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File: 1466016638618.jpeg (84.97 KB, 607x642, image.jpeg)

No. 141888

Last thread maxed out

Twitter: @dakotakoti
Instagram: @koti.rose
YouTube: Dakotakoti
Website: kotakoti.com

So far it looks like Dacote is laying low since babyfang flopped, Popteen took her down off their website and she hasn't been seen on TV or in print since she announced babyfang except for a spread in June's GLB which was with pics we've already seen. Latel she's been trying to post more on IG and using English here and there trying to cling to the scraps of her fanbase, but the dwindling number of likes on her pics is undeniable proof of her falling out of style. Oh, she also did a shitty rushed sponsor video for a Japanese thrift shopping app called Mercari.

No. 141889

I hear wedding bells for Kotex. Gotta get that visa asap

No. 141890

File: 1466016913473.jpeg (66.64 KB, 512x1020, image.jpeg)

Oh right, she showed up at a Jimmy Choo anniversary event and got a free keychain, but other than that she hasn't been doing fuck all except taking selfies at Bravo's office.

No. 141891

I think she's already married tbh. She's not completely retarded despite whatever mental/emotional issues she so obviously has, so I doubt she'd just let her free ride die like this without a secret backup plan. And I 110% believe she'd rather suck some dick to stay in Japan for the rest of her life and be a spoiled housewife than ever go back to Florida.

No. 141892


Where are her ankles??

No. 141893

God, that fucking face slays my sides every time I see it. Bless the anon who made this.

No. 141894


I found a portfolio video she made in September 2013 for bravo which might explain how she managed to get work after her big reveal and after she stopped dressing kawaii. No idea why bravo never put it on their website though- oh wait duh, it's a candid video, silly me.

Real talk though it's kind of shit as far as a portfolio video goes. She looks terrified and stiff, and the full body shot at the end is awful, she overstuffed her bra so much that her tits grew 3 full cup sizes between the first and last half of the video. Not only that the black sweater she wore makes her look super wide and doesn't show off her figure at all (which for her might actually have been a good idea since we don't know when she started packing on the pounds, she's been ace at keeping unshooped candids of herself out of circulation for the most part).

No. 141895

What do you mean "made" it? It's a candid from the event, there's tons of them floating around on Twitter.

No. 141896

Anon see:

No. 141897

Sorry, no. That's too accurate to her real face and body to be "a quick de-shoop". Not to mention it's more anatomically correct than any other de-shoop of her that's been posted before.

Why is it so impossible for some of you to believe she looks like a flabby bag of assholes IRL? She does. That's what happens when you don't take care of yourself and get a hairstyle that looks like shit on you.

No. 141898

We've seen her on TV before and also a lot of real candids. This is not her real face.

No. 141899


We've seen her with flattering makeup and lighting, but that Jimmy Choo pic looks like what could happen if you wore and unflattering dress and minimal makeup in bad lighting.

No. 141900

There aren't.

No. 141901

File: 1466020827352.jpeg (47.84 KB, 449x338, image.jpeg)

We have photo and video proof that it is.

She looks like shit when she's not in control of the lighting/doing her own makeup. Face it, she's not as ~kawaii~ as she wants you all to believe she is. She's basic as fuck and the more she ages and tries to have a mature/casual style the more she's going to start looking like Cathy.

No. 141902

This video used to be on her Bravo portfolio for like two years, in HD quality.

No. 141903

File: 1466021323560.png (733.72 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Japanese-speaking anons, I need your help.

I'm kind of a fledgling Kamen Rider fangirl so I was browsing Twitter looking for mentions of Taiko and I came across a tweet mentioning him that has a screenshot of the bedroom video with the cherry blossom filter Dakota posted on her Instagram. I tried to use twitter's built in translator but of course it' just gave me unintelligible garbage. I wonder if the poster is trying to imply or asking if they live together or that he stayed with her? Pic related.


No. 141904

Still in Bravo's Vimeo,

No. 141905

Had a friend stay over so I slept well yesterday for the fist time in ages.

I've been living on my own since I was sixteen, so I never noticed before, but I think you sleep better when someone you trust is nearby.

It's weird.

No. 141906

True. But this still isn't a candid from the JC event, unfortunately.
Hopefully there'll be some candids of the event she'll be at this weekend. Can't wait.

No. 141907

File: 1466022259216.png (227.32 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

>I've been living on my own since I was 16

Sure, Kooter.

Thank for the translation though, but could you take a look at the tweet and see what it says? Anything explaining the screenshot of her Line blog?

No. 141908

File: 1466022331801.jpeg (79.86 KB, 640x450, image.jpeg)

And here's the other pic of Taiko's tweet that was quoted in the Bangohan tweet. Sage for double post.

No. 141909

File: 1466022558164.jpeg (250.42 KB, 600x431, image.jpeg)

Since you're too dumb and/or lazy to give deets I guess I'll do it for you. Protip: that shit is just as annoying as that asshole that keeps posting moonspeak screenshots and assuming everyone else can read them. Which is probably you, let's be real here. if you can't be arsed to post even a TL:DR; then don't post at all. Either learn moonspeak or don't, stop trying to casually imply you do without actually doing it.

And before anyone asks, no, I can't read it either. I pulled this from her Line blog.

No. 141910

Meanwhile, because of appearing in the Junon Boy Grand Prix* Kamen Rider, there are more otaku and also an increased sense of familiarity, and it looks like Endo-kun can't stop implying that Dakota Rose is his girlfriend.
He made a trip from Kyoto to Tokyo for a shoot and then back to Kyoto. Hmmm~

*I assume that makes sense to relevant parties?

No. 141911

Part of me kind of hopes she really is just a housewife now and she uploads all these ridiculous pictures to troll now.

No. 141912

Who is Endo-kun?

No. 141913

File: 1466025933570.jpeg (30.67 KB, 300x400, image.jpeg)

Me too anon, I never thought she was gonna be able to make a living off modeling, at least not legit modeling without a SD or husband in the industry. I mean come on, not to insult her, but she's just not model material, and she's too bland and introverted to be a tarento. She'd do well in gravure/softcore though if she stayed with the kawaii stuff.

No. 141914

It looks like some gathering to make young people engage in politics more. I can't read everything, but the entrance is free.

I am not quite sure Dakota is qualified to talk about politics in a country she isn't even allowed to vote in. But hey, how else are you going to attract teens if not with their favourite model.

No. 141915

File: 1466026152589.jpeg (92.44 KB, 640x813, image.jpeg)

>their favorite model

lol no. She's not relevant with teens anymore, most of her fans are older men and women or girls who used to like her 2012-2013 era but are indifferent to her now.

No. 141916

File: 1466026457837.png (169.72 KB, 279x293, image.png)


No. 141917

File: 1466026712454.png (248.87 KB, 376x379, kek.png)

No. 141918

Shit, my bad. I wrote the wrong name.
Whatever that Taiko kid's last name is. I'm not familiar with this whole situation/people and I'm too lazy to look up the reading for his last name.

No. 141919

Sorry, I know my sarcasm is hard to detect when written out.

No. 141920

girl you gotta relax. I bet you're the one who got super salty before and thought everyone was attacking you even though we're all anon.

No. 141921


No. 141922

File: 1466028650171.jpg (7.34 MB, 3332x3132, 55874443_p0.jpg)

This just popped on my Pixiv feed, apparently the artist got paid for it.

No. 141923

File: 1466029085213.png (38.33 KB, 200x182, Minshinto_Logo.png)

Top right corner logo - event associated with Democratic Party of Japan (民進党/Minshintō).
Not even one of the two leading parties - but they would choose somebody who's more relevant, of course.

No. 141924

you mean she commissioned them to do this for her?

No. 141925

has anyone found candids how she looks with her hair parted in the middle and no bangs?

No. 141926

File: 1466030726631.jpg (64.23 KB, 640x640, 12599412_973577802696525_10459…)

We only have these from the babyfang reception party with side parting.

No. 141927

Dude on the left looks like an Asian DJ Qualls lol

That's… Weird. Maybe it's some attempt to get younger people interested/informed in politics? But then how the hell does Dakota, a foreigner, fit in there? She isn't a citizen, can't vote, and doesn't even care about her own career/pot belly much less Japanese politics. This looks like a sad attempt to get her face onto any event they can.

No. 141928

This is horrifying.

No. 141929

you should match the letters on the back board up with the candids if you want an accurate representation of whether she widened/slimmed the photo at all. Looking at the letter comparison betweeen 1 & 2, I don't think that was the way she edited it. The kerning between letters in #4 is distinctly different from others because of how you edited it. she's not that fat, dude.

No. 141930

this is uncanny-valley tier
I feel like this is how Dakota would shoop herself if she could get away with it, the artist definitely played off've that

No. 141931

Really? I always just assumed Kooter drew it herself.

No. 141932

File: 1466037063646.jpg (94.52 KB, 500x688, fb.jpg)

as if she could do digital art this well

No. 141933


No. 141934

File: 1466043459280.png (115.02 KB, 190x353, image.png)

>she's not that fat

lol you sure, anon? She's a chubby rectangle wearing a short, low cut black dress against a black backdrop and her lack of a defined waist does make her look a bit like a sausage. Those chunky thighs and cankles don't help either.

No. 141935

Her last TV work was back in February for Last Kiss. Since then she hasn't appeared on Nipland TV.

No. 141936

File: 1466046085860.jpeg (173.95 KB, 794x784, image.jpeg)

No. 141937

Dear god, her Cathy transformation is increasing in speed

No. 141938

how many photos of Cathy are there?

No. 141939

hahahahahaha the bitter fucking bitches of lolcow

No. 141940

This breast shop would never stop amusing me. Kota you breast look like they are sagging into the bra

No. 141941

Thats like all white women in Japan.

No. 141942

Can one of you post a pic of Cathy for reference sake? So much talk but I've never seen her clearly.

No. 141943


Actually made me wheeze

I can predict in a few years koots ends up preggers and her and Audrey fighting to throw their hafu children on the modelling market. It'll be a case of "mi child looks more dolly den urs"

No. 141944

He got paid for it by Shibuya Parco which apparently was in charge for her brand according to his image description.

No. 141945

File: 1466089211298.jpg (56.16 KB, 500x442, tumblr_m0ibdjnR9z1rp3lmco1_500…)

No. 141946

Though unglamorous, Mercari is still pretty big rn tbh, I know a lot of people who use it. OP sounds a little salty.

No. 141947

File: 1466096361976.png (287.04 KB, 581x532, fb.png)

there's a clearer picture of her somewhere but i couldn't find it. this is her (on a disney ride) honestly I think all she has is Dakota's bulky ass jaw that she tries to hide so much. it's a prominent feature on both of them.

No. 141948

I also see nose and lips and chin.
Kooter has same wide mouth and and pointed nose.

No. 141949

There's >>85744 which I stumbled upon while looking for something here, but it's not a frontal shot.

No. 141950

the chin is part of the jaw anon. her lips are actually much wider that kote's though, you'd see it in the clearer pic of her. anyone have that close up photo with the halloween makeup or something?

No. 141951

File: 1466098924326.jpg (49.35 KB, 474x352, cathy.jpg)

Here you go

No. 141952

File: 1466099550795.jpg (48.19 KB, 604x362, 7iGwKHl1S2Y.jpg)

No. 141953

Did you see the video she made for it? It was choppy and rushed and overall just as half assed as everything else she does. The only reason she did it was because they have a promotion going on where you get a bonus if you make a promo video and show yourself using the app. She bought a hat for the video and sold two of her leftover babyfang chokers on it and hasn't touched it since. It's not about the app's popularity, it's about Dakota being so hard up for work that she bothered to do it at all.

No. 141954

And here's the second Mercari video she made. Note the lack of muumuu and addition of forehead covering. I do like her look in this one but she still looks creepy when she just sits there like a statue.

No. 141955

Wow, she's so flabby. She looks like she rapidly lost 30 pounds and her skin hasn't had time to recover yet.

No. 141956

no she doesnt.

No. 141957

Yeah she does. The makeup, whatever they tried to do with it on her, obviously isn't helping but she is a little chunkster. Idk any other 13-14 year olds that have back fat like that who are skinny.

Jfc, I know a lot of farmers are lazy couch potato skinnyfats who get triggered whenever someone calls Dakota flabby but she is. And she choses to be, just like everyone else who would rather sit on their jiggly butt endlessly browsing lolcow and YouTube than get up and do even a basic living room workout. You're mad because you hate yourself for being lazy but that's nobody's fault but your own. Just like it's nobody's fault but Dakota's that she has no friends and can't be seen without photoshop. She's an adult now and old enough to just drop all the fake photoshop bullshit and just be real and work with makeup and hairstyling to make herself look better. We know she can do it, she just choses not to because hiding in her apartment and pretending she's something she's not with her excessive editing is easier.

No. 141958

>response to a 3 word post with a paragraph accusing the anon of hating themselves and being lazy
>calls anon triggered
LMFAO I CAN'T, bitch leave

No. 141959

kill yourself.

No. 141960


Are you by any chance the same kooters height essay sperg from the past thread?

No. 141961

Is this the same person who went autistic over trying to convince everyone she was ugly.

No. 141962


A lot of times backfat can accumulate when people slouch often or when their heads are too forward. The fat builds up there to protect the back of the neck. My sister in law is only 8 and she has thin limbs but she has a buffalo hump from poor posture and slouching.

No. 141963

Didn't koots photoshop this before sending it in?

No. 141964

Would love to see a photo of young Cathy but that's so unlikely to be discovered

No. 141965

i just chuckled to myself remembering that one

No. 141966

I showed my mother koot's IG earlier and said "What do you think of her?"

My mother doesn't know about meitu, beauty plus ect much and she squinted her eyes at her IG pictures and she said "Has she made her head bigger or something?" and I laughed. She then says "She doesn't look normal, that can't be real". Then I shown her the real pictures and my mother couldn't believe it.

No. 141967

Lord almighty, if this is true than that is a whole new tier of pathetic. I would hope that even shoop-meister Dakota wouldn't feel the need to doctor her own kiddie pictures.

No. 141968

I don't think it's shooped, it's really hard to shoop lower quality older pics without it being obvious, not to mention of she did shoop it her jaw would be a lot smaller and her lips and eyes would be much bigger.

No. 141969

It's obvious to anyone that her IG photos are shop'd to hell and back or at least to anyone with half a brain.
It's just her brain-dead fans that believe she actually looks like her photos.

No. 141970

File: 1466200538547.png (97.34 KB, 217x256, image.png)

I don't think anyone actually believes she looks like her shoops anymore, just that her fans are all super desperate little weebs who think they can achieve the same free ride to Japan that she did if they just do the same stuff she did, I.e. Overexposing and blurring out your selfies, using Japanese tags and tags like #livingdoll #kawaii and the like.

No. 141971

i'm sure there's some 14 year old girl in Japan who first saw her in a popteen magazine that now followers her twitter or something and is probably oblivious that she shoops. there's no point in being a fake if you're aware you aren't fooling anyone

No. 141972

File: 1466214766110.jpg (275.72 KB, 1726x940, kek.jpg)

Comparing >>141953 and >>141970 is such a joke. Dat after effects.

No. 141973

That sweater looks like a muumuu.

No. 141974

File: 1466217759692.jpg (366.78 KB, 3000x2044, Roger-Ebert-Net-Worth.jpg)


No. 141975

I feel so bad for laughing lmao

No. 141976


Poor Dacote, every time she tries to change her look she gets compared to old white guys. It's kind of hilarious.

No. 141977

she has to keep her face so creepily still so the face tracking video editing isn't obvious,it'll never end. there's a few videos were it has glitched that prove that she shoops her videos. that's why she looks so much better on her videos rather than her appearances on TV and candids.

No. 141978

I just stumbled across this and it's so simple and so stupid but I can't stop laughing.

No. 141979

Kek from what little I've seen of her tv appearences she speaks and shuffles around like a totally normal person so she's trying to get away with looking and acting completely different

>Dakoos thread just bums me out now

>>light bulb

Imagine her pulling a magical 180, truthful and honest, starts posting her real face on insta going all 'I'm done pretending' and making a video of her I'm the exact setting and lighting of her other ones but NO after effects in which she opens up about her past life and crazy family and her need to shoop. Become relatable and get sympathy and shit, jump start a new different image etc etc

(It would make sense in the states but idk about japan)

It's probably the least likely thing she'll do but it would still make a cute ya novel.

No. 141980

yeah, she seems to be an extremely closed book/private person (to complete opposite of her sister who couldn't keep her mouth shut for 1 second about anything and everything, she couldn't even resist ignoring the haters while koot did a damn fine job at it for years), I doubt she would ever come out to internet with details of her self-esteem, crazy family, or anything that's happening in her life. she seems like the kind of person that would be uncomfortable with that.

No. 141981

I would love it if she spilled om her home life shit, but she will never do that. She has too many walls and is waay too private. Which is what is killing her internet fandom tbh. People are used to celebrities being easily accessible and having that glimpse into their lives. People crave it now, thanks to social media. Dakota just comes off as boring and with 0 personality since she's so private.

No. 141982

File: 1466245637313.jpeg (71.08 KB, 536x800, image.jpeg)

Came across this blog on tumblr with dakoots old shop name and it in japanese… Everything on the blog is similar to her crappy jewellery and style she used to latch on to so badly. I wonder…

No. 141983

File: 1466246214173.jpeg (132.03 KB, 750x618, image.jpeg)

She's being super vague in her captions about where she was, and what event it was. Probably too scared people will dig up candids. lol

No. 141984

File: 1466246231143.jpeg (220.73 KB, 750x744, image.jpeg)

No. 141985


Any moon speakers know what event this was?

No. 141986

File: 1466246429073.jpeg (266.85 KB, 1225x1633, image.jpeg)

Her fucking lips, lmfao

Can't she at least choose a lipliner that matches her lipstick?

No. 141987

Seems like she always uses that brown-hued liner.

No. 141988


It looks like she has a mustache lmao

No. 141989

File: 1466253321215.jpg (40.4 KB, 399x300, 20160618-00000132-nksports-000…)

I've only found two candids so far and they're both very crappy quality. One is only of her chin, so I won't bother posting it unless you guys want me to.

No. 141990

It was 民進党ハイスクール5時限目, a regular Democratic Party teen voter outreach program. This one was held in Harajuku.

No. 141991

It looks like someone gave her a Dirty Sanchez.

No. 141992

No. 141993

No. 141994

i think kooter has lost some weight

No. 141995

File: 1466260254882.jpg (54.48 KB, 557x861, image.jpg)

Cho kawaiiiii desu ne!!!!

No. 141996

File: 1466260353825.jpg (86.45 KB, 1150x864, image.jpg)

When it was her turn to speak she covered her chin with her hand the entire time kek. Good job Kota, I think you fooled them.

No. 141997

Look at this and this >>141983 topkek

No. 141998

File: 1466260677035.jpg (166.73 KB, 996x1184, image.jpg)

She looks totes the same. You all are just jealous haterz!!!

No. 141999

I think her candid looks nice. Of course it's not like her shoop, but she looks more like model material than she ever has.

No. 142000

does anyone remember that one lolcow lauryniwi who jumped on the living doll trend and copied all the goddamn snowflakes –is it just me or is dakota starting to resemble her

No. 142001

I agree. Besides the bad lip liner she does look quite pretty in my opinion. It's just not the super cutesy look she wants.

No. 142002

I know Kota can't help it,resting bitch face is a bitch, but she would benefit from practicing her resting expressions.

No. 142003

She should've kept the bangs.

No. 142004

Her face looks like the villain in a disney movie on this video.

But I think she was frowning so much because she had no idea what people were talking about.

No. 142005

File: 1466264211455.jpg (148.16 KB, 959x1200, ClPeoIRVAAA8TJq.jpg)

No. 142006

Holy fuck she pissed me off so much in this video. There's one part where she says if she became prime minister she would increase the animal shelters, but she only cares about cats and not about the dogs. She literally said that the other day she saw some stray cats and started crying, but if it was a dog she wouldn't cry or care.
Seriously if she "loves animals so much" wtf is that. Why is a white girl in a discussion about Japanese politics in the first place?

No. 142007

It looks like she's smelling shit.

No. 142008

Does this mean she's still working for popteen

No. 142009

If it was about something political than she was probably think what does it have to do with her. She can't vote in Japan nor America. They probably thought since she was american, she would have some insight on politics.

I don't Blame her, I would had been bored too.

No. 142010

I believe she's not working with them anymore. On their website she is already removed from their list of models, but she didn't even "graduate".

No. 142011

File: 1466265861169.jpg (20.48 KB, 300x210, sLpTRAF.jpg)

sorry, I agree with her. Dogs don't even have brains.

