from deathnote and although i can't get that out of my head every time i see a pic of him, his looks have kind of grown on me, i admit. he's not that ugly but goddamn was he lucky snagging venus. if margo wasn't so batshit i wonder if they'd even be a thing.

also, does anyone have links to his old instagram? if memory serves me right, he used to be into bjd (?) dolls. and i don't recall anything related to tsuruko but i'd like to double check.

No. 255747

Venus and manaki are on the same level of looks I'd say.

No. 255749



I truly wish I had something more to add but the only thing running through my mind while scrolling through this thread was exactly this.

I'm super curious as to how OP may try to wiggle past that one unbelievably simple fact. She has been force fed for who knows how long. And in before someone says oh but she should think for herself blah blah… imagine how long it would take to unravel the only thing you've known your entire life.

I'm not white knighting but holy crap this point should really be the place to start before ranting about how awful an influence she may or may not be. Which she isn't. She's a person trying to live life after being held captive by a crazy narcissistic monster her entire life.

No. 255801

Im not a Venus hater but she's a tard for the pic posted by op. so you're saying that everything western fashion and makeup have to offer is overly sexy and kardashianesque? if yes, then she has no idea that western fashion and makeup go waaaay beyond kylie jenner and slut tier outfits. that is all on you, venus. if you weren't so obseesed with japs maybe you'd know that. If that is your excuse for dressing like a schoolgirl, then it's a really bad one.

"they're not bad but i can't associate with these things" – ok, enjoy being a 20 year old who dresses like a 12 year old. enjoy it while you can, you still look youthful enough. let's see how retarded you will look in those outfits in 5 years though. with your shitty genes i can't expect much.

also, why deny she yellow faces? she's obviously trolling at this point.

No. 255803

I want to give Venus a pass on that because really how much has she been exposed to western makeup that doesn't glorify instathot/Kylie? She has lived her life entirely on the internet up to this point while being whisked around the globe and being encouraged to be a living doll/Lolita with emphasis on Asian makeup. The internet glorifies Kylie Jenner and instathot makeup so that's all she would really see of western makeup, and she sure as shit wouldn't see it in Japan. She is still very much in a weeby phase so she's not getting much exposure to toned down western makeup styles.

No. 256060

>>also, why deny she yellow faces? she's obviously trolling at this point.

Anon, please Enough of this. Being interested in Japanese makeup and fashion isn't yellow facing.

Just because she's white doesn't mean she can't practice Japanese fashion…especially since she lives there and is surrounded by it. She has naturally brown hair and pale skin, so of course following Japanese beauty trends is going to give her more a local aesthetic. Maybe she dyes her hair darker, but is it that big of a deal that she dyes it darker instead of bleaching it lighter? And her wearing brown contacts isn't "cultural appropriation" or whatever SJW term you want to give it: It's wearing colored contacts. I've seen plenty of people wearing colored contacts, and never considered it "white facing". Venus probably just enjoys how brown eyes look on her sheesh.

I'm seriously beginning to wonder if anons are just pulling shit out of thin air to try and keep Venus relevant as a "cow" or "snowflake" now that it's obvious her mom was behind all the madness. /endrant

No. 256061

fyi we're all weebs here and like j-fashion what venus is doing is trying to seem like a jap now and it's cringey. saying the sky is brown won't stop making it blue. accept it and shut the fuck up. don't be an autist and say it's just makeup. go back to whiteknighting in her instagram's comment section.

No. 256080

thats a hefty assumption. just flying by but i honestly cannot stand anime and i dont think glorious nippon is the promised land.

No. 256081


>We're all weebs here

You can follow the cows on here without being a cringy weeb, you know? You're just outing yourself now.

No. 256084

>i am a weeb
>but venus is cringey

and you are not?

No. 256095

File: 1487797469423.jpg (51.81 KB, 374x500, 57a6701dcf7072b8fbc846b055817e…)


This whole board is dedicated to a interest in Japanese/Weeb shit(mostly). How can you guys be in this much denial? SHE LOOKS NOTHING ASIAN. She is a clone of her ugly mom. She only has age on her side. Many white eastern europeans like Venus have almond eyes. Nothing special. You guys defend her because she is living your dream and you guys aspire to be just like her and worship at her altar. People attack and defend the obvious for this pathetic weeb. Weightloss and make up dont turn you into a Japanese school girl.

No. 256098

Venus looked really ugly in Taylor's video. She looks just like Margo in videos she doesn't record.

No. 256102

File: 1487798245507.jpeg (61.25 KB, 640x473, 1450089873106.jpeg)

you seem a little angry anon, you gonna be okay?

>the whole board is weeb

take another look around you may be surprised

No. 256108

geeeeeeeze she looks so different here

No. 256117

wow, she actually used to look cute.

No. 256130


This picture is unnerving. That bleach blonde hair and her facial expression creep me out, like she'd be one of those barely legal girls in the DD/lg tag in pornhub

No. 256131

File: 1487801578404.gif (3.15 MB, 366x231, mental gymnastics.gif)

No. 256139

Maybe that's part of the problem, she keeps editing herself like this because she doesn't want to look like Margo.

No. 256148

That's probably the case. And I have to add she probably doesn't want to go back to anything close to her old signature look with bleached long blond hair with bangs and blue eyes.

No. 256149

File: 1487803558242.gif (780.6 KB, 500x303, IMG_1299.GIF)

Soo much salt. LOL

No. 256153

No anon, she's obviously yellow facing. /s
Venus has a flat, yet super European face. She's wearing Japanese fashion because she lives in Japan. She types Japanese captions on IG because she lives in Japan. Is she cringy? Fuck yes, but not because she's "trying to look Japanese".

No. 256154

Bingo. Besides liking the style and wanting to assimilate, I think Venus tries to look so different because psychologically she wants to dissociate from her past and being related to Marge

No. 256159

But Venus had black hair a few times when she lived with Margo. She's just a chronic hair dyer and she's gonna end up bald.

No. 256226


I don't really read Venus' threads anymore but holy shit, couldn't recognize her. I'd say it's a random asian girl if I saw this pic somewhere else.

No. 256227


You need to be at least 18 to post on this site.

No. 256231

Venus looks better with brown or strawberry blonde hair

No. 256243


No. 256244

>You need to be at least 18 to post on this site
What? >>255147 speaks the truth.

No. 256245

we all like japanese shit in some way or another lmao i think it's a safe assumption. no need to get butthurt about specifics. did you want me to make a walltext disclaimer? visual kei, cult party kei, gyaru, lolita and on - it's all japanese fashion we're all familiar with it we're all familiar with anime we've all tried out at least one "kawaii" makeup tutorial. i think it's fucking stupid that venus's autist whiteknights are acting like we can't tell the difference between being a regular otaku weeb and a wannabe azn. and she only started doing that shit this year. are these retards really implying she hasn't been doing japanese makeup and fashion for the past 7 years?

No. 256247

Lol this crazy bitch made a Happy Birthday Venus! video like 2 weeks after her Birthday.

She has her own thread here and rants in Margo's thread as well.

No. 256254


implying anyone is jealous of a haggard bulimic eastern european weebaboo with a moonface and a 27 year old goblin visa husband. i too wish i could spend my days making youtube videos of myself cooking soup and eating cat food. relax, kiddo.

No. 256255

File: 1487816809610.png (650.59 KB, 720x746, DaphneRimmel.png)

Her white knight #1 here is this crazy woman that believes the earth is flat, she's OBSESSED with Venus.

No. 256257

She's probably in this thread white knighting her as we speak

No. 256261

>venus is just trying to assimilate to japanese culture!!!!!

i can only imagine these whiteknights are 12 year olds who became her fan this year. is this video assimilating? if her japanese caption her trying to fit in with japan? all of her old videos are of her trying to look and act like a japanese girl.


No. 256263

File: 1487817247241.jpg (25.93 KB, 236x349, BVqyJVU.jpg)

yo! back at it? i made no indication that i have any feelings towards venus at all. i think all those jfashion examples you gave look fucking retarded and when i learned to put on make up, video tutorials werent a thing on youtube.

if you will stop, i will totally agree with you. she doesnt look asian. i never thought she did. i dont understand why if people tilt their heads down stick out their top lip and line their lids just right, they will appear ugu azn. but pls stop trying to make fetch happen.
just because we disagree with your weird autist rants doesnt automatically put us in whiteknight status.

No. 256270

File: 1487817570511.jpg (652.82 KB, 1280x720, IMG_thb119.jpg)

Please white knights tell us again that she's not TRYING to look Asian, compare THIS to her new style and edited pictures.

Her rants are just making it worse, it's exactly like when Eugenia says she's totally not anorexic.

Yes, the cow is here. I know other 2 annoying fucks as well but this is by far the funniest. I'm sick of them.

No. 256271

no matter how hard she tries, she still looks intensely european.

No. 256274

No one asked you go shit post somewhere else. Don't read it, close your eyes.

She's shopping her eyes, jawline and nose in all her pictures…

Hey Daphne, did you know the Earth is as ROUND as Venus'face?

No. 256279

Sperg-chan is back! Everyone is DAPHNE/emma wright/so pink from PULL/anyone who disagrees with sperg-chan is all THE SAME PERSON!
Lol I love when sperg-chan shows up, hahahahaha

No. 256287

File: 1487819624244.jpg (328.15 KB, 1600x1600, IMG_0239.JPG)

Venus looks like someone took a potato and stuck eyes and drew paper thin lips on it

No. 256289

File: 1487819722765.jpg (59.97 KB, 355x468, IMG_1338.JPG)

No, her "rants" are her response to her instagram comments being invaded by a small army of SJW retards spewing bullshit. Which she has every right to do, btw.

No. 256292

I have a feeling that Margo made her do the blonde hair and that she only went back to brown/black those few times because her hair was too damaged. When she was blonde, her mom would just bleached her hair all over again instead of just bleach the roots.

No. 256295

>her mom would just bleached her hair all over again instead of just bleach the roots.

oh my GOD

No. 256298

No one said she looks asian you sperg. Anyone who is defending her is doing it because 1) cultural appropriation isn't real and 2) she's an abused young woman who finally escaped her npd mother's clutches a year ago and is finally free to explore her identity in a place that ostracizes "different." Her exposure to the outside world and different cultures are stereotypes she's seen on the internet. You can't undo 19 years of damage and learn how the world works and develop a health identity in just one year. If Venus wants to dress asian, whether it's because she's a weeb, or because she wants to fit in in her resident country of Japan, or because her husband gets hard because of it, that's her choice whether it autistically pleases you or not.

Now go back to your cage you fucking nutjob.

No. 256301

Yeah sure, and Margo bleached her hair AFTER she ran away too.

She has bleached her hair several times after she moved to Manaki's place.

No. 256302

….? What?
When has she had blonde hair since she left?

No. 256308

Are we seriously discussing why Venus did or did not bleach/colour her hair?
Maybe she was just tired of her hair breaking, but growing out blonde looks shitty, so she decided to go with a really dark colour so it would stick. That's what I did when I didn't want to be blonde anymore. Am I trying to look Asian too? lol

No. 256310

She went lighter brown but not the bleach blonde.

No. 256312

File: 1487821144966.png (909 KB, 720x970, Vs.png)

You blind?

She always says that's her natural hair color, it's not.

No. 256313

File: 1487821179305.jpg (75.3 KB, 538x539, seriously.JPG)

Wow just wow. Most of the people in that screenshot are really weeby themselves and not one is Japanese or even East Asian. I mean go in on Venoos if you like but people in glass houses…
pic related

No. 256314

>1) cultural appropriation isn't real
What? You know nothing.

No. 256316

A bit of OT, but she looks so beautiful here. I wish she'd keep this look.

No. 256318

this was my favorite hair color on venus. i hope she continues to make friends and feel less insecure.

No. 256319

You call that blonde?

No. 256320


i agree. i've seen some of her way older pics and she looked way more stunning. i personally find the weeb shit kind of cute but i wish venus would go for a russian look because it fits her features and i really like the blonde on her

No. 256322

>russian look

No. 256324

I doubt that's her real hair colour, but it suits her. The problem I had with heavily bleached hair is that very few colours would stick, which is why I went for black even though that's not my natural hair colour. It stuck pretty well.

Not the anon you replied to, but cultural appropriation is pretty much a US only thing.

No. 256325

Seriously, those comments are so fucking unnecessary.

No. 256327

Yeah, and I really, REALLY wish she'd ditch the fucking brown contacts. Her natural eye color is so pretty. And those wretched eyebags need to go too. She's torturing her undereye skin with that shit, it looks awful and it attracts trolls like catnip. Please STOP.

No. 256328

Cultural appropriation really is a made up tumblr thing. come on

No. 256331

Yes actually that's why I used that picture. She looks beautiful there compared to what she's doing now.

And Japanese makeup style is not the problem, it's the brown circle lenses, the flat face edit, the BLACK Hair and literally tape in her eyes what it's making everyone say she's trying hard.

No. 256332

File: 1487822421556.jpg (47.08 KB, 554x359, IMG_1328.JPG)

>Seriously, those comments are so fucking unnecessary.
Yeah, and that's just a small sample. There was an invasion of this shit and they're all from BLM/sjw/genderfluid/queer etc. etc. accounts. No wonder she's fucking fed up, I would be too. This shit is ridiculous.

No. 256334

It's not. But if you want to argue that it is, someone (like Venus) wearing brown circle lenses, asian-styled makeup, and dying their hair dark isn't cultural appropriation like, say, wearing a feather head dress and war paint.

Why aren't you in that Ahri bitch's thread getting all self-righteous about cultural appropriation if you're so indignant about it, sperganon, hm? That girl doesn't even live in Asia and does all the same shit.

No. 256335

File: 1487822485070.jpg (86.36 KB, 518x614, IMG_1324.JPG)

No. 256337

File: 1487822565196.jpg (62.08 KB, 560x433, IMG_1329.JPG)

No. 256338

so woke they can harass an innocent white girl living in japan who dared to follow japanese trends

No. 256343

They melanin be poppin, y'all. #woke #BLM

No. 256367

Just report the posts and quit sperging god damn

No. 256401


>sjw feminist black bitches

Why the fuck am I not surprised?

No. 256409

She looked SO MUCH BETTER in this video. Oh Venus how far you've fallen. Stop with the stupid eye bag thing, the extremely dark hair and circle lenses. It's not even about yellow facing, she just looks awful now compared to her natural looks.

No. 256420

Top kek. Of course it's non Japanese people. If I was a sjw I would say they were the racists for silencing Japanese people by speaking for them. You know damn well they don't give a shit about Japanese people.

>accuses Venus of appropriate
>instagram name matsurikanzai
>is white as fuck

Her edits are cringey but that its. On another note I have to say I liked her as a strawberry blonde.

No. 256438

To add to this, a lot of Japanese are probably flattered that Venus is embracing their language and fashion.

I mean, when I've met someone into my culture (even if it's a bit overdone or stereotypical) it makes me very flattered so yeah.

The SJWs screaming "cultural appropriation" might as well be on board with Trumps anti-globalism policies (I bet they are the first to run on the streets screaming and protesting tho kek).

No. 256439

File: 1487835751464.png (769.43 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot1.png)

Yep. Hair, eyes, makeup.. everything on point. It has always been my favorite.

I like this video too, I like most of her "My Closet" videos. But now I see these videos and compare them to whatever she's doing now, this Tsuruko phase or I don't know how to call it, I just don't like it and I can't stand her anymore.

No. 256441

Venus used to get called fat, big head, potato nose, lumpy, Margo clone, retard, downsy, Jack o'lantern eyebrows. When she did the Body line shoot, so many people made fun of her body/called her fat and said her real face was ugly. She posts a makeup-free, unblurred selfie on IG and gets called ugly again. People now always says she looks just like her ugly mom who abused her. No wonder she wants to edit so much. She has been raised to depend on her looks without the proper protection by her mom or taught the coping skills she needed. I'm surprised she hasn't gone full MJ yet. But you non-Japanese Tumblr bitches are practically frothing at the mouth watching a vulnerable, formerly abused, socially -stunted and emotionally damaged person in distress.

And no. She shouldn't have put herself out there for criticism if she couldn't handle it, but her mother brought her into this mess. She won't automatically normalize and become "woke" if she had no one to guide her until a year ago.

Oh, they most definitely don't care about actual Japanese people. I even saw one of those creeps accuse a real Japanese woman on Venus' IG of "respectability politics " for saying Venus is not a problem for Japanese. Then she accused that woman of betraying her POC sisters! Lol. A Japanese woman in Japan…ugh. Japanese don't matter to them.

No. 256444

if that's the case, why doesn't venus just stop posting (or posting less) on social media and instead focus on her own life? like furthering her education or getting work or whatever. as long as she posts on the internet there will always be material for people to criticize. i mean, if margo was the one pushing her to be e-famous in the beginning, she doesn't has to now since they've been separated.

No. 256446

It's so painfully obvious that all these people complaining about "yellowface" are just jealous because she fits the "kawaii mold" better than they ever will.
It's also pretty telling that most of the people bitching don't even turn out to be Asian or Japanese (no, not even Asian-American) like 95% of the time lmao.

No. 256447

Not the anon you responded to but my guess would be that the online attention fuels both her confidence and her insecurity. She probably doesn't have the mental capability to develop self confidence without people praising her looks online. It's really a shame she's in Japan and not in a country that provides proper therapy for these kinds of things. Also, sage.

No. 256449

File: 1487838836420.png (747.01 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot3.png)

Anon, Venus edits her pictures because a lot of dolly girls and idols were doing that as well, she copied what she saw, there's a lot of pressure in that dolly trend and in the YT world in general, she has been doing this since long time ago not because people tell her that she looks like Margo, she knows that, you are reaching in that part.

I AGREE with you that some jelly weebs used to attack her that she was fat, etc. and that probably affected her mind. However like anon points out here

>As long as she posts on the internet there will always be material for people to criticize. i mean, if margo was the one pushing her to be e-famous in the beginning, she doesn't has to now since they've been separated.

Venus likes to be a living doll, she tags her videos as "Doll", "Human barbie", "Weeb", she wasn't forced to do this, she's doing this because she likes it, and she knows that anything you post on the internet can be loved, ignored or hated.

Also, some of you people "defending" her are actually bashing on her in a way, take the VS makeup tutorial for example. I think she looked gorgeous but you all "fans" are saying that she looked unhealthy and that Margo didn't feed her and that she looked like a skeleton blahblah tbh I'm pretty sure she likes most of her old videos and the way she looked.

No. 256450

I don't think that anon was defending Venus' masochism of continually putting herself out there, but I think it's completely understandable that no matter what she does she is going to face backlash, and that some people will feel bad for her about it.

Yeah she could try to cobble together some kind of a normal, offline existence in a foreign and xenophobic country, despite having little experience of not being a performing media monkey. At first, relying on the mercy of her mail order husband until she can be self sufficient. She would get a lot of backlash for throwing away her 'career' or betraying her fans.
Alternatively, she could continue on stupidly putting herself in the limelight to be attacked online, and either try to pander to the SJWs, her weeb fans or somehow both. Continually told she is ugly and should grow up and get a real job, she is always going to get shit for putting herself out there and told she was asking for said shit.

I'm not saying she's a blameless baby uwu victim, but what do you realistically expect this warped 20 year old to accomplish immediately?

Cultural appropriation is such a fucking minefield, a case like Venus is never going to have a clear cut answer, you can't make a blanket decision on whether something is approrpiate or not when there's no way to ask everyone involved (eg the entirety of Japanese/asian people, of all generations etc). It's all just tumblr users screaming personal theories with no harmony.

No. 256451

> She posts a makeup-free, unblurred selfie on IG and gets called ugly again. People now always says she looks just like her ugly mom
Really? Where are these comments? I haven't seen anything like this in her instagram comments since I've been following her (about a year,) until the SJW/BLM/Yellowface! invasion a few days ago. Her instagram is usually nothing but nice compliments so I don't think your argument has any validity.

Really, some of you people seem to live in some kind of alternate reality.

No. 256453

>She has been raised to depend on her looks without the proper protection by her mom or taught the coping skills she needed.

Wut anon she speaks like 5 languages, YOU WISH you could do that, and she says she likes to study since she was like 14 she can get a job as a translator or language teacher, or simply go to a university. She said that she was planning to attend a university in Korea, she can do the same in Japan, she's just 20 it's not like it's late for her to study, it's never late for that and I'm pretty sure she has the money and support to do that.

No. 256454

I thought that in Japan for non native language speakers to teach a language they needed a degree.

Venus is lucky if Margo got her some Highschool equivalent certification. I'd be shocked if she had ever written a college level essay in ANY language.