No. 142012

I like how she goes months without taking photos with anyone else, then she just drops a ton of photos from one day to prove she leaves her apartment and talks to people.

No. 142013


Look at the other girls answers tho.
One free ice cream a day?
Have sales every day with an all you can eat pass?
Buy one thing that everyone really wants?

Smh these girls are as dumb as cardboard.

No. 142014

I'm pretty sure she had some work done on her face (apart from lip fillers). How did she get her eyes to be that big? They were smaller before. Her jaw is quite different too.
Anyways, she looks good here but very different from her previous candids.

No. 142015


I'm starting to think maybe she got nose injections to make her tip pointier. Her nose isn't that different that it looks like surgery, but maybe a subtle non-invasive procedure?

No. 142016

to be fair they probably wouldn't even be allowed to give serious answers because they'd face criticism from netizens, so they have to say cutesy stuff. they are just models anyway.

Dakota's answer was still pretty bad though, so tasteless.

No. 142017

She so resembles both Kiki and Cathy here, wow. This super neutral, plain style doesn't suit her, she looks like someone's bored mom at a PTA meeting. Definitely doesn't look "20".

No. 142018


I think shes trying a high top model look. It suits her but not for the kawaii cutesy vibe. She looks around 22-24 tbh

No. 142019

I only watched the first vid but I really have no idea why she was there, and clearly she's stumped too

>I'm not too knowledgeable on this stuff

>I want to make more animal shelters but aside from that I think it's best for me to not say anything
>I'm just a stupid American so there's many things I don't know

No. 142020

That's what I think she has been going for more now too ever since she has gotten rid of her bangs, doing things like wearing more standard b/w outfits and making herself look taller through making her head smaller and body stretched in photos

No. 142021

File: 1466276781934.jpeg (43.06 KB, 346x540, image.jpeg)


Shes trying to be a mix between miranda kerr (popular with the japs) and gemma ward but kota is too short and stubby

I think she hopes some high top fashion designer sees her and picks her

No. 142022

idk she's playing into the 'cat lovers are introverted intellectual hikikomori people' i guess

No. 142023

So after 4 years of living in Japan she can't even write Hiragana? Okay…

No. 142024

She looks like she just got finished giving a guy a poopy rim job

No. 142025

She's obviously trying to be quirky. She's nearly fluent in moon of course she can write it.

No. 142026

holy shit, this is the best example of how she shaves her jaw into a V shape

No. 142027

I highly doubt it, hiragana and katakana aren't that hard. Two weeks of writing it daily and you'll have it down pat.

No. 142028

does anyone know who the model with pink hair and braids is? she looks mixed

No. 142029

She's saracchidayo on Insta if you want to check her out.

No. 142030

thank you anon

No. 142031

I feel like she does it to try and give the overdrawn top lip a '3D effect' so it looks like the shadow or smth. It just gives her chola lips though.

No. 142032

lol, and she was like "Sorry, I don't understand any of this because I'm American. So no comment"

No. 142033

She even says "because I'm a stupid American" lel

No. 142034

I kind of thought this too. Something about her looks different. Unless it's just her not having bangs anymore throwing me off?

No. 142035

I also think it's the hair.
The eyes are just circle lenses; the jaw looks more balanced in relation with the rest of her face when her forehead is not covered by bangs.

No. 142036


Maybe she uses tape or glue to raise her crease more and make them look bigger. She's in Japan so they have that shit everywhere.

No. 142037

She has this really bitchy arrogant attitude which is pretty toned down compared to her preteen self but it's amplified to the max as cuntiness when she's in a Japanese setting.

>doesn't write in Japanese for her cards (trying to be a special snowflake? It's quite rude that they ask her to write a sign to show everyone… but she insists on making it a challenge for everyone to read just for quirky girl points)

>uses "doubutsu sheruta-" for animal shelter, which is incorrect
>Girl next to her politely asks what "sheruta-" is
>Kooter, instead of realizing "well shit, I guess not every english word can be katakana'd up" has a totally OTT reaction of "EHH? you dont know shelter? and explains as if she's talking to a 5 year old

Then the unnecessary blabbering about how she'll cry if she sees a stray cat but FOR THE RECORD won't cry if it's a dog. And just since I'm on a nitpicking roll, literally why? Stray cats can fend for themselves and are fed religiously by grannies. How is that sad…?

No. 142038

I don't think this appearance is gonna do her dwindling popularity any favors. Especially not looking so basic compared to the other girls.

No. 142039

Even though she was never the favorite child in the family. She still was spoiled and never had to work so that's why she doesn't even try. Cathy seems like the type of person to pick favorites amongst her children; such as Kiki being the favorite and most beautiful. But would still get offended if anyone talked shit about Dakota because it's an attack on Cathy hereself. I think Kota could have stayed in the lime light a lot longer is she actually made and effort and used her mind or got some plastic surgery to fit the looks that are popular in Japan.

No. 142040

Also seriously what the fuck? Cute girls have to act retarded (let's have sales everyday! everyday icecream!!) because of social obligation and chat with middle age guys who have to act like they're interested at all in this event and aren't instead counting the seconds down until they can sweet talk one of those girls into sleeping with them for their next Y-list level gig? For the sake of the girls I hope it pays well.
Normally I would be shocked that an event as bland as this drew any sort of crowd, but hey it's Japan. Absolutely can't understand weebs who strive to be famous in those circumstances. Rose-tinted glasses on for damn sure.

No. 142041

Amazing. If Dakota self posted this here as a random farmer you wouldn't be calling her cute/interesting. Her eyes look dead and she's a weak 4 at best without makeup and excessive editing/selective lighting.

No. 142042

1. the comment was obviously sarcastic
2. Yes dakota shoops herself to hell and back, but she's not an ugly girl.

you need to relax.

No. 142043

she looks just like her Etude house "makeup free" photos here. So I guess it is safe to say that Etude barely edited her

No. 142044

I didn't say she was ugly. I'm saying she's plain. If she wasn't old /cgl/&lolcow's kawaii princess of Japan nobody wouldn't be calling her cute.

No. 142045

>calls Dakota a "weak 4 at best"
>I didn't call her ugly!!!

Get over your hate boner. I can't imagine you looking much better than she does.

No. 142046

not that anon, but a 4/`10 is ugly lol.
>If she wasn't old /cgl/&lolcow's kawaii princess of Japan nobody wouldn't be calling her cute.
this makes no sense, wtf? /cgl/ and lolcow are the people who don't like her, not the ones calling her cute.

No. 142047

File: 1466310036355.jpg (1009.22 KB, 846x2001, fb.jpg)

just saying

No. 142048

Are you ok?

No. 142049

That's not Demi.

No. 142050

A 4 is basic not ugly. 1-2 are ugly.

No. 142051

That's her sister, Poot Lovato.

No. 142052

you sound like -0 then

No. 142053

Holy shit, Koots and these other bitches are mad stupid.

No. 142054

It's right on her upper lip line tbh

No. 142055

To be fair, even veteran entertainers can come under heavy fire for becoming political, so I can see why they might have held back.
Plus, it's Minshintō, who don't do that well in the polls, so they're probably trying to get whichever Z-listers will reply to their e-mails to appear.

No. 142056

File: 1466331333277.jpg (302.4 KB, 557x861, SLhCzyS.jpg)

No. 142057

File: 1466336794485.jpeg (31.06 KB, 399x442, image.jpeg)

No. 142058

File: 1466351082290.jpg (27.5 KB, 261x500, PicsArt_06-19-03.14.38.thumb.j…)

No. 142059

File: 1466351132805.png (257.26 KB, 335x450, Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 11.4…)

No. 142060

File: 1466351187819.png (194.32 KB, 407x374, Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 4.53…)

She definitely did something to her lips. They are so dramatically different from this picture.

No. 142061


wtf is with that lining
looks like kota forgot to wipe her lips after drinking chocolate milk

No. 142062

Why the fuck doesn't she fill in her lips with the same colour

No. 142063

My guess is that she thinks she's doing a "3d illusion". She didn't realize that bright lighting can pick up thick matte lip liner.

No. 142064

She got actual lip fillers a while ago but her top lip is so thin you can barely tell unless you look from the side so she still draws them like this anyway.


Well, looks like she finally took off that some over ring she's been worsen 24/7 for the past year and a half. I wonder if there's a reason?

No. 142065

>some over
*same old



Jfc autoshit

No. 142066

No. 144411


lmfao holy shit

No. 144437

File: 1466359850147.png (98.24 KB, 377x333, fb.png)

stop making shit up. just like her lips are grossly over-drawn now, she used to want them teeny tiny and would re-draw them thinner. In this pic >>142060 it's just a combo of mushing her lips together and drawing them smaller like pic related

No. 144440

Kinda ironic how she went from wanting really small lips to making them bigger

No. 144443

We're talking about her top lip though. She added filler to her top lip.
>>142060 looks considerably thin. She always shooped her lips regardless.

No. 144445

do you have proof or is that just your baseless suspicion you're passing on as fact? under all that pencil liner her lips look perfectly normal >>141998

No. 144448

What are you talking about? It's obvious her top lip is thicker than all her other photos. She's always had a thin top lip.
Someone else even posted a picture of how much thicker her top lip is now then when she first arrived.

No. 144451


dyin kek

No. 144453

there only thing that's obvious is that she draws over her top lip like a clown. unless you're talking about her shoops, then sorry to tell you it's just a shoop. in this pic on the right >>141998 you can see her real lip under the pencil liner, and it looks the same size as always. if you're comparing when she got to Japan to now, then see here >>144437 she used to draw her lips thinner than they were. ofc they're going to look bigger now than back then.

No. 144454

File: 1466361577015.bmp (253.62 KB, 465x186, 1465183033604.bmp)

I'll just post the picture instead. Obvious fillers are obvious.

No. 144455

File: 1466362040463.gif (129.28 KB, 402x558, fb.gif)

compare pics where her lips are overdrawn and where they’re not. that’s genius anon. unless we take the liner off.

No. 144457

That's cute anon, but her top lip is sticking out. Liner doesn't do that. Liner doesn't add dimension, where you are putting skin color is where her lip is protruding

No. 144459

File: 1466362574595.jpg (98.7 KB, 507x337, fb.jpg)

I was literally sitting here with this pic waiting for you to say that lmao. people's lips go forward when they talk, notice how in the other two pictures her mouth is closed and in the "filler" one she's talking?

No. 144460

Anon she barely has her mouth open. Relax.

No. 144461

>barely has her mouth open
>has a microphone to her lips
you win anon, let's just stop, she's totes had fillers. maybe even a jaw shave and iris enlargement too

No. 144463

mhmm, so your arguing that she's pursing her lips like the photo when she isn't. Ok

No. 144494

It looks like she has a shit mustache

No. 144500

File: 1466376291452.gif (4.21 MB, 600x337, nsVhE8h.gif)

this fuckin' video still always makes me cackle. what is that sweater?! it reminds me of Monica's beige bad news outfit from Silicon Valley (pic related)

No. 144501

File: 1466376331044.jpg (39.07 KB, 500x290, pinhead.jpg)

and don't get me started on the hilarious yaoi proportions it gives her

No. 144502

Exactly this. Her top lip is sticking out the way every lip with fillers would. Sure, when speaking lips go forward too, but not like this.
You probably failed to notice that even if you remove the lipliner her she still has a duck lip which she didn't have before.

No. 144511

File: 1466382096218.png (442.22 KB, 476x602, Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 01.2…)

Sorry to derail but we got another model shoop expert on our hands

This guy benny harlem is going viral apparently he's shooping his body and hair bigger

No. 144512

File: 1466382160760.png (264.6 KB, 501x505, Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 01.2…)

No. 144513


gtfo bitch we don't care

No. 144514


we first have dolly rl barbies and now black action men

No. 144515

Why are you posting this here, you sperg

No. 144517

it seems the more you photoshop the more you get to model


No. 144523

It literally looks the same silhouette as the first pic on the left in >>144454 ignoring the closed/open mouth difference

No. 144541

This is fucking great

No. 145670

File: 1466397646255.png (67.93 KB, 328x150, crease.png)

She used eye crease glue to make her eyes appear more open. Notice how her eye remains creased when closed.

No. 145688

If I were Kooter, I think my best game plan would be to go on "vacation."
AKA disappear, get my chin shaved down, and spend a couple months in hiding to lose weight. And I mean a significant amount, not ana-fy myself but just enough to tone her and make her look like a thin and lithe body type instead of the Pilsbury dough boy. She could do that if she got off her fat ass and did some cardio.

So she gets her chin shaved, loses 30 lbs or so, and soaks her face in skincare for a few months because she has no need for the makeup and contacts while hiding out.

She emerges looking better. She can accredit it to weight loss, make a speech about how she gained so much weight right before she came to grorious Nippon but now she's finally taking the steps towards self improvement by taking care of her body! She becomes an image of confidence and self transformation because now she's kawaii Barbie again and at least looks exponentially better. She can start doing beauty blogging because she now actually looks somewhat cute.

Then again I'm a much better business woman than Koots and wouldn't have even gotten myself in such a lame position in the first place.

Dear god I want her to stop being a public embarrassment so bad lol.

No. 145692

Stop posting nigger pictures

No. 145722

She did NOT get lip fillers. Whoever made this comparison is an idiot. The angle in the last picture is completely different. Notice how her lashes are sticking out in the last picture. And she connected the highest points of her top lip with lipliner so you get the illusion that she has full lips.
So many comparison pictures of cows and snowflakes are taken from different angles and lighting and people are too dumb to see it.

No. 145724


fuck off racist-chai

No. 145725

No. 145726


Same here.

If I was her I'd probably do that… then get back into Youtube and being a bit more open about things. Possibly start vlogging and blogging? Earn money and go to fucking school. I'm sure this bitch has enough money to go Bunka if she pulled her finger out. Get a fashion degree or something, go make a clothing like. I'm sure they'd be happy to have her.

But nah. She'll marry for visa and end up just standing around on tv shows awkwardly.

No. 145729


>She'll marry for visa and end up just standing around on tv shows awkwardly.

That sounds pretty good actually

No. 145731

I don't know how long she can keep doing the "Real Barbie doll" thing when people can see she's aging. She'll probably marry that Taiko guy. Whatever happened to the "rumor" anyway? Any updates from his sleuthing fans?

No. 145735

I'm a filler fag myself.
She got fillers.
Get ova it b.

No. 145787

idk why but i think she lost weight too because relative to her cheeks, the rest of her features stand out more too. like her chin and eyes and nose are all way more prominent.

maybe she didn't lose weight from the rest of her body. but aging makes you lose facial fat.

she looks older now too.

No. 145790

File: 1466440531187.png (140.11 KB, 366x297, 1440563831827.png)

No. 145841

Holy fuck, are you stupid, blind or both? I just talked about this ffs. There is unflattering overhead lighting in the last picture, possibly florescent lights. Look at the shadows on her face. It has nothing to do with aging as she's in her early twenties and very far from old. Bitter oldfags here talking about aging. You would look the same with that terrible lighting.

No. 145928

Calm down, autist. Maybe you should find a hobby other than sperging every time someone says something about Dakota you don't like. She's never gonna notice you, you're wasting your time white knighting her over every little opinion everyone else has of her.

No. 145946

File: 1466456083869.png (128.65 KB, 314x278, 1464635988495.png)

Uh, are you retarded?

I wasn't saying she was aging in a bad way. She looks better now than she did at 18. Just her face was chubby at 18, she obviously lost some facial fat because that's what happens as you get older, and age, unless you have weird fucked up genetics.

She looks better with less facial fat, her features look more pronounced. Aging has been a good thing in her case to anyone who is normal/not a pedo. When she first came to Japan she looked like an awkward teenager and now she looks like a nice-looking young lady.

Dude you're fucking psychotic and you need to seek help if you automatically assume aging is a bad thing. Talk about projection…

No. 145957


I somewhat agree anon. But try telling that to koots where the nips praise baby faces and women who look like they're 10

No. 145990

Yeah, that's why white girls who have other options in life don't usually choose to be models in Japan. It's only a good job if your only other option is living with your parents for the rest of your life and making shit tier YT videos.

No. 146002

nah. She's just squinting her eye closed.

No. 146026

I was on some bands page and found this twitter account.
I don't understand why so many people like this.

No. 146056

File: 1466476500929.png (125.57 KB, 275x244, 1440647101562.png)

No dude, that's eye glue, it's so obvious.
Besides she's has plenty of pictures out there without this perfect line.

No. 146060

File: 1466477287255.jpg (76.08 KB, 403x645, tumblr_n0uwc4GFR91sq4va7o1_500…)

Don't know if anyone's seen this, but this was a good look for her imo.

No. 146061

yeeeeeeeah. Not to sound autistic, but there are different ways to wink. The wink she's doing in the second pic won't result in eye crease because it's more relaxed. The first wink is scrunched.

No. 146063

Have you ever tried to wink while using eyelid glue? It's fucking hard, of course you have to "scrunch" for it to work. Anyway if she wasn't usi eyelid glue her crease would be higher up on her eyelid like it is in the kimono picture. She's using glue and eyeshadow trucks to make her eyes look bigger- why is that a big deal? She's not the first, won't be the last and has done plenty of other weird/cringey stuff as far as her looks than simply using eyelid glue. It's not a big deal.

No. 146099

File: 1466496532826.jpg (22.67 KB, 599x336, wink.jpg)

i agree >>146061
exhibit A. pic attached

No. 146147

this. most people have a crease when they wink anyway. it doesn't just magically disappear unless you have monolids in which case there was never a crease to begin with. dakota doesnt need eyelid glue since her eyes are already deep set. it would be redundant of her to use it

No. 146183

File: 1466524132822.png (519.76 KB, 700x520, Eyelid-Glue-Demo-3.png)

OMG this is silly, has anyone seen someone wear eye glue before? I'm guaranteed her eye closed "relaxed" will have a crease because she uses Eye glue. Its so common in Japan.

No. 146191

File: 1466527505113.webm (19.5 MB, 297x220, Kotakoti_Asian_P1.webm)

Some vintage Kota, if you guys are interested. And there's more in the Kiki thread.

No. 146192

File: 1466527573596.webm (15.64 MB, 324x240, Kotakoti_Asian_P2.webm)

No. 146194

File: 1466527733612.webm (10.19 MB, 470x384, vid-2446411.webm)

Dakota as a Persian.

No. 146195

File: 1466527772164.webm (15.11 MB, 320x240, 10i5t2d(1).webm)

No. 146198

File: 1466528074618.webm (13.88 MB, 320x240, gh.webm)

No. 146203

am I the only one who can't watch these videos? I feel left out. Is it because I'm on mobile? I don't have a computer to watch them on

No. 146204

I'm having the same issue, I'm on mobile as well.

No. 146215

iphones don't support webm

No. 146530

im on mobile and cant upload but she posted something on insta

No. 146544

File: 1466608190259.png (458.62 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

Here! Didn't bother to crop my bad. I have no idea what the fuck she's saying though, someone get on that

No. 146547


boyfriend/Kiki/Bravo Manager: You were in my dream, Dako-chan.

Kooter- No way! What happened? lol

BKBM- You had short jet black hair and said "Arina, don't forget me!".

Koots- That's crazy! lol. Wtf is up with that line?

BKBM- I cried when I heard that.

No. 146560

There's no way that's Kiki. She doesn't know Japanese and she definitely can't write in Japanese. It would be so funny to hear a convo between Kaka and Taylor. It would all be ohayou and arigatou kek.
Maybe it's her friend Yula?

No. 146608

Hah, her Line app is in English, that's funny. I wonder if her entire phone is in English and she just texts in Japanese?

No. 146616

>Lolcow rags on Dako for shooping herself into a toddler -> she starts looking like someone's mom

>Farmers laugh at how she hasn't had any work since babyfang -> she goes to some random political event and acts like a rude bitch

>Farmers wonder if she does anything but lurk the web and take selfies and if she has any friends -> she posts a cap of a Line chat with someone saying they had a dream about her

It's almost like she lurks here or something lol

No. 146624

File: 1466624378767.png (946.97 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

I think there was a wild Koots spotted on one of my press releases today..

No. 146628

If this is the best text conversation that she has to show us… I'm sorry Dakota. I still don't think you have any friends. Why even post it?

No. 146635

Except Dakota doesn't have hazel eyes, anon. Also Dako's eyebrows are longer and thinner. Nice try though.

No. 146636

This. If other people are having dreams that she's being forgotten, well… Lol

No. 146637

My bad anon, just saw it on my emails (no name as to model) and thought it looked familiar.

No. 146642

meh its not really a big deal. sometimes phones have important updates and shit that i want to read in english. its just faster

No. 146669

File: 1466629475804.png (298.4 KB, 1493x1077, Cihdu_9dwhu.png)

It's this girl. That's why it say "Arina, don't forget me!"

Koots liked this tweet:
"I frequently dream of Dako-chan"

No. 147055

So what? Having her phone in English doesn't really say anything about her Japanese ability.

No. 147071

It's funny for Dakota since she still fucks up her Japanese after living there full time for almost 5 years. Especially since she snubbed her English speaking fans so hard by refusing to use it once Japan noticed her.

No. 147088

God, who gives a shit

No. 147095

Of course Kota would like any tweet that's about her.

I bet past-Kota would've gotten grossed out and reply with something like "GEH, keep me out of your pedophile lesbian dreams"

That's a hilarious quote to imagine Kota saying though, very fitting.

No. 147101

>almost 5 years
are you retarded? she went there April 2012 and April just passed 2 months ago lmao it's barely even been 4 years

No. 147263

She liked this tweet because that's the girl she's been writing with on Line. I doubt she would have thoughts like that about a friend of hers.

No. 147268


Idk if they're friends per se, this Arina girl owns the nail salon Dakota goes to and has her Line QR code right there on her Twitter too. She must chat with a lot of her regular customers, it's good for business, lots of people do that- shop owners, artists and such. Dakota should take notes.

No. 147285

Whenever I see weeb fags complaining about her Japanese constantly I always wonder how many comments are made by like, Mira and Sharla and the like.

No. 147299

This is so bitter and fake
any one who isn't even 1% retarded can tell that Dakotas japanese is great

No. 147301


well she's been there long enough and tbh i think before she left the US she had lessons…

No. 147432

File: 1466713380722.png (312.61 KB, 750x479, Kotakoti_quotes2.png)

I was mostly joking due to her past phrase from a compliment (and why I said "past-Kota") anon

No. 147467

It's good, conversational, better than most weebs I'll admit but it's not "great". It's adequate. Tbh she doesn't write or say enough that isn't generic repetitive crap she always says about herself or general chitchat to accurately judge her Japanese ability. She can get around by herself just fine probably (or not, every time she leaves the house she has someone to take pics of her so shrug). her Japanese is fine but it's nothing to get butthurt and defensive over.

No. 147625

File: 1466765776548.jpg (236.35 KB, 1200x1200, ClsflbpUsAAgw1c.jpg)

Someone seems awfully busy.

No. 147627

her shoops in 2012 were so beautiful, now that alien face of hers is just weird and unappealing as fuck. she hasn't just slid down, she's crashed and burned

No. 147631

Lol when you enlarge the picture you can clearly see how blurry and weird looks her face compared to the man's face. Looks like she pasted a head from a differenet picture.

No. 147633

that cute, tiny chunk roll poking out of her skirt, d'awww

No. 147641

yea whenever shes in pics with other people it just highlights how unnatural she it

No. 147647

another turtle neck and sweater in the middle of summer. is that like, a thing in japan currently?

No. 147648

In this heat she's wearing a knit turtle neck? What? Maybe it's easier for her to shoop her jaw with turtlenecks?

No. 147652

its cold indoors

No. 147653

Tokyo has like 95% humidity in the summer so I think it might just be her

No. 147711

Se looks so awkward and misplaced standing next to another person. Her posture looks like she halfway decided to pose for the pic but then just let her arms dangle there. I'd expect better posing from a ~model~ even butterface Instagram thots know how to pose for pics.

I feel like the sweater pics might be latergrams of pics she took while it was still sweater weather because wearing what looks like a wool knit sweater now is insane unless she's going everywhere in a car with the A/C on blast and runs inside as fast as possible. But this is Dakota so probably the first thing. She's been very reactionary to the things we're saying sbout her on here lately and we have been pointing out how she's not doing anything and only taking selfies. This could be her trying to prove us jelly haterz wrong.

No. 147736

You're actually right anon! It was taken at the time she did the catwalk for that Japanese designer. Now I checked the video of the catwalk and the dress hanging on the wall was presented there too just on another model. So it's actually a 3 months old photo.

No. 147741

Didn't she still have bangs at that time?

No. 147750

Lots of hairspray will help that, yo

No. 147753

She did and didn't. She used to change her hairstyle quite often even at that time, judging by the photos of course.

No. 147759

Yeah, the hair style doesn't match that time…Maybe the designer called her again for a photo shoot of his designs. Although why would he need a shoot now, 3 months after the runway show is beyond my understanding.

No. 147762

She it the extensions after the catwalk show though didn't she? She's been bang-less for a couple of months now I feel like. Still, I doubt this pic is really new just because, well, it's hot as balls in Tokyo this past week. Nobody is wearing a sweater like that

No. 147763

The tweet says she was there for the fitting, so we'll probably see a new fashion show of his with her in it pretty soon.

No. 147767

File: 1466807800653.jpeg (126.86 KB, 640x987, image.jpeg)

The caption says she's doing a fitting for a fashion show today, so maybe she's doing another catwalk show for this same designer. I still can't believe this pic was taken today or yesterday though because it's been in the high 70s/low 80s and humid all week.

Also lol @ people here saying her Japanese is so-so and now she's kanjibombing just like Kiki used to.

No. 147771

She looks so… awkward.
Why do people hire her again? It's not like there's a shortage of Japanese speaking white weebs in Tokyo to choose from.

No. 147777

what if she shooped new pictures of her face onto older pictures of her with people


No. 147781


I was just about to say this myself. It looks a lot like she cut out her face from a recent selfie and stuck it on. Maybe that's why she likes turtle necks? You don't have to blend the neck lines or match skin tones or anything. Just bang on a floating head on top of that high neck and you're done, easy.

No. 147782

File: 1466812252625.jpg (246.38 KB, 1200x1200, CltbGK1UoAA1Kw4.jpg)

She went to the hairdresser again.

No. 147784

She looks more human here

No. 147788

her hair looks much better with a lil curl in it

No. 147791

She looks kinda tired here.

No. 147792

I like this. More natural looking than many of her recent edits, probably because of the hand on her face.

No. 147795

This. It must have been taken by someone else, so she hides her chin when she can't shoop the pic herself to shave it off.

That's exactly what she did. That's why it looks so weird where her chin overlaps the turtleneck and why te lighting on her face doesn't match the lighting on her shoulders/bust.

I guess we'll just wait and see if this designer does another catwalk show and if Dakookoo is in it.

No. 147797

Man, she's so unattractive. She just completed ruined herself. She doesn't look as bad as her recent edits, but yuck.

No. 147798

Well it is a fashion show…. Inside….. Weather doesn't matter.

No. 147808

No it's not. This is a meeting with a designer about a fashion show (supposedly).

On her own she's plain but cleans up nice, she has the ability to be so cute, she just choses not to because it's easier to just lie and shoop. Which is why nobody cares about her anymore.

No. 147814

must be shit being so self conscious of your jaw, the biggest part of your face

No. 147815

Right? Don't forget this video and how she used her hand to "think" when talking, aka hiding her jaw/chin. >>141992

No. 147819

Tbh is annoys me that she does this because she could easily get v line Botox or a chin reduction and SE would probably feel so much better. Except she can't because then she couldn't claim to be 100% real all natural Barbie anymore. She kind of dug herself into a hole with that shtick lol

No. 147830

>Except she can't because then she couldn't claim to be 100% real all natural Barbie anymore.

lol, you think she'd have any problem lying about it?

No. 147831

File: 1466827562282.jpg (16.51 KB, 351x319, kota4.thumb.JPG.63fa9e070894ce…)

every time she spoke she covered her chin.

No. 147835

the ponytail and hair all pulled back was a step forward that she wasn't ready for

No. 147836

True she already lies about it (like the time she claimed her circle lenses were here real eye color and they're not), but she couldn't get away with lying about plastic surgery the way she can with shoop. Maybe if she'd had it done before she started going on TV she could, but not now that everyone has seen her face. Nobody in Japan cares about her shooping, everyone does it. Japan has a real late-90's approach to the internet and photo editing often to the point of ridiculousness, which is why Dakota was able to stay there after the big reveal. Nobody cares too much about just fillers but if she got her jaw shaved down and lied about it then what's left of her career would crumble. Plastic surgery isn't a big deal but lying about it when your fans barely have any reason to like you in the first place would be suicide. Dakota isn't popular enough to pull that off.

No. 147837

That was hilarious. Why did this girl ever want to become a model in the first place? She hates people seeing her. Her chin is fine and I know lots of Japanese girls have meaty chins as well, but jeez this is just sad. It doesn't even look like a natural speakin gesture, it's just like… People are ignoring it to be polite. Maybe she'll go on a show and do that and some ballsy host will ask what she's doing with her hand, lol.

No. 147841

>which is why Dakota was able to stay there after the big reveal

that "big reveal" only happened on /cgl/ and tumblr when they blew up over her fujiTV video. A pretty small insignificant number of English speaking "haters" who knew all along that she was fake anyway. Her Japanese viewers and current fans who know nothing about lolcow/PULL/cgl/tumblr never had any kind of reveal. I honestly think at least 80% of her current fanbase actually believe she only uses common filters in her online selfies and are unaware that she liquifies the fuck out of her jaw, eyes, body like we know she does. She wouldn't have the amount of followers she does if they did.

No. 147844

She's been on tv now almost as much as she's been in print. There's no way any of her fans believe she actually looks like her old shoops anymore. Her entire face and head shape are completely different. As for the filters, it doesn't matter if they think she only uses minimal filters and editing (you'd have to be half blind or half retarded to not notice all that blur and overexposure) because everyone does it and nobody cares about filters. Hell, have you seen how OTT some purikura photos can be? And Japanese girls will still leave comments on them saying shit line "beautiful!" "No make?" "How cute!". They just pretend not to see it I guess and that's mentality is Dakota's saving grace.

No. 147851

She followed another account and gained 10K followers in 10 days. Idk much about if buying followers for IG but doesn't that seem like much? How do people post statistics of others' Twitter/Instagram accounts?

No. 147852

File: 1466833546837.jpeg (234.46 KB, 1024x1024, image.jpeg)

No. 147887

her fanbase consists of old geezers who want a gaijin loli fantasy and young Japanese girls who want a kawaii shoujo model to idolize. Believe me, people are more gullible than you think, why do you think magazines even bother airbrushing if they thought not a single person fell for it? because there are actual people who are still fooled. We know the full extent of Kooti's editing because we have this board where people literally put her terrible candids side-by-side her most ridiculous shoops. The average fangirl probably only sees her on a popteen magazine, her twitter, and maybe a TV appearance if she catches it, and unless you have reason to believe she's fake (like we had thanks to her scene days where everyone already accused her of shooping) then they wouldn't even look for inconsistencies in her appearance.

No. 147922

What ive never understood about Dakota is why does she never take care of her style? It was sorta cute before she left to Japan. Now it consists of ugly casual and ugly sweaters.

Yet we never see her in Katie items, Snidel, Titty & co, Bonbon ect… Does she not paying the money for them or just buying cheap shit and saving up her money so she can flee Japan one day or something?

No. 147926

She's probably broke from buying combini food every day and getting her nails and extensions done every week. Before she stared pretending to be rich with her new ~I live alone in a 2LDK and barely work~ crap she said SE stopped going back to FL for holidays because of money.

No. 147927

Now I just noticed that ring isn't on her finger…

No. 147930


True tbh. She should just gros her hair out and leave her nails too. I know they milked money out of the public through viral days YouTube, blogs and fund raiser ect. But did kota ever actually save before Japan?

If she was smart enough she could have had an online shop in secret and make money for herself.

Idk where her career is going but… She needs to sort her style out.

No. 147931

She probably got sick of dressing kawaii when she realized people in Japan don't dress like that normally. I think she just doesn't have a good sense of style and doesn't want to pay for brand clothes when she can just buy generic clothes and knockoffs. She's posed with/for brand clothes before but never wears any on her own.

She wasn't wearing it for the political high school thing either. Maybe things went south her her and taiko and she had to start picking up jobs again. I don't doubt she was sponging off him while laying low after babyfang failed to let her ego recover.

No. 147934


If you zoom in you can see she is wearing the ring in >>147767

No. 147935

Thats not 10k new followers, thats 1k.

No. 147936

Wow, she definitely bought followers. Then they probably got banned by IG.

No. 147938


So she's blowing cash on extensions, tacky animu nails and instagram followers. How the kawaii goddessu has come far…

She was doing well in her early career, I actually thought Dakota would have lead herself somewhere. Now I just think… foreign model who has a large following, tacky outfits and nails. Not like the girl I first saw who looked cute as a button in cute clothes and had a thing about her.

Now it's just… meh.

No. 147939


Yeah I mean that is understandable. But I'm shocked she hasn't latched on to a new trend… Larme for example which is starting to boom. Maybe Risa is too much competition for her.

No. 147947

She just doesn't have a good sense of style, as evidenced by every outfit post she does. Kawaii dolly stuff is garbage in terms of fashion but it all basically matches everything else and is much more forgiving when it comes to coordinating because everything follows the same colors/patterns/themes. Normalfag clothes require a fashion sense to coordinate.

No. 147952

Stop it, she didn't buy fucking followers. She got 1k new followers in a week, not 10k. 1000 new followers in 7 days is not unreasonable with someone who already has a large following.

No. 147953

File: 1466866740181.png (1.64 MB, 1920x1080, Cihdw_fw7f.png)

she did wear it

No. 147955

File: 1466867532261.png (2.58 MB, 1920x1080, Ciwfqaf_7efahu.png)

you can see it better here…
I just wish that Taiko guy would stop posting closeups of his face and show us his left hand a bit more kek

No. 147959


Oh calm down whiteknighter.

No. 147960


Give it time anon and in another year we'll find out she's hitched or pregnant. If not her then Venoos

No. 147961

I'm not a whiteknight, I just can't stand pure stupidity.

No. 147966


The only stupidity I see is that people still believe she looks like her shoops. Why do people still follow her?

No. 148056

>people still believe she looks like her shoops

Only if the only pics do her they've seen have been her shoops and don't follow her. If your only exposure to her is through shit she posts herself then it's easy to see how some gullible young girls and horny weirdos fall for it. Dakota sure as hell would never post her own candids on IG or Twitter and she doesn't even retweet candids of her at her hair and nail salons. And come to think of it when they do those they never tag her either, so the only way to find them is to search ダコタローズ on Twitter which a lot of people just don't care to do unless they're keeping tabs on her.

No. 148071

File: 1466896242756.png (651.12 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Idk what this says but lol

No. 148097

File: 1466899389981.jpeg (100.58 KB, 640x855, image.jpeg)

This is a trend on Twitter, people face swap with Dacote-chan and post it for giggles. It's like a joke about her face being fake and pasted on.

No. 148099

File: 1466899433249.jpeg (95.99 KB, 621x796, image.jpeg)

No. 148100

File: 1466899496282.jpeg (85.31 KB, 640x784, image.jpeg)


"Dakota Rose next year"

No. 148101

File: 1466899555961.jpeg (93.52 KB, 640x888, image.jpeg)

No. 148103

File: 1466899703027.jpeg (82.1 KB, 640x688, image.jpeg)

but have some Japanese lols at Dakota taking her birth year out of her profile but keeping "20" up there.

No. 148104

That's hilarious. What if that's just what she does when she doesn't feel like shooping her photos

No. 148116

Something about the Japanese seeing right through her bullshit warms my icy little heart.

No. 148122

File: 1466903510089.jpeg (130.91 KB, 640x1088, image.jpeg)

Me too, they can be savage.

No. 148131

So when is Kathy going to swoop in to get all this removed for copyright infringement?

No. 148139

Shen probably had to give up on that after she kept getting all of Dakota's legit work that she didn't even own the rights to taken down.

No. 148168

this reminds me of that time Kiki threw a fit in the comments of an official modeling video and when she didn't win the argument got it removed with "reported for copy right infringement by Dakota Ostrenga" and everything showed up on the official website. lolol so embarrassing

No. 148238

File: 1466937532706.png (124.37 KB, 320x320, IDubbbzTVwCancer.png)

She's Idubbbz.

No. 148251

The fuck do these moonrunes say?

No. 148252

Guys, PLEASE put translations if you're going to post a screenshot.

No. 148301

File: 1466949209003.png (380.76 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Found this on Google, a Seattle based model by the name of Dakota Rose. Racist teenlet Kooter would be screaming.

No. 148305

hey, that's pretty good!

No. 148324

File: 1466955773173.jpg (121.42 KB, 1080x722, bravochristmas2015.jpg)

No. 148325

File: 1466955790467.jpg (105.25 KB, 1080x719, bravoxmas2015.jpg)

No. 148328

These pictures are like a pages out of one of those Where's Waldo books. She really doesn't stand out at all lol.

No. 148329

Why would she be screaming even if she was racist? The girl has curly hair, doesn't mean she's black

No. 148337

are these supposed to be models? why are they all ugly tho

No. 148349


Because that model obviously being mixed race thus far more exotic than kooter. Model height, nicer hair and thinner.

No. 148356

Guarantee she'd be screaming something along the lines of "some nappy headed black girl with giant feet stealing my ~model name~" and how she's totes probably a gross lesbian. Then again I still remember what a raging twat she used to be and I don't think te majority of people familiar with her now do thanks to the Monstrenga pre-Japan baleet-fucking-everything copyright spree.

No. 148398

File: 1466967552828.jpg (94.89 KB, 576x1024, Cl4SUlPVYAAAkfI.jpg)

No. 148485

Even with her hands covering, her chin is mahoosive.

No. 148504


The anons that posted these can't read lol. These tweets aren't saying anything bad about Kota at all.

The one about birthday says "Dakota and I have the same birthday. She's probably
younger than me tho"

And the Last Kiss ones say "omg Dakota rose. This warms my heart. Well, time to get ready!" The last one says "watching Dakota rose and Mori Kohei on Last kiss was tiring lol. What was that even! Too cool!! It's unfair!"

No. 148624

File: 1467020288828.jpg (390.2 KB, 1944x1944, Cl8qR6_VAAAVB4C.jpg)

No. 148627

Ok this one is legit terrifying

No. 148640

So, now she's wearing a seemingly warm jacket, with a sweater, during the hottest and most humid times of the year…. Is she trying to make turtle necks in or what..? It's weirding me out.

No. 148643

File: 1467025884257.jpg (53.76 KB, 477x598, -SIAY1TBqaM.jpg.cf4b73b2e980d8…)

Btw heres a different version of that photo, And she's wearing those same black boots again.

No. 148646

Nice candid. Is there a bigger version?

No. 148648

That was they only size I could find

No. 148649

I forgot to add I grabbed it from pull.

No. 148653

Man, she looks so bad. She looks like an awful bootleg of her shoops.

And the guy too looks way worse in the candid, she probably shopped the shit out of both.

No. 148654

oh gosh thats awful

No. 148655

all that shoop and didnt even fix her teeth wow

No. 148656

Oh man, she's using eyelid glue under her eyes too now.

No. 148658

goddamn. what a far cry from the kotakoti tumblr days of "is that a real person or a doll?". jesus…

No. 148660

these turtlenecks are seriously triggering me

No. 148662

she's probably hoping to sweat away the chunk with all those thick turtlenecks in hot humid summer weather

No. 148665

she has no shame lmao

No. 148667

someone paste her faces together holy shit

No. 148671

savage? i dont see anything savage here

No. 148705

File: 1467045899272.jpg (767.41 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)


No. 148711

Jeez, her gut sticks out more than her bust. No wonder everything she wears lately is baggy and high waisted. And ffs does she only own 2 pairs of shoes? Wow so stylish and rich Dakota.

She really is starting to look like her frumpy mom. I wonder if she's giving up on herself, like why even bother getting fitted for a show when you can't be fucked to style your hair or wear makeup anymore and you have to hide your fat under a wool sweater in summer?

No. 148727

where did you get this candid?

No. 148728

No. 148729

No. 148731

File: 1467051256745.png (188.55 KB, 281x500, image.png)

Back off peadophile lesbians!

No. 148780

>Octopus head Dakota

No. 148789

Maybe she got knocked up, it would explain her extreme lack of giving a shit about her appearance/career lately and all the ugly baggy clothes lol

No. 148791

>her extreme lack of giving a shit about her appearance/career
that's not a pregnancy symptom anon.

No. 148806

hoooooooly shit!

No. 148816

Don't be autistic, everyone knows it's not. Although if she got knocked up she might get married in secret and just fade away into being a housewife/stay at home mom still posting overly edited selfies on insta and trying to drag out her "living doll/real Barbie" title when she wants some attention.