No. 256455

>Continually told she is ugly and should grow up and get a real job, she is always going to get shit for putting herself out there and told she was asking for said shit.
Again with the warped alt-reality bullshit with a dash of victim-blaming thrown in (it's HER fault she's getting cyberbullied! She should just shut up and disappear!) That's some margo-level sick twisted logic right there, congrats!

She's not "continually being told she's ugly," you fucking tool. In fact it's just the opposite most of the time, on her IG anyway. What she gets is waves of cyberbullying in her YT comments by ugly little trolls who get steered her way via her psycho "mother's" smear campaigns, salty jealous little bitches who can't let go of their Venus-hate from the glory days of PULL/lolcow prior to her escape and, most recently, random SJW flying monkeys.

The hell she should just quit doing what she likes on YT and instagram. Fuck that and fuck you too.

No. 256460

I love how her "supporters" are actually offending her :

>She can't get a normal job

>She doesn't have the necessary skills
>She's a media monkey
>She looks awful in her old videos (only because Margo was still there)

Just wow…. this couldn't be further from the truth. Lol and her fans say we are the "haters" for criticizing her instagram pictures.

No. 256462

File: 1487841446309.jpg (60.21 KB, 1357x475, IMG_1404.JPG)

>She can't get a normal job
>She doesn't have the necessary skills
It's just the tiniest bit early to write the girl off as "no skills/can't get a normal job" don't you think? Since she JUST turned 20 and all…

And pic attached is how she answered this question in her YT comments the other day so yeah, she does have a plan and goals beyond Youtube.

No. 256465

They don't. The only reason you'd need a degree is if you needed a visa, but Venus is married.
However, if she plans on teaching English she first needs to get rid of that accent.

No. 256468

Everyone who calls her a yellowfacing racist honestly sounds like Mira to me

No. 256471

It depends. She can teach German, and since she already has a Visa and speaks Japanese it's actually way easier to get a job. (Translator or teacher are just 2 examples of what she can do) and like I said, I'm pretty sure she has the money and support (her husband) to study in a university, she just needs to pass the exams and pay the fee.

>Margo campaigns

What campaigns? lol wait, Margo can't do a shit, but she's responsible the hate and dislikes? Haha People barely talk to her or watch her stuff, do you really believe she has an army of trolls or something? Venus gets hate like any other youtuber, she has a video with 50K dislikes, she's very likeable but cringey af too, some people just don't like her.

>salty jealous little bitches who can't let go of their Venus-hate from the glory days of PULL/lolcow prior to her escape

K. What's next? We are fat and ugly hairy women living in a basement?

No. 256472

No. 256473

I don't think you understood, I was presenting some of the usual criticisms she gets from both sides to illustrate how it's next to impossible for her to magically make everyone happy at the same time

People love to make blanket statements about how she is either a perfect cinnamonroll or evil incarnate, rather than just your average mixed bag

No. 256482

It's because they feel the need to be able to claim some connection to a culture for their own.
Everyone there comes from immigrants who forsake their own country for a different future.

You'll never hear an Italian mention he's Italian as much as some American girl whose great great grandmother might have been from Italy.

No. 256483


Oh i hate people who cant deal with the fact that not everyone licks Venus's anus and thinks by rights she needs to try working a proper job for once in her life at least for a fucking year.

Shes just embarrassing. Im not fat or hairy, personally i think im better looking than Venus. Ive got the same face shape and can pull off that dumb doll angle shit too but being the same age as her I just know its cringey. The japanese candy, uniform thing is just sad.

No. 256490


Maybe because this is how she has survived this far and doesn't know where to go and get money to live. Her husband is a construction worker. Just because she knows languages, doesn't mean she has the courage or that she knows them well enough (grammar and large enough vocabulary) to get a proper job.

She won't become normal for years, anyone who knows a bit about abusive backgrounds knows that. Asking her to get over it in a year is cringe-levels of stupidity.
a) break off from these habits
b) stop living with the anxiety caused by Margot's punishments, she doesn't get them but the learned fear takes ages to go away.
c)she doesn't have an identity of her own, she's been "groomed" by her mother and the international ex evasion scheme did cause her not to ever adapt an actual culture
d) the girl has never had stability before, getting used to that alone is really hard.

I agree with you to a large extent. There's no way she could do any of this anytime soon and she will always be disliked by some, even if she decides to drop off completely.

No. 256496

As opposed to that… thing next to her? She looks cute there. You need to stop.

No. 256500

MARGO made her look this way. She clearly did not pick this look for herself. I'm sorry you have a boner for the Russian dolly look but I doubt she'll go back to it anytime soon. Get over it.

No. 256501

You dense fucker, that's not what I mean at all. Protection and coping skills: Her mother did not EMOTIONALLY prepare her for dealing with critics AND she exploited her to lolicons while denying what she was doing. Then she encouraged her to get into rivalries with other girls, justifying sockpuppets and harassment. Oh, and all that country-hopping with no connection to any family.

Venus is academically accomplished and knows how to make money. So what? Now that she has fled, her mother won't let go unless Venus suffers as much as her and let's the public know instead of keeping it private. She swore to ruin her. You call that responsible, healthy and successful parenting because Venus values her education and plans to work?

Lol. I wish I could speak five languages? Where the Hell did you even come up with that? Talk about alternative reality. Are you confusing me with another poster because I don't understand you at all.

No. 256502

While I certainly agree with you to a certain extent, you can't ignore the fact that her job IS YouTube and she has created a niche viewership that she needs to cater to in order to keep her viewers. Yes it's annoying but it's also what weebs/otaku want, someone to cater to their Nipponland fantasy. Look at the rest of the jvloggers, a lot of them pander as well since they know their audience just wants weeb shit.

No. 256506

ah, yes… she's so not yellowfacing. she naturally looks asian guyz

No. 256511

She's using makeup trends that are popular in Korea. Keep grasping.
You probably use an anime character as your profile pic on social media, kek.

No. 256512

You guys are ridiculous with the "yellowface" thing.
Who cares? Maybe she wants to fit in or cater to the norm. Maybe she just likes it better?

Are you gonna yell at asian americans for liking starbucks or "white" things?
>stop trying to be white! you're not white

Please just stop. No one in japan cares about how venus looks.

This is exactly the same thing that happened when scarlett johansson was cast as Makoto in Ghost in the Shell. Japanese people were in no way offended by it and everyone who wasnt asian, made a huge deal out of it.
Chill out guys.
Asian people don't need you to feel offended on their behalf.

No. 256513

I find her more natural make up better. But if she wants to follow japanese make up trends, then she should. It's her life.
But the pic she showed us is just an extreme. The most girls I see doesn't look like the girl on the pic.

No. 256519

B-but anon! You can't be racist against white people!!

How should she know what white make up trends looks like? Home girl has only seen Taylor irl, who uses exaggerated Asian make up, and instagram girls, who use shitty drag make up. She's been on an extended tax evasion tour of Europe and Asia for the last two decades of her life with only the Internet as her guide, cut her some slack. She'll figure herself out.

No. 256523

>People barely talk to her or watch her stuff, do you really believe she has an army of trolls or something?

That's the very reason why Margo teamed up with Vexxed

No. 256524

Honestly who actually cares at this point?!
She lives in Japan, is married to a Japanese man and fucking hell she knows the language.
From personal experience the way she dresses and styles herself is not uncommon in Tokyo and surrounding areas, it's not like she walks around in cosplay or anything, street fashion in Tokyo is different than to what you may see in Europe or America.
Sure she looks European but comparing her "Japanese style make up" to her more "western style oriented" it looks better on her. What is up with all those people trying to make look bad?
She has dreams and a life outside of YouTube and her social media persona that she is not sharing.
For someone who grew up with Margo she turned out to be a great woman, who sure knows how to handle situations and market herself.

No. 256542

Why is this even a thing.

This wouldn't even be "cultural appropriation" because it's not Japanese "culture" it's a modern makeup/fashion/magazine trend. She's not going out in friggin geisha makeup. What's next, knee high socks, wide leg pants and pigtails are cultural appropriation?

Obviously you're likely to gravitate towards trends popular in your area if you're into fashion/makeup. That's what magazines and posters and celebrities and shops are going to be showing you.

And all y'all saying "white ppl shouldn't do it tho bc it's meant to suit azn features1111!!1!11" are idiots. It's not meant to suit any type of face it's meant to make your face lool like "x" for example make your nose tall, eyes look big, lips small. Anybody can do that. It'll just look slightly different on each person depending on how big your features are to begin with. You realize Japanese people all have different features, they aren't clones? Plenty do not look like your stereotypical image of them.

No. 256548

Venus better start figuring out some way to be independent because ya really cant depend on a man 100% then days, especially a man like manaki.

No. 256551

That was relevant 1 year ago.

Be mad.
>justifying sockpuppets and harassment.
Isn't this exactly what some of you are doing? Like the anon who made the massage account and ruined the milk, for example. Take a break pls.

>Home girl has only seen Taylor irl, who uses exaggerated Asian make up,
Taylor is not the only girl she has seen or talked to irl, that's what you see on IG, also she has her own ideas, you don't need to have someone else as a guide. The Asian makeup style is something she likes way before Taylor existed in youtube.

>amd instagram girl who use shitty drag make up.

Sure. Because that's the only type of girls you can see on instagram.

No. 256554

who cares about her hair or the asian style makeup or whatever.
the thing I notice most is she's blurring her nose bridge now to make it appear flatter (hence more asian?) that part is fucking weird.

No. 256556

She may just has the idea that the less prominent her nose is, the cuter she will look as a smaller, flatter nose is more childlike and allows more attention to be drawn to the eyes

No. 256561

>She's using makeup trends that are popular in Korea.
"Drunk Girl makeup tutorial" is a makeup trend. "How to look half/Korean" is not a good title choice.

Yeah she also does something weird to her eyes.. just compare her new pictures to something like this photo >>256270

Anon, except that she started shoping like this after dying her hair black and befriending Tsuruko, Manaki obsessively likes all of her pictures and follows her every move. In fact they copy her a lot.

Also, her nose isn't big. it's normal size. Shopping your face at the point that your nose is 3 times smaller is not a good thing for your mental health anon. This is why girls have so many self issues nowadays. They want to look "perfect" all the time.

No. 256563

I thought we were over this kind of topic. Of course is not, ya dingus. Culture is not a bottle of beer you can steal at the convenience store. You can't "steal" a culture. A person wearing circle lenses isn't "stealing" Japanese culture. Tumblr lied to you.
Get over it.

No. 256565

That was 13 hours ago anon, ignore it.

No. 256573

To be fair, I doubt Venus is in a good place mentally these days. Better than a year ago maybe, but after escaping narc mom…shit, she should really be in therapy.

I guess Japan probably doesn't really have great psychiatry, considering everyone kills themselves.

No. 256575

She's doing fine, stop with the Disney narrative.

No. 256583

Cultural appropriation existed way before Tumblr was ever conceived. There are academic papers from the 1990s on it. Unless you want to argue those were written by old-school SJWs lol. But kids from Tumblr misinterpreted what it means and ran with it. Now everything is considered appropriation even though it isn't.

No. 256586

>implying anyone who was beat, isolated and dragged all over Europe her entire life is fine just because they appear to be

If you say so fam

No. 256588

Unrelated to everything ITT but a brand of SJWs has existed since way before tumblr in the form of circle jerking social studies academics. I once came across a paper from the late 80s about how white men all grow beards as a patriarchal tool to oppress women and nonwhite men. Shit was crazy. Tumblr and the internet has just made this kind of crazy more widespread and easily acccessible.

No. 256635

Wat, no I agreed on that. She's definitely catering and doing a job. She's making money and she's comfortable enough with it to do it. I'm also sure the same person keeps on comparing herself to Venus on these threads.

No. 256645

I'm surprised that no one talked about this yet, but her hair kinda looks almost every time greasy since she colored them back to dark-brown.

No. 256654

because going off videos from nearly 6 years ago, when she was still very clearly living with her crazy ass mother and FOURTEEN, totally proves your point

No. 256655

i've noticed too. i wonder why that is. is she just lazy about washing it? avoiding it because she thinks it looks more sleek? or is it because she's afraid of losing her straight-perm? maybe if people start pointing it out in mass she'll do something about it, like the yellow teeth thing.

No. 256658

>Margo campaigns

>What campaigns? lol wait, Margo can't do a shit, but she's responsible the hate and dislikes? Haha People barely talk to her or watch her stuff, do you really believe she has an army of trolls or something?

Fuck yeah the bitch campaigns. She's been running smear campaigns against her kid ever since she left her crazy ass. What the fuck do you think that video with vexxtard was? And you doubt there's an 'army of trolls' that went after her after those videos (3 of them) came out? You're either deluded or very, very stupid. That was a smear campaign on steroids, honey. And that's a classic narc abuser tactic too, btw.

No. 256692

File: 1487888417203.jpg (416.8 KB, 1216x1446, IMG_1438.JPG)

So, this (invitation-only) event Venus went to, the Honeymihoney Summer Collection Exhibition. I went to their IG to have a look at some of the other guests that were there
and was quite impressed. Models, idols, actresses, a couple of rock band members. Seems like quite an event.

No. 256696

File: 1487888469360.jpg (218.13 KB, 1249x1641, IMG_1437.JPG)

No. 256697

File: 1487888565749.jpg (314.25 KB, 1255x1442, IMG_1436.JPG)

No. 256700

File: 1487888615851.jpg (258.64 KB, 1247x1646, IMG_1435.JPG)

No. 256703

File: 1487888705548.jpg (488.89 KB, 1266x1445, IMG_1444.JPG)

No. 256704

File: 1487888753304.jpg (250.64 KB, 1242x1604, IMG_1443.JPG)

No. 256705

File: 1487888865613.jpg (181.73 KB, 833x1135, IMG_1440.JPG)

No. 256708

File: 1487888930311.jpg (251.12 KB, 1231x1548, IMG_1439.JPG)

Model and idol

No. 256711

File: 1487889074275.jpg (323.64 KB, 1219x1447, IMG_1433.JPG)

This one's a drummer in a rock band.

No. 256713

File: 1487889123517.jpg (315.6 KB, 1243x1613, IMG_1434.JPG)

No. 256714

She might be avoiding washing it to prevent any more damage since she has been dying and bleaching and dying it again a fuckton.

No. 256718

File: 1487889411892.jpg (291.46 KB, 1103x1074, IMG_1381.JPG)

But you know, poor little Venus is just a lonely, scarred recluse living a sad stunted life in Japan, right?

No. 256731

I just don't get people who criticise her for doing YouTube videos. I'm literally just after watching a YouTuber who does photography videos and he himself said that it's his full time job and he makes about £400/week on ad revenue alone. He has about the same # of subs as Venus, and that's not a small sum.

It may not be viable in the long run but if that's how she makes money right now and if the cute image is what sells who's to blame her? If anything it'll buy her time to get back on her feet, which she seems to be working towards.

No. 256734

As long as she makes money doing the cute stuff until she can cement herself as a model or something, I don't see why she should change. She's a married woman, yes, but she's helping her husband pay bills this way. At least she's not Yumi King or Margaret with the way they earn money.

No. 256740

Most of those papers use Cultural Appropriation as a neutral term, not a negative term as it has come to mean now.

No. 256745

So, can any tumblresque SJW here explain how she is yellowfacing if:
1) She never claimed to be asian and has always been open about her ethnicity
2) All her features are very european and anyone with two eyes can see that she's not asian (yes, even with the makeup and the editing)?

What exactly is the difference between her and the other weebs wearing circle lenses and "kawaii" fashion?
I can understand the rage against her old videos though, but those were ages ago and we all know it was probably her crazy mom's idea.

Lastly, most japanese women don't act like Venus. She is part of a very specific subculture. Aren't the SJWs being racist by implying that Venus is "acting" japanese, then? I will never understand 'Muricans.

No. 256751

>cement herself as a model

Kek keep dreaming

No. 256755

>or something
nice rc, tard

No. 256757

File: 1487894575289.jpg (271.09 KB, 1221x1411, IMG_1451.JPG)

How about this popular Japanese Youtuber, Kumamiki? What kinda HARMFUL STEREOTYPES is she perpetrating on vulnerable young Asian girls? I don't see any of y'all on her IG screeching about CULTURAL APPROPRIATION!! She's clearly trying to BE CAUCASIAN, right?

No. 256758

File: 1487894672430.jpg (361.89 KB, 1250x1468, IMG_1450.JPG)

She's NOT Caucasian!

No. 256768

File: 1487896581918.jpg (338.99 KB, 1179x1762, IMG_1461.JPG)

What about all these Japanese girls out there trying to BE CAUCASIAN? They're not Caucasian. They'll never BE Caucasian. Why don't they quit CULTURE APPROPRIATING Caucasians?
Where's the SJW outrage?

No. 256770

Nothing wrong with Japanese fashion but Venus should probably gain some common sense and stop making videos titled "how to look Asian" or whatever, of course she's going to get called a cringey weeaboo and attract crazy sjw. That'd be like a wigger making videos about how to look black.

No. 256771

File: 1487896741129.jpg (375.03 KB, 1596x1170, IMG_1459.JPG)

No. 256777

>Venus should probably gain some common sense and stop making videos titled "how to look Asian" or whatever
She did, fuckwit. THREE YEARS AGO.

No. 256778

I think she's super cute. I don't understand the hate.

No. 256791

They're not trying to look Caucasian and, from what I've learned via a series of docs on plastic surgery in eastern asia, Japanese and Koreans don't like it when westerners say they're trying to look white.

Every culture has their own standards of beauty. Skin bleaching is popular there because in Japanese culture, porcelain skin has always been considered beautiful. Darker skin is considered less attractive because it's left over from when it was associated with poor, lower class laborers. White skin denotes higher class, privilege, wealth. They don't get double eyelid surgery because they want caucasian eyes, it's just another cultural thing. Monolids make your eyes look smaller and double eyelids make them appear larger. They get their jaws shaved because the V-line is considered very beautiful (square jaws and prominent cheekbones, like Angeline Jolie, are considered too masculine in both Japan and Korea).

Flatter, wider noses are very common among eastern asian people, so obviously a longer, thinner nose with a more defined tip is going to be considered attractive. When everybody has very dark hair, having the strawberry blond look makes you stand out and is considered attractive. They also value having a little puff of skin on the underside of the eye because it's associated with youth, girls will get implants/injections there to emphasize them. Also, that whole trend with getting crooked teeth? It's considered cute because it brings to mind little girls. A lot of it has to do with looking cute and young, like the larger eyes.

It's all determined based on their own cultural standards of beauty. So shut the fuck up about "where's the SJW outrage about them appropriating Caucasian culture??" when that's not even what they're doing.

Sage for OT and being long as fuck. Sorry, y'all.

No. 256796

same tbh. she's annoying sometimes sure but she's had a weird life, i find her oddly accessible and the hate is kind of much. whatever though

No. 256802

That wasn't even the point lmao.
Me neither. I think both her and her husband are cute, and as for people who think being married means you're automatically demoted to a boring old housewife whose only purpose in life should be cooking meals, rearing children and being an 'adult' (or at least what they think an adult acts like), I'd love to see how long you'd last in a marriage like that. It's literally what you make of it and Venus herself has said she doesn't like to think of their relationship as a 'marriage', which is understandable given how young she is. I'd hate to be called a housewife too.

No. 256808

>They're not trying to look Caucasian
aww, our SJW novel-writing snowflake queen's back.
Of course they're "trying to LOOK CAUCASIAN," you clueless ass. You can't have it both ways, screech about Venus "trying to LOOK JAPANESE!" then turn around and deny there are thousands of Asian girls out there trying to LOOK CAUCASIAN with makeup, hair dye, circle lenses and even surgery (in huge numbers.)
Fuck outta here and back to PULL with your clueless-ass preaching and your double standards, honey. You're a fucking joke and a long-winded pedantic bore.

No. 256809

What about B-stylers then? Is that a new asian "standard of beauty" too?

No. 256810

>aww, our SJW novel-writing snowflake queen's back.

Uhh, I've never posted in this thread before. I'm not the same person you're apparently getting all triggered and butthurt over.
I'm literally just telling you what I've learned by watching various documentaries about Eastern Asian countries and their cultural standards of beauty. If that makes me an SJW, then so be it, but you have pretty low standards when it comes to calling somebody an SJW.

No. 256812

Also, Samefag >>256810, but when I've seen SJWs freak the fuck out about asian beauty, they usually go all fucking crazy about how Eastern Asian countries are trying to attain a Western standard of beauty because Europeans have shoved their own beauty standards down their throats for centuries, imposing their whiteness on them and such. But, again, I'm not the person you have serious beef with. I was just saying what I've learned when it comes to this subject.