No. 148817

wow she really let herself go

No. 148827

File: 1467079363959.jpg (148.39 KB, 1080x1080, 13414238_561366487371238_18366…)

No. 148897

do you think she is shooping herself uglier so she looks better in real life? kek

No. 149013

File: 1467139387382.gif (1002.02 KB, 250x251, tumblr_m7swmtmv7n1rn95k2o1_250…)

why'd she change her shooping style if it was so initially successful? is she sick enough to think she looks like her selfies and that all candids are just bad angles? how does her family not see how badly shes damaged her brain with this self image shit?

No. 149017

Hm, that sounds so stupid it just might work lol.

I think for any "gaijin" girl that moves to Japan, the beauty ideals over there changes how they use to present themselves. It's basically how this girl (kanadajin3) explains it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aH8pOfbnOY
Also see how Venus changed too (look at her "American VS Japanese Makeup" video)

Dakota's past image may have looked attractive but it didn't translate well in real-life and was unfit with their beauty ideals (big eyes and fresh-looking face; like a toddler).

I also think she's feeling frustrated/inadequate so she's making up for the slack by overdoing it on PS to give herself this unworldly beauty although ironically, is just making it worse with her unrealistic proportions and lazy hack-job editing.

No. 149024

>using kanadajin3's videos as reference

Plus, her look was what got her attention initially. If she had kept it in Japan, she'd probably be more successful.

No. 149028

Yeah, I knew using her video would gain a little criticism here, but it was the only video I could remember that could explain what I meant.

But as I said her past look didn't look good in real life and apparently even a makeup artist said she used too much eye makeup (which is just a rumor, I don't know if that happened or not but could offer further explanation to her change of makeup style). She would also get some flak for using false lashes below her natural bottom lash line (which is a common trick especially in Asia but it just looked too obvious and off)

It's the only explanation I could think of as to why she changed her look since moving there although now thinking about it, I guess it would be impossible to understand Dakota.

No. 149029

I think she stared to change when she realized her fanbase was mostly tumblr outside of Japan and mostly older men/creepy adults/clueless middle school girls. I think she knew she wasn't a "real" model and started changing her look to fit in as a model more, except we piled on makeup is what got her there and she just doesn't suit this new nude faced look she's trying to pull off. Especially not with those giant lenses she still insists on wearing which make her look even weirder.

No. 149035

File: 1467147652957.jpg (131.12 KB, 1200x961, CmDFIalVAAI4tmn.jpg)

No. 149049


I've said it before guys.

She suits her old look what got her famous in pictures. If she kept to that which made her look more like an actual model she would've done well. But she looks better with less make up in videos and real life. I'd just put more make up on for pictures if I was her and less turning up to events.

No. 149057

her head looks so out of proportions compared to her body it's ridiculous

I think she might have reached a point where she is not shooping to fool anybody anymore, but she just shoops herself to satisfy her self with her ideal face.

No. 149074

>I've said it before guys.

Are you dumb? 90% of us have said this for years. At this point it needs to stop being repeated.

No. 149075

She shrank her head so much that it looks even more like shit compared to the other girl.

I really think she should go back to the states and get some real therapy. Growing up in princess Kiki's shadow and pressured into lookin like a prostitot/Cathy's trashy idea of what a "model" is really fucked yo her self esteem & self image. She's tanking her career and I don't think she can even help it at this point.

No. 149079

Someone shoop her chin back in so it matches with the other girl in proportion.

No. 149086


Why are you getting defensive over that? Seriously anon, go nitpick elsewhere or play in traffic. Either which I don't care.

No. 149091

If you didn't care, you wouldn't have replied. Simple as that.

P.S. You should look up the definition of "defensive" before you throw it around.

No. 149098

lol not that anon but you're the only one that sounds defensive over stupid shit.

P.S. don't reply

No. 149121

I wonder if Dakota still copyright claims pics and vids that aren't hers that she couldn't edit? The Bravo portfolio video she did was copyright claimed by her even though it was Bravo's content. Maybe even if she doesn't still do it anymore, her history of doing it before might have made people not want to hire her for work at the risk of her copyright claiming everything. I wouldn't want to deal with that as an employer.

No. 149122

her left (our right) eyeball is fucking enormous lmao. it's bigger than her right eye. other than that, this edit is aesthetically pleasing even though her cheeks seem too much for her chin imo.

No. 149123

it was probably Kiki that copyrighted the Bravo portfolio video. It's also Kiki the one who still copyrights under Dakota's name

No. 149134

>Kiki copyrighting Dakota's Bravo portfolio video

Omg that would be amazing to have proof of. That's like the saltiest thing she could do without actually destroying her.

No. 149145

"Dakota" claimed the video, but it seems to be a copy of the original one uploaded here
It would be funny if "Dakota" (aka Kiki having no life) claims that too.
Also this portfolio video has been removed from Dakota's page of the Bravo Models website, and the house tour remains there. Bravo's still pretending she's this kawai uguu desu model, it's so sad.

No. 149177

File: 1467189761357.jpg (126.7 KB, 1200x962, kimoi.jpg)

No. 149195

she really needs to knock it off with the liquified face shaping, so funny because that girl on the left looks more real than her

No. 149200

aesthetically pleasing? she looks like a fool. It's such a bad shoop that her face alone ruins the entire image. I don't know why she shooped her head coupled with those big glasses, it just makes the photoshopped proportions even more obvious

No. 149221

all i can say to her is
love yourself, girl

No. 149238


I'd love to see the pre-shoop of this with her usual nose-mouth creases and square, meaty jaw.

No. 149254

File: 1467218641704.jpg (220.8 KB, 1200x962, koots_meitu_1.jpg)

No. 149309

File: 1467230027241.png (163.36 KB, 477x320, image.png)


No. 149315

She just got lazy, you know how long it would take her to edit her pics? Let alone a whole video??

No. 149370

Thanks anon! That's really well done. Suddenly her body is in proportion with her head and she looks human again

kek alright maybe "meaty" was too much

No. 149372

File: 1467246799194.jpeg (57.86 KB, 651x528, image.jpeg)

Taken from the jillstuart website is this kooter?

No. 149384

no it's not

No. 149391

File: 1467255107903.jpeg (181.11 KB, 1186x949, image.jpeg)

I got bored at the DMV. I tried.

No. 149396

Btw, this is the version that was posted by the other girl in the photo. I didn't touch the colors. Kota made it b&w

No. 149401

File: 1467256820428.png (421.77 KB, 481x640, image.png)

That girl on the left is >>146669 and she has a pretty unfortunate face (even all her filters can't save her). But she looks ok in kota's photo, which truly shows how much kota edits photos. Pic related.

No. 149403

File: 1467256871320.jpeg (69.44 KB, 600x451, image.jpeg)

Also her boyfriend looks like a wonky male ローラ

No. 149406

File: 1467257333140.jpg (163.65 KB, 283x424, Troll-Doll.jpg)

looks like this

No. 149411

she only looks ok because 50% of her face is shadowed

No. 149416

File: 1467260938291.gif (716.75 KB, 873x700, kooch.gif)

Koochie is evolving into a praying mantis

No. 149444

File: 1467271906779.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 149449

Another terrible outfit.
The whites don't exactly match and it was stupid to pair two different stripe styles together (vertical thin stripes with thick horizontal stripes? wth were you thinking Dakota?)

And of course her disfigured PS-edited proportions are as disturbing as ever.

No. 149450

File: 1467273890501.jpg (56.16 KB, 307x500, c.jpg)

No. 149452

It's late at night and I had to refrain from roaring with laughter.
Good job anon, it reminds me of a long-haired chihuahua.

No. 149472

No. 149504

File: 1467292169529.jpg (10.74 KB, 500x326, 6a00d83451f83a69e2012875933028…)

her eye is melting off her face

No. 149505

Freaking Kota gave me literal nightmares with this edit.

No. 149508

File: 1467293085365.jpg (206.93 KB, 720x1043, IMG_20160630_141530.jpg)

Some mango

No. 149509

File: 1467293169290.jpg (114.36 KB, 720x1044, IMG_20160630_141514.jpg)

And something bizarre

Almost definite choice to have her ring on show there

No. 149510


Are you supposed to wash extensions? Sorry I don't wear them guys and never have so idk much about them. I know her real hair isn't as long as that though.

No. 149511


What bugs me too is that in her early pictures she had no eye bags and now she's trying to pass off that she has them. It's so weird.

No. 149528

i just can't get over how culkin-ish her edits are.

No. 149529

Her middle finger is pretty damn meaty next to the index finger

No. 149546

You are, but idk about washing while they're still clipped into your head. Seems odd.

No. 149547

*washing them while

No. 149550

at least its not a turtle neck

No. 149552

File: 1467303005031.png (7.41 MB, 2048x2048, immelting.png)

pls post hd

No. 149553

File: 1467303075618.jpg (228.85 KB, 720x654, fixd.jpg)


No. 149554

I'm sure her extensions or either taped or pre-bonded. No-one goes to a salon just for clips. It's much easier to take out and put on yourself.

No. 149556

File: 1467303359265.jpg (57.35 KB, 800x266, tape--800x266.jpg)

Forgot the picture.

No. 149580

yeah. I like the filter on this photo. the color version is ugly. black and white seems to make her edits less hideous.

that seems like it rips the fuck out of your hair.

No. 149581

She had such lovely hair when she first went to Japan now its all… Thinner and extensions.

Taylor is there and hers is thicker and pretty

No. 149599

She never had lovely hair, it was always thinned and damaged.

No. 149600

Her hair was already thin when she went to Japan. She was also wearing extensions back then as well, she had clip-ons in all of her pre-Japan videos, so nothing has changed really.

Taylor has good hair, but that is due to genetics, and has nothing to do with being in Japan.

No. 149606

she looks less and less like herself as time passes by

No. 149615

Eh, it was always pretty scanty but during her 2012 era she was pretty good at hiding it.

No. 149632

If she just had bangs, she'd looks heaps better

No. 149640

File: 1467327774955.png (440.09 KB, 535x548, Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 00.0…)


No anon, she'd rather copy Miranda Kerr instead.

No. 149655

Where did her big boobs go? Kek

No. 149657

I love how she's trying to be more relatable lately by using more English and now taking a "no makeup" style selfie. Dakota circa 2 years ago would have never done this, even if it is just as heavily edited as all her other shitty "good" pics. I think she's trying whatever she thinks she has to in order to stay somewhat relevant in order to be able to get work.

No. 149660


Yeah but has anyone seen her in anything lately? Apart from some tv appearances and that runway thing… I haven't seen her in anything.

I would have thought she would be modelling for things like Jillstuart, Titty&co, Honey Salon, ect I barely see her in anything anymore.

No. 149662

Her "Shitene wa" catchphrase on TV didn't catch on. I guess Nihonese TV is tired of her bullshit.

No. 149665

She did the political high school thing where she acted like a bitch, and she's heavily implying she'll be in another runway show soon. Other than that all she's doing is posting selfies and going to hair and nail salons and lunch with friends.

Her work to play ratio is way fucked up for someone on an entertainment visa. She's not an entertainer if she's not getting work. She must be married to someone in the industry who is supporting her financially because once she moved into that 2 bedroom apartment suddenly she went from posting the occasional tiny bedroom selfie and getting lots of work to posting apartment and outfit selfies all day and hardly working. Doesn't make sense unless she's being supported by someone financially in a way that also allows her to stay in Japan. There's no such thing as a "celebrity boyfriend" visa.

No. 149673

It's weird because we got all that "proof" about her being in a relationship with Taiko Katono, but he hasn't been wearing his ring lately (left hand, forefinger). At first I thought he didn't wear it because he was told not to wear it at events and such, but he did wear it in the past at events, shows, etc. I don't want to jump to the conclusion that they aren't dating anymore, but something's fishy about all of this.

No. 149681

She shooped one finger but not the other.

I noticed in other pics of her hands she shoops the hammy fingers REALLY long until they're noodly.

No. 149742

She's shrunk her otherwise hunched shoulder so much that it's caved in lmao. Shoulders don't cave inwards…

No. 149748

I'm wondering why her skirt is so wide. It looks like she has a big butt. Obviously, she didn't touch that area since it would warp the shelves behind her.

No. 149749

File: 1467387422885.png (218.19 KB, 522x341, ????.png)

Her weird edit on her legs makes it look like she's floating.

No. 150054

Lolcow's idea of race is horrifically skewed..

Not all white people are ~pure and pale~? She has light eyes, plus plenty of white people can have olive or darker skin tones with curly hair. Ever seen most italians, greeks or eastern europeans?

No. 150120

>or eastern Europeans
Neither have you apparently because we're generally pretty light with varying skin tones and hair colours, never beyond nc/nw20? Or are you actually trying to say we arr rook same?
Americans are retards

No. 150143

I'm from Moscow lmao

Try harder

No. 150176


You're all autistic.

The point of Dakota screaming about that other model was that she's a racist little shit. Not that the other model is more ~exotic~. Old Dakota would have frothed at the mouth over a non-white model using "her" name and being naturally taller and prettier than her. Not to mention thinner.

No. 150214

File: 1467524687305.jpg (147.97 KB, 720x1044, 1467293169290.jpg)

omg what is this, is she balding?

No. 150216

I've seen much darker white people. Italians, Portuguese, Greeks, etc are usually darker than me and I'm not white SO

No. 150217

just blur tool abuse

No. 150222

I guess technically she is? Like I wonder where the line is, her hair has always been thin but it's definitely thinner now than it was when she got to Japan and I doubt it's all dietary/environmental.

No. 150263

You're a liar.

No. 150304

>this isn't real, it's a shoop! She doesn't really look this awful!

>still of her on tv with minimal makeup ad no shoop
>looks just as bad, if not worse


No. 150355

did you know people who spend a lot of time in the sun get darker?

No. 150362


Shut the fuck up and take it to the race thread in /b/. You're derailing.

No. 150376

churka detected

No. 150415

File: 1467592502737.jpg (150.47 KB, 653x900, image.jpg)


No. 150426


Seen it. There are more striking comparisons of her shoops to her candids out there.

No. 150430

Can someone post or link to the past posts?

No. 150458

Or you could use the catalog and read the past threads. Hell the last one is maxed out and still on the first 5 pages of /pt/. It's not like you'll miss anything, Kooter is hoarding all her milk lately.

No. 150461

File: 1467615196796.jpg (70.58 KB, 500x702, fb.jpg)

she never in a million years would have gone viral if she looked like this in 2012. she probably wouldn't even have had truth blogs or a bigger following than Kiki. I think all the attention she still has now is just a reminisce of how she used to shoop

No. 150474

This. They both would have dropped off the radar years ago, Dakota was starting to fizzle out when her shoops went viral. And Kiki rode her wave of jealousy and started trying to be a musician and model and DJ or else she would have given up by now.

No. 150475

that t-rex arm

No. 150477

ye she is literally shooping herself into underage now

No. 150479

I miss those pictures. She was the only 'living doll' who put so much effort into all of that.

No. 150480

Her and Felice Fawn were internet goddesses.

No. 150597

She actually didn't look too different from her shoops in 2012… she should try being fit thin…. -__-

No. 150604

yeah the only thing was that she would blatantly say that it was ~*all natural*~ even though we could see the lashes across her face. It looked good most of the time she just flubbed it by being a huge liar

No. 150607

This. Dakota get the easiest free ride in the world handed to her and she let her shitty personality and ego ruin it by lying about everything and acting like an antisocial bitch. Sure, she couldn't speak Japanese at first but she was on tv several times anyway so I don't think it would have hurt her much to keep going on tv and doing stuff while she learned.

No. 150671


She did look a lot thinner back then tho

No. 150678

i agree. her face looks significantly fuller and wider in her candid photos and tv appearances than it did before, especially when compared to >>150597

i feel like she has given up on cultivating an image irl. after all, she knows she's going to photoshop the fuck out of herself anyway, and she knows her candid photos will hold a candle to her shooped images

i do wonder if kota's decline will spark kaka to come out of hiding.

No. 150683

What is this weird accent she is sporting? It sounds somewhat Canadian……

No. 150686

that accent is hilarious! she's trying really hard to come off as FOBish or something, probably to add to her ~exotic image~

No. 150693


Tbf she's always sounded weird never really liked her voice

No. 150694

She started using a weird fake accent years ago when she got to Japan and went to Korea. Remember the makeup show she went on where she was using a softened Japanesu accento and spoke super slow and weird? It's nothing new. I think she started doing it to cover up her FL hick twang since people used to call her and her family ignorant rednecks.

No. 150730


No. 150750

who the fuck is cl

No. 150751

It's a joke script that covert replies in the thread. It startedd with an Instagram girl who shooped herself as Korean, and selfposted on lolcow saying she looks like CL from 21NE1.

No. 150752


That was done for April Fools but I didn't think it was going on. I figured it was some troll spamming the Dakota and Kiki thread.

No. 150756

It occasionally happens in random threads, I assume it's mods' way of saying "this thread is shit"

No. 150758


Yeah but with the script you can click on the post and see what it really saids. With these post you can't. It happened in the Kiki thread too. Also keeps bitching about the Taylor thread being locked and the Kiki/Dakota threads are kept up. Maybe the Ostrengas are bored.

No. 150771

It's just some autismo trying to troll.

No. 150906

stfu anon

No. 150928


No. 150942

Almost thought Kiki and Kota fans tried to get this thread closed.

No. 150988

it's Chloe from pull. the bitch is mad that Taylor is banned from being posted to lolcow. she posted test to 2ch to see if her trip code worked there and now she's here. mixed her up with deburin when I reported the posts. they both have hard ons for Taylor.

No. 151046

File: 1467750247751.jpg (441.72 KB, 2048x1536, CmmyZDdVMAAoPoC.jpg)

No. 151060

Wake me up when summer ends

No. 151062

Lmao right?
I'm in near awe at how especially shit everythings been lately. Like, fucking hell.

No. 151065

… isnt pull like where people GO to be vapid cunts or is her hate boner so big that she cant contain it to one site?

No. 151085

Jesus Christ…. not only are the spamming this thread but the Kiki thread as well, at first I thought it was the Ostrengas being assholes.

No. 151090

At least her lip shape is better? /reaching

No. 151091

I guess the appeal of being able to post anonymously over and over again until something actually happens is just too much for the feeble PULLtard and their massive need for attention.

No. 151121

she looks like a goddamn fish. step away from the bloat tool and lip liner, jesus christ.

No. 151122

her eyes freak me out in this

No. 151136

I actually like some of her alien baby shops. I'd be scared irl but in pictures I think they're cute.

No. 151180

Any mods want to ban this spaz?

No. 151228

My admins, my admins, why have you forsaken us?!

No. 151285

Whoever this shitposter is they need to be perma-banned

No. 151359

Jfc, take it to manure already, fuck

No. 151439


No. 151496

Why so hellbent on forcing admin to lock those threads though?

No. 151499

Because one of those is the spammer, and they got jealous of Taylor for being prettier and less cow-worthy than them lol.

No. 151513

Oh, so that's what she's trying to do

No. 151522

Why can't they just make a hate tumblr like a normal person

No. 151540

>like a normal person

No. 151547

What kind of disability do you have? Are you upset because Taylor doesn't have one? :/ We can't all be special like you

No. 151559

Your life must be pathetic if you can't even manage to hang around a community of internet autists without making yourself into the village idiot. You're a waste.

No. 151800

It's because she shoops them farther apart than they actually are in addition to enlarging and brightening them.

No. 151814

I honestly don't see this site lasting much longer imho. The whole thing was made so that when Dakota/PT threads got banned from /cgl/ this is where they could be discussed. Now control over it has been handed to some new mod who gives zero fucks about it and is, from what I can tell, trying to turn it into a general girlchan rather than a gossip site.

No. 151822

things change, get over it. if you don't like it you don't have to come here

No. 151827

Oh look, it's the new mod.

You realize that once you finish making this site into what you want it to be it's probably gonna die, right? Plenty of much larger sites have failed because the majority of it's user base loses interest and the remaining few just aren't enough to keep it afloat. There's already a /cgl/, so idk what the point of sandbagging lolcow even is. You can claim it's for "quality control" all you want but as long as you blatantly ignore the streams of shitposters just because you don't like the subject of the thread you're not gonna be a good mod, because biased mods are the ones that always kill forums. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this site turns into such a pussfest that people start using trip codes and starting ootd and self post threads unironially.

No. 151835

No 1 curr just go spam about Taylor on pull

No. 151838

… How does it even slightly look like the site's becoming that? Are you high? I was active in several of the threads that were cut down and yeah, looking back at them it was just us nitpicking shit that didnt matter (i.e. pixielocks and Taylor) so calm yourself or you could easily just leave?