No. 256814

Oh, okay. Gotcha.
So when Asians emulate a "Western standard of beauty" it's because they've been victimized by the evil Westerners shoving it down their throats but a European girl emulating Asian standards of beauty is an evil racist CULTURAL APPROPRIATOR. Did I get that right, anon?
Like I said, you're a fucking joke.

No. 256816

Like I said, twice now, I'm not the person you're flipping the fuck out over. Chill out, anon, you're going to have an aneurysm over some trivial ass shit. My point was you're saying it's SJW rhetoric to claim that Japanese/Korean people have their own standards of beauty that aren't really based on trying to look white. Meanwhile, whenever I've actually seen actual Tumblrina SJWs lose their shit over this topic, they're blaming evil europeans for enforcing their white standards of beauty onto Japanese/Korean culture. You don't really read, do you?

I don't even know why you're taking this so fucking personally. For the third time, I'm just explaining what I've learned. Eastern Asian cultures have their own standards of beauty and maybe some of them come across as trying to look white, but it's not really the case. If you don't agree, go for it. I can't really be fucked to care.

No. 256843

No one's "having an aneurysm" here except maybe you, hon. No need to get so agitated.

No. 256856

Some people thought Taylor played a mean joke on Venus in her vlog of their day together (linked is Venus's vlog, not Taylor's) so T addressed it in her comments. Sounds like they're spending a lot of time together off-camera and getting pretty close so yay.

No. 256857

File: 1487910403676.jpg (158.34 KB, 1494x376, IMG_1483.JPG)

No. 256858

File: 1487910470659.jpg (61.96 KB, 1478x230, IMG_1484.JPG)

comment #2

No. 256867

Just saw this and wow Venus looks so old and haggard next to Taylor. Her skin looks so old. Maybe she really is bulimic.

No. 256875

I don't enjoy watching Venus' stuff and boring vlogs but these accusations are pretty stupid. It was an innocent game imo.

I also noticed that Taylor has haters that are actually Venus' fans, that's a super weird combination.

Kek chill anon..
I have to admit that I noticed that too, I just saw that small part when they were in the fitting room and the first thing I thought was wtf she looks tired, her skin looks bad! maybe it's because she sleeps late at night and has a poor diet. They eat a lot of red meat, sugar and the quantity of consomme she used in that soup video was alarming.

No. 256876

Ah differen anon here but… Anon why you always angry? What's the matter? Really, No hate. It's interesting.. tell us.


No. 256886

Where you getting "anger" from? The all caps? Used them for emphasis, no "anger" here. Appreciate your concern though. You're sweet.

No. 256888

>Where you getting "anger" from?

Anon seriously, don't pretend you don't get mad, we all have seen it. I think you are taking this very very personal. This is just another thread in lolcow and I don't know why but this is clearly affecting you: You are patrolling this site and I guess PULL, youtube, and instagram too, day and night.

When you aren't fully white knighting you are angry af. Some comments aren't even that bad. Seriously, you are extremely irritable and totally devoted to a person that doesn't even cares about you. (sorry for this part, just trying to be realistic)

If you are not self projecting, or her husband, I don't know what else could be.

No. 256896

She at least looks like she's having a lot of fun with Taylor.

No. 256900

They are and they are clearly friends. I think its a cute relationship and feels more organic than her friendship with some of the others (Kim, Bii). PULL is being hilariously salty about it though. Calling Tay "Regina George" and shit. You can't even make up that level of fake outrage.

No. 256905

>Regina george
Oh come on…

No. 256914

Not the anon you are talking to, but you really seem to like assuming how this other person is in real life and how they are feeling.
And instead of debating the topic further, you resort to personally attacking them.
Tsk tsk
It's time to stop.

No. 256925

>Venus looks like shit next to Tay
Unsurprising given that Taylor is a health nut model with a super diet and probably fillers, whereas Venus has spent years applying trash to her face and binging on junk. Although we also recently learnt that Tay actually has terrible acne right now and this video probably still has a filter over it.

Whatever though, I look like onision myself and from the skincare thread so does half of this site

No. 256971

Wow, projecting much.

There is a double standard in the Tumblr-sphere, where whenever a white person wears anything inspired by a different culture it's cultural appropriation and hurts and blablabla, but when POC do something that makes them look more white (circle lenses, contouring for higher nose bridges, etc.) it's because the evil West forced their beauty standards onto those poor Asian countries. When in reality it's just some fun with experimenting with make up, on both sides.

No. 257006

I don't know if you're being facetious or not but although the half-Japanese makeup look is popular and there are definitely girls who want to look full Caucasian, most Japanese still look Japanese. This >>255227 is a better example of normal Japanese girls than this extreme example >>256768. I don't think Venus is trying to look Asian either. Who cares what some SJWs say.

>When in reality it's just some fun with experimenting with make up, on both sides.
My thoughts exactly. Let people do what they want. Hair dye and a little bit of makeup doesn't mean someone wants to change their race.

No. 257038

Anon I think you don't understand, I'm not talking about that topic at all.
>projecting much
Eh no..

I said before that it wasn't an attack.

No. 257052

File: 1487954974225.png (24.03 KB, 646x177, No1cur.png)

Reading this thread and loving it.

>That sjw stuff is stupid but please, you're on lolcow, not a fangelic ugu website.

And they just don't get it.

>who eats from a cat bowl
>Didn't Venus eat cat food before?
I just can't with those weebs.

No. 257057

File: 1487955670761.gif (1.51 MB, 296x199, IMG_1539.GIF)

>You are patrolling this site and I guess PULL, youtube, and instagram too, day and night.
You seem a bit…unsettled, anon.

No. 257070

Isn't this "Andromeda Galaxy" from PULL? She posted these same pictures and said exactly the same things.

No. 257076

File: 1487958566732.png (297.3 KB, 499x827, Screenshot_2017-4.png)

Sometimes reading here is exactly like reading her white knights in PULL haha it's so obvious.

So yeah you are clearly patrolling these sites.

No. 257080

File: 1487959302964.png (23.11 KB, 499x162, Screenshot-5.png)

And about the anger part, well..

No. 257083

File: 1487959879071.png (112.36 KB, 720x1022, Screenshot-BMad.png)

And I have to agree here…

Get help.

No. 257085

These sperging bitches are massive hypocrites. They have PULL account, lurke on Lolcow, make fun of Koots, Taylor and some other snowflakes..But they can't get any form of criticisms about Venus.

Just, if you want to worship your weeb godessu please go to make a fan/blog forum. That thread is shit (just like the previous one) and it's your fucking fault.

inb4 "you sound retarded"
I don't care about that yellow facing bs
(and yeah, my english isn't that perfect, I know)

No. 257088

File: 1487960940839.png (108.67 KB, 720x801, Screenshot_2017.png)

Tbh it's just a few highly sensitive white knights overanalyzing the situation.. also if you take 3 minutes to check their activy you can see how mad some users are when it comes to defending Venus… a girl was asking this Andromeda bitch to forgive her.

No. 257096

The cringiest part is that these girls don't even look Caucasian. No one with vision would look at them and think "They look white", and circle lenses have never been a white thing.
I think the "Venus is culturally appropriating!!!" shit is dumb, too, but this obsessive anon needs to calm down.

No. 257097

Nice catch, anon. And yet, Andromeda told some anon to go back to PULL. What a hypocrite.

No. 257098

So there you go. You wanted receipts? Just continue sperging here and PULL. Make it more and more obvious…

>That thread is shit (just like the previous one) and it's your fucking fault.
Maybe we should have a cringe fangelic thread.. one of them already has one btw.

No. 257104

These tumblr newfags… If you had been here some years ago you'd know lolcow used to be savage against Venus. This stopped when we found out the real cow was her mom. Venus is dry milk, being a weeb is not enough to spark a discussion here, or we'd have threads on millions of girls. Stop trying to bring sjw logic here.

No. 257112

>These tumblr newfags… If you had been here some years ago you'd know lolcow used to be savage against Venus.
I doubt someone here is a newfag from tumblr.

>This stopped when we found out the real cow was her mom.

And she has a thread in /pt/ you can tell everyone how you feel today there.

>Venus is dry milk, being a weeb is not enough to spark a discussion here, or we'd have threads on millions of girls.

They already have their threads.

>Stop trying to bring sjw logic here.


You tried.

No. 257121

The point both these people were making is how ridiculous this whole "trying to look Asian/cultural appropriation!" bullshit is, not to >worship your weeb godessu
And playing GOTCHA! guessing who anons **really are is just a big ol' deflection from the fact that this latest "yellowface! cultural appropriation!!" bandwagon has gone down in flames and omg, what are we gonna screech about noww??

No. 257124

Fuck off, PULLtard.

No. 257127

this thread is shit, the only milk here is the sperging

No. 257130

Fuck off Andromeda.
in fact her white knights are always doing the same

aren't you that girl from PULL?
Shut up hypocrites.

Nah, we always discuss things but we have to deal with the fangelic invasion, biggest hypocrites ever.

No. 257131

Because you are here!
But that's funny actually.

No. 257133

As I've already said: I don't fucking care about that yellow facing accusations.
Also, many girls barely produces milk these day (Kooter, Berry, Taylor…), but they've a thread. We're on lolcow, deal with it or go back to PULL you spergelic!

No. 257139


Top KEK.
love you, good anon.

No. 257176

File: 1487972462514.png (1.59 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-02-24-22-30-21…)

To all you spergelics who

>"Binasu naturally resembles an asian! uwu It's only fashion! Not asian editing! uwu"

Get your white can and service dog, limited offers!

No. 257182


Typical gaudy white girl pining to be Japanese

Its sad

No. 257184

if you wanna say yellowface isn't a thing and that she isn't being racist then fine. but to actually… deny that she's trying to look japanese because she's just doing jfashion and makeup to assimilate into japanese culture i just

bye. get out of your ass. i don't think there's any celeb worth being such a fucking idiot to defend on an anonymous forum. she's a carbon copy of margo and she's editing her face to look like one of those transethnic wapanese cretins on tumblr.

No. 257191

So much better.
Still a cringey weeb tho.

I can't believe her spergelics were white knighting that hard.. I hope weebs obsessed with their looks start to realize how fucked up is to edit every single picture and try to look like something they are not. it's actually a very unhealthy practice imo.


No. 257196

Maybe she's editing her face to look as little like Margo as possible.

No. 257198

The tip of her nose is.. melting

No. 257201

Anon, brown circle lenses, black hair, editing the bridge of her nose and jawline are obviously a failed attempt to look Japanese, not to stop looking like Margo that's impossible.

No. 257215

I don't know why I feel like Manaki and his creepy obsession with Tsuruko and other weeds kinda forced her to do that shit

No. 257244


Lmfao a pulltard calling out another pulltard.

Anyway there's no milk in this thread just that ">Omfg she tries to look Japanese" shit

Who the fuck cares (aside from sjws and salty bitches)?

Keep having fun with the sperging tho

No. 257253


People are allowed to give their opinion?

Not everyone is salty* over a fucking weeb who lives on the internet with a creep of a husband who jacks off to dolls

No. 257262


She looks pretty cute here. She should ditch the circle lenses, they make her look weird

No. 257395

i think so too. she's always wanted to look/be japanese like any 14 year old weeaboo. but she grew up around the time she made her elsa hair tutorial and went for a more casual style which i remember everyone absolutely loving. she seemed to be growing into her own person. but out of nowhere she went back to this "i'm going back to my natural hair color!! being more natural and who i am!!!" aka dying her hair black while getting it chemically straightened when her hair is dark brown and curly/frizzy. then immediately using japanese captions again, squinting her eyes while removing all depth from her face with meituxiuxiu. i kind of thought it was random, but then someone brought up that manaki was obsessively spam liking tsuruko's pictures. then soon after her and venus became friends, and venus's sense of humor got darker. i really do think manaki's obsession with tsuruko is what triggered venus's old yellowface ways. manaki is literally the only thing she has right now. and he's the only reason she can live in japan away from her mom. i'd obsessively try to get him to pay attention to me too.

the milk comes from butthurt fangelics like you. keep bumping her thread, buddy.

No. 257416

You again?
Have a nice day.

Ignore spergelic, she's mad.

>but she grew up around the time she made her elsa hair tutorial and went for a more casual style which i remember everyone absolutely loving.

Ah she looked really good there. I think her videos from 2014-2015 are the best.

>soon after her and venus became friends, and venus's sense of humor got darker. i really do think manaki's obsession with tsuruko is what triggered venus's old yellowface ways.

Also Venus has been cursing a lot like Tsuruko…

No. 257418

i don't think that anon who said manaki was obsessed with tsuruko posted any proof/sauce yet. i wouldn't find it hard to believe if it were true but still, we don't know.

No. 257423

? Proof?
Do you want us to put caps of his 106263839 likes?

No. 257424

atleast one would be nice lol because right now it just sounds like baseless rumors

No. 257425

I think tsukuro or whatever the fuck her name is would take manaki away from Venus if the opportunity presented itself because weeaboos will do anything to live in glorious japan

No. 257428

I'd like to see some proof too or I will just brush this off as jelly haters

No. 257437

File: 1487994621823.png (656.83 KB, 720x1031, iine.png)

Just follow them, if more than one anon is saying it, it's for a reason. I'm not going to put them all.

>atleast one would be nice lol

Ok. One

No. 257439

I actually think Tsukuro likes Manaki's stuff more than he likes hers.

No. 257444

She tryna sweep in and get that Japanese neet life. Will he bite?

No. 257454

I also think she comments on his posts way more than he's ever done for her so I do kinda wonder if that's what's happening.

No. 257455

>Japanese neet life

honestly every weeb's dream. not only is she living in japan, but she's living in japan doing NOTHING. too bad manaki looks like a sea creature and venus can only live off being a kawaii youtuber for 7 more years until she becomes old and haggard. then she's looking at 40 years stuck living in irrelevancy and isolation unless she becomes like margo lmao.

No. 257458

she's kind of a rude cunt so i wouldn't be surprised if she's trying to steal manaki away. i would. lol. but it's interesting to find out that tsuruko also hits up manaki's pictures? i always thought it was one sided. no wonder venus is threatened.

No. 257459


Watch out Venus!

Girl is pretty though.

No. 257470

>Girl is pretty though.

To each his own. But I find her gross. She looks like Venus and Miranda mated. Something about her mouth area is so fucking unnerving to me.

No. 257472

>She looks like Venus and Miranda mated
>implying she looks like Venus in any capacity

pls dont flatter weenus this way

No. 257484

File: 1487996255278.gif (704.32 KB, 498x278, IMG_1575.GIF)

>big blue eyes, pale skin, no makeup, no circle lenses

No. 257488

Manaki is likes young anime girls and I'm suspecting that he has a preference for young white chicks because they look the most similar to bjds. I don't know how long their relationship could last, I mean the only reason manaki married her is because of her looks, they didn't even know each other long enough to say it was for personality.

No. 257491

File: 1487996391145.gif (975.4 KB, 480x324, tumblr_m0xwh12yFY1r317bvo1_500…)

This thread.

No. 257496

venus posts one picture to prove she isn't trying to look japanese because she isn't *~ashamed~* of looking like a moonface milkmaid, and you readily take the bait.

No. 257503

Whatever. I don't find her cute at all. It's a visceral reaction, probably to do with her looking like she has no philtrum or having Ostrenga-tier thin hair. Not sure what it is, but it grosses me out.
Venus is plain-ish and may look like Margo in the future, but Tsuruko is just a really unattractive (to me) hafu.

No. 257556

I don't really get the hype over tsuruko, I think she looks sort of…trans? Like similar to when manaki got a girl makeover.

No. 257569

>Like similar to when manaki got a girl makeover.

oh fuck. can't un-see.

No. 257578

File: 1488000613139.gif (9.34 MB, 415x209, IMG_1580.GIF)

>so i wouldn't be surprised if she's trying to steal manaki away. i would. lol. but it's interesting to find out that tsuruko also hits up manaki's pictures? i always thought it was one sided. no wonder venus is threatened.
Oh, the fanfic! Y'all so desperate you're reduced to jacking off to fantasies about Manaki lusting after this chick and Venus being left humiliated and alone. Tragic but funny as fuck.

No. 257583

>tsukuro = manaki girl makeover


No. 257612

Finding the combination of this post and gif fucking hilarious. A+ Anon.

No. 257641

File: 1488004409719.jpg (418.75 KB, 3000x1940, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Tsukuro is cuter then Venus. Venus in her videos looks like a creepy old lady that lives in the attic. Manaki was a pretty girl but not as pretty as Tsukuro.

No. 257652

you're so threatened, venus.

No. 257657

I don't think venus's English is that good

No. 257658

File: 1488006829723.png (156.03 KB, 1242x1072, IMG_0256.PNG)

No. 257659

it is. she just has an accent. it's fine otherwise.

No. 257661

File: 1488006992684.jpg (375.74 KB, 1042x1363, IMG_1584.JPG)

So…this is "trying to LOOK JAPANESE?" Where? How?
You people are losing your damn minds. Lol

No. 257662

File: 1488007036497.jpg (1.43 MB, 2560x1920, 17-02-25-03-14-22-889_deco.jpg)

whatever helps you sleep at night

No. 257663


Venus we know you posted a picture showing off your Swedish moonface to convince people you weren't trying to loom Japanese. There's no need to spam the thread.

No. 257664

jesus this video was a cringefest. i can't wait for the sjw's on tumblr to get a hold of this video just because i want drama. she was truly better off when she didn't comment on this shit. she's only drawn more attention to it.

No. 257665

Anon if you wanna make a point, post a picture that isn't shooped into oblivion. She looks nothing like that in real life.

No. 257666

Kek she sounds like she's about to cry

No. 257667

what I don't get is
how can she be desperate to look Japanese, if at the same time she very visibly admits she is NOT Japanese?
Typically people who yellow face do not ever admit what they actually are/aren't.

No. 257669

File: 1488007793659.png (20.85 KB, 423x245, IMG_0257.PNG)

Venus trying to be an edgelord and click baiting

No. 257670

because that's her excuse. it's her "get out of jail free" card. she actively photoshops herself into having a flat face with monolids thereby fulfilling her own personal desire into looking asian. but she's smart enough to know she'll be roasted for claiming to be asian, and also knows her ethnicity has been advertised across the world as being swiss hungarian.

No. 257673

File: 1488008291584.jpg (1.64 MB, 2560x1920, 17-02-25-03-32-21-877_deco.jpg)

whatever helps you sleep at night vol. 2

No. 257674

SJW Fuel: The Video

did she actually think she was ending the #discourse with this ridiculous video? well maybe the bakclash will get her much needed promo since her videos are getting less and less views.

No. 257675

Still shooped to oblivion. Stop stanning.
You wanna stan her, do it in her own thread.

No. 257676

whatever helps you sleep at night vol. 3

No. 257677

Right pic is clearly unshooped you retard.

No. 257678


No. 257680

You can take the girl away from Margo but you can't take the Margo out of the girl

No. 257681

With her mom it was constant drama so she probably misses it

No. 257682

god it literally reminds me of those rant videos her margo made. she acts the exact same way. it's hilarious when people try to paint her as such an opposite. venus is the same manipulative bitter pissbaby who wants internet validation while sucking nippon dick. it's obvious she's been sperging here defending herself too. so much for innocent baby survivor weeb who knows nothing about the world uwu.

No. 257683

Did she really not think that thumb tile would trigger people?>>257669

No. 257684

Oh she did. She's just desperate for clickbait and drama to save her dying channel.

No. 257685

Margo needed Venus for money and Venus needed Margo for video content. All she does now are those shit makeup tutorials.

No. 257688


ah, thanks venus! i knew i could count on you to be a cow. now who wants to link the video to all the big sjw blogs on tumblr to bring forth the milk?

No. 257689

Do it do it

No. 257690

Tbh I can see why she would make a video on this. She's been this wannabe Japanese shit since she was like 12. This also doesn't feel as bad as Margo's rant videos, I think she's just frustrated.

No. 257691

>This also doesn't feel as bad as Margo's rant videos
>I think she's just frustrated.
yeah. just like margo. she couldn't put her feelings aside to make a reasonable coherent video. she just wanted to ramble and be obnoxious about something she continues to deny. idk why she denies it. just fucking ignore it and be a weeb in peace. i just can't stand how dishonest she is. anyone with eyes can see she edits herself to look asian. i wish she would've stayed quiet and just did her own thing.

No. 257692

you need to go to the tumblr famous east asian bloggers. they run 90s aesthetic blogs with 3d slime and house plants lmao.

No. 257694

I honestly cant stand this video. Not even in a sjw way it's just such a moronic video that made not one bit of sense. She made herself look like such an ass. Can't wait for her to get dragged by all the sjw kweens.

No. 257696

File: 1488010885833.jpg (130.69 KB, 640x639, IMG_2549.JPG)

No. 257699

File: 1488011186978.png (134.76 KB, 483x284, Ven.png)


No. 257702

how long did you skim through the video to find that one screenshot that still doesn't prove your point

No. 257703

No. 257705

Different anon here…
I think they look similar in that picture, maybe it's the nose?

>how long did you skim through the video to find that one screenshot

Haha I was thinking the same thing kek but it's a funny picture, chill.

Anyway, Tsuruko is very pretty imo (she is! Don't judge me!) but Everyone likes something different, let it go…

No. 257707

File: 1488012678611.png (36.49 KB, 499x286, SaveVenusFromTaylor.png)

Why spergelics HATE Taylor that much? It makes no sense lol


Next video :
>How I ran away from Taylor.

No. 257711

jesus christ she does the world a favor when she styles her hair over her ears. you could water ski on those things.

No. 257712

Loll, it's at the end where they show the final result. It's just what she reminds me of ok? Never said they were like sisters or whatever. Why are you so defensive?

No. 257716

>Because it's Tsuruko.

jk I don't really think it's her.

No. 257718

>Why are you so defensive?
Not sure if a Tsuruko waifu, or a spergelic defending weenoos' man.

Venus watch out girl!!!

First Taylor Frenemy, Now that Tsuruko cunt stealing your man?!

Jk tay, don't betray me too.

No. 257722

I dont get whats going on here. Tsuruko and Venus are friends. Venus postef a selfie of Tsuruko and Tsuruko posted a selfie of Venus on her own insta as well. Its not so weird that Manaki also follows her.

Tsuruko also has her own thread, so maybe consider discussing her shooping etc. there instead.

No. 257725

Id also like to point out that venus likes tsurukos pics often, guess by your logic they both are obsessed with her and are gonna join the holy trinity club and have a 3 way relationship with her.

No. 257728

Agreed. She have no talent (bad makeup skills, terrible singing, even her video-editing sucks)and she knows it.
The Margo drama is dead now and she try to stay relevant with a new one.

No. 257730

Which one becomes the doormat?

No. 257735


50$ says they're from Pull..
Only place I know of that doesn't like Taylor or kiss her ass.

No. 257738

It will last. Like someone else mentioned earlier in the thread, they will do it like the typical Japanese couple. He's going to see younger prostitutes while she pretends nothing is happening.
How can anyone possibly think this relationship can last, or at least last in a happy way? The guy was obsessed with her looks since she was a literal pre teen (12-13), will most likely stop "loving" her as she ages (which she will. Badly. She has shitty genes, look at her Margot's skin – and before you're a cunt saying she also has her dad's genes and we don't know how she will age, at least we know 50% of her genes are shit). Also, we all know she married him to fulfill Nippon dream and because she wanted to leave Margo.

If you're a grown adult with a tiny bit of life experience you can see this relationship has made to crash and burn in a few years.

What a cringe fest. I know her channel needs some drama because it's dying but good lord

No. 257742


She does have a lot of Margo-esq features. I think the thing that will get her the most is poor diet and skin care ( just like Koots. Though I'm surprised she hasn't started balding too from all the chemical processing )

How long do you have to be married there to obtain a citizenship ? Or is there no wait ?

I feel like the only plus when she was with Margo is that atleast it looked like she washed her hair while with her. Living with Manaki she doesn't look like she washes it anymore.

No. 257752

>mfw I didn't know Venus had such a screechy voice
I don't get why everyone thinks it's a cringefest. She comes off as a little air-headed but it's not like anything she said was wrong.

No. 257789

I have some advice to Venus is she wants to stay revelant

>do more videos showing food at restaurants

>do more outside Vlogs(conventions, concerts etc)
>review more weeaboo food

Stop with these makeup tutorials because it's literally the same thing over and over again because that's the only makeup style you know how to do

No. 257790

Really? Every white weebish girl in existence with a fringe and circle lenses has their own thread here? Sure… You tried.

No. 257796

>If you're a grown adult with a tiny bit of life experience you can see this relationship has made to crash and burn in a few years.
pretty much. the sad thing is that she'll stay stuck with him forever long after she becomes miserable with him. imagine being married to the otaku mouthbreather in your class??

No. 257798


*swiss, 'murican.

No. 257799

I can't stand that voice.

No. 257807


OT but god ive been waiting on a thread of that choninmiguk whatever bitch shes the biggest koreaboo alive but this website only focuses on ugly white weaboos. personally kboos annoy me way more than weaboos.
also why the fuck is everyone mad a venoos chemically processing her hair to straighten it like black people in the US dont do it all the time

No. 257808


No. 257810

I don't know how long but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't divorce him even if she wanted to, at least not for a long time. She probably feels like she has something to prove to her fans and, if she thinks about her monster mom sometimes (which she probably does since she's her mother anyway). I mean, you left, took an airplane and moved to be with a guy in a country where you had to family and close friends. No one. Most people would feel like they had something to prove for making a decision that caused so much drama etc. Even if they just wanted to move on and forget about the situation, that's human nature and most people would feel that way.

And the obvious fact that venus hasn't had anyone really close with her besides her mom, so she probably clings to Manaki and wouldn't want to leave for shit, even if she doesn't truly love him

No. 257811

You had no* family. my bad

No. 257812

And sorry again for typing sage in the wrong field, jfc. i can't do anything right today.

No. 257814

It's hard to make threads about black weeaboos who are some what attractive because they get white knighted too much(amina is an example of this)

No. 257816

that thumbnail is pretty racist tbh

No. 257818


>some what attractive

i mean whatever floats your boat but her,edward avila, and a bunch of other kvloggers so obviously hate themselves and try to be korean its so cringy. what is it about koreaboo land that attracts so many self-conscious people because from what i know, korea is super self-centered and beauty oriented,,is it the normalization of plastic surgery??

No. 257820

Because all white people are pieces of shit, all Asian crap is sacred. Other poc get some pity points.
So says every self hating white weeb.

No. 257822

Why is it so difficult to interpret this thumbnail as a joke and not as something offensive?
People must learn what racism is and what racism isn't.

No. 257840

Racism for example could be, that people with foreign last names are ignored for no reason in applying for a job.
Making a little joke about asian eyes is far from racist.

No. 257881

I watched the video and I don't even think Venus is joking about Asian eyes themselves but about how people / SJWs see her, namely as a racist person who would pull back their eyes to look Japanese or some shit.

No. 257888

Ahripop is more than just a weeaboo. She is the one actually shooping herself into an asian (actual yellowface, not like Venus) and doing other cow-worthy things, like selling medicore art for exorbitant prices and milking her viewers for money. Being a weaboo is not lolcow-worthy and it will just cause shit boring threads like this one. Sorry for the off-topic, saged.

No. 257890

she's isolating herself with this anti sjw shit all for the sake of defending herself with a cringey rant. it's stupid for her career. if you want e-fame, you can't get involved with politics. otherwise you shut down 50% of the population by default. she had more fans when she was this mysterious bizarre but sweet mess you became sort of transfixed with. she didn't stop anything with this video. all she has is the support of her fangelics while the rest of the world rolls their eyes at her. pewdiepie already lost his multimillion dollar contract with disney over his edgelord jokes that no one tolerates in 2017.

venus is suuuuch an idiot oh my god.

No. 257894

People like Weenos and Pewdiepie didn't get popular because they're brilliant.

Take this video for example >>257658
>I have a video that's called How to Look like a Korean Girl and How to Look Half-Japanese
>B-but that doesn't mean I actually think it would have made certain people look like those ethnicities y-you weirdos it's not like I wanted to look asian or anything pls don't call me raciss ;-;

No. 257897

Maybe she should explain why she squints her eyes and blurs her eyelids so that it looks like a monolid in her pictures. Meanwhile she never looks even the slightest Asian in her videos…

No. 257900

ahripop was accused of yellowface because of her edits not her videos. same with venus. it's so stupid how people bring up makeup and hair dye when she looks not one bit asian in her videos with all those japanese styles.

No. 257905

File: 1488051832213.png (32.15 KB, 779x222, 8765465.png)

That reminds me of this comment.

No. 257906

File: 1488051893301.png (1.26 MB, 708x468, lol1.png)

No. 257907

File: 1488052202552.png (3.14 MB, 804x1365, lol2.png)

No. 257908

File: 1488052271230.png (1.95 MB, 803x848, lol3.png)

No. 257909

Yeah, her voice is annoying, but I guess I didn't really see much wrong with this video. Was anything she said really that bad?

Honestly, I think she should have just ignored the criticism, but I don't think this response was particularly cringeworthy.

>inb4 ugh u whiteknighting autistic weeb

No. 257911

it wasn't bad. it just wasn't good. and it added fuel to the controversy. she also just lied a lot especially by pretending she's never wanted to look japanese yaddayadda i just hate how fake she's become. she should've just stayed quiet instead of lying.

No. 257914

If this isn't proof she's not trying to pass as asian or at least a haffu then I don't know what would for her fangelics. Holy fuck.

No. 257920

How she looks Japanese on those pics to weeb vendetta-chans I will never understand. Whatever floats your nippon boats I guess.

RIP sjw-free lolcow

No. 257921

Gotcha. You're definitely right.

Yeah, anyone who says she's not trying to look haffu is in denial. jfc.

No. 257923

She looks like Xenia/Doe Deere in the bottom left one.

No. 257925

She looks better with her self proclaimed "American makeup" in my opinion, not because it is western but because she looks her age and anything is more flattering than those awful circle lenses

No. 257926

You trolling?
How can you see no difference between her blonde, full-face & full jaw, blue eyed, curly hair look vs. pin straight black hair, brown circle lens, no wrinkles, meitu'd shaved jaw look?

This isn't about being an SJW or not. This is about the truth of what she's doing. She doesn't want to seem like a tryhard weeb so she's trying to make others seem like the weebs for pointing out how she's a white girl who wants to be asian.

No. 257931

it's not that she successfully looks asian lmao it's that she's clearly trying. her editing goes beyond normal beauty correcting.

No. 257932

Maybe it's just easier for her to live her daily life in Japan when she doesn't stand out as much. My friend who went to Japan as a exchange student ended up dying her blonde hair dark brown because she was fed up with being stared at.

No. 257933

Everyone who disagrees with you isn't an sjw. Recognizing the negative consequences of yellow facing/racism/whatever does not make you an sjw.

No. 257934

>Everyone who disagrees with you isn't an sjw
Never said they were, but the person I was replying to said that. DId you misquote?

No. 257937

there's literally a vlog where everyone she passes by turns around to look at her

No. 257938

Shit, sorry. Misquote. Meant to respond to >>257920 .

Sorry, anon. I agree with you.

No. 257940

>How can you see no difference
Of course I can, but I guess she doesn't look Japanese to me because I don't base my perception of Japanese girls on anime or something. If she uses meitu, which is made for Asian faces, I don't think it's too weird that it edit's her face that way. Of course she could use another app for your convenience

No. 257941

Well people will stare at someone filming themselves on the street so that might just be it. But also, while dying her hair dark may not stop the staring (since she does still look white) it WILL reduce it. Blondes do get stared at more in countries where most people have black hair.

No. 257942

What? You can use meitu to edit your face without looking like you're trying to be a haffu.

No. 257945

that's not why she stated she dyed her hair black tho. she just said she wanted to look more like herself instead of following a beauty trend. again, it's her dishonesty that's annoying. why didn't she just say that's why she's trying to look japanese? she's denying a change altogether.

No. 257949

You're being delusional.

No. 257952

tbh she probably lies about it because the internet is so quick to attack her and call her a racist

No. 257958

I think this was the last time her hair appeared at least somewhat healthy. The ends were a bit frazzled but it looks like her natural hair had grown out a lot. The overall texture seemed nicer, the colour suited her. Her hair now is just gross most of the time, it manages to look rough and greasy simultaneously and the colour is way too harsh.

No. 257959

then she shouldn't comment on it lmao. there's no excuse for lying and acting like we're all imagining that she's editing herself to look asian when she's white. she knows what she's doing is ugly so she should just be quiet the way she's done for years, not insult the intelligence of other people while playing victim and denying years of trying to look like a jap. i didn't mind it in her old videos. weebs will be weebs. it's when they flip their hair and deny it while playing victim that annoys me because it displays an annoying attitude.

No. 257965

Her voice and mannerisms were sooooooooooo different here. It's ridiculous how much of an act she puts on now.

No. 257967

She actually looks human daresay!

No. 257968

back when she actually made informative videos instead of tacky clickbait ones.

No. 257971

This one, too.
Her desire to be or at least look azn is embarrassing and so fucking obvious. Regardless of whether or not it's "wrong," it's still so awkward to make a video denying it.

No. 257972

sage for samefagging but just to clarify, I mean that in the video above, she looks completely different than she does in her weird fake-azn videos and pictures.

No. 257991

> she knows what she's doing is ugly
I'm sorry, how exactly is editing yourself like a weeb an example of an ugly action? You're seriously suggesting she has bad character because she shoops the fuck out of herself?

She edits her insta pics to look like a big flaming weeaboo, but in all of her videos, you can clearly see her natural face.

So, exactly who is she hurting in all of this and how is it lying if she doesn't do this in her videos?

No. 257995

File: 1488061587414.jpg (39.96 KB, 600x720, IMG_9220.JPG)

The way this entire thread is going on I would think she was walking around like this. As far as I can see she dyed her hair black and didn't fully open her eyes to a wide caucasian standard. Photo editing apps are not uncommon in Japan, majority of Japanese girls edit their eyes bigger, faces smaller and noses more defined, why must peeeenus be disqualified from such activities?

No. 258004

it's ugly on a general scale. person to person it won't matter especially to us. but in the grand scheme of things what she's doing is looked down upon. which is why there's no point in going on a rant playing victim because it's not going to change that. it just makes you look like a whiny idiot.

it's like making videos on youtube calling people retards and autists and making fun of fat people when you KNOW you'll be pissing off a bunch of people, and then having the nerve to tell other people off because you're deluded enough into thinking you'll change anyone's mind. everyone has the right to do whatever the fuck you want but when you try to defend something you know is just asking for drama then don't cry about getting negative attention. which is what she's doing.

No. 258064

Well, the situation is a bit more nuanced than that. She smiles, poses, and does her makeup/hair/etc. differently than she used to. She edits her photos differently, too. Of course, you've already mentioned that. Perhaps more importantly, Venus' effort to appear Asian extends beyond her looks. Her voice and mannerisms are completely different than they used to be.

Venus has certainly made herself look like an individual of Asian descent, and anyone can recognize that she's made a lot of changes in order to do so. Whether it's right or wrong, I think that it's pretty disingenuous to even suggest that she's simply conforming to Japanese beauty standards when she's done so much more than cut her hair and change her makeup style in an effort to look Asian.

Do I think it's bad that she's doing it? Not necessarily. Do I think it's weird? Yeah.

No. 258071

It doesn't. She is making her face slimmer, her chin pointier and her eyes bigger i.e., the opposite of a typical asian face. Literally no one in Japan looks like Venus in the shooped pics. She's trying to look like an animu character.

No. 258101

She's doing more than just squinting in her pics. Her eyes are a completely different shape.

But she's totally not trying to look Asian right?

No. 258102

in "american" makeup she looks like a pageant kid
in "asian" makeup she looks like a 40 y/o asian woman who watches too many kawaii videos on the internet

There's no in between

No. 258105

Maybe she just changed mannerisms with environment/age, and got tired of her old editing style?
I mean, she does live in Japan, married a Japanese man and is around more Japanese peers now. It makes sense that her behavior/appearance would change at least a bit to conform. And people seem to be cherrypicking photos/videos from a very specific "era" where she was blonde to claim this isn't normal behavior for her (ironically, that was when people seemed to complain about her appearance the loudest). She's had dark hair and worn circle lenses ever since she was very young. She's also always been a weeb, but now people are screeching "Cultural appropriation" because of some poorly named makeup tutorials (and because they're either implicitly racist in some way, or jealous of her life situation/looks, let's be real). Before, it was people accusing her of "faking a Japanese accent" because she's European and has a weird accent, and now it's this.
It's pretty telling that actual Japanese people in Japan don't seem to take issue with her or her behavior, either. She gets invited to exclusive/invite-only fashion events. I don't think some cringy, annoying white girl pretending to be Asian would ever get that far.

No. 258107

I miss this era, these videos were so good compared to ones she uploads now. she seemed so more human, natural and even acted and dressed her age. I agree with other anons who said she's awkward and embarrassing to watch now. her whole behavior is as fake as her asian act

No. 258139

>god it literally reminds me of those rant videos her margo made. she acts the exact same way. it's hilarious when people try to paint her as such an opposite. venus is the same manipulative bitter pissbaby who wants internet validation while sucking nippon dick. it's obvious she's been sperging here defending herself too
You're a delusional fucking cretin. She made a video addressing the bullshit "Racist! Yellowface!" spam she's been getting in her comments recently from the SJW/BLM/Intersectional Feminist/poc activist accounts, which she has every right to do. She's probably fed up with this shit so she made a video to address it. It's not some rant out of the blue "looking for internet valudation," you fucking tard. If anything it's way overdue and good for her.

Also you really think she's "sperging here defending herself"? Keep reaching, honey. Whatever helps you feel better.

No. 258143

I don't understand the appeal of the aegyo sal trend. It's awful not matter who does it.

apparently that anon think asians irl look just like her chinese cartoons kek. Reminds me of that /cgl/ troll who would make long ass posts comparing western cosplayers with asian cosplayers shooped to hell and back

No. 258151

please see >>256261 her mannerisms aren't new and they certainly aren't environmental. and for the millionth time we know she's had black hair and has always worn circle lenses. it's her fucking editing style that's changed to a bizarre extreme.

No. 258154

>this rage
>11am in Japan
Hi Venus. Just wake up? If only mods could expose your IP. I'm sorry you can't handle the fact the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. You're just like your mom.

No. 258157

I don't think venuses grammar would be that good

No. 258160

>I don't think venuses grammar would be that good

well i mean we got one typo

>"internet valudation"

just because she has a thick accent doesn't mean she isn't fluent in english. everything she says is grammatically correct with the exception of pronunciation being off. she's been writing in english since she was 14. she isn't a baby she's a 20 year old woman.

No. 258162


oh my god this is totally venus. especially since what set them off was the comparison to margo. another case of double personality snowflake sperging? purposefulyl putting up a kawaii peaceful front so no one suspects you're a bitter shithead cunt whiteknighting yourself? do come back, venus-chan!

No. 258164

File: 1488075932362.jpg (239.66 KB, 847x1088, IMG_1586.JPG)

Still waiting for someone to explain how she's "editing herself to LOOK ASIAN/trying to PASS AS ASIAN" here.
You people are fucking comical. You're sperging as hard as margo, the happier Venus seems and the more she gets out and makes friends the harder you sperg. You're like mini-margos desperately grasping at straws to use to rage at VEENOOS. (The desperate fantasies about the state of their marriage and its inevitable collapse are especially entertaining though.)

No. 258168


Def Venus. kek @ cretin, though.

No. 258169

My soft spergelic, that pic is taken as a comparision example.
She did that on purpose to say "Look, I'm totally not trying to be azn uwu" when it's crystal clear that she shoops herself to death.

No. 258170

Hi, Venus!
If Mana-tan got a crush on a blue-eyed, blonde woman, will you bleach your hair and wear basic bitch make up?
Please respond xoxo

No. 258175

>oh my god this is totally venus.
Wait, so now it's all VENUS? That's new, I thought every post disagreeing with the Venus ragefest was DAPHNE. Why the change, tinfoil hat sperg-chan? Too painful to think there are people other than DAPHNE and Venus that don't buy your bullshit? Your meltdowns are margo-tier.

No. 258177

This thread is totally wild. It feels like 1 or 2 anons samefagging and sperging all over the place. It's like damn what's with the vitriol?

No. 258180

Sure, Venus

No. 258185

>This thread is totally wild. It feels like 1 or 2 anons samefagging and sperging all over the place.
That's exactly what it is. They get triggered by the same shit margo does and react exactly like she does, with rage-sperging. This time it was Venus hanging with Taylor and them becoming legit friends plus Venus getting invited to a fashion show that set them off.

I love that they've gone from "shut up, DAPHNE" to "that's TOTALLY VENUS," kek

No. 258188

So, you expected her to edit her photos the same way she did when she was like 14-16? Get real.

No. 258190

I mean, I guess I can't speak for the other anons here, but I've made three posts about her change in looks because I think she's trying to appear Asian. I don't necessarily think it's bad or wrong, but it's simply an observation.

I actually like Venus and wish the best for her. I really don't see how everyone is triggered and sperging just because you have a different opinion.