No. 151840

you absolute moron i'm not the mod. i just don't understand why you're getting your panties in a twist over ~what lolcow is becoming~

nobody's making you check this website? why do you care so much about it anyway, it IS just a website at the end of the day. stop being salty and leave if it's becoming so awful for you, lol

No. 151848

>3 incredibly similar posts using similar typing style less than 15 minutes apart

Lol, you're cute. But none of what I was was in anger or spite, I was just stating facts. Idk anything about Taylor and I never read any of her threads so Idfk why lately everyone is blaming everything on her fans (not do I care to go read her thread to find out). As for the "nitpicking" this entire site was nothing but nitpicking from day one, it never had any other purpose but to talk shit and spread rumors and hypotheticals about lulzy, cringeworthy weebs. The only issue with "nitpicking" and "thread quality" was that dead threads kept getting bumped when there was no milk with pointless BS posts or derailed with off topic autism like the race arguments.

No. 151857

File: 1467823797575.jpeg (56.28 KB, 640x765, image.jpeg)

She's trying to explain American slang on her Line blog, which I guess goes hand in hand with her using more English lately. Maybe this will be her new gimmick and she'll start throwing out more English words on tv and playing up to the American stereotype.

No. 151858

not that poster, but you gotta admit that stuff like the CL posts ITT are not a good sign for the site. That poster's IP should be banned for a week or so and their spam deleted, and the fact that it's been left up ongoing for two days is kind of…
I mean, maybe it is the new mod's way of saying she doesn't like Dakota threads, but making her personal bias so obvious within the first week of her reign would be a really, really shitty move. Part of the reason why people loved OG Admin was because they felt like he was an impartial judge.

anyways, back on topic: Dakota.
Where is this from?
It's sort of a bummer that Dakota looks like she's completely abandoned her 'kawaii style', but maybe she's trying to look more mature now that she's nearing her early twenties. which might also explain why she lost the Popteen gig–can't call herself a 'teen' after this year anymore.

No. 151864

oh my actual fuck I am >>151838 only. If you're so sad and delusional that you have to think that people who dont agree your vague as fuck typing means we're the same you actually do need to leave this site cause fuck 'wow there cant POSSIBLY be more than one person that disagrees with me'

How the fuck does it mean that she doesn't like Dakota threads??? How does it show any kind of bias? Maybe newadmin has this magical thing called real life issues or do you think that they get paid to do this shit and are obliged to sit at their computer making sure the site is running in perfect working condition. Also no one gives a fuck because OG admin aint here no more so it's an invalid argument.

No. 151879

woah, there, take a chill pill, anonette.
all i'm saying is that leaving this kind of spam to clog up threads (while spam posts elsewhere seem to be being dealt with) shows that either a) the post filter was briefly enacted by the mod to 'punish' posters itt or b) she doesn't give a shit about Dakota and simply hasn't seen it yet. which considering the # of posts, would be surprising. i'm not bashing the new moderation, but I think we can agree that she might need to hire on some farmhands if IRL stuff is being a big distraction, yeah?
Anyways, this isn't the thread for us to debate this topic, so if you'd really like to talk about it, maybe cross-link a response to the /meta/ thread?

No. 151881

Hitting her early 20s?! Anon shes 23 22/23 she isnt 20

No. 151882

She's actually 24

No. 151884


Same anon.

My bad, I though she was from 1992, but she was born on 9/19/93

No. 151897

Exactly. The new mod hates Dakota/Kiki/Taylor threads and shows it by letting that CL bot shit max the threads out like the Kiki one did. If she had any balls or even any sense of how to run a forum she would just delete/lock the threads instead of this petty passive aggressive BS.

First of all, stop acting like such an angry summerfaggot. Second:

>Also no one gives a fuck because OG admin aint here no more so it's an invalid argument.

Nobody is complaining about OG mod. OG mod was boss. It's the new mod that sucks hairy, diseased labias.

No. 151911

Settle your autistic ass down. Mod clearly handled the situation. It was annoying but if the admin is the only person it's kind of ridiculous to expect them to babysit this site 24/7.

No. 151915

I remember an old myspace pic of kooter's where it was a trend to write people's names on your hand

Who was IAN? I remember seeing IAN on her hand in some shit old selfie once

No. 151935

You realize this site is more of a burden on Admin than an asset. Requires tons of time while this site has ZERO revenue. Why would admin give a shit if it fails? It's really a hobby at this point and we're lucky that it still exists after last Admin booking it.

No. 151938

>Settle your autistic ass down

No u

>Mod clearly handled the situation

lol when? The Kiki thread maxed out with HNNNG KAWAII CL BEAUTY type shit all while new mod was up in here white knighting herself like an angry assburger. And if she can't handle a site as small and slow as lolcow then maybe she should start a bit smaller, like maybe start a furry guild on gaiaonline. That might be more her speed.

If the site is such a burden then she never should have taken it on. It's not that hard to run an anonymous chan-type forum, as long as you enforce some basic rules (like no illegal shit, no CP/gore, etc.) it pretty much runs itself. New mod fucked up by trying to jump in and fuck with things.

>wah thread quality sux ur all just jellyfats nitpicking

That's all this site ever was, that's why it was made, nobody ever forced any of you to come here.

No. 151939

The spam has been taken care of. It was the same person making the Taylor spam, go figure.

Dakota threads were actually my favorite, but now that I've taken on administration I can't just sit and hang out in my favorite threads. I've spent most of my time in the report queue and trying to catch up on stuff that never interested me because I have to be impartial. Instead of posting and lurking I am now moderating so I don't get to pick favourites, now.
If you are ever particularly concerned about some kind of spamming or shitposting going on, leave a detailed report. When I'm checking on reports and there's no reason given I have to manually go into each thread and read through it for context to make sure I'm not banning someone for making a sarcastic post by mistake. If there are a lot of reports made about one particular post then I am more inclined to be expedient. The spam in this thread had been reported but I hadn't deleted it yet since that same poster had made two Taylor threads that I was leaving locked for archival reasons, but maybe I should have just deleted them each one by one.

No. 151940


Ty admin-sama. Some of us here appreciate your efforts. <3 Modding this site is probably a shitshow.

Besides, a couple hours of spam at 4 in the morning is really not a huge deal for a site this small. I didn't even expect any mods to be up at that time anyway.

No. 151948


Then why are you here? If you think you can do it better, then do it instead of throwing a temper tantrum over an image board not being run the way you want it to be.

And what's preventing you from starting a new Kiki thread? There's a whole lot of whining but very little initiative to actually do anything.

No. 151952

I understand the admins and mod might have a life but it was still annoying several boards were overflowing with spam. I'm not asking for them to babysit the website 24/7 but at least check up on it once and awhile and make sure it's not being overrun by retards.

DIfferent anon here, I thought about starting a new Kiki thread in PT but I figured to leave it alone since there isn't new to talk about.


No. 152047


No. 152113

Oh, brb, gotta go take a bath.
(Explaining the meaning of BRB)
That's all for English slang lesson for today, lol

No. 152142

Except… why would you use brb in a blog post

No. 152149

from when the attacks keep happening I'm going to assume admin-chan is on the east coast and is asleep when they do happen since by the time I wake up it's usually cleared out. I wonder if there will be a call for new farmhands anytime soon but then again rn I wouldnt trust anyone applying

More importantly why would she think Japanese people wouldnt know what BRB means? Feels super condescending like 'ah yes get some knowledge from the great kooters'

No. 152150

Japanese kids think American slang is totemo kakoii but they know basic shit like brb and jk and stuff. This is just Dakota trying to appreciate more relatable and exotic at the same time except she's so out of touch with anything except her phone and her computer that her attempts fall short. It was the same way when she was in FL, she just did whatever Kiki did and kept to herself otherwise. She really doesn't seem to have any personality at all now that she ditched the kawaii animu crap.

No. 152352

File: 1467957177948.jpg (206.55 KB, 1200x1200, Cm0b_g5UMAAUkQ8.jpg)


No. 152353

Funny how the shape of her head doesn't match her reflection in the mirror.

No. 152354


god her shoops are fucking shameless

No. 152355

Her leg looks thicker in the mirror too.

No. 152357

hold me.

No. 152359

what if you woke up in the middle of the night and just saw that thing standing at the end of your bed.

No. 152382

File: 1467965021771.jpg (104.46 KB, 500x712, 0_83d44_ee3a8916_XL.jpg)

I wish she still shooped herself like this. These shoops actually were gorgeous. what the fuck is she even doing now?

No. 152385

This shop style was way cuter and she actually kind of sort of still looked something like she does in reality.

No. 152388

i wish i was skilful to shop like this they are more unreal than the recent shops!

No. 152390

that top lip looks so fucked up

No. 152391

File: 1467972899541.jpg (249.96 KB, 980x594, fb.jpg)

remember in 2012 when everyone blew up over the pic on the left because it was so obviously fake, and she ended up deleting it in a hurry? and now look where we are.

No. 152393

between the sjws and the admin leaving and all the schoolfags, this place is just depressing as hell now

No. 152395


pissing myself laughing

No. 152396

File: 1467975025015.png (558.29 KB, 712x470, Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.4…)

No. 152397

File: 1467975064524.png (183.92 KB, 343x421, Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.5…)

No. 152401

This. It's realistic to expect some photoshop but if I was Dakota and showed up to a modeling job looking absolutely nothing like her current baby alien shopping I would be embarrassed. But her past shops got her in trouble too when she went to Korea so you would think she would have learned.

No. 152406

File: 1467980367228.png (540.64 KB, 617x758, Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 13.1…)

No. 152407

I think about the reaction to the left pic every time she creates a new ridiculous face.

Oh Koots we all know your legs look nothing like that…

No. 152408

Again, with the turtleneck sweaters in the middle of fucking Japanese summer. If this photo was actually taken recently, she needs to lift some damn weights to tone her arm flab instead of hiding in that getup.

No. 152413

wanna know something funny? i have see dakota walk about in the city and her legs look fuck all like that

No. 152417

someone edit that photo and flip it upside down holy fuck her reflection on the floor doesnt even look like her legs AHAHA

No. 152418

File: 1467983125310.png (113.58 KB, 328x206, 1467980367228.png)

No. 152419

File: 1467983253328.png (38.3 KB, 160x127, 1467980367228.png)

dat vagina slip doe

No. 152420

spread your legs kooter SPREAD THEM

No. 152421

yelled the lesbian faggot

No. 152422

No. 152423

She tried to shoop her legs skinny but you can still see that flap of flab hanging down…

No. 152424

File: 1467984043888.jpg (22.3 KB, 510x325, gastrocnemius.jpg)

i study anatomy and i've never seen gastrocnemius hang like that wtf

No. 152426

maybe dakocka is just very flabby

No. 152427

File: 1467984219481.jpg (118.71 KB, 1024x1024, 548_zpsc5c4e0c5.jpg)

Her face shoop is so creepy. In a year her pics will look like this.

No. 152430

lol she looks like moesha.

No. 152431

Was she wearing these hot sweaters? I wonder if she pregnant trying to hide it..

No. 152432

And it's such a weird photo to pose for, there is no-one on the couch. She trying to pull the gamer grill. "look I'm caught off guard", just to edit it and put it on the internet…Lame.

No. 152433

no, even if she was she can just shoop the belly out lol

No. 152435

good point

No. 152438

File: 1467986822864.jpg (189.81 KB, 735x929, fb.jpg)

tried to de-shoop, man it was hard

No. 152440

No. 152443

"mmm cheese crackers"

No. 152445

File: 1467989345069.jpeg (61.05 KB, 640x771, image.jpeg)

someone please gift this bitch a book on anatomy and teach her what an ankle is

how long til Kootz hops on the twitch bandwagon? a live stream of her staring vapidly into the camera and making as little movement and emotion as possible would be great

No. 152452

File: 1467991144646.jpeg (133.43 KB, 600x835, image.jpeg)

older photo in a similar pose for comparison, also obviously shopped

No. 152453

File: 1467991281105.jpeg (119.37 KB, 600x875, image.jpeg)

No. 152456

My first look at this I thought she had 4 toes on her left foot and had whooped one out.

No. 152461

Those cankles in the reflection. I bet she eats too much salt

No. 152467

Lmao, she's so untoned. Do some calf raises, kooter.

No. 152469


the best when she said this wasn't a wig

No. 152722

sage for ot, but what is this style of loafer? every time I search for a pair I always get the square toed ones or fucking moccasins.

No. 152814

She probably doesn't know since she's never had ankles without shoop. Even at the height of her ED she still had straight up & down cankles from foot to calf. You can hide white trash genetics with makeup and shoops but guuuurl you can never get rid of that ugly reminder of your mediocrity.

She's said before she eats a lot of kombini and instant food and loves soy sauce so yeah, probably. Not to mention her shit diet because ~muh pseudo-veganism gimmick~ and probably zero exercise aside from walking to and from her living room and bathroom.

Get pics next time. Even better! Act like a fan and fawn over her and ask for a pic.

No. 152819

File: 1468026224803.png (7.51 MB, 2048x2048, hodor.png)

i think she forgets you get the hi-def version of her twitter pictures

No. 152822

File: 1468028041548.jpg (71.08 KB, 1136x640, image.jpg)

Are you proud of me.

No. 152825

What is anatomy

No. 152828

Her anatomy in this photo is like a kawaii female slenderman.

> Slenderkooter : The Eight Turtlenecks

Tbf she'd actually make a really uncanny valley horror game character in her shoop form.

No. 152850

File: 1468031748020.png (7.91 MB, 2048x2048, fuckplsno.png)

i love kota and I'm high right now hoLY fuck when I saw this picture I immediately thought of this and i know shit skillz but i am j\h\\\high

No. 152854

when ya foots bigger than ur head

ikr that leg is freaking me out

No. 152856


> white trash genetics

the fuck? gtfo racist chan

No. 152919

Do you even know what white trash is? Uneducated, unmotivated, low class racist white people who are lazy, don't want to work and don't usually finish school or ever accomplish anything worthwhile but still somehow think they're so much better and smarter than everyone else for some inconceivable reason while being a complete laughing stock and/or cringe fest to everyone else around them with a normal, functioning brain. All of this describes each of the Ostrengas to a T. See also: Mira, Sere, Megan Marie, etc.

>Anyway it doesn't matter since it's not even possible to be racist against white people, teehee~

No. 152951

Four toes on her left foot.

No. 152962

i know no one is supposed to defend kooter, but there are times like this where it gets fucking ridiculous. anon, you're spewing shit you don't know. the ostrengas are most likely upper-middle class, they live in a big ass house and scott (at least once) had a very high paying job. dakota did achieve something. she moved out, became a model in japan, appeared on tv, and got free travels to korea and china to do photoshoots among other shit. that's way more than you can say for literally everybody else on lolcow, more than half of them would kill for any of the above. and she's only a laughing stock to us, everyone else eats up her shit, that's why she is where she is.

>inb4 hi kiki/dakota/cathy

No. 152985

>most likely upper-middle class
>they live in a big ass house
>scott (at least once) had a very high paying job
What are you basing this off of? They've been in debt for a very long time, and Cathy, Kiki and Dakota literally had to live with their grandmother at some point.
>that's way more than you can say for literally everybody else on lolcow, more than half of them would kill for any of the above.
Not everyone here is a failure, anon.
>and she's only a laughing stock to us, everyone else eats up her shit, that's why she is where she is.
Not really. You can only count a few people will recognize her, and even then there's usually someone ready to call her out on Photoshop. That, and her popularity in Japan is dwindling to shitty/questionably sexual bits in variety shows.

No. 152990

>Anyway it doesn't matter since it's not even possible to be racist against white people, teehee~
lmao you salty af, sucks not to be white?

that racist anon is most likely jealous so…

No. 152992


Stormtroopers are scamming up this site guys

No. 153003

most of us think having a secure job is way more impressive than burning our before you're even 25. You realize how sad that is right? Kooters isnt even 25 and she hasnt had actual modelling work in months. She's already done with. No one in Korea even remembers her anymore and most of her following in Japan doesnt care that much (proof enough of no one trying to find her during the day etc).

Let's be real the only reason she's taken 'out of the house'pics lately is to try and prove to us that she isnt just a shut in.She was never shy about bragging about her work before and now the best she can do is try and tell her followers 'super cool english slang'

No. 153005

not gonna risk looking like a stalker and find pictures lol, but they live in a 6 bedroom house in a very nice part of town. some idiot from PULL found their address and posted google map images along with a peoplefinder website that showed all the details about them and their property in a thread in the old website.

during the Danny Cespides thing scott used to have a very well paying job that he had to quit because cathy got paranoid of Danny's family and forced the family to move cities. it said so on one of the documents in their archive. they only filed bankruptcy or whatever to avoid being sued by the Cespides family over Danny's death. they probably put the house under the grandmother's name for that reason, cause i don't see why an old lady would want a house with 6 rooms if she was originally living alone.

name someone posted on here that has had better success than her? besides onision and the like lol

>You can only count a few people will recognize her

there are look-alike weebs like peachmilkytea who have posted on instagram that they were stopped in Japan by people asking if they were Dakota. i know she's not celebrity famous, but people have been saying since 2012 that her career is over/she's going back home any day now/nobody knows about her/she'll never do X. even before she went to japan there were people saying "it's a lie/she doesn't have a contract with anyone/bravo is not a legitimate modeling agency/they're gonna send her back when they see her irl yada yada. 3 years later, her face is on giant billboards, she's on TV and nothing's changed lol

No. 153009


doesn't matter. my point is that you can't say that leaving your house at a young age to work in a foreign country as a model, learning a foreign language, appearing in magazines/tv/news/etc, and whatever else she's done isn't "accomplishing something", like anon up there suggested.

>most of us think having a secure job is way more impressive than burning our before you're even 25

so you predict she's gonna be poor and homeless by 25? what makes you think that's the fate of all models after they wear out? if anything the connections she's made is going to make it easier than most people to stay stable after she quits modeling.

No. 153010

File: 1468068796703.png (1.06 MB, 1200x840, Stormtroopers-SWRFacebook.png)


No. 153014

>name someone posted on here that has had better success than her? besides onision and the like lol
Why wouldn't Onision count? Anyway: Valeria Lukyanova, Yukapon (they're on the same level, I guess. People even mistook other weeb dancer lookalikes for Yukapon when they went to Japan at times), Nikki Lipstick, Jefree Star, Beckii Cruel (albeit for a much shorter time period), and a few more.
Dakota isn't some amazing success story, it's just that the people here, on PULL and /cgl/ are obsessed with her and have been following her life for a while, so she seems relevant and magnified.

No. 153016

I searched rounded loafers and the pictures look similar

No. 153020

how the fuck did what I say mean she's gonna be poor and homeless??? My point is supposed to be: She has nothing else. Most other models have a backup plan or at least model up until 30 but dakota is '20' and is already washed up. Her attempts at other things flopped hard so I'm sure her current sugar daddy will keep supporting her but she has nothing else.

>leaving your house at a young age
>working in a foreign country
>Learning a foreign language
>appearing in magazines/tv/news/etc

None of these things are hard to achieve. I've personally actually done 3 of the four (technically appeared in newspapers but w/e) She hasnt even been able to hold onto that job for very long. It's extremely EXTREMELY easy for younger girls to be models in fact Dakota should still be getting work but she ISNT that's the thing. She's '20' and yet she's already got a whole bunch of nothing ahead of her.

Let's be real: MOST cows are more famous than Dakota you're mindset is just skewed because you find being in Japan impressive. If anything Jessica Nigri is doing international work all the time and is actually world known. Dakota at this point in time isnt even known in Japan. No one outside of the people who are following her for drama/lulz or the generic 'shooped instagram girl' followers give a shit who she is.

Sure she achieved things with her life: 4 years ago. What is she doing NOW? ESPECIALLY in the modelling world you're only as good as your last shoot/show/job and her last show was what again? oh yeah talking about politics.

She hasnt been working enough to actually support herself. She has no connections cause she has no friends. Also if she had any 'connections' why doesnt she have work now? You're honestly talking out your ass right now with lots of 'wishful thinking' that doesnt work in the real world.

No. 153024

This is the one where she has an apartment tour at her old place… she shows her sketches and they're like the ones she used to design back when KND was a thing.

Shame she never really got a fashion label…

No. 153035

File: 1468077608118.png (441.42 KB, 841x367, suspicious.png)

The more I look at it and think about it the more I think he 'fame' was staged. After she got confirmed for business in Japan her view count immediately dropped. there were one or two videos after this that got over a million views but before that she got consistently 1-almost 10 mil views on videos yet since she settled she really hasnt hit that mark. I mean that doesnt make much sense since there was a point in that time where she was arguably 'known' in japan and still talked about in the states.