No. 258193


No. 258195

I'm pretty indifferent to Venus, but this thread reads like a never ending battle between Venus stans and jealous weebs. Now that her mother is out of the picture, what is the actual milk with this girl? Is it because Taylor is in the picture now and all the rabid weebs seem to follow her around and rage? I don't get it.

No. 258197

this is literally venus

No. 258199

Pretty sure none of this has to do with Taylor.

No. 258200

i love how the venus whiteknighting begins after sunrise in japan. suddenly the thread is swarmed by ragemode capslock spamming autists parroting what venus said in her video except with so much more anger. didn't margo say venus was an autist? kek

No. 258202

this reminds me of when people started accusing sperchan of being kiki and suddenly "people" started crying vendetta from pulltards and other jealous people. basically pinning the blame on other people.


No. 258204

>dirty blonde
Chigau! Benusu has naturally straight dark brown hair- she said so when she got nihon straightening. Her whole life of having dirty blonde hair was just her faking it to survive her mean, oppressive mother's regime. Just look at her mom's hair for proof! She is only going back to her 'roots'!
Swiss is pretty much the same as Finnic so if you do the math Benusu isu totemo honorary.
is her natural real hair color and texture ok? Benusu-chan is just being trendy and hip with the asian beauty style, nothing to see.

Taylor almost assuredly has nothing to do with it.

No. 258207

File: 1488077914450.jpg (23.29 KB, 300x300, v1.jpg)

Yikes! I'm starting to believe Margo was onto something when she said Venus was violent as fuck and had aggression issues. Given her image obviously no one believed her. The cracks are starting to show. The Bad Seed, anyone?

No. 258209

>You people are fucking comical. You're sperging as hard as margo, the happier Venus seems and the more she gets out and makes friends the harder you sperg. You're like mini-margos desperately grasping at straws to use to rage at VEENOOS. (The desperate fantasies about the state of their marriage and its inevitable collapse are especially entertaining though.)

this actually made me snort lmao. @venus did you think this wasn't obviously you like…

No. 258212

So it's just raging over another white girl living in Japan with a Japanese husband… why? Again, beyond her mother drama she seems fairly milk-less. Sure, she's as cringe-worthy as someone like Yumi King, but without the sugar daddy, plethora of nip-slips, etc. which is most of her milk.

It's also kind of concerning that some of you seem to be siding with her psycho mother. Is this thread full of Margo stans now?

No. 258213

lol wtf. None of this has anything to do with Taylor; this entire debate has centralized on Venus' appearance (i.e. whether or not she's attempting to look asian).

Venus' personality hasn't really even been discussed in context with this. I mean seriously, I can't tell who likes her and who doesn't. I think she's trying to pass as asian, but I wouldn't say I dislike her; actually, I'm pretty indifferent. She seems fine.

Criticising Venus doesnt make people jealous weebs. Defending her doesn't make someone a fan. Jesus christ.

No. 258217

B-but I thought she's "trying to pass as Asian" tho. Right, sperg-chan? Wouldn't this blow her cover?

Wait, what happened to every anon you didn't like being Daphne? Oh and Daphne also being So Pink from PULL and Emma Wright and Joni Mulroney and also posting all over Youtube, all one person? Why the change? Daphne/Emma Wright/Joni Mulroney's feelings are hurt now.

>this reminds me of when people started accusing sperchan of being kiki and suddenly "people" started crying vendetta from pulltards and other jealous people. basically pinning the blame on other people.
Yep. Venus has her very own sperg-chan.

No. 258220

siding with an emotionally/physically abusive mother? no. but it's clear this wasn't like a child called it, as venus and her fans would like to paint it. her spergy and aggressive whiteknighting shows someone nothing like her internet persona kind of like kiki. more often times than not, the kid ends up just like the parents. it's why kiki and kota are horrible people like their parents.

actually venus seems to have a lot in common with kiki right now. what with the spergy whiteknighting and public angelic victim complex.

No. 258221

Holy shit. Have you not been reading? People are literally just debating her intent behind her appearance,photo edits, etc.

Why is it that the minute you might agree with ONE SINGLE THING that someone says, you're clearly a super fan? Maybe Margo was right about one thing in her sad, miserable life. Who gives a fuck? She's still a psycho bitch, but being a psycho cunt doesn't mean that she can't be right about something.

Going back to the point I made in >>258213 : critcising someone doesn't mean you have to hate them. Defending or acknowledging someone doesn't mean you like them.

No. 258223

venus manaki is waiting for you to make breakfast plz stop whiteknighting yourself when you have chores to do.

No. 258229

File: 1488078845358.jpg (126.74 KB, 720x540, RTnfuZv.jpg)


Hi Venus! How do you feel knowing that no matter how much you edit you're never escaping from your mom's genes? You can always do some surgeries to look more asian, you know!

No. 258230

Are you going to be okay, anon?

No. 258234

no. i cri

In all seriousness, I'm just baffled by some of the reactions in this thread. I recognize that I probably shouldn't be, and that's my fault. I know your response was a joke, but I'm seriously just confused. kek

sage for OT

No. 258255

If she spent less time on lolcow and more time working on her youtube career she wouldn't have to rely on clickbait to make money anymore

No. 258325

I'm black and I always wondered are east asians even considered poc? I always thought of them as like the Lap dogs of white people( I know das racist). I always thought asians and whites were cool with each other so it doesn't make sense to me why all these sjws are trying to "protect their culture" from whites.

No. 258346

Kek stay mad.

Good anons, ignore Daphne please.
Daphne Rimmel is a rabid spergelic, she doesn't have a job so she has a lot of free time to come here to sperg.

Have a nice weekend trying to destroy Nasa and Margo Daphne.

No. 258351

File: 1488085863157.jpg (181.02 KB, 824x630, dis2.jpg)

Seriously? Both historically, and in modern times, there is racism against people of East Asian ancestry.

No. 258352

This is 99% bait, but on the off-chance it isn't, there's a history regarding white racism towards E. Asians (and xenophobia from E. Asian nations' end, but I'm not educated on that front). Just focusing on the US's track record, look at any WWII era propaganda featuring the Japanese or the internment camps. More info regarding the US's (and other nations' in "Yellow Peril") relationship with Asian-Americans and Asian immigration:



Saging for obvious reasons.

Also did all the sympathy points from Margo's craziness run out because retreading this yellow-facing topic from all sides seems to have popped out of nowhere? At least her response can be milked, even if this is a dead horse beating.

No. 258355

You sound like an airhead.

No. 258359

File: 1488086471598.png (162.41 KB, 550x309, MadCarrot.png)

Here's a picture of how Daphne looks like when she spergs here.

No. 258364

File: 1488087015707.gif (735.58 KB, 224x253, dubya dance.gif)

Are me, and my name isn't Daphne; I'm sorry to disappoint. Just a lame anon here.

No. 258369

sage again for samefagging, sorry. This is whom I was replying to in the previous post

No. 258384

>i-it's daphne i swear!!!!

No. 258385

Yes, I wasn't saying that the anons there are Daphne.

Maybe just the first anon.

No. 258388

Oh, shit, I thought you were being sarcastic. Hope you enjoyed the Dubya gif anyway.

sage for bush

No. 258398

Ye it's cool.

No. 258521

Because of the comment, I feel like her "more asian" look is simply for Manaki…

I'm a fangelic, have been since 2013, but it's so obvious she's trying to be Japanese, she's as obvious as Kanadajin3. Anyone who claim she's not is just outright stupid.

No. 258524

A quick reminder: We discuss here the appearance of a 20 year old girl. Can't we just leave her alone?

I'm surprised, that apparently everyone has forgotten about margo/mayo/magpie. Margo was behind every venus angelic drama. Now we ragingly discuss venus appearance? What are you looking for?

No. 258532

this thread wouldn't be as god damn long if the SJWs didn't break out of tumblr and start writing essays on cultural appropriation kek. a weeb is a weeb, what's new. Is there now a lolcow weeb meter where farmers must assess how weeby one is allowed to be before being considered a lolcow? Maybe human man baby mantan said he likes girls with black hair, who cares. This milk is weak! I feel like i'm on PULL ffs

No. 258533

samefag I was agreeing with you btw

No. 258558

It is. One of the girls posted non-stop in the previous thread too. She would go bananas if you mentioned Margaret, backseat modded and was convinced Venus was posting because she couldn't handle the fact that even on bitch central, people like or empathize with Venus. And she's back! Writing as erratically as ever, but now she has aligned herself with the yellow face brigade despite being racist herself.

inb4 Hi, Venus!

Anyway… no one mentioned that Venus' new Volks bjd arrived and it looks very similar(in an idealized way)to her blonde-era self? It even has it's own IG. Anticipating Margaret 's rival page of a potato fashioned in her own likeness.

No. 258569

The milk is weak and i agree with >>258532 but fuck off with your shitty reminder about Margo. No one forgot about everything but that makes you sound like an ass who simply has to defend your precious weeb princess from any "bad" comments she gets because she's such a survivor warrior, lmao. she's been living with her husband for a year, probably more, so let go.

No. 258573

>We discuss here the appearance of a 20 year old girl. Can't we just leave her alone?
wow. guess we'd better stop the thread! lmao we have a thread dedicated to mocking two underaged disabled girls by making potato memes get over yourself.

>being this in denial

No. 258576

Didn't her bjd have a short, straight black wig?
Lmao, Venus acts sooooooo hard to pretend she doesn't care lol

No. 258577

Didn't her bjd have a short, straight black wig?
Lmao, Venus acts sooooooo hard to pretend she doesn't care lol

No. 258578

its a new one

No. 258581

No shit Sherlock, I'm just saying that her first appearances is still with a blonde, curly wig.
If she wasn't really "being Japanese" why not still sticking with the short wig? Because she knows she's not that way and never be?

No. 258586

Jeez, the way you structure a sentence is atrocious. You're putting 2+2 together and making 5. Can you not have more than one BJD or do they all have to have the same hair colour now or something. She probably chose them because she liked the hair colour on both of them, which is obvious because she liked the hair colour that much she once had it on herself derp. Weak milk again.

No. 258590

Wtf is this monster? He looks like plastic surgery gone wrong, not Asian.

No. 258643

No. 258651

>A quick reminder:

>We discuss here the appearance of a 20 year old girl.


>Can't we just leave her alone?

Then "leave alone" the rest of the girls in this site?

No. 258652

It's a doll. she can put whatever wig on it because it's a doll. You're reaching a lot.

No. 258661

She said that the doll was going to look like her, she bought the little black hair wig because of that. In her mind, that's her.. not "just a doll".

There's a video of her saying "I look like one of those Japanese BJD dolls". Sure Venus, if you say so.

No. 258666

File: 1488132865506.png (136.22 KB, 260x275, 1488052271230.png)

Wtf this look like a totally different person…

No. 258669

its a doll, not an actual sculpture of her face as an azn. is this the dry powdered formula milk that we are being served nowadays huh? i understand milk on peeenoos used to quench ones thirst, but since the shedding of mothercow margo there just isnt really enough milk to make her a cow. everyones just reaching uwu kek

No. 258670

Her nose is gone, she edited her eyes too..

She's trying hard.

Shut up spergelic

No. 258684

File: 1488134516282.jpg (93.14 KB, 1080x1080, 14134891_1593681564259321_4490…)

Here's another pic for comparison

No. 258688


Tbh her eyes seem smaller in the before pic, but that smoothing filter is so fucking harsh it's insane. She should tone down the shoop and just take care of her face with Korean skin care products, then she would look better in pictures.

No. 258694

She looks so much more natural here. I'm not expecting her to stop editing her pics to remove blemishes or what have you, but >>258666 this shit? come on.

no one cares, sperg uwu desu

No. 258706

She's very lazy to do that anon. She just reacts if people in the comments start noticing it.

No. 258708

Honestly, it wouldn't shock me if she hates her nose because so many people have compared it to her mother's. She's cute in a kind of plain way, just needs to chill on the Asian mobile beauty filters.

No. 258716

>Reaching: the post

No. 258792

she looks cute here. not the azn animu doll she wants to look like. but still cute. she clearly has self esteem issues.

No. 258808

I mean, shes done multiple videos on how to look asian lol

No. 258819

Just image, the focus of your life since you were 14/15 year old was your appearance. It never was about your personality or anything else. It was a life controlled by a manipulative mother who isolated you from normal people and made money with your appearance aka the living doll image.

I think in this situation, it's probably very normal, that she developed self esteem issues about her looks. I hope that one day, her self esteem issues about her looks go away.

No. 258820

Anon it's not only a filter, she makes the bridge of her nose flat and changes the shape of her eyes, reduce the jawline etc, she uses more than a filter, she shops them using different tools.

No. 258822

Really, I've only ever seen people remark how she's lucky she doesn't have Margaret's bulbous nose. She reminds me more of her mom around her eyes and her tiny weirdly shaped mouth. But yea, she doesn't need to blur her shit into oblivion.

No. 258824

Anons already explained in previous threads that this is not about Margo, Venus is trying to look asian because she's obsessed with Japan and is a weeb since her early teens.

No. 258825


No. 258833

Ok. But I think if her life didn't go this way, she probably never would have these self esteem issues about her looks.

No. 258836

Anon I think you don't know Venus online persona that well, Venus has videos where she is talking about her personality and things she likes, she always says that the dolly face is natural, that everything she does is because she loves it, I don't know why you are saying things like she didn't want to be a living doll, if you check the tags of her videos, she uses "Barbie", "Living doll" , "music videos (? Ok girl)" even "weeaboo"

No. 258848

All of these dolly girls edit their selfies into oblivion, just check the other "living dolls" on instagram, they all look like a final fantasy character or something.

Some fans have have been trying to take out Venus from the site using different arguments, it was Margo / that's not milk! but you need to understamd that everyone here would like to dissapear threads they don't like… the difference is that spergelics are uber aggressive and big hypocrites, while they shit talk other people like Tay or Dakota, they want people to stop talking about Venus.

No. 258849

File: 1488147645201.png (345.54 KB, 569x430, venus_unhappy.png)

She talks about her personality, but she didn't get youtube famous for her personality. The tags were set by the one i am not allowed to talk in this thread. I also know, that in some videos, there are soft pornographic tags. I am actually very well informed about her online persona.

>everything she does is because she loves it

Please, look at this picture of her and decide for yourself, if she loved everything she did.

No. 258862

? You totally missed the point.
She is famous becuase of her looks, no one is saying that's not true, (like many other girls in youtube), I dont know why is that such a problem to you, models are famous for their looks, is that bad?

I said that she also had a personality and liked the dolly thing.

I remember that picture, some people were saying that she acted like a child but had big boobs and that it was creepy, she had a blog where she said that she went to buy a bra and that she didn't want to grow up and things like that.

This photo was taken to shut up "the trolls" , don't take it out of context.

No. 258870

>? You totally missed the point.

No. 259118

Venus does have family, though. Her grandfather and aunt clearly care about her and if she was desperate, I'm certain they would take her in. She also mentioned having a good relationship with manaki's family, so unless something tragic happened between the two of them like some kind of scandal, she won't be left stranded in japan.

No. 259119

A lot of unattractive losers go to Korea because a) it's SUPER easy to get a job teaching english there even if you speak no Korean whatsoever, and b) the ease and availability of plastic surgery means ugly people think they have a chance

No. 259120

Denial about what? But so great that you revealed yourself as one of them. And you mentioned the Hartleys AGAIN. You still haven't learned to capitalize letters, though. Keep spergin'!

Her doll was already ordered and being being prepared by Volks before the SJW swarm. Many owners buy several wigs, as well as eye balls, for their bjd anyway. Since hers was a custom order, she picked it up at the store for the omukae ceremony and the doll would not be bald! lol. It would arrive with preordered hair, not the wig from her home. The blonde wig is likely the original.

No. 259141

>Denial about what? But so great that you revealed yourself as one of them. And you mentioned the Hartleys AGAIN.

Different anon but, I'm pretty sure anon was talking about the existence of that thread in the site, not that anon participates on it.

I have mentioned the Hartleys example too, many anons use it as a an example, it's not always the same person.

About the sperging… this is Venus thread, anon saying "we love her" was banned, people white knighting are the spergs.

People are just criticizing looks and her weird behavior, just read the threads. No one is trying to find her personal information or some scary shit like that.

No. 259163

File: 1488178858554.png (1011.48 KB, 720x1139, S-1728.png)

>The blonde wig is likely the original.
She says this is the original hair.

Just curious, are you into dollfies?

I think she was reading here…

No. 259442

>no wonder venus is threatened, watch out Venus!
Literally where?
So far we have that Tsuruko and Mana like each other's stuff, but also so do Venus and Tsuruko and they also seem to act like friends. How does any of this spell out like some salacious love triangle?

I'm pretty sure that the couple with eventually split or follow the traditional Japanese cheating route, it's only a visa mariage afterall, but this whole Tsuruko plot is such a cringey reach

No. 259456

File: 1488186947894.jpg (216.39 KB, 744x500, 1237899445783.jpg)

she changed it

No. 259611

I'm referring to a particular raging serial poster that came from the last thread.

Oh, I hadn't checked "her" pics yet. Thanks for that! At least it shows she didn't arrive with black hair. Yes, I have admired Dollfies for years, but never upgraded past a few basic 1/6 models. I wonder how much Venus is willing to invest in the doll's wardrobe and accessories.

I think Venus does come by here, but discussion trends the same on other sites as there is so much crossover from posters.

It's funny that her fans were the first to warn her about that last thumbnail. Good to see she came to senses.

Anybody get a notification for her Beauty Bound/ SK-II collaboration? I can't see a video.

No. 259681


Still looks 0% asian. Is everyone blind?

No. 259746

Her "cute and young girl" makeup makes her look like a middle aged woman who abuses make up

It's a fucking paradox

No. 259775

That's why we say "she's trying", not that she achieved it.

Yeah that makeup doesn't really suit her.

The lighting in that video is harsh af. Seriously Weenoos do your videos near a window or a place you have natural light… she needs some sun light, she always looks tired and sick.

No. 259781

This girl really lacks of common sense.. I can't believe she thought that was a good idea.

>People say I'm trying to look Asian… ok I need the most triggering thumbnail for this video.

No. 260566

She looks absolutely retarded. She needs to forget those fucking eye bags and circle lenses. Jesus, she used to be so cute. What a shame.

No. 261379

Her Spring 2017 video was the laziest thing ever…

She was just sitting there as usual, didn't present the outfits properly, didn't brush her hair, she was promoting a makeup contest but her face was a mess, she looked like she went to sleep in her makeup.

No. 261381

That make up makes her look like a giant pink gumball.

No. 261391

File: 1488389743933.png (630.99 KB, 720x1132, Screenshot_2017-03-01-11-22-32…)

Negative posts again

No. 261430

I wonder what that's about.

No. 261470

lol at that person comments. in the end, venus only has her loli obssessed husband (i dont need to explain anything at this point) and a couple of social media youtube 'friends' <3<3<3
must be tough not having anyone you've known for a long time who you can truly count on.

No. 261472

Why can't she talk to her husband about it?

No. 261489

I hate attention seeking posts like this.

No. 261527

I'm not sure if she meant, that there was no one there at THAT TIME she wanted to talk.

Or maybe it's really something she even can't talk with manaki.

No. 261583

Well there's Taylor and Manaki's mother

No. 261584

>I hate attention seeking posts like this.
Drama queen.

>I'm not sure if she meant, that there was no one there at THAT TIME she wanted to talk.
I understand this but ugh I need to say it:

I'm tired of trying to interpret what she really meant!

>Or maybe it's really something she even can't talk with manaki.

Or maybe it's something about him.

No. 261587

Or maybe it's something, she can't even talk with taylor or anyone else.

No. 261652

File: 1488408364164.png (364.92 KB, 500x857, Screenshot_2017-1360.png)

Why do many of her spergelics hate Taylor? It's weird because Tay's actually being nice to Venus.

Her fans are so annoying, that even Weenoos gets tired of them.

No. 261665

I once heard that some people think that taylor is using venus because venus has more subscribers than taylor. Venus looks so sad on this pic :(

No. 261672

Anon that's not a "sad face", she's only annoyed there. (the "sad" post is this one >>261391)

About Taylor using Venus rumor…
Well, I think Taylor has used some mean strategies before to gain followers, like the time she promised to follow everyone and after she got a good amount of followers she unfollowed them all.. she's really into gaining more subscribers and fame, it's like her goal, so maybe that's a half-truth, however I do believe Taylor is genuinely nice and considers her a friend.

No. 261742

Sometimes you need a neutral party to vent to. I really don't think the issue is about Manaki, but not only is he at work much of the time, he may not be able to relate to her problem or he has heard about it too many times. My guess is it is either about her mother or self-esteem. Both of those are topics Manaki may be too used to and somebody like Taylor, though very nice, is just not that close with Venus yet.