No. 153046


That's only their house because cayhy's mother left it to them when she died. They went bankrupt in Chicago and moved in with the grandmother because they were broke, and yes Scott get a good job in FL but again, around the time of the Danny fiasco he somehow lost or left it. Not Lon after that is when Kiki started selling off all her music equipment and starting up her tacky overpriced garbage shops online and crowdfunding for trips to LA and MacBooks and whatever else. Not to mention Cathy trying to sue everyone every chance she gets. I don't doubt they have enough money to support themselves but they aren't upper middle class just because they live where other upper middle class people do in a house they didn't pay for and is more than likely paid off.

And beside all that, you can have money and still be white trash. It's actually super common in Florida/the south in general.

No. 153055

That happened because she stopped updating and uploading videos regularly. If you don't keep a constant stream of
content, people lose interest pretty fast. She wSnted to focus more on irl work in Japan, and also alienated her entire western audience

No. 153071

Nope. The 'new outfit video HD' was less than a month before 'FAQ qith Passport for blog'

No. 153077

I've always been curious about that, too. It doesn't make sense that she started ignoring YT when se got to Japan because she could have stuck with it making outfit videos and even Japanese language videos without English subs and still held an audience in Japan and collected dat sweet sweet ad revenue. Popular youtubers can make a ton of money just on their videos alone without working, so she could have been making bank. Ike why would you just let that die?? That's beyond being lazy. Unless she dropped it on purpose because te money was going to Cathy's bank account since she was "16" and probably didn't have a bank account of her own?

No. 153078

I'm laughing at the fact that they think you need to be poor to be white trash.

Have they never heard about honey booboo?? Or hell even the super rich duck guys whatever their name was. If anything from what I know white trash often has more money than they seem they're just too stupid.

No. 153085


Southerner turned west coaster here, I've found that people outside the south aren't really familiar with the term white trash which must explain the sperg reaction. It makes sense I guess since it's not a term used widely online and if you're not from anywhere it's used I guess it can be mistaken for a racist slur when really it goes way back to the old south (think Gone With the Wind) where it was used to refer to people who weren't from upper class families and/or acted in ways the upper class frowned upon.

>safe for podunk

No. 153094

Still doesn't take away from the fact that she stopped writing blogs/ updates and stopped writing in english almost altogether and stopped posting on tumblr as well. Her updates were slow and sporadic, and people don't like that. They move onto the next thing.

No. 153115

Exactly. And even worse she has no new tricks or talents to win back a new audience with. She's a one trick pony that's played out and now she's too old by Japan standards to start over, and even if she wasn't she's shown that she's unwilling to put any effort into a backup plan (I.e. Babyfang). Her only gimmick is she's a rude white girl who speaks Japanese and went viral that one time several years ago.

No. 153155

>>She hasn't even been able to hold onto that job for very long.
This. Every brand she has worked with has dropped her. Even baby the stars shine bright who keeps bringing yukapon back dropped her. So there you go, even yukapon can keep her jobs better than kooters.

No. 153162

That's not surprising considering Yuka actually takes care of her figure and tries to get jobs. Dakota just sits in her apartment waiting for everything to fall into her overinflated lap, which isn't going to keep happening even with her connections if she doesn't go on a diet or start working out. Her sugar daddy might not have a high standard for her as far as looks of personality goes if she's letting herself go like this but she should at least stop trying to pretend she's some famous beautiful model/celebrity when nobody but Bravo-senpai even cares about her anymore.

I feel like Dakota is only relevant anymore because other dumb young weebs see how plain she is and how little she cares about her appearance/lack of personality or friends/no social life and yet she still has someone taking care of her and keeping her in Japan so she can fuck around playing video games and taking selfies all day and think they can have it too. And I guess they could? I mean usually rich sugar daddies have higher standards, idk about Japanese SDs in particular but it's plain to see that Japanese men don't have a good eye for white women when it comes to looks, but if they're willing to ignore a shit personality, a vulgar past and a complete lack of regard for one's future and refusal to grow up and be an adult then maybe they can get a free ride meal ticket visa hubby too? That's why people keep tabs on her, not because she's attractive or stylish or interesting (which she hasn't been since she went viral and got laughed out of Korea lbr). She's living a lazy Tumblr weeb's wet dream.

No. 153165


^ Kooter's life in a nut shell


No. 153233

what's the story with kooter and korea? I mustve missed that whole thing.

No. 153238

She was a guest on this T.V. show and in a nutshell, when she came out on stage the hosts were surprised she didn't look anything like her pictures or videos. From what I remember they took jabs at her because of it.

No. 153305

This, but also she was asked to do one of the hosts' makeup and it looked terrible and they were laughing at it right in front of her. She got mad and just said "I tried my best" but after she said she hated kimchi on Twitter Korea was really done with her. They're savage.

No. 153315

I thought she also said she didn't like kimchi and a lot of koreans took it personally.
Or was that just PULL shit?

No. 153320

No, that was real. It was back when she barely knew Japanese, a Korean Twitter user asked her if she liked kimchi and she said "kimchi kirai" which is a really strong way of saying "I hate kimchi" which is a fast way to make Koreans butthurt since kimchi is like, one of the top 3 major aspects of their culture. She probably didn't mean to sounds like a twat, or maybe she did since that was after the TV show incident but after that kimchi comment she got flamed hard by Twitter's Korean users and Elle/Etude House dropped her. She deleted it long ago ofc.

No. 153321

They were laughing at her right to her face and using the language barrier as a shield to do so. She had a translator there on set since she didn't speak Korean but one of the hosts also spoke English and neither of them translated what they were saying about her makeup and shoops except when they asked "do you use fake lashes? Lenses?" all of which she denied of course. One part that stuck out in my mind was when a host asked her how she got her lashes to be so long (they were fake) and she said in her fake Japanese accent "um, well… Ahn eyelashhh curlar is… Vewry inpordant" and then the camera zoomed way in and you could see they were fake but she claimed they weren't because "there's no visible lash glue" which doesn't mean squat since you can easily get black eyelash glue.

No. 153333


Kek it always makes me laugh this story.

If she was clever she should've ignored it if she disliked it or just lied like she always does.

Dammit koots

No. 153350

Oh my god, I forgot about that. Now I remember the host looking into the mirror kind of :|

No. 153352

This video is still on youtube. Can someone who speaks Korean tell, whether that is really what the hosts are saying? I mean, making fun of her? Because to me it looks they are in awe of her looks. Also, I don't see any fake lashes, just her natural, long lashes caked in mascara.

No. 153357

Yeah I was the one who screenshotted some of the Korean tweets in response to her hating on kimchi. A bunch were in funny English but they were angry and thought she was rude.

No. 153358

I wasn't sure about the fake lashes until someone slowed down and sharpened the video. Then it seemed pretty clear that she was using subtle fakes. But the video was on PULL 1.0 I think.

No. 153361

They don't say anything openly rude but they were still laughing at her and doing the usual "you don't look like your pictures" comments. It wasn't until she did the makeup on the host that they really started laughing at her and she got irritated. After it aired and English subs of it started popping up on YT she stopped pretending to give a shit about Korea right around the same time as >>153320

No. 153377

It was such whiplash when one of the Korean presenters spoke English with an American accent at 4:00. Dakota must've looked/felt like a damn fool, trying to fake a soft ESL accent lmao.

No. 153379

Holy shit I forgot about that part! Haha yeah, that's what tends to happen when every part of you is hella fake and you run into the real deal. You look like a gigantic ass lol

No. 153388


What always got me in that video when she talks she squints her eyes evilly and quirks her brow as if to say "Be fooled mother fuckers".

No. 153397

>Those shady ass close-ups into her face
I love Korea, god bless.

No. 153403

Me too, anon. KPOP is garbage but Koreans give no fucks about calling your bullshit. And I love how they all shoop themselves to shit and get tons of plastic surgery and yet they still shat on Dakota for doing exactly the same shit.

No. 153417


The irony is golden

No. 153419

The thing is Koreans are fine if you do surgery to look like your pictures but they are not alright with shop and not looking a thing like your pictures, that's why Dakota's fanbase in korea quickly diminished after her irl pics got out. In the korea makeup appearance the sides of her jaw look edited

No. 153422

They're actually fine with heavy shooping as long as it's stuff like whitening, acne ad color correction and teeth whitening, but changing your entire face and jaw shape and moving your eyes wider and wider apart was neer gonna fly there.

No. 153425

Koreans are the true superficial cunts of this planet tbh

No. 153426

most korean girls edit their photos to hell in back, but everyone does it so no one really cares. the only thing is they don't usually shoop and instead use angles to try and hide face shape, then just brighten/blur their skin and slap a filter on it

no one looks like their profile pictures

No. 153427

> *hell AND back
sorry about my shit english

No. 153845

File: 1468225909638.jpg (16.3 KB, 449x400, 403744970.jpg)

No. 153846

not google-translated iirc

No. 154042

It probably was google translated by the Korean girl that posted it, she must've thought dakoko didn't know Japanese well enough and that she should try to use English.

No. 154210

File: 1468317263087.jpg (371.66 KB, 2048x1813, CnJ8psyUEAEavWR.jpg)

No. 154211

This one looks kinda good.

No. 154217

If she actually looked like this, I would kiss her ass every day

…Too bad she doesn't.

No. 154218

Look how airbrushed her face is, and the rest of the car is grainy. I'd love to see a candid from the same day.

No. 154220

Why is she all of a sudden hopping on the big eyebrow cara Delevingne trend

No. 154221

At least she's wearing a bit more eye makeup, but she still looks bad. Like a bad wax figure.

No. 154227

I just noticed how much her and that kittyphina girl or whatever she's called look alike. Kooter used to look so mich better than her and now they look the same. That girl's instagram is b4by.jpg and she has a gross overbite and used to be the #1 kotaclone

No. 154228

I just noticed how much her and that kittyphina girl or whatever she's called look alike. Kooter used to look so much better than her and now they look the same. That girl's instagram is b4by.jpg and she has a gross overbite and used to be the #1 kotaclone

No. 154232

File: 1468325020790.jpeg (774.31 KB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)

No. 154234

File: 1468325907351.jpg (33.78 KB, 375x400, tumblr_mcbjalGzbj1ruu8zqo1_400…)


the way she's shooping herself right now reminds me a lot of yazawa's characters: big eyes, lips, and foreheads.

No. 154238

That arm shoop.

No. 154240

File: 1468327494811.jpg (135.04 KB, 1024x768, dakots.jpg)

No. 154252

She looks kind of cute there and yes shes looking like the NANA characters. I actually decided to check on her a month ago when I remembered the living doll trend since she and that russian girl were the most popular ones and I was not ready for the alien fetus I encountered. She really lost it.

No. 154255

From 00:28, Taylor explains that she has to leave the country to renew her entertainment visa which expires every three months. Unless there's any evidence that Kota does the same, we could assume that she has a different type of visa…

No. 154261


She's fuckin somebody

No. 154262

I miss seeing her in ads and shit, I loved comparing her real face to whatever shoops she puts online.

We already she probably has a different visa, chances are she's married or she has an actual working visa that needs to be renewed every few years

No. 154283

She has massive its hasnt she ever considered going for a breast reduction? Like don't get me wrong but the kawaii clothes she wears don't even suit her, at all. The only way i see her in a good looking way is her wearing clothes that reveal more of her cleavage

No. 154284

I meant tits


No. 154285

File: 1468341761873.jpg (24.3 KB, 236x362, image.jpg)

I miss this dakota
Is it possible if we could create a new thread and dump all her old photos there? We could talk about what clithes she wears, compare her edits to her newer ones, and pount out her best photos.

No. 154289

Photoshop, anon. Her chest is small to average in real life.

No. 154294

2012 is over anon. there are only a handful of those pictures anyway and everything's already been said about them. those clothes were all Liz Lisa and Vivienne Westwood knock offs, find them in taobao.

No. 154325

If she going to shrink her had in Photoshop she should at least slim her arms too. They looking fucking massive in comparison.

No. 154335

stop derailing kota's thread with frumpy boring tay shit and promoting her videos here, fuck - no one gives a shit about her here or anywhere else for that matter.

making another thread for tay because people bringing her up here and in other threads is annoying and obviously they can't keep her just on the j vlogger thread.

No. 154414

you probably posted the taylor video, your obsession is embarrassing

No. 154420

five bucks says she's a malaysian 14 year old with a crustache

No. 154428

Dakota doesn't have massive tits, she has small A cups and stuffs/shoops. Haven't you noticed how her tits chance size in every pic? Plus if she were naturally that busty she'd have a bigger male audience and would probably be popping them out of those tacky keyhole sweaters for attention, the only reason she doesn't do it now is because, well, they're not really there.

No. 154514

The taylor obsessed anon found their way here I see. Trying to get all the other threads clogged since your taylor thread didn't work out?

No. 154516

showing examples of koa's shit thread
if you want taylor's thread gone because e"NO MILK, NIT PICK" then kota's should be gone too for the same exact reasons, simple.

No. 154527

Is the anon obsessed with Taylor? Or are they secretly obsessed with Kota and playing the long game to get her thread deleted? Oh, the mystery.

No. 154528

theres no milk on dakota anymore, she should be moved to /b/ where we can keep updates on her photoshop IG pics

No. 154533

Admin, PLEASE make a Taylor containment thread for this assburger-afflicted summer cancer. These whiny tumblr babies aren't gonna stop shitting their XXL galaxy panties until they have somewhere to rub their clits over her anyway.

No. 154538

Even better idea: a PULL containment board with post IDs.

No. 154563

90% of this thread is nitpicking, no milk, dry milk and old shit recycling over and over again. If other threads are going to be deleted over "no milk, old, nit picking" then kota's thread should be too.

No. 154570

It's an obsessed Taylor stan, buttmad because her thread got locked and permabanned. This didn't start until that happened, even when this thread got moved to /snow/ nobody speeches this fucking hard. I swear to god I wish you had to have a special license to use the internet that had an age and IQ minimum.

No. 154571

This "nitpicking, no milk, dry milk and old shit recycling" thread might not have been on the first page if you hadn't bumped it, you absolute moron.

No. 154576

Deranged anon-chan seems to be using Taylor to shut down Dakota's thread. Deranged anon-chan, are you Kiki?

No. 154580

Kiki and Cathy haven't been defending Kota since she snubbed them ages ago. Why do you think all her videos stopped getting taken down? They realized she didn't give a shit about them anymore and wasn't gonna help Kiki get anywhere in Japan and gave up white knighting her.

No. 154586

It's probably Kooter.

No. 154588


This fag has a point though.

No. 154591

eh, I doubt it

No. 154612

I doubt it's Dakota. She's too paranoid, she knows admin could see her IP and given how she claims she almost never uses a computer anymore (top kek) I doubt she'd go through all the trouble of using a proxy just to spam shitposts on here at 10AM. She's probably still asleep since she doesn't have to do fuck all for work anymore anyway.

No. 154613


discussion of the butthurt Taylor shitposter has officially been moved to

No. 154639

Jesus Christ the seat is so warped. She stretched the photo so hard and she still looks slouchy, wtf?

No. 154645

petty, nit picking lol!
issue: have nothing to contribute to the thread? remedy : stfu

No. 154646

you're retarded, kill yourself

No. 154695

Lol at farmhand deleting comments from kota thread. I see you girl.

No. 154701

Deleting random spam of people yelling at each other. Keep it on topic jfc.

No. 154702


No. 154703

censoring……. wow this site is a piece of shit

No. 154704

I'm so sorry that the new noodle admin made this pulltard a farm hand guys. Going on deleting sprees n' shit. Maybe its even a new snowflake on our hands.

No. 154706


check your typos cunt.

No. 154707

File: 1468383305741.jpg (15.21 KB, 270x284, tumblr_inline_nkj1whpnL11rri1y…)

No. 154708

lol i know right? wtf is this shit.

No. 154710

let us pray that this hitler chan farmhand stops their censor reign and deleting sprees…. let us join hands now.

No. 154711

File: 1468383735574.jpg (214.82 KB, 1171x549, religious_7.jpg)

I got you fam. Light it up for the snowflake farmhand running around and deleting the farm's hard work.

No. 154712

File: 1468383745628.jpg (83.88 KB, 1014x421, ss (2016-07-12 at 09.20.15).jp…)


Doesn't responding to yourself get boring, anon?

No. 154713

There's our snowflake farm hand. Hey girl, hey. :) Nice of you to join us instead deleting all our comments here. I see your rage boiling. How un-neutral of you. Awe poor snowflake thinks it's all same fagging. Poor pulltard farmhand.

(No one cares)

No. 154718

Can we start a discussion thread somewhere to discuss migrating to a site that hasn't been overran by and handed over to PULLtards? I've never been to 8chan before but I'm seriously considering it. This site is going in the shitter and I'm 99% sure it won't be saved.

It was a good run, fam.

No. 154719

child none of this is real. you're getting too worked up over an anonymous forum dedicated to shitposting about girls with drama. my god go back to your kingdom hearts tumblr.

No. 154723

Shhh, farmhand snowflake-kun, just because you post without your farmhand tag, doesn't mean we can't spot you on here same fagging :) Hypocrite much?

No. 154725

>farmhand tag
so much obscure lingo so little time lord go outside and get some fresh air lmao i'm just here for the ginger bronson thread. you sound 12.


boy you are really mad

No. 154726

I was thinking maybe the chat but I keep getting a 403 error? I am on an iPhone though so idk if that has anything to do with it.

No. 154728

Past your bed time farmhand chan, you've been on here for way too long. You're getting so delirious you're deleting comments that don't violate the farm, oh my! What a naughty snow flake farmhand. You'll get a spanking from Admin-sama!

No. 154729

this site is so fucked.

No. 154730

I hope she spanks the snowflake nazi out of that crazy farmhand, fuck.

No. 154732

Sweet hell, it really is. We might even have to find somewhere offsite to hold a chat to make sure these spergs don't derail an actual discussion with their uncreative shite. Unfortunately idk any anonymous chat sites.

No. 154734

>You're getting so delirious you're deleting comments that don't violate the farm, oh my! What a naughty snow flake farmhand. You'll get a spanking from Admin-sama!
someone…. collect this child…. i got hives reading this

No. 154735

Idk either…. ugh. Fuck this board.

No. 154736

yeah as cringy as that gaylord is, farmhand is getting pretty crazy with the deleting sprees tbh.

No. 154738

god but have you seen what a shitshow this is. they should just delete the whole website.

No. 154741

Cringe fest, man. I'm jumping ship. Hello 8chan.

No. 154743

thanks fam. i'm praying this farmhand gets the boot.

No. 154746

so, the new pokemon GO, how is it?

No. 154747


Try rockchat.net, I'd start one but I'm on a mobile atm.

No. 154749

so, what I'm getting from this is that the autist is mad that the farmhand is deleting their spam? they're mad that she's doing her job? don't spam? get a life outside of lolcow?

No. 154750

Basically. It's the same autistic Taylorfag that's salty about getting banned before so they're just finding things to bitch about.

No. 154785

File: 1468402510215.jpg (276.52 KB, 1200x1200, CnPALPQUkAARnkU.jpg)

ayy lmao

No. 154786

How long she will keep shooping herself into some sort of down syndrome missing chromosome cryptid beast? Does she even book jobs anymore, like on tv or magazines? At this rate she'll fade away like her sister.

No. 154787

File: 1468402519293.jpg (182.95 KB, 1020x1008, Screenshot_20160713-103407_1.j…)

She's back to work it seems?

No. 154788

File: 1468402601535.jpg (20.28 KB, 568x600, 5b63a0f0.jpg)

Some kind of shoot for Secret Honey, I think

No. 154789

File: 1468402631567.jpg (20 KB, 581x600, 9b1c6994.jpg)

No. 154790

File: 1468402659259.jpg (60.97 KB, 1080x570, Screenshot_20160713-103559_1.j…)


>I like your old face


No. 154793

i-Is this shooped ? Why She looks like an alien here? Im legit surprised

No. 154796

this one is going to look so bad.

No. 154801

No. 154802

File: 1468405933262.jpg (151.58 KB, 600x700, 4st573-line.jpg)


No. 154806

Is this for the halloween costumes again?

No. 154808

Those disney outifts… Is it me or does koots face look less cutesy?

No. 154809

This is her first job in like… 4_ months and all its for is Halloween costumes.

How depressing.

No. 154811

She's back at it again, holy shit lads.

No. 154813

the actual photos of her in these dresses look terrible in comparison to her shoops.