I don't get why Venus is automatically being labeled an attention whore. This scenario, being very alone, but having many anonymous supporters who say they like you, must be frustrating. It's not a normal situation. How does she go about making true friends, that won't leak personal information, when she has never had one before? You don't get that she is starting from scratch at this age? She can easily make business acquaintances and be friendly with people , but real friendships as an adult are more difficult. Especially with her personal drama online.

I believe things will get easier for her when she finishes school(hopefully she enters university) and gets a job, or she has children and gets involved in parent functions. Social interactions will be unavoidable and expected then.

No. 261752

Anon I read you but tbh it's a waste of time trying to guess what's happening or why she's like that or why she doesn't have friends etc I'm done with these posts.. that's why I have to agree with anon here >>261489
I hate attention seeking posts too and it's even worse when it's a very vague one…

No. 261821


I have to agree with the others, attention seeking posts like this are retarded but I understand it might be hard for her. Unless she's studying out of her house or working, I doubt she will make any friends. Also she never lived in a country for a long amount of time, it's hard to keep your friends like this.

I don't know, I feel sad about it but I also believe it's partially her fault too.

No. 261842

File: 1488430968952.jpg (132.25 KB, 1047x861, IMG_1730.JPG)

Aunt Zsu's trying to reach her (she's been back on IG with a new account for a few months now, commenting on Venus's posts.)

No. 261849

File: 1488431203834.jpg (156.99 KB, 1075x1009, IMG_1731.JPG)

…but apparently Venus changed her email address? I wish she'd reach out to Zsu but it seems like she's too scared to trust anyone so she's walling everyone off.

No. 261858

I wouldn't trust them either if they stayed out of two decades of Margo taking advantage of her and suddenly want to act lke a family now.

No. 261886

Lol like Venus said, this is Keeping up with The Palermos… Grandpa is the craziest, with all his clues and secret messages in his posts.. wtf really

No. 261890

and somebody financially supporting Margo so she can drag her ass around Seoul, occasionally back to Japan to attempt to break into venus's house…

No. 261894

Aunt Zsu, why don't you just send a DM to Manaki or ask them their phone number/Skype/Line? Instagram comments and email are their only options?

This is so weird, I don't know what to think about this situation…

No. 261906

File: 1488437536202.png (338.19 KB, 499x721, Screenshotsuruko.png)

In less dark news…
>Manaki's loli-mania continues
>Dat haircut
>Hi Venus

No. 261907

>liking a post
What a fucking stretch. Also that comment was posted by a rando, why would it matter?

No. 261910

One post? If you say so…

No. 261919

Woah! A Japanese dude liked a girl's fully-clothed ~kawaii~ selfie. Call the cops. What a pedo.

No. 261927

Even if they like each other posts all the time why the fuck would it matter? Unless they both follow 50k people it's a given their pictures will appear on each other's feed, they're mutuals, and Venus is too.
Are the people saying Manaki wants to fuck Tsuruko 12 or something?
Instagram likes mean nothing, especially to those people will a few k followers.

No. 261929

>each other's
>people with a few k

No. 261931

It's ok anon, don't take things so seriously.

Take a nap.

No. 261970

OT but tbh tsuruko looks kinda like a boy cross-dressing here?? could be just me though

No. 261971

Lol careful anon. There are some tsuruko stans up in this thread.

No. 262035

File: 1488466876237.jpg (546.82 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170303_014707.jpg)

Tsuruko is thirsty af, heres a small example of her comments on manasenpais instagram (there were too many to edit all of them together). She's liked and commented on almost every post hes made. But she only likes and comments on venus account occasionally lol.

No. 262036

File: 1488467311584.jpg (1.11 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170303_015330.jpg)

Also I don't really understand why manasempai has fans. I hate calling someone ugly, but he looks like a child it weirds me out. I tried to edit and see what he'd look like with plastic surgery. I don't necessarily think he needs it but he would look better if he lost a bit of weight he'd look less childlike without the chubby cheeks

No. 262039

Have you ever heard of weeaboos, anon? Even if he looked uglier, he'd still have fans.

No. 262040

i love drama. tsuruko is chaotic evil i swear she's doing this for lulz but it secretly hoping manaki takes the bait lmao. i know i would. look at all the promo we're giving her.

No. 262047

I agree, anon. he is absolutely terrifying, but yknow, weebs don't care.

No. 262051

he looks like someone took the face of an infant and transplanted it onto a grown man

No. 262085

No. 262088

Because a visa husbando is the charming prince every weeb is waiting for.

No. 262215

I agree. She's almost cute but something's offputting about her. The part between her top tip and nose is smooth, reminds me that FAS birch from game grumps whose name i forgot kek. sage for OT

No. 262319

File: 1488497171773.png (404.63 KB, 720x1164, Screenshot_2017-03.png)

More body image issues…

No. 262324

So this was her problem..

Didn't she had a body confidence crisis few weeks ago? And before that one too.

ED is there..

No. 262332

I just realized, some time ago she talked about giving her channel "structure" too, it is like reading the same story over and over again. Ugh what a nightmare…

No. 262383

Venus should see a therapist to be honest. I think it would help her to have a non-judgemental third party who would help her to sort through her thoughts.
Barring that, if body image and weight is the issue, she should talk to Taylor-who for all of her faults -does seem to have a good routine for maintaining a very slender but healthy weight. She might be able to introduce Venus to a regular exercise plan and maybe some healthy eating that would help Venus to feel more confident.

No. 262453

>Aunt Zsu, why don't you just send a DM to Manaki or ask them their phone number/Skype/Line?
She's tried that.
They were corresponding back & forth via email for awhile but Venus suddenly stopped responding around the time margo ghosted from SM last fall. Something (cough*maggot) spooked her. Now she's apparently changed her email address too.

No. 262523

No. 262718

It must be very dark inside venus' bubble, I mean didn't she see what happened to gigi hadid for example, after she did the Asian eyes thing? I remember miley cyrus was also bashed after pulling her eyes back to look Asian… most Asians get offended by it and you are going to get bashed so you just don't stretch your eyes like that. Glad she changed the thumbnail.

I find it weird that venus wants to blend in (cough look Asian cough) and dye her hair (for the millionth time now) black and wearing brown contacts and all. I thought Japanese men adore blond girls because they're so kawaii and unique? Also, I'm assuming she left her self control back at Korea; when it's that obvious you want to blend in and look Japanese how did you expect people were going to react? I can't stand her over reacting self honestly.

No. 262742

To be fair, her natural hair color is dark brown / black iirc.
As with the blending in issue, I feel like it's a double-edged sword. Either she blends in and gets called a weeaboo, cultural appropriator, etc. or she doesn't and gets shit for expecting Japanese people to put up with her and not speaking the language fluently.
If I was her I'd try to blend in too. Interactions on the internet are minimal compared to everyday life outside of the computer, and I'd prefer being able to get on easily with others and not having drunk salarymen approach me looking for a foreign prostitute at night.

No. 262752

>To be fair, her natural hair color is dark brown / black
No, that's not her natural hair color. There are TONS of pictures in her early teens and childhood, and she was BLONDE when she was 3 years old. It is brownish now, but not "dark" brown, she started to claim that 2 years ago when she was in Korea or Japan.

I think she lacks of common sense.

No. 262754

I'm pretty sure this is her real hair color, it looks pretty natural. I don't know why she thinks her hair is black, even for brown it's a medium tone.

No. 262755

Hair darkens as you get older anon. There are lots of people who are blond toddlers who end up dark haired. i would imagine her natural color at this point is a dark chestnut brown.

No. 262756

I was blonde in my childhood and a dark blonde in myteens, and now that I'm 20 my hair got really dark. You can see it's not black but it's a dark brown.

No. 262759

same. it's pretty typical.

No. 262769

It was blonde and now it is Brown but Not black/Deep dark brown like she claims.

No. 262770

Lol, Are you her hair stylist?

No. 262775

Lol you don't need to be her hair stylist to know this. What a childish comment. It has proven several times before just lurk her threads here and PULL, maybe you are new.

No. 262779

The weirdest thing to me is with the black hair you can really see the resemblance to her mom…

No. 262780

Not at all. But a video from 7 years ago proves nothing. My hair was the same medium brown as hers when I was 13. Now it's extremely dark brown. That happens pretty often as
these anons said. If you have recent (ie in the last year or so) proof of her hair naturally being lighter, post it.
If not, why are you acting so goofy about this. Having dark brown hair is boring af and it certainly doesn't make Venoos more Asian. Get a grip.

No. 262782

File: 1488576441397.png (1.03 MB, 720x892, V4-1.png)


No. 262787

File: 1488576508838.png (609.23 KB, 720x716, 2v.png)

Look at her hair here, it's probably dyed but look how this tone perfectly matches with her hair roots.

No. 262788

Wut? Who's saying that? It was posted because her hair is natural there you psycho

No. 262790

File: 1488576638026.png (771.48 KB, 720x716, V3.png)

No. 262797

File: 1488577006549.png (769.72 KB, 720x728, Venus.png)

Not the best lighting, cloudy day probably, but her roots there are very close to my tone (mine is slightly darker actually), and my natural hair is not dark brown at all (also, roots tend to be darker than the rest of your hair)

No. 262800

File: 1488577299834.jpg (108.4 KB, 641x318, Untitled-1.jpg.c56482c96bccaa7…)

Looks like dark hair with a glare and a weird filter. This is closet to her natural color I think. It looks the most natural with her skin-tone and matches her eyebrows.
And that is dark brown.

No. 262802

File: 1488577445616.png (824.1 KB, 720x894, Nn.png)

Now spergelics tell us how this color is "close" to her natural hair color. >>262800

No. 262803

She dyes her eyebrows too.

No. 262806

Hair roots completely different.

No. 262814

Whatever, what the fuck is wrong with you guys? So, what if she likes black hair? I know lots of blondes that dye their hair black. Bella Hadid dyed her hair black a few weeks ago, is she also trying to look Japanese? This is like the 'Is Kota fat and depressed?' from Dakota's thread. Stop it

No. 262817

>So, what if she likes black hair?
She doesn't say "I like black hair" she says that it is naturally like that, which is not true.

>Bella Hadid dyed her hair black a few weeks ago, is she also trying to look Japanese?

LOL you tried…

No. 262818

I think she looks better with dark hair tbh.

No. 262820

What is going on with hair-sperg and why do they have creepy pictures of child Venus?

No. 262821

>LOL you tried
I said that because it seems that if you dye your hair black you're trying to look asian lmao no chill. Black hair is not exclusive for asians so stfu please and stop talking about this and flooding the thread talking about her hair, please.

You guys are really riting and boring.

No. 262822

Margo posted them all on the internet

No. 262824


No. 262825

Shut up spergelic.

Just read PULL and Venus has them in her instagram. It took me one second to find these.

No. 262827

Hi Hair-sperg.
I'm not a fan of Weenoos at all. I just find it hilarious that this the hill you want to die on.
No thanks, I'd rather not.

No. 262829

File: 1488579474330.jpg (56.19 KB, 427x500, EW.jpg)

LOL those old PULL threads…

No. 262897

>calling someone a psycho
>you freaking out for 10+ posts about her hair

uh okay

No. 262955

File: 1488592538034.png (534.9 KB, 821x720, Spergelic Pretty.png)

The living doll gimmick is Kappa's fault. Spergelics said so.
Anyway, she really should stop with these awful makeup tutorials and stay focus on vlogging (or cooking videos).

No. 263031

LOL haha

Really? I still see the first thumbnail..

No. 263087

because she changed it back

No. 263095

File: 1488628428450.jpg (1.02 MB, 1413x1595, Screenshot_20170304-115138.jpg)

What do you guys think of this…interesting caption…?

No. 263098

File: 1488629024665.jpg (1.4 MB, 1425x2013, Screenshot_20170304-120151.jpg)

Also what is up with her and the word daddy

No. 263113

A joke between them I guess

No. 263116

He looks like a toddler whose parents just gave him utensils to keep him from throwing a fit. What an unfortunate face for a grown man kek

No. 263221

He needs nose surgery or lip fillers because he looks like an obasan.. wow.

No. 263249

Jumping on the ddlg bandwagon.

No. 263252

shes hot though

No. 263262

File: 1488650540554.jpg (88.78 KB, 600x483, b89ebcb17f231e977a55459b8f2c03…)

Super hot.

No. 263277

Now Manaki has a moon face too.

No. 263281

gross like her mom

No. 263350

It's in reference to sugar daddy I guess. Cept their dads look like moms.

No. 263361

You're old and ugly Daphne. Get off.

No. 263533

File: 1488683545665.png (1.37 MB, 2028x1053, messymakeup.png)

I'm halfway through her "ugly to pretty" video and call me weird but this is strangely cute

No. 263540

It looks "Heroin Chic" to me. I think Venus would look good in Goth style.

No. 263545

She looks good with her bangs pushed back, it makes her look her age.

No. 263840

His shoulders are so tiny, he looks like an actual child wtf

No. 264020

They're just joking around, like the brother-sister she gag they did a while back. If you look in the comments, Manaki called Venus HIS daddy too. Manaki also called Colonel Sanders is Daddy on his own IG. Not serious stuff.

A few times, I've seen comments asking if Manaki is FTM or a lesbian. Lol

No. 264059

the reason why she dyed her hair black and had her hair cut like a regular japanese girl is because she wants to blend in and look like a regular japanese girl.
which reminds me, didn't keekihime also have that same kinda haircut?

No. 264620

File: 1488857690970.jpg (87.68 KB, 1080x718, 17077264_188286321661632_22388…)

also her dunk ass hair is so damaged it probably couldn't hold a brown hairdye without going patchy and gross green-blonde after a few washes. black covers everything. seems like she tried to go from platinum to blonde to brownish then just gave up.

anyway on a less spergy note im kinda impressed she managed to get a rant video sponsered

No. 264754

To be fair to Venus she might have just been too cheap and/or lazy to go to a stylist. I have gone black a few times because I haven't been able to find western hairdye and stuff made for asian hair can have some rather… unpredictable results (sakura doughnut turned my hair light purple)

Black boxed hair older women use to cover up greys will at least give you the same colour every time.

No. 264771

I'll second this as another Westerner in Japan. Japanese box dye in lighter shades is not as predictable on Caucasian hair type ( less cuticle layers and wider distance between cuticles cells) I had to go darker several times to cover up uneven color,
even when staying close to my natural color. Milk tea brown, which Venus had previously, and similar trendy ash tones are often difficult to maintain on our hair without going to the salon. Black and dark brown are just safer when you are too busy or can't afford regular salon appointments. Non-damaging henna dyes also tend to be better dark. Westerner dyes can be ordered here but they can cost twice as much!

No. 264908

No she doesn't, though. She looks like she cut/dyed her hair and starting using filters.

No. 264938

And shoped her jawline, nose, eyes, yeah, sure.

No. 264953

Our faces slim out and changes slightly as we mature though

No. 264976

Same anon. If she loves her doll it makes sense to just get a cut and use a box dye. A nice wig for a doll can cost as much as a cut and colour.

With black dye you don't need to worry about roots.

No. 265010

But she lost a lot of weight, you can't forget that.

No. 265021

You believe she may be trying to save money for her doll's things, so she is using box dye?

I would believe that, and also she said she is busy commuting to school, so her high-maintenance hairstyle is just not practical now. I think her current style is very cute and hides her damage. Even if she looks cute in lighter colors, her hair was just too fried before.

No. 265225

I am just tossing it out there as a possibility. She got to customize it and seems to really like it so I don't think it is far fetched. The simple cut she has now could easily be done at one of those 1000 yen ten minute haircut places, and it's easy to cut your own bangs with that style. It's cheap, quick, and hard to screw up.

I didn't know she was in school, but that would make a lot of sense. It is way easier to throw a box of black dye on your hair and get back to studying. At least you know your hair will be all black tomorrow instead of having to go get it done or fuss applying colour. It's a lot of time and money saved.

I do think she looks better with lighter hair and side swept bangs but hey, it's her choice.

Her hair is a meh subject to me, I am more interested in her makeup. Did I miss something or did she not try the 'blush on the nose' look that was popular a little while ago?

Sorry to ramble, lol.

No. 265385

I could have sworn she tried that blush technique a couple years ago in a video. But maybe it didn't suit her nose shape and she stopped?

Ooh, lord. Manaki's latest IG pic. Lol. He should just go full-on Brolita and twin with Venus.

No. 265406

Ah, I never watch the videos. I seriously can't stand how she talks.

The blush look is funny, imo, it looks so bad on most people who try it.

ManBaby does look like the sort of guy who crossdresses behind closed doors. Just let it out, be free.

No. 265771

Oh, wow. That fits nicely.

I think he, like a lot of male otaku, likes cross play as a hobby. Margo tried to say he was actually raised as a girl, or allowed to dress as a girl,when he was younger. I have no idea how or why she would know that. Venus seems to bee supportive off that side of him. If he likes it, he should exploit the Hell out of it for the Fangelics. They would go nuts and and maybe Venus would get some points back from the SJWs.

No. 265773

Same poster. Sorry for the typos!

No. 265950

File: 1489040925813.jpg (281.19 KB, 1264x1871, IMG_1806.JPG)

No. 265958

File: 1489041812437.jpg (174.63 KB, 1122x1040, IMG_1763.JPG)

> her dunk ass hair is so damaged it probably couldn't hold a brown hairdye without going patchy and gross green-blonde after a few washes. black covers everything. seems like she tried to go from platinum to blonde to brownish then just gave up.
Looks more like a nice med-dark brown to me, and not as omg SO DAMAGED! as (some) people keep squealing about.

I really wish she'd lose those damn brown circle lenses and eyebags permanently.

No. 265974

The top part of her head is greasy while the bottom is fried to hell.

No. 265983

her hair is wet in this screenshot, she was mid drying it while recording this part

No. 265984

Nice eyelash shoop

No. 265995

lol no anon, they're just falling off

No. 265997

Either way it's bad

No. 266017

File: 1489057493817.png (114.13 KB, 640x621, IMG_2945.PNG)

This was my favourite hair on venus, short and light brown, it made her look so soft and innocent. Not a fan of the black hair she has right now, it's way too harsh especially when she styles it so pin straight not to mention how damaged it is now :/. I guess people get kind of addicted to coloring their hair ex: pixielocks.

No. 266129

lol looking more and more Japanese as time goes by

No. 266134


Agreed, the auburn hair colour was really nice on her, and gave her sorta a dewy glow.

No. 266140

She looks like a white girl wearing a face mask…

No. 266144


agree. she doesnt look any more asian than ahripop when she had black hair and chunky eyeliner.
black hair + mask does not equal japanese, i feel like it's more offensive at this point to keep saying she looks japanese when she doesn't. plus those eyelashes are one of the most popular types in cosplay, i just think it's a cute look.
i feel like people kind of forgot you need to be asian to look asian

No. 266427

>The top part of her head is greasy while the bottom is fried to hell.
"Greasy?" lol no, try clean and shiny and kinda…healthy. The ends are dry but overall the girl's hair is nowhere close to the DISASTER some of y'all salty bishes are trying to make it out to be.
Keep reaching though.

No. 266450

If I hide half my face I look a little bit Japanese too.
She looked really nice with the brown hair.

No. 266840

File: 1489146422082.png (3.34 MB, 2560x1600, Screenshot_2017-03-10-12-43-03…)

That hair…

No. 266878

I trust Margo as far as I can throw her. However I asked my husband and if "Maneki" is his real name it might be one of those "kirakira" names. For Maneki's age it would have been odd there was no idea of kirakira name then. Does anyone know what his kanji is? That could provide some insight into his parents mentality.

No. 266881

It's Manaki…

No. 266890

You're sure about that?

No. 266895

You clearly asked your husband about the wrong name. I decided to google it and it was used at least since 1940's.

But ofc. it may depend on the kanji writing, but also, who gives a shit if hes not using his real name?

Sage bc derailing.

No. 267001

>Y'all salty bitches are jelly of my precious, my weenooss!!

No. 267005

What is this from?

No. 267013

She dyed it again…

Ratty and greasy, worst combo.

It is from Yume Twins, it is a monthly subscription box service that delivers kawaii Japanese stuff like plushies etc

No. 267032

File: 1489175888157.png (1006.55 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20161121-003855.png)

So it looks like Venus got a modeling gig. Good for her! Wonder if that's what the photoshoot in her instastories was awhile back? Late Nov. last fall, specifically. I've been wondering about that ever since.

Hehee. SKII sponsorship, modeling for Yume Twins, invite to an exclusive Honey Mi Honey fashion show, $1000 makeup haul…go Venus! I hope maggot's seething HARD.