No. 154828

File: 1468410306308.jpg (307.73 KB, 977x709, fb.jpg)

This has got to be the most perfect before and after shoop comparison to date.

No. 154829

Meaty jaw line

No. 154830

File: 1468410703348.jpg (15.47 KB, 600x338, proportions.jpg)

Clearly going for that extra terrestrial esthetic.

No. 154831

File: 1468410817091.jpg (109.62 KB, 1078x1170, Screenshot_20160713-125128_1.j…)

Kiki or Kota

No. 154832

File: 1468410870835.jpg (80.68 KB, 1078x1178, Screenshot_20160713-125202_1.j…)

No. 154833

File: 1468410931080.jpg (87.61 KB, 1080x1170, Screenshot_20160713-125141_1.j…)

No. 154834

Don't spam. the link is already here >>154801

No. 154835

Feet aren't exactly anyone's greatest asset, but she should never have hers out. They look gross, vainy and misshapen.

No. 154836

What's wrong with her feet? I thought people were reaching when they said she had cankles but wow…now I'm convinced.

No. 154837

Those two dresses and the hairstyles are beautiful imo.
she looks a little less shopped in this one

No. 154838

Holy shit. I thought you deshooped it, but no, she actually posted that one on the right… This is some next level denial.

No. 154842

File: 1468412890769.jpg (192.29 KB, 383x594, 468436668.jpg)

she looks like meghan trainor's alien fetus

No. 154849

I feel like she looks really nice here?

No. 154851

Erm shut your mouth. I am an A cup size and my boobs are absolutley flat as anything. In my eyes Dakota's tits are too big even without photoshop.

No. 154852

lol you aren't flat unless you're AA or smaller… A cups are practically cow tits. so tired of chunky beasts like you thinking they're tiny lolis

No. 154853

I feel like she was actually shooping herself semi-naturally until a few months ago. I wonder if she's having some BDD issues or something.

No. 154854

tragic, honestly.

No. 154855

this is so bad omg, she needs to stop doing this to herself. If she thinks she looks good like that she lost her damn mind.

No. 154856

Lmao right@you dakota whitenight kissing dakota's princess ass. "Oh thank you very much anon for defending me, heres a token of my gratitude" pulls down panties and gifts you them

And for the record, I'm not exactly chunky because I'm really thin and thinner than Dakota :*

No. 154857

>thinner than dakota
that's not impressive…

No. 154859

Yeah alright catch ya later on the girl talk threads complaining about your acne or the size of your big nose

No. 154860

>that projection
stay mad cowtits

No. 154867


Taylor-stan is baaaaaack.

Admin can out at leas let us know you're trying to do something about this cancer?

No. 154883

>thinking a cups are big
you weebs really do have a warped view of body image. snow is so fucked up

No. 154895

what in the actual fuck! whoa.

No. 154903

topkek she's truly delusional

No. 154914

A lot of people on twitter are currently talking about how Koots is shooping too much.
>doesn't look human
And such comments.
I think she was featured on a news article in Line?

No. 154922


No. 154926

She is the most delusional person. I mean she is permabanned, but that doesn't stop her from ban evading. She is just going to keep doing it because probably she's on disability and can do this all day.
Like she wants the Dakota (and Kiki) threads to be taken down. And I don't really think that's reasonable. So other than having a reasonable discussion (very unlikely) with her or just doxing her (and of course we would never do that >.> <.< ) I don't see a way around it other than continuing to delete the spam when it pops up.

No. 154927

File: 1468428635075.jpeg (77.71 KB, 426x640, image.jpeg)

I have Naver Matome (Line's news app) and I haven't seen any articles about her that aren't the typical "wow riaru baabi ningyo 20sai desu" crap. Although I did see this, it's the cover of her old photobook, the one that used to have in giant letters "this face 100% not CG!" which it doesn't say anymore. I got a hearty chuckle out of that.

No. 154928

File: 1468428674623.jpeg (37.55 KB, 320x320, image.jpeg)

And the newer printed ones without the giant half-lie on the bottom lol

No. 154929

I think setting up flood detection would really help, also maybe a captcha as well. If that doesn't stop her then we might have to resort to post IDs in threads she likes to sperg out in.

Pray tell, can you see where her IP is located? I'm curious.

No. 154941

File: 1468430521807.jpg (214.3 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20160713_131912.jpg)

Found the article

Pretty much an all around negative response
topkek at the cg part removed

No. 154944

i actually like this shoop but damn, it's unbalanced. her head is so big and her arms/body are tiny. if she wanted to be 'irl barbie' i guess that's one way to do it, but it looks like she'd snap in half if she tried to stand up.

No. 154958

i dont see it at all because someone keeps spamming with something about "top google search results"

No. 154959

you should really report OT comments or something instead of just responding to them like 'nitpicking' or 'butt hurt', which also contributes nothing & only clogs up the thread more.

No. 154962

actually I really like the fabrics/textures in these costumes but daaamn the aurora hairstyle looks ridiculous. The best imo are probably Belle/Giselle, although admittedly I never liked the dress from Tangled in the first place.

No. 154965

wow, what an announcement. you must be proud of yourself. fuck off

No. 154966

File: 1468432570335.png (71.96 KB, 582x268, Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 1.55…)

they are just comparing her to poop and farts and looking constipated

No. 154970

you're in denial about your obsession with dakota

No. 154971

File: 1468432683967.png (79.1 KB, 470x321, Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 1.57…)

No. 154972

they are always nit picking and reaching.

No. 154973

probably you guys doing it honestylu, theres like 3 or 4 weaboos who study jap on here that do this shit every time.

No. 154975

you did it with your jap sock acc. I can see the I.P

(Hi spergchan)

No. 154980

From the last threads her puush info revealed she's somewhere in the mid US

No. 154981

honestly, no
you're reaching for the stars anon lol

No. 154982

wtf is wrong with your head?
let's see your ugly ass face and feet

No. 154983

let's see your pretty petal feet eh?

No. 154985

projection much? you BDD whale

No. 154986

nit picking

No. 154996

My dad says they're fine, I don't need to show you my feet

No. 154997


No. 154998

oh right, because your daddy fucks and sucks your toes every night huh? you cornkernel ogre footed whale.

No. 155000

on an image board baggin' on girls eons prettier than you? lol okay.

No. 155004


No. 155005

How about you kill yourself? The best cure!

No. 155010

Anon derailing

Please kill yourself

No. 155011


Her face isn't that cutesy anymore. You know like how the Japs pick out baby face girls? Dakota doesn't have it anymore. Her chin and face shape is too long.

No. 155016

She just looks like a younger version of Cathy now, and since she built et self up as this holier than thou antisocial bitch now that her looms are souring she has no fallback and nobody wants to help her stay relevant.

No. 155018


I have to agree this, this is the most reccent example of her shooping. If she photoshopped in a more suttle way ot would be less noticable.

No. 155022

Really at this point her shooping isn't the problem, it's how she looms without it that's the reason she isn't getting work anymore. She let herself go hardcore and she has no social network or substantial followin to keep gettin her jobs, there's no demand for her and she doesn't have the body/face anymore despite being white and short to keep modeling.

No. 155025

Those cankles… nooo.

No. 155027

The nutso Taylor stan is back spamming with retarded comments, either that or summer and PULL refugees are hitting in full force.

>>154975 is my favorite.

No. 155039

Admin confirmed it's the midwestern Taylor stan ban-evading. Just ignore her and don't feed the troll, she can max out the thread all she wants but we can make more. Poor damn retard must not realize she's actually giving the Kota thread and as a result this site more activity than if she were to just deck off and leave. Sweet irony.

No. 155041

>or just doxing her (and of course we would never do that >.> <.< )

I mean…. why not tho

No. 155044

she doesn't have cankles? wtf is wrong with you.

No. 155045

because you guys keep shitting on her, no one wants to entertain you fucks when you keep frothing at the mouths and being fuck tards

No. 155046


reaching for the stars anon


No. 155047

nit picking, trash

No. 155048

same fag, kill yourself you're useless on here and worhtless

No. 155049

you have been derailing with

kill yourself slowly and let us watch that red milk pour


No. 155053

I have an idea: admin could make it a bank able offense to reply to the Taylor troll, maybe not a permaban but just like a 24 hour one. Also I would more than love the option to hide all of her posts, if that's even possible.

No. 155066

She's at 54.7K IG followers now, this doesn't make sense. Japanese people are shitting all over her on Twitter, she isn't doing any good shoots and her selfies are garbage so how is she still gaining followers? 6,800 new followers in a couple weeks is a lot for someone whose career is going down the drain and hasn't worked in 4 months.

No. 155072


Weird isn't it? People said she isn't buying followers but it is odd how she is still gaining that many.

No. 155073

Oh yeah - Japanese friend I have told me about the Taiko Katano (Kota's secret visa) thing.

People were pissed at him due to him getting a gift which was some cat onesie and he gave it to kota instead who posed in it on LINE.

Kek people are not pleased with her. Also they called him cruel.

No. 155078

This was posted about ages ago, your "Japanese friend" is late to the party.

No. 155084

I thought he didn't wear his ring anymore? Dakota is still wearing hers in the Disney princess dress pics.

And come to think of it, in addition to them sharing clothes, and him posing with her EAT ME pillows, he posts pics on a couch by a dining/kitchen area that is identical to the one in Dakota's apartment tour video. Maybe he's the secret roommate she insists doesn't exist?

No. 155088

File: 1468442798939.jpeg (34.33 KB, 640x397, image.jpeg)

Her video on her Bravo site bio page was changed from her apartment tour video to a new portfolio video, in which she says she's 22.



>nijuunisai desu
>I'm 22 years old

I think this qualifies as milk, fam. Dakota finally admitted her real age.

No. 155090


There's also an English language version in her Bravo page as well where she says she's 20 and her DOB is 1995.


No. 155094

Weird, so she basically she was born 93 and kiki 92. Did she forget that she lied or she doesn't care anymore?

No. 155098

File: 1468443522394.png (606.13 KB, 701x808, Sans titre.png)

Holy shit this hairstyle does her no favors. It makes her face super long, especially her chin…

Also top kek when she turns to show her profile you can totally see the bumps on her head because of the hair extensions.. ~so professional~ kooters..

No. 155100


She looks really lifeless. I don't know… her new style.. it's just all over the place.

No. 155101

If she bothered to lie about it in the English video and keeps her fake age and DOB all over her social profiles then she obviously still cares. Maybe she had to say her real age in the Japanese video because of some legal reason?

Ages ago when she made the "Age proof" video with her passport some anons pointed out that you can get your DOB changed by requesting a new birth certificate from the state you were born in (which you can do through the internet). It's theorized that she either did that or just had a fake passport made for the video and had a real one she used to travel to Japan that had her 1993 DOB on it. Even Dakota isn't stupid enough to think she could get away with traveling on a fake passport.

No. 155106


No one would anon. We know it was all for show, everyone did. Apart from the gullible fucks who believe she is 20.

No. 155108


Nah she knew ages ago - I only met the girl a day ago anon gimme a chance.

No. 155109

File: 1468443898596.png (265.03 KB, 577x378, smdh......png)

She really over did it with her lip pencil, you can clearly see where her real lip begins,smh…

No. 155110


Well… yeah? They're secretly shagging anyway. It'll come out in a few years if she's still relevant by then.

No. 155111


Her eyebrows at all light, the hair looks like a wig, her contacts are lifeless looking and her lip is weird.

Fuck sake

No. 155113

File: 1468444157862.png (27.3 KB, 189x131, dacote.png)

I think her extension tape might be loosening up or something. She has a weird space present on her left side and extension hair starts getting dried up after a while. Probably explains why it looks wiggish

No. 155117


Probably… her new style is really bad. Am I the only one who thinks this? It's mature but I feel like she's striving to get noticed by big brands. She's so stubby and short… even in that video I thought gosh…

I'm not even saying it to be salty and mean either. She actually is just…

Her face is beginning to look so much like Kirsten's too. Longing out.

No. 155118


No. 155119

Oh, man. I have no idea why but I just couldn't stop chuckling the entire time I was watching this. Like, it's not like she looks particularly bad or anything, I guess a small part of me is just like "lol no hiding now, girl." (Idk if what I'm saying makes sense. My English is pretty garbage lol.)

No. 155120

File: 1468444469877.png (224.5 KB, 463x370, dakotaroselipstho.png)

sorry I keep spamming her lip pictures but….

No. 155122


kek I agree

She honestly couldn't keep this shit up forever. I'm surprised it lasted this long.

No. 155125

File: 1468444721843.png (525.27 KB, 409x629, Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 22.1…)

Oh how we've come a long way

No. 155127

Wouldn't be surprised if people shitting on her is whats going to make her viral again.

People love watching train wrecks. Not to mention people who don't car that she shoops may still find her pictures cute to look at, add that to an already large IG follower base which will constantly get her to the front page… Its not unlikely.

No. 155128



Make herself so awful looking to get a bit of attention

No. 155129

He's much more famous than her, so I'm sure he has to keep their relationship more under wraps than her. Him wearing a ring all the time may be suspicious, while with her no gives a fuck

No. 155131

File: 1468444957991.png (316.55 KB, 382x506, Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 22.2…)

oh dear god kooter

No. 155132

In the video she says she will turn 21 this year.

No. 155134

I was always unsure about the age thing, thought for a long while it was just anons sperging about something. But… this seems to be the biggest piece of evidence we have that's been lying?

No. 155135

cankles even then


No. 155136

File: 1468445211482.png (508.46 KB, 400x616, Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 22.2…)


Despite the trashiness of it all she looks younger there as a teenager, even her features are softer compared to in that video where she's supposed to be mother nature ostrenga 2.0

No. 155141

You don't have to speak Japanese to hear the difference between "nijuunisai" (22) and "nijuuichisai" (21). She didn't say 21, she said 22. And she didn't say she's turning that age, she said she is that age.

>I'm 22 years old

>nijuuni sai desu

>I will turn 22 years old this year

>koto shi nijuuni ni kawarimasu

The two phrases sound completely different, and you can hear her say the former herself.

No. 155150

It's already suspected that they're living together, and Katono even posted a picture of him on a white couch beside a dining room/kitchen area with two cats that looked exactly the same as Dakota's white couch, and in her apartment tour video even though she doesn't show anything in the kitchen except the stove (on purpose probably) and avoids panning to the area behind the couch in the living room portion (also probably on purpose) you can still see a glimpse of a curtain hanging that separates the two areas and the legs of a table where they also were in katono's pic.

Of course, once dako posted her apartment tour video he deleted that picture from his Twitter.

No. 155152

Jesus Haribo Christ.

No. 155165

really? posting old pics? stop shitting up the thread.

No. 155166

really? conspiracy theories? omfg this thread is shit.


No. 155167

Admin just give this dumb lesbo her Taylor thread back so she can go back to fingering herself over those gross fillers in them instead of assburgering all over this one.

No. 155168

the age ting is old, talk about something new

No. 155169

nitpicking and spam, just stop

No. 155170

exactly, old milk and ground hog day.

No. 155171


fuck off

No. 155172


Wouldn't surprise me

No. 155173


Hey Sperg-Chan here is a protip, we know it's you responding to yourself because you say the same thing over and over. Go do everyone a favor and play in traffic.

No. 155174

she clearly says
And 21 in Japanese is not "nijuuichisai" but "nichjuuissai"…

No. 155176

I don't get her. Why doesn't she just hop over to Korea and get v-line surgery if she's going to shoot her face so much? Why not get a lip lift while she's at it? I mean, I think her face is fine but she clearly doesn't. She could look pretty close to her old shoops with some tasteful and well-executed procedures.

No. 155187

Not that anon, but I've never heard someone say "nijuuisai" for 21. Is it sort of slang? I've always hear "nijuuichisai".

No. 155202

File: 1468447505329.gif (1.48 MB, 500x276, spergtasticaltaytaychansenpaid…)

No. 155206

meant to respond to this sperglord

No. 155262

File: 1468449114748.jpeg (163.28 KB, 640x1076, image.jpeg)

Every Google result for "how to say 21 in Japanese" says ni-juu-ichi.

No. 155264

please don't. fight the urge to engage that psycho.

No. 155265

Because she fucked herself over by being so ~I'm 100% natural beauty living Barbie doll~ for so long to get noticeable plastic surgery. If she got surgery now, all her old candid pics, despite being her real face, would be blown out of the water as fake and her shoops would cease to be "real Barbie" and she would lose the title that got her where she is, she'd be ruined as far as the modeling industry is concerned.

No. 155268

You're a liar.

No. 155269

Yes. But it's Japeroo 102 to know that for age, not regular counting as you posted, it changes to issai.

No. 155277

Goddamnit admin can you actually do something about this? Character limit, flood detection, captcha, SOMETHING.

No. 155279

chill anon. it gets cleaned up quickly. just refresh and move on.

No. 155281

Wow, multi post text wall sperg deletion in under 3 minutes.

A applaud you, admin.

No. 155295

File: 1468450596480.jpg (41.56 KB, 1078x592, Screenshot_20160713-235328_1.j…)

Is her hair like that on purpose? Like it seems she's hiding the sides of her face to make it look slimmer, similar to how she sometimes uses her hands over her jawline.

Models usually pull their hair back away from their faces to show all their features and angles. It's no wonder she's not booking any jobs.

No. 155297

File: 1468450628924.png (139.55 KB, 1190x340, Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 6.47…)

It said it will be back "with friends" kek.

No. 155301


I know its pissing us off

No. 155303


Choose to believe me or not. I couldn't give a monkey's fuck.

No. 155304

True, she even did it in her first portfolio video. She's using her hair to hide how wide her face got, It's also why she got rid of her bangs.

I can't imagine having her hair purposely her face is a good move for a model, it tells the potential employer she has a face she needs to hide which most won't want. She should at least have pushed it a little further out so that it isn't nearly covering her eyes.

No. 155305

>that's for Taylor stealing my man

Did Taylor troll just give us a clue? She did start all this when Tay announced she had a boyfriend.

No. 155307

You give many monkey fucks anon. Stop coming in here to lie and pretend to be in the same circles as Kooter. No one believed you friend.

No. 155310

That's not even what the poster originally claimed, don't let the troll fet your panties twisted. That's her goal, to turn us all on each other.

No. 155311

Maybe you should move this discussion to the Spergchan thread anon, or you're just helping them to shit up other threads

Also unlikely someone like that has friends/muh man

No. 155312

I wasn't aware there was one. What board is it on?

No. 155314

first page of snow rn

No. 155325


I'm so confused. You're an idiot.

No. 155329

Knock it off, dumbfuck. Get back on topic or take it to the sperg-chan's thread.

No. 155331


Then quit replying and stop derailing the thread

No. 155341

She said Nijuuissai which is 21 years old.

No. 155351


OMG I feel almost triggered. Get some fucking fillers. This looks so bad she must be so dumb to think this lip pencil is fooling anyone. Gosh.

No. 155355

File: 1468460981940.png (239.63 KB, 634x417, リプ*ドww.png)

Ikr, she isn't drawing it even. I believe she doesn't get a lot of "work" done because it could be botched. Thus, ruining her appearance entirely. She stays on the safe side by using makeup to fool everyone.

No. 155357

At least it matches better than that god awful taupe/brown pencil she was using.

No. 155360

kooter's starting to look like a man in drag

No. 155362

she looks SO aged. honestly, she looks downright witch-y with her long chin and unkept hair. it's certainly nothing like the loli image she's been putting out.

No. 155391

farm hand stop deleting my posts. i can discuss the other posts on here if i want to. posts on here aren't immune from being criticized

No. 155401

As other anons said, in the Japanese vid she clearly says she's turning "nijuuissai", 21.

Whoever is directing/styling and editing these vids arent doing their jobs. Her extensions look lumpy in the back when she turns, and they shouldn't have allowed her to overdraw her lip that dramatically if they were going to zoom in on her face like that. Her face looks fine, and she should have her hair tucked back so it doesn't look like she's trying to hide something. Why is she wearing this fucking weird outfit for a promo vid? Long sleeves? Platform plastic night market stompers? What is happening? Why did no one stop and say "let's fix a few things!"

A lot of the other model videos on their vimeo are weird too. This… bizzarre glamour music and editing is so cringey.

Ultimately, the agency is responsible for managing their models' image, and this is like– really pretty bad. I understand that dakota gets a little more autonomy with clothes and makeup because she's a "talent" more than a model, but they should at least edit flatteringly instead of zooming in on her dry foundation and overdrawn lip.