No. 267034

File: 1489176180295.jpg (211.65 KB, 1200x1818, PSX_20170310_150120.jpg)

another instastory of the photoshoot

No. 267054

Isn't this super old news?

No. 267067

Dude why did you keep those? Those are old.


No. 267071

Spergelic that's old news, that's posted in the previous thread actually.

No. 267072

She really sucks at makeup..

No. 267074

File: 1489180135102.png (283.75 KB, 566x643, Screenshot_2017-03-10-20.png)

Her poor eyebrows wtf

No. 267078

Those brows are Ash-tier bruh

No. 267116

Haven't watched the video. But did she really spend $1000 on makeup just to compare it to $10 stuff?!

No. 267126

File: 1489184945339.png (653.49 KB, 1280x720, Yikes.png)

Everything in that video is a mess..

Here you can see the gross amount of foundation she used and how she sucks at applying it. In both presentations she has foundation in her eyebrows, she didn't blend it properly so you can literally see her real skin around her lips and above the brows. Another fail was the eyeliner, it was fine but a second later it looks like she ruined it on purpose or didn't wait until it is dry. She's being less careful when applying the cheap products compared with the expensive ones. Next time at least try to be fair and use them correctly, she was just caking her face.

No. 267138

I think it was sponsored, she does not normally wear those fancy colors.

No. 267288

Would you really believe La Mer sponsored a YouTuber? They're pretty big on their own

No. 267293

It's Ma-NA-ki. It's not quite as common as the name for girls, but it is still a normal name with over a dozen possible kanji combinations.

He could be forgoing the kanji on social media for privacy reasons.

I think Margaret, who can't read Japanese despite going to language school IN Japan, just googled his name and she got female results.

No. 267303

whhhy are her teeth always so yellow??

No. 267309

what on earth is going on with her eyebrows? Did she shave off the inner part??

No. 267314

why didn't she fix them before making a video……………………….

No. 267323

File: 1489202696132.png (517.09 KB, 848x434, 19.png)

aging like milk good lord. she looks like a middle aged nail technician who posts minions memes about having the heart of a child.

No. 267325

That's a huge reach. She doesnt look old at all.

No. 267331

File: 1489203266081.jpg (38.91 KB, 431x575, tumblr-lywtda-qlkpdmo-18354344…)

she's always had a dumpy face but as she grows older it really just get worse. talk about bad genetics.

No. 267337

File: 1489203496086.png (283.02 KB, 574x461, rip.png)

rip the last time she looked good ;/

No. 267343

I personally don't think she looks that old either, but I think it also doesn't help that she chooses foundations/makeup that make her skin look awful. it never seems to be the right shade for her and is caked on way too thick, which makes her look unnecessarily aged

No. 267345

Both makeups look the same..Is the $10 one the one on the right because the lighting doesn't seem that great…

No. 267346

I feel like it's the hairstyle and the outfit. Something about that mock turtleneck ages her and makes her look like a mid-20s preschool teacher. Also the caked on make-up is doing her no favors.

No. 267349

She seemed miserable at this time. I don't know why so many anons seem to want to her go back to looking like she did when Margo used to dress her like a slavic prostitute.

No. 267351

Mid 20s isn't what I'd call old but even then she doesn't look like she's in her mid 20s lol she still looks like a high school student imo

No. 267354

i think it's the lipstick. the bright tacky pink that only single aunts wear. and the fact it's so messy without having it cleaned up with foundation like it was done by a lady who last did he rmakeup in the 80s. and the tacky eyeshadow colors all at once and of course the outfit.

No. 267355

I don't think she looks old in general at all. It's just the mock turtle neck. Something about those just age people imo. Like if she was wearing a long sleeve t-shirt I would have a different impression.

No. 267356


No. 267361

File: 1489205015373.jpg (94.89 KB, 480x640, IMG_1299.jpg)

>the lipstick

yep. bright pink lipstick has always made her look middle aged.

No. 267362

File: 1489205086004.jpg (38.42 KB, 637x346, venusangelic3.jpg)

like really middle aged

No. 267366

File: 1489205163332.jpg (18.53 KB, 200x345, 200px-Venusangelic.jpg)

tbt to when i thought she was a retarded 30 year old woman lying about her age. she has such peculiar features and they can just turn on her when she wears the wrong makeup.

No. 267367

File: 1489205408236.jpg (59.55 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

without makeup she looks much better

No. 267368

Indeed, she looked really good here. IMO that hair color suits her better than any other.
Regarding makeup, she has had a lot of time to become at least slightly better at it, I guess there's no hope.

No. 267369

I think that she looks best with soft natural make-up which ironically is what's most popular in Japan/Korea. I do wonder if she could pull off more subculture-y styles like cult-party kei or larme though.

Slavic prostitute with brassy bleached out straw. That yellowy tone looks like shit on her. To be be acceptable, she would have soften and cool down the tone a lot.

No. 267370

i can't believe she would upload a video where she had mascara all over her lid, half tweezed eyebrows, wrong foundation, and DIDN'T DO HER EYEBROWS ON THE $10 SIDE.

No. 267371

it's not just the hair color. it's the length, style, her makeup, the eyeshadow palette, the clothes, and the editing. it was all incredibly flattering on her. even that selfie at a lower angle with her head to the side instead of the kawaii up high angle, without heavy editing on her skin, and no extreme brightening, and even the whole earthy tone of the photo.

No. 267398

I personally think long hair looks bad on her. She has a really short head and her big eyes make it so if she isn't shot from above she looks… well… like that

Knowing what we know now about Margo does anyone think Venus doesn't really have a big interest in makeup and just is doing what she was taught? Her style of makeup hasn't really changed despite being able to go to a convince store and get a mag about the latest makeup trends in Japan.

No. 267436

It was my mistyping. I am sorry for that.

As for the significance of his name it could show if his parents wanted a special snowflake. If it is a fake name there is also significance.

If it is his real name it would be easy to trace. Manaki is a last name, not a first. Maybe his mom is just a film buff.

No. 267437

File: 1489221072559.jpg (153.95 KB, 1322x1142, IMG_1942.JPG)

idk, I thought she looked pretty cute. I liked the makeup.

No. 267438

File: 1489221126504.jpg (189.86 KB, 1605x1128, IMG_1945.JPG)

No. 267440

File: 1489221221065.jpg (171.05 KB, 1348x1128, IMG_1944.JPG)

No. 267442

Her fake eye bags don't look as bad as they normally do

No. 267443

Oh good point. Yeah…

No. 267447

I think she looked older at the beginning of the video.

Ah I really liked this one.

No. 267449

I don't know if it's the color or the way she applied it, but the blush ruins it for me.

No. 267484

Not that anon, but Manaki is most certainly not a last name in Japan. I made a mistake quoting you earlier but I linked a list of possible kanji for the name まなき here: >>267293
Manaki is just not as popular for males as it is for females.

Are you referencing the Manaki Brothers?

No. 267492

How old was she here? It's a combination of the fried hair and lack of lips that make her look so old.. wow.

No. 267653

No. 267656

I am
Now that I looked into it I think I was mixing up names, Manaki is a surname in turkey or india. My bad. I blame this bottle of wine.

I still would like go know the kanji for his name. Manaki is a pretty unique name for a guy. My husband has a friend who's name even in Japanese means "lives in the sea". If I could show him the Kanji for Manaki maybe he would just say "oh I get it" and move on. But just going on Manaki he did say it was an odd name. He was the one who got the kanji into my mind because he asked how he writes it.

Sage for rambling

No. 267661

File: 1489266422140.png (604.24 KB, 815x444, 58b5301cc345c__(1).thumb.png.9…)

"She doesn't look old at all."

You fangelics are delusional.

No. 267665

It's probably her nasolabial fold but she looks like she's always sniffing(?) her nose up in disgrace. She looks angry, old and like margo all at the same time. I know we all hat mayo but at least she somewhat managed to keep her daughter looking young at least in selfies and YouTube videos

No. 267717

It looks like a bad case of upper lightning. Go in a fitting cabin with light right above you and see how your face transforms.

No. 267741

No. 267744

Quote: I don't have a mother, father or grandparents.

No. 267753

There is actually sex appeal in this photo, which I have never associated w/ her before. This was a good look for her.

No. 267754

- I thought it was Okada and not Okado
- She's swiss-hungarian-austrian, not german
- What happened to her father?

No. 267871

I've read that article in English wihch I thought was original ie this is translated. I don't remember the English one embedding only the sketchy vimeo / attack vids instead of actual venus videos

No. 267896

File: 1489291418394.jpg (327.71 KB, 721x721, 20170312_061953.jpg)

She looks like an angel if we compare her to some of her spergelics..

No. 267962


Looks like a mom dressing clothes from Forever 21.

No. 267971

File: 1489301058953.png (205.33 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1286.PNG)

Possible ways to write Manaki.

No. 268317

File: 1489352526902.jpg (217.62 KB, 1276x1865, IMG_1992.JPG)

*Someone got new nails..

No. 268321

File: 1489352809239.jpg (268.89 KB, 1136x1853, IMG_1993.JPG)

Out shopping with mana too.

No. 268322

^^ new coat?

No. 268324

That's one shit nailjob she got there

No. 268373

Kek awful nailjob

Fuck she looks so old and unhealthy

No. 268390

They're so weirdly shaped and terrible done. It doesn't look good ugh. The overall idea is good though, the flowers are cute.

I agree she looks older than she actually is. Spergelics can blame the light and even pretend they don't know the fact she hides behind tons of filters but the truth is there to see. I'm not saying she looks ancient, just that she looks way older than she should, especially if she wants to look kawaii and young (isn't that what pedo Manaki and herself like?) The good news is that she's still young and has the chance to reduce the aging process that's making her look like shit and margoish just by taking better care of her skin and eating properly. Honestly, she treats her skin like crap, does anyone remember how she (unecessarily) added that eyelid tape? If that's how she treats one of the most delicate parts of her face, how does she treats the rest?

No. 268395


Also, those fucking fake eyebags age her like fuck. She has extremely small and thin lips and that combined with her horrid eyebags make her look bad. If I didn't know who she was and saw her dressed normally, not in a cutesy outfit, I'd say she was in her late 20s-early 30s, I swear to god

No. 268458

Wtf that shape is weird..

No. 268681

The eyebag could be from stress and not sleeping/eating properly. You'd have eyebags too if a river kappa was your mother.

No. 268764

File: 1489417968030.png (1.42 MB, 1277x719, sdfsdfsfs.png)

No. 268780

No. 268783


ok you can hate me all you want for this but i think the setting/outfit is super cute. it's clear she put more effort/thought into this and it looks like a weeb's dream room.

she needs to glue her eyelashes properly tho kek

No. 268785


sage for samefag/nitpicking but i just noticed her hair under the wig. ffs venus just wear a hair net? and my liking of the video stops after she wears the masks. do you think she would get more views if she acted more mature? i think there's a market of teenage girls who like japan and cute things but don't need the sperging.

No. 268794

Margo has finally managed to break into Venus's house and are taking selfies together. I'm laughing so hard at this.

No. 268978

It's a ridiculous makeup trend called "aegyo sal" or "puffy eyes".
Keep reaching spergelic

No. 269107

rolls eyes

Spergelic's classic comment..

Anon: Venus looks bad.
Spergelic: *it was her malignant narc "mom"!1 it was the Kappa!

No. 269108

Oh Venus has clubbed thumbs

No. 269119

Spergelic probably has a Venus Shrine inside her closet…

No. 269571

I love venus' new video, so cute she looks adorable in lolita

No. 269576

Venus, it's okay to haul one or two dresses at a time

you don't have to wait 4 months

No. 269580

I do the same when I buy clothing (and lolita) so that its easier to make sure the pieces I'm buying are varied but not too different. If I bought a dress every month I'd end up with 12 dresses that all look the same at the end of the year no-doubt.

No. 269583

Can't stand her makeup, but her outfit and what she got looks cute af.

No. 269595

God her voice is fucking horrid. She would benefit from seeing a speech therapist

No. 269596

The dresses are cute but I cant stop thinking how thats such a waste of money.. is she even going to wear them outside her house?

No. 269613

What year is this? Lolita fashion is dying.

No. 269614

The thumbnail is so cringy, how can she think this is ok?

No. 269628

it's Venus, don't expect too much.
I usually watch only the first 15 seconds tbh. Is she still using that cringey ending with the cat ears?

No. 269630

she does those awful eyebags herself, sperg. dont you watch her videos? she shows how to do them in one. but if you wanna blame margo for venus' looks, then yeah: margo gave venus part of her shitty genetics so she has a big chance of looking awful, with saggy tits, dull skin and way beyond her eyes in no time. jfc, grow a pair and stop saying that fucking everything is still margo's fault.

No. 269632

and looking years beyond her age*

No. 269635

I meant for the sake of videos. Plenty of Lolita Youtubers will haul one dress at a time or as they buy them. She subtly claims in the beginning of the video that she bought everything at once.

The To Alice stuff was from November, you can't even purchase them anymore. The BTSSB jsks(iirc) were from October, not to mention they're both from BTSSB and not one of them was AatP. The red AP jsk and maybe the black op are the only recent purchases. Can't be sure about Closet Child purchases. Why lie tho?

Maybe it's just me, but I prefer lolita hauls to be of one or two dresses so that the person can go in depth with them and try them on. If I'm possibly going to drop 350+ on a dress I want to know what I'm getting. Her 'review' was abysmal.
sage for autism

No. 269637

Sage for samefag, but I tried to watch the video and dang I found where Yumi King gets her posing inspo. Can't this girl sit still for a second?

No. 269647

She lies a lot about many other silly things. Like the multiple times she accidentally deleted her video…

No. 269928

Yeah! We can only wear styles when they're in their height of popularity! Disregarding the fact that it's only dying in Japan, and has been around for decades already, going through resurgences every few years…

No. 269947

It's ok anon, it was a simple opinion.

No. 270159

File: 1489598420815.png (453.72 KB, 847x632, Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 5.13…)

She's having a lot of trouble stringing together a coherent sentence here

No. 270203

what is it with palermo women and appearing in videos where can't tell if drunk or been crying

No. 270230

That makeup, YIKES. Especially that lipstick color. NOT a good shade for you, Venus!

No. 270257

she s so cute and she seems drunk or at least tipsy
anyway, i think it's nice that she's spreading a good message to her (rather young) fanbase

No. 270316

>one thing is something you can help
>the other thing you can't do anything about (born with)


No. 270381

Wow, it was painful to watch.
It really looks like Maggot's ranting videos (messy hair, seems drunk, shaking camera, random sentences…)
Venus, dont get me wrong but if you want to share a positive and important message (for underaged dumblr ppl), take down notes about your fucking speech before.

No. 270391

this was such a random video and she seems kinda off? maybe it's just that she doesnt have that hyper random kawaii act going on idk

No. 270399

how did she come up with this idea lol. "what i think of gay and overweight people". hilarious. also >>270316 is absolutely right. running out of content much?

No. 270435

she sounds high af

No. 270543

I don't think she is drunk/high, but a combination of tired and recently upset. Maybe she personally witnessed discrimination, read comments on another forum or got into an argument with someone close about those topics and it was fresh on her mind. It is definitely uncomfortable to watch her fumbling over words but I can understand why she was motivated to suddenly rant to followers, since she doesn't have a best friend to text or call at random hours.

I hope she returns to blogging so she has time to articulate at write out exactly what she wants to say in long format. Her young fans seem to understand where she was coming from, at least.

No. 270776

I still think, that she could be bisexual. That's maybe the reason, why she brought up this topic.

No. 270789

To me this was just a drunk attempt to get victim points

No. 270790

But she isn't gay or fat so how does this paint her as a victim..?

No. 270791

In the other way
She wants "points" from "victims"

No. 270792

oh boy

No. 270793

Sage for ot but can someone please tell me where to get those lashes I've been searching them for forever smh

No. 270796

I think it's harsh studio lighting. Possibly didn't help that she probably had to get up early as fuck to be on the show.
Idk. She has never looked as bad since

No. 270805

I screamed when she actually answered the question about her mum. Glad Margo allowed her dad to contact her throughout the years. I think it makes her life more simple to people who don't openly talk shit about people. idk.

No. 270807

I've the same kind of eyelashes ("Too cool for school"-Black Swan) but you can find that style pretty easily (with brands like "Dolly Wink" or "Diamond Beauty"…)

sage for no contribution & bad english (sorry)

No. 270813

Kek, someone make a gif of her shaking her head at the "do you ever miss your mom" question.

No. 270814

Actually, I do think she is at least bi-curious given her interest in guravure idols and sexy schoolgirl photography, plus her attraction to Manaki. She (or Manaki) could very well be in the LGBT spectrum.

Her dad is also confirmed asshole? Poor kid. I'm glad Manaki's parents have been so loving to her. She really seems to like his mother.

Possibly Diamond Lash ドーリーeye or リッチeye? Eyemazing has a few similar dolly lashes in their lineup too.

No. 270819

What was the thing with the garlic?

No. 270824

Garlic repels vampires

No. 270825

Oh my god same. I just about died when she just fucking shook her head. This girl is stone cold. Not that I blame her.

No. 270855

She's living in Japan and uses lashes for years now, yet she can't glue them on properly? Can someone show her a tutorial or teach it to her like, this makes me really angry somehow. Her lashes are always half coming off in her latest photos and videos. God damn 'beauty guru'

No. 270856

Ah no problem anon, I come from spaghettiland so my english isnt perfect
Thank you tho!

Sage for kindness

No. 270870

File: 1489695604297.gif (979.36 KB, 427x240, 20170316_151811.GIF)

Ask and ye shall receive

No. 270871

I'm happy for her that she doesn't regret her decision to cut Margo out of her life, since it really was the right thing for her.

No. 270898

i agree with everyone that margo is crazy af and sometimes we shouldnt allow that sort of people in our lives, even if they're family members. i just hope she doesnt regret it later (not saying she WILL, but it might happen) and its too late to do anything about it because her mum is dead or something. sometimes we're so fucking sure of things, especially in our late teens to mid 20s, but then they -poof- change due to our experiences and because, well, we grow older. sometimes we realise we still can fix some of the mistakes made in the past, even if we didnt start them ourselves.
it happened to me and one of my closest friends: my mum was extremely overprotective and overall a bad parent, so i left/ran away two days after my 18th bday without no one knowing. my best friend did something really similar (her mum was worse than mine, if we can compare our situations somehow). well, almost ten years later and her mum is dead. she was an AWFUL person but my friend had her life, didnt depend on her, and just wanted to make amends. now she's gonna live with that pain for a long time, possibly forever.
nowadays i have a better relationship with my mum. i think we've achieved that because we dont live together anymore and because she cant control financially. i love her, which is something i thought i'd never do. margo is a bitch, but she's still venus' mum. we just never know.
sage cuz thinking about venus' distant future and blogish

No. 270901

Read margos thread and then come back and lemme know if you still think Venus will regret this

No. 270907

Nice sad blog but I doubt Venus will regret it. They may eventually get on talking terms but by seeing how a functioning family works (manaki and his parents) she probabaly sees the relationship she had with her mom was toxic and not normal.

No. 270911

I have read, and I stand by my opinion. It's an opinion, and my perspective on things due to my life and my friend's (that's why I saged it for blog), not a prediction of the future, asshole.
When I was 14 I was raped by my stepfather. I was basically emotionally stunted. My mother knew about what he was doing and let him keep doing things with me until I got out of the house. Ten years later I am still angry, sad and hurt, but I do not live with her anymore, he's dead, and I've forgiven her. Each one of us have a history.
It's fine if you think Venus will never forgive Margo and maybe she never will, which will be fine because it's her life, not ours. But I just wanted to make sure that we change and so do situations, feelings and circumstances. I'm gonna stop talking because you fucks get triggered so easily, goddamn.
I wonder if you guys would implode or hate her blindly if in, let's say, 2020 she decided to start talking to Margo occasionally again.

No. 270913


Can this be the next threads OP picture/gif.

I wonder though if this means she doesn't have contact with her mom, or if its just simply she doesn't miss her but still communicates with her to some degree.

No. 270915


>I'm gonna stop talking

sounds like an excellent idea

No. 270919

looolll Venus!

No. 270920

dude… sorry about what happened to you but like… do you really think anyone here cares? we're here to laugh at cows not listen to the tragic lives of other farmers

No. 270939

Everyone is different. Maybe she will want to talk to her in the future, maybe she won't. just because you forgave your mother doesn't mean she has to.

No. 270962


Did you mistake this for tumblr?

Anyways, I'm glad Venus feels more comfortable. I don't usually say this but I personally feel like her English was a bit more butchered than usual. I know she's European but shouldn't she have better pronunciation by now? Like Arnold shwarzeneggar has a strong Austrian accent but I can at least understand the words he's saying, even as a young adult

No. 270986

nice blog

No. 270988

Sounds perfectly understandable to me. Are you seriously saying Arnold has a more subtle accent than Venus?

No. 271074

Man, Venus been on a roll these past couple of months. First up: exterminate the vexxfag/maggot teenage troll hordes (late Jan.) GONE. Next: the SJW Yellowface! fools first on IG, then in a video…DONE. Latest victims: sly little fuckers that wanna troll her with "do you miss your MOM?" comments (and big bad maggot herself) …"um no. GARLIC GARLIC GARLIC lots of garlic!"

Something's happened. Our meek little doormat is speaking out, fighting back and taking no prisoners. FAITO!

No. 271075

Venus be like "NOT TODAY, SATAN!"

No. 271088

her focus on lesbians and girls who like girls is hilarious. usually people just say the gays. $50 says venus is a rug muncher. she was probably in her feelings when she realized her disinterest in boys wasn't virginal uwu asexuality and just her being a lesbian lmao. same.

No. 271095

Arnold isn't trying to be sugoi kawaii desu when he talks

No. 271135

Arnold has a voice coach to help him keep his accent though, since it's a big part of who he is as a star.

No. 271267

Please stop.

No. 271305

Being in Japan can't help her with her accent. She should get in a discussion group with other english speaking expats or use CDs to train or something.

It's a bit sad, she never got to explore and experiment with these things and now she's married.

No. 271320

that ribbon tied around her face just makes her face looks bloated/fat to me

No. 271360

I think she once said that "Yuru Yuri" is her favorite anime. One focus in this anime is, that girls love girls. And approximately 3 years ago she almost puked when she talked about "boys".
I think she is attracted to boys but also to girls.

No. 271398

File: 1489767521492.gif (1.75 MB, 427x240, 20170317_111720.GIF)

No. 271401

>this thing happened to me and to someone I know, so it will happen to everyone in a situation similar to mine.

^this is how you sound right now

No. 271414

No. 271415

venus' story is the most interesting one and kind of sad to be honest. i wonder what happens next.

taylor is kind of scum if she's using her for fame though

No. 271422

I don't understand the "hate-campaign" toward Taytay, she's not even a cow.
And you know, Venus isn't stupid and naive maybe she's the one "using for fame".

No. 271423


i think venus should get a voice coach as well, or maybe focus on her pronunciation. like i said, i usually understand her fine and dont agree with the comments saying they didnt, but this video i really noticed her words seem so mumbled/slurred i couldnt understand a bit.
i think getting a clearer voice would help people take her more seriously. i understand it must be hard knowing so many languages and whatnot, but at my international school i've known germans/norweigans who speak english MUCH more clearly compared to her, at the age of 12 instead of 20

No. 271494

File: 1489778619659.png (277.1 KB, 352x320, ooouuu.png)


why didn't she cover it??????

No. 271498


She's either

A) Faking it for drama
I don't believe it in the slightest that she didn't check herself before filming


B) She's really stupid and wants to maintain the pure maiden who only copulates for the sake of reproduction image, failing miserably

No. 271502

That's some proper attention-seeking shit, cringe.

No. 271508

File: 1489779289948.gif (1.52 MB, 500x393, tumblr_ntr707Pvh91ti3qaoo1_500…)

No. 271537


she's a teenager in a relationship, i know plenty of people in their twenties who get hickeys and yeah most of them are embarrassed on the one hand, but don't care to take the time to cover them up on the other hand

also, what kind of attention would she intent to get on having a hickey? isn't this accusation kind of 'middle school' ?

i think she wants to come across as a normal teenager and has given up this act that, yes, she used to put on (that be, inflicted/influenced by her mom or not)

idk i don't want to come off as a whiteknight, but i have to admit that i sympathize with her and i think you are being too harsh on this 19 year old girl


No. 271539

probably just me naively giving her the benefit of the doubt, but after the little panty-flashing fiasco from a while back ago, i believe that she legitimately didn't notice
other than that, nbd

No. 271569

I mean considering the way she applies makeup and dresses herself, which are always unpolished as fuck, it's no surprise she didn't pay attention. Sloppy but not surprising.

No. 271574

could also be a burn. She's sloppy at applying makeup and doing her hair. I've burned my neck a few times with a straightener/curler that've been mistaken for hickeys in the past.
But if it's a hickey, eh so what? Why clutch pearls over something so retarded? (Not directed at you anon)

No. 271786

>Why clutch pearls over something so retarded?
Because 12-year-old trolls grasping at straws to troll about. "OMG a hickey!!"

No. 271806

could also be a smudge of makeup, being that kind of rosy colour. if she had some blush or something on her thumb, touched her neck without thinking about it, and didnt notice?

No. 271819



tbh the thought of manaki nakie was what disturbed me more

No. 271821

ikr. the idea of floundermouth giving venus a hickey is disgusting.

No. 271823

File: 1489813071380.jpeg (15.82 KB, 320x180, k5Q6wH67Ux431aK_NTNiO_23.jpeg)

do you think he makes whining noises when they do it? kekkekekeekee


No. 271854

You poor things really are getting more desperate every day.

No. 271862

NYX carries a very similar style in their "wicked" lash line and they're cheap and much easier to find than the diamond lash ones.

No. 271871

She can't even properly put her hair extensions in, i doubt she can properly cover a hickey.

No. 271883

Doesn't she get her exte down at a salon?

No. 271997

File: 1489829720499.jpg (266.44 KB, 1276x1829, IMG_2193.JPG)

She's been crafting. Wonder if that's what her next video will be about?
She's been on such a tear recently, lol

No. 272001

She has had some put in at a salon. These recent ones seem like cheap clip-ins she's just doing for fun though.

No. 272266


This thread reeks of pubescent teens. So much trigger and giggling over a fucking hickey.


I hope not. That box looks like a 4th graders art project.


I'm surprised she doesn't just get bonds like what Sharla done/did. Clip ins are so tedious.

No. 272743

>This thread reeks of pubescent teens. So much trigger and giggling over a fucking hickey.
I've suspected for quite some time that this thread is nothing but the same 2-3 12-year-olds samefagging and talking to each other. This pretty much confirms it.

>I'm surprised she doesn't just get bonds like what Sharla done/did. Clip ins are so tedious.

She did, last year. Had them about 3 months, then decided that was enough (apparently.)

No. 272747

Dat sum professional glitter glue?

No. 273251

Shut up spergelic

No. 273252

Sage for blog but I've had both bonds and clip-ins and I vastly prefer the clip ins. Bonds are horribly annoying and after a few months the hair above the bond starts to form into a tiny dreadlock that is absolutely a nightmare to brush out when you remove them. With practice you can put clip-ins in less than 10 minutes and they can last for up to a year.

She had her bonds removed a while back so it's pretty clear she's using clip-ins now but has no idea how to put them in properly/they're too thin.

No. 273306

Underaged PULL users are all over the place these days (namefagging, stupid rant, sperging…etc)

sage for no contibution

No. 273410

>Underaged PULL users are all over the place these days (namefagging, stupid rant, sperging…etc)
Yep. Like this one, for example:
>Shut up spergelic

No. 273928

File: 1490056692566.jpg (470.15 KB, 1271x1741, IMG_2240.JPG)

They've been going to more fun places and doing more fun things, off of SM.

No. 274065

File: 1490067942415.jpg (420.57 KB, 1209x1463, IMG_2319.JPG)

Went to Sanrio Puroland yesterday, hehe
She's wearing one of her new dresses from her Lolita haul video, the one with the fake fur trim.
#suckitmarge #oldhobowithpinkeye

No. 274069

wasn't pixielocks just there? that would have been an odd clash of cows…

No. 274080

Lolitaaa! Love it.

No. 274135

File: 1490085058281.jpg (458.88 KB, 1287x1856, IMG_2333.JPG)

What is this?

No. 274151

She looks so cute here! Definitely prefer this to some of her other outfits.

No. 274158

Gonna make some rainbow carnations?

No. 274990

It's not lolita, but still cute regardless.
> Sage for fashion sperging

No. 275329

File: 1490222990820.jpg (380.58 KB, 1287x1913, IMG_2357.JPG)

Some blurry action shots from venoos's instastories today. Any Japanese anons that can guess where she is?

No. 275330

File: 1490223018453.jpg (285.16 KB, 1279x1916, IMG_2358.JPG)

No. 275334

I'm guessing for some drippy watercolour art

No. 275336

File: 1490223234344.jpg (278.8 KB, 1264x1899, IMG_2359.JPG)

Is this in a train car?

No. 275341

>some drippy watercolour art
using syringes??

No. 275574

>not knowing harajuku

Please…get a brain

No. 275655

Why would I "know Harajuku?" I've never been to Japan nor do I have the slightest interest in Japan, I was just curious where this was.

No. 275659

File: 1490249815270.jpg (258.14 KB, 601x1806, IMG_2365.JPG)

No. 275663

Just get another therapist.

No. 275673

This sounds a lot like dissociation. My bf has it and when I read this to him, he agreed. He said it was absolute hell, and for him the only treatment that worked was going on anxiety medication. Knowing Japan's track record with mental health… I feel very bad for her.

No. 275701

>snowflake is based in Japan
>to critique snowflake you must at least understand where they are coming from
>not knowing Japan
>why are you even here tbh

No. 275744


I'm two years away from my own Margaret mother and I still struggle with dissociation and other strong ptsd symptoms. This ruined my relationship with my Manaki lel and my produtivity is below 0.

I hope she can solve this better and quicker than me, I really do.
Stay strong, Venus girl! <3

No. 275759

It's Japan. They all suck.

No. 275762

What >>275759 said.
Japan has so underdeveloped when it comes to psychology/therapy etc. Mostly due to their culture where you constantly must conceal your feelings. A lot of mentally sick never visit a therapist there too.

For Venus it would be better to reside in a country where she could be more open with her emotions, feelings and find a good therapist too. But if it was an European country, her mom would follow her. In a way, Japan with their strict immigration policy, protects her from crazy Magoo.

Also, if she moved away, she would lose a portion of her weeb fanbase too.

No. 275768

>everything in life feels like a movie being played in front of me
Please, can anyone explain me this?

No. 275774


If she can pick therapist or no crazy mother around, pick no crazy mother!
No therapy can compensate a crazy old lady trying to drag you by your arm (like at the airport), making fake videos trying to make your husband look like was hitting someone and trying to open your door in the middle of the night.

It's like picking Fred Kruger and a therapist or no Fred Kruger at all

Find an alternative therapy (pets are great indeed) and never ever leave Japan! Be safe with your husband and his parents!

No. 275775

Could she maybe talk to a therapist in a different country online? Surely the UK or US or some other western country has a program like that.

No. 275776

Sounds like dissociation to me.

No. 275777


This is a symptom of dissociation ("In psychology, dissociation is any of a wide array of experiences from mild detachment from immediate surroundings to more severe detachment from physical and emotional experience. The major characteristic of all dissociative phenomena involves a detachment from reality"…"In mild cases, dissociation can be regarded as a coping mechanism or defense mechanisms in seeking to master, minimize or tolerate stress"), it feels like when you're inside of a dream.
I suffer with dissociation because of ptsd and it sucks.

No. 275821

>it feels like when you're inside of a dream
In my dreams I can't control anything at all. If your life or certain parts of your life are that way, that must have been horrible.

No. 275891

Can we please talk about how she wants to get a pet? A PET??

If you can't handle your own emotions, life and not even your JOB (if we see youtube as a legit job here since that's where her money comes from) you shouldn't get yourself a living creature, but seek for another therapist.

I hate armchair diagnosis, but after all she's been through she could have a lot of conditions like eg ptsd, major depression and others which if in a severe state can only ever be cured through proper therapy and also meds if truly severe.

No. 275910


Have you never heard of animal therapy ? There are legit places that run a businesses out of that. ( IE trained animals for people with PTSD/depression/handicapped or take the animals to hospitals to aid in therapy ) I don't think Venus is incapable of taking care of a animal just because she's suffering with w.e. She still cleans,cooks,does her work and goes out with Manaki. I think a pet would do her wonders, it did me wonders when I was suffering with depression. Venus also often complains of loneliness and to have that affection from a pet would probably make her a little more happy. It wont cure her, but it would def help her until she does find a good therapist.

No. 275915


Hm, actually I'm going through something very similar to Venus, I got a dog and this was the best decision I've ever made.
She sometimes is the reason for me to stand up because I know she'll be sad if I don't play, which leads me to doing exercises and it feels great.
Before I was too scared to go out, too anxious to have friends to go with me, now I go out a lot because I feel that when with her I'm not alone.
Moving my body and getting some sun while playing and hanging out with my dog also helps the brain chemistry.
My doggie is really happy, healthy and well treated, she's sleeping on my legs on sofa right now.
I went to vet with her, I buy food, many toys and treats and it's also a reason to go out.
Having her moving everywhere and poking/licking/climbing my face also helps me to move along lol
as much as making things clean for her and providing food/water.

I choose getting her, I'm depressed and fghting ptsd sumptoms, I'm not an animal abuser, I know what it takes to mantain a pet and that's precisely why I choose having one!

Having something alive near me will help me to feel alive. Loving helps me to allow good feelings etc

It's not as pills or therapy but it have a good share on my and many other people that get pets improvement.

No. 275919

I know that there are legit animal therapies, she can go to one of them if she thinks she'd benefit from being in contact with animals.

The thing is that she'll most likely get a dog out of Japans puppy mill industry. She'll dress that poor thing up and will try to get even more bonus likes through it online.

Also, if you properly want to take care of eg a dog, Tokyo just isn't the right place to do so.

Maybe she can get a cat, but lets be serious now. If she's really suffering from mental health problems an animal might help, but she still needs proper therapy along with it.

Also, what will she do if her beloved pet dies from whatever reason like after a year or two? It'll most likely make her suffering even worse if she hasn't cured it professionaly in anyway.

>uh my therapist copied my facial expressions that's why I stopped therapy muhuuu

Omg stop it. And there are ppl here still defending her

No. 275923


see >>275915

Pets are almost a form of therapy on their own. Tons of mentally ill people benefit from owning animals. Google is your friend.

No. 275925


Ok, are you joking?
She didn't feel comfortable with the therapist and his way of doing things, what's wrong with that????? Therapist is someone you have to be 100% comfy and relaxed with, if she didn't like something she's right about trying something new, the important is that she's doing something!
Now saying "omg she's having emotional issues, a pet is not safe with her" are seriously ridiculous and out of proportion.

You guys force A BIT the drama, huh

No. 275928

It's still necessary to have check ups with a therapist.

I own an animal and yes it did help me with my depression and ptsd, but it sure wasn't able to cure it, fluoxetin did though (at least as far my depression goes)

No. 275932


No one said she should abandon therapy, just that pets can indeed be very helpful.

No. 275935

That's why I also said she should go and get another therapist. It's not like there's only one therapist in Tokyo.

Yes mental health care in Japan is frowned upon, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

To me it sound like
>uh yeah I didn't like my therapist so now I have an excuse to get me a pet from a puppy/kitten mill and everyone out there will ass pat me for this decision because uh evil therapist.

Tbh, if you see how many followers she has and concerning that most of these are in their early teens this throws an extremely bad image over mental health care.
Now, there'll be a shit tone of 13yo crying for a pet to solve all their problems instead of actually wanting to go to a therapist, because all therapists might be crazy and not good at their job. Sorry but this is how teens get influenced and believe things work.

Venus is getting twenty now, she is old enough to know better.

No. 275939


> b-but muh morally sourced animals!!

There are animal rescues in Tokyo too.

> Tokyo isn't a good place to raise a pet!!

How so? There are dogs that live in all sorts of metropolitan cities that do just fine. If anything, there is more accessibility to vets and resources in cities because of how dense the population is.

> b-but she needs therapy to go along with animal therapy!!

She tried going to a therapist and now she is considering the option of animal therapy. She is going through therapy, there are options.

> What if her pet dies!? What a dumb decision!!!

Then her pet dies. And that's another thing she'll have to learn to deal with in her lifetime.

Do you honestly like the taste of the shit that comes out of your mouth to spew out this much bullshit, Anon?

Use your brain.

No. 275943


You sound like a retard.

You don't know where she's going to get her animal, so don't auto assume its "evil mils" and she'll abuse it by putting cute collars and outfits occasionally on it.

Taylor has a toy poodle and takes care of it just fine in JAPAN. Plus she dresses it up and its just as happy as any other pup. ( its also more likely going to be a cat as she has stated many times wanting a cat ) She could easily ask Taylor for help in finding a vet and where all the animal places are.

NO ONE, and I mean no one even said she shouldn't keep trying to look for a therapist. People just stated that a pet would significantly improve her mental well being.

No. 275951

Are you the same cunt that was freaking out over a hickey? Kek get a grip. If she wants a pet she'll get one. Manaki and her seem more than able to take care of a pet wether it's a cat, dog, rabbit or a lizard. If she wanted to do it for asspats or more views or whatever the fuck you're fantasizing about she would have done it a while ago when she talked about getting a cat.

No. 275992


oh god, you guys are transforming getting a PET into a drama. "excuse to get a pet" WTF it's a pet!

You should be playing stupid. Impossible be so slow.

How I haaate this lame "bad influence for teens" you do fucking you, if you are 13yo and is getting mental health advices from a weeb living doll then you have problems waaay bigger than what you think LOL. I have a very hard time to believe anyone believes this kind of "bad influence for the kiddies" bullshit. That's absurd. It's job of their parents filter the content they're watching and get them mental help if needed. Not weeb youtuber human doll chan.

that's dumb!

Please, milk this cow properly. You're not pressing the titties correctly.

Learn how to milk!!!!

No. 275993

People getting pets and married grown ass woman hickey, better call Dr Phil huh

No. 275999

"She'll dress that poor thing up and will try to get even more bonus likes through it online." >>275919

Oh, poor doggie being spoiled and getting attention
bitch where I came from dogs starve on streets and people still keep them chained, they thing it's funny to tie those little explosive shite on cats tails, and they see nothing wrong about it, lucky mothefucker will be this Venus pet, I give no shit if it's for attention, likes, views, mental healthy, it will be filled with good food and have a comfy bed under a roof and very likely to be treated as a damn royal dog/cat/iguana anyway, so give me a break of this crap

No. 276002

Venus is getting a pet

Maybe that's why Marggot got that hideous perm

Next evil plan is to disguise as a homeless poddle at her door to be adopted


No. 276003

If people think that shit is wild, I can't wait to see how they'll react if she ever decides to have a kid down the line.

No. 276004


That's just the thing. Yes, she can be very cringey and there's usually a lot of drama surrounding her, but as far as milk goes I realllly don't think there's much.

There. I said it. inb4 cries of VENUSSS or SPERGELIC!11

No. 276005

Kek I can already see it.

>Don't you remember how she was raised? She'll fuck up the poor child!

>Why isn't she focusing on her career and going to university and getting 3 master's degrees?
>She's just trying to make sure Manaki never leaves her, what an awful relationship

No. 276008


I think if she plans a kid she should plan to go offline as well, imagine the fucking drama people will create and how they'll try to bring mommy dearest in just to get some milk. This woman will have no peace.

I'd be forever paranoid and uncomfortable to be pregnant and then have a baby with thousands of people being so negative towards me and my child and rooting for something dramatic happening, ewwwww hell no, I hope she goes low profile if she decides having a kid.

No. 276157

Venus doesn't live in Tokyo and we don't know if she went to one of the English-speaking therapists in Tokyo.

>Now, there'll be a shit tone of 13yo crying for a pet to solve all their problems instead of actually wanting to go to a therapist, because all therapists might be crazy and not good at their job. Sorry but this is how teens get influenced and believe things work.

Wow, you're really projecting your negative fantasies on her and her younger fans. Just WHERE is that indicated in her fan comments? Go to her IG. Those "tons of 13year olds" are both supporting her getting a pet for the stress benefits AND seek out another therapist when she is ready. Giving her kudos for at least trying to get professional help. Dozens of young women telling her that they personally had to go through several therapists until they found one that was suitable for them.

>Venus is getting twenty now, she is old enough to know better.

You write like fucking Margo. You also do not understand much about psychology.

No. 276320

What's going on in this thread?

Daphne, stfu. Noisy cow

No. 276349

you can't manipulate the direction of thread and you're here to complain AGAIN that people aren't as bitter as you? You're outnumbered. She's more well-liked than any cow discussed here. Those are the facts.

Nobody gives a shit about Daphne so stop bringing her up. I wish a mod would tag your tiresome posts.

No. 276350

*she, as in Venus.