No. 155408

File: 1468469608472.jpeg (42.63 KB, 640x339, image.jpeg)

At :36 when she just smiles and acts like she's laughing she looks so beautiful. She looks real. She's such a pretty girl and she's dug herself into a really big hole and I don't know if she'll climb back up, spontaneously combust, or just fizzle out.

No. 155410

She really doesnt. She still looks painfully average but because we're so used to seeing her disgusting shoops and even in the video itself she's hideous and trying to hard to have big bug eyes like her shoops so the comparison makes that moment look cuter

No. 155412

You sound bitter

No. 155428

I'm just trying to figure out why she always wears the same shoes everyday.

No. 155434

Why did she lop off her bangs? I thought her whole thing was "sexy pedobait". She doesn't really look old, but she definitely doesn't look young here either. Something about this almost just looks haggard.

No. 155439


She's trying to make her face seem slimmer by elongating it to hide how meaty her jowls got in her 20's. And I'm not saying she looks old because she doesn't, but she seriously looks like she aged so much in only 3 years. Her entire face, cheeks, and jawline widened and it happened so fast, I doubt it could be all contributed to her recent weight gain because even in her first year in Japan she had pics where she looked bloated, but her face still had the same shape. I've never seen someone age from 18-23 that hard before.

No. 155563

I agree.
I've always thought she looks so much prettier when she's laughing or smiling, or just generally letting go and not doing the whole 'gotta look like a lifeless doll and stay completely still looking dead ahead at the camera, moving the least amount of facial muscles that I can while talking' thing.
Her smiling face is so much cuter than her resting face.

No. 155571


I totally agree! She has a look of Chloe Moretz. It's a shame she has such low self esteem that it'll never be good enough because she wants to look like an alien child.

No. 155575

I agree about the outfit. Shouldnt she be wearing something pretty basic like shorts and a tank top for a full body shot so possible employers could actually see how her body looks?

No. 155584

Not the same anon.

Shes a pretty girl - looks better smiling and being normal. But she is average, i dont think shes anything special. Pretty but literally your everyday blonde.

No. 155594

She was smiling a lot when she walked for Liz Lisa (Popteen fashion show). She had a genuine smile.

No. 155595

I think there is an outer cover of the book with the not-CG disclaimer printed on it.

No. 155608

I thought the same. She looks approachable and pleasant.

No. 155609

Oh yeah, I see it. I always find it sad when people look good in their own right, but ruin it by trying to make themselves look like someone else, or even just insist on styling themselves in a way that doesn't suit them at all. It seems like such a waste.

No. 155613

she says "this year i will turn 21"

No. 155615

anyone know what song plays at the end?

No. 155617

No. 155703

File: 1468533059211.jpg (30.57 KB, 960x640, american-horror-story.jpg)

For some reason she reminds me of Taissa Farmiga. Both pretty weird looking

No. 155820

honestly, shes wearing circle lenses for a very important casting

No. 155824

She's obviously getting a special treatment from Bravo. No "normal" model would wear such makeup or circle lenses in a casting video.
Or those hideous shoes.

Plus the profile shots are from such distance that you can't even see her profile correctly. Also, in a proper casting video, the hair would be completely pulled back at least for a while to show the face and neckline properly. What a load of tosh.

No. 155855


i wouldn't call it special treatment more like they want her to earn all of the money they spent on housing travel make up, etc on her and trying to fool clients into hiring this catfish. For a while her fame had her getting hired but that shots dried up

No. 155862

Don't insult Taissa by comparing her to the meat suit that is Kota

No. 155870

idk dont they let people that are cast for some stupid bullshit reason dress however they want at casting?
like if jeffree star walked up into a place for a job, they wouldnt ask him to go no-makeup because that is something he is known for

No. 155881

In Dako's case it's not 'casting' though it's her 'profile' basically. Jefree would be 'selling' himself as a makeup artist so yes he'd be showing off his 'product' but Dakota's product is supposed to be 'her' not her with existing styling/makeup. People going to hire her are looking for a blank canvas that they can paint on if all the representations of that canvas are already painted and framed, getting the unprimed, discolored, lumpy canvas is gonna be a pain in the ass to try to paint since they already had plans of how they were going to decorate it.

No. 155884

Dakota is more of a "personality" than an actual model though. She sells herself as the barbie doll model, so she needs to make sure people can see that when they look at her casting photos/ videos.

If she was just a regular model, then yes, you'd be right.

No. 155886

This bums me the fuck out. It's like watching what could've been.

No. 155923

File: 1468607135670.jpg (171.68 KB, 370x566, 3.jpg)

Bravo is probably aware that only 1 makeup look works for her, and tell everyone she shoots for that she has to do her makeup herself. when she went to SK they didn't put up with that bs. no lip reshaping, no eye enlarging makeup, no lenses, not even bangs.

though knowing SK's raging obsession with a V-shape jaw, they did give her the best damn jaw shoop she could ever hope for.

No. 155924

File: 1468607521223.png (232.51 KB, 600x360, tumblr_metnxoyK6J1rfwssro1_128…)

Etude House gave no fucks trying to bend over backwards for her. Wish more brands did this.

No. 155936

Yeah, though i think they retouched her to some extent (just not the massive PS jobs others did).

Milk was the best though. Not a drop of shoop.

No. 155937

File: 1468609613856.jpg (41.11 KB, 600x450, belabel july 14.jpg)

2014 Belabel candid. Just found it on my computer.

No. 155940

File: 1468609941485.png (594.95 KB, 720x437, EH 5.png)

candid profile (Etude House live event)

No. 155941

This is the best she has looked tbh.

No. 155942

God, her arms look so bloated.

No. 155946

Must be the hairstyle

No. 156022

The fact that she didn't pull her hair back and wore an outfit that blended into the BG and shot the full length and profile shots at such a distance in lower quality is telling, the last portfolio video she did, she was closer to the camera and pulled her hair back. Her outfit was still shit, but when you refuse to exercise and eat garbage covered in soy sauce you're gonna bloat the fuck up. Pretty much te only way this video is better than the old one is that she could do it in Japanese and SE actually smiled in it. Although I don't see it getting her any work on its own merit, not without Bravo pushing her into jobs despite it.

No. 156036

they also have completely bare faces in their port videos. Dakota has a shit ton of makeup on.

No. 156051

To be fair though, the makeup is the entire reason she's a model in the first place.

No. 156077


btw is her agency a serious one, like IMG or Elite? Or they just look for average to cute girls for teen magazines and that kind of shit?

No. 156088

No, Bravo is a multinational upper scale agency. Just look at their other models, he'll when they signed Kota they were also representing Andrej Pejic in Japan. That's why it's such a mystery that they signed her in the first place, let alone how they still have her. She's cute enough for catalog modeling and she had a good run with Popteen, but the closest she ever get to Bravo-tier modeling was that ad shoot she did that ended up in Vogue Japan where she was caked in makeup and covering half her face with her hand.

No. 156089

What crappy extension blending

No. 156123


why would a legit modelling agency waste their time on kaka? shes so shit.

No. 156128

You mean Kota? Because she went viral a a white weeb and Bravo is filled with white chasing older men. Several of them are married to former Bravo models in fact, and in 2014 a guy with the last name Sadaka(I think? Search Broward county clerk of courts for "Ostrenga") paid off all of Scott & Cathy's liens for them, sooooo yeah. Plus Dakota was pretty cute when she got to Japan before she let herself go, even without being Bravo material. That's how she it kept getting work, it just wasn't the kind of work the other Bravo models did.

No. 156267

File: 1468731847639.jpg (65.27 KB, 477x640, fb.jpg)

>Plus Dakota was pretty cute when she got to Japan before she let herself go
i don't get why you guys think this. she looked the same, if not much worse in the beginning.

No. 156273

File: 1468733939291.jpeg (32.47 KB, 275x275, image.jpeg)

very few people look good in every candid. Not WKing her, I think she's kind of average-looking, but at least there was a small resemblance to her shoops and her candids. Now it's just absurd.

No. 156276

She looks super cute here. Why does anyone keep up with her again? I thought her whole drama appeal was her family, and Kiki is dead.

No. 156278

>All photos owned and created by Dakota Rose Ostrenga. I, Dakota Ostrenga, am the photographer and editor of all photos which are being published and displayed without my consent or permission one blogspot.

No. 156297

that's just kirsten making those, you know.

No. 156304

File: 1468743349192.png (1014.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160717-085446.png)

Kiki's back. Her thread is maxed and I'm on mobile and I don't want to screw up a new threat and be belittled… so if someone would be so kind…

No. 156315

File: 1468749113325.png (368.18 KB, 680x382, dakotafu.png)

you all are jealous bcuz you're not kawaii like me

No. 156343


her feet are such a weird shade of pink…kinda like new born baby feet

No. 156346


Kaka is back… oh great.

What is she going to stir up this time?

No. 156350

just desperate for some attention

No. 156360

Interesting that after being gone for over a year, she chooses now to come back. A few days after Sperg-chan was absolutely losing their shit over people theorising they were Kiki

I can't wait to find out what she's been up to. Hopefully she gives us a bit more than some boring selfies.

No. 156365

>She looked the same, if not worse

Uhh no she didn't. Now her face looks like super wode and bloated, at least when she first got to Japan she was skinny enough and young enough that her face was still sort of narrow despite her wide jaw. Now se jut looks like a mashed potato portrait of Cathy.

Make a new Kiki thread here in Snow.

No. 156370

File: 1468767829044.jpeg (85.88 KB, 640x589, image.jpeg)

Her lips are swelling even more now, fam.

No. 156373

Done. Not sure how to link it though.

No. 156375

That shirt is really ugly.

No. 156388

My only issue with non-shooped Kota are the nasolabial folds. They're very prominent in someone so young. If she botox'd it, she'd be fine.

No. 156390

This is super petty of me, but the thing that bothers me the most is the weird lines she has under the apple of her cheeks. It goes all across her face, it's so weird to me.

No. 156392

If she had some fillers, she would look so much better. She's not even ugly to begin with so I don't get why she needs to shoop herself as an alien baby.

No. 156394

She doesn't need fillers. It's normal human anatomy to have. Looks at anyone's face that isn't filtered on IG and in real life - everyone has these lines. Even taylor still has them and she's filled to the brim with filters. Tired of this anon that's obsessed with nasolabial folds , makes me think they have freakishly deep ones with their constant mention of it all over this image board.

No. 156395

taylor is filled to the brim with fillers*
just because you get filters does not mean these lines go away due to the fact they are built in every single human face. it's human - sorry you are used to seeing these line filtered out on every instagram model online, but it's isn't reality- everyone has these lines no matter what.

No. 156401

I agree that it's normal to a degree, but I feel like Kota's is really, really deep even when she's not smiling.

And no I don't have deep nasolabial folds. Also, this is the first time I've mentioned Kota's so I'm not the other anons.

No. 156407

??? No. everyone has these lines if they're lips are pursed or smiling, yes, but not "no matter what". aside from age, those lines depend entirely on the shape of the person's face and features, Kooter has a square jaw and very strong cheek bones, that's the reason they appear so prominently on her. sorry you have the same misfortune.

>sorry you are used to seeing these line filtered out on every instagram model online, but it's isn't reality- everyone has these lines no matter what.

>implying filtered instagram hoes are not the only exposure to human faces we have.

No. 156413

Lip fillers, chin shave, lose 20 lbs.

That's literally all she'd need to look the part.
She's a dumbass.

No. 156415


I know right? Although it still won't be enough for kota because she wants massive golfball eyes and no surgery can do that (thank god). She's an idiot but I will say her nose is perfect. Although she even edits her perfect nose… man she's stupid.

No. 156428

>chin shave
pls stop making white people look asian(not allowed to discuss race in this thread)

No. 156563

File: 1468792508626.jpeg (106.74 KB, 639x856, image.jpeg)

I got a good kek out of her updated Twitter bio.

No. 156587

Please translate this for the non-weebs.

No. 156592

It's just her DOB & age with an old looking face beside it. You wanna know what her tweet says? Go to her Twitter and hit "translate from japanese".

No. 156604

File: 1468799780791.jpg (119.14 KB, 630x630, b7764306-s.jpg)

little better quality because idk why people struggle with this

No. 156605

I have honestly never seen anyone with these sort of lines before? >>154832
Not to this degree anyway. They start at the corner of her lips and go all the way back to her ears, its so weird to me. Idk why.

No. 156607

File: 1468800339163.png (1.15 MB, 1678x918, skin.png)

It's the contouring makeup. It's more visible on some lighting, less in others.

No. 156609

def not, unless she's been countering since she was 7? those lines just be bad genetics anon: >>141952

No. 156614

File: 1468801982515.jpg (35.06 KB, 400x190, Foto_10912_fotos-rosie-hunting…)

I think she's trying to smile in a way that hides her wrinkles but ended up looking awkward. Lines like that can be seen on anyone with strong cheek bones and square jaws.

No. 156619


It's hot summer, everyone's out wearing light fabrics, breezy shapes, and soft colors. Here's Kota wearing an ugly ass long sleeved plaid stuck in her house. Girl has such poor taste in clothes smh.

No. 156711

File: 1468827930451.png (996.95 KB, 1081x529, 79f11772c414e3107a10f275c345ed…)

No. 156726

It's just the shadows of her cheekbones. Completely normal.

No. 156740

I've never seen such lines on anyone before either. I think they're unfortunate because they make her look older.

No. 156747


No. 156758

Can we PLEASE have a new thread with this photo, regardless of how old it is? It's too good. And this thread is about to max out anyway.

No. 156762

she has kinda always had a bad taste in everything.
the straight ass middle part with slicked back pony look is not working for her.. i get she's trying to look like some high end model, but even models don't do that. it would look so much with some volume or curl.. the princess dress pictures are the best she's looked in a long time. and the turtlenecks, don't get me started on the turtlenecks.

No. 156805

File: 1468853788729.jpg (95.58 KB, 570x616, il_570xN.410192210_pr8w.jpg)

This is probably just me but I think she looks much cuter on the right, like one of those chubby porcelain dolls.

No. 156819

That emoji… is she finally self aware?

No. 156823


I vote for this one:

No. 156825

They really do! They give her the illusion of saggy cheeks, like an old woman.

No. 156828

agreed. the first one is good, but this one is even better.

No. 156876

File: 1468871217070.jpeg (91.51 KB, 640x876, image.jpeg)

She must not have appreciated everyone speculating about her being broke due to no working, lol. Except this makes her lack of activity/work look even more like she's married or has a SD.

"Vintage Vivian" she says. Maybe if she can afford this, she can replace those tired ass black ankle boots she's been wearing since Florida. Not that se paid for it herself I mean, but still.

No. 156883

File: 1468871961324.jpeg (53.94 KB, 640x1080, image.jpeg)

The babyfang IG is officially dead. They unfollowed Dakota and now the only follower left is the Japanese girl who won the modeling contest, which I don't get? Did they go through and block all their old followers? It's still followimy Hiroshi Takawaki though, who works for Bravo and is Dakota's manager.

No. 156885

File: 1468873401993.png (142.52 KB, 536x422, Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 3.13…)

is this the same dude?
i feel like for the followers of the 'dakota has a sugar daddy' camp, he's the most likely suspect, but have we ever dug up more about what her relationship with manager-san/Bravo is like, though?

No. 156888


Lol she's got a Sugar Daddy no doubt about that

No. 156889

I don't even know what I'm suppose to be looking at. All I see is tasteless trash

No. 156893

oh okay so that's supposed to be a Vivienne Westwood watch, I thought it was a watch with a pen on it and I was confused.
that lolita shit is disgusting and every female who thinks it's cute is a trashy cunt with bad hygiene (got you there Dacote)

No. 156898

Yup, that's him. He's Dakotas manager.

No. 156904

File: 1468878147384.png (94.97 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


Not surprising. He looks like the kind of fat older jap guy who obsesses over 14-16 year old white girls. Lucky Dakota, eh? Imagine havi to suck this guy's dick just to stay in Japan and be a hiklikomori.

No. 156906

Is his header photo a picture of a car with a baby seat in it??

No. 156919

I know what you mean anon, I thought it was a ball point pen glued to a toy watch…

No. 156938

vivienne westwood isn't even lolita, it's more punk than anything else.
is this supposed to be bait?

No. 156942


No they meant the Lolita bracelet she's sporting next to her tacky Viv watch.

Vivienne Westwood is pretty tacky nowadays. I get it was all out there in its day, some pieces are okay but with all the knock offs out there now it's pretty just meh.

No. 156947

oh whoops i hadn't turned my head to read the lettering. that is kinda tacky, usually i associate any jewelry with huge gold lettering on it with ghetto style.
idk where you're getting the idea that vivienne westwood is super tacky nowadays tho, it's like every other brand: each new season is a pretty even ratio of tasteful classics and questionable bullshit imo. at least they're not riding each new trend's dick to the death, right?

No. 156953

Oh anon, I have the same lines in my face.
It happens when you have a chubby face, it's the shadow of the fat

No. 156956

it looks like something you'd get out of a mcdonalds kids meal tbh

No. 156958

The watch is a VW X Swatch collaboration. It's really not very expensive

The lines on her face is from sagging skin.'I have the same :(

No. 156959

File: 1468886218608.png (418.57 KB, 548x780, veiny hands.png)

Lol she's even shopping her own veiny old witch hands
That watch is ugly as fuck though and man she can't even pair her accessories right

No. 156963


She can't pair shit right anon. She never has done. Look at every outfit kota has ever wore and you'll see it never goes well. She puts things on and hopes for the best.


She was born in Chicago and grew up in Flordia… what do you expect kek?

Vivienne Westwood has always been tacky. Who even dresses "punk" anymore? Their items aren't even that pricey compared to other labels out there. I just cluster VW with fucking Michael Korrs to be fair. Everytime I see those horrid orb earrings wore by people - usually knock offs I cringe.

No. 156964


But then again… kota has been tacky from the beginning anyway. Still I just wished she'd renew those fucking black ankle boots and that cap she wears from time to time.

No. 156969

Yeah, it just makes it more ironic considering well, she's supposed to be a model and that she had her own short-lived accessory line.
So you would think she'd have learned by now especially from her other fellow models (even if it's by observing them) but I guess somewhere in her messed up head, she thinks whatever she dons is perfect when in fact it's the opposite.

No. 156970

Funny you said that, I was going to say burger king.

No. 156971


Precisely. Most of us would put effort into what we flaunt with a large amount of followers… Sad really.

No. 156981

drinking age in japan is 20….

No. 157000


>Most of us would put effort into what we flaunt with a large amount of followers…

Tell me anon, how did you come to such large conclusion?

No. 157070

File: 1468911688989.jpg (136.03 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

No. 157073

Ok? This was already posted/discussed.

No. 157085

File: 1468916397473.jpg (169.44 KB, 1199x981, CntbDcsUEAAjLf3.jpg)

No. 157089

File: 1468917758954.bmp (854.35 KB, 720x405, avf_schrumpfkopf.jpg.bmp)

No. 157094

I don't understand how she can edit herself ugly and not notice. Wtf is this? This looks awful.

No. 157096

No. 157103


If you read the comments on IG people are starting to complain about her shoop.

No. 157106

File: 1468926992053.png (485.76 KB, 931x494, comments.png)

You got to caption that when you see it, she does still delete comments. Someone on pull stated they saw someone in Japanese asked "why she only had four toes" and it was gone quickly. This is all I got now.

No. 157107

No. 157109


Yeah there was more earlier of people saying she looks weird and she deletes them. She only leaves ones that big her up or praise her. Since she doesn't care for Youtube anymore she now focuses on Twitter or IG. Kinda sad.

No. 157112

File: 1468928376361.jpeg (148.55 KB, 750x1162, image.jpeg)

I actually took a screenshot before she deleted.

No. 157113

File: 1468928464022.jpeg (174.33 KB, 750x1174, image.jpeg)

No. 157115

>mr. amusant - plastic surgery
kek, it's 2016, yet, people are too dumb to realize photoshop exists and currently available for phones.

No. 157119

File: 1468930366189.jpg (198.28 KB, 1070x1217, Screenshot_20160719-131109_1.j…)

Please stop, Dakota.
We know you check this thread, just stop it already. You're fooling nobody.

No. 157121

Those veins. If she got a papercut, she'd bleed out.

No. 157122

Just unfollowed her.

Sorry but i cant take anymore of these half assed shoops and alien face poses.

No. 157124

She really needs to stop trying to look like the 11 year old model Kristina Primenova. Dakota is not fooling anyone.

No. 157125

File: 1468931422570.jpg (55.19 KB, 393x593, 30.jpg)

No. 157126

Same. Everything she posts will be on here soon afterwards anyways.

No. 157129

Is it just me, or does her face appear to be melting in this picture? It's worse than the previous one